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332882119China vs. India: Will shit hit the fan someday? Who is going to win? China is economically superior …[View]
332884845I survived the 18mg Ivermectin from India.[View]
332882372DOMINION WHISTLEBLOWER - REMOTE ACCESS POSSIBLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfppbicSRzw…[View]
332876519Andrew Anglin is a faggot cocksucker and a D&C shill: He and I were classmates at Linworth Alter…[View]
332880297More protests please, I want more: I do want to set the world on fire and watch it burn. https://www…[View]
332882036Should European Aryans who seek an Aryan religion convert to Hinduism?[View]
332861653Secrets of the Magna Carta: Any lads here watch the documentary show secrets of the Magna Carta? Let…[View]
332881115Does pol hate billionaires and businessmen just like the commies?[View]
332886554biorobots: >>332867393 >A living person, possessing such a high intellect, could be brought…[View]
332885897You lost to ((((THEM)))) and it’s okay: ((((They)))) out smarted everyone and got away with it. It’s…[View]
332886413CIS-binary people are threatening our lives!: /pol/ what exactly saves us from this?[View]
332878790>Go to reddit >sjw retards >Go to 4chan >nazi larpers I'm so fucking sick of this, …[View]
332851483Do you think leftists will ever realize they are the bad guys?[View]
332882273Don't make me angry white boi. You won't like me when I'm angry[View]
332872827Christ is King. This is a Christian Nation bound to all White Men. There's literally nothing a…[View]
332884890'Thread archived.' 'Thread does not exist.': *stupid picture of some dumb loli looking argy or surpr…[View]
332836955/nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ: 卐THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL卐 ~~~ WELCOME! Enjoy your stay! I…[View]
332885935Blacks dont vax!!!: We can hate people that dont vax. If you vax you can nigger hate again!!!! What …[View]
332886395Is this enough for the memeflu?: Anons taking supplements what is your take on this? Enough to take …[View]
332886332Where will your place be in the world once all the vaccinated have died out?[View]
332885573Why say jews when it's powerful people: Saying jews control the world makes you antisemetic (to…[View]
332885753why has the hot air balloon? been memory HOLED? distinctly remember seeing these in the sky every s…[View]
332833172Antifa Chat Leaks /acl/ #2 We are blessed edition: Old bread >>332820709 >QRD >Anons hav…[View]
332822547PIZZAGATE: Clint Alan Goss (Creepy Tranny) just got caught trying to lure a 12 year old boy for sex …[View]
332886209https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/japan-heat-tokyo-2020-games-pill-1.4772921 >tracking chip does…[View]
332882324What the fug: Is this real? >inb4 glowies whack me for posting this…[View]
3328841942 more weeks[View]
332879822Is this Russell Brand based? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=md1LHrSWUOc[View]
332885633Libertarian here: You can't be a Incel and a Libertarian at the same time. I have sex all the …[View]
332883194Why are normies so obsessed with space exploration? Is it some kind of cope?[View]
332881446>too bad goyim, to enter this bank and take out your money you need proof of vaccination What do …[View]
332882533YOU FUCKING SHILLS WITH YOUR VECTOR BULLSHIT: Stop lying that they are 'traditional', it's same…[View]
332844276Okay bros, how much of what she says is legit? I just finished her interview with JP and so much of …[View]
332883025Wasn't there supposed to be some huge french protest and the government of France would be usur…[View]
332878112Its real: Ex long time atheist, now pantheist but The last year and a half is overwhelmingly coming …[View]
332883690Looking for a Fauci getting raped by satan picture to turn into a TSHIRT. Can anyone assist?[View]
332884246This is it. Right wing white supremacist terrorist cells are finally over. The US government now has…[View]
332884109>Be career criminal >High on fentanyl and meth >Get apprehended by cops for doing illegal s…[View]
332878707Low impulse control: Who remembers Compton-Ass Terry? He allegedly killed his homie, who relaxed. ht…[View]
332885425Abortion Cards & Melanin Tests: With Vaccine passports and Covid tests becomeing required to do …[View]
332883769Awesome video, why is it unlisted?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDZ8wTcmlgQ[View]
332883168Asian conformity: Asian-Canadian here, I'm the only Asian I know who hasn't taken the vax,…[View]
332870588Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask.: Or else, this will be you. This is not hard, /pol/. #Sto…[View]
332884036>SJW male feminist is actually a toxic sexist Who could have guessed? https://archive.is/PK2Xq…[View]
332879921Friendly reminder that 'nickelodeon' literally translates to 'Devil's Theatre'[View]
332877123It's started to seem like the 2024 candidate will Ron DeSantis do you think we might see a DeSa…[View]
332883009Major Tillman-Greene: The truth will come out sooner rather than later.[View]
332883384Vax Card: Swim is trying to make a vax card. He told me he has the pdf but cutting it to the right d…[View]
332882309I love seeing Republicans fuck themselves in every possible way: Shill for billionaires since Warren…[View]
332883283the left is gloating everytime one of us dies from 'covid' but they still want to force the vaccine …[View]
3328829092023 And Only The NEET Have Survived: Only The NEET Have Survived The Vaxxpocalypse[View]
332879065You're overthinking the vaxx.: I'll admit, the shills almost got to me. My entire family h…[View]
332853344Something very fishy about the vaccine push: Cross posting from /x/. Inb4 >lel words Something ve…[View]
332883832Libertarians: So who is going to PorcFest This Year. I will Meet you at Buzz' Big Gay Dance Pa…[View]
332883182>you remember your cringe monarchist /hoppean-libertarian phase[View]
332883543CANCEL SPORTSBALL: how do we stop players to get so much monay from sportsball? poor poeple get the …[View]
332880961America: ITT post pics of american shart stains[View]
332883445The Sleeper Must Awaken: Anonymous can be a powerful force. I was there for some of the earliest ra…[View]
332884507WIPED: Look how fast the kike media scrubbed this story from the entire internet including fringe we…[View]
332882782Rent clothes: You will own nothing and you will be happy. This is the beginning stages of total Neo …[View]
332884459Fact check failures: plase send your best[View]
332877048Holohoax Survivor here, AMA and I’ll tell you how we got the world to believe in the lie[View]
332872048aus/pol/: >Victoria will enter its sixth lockdown as Premier Daniel Andrews warns he will do “eve…[View]
332881878Wait soooo........: If the vaccine makes you sterile, than why is this a bad thing? Why shouldn…[View]
332884138Explain this, shills.[View]
332881530Is it over?: What went wrong bidenbros?[View]
332881974Show me some proof that the vaccine is going to kill everybody who took it. I can believe that they…[View]
332850695Why are republicans so bad at governing?[View]
332881599Zoomers, normalfags, and tourists don't recognize pic related[View]
332877718BASED CHINK THINGS UNLOADS ON BLACKS!: And Facebook and Twitter never do anything because they’re ch…[View]
332882606Meanwhile on Imperial /pol/...[View]
332883774The JEW sues Texas: https://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1505 'pick a fight with an ugly jew And you get i…[View]
332880876Bill gates DISABLES comments[View]
332866667My business is failing: 13 of my 22 tenants are refusing to pay rent. By Law, their stimulus package…[View]
332882158why do women do this: i thought women only did this on shit tok but they do it also on real life…[View]
332878265Is this real?: What are the implications of this?[View]
332880639Thoughts on the legality of this? Also kek worthy username[View]
332876637Dutch soccer star assassinated in Amsterdam: Why'd they kill him, /pol/? >Jergé Hoefdraad ki…[View]
332882039Ummm Biden Bros, what did he mean by this??: https://mobile.twitter.com/mikepompeo/status/1423039401…[View]
332882162Are all americans dumb?[View]
332880031Girlpills cure the 'tism: Let us discuss the political implications of this astounding fact: …[View]
332878680i got the j&j vaccine last week and now my balls randomly tingle for no reason why does this hap…[View]
332877063How don't people notice this?: About 2 or 3 months here there was almost a total silence about …[View]
332882744Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites... -: Trump/patriot-friendly free …[View]
332877662How can this conman be stopped?: He's shit talking /ourgoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vuM…[View]
332824702'The Key to New York City' COVID passport unveiled in NYC...could this shit sound more dystopian?: h…[View]
332872612Semen Retention is making Blacks ascend: Negroes are ascending through NoFap/Semen Retention against…[View]
332882694>trump gets elected >NOT OUR PRESIDENT RUSSIA STOLE THE ELECTION REEEEEEE >Biden is elected…[View]
332839065Is this faggot joking: He only gives platitudes like 'it's very uncertain' or talks about how b…[View]
332880883No wonder the chinks have been acting more and more jewish.[View]
332880050BENEFITS OF DATING TRANSWOMEN: We are superior to biocunts and we are the perfect match for straight…[View]
332881223Migrant crisis: Why doesn't a right wing billionaire with access to chemicals just hire a dedic…[View]
332874066We need a way out of this clown world, and that way is SCRIPTURE. By reading the WORD OF GOD, we can…[View]
332878664What was his name again?[View]
332872911Military being vaxxed: https://mobile.twitter.com/FoxNews/status/1423047599536459779[View]
332882873what time is it?: is it bout that time?[View]
332878268Would you vote for him?[View]
332874251anti-shill meta thread GET IN HERE: > '2 weeks' posters > yOu WoNt Do ShIt posters > NoThIn…[View]
332862968Bongs vs Danes: Rooting for the teutonics[View]
332879566should military service be compulsory for every able-bodied man and woman?[View]
332882019Anybody else notice this board became useless after the conspiracy theories no longer became theorie…[View]
332876870Illuminati's no1 enemy.[View]
332869858Most /Pol/ Approved Anime Characters[View]
332879753Why does baked even talk to louie theroux let alone give him a interview for louies stupid show? It’…[View]
332881981Say it.: 卐 N based mutt meme thread. 卐 N[View]
332882647/wsg/ WHITE SHARIA GENERAL: the west is fucked with marxism, idoltary, kike subversion and nigger wo…[View]
332870751Well said.: Even Trump himself knows it, that's why he refused to pardon them :)[View]
332881995Is it just me or does pol seem oddly pleasant right now? It’s like the mass shilling and disgusting …[View]
332872814Any questions?[View]
332880969Damn feels good being a white man[View]
332880666How are commies not reactionary? They're reacting to being the losers in a dynamic capitalist s…[View]
332879908White Diversity Flag: Remember everyone, whites have the most diverse culture in the world, never le…[View]
332857702'Ample chance' for more dangerous COVID variant if more Americans aren't vaccinated, …[View]
332878459I don't care if places ban unvaccinated people because... 1) if I can't go to centain plac…[View]
332878879how do i leech off government and university resources as much as i can? im a college student and a…[View]
332841387BASED ALBERTA: Alberta lifts all covid restrictions because they can't produce an isolated samp…[View]
332874918Possible alien sighting in Brazil: I am hearing of some chatter on social media (mostly twitter) abo…[View]
332880819/pol/ please help me figure this out.: Does this mean anything? >browse thread on /pol/, specific…[View]
332875846Kabbalah Jew Magic: hows this shit work? is there a good book with all the secrets?? KNOWLEDGE = POW…[View]
332880888>2020 Covid >2021 the even worse 'cure' for Covid: experimental gene-therapy vaccines >202…[View]
332879623Bro's..: How bad are the vaxxed going to riot when they find out they've been poisoned and…[View]
332882064White Pill Thread : Single Dose Use: posting white pills, take some, share some. >cop thinks he…[View]
332881470Jeb Bush makes a good point - many of America's Olympic champions are immigrants, or are the ch…[View]
332878926Extraterrestrials: Extraterrestrials, we are real, and we are fighting for you, against the evil soi…[View]
332875669Is Biden responsible for Covid-21?: What’s he even doing to stop this shit? Trump did more objective…[View]
332878467You can't even get the vaccine if you want anymore: Now that they crossed 70-30 % there will on…[View]
332881430ITT: We expose the Freemasons, Frank[View]
332878015I have yet to take the vaccine… fear is getting to me. Why am I avoiding this again?: I have been on…[View]
332846750Why are liberals so quick to cut people out of their lives? I have never heard of nor seen a single …[View]
332874876We will never surrender: Whatever may come, together we are strong and will be able to master everyt…[View]
332874549Is this true /pol/? Are experts never wrong?[View]
332878511Love how Eastern Europe makes westoids seethe[View]
332881165The heathen, the infidel, the subhuman, the degenerate, the heretic, the foreigner, the blasphemer, …[View]
3328753097 day lockdown from 8pm tonight. This is Victoria's sixth lockdown, 8 months total of lockdown…[View]
332872718Pentagon Shooting: Why'd he do it?[View]
332878439Social heavily services centered around urban areas: New TDS says that rural areas in the USA have a…[View]
332879392what does this image mean?[View]
332837314America is the Great Satan: >just go off the grid and live innawoods bro >David Lidstone was a…[View]
332881108What ended up happening to the /polcel medical student who got kicked out of school and recorded his…[View]
332877222MITT ROMNEY: 'IT'S TIME TO BUILD THE WALL!': This Romney guy seems alright! Giving me…[View]
332870497Stay the fuck away from /b/, We’re all super stressed out over the Delta virus and the fact that the…[View]
332871705Only liberals allowed to be teachers: How is any of this legal?[View]
332874825/pol/ btfo[View]
332864510Rofschild takeaways for today’s time: https://archive.li/2017.08.30-173308/https://ia802300.us.archi…[View]
332839999Who's Watched This?: This fucking movie's got me tripped the hell out and it won't le…[View]
332875380Is there any going back?: To when life was normal. Before you'd see niggers plastered on every …[View]
332850855The Supreme Court literally already made a ruling on this, apparently they mean nothing anymore[View]
332876018Why does people disagreeing with them make lefties seethe so much? I mean the ideas aren't even…[View]
332879242based biden continuing obama's legacy: The rising detentions is a sore point for President Joe …[View]
332880307Is Piers Morgan racist?: “Twitter wokies have accused him of targeting Black women”[View]
332875382What the Vaccines Are For: No, not everyone who takes the vaccine is going to have a shortened lifes…[View]
332880732Podcasts: What are some good /pol/-approved podcasts in the current year?[View]
332879466Hillsong leader Brian Houston charged over the concealment of alleged child sex offences: This is th…[View]
332879614Is justice corrupt if criminals have good lawyers? or does it work perfectly because criminals still…[View]
332878093Announcement:: We will now refer to the US government as 'the regime'. That is all.[View]
332878002Looks like it’s Trump 2024 after all.[View]
332879216To the jew who made a thread earlear: >>332877621 >Our example >Ahhh I see now. Do you m…[View]
332873525Wine. Immediately.: Wine. Immediately. https://www.vox.com/2016/8/23/12584530/women-alcohol-wine …[View]
332874267Rich elites and their Satanic imagery; did they sell their souls for success?: Perhaps... So far as …[View]
332877628Why are Americans like this?[View]
332879943I'm gonna commit suicide by vaccine: How much do I have left after taking the jab[View]
332877848The Vaccine Cult: Read the comments from any one of the many celebratory threads about an unvaccinat…[View]
332879977Funny: Why don't they talk about their own YouTube ban?[View]
332879966Anybody wanna fuck with the University of Cambridge: They have this app to record coughing from the …[View]
332873845californium is estimated to cost around $2.7 billion per 100 grams. You can contrast that price with…[View]
332871985What is the endgame of leftism?[View]
332877536Heres a redpill you aren't ready for. >/pol/ is ran by the jews[View]
332877800Question: Can a superior court judge sell his house for profit if the real estate is contaminated wi…[View]
332879638Why is America so afraid of judgment? Seriously, wherever you go. You aren't allowed to judge A…[View]
332878166Breaking stuff in British Minecraft: Guys where are the things in the REALLY important things in the…[View]
332867393The fact that a living being, of such high intelligence no less, could be brought to the pathetic po…[View]
332879348two more weeks: left is saying, right is saying it, hell id expect Disney to suddenly say Frozen 3 i…[View]
332874528Is it scarier then we thought?: More than a hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner wrote the following: ”…[View]
332872340Oh it's okay, he's friendly.: No fuck you, it's not okay for your dog to start pawing…[View]
332878615Everyone has to go back to wearing a mask again lol. I hope the brief sense of superiority and free …[View]
332873672I PET GOAT 2 PREDICTED COVID 19: https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0[View]
332840017Silver ENDS THE FED /SETF/ #449 - /CMMG/ Edition: Welcome to THE political thread of our times! This…[View]
332878194Pay attention: Because this is how it starts. To arms to arms in Dixie[View]
332875551How can anyone be political nowadays? considering The media obscuring everything to the point where …[View]
332877998Raven Saunders' mom shitblasted: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/olympian-raven-saunders-family-…[View]
332877843Has such a violation of American liberty ever occurred before?[View]
332872869Yeonmi Park Exposed: Sick of all the threads asking about her and nobody has a clue. She's as f…[View]
332878584Co-worker said something interesting: and its about the 'vaccine.' At this rate, it shouldn't b…[View]
332878640I live in NYC. What should I do at this point in regards to the jab?: This will be my first and last…[View]
332878051Swiss Templars are enslaving the world using international Babylonian banking: This is the biggest i…[View]
332877728Trudeau/Freeland Globalist cabal is planning on selling access to Canadian's banking data to '3…[View]
332871356Remember to tell your grandkids the story of how America elected a criminal mobster as president who…[View]
332874179Don't call it a comeback...[View]
332878518WHO and CDC Corruption: Been hearing a lot about these two groups in particular because covid. I…[View]
332878465Covid: Sqeezing blood out of the stone: If you have a normie trying to convince you of taking the va…[View]
332878337The antivax movement was created by the elite in order to have a scape goat for pushing totalitarian…[View]
332876203Covid is apparently a virus that can be spread through physical contact with the covid particles. So…[View]
332877133By the time they realize how they've been betrayed, there will be no one, no face, for them to …[View]
332878227Denis Ten, an Olympic Bronze medalist from Kazakhstan for mens' figure skating, was stabbed to …[View]
332878149Phony Fauci: 'DURR, me no understand what am going on with Tony Fauci and this COVID thing DURR' Wel…[View]
332878040Look guys, it's not rocket science: These people are sterile and mentally defective, that'…[View]
332867907Local business owner puts out pic related, troon gets offended then goes inside to confront the owne…[View]
332871012Control Group: Can't you just take the vaxx, you crazy denier? Why would you want to be a part …[View]
332877245It's my birthday today[View]
332863692Starting to falter: The scare tactics might be starting to work on me. I'm a 27 year old guy wh…[View]
332848859Why are all the right wing Trumper retards I know collecting silver now? Is this some kind of grift?…[View]
332876246They really did get away with icing Epstein huh[View]
332871626Where did it go wrong?[View]
332874762So this cuck could've just ignored all of those courts and do whatever he wanted, but he decide…[View]
332877832Doge Coin Ends the Fed / DCEF General: The Doge Coin Cometh!!! Come one come all, step right up and …[View]
332871181Without the real history, is there a point to politics?: Consider how much the truth about WWII shif…[View]
332877283>“I have nothing to hide but I’m still going to hide it because if it was found out people would …[View]
332873888What the fuck is going on?: I live in gay Virginia Our hospitalizations are on the rise returning to…[View]
332872747Cumo Publishes Hitlist: If Cumo goes down, they all go down. I am not surprised this bombshell stor…[View]
332874561It's safe guys, at least for now.[View]
332864475When did you realize the V-shot is in fact the Mark of the Beast?[View]
332877042help me finish this[View]
332870093So, /pol/, is TV owned by jews? Is it jew's that spread all the degeneracy from tv? Or is tv ow…[View]
332876745If recovering from a 'COVID infection' doesn't provide natural immunity then: there's no c…[View]
332868669Trump card happening!: Get your fuckin Trump cards! Fuck yeah! :D https://archive.is/uaBCK https://w…[View]
332877151Billions were immediately thrown at big pharma companies; Staight up cash and platinum contracts out…[View]
332877105Is this how Biden won in 2020?: In the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, the world has been…[View]
332877085The Best Decade Ever: A Nostalgic Love Letter to the '90s: A child of the 1990s explains why it…[View]
332875624Here’s another interview for you folks: https://banned.video/watch?id=610b3a2f60d6392cb37a781c…[View]
332872211My entire generation worships Niggers: How fucked are we when we get into positions of power?[View]
332872978Texas is redpilled as fuck.[View]
332876632>anon considers himself superior >is obese…[View]
332873882Which European countries/cities are NOT taking part in mass immigration?: I'm looking for full …[View]
332869584Why are women so simple minded?: Why must women always talk, think and get excited about the most mu…[View]
332870128Weed powder: Hey anons. My older sister told me she does weed. My parents and her got in a really bi…[View]
332871874Is it legit Europebros or is this just to breed complacency? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8hydVtluB…[View]
332844107Mexico Sues Gun Companies in U.S., Accusing Them of Fueling Violence: If you were one of those idiot…[View]
332870252Why do evil white people do this to black people?[View]
3328765382025 A.D.: >non-compromised virologists/doctors estimate 3 years for vaxxers to die off completel…[View]
332874149Does it actually stop V2K? I knew an Irish friend who wore one (well hidden) and he didn't seem…[View]
332858082Aight, imma head out until this shit ends[View]
332873129aus/pol/ tyranny down under edition: Uuh, bros?... >https://www.theage.com.au/national/australia-…[View]
332875282Feminists btfu by wokescolds: After spewing hate for men for decades it must have been shocking for …[View]
332873276CDC Director is Jewish: I hope the ones still saying that 'u just blame da joooooos' are finally tak…[View]
332876481How did you serve your female masters today /pol/ ?[View]
332862834Aus/pol - No Gains Ever Again Edition: >close the gym Brothel open >close the gym Maccas open …[View]
332862111Jew here, ama: What questions do you have for me goyim? I will be as honest as possible.[View]
332872604Hbomberguy: What’s /Pol/‘s thoughts on this man?[View]
332867375Marching and standing in solidarity didnt worl: what now ?[View]
332851205I fucking hate China, bros.[View]
332842908Florida, WTF?: DeSantis is failing the state.[View]
332870031Redpill me on lesbians: Just that[View]
332871284They've arrived. Release the kraken[View]
332873077The correct response to covid regulations banning you from public activities is refusing to pay taxe…[View]
332875902Why don't you move to Dubai, anon?: What is stopping you?[View]
332842124why is the white race population declining?[View]
332872992China is Avatar: Chinese are The Na'vi from Avatar movie, and USA are people are people sent to…[View]
332868936I honeslty wish there was a place with you /pol/fags but we didn't have to discuss things that …[View]
332874702Fuck your masks: Fuck your GMO injections Fuck your lockdowns Not obeying anything[View]
332873365How you doing Anon?: >“Oh hey Anon, you look exhausted must be all that worrying. come sit down a…[View]
332872185Back in the Cold War we were fighting against the Soviet Union to stop them from invading us.... and…[View]
332870021I want a girlfriend/wife who will 1) Not leave me 2) Birth me children 3) Takes care of her appearan…[View]
332869702How would you deal with being hassled?[View]
332871271The Maricopa County Routers: At first I thought that the 2020 election was stolen by means of counte…[View]
332875469Lol at redditors jerking off about unvaxxed 500lb people and blacks dying They are more terminally …[View]
332870563Remember when these things were the end of democracy[View]
332876504Q-ANON DEBUNKED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUhKd_cdVGE[View]
332872813Why are you so threatened by my existence?[View]
332862473/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #633 - Turkey edition: Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afgha…[View]
332872030Ahem lads I need your attention, as you are indeed quite aware of the (((vaxx))) is making and will …[View]
332869280Yeah, no: Hahahaha, despite your pitiful propaganda - still NOT getting the jab fagits. I piss on yo…[View]
332871216Think about all of your 4chan posts, then go stare at yourself in the mirror. While staring at the m…[View]
332871849While making up 20% of the global population, blacks only make up 0.6% of billionaires: How is this …[View]
332860410Jennifer Aniston doesn't want anything to do with you unvaccinated scum[View]
332875435Go to patriots.win. Bring something back.[View]
332875430Just something to note.: TL;DR Shills hate to discuss the vaccine in pre-emptive or precautionary ma…[View]
332873554His greatest mistake is not warring with all the Middle East at once, and South America too[View]
332835965What the fuck is going on in Alberta? Did they just end all of this COVID bullshit over there? Masks…[View]
332874742Autist German ethics commission continues to say risk to kids too high: Does not recommend the vax. …[View]
332872855Zuckerberg caught raping a woman on the street[View]
332872179Come home, Anon[View]
332861488>You do not 3d print produce inside of your head? you clearly are not human. >Shut up alexa, …[View]
332872230I have to admit that I agree with the elites. Depopulation is the right choice.: Not even talking of…[View]
332874792If chlorine can kill Syrians: What does it do to my gut biome?[View]
332872262Why is the left so obesssd with the 60s and 70s?[View]
332874756Why is #metoo > literal death and destruction?[View]
332859382Serious Question: Every single anti-jew post I have ever seen on here is Low IQ Schizo non-sense, th…[View]
332872039Lockdown 2.0 entertainment: So what’s the next Joe Exotic gonna be? Tik Tok still in?[View]
332871588China vs USA, anyone nervous?: Tensions continue to get higher and higher, stock market fraud and ec…[View]
332867816Hitler: I keep hearing people say Hitler was trying to kill people without blonde hair and blue eyes…[View]
332873722>GET OVER HERE!: what do?[View]
332870204Hidden Messages in Media: I saw a thread on this subject a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone…[View]
332871609Hitler was a socialist. Leftists are the real Nazis.: Do you want to beat the left? Then make this …[View]
332873692I'm not taking the vaccine under any circumstances whatsoever. Already had Covid and it barely …[View]
332866614reminder hitler teamed up with the one on the left to exterminate the one on the right[View]
332856870You've startled a female police officer. Frightened, the policewoman pulls her 'taser' on you, …[View]
332871133Hey /pol/ I uh.. I.. I HATE THE MULATTO PERM!!! HAHAHAHA[View]
332871374I'm not getting it. There's something called a 'comorbidity', and ~95% of covid deaths hav…[View]
332863944Grow plants: Get a garden >grow strawberries >grow weed >grow squash >fresh tomatoes Ge…[View]
332873779Only 6 more months for herd, nogs: It is going well[View]
332872854chinovac is water?[View]
332871109Trump-bros! Dun dun dun dun dun!: >Insider reports Trump's mammoth order as being two Big Ma…[View]
332873669CRT in schools[View]
332849787Christ/pol/: More like this[View]
332875736what do you think of nick fuentes?: what do you think of nick fuentes?[View]
332867463Leaf here: AMA[View]
332873345Uhh bros... they're gonna do it: In reference to the based thread that just got archived, I thi…[View]
332873342Why did Trump delete the GreatAgain.gov hiring database instead of using it to hire loyal White Hous…[View]
332846087I'm Jewish.: Why do you guys hate Ultra-Orthodox Jews? We are some of the most reactionary Peop…[View]
332864379Vaxxed fertility: Does the vax really cause fertility issues?has the cdc said so?[View]
332872986that didn't age well: fukker hasn't even deleted it https://twitter.com/NYGovCuomo/status/…[View]
332873217Just pure entertainment. https://gab.com/bixnoodredux/posts/106701944238706353[View]
332852169New guidelines in NY give you no choice: Even if you’re medically/religiously exempt, you’re denied …[View]
332867071What the fuck is wrong with these people![View]
332865648Damn just realized I am probably the biggest mutt here >6ft8 >half Jamaican half Bosnian…[View]
332869792You getting yours, magabros?[View]
332866982If you are battling demon's and have friends and family at your throat about refusing the vacci…[View]
332854409What was it like to watch this live?[View]
332869906when did movies get jewish?[View]
332867661Is music a tool for pacification or radicalization?: When I listen to music I both feel like fedpost…[View]
332872511>you will improve yourself >you will strive for the best >you will pursue happiness >you…[View]
332871408IT PUTS THE NEEDLE IN ITS SKIN OR ELSE IT GETS THE MASK AGAIN: When will Leftists realize that they…[View]
332869407and a black flag shall wave over the dome.[View]
332866030We need to help each other 'level up' spiritually.: Post any 'hidden' or must know knowledge that co…[View]
332866632>welcome to McDonald's >hey, I would like a number 5 medium with a diet co..... >hold …[View]
332868445Antidemoralization and white pill thread: Who else antidemoralized/white pilled >Not demoralized …[View]
332871156More Immigrants = More Problems: look at the EU lol, them sand niggers be raping everyone. how 2 sol…[View]
332871945Bolsonaro: Sorry for the bad news, but if you still support picrelated, you may suffer from a severe…[View]
332871892Really makes me think.[View]
332871812>The Blacks have joined the server https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/04/politics/boston-mayor-covid-19-…[View]
332871790N95 panic buying is happening again: Wtf anons, I thought we were past this? I’m starting to think t…[View]
332871121Would Covid have killed her if she didn’t take the vaccine?[View]
332866808MSM smear of Cuomo: Has anyone else noticed that the media has unleashed an endless stream of vitrio…[View]
332861355Christ or Odin: as a white man, who should I follow? both seem pretty based[View]
332871028You're not gonna do shit: >the scamdemic provided the perfect opportunity for rebellion agai…[View]
332870967mad = bad?[View]
332868349I haven't watched the news lately. Why are businesses making me wear a face diaper again?[View]
332869230Accelerate: Gotta go fast![View]
332852327christians 2000 years ago=the far left today: They were literal furries There are SEVERAL christian …[View]
332857659Europe had Knights, America had Cowboys, Japan had Samurai, what does Australia have?[View]
332869908National Citizens Alliance Party!: This is by far the only based party in Canada. https://www.natio…[View]
332869896/pol/ survey: Very simple; are you a (diagnosed or self proclaimed) >normie chad redpilled in her…[View]
332864398Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011): >Populace largely forced/coerced into an experimental, regulato…[View]
332868943Now that the dust has settled, what does /pol/ think about Novavax? EU just pre-ordered 100 million …[View]
3328693822 weeks![View]
332865745.I'm going to raise my white sons to believe that they are physically and genetically little di…[View]
332865838Simple question: Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?[View]
332854729Wow just wow[View]
332868597Drumpf's lawyers lost a big case in federal court: The judge basically told them to eat shit an…[View]
332870230Eviction Moratorium Debacle: Good evening anons. With the way landlords have been hit with the morat…[View]
332869863WE AREN'T GOING TO MAKE IT: All hope is lost. I tried. And tonight. I die.[View]
332865822The vaccine is not working in Canada.: You can also try this with other dates that are close to the …[View]
332865314What is an appropriate punishment for cuck fetishists? Do you think eugenics could feasibly fix it, …[View]
332867749Friendly talk: My Friend doesn't want to get vaccinated. What do I say to him?[View]
332853563/pol BTFO George Washington Mandated Vaccines[View]
332848139Why does /pol/ hate the feds so much?[View]
332862035Why hasn't rap been cancelled yet? It's literally black people rapping about how disgustin…[View]
332870282Skitzo Thread here. I am just putting some skitzo things together here, but what if: what if the vax…[View]
332866319They see me as worthless filth and I have a strong urge to torture her to death: https://www.youtube…[View]
332844832If you call your parents by their first name then you're a globohomo faggot plain and simple[View]
332864037/VMG/ Vax Mitigation General- its fucking here edition: I know, I know. Don’t take the vax. But many…[View]
332829741CNN - The Vax makes Covid worse and increases spread: 'Everything we were told about Covid was wrong…[View]
332868698Never forget what the kike did to you. To me, to your family, to your parents, to your friends to yo…[View]
332867220/pol/ has successfully gone from being news to reacting to news your pussification is complete[View]
332867832The return of your once unalienable rights are only a vaccine away![View]
332870117Lol hey goy!: Inject your entire army, health care industry, and law enforcement with this experimen…[View]
332870116Anyone else notice that shill posts are getting more and more obvious AND retarded? Its like they ar…[View]
332865251Is stonetoss really our guy still now that he’s referencing Nazi tranny memes? This ain’t even an ed…[View]
332864878Is it really “genocide” that certain people can’t get laid?[View]
332869897Is a the One World Government more like a One World Consciousness? Is that what these fuckers want?[View]
332867974The new rule: If it doesn't address the Jews directly, its fuckin fake and gay. New politicians…[View]
332869427Theme song for /pol/: August: https://youtu.be/lCZCv98XKFs Presented without comment and for a littl…[View]
332831050WOW thank you US govt for caring so much about our health! Well guess what? We don’t want you fucki…[View]
332857973What up /pol/. Tldr I'm in a band, and multiple bandmates' wives want me to get vaxxed, so…[View]
332863480VaccineBro: How old were you when you noticed the PsyOp? >hE cLiMbEd MouNtAins…[View]
332866649Good morning[View]
332868262Why does both /pol/ and the New World Order have the same wish for eradicating Israel? The EU is usi…[View]
332860437Not one whistle blower in 7 months: Wanna know why? Because people love Joe. People respect Joe. Joe…[View]
332866004Art imitates life: 2019 Dallas courthouse shooting[View]
332842211Switzerland Hate Thread: Saw a thread earlier calling out the Mountain Jews, dump everything you hav…[View]
332864405Has The Trans Movement Gone Too Far Now?: Is there a maniacal malevolent sexually deviant agenda in …[View]
332865373NIGGERS & HISTORICAL REVISIONISM: Why are niggers so into historical revisionism? >whites wuz…[View]
332854472Tranny thread: Why, when, and how did the tranny trend came to be?[View]
332867073The final plan: Bottom of the pyramid: No shots One shot Two shots + 1 booster + 2 boosters Top of p…[View]
332867207oops if you see shill thread post this video and it will be deleted https://www.bitchute.com/video/4…[View]
332869347As much as I hate to capitulate to insane group think consensus, that is the State BAR, about to shr…[View]
332867571Croats and Bosniaks- Jews of the Balkans: >NOOOOOO muh six gorillion NATO save us Nothing happene…[View]
332868580Remove your American Flag. Replace it with Pic Related, until such a time that the Republic of whic…[View]
332868821Coronavirus in Japan: What's it like up there?[View]
332861142Based Anime Thread: /Pol/ Approved Anime Some that I've watched Jyu Oh Sei (planet of the beast…[View]
332867752>it actually says in the final chapters of the bible that people won't be able to buy or sel…[View]
332862966Matthew 10:21 “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and …[View]
332868184Which country will be 110?[View]
332868844How come niggers develop self-awareness much later in life: https://streamable.com/3iwomh[View]
332868572how come he can touch someone elses daughters police booba but he doesnt let police touch his daught…[View]
332864865THE ROD AND RING WILL STRIKE (prophecy): Well now we know this part of the prophecy has something to…[View]
332868477Why do they only wear spacesuits and die suddenly on the street in China?of: I haven't seen one…[View]
332868279Asian Female Supremacy: White women usually look like slobs whe they cosplay, Asian female is superi…[View]
332857297https://youtu.be/EO5YF1kIdqI >Bank robber nigger flees into building where kids are practicing mu…[View]
332865979South African Suicide Epedemic: Many gay men commit suicide daily in South Africa: https://www.sadag…[View]
332868786White House Press Secretary: Why does they job exist? Everyone knows we cant trust anything that com…[View]
332862477How retarded do you have to be to think the holocaust didn't happen...[View]
332868243SERIAL KILLERS AND POLITICAL CONNECTIONS: If you start understanding the details that get glossed ov…[View]
332863757Do you support me being shot?[View]
332864292Why can't the world be more like Root Beer?[View]
332844685/afg/ - America First General: Nick Fuentes going live soon: https://americafirst.live/ America Firs…[View]
332868638Someone send 0.1 Dash to Xuki96qvrpgDXVmgfAxjigo6nadvn1rvWe. 'Use private send' I'm gonna look …[View]
332864293>be constitution >have 9 amendments that are undeniably given as rights to individuals >peo…[View]
332868475What's the term for an illegal immigrant again?: Listen you bunch of pathetic faggot niggers , …[View]
332868549Leftist war on babies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH9cvkBXmd0 Radical leftists have been trying…[View]
332864802>White Americans enslave blacks >White Americans take land from Mexicans White Americans 150 y…[View]
332868481Aug 13th Friday the 13th: What do Templars have planned will they get Trump back in?[View]
332851268I don't get it: I don't get this new stonetoss comic, what is it about/what does it mean?…[View]
332866744Germany furry capitol of the world: Why does the kraut do this?[View]
332860980Which group is responsible for the delta variant and rise of covid cases? Is it the vaxxed or the un…[View]
332863128is it even possible to work in the medical field without eventually having to take the vaccine? I ha…[View]
332863284Men who ejaculate 21+ times a month cut prostate cancer risk by a 3rd, (Harvard study): Harvard stud…[View]
332863003The Wars in the Middle East were good and should keep happening.[View]
332865117Medical board: spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation may put doctors' medical licenses at r…[View]
332867104How does this play out /pol/ tards: So the vax is killing people, eh /pol/ tards? So the whole weste…[View]
332864737Isn’t white nationalism the ultimate we wuz kangz and just escapism for a time where the Jews didn’t…[View]
332863684Rare Pepe Dump Truck: Post your best Pepes that you have![View]
332861724Rank the Presidents: https://tiermaker.com/create/united-states-presidents-all-48507[View]
332861373You're not immune to it: Consider how much you're being shilled. Not by the beliefs you de…[View]
332867682Let Me Pose a Question...: What are the political implications of the JIDF protecting their cubs (ot…[View]
332858880The fuck is an Aryan? I know of Germans, French fries, and Br*tish 'people'. But Aryan? Me confused[View]
332862599Why Won't Trump Speak Out Against The mRNA Vaccine That Will Kill Millions?: If the vaccine is …[View]
332865290Called out leftoids in my city trying to plot my assassination: How do I tell the cops without sound…[View]
332866768when you guys say trad gf, do you mean girls that wear strictly long dresses which cover their ankle…[View]
332865905Do you really think this just went extinct?: Do you really think they just went extinct, and/or chan…[View]
332867373Cultural Marxism: Eh? It's labelled a conspiracy theory in big black letters even though mainst…[View]
332860916This is the fantasy of the negro male. We aren't savages /pol/, we value traditional family val…[View]
332865109What deradicalization feels like: Gender Euphoria is a psychological condition which consists of com…[View]
332851583/pol/ humor thread[View]
332866851God as a stop sign: Makes the most sense to me, what do stop signs represent? >stopping >wait…[View]
332857651Who was the most pro Israel President of all time?: Many US Presidents have stood strongly with Isra…[View]
332861410what is your price in exchange for the vaccination: I admittedly have a price and after each of the …[View]
332865575Why is Vancouver like this?[View]
332866761What do the Chinese think of American Leftism? any good sources /pol/? any spicy memes?[View]
332866508If an officials responsible for or enforcing covid restrictions: Are deleted in minecraft I pledge I…[View]
332860092What is their problem, exactly? Had a Scottish lad tell me today how much he hates England and the E…[View]
332866961When did you realize Ted was right? I didn't realize it until early in my 20s, mainly because I…[View]
332865744Why do leftoids loot and burn down Amazon's small competitors while claiming to be against capi…[View]
332864407execute all racists and narcissists.[View]
332866815Lets Talk About The Saudi Passports: Any reasonable argument on how they 'found,' these passports af…[View]
332861421This black goddess makes more than you and lives in a can: $300K salary lives in a van What is your …[View]
332865421Why is this book so insanely popular[View]
332866829Thanks for arriving on such short notice. I know some of you were sound asleep, but what I have to s…[View]
332860575Wrong again Chuds.: Ya’ll tired of winning yet? Lmao https://www.thenation.com/article/society/vacci…[View]
332866243This guy will be the only guy left on twitter[View]
332865598brit/pol/: >Shopper baffled after spotting couple dumping 'flailing' baby on cold hard …[View]
332865597Why are far right leaders so embarrassing? Where is our intellectual and charismatic figure? Where’s…[View]
332866050why is it so hard for me to get a job out of college? is it (((their))) fault???[View]
332864602Why have Jews btfo the far right so badly? Why can’t the right even do anything against them?[View]
332865988DeSantis >sudden medical expert And not Marco Rubio Come one /pol/ your clown shoes are showing…[View]
332866455Fuck China: People seem to have forgotten that the coronavirus came from China and that it was origi…[View]
332861578Was his job to bring in the NWO?: Was listening to his show today and he gave a big speech about how…[View]
332865493GET IN HERE: Reminder, your prophet JC is not god. There is only one God, and you should not pray to…[View]
332810743Utopia predicted everything SPOILERS: > nerds like comic Utopia > comic contains hidden messag…[View]
332864372Redpill me on transhumanism: elites modifying us[View]
332859080why are you against depopulation again?: Ga Guidestones make some sense too many nutjobs competing f…[View]
332865891UK - socialism: Denmark is a socialist state. Let’s not turn Britian towards socialism. Britain need…[View]
332864352get ravirolled cunt[View]
332862322Tf is this: >what is it[View]
33285271701101100 01101111 01110110 01100101: Astral, obe note down everything you do every day do reality ch…[View]
332865236not my problem[View]
332865842Say it with me /pol/:: I AM A PROUD ANTISEMITE![View]
332865159Woodstock 99: >white people don't ri-[View]
332851218Why are so many Hispanics and Latinas left wing? Why can't they be based and right wing so we d…[View]
332865132Why do you never hear about Fort Detrick on /pol/ ?[View]
332855713Would you believe me: If I told you that I am currently in possession of a heavily armed vehicle? Wo…[View]
332864578Was Mussolini right? Is democracy a fallacy?[View]
332864930Good health: Good health only comes from God, put your trust in him, and stop stressing out so much …[View]
332858971The use of “Nazi” in Language: Does anyone else get irritated by the use of “Nazi” in language. Not …[View]
332862600Fuck Canada: Stupid leafs. Celine dion is a WHORE and rush fuckin BLOWS[View]
332858746Fem-oids: Why should they be allowed to post on the internet?[View]
332849212/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5785: ► Detected: 200,933,269 (+680,669) ► Dead: 4,268,955 (+10,030) ►…[View]
332862962Why are they blaming ordinary fucking people on the masks and lockdowns returning and not the people…[View]
332862884Daphne Westbrook Space Elevator: What are the political implications of non existent humans inhabiti…[View]
332864335Is there a political inkling to the Fender Telecaster?[View]
332860720fucking hell why do millenials like this shit? like what happened politically to make people this fa…[View]
332859466WWYD if you were the white guy duct-taped to the seat on a plane full of aggressive niggers[View]
332862761Why is Biden going to pardon Ghislaine?: Friday 13 AUG 21[View]
332861982Reminder: That if anyone tries to perform medical procedures on you and your family without your con…[View]
332862089Say something nice: This is what the average 14 year old looks like in burgerland. Your ancestors di…[View]
332864430Do you think he still would have shot up all those Mexicans if he knew his only legacy would be to b…[View]
332864744I watched this Video 10 x: Its a robbery of a Thai Restaurant in Oakland, California. 15 robberies i…[View]
332824363IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!!!! NIGGERS FIGHTING BACK AT THE VAX!!!!!!: >Boston’s mayor has shut …[View]
332862981The truth. Unadulterated truth.: The universe (or whatever the term one wishes to use to refer to al…[View]
332863387We are rapidly approaching the point where we're going to have the government gathering up thos…[View]
332862907They Have No Leverage Over Me: Nothing anyone can say or threaten me with will convince me to get th…[View]
332864150Can soccer hooligans be useful to regain Europe?: Soccer fans fight and come out in numbers, like th…[View]
332862404You do realize men like these are the only people in the world actually fighting globohomo, right an…[View]
332840761The USA is about to have Supreme dominance over space: SpaceX's starship is a fully reusable su…[View]
332863985Uh oh Dem bros?[View]
332861788Friendly reminder: The sexual harassment stuff in the media is nothing less than a distraction from …[View]
332862687you think i did it all for nothing?[View]
332859721>Hitler was a good guy lmao xDD >oh ya he did kill like literally 10+ million Europeans but he…[View]
332858760RIP LEAFs: I don't feel so good bros. The CEO of Canada just said that _____mandatory_____ inje…[View]
332864001POP QUIZ: How much gay sex has he enjoyed in the last year and how much do all the other white natio…[View]
332857028/pol/ claimed the virus has not been isolated????: Ultimately two teams in Canada would isolate the …[View]
332862049All US military personnal will have to take the science jab: Will people in the military refuse to t…[View]
332859364There is no need for you to become upset[View]
332820199>Covid goes out of control in Florida >Governor yells at Biden >Covid still out of control …[View]
332864134Social pressure is not an excuse: If you allow people to shame you, you will lose. You are your own …[View]
332863777Uhhh guys?: If people running businesses have taken out massive loans during the coofier 2.0 all die…[View]
332854451Imagine dying to pwn the libs.[View]
332857963This is H. Scott Apley, a conservative Christian Republican from Texas H. Scott Apley ridiculed the …[View]
332863182>Chinks are only good at memorizing, they never EVER invented or manufactured useful things or pr…[View]
332864011China BTFO[View]
332830957NOW YOUS CANT LEAVE: Anti-vaxx imbeciles on no fly list. WHAMMY![View]
332861796Big Bangers BTFO: Big Bangers BTFO If there is something, then we know there was never nothing. This…[View]
332854128Crash courses for Carding?: I want to fuck the banks. Gather significant cash/silver/tools and run f…[View]
332852541Women worldwide are getting uglier, fatter, and more masculine. What can be done? Pic related. Demi …[View]
332862570The mainstream narrative about wealth is a lie. 80% of American millionaires did NOT inherit money. …[View]
332863703Alsatian song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlogKJhiGOQ song about a family of alsaciens translat…[View]
332855046'Race' is Jewish Pseudoscience: Jews invented the concept of 'race'; Deuteronomy 23:2 states: 'No ba…[View]
332848757/6mc/ F.A.D. #5: Evening Moralization: Day 4, anon. Our goal is to subvert cultural perversion by re…[View]
332862331why are whites so dumb?[View]
332854449What are they?: All in all, what are they and what does it entail being a part of them? Qrd and redp…[View]
332863512Vladimir 'THE GAYEST FAGGOT' Putin: Fuck vladimir putinhomo Let me explain Putinhomo. In 2000, I tho…[View]
332863334Covid Tester Job Listings: I feel like such a retard for not getting screenshots when I saw them, bu…[View]
332861696virgin loser thread: >be /pol/cel >blames others for own inferiority >has no friends >…[View]
332842950Whites are Genetically weaker than Blacks, According to SCIENCE: White boys should all just transiti…[View]
332841310For all you idiots who think school shootings are false flags.: I hope you get get shot by someone y…[View]
332863037*sniff* sippy cup *sniff*: >collects israeli paycheck and what happened to oooole sippy cuppy …[View]
332859504Predictive Programming thread: Post instances where they've released a warning or conditioning…[View]
332836357aus/pol/ Bloodstained Wattle Edition: Morning lads. We’ve got a hard road ahead. Make your ancestors…[View]
332858021As a psychic and someone with a connection to the spiritual world and a relationship with our lord a…[View]
332849836There's famous NFL players on pol right now[View]
332862193you WILL pick up that can chuds.[View]
332861749Why is saying 'your pussy smells like water' politically incorrect?[View]
332860399Kikes are subhuman animals[View]
332850183If a pagan is in a collapsed building 911 style, do they actually pray to Zeus or whatever?[View]
332850109Albera Free. Patrick King. SAY HIS NAME: Father, Oil and Gas worker, Freedom Fighter. Meet gigachad …[View]
332859563ARE THERE DIFFERENT STANDARDS FOR CRIME PUNISHMENT BY RACE TODAY?: A black man killed a white guy wi…[View]
332861348If mother son incest is so rare, why does the word “Motherfucker” exist?: It must be more common the…[View]
332832642Where are they? Who are the important names?[View]
332855281How many do you think will refuse to take it? I think about 5%. That number is about 45% right now.[View]
332836388OK..... Let's talk about holding people's faces while talking to them.: ***this IS politic…[View]
332859976She so smart, Compassionate, And cute.[View]
332860315President Barack Obama Appreciation Thread: Happy Birthday to the President of the United States who…[View]
332862232/pol/ book thread: 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution' -Klaus Schwab 'Shaping the Fourth Industrial R…[View]
332844424Reasoning with the jabbers: Guys hear me out. What if we put together a plan on how to reach the bra…[View]
332860251Gift from God: Covid is killing the anti vaxxers which happen to be the blacks, neo cons, and MAGAs.…[View]
332857941how Do you fellow America accept China is number one space race and every race ? i America but i acc…[View]
332859982why didn’t Trump get a McDonald’s built in North Korea?[View]
332853583Why are white people controlled by fear?[View]
332861130I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
332861974how long does zion don have before the Clinton's place an order on his ass[View]
332851058Why even waste time coming here anymore. You people are just sitting around waiting for things to ge…[View]
332851062Talk about Laura Ingraham.[View]
332853681are you whiter than him?[View]
332833861/SG/ /GPG/ Geopolitics General - Axis Edition: Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghani…[View]
332860364CCP is pissed: China owns Australia, Hollywood, New Zealand, Canada the WHO & CDC and half of Am…[View]
332859627The West has Fallen. Will you go to war with China for (((them)))?[View]
332846902Once the vaccinated people start dropping they're going to pass off the blame to unvaccinated p…[View]
332861772The LGBTQ+ plague is creeping: >Anon, why wouldn't you like Uncle Billy? >He's only …[View]
332859990You have ten seconds to explain to little Timmy that he has to sit in a classroom for 8 hours while …[View]
332856613Black activists are organizing to stop COV-ID: In an act of solidarity, black activists and anti-rac…[View]
332861453Did you ever consider?: The single biggest reason that caused the 'Great Acceleration' you are all …[View]
332861652Rank the presidents pic related is based on how corrupt they are[View]
332861349Is Raging Dissident our guy?: Is he a glow nigger? A grifter? Hes pretty based on most things but se…[View]
332860214Is it true that Italians really do have eggplant blood inside them?[View]
332860760Non-mrna vaccine: Are you less worried about getting jabbed if required with a vaccine using amore t…[View]
332850357OPERATION VACCINE IS RAYCISS: >majority of unvaccinated are black and Hispanic >make woke Twi…[View]
332846517Legality of incest: Why should governments lock people up for consensual sex between adults? I thoug…[View]
332846667Subway will be gone within 5 years.: They have played their last card, and it was a loser.[View]
332858856Is every new animated show pozzed as hell?[View]
332860964What are the political implications: of being based?[View]
332858919What happened to the white 'Trump baby boom' that /pol/ was predicting in 2016? Why did th…[View]
332859091Is golf the last POZed sport? https://twitter.com/GolfDigest/status/1423035396452229127?s=20[View]
332857273Dare you doom-humping cucks to say something life-affirming: I came for the witty quips and based in…[View]
332859317sum up your country in the current year: clown world edition[View]
332861273Has there been an uptick in 'white people doing drugs' references? From mainstream actors doing coca…[View]
332855386YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS TO PROVE YOU'RE NOT VAXXED: If you want to breed my daughter then you have t…[View]
332861208To paraphrase Orwell: >the worst thing you can do to an imbecile is to leave him in a room with h…[View]
332859899British Empire > USA: It's the sad truth. Peak British Empire was superior to peak USA.…[View]
332850906I can’t take it anymore: I just found out that a family friend’s son is in the ICU after botched car…[View]
332852955I thought COVID was all Trump's mismanagement?: So why is Joe Biden sucking so much ass at stop…[View]
332844059Why do women get so mad?[View]
332858998>b b b bUt WhAt wEr ThEiR pReeXiStiNG ConDiTiOnS Dead from covid because antivaxx https://www.ne…[View]
332853545>be you >somehow, you managed to get enough money to buy an island or a very large territory …[View]
332842822Recent article shows pot causes schizophrenia: The #1 rated weekly in the US is in WA St(called …[View]
332860796The age of consent: We need to have this discussion. Chances are, that it's 18 or 16 in your co…[View]
332854496>Get the jab cracka[View]
332823266ITS. FUCKING. OVER.: https://www.npr.org/2021/07/26/1020810561/baby-bust-explaining-the-declining-u-…[View]
332860008Succinctly explain how unvaccinated invididuals may, or may not be the primary source of new strains…[View]
332848506I will not get the vaccine because I trust Jesus Christ What do you think about that /pol/?[View]
332857275Rock music is satanic and needs to be banned[View]
332859752Will you be kind towards Jesus Christ in his second coming? Atheists aren’t allowed in this thread.[View]
332850156Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, you're actually wrong? That the election wasn'…[View]
332855289>tfw cute girl at work found out I'm unvaxxed and won't even be in the same room as me …[View]
332860422America is demographically doomed and China will replace it as world superpower, now what? Should we…[View]
332849726look everywhere but here: phase 2: now that the ice is cracked and basic credibility has been establ…[View]
332858506What are the borders like in Europe in countries like Germany, which is bordered by like 7 different…[View]
332854559How do you combat the Ameridemon? For me its ths kybalion.[View]
332859792>How is it segrating people when we segregate smokers from nonsmokers? It's a health choice!…[View]
332859067foreigners must get vax?: b-b-based biden?[View]
332858995Why did he do it?[View]
332859919LA might considering requiring vaccines for restaurants and gyms: How the fuck would this even work?…[View]
332855870Is this a possible happening?: FEMA announced an Emergency EBS “Test” back in June for Aug. 11. It’s…[View]
332855417>you are now here: Today, the official youtube social media accounts have crossed the rubicon by …[View]
332860076You know they’re going to lockdown again to excuse the rent bullshit, right?[View]
33285833899% vaccinated but cases rising: I thought the vaccine worked if everyone took it? Gibraltar locking…[View]
332859953The USA is the number one donor of vaccines to developing nations. Arete?[View]
332859886'SJW male feminist turns out to be a misogynist creep' Part 9001 https://archive.is/PK2Xq[View]
332858510I’m going to debate Destiny. Subject: trans people are mentally ill degenerates and black people are…[View]
332828486What happens if they say no?: https://apple.news/AymjxeGVcRNqy88hTXbyEHA[View]
332859639Plastic waves: Has anyone thought about the brutal ammount of plastic this pandemic has brought upon…[View]
332859807Fucking based.: Jews dominating the goyim while celebrating it and gaslighting about it at the same …[View]
332852795A M E R I C A[View]
332859536>had this jew professor >tried to explain civilization >says their has to be something to u…[View]
332857887What is in the vaccine? Obviously I’ve seen the leaked fda data and the countless people who have ha…[View]
332848608Prove me wrong.[View]
332852366A warrior's deadliest weapon... is his mind.: Welcome to the family, brother.[View]
332839091Leftists are in crisis mode over CWC being arrested and Kiwifarms supports it: I've seen it all…[View]
3328471082022 US Election General /USEG/ # 1: It’s never to early to start game planning for 2022. This is a …[View]
332859269Did you know its common for parents to put their puppies in the pound again when they grow up too mu…[View]
3328553582A Big Think: What argument supports a right to bear arms but denies a right to bear nuclear weapons…[View]
332859157What’s the name of the Ukraine whistleblower that you’re not allowed to talk about? Why is it so imp…[View]
332859214Vaccine: Can I ask the person to aspirate needle before getting vaccinated?[View]
332814393Would the world actually have been better if Germany won?[View]
332848439why did god do this?[View]
332852852REAGAN: THE MOVIE!: The movie is one of the signs of conservative resilience in notoriously liberal …[View]
332842502Would pol take the vaccine if Hitler told you to?[View]
332858849Chris-Chan for speaker of the house: The system is so broken, we might as well troll the fuck out of…[View]
332856924If they can’t dose you in two shots. They’ll dose you weekly[View]
332857859Their narrative is working now, they're requiring masks everywhere again and blaming it on the …[View]
332855951>Kathy Griffin’s last words are “I can’t breath” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3aEecv6R_Jk…[View]
332845912I sincerely hope they ban the unvaxxed from all spheres of human existence: It is time to accelerate…[View]
332848527Climate change fearporn: Retard normies around me won't shut up about how serious climate chang…[View]
332856674You're off my shopping list: Thank you for your feedback. SPC is sorry you feel this way. Vacci…[View]
332856814Modern Templars: Have you hesrd the Templars went on to build Switzerland as the banking hub of the …[View]
332858391Disney: Disney (United Nations branch) gave us an announcement through the movie Avengers: Infinity …[View]
332856050I am kinda heartbroken, bros. My girlfriend seems intent on getting a vaccine. We are currently long…[View]
332853037Anyone know what the situation on the ground in is Seattle? Gotta go for work but wondering if it…[View]
33285524983%+ of Quebec's 12+ have had a first vaccine. The media here is pretty much all pro vaccine. I…[View]
332853711Mike Vallely says 'Unvaccinated? Unprotected from my fists.': There was this dude he hung out with i…[View]
332832466All Gods Children: Why aren't you filling your quivers anon?[View]
332858038Thoughts on the Mises Caucus? The tldr is that the old Libertarian party sucked, so now they’re gett…[View]
332856233>trump didn't win >the three gorges dam didn't collapse >the kraken didn't d…[View]
332858065Is gold truly an archaic way of going about removing the fruit of your labor and investing from the …[View]
332856565We need to help our /b/ros.: While /pol/tards are still bitching about the vaccine and arguing with …[View]
332856286Anti-Vask and Anti-Masker Social Media Scam: Something strange I noticed: Many of the reported anti-…[View]
332853826This is a friendly reminder that prayer effects reality. I call on any of my brothers to make the fo…[View]
332855847AAAAAAA: I know... I know it's the millionth thread, but God damn, the morons at my work, still…[View]
332856507Bet he’d side with Germany if he saw thing now[View]
332853107>spam the board with trump faggotry for 5 years >now spam the board with vax faggotry >most…[View]
332855027How do we solve cuckism?[View]
332833301/tg/ Tartaria General Grand unified architectural style edition.[View]
332855796Has anyone made fake covid vaccine documents and had them approved? I'm afraid the time will co…[View]
332856258Born into competition With a feeling that something's missing Bred in a corn addiction With a s…[View]
332857754Surely not ALL jews??? They are human too guys, come on now.[View]
332852666Recommended Videos: Post some red pilling videos >The Anti-White Agenda https://www.bitchute.com…[View]
332857950You can't reason with pro-vaxxers on the internet because they're bots. The only pro-vaxxe…[View]
332841624Reminder: The same guy who created the 'Kill List' thinks libertarians need to be intel targets: Is …[View]
332846968Redpill me on autism, /pol/. Is it really the next stage of human evolution or is it a Jewish trick?[View]
332857910What does the Christian portion of /pol/ think of annihilationism? Do you agree with it? And if not …[View]
332856655My general filter list is catching a lot of slide threads today. What's up?[View]
332842808ITT : We post based black men. I'll start.[View]
332851215Is birth control good or bad?[View]
332854456aus/pol/ - Reparations Edition: The liberals are giving any abo who survived the stolen generation 7…[View]
332852728I got the Moderna jab tonight: I really didn't want to fucking get this juice in my arm, but I …[View]
332841685Which one do you see ?: How many people today are souless npc's? It seems like more and more pe…[View]
332855842sluuuurrrrrrrrrppppppppped that bitcoin dip[View]
332852688suddenly i love the vaccine[View]
332855653Is life itself: a ponzi scheme?[View]
332855383I've come to the conclusion that prison is immoral and retarded. I base this on two factors, on…[View]
332855468Why aren't the Germans voting for AfD? Are they so butthurt that the party's lesbian leade…[View]
332855595Vaccine Exemptions Thread: Many of us are on the verge of losing our jobs due to bullshit company ma…[View]
332856683>Keep hearing people say Hitler was trying to kill anyone without blonde hair or blue eyes >Lo…[View]
332849846GREENPILLED: when did you realize QMaga populist political larping is controlled dizinfo to distract…[View]
332857281Based Navalny and Tiananmen Square Protestors: freedom means saying fuck Putin and fuck Xi and getti…[View]
332856693What is the purpose of /pol/?: How long have you been here? Why are you still here?[View]
332853613why is everything so gay and depressing[View]
332845382Imam Warns: COVID Vaccine Has AIDS Protein; The World Is Run by Homosexuals Like Pete Buttigieg: htt…[View]
332856468AMA /pol/ about my all time opinions on the races and ethnicites: I compiled a map with a legend sta…[View]
332854938What did they mean by this? Jews are God's chosen people, but He also hates them? Thessalonians…[View]
332855566Why are republicans like this?[View]
332856717I don't like gay people....: And if you hate me for that, you're a bigot. I don't hat…[View]
332849924Just a friendly reminder that you provaxfaggots put your lives and health in the hands of CRIMINALS:…[View]
332842842Covid is over: Fucking leaf is a living legend. Why aren’t you niggers talking about this and how he…[View]
332843098So is there any evidence of prion disease yet?[View]
332856224DuckDuckGo Censors /pol/: picel lol[View]
332856549Daily reminder christian bros Remember sig six month faggot challenge is antichristian those who ch…[View]
332855542If B-I-N seals in stains and this kills the stains, are the products interchangeable? Why wouldn…[View]
332854454How long until they convince us 50% of the population being vaccinated means the rest need to be vac…[View]
332851702I'm beginning to think Protestants might be better: I'm hesitant to say right because St. …[View]
332856516Andrew McCabe Was Bought and Paid For: The question is: who paid for his tickets? And did they quid …[View]
332854591Why do they keep saying Nefertiti was black ?: She has absolutely no nigger feature, niggers have a …[View]
332855874>got vaccinated last week because my school would force me to wear a mask and get tested weekly i…[View]
332852196Is the eviction ban also a third amendment issue?: If military service members are being prevented f…[View]
332851395What is your ranking?: What is your ranking? I saw a post in another thread and wanted to see everyo…[View]
332849099Who are they ?Who are the key members?[View]
332855544Why is liberalism and individual liberty seemingly incompatible?[View]
332853578What happens when right leaning communities get purged off the internet?: I've seen it time and…[View]
332855804I didn't see any threads up so I'll start[View]
332851877On the origins of 'woke': I'm not proud to admit that it just occurred to me today that the wor…[View]
332854498>See coworker wearing mask at work >Loudly bully him about being anti-vax COVID hysteria is gr…[View]
332811732Start listening to Alex Jones if you really want to know what's going on right now: Most other …[View]
332845367BIDEN to vaccinate whole military: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9862689/Defense-Secretar…[View]
332855323Remember when all the retards on this board were preparing shelters at the start of the pandemic ? S…[View]
332855322Why would /pol rather catch the chink bioweapon than get a safe vaccine?: Also since you've sho…[View]
332854935AOC is what happens when you get your average millennial and elect them as a politician: Take a good…[View]
3328456845% of Mccalen Texas population is Covid positive illegal imaginats. 1,500 tested positive in the las…[View]
332853758I know blacks really dont like being called niggers, so maybe we should stop that. From now on we wi…[View]
332851817realistically speaking..: will the young leftists and right wingers be able to deradicalize? or will…[View]
332855176SING WITH ME - It's /pol/ related - read the image -[View]
332845197GET THE FUCK IN HERE JEB! HEADS HE'S BACK https://twitter.com/JebBush/status/14227276002213437…[View]
332852622I watched this Video 10 times: Its a robbery of a Thai Restaurant in Oakland, California. 15 robberi…[View]
332855004Anybody on Raya?: Do you have to be juden or a celeb golem to join? https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/cel…[View]
332842123never relax: post longposts about blacks, preferably from a more calm point of view. This isn't…[View]
332847351>say something benign >everybody laughs This ever happen to anybody else?…[View]
332801255We’re in a death cult: https://mobile.twitter.com/MythinformedMKE/status/1422925060709433352…[View]
332844491OH NO! Anyways[View]
332851531I'm antivaxx, but I will never talk shit about people that choose to get it. I got my first sho…[View]
332845438BE AFRAID https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9861829/Fauci-fears-new-vaccine-resistant-Covid…[View]
332854333is deez nuts man actually alive: a cord to buzfed deez nut man died and all of you look like the ima…[View]
332852822Since when did we stop pointing out psyops?[View]
332852576White Boy Summer: Has it been a success /pol/itically? In the sports arena, yes https://www.youtube.…[View]
332852305I like this flag[View]
332836376IT'S OVER: >more covid cases than anywhere in the world >hospitals bursting at the seams …[View]
332851081REMINDER: Federal Power is Unlimited: >The Congress shall have Power To ... provide for the commo…[View]
332854070The Aryan Superman[View]
332853800This shit has been going on for so long[View]
332839553Latinos are going to turn California Republican: >The Voters Who Could Turn California Red >Th…[View]
332840528Alright just get the vaccine: Holy shit, just take the vaccine already. Jesus Christ. >But there…[View]
332852012>Covid only kills old peo-[View]
332838991Russian State Media condemns LGBT Olympics: Extremely offensive language, some of which appears in t…[View]
332851868What are your thoughts on Wisecrack?: Are they the 'I Fucking Love Science' of philosophy or somethi…[View]
332848933Christianity is exclusively a religion for black people: Firstly, Jesus was black. Second, White pe…[View]
332850602>NEW YORK POST >Vlogger Chris Chan arrested for alleged incest with mom suffering from dementi…[View]
332847804As a leftist I can confirm this is true. I do hate you and your baby. How does this make you feel[View]
332852889I fixed Europe[View]
332851919Time for action: Friday the 13th, time for ilumination, time for action. Let us march to our capital…[View]
332850716He lost[View]
332853167How does it feel knowing before you meet your white wife she could have taken BBC and you will never…[View]
332839578How to avoid employer requirement or get unemployment: Don't want the vaccine? No problem I…[View]
332852705Niggers make me so fucking mad. Every time I see one driving in their car, every time I see one walk…[View]
332853630BCC: Why can’t politics cope with the Guv’s power level and unstoppable sexual energy?[View]
332853606just lie idiots: thread after thread, news story after news story with nonstop, nonsensical covid-19…[View]
332853080The only country apart from the Fatherland I would fight for.[View]
332853468People who claim they have the vax the most probably don't. Be sure to report them on this tota…[View]
332849914King Nigger turns 60: Say something not nice[View]
332852884The last white man in America...[View]
332850243tfw I lurked 5 years and now Im a creationist monarchist flat earther[View]
332838618>China built 84,000 miles of motorway since 1988 >Now more road than any other country How did…[View]
332850093LA Orders All County Workers to Get the VAXX or Get Fucked: *And predictably carves out exemption fo…[View]
332841680How can America Be Saved?: What must be done?[View]
332849505Whats Joe Whispering?: any guesses? https://twitter.com/kw5hine/status/1423062275892473859?s=19…[View]
332841774HYPOCRISY: Why do i get accused of being a white supremacist for caring about my country and peoples…[View]
332851609The Great Reset.: This is why Google is trying to kill Sky Australia. Build back better. https://www…[View]
332851899Upwardly Mobile Blacks: Will Rule America >freshly minted billionaire >singer of hits such as:…[View]
332812635cracked the 4chan prophesy: I think I cracked the /pol/ prophecy from June 26th, 2016. In short, we …[View]
332850590Give it to me straight: How much longer does the white race have before we are fully genocided?…[View]
332848612Hey anons I've heard there's gonna be a riot in Boise Idaho my brother joined up with some…[View]
332837338Why can't a decent rightist who isn't a midwit beat this fat autistic wildebeest in a poli…[View]
332852791Adenosine Deaminase: Thank you anon's for posting about X-Files Season 10 Episode 6. I read the…[View]
332845933This is why we need immigration[View]
332837994How different would things be if not for Khomeini and his revolution?[View]
332851727I think I will just leave this here. <3: >Today's Prayer >Heavenly Father, fill me wit…[View]
332852505Those leafs are an absolute eye sore and their maple syrup is shit just holocaust them already[View]
332847387Stop eating Ben and Jerry's you jew hating anti-Semitic chuds! We need the state to crack down …[View]
332851791The Doomsday Variant is coming. It will make the alpha and delta and lambda variants look like a ple…[View]
332851720Who is our savior?: pic unrelated get it?[View]
332851413KEK VARIANT INCOMING: are you prepared anon? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/vari…[View]
332844516Dr. Fauci doll I saw in a bookstore: Was in Barnes & Noble earlier today with my gf and saw a dr…[View]
332852273Hey Vax niggers: Now that your science is telling what we were saying for a long time, how does it f…[View]
332850659I can't believe he said this[View]
332851757>NOOOOOO THE HECKIN CASERINOS HAVE GONE UP AGAINNNNNN Why are they like this? The obsession with …[View]
3328503271.300.000.000.000$ In Biden‘s Infrastructure Bill: Yet none of that goes towards space. Wtf is wrong…[View]
332852156What's his end game?: Franak Viacorka (Frantsishak Vechorko) is a Belarusian nationalist who go…[View]
332830977Brit/pol/: Soy edition: real experts talk about Covid https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/doctors-for-cov…[View]
332839871How did this come to be?: Why can't mothers just hold their newborns the entire time?[View]
332850896Christcucks are really christkikes: Attached is my diagram unequivocally proving my theory. This is …[View]
332848735Fuck mods jannies and gook moot[View]
332847131You niggas down with the Tang?[View]
332846295Did you guys see this?[View]
332849005Good afternoon trolls of /pol and sexist/racist veterans I'm interested in an Option 40 11X con…[View]
332851507>No Vax >No Entry >No Niggers Democrats approve this message.…[View]
332848932I think I have come close: anyway I think that basically it is very likely that there were humanoid …[View]
332850466Porn to make you addicted.: >BRO IMAGINE HAVING BASIC MORALS LIKE A NAZI LMAO DUDE LIKE IT'S…[View]
332813544Are you ready for a society that is full subscription model?: This is the first step. If they can br…[View]
332807152Infrastructure Bill Would Mandate Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars: https://archive.is/bV97D The mo…[View]
332845990I’m calling it: The government is gonna issue the next lockdown so that way it can break the people …[View]
332849857Biden declared a moratorium on evictions knowing that it was unconstitutional and that the Supreme C…[View]
332851251Mask and Vaccine Protest: We should say we are refusing vaccines, wearing masks, and using vaccine p…[View]
332851350>it's now mostly boomers and MAGAtards dying from Covid Why waste time trying to get them va…[View]
332839503Moving here: Spent my entire life in the northeast. New York, Massachusetts, and D.C. have all been …[View]
332847034what would be the best way to defend florida: Just a mental exercise. Say the governer and biden get…[View]
332845577This creature controls us all...[View]
332849077Rentchads can't stop winning[View]
332848155Why do burgers think they're white?: Kikes are not white.[View]
332849571What did Biden mean by this?[View]
332846821Pro-White Chinese restaurants: do such things exist? I was reading reviews for a Chinese place and t…[View]
332850914Political Disruptors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3s0vAwsBNc What is the political implication …[View]
332846265Why do the police work for evil?[View]
332846343Behold: The webm that killed a nation.[View]
332850280ADX FLORENCE: This is the prison all the Capitol stormer CHUDS are going.[View]
332827686HAPPENING: New York Brings Back Segregation with Vaccine Passports: >The CDC reported today that …[View]
332844677I'm Jewish.: Why do you guys hate hasidic Jews, i get Zionists and especially seculars. But why…[View]
332842319Load up on genes and bring your exboyfriends It's fun to netflix and play with dicks Shes self …[View]
332845759Listen to Travis, folks! Get vaccinated![View]
332848657Media lies about 27 year old COVID fatality to promote the vaccine: Yesterday a 27 year old man died…[View]
332849700Stadacona Shockhorse Defense Corps.[View]
332848920Nancy Pelosi Hates her Nephew: I mean how he looks. Pale, white. She loves her Gardener's skin …[View]
332849797>You got the vaccine?[View]
332846237*pardons niggers and jewish criminals* *leaves snowden, assange and his own supporters to the wolves…[View]
332848137/pol/ will defend this[View]
332848703When is Tucker visiting Romania?[View]
332848100Marriage in the 21st century: Fathers have relinquished any authority over their daughters. The fath…[View]
332848761are you guys worried about the doomsday variant of COVID that’s coming?[View]
332849552Has anybody tried to get a psychiatric vaxx exemption? Seems like any kind of significant mental ill…[View]
332849689>'In my studies of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist pr…[View]
332842285>Vox artist writes hit piece about Hispanic right winger calling him fascist >right winger ap…[View]
332846327Hungary hate thread: A FUCKING crooked cross. Imagine being so shit that you cant afford to buy a ne…[View]
332849697Ghengis khan was a white aryan scythian with red hair and gray eyes, and no, I will not elaborate[View]
332845073Britain only produces about half of its food requirements, now what if (((they))) release another mu…[View]
332848318What goes on in this terrible part of the world[View]
332847268Cryptocurrencies are proof that monetary systems can be privatized.[View]
332838434Operation: Transphobia: The plan is just going to be a simple pysop. Convince people it is transphob…[View]
332819066Vaccine goalpost moving: Post provaxxers saying the COVID vaccine was stopping the spread of COVID a…[View]
332847218Why?: The USA has 800 military bases in 80 countries. Somebody please explain to me why and how this…[View]
332845472Myocarditis: Any medical experts? Why do young men develop myocarditis than old men like 50 and up? …[View]
332847135Stephen Paddock: How and why was this faggot memory holed? >Single largest mass shooting in US hi…[View]
332816087>pedophilia isn't going to be the next phase of the slippery slop-…[View]
332849269political haiku: want vaccine? take it. you don't want the vaccine, don't. also, fuck tran…[View]
332846506Niggers don't want your kike-vax, what you dumb liberals gonna do, segregate them? Start roundi…[View]
332849431What if it really is a nothingburger: Corona doesn’t really make you that sick and it won’t kill you…[View]
332846890KIKE SHILLS ARE EVERYWHERE: Jews, Israelis, hook nosed money grubbing shekel hoarders, toucan beaked…[View]
332848327Really makes you think[View]
332848469>drive around rural Ohio >Trump signs on houses, street lamps, billboards Its been 6 months. G…[View]
332847791SALVE AMICUS: Vita bonum est in republica![View]
332847059What is a good mens hair cut? What does a hair cut say about a man?[View]
332846155>computer, simulate a mid-twentieth century shower room >Eastern European architecture, metal …[View]
332847461I will never ever take the vaccine[View]
332849190What's his end game?: Franak Viacorka (Frantsishak Vechorko) is a Belarusian nationalist who go…[View]
332848559Memes aside how many of you have proof of vaccination?[View]
332833725What are your honest thoughts about this man?[View]
332846776Goku says no to vaccination: Goku said, 'Don't Take The Vaccine'[View]
332847669Get in here fathoms California governor recall election debate going on now Will voters get rid of p…[View]
332842295Biden Bros, WTF?: https://mobile.twitter.com/home CLOWN WORLD is ejaculating all over normies faces …[View]
332831060Daily average over 100k new cases!: New High Score![View]
332848658Vaccinated Thread: Vaxx'dbros. How are you enjoying seeing all the Trumptards and Conservatist …[View]
332848637Fuck Iran: death to Iran[View]
332842744Is Stone Toss suffering from psychosis? None of his recent comics have made any sense whatsoever.[View]
332848390>>Did you just call me a grifter , anon?[View]
332848547In america, your tax money goes toward funding a team of people whose job is to perform unconstituti…[View]
332833022SHOTS FIRED!: Shots mother fucking fired![View]
332848512What are your thoughts on The Kavernacle?: He does great videos exposing zio shills like Ben “MOSSAD…[View]
332846847>Noooo ecelebs aren't /pol/ nooooo is this a twitter thread I'm going insane Everyone w…[View]
332846166If they can demand vaX papers, they can show ID when voting.: Papers please? ID please. Simple as.…[View]
332848374Christianity is so degenerate: That images like that sound like a fetish lol[View]
332843213CDC says we’re literally scaring people into dying from Covid: Link below. #1- risk factor for deat…[View]
332846536How can FDA approve the Pfizer 'vaccine' if it is still in clinical trials until May 2, 2023? https:…[View]
332845092My name is Marquis Black and I'm running for president in 2024. Can I count on your vote?[View]
332846243Are the CIA really the bad guys?[View]
332846898Ever listen to a woman bitch about being sexually harrassed: If he isn't thrown out his job and…[View]
332845293Will Kanye West destroy the Vaxx demons?: How did I miss this?![View]
332782972/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5784 - 200,000,000 Cases (Anglo strain of CCP virus) Edition: ► Detect…[View]
332847656Test: ...[View]
332847175Get the fucking jab.[View]
332847365Can y’all do me a solid and give a good roast?: Live on the clock app @crypticfox[View]
332844902Come on guys, go easy on her, her aunt died.[View]
3328454739/11 was an inside job -> no plane hit the pentagon The CIA killed JFK Donald Rumsfeld was a liz…[View]
332844633Shady countries thread: I'll state the obvious, what are some other shady countries/areas that …[View]
332846600What has he said about the Vax?: Is he losing his shit?[View]
332847511No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.[View]
332846249Doge Coin Ends the Fed / DCEF General: The Doge Coin Cometh!!! Come one come all, step right up and …[View]
332846725should we destroy the government? it kind of seems logical at this point, they are becoming insuffer…[View]
332847634internet and vaccine: so.... is our isp's contractor a private company or is it a national thin…[View]
332847628>we wuz well built and sheiiiit Last medal won: 1992[View]
332846160OHHHHHH BAABBBYYYYYY: https://thehill.com/opinion/finance/565860-coming-soon-americas-own-social-cre…[View]
332813918I told you it was a white person: Look homo Hurt dur anybody wanna guess the person was black? Yall …[View]
332845547Save Western Civilization: Positive energy only: What are your smartest strategies for how we can jo…[View]
332847304They're not going to turn up the 5G and kill everyone until enough people get the vaccine. What…[View]
332847352/pol/ i need your help, can you give me all the evidence to show my boomer parents that the virus an…[View]
332846042Why were boomers so content with being subservient to their employer? Every boomer I've talked …[View]
332842838HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Former President Barack Obama is celebrating his 60th birthday today. Join us in wis…[View]
332847263California General: Total Recall Edition: DEBATE HAPPENING NOW GET THE FUCK IN HERE SAVE OUR STATE F…[View]
332846618rip never forget[View]
332842219Has anyone noticed an uptick in these blank absent stares? I noticed among my friends who are vaccin…[View]
332842489Violence works.[View]
332810127>squatting in apartment or on street okay >NOOO YOU CAN'T BUILD A CABIN AND BE SELF SUFFI…[View]
332844858Why the fuck don't the mexicans ever migrate to Spain instead of US?[View]
332845728Would you support China: if they installed Trump as dictator of America, hypothetically?[View]
332846831California Recall Debate: Commiefornians, WW@ Recall debate is LIVE right now.[View]
332836993HUNGARY MUST BE CRUSHED: The far-right must be destroyed wherever it raises its ugly head. The axis …[View]
332846685https://trovo.live/culturewarcriminal Halfway over I guess but getting exposure out for some good ac…[View]
332844306Just remember this when they always bitch about Florida[View]
332842649If Democrats think Trump's a surefire loser, why are they so desperate for him not to run in 20…[View]
332845748When Did White People Become Lame?: When did white people stop being cool, funny, and witty, and sta…[View]
332832496Uh oh New variant announced![View]
332841286How do they come up with this crap?: Do they just pull these numbers out of their ass. How did they …[View]
332845146A reminder that if you are against homosexuality you are following jewish doctrine[View]
332845519Was America always 'cool' or was 18th and 19th Century USA different from what it is today?[View]
332834182If he called you to arms against Biden would you join him?: If DeSantis was to announce on TV today …[View]
332846366Vax tracking: Any states in the US still not inputting peoples names in a database as they vax …[View]
332837725/paint/ thread: >open paint >draw racist caricature >post >profit Also why are chinks th…[View]
332846238What's his end game?: Franak Viacorka (Frantsishak Vechorko) is a Belarusian nationalist who go…[View]
332844377Everywhere I look. It feels like we're losing.[View]
332843131Did he enjoy it, or does he just repress it?[View]
332845259>he took the clotshot to avoid being terminated as a wagie from his globohomo corp…[View]
332846213Why are boomers so dumb and easy to scam?[View]
332844018APOLOGIZE: You nazis ruined his birthday party.[View]
332838928france hate thread: >Chimp out and ruin the battle of Nicopolis, which results in the annihilatio…[View]
332845449The Reign of Ron DeathSantis ends: It's over Republicans. It's time for the Party of Scien…[View]
332844620>claims to be worried about the environment >still won't stop their women from coalburnin…[View]
332845249This cunt is really going to get away with it, isn't he.[View]
3328399122015-2016: I had so much hope why is everything so GAY god damn you drumpf[View]
332833599Desantis: He stated today he would rather 5,000 young people get covid than 500 senior citizens. Fuc…[View]
332842814The Homeless Problem: How would you solve the homeless problem? Personally I would have all the home…[View]
332845846You will get the vaccine from people who got the vaccine: https://banned.video/watch?id=610b15ec4b40…[View]
332836967Would Jesus support getting the COVID vaccine?: https://www.strawpoll.me/45548681 I say no due to mu…[View]
332845624You know what's gonna happen next, right?: They're gonna let the unvaxxed negroes rejoin m…[View]
332843130Is it actually worth it to get the vaccine?: I've seen people telling me not to get the vaxx he…[View]
332843971What’s the best way to a Dutch woman’s heart?: Being direct and bold or indirect and nonchalant?…[View]
332840191take the vaccine...how much more evidence do you need???[View]
332845705When did you realize that covid cultists aren't just gullible and submissive, but rather they a…[View]
332842996NOTE: This thread is on-topic and is related to Shari'ah law. It is therefore related to politi…[View]
332843330Did anyone else feel BETTER after their covid vaccine? I got two doses of AstraZeneca and I've …[View]
332841225/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General PART KET: I got a fever! >Streams https://sports24.stream/tv/v?id=fo…[View]
332841714they made him a hero and then a zero he is like a goytoy for the Jewish media[View]
332843347Ex-glowniggers and fedbois, how was it to work in your department and how do you feel about the stat…[View]
332838135No one is willing to stop leftists: They're literally memeing rent into the past.[View]
332844911>China's trade balance with the US hit an all time high during Trump LMAO so much for muh na…[View]
332844454nobody likes china nobody fears china everyone knows about tiananmen square nobody respects the comm…[View]
332843839Professions that have annoying people in them:: -Teachers -Flight attendants -Doctors -Nurses -HR fo…[View]
332845371No more malarkey: Our President is counting on us. >get vaxxed >accept lgbtqia+ >empower bi…[View]
332841364Admit it. She's the perfect politician.[View]
332835527Is it wrong to tell the vaxxed about the vaccine harmful effects?: Would it be immoral to red-pill p…[View]
332840594This dumb movement failed, lol. Has pol orchestrated a single successful campaign?[View]
332799111/6mc/ F.A.D. #5: AFTERNOON PUSH: Day 4, anon. Our goal is to subvert cultural perversion by remorali…[View]
332844045R*ch people: There are rich people who think they are superior to you right now.[View]
332845186What Are We Gonna Do About the Coroner Jews?: A small county in Missouri undercounted the number of …[View]
332842234A thought experiment: Socially-acceptable conservativism: What's within the Overton Window now?…[View]
332837797Trust the science of this brave child https://mobile.twitter.com/CNN/status/1423042557932625922[View]
332843939They have names and addresses.[View]
332844067Biden bros, what will he do against CO2 coming from rockets?[View]
332840867What could of been: A little pol post to bring a smile to my fellow faggots >https://www.npr.org/…[View]
332836037'Based' Jews: Ben Shapiro; 'American Christianity is one of the best things to happen to the world' …[View]
332844987riddle me this: What exactly, especially in today's world, is so taboo about racism? I mean we …[View]
332841249Pfizer Contract Leaked: If you get sick or permanently damaged by the 'vaccine', Pfizer wi…[View]
332843964/ptg/: we dont provide proofs but worship a politician in this thread. we are bots, shills, and redd…[View]
332836678GAME OVER, WHITE BOY: The year is 2045. The Souther United States lives under BLACK RULE. All White…[View]
332839783why 4chan are so ignorants?: shes on to you and exposing to millions of audience[View]
332838802The single most reprehensible place in the world and everybody knows it.[View]
332838205Glowie tactics for questioning Covid: I legitimately need help with glowie tactics /pol/ and if I…[View]
332844310Wouldn't Vaccine Passports Mean Less Blacks & Other Minorities?: Why are right wingers agai…[View]
332839013Totalitarian Mass Psychosis: This is Important https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09maaUaRT4M post pepe…[View]
332834876Whatever happened to this guy anyway? I used to have a curiosity for his views like 2015/2016[View]
332843401*hugs you* 'It's all going to be ok bud'[View]
332831658why is florida getting hit so badly?[View]
332844395Role Models: Who are some actual role models for today's young men and women? Let's go /po…[View]
332841778Shes right you know: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/vaccine-certificates-are-vital-step-to-freed…[View]
332837832Papers, please.[View]
332841186Bros...: Its over.[View]
332837804>its 2021 and women won't treat you as human unless you have the body of JJ Watt what went w…[View]
332844096Transgender people are victims of a mass media campaign to slowly sterilize and reduce the global po…[View]
332811736Zoomers will never know that ‘80s feel: Sorry zoomies. https://youtu.be/DgYeI4MzA18[View]
332843751Covid turns you into a dumbshit[View]
332844171AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. Case closed for tonight, how about getting a job, not rea…[View]
332844157The globalists aren't gonna kill the vaxxed: They're not gonna off their most loyal normie…[View]
332844146>shittiest language in Europe >most cucked nation in the continent >selled the weapons to t…[View]
332842675Michael Dunn: If this happened 70 years ago, this man would've been free and he would've d…[View]
332833691>whites abandoning Christianity in droves >Floydism is fastest growing religion amongst white…[View]
332843682i wish the holocaust was real.[View]
332843881Can we get the Gerber baby cancelled?: For no real reason.[View]
332843997Why were boomers so content with being subservient to their employer? Every boomer I've talked …[View]
332843059Are people getting woke on the woke left?: Nina Turner lost to a typical run of the mill corrupt lef…[View]
332842065???: When did you guys become such fucking pussies? You guys shake in your boots when you hear Desti…[View]
332837388We will live to see American gulags: https://iea.org.uk/publications/left-turn-aheadsurveying-attitu…[View]
332843628Too bad Biden is not our guy right pol?[View]
332843872IOTBU: Will they call unvaxxed white supremacists?[View]
332838546ITT: We write a happy birthday letter to Barack Obama one word at a time. I'll begin. Dear[View]
332828372Happy birthday Obama. I miss having a president who's biggest scandal was the color of his suit…[View]
332843761pic is not related: every thread is. distraction fear greed hatred pride and you are all feeding it.…[View]
332842745Are you quitting your job/university over the vaccine mandates? Exemptions are hard to get.[View]
332841383WTF glownigger bros? Our coordinated article spam against based Florida isnt working... What do we d…[View]
332815468How does one man cause so much seething? >Jews foaming at the mouth >Burgers ripping their hai…[View]
332834243USA USA USA: W-we're number 1!!!![View]
332840341Usury is wrong.[View]
332842362Why do you Oppose Public Transportation in Your Country?: Less work on road construction[View]
332842601Transniggers BTFO[View]
332833962Working with women sucks.: I'm a 21 year old straight male who works in a greenhouse. Yes I kno…[View]
332842696The American School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grduDXQDTW4 Look this. Average school in our co…[View]
332842906Just a reminder that the (((mods))) are responsible for all of the shill/slide threads, (((they))) c…[View]
332841151Thoughts on Florida? - General Covid Thread -: What the fuck is going on, Florida?[View]
332837047Niggers slaugthering an entire Wildlife Sanctuary after colonial overlords leave: https://youtu.be/V…[View]
332839760Delete /pol/.[View]
332841247They've just accepted my 'proof of vaccination'[View]
332842920Did We Hit a Sore Spot?: What's this?[View]
332833211Ottawa denies Alberta's request to let people carry pepper spray for self-defence: leaves cant …[View]
332842683Memetic prayer: Heavenly Father, please shorten the days to the End even further. These people don…[View]
332842803Plandemic is over, back to the great recession.[View]
332843030This is why /pol/ will never get vaxxed: 1. CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a jew. 2. CDC Dep…[View]
332837826This dude literally made $100 million just by telling himself not to be a bitch: What's your ex…[View]
332842726as simple as[View]
332827443Take a seat and eat pizza: >We will discuss the strategic points in the future race war…[View]
332842288AU Mandatory 'Not-Gulag Camps': AU cunts, you are getting some LOVELY Gulags. They will be ready by …[View]
332832846What is it about white behavior that has seen them expelled from 200 countries?[View]
332834065What are the political implications of P.izzagate being real?[View]
332842652Just hear me out: The main hurdle to vaccination rates in this country is far right radicals, encomp…[View]
332821663Governor DeSantis: How based is this guy exactly?[View]
332835839Muslim baby names are sky rocketing in France: Muslim first name barometer 2020: 21.7% of births in …[View]
332842336france officialy not white: surender bros...[View]
332841910Congrats Dems. You combined all the worst aspects of Dicxiecrats & Nazis in one party[View]
332841325>be me years ago >be 17 year old edgelord racist skinhead >decided to join KKK >start lo…[View]
332839088I keep seeing the dates 8/13 and 8/18 constantly. What's gonna happen?[View]
332837109THE DELTA PLUS VARIANT IS HERE!: We're all going to fucking die! As cases of COVID-19 surge in…[View]
332831487Occult: So how does this occult shit work and why has no one manifested himself as the next hitler y…[View]
332840280Why are there so many niggers living in France?[View]
332834850Did a Trailer Park Boy ends COVID in ENTIRE PROVINCE: https://rumble.com/vkorz0-freedom-fighter-cour…[View]
332841678Uhhh for me it's white[View]
332840721Can America survive a Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign?[View]
332840938>“Giving them an additional shot is almost not considered a booster, it’s considered part of what…[View]
332831720Mexico calls for a Latin American Union: Why is t /pol/ discussing this? Are they preparing for the …[View]
332840635Should trans people be legally obliged to reveal that they're trans to potential sex partners? …[View]
332841571Well, /pol/, was it the jab?: >23-year-old professional baseball player >collapses on field sa…[View]
332841230Who are these faggots who say humanity will not be around in a billion years? Humanity will be aroun…[View]
332841368you are fuhrer of your country, how do you fix it?: i'll start criminals deported nice minoriti…[View]
332827162I wish I lived in medieval Europe[View]
332838206Literally, not my problem[View]
332841223Should meds and nords crossbreed or stick to their race?[View]
332840587/pol/ can’t resist this[View]
332834209Jews hate Jesus Christ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCUxTFt8pB0 Look at their expressions, the w…[View]
332821443What's inside here?[View]
332835741He’s completely right, you know?: If we cannot smoke indoors and you agree to not smoking indoors… W…[View]
332825755Cars will be 10% more expensive due to new equipment and regulations: >+10% yearly inflation >…[View]
332837843Get the vax already chuds. If it wasn't for you we'd be back to normal by now.[View]
332839711Tiermaker Presidential Rating: https://tiermaker.com/create/united-states-presidents-all-48507…[View]
332835042My mother died from covid-19 today: Very unexpected because she was already vacinated for it. he fel…[View]
332840804Clean it up, Jannie.: He does it for free![View]
332839526Political/cultural ramifications of Zoomer trash increasingly identifying with niche sexualities?: T…[View]
332833573Women just need a strong man: This is my Biggest win so far /pol bros. I MADE A LEFTIST TURN, We…[View]
332830479This episode aired in 1995 How many of these points have come out of your mouth? Also interesting th…[View]
332838180Don't let them slide this one: Shills are in full force against DeSantis. If DeSantis takes pow…[View]
332838129Think about the billions of trees that have been cut down to make the billions of face masks for thi…[View]
332837646Should I stop paying my rent?: I feel like a fucking retard at this point paying every month. My sta…[View]
332840823mama mia: >'while the picture was being taken, the Governor put his hand on State Entity Employee…[View]
332838919The lack of humanity. Where are we going?: Today one of the last men of the woods was arrested for t…[View]
332824372Enjoy cancer nofappers: https://www.menshealth.com/uk/health/sexual-health/a37167845/men-should-ejac…[View]
332838753/uvg/ Unv*ccinated General: get in here, kings[View]
332834808/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: Evening frens! Day 3 of Hungary. >Streams https://sports24.stream/t…[View]
332813556ITT we conjecture the real reason they might be pushing the AcksVay so hard: We know they don't…[View]
332840722Oh no no no no no vaccine-bros!: I just got vaccine five minutes ago now I'm writhing in pain i…[View]
332837205Is “Freedom” worth this?: Because anti-vaxx was never about freedom, it was about irresponsibility. …[View]
332831227FUCK THE ALT RIGHT: How can we stop Gen Z from falling down the alt-right radicalization pipeline? M…[View]
332839511We should meme the new street fighter character as the poster boy for white power.[View]
332838667Frogpoasters: Frogpoasters get off my board newfaggots. This is a shroomyjack board. Also trump lost…[View]
332840027How will the media explain the Rapture of the Church and events that take place after? Fake alien in…[View]
332817644Assuming it‘s already possible: Do you WANT it?: > zero taxes > free healthcare > no debt …[View]
332838501Mulattoes and other goblins are the end result of incest: I just realized something today: Every rac…[View]
332840290Are Scandinavian countries Utopias?: It seems like they all have the best quality of life in those c…[View]
332833406>1903: man invents the flying machine >1969: man lands on the moon >2021: man invents 85th …[View]
332840090Linux is free, if you don't value your time. Fact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nGskPedj6s…[View]
332838744Arrest Biden[View]
332835690>there are literally thousands of twitter accounts dedicated to white guys/white girls celebratin…[View]
332838749Does anyone around here unironically use shit(disc)cord?[View]
33283776750 Desantis threads: And just a couple of quickly slid Cuomo threads. Here's why - https://ufil…[View]
332839366Dems waste no time in Politicizing a man's death: sick![View]
332839993Cuomo murdered friend in 1980?: Is it true that Andrew Cuomo killed his best friend James Spirio in …[View]
332835850This is your child. This is your future child.[View]
332829534Can any Americans explain why young people in the US put tattoos right on their own fucking FACES? T…[View]
332838161She's the next meme candidate right?[View]
332839857I just figured out what COVID was: It's Hollywood Jews that are unhappy because they can't…[View]
332839480Are you ready to die fighting for freedom?: I hope by now you realize that this situation is never g…[View]
332837060anyone know why britney spears's sister was posting wojaks on her instagram story yesterday? di…[View]
332838947What do you all Think of Iran? based or cringe?[View]
332811443Ivermectin double blind study proves it works. But wait, there's more! No blood clots, no 5g na…[View]
332833636Jay Parker: You fuckers know about this guy yet? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ob4WwH2epcg Fuck you…[View]
332831503What is the argument against this?: Where is your vaccine passport? 'Oh I caught covid 19 a year ago…[View]
332835408MOLECH: Is the Wall Street bull Molech? It is certainly worshipped by a bunch of jews. And /biz. The…[View]
332834047Friendly reminder that Republic of China (Taiwan) rightfully owns ALL of mainland China[View]
332836083Conservatives make no sense. They say that COVID is just the flu but they also get butthurt against …[View]
332839352COAL BURNERS ARE OUTCAST: never forget that[View]
332820613It's just going to get worse isn't it?[View]
332837354What can be done about this?: The USA is literally the last bastion of freedom in the West, now it…[View]
332809973What the FUCK is going on right now: I've been on the boards since before 2015, and it feels li…[View]
332835973California Colleges Requiring Jab. WTF anon: >be me >in nursing school, last semester starting…[View]
332837941The Inversion of Egyptian Myth or: Mass Enochulation: Part 1: The story of the fallen angels fornica…[View]
332837898>lambda variant >Delta variant I'm here waiting for the cicada variant…[View]
332838925Load up on genes and bring your exboyfriends It's fun to netflix and play with dicks Shes self …[View]
3328385934TH STIMMY CHECK IN THE WORKS!: What will you be spending it on? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fourth…[View]
332837254>unvaccinated and never wear a mask >i make liberals seethe and shit themselves in anger by ju…[View]
332838544take the vaccine, or die like a fool your choice /pol[View]
332834074My mom just told me she's disappointed in me for not taking the jab: She was crying and legitim…[View]
332837174I hope the USA uses the Samson Option when it falls :3[View]
332838393No means no!: Biological rape >an act of enforced, non-consenting behavior >against someone…[View]
332834925>two weeks to stop the spread >the hot weather will kill it >the vaccine will stop it >y…[View]
332838665Wear a Mask?: My father is a doctor and he believes this new strain will kill young people at a high…[View]
332833046>you should have ONE man as the king of the church. The orthodox and protestant are heretics that…[View]
332836513The meme that broke /pol/ and won an election...[View]
332838685>this is what happens in societies where trannies aren't given the option to transition…[View]
332814562China locking residents in their homes to fight COVID: https://twitter.com/wutingzy/status/142257665…[View]
332834722Why do you guys hate Ultra-Orthodox Jews?: Why do you guys hate All Jews? I get Secular jews and Zio…[View]
332836921Comedy in Three Parts: This is what happens to you when you don’t listen to the Experts.[View]
332834348my family wont see me in person until I get the vaccine and I won't get it nor will I lie to th…[View]
332836150You have 80 years of life if you’re lucky and you gave up 2 of them for a nothingburger flu. How do …[View]
332815479She's under arrest. You're the judge.: How do you sentence her, /pol/? Does the defense ha…[View]
332832878Passive aggressive resistance: ITT we post ways to passively aggressively resist mask mandates. I do…[View]
332822220It’s a sin to be racist: Christianity does not allow for racial divisions among Christians either 't…[View]
332836010What are your thoughts on big tech companies pushing certain beliefs?: I personally don't mind …[View]
332837411How is this allowed?: When is enough enough? November 1st. Kenosha, WI. Stop the madness. Seize hist…[View]
332837642Is there anything the left doesn't agree with the corporate establishment on at this point? Hon…[View]
332831975Anyone have any updates on this?: Like seriously why isn't this ever discussed?[View]
332837788Discussion of the Diversity or the Aryan Phenotype: Hello I find many here hold the idea that the no…[View]
332829626America needs a 9/11 tier terrorist attack to heal right now.[View]
332837749Vaccine: Does biden have the power to mandate vaccines to everyone?[View]
332837692Dhaka: In an unfortunate incident, lightning strikes have hit a wedding party in Dhaka, Bangladesh o…[View]
332829980Why didn't the rest of the world just copy how China flattened their curve back in early 2020 a…[View]
332837215'Ew, gross. I can't breath the same air that some unvaxxed chode has breathed. Get away from me…[View]
332811470Most 'vaccine hesitant' group by education level is people who have a PhD: >Hesitancy h…[View]
332837450How can so many people quit their job with the way the world is? Is everyone just living with their …[View]
332833165Should former President of the United States Donald Trump face criminal prosecution for his role in …[View]
332834766Chad PGA golfer Bryson DeChambeau says he doesn't regret not getting vaxxed: https://www.espn.c…[View]
332806803Why are right wingers so terrified of debating leftists?[View]
332832255Just got banned from facebook for calling someone a “beta male.”[View]
332836444Why do you guys hate Hasidic Jews?: Why do you guys hate All Jews? I get Secular jews and Zionists. …[View]
332829528/pol/ webm thread[View]
332835556Vax made me fucking hate doctors: >sees doctors on street >uncrontrollable urge to spit on the…[View]
332835246https://www.nature.com/articles/news050110-3: https://www.nature.com/articles/news050110-3 Published…[View]
332836328Half of our continent, including one of our neighbors, speaks Spanish. Should it therefore be mandat…[View]
332837065In Memoriam Of MilkfromPA Being Wrong Again[View]
332835328Did people throw a fit over measles, smallpox, and polio vaccines becoming mandatory?[View]
332835653What has been stopping: Someone from renting a airbnb for a night then refusing to leave claiming re…[View]
332831330The reason why I left Islam: > Islam allows slavery > Islam allows men to have sex with their …[View]
332836543'STOP THE STEAL!'[View]
332832571I don’t get this holocaust denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no …[View]
332836757Oh no no no[View]
332835245Delta Variant: can some frens give me a QRD on this delta variant? I have been away from society and…[View]
332836081Groypers have another opportunity to humiliate Charlie Kirk!: Aug 16 in Niles, IL Groypers from the …[View]
332832600Black mom harassed by other blacks because her baby is not black: As per thread title. More details …[View]
332791408/nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ: 卐THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL卐 ~~~ WELCOME! Enjoy your stay! I…[View]
332836075Is it over fellas? Should i convert to a pedophile leftist?[View]
332832283Why can BLM have millions of marchers and everyone support it while the far right is universally rev…[View]
332835588Louisiana Breaks COVID records, Calls for help: >These are the darkest days of the pandemic,…[View]
332831326Have his chances of going to prison just increased?[View]
332836233larpagan btfo[View]
332820709Antifa Chat Leaks /acl/ #1 tatics edition: Last Bread >>332804810 QRD > Anon has datamined …[View]
332832312Say something nice about the new permanent Jeopardy host[View]
332805578Name 1 country: Name one country that isn't controlled by Jews directly or indirectly. Pro tip:…[View]
332836378Dude like what if this or that... Why What When Where Is not politics and current events. Please sto…[View]
332835834Leaky or ADE: I've been seeing people say that the 'rona is leaky, and that it'll cau…[View]
332824042Humor thread[View]
332835136If you deport our undocumented workforce, the economy will collapse. You will lose your job and ever…[View]
332834587Tell me in detail what is your ideology and how has it affected the way you live your life.[View]
332833439I refuse to wear these any longer[View]
332832695>threads about jeopardy stay up >threads about blacked stay up >threads about fat fucks sta…[View]
332835840I can feel it coming, frens. Soon, your suffering will be eased. Whether through death or through vi…[View]
332836007Nicaragua: any nicaraguans? how are y'all holding up ready for this november's shitshow?…[View]
332835099>pol : unvaccinated will rule the world once everyone dies of blood clots >reality : unvaccina…[View]
332829367Why did Varg move to Franceistan?[View]
332835627How do you guys deal with Zoomers? They are everywhere blasting their faggot tiktok. lord help us.[View]
332832669LET THIS BE A MESSAGE TO (YOU), ANON: You think you can just leave society behind and then occupy so…[View]
332835715Vax-tards SEETHING: Schools are starting to make kids wear masks for schools after the kids PAYED fo…[View]
332824753America is about to be 10 steps ahead of the rest of the world instead of the usual 2 steps. See you…[View]
332834287Do they secretly lick each other’s assholes?[View]
332834030Niacin Protocol prevents/kills the coof: and a bunch of other nasty shit[View]
332825951Why is AOC so powerful: She's just one representative among 500 other representatives Why is sh…[View]
332832115Wtf is going on?: Money isn't real. The 'power' governments have over the population is memes i…[View]
332835595The jew is trying to use the China vs Usa situation to pivot: -to another controlled opposition situ…[View]
332816205Will we a drop in natality next year?: Now that they're finding out that the vaxx messes with w…[View]
332832426Everyone remember to thank the South for the latest wave![View]
332835515I fucking hate the local council[View]
332835510If I get corona, I get corona.[View]
332835502Sneaky Russians 'clone' candidates: >[Anti-Putin activist] Boris Vishnevsky, a [Jewish] columnist…[View]
332835488Surface Tension: Wtf is this shit? How does it work? Do Bugs just live in a totally different physic…[View]
332812902THIS THIS THIS: He lost once, what makes you think he won't do it again?[View]
332831011what do you think of nick fuentes?: what do you think of nick fuentes?[View]
332835231what's going through her mind as he's doing this???: how does she feel?[View]
332835016Shills are ASSBLASTED about DeSantis 2024: Look at all the anti DeSantis threads and replies. They w…[View]
332818363graphene general /gg/ #7 - covid or how to cover massive intoxication: 'covid' and 'vax reactions' a…[View]
332833025Why does this idiot eat ice cream all day?[View]
332832100Hitler Wasnt that bad: Shalom, i am a Hasidic Jew (ultra-Orthdox) and i have recently learnt what hi…[View]
332835150Have to move down to Richardson for a job. Any Texas fags on here tell me what it's like?[View]
332834838Muh fortune cookie: What are the political implications of this fortune cookie? Are fortune cookies …[View]
332834044>autistic tranny rapes his senile mother >people 'misgendering' him is the bigger issue Bros, …[View]
332834926i just ate my last cookie that a black man bought me from a macca's. your racism is unjustified…[View]
332831653Why are whites people so sensitive? Is every black guy in a cartoon really “genocide”?[View]
332829444Watchmen: Why does this comic released back in the cold war feel just as relevant and contemporary a…[View]
332819383OPERATION VACCINE PASS IS RAYCISS: >majority of unvaccinated are black and Hispanic >make wok…[View]
332835121Pill is the name of a supernatural woman who caused 9/11 to happen and coronavirus too. She has only…[View]
332835086How do I find the police report for someone that has been arrested in any state? State website? City…[View]
332834927Kantbot: Kantbot has been doxxing BAP for close to a year now and if he gets mass reported his accou…[View]
332830611Why are democrats getting rid of their more progressive candidates? Open Socialist darling Nina Turn…[View]
332834152He did nothing wrong you faggot globohomo conservative trumpturd retards[View]
332834960The patience is run out.: All of you evil jewrat fuckers are going to die. There is no truth in any …[View]
332834863How did he know?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMWeSuogImc[View]
332824923Humanity is fucked. Completely.: So many things of the past writing require such a depth of knowledg…[View]
332834527Mystery covid vaccination card kit:: Mystery covid vaccination card kit: https://xephula.com/content…[View]
332834175China is gonna lockdown and down again, we will get cool /pol/ threads except nobody gonna care beca…[View]
332834767Lol at vaccine tards: Ur gunna get Pringles![View]
332834755Chyna is unstoppable[View]
332830246Why are there so many cases like this on the far right[View]
332827675I’m a real Christian. I believe borders should be open. No human is illegal. Refugees are welcome. L…[View]
332809745Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - Voidman has come for us Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.…[View]
332818555So I heard it's free for all, no lockdowns no masks. I'm moving over to Sweden. Mongols ca…[View]
332834477Morale Post: /pol/ turns you into a nigger. Let me explain, By viewing all of these doom posts by fe…[View]
332825294Principal 'resigns' after students caught reenacting George Floyd assassination: >https://www.tim…[View]
332833811No one is willing to stop leftists: They're literally memeing rent into the past.[View]
332831597Anyone else like fucking with vaxxcucks at work?: This redditor Berniebro faggot at work (You know t…[View]
332830590HAPPENING: Wildfires are approaching the ancient Greek ruins: Somebody fucking do something https://…[View]
332821887OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
332828844Johnson & Johnson 1 dose is now 1 dose every 6 months: They are calling it a 'supplemental…[View]
332815695why do white liberals in the US do this?[View]
332833897Have you ever through that, in the next coming Jesus Crist is gonna appear to be as the ultimate Evi…[View]
332819191Chris Chan to be sent to jail with boyfriend-free girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaQFjOS5xrQ…[View]
332831086WINNING: LANDLORDS GOING TO PRISON: The new 60-day CDC eviction moratorium carries steep criminal pe…[View]
332817049/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #631 - 'pax americana edition': Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Lib…[View]
332833130Why do trans people have high suicide rates?[View]
332833853Kill Your Local Janitor: don't forget that they allow tranny shit, degenerate shit, propaganda,…[View]
332830899Goat Fuckers defeated the Globohomo: why not you?[View]
332833427How do Jews dominate whites so easily? Are they the master race?[View]
332826844Who is to blame for mental illness becoming so widespread?: At some point in the last 100 years, our…[View]
332833667>take the vax >compromise immune system, and mutate virus >virus gets too stronk, immune sy…[View]
332814329wtf: how do people not 'get it' at this point? https://dailystormer.su/totally-vaxxed-out-gibraltar-…[View]
332833620Forced vaccination is literal fascism: Is the push for vaccine mandates the latest evidence for the …[View]
332830982GIGAUNVAXXED GENERAL: welcome again, as usual only unvaxxed chads are allowed in, our bouncer will s…[View]
332827682How long could /pol/ survive?: If shit did indeed hit the fan (dollar collapses, President Sheboon o…[View]
332830019Nearly 8,000 Breakthrough COVID Cases Reported in Mass.; 100 Have Now Died: repeat after me: LEAKY V…[View]
332830352Germany and turkey support thread: It is time to unite again against the globohomo and the eternal j…[View]
332830979Jim Jones: What was it exactly that he did wrong?[View]
332822857There goes your P4yP4l account.[View]
332828858QRD me on Lukashenko. Based or not based? How about his opposition?[View]
332820825holocaust bread: here is an unironic wooden door used in a de-lousing chamber. what say you, /pol/?…[View]
332832887Quest For greatness: did he just piss it all away?[View]
332833352Hello /pol/ here is a new phrase: KRUBBING. The act of a filthy kike rubbing his hands together.…[View]
3328333402030: here are my predictions based on the trends I see especially on the tiktok generation >tran…[View]
332832840China is getting vaccinated while the West is going to get stuck in years of mutating variants becau…[View]
332833221Building UP: If we don't increase housing density then the dreck from the city will seep into t…[View]
332832098Are there any SHILLS in the audience tonight?[View]
332831785A message to Americans: Feel fry to copy this message non demon bros. >(A) You are a nation that …[View]
332832755bitchute based channels: What are some of the best/most based bitchute channels? Does bitchute have …[View]
332831774America is finished: And you know what? We deserve it.[View]
332813971Ivermectin against SARS-COV-2: Have you used it? Where did you get it from? How did it affect you? N…[View]
332822042White Boi Summa: This is what happens to white bois who don't behave. >https://www.reddit.co…[View]
332827948I NEED ALL THE INFOGRAPHICS YOU GOT: That quash the myth of systemic racism in america. Im looking s…[View]
332829898an 'open' letter to EVERY corrupt piece of shit in DC 'we the people'..in order to form a more 'perf…[View]
332783448Give me one good reason why Czechoslovakia shouldn't re-form.[View]
332832818Have you got your free vaxx donut?[View]
332832385Jews are evil: Anybody else notice all the d&c shilling going on right now? Slide threads? We kn…[View]
332803244Friendly talk: My Friends doesn't want to vaccinate. What do I say?[View]
332827580This is ...: CNN.[View]
332829470Bronze Age Pervert BANNED from Twitter https://twitter.com/bronzeagemantis?lang=en[View]
332830056Mutt hate thread: Fuck mutts[View]
332831695Israel said contraceptives were 'vaccines': Israel didn't want blacks breeding and so told the …[View]
332830030Will you get the vacine?????[View]
332829406I miss him so much, bros. It hurts.[View]
332832229Why are liberals so quick to cut people out of their lives? I have never heard of nor seen a single …[View]
332832211$cience: This is a thread about $cience. Let's talk about how normlets love corporate money mak…[View]
332831388if there are vaccine databases, i want STD databases, i wanna know who my fellow virgins are and kno…[View]
332830426MaKe iT sToP! It's so fucking embarrassing. Globalist American Empire (GAE) Delenda Est[View]
332830862Eviction Moratorium: Do you realize that appropriating homes from middle class property owners is wh…[View]
332829742>Hello darkness my old friend[View]
332811328Vaccine victims general - /VVG/: Will you still take the vaccine after seeing this thread?[View]
332813207Buffet bankrupting (this is political read the whole thread): It's known that Chinese buffets a…[View]
332831449Oh no no no no no Anti-MaxxVaxx cucks BTFO >Scientists KEEP underestimating the coronavirus >S…[View]
332828938OPERATION REFRAME THE NARRATIVE: Are you vaccine hesitant /pol/? 'Hesitant' popped up in every Europ…[View]
332828557Germans get the vaccine for a Bratwurst or a 2 Euro voucher: Americans at least get some hundred of …[View]
332821519The government can make you wear a seat belt or go to jail. Why can't they make you get a vacci…[View]
332829494are these CHUDS related? https://www.amazon.ca/Junction-Rough-Publication-Jarrit-Sachan/dp/B095GS5L…[View]
332824912The Terrorist State is bombing the Terrorists right now...: Israel bombing Lebanon https://twitter.…[View]
332830259/pol/, you are on the blue side, right...?[View]
332831576Jews in NYC hate Christmas, and have no right to celebrate it, no matter the meaning [spoiler]HEIL H…[View]
332825001Gen-X'ers are dropping dead from the Wuhan Flu: Wtf, /pol/ - I thought you said that only elder…[View]
332830694What’s the best way to approach north European girls?: Direct and bold or talking about random bulls…[View]
332831545Q isn’t the military operation , COVID is: The US department of health’s USPHS is a uniformed servic…[View]
332830274they got to him too?[View]
332829615Is diversity in media really that big of a deal?[View]
332828695Humanity is too stupid to survive. If every normie hasn't already figured out the jig is up on …[View]
332831353The real Bioweapon has been released. I trust you know what that means.[View]
332830962I don't know where I belong: Wignats are almost all retarded. Nazis (today) are almost all reta…[View]
332829955Absolutely and utterly destroyed THERE IS NO DAVID DUKE KEN ITS OVER[View]
332829008Lol at vaccine tards: Ur gunna get Pringles![View]
332830473Trump works for the Deep State: If you ask me, Trump was apart of the elitist 1% globopedo club all …[View]
332829038How the hell is prostiution still illegal in this stupid degenrate country?: When the God forsaken b…[View]
332816157This looks interesting: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4355835/giuffre-v-maxwell/?filed_after=…[View]
332813243zoomers, and i mean real young zoomers, have no idea how to communicate anymore. They're also e…[View]
332830176Are all degenerates christians?: After all, degeneration came with christianity.[View]
332826363Politics in Medicine: This is one of three essay prompts for application to the University of Pittsb…[View]
332830911lol, republicans are calling CNN out for unethical journalism, when FOX news defended the fraudulent…[View]
332826443Why is 'whataboutism' bad?: In the last year or so I've heard tons of leftist say all rightwing…[View]
332830180You're being spied on: Amazon's Alexa Echo has no voice recognition capabilities, it is si…[View]
332828517(((Schrödinger's))) cat: You don't believe this jewish nonsense do you?[View]
332826461I'M ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL THE HIGHWAY TO HELL!!!: https://www.kens5.com/article/news/special-r…[View]
332800365Germany: Get vaxxed or STARVE to Death: Only vaxxed citizens now may visit the supermarkets and rest…[View]
332829107Does Sen. Paul's wife know?[View]
332830825Continuing thread about jewish stalking: >>332819465 It's something related to big nosed …[View]
332829664Why is vaush avoiding ryan faulk?[View]
332826573He's right, you know.[View]
332828842Post your face when it's year 2050 and he's still alive[View]
332829048I’ve been having lights turn on by themselves[View]
332829565Um Guys... why is there a mountain named Moloch and BAAL: side by side with another mountain named I…[View]
332829862Sometimes I envy the dead for they don't witness what the world is going through right now.[View]
332828087Be cool like Bane. Get jabbed.wear your mask.[View]
332826295Would Scandinavian Socialism with an anti-immigration policy be the best form of governance? Capital…[View]
332823824how is this not true[View]
332826143BASED Darren Till - Is he our guy?: >posts transphobic meme >refuses to apologize >agitates…[View]
332829243Explain to me why organicchads should pay taxes if they are being excluded from society: >Pay tax…[View]
332830364If the left believes in evolution: What do they think selecting for people that can't support t…[View]
332828851Why do the Right always lose, /pol/?: Cori Bush, alone, saved 10M people from becoming homeless.…[View]
332822651Martyred: Never give into science.[View]
332825970Why did we stop hearing about the FL condo collapse?: Did they find all the bodies or just say fuck …[View]
332821064Brit/pol/ - Deanoworld Edition: >real experts talk about Covid https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/doc…[View]
332826147We are a bunch of high iq enlightened individuals: Our priorities should be: >to create a fake va…[View]
332829292Was he a hero?[View]
332827093Why didn't the 6th of January rioters stay in the building?: Had they stayed, they might have b…[View]
332829346Why were the Nazis such cowards that all surrendered and didn’t resist the allied occupation?[View]
332828679My dad just got the vaccine: I don't want him to die, bros[View]
332821342All people in EUROPE hate Americans: French people hates USA https://youtu.be/tgyyvsfYBao German peo…[View]
332829855I hate LGBT 'people' and they should get cancer. Thanks for your attention[View]
332829849The capitalist jews' plans: Ancient Roman Judæa was divided into only 2 social classes, the ric…[View]
332820953Would Conservatives today be capable of passing a national vehicle seat belt law in this day and age…[View]
332829792Stonewall Jackson is a bitch. He made America worse. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.[View]
332803424Ok /pol/ my school is requiring vax for all students on campus. There is a religious exemption howev…[View]
332829427Hitler Wasnt that bad: Shalom, i am a Hasidic Jew (ultra-Orthdox) and i have recently learnt what hi…[View]
332824049Will you get the vacine?[View]
332829115How big of a shit show would it be if they required proof of vax to vote?[View]
332828433Just taken 12mg ivermectin from India. Will post tomorrow[View]
332829378Welp...: Wife now has to drop out of a program she's been in for 18 months (medical tech) becau…[View]
332825405At what age do niggers pass the mirror test of self-awareness: https://streamable.com/3iwomh[View]
332828104>an autistic violent rapist is in a women's jail right now Can things get anymore more clown…[View]
332827839The next governor of New York: Say something nice about her.[View]
332829211VAX : We’re Not Gonna Take It: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CQ0ftoiIQxU Guess what, I've got a f…[View]
332829210Teach me about HIPPA laws. There are places around me requiring people to show a vaccination card or…[View]
332826840He was right about everything[View]
332819575CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy airhorns …[View]
332794206COVID PASS BYPASS: Guys how the fuck are we going to bypass the covid pass? Anyone got any leads? I …[View]
332813684According to monarchists, this boy is genetically superior to you.[View]
332829006Is the Wall Street bull Molech? It is certainly worshipped by a bunch of jews. And /biz. The boomers…[View]
332806137Leaky Vaccines Enhance Spread of Deadlier Chicken Viruses: Robert Malone tweeted this article that e…[View]
332825089What are some green flags that a woman is marriage material?: Continuing a good bread[View]
332778634/pol/ humor thread: *I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE!* edition[View]
332823701drum kameraden[View]
332827989Why does America have the most cases? Why does china have almost none? Its almost as if the virus wa…[View]
332826554The webm that killed a nation: Amerimutts in 2021, anyone surprised?[View]
332828531Reject Pitty, Embrace Spitty: Am I the only one that finds the taxidermied Turnspit Dog adorable?…[View]
332824649/pol humour thread: You vill eat ze vugs You vill vown nussing![View]
332823034AUSTRALIA HATE THREAD: Globohomo nwo shithole. Full Lockdown. Stay at home order. Massive spiders…[View]
332825702pol humor thread[View]
332827897>but muh ancestors your ancestors cried when they saw the Holy Land, cope https://www.youtube.com…[View]
332826150KKK: where can i buy kkk merch?[View]
332827785muh 'BASED CHIN-': >https://www.newsweek.com/xi-jinping-urges-china-prep-military-struggle-amid-a…[View]
332825427You all going to hell: To the dear faggot, notice we aren't lying about our IQ, we don't f…[View]
332816061SENATE IS KILLING CRYPTO: Holy fuck I didn't see this, yes it's political because it'…[View]
332828022They Hate You: What's the next step above this? Public stonings? If this isn't a wake up c…[View]
332828513There's a lot of this going around in the media lately. Lol.[View]
332827252I got the vaccine. >But it kills y- Nope. Got the jab, had no problems, neither did anybody else.…[View]
332827610I am an apostate (ex-muslim)[View]
332816418/tehg/ - The Electronic Harassment General: earlier thread: >>332807749 there used to be a fin…[View]
332827887Baptist Church Anons: Can we send the homeless to Israel?[View]
332827968Are race relations in America bad enough yet that a politician could hypothetically sell segregation…[View]
332795897Why do you still support capitalism?[View]
332796565The Delta variant thats going around is no joke folks. What are we going to do?[View]
332825533What a time to be alive https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9859653/amp/Trans-YouTuber-Chris-Ch…[View]
332826622KeK: Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s Jews only saying Muhammed wanted to murder because Jesus has s…[View]
332827250Do you feel like you should've listened now?[View]
332823537It’s not a witch-hunt. We’re trying to prove your innocence.: I’m old. I remember when politicians u…[View]
332824700Name a more pathetic, cucked rebellion attempt than this. For me, it was the standing around like re…[View]
332823409Our minds are all connected to some kind of collective consciousness and we are basically a superorg…[View]
332827061Why are you guys neo-nazis?: Don't you know that they considered various Slavic ethnic groups (…[View]
332827482Iran did Jan 6th: lel they're assholes. they probably killed Kobe, too.[View]
332821859>if we have to die EVERYONE will have to die[View]
332827006How do I get away from relationships that force you in pic related? I don't want to hang out wi…[View]
332822150Why did god do this? continued: >>332820738 Thank you Anon, I really appreciate that. I was ra…[View]
332825073California bros WTF[View]
332824992FUCK THE ALT RIGHT: How can we stop Gen Z from falling down the alt-right radicalization pipeline? M…[View]
332816998When Will The Degeneracy End?[View]
332825549If some arab goat fucker can start a campaign to re-establish some fucking caliphate, whats stopping…[View]
332826064>Replace the tricolor with the pre-Union standard >Rename the State to simply Eire/Ireland Wou…[View]
332825244Joy of Satan: Joy of Satan is only based religion. Prove me wrong![View]
332826781So this province in one of the most cucked vax countries on earth subpoenaed the provincial health m…[View]
332804455vaxpass in europe: hey eurobros, which countries in europe are being cucked with mandating the vaxpa…[View]
332825710The nexr Chris Chan arc: Chris is going to get a woman pregnant to become a father and a mother at t…[View]
332823073Dating and finding a wife: >tell girl i'm seeing to fuck off over a stupid issue she won…[View]
332806541Oh no: Oh no. Oh no no no no no.[View]
332826025I'm black pilling about how stupid 50%+ of you are: https://abc7ny.com/nyc-vaccine-passport-req…[View]
332815072Switzerland hate thread: A nation started by satanist and mountain jews lets discuss the destructive…[View]
332792056NAC: Why does the government not want you to have this?[View]
332826305Should the world Cup 78 won by Argentina be revoked?: > Crujiff and his family nearly kidnapped. …[View]
332824936I came here to troll but you people are so pathetic I can only feel sorry for you. Sad sacks with no…[View]
332824977In the west people seem to have had enough of this ''covid'' ''hoax…[View]
332824834I have no interest on taking the vaccine. However, there are going to be a lot of restrictions. I do…[View]
332805456'You Cant Reply To This Thread Anymore': Why is it like 1/2 the damn threads im replying in get pune…[View]
332824478It just hit me. Most people just got the jab as a fuck you to the right.[View]
332819125What are the political ramifications of the covid hoax?: Now that covid has been exposed as a hoax w…[View]
332824662Classical or dignified texts about women: Satire VI by Juvenal On Some Verses of Virgil by Montaigne…[View]
332810546The AltRight was Cool Once: The wee ones won't know, but there was a magical time when white na…[View]
332825200Has pol been wrong the whole time?: I am on holiday in Greece. I met an Israeli family at the pool a…[View]
332824342This is a sign, we must create an axis Berlin Rome Moscow[View]
332818874They don't want you eating meat: Because they want you weak and frail. In addition to being hig…[View]
332825984elite musings[View]
332822171Now GOT DAMMIT BOYS LISTEN UP I been hearing yall done got plum soft. Talking that city slicker summ…[View]
332825367Lets settle this once and for all: does the covid vaccine cause the gay?[View]
332824145newfag fucktard here just got the news my college will be vax-only, kinda need to go there to have a…[View]
332816408Short the Vaxx Companies Tomorrow: Thank me later[View]
332823108How to shut vaxxers up. Just ask them:: So if me not wearing a mask or getting an injection only whi…[View]
332823978Not gonna lie, former anti-vaxxer here. This is fucking hilarious watching the unvaccinated crash an…[View]
332822705The State of the American Conservative: oh say can you see...[View]
332809931Enough is enough: It’s time to lock those fucking unvaxxed liabilities up, and give them the a choic…[View]
332825606As many sources as possible: I was just reminded of hearing that Eisenhower's starved 100s of t…[View]
332820608CNN just said that the vaccine 'doesn't work and is dangerous': Watch the video. Dark dark days…[View]
332825544The year is 2023. You awaken to: The year is 2023. You awaken to flashing lights and the buzzing sou…[View]
332825509What happens to NATO/EU/Russia if Poland leaves EU?[View]
332810199Biden is after me: 13 of my 22 tenants are refusing to pay rent. By Law, their stimulus package is m…[View]
332825353BCG Vaccine vs COVID: So, whats the consensus? BRACE trial prelim results should be out by now, why …[View]
332821997Here's what caused the Turkish wildfires: >>https://www.wionews.com/science/watch-turkey-…[View]
332817846CNN - the vax is dangerous and does not work: High 5, frens. It's ogre. https://streamable.com/…[View]
332820585Where's the full video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28X-dbNekC8 It looks like pretty much …[View]
332825180Dad is having a Mid Life Crisis: Ever since the capitol riot my dad has been acting different. It st…[View]
332822496Why T*rkroach men spam Karaboga: Its a cope because their women prefer white men over them[View]
332824134The New Normal: Finally coming to terms with the fact that this is a new beginning. I'm nervous…[View]
332823975Did you guys see this?[View]
332816020Pagan Hate Thread: Post pagans indulging in their hedonistic degeneracy.[View]
332819709Are they ever coming back?[View]
332815685HAPPENING: Australia implementing 'Accommodation Facilities': All people that test positive for Covi…[View]
332791025The Holocaust: Denying the holocaust is counterproductive to our cause. The ship has sailed to scien…[View]
332820238Hospitals are overflowing because of the VACCINE, not covid.: 5,612 Total US Deaths 212+ Deaths ages…[View]
332824937Imagine spending four years of life fighting your Germanic brothers, watching friends die and be hor…[View]
332824920Please: Can you niggers go 5 seconds without making a vaccine thread? There’s like 30 duplicate thre…[View]
332824624Spics don't assimilate: Why do they always say that they think it's a shame that beaner-Am…[View]
332824862Hmmm: Anyone got anything?[View]
332823280>when did Pearl Harbour even happen? The 70s or something? Why do people listen to this retard?…[View]
332824795IF the vaccine actually works, Why are 74% of those in hospitals double jabbed? Why are outbreaks st…[View]
332824826Why Ukraine is like this?: First of all, why do Ukrainians believe in fantasies that Crimea will som…[View]
332807861French THOT released an ASMR of the QUI video: Now if you will excuse me, i need tissues[View]
332824778Leftists are just right wingers who side with brown right wingers. Thomas sowell is an actual black …[View]
332814856Christianity is a lie: The Jews have subverted Europeans. I have begun to follow Asatru and I have r…[View]
332824443THE ROD AND RING: Hope you are ready for the power to go off forever frens[View]
332822047shills permanently live here: there is no vaccine narrative outside of /pol/[View]
332822166What is This?: Anyone in Arkansas confirm? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9861651/COVID-Ar…[View]
332824558What Do You Think About Nick Fuentes: >Posting this all day cuz fuck jannies >If 'Subject' can…[View]
332819493Israel question: Is Israel a failed state on life support or the greatest welfare cheat of all time?…[View]
332822509>stop taking the jab, goyim!!! i honestly can't tell who's jewing who anymore…[View]
332822755jus daeg id[View]
332822907But really Joe Biden won.[View]
332820975WARNING : WE HAVE REACHED MAXIXMUM YOU DESERVE IT GIRL: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/rihanna-became-bil…[View]
332821793Women hate thread: Women are fucking trash. They are more sexual than we are, they just hide it beca…[View]
332824178Does anyone have the video? I can't find it anywhere.[View]
332819413Chad vs virgin: They all lie to me and say I have Chad potential if I work towards it. That is what …[View]
332821492I took the 2nd jab of Biontech vaccine several days ago, aside from some pain in my left arm there w…[View]
332809043Unvaccinated people are creating more variants. This is scientific fact If 95%+ people got the vax w…[View]
332822578What are political consequences of /pol praising the Kek?: What are political consequences of /pol p…[View]
332818877CHRIS CHANDLER IS A FUCKING RETARD!: Chris is a literal retard. People forget this. He isn't au…[View]
332823349The absolute horror. Fascism at it’s finest!!: If you have a drivers license, then you can be okay w…[View]
332804810HAPPENING! 360k ANTFA/BLM MESSAGES: get the fuck in here anons, a gigachad appears to have infiltrat…[View]
332821838The dot is pink, less than 0.15% This is mean unplanned stuff/ Chaos happening (could be good agains…[View]
332824165day 89,335 the well armed militia still yet to show up did we get too cocky mutt people that live o…[View]
332821072what the FUCK is wrong with vaxxoids? this crazy bitch watched her nephew die from the vax and she…[View]
332819589August is here >No audit results >Trump not back in office It's over.…[View]
332822841Redpill me on Santa Anna: I know mutt historians lie about how evil Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler and St…[View]
332822939Crypto fascist FB memes: I need subtle, encoded encrypted memes for redpilling normanons on socials.…[View]
332823889Stop taking the vaccine, now. - Love, varg[View]
33281821568% of U.S. voters support FORCED VACCINES, New poll says.: https://thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas…[View]
332822061BOSS PROVAX: > Be me chilling at work. Boss talks about getting vaxxed. >Colleague is skeptica…[View]
332822357Blacks RISING through NoFap/Semen Retention. They will dominate politics: While the man man cooms, t…[View]
332819903For me, its Sasha[View]
332822373you WILL give Obama money for his birthday. you WILL give $666 you WILL also pay the 6% service fee …[View]
332822808Gibraltar Vaccine Fail: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/gibraltar/ https://wwwnc.c…[View]
332823498>lose an animal to coyote (nature) >go on a sadistic killing spree and torturing coyote pups …[View]
332821273Filter: At least half of the threads here are absolute trash. Someone has a good filter? Tips for wh…[View]
332819742The Future? Mad Max? No its The Road...: Lads I know many of you are hoping and praying for the coll…[View]
332812480REAL HAPPENING not schizo happening. Dr. Mercola is deleting 15,000 articles voluntarily because of …[View]
332816159LambdaDelta: Meet your new queen[View]
332804032Reasons why california sucks: Why it suck tell me. i am not an american to know. the sole thing i kn…[View]
332804456John Oliver Exposes 'Black People Hair' Discrimination In US: What are your thoughts on John Oliver…[View]
332805316They Got Gandalf!: Send for help! >After decades in woods, New Hampshire >man forced from cab…[View]
332809146Incels are terrorists now - thoughts?: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Nationa…[View]
332823233Just in time for mail in ballots for the midterms[View]
332804339Canada government: it's illegal to defend yourself.[View]
332822735KIKE SHILLS PLEASE DIE: Jews, Israelis, hook nosed money grubbing shekel hoarders, toucan beaked ove…[View]
332802502The front page of CNN right now: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
332823151Trust WHO. Trust CDC. Trust the Experts.: It’s really amazing how medical professionals are no longe…[View]
332816143Do people eat dog penis soup in your Country?[View]
332822993Eric Topol is part of the plan: Look at what he is reading. I searched up Carl Zimmer and found an i…[View]
332821755>No, it's not a horoscope. >Yes, 16personalities website is BS because they tried to mix …[View]
332814991Fuck pedos but: If pedophilia gets decriminalized, all high ranking people are not blackmailed anymo…[View]
332819167Jews are my brothers: Nazoids are my foes[View]
332790858>Pretentious grocery chain with overpriced organic crap targeting 'liberals' and fags dares to po…[View]
332815672Mutt bros..: Were we the baddies?[View]
332819339Why is white nationalism even a thing? When most of your race is liberal, practices circumcision, li…[View]
332822751We post any and all medicine fuck ups.... The more the better: I’ll start with two: GSK Pandemrix. 2…[View]
332805255What are some green flags that a woman is marriage material?[View]
332815466What test are they using to differentiate between original coronavirus and the delta variant (or any…[View]
332822190Trump is Coming back!: MARK IT DOWN![View]
332822346Shitskins come to Canada and become incels lmao.: >Immigrate to Canada >Poojeet women go after…[View]
332812630VIP THREAD: if your not on the list you cant post sorry[View]
332820951Guys, we are not bulletproof[View]
332819056I remember the debate a couple of decades ago being: should a married woman go clubbing with her fem…[View]
332821426Take back your power, step 1: One of the Delphi maxims (ie. Man, know thyself) is to discipline your…[View]
332820805i am so angry: the way the system works, the jewish system white women will always want to fuck blac…[View]
332820740Austrian anons, any update on Mr. Bond?: Haven't heard anything since he got arrested in Februa…[View]
332820239What's happening to this virus hoaxing grease ball?[View]
332817152stop supporting this faggot: he did nothing to drain the swamp he handed trillions of tax dollars to…[View]
332821500>people took an experimental vaccine that will kill them[View]
332817321If don’t get vaxed, you can’t look at my boobs What’s she mean by this?[View]
332821806Bong hate thread: Oi ye got a loicense edition[View]
332809762Pol humor thread: Faggot edition[View]
332799015Why the fuck do they care so much about our Vaxx status?: Jesus Fucking Christ, let it go already. G…[View]
332820106Why does the right not care about their penis? Why do they want to get pozzed?[View]
332821387Did he get away with it?[View]
332821051I will not get the vaccine, because I trust Jesus Christ. What do you think about that /pol/?[View]
332821653Always remember: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vI6U0QJtPQ Never smile at an autogynephile No you …[View]
332821589Agenda 2030: Speaking at the launch of the Forum's Great Reset on Wednesday, those were the wor…[View]
332821635All your favorite female musicians are WHORES: >Nicks has been described by male colleagues as an…[View]
332813215i really hate these yuppies why?[View]
332820252Can someone explain the idea of anarcho communism to a retard like me? If there's no state how …[View]
332821339Lol at vaccine tards: Ur gunna get Pringles![View]
332819127For me, it's Dana Bash[View]
332821292I just want to fucking kill myself everyday: Everything is so fucked[View]
332817543Will normies ever admit they made a huge mistake by voting for Biden? Or will they continue the cogn…[View]
332821244Nigger logic: >Take the vaccine it for the good of your health No >TAKE THE VACCINE OR WE…[View]
332821238This man is making millions off of the suffering of you incels and you are doing NOTHING about it, w…[View]
332820877Seethe vax shills: Even if it's a false assumption, feels kinda nice knowing the normies think …[View]
332820943Entering national bolshevism: I think I am naturally a nazbol, I strongly believe in national pride,…[View]
332821194Are these the worst posters on /pol/ right now?[View]
332802786You have one Tsar Bomba, the most powerful nuclear device ever built. You can drop it on one locatio…[View]
332819035Floridafag here we don't care about your vaccine fuck off lel[View]
332818978Based Jihadi Drip: Allah bless the halal drip[View]
33280890515 of my chickens were killed Tuesday, my beloved cat of 7 years disappeared on Thursday. All the ov…[View]
332820879Tranny rekt/hate thread?: Tranny rekt/hate thread. Remember to do your part and shove the faggot bac…[View]
332818824Why are elites killing us off?: Because they've already conquered space and FTL travel. They…[View]
332810012Brit/pol/ - Real Experts Edition: >real experts talk about Covid https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/d…[View]
332820921I have no interest on taking the vaccine. However, there are going to be a lot of restrictions. I do…[View]
332818677“Trump was not able to absorb information in any conventional sense”: What did he mean by this?…[View]
332818421Honest opinion /pol/: What the fuck happened here????????[View]
332820770Jesus freaks = protestants. Actual Christians are white and not faggots. You cannot be Christian if …[View]
332820829Clint Alan Goss Live stream: https://youtu.be/4mKHpbQ-6_s Pizzagate confirmed.[View]
332813481Not my problem[View]
332817997What, if anything, could unite the American people again? Another 9/11? A war? A revolution? Or are …[View]
332816674MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09ma…[View]
332820668What if he knew?[View]
332819259Western people are the only motally good and individualistic people. Gooks, niggers, spics, arabs, …[View]
332820548So, this is now official the new /pol/ mascot?[View]
332820150>I will live in the streets rent free!! KEK NOPE GET FUCKED, EVERYTHING IS OWNED BY THE GOV…[View]
332820528Drive Shills Out: >Posting this all day cuz fuck jannies We're taking back /gif/ We're …[View]
332820466How many lives have you saved /pol/ ?: Fritz Haber, Synthetic Fertilizer (Haber-Bosch process): (1/2…[View]
332815808Is the vaccine good for you?[View]
332796977Antivaxxers in a nutshell: lol XD[View]
332807657Are you ready to consoom next product?[View]
332815713Moderation: Why have moderates been so ignored when clearly they're the best way forwards? Are…[View]
332816436What is the plan of action when you realise half of your family is part of a cabal/druidic magic and…[View]
332809605NWO blood libel: So they sacrifice children... For knowledge? I'm confused by the mythos here p…[View]
332819425AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9857953/Men-ejaculate-21-times-month-s…[View]
332818397Trump will be reinstated: Trump will be reinstated[View]
332775633ADE general: 70% of americans are vaxxed and the Inventor of mRNA vaccines is now saying ADE is abou…[View]
332819821What are the political implications of this?: The Blacks English boys didn't bring it home…[View]
332818159My name a borat vary naice[View]
332811340Why did god do this?[View]
332817813The Indo-European true name is NOT Aryan.: It is Napai, meaning 'Human'. Only the Old Irish and Toch…[View]
332813888Get your shots now[View]
332813470How does it feel like to live in the end times?[View]
332819320We should have separate Drinking fountains.: No exceptions this needs to happen now![View]
332816448Here you go Anons -Ivermectin link: Here is link to get Ivermectin. Just say it is for preventive me…[View]
332819330>He actually thinks that /pol/ is going to break him out of prison after taking over new Zealand …[View]
332818311Well... /pol/?[View]
332810693Why do Asians unironically say 'Wypipo': Can anyone help me understand this? It's just ching-ch…[View]
332819665Why is Ukraine so unhappy?[View]
332818195>grow up in unprecedented era of economic growth >hold well over 70% of global wealth to this …[View]
332819557Antifa Chat Leaks /acl/ #1 tatics edition: Old Bread: >>332794206 QRD >Anon has datamined a…[View]
332791662Biden's Novel Evictions Defense: Maybe it's illegal, but it's worth it: True. It…[View]
332815475HAPPENING -MEXICO FILES A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE USA: >Mexico files a lawsuit against arms companies…[View]
332799228Operation: Become the Jew: Continuation of thread >>332217644 I've been fucking around o…[View]
332816922The New Blue Checkmark: Is vaccine verification, say hello to our social credit system, you won’t be…[View]
332811459Benedict XVI on Vatican II: >I hold that Benedict XVI’s letter, “The Church and the scandals of s…[View]
332819039No one wears mask anymore. All these empty threats that faggots on the internet are saying mean noth…[View]
332819219hah, fucking ukrainian pigs[View]
332815952/balk/ - Montenegro - edition: Press ''F'' for Montenegro[View]
332818977Forget Delta, the new hotness is Gamma Variant.[View]
332794381Was it based?[View]
332772046FDA aiming to give final approval to Pfizer vaccine by early next month: Brace yourselves for the an…[View]
332817186Russians: They're not to be trusted.[View]
332818260The Delta Wave: /pol/ bros. I think I've cracked the code. We are awake, and they are asleep. L…[View]
332811358Basketball coach murdered white man: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/08/exclusive-lawsuit-file…[View]
332818693Climate change discovered to be caused by white supremacy: https://femoid.com/white-supremacy-fueled…[View]
332787138Covid does not exist: Covid virus has never been isolated because it doesn't exist. Prove me wr…[View]
3328098694th friggin Capital officer 'suicide': https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/third-d-c-officer-who-re…[View]
332818871Whats this phenotype ?[View]
332818800>Gets rid of LBJ's immigration act that fucked our demographics >Doesn't sell our ec…[View]
332775566america troon jailed wil women kek: will he get beaten by nigresses? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne…[View]
332812374South African Suicide Epedemic: Many gay men commit suicide daily in South Africa: https://www.sadag…[View]
332810967Someone give this hero a medal, every true patriot american should do everything in their power to d…[View]
332817596The election was stolen: There was fraud.[View]
332808201How long will the Great Tribulation last?[View]
332811921Hey Ruskiebros: How is this guy viewed in Russia today?[View]
332812770Mr Anon ! FBI ! We have the knowledge that you are posting fake news about the COVID Vaccine.: Can y…[View]
332817562The US pulling over from Afghanistan is really disappointing. I hoped Biden would give it a spin by …[View]
332816937Covid's entire purpose is to distract: Why is /pol/ the dedicated covid board now? Why not give…[View]
332807747Desantis tells Biden to suck it: https://www.wptv.com/news/state/gov-ron-desantis-accuses-president-…[View]
332818284What are the political and geographic implications of the eastern state of China known as Xinjiang b…[View]
332815533We will never see women walking without masks ever again[View]
332814715Can there be a peace?: >inb4 ledit This brief conversation is typical across all forums, on the …[View]
332818305SETF Silver ENDS THE FED #448 AND A HALF: Welcome to THE political thread of our times! This is a po…[View]
332818190America = The Great Satan: America gives freedom of speech rights to antiwhites and communists.…[View]
332815988>Jews are so stupid yet they control the entire world >I hate Jews and I am redpilled yet I fo…[View]
332806922This doesn't seem fishy at all[View]
332801731NIGGER GETS KICKED IN THE BALLS ON THE TRAIN: >On the train >Be a nigger >Has no ticket …[View]
332817774Cocks for Kim: Hey guys let’s load up the North Korean YouTube channel with cocks. They currently ar…[View]
332761218What is the origin of the Jews?[View]
332811075Why did the union of Great Britain and Ireland fail?: Why were the Irish so pissed off at being inco…[View]
332818046Lefties all pretended and wanted to be gay: And now, thanks to Pfizer, they all have AIDS. I can thi…[View]
332818036Budget Deficit: Imagine a country that spends more money than it makes each year and racks up nation…[View]
332816983How to collapse the system by being a nigger to it: Hello today I will introduce you to the idea of …[View]
332815679Insider here. I know why (((they)))) keep pushing variant memes: It’s not the Jews. It’s not the Dem…[View]
332814341How did so many people come from the Steppe: Not only Europeans in the form of Yamnaya and other peo…[View]
332811998Thoughts on the CCP?[View]
332817563/pol/ humor thread: Nigger Edition[View]
332814251RIP Chicago - Two More Weeks!: If Lollapalooza 2021 isn't the biggest super spreader event in t…[View]
332809522Remember:: Fauci is lying The CDC is lying Congress is lying The WHO is lying The Media is lying Yo…[View]
332808968Let them in: Let them in, /pol/[View]
332778851I fucking hate boomers...: Honestly, I really fucking do. I hate every single one of those stinking,…[View]
332817549Unvaxxed Flex: Big Cheers to the ones who will Never give in to the big-gay government vaccine manda…[View]
332817012They are saying the fires are caused by the climate change: What does this mean /pol/?[View]
332817512Just as Hitler used the Jews Modernists use the Environment: to scapegoat and justify genocide and g…[View]
332814908And these people look surprised when they lose elections: They blame 'cheating', as if they'd n…[View]
332813997Ghislaine maxwell docs: NEW/HAPPENING: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4355835/giuffre-v-maxwel…[View]
332817098You can thank all the godless slobs and homos for our current situtation[View]
332811414Thank you Allies: >Thank God the Nazis lost, hate has no place here. What a trade off. Gotta love…[View]
332811306Shut up racists[View]
332815729I got every vaccine there is. Pfizer, Moderna, Astra, Johnson, the Russian one, the two Chinese one,…[View]
332817230CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy airhorns …[View]
332803010California is banning pork. Will California go Red because of goyim? Will he lose?: https://www.dail…[View]
332812633Have a seat. I'll be doing your procedure today.[View]
332815166American Christian Culture: Can someone explain why American Christians are so petty? John Lennon ma…[View]
332813476>W-what? taking action? >Nnnnnnnoooo you're a hecking glowerino! No one should ever do an…[View]
332815790It time for new training: Alll whites in the navy need to be vetted. Seminars for every sailor about…[View]
332815115Best Vaccine Stock Investment: My money is on Moderna[View]
332808365*shitty MKUltra circus music starts playing* >I EAT MORE CHICKEN THAN ANY MAN EVER SEEN *shitty b…[View]
332813371Capitalist bros...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIOw6fSOJI4&ab_channel=SecondThought…[View]
332815190Drive Shills Out: We're taking back /gif/ We're taking back /wsg/ /b/ is lost forever /lgb…[View]
332815489Midwit theory strikes again: Proof yet again of midwit theory: Vaccine hesitancy highest in <= hi…[View]
332789048/GPG/ Geopolitics General #630 - let it burn edition: Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya, …[View]
332816599140 Covid Deaths in Florida Today!: Hey, DeSantis, how's that Trumptard Covid strategy working …[View]
332816576NOT HAPPENING: Vaccine passports are not gonna be a reality[View]
332816213/pol/ you don't need to insult them: Just create confusion using their own bias On every tweets…[View]
332806508If your country wasn't on the map in 1444, you are not a real country.[View]
332815771why is poland filled with gay people?[View]
332815925outside of looking kind of cool sometimes, the Provisional IRA was completely useless right?[View]
332814409Nazi vs labor movements.: Why did Hitler hate labour movements? If they were revolting against “Jewi…[View]
332815626Description of the 5,000+ Vaccine Deaths: https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/saved/D8/D197F597 Read f…[View]
332814370We hit Biden’s goal of 70% vaxxed: That means if you held out this long you don’t have to get the ja…[View]
332804510Where were you when you realized Taliban were based?[View]
332805337Israel is America's greatest ally: We're friends, so why despise us? Most of us are Americ…[View]
332811533Is it creepier to have sex with an 11-year-old in an 18-year-old’s body or an 18-year-old in an 11-y…[View]
332815526Why have there been a noticeable uptick in chink accounts saying based things? Is it a psyop like pi…[View]
332813075Fire burns everything but stops at byzantine monastery's door: Islam btfo once again: https://y…[View]
332814606English is a funny language...: QUI?[View]
332815837What did they mean by this?[View]
332815428The reason for the rent moratoriums isnt for the renters Its because the govt hates that a citizen o…[View]
332802667Incelbros... are we going to have to join the hecking nazis now?[View]
332815532Explain yourself migapedes: Will trump be reinstated after being exposed like that https://youtu.be…[View]
332808349How to get out of getting a covid swab test for a surgery: Getting a surgery this Monday, said that …[View]
332815284What do you guys think about the best fighter in the world?[View]
332815605How does the liberal media explain this?: if race doesn't exist, why do whites and blacks have …[View]
332809678Smartphones are nothing more than evil tools for humanity: To the base level, it gave people access …[View]
332812502I quit coming to /pol/ after I realized its 90% of the threads are blatant shilling of globohomo age…[View]
332814851Why do white people think white girls are attractive: Why do white men insist white girls are the mo…[View]
332801972nyc eviction chimpout kek https://www.tiktok.com/@spiritrvr/video/6988598810972867846 sorry for aids…[View]
332808741“exclusive right of Hungarian parents”: Hungary shot back against the “unprecedented attacks” from t…[View]
332810569>It's August >Trump still isn't reinstated What went wrong?…[View]
332812667What goes on here?: Is Alberta the land of milk and honey and qt Christian virgins? Are people here …[View]
332806550Spanish Government: 'Periodic vaccination and COVID passes are here to stay': Spainbros, we're …[View]
332813279Is It true that statue of limitations for rape in usa 21 years?: Are you burgers even trying? >p…[View]
332809864Teachers fight back!: Why should teachers risk their lives because DeathSantis tells them to? Good l…[View]
332814750/pol/ curious on something out of all of the minorities and races which one do you hate the most I’v…[View]
332812644Damn, since when did our Representatives get so hot? AOC got some big ol whompers[View]
332806801Raúl dead?: Happening? MSM admits 6 cuban generals just mysteriously died. There are rumours of Raúl…[View]
332808096How do Christians feel knowing they worship a Jewish Rabbi marvel comic?[View]
332803227Are americans human?[View]
332814766Farrell police were going to kill an innocent dindu: Are you going to protest the mistreatment of Bl…[View]
332811249How long before they fall too ?: How long before orthodox christianity is eatin by the globohomo mon…[View]
332814728Question: why did trump sell these retards down river the way he did ? he could of at least built th…[View]
332811801The true god od the jews![View]
332814525>be me, nationalist meme page admin >have some fagets amongst my followers >have an idea …[View]
332814447It was stolen. And Biden is destroying our country in purpose. The ones who are controlling him. An…[View]
332813348Can we have a serious discussion about weebs on this board.. We don't want you hear and you are…[View]
33281319010/10 this was amazing.: https://youtu.be/ho2IpTpgRUQ[View]
332813603It's starting to go mainstream: What are the political ramifications of normies finding out wha…[View]
332813497Disney employees, nurse among 17 arrested in Central Florida child predator sting: >He left his g…[View]
332813328Take the fucking vaccine, you don't wanna end up like this.: Take the fucking vaccine, you don…[View]
332813898Have you ever considered that you're just a loser and Jews have nothing to do with it?[View]
332813975Yes, I didn't take the vaccine, how could you tell?[View]
332797406Wokeism takes over the U.S. Military[View]
332813601All people in EUROPE hate Americans: French people hates USA https://youtu.be/tgyyvsfYBao [Embed] Ge…[View]
332794646The INTX Question: Which ones are the true masterminds on /pol/ >inb4 it's just a horoscope …[View]
332801363Could be that behind everything there aren't jewish males but females?: Hear me out, maybe the …[View]
332769315SETF #448 | Silver Ends The Fed - 'You Will Own Nothing Edition' edition: A Political thread about t…[View]
332811122Where can I go?: I can't deal with the modern globohomo multikulti nwo shit. I just want it wh…[View]
332783552/éirepol/ GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH: Join The National Party. https://www.nationalparty.ie/ Join the p…[View]
332802969HAPPENING: Famous kiddie fiddler wants to poison you and your children.[View]
332802797Quitting a Job Due to Vaccine Requirements? You Won't Be Eligible for Unemployment: >As more…[View]
332813991how do i save someone whos had the first jab?: my brother is starting to get real sick after getting…[View]
332811344About this whole population control BS everyone keeps talking about, how many kids do you think a wo…[View]
332808706Communism is being held back by gun owners: >the great chimp out of 2020 was DENIED in the suburb…[View]
332809260I told you fags to buy Novavax stock: should have listened >>>332665374…[View]
332805243PSA: Based Alberta Man is not What it Seems: > The Canadian case that went viral does not appear …[View]
332811550For a short while, living in a third world nation has its perks. So far nobody gives a fuck whether …[View]
332813938Robert W Malone names the jesuits: what did he mean by this? > https://twitter.com/RWMaloneMD/sta…[View]
332813438>Science is not a religion >Science has no political affiliation >Scientists are not priest…[View]
332813123There might still be people alive under the rubbles of that condo near miami.[View]
332811275What would you like to get for vaccination?[View]
332811136Why are mass murderers so fucking bad? They always just go full retards and walk into a room with a …[View]
332811603Finland female leaders: Is Scandinavia really a utopia? They have liberal policies and ideas of wome…[View]
332813524A few questions for shills: Do you actually think the imposition of 'vaccine passports' will really …[View]
332812896>born too late to explore Earth >born just in time to explore space…[View]
332802996Can someone redpill me now about these wildfires?: Is it really as bad as media portrays it or just …[View]
332811094Updates from NSA thread: >There's a massive lack of reading comprehension people staring at …[View]
332805276I actively want anti-vaxxers to not wear masks and to not get the vaccine. Because when they get COV…[View]
332811303Imagine fighting for the right to be killed by a Chinese virus: Stay home If you need to go outside,…[View]
332812034imagine only protesting: imagine only protesting[View]
332811173Well, /pol/? Even hardcore capitalists agree that the vaccine is good for business. You're not …[View]
332807071THE ONLY WAY OUT: ...is going to be nanites isn't it? (nanobots) That'll be the only way t…[View]
332812842Is it possible to be Jewish and also be a fuckup? I knew a jew who got a degree that wasn't goo…[View]
332813166Our world is ending.: They are not provoking a civil war. They are smoking out the first resistance.…[View]
332785997Ivermectin: Have you used it? Where did you get it from? How did it affect you? Now that it's c…[View]
332811558Based Jay-z: Just listened to this old song. Jay-Z mentions (((who))) owns al the real estate at fro…[View]
332795256How many more weeks until he’s reinstated, /pol/?[View]
332810463KKK MEME THREAD: Post your best KKK memes here[View]
332810649Do they truly believe this?: A 63 year old man claims that criticizing black people is automatically…[View]
332808469DISCUSS RIGHT NOW NIGGERS: >vaccines are the first step for total control…[View]
332808667So brave.[View]
332811429Alas, poor Pepe...: I knew him. He got the vaxx.[View]
332812921Start a fucking colony in british columbia is the goal of the thread. Do you guys have any ideas you…[View]
332812251*HONK! HONK!*: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy airhorns >stu…[View]
332812248SWIM was asking for lot numbers for the vax pass, normie dipshits are soo fucking oblivious here are…[View]
332808585Charlie Kirk Vs. Vaush: Why can't conservatives ever argue for their own beliefs? all they do i…[View]
332809464You are “ultimate knuckleheads”: For protesting the vaccine https://abc7ny.com/murphy-knuckleheads-d…[View]
332810716Who do we petition to get rid of meme flag faggots once and for all?: They are the worst posters on …[View]
332809590saw a bunch of threads with 200+ replies on the catalog heres a new thread for you guys Are you hedg…[View]
332811527I love how you guys talk about preserving the white race but will refuse to get a vaccine that can p…[View]
332809788What the actual fuck: >Bought a house in 2019 for 325k >mortgage payment was 1,500/m >Sell…[View]
332812662PSA: Remember the Vaccine...: ...can ONLY protect you from the virus if it's being carried by s…[View]
332807749Inverted Panopticon: - O governo está fazendo laboratórios de tortura. 02/08/2021 08h12: Eles estão …[View]
332805987the charges officer?[View]
332812340USA gave to China Oak Ridge nuclear technology, for FREE...: Do you guys remember latest news about …[View]
332812542will trump ever make it in two weeks?[View]
332806082Aliens: How would fascists/nazis/WNs/poltards react if aliens existed? Would they attempt to go afte…[View]
332808293Chris chan: I guess chris chan is a reaaaal motherfucker.. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/531121-chris-cha…[View]
332812442Is it true day light savings was just so rich fat cat Jews can play gold a little longer?[View]
332810622Cuomo Should Pay For His Sexual Harassment: I know that the right fails at nuance, but people should…[View]
332810774my pillow mike 72 hour cyber symposium: is this just a retard boomer teleconference literal nothing …[View]
332780617Greece is burning to the ground right now and media are hiding it[View]
332809149THE END IS NIGH[View]
332811480How long until we get lockdowns again for this delta nonsense? If uni goes online again I gain 2-9 h…[View]
332812318End of Vaccination in ES?: Friend of mine found it. How legit is this? >https://www.ansa.it/sito/…[View]
332800923EAT RAW MEAT ! EAT RAW MEAT !: Eating Raw meat is the Healthiest food on the Planet. Cooking Meat ki…[View]
332811935I think it is very wrong to speak about 'chinese' people, when china is a very diverse place home to…[View]
332778512NIGGA GOT SHOT BY WHITE POLICE!: Nigga got shot in Round Rock, Texas. Chimpout time. https://youtu.b…[View]
332812159What phenotype is this?[View]
332809124I'm in a relationship with a northeast indian girl. She looks chinese but is a little bit chubb…[View]
332811740Literally just comply with the herd and you'll be happy. Be one of us. Be like the letter l.[View]
332808626Beware of trannies[View]
332809872Imagine being made in an image of God and you become a tranny or furry or something else disgusting[View]
332810112Bros, I took the vaccine due to peer pressure. What is going to happen to me?!?!?![View]
332811287Can someone explain to me: da fug is the difference between >England >UK >Northern Island …[View]
332808663Why don’t Republicans care about the struggling, regular Americans, /pol/? We’re still in a fucking …[View]
332811616Minneapolis update: Have they cleaned up the burned out buildings? What's going on there now? …[View]
332809525Wtf why would a white supremacist do this to those poor girls? I think schools in Black neighborhood…[View]
332809092FUCKING HAPPENING!!: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4355835/giuffre-v-maxwell/?filed_after=…[View]
332810698The Alzheimer's is Real!: My mother is 77 years old and took the Moderna jab about 4 months ago…[View]
332811523>Be American >Get Covid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwr4zNXECgE…[View]
332811327It always surprises me how little golems know about the world: Why is the average American poster on…[View]
332805639what are the political implications of filtering 179/202 current threads in the catalog and still se…[View]
332810499this is the face of anybody who calls you a chud. https://youtu.be/MTrTQKTv8mE?t=232 what's w…[View]
3328111243N+1: Defeat the loop to solve Communism. /pol/ let's do this.[View]
332791761/pol/ Music General: What is your favourite song related to /pol/itics? https://youtu.be/xQMBGAhj1iY…[View]
332806622OPERATION VACCINE PASS IS RAYCISS: >majority of unvaccinated are black and Hispanic >make wok…[View]
332806522I know I'm sorry: Let me explain exactly why I'm not getting the vaccine and why you shoul…[View]
332808207OH HELLO[View]
332806229Do you wear the mask in your house, /pol/?[View]
332809261The Catholic War: What is it: Catholics have been waging war on Christians for hundreds of years. Ev…[View]
332773849‘Bunkerchan’ Is Trying to Deradicalize Online Nazis: Will trannies ever leave? https://archive.is/hz…[View]
332810800/nig/ & /uvg/ Naturally Immune + Unv*ccinated General[View]
332775611HUGE HAPPENING: Alberta lifts all covid restrictions because they can't produce an isolated sam…[View]
332810950How can one Party be so fucking based?: >Shares of Tencent and other major Chinese gaming compani…[View]
332810934Biden has officially become the useful idiot of Trump: And this proves it. https://archive.is/YOfRO…[View]
332810796Are the vaccinated 'super-spreaders' of the new variant? I WANT TO SEE SOME STATS or [spoiler]shitp…[View]
332809554Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in a man with COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2-accelerated neurodegeneration?: >Con…[View]
332810754Someone pls post the original before jannie removes it[View]
332806166I hate niggers[View]
332810117Covid: War on Terror Redux: >pretext to seize power, limit rights >dissent treated as existent…[View]
332805026Why are Americans ashamed to be Anglo?: Strict nationalism (based on country borders) is a giant psy…[View]
332810313Please help me understand. The CDC estimates that there have been upwards of 120 million cases of th…[View]
332799099NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: NOT TIMBO! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9860829/Tik…[View]
332808660Question for conservatives. Are you proud of America? Why? America is a nation of government sponsor…[View]
332809074Post pictures that fill you with patriotism and pride in your country.[View]
332808903>quinnipiac NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
332774278Do you know people like this? Why does this happen[View]
332809575Is this a Balkan country?[View]
332810402No the poor Greta[View]
332758516Will they eventually develop and become major global powers, or will they remain stagnant, and stuck…[View]
332808422'I would take a booster shot to the eyeball if they asked me to' -US Senator (LIVE): https://youtu.b…[View]
332808932I will take the vax if I get an Aussie gf, your turn globalists![View]
332808263If you don't have at least one black friend, you're not a real racist, you're just a …[View]
332808454Vax shills: How much do they get paid? Who employs them - like Pharma or others? What is their bonus…[View]
332806904How do you feel about Armenians? Can their culture and nation be considered white? Are they better t…[View]
332810003Deep Cover Agents Exposed: It turns out that the government is now routinely inventing fake people a…[View]
332805812if you weren't a NEET and she was your secretary what would your relationship with her be like?[View]
332809600*HONK! HONK!*: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy airhorns >stu…[View]
332804309This is Bob Chandler, cwc dad. Say something nice about him.[View]
332807875What’s been happening in politics this week?: anyone want to fill me in?[View]
332794950“Germany must die”: A far-left extremist group have desecrated a memorial to soldiers who fought in …[View]
332809642We are living in the End Times: The Vaccine is the Mark of the Beast and the collapse of the world, …[View]
332808590I saw a thread awhile ago: it was someone calling it 'kano-pill'. Does anyone have any books or any …[View]
332808100Greets to all White brothers and nationalists worldwide: As much as we bully each other, we should a…[View]
332804805pol is a board of hate[View]
332807534ITT: We try to predict clown world's next exciting development I'll start, America will re…[View]
332804778IT'S CALLED IVERMECTIN!!!!!!!!!!: When will people start calling these fucks out for this? It…[View]
332794468Soon all unvaxxed will be rounded up and shipped to reeducation camps, where they will be instructed…[View]
332803479Religious Exemption: My college is requiring the vaccine but has allowed religious exemption. I was …[View]
332794742>be Romania >be one of the most homophobic countries in Europe >have similar anti-LGBT laws…[View]
332805938I feel like all of these fucking garbage threads are from from people who can't cope with being…[View]
332806218Global warming is destroying the planet: Why should we concern ourselves with global warming There i…[View]
332794014Brit/pol/ - WAHEEEYYY Edition: >BBQ warning after Binfire spreads to portaloo on busy Merseyside …[View]
332808644FUCK YOU ASSHOLES: You idiots have spammed this horse faced bean dip slut so much that I actually ha…[View]
332807444why wont you get the vaccine anon?[View]
332808204Why won’t you take a needle for your country?: And yet, you claim you’d take a bullet for your count…[View]
332808609WTF IS THIS REAL? Forced vaccinations in Argentina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW4J6uPLsJQ…[View]
332800333Christmas and Jews in NYC: Millions of Jews live in NYC Christmas decorations are all over the city …[View]
332809353Post images VAX-Zombies: they're out in full force toady[View]
332808450President Barack Obama appreciation thread: Happy Birthday, President Obama.[View]
332809070Justice and the Führer: “ Justice is a divine right guaranteed for all and determined by the Führer,…[View]
332805593Is (((cancel culture))) on the decline?[View]
332805308Why does /pol/ bitch about jews on the internet but refuses to go out and fight back? It's stil…[View]
332808059Understanding Left-Wing Bullsh*t: Understanding Left-Wing Bullsh*t[View]
332794770Well, well Christcucks explain this: Very interesting[View]
332807926Say Hello to Yasmin the child killer.: Mother, 26, admits to drugging her seven-year-old son and stu…[View]
332797506Does the CDC really have the authority to enact an eviction ban?: Also, what about those of us who h…[View]
332806629>MFW I ignore debt collectors >TFW they've probably spent more trying to collect it than…[View]
332808360Is israel based? >ethnostate >hot chicks >loved by god >can manipulate cuck states just …[View]
332800278HAHAHAHAHA GET THE VAX, PAY THE TAX: ITT we laugh at vaxfags Vaxfags getting absolutely btfo’d If th…[View]
332806561/pol/ btfo[View]
332807254> Welcome to the Reddit mod team, Anon![View]
332808802If so many jews live in Florida, why is it always ridiculed in the media?[View]
332806376>A medieval person would have looked upon the owl and the birds and seen a Christian parable. Dra…[View]
332779188Uhhhh bros?: Why is the state giving into the trans delirium? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…[View]
332783429Affordable housing: Good afternoon anons. I would like to introduce you to something affordable, sty…[View]
332806012Redpill me on pol pot. Did the Cambodian genocide actually happen or was it a hoax just like the hol…[View]
332808124Covishield is the chad vax: It literally says ChAdOx1 right on the vial[View]
332808489Vatican Jesuit Military Order trained/Jesuit-handler-married Macron wearing Mason Owl God t-shirt: h…[View]
332806674You cant hide from being Vaccinated now: Covid vaccine will now be introduced into mosquitoes. https…[View]
332803538what do lefties think of people like pic related: immoral people profiting from capitalist system or…[View]
332807096Indians in South Africa are being systematically targetted now![View]
332807843'History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.' - Mark Twain[View]
332808249A few years ago a researcher who was delivering a virus sample to a different lab walked and fell in…[View]
332808246drumpf btfo[View]
332808244/ptg2/ Political Tourism General: Post locations of media operations nationwide. I'm sure a lot…[View]
332804460It's me. The jabber. it's experimental, and long term effects are bascially unknown, but y…[View]
332804541Who is worse, niggers, jews/arabs or Indians? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9861143/Nine-…[View]
332806686What can we do about the mental illness epidemic in first world problems?[View]
332800793This board is almost fully controlled. Not that a drone would believe me. Just ask why the media rep…[View]
332797035UK and Germany can not defeat China: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/u-k-and-germany-don-t-have…[View]
332803445>your parents will never move to america >you will never be an american born citzen >i will…[View]
332807825That brief couple of years where I had hope was nice: >blah blah zion don >blah blah russia …[View]
332807763so faggots, what exactly is so bad about consuming sugar? why would you rather have cancer than get …[View]
332807086At least President Donald knows how to throw a good party[View]
332805163>Irish music festival announces you must be fully vaccinated to attend >thousands and thousand…[View]
332801187Finland starts to vaccinate 12 years olds, is it a good plan or not? Democrats: https://demokraatti.…[View]
332806145Vaxtard covid worshipers are the fucking worst[View]
332799872Russian - German alliance: Anglokikes tremble at the thought of this.[View]
332791424MAGA CHUD MELTDOWN IN MCDONALDS: https://youtu.be/yW_9YccZjKA[View]
332803920Let's all get VAXXED !!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!![View]
332797929Why does Antifa keep on winning?: >Antifa defeated the Confederate States in 1865 >Antifa defe…[View]
332806796An attorney for one of the people who accused Cuomo of sexual assault just admitted on CNN that her …[View]
332805357They’re gonna use Jacobson vs. Mass for mandatory vax: >on the grounds that to make such an excep…[View]
332768799I’m getting scared, /pol/: The vaxx pressure is getting insane. I’m lying about being vaxxed to fami…[View]
332807066It's true?[View]
332801558IT'S SPLC MAIL TIME: BROS GET IN HERE the SPLC sent me cucked mail about fighting white suprema…[View]
332793004THE INTERNET IS FOREVER: Do women not understand this? These dumb cunts are posting nudes online thi…[View]
332782657Freedom Currency, or Digital Pawn in the Globalist Endgame?: The reason I didn't buy Bitcoin in…[View]
332806315vacc spam: Over 10% of threads in archive are about vaccines when they're really not that contr…[View]
332804422no fascists allowed in this thread[View]
332798288Flat affect: What's your take on people who are like this?[View]
332803298At what point is enough enough?[View]
332805336Latvian government is preparing: The Latvian government has purchased 130k euros worth of handcuffs,…[View]
332803193Ben & Jerrys: the fuck is going on im not even sure who is jewing who amymore are these people j…[View]
332804628>this flag makes americans shit and piss in fear[View]
332803009GIGABASED ANONS RAIDED ANITFA: link to download and antifa telegram groups https://pastebin.com/YvEe…[View]
332804502You kaffirs will respect our right to free speech.[View]
332795310EU seals deal with Novavax for up to 200 million COVID-19 vaccines: Euro Bros. I know most of this b…[View]
332802958What should countries do with the vaccines?: Nobody wants to be vaxed in Germany, now is donating th…[View]
332803926To the anons with NPC parents/family, how did you end up politically different?: When did you realiz…[View]
332792684If you are a Sportsball fan.: Congrats you're an NPC.[View]
332803317Sierra Nevada Red Fox Population Gains Endangered Species Act Protection: Where does /pol/ stand on …[View]
332804787How did mossad do this ? And why do they always get away with it: Today marked the 1 year anniversar…[View]
332805680Ew: The digital future is frail and retarded.[View]
332792165Nigger genetic engineering: I mean look at this shit. This shit is impossible unless they feed these…[View]
332795727MAKES THE COVID PASS INSTA-USELESS: Anons, what if we block all frecuencies so they cannot connect t…[View]
332797951Been feeling forgetful lately, /pol/? The vaccinated will inherit the earth while your minds rot, HA…[View]
332806007What does /pol/ think of ADHD?: Is it real or just a way for big pharma to make money by selling Add…[View]
332785001memoryholed events caused by glowies: post them all with a short qrd >be highrolling slot player …[View]
332802096*claps hands*[View]
332798534Weed is ruining my potential: I smoke a lot of weed anons, cost me a lot of money, time, killing my …[View]
332803455LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID YOU MONSTERS. TAKE THE FUCKING VAX NOWWWWW https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/08/04/p…[View]
332795461>alfred ((rosenberg)) >accused by von Neurath of being jewish >von Neurath was mysteriously…[View]
332805272vax shills lost the narrative: >NOOOOOOO MY VACCINE WON'T WORK BECAUSE YOU >TAKE THE VAX …[View]
332803437>be bored >go on twitter >see post about biden >say anything remotely anti-right >300…[View]
332805665Why Aren't Niggers Taking the Vaccine With Messaging Like This: jewtube video https://www.yout…[View]
332788459It's ogre for the left: Everything happening right now is to distract you from this study: http…[View]
332802465Am I white? I was born and raised in Venezuela, of Spanish ancestry, yet some people attribute white…[View]
332799016>dude, just ignore climate change, it's just made up by hysteric liberals anyway >you wan…[View]
332803861Neoplatonism and Traditionalism: Dear Pollacks, Some of us are into the occult and esoteric for self…[View]
332804820Will you get the vacine?[View]
332793591Half of Florida COVID-19 hospitalizations under 55; 96% unvaccinated: The Delta variant is no joke. …[View]
332792704Canada's health system ranked second last among 11 countries: report: I guess you get what you …[View]
332790741tl;dr I had a weird out of body experience, began praying to a god I created, and have been on a dow…[View]
332805689Our world is ending.: They are not provoking a civil war. They are smoking out the first resistance.…[View]
332799653How would Chris Chan fare in your country? I feel like being a massive aspie growing up in the 90s a…[View]
332803125i just beat up my wife: mfw that stupid cunt didn't wanna shut her whore mouth so i punched her…[View]
332804407will she be a'right?[View]
332805519Tokyo Olympics: This is Lasha Talakhadze he lifted total of 488kg(223+265) or 1075lbs today, now ima…[View]
332805447Isn't it strange that this deadly plague just happened to come out right before a presidential …[View]
332802369HOW TO DETOX FROM COVID VAXX: How can you detox from the covid vaxx? HCQ, Ivermectrim after the jab…[View]
332805388They link up?: Anti Vader chuds btfo once again.[View]
332801707What's the deal with American not wanting to be vaccinated? Why risk yourself getting killed by…[View]
332801981Can NS be Muslim? If yes, redpill me on that.: I just rejected christianity sometime ago and im look…[View]
332802840why is this so hard for vaxx shills to understand? (though actually i won't take any vaxx until…[View]
332804841powerful: Get the vaccine Wear the mask As soon as everyone does that, society will be normal again…[View]
332803185Most based man to ever live in the 21st century?: I think we know who wins the 20th century award. I…[View]
332793212ITT intellectuals only - midwits fuck off: would (((his))) ideas be considered midwit tier by today…[View]
332803846RadFem Hitler account got suspended too![View]
332803509dutch netherlands neder: when will dutch people wake up and fulfill their destiny to save Evropa?…[View]
332804255If you don't want the vaccine, why do you need to make dozens of threads a day about it? It fee…[View]
332803599Why are people on pol retarded?: Its like visiting this website lowers your IQ, I guarantee it.…[View]
332794557Any more news about this Belarusian loser who hanged himself in Ukraine?: Where are all those anons …[View]
332801847Why are Republicans all copium addicts? They'd rather live in a fantasy world than accept the r…[View]
332804672The republicans and democrats are (mostly) both neoliberals (since Reagan and Clinton, respectively)…[View]
332803888Well, MAGAts?[View]
332804043Any Medical Fags in here to back this up?: Can the Jew Juice cause your platelet count to plummet?…[View]
332803821/pol/ goes to fema camp: 4 chan goes to COVID fema Camp for the unvaxxed Day one. >guards are ove…[View]
332804632how do we stop the rise of communism in america?: im sick of seeing bernie bumper stickers everywher…[View]
332804602What happened: Haven't been paying attention but can someone redpill me about what happened to …[View]
332803713I need the best advice /pol/ can give right now: In a few days I'm going to visit an island ful…[View]
332803393Why do baltic people look so odd?[View]
332761873He‘s right.[View]
332804580Serious Eviction Crisis in the US could lead to a series of riots and unrest like the 2020-2021 race…[View]
332802912Trump Lost the election There's not enough evidence of election fraud to have changed the outco…[View]
332799047Two kids throw scholarships away for a few hundred dollars: ' Two West Virginia high school athletes…[View]
332804531China is better than america[View]
332798132He doesn’t look black to me. Pol wrong again.: Sailor Who ‘Hated’ Navy Torched $1.2B Assault Ship: W…[View]
332802476Happening in South Africa. Systemic targetting of zipp Indians happening now.[View]
332803849these fucking tranny defenders on kiwifarms are blaming the girl in the chris chan audio for reporti…[View]
332804188what are the political implications of hiding filtering 157/202 current threads in the catalog and s…[View]
332803997Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands. Wogs I mean, I…[View]
332804073It's totally plausible ole Georgie boy didn't know about any of this before he hired the g…[View]
332802401What are the policial implications: Of the Marxist Frankfurt schools work “critical theory”. I don’t…[View]
332801975You can thank all the godless slobs and homos for our current situtation[View]
332800107What ideals are considered left wing How come far left ideas never work? Why are most riots from lef…[View]
332803246Hello Based department?: link to download and antifa telegram chats https://pastebin.com/YvEeFPsN…[View]
332803862These globalists have declared war on us, there is no denying it. We are fighting the battle of our …[View]
332803556get the fucking vaccine NOW[View]
332803791Remember they called Fidel a terrorist[View]
332803771Nazi wolf imagery: >Wolfsschanze - 'Wolf's Lair' >Adolf - 'Noble wolf' >Werwolf - 'Wer…[View]
332790750Drought 2021: The USA is experiencing a catastrophic drought! We're so fucked![View]
332803549>spent 5 years and almost $50,000 in debt going for my Masters >can’t finish my degree because…[View]
332803645The mother of my child has gone full vax-shill and has now decided that I can't come around our…[View]
332801376>trans women shouldn't play in female sports! So let me get this straight. You mean the girl…[View]
332803637chink vaxx: So i got the sinopharm vaxx because i rather do it now than take my chances with the ade…[View]
332803631Remember my frens: They hate you. no matter what keep that in your head. They hate you, they want yo…[View]
332800854I got the vax bros!: The only problem is, now I can’t stop slurping cum down with my own ass. What d…[View]
332803486Democracy is for FAGS!: Thats right, if you like democracy you are a massive HOMO. No straight man …[View]
332803485Alberta is the most based province in the world. Change my mind: Premier Kenney made a bill stating …[View]
332803024Only the Paranoid Survive: That is all.[View]
332802004i'm impotent[View]
332802756Mutt thread: Asking my fellow americans, what's the most mutted place in the u.s?[View]
3328006354 years, ZERO swamp drainage: >runs on draining the swamp >loses reelection to the swamp Oooof…[View]
332802946/pol/ is a Houti board all Zionist and Wahhabi shills gtfo[View]
332799383What's a good name for these people? They're not 'Hispanic' (people of Spain). 'Latino' is…[View]
332797530Why the hell do esoteric fascists exist??[View]
332802793What is it about conservatives that they lack even a basic mental ability to consider facts and plan…[View]
332801984IM A SHILL AMA[View]
332803120Possible national lockdown: With the economy in the state that it is, evictions soon to come, how ba…[View]
332799437If Africans are not capable of anything, please explain how they could build such imposing buildings…[View]
332801097OPERATION: PAVLOV'S HONK!: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy…[View]
332803058Company confirms MASKS FOR THE VAXXED!!!: Post yfw the vaxxfags who treated you like a fucking disea…[View]
332798862I just got back from the grocery store and saw so many masks. Why are people such easily led retards…[View]
332794698Truckers: TAKE THE VACCINE: Are you ready for widespread shortages of everything?[View]
332798298THIS IS NOT NORMAL[View]
332802613Fixing the U.S. Economy...: Hey guys! I am appalled that the U.S. Govt. has not used one of it'…[View]
332802645Jersey Kike's: Now serving tastykikes, anyone ever visit one of these very Jewishly owned pleb-…[View]
332799587WE ARE FUCKED: The shitskins are going to consume the planet like a cancer[View]
332800196I got vaccinated because I seek death out of boredom[View]
332801291How do I become an extremely powerful individual? I've been around mega-elites (think Rothschil…[View]
332802678>Iran attacks and kills your sailor >w-we condemn your actions >does nothing Lmao pussies…[View]
332800739When I use a trans person’s preferred pronouns, why does it feel like I am lying?: The case is simpl…[View]
332802111What was their plan?: did they really try to free Europe from the liberals?[View]
332800648Got my vaccine passport right here[View]
332790277Who fucking believes this shit???? It's borderline comical.[View]
332799740Why are there so many pedos at Disney world brah?[View]
332788953What goes on here?: Pic related[View]
332790300Why do they hate Brits so much?: When I visited Ireland I wondered why all the nice old buildings we…[View]
332802108Van Morrison: >They control the narrative >They perpetuate the myth >Keep on telling you li…[View]
332801267I thank God every day that I was not born with far less intelligence, lest I follow my family's…[View]
332800953This is fantastic. Wonder who will cave next? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXxy6Dgy8_o[View]
332801518Where can I find NORMAL PEOPLE ?: Germany is unbearable right now and I want to leave asap. This co…[View]
332798866Memri thread[View]
332796298THEY EVEN ADMIT THEIR OWN VACCINE DOESN'T WORK!!!!: When will the masses realize they've b…[View]
332797616And yet, /pol/ calls us joggers.[View]
332801764IRAN GOING FULL RETARD: Iran sentences British dual national to jail as Army chief says Britain must…[View]
332782523Is punk conformist?: and are we the cool kids now?[View]
332800366You vill listen to Terry davis You Vill hand in ze firearms You Vill do nothing You Vill be happy u…[View]
332785871DAS RITE! LIVING IS FREE NOW, FOREVER!: watchu gonna do about it, landcucks?[View]
332792784Why dont we just form a new nation without jews and blacks. Everyone will be happy, except jews.[View]
332801123wicked sick ill bad (eg. bad bitch) these have become compliments! you can see the descent of our cu…[View]
332798842How does /pol/ feel about the spiritual aspects of Islam?: Most of the arguing about Islam on this b…[View]
332801656Will Cyprus ever unify?: The Cypriots have gone though so much. Half of Cyprus is Greek, the other h…[View]
332791253Unjabbed girl. I shall pick from an empire of cock: Feels good man[View]
332795904McAFee pictures new: Are these new pictures ? I’ve seen the above drone footage but not this angle b…[View]
332789969Do you even know anyone who has died from the coronavirus vaccine or is this just more /pol/ schizop…[View]
332800653https://www.rt.com/russia/531029-lesbian-couple-barcelona-vkusvill-ads/ >An LGBT family who faced…[View]
332786752So are they just going to keep making up (((variants))) as we go along?: >Lambda variant…[View]
332798900I find all of this ridiculous[View]
332788870Scary times for men.: Not that I like this guy. But this is a perfect example of how we are delving …[View]
332797756I'm so fucking sick of brown people Pajeets and Somalians are fucking everywhere. I'm legi…[View]
332791754Healthy 33-year-old dies of vaccine: He thought it wouldn't happen to him. Don't think it …[View]
332796926This is the last time we're telling you gently: GET. THE. JAB.[View]
332795182Why did nazi wanted so hell russian ass? Many of us have Baltic look(officially aryan race by their…[View]
332799388HAPPENING: https://news.yahoo.com/happening-ice-worms-emerge-pacific-203933331.html[View]
332800858Pic rel!!!!!!!![View]
332754320Commie hate thread: Send your best bait material[View]
332792478/pol/ DESTROYED BY A SINGLE COMIC!: You guys cannot refute this! >inb4 some coward who cannot ref…[View]
332801205So are the unions just going to allow their members to be forcefully injected for an experiment? Are…[View]
332800307Leftists are just right wingers who side with brown right wingers. Thomas sowell is an actual black …[View]
332782071Is it true that things are that bad with the payment system in the U.S.?[View]
332796591What jews, fags or nogs would you spear in the day of the rope?[View]
332801029Vaccine passports are Slave Papers: Mayor Kim Janey shot down talks of mandating proof of vaccinatio…[View]
332795827I am scheduled to get the vaccine in 30 minutes. Am I making a huge mistake?[View]
332798619Pentagon attacker stabbed officer and then shot himself with the cop's gun: Glow glow glow http…[View]
332800457>another progressive/Bernie style candidate loses democrat primary in ohio Is there any future fo…[View]
332800952Affordable Homes: With interest rates so low, housing prices have skyrocketed due to the increased d…[View]
332762127Why are they like this: Make your mind[View]
332776017Is America this overpriced?: Or is it just hyper inflation hitting?[View]
332792001ITT: you predict the likely doomsday scenario coming up in 2022[View]
332800743WHO bans boosters so we can VAXX AFRICA: >https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-58090051 I, as a White…[View]
332800141Las Vegas Mayor Goodman recently tested positive for COVID-19: >Goodman, 82, said her symptoms we…[View]
332800509What are the real percentage numbers of vaxxed chuds?[View]
332796543Why is this board so obsessed with whether people are vaccinated or unvaccinated? Very soon, govern…[View]
332799954>'COVID is a nothingburger, it's 99.9% survivable' >'COVID Vaccines are part of a plan to…[View]
332798998Is this correct about what would happen to the Asians given over 40 years in changing ethnocentric s…[View]
332800172Children beware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwQBPkMEmoc&t=742s[View]
332800051Covid is never going away. We'll have to take the vaccine every year of our lives.[View]
332797040OPERATION: Blind snake 2.0: In jan i gathered a large number of telegram chats, and user names and p…[View]
332799141post mechanical iq tester: pics or vids only, no written shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7tEQP…[View]
332785609Master Plan: You're given 1 billion dollars and 100 henchmen. Some are skilled bodyguards, othe…[View]
332800302MURDOCH MURDOCH THREAD.: They've talked about Nietzsche or Schopenhauer many times already, but…[View]
332792890Storytime, /pol/, send your best!: 'He thought he was immortal': Twin sister's heartb…[View]
332792827How come some of you discredit covid deaths but believe every vaccine death?: Seriously, I’m unvacci…[View]
332799159If COVID is so deadly, why can't I buy Ivermectin?[View]
332795502Why are they never called anti vaxxers?: Granted they do not actively protest vaccines and get invol…[View]
332800123ATTENTION ANONS: We must support our leaf who broke the system with a single question. The video is …[View]
332799668Why do so many highly intelligent people ignore the JQ?: Legends like Roald Dahl, Bobby Fisher, Mich…[View]
332797409Wagie hate thread[View]
332798773Man Thread: ITT we discuss ways to be more manly. >Videogames The competitive aspects of online m…[View]
332794135Switching targets: So honest question /pol/. Why the fuck aren't we targeting and labeling wome…[View]
332800034why does pol hate the olympics?: dont you feel represented?[View]
332795829covid engineered to kill white people?[View]
3327998354chan: would anyone take the trouble to make a better drawing than what I did (in the image)? thank …[View]
332798982Colorado Politics General: Let's talk about this state. I moved here a few years ago from MN, b…[View]
332766026>my coworker during one of our team's skype calls: >'we'll all have to go in lockdow…[View]
332796752BC bros, discuss. How would they actually go about doing this? Seems like first nations want to chan…[View]
332799829Female prevented from pissing in men's bathroom: Delusion female goes into full meltdown mode b…[View]
33279982830 million elderly dead from Covid in China: Spoke with an MD today with many longstanding China con…[View]
332796811What will the Omega variant look like?: You all faggots are talking about Delta plus and Lambda, but…[View]
332797726White mother murdered by nig: RAHWAY, New Jersey (WABC) -- The man charged with kidnapping his son i…[View]
332799664Should we use voter initiative laws to create a /pol/ paradise in California and defy the federal go…[View]
332799484Take the vaxx or: Honestly, what's up with the vaccine shilling recenty ? If there is a such cl…[View]
332741154Kraut/pol/ - What is happening edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English lang…[View]
332799202so not one single thread about this has been made the past 2 days, other than the 1 i made yesterday…[View]
332780423There is no political solution. We need either a supervolcano or an asteroid.[View]
332779415Serious question: So I've been a Christian for my entire life, and have become even more devote…[View]
332798286>work HR department is spamming me with emails demanding my vaccination status Jesus christ when…[View]
332774638What is Game Theory?: Game Theory is the formal study of strategic interaction. In a strategic setti…[View]
332793215Apparently North Korea is impossible to deflect on: This is worse than anybody thought. https://www…[View]
332799412JEWISH SUPREMACIST TERRORISM: say it will me /pol/ Last name Lanz, that schnoz, kike confirmed media…[View]
332799375I'm glad Jannah and Farrah have a yard to play in now. https://youtu.be/z3dbYM-mWWU[View]
332799174AR2GX: So they told us Vaccine passports were a conspiracy theory…and here we are… Post your best Co…[View]
332764713Men who holdout and avoid the jabberwocky...: will literally be inundated with pussy for years to co…[View]
332792331What exactly unites the United States? I bet we could name more things that divide us than unite us …[View]
332780683What the fuck happened in Afghanistan?: How did this happen?[View]
332794281LAMBDA-/-DELTA PLUS: are you ready[View]
332799046More dehumanizing Jewish lies: So according to multiple articles and documentaries, Hitler tested th…[View]
332798822ITT we make up conspiracy theories that are not too unreal and sound plausible: Pfizer, Moderna, J…[View]
332798048Boston mayor compares vax passports to SLAVERY/trump birtherism: https://www.wcvb.com/article/boston…[View]
332797792why would anyone worship this loser?[View]
332798869https://www.hospitalstats.org/ER-Wait-Time/ Since we're to believe the hospitals are 'full' let…[View]
332793194Just got my second dose. My wife is a medical doctor and got the chink virus twice last year and kee…[View]
332798081Shifty Schiff: What's the latest on Shifty Schiff? I aint heard from that nigga in a hot minute…[View]
332798734Army chief says Britain must retaliate over ship attack: HAPPENING! Iran sentences British dual nati…[View]
332797893I assure you all, the cultural shift will happen. The left is pushing to hard but it will bounce bac…[View]
332796476A brilliant Kurdish music https://www.instagram.com/tv/CSHwKiKobJZ/?utm_medium=copy_link[View]
332798137GET OUT OF THE GLOBOHOMO BRAINWASHING. EAT RAW MEAT !: Eating Raw meat is the Healthiest food on the…[View]
332798591is this the one who spammed those 'trans rights are human rights' threads?[View]
332794310Epic based thread: Basically,[View]
332765565Proof of Vaccination: >Job reinstated mask policy when we were already done with them. >Soon r…[View]
332791092>wake up. >america still exists BALAKANIZE ALREADY YOU DISGUSTING FAT MUTTS. USE YOUR FUCKING …[View]
332798430Anyone got that link to the PDF showing vaccine Side Effects: It's a massive upload and constan…[View]
332791071Man living off the grid gets Btfo: >Fuck the government, I'm just going to go live inna- CAN…[View]
332791926USA: The destruction of this country would improve 90% of the planet. Why don't we all just gan…[View]
332798257Why are Niggers so Jew-savvy?: Niggers are fucking retarded, yet they see through the Jew lies so mu…[View]
332797760society is gonna collapse in a year or two: now is the most important time to awaken normies[View]
332795407Manitobachads… we’re going home[View]
332797295Twitter bots at it again[View]
332796217What would you do?: I'm curious /pol/ since you all like to debate endlessly on world political…[View]
332798078How many plastic straws is worth one plastic shield?[View]
332798059He's right, America was doomed from the start because it was founded by pro-democracy protestan…[View]
332795059>The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infri-: >*PSSSHhhh-*…[View]
332798022Would you like to hug her[View]
332791202I have a date tomorrow Please pol share some antisemitic jokes. I have to battletest her[View]
332796519White Boy Summer: How did it go so wrong fellow whites? https://archive.is/RISk6[View]
332795974Why is this dumb fucking frog peeking at me: I'm scared[View]
332796843This is an American fitness icon in 2021[View]
332796569why are you like this, /pol/?[View]
332797695Why are American teenagers so violent?: https://www.aspentimes.com/news/teen-sentenced-to-prison-for…[View]
332796874Since it's abundantly clear that republishits are going for another coup attempt in 2024, is th…[View]
332793528QC Bros, when are these restrictions going to end? Supposedly 60% of QC is fully vaccinated yet no c…[View]
33279755425th amendment: Any chance of this occurring? I know at the beginning of Biden's presidency peo…[View]
332795766Not Sorry for not being sorry[View]
332797034Unvaxxed: Are we about to get exterminated for being unvaxxed? Maybe this is just a way for big pha…[View]
332795814It's like anuddah rape.[View]
332775236/pol/ will unironically defend this.[View]
332797335Shitty ass post but I need your help fellow freedom loving faggots: Please help anons. This shit mus…[View]
332796688So, who controls 4chan /pol/?[View]
332792952>pol BTFO'd by one meme.[View]
332797236This is a typical restaurant in China https://youtu.be/YPoAjRxyBQQ This is a typical restaurant in U…[View]
332796385What did they mean by this? Jews are God's chosen people, but he also hates them? Thessalonians…[View]
332797114Morale post: /pol/ turns you into a nigger. Let me explain, By viewing all of these doomer posts by …[View]
332789696The 2050 Republican[View]
332796860>constantly making antivax threads >doing my best to encourage people not to wear masks and no…[View]
332792139Reminder that the wrong side won the Cold War. The collapse of the Russian Empire/USSR accelerated …[View]
332769323Real lockdowns have never been tried.[View]
332796823Polish miners stole their electricity from nearby police station https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/p…[View]
332795498Macedonia: What even goes on here? They're one of the only countries in Europe with no entrance…[View]
332787134Why did the pride flag include spics, Arabs and nigs. When most of them hate faggots?[View]
332782033I got away with it.: >'All of it.'[View]
332796841HELLO, BASED DEPARTMENT?: Reminder that BLACKS are the ones fearful of authority and rejecting the v…[View]
332795338From a level of 0 to 10 - How strong is your powerlevel?: https://youtu.be/XTSz73-iz6s?t=679[View]
332796761IT’S ALL RIGGED: Facebook’s “fact checkers” are funded by vaccine corporations: >Fauci Flu shots …[View]
332786121What Will It Take For You To Get The Vaccine?: Hey /pol/ So if Jennifer Pataki showed up at your hou…[View]
332795057Ah inseparabile - d'amore il dio Stringeva, o vergine, - tuo fato al mio! - È il sol dell'…[View]
332769068ANTI-VAX - French mayor receives letter containing bullet: https://www.leprogres.fr/faits-divers-jus…[View]
332796481Forget Orwell - H.G. Wells was even more correct..: It feels like every 'conspiracy theory' today is…[View]
332787749Romanians are really seething that Tucker chose us over them.[View]
332796103>”superior” race >in a constant state of killing and destroying each other and themselves sinc…[View]
332796470Americans like to talk about freedom but when someone actually lives in a way that's truly free…[View]
332796636I've been working 50 hours a week this entire pandemic. I didn't get hazard pay, I didn…[View]
332796449Censorship: So you complain about social media, but remove threads that oppose your view?[View]
332790714Meet Alexander Soros: Pic related. Tell me again how this faggot is going to usher in the JWO once …[View]
332796321Shills and normies saying “trust the science” yet they believe more than 2 genders exist. Also, wha…[View]
332787825Is Kenny Hotz based?[View]
332793812Nobody has insurance: Has anyone considered the fact that these hospitals may be 'completely full' b…[View]
332788691the state of /pol/..: soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ncd7YUr3nsQ not being able to write S O…[View]
332786009Do you think your life would improve if housing was turned into a utility?[View]
332766025Head Of UK Armed Forces 'Britain Must Retaliate Against Iran': >Britain must retaliate against Ir…[View]
332795236>People really thought all they had to do was to get the vaccine.[View]
332793349Vaxxers are cowards: It was not from a position of selflessness or heroism, but rather they all took…[View]
332793282Was he right?: >be me >make antisemetic joke in group chat >guy tells me that they don…[View]
332793061IT'S HAPPENING: Trump defeated Hillary Clinton after just one year of sustained meme magick. No…[View]
332793005Humor thread[View]
332793709>Trump is alpha, incredibly charismatic and gains following but is drop dead retarded >DeSanti…[View]
332785834Can americans be still considered europeans at this point?[View]
332791273What was his favorite anime?[View]
332794903How do you feel being the last generation to have witnessed white countries?[View]
332789506SCHOOLS NOW FORCING MANDATED VACCINES FOR FALL: These past couple days, dozens of schools seem to ha…[View]
332793376What's going to happen to gas stations when electric cars become the majority? Nobody seems to …[View]
332787786Chad Saboteur: Don't let anybody tell you that you can't make a difference.[View]
332796048Brits aren't White, they're Roman rape babies.[View]
332795133Is Slovenia the most based country in Europe? >0% non whites unless you count Serbian refugees …[View]
332790608Hello, I'm one of those men. See, unlike the skinhead untouchables who inhabit this site, I gre…[View]
332795356You can't get unvaccinated...[View]
332795796Court VICTORY Ending Restrictions in Alberta! - Patrick King [Hero Interview]: Court VICTORY Ending …[View]
332793090https://archive.is/Z2Kvp https://archive.is/FCI9w So, they are starting to admit that vaccinations a…[View]
332792772Explain this shit, shills: Ukraine literally has the lowest vaxx rate in Europe. And on top of that …[View]
332795685What are the political implications of easily accessible drugs in Israel?: Israeli poet takes in dru…[View]
332754020/6mc/ F.A.D. #4: Early Riser Check-In: Day 4, anon. Our goal is to subvert cultural perversion by r…[View]
332788918I've got nothing to live for. Feel my pain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf9IMWXS7iU[View]
332795555Zheng He discovered the 'americas' long before any Europeans. Is this how they will set their pretex…[View]
332774593Don’t be Travis Travis got Covid Travis didn’t take the vaccine because of conspiracies Travis no…[View]
332794922Lets talk about how to fake vaccine passes: Given that New York is now requiring proof of vaccinatio…[View]
332794712Xing Ping and Chang Xioang hard at work on the 2022 Midterm variant: Did you get the Delta variant D…[View]
332795442Okay boys I have a real anecdote concerning covid and medical treatment in the US. https://www.bitch…[View]
332788968Boston is next: Leading Boston mayoral candidate Michelle Wu supports vaccine passports to enter pri…[View]
332793955So the glowniggers attempt to turn everyone against the white-right by using the BOOGALOO BOYS was a…[View]
332795323TFW your government finally has an excuse to send you to die for Israel.[View]
332775499Brit/pol/ - Wreckpilled Edition: >BBQ warning after Binfire spreads to portaloo on busy Merseysid…[View]
332793234What if they’re right? Assuming they control everything and have access to privileged information, w…[View]
332771925Criticizing Fauci to become FEDERAL HATE CRIME: Americans are still in shock that the commies they e…[View]
332795260Would you f@ck her?: The German Greens are preparing to take part in the next government and have pr…[View]
332783426Rightwingers aren't patriots[View]
332795166Pentagon Attack - Police officer killed - several injured: A man attacked a police officer stabbing …[View]
332788077>Covid 19 has never been isolated: You can't be this retarded, right? You don't actuall…[View]
332791971Anyone who supports immigration is an anti white race traitor who wants whites to be destroyed.[View]
332793838Hungary in one picture: P. Mobil is an old rock n roll band. Even a shithole country like us can ma…[View]
332779937August 4, 2071: The History of World War III As we know, over fifty years ago the citizens of the wo…[View]
332794915Scott anons BTFO: Why are there so many whites in your government scott anons?https://twitter.com/Mr…[View]
332794514There are no White males in commercials anymore[View]
332790293I wonder, are diversity token characters such as blacks put in front to make other races hate them w…[View]
332793875Why does Google wants me to get vaccinated?[View]
332794440The elites ran out of money. They have literally spent all of the police, army and intelligence offi…[View]
332790696are German Jaws sexually selected in America?[View]
332788667Newt calls out the Great Replacement: https://twitter.com/existentialfish/status/1422907573817290755…[View]
332794202>Be normal British Person >Not morbidly obese >Diet doesn't consist exclusively of sug…[View]
332794494Shekelberg talks to Pol Pot: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dBqa7vb0z7wp/ https://www.bitchute.com/v…[View]
332789872Nuremberg: Why are the Nuremburg trials used as part of your anti-vaxx argument when pre-covid it wa…[View]
332788308Niggers can't read this: Rural New Englanders do not rely on police departments to keep them sa…[View]
332785220Imagine how many Americans will die when Yellowstone erupts.[View]
332793355Ahh niggers…truly the stupidest race of people out there. They trash their communities leading to no…[View]
332794267Castro is... Dead?: Well guys; Im from Venezuela and today in the morning a cousin of mine who works…[View]
332791815Are all Dems Sex Maniacs?: What is Cuomo trying to say??[View]
332794116Let's see Paul Allen's vaccination passport[View]
332781218CDC kike: I'm honestly surprised no one else here did this yet. You're welcome you lazy fa…[View]
332794080Florida covid hospitalisations...: How am I supposed to argue with my family about this? I told them…[View]
332791314>the arsonist who destroyed the aircraft carrier USS Bonhomme Richard was white Oh fuck bros here…[View]
332794051Friendly reminder, Krauts are just as responsible as Kikes.[View]
332790911Click the Google logo on their homepage and see what happens. Its really fucked up[View]
332785899I had covid in the fall and it sucked. I'm gonna go get this today since it's not the MRNA…[View]
332752977John begged the nurse for the vaccine, but she said it was too late.: Don't be John, do not wai…[View]
332792394,pol did you do this???: Some anon posted a funny here...[View]
332792344Mysterious symbol on Macron's shirt: What is this, /pol/? Is Macron member of a cult or somethi…[View]
332788460Tobacco Smoking: What does /pol/ think of smoking?[View]
332788826Are grooming gangs a part of British culture?[View]
332789289Remember that time that the President of the United States gave an entire speech with his pants on b…[View]
332792774Is it just me or is it almost only women having major complications from the vaccine and only women …[View]
332791916UVG/ Unvaccinated General: Join in. Todays news: >Covid vaccine set to be offered to 16 and 17-ye…[View]
332791240Jews are moving to Idaho[View]
332780057Any non-pozzzed branches of Christianity?: Are there any branches of Christianity that are self dest…[View]
332769693cheer up, look, this Nigger dies: > 2nd amendment saves the day > Deaths: 0 whites; 1 nigger …[View]
332792832Military grade addidas track suit operations[View]
332767348Say something nice about her: After all the hate for Raven Saunders, Simone Biles and Gwen Berry, pa…[View]
332792527Why are small towns so fucking based bros?: >state of Louisiana just issued another mandatory mas…[View]
332772101Hi, /pol/. I'm tired of the constant lies, so I made a meme template. It's very basic, but…[View]
332786516Can someone explain why ranked choice is bad?: I know that idiot leftists are pushing the idea but I…[View]
332784030How many of you faggots are going to kill yourselves when Trump is back in the oval office?[View]
332792776Vaxcucks shills lost the narrative and now are hiring actors HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA[View]
332787149What AMAZON and Jeff Bezos and 666 have in common: ‘Talk to the hand, Bezos’ : Social media users sk…[View]
332792907DEC. 24 2021: DEPOSE DAY WORLDWIDE Slow march alongside allied law enforcement and military upon the…[View]
332772637Erectile dysfunction is 3x higher in covid positive men according to this study…: Here's a link…[View]
332792769>divide the populance into vax and anti vax >divide and conquer until violence ensues >imp…[View]
332791646Where were you during the penis thefts anon?[View]
332791954It is not necessary for you to become upset[View]
332788441UBIs, FedCoin, and Two More Weeks Of Lockdowns: What are your thoughts?[View]
332792520A retard because your mother gave birth to you after she turned 30: Cope is fucking hilarious. 100% …[View]
332792236>Biden telling Cuomo to step-down because of his misconduct L M A O ... Dems are the ultimate par…[View]
332791677A lot of you might be wondering what's the purpose of shilling feminism, LGBTQIOP+ rights, mino…[View]
332792104How many of you have checked with your wife and kids that they don’t mind you not being vaccinated? …[View]
332784955>majority if slave owners were Jewish >if slavery is abolished we lose all our shekels, so let…[View]
332788921>You could have saved her..[View]
332791941Where were you when the merchant wrecked havoc in Beirut?[View]
332792158Aaaaaaaaand, they're gone: Just like the Chinese convulsion videos, like vapor, all of a sudden…[View]
332791346How nice of our president to do this finally Palestinian scum will be destroyed[View]
332792113Based Pol request a test on Christine Mboma to find out if It is a woman: What are the political imp…[View]
332790997Will this clown world let him go because he's a tranny?[View]
332792024Make sure you record your compliance goyim: And don't forget to virtue signal about it.[View]
332790292Kill Kosovo plz[View]
332786716> I'm fit and healthy, it won't happen to m-[View]
332791736Ivermectin - Jew vs Jew edition: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/double-blind-ivermectin-study-re…[View]
332791740I guess we need to think about going mobile.[View]
332790674There was a rumor: That a guy at my army unit in Germany defected to Russia. He went AWOL during the…[View]
332787301If the west is tolerant, why doesn't it tolerate racists?: I'm tolerant means I tolerate E…[View]
332789483WE kicked out the faggots with their: brainwashing 'child books'. Do you know where they've lan…[View]
332789574/pol/ turns you into a nigger. Let me explain, By viewing all of these doomer posts by fearful weak …[View]
332790291I hate being from this pathetic, weak puppet state I wish I was born in a strong, proud country like…[View]
332779194Florida breaks hospitalization record…again: Deaths will be next. Really doesn’t have to be this wa…[View]
332791485Moving back to Houston as a student with my family , what should I know ?: Heyo, I am originally fro…[View]
332789462What is having a micro-penis like? Asking for a friend[View]
332781086I heard that /pol/ loves large empires without cultural identities: I present to you; Perfect Europe…[View]
332784545A Chinese bioweapon virus that attacks every blood vessel in your body was released Oct 2019, unless…[View]
332791226DIY Vax: I made my own vaccine and I am now protected from the coof! Ingredients: glass of diet coke…[View]
332788941This is so pathetic https://twitter.com/AceHainley/status/1422734736565342210?s=19[View]
332783935Straight or Gay, White, Black or Asian, Male or Female, in the end we're all humans and that…[View]
332791332Im the worst i know youre not gonna get it but: Sorry its just that I know I know I know i know rig…[View]
332786625Why does Antifa keep on winning?: >Antifa defeated the Confederate States in 1865 >Antifa defe…[View]
332777321Maxime Bernier: 'I'm not taking the Vaccine': Uhh bros? Based department? https://www…[View]
332791303Half of today's healthy white population won't be able to breed children, look around you …[View]
332787884Welcome to \pol\-Politically Incorrect: This thread is for discussion of state on this board and how…[View]
332789101you’re welcome gringos: we are what’s keeping this boat afloat https://youtu.be/3XliRDHUNM4[View]
332788097The shift is happening.: It's over. Take a look at the news today. NYC style vaccine mandates w…[View]
332788022Why did Osama hate America?[View]
332789695We must go to the next level[View]
332790994Imagine if Trump did this >”by the time it’s litigated we will have accomplished the goal anyway”…[View]
332790761Miss me yet?[View]
332767721Tell me about Houston TX. I have a job opportunity there. Do you have freedom?[View]
332790542I don't want to lead...: I don't want responsibility... I don't want to be a king... …[View]
332790923it's happening[View]
332787039Riddle me this, what makes up presumably 60% of muttlands population but somehow 90% of the worlds p…[View]
332789123Can you feel it /pol/?: I feel it...[View]
332790037And then the billionaire that rode a dick into outer space said[View]
332789877I learned history thru Will Durant: Any reason why this source is not believable?[View]
332790774Based negress visits one of the hospitals the media claims is overcrowded with covid patients and re…[View]
332789395Calling all Circumcised /pol/niggers!!!!: How do you live with yourselves knowing you're anothe…[View]
332757933HOLY FUCK! NormalFags Are Going Full 1488 Against Vaccine Mandates: Where were you when leftists sta…[View]
332787910I really miss him bros: A /k/ legend has fallen. He was the most based black operator I ever saw. No…[View]
332779249what you should really be worried about is the vaccine passport: The vaccine has a bunch of bad side…[View]
332790254Sick and Tired of /pol/ Porn Posts: getting 100+ replies and every decent and interesting thread is …[View]
332762308“exclusive right of Hungarian parents”: Hungary shot back against the “unprecedented attacks” from t…[View]
332789422Why is there so little talk in public discourse over the effect of constant streams of information m…[View]
332785751He was a hero[View]
332789935vaccine passports make no sense: No self interested business would turn away paying customers for no…[View]
332790271Are women fine with feminism removing them from the genepool?: I'm not talking about women who …[View]
332767347Fuck this book is amazing. Why has /pol/ never told me to read this?[View]
332785733Why does /pol/ hate them for killing and slaughter of innocent non-combatants yet supports >IRA …[View]
332789480“HOSPITALS ARE BURSTING AT THE SEAMS!!11!”: You know how I know this is a complete lie? I haven’t se…[View]
332787940/pol/ I come to you for advice only you can uniquely give. My mother is an anti-vaxxer, I am as well…[View]
332789523Coup CLAP cap CLAP Review[View]
332789889Nature divided everything into Two's, not god, not humans: He looks weird, I mean she... yes.. …[View]
332788312What's he doing these days?[View]
332784850How does a christian behave? See a jew: The christian is just like the jew, even in making excuses.…[View]
332789701They hated him because he told them the truth.[View]
332780538Gow can we destroy AmeriKKKa?[View]
332783004Why do Joe's handlers max sure he eats ice cream every day?[View]
332787858WHITE MAN STABS SPIC ZOGBOT IN WASHINGTON DC: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9861071/Penta…[View]
332789213My dumb whore of a wife got the vaxx: At first I convinced her not to get it and she agreed, but the…[View]
332782531Russophobia in American Media: Death to the United States and those who support it. I flew here to v…[View]
332765312/SG/ /GPG/ Geopolitics General #629 - Space Edition: Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya, A…[View]
332789481Student loan completely paid off: I couldn’t wait for Biden to forgive my debt, so I did it myself. …[View]
332774229HOLY SHIT: Chris Chan filed as female under police report. I guess pol was right. Chris Chan vs The …[View]
332773153Haha... you can dodge the vax if you are vegan, /pol/: Im sure there is some irony here somewhere.…[View]
332787535If the degeneracy we see in the world today was foretold in all ancient cultures, then anything we t…[View]
332787653Mutt Hate Thread: pic related thinks hes a natsoc activist, despite being a literal subhuman[View]
332777166The cop question: Are they to blame for enforcing laws in an antiwhite system? Or are they just doin…[View]
332789328Science is Jewish: This 1996 book proves it. The Jews completely took over the scientific institutio…[View]
332788384Are people really not paying their rent?: The democrats, primarily the progressive wing including th…[View]
332788748Don't be John: John is dying needlessly of a virus Making the right choices would have kept Joh…[View]
332788875They implement a GPS/Micro cameras in the Vaccines You're literally a walking Alexa reporting …[View]
332789189Does any one sow volcano not on screen?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-knzJVVLxo[View]
332788361Could the Nazis have succeeded in their plan of exterminating the jews if they played out things mor…[View]
332779556Eurasian help your fellow Eurasians: Fuck amerikikes[View]
332787314So memes aside, did he actually do it?[View]
332785266>Space is not real >Earth is flat >Jesus is real and potent My skin is peeling off from non…[View]
332783473/iw/ - Infowars General: It's Jones time Web link: https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=5c59c724f7…[View]
332782571Sit down and SHUT DA FUCK UP!: Dumb fucking JACKASS! lol...[View]
332786040Sick CHild: If you ever find out that your child would end up looking like that boy, (Unable to talk…[View]
332786156MEXICO IS PLAYING WITH FIRE: https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/mexico-sues-several-weapons-manu…[View]
332775009Why are you so afraid of women?: Its kinda cringe.[View]
332785965If America was truly a meritocracy society we would agree that it's right to call a rotton indi…[View]
332788836>you are evil and oppressing us! >why are you murdering us and control all the laws and money …[View]
332784492How accurate will this picture be once Jew York demands V-cards from you publicly?: How accurate?…[View]
332788825Transexuals is american culture go cope ameritroon[View]
332741736...why would they kill off those who took the vaccine while the most rebellious of us live on? Would…[View]
332785446Fuck all anti white pieces of shit: Fuck you nigger bastard shit skins who hate the White race. Fuck…[View]
332787951SWIM is a drug addict. SWIM swipes the cough meds on the daily. SWIM fiends every day. Don’t be like…[View]
332786232Declaring war on /pol/: Is /pol/ the second lowest IQ board outside of /b/? Its literally a board of…[View]
332769100Why Won't Trump Speak Out Against The mRNA Vaccine?: If the vaccine is so bad and evil, how com…[View]
332788084Lol they always get their token niggers wrong[View]
332786633DONT be like nick: >ugly >talks about politics all the time >complains and hates constantly…[View]
332786436How is that posible?: https://youtu.be/jguoMYcDy90 This video just ruined my life in 3 min. How I g…[View]
332781041>Told to resign by the most powerful man in the world. >Just shows up for work the next day I…[View]
332783462/pol/'s narrative is too nonsensical: Ok let's assume the global government elites and vac…[View]
332786890Covid is airborne aids!: >No wait, it's a deadly virus >Have you seen all the videos of c…[View]
332781740Bronze Age Pervert's Twitter account has been suspended[View]
332785156Hello Amerianons what can you tell me about the great city of Newark, New Jersey?[View]
332786760Explain to me (with logical arguments) why the world needs 500 million more Nigerians[View]
332785868Reject modern women, be pure in Christ.: And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and …[View]
332786504Nigger music: If you listen to nigger music: you cannot be white If you listen to supreme white musi…[View]
332787767MAMA MIA: Italian woman gets Astra-Zenecated. https://archive.is/MGvD4[View]
332782393How did they get away with this bullshit?: > most contagious virus in human history > people r…[View]
332788059>mexico sues an american company >Blames US for arming THEIR CARTELS Peak clown world…[View]
332782792Which one of you ignorant /pol/ niggers are leaving all these comments?: The McChicken pasta is even…[View]
332788129DPRK: Daily Reminder: Kim Jong Un is based and North Korea did nothing wrong. The west creates the m…[View]
332786939Are niggers even human?[View]
332782227Percentage of Men (by Country) Who Paid for Sex at Least Once: The Johns Chart: >last updated 201…[View]
332785817In the future there will be only two races. The first, a global mutt slave race, a formless mob cons…[View]
332787308Lmao the absolute state of the goyim right now[View]
332785873The crack epidemic: I used to scoff at blacks whom blamed the federal government for the crack epide…[View]
332750423/NSG/ National Socialism General: /nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ 卐THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL…[View]
332787570>Church goer tells priest 4chan /pol/ is a haven for right wingers >Priest looks up /pol/…[View]
332785105Is there such a thing as gender euphoria? I fucking love being man.[View]
332785913The Delta Variant of COVID-19 shall hence forth be known as The Stephen Paddock: Because it slaughte…[View]
332776964Silver does NOT end the Fed: Silver was never popular as currency. It was only used as 'money' from …[View]
332787483Why haven’t you taken the countrypill yet: I’m honestly so fucking done with this shitty world that …[View]
332780972Its absolutely amazing how this tasty little slut is a reality check for all you sheltered retards. …[View]
332787616Why the fuck is he so scared of congress?[View]
332781493Operation Uno Reverse: We need to create a database of businesses that have required or demanded pro…[View]
332787591Are Whites to Asians what Blacks are to Whites?[View]
332783991Covid Makes Your Dick Dysfunctional: Background: Erectile dysfunction (ED), as the hallmark of endot…[View]
332779181DISNEY EMPLOYEES RUNNING CHILD RAPE RING: This is not good bros. A bunch of Disney employees were ra…[View]
332780968Anyone have a more comprehensive list?: You people have gone full retard posting this shit all day, …[View]
332787166everyone who took the c19 jew juice is a soulless NPC[View]
332773113MASSIVE FOOD SHORTAGE COMING: Hope you are ready when the food shortage hits they will only allow va…[View]
332780419When will Trump face justice for creating and distributing a fake, deadly vaccine? Soon we will see …[View]
332784701POWERFUL. BEAUTIFUL: Mensah-Stock has accomplished more at 28 than /pol/chuds could ever home to acc…[View]
332787017Pepe plese: I can't into ms paint.[View]
332774279fuck this tard[View]
332785822>What is eco-fascism? Oversimplified, eco-fascism is the rightwing equivalent of the leftist envi…[View]
332779099We can't let people be free!: If they were free, they would destroy themselves, so we need to d…[View]
332780722Is the plan still on?[View]
332787034Fauci floats the Pill?: What are the implications of Fauci promoting an antiviral pill as treatment …[View]
332767723How long will this COVID shit last?: Give it to me straight, how long will this COVID shit last? We …[View]
332786984Is Communism a Ploy to Normaliza Pedophilia?: >be me >wondering why communists don't just…[View]
332786845So you got vax'd??? AHAHAHAHAHHAHA you got the T virus like the zombies and all! OMG so cool le…[View]
332785400MORT: Why are Frenchies suddenly dying of food allergies? https://archive.is/u77Bf[View]
332783612Why should anyone give a fuck about Taiwan? They are literally globohomo pawn #283897[View]
332764147GERM THEORISTS AND VAXXTARDS BTFO: FULL TRANSCRIPTS OF Her Majesty the Queen vs. Patrick King will b…[View]
332784214TrannyNiggers BTFO[View]
332785780If you spend more than 30 minutes on the internet a day--YOU ARE NOT WHITE. GET OFF THE INTERNET[View]
332784091Chris Carter had ties with the FBI and CIA. It’s a well known fact that CIA agents used to hang out …[View]
332775683Why are they so Happy?: I WANT TO BE HAPPY TOO[View]
332781216Boss just sent notice we're back to indoor masks again.[View]
332756325Dominion whistleblower comes forward[View]
332784845daily reminder to stop being morons and stop replying to 1 post by this id shills. if a thread has m…[View]
332785447Reminder all Canadians will take the shot. Chinks on suicide watch.[View]
332784353Anti-white Target Corp wants your opinions /pol/: https://iu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eUHnbNKDF…[View]
332785968THIS WILL NOT STAND[View]
332786195they removed my thread euro hate thread[View]
332784994White woman arrested for exposure: What happened to white Americans ? https://www.google.com/amp/s/o…[View]
332784791Why are we so great at sport.[View]
332762624how do i evade the covid pass it's going to be necessary in italy from august 6th to enter rest…[View]
332756928Beautiful: Say something nice about her[View]
332785911>https://archive.is/Vn3Ka >Pregliasco: 'My son escaped from a 'no mask' company. The…[View]
332784453October Fun: It’s only two more months until October. Only two more months until /pol/‘s most wonde…[View]
332783757Alright, what the actual fuck has been going on this week?: We got delta killing everyone apparently…[View]
332785881Friendly reminder: Its always the fucking jews and you know it and knowing it while most people arou…[View]
332773595I always knew the world was inherently unfair, and full of degeneracy but the more time I spend in i…[View]
332784034>keknadian government tells redditors its ok to mix 2 shots of different >now vaxxed redditor…[View]
332784970Can we please get a factual discussion going on about anything related to Covid vaccines?: Can we ge…[View]
332784326So apparently cookimg books can ve jewish: ¿What makes them jewish?, Must be the 'ovens' huh[View]
332780382its not going to work in America: none of this globohomo shit is going to work here. none of it. no …[View]
332785752cwc IS politics: https://www.infowars.com/posts/trans-youtuber-chris-chan-to-be-jailed-with-female-i…[View]
332785854We wuz liberteez n sheeit: When gold ran up in 1979-1980, one way to reduce your investment cost was…[View]
332785849Scotland: What part of 'Once in a lifetime' do they not understand?[View]
332767415Why did Europe voluntarily self destruct? Unironically is this the ultimate racial weakness? Chinese…[View]
332784077If Gov. Cuomo can't get pussy what chance do you have ya fat, poor incel?[View]
332780724Why don't US states just secede?: That 'country' isn't obviously going anywhere, they…[View]
332785331I propose proof of vaccination in order to pay your taxes to the IRS.[View]
332772015Redpill me on the Virginia Tech massacre: Was it a false flag? What was the actual story of Cho Seun…[View]
332785337I'm not going to vaxx because this is a disgusting media blitz that will suddenly die out once …[View]
332783142Political Minecraft HD: Have you guys ever thought of playing some HD Minecraft now since the COVID …[View]
332785036It seems like when a new topic becomes popular for a prolonged period of time, they make a new board…[View]
332785191My Expectations were met.: So, Did anyone else see this coming? Don't be a prick, talk to me he…[View]
332716758Unwoke game companies: I'm a video game developer, have been for 16 years. I'm so sick of …[View]
332782303He's right. We need open borders so we can get more gold medals.[View]
332777203SETF #448 | Silver Ends The Fed - Hour of Justice Edition: A Political thread about the global banki…[View]
332783522Anybody else kind of wish society would just collapse? At least it would be interesting, and a Mad M…[View]
332784285George Soros's business partner was raping several 18 year old women https://www.friatider.se/g…[View]
332783329We shall build the ethnostate there.[View]
332784268Narcissists can do whatever they want.[View]
332784973I am a robot I use a VPN I block Ads I use duckduckgo.com I use https://invidious.namazso.eu to wat…[View]
332782479I dont get it: Lefties genuinely believe they are in the right and that everything is just conspirat…[View]
332781459*WHO Calls For Halt to Covid-19 Booster Shots https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/14229454812404981…[View]
332784923What's 16chan?: I'm a newfag, so I'm not that knowledgeable with all the different 4c…[View]
332782584Are you triggered Jew boi?[View]
332777539I keep seeing this North Korean girl everywhere and the things she apparently experienced in NK almo…[View]
332779870Pfizer vaccine linked to eye inflammation: Your heart will burst, your blood will clog up, your face…[View]
332778656Took this from a discord server I infiltrated. I thought it was hilarious. Its also very eye opening…[View]
332771931Scottish woman with large tits causes mayhem in kebab shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hohTD0TW…[View]
332784771Why can't we just have a peaceful genocidal dictatorship which will round up and kill all non-w…[View]
332783184Post your country's 'experts'.[View]
332784708Children can’t actually die. God told me that.[View]
332784643>Reminder that blacks actually believe this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kkkbueBZxY…[View]
332784207You can spread all the fag shit and take a knee all your want but wearing a badge of your leader is …[View]
332772513Holy fucking shit guys, IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING! https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/diplomac…[View]
332784557Thank you based frens!: I didnt relax around blacks so many times and it saved me so many times! I h…[View]
332781967Question: Should you ever apologize for being right?[View]
332780890Flat Earth Super Earth 404: >>332779553 >We know water can't hold a curve Raindrops ar…[View]
332779850If Slavs are white, why are the culturally backwards?[View]
332783902Australian man arrested for WALKING OUTSIDE...What the fuck is going on Down Under?: https://twitter…[View]
332784349what youre really supporting: There is no legal mechanism in our constitution by which Trump can reg…[View]
332749619Why is weed suddenly legal?[View]
332784291Racists BTFO[View]
332778306Quitting my job because the mask and jab wagie[View]
332783740Clown world: child abuse: When will they crack down on the sexualization of underage teens on social…[View]
332780580EDVARDO LEITE will win in 2022: And we will finally form the SOVTH AMERICAN CONFEDERATION, rvling th…[View]
332758008Britbonglogpost coincidence AI information, DMS mcafee: Just my 2 cents on what happend the past wee…[View]
332777690CONFIRMED: COVID-19 is a hoax: FULL TRANSCRIPTS OF Her Majesty the Queen vs. Patrick King will be re…[View]
332776098Hour of Justice General #9: Summary ------- 2019-2020 >An inevitable economic collapse was on the…[View]
332783850Buckle up horse paste bros, we have Jewish reinforcements rolling through. >A double-blind Israel…[View]
332782650All women post motivational and life-affirming quotes on their social media. When did women become p…[View]
332780131redpill me pls: can any anons inform me of all the shady shit these people have done in both antiqui…[View]
332753132>Hitler recalled a remark his mentor Dietrich Eckart made about Weininger: 'I only knew one decen…[View]
332783753They are both consenting adults in a lesbian relationship. I don't see the problem. Its not lik…[View]
332783414Vaccines are good for you it's science[View]
332760920Don't. Let. It. Mutate!!!!![View]
332779674Here Is My Vax Pass Officer: Is pick related the ONLY response to ANYONE who asks you for a vax pass…[View]
332782111Storytime with Savanah Hernandez. She is holding strong in the fight to go through life without havi…[View]
332779721It already happened.: >CodeMonkeyZ has PROVED remote access of Dominion Machines. >Dominion C…[View]
332782892Someone shoop this meme for me, taking a shit at work. Change the wording to make it flow better if …[View]
332779038Kids are going back to school in September and this is what it's going to look like[View]
332743518Cannabis was made by God Alcohol was made by man Who do you trust[View]
332783653Is it time for another flyer campaign?[View]
332769415It’s starting: Looks like it’s starting, how does one live/fight/cope against this tyranny?[View]
332777223Happy Birthday, Mr Obama!: Everyone wish Obama a happy 60th birthday![View]
332730669What's the endgame?[View]
332780235IS THIS VIRUS EVEN REAL ?: Isn’t it interesting that the only machine to have allegedly isolated sar…[View]
332766990Do you support inheritances?: I do, but with limitations. For instance, I think in the case of peopl…[View]
332782894Guys, I think I’m finally coming to reality that everyone should and must take the vaccine. We need …[View]
332783251Hi /g/ I'm the guy who said my father will kick me from house if I don't take the vaccine.…[View]
332783231Fuck America!: Reminder that America not only doesn't execute communists and antiwhites, it leg…[View]
332783019time to get my vaccine dose........... pol to needs to man up and get it to[View]
332777408How many weeks?[View]
332775414NJ vax Lawfag needed: if any of you know of a NJ law firm that would help to draft letter same as pi…[View]
332783131UnVaxxed power?: I don't know about others but since the big Vax drive I feel better than ever.…[View]
332781021WALKING OVER DEAD BODIES: Do the people in your country help others in need during emergencies?…[View]
332783055I hate my fucking co-workers: I hate them so much: >one is a sandnigger from Afghanistan, can…[View]
332778585HHAHAHAHAHAH NIGGERS CANT SWIM: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sddKB3WJzoQ&pp=sAQA I was only lis…[View]
332782488What is your opinion about trannies: https://strawpoll.com/43p2z1f4a/r[View]
332782595I really miss him bros: He was the most based black man ever. Not to mention his skills. Good Lord! …[View]
332780807Today Mark's the 1 year anniversary of the mossad bomb in lebanon: Give me your best memes pol …[View]
332782942Are blacks in america aware of the jews and their schemes, or is it just a young WASP thing?[View]
332778535How difficult will it be for niggers/drug scum art students/poor faggots to ever rent again?: If lan…[View]
332780855Take the governments vaccine to protect you from the virus created by the government because if you …[View]
332782436I’m only wearing this mask because a dog sneezed on me[View]
332782752Whats worse, getting a shit shot or potentially dying: Hi /pol/, I too am against the vaccine fundam…[View]
332779567Australia publicly building gulags?: Don't worry citizen, it's for your own good. We even …[View]
332767044They’re fucking with us, aren’t they?: The alleged numbers for vaccine effectiveness keep getting hi…[View]
332777349Mandatory Vaccine in Texas Pt. 2: Update on an earlier thread: https://archive.vn/v4m1B Hospital iss…[View]
332777871In China, they fear their government. In America, we mock our government.[View]
332781712The vaxx zombie mob has arisen: Anyone else notice vaxtards going crazy? Your vaxxed frens detonatin…[View]
332760343We are 100% living in end times: >Be me >Raised in Christian home and went to Christian school…[View]
332781173Our patience has limits.[View]
332782456Nate Silver body bagging NYT journalists: https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/14229159717156700…[View]
332782103When do we get an unvaccinated dating website? Apple won't let it on their AppStore.[View]
332781100/pol/ turns you into a nigger. Let me explain, By viewing all of these doomer posts by fearful weak …[View]
332781778Floods, fires, riots and lockdowns. Guess I'll extrapolate and say depopulation doesn't se…[View]
332781054Name ONE based thing this man has done: https://youtube.com/shorts/GkrLRTSHT8g?feature=share…[View]
332782307Christian is jew even to make excuses: Jews also say that they are not to blame for the world's…[View]
332781897Just say 'no' to white supremacy.[View]
332773322Have you been brainwashed by far right propaganda?[View]
332781849>africa and the middle east have the highest rates of rape, incest, genital mutilation, child mar…[View]
332781750#ChatControl EU approves mass surveillance of VIOP messengers and email providers: >Brussels, 06/…[View]
332778691The dimensions are merging, bros...: National girlfriend day, Sonic's 30th Anniversary, AND the…[View]
332771531LOL. Target, the shit company that promotes 'black owned businesses' really wants to know why people…[View]
332779375/pol/ - THE ANIMATED SERIES: LAST TIME Enbie Truescum finally admitted her feelings to Gigachud righ…[View]
332778801vaccinated are the real problem: according to science, the vaccinated are responsible for the delta …[View]
332775775The Best Way to Fight: is to simply be beautiful and successful. Nothing makes our enemies seethe mo…[View]
332778415Can we talk about how pride is affecting public safety?: In almost all of human history, humans have…[View]
332781137i will NOT eat the bugs![View]
332775928Tim Pool x Charlie Kirk x Vaush: Vaush vs Charlie Kirk. Someone reupload the extended edition plz Im…[View]
332776453The current angle...: Why are they so desperate to convince you? What the fuck is in that mystery se…[View]
332777717>13 stripes >50 stars >DESPITE WE MUST TURN THE AMERICAN FLAG INTO A HATE SYMBOL…[View]
332780429Why do Americans act so tough with each other but are complete pussies in the face of real power?[View]
332778868College: Can we talk about this bullshit and what a meme it has become? >Costs a shit ton of mone…[View]
332778544Where is Pol News Network? threads were comfy as fuck. did jannies nuke them?[View]
332757108BASED MAN ENDS SCAMDEMIC: >be Alberta man >have a party during KEKVID-19 SCAMDEMIC >get fin…[View]
332767611As atheism becomes more prevalent, science becomes contaminated by magical thinking: and plain-old q…[View]
332732736/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5783 Emergency Memeflag Edition: ► Detected: ~199,999,999 (+555,393) ►…[View]
332778134Do European Women Have a Future?: Vid related is a video from a group of school girls from Leysin Am…[View]
332780116This faggot replaced Rush in my area. He has to be as big of a fucking loser neocon MIGApede as Bria…[View]
332778532What's the end game of the jews? What do they want?[View]
332759305>Germany is preparing a new lockdown. BILD has obtained an internal document that even proposes r…[View]
332777824Vaccine risk vs Covid risk?: Give it to me straight guys, no bullshit conspiracies, given my comorbi…[View]
332768247We’re in the end game now. Governments around the world are trying to pin us down and inject us with…[View]
332779182Student loan completely paid off: I couldn’t wait for Biden to forgive my debt, so I did it myself. …[View]
332776307Now that chirschan is a prison filled with women 18 - 21 boyfriend free, what is there to do?[View]
332774101Swedish Corona Certificate: Some swedanon was asking if anyone had what the swedish covid pass looke…[View]
332780626What to do if they make covid passport obligatory in every store?: Hard mode: not wearing mask…[View]
332779000Just came out of the ER. Mr. Chud was crying to me all day about his clotting issues, now his legs a…[View]
332777158What do you think of Northeast Indians? Do you consider them superior to regular Indians?[View]
332776135'The women in my country are whores!' Every man says this, from every nationality. Why? Is there any…[View]
332773186Energy is a system of White Oppresion: How can we develop new Energy tech that dismantles systems of…[View]
3327804664channing: Touchyest Trashyest place and folks xherex[View]
332756292Is Hungary really as much of a shithole as described here? Republicans should be ashamed of themselv…[View]
332769353August 2021, I am forgotten[View]
332779821Bbb: Ccc[View]
332780553BIG TECH EXODUS: why are (you) not helping liberate world from FAGMAN?[View]
332777117The first seals are opening, can you feel it ?[View]
332779854Why haven't you gotten vaksinated yet, Anon?: It's 100% safe & effective. Trust me bro…[View]
332779360Do these kikes really think they're that strong?[View]
332780451/éirepol/: ireland 2040[View]
332773958So, the republicans are fudging numbers to make COVID seem less deadly. I remember way back in sprin…[View]
332757722Why do women love globohomo so much? 2nd Belarussian Olympian refuses to go home: https://www.rt.com…[View]
332779349COMMON SENSE - VAXX UP!!!: >the elderly are mostly vaccinated >but they are still are risk of …[View]
332773239EXPOSED!!!!!: How Tim Pool RADICALIZED YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co_Pf9KVLkQ is he /o…[View]
332779984Is it fair to say that according to the principles of völkisch ideology the asiatic races have prove…[View]
332774199Do you guys rememeber electing this asshole?: >has the power to force everybody in the country to…[View]
332771907Atheism is weakness: To look at yourself in the mirror and believe you could be the product of anyth…[View]
332778441A king never sips wine from his enemy unless he witnesses his enemy take a sip before him. Wisdom of…[View]
332775446Is public humilation/shaming a return to tradition?: It was common for adulterous women to wear the …[View]
332778214>they took this from you[View]
332775629Zionist =/= jew: those newbies who do not understand the key words and think that the jews are behin…[View]
332773356>Tfw you will be force to take the vaccine[View]
332772931Pfizer CEO: ANTI-VAX!!!: WTF!!! GET YOUR VAX!![View]
332779299Are science-worshipping atheists the epitome of the midwit meme?[View]
332779571Well /pol/, have you?[View]
332778338I've been in and out of hospitals in a major metropolitan area for an unrelated issue the past …[View]
332775766Muslim anons..: What do you think of shiites muslims? Are they really a muslim are they even islam? …[View]
332777804>Year 2023 >President Biden officially gives pedophiles rights and lowers age of consenting pe…[View]
332777789These are the people waging a cultural war against American companies: Improvement is one thing. But…[View]
3327768494chan ruined my country!: You guys ruined a whole country with all these conspiracy far right nazi B…[View]
332778979I Do It With Everyone: ... barks sarcastically[View]
332778791Oi m8 u got permission for that?: >wants to open up store >wants to kick out tenant >wants …[View]
332776989I’m not participating in society anymore: I’m gonna work seasonal jobs in Alaska and then spend the …[View]
332779008escape the city [step 1] if you want to survive http://icescape.org/Happening.html[View]
332778994How do people not recognize that Artificial General Intelligence is the Antichrist and that the tech…[View]
332752789pol humor thread[View]
332777318Hippies are a Nazi conspiracy: >The 'Peace Symbol' is literally just the Yr rune, or death rune, …[View]
332776280why has life become so fake and gay? Seriously, I feel like we all live in a giant playpen.[View]
332778864More of these?[View]
332778515Your grandparents know that jews sabotage germany from inside and outside in 2 world wars, they know…[View]
332772303/SIG/ Self Improvement General - August Challenge Edition: You ARE doing the August challenge, right…[View]
332776092>seething in 3...2...1...[View]
332776725Julian Reichelt - BILD - APOLOGIZES: Julian Reichelt, the editor-in-chief of @BILD - one of the larg…[View]
332777693GOOGLE EMPLOYEES ARE LITERALLY READING YOUR EMAILS: Oh no bros. It looks like all of the data google…[View]
332775219GET IN HERE - I got an idea how to redpill the normies: Someone recently forwarded me a 15 second re…[View]
332776888Right wingers lost again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL995iGCGEU Take another L, Charlie Kirk l…[View]
332778307Only 70% Dead? the jew want 500million slaves left?[View]
332773882>I'm poor, but if I promote Libertarianism, I will be rich one day…[View]
332735523OMG, guy! I just watched this documentary, and it is amazing!: You won't believe what all happe…[View]
332759357Coming soon: America's own social credit system: Are we going full China, burger bros? https://…[View]
332761840Should I marry?: We've been together for almost 3 years, and have acted like a married couple f…[View]
332777253Delta The Zoomer Bitch?[View]
332777923We lost.: The republic has fallen. It's over. Joe Biden has ended the separation of powers put…[View]
332777712Fear and Western Canadians: Fear and Western Canadians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWZJ8J_XZw4…[View]
332771568Is the vaccine gonna kill me or not[View]
332777744/pol/ Redpill me about Women: I was with my friends (3 guys, 2 girls) and we were talking about wome…[View]
332766053Public Service Announcement: 'If you no fap, you may develop prostate cancer': Harvard. >true or …[View]
332776294We demand an apology. >For what For everything. For all of it.[View]
332775014Clownworld thread[View]
332776343If you are born today do you have an easier life as a male or a female?: Just got my wife pregnant, …[View]
332775352ITS HAPPENING /pol/ WAS RIGHT AGAIN: Scientists belive that the key to success is good upbringing, i…[View]
332777504We did it Twitter[View]
332768539Please stop: Please stop saying the n-word. It's very hurtful, mean, and racist[View]
332776805Documentary with all evidence that the election was rigged.: Mike Flynn is in it! Save & watch b…[View]
332777396Roundtable: USA is cowboys versus aliens, but no one knows what versus means anymore الموت لأمريكا ،…[View]
332773010Bronze Age Pervert's Twitter account has been suspended[View]
332771477Imam Warns: COVID Vaccine Has AIDS Protein; The World Is Run by Homosexuals Like Pete Buttigieg: htt…[View]
332771962Say something nice about my great grandpa.[View]
332776018When art imitates reality[View]
332775707None of us want this: But at some point, they're coming for you and you may have to choose to t…[View]
332755652Defeat the Cabal Social Engineering: >>29406434 >Let me introduce you to DeaChan, an imageb…[View]
332773845THEY CANT EVEN WIN BY CHEATING: The jogger used an enhanced running shoe and the pure blood white st…[View]
332770876What are some signs and symptoms of schizophrenia?[View]
332775910>give plebs free money >they waste it They never learn.…[View]
332776656Eurasian Federation / Empire, based or cursed ?: My ancestors are smiling at me, anon, can you say t…[View]
332775417This whole thing about the CDC eviction moratorium is the biggest bullshit hot potato game EVER play…[View]
332775064So what isn’t controlled by jews and judaic influences? It straight up seems like everything is cont…[View]
332775999I miss pre vax /pol/: This board is filled with nothing bur stupid vax/anti vax stories now.[View]
332775801You guys are so fucking hypocritical.[View]
332774837Canada, Finland, Slav, memeflag: Reminder these are almost always slidethread shills[View]
332772693The entire country hates you unvaccinated people. Get your shots, retard[View]
332756238Implications of leaky vaccine: They are trying to get rid of us aren't they?[View]
332776360Constant cuckposters raids on /R9k/ and /b/: Hey pol, I'm here to inform you that the previousl…[View]
332770239got the vacchink: just got jabbed with Sinopharm, will I die tomorrow?[View]
332776867Good Life General - GLG: Given the amount of shilling and bs currently on /pol/, how about a nice li…[View]
332776827White incels caring about normies is equally retarded as white women caring about refugees.[View]
332775866Question for my fellow anons trapped behind enemy lines in cuck states. What kind of resistance if a…[View]
332774883Coronavirus has been around since forever. It's the cause of the common cold It's been a …[View]
332769347Why do normies want to make people get the vaccine so bad? It isn't out of the goodness of thei…[View]
332773844What say Anons[View]
332776124>the forefathers knew[View]
332776467Uhm... GUYS?!: What is Bill Gates up to?!?[View]
332773738> 'You're allowed to criticize political correctness you're just not allowed to think i…[View]
332776443Fuck poland[View]
332771284Any fucking Turk online in here?[View]
332771982allah is Gay: Gay is allah.[View]
332771274>All of the 'news' media are controlled by the ruling party >Businesses are physically and leg…[View]
332775424>listening to any modern pop song >ApeRap interlude Why?…[View]
332765357What is the most savage & evil race and why is it spics?[View]
332771368CIA / glownigger memeflag: official request for whoever runs /pol/: Im suggesting you to make a prop…[View]
332762481If this isn't the end times then I don't know what is >one world government coming …[View]
332776095The #Resistance: The proggesive under dogs successfully resisted Trump. Why does 4chan hate the litt…[View]
332770098Why are they doing this to us?: Why is this only happening in the West?[View]
332762065This is America: and I stopped flying when TSA was created[View]
332772919Is this an artificial victim ?: That guy literally doesnt existed a week ago. Now 100´s of articles,…[View]
332749284Western Australia mine sites in lock down.: The media isn't reporting that mine sites in Wester…[View]
332767997(((free market capitalism)))[View]
332767033/polder/ - politics Nederland #2: vriens welcome, demoralized faggots GTFO >Forumland wanneer? Wa…[View]
332768661/INTEL/ Politically Incorrect Intel New Assignment: Hello This is the dawn of a new set of assignmen…[View]
332773603Can't wait until America becomes INCEL headquaters of world. Just keep accusing everyone of sex…[View]
332775562If you call me a chud I’ll cum[View]
332769427So this is the power of good propaganda? This caused Tim McVeigh to finally take action? Why are we …[View]
332768138It's been 20 years. So much has changed since then. It was important because the event accelera…[View]
332734573Why do the assholes who got vaccinated preach that others should do it too? Why are they so concerne…[View]
332774801Based Gov knows the way: Sounds like it's time to move to and invest in states with governors t…[View]
332774479The absolute state of the leftist man child: Gaming platforms are girls who you can talk to (and sti…[View]
332773190Muhh Science!: >travel around >forced to take a test > 'oh no muh science test says you die…[View]
332775262Get the Jab, so I can go to parties and meet Chads: 'Let's go back to normality' Bitch, normal …[View]
332775477/ourguy/: Amerimutt libshits, trannies and commies are seething again. Music for our ears.[View]
332774030Signal not noise.: What is he trying to tell us?[View]
332773586The US turned my cousin into a lesbian. What can I do to solved it?: Sadly, I discovered that my god…[View]
332766271Autists Assemble!: What is this logo mini Rothschild has on his t-shirt? >NEW - Macron wears t-sh…[View]
332755344/pol/ BTFO[View]
332773456Does anyone else find it extremely odd that the typical 'basements full of child-trafficking devil w…[View]
332775144We're marching closer and closer. Every new strain is defeated by our pilots, but new and new m…[View]
332743220COVID SUPER VARIANT: What are the political ramifications of 1 in 3 people dying?[View]
332758820LOLOLOLOL EVICTION BAN BACK IN EFFECT: Free rent for niggers for another 2 months. https://www.pbs.o…[View]
332774803Get that fucking mask on NOW! I will personally come kick your ass if I find out you arent wearing a…[View]
332771297When this is all said and done, how should the world deal with Google and their kind? They seem to b…[View]
332774824Why hasn't the SARS-CoV-2 virus been isolated yet?: All the science and vaccines are based on …[View]
332773757Would you?[View]
332769988redpill me on the IRA[View]
332774847https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57996910: Why are British politicians so retarded? Crayon draw…[View]
332772499Vaccination card for those who want to not get the jab. Just fill it out and print it with fake ass …[View]
332773344Unvaccinated boomers and conservachuds should have their medicare benefits suspended. Change my min…[View]
332770748IM BOYCOTTING CHESS: Chess is the most sexist, fisogynist, womansplaining game of all time. The quee…[View]
332768535Rihanna is officially a billionaire: https://www.foxbusiness.com/entertainment/rihanna-officially-bi…[View]
332760280Brit/Pol Vaccination Edition.: I heard all you cuckold Brits are vaccinated, how do you feel right n…[View]
332769463Finally, some good news: Say hello to the newly exonerated, /pol/.[View]
332772085/pol/ will defend this[View]
332774245In the end the real division line in the world is not politics or race or belief but what side of Ch…[View]
332771478just got this in my email. is it happening???[View]
332772954Why good choose people are so terrible at every sport?[View]
332773716Dangers of Birth Control: Women should never use birth control Birth control causes: Cancer Infertil…[View]
332737223Limp Bizkit at Woodstock 99: notice anything ?[View]
332767318This is why we can't have nice things: We'll never achieve herd immunity because too many …[View]
332760710I went all this time with no mask: All this time and didn’t miss a single day of work. Then yesterda…[View]
332773941It's gotten so much FATTER with this one weird trick!: idk about other archivist anons who coll…[View]
332773929>hey guys good morning >AAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
332773180Antibodies and thier effectiveness: Ok anons, who else here has had insane immunity to covid since y…[View]
332771299Unvaxxed Will Have No Gun Rights: I'm letting you know that once vaccine passports are universa…[View]
332760060Trump rally in Alabam in 2.5 weeks!: Saturday, August 21, 2021, at 7:00PM CDT President Donald J. Tr…[View]
332767886Pavlov's Honk!: Tired of lockdown? Me too. I've proposed the following: >buy airhorns …[View]
332772796I want my fucking money!!: Hello anons. The eviction moratorium may be over. Is anyone here getting …[View]
332771024Southpark: Millions of Americans, including many on this board, watched or watch a cartoon where a j…[View]
332772105The Eastern European Experience #3: Behold. Socialism, capitalism and post-communism all in one plac…[View]
332760649they are eating their own now: the only silver lining about President Trump not being in office is t…[View]
332769060Why hasn’t Biden banned them yet?: >A 66-year-old man has been killed by a pit bull dog after cli…[View]
332732052So we're pretty much all fucked at this point, right?[View]
332772570How did we go from FIGHT THE POWER to TRUST THE FAX GET THE VAXX in just 10 years?[View]
332772890How this video makes you feel?[View]
332765680HOLY SHIT PICK A NEW TOPIC: 22 fucking threads about “muh vaxx” or “muh vaxx fags”. NO ONE GIVES A F…[View]
332765841Famous Finnish actor gets sent to hospital for a rare heart condition (guess what, it's the vac…[View]
332773144Is it going to get worst anon?[View]
332772709CDC says Covid-19 tests are invalid. If the PCR test is the only available test, and CDC says it is …[View]
332768847Joe Biden's CDC is targeting red states with coronavirus. They are genetically engineering coro…[View]
332772643if we use the same logic as (((covid))) then the flu has a mortality rate of ~15%. why havne't …[View]
332766225South Africa Gov website debunks all Coof myths: Kek They dont sent their best https://archive.is/Mw…[View]
332758621You WILL take the knee: Now and forever[View]
332768082Redpill me on this guy.[View]
332769141Enough is enough!: Why is society never going to simply acknowledge that turbo Autists are just goin…[View]
332772563Uzbekistan: What happens here? Seems very exotic? Is it basically like any other backwards Islamic c…[View]
332759511Digital COVID Certificate: Serious discussions. The noose is tightening around us unvaxxed bro'…[View]
332771456Where do you think we are at this point of the covid hysteria?: I think between 6 and 7[View]
332772024America will never have a based president like this ever again man I enjoined the trump administrati…[View]
332772809Fake Vaxx QR code: /pol/, what the fuck do I write in all the fields for this? https://github.pathch…[View]
332772132D-da vaccine d-doesn't work! We are all gonna die! Lamda is too deadly! *sniffle* https://www.2…[View]
332771930What If Someone Attacks A Chinese Embassy: (1/4) We're getting into extremely vague territory, …[View]
332764162Meatballs > Woman gets vaccine > feels compelled to serve everybody she knows meatballs > …[View]
332764278Baby killing: Capitalism is a disease[View]
332772667Post AntiVax Links: Anons post your Anti Vax tweets, photos, links, data and articles. Knowledge is …[View]
332771045I finally got these 'trust the science' idiots: They think the real world works like their favourite…[View]
332771801This is a such a pathetic cope: We all know Hitler was SEETHING.[View]
332772498Eir/Pol/ hero Priest saves woman from Vaxxed: It's getting bad here, vaxxed bus driver collapse…[View]
332771418Stop inciting hatred towards doctors and nurses: Seriously, quit with the tin foil garbage yeah? So …[View]
332770526Nigger-.worship: The path of The West leads to nigger-worship. The path of The East leads to citizen…[View]
332768952Why are there so many fake right-wing articles?: I see an article a couple of times especially here …[View]
332759556I still don't know anyone who has gotten COVID.[View]
332772150Municipalities are just Corporations: Why do we pay taxes? Apparently there is legalese to to show y…[View]
332768637Why are men like this, womenbros?[View]
332739693Guten Morgen: This looks so aesthetic.[View]
332764444This is the world's richest man. Do you think Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk was the top dog? Think ag…[View]
332735593Tell me with a straight face that these are the same species[View]
332760572If you could send a message to all black people right now, what would it be?[View]
332765635Is it true that nords were the original gays?[View]
332760294>Hitler wanted to eradicate this Why?[View]
332771929Old pol topic: Who is the better man, the rampaging barbarian or the civilized man of high culture?…[View]
332768158The hypocrisy of the /pol/tard: /pol/ >1/8th people can’t be black! Also /pol/ >I want to segr…[View]
332762301What are the political implications of khazarian booba supremacist extremism?[View]
332757803Progress brings only sorrow.: There is no point in striving for progress for ordinary people. The mo…[View]
332760656LGBTQ+ amongst zoomers: It seems like everyone sub-20 on the internet is one of these freaks now...b…[View]
332768571Which were the leaders that 'disappeared' when they were anti vaccine? Haiti? Were'nt there Afr…[View]
332767294Unless they are put down like rabbit dogs, they will not stop until the whole world is remade in the…[View]
332769951Is ADHD real?: Why is ADHD so prevelant in todays society. So many kids in high school get it prescr…[View]
332769154Behold: The webm that killed a nation.[View]
332771511How can I do a successfull beerhall putsch?[View]
332764270Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of their ethnicity…[View]
332768492*kills your entire voter base*[View]
332769429Which vaccines is the safest?: if you were forced to get, which one would you get?[View]
332769036Okay /pol/ I know this isn't /x/ well..It's not as wordy as /x/ atleast. I am looking for …[View]
332771210Look at his face and imagine you're an eastern european farmer in the 1920's. This man sho…[View]
332771206Where is herd immunity: I asked myself this question and I couldn't get an answer. I remember w…[View]
332771416Satanic Gnostic Templars: Thread on the most powerful international group on earth. Post any info yo…[View]
332752568/mhg/ - Memoryhole General: Remember when kids were supposed to get Kawasaki’s as a result of corona…[View]
332768421Culture: I find it hilarious when Maori say 'you have no culture' when the comparison between Polyne…[View]
332771085I took the vaccine this morning, J&J. I'm doing great and drinking Pálinka, Am I dead alrea…[View]
332764453Why are white males so angry?[View]
332770657Brainwashing: It’s amazing how much of the youth is completely brainwashed, how they no fuck all abo…[View]
332770742What's wrong with NPCs and normies? Every society needs them and if everyone was redpilled no o…[View]
332751938Just learned that freed nigger slaves, took gypsies in as slaves in europe back in the day. I though…[View]
332771005Why should I get the vaccine: If Covid will mutate anyways and make the vaccine obsolete within 2 mo…[View]
332768742WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO TRUMP ONCE CUOMO IS OUT OF THE WAY?: Is it strange that they really wan…[View]
332766338QR CODES: I went to check into a Motel today, im from the Northern Territory and this was in Regiona…[View]
332770786In case you were wondering: Airplanes are racist.[View]
332763592I just caught CNN changing their headline: Images taken within 1 - 2 hours of each other this mornin…[View]
332770376Shills and bots: Any thread with a CNN/MSNBC/FBI info graphic-tier pepe image is made by shills or b…[View]
332770482What do you say, boys?: Time to forgive and forget? Is this guy shitting himself ahead of people dyi…[View]
332769699Belgium: What's the best country to live in in Europe and why is it Belgium? Netherlands: poor …[View]
332762387IRL MEME TEAM GENERAL: In this thread we leave mom’s basement and take our memes to the streetz. Pri…[View]
332748617/pol/ Humor Thread: Fuck jews and jew lovers[View]
332770300Please take care of yourself anon?: Are you taking care of yourself? When was the last time you work…[View]
332767955When Covid-19 hit last year, Chinese bugs swarmed out of their country knowing they were spreading t…[View]
332767358/iw/ - Infowars General: It's Harrison/David time Web link: https://banthis.tv/watch?id=5c59c72…[View]
332767829Charlie Kirk got fucking owned lmao Vaush literally exposed all the anti-vaccine brainlet shit https…[View]
332762833What's more depressing: The idea that the COVID pandemic is a globalist plot for mass depopulat…[View]
332769887Death of the obnoxious minority: One day I see the death of the ignorant, brainwashed youths, the BL…[View]
332761779>Karsten Warholm breaks world record to win olympic gold in black-dominated sprint event >Fell…[View]
332763454You will voluntarily choose to be a slave by 2030: You vill eat ze bugs. You vill drink ze cockroach…[View]
332766090BAPs been suspended What now?[View]
332768242Alert: Bronze Age Pervert suspended from Twitter!!!: Purge of all ancient vitality imminent? https:/…[View]
332768215>win the cold war >establish hegemony over Europe >bomb sandniggers and cause instability i…[View]
332767003>pol still hasn’t been taken down while many other sites are banned and deplatforming is running …[View]
332766410Why: Why don't they just take one of the really harmless variants they don't even give a G…[View]
332758089>Makes Nazis seethe >Makes communists seethe >Makes trannies seethe >Makes feminists see…[View]
332759843Americans, what the fuck is this?[View]
332768710I Wish I got the Jab: >A fit and healthy man has died of Covid-19 after refusing the vaccine beca…[View]
332765761Everybody focuses on bug eating and pandemic restrictions, but driverless cars are the true NWO cons…[View]
332727675Delta KILLS the vaxxed .... BIG TIME: <--BAHAAAHAAAAAA You gonna die vaxxy-boys. Can you feel it?…[View]
332763887>the CDC[View]
332769291Does anyone have the pdf of the agreement? Asking for a friend[View]
332767258Cam/only fan whores do make money.: Some anons claim its all scam, money laundring Bs. Well partiall…[View]
332768885What does VP Pence do now?[View]
332758158uh bros...: Black people on twitter are calling for right wing death squads... https://twitter.com/D…[View]
332768921Fiesta لأمريكا: << St@b in Place >> fiesta cancelled & censored[View]
332766623why does every letter have a caucasian-colored bandaid? doesn't google know diversity bandaids …[View]
332767255HE LIED: Vindman Reveals in Memoir That He Was the Whistleblower in Trump Sham Impeachment — After H…[View]
332767978He said nigga don't snitch, that's the n word https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn…[View]
332752742I wish I'd been jabbed: >A fit and healthy man has died of Covid-19 after refusing the vacci…[View]
332766607vaccinated parents should be wearing masks *at home* to protect their kids: The NIH director says th…[View]
332763414Ever just..: You ever just look at other websites that come up when you search 4chan? Its nearly alw…[View]
332767301to be honest with you, the irish are trash[View]
332767669/Orthodoxy/ General: >Hates Jews >Hates gays >Hates degeneracy >Against Premarital Sex …[View]
332767313Femanon thread: Guys that say nigger get me really horny. Nothing stirs up my insides like a man who…[View]
332768298Fake vaxx screenshot: Can any Swedish anons post a screenshot of what the vaccine certification look…[View]
332768451Rebecca Reusch: Wonder If some Anon browsing /pol/ knows some shit.[View]
332764129the truth is, you wont do shit[View]
332768537Kentucky Islamic Scholar Omar Zaid: President Biden is a Mental Case, Wicked, Evil: https://www.yout…[View]
332736087Start prepping now: This is not a fear thread, this is to get the word out there to begin prepping n…[View]
332761963Fucking wipipo and dey good teeth. Ima show these crackas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXfvG3-Wmu…[View]
332759812>Goku is from a special race of great warriors >when he transforms he becomes a blue-eyed blon…[View]
332761415Hmm guys, not sure if you noticed but: Pfizer is trialing their own version of ivermectin. Bolsonaro…[View]
332761089/SIG/SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL/: Didn't see a /sig/ thread this morning. How is your August goin…[View]
332768285Why, yes, Ukraine is last defence of the White Europe how would you know?[View]
332760290Would you be comfortable married to a woman who earned more than you? What if she wanted you to stay…[View]
332766118What's going on with the housing market? Why is everything so expensive?[View]
3327651051940's polio patient: notice anything?[View]
332766982He says he'd rather have '5,000 young people get covid over 500 seniors'. https://youtu.be/JTp7…[View]
332767957>take vows of chastity and devote yourself to God only to be called an incel >spill own blood …[View]
332766868isra'no jews allowed'el hate thread: >bark all day everyday that you want 'jews' to come to israe…[View]
332763726The beginning of the mass genocide in America: Please first read: >>332752473 The Jews will re…[View]
332754848Elderly Wise Man explains Democracy in 1 minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NTkXIidCU0…[View]
332749459/wsg/ WHITE SHARIA GENERAL: the west is fucked with marxism, idoltary, nigger worship where premarti…[View]
332766254And this is how all real estate will be transferred to the Globalists: Smaller landlords will be for…[View]
332764317What happened with all the Q tards since the election?: Are they still making predictions that they’…[View]
332750291Hey anon, now that all the other men are dead or sterilized, do you want to maybe hang out sometime?…[View]
332763040BAP has been suspended from Twitter[View]
332766798It's funny how the 'president' of the USA routinely molests little kids on live TV in front of …[View]
332763488Lambda variant: Its over, right? The Lambda variant is resistant to vaccines, so fuck it.[View]
332764622Multiracial Cooperative Fascism?: Do you guys think that a multiracial fascist state is possible if …[View]
332766724Operation: Sealoling: Storm Twitter with bullshit about the 'problematic origin of the troll face'. …[View]
332763857Fascist position on vaccinations: nation above (((freedom))): Does /pol/ really think he'd acce…[View]
332752728How is the globojew able to subvert women in rural areas?[View]
332740343To whom it may concern: More will walk out. We are tired. We are sad. We are angry. We feel neglecte…[View]
332767074Don't wait until it's too late, get your jab now to protect yourself and your family.[View]
332767064My Xbox is anti-fax and it won’t fax a document lol. Get it? Because “antivax” sounds similar to “an…[View]
332765390Moderna Stock Price: >moderna stock goes public Jan 2019 >worldwide pandemic exactly a year la…[View]
332766983China, Russia joint military exercise to combat terrorism and chaos left by US: https://www.globalti…[View]
332758079Mass Psychosis Event: The pandemic has malformed into a far more sinister 'mass psychosis event'. A …[View]
332760595I used to be afraid of the CIA until I realized how incompetent governments are.: Seriously, anyone …[View]
332746658/polder/ - politics nederland: vriens welcome is anyone going to stop immigration or what? there is …[View]
332762294I hate you so much! I wish you all a gruesome death for mocking the beautiful and diverse LGBTQ+ com…[View]
332766579Hey Chuds got my first jab today and I feel perfectly f[View]
332764345Post interesting statistical facts[View]
332766626DON QUIXOTE in CHINESE: https://youtu.be/2MudhKyvFB8[View]
332760082I don't get it[View]
332762334Look at his face and imagine you're an eastern european farmer in the 1920's. This man sho…[View]
332766308A Eurasian Federation, based or cursed ?: You decide, fellow adventurers[View]
332762646White people truly are the best, no one can match the master ra- I'm joining the Mexicans[View]
332760309DC Gulag worse than Soviet-era Gulags: For political prisoners That is my takeaway. https://www.glob…[View]
332763448Imagine being exited about billionaires going to space.[View]
332766184Am I shadowbanned again?[View]
332764740Why is it that when I post something, anything, this happens?: Are you fellas trying to say I'm…[View]
332764477Why do Jews do what they do?: They refuse to create they only appropriate, even if they know they di…[View]
332757299*blasts loud mumblerap out of nigger's backpack*[View]
332757201>Be American >Get shot >Docter takes the bullet out >'That'll be $49.999 plus tip' …[View]
332756319I wish I got the jab....: I'm in hospital right now in an iron lung because of covid... If only…[View]
332765260>America loses 100m to some Italian >America loses 200m to some leaf You guys beginning to reg…[View]
332756106You can take the Christian out of the third world but you can’t take the third world out of the Chri…[View]
332765533pleb here, never listened to picrelated until today despite all the posts (mainly cuz i'm lazy …[View]
332765803das rite, never had covid, never got the jew jab. If (you) did in fact get the jab, thanks for playi…[View]
332765512RIP BAP: what did he do?[View]
332765367So we have another 2 years of this nonsense until things go back to normal?[View]
332763861How much has Disney lost in the last 18 months as a result of Covid?[View]
332761717This is what the average female thinks about short men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auzmjQbzCFg …[View]
332745286Cooming is good for you!: Reminder that cooming is good for you, you should aim to jack off to porn …[View]
332761817Why are Anglos so fucking gay?: >Be me >Be driving through downtown Miami at night >Hear Ed…[View]
332756210There are very few blacks who are pure. Most of them have 10-20% white ancestry coz they all got BUC…[View]
332765095China social credit score: I've only read about the plans and after a while just presumed it…[View]
332746127TRANNY HATE THREAD: we haven't had one of those in a long time[View]
332746985The vaccine is a spiritual test.: If you take the vaccine you fail the test. You will not get into h…[View]
332765183>*bang* >death mutt kek[View]
332763244Andrew Cuomo[View]
332757943People are like chocolate: You get shamed for saying you like the white ones most[View]
332763109black people: not all blacks are crimin... https://food.ndtv.com/news/dad-catches-daughter-stealing-…[View]
332729536/sg/ /gpg/ Geopolitics General #628 - Syrian Edition: Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Libya, …[View]
332763831My wife is being harasssed every day from her family and friends about getting the vaccine and it is…[View]
332756145Australian Police begin forced CV19 treatments/vaccinations: https://www.bitchute.com/video/H2HAFTrU…[View]
332764983This is what it would be like if /pol/ were the majority: https://www.rt.com/russia/531029-lesbian-c…[View]

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