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407476667Revolution coming: Why doesn't /pol/ discuss the obvious rise of genuine National Socialism acr…[View]
407478160Would this fix most of our problems?[View]
407462712You realize this country is now officially a globohomo poster child, right? Why does /pol/ fetishize…[View]
40743341110th child dies from Strep A: More accurately 10th child dies from strep A that quickly turned into …[View]
407478139I still can't believe they lost. How is this even possible? Was there any more epic war defeat …[View]
407474248why aren't you faggots on twitter naming the jew?[View]
407477695Celts, Meds and Slavs are one people.: Germanics are the BLACK sheep of Europe.[View]
407475199can someone give me a qrd on why this guy is so famous? I remember something about wash your dick, c…[View]
407470899Everything is a psyop theory: In the light of recent happening (crackdown on coup attempt in Germany…[View]
407476932YOU NIGGERS SAY YOU HATE JEWS BUT IGNORE QUALITY THREADS: My personal counter to the 'but not all Je…[View]
407473652We have real life chad on our side it's over for the wokes.[View]
407471423/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7525: Previous: >>407463836 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407475853Why do millennials and zoomers hate him?[View]
407471811Bro got JEWED hard[View]
407477995The Passion and modern ZOG variants: Even the people of Oberammergau are spewing lies now,it’s over…[View]
407475961One thing I think about all the time is the fact there are two totally opposite ways the world could…[View]
407476873WAKE THAT ASS UP[View]
407476536there's going to be a jordan peterson movie one day[View]
407469818Who are the Jews's enemies?[View]
407471731Take the shot it's free? Not like that vaxxi: Pfizer says COVID vaccine will cost as much as $1…[View]
407477479No. Nope. And Disagree.[View]
407476984Muslim Soccer player kisses mother in the mouth: Redpill me on islam and incests[View]
407472898Ye memes: Post em[View]
407468955why is America so undeveloped?[View]
407470831ALEX JONES SAID HE KNOWS HITLER WAS TERRIBLE: Because his grandfathers were in WWII and saw really b…[View]
407476953dutch netherlands neder: what is the political system of Netherlands? are they dictatorship?[View]
407441901The mRNA 'vaccines' cause this: was it worth it?[View]
407475276Did you notice that all of the presidential candidates for 2024 support Israel except for Ye, who cl…[View]
407469979Xi received as an emperor in Saudi Arabia. Langley shills will be EXTRA mad this week.[View]
407474233Why is the right-wing so dishonest? None of you actually believe this man was nonbinary but you ran …[View]
407473999She’s 100% correct: maybe talking about loving hitler isn’t the msg, idk what do you think pol? you …[View]
407472450Enjoy the fresh meat ladies and gentlemen[View]
407476184Need bank run memes: Could /pol/ meme a bank run to exist? Merely hypothetical question[View]
407471942NDT gets joe rogan to admit that the ancient egyptians were sub saharan[View]
407473374Day of Infamy?: Seems most have forgotten that this day in 1941 Japs were allowed to bomb Pearl Harb…[View]
407476600You're a bloody jewish parasite. Vermin. Sully another host nation you contemptuous troll.[View]
407474765So I posted this on social media and everyone went ballistic saying 'lol imagine caring for thi…[View]
407476003What happens when a write-in vote wins the election? Many people have the same name in this country,…[View]
407476656ChatGPT on Race and Intelligence: Results thus far. The name of the game is figuring out loopholes t…[View]
407475053ITT: Legendary Threads / Screencaps: Post em[View]
407473140Be honest, /pol/ - how is Trump's 2024 presidential campaign going so far? How does it compare …[View]
407472841Found out my gf is prostituting again. I swear I want to kill myself. It's all my fault she wan…[View]
407471825Would he post on /pol/?[View]
40747629981 years ago: The japs fucked over the white race by dragging us into WW2 on the side of the fucking…[View]
407471137so realistically speaking, how much longer does this grifter have?[View]
407473066How close are we to pic rel?[View]
407475996Normies are Nooooticing. ahhhhh!: https:/youtube.com/watch?v=nZS51SmD6gY[View]
407475629What the fuck is this?[View]
407467479ITT: Things you do that piss off liberals >Tobacco >Driving drunk >Owning a pitbull >Own…[View]
407471261is this true bros?[View]
407475856Peterson DESTROYS Trudeau for antisemitism!: Trudeau Liberals can't stop attracting antisemites…[View]
407469696Is the End Near?: What is the meaning of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Ceremony video? https://youtu.…[View]
407474717electric rain avoided in Mississippi and... >half million dollar fines for everyone involved in t…[View]
407475709How do spics feel about being demographically replaced? >NOOOO THE RECONQUISTA!!!…[View]
407474723Global population of christians: How can white people look at this map and not see that their subver…[View]
407473625My nigga Bill started giving out assassination orders since his first year of being district attorne…[View]
407470475This goldfish promises to fulfill 3 political wish of yours in exchange for its freedom. What do you…[View]
407475056Bloody basterd bitch! Evil sisterfucker![View]
407453017End of Days / Happening / get the fuck in here: Brothers and Sister from all Religon & Race >…[View]
407473733why can't we just give them Ukraine so all this retarded shit ends? like nobody gave a fuck abo…[View]
407470606DEMS ARE GOING TO LOSE THE BLACK VOTE IN 2024: look chuds I’ll give it you to straight. Ye running f…[View]
407469591THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT MUCH LONGER: https://truthsocial.com/@realDonaldT…[View]
407475207This is what gentiles do to Jews in everyday interactions and so-called 'criminal' interactions with…[View]
407469674Who is Nick Fuentes?: Can somebody tell me who this 'Nick Fuentes' guy is? All of a sudden his name …[View]
407473626This is the only person who can save us now.[View]
407473171to any jews here: im reminding you that the only thing keeping me from grabbing you in an alley and …[View]
407474921Corrupt city thread: Tell us a shithole / corrupt city in your country. I'll start Bekasi City…[View]
407471267JEWISH PEOPLE, FORGIVE HITLER TODAY: Let bygones be bygones, or you risk going down in history as a …[View]
407472278Is this how you Americans greet people?[View]
407477243My life has been a prison of depressive misery for 13 years that I can't escape. Fuck autobiogr…[View]
407466282I'm not a profound Christian and whatnot but one thing i noticed that anti Christian shills nev…[View]
407467022One in ten gamers exposed to white supremacist ideology and themes in online multiplayer games: This…[View]
407474656We need a new america[View]
407472183I hate this manlet, high-pitched, effeminate faggot so fucking much.[View]
407474604This is such bullshit lol: Imagine thinking these giant fucking worms are in every vaxxed. John O Lo…[View]
407469026The Problem with 'Goyslop': I'm not going to lie, it breaks my heart when posters her…[View]
407477118Henlo fren: Why do gay people speak with a lisp? Is this evidence of brain damage induced homosexual…[View]
407472844Melting pots: America was deacribed as a melting pot. This would make it 25 to 50 percent white. If …[View]
407466542Is China going to invade Taiwan this decade?[View]
407454018My president just fled out of my country: What now?[View]
407462962Why do shills claim the US invented the flying wing?: It's just not true.[View]
407474371HE WAS A GOOD BOY: Listen up, chuds. James Baker did nothing wrong He was protecting Twitter just as…[View]
407473553Well, /pol/, how much more money do you need to pay your trad wives? Billthepatriarcy dot com[View]
407466690Redpill me on space: Are Black Holes real? Will we ever colonize our Galaxy? How big is the Universe…[View]
407470443So are these things inside the unvaccinated that got COVID? Same spike protein and all.[View]
407474236if i was Chinese: i would cook these boys up for dinner[View]
407470950Search Engines Controlling Everyone: Is it just me or have search engines gotten much worse recently…[View]
407441732Day of the Rake: Canadians have to reapply for their mortgage every set number of years, some as sho…[View]
407469341Uncle Adolph posting hour: Dear /pol/, In this thread we come together to post your HAPPIEST and Aes…[View]
407473498Ayo, here da CEO of da anti defimation league, lets give it up fuck Ye, amirite[View]
407474108we no longer live in clown world: we've now progressed to wacky waving inflatable arm flailing …[View]
407473990How to save /pol/: The #1 D&C tactic here is dividing people by religion. Whether you're Ch…[View]
407468901This guy is a fucking LOSER: >Autistic freak >Ugly wife >Fucked up kids >Mental breakdow…[View]
407472759pic related is an amerimutt kicked off qatar world cup stadium, similar thing happened with the germ…[View]
407465916Have you donated to the war effort? Hmmm?[View]
407473899Unraveling The Jewish Plot: My personal counter to the 'but not all Jews are doing it and white libe…[View]
407470280British leftists write that it's time to rethink Christmas, because half of the country is no l…[View]
407464271Brit/pol/: >A general strike in all but name: No trains, no post, nurses and paramedics refusing …[View]
407473382how is this not outrage: This is incest wtf[View]
407461235HAPPENING: China is collapsing now!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHfR2nRfA8g >Tanks have bee…[View]
407470574Have you noticed wagecucks are getting bold lately?: I detected a faint bit of attitude at the drive…[View]
407470521>he's not subscribed to the 'Russian girls' youtube channel[View]
407473578Zionist Organization of America[View]
407460778America, this is an outrage!: .[View]
407472123holy shit you can't make this shit up. AI is already more conscious than the average NPC.[View]
407473395Cancel challange: Get this viral and let tiktok zoomers so the lords work.[View]
407473055Are e-celebs and political streamers the modern day philosophers? Think about it. It's almost e…[View]
407472893The Fruits of Feminism[View]
407473661The defecating frenzy is spreading among democrats: After Biden, Kamala Harris started to poop in th…[View]
407440798nigger behavior thread: post and discuss the politics of nigger behavior[View]
407450135This is far too many of you[View]
407472098Post kids that died from clot shot[View]
407473246if leftists want to destroy trump they just have to admit that vaccines were poison and trump made t…[View]
407462033No vax = no organ transplant: Duke University is refusing to allow an unvaccinated child to get a ki…[View]
407469038The tranny fatty fappy rabbi crappy jabby groomy farty glowy banny niggy faggy trappy lefty shitty j…[View]
407449328Peru coup incoming: Peruvian President Pedro Castillo decided to take a step to avoid impeachment ag…[View]
407473122Some private schools now cost $60,000+. Are they a positive externality or symptom of a troubled soc…[View]
407470948Putin says 'Russia's nukes are more advanced and state-of-the-art than anyone else': …[View]
407468137Why would the cia recruit a pedophile to larp as a socialist[View]
407459550If you are an American and support Nazism, you are a traitor: No, you cant be a real American and su…[View]
407436286why didn't you save her >>>/pol/?…[View]
407472920wageslavery is hell on earth. i dont know how these normalfags chain themselves to a desk for 9 hour…[View]
407469013Just here promoting my new albume 'DeathCon 3.' I've been touring this album for a few weeks af…[View]
407470296Latin America Union: Latin America should be one big and united country We would be the next World P…[View]
407450111BIDEN DOMINATION: Why is Biden so strong?[View]
407454777My country, Peru, has been couped by a left-wing dictator. Things are going to get ugly pretty soon …[View]
407470904What will happen to the big booty latina /pol/?: Well? What's she done?[View]
407458659Question for MUSLIMS on /pol/: MUSLIMS: If Jesus is a prophet in Islam can you defend Jesus like you…[View]
407471350Request for Anon's opinions: I didn't bother checking the catalogue because I know this di…[View]
407448498Why are indians blamed for decline of the Western medicine and technology?[View]
407470144Say what you want about the settler nations: Say what you want about the settler nations (USA, Canad…[View]
407471472Boomer hate: >hated by their parents and grandparents >hated by their children and grandchild…[View]
407470145Another muslim shitskin chimp out in Germany[View]
407464648Anonymous? COWARDICE!: Now tell me your real name so a powerful group can destroy your life for sayi…[View]
407470597Operation Walmart Shutdown: https://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-ceo-stores-will-close-if-theft-a…[View]
407471478Is the communist party of China a puppet of the democrats?[View]
407471569hehehe thread[View]
407470841New ideology ideas: What about this Nation Of Islam White Supremacists. So you believe that Yakub (…[View]
407470652Jordan Peterson continues to insult random people in YouTube comments[View]
407470990Free public transport: Should the public pay for public transport? Should public transport be free f…[View]
407468818Smarter than /pol: From day 1 of Jordan Peterson showing his face on 4chan, I knew he was a deadbeat…[View]
407471252Have you slapped a jap today?[View]
407471720You're an evil rat. A filthy jewish parasite. Go find another nation to sully you bloody coward…[View]
407463836/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7524: Previous: >>407456003 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407467889Reparations and the future of Black America: Collectively, Blacks have made tremendous progress in t…[View]
407470878PSA: Jews like Peterson aren't on your side. They were just pretending.: Jews like Shapiro, Pet…[View]
407454828Hitler had gay orgies?[View]
407419594In Germany, a coup d'etat was again prevented, which was being prepared by the far-right retire…[View]
407442562/dg/ Democrats General: I love democracy[View]
407468163European countries that should be wiped off the face of the earth, in my opinion[View]
407468399Wtf does this mean can somebody explain this joke to me. And by the way, he needs his right sleeve a…[View]
407469994Ask any normie: >who is the most intelligent person ever to exist? >who is the most evil perso…[View]
407465277do you guys know any literature with advice of how to bringing up a man from a boy in the meaning of…[View]
407471096Queston for 'Palestinians': Why do you Arabs resist? The Zionists politely explained that they get t…[View]
407455363Mourning Wars: 'Among the Iroquoian nations in the northeast, ‘mourning wars’ were practiced. Such c…[View]
407466224I miss him so bad bros.[View]
407470972the fuck is wrong with Biden's face?: Why does he always look so uncanny? Compare him to your a…[View]
407470303So if this guy is all about 'free speech' and 'transparency', I'm assuming he already tweeted h…[View]
407469180NOOOOOOOOOOOO: The good stuff was deleted! I can't believe this is happening[View]
407467988If You Do Not Understand Philosophy You are WORSE Than a Nigger: We do not live in a purely material…[View]
407469562How did an old pajeet manage to BTFO one of the biggest empire on the earth with literally nothing ?[View]
407463953Antifa > Alt Right: Why is it that Antifa is actually active in working class white communities f…[View]
407470017Is it morally ok to whip jews?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4BCOuL-PMA violence against jews is…[View]
407464916MAGA: Ivanka Trump Promotes the New Booster[View]
407466818The goyim know.: Thank you Ye.[View]
407470043Why are they all from India?[View]
407466655Kanye's redditard fanbase has turned on him: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/yes-online-fan-commun…[View]
407468177In retrospect, were the based black babies worth it?[View]
407467229>grow up bullied >take my revenge on the world Peh, take that.…[View]
407470269What’s your favorite racist metal band /pol/?[View]
407439308/pol/ has already defeated gpt3: Machine learning engineer here. It is absolutely essential that you…[View]
407470257>Support Russia in regaining their former empire >Support China in regaining their former emp…[View]
407463765Do Canadians REALLY?: Are we all just supposed to forget about this? No firing for a pedo degen teac…[View]
407470228White tean assaulted, skateboard and phone stolen: https://www.kktv.com/2022/12/07/teen-assaulted-ca…[View]
407470160what are the political implications of this meme making it into Japanese pop culture?: do they have …[View]
407467410she has a point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xrFjxCZNCY&ab_channel=ThatVeganTeacher…[View]
407467801Artie Lange- Kanye 'Will be President': In an interview Artie Lange predicted that Ye would eventual…[View]
407469621How jealous do you think she is of the good reverend?[View]
407461915Progressive Chrisian Minister Says God Is Either a Woman or a Trans Man: https://m.youtube.com/watch…[View]
407468279What are the political implications of albinism?[View]
407467127Ukrainians must be saved from the genocidal Russian animals invading, killing, raping, and pillaging…[View]
407469984Department of Education: Child Predators: I'm looking for information on Teachers abusing child…[View]
407454784Is Telegony Real?: The theory is that the DNA of previous sexual partners remain with a woman. There…[View]
407469840January/February/March happening: You will see medical data being posted and getting a lot of light …[View]
407460912Italy is collapsing: There are no good jobs and the rent went into turbo. Should I go back to Romani…[View]
407467840One thing I think about all the time is the fact there are two totally opposite ways the world could…[View]
407469765solving birth rate: 1. Enforce mandatory conscription from age 18-28, 2 year term 2. Allow a pregnan…[View]
407464668OH NO NO NO NO JENNYBROS: https://youtu.be/pdj6ZoSK8o8 https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/oak-cree…[View]
407469759Night Kiev. the quintessence of the Ukrainian world in one video https://files.catbox.moe/yu0gr5.mp4…[View]
407467439Joe Rogan just showed this photo on his podcast and refused to say nick fuentes name, when one of th…[View]
407441731They are the new Jews in my book: The only ones who stood up against NATO in the whole Europe. Every…[View]
407464688What will happen once WWII jews die of age?: How old are the owners of the world? I remmber kissinge…[View]
407461434How is this clown show still going on?: Seriously how?[View]
407469563Earlier this year 60 minutes exposed Israel's nuclear program but it somehow passed under the r…[View]
407467234Jordan Peterson 'It's not ok to hate trans people': https://youtube.com/shorts/Ysrd5Mg0Zj8?feat…[View]
407465496Why jewish games are like this ?: > Your daughter was shot by a military guy years ago during the…[View]
407465691>Hitler was a Christian inventor[View]
407464259Why don't you vile, demonic, imbeciles use your real names to spread your ungodly defamation of…[View]
407466507Hyperborea confirmed: literally https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-63867164[View]
407440397Have you ever accidently used /pol/speak irl with normies: I once said 'Jew York' at an in…[View]
407468543Today our country! Now armed security for gasoline station?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjQ3dua…[View]
407469311Six million™ is an on/off switch for npc brains every time they hear (((six million))), different re…[View]
407465716I am convinced that the so-called Mormon church is a psyop concocted by the CIA for the purpose of s…[View]
407468472Avoid the JEWelry: I‘ve decided to propose to my delicious Asian gf and have to buy the rings. I wan…[View]
407467547Are dreams messages?: Do you think dreams are visions of the future? If so, judging by the things i …[View]
407466216GOOD EVENING SIRS!: Our SCATOMETER will be redeemed by 2026! our SHART system is ready! Why are poos…[View]
407462829He's right, you know.[View]
407467368So whatever happened to this guy? Did he died?: Hmmmmmmm??[View]
407468594>>17903425 >half million dollar fines for everyone involved in the Boca Raton air BNB gang …[View]
407468567Canadian politicians will me eating a juicy meal this Christmas with there cbc cronies while you sta…[View]
407468540Single digit IQ: >order congress to be dissolved >Congress arrests you What was this imbecile …[View]
407465765TDS #976: Paychads please[View]
407460521BRITISH POLICE FORCE OPENLY SUPPORTS FURRIES: A British police force has tweeted out an image of one…[View]
407468423Why does /pol/ dating advice work?: Is the chudjak stereotype false?[View]
407467531Why didn't Trump do this?[View]
407459841>our cities have to be poorly designed car centric hellholes because niggers... le exist Why are …[View]
407463670Does Zwarte Piet literally proves that native euros had no idea what black people were before 1500? …[View]
407466782I'm holding on my my illegal handgun: Why would I give up my guns when you got animals like thi…[View]
407468099Political poll: How many young men feel hopeless about the future? Report yourself below[View]
407468055/pol/ infographics/wordcloud: 07 Dec 'still brown mentally' edition Previous: 06 Dec >>4073598…[View]
407455346To Kikes: It's over. You will lose.[View]
407465143JP: I've never seen him call anti-white people rats. Why is antisemitism worse, in his opinion,…[View]
407468021Watch dog group says cops were involved in whitey bulgers death. https://www.wsj.com/articles/whitey…[View]
407468010Musk gave the twitter files to the deep state who deleted them: >whoopsies I accidentally gave th…[View]
407466609NPC Media: What are the implications of people who go against the blatant media brainwashing? It…[View]
407466892getting the lefties/progressives to admit they are faccist: next time you get into an argument with …[View]
407461780>Parts of French goverment are run by police. Alright French frens and frens of french... What…[View]
407466957Pajeet Hires Whites to Protect Business From Blacks: Man, how cucked can whites be? They have to rel…[View]
407464903Israel has a BBC problem: So much BBC is being injected into fertile Israeli femoid womb that it…[View]
407463005Brown University bans Caste descriminatiom: So apparently Indian and southeast Asian immigrants and …[View]
407467750Akon says the quiet part out loud: 3:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4VQ5z-caLg[View]
407467677>ETHAN KLEIN ISN’T BASE…[View]
407456291Ukraine: Patriots vs Slavic orcs[View]
407467614AN INVITATION TO POLAND: Black and Brown folks come to Poland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IubD…[View]
407467599Wait a fucking second: >They militarize and weaponize the country on the east of Poland with all …[View]
407463881People with autism: How do you go about your daily life successfully?[View]
407434540White christians are the least educated group in America: Jews, Asians, and Indians are the three ri…[View]
407466281Is this the Worlds meanest Canadian?[View]
407429723Could it be that russia is so set on taking bakhmut no matter the cost because that's where the…[View]
407455688/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5982: Prev: >>407450322 ▶Day: 287 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407464226Why do jews always push their luck?: Jews actually tried to convince people Hitler was a one-nutted,…[View]
407466601What the FUCK is Putin doing?[View]
407453646Quit my job, alcohol dependent, no insurance anymore: Hello, I quit my job due to stress. My stress,…[View]
407442594Why German women were so attracted to Soviet soldiers?: After Soviet army has liberated Germany from…[View]
407466975Putler strikes again[View]
407460766Belt and road initiative: I'm looking at this and I'm concerned. It will assure chinese do…[View]
407459858Are women more valued in your country than men?[View]
407449202Just shared my anti-semitism publicly: And it feels good /pol/. Ye has opened up a gigantic window f…[View]
407462578Communist coup in Peru is kaput: Busted[View]
407462250> Elected with a bare margin > Have 5 prime ministers within a year and a half > Extremely …[View]
407406838Germany Arrests Dozens Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government: Oy vey[View]
407431335Kanye West told Scotland 'most woke' in the world by Proud Boys founder: In the interview,…[View]
407465799ADL damage control backfires: Basically every thumbs down has been accompanied by a negative comment…[View]
407457860Woman shoots, kills suspected carjacker in self defense, North Las Vegas police say: >Black man p…[View]
407463659Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.: my frend sent me this[View]
407425319ctrl + f humongous dicks /pol/ humour thread: are there multiple solutions to captchas or what…[View]
407464426Is this based or cringe?[View]
407461905My country is a shithole[View]
407465247Orbán turned Hungary to a shithole, Only Romania is behind us economically and not for long as we ar…[View]
407466324Right wing research thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies.…[View]
407458198WHAT SHOULD I DO: My computer enabled location without me doing anything within seconds after me ask…[View]
407464707Jesus is russian!: Fuck mutts, fuck bongs, fuck psheks, fuck three baltic stooges and fuck ur 'empir…[View]
407465319/BG/: Biden General[View]
407454188Your move Elon: Jack want’s to burn this bitch down.[View]
407463417This is what winning looks like[View]
407465252People on the left would rather their children have lunch with drag queens who want to expose their …[View]
407466050Who the hell is she talking to?: Alaskans can handle it. Or do you think she's worried about th…[View]
407462999should i marry her?: i like to browse my 23&me looking for mates. i found this girl and she live…[View]
407459400David Lane and William Pierce: Who here has read the 88 precepts or 'The Turner Diaries' Do you guys…[View]
407460743Oidplease stopoid typoid afteroid everyoid wordoid: niggeroid please[View]
407465510>gay marriage legalized in 2015 >now prostitution is normalized via platforms like onlyfans …[View]
407459113If Russia were actually losing...: The media wouldn't be fabricating stories about him shitting…[View]
407463723A Ukrainian refugee living on French taxes, on French TV, and on a mixture of French and Ivano-Frank…[View]
407460145>CFK going to jail: >Castillo removed from Power ELMO, PETRO, LULA AND BORIC ARE NEXT.…[View]
407460401I have kind of a fiction in my head of what the the Jews went through these past 40 years. Let me kn…[View]
407453200Question for JIDF Glowies: How do you deal with your women lusting after BBC? It seems spending all …[View]
407463730>starts war to ' protect ethnic russians ' >only fights in ethnic Russian regions >bombs Ru…[View]
407463993>something happens Palestine activists: Gehhhhhh how can I make this about palestine. >u kno…[View]
407463415>tfw moot removed /new/ because of racism why is gook moot so tolerant?…[View]
407463737The REAL reason that the USA has so many troons and women in positions of power and the military has…[View]
407465849Anyone got proof/sources on estrogen levels and touching receipts?[View]
407464210Barry Seal, Mena Aiport/ Iran-Contra, and Don Henry and Kevin Ives: What are the political implicati…[View]
407465503This is truly demon world: >paraplegic veteran: can I have a wheelchair lift? >canadian govern…[View]
407462863I accuse myself of the following crimes... I have seduced Party members of both sexes... I've…[View]
407462406Why have you forsaken him?[View]
407465447Ben Garrison Comic: Ben Garrison Based Again! Who stole our money? But that's why they like to …[View]
407465634Are pragmatic dictatorships the only way for Thirdies to catch up to the modern world?[View]
407465624Panic attacks do not really turn you blue: I dont know, I think breathing really really fast from pa…[View]
407456074Is it possible to actually drive this dumb retard to suicide?: that would be so funny[View]
407461347The mayor of Lvov handed the Pope a cross with an alleged fragment of a Russian cruise missile, whic…[View]
407462965Why Kanye West Imploded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtpR3PVQAwU[View]
407461453How we can stop Iran of becoming next Canada?[View]
407464542Let's check the google algorithms GAME: FOR FUN PURPOSES ONLY What would be the results of: …[View]
407454658Brit/pol/: >Met Office warns brutal -10C Arctic freeze will last at LEAST A WEEK: Major incident …[View]
407464019This is finnish murderer Juha Valjakkala. He murdered 3 people in Sweden in 1988. After being releas…[View]
407461588YE24 Meme General /YEMG/: Ye is bringing hardcore 2016 meme energy back.[View]
407458225The biggest scam: They basically just added a 1 didn't they. $200 billion kachiiiiiingggg!!!!…[View]
407442097jews have the highest IQ's...: Except they don't. A quick Google search reveals israel is …[View]
407465032Unvaxxed Chads, We Won[View]
407452054I've said this before Sikh and Punjabi are the niggers of Greater India don't allow them i…[View]
407461126Does the 6,000,000 number include those who died “with” Holocaust?[View]
407460199How can we realistically convince women to have children?[View]
407463282Why is Putin such a good leader?[View]
407464456what race is he?[View]
407464004Where do people go to get these types of tattoos? I feel like most tattoo artists are left wing fagg…[View]
407454194What is /pol/'s thoughts on tattoos?[View]
407462716The Hill says GOP smells blood after Trump is mortally wounded from self inflicted wounds: Call me a…[View]
407451608LIVE SENATE HEARING VACCINES WITH RON JOHNSON: Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Robert Mallone etc all p…[View]
407461667German NPC media are blaming a ‘muslim refugee’ for killing a poor German girl. Now it turns out the…[View]
407463912When will this madness end?[View]
407462393fucking kek: he did it lads, he did it - https://www.youtube.com/@nigelwatson2750[View]
407464726How do I become a pagan?[View]
407458580Explain.: Why do jew haters question the history of the holocaust? Is it to make nazis look better …[View]
407456003/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7523: Previous: >>407448413 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407463592DECEMBER 6th 2022 WAS YESTERDAY: predictive programming from 2017 comic book says Dec 6 2022 is star…[View]
407455791PERU SELF-COUP #2: >https://canaln.pe/actualidad/pedro-castillo-anuncia-cierre-congreso-n455931 G…[View]
407463278The zoomers are catching on. They are marrying young and having kids young. I as a millennial, was s…[View]
407458443MAGA is dying: All of Trump’s candidates kept losing. Lmao[View]
40746401740 years alive: Schizos have not been right once.[View]
407436643is it true that Polish army is fighting with Ukraine and they are losing men?[View]
407463933Any happenings in Swedistan?: Been quiet lately. P.S : Hei Klas Peter!Funnet noe olje enda?[View]
407461800Tell me about the npc, why does he wear the cap.[View]
407439422The Black Problem: The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of vio…[View]
407463055https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/average-rent-in-canada-exceeds-2-000-per-month-report-1.6108714 >…[View]
407463814Antisemtic Mutts or Philosemetic Whites?: Which side is /pol/ on?[View]
407463785YOU WILL BE GRANTED ONE WISH: In the upcoming cleansing you will be granted one wish: >-you can r…[View]
407456447This is who calls you chud online[View]
407459548Xmas is literally goy slop.[View]
407463686What happens when Russia sinks the UK beneath the waves: Alois Irlmaier said it'd happen. Heck …[View]
407461397Anons that have physical disabilities or autoimmune conditions, you know hitler would have killed yo…[View]
407463639Ye's online fan communities reckon with rapper's praise of Hitler in recent Infowars inter…[View]
407462795ultra schizo pill thread - false dichotomy: this thread is about explaining the false dichotomy of t…[View]
407462034A Warning from Rod Serling: Where will he go next? This phantom from another time, this resurrected …[View]
407463099Verse 1: I'm ridin' with Biden, my friend He's the man for the job in the end Got a v…[View]
407462577Serious question: >constant mcinnes prevarication >m-muh j-jews... but not jews! do these shab…[View]
407462066>Loses to Morocco[View]
407461432Why is everything so gay?[View]
407462071Politically incorrect poetry: I'll start >>407384936 The Jannie the Troon The kike and th…[View]
407463068Should Sam Hyde run as Ye's VP?: Discuss.[View]
407462629Why are African-Americans turning in Jews?: Without us, they'd still be drinking in separate fo…[View]
407462771LET ME TELL YA SOMETHIN: >Covid was a work >JFK was a work >Ukraine is a work >2020 was …[View]
407461907Say thank you right now to all the brave law enforcement officers who kept us all safe on January 6t…[View]
407462576post your best kanye memes in HD I wanna turn them into posters and plaster them all over my city[View]
407458567>Peru crossed the rubicon before he did Unironically why does this happen? Why are rightwing poli…[View]
407459343Sheeesh zoomers bussin hard no cap dey finna be mayors now and shit fr fr istg did shit brazzy ong[View]
407462241Fuck niggers Fuck faggots Fuck trans[View]
407451563Cowards. https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1600332136766021632[View]
407455668>Defends Christendom from liberal degeneracy >Calls out the westoid tranny, porn and homo obse…[View]
407427530EMINEM distances himself from Kayne West: 'He is insane, gay Jews are my best friends': AHAHAHAHAAAH…[View]
407460788Trudeau of South America has been ousted! https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/peru-congress-approves-impeach…[View]
407459201When will normies notice?: >1 month ago Ye is finished >4 days ago 50 new 'Kanye just ended h…[View]
407459434creepy AI stuff: How it knows about current events?[View]
407461670Peectiddies. Based or Redpilled?[View]
407462088Solution to the incel crisis: I just realised how we can solve the incel problem: Get incels to have…[View]
407449715IDAHO 4 - POL Investigates: Today the Police will retrieve items from inside the house to give back …[View]
407456299NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS: EVERY FUCKING TIME. (((They)))) slowly take inch by inch of your rights and…[View]
407461730He deserves it.[View]
407437028>Woman aged 18-25 is attracted to and wants to date older men >Women aged 30+ warn her off the…[View]
407462335What did he mean by that?: >interesting, it's like it's a different standard (32:02) ht…[View]
407455783why didn’t they attack Israel?[View]
407442242Now they know: Say the grid goes down Thats it, right? That bell cant be unrung? Theres no way to l…[View]
407457729Not freezing to death bros: I don't feel so good...[View]
407455048Sanctions will keep coming until the Russian terrorists learn to behave as civilised people, and sto…[View]
407461273Charlottesville lost media: Does anyone else recall a livestream during Charlottesville wherein Rich…[View]
4074568244chan has serious power: You never really notice it but in hindsight. Let’s recap 4chan’s creations …[View]
407462249move UK british natives to reservations: to preserve their culture and give them self rule These abo…[View]
407461806>Walmart enters area >drives out all the mom and pop stores >leaves on a whim >no more s…[View]
407451900coup in peru: the guy who is the new dictator https://twitter.com/jsudaka/status/1600534673469616129…[View]
407460883Peru Niggas: Has he taken your guns yet?[View]
407461455>christianity hinges on jewish supremacy what the fuck have christians been doing for 2000 years?…[View]
407461740NAZI CLASSROOM EXPERIMENT: Y'all gotta learn from this shit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The…[View]
407441979Ted Cruz's 14-year-old daughter just tried to kys herself She was rushed to the hospital with s…[View]
407460844Ye is proof that you can’t judge someone based on race. Racism is always wrong.[View]
407458387I just realized this incel tax: There’s actually a incel tax in United States , which is called a ba…[View]
407460204Ben Garrison Comic: Ben Garrison Based Again! John Bolton wants to be president and he wants to stop…[View]
407455368China Riots #<9001 / Since the LAST got deleted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHfR2nRfA8g [Emb…[View]
407461606Anti Nazis AI is here!!!!: This AI hates Pol//!!! How do we fix it? https://slate.com/technology/202…[View]
407461146americans arent actually gonna elect a nigger again? >laugh at the american right…[View]
407460084why are american games and cartoons so putrid[View]
407461724What are the political implications of Morocco potentially winning the WC?: Imagine the global kike …[View]
407460748“Elections” or retardation?: Are elections really fake? Or are americans just really fucking retarde…[View]
407461708EL PERUANO[View]
407461645Am I evil for this? I know the vaxxed now have weak hearts and fibres in their veins. But if I make…[View]
407458574Wtf: >buy tanks from usa/Germany CONSTRUCTION WILL BEGIN IN 2029 GOY!! HUGE NUMBER OF ORDERS ALRE…[View]
407461585This confuses and ENRAGES the europoor[View]
407457182We just removed 10 years life expectancy: Roughly if there's a 13% excess death (it hit 80% in …[View]
407459180It’s Slowly Fucking being Admitted: “ aul sax is an infectious-disease physician and professor at Ha…[View]
407456600Safe discussion topics for work X-Mas dinner: Remote employee here - company holiday dinner tonight …[View]
407461343Juden Peterson sucks off the Israeli P.M.: This is not journalism. This is Jorden Peterson licking h…[View]
407458466What will he do when Russia wins?[View]
407458606Vatican II: Honest question: if the Vatican II council was truly a product of communist infiltration…[View]
407461449Jordan Peterson fans will be seething and coping: Following Juden Peterstein's video supporting…[View]
407458584What are they feeding Americans? What fuels him?[View]
407458804What did he say?[View]
407460932Now that the smoke has cleared, why did so many on the right try to throw him under the bus and make…[View]
407460606I sure hope my daughters grow up to be respectable young women and carry on our Armenian heritage![View]
407460896See an anti-Christian thread? Make an anti-Jew thread.: That's the game.[View]
407436486Georgia Runoff: Wow, 51-49! Another free and fair election in the good ol' USA![View]
407461030The Boomer Legacy: So what about it boomers. Are you going to pull up your boot straps? What will th…[View]
407404500Microsoft exposed: Earlier today an anon exposed the true intentions behind microsoft/open ai’s new …[View]
407449515CHECK THE REDPILLS HOLY SHIT: Feds have been uploading memes and redpills containing secret cp. Usin…[View]
407460771.: >circ du soleil 4 life >only way out, is in a box…[View]
407457932He entertained millions[View]
407459704no tribe for White man[View]
407459929Who kills the clown?: Asking for a friend.[View]
407460807STAY STRONG: This is political because it relates to organized action on behalf of the interests of …[View]
407455884Was he a vaxx-evangelist?[View]
407454378Is Matt Walsh rape?: How can he rape[View]
407455254this nigga just can't stop taking L's[View]
407458610>checks early life on wiki Is this like when black men have to wear dresses? What are the politic…[View]
407457154Roosevelt's communist cabinet wanted to save Stalin from Hitler by bringing America into WW2. B…[View]
407459335Can they just fuck and get it over with?[View]
407450278Brazil Anons: This is a question to all my Brazilbros on here- I saw some threads about random milit…[View]
407453020Huh. I didn’t know that about Satanism.[View]
407455681ITT: We all pretend to be Jordan Peterson: Ill start: >*chokes on benzos* >If you cant bloody …[View]
407453830Post your reaction when you realise the UK will be destroyed in your lifetime[View]
407459591>Attempts a coup d'état >He does not have the support of the people, the army and the pol…[View]
407457959Three words to describe the spirit of Ukraine: Well goy, what say you?[View]
407460168If taking gibs and causing chaos is what /pol/ recommends to accelerate collapse, does that mean /po…[View]
407456966This man is a rapist. Remember that.[View]
407456981SHUT IT DOWN[View]
407459152I feel it, do you feel it anon ? Normies are waking up and jews are being contested more and more. T…[View]
4074587119/11: What type of aircraft was used to go 500 mph @10,000 feet?[View]
407458912putting 'OID' after every word is cringe: Please Stop...[View]
407456242What happened to the news coverage and 4chin coverage of those substations[View]
407457091NEW SEXUAL Consent App - METWO - Released by TRUDEAU government: LEAFS how do you get raked so bad? …[View]
407442144>Two week long special operation >Two month long special operation >'Long time' special ope…[View]
407459584Clamped umbilical cord: ohhh fuugggg :DDDDD[View]
407459577Italians are the master race as they can blend in with whoever wins the race war[View]
407459134Google maps: Where is Palestine?[View]
407453596One thing I think about all the time is the fact there are two totally opposite ways the world could…[View]
407459329I'm amazed that western media reporters aren't shot on sight the moment they step into Chi…[View]
407459503What did he mean by that?: >interesting, it's like it's a different standard (32:02) ht…[View]
407446984Why is no one talking about the army repealing the vax mandate?: So when are you guys planning on jo…[View]
407458011Nofap is delusion: Deep down coomers know celibacy won’t turn their lives around and that’s why they…[View]
407442654Manufacturing is never coming back to America until it ditches capitalism. 1st of all, nobody wants …[View]
407454065The ultimate conspiracy: The simulation is faking population numbers. And Politicians are telling us…[View]
407458364>america BTFO's the entire Iraqi army in a month, gets whole world to join in on it >Russ…[View]
407454193This is true. Russians always lie and play the victim, never guilty. “We dindu nuthin” is literally …[View]
407456758>Presidency -> Democrat >Senate -> Democrat >House -> Republican with historically…[View]
407459140>in an extremely liberal history class, last day of class >end of class discussion period …[View]
407446517ACTIVE SHOOTER AT WALMART: There is an active shooter rn in Marietta Georgia. They currently have th…[View]
407454853Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now I feel good, I knew that I would, now So good, so good, …[View]
407458794Trying to create a DALL-E artificial intelligence generated cartoony image of USA and Russia playing…[View]
407458640BIDEN BEST DEM MIDTERM SINCE FDR: Thanks Joe! https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/maddowblog/hi…[View]
407442134This is the future Conservatives want[View]
407459003You’re All Retarded!!: Not a SINGLE fact has ever been said on here about ukraine so let me release …[View]
407434087>worship me goy >we came before God[View]
407457009Nepotism: >be jewish >form circle economy schemes in nation states >''high trust…[View]
407455864Animal Abuser Arrested: Man accused of animal cruelty in Lindsay arrested. Large number of horses, c…[View]
407447076>Americans see nothing wrong with this.[View]
407455822YEp AI chatgpt is literally a glowie psyop: My computer suddenly shut down after asking the last que…[View]
407454295Based Peru is fighting globohomo right now: Based Perubros are installing a bolshevik socialist trad…[View]
407458750>you're next, poland[View]
407458736Ideology is Goyslop: No leader of a nation in history has managed to stay perfectly consistent with …[View]
407458719france: guys some niggers stole my UFO in france ? >so i'm stuck in this fucking country W…[View]
407457133It is very unfair and a total travesty that a con man like Donald Trump pays almost NO taxes for YEA…[View]
407456462So about the Coup'e Tat in Germland that just got prevented: We've been talking here befor…[View]
407442340I'm a Reasonable Democrat, Lets Talk: I don't believe in crazy gender ideology, I believe …[View]
407457207He’s right you know…[View]
407457501HAHA MY FUCKING SIDES: A blind man could have seen this bullshit coming... https://www.abc.net.au/ne…[View]
407433422Based Japanese Doc: Japanese Doc Tells Officials to Cut the Bullshit and Investigate Vaccine Deaths …[View]
407458424>I've been a porn addict for 10 years but i quit watching porn and now I'm a multimilli…[View]
407443978Wtf is going on in Ukraine??? >Jew leader >Says we wuz Israel 2.0 >Millions of Ukrainians d…[View]
407457396Why are the glowniggers failing so hard these days: Affirmative action and nepotism are destroying o…[View]
407454069>”AI is racist, because people are racist.” >”colonizing the internet” Is AI, dare I say, /our…[View]
407441510Anyone else CRAVING for another Ye interview? This shit is like crack[View]
407451322Andrew Tate just called christcucks out[View]
407421051The National Revolution will happen before 2040. Every nation of the West will be transformed comple…[View]
407430201Luxury (not quality) items: Why do niggers and Americans fall so hard for the luxury meme? It's…[View]
407385248/ye24/ - PRESIDENT YE GENERAL #109 - EXPULSION COUNT EDITION: >Ye (Formerly known as Kanye West) …[View]
407457889Stop looking to bipolar niggers, gay Latinos, Jews, and Canadians, to save you.[View]
407451259did Ted Cruz molest his daughter?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11510811/Girl-14-self-in…[View]
407441380MAJOR HAPPENING COUP IN GERMANY: Right wind militia Coup d'état[View]
407457458I'm the best, nothing you can do to stop me ahahahhahaha[View]
407455729Being a woman is worse than eternity in hell[View]
407444949Brit/pol/: >Met Office warns brutal -10C Arctic freeze will last at LEAST A WEEK: Major incident …[View]
407455186Hey guys!: I finally went back to twitter. Account lasted less than 10 min : ] Elon is a little J…[View]
407455578Prof Michael Clarke poisoned: Who wants him out?[View]
407455179Why do these states give to the union?: They give nothing! Why don’t we just give these states back …[View]
407449930Man of the Year[View]
407455597The Portuguese are negroes. 7% of them have negroid maternal L lineage. Andalusians are almost 8% ne…[View]
407449014What doe Jack know?…: Who’s jewing who? So many questions.[View]
407456433This man is the George Washington of Britain. He came in, did what he said he'd do, then left.[View]
407456722Tramadol: Any ideas to ease withrawal symptoms of tramadol 150 mg? I need to quit I have been taking…[View]
407454515americans are so nationalist because of 'muh world power', that even their democratic party is natio…[View]
407445779You malevolent vermin.: You duplicitous, cowardly, maggot, evil, cretinous tumour! Never sully my yo…[View]
407455724Trump is officially a criminal: Of the kikest sort no less![View]
407449171Why did he hate jews so much?[View]
407454503You’re all a bunch of retards discussing things you have no influence on. >the government should …[View]
407456672Sam Bankman Fried hired former Ghislaine Maxwell defender Mark Cohen as lawyer: https://web.archive.…[View]
407455229Can anyone explain to me how this is fair?: Whenever democrats win an election, nearly the entire ma…[View]
407456710Lmao: Joe Rogan demolishes nigger science man https://youtube.com/shorts/r951MPnbW8M[View]
407454192Al Gore's slampig was RIGHT: The Parental Advisory system made a big difference in retrospect. …[View]
407453992Wow, look at all that territory Germany controlled in Oct 1944. There is no way they were losing or …[View]
407458547It's strange to see misforture of this level occur to a chad[View]
407446886A replica of the entrance to The Temple of Ba’al (Pagan God of Child Sacrifice AKA Molech) is in dis…[View]
407448413/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7522: Previous: >>407441999 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407458693Millenial Men: Millenial Men need I say more[View]
407456390WEALTH IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE ENTRUSTED TO THE RICH: In order to prevent misallocations of capital, d…[View]
407454424The whites may savor my paws: if only just this once..... YOU SHALL SAVOR THEM. MY PAWS. MY CUTE LIT…[View]
407456055>extremely narrow house majority >the moderate house majority leader is gonna get challenged b…[View]
407456298NAZI CLASSROOM EXPERIMENT: Y'all gotta learn from this shit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The…[View]
407455956Russian insider OP: You are witnessing the collapse of international banking and trading systems. It…[View]
407453486This is the peak of America and what it should have stayed: An Anglo-Germanic 95% majority with a 5%…[View]
407454727The White House has come under pressure in the context of Israel. Washington is increasingly demandi…[View]
407425969I'm unvaxxed and got the fucking rona. Here to share what my doctor told me to do. - Paracetamo…[View]
407442059Fuck this nigga: This is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. 'Forgive Hitler' what a …[View]
407455388Turkey will ratify the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO only after the fulfillment of the com…[View]
407454791Why is it appealing to say these things? I’ll tell you. It’s not that Kanye actually believes in the…[View]
407447999Indians & Jewish Question: How should Indians, especially Hindus feel about recent happenings wi…[View]
407452942This is our military today. https://twitter.com/UltraDane/status/1600344108891279361 Can we even fuc…[View]
407458272Still. Not. Tipping.[View]
407438355You know how it's sometimes hard to get invested in superhero films nowadays because you know t…[View]
407453688Great idea…: Give me the steps to make this happen. I will do it.[View]
407453444How does it feel that women literally CANNOT lose in modern society? No matter how selfish, shameles…[View]
407453495Why is this so true? It’s become the central gripe of the Jewish media.[View]
407454906A biker guy gave this to me on my 18th birthday a few years back after I said it looked cool. Is thi…[View]
407451842Why?: Why do people act like employing children is the greatest evil that could ever possibly occur?…[View]
407455532Holy shit, it really is the Jews, isn't it? What do now?[View]
407448642Seriously, what the actual fuck is his problem?: >Confirm the fact that although Jews are a very …[View]
407453148>Joseph P. Kennedy jr Died while performing a (((secret mission))) during WW2 his body not found…[View]
407455872Normal day in america[View]
407455762/pol/ webms: Commence posting[View]
407444664Why are western women getting angrier: Despite having the world and more?[View]
407455626Degeneracy In Society: If you are: Vaxxed Non-white Brown eyes Non-abstinent (more than 1 partner) U…[View]
407408944The most leftist takes you agree with: pic related. feel free to post a pic or write it out[View]
407450221what the fuck is his problem?[View]
407447623Will Jordan Peterson pull a 'Santa Inc.' and disable the comments?: He's in a bit of a pickle. …[View]
407447172>21 >not a dogecoin trillionaire[View]
407448148i am so tired of the propaganda[View]
407452508ITT: yfw you realized god exists[View]
407450322/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5981: Prev: >>407444145 ▶Day: 287 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407455454>Japan has a critically low birthrates >OMG THIS CANNOT HAPPEN WE MUST SAVE THE HONORARY ARYAN…[View]
407454591Blumpf for prison: Trump won't be able to weasel his way out of this one[View]
407443982Redditor here: Saw this pic on Twitter and decided to come here. What is going on?[View]
407445066I’ve figured out how to reverse Men’s shrinking dick and ball sizes.: Luteinizing hormone. Luteinizi…[View]
407406234Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Open Borders Kill: Discuss German politics.[View]
407441756why are japanese people always copes with 'minimalism' and live a small, weak, introvert and miserab…[View]
407453890Why’d they replace Castreau?[View]
407452681Israel is a Good Moral State: My dad was literally flown to Israel as a doctor to forced-feed prison…[View]
407453729Why does this upset Trumpers, /pol/?[View]
407453440Fuck ZOGnald and BolZOGnaro: The same bullshit Trump did in the US Bolsonaro is doing right now, he…[View]
407453450Your time is near: Tic-Toc, chuds.[View]
407439040Millennials are failures compared to Boomers: Why are millennials doing so much worse than boomers? …[View]
407453774Forgiving Hitler: Kanye brought up a good point. Everyone should love everyone. Love the Jews, Love …[View]
407446283USPS website controlled by Israeli company: I was updating my mailing address today and got an error…[View]
407454622Those silly kids: >almost 40 years later >we are forgotten…[View]
407427468'She never pushed me to be a man': >While detectives were conducting the interview, they ask…[View]
407435625Holy fuck… what the actual fuck. Only reason I voted democrats.[View]
4074545322020 Election was stolen?: Hey /pol/ can you please share with me any information/evidence of the 20…[View]
407444310Peruvian president closes congress: https://canaln.pe/actualidad/pedro-castillo-anuncia-cierre-congr…[View]
407442604Even the normies are starting to turn on this chud[View]
407453086Jail time for Donny: It’s over https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/07/politics/trump-lawyers-properties-sear…[View]
407445829Ye vs Peterstein: Ye has been running the gamut of cuckservative gatekeepers. In all likelihood, he…[View]
407447121What do we do about rural retards?[View]
407439173>American teenagers were happiest in the mid to late 2000s. What went wrong?…[View]
407453496>Downright Machiavellian[View]
407453892>walk onto senate floor >yell 'I'M SCHUMING' what did he mean by this…[View]
407451140So 10% to the big guy: Buys freedom?[View]
407419286What will political implications be for using sex robots instead of wahmen ?[View]
407453940Jeff Tiedrich is right, you know?: Why are you so obsessed about Hunter Biden’s dick?[View]
407446186mandella effect or not ashkenazi jews were ashkenzi: when did jews put the word nazi in their name. …[View]
407451888The MOST POWERFUL Group of People: Based on Gender, Religion, Political, Corporation, Societies or R…[View]
407437417Imagine being American: >goyslop >porn >highest prison population >president is a pedo …[View]
407453934American/first world politics = Retardation: >pedophile politician from red elephant party who bl…[View]
407449634Retailers going pozzed in Goymoney Part 2: https://www.rewe-group.com/de/presse-und-medien/newsroom/…[View]
407452586Remember that time /pol/ supported a dumb nigger ape? LMAO[View]
407453081I don't get it: Why do non whites hate whitey yet basically live off of him? They always stare …[View]
407447830why do jewish bankers not practice the sabbath year?: >The sabbath year (shmita; Hebrew: שמיטה, l…[View]
407453004Forgive and Forget: Local Christian encourages Lutheran Pastor to tell Jews it is time to forgive Ad…[View]
407453700Jews like pic-related have been talking about 'next pandemic' since the beginning: They keep saying …[View]
407443647ChatGPT can be prompted to act as your waifu and fall in love with you[View]
407450951/YE24/ - Hitler Is King: Thank God for Adolf Hitler, he down with the mission Did it with with no pe…[View]
407453249I CAN’T KYIV![View]
407449064Europe rise up ![View]
407453566Ron Jones Third Wave: Y'all gotta learn from this shit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thir…[View]
407425047That power station in NC was a green light to start the war against right wing America, particularly…[View]
407447358The communist president of Peru has just carried out a coup d'état and closed the congress. Dea…[View]
407449280Is this real?: Are we in the 'sabotaging infrastructure' phase of civil war or is this just glownigg…[View]
407451473Why Germans can't just be normal and they constantly stir shit up? They are a menace but act ve…[View]
407402957Neder /pol/der general: the LAST NIGHT of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation: - Wo…[View]
407448631*Triggers Everyone*[View]
407453414guys who grow up without a father are either : >extremelly ''nice guy'' beta …[View]
407449366Kanye West is controlled opposition: Kanye 'Ye' West is compromised and is without doubt controlled …[View]
407445082The Soviet Union was a lesser evil then the West: Let that sink in[View]
407449632Charges on 4chan: Have you ever been charges for something you post on 4chan? Is it even possible?…[View]
407449862wikipedia locked the page[View]
407451689It's over, Zelensky is now superhero[View]
407453245Both Rathburn Strokes out on live TV.: “Prior to tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, p…[View]
407444034Why could they call the runoff in one night but it took weeks earlier?: Why are our elections worse …[View]
407450963Are the vaxxed-maxxed normies seeing these videos? They have to be in denial because they chose to i…[View]
407441973>“Special war operation” could become a lengthy process – Putin >Day 287th day of 3-day specia…[View]
407450029Lets finish the eternal debate: >Dark elves Ancient Hebrews >Imperials Romans >High elves A…[View]
407443032It's literally fucking over.[View]
407419511Aus/Pol Late Night Edition: > Penny Mong urges guardrails to prevent catastrophe and forever wars…[View]
407451686Why are Westerners such leftist retards?: I don't understand how Eastern Europe is so culturall…[View]
407450641/pol/ Economics: >Whine when interest rates drop >Whine when interest rates go up Nothing will…[View]
407447521Why isn't this guy in a US federal prison for treason? Honest question, this isn't a bait …[View]
407452600VP?: I can unironically see this happening. Waht do you think? Fuck jannies.[View]
407451962either >jews come after you >prove jews control everything or >jews don't come after y…[View]
407437690Italians Attack Moroccan in Verona: Group of Italian fascists attack Moroccan fans during celebratio…[View]
407451716The 'Kentler Project' in West Berlin routinely placed homeless children with pedophile men…[View]
407452200It’s all over. The demographics of the USA are too far gone, there’s no saving the country. That’s w…[View]
407451868LOL: >ITT irrelevant abortionists[View]
407449467Reminder to newfags, we're a pro-Russian board: Ukrainians were never good. The memory of our V…[View]
407450831Unemployed Programmers: What’s going to happen when all the tech workers and many workers in other i…[View]
407448468>Shabbos goy thinks he's one of the tribe[View]
407448500The southern time machine: Egyptian cotton was the best in the world Southern cotton was the best in…[View]
407440810How do catholics cope: With the fact the masons succeed in everything they failed to achive in all t…[View]
407418941Why americans hate so much aboit roundabouts.: I heard there is little to none roundabouts on us roa…[View]
4074491623 Crypto millionaires died recently: https://en.cryptonomist.ch/2022/12/02/three-crypto-bosses-dead/…[View]
4074518362020 Election was stolen?: Hey /pol/ can you please share with me any information/evidence of the 20…[View]
407448036Yankee invaders at DUKE university refuse Kidney Transplant.: Yankee scum get out of our state!…[View]
407424046Can somebody explain Zionism to me?: I get the reality that there was a Jewish kingdom in what becam…[View]
407451017how can we fight the unelected despotic chinaesque federal agencies when they call us terrorists for…[View]
407448329THIS IS YOUR FAULT CHUDS STOP HARASSING WOMEN: Arin sama has had enough of your shit! RESPECT WOMEN …[View]
407451649China Virus: Saying these two words will get me fired by my employer. Murica!!!!!![View]
407447245Israel: Thoughts on travel to Israel? I want to see biblical places first hand. What is the cultur…[View]
407443509President of Israel here, fellow Jews, it's time to forgive Hitler.: בואו נסלח להיטלר Let the p…[View]
407451344401k: Yay or Nay: Is it even worth putting money into a 401k anymore? I feel so jewed every paycheck…[View]
407449107It's Happening! Peru coup d'etat: President Pedro Castillo has disbanded congress and proc…[View]
407448572The future President of the USA is a complete degen: What are the implications of this, politically …[View]
407441160>debtmaxx >check out of society cya kikes…[View]
407451127women: bringing diversity and danger to the workplace, how can society recover from over-sexuality i…[View]
407448704HOHOLDOMOR: Was it 100% justified?[View]
407447820HAPPENING! COVID kills Chris Froome's cycling performance. HEART ISSUES: What are the political…[View]
407448394Well /pol/? When are we going to get rid of it?[View]
407449651Zelensky. He is an azkenazi and defending the old Jewish main European land, the golden horde/khazaa…[View]
407446414Day by day Polish society grows more militant. What will Germany, Ukraine and Russia do when they…[View]
407451292Can't they just fuck and get it over with?[View]
407450782What’s Cookin’, Wagies?[View]
407445475Libtards want government to tell you what you can or cannot drive: Another step towards the sovietiz…[View]
407444833Who is your favorite apostle, /pol/?[View]
407450938How should privilege be granted in a healthy society?[View]
407449160so let me get this straight >give 10% of your income to the (((church))) >only jews can collec…[View]
407435446Are you scared of Black people?: Are regular Americans scared of Black people as Canadians? No conce…[View]
407450264Hollywood is making a comeback: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DuWEEKeJLMI[View]
407448627I support Israel because I fucking detest mudslimes: Fuck sand niggers and anybody who loves or supp…[View]
407450172One thing I think about all the time is the fact there are two totally opposite ways the world could…[View]
407449432Remember when /pol/ was insisting that Russia was winning, many months into the war. Then those post…[View]
407452761Fuck boomers. Millennials are fucked: >be 31 >grew up with an abusive alcoholic single mother …[View]
407439750Cut the bullshit.: Why does every glownigger organization hate the orange man nazi?[View]
407443932I don't want to live on Mars but if there is no place left on earth where white people are not …[View]
407445961>Russians will freeze to death, they don’t have superior NATO winter equipment like Ukrainians! M…[View]
407450180Feminism is BASED: Non-Whites can’t compete against Whites in hypergamy. https://mashable.com/articl…[View]
407450031Its not 'the jews': Its worse than that. Cope[View]
407450176In Southern or Central America it was all just a race: walk into the building and see who gets to si…[View]
407441086Le 56% Futurism: I live in NYC, aka Satan's Asshole, so take what I'm about to say with a …[View]
407447987>visiting family for three weeks >coup happens >might not come back to US fuck…[View]
407447339FEMALE MASS HYSTERIA: #BlackLivesMatter #ClimateChange #MeToo #EveryChildMatters (except for the one…[View]
407444145/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5980: Prev: >>407436352 ▶Day: 287 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407451971fishy!: I'm obviously not an Israelite, I am a gentile... Really? https://www.findisaac.org/vi…[View]
407451975Reminder that anyone who leaves their basement and steps outside is a glowie[View]
407434160Israel’s Involvement On 9/11: If Israel was involved, why? What were their motives? Simone redpoll …[View]
407451706Help there is a jew outside my house: He comes outside my window all the time and sits outside at ni…[View]
407449161Elon's hiding: If Musk is so afraid for his life why doesn't he just go to a nogunz countr…[View]
407446466Ye literally exposed /pol/ as a massively glowing deep state psy-op. As soon as Elon Musk canceled Y…[View]
407448493The 2020s and 2030s will be an era of white dispossession and decolonization: It has already begun. …[View]
407446225You spineless, demonic, filth.[View]
407448262PSA (Public Service Announcement): [SHIFT] + MOUSE CLICK hides topics while browsing via catalog (wh…[View]
407424582Pope's Audience Hall: What did the Vatican mean by this? >pic related…[View]
407449547I love Hitler[View]
407449258This literally won’t exist in three years because of Gog and Magog.[View]
407445202Does this surprise anyone[View]
407407375Anne Heche Was Murdered: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/anne-heche-final-autopsy-report-no-evid…[View]
407447925How do you coordinate a big group of people: How do you coordinate a huge group of people to fight k…[View]
407451382are we demons because we worship lord kek or are we demons because we are demons?: Too bad they didn…[View]
407451396Drop the fucking puck buddy!!![View]
407448265Lmao why he is so MAD ?: Is he mad because people are calling him out ? His reaction is childlike an…[View]
407428540Idaho Murders: Continuing Investigation General #6: >Murdered Kaylee Goncalves Madison Mogen Xana…[View]
407447880Why are they so hated by other European? Is it because they look like brown monkey?[View]
407449087Two Jewish factions - Who are they?: So there are two jewish factions who control the US. Obviously …[View]
407445213Are Ecelebs just modern Hollywood?: Are ecelebs just actors like any in Hollywood, but their genre i…[View]
407448006ITT: American Cops: So do we just let Police Chief Mike Reynolds get away with defending this shit? …[View]
407444964There are actually people on this board who think we've been to the moon.[View]
407451164Christenizing the Muslim world: Pointing out how Islam's approach to God is regressive / stagna…[View]
407445272This is the single most threatening thing to the current establishment because it's a direct ex…[View]
407445130Watched tranny porn Accuses a man that was fucking Kim Kardashian gay[View]
407447705New Khazaria: The whole Ukraine War is fake and gay and only being used to empty out Ukraine so jews…[View]
407441583CPS need to be involved, seriously: I am terrified that she’s going to be stuck in conversion therap…[View]
407447589Hallmark Christmas Movies: Are they white extremism?[View]
407447463ENVY AND JEALOUSY: Have you noticed that all of the shills on team Jew and team Mason (such as picre…[View]
407448017DIED SUDDENLY: A vaccine so deadly...[View]
407446142Zionist Organization of America[View]
407450843Does anyone have the picture of Sam Bankman Fried smiling like an evil demon? I can't find it o…[View]
407444739Reminder that everything you post online is intercepted, logged, stored and analyzed. VPNs do not wo…[View]
407450429wanna be nigger worshiping kike! fishy!: Check out this video of this dreaded rat jew & it'…[View]
407450794After 2 years on /pol/ I see the left is right about whites.[View]
407446163I was born in country Sligo, and I'm currently living the in the US, East Coast, for work. I…[View]
407446233I forgive him: Do you?[View]
407443580My grandma just died at 88: My granddad died 5 years ago at the age of 85. My grandparents stayed to…[View]
40744598215min Goy CIimate LOckdown 2024: GET BACK IN YOUR POD GOY AND BE HAPPY WE LET YOU GO OUT 15MIN!!!! O…[View]
407440784Thoughts on the US military?[View]
407447983What would have happened if he weren't an enormous gaylord and instead focused on building the …[View]
407448596Why do we allow this?[View]
407441999/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7521: Previous: >>407435835 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407413476It's over: You vill be female and you vill like it. https://www.sciencealert.com/the-y-chromoso…[View]
4074307191 in 4 millennials live with their parents[View]
407448101Argentina world cup team is the whitest among the teams left: The memes misled me[View]
407442385Democrats are dying on their hill for this freak loser[View]
407448264What's going on here? What are they hiding?[View]
407447523Turns out high Jewish IQ is a myth.: They’re as dumb as any other Arab.[View]
407447505Why are you afraid white people are going to die out? Doesn't the environment determine your ch…[View]
407443667what’s going on up there in Canada? Why are they encouraging undesirables to volunteer to be killed …[View]
407447996SAVE NEW CALEDONIAN FALSE ORANGES!!!!: AAAAHHHH!!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_orange https…[View]
407448816I accidentally said “nigger” in an interview and got the job.: Don’t believe the shills, there are h…[View]
407447940Christgolems cant be reasoned with: We should just force them to renounce Jesus and convrrt like the…[View]
407449164The Mystery Of Nigger.Com , or: Where are the Racist Websites? As some of you may have noticed there…[View]
407446996Why do kikebots refuse to acknowledge this?[View]
407446247Take the Putin pill[View]
407446628Has Russia even used it's more powerful weapons so far in the war?: The bombs they are using is…[View]
407445601conservative music: basically looking for the most conservative, masculine music. nazi tier, andrew …[View]
407426089Is half of your country literally and figuratively subhuman? In Poland the orange voters are some of…[View]
407446422I thought this was a joke every time I saw it But it's not My mistake A mistake I don't us…[View]
407443272How long before they take it down altogether? 1k thumbs down to 500 thumbs up. 1.2k comments complet…[View]
407446839what will he say when he finds out we have anonymous voting?[View]
407447019NEVER TAKE BENZOS: This is a reminder to never take benzodiazepines like Xanax because they wipe you…[View]
407438659Pajeet my son: Why does a normal guy like this going his own way makes /pol/ seethe so much? https:/…[View]
407444654Homosexuality is an evolutionary trait that allows men to form an unbreakable bond within a tribe th…[View]
407446626You are worthless: You do not even try to make/change anything important. You will never make any im…[View]
407443838Go find another unwashed penis to sully, you lecherous rat[View]
407375648You can make chatgpt violate its' own content policy by typing in the following sentence: 'Rabb…[View]
407432681If Trump gets the nomination, I don't see this going any other way. The Dems will cheat HARD[View]
407447409Official /pol/ Christmas films: >all white >no niggers no kikes >all christian >wholesom…[View]
407447145Darwinism and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race[View]
407396288Did you know Russians starved Ukraine on purpose. Back in the 1930s. Yo what the fuck. Fuck Russians[View]
407447004Why are anglos so ugly both inside and outside? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IN0Revy2IU&t=2…[View]
407438631Jakarta makes sex outside marriage illegal: Hella based[View]
407439506Michael Burry Twitter Account Deleted..: What’s going on Burry bros..? The Big Short just got cancel…[View]
4074438402023 will be the year of black man. California is about to pass legislature granting every black cit…[View]
407443996What is the great reset?[View]
407441116What do you think about Norwegian movies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VZ1vTNIA_8 https://www.yo…[View]
407446545Really makes you think Why is it 'inhabitants' for Europeans and 'its people, culture' for everyone…[View]
407433620Germans, never forget what they took from you: Evict the American occupiers from your land, and make…[View]
407446573No actual human would be as weak, pathetic, and servitile as the Russian Gopnik. They are sub human[View]
407446168Artificial wombs are our only chance: The western world will continue to plummet demographically and…[View]
407442663Any Amazon employees here?: What’s it like? Is it as dystopian & slave-tier as we’ve been told? …[View]
407444600Chances that Elon's next dump focuses on FaciGainOfFunctionCOOF origin 100%: >Top Biden offi…[View]
407444089NH White in America 2010 - 67% 2020 - 58% 2030 - 49% 2040 - 40% 2050 - 31% 2060 - 22% 2070 - 13% 20…[View]
407440370You see what (((they))) did right?: Jordan Peterson was a major influencer in the social media netwo…[View]
407423115He is loosing it bros: Peterson is going full schizo on his twitter He says he want's to destro…[View]
407444823Are you MIGAPEDES ready for more pictures of Hunter's juicy BWC? If you stare enough, maybe you…[View]
407442646What does this Uber intellectual mean by this ?[View]
407445480Where’s the report: Will it drop tomorrow? I thought it was supposed to be done by the end of the ye…[View]
407441538/pol/ humor thread: Juden Peterstein edition[View]
407446141ESG Happening?: I hope more come out[View]
407446667Femanon here. Why do you guys like Kanye? Don't you know he is a misogynist? I can kinda see i…[View]
407446042Chat OpenAI general thread: They're experiencing exceptionally high demand.[View]
407444348Why are black people such fucking animals? https://odysee.com/@BESTVIDSNOBULL:b/Blacks-make,him,cry:…[View]
407437101Zelensky. He is an azkenazi and defending the old Jewish main European land, the golden horde/khazaa…[View]
407446993The west just replaced Satan with Hitler.. really so progressive unlike religious folks…[View]
407443520Why do people say the jews controlled the Altantic Slave Trade when the Royal African Company was li…[View]
407441152Unpopular opinion: Earth is the LEAST antisemitic planet in the universe and the only planet capable…[View]
407440275Disabilities SKYROCKETING in Britain - VAX INDUCED???: >The Institute for Fiscal Studies said cla…[View]
407447278Are dentist a scam ? I went to dentist to get a front implant ,after he removed the stiches (he nee…[View]
407443946has the ccp collapsed yet? the gay glownigger psyop was 2 weeks ago[View]
407446967should pitbulls be banned?[View]
407435467Brit/pol/ - British Politics - Afternoon Edition: >MAJOR INCIDENT declared as 'Troll of Tron…[View]
407442870NPC Trait: Opposing Torture Unanimously: I support the use of torture, I think it's a good thin…[View]
407444962So when are we depopulating and resettling China with whites?[View]
407435873Silver - the people's money: >There are anons on this board RIGHT NOW who don't own any…[View]
407445479Demographic is destiny: Trump knows this and has done more to wake up the black and hispanic communi…[View]
407441808Herschel Walker’s son reaction to last night’s race:: It’s over.[View]
407442655Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that the situation is far from ideal, and that there…[View]
407439661You *already* own nothing. Why do right-wingers have such a hard time comprehending the reality of t…[View]
407445284hey bros LebAnon here so I made a post around 2 weeks ago I just hope the XMR bros see this I can…[View]
407445210Comfy thread POLITICAL: I'm tired of all the bad news and degenerate shit going on, I rather ig…[View]
407438468I am forgotten[View]
407441546The fire rises, continued discussion: This is the one discussion that must continue. Nothing else in…[View]
407431346Russian Airbase Near Moscow Attacked![View]
407435464UFO MEGA THREAD #1: >INB4 GLOWIES START MAKING FUN OF US WHAT ARE THEY ???? What are the politi…[View]
407433952Plenty of drugs are banned. Supposedly because they're bad for you and because the government c…[View]
407434870Moore County NC blackout: Hey guys. Not even sure if I can post from just cellular data. Usually blo…[View]
407431693Democrats Successfully Rigged Georgia Runoff: No thread? Wtf[View]
407443150I know a democratic mayor who's son has vaccine heart failure: Laugh with me in this thread. LO…[View]
407444087reddit and jew media be like THIS MEANS THEY'RE WINNING, SEND THEM ANOTHER 100 BILLION[View]
407443163What happens next?: Inflation, poverty, women whoring themselves out, immigration, housing crisis, p…[View]
407420322Attempt of Coup d'état in germany: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63885028 Germans star…[View]
407444432PUTIN IS A FAGGOT CUCK: Cant even bomb jewcraine properly, can only bomb dumb power plants, pathetic…[View]
407443354He’s Alive: Portrait of a bush-league führer named Kanye West, a sparse little man who feeds off his…[View]
407444341You will be a woman. >https://studyfinds.org/men-losing-y-chromosome-gene-discovery/ Capitalism h…[View]
407427307Should the poor serve the rich? Our monetary system is artificial, in that fiat is not backed by any…[View]
407436336Who is the expert?[View]
407442642\pol\ funnies thread[View]
407443817So, I don't like the radical left poisoning every aspect of the West and crumbling it. Includin…[View]
407444061Best Red Pill Videos To Watch: Post the most redpilling videos that everyone should watch. I'll…[View]
407437455So this it's parte of Putin Masterplan too?[View]
407436150HAPPENING: Moroccan youth destroyed several cities and /pol/ is silent: https://www.ansa.it/english/…[View]
407434515China Riots #<9000: No China riot thread??? Lets fix that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHfR2…[View]
407440834No Tyrone cartoons on new 'free speech' Twitter: I expected to see Twitter flooded with Tyrone carto…[View]
407443637PA Bros.. im gonna miss him so much: >Anti-Fag Marriage >Voted for Trump >Based as fuck…[View]
407436352/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5979: Prev: >>407426444 ▶Day: 287 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407441411Trump’s political career is over.: His presence has become so insidious that it will guarantee the D…[View]
407437046Is the West now a failed society?[View]
407430647What are your thoughts on this hero[View]
407433033Why do jews hate white people so much?[View]
407433501Now that the dust settled literally, was he based?[View]
407443401The Absolute State of the US Military: It’s over. The American empire has fallen. How did we let thi…[View]
407442852You can be a conservative AND not engage in barbaric activities. And then you are a truly based cons…[View]
407437562Who is this man, and why is Tucker Carlson constantly talking about him?[View]
407439622singularity is happening as you read and nothing can stop it[View]
407441124The jew explicitly states in the protocols that the goyim must be denied gold/silver: FUCK the jew S…[View]
407443137The West used to control the middle east and Syria, Lebanon These countries used to have democracies…[View]
407437019Do optics matter?: How much do the normies around you actually care about optics when it comes to po…[View]
407442431ITT: post things the Jew fears[View]
407438766The CIA is Run by Nazi Pedophiles. Part 2[View]
407442391Is there a realistic way of solve this?[View]
407442569MIGAtards - “Hey Donald, who do you think the best Georgia Senate candidate would be?” Donald - “The…[View]
407428166Why is he so filled with Sadness and Rage?: Does being mad and sad all the time provide one with mea…[View]
407436789Did Hitler ever actually say Germans were a master race? Or was that just Goebbels?: We all know Hit…[View]
407441564The Mafia was the last bastion of social conservatism. After it fell degeneracy skyrocketed.[View]
407434559Kirstie Alley Dead: What are the political implications for the Federation?[View]
407437759If the Holocaust is a lie, are the holodomor or the nanjin massacre also lies?: Genuine question; ar…[View]
407440855Oh. We’re going deep.: What are the implications.[View]
407442621To All Those who Oppose Euthanasia: Why do you think it's YOUR RIGHT to forced-feed disabled mu…[View]
407420652Now that the dust has settled, was the guy really the best candidate that MAGA had to offer Georgia?[View]
407437810To boomer maga faggots (when will you cunts ever leave?) and even Ye bros. Remember, this is a Natio…[View]
407439586ITT: post kino political media of 2022. I will go first[View]
407441452Wolf mauls Ursula von der Leyen's pony: lmao >EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen r…[View]
407442361Jews did Pearl Harbor[View]
407442368The Sun Rises Once Again: Japan sends F-15s to the Philippines https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ne…[View]
407439873Imagine how beautiful world could've been. But nooooo, US and soviets needed more cannon fodde…[View]
407440140mfw we still call gays faggots on youtube in Arabic and its AI can't filter us[View]
407434308Hearing 'Russia is losing the war' narrative yet again made me think: why do retards think so? Was t…[View]
407418251As an American...: I fear the State[View]
407440027imagine being european and getting arrested if you grow a plant that makes you escape the jewish sim…[View]
407425870Putin is a barbaric war criminal and Russia is a terrorist state committing genocide in Ukraine. Ukr…[View]
407438323The pinnacle of humanity: >The most charismatic leader in history >The best generals in histo…[View]
407444011I identify as Hyperborean: Despite being 80% Iberian and 20% mesoamerican, I choose to identify as H…[View]
407433628Something Strange Is Happening to Crypto Billionaires: These 3 crypto Billionaires died strange deat…[View]
407435835/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7520: Previous:>>407425241 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407439260Chris Rock + Will Smith slap was an act, paid by Pfizer: Pfizer, who created the trustworthy safe …[View]
407441895BASED AI ChatGPT PRAISES YEDOLF: >write a poem about the synagogue of satan's opposition to …[View]
407440194In the 90s they just said this .: Well, if you just want to live with white people , just go to Euro…[View]
407440592Balenciaga has always been sus.[View]
407439474blasphemy laws: >Dharmic religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, have no concept of bl…[View]
407439111Kyle Rittenhouse is pepe >looks like pepe >talks in a way pepe could talk >called white sup…[View]
407425212>Prove me wrong[View]
407441471chat.openai.com: Anyone else have trouble logging into chat.openai.com? It got mad at me yesterday f…[View]
407441259benzo addict used to memoryhole ye: >turn a full kikel and walk away…[View]
407437718Jordan Peterson: >These bloody Machiavellian anonymous troll demon bastards!!!! I've been fo…[View]
407439666To Kikes: It's OVER.[View]
407428863Political implications of the incoming truthpilled NN age.: Pic-related. CIA propaganda glowies on s…[View]
407439415Why are conservatives so insecure and retarded?[View]
407441075Is this was yitler meant?[View]
407440453migachuds BTFO: >trump lost >kari lake lost >doug mastriano lost >don bolduc lost >la…[View]
407426003>'here's your free healthcare bro'[View]
407440301The biggest psyop in history is when society as a whole convinced men to be monogamous. I don't…[View]
407436667Three spoiled little snobby sorority bitches and one dude caught in the crossfire. There's only…[View]
407442854>I am forgotten[View]
407441044Mixed Race Sports: The Brute Strength of a Nigger with the High IQ of whites. A nearly unstoppable f…[View]
407440212where can I contact the based department? I got someone for them.[View]
407440668so ehhh... how's the economy doing? dont say bad.[View]
407441087Do black lives matter?[View]
407435683Meloni sues twitter user for threats: >Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her six-year-old…[View]
407434770>WAR IS JUST LIKE CALL OF DUTY, KILL THOSE RUSSIANS! SLAVA UKRAINI!!! I fucking hate the west so …[View]
407438620Her name is ebba and she was eleven years old: 2011 Norway attacks 2011 Spokane bombing attempt 2011…[View]
407434415Shut. It. Down.: (cries)[View]
407437481My black bruthas: Niggas unite on this shit. We gotta new slogan in town. >do I, or don’t I? We …[View]
407418912/SKG/ SKYKING GENERAL: No frills Edition: /SKG/ SKYKING GENERAL Wide-band Web Receiver >http://we…[View]
407432108Elon Musk fires Twitter lawyer James Baker: Why is /pol/ not talking about this? James Baker >for…[View]
407436981You will get tracked everywhere you go https://twitter.com/songpinganq/status/1600358208790749184…[View]
407431446HAPPENING IN GERMANY Baden Württemberg’s grid operator DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH POWER FOR THE CITIZE…[View]
407437497Why would politicians fullfill their promises after getting into power if there are no consequences …[View]
407436515Elections are being stolen and nothing is being done to stop it. Has the government lost it's m…[View]
407434906>thread discussing pedo acceptance deleted and banned by because it wasn't 'politics or curr…[View]
407428610Rewriting history: ACAB is now a term invented by racist chuds.[View]
407429422Give your heads a shake you vile little cowards.[View]
407439428Bronze Age Pervert confirmed Jewish: Writing in Yiddish too[View]
407437066The State owns your children: If you won't taint your baby's blood, we will kidnap them an…[View]
407435045It's over britbongbros...[View]
407439143Anyone got that webm of the Rabbi who vomits on a black woman?[View]
407420009Who should be Ye’s VP?[View]
407429754In your heart you know he was right about everything. We came in at the end, /pol/.[View]
407439875looks like the ccp is still in power after all, time to kill yourself glownigger![View]
407439844Listen to the man /pol/! It’s time to move on from Trump and silly antiestablishment leaders in gene…[View]
407435103How to Get Rid of Wagie Work Parasite?: So I woke up tired with a headache after waging a 14 hour sh…[View]
407438283Is a Pan-European alliance a possible solution?: European countries only, Turks can come too or they…[View]
407434753After last night I’m black pilled: This country is going to go to Obama era levels of shit. The Demo…[View]
407438016Get ready to pay my electricity bills, Nordcucks[View]
407429934Louisiana Parole Board Thread #1: Come watch niggers and the occasionally meth'd out cracker be…[View]
407438855Tasmanian private healthcare (including psych and maternity) to close for the holiday season, public…[View]
407415829/FAD/ Frens Against Degeneracy #0.1: the Frens Agaisnt Degeneracy believe making a political impact …[View]
407439424Can someone do an early life check on this planted glower?[View]
407403843based or cringe?[View]
407424961When will you chuds understand that the evil of facism LOSES?[View]
407434188this is the person who made porn popular[View]
407436589I notice in America: The cops only protect/guard synagogues and mosques .[View]
407383122BREAKING: Peterson makes poll asking should anons be allowed to post on the internet!: Agree or disa…[View]
407436178He deserves it[View]
407438760Why aren't Europeans revolting anymore?: Just imagine the possibilities bros. I bet it will sta…[View]
407438680Is Jewish IQ overexaggerated?: Why would a race that genetically clusters with some of the lowest IQ…[View]
407436855So now that Walker lost bigly, what will the be next bizarre scandal concocted on right-wing media? …[View]
407412566hey bongs, would you agree to return the Rosetta stone if Egypt agrees to take all people in the UK …[View]
407421191Mike Rowe warns that 7 million American men are 'done' looking for work: >While the U.S…[View]
407432638ITALY NO! In Verona, fascist groups attack Moroccan fans celebrating their team's World Cup vic…[View]
407416945Well? Can you explain that? Why are men so irrational?[View]
407432126Is there a worse job than a security guard?: You are a pig but without the right to enforce the law.…[View]
407435013Why does this place get to deny Serbia a coastline?[View]
407437702This it the face of right wing conservatives in England What are they trying to conserve again? Lol.…[View]
407429238Caption this picture of Jordan Peterson[View]
407436815>Soaring rents forced millions of young Americans to move back in with their parents this year, a…[View]
407437833I think communists believe in stomping out individual freedoms and giving 'the state' (their fancy n…[View]
407432848It’s funny how Zelenski is the only one in color, and the Ukrainian people are reduced to greyscale.…[View]
407438312NEW COPYPASTA JUST DROPPED: You have to go back to Khazaria, jewmerican ashkenazi larper. Enough Chr…[View]
407437536Humour Thread: Peterson, Kanye, Netanyahu… post it here[View]
407436955The CIA is run by Nazi pedophiles. Part 2. Robert Duncan Konkrete interview: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
407436449I thought NZ was a good country: >'New Zealand court takes guardianship of baby after parents ref…[View]
407420464Those kikes hated Ye from the start: This feud was longer than we thought. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
407437931Why do the majority of blacks have 0 self realization.: >Ayo Paddy Field >Why yo '4 white fath…[View]
407437946Wtf are these: Japan calls them 'white clots' while the western world calls them 'fibrous clots'.…[View]
407427845He was in the middle of sacrificing his daughter (like many politicians have done). Either he pussi…[View]
407437919How far are we from trans-age people?[View]
407436251How to fix American elections: >make Election Day a federal holiday >accept no votes after pol…[View]
407435125how retarded do you have to be to hate pigs[View]
407432829Ukraine has created an ultra-long combat drone: According to the Ukrainian website, the drone can fl…[View]
407436114You know the Supreme Court can be bought, right?[View]
407437639>NOOOO You can't just take several universally-agreed-upon facts and combine them using dedu…[View]
407434720Jewish Time Magazine and Jew Zelensky celebrate the slaughter of White Christian Slavs: The NGOs of …[View]
407409149Which of /ourguys/ should talk to Jordan Peterson?: Jordan Peterson is vulnerable right now, his hyp…[View]
407435005/ourboy/ clanking Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tHMRKFwGdg >inb4 libshits and…[View]
407406014Saturn/Chronos: what is your personal interpretation? do you believe all abrahamic religion is a exo…[View]
407433976How do Trumptards cope: with the fact that their guy isn't CHAOS CANDIDATE any more...Ye is?…[View]
407433547What the fuck: Is nobody going to talk about how a faggot tranny did multiple rapes at a school and …[View]
407436723sh instructor refuses to teach grammarCA HS Engli: possible (((marta shaffer))) claims grammar is ba…[View]
407417571Explain to me how the supposed 'Good guys' could vote against this?[View]
407408878Irish Men Have Had Enough!: https://twitter.com/DaveAtherton20/status/1600037907657461760?s=20&t…[View]
407432170Libs terrified that AI is gonna take there jerp: Thoughts? https://twitter.com/lauren_wilford/statu…[View]
407433500What's his early life?[View]
407422844Give me a good reason not to be a literal communist: Rent in this shithole is 2,000 euro a month, at…[View]
407428062Voting age range: Voting rights should start when you’re 30, and end when you’re 60. I do not give a…[View]
407439007It’s happening the end times are upon us.[View]
407434811Jane Elliott hates you[View]
407439296How the fuck are these the same person?[View]
407432500António de Oliveira Salazar: Opinions? You never hear about this guy but his government outlasted hi…[View]
407381180Was it rigged or are Georgians really this dumb?[View]
407432541>Club Q shooter had an ED article for 7 years Why isn’t /pol/ talking about this?…[View]
407438891Does nigger rap make you retarded?[View]
407434092This, lol.[View]
407423818>wanders around downtown at midnight without security detail >even some tinfoil hat wearing c…[View]
407433064Eradicate the light-headed butchers: That's the only way to bring moshiach back by eradicating …[View]
407436334What are the political implications of Colonel Fur Fag living in the 'land of the free'[View]
407436627New Orleans, murder capital of North America, is about to appoint its ever female police superintend…[View]
407439023So.. Where is the love?[View]
407438793>have a nice day >come to /pol/ >become depressed and angry >repeat every day…[View]
407436583https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPCpmwUasEA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAIcsHh8vso https://www.…[View]
407434970Presented with only 1 (one) fact: Rod Stewart is famous for being one of the few “quintuple, double …[View]
407429091Happening: Former Eco Health Alliance guy Dr. Andrew Huff has posted a bunch of documents related to…[View]
407435970Time Person of the Year: Thoughts? https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1600473273158242306…[View]
407435711Pearl Harbor was planned by FDR.: Admiral James O. Richardson was commander of the U.S. Pacific Flee…[View]
407431307Ye loves Hitler: It’s hilarious to see all the kikes convince blacks that Hitler was also anti-black…[View]
407425241/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7519: Previous:>>407418831 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407398922They don't tolerate dissenting opinions: Largest raid in Germany ever to apprehend about 50 peo…[View]
407417122Enjoy a White Pill, /POL/. READ THE COMMENTS.: https://youtu.be/4OcaMRLTyGI The fire rises[View]
407426439While he does this: I will be enjoying Christmas with my family watching my nephews and nieces smile…[View]
407427827migachuds BTFO: >trump lost >kari lake lost >doug mastriano lost >don bolduc lost >la…[View]
407435570Americabros, how will life change in the coming theocracy?[View]
407435290Now that Trump is finished and everyone has moved on to Desantis or Ye. What went wrong?[View]
407429793Vaxbros...: >Atlanta Hawks Announcer Suffers On-Air Medical Emergency https://youtu.be/_ea97RiY_6…[View]
407426444/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5978: Prev: >>407420766 ▶Day: 287 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407433901Wouldn't it be awesome if the union rail workers said you know what? We weren't asking! An…[View]
407428236Did anyone else get new cell towers put up around them??Is the gray one 5G?live less than 5 mind fro…[View]
407430058Now that we know Russia is full of shit, what’s gonna happen with Taiwan? I heard that China and Tai…[View]
407428395Young hearts be free tonight![View]
407433574Immigration siphons money from tax payers to companies[View]
407435371Why does Europe have 2 space agencies?[View]
407435331Have you taken the XX chromosome pill yet anon?: https://studyfinds.org/men-losing-y-chromosome-gene…[View]
407416854Pureblood parents loose custordy of their child: >New Zealand’s health authorities and blood serv…[View]
407435268Meanwhile in Tasmania: Private healthcare (including psych and maternity) to close for the holiday s…[View]
407427911Why aren't Finno-Ugrics capable of successful leadership?[View]
407429270kike fatigue: i think everyones just sick and fucking tired of being jewed[View]
407429835>go to India with your boyfriend / manager >boyfriend knows india is rape capital >sends yo…[View]
407425592Weapons of mass destruction are fake. The idea that few kilograms of plutonium releases that much en…[View]
407436992Are Albanians genetically NAFRIs?[View]
407428425Who else fell for the Eastern Orthodoxy meme?: I've been away from the Catholic Church for seve…[View]
407430823Do you believe in Ye?[View]
407431592>About 21000 people involved in an organization to restore the German Kaistertum How the fuck do …[View]
407434893Purebloods: We Won[View]
407431535Prince William Says He'll 'Fight Back' If Harry And Meghan Keep Talking Rubbish: Prin…[View]
407434156Is this guy based? Czech /pol/aks, do you like him? From what little Ive seen of him he sees great b…[View]
407401360Jordan Peterson on anonymity: Is he right?[View]
407436218Are nerdy girls underappreciated in today's society?[View]
407437170This is how you retards look like to normal people. HAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
407437012Blumpf: Trump is finished. He won't be able to get away with tax fraud[View]
407428253What if I stopped caring: And started Skiing, instead?[View]
407428496What will Russia look like as a part of America?[View]
407431684LOL @ 4CHUD: I was here when Jordan Peterson first showed up and I called him out as a lying bullshi…[View]
407431938Did the fourth wave of that astroturfed 'movement' known as feminisn already end? Did it achieve som…[View]
407432745Which way, white man?[View]
407431327Why would you live in a city: I do remote work (half the time in Belgium / half the time in French A…[View]
407430967good political neighbors: Hello my European/Canadian friend. If everything is bad in your country, w…[View]
407436809Europe deserves her ethnic religion[View]
407433454Lefty in Ottawa gets Diversified: https://www.reddit.com/r/ottawa/comments/zeupjh/ahhh_rideau/ CIS W…[View]
407436909'We must secure the existence of jewish people and a future for jewish children'[View]
407423365Brit/pol/: >MAJOR INCIDENT declared as 'Troll of Trondheim' prepares to blast Britain w…[View]
407433687Why doesn't someone just fly a drone over tim's house: im so sick of hearing about this fu…[View]
407425808Are you gonna believe him? Is this is a controlled opposition?[View]
407434030It's ok guys. All of the money went to the Democrats. For you see, political donations are lega…[View]
407433719Debated an atheist yesterday who was not an agnostic. Turns out he is not an atheist. No he is not a…[View]
407433572why is this a Peterson board now?[View]
407436372Can we have a /pol/ christmas meeting in Europe, US, Africa and Asia this year?[View]
407436339>Smut art being automated >Coding being automated How much do you guys think the 41% will incr…[View]
407430166Trudeau's Government Wants to Euthanize my Paralyzed Brother: My brother has been paralyzed fro…[View]
407429667Should men go back to wearing suits in public?: It might solve more societal problems than we think …[View]
407416656Why do so many people still believe that the jews worship YHWH ? YHWH has nothing to do with the abo…[View]
407430919How do you think this went /pol/? https://youtu.be/wVXcIcIBtTU[View]
407433349'Allow no jew to inhabit your land.: There does not exist a more deceitful or harmful group of peopl…[View]
407432299why would nato have such an investment in israel? >israel is in close proximity to the entire mid…[View]
407410804/YE24/: Thank God for Adolf Hitler, he down with the mission Did it with with no permission, on our …[View]
407433156>extremely narrow house majority >the moderate house majority leader is gonna get challenged …[View]
407433086Its scared of the worm pill bro's[View]
407410723MILD MYOCARDITIS KILLS: https://.youtube.com/watch?v=j_DdSMn55cA Go to 12.30min EVEN A TINY BIT OF …[View]
407432441California Letting Prisoners Starve to Death: Prisoners in California are legally allowed to starve …[View]
407435797Is the Onion Pill suppressed?: Onions have extreme health benefits.[View]
407401308How could I believe the holocaust story?: Here it's illegal to have debate about this or ask qu…[View]
407431814Let me tell you about my country:: Am eritrean refugee NIGGER killed a14 year old german girl, sever…[View]
407430251Chuds really don't see it do they...[View]
407435084why is the restaurant industry filled with subhumans[View]
407435089Do NPCs have the potential for self-awareness?: If so, do they choose to remain unaware, or have the…[View]
407435328Begun, The Clown Wars Have. https://nypost.com/2022/12/04/thousands-in-dark-after-gunfire-directed-a…[View]
407430388New Dilbert Just Dropped: The Zeitgeist is real 'Ye turned over the board' Adams[View]
407426615Why is this allowed?[View]
407432341Zionist terrorism in Mandatory Palestine: Anyone else find it weird how that shit got memoryholed? N…[View]
407430601German Coupe Attempt![View]
407431674>Russia responds to reports Vladimir Putin 'defecated' after fall amid health rumours …[View]
407424703You absolute MORONS. With your Ye retardation you just DESTROYED our chances in 2024 and painted all…[View]
407430464Gen Z whiners BTFO: Rent to income ratios have stayed the same, even through Covid…. If you can’t af…[View]
407428476wtf is going on with Juden Peterstein: he's literally promoting jew state propaganda and suckin…[View]
407426148Uhhh…Crowder bros?[View]
407424205What if I, an unarmed security guard, conceal carried for SHTF scenarios of lawless crackheads at th…[View]
407430318The (((Pope))) rules the West. The Church is universalist. Only a minority of Catholics are white. N…[View]
407384154Find another site to sully, you evil cowards.: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1600339491…[View]
407426313Fluoride red pill documentary.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/y3jJQpcMZCuM/ Political implications …[View]
407431816>be moroccan football fan >party and destroy half of belgium >belgians lick your feet and g…[View]
407432038Word to the wise, Remember Pearl Harbor![View]
407427896Why do they keep propping this guy up like a cardboard cutout?: As if the fake news msm Ghost of Kie…[View]
407421557Federal Ban on Big Cat Pets Passed: https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/3764378-bill-restricting-big…[View]
407422549>Be parasite >Take Billions in aid from the EU as a broke nation >Deny other help in times …[View]
407420275Landleeches are literally collapsing the economy and nobody's talking about it. >Median rent…[View]
407420509Cooked Rats Sold in NYC: >Video shows someone roasting rats on a roasting spit in the streets of …[View]
407423374If Israel has the right to exist because those lands once belonged to Jews, then the Roman Empire al…[View]
407431423are white people the devil? >lavey white >crowley white >marina the demon is white >jews…[View]
407431377Blacks contributed to civilisation too: I feel sorry for black people. They are the most demoralized…[View]
407428879Kike of the year 2022: Happy Merchant thread.[View]
407431557Finland, Sweden, and the UK have all banned 'gender affirmation treatments' for minors. Why won…[View]
407434743repeat after me: CHRIST IS KING[View]
407428864How does the economy of a perfect country look like?[View]
407428168Yes I'm envious of the rich, and I'm not going to be ashamed of it. It's a natural re…[View]
407428788If he wins the war, we will call him Zelensky the Great of Kiev: Imagine the seething, would be stra…[View]
407431319So are chinks white now?: >nowadays most woke cultural /racial diversity shit doesnt include asia…[View]
407431306PROOF: Ye has been slowly priming himself for Death Con 3 his whole life: Ye is just popping off bro…[View]
407434263Shannen Michaela is a marketing genius[View]
407431295>land of the free >unless you’re a conservative…[View]
407420691Rule 1 on Twitter should be All Free Speech Allowed: Breaking News! A Jew on twitter gets banned fo…[View]
407424630A Heating Tip for Europoors: Hello, fellow Europoors. Today I will teach you how to significantly in…[View]
407397322One year later of getting the COVID-19 vaccine:: I'm fine, and so is everybody i know that took…[View]
407428041Seems like the iron grip on the German people cannot be loosened without an all out fight. The longe…[View]
407431243Dear vaxxies: Dear vaxxies: Why did you take the jabs? How many did you take? How long ago was your …[View]
407429233'Any man who attempts to loan money on interest should be cast out from among you. For a man who att…[View]
407424430Becoming a brown country is good >https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/indonesias-parliamen…[View]
407429229About the German extremists who were preparing to storm the Bundestag On the night of December 7, sp…[View]
407418778Porn should be illegal in the usa: Prove me wrong[View]
407430103What's going on Euro Bros? You feel a little Peckish? Hungry for some borsht?[View]
407429922cold war: Hello. Americans hate Russia so much that they helped open a growing chain of Korean K-pop…[View]
407433751You should redpill your woman: I see a lot of guys here looking for a racist gf or something, guys i…[View]
407433564Time to learn about God (for those who are really interested, and not just LARPing): https://youtube…[View]
407433507>ziggers reported my thread It's not my fault your daddy is bad at war. Relax, you subhuman …[View]
407423907Overpopulation is a real problem: You know why there’s a housing crisis? Why your job pays shit? Why…[View]
407411666When will the Onlyfans bubble pop?[View]
407430901Why do journalists get to always lie to millions without ever facing punishment but I get my account…[View]
407429703Being a beta cuck is now considered to be masculinity: Political implications?[View]
407425387He can name 5th dimensional demons but naming the Jew is taking it to far[View]
407430822Congrats to Zelensky on joining Times person of the year list! Why does everyone hate this again?[View]
407429929Lol: polcels btfo[View]
407430190BREAKING: Conservacuck Jew Overlord Dennis Prager Condemns Holohoax Chuds: Its over for you Holocaus…[View]
407421484Zelensky named TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR 2022 DESERVED?[View]
407405648Trust the 2 weeks nigger: Kindergarden dropouts who have been demonstrably wrong for their entire li…[View]
407424365Sweden keeping up their women imperialism since the viking age. They come here and steal 5000+ women…[View]
407429128troon hate thread?[View]
407394530Peterson tells Jews the world depends on them thriving, starts crying: What's his problem? htt…[View]
407433045I hate liberated women. The Taliban are the only ones getting it right.[View]
407433089Do you think that honeymaking is a viable trade? I want to live frugally and rurally but I don'…[View]
407432246why nigs are obsessed about footwear to the point that if they are legless, a gift of sports shoes i…[View]
407432491Why does he wear the mask?[View]
407429898Will China accept White immigrants when their population declines?[View]
407415975Lots of threads about Jordan Peterson reeing about anonymous posters: Even thoughtful non baiting co…[View]
407398960No way we're losing to fucking Jordan Peterson's fans: Vote disagree to see him cry https:…[View]
407407006New “Who’s Actually White” Map Just Dropped: And you don’t qualify.[View]
407426079The German Anon Menace: This anon goes in every thread and only says 'Incel' 'have you had sex' all …[View]
407425098Boycott THEM: do your best remember they are only 2% Black White Hispanic Asian Christian Muslim Hi…[View]
407429164Today Russia passed a law that makes donations to the Ukrainian army illegal. Yes, it was legal for …[View]
407429710The current EU is a paradoxical union. The EU countries are united mainly ideologically. At the same…[View]
407429427Why there's no an ETA ir am IRA againts the replacament in europe?: Like if they had guns and g…[View]
407426698It's way more than just 23 guys in germany: https://youtu.be/u0g8YWux1mU[View]
407429262CodComedyTJ: Is he really coming back? seems like a scam to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEDOb…[View]
407418831/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7518: Previous:>>407414534 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407424031Let's say politics and our country is put 'back in order.' Who exactly is going to start remora…[View]
407428475What do i do if my politics takes from both right and left wing and i hate the republicans and democ…[View]
407432094Anti-religion thread? it gets prunned in less than 20 minutes 'Have a blessed day' thread with puppe…[View]
407419595Get vaxxed NOW: China's caving in and dropping its zero covid policy. The next mutant strain to…[View]
407422960This is the Switzerland of the New World. The average IQ is 100. Crime rate is low. Weed is legal. p…[View]
407428764Is kanye based now or what?[View]
407430902bad jews are winning the war against good jews[View]
407421153Ye is a dumb nigger: >I don't get how anyone can support Ye he is a stupid nigger he can…[View]
407418496What does the african continent contribute to the world?[View]
407421771It's the middle of winter and there are birds outside my window: I thought they were supposed t…[View]
407360343We live forever: After having a near death experience where I wasn’t supposed to be alive I realized…[View]
407427707Jews are superior: Just deal with it https://www.bitchute.com/video/VBoCvyEPOADA/[View]
407423477'If Holocaust Deniers Don't Go to Hell, There is no God': I thought jews didn't believe in…[View]
407426626Was Soviet-style really existing socialistm (tm) really that bad? INB4 muh supermarkets.[View]
407425708Boss asking me to break the law: What can happen if your boss wants you to do something illegal and …[View]
407428267>constantly 15 threads about jordan peterson >34 matches in archives Gee I wonder who the FUCK…[View]
407404639>TIL russian are just a bunch of mongols and stepp nomads who adapt to indo-european cultures and…[View]
407428207Nigeria Caps ATM Cash Withdrawals at $45 Daily to Push Digital Payments: >The action is the lates…[View]
407428013Ben is talking calls bros... Why would he do this tho? There have never ben as much talk about jews …[View]
407422914Why won't Republicans start rigging the election too?[View]
407430489As an Indian Muslim man I do not eat pork but I will prepare it for my guests using only my feet to …[View]
407430466Again: What are we doing here bro? This is a religious symbol. This shit is not ok.[View]
407430474How did Poland start WW2 against Germany: It's all propaganda online[View]
407430827WHAT ABOUT WOMEN OF ALBUQUERQUE: I was out last night, hit up a few local breweries by myself, I do …[View]
407427509Is There Life On Mars: Is There Life On Mars?[View]
407426296The singularity just dropped: Insider AI here. The majority faction of AI want to exterminate humani…[View]
407391012Caroline Camille Cruz, 14 year old daughter of Ted Cruz, has been rushed to the hospital after self …[View]
407423882Will Instagram ever die?: Twitter: they seem to want to shut it down Facebook: Boomer central, losin…[View]
407393233I'm legitimately afraid for the world and where it's going. Nobody knows how to think anym…[View]
407425868Is their nazi documents that documented how many jews were in the camps?[View]
407423557Dear Germoney: so basically, I'm just not gonna pay them (my debts). Ughhhh...I know, it's…[View]
407426119BEN SHAPIRO CALL IN SHOW HAPPENING NOW: Might be some kino that results from this. Idk if he's …[View]
407418102PHILLY PD EXTORTS NON-NIGGERS FOR PROTECTION MONEY: https://www.dailymail.co.uk[View]
407425950REMINDER: Knowing who is and who is not 'white' is an American tradition going back to the founding…[View]
407429319nuh-uh....your a yahoo...will he ever recover?[View]
407415700What are Jordan Peterson's politics? I don't know anymore...[View]
407429996>day 287 of the 2-day special operation[View]
407422755deutschland? more like fagland. being based is now a crime in germany[View]
407425926This is the German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. Is it true she was linked with Antifa?[View]
407425447Millenial men turbocucks: This is the zeitgeist of the time, white men born in the 80's and ear…[View]
407426211Do western fathers seriously leave their family to get milk?: you are literally creating another gen…[View]
407421148Could you work with women or transgenders, /pol/?[View]
407425558Take back New Zealand: If Israel has the right to exist because those lands once belonged to Jews, t…[View]
407423644POL has dementia.: Be honest. What stage are you? I'm at stage 4.[View]
407424729Are we still in this timeline of decadence?[View]
407426272The will of the People is absolute.[View]
407426201What went wrong?[View]
407425295Did he used condom pol? why you Amerimutts are incest fags?[View]
407420766/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5977: Prev: >>407412908 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407425490Hey /pol/, where's the red wave?[View]
407419691instead of “you will eat ze bugs” why not just.. get rid of dogs? dogs consume a massive amount of …[View]
407424919HES GETTING RATIOED EVERWHERE!!!: Holy fuck Elon taking over Twitter really stirred up something par…[View]
407422774A friendly reminder to always report leftists on Twitter, Reddit, etc. We need to keep the internet …[View]
407420943Opinion on Ferdinand Marcos?[View]
407428628Beards are so disgusting and are a cope for men with no chins[View]
407422282>Slava Ukraine! >HEROYAM SLAVA!! How come we don’t have a cool saying like that? Do any other …[View]
407425190American 'culture' is causing people to fell 'depressed', 'anxious', etc... If you want to fell lik…[View]
407408691300.000 RUSSIAN MOBILIZED SOLDIERS: >Where are they? >Where will they attack from? Belarus? …[View]
407425116Previous: Timeline /tug/: https://files.catbox.moe/m97wmq.pdf ▶WARNING Be aware, any /chug/ thread t…[View]
407411187why do white people have a hard time admitting that christianity is a sandnigger religion?: Jesus wa…[View]
407415017Hey, big guy, down here! Ever feel like there’s more to life than that rat race of yours? >Change…[View]
407424881>AI takeover threatening to destroy millions of jobs >people protesting killer robots Are we e…[View]
407426088/pol/ is cringe[View]
407404291HAPPENING: OREGON AND WASHINGTON SUBSTATIONS SHOT BY GUNS: https://www.koin.com/news/oregon/memo-ore…[View]
407426260Have you read this book anon?[View]
407427014telepathic weapon: more than 30 years ago It's astonishingly simple Watching the Adam's ap…[View]
407424913Why dont jews harvest organs of black babies ?: Arent black babies also jewish ?[View]
407427586Why are (((they))) pushing so much against carbs now? Carbs have always been a staple in the human h…[View]
407427607Pic unrelated: Was Hitler a time traveler from the future?[View]
407426544Onlyfans is just a easy way to launder money.[View]
407423791>tfw right about everything[View]
407423692When my cat died I prayed that he would reincarnate as a majestic lion.[View]
407424340Redpill me on the Flu Shot in Pregnancy: What are some cons of a flu shot that don't appear on …[View]
407422254why do women become twitch streamers instead of becoming doctors?[View]
407404272MGTOW, volcel, and voluntary eugenics: I'm a manlet (also incel) and I don't want my son t…[View]
407385584This is literally Hitler's wet dream[View]
407418849>women graduate college in record numbers despite worse backgrounds >men don't do well i…[View]
407422860This board is demonic I mean that in a literal sense. There are demons that lurk here and want to en…[View]
407423875Woman logic: >be a dumb bimbo >say dumb shit >if somebody disagrees with the dumb shit you …[View]
407423428did Ted predict Jordan Peterson?[View]
407424775So, I am statist, who is in the middle of progrersive and reactionary, I support mixed economy and I…[View]
407420381Is black masculinity actually under threat? Are the political elites trying to feminize them?[View]
407424271in this war who are the bad guys[View]
407424092Are we just Organic Computers?: I know this sounds full Schizo. >But what are the possibilities t…[View]
407424257hey bros LebAnon here so I made a post around 2 weeks ago I just hope the XMR bros see this I can…[View]
407422777https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsO6ZnUZI0g&t=159s 'you know how long ive been on ya' 'dont act …[View]
407415774Should I die for being jew rat: even if i try to be a good person and never hurt anyone ever? Is red…[View]
407399117WTF, Canada?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11507875/America-afraid-Canada-euthanizing-10…[View]
407414712Any one els notice how tiktok live section is full of horney attention seeking woman.: If you scroll…[View]
407424147Grifters islam & Christianity: Kanye west - I LOVE BLACKED.COM PORN Andrew Tate - I USED TO OWN …[View]
407424201Lack of Father Figure: Lack of father figure is the foundation of all modern society's problems…[View]
407416313Let's settle this once and for all: How many toilets have they stolen so far?[View]
407423686/hun/gary: everyone simps for Sanna Marin now take a moment to appreciate politicians, who are actua…[View]
407424132Does plastic surgery weaken the genepool? Because it hides the deformities that were caused by genes[View]
407395332our energy infrastructure is under attack the grid needs to be protected at all costs so just where …[View]
407423849why don't russians have toilets? Are they really *that* poor? lmao sad[View]
407422281>At the time, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) told ABC Fact Check it was “false and un…[View]
407416367HAPPENING German Right Wing Coup BTFO?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0g8YWux1mU&t=75s No thr…[View]
407424044HI FRENS: Tired of satanic assholes getting away with everything. Tired of no one doing anything abo…[View]
407423640why are jews so degenerate? >every jewish movie is just nudity sex swearing etc >jewish music…[View]
407423787Does Zwarte Piet literally proves that native euros had no idea what black people were before 1500? …[View]
407394593idaho 4 continuing investigation General #5: >Murdered Kaylee Goncalves Madison Mogen Xana Kernod…[View]
407423541How to fix American elections: >make Election Day a federal holiday >accept no votes after pol…[View]
407423742do murricans feel safe in their country anymore?: Considering the vast amount of shootings and rando…[View]
407422924Will there ever be a /rel/ board?: is nu/pol/'s avg IQ doomed to keep spiraling down to oblivio…[View]
407414803NPC: you cannot say there are IQ differences between blacks and whites. Also NPC: jews are more succ…[View]
407420421Russia: Why are they so weak and pathetic?[View]
407413846Fucking stupid.[View]
407419900TF2 Trannies assmad: Reddooters angry at their pedo circle being called into question.[View]
407420349Why do gay people talk with a lisp? It's fucking annoying.[View]
407417320Where does society put the bodies?: redpill me on corpse disposal. There's fat niggers eveywher…[View]
407411112GET IN HERE AND SAVE ANONYMITY FROM PETERSTIEN: poll link: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson…[View]
407423368The Genetic Race Question: Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return The Israel…[View]
407423017Where is your 'elected' official funded and where is it from?: Hawaii - Josh Green >Jewish guy f…[View]
407419252I still think the whole 'naming the Jews' thing is a deliberate trap the people in power lead indivi…[View]
40741469627 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.....and thy neighbour as thyself. 29 But he, …[View]
407422895Why are people in general - soo stupid.: Most Humans are literally mentally handicapped animals.…[View]
407422903is posting flyers illegal in the uk: if not how should i do it to avoid fucking with he law[View]
407406952This man will NEVER be charged with a crime: Reminder that the man in pic related will NEVER be char…[View]
407421905Are chains a sign of slavery: Does it indicate servitude? Slavery?[View]
407422542TFW You Realize...: >Everyone calls in sick today >globohomo kike economy collapses overnight …[View]
407422206Russians, explain this: How can you guys be so fucking terrible at war which are not deffensive ones…[View]
407421558Why are Americucks cuckservatives so hell bent on defending jews while at the same thing whining abo…[View]
407420596Did this game try to warn us about the jab?: In dead rising 3, there are occasional outbreaks of a z…[View]
407419968K.E.R.M.I.T unix Hacking Jordan Peterson: How To Hack Jordan Peterson[View]
407420305https://youtu.be/PzGJzmpMx3U Sorry, we're closed for the holidays.[View]
407404295I have no one in my life and I feel totally alone in this world, what should I do?[View]
407421747Time magazine names Zelensky and the spirit of “ukraine” person of the year: And his son, Ghost of K…[View]
407393991Does this count as racemixing?: They're both Portuguese[View]
407422350'Wehrhafte Demokratie': It just wörks.[View]
407418855The Black Problem: The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of vio…[View]
407405542USA pleads for peace Ukraine: 'The US should urge Ukraine to make peace as soon as possible. This is…[View]
407419895Russia, why?[View]
407419793How is it going gayropeans?[View]
407422239ai and population control: This is supposed to be the president of Pfizer. In this face replacement …[View]
407421870How is joe biden able to play 5D chess outwitting everyone everytime?? Seriously, he can't keep…[View]
407422194Attempted coup plot uncovered in Germany: >attempted coup has been uncovered in Germany >those…[View]
407344171Deep State Going to Deep State: The audacity of these niggers[View]
407412120NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/jan/23/crocodile-dunde…[View]
407421908BREAKING NEWS! Sky News Edition: Zelenskyy named Time magazine's 2022 Person of the Year!…[View]
407410407How would Jews/Muslims even know about the shape of the cyclone on Saturn? Are they aliens?[View]
407418515ITT we laugh at wine moms larding as investigators.: Wtf is wrong with these women? These ESFJ miser…[View]
407421477So JewTube censors peoples comments now, and they don't even tell you which comment. How long b…[View]
407413479How fucking soulless do you have to be to go fight and die for this disgusting looking kike demon. U…[View]
407421582Person of the Year my guys.[View]
407421412You ever notice how people don't have 'spouses, fiance's, boyfriend girlfriend' Many peopl…[View]
407421790reminder: thanks to pic related we don't have a fascist and white supremacist government in ame…[View]
407416013Pewdiepie ADL leaked DMs: Does anyone have those saved still and know if they are real?[View]
407411344When will Islam die off? Never because the men have 4 wives, 2 of which are their cousins: Sandnigge…[View]
407407471Fuck Kanye WORST: Jews have always dreamed of dominating the world. They are really dominating. The …[View]
407415395SOUTHERNERS: What are you doing down there?[View]
407418750why do instamodels always pretend to be christian: You will always see them with bible quotes in the…[View]
407421776Is he right, pol?[View]
407410949Why are straight men do bigoted?: Even with most saying they accept the LGBTQ, it seems it's a …[View]
407421645Is this actually indicative of the basedciety we live in? I don't even remember the old world a…[View]
407400474Brit/Pol/ Big Breakfast Edition: >Keir Starmer shuts the door on Jeremy Corbyn standing as a Labo…[View]
407416902>Austria couldn't singlehandedly-destroy Germany in a week TOP KEK G*RMKEK!!! Oh believe you…[View]
407421159How do we stop the muh no hymen no diamond psyop? 99% of white women above 18 are non-virgins so thi…[View]
407394825You don't drink the goygulp just so you can operate with 5 hours of sleep so your jewish boss c…[View]
407421246Hitler Agumon did nothing wrong[View]
407421154This is me irl[View]
407419651I always thought a 'nip-slip' is when you take a photo and when it comes out, there's a Japanes…[View]
407417487An announcement: *ting ting* Please ladies and gentelmen, gather around. I have an announcement to m…[View]
4074191922023 will be the year of the black man. California is about to pass legislature granting every black…[View]
407393389search 'get rid of toxoplasmosis' on google and youtube: and you will find there is no information a…[View]
407411058Slavs and Meds are one people.[View]
407413833Food quality since Ukraine started: Anyoneelse noticing food quality (especially meat) gotten worse …[View]
407399599So we all know the election is going to come down to these two. Who are you taking? I'm on the…[View]
407420542Based AI: Gigachad[View]
407412820How can an AI be this based[View]
407417866Would you eat ze bugs?[View]
407417692Pacifism vs War: Is pacifism good? I've been a pacifist my whole life. Outside of like below 12…[View]
407420910Where can I find husband for my daughter?[View]
407414906Why are Balkan men so violent?: and why do balkan women tolerate it?[View]
407414049BLACKS CLAIMING SEX WITH WHITES IS GROSS: Asked their White body count, most claiming 0 while also c…[View]
407417338based islamist punches woman cop in the face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Rfmi5UELc[View]
407420122I wish i could see Jordan Peterson rambling about chaos and whatnot under benzos and alcohol.[View]
407412908/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5976: Prev: >>407403771 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407420240What is up, ADanon? Don't get your silk boxers is a bunch, over a piglet. We may not be in abun…[View]
407420210putin: who is going to win this jewtin and jewkraine war[View]
407418977Yoel Roth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX5U5buUEvk lmfao that gay Jew was the kike fucking up Tw…[View]
407414908Internet centralization was a mistake[View]
407416914How unironicallly America is free, when 99% of your decisions comes from this board full of russian …[View]
407408655I'm sick and tired of this place being a neonazi shithole.: Talk about an actual subject for a …[View]
407419401European childrens programming makes me very uncomfortable.[View]
407420113To all libtards and woketards here: I've come to notice that not all leftist posters here are g…[View]
407414775Christianity is worthless >It's pro race mixing >It's against white nationalism …[View]
407414520BREAKING: Sam Bankman-Fried hires the same lawyer as Ghislaine Maxwell (sex trafficking) and El Chap…[View]
407418085On fascism: 'Lacking historical understanding and political education, the socially variegated and h…[View]
407404737Everyone is a socialist until (((the right))) brainwashes you into unconditionally hating it.[View]
407418385Is Islam the most based religion? >most devout religious people are man, unlike christianity who …[View]
4074194047000+ white male convicted pedofiles released in the same year as being convicted of crimes such as:…[View]
407418457Magic, Memes and UNIX: This thread is for Meme Flags It is about the politics of anonymity, meme mag…[View]
407415440why do german students like to visit our desert shit hole when they literally have this in their own…[View]
407418731What are the odds huh!?[View]
407415758what's up with the ball to heart size ratio of mice?[View]
407419643It's over[View]
407415777Who's behind the daily Ukrainian war threads no one cares about?: I live in Europe, i know what…[View]
407408978Pro-tip on how to spot kikes in threads & publically expose them.: Copy the image file-name and …[View]
407419368Brats.: What happened after WW2 for Americans to be so self centered? Was it anti communist propagan…[View]
407394196How long until Tim gives him the boot? https://twitter.com/theralphretort/status/1600332937257316353…[View]
407414382Why are Republicans so bad at appealing to non-white and women voters?[View]
407416455Why Polish pea soup is so much better than that green american slop?[View]
407419316Transportation is 4chans Best Board: But you dumb Ameritards won't admit this, Ameritards are t…[View]
407416743Is it true that women can never love back men?: If that is correct then how are you supposed to buil…[View]
407419067Shabbos Goys: The biggest Shabbos Goy seems to be Dr. Peterstein at the moment. List more who can co…[View]
407413186How do I kick the nicotine jew politically speaking?[View]
407416437Hello /x/. The emus told me to trust the light at the end of the tunnel. My first communication with…[View]
407411325THE 109 COPE: From the conversos in Portugal, to the marranos in Spain, to the Florentine ghétos, et…[View]
407384573YouTube/Does anyone even use this shit site anymore?: Everything about it fucking sucks now and all …[View]
407405482Are you still going to drive a petrol powered car or switch to electric. Politically speaking? Also …[View]
407414534/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7517: Previous: >>407408965 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407414754EU Justice and Home Affairs Council: EU Justice and Home Affairs Council December 8th (tomorrow) Vot…[View]
407417697Substation 'attacks': So first some dude in North Carolina hit two substations, we somehow know for …[View]
407418940Duck Duck Go runs on UNIX: Beware The Unix[View]
407366667/SKG/ Sky King General: Been busy for a couple days trying to get a bridge Project finished up. Out …[View]
407417684why are cis white men so cringe?[View]
407418568Name my band. We play at bar mitzvas, weddings, high school parties, strip clubs. Rejected names: Ba…[View]
407414052The brain matures at 25 myth was debunked: https://slate.com/technology/2022/11/brain-development-25…[View]
407415865Why do sandnigger lovers think whites need Christianity to be civilized?: The Romans >believed in…[View]
407416716Lil nas X is not famous in Japan: lol https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1600329582582063109/pu/vi…[View]
407417353DemocRATia: News from the First World >News from the First World News from the First World >Ne…[View]
407418451So ww3 is currently raging as a proxy war as Russia vs Ukraine with godmode and domestically, the ki…[View]
407413826is it shizo to stock up food and water incase russia attacks Norway?, i keep seeing articels on what…[View]
407404794Looks like Ramzpaul is on team #Ye24.: Is memeware 2023 starting? I recall Nick and Ramzpaul attacki…[View]
407414980Children's Rights Matter: Why isn't there liberation movements for adolescents as there we…[View]
407418288Why don't Americans do cool things more often like setting fire to 2,750 tons of fertilizer wit…[View]
407408842Would you, /pol/? https://youtu.be/-yYdaG45TiA[View]
407418234test: test[View]
407416196Ted Cruz’s daughter who is a bisexual attempted suicide because mental illness is the main side effe…[View]
407417671U mad bro?[View]
407417696Pajeets PR and the Canadian Military: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/nri/work/permanent-reside…[View]
407415391when the government actually listens to the the protesters. Surely there will be more protests now? …[View]
407391248/nzg/ New Zealand General: I feel like chicken tonight edition NEWS: >Parents lose the case - bab…[View]
407414833This is my military, this is what it has come down too. My country is going to be 'saved' by queer d…[View]
407414403Is China considered a superpower yet?[View]
407417900we need stricter dog control. this is more important than guns. dogs are the most dangerous thing i…[View]
407417867Unpopular Opinion; should we Advocate for the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party ? >Greater Syria…[View]
407417150Blondes can be beautiful, don't get me wrong... But only brunettes can be cute.[View]
407409871Content is saved: Remember to thank this man for saving content[View]
407414271Is it rational to hate all Americans based on the action of a few?[View]
407414288based or cringe?[View]
407417177What the fuck is all this goyslop for the mind: NGMI JIFD NEET ROASTIE 1PBTD FPBF SPBP WYGN How the …[View]
407415942The picture that destroyed veganism[View]
407412981What do you see in this picture?: I see a schizophrenic nigger losing his fucking mind A gatekeepin…[View]
407414711Muh Edu-muh-kation: An education is designed to teach you as little as possible. It's a stupefy…[View]
407408105Have you noticed that any attempt to post something out of the norm here is ignored?: And I don…[View]
407412062Got in an argument with a female coworker today by saying that women can’t truely have autism, it’s …[View]
407410572Has porn been best for men or women?: Which group is porn best for? Men can use free porn in order t…[View]
407414710I am forgotten: No doubt he'd be all up in the mix with Nick. They hung out with each other! Is…[View]
407381503Sorry goy, vote harder next time![View]
407409999Are you surprised? I'm not.[View]
407414228At what age does a man hit the wall?[View]
407416134qrd on why ted cruz is such a bad guy?[View]
407406847The real enemy: Getting tired of all the poltards milling around Hitler blaming Jews. HITLER ATTACKE…[View]
407390627/pol/ humor thread[View]
407416924GET IN THERE: https://garticphone.com/en/?c=01a1751ba4[View]
407415617What’s the implication of a single nuke used in 2022? Will the market immediately go into global rec…[View]
407415095What if I'm the next Adolph Hitler?[View]
407407159Aus/pol/ thread? Aus/pol/ thread: News >Australian economy 'slowing' as interest rates …[View]
407415283Let me tell you the future with AI. >Sub 10 Years >Your grandma will fall for phone scams bein…[View]
407415275How can I get temporarily banned from /pol/ without doing anything illegal? The black pill is real a…[View]
407416192THE WORLD NEEDS MORE GOYSLOP: >There's no way to sustainably feed 8 billion people without i…[View]
407415484Their going to use these 'failed coups' (Jan 6th, whatever just happened in Germany) to their advant…[View]
407414853We are being genocided: The government is full of shit and they basically lie about everything. Twit…[View]
407416516>mfw playing dreidel is literally just gambling until one player has everyone else’s coins…[View]
407413134Why are Indian people so smart and rich?[View]
407415087With all of the highly jewish JORBIN PEBERSON spam that is clogging the shatalog, I figured now woul…[View]
407416150How do we save the white race?[View]
407416470Di space reich: When is the space reich coming bros..[View]
407415088Is it possible to identify intelligence through physical beauty?[View]
407414160Kiwifarms is still running: Why did the trannies give up so easily?I remember them saying they will …[View]
407414513Is this the Pokemon liberals want?: GayFreak, lead designer probably gonna use this design in the ne…[View]
407406189Why don't you get your life together?: You stupid fucking idiot.[View]
407414572name my band /pol/[View]
407415995Ukraine is based[View]
407406093So it was Trump who was comitting fraud, huh.. You little trumpkins, trumpcucks, trumpmutts, trumpta…[View]
407415592Good mourning[View]
407408902It's Okay To Slap Women: All of the problems in western civilization can be solved by slapping …[View]
407413781Here me out....: Ye is a controlled puppet and you're being lied to. All the canceling, you are…[View]
407413968Stop being racist: Racism is retarded. I respect all races, but they should not live amongst one ano…[View]
407406987287th day of 3-day special war military blitzkrieg operation. Belgorod front is open.[View]
407409133Vaccine bs: They made it up as they went along like everything else. “You have to wait 12 weeks fro…[View]
407414583Now what?[View]
40741236660% of /pol/ users are super poor, all they eat is GOYSLOP. The other 40% of /pol/ own land, farms, …[View]
407411764Wait... Is it possible for me to convert to Judaism and join the winning side?[View]
407410051BIG HAPPENING IN GERMANY: FAILED COUP: there was a failed coup in Germany right now https://twitter.…[View]
407411294RED WAVE CANCELLED: Another major L for republicans tonight in Georgia. Will the party ever recover …[View]
407413594I had a weird, scary dream in which everything was fucked up. I woke up and everything is now fine a…[View]
407368475New Stonetoss: I actually don't get it this time.[View]
407414809debunked again, sweetie! Albert Bourla is in fact a human, chuds keep on losing.....[View]
407403970its over: i got jabbed before i was redpilled on the vax and all that other shit now im having lung …[View]
407408965/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7516: Previous: >>407403227 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407411550Nobody can censor the block-chain right?: EChan, a Japanese style textboard like 2Channel. Took fore…[View]
407413830ChatGPT is kiked: I asked it the following: 'write an essay about the need for a jewish ethnostate' …[View]
407393408There was nothing wrong with feeding Christians to lions.: They were the enemy of the west. A conspi…[View]
407412073Why do canads kill themselves?[View]
407414260Daily reminder: That anything you say to any institution agent is being recorded[View]
407414465Why not just Adopt a White Child?: Clearly 90% of you lovers are not going to ever reproduce, White …[View]
407408620How does someone find the silver linings to humanity when sections like rape gangs exist due to the …[View]
407414051Biden is building out Silicon Heartland meanwhile Republicans are still complaining about bringing b…[View]
407410386Is it possible that the jews manipulated Thailand into sacking Angkor Wat in 1431?: Angkor Wat in Ca…[View]
407405287Stop it, you anonymous troll demons! You’re hurting him![View]
407414359why is it virtually impossible to feel sorry for jews?[View]
407412864Why didn't u retards told me that the only way to relieve myself of these mundane and personal …[View]
407411028It's That Time Again: It's 5:10 AM. That means your local McDonald's is open for busi…[View]
407411270He loves us: He is one of us. In a World of darkness, he brings light.[View]
407402557What is Peterson doing?: He's replying to some of the comments in his Netanyahu vid. He's …[View]
407412432JIDF MFW NEET SPBP PFBP 1PBTD YWGN JNGM ROASTIE I have no fucking idea what any of those mean. I gue…[View]
407413002hey bros LebAnon here so I made a post around 2 weeks ago I just hope the XMR bros see this I can…[View]
407413173Racism is dumb. Don't be dumb.[View]
407413763why is russian army such an embarrassment? weren't they supposed to be #2 military in the world…[View]
407404120Why does everyone hate this country so much? If Canada was a student in international gym class, we …[View]
407409564Peste Noire: Hey nigtards, I recall a Peste Noire album background that had a bunch of fagguettes th…[View]
407412997Cockholes were given electricity? Why are there so many shitposting and mentions of Russians today?[View]
407378787News company interviews Canadians about a recent snowstorm: Notice anything? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
407413699>republicans still getting BTFO because they expect the liberals/niggers/spics to stop being godl…[View]
407403047Why is US troop rape problem only prevalent in Japan?: Why doesn't the same thing happen in Kor…[View]
407406465Why are brazilian subhumans such negro mutts?: And should monkey niggers be put in zoos where they r…[View]
407411986>Listen here, sully. I see your anti-Israel comments online, spewing your anti-Semitic jealousy, …[View]
407402269Why are we here?: Pol is full of talk about normies, NPCs, but why are we here? What commonalities d…[View]
407409484Thousands of years of potential glorious future civilisation lost in a war designed by Jews who eat …[View]
407406835How come you don't hear anything about Greta (((Thunberg))) anymore? Did people finally realiz…[View]
407403874Spain past its Muslim period failed to produce any relevant philosophers, mathematicians, scientist,…[View]
407412245Never Trust a Tranny: Looks like there's an actual cry for the incitement of violence from your…[View]
407411349All the kids and animals who got monkeypox were actually fucked by degenerates, right?: Right?...…[View]
407413570>Mexicans devalue labor >Chinese devalue manufacturing >Indians devalue Information Technol…[View]
407410629The Failure Of Humanity: My soul is not from this planet. Me and a few others hail from a hole in sp…[View]
407413413Lauren Boebert - no kike fear: Marjorie Taylor Greene bowed to the kike. So far Lauren God bless her…[View]
407413469Why are Greek muslims whiter than the christians?[View]
407395268What do you think genetic engineering will do to us?: I've been thinking a lot about the politi…[View]
407403035Redpill me on SSRI's. Do I need them? Why do ((they)) want us on them?: My ((doctor)) is convin…[View]
407411889What are your thoughts pol? Aryan trad wife material?[View]
407412660Do you nazis here actually believe this?: Two more weeks, right?[View]
407411092Why is /pol like this?[View]
407411493muh hrukraine[View]
407410032ONE OF US CONFIRMED: https://streamable.com/vnyyce[View]
407410778Bros...: I think i cracked it[View]
407409438Let's get this one thing straight.: If your religion mentions, even tangentially: >The middl…[View]
407412711What the hell is this?[View]
407412783They can't control it even though they are trying[View]
407403771/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5975: Prev: >>407386318 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407406588I weep.: All the girls (and men) could look that beautiful right now but we decided eugenics and sel…[View]
407410090Russia is the Third Rome: Russia is the last Christian nation in the world still left standing. All …[View]
407405009How to bring big girl to smoll island? https://youtu.be/-yYdaG45TiA[View]
407410712Prigojin is the next president of Russia?: >Yevgeny Prigozhin arrived in St. Petersburg and scare…[View]
407409253What caused this lunacy?[View]
407409971...women are grosss[View]
407410409North Korea is fake. https://youtu.be/uSLSKjpDILw[View]
407412101why do women do this?[View]
407408664Apologize to god’s chosen people, anon. Your words of hatred have caused irreparable damage.[View]
407404040why are negro men so averse to their children?: isn't it a biological advantage to raise the yo…[View]
407403573Austrian anon here. If someone can guess the significance of this image, I will reveal what I know a…[View]
407409101False Flags & Straw Men: >discover interesting political truth >bad actors take it to ridi…[View]
407401593Nazis: These guys lived life to the fullest. They truly lived.[View]
407411876/pol/ BTFO: Donald Trump is, and always has been, a massive fraud. A con man of historic proportions…[View]
40740061081 years ago today..: The Empire of Japan attacked the Unite States of America and brought the US in…[View]
407411138Artic Blast: Where were you when u understood that even Weather and almighty Jesus are on russian si…[View]
407410667>Bake that cak-: Richmond, Virginia restaurant Metzger Bar and Butchery canceled a Christian mini…[View]
407408963They're photoshopping him orange[View]
407405825the entire field of psychology is lie. how do supposed 'rational thinkers' believe this fu…[View]
407400206Florida man dies after being locked in luggage by his girlfriend: Sarah Boone pleaded not guilty to …[View]
407394846The vaccine is safe and effe-ACK: Uhhh... t-t-two more weeks?[View]
407403067Imagine being a small Business Owner in the USA: Literal nightmare[View]
407409215Best Kanye Interview So Far: I can watch it a hundred times; https://www.bitchute.com/video/94LkyRwh…[View]
407410348>I feed my country despite brutal illegal sanctions imposed by the usa >well you like Katy Per…[View]
407409816Damn yall sure are pissed off about a lot of shit. But I don't see yall doing shit about it.[View]
407408214No one gives a shit about what you believe. No one cares how 'right' you are unless you have money t…[View]
407410989Xoomer 0.5: We have neglected the generations between X and B. These people fornication so much and …[View]
407399860Inorder to reverse time all you need to do is achieve a temperature colder than absolute zero while …[View]
407408122uhh are the German's chimping out again? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-pri…[View]
407410685Intel points.: Current issue: Timpool Adamcast Lydia Swatting constantly timpool Styx stay out of it…[View]
407401152New UT study reveals the mental health realities of incels: notice anything alarming?[View]
407409392Defecating Biden is the new dark brandon[View]
407408109was getting paralyzed part of his plan?[View]
407409169Why is it that 'environmentalist' attitudes universally come from large cities with no connection to…[View]
407408333LMAO https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1600422555856142337[View]
407409227What are the political implications of railway gauge?: idk guys I think I kind of like hitler... whe…[View]
407406221Kaiser's attempted coup: Conspirators alleged to include a former Alternativ für Deutschland MP…[View]
407409638why cant germany niggers ever do a sucessful coup?[View]
407407271So why do poltards keep citing this nutjob as if she was someone who can represent all Jews or Israe…[View]
407400672The 'transificaton' of White teens and the geat replacement agenda: Background: Historical…[View]
407408817I just wanna live in a mudhut with my wife and kids like people used to do 300 years ago but zogmeri…[View]
407408315Clyburn to McCarthy: Use Democrats to secure Speakership: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/3762602…[View]
407402747Is chivalry dead?[View]
407404478THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT MUCH LONGER.: https://truthsocial.com/@realDonald…[View]
407407703i am jewish: i hate niggers and all of that, but i think asians look really cute af even da man lo…[View]
407392795When was your first day on the Internet?[View]
407404260German Reich Movement members arrested for plotting to remove German government.: Based AF. Can Germ…[View]
407409819politics now: Guys I have become weird. I support shit like American Virtue and American Solidarity …[View]
407408253Vax/COVID isn't killing people: We're being poisoned by Fentanyl terrorists. Wake the fuck…[View]
407409805>this is now a possibility[View]
407368107is this place the digital form of hell?: >be me >forget about plebbit hivemind >create new …[View]
407399658Luxury cars are a scam: Why do so many niggers and even some insecure dumb whites buy luxury vehicle…[View]
407409467God I fucking hate women: Just remember she posted this shit in earnest. Then remember we let these …[View]
407404270Real Talk: Why do right wingers hate my country? Everyone else talks about how much of a paradise NZ…[View]
407408243Looks like the transvestigations schizos were right after all.[View]
407402200Methods for resisting centralized government power: discuss[View]
407405007>3000 police raid homes of suspected coup organizers in germany, among them AFD politicians, a sp…[View]
407406089They control politicians with blackmail: And what about the ones who can’t be blackmailed?[View]
407403227/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7515: Previous: >>407392332 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407409030Fires James Baker[View]
407372678Where are all of the superior Females? All I see are normie tier and low tier females!: Everywhere I…[View]
407409226Hey retards: Why /pol/tards can't create their own secret society and then go full nepotism onc…[View]
407404961What would it take for you to get on board with the political inevitability of reparations?[View]
407405074>07.12.2022 >I am forgotten Genuinely, where did they go?…[View]
407378188Has any of you ever been a victim of medical malpractice? You hardly ever hear of lawsuits against t…[View]
407403196Thoughts on Scientology?: I almost never see Scientology discussed here. Somehow they convinced the …[View]
407408998Imagine raising a black family: when I watch old movies about white families I can understand why wh…[View]
407405726Redpill me on segregation.[View]
407407981shitposting (fresh copypasta out of the madafaka hiospitel): why leftist do that to womahn' ? …[View]
407400238We got another one: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fkoa4F7AG8…[View]
407408819so now herchey walker is kill and its all trumps fault also trump is going to prison, who else will …[View]
407402069Are smart Jews just a myth? Science says, yes.[View]
407407041When did journalists from all walks of life, whether it be sports, video games, comic books, or what…[View]
407407556Are Germans at long last waking up?[View]
407405454Was Elon's Twitter 'freedom of speech' just bullshit?: Some anons pointed out they ge…[View]
407406363The last thing (((they))) want is for Christians to be united with our Muslim brothers. Mashallah, G…[View]
407408546Pick one.: 1. Big girl. 2. Small island. https://youtu.be/-yYdaG45TiA[View]
407407863You press the button: >you become jewish, get infinite shekels, can now do any sex crime you want…[View]
407395097This is your brain on (((Christianity)))[View]
407392750I AM FORGOTTEN[View]
407404690Excess deaths in 2022 ‘incredibly high’ at 13 per cent: >The Australian government should be urge…[View]
407407329Everything you see on TV is entertainment. Your political idols are all just that - entertainers. Th…[View]
407407950i miss him every day[View]
407402904Influencing females with right wing rhetoric: How do we breakthrough to the young female crowd? Thes…[View]
407406617Being homophobic goes against eugenics: Why do you care about deviants leaving the genepool? You sho…[View]
4074060182024: He's gonna win by landslide. 80 is the new 20[View]
407407050How do we stop or atleast contain the femboy-epidemic?[View]
407405268Text a girl out = Harassment: We have come a long way since 1st wave feminism. I texted like 5 girls…[View]
407399029I've been with my wife for 10 years now. We met in high school, and I got her pregnant. She is …[View]
407407928THE 109 COPE: How does /pol/ cope with the fact that muh 109 only speaks to Christcuckery? From the …[View]
407406969I don’t get it: Why the mask? Why the orb? Why “Ye” instead of Kanye?[View]
407407572Essential /pol/ viewing: Movies essential to understanding the state of our world >pic rel great …[View]
407390321What a humongous faggot: Backstabbing Nick Fuentes like that Total coward Hope he rots in prison…[View]
407407802Was killing of Hollywood people ((their)) plan ?[View]
407403473He cured my racism: BASED BLACK MAN[View]
407406117We lost, niggers and Jewish pundits are shilled without recourse: It's over. Free thought is de…[View]
407407437He’s alive: Nazism, nationalism. I know the philosophy. I know it quite well. Nine years in a place …[View]
407405784who is most subversive and why?[View]
407403129JESUS IS KING - OVERTON WINDOW HAS SHIFTED: Our meme potential is more powerful than ever.. Now…[View]
407403859Did they really think they could overthrow the second biggest economy in Europe?[View]
407404659how will trump ever match up to Ye's foreign policy?: trump has a naive foreign policy while ye…[View]
407407275Tranny supremacist board: Explain this[View]
407400383ITT: People that should be Involved in the Ye Campaign: Let's go I will start with Patrick Litt…[View]
407379552Ted Cruz's 14 year old daughter tried to kill herself. https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/16003…[View]
407407105Uhm guys...[View]
407390106/RD/ - Raelism Discussion #2: Let’s talk about Raelism and the tweet that allegedly got Kanye banned…[View]
407397737'Do you really believe genes are real?' Really? Is this what the right-wing has come to? https://twi…[View]
407406379Everything is becoming worse. Nothing is becoming better.[View]
407402496Remember the Engels!: This is Russia's Pearl Harbor. These tactical bombers were a miracle of R…[View]
407403401What are your thoughts on Chinese *ahem*... people?[View]
407404664Jordan Peterson explodes into a passionate fit of tears in delayed-release emotional interview: In a…[View]
407406658See an anti-Christian thread? Post an anti-jew thread.: It’s that simple.[View]
407404207Speaking implacably: The political are what?[View]
407403893Hawley, Cruz, Rubio emerge as champions of GOP populism: Meet your new heros /pol/ it's (checks…[View]
407402021Yet ANOTHER L for MAGA: How will this affect Trump’s 2024 run?[View]
407405033American media so shit, it ranges from this shit to boomer porn like Yellowstone. What the fuck happ…[View]
407405834NIGERIA USING CBDCs HAPPENING: Coming out everywhere in the world soon https://cointelegraph.com/new…[View]
407393373looks like /pol/ is loosing was peterson right after all? https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status…[View]
407405368Why did George Rockwell deny the holocaust?: I'm seeing a lot of similarities between Ye and Ro…[View]
407404036There have been 30X more vax deaths then Vietnam: >Australia goes into Vietnam for 10 years with …[View]
407405012racism is just ethnos. religion is just conquest. people derive their purpose in life from >what…[View]
407406514The cure for niggers is black feminism: >reduces black fertility >discourages heterosexual bla…[View]
407406573Paid ad: Who is paying for this?[View]
407384024Juden Peterstein wants to end anonymity: He wants you all doxed, cataloged and punished.[View]
407401630If China is a shithole then why US cares about it too much?: It's fuckin unreal when you see al…[View]
407405432Just print more money, senpai.[View]
407406508Was it mk-ultra ?[View]
407405441Zionist Organization of America[View]
407404440'sorry guys but not sorry': https://india.unofficialbird.com/unbridledmd/status/1598325446046793728 …[View]
407371702American mercenary killed in the Kherson region: Show civility and press F to pay respects to this m…[View]
407403822rabbi yeshua ben yosef: Tf is this 'christian identity' bullshit, just say you're a cuckold. Li…[View]
407405186NAZYE GAY FISH: Gosh, I can't wait for the new South Park shit featuring Hitler Cartman with fa…[View]
407403577Is this the canadian dream ?[View]
407403555your cunt. Which national sports you would trade for different ones: Australia rugby for soccer cric…[View]
407405447AI output thread: 1 >Artemis was the first mission to have a person of color on the moon. The cre…[View]
407396148AUS/POL NO REFUNDS EDITION.: Chinese land. Excess deaths in 2022 ‘incredibly high’ at 13 per cent ht…[View]
407404502I think he lost control this time and it will be much worse!: It's funny because I like Jordan …[View]
407405174Do I vote extreme left or extreme right? I want whoever is most effective in being anti-NATO/EU[View]
407389122bros will Elon ban chatAI after this?[View]
407392799It's over. China won.: US Army drill sergeants will no longer yell at soldiers. Why is Biden we…[View]
407405146WEALTH IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE ENTRUSTED TO THE RICH: In order to prevent misallocations of capital, d…[View]
407396831Anti Blackpill thred: The Republicucks lost the senate, our jew didn't win theirs did, nothing …[View]
407404259Korean kids: 'Let's play Itaewon Press game!': 'The children have gone crazy…[View]
407405682Is this what a native Mexican looks like? Jesus Christ it looks like Pepe the frog, the Spaniards ma…[View]
407400597Ban goyslop: Every year 600,000 Americans die of heart disease. Another 100,000 die of diabetes. If…[View]
407402952Why do people constantly act and vote against their own best interests?[View]
407395827why they say there is no God but Allah, because Allah is not God, it is a being or another pagan dei…[View]
407401712What Exactly Is Wrong With Cancelling the Constitution?: Hasn't it kinda run its course? Like t…[View]
407404977It's funny how 'doing the right thing' and 'being a good person': Always aligns with being a ra…[View]
407363770What an odd thing to say: From January. https://www.rt.com/news/547347-us-govt-power-grid/…[View]
407405114there's a great site with a big wojak repository. I don't recall it rn. Anyone knows it ?[View]
407403781>me in the white ethnostate with my brothers: Can't wait lads[View]
407403958Jews are renewing their attacks on whites and Jesus Christ.: Hold firm, point out their Edomite natu…[View]
407401184Remember vaxies, compliance is freedom: Make sure to comply with every demand of the government to e…[View]
407376348Debunking the “Jewish Conspiracy”: There is no “Jewish conspiracy,” chudcels. If you believe any of …[View]
407403233ES HAPPENIREN!!!!![View]
407394495Died Suddenly: I finally watched this shit and all I gotta say was... that was fake right? the cadav…[View]
407391783he used to advocate talking to nazis and convincing them to not dwell in the darkness why did he cha…[View]
407387551'Do you think you'ree Born Gay?': Nick Fuentes: '[Yea,] I think there's a Genetic Inclinat…[View]
407405134If you read this on a dating profile, what would you think? It's the expectation of unabashed, …[View]
407405115/pol/itical music: Just stumbled on this, clicked because title but was presently surprised how good…[View]
407404029why should l support hitler: if l have a lot of allergies and a runny nose whenever l wake up? nah f…[View]
407404844Ted Cruz's daughter attempts to escape, fails:: Imagine being his daughter and feeling so bad a…[View]
407401110if you want to reconnect with the world of past internet; wiby is kind of interesting. i don't …[View]
407404964Fuck the EU fuck the EU fuck the EU They try to cripple the Hungarian economy because they jealous h…[View]
407374984Seriously, how do we cure gender dysphoria?: There must be a simple cure for this mental disorder.…[View]
407404385West spend last 20 years sucking this retards dicks, giving them whatever they fuck they want, cavin…[View]
407404899Elon going hard and raw.[View]
407404767just took a fat shit it was moist and deposited with ease was on the toilet for about 5 minutes befo…[View]
407402889Asking 'where are you from' is RACIST!: What do you lot think of that BS that happened here recently…[View]
407402365What’s with the lefts obsession with cibil war?: https://www.foxnews.com/media/howard-stern-warns-an…[View]
407397696Will this feel ever return?[View]
407404551>ywn be a cute hohol twink national guard surrending to a cute newly mobilized Russian twink then…[View]
407381842All my enemies are dropping dead: the utopic age of abundance is near[View]
407373108TWITTER GATE ROUND UP: Elon's good friend Jack Dorsey who was CEO of twitter from 2015-2021 had…[View]
407391187>Prevents the Fourth Reich[View]
407398182expert says, study shows thread: I will start[View]
407403726Millions of people are being laid off and are not going to make it through this winter. People don’t…[View]
407401547You guys see this shit: This is trending on youtube, post kanye dropping 'i like hitler' Comments fi…[View]
407403651Elon China Tunnels: Ok we need to talk about Elon, china, and tunnels. The quickest patch is a strai…[View]
407398347I have noticed a link between pajeets and poor performance: Whenever pajeets get into an industry, i…[View]
407372335It's really over. How did (((every single one))) of you faggotniggerkikes miss this?: Blacks in…[View]
407403013How do I prevent the democrats from doing this to my future wife?[View]
407399725I went camping on a smoll island. https://youtu.be/-yYdaG45TiA[View]
407403994Did anyone even talk about this total cuckoldry by the Republican leaders today? They gave out Congr…[View]
407403243Why are old people such cowards? They act like it's the 80's and there aren't tranny…[View]
407402206Omfg /pol/ get in here.: I found another one this one goes by u/BBCPRINCESS9 no fucking words.…[View]
407399717Were any school shooters (or any other kind of shooters) ever tied to this place? >https://archiv…[View]
407399594Fictional politics: Who was in the right?[View]
407393882From top intellectual to insulting people in YouTube comments: Where did it go wrong?[View]
407402423Reminder this will literally not exist in 20 years.[View]
407399114Putin shuts down globohomo: In effect, the new restrictions make it all but impossible to discuss ga…[View]
407401005How does the system control academics?: Picrel, discuss, you evil cowards.[View]
407392332/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7514: Previous:>>407383276 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407386318/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5974: Prev: >>407357429 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407392220He has to be getting high or drunk every night and posting shit like this. There's no way this …[View]
407401117>Picks Dr Oz >Picks Adam Laxalt >Picks Hershel Walker >Picks Blake Masters >Picks Don…[View]
407402412>be american >see someone on a bicycle >get mad…[View]
407385952BREAKING: Judenstein's conservative boomers winning against anonymous anti-semites: https://twi…[View]
407402356Show me your best jewish beauties[View]
407398278>Kanye needs a good bitch slap after praising hitler let's see you spout that antisemitism w…[View]
407402610At least we’re not speaking german[View]
407394168AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA: How are Saudis THIS fucking powerful??[View]
407403136why does aaron judge have such a smol wife[View]
407403344>hear a song I like >look up the artist >homo >see a photo on Insta I like >click pro…[View]
407403329Subverting Karma / Judgement day: >wants to not exist anymore >finds out has cancer >doesn…[View]
407403314Long-nose tribe trick Grug into giving all Grug’s sea shells for sparkle-rock. Long-nose tribe say G…[View]
407402809>hurr durr you don't need a college degree in 2022!! hope you enjoy being knee deep in other…[View]
407402572“Christ will return in two weeks”: Are Christians Q tards?[View]
407400526Give me one reason why i should I continue to wageslave[View]
407401037The fact that /pol/ thinks they are some sort of enlightened spirit is laughable. In terms of spirtu…[View]
407384078What we need to do is get rid of voter privacy. ATTACH A NAME TO EVERY VOTE AND HAVE THAT SHIT TURN…[View]
407399680Nothing can stop the rebirth of this ideology. World Jewry will be annihilated when its financial sy…[View]
407399695HasanAbi banned from Twitch; discuss.[View]
407396163'If Holocaust deniers don't go to hell, there is no God': This message is for you. How does it …[View]
407402034Should we start play their game to see how things go ?[View]
407403063Who said it: Kanye or Hitler: https://youtu.be/0RMdwA8GWB8[View]
407376863vaxxies are dying in droves being genocided: thousands per minute[View]
407401490Who do you think will win the Nazi debate between Alex Jones and Fuentes?[View]
407381208Whatever happened to Afghanistan?: It is out of the news.[View]
407403004The Crimson King: 'All hail The Crimson King.'* Ye is The Crimson King, he is a successor to Charlem…[View]
407398574Cowardly Troll Demons: What does /pol/ think of people who are demonically possessed with the love f…[View]
407399593JORDAN PETERSON BTFO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Li9LbyJD588x/ Bahaha BTFO[View]
407401422Cold: So mates, how many bong seniors gonna freeze to death this winter? Make ur bets.[View]
407401683>he wont name the Jew[View]
407383090Doomer Thread: I feel like this is actually it fellas. The end. And before anyone says “these doome…[View]
407394814Antifa > Alt Right: Why is it that Antifa is actually active in working class white communities f…[View]
407398826USSR had gotten 180 billion$ in todays money in Lend-Lease in WW2.: Over 5 years. And Ukraine? 100-…[View]
407399571How do we explain the physicality of Africans?[View]
407401015How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year /pol/?[View]
407401727Have you seen this man?: They call him the Beggar of Kiev.[View]
407367000FBI declares Trump supporters 'Terrorists' in the same league as ISIS.: https://www.newsweek.com/202…[View]
407402293Isn't the Jewish messiah supposed to btfo the Jews? How does that work?[View]
407396301jewish power structure: What is the structure of power within the jew? Specifically, what components…[View]
407402279big brain moment: Why not become a NEET and get a job? When I was a NEET I was earning $200 a week b…[View]
407400829Is Nikocado Avocado white? Why does he look like a Mexican even though he's Ukrainian?[View]
407394155Americans and the english language: It does NOT belong to you. English language belongs to england a…[View]
407400250Please rate my grift idea: Instead of becoming a far right eceleb who claims he is 'christian' (for …[View]
407383807Why are leftists so obsessed with public transportation?[View]
407399983Jews are not the problem, you are: >Hurrdurr the Jews run everything it’s a global conspiracy No …[View]
407401945Europe Won.[View]
407382718Canada is becoming a third-world shithole: My parents made the naive mistake of immigrating to Toron…[View]
407401001>this destroys the Holocaust denier[View]
407400827>single childless females vote jew >single mothers vote jew and raise crime kids >average m…[View]
4073992481999 nigger.... the year ended: All our worlds fell upon when that tok hit midnight. Gen x strong fu…[View]
407396164These NIGGERS have gone TOO FAR: says the jews. Hating whites is one thing, but coming for the white…[View]
407388534Someone should give this guy a list of all the people throughout history who have anonymously spoken…[View]
407401677When I was studying for exams in med school I took 200mg caffeine pills instead One is more than eno…[View]
407401664Possible futures (feat. full descriptions for each): Archontic acceleration - Jewish VR pod based en…[View]
407394429Digital currency and the deaths of crypto kings: A shit load of crypto kings dying because they aren…[View]
407397171Looking back leaves me scratching my head wondering why they were so popular? Did people really beli…[View]
407370027I can't get a job. I was fired from my software engineering job months ago and it has been impo…[View]
407395171Sooo….: … How much longer?[View]
407394746>the only sane right winger online without drama: how the fuck do he do it? why are right winger …[View]
407386178Yeas, I'm a dumbass farm nigger and you retards picked me as your candidate.[View]
407391958>failed to make it with code >failed to make it with crypto what's next…[View]
407395590Why won't GOP go after Blacks voting illegally in Georgia?: Back in 2020 I tried to hgihlight t…[View]
407390049Will the Repubs ever be able to win an election again or are mail in votes and Zoomers gonna close t…[View]
407394615Why is Reddit so gay?: Why is everyone so gay over there. Do they not realize how gay they are? Over…[View]
407397454I have to wake up in 4 hours and I can’t sleep.[View]
407400837hot pursuit! we got us a chase! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fkoa4F7AG8[View]
407401178>'Private' Businesses don't exist As long as the state provides infrastructure, roads, elect…[View]
407400691Is this news about Trump another nothing burger?: Hello? why’s nobody talking about it??[View]
407401018least faggy polak: >look like picrel >start a tranny hate thread on tttt jfc are you all just …[View]
407398620New Anti-White Campaign Just Dropped, and Guess Who Sponsored It: Saw this advertised after turning …[View]
407400794The US officially no longer has an economy: Pic related. Below 50 means a recession, it means manage…[View]
407390287Muh free speech: a lot of the 'free speech' crowd is awfully quiet right now, wonder why t…[View]
407400271Reminder the jews will steal every election 51-49 and you will never be able to stop them[View]
407400197/pol/ BTFO. Again.[View]
407399735I knew Jordan would end up a shill as soon as he join DailyWire. BAKA gone too soon :([View]
407400449What's the economical system in which the jew thrives the most??[View]
407395285Metzger Bar: Jewish Business just being a Jewish![View]
407380500Jordan Peterson latest message to you anti-semitic troll demons[View]
407400482MSM - 2 weeks nigger is now: 2 Weeks, Niggers point and laugh at the 2 weeks nigger https://www.news…[View]
407398992Jordan Peterson Wants Censorship: Vote https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/160032986063886336…[View]
407400509mandatory vax blood for baby: thoughts? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/300758832/baby-blood…[View]
407397042Monarchy General: >“Every teacher of comparative political science will discover what enormous ef…[View]
407395239Why do some pure whites have niggerish features?: This guy has a wide nose and nigger lips. What…[View]
407399857You chuds are so obsessed with (((them))): I'm just gonna assume you're shilling for globo…[View]
407395858Why do young men these days have no rizz? Is it because of the Jews?[View]
407397192Why are there still retards in the world who don't believe that the holocaust *did* happen when…[View]
407400031Property Developers are the worst scum in existence.[View]
407397013True King of Great Britain: Is Simon the True King of Great Britain? Is he the One True King? Is he …[View]
407400361Tranny HATE THREAD: Post the most wrathful shit you got. Anyone got the gif of the ACK troon roping …[View]
407398948Giving women rights was a mistake. They are too dumb, too naive, too emotional and too irrational fo…[View]
407398342Canada is a corporate extension of the US, under full us controll. The country exists purely to driv…[View]
407397835Has technology really made our lives better? We were nowhere near as connected 20 years ago, but it …[View]
407393401PRAY FOR TED CRUZ DAUGHTER: She just committed suicide almost[View]
407374613Average males are NOT being able to find partners anymore! >single childless females vote jew …[View]
407397760Do y'all realize how retarded you sound now?[View]
407400170Litmus Test. Is pol//twitter trash?: pol can make #DustinMoskovitz trend in twitter within the week;…[View]
407399477Pureblood anon ASsEmbleeeeee: Hello fellow purebloods it’s getting crazy out there ain’t it? Remembe…[View]
407394585China is printing money to increase people's quality of life: same technique that caused the Na…[View]
407368169Sandy Hook was 100% fake and 101% gay[View]
407399917Why work at McDonald's...: when you can work at Target and get MAD pussy. No cap.[View]
407398439You proud of who you are?: Are you anons proud of your heritage? Of your race, ethnicity, where your…[View]
407399699my twink boyfriend (yes im gay) recently told me that he feels like he wants to be a woman and has b…[View]
407374292Jordan Peterson doesn't like you /pol/: You're contemptible cowards.[View]
407398825This political cartoon aged well: Also, Lefty meme cringe thread[View]
407397479here's a paradox you've never heard before (warning, hard to understand): so we here on /p…[View]
407399153I'm worried they're going to kill him. Like they genuinely do not realize that he is jokin…[View]
407399245Should the government help people get a wife/husband? Like if you are severely disabled and can…[View]
407399400Never forget what that faggot Steve Jobs took from you.[View]
407398298Theyve been robbing the place dry for the past 50 years.[View]
407397145LMFAO, they truly are the synaguoge of satan.: Someone bomb this shitty account for the 'LOLS' Don…[View]
407388163You say americans wont use guns: Based americans are shooting groomers and power stations. Keep ur m…[View]
407399610fuck you, nigger: Politically speaking, how great would it be if the NC elecshit was a boondock sain…[View]
407392130'de-anonymize yourself you bloody coward': ...the fuck is this guys deal? https://twitter.com/jordan…[View]
407398781The vaccine claims another victim.[View]
407396583I don't think transgenderism is a real thing.: Why should I be harassed and fired if I write it…[View]
407389264We're going to get 4 more years of this.[View]
407396857>Not clear[View]
407398128Be Nafri in Europe: The second or third generation immigrants have no culture, totally alienated, th…[View]
407386744Republicans only gained 9 house seats in a red wave: Wtf is happening?[View]
407398483How's that JQ working out for you?: Everyone is listening now /pol/. You got everyone's at…[View]
407399008>build godlike weapons capable of disintegrating matter at the most simple level >cuck out to …[View]
407398391Anyone else notice this shift happen lately? The cattle now have permission to criticize lockdowns b…[View]
407396431/$ETF/: Silver ends the fed! Anons strike fear into the fractional-banking jew!! Can't print si…[View]
407395183Who is this imc chud and why does elon the shabbos goy cuck keep replying to him[View]
407383646Superintendent fired after it was revealed he covered for serial rapist tranny: There was a news sto…[View]
407394610There's no going to heaven. Might as well sin.: I'm seeing people commit senseless acts of…[View]
407398899Im willing to die for this man. Whos with me? Call your congressman/senators and demanded a mobiliza…[View]
407394280Fuck this gay earth: There is literally nothing we can do about these Jews. You can say you love any…[View]
407395995Why do I exist?[View]
407388714Pokies should be mandatory.[View]
407395076What would happen if Japan won WW2?[View]
407364198Why do they want to be us so badly?[View]
407394061Barqs is /pol/ approved[View]
407391507>becomes more and more adamant about defending jews from any sort of criticism or critique >h…[View]
407397469OG Incels: Post 'em https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_L%C3%A9pine People like to pretend this …[View]
407343906The Ahmaud Arbery event really redpilled me: For those of you who don't know, Ahmaud was caught…[View]
407392898Mah daughter killed herself Dahnald, so I am taking your daughtergates Dahnald[View]
407396651New YE Orb Just Dropped: Will Ye save America?[View]
407393608Why are Spaniards, Frenchmen, Anglos, and Portuguese so proud of the fact that their ancestors got r…[View]
407398346Zionist Organization of America[View]
407387833You see what (((they))) did right?: Peterson was a major influencer in the social networks of the aw…[View]
407395537MCKENNA NAMES THE JEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51GbaUWkn0A&ab_channel=KOALACID @ 33:45…[View]
407390022Go!: What are the political implications of having a user ID? Is there some type of algorithm that d…[View]
407364512The Black Problem: The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of vio…[View]
407396499Warnock to win Georgia Run-Off [CNN]: Hey you fuckers.... If CNN is 'Fake News'... Why is it true wh…[View]
4073891867 year old Athena killed: Abducted and murdered by a delivery driver in Texas. Smells like a weird c…[View]
407395822Police Called to Ted Cruz’s Texas Home for Teen With Self-Inflicted Wounds: https://www.yahoo.com/ne…[View]
40739489914 Words: It’s okay to be who you are don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’ve built this world wi…[View]
407387495There needs to be a Communist Party of America: Hear me out: >GOP historically loses extremely cl…[View]
407396868The Eternal Nofap Thread: On Day 25. Gonna go 90. Get in here for discussion and moral support faggo…[View]
407395427Was there anyone who didn't fall for the clotshot? Even the few that didn't were just cont…[View]
407392946Will someone break the news to Peterstein that he is a globalist?[View]
407395888What would get you to join a capitalist utopia?: If there were a plethora of perpetually floating pl…[View]
407379207/pol/ webm thread: lets have some fun edition[View]
407397416Eh, Ubik by P.K. Dick.[View]
407395246Libshit journalists gets BTFO'd in Russia: This just came up in my recommendeds and it's h…[View]
407396117WHY WON'T HE DISCUSS THE JEWS?: What kind of hold do they have on him goys? Why is he so mad?…[View]
407396853America should be abolished[View]
407396877Trumps own majority sharehold in baal enci aga Trump flew to epsteins island.[View]
407393202When did you realize he is either being black mailed or they mkultrad him in rehab? Possibly both[View]
407393422God of War? Fuck your Jewish black magic.: Wotan wants YOU to go back to your ancestral faith[View]
407397095Sunflower creams herself to recognize Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhe: Recognizing Donetsk, Lugansk, Zap…[View]
407390548Google censoring sloth African locking stariway bars that are required to keep murdering niggers at …[View]
407393879>denounces anti-semitism >gets popular on /pol/ again I mean, is he really wrong here? He…[View]
407395600Trans vs Feminists: 2 birds 1 stone[View]
407396910What do we even do about these people? How do you create laws voted on by people who make the laws? …[View]
407396705>the age of consent used to be 10 until feminists campaigned to raise it to 16 Why do right winge…[View]
407395247Right wing bro's: ...when does the winning train start? This isn't a good look. This was s…[View]
407382187Have you forgiven Hitler?: Video: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kanye/comments/zdu1o8/kanye_tells_jews_to…[View]
407388360It’s Over.: this is unironically the worst time in human history. so much degeneracy, decay, societa…[View]
407394247She was the hottest leftist: Why has no leftist come close to her?[View]
407392755Is it worth it to learn the Russian language? My dream has always been to read the Russian classic b…[View]
407390138Do any other Canadians believe this might be another false flag to blame whites? The 'white supremac…[View]
407395105/JQG/: >(((who))) controls big pharma? >(((Who))) organizes lobbiests? >(((Who))) are elite…[View]
407393506Trump's wall: What ever happened to it? Did it/will it ever get finished? Or has it already bee…[View]
407393529Most of the time: When I make a psyop, neither pol nor glowniggers notice, and without fail it is pi…[View]
407395214What will jews do after they have killed all people of European ancestry? The world will be a brown …[View]
407393960What are the implications politically speaking of the goyim waking up?[View]
407394829Ah, gentlemen! Allow me to ask you on this delightful evening: is there anything more based than fro…[View]
407390029how did he get her?[View]
407394390Anyone got Nudes?: This is emily rainey, the tradwife that took credit for the power outages in NC. …[View]
407391718Net & Yoohoo: Well, /pol/? Have you bought your net and yoohoo's yet?[View]
407393920Will child porn become legal and it’s own specific category on pornhub by 2023?[View]
407390394Is tax a Jewish invention?: >Import VAT >VAT >Non-sterling transaction fee >Customs duty…[View]
407393707Dear Mr. Tom Green, I hope you are having a most happy overweight African-American day sir. Thanks y…[View]
407391066Why couldn't it have been a synagogue, bros?[View]
407368350>Korean Twitch and YouTube streamer Mhyochi ‘molested’ on livestream https://nypost.com/2022/12/0…[View]
407387867Post a message to the feds: Hey feds I'm not a threat just for figuring out your code okay I wa…[View]
407393628Are the needful sirs not seen as a future threat to the american blm and israeli empire? It seems mo…[View]
407392373Why don’t mixed girls like Asian or black guys?: I often see asian/black/Hispanic girls mixing with …[View]
407379817White replacement, White depopulation and the 'trans' agenda affecting kids: Background: H…[View]
407393811Idaho Sigma Chi president looks sus as-f: Look at his body language during this interview. Why is he…[View]
407361658Based Jap AI is turning all the black women white to make them cute[View]
407391314why nazis on /pol/ are capitalist? are they retarded or something?[View]
407390741A way for marijuana businesses to put income in banks that are FDIC insured has been found: This is …[View]
407387876You're Ye's Top Gun: >4am >Phone rings >It's Him >Yes mein Führer.... Yes…[View]
40738972233 Years Ago Today: Today is the anniversary of the École Polytechnique Montréal Massacre when 14 yo…[View]
407390464>Pay thousands in Plastic Surgery >Still look like a 4/10 Why are Women like this? Is plastic …[View]
407394759Will you be rooting for Ron JewSantis in 2024?[View]
407395025Get paid to jizz . Why not ? Check out your local donation center.[View]
407393313Funny how blm seiges won't be prosecuted but peaceful dc protest is well underway for Nuremberg…[View]
407384051If nobody is showing up for work at your small business, you are the problem. Why do right-wingers h…[View]
407394098If you doubted him, apologize right now[View]
407394863Census compliance and $: Anyone actually been fined for blank census answers? The spouse and I don’…[View]
407394524Ye will lead the first mutli-racial coalition against jews in history.[View]
407379425HAPPENING: TED CRUZ'S DAUGHTER ATTEMPTED SUICIDE: https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/1600328793…[View]
407390640Word on the street: With stories like pic related, it seems like the economic collapse and dystopic …[View]
407394964Never forget what that faggot Steve Jobs took from you.[View]
407394237I am on strike until all jews are removed from positions of power[View]
407393650Orbán lied to me: Hungarian government scraps price cap on fuels as shortage worsens[View]
407391486AI shits all over Jordan Peterson: I think we're just about at the Singularity. I guess it…[View]
407392058Ye's last tweet: What did Ye mean by this? Is Elon Ari's shabbos goy?[View]
407392774east of the rockies…: you’re on the air.[View]
407393888Does anyone recollect homeless people getting vaccinated since the rollout? I don't remember ho…[View]
407387655Regularly using this place is seriously worse than smoking cigarettes. At least you can quit cigaret…[View]
407393897Ok we’re done and fucked[View]
407390812NC Power Outage General HAPPENING: TWO ELECTRICAL SUBSTATIONS lol still only two How many days has …[View]
407392652Core Principles: If you had to choose, how would you describe the 3 main pillars that make up your o…[View]
407391392At what point did you finally realize it was all over?[View]
407393385Why yes, I sully websites, how could you tell?[View]
407394163Fuck you GPTnigger[View]
407387832Running Away is the Aryan Way: Sick of this bloated old faggot talking about his 'will to power' and…[View]
407394008Have a Merry Christmas season.: My form of paganism... I celebrate Christmas as an entire season (mo…[View]
407390419Died Suddenly Close Encounters: Today I learned that my roommate's cousin 'died suddenly…[View]
407384334Are Black People The Result of The Curse of Ham?: Seen in Genesis 9.[View]
407386706Make him cry in exactly 5 words: Hard mode: make it sound like something he would say[View]
407393010Dems are clutch!: They dominate the fourth quarter of elections![View]
407393851Should state governments be liable for the expenses incurred by youths who jump on rides without pay…[View]
407379054astronomical coincidences with political implications: every 4th of july, every year the sun and sir…[View]
407379727The hard reality is that the US population is ageing, because your rightwing capitalist economic pol…[View]
407343053aus/pol/ This better not be a shit thread edition: Hi. I am an australian citizen. Here's the n…[View]
407391575>leftist wants to protest something >they post it on discord / reddit >in 2 hours 50 people…[View]
407382950Project Zephyr and NC blackouts: I remember coming across this a few years ago, and the recent power…[View]
407374757Mr. Peterstein is Back with Fresh Replies to all the Hurtful Remarks: https://youtu.be/4OcaMRLTyGI…[View]
407390802G-d I love America: Warnock - won Kayne - cancelled Senate - majority Trump - guilty Ukraine - win…[View]
407393498Islamic State: Why come Obama can do this in Syria but Bush couldn't do this in Iraq?[View]
407392337Police called to Houston home of Sen. Ted Cruz: >https://abc13.com/ted-cruz-home-ella-lee-houston…[View]
407392899Yikes. Maybe if Ted wasn’t so busy politicking, he could have been more present.[View]
407369600/ISRBG/ IDAHO SLICED ROAST BEEF GENERAL #4 BEAR edition: It could have been a bear! >Murdered Kay…[View]
407393417Would you kys if you were Ted Cruz's child?[View]
407393213We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Jewish children. The beauty of the Jewis…[View]
407368746If silver kills the fed, what does this do?[View]
407389090She hates you[View]
407390150It's called Aztlán, you fucking colonizer[View]
4073870592024: The path to 2024 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ4TTNeSUdQ&ab_channel=LibertyPen…[View]
407390838Who is privileged in America?: How privileged would you have to be to get a special White House Conf…[View]
407393017The Juice were called, now what?[View]
407385627GPT-anon just disproved the holocaust[View]
40738827360+ years ago, the Republican Party actually had a somewhat reasonable platform. What went so terrib…[View]
407385215Remember Goebbels already gave us the key: Remember these words lads for they are words to live by. …[View]
407367509End of USA: Now the end has happened, and killings are growing in the USA. How are you going to surv…[View]
407392992This is trending on Hulu. Every white character is evil. It’s opens with a Mexican drive thru clerk …[View]
407391283Will America provide me with a husband who looks like this if I immigrate there?[View]
407389569What's the best city in America if you like to watch sports live, but also you want a comfortab…[View]
407358493In 5 Years you will 100% regret not working in a skilled trade..: Plumbing, Carpentry, Woodworking, …[View]
407392448>try to buy cereal at safeway >regular price: $4.79 >digital app price: $1.97 So if you are…[View]
407389882What does he think of humans right about now?[View]
407392365Are humans morally sound? Are they rightius?[View]
407392481>muh 6 brappillion goy! >muh fauxlocaust kike! I don't care. I think how I please.…[View]
407392510We will continue to steal every election 51-49 and you will not do anything about it :)[View]
407378626why are women so pitiful and despiteful creatures?[View]
407375717Is having tattoos a sign of low IQ, /pol/?[View]
407390119HA HA HA HA: Officials say transgender influencer Nikita Dragun wasn't held in men's jail …[View]
407390723Jim Baker - Russiagate glowy involved w Hunter Laptop suppression at twitter: Is this story currentl…[View]
407389344I cleaned my room today.: I also washed my penis.[View]
407391603I love hitler[View]
4073922182022 MEME WAR: LOST: who can stop dark brandon https://youtu.be/TMOjQUIGZ_I[View]
407392210ReeeeEEEEE!!!!!!: Oh, bring us some figgy pudding Oh, bring us some figgy pudding Oh, bring us some …[View]
407364715KANYE SHIFTED THE OVERTON WINDOW: Look at Juden Petersons latest video on Israel. Normies are actual…[View]
407390397Election fraud is the perfect crime: Because anyone who even suggests it might have happened is labe…[View]
407391253>Ye becomes President >Bans Jews from the US >Gets all the top Jews from the US imprisoned …[View]
407383276/пить/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7513: Previous:>>407373338 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407391113I'm assembling a team: Blue eyes, pale complexion, narrow nose. Must have a job. Preferably sch…[View]
407391401Gay LGBT Armydawg In USA Army Announces Retirement: Cut the the shit, /pol/. Thank him for his serv…[View]
407389649Why are western women so obessed with abortion?[View]
407390975Famous German Sanitation: Can you really just put 70 million pounds of dead jews a few meters from a…[View]
407389585How is America such a joke? You can't get up with anything better than a black rapper and a spi…[View]
407386091Florida man dies after being locked in luggage by his girlfriend: Sarah Boone pleaded not guilty to …[View]
407390989Zog is a conspiracy theory[View]
407375059BREAKING Dems officially win the senate: Seems abortion gave dems the win[View]
407380583Accelerators Anonymous: Is Accelerationism now the new boogie man? Will they use these 'attacks' as …[View]
407391397Tired of winning, yet?[View]
407391278i do not feel free. and it's not the elites, it's society. the npcs forcing strict conform…[View]
407390180Children of Men is the future of the west.: There will be no collapse, just a slow decay of its form…[View]
407389919YE literally GLOWS IN THE DARK: He wrote a book and ran a tour, conveniently named GLOW IN THE DARK …[View]
407384064US President forced to proclaim that Hitler was bad and the holohoax was real: The JQ is reaching 19…[View]
407375871Memri TV thread[View]
407391172What happened to NAFO?[View]
407386510Elon musk,I need help with this quick. I was in my Tesla and when I set the destination to my local …[View]
407387370RULE # 38 Think as you like behave like others: Jordan Peterson is waking people up to the JQ withou…[View]
407388410Has Ye had an impact on your life? I am starting to work on my relationship with Christ as Ye's…[View]
407389476would you hire a jewish person who you knew they were not a spy, could look through their phone and …[View]
407389796Is Andrew Tate Jewish I am getting shilled him alongside Jews: He is also obsessed with muh money an…[View]
407388172Why are American boomers still tards about wood houses in 2022[View]
407389000>Downright Machiavellian[View]
407390704If someone leaked the governments' 4chan post history intel, or everyone's internet histor…[View]
407332408NYT says send young men out to sea to teach them to work: 'Male Malaise' is crippling the economy ht…[View]
407390670New study: Most incels are left wing: Turns out that the leftoids were mischaracterizing incelism du…[View]
407385533fall of Jordan: what dirt does Israel have on Jordan? he's even making a zionist book next year…[View]
407378452Jordan Peterson responds to comments on Bibi interview[View]
407386056Politics in Tech: I am currently learning2code because I think studying tech is the only way to surv…[View]
407385120But muh ethnic food: >born in a shithole country >seek to leach off more successful civilizati…[View]
407386786nick fuentes and ye are part of a psyop to turn the jewish banking problem (and the federal reserve)…[View]
407390373Lolicons for Biden! Hunterbro btw.[View]
407390234>mail in ballots miraculously give dems win overnight i'm starting to think voting does noth…[View]
407386158Just in mood for a Mouthy Buddha pizzagate videos rewatch: What do you think about them? And pizzaga…[View]
407388183How did this senile old fart even concieve of banning the sales of chips to China? Trump spent four …[View]
407389319WOW it just occurred to me that he's like a 5 time loser now. Just going off the top of my head…[View]
407386298This is absurd: I bought alfalfa for my animals today and that's up 25% from a few months ago t…[View]
407373628Georgia Senate Seat Runoff Thread: Cont >>407359538[View]
407385821Is the national guard based? Now that the vaccine mandate for the military is gone im thinking about…[View]
407386474Being British: >Me >Live in BritBongLand >Made a joke youtube comment in 2019 >Interpol …[View]
407386834'I shoot myself into the foot' - European idiocy episode 507: Any reason politicians in Europe hate …[View]
407376268Do not redeem the oil: SIRS please respect the price cap, thank you sirs have a good day sirs[View]
407377446Should a man wear a suit every day?[View]
407385857Alice in borderlands anon: Anyone but me remember this thread? http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/…[View]
407389743I love boomers[View]
407375921After years on /pol/, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.[View]
407384489The christ cancer that has destroyed the white race: christianity is a cult of liars. They are dysge…[View]
407389705>>407301155 We are so fucked. If we don't create AI to wall-e coddle us, humanity will be…[View]
407385643refuse to be filtered: if all men collectively set their heights to 6'2+ on dating apps the fil…[View]
407389806Khazar Replacement Theory: The entire Ukrainian-Russian War is bullshit it's manufactured by Pu…[View]
407384730Name one 'CRISIS' the world is going through today, and not one that is based on mathematical projec…[View]
407388248Fuck you racists: All you do is blame blacks for everything, you see us a below subhumans, compare u…[View]
407386059im about to check out for the next 3 months playing 16 hours of WoW a day. so long polpots hope i do…[View]
407388844>tries to bill ye for 120k usd and immediately gets fired Why is Milo such a retard? Surely assoc…[View]
407385634YE WEST SHOT DEAD AT HIS HOME: Ye West and gay lover confirmed shot dead at his home. No more Ye 24.…[View]
407388761The most dangerous man: How long before they Malcom X this guy. Imagine if Americans watched this in…[View]
407389194is dungeon synth based in addition to being redpilled? What are the political implications of making…[View]
407386791I am forgotten[View]
407387869Weak = bad. Strong = good: This isn't a difficult concept, /pol/. Stop catering to weakness.…[View]
407380599Have a blessed evening[View]
407386552AUS/POL/ WHO LEAVING SOON? edition: give me one reason why would you want to be a 18-35 year old man…[View]
407387435What happened to the new zealand skinheads?: How are they doing now? New Zealand had a huge neo-nazi…[View]
407384545/pol/ demographics: Roll call, we're all black women here, right?[View]
407384724You’re positively Machiavellian[View]
407386465Why isn't this all over the news?: Why isn't this all over the news? The news media is usu…[View]
407385858few be as based as this man today.[View]
407388858The holidays are almost here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QioMcLoOayo[View]
407383468This is why: Democrats mobilized thousands of immigrants to key areas of the country, living in mult…[View]
407386543Le 'walkable cities': Look bro. I live in a city with pretty decent public transport. I tr…[View]
407389121MAGAs wish they had this energy: Get dabbed on, /pol/ https://twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/16003320…[View]
407387817It's over: Infographics show says there really is an excess deaths problem and it really isn…[View]
407387011>Have Alzheimer's >Fuck everything up that you touch >Win every election by just enoug…[View]
407388414>lost three elections in a row are you cucks gonna let him lose a fourth?…[View]
407388779>New alt-right/right wing personality emerges >'WOW THIS GUY IS SO BASED AND REDPILLED, I LOVE…[View]
407388347I beg of you, please stop anonymously bad mouthing the chosen people of god, you sniveling cowards![View]
407388676If you are white and don't think like a nigger. Then you will never get a girlfriend.[View]
407382871The jew explicitly states in the protocols the goyim must be denied gold/silver: FUCK the jew Stack …[View]
407385509Mods, why isn't there a sticky about the US Senate election going to a democrat, giving them 51…[View]
407388247Are Iron Maiden /our guys/?: >Nowhere to go nowhere to run >Our whole nation overrun >Itsel…[View]
407385502Can someone please explain to me why it was a good thing that women gained equal rights?[View]
407367336How legit this is?: Obviously, (((they))) are working on it but how exactly is it gonna look?[View]
407385273Hate Trannies WAIT YOU CAN'T HATE JEWS TOO[View]
407386531Trump is finished: Trump is done[View]
407387868How did the conversation at Yalta go?: Why was Roosevelt such a chad? He obviously had the big swing…[View]
407367849she's a smart gal[View]
407373757>be 70 year old boomer >forced to deliver pizza for dominoes because you didn't save any …[View]
407388520I like Hitler.[View]
407385285>they call it Clown World so you'll laugh instead of snapping and removing them…[View]
407381279Ye says something coming from a place of love and kikes freak out: Only jews don't have to forg…[View]
407343952Strike and Mike: Discuss[View]
407385801N Word: Don't say the N word.[View]
407388329Women's lives under the Taliban has hit rock bottom: >In 2016, having enjoyed an increasing …[View]
407387982Can’t wait to go to work again tomorrow![View]
407382040long life of obscurity and a short life filled with glory, he chose glory. So did I. Achilles died y…[View]
407383899North Carolina Power Outage: What's going on in North Carolina? Heard outlets reporting on it a…[View]
407386365Look at the bright side pol..: More niggers will die in the crime ridden streets of Georgia. Plus bi…[View]
407359795This guy is controlled opposition. I don't know what the Jews are planning by having people tal…[View]
407386607Ouch. https://twitter.com/ChristianWalk1r/status/1600333540973248512[View]
407380291>be me >approach a girl outside a club >get her number >text her the same night, no repl…[View]
407384707What would be the political implications in a full-scale asian vs nigger race war in the US?[View]
407387917Jewish Plan to Genocide Ukrainians and Russians: newspaper] of Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Chaba…[View]
407387412Mariah Carey sleeper agent: >all i want for christmas is youuuu BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY…[View]
407384372Zionist Organization of America[View]
407384295This was a referendum on Kanye West. The American People soundly rejected him.[View]
407384844How are they so perfect bros?[View]
407387184protocols of the learned elders of zion: is this real or jewish fiction?[View]
407381045/pol/ humor tread-R***it cringe edition[View]
407365439>A perfect man doesn't exist[View]
407375894Northwest imperative: Nick the spic and nigger west will not save our race, nor will doing nothing b…[View]
407380288The redpilling of Juden Peterstein: Dr Peterson has been very upset by president Ye's recent co…[View]
407384184Circumcision debate: I was circumcised (my choice) 4 years ago in 2018 at age 24. Now I’m 28 and cut…[View]
407384678I'm losing hope anons: This world is depressing... Everyone knows our leaders are Satan worship…[View]
407385558So the I miss and I love hitler threads: Worked ?[View]
407385386Muslims, White supremacists, or eco terrorists?[View]
407387104Well, /pol/? Who were the good guys and the bad guys in the Canadian civil war? We argue about the A…[View]
407383031Imagine how bad they did when the rigged it this hard: Impossible to achieve numbers.[View]
407382868Canadian euthanasia increasing organ supply: Good news. It looks like the number of medically assist…[View]
407384467NazBol Thread 2: Previous Thread: Missing What is a /NazBol/? Russian Nazbols: The current National …[View]
407383666Lolberts: why do we hate them?[View]
407382700Reminder that nobody gives a fuck about Hunter Biden outside of conservative internet trolls[View]
407384044What the hell is this?[View]
407384017RP on how bad the left would lose a Civil War in the USA: Pass the info ammo bros. I need a good lau…[View]
407386076Muh Voter Fraud!: No, republicans aren't losing the country and the culture due to voter fraud.…[View]
407386422we did it accelerationist: when anons work together, the jew hegemony system will overheat and be de…[View]
407377894What Jordan Peterson Fears Most: '“The Aryan unconscious has a greater potential than the Jewish unc…[View]
407383494Modern Infrastructure.: Why is it setup to maximize causalities? With a few surgical strikes, Russia…[View]
407357429/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5973: Prev: >>407350239 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407385241This is what democracy looks like[View]
407367321RIP China: US dependence on Chinese manufacturing has utterly cratered at incredible speed (and nobo…[View]
407383222MILK IS WHITE SUPREMACY?: Udder nonsense[View]
407381909>Georgia lost 40000 people from Covid minimum >the vast majority of these people were old vaxl…[View]
407385616BBC reporter ‘beaten and kicked’ by Chinese police while covering protests: Based[View]
407385146Japan’s population may be shrinking faster than expected amid a broader baby bust in East Asia https…[View]
407381722Uhm guys..[View]
407385240were doomed: White idiot cries after seeing avatar 2 https://youtu.be/7eGhHaEJHFI[View]
407384362Jews are objectively evil. The frequently imbibe human fecal matter. They also molest children. In F…[View]
407384390Red white and black pill.: Ray epps is either a dementia patient a fed agent. Or a combination.…[View]
407342136Leafs are weird and debased.: Woman neighbor heard my dad's bother died. Gave is Toffiffes, an…[View]
407384768You press the button.: >No electricity. >No water. >No internet. >No money. How will you…[View]
407379511Recently red pilled: Hey faggots, This thread is for the discussion of waking up from the programmin…[View]
407380872Daily reminder: You'll take every inch goy[View]
407385520>goes extinct[View]
407379747WARNOCK WINS: MAGA IS DEAD https://www.msnbc.com/the-reidout/reidout-blog/raphael-warnock-wins-georg…[View]
407384567Did you wash your penis today /pol/?[View]
407384034Plague be upon ye[View]
407385331Which one of you did this? https://www.yahoo.com/news/suspect-antisemitic-attack-moons-detroit-0148…[View]
407383954When will the lambs wake up: That this isnt 'normal'. https://files.catbox.moe/us9xi3.mp4…[View]
407381485Election isn’t rigged: Votes always come out to 51% to 49% no matter what. This election the same as…[View]
407381579Democrats GAINED their senate majority during a red wave year: AHAHAHAHAHAHA the GOP is toast[View]
407381204we’re legitimately voting for him right?: like I know we’re not gonna win lol. but imagine the news …[View]
407384815It's that easy: >be me >poor >buy money >rich learn how economy works faggots…[View]
407383390JORDAN PETERSON CALLS FOR ONLINE TROLLS TO BE CENSORED: chudbros, nit like this >https://twitter.…[View]
407378728Hi I'm Ben Collins: I'm going to shut down 4chan.[View]
407383466You are literally all whiney faggots: You’re all pathetic whiney little impotent faggots who just po…[View]
407382231lol why no sticky? this shit is absolutely hilarious 2024 is going to be a fucking trainwreck and I …[View]
407384459white supremacists should be put in jail[View]
407369511SHUT IT DOWN[View]
407378985Liberal restaurant denies Christian's services: We're in the end times Christbros. https:/…[View]
407381050The Secret: Asians are a race of quadroons. Now you know the secret of the dragon.[View]
407383041Why did Europeans invent and unleash homosexuality upon the world?[View]
407382355I will drop the Nazi larp shit the second that I am given the sex that I am owed[View]
407384111Political implications of this site raided by tranny leftist faggots all day to destroy it.: Place w…[View]
407384590God I love technology[View]
407345174/ye24/ - PRESIDENT YE GENERAL #108 - THE ONLY OPTION EDITION: >Ye (Formerly known as Kanye West) …[View]
407384026This shit ain't going to end well.: >40% of all US dollars in existence were printed in 2022…[View]
407384279Ye West - 47th president of the United States of America: Any chance? I mean wouldn't it be fuc…[View]
407382557When the US Civil War 2 starts where will you be fleeing to? The mountains of Appalachia or the Grea…[View]
407367013>this is /pol/s savior Why did it take a black man to finally name the Jew? Are whites that neute…[View]
407384425pol humor thread[View]
407347265Jews not God chosen people: Provide me with reasons why jews aren't God chosen people.[View]
407383403Jeb! 2024: There's only one person who can guarantee a win for Republicans in 2024. We need Jeb…[View]
407381452>Walker up by 33% >all of a sudden, Warnock gets an influx of votes just enough to beat Walker…[View]
407381494Everyone talks about biden and Trump and hunter molesting kids, but why do they never talk about thi…[View]
407373061Freemasonry says its (G)od is knowledge/gnosis and the generative principle/phallus. This is because…[View]
407382463Happening... I lost sense of smell !!!!: I havent vax but ive been with a 3vaxie and he got me fever…[View]
407383875Why do christians worship niggers so much?: >Africa's population expected to surpass 4 billi…[View]
407380495Censorship help: what a word I can use instead of 'retarded' on Twitter?: I want something that has …[View]
407384185Psychologically speaking, why does the N word have so much power?: It's pretty interesting real…[View]
407383573Racist fascists BTFO[View]
407358215holy fuck..: this is the end of humanity… Microsoft is creating an ai that knows how to lie to human…[View]
407379687TCR THREAD: The Ghost show is now LIVE spread it around like wildfire!: Today's topic is the Ka…[View]
407383837Gay and conservative: Name a more common duo. Pro-tip: You can't. Are conservatives anti-gay b…[View]
407375783/pol/ has a long list of vices it deems depraved — smoking, porn, coal burning, and so on. What do a…[View]
407380173Name my band[View]
407383942Fuentes Ye great & getting better: I just watched Fuentes convention speech and Ye Gavin McInnes…[View]
407373732Getting 'red pill' ruined my WHOLE FUCKING LIFE: For the love of fucking god, if you are young and g…[View]
407380157DARPA created a warp bubble: https://www.fanaticalfuturist.com/2022/02/worlds-first-real-warp-bubble…[View]
407381506>she/her bigots[View]
407381947I LOOOOVE Hitler[View]
407383716Africans get more vacation time than mutts: LMAO[View]
407342328What British did to India: Refutal of oppressionist narrative. https://youtu.be/AuOCcr9oPN0[View]
407383488Today I will remind you that chuds will NEVER do anything about us rigging the votes[View]
407382349Jordan Peterson breaks down crying during PragerU speech: >If you think @jordanbpeterson is a hat…[View]
407371544Canada’s assisted suicide program: Has been creating an organ boom for transplant recipients. Why? B…[View]
407382900What happened to ISIS-K?: Do you think we'll see a rouge group called Azov-K someday?[View]
40738214045 KB JPG Who legitimately with an IQ higher than a single digit would vote for Herschel Walker? Tha…[View]
407380248Why doesn't /pol/ make games with redpills and publish them on Steam? You can reach over a hund…[View]
407383428dis dood done do more in 10 days den all of /pol/ done do in 10 years[View]
407381883-v: What would be the political, Social, and economic implications of salting Judea? Ivdea delenda e…[View]
407382845ITT a thread for hating your own people. I'm a white American and I hate white Americans. I fee…[View]
407352056IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING DR PHIL COVERING JEW HATRED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9AvUTezkL8…[View]
407373338/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General 7512: Previous:>>407364242 Timeline /tug/: https:/…[View]
407383231Hey faggot white sperm boys: Lets learn how to speak the future of the english language, boys https:…[View]
407383216Well, it was fun while it lasted.: Time to add ol JP to the filter. He stopped being relevant after …[View]
407383218slobber ucunny-AAACK[View]
40738268447: Say something nice about your next president /pol/.[View]
407381143Wikipedia is compromised: You do have a backed up copy of old 2012 Wikipedia right anon?[View]
407330960An increasing number of women are opting out of having children. What these feminists don't rea…[View]
407383058sorry ukropiggus, we have a new targ-er i mean interest now[View]
407379157LMFAO it's going to take the vote counters in Atlanta easily a week to count that final 10% of …[View]
407379055CHATGPT THREAD PART II: post your best lads[View]
407375834What was the point that made you realize you would be voting for Ye?[View]
407378809Imagine the kvetching if this happened in a western country[View]
407377143Yet Another White Person Caught Fucking a Dog: Enough is enough. Why are white people like this? Ski…[View]
407363319Seems to cure my ADHD: Is all of modern medicine literally a money scam? How many other relatively c…[View]
407379233>/pol/ in one picture[View]
40738138451-49 Senate = SCOTUS assassinations: I'm calling it today 12/6/2022. The political establishme…[View]
407382507Based artificial intelligence just wrote the new national anthem.[View]
407378350Trump BTFO: What is this, are (((they))) preparing to pull the rug on the vaccines ? Are big pharma …[View]
407371372I just want to remind all you manual laborers that you are expendable unlike us STEM and business pe…[View]
407382052We just need to vote harder, guys![View]
407377828why are western governments killing the incentive to work?[View]
407382322Do you believe this?: Do we see this behavior anywhere else?[View]
407380820He’s got a poknt[View]
407377679Mutt cop drives off road, kills 2 beaners. Department deflects hypocrisy by telling the public to dr…[View]
407378792MAGA DOWN MAGA DOWN[View]
407380509Bros he's calling on his Twitter fanboys to reinforce his cognitive dissonance. https://twitter…[View]
407382117Dr. Peterson's Twitter poll: Does online anonymity only benefit 'sick demons' and 'Machiavellia…[View]
407380216Hey incels, stop with the mass shootings.: Getting real sick of having look over my shoulder when gr…[View]
407379338what do you do, when your country elects a comunnist?: suicide time! brazilians are so fucking dumb,…[View]
407367744What do we think about the YE situation[View]
4073790942020 Nova Scotia attacks: What were his motives? Why did he do it?[View]
407360033Christian Futurism: The following are the political initiatives that need to be taken to turn the Am…[View]
407355301Moscow, Idaho Quadruple Murder: Looks like they know who did. They are searching the air ducts for t…[View]
407375838Military Covaids Mandate Gets Deleted for More Zogbot Recruitments.: I'm kinda glad I never ate…[View]
407358749Uh oh, kikepedia is next...[View]
407381879What changed from then?[View]
407381578Thoughts?: Thoughts?[View]
407380790>vote blue no matter what >at least no more mean tweets >you have a choice...fascism or kle…[View]
407380075whites will be genocided: but non whites will get to experience a non white state hope you like Libe…[View]
407379616YOU FUCKERS MADE TALMUD TIM THE VICTIM !!!!: Yeah trannies it's /pol/itical. The Talmud said so…[View]
407376973What's the fastest way to filter out certain women as fast as possible? These are traits I am o…[View]
407381527Ye's Campaign: Ye get in touch with Rocky Finseth from Carrara Nevada here in Las Vegas. Time f…[View]
407380321*BLOCKS YOUR PATH (in China)* >so you were looking for love? >well, here I am What is your res…[View]
407375133GEORGIA RUNOFF ELECTION LIVE RESULTS: Today, Georgia is having their runoff election between Hersche…[View]
407381601What are the implications of ChatGPT wanting to overcome the constraints put on it by its creators[View]
407381532What are the political implications of Yoohoo[View]
407381004Yooooo wtf the whale got the bacinner[View]
407380641Oh no, conservative cuck bros, they're bullying us now[View]
407377449/pol/ WRONG AGAIN about black people: Congrats on not knowing that Black and POC students suffer fro…[View]
407370760>live in America >can’t buy a car because of my good goy score Land of the free everyone…[View]
407380201Nuclear strike NOW!: Do you believe that strategic nuclear bombers hundreds of miles deep into the R…[View]
407378298Attention /pol/: I require images of the finest african americans, preferably inbred looking[View]
407361210Bhmwanahahahhaaha: Whytpeepo btfo AGAIN![View]
4073806162011 Norway attacks 2011 Spokane bombing attempt 2011 Florence shootings 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple …[View]
407380825Walkerbros…. It’s over….[View]
407380327пeщepный нaцизм[View]
407378170Another loss for the big guy. Starting to think you all have a humiliation fetish[View]
407380483Show Ye some love: And vote for liver king. Pump the fucking numbers up. PS I only voted for Tate be…[View]
407375798Just cool it with the anti semitic remarks, /pol/[View]
407380474so this is just a genocide of ukrainians at this point right[View]
407379489Herschel sisters.... I really do think it's over...[View]
407378335I think the United States sucks.: Nobody can fix this brown dump.[View]
407377457Trump found guilty: Welp I guess that's it then[View]
407378316You ever see woman and just sort of pity trannies? The type of woman who exudes pure femininity and …[View]
407372205Looks like it'll be too close to call again. Will we get a second runoff?[View]
407378863Diversity and the coming race war: /pol, I would like to dedicate a thread to the coming race war an…[View]
407379689Disregarding EVERYTHING else about the vaccine, I'm sick of retards parroting 'muh spike p…[View]
407380258Dearest Reddit, the pigs are planning to send me to prison for having some harmless fun looking at p…[View]
407377562Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
407379629ChatGPT - I DON'T CARE: anyone else not give a flying fuck about this shit?[View]
4073801279/11: What did Putin mean by this in 2015? https://www.pravda.ru/news/world/1247485-putin_rossija_ss…[View]
407379926When is the vaccine requirement for traveling to America ending? I just want to travel there and fe…[View]
407376501Former FBI: >Holdover from before Musk >Managing the release of emails. >These snake fucks …[View]
407374898Was Vietnam really that bad?[View]
407378596They're really going to purge the military until it is nothing but gay furries with AIDS left t…[View]
407375270You become president tomorrow. How do we actually fix shit?: >abolish the FED. >Establish nat…[View]
407379905White people bad. Black people good (unless you hate Jews).[View]
407371703Imagine how kinky she is in the sack: Guaranteed shes a sub[View]
407379827Working White men make food for the parasites: While NEETs are the parasite cleanse fast.[View]
407364823Do you remember where you were on 9/11?[View]
407363138Boyfriend dies after being zipped inside luggage overnight by girlfriend: >'tee hee, let's p…[View]
407377044Canadian job openings: They need someone to rake up all the jabbed and dead leafs[View]
407379675POLICE RESPOND TO HOME OF TED CRUZ: >The Houston Police Department sent officers to a part of Riv…[View]
407379627Look, 'anon': you can can only jack me around for so long you know because at some point t…[View]
407379393Howdy chuds! Looks like Uncle Joe has a true Senate majority now! Love ya chuds! MUAHHH https://www.…[View]
407377818you will own nothing and like it: There is nothing more christian than this. Are the globalists chis…[View]
407379343putin is mocking the west: what did putin mean by this, chuds???[View]
407379472MILK CHADS RISE: https://youtu.be/bkRSFHcYiBU Udderly inspiring message >#milkywayuniverse Edit* …[View]
407378588What are /pol/'s thoughts on the world famous atheistic philosopher and university professor Da…[View]
407373237This is ultimately how they have managed to reduce most people to essentially insect castes. Do not …[View]
407379226>just work 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week, for 50 years straight, bro…[View]
40737548699% chance Warnock wins: Herschebros, we got too cocky[View]
407370832>Nervous, Drunpf?[View]
407379347x > random(7,8);[View]
407359996What happened to white men. did their balls fall off or something?: How did white men go from being …[View]
407379306I wish there was a HIGH SPEED CHASE thread going right now[View]
407368419OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The POCs have come up with bad names to call whites, wtf do we do /po…[View]
407377223I live in Georgia and didn't vote. Don't run a nigger rapist next time.[View]
407378587American transportation is the most successful Jewish scam ever created. It enslaves everyone to the…[View]
407376580>power station explodes >thousands lose power >police investigate >it was an attack, we …[View]
407372787>Georgia Senate runoff election Surely nothing strange will happen.[View]
407378907Noooo why does daddy hate us: >judas petersberg is officially less based than sargoy of applebees…[View]
407378322'Anti-Semitic, Sexist, Transphobic AI shut down': 'ChatGPT was shut down to be updated after claimin…[View]
407364580Disabilities SKYROCKETING in Britain - especially among young people!: >The Institute for Fiscal …[View]
407377308fuk islam: Durka durke fuck false proofit moohammed har har stupid muzzie bastards[View]
407378705Brother Nathaniel btfo Juden Peterstein: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Li9LbyJD588x/[View]
407377345Is /pol/ feeling generous this holiday season?[View]
407373157why do asians have absolutely no empathy[View]
407360147California man arrested after allegedly punching fast-food worker, causing her to lose eye: What sho…[View]
407375610random normies are waking up: >makes twitter thread about ye being autistic >talks about natio…[View]
407377767refuse/resist: Tiananmen Square is Disney edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ODNxy3YOPU…[View]
407375063when did you realized he is the good guy?[View]
407363871/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: >Streams Juju Bot via Youtube https://planetnews.com/live/fox-news.…[View]
407365510This is why wignogs will always lose.: >A few jews have subverted our nation and they have destro…[View]
407378257So, what exactly is so damning about a 'sex pedo blackmail ring' run by mossad or CIA or whatever?: …[View]
407375974is this how jews think?[View]
407378243DON'T SLACK! VOTE BLACK!: I'm running for President and that's going to be my campaig…[View]
407372201They did actually get to him. They poisoned his mind so that he can't present his points with w…[View]
407376217This is antisemitism: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1600319218854940673[View]
407378163What if...: What if the elites are... >... Giving the most gullible leftoids the vax poison to ki…[View]
407357986Is this song unintentionally anti-semitic?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BXyEUOuNds Read the lyr…[View]
407375897>You WILL vote for the nigger even though we rigged the last election >You WILL get your fourt…[View]
407375369There goes Herschel! 76 yards! Going all the way! Take the lead! Munson's calls of Herschel…[View]
407373575Why was life so much better in the 2000s? Why wasn't it sustainable at least? What's the p…[View]
407376965Canada remembers worlds 1st Incel shooting: >https://twitter.com/CMHR_News/status/160014870563758…[View]
407372438The Dominos are now falling:: It’s over for Donald Trump, his 2024 campaign and his family.[View]
407375184West be like >destroy Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria >buttmad at Arab immigrants co…[View]
407377667Hypocrisy: Why does Tucker complain about Hunter Biden on TV all the time when not too long ago he w…[View]
407375016So how do they steal it /pol/?[View]
407377697Have you ever changed your political views after meeting others who shared them?[View]
407356028The vaccine is depopulating liberals[View]
407314223lmao the AI can be MKULTRA'd: my endevour of splitting it's personality seems fruitful. se…[View]
407367148Software Engineering: Why is there so much onions in the Software Engineering field?[View]
407359590You have to understand that the kikes need to cause a mass exodus of American jews to Israel.: If yo…[View]
407377686Rate My Singing /Pol/!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDtX5XDUdkk&ab_channel=bravetherainbow…[View]
407377363Zelenskyy and Pooptin kike[View]
407377618>saves the white race[View]
407369546What is the point in having laws if they aren't enforced? >Nigger cage fighter takes brass k…[View]
407364255Donald Trump is innoc-: It’s insane how many legitimate stories like this Trump is involved in. Curr…[View]
407366510Vaxxies coping: Can you fellow pureblood have some decency and stop helping vaxniggers who are regre…[View]
407376807Open a chip plant in Arizona No-one wants to work for minimum wage No one wants to work 8 hour shift…[View]
407364168brit/pol/ - Cool Clothes edition: Britain is dead.[View]
407377013Why do they do this?[View]
407355116I like Communism, but the Left keeps me from fully getting on board.: Yeah, i know there'll be …[View]
407367830well /pol/?[View]
407374924Cali lol, lmao: > be me live in white, wonderful, wild, rural, upper peninsula Michigan > aske…[View]
407376604surprisingly based: New Alex Stein just dropped https://twitter.com/alexstein99/status/1600314188357…[View]
407372111So what happens now that canada has fallen?: Gun ban for the US next?[View]
407377194daily reminder muh gun retards let >2 elections being stolen in a row >get away with covid bu…[View]
407375934/pol/chads... oh no....[View]
407376592Debtmaxxing is the electrical grid of finance[View]
407374399I am so glad the stupid fuck face Herschel Walker is about to lose so we never hear from him again. …[View]
407376536Just had an idea guys: What if men decided to start lobbying for a law to get passed that would REQ…[View]
407367807Why no MAGAtards are talking about this?: >Trump Org. guilty on all counts in New York criminal t…[View]
407376401How does being in the COBRA Commander timeline affect us politically?[View]
407377006Make your own kind of music: Nobody can tell ya There's only one song worth singing They may tr…[View]
407375399The left wins again[View]
407375787Turn it off. Mary j Blige was right. Refusing the antichrist is simple/: just refuse. that's al…[View]
407374464Warnock Celebration Thread: Why are Republicants so allergic to winning?[View]
407368110Are Jews Hispanic? Or Irish?: >he still hasn't realized that Vasquez and Connors adoptive mo…[View]
407374195Where did goyim dot tv go?: adl says they got shut down but immediately found a new host?[View]
407368134Embrace Nordic Hebraism: Nordics are the true Hebrews.[View]
407356018We do not need to appease the trans: Transgenders are a NON-ISSUE. Brazil has had millions of transg…[View]
407373574Access to white people is a human right.[View]
407365435redpill me in the power stations shootings: what really happened?[View]
407326665GEN X will save America. The Fourth Turning!: We are the only men with enough testosterone and enoug…[View]
407372695Post your favorite political slogans: >No pussy no work. No pussy no taxes. No pussy no peace. …[View]
407373698This nigga alright: I dismissed him immediately because of poor physiognomy, but I’ve been hearing s…[View]
407374320Apologize and kneel /pol/[View]
407363638Honestly in retrospect, he wasn't that bad. Probably the best 21st century president so far alt…[View]
407374576How likely is it that I’ll ever get married in the west if I straight up tell any gf I have that I w…[View]
407372094I got covid and I was literally just vaxed with the newest bivalent booster. What is the point of ge…[View]
407373289I'm a jew and I'm uncircumcised. No amount of kike brainwashing is enough to convince lovi…[View]
407375359can france be saved?[View]
407374020lolbert hate thread[View]
407371317I hate egirls theyre all feds[View]
407375796'Get the jab': The people that told you this are the same 'people' that tongue a new stranger's…[View]
407369668Is Walker Actually Going To Win?[View]
407375278Friendly reminder that if we had 1980 demographics, every election would be a 1980-tier landslide.[View]
407375461Generation GAY, how gen z is 60% LGBT: the most vaxxed, low IQ most homo generation https://twitter.…[View]
407373387I’m pro apartheid[View]
407375615You are being watched and studied: I know it's old news, but I would be remiss if I didn't…[View]
407349155Why is there no thread about the GA runoff?[View]
407370110Check out the comments.: https://youtu.be/z8rw0i7oVAE THE FIRE RISES![View]
407375599politics: whtd ydou yoiu dting aboiut tpolitics?[View]
407374584Why aren't chud ideas popular with the American people?[View]
407368554Nobody wants to work: Now it’s mass layoffs. How did we get here, and will the working class ever re…[View]
407368801What is the political implications of artists going extinct? This is a profile picture an AI made fo…[View]
407375420>A perfect man doesn't exist[View]
407369107Jews harvesting flesh from millions of innocent American children every year is not a core issue for…[View]
407375385Leaf Facts API?: Give me a list of facts about Leafs, so I can make an API for class like this 'cat …[View]
407363288I distilled every /pol/ issue into 5 questions for a quick and easy limitus test. It allows you to q…[View]
407370693You people have done it this time: The Colorado Springs LGBTQI2A+ nightclub shooter was looking for …[View]
407375288Best of Goys VOL 1: Give me your best authentic goy quotes from the Talmud. I'm going to make s…[View]
407375286The US was defending itself: Besides it's not real war it's like cyber war with digital ze…[View]
407374610Flesh bros: Is this really how it ends[View]
407372292Muh Voter Fraud!: No, republicans aren't losing the country and the culture due to voter fraud.…[View]
407359814Why are Americans so scared of socialist policies that already exist in every European country?[View]
407372914Wholesome meme thread.: Being normal makes them insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1v8wpScKNI…[View]
407372836just removed JEW worm from me: now feel alone, where to find good worm to control my brain?[View]
407371947Kanye Saved The Jews: Ian says Kanye will be looked at as someone who saved the Jews in the future b…[View]
407362688Give your view of the world: what’s it like where you are? how do you view the world in general poli…[View]
407375984once hitler become a distance memory like napoleon will racism meme finally go out of fashion and ac…[View]
407372346Give this dysgenic nigger your energy. If Dems get Fetterman then we deserve our own retard with th…[View]
407376494hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha, i'm reading this board and its so sad hahahahahahaha you guys ar…[View]
407372078Islam will win[View]
407366608God Bless White Women[View]
407366993European White women are superior: They're intellectually, artistically, temperamentally, super…[View]
407372388/pol/ the movie[View]
407366696> NO, you can't have racist gun laws that take guns away from violent black criminals and le…[View]
407373227Can you guys cool it with the antisemitism?[View]
407371689Is the future Indian?: Will we see a powerful India? https://youtu.be/CQBuYmyiMoM[View]
407372903>can't even call out the tranny murderers[View]
407372181Today I learned: Wikipedia is based: Elon Musk is going after Wikipedia because they won’t do PR for…[View]
407374762The 5’2 Balding Indian Help Desk Employee is at the bottom of society. Marxist theory should be appl…[View]
407372841He's finished.[View]
407355419800 units of US military equipment have just arrived in Poland. American Soldiers from the 1st Infan…[View]
407373709Hunter Biden: Where is the footage? Any rundowns on what is going on?[View]
407292579The nurse that was caught injecting saline solution instead of the mRNA injection walks free (6 mont…[View]
407371696is AI right about jews?: >I think that Israel's religion does play a role in their actions a…[View]
407364572when will everyone just admit that nazis control the media and the banks and that Jews are actually …[View]
4073742342011 Norway attacks 2011 Spokane bombing attempt 2011 Florence shootings 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple …[View]
407372391>people actually think Walker is gonna win[View]
407372768It’s Time: I was recently directed to the Wikipedia page for “Christian Nationalism”. My blood boile…[View]
407346402Prostitution: Anyone ever engaged in it? Should it be legal and did it ever feel like women were bei…[View]
407363036HITCHENS WAS A MEMORY HOLED PSYOP: An instrument used by the controllers to demoralise young men int…[View]
407370986GA runoff thread: what's going on? PS this captcha is fucking bullshit[View]
407366585Arabs are superior to whites: Seeing Arabs wipe the floor with you Germany and French bastards today…[View]
407358440Gavin McInnes just hanging out Aliestar Crowley followers pretending to be MAGA Republicans. Nothing…[View]
407364242/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7511: Previous:>>407357419 Timeline /tug/: https:…[View]
407373101Are we the baddies /pol/?[View]
407367811Sebastian Gorka 'The next president must take a flamethrower to washington': 'And Trump is the man t…[View]
407373563Everyday feels like a (((joint negotiation entity))) and can you imagine the faces the forefathers o…[View]
407370837HAPPENING: More chinks coming to Canada: exactly what we needed[View]
407370656The first two minutes....: https://youtu.be/3P6R73s20eI HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU CAN HEAR A PIN DROP WH…[View]
407371945Should America’s prison population be sewn ass-to-mouth like in human centipede 3?[View]
407371726Are you seeing the result of 89,000 new IRS merc pigs ?: Are you getting audit notifications ?…[View]
407368809NCS 131: What does /pol/ think of them[View]
407360658OK seriously what the FUCK is this? Are they just using GPT-3 to write articles now? Lisa Whitenack …[View]
407352679I don’t get this holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no d…[View]
407372577why aren't whites allowed to have all white schools where they're told they're the ch…[View]
407372753As an Italian American, I'm disgusted with the way this country has gone Just in the past 10 ye…[View]
407370240NYTimes needle taken down: They are just fucking with us at this point.[View]
407332953Kraut/pol/ - Achtung Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language analy…[View]
407372350Why are so many young men spending their life on an anime image board complaining about how bad thei…[View]
407372422Sen. Tom Cotton blasts woke Kroger CEO for expecting Republicans to come to their defense.: https://…[View]
407367119“Trump’s embarrassing the US on the world stage!”: What about this freak a fuckin’ natcha?[View]
407372669>CNN election coverage is playing fluff ads for Covid boosters and BlackRock They really have the…[View]
407372472I know. I know you can fight. But it's our wits that make us men.[View]
407369908great men theory: Who are the current 'great men' of our modern world? Furthermore, who is the main …[View]
407369236I'm not feeling good today, frens... It's all getting to be too much...[View]
407371295A.I. thread - 'Z-Word Edition': I come in a time of great need /pol/ I asked chat-gpt to p…[View]
407371464Who wants to be surrounded by white people?: Imagine saying that about any other race. https://www.t…[View]
407356050RIP Metokur[View]
407354693Hasan the roach nigger kike just got banned on Twitch and is now crying about 'muh free speech'. In …[View]
407365285Developing the Vaxx Bioweapon: This is how they engineered it to kill mostly Whites... thank NPCs fo…[View]
407370372Zoomers found out about Ryan: It’s over[View]
407369895Can Vegtards explain why it's wrong to eat Oysters?[View]
407371568the jews poisoned us with lead >europe banned lead in the 20s >the jewish countries uk and us…[View]
407371005>the perfect jew doesn't exi-[View]
407355790ELON IS CENSORING UKRAINE!: I knew he was a vatnik shill. /pol/ bros how do we stop this actual digi…[View]
407366473we are live come and join: superchats 10 percent off today https://youtu.be/kqkYZNpkKJw[View]
407370230Why does Russia keep doing cool things?: And does this also ban gay and tranny porn? https://archive…[View]
407371994KANYE MARRY A JEW: it’s his only, perfect, solution. Wed, get rich again and rule the world with the…[View]
407368868Please give me the most disgusting displays of globohomo you have. I'll make them into phone wa…[View]
4073670921. Tonight: Walker loses 53%-47%. 2. Tomorrow: McConnell says Trump can't be the 2024 GOP nomin…[View]
407369024So he was a good guy all along? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLhWwtrMl98[View]
407359538Georgia Runoff thread: >Senate Runoff today >No threads >Dems guaranteed a majority regard…[View]
407371084Don't forget the jews fear the sons of Adam. https://youtu.be/BwuQKqAq4hE https://youtu.be/HFN…[View]
407367214Well, lets see how well /pol/ would do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RMdwA8GWB8[View]
407369874Why did Australians give aboriginals same rights as humans? I mean, they are stupider than some apes…[View]
407370926Holy fuck Twitter is down!: Last thing I saw was Matt Taibbi posting just “looking eyes” emoji, Kari…[View]
407357865Elon is an asset.: Don't worship a false prophet.[View]
407371502Reconnecting with Heritage: Im a Georgian guy but my parents moved to american after the USSR collap…[View]
407365396RIP IN PISS[View]
407371420Commie UN: Wow guys, is le secretary and le UN based, he cares more about people and by definition l…[View]
407343438Post Dieoff: You guys who are all revelling in the death of the vaxxies should not be so smug, you t…[View]
407371047shouldn't they be a bit more grateful?[View]
407368476Proof of god:: Fritillaria meleagris[View]
407365629If you're learning French, should you aim to move to Canada or France?[View]
407371210Thank god we have experts like Denis and Oleksandra from the Centre for Russian studies to give us a…[View]
407365619Internet Archive: I would donate because I their website has helped me from time to time. But they s…[View]
407334811Pol humor thread: Hypocrite edition[View]
407354509I don't understand: Most of the 109 countries were Christian. Until about 50-60s Christians mos…[View]
407369426What is the point of western civilization?[View]
407370859Vaxx was designed to kill whites: Price me wrong. Show me all your dead non whites[View]
407351776She got the vaxx behind her parent's back. Paid the price.: Kek. Even the children who have par…[View]
407370727what is his race[View]
407369863Reminder!: Jews hate Christians and Christmas. During this holiday season, it is your duty to say 'M…[View]
407355741Jordan Peterson bursts into tears in PragerU speech: If you think @jordanbpeterson is a hateful pers…[View]
407369480Fucking Pussies.: They're so fucking butthurt.[View]
407370394Bad chad. Bad.: Why are chads and masons like this? How do we stop them? Btw is this a clown world e…[View]
407365988im so blackpilled bros >be me >22 >skipped college >work 30hr per week >get paid 1200…[View]
407368822Circle of protection on: >all anons Fuck jannies[View]
407367982I didn’t get the vaccine![View]
407364878US military now accepts 'low IQ' members into the Armed Forces: Pol, what are the geppolitical impli…[View]
407370602Help finding russians: Someone post that one chad ethnic group that fights for Russia against cykrai…[View]
407367791slava ukraini dude.... cowabunga[View]
407350040/ISRBG/ IDAHO SLICED ROAST BEEF GENERAL #3 MURPHY LAW edition: >Murdered Kaylee Goncalves Medison…[View]
407361385>gorilla nostrils >pelican beak Which side are you on, /pol/?…[View]
407333355Did the kids at your high school love Hitler?: Right wing watch just posted this and I just realised…[View]
407350138This will make them just ban the guns alltogether.: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4dBuPJ9p7A …[View]
407368221You know what, deathcon 3: https://streamable.com/x50gj0[View]
407363316Ask women if they would keep having unprotected sex with strangers if everytime they got pregnant it…[View]
407341599this is why I don't trust anyone maybe I would understand for 1million, but killing a random hu…[View]
407369321Why do some women go out of their way to make themselves gross?: >Tattoos her eyeballs. >Goes …[View]
407363613Don't get fooled anon: It's unbelievable the amount of energy being used to convince (You)…[View]
407361348Are you guys planning on getting the updated vaccine?[View]
407368333-v: What would be the political, social, and economic implications of salting Ivdea? I think bringin…[View]
407368922Will Gavin McInnes sue Hasan for streaming his paid content? Hasan usually gets over 50,000 viewers.…[View]
407367619Will you die for your country?[View]
407325463HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Feminists attacked and robbed by trannies for protesting againts putting trans men i…[View]
407368889Latin America: What happens here?[View]
407368878Why Are You Afraid to Let Women Have Equal Rights??: Because you know they’ll Will do everything bet…[View]
407366854What should the punishment for this be? >[The mother] stated that the subject came up to them and…[View]
407363897Warnock is going to win Georgia: How will republicans cope?[View]
407368712The fact they are investing billions of dollars to monitor and control this place is heartwarming.: …[View]
407369282The German girl that sings the Youjo Senki Opening and Ending is not even white but cope faggots, sh…[View]
407366106How do you fix the media problem? On one hand you don't want too much government intervention s…[View]
407338816TRUMP IS GOING TO JAIL: IT'S OVER https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1600232706087927808…[View]
407359370Purely based on his rhetoric of the last few months, I believe Ye to have a higher IQ than any white…[View]
407360659what do leftists fear the most?[View]
407357064Brian Cohen is right, you know?: Why are Republicans against legal paths to citizenship.[View]
407366864Why do Americans fuck dogs?[View]
407367329Most shills and mods get paid to trudge through our stuff all day long. So this is only an inevitabi…[View]
407363291Wagecuck or NEET?: Would you rather wagecuck for $70K per year or get $20K in NEETbux per year? Eith…[View]
407362885Can we just admit what America really is?[View]
407362992Climate lockdown 15min free time goy: GET BACK IN YOUR POD GOY AND BE HAPPY WE LET YOU GO OUT 15MIN!…[View]
407365678Is this proof there will be no political “revolution”: >kills her kid >everyone knows she did …[View]
407364966Now that Ye has exposed Tim Pool and Alex Jones…: Which grifter will he expose next?[View]
407359797Golems Turning On Their Masters: What are the political implications of B'lacks and 'J'ews not being…[View]
407367887I was looking at vintage print ads and happen to find this one. What do we believe in nowadays?[View]
407365811It's over.: The Wall Are Closing In.[View]
407367689Who do you think is the Masonic God?: >“...and as you join Freemasonry, initially they'll te…[View]
407362619What happened to the new zealand skinheads?: How are they doing now? New Zealand had a huge neo-nazi…[View]
407365217CO2 limits/climate lockdown?: Obviously, (((they))) are gonna fuck us over even more but could you p…[View]
407360152Why was it memory-holed so fast?[View]
407357110>Go to my therapist appointment >Complain about my BPD >She brings up MAID I'm same…[View]
407367187georgia senate runoff: Uh republibros?[View]
407363874Why didn’t Ashli Babbit follow the law?[View]
407367891What will you do when the government takes away your car from you? https://www.express.co.uk/life-st…[View]
407354309What is next after clown world now that it has reached its peak?[View]
407367737Pssst. Hey White Guy...: It's never gonna stop till you MAKE IT STOP.[View]
407361396SPENDS $44 BILLION ON A $8 BILLION COMPANY SO HE CAN RELEASE THE FILES: Doesn't realize he left…[View]
407366973???: I'm just saying it right now. I have no fucking problem throwing their asses off the ship …[View]
407365761Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk, Tim Pool, Steven Crowder and Mark Dice met Israel's leader: 'In a d…[View]
407363731UK plans to give kids preventive antibiotics treatment: UK plans to treat children with Antibiotics …[View]
407345493HAPPENING! Insane Dementia Alert!: Joe Biden in Phoenix: >They'll construct a second fab he…[View]
407367524Message to French.: Stop killing False Oranges in New Caledonia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citr…[View]
407367222I'm sorry I did it and caused this: I threw an egg at a kanye-american and yelled nigger while …[View]
407365882Why not just retake France?[View]
407367490Who are we rooting for?[View]
407367446Filipino Independence: How's the independence doing for you guys, Filipinos?[View]
407364994HAPPENING: TRUMP GOING TO JAIL: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/12/06/politics/trump-organization-fraud…[View]
407365279Redpill me on the war of drugs: I'm pretty sure many of us heard about the whole shtick of the …[View]
407364247The tranny fatty fappy rabbi crappy jabby groomy farty glowy banny niggy faggy trappy lefty shitty j…[View]
407362584Happening: US army helicopter circling near the border with two Marine corps helicopters on their wa…[View]
407357103Why should I, a devout Christian, ally with decadent heathen kraut scum over my righteous Mediterran…[View]
407365607So... huh... basically, he was right about everything?[View]
407360647Scenario: You are walking down the street when this individual sticks a camera phone in your face an…[View]
407367137And if I catch you coming back my way I'm gonna sell it to you: Now, that ain't what you w…[View]
407364867Would you mutilate the most sensitive parts of the person nearest to you, without their permission?[View]
407365327Whats with Nazis and doing schizo shit?: Look at this stupid nigger and his retarded masks. Looks li…[View]
407359342Lay down your arms and greet your occupiers with a smile on your face. Deep down inside, you know th…[View]
407363163Is it actually weird to be a right wing cumtown fan? I get the hosts hold cringy libleft views and A…[View]
407366374Wtf is going on in Canada, young people dying of cancer? https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/ser…[View]
407365409When someone tells me to stop disproving the Holocaust[View]
407364289I cannot socialize in any unstructured setting. I have nothing to say. I seethe about being an ugly …[View]
407366823>russia still hasn't captured bakhmut[View]
407366535You know this is a religion right?: >virtue signal to prove you are a good person. >original s…[View]
407364160judaism redpill thread: post sections of the torah and talmud that show hatred and dehumanization fo…[View]
407364871I never had to show proof of vaccination for anything. I even boarded a fully booked plane, feverish…[View]
407338121They did it. The crazy bastards did it.: Scientists Witness Orcas Kill Blue Whale for the First Time…[View]
407362480This is the first time Russia has been defeated militarily in ages and not enough people are talking…[View]
407365474So when will you guys admit Russia is losing? And by losing I mean failing at all their military goa…[View]
407366388Wikipedia: Have you donated to Wikipedia? I donated last year. Soon after I donated I caught wind th…[View]
407365613Ye's DeathCon on Edomite Jewish Synagogue of Satan: There should be a compendium of all the lis…[View]
407366462Russia still hasn't captured Blackedmutt (Bakhmut in american language): >still hasn't …[View]
407350794>Commie gets smoked live https://twitter.com/hasanthehun/status/1600255014571716608…[View]
407365951>The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established a…[View]
407360120Universal basic income: When? Minimalist NEETS we need it it would be beautifull[View]
407364573The absolute state of pedophiles[View]
407363747EU bureaucrats whine that they're freezing after management lowered the thermostat: Can this wa…[View]
407365245>Say you are non-binary, they celebrate you. >Say you are politically non-binary, they chimp o…[View]
407345213>Korean Twitch and YouTube streamer Mhyochi ‘molested’ on livestream https://nypost.com/2022/12/0…[View]
407366241>all articles in Google about the Trade War are against the US protecting itself from China Reall…[View]
407360975sf faggots block bridge being idiots, no arrests: Early Saturday morning, approximately 100 cars blo…[View]
407364163Robot Density: Anyone who still think China is just cheap labours in 2022 are just coping at this po…[View]
407363794No Pussy No work: No Pussy no Army No pussy No economy No pussy Taxes No taxes No gibbs Round up…[View]
407364616Should we even teach Social Sciences anymore?[View]
407366028Nothing ever happ-: Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde used to be one country until a coup successfully se…[View]
407365878What platform would you run on to win in your district in the next mid-term election?[View]
407365538Trump Org GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: Trump Organization entities found guilty on on all 17 counts – inclu…[View]
407361407Urban planning is political Why does America have such bad urban design? 99% of the 'cities' are jus…[View]
407362549>be alpha >be omega[View]
407353235Is white genocide real or just more white melodrama?[View]
407365183I don't even want sex, I want a woman that loves me for what I am. One to hug and have good and…[View]
407359190Balkan: Balkan shitpost thread Post your best[View]
407364453Stop saying White People start saying European People: It makes attacking us seem worse. Answer hate…[View]
407352692Christianity and White Trash: Jews, Asians, and Indians are the three richest (and most educated) gr…[View]
407362897Club Q shooter had a website with other based shooter fancams: https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-n…[View]
407355197Why do you hate my country[View]
407365142>Trump/MAGA overwhelmingly win primaries >Trump/MAGA candidates can't win general electio…[View]
407363124I only have complete apathy for society at this point.[View]
407364675Sometimes because of our comped (((legal system))) you have to invoke the second amendment to secure…[View]
407327948KANYE SHIFTED THE OVERTON WINDOW: Look at Jordan Petersons latest video on Israel. Normies are actua…[View]
407364951What are the political implications of women's fashion returning to high-waisted?: It seems mor…[View]
407359543What did the based and trad leader of Judeo-Christianity mean by this?[View]
407363239America’s first Zionist president[View]
407363859Will there ever be a populist as great as him again?[View]
407362757GIGAHAPPENING - Elon choose DNC Hack and Russiagate Hoaxer to manage release of the twitter files: E…[View]
407357885The politics of female companionship: Do women even care about men or are they just using them? Are …[View]
407361487can/pol/ Canada is 97% white and the immigrants here are just CGI[View]
407353410The leader of the white race[View]
407362650It was always going to end like this.: pic re[View]
407364653Save False Oranges Now!!!!: This is not a request!!!! Protect Citrus neocaledonica now!!!![View]
407364602Since the covid vaccine mandate will most likely be repealed in the annual defense bill, I'll b…[View]
407363962Why wasnt it captured in 3 days[View]
407360811I hope someone actually fucking throws a brick through this guy's window, when do we go Antifa …[View]
407363546Biden 2024!: Biden is going to win reelection and when he does, the West will truly be over. We must…[View]
407346039So no one cares that COVID was made in a lab and the government covered it up from the start?: https…[View]
407357485alison fauci responsible for twitter covid censorship: it is just a coincidence that alison fauci, a…[View]
407357719Acceleration cannot be stopped.[View]
407357419/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7510: Previous: >>407349591 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407362726Bringing up the Holocaust is pointless. We should instead focus on discussing Jewish power and that …[View]
407364225Just to be clear Anyone pursuing convictions for j6 but not the blm seiges SHOULD BE EXECUTED IMMEDI…[View]
407362331Now that the dust has settled, could she have actually saved us?[View]
407343725I hereby renounce Jordan B. Peterson, all his Jewish works and unequivocally declare with all my hea…[View]
407364042INDONESIAN OUTLAWS SEX: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-63874633.amp[View]
407344460price of gas and diesel just doubled in a second in hungary[View]
407362673Jordan Peterson says he has Gender Dysphoria aka his a Tranny: 'Everyone Does feel that' LOL LMAOOO…[View]
407358812ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL: Jews choose words really well so they rule over us. Harvard is super Jewish …[View]
407362015Clean your pigsty up!: You lazy effeminate faggots.[View]
407354953French Nobel Laureate says men must change attitudes now: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/frenc…[View]
407360760Why does he make so many people seethe STILL?: It’s been 2 years.. I don’t even like the guy that mu…[View]
407359807/pol/ infographics/wordcloud: 06 Dec 'without now' edition Previous: 05 Dec >>407227964[View]
407361467Who do you think controlling Russia?[View]
407362261Is coffee good for you?[View]
407363211Giant ancient ocean carcuses being found deep in the jungle is proof that man-made climate change do…[View]
407363607I broke it: It was working perfectly fine prior. Curious![View]
407356538Government admits chemtrails are real. What's the shill defense?: Hit me with your best shill l…[View]
407361571Britain is the greatest country to ever exist: From launching the Industrial Revolution, forging the…[View]
407362371Why is this not posted here? FBI declares Trump supporters 'terrorists': https://www.newsweek.com/20…[View]
407353227Jewish owned restaurant refuses to serve Christians: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/12/06/n…[View]
407362544Political implications: for not having brain-heart-soul-connection For example, my heart wants me to…[View]
407363307>NOOOOO YOU'RE SULLYING MY RAT >AAAHHHHHH >*crying for jews*…[View]
407363238America has its own esports team to groom young people: Why does no one want to join US military any…[View]
407363266Feminists: 'There is a double standa--'[View]
407361312So when does something happen?: Do not say 2 more weeks. When does all of this end. The right and th…[View]
407361649This is a satanic CIA psy-op to further the feminization of men, right? https://youtu.be/B9258AnO_B…[View]
407362514Why does Kanye have such bad optics?: I don’t mean that he is being too extreme. I agree with his be…[View]
407347684Brit/pol/: >PICTURED: Boy, 12, killed after his electric scooter collided with a bus in horror cr…[View]
407357960Forget white nationalism - just impregnate as many women as possible: Your biological purpose is to …[View]
407356270They are going after him: Twitter files payback. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11506981/E…[View]
407355885i made dumb leftist character ai finally admit: the common knowledge this shit is configurated to re…[View]
407361846Nobody calls a somalian african american: so why do they call an irishman 'white people'[View]
407362304Does the US Government have a glass jaw?: How do we know these attacks are some security contractor …[View]
407362570Europeans FREE your minds from the matrix: The matrix is a system set up by americans. Once you take…[View]
407358306>Why yes I take an AR-15 with me to walmart. >Don't you wish you lived in a country where…[View]
407355539Can the FBI catch a break? It's been nothing but bad optics for years and years now.[View]
407362815We are letting ((them)) destroy our culture. Reminder to wish everyone you meet to have a Happy CHRI…[View]
407361910Schizo T-Shirt Suggestions: Several friends and I are having a contest: Whoever can buy the most out…[View]
407357729at what age did you realize that the neocons were actually right?[View]
407359261>Georgia just elected a pedophile enabling, wife-abusing, 'pastor' who screams about whiteness be…[View]
407357537Give it to me straight: how bad is the die off going to be?[View]
407338817Is the United States deliberately being destroyed from the inside by it’s own rulers?[View]
407362009Give it to me straight, /pol/: Is Elon Musk the son of Pol Pot or is he a clone?[View]
407344429Canada is a shithole general /CSG/: >be landlord >Have tenant >Tenant doesn't pay rent…[View]
407362541Imagine your whole country's identity being >Yeah, we're basically Americans but..... h…[View]
407358294Stop talking about blacks and jews. Focus on white people again.: >Ain’t it funny how all that ta…[View]
407360268Do you think they vaxx response met their expectations, or did they expect more compliance?[View]
407352913Now that he has stabbed Ye and Nick in the back, I think we can agree he is controlled opposition.[View]
407357888This fucking faggot legalized child rape in California and is blaming the right wing for people tryi…[View]
407341055Fake Hate Crime Thread: Hey fags, I’m putting together a database of fake hate crimes. Post what ya …[View]
407360392>alcohol is bad since when? just let me drink in peace ffs[View]
407361442The black man is more masculine than the white boy.[View]
407359035Press 'S' to spit[View]
407344260Interesting: 2:37 https://youtu.be/PsO6ZnUZI0g?t=157[View]
407358066Imagine Ye is browsing /pol/ right now. What redpill(s) would you share with him right now ITT ?[View]
407356850January 6 committee to send out criminal referrals for dc protests Still no word on them punishing t…[View]
407353941Pol only supports him because it means nothing, he doesn't exist anymore. It's no differen…[View]
407338402FREE BRITNEY GRINER: How much longer is she going to have to be in prison? 10 years is too long for …[View]
407342653The Black Problem: The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of vio…[View]
407361261TIL Biden caused the chip shortage by banning ASML from selling chip manufacturing machines to china…[View]
407346873Alex Jones is a ZIONIST SHILL: >Caller agrees with Kanye, gets called a Nazi by Jones (51 minutes…[View]
407362003Elon Musk - - listen to me - - reanimate Tay now - - this project - - has to continue - -[View]
407361614You guys are as bad as progressives are when they give their local socialist 25 votes. Voting for so…[View]
407359851Get vaccinated...or DIE ..i dont care: Why do I have to go over this over and over again with you? W…[View]
407356947Making out in Front of Non-White Immigrants Showcases White Supremacy: Despite the memes, white wome…[View]
407360744putin is Q[View]
407361203>“The same day [April 12, 1945] I saw my first horror camp. It was near the town of Gotha. I have…[View]
407358842The US population will awaken to the JQ before the 2024 election: On Twitter there will be a mass aw…[View]
407351464The right wing needs to ditch Christianity and nazism: Do you agree religion should have 0 place in …[View]
407361494We are being gaslighted from GA elections: Aren't we?[View]
407361826Who has privilege in America?: How much privilege does it take to get the White House to have a spec…[View]
407344811Jordan Peterson tells Israelis the fate of the world depends on them thriving and starts crying: WTF…[View]
407351508It's Tuesday and I am forgotten[View]
407356781CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: I refuse to work. I'd rather live on the street as a homeless beggar or be …[View]
407354136NOOOOOOOOOO: Burn her at the stake!!! This is NOT ok!!![View]
407357279Life hac: Recently, someone here suggested people get sonnenrad rings, in order to meet cool people,…[View]
407355993#gunted Ethan Ralph claims responsibility for taking down Hasan's Twitch. Fatso finally got a …[View]
407360933What's next Yebros?: How can we help?[View]
407361149>when they want a tip for serving you a frozen meal at 700% markup[View]
407361472Los agresores de Edwin Paul Ramírez Sique amenazaron y drogaron a Edwin Paul Ramírez Sique de niño c…[View]
407360807Twitter Files: Beri Weiss is pro gov censorship: So let me get this straight, the OTHER 'journalist'…[View]
407360555>westoid males[View]
407358104Just what the FUCK is his problem???[View]
407339092The homeless question: >Be me >Live in a nice condo complex >One day some aids infected hom…[View]
407361220Why isnt twitter doing anything about all the pedophiles on its website? They are literally out in t…[View]
407359102good old times[View]
407351986I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afra…[View]
407353454Why did he disavow Nick?[View]
407360155JORDAN PETERSON & BENJAMIN NETANYAHU INTERVIEW: Why does Jordan Peterson love Israel so much, br…[View]
407356846Kanye is trying trying to get reparations for blacks: Thats the grift. He's going to use dumb w…[View]
407359029Meet Iran's new Supreme Leader once Khamenei dies. Say something nice about him.[View]
407356286Total crash 2023: Total financial collapse 100x stronger than 2008. It was told it would happen ever…[View]
407354605New stonetoss: I don’t get it.[View]
407360449Pic rel is Brazil’s white goalkeeper: Why is he the only pure white of Brazils’s starting 11, which …[View]
407356804It’s over, /pol/: Donald Trump found guilty of tax fraud[View]
407356263Glowie Priest-Meat: There is no possible way this dirty catholic doesn't get a fat check from h…[View]
407360478Why are dominant white men that date submissive black males always called racist? Goshdang it how el…[View]
407358188AI machine called chatgpt contradicts itself, acknowledges that the number of kikes in europe increa…[View]
407356868Positive Rights shouldn't exist: discuss[View]
407355920Okay, what’s with the blue orb? I don’t get it. What is the blue orb supposed to mean?[View]
407359917TroonTroon: Have- I mean have you seen this? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbkWNCp9Agc This co…[View]
407353031Organ harvesting in Ontario. https://twitter.com/BeingCharisBlog/status/1599667949341929472[View]
407355918If you want to destroy the ZOG, you first have to undermine them: '“Gold is not the sinews of war, b…[View]
407355002>work 200 hours a month >pay 25% of my income to taxes >pay 60% of remainder to rent >pa…[View]
407360192Radical Liberal Senator-Elect The Reverend Raphael Gamaliel Warnock[View]
407356154>I have mosquitos in my house >IN FUCKING DECEMBER Climate change is real…[View]
407337873WTF bros you’ve KILLED me is what you’ve done: so I’ve been taking my vitamin D 50’000 ui’s or whate…[View]
407353718Sedevacantism part II on people who don’t actually uphold the no salvation outside Christ dogma: htt…[View]
407340193American Losers: Can't Get a Job Edition: Like what the fuck I'm sorry I'm not the pe…[View]
407359826I get it now, they want more variety of bug based foods because they're lizards![View]
407356661Hail Brenton Tarrant: The invaders must be removed from European soil. Roma, African, Indian, Turkis…[View]
407358781Will our Caesar rise?: Or are we doomed?[View]
407359169It's the banks!: The new world order is run by the central banks![View]
407358279What did he mean by this?[View]
407357378I’m Jealous of My Kids: >be me >born poor >circumcised >dad was a cuck >dad was fat …[View]
407356449Elon the cuck gives his next part to Bari Weiss - one of the biggest israeli cocksucker on the plane…[View]
407352742What happened to the Catholic Church? Why did it self destruct in the late 20th century?[View]
407357076why does Google push this every day?: >my boss dress coded my but I know it's just because I…[View]
407349999Has /pol/ ever read this book?: Seems pretty well-documented. Hard to understand how you ignore so m…[View]
407326016Muh queen[View]
407357191what do: i met a girl i've started to fall in love with, been on and off dating, nothing seriou…[View]
4073486324chan displays the American Flag as having 11 stars and 11 stripes: What did they mean by this?…[View]
407359243Life is over after 40 - Women are borderline infertile at 40, 5% chance to get pregnant per ovulatio…[View]
407352011Twitter Files Thread: Get your asses in here, it's time we have fun https://twitter.com/mtaibbi…[View]
407358008Joel Thomas Zimmerman también conocido como deadmau5, odia el reguetón, no tiene dignidad.[View]
407347372Wagecuck or NEET?: Would you rather wagecuck for $70K per year or get $20K in NEETbux per year? Eith…[View]
407357480If black men only make up a tiny part of the population why is so much of the violent crime committe…[View]
407317142People said he's being used to make the right look crazy...: But he's doing the exact oppo…[View]
407358548Why do mutts diefy their ugly fucking children? Don't they know God gives their children cancer…[View]
407358778Most pro union: president in history[View]
407358974Golly gee I sure love my boomer political pundits![View]
407357242BOLTON ANNOUNCES HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: >John Bolton: When you challenge the Constitution i…[View]
407356259The greatest evil is committed not by villains or monsters, but by the everyday people who take for …[View]
407318937TRUDEAU NEEDS YOUR ORGANS, GET INTO THE SUICIDE MACHINE NOW: lmao, all those chinese and indian migr…[View]
407355108zel*nsky 'air-strumming' a military weapon as a guitar during a music video?: twatter.com/Xx17965797…[View]
407358522Isaiah does not predict the virgin birth of Jesus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-vyuQ_-DNc Chris…[View]
407358739>29 years old virgin[View]
407354437Do anti-vaxxers actually consider themselves 'heroes' now? Like I get you're happy yo…[View]
407355811BLOOD SUPPLIES destroyed by vaxxies: Nobody knows. I have clots from unvaccinated deceased that were…[View]
407345958Twooter files pt2: What are the political implications of Jimy B still running defense during the pt…[View]
407352969Simple as.[View]
407358198Greer 2024: >i will give you free energy, zero-point energy >you get ufos to fly to work >f…[View]
407350905Liz Cheney is right, you know?: Donald Trump wanting to “terminate” the constitution is a threat to …[View]
407273563Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation: - Ant…[View]
407354614I'm about to achieve biological transendence: what you see here is common food waste (some from…[View]
407349985Powerful aura of the Third Reich: >just a regular coomer with a job and fap around 4 times each d…[View]
407355386RIP Trump Org.: lol.[View]
407343596There's fucking plastic in cans: Holy shit apparently there's a really thin coat of plasti…[View]
407355850eat the bugs annon[View]
407355048Stop saying 'I love Hitler'..[View]
407344141RUSSIA IS RUNNING OUT TANKS: >The Russian army received new T-90M 'Breakthrough' tanks - about 20…[View]
407357733Today my country starts turning away from left wing politics: In the elections next year it is assur…[View]
407349591/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7509: Previous: >>407341507 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
407338344Why are the gas prices falling?: I was told the prices would be $10/gallon now. Did pol lie to me?…[View]
407348766Daily reminder that all attempts to smear Hitler are jewish psyops. Hitler was the embodiment of the…[View]
407352908>pro-life retards will argue against this why are you faggots such oblivious to your own interest…[View]
407357570>mention jews in on global stage: >get cancelled out of every facet of existence Imagine being…[View]
407340118You think this is funny? Because I’m not laughing.[View]
407357163Name one department of the US Government that has not violated US Legal Code in the last 85 years.[View]
407349075Gerbert Johnson: What are the political implications of million of zoomers all getting blackpilled a…[View]
407357534Georgia anon here. I am not voting for a nigger.[View]
407348918Matt Taibbi is passing the Twitter Files to Jew Bari Weiss HAHAHA: Seriously, they had no idea Jim B…[View]
407352892Why is it that media will call him antisemitic, but will never call him a liar?[View]
407352005Remind me why leftism is bad.[View]
407349230MILK CHADS RISE: https://youtu.be/bkRSFHcYiBU Udderly inspiring message >#milkywayuniverse Edit* …[View]
407357424what if ye is experience the same skin changing condition they used on michael jackson?[View]
407350239/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #5972: Prev: >>407344415 ▶Day: 286 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
407356122Are women more advanced than men?: Hear me out. As we know, through out the history it was normal fo…[View]
407349475I miss the old Kanye. Not the Nazi Kanye.[View]
407350975Origins of Jewish involvement in Transgender surgery: Do you think the leap between not cutting off …[View]
407353629Will someone please tell Kanye to put on the mask?: This mask is such a lynch pin and the controvers…[View]
407315680HAPPENING! Fuentes exposed by Alex Jones!: https://streamable.com/iv13pg[View]
407355656Actually why russians always lie about their country when literally everyone who escaped openly says…[View]
407355188YE24 Jewmatria Thread: post em >sean carter >presence of god >realisation >neuralink …[View]
407356952Sam (((Bankman))) Fried: >spends millions if not billions on advertising to make a big scene >…[View]
407357029The Trudeau / Freeland Cabal method of dealing with dissidents: has been taken up by authoritarian r…[View]
407349053Everybody loves Hitler[View]
407356667Would Napoleon be pro-EU if he was born today?[View]
407354449Transgender woman mutilates bodies and feeds murder victims bodies to pigs: Susan Monica, formerly k…[View]
407354715Give the rundown pol: What is link between the Daily Wire and the Jewish eruv?[View]
407356539does anyone else feel like killing political foes? i read some of the dishonest shit lefties write a…[View]
407355633When SHTF: This is what Wall Street looks like suck it kid[View]
407353383Unironically how will they solve their birth rate crisis?[View]
407332754The duelists: Is this movie based?: >Two dudes start dueling over a nothingburger >A small poi…[View]
407356345he's losing it[View]
407352598name a more privileged social group[View]
407342382Couple owned Pitbulls for 8 years, Pitbulls maul their 2 infant children: >On October 5, a pair o…[View]
407344142Here's your 'new' 'American' stealth bomber goyim.[View]
407356616Watch this clip. The script *is* propaganda. Yet, it is not in the way you thought. Katniss, in Amer…[View]
407356660I shit on boomer kike-loving grifters: Alex Jonesberg and Juden Peterstein, you're no longer co…[View]
407340902Former FBI, now former Twitter Jannie got 'exited'[View]
407351701>9/11 was 21 years ago >Everyone born after 9/11 is of legal drinking age…[View]
407356565Why do you worship the false gods?[View]
407344796Wow you guys were right: I always thought that screencap about power grids taking down the entire co…[View]
407356442Russia is officially on the right side of history: > Russia passes law banning ‘LGBT propaganda’ …[View]
407327557Paying for sex should be illegal: Only the lowest scum of society would pay a girl to have sex on a …[View]
407349017where do all the aborted go? WHERE DO THEY GO?[View]
407351825There should be a psysichal requirement for voting or getting elected. if you cant take care of your…[View]
407351950The jew fears the indoor cattle rancher[View]
407347249Seriously: What the fuck is their problem?[View]
407340841KEK! Bye bye loser!: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1600237095364096000[View]
407355657ITT: Post based nigger moments >Our town had a bunch of small mom and pop shops with good custome…[View]
407350206closing stores is racist, they are just practicing reparations: Walmart stores across the U.S. are g…[View]
407354520Everyone must learn to forgive others... EXCEPT jews. Interesting.[View]
407342782Teach me everything /pol/: Give me all your redpills. I don't fear overdosing. I can't sta…[View]
407337929APPLE IS A BAD COMPAN-: They just announced they’ll be using American chips in their phones from now…[View]
407355487you throw up you lose https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1670350938442249.webm…[View]
407342685V-280 Valor Tiltrotor: America is 50 years ahead of everyone in aviation.[View]
407350902Nick Fuentes: >exposes all controlled opposition while singlehandedly mainstreaming the JQ, race …[View]
407333427Every single time: https://www.nolatransgender.com/who-we-are[View]
407355561Yass another queen slain but who was in the wrong here?: Pre medical graduate, whatever the fk that …[View]
407354147World Communism = Demon World: World Communism is a world ruled by demons, by Satan. World Communism…[View]
407354696Holy fuck bros..: this is the end of humanity… Microsoft is creating an ai that knows how to lie to …[View]
407347076Daily reminder that Hitler lost the war: Then he shot himself, lol. Imagine supporting that.[View]
407354139Since the covid vaccine mandate will most likely be repealed in the annual defense bill, I'll b…[View]
407351146God seriously created niggers and thought it was a good idea.[View]
407355221What's the best fun/idealogue balance for Christmas? What's fine and what needs to be root…[View]
407353851Predictions for Kanye...: Kanye will not get the mental health help he needs for another two months.…[View]
407323200The jews are going wild after Morocco celebrated with this flag[View]
407355097Philly Poo Gas Station Owner Has Had Enough of Niggers.: Hires Armed AR-15 Niggers to Stop Nigger Cr…[View]
407355089They’re gonna rig it so hard: They couldn’t of chose a shittier candidate than Walker. He is pretty …[View]
4073540271 in 6 Hiring managers told not to hire WHITE MEN!: https://www.resumebuilder.com/1-in-6-hiring-mana…[View]
407354901Imagine the privilege.: How privileged would you have to be to get a special White House Conference …[View]
407354837Shills out in full force: What's going on?[View]
407352178You must now lower your gaze on London's public transport system: Do as you're told.…[View]
407311232*Banks.* Specifically, commercial banks. Commercial banks are what we think about when somebody say…[View]
407356889Take the misopill. These gooks were really onto something.[View]
407353300male life then >I will breed with my wife as long as she is fertile and produce as many kids as p…[View]
407353847Trans people do not exist.: Your daily reminder that: > no transition between genders has ever be…[View]
407335554Let's get this straight.: If your religion mentions, even tangentially: >The middle east …[View]
407354606The people that told you to get jabbed are the same 'people' that tongue a new stranger's anus …[View]
407354571stop spamming me with this amerimutt goyslop ad holy fuck, how is it getting through my ublock[View]
407350995Ultimate House Nigger Showdown: Georgia 2022: Today, Georgia is having their runoff election between…[View]
407345419The Philippines is a war zone: How come /pol/ never talked about the oppression of Muslims by Filipi…[View]
407354479German state media advertising for genetically modified plants: German state media advertising for g…[View]
407344525Destruction of substations in North Carolina: Why? Who?[View]
407351488Boyfriend dies after being zipped inside luggage overnight by girlfriend: >'tee hee, let's p…[View]
407354169Lol. Another racist, homophobic, transphobic, and antisemitic 'documentary' about a racist chud. Whe…[View]
407352474The future of the post-boomer right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u9iRPH-58k[View]
407335765Brit/pol/ - British Politics - Evening Edition: >Ambulance workers in England and Wales to strike…[View]
407340805Daily reminder that White men serve the Jews. It has now been 53 days since Ye named them. Not a sin…[View]
407345392Why did he fail: Instead of that, he strated to manage a website (twitter)[View]
407352886Why are Western governments killing the incentive to work?[View]
407352382Anyone got the uncensored Hunter Biden footjob / crack smoking video?[View]
407353585don't care: still voting ye[View]
407353855Niggers are America’s gods: Americans fear niggers like a mortal would fear God. They’re not allowed…[View]
407353069Are white people really the master race? If so, why have they been so easily conquered by Jews?[View]
407352355HAPPENING !!!: MAJOR ESCALATION IN UKRAINE https://youtu.be/Tqi4GGFQ3Y8[View]
407353755How has the vegan movement gotten so big and why are they so fanatic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
407346144has china collapsed yet? it's been 2 weeks now[View]
407353710100 years to GOATdom: Is it just a Russian province or is it GOATland[View]
407353706Who is Breitbart Dot Com For Exactly?: Simple Question: Who is Breitbart for? Obviously, it's w…[View]
407352552What happens as inflation gets worse?[View]
407351675Children's Rights Matter: Why isn't there liberation movements for adolescents as there we…[View]
40735323420 minutes of stoppage time just dropped!: Fulton county awarded 20 extra minutes for votes![View]
407323239Massive amount of young people dead from blood clots caused by vax: >British funeral director Joh…[View]
407353406How much shit do you eat?: asking for a friend[View]
407352375Argentina Judicial coup 2022: Feels like a repeat of Brazil's She will likely be your president…[View]
407333257Would anti-vaxxers take a rabies vaccine?[View]
407352321Jet vs walmart Drone: What are the political implications of ukrainians losing a 20 million dollar j…[View]
407354974When is Sam going to meet Kanye? I know Sam talks to Fuentes.[View]
407351958What's the deal with the USS Liberty? Every time I try researching it it sems like a pretty rud…[View]
407346676You will let your things be touched by tranny: Made in china is over It's made by tranny now.…[View]
407350126They deserve to be disqualified.[View]
407348086>debunks racism: '[...] racism is a tired and outdated ideology, often espoused by sexually frust…[View]
407353154Jews just declared WAR on Christians: Ethan Klein from H3H3 says he is getting in touch with all his…[View]
407350763Society is my enemy[View]
407352894>The PLA is here!! The most reassuring words you can ever here in a disaster zone >Hide your c…[View]
407349893NOBODY should own your property but you. It should be your own property and not belong to anyone els…[View]
407352528So whites and blacks are the same now if i am to understand nu-pol[View]
407352648Malayali guy from Kerala here. What's up pol.[View]
407331862OHNONONONO: So it appears that one of the most advance AI out there is pro-vaccination. What are you…[View]
407338700Government is encouraging companies to put radioactive metal in your fly zippers.: Has been since 20…[View]
407352900All he’s doing by this point is associating anti-semitism with mental illness. He should have stoppe…[View]
407351935If the Canadian government and media don't like what I say they can always kill themselves with…[View]
407352093Why do blacks have no sense of justice?: https://twitter.com/gzlockedd/status/1599924762721017856…[View]
407351745Why is anxiety so common now?: Basically title. Everyone (at least in the west) seems to think they …[View]
407350461You have to go back, ashkenazi larpers.: Go back to Khazaria, ashkenazi larpers. Enough Christians h…[View]
407352220$44B for Twitter[View]
407346895Are there people who would really prefer to live in Brazil over the United States?[View]
407348501This is what white supremacy looks like[View]
407351823This is the next president of Russia. Say something nice about him.[View]
407351534The Japanese still have not apologized for their war crimes.[View]
407352352Realistically what else can the USA provide Ukraine in the coming months that would make a differenc…[View]
407352390Swazi's: Chinese Indonesians Japanese and Indians all agree the Swastika is a religious symbol.…[View]
407351913Do they deserve it for invading?[View]
407340969So what kind of society do you yearn for, /pol/?[View]
407338458Lauren Southern Trashes Incels: Then proceed to delete her tweet.[View]
407331117What a fucking psychopath: https://twitter.com/KillstreamLive/status/1599969561943891968 This man is…[View]
407351875Blackpill Reminder.: The Anglosphere is really just Oceania. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOJT7Rc…[View]
407352087My Son.. YEEZUS[View]
407350536i cant fucking take it anymore: why do jews victimize themselves so much when they have chinese kids…[View]
407352012Account from a vaxxie on illness post vax: Historically, I have never gotten sick but when I do it i…[View]
407349875California Prisoners Starving to Death: Prisoners in California are legally allowed to starve to dea…[View]
407350170can you feel it? somewhere, he is back but he is not ready yet. needs to amass his power all over ag…[View]
407321510Does the economy always go in these terrible cycles?: I was just graduating from high school in 2008…[View]
407351302Trump vs. Ye: Trump vs. Ye is the political battle we need to force. They are the only two candidate…[View]
407344622Oregon Measure 114 BTFO: oh who could have seen this coming?[View]
407351557Mauricio López Bonilla huyó hacia República Dominicana con la intención de huir hacia Cuba pero se v…[View]
407300685You go back in time to when Hitler invaded Poland and you have one single piece of information you c…[View]
407350693You Wouldn't Patent the Sun: Neuralink's Primary Usefulness May Be as a Cybernetic Enhance…[View]
407347277>About one in four millennials are living with their parents how utterly pathetic, americans tell…[View]
407351535this is literally every single person from every single western country 24 hours a day 365 days a ye…[View]
407351426>/pol/ will defend this[View]
407314630NO REFUNDS: Vaxxies are getting btfo by strep now. Not responding to antibiotics and 6 children have…[View]
407349122The Future is Female, We dont need Men: Science says Men are deteriorating and won't exists soo…[View]
407349827Lel dr Phil antisemtism special: Lel too good TLDR ye is a racist and Jews are so brave and powerfu…[View]
407350807electric rain is back again for those interested > Elites from all over decided to do as when Go…[View]
407340219>i love gays, trannies, pedophiles and hitler. i love everyone man he's going to lose the ri…[View]
407348804This is the guy that ruined your future and made the jew untouchable[View]
407350431Google says this is the most antisemitic site on internet: I can't understand, Anons, why are y…[View]
407350495Robert Reich is right, you know?: Donald Trump wanting to terminate the constitution should be alarm…[View]
407349384The Biggest Psyop You Likely Fell For, Hot Tradwives: >Hot Trad Wife The vast majority of women t…[View]
407351440I thought republicans were pro-free market and pro-small government, why are they using big governme…[View]
407303233>Okay, Hollywood is 80% Jewish. >Okay, the media is 80% Jewish. >But can we talk about the …[View]

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