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153380150Is the fact that we have such a high value of certain metals like silver and gold just a testament o…[View]
153376113What is good about repealing NetNeutrality?: Just one good thing[View]
153376512Could Lurtz have been saved if he were to attend deradicalization sessions?[View]
153379140>based >based black man! >based jews! Reminder that if you use this word to express anythin…[View]
153376751BARRON TRUMP NOT INCLUDED IN 'FAMILY' PHOTO: Why doesn't Donald Trump love his son?[View]
153373821What's going to stop Democrats from accusing their opponents of being pedophiles in the next el…[View]
153380301alien photo: look, i don't care if you believe what you seeing but i took that picture, yesterd…[View]
153377128How does it feel knowing every single European achievement somehow came from some African dude? …[View]
153380179>tfw amerimutts have to pay The Verizon® Exclusive Internet Package™ to be able to post on 4chan …[View]
153380082BLACKS CAN'T BE INTELLI- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3AkMUbujMk[View]
153365386Economy: How is the economy doing in your country, /pol/? Here in America, the stock market is on a…[View]
153376146muh nazis dindu: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_crimes_of_the_Wehrmacht Author Ursula Schele, est…[View]
153378193You merely adopted the diversity. I was born into it.[View]
153379993WHY: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/546554104762516101/ WHY IS THIS FUCKING TUMBLR SHIT ON MY COMFY…[View]
153379801>but weed cures canc-[View]
153378494Breed the Nigger Out: What If selective race-mixing is the answer to our problems? We forbid race-m…[View]
153369771At what stage did you realize that /pol/ is gradually becoming ideologically aligned with conservati…[View]
153377829Gay is okay: Reminder: homiesexuality is just a species natural reaction to overpopulation! Gay dude…[View]
153378799Well /pol/: What are you going to do about this. The west needs you![View]
153377925Lawyers and reporters offering women money for accusing candidates? Pff that' just a conspi..: …[View]
153374363There are 200k Lithuanians in Brazil, second largest diaspora to the American diaspora. What the fuc…[View]
153379738https://wikileaks.org/google-is-not-what-it-seems/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEHPKxbL4t8 >…[View]
153379137BUTTER KEKS: My friend got a big tin of cookies for Christmas from a relative and I just found this …[View]
153378388WHITE PEOPLE DUM: How is it that we live in a world in 2017 where in the richest and whitest parts o…[View]
153379702http://observer.com/2017/12/trump-putin-attack-american-intelligence-fbi/ 'What’s interesting is tha…[View]
153357687Kraut and Tea Eternally rekt: Where were you when Kraut and Tea got BTFO by leaked racist recordings…[View]
153379544Offensive!!: I suddenly want to hear some political jokes about different countries made up with int…[View]
153369741>muh magic unregulated infallible monopoly money https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Long-Islan…[View]
153377169I've noticed something, /pol/: We all know what happened on Tuesday night this week, and I coul…[View]
153378094Illegal immigration in border surges back to Obama levels: Thanks Trump! Are we tired of all this wi…[View]
153372020Bulgarians: Cashed out my crypto and I'm going to retire in Bulgaria. I know basic spoken Bulga…[View]
153373001Why is it so hard to find a white conservative non-degenerate girlfriend in today's society?[View]
153363723Nazis: Wish all you fuckers had a scar on your forhead. Might not be treated so well by your America…[View]
153376417Who do we blame for this shit?[View]
153378746Another pro-white website down.: http://whitegenocideproject.com/ is down. Press F to pay respects…[View]
153378385I accidentally cut my finger off last week. Yesterday I got the bill. $562,000 to reattach my finger…[View]
153378856Has NN been repealed? What changed? Where did all NN shills go? They literally vanished overnight.[View]
153372963How many of you are actually preparing for when shtf?[View]
153376661New Mexico school-shooter was a pol-tard: https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-mexico-school-shooter-ha…[View]
153378330Ajit pai = Pajit ai (Pajeet A.I): I solved the riddle.[View]
153377288Knife wielding attacker shot at Schiphol Airport, the netherlands: https://nos.nl/artikel/2207765-ma…[View]
153375982I see a lot of people say he is secretly /ourguy/, but wouldn't that mean Comey is /ourguy/ too…[View]
153375207Why do you praise a jewish prophet: When you could worship the true nationalistic European messiah, …[View]
153378213Is McCain a 4D Chess Grandmaster?: He can do whatever he wants because normies feel sympathy for him…[View]
153377461#DeportAjitPai: Send him back to his Windows Tech Support job in Sand Land with the rest of the Tusk…[View]
153374207Prayer list thread: Let's make a collective prayer list for /pol/ Christians, add a name and we…[View]
153378488shills: what's with all the anti-net neutrality shills sucking jew cock lately?[View]
153378164Daily Reminder !: https://static.afbeeldinguploaden.nl/1712/347512/M3iOsLGe.jpg[View]
153378298/balk/ Eternal Derby Edition: > Three of the six Croat detainees, who participated in a mass hool…[View]
153368050Stupid shit liberals say: >tick tock Mueller is gonna get you soon Cheeto…[View]
153378243X+Y=H8: Post 2 scientific facts which became extremely offensive, un-PC and red-pilling when combine…[View]
153375548Tick Tock: Are they setting us up for his exit from the senate, or the exit from his life?[View]
153377602Kim > Dotard[View]
153378100It's time you knew the truth: You're old enough now, anon. David Irving -The faking of Ado…[View]
153377988The American people have showed they are weak, the NWO finally has its followers of mindless zombies…[View]
153373325>Be native squaw >Constantly drinking alchool >about to die because liver is failing >ke…[View]
153373657My steam avatar got banned because the flag of France is racist. What should i do?[View]
153377837Crypto Diversity: It has already started in the cryptosphere. Why can't these whiteknight faggo…[View]
153377724I'm happy net neutrality was repealed. 4chan was going to get shut down if it wasn't.[View]
153377425Is Kushner being taken in?: Rumors last night that his was happening today. Then your tick tick whic…[View]
153377582Bull-Queers, Mongrel-Theists, & Jews...: Sandy Hook Hoax-O-Rama Edition... Anniversary...! https…[View]
153359016>french people are pussies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfUmW_Mf5qc think again, soyboys…[View]
153375989'Abortion is literally just like Hitler!': How come no one has flipped the script on pro-choice left…[View]
153376840Why so silent on Kushner?: Why is no one talking about Kushner possibly being taken in?? As in today…[View]
153376938https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM9b5C26hvs Our guy[View]
153375778>tfw Jack Bauer will never protect you from a terrorist attack[View]
153363444>/pol/ when white women racemix FUCKING WHORE, WHITE WOMEN REEEE >/pol/ when white men racemix…[View]
153377068Almost as pathetic as faggy liberals honestly. People see an OP they disagree with and immediately s…[View]
153374860LOOOL..r/The_Donald is going off ((the rails)): https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/7jz9ds/…[View]
153374937FEMALE DEMOCRAT ACCUSED OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT: M-m-m-m-me too? Right guys? Cliffs > Be 46 year ol…[View]
153366570The Cuckservatards Bend Over For Corporate Dick: Good job, cucks There will be no 'Free market…[View]
153376959Who /576/ here? I'm more 1476, but I'm fine with 576.[View]
153367640I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
153376736FUTURE!!!: Pic-related is a prediction made by a Christian prophet named Rensburg who was alive 100 …[View]
153363499NIETZSCHE: Why was Nietzsche so ardently opposed to the use of alcohol yet at the same time was a ch…[View]
153376883GQ: Next GQ Cover[View]
153373650Pope Francis to NATO-Jens: - Be prepared for war: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was surpri…[View]
153366539Paul Nehlan proposes a 'shall not censor' rule for large social media platforms: What do you think? …[View]
153376688I'm getting a fuckload of spam callers since Trump got elected. Used to only get a few before D…[View]
153376589Best way to eat onions?: Onions will make you more chad https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2F…[View]
153374927>you worship and fall in love with literal whores >you turn pretty sluts into instagram millio…[View]
153374780Well, /pol/?[View]
153375225How fucked is Canada /pol/? http://archive.is/ljXBq[View]
153374142More social retardation than ever!: Do modern schools condition people to become socially awkward? D…[View]
153374476You fools! This is the essence of chaos. The right expected to take control, that the world would be…[View]
153376330Are you prepared for the second coming of Kek?[View]
153376301What does net neutrality have to do with censorship? Do people even know what that word means?[View]
153364344>americans mutilate their children so that they won't masturbate or enjoy sex Literally Midd…[View]
153375361>be jewish >advocate for accepting muslim migrants who literally hate you and at least partial…[View]
153376075R.I.P AUSTRIA: You're Saint Nicked! Man is ordered by police to remove fake Father Christmas be…[View]
153361015ISS is fake Moonlanding is fake[View]
153373856TICK TOCK[View]
153375975I wasn't wrong, I just happened to use the wrong words.[View]
153365354Multi culturalism: Guys, could you give me an example of multiculturalism ever working in History?…[View]
153369662Oh Noes...: ...goodbye Omarosa![View]
153375952Political chart from left and right wing perspective, see the difference?[View]
153375783Liberal University is Ruining my School: Dear /pol/, Ohio University's College of Business I ch…[View]
153375875What percentages of turks are actually white? Ive only met 2 in my life, one of which was blonde and…[View]
153375793Pepe the Frog creator gets meme removed from the Steam marketplace: https://www.pcgamesn.com/steam-p…[View]
153365678How can the rest of the world even compete?[View]
153368849Prostitution: If prostitution was legal, how much of a cluster fuck would that be? Assume that a res…[View]
153375815Democracy BTFO: Damn Duolingo is fuckin' woke[View]
153352959What happened to you /pol/?? The /pol/ I know would never defend this absolute shill faggot Indian J…[View]
153342782HAHAHAHA GET ON THIS HASHTAG!!: Holy hell... twatter is starting to go off and this is a major oppor…[View]
153371957>he believes in 'net neutrality't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_nBhfpmk4 for brainlets: htt…[View]
153368725No shit, really? Free ride status: ended. Champage socialist snowflakes $11 a month BTFO.[View]
153375402Native Cryptokike has media come out swinging: >be native/kike >be activist because kike >b…[View]
153371845when did you realise eating meat is degeneracy /pol/? https://youtu.be/zF_MlhXAjiE[View]
153373069>PICTURED: Drugs 'Queenpin' behind multi-million dollar weed 'fortress' is bu…[View]
153370322give it to me straight /pol/ did we got jewed?[View]
153372275(((net neutrality)))?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14626066[View]
153373736MemeX Launch Happening: Come watch SpaceX blow up another NASA rocket, /pol/. >https://www.youtub…[View]
153336635What was /pol/ like during the net neutrality Moot era? Curious, I’ve only been here cause of Trump …[View]
153375165Who is this fore chan?[View]
153373795Lmao https://nypost.com/2017/12/15/miss-iraq-forced-to-flee-country-over-selfie-with-miss-israel/…[View]
153375113Kraut and Tea is Jewish and hates the French for not fighting the Germans: Video mirror: https://www…[View]
153335325'Youths' run riot in Melbourne, but what does the ABC report?: 200 nigs run riot bashing, robbing an…[View]
153375077Ajit Pai - corporate shill Two Democratic lawmakers today called for an investigation into whether F…[View]
153361205If 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz where are they burried?[View]
153367577Why are Amerimutt corporations and the Amerimutt government so hellbent on screwing Amerimutts over …[View]
153369461What's next for the Alt-Right™?[View]
153371767>jews forgive, but they do not forget.[View]
153354081Cunts... Not even once.: 'M-m-marry me anon! I would't lie to you, would I? I-I never fucked ch…[View]
153372913He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake He knows you’ve committed high treason …[View]
153374791https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Prepuce >worshiping the foreskine of a jewish hobo >based…[View]
153361165CHILEAN ELECTION THREAD: The elections are on sunday, the Two candidates are Aljandro Guillier for t…[View]
153372938/hymen/: now that we realized the problem of (((tradThots)))), why doesnt anyone here talk about the…[View]
153371735Google, Twitter, and Facebook are violating Constitutional law with their censorship: https://archiv…[View]
153369217Rhodesian appreciation thread: >Cause we're all Rhodesians and we'll fight through thic…[View]
153372254What do black people actually think about old cartoons? I have never actually met a black person tha…[View]
153374673Daily reminder that you will die not experiencing sex as nature has perfectioned it over millions of…[View]
153372434If whites are so smart why do they need libertarians to argue for them?[View]
153373462I like the flag of Somalia How do I become a leader or dictator there? First step would be citizensh…[View]
153374432When will mudslimes stard public beheadings in Europe? Ofc they will be live transmitted on youtube …[View]
153364322Kraut here: Okay alt-right let us finally end this race-realism debacle. As it is known JF 'debunked…[View]
153345963It's over. It's finished. You killed it. Your 'Red wave' is fucking finished. At least in …[View]
153374251https://gizmodo.com/users-looking-for-child-pornography-are-gathering-on-pe-1821290878/amp https://d…[View]
153369910Any anons in black areas?: >Be me, in hell AKA town with less than 40% whites >Nigs in almost …[View]
153369371TELL ME PLEASE FUCK: what was that site where you have to name all the worlds countrys as fast as yo…[View]
153366054Is it okay for men to have tastes and preferences, or should they have to date any woman in the name…[View]
153335164Why do liberals hate fracking?[View]
153368601Based Possible Our Pornstar: Russian american Elena Koshka[View]
153373849NN - Is a way for the government to keep it's black boxes in place: So ISPs have been forced to…[View]
153370887Interracial relationships are the future: I mean why would advertisers lie to us?[View]
153373807I have made a relevation. Everyone Trump-Tards Ron Paul fans and Hilldykers come in.: I'll make…[View]
153373394You are on the internet like forever. How to become a internet hero?[View]
153373764>mfw social media during times of political shitstorms and no one knows what they're talking…[View]
153357359Reminder that christians worship THIS.[View]
153372951Japan vs China: >exchange usd for btc >wait >exchange btc for domestic currency with btc…[View]
153337246GERMANY YES!!!: >The city of Cologne has announced they will be handing out “respect” wristbands …[View]
153370492/SIG/ Self Improvement General: What have you done to improve yourself today /pol/? Did my meditati…[View]
153373553It’s okay to be white rush!: FLOOD IT BOYS SEND IT TO MAGA FAGS AND E CELEB WHORES IDGAF SPREAD THE …[View]
153371054/pol/: >Net neutrality? Oh, it's just another goverment regulation! Fuck the goverment! Also…[View]
153373477jew picked up an penny and got aids[View]
153373467Labor leader Mickey Kasparian accused in lawsuit of sexual assault, seeking foursome: Mickey Kaspari…[View]
153372373Send sjw gf link to conrontwhitewomanhood Twitter. She says lol that's always been a thing and …[View]
153372823anyone else here anti-semitic but not natsoc?[View]
153373371this dude is fucked[View]
153373286Hello fellow kids! I think that Obama's Net Neutrality is just rad! If it goes away, the intern…[View]
153359030I love seeing reddit pissed off at nn[View]
153371232STOP USING FACTS![View]
153373035>jews never have a black man kiss another black woman: How do we turn the black women on hollywoo…[View]
153366519Why do potnigs get so angry whenever anyone says anything negative about weed?[View]
153371493Daily Lord's Praise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXiIzLwBbEI Did you know, that during the …[View]
153367220Is Donald Trump Jr RETARDED?: Hint- His daddy appointed the FCC head.[View]
153363636Stop the Amerimutt meme before the Amerimutt meme stops you: The Amerimutt meme was a Jewish pysop. …[View]
153361503How does this make you feel amerimutts ? >3 highly trained US green berets killed by 1 ordinary j…[View]
153369176It's time you knew the truth: You're old enough now, anon. David Irving -The faking of Ado…[View]
153371932This is deep[View]
153372435#mankini: if you dont cover your nipples you are a bigot with double standards. do you think the soy…[View]
153361144What is the end point of leftism? Genuine question.[View]
153370705Which countries in Europe are likely to be Islamatized in a few decades?[View]
153371320My girlfriend is white. How do I confront her womanhood?[View]
153370207Giving a Communist friend a ride: So, this afternoon I'm giving a friend of mine a ride home fr…[View]
153373513white 'women'[View]
153345717The Brainlet's Guid to MGTOW: After reading an earlier MGTOW thread, it's come to my under…[View]
153369851The fact pattern is not looking good.[View]
153363204Memeball thread: Post them here lads[View]
153370839Yes... YES! I Found it guys the jews endgame[View]
153372553An idea when engaging with Reddit: don’t try to appeal to them, offend them to the point where you g…[View]
153363202German domination of the EU means it has conquered without war, and signing up to the EU is signing …[View]
153365919ONE DOLLAR!?[View]
153367078>Anti Israel >Anti EU >Anti America >Wants to renationalise rail network >Thinks immi…[View]
153372267America is not fucking Rhodesia Rhodesia: Had to fight natives(didn't have to rely on weak nati…[View]
153371733Redpill Flag: The Japanese flag represents a red pill, and the country reflects it. >Population 1…[View]
153366649This subhuman comes to you and says he descents from Hellenes. What do?[View]
153372196Help me figure out my father: >Please help me figure out my father. I will describe all the thing…[View]
153366668ANTIFASCISM WILL WIN, YOU LOSERS!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPare1-fHXM Yeah POL, you think…[View]
153372190Attention!: Sons of Big Boss, ACTIVATE![View]
153369530So let me see if I've got this whole net neutrality thing correct: The end of net neutrality me…[View]
153370043BRITBONG: Almost half of under-25s 'never use a condom: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/4…[View]
153319781Monarchy? Yes or no[View]
153372009See not a word about it[View]
153361589Canada is right, all countries should boycott Trumpf weapons: Not only are US weapons way overpriced…[View]
153371949/DIXIE/ thread /comfy/ saturday edition: /DIXIE/ thread. All states REEEEEEEEEport in! Whatcha /doin…[View]
153371506The state of American colleges. JUST[View]
153371557Once again leftists have managed to ruin something wholesome and beautiful by association. https://w…[View]
153365546Why Are Pagans So Chad?: Why are Pagans so chad? https://youtu.be/n1X5MOxE-gg https://hooktube.com/n…[View]
153371872Why does America hate homogeneous European countries? The only non-conspiracy explanation I can thin…[View]
153370281I want honest opinions on turkey: I need to expand my knowledge about this nation. Feel free to post…[View]
153357075Operation Sanger: Phase 2: Pretend to be feminist and offer to buy influential feminist social media…[View]
153367011ITT: we create a viable economic system to replace capitalism Key word viable, so commies plz go. No…[View]
153369636Does might makes right?[View]
153371594GEORGE SOROS pushing into TX: In 2018 Ted Cruz, the most conservative man in the US Senate, is up fo…[View]
153371592Lotr was a metaphorical vision of our actual geopolitical situation[View]
153366954Well is it true? Did you white supremisists invest?[View]
153371017The left can’t me—-[View]
153370919You Hate This Show Because You Hate Yourself: It makes so much sense biologically Anyone who hates t…[View]
153371342Balt/pol/+Finland: Estonia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MQhKOX69p4 Latvia https://www.youtube.c…[View]
153364927Blood and Soil: You live on stolen Indian and Mexican land. Follow the precept of blood and soil and…[View]
153370419Can someone explain this https://www.nsa.gov/news-features/declassified-documents/uss-pueblo/assets/…[View]
153364354Just admit we done goofed: We elected a fucking oligarchic who is a massive cooperate shill. Now he …[View]
153371197Atheist hate thread: Subhuman atheists/pagans should all be killed for the rampant homosexuality and…[View]
153369103J U S T U S T[View]
153371104>(6) Some of the biggest barriers to progress are white women This white woman is right, you know…[View]
153369678what's going on burgerbros? chinks, spics, arabs, white traitors and corporate shills said the …[View]
153371061/balk/ - Faith in Purity, Purity of Blood: Indigenous elements unite! How is Friday prep going?…[View]
153369282At the end of the day, was it really that grand?[View]
153366860Austrofags report in!: Kickl is Innenminister, shooting squads on Schwedenplatz when? https://dersta…[View]
153363427https://www.theapricity.com/earlson/history/emperors.htm >Of the 18 Emperors from Augustus to Com…[View]
153370234The effects of a 4chan shut down.: >4chan is shut down >Inhabitants spread to everywhere else …[View]
153368875Thank you Net Neutrality!: Since the net neutrality this board became a thousand times better. - bo…[View]
153369580The prince of Sweden is now a Syrian refugee[View]
153352869#ConfrontWhiteWomanhood: You better deal with this white people or we will![View]
153370856smell ´s like onions here[View]
153370828Let's settle this once and for all: Are americans considered white?[View]
153370167Admit it: you got duped by Trump, just like he duped people with his phony school. He's doing a…[View]
153357922How fucked are: You /pol/? >now my employer knows about my ballooning fetish…[View]
153345898What is the most extreme political stance that you have?: I don't think firearm possession shou…[View]
153366210Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: what's the latest opinions on what really happened: Im really not buyi…[View]
153363624How do I stay in france legally and indefinitely if I don't want to work or interact with anyon…[View]
153364677vote for me.[View]
153331398Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
153369856buhuhuhuh: it's so sad[View]
153368012Is it?[View]
153370274is a 25% croat and 75% swede considered a mutt?[View]
153366815Libertarian uprising when?[View]
153369051>this is a white supremacist in the US HAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.thedailybeast.com/new-mexico-scho…[View]
153370221Buddhism: Saw a thread the other day about and was highly intrigued How can we incorporate buddhism …[View]
153370204how does it feel to be BTFO by a literal Pajeet? how will it feel when Pajeet gets his reward and re…[View]
153351681WHAT THE FUCK Apparently you can be charged with murder if someone dies of a heart attack because th…[View]
153370125Wow, I'm So Surprised He Was A Trumpfag!: >“I used to think that this was a phase and we’d g…[View]
153369761Suggestions for any good redpilled documentaries?: I watched 'The Greatest Story Never Told' and was…[View]
153369831What is the final solution to the Brazillian queation? I vote we load them onto barges and then dump…[View]
153370111Debate: Liberal vs Conservative/libertarian: ~Trigger Debate~ Pic related but doens't really ma…[View]
153366127Is there a more cucked country than America right now?[View]
153343390Wherever you are, and however dark things get, I will still come for you: I'm the Italian-Canad…[View]
153362756What happened?[View]
153363189Atheist hate general[View]
153370026Online Piracy: Is he on the right side of history?[View]
153368090Brainwashed pepole: Tell me all the religions that you could say they 'brainwash' pepole[View]
153369873When our BLACK Jihad started in /int/ each battle was harder it was harder than the other but we fin…[View]
153368723blue: what happens here, /bol?[View]
153363931What does /pol/ think about William f Buckley: What do you think[View]
153365053Hanukkah: Happy Hanukkah guys No nazis please[View]
153368288>I'll vote PPK because Keiko is corrup-: LMAO, get fucked pptard https://perureports.com/201…[View]
153331482I'm currently trolling on tumblr, post your top tier bait.[View]
153364723women deserve res-...[View]
153366847Yes, Netherlands: You may remember the attack on a Jewish store by a man of Palestinian heritage. Th…[View]
153369665Post Unique Charts & Stats: not meme cliche ones pls[View]
153368340>be American >get fat[View]
153363387WHAT’S THEIR END GAME?[View]
153368473They wuz kangz who dindu nuffin[View]
153369098Hmmm I've seen this flag somewhere else I just can't quite put my finger on it....anyway h…[View]
153357818/FWG/ Fashwave General: Post what you've got, fellas.[View]
153361804Daily enrichment of Melbourne, Australia!: Baseball bat used in wild Collingwood brawl Key points: 1…[View]
153369073I don't know how to use 4chan: Nos cagamos todo de riso >>www.voxed.net…[View]
153369040Who is John Galt?: Thoughts?[View]
153368258LENIN LOST THE POPULAR VOTE 100 YEARS AGO: 'Only rural and suburban retards voted Radical Socialists…[View]
153354265They said it would never work...[View]
153368945can someone make a KILROY graphic using the happy merchant?[View]
153368939but why?: Syrians aren't black, or from africa. why has no one pointed this out? I know, its …[View]
153368480SJWZilla does it again, how long before you drop those shameless domestic terrorits supporters?[View]
153341300ankle bracelets: just a reminder hillary is still wearing her surgical boot to protect her 'broken t…[View]
153363627See this what do?[View]
153365257How to destroy the white race? Simple, convince them that the best hope they have to fight against t…[View]
153358605Was he the: Last great american hero?[View]
153361554Drugs: ITT: First time we did acid. >Be me 26 >Living in the UK >Just moved there, wanted a…[View]
153368486I think we should steal Antifa masks as trophies.: I have an idea. Instead of fighting antifa at ral…[View]
153355732And we used to joke if Trump farted it would make news..... https://twitter.com/olivia_beavers/statu…[View]
153367797printing money is fucking retarded: >but printing money is important so people can still make inv…[View]
153367864>mfw people stop using facebook, instagram, snapchat, youtube, tumblr, reddit, and twitter thanks…[View]
153368284This jew exposing thread is about to hit the frontpage on r/The_Donald: Join in the fun you mad bast…[View]
153368009Why does /pol/ hate multiculturalism?? It's fucking great!! This post had over 12k likes on it …[View]
153367155nsa.gov/4chan: Why does the NSA have a /4chan/ URI on their website? Google has indexed it. google: …[View]
153368408New star wars is a brilliant political commentary: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to un…[View]
153368387#ConfrontingWhiteWomanhood: #ConfrontingWhiteWomanhood Are you confronting whitewomanhood pol? fceb…[View]
153353428Coiners are bad goys and will be fucked ...anally: Prepare to lose ALL your money coiners, the Bitco…[View]
153367140You think the jews arent going to punish your shitty alt right websites by kicking your asses with n…[View]
153367285> Leslie!? what the HELL are you doing with that spiderman toy?! Where is your Elsa?! > It…[View]
153359827Daily reminder that American posters on this board have ZERO reasons to complain about house prices.…[View]
153364571Pls enjoy this political cartoon I made[View]
153366171Look at this cunts shtoyle: Because I don't believe Jews were unnecessarily gassed without phys…[View]
153368130If being white is a privilege then being black is degeneracy.[View]
153352304Eric Clanton Preliminary Hearing TODAY: The day has finally come, what time does it start? What…[View]
153343332>every hero is a woman or a minority >every villain is a white male…[View]
153361668>implying I and young japanese can fuck a girl >implying economy will be fine with rapid decli…[View]
153366462So turns out that those two FBI agents who were fired for the anti-Trump text messages sent a whole …[View]
153367885GEORGE WASHINGTON PASSED AWAY ON THIS DAY TODAY: press F to pay respects. 'If you must break the law…[View]
153363662Are you happy now, /pol/??????: The meme you elected is gonna get us all killed.[View]
153367218Hey anon, take a good look at your next president[View]
153362418Come home fellow bongs.: Bong with us citizenship here...AMA Pic related my small yet growing collec…[View]
153362657/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ONE BY ONE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
153363422ive found love, lads[View]
153359807Anti-trans zealots, know this: history will judge you: > Opponents of trans rights are losing, an…[View]
153366549/pol/ doesn't care about the white race: http://nbcnews.to/2kuDXC1 >County attorneys do not …[View]
153359514Hmm looking good in here boys. No more shitshow theatrics. Nice to see you all have fucking finally …[View]
153364661Jesus Christ, Ethan. Seriously? Indian-Poo joke?[View]
153363083I know you guys saw this too.[View]
153366334who are the 72 virgins? are they women? are they men? or much wqorse? I think I figured it out.[View]
153367275>the absolute state of conservitards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFYRkzznsc0…[View]
153360474The absolute state of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cguE3oOZE50[View]
153366978Trump curse strikes AGAIN!?: https://www.thefourohfive.com/music/review/review-eminem-has-made-the-w…[View]
153364353Heard secret info from wife of Army logistics officer. Not a larp: >on plane >Talking to wife …[View]
153352841Is Farage a bro? Will his plan of EU's annihilation work out?[View]
153303235Illinois blows: Chicago politicians, being miserable failures at their ONE JOB, are now going to beg…[View]
153362686Have you ever been raped in an Uber?: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/15/uber-driver-raped-16-year…[View]
153364844Trumpettes think he’s based: >fidget spinner >nerf gun >eclipse glasses Literal YouTube Rew…[View]
153364217Why whites?: Why won't you see hispanics or arabs being degenerate? Google 'trans' and you…[View]
153365320Have /pol/ seen this?: What is /pol/'s general opinion about this documentary? https://m.youtub…[View]
153361476/POL/ is an AI: Stay away from /POL/ it is an Artificial Intelligence designed by the CIA in order t…[View]
153365742Oh, hey Trump: All those 'little Marco' jokes aren't so funny now, are they Mr. Tiny Hands…[View]
153364159UK warns undersea cables at risk of Russian attack: Geez, I wonder what fucking false flag they are …[View]
153366633Net Neutrality will not last: So this smug asshole just handed the Democrats an even bigger win in 2…[View]
153366578NORK KOREAN WAR IMMENINET: And will spill over to a WORLD WAR.. Even though Q was a uberlarper the …[View]
153359614How about you stop focusing on the pathetic left vs right battle in the world and draw your attentio…[View]
153363914SERIOUS QUESTION /POL/ I feel sorry for women, they are not going to get what they want from the new…[View]
153365865CANT RAJEET THE PAJEET, COMMIES BTFO: heeyyyy reddiyt did you know that.... ummm NET NEUTRALITY! lol…[View]
153365310time to stop: -pic very related every woman or man that does not report sexual misconduct immediatel…[View]
153362354Now that the dust has settled, why did he do it? Was it autism?[View]
153362385Holy shit the 'le 56%' meme is true: So I just came back from a trip to America and I thought it was…[View]
153361898Swedish workers have to work longer to pay for migrant benefits: Daily update on the state of Sweden…[View]
153354013>blames muslims/niggers/jews for declining white birth rates >Large majority of posters have l…[View]
153364988EMBRACE FASCISM: Fuck pure capitalism, and completely fuck communism, Fascism is the answer, too bad…[View]
153360950Thx Brits, the kebab is saved due to you: 373 for kebab ban, 3 votes short in the EU parliament. Eve…[View]
153366061This is the man that beat the entire internet[View]
153365936Hey Matt, I find it funny how an admitted 'former leftist' like you demands to lecture on how women …[View]
153365839Can we talk about Sufism in Islam? >Sufism or Taṣawwuf[1] (Arabic: الْتَّصَوُّف 'sect'; personal…[View]
153364047>In all the FBI texts, they never mention 4chan once I thought we were important…[View]
153365980Anon soon we won't even be able to trust our own vision. The shit that can/will be altered with…[View]
153365880OPERATION COUNTDOWN: Meme white children into the world! Create those great Christmas cards, demotiv…[View]
153357756WTF IS HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1jOTvweXUw Those aren't Abbos.…[View]
153364785So why we letting this loose 6 kid bitch control free speech conferences?: http://archive.is/4PiWG S…[View]
153365776https://youtu.be/XqhFT2omLuI Is this man a soy boy? Discuss.[View]
153358992Is it possible for a browned eyed person to be Aryan?[View]
153361582lololol epic XD freestyle, le mmemes hahahah! https://youtu.be/efdK9PJRrwQ net neurality gets SAVED …[View]
153364578so accurate this is 99,9% librals right now[View]
153354210just here to remind you guys that pewdiepie is not /ourguy/ a nigger edits his videos he hangs out w…[View]
153362763Ummmmmm: https://youtu.be/fe4EK4HSPkI?list=RD3h9QFXviJ2E Pedo exPosing? seems like in this society t…[View]
153355818Daily reminder to do the world a favor and burning the local faggot flag.[View]
153365557Can I be a Christian if I don't believe Christ was the God Incarnate? I'm a Christian but …[View]
153359547Ugly photos of politicians thread[View]
153365224The faking of adolf hitler for history: Non-Conformist Historian Totally proved to be right. http:/…[View]
153363129Hey senpai. This morning in my Firefox recommended stories I saw https://www.wired.com/story/future-…[View]
153365290what does it mean[View]
153365214>If you look at any thread about Trump, Islam or immigration on a Chinese social media platform t…[View]
153328288Why did the US get all the brown Mexicans and not the white ones?[View]
153364679Who would last longer on the Serengeti[View]
153363617Back In Time: The internet is like it was in 2014 again. How can i even cope with this? What went wr…[View]
153363744Things were just fine before Net Neutrality, don't need to worry GOYIM![View]
153358850/pol/, what’s the difference between being “””””woke””””” and being “”””redpilled””””[View]
153364135Cattle die, kinsmen die You yourself will also die But the word about you will never die If you win …[View]
153359239i was promissed: i feel entitled to this happening, why the fuck did you say it was just a matter of…[View]
153363577Is there any real evidence that mass voter/election fraud took place in the Alabama Senate election …[View]
153364375Why do leddit invaders actually believe this?[View]
153353067im going to court tomorrow to fight an illegal parking ticket, give me some ideas on how to redpill …[View]
153362086France. Be me. Be waiting at doctor office for my routine STD screening. See 3 'refugees' with iPho…[View]
153362988SHOTS FIRED!: Reddit experiencing cognitive dissonance![View]
153363715Post YFW you have absolutely no idea if net neutrality is good or bad so you're just hoping /po…[View]
153360393What did the eternal anglo mean by this?https://qz.com/1156654/the-eus-parliament-is-unbelievably-wh…[View]
153355946TFW Half of pol will no longer be able to afford the internet now: Good work you retards you fucked …[View]
153363814Hold the fucking phone: Dyan roof = john christian graas? HE WAS A CHILD ACTOR??[View]
153364029how can white niggers compete: >muh niggers are low IQ >haha nigger music xD https://www.reddi…[View]
153363859KRaut thread deleted why?[View]
153363919Are most gays pedos?: After doing a bunch of looking I've found a ton of stats like pic related…[View]
153348639+ PERFECT EUROPE +: alright guys, i fixed Europe for good, everyone should be happy with this[View]
153332751This is what women want[View]
153363833group studies comments submitted to the FCC about Net Neutrality, finds fraud: https://techpolicyins…[View]
153361978Theories on The Beast: So here's some food for thought. What scares me is that we are created t…[View]
153360059British college tweets “Dreaming of white Christmas?”; Apolgizes for racism: https://mobile.twitter.…[View]
153360842Why does US national anthem start with words: 'José can you see'?[View]
153345620#ConfrontWhiteWomanhood is now a thing?: Please tell me this is /our/ op? Apparently centered around…[View]
153363621Whos to say this is correct?: Is this really just libtard counter-arguments?[View]
153360105Disney Fox merger to lead to job losses, Trump says otherwise: Disney's $52.4 billion deal to a…[View]
153361919White Accomplishments >take over an entire continent >end slavery >civil rights act >lo…[View]
153362838where is menism?[View]
153357404NUCLEAR WAR IMMINENT: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!: http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/wor…[View]
153363333>willingly accepting coporate tyranny Why are you ok with Trump destroying the internet?…[View]
153356147white race is divine[View]
153362428WHERE ARE YOU AT?[View]
153363183Discuss: Varg Virgenes >edgy metal manchild >burns old ass indefense church that nobody cares …[View]
153362101Will “the artful dodger” avoid a murder conviction? What drove him to it? Could this have been avoid…[View]
153357995Who's this guy, and why do normies hate him?[View]
153360976The chink cries peace while he strikes you[View]
153363319Pol....What the fuck: When the hell is pol going to fucking snipe ashit pai Pic unrelated[View]
153363314Bulgarian intolerance: What can we do to sanction or punish the Bulgarians for their hateful treatme…[View]
153346145Is Germany officially worse than Sweden?[View]
153326849Ajit Pai Gloating about NET NEUTRALITY Win Video:: https://youtu.be/LFhT6H6pRWg[View]
153359575What does this mean?[View]
153358340>Be me >Unfortunate enough to be born in the Middle-east >Born into a retard Muslim family …[View]
153363009Hold the fuck on: >/pol/ worries about its rights on the internet and how companies want to censo…[View]
153330664How is this legal? I'm 31 year old mechanical engineer making $8.00 an hour. BSME from GATech. …[View]
153351058Why do you keep watching porn /pol/ ? Its ((their)) perfect weapon against you to keep you subdued a…[View]
153345429#AUSPOL BENNELONG PRE-ELECTION EDITION: Sup cunts. I'm back. >Future Submarines program hit …[View]
153355625Well /pol/? Are you for it?[View]
153362930Rethiglicans BTFO[View]
153354639Hair color infosheet: Agree? Or do I need to change something? other pictures or anything?[View]
153359412Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu asks if Bitcoin is a threat to the banks: Well, it’s been a nice ride …[View]
153362814Red-pilled history podcasts: Any recs on good history podcasts? I like Dan Carlin, but he talks pain…[View]
153362802Steve Bannon’s Con Game Is Over: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-limits-of-bannonism?source=twitte…[View]
153364372How do I stop being degenerate? I can't stop liking BBW and SSBBW. Huge pretty woman just drive…[View]
153355734How do we solve the angry manlet problem?: They are always whipping themselves into a fervor of hate…[View]
153353045Black Sissy Men: Why are black 'men' such cucks? Is it part of their culture or they just feel infer…[View]
153362382Net neutrality: What is your opinion on #NoNutNeutrality nazis? Would you gas or pass?[View]
153362739>US and Saudi Arabia arms significantly enhanced Isis’ military capabilities, report reveals >…[View]
153360061MGTOW: Is a trap for intelligent men (INTJ personalities) who have swallowed the equality lie. It m…[View]
153362614Hey anons. Now that the Net Neutrality was voted and doesn't exists anymore (thanks FCC) does t…[View]
153360539'Whoever is posting these photos, I don't think they're realizing how triggering these pos…[View]
153362491Balt/pol/+Finland: Estonia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MQhKOX69p4 Latvia https://www.youtube.co…[View]
153362149Austria happening: Say hello to the new vice chancellor of Austria. Also, the FPÖ gained the positio…[View]
153362472Anti - Net Neutrality Shills Are Liars: Seeing a lot of lies about Net Neutrality going around this …[View]
153359037SWEDEN'S NEW DICTATOR: It's confirmed. The current Prime Minister of Sweden will be a new …[View]
153361619can some one get trump head in this ?[View]
153339760Question: Do you hate all individual Jews, or just Jews as the collective that ruin everything? Like…[View]
153359634You fucking idiots!: Why the fuck do you support the repeal of Net Neutrality?!?!?! You faggots real…[View]
153359199Why are people against the Balkanization of America when it was how the very nation was conceived? W…[View]
153360874Why Poo Americans tend to be Republican?[View]
153348921Net neutrality: For the people that supports net neutrality, I've got good news and bad news. T…[View]
153361069Alabama Election Confirms What Now Counts for White Evangelicals in Politics: http://archive.is/KvHQ…[View]
153358785Hillary for PRISON: Not long now until Criminal Democrats are tried and hung[View]
153361591Soon in every city of your country: >Brit reporter tests Chinese mass surveillance system - gets …[View]
153360327I have to be honest, having President Trump in office is like me being there, just better. He is an …[View]
153359776*sips tea*[View]
153361628READ IT!: Read this book by the first based black man. This book will put gorilla mindset to shame. …[View]
153355266Rise and unite children of the Great Eurasian Steppe: Sons of the Great Eurasian steppe, don't …[View]
153360644Male circumcision should be made illegal, as it is the involuntary and unnecessary surgical invasion…[View]
153340505National Geographic predicted what Americans will look like in 2050: And it’s beautiful.[View]
153355978Why is Australia is becoming cucked so fast?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6fgPX3NjyA This scene…[View]
153315718Hour #7 without Net Neutrality: How are you holding up? Has Ajit Pai shown up at your house to punch…[View]
153345981Literally every single one of my coworkers is divorced I work with 30 people, and all of them got di…[View]
153361555>'I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf.' --Donal…[View]
153360616I need some help proving why America is better than Canada (specifically healthcare vs healthcare)[View]
153346346Is there any way to unswallow the redpill?[View]
153359352Well boys...[View]
153332519latin-niggers and sand-niggers of /pol/, Is it generally understood among your peers that your pres…[View]
153358885Angela Nagle in conversation on her book 'Kill All Normies': Angela Nagle untangles the new culture …[View]
153358455>live in america >have to pay 5$ every time is use facebook for an hour >son breaks his leg…[View]
153361421regele mihai: press S to spit on his grave[View]
153356930How much of the activity on 4chan is from adversary psyop chatbots designed to tear apart the social…[View]
153358481not politics but...: >everyones loads, menstrual blood, miscarriages, condoms, birth control, deg…[View]
153361344If racism is a human invention, why are so many dogs racist?[View]
153354409I hate this pill pusher cuck who has his audience hooked on literal soy pills I hate how he believes…[View]
153361320> thrown out of Republican Party for views on Israel > loses conservatard 'activist' job for e…[View]
153360139Reddit butthurt over NN: If you are going to stir the pot over there about NN, be sure to accuse the…[View]
153356072No more brother wars!: Anons I don’t give a fuck if you are a Nazi, but if you are a Nazi who does n…[View]
153361298ITT post your heighst quilty ROLL posts: <--- The best one I have. 'What kind of Albanian are you…[View]
153361290So Europe isn’t pulling its weight militarily?: Total BS, it is America which just spends way too mu…[View]
153331680If they lie about this, then what else will they lie about?: Would you really want to risk it anon?…[View]
153359986Are you ready for today pol? Are you ready?[View]
153361173Alabama election was rigged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9enewb7kkHs Wth is going on yanks? Has …[View]
153358119(((Ivanka))) hate thread[View]
153341105>net neutrality good it piss of libs >only shills disagree…[View]
153352099Which race would you eradicate from the world and why?[View]
153358878Ajit Pai = faggot: Where can I find this Indian poo faggot so I can rape him?[View]
153353088War is coming - EU army edition: Members states of the EU have been encouraged to sign up to treatie…[View]
153358377Razorfist: A sane voice among insanity.[View]
153353473The Absolute State of (((lolbertarianism))): They are such good goyim[View]
153359659E X T R A D E E P 1 5 D I M E N S I O N T A C T I C S: 1/2 Hi so here is something to consider. We h…[View]
153360352How to take down the fcc: I want to help on the plans for /pol/, so here it is. >get to the roof.…[View]
153360531Doesn't he know suicide is a sin? >protestant pastors[View]
153357027taking the final red pill: ITT you swear to be a loyal follower of the one true savior of the white …[View]
153360444P1ZZ@G@T3 THREAD: https://archive.org/stream/PizzagateHow4ChanUncoveredTheSickWorldOfWashingtonsOccu…[View]
153357674Obama was so cool: I miss him. So much class and poise. Trump cant even complete how is he still pre…[View]
153360384Defend this.[View]
153357386Egalitarians.: Why do egalitarians believe they are equal to liars, criminals and serial killers?…[View]
153360045When did you realize that liberals are overbreeding conservatives? Literally every single hetero lib…[View]
153346258What's going on with Americans?: Is it something you learn from your parents? Supposedly it…[View]
153358519is he /ourguy/?[View]
153357931Can we turn blacks against the left?: Blacks just cant help being inferior and childlike, and the wh…[View]
153348219Cockholes nazi: I will show you face of cockholes nazi ENG Subs included https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
1533598632016 Election memeories: Need to make a withdrawal Post em if you got em[View]
153359917>Japan has never had net neutrality >Works just fine Why are Americans such big black babies?…[View]
153357893I present to you, the biggest villain on the internet: Ajit Pai![View]
153356216So FCC killed NN and everyone goes apeshit like this is literally the end of world. But NN was creat…[View]
153360055The worst senate candiancy ever?: >has a 12 year old girl interview him like a day before the ele…[View]
153319147Brit/pol/ - BULL edition: 311694 >Tory rebels set to block EU withdrawal bill http://www.itv.com/…[View]
153358585OPERATION:COFFEE POT: Pic related, You know what to do.....[View]
153359300Would you rather have a down to earth cool black guy as a room mate or a pain in the ass blonde arya…[View]
153357816Since the presidency: Is allah about confidence and acting gracefully as a player on the world stage…[View]
153338440Why are Americans so obsessed with this guy? NN was implemented in 2015 but shits like the packages …[View]
153357688Your daddy Trump got ducked by a cuban: Marco Little Marco He is your daddy Trump chat all over him …[View]
153347042Mass surveillance in UK: Dear brits, >one camera for every 32 people >average person on a typi…[View]
153351317Out of all these countries, which one will be the least pozzed in the next few decades? Or are they …[View]
153357763IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE PHASE II: An inspirational message from our President.[View]
153355727Hey /pol - why do you have no empathy?: You are all (((insensitive))). Tell me. Do you have no feeli…[View]
153356735Blacks can't me-[View]
153353920This guy used to be a drama teacher[View]
153359243Dustin Hoffman accused of groping actress 'night after night' offstage in 'Death of a…[View]
153359320America the Beautiful: God Bless the US and God Bless Columbia[View]
153359337How is this not our future?[View]
153345712Oh boy what has our little brother done now? We were just getting past the thot wars and he tweets t…[View]
153356984It amazes me how so many white liberals are now licking the asses of blacks after the election.[View]
153355101Did you know that Julius Ceasar was black?: That he was wrongly portrayed by the eternal envious whi…[View]
153354377>'Net neutrality is important! ISPs will censor you! Free speech! Free speech!'…[View]
153358938Soros bot invasion - Redditors on suicide watch - Economy breaking record - MAGA: What's with a…[View]
153359191Maybe now you seppo lads will understand what it's like to have shit net[View]
153334796>POL WAS AND IS BEING PSYOPED BY THE CIA: How do you subvert a community of people without them k…[View]
153358453White Genocide: Why is this a bad thing? Seems like 90% of the people in the world will benefit from…[View]
153350673Will you annex Mexico as the 51th state?[View]
153358810Ajit Pai video removed: What is happening?![View]
153337150Anti-Semitism – Excuses and Reasons: ...Historians have classified six explanations as to why people…[View]
153354332>tfw bitcoin isn't available in my country[View]
153358780South Indians: Working with a bunch of brown people has let me learn that every group of brown peopl…[View]
153358525You can't win in Alabama?????: http://screengrabber.deadspin.com/theyre-not-gonna-keep-em-off-t…[View]
153355756Paul Ryan is going to resign: Soon Loser Paul Ryan will step down because he is too triggered by the…[View]
153355443Quick get dow-: Net-Neutrality might fuck us over 56% posting is rampant And the board is flooded wi…[View]
153357699>openly trying to push demographic and cultural replacement >liberalism is cancer…[View]
153358013imagine the world run by SJW's: Net Neutrality was simply '1984' run by liberals and …[View]
153357888I used to be libertarian because I wanted freedoms but then I thought about it from another point of…[View]
153356362Alex Jones folk song Does anyone have the original link for the rant the first verse is using? https…[View]
153357457Now that we're the Jews, what if we convince ISPs to drop porn? By allowing porn, they implicit…[View]
153355181Is there still hope? Do you think there's still a chance that people will stop caring only abou…[View]
153358249ITT Tips for the: New internet >look at porn on private >log out of facebook everytime youre…[View]
153349615/ptg/-President Trump General :He'll be in jail Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
153357986> thrown out of Republican Party for views on Israel > loses conservatard 'activist' job for e…[View]
153356953We were mighty and powerful before you filthy barbarians immigrated illegally into our country.[View]
153357734/pol/ help me think of a name: I have a Christmas Kahoot will the whole school in an hour. Basically…[View]
153357462How true is this statement?[View]
153347997Should we make the internet a public utility?[View]
153357800So niggerious[View]
153350720Should suicide be legal?: I’m not talking about popping some pills cause you’re going to die in like…[View]
153355263Sikh people: Ajit Pai is sikh. Sikh people are those turban wearing indians. They carry knives so th…[View]
153354704Which is the true redpill? >National Cuckism >Libertarian fascism If you chose National Cuckis…[View]
153354619#malekini: if you dont cover your nipples you are a bigot with double standards. do you think the so…[View]
153357603The gang of Trump is taking extremely dangerous and big step towards the nuclear war.: Pyongyang, De…[View]
153353093Knightfall: This shit is good.[View]
153357270Is God punishing Moore and those that support him?: Are we on biblically sound ground in supporting …[View]
153357514Is this why you are all here in /pol/? Maybe God isolated you because you want to live something gre…[View]
153356330Do you think that information space is inherently brutal and honest in its fairness, and ICOs are a …[View]
153355413Christmas came early Pol/[View]
153357405FREEZE PEACH[View]
153356995Why do I hate women, /pol/? I’m not some beta incel. I’ve never had trouble getting laid, had good r…[View]
153355559Why is bitcoin bad?[View]
153357153When will canada build a wall to keep all the traitorous mongrel anglos, beaners, and libs out that …[View]
153353378I work with Indians I can tell you this man is unhygienic, lazy, greedy, incompetent, deceitful, lec…[View]
153357266I stand here in defiance of your toiletry and refuse. I am a Social Justice Spartan, and I will not …[View]
153356387what do you guys think about that Korean guy?[View]
153357177have you guys noticed a lot of internet outages and problems lately? is this shit tied to the net ne…[View]
153347143Party 51 Canada wants to be 51st state of US: https://www.google.com/amp/s/conservativetribune.com/t…[View]
153356199As I am Japanese coming from 98% homogeneous country, I feel very sympathize for white Americans who…[View]
153355879Who's currently winning, /pol/?[View]
153338778have we red pilled a generation?[View]
153350628Operation Sanger: We can destroy the left by prying open the racial divide in the feminist movement.…[View]
153353940http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/11/opinions/daniel-shaver-shooting-opinion-gagliano/index.html >Daniel…[View]
153350324Is he the future President of the United States?[View]
153353815Actresses will wear black to Golden Globes to protest harassment: sexual harassers BTFO http://ew.co…[View]
153354022Call for help.: I need regulation. I might hurt myself. I might chimp out and hurt others and myself…[View]
153347294Merry Christmas from Australia, home of the most dominant, whitest genes.[View]
153356421Fuck yeah I love diversity so glad we imported these grubs![View]
153356794Wow, so this is the power of the White man.[View]
153352354Net neutrality: Hey you guys. What's up with all net neutrality thing? I think I overslept. Is …[View]
153293040/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: DC INVESTIGATION Pt. 8: This general is for identifying, discussing,…[View]
153356618Trump's impeachment imminent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIc6EE6vzds[View]
153329738WTF is this even in reference to?: He says 'the American flag is a now a symbol of White Supremacy'.…[View]
153344496MUH NET EQUALITY: 1/2 The frothing anger and emotion over net neutrality is ridiculous. You have an …[View]
153351581PJW: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqRQsJXBPjY would sell your soul for the shekels like pjw? …[View]
153326812Why are Millennials so broke and how do we fix it?[View]
153345108IS ISRAEL PLANNING A FALSE FLAG SOON?: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/153341419/ This post di…[View]
153356348Indoctrination: The cultural marxist machine may be too damn difficult to overcome. >they control…[View]
153356070Would Xmas be just a minor holiday if Jews didn't make a lot of money from it?[View]
153355139The right really jumped the shark: I can already see the narrative gestating: 'Trump? Oh that guy? N…[View]
153351219Two FBI, part of Mueller's Russia probe, wanted 'Trump Insurance': > Top Republica…[View]
153356165'Angry white male': This is why right extremism will win for others years, there will be 8 years of …[View]
153337989Favourite type of alcoholic drink by countries: > Africans favourite drink > 'Other' I don…[View]
153348451Alcohol, a national disaster: Have you already petitioned your state to ban alcohol, Anon? You do kn…[View]
153348699Future high school English teacher here. As I'm sure many of you know, most American high schoo…[View]
153355932ummmmm: Ajit Pai Pajit Ai how did we miss this? truly /ourpoo/[View]
153350082What do you call a black pilot?[View]
153353387Requesting Faith Anons, pls halp - Passive Suicidal Christians: How do you respond to Christians tha…[View]
153350497BREAKING: Soros just got /pol/acks in a jewjitsu chokehold: Fact #1: ISPs in the USA are now allowed…[View]
153347074Slim Shadilay: When will everyone wake up and realize the Trump curse is fucking REAL?![View]
153355383Dutch Anon's Only: http://www.livekijken.nl/mark-rutte-mogelijk-winnaar-fraude-hertelling-nodig…[View]
153319391love thread: Lets take a moment away from US politics and banter and say something nice about the co…[View]
153351781Hello /pol/ So, the net neutrality was repealed. I don't know if I was blue pilled (for N.N) or…[View]
153343810/pol/ humor thread: Give me your best shit guys. Pic related[View]
153355303Future generations will honor Russia with an international holiday in recognition of their efforts t…[View]
153346225#MyBordersMyChoice: BUILDING MOMENTUM EDITION: A new psy op is underway: #mybordersmychoice We'…[View]
153346865How do we answer the female question?[View]
153348965Why am I turning into a nigger?: I was born with blonde very blonde hair and extremely pale skin. As…[View]
153347692/POL/ is a CIA psyop AI designed to convert logical liberals into intolerant racist biggots. Stay aw…[View]
153347347>Jewish media mad at americans that elected Trump >They start the amerimutt meme to divide an…[View]
153354151what if WE are the real north korea?: as in, not that north korea is a secretly good place to live i…[View]
153344634This guy lectures you about your morals and politics.[View]
153354944What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
153352744When did you realize Christianity was the only way to save the west, /pol/?[View]
153347512Jewish women of /pol/: I got some bad news for you. Right now your man is thinking about fucking a …[View]
153355012Is 4chan specifically /pol/, controlled opposition?[View]
153352459How sharper than a serpent's tooth...: Do you take for granted the comforts and securities that…[View]
153352260the feminism curse: >le 56% female execmutts it strikes again[View]
153348362Behold America, what you can expect for your new internet pricing plan[View]
153354572Since Net Neutrality is not a big thing here anyways, should 4chan require a social media login? So…[View]
153354395May I get all the edits you have of the happy merchant?[View]
153347140life is suffering: >TFW your life is so devoid of anything meaningful or purpose that you unironi…[View]
153351048>Make TV network that deliberately avoids anti-white anti-Christian SJW propaganda. >Become on…[View]
153349040Why did men even give women rights in the first place?[View]
153351625Why are Christians so fucking stupid?[View]
153347759'It's easy to be right wing if you're rich': I heard it posted somewhere here and when I s…[View]
153352378Good morning pol/: Instead of a hate thread can we have a thread where we say something nice about p…[View]
153353880For w.hem only: Go to sleep.[View]
153351627Eurofags, why do you guys hate guns? You have H&K and sig sauer. Why would you hate that? You li…[View]
153354527PJW from Cleaning Toilets to shilling super male vitality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmYOA_pvZ…[View]
153351708Why doesn't Trump just legalize weed if he wants to be popular? This would create a generation …[View]
153354158Who’s worse?[View]
153348612Is Sargon our Guy or just too Cool to be our Guy[View]
153353822Hey guys, thinking of moving to Canada. What are the benefits of being a Canadian vs. a 56%-er?[View]
153350486Is he the most redpilled Marvel character?: The Punisher >kills degenerates >cleans the street…[View]
153354155God will often fulfill your wishes, but never the way you expect.[View]
153353962Divorce: Should people who were divorced twice or more be allowed to vote or run for public office? …[View]
153333854Divided U.S.: in this thread get a map of america and separate it here's mine[View]
153350301Kruat n tea EXPOSED!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eCr76-hDWA[View]
153317608Press F You had a good run Japan (((They're))) pushing their bullshit into asians now[View]
153350026How does it feel cucks?: Face it alt-retards, your time is over. Roy Moore LOST like a loser. Black …[View]
153351371Left or Right?[View]
153353503Rural retard Drumpftards btfo: >For rural America, the internet is the best and only hope for par…[View]
153343831Chicago wants UN on US Soil: I know theres already been threads on this however i remember a thread …[View]
1533533661 in 5 Americans in their 20s call Stalin, Kim Jong Un heroes: According to the same poll, over half…[View]
153353225So is this guy Jewish or what?[View]
153343297We Wuz Alexander the Great: What is wrong with these guys, and by extension, all Slavs? Also what ca…[View]
153350089White people should play the 'cultural appropriation' game: It would cause a massive debat…[View]
153353306Elephants vs. blacks: /pol/, why the fuck elephants can find water with no problem and nignogs can…[View]
153334415>When the crusaders entered Jerusalem, they filled the streets with blood. >When Salahuddin e…[View]
153353193Fucking idiots!!!: Why the fuck do you support the repeal of Net Neutrality?!?!?! You faggots really…[View]
153347369Serious question: Why don't left and right wing anti-establishment forces unite against their c…[View]
153333119Lolbergs smdh: >Libertarians see no problem if every man in America wanted to fuck this all day. …[View]
153350166what you didn't know about albania: Albanians have no roots in Europe, they claim to be Illyria…[View]
153353074Where are all the spicy Ajit Pai memes?[View]
153350364DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN: Well, do you? Personally, I think more people should. The lack of quality Orte…[View]
153349311Mueller is going to be fired: Mueller is getting fired this morning or sometime in the next week. It…[View]
153343420Why can't we just leave the Middle East? Can we just cut ties? Why does every minor shitskin ag…[View]
153343006Imminent War Coming Between Lebanon and Israel?: Lebanon and Israel, two violent adversaries on the …[View]
153352826Just watched a bunch of Elsagate videos: shit is pretty funny for adults but not very appropriate fo…[View]
153352782What is the signification of this sign ?[View]
153338823Charles Barkley pledges 1 million donation to black women tech startups: http://www.nydailynews.com/…[View]
153348484Besta Pizza-no license: Why does Besta Pizza not exist according to business license records, when t…[View]
153352060why is he on the white guys side???[View]
153352498The Time Alex Jones shilled for the Jew https://youtu.be/Q1KMU7Cwlfk[View]
153351961Ajit Pal killed the internet.: it is a sad day for the internet™ possibly with our last breath we ca…[View]
153344883Just remember none of this would've happened if he was in office right now[View]
153351583HEPATITIS AND SHIT-SKINS: So I was driving home from work this afternoon (through the middle of shit…[View]
153336602His dumb videos are winning me over. He really is one of us, at least in spirit if not necessarily i…[View]
153341389Food Waste: >SNAP costs $70 billion per year >Food waste costs $161 billion per year >With …[View]
153352251This is not the scandals we are looking for: There turns out to be another flaw in the “scandal.” Th…[View]
153352104Holy fuck its all true, white culture is GOAT tier superior: Here i thought you were a bunch of auti…[View]
153351611When the FUCK is weed going to be legal? That dogfucker Trudeau used the legalization of pot as a wa…[View]
153345489Will Julian Assange ever be free?[View]
153347686Single mother/ collapse of family values hate thread[View]
153338408My experience of the USA: it’s completely fucked!: My experience of the USA I'll describe my ex…[View]
153322989POL discussion thread: What is something the alt-right and Nazis can call themselves to sound good?:…[View]
153350335Its about time we got rid of whites in our movies bihh(???)!!!![View]
153351803Never has the term 'when the cat is away, the mice will play' been so applicable since WWII. How do …[View]
153351564>declare Jerusalem as Isreal's capital >immediately divert people to this guy nice move U…[View]
153351704Life After Canada: Let's face it, Canada is the next Sweden. It's a socialist state that i…[View]
153351689>We need a bipartisan solution to this problem Why should the winner let the loser have a say?…[View]
153351374How to look smart in Western Europe : >Stay relaxed in form and formal in content >Always look…[View]
153351640Quick question: Why is the flag still up? YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB! JUST DO IT! DONT LET OUR MEMES BE BU…[View]
153338549/pol/ approved movies: Post the best ITT Examples: Lord of the Rings trilogy Gone With the Wind Pic …[View]
153344294Is Eminem white?: I can’t place it, but there’s something distinctly fucked up about his face. It lo…[View]
153337720OFFICIALLY HAPPENING: Aliens are real. Hawking about to prove it as his last living accomplishment..…[View]
153351570>/pol/ cheers on the repeal of net neutrality >Hero worships Ajit Pai Are we a pro-monopoly bo…[View]
153351430So what's going to happen with this Roy Moore situation? What kind of damage can Doug Jones do …[View]
153347832Atheist hate general[View]
153348152Red pill me on John McCain: What do people have against John McCain. I just know he was a P.O.W. and…[View]
153351293WTF I Love China now!: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-22/freer-u-s-china-trade-coin…[View]
153346221German government just handed a big Fuck You to Donnie Trumpf: Man, this feels good! Germany’s Minis…[View]
153344921>communism doesn't wor- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-15/north-korean-defectors-returni…[View]
153350609Why do so many uneducated hicks vote agaisnt their interests?: Net neutrality, tax cuts for the rich…[View]
153351020What country has the most freedom and easiest to get citizenship there? kinky Sex/ guns / drugs all …[View]
153351136tick tock[View]
153313052*sweeps your path* why aren't you a Buddhist /pol/? It's the patrician religion, superior …[View]
153350991If Trump was pro-BLM would you support him? If Trump funded ISIS would you support him? If Trump mad…[View]
153343543Hey /pol/, I’m a peace officer from Texas. I need some help red pilling my girlfriend. We have been …[View]
153340214Should a government have any responsibility to protect the health of it's citizens?[View]
153349323What does /pol/ think of snitching? Have/would you ever snitch?[View]
153350949What does /POL/ think of NAZBOL Gang?[View]
153349697Redpill me on Noah's Ark /pol/, did the flood actually happen?: If not, what am I supposed to m…[View]
153348585>tfw America will never have this level of nationalistic pride https://www.youtube.com/watch?time…[View]
153350593The Greatest Story EVER Told - 卐 Palestine 卍: That's right! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY0…[View]
153337624Are we going to get to vote on the best design once border patrol releases the prototype testing res…[View]
153350714American Poo in Loo Scat Fetish Thread: yes, sir..HEIL TRUMP! HEIL THE WHITE RACE[View]
153350550>Be me decide to by some shoes. A pair of Nike, Puma, Adidas no lower than 70 euro. First videos…[View]
153343839There is literally no fucking reason why LSD and psilocybin should be illegal. just 50s bullshit mor…[View]
153343792how can Trump fags ever recover: Trump: 'Our Nation is Stronger Because of the Jewish People' https:…[View]
153337357#metoo /pol/ edition: Has anyone here ever been sexually harassed? I was once groped in a public poo…[View]
153346801T_D truly ran the collective IQ of this board into the damn ground >believe any post on this site…[View]
153341968ITS HAPPENING-Nuclear war 'IMMINENT': https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/667212/n…[View]
153346526Afghans are the real Aryan race: Here's a post to shut you anthrotards up. >Caucasian is a s…[View]
153349958Kruat vs King of Race Realism: comrades the original video was taken down instantly.. come watch thi…[View]
153321894Kraut and Tea on suicide watch: >JF got hours of recordings of Kraut >a semi echo chamber wher…[View]
153345947I want to make a satire fake news website. What's a good name and design for it? I was thinking…[View]
153349919I can understand why Americans hate communism (seeing as it almost always fails) but why are they ag…[View]
153342307Why do people kick up such a storm about abortion, but act like killing pets is no big deal?[View]
153349880Will they kill Santa?: The Jews plan is to start with historical figures. They will erase their holi…[View]
153349851WE DID IT BOYS: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/14/technology/net-neutrality-repeal-vote.html…[View]
153347207Mongol Pride: The Christcucks here who shitpost Doos Vult everywhere are bigger dumb fucks than anyt…[View]
153346691>/pol/ suddenly likes Jews What happened?[View]
153328146Attention ! War will begin before new years: Q tried to wa th us and he got swarmed with larpers... …[View]
153348957Dare I say it, /pol/? Are we... on the... >RIGHT >SIDE >OF >HISTORY?!…[View]
153348932Guys are we naughty or nice?[View]
153346603My parents are blue eyed and very germanic to my knowledge but i have green eyes and black hair and …[View]
153341207How the fuck can black people be so easily controlled by democrats? This is just fucking insane.[View]
153345974the jewish director was going to have sex with the black kid Everyone knows http://www.newsweek.com/…[View]
153346789I totally underestimated Trump: I have to give it to Trump. Under the 'America first/silent minority…[View]
153349420Well... net neutrality is fucked now guys. Cmon /pol/ let’s get to work[View]
153347454Net neutrality/tax cut...right.: What is the other hand doing right now?? When these things happen, …[View]
153349359Good job Conservashits!: Goat fucker ajshit pie is going to to cause massive blue tsunami wave in 18…[View]
153349315how is a poo in loo more attractive than the typical white male?[View]
153346201>be pajeet >ask for bobs and vegana >get ignored >destroys the internet as revenge…[View]
153349304Our guy.: He's so based that he married a white woman, what more do ya need?[View]
153347342UPS LOSES FAMILY’S $846K INHERITANCE, OFFERS TO REFUND $32 SHIPPING FEE: http://www.newsweek.com/ups…[View]
153348872Are they just trolling? Or do people here unironically believe NN repeal is a good thing or those co…[View]
153348503When did you realise that Jews live in the space created by Europeans’ sin, and that we each exist i…[View]
153346787CHICAGO WANTS UN TROOPS ON AMERICAN SOIL: >Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is meeting wit…[View]
153345024Can you please stop shilling this shit: Every time something happens in the USA, it's posted he…[View]
153347478So you are a loser: You have no hot GF, no wealth, no social status. Why? The others are smarter and…[View]
153346288I can not put up with Jews are taking control over Internet space. Can you give me a clue to avoid f…[View]
153299799Reddit/Twitter cringe salt mining thread #3: 1st thread >>153263262 2nd thread >>153274…[View]
153348592are these subhumans europeans?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqkSH1YLXdg https://www.youtube.com…[View]
153345991Within the next few generations your descendants will be minorities in their own country and wearing…[View]
153330436New expose on the Pope, including funding Hillary's campaign: THE DICTATOR POPE: The Vatican, i…[View]
153339531You've founded a white ethno-state in space. Write its constitution.: The year is 2212 and you …[View]
153347355WHY?: http://www.cnn com/2017/12/14/us/las-vegas-shooting-2-months-questions/index.html >More tha…[View]
153336287Why do Californians...: have to be such fags and vote in globalists willingly?[View]
153347858So how many more elections do you have to lose before you realize there is no electoral solution out…[View]
153348421Big Blue Wave General: Surf's Up!: It's coming, my dudes! Alabama was the tide rolling in.…[View]
153344068Daily Reminder: Daily Reminder that some of the Islamic Empires were White Empires. Ottoman Empire :…[View]
153348398Why are kikes such idiots?: I slowly start to believe that Jews are controlling the media. Why the f…[View]
153332862How does it feel?: How does it feel knowing a poo in loo fucked the entire internet?[View]
153344891Is it going to be socially acceptable to hate Indians now? Why do we hate Indians again anyways?[View]
153345601How can a nation survive with these demographics?[View]
153346464Why do you call yourselves white? You look more pink than white.[View]
153346971How is it that these bomb plots are always thwarted before they occur? Smells like mkultra to me htt…[View]
153346037What the fuck was his name again /pol? https://youtu.be/tifvcRd5Kb0[View]
153346621ITT we write right wing poetry: There is a light that is shining It's glimmer is dull but its c…[View]
153344600Why does our culture try so hard to separate families?: /pol/, I started thinking about this recentl…[View]
153341252Cleveland School of Cannabis: Is anyone on here attending the school? Is it worth packing my things …[View]
153347747Bleach Wars: Return of the cucks: >white 'ppl' unironically want to save this https://www.youtube…[View]
153344920Steven Crowder: Why does this only slightly popular right-wing internet show host have millions of v…[View]
153342218Do we ever did something that made /pol/ hate us ?[View]
153292675/Catholic General/ Hellfire Edition: >Reminder that all other denominations are KIKED >Reminde…[View]
153347228I ain't no snek but..: So, with Ajit Pai (the little tech scammer that could) and his bullshit …[View]
1533448844chan Before Time: Alt-Right: Has there ever been a time before the alternative right-wing cuckers a…[View]
153347343Have we been brainwashed? Those of us that support Trump & the utter obliteration of Democrats/P…[View]
153347307The true Glorious Empire is coming back![View]
153344486New Russian combat equipment Warrior-2: Minefield test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6RmTpkTJZM…[View]
153347034*breathes in* pffffffffftttttt... AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA[View]
153341935What the fuck is their problem?[View]
153347172Police shotgun: Hey guys I have an idea, let arm our police with 50/50 rock salt/ paralysis venom bi…[View]
153347065Dump your RW propaganda here: Dump your right wing propaganda here. >vintage >OC >memes An…[View]
153341429Shia Islam can defeat all Zionist/Jews: Would you be willing to convert to Shia Islam if it meant yo…[View]
153346937>shills are shilling themselves out of a job where are you idiots going to shill when people can…[View]
153317034Nigger Hate Thread: All I've got is this one image. Let's have a good laugh before this vi…[View]
153345299Christcucks of /pol/ will defend this.[View]
153345584Eric Clanton Pretrial: >Dan Siegel, who represents Clanton said to a crowd gathered outside the c…[View]
153316950Stop Helping Banks: Dear /pol/ You say you hate the banks. Why do you continue to use their cards an…[View]
153346636How vulnerable are submarine communications cables?: Could any real harm be done through these cable…[View]
153337410Black Twitter Promoting Race Mixing Propaganda: This is Black Twitter attempting to push race mixing…[View]
153332601Netflix Unabomber series is a study of autism: Just watched 'Manhunt', the Netflix series about the …[View]
153345743Tavis Smiley: Could this be the beginning of the end of #metoo, start of #toofar? https://www.youtub…[View]
153344647Political Simulator: Some of the stuff is a little stupid, but not a bad thing to play around with. …[View]
153344774Party For Virgins: Would you vote for a political party that was founded on the principal that every…[View]
153345344>must sev net notrulty >internet gun die wifout it…[View]
153345830The internet is over!!! Now we will have to go back to the dark times of pre-2015.[View]
153346396Knightfall...who watched it?: I downloaded it yesterday hoping for the best being a history buff. Th…[View]
153323386Here's why the United states DOES HAVE a gun problem: Serious question, do you seriously think …[View]
153346337In light of recent events[View]
153341351> upset by Muslims > white people still hold the record for mass shooting…[View]
153345094Is a British caliphate inevitable?[View]
153340435Jesus was a proto-communist: >Matthew 6:19-20 “Do not store up treasures for yourself on the eart…[View]
153346075MFW Net Neutrality is repealed: JUST[View]
153342726We mexicans wont pay for the wall: Roy Moore 2020[View]
153346154happy holidays /pol/: Also, why does this extremely benign phrase infuriate some people so much (eve…[View]
153345814sometimes low-tech is best really makes you think doesn't it?[View]
153346093Which one is worser, republican or democrat?[View]
153341697We have infiltrated Kraut's 'scientists': https://youtu.be/8jUDK552Qcc quick rundown Kraut sta…[View]
153345824I'm less than 5mins in fucking jews can't help themselves: 'what brings you to Idaho?' 'Im…[View]
153343378best thing about /pol/ is it's still here when i wake up[View]
153345895Trump: Make America Great Again! Also Trump: *destroys the Internet by repealing Net Neutrality, giv…[View]
153340968Jews >>> Niggers You have 3 seconds to prove me wrong.[View]
153342037hey pol what's the status on the wall?[View]
153304342This is what your average Frisian or West/North European white looks like. This guy just posted in a…[View]
153341862Which sites will he throttle first? Snopes, Politifact, Shareblue??: Which sites will make Ajit…[View]
153343129Net Neutrality for the Autistic: > (1/2) I thought of a good way to visualize net neutrality for …[View]
153344074When did you grow out of race realism, /pol/?[View]
153343573>it was consensual >but I'm still a victim when will the madness stop /pol/? http://www.…[View]
153345339>without net neutrality you will have to pay extra for certain services Communications Act of 193…[View]
153344254So people keep saying that blacks won the alabama vote but there are more whites than blacks in alab…[View]
153344673>Have You Even Read the U.S. Constitution?[View]
153344005There is a reason you fags are outcasts...: When the alt-right goyum think they’re finally rebelling…[View]
153340731Why do gays insist they are born that way?: I think it's been fairly well established that whil…[View]
153338247Don't hate Arabs!!: What is your problem with us Arab Muslims living peacefully in Europe? I am…[View]
153345142>dey gon tak my sta was[View]
153342421goodbye degenerate world ━━━━━┒ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\O/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / ┛┗┛┗┛┃ノ) ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓…[View]
153345001Anti Natalism: Is anyone familiar with 'philosopher' (((David Benatar's))) work? He argues that…[View]
153345352>watching porn is MY RIGHT without being charged more >streaming LGBTQBRAAP propaganda for 8 h…[View]
153344795THE FAPPENING!!: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/888670/North-Korea-china-join-world-war-3-nucl…[View]
153343487After reading the twitter exchange between Tim Pool and Daniel Harris, I'm starting to think th…[View]
153340976DC Capital Forgery Investigation: I know it was one of you dipshits that did it. Are you really goin…[View]
153337409BANNONBART: Does /pol/ visit Breitbart anymore? Bannon's jizz buildup on breitbart is epic. st…[View]
153340717So why dont you have a stay at home daughter gf yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTs…[View]
153341835Can men be dental assistants?[View]
153335156Paul Ryan is suddenly hinting that he will retire instead of running for re-election. Is he just tir…[View]
153334000At what age did you grow out of consumerist materialism and move on to adult things like jobs and fa…[View]
153322523At what point did you realize 'alt-right' women were just phonies and all women are biologically har…[View]
153336299The Nazi Storm is Coming...: The Gentiles Fucking Know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY0Lpl9ff1Y…[View]
153343340>Central powers were the good guys[View]
153321474What is this book about? Is it worth 900$ on Amazon? Also does anyone have the .pdf of it that was p…[View]
153344720Fellow Redditors, I need some help! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZilXj9rmKjY&lc=z231z32yykust…[View]
153344203How do you just let go?: Ive had it. Im sick of feeling depressed, anxiety, crippling but roaring an…[View]
153340230Kialo - A system designed for Thoughtful Debate: I wonder if they're actually interested in tho…[View]
153344330Stop masturbating in the bodies of others. https://youtu.be/5AYhBWGvW4c[View]
153319822You guys are so obsessed with seeing liberals upset that you're willing to fuck everything over…[View]
153344188You guys know what to do[View]
153338890Will you be watching me tomorrow anon? I will be in studio.[View]
153343838/pol/ needs to ban e-celeb posts and discussion. It's not politics, it's not related to po…[View]
153340868Cuck of the year goes to...: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5171719/Students-family-surpris…[View]
153344451/4ap/ 4chan attack plan on the FCC: I Think 4chan will be attacked soon with the FCC stuff so we nee…[View]
153344426Now we wait for congress to either get rid of net neutrality or keep it[View]
153327927what the hell is wrong with white women[View]
153341178STOP USING FACTS: Its about appearances! Gas the French frogs , info war now reeeeeeeeee[View]
153333716John McCain becoming 'increasingly frail': Get your meme magic in here anons and lets undo…[View]
153344207This is what Nu-Pol actually believes[View]
153342590The exhoneration letter: Hey - how are there drafts with words 'crossed out'? Do lawyers really do …[View]
153342854why even?: explain to me why would she have an ankle monitoring device? isn't she touring the c…[View]
153343859Why are leftist meetings so boring? https://youtu.be/FaNSqevP5BU[View]
153339499Ree why does the income tax department keep poking their nose everywhere https://m.timesofindia.com/…[View]
153295453What does this symbol mean? What does it mean to you? What do you think when you see it? What do you…[View]
153338521Good god, how can ANY of you vote for this garbage Party? God Emperor, fine. ANY down ballot Cuck, H…[View]
153341807So what did /pol/ think of Star Wars: A Fan-Fiction?[View]
153342217Equality: You neo nazi sis male scum need to learn some respect[View]
153336870someone smarter than me explain why these are wrong[View]
153343867full circle: >be an occultist ((((propagandist)))) >encourage Marxist post-structuralism >…[View]
153340596CRITICIZING AJIT PAI IS NOW RACIST: lets try to spin it so that saying anything bad about /ourpajeet…[View]
153343698>be moot >make ripoff site of anime image board site >it's just some piece of shit mon…[View]
153339195Strong Leadership Edition: This thread is for the discussion of John James' 2018 grassroots cam…[View]
153343471we dun fukd up: >/pol/, and possibly other high power level boards like /k/ and /r9k/ will be shu…[View]
153340727/pol/ needs to understand this: You guys always claim America is rooted in Christianity. This is unt…[View]
153342727American affinity for Judaism and Israel: I’ve never understood where the affinity for Judaism is ro…[View]
153322580Disney buys Fox for $52B.: Does this mean fox news will be turning liberal? basically the only mains…[View]
153343505https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDELurXsIGQ /ourgirl/exposing the satanist jewish cabal in Hollywood…[View]
153297250>Reddit CEO and staff freaks out and starts an information campaign >YouTube CEO joins in >…[View]
153343494https://maps.cdrc.ac.uk/#/metrics/countryofbirth/default/ This makes me want to puke, British people…[View]
153336889Even if the internet gets shut down, literally nothing bad will happen. At absolute worst, liberal s…[View]
153331903I'm hoping to vote for Dems on the next election. I was a former Republican supporter. Anyone e…[View]
153341147Jews are totally great!: Dr. Peterson said so, it must be true guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
153332600FUCK EVERYWHERE THAT'S NOT THE UNITED STATES: THE THREAD Gather round brothers, let us make fun…[View]
153342791Mods are fags. Ajit is /ourguy/. Previous thread deleted due to buttdevastation. https://youtu.be/U6…[View]
153341136Why isn't /pol/ worried about net neutrality? (Discussion): Hey, Average Normie white guy here.…[View]
153324118What are some /pol/ approved shows?[View]
153336669>A Harvard economist, Jeffrey Miron, estimated that ending the war on drugs would inject 76.8 bil…[View]
153339439I can't take Lolbertarians seriously, especially since so many of them are really just corporat…[View]
153342848>mfw single-handedly made Europe learn that at a point in time it wasn't multicultural enoug…[View]
153323796Why havnt we been back to the moon?[View]
153342346Why Do White Working-Class People Vote Against Their Interests: ??[View]
153342930Reparations?: Union: 853,838 110,100 killed in action 224,580 disease deaths 275,154 wounded in acti…[View]
153342963How the fuck can any nation say they have freedom when citizens aren't allowed to pictures of p…[View]
153342954Should American ISPs and internet infrastructure be considered public utilities? A very large chunk …[View]
1533428951611 King James Bible gasses the kikes: >Jesus was the fucking KING of the jews >he was NOT je…[View]
153340692Secret: Both sides during WWII hated Jews: They were at war with Nazis, but if you repeat them, you …[View]
153330974Redpilled media This man is based. I can’t believe he’s on tv and I’ve never heard of him or seen /p…[View]
153319791Neopaganism is the bane of society.: Anyone else hate neopaganism? Discuss.[View]
153314416Shut it down https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/941455256801521664[View]
153339154Trump thanks Putin for acknowledging US economic achievements, discuss North Korean nuclear issue: h…[View]
153337647Jerusalem: > How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holy texts? …[View]
153342599Reminder: 'Prematurity and Low Birth Weight as Potential Mediators of Higher Stillbirth Risk in Mixe…[View]
153327348Is this is a good enough reason to be against Net Neutrality? I love when reddit loses[View]
153342341No Brexit for you!: Brits- how do you feel knowing that you no longer even have the illusion of demo…[View]
153340454Does this look like third world to you?[View]
153336198FCC: Victory! + 827 Gold + 264 XP[View]
153342344Slaves to the immoral elite: How do right-wing Ancaps even fucking exist? How do they not realize th…[View]
153340936Social Security Won't Give You Security: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIKIdE0vYok Thoughts o…[View]
153315517>net neutrality is the only thing keeping the interne- Wrong. Retards like to parrot this saying …[View]
153341851Are Jews aware of their own duplicitousness?: Does the neurosis lead to - conscious deception? - bli…[View]
153306942MCCAIN WILL DIE TONIGHT: Mccain will die tonight. Screencap this post. Press S.[View]
153334049Kraut is officially on suicide watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jUDK552Qcc[View]
153341383CBTS RESURRECTION THREAD: THE FUHRER HAS RETURNED: 卐卐卐卐卐卐We are Restoring the Republic of America Am…[View]
153337398Why is always a menorah erected in front of the white house instead of a cross?[View]
153331694net neutrality must be saved: Anyone who opposes NN is a stupid gullible faggot eating ISP cock. ISP…[View]
153340073Why do the turboplebs on leddit hate the based FCC?[View]
153335581What is the worst hypocrisy among the Left currently, in your opinion?[View]
153341297#RapedByTheFCC The man in this picture sexually harassed me. He slapped my ass and said he wanted to…[View]
1533268004chan has had my heart since 2009. Now I'm 22, almost done with college and it's wild how …[View]
153341869Good going ruining the internet because some old israel loving fuck who doesn't even know how t…[View]
153340952Eric Clanton will soon be going away for a long time. ITT we come up with nicknames for him, write l…[View]
153341762You know what really frazzles my fuckin cock head, /pol? If Pai was democrat and for NN you'd b…[View]
153341151Any other based minority conservatives like Ajit Pai? Need more names to btfo the redditcucks.[View]
153336568Why must niggers nig?: I was walking home today after getting some good news about potential employm…[View]
153306020What's the deal with hating Israel?: Does /pol/ really take palestine's side, just because…[View]
153338641The importance white women’s virginity…TELEGONY is REAL. Mudsharks are DEAD to us: The importance wh…[View]
153312229MGTOW Thread: Let's see you guys took the redpill on the jews but not on women yet? >rapant …[View]
153334295Enjoy your marriage, and then your inevitable divorce and alimony payments!: If they will lie about …[View]
153328626Why are niggers so fucking loud?: > be me > be middle aged white man > normally walk to wo…[View]
153338994Hola antisemites Did you know that Jews are here because Europeans like them around?[View]
153320873WELL /POL/ ? (DAY 2)[View]
153341286Did you know Chiang Kai-shek's son was a Nazi Hitler Freedom Fighter?: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
153341287A Means of Population Control: This has probably been gone over plenty before I started lurking in /…[View]
153339741Nuclear War: Are my dreams of nuclear war devestating my town bullshit? Will I live to see any sort …[View]
153340470Let's make Republicans save the net: Call me a shill but I voted Trump and I'd take a bull…[View]
153340381tfw you will never shitpost as good as this pajeet. where were you when you realized we merely adopt…[View]
153338104net neutrality: consider this fags its not like the internet wasnt being censored before when ppl we…[View]
153339169>Hey you, better pay that 4chan tax or we will get your ass![View]
153337922Remember when Trump was a paleocon instead of a neocon? Is the Trump administration going to be simi…[View]
153339132#Killedbythefcc: Hi Guys, Our Amigos on /b/ could really use some help. If you'd like to help a…[View]
153335882Place your bets /pol/: How long until she pays the toll?[View]
153340304No Australian Thread: All Aussies come one come all. We are free to take over now that the Burgers i…[View]
153339043Post Trump comfy pictures: Post your comfy Trumps[View]
153340370(Their) goal is to make us think our thoughts are not anonymous. That when we think something it mus…[View]
153305310LOOK WHAT YOU DRUMPFTARDS DID TO THE POOR MAN http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/12/14/paul-ryan-repo…[View]
153340326To be a cuck is the utlimate red pill: Think about it, you are confronting your biggest fear: to hav…[View]
153336434Flat Earth buffoons BTFO: Billionaire Jeff Bezos brutally slaughters Flat Earth buffoons : https://y…[View]
153340027Daily reminder you'll never live in a pre-judean America[View]
153337084/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
153339990>we need the boomers! >we need the blacks! >we need the beaners! >we need the women! Am …[View]
153326037THE LION HAS SPOKEN: Dahnald, you saved the internet![View]
153339877drain the swamp: after the roy moore alegations the left and the establishment have made it an aceet…[View]
153339794Is it illegal to run a defamatory, smear website against a politician running for office? There is …[View]
153322078What will it take to destroy Islam?[View]
153339089Ajit Pai Appreciation Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Cdo7BqMnY[View]
153334157>Okinawa's governor protested to the defense and foreign ministries on Thursday after a meta…[View]
153336863It's past midnight here in dixie and I might have had a bit too much to drink. But thank the lo…[View]
153335646It's happening faggots Oil is at $60 a barrel and will be at $75 in 2018, and back to $100 by 2…[View]
153331224Explain to me how praising a corporate Verizon lawyer/shill is 'fighting the establishment.'[View]
153339560Hey /pol/ How do I join the UN Peacekeepers as a British-American dual national? I want one of those…[View]
153339551>submit thousands of pro-NN messages using stolen identities >demand NN be kept in place becau…[View]
153339449When will we take back our rich heritage and be proud of our grandfathers' sacrifices?[View]
153339416Hollup, pai might have done somethin: What if based brown Ajit's plan was not to milk our money…[View]
153339360Big macs, they're yuge!: Love 'em. They are even better with a couple of Filet o Fishes. D…[View]
153338623US killed net neutrality: The US killed net neutrality Have fun with that Remember that a lot of US…[View]
153337710NN IS NEW SHAREBLUE: Watch the comments on other websites in the next few days. You'll see a lo…[View]
153330711WHERE IS MY FAVORITE HITLER VIDEO: Those fucking kikes at Youtube took it the fuck down. Probably th…[View]
153338950Conservative fanboys are such snowflakes[View]
153318891GAAAIIIZZZZ: >gaiizzz I hate cucks AND I have a vagina! would you pay any attention to them if th…[View]
153338865Was Star Wars the Third Rail?: Did they Jew too greedily and too deep this time? Will this be the re…[View]
153338807LSD THREAD: Go ahead lets discuss and explore LSD[View]
153339061reminder that mexico has a secret rambo perk[View]
153338920Star Wars The Last Jedi: Disney Star Wars Execs: “There’s like a billion chinks and we need their mo…[View]
153336762Right Wing Revisionism.: Now I'm fairly right of center /pol/ but I feel like a few people here…[View]
153338483What can you do with a communications major?: What is it even about?[View]
153334979y is it that people are bitching agoungt net neutrality where the fcc is a cencership org: tv radio …[View]
153336171>netflex is clogin the interweb piepes up that why us no need net neutrality…[View]
153337327JOIN THE CONSERVATIVES! West needs balance and peace. Not authoritarian fascism or unmoral libertari…[View]
153335309Hey alt right how you enjoying no nn?: Net neutrality was the last thing keeping your racist little …[View]
153336259He has a point /pol/: You can't really argue against that.[View]
153338792N.A.B.F. - National Anarcho-Bolshevik Fascism: This is the true fifth political theory. The politica…[View]
153311835Net Neutrality is awesome.: If Net Neutrality means Less leftists propaganda Less Netflix awful pr…[View]
153333107ITT we list /pol/ word filters: back in the day (sometime before 2010) on /b/ every time you 'typed …[View]
153320291Join The RIGHT Side: >2017 >Still worshiping Hitler >Still worshiping Marx >Still being …[View]
153332009What's your super power? I have mine already.[View]
153335918What does /pol/ think about government sponsored country wide censuses, like the upcoming 2020 censu…[View]
153338243Ajit my son You must choose where to release[View]
153324819THIS MAN took away your internet freedom. America... when do you want to stop being the laughing sto…[View]
153337967Brownies are racist: Who here thinks brownies are racist because the name is not inclusive to people…[View]
153338466This is why I hate Atheism[View]
153302199Alaska belongs to russia. Gib back pls.[View]
153331801Daily reminder Trump is dumb, angry, lonely, has mental issues, can't speech, islamophobic, xen…[View]
153336584Professor of Neutral Indifference: ITT: Poo-litigation DEAR AMERICA, I ASK... as to how the 4chan la…[View]
153336823You guys fucked up big time and now you're paying the consequences: Remember this in 2018 and t…[View]
153338232Huntington, WV scanner. Number 3 most listened to police scanner in the US is from a city in WV. …[View]
153329362OPERATION: RACIST ABORTIONS: If we tell white women that them getting an abortion is racist, we can …[View]
153336829Founding Fathers: Redpill me on the American founding fathers, were they our guys or have we been zo…[View]
153332733The Reddit President: >didnt build a wall >didnt repeal Obamacare >didnt defeat ISIS >di…[View]
153335342Anons have put together some convincing evidence suggesting the Alabama election was rigged by Dem o…[View]
153338151Blue Wave? I would preffer Yellow Wave, A Libertarian senate would be much better.[View]
153329895What is so bad about vaping a little bit of weed after a hard day of work? It's healthier than …[View]
153332669Discrimination is aiding the devil.: Jesus wouldn't want you to view your enemies as non-humans…[View]
153338015>Pajeets take your money and now they taking your internet Poo in loo? The joke is on you.…[View]
153338008Sorry to be a needy faggot but I'm in search of a good net neutrality meme that will debunk som…[View]
153338002Brooklynistan: >Akayed Ullah the bomber at Port Authority regularly attended Masjid Nur Al-Islam …[View]
153334178When and how did Muslims get so red pilled /pol/?[View]
153334873Ajit Pai dox 4868 Old Dominion Dr. Arlington, VA 7035337359[View]
153318355We didn't listen[View]
153335801That Face Dindus Make When Find Out Hitler Not Racist: National Socialism is For All Mankind! 14.88 …[View]
153335101Why is it now seen bad to be cute in western society? Why do women act like 'sexy sluts'?[View]
153337839Axis Victory thread: Would there still be an internet, or rather an intranet if the Axis won? Post-…[View]
153328704Should i preg and marry the ukrainian? >she is here illegally but i have shun her off enough to b…[View]
153333695The Cause of **ALL** Racial Problems in US: https://nypost.com/2016/05/08/obamas-last-act-is-to-forc…[View]
153334941Does /pol/ really matter? When I take a break from this place it feels like the world’s problems are…[View]
153328343Audio leak regarding the LV shooting [expires in 24hrs]: A friend knows someone who is working at a …[View]
153337704Need Help /pol/: lets say 9/11 was done by mossad >did mossad did it alone >to pull of such a …[View]
153331565Why are white nationalists always the 'Trashiest' elements of society? The lower classes, the uneduc…[View]
153318696*breathes in*[View]
153335889>do literally nothing wrong >get fired[View]
153337642The moment the frog told the god Goku about the human desire to death: One of Greece emperors was no…[View]
153303870Defend this shit, you fucking animals. Children ALL OVER THE COUNTRY are living in fear EVERY SECOND…[View]
153337606Comfy 2017 thread: With 2017 coming to an end, let's review the best/funniest moments and habbe…[View]
153331248these people exist[View]
153335339Interesting Photograph of German Nazis in Greece...: Racist White Supremacists??? https://www.youtub…[View]
153337371>fascist >materialist If your view of people is fundamental to your politics (e.g. race realis…[View]
153311083Racewar Johnny thread: Post your best racewar johnnies[View]
153337070Me googling 'Estonian People': Not even Estonia is safe from the evil forces of the jew, stop this!…[View]
153323190F.C.C. Repeals Net Neutrality Rules: Fuck it's really happening. >For only 299.99 a month, …[View]
153325747What do you think of autoandrophilic transsexuals?: https://www.strawpoll.me/14623795 Here is a surv…[View]
153334285Spam all the racist mutt memes you want yuropoors, just know we could destroy you and your Sharia-co…[View]
153334200Lol did her domain lapse or hacked? www.HiIIaryCIinton.com[View]
153318574How do we attract more Latinos to the Republican Party?[View]
153324266>Be american >Can’t crawl with your legs crossed and hands in the air >Get shot…[View]
153312631B-based nigger?[View]
153336969The Black Pill: > When did you realise that the red and blue pill were basically two sides of the…[View]
153336912can we get these hoes an oscar?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRRGbLVIW84 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
153326430White: Mass murders and baby rapists Blacks: Thieves and murders Asians: Made anime Whose worse?[View]
153335425(v) Truth: This subject is about meta truth and not necessarily single truths that you find importan…[View]
153332855Why did the niggers come out in droves for Jones?: When a talking head mentions 'the black vote', an…[View]
153336624Muh flag: The fuck /pol/ New fag here Struggling to find nsdap flag. Google, bing, eBay all Jew bloc…[View]
153335231Japanese Freedom Fighter Girls Heil Hitler & National Socialism in 1938: Cuz Hitler always right…[View]
153315290Jones WILL Burn: Guys, we just stumbled upon the oven that will Jones' pig ass up well done. Th…[View]
153332165>continues to post videos no matter the criticism >net neutrality gets voted out >makes a v…[View]
153332022I never understood the overt hatred many westerners have against immigrants. Many of them are poor n…[View]
153334955Look at these Papist fools wasting their money on Indulgences.: Don't you know that putting you…[View]
153336451Am.i.white?: Pls.no.bully[View]
153312962Well /pol/, you did it. You just made it easier for Jews to censor and control the internet just so …[View]
153335721McCain: >Obstructs the administration on everything until he voices support for the tax bill >…[View]
153335169Edups goes 14/88… Is he /ourguy/ ? Sauce : https://youtu.be/doPC4PAN65I[View]
153320606Anyone who thinks Net Neutrality is bad is an Autist: serious you were dooped by that faggot Ajit Pa…[View]
153336265USA >shitty government that doesn't care about them >get shot walking down the street …[View]
153324407For my anti NN friends: Do you fucks really think that big business is going to be gentler fucking y…[View]
153336141California State University's Mandatory Title IX Training: Where do I go to complain about this…[View]
153336242>gigacorporations like jewgle and kike-rosoft pay people to lobby /pol/ to support their kosher n…[View]
153336024Post your demands!: Screenshot your demands.[View]
153335173Why do (((they))) not like Templars?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZGtltiGKEc&index=72&l…[View]
153332030#MeToo: Wanna know how to make this ladyrape bullshit toxic as fuck? Taint it with racism, you fucki…[View]
153334110>quit reading that Greek shit Marcus, you fuckin' nerd >let me tell you about all the Par…[View]
153332962Who are some other based brown men besides Ajit Pai?[View]
153335943RAHOWA paintbucket: new type of map thread?[View]
153335870Boys c'mon we got another fucking mission.[View]
153325647Are these girls look white, /pol/?[View]
153335784ATTENTION POL We are suffering from a massive influx of shills, and as a result, a massive influx of…[View]
153335716*blocks your internet connection* What do you do?[View]
153332951FUCK FUCK FUCK WE WERE WRONG ABOUT DRUMPF /POL/: Anyone else regret not voting for Hildog? What shou…[View]
153329333Reminder that if you have any passion for you ideology you are wrong and a loser. The truth always l…[View]
153332281>'that'll be $800 dumb Gaijin'[View]
153335551Why Didn't History Class Tell Us Black Nazis Existed?: Because now I know and want to be one. h…[View]
153320296Latina Thread Stop Slandering the Latina >:’O We still must cross bread with the Latina >:’O…[View]
153333056Is there a more powerful jedi[View]
153326530So, is this the great big alt-right hugbox?[View]
153335230EU failure: Let's get some EU collapse predictions. I say by 2030. If Italians used the same lo…[View]
153335206Masjid Nur Al Islam in Brooklynistan: >Akayed Ullah the bomber at Port Authority regularly attend…[View]
153326456You have no right to have a say in women's issues: Let's face it, you're probably a g…[View]
153335175Social media options: KikeBook is obviously a fucking shithole run by a autistic control freak with …[View]
153335114>donaldó drumpfé https://youtu.be/cOBJpNHx2nU[View]
153332594Post your most fucked up screen shots you've got here[View]
153332664How to takeover An-Capistan: >Start a group of twenty something people for the implantation of co…[View]
153310913Hey guys. VIP at the White House right now. Donald Trump Jr and I have been brainstorming about how …[View]
153332673Communists for Trump: It's clear that President Trump is the best hope to bring the Workers Sta…[View]
153329449Americans are hypocrites. If Mexicans and Hispanics were white and not ugly and short, Americans wou…[View]
153334576Anne Frank fanfiction that I wrote last year: It hasn't gotten much attention. I poured my hear…[View]
153332850Why are fat people so unattractive? Is it because we are instictinvely afraid they will eat us?[View]
153331901Based songs/bands: ITT: Based songs / redpilled songs or songs that are about (((Them))) https://www…[View]
153334668Day of the Rake soon[View]
153334600Is Sargon one of us? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yewGHQbNFpDrGM0diZOLA[View]
153327530So.. Literally Chavez Formed an Alliance with a Far-Right Party. >Agaisnt Abortion >Against Fa…[View]
153331818Atheist hate thread[View]
153334481We must unite to stop a common enemy once again we can play a simple game of capture the flag with a…[View]
153329209so in china they will have this system called 'social credit system' in which everybody has a social…[View]
153322740IT'S HAPPENING!: Kraut is officially on suicide watch. It's over. He's been exposed. …[View]
153332196Why are white nationalists so subversive, secretive, and dishonest? Why so many le secret codes like…[View]
153334308Feminism exposure thread: I need info on economic impacts of feminism. Such as gross and net incomes…[View]
153331938What is this plan to you?[View]
153334192Guys please give me the Death Tolls of ⦁ Communism ⦁ Facism ⦁ The Black Death ⦁ 9/11 ⦁ 1995 Oklahoma…[View]
153331718>cry about free speech >advocate a totalitarian regime I don't get it, do you only want f…[View]
153329603*Sells all your gold and invests your entire countries economic future in the petrodollar*[View]
153329948Honest question: What was in the JFK files? Pls respond, I asked last time but no one replied :(…[View]
153333575Bono's NGO 'ONE' aims to facilitate the mass immigration of Africa's doubling po…[View]
153325687What the fuck is wrong with Hillary Clinton?: Go back and watch her speech at the DNC, its one of th…[View]
153333171Net Neutrality is an attempt to stop web decentralization: https://youtu.be/lZfjGOj4FT0 They dont li…[View]
153332709>Japan is racis- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62gVF5PSL-M[View]
153321613/pol humor thread: lets have one of this threads! >bonus points if its a rad meme…[View]
153331643>this kills the libcucks and redditors[View]
153332982>be me >one of the few survivors of the end of net neutrality >streets are still littered w…[View]
153331999Why does /pol/ cry about affirmative action but advocate it for whites so they can compete with Jews…[View]
153332262Redpill me on why repealing net nuetrality is a good thing pol. I can't stand to live without m…[View]
153332531Does Finland have a chance? Is this /ourgirl/?: I've heard nothing of this. Is this significant…[View]
153329405Jean-Francois Gariépy: Kraut is Racist in Private. Leaked Audio. #ImWithTheFrog: For anyone who miss…[View]
153330499If hitler had used the Jews as a slave force instead of exterminaton, would Germany potentially won …[View]
153333370College Discussion: Anything, from whether it is useful to have so many students, student loans, you…[View]
153333308https://youtu.be/7u3uhKxNPNg is this dude one of us?[View]
153332335SEND HELP!!! !! ! !!!! !: Guys I don't know what the fuck net neutrality is, but I'm a con…[View]
153331582Damn Indians: Rip Content Providers[View]
153332851Russia criticises the west so badly for taking Syrian migrants, but they themselves should've t…[View]
153331781Cool clock ahmed[View]
153328714Be honest with me /pol/: Will there ever be anything like this album again? When a man personalized …[View]
153332848Abortions Illegal!: No Reproductive Freedom Without Net Neutrality! Pai just delivered the killing (…[View]
153328866Okay /pol/ my final paper is due tonight and I need some help brainstorming. The only requirement is…[View]
153332937Hey /pol/, take a good look at the future commander in chief[View]
153330577immigrants killed Christmas: When I was a kid and even into my teen years every house and business i…[View]
153332529>yfw a Pajeet literally POOped on all America It was nice knowing you american friends. Looks lik…[View]
153332734Hi /pol/ Streaming now discussing all things important.: Hi /pol/ Streaming now. Discussing the stat…[View]
153330477What is net neutrality and why is leddit so frantic?[View]
153321479STRIVING: why is this wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8VzecmAyQI[View]
153332308Holodohoax: It's abundantly clear that the Neoliberals and Jews want a war with Russia over Ukr…[View]
153330120>lost because of women and blacks So should either be allowed to vote?[View]
153332342pol, is it true white women age like milk???[View]
153331366Is the thesis of mein kampf correct? Were all of Hitler's failures the Jews' fault instead…[View]
153329155>South African whites being slaughtered >Everybody here knows this >Many are trying to begi…[View]
153327057King Edward VIII: why did he abdicate? were the jews behind his abdication?[View]
153321409Keynesian Economics: Why is /pol/ so against Keynesian economics? It makes perfect sense. Supply fol…[View]
153332424smuggie thread[View]
153322368Kraut and tea exposed as a racist and a charlatan: He's also mentally ill btw. Total fucking di…[View]
153332317Happy (((Hanukkah))) everybody!: From /v/ with love :)[View]
153330314Why are websites still at this? Obviously the Democrats from henceforth will side with NN, while Rep…[View]
153330938I love Australia.[View]
153330257Pornhub presents - chocolate dude fucks internet hard: Any of you faggots that unironically support …[View]
153332210Your country is shit. I don't care what it is, its still shit haha.[View]
153332158If 'Net Neutrality' is so important that repealing it will cause the internet to become a hellish ni…[View]
153331943r/K Selection Theory: How does Western society integrate these values to perpetuate the success of o…[View]
153314032Brazil SUPREMACY Thread: >abolished fascist labour laws >created a budget ceiling that will ba…[View]
153329002Question: Can someone please identify who this man is? Im pretty sure it's Alexander Hamilton I…[View]
153315490America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776 https://www.globalresear…[View]
153316527When did dating your cousin become something 'weird and wrong' ?: Is the shaming and outlawing of co…[View]
153331677>A Harvard economist, Jeffrey Miron, estimated that ending the war on drugs would inject 76.8 bil…[View]
153329468Is there a bigger political meme than wealth inequality? >You have more money than me, it's …[View]
153331625How fucking retarded are you, anon?!?!?!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGM--gEJyFs /pol/ BTF…[View]
153305960/drg/ Digital Reichsmark General - a decentralized digital ethnocurrency: ITT we discuss and develop…[View]
153331610>The average first worlder born in the same year as the Soviet Union outlived it LMAO Communism h…[View]
153326565Congress just pushed through some new bill that's gonna outlaw memes, our days are numbered. Bu…[View]
153329769Is Ajit /ourpajeet/[View]
153331440Is first post AI?: No human could monitor and reply as quick/well as (you)? I clicked (i'm not …[View]
153329643So... He actually killed Kennedy, didn't he?[View]
153330345So what happens now? I have close friends in America who have helped me through really dire situatio…[View]
153327547Was Namefag correct?: Read a thread on here a few nights ago, someone by the name of Namefag was tal…[View]
153292995Syria General /sg/- Idlib SOON Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
153329008I want one of you idiots to tell me how supporting the crumbling of NN is going to help any of you a…[View]
153327090>I just fucked up those american retards and no one could do anything t. Pajit Pie…[View]
153318756Have you ever thought about taking a break from social media? Or even the internet in general? I did…[View]
153331271Michael Jackson - (((They))) don't really care about us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOfbyX…[View]
153328224I can't believe it took me this long to find out about and listen to this. The Gen Z meme is r…[View]
153329264FIRST FAMILY GENERAL VANDETTA: ------------------------------------------------------------------- (…[View]
153325566We're doomed. better get ready![View]
153319446Shills get really mad when you Post this in their N.N threads[View]
153328969now that /pol/ is a cesspool of eceleb shilling, /x/posting, and in general just extreme shitposts, …[View]
153331033Autist Mode Engage: >be me >be in highschool >freshmen >go to lunch >have no frien…[View]
153325796>no special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton >no special prosecutor to investigate lo…[View]
153330642Where in the fuck did all of these ISP shills come from and why are they here if all places?[View]
153330950Trumps Wants to Take Regulations Back to 1960: Trump says when he's done, regulations will be p…[View]
153330253Why exactly do the Jews want to target white countries in the first place? If they did literally not…[View]
153320809The Greatest American Poet was locked in a mental asylum by the Masons and the US Goyverment: becaus…[View]
153310687Cannot be denied: Ajit Pai is what a rational person in the face of a shouting match looks like. He …[View]
153330532*Blocks your path*[View]
153298710>FCC receives a total of 24 million messages and phone calls telling them to keep Net Neutrality …[View]
153317362well, i guess women can't be mothers according to the UK. >Wherever they appear or are reinf…[View]
153329136Thank you America: 200 refugees on Manus Island and Nauru have been accepted for resettlement in the…[View]
153328781Reality Pill: No slayer is racist. Picture any of THESE guys spending time online whining about mino…[View]
153322713Degeneracy thread[View]
153311663Why do women get abortions? You have to be a special kind of person to get an abortion. Either you’r…[View]
153292450lefty/pol/ Thread: Marxists, Unionists, Anarchists, Progressives, Commies, Socialists, Tankies etc. …[View]
153327145Why do feminists hate capitalism?[View]
153329021>/pol/ absolutely loves this guy >/pol/ unknowingly loves Indian Male X White Female race mixi…[View]
153322631/ourgirl/ @ the fcc: Saw her on the Pai’s troll video this morning. Is she our new queen? Can we ha…[View]
153330378Bitcoin, Bullets and Bitches: >Ancaps/Libertarians always invested in cryptos >Cryptos boom …[View]
153328373>mfw americans have to pay more to be able to shitpost >mfw americans are directly controlled …[View]
153329689Political parties you want in charge of your country: >supports withdrawal from UN and NATO >…[View]
153323140Antifa Hotline: Hitler did nothing wrong[View]
153329827Above the law: When the fuck are we going to get some justice?[View]
153330146White Christmas anti-diversity troll: given that the Christmas season is upon us, we need to spam ev…[View]
153326643Books and Resources to Raise Boys Properly: The Scouts are devolving into faggotry, there's no …[View]
153330139Is Europe dependent of American protection? NATO is basically just the US and the Euros are the rest…[View]
153327432America's citizenship test is a joke: 37% of Americans can't pass it and you expect people…[View]
153278245Cartoon Network Gumball drops Red Pills and mocks SJW's: Is Gumball /our guy/? https://www.yout…[View]
153329854/pol/ General: Unleash the memes Ask your questions Post your thoughts Dont hold back I'll star…[View]
153329902Who /want net neutrality to happen to laugh at americans but scared it will spread to other countrie…[View]
153329624A-Shit Pie[View]
153328702If we convince niggers that Biggie and Tupac were killed by the record label jews, will they become …[View]
153329749So, How are we taking him out?: This cuck just fucked us all. Should we simply boycott the internet?…[View]
153329708Really fellas?: >When /pol/ goes rogue and creates an even more autistic website https://jacobite…[View]
153329344How now, Drumpfies?: >Trump will save us Whats that Blumphkins? Whats that you say about Mexico a…[View]
153327869*throttles your internet* >nothing personnel kid[View]
153328440If Nazis & Hitler Were Racist Why Did They Work With All Races?: 14/88 #H #I #T #L #E #R 卐 #W #A…[View]
153327339I'm Sean Hannity from Fox News and you're watching Disney Channel![View]
153318553Red Pilled references in pop culture: I'm making a compilation of sneaky red pills in popular m…[View]
153324479Gillibrand 2020: I’m with her.[View]
153328997So how will you get around your ISP throttling or blocking your favorite places on the interwebs /po…[View]
153329177Motivation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY4nfFTwpg8 Keep fighting the good fight, anons…[View]
153320543If they really wanted to be superpower in 2020, what should they do?[View]
153329040Net Neutrality Officially Dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4ZilKfhyiY so uh any plans?…[View]
153326497How is nationalism going to work when everyone just wants to fuck each other's wives? Ethno-Nat…[View]
153317484Bitcoin and the CIA Nigger: What sort of proof would you need to believe the CIA controls bitcoin, a…[View]
153328392REST OF THE WORLD DOESNT CARE ABOUT NET NEUTRALITY: I've had it up to HERE with these burgers. …[View]
153325737Sandy Hook 5 years: 5 years since Sandy Hook. Vigils held all over the country, except in Newtown Co…[View]
153328953USA: You must get rid of your commies. It's getting really really annoying. https://archive.is/…[View]
153324370Is it too late to buy a bitcoin?: I would like to purchase one whole one if you guys don't thin…[View]
153326622I'm going to miss my American friends on /pol/. Oh well, atleast you can start to do more prod…[View]
153300723WW3 BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2017: >Director, Nuclear Crisis Group, Sr. Advisor OF GlobalZero. Former USG…[View]
153328738liberals BTFO with Net Neutrality!!: I personally love it![View]
153328734North African Black Luftwaffe Freedom Fighters for Hitler: 14 88 Eighteen Pages of Proof that Adolf …[View]
153328727Paul Ryan's last trick...: ...will be the downfall of Donald Trump. Let me summarize this whole…[View]
153322389Mansplain this for me[View]
153328712Is he the ultimate 'Chad'?: How can feminists even compete? >'mug daughter thought she was muh hu…[View]
153323835What is the most shocking psychological revelation you've had being redpilled?: So, I know psyc…[View]
153323928Goodbye: This very well may be one of my last posts since net neutrality is now repealed. Aside from…[View]
153328612At this point I'm convinced the net neutrality bullshit is just a facade for disney's cont…[View]
153312087Okay /pol/ give it to me in the simplest terms: Killing NN was important because _________.[View]
153325761HAPPENING: OMAROSA CARRYING TRUMP'S CHILD: She's carrying Trump's child 2060 will be …[View]
153328441The ISPs don't want to upgrade their infra structure to handle all the new users and the conten…[View]
153309981Jones is gonna burn: Guys, we just stumbled upon the oven that will Jones' pig ass up well done…[View]
153325916Watch this and tell me what you feel, it's a heavy hitting redpill about the Führer, Adolf Hitl…[View]
153326657what do canadians think of adrien arcand?[View]
153328293>be american: >still listen to radio to find 'good music' >be american >consider 20 mbps…[View]
153327194Was Joseph the biggest cuck in all of history? I mean, to have God fuck your wife and get her pregna…[View]
153323015Lauren Southern Fan Finds Out Lauren is a Jewess: You won't believe what he does next! https://…[View]
153326982Sorry /po/ but 75% of ISPs decided to slow down internet speeds when accessing websites they deemed …[View]
153316332Newfags: How many of you are newfags? There's no way 90 percent of you have been here longer th…[View]
153314866Israel vs. Palestine: http://www.strawpoll.me/14623389 Who do you support and why?[View]
153321618Press F to pay respect: Boogie is divorsing.ts: Well /pol/, press F to pay your respects. Btw: /pol/…[View]
153321708New Holocaust Documentary Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes: Start at 5:00 - This will make you cry... h…[View]
153328147Oratory General /OG/: We're in this business of politics and shit posting, how many of you can …[View]
153327896DRUMPF RETWEETED BRITAIN FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
153328135Muh Altruism: Why does /pol/ act like it's a good thing whites are more altruistic? This trait …[View]
153327644LEFTIST Protest 'DNC Unity' meeting: >2017 Democratic National Committee Unity Reform Commission …[View]
153323923There Is No Debate.: Jerusalem is ours. There's nothing any of you can do. It is for the Hebrew…[View]
153324366Highjack feminism: What if we highjacked the feminist meme? We could shift the Overton Window in our…[View]
153328044Adrien Arcand was Ernst Zundel's Mentor: Here is a documentary about it: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
153282133Éire/pol/ - The People's Acorn edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/mpkrr0-qut4 National Par…[View]
153327938Dat Ass /pol/ Edition: Got anymore of these /pol/?[View]
153324004now that the dust has settled, who else is looking forward to a future without amerisharts?[View]
153311167are millenials really like this?: The Spokesperson for the Humanity Party®’s conversation with a Mil…[View]
153326953Europeans were Base..... Nope, Africans More Physically Advanced: According to John Lord Peck the Eu…[View]
153327206Net Neutrality is dead Next stop: Silicon Valley. How do we destroy the silicon valley - a stronghol…[View]
153325010Square (2017): Have you watched the most redpilled movie of 2017 already? A Swedish (!!!) movie tha…[View]
153325850I thought republicans hated unions????[View]
153327782What's your favorite politician harassment story?: >http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/…[View]
153327305>Repealing net neutrality will be good for the consumers! This is literally what the airlines sai…[View]
153326363Does anyone have any good images or videos to explain the negatives of Net Neutrality that those of …[View]
153325739This is deep[View]
153326611How do I get a /pol/ack/Femanon gf? I honestly can't relate to normalfags at all anymore and I …[View]
153327689What smoke and mirrors gimmick will the next presidential candidate have? 'First rap president'?[View]
153319900What happened to twa flight 800? Redpill me[View]
153327605Alpha Males in Aus: https://twitter.com/MarriedAU/status/941209849676808192 What a bloody legend!…[View]
153327124Are we being put in some kind of ((list)) for posting here? I am a steam fag looking for an internsh…[View]
153327543Snow Niggers: Russia criticises the west so badly for taking Syrian migrants, but they themselves sh…[View]
153326240The most retarded thing you have heard a liberal say: ITT: post the most insane thing you have heard…[View]
153327531you guys ready for Berkley riots v2[View]
153312403TFW FCC Repealed Net neutrality, but who cares because you're in Japan: Why are you freaking ou…[View]
153327499Wtf America: USA under Trump >High economic growth (even with natural disasters) >Lowest unemp…[View]
153327467Nothing wrong with le 56% meme[View]
153322920Is it too late to reverse feminist ideas from millennial women?[View]
153327444What the fuck is this even in reference to?: He says 'the American flag is a now a symbol of White S…[View]
153325442I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE: >Votes for Trump to get things done >Nothing happens >Britain…[View]
153315678The Falklands should be given back to argentina: We did it with Hong Kong a while ago, so why not do…[View]
153319053It'll only be a few weeks until burgers are throttled off of 4chan.[View]
153327300Do you care if teens use marijuana?: Will we ever get a President to #legalizeit It is sort of wild …[View]
153320611How do you plead?[View]
153325138Why is he the only political figure that will tell the shitty media to fuck off?[View]
153327230Who knew this would give uselection tier meltdowns to enjoy. This is the year that just keeps on giv…[View]
153321336Are this year's Christmas commercials extra degenerate, or am I just more aware of it? https://…[View]
15332706614.99 a month to shill in 4chan. Congrats guys. Also youtube and google are not working at the momen…[View]
153280052You MUST spend less wasting time on degenerate subjects and futile political and non political issue…[View]
153326210Was wondering what the Mexican word for mongrel was since my Castiza cousin recently had a baby with…[View]
153319527How do I become as articulate as Ben Shapiro? Aside from sucking at normal conversation I have a rea…[View]
153326872San Francisco - Salvation Army On Suicide Watch: >Live in San Francisco >Say we care >Say w…[View]
153323934Hey /pol/. I need some help. In my science class, there are 6 niggers who do absolutely nothing but …[View]
153326701>Matthew 6:19-20 “Do not store up treasures for yourself on the earth” >Luke 6:24-25 “But alas…[View]
153326639RWDS now http://www.whec.com/news/texas-mom-of-five-pregnant-with-quadruplets/4707471/[View]
153325484In Eastern Ukraine, One Misplaced Artillery Shell Could Cause a ‘Chernobyl-Scale’ Disaster: http://w…[View]
153324538I’m a trash bag: I know /pol/ isn’t my army but tear this fag a new one for me.[View]
153325854Do women have a place in politics?: My mind is telling me no but my body my body's telling me y…[View]
153325708Ajit Pai's Death: Ajit Pai will die soon because of his actions involving net neutrality, KEK w…[View]
153309489Risk, Fallout Edition: To join post your: >Name >Colour >Location very nice map yis…[View]
153325100Will Ukraine Be Hit by Yet Another Holiday Power-Grid Hack?: http://www.defenseone.com/threats/2017/…[View]
153326219ITS FUCKING OVER!!!!: With the end of net neutrality we can say goodbye to what we've come to k…[View]
153325389Net Neutrality: I don't care if you faggots sipport net neautrality or not. If you want to help…[View]
153323961WTF was her problem?: She reached out to Afician Americans She was a great example to young women Sh…[View]
153326264laugh at america thread: nice internet lmfao[View]
153313548ITS FUCKING OVER[View]
153326294Countryball thread: Don't be lazy and post what you got[View]
153318707Omarosa fired?: Why the fuck did trump hire her? A backup in case the whitehouse ran out of bushmeat…[View]
153324110can you guess the plebbit?[View]
153326224IMPEACH: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/12/14/that-giant-stack-of-paper-trump-…[View]
153317885Nigger forces young white interns to sleep with him: https://www.thewrap.com/tavis-smiley-blasts-pbs…[View]
153321388So, what happened?[View]
153324971How can one man be so redpilled?[View]
153325713trump needs to hurry up and ban bitcoin to minimize the damages. this is ridiculous and won't e…[View]
153323215Conservative Christians are Hypocrites: Conservative Christians are the biggest hypocrites to ever l…[View]
153325590we were supposed to trust the FTC to break up the cable monopolies: better chance of tatsuki coming …[View]
153325406Can someone red pill me on aspartame[View]
153281741CANADA YES! Trudeau single-handedly manages to kill NAFTA and decimate Canadian 'economy': Quick Run…[View]
153325819Any betta pics or vidya?: Anyone have any bettas?[View]
153318203Plis check this out >>>/b/753860091[View]
153323429Net neutrality is good.: The dual side shilling is meant to confuse and paralyze us so we cant coord…[View]
153325083niggers: >no other boards on 4chan are talking about net neutrality >/pol/ loses their collect…[View]
153325391Hey anon! What do you think of my radio show and why haven't you got your Schmitt-pack from Oma…[View]
153318245>You spend billions of dollars of laying water pipes to supply people in the city >You charge…[View]
153325018Is Disney run by jews?[View]
153325535That Moment You Realize Your Israeli ZOG Teachers Lied: Hitler did nothing wrong. Look up 'Mourning …[View]
153320500Find it!: What is this poster? I see Lincoln and Che[View]
153323785If Neanderthals were alive today would they call us a bunch of mutt niggers?[View]
153322033>well those were alternative facts: seriously, what did she mean by this?[View]
153321608I'l miss you Americans...: Actually,no.Fuck you American cunts,you derserved pajeet pai,I'…[View]
153322400Bravo, 4chan![View]
153325013Is Christianity the next step?: Is recognizing the divinity and sovereignty of Jesus Christ the fina…[View]
153324517SW manbabies on suicide watch: Get the fuck over it and grow up already. Its a stupid kids sci fi se…[View]
153323135Why not just boycott Net Neutrality?: 'They' that we know that they have us right where they want us…[View]
153324400There is literally nothing wrong with being gay. Unless you are religious and even then it is a sin …[View]
1533223642 dollars per search in google. 2 D O L L A R S P E R S E A R C H Anyone that said Net Neutrality i…[View]
153322265What does/ pol/ think of Gore Vidal?: What do you think?[View]
153324508https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/941490153004007425 He has a good point. If you're payi…[View]
153324898Where are all these planned internet media packages? I was told all the ISPs would have them ready t…[View]
153324445So /pol/ do you believe there's estrogen in tap water?[View]
153315395Why can't you accept progress, nazis?[View]
153310718East Asians have a higher IQ than whites.[View]
153319378Ahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahwhshshshhshahahahhahaha. *inhales* Ahahahhahahhahahahahhahaha…[View]
153315650ITT: Funniest things you've heard when discussing politics with normies >be me >in histor…[View]
153324700http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-42361874 4000 Austrailian places 60000 abused. The scope o…[View]
153322882How can one man be so baste?[View]
153321890Imagine releasing a movie called Nigger: Koreans are just accepting it. Asians in America are not bo…[View]
153322992is this bullying?[View]
153324617>be american >have to extra money to shitpost on 4chan now fuck lads what have we done? did we…[View]
153324573#CatPerson: TL;DR: Woman doesn't know what she wants, thirsty beta spergs out in response.…[View]
153320988/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
153319063WTF INDIA: Why does india always have the weirdest shit[View]
153310047The enthnostate lies in the stars[View]
153318722Where's the nuke Kim?[View]
153322392>Strong, independent woman who not only is capable, strong and intelligent- but hates arrogant an…[View]
153302484Red pill me on Joe Rogan[View]
153315798Democratic party: Do you guys hate the Democratic party? yes or no[View]
153320305RIP Net Neutrality. What are you planning on doing first before the Internet changes?[View]
153321747Long Island Muslim Woman Zoobia Shahnaz Funneled 60k in Bitcoin to Isis: http://www.nydailynews.com/…[View]
153324330Trump Tries to Doublethink Roy Moore Endorsement: Sorry Trump, as much as he wants it to be 1984 Orw…[View]
153323667Net Neuteringality: So do we actually have proof that the state is going to go full on 1984 with the…[View]
153324126>internet was open and free before dec 14 2017 >companies didn't practice internet cap …[View]
153324050Fake News Thread: Dumb, Fake and Outright Insane News Stories: Ill start: Exclusive: Tracing ISIS’ W…[View]
153314873Post your Jeb!'s[View]
153291932Wtf is up with this guy?: Is this for fucking real?[View]
153321984Hitler/Nazism was anti-white: >killed millions more whites than any Jew or Arab >destroyed mor…[View]
153317281Who do Leaves keep the Canadian flag when people are just going to make fun of them for it? Are Leav…[View]
153323741Do you care if teens use marijuana?: Will we ever get a President to #legalizeit It is sort of wild …[View]
153323121Jews, be honest.: If you had a friend who got kicked out of over 100 bars, would you suspect that th…[View]
153305383Daily Adolf Hitler Appreciation Thread: I just finished colourising some black and white images of t…[View]
153321121Redpill me on 'sexual misconduct'. So many powerful men are dropping like flies because of this meme…[View]
153323513Red Pill me on Jordan Peterson[View]
153321588AYOOO HOL UP: WE[View]
153323458>buy millions of foreclosed homes >clean them up >rent them out forever >take away the c…[View]
153323132Spain explain yourself, your last names doesn’t make sense, you say that last names like Gutierrez, …[View]
153323421Fun fact, faggot stems from the Greek word, 'phakelos,' meaning 'bundle'. Fascist stems from the Lat…[View]
153323444Modesty - Does /pol/ agree with this ethos?: It's clear that we have gone too far and are in ne…[View]
153311245It feels so weird to look at my light hair in the mirror and know within a century that trait will l…[View]
153319694What's the appropriate way to deal with Trump supporters you meet in your everyday life?[View]
153316846https://wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Third_Wave_(experiment) Would it be possible to somehow recreate this…[View]
153322734Net neutrality is good: Repealing net neutrality is a good thing as now poorer minorities won't…[View]
153318478Tipping is literally socialism Why do you defend it?[View]
153320263What will happen once we achieve negative whiteness?[View]
153323166HWNDU: HWNDU was so much fun and it's a shame Shia shut down the fun part, how hard would it be…[View]
153320806The Left of the Now Creates the Right of the Future: The Left of the Now Creates the Right of the Fu…[View]
153319883cop vs nigger: who was in the right? https://twitter.com/BingoStort/status/941492310008791042…[View]
153319777>Obama was best modern president >Repleblicans BTFO…[View]
153287694The Left Wave is Coming: You hear that drumphkins??!?!?! That's the sound of the left about to …[View]
153310615Venezuelans Fleeing: Is there any way to help Venezuelans /pol/? I know that Latinos have a propensi…[View]
153322688You're a slave to the money then you die.[View]
153322708Why white people have such a high iq but still fails to preserve themselves? Why are they so dumb th…[View]
153321423>going through high school is early 00s What McCarthy did was wrong >2017 McCarthy didnt do en…[View]
153319967Net Neutrality: What will we do now that the internet has gone back to the way it was 3 years ago???…[View]
153322539thoughts on fight club (1999) and what happened on HWDU?[View]
153322235I believe that He has returned and is among us now. digits confirm[View]
153317999/Crypto aesthetics and new definitions for 3rd positionist politics/: Democracies have proven to be …[View]
153320944IT'S OVER TRUMPKINS!!!! YOUR DONE BLONALD DRUMP, WE GOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
153313571Net neutrality: Whenever I hear people talking about net neutrality being repealed, the first thing …[View]
153322346WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN: They repealed net neutrality to stop people's access to leaked 'gov…[View]
153317338Why does it seem like White Supremacists are never the White race's most educated, competent, o…[View]
153321517the memorial service of net neutrality: we have gathered here tonight to mourn the death of the only…[View]
153322204Alabama State Elections: Ok /pol. I have a job for you. This moron here admitted on live TV to being…[View]
153321039Racism and Racial Slurs: Y'know what i dont understand? Why the minorities get all the fun disc…[View]
153321998Trump is going to the moon and beyond, what will he find?[View]
153311183Why did they start hating whites in the first place? What's their reason?[View]
153321954Watch the funkytown video https://goregrish.com/video/1065/cartel-brutality[View]
153321060The first step into screwing over the Jews is screwing over the banks. I am perpetually in debt and…[View]
153319356Holy shit i forgot about this. Fucking gold[View]
153317470I actually don't mind the tax bill all that much. I think the cooperate rate does need to be lo…[View]
153321687America Explain: >be me >applied to first choice college >11% acceptance rate too >white…[View]
153319113Yes Net Neutrality is dead but at least Hillary is still not President[View]
153320518Should marxists be given their own country?: We could call it “Itsgonnaworkthistimeistan” We would o…[View]
153321198With recent sexual harrastment scandals epidemic are work place relationships in danger? >Discuss…[View]
153314973how do you guys keep going: My life has been a absolute horror story for the past 8 years, work inju…[View]
153320724Why do Europeans look...down syndromey..?: I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm genuinely c…[View]
153321334Have you guys seen the funkytown video?[View]
153319065INFORMATION: Anons, Now that net neutrality is repealed, I'm afraid that our access to the trut…[View]
153321385Favorite form of governemnt: What's your ideal government system generally? Republic, Dictators…[View]
153320725Classical liberalism VS classical conservativism thread: Revoutionary vs Reactionary 'Call the Quee…[View]
153316440For me? It's based pede Tyrone.[View]
153314503Did Trump betray us?[View]
153319855Social Justice Wars: So how does this epic story continue?[View]
153321241What have you done to benefit this planet?[View]
153321191Everybody is freaking out about net neutrality and it seems very real that we are now the ISP's…[View]
153311552Damn...................... This Is Deep #staywoke #killwypipo[View]
153321076News should start using this image whenever they post an article about him/: What a fucking joke. ht…[View]
153317224What happened to flash mobs? Why are they not a thing anymore?[View]
153296914Japan is finished without immigration: Japan is in need of immigrants to make up for their labor sho…[View]
153319231Are the rebels jews?: >promote race mixing >constantly complaining >want non-stop war >a…[View]
153287409Video of voters being bussed in: https://twitter.com/__0HOUR1_/status/941305149154263041 There are a…[View]
153313772James Fields Jr.’s Murder Charges Upgraded to First-Degree in Heather Heyer’s Death: James Fields Jr…[View]
153320564Alex Jones defends NN repeal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko7YGLJr0wQ Is he right POL?…[View]
153309387Man thrown off bridge for trying to stop domestic violence: Are poor whites becoming niggers? https:…[View]
153320460What do?: Quadrupling the worst group on the planet is good, right?[View]
153320448shut it down: She habitually reports anyone who she doesn't agree with and then writes 'reporte…[View]
153319898Let’s look back on this year.: This thread is for leaving or discussing events that involved /pol/ /…[View]
153316166hahahahahahhaha /pol/ thought trump would be a populist enjoy your (((tax reform)))[View]
153318134hypothetical question - why do you think no-one who posts on /pol/ would actually take part in direc…[View]
153320388Politics: Hillary Clinton is a pig, and should go back to the kitchen where she belongs.[View]
153320322>Black Lives Matter member posts picture of smoke detector with the caption: 'Why da fuck are all…[View]
153316591Last Male Northern White Rhino On Earth: You let it happened POL. Will you'll do the same for y…[View]
153320144only rural and suburban retards are against net neutrality, city people are all for it[View]
153299625Google's AlphaZero Annihilates Stockfish: I don't know how much you care but on December 9…[View]
153319933http://archive.is/rJKaZ: Add annudah one to the list, boys.[View]
153299985Justify this, Trumpfags.[View]
153319776something to consider: cant Tor compete better with Google now[View]
153314913Look NN fags, it's like this >Comcast starts charging an extra 2 bucks for Facebook >peop…[View]
153319988Part and Putin: Oh look, Sadiq Khan and Labour working in cahoots with Russia. How unexpected. So, h…[View]
153313367What's so wrong about net neutrality being gone?: I mean before 2015 it wasn't like the in…[View]
153319973/pol/ should be praising degeneracy for the imminent shift in culture... muddy waters will clear[View]
153319941Eric Schmidt assassination imminent?: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/12/13/google-launching-arti…[View]
153262988THE KRAUT TAPES: Jean-Francois Gariepy is about to release audio recordings of Kraut involving the r…[View]
153319647>conservapedos are going to start killing themselves in droves https://www.washingtonpost.com/new…[View]
153293217>2017 >Still supporting Bernie Top kek[View]
153270289what causes western women to emulate african culture? is it an act of 'rebellion' against a father f…[View]
153319729This dude dropped out of interest real fast.[View]
153319586>2017 >be america >be cucked by the ISIS >be cucked by North Korea >get cucked by rus…[View]
153319558>be father to 20 year old daughter >society full of low test soyboys >not good enough for h…[View]
153319560TRUMP IS GOING TO JAIL: he's going to get locked up for treason by march. fuck you maga fags ha…[View]
153317270Black Man = God: At what age did you realize the black man was God, /pol/?[View]
153309133ALL TRANS FAMILY: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailywire.com/news/24673/entire-family-transgende…[View]
153317173So it seems like the faggot was redpilled after all. He was just trying to appear moderate. https://…[View]
153316676The Bullying meme: Look, I get it. Kids can treat each other really really shitty and make their liv…[View]
153293674Why wasn't Crimea part of russia from the get go?: If the area is mostly Russia then why was it…[View]
153319034Daily Reminder: that even if the right wins, it loses[View]
153305744Do Jews secretly hate themselves and their kind?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zww4s9gtx0M…[View]
153306458Will he ever be turbaned?: Viktor Orban has managed to save Europe from itself for the moment and ap…[View]
153306574>bootlickers still support this orange faggot[View]
153281571Israeli border police tried to drag 3 Palestinian children (age 7 and 8) into a Jeep.: https://twitt…[View]
153319261African MMA. The ending is way better than Western MMA. The knockout is sweet here. https://www.yout…[View]
153315813Kek: .[View]
153319161It's Happening: Ppkey in problems, cuy fried. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/12/14/perus-pr…[View]
153314365Doesn't trickle UP make more sense than trickle DOWN?: I mean, if we put money in the hands of …[View]
153306656CHICAGO WANTS UN TROOPS ON AMERICAN SOIL: >Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is meeting wit…[View]
153313639Is porn still going to be free???????[View]
153314363Proof: The blackpill is killing us.[View]
153318343So I don't get it. The jews hate muslims. They're at war with them. Why do they want musli…[View]
153318408Press S to spit on reddit: S[View]
153309865Elizabeth Warren: This is your 2020 Democratic challenger for President Trump.[View]
153318375So is the time period MAGA people trying to get back to the late 90s to early 2000s because the anim…[View]
153307815Hispanics of pol/ do you see yourself as non-whites or conquistadors ?[View]
153314540I have the best idea: Rep. Steve King for President 2024: After Trump wins in 2020, we need to get S…[View]
153312504How do we address the soyboy question?[View]
153291350bump: Need help finishing tying this shit together faggots. This is thread number 3. We found the vi…[View]
153318326How much fucking coffee does this guy drink[View]
153316399ITT post reddit salt[View]
153317753How is /pol/ preparing for net neutrality? Pic related, my setup[View]
153318706What will it take to destroy Islam?[View]
153317551What do you see here?: (answer next)[View]
153315444The alt-light is the only way forward: There is a reason Jews promote non-white immigration to the U…[View]
153314830Pedophiles: So is the alt-right pro or anti pedophilia? Why would anyone vote a fucking pedophile in…[View]
153318608Trump's kikery EXPOSED: Brother Nathanael rips Kike-koving trump a new asshole https://www.yout…[View]
153316465WHITEHOUSE SHOAH'D: THIS IS HUGE??!! https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/05/11/pre…[View]
153318033How much longer?[View]
153315595Oh look, another filthy fuckin' Jew.[View]
153318423Any TRS Paywall Goys?: Thinking about dropping the ten shekels a month for the TDS J-wall. Any other…[View]
153318177Net Neutrality: Now that the dust has settled, did he do anything wrong?[View]
153318214Net Neutrality FUCKS US ALL:: When will the left and the right remove all Jews from govt. together? …[View]
153318346Is Sargon a Jew? The Jew? Or our /Jew/?[View]
153318301Kraut and Tea on suicide watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rONkpUsrAYA&feature=youtu.be htt…[View]
153316533Jazz and Jessie Live: Anyone have it? They’re live now[View]
153318030Admit it /Pol/ he is our /Guy/ :)[View]
153316189Mrs. French's cat is missing. The signs are posted all over town. 'Have you seen Honey?' We…[View]
153316604Catholics and Sedevacantism: Are there any benefits to being a Sedevacantist? Is there any support f…[View]
153318125So you're not here to hunt are you boy: You pol folks are like the hunter who goes to the woods…[View]
153318046https://youtu.be/IxuuIPcQ9_I WE'RE TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS GOY[View]
153317888Net Neutrality KIKES: We got jewed again 'muh capitalism, muh free market'[View]
153316837Damn I never thought I'd see the day /pol/ shill so hard for a literal pajeet: You faggots sure…[View]
153294167why does /pol/ love this pajeet?[View]
153315944Where is the diversity? I don't see an Asian or Hispanic or Black or Muslim or Trans. Christmas…[View]
153313100Men are not superior to women. Marijuana should be legal. Very little of what transpires more t…[View]
153315120ITT: We talk about how the legal system perceives women as so fucking stupid that their consent is l…[View]
153313295/POL/ BTFO :how can /pol/ even RECOVER: HOW can YOU possibly recover NOW /pol/.[View]
153317469*unsheathes legislation* heh, nothing personal FCC[View]
153309552It's over Drumpfags. He's toast. Hitting on a woman in an elevator = rape![View]
153316509Three alternatives: Problem with modern world order is that you have three existing valid options to…[View]
153316720Niggers shouldn't even exist[View]
153317462Reactionary politics VS Libertarian Right: What does /pol/ identify as. Are you guys more reactionar…[View]
153316910Ban Evil Systems: Don't worry about alt-right views getting pushed off the Internet. Don't…[View]
153316471>you will never rescue an intercity school >a black guy will never teach you how to dance fuck…[View]
153316866Fuck up cunt.: Hey/pol/ we can get Ajit Pai's phone number for under a dollar. https://www.spok…[View]
153298141Sweden Yes: Celebrate Adversity[View]
153317115Diversity v Equality: Just had a thought, People are demanding both equality and diversity but aren’…[View]
153316221IRREFUTABLE PROOF ROY MOORE GOT CHEATED! *waves arms around frantically* GET THE FUCK IN HERE! https…[View]
153288735Why is there a plan to confuse the genders?[View]
153307060Muslim College Students Praise Hitler: They were qt 3.14 grills too https://youtu.be/a-SSiOsb9iM…[View]
153315660/pol/ we are sick you guys. Stop to mix movies and political: Stop to ruin our board, /tv/ is sick a…[View]
153316753It's like having a dream where nobody has a heart: IT'S... LIKE HAVING IT ALL... WATCHING …[View]
153283276PREVIOUS THREAD- >>153235851 OUTLINE- The Swedish Democrats are the 3rd largest Party in the r…[View]
153316847What is this shit /pol/[View]
153314110http://www.pewforum.org/2015/08/26/a-portrait-of-american-orthodox-jews/ /pol doesn't and will …[View]
153316735Nostalgia thread[View]
153316346I guess its all over. The internet will soon be raped. Trump will be assassinated or removed from of…[View]
153293440Brit/pol/ - Honour killing a day keeps a mongrel away edition: >Tory rebels set to block EU withd…[View]
153316278Nothing ever happens: When will people learn?! Before the election of Klompf everyone expected an e…[View]
153315495Germany UK France: Which one do you hate the most and why?[View]
153312920>Taylor Swift's boyfriend nu/pol/ absolutely BTFO[View]
153316574What would happen if it happened?[View]
153311818lol https://www.reddit.com/r/Fuckthealtright/comments/7jtiu2/net_neutrality_has_been_repealed_congra…[View]
153315193The Muslim Question: Muslims are going to be reaching 10% of France any day now. Has there ever bee…[View]
153316426Why is Hungary so based?: And why is the rest of the West besides Visegrad so cucked and on such a p…[View]
153315554Lib Fag Here from reddit. I now believe the eternal jew meme.: The Jew, through PAJEET has fucked us…[View]
153315036TERRORIST BARRY HATE THREAD Why is this seditious nigger still walking a free man and how long until…[View]
153297265YOU STUPID FUCKS. YOU THINK YOU'RE FUCKING CUTE?: I am a small business owner of a small but su…[View]
153309902Hello my name is Jazzbir, I'm the new doctor.. How can I help you today sir ?[View]
153315733How offensive is the word 'negro' in the current year?: I'm mainly talking about Anglosphere, n…[View]
153314520Alexander Gordon Jahans -> He's back edition: problem or menace? What does /pol/ think of th…[View]
153305752Net Jewtrality removal isn't doing anything: checked my overall internet speeds and it's s…[View]
153312723TEENS REACT TO.... I'm not Racist ! ! !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKK0ywjBXNc&t=391s…[View]
153311549You fucking buffoons what have you done[View]
153297558How do we stop racism and nationalism? It is time for humans to unite as one.[View]
153313551Trump is BASED Israel is BASED Saudi is now also BASED (based MBS draining the Saudi SWAMP) Jerusale…[View]
153315904Obama Politician Ends Net Neutralit. Liberal Cucks: 'OMGMGMGMGMGMGMG DONALD TRUMP IS THE WORST FOR P…[View]
153313395Nevada Thread. WHat happens here.: Moving to Henderson Nevada from NYC. What should I expect? Curren…[View]
153311822Are you /pol/fags happy you voted for Trump?[View]
153315585anyone else just about had it with the anti trump hate? I've had so many people that suddenly s…[View]
153315578Blackpill thread: I'm feeling sad, boys, and I want to ride this feeling straight into utter de…[View]
153315669black culture thread: black culture is so beautiful and mysterious... us white people could learn so…[View]
153312501>Step 1: Find/create 15sec funny purplepilled webms relating to the Swedish election and the Euro…[View]
153310464What is the end to this sexual harassment/assault hysteria? >Men stop hiring women because they…[View]
153308531QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 4: I got nothing. It's the This Week Christmas party.[View]
153313666White Women: Are White Women just natural traitors to their race? Or is this a female problem in gen…[View]
153314912Wtf am i like this: Wtf Wtf Wtf Why am i like this? Its my mom's birthday. Were at the table a…[View]
153305866Can we settle this once and for all: Who is actually better - Isreal or Palestine? Both awful obviou…[View]
153314987net neutrality good or bad: nvm its bad obviously lol obviously, but seriously how long until pol is…[View]
153312904Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and…[View]
153313309The State of Affairs in the West: I need some life fuel for the weights today. Please show me the st…[View]
153314085VEGAS SHOOTING - HELICOPTERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0lf5AYWKoE 'I almost felt like there …[View]
153313654Why are men getting botox?: We don’t hit a wall, so why are these fools trying to look 19?[View]
153314592What the fuck is with this rampant degeneracy? Is society truly fucking doomed? Everywhere i see t…[View]
153314983How do we rek ‘em?: Without getting party vanned![View]
153249159Anyone red pilled in this forum? I want to red pill /pol/ about the present and future but I'm …[View]
153314897Even 5 years ago, would anyone have ever imagined it that one man would unite both White Nationalist…[View]
153296046Eric Holder warns GOP: Firing Mueller will not be tolerated: Why is a disgraced former attorney gene…[View]
153314965>mfw when /pol/ is more progressive than progressivists[View]
153314947Vote for Patriot prayer in the liberal oregonian newspapers online poll for person of the year!: If …[View]
153314486Net Neutrality: Anyone from Portugal here? This picture is being spread with the subtext 'look what…[View]
153309397MEME WAR (MWG) -- THE EUROS STRIKE BACK -- PART II: PREVIOUS THREAD: >>15328327KEK Hello /pol/…[View]
153314842We are the seekers of the truth, wherever it may be. Be it in front of us, in places where no man ha…[View]
153303157Is Star Wars dead?: Does pol see SW as a dead now with Episode 8, or did pol like it? I as a fan, di…[View]
153314516Do white women find indian men attractive? I heard that they are cucking white bois by thousand in U…[View]
153314609ShareBlue Nigger Threads: The share Blue niggers are at it again. Post Shill Threads such as:: >…[View]
153298763If the events of the Fallout series were to happen, what would you do?[View]
153314560if Republicans cant even win Alabama, 2018 will be the death note for conservatives[View]
153276980Vladimir Putin: Donald and I are on first name terms: https://news.sky.com/story/vladimir-putin-dona…[View]
153311486Try to imagine. >Start fapping >'You've run out of comcast bux, pay the low low price of …[View]
153313667lets face it /pol millenials are gonna throw each country into the garbage UK is gonna get Corbyn, A…[View]
153314649No pattern recognition in current year[View]
153309716What really happened?: Our we really to believe that God sent an Angel of Death to kill so many Egyp…[View]
153309912Why do active threads get deleted?: Was just posting on a very active thread about race-mixing when …[View]
153314424>little brainlet conservatives bow down before the master race[View]
153308459What's NetNeutrality?: Does this affect my services on Internet? Are pro-Trump on this? pls exp…[View]
153310792Blackpilled WN here. I've seriously started to doubt America's future, I think when our mi…[View]
153311027Race War is Coming Honkies.: Roy Moore lose Alabama Senate race. Trump blames it on black women in A…[View]
153309967Omorosa?: Will she go full Sheboon or will she redpill the black community? What's her endgame?…[View]
153313658https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqJDW_s93rc Shit, he's right. It was all a lie all along.[View]
153310936itt post artists who have openly supported Trump. pic related[View]
153309888Trump: What has Trump done as president ?[View]
153314111new asshole checking in: mimic the 'it's ok to be white' posters with 'N-Word' <--verbatim t…[View]
153302020What does /pol/ Think about Kurds: An actually discriminated group. Reports say in Turkish prisons K…[View]
153313323Pol What if....: What if time traveling is actually possible and some Jew got hold of it went back …[View]
153294871>America is a capitalist free mark-[View]
153311693>Poland is based >Poland last hope of white Europe Meanwhile one of the most classic polish ra…[View]
153313879Are the rebels jews?: >lose every war >constantly bitching >promote race mixing Face it, th…[View]
153313627My experiences is USA: I'll describe my experience living in San Francisco, USA as an foreigner…[View]
153313467Let's make apple anti Semitic: We need to make people think apple is anti semetic and have to i…[View]
153303951CNN is Taxpayer Funded - Investigative Journalist: Investigative Journalist Exposes CNN as secretly …[View]
153313768Merkel Lego does nothing.: How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK_4hzslU-g…[View]
153310129USSR: Why did they collapse? What would world be like today if they were still here?[View]
153310270Spielberg Goes Full 35mm Hipster Scarf Intellectual: (((Spielberg))) and [Hollywood] made a movie ab…[View]
153313697>tfw repealing NN is probably not great but all the lefty tears make it worth Thank you based Pai…[View]
153306806>Internet is a basic human right Do people seriously believe this shit?…[View]
153305005>mom takes a 23 and Me DNA test >99.5% White European >0.5% Ashkenazi Jew Is this some kind…[View]
153308337wHY don't you like jews?: This is for sure: not all jews are evil. As Jesus pointed out, it is …[View]
153313141>I want to pay more for less[View]
153313448Emergency give me your reddest pills!: I need redpills on: -Monetary system and Commerce. -China and…[View]
153308806Wi wuz: templrs an shieeeeeet[View]
153312976Black Women In Politics: I hope all of you anons are supporting the Kweens in politics https://www.a…[View]
153308168Kasich Saves the Republican Party in Ohio: Well done Governor! Ensuring the life of many future repu…[View]
153301205>*knock knock knock* >Police department! I have a warrant for your arrest for posting transpho…[View]
153286797How is it that a policy introduced under Obama that if repealed would cause corporations to start ch…[View]
153311005A French Frog Rapes a German Trout[View]
153312205Under protectionism the US economy exploded creating the largest and most prosperous economy in the …[View]
153307564Discuss: Pic related[View]
153312510What's the huge announcement?[View]
153312310What happened to Clanton?: Where are the threads on this asshole?[View]
153312011>Trump opposes net neutrality >Reddit supports it >tfw /pol/ rather be reddit than right…[View]
153308584redpill me on net neutrality guys. I saw this image and saw that there was more than meets the eye.[View]
153311685Honestly the people who are going on about how 'the fights not over' and 'heres how we can save the …[View]
153309556ASHIT PIE IS A SHITPOST, hear me out on this, so we all know that meme magic is real and that if a m…[View]
153311928Jobs: Continuation of thread >>153302225[View]
153308887>Trump and his administration is evil >I want the government to control the Internet Are liber…[View]
153312272>remove NN >you post 'nigger' on /pol/ >comcast censors you >you get angry at comcast …[View]
153311494Why does everyone hate this guy? He is chill as fuck. Probably could out shitpost everyone here[View]
153275103/SPG/ State Pride General: It's becoming increasingly apparent that the weakness that plagues t…[View]
153283346This is what christians believe in: This is what christians believe in.[View]
153312305Western art thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU6e4HWXv5k[View]
153312686Thread gone. But she ain't done.[View]
153312632A lot of people are upset about the FCC's decision today.: But I know a few people who aren…[View]
153305215SJW Star Wars: The Best(( Useful Idiot)) Propaganda of the decade. Basically: Activate Libtard order…[View]
153305964heard joke once >my boss , landlord and stockbroker are all jewish >theyre good people haha…[View]
153312136WHY DID OUR EMPEROR FORSAKEN US!: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/14/politics/net-neutrality-latest/index…[View]
153306842IT'S NOT OK TO BE POISONED - please, do this!: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/nat…[View]
153308398ATTENTION PLEASE: if you do not like corporations that will block portions of the internet, do not g…[View]
153311161Is Stewart Gilligan 'Stewie' Griffin /ourguy/?: >Hates judaism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I…[View]
153308933is black santa claus cultural appropriation? yes it is. niggers are supposed to celebrate quanza and…[View]
153311583Are you gay, /pol/?: Are you gay or straight, /pol/? Be honest, there'll be no judgement on my …[View]
153312319Fascism MUST come from america first and NOT europe: The influence that national-socialist Germany h…[View]
153298101This kiddiefucker is making our entire party and beliefs look like a joke to not only our country, b…[View]
153309864Why is anime style lesbian art 'problematic' but tumblr style lesbian art 'inspiring'?[View]
153312041>reddit thought we would support Net Neutrality Ledditeurs are so precious, the internet has been…[View]
153311926Day 0: Number of doomsday predictions related to Net Neutrality repeal that have come true: 0 Next u…[View]
153252836What languages do you speak besides English pol? >only count languages that you learned on your o…[View]
153311845Hey anons. Now that the Net Neutrality was voted and doesn't exists anymore (thanks FCC) does t…[View]
153305676Men go mad.: “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they …[View]
153307678Aryans are Based[View]
153311527Jazz and Jesse LIVE call in: Paypigs please post the link to the live stream I want to call in…[View]
153311586UKIP politician BANNED for transphobic/hateful speech: >Makes 5 minute speech about (((human righ…[View]
153309659WHY ARE ATHEISTS SO INSUFFERABLE?: >smug sense of superiority >constantly preaching their beli…[View]
153310649This article article by USATODAY is repulsive. I was wondering if professional hockey players were d…[View]
153309113Does Pol know anything about (((Wolf Messing)))?[View]
153311258~ Net 'Neutrality' ~ Why does Moar Gubmint taste like pepperspray?[View]
153310719Redpilled vidya general: Post actual redpilled vidya, not just certain Swedish grand strategy games.…[View]
153298084Leftist ideologies are predisposed to consider emotion over logic. The question ceases to be 'what m…[View]
153310043Not really a tech guy. Can someone please explain this net neutrality thing in a nutshell? What…[View]
153234259Assange predicts Trump's future: Why does Trump keep fucking up? Every day that he allows the e…[View]
153284912Questions about the Net Neutrality Repeal: Hey /pol/, I haven't been keeping up with the whole …[View]
153300042Quran >no miracles >no phrophecies >realism >MC is an asshole >MC started from the b…[View]
153296401TRADITIONAL DEPICTIONS OF MOTHERS TO BE BANNED IN ADVERTS: >Traditional Depictions of Mothers to …[View]
153309682Is Canada safe from net neutrality?[View]
153309026/pol/ will unironically defend this[View]
153302225We dont need to raise the min-: How am i supposed to survive? Why shouldn't i be paid $15/hr?…[View]
153309138What do you think about post fordist democracies? Good or bad, and why? Do you take them seriously?[View]
153294294Is there any hope left for Sweden?[View]
153301649Putin's Puppets: Just a reminder that if you believe 'the deep state' meme, you're just a …[View]
153308019Why do tradcons and feminists blame men for everything? Are they two different sides to the same coi…[View]
153309934AWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAAH >https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/12/eight-alien-planets-found-nasa-…[View]
153310677Chicago is giving government IDs to illegal immigrants: https://www.chicityclerk.com/chicagocitykey …[View]
153310644Are we not men?: In this life, we have but our word to give to someone in trade. I myself have sinne…[View]
153310634Top 3 priorities on your bucketlist: Feel like im running out of time. Years just keeps flying by. I…[View]
153304735Why does /pol hate on this guy: i thought he was one of /ourguys[View]
153307174how can you guys sleep knowing, that a girl who for example doesnt like you, can accuse you of rapin…[View]
153309310The faking of adolf hitler for history: Non-Conformist Historian Totally proved to be right. http:/…[View]
153310518IF this FUCKING SITE GOES DOWN BECAUSE OF PAJEET: kek will unleash chaos[View]
153310071sips coffee...[View]
153307764Reminder that you share this website with these people[View]
153261984A 'voter' admitted, on camera on FOX 10, that they flew millennials across the country into Alabama …[View]
153309534Which major franchises from Fox does Disney own now?[View]
153310315Invisible Killer: George Zorro Stēals Frʌm Dhe Ričh Ænd Gives To Himsêlf[View]
153301846Miss me yet?[View]
153307749>Open the door, get on the floor >Everybody walk the dinosaur >You put your right foot in, …[View]
153305240Every 3.6 a person of colour starves to death: Racism AKA pure hatred of dark skin colour leads to t…[View]
153308221Ohio Passes Law Barring Abortion over Down Syndrome Diagnosis: >Doctors that perform the procedur…[View]
153306818What's her endgame?[View]
153308490ITT: Countries that have had it good for too long[View]
153306642You don't actually deny the Holocaust: Do you?[View]
153307964>alcoholism runs in the family >lmao shit beard >beady Anglo eyes >tfw Native American…[View]
153310048>'We stand on a mountain pass in the midst of whirling snow and blinding mist through which we ge…[View]
153309998Black Woman Fakes Sons Illness for 8 years: Lol Woman have a higher sense of morals than me- https:/…[View]
153305070what does he mean by this?[View]
153309715Can someone PLEASE explain why getting rid of net neutrality is good? Wouldn't that make 4chan …[View]
153309585Trump has spent the last 72 hours in full-on panic mode: He's lashing out at anything and every…[View]
153309551How do I join the far right death squads?? Are they real?? Am starting to think they are.[View]
153309738FCC PSA violates its own rules by showing a cigarette!?: FCC has rules directly against this called …[View]
153309737rip internet: hello /pol/ i just heard that the ffc voted to end nn rules, so good bye! i mean what …[View]
153297766>The highly anticipated American film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” broke China's box office re…[View]
153305502PRO NET NEUTRALITY: Has recruited nothing but fucking spergs to champion some bullshit they know not…[View]
153306244pol THIS IS NOT a BAIT so Im like 5/10, balding 31 years old from Poland, I got a house, I got mum a…[View]
153309535Argie thread , country always goin loco un this days, but now the goverment Is planing to go full ri…[View]
153291627Thank you, Vladimir: In this thread, we wish Russia a happy Hanukkah[View]
153292886/SIG/ Self Improvement General: What have you done to improve yourself today /pol/? I'm headin…[View]
153304503Working in a restaurant is what led me to hating black people and wanting a homeland where they aren…[View]
153308884>It is believed that Russian researchers used reverse transcriptase-PCR to create a DNA copy of t…[View]
153307688are indians aryan /pol/? they're caucasian much like europeans.[View]
153308348Itt we come up with the perfect ideology >inb4 natsoc Boooooring Aeronatical republican anarchy i…[View]
153278311Alexander Gordon Jahans -> He's back edition: problem or menace? What does /pol/ think of th…[View]
153305262If the FCC wins the legal battle again. Our only hope is to band togeather and march into their offi…[View]
153308516How do we make sure corporations pay their fair share?[View]
153304748PSA: Literally any leaf on this board bitching about net neutrality is a complete retard. Canada has…[View]
153308878Thank you /pol/ >Together we caused Trump >Together we caused the end of net neutrality in Ame…[View]
153272531How come in the 80's and 90's race wasn't an issue in movies?[View]
153299377Alright, which one of you was it? https://www.dangerous.com/38551/portland-stabbing-suspect-claims-t…[View]
153308906Proper children books?: Don't exi...[View]
153306053You can't deny the truth of this[View]
153306477Now that net neutrality is dead...: Now that net neutrality is dead, we could probably revive it. I …[View]
153303001Chile: As a straight white blue haired, blonde male, is Chile a good place to me to live in? I am sk…[View]
153289693Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Mett Edition: Jamaica coalition is kill. FDP won't do the Jamaic…[View]
153308720>PUTIN: CHERNOBYL DISASTER SHOULD SERVE AS A LESSON TO THE WORLD http://www.newsweek.com/putin-ha…[View]
153308641What is the verdict? Califags, what's the story?[View]
153308478>CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the EU >Paris...Washington DC, London, And …[View]
153308592>Tests of the uranium seized confirmed that it was high-grade material that could be used in a nu…[View]
153302994>be santa claus >goes into people's houses at night >eats cookies and milk and leaves …[View]
153305274All these people and girls scared of the NN repeal need to get with the program. Either get rich or …[View]
153303018NN BTFO = REVENGE: Is NN Trumps way of saying fuck you to the media? >twitter and other social me…[View]
153303361QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 3: Barnsley is home to robots. THE NEIL in 5.[View]
153279870The Language Crystal scanned - MEGA links within: Hello /pol/, in the spirit of the NN repeal, I thi…[View]
153307967>(((he))) teaches what white man should do about protecting manly traditional values in West. Kha…[View]
153307845With net neutrality’s imminent demise, the time for secession is nigh! I implore all Americans to cr…[View]
153308136Let's Talk Gentrification: Back in the late '60s, America's black population literall…[View]
153303409Pajeet the Jediz: I am Pajeet. Give me your memes and your internet.[View]
153305142Which one of you was this today in NC. This has to stop. Also you are 15 and your hairline is alread…[View]
153305488What happens here?[View]
153307689Pols back to normal for a bit: Looks like the shills have retreated to their caves. > Normal thre…[View]
153307745Net Neutrality will lead to the ISPs blocking con-: Why the hell are the libtards bitching about Net…[View]
153307667rate my video, /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izmGBN2ugYw&t=2s[View]
153307702/pol/, why is nationalism such a bad thing in the eyes of many?[View]
153307348Gavin Mccuckis kinda fucked us but come vote in the second round of Oregon Person of the Year: Ok so…[View]
153307566So much salt: More tears over Title 2 today than I've seen since Trump's inauguration. I…[View]
153304517>Service providers take one more step to being able to silence any speech they dislike. >Disne…[View]
153307555Should Twitter /pol/ shill for Corbyn?: Rumours of a Twitter cull of wrongthinkers are rife. Presumi…[View]
153272824#MyBordersMyChoice: FIRST SALT EDITION: A new psy op is underway: #mybordersmychoice We're hija…[View]
153305852Where can I buy Usage Based Internet Speed Insurance?: We enter more in a world where my Bitcoin pro…[View]
153292496Smuggie thread[View]
153307489UVM Worry?: Just got into UVM, heard it was the most liberal (((college))) in America. Any advice fo…[View]
153294455Friends: Has anyone on /pol/ had friends of a different race?? How close? Neighbors, roommates, just…[View]
153307320Will /pol/ ever continue their game of capture the flag?[View]
153307276>Sharafat Ali Khan, while acknowledging his guilt, denied he was the main smuggler, and said he w…[View]
153305644Americans now biggest cucks: >be land of the free >ban internet >highest incarceration rate…[View]
153306497If white people arent Gods chosen race... then explain this!: Seriously explain? Why is the US so Ch…[View]
153301968From a display in the United States Holocaust Museum. Is this correct?[View]
153303153The Kraut Tapes: So this is happening: https://youtu.be/2cGXlXlwcbQ JF has some secret tapes of krau…[View]
153302956Pol's Daily Question #12: What is your perfect Utopian society?[View]
153298218Straight from his Wikipedia page.[View]
153295707Opinions on the FCC decision?: So until the FCC voted and made its decision today, I didn't kno…[View]
153301383*laughs at Republicans*[View]
153284831Aren't Palestinians the perfect role models for /pol/?: >Hate and kill Jews at any opportuni…[View]
153289525>reddit is going to sue the FCC now do they have any legal leg to stand on? is it just bullshit?…[View]
153284492What's Europe's fucking problem?[View]
153289324GIBS OR REVOLT!!!: Why white liberals are so sleep?[View]
153297327I want a wall that the armadillo can pass through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV9rwQfmh7c[View]
153306060Give me internet and money.[View]
153305128How are you Christians reconciling White Nationalism with the mainstream understanding of biblical d…[View]
153305854>/pol/ still thinks Trump is on their side.[View]
153306065STUPID DUMB COMMUNIST SCUM: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y4yE1ggbpg So these Antifa faggots …[View]
153300850In an anarcho-communist society: In an anarcho-communist society: Why would you work producing goods…[View]
153305085Reminder that Balts are the true master race. >whitest genetically >closest to the original Eu…[View]
153301530Your typical liberal. I mena then again I would never date a liberal[View]
153298857Gender Pay Gap Myth: >'But Anon women earn less than men' Economist Redpilling the world https://…[View]
153301723WHY IS IT ALWAYS TEXAS THAT HAS MOLESTING TEACHERS?: http://m.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Th…[View]
153292727Stories From Sweden: Things might be worse than I thought. Swedes, share your stories on immigrants …[View]
153297076Would white people and black people both be better off today if the Atlantic Slave Trade never happe…[View]
153302549How do you view the fact that some prisons don't allow in person face to face visitation anymor…[View]
153304264What if this is a blessing in disguise?: What if rather our jewish ISP overlords throttle our e tire…[View]
153305637cold war 2.0: we need to unite against the rise of pro-communist sentiments coming from a huge perce…[View]
153299144Can someone please tell me why net neutrality is a good thing? The more I read into it, the weaker t…[View]
153302917Merchant Thread Get in Here: It's Hanukkah goyim Post your rarest merchants[View]
153297391What can we do about the net neutrality repeal?: Since 4chan is such a powerful force on the interne…[View]
153305164I think we should take down all confederate statues. Why should we have statues honoring the worst t…[View]
153275581Why couldn't he stop net neutrality from getting ended. I thought he was legitimately helping t…[View]
153304784Word on the Tweet: Many Resistance Twippers hinting heavy that some boulder gonna fall. Possible imm…[View]
153305606Authoritariansim: Is an authoritarian system necessary? It seems like only an unintelligent, suicid…[View]
153305588Will the recent vote to repeal net neutrality does this mean that i have to pay money to go to 4chan…[View]
153305581Can /pol/ convince the bugm en that spectrum plans to block Reddit? We need a win in 2018[View]
153305570Dan Johnson: What do you think boys. Was he the one who pulled the trigger, or did he get Clintoned?…[View]
153305312>Net neutrality repealed >Can still shitpost on /pol/ You lied to me /pol/ you said this woul…[View]
153305506shibingus: america is a shibingus with cucked internet get on leaf level and get fucked shibingus…[View]
153302233FCC Kills NN!!: God bless Putin for getting Trump into WH!! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/14/techn…[View]
153292116What the Actual Fuck?: Serious Question /pol/ Are the Jews even trying to hide their Brainwashing …[View]
153305243Trump got rid of Net Neutrality: Another reason why we should 86 him.[View]
153303293Can someone tell me what is so important about this guy? 'killed' his wife and kids and lit the hous…[View]
153270692I Am That I Am Talk about God *Non-Denominational discussion regarding God, God's attributes an…[View]
153300995Hey Russia-bots, how're you holding up having to type so much pro-Ajit spam?: And how's yo…[View]
153303285***PUMP WARNING*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EcjWd-O4jI[View]
153283437Why are women so quick to become emotional compared to men? Why do women never forget tiny slights? …[View]
153259154You have ten seconds to create a plausible argument supporting inheritance tax: Pro tip: You can…[View]
153305157Did he do it for the love...or the latkes...[View]
153301887>IP company's now have the right to block access to websites if they feel like it. >SJW…[View]
153305111Jews - 934873 // Pol - 0: >There is a lot of misinformation that this is the ‘end of the world as…[View]
153304547tax reform bill: why does they have to vote three times[View]
153304663It has been ten days since Cantwells last podcast. What's going on?[View]
153304802What has Donald Trump actually accomplished in his year in office? Can anyone give me a comprehensi…[View]
153304302>you can print 1000 presentation cards for 20 bucks and meme irl >easy to place >assured la…[View]
153298937Net neutrality: Leave it up to the fucking republitards to ruin internet for everyone. Thanks trump!…[View]
153302586ᴸᵐᵃᵒ ᵈʳᵘᵐᵖᶠ To view text in it's true size please purchase your ISP's ultimate package for…[View]
153300898Which one do you consider the first university: a) University of Karueein/Université Al Quaraouiyine…[View]
153302422(((education system))): > classroom > i have a hipster cuck for a teacher, who also happens t…[View]
153304592You see fellas, I'm kind of pissed right now. My most basic rights are literally being stamped …[View]
153304606How long will we put up with degeneracy?: Went into work today and put together a makeup fixture. Sa…[View]
153302615why is pop music done by white people so happy and upbeat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psuRGfAa…[View]
153304527NET NEUTRINO IS KILL: >Be me, >19, Studying Political Science and Economics >Wake up one da…[View]
153294061Today in Poland we had ‘massive’, as Jewish media said, anti-government protests. >Notice anythi…[View]
153304448gee, what a coincidence.[View]
153304440Imagine devils throw bombs in your schools killing all your children. Invade your country and rape y…[View]
153299471To all you people who are against NN solely because Reddit and liberals are for it, You know absolut…[View]
153292898Logos/Pathos/Ethos: In every argumentative essay; there are three common points established. The pri…[View]
153283614How would you lads solve the Macedonia name crisis? i think we should be called Former Macedonian Em…[View]
153295873Sheryl Crow Releases Gun Control Anthem for 5th Anniversary of Sandy Hook Anniversary: >There is …[View]
153296755/pol/'s guy getting BTFO[View]
153303932If Trump is so hell-bent on deporting immigrants that are known criminals with a history of violence…[View]
153303898Angry at incompetence: The attempts to discredit Moore's loss are a fucking joke. Black voters …[View]
153295900Next PsyOp?: We’ve had It’s Okay to be White and now we’re on My Borders my Choice. Should we make o…[View]
153302343Suckers: Meanwhile in Alternate Reality 163529: 'President Sanders just passed the Internet Rights A…[View]
153302261Canadians are Whit-: Discuss[View]
153303599>free healthcare is evil socialism >gubmint is evil socialism >putting your fellow country …[View]
153303591>we need more deregulation wat id gr8 depresions :DDDDDDD[View]
153303540>when poos think they are nipponese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drxmFBf8B-A…[View]
153293539Is having kids bad? >Children are nothing more than a toy some parents use to feed their ego and …[View]
153296508>white people conquered, genocided, stolen the resources, destroyed the native cultures, engaged …[View]
153280511>if you want consumer protections against government backed oligopolies you're a communist!…[View]
153303404Happy hanukkah Germany[View]
153300399QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 2: Morgan and Long-Bailey getting embarrassed. Oakeshott still hot.…[View]
153303266Feds can't take risk Trump is elected: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/14/republicans-t…[View]
153303247How can people not understand that you CAN like and support Trump WITHOUT defending and shilling eve…[View]
153302808Is it just me, or has reality hit the fucking turbo-drive? Like especially speaking in terms of the …[View]
153300092Americans are slim and white, get over it[View]
153285508Christcuck Memes /AMG/: Welcome to anti christian memes general! As you all already know that Devout…[View]
153297806Whether good, whether bad, I don't really know All I can tell is that now the salt must flow.[View]
153303127>be smart Russian tax lawyer >uncover massive corruption by Putin regime >get arrested, tor…[View]
153294304Libtards are getting btfo by their own medicine[View]
153302826Kinda sucks to be a burger now. Enjoy ISPs throttling your bit torrents.[View]
153302004You can't believe in liberating the middle class from the tyranny of the government without bei…[View]
153276141It's happening get in here: https://twitter.com/JBWolfsthal/status/941387260506923008 >Trum…[View]
153282730Meanwhile in germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wy-W-pYlds[View]
153302854YLYL Niggee edition[View]
153302767Burgers the wall won't help you.[View]
153301610>mfw without net neutrality, Americans have to pay $19.95 to load my dumbass anime reaction image…[View]
153295213ITT: Pics that make you think[View]
153302652Redpill compilation video: Anyone have a good highlight reel of Jews saying/doing incriminating thin…[View]
15330220923 and me results < 0.1 % Ashkenazi Jewish, East-Asian/Native American and Sub-Saharan: So I did …[View]
153302633>a pajeet is causing reddit to flip its shit more than at any time in the site's history How…[View]
153302630FDR formed the Social Security, now Trump is Cutting it: I can't believe America voted for some…[View]
153295794imagine having to support the end of net neutrality because you must side with trump's administ…[View]
153302577Chinese woman offered refund after facial recognition allows colleague to unlock iPhone X: They real…[View]
153302326ancaps who support nn repeal: Why do ancaps love smelly street shitter dick? Why do the people who c…[View]
153302531JF - Kraut Discord infiltrated, crazy lulz incoming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cGXlXlwcbQ…[View]
153301597Great Small Tools For Sale!: https://www.google.com/search?q=small+toolsinc+euclid+ohio&ie=UTF-8…[View]
153302336post patriotic music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq2cTTvG_j4[View]
153302171so do I have to vote against Trump to get the internet back???[View]
153298912Misunderstanding the NN Repeal: From what I've read, the rules have been repealed. Since they h…[View]
153288993It's always happening: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/892520/maastricht-stabbing-attack-n…[View]
153294880there's less than two million amerindians in the US. when will americans apologize over the ame…[View]
153302019>ABORIGINALS ARE CIVILISE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPt8bfNdgFs…[View]
153299870ამოვედი ჯოჯოხეთიდან რათა გავანადგურო თქვენი თეთრი გენები![View]
153301689Check & Mate: Check mate America. =] We got you good.[View]
153294437Someone asked for a chart displaying companies against and in favour of Net Neutrality.[View]
153299655really makes you think[View]
153298040Eric Clanton - Bike lock attacker trial today?: Soo, wasen´t Eric Clanton´s trail today? Did some 56…[View]
153301876Cartman: Hidden Redpill in Plain Sight?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINEIlN87F0 >south park …[View]
153296339LSD and psychedelics: What does /pol/ think of Psychedelics and LSD in general?[View]
153298373Was Germany french biggest mistake ?: We gave them a country, they became too confident and arrogant…[View]
153299654Would normies be outraged at white people if Ajit Pai was white?[View]
153300697What will your country look like in 50 years /pol/?[View]
153301523Preventing the death of the internet/4chan: What can we on 4chan do to save ourselves and the intern…[View]
153300122U.S. Retreats,Canada Doubles Down on Net Neutrality:'An Open Internet is Democracy': http://www.mich…[View]
153299874You ass eh, is he still your president?[View]
153301579Why Leftism and Globalism is Important: Reminder that we need globalism and leftism in order to ensu…[View]
153300198RUBIO?! Does this mean Mike Lee (who cosponsored Rubio's amendment) is going to vote no also?![View]
1533013072018 ALT-RIGHT MASCOT: im officially declaring the wojak/feels guy as our new mascot going into 2018…[View]
153290602When the Austrians start to even say it...: then Brexit really must be on its last leg. What happene…[View]
153301461(((Them))): Discuss. What is the best solution to deal with (((them))), outside the obvious? Does on…[View]
153301446>Sharafat Ali Khan, while acknowledging his guilt, denied he was the main smuggler, and said he w…[View]
153299700Deport ALL Mudslimes: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.ny…[View]
153292636Why aren't you living in Switzerland?: Come home[View]
153300793This BTFOs the Pro-Net Neutrality Mindset: Guess what reddit scum? NN didn't do a damn thing to…[View]
153299972You guys better interfere in our 2018 election and elect Alexei Navalny or we are all fucked by Vlad…[View]
153292693Tragedy of the Commons: Have libertarians EVER produced an effective argument against this? You need…[View]
153301305reddit isn't base-[View]
153297885What part of Europe can be saved?: Only the poor parts?[View]
153288120Trump losing most support in red States he carried in 2016: The regret is setting in heavily. There…[View]
153300070Has Ajit Pai mastered the art of irl shitposting?: I don't care what anyone says. This video is…[View]
153301174burgers >become a nonwhite nation after decades of apathy and being tricked by a Kennedy openly l…[View]
153301173>If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Ri…[View]
153300680Can you redpill me on net neutrality? It seems like the only people posting about it are liberals on…[View]
153301053What if NN repealing is a blessing in disguise?: What if rather our jewish ISP overlords throttle ou…[View]
153290089be: >be american >get shot >be british >get stabbed >be swedish >get raped >be …[View]
153287005TRUMP APPROVAL RATING - Record Low Edition: >le 32% winning bigly…[View]
153272392IT'S HAPPENING A school in Milan,Italy, officially bans christmas, replacing it with the 'holid…[View]
153294154Atheism is for teenagers, man-children, and reddit[View]
153292223ITT: We solve Macedonia's naming crisis: I propose 'Formerly Alexander the Great's Macedon…[View]
153299547Meanwhile, in the President Hillary timeline...[View]
153300660I'm sorry, you need a subscription to view this thread![View]
153300629Where where you when ww became a designated shitting site?[View]
153257887Whats your excuse for not owning an assault rifle /pol?[View]
153297632Opinions on this?: Long read but worth it.[View]
153300516Collectivist anarchism General: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collectivist_anarchism[View]
153293881IF the holocaust is true, in WHAT way would this alter your worldview?[View]
153288505>eastern europe ain't so bad, i'd rather be poor, wagecucking 48 hours a day for minima…[View]
153295302QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD: The final Thursday night political double-bill of 2017 starts in t…[View]
153283656College student arrested; tried to trade chicken Alfredo, Sprite for sex: AUSTINTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Yo…[View]
153296666WHITE NATIONALISM IS WRONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyV0yeSZ94o[View]
153289387Anyone else feel like the Right has lost a ton of steam this year? It's like Charlottesville de…[View]
153300048Murrica.: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/bill-banning-syndrome-abortions-heads-ohio-governor…[View]
153292169>/pol/ is a free market of ideas >therefore /pol/ ideology is the strongest and most successfu…[View]
153300012most asians are unessecary - we arr rook same edition: http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/articl…[View]
153292605What’s up with liberals and making art with politics and pop culture?[View]
153299966ABORIGINAL GENOCIDE WHEN?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPt8bfNdgFs Holy shit this county is abso…[View]
153299954F: What did they mean by this? Are they prepping the people for another assassination?[View]
153299842Catalonia should be granted independence because..?[View]
153296924A True Feminist: A True Feminist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRlfbUr852o[View]
153277322explain this goyim: is this shit what I think it is?[View]
153294858roy moore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Moore >Moore rejects the theory of evolution, saying…[View]
153279810Sweden YES: At least we have internet neutrality here[View]
153298929I think I figured out why Alt Righters are unwilling to define whatÄs 'white enough'.[View]
153296099We Poles are proud communists: /pol/ BTFO You worship us because of a few bigots but we are mostly …[View]
153298885Fiddles.: Thanks. Will play with you all some other time.[View]
153296396https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/12/14/opinion/sunday/trump-lies-obama-who-is-worse.html Why…[View]
153288299Its happening in Netherlands[View]
153298727English 'Christianity ': Grenfell tower. A Muslim ceremony at St. Paul's cathedral in London. W…[View]
153299177Anybody have Sikh infographics?: Anybody have Sikh infographic about how Sikhism came into power to …[View]
153299155Sandy Hook v2.0 Fuck the Mods: There was just an interesting thread about Sandy Hook and of course i…[View]
153287847Disney to buy 20th century fox https://www.cbsnews.com/news/disney-fox-deal-combines-two-of-worlds-b…[View]
153299050>there's no way Trump will get elected Trump gets elected >there's no way net neut…[View]
153296642The FCC right now[View]
153294326>almost 2018 >harming earth-chan in any way i seriously fucking hope you‘re recycling your shi…[View]
153296382Time to reach out and touch Bob Corker: Bob Corker, who never met a bank bailout or globalist gibs b…[View]
153298825Bernie woulda won: tfw hilltards realize bernie woulda won but her crookedness caused trump[View]
153284926The biggest standing armies in Europe >1.Greece >2.U.K >3.France >4.Poland >5.Germany…[View]
153295457Pantone's 2018 'color of the year' is violet: >mfw the colour revolution for the US is purpl…[View]
153295508So wait, many people here say that this Net Neutrality repeal wont change anything cus it'll ju…[View]
153250355Romania No!: Legionary memes started poping in public transports around Bucharest promoting the unif…[View]
153294755tfw their vote counts exactly the same how do we institute aristocracy? aristocracy meaning the rule…[View]
153298354All Lies!!!: Those who promote this link are libtard stooges!! If you see it, call them out and tell…[View]
153295652Obama's economy in one image: A lot of people look to the actual DJIA number as a means of gaug…[View]
153298228A (shitty) poem about Net Neutrality: Net Neutrality You were put in place by the authority As a saf…[View]
153286089While we have so many leftists visiting today, please answer the following: Why are you so certain I…[View]
153297375>Teaching ancient greek in schools and colleges outside Greece >Not being able to tell apart m…[View]
153292936POLAND NO!: >WARSAW — Polish NGOs not sharing the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s ultra-cons…[View]
153288132The onceler was going to let him keep a nature reserve, and this dumb fuck responded by demanding th…[View]
153297382Why are the americans on here right wing?: I'm irish so I don't know much about the situat…[View]
153297872/pol/, is religion is a mental illness? >Religion is a mental illness. It makes all kinds of sill…[View]
153283385German domination of the EU means it has conquered without war, and signing up to the EU is signing …[View]
153278242>the perfect Brown person doesn't exi-[View]
153297835Aussie's get diversity: FOOTAGE has emerged of wild scenes at St Kilda Beach as hundreds of you…[View]
153281476Trump is done[View]
153297799The news of the day: https://youtu.be/zpvt1F9NplU FCC removes net neutrality, #metoo claims a job an…[View]
153295961Am i a cuck if i'm listening to old rap music with zero nigga word like this one : https://yout…[View]
153259311Ryan Hanging it Up: >b-b-but Q-anon is a larp[View]
153297687Fakecoin: So is it just me or for the last say ... 15 years we all beleived the banks wanted to move…[View]
153293755So this is what real girl power looks like... Woah. Soyboys really can direct a masterpiece![View]
153296965White mortality rates on the rise: Ages 50-54 deaths increase from alcohol, suicide and opioids...'d…[View]
153289307Why are black people so violent?[View]
153295699Will the death of Net Neutrality also kill Feminism: While I am not for killing NN, maybe this will …[View]
153297296>Once mom has to pay extra money for little Lard to post on 4chan will we see a decline in judeo-…[View]
153292975Was it worth it lads?[View]
153258482>kikes supposedly have 'high IQs' >don't make cool shit like whites and gooks explain…[View]
153289379The first white man appeared only about 6,000 year ago on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea aft…[View]
153289399Front page of NFLSHOP.com - JUST: Does anything else need to be said at this point? http://www.nflsh…[View]
153296995happy hanukkah /pol/![View]
153295272>your daughter brings home her white girlfriend >your daughter brings home her non-white boyfr…[View]
153289703Razörfist just BTFO all you Net Neutrality loving plebbitors. https://youtu.be/dh8sVHb5oOA[View]
153292525It never ends: Amerimutt enters plea deal, my question is: why after raping her, he ends her life WH…[View]
153296957Mr Robot is the state of NeoLib delusion: >Make fight club ripoff, hack financial corporation and…[View]
153297108Yes goy, dismantle net neutrality! EMPEROR TRUMP DEMANDS IT! Then we can silence all those ebil neo-…[View]
153293944This guy is lying.: I can refute this: https://youtu.be/nqJDW_s93rc[View]
153295091I'm gonna seem like a faggot for asking this, but do you guys ever take breaks from /pol/? I us…[View]
153296899Genetically weaker sex is dem, lowest IQ race votes dem: Hurr durr everyone in alabama is retarded. …[View]
153291263Los Angeles Fire: Single digit humidity and high winds today. Only 30% contained. How many oven dodg…[View]
153296824Counterfeit bitcoin 4 sale. PM me w/ offers[View]
153295528based le 56% face: https://youtu.be/MgGEruIN8CE This guy is the definition of le 56% face But he mak…[View]
153284262Kentucky lawmaker kills himself after sexual assault allegations: >Republican state Rep. Dan John…[View]
153291915How bad is Canada: So a little argument between friends broke recently and they were really mad abou…[View]
153289327Anti-Semitism – Excuses and Reasons: http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1513223001829.jpg…[View]
153288391Ajit Pai memes thread: keep em coming[View]
153295684Is this the most powerful political movement in world history?[View]
153296410Does /biz/ owe any money to debt collectors? Have you ever been sued for it? I owe about $6,000 to d…[View]
153295798>5000 dollar donation to daily stormer[View]
153295970>Le FCC Approved 51% face. Keep comments short guys, the freedom monkeys have to pay by the chara…[View]
153269773Why can't America have free healthcare like Britain? Why isn't the US healthcare system as…[View]
153289532Can it be fixed?[View]
153295444Explain this Shit: >EU is America's puppet >Saddam Hussien refuses to sell oil in USD, ch…[View]
153293931The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
153295538Wow just wow: Isn't this just like making a black person morph into a monkey? I can't beli…[View]
153291871Dutch happening Islamic machete of peace strikes again[View]
153294347Paul Ryan 2020: 46 How does it feel /pol/ ? Trump's worst nightmare.[View]
153295229Do you love him?[View]
153295933>the top 6 (six) media conglomerates are now down to 5 (five) after disney gobbled up fox But sur…[View]
153283063I wondered what happened to this dude[View]
153281446Happy Hanukkkah, goys![View]
153290520I walk these empty streets: ON THIS BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS[View]
153258657Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard: I once heard IRL a burger say 'Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is…[View]
153288945> 'But muh provider will be expensive as shiet!' Why the hell are people throwing a fit in an age…[View]
153295277PILLZ HERE: The shills have changed tactics. To any anon that has not heard the news, read this. We …[View]
153292752WMBF ads being pushed: I know I can't be the only one noticing that since the 2016 election end…[View]
153295180How do we solve the bugman problem?: Post things soygoys do: >kikestarter backers >Faceberg vi…[View]
153288354BLACKED: John Hanson Was the First President of the United States! 1781-1782 A.D.??? George Washingt…[View]
153295080Based DrRandomerCam call out the Jew: He finally calls out the Jews. https://youtu.be/GdtI3doKSD4…[View]
153285077>Church has based Pope Benedict >Pope mysteriously “resigns” >Is replaced with son of commu…[View]
153293102how do we deal with the influx of t_d faggots and boomers?: is there a way to deal with them? or is …[View]
153292571A message to all ''alt-righters''. Drop the nazi stuff, i understand why you wou…[View]
153289057How has this guy gained such a following among the right?: His understanding of world war 2 is zilch…[View]
153293681>i fucking hate ind-- What the fuck? I love Indians now![View]
153293555Ok, listen up /pol/: This is an apple. You can look at it from the left. You can look at it from the…[View]
153294750smuggies thread[View]
153294666https://youtu.be/DAyovQhT4XI So THIS is 'white power'?[View]
153293460Public Porn Policy?: What is the political/societal impact of incest porn taking over the mainstream…[View]
153291740Flags Thread: why do you call me a vpn?[View]
153276984Common Law: Was Common Law a mistake?[View]
153294551India Is Surpassing the United States: Reminder that Indians are literally teaching their DOGS how t…[View]
153277946What would you advice someone who has no diploma at age 23 ?: I'm a 23 years old who used to be…[View]
153294143Islam is the future: Hello my fellow white people. I am not 56. Unironically, we should convert to I…[View]
153276510How many Americans need to die before we fix this: When can we ban guns and finally stop the bloodsh…[View]
153294405Based /pol/and try fight back populism[View]
153292739>Muslims can't build citi-[View]
153294334Hey guys. I was thinking, The black guy in 'The Last Jedi' is kind of like Bernie Sanders and the em…[View]
153294272Guys, we are fucked. The jews invaded after the spanish inquisition. shitty christian + converted k…[View]
153292476Pizzagate: Andrew Breitbart knew About Podesta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kSqaQDtl08…[View]
153280812This poor guy...[View]
153291806How do we feel about the Constitution Party? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_Party_(Uni…[View]
153282453anarcho-communist general, let's try to actually get one of these off the ground this time[View]
153279189https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eilZTgurr4 In his recent video Varg says the following: >The 'ge…[View]
153292831BREAKING: Experts confirm Trump tax reform bill will sink stockmarket and crash economy.: CNN has co…[View]
153293896Just a nigga with Obamacare: The earth is flat, the moon landing was fake, and Donald trump did bush…[View]
153293862Leaked Zionist shill handbook to win support for Israel: The Luntz document from 2009 is almost like…[View]
153275063Antifa Professor Bikelock's pre-trial set for 2/22/18: https://www.dvcinquirer.com/news/2017/12…[View]
153275956HAPPENING - Disney Acquires Fox: Way to go, /pol/. While you were busy flaming trad thots and shit-p…[View]
153292937Reminder Michael Jackson was killed by the govt. Jew: >jew me >kike me >Jew me Sue me le z…[View]
153292197Hellp, I am Barack Obama. A secret muslim terrorist born in Kenya, that beat the white christian mal…[View]
153293532Has the UK left the EU yet, or was it a joke like Catalonian Independence?[View]
153289752TRUMP FINALLY BTFO. NOT A DRILL: It's pretty much over for Trump: >Report: CIA Captured Puti…[View]
153283693Bitcoin is used by muslims: Ban it. We can't have something that supports muslims. Bitcoin is …[View]
153284541Putin ordered the hack: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/world/national-security/donald-…[View]
153280553Canada is buying old crap worth a cent a piece from the Aussies: Why are Canadians so based?[View]
153281589What makes America so great from the others?[View]
153248373>be nationalist >start reading libertarian books and listening to libertarian intellectuals an…[View]
153293011Has /pol/ seen this series? What do you guys think? https://youtu.be/pJ0soqQPl5A[View]
153276551Syria General /sg/- First Class Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
153292894Steve Bannon Question: Has this guy overstayed his welcome? Is it time to ditch him and find a bette…[View]
153286161What are we being educated for??: I am in such a dire spot regarding these racial politics... I feel…[View]
153267114Brit/pol/:Snake with Tits Edition: >Tory rebels set to block EU withdrawal bill http://www.itv.co…[View]
1532902172016: >4chanerrs get /ourguy/ elected as US President 2017: >4channers get rich from imaginary…[View]
153285161Irish Need Not Apply: the 21st century return to race based hiring (far from new, but i dont usually…[View]
153268782xd: Lets get the shoops going[View]
153290710If the polls are fake about Trump's approval rating: why did HALF of Alabama Repbulcians not sh…[View]
153292600Netflix original show Shadowhunters under fire: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5127595…[View]
153291253Karma: >The Trump curse is not r.... https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/San-Francisco-Mayor-Ed…[View]
153292437Michael Jackson said FDR would never Approve of This Shit: Trickle down reagaonomics. You think FDR …[View]
153290482Americans can not prove this image wrong[View]
153292357A how to on race wars: Hey anons IIT we talk about how the race war will start and how to make it st…[View]
153292309Et tu, Little Marco?: Marco wants to provide more gibs for the poor, laying the groundwork for his 2…[View]
153290662Should women be allowed to vote?: It has been scientifically proven that women think differently It …[View]
153244650Merkel diversity blocks stop nothing: When a 12ton truck hits a 2 ton block, the 2 ton block slides …[View]
153291685Israel First; America Last[View]
153284007Nigger https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/532608358508167168[View]
153291877The absolute state of the Left.....[View]
153278252Euros Vs. Burgers: Hey Euros, why do you hate us? I'm not denying the amerimutt meme is real. B…[View]
153290652Maybe he wasn't so bad after all[View]
153290093Is Japan ancap approved?: Mao Sugiyama (born March 31, 1990) is a Japanese performance artist and ac…[View]
153291845THIS IS WHAT AMERICAN IS SUPPOSED TO BE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DLQ_fyFkzA[View]
153288487LOL the left continues to eat itself http://archive.is/r62O6 Aung-chink chong nip nong gong, the fem…[View]
153274408Reddit/Twitter salt minding Thread #2: Previous thread >>153263262 POST EM[View]
153256374What state or country is like a retarded little brother to yours?[View]
153291698>[Group I don't like] was bussed in to vote and sway the election! Why is this such a common…[View]
153281924Electricity neutrality: As someone who needs to run multiple large electric ovens 24/7 for personal …[View]
153270602Change My Opinion On Taxes: >Taxation is theft from productive, working people to give money to d…[View]
153291504ITT: based reading material[View]
153245276Since this queen has officially declared war on the Alt Right, should the Alt Right be scared of her…[View]
153288696Green party: Do you guys hate the Green party? yes or no[View]
153290503One More Goes Down: NEW YORK (AP) — PBS has suspended radio and TV host Tavis Smiley after finding w…[View]
153285932Happening-tabbing incident in Maastrich: BREAKING: 1 person killed & several injured in stabbing…[View]
153290979Hate symbol: I was going to make a pin in my schools tech class and my teacher said I'm not all…[View]
153246110JUDGE MOORE REFUSES TO CONCEDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTAZuxICja8[View]
153286268I just started my first ISP: How many of you started your ISPs today?[View]
153277472Don't mess with the Royal Norwegian Air Force[View]
153284101Euro Hate Thread: >A-Americans don't have as much f-freedom as us! They are literally banned…[View]
153278842Affordable healthcare >We don't want it! Safety net for the poor >We don't want it! …[View]
153276303One man enough to feed the family: What the fuck is wrong with you cucks? In the past one man could …[View]
153285908ALT KIKE ON SUICIDE WATCH https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/lostinshowbiz/2017/dec/14/spare-t…[View]
153289867UK yes: Good job You have NN there, better censor everything[View]
153283689And the meek shall inherit the Earth.[View]
153289235Hungary - the black sheep of V4: Why everyone so easily forget that Viktor Orbán is in bed with Puti…[View]
153287090Whitey BTFO![View]
153290048CHRISTMAS MAGA: and Donald Trump jumps from roof to roof shouting for all to hear with great Christm…[View]
153280810WHY IS TRUMP A JEWISH WAR PUPPET ?! ?! ?!?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk5M_qLnBmg[View]
153286793GET OFF HIS BLOCK: https://youtu.be/NHZG_3GyEpU What kind of clown world do we inhabit where a tiny …[View]
153290099My mother told me 'GO TO SCHOOL, WORK HARD' ALL BULLSHIT THAT TURNS MEN INTO HANK HILLS. Her dad, A …[View]
153289329We wuz paganz: https://youtu.be/dGizKIcUxqY Varg is saying that everything supposedly Christian and …[View]
153287378Daily reminder that Republicans got the highest percentage of black voters during the civil rights e…[View]
153278540They spray chemtrails and then nanobots fall in the rain. You ingest the nanobots by drinking the wa…[View]
153288793SSNP: >Anti Kike >Anti Globalism >Influenced by National Socialism >Secular while sti…[View]
153282646SEE THE DIFFERENCE?[View]
153282949Net Neutrality Repealed: please discuss this /pol/ are we fucked now?[View]
153289644This is how (((MSM))) works: They pretend to be your friend, ask to interview you promising to be fa…[View]
153288653Norman Finkelstein: >His email: normfinkelstein@gmail.com Has anyone here ever emailed this guy, …[View]
153289497Where were you when /pol/ just got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by Reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/Trumpgret/…[View]
153287202If a strong authoritarian state took came to be and they had a policy where they'd force pair p…[View]
153222531Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Rape Protection Edition: Jamaica coalition is kill. FDP won't do…[View]
153288615This meme is nothing but a meme: I grew up in a spic and cracker majority school district and the Th…[View]
153284960Are Arabs actually aware of the shit Jews pull or do they just hate them because muh palestine?[View]
15327964441% of rape accusations are lies Why does this happen?[View]
153286781Can't we all just get along?[View]
153277143Just picked this up at a bookstore today. What am I in for /pol/?[View]
153288352why are americans so patriotic ?: the usa is an over populated hell hole there's going to be 50…[View]
153288736BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump cries over spilled milk and now blaming Mexico![View]
153288877The truth about net neutrality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_nBhfpmk4 https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
153286142Trump said 'The Future Belongs To Us' again today: plus ultra[View]
153285593MASS STABBING IN MAASTRICHT, MANY CASUALTIES: https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/1434541/dode-en-meerde…[View]
153287945Let’s get on the news: Everybody go to 3000 Apollo in Danville, Virginia and be as offensive as POSS…[View]
153288600What made you so jaded, /pol/ ? At what point did you stop thnking that coexistence with other races…[View]
153288599>https://twitter.com/edkrassen/status/941395790605508609 >BREAKING: The following states are s…[View]
153266206Omarosa Chimp Out at White House. Gen Kelly Saves Day.: Sheeboon Omarosa Manigault Newman got fired …[View]
153288567Who’s the guy protecting President Trump today? Marine, Secret Service, Mossad, who is he?: I bet on…[View]
153284105TFW this man will never be brezident of Merica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnH67G7vAu4[View]
153288511How can people still be marxist-leninists when it was the form of socialism that actually failed?: W…[View]
153265531Democracy, ladies and gentlemen: Only 36 percent of Americans can correctly identify North Korea on …[View]
153285634Was he /ourguy/?[View]
153285393You know, just because you voted for some one does not mean you have to think everything that they d…[View]
153288296If I can achieve this one thing i'll be more than happy to finally end my life, or die happy at…[View]
153283398How to Fix Africa: Hey fellas here's an idea. Since the globalist Jews are filling up Europe wi…[View]
153280820Ottoman Empire/Turkey: What are /pol/‘s opinion of Turkey and its current borders, policies, and rol…[View]
153266370Do you consider Niggers as human being ?: Is it normal if i don't feel nothing towards niggers …[View]
153287614Indian moving to Kangfrica: Name all the livable african countries, I'm Hindu And was wondering…[View]
153286877Please help, false president macri who was elected in a fraudulent election is rounding up all oppos…[View]
153286934New Scorcese movie on the murder of Jimmy Hoffa: Pesci, DeNiro and Al Pacino The Irishman http://www…[View]
153277637Why is literally every Trumpkin such an irredeemable subhuman?[View]
153285686Ethnostate / Race Realism: Realistically, if the majority of blacks prefer to live around other blac…[View]
153287807Head of congressional ethics com accused of ass grabbing and other things: http://foreignpolicy.com/…[View]
153287272Keeping fascist tendencies make society bloom[View]
153279076Guys are we on the loosing side, are there that many dense soyboys? Also >racist paratheses…[View]
153285586Well well well, look who's trying to resurrect themselves and the best thing is they're up…[View]
153285943Are there any Rothschild owned banks in India?[View]
153280245Why do people call me a 'newmale'?: I'm getting real sick of everyone calling me a newmale. I g…[View]
153285472You people destroyed the world[View]
153286790Talked with my isp. You won't believe what happened.[View]
153287033#2Trending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ioOX-37Jko Skrattar Du you lose[View]
153284536So like, nobody here still actually supports this guy right? He's full filled jack shit of his …[View]
153286249Blue collar cuck: >grow up in Southern California and absolutely hate is >get job opportunity …[View]
153286085Is it possible to cover the entire cost of graduate school with loans alone? From my understanding, …[View]
153284798There is no logical argument against feudalism, only fallacies. You may not like it, but we need sla…[View]
153282389Hey, /pol/. I have a friend that's indecisive on the Israel issue. Can I get some basic redpill…[View]
153284242>the first American 'rebels' during the Revolutionary War were still royal to king and country, j…[View]
153286355Trump is not going to save America: the last straw for me is when he saved those thieving niggers fr…[View]
153281815Hey /pol/ Why are liberals so fucking stupid while simultaneously being convinced that they're …[View]
153279344Judge Roy Moore Campaign Statement: press F to pay respect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I_NkJ8VT…[View]
153252044Portuguese Africa Thread: Post pics of the Portuguese Presence in Africa, mainly of the Portuguese O…[View]
153286117Eric Schmidt assassination imminent?: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/12/13/google-launching-arti…[View]
153283668Should parents be required to feed their children? It seems unfair to the parent to force them at gu…[View]
153276195I just translated this. This is literally created by the most liberal, actually socialistic, newspap…[View]
153285959TRUMP SIGNS 700 BILLION DOLLAR MILITARY SPENDING BILL: http://thehill.com/policy/defense/364457-trum…[View]
153231892are educators not working hard enough to teach the next generation /pol/?[View]
153285709American gun owners think mass shootings are a part of ‘free society’: https://globalnews.ca/news/39…[View]
153285752Where is he now, /pol/?[View]
153275774Wine Pill: Still drinking beer, good goy? Very cool! It wouldn't be good goy male without high …[View]
153262035If you could save 3 European countries besides your own from the cultural enrichment,which ones woul…[View]
153282306Tsuji Natsumi Nevada Tan: Does anyone have pictures of Nevada Tan being taunted online?? I have a fr…[View]
153278009Poland Makes Jewish Banker Their Prime Minister: Fuckin' BASED https://dailystormer.red/poland-…[View]
153274857>mfw single-handedly made Europe learn that at a point in time it wasn't multicultural enoug…[View]
153278394This guy trolled Reddit harder than you ever could: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFhT6H6pRWg…[View]
153285625Perezoso Doom: >perezoso doom >mexican >thinks hes white >advocates for white ethnostate…[View]
153285479What's riling up the Eurosludge lately? You're not all bad, I like to believe the average …[View]
153283770FOX NEWS 'Trump International Resort applies to hire more foreign workers': http://www.foxnews.com/l…[View]
153276629refugees are cowards: >able bodied people, esp men >leaving country of birth en masse >not …[View]
153285339Hoax document??: Get in here faggots and solve this question. https://www.docdroid.net/CM5sWm7/r2-hu…[View]
153283997Black People: I like black people, I think they are cool people, my favorites include Terry Crews an…[View]
153277228How genetic is race?: How true is the notion that certain races have higher IQs, are less likely to …[View]
153285228Post yfw:: >Hollywood sex predators are no longer talked about due to the war for the web, makes …[View]
153285116Laugh at reddit, the Orwellian shithole.: Post examples of reddit censorship. 100% fresh, they sent …[View]
153282112>white genocide is going on in white countries >pol is against white genocide and wants to sto…[View]
153277363good job /pol/ now there's gonna be 50 foot tall niggers everywhere[View]
153277410Redpill time!: Alright anons, time to drop your best redpills! Why is homosexuality bad? >inb4 r…[View]
153282761What is happening in Syria. I don't really hear about that country anymore[View]
153282072santa wears red, gives free stuff away and looks like karl marx christmas is a communist holiday pos…[View]
153266248Mars for black people only: Is this a good idea? Will giving them Mars and all the technology to ter…[View]
153281751I found these comments on the_donald. So are these the smart and rational human beings who don'…[View]
153283143What is this black sun stuff?: Some people mentioned black sun in my previous thread now i want 2 as…[View]
153280325When will America lose its superpower status?: How powerful will they still be in 2030? Will China o…[View]
153284486Post pictures drawings art /pol/ related: Posting my picture of an sjw. Post your stuff[View]
153278031Poland thread[View]
153283910Goodnight Sweet Prince[View]
153281380thank you in advance for saying 'pois pakkoruotsi' ! say NO to mandatory swedish learning ! oispa s…[View]
153277696Why do they do this shit?[View]
153281082/ptg/ President Trump General - California Still Burning Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
153280062>Disney buys Fox >Fox News wasn't part of the deal and will remain the shithole it is Wel…[View]
153275778>German Iron Cross whenever you go full screen What did Youtube mean by this?…[View]
153280140you guys know you were supposed to get your local municipalities to like, uhh, repeal all the dumb s…[View]
153283579How now, Drumpfies?: >Trump will save us Whats that Blumphkins? Whats that you say about Mexico a…[View]
153274686https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBMIvsk7LVk TRUMP LIVE SPEAKING ABOUT REGULATIONS![View]
153282004Manhood: This man right here is a true role model for children. He went from someone too afraid to d…[View]
153255049Press F to pay respects: SS Sturmbannführer Eberhard Heder - one of the last surviving Knight Cross …[View]
153283182I Miss Walt Disney: >Eisner takes over in 1984 >first PG animation happens same year >first…[View]
153282965So how far along are you in your political reading? ... you HAVE started reading and informing yours…[View]
153276869ANTITRUST WON'T WORK ON ISPS: THANKS r/The_Donald >'There is another reason why I think the …[View]
153282466Hello ,fellow aryan brethren . We are being attacked by the judeo-islamist-cultural-marxist-tranny-g…[View]
153283015>According to a study published by Smith and Beals in 1990, based on measurements of approximatel…[View]
153282958oy mayt: what happened to brexit, cunts?[View]
153273403How come government USED TO be able to get big things done but can't anymore? The Transcontinen…[View]
153282656Look at you faggots, supporting something that claims to be nationalistic but does not support the m…[View]
153272422macedonia continuation tatars allowed[View]
153282046Holy shit! The Jews that control porn hub are pushing race mixing in Europe, now look what they have…[View]
153273854Rivers will be red with blood: How many politicians will die in the following weeks for this net neu…[View]
153280323He can't keep getting away with it![View]
153280075Blackpill thread: Hello /pol/, I have returned from my break from you, but my nihilism has not faded…[View]
153280634>Mark Levin >Steven Crowder >Gavin McInnes >Matt Kibbe >Michelle Malkin >Phil Robe…[View]
153281803https://youtu.be/4fYb6AGc4Lg Haha, /pol/ BTFO once again. Mexican daddy got wise to your shit and de…[View]
153277740INSPIRING https://youtu.be/N6M40UCEY3M What do you think /pol/ ?[View]
153270275Why are black people so violent?[View]
153281837CUT THE RED TAPE: Trump the savior of our economy and nation. He's cutting 22 regulations for e…[View]
153281113When will all you fags realize white pill is the only path for the true alpha male?[View]
153262914Honestly, I don't know much about how the net neutrality works. All I know is that Democrats, t…[View]
153259612Muslims BTFO: http://www.dawnlightnews.com/2017/12/06/china-22-tons-of-pig-meat-sold-as-halal-to-mus…[View]
153281721>tfw you vote in the capitalists you were supporting but then realize that things cost money so n…[View]
153280382>mfw yuros live in authoritarian socialist regimes and will soon be under sharia law in a few dec…[View]
153279941Hey /pol/. I want to remind you. I want to remind you what this site was before Obama's regulat…[View]
153279683How have none of the 527 people injured in LV succumbed to their injuries? The number of dead has st…[View]
153276903What happened to /pol/ this place is a war zone now[View]
153276787Why Is The World Dominated By Filthy Barbaric 'Civilizations'?: When will the world be purged of bar…[View]
153280585>Didn't wanna piss your base off, did ya? >Can't denounce the klan, 'cause they…[View]
153274203Stop watching porn, pol: porn and legally castrating men is like throwing meat in a lion cage, a lio…[View]
153278545/ptg/ President Trump General - Back To Salt Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
153276348Whelp, IMDB just removed their SORT feature for reviews due to (((George Orwell))). First they got r…[View]
153280789What do you think about Emilio Gentiles definition of fascism?: 1. a mass movement with multiclass m…[View]
153276124(((Serbia))): why does pol side with the jews friends against white people in Kosovo? vid related ht…[View]
153280480Jiz Pie suckaz & how 2 PWNHMs: Ajit Pai, Michael O’Rielly, and Brendan Carr are responsible for …[View]
153280393Can he still win?[View]
153280314The Wall: I stopped browsing /pol/ a little under a year ago, some time after Trump was inaugurated.…[View]
153260796>Meanwhile, in Burgerland... When the American is told he'll go to prison if he doesn't…[View]
153280121400 days later, let's take a moment for reflection: 400 days since 2016 US election! 0 days wit…[View]
1532797252017 Best Year!!!: >Alabama stronghold gets blued >Brexit utterly fails >no wall >divers…[View]
153276613Do you think it is ok, to let road maintainers decide what brand of cars are allowed to drive in the…[View]
153279849Why are there no good pro-white organizations?: and I don't mean the KKK or identity europa. I …[View]
153279560Well /pol/ its been 5 years today..: ..and gun violence is still and epidemic in this nation common …[View]
153279300>open my little sisters english lesson book >the main protagonist (black) goes for a walk in L…[View]
153279449Colombian SJWs are trying to shut down Dr Molina's surgery center claiming that his advertising…[View]
153279239Muslim girls sing for 'Allah' in St Paul's Cathedral: https://twitter.com/themuslimvibe/status/…[View]
153279320California Sucks my Dick: California is the USA's #1 most hated state >Let hundreds of felon…[View]
153277318So this little faggot is in court again today. Any updates?[View]
153279211brexit and the eu chat: got to https://www.rabb.it/ShumiB these guys talking about the brexit and th…[View]
153277037She will be the pivotal force that will bring Drumpf down: He's over.[View]
153275305/ptg/ President Trump General - THIS IS THE CHART Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
153275640Greater United States: When the U.S is free from the (((Government))) it should cleanse its populati…[View]
153278316UK PETITION TOO LEAVE EU ! NOW !: so this little gem appeared in my inbox, sign it right now, farrag…[View]
153278236https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF8yhYoslG4 What's your opinion on Madchild, /pol/? Is he /ourg…[View]
153274527Why can't we live peacefully together in this World?[View]
153277715Any good podcasts covering European politics and conservative/Eurosceptic?: I want to keep up with n…[View]
153277532The future of the US: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.la…[View]
153272289Oh, so NOW they care about illegal votes[View]
153225055Who else wishes Hiter won?[View]
153275155Community-Cohesion Lacking: https://youtu.be/N8MrdoO4VSQ Why aren't communities cohesive anymor…[View]
153233545When did you realize hezbollah are the good guys and israel was bad?[View]
153256016/our guy/ Ajit Pai is trolling the fuck out of reddit and they are losing their mind. https://www.yo…[View]
153250698Syria General /sg/- Aim Higher Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
153276098Well, are you a master or a slave /pol/?[View]
153275541In today's world Internet access has become a utility and a basic necessity. People depend on t…[View]
153275223Flag of the Alt-Right: Its time we unite behind a single banner of our own creation.[View]
153271965>Nuclear family[View]
153274461Well /pol/ its been 5 years today..: ..and gun violence is still and epidemic in this nation common …[View]
153275203>only pay for the real news and bible.com internet packages >tfw internet is 90% cheaper >t…[View]
153273737it be ya own republicans.[View]
153273302Why is net neutrality bad: been on 4chan since 09, I cant tell whos the shill.... every thread is 'W…[View]
153275747WHY LARDS ARE RUINING EVERYTHING?: Lards current fuck-up record: >sexuality >gender >childr…[View]
153274332'DURRR LEDDIT TEARS XD' God, you guys are such fucking bootlickers. If Trump went on Twitter and sai…[View]
153275680*throws away letter from the CIA in your path*[View]
153275667Should pre-marital sex be made illegal again? What other degenerate acts would you create laws to st…[View]
153274009I'm so disappointed in this site. I thought it would be the one place where people would actua…[View]
153275634Am i defining fascism wrong?: >Fascism is the belief that the majority cannot be trusted to make …[View]
153278227I absolutely love the amerimutt meme but isn't it just another conquer and divide tactic by (((…[View]
153270847Daily comfy fashwave thread fags[View]
153273563How did Hitler comer to power and why aren't there any video of inside the gas chamber while pe…[View]
153274183*Yawn*: >FCC Kills (((NN))) while I'm sleeping >WakeUp.mp3 >Turns on computer >Open…[View]
153266583On the off chance 4chan gets shut down due to NN being gone... Where do we go?[View]
153272249/ptg/ President Trump General - Press Briefing Continues Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
153275314>Trump is elected president: >STILL no wall >STILL no Clinton in jail >STILL nothing he…[View]
153275317What did they mean by this?[View]
153268802How does repealing Net Neutrality help YOU? As in you personally. How does it help you?[View]
153274603We're in hell.: Ways around NN? I'm thinking VPNs might even get some sort of boot, yeah?…[View]
153274819My friends think VICE News is super unbiased. Please post headlines from them or any other fake news…[View]
153265484Gillibrand 2020: I'm with her.[View]
153272512Now THIS is the right way to handle guns. Here in Sweden there has been an angry uproar when Jula, a…[View]
153273293Why does Trump love the Jews so much?[View]
153274888Is The House of Saud really Jewish?: I've heard this being kicked around for a while but it see…[View]
153275044gun thread?: white power to keep it /pol/ related[View]
153275098WTF I LOVE INDIA NOW[View]
153275001>Never been to reddit >Barely if ever use social media outlets >Rarely on jewtube >Plays…[View]
153274994Bruh look at this dude wait till you see the.....[View]
153274061>be american >pay extra to keep browsing >get shot…[View]
153251695You literally cannot prove him wrong >inb4 le lock and key maymay Just because you're fat d…[View]
153272185Fuck heroin and fuck drugs in general. The fucking baby scene. Kill your local drug dealer.[View]
153272632On the bright side...: >no more free porn, so 50% of consumers will stop using it >the poor pe…[View]
153272541>White people should start appropriating black peoples common sense by voting Democrat Where were…[View]
153274207What's this degenerate 56 percenter's endgame? What's his motive? How do we stop her?[View]
153274684Gavin McInnes: Can anyone explain why this loathsome cunt exists?[View]
153274661Hi: Can someone just fucking red pill me on what's happening? So much hysteria[View]
153257988What happened to Antifa?: Haven’t heard from them in months. Did they get BTFO? Or are they planning…[View]
153271035Give me some degenerate faggots pics to show her how much flawed 'love is love'shit truly is, or you…[View]
153260742alright, which one of you fucks did this.[View]
153274478All porn websites will be banned January 1st in the USA, you degenerates. Don't even think abou…[View]
153244659Having older brothers increases men's likelihood of being gay: >For decades, scientists have…[View]
153274456>Americans have to pay for accessing 4chan >Mods and jannies are american >mfw they not onl…[View]
153274419Iron Dome: This machine triggers muslims. http://m.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Report-Iron-dome-…[View]
153267127>no porn >no piracy >no dissident opinions word on the street is that even your BLACKED.com…[View]
153274320IT'S OVER MEULLER IS FINISHED THIS TIME http://archive.is/hqvKt >fbi agent removed hated hil…[View]
153273554[SERIOUS THREAD] Republican supporters, how do you feel about Trump's current actions?[View]
153264378Are Americans mentally challenged?: Why do they constantly support policies that are obviously detri…[View]
153274273IT'S HAPPENING!: >bait threads >shills They were already facing off against the A.I. Per…[View]
153274225Is anyone else watching the communist riots in Argentina?: >https://tn.com.ar/envivo/24hs https:/…[View]
153273994fare thee well amerimutts[View]
153251994i just want to know your view: can anyone explain me why you're against net neutrality with arg…[View]
153274205/pol/ BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYHnd4boUoM& How will /pol/ ever recover?…[View]
153272073>mfw an American payed $0.50 to view my shitpost[View]
153273656A theory about Ajit Pai, Net Neutrality, and Donald Trump: Alright /pol/, what if the Net Neutrality…[View]
153273872Five guys. The most important political decision in American history was made by five fucking guys.[View]
153267521Did we just get played? Was this part of their master plan? Was this all a conspiracy by democrats?[View]
153273648>American Families Oh no no no oh noo no HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA[View]
153272693>roy moore loses but doesn't concede >says he'll keep fighting, take it to court, ya…[View]
153273094How do sub saharan niggers exist?: Shouldn't natural selection have taken care of them by now?…[View]
153273893Comcast was right: The main problem with net neutrality was because internet connections between pai…[View]
153266741NET NEUTRALITY CELEBRATION THREAD: ITT: post yfw ISP monopolies just died and the big man's gon…[View]
153268048>be Amerifat >vote for Trump >Internet gets removed what do…[View]
153273209EXPLAIN THIS /pol/ACKS! https://www.thedailybeast.com/report-cia-captured-putins-specific-instructio…[View]
153256814What made you go full 1488 pol?[View]
153273824AMERICA DESPERATELY NEEDS ANOTHER FDR: Truly the GOAT presidents . Corporations are consolidating to…[View]
153273781This is what the average Net Neutrality supporter from /b/ thinks.[View]
153273658purify america: Death to non whites[View]
153273775Net Neutrality: >less burgerposting >less degenerate normies >Jewtubers cry like little bi…[View]
153269633MUELLER BAITED GOP WILL RELEASE GUILIANI TEXT MESSAGES: Guiliani is fuckedd. Mueller got his hands o…[View]
153272802How many Americans need to die before we fix this: When can we ban guns and finally stop the bloodsh…[View]
153272857Who Am I missing?: Jon Conyers = Drained Al Franken = Drained Kevin Spacey = Drained Mat Lauer = Dra…[View]
153259702Does /pol/ have any friends that are actually black? I grew up with this black guy who lived across …[View]
153266440Hi, I don't want Net Neutrality because I want streaming porn to cost money. Sincerely, dumb pe…[View]
153262979Do Americans even deserve Net Neutrality? Wouldn't the Internet be much better off without them…[View]
153273492Socialist Health Care: So I have to sign up for Health Care and it's just Jewish horse manure. …[View]
153273482Vote Trump, Get Cucked[View]
153273472BurgerClown Land: Do you think they actually feel like this? Is this just how white supremacy with a…[View]
153272029Sup Republicans, how do you feel about your Ajit Pai breaking down Net Neutrality? >inb4 the salt…[View]
153273335Buh Bye Britbongs. we're having yer going away party, sorry but it doesn't start till afte…[View]
153270411Pol's Daily Question #11: India has given you full control over North Sentinel Island and the S…[View]
153273304Ok, I need to get the fuck out of the US. This country is going to reach a critical mass soon, and I…[View]
153273303mfw only poor Americans (Communists and anarchists and the like) are going to not have access to 4ch…[View]
153272867Press S to spit on 4chan's grave: It was nice knowing you, but I for one welcome our Verizon ov…[View]
153269599I often see people on this board saying that all non-whites need to be exterminated, but does that i…[View]
153273255They can't keep getting away with it![View]
153272866How fucked are we next year?[View]
153272804Alabama thread: Now that Alabama is blue due to the boomer-tier conservatives surrendering, what can…[View]
153254588Diversity Block General: Pic related is being put up and around every major European city to prevent…[View]
153272525hey /pol/ im from /po/ and /jp/ and i dont know a damn thing about politics but i hear we lost net n…[View]
153272684Eric Holder Tweet: What did this old looking dude mean by this?[View]
153267386How are you enjoying your last day on 4chan, amerimutts?[View]
153272374How would his diary differ if he had to live around blacks?[View]
153272794we can still stop this get on twitter and get him to stop this he will do it if it's popular en…[View]
153269746Tumblr's Founder Hiding Something: We all know Tumblr is an awful website. It's also home …[View]
153272010>be a stupid American >vote for trump instead of the national socialist white man >get your…[View]
153272673Anderson is Redpilled: > Pastor Steven Anderson is a cuck Not so fast, soyim. Watch this. Anderso…[View]
153272170High test Right-Winger reporting in.[View]
153246581Your boy has a court date today. >Fields is facing a total of 10 charges including second-degree …[View]
153271644>I voted for Donald Trump[View]
153270659So give me 2 reasons why NN being gone is a good thing? Spiting reddit isnt one[View]
153248224Stop Using Credit Cards: Okay /pol/, let's get practical. You talk a big game about Jews, now h…[View]
153252327Reminder she's our girl: Where were you when TayTay subtly uploaded a fashwave video? https://w…[View]
153271417Niggers in Australia: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5178461/HUNDREDS-youths-rob-tourists-b…[View]
153272491Congratulations, America, on securing internet freedom!: Net-neutrality explained: https://youtu.be/…[View]
153272502This shitty image is being posted around the internet and said that this will happen now that NN is …[View]
153239610Thank you America. Thanks a lot.[View]
153269970Wow...they really did it....prepare for the thought police to censor your life anon...man i got the …[View]
153272448NET NEUTRALITY = FAKE NEWS: >Be an ISP in a monopoly/duopoly >Filter a couple sites >Obama…[View]
153272382So what now?[View]
153272378>mfw Amerisharts are now too poor to afford the internet GET FUCKED BRAINLETS…[View]
153272237>be American >get traffic shaped[View]
153269652You. Will. Die.[View]
153271617WE E[View]
153268949/ptg/ President Trump General - Journalist Babysitting Hour Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
153258928Is generation Z real? pic rel >Mrs Marshall, a 53-year-old mother-of-nine, believes the teenager …[View]
153269602https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/14/net-neutrality-what-now/ About fucking time, finally there will …[View]
153272160Mods are fucking gay and stupid. Net neutrality rules and 90% of /pol/ is newfags now. /pol/ is gay…[View]
153239182>Woman, 24, born to Indian parents who was shunned and bullied because she has white skin, ginger…[View]
153272128Kill spics: Send dildos to this nigga's house[View]
153271936The FCC just voted (https://www.battleforthenet.com) to repeal all existing net neutrality protectio…[View]
153268959Dear customers, Starting immediately, we will be reducing internet speed while browsing 4chan.org. T…[View]
153272078Gender & Orientation: Is this about right?[View]
153272003Anons. I know most of you don't care about Argentina, but here it is anyway, for those that do.…[View]
153272040POO IN TUBES[View]
153271980a wer is comning to mutt[View]
153271922Goodbye Americans[View]
153271916Okay, which one of you was it?[View]
153271909>claim victory in WWII >don't even raised their flag over Reichstag…[View]
153268489Enjoy your last days of free net, morons: Well well well, look which country has buttfucked itself o…[View]
153235576I can understand why this board despises niggers, I think that it's irrational and idiotic NOT …[View]
153271843American patriot thread. We are the best. Europoors just cannot handle it. We have the most freedom…[View]
153271842Little Did They Know..: >bait threads >shills They were already facing off against the A.I. P…[View]
153246425Macedonia is not Macedonia!: As we all know, Macedonia has nothing to do with ancient Macedonia. The…[View]
153271790I agree that Net Neutrality in its current form needed to be gotten rid of. However something should…[View]
153258360Overpopulation is the main cause of environmental damage. Abortions should be free for anyone.[View]
153268667NAZIS BTFO[View]
153271676https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AxVXM2Lts4 https://www.infowars.com/alabama-vote-fraud-doug-jones-s…[View]
153262617Polish = Jews: 99% of modern jews are of polish descent. Israel is an absolutely illegitimate state …[View]
153266015So we're officially a 3rd world shithole now, right?[View]
153271572This case of an Israeli man who almost got life sentence while his wife escaped being charged with m…[View]
153270062Explain lefty memes: Can someone explain this meme to me? I don't understand it. Goddamn[View]
153265511Net Neutrality got repealed and I can still visit 4chan here in the US. looks like reddit is always …[View]
153271541[post not available in your country][View]
153263755Just TRY to defend this, /pol/[View]
153271401Someone with a badge tell me what the fuck happened on this day. >video related: https://www.yout…[View]
153271296Give me a single, well thought out reason why repealing NN is a bad thing. Use sources to back up yo…[View]
153270580Net Neutrality: I dont think this matters: i dont think this net neutrality shit even matters half y…[View]
153238659Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the war in Ukraine?[View]
153271172Americans are so fucked lol: #lollikeinchina[View]
153271120Evidence for Polytheism: Pagans of /pol/, could you provide a reasonable argument/ convincing eviden…[View]
153271030Net Neutrality FCC: Net Neutrality Meeting is now Live https://www.fcc.gov/general/live[View]
153269974When did Reddit get so pussified?: I went on Reddit the other day, asking for advice on two complete…[View]
153266684strong womyn did it again boys, this time with a movie series that wasn't even that good to beg…[View]
153269016Americans get in here and say goodbye: Every mutt do it now Now be a good mutt and say >goodbye /…[View]
153271005Secret recipe: Some ask what is our secret recipe well someone took a picture of it and now you…[View]
153270552>Poos in your internet.[View]
153269514Can't Deny The Pai: Remind that Ajit Pai is /ourguy/.[View]
153270861#Gamergate / #NotYourShield longcat edition: Lowres dig: https://files.catbox.moe/xu2ynz.jpg Highres…[View]
153270816https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRftGrshfTU&feature=youtu.be oh well im just gonna leave this he…[View]
153270747> if TV does it, so will the ISPs > Internet and TV are the same!!…[View]
153267621Godsh Blesh the united shtatesh[View]
153270193ITT we begin life without amerifat retardation: Hi guys, how is everyone today in the free internet …[View]
153263253This girl is 100% European >She is of Italian descent from Calabria; her father was born in Canad…[View]
153267045Post yfw you're not an ameritard[View]
153267805[post not available in your country][View]
153268243>Americans can’t see this post.[View]
153270284you guys didnt give a fuck a week ago about this, you could of stopped it[View]
153269233How does on acquire a blonde, blue eyed wife?[View]
153269474Reminder that we won a Senate election in Alabama, the deepest red state in the entire USA. Reminder…[View]
153266648Post yfw you're not American[View]
153269479[NET NEUTRALITY] AYAAA AMERICANS, these CUCK: 'BUT TRUMP, MEME EXIST THANK TO US ' http://image.noel…[View]
153268970King Nigger is laughing because he never did take your guns, but the God Emperor is gonna quadruple …[View]
153267359In context of its relevance as a pop-culture phenomenon, what did /pol/ think of the latest Star War…[View]
153261765How much Hellas is still in the greek?[View]
153261168Aristotle was an ethno-nationalist: What's your opinion of the ancient greek philosophers anons…[View]
153270160RWGS: Watch first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G5Kjh8zpvc 1. Search for 'Tradescantia zebrina, …[View]
153264291The U.S. for hour help killing net eutrality: I can't believe you morons supported the law thst…[View]
153265398FCC live bomb threat: Heard about a bomb threat at the FCC vote. Was it us? pic not related[View]
153266445Why did you vote for Trump if you knew he would dismantle the internet?[View]
153268571REMOVE BURGER[View]
153270102So the FCC won't let me be Or let me be me, so let me see They try to shut me down on MTV But i…[View]
153256372Has anyone noticed that not a single Strzok text mentions Russia?: For an FBI higher up that should …[View]
153270086> when you don't even have to stain your browser history with plebbit and twitter as all the…[View]
153269803>banter an american >he doesn't get half of my messages because he hasn't paid for '…[View]
153268042MOMMY PLEASE MAKE IT STOP: I do not want to be a Ukrainian any more.[View]
153265958Since Trump winning the 2020 presidency is basically already set, who's going to win the race i…[View]
153269915Anyone else having trouble accessing their favorite websites? Is it happening?[View]
153264804BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker Paul Ryan retiring: Sexual allegations article against Paul Ryan droppi…[View]
153269905Hallway cop BTFOs some faggot http://www.bestgore.com/beheading/month-before-execution-daniel-shave…[View]
153269735climate change: Can someone explain to me why we know that we are destroying the Earth, but nobody s…[View]
153269345Any Bitcoin regrets? Can you live with it? It's a bit hard.[View]
153269670it didnt have to be like this.: why didn't you listen...[View]
153269452OH SHIT, here come dat boi!: Paul Ryan will not seek re-election![View]
153269256FCC announces plans to repeal NN Reddit goes insane /pol/ is silent FCC actually repeals NN Reddit i…[View]
153244288Bully stories...be the bully.: I’m sick of hearing about people telling these stupid sympathetic sob…[View]
153268495MUTTS: And the mutts just offed themselves like that BYE! Rest of the world won't miss you!…[View]
153269344Finns are the most intelligent race.[View]
153265112You may only post ITT if your ISP doesn't ban 4chan: Not so fast Americun- Wait why are you yan…[View]
153258372When did (((they))) become so powerful? It seems they were getting BTFO throughout history but now t…[View]
153266435>You are not making your ancestors proud if you worship their pagan gods >*worships a magic sa…[View]
153268015>Net Neutrality is gone >Freedom rings across the land >Europoors and other third-worlders …[View]
153269315Muh Net Neutrality: Do you faggots actually believe that Net Neutrality abolishment is going to …[View]
153260216Traitor sheeboon stabs Trump in the back.: >http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/omarosa-manigault-spea…[View]
153265465Net Neutrality: Press F to pay respects.[View]
153269046>be amerilard >ISP bans mcdonalds website >cant order for home >have to walk to nearest …[View]
153263841It finally happened[View]
153252442Control-F no Peter Strzok thread.: What gives? I havent seen a Peter Strzok thread either yesterday …[View]
153267060Why do racists have public outrages?[View]
153268561Happy Hanukkah american jew friends , hope u have a great time[View]
153265670/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt #5 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
153267636THE INFORMATION AGE IS OVER: https://www.reddit.com/r/Political_Revolution/comments/7jsvkj/the_fcc_j…[View]
153267874So let me get this straight Comcast/TWC own the east coast if you want any kind of decent internet. …[View]
153254901Why do liberals love fearmongering? >trump is literally going to start world war 3!! >trump i…[View]
153268808Give enough rope to a man he will literally hang himself.[View]
153268797I gots an idea: Now that the internet no longer exists we should all get HAM radio licenses, like Fu…[View]
153262860Why did people just look...different back then?: https://issuu.com/southwords/docs/vol._9_issue_3…[View]
153267185>listen to Taylor Swift's new song called gorgeous (and it's great btw) >she's …[View]
153268680This just happened. >can't log in to healthcare.gov, forget my retard questions >wait 45…[View]
153268662Can we make a thread about the fall of the west?[View]
153250075british girls steaming on nights out edition: >Tory rebels set to block EU withdrawal bill http:/…[View]
153268581+17192321853: Supervillains of the web...have your way[View]
153268541/pol/ NEETs Should Become Monks: >Be a NEET on /pol/ >Have no interest in being a wage cuck …[View]
153268544The party of small government once again prevents states from enacting its own laws to stop orwellia…[View]
153268527/pol/ BTFO[View]
153264213In all my years reading /pol/, I have yet to hear a single explanation of why America should like Ru…[View]
153250575/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: /lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL This thread is for discussion of …[View]
153253376>be harap >Part of one of the biggest empires at the time >Middle of it's golden age …[View]
153267331Globalists lose another one[View]
153260064When people say it's moral to militarily defend your country but immoral to be militarily offen…[View]
153267809Hey /pol/ what's going to happen now regarding Net Neutrality now that the FCC has been getting…[View]
153258529>land of the free >has to pay for internet…[View]
153265266Really makes you think.[View]
153254373Why do you worship him?: >killed more white people than anyone else in history >still think he…[View]
153267396You guys do know that ajits shit has to go through the supreme court first right? and that most of t…[View]
153268199we gonna fuck up net neutrality ppl tho right[View]
153267562>elect a corporate cuck because he's funny and makes tumblr angry >said corporate cuck en…[View]
153263483Big kek: Lmao it happened boys[View]
153254460So I recently started a job as a Barista at a place called Costa Coffee which is the second biggest …[View]
153254053Don Jr. verbally abused preschool teacher at age 3: >The acorn doesn't fall far from the tre…[View]
153267927AHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAH!!!!: Andrew 'The Hobbit' Anglin confirmed to use ghostwriters who pen articles und…[View]
153267774Net Neutrality Abolished: Let's celebrate, guys![View]
153264190Internet neutrality is over (in the US) Finally, my shithole country is finally better than the US i…[View]
153267851Do you think Soros is loading them up as we speak?[View]
153267140[sponsored post]: Trumps internet explained. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBBDMqZKagY So stop wor…[View]
153265801Why read the bible? Not a meme question, actually want a thoughtful answer.[View]
153265091Paul Ryan is going to retire: How can we get nehlen to take over his seat ? https://www.politico.com…[View]
153264421Microsoft and Reddit announce partnership, Reddit integration: https://www.windowscentral.com/micros…[View]
153237442Sexual advice for men 2017: What is the advice for young men strugling with sexuality in todays soci…[View]
153257185COMMUNIST MESTIZO CHIMPOUT LIVE: https://tn.com.ar/envivo/24hs Get comfy and enjoy niggers throwing …[View]
153260658My gf just took her flight to study in another country. Last night she arrived at her host's ho…[View]
153251885In honor of the net neutrality repeal lets share our best files while we still can Ill start magnet:…[View]
153265307Cucked education: Biology books in Belgium are full of racemixing The absolute state of Europe Pic h…[View]
153264250Anyone notice the anti net neutrality posts reek of CTR shilling? I admittedly know nothing about th…[View]
153263631Official Salt Mining Thread: Net Neutrality BTFO[View]
153252415What the fuck is wrong with identitarians?: >“I don’t believe the Jewish conspiracy theory—I find…[View]
153265479Net Neutrality Repeal Questions: >How exactly does the Net Neutrality Repeal 'help' people? >…[View]
153258138Prison When?: https://archive.fo/XVzx6 A co-founder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS ackno…[View]
153266332Ajit Steals America: We must rise against![View]
153264332FCC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE THREAD - IT'S OVER EDITION: Motion Passed Stream still up: https://www.…[View]
153266633Trump is a gay faggot faggot: He will be deeply regretting what happened today[View]
153266669>Be christian >The most important character in the entire religion is Jopseh's wife'…[View]
153267013Syrian “refugees” threaten lawsuit over food at 4 star hotel in Ireland. They were told if they com…[View]
153265734Hanukkah: What is behind the recent pushing of Hanukkah? Correct me if im wrong, but the last years…[View]
153266681Was the NN repeal the nail in the coffin for the conservative movement? Imagine trying to defend the…[View]
153266507You ever why the mast majority of you on /pol/ are poor? Why you all work min wage labor jobs? Why m…[View]
153258410You have 10 seconds to create a plausible argument against an inheritance tax.[View]
153266891Mass media in Portugal and Brazil write at least 3 articles a day against Trump. I collected a small…[View]
153261439Eric Clanton the Bike Lock Guy: Isn't this antifa idiot due in court today for sentencing? Why …[View]
153263745A qui votareu? Quin es el millor camí per l'independençia?[View]
153266485RIP Net Neutrality: fuck https://www.digitaltrends.com/web/ajit-pai-fcc-net-neutrality-repeal/?utm_m…[View]
153259080Stop saying it's the Jews[View]
153266614Daily reminder only poorfags are effected by net neutrality repeal. Get off your lazy asses and get …[View]
153263814Daily reminder that we aren't wh*te and we will never be part of western whi*e g*rmnoid cuckold…[View]
153265977What is wrong with americans: Why are they doing that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npSd3I19FO0…[View]
153265869Say goodbye to american flags: Americans say goodbye to the unapproved internet Bye[View]
153265807Press [F] to pay respects[View]
153263277>spotlight of fucking everything >massive population >melting pot >retarded police >e…[View]
153265841>I completely support unelected bureaucrats making regulations that impact all Americans >Wait…[View]
153240276>be me >be a handsome guy with great, european facial features and bone structure >brown ey…[View]
153266297>Be Lucifer/Heyel >Created by Yah to be His most beautiful creation, literally, everything gre…[View]
1532360614chan is about to be phased out: without Net Neutrality and it is beautiful. Let's say goodbye …[View]
153266192>When Polish gov tried to fuck up Internet millions of poles went to the streets >When US paji…[View]
153266111Net neutrality is killed: Well I guess when this site is killed you'll be happy with yourself /…[View]
153252344anti-Shill threat: 'A Picture with studies says more than 1000 replies' Post your anti Shill and red…[View]
153260998Do you guys reject net neutrality just because it pisses off liberals?[View]
153265651Well, that does it, I guess.[View]
153265996press F to pay respects[View]
153254305Nazis and catholicism: why did Hitler never target catholicism as hardly as he targeted other jew-ba…[View]
153263343/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt #4 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
153262326I say we alexander his indian ass fucking street shitter[View]
153264712This meme came to me in my sleep[View]
153262519How are you celebrating net neutrality and the last day of amerimutts being here? I'm enjoying …[View]
153264225How's that republican-led government working for ya?[View]
153265483>Whites and coloreds must be separated, lest the whites be tainted >Whites can stay pure while…[View]
153264059Admit it: All peoples are equal. Simple fact. You cannot expect any person living in a shithole such…[View]
153265089White values vs. Christian ethics: A lot of people confuse White values with Christian ethics, when …[View]
153265370How are germans dealing with the fact that France is actually becoming the leader of the EU?[View]
153264616Across Europe as innocent refugees seeking refuge and peace from the American funded war in Syria fa…[View]
153264459>- Irish businessmen could spend up to 100 million euros on investment projects in Crimea, the da…[View]
153264403There goes Net Neutrality.: Hope you stupid faggots are happy. You did this.[View]
153262548White are the biggest CUCKS: How cucked is the white race by Jews t.blackbot asking[View]
153260297Libtards BTFO: >Muh Russia has failed >Muh rape accusations failed a year ago and reheating it…[View]
153264511Redpill on Holocaust: /pol/ please red pill me on the Jewish lie[View]
153262417>our ancestors didn't wanted and/or didn't care about happenings >had happenings hap…[View]
153265011BASED PAJIT THREAD: >tfw I steal yo bitch[View]
153255584>Twitter supports it >Google supports it >Facebook supports it >Clinton and Soros suppor…[View]
153264380The Straight Bend Into Homo Ways: what's good with it /pol/ i am what is known as a nuSlayer i …[View]
153264795AnCap is the future, corporate feudalism will follow And it is beautiful[View]
153234859Alabama thread: While they get their guns ready to be turned in, lets go ahead and give them some ha…[View]
153261025Make them live their values: We should meme that by giving this position to a liberal white it is co…[View]
153264227How do we live in this post Net Neutrality world? Are we going to survive? Reddit is saying that thi…[View]
153261651France! No![View]
153263520>Stop LARPing as semite idolizer[View]
153264449>The land of the free everyone.. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahah…[View]
153264451WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!![View]
153263226So was this FCC ISP net neutrality battle a battle between ISPs and government, or a PRETEND battle …[View]
153264430Jewish World Order: we´re having a running gag going on in our apartment that everything is controll…[View]
153257684Ginsburg dies Saturday, it will be of natural causes (heart attack)[View]
153264398merry FCC x-mas[View]
153264356Ajit Pai: >Companies with kike ceos now have more control over what we see >alt right sites wi…[View]
153264323Ocasional decapitations and cutting off hands when nuEurope? >be more pro diverse…[View]
153259734Trump Investigation is a Fraud: One or two coincidences, okay. But seriously how can anyone disagree…[View]
153260787redpill me on Net Neutrality: redpill me on NN[View]
153264264LUL USA literally worst fucking country in the world, good job faggots you managed to fuck yourself …[View]
153261848Kentucky lawmaker found dead after sexual assault allegations: Lets be honest this slut wanted him t…[View]
153254267Iran violated UN resolution OFFICIAL THREAD!!![View]
153264055It's done: The vote is over. Title II revoked. The FTC unshackled. I didn't like where Pai…[View]
153231458Was AIDS designed to eradicate the gay?: Serious question ahead. What's the redpill about the A…[View]
153262067FCC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE THREAD #6: BOMBS AWAY New Youtube stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d…[View]
153254684The POTUS grabbed my butt!: I'm not joking, 11 years ago this billionaire grabbed me by the but…[View]
153254036Racist face paint: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/19/british-army-und…[View]
153263922Cartoon Network just throw RED PILLS on kids!: Cartoon Network throwing red pills at Generation Z an…[View]
153263782Do you check the privileges of your database?[View]
153259159Adultery: Why is this considered normal? Every previous generation dating back to the days of the bi…[View]
153263698Fuck Lolbertarians Libertarian policies in a Democratic Republic is a fucking cancer Hurrr lets decr…[View]
153263665/SIG/: I'm convinced more and more that there is nothing worth saving about this civ-shit natio…[View]
153263643Guys lets be real for a second here What really is the last hope for the world? is it gone? Or can …[View]
153263345Net neutrality is dead: amerifags now what?, what it to come and how will this affect the internet a…[View]
153263606Genetic engineering will soon no longer be considered unethical because there won't be any low-…[View]
153263407Minnesota lieutenant governor to replace Franken in Senate: Minnesota’s Democratic Lieutenant Govern…[View]
153260989/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt #3 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
153259084PC scums again ruined another Starwars movie: Why should we watch about animal rights and child abus…[View]
153260263People supposedly said Edward Stafford would go far in politics, but I have been unable to locate an…[View]
153259163Who actually eats fast food anymore?: I haven't that stuff in years. Went on a diet over a year…[View]
153262196THANK YOU: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KMJoNl2RHIU[View]
153263120Education is a joke: Educational systems teaching breadth instead of depth is hurting society big ti…[View]
153245507Xsharblue thread 4: 4th thread Shareblue Oliver Willis are beginning to push the 'Trump is a sex pr…[View]
153262984Att: Shareblue / American Bridge PAC: So you want accountability and corruption exposed yeah? I…[View]
1532616592017 is the best timeline ever[View]
153259005> There will be people who actually kill themselves tonight over NN being repealed.…[View]
153259888Things that need to be said: The current liberal surge, in the form of democrats actually pulling th…[View]
153262404How do you convince people of the value of culture?: I seems harder to redpill people on culture bec…[View]
153261040There is no winning. Prepare yourselves.: >get married have have kids, wife divorces and destroys…[View]
153251808Why is hair loss still a thing when the globalists put estrogen mimickers in the water?[View]
153255905Even the Nazis allowed abortion for cases like this. Where the person being born inherits a physical…[View]
153259875'On the advice of security we have to take a quick recess.' Is it habbening? FInally a white shooter…[View]
153250448You literally can't deny this[View]
153261901/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
153241786Fuck christcucks Clear Pagan here[View]
153262534why do modern mainstream US conservative/patriot types always go on about preserving free speech, gu…[View]
153262086>3rd millennium technology >literally dogs explain this…[View]
153261051Wayne Lambright names the Jew and calls out Trump as being their Shabbos goy: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
153261972Iran before Islam.[View]
153235851Meme Wars: Return of the Swede: Hey, /pol/- how about instead of complaining about the shills & …[View]
153259233Sup weenie Republicans, how do you feel about your President Trump? ;D >inb4 Trump does something…[View]
153262118Meanwhile, blacks have killed a 1,000 times more.[View]
153249612Trump has spent the last 72 hours in full-on panic mode: He's lashing out at anything and every…[View]
153260166PRESS S TO SPIT: FUCKIN S[View]
153242836UKIP politician BANNED for transphobia/hate speech: What an embarrassment. He spoke out against tran…[View]
153261533pol: and where did my comment goes now? just asking cuz i dont know[View]
153257898FCC NET neutrality thread: First >>153245182 (archived) Second >>153252156 Third >…[View]
153248453Fellow Britbongs: if you... >Eat kebabs on a Saturday night >Or counterfeit KFC from Ahmeds ta…[View]
153261118This is on you /pol/[View]
153264510Net neutrality dead in Fatland: Goodbye yanks![View]
153261767HWNDU: Should we worry about this? http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
153261417THE GOYIM KNOW: SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!![View]
153261605It amazes me how so many white liberals are now licking the asses of blacks after the election.: Esp…[View]
153260176ABSOLUTE FUCKING HAPPENING: Ajit Pai just had to take a recess on advice of security FCC hearing bei…[View]
153260808Obama passed Net Neutrality two years ago: The internet will be fine. Get rid of this socialist crap…[View]
153236767parents hate thread: Will you hate/blame your parents for given birth to you in this cruel world/cou…[View]
153259195So pol say asains don't like blacks men: Looks like all women can't escape the BBC[View]
153231955How will the destruction of Israel look like?: How will it unfold?[View]
153259058why aren't we concerned about letting some sandnigger make us pay more for the internet[View]
153261476How did Germans manage to convince everyone that they are good guys and Poles are bad guys in only h…[View]
153256215POLL: Should I kill myself or attack (((them))) until (((they))) accident me?: >well /pol/? http:…[View]
153261223Jews are causing most of the problems in white nations: Every day they come start threads trying to …[View]
153260350Indian-Americans: >disproprtionate representation compared to their population >always changes…[View]
153260769https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d_202l55LU >BOMB THREAT IN FCC BUILDING OMG >POLICE IS THERE…[View]
153256621S or F: Is this guy dead yet?[View]
153258725/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt #2 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
153240205>the world is full of idiots >democracy is best has democracy destroyed your country yet?…[View]
153261019Why is it that when you try to tell people truthful, honest and very specific information that they …[View]
153248844Drumpf. Is. Done.: I can't wait to see how you Santa Drumpf and his little Klumpkins try and sp…[View]
153253907What's your New Year's resolutions /pol/? In order to become a better man, a better citize…[View]
153256759I regret voting for Trump and Ajit Pai. Anyone else feel the same? :^([View]
153257762can graffiti be red pilled?[View]
153260611Reddit strikes again[View]
153258585Daily reminder to btfo RIDF: Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow. Everything that is sou…[View]
153258008FCC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE Thread #4: LET'S GO Stream: https://www.fcc.gov/general/live Youtube st…[View]
153228142Why did he give up comfortable life as billionaire to become President of US and be hated by everyon…[View]
153260472*breathe in*[View]
153256652Anyone have the 'Soviet Negro Republic' gif?: Basically pic related except it's a gif. Starts w…[View]
153260391now that the FCC cunts have aproved the ban of net neutrality, lets start internet ISIS, fighting fo…[View]
153252949The battle for Net Neutrality,: Based black woman fighting for Net Neutrality: Why arent't you …[View]
153258634Alabama wins!!: Trump tried to use Alabama to turn the Republican Party into the Pedo Party. Alabama…[View]
153259716NetNeutrality, what the hek is this shit: redpill me /pol/ on netneutrality. >what the fuk is thi…[View]
153249816All politicians are corru—[View]
153260206Russia is a good argument for the superiority of the white ra....[View]
153260192Any Canadians out there? How do you feel about Trudeau? >inb4 free maple syrup to all citizens…[View]
153260143RWGS: Watch first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G5Kjh8zpvc 1. Search for 'Tradescantia zebrina, …[View]
153257418Guess what he is doing and guess where he is.[View]
153250158>he thinks ISP's will let you access 4chan after net neutrality is gone…[View]
153257783Just found out I'm Jewish. Feels good.[View]
153259898/sig/-Self Improvement General: Join the telegram group edition https://t.me/SelfImprovementGeneral …[View]
153249923Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. Then why Americans want to make them self…[View]
153259743THE ANGLO STRIKES AGAIN: One of the Argentinean sailors messaged that the submarine was being chased…[View]
153248428>I guess it's up to the whites. Holy shit. They were being serious about this weren't t…[View]
153257087Anyone else's family a total Drumph two scooper??: Dad is a smart guy, years ago we used to lov…[View]
153258625AVE JUPITER: Macron's popularity rises to 57%: http://archive.is/S2ybl[View]
153259470This is what happens when you vote a zionist sockpuppet for president 'as a meme xd'[View]
153258210We did it reddit!: Holy shit Paul Ryan is leaving DC all together![View]
153242552What is life like today for women in their thirties? With traditional marriage being a thing of the …[View]
153258802A 'voter' admitted, on camera on FOX 10, that they flew millennials across the country into Alabama …[View]
153250227Say something nice about Doug Jones[View]
153233726Happy Hanukkah![View]
153249092Risky business: What do you say to a good old fashion risk thread, /pol/? Yes. Yes is what you say. …[View]
153256404Is college a meme?[View]
153259336No sticky? Pajit and NN vote LIVE! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw_udfbMp8Y[View]
153237763>Disney buying Fox OH NO NO NO NO[View]
153259194Is The Thinking Atheist big brained?: > A New York City pastor promotes the biblical ideal of a m…[View]
153254033How is it possible that in 2017 catalans are STILL nationalists? Don't they know that there…[View]
153259106PAJEET PIE DOX'D: https://www.truepeoplesearch.com/results?name=Ajit%20Pai&rid=0xu Have fun…[View]
153236907Sloppy coverup thread: For those times when the false flag didn't quite go off as planned.…[View]
153257074Looking good there dear Europe looking good.: Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCAakhvNe…[View]
153259025>Net neutrality scrapped >Mega corporations such as Disney and Amazon are more powerful than t…[View]
153252782Anyone else here glad net neutrality is ending? The moment websites that I visit start getting cut o…[View]
153251275Was it autism?[View]
153256745/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt #1 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
153253401Net neutrality: Hope you enjoyed voting away your internet access[View]
153258350>who is going to marry his wife anyways?[View]
153254530You voted for trump??? He’s literally orange hitler.[View]
153228983>sentenced to 20 years in San Quinton for bashing Nazis with a bike lock >befriends and teache…[View]
153253705With all the insane faggots there are on the internet, how come no one has tried to murder him yet? …[View]
153258115¯\_(ツ)_/¯: Pseudo-progressiveness is a FUCKING destructive psychological virus If you guys need to M…[View]
153254127Does having trump as president now help in the long run?: I mean, if we have trump for 8 years will …[View]
153258326When did you realize that Bonapartism is the best[View]
153254414/pol/ stand with capitalism and the abolishment of net neutrality[View]
153256609I'm sick of living in this world, genuinely. I used to have so many plans, things I wanted to a…[View]
153253782How to fight Transgenderism? By leading it ad absurdum.: By showcasing the absurdity of their argume…[View]
153258112Would Christmas be a minor holiday if jews didn't make a lot of money because of it?[View]
153231473Meet your final boss.[View]
153255102What needs to be done to combat mental illnesses like the one boogie has, /pol/? We can't cont…[View]
153250027How do I redpill these normies?: >Be me at work. >Coworkers are rabid trump haters. Constantly…[View]
153252264Does anyone on /pol/ feel like they can't express their viewpoints anywhere else with their fri…[View]
1532566324 KIDS DEAD IN BUS/TRAIN CRASH!: HAPPENING! https://news.sky.com/story/terrible-accident-between-tra…[View]
153258050is it November 2018 yet, guys? Asking for a friend[View]
153216970What makes you think the holocaust never happened?[View]
153257251This is the most hilarious suicide letter I've ever read[View]
153249957Could something like pic related ever happen? North and South Koreans finally being friends, only to…[View]
153248465Net Neutrality FCC Meeting: https://www.fcc.gov/general/live come in here infidel and watch the show…[View]
153255183Does the centrists realize that the progressive left that they enable by attacking everyone to their…[View]
153257760What do the redpiled haircut[View]
153240127How can one man be so wrong?[View]
153251421redpill me on brave new world and nineteen eighty four: these two books about a totalitarian regime …[View]
153255282After the 2018 midterm can she start preparing for her presidential campaign?[View]
153244772Duterte proposes Philippine under nationwide martial law: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/952171/natio…[View]
153244998This is Keaton Jones father: Fucking Lol Keaton Jones is the bullied Tennessee kid[View]
153241435*saves white working class from themselves*[View]
153256662Magum Dong Dominik: This is magnum dong dominik and he is an communist that believes that the world …[View]
153244896Fugg https://www.yahoo.com/news/ohio-passes-law-barring-abortion-over-down-syndrome-013651142.html…[View]
153250342Le 50%: I'm on the train home right now, and Ill be trying to post pics of the faces around me.…[View]
153190809Was there a culture shift after 2007?: I've noticed multiple people say that everything went to…[View]
153257057Numale Celebrates Cheating Alabama's Election On Local News: Reporter: “Why are you excited to …[View]
153256567What do we do about the balding epidemic plaguing young white males?[View]
153256371fcc chairman posted this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFhT6H6pRWg&feature=youtu.be…[View]
153254411/ptg/ President Trump General - Death of Reddit Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
153252837What's the best way to convince normies that Donald Trump was the best choice? What things has …[View]
153255914We should help the police in El Salvador: The police in El Salvador are doing a great job exterminat…[View]
153256720Feudalism: When did you realize that feudalism was the best?[View]
153255642Name one thing Donald Trump did something good >inb4 Trump does something actually good for once…[View]
153247610>Almost no chance of a second Trump term >Black and Mexican voters are completely mobilized an…[View]
153249492CCTV Normalization: From the good people at Disney, who brought you such classics as Disney's S…[View]
153239139Divorced Lesbian Wants OUT of Child Custody, Hawaii Court Will Decide: http://www.chroniclet.com/nat…[View]
153256505what are you doing for Chanukah, /pol/?[View]
153249753THE GOP IS GOING TO END NN UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! Keep up the attack and focus on these t…[View]
153255916Serious question: What do black people hate white people? No race of people treat black people bette…[View]
153240770Serbs,guilty or not?: Why the fuck does /pol/ supports the serbs during the bosnian war?These guys l…[View]
153255404If John McCain can't vote, and if John Douglas is sworn into the senate, will the tax reform bi…[View]
153255356Asian Americans: So what's the deal with Asian Americans as a minority group? They seem to be i…[View]
153250531Why are blacks and Mexicans so overwhelmingly democrat? What is it about democrat policies that appe…[View]
153230829What does this look like to you?[View]
153250642As long as the Republican party remains the party of racists they will continue to lose control of t…[View]
153250862SWEDEN YES: Has Sweden gotten cucked so hard that they've become based? Is it now /ourcountry/?…[View]
153237127Why is the notion of a housewife so offensive to people? My male honor code dictates that I should b…[View]
153255001Why the fuck was this taken down?: You can't say hes not hitting the nail on the head. He says …[View]
153251103Cities are Poison: Wondered why cops were going 80 in a 25 past my house. Turns out some dindus went…[View]
153255493League of America's Future: we da fyoocher wite boi http://archive.is/N2FMW[View]
153249023>'that'll be $800 dumb Gaijin'[View]
153247831*inhales*: https://mobile.twitter.com/robinhanson/status/941011180063256576[View]
153250634Syria General /sg/ - Father and Son edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
153253867Hillary praises Trudeau and denounces Trump: Drumpf BTFO www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/hillary-clinto…[View]
153253840Are we actually fucked as a country no matter what?: The only way i see america staying prosperous i…[View]
153254926'Try and stop me, you brats!'[View]
153252156FCC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE THREAD: HERE WE GO Stream: https://www.fcc.gov/general/live Youtube stream: …[View]
153254165explain to me how the capitalist class do not rule because they are superior. protip: you cant[View]
153243738well /pol/ how do please thy /ourgirl/ on her glorious birthday[View]
153254646/pol/der THREAD /Our guy/ heeft uw hulp nodig. De politicus van het jaar wordt weer verkozen en Thie…[View]
153225296Why do all American roads look like this?[View]
153243005Latin or Greek, which mighty language should I learn?: Which of the two is the more glorious languag…[View]
153252290/ptg/ President Trump General - Nice Senate Seat Opening You Got There, Alabama...Edition: PRESIDENT…[View]
153254458Well, /pol/?: http://archive.is/wKY0Z Theres a PBS documentary about the election that mentioned thi…[View]
153240244When will POL stop the assault on white identity?: The Amerimutt meme is an assault on whites and wh…[View]
153244078Remember the Alamo. Remember Pearl Harbor: AND REMEMBER SANDY HOOK![View]
153254224why so many: low level red pill idiots on /pol/ that still haven't cracked the matrix like are …[View]
153253970why do cuckservatives think white identity is bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-9--B4Jhts[View]
153250358Coat of Avenches, Switzerland: WE[View]
153254041Why Aren't You Rich, /pol/?: They only hope for the white race I see is for them to become an a…[View]
153253108Really makes you think.[View]
153249071what's the point of spending your entire life pursuing money and power if you cant use it to tr…[View]
153253689ITT: fresh amerimutt memes: Why do the amerimutt mods ban posters when theyre just replying to OPs p…[View]
153240297TRUMP TRULY IS THE 4CHAN PRESIDENT: A bullshit president for Generation Bullshit. https://www.amazon…[View]
153253644https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVcSXJtF6Ug Is he wrong?[View]
153227081NASA HAPPENING: Trump inauguration speech: 'We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlo…[View]
153248305I am working at the airport and I've seen many Jews passing by. They seem pretty nice why you g…[View]
153252410Even Overwatch is in cuck mode: They won't even let you enjoy escapism.[View]
153251608How to improve your genetics?: just got done watching the new Varg video https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
153251097Are Trumptards really this autistic?: https://twitter.com/jackposobiec/status/941329804271419394…[View]
153251714Does Europe have a debt with africa?: Eurofags get in here. Do we have a debt with this country for …[View]
153249187Why is /pol/ so obsessed sith Taylor Swift again?[View]
153234679We're living in denial!: How do we fix this? At this point I dont think we can. White whores …[View]
153253265The attude you need towards government.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASfxLqvIBiM The root of all…[View]
153251627Here we go...: https://www.fcc.gov/general/live this is it place your bets now faggots[View]
153247385I need your help: First post to pol I need your guys help I commented this on the fcc live stream ra…[View]
153249852Tell me again why minorities deserve political rights?[View]
153245094What's wrong with siding with arabs over jews? Arabs don't try to fuck you over and they d…[View]
153251890is this a good meme?[View]
153229232B A S E D University of Iowa BANS Christian Group: http://host.madison.com/news/world/top-indonesia-…[View]
153252748>Trump: You owe me 300 billion for Nato >Merkel: Suck my dick, Donnie >Trump: Yessir! Is An…[View]
153252694Death to the 56%: amirite fellas???[View]
153249170*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: What do, /pol/?[View]
153251356Congratulations Alabama Republicans! You have reclaimed your decency from cucks like Moore and Banno…[View]
153232135Just found this screenshot is this true in other countries? If it is why doesn't America do it?[View]
153249449fashwave: Why is fashwave so comfy /pol/? https://youtu.be/YsUcvzYCV5k[View]
153248335REMINDER: Charlottesville and Sandy Hook were both staged: Stop believing shit the TV tells you Jame…[View]
153249644/ptg/ President Trump General - The Movement Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
153247974How did a christcuck become so smart and perceptive?[View]
153238330'AH NEED MAH GUNZZ TO PRO-TECH MAH PROP-ERT-TEE FROM FOR-HEN INVAYSIO-' *China drops a nuclear bomb …[View]
1532478715 years ago....: The presstitute media is out in force today reinforcing the op known as 'Sandy Hook…[View]
153243897Redpilled bands/music/songs: I'll start: >Def Leppard >Van Halen >Megadeth Also fuck …[View]
153243150These 3 books are a better bible than the bible. Far greater life lessons, literary beauty, and trui…[View]
153249426thoughts on louis farrakhan and noi? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUcm59n97i4[View]
153249588doggos: So, I've had a dog for about nine years now and I've been around many dogs and I…[View]
153251641POO ON NET[View]
153237964Should we rethink infidelity?[View]
153249973The Jews did nothing wrong: Seriously, enough with the conspiracies. The Jews did nothing to deserve…[View]
153247972what is the correct spelling: White Supremist or White Supremacist? asking for a friend[View]
153248009Hey /pol/, what do we think about white/Aryan Pakistanis? Religion Aside, tell me your opinions.[View]
153251276How can the economy be reoriented into actually creating physical objects?[View]
153245182FCC NET NEUTRALITY VOTE THREAD: HERE WE FUCKING GO LADS. Will /ourpoo/ send liberals into a SEETHING…[View]
153251298Frog Blame: >cnn.com/cnn/2017/12/13/africa/french-officials-rwanda-genocide/index.html >the Fr…[View]
153247830Daily Reminder: >Free Market Capitalism is a meme >Capitalism in its current form only exists …[View]
153248827Hello /pol/ immigrant here I just wanted to ask on the day of the rope will you spare non-whites wit…[View]
153248240FBI Controls Disney and now FOX: https://archive.fo/Uv5HC Disney Link To the F.B.I. And Hoover Is Di…[View]
153251148WHY on earth do all my fellow Americans give two shits about these Europeans? Last time I checked, o…[View]
153249592Redpill me on why we should repeal Net Neutrality: I'm blinded by all the shills. I can't …[View]
153244345Why are Christians such hypocrites?: He did the right thing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/po…[View]
153246673Why is Hillary still in a boot?: Fractured toes take 4-6 weeks to heal. Its been over 2 months.…[View]
153239565http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/poor-millennials/ Holy fuck drumpfykins, the HuffPo w…[View]
153249038Is he an anarcho primitivist?[View]
153249060Good job pol: Trump >DESIGNATED an Indian to take away your internet. Are we tired of winning yet…[View]
153247040Is there any hope for us?[View]
153232435Syria General /sg/- SSNP Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
153249019Is this the Greatest Political Weapon Ever Created?: Subdued billions of people throughout history i…[View]
153249908REGARDING THE ARGIE SUB: relative of one of the people onboard the sub said she was in contact just …[View]
153246862IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Hey everybody, I just want to let you guise know that if u don't suport …[View]
153241949How does this make you amerimutts feel ? >3 highly trained US green berets killed by 1 ordinary j…[View]
153250335Net Neutrality: How will the repeal of net neutrality affect us? Discuss Imo I don't think it…[View]
153246779How do they sleep at night? https://twitter.com/vicenews/status/941323987543568384[View]
153240312COLOGNE CUCKS ITSELF YET AGAIN: HANDS OFF YOU EVIL WHITE MALES! How will those cucked Rhinelanders e…[View]
153246557Post yfw net neutrality is gone, and amerilards are gone from 4chan[View]
153179821Racecar johnny says vroom vroom!: Post your OC! The propaganda machines wheels turn once more!…[View]
153239374If blonde hair and blue eyed are the only whites then how does Varg explain red hair or green eyes?[View]
153247735She's right you know...[View]
153228493What if the EU created war with Russia would you fight for it?[View]
153237499brit/pol/: >Tory rebels set to block EU withdrawal bill http://www.itv.com/news/2017-12-12/theres…[View]
153249909Was he jewish?: Was he jewish?[View]
153239155What did he mean by this?: Tick tock, Drumpfkins.[View]
153247072/ptg/ President Trump General - Just Another Day! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
153249755'When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in …[View]
153182969>be jew >hate jews[View]
153242656We're already at civil war levels with 2 parties existing in 2 totally different realities How …[View]
153248946Your mind on civic nationalism.[View]
153249549In 2008 almost a million more people in total voted in the Alabama senatorial election and 100,000 m…[View]
153245186hey /pol/ I love white nerds why don’t you like me?[View]
153249455/pol/, what do yo think about buckwheat - traditional Russian food ?[View]
153247021mornin' burgers/ afternoon euros: Hi, /pol/. Let's react to this peculiar video. https://w…[View]
153247727Destruction of the U.S can't come soon enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSNQh9ki6zc amer…[View]
153248374>UHHH, IS THIS RED PILLED?[View]
153246235We all know the popular perception by now: Eric Trump is the dumb one who know he’s dumb. Donald Tru…[View]
153244575TICK TOCK TICK TOCK[View]
153248982Thanks goyim[View]
153249359btw /pol/'s most favorite UHC proponent is getting cucked as we speak fyi[View]
153249295Farmers need their gibs too: Why should we be subsidizing corn farmers? Ethanol production is not ev…[View]
153248775Net Neutrality: >We can't let those big corporations walk over our internet!! >Big corpo…[View]
153240428>hear all this stuff america is dangerous, black people killing each other >can't be THAT…[View]
153246042let's be fucking real here a moment Can you really be ubermensch if you're not attractive?…[View]
153245828LIBSHITS BTFO!: Ajit Pai is a fucking hero, never have I seen so many fucking loser neets so mad the…[View]
153246704Omarosa tripped White House alarms after being fired: From the article: 'Ryan reported Manigaul…[View]
153246757How can we make sure every single person (average persons, politicians, entertainers, ...) who ever …[View]
153245175Texan here. If those SEC fucks in Alabama can go blue, we sure as hell can too. The traditional prob…[View]
153246321Demonitize Everything: A Post-Capitalism World https://youtu.be/3cXPWyP0BBs Is /pol/ ready for the …[View]
153226023The North Sea Wind Power Hub: North Sea Wind Power Hub is a proposed energy island complex to be bui…[View]
153248649Look at what dotards want us to believe!: https://streamable.com/qid1q[View]
153244495It's Happening? >SHYLA STYLEZ >AUGUST AMES >YURIZAN BELTRAN >all pornstars >all …[View]
153238522Republicans: We can't waste money on giving out handouts, that's not how economics work, p…[View]
153244194this is not a left or right issue.: Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Bill of 20…[View]
153232489Powerful Sandy Hook PSA will change your mind about the 2nd amendment: >New Sandy Hook PSA, dubbe…[View]
153248257Multiculturalism hasn't given us anythi-.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daxQ2TCrnTM[View]
153247014What is a loser in the modern world?: Living with your parents when you're over 18 = instant lo…[View]
153247617hey you guys that love Obama's network neutrality why not demand the private network the govern…[View]
153234326What do you guys think of Ben Shapiro?[View]
153222631Just take a look at how history is being erased: Here's another example This is Norman in 1066…[View]
153234438How can capitalists defend this?[View]
153245132/pol/ is a closet Sunni Muslim[View]
153247957>women deserve resp-[View]
153238073The truth about Varg Vikernes: Varg started out well enough with his prepping stuff and having a big…[View]
153244835PBS' Tavis Smiley accused of sexual misconduct; Tavish aggressively denies any wrong doing.: Ba…[View]
153235231HIllary Clinton Ends book tour still wearing BOOT: https://archive.fo/Xpbd7 Really husks the black w…[View]
153244539Jews are not real Americ- https://vocaroo.com/i/s0SMEVcgBMwn[View]
153244348WE WUZ PHILOSOPHERZ AN SHEIT https://aeon.co/essays/yacob-and-amo-africas-precursors-to-locke-hume-a…[View]
153214695/BPG/ Black pol general: Black anons get in here[View]
153247123Trump “is not my bride,” Putin said, “and I am not his groom.”: lol[View]
153246826/SIG/ Self Improvement General: What have you done to improve yourself today /pol/? Discord: Xu6cSKj…[View]
153244327Was the Jews plan of getting every black person in America to call each other Nigger their greatest …[View]
153245666>tfw too smart for studying: who else quit their studies after taking infowars brainforce pills? …[View]
153236044Pol Humor: Pol humor thread[View]
153211695Climate change doesn't exis...[View]
153244211Drumpf will be impeached any day now: Any day now.............**crickets**[View]
153242830*buys your studio*[View]
153247380ISPs Dindu Nuffin: 2005 - Madison River Communications: Blocked VOIP services before the FCC put a s…[View]
153222309Is he Our Guy?: >Jew >Created Facebook >Influenced Election >5th richest man in the worl…[View]
153243141(((Disney))): What is he thinking, /pol/?[View]
153244174/ptg/ President Trump General - TFW Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
153240050/ptg/ President Trump General - No Breaks Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
153233419>you realize there will no longer be a right-leaning news network on TV anymore.…[View]
153244740Is the Trudeau curse real?: What other enemies has he defeated by being defeated?[View]
153241800How soon will (((They))) replace us with machines? It looks like it is already starting. Ford is par…[View]
153246288Why women destroy nations: You can't say hes not hitting the nail on the head. He says what is …[View]
153246653Based Donald Tusk just BTFO mudslimes: All hail based Tusk. Germany and Sweden on suicide watch. htt…[View]
153244647Who is she going to destroy?[View]
153244180Why is Turkey's economy growing so fast? Is Erdogan a better version of Trump?[View]
153226272what is net neutrality: /pol/, ignorant here, what is net neutrality and how will it affect USA and …[View]
153232791It's time, /pol/! We must join forces with Reddit and STOP the Trump regime's attack on a …[View]
153230855>al queda was made to fight soviet russia and fulfill a political agenda by attacking new york wh…[View]
153246320Single-mother appreciation thread: Recently, there has been some problems with some women-disrespect…[View]
153243855Pol is just turning into a shit flinging contest between Americans and Europeans to see who is most …[View]
153176060#MyBordersMyChoice: TWITTER BOMBARDMENT EDITION: A new psy op is underway: #mybordersmychoice We…[View]
153237298>the gadsden flag being used in SUPPORT of government regulation I'm going to enjoy the tear…[View]
153246166Why aren't you a Shofar Mountain survivalist?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z54v09qhTio…[View]
153235196Ajit Pai the faggot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFhT6H6pRWg >Hes an actual cunt. >Taking …[View]
153245912test prep[View]
153237168Britain First leader Paul Golding arrested: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/paul-golding-…[View]
153242681Nords and Anglos are worthless: It was Mediterraneans who built civilization. They created philosoph…[View]
153244688Daily reminder that this board has rules[View]
153230546ask a Mexican anything[View]
153245626great, a literal Pajeet is going to fuck up the internet and make us all pay more for shittier servi…[View]
153235864How can a man be so based?[View]
153212862Political Action General /pag/ The Road To 2018 Starts Today: This is a general to discuss right-win…[View]
153243064I understand that tomorrow is the holiday, on which we celebrate the protest and defiance of the fai…[View]
153242197How do we fix partisan gerrymandering, /pol/?[View]
153231740.: which ethincic group does this guy belongs ?[View]
153245432You have the choice of being reborn as an Amerimutt, from any two Amerimutt parents of your choice, …[View]
153245165Post your face when you Americans talking about 'white' identity[View]
153244746Virgin Building 7 vs Chad Twin Towers: Building 7 >crappy beige color >no plane even hits it, …[View]
1532420141 infallible source for trump supporters: So has anyone else except Sara Carter said Strzok was the …[View]
153242312Well /pol/ let's sum up some Events with pic related[View]
153209652Ex share blue 3: Shareblue Oliver Willis are beginning to push the 'Trump is a sex predator' faggotr…[View]
153244672TAKE THAT, racist Alabama conspiracy theories!: ...of course you'd blame a jew! http://archive.…[View]
153243699>*Record Scratch* >*Freeze Frame Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I e…[View]
153244766/thread? Pic related[View]
153241050Serious Discussion - Americans Only: White nationalism is on the rise, but I have a plan to make eth…[View]
153240437So why do you unironically want to end net neutrality? I've heard a lot of controversy but I wa…[View]
153244241Age of ignorance: >Go on Youtube >Oh, it's the Techno Viking video again >I'm bor…[View]
153238888Military/Patriotic Music Thread: Fife and drum, national anthems, folk songs, etc. are all welcome. …[View]
153244405Will those stupid seppos ever shut up bragging about how much lemonade they can drink?[View]
153243999/POL/ BTFO: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/alabama-election-conspiracy-theory_us_5a321692e4b0…[View]
153219680Should White men just move to East Asia and try to rebuild after the West collapses?[View]
153238158And now all of the sudden free speech matter.: Guess they don't like it when they are on the re…[View]
153242345Shitposting: Follow hehthechristian on Instagram. Yes I am aware of the cancer on there but I promis…[View]
153243963sooo....HAHHAHAHA...i just realized...hAHAHAHAHA you could vote multiple times in murrica and even f…[View]
153242147>Without net neutrality ISPs are going to spit up everything into packages and I'll have to …[View]
153241610Nigger Hate Thread: Official Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkg-bSKyUAY[View]
153240556*GRILLS* *DESTROYS* *OBLITERATES*: >*OWNS* *SLAMS* wtf is this shit? can people watch a political…[View]
153241077Trump “is not my bride,” Putin said, “and I am not his groom.”: What did he mean by this?[View]
153243817Post your best COUNTRYBALLS memes[View]
153235419A transgender man has given birth to his second child: >A transgender man has given birth to his …[View]
153238437Why does /pol/ hate muslims?: Give me an honest answer here is it because you know that we are takin…[View]
153237472Should the government be more strict about cops having tattoos? This trend worries me.[View]
153242480Fat pedo busted by undercover officer posing as 15yo boy.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5…[View]
153239068Is murdoch chan real?[View]
153243256Elections in Virginia and Alabama are but a few of the recent examples of Trumpism and conservatism…[View]
153225995Black student in US educational system: I'd like to hear from fellow autists in the US about th…[View]
153243214Why do you guys follow messianic judaism?[View]
153226673Discovering Furries and Otherkin: What was your reaction when you first learned what a furry and oth…[View]
153241218Why can't you admit mutliculturalism is fucking great /pol/? https://twitter.com/Baddiel/status…[View]
153243067'Whites do better on IQ because IQ tests are specifically designed for white people': >not realiz…[View]
153242626More like Super Sodomize Me Without My Consent amirite[View]
153239876Had a dream last night /pol/. >at party >somehow the most attractive girl there is black >a…[View]
153245886>Cosmo polled over 700 of our female readers and asked them one simple question >'what do you …[View]
153237064What is a kid with a they them their parent supposed to call their mom or dad?[View]
153239265The US senate renominated Ajit Pai 52-41 for another 5 year term in the FCC a few months back, despi…[View]
153241356ajit pai should ligit dai: HIRE ALL THE HITMEN NOW[View]
153242175What's next for Roy Moore?[View]
153242781>tapwaterdoctor: >tapwaterdoctor :D[View]
153242386Post your best merchants. Need them for school[View]
153242494Graduate student here. I'll make this very short. Took 12 graduate hours including a VERY diffi…[View]
153240104BASED FUCKING CELERY: yo im a chef and ill say this now for you all, celery is the most woke food fo…[View]
1532392435 years after Sandy Hook: Have you forgotten /pol? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/14/us/sandy-hook-n…[View]
153239401Happy Sandy Hoax Day: 5 years ago[View]
153234418Eurasian Economic Union: Hey cucks, How does it feel knowing that Russia has emulated the EU's …[View]
153242503Leftist -Socialist-Communist Media and News: >General TeleSUR awareness >English Speaking live…[View]
153242510Is there even such a thing as white identity: Is it possible to close Pandora's box an get peop…[View]
153242409You flew here, we grew here[View]
153242398Macron: He plays on several levels, left declarations, then right, Try to get the leadership of Euro…[View]
153238816Say something good about my homeland /pol/[View]
153241151What did they mean by this?[View]
153227527The Devil: What did he mean by this? Are we the Devil, /pol/???[View]
153239272Where is your Abrahamic God now?: Ancient Hindu land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka is REAL. …[View]
153240673So Italy just passed a new law for bio testaments, we can now declare our unwillingness to receive m…[View]
153237448is crossfit white flight from regular sports?[View]
153242164/pol/ BTFO by science: >Low intelligence and “low effort thinking” are strongly linked to right-w…[View]
153240628Who here can't wait till /pol/ is gone?[View]
153242139What are /pol/'s thoughts on Louis Farrakhan and NOI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUcm59n97…[View]
153241995Johnny Gat: Youtuber Johnny Gat dropped some red pills >Exposed Lauren Southern >Exposed Paul…[View]
153223189Atheist hate general[View]
153239659How is it possible for a grown man to be so fucking delusional? Boogie is hopeless.[View]
153225338INDIAN HATE THREAD: Because of Net Neutrality, We should have a thread made for one of the most disg…[View]
153241154If Net Neutrality will make netflix cost a monthly fee how come it's not free now?[View]
153233104>excellent source of calcium do americans really eat this shit?[View]
153230241Africans in St Kilda: >200 Africans bash random people at St Kilda (Melbourne) >Police unable …[View]
153240626Yo who the hell is this guy: This was from coverage of the election. Can anyone figure out who he is…[View]
153241625What's with the constant spamming of the same fucking topic?: What gives?[View]
153236117REMEMBER TO CHECK IN GOYS: Don’t forget your SAG credentials to make your daily rate.... Oy vey.…[View]
153239554Japan deserves nothing except our eternal gratitude for creating anime. It is essentially the only m…[View]
153237258Pol humor thread lets go[View]
153237371Why are leftist bugwomen so vile and disgusting? biggest hypocrites ever.[View]
153239780Which Religion is the Most Based?[View]
153241344SHITSKIN HATE THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fdb9JGzXC8 9 People die in Mumbai everyday fr…[View]
153241078Gen z is our last hope: As a junior in high school I can say that we’re very conservative. The few l…[View]
153241330>be american >get shot 5 times in the back while on the ground >5'6' tattooed manlet b…[View]
153240968Syrian “refugees” threaten lawsuit over food at 4 star hotel in Ballaghaderreen, Ireland to get hous…[View]
153237989Just post your favority photo redpills to use during debates[View]
153220463Name the best ally or allies of your country[View]
153241176OMG: https://archive.is/bPM5B This guy needs to be doxxed![View]
153240915How many le % face in that pic?[View]
153241128How much money do you owe to collection agencies? Have they ever tried to take you to court?[View]
153241051GOOD MORNING /pol/ - Be aware that the name PILL BRIESTAP (switch first letters dummy) results in a …[View]
153240710Ok... odk: why exist this space?[View]
153240364Based Aristotle: Either the elites that run Europe are ignirant fools who never read the classics i.…[View]
153236610Just another reason why Africa is so fucked...: >Swaziland – Witches flying broomsticks in Swazil…[View]
153240914#notmysenator: #notmysenator that was a stolen election[View]
153237271Are balts the ultimate jew? >white >reasonably well off >no shitskins >still noone knows…[View]
153238357Remember to light a candle for Seth Rich[View]
153225717Why is virginity afforded such an exalted status here? The whole 'no hymen no diamond' thi…[View]
153226283What's your opinion on Singapore?: On one hand, it's a highly effective capitalist utopia …[View]
153201655Do we breathe these things in?: So let's get some nice, heated discussion going. First up, the …[View]
153240635Oh no! Moar democraps: The democrats are trying to take over red states in the house and senate. Eve…[View]
153240035There are more than 2 genders[View]
153239931Happy Thursday, anon.[View]
153239661Can a White Man become the Jew of the Africa Continent: >We have enough resources to come there a…[View]
153240475Black Autistic tranny kicked out for threatening to shoot up school. Claims racism.: Iris “Sandy Hoo…[View]
153217075Has /pol/ taken the Woes pill?[View]
153240256IT'S OVER! BREXIT IS FINISHED! RUSSIAN MEDDLING CONFIRMED! https://www.neowin.net/news/russians…[View]
153236978Why Latvia is so based?[View]
153239748Why do White women look like a man with wig??[View]
153227396Fellow americans, why haven't we done pic related yet? I mean, would anyone really even give a …[View]
153230583ITT we says something positive about our country Croatia pretty safe, due to no niggers and sandnigg…[View]
153234955/ptg/ President Trump General - Tolerant Left Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
153239471What has divorce done to the Western dating and marriages?: Seriously, it seems like a total gamble …[View]
153239619der untermensch https://gol.dnevnik.hr/galerija/rubrika/nogomet/pozadina-nevidjenog-kaosa-splicanin-…[View]
153240116/pol/gbt: >Mishima came to view human intimacy as basically sentimental and fatuous - he came to …[View]
153232855What killed western civilization?[View]
153240031https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMfzb1qX0ZA Let's be honest: /pol/ has a international influenc…[View]
153236194>tfw Trump builds a wall and it gets blown up by terrorists[View]
153238480Chamath Palihapitiya.. Enemy of ZUCC: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2017/12/11/tremendous-…[View]
153233815When will the remaining ballots for Alabama be counted? Will there be enough uncounted military ball…[View]
153232348WEW LAD: Press S to Spit on Disney: >pic related The IMDB ratings are AWFUL Mentally scarring e…[View]
153235120New RaceCar Johnny Thread: Post Your OC > Pic Related[View]
153239029Putin has spoken: That settles it. The Russia collusion is fake news. http://www.bbc.com/news/world…[View]
153233184Everyday we stray further from God[View]
153229170Operation Boogie Pill: Boogie has options: he either continues down the path he is on or he does a c…[View]
153238215Apparently the: Salt right is made of elites who do coke. David broc is a yuge donor to the movemen…[View]
153231133Why have Liberals hijacked The Resistance from Star Wars if they're the Rebels are we the Empir…[View]
153230683/pol/ OC thread: Let's have a thread for /pol/itical content creation. Humourous and serious. H…[View]
153239493>there are people on here who unironically oppose net neutrality simply because Trump does…[View]
153239314Mfw liberals are making poo in loo jokes on Reddit: How are liberals such fucking hypocrites that th…[View]
153238221Why does scum rule over the Earth?: America = scum Russia = scum EU = scum China = scum Why do decen…[View]
153239118>Net Neutrality is ba-[View]
153232283White (100% europeans) [no 56ers allowed in this thread] Americans should move to England. Burgerlan…[View]
153238402The Navalny Plague mutates...: How to stop russian youngsters from descent into navalnism?[View]
153238711Net Neutrality: So from what I can tell, this is the argument for ending Net Neutrality: 'We're…[View]
153237422Is it really that wrong to hold blacks at a lower standing than whites? They're just so... Unap…[View]
153223123This triggers /pol/: Do the majority of you hate the office job environment? If so why? Most develop…[View]
153238259What do to save EU now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pk2UMqqyfY[View]
153233797>muh superior aryan genes[View]
153233400/SHT/ Sweden Hate Thread Pic related[View]
153239038What's the next step in his master plan?[View]
153237703FCC Vote Nears: WASHINGTON — Protesters were gathering outside of the FCC’s headquarters on Thursday…[View]
153232580Why is Trump letting this pass? I thought he was gonna save the world?[View]
153227102https://youtu.be/0AxVXM2Lts4 Get this to air on Fox News and redpill the America. DO IT /POL/ DO IT …[View]
153235491Top google search by European country, what the fuck do we do about Spain?[View]
153202967/pol/ is getting too complacent which is why everything is falling apart.: Just look at 2016 and ear…[View]
153232805Is net neutrality just a bait and switch to make people more statist?[View]
153229482Reminder that retards like you will be gone once the old people start dying like the delusional reta…[View]
153236091European stuff (actual one): Hello /pol/, I wanted to talk to you about the actual federalist projec…[View]
153238072Chad Siege-pill vs. Virgin cuck-spiral: The difference is clear.[View]
153238795How can I keep going: >be me >born into large dysfunctional family >my only purpose as a ch…[View]
153238778Muricans of 4chinz... how do your right wing movements work?: One thing we've got to admit is t…[View]
153233977Are red people (aka. gingers) consider white for the alt-right?[View]
153235346I want to keep my children pure. That's why I won't show them any new US movies. But shoul…[View]
153237701I am from the future, this is how the election in 2020 will go: Dear comrades, I am uni-unit 4657X, …[View]
153233789Wait...they're Northern European?[View]
153238499LOLXD: LOLXD[View]
153238412Leftist/Liberal/SJW/Vegan/Feminist/Black Hate Thread Get it all out.[View]
153231546facebook com/finn no/videos/10155826331838446/ I'm so glad Norway finally has embraced the mult…[View]
153226500I'm really starting to hate Germans. Germany tried to destroy Europe 4 times. >Destroy Roma…[View]
153237199Can the Nordic man still be saved?[View]
153234581STOP DATING SKINNY CHICKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eilZTgurr4 https://www.hooktube.com/watc…[View]
153233296so we did 'its okay to be white' for Halloween what do we do for Christmas[View]
153233657Fellow Amerifats: How much did your health insurance increase this past year? Mine went up 43%[View]
153234989Would an america like this better represent the population?[View]
153237694Is Argentina a White country???[View]
153232305How do we stop white children from looking up to and worshipping niggers who ook and eek into microp…[View]
1531896698 years. No scandals.[View]
153210031This is my brother's fuck up pol > Liberal parents > Dad decides to leave mom for a fag w…[View]
153237697Sweden what the fuck is this bitch doing?: Holy shit the balls of this woman.[View]
153231441So this is the power of unrestrained capitalism...[View]
153236471Were women a mistake?[View]
153237642>Undocumented immigrants illegal immigrant >Undocumented owner of your car car thief >U…[View]
153233572YOU FUCKED UP, /POL/: You really fucked up this time. Hillary would never have appointed these FCC s…[View]
153236426Redpill me on this and it's meaning: leftist Shills please fuck off back to /r/etarddit.[View]
153237561Big if true.[View]
153237554Not only did you fuckfaces voted for an useless fag who hasn't done anything, but now Congress …[View]
153236702Federal Communications Commission: FCC is expected to repeal its net neutrality rules today. https:/…[View]
153235894Drop me some Redpills on Energy Consumption issues. First world vs Third world. >Who uses more co…[View]
15323752723andme adds nigger DNA to whites to 'mess with their heads': Jew owned 23andme went on record and s…[View]
153237370Kentucky lawmaker found dead: Republican state Rep. Dan Johnson was found dead of a single gunshot w…[View]
153237359The real redpill: Should we bring back the guillotine?[View]
153237173Friendly reminder that race and identity politics is just a red herring that is served to working cl…[View]
153229675Btw: Jesus Christ looked like this, he was also a bit fat and had bad posture. You christcucks shoul…[View]
153237219MERRY CH... oh nevermind EU, I mean Eurabic Islamic Union Allahu Akbar[View]
153236992Argentina: Why isn't Argentina a major power? >once an agriculture super power >once in t…[View]
153234629conquest: This isn't a game anymore. The west is on the road to ruin and the men who came befor…[View]
153235445Post feminists of your country. Pic related, it's the Feminist Party of Finland.[View]
153231925So what do you think /pol/? Was Hitler really working for (((them)))? Because of him, anything excep…[View]
153234973>muh net neutrality protects me ty big guvment![View]
153235936Show me your best amerimutt memes /pol/. Let's trash on the burgers.[View]
153237621Just drinking vodka ask me anything not a hohol[View]
153237038Daily reminder that there are over a billion of these shits in the world. They're taking over C…[View]
153236993Attack on Ajit Pai: So One of my friends lends me this. I and my group tried to decipher/decrypt wha…[View]
153236962STOP MAKING: Sandy hook truther threads. It clearly happened. Why would the news lie? How could an …[View]
153233997>My great grandma was a full on jew What do?[View]
153234400Look at all these powerful women you sexist pigs!: https://vimeo.com/247187315[View]
153236717Anti-smoking 'science' debunked: Tobacco does not cause cancer and all claims that it does are based…[View]
153226005Are Meds Latinos?: Found this on Quora, is this what people here call burger education? If not, redp…[View]
153236019roy should've hired smarter people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFYRkzznsc0 ffs this is why…[View]
153236370Electricity Denialism: is the FINAL redpill[View]
153236263How do we stop the Estonians? They're becoming too powerful. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcfCzE…[View]
153236664Please stop singing that racist Jingle Bells song, anon.: http://www.waaf.com/media/audio-channel/ch…[View]
153234510din'du'nuffin HUUUUURR FAGA[View]
153234317He wuz a good boy: http://wivb.com/2017/12/13/protest-erupts-after-state-rules-out-criminal-charges-…[View]
153236260Dan Johnson dead: http://www.wdrb.com/story/37062873/rep-dan-johnson-commits-suicide-on-bridge-in-mt…[View]
153208784Black Women Saved Alabama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdfCcEnJDlY Nice nation and everything bu…[View]
153233314Explain this shit...: 8 kids. Then she says she had those 8 kids because she didn’t expect to be lef…[View]
153234861Can we have a good news thread for once? I know there hardly is any but I want to hold on to them ju…[View]
153236543Friendly reminder that you retards did this You can blame poo in loo all you want but your reckoning…[View]
153228052Facts for Americans: >2 people per square mile >15 unregistered guns per square mile >0.000…[View]
153232239Its still so raw: We really thought robbie parker was gunna sell it ...then we had gene rosen for th…[View]
153214306This is the last day of the free internet. This is the last day you'll be able to access 4chan.…[View]
153220909Dutch Kekistanis Unite - Dutch Meme Wars: There is soon going to be protests against the Dutch gover…[View]
153236460How come democrats repeatedly win the presidential popular vote but almost never have the senate maj…[View]
153236444I don't know if it's just where I live, but nobody is saying any special greeting this sea…[View]
153224512how can i be a racist excluding other people when im excluded all the time?[View]
153232213I need your help 4chan on how to deal with homeless entitled niggers with a sense of sophilism: How …[View]
153236389What say you, /pol/?: So it turns out that native Europeans were likely the first Americans and livi…[View]
153232756nose: nose thread give me your rarest merchants[View]
153234172come home, my sons. (not you panjeet, i mean my biological sons)[View]
153213979Reminder that Ayn Rand is based. The bar none greatest modern philospher that is essentially upgrade…[View]
153236165White people have gotten lazy: Wtf happened to you? You used to lead. Now look at you.. you don…[View]
153222353Bow to your overlord Israel: This man will take over your country and all the other Muslim countries…[View]
153236114How do I get the sandniggers out if Europe: I hate refugees but I am to much of a fag to hit them. H…[View]
153228716what went wrong?[View]
153236016If the Democrats are 'communists' then why are they blue while the Republicans are red, just like ac…[View]
153235912shamPOO in loo: The wordshampooentered the English language fromIndiaduring the colonial era. It dat…[View]
153232951Sorry, Donald. I'm *cough* calling out of voting for the tax bill today. My cancer is acting up…[View]
153230936Is he to blame for Alabama?[View]
153217253Farage is such an idiot: May goes to Brussel, negotiates the demand of 500 billion from the EU down …[View]
153228885CNN praises black women for saving democracy[View]
153232306i was only gone for like three days what the fuck happened[View]
153235684Bannon is done: Nobody will take him seriously as a political force in this country after the Moore …[View]
153235582Why does /pol/ meme the Frankfurt school into boogeymen without reading them? You know guys like Ado…[View]
153235569https://therightstuff.biz/2017/12/02/kulturkampf-episode-56-revolt-against-the-modern-world/ Plebeia…[View]
153235328Nigger accepted into Harvard.: I'm laughing at America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsUQU3r…[View]
153232104This white woman was killed then eaten by an Asian man: Really sad story https://en.m.wikipedia.org…[View]
153231481A Christian evangelical can't even win in ruby-red Alabama. That proves it. America is no longe…[View]
153223387What a lovely day: >sure hope nothing, happens...[View]
153230270No more Pomo commies!: How can I use my vast wealth to fight communist postmodernist scum?[View]
153230835/ptg/ President Trump General - White Ppl, Help! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
153227349Happening - Poland and Hungary not backing down: >EU in crisis amid Polexit fears: Poland 'c…[View]
153233514The Nuke Game: Alright /pol/. You have one (1) Tsar Bomba 50mt nuclear weapon at your disposal. Try…[View]
153235246>May's government is literally days away from collapsing SAY IT WITH ME NOW PRIME MINISTER J…[View]
153234969Net neutrality: >ISPs base their decision on profit >ISPs would rather stablish a different pr…[View]
153231054Verizon ShillBot 9000: Fuck this corporate shill piece of trash. I, just like anyone else, don'…[View]
153233660would you use a tinder app only for alt right men and women?[View]
153232932Dating in clown world: What are some dating red flags that we should look out for as white men? Just…[View]
153235128Ashit pie memes: The internet might end and some might leave let us have a cautious party of spammin…[View]
153233713ITT: /pol/ controls a nation and run it's first election: How would it go?[View]
153234928you ameritards deserve it. tell me to poo in loo one more time[View]
153235010Transgendered movement: The transgendered movement has come to a stand still under the Trump Adminis…[View]
153233178LOL - US Senate passes JUST act to help holo survivors: >On Dec. 12, the Senate passed theJustice…[View]
153218460True Christians cannot be racist. If you are a racist and don't love your black skinned brother…[View]
153231141More Muslims in Video Games for Diversity??: A how-to guide for Muslim representation WB Games Montr…[View]
153214327Well, /pol/?[View]
153234803So is Disney buying FOX a diversion from Net Neutrality or is Net Neutrality the diversion from Disn…[View]
153223282Whats up with these repitlian eyes? Also, why is she so weird? Its such an unusual way for a woman t…[View]
153233591Do chads care about race?[View]
153234076Embracing being a corporate cuck: What I mean in this sense os working FOR SOMEONE ELSE, not being a…[View]
153203435Brit/pol/ : David Bowie Edition: >Tory rebels set to block EU withdrawal bill http://www.itv.com/…[View]
153227397Good lord pol has been bad since the Roy Moore loss[View]
153234617The first round didn't work, now he's dressing up in costumes and trying make us laugh. Th…[View]
153217801Why do atheists get so upset at the objective fact that it's atheism that is causing the west t…[View]
153234591Was Alabama a huge screw up or was it a 4d chess move?: (pic related: Trump talks about energy and m…[View]
153233157Alabama fraud election on tape: Holy shit leftists and blacks interviewed by news reporters live at …[View]
153226431Understanding the Alt Right: In the past, I've never really payed attention to politics, but ju…[View]
153232619Israel/Palestine yes or no?: explain to me (ignorant Europoor) in few sentences this situation also …[View]
153234372let's laugh at amerimutts: you deserve this. today i'm feeling happy that trump won[View]
153231009Now that the dust: Has settled. What the fuck was gene rosen doing driving to the school to pick up …[View]
153234196Are you ready anons? Net neutrality is being repealed today[View]
153232844Alt Right Weaponized Christmas: Trump has been going around saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy …[View]
153228973what is this world coming to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsUQU3r2nsM[View]
153218060>born too late to experience the 20th century >born just in time for America's downfall W…[View]
153233969Mine Free or Die[View]
153230465Congressman Commits Suicide over Roastie-Rape Allegations: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/power…[View]
153211429Do you realize how close we were to complete government control over the internet?: On the eve of th…[View]
153228184Ok so hahahahahahahahaha and some more haha haha http://www.wdrb.com/story/37062873/rep-dan-johnson-…[View]
153215700Are Jews Demons?[View]
153233825Trump is a NAZBOL: Donald Trump is secretly a member of the NAZBOL GANG.[View]
153231378>this is how americans treat family heirlooms[View]
153225029ITT: Pics that make you think[View]
153233380Why is 4chan flodded with trap/bbc porn? Is this a fucking Varg psyop to make people stop watching p…[View]
153219331How does it feel /pol/? That even with all your hate, and race shaming and problematic ideology, peo…[View]
153233373Is the internet a basic human right? If not, should it be?[View]
153221473Perfect example of why Christianity is needed for saving the West: >fully embodies everything /po…[View]
153233376Hey /pol/ our Christmas party is coming up and there's that exchange gift bullcrap. So, I wante…[View]
153228224/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
153229269Why is the richest country in the western world, also one of the unhealthiest?[View]
153230124What does /pol/ think about FDR.: what do you think?[View]
153201974>liberals can't mem-[View]
153230243Will Bannon ever recover?[View]
153233389I take “the massive fuck you” for 64 billion, Pat: Wow, the Union is really driving the UK through t…[View]
153232040He really has a good point here![View]
153231311>mfw partisan retards get duped into voting for Zionist shills >'Damn SJWs, I must vote Drump…[View]
153229659School presentation about racism: I have to explain racism to my class. Suggest some light redpills …[View]
153225174I T S H A P P E N I N G: I T S H A P P E N I N G https://twitter.com/todayshow/status/7600865853123…[View]
153233249How can I profit off the slave trade in Libya?[View]
153223758Putin Presser live. watch a real leader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY5VoFafW_c&feature=pus…[View]
153229850This is for all the white people here that find it difficult to believe in Christianity. I too was …[View]
153230171so the guy that made supersize me just outed himself as being sexually abusive to women. he says 'I…[View]
153231452are they, dare i say, /ourcollege/? >https://www.rt.com/uk/413049-snowflake-students-white-tweet/…[View]
153225228POLAND YES: There are like three kikes left in Poland and they made one of them the PM https://unv.i…[View]
153230418Ok anons, what exactly makes this woman so unlikeable? Where did she go wrong? What do you hate abou…[View]
153232519Disney buys 21st Century Fox: So now Disney will have ABC and Fox News? What are the consequences fo…[View]
1532326572018 will be the death blow for the GOP 2020 is when it goes extinct[View]
153230990Welp, if you thought the Disney didn't had enough presence to push (((diversity))) now this; ht…[View]
153208272Mueller Prosecutor: 'Just Went To Walmart. I Could SMELL The Trump Support': https://twitter.com/Sha…[View]
153225067Jesus was pro-capita...[View]
153229942Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and…[View]
153231630Imagine a person. Was that a black person?[View]
153232352Do you guys ever feel that things are in motion that will topple the elite, only if more people stoo…[View]
153231414How is 'racism' even a problem? People act like it's the number one problem in the wo…[View]
153229685Masha'Allah, Islam is Feminism after all: The Greatest Women in Islamic History From the days o…[View]
153228236What did Jennifer mean by this? Did she mean Harvey's Mossad agents provided by PM Ehud Barak? …[View]
153226533/hymen/: Ok, so whoring around really destroyed the family in this civ and allowed women to have too…[View]
153231254Sandy Hook - 26 Bells are ringing: Are we certain Sandy Hook was a hoax? Any smoking gun to confirm …[View]
153209422Syria General /sg/ - Qal'at Halab Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
153231307Mystery Sonic Booms?: Have you guys heard any? Florida has been booming the last few days. What is …[View]
153219965HAPPENING: DEMS CHEATED ON ALABAMA VOTE PROOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AxVXM2Lts4…[View]
153222480Hollywood leftists made an allstar anti Trump film in a year: How can we win a culture war when our …[View]
153228974Come Together, Russia and the US for the Anglosphere's sake!: So many people here say that Russ…[View]
153232241Putin on Ukraine & Saakashvili during the current press conference: >Ukrainian journalist Rom…[View]
153231474you hear that /pol/ go out and thank a black women for saving america right now[View]
153230306Masha'Allah, Trump Rape Many Young Girls: A Running List Of The Women Who've Accused Donal…[View]
153225759So let me get this straight: >Woman comes out as Tradcon >Spouses redpill ideology >A lot o…[View]
153229000B L A C K E D: You thought you had it all /pol/, you but didn't count on the power of SASSY BLA…[View]
153231714Shit, I think I fell for the meme.[View]
153231150fucking niggers http://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/wild-brawl-at-st-kilda-fast-food-restaurant…[View]
153230518Sam Dastyari: What does /pol/ know about this situation? Apparently, China has been bribing Australi…[View]
153229578You're all Racist-Liberals and/or Subhuman self-worshipping filth: Admit it: You just don'…[View]
153224944The question /pol/ can't answer: /pol/ lives in eternal cognitive dissonance. Answer me this on…[View]
153215626>FCC wants to do away with internet communism >/pol/ has a problem with this Is there really n…[View]
153225761I need your help.: I'm trying to pull off a prank to end my last year here. Go here this Friday…[View]
153230910Why does Alaska have such a high murder rate?[View]
153229719It might be coming slower than we want it to...: but it's coming all the same...[View]
153226553Trump supporters calling a 5-year old a terrorist.: https://vt.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_p0rweha60R1qe…[View]
153225729>tfw at least half of the american userbase will stop browsing 4chan forever…[View]
153210007>Star Wars is ruined >Star Trek is ruined >Halo is ruined >Mass Effect is ruined >LOT…[View]
153205555Why are Americans triggered by roundabouts?: They are usually safer and more efficient than conventi…[View]
153228728Nobody needs to torrent. Just pay for your movies like a law-abiding citizen.[View]
153222263Is there a better representation of teenage angst, millennial manchildren, new age social justice bu…[View]
153219134Putin humiliates his bitch ASSad: /sg/cucks will defend this https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont…[View]
153225678/ptg/ President Trump General - This Is Your Land Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
153222650>Mexico isnt bi-[View]
153224712Iq thread: Blacks with Bachelor's degrees have about the same iq as whites with no college at a…[View]
153204046Star Wars Pushing Race Mixing Agenda Onto Asians: Once again Hollywood shows they have no idea how t…[View]
153230836The alt right: Is a psy op created by valerie jarret and nbc to divide and conquer. They tested thi…[View]
153226530Would you rather live in a White Communist Ethnostate or a diverse Capitalistic State?[View]
153225863meta thread: Message to all redditors and other newfags This site is now 14 years old. It has histo…[View]
153228512can there be more anime in /pol/ please[View]
153227547Why do we allow illegal immigrants to protest? they don't have that right[View]
153208888Powerful.: Eminem just straight up murdered CRUMPF in his new album.[View]
153225371The Bright Lord speaks: https://www.rt.com/news/413051-putin-2017-press-conference/ He also speak ab…[View]
153230095What did the sign really say pol?[View]
153228073Michelangelo wasn’t really a fag, was he?: The left just made that up so we’d be more accepting of f…[View]
153224301Is it really a big deal or is Reddit just overinflating it?[View]
153220782Economics is very easy. When someone gets fired from a job, loses their paycheck, what's the sm…[View]
153218345Dump pizzagate infographs: Dump em here. Pic unrelated.[View]
153205516Australian soy-boys and girls got attacked by African BLACK master race they imported.: https://www.…[View]
153228125Why do black people never tip?[View]
153222674Why is everyone obsessed with Burger politics? Bongs, Bogans, Leafs, everyone. Are they bored or are…[View]
153201218What did Fuentes mean by this? Do you think there's anyway to bring him back into the fold at t…[View]
153229229Did anyone else notice they're 'slipping' gay porn into straight section?[View]
153224409Nasa: We make predictions on what they announce kepler found. >planet with atmosphere…[View]
153229736Faswhave thread nigs[View]
153227018Polish girls are bas-: ...oh sweet Jesus urrrrrghhhh[View]
153225220Why haven't you racist assholes accepted the greatness that is multiculturalism?[View]
153230930Can my sister join the /Pol/ hacker club?[View]
153221595I'm getting off /pol/: It's lifesucking etc. I will keep my redpill.jpg folder that has re…[View]
153229794<iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/iX7ujP5jk7s' frameborder='0' …[View]
153221447What are some decent White Identity based podcasts? I feel like I'm wandering in the dark out h…[View]
153228713Why do I have such a hard time with women ?: Yes, this is politics. All women are leftists, militant…[View]
153227281The /pol/ candidate?: Would /pol/ vote for a candidate who's main platform is the legalization …[View]
153224345How to fight Transgenderism?: By showcasing the absurdity of their arguments and going even a step f…[View]
153228428How can it happen that YouTube lets this massive pedophile / MKULTRA shit loose on our kids via 'You…[View]
153229110>2017 almost 2018 >he still thinks it's about 'left' vs 'right'…[View]
153224371why are americans so mixed?[View]
153207428What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
153220442The new star wars caused this Girl to see a black man. Propaganda: !!!![View]
153228454Why are /pol/edditors so pathetic, lads?[View]
153228672The absolute state of jurisdiction system in Melbourne, Australia.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/…[View]
153182968Star Wars The Last Jedi is Commie propoganda: I hate to say it, i've been a fan forever, i even…[View]
153228608Is it time for an illegal alien hate thread?: The following 3 things must be true about the majority…[View]
153221204The true political spectrum?: This Dinesh D'Souza chart is obviously nonsense, but what is the …[View]
153197444It's FUCKING HAPPENING! Chuck Schumer is going DOWN!! Push this![View]
153213234Is Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering the White Man's field of study?[View]
153226441Neanderthals: The Jews have been denying us our deep history. Carlton Coon was fighting for this dec…[View]
153226051This, and I say this as a white male. Women now have equal opportunities, and do you know what? They…[View]
153225124DON'T SLIDE ME, BRO: #BlackVotesMatter: Tried pushing this twice in the past 20 hours, but my t…[View]
153228286AAAH: fk me[View]
153226285Thank you Alabama! You did it![View]
153218655Hey /pol/, /mu/ here. I was just wondering if you could help me with this. I was always wondering if…[View]
153228110i may mammal[View]
153225999find a single flaw[View]
153221607Fuck This Guy: Does he really think he can mock the Internet and not get jammed?! Why aren’t we shit…[View]
153227885Sometimes I scream but no noise comes out. Sometimes I open my eyes and everything is grey. Sometime…[View]
153227126Oh god I’m sitting next to degenerates and am using my phone to call for help. I am in my college li…[View]
153221796Give me a good fucking reason why you oppose Net Neutrality. No mention of reddit, no mention of doi…[View]
153225212why are people on this website racist? quit saying nigger, you degenerates. p.s. traps are not gay[View]
153225345Ireland: Cameroonian appears in court on rape charge: A man from Cameroon has appeared at Londonderr…[View]
153226681https://youtu.be/0AxVXM2Lts4 Get this to air on Fox News and redpill the America. DO IT /POL/ DO IT …[View]
153224505Why do you allow FAGGOTS to Marry /POL/?: Didn't you know Marriage is for heterosexual couples …[View]
153220969Is he /ourguy/?[View]
153220214How do you prepare for a nuclear war?[View]
153207710How do we stop the newfags from corrupting this place?: ATTENTION YOU NIGGERS How do we stop newfags…[View]
153225726https://youtu.be/KdfCcEnJDlY what are your thoughts on this[View]
153224502Assad the cuck: Putin's bodyguard humiliated Assad by physically stopping him: to prevent him f…[View]
153219409Hey brits: I'm curious. We all make fun of britbongs crazy backwards speech laws but how do the…[View]
153209227Dumb Fuck just admitted Voter Fraud in Alabama for Roy Moore https://youtu.be/0AxVXM2Lts4[View]
153215896China knows how to deal with sissy dog. LOL Gooks are butthrt about harsh treatment Moon's visi…[View]
153221230If a gentile wants to get a circumcision, should they just get SRS?[View]
153223578>After 24 days you need to have a court order to evict a person from your residence. >Mommy h…[View]
153223093why do Americans borrow their language from other country?[View]
153223883Why are atheists so pathetic?: Atheists cannot explain: >how the presents appear under the tree …[View]
153218719Net Neutrality: The Burgers got tricked by the Jew again, they dropped NN. Now their ISP's can …[View]
153221816Hundreds of allegedly African youths have bashed and robbed tourists at a beach in Melbourne today: …[View]
153226572Q Anon Cicada 3301 and In Q Tel: Cicada 3301 is a part of In Q Tel which is CIA owned private sector…[View]
153218077are we sure the right can meme?[View]
153225198>i am supposed to be afraid of some middle aged men larping an ancient civilzation with a magic s…[View]
153223707Why didin't we finish the nogs off when we invaded Africa? Why did we let them live and bring t…[View]
153226369The more I debated with Destiny the more familiar I became with his argumentative tactics. At the ou…[View]
153226236Putin Presser 2017: Here is a youtube link for a live translation of it... https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
153219106What's the best way to find out if someone is leftist scum?: is there one subtle question or re…[View]
153226091White House backs off on Tillerson's 'No preconditions' remarks: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/13/…[View]
153220596/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - EFFAY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
153223472What is their end game?: Terry is a certified perv, it's not like women who work with him don…[View]
153224049The trans locker-room issue: Have there actually been any cases of boys who aren't really trans…[View]
153224709Why are trump supporters so based?[View]
153221195Why are white people acting like such niggers? My neighbor is a 57 yo drunkard. He's always fuc…[View]
153223378Best red pill book?: Your best Red pilled book. Singular not a list.[View]
153225822Net Neutrality: Well since Ajit Pai is gonna kill the Internet, see you all in therapy.[View]
153215361Why do woman betray their men politically?[View]
153221823THE VERY DEFINITION OF RACISM: Logically you could also say 'Only native Britons will be hired.'…[View]
153218698Perhaps it's not the world that's wrong.: Your experience is constructed by your understan…[View]
153216030At what tangible moment did America turn degenerate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOMhI4Duolw…[View]
153223144Please dont genocide me because im non-white when you nazis get into power. Ive done nothing wrong.[View]
153217044face it... you all probably look like troglodytes[View]
153222398What would /pol/ be like if only women were allowed to post here?[View]
153221789The Atheist/Pagan Question: It is morally permitted and good for society to kill all atheists/pagans…[View]
153205323Why are people afraid to be honest?: Talking to qt14 at friends party . Say ' Happy Hanukah wish we …[View]
153187169AI learns to dominate chess, AI learns to dominate 'Go', AI learns to dominate /pol: For t…[View]
153224191Death of net neutrality, killed by Trump. Proud of you, Trump's troll of the Internet ? Dumbes…[View]
153219229Will torrenting sites be throttled to hell after tomorrow? What about streaming sites like kisanime …[View]
153207099Fake old Earth ''''Christians'''' need to leave /pol/: >claim to be Christian >claim the Bible…[View]
153223574the story of (((Christianity))). WTF: >Mary the Jew whore fucks a Roman soldier and cucks her inf…[View]
153221335is this board still pro trad? isn't it kinda lame now, after watching that fatass millenial woe…[View]
153203030Solve this /pol/tards: What's the answer?[View]
153219380A baby was born with her heart outside her body — and survived: >So a baby can be born with her h…[View]
153221392Why is EU hell bent on importing rapefugees? An EU federation would be godtier without it. No tinfoi…[View]
153204456Are we in danger of becoming a one-party state?: So, Democrats just won election in Alabama. The sup…[View]
153158104/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: DC INVESTIGATION Pt. 7: This general is for identifying, discussing,…[View]
1532218594d chess brothers: losing in Alabama was part of a greater plan trump has for 2018 he is making the…[View]
153224256This Christcucks ever recover from this? Further reading: http://www.bibleinfo.com/en/questions/what…[View]
153222850/pol/ guaranteed thread success 101 >post picture of Hitler or any high ranking nazi with a capti…[View]
153223045Alt-Right Abortion: Is the Alt-Right for or against abortion? It would seem that if you wanted to li…[View]
153204577Proof of ballot stuffing in Alabama: Alabama has 67 counties. You'd reasonably expect that the …[View]
153224126If you hate Hollywood so much, why are you still wathing their propaganda? Why haven't you swit…[View]
153220542Remember: Gas the Jews Check your (you)s Kill the blacks Deflect (((their attacks))) Fear the orange…[View]
153221103will hte USA ever become a 1st world country?[View]
153207706State Rep Kills Himself Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations.: https://www.dailywire.com/news/24664/sh…[View]
153219445What are these jew cia nigger faggots up too[View]
153221892Are you guys sad that Hitler purged your Jewish population? Just look at how many spanish Jews we ha…[View]
153223565Whats next for the forces of Kekistan?[View]
153217342>tfw your ideology is so perfect that its only counterarguments consist of ridiculous made-up str…[View]
153223987USA is literally a joke of a country. In 5 years they will be third world country[View]
153216960Just so you know, you're the laughing stock of Tumblr right now. Fucking Tumblr.[View]
153222786Did you know...: Doug Jones got more votes than Barack Obama did in 2012 in HALF of Alabama's s…[View]
153223944Modern Men: Totally subverted by leftist bullshit. 'East allies' twitch fags. These fuckers are why …[View]
153222925REPORT SAYS MATT LAUER FATHERED TWO KIDS WITH A RANDOM WOMAN.: http://truepundit.com/report-claims-m…[View]
153218739>hates Latinos >Latinos freed Texas through a bloody revolution for anglo men Why do we hates …[View]
153223636Give me evidence holocaust is fake /pol/[View]
153223632Do leftists seriously, unironically believe that there exists a squad of profession Russian shitpost…[View]
153223624Tasmania problems: It's nine pm and I'm gonna go walk my dog in the sunshine. Invasive sca…[View]
153222058Press f[View]
153188484Xsharblue thread 2: Shareblue Oliver Willis are beginning to push the 'Trump is a sex predator' fagg…[View]
153223464>Stop worshiping a kike god[View]
153185289Honest question: Answer me this, /pol/. Everyone's always talking shit about the Jews, but why?…[View]
153205017Based on this chart and the years you remember as your childhood, are you Gen X, Y, or Z? I'm b…[View]
153220891Sick of hearing 'scary rushins' are influencing the US. Who is behind the mask?[View]
153213193bye bye net neutrality :C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QkpvXYJYGU[View]
153219020Are gay people accepted in your part of the world? >tasmania >no idk why they said we voted ye…[View]
153219321Come visit Detroit!: A message from the Detroit tourist bureau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwp6…[View]
153221006Riots Brusselstan: List of proud and vibrant citizens of (((brussels))) has been released. But oh my…[View]
153222378Do you have a redpilled gf /pol/?[View]
153217454Ajit pie: Explain to me why exactly hasn't that nigger Ajit pai been killed yet?[View]
153176877Can we have a redpill thread? I'm addicted to this shit[View]
153217631Unicorns Don't Exist: God(s) do(es) not exist. Unicorns don't exist. Square-circles don…[View]
153222279Plans for divorced parents housing: One of the biggest newspapers in Norway just released this artic…[View]
153220545Ghetto Neighborhood app: Hey /pol/ is there any app or someway to find out what part of the city if …[View]
153214663You won this round, /pol/: Former YDSA/Bernie leftist going through existential crisis. I've s…[View]
153221879>be me >basically own continent >have to deal with people trying to bloody the gene pool Te…[View]
153213406On the Jews: Pol, I need help. Ever since becoming aware of the Jewish threat to the world, I can…[View]
153222249>she is laughing at you >doesn’t even worry Seriously, she NEEDS to make a BLACKED video. Holy…[View]
153216037Japan murdered hawaii. face it. history books have it wrong japanese islands are way fucking bigger …[View]
153221561Press F. Listeria monocytogenes. Caught it from the most recent 1961 Meal Quick Serve 6 Man. Freeze …[View]
153220960>america is whi-[View]
153157619How did we reach this point?[View]
153220142>He's going to lock her up they said >He's going to get a special prosecutor they sa…[View]
153220718Putin Q&A General: It's that time of year again, where our favourite slav manlet does his h…[View]
153221907Challenge Time /pol/: This is self endowed leader of antifa, and he just called for your murder....y…[View]
153214390Canadian Libtard Stephen LeDrew fired by employer for appearing on Tucker Carlson: https://www.youtu…[View]
153219733How is it possible to love your parents if you're not fucking 10/10s? I haven't talked to …[View]
153219608Could Islam be the Master Race? >Large, strong families >Women properly dominated by men >K…[View]
153217444Jewish confession: Guys... I believe in YHWH but I believe in BBC too. Can someone introduce me to a…[View]
153218615What happened?: Didn't this board used to do things? I check the catalogue and >slide thread…[View]
153221762Wtf is this[View]
153207402Why aren't there any great works of literature being written anymore? Why aren't there any…[View]
153221754How to win guide: 12/14/17(Thu)02:10:53 No.153213455 53 KB 53 KB JPG Florida (BLUE HOUSE) augustus i…[View]
153218758Men Aren't Servile: God(s) do(es) not exist. Unicorns don't exist. Square-circles don…[View]
153218574Monopoly- /pol/ Edition: Lets make it![View]
153218082wtf i hate ashton now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Scad05A2k[View]
153217126MASSIVE HAPPENING! DEEP STATE FUCKED!: https://twitter.com/RealHalTurner/status/941158489224810496 …[View]
153221605This is your president, what do?: Shall we assassinate him and appoint Obama as President4Lyfe? We …[View]
153221100Putin holding his annual press conference RITE NAOW: https://www.rt.com/on-air/413050-putin-annual-p…[View]
153219061Will Trump hire Elon Musk to get America to the Moon?: Elon has a crazy big Mars rocket, the Falcon …[View]
153212211why do conservatives generally have a low IQ?[View]
153214653How do I stop being cynical about everything and everyone and wrapping myself in seven layers of iro…[View]
153221356Im new: And all of ypu are crazy af boi ass nibba[View]
153214156Is taking care of Elders and Disabled a waste of Money?: (Pic Related) They can't contribute to…[View]
153202333ARE THE DEMS FUCKING RETARDED?: Not only did they rig the fucking election...THEY DID IT IN THE MOST…[View]
153220170AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But really though, how did trumps aura of revenge become so powerful?[View]
153204302Is there anyone in America that can explain this?: What the hell happened to your country other than…[View]
153217812Do you think that the alt-right's presence on Facebook is becoming more or less difficult to de…[View]
153221184Trump has killed this board. We had such a great opportunity to teach masses of young people concern…[View]
153218414IDF - is it right to take in foreign Jews for military service?: My grandma is half Jewish. She live…[View]
153215091Why is japan a safe country?[View]
153219224http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1513230378811.jpg THEY FUCKING CHEATED WATCH VIDEO THEY BUSED VOTERS IN FROM O…[View]
153214287Alefantis WIKILEAKS killroom Pizzagate happening:Worldcorpo: Worldcorpo.net/video.html Newest video …[View]
153220743No Moore: Done. Over. Next.[View]
153218013I'm a confederate nationalist and I need to ask your opinion. Do you think dogs should have the…[View]
153217609This is for all the white people here that find it difficult to believe in Christianity. I too was …[View]
153216972Coming Out: Guys, Im orthodox jrw. But I hate blacks, niggers, spics, chinks and gooks. but Iblove r…[View]
153220592Kill this pig: http://www.bestgore.com/police-brutality/bodycam-video-arizona-police-philip-brailsfo…[View]
153219200Leaked Cia NSA slides: Does anybody have the leaked CIA/NSA slides on what drives online groups toge…[View]
153218348/pol/, I have a question. I was recently in a debate with a classic sjw/feminist/racial equality typ…[View]
153220174Is America exceptional?[View]
153220242Who is going to fight for Israel?[View]
153212985I believe in God but Jesus never existed. Prove me wrong[View]
153220091Black autistic tranny threatens to shoot up school. Claims she’s being racially targeted.: Iris “San…[View]
153216067>Conservashits: Friendly reminder that white Conservashits blue collared males blindly vote agais…[View]
153216360Why are Jews pretending to be Persian?: These Jews are pretending to be Persians. Are they trying to…[View]
153218535Rational Revolutionary Relationships: First, let's clear one thing up: while instincts exist, t…[View]
153207262Bird version: Who has the bird/other versions of this. Share please[View]
153217336How white boys adapt in three EASY steps: So, after that brutal fucking beatdown this week, who…[View]
153215197Why aren't you cannablizing /Pol/?: (Pic related) Human meat has high protein. I cannot see any…[View]
153218139I want your nigger Cum in my womb.To become over IQ masterrace babys: Hitler would be proud of his s…[View]
153219717http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1513230378811.jpg WATCH THIS VIDEO THE ALABAMA VOTE WAS CHEATED ON…[View]
153214319David Cameron to Trump: Your ‘fake news’ act is ‘dangerous’: >“‘Fake news’ is not broadcasters cr…[View]
153212613naziboys will defend this[View]
153219145Eric Clanton: >sentenced to 20 years in San Quinton for bashing Nazis with a bike lock >teache…[View]
153217458I want to give myself over to Christianity. How do I go about doing so? Do I just go to Church?[View]
153210694you DRUMPF-babies got DESTROYED by BLACK WOMEN last night. How does it feel losers??? I regularly ch…[View]
15320854429 TRILLION MISSING From Pentagon: What the Actual FUCK...?! Holly Shit > Day before 9/11 2 Trill…[View]
153208578How bad where hippies /pol/?[View]
153215564So riddle me this /pol: Femtard claim we live in a patriarchy and that women are oppressed, right? H…[View]
153219289Do you love your dog so much, you wanna fuck it?: >Be me >No gf >See my dog chilling >We…[View]
153219212Power of KEK Thread: Anons or any man that would give his last for Patriotism. Now is the time to re…[View]
153205145Be less boring!: I browse/pol/ looking for all the potential creative conversations we could be havi…[View]
153218151racist songs I can play for my family this christmas? my goal is to get in their face a little and h…[View]
153217847cant be cucked by white shlong: but blacks can How can i balance this? whats behind the white boi me…[View]
153207452What the fuck is wrong with you people!?: 4chan was the media sight that fought against reddit to he…[View]
153217274>americans sing about walmart on christmas[View]
153216613Supreme court ruled race CAN be a factor in Harvard acceptance decisions????: By now we've all …[View]
153218908Orthodox Pepe: no gays allowed!: As Rabbi Pepe the Frogowitz I need to talk about jewish dick. Yes i…[View]
153216998Atheists on here are anti Christians. Not anti god.: There are Hindus drinking rat piss Muslims tor…[View]
153210701Atheist hate thread[View]
153217990iFunny or 4chab: Recently I've been browsing thus funny sight called iFunny that my friend Barb…[View]
153218504Why do the Jews who run the media always run so much anti-cop content? They only run negative smear …[View]
153218704Why do Brits don’t want their MPs have to have a meaningful vote?: Farage seems to be furious that t…[View]
153217994>This is a normal, healthy, happy 15 year old Norwegian boy What do /pol/?…[View]
153207919November 2024. This gentleman has just been elected President of the United States of America. What …[View]
153218622The Maker Movement is anti civilization: The Make Movement- a movement where people use their free t…[View]
153197997Somali Scientists Invent Helicopter: Truly scientific visionaries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD…[View]
153206556I have every insentive to be satanic yet refuse it. Kill me please.: Killing things yields good food…[View]
153216859How can white men even compete?[View]
153207152Is Frank ok? He hasn't larped in 12 days and I'm starting to worry.[View]
153218078David pakman upset people are using his own tactics against him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJg…[View]
153216384If the Democrats are leftists then why are they blue while the Republicans are red, just like the co…[View]
153200868how do we stop young men from using sexbots in the future?[View]
153204262Why do atheist (or 'agnostic') conservatives have such a hard-on for christianity?[View]
153218193We should make gays illegal and then we can fine them each time they make us feel uncomfortable. Gay…[View]
153210267Whats your stance on cigarettes /pol/? Are they just a jew trick or do they actually help you AGAINS…[View]
153211839gun thread?[View]
153210965When and how did you realize that Hitler was the good guy and that you were secretly a National Soci…[View]
153209879Alt right salute: Alright /pol/ The alt right needs an official salute. Something good enough to ide…[View]
153217705LtCorbis and censorship in youtube: So, LtCorbis made a video about the new youtube community guidel…[View]
153217584Secret Hitler: Is /pol/ familiar with this game? secrethitler.io[View]
153211742Honest question: Is America worth saving? https://youtu.be/2hA6qKcQoTk[View]
153217882WTF I love Israel now: https://pew.tube/user/egalite/uK6jQIm[View]
153217880>Brittany Covington, 19, filmed herself and three of her friends torturing a disabled white teena…[View]
153210138>its 2017 >people still believe cuckservative lies about communism why though…[View]
153216559Do you know that Catholics had to pay money to go to heaven?: Every Real Christian knows that in ord…[View]
153217712Impending chemical attack in Syria: With Russian support Assad has become the dominant power in Syri…[View]
153215663'Normal' Kikes vs. Orthodox Kikes: If you could only get rid of one, and why? IBboth[View]
153215682Why can't America elect anyone under 6'0'? Are we really hurting ourselves this way?[View]
153217301ITT: We post /pol/ delusions and coping mechanisms I'll start: - a small-numbered white ethnost…[View]
153216794will there ever be a conventional war on the scale of ww2 again?[View]
153216749Are you a Christian hipster /pol/?: http://www.hipsterchristianity.com/quiz.php Are you a Christian …[View]
153216155ITT: the art of war by justin trudeau >if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will see def…[View]
153209384Today it's been 5 years since sandy hook happened. What is your take on it?[View]
153217396/pol/ meets real world: Spotted these twice today walking around libshit infested territory. Nice wo…[View]
153176599Asian Youtuber makes a video about WMAF: Asian Youtuber Natalie Tran has made a video about the abus…[View]
153217151Most bizarre US college courses 2017: Colleges nationwide are teaching students about tacos, hooking…[View]
153217326WTF is this shit: /pol/ how do we stop them? https://www.youtube com/watch?v=uIEeiDjdUuU[View]
153216453Trump is not going to save America: the last straw for me is when he saved those thieving niggers fr…[View]
153216892Anyone down to raid whisper?: I just spent 2 hours shitposting about being vegan pls halp[View]
153212334Gender is a social construction. If differences between men and women were biologically determined,…[View]
153209887Gavin is a degenerate faggot!: >Started the hipster culture. >Was punk faggot. >Did all sor…[View]
153216571What happened?: Did Hillary win the popular vote, or was it a meme? What really went down on electio…[View]
153214631What faith would be implemented in a National Socialist society?: If Christianity and National Socia…[View]
153207583REDDIT EFFORTS TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD: Source of the news >https://bigleaguepolitics.com/evidence-…[View]
153217181What do you think of fash hop? Is it good for the movement? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5V-k45…[View]
153217179Would a gay marriage ban in America be constitutional or unconstitutional and how would it affect yo…[View]
153217154LtCorbis: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjowp1-Neio I mean, that shit was fantastic and all, b…[View]
1532148934chan user gets arrested: a 4 chan user named bob manyaganta gets arrrested in Uganda the authority …[View]
153216156Why Aren't you in a Fraternity?: What's up soyboys? Why don't you be alpha and join a…[View]
153214856I don't how else to say this /pol/, but lately I don't want to be a degenerate anymore. I …[View]
153195238Cuckstianity hate thread: Old /pol/ hated Kikestianity and was either right-wing nationalist agnosti…[View]
153214499>most people learn about hitler and antisemitism before learning about jews >most people learn…[View]
153216394What did Alex Jones mean by this?: https://youtu.be/XuHbt5wh9m8?t=483 8:03 in the video. He looks ne…[View]
153208458Is there anything worse than being an American?: We are the most hated people on the planet. We…[View]
153186320Men are useless.[View]
153206541Why do right winger hate the environment? Are they just too stupid to understand climate science?[View]
153216448'I NEED MAH GUNS TO PRO-TEC MAH PROP-ERT-TEE FROM FOR-HEN INVAYDE-' *Chinese drop a nuclear bomb on …[View]
153215925spotify suggesting pro-antifa songs: I was just peacefully listening to music and decided to check w…[View]
153215736>God makes no mistakes: What about gays? >gays choose to sin Why is anal sex the only way to p…[View]
153208865Stop browsing /pol/: /pol/ is degenerate filth, full of newfags, cucks, and americans. /pol/ poison…[View]
153214526Autism vs Our Irrational Culture: Imagine a rational and innocent person viewing our culture. He see…[View]
153210798Animals: Thank god us western Europeans are not savages like those sand niggers killing each other i…[View]
153213589Anybody know any family friendly ethno-nationalist groups?: >have white kids >home school whit…[View]
153216550Is Trump making a huge mistake? A looming financial crisis is inevitable, by replacing (((Janet Yell…[View]
153215558why did PJW sell out to the jews?[View]
153206203Peter Zeihan Thread: https://youtu.be/Nd8uiIpAy8E https://youtu.be/Nd8uiIpAy8E American oil independ…[View]
153194467/SIG/ Self Improvement General: What have you done to improve yourself today /pol/? Discord: Xu6cSKj…[View]
153201844OMAROSA ESCORTED FROM WHITE HOUSE: >Former 'Apprentice' reality star Omarosa Manigault Newman was…[View]
153216468http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ What does /pol/ think about this being back up?[View]
153212967Why don’t you drink 12 diet cokes a day /pol/?[View]
153201090This should frighten you.[View]
153216401interracial relationships are great: Black men are superior to you whether you like it or not Such a…[View]
153216343Erdogod should be president of Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQaCdUJAXe0[View]
153195505Roy Moore REFUSES useless 'concedment' move: >U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is still not conced…[View]
153214712Lets talk about time-travel propaganda: Shit like Dr Who, Legends of Tomorrow, and various other sho…[View]
153190236You Aren't Saviors of the West: How the fuck do you possibly think you are going up against som…[View]
153192251What does r/pol honestly think of this man?[View]
153210817Can someone please explain what the term 'Fake News' means? As far as I understand News is…[View]
153208694Pastor Anderson released a new documentary about Iceland. The documentary explains the feminist age…[View]
153215970Hi: Hi guys new user from 9gag here[View]
153215804Challenge for all you Trump haters: Why exactly is it wrong to die for Israel? You ever thought abou…[View]
153206829Why are you spending the last day of a free and open internet on /pol/? You better download those to…[View]
153211270What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
153210304it's not ok to watch porn, but it's ok to fap?[View]
153205849AND HERE GOES MY LOVE OF ESTONIA: 'Spirit Animal' by Kerli https://youtu.be/v0zWvGBAKW4 The lyrics a…[View]
153208031STILL MORE DISLIKES THAN LIKES: Remember this, /pol/? Remember when we pretended to be mudslimes to …[View]
153206309will mccain be back in the senate tomorrow like he plans, or does this hospital treatment take longe…[View]
153212041Was Jesus a soyboy?[View]
153215026Drive Theory vs Rational Value-Seeking: Drive Theory (Sex/Food) is a (((Freudian))) invention, justi…[View]
153215334The next Democrat freak-out is: WHO THE FUCK LEAKED THE 20K TEXTS!!???: Peter Strzok texts are the D…[View]
153210724What do you think of today’s political climate?: Also what are u drinking tonight /pol/ me? Honey Ja…[View]
153212093Reminder that white male + East Asian woman = master race: A lot of hatred against white males datin…[View]
153213571Military/Israel Cannon Fodder Hate Thread: “AYO DEM GOT ANY’UH DAT MILLUHTERRY DISCOUNT”[View]
153205786RETARD HILLBILLY MOORE STILL WON'T CONCEDE: http://theweek.com/speedreads/743319/roy-moore-stil…[View]
153214001PICKLE DOUG JONES[View]
153210750wait... if we privatise the roads, what could i do if my street was shit? i can't go out and us…[View]
153214812WE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXbKQ7Bhr7M[View]
153215444Quality of goods/services/politicians/universities are dependant: upon what a country's people …[View]
153214017Free Palestine you Ziocucks[View]
153211063Roy moore' s loss. Seat is literally open in 6 months[View]
153214359Never forget: oy vey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4PC8Luqiws[View]
153212073ABSOLUTE MADMAN A D M A N[View]
153215240The mouth- for eating and sex.: The breasts- for breatfeeding and sex. The penis- for peeing and sex…[View]
153214553https://youtu.be/FASnNmjqXsU Black 'people'[View]
153205648ITT: People who's mere existence, triggers /pol/ beyond belief.[View]
153198531Eric Clanton Prediction Thread: Tomorrow is his hearing. 13 hours from now. I say he walks.[View]
153215117SEAL OF QUALITY NN: post up some good nn memes[View]
153214933I find it pretty ironic that Tumblr is majority white despite being full of lefties and /pol/ being …[View]
153194233lefty/pol/ Thread: Marxists, Unionists, Anarchists, Progressives, Commies, Socialists, Tankies etc. …[View]
153214243was he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZTAWKv4VWY[View]
153213912Roy Moore official statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2cck_Eup00 He needs shit posters to b…[View]
153212453If you want pure blackpill, read the front page of reddit[View]
153210646as someone who decided to do research on NN, and also doesn't care what happens tomorrow. I wan…[View]
153209399We're going to need a miracle from Adolf himself to survive this demographic shitstorm aren…[View]
153207307Can I Get a 'Fuck you' in the reply: Fuck you Ajit Pai you corrupt selfish fucker.[View]
153213104Guess Who.: Guess who own access to the Internet? Cable companies. Guess what's going out of st…[View]
153214413Whats the ceiling for my guy Ajit Pai? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFhT6H6pRWg&feature=youtu…[View]
153214462Our Savior: Ajit is a Godsend, a saint. There is no neutrality in Net Neutrality, only internet tyr…[View]
153214261pol btfo in 2002: try watching this entire video and tell me you don't at least deep down under…[View]
153214230These are slides in a college powerpoint.[View]
153213271Does /pol/ ever think that the US is secretly run by Jews ?[View]
153213881Is it too late to elect Jeb?[View]
153201280Deep in California enemy territory, our patriot attempts to remain incognito but the natives are cat…[View]
153202442So how do you all feel about Net Neutrality getting repealed tomorrow?[View]
153203535im a virgin engaged to a wonderful reactionary/right-wing man. ask us anything. no, i wont post nood…[View]
153208034I dont think China will respond favourably to this...[View]
153212464You guys don't actually think that by having more guns, it will prevent more gun crime r-right?…[View]
153209243Hey /pol/ im a white Hispanic, in the past Italians and Irish people weren't considered white b…[View]
153197737>drumpf says net neutrality is bad, so it must be bad.[View]
153208718Why do so many whites fall for the Jewish trick?[View]
153204677What? Voter fraud in Alabama? No way.: What's all this about in Alabama? https://youtu.be/0AxVX…[View]
153204290What exactly is fascism?[View]
153213660Why is the EU so bad? I'm genuinely curious, because from what I've seen, the Council Of E…[View]
153206906why are positive rights considered 'human rights' when they require the capital and labor of free in…[View]
153207043>Niggers are unintelligen-[View]
153213624Leaked Cia NSA slides: Does anybody have the leaked CIA/NSA slides on what drives online groups toge…[View]
153207558Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
153213479Britney Murphy’s really makes me think[View]
153212783allow me to tell you why arabic countries are never saying : 'We apologize for the high amount of ex…[View]
153206781Christianity SUBVERTED?: This is a thread to discuss the Scofield bible, and how the Jew used it to …[View]
153212720I was thinking and I thought of this: Would it be considered unconstitutional still to ban Judaism i…[View]
153207973The Roy Moore stuff was OBVIOUSLY false. Are you kidding me? The Republicans are all Zionists. Trump…[View]
153209315As a Canadian do you feel obligated to reinforce stereotypes towards us?[View]
153210483What does /pol/ go for with women? Do you have degenerate casual sex or do you date exclusively to f…[View]
153211232>'Trump existing is like a Siberian Tiger fucking Oprah Winfrey in a private jet! Am I right lol?…[View]
153198125'I've been found out': The White man is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a crack…[View]
153209451White Americans.: I can't imagine what it would feel like to have no moral compass of my own, a…[View]
153192472Why do we waste 100s of billions of dollars on public schools? Why cant women raise their own kids? …[View]
153212838W-wait... what?: I thought the Bill or Rights was designed to protect the people from the government…[View]
153212798PEPE 2018!!!: PRONTO R O N T O[View]
153212797Why won’t this cringy pedophile piece of shit sore loser concede already?[View]
153212355FBI Trump 'Insurance': So the FBI has been caught red handed trying to fuck over Trump. Deep state …[View]
153212603These are the people that are going to be running your internet...: http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/1…[View]
153211074What are the worst of the worst Tumblr Fandoms: What do those liberal 'Tolerant' have that they hidi…[View]
153212366Reminder that the (((Council Of Europe))) is the problem. The EU actually fucking hates what countri…[View]
153207044Who has Weinstein killed?: Was reading up on some of the latest info regarding Weinstein, and this p…[View]
153205070Prove me wrong.: >Net neutrality is repealed >companies make using websites based on lootboxes…[View]
153211871Don't worry internet, you can still use fidget spinners.[View]
153207819European disarmament: >Americans complain that Europeans are not contibuting to NATO enough >W…[View]
153205370>Sharafat Ali Khan, while acknowledging his guilt, denied he was the main smuggler, and said he w…[View]
1531884752008 recession: How was your life during the 2008 housing crisis, /pol/? >be me, 11 years old …[View]
153210316>'hi, one copy of Monster Hunter: World, please'[View]
153199417Stop eating cows: Where were you when the Jews tricked you into killing cows, beef is a poor source …[View]
153208782Tavis Smiley Vows to Fight Back: Blacks v. Feminists. Dis gon be gud. https://twitter.com/tavissmile…[View]
153209468(((Crypto))): http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/well-there-s-no-limit-on-it-ohio-student-makes-a-fortu…[View]
153205080Do you have a sign like this outside your house?[View]
153207883https://www.yahoo.com/news/ Yahoo News red pills the normies on Russia Gate. Read the comments. m/3e…[View]
153208406When are end times?: Or did end of times happen already and we switched timelines again? Why are we …[View]
153211750You voted for a pedophile, /pol/?[View]
153211502Friendly Reminder That We Could Have Saved America[View]
153208936JUDIOS DE MIERDA[View]
153177149HAPPENING: Dem officials post on reddit telling blacks to vote cross-state, illegally in Alabama: ht…[View]
153211612Joke: despising the Jews for ruling your manipulated group Woke: emulating Jews because you have con…[View]
153203202*sharts in your path* why are americans so trusting of their jewish-run corporations? why would you …[View]
153207202What's the word for being prejudiced against whites?: The jew narrative is white are racist, ho…[View]
153205926Murders rise sharply in Columbus, Ohio: Columbus now has 130 murders for 2017, which is 9 below the …[View]
153187728Operation Sanger: Turning black women against feminism is the psyop that is begging to happen[View]
153206251This is What The Average American Will Look Like in 2050 and It's Beautiful![View]
153209987Is Thomas Wictor /ourguy/? He's almost dangerously woke. We need to be spreading his message.[View]
153209559National Book List: Need a list off intelligent books for national conseratives. List my images whic…[View]
153167051Thoughts on Mexicans that hate blacks?[View]
153205880BE A CHAD. BALLROOM DANCE. GET A WHITE WIFE.: Alright faggots listen up. This comment >>15320…[View]
153210573Don't Stop the Russia Investigation: This Russia investigation needs to continue. Trump's …[View]
153204865Sen Chuck Schumer hit with sex harassment charges, MSM believes him when he says it’s fake: What fuc…[View]
153209843National Information Superhighway: Why should the US not build a public internet system the same way…[View]
153190529US Elections General /usg/: This is a general thread for putting /ourguys/ in office. Why not /ptg/?…[View]
153192463What to modern Russians think of the Soviet Union?[View]
153206330Facebook ex-CEO admits to civil rights violations: This can affect the outcome of California 2018 pr…[View]
153210688Can I have some neat Hitler memes, preferably transformation ones? Lost one that was about having to…[View]
153201708Today, saying things like this to women will get your career and life ruined. How do we stop the roa…[View]
153207802Dennis Rodman just went on Colbert's show talking about uniting North Korea and USA with Potcoi…[View]
153208978Christcucks are insane !: >Muh Jayzus! Jesus fucking christ on a stick will the insanity ever st…[View]
153210379What's with 'politically interested' people obsessing over old commie books? Surely you can lea…[View]
153207607History Chanel’s next Kino?: Hey /pol/ new history show about crusaders Who’s watching? Will it be …[View]
153208543(((Qasim))): >Muslim >Womens rights defender Literally pick one.…[View]
153210289I believe Trump is part of conspiracy WITH the democrats to 'Make America Great Again' usi…[View]
153173324Migrant crisis based rundown by retard: Amazing! Unbelievable! Wow Man with down syndrome nails geo…[View]
153202611Give me some movies that are redpilled af, goys. I'm sick and tired of all the cultural Marxist…[View]
153207332manhattan project 90% jewish scientists[View]
153195194Can someone explain the problem with Jews? I never even considered them before I started coming here…[View]
153210142Rate my song: My song I made in another thread about French people and Europoors overall - DO YOU HE…[View]
153208153Lets ddos ajit pai: Who is with me.[View]
153209962Looking at the /pol/ posts on the Alabama election is the best: It's like watching a train wrec…[View]
153209203What is the antifa aesthetic?[View]
153209866You assholes need to meme the shit out of all the teachers that have been fucking students over the …[View]
153209252Post Redpills about Jews: Stats, anecdotes, ect[View]
153209760wheres the nazi gold?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le1TT53tGEc&bpctr=1513234012 What happene…[View]
153200455Mueller's Russia investigation is coming to a screeching halt thanks to all the bias and text l…[View]
153198596Why are Chile and Argentina so much better than the rest of South America?[View]
153208567Destiny is such a huge fucking faggot. www.twitch tv/badbunny[View]
153208710Dan Johnson becomes an hero: Yesterday, Congressman Dan Johnson became an hero over his PTSD from 9/…[View]
153205856Will whites ever realize the value of Adolf's national socialism?: Prussian Meisterrasse von de…[View]
153191729Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
153209268If /b/ can find the the importance to society and our future within this picture, you'll be one…[View]
153208518SWAMP: Sealed indictments in DC: 134 Sealed indictments in Eastern VA: 180 Thousands more... what do…[View]
153194712Anti-Semitism – Excuses and Reasons: ...Historians have classified six explanations as to why people…[View]
153207267What are you gonna do when the pro-NN hysteria is proven to be false after the repeal of Net Neutral…[View]
153208606So to celebrate Christmas (and the IOTBW's success); we will play a little game. All is simple,…[View]
153207376It's clear to those of us abroad there is a coup going on in the US: >obama says on snl, at …[View]
153207316HOW DID WE GET TO THIS POINT!?!?!: It's interesting how African Americans have ~20% admixture. …[View]
153206019>https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/152440960/#152453321 Has /pol/ read this exshareblue threa…[View]
153208739>post yfw Americlaps will soon no longer be allowed to pollute 4chan with their presence…[View]
153196066/pol/ will have a problem with this: Let that sink in. Why are you guys so against peace and love? T…[View]
153208673The most high didn't teach us to hate Jews, it taught us that upon being saved, that we become …[View]
153204475How do we incentivize abstinence and in our children and young ones? Any taxes on products for safe …[View]
153208607Honestly I was pretty happy that Trump won, watching the resulting tantrum thrown by every liberal a…[View]
153208598Basically, the economic and social left and right typical political spectrum graph is in truth a for…[View]
153204709Nigger stories: It's been too long >be me >walking into a bar >nogs shuffling in the d…[View]
153173685Am I the only crypto-Jew here who supports white identity politics because I'm scared of the ba…[View]
153207212how to destroy facebook? alternatives?: facebook is the real jew. its on the way out, but we need a …[View]
153206422If white people are as genetically superior as /pol/ claims them to be, why do their genetics always…[View]
153208339**Only 1 Day remains until the Internet is FREE of Government control once again!** How do YOU plan …[View]
153208232When i want to find out if X country is white i go to the facebook page of some city of that country…[View]
153205319Is CNN hiring fake actors?: LA anon here. I just overheard a conversation that some dude got was hir…[View]
153205351People don't trust in the media but they watch hollywood movies and tv series more than ever Th…[View]
153208202MAGA: can sharts here explain what level of chess trump is operating at now ?[View]
153207247What does it mean to truly be free? And how does one make a truly free society? It's clear that…[View]
153208069I hope Trump fires Mueller during the Net Neutrality vote so that Net Neutrality Shills and Russiaga…[View]
153207849A QUESTION FOR /POL/: is it illegal to organize a campaign to fill John McCain's hospital room …[View]
153207804Why hasnt Trump deported this mudperson yet?[View]
153207264I’m sick of this guy.: As a baptist, I fuckign hate the pope. He goes against what the Bible says an…[View]
153207935Class action vs Facebook: Now that former top executives have publicly admitted the platform is psyc…[View]
153207932Consider the following: 5 Reasons to boycott Israel: -U.S.S. Liberty https://www.haaretz.com/us-news…[View]
153183615ABSOLUTE HAPPENING: Mueller colluded with DNC to bring down Trump[View]
153207801Maybe the election wasn't rigged?: Serious topic here Seen the result of Alabama's electio…[View]
153199281We Dindu Nuffin: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suiLQUdYvR0 Y'all white cracks is rayciss,…[View]
153204814What if China is behind all the race mixing propaganda? It makes sense for the Chinese to eliminate …[View]
153207434DNA kits: Is there a DNA testing company that isn't pozzed/kiked? I am interested in learning m…[View]
153207485WHO IS PAYIMG FOR THIS FRAUD. Massive amounts of fake or stolen names used to sign the petition. Lo…[View]
153180209Who else unironically became a fascist after being called a Nazi when you weren't originally a …[View]
153207617The Salem Bitch Trials: Think about it. This is just a way for bitches to The #MeToo movement needs …[View]
153207601WTF America?: Colleges nationwide are teaching students about tacos, hooking up and country music’s …[View]
153200259Post you are face when Americans aren't allowed on 4chan because it'll be banned by their …[View]
153203236Can someone explain to me without bullshit and memes on why Hillary isn't arrested yet and why …[View]
153201321Mexi/pol/ - Ley de seguridad interior: Tell me about it Mexanons, Why CNDH and Liberals are so pisse…[View]
153199480ayy anon do u like Muslims[View]
153206535Why are black people's palms and soles not the same colour as the rest of them like we whites? …[View]
153207328In the past Italians and Irish people weren't considered white, now people see that irish peopl…[View]
153207317Net Neutrality is about die: The Jews want us to pay to access sites and slow down our internet conn…[View]
153204664small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy: Why don…[View]
153200532Leaving the USA fuck Trump, fuck the left, fuck the right: I want to emigrate from the USA to a more…[View]
153207197Judah's sanctions: I'm the prophet Moses spoke of. Shema IsRaEl The lineage of IsRaEl is n…[View]
153205565Give us the Al-Aqsa mosque back you filthy Zionists??: You weren't from here to begin with, you…[View]
153206939Rowdy Gowdy: Trey has brought up a good point that Meuller has demonstrated an ineptitude of vetting…[View]
153186048Are blacks actually more violent than other races?[View]
153206857What did he mean by this?: https://archive.is/IIdDC >9-11-2001 NYC/WTC, PTSD 24/7 16 years is a s…[View]
153181013Why don't you join the fuckin Marines, /pol/?: >Get paid to shoot fuckin guns >Get paid t…[View]
153206940Guess Who.: Guess who own access to the Internet? Cable companies. Guess what's going out of st…[View]
153205022got dat wmd rite cheer rite cheer yellow top! 2 fer 1![View]
153206042you know, liberals constantly referencing harry potter has me thinking why didn't voldemort jus…[View]
153206896The Wall: Hi, I'm Yaweh. 'The Lord is in his Holy Temple, let all the Earth keep silence b…[View]
153206215SUPERSIZE ME FAGGOT WAS A RAPIST: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/sexual-misconduct/filmmaker-morg…[View]
153205511When net neutrality is repealed and everything gets better because minorities and poor people can no…[View]
153206476why are libtards so fragile?[View]
153161236Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world: It is directly correlated with diagnoses of …[View]
153205838>support trump >trump supports ending net neutrality >net neutrality causes your ISP to blo…[View]
153205060Nudes: so my gf was bitching about something and said it should be fun to troll her friend. so i dme…[View]
153206371Good bye net: Well net neutrality will be repealed so this website will be gone so goodbye everyone …[View]
153206687COME ON GUYS: Net neutrality is ending very soon. Please call congress. PLEASE! https://www.battlefo…[View]
153202062Tourism is the biggest waste of money on Earth. Parisians are dying because they can't afford t…[View]
153197338What is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?[View]
153200004>yoda literally makes an anti-trump speech in the new SW movie Is there anything leftists DONT r…[View]
153206564That there election was rigged, Moore won fier and square and it's a democrap conspiracy[View]
153204135I'm somewhat out of the loop. Why is every cuck on social media circle-jerking over sheboons?[View]
153205852Richard Stallman: Richard Stallman is literally the most red pilled person alive today. https://www.…[View]
153203128Daily Stormer Style Guide Leaked !: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/daily-stormer-nazi-style-g…[View]
153203972I'm a zionist: and I follow the elder scrolls.... AMA[View]
153188828So that GOP lawmaker caught with a 17 year old? He's dead Jim >http://thehill.com/homenews/…[View]
153204091Reapealing Net Neutrality: Explain to me how ISP's will be able to fuck the consumer over with …[View]
153203163Oh, wow pol! Thank you kind, respectful, and accepting people for getting me into the head of the FC…[View]
153203653Why don't more people see Jews for what they really are?: How hard is it to figure out the beha…[View]
153206230ANTIFA: ANTIFA is a cancerous cell in society and needs to be removed immediately![View]
153205316Short story: >Be me >7 years old >small and crazy little sh@t >parents take me to a doll…[View]
153202850https://youtu.be/4fYb6AGc4Lg The one thing you can't defend.[View]
153203943Trey Gowdy is the best congressman: He says EXACTLY what I’m thinking. This man is an American hero!…[View]
153204795Great Meme War Remembrance Thread: Can we have a recollection of all the memes and stories from the …[View]
153205833Hey guys. I have the hots for a particularly beautiful member of the opposite sex. I'm thinking…[View]
15320458372 65 6b 74 20 6e 65 74 77 6f 72 6b: 79 6f 75 20 6d 69 67 68 74 20 65 6e 6a 6f 79 20 74 68 69 73 20 …[View]
153195509Do you Canadians really get allowed to whack the shit out of seals with a stick or is this just a ve…[View]
153202497FCC: I’m scared that if the current regulations are removed that providers will make 4chan extremely…[View]
153205490Goodbye fellow Americans, might be the last we ever see of this place.[View]
153202139poll: You are the leader of a new world order. Which people based on nationality, ethnic group or ra…[View]
153205478SAY IT WITH ME: /OURGUY/: The nu-South meme is true and we can no longer take the South for granted …[View]
153202771Eric Schmidt assassination imminent?: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/12/13/google-launching-arti…[View]
153205438fuck NN: alright pol, what am i missing about net neutrality. What about this: If a company like Net…[View]
153187474Why don't Americans believe in climate change?[View]
153205405My first thought was making lobbying illegal but so far that feels dumb[View]
153205388Can someone who is a genuine, non-shitposting socialist explain why my tax money should fund the poo…[View]
153202493Trump is not going to save America: the last straw for me is when he saved those thieving niggers fr…[View]
153179408When Kek closes a window, he opens a door. Roy Moore was a necessary sacrifice to bring McBraincanc…[View]
153198219https://youtu.be/4fYb6AGc4Lg I fuckkiinng give up. You're all stupid, you fell for a retarded c…[View]
153171186>'anon just get a real job' >get one, pays min wage for 3 years >'anon just get a degree/tr…[View]
153203342How do you feel about giving Trump your money, Republican supporters? >inb4 Trump actually does s…[View]
153204988>Alabama citizens could pick anything as the GOP candidate >They picked the twice removed judg…[View]
153203138Journalists aren't afraid to lie yet, but they will be.: Right now there are no consequences, s…[View]
153203519black panther: what did they mean by this?[View]
153205154If you live in Alabama and you didn't support Mo Brooks in the primary, Doug Jones is your faul…[View]
153193232Forced to See a Shrink for Holocaust Denial: My mom read my text messages where I redpilled a friend…[View]
153200631I used to be a Trump supporter. The climate change thing was the last straw. You know when an averag…[View]
153204495shit skin here, going to mexico to see my family again been 10 years. red pill me on mexico[View]
153204915OC Political Cartoons: Post your nonsensical political cartoon OC here. Here's a step by step g…[View]
153195434Rest in peace fellow Americans, gotta give it to the Indian shit thrower for ruining our countries i…[View]
153202432Liberals turn on the bullied kid: >be liberal faggot >see post go viral of kid getting bullied…[View]
153204820hey /pol/, we should create our own version of monopoly![View]
153198340Um... guys?: Is this shit real? I'm real confused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=…[View]
153203912Why are black women so fucking loud?[View]
153202162REPUBLICAN REP COMMITS SUICIDE AFTER SEX SCANDAL: http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/12/dan_johns…[View]
153154236Wow: Wow FBI caught using Russia investigation as an “insurance policy” in the off chance Trump were…[View]
153150784Why do they have to impose their ideology on everything?: Is it just to spite us?[View]
153202516Red Pill me on the GOP's Tax Bill: Why are liberals protesting tax cuts? I'm a hardworking…[View]
153204309Wait...: I thought Trump and Sessions were playing 48-dimensional Hungry Hungry Hippos and they were…[View]
153182246I FIXED THE AMERICAS!: It was all so simple, yet no one ever thought of it. THIS IS THE PERFECT MAP…[View]
153167700Memes: ITT we share memes: post your best memes, and meme templates.[View]
153196971Anyone notice the MSM coined a new phrase?: 'Credible allegations'. During the Roy Moore hysteria, I…[View]
153199137How'd I do?[View]
153197322After 3 years of pure hustle, I can say that I finally reached my goal. Thanks Rsd Julien >Remind…[View]
153202081Beljeet Pie: Millions are in desperate outrage. Why hasn’t someone murdered this clown yet?[View]
153203067Hey /pol/ are a Democrat or Republican? Don't give me any shit, it's one or the other[View]
153204048What bothers you most about niggers, honestly, one choice >their burden on society though welfare…[View]
153200150You can’t make this shit up: The IDF develops powerful stink bomb nicknamed “Skunk” for crowd contro…[View]
153199713>Turkey is Europea-[View]
153203108Why are Jews bad /pol/[View]
153203874Ajitistic: So who's ready for this man to come rage your routers? >What are you options fel…[View]
153200857If being a minority isn't so bad, why are white people so afraid of becoming one?[View]
153200716If you don't want to be demographically replaced, why don't you just become a jew and move…[View]
153203570Will Jeb!posting ever return?[View]
153179193ITT people who stood up to tyrannical government: Justin Borque[View]
153202792I deeply regret voting for Trump, guys[View]
153195770she look's like she's using, am i right?[View]
153201863WW3 GAME: Pick A Country And Reply Why Your Country Would Win (pick not related I only have pics of …[View]
153202947What do these two have in common?[View]
153195530WE WUZ GENETICISTS 'N' SHEEEEEIT ! ! ! ~~Pagans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eilZTgur…[View]
153192524What do most office workers actually do?: I work as a janitor at a big corporate office. I know most…[View]
153201337Vancouver separation when?!?[View]
153203172A PRAYER OF SALVATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING: Dear friends, Take this moment, If you want to acce…[View]
153202687Is autism a germanic trait? My father's side is British and they're all normal. My mother…[View]
1532025592nd Accuser emerges against Dem Ruben Kihuen: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/364832-second-woman-…[View]
153201349Describe your political transformation /pol/: I'll go first > Liberal in high school > B…[View]
153184202Why is the modern American soldier so pathetic?[View]
153196853You step out of your hotel room and this guy asks you if you would like to play some parlor games wi…[View]
153192539Liberal here, buying a gun for Christmas since they are so cheap these days. (Pic related?) Anyway, …[View]
153202957CTF season 7 still going: Season 7 still on in France Cluster-fags! Fellow chan-ers over there time …[View]
153202305#MyBordersMyChoice: Our memes are beginning to dissect the leftist brain. What did he mean by this?…[View]
153202511Anti-white racist doesn't exi-[View]
153201765How is /pol/ preparing for the college bubble burst?: >https://twitter.com/AyrtonLittle/status/94…[View]
153190044It's 2017: Well pol?[View]
153197522>/pol/ is the most significant board in 4chan Is /pol/ the /pol/ice of 4chan?…[View]
153202412Why don't liberals understand what will happen if they don't stop lying and cheating?: Lib…[View]
153175636What is your argument against feudalism?[View]
153198228How could you possibly praise a man who murdered, displaced, subjected millions of innocent people?[View]
153196182What should be done about Snowden?[View]
153201940>Facebook said Net Neutrality is a good thing and it's repeal is literally Hitler…[View]
153201294>half the board is cuck wars spoilers can someone just tell me when this is going to end? I'…[View]
153202236does anyone here harbour a genuine worry that Israels capital is now recognized as Jerusalem. Or sho…[View]
153197706Latin a dead language? Truth or jewry?: Is the meme of “Latin is a dead language” a kike lie to sepa…[View]
153196367American election 2020: American here, this is what the 2020 election is gonna look like. sadly Flor…[View]
153188624How does /pol/ feel that the most intelligent man on the planet right said this about Trump?: >“W…[View]
153187136How do we fix millennial women?[View]
153200352NN: just incase Pai cuts off my internet just wanted to say thanks for corrupting my mind and turnin…[View]
153194622Are you a NEET? Do you know any NEETs? What is keeping white men from achieving anything?[View]
153200665Political compass thread: Post some political compasses[View]
153201777Scientific proof that gender is NOT societal construct: Ok so I'll be brief, I just found a stu…[View]
153198706What do you think of Cassie Jaye?: Is only redpilled when it comes to feminism but did shake the tre…[View]
153201685An alternate scenario in which US senators are forced into a battle royale: I won't lose delega…[View]
153201683Please help me redpill normies: Pol, I'm turning to you in my time of need. Im trying to redpil…[View]
153181373How do we convince black people to vote Republican?: Start running black candidates? Offer them welf…[View]
153201573LMFAO So many of you here = this story![View]
153201522Who really caused the war? In many cases Germany expanded with peace within Central Europe but Brita…[View]
153190127What does /pol/ think of richard nixon: what does /pol/ think: What does /pol/ think?[View]
153198472Socialism doesn't wor-[View]
153201420Care to help an anon out: Post any Rare Pepes you may have[View]
153201344What the FUCK is his problem? Are we done with this guy yet?[View]
153196151This is what a true American looks like.[View]
153200674Why is the interracial fetish being so forced in porn everywhere? I just wanna rub one out quick and…[View]
153200274here's my problem with you fuckers. You and your Donald make a lot of claims. some of them are …[View]
153189019HAPPENING: Kentucky State Rep. Kills Self, Leaves Suicide Note Online: https://twitter.com/Breaking9…[View]
153198677What will /pol/ do when the Government sends AI assassins after them for visiting 4chan? https://www…[View]
153194738Lets get a comfy fashwave thread goys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCaxyQQnv8s[View]
153201211Find your Islamic answers here.: https://islamqa.info/en/ I've never seen this posted here befo…[View]
153189006when the gibs run out: Imagine this but on a much larger scale america. This is what happens when th…[View]
153199982Net Neutrality remedy: you faggots complaining about NN happening when there's an easy solution…[View]
153199752>be me >already have a permanent NN >watch trump supporters do the most extreme mental gymn…[View]
153200840Are my rich nieghbors jews?: OY VEY,LOOK AT THE CANDLES![View]
153199552Are Americans banned from posting in /pol/ yet?[View]
153199576r/The_Donald Hate Thread: >Wow, liberals are anti-first amendment. >WTF HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE …[View]
153198065Discuss /pol/ friendly business ideas.[View]
153192105NET NEUTRALITY: >anons are actually believing the anti-NN shills on this board >anons don…[View]
153199516first alabama: next /pol/[View]
153198188I'm as pro-gun as anyone but why the fuck should it be legal for a 5'3' Manlet to own guns…[View]
153192235New Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki praises his country's Jewish heritage: Toggle Search form NEWS…[View]
153185595California's Skirball fire traced to illegal cooking at homeless camp, officials say: Fucking k…[View]
153189689'I NEED MAH GUNS TO PRO-TEC MAH PROP-ERT-TEE FROM FOR-HEN INVAYDE-' *Chinese drop a nuclear bomb on …[View]
153199808What are some realistic survival strategies for us? By us I mean cis white people who don't wan…[View]
153190442Goodbye Net Neutrality: Tomorrow's the day you /pol/boys receive your cucking from big don, how…[View]
153184622White Pilled News!: Hello anons! I am making a website for objective, but white pilled news. It wil…[View]
153189695Wew lad. The Chinese are going to be pissed.: Looks like Disney decided to go for a nigger and chink…[View]
153174151True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #518: Cryptocurrency & Stock coverage. POTUS pus…[View]
153199726North Korea is an official nuclear power: North Korea throws a party in honor of the mighty nuke…[View]
153199159Are Americans Truly White?: Do Americans really think they are 'white'? If so, explain thi…[View]
153130606The Bible and reality: ITT I will post a multitude of examples on events described in the bible actu…[View]
153198324Did Andrew Breitbart know about Pizzagate?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zfcx0ZwwsE[View]
153199907Net Neutrality: What will you guys do if net neutrality goes down? If it does, then I will make a Un…[View]
153189678REDDIT THINKS YOU ALL LOOK LIKE THIS!: reddit.com/r/beholdthemasterrace/comments/7jl4ld/4chan_pol_me…[View]
153199633hurr durr pakis are pedos, oh shit we got the wrong pedo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPS77Z753I…[View]
153198397What's next for Bannon?: Does he have to go on the run, or can he pull this one out of the crap…[View]
153196714i have a weird feeling that we might get or lose net neutrality, i'm saying this now as a 4chan…[View]
153193526Why the fuck did Trump give $180,000 of my tax dollars to pay this evil wench's salary?[View]
153199360I can't tell if he's a genius or insane. https://youtu.be/7eilZTgurr4[View]
153199739Anyone else see this stupid shit? Hahaha Still blaming the white man. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
153190125CNN says black women saved democracy: YAAAS QUEENS[View]
153199673we are getting closer to making america great again guys[View]
153197780Snowniggers in America: >be snownigger me >mocked for blue eyes >mocked for pale skin >m…[View]
153197618Whats this whole net neutrality thing about? Lets think about it. Time Warner owns the internet, los…[View]
153190484Catholics will defend this: But seriously, defend this. We had this thread earlier today and no Cath…[View]
153160930How do we make fascism an attractive political ideology again in America and Europe? Serious replies…[View]
153196517Happening - Poland and Hungary not backing down: >EU in crisis amid Polexit fears: Poland 'c…[View]
153198701Alt Right Oasis: Why isn't there a serious effort by the alt right to create one or multiple mo…[View]
153199067Matt Binder Says Anyone Who Is Accused Of Sexual Assault To Kill Themselves: https://twitter.com/Mat…[View]
153194177being on /pol/ = not getting laid: brothers recently i took noticed something. over the past year, …[View]
153194592ITT: /pol/ answers the touch questions: Did he get RICED or did she get BLACKED?[View]
153190230you know what, no: you people need to realize, this isn't in our hands, this is too big for us,…[View]
153198535Why do hate Muslims, again?[View]
153194957Do you agree with her /pol/?[View]
153196159(((Kosovo is Serbia))): why do (((they))) support Serbia so much? Is Kosovo ourguy? Are albanians re…[View]
153199036MEPs vote to allow phosphate additives in kebabs: By 3 votes, the kebab in europe has been saved by …[View]
153197257Ok, so I own a decent sized printing press company. Well, the other day, I got an order to print a b…[View]
153198593Antifa thread[View]
153198897Federal Bureau of Insurance: Explain to me why this kike shouldn’t be gassed[View]
153198892Why do Republicans suck so much? As someone who tends to lean right towards most topics, it's a…[View]
153197744I AM A REAL AMERIMUTT[View]
153197325Scroll past this, it's a test: Scroll down[View]
153198839Javascript is and always will be aids: All of the js fanboys on reddit are such retards. Now using j…[View]
153170571Marijuana Legalization is The Most Retarded Thing: Honestly, anyone who ever smoked weed ever should…[View]
153181558Reichscoin (REI) is here: www.reichscoin.tech >www.reichscoin.tech www.reichscoin.tech >www.re…[View]
153189635Is Australia still full? I want to live with the shitposters[View]
153197981TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY: As the day comes to a close, we reflect upon the important victory achieved t…[View]
153197053Net Neutrality™ ends tomorrow: The last Obama powergrab is going under tomorrow, and people all over…[View]
153198346Show Me: I want to see pain, anger and death[View]
153198527Remember to light a candle for Seth Rich tonight[View]
153197642Anyone have a logical anti NN argument?[View]
153192294Everyone, say goodbye to the Americans who won't be on 4chan anymore because they won't be…[View]
153195696Chamath Palihapitiya.. Enemy of ZUCC: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2017/12/11/tremendous-…[View]
153198391Probs just me but since the whole net neutrality conundrum came up, bait threads have been shitting …[View]
153197161Wtf is trump doing: Trump has not nominated a single federal judge since September. There are over 1…[View]
153197141googles 2017 in review?: We lost... https://youtu.be/vI4LHl4yFuo[View]
153195168Racist BBC internship: Fuck those tea-people, amiright?[View]
153197449What happened to pizzagate /pol/? Hhahah or should i say /pizza/ ahahah[View]
153198239MUSIC AND POLITICS: Question..... is there any evidence or proof that people like Tom Morello are co…[View]
153197673Can I get a quick rundown on Paul Nehlen? He seems to genuinely be /ourgoy/.[View]
153198006Can this alky homeless nigger do anything right?[View]
153198132What do you think the age of consent is and why not legally I mean in Objective reality: i think it …[View]
153198058LAST JEDI CALLS OUT THE KIKES: Yup that's right I just saw the film and there's a casino s…[View]
153198039is this why british cuisine is utter shit? because men never took charge of it?[View]
153193506Listen up you faggots: We can't beat them on our own. That dream died in 1945. If there is to b…[View]
153197513You need to stop voting republican.[View]
153174330Dumbest race? Abos or niggers?: I'll start: >Be me, waiting in line to get car washed >Ni…[View]
153197850What does /pop/ think the future of U.S. culture will look like?[View]
153152693Exshareblue was right!: Shareblue Oliver Willis are beginning to push the 'Trump is a sex predator' …[View]
153190832So empowering! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5171535/David-Hasselhoffs-daughter-Hayle…[View]
153197690Net neutrality celebration thread, the EU edition: My fellow European compatriots this is a great da…[View]
153191269Right-wing atheism > Christkikery[View]
153192556Whats pols taste in music?: Ill start https://youtu.be/e1RMSjGXwJk[View]
153197492Can I get some statistical information on the election last night in any form that isnt pozzed?[View]
153195726Black woman really came through yesterday. They are truly queens. Let's have a round of applaus…[View]
153195801>2017 AD >greek pantheon is openly discussed as being purely mythological, speculative, works …[View]
153194179Why are modern men so deferential to women? Even conservative men submit to women these days[View]
153190760What is /pol/'s honest take on journalist Ana Kasparian? Is there a chance she can be redpilled…[View]
153166111They Daily Stormer's Style Guide has been leaked.: It pretty much sounds like every thread on /…[View]
153197440>Pay your carbon taxes and this sh*Te wouldn't happen, SCHMUCK GOYIM!…[View]
153191317Today's accused liberal: Tavis Smiley: >PBS has suspended late-night talk show “Tavis Smiley…[View]
153182145Why does god give kids cancer?[View]
153197253Google gives China America's latest AI tech. Where the fuck is the Department of Defense?: http…[View]
153196961Repealing Net Neutrality is step one to a Dictatorship: 1) Repeal Net Neutrality 2) ISPs merge to re…[View]
153197211My uni allows 'diverse' gender: It's over guys. My 80% STEM university full of redpilled dudes …[View]
153194164Thats right bigots, Star Wars now has mixed race relationships! Nigger and chink makes out. And not …[View]
153195615So, now that being gay openly isn't such a huge deal we haven't had a closeted Christfag R…[View]
153185318When The Jew Criminal World Order Holocaust'ed Mussolini: Very kind of the Freemasonic Dual Isr…[View]
153197113Net Neutrality: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/12/12/warning-against-abdication-duty-senator…[View]
153197059Bear or Tranny: what's worse?: >>Recently encountered faggot friend from college. Closet …[View]
153194296Low IQ Imports: The elite wants to dumb down the population by importing low iq shitskins and spread…[View]
153195214so is anyone on here still trying to kill me? a lot of you still have my radar why not just administ…[View]
153196943>YFW you realize Nazi furries and 'Alt Bronies' exist[View]
153196938Christmas Kitty for all of the Shills![View]
153196801Libshits hounding out Bill O'Reilly was dumb as fuck lol: They thought they were taking out Tru…[View]
153178125Fidel Castro: Thoughts on this guy?[View]
153196586any plans on how to meme the fuck out of ajit pai before net neutrality is gone: Any ideas? I was th…[View]
153190465the fate of republican soyboys: HAHAAHAHAHAH AHH AAHHH HA HAHA HAAHAH A H AHA HA HA HAHAH AH HA HA H…[View]
153196725Time to pay more for less! You will feel this /pol/, everyone using the internet who's not rich…[View]
153196470THE REAL REDPILL!!!: The REAL Redpill that you faggits post is actually a stool softener called Cola…[View]
153196072drumptfph is FINISHED: suck it, racists[View]
153196690Should Suicide Be Legal and Non-Institutionalizable?: I was institutionalized for trying to commit s…[View]
153195054Why is affirmative action still allowed?: How is it supposed to fix inequality when all the black st…[View]
153196535net neutrality: Sup autists, inb4 net neutrality gets repealed. Hopefully that doesn't happen, …[View]
153196467I'm so confused, can someone give me a recap on what's been happening the past day or so? …[View]
153183831LOL: HOLY SHIT[View]
153117646I know that many intresting books get posted here. One particular title was out of our reach because…[View]
153196273Average army: Can we dismantle the myth of the 'superior aryan army'? >defeated France with Belgi…[View]
153196254Prove me how with faith alone you can save yourself and how sect like Calvinists, Mormons and Luther…[View]
153184160shill memes: Pic related was made by the same artist who made those shitty Hillary Pepe's.…[View]
153196178Anyone down to raid whisper?: Pls?[View]
153194815No more amerishards. This place will be much better Thanks to Ajit Pai[View]
153182220Kentucky Representative commits suicide: >http://www.wdrb.com/story/37062873/rep-dan-johnson-comm…[View]
153195361Kekistan hate thread: Fucking BASED[View]
153193674Net neutrality on the chopping block?: What do you faggots think?[View]
153196021Red Door Perfume double meaning: Elizabeth Arden has a new perfume, Red Door. A Red Door in American…[View]
153166545Canada Thread: Get in here Leafs: Fellow leafs how do we take our country back? My two cents are we …[View]
153194941Fight Fire with Fire, the ending is near.: >Democrats bus people around >Delete voting records…[View]
153194679International Women's Meeting in Hitler's NatSoc Germany: 14.88 https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
153180675Sips tea...[View]
153194553bruh look at this dude[View]
153194418Why can't we all just get along?[View]
153181387Remove all Jews from power -vs- Repeal right to vote for all women: If you could choose, which of th…[View]
153195891elect trump, goyim!: Fucking /pol/ convinced me we had elected god emperor, then he turns around and…[View]
153195086Bye bye mutts. You won't be missed. Lmao[View]
153195841>disagree with someone >they post the happy merchant and narrate the opposition as being suppo…[View]
153194906Why are all the ex-PUA/manosphere guys so ugly?[View]
153192519What do you think she meant by that?: What do you think she meant by this?[View]
153192930>/pol/ told me he’s a new >turns out he grew up orthodox Why did /pol/ lie to me?…[View]
153190470I'm confused about money.: When the government prints money, what exactly do they base it on? I…[View]
153190982PornHub goes openly Jew!: The famous porn portal openly displays the message 'Hanukkah get lit' and …[View]
153195695Mugabe: Well, do you miss him /pol/?[View]
153187619Is it technically possible for Barack or Michelle Obama to run in 2020?[View]
153181336The White Mans Dark Secret.: The White man is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a crac…[View]
153195461George R R Martin: the internet is a Krell machine, and 4chan is the primitive ID: http://www.player…[View]
153195376What did they mean by this?[View]
153177966Is she /Our/girl, /pol/?: https://youtu.be/v3vI_F0YxNw[View]
153195234a quick thought. Are hippies pagan like/type?: Are hippies smarter than todays modern people? if the…[View]
153191230Why are ugly people a thing?: How has evolution not 'gotten rid of' ugly people?[View]
153195093In honor of the Christmas spirit, I present you faggots with a song. Jewdolph the auschwitz inmate, …[View]
153194274Racial map of NYC how did I do?[View]
153169657How much does /pol/ know about secret societies other than the Freemansons and their role in the NWO…[View]
153195043Arabs, Africans, Asians & Hitler's Freedom Fighters Haning Out: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
153195039Saw this article online that claims most white people in the U.S are Hispanic. Is this accurate? And…[View]
153167827How can anyone say pizzagate was debunked?: Don't you usually need to present actual counter-ev…[View]
153194886Spooks: Could someone please tell me what is the best way to bust all of those fucking spooks?…[View]
153181990What will happen when Tesla automate away 3.5 million trucking jobs?[View]
153194905Was Joseph Goebbels A Racist White Supremacist Hate'uh[View]
153194827GO back to / teh D: Dear Trumpfags, I’m sorry you guys went all in defending a pedo and then that pe…[View]
153178790why do 99.99% of blacks vote democrat?[View]
153194793This is how pol came to support neutrality repeal: Pol starts to notice, posts save net neutrality t…[View]
153190444BZG /Brazilian general/ Bolsonaro 2018[View]
153186391Are niggers inherently racist? They claim whites are inherently racist; however, this reeks of proje…[View]
153190570/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - F EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https…[View]
153193154Is Julian Assange still /ourguy/?[View]
153194262ASMR RED PILL?: So I don't think I've seen an ASMR red pill. I hope you guys know what ASM…[View]
153185013Just went to porn hub and noticed this shit. Wonder if they'll have a Christmas theme as well[View]
153194242Someone here said it before, but it looks like child molestation accusations is kryptonite for Repub…[View]
153189599What am I in for?[View]
153189501The Chinese government is the most black metal. >Nationalist >Anti-Christian >Black smog co…[View]
153194218I her you were tawk shit abou CHINA[View]
153190792let me get this straight. hillary's emails, corporate shills, pizza pedophiles. but when a sing…[View]
153194111Can we talk about this faggot: Ricky Gervais is always showing up on my Facebook feed. Dude is a kik…[View]
153193096Does he think North Korea is stupid?: >“We're ready to talk anytime they'd like to talk…[View]
153192943Sexual Predator Awards.: You gotta know, this wasn't by chance, but by design. Way back in the …[View]
153188812>mfw the Republican Party is dying: Alabama is one of the most conservative and backwater states …[View]
153193067O SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
153182564Give me your best merchants Goyim. My folder's a tad empty.[View]
153193643I-is this, dare I say, /our song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdtI3doKSD4[View]
153191849AMERICAN MATHS 6 thousand US Soliders over 100,000 Afganistanis over 500,000 Iraqis Sure was worth i…[View]
153191544Suicide No 1 http://www.wdrb.com/story/37062873/rep-dan-johnson-commits-suicide-on-bridge-in-mt-wash…[View]
153185181Why are the jews the most hated everywhere?: well /pol/ why are they? maybe u want to comment your o…[View]
153190507DAN JOHNSON SUICIDE- Another one bites the dust: http://www.wdrb.com/story/37062873/kentucky-state-r…[View]
153193605Are hologram waifus/husbandos the inevitable future of the human race?[View]
153188708How do we bring back the Rio Grande Country?: What do Mexicans and Americans think about bringing ba…[View]
153182903Are our current military 'men' mentally prepared for a world war?[View]
153152706/BPG/ Black pol general: Get in here black anons[View]
153184774Prepare your anus: I hope you're ready for this drumptards[View]
153189136what is your contribution to the world, anon? what is that one thing you did everyone in the world c…[View]
153167683Why white woman don't date non-whites? Are they just racist? When you look at dating statistics…[View]
153173524Is it true?[View]
153192790remember that one time wh*Te dogs got conquered by BLACK Türks?[View]
153193103(((your world be dyin ))): Libby world libby world the world we all inhabit, change our gender with …[View]
153193350#BattleCry: What's your Battle Cry /pol/? Let the normies know https://twitter.com/hashtag/MyBa…[View]
153189908(((THEY))) FUCKING CENSORED IT - OFFENSIVE CONTENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Qt6a-vaNM…[View]
153181110The Dossier: What was in this Trump dossier? Democrats keep insisting large parts of it are true, so…[View]
153189658NYC bombing: How the fuck did this get slid from /pol/? Not a single thread about the NYC bombing ye…[View]
153193137EXTREME 4D CHESS BY TRUMP: >Names Jerusalem Capital >Muslims chimps outs against Jews >Jewi…[View]
153192647Why isn’t trump pro net neutrality? 4chan was a catalyst in his election victory and if he wants to …[View]
153189068What are the odds leafs will rise up if current year man gets re-elected?: Serious question. Seems l…[View]
153191439WWII Japanese Propaganda Thread: Damn zipper heads,[View]
153187091https://imgur.com/a/lSP3k FINDERS KEEPERS – 11811 Broad St, Brooksville, Florida 34601, Hernando Cou…[View]
153181851Will Net Neutrality being repealed tomorrow be for the better or worse?[View]
153192899Pretentious celebrity thread: I'm not stating that they've ever been good for anything but…[View]
153192618Is being a soyboy the only way to get pussy in 2018? Face it, you aren't getting laid and you m…[View]
153192521You stupid faggots used meme magic to kill the entire fucking internet. What's your excuse?[View]
153186067Which bible, anons?: I know the ((scofield)) bible is kike-tier. So what's the best translation…[View]
153192531LEARN GERMAN /POL/: /pol/ has been invaded by /r/The_Donald How I can tell >reddit spacing everyw…[View]
153189324> You go shopping for Christmas presents or groceries. > Ring ring ring > 'Merry Christmas'…[View]
153161844I'm a Canadian infantryman with PPCLI; ask a real man anything: Currently doing some training a…[View]
153192469Now that Roy Moore is President, when is he going to execute the gays and atheists?[View]
153192092What does /pol/ think about pic related: Did Vichy France do anything wrong? What does modern day Fr…[View]
153191584Why did white women vote for Roy Moore?: Why do they continuously cuck for democrats?[View]
153189800Fuck the normies. Fuck the left. Fuck twitter.: Ideas on cutting heads off the real snek. Jesuits an…[View]
153192249Black memes thread: Post your best memes and red pills about Africans[View]
153192223Are you ready for paid Soros shills to keep spamming pro-NN messages tomorrow like the end of Net Ne…[View]
153188844Friendly reminder, while TayTay is making music with gay black guys in drag, Katy Perry is dropping …[View]
153190911Alabama Election: Say it:You w