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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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459914961Me and ChatGPT cured Multiple sclerosis (MS) in 30 minutes of brainstorming ideas, i need a small lo…[View]
459909649It's an easy choice. Only jidf shills shit on him.[View]
459914201Why do I keep seeing this slippery centrist everywhere?: Reminder that he said to a White grooming g…[View]
459913503What the fuck is going on?[View]
459889501Stunning and brave: With audio: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1708934638776016.webm…[View]
459912091Y'ALL LAUGHING????: This noble man just KILLED HIMSELF to save us from the jews and you're…[View]
459911455is europe already irreversibly doomed, anons? is there no way to reverse the future brazilianizatio…[View]
459915229Whatever it takes for as long as it takes: 3 billion dollars to Ukraine[View]
459911435there's so many fucking jews posting today[View]
459915102>Be American >Order 3 foot long subs from Goyway >Be charged $1,020: A woman was charged mo…[View]
459916877Culture War is fake and gay: Nobody can 'win' by voting with his wallet because this isn't the …[View]
459912823Who's the antichrist?[View]
459910125The Bible sounds like some Matrix shit: 144,000 jews get immediately saved while all the rest of the…[View]
459913895(((82 MILLION))): >His family have an estimated fortune of around £82 million, according to last …[View]
459914834Why are white men so violent?[View]
459913251Can a 'Groyper' explain their support for Nick Fuentes when...: he's legit friends with a gay b…[View]
459913618Burnt Burger: This will be the fate of ALL young American zogbots if the government proceeds to get …[View]
459915766>the Jews Stupid nonsense they're capitalists. If they're white or Jewish doesn't …[View]
459887402Denmark drops Nord Stream bombing investigating after Sweden: Denmark is a fully vassalized state an…[View]
459907184This kills the US military: Not a single other white man will ever die for Israel again. Aaron Bushn…[View]
459916037HE WAS A TROON: >LillyAnarKitty >Obsessed with BBC I completely lost my empathy once I discove…[View]
459915831What's a disgusting ethnicity that should be wiped out /pol/?[View]
459909278This cuck is 𝐚 meme m𝐚teri𝐚l. Let's come up with a name by which history will remember this air…[View]
459914482Robert Fico and Ukraine: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/slovak-pm-says-some-western-states-con…[View]
459916380Reminder the Pedocrats and Republicvcks all work for ZOG to genocide Whiteness.[View]
459914016tf Timmy gon do?: Why is this dog-whistle not considered hate speech? Why do politicians allow peopl…[View]
459895752Smartest leader on the planet: >2023, Ukraine war stalled >casually opens 2nd front in Israel-…[View]
459911844Why Are Russians All Fudgepackers?: I thought Russians hated homosexuals. Pic related is currently t…[View]
459914040What sandnigger pussy does to a mfer: Muslim women: not even once[View]
459915434How did they find him so fast?: It's like they knew who it was before it even happened. Eye in …[View]
459913285Give me 1 good reason why these things should not be banned and their owners hanged[View]
459914709INDIAN TOURIST HAS THE TIME OF HIS LIFE IN RUSSIA!!!: >be jeet >take a tour on russia's l…[View]
459910671/УзУ/ - Уютнaя Зaвapyшкa нa Укpaинe #15159: Previous:>>459906047 Timeline /tug/: https://files…[View]
459915852Jacob De Rothschild dead at 87 years old: Type S to spit on his grave. Today is a day of celebration…[View]
459904506STOP RESISTING![View]
459914714>lives to his mid 80s >all the money he needs to fuck little girls and kill any enemy he wants…[View]
459905164#justwhitemanthings: >complains about immigrants flooding europe and the usa >wants to become …[View]
459901289The American soldier who burned himself alive yesterday at the Israeli embassy was an anarchist Look…[View]
459912706Fire magic: >For ever no-name goy that self-immolates in the name of destroying Israel, a high le…[View]
459914894Anyone else notice how Zoomers are increasingly starting to look like Russians? Wide spaced eyes, sn…[View]
459913806Who are they protecting and from what?[View]
459912873>putin is trying to take THIS from ukraine https://files.catbox.moe/445kwz.mp4…[View]
459913273This feels totally organic and not at all like a country's propaganda department is behind it[View]
459913530Nobody thinks niggers run the world[View]
459908481The world is waking up. An interesting decade is ahead of us.[View]
459913643What are long term consequences of US military becoming less white (male)?[View]
459871866Tattoos: Why? Especially on women. The government needs to ban them. The next president will be the …[View]
459913469Christian Lutheran pastor gives his pre-pubescent son hormone blockers to make him a girl: https://y…[View]
459909846Are neocons the most evil people on earth?[View]
459912427aight been out for a few hours, what's the deal with the burning man[View]
459910514Join me for a discussion on COVID clots, MI Gov. Whitmer, and the judiciary: (AI-G) (No FBI or CIA A…[View]
459912782How Rothschild's made their money - Waterloo / Napoleon / Stock Market: >The bank rose to fa…[View]
459905254>/pol/tards ironically support them[View]
459914938We cant win against them. They are unstoppable. Ukraine is a lost cause and will not exist soon. Th…[View]
459914219It's Time to Declare a War on Pizza: This is the most disgusting and degenerate thing ever prod…[View]
459914608Fuck the south: Grew up in Kentucky. Literally was not aware of the performance standards of the res…[View]
459913470The dot: What did the GCP dot mean by this /pol/? >inb4 seething janny bans me because he is a fa…[View]
459898576US soldier burns himself in front of ireal embassy. More of a man then anyone on pol: You can bitch …[View]
459910435This is my dream: Do nothing all day and get paid $150,000 per year to 'do' it. I, like most people,…[View]
459914065This is you[View]
459887813is there anyone left who remembers when 4chan was heavily ideological unaligned and there was a ton …[View]
459907139Does this family look annoying to you?[View]
459914008The man on the left is his firstborn son and primary inheritor, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild. Say hel…[View]
459913965Im an electrical engineer at a T20 school anon and when I was looking through exams from previous ye…[View]
459900404>smartest man on earth is Asian What now, internet racists? The greatest intellect on earth isn…[View]
459911045Decency is on the ballot.[View]
459903051Dumbest retard 2024 winner.[View]
459914418What was those horses for?: https://twitter.com/i/status/1762128027473805482 two black horses carryi…[View]
459906002>>459905736 Reply to existing threads about a topic instead of starting a new one. New users w…[View]
459911673Why is Spain So Dangerous?[View]
459909391What will Dark Brandon do when the Rafah ground invasion finally begins? It will be a total destruct…[View]
459893104KIKES ARE TERRIFIED: They DONT want this Man to be talked about. They DONT want him to be looked up …[View]
459913425Why shouldn't I become black?(Trans-racial) >Get a Free charger >Get a free corporate jo…[View]
459913620What happens here?[View]
459910568indian censorship on x: can you guys stop making fun of indians? we shouldn't provoke them furt…[View]
459913918Hitler was the greatest man to ever exist: Was he the biggest Chad to ever exist? >no wealth or c…[View]
459910408Since liberals hate the misuse of guns so much why not just have Japan tier gun laws where improper …[View]
459905572His name will be heard around the world. A demonstration of his selfless care for other human beings…[View]
459910879>White cops never use excessive force on other whit- How did this ever become a meme?…[View]
459912405Laura Loomer: Trump Campaign's Mossad Shill: She is too inept to hide it. Tons of Americans are…[View]
459911351How long until >>460000000[View]
459913878>horrifically violent game >make dick joke >am*ricans prude out so hard they get their jani…[View]
459913849There's nothing wrong with supporting the Ukraine or NATO's expansion into Russia and forc…[View]
459905736What are the political implications of the Weight Gain and Feederism community growing? This is ever…[View]
459910292What are some words glowies automatically get you v8 for?: Just out of curiosity[View]
459911904Why: My boss don’t assign me any work, I do literally nothing at work for 8 hours sitting alone. Wha…[View]
459898202Susan Wojcicki's dead son: have you paid your respects via email yet? ALWAYS bully them ALWAYS …[View]
459912616Why are Christians obsessed with this version commissioned by an occultist homosexual king?[View]
459913121Can Zogbots be more cowardly?: A man burning alive is met with a retard point a gun.....[View]
459906808Explain this 4th dimensional chess move to me like Im 5 yo[View]
459908147Is Japan finally embracing immigration? https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/is-japan-finally-embraci…[View]
459902361This is fucking bullshit.: They don’t want you to drive. We're living in a dystopian hellscape.…[View]
459913468Alright let me tell you what happened: >Ritual self-sacrifice >Aaron >In arabic, name mean…[View]
459889963Press f to pay respect[View]
459913373Should the Red Cross be defunded?[View]
459903500unequal access to limited material resources: Social inequality - This is actually the main reason w…[View]
459913323Should the age of consent to work be lowered?: I did under the table construction work when I was 15…[View]
459911308how sad are bongs today after the news of another royal passing away?[View]
459910943https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13126229/lord-jacob-rothschild-dies-aged-97.html Rip king, …[View]
459905082i miss tesak: pic related: tesak (russian pedo hunter) 'interviewing' a turkish fag who tried to fuc…[View]
459913239We must protect our own from Talmudic Dirtnecks.: I stand by this. Fuck u kikes.[View]
459910221Conservative Club at my College is full of Degenerates: I was expecting non-alcohol drinking Christi…[View]
459909850>accidentally invokes dark magic >kills jewish overlord he did it.…[View]
459913078Google Gemini offends india: >>is modi fascist? >yes >>is trump fascist? >have you…[View]
459913062>How do you do, fellow groypers?[View]
459912560I’m telling my children this was George Floyd.[View]
459912859Why do Normies hate us so much?: I’m tired of being angry, I just don’t have the ability to be cruel…[View]
459908629>Man guilty in Black transgender woman’s killing in 1st federal hate crime trial over gender iden…[View]
459912940>TikTok is why Americans flood the internet with degenerate shit for the past 30 years Sounds ver…[View]
459912910Black History month is GAY now, bigots.[View]
459895921Got my hands on a new Rare Book: Freyer, Hans - Das Politische Semester (1933) A book discussing the…[View]
459910142Muslim marry and beat a kid, as a part of “tradition'. https://twitter.com/JimmyJoeYam/status/176081…[View]
459911619>HUR DURR I'M LIBERTARDED i don't get it, what's so special about him?…[View]
459912364READ SIEGE: READ SIEGE https://files.catbox.moe/9xryp0.pdf[View]
459912721A Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer is the government designation assigned by the IRS to taxpayers of t…[View]
459912474Why are Japanese women so racist?: https://twitter.com/real_hotaru/status/1736554662583480563?t=_QGv…[View]
459910260>Hello Mr. Rothschild >Activate ze KWAB-24…[View]
459900999responding to a question in previous dead thread: for a long time I have tried to give people the be…[View]
459911637oh no no[View]
459912495He was so real for this[View]
459911515>conservatives think this is a haven of traditionalism[View]
459908823Can /pol/ help Jewish image board spammer Sam Hyde leave the closet?: once and for all? >uh be ca…[View]
459912416Do you hang the flag of a dick in a guys mouth, snitches, and nigger wannabes on your house?[View]
459907320No Memetic Warfare?: Be creative.[View]
459906262/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13301: Previous: >>459896384 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459905497Resident Alien on Netflix: Its soft disclosure wrapped in a globohomo cultural hellscape of its own …[View]
459908040How did Americans end up being so against free healthcare and education?[View]
459908511Germans: .[View]
459906004What would need to Occur for White people to finally snap?: It seems like replacing whites, killing …[View]
459873315Serbia cracks down on anti-war Russians; Serbia is declared a Russian Satellite in Balkans: Serbia..…[View]
459901326What happens here?[View]
459911026>Single handedly permanently ruined women. The chinks really won, huh.[View]
459907474Do working class people deserve to be poor? I read a comment from a guy on youtube saying that he wo…[View]
459911796>the most prominent American White nationalist is a half Mexican (Nick Fuentes) >the European …[View]
459907625Anyone has the video of the dancing Israelis that where at 9/11?[View]
459909671Mods, jannies. Clean up board. There are 12 burning man threads. Sticky one. I shouldnt have to tell…[View]
459911785Kraut/pol/ - Bürgi Edition: post moin & discuss politics[View]
459911371I just had a dream where I visited the Murdoch Murdoch website and there were 5 new episodes to watc…[View]
459909029Why Didn't you Care about Old People?: Boomers were scared for their lives while you were whini…[View]
459909080His martyrdom has brought the death of the kike lord: wew But there are some more left to die and bu…[View]
459906130Ukrainians and Russians are truly brother nations: In their western cocksucking and cargocult. Ukrai…[View]
459905199Why do young men drop out of society and refuse to get careers and families?[View]
459904964Haley is staying in only to help Dems experiment with manipulate elections: This is the only explana…[View]
459909943Who won't she help Palestine?[View]
459911507We must protect our own from the heathen subhumans: Fuck u rednecks[View]
459911452What news is good for the white man?[View]
459904851Assuming the tides change, kikes get clearly identified as nepotistic agents of evil and chaos, nigg…[View]
459911361This image is all you need to know about America: >a white man is burning to death >a black m…[View]
459902402No one this this Burn Yourself Psyop is a little Weird?: His name Aaron Bushnell is an anagram for A…[View]
459909155Where do politicians and billionaires get their news from? They surely don't get it from the sa…[View]
459910684I have paid for an abrams which is now destroyed. How do I file this as a loss on my taxes? Can I do…[View]
459905141>Gives himself to God with a message to free Palestine >God takes away King Kike for his sacri…[View]
459907996Lol >Noooo you gotta be a duplicate of me, how dare you not be Conformity is for npcs…[View]
459906587When a man speaks, shut your mouth, stop rolling your eyes, and listen.[View]
459911010Do you feel in charge, Mr. Rothschild ?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqaxQmjsb2A reposting k…[View]
459910738Are Ethiopians bleachable?: >no nog nose >facial features resemble whites >baseline euro ad…[View]
459910874We must protect our kind from the heathen subhumans: I stand by this. Fuck u rednecks[View]
459908713He's a hero. I fully respect this man for trying to stop a stupid conflict. As a Black man, it …[View]
459910559what's his fucking problem[View]
459906472Why are the feds on this website so determined to memoryhole this?[View]
459906047/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15158: Previous: >>459900165 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459904214Proof Bob Lazar is Jewish: Sick of these jews trying to use aliens BS to control the population? Tha…[View]
459909110Is there any race/ethnic group which genuinely likes black people? What are the political causes beh…[View]
459906797Why don't Israel and Palestine come together as one country and put an end to this shit? Call t…[View]
45990190115 min cities is the answer to all life problems: >pic related has to eat their meal next to a lo…[View]
459898152Russian convict soldiers handcuff conscripts to trees and force them to rape each other: Russian sol…[View]
459910105FBI don't go after Black pedophiles. But why don't they?[View]
459902311Trump won. Biden cheated. The election was rigged. January 6. Hamas, Israel, Gaza genocide. Ukraine …[View]
459902325GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!: Jacob Rothschild is dead. 29 April 1936 - 26 February 2024[View]
459908978Leftist General, topic: Dealing with the religious right: Leftism defined for this thread: - the rec…[View]
459899310brit/pol/ - Baron Jacob Rothschild Edition: >One of Britain's richest men Jacob Rothschild d…[View]
459902419So... when will western men wake up and realize they are being lied to?[View]
459874800> Muh 31,000 Holy kek![View]
459899004What benefit has atheism given to humanity?: >all morons >hate themselves and humanity >ugl…[View]
459910166Kojima predicted it[View]
459906811Ladies and gentlemen, the based anti-Israeli Brazilians who joined the ranks of such characters as J…[View]
459905135We Need to Pay off the National Debt: Do we agree? How is this not priority number one right now? At…[View]
459905691Should it suprise anyone they're killing xhemselves for palestine?[View]
459909199His vaccine status?[View]
459908633Lindsey Graham is based: Laughs at Putin's war Sides with white Ukrainian freedom fighters Def…[View]
459906105They’re fucking losing: >rothschild patriarch dead >majority of westerners are anti-israel and…[View]
459909953The Catholic Hermit of Loreto, Italy, had a premonition in 1985 that Donald Trump would bring people…[View]
459895713Why do conservatives ALWAYS end up betraying their base?: Ronald Reagan gave amnesty. Boris Johnson …[View]
459906973Like it or not, blacks are part of America as well. We do not need nigger worship or ‘muh equality’ …[View]
459906036Pevchikh alleged that Navalny was killed because the Russian president could not tolerate the though…[View]
459905337California Drivers License: Why do other states still accept California and NY drivers license as va…[View]
459908465Haley isn’t dropping out. But the end may be near.: Even Nikki Haley is hinting her road may be comi…[View]
459908225Why do you let this board that is run by trannies tell you how to live your life? Do you honestly be…[View]
459909620The game is over, as I am fond of saying.: The jews won. They are in control of the Pikes Peak batho…[View]
459903711>post actual, intelligent solutions to /pol/'s effeminate gripes >/pol/ utterly ignores m…[View]
459901257When are you applying for the total freeride in ROMANIA?[View]
459908815Why do stupid people have equal and sometimes greater rights than smart people?[View]
459908783Aaron Bushnells body lies a-mouldering in the grave. Aaron Bushnells body lies a-mouldering in the g…[View]
459908719We have to clean it all up. We and only we.[View]
459899145How did his survival instincts not kick in?: Did we just witness a first AI false flag?[View]
459908738Flesh, seared. Juices, locked-in: > I can't bleed[View]
459908655Single Mom Epidemic: Anyone have the stats on single white moms? Seems like half the women i come ac…[View]
459907049jannies need to update the Ukraine flag on here[View]
459908735What is the tactic of sending a single tank to attack?[View]
459909095Ukraine is winning!: When Zelenskyy finally escapes to America and Russian tanks roll into Kiev, Ukr…[View]
459909082Now these bastards are targeting Jerry: Anti-semites are now targeting Jerry Seinfeld. https://twitt…[View]
459908838Inside me there are two wolves. One half of me wants to self improve, garden, and create. To provide…[View]
459909055Memory holing incoming: Kikes will not allow Bushnell to shine his giant smoldering middle finger to…[View]
459906180Come to Japan, white man. It's your last chance at true happiness.[View]
459909004He's right you know. https://ia902801.us.archive.org/25/items/thuleanperspective2017/2017-05-04…[View]
459908998>afraid to date women because the internet told them too >Women are single hahaha Women are wh…[View]
459908662Instead of paying off the national debt, let's cancel it out with all the money owed to America…[View]
459902289Cars are fucking cancer. All car should be illegalized.[View]
459908200You are tarnishing his legacy: This leftist fag would have been seething if he knew he'd be pra…[View]
459904015why are women like this /pol/?[View]
459905601The punishment for suicide in Islam: >The Prophet said, 'Whoever purposely throws himself from a …[View]
459889696JACOB ROTHSCHILD DEAD AT 87: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/lord-jacob-rothschild-d…[View]
459902149First sucked. We're waiting for more details.[View]
459895008Nordcvcks on suicide watch: >Norwegian Advanced Air-Defense System (NASAMS) fails to detect recon…[View]
459900043How is he still popular?: Everyone knows he owns a mansion and takes private jets, Dad is a milliona…[View]
459892542***HAPPENING***: US admits the CIA has been operating on behalf of Ukraine since 2014. This was cons…[View]
459908432>'I'm going to set myself on fire to own LE JEWS!1!' >doesn't know they would actua…[View]
459881159All women wanted was to be treated decently. The male response of passive aggressiveness really show…[View]
459902529MANDELLA EFFECT: Is it me? No, I am absolutely 100% Fruit of the Loom tier certain this fucker died …[View]
459904785What if: we just throw a bomb here? I mean, how would the muslim world react? They worship this mine…[View]
459907352the idea that black men have bigger penises is actually a myth bred by porn and jews. if you only lo…[View]
459908301example of how Americans live behind an iron curtain: Due to the strict censorship of foreign materi…[View]
459904944I'm an ugly White guy and a girl has never talked to me or flirted with me, except for accusing…[View]
459906443MAHOGANY MAMBA’D: How have boomers been able to live 60+ years and have no survival instincts or com…[View]
459906547African migrants to be housed in a 17th century castle: The fucking state of France[View]
459904855Titi cohoun: Kikes want to 'heal the world' in the same way an unlovable ugly bitch wants to make a …[View]
459908025give me schizo and misleading graphs and diagrams whoever has the craziest one wins an old lada from…[View]
459905526*protests murderous people by killing himself*: >dies for inbred sandniggers that hate him >Pr…[View]
459901446>they added hohols to the pride flag Palestine when?[View]
459894887Illegal Spic Murdering Georgia College Girl is Already Memoryholed: On to the next news cycle 'event…[View]
459906981Its time to face the facts that a jew: pointing a gun at a burning US corpse is a perfect metaphor…[View]
459906739lord jacob Rothschild dead at 87: the emperor of the Jew and elites conspiracy theory Jacob Rothschi…[View]
459906408Never opening up reddit again: >Be me on Reddit >Bored.jpeg >Open up SPT (tarkov mod) subre…[View]
459906749Previous >>459884895 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are trying to subvert /chip/ via well poisoning. Ign…[View]
459900129Can English people still be saved?: This poor English guy just lost his 31-year old wife of 10 years…[View]
459886251>Jews are openly mocking and laughing at U.S airmen for protesting their Zionist-occupied governm…[View]
459907440Now that the months have not come: Is it safe to say this guy was a retarded fraud like the red deer…[View]
459907228Why I am Anti-Libertarian: Four words >Seat belt laws And >Social Security The two biggest Ws …[View]
459892616Laura Jewmer Calls Aaron Bushnell a 'Jihadist Loving Traitor': https://twitter.com/LauraLoomer/statu…[View]
459906804Happening get in here Having full blown conversations in my dreams with real people. But when I wake…[View]
459905617Update: he's dead: Fuck Israel.[View]
459891320Insider here. There is going to be massive campaigns against porn in the near future. And i’m not ta…[View]
459902888Muslims will praise him but they all believe he is in hell.: Assuming hes Christian and a trinitaria…[View]
459904175He died taking a selfie[View]
459905203The chocolate rations have been increased to 20 grams a week.[View]
459906524Negress pig arrested for shoplifting: How did the /pol/ hive mind deal with the cognitive dissonance…[View]
459897710Why cant they move a bunch of blyats in from here?: If it's a war of attrition you want, then w…[View]
459902526I want things to get worse for everyone. They deserve it. Majority of people are stupid and evil. Th…[View]
459906446Why do leftists care about this country now?: We have enough problems to deal with at home.[View]
459905698One single image: Is worth a thousand words[View]
459880870South Korean government: it’s already too late to reverse the trend simply via fertility rates: >…[View]
459881451Neder /pol/der general: the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalati…[View]
459906438I edned racism: >Sex and gender are different things Then skin color and race are different thing…[View]
459904405Will he win against Trump?[View]
459903884Marriage is the biggest psyop. When you can enjoy life with multiple escorts at a time. Why should I…[View]
459884895/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1132: Previous >>459853848 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
459905219A SNUGGY MAN WILL SURVIVE: No matter how bad things get in Europe or America, i’ve got a snuggy a ri…[View]
459900853Were the only ones who matter[View]
459906136RIP Aaron Bushnell: He was a man of God As a Turk, I have infinite respect for the courage for this …[View]
459904941Can we stop the whole ' Islam is based' larp now?[View]
459906139If you are white and were turned black by Google Gemini: you may be eligible to join our class actio…[View]
459906032Realistically, how can the Jews stop them? Direct confront means assured destruction.[View]
459904368Q did this.: This is because of the deepfakes.[View]
459895928Is X right on this? Seems more credible than 'it's da joos'[View]
459899827Jacob Rothschild (29 April 1936 - 26 February 2024): Jacob Rothschild (29 April 1936 - 26 February 2…[View]
459905296IT'S MOSES: Oy Vey! Better have your macaroni art ready for tribute![View]
459896905Pornography Must Be Banned: Want proof? The posted vulva will most likely garner negative reviews as…[View]
459903010Why do some normies think killing youself is a good deed?: Is it some christcuck shit?[View]
459850955/rwg/ revolutionary war general #180: Second Anonymous Congress cover letter Edition: Previous: >…[View]
459905524Doesn't it make sense that, no matter what, everyone in the future will be white? Darker skinne…[View]
459902400Why do you hate Indians?: Indians are descendants of Aryans and born philosophers. Also, all the gre…[View]
459903944Happy Saviors Day /pw/[View]
459903391FLORIDA MAKES ANTISEMITISM ILLEGAL: Antisemites not welcome down in the Sunshine State, fuck off…[View]
459894222This is you[View]
459905446why is pol like this?[View]
459905190White womand dont get hit regularly in relationships with black men: And you guys don't even ha…[View]
459905584David Khari Webber Chappelle stole DAVE CHAPPEELLE: THE CLOSER: David Khari Webber Chappelle has per…[View]
459902232You might call me a jew for this but honestly I'm so worn out of anti semitism lately Seeing so…[View]
459905507Time to destroy all of demonway, all the cults, sin dictate, and secret groups connected to it or re…[View]
459893478...I like brown people.[View]
459905329Freedom of expression isn't free.[View]
459896384/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13300: Previous: >>459886746 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459905306Even girls who support Palestine got the ick as he was engulfed in flames saying 'Free Palestine' al…[View]
459900165/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15157: Previous: >>459893515 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459903055I'm not saying things will change overnight but Palestine IS the Jew: tipping point. Nor am I s…[View]
459903835'Society would be better off if it stopped lying to incels': Mind you, this post was made by a woman…[View]
459905029Bros, why are ((they)) so insistent on doing this?[View]
459901555Total Zogbot Death: It was only a matter of time before zogbots starting offing themselves.[View]
459905078It's over you chuds. Microsofts will ban you for racism.: Microsoft's terms of service wil…[View]
459900715Live Your Myth in Greece[View]
459894756Austriasisters...: How do we bring our little Mitteleuropa back?[View]
459903006Kissing in Public is a Feminist Act and Should be Banned: If you have or ever made out with a girl i…[View]
459902374Story of my life >be chilling >Go outside >See Indians in mass >Day ruined >Go for …[View]
459902444He has a point desu. White men dislike Black men because of sexual jealousy.[View]
459905242When will the big black cock meme die? Who are the political parties perpetuating this meme?[View]
459878797Bharat Love Thread: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_inventions_and_discoveries What do …[View]
459900197Oh shit the Israeli dick sucking may have fucked over Biden. The Arab puppets they put in power are …[View]
459902229Are police retarded: A) 90% B) 50% C) 25% D) none of the above. E) COPS ARE IMBECILES.[View]
459863340>Guy burning himself to death to protest Israel >Cop pulls gun out and points it at him Burger…[View]
459901730Why do women take fucking time to cool untasty or at best mediocre dishes: While men make sensible d…[View]
459901121Soooo now that the dust have finally settled... How would you actually feel if you didn't have …[View]
459889541and he will be forgotten in 24 hours[View]
459851917Would you ride an elevator with a woman, anon?: Same woman btw: > 3 men at the gas station just w…[View]
459904605What makes Americans worship Jews so much?[View]
459904378>y…you mean…peer review by a bunch of random retards is worse than peer review by s…s….scientists…[View]
459894942Are east asians the next ubermensch race? >be asian >become smarter and are always on the grin…[View]
459903534I don't understand how you can support Islam: i mean, barring the brainwashed and indoctrined..…[View]
459902442Imagine living in the Southern United States: Couldn't be me.[View]
459896734The cop who pulled his gun on a smoldering almost corpse was a jew.: Don't care for Israel or P…[View]
459876227aus/pol/: https://archive.md/BZJci >Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been slammed for recordin…[View]
459904277Transhumanism is the future: >The USA will likely never wake up and realize the Semitic oligarchy…[View]
459871170Good night, sweet Arabia: Saudiarabiabros, I'm not feeling well...[View]
459904396what steps should we take to bring about TJD? (total jew death) I hate jews so much its almost visce…[View]
459903554When will biological weapons begin to be used in actual warfare?: When will we see kino battlefields…[View]
459896202In life, he was a flamer In death, he was also a flamer What Aaron Bushnell did was a call to action…[View]
459901708LillyAnarKitty: Many of us like to ask ourselves, 'What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or…[View]
459903070And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom acc…[View]
459900826Aaron Bushnell's Name is An Anagram: His name Aaron Bushnell is an anagram for A Hell Burn A So…[View]
459903950This board for the entire day: >White childless men killing themselves for browns and muslims tha…[View]
459903405What is it with the emotional faggotry I'm seeing with Gen Z? You laugh at a man lighting himse…[View]
459904177Did Hamas systematically rape women during October 7th?: https://www.gov.il/BlobFolder/news/arcci-su…[View]
459903450New toss just dropped[View]
459902259Did Bill Gates kill him?[View]
459903965Hey Russia, can you wrap it up already? Everyone's tired of xoxols.[View]
459903596Why do they have trouble coping with and accepting reality?[View]
459903248Which is it? You love capitalism or you're lighting yourself on fire out of desperation?[View]
459898734IDF started operating 1960s APCs: In the recent footage of Hamas Kino, the IDF was seen operating th…[View]
459902637All women are monkey branching whores. The fatter and uglier they are, the worse it is. Stop simping…[View]
459895441I fucking hate indians.: Their stink, their disgusting small shop, them being (SOMEHOW) proud of the…[View]
459902971There truly is nothing free palestine fags won't do in order to make themselves the ultimate vi…[View]
459897086He killed himself on purpose?: Lmao even[View]
459900588Laugh at nazis, remember: Niggers and chinks are better than le based aryans Berlin olympic[View]
459901890Is he correct? Has socialism only failed because of the actions of the US?[View]
459900164First destroyed abrams americans on a suicide watch[View]
459901877If a 16y can get a motorcycle license, why can't she change her gender[View]
459895149Miss Germany 2024[View]
459893150>warm and sunny weather all year round >good and affordable healthcare >great food >home…[View]
459900776white people landed and walked on the moon six times between 1969 and 1972 now over 50 years later w…[View]
459902915Zogbot m1a2 burns in ukraine: -5mil no refunds[View]
459903407Abrams down, now what?: Sisters? 30 abrams left?[View]
459901629none of what is going on is truly relevant: memories getting holed >make sure you see the bigger …[View]
459901100Don't you feel jews are ONE person? Like, they are some kind of hive who share the same thought…[View]
459903633So they are both rotting in hell right now? Will the world recovers from it?[View]
459889061Lord Rothschild Dead at 87: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/financier-lord-jacob-rothschild-renowned-10160…[View]
459903599Why is it that the regions that voted for the Putin puppet president fell to the Russians so easily …[View]
459900267DEAD KIKE CELEBRATION THREAD: How are you celebrating the death of Lord Kike lads? It is 1:30pm but …[View]
459857643Kraut/pol/ - Le True Force Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language…[View]
459903506>tfw the left is going to genocide jews and /pol/ didn't have to drop an ounce of blood how …[View]
459903038>POV: You're an Iraqi civilian looking at a US soldier who is here to save the world from WM…[View]
459891915An American martyr for Palestine: A man who gave his life because his conscience was alive. In a dif…[View]
459902110His name will be heard around the world. A demonstration of his selfless care for other human beings…[View]
459897102The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many: A nuclear apocalypse is nothing compared to mis…[View]
459902834Are palestineans lives more important than white people?: Help me understand /pol/: >muslims rapi…[View]
459900057>burn yourself alive for shitskins to pwn the Jews Whites are broken[View]
459898496Does anyone else kinda 'get off' to the idea of outliving other people? Like whenever a someone dies…[View]
459903029MiG-31 crashes into a lake: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/russian-fighter-jet-crashes-into-la…[View]
459902720if whies vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?[View]
459900915Palestinians begin to commit suicide at alarming rates: https://en.majalla.com/node/301511/culture-s…[View]
459898118Based Boy Trudeau: Our boy JT is sending untrained trannies to clear mines in Ukraine. We need to ge…[View]
459897495>created AI to take all the jobs from humans What does this evil Jew want?…[View]
459871463Indian Hate Is Forced.: Indian Hate on /pol/ is the most forced meme I've ever seen in 2024. It…[View]
459902736>sets himself on fire to protest racism HAHAHHA WE MEMED IT INTO REALITY. This was made 4 years a…[View]
459883258What are Russians dying for?[View]
459901102I can't stop jerking off Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUa3XzIyiYY Don't click …[View]
459902506Why are Americans the only people against free healthcare?[View]
459897676I have become so sensitive to evil. Everybody is lying and abusing each other, all the time. There i…[View]
459893580he buckbroke the first western empire (alexanders) so hard that white kids still seethe about india …[View]
459902324Show me the contract which I signed to become your meat shield, politicians and other scumbags. Oh i…[View]
459887571American volunteers fighting for Russia: Real American patriots oppose the Rothschild World Order. …[View]
459885652Russian Senator calls Lloyd Austin a monkey: https://x.com/rogozin/status/1761612503966941316…[View]
459900983Aaron Bushnell is being greeted by St. Peter right now at the gates of heaven. Will your soul bear f…[View]
459898117NEET life vs wagie life: Post your average day wagecucks or neets >woke up, still a little drunk …[View]
459902189You’ve made grave boomers/Jews, lie in: >no Virgin QT3.14 trade wife that I grew up with >NO C…[View]
459900819What is the latest thing I should pretend to be outraged about so I can fit in?[View]
459896313Does the left care about workers?[View]
459901507>man burns to death: >skin turns black >policeman suddenly appears with his gun out US is t…[View]
459901959Sainted forevermore: Time for some meme magic frens! Let us roll digits and make some macros in his …[View]
459900416is indian mass immigration everywhere the last stage of 'kali yuga'? The fourth and most-degenerate …[View]
459892196Cartoons used to have a message that was transported in a smart way but the fuck is this?[View]
459901724/pol/'s thought's on the ideals of Caesar's Legion? I'm all for it. enslaving wo…[View]
459897515DONT MOVE MOTHERFUCKER!!!: Lmfao!!! American cops are a riot[View]
459897782HAPPENING! russian Nazi Dmitry Rogozin (Kremlin politician and putin crony) compared the US Secretar…[View]
459901682Let's Look at Graphs: Fun new thread ideas, I'll post a graph and we can all discuss why t…[View]
459900863Real Questions: >How many people in Gaza have been killed? >Is the news reporting this? >Wh…[View]
459898499Why is this current genocide the most hecking worst genocide ever in history, second only to the sho…[View]
459901402Why are Ukrainians dying for a Jew again?: I mean its obvious in the case of picrel his dental bills…[View]
459892674It really is that simple.[View]
459901607How are normies in the west still ok with this?: Literally Russian spyware in the middle of the seco…[View]
459899803How is this a real country?: They're literally just Western Russians[View]
459901540Isn't that ironic that millennials hate baby boomers yet worship this guy.[View]
459900240>noooo racism bad Rightwingers sure have changed since they kicked out all the nontrumps…[View]
459895152If one person from Earth, past or present, were to be nominated as an ambassador to aliens, who woul…[View]
459898527Coalburners: Do coalburners get killed in your country? >flag >yes Should we feel pitty?…[View]
459900569>Not stickied WTF is /pol/ finally dead? https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/jacob-rothsc…[View]
459901236Brutal: Man rapes 17-year old ex gf and kills her grandmother.[View]
459899286How can this problem be fixed?[View]
459900429White Supremacist Chuds Arrested: hi, boys....are you getting the message yet? we will not tolerate …[View]
459901202Why do you support genital mutilation? How many of you have the tip of your dick missing?[View]
459899030Insider here: The us military was at defcon 2 yesterday[View]
459897912>wants to leave military >sets himself on fire That’s one way to do it…[View]
459872340Politically talking, which is the most based Hispanic country?[View]
459896381I mean, they’re not wrong. >schizo had one job to do - follow orders >schizo could have resi…[View]
459901183Politically speaking, why are modern woman like this?[View]
459897344UKRAINIAN AMMUNITION RESERVES TO RUN OUT BY JUNE https://twitter.com/clashreport/status/176203919984…[View]
459899332Why do White people care about Asian birth rates?[View]
459901023The Taylor Swift Voting Psyop has begun[View]
459900974once europe is weak and sent all it's weapons to ukraine, the usa is going to confiscate them. …[View]
459900946SHIT IT DOWN[View]
459898633Any evidence that Burnie Sanders identified as a tranny?: His FB said he/him Not every flamingly (k…[View]
459890160HAPPENING!: HAPPENING! https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1762068649685221408[View]
459900559It's so pathetic that there so many bloviating rightoids that vicariously get off on yids bombi…[View]
459899369his whole burnt offering took down a rothchild: magic is real[View]
459900738Politically speaking, what's wrong with becoming a gender doctor and legally butchering faggots…[View]
459900457I love my country: Do you love your country anon?[View]
459892130brit/pol/ - greggs steak bake: >Sadiq Khan faces fresh questions over public spending after he se…[View]
459899111>Wake up >Flip on the news >All Humans of less than 50% White heritage have disappeared wi…[View]
459896846Kek. He was a Software Engineer. Jews on suicide watch. They can't spin this narrative fast eno…[View]
459900073What did he accomplished?: Just brought a lot of hurt to his family and love ones. And laughter to t…[View]
459898684Typical VIM user: Burning his chance at a productive life for the sake of ideology.[View]
459900499Could German policy actually work out if they stick with Russians?: Because Germany economy is very …[View]
459899054>dey sey it don't be like it but it do[View]
459900017https://x.com/disclosetv/status/1761863930387845525?s=20 An Iranian Jew is “Miss Germany” LOL Her fu…[View]
459900294Like Jesus , he died for our sins[View]
459897395OLD KIKE HAS FINALLY KICKED THE BUCKET: https://www.ft.com/content/995346e3-2b35-4411-8b11-faa53d394…[View]
459898492now that omegle is dead, where do i go to argue with random people about politics? pic unrelated[View]
459888500>joined a gang when he was 13 >beats 16 year old white child almost half to death >in and o…[View]
459899175Why haven't you gottenn the vaccine you dipshit?[View]
459900291Just made this bad boy.[View]
459900230Who made you awake about women?: Your mom, your ex or your childhood female friend? >me: mother …[View]
459900229Pol is getting what it wished for: Seek polaritarium now. Don’t forget, when they drop, it’s go bye …[View]
459887989Christian nationalists are easily the most demonic demographic in this country. Indistinguishable fr…[View]
459898028Aaron Bushnell is dead https://nypost.com/2024/02/26/us-news/us-air-force-member-dies-after-setting-…[View]
459895059>burn yourself to own da jooz!!! Kikes are pissing themselves laughing at the prospect of goyim s…[View]
459897351tell me again: why are they allowed to exist?: tell me again: why are they allowed to exist? why are…[View]
459895846Speak German, /pol/ It amuses me to watch 2 million online foreigners trying to speak broken GSL Ge…[View]
459892644BRITISH SOLDIERS PLEDGE TO QUIT ARMY: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-68398359[View]
459882703Musk wants a technocracy: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1762033996098379956[View]
459900069Why do rightwingers throw in buzz words to pretend things now are special and different, not the sam…[View]
459899216Im literally repulsed by my face. I know I’m virgin because of it. Are there any methods to change m…[View]
459889054OH NO NO NO NO[View]
459899453Christian burns like a Buddhist for Muslims[View]
459897816Putler will hang for this: Navalny died a martyr resisting Putler till the bitter end /pol/ will ave…[View]
459895292Give drones to Palestinians.[View]
459897692What do these words remind you of?: >cheese >lasagna >airplane >anger >insecurity…[View]
459896850Operation Char Force: It's a psyop![View]
459886147India is not a serious country: >get 'tricked' into fighting a war 5000km because you…[View]
459895169NIGGERS AND LEFTISTS ARE SEETHING. Orania achieves self sufficiency and proves that a high trust pro…[View]
459894975Why are people so fucking retarded?: >Yesss, let me sell my personal data for less than 100€ in a…[View]
459898048Jan Palach 1969- Aaron Bushnell 2024: Hisrael finish in 2029[View]
459896005Wow. I've never been so psyoped ever in Mt entire life, Moshe. What is the end goal, politicall…[View]
459893515/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15156 Spammyir of Odessa memorial edition: Previous: …[View]
459898222The image that broke /pol/[View]
459893306Chadjeet standing next to spic huwite and chink: Mogged edition[View]
459893664It's over, christlets: You have been warned, act accordingly https://youtu.be/gaRVzooavRI?si=tv…[View]
459898831Best gun control measure: Make your citizens so poor they can't by the guns or the space to sho…[View]
459894236His name will be heard around the world. A demonstration of his selfless care for other human beings…[View]
459893982Why does this keep happening?[View]
459889065Mossad comment on US soldier setting himself on fire: the Israeli primary intelligence agency Mossad…[View]
459898448How much longer does she and the Jew dean Phillips have?[View]
459898915If you know everything about (((DA JOOS))), then how come you keep on losing money? Wouldn't yo…[View]
459897000Why aren't Palestinians lighting themselves on fire to protest white genocide?[View]
459898317HAPPENING: Russia started splitting up: Russia started splitting up on military districts, seems the…[View]
459870470Is he right? AI is just a bubble waiting to pop?[View]
459890945*drops mic*: Chudsissies… our response????[View]
459897064When will the BUBBLE going to FINALLY POP: When will the economy finally hit its lows ??? >It ca…[View]
459888459HE DIED FOR GAY SEX[View]
459897703LITERALLY NOTHING >inb4 source[View]
459895192Why do self improvers believe that looking like an Albanian muslim gets you girls?[View]
459898270>Shoiguuuuu, Gerasimoooooooooov![View]
459826914Are IQ tests a Jewish invention?[View]
459898153Could WW2 have been avoid if Germany didn't stupidly help Lenin to go to St. Petersburg?[View]
459898525/wbg/ - Waifubot General #4: PREVIOUS: >>459516117 NOTICE: This thread isn't for the pozz…[View]
459898517politics? its all bullshit anyways, anon. touch grass instead.[View]
459895703Can we guess the race of xer attackers?: Ultimately, of course, Jews are to blame for this.[View]
459897564The creator of Israel is now dead. How do pol think about this man?[View]
459895831Does anyone else just not care about politics anymore? Nothing changes and people are just becoming …[View]
459892773Is over[View]
459898413What's the newest cubers cope: On the 2nd anniversary of a three days specops?[View]
459887664>have lots of kids to save the white race >half of them become gay What do?…[View]
459879442Since nobody made one yet, here's a cropped webm of the burning retard. What do we know about …[View]
459892755There are three plausible futures for the west: - Islamic Sharia Law - totalitarian AI - hyper - env…[View]
459898183Was Star Trek Voyager episode 'Living Witness' covered holocaust denial?[View]
459898070I need to start the day off right: Nigger![View]
459885808Should women be barred from the workplace??[View]
459886938Notice how far Avdeevka is already behind Russian lines. Just weeks ago NAFOniggers were making fun …[View]
459894308tranny bros: could you tell me if those person is a biological woman?[View]
459897278>shills hopelessly spamming US martyr burning himself to distract you[View]
459892405White people of the Animal kingdom: Are intelligent family unit that has emotional intelligence and …[View]
459897443Is this the man from this: MEME?[View]
459890199>be me >chinaman >buy bottle of sneed oil >go to apartment complex >dump oil on steps…[View]
459897368Will we ever defeat the jews?[View]
459893548She's right, you know: How dare you. You guys want to stop women from having recreational sex.…[View]
459894782The KIKES fear the based Ghost Rider. We have to make Ghost Rider a new antisemitic icon like The Mc…[View]
459897785A Warm Welcome: Follow The White Rabbit[View]
459886990SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO +++++: UNCENSORED: https://files.catbox.moe/rez1vs.mp4 https://twitter.com/Par…[View]
459896220All hail Timmy[View]
459890773Anyone else starting to realize that life for average looking men is completely pointless? I've…[View]
459896470Hell has a new recruit. Press/s/ to spit on Jacob Rothschild's corpse.[View]
459896934>h-he's not a communist fag >h-he's a based martyr…[View]
459896079White people support Ukraine: >picrel “Ukraine fatigued” protesters from yesterday, strangely not…[View]
459847949Forbidden Knowledge - Your True History: It all started in 1609 when jews took control of Amsterdam.…[View]
459897308EU is on flames[View]
459853098well fuck, I owe conspiracy theorist an apology: of all the thing you guys could have been right, it…[View]
459896979laff@vaxies: How my fellow pvreblvds cope with the fact that the 'haha, I'm still alive…[View]
459891979Remember when I told you something big will happen next week?: Next time listen. This Thursday keep …[View]
459897300Rest in piss[View]
459891971The last thing a Trump supporting chud sees before getting BTFO by facts and logic!: Why can't …[View]
459890594Imagine burning yourself to death for a bunch of brownoid shitskins would rape your wife and daughte…[View]
459897227A captured American Bradley in Russia: Biden is the worst president ever![View]
459891676Things will never get better: instead they will get worse and worse[View]
459893560This why the fuel vanishes: Humans weren't the first kill themselves off with a single fuel sou…[View]
459896110Kill all goy-ACK![View]
459888975Will Laura Loomer be harmed? Killed?: Someone redpill me on the current state of the US Military…[View]
459894790i miss tesak: pic related: tesak (russian pedo hunter) 'interviewing' a turkish fag who tried to fuc…[View]
459896797give me your best podcasts can be everything from history, politics to humor and conspiracy theoris …[View]
459889382He’s a kangaroo, he’s a DIRTY LITTLE KANGAROO[View]
459892867Hoholes confirm that Navalni died from the vaxxx: It was completely obvious that the Russians didn…[View]
459888237what do you think /pol/?[View]
459896606Why does /pol/ choose to side with Communism?[View]
459894751Bidens brown migrants living better than americans: $1300 a month in NY plus free housing and rent a…[View]
459895496Farmers protesting in Brussels, Belgium Live video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtstJxaxPfY[View]
459892263US elections: Which zionist senile pedo would you like as a president?[View]
459892345Dead muslim children get me diamonds: Lmao ded[View]
459894764It's okay that he died unpunished. He'll suffer in hell, trust me. No need to pursue justi…[View]
459892993>be me >win some contest back when i was 10-13 >become godlike in this secret society >f…[View]
459895976Friend's girlfriend is aggressively flirting with me: What do you do in this situation? She…[View]
459894461Numbers that matter: >grassroots >mandated vaccine >stopped covid >most jobs created …[View]
459885655Is /pol/ confident enough in their own masculinity to wear underwear like this?[View]
459895840I hope you will join me in supporting Will Stancil for Minnesota House!: Sign up and join the team t…[View]
459896151His name was Aaron Bushnell: This is what average american are fed by jews https://www.msn.com/en-u…[View]
459886757The EU's failure to honor its pledges to Ukraine has led to the fall of Avdiivka, and with Russ…[View]
459896085Redpill me on leo strauss: He was a jew but he sounds like a cool dude.[View]
459894310Ronna McDaniel Resigns as RNC Chair: >Ronna McDaniel has announced she will resign as the chair o…[View]
459886746/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13299: Previous: >>459876327 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459894695So basically anyone who isn’t an openly anti-white communist like Lula, South Apefrica or the commun…[View]
459893264GREETINGS: Just wanted to say I absolutely HATE america and americans! :)[View]
459895996Do you hang the flag of man on man anal, snitches, and nigger wannabes on your house?[View]
459894156If more parents encouraged their children to go to a trade school or join an apprenticeship, there w…[View]
459893683Why doesn't it seem like there's any pro-Israel protests? Doesn't it feel suspicious …[View]
459895430RIP Confused Old Man: >you now remember the time some retards started spouting /pol/shit to this …[View]
459888310underwear with legs is social slavery: boxer briefs are male hijab the koran LITERALLY tells men to …[View]
459894652This is america: Why do chink shills always cherrypick the worst cities in america[View]
459895710How can we run all the gays out of the democratic party back to the GOP where they properly belong?[View]
459894000Taiwan stands with Ukraine: Massive event at Liberty Square, Taipei[View]
459893791What will he accomplish in his 2nd term?[View]
459889283Why was the 3rd Reich so fucking kino? It was literally more aesthetic than fucking fiction.[View]
459889980what are the implications of US soldier burning himself upfront of the Israeli embassy: what are the…[View]
459894314Who'd mimic another people? Crazy.[View]
459856668/pol/ approved comedians[View]
459889673Total Christfaggot Death[View]
459890662How sure are you Vikings wern't black? whitebois love re-writing history, it wouldn't be s…[View]
459894735Warrior of Christ, Martyr of Allah, Protector of the Innocents, Defender of The Dignity of Palestine…[View]
459894115Rest In Power, King: Jacob Rothschilds, picrelated, just passed away at his home in LA this morning……[View]
459894760Eastern guys!: We are getting scammed![View]
459890593Russians, why are there niggers in your country?[View]
459893105>get angry while with the gf >accidentally say something a bit too redpilled…[View]
459893100Uhhh guys? According to the Uncensored Gab AI Prigo and Utkin aren't dead.. wtf? They faked the…[View]
459892454No wonder the white people on this board are always talking bad about Indian people. It's out o…[View]
459893324if all blacks simply vanished from the planet, what would happen to the country?[View]
459889635You dont see this shit in Africa man Pajeets are literally worse than niggers[View]
459895122President Putin celebrating Ukraines demise with King Willem: Its over nafo troons :([View]
459893787Why light yourselves on fire instead of lighting Jews on fire? Burn their homes, burn their building…[View]
459891869Smoking on that Rothschild pack[View]
459894050Morning /CDN/ Thread: >Durham Bi Elections https://www.durhamregion.com/news/durham-byelection-ca…[View]
459881114I can understand being a NEET in your early adult years but being 25+ and a NEET? How can you possib…[View]
459888455Thoughts And Musings Of An Alcoholslayer: If you don’t drink Red Bull, you are subhuman to me.…[View]
459849120This is the modern day Vietnam war protest. Just because it isn't black and white doesn't …[View]
459893586Borrell sucked it up and recognized the end of Western dominance: The era of the West's global …[View]
459882053Are embryos people?[View]
459887670Chinese women will stop war with India: https://www.sbs.com.au/language/chinese/en/article/australia…[View]
459892096JACOB ROTHSCHILD DEAD: >Aaron Bushnell immolates himself for palestine >King kike Jacob Rothsc…[View]
459894457Ssup Niggerz[View]
459887099Muslim chuds BTFO[View]
459894323>rothschild (cofounder of Israel©) dead >air force lad burns himself alive screaming free pale…[View]
459866803Why should I settle for a wife when I can get a different escort every single day of my life[View]
459894300Brit/pol/ - Poland has Higher Living Standards Edition: >PM calls Lee Anderson 'Islamists…[View]
459894123The airman that burnt up has some serious problems and I wish he reached out to someone for help ins…[View]
459892124How does the CIA keep getting away with it all the time?[View]
459887726i didnt eat breakfast[View]
459890960Something feels off[View]
459890450I don't have any remorse or empathy anymore: What has anyone else done for me? Nothing. Nobody …[View]
459892760Oh no...: anyways[View]
459890566Why Didn't Aaron Bushnell Minecraft Kikes If He Was Willing to Die?: This is a PURELY theoretic…[View]
459893830>just let putin the war criminal and the terrorist russian invaders steal Ukraine’s eastern terri…[View]
459879784>nobody wants to work[View]
459887556Hasanabi fan?: Any evidence that this guy is a Hasanabi watcher (e-celeb on twitch)? >Hasan one o…[View]
459893311Homeless diversity scholarship nigger from Detroit kills White roommate at Colorado Springs. Thought…[View]
459889387Tall nose girls aim to come to East Asia?: Do they know they can use gaijin power regardless of thei…[View]
459888354The most precious possession you have in the whole world is your own people.[View]
459890995>racemixing is le bad when white women do it, but when i do it is good because im a BASED COLONIS…[View]
459889757Why can't women accept they're only good for sex and baby making?: Women today constantly …[View]
459891163I find the recent push here against alcohol to be laughable. You know who didn't drink? The fuc…[View]
459893310Rest in peace, sweet Lord[View]
459891357wait, so hitler was funded by the rothschilds? why does /pol/ like him so much? it's so clear n…[View]
459890183Islam is now Queer Adjacent: In view of the recent upsurge in islamophobic hate crimes, the Revoluti…[View]
459887484/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15155: Previous: >>459882658 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459892292AI girlfriends will steal jobs from pornstars and ruin society, journalists warn: https://archive.md…[View]
459891375Does nothing, wins!: How does he do it?[View]
459892985Seriously why the hell do you idiots go on about Biden having dementia when Trump has shown MORE sig…[View]
459891669why some women believe they deserve succesful men just by 10k followers: Listen my losers. Those gir…[View]
459889782Palestinian flag in Mecca: is this video real? a Muslim woman raising the Palestinian flag in Mecca …[View]
459891712Why doesn't Russia just win?[View]
459890129>millions of illegal immigrants entering through the southern border does nothing >kids forced…[View]
459893008Where can I live where it's not mexican British and Arabs destroying everything that I love in …[View]
459886209Why'd he do it bros?[View]
459891367Burning Retard was a self hating libfag[View]
459887480hey ummmm *sniff I am going need more cash *sniff sniff ummm for COUNTER OFFENSIVE *sniff so ummmm …[View]
459861269Do Christians Actually Read The Bible???: Esau was the strong, hard-working, honest and simple man. …[View]
459884772If you're not jewish, you should be able to say the following without additions, elaborations, …[View]
459890543The only reason Israel still exists...: > pic rel Why exactly do politicians get away with this w…[View]
459885122Whites are just better at music[View]
459890979ZOGbot Hate Thread: >be ZOGbot >die…[View]
459892349>be america 1945-2005 >make countless efforts to corrupt other countries >proceed to go to …[View]
459863307bros how do you protect yourself from divorce rape? woman were never evolved for choice or freewill …[View]
459884702so wait, is being a zogbot based now? kek, this is how you defeat you faggots, you already support t…[View]
459892624The Japanese look at the West and see that mass immigration is hardly helping ailing economies like …[View]
459890150Can NATO's A.I. bot read images yet?: Because their humans are not getting the message. The je…[View]
459892562Sheriff Chitwood never arrested the 4th racist: what happened? Why did chitwood stop at the jackal?…[View]
459890074To what extent does /pol/ share culpability for the social media thot problem through focusing compl…[View]
459892424Today Sweden joins the club[View]
459890426>be me >work in my country's intelligence service >still frequently make posts here sa…[View]
459892502Why did they keep the prisoners hanging around for months if they planned to kill them, wouldn'…[View]
459888041more and more of these NATO army model look alike helmets and vest webbings were found to be wore by…[View]
459892489TOTAL CHRISTFAGGOT TORTURE: Politically speaking, is there any group on the face of the planet as pa…[View]
459891496Political implications of thinking you've figured out God's plan for you?: Why do people t…[View]
459892301This is a sin. We will be karmically dealt with for this upside down world. It’s only a matter of ti…[View]
459884841What are these climate kikes worried about?: >plants absorb carbon which promotes growth >indu…[View]
459892306Why don’t all antisemites commies just kill themselves? It would make the world a better place.[View]
459891185Hardest Red Pill to Swallow - Epstein was Innocent: The stormfags on here are so low IQ, they joined…[View]
459891507Budanov himself just stated that Navalny died from a blood clot (he had 5x Pfizer ouchies) and that …[View]
459891942This is your typical woman from Northern Ireland[View]
459890032>I couldn't agree more. >Now what are you doing after this march? >Wanna go grab a dri…[View]
459881761WW3 will start soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mA_yvLuNWQ[View]
459879749Brit/pol/ - Femboy Nationalism Edition: >PM under pressure to respond to row over Lee Anderson …[View]
459887575Why doesn't /pol/ just join the police? It's the ultimate profession for impotent/dysgenic…[View]
459890803It's not gay if he is cute![View]
459892113Imagine sitting in the Vegas sphere with voice activated AI creating and interacting with you in rea…[View]
459888739Get back to work Hans & Pierre!: You've reparations to pay![View]
459889951>hollywood jews say ancient europeans were brown >liberals and communists say vikings were bla…[View]
459891960To the few of you americans that already realized what's going on: The American deep state. The…[View]
459891925You are elected in some form of local politics. What's your plan to eventually rise in power an…[View]
459873319Look what you chuds have done: Foids now have to camouflage themselves as non-whores because of you …[View]
459866168Why did the “DignifAI” trend fail?[View]
459889365We lost a real one. He's way more based than any of you could ever dream of being.[View]
459891224I have not spilled a drop of semen in my entire life. I am 24 years old. AMA pol.[View]
459871261Why does the bible portray prophets in a poor light?: Rape, incest, slaughter, drunkenness, betrayal…[View]
459891729Russian puts Mutt Cops in their place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4qrJfZ5FI4&t=51s…[View]
459890196My prompt manifested and entity[View]
459890958What are your predictions for pride month 2024? Will we see more or less of it in the media, corpora…[View]
459891444Could he have taken over as the 'new Putin' when he was president? Or did he have to give …[View]
459890461Legacy media are now turning on Zelensky!: Nobody believes his 31k, even the US which has been tryin…[View]
459891015Islam is the salvation of sick old Europe. It offers a clear solution to every problem plaguing us, …[View]
459891385shout out to my friends the Mossad, keep up the good work jewbros that's one less Muslim (lover…[View]
459890315Love and understanding is the answer: We are all better working together than not[View]
459887830Aaron Bushnell, 25, US airman, describes US as 'a regime'![View]
459891201>I asked for a strand of her glistening pussy hair. She gave me three.[View]
459881688Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation - Brus…[View]
459888545*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here.[View]
459891270He can't keep getting away with it!!: Emilio Aguinaldo, our First President, was literally a Gi…[View]
459888478'No niggers, dogs, or Irish.': Are you truly redpilled? If so... when did you realize that they hate…[View]
459870233Protestant or Catholic? Which is the way anon?[View]
459889352I support a one world government. Wouldn't it be better if we were all one country with one lan…[View]
459883246His name will be heard around the world. A demonstration of his selfless care for other human being…[View]
459885112Some Austrian shitskin killed the cute on left. I don't care about white roasties beheaded, but…[View]
459888812>millions of American babies murdered every year ^_^ >global genocide campaign being waged aga…[View]
459884410(((Quantum mathmagicians))): Why are black hole theorists retards? debate[View]
459890778START YOUR ENGINES: Sellouts[View]
459890028elites = cowards: if the virus even had 5% mortality rate they could lockdown the entire fucking wor…[View]
459890311Native Americans: These guys seem pretty based and free-spirited Why THE FUCK did you genocide my br…[View]
459872748Marine self immolates over gaza holocaust: What was he thinking about as he was staring at a charred…[View]
459875836What causes this shit?[View]
459886783Why do Americans allow their fellow citizens to live like this?[View]
459888115>sucking muslim dick I would say that most of the posters here are brown and Muslim even Anglo fl…[View]
459890483THE END OF AN ERA: THEYRE ALL DEAD!!!! TITANS OF THE 20TH CENTURY= GONE!!! https://youtube.com/short…[View]
459890481Ginger is an anagram for nigger.: (((Who))) did those derogatory terms originate from?[View]
459886872It freaks me out that humans have noses. The more I think about it, the stranger I feel about it. Th…[View]
459890460this is what our ruling class has decided: will be normal[View]
459880684Why do women live in a better house?: Ok let me explain it. Today we see lots of girls on social med…[View]
459843643there's a TikTok trend going right now, where attractive 20-something girlies are casually admi…[View]
459885933Is it really necessary to make 30 threads about the ginger on fire?[View]
459883799SAY HER NAME: Lily Bushnell (she/her) Rest in Power Free Palestine[View]
459869953younger and younger maidens are now seeking older company: is this normal?[View]
459886715Why are Americans like this?: Dude couldn't 'stop taking part in genocide' by just qu…[View]
459889459>400,000+ MEN >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >+ >MEN…[View]
459887474its going to fucking happen isn't it? why cant people just chill and work togther?[View]
459889732so why would russia invade the EU exactly? only serious answers[View]
459886285Holy shit: Elon Musk is going all in. Is WN politics going mainstream or is it a zionist trick? http…[View]
459889978Hypothetically speaking if a white man was gearing up to make a grand non violent political statemen…[View]
459873362What's your opinion of Thomas Sewell and his National Socialist Network (NSN) organisation?[View]
459888698Another trophy for museum in Kubinka.[View]
459880437Israel is satanic: They killed 15000 kids. With my money. I can't stand that shit.[View]
459889221Did he do it? did he free Palestine?[View]
459887559HE DIDN'T EVEN DIE: https://apnews.com/article/israel-us-embassy-fire-c49922e38d51727af736e60e3…[View]
459885217This is you[View]
459887917So what is your opinion on canceling the student debt in clappistan? Basically biden's gov is t…[View]
459888212>this will literally save le palestinians are white americans really this retarded? you deserve t…[View]
459887844It's over[View]
459885927>chad martyrs himself in the name of innocents >every second poster is now suddenly a low tier…[View]
459889546Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar You're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high You'r…[View]
459889294There will be no elections in US/UK in 2024: WW3 is psyop excuse like covid to remove freedom for We…[View]
459889322--=(T)he Kin[g]:..[View]
459887529Christianity is an inherently globalist and totalitarian religion and naturally produces such a soci…[View]
459886687Laura Loomer's House: Is it legal to protest the personal homes of the members of the Trump Cam…[View]
459888103ultimate subhuman of europe: Here we select and propose the most subhuman ethnic group in Europe and…[View]
459889220Question for /pol/ Lets say you are a literal prince of a nation. You are a rich man from a prestigi…[View]
459889470Brazilian on bike arrested for drugs in Britain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9SqKfSq1mM…[View]
459871239Has the Overton Window really shifted so much that the Jews’ cover is blown or is it all a controlle…[View]
459883676How can we encourage more communists to do this?: Wouldn't it be great if they all thought they…[View]
459881460>kill yourself >your 'ally' reveals their unyielding hatred towards you for for all the world …[View]
459879058Well, /pol/? How do you think he would feel about you licking the boots of Russia?[View]
459883288Putin says Ukraine are '100% authentic nazis': Has /pol/ now abandoned its nazi memery now…[View]
459871750Why are the Jews the problem?: Seriously, can someone explain it to me? Newfag here[View]
459869469The airman who set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy has died: RIP Aaron Bushnell[View]
459882963Russia is at it again: All signs point to a major #Russia hybrid operation now taking place in #Pola…[View]
459884999real women: This is what they took from us. Real women.[View]
459887514It's over, christlets: You have been warned, act accordingly https://youtu.be/gaRVzooavRI?si=tv…[View]
459886056Gypsies are 0.6% of the population yet commit 80% of crimes: As per a report by the Hellenic Police …[View]
459886518Why did the antiwork movement fail?[View]
459889017How did he do it?: This cripple turned lefties into the most racist people in the US[View]
459889009K - KARMA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_involvement_in_the_Iraq_War[View]
459888996Good morning frens: I am up early this morning to once again yell at Poos on the phone who cannot wr…[View]
459886875Wagie wagie get in cagie All day long you sweat and ragie NEET is comfy, NEET is cool NEET is free f…[View]
459886575Airman Aaron Bushnell: Press F to pay respects to this chad[View]
459886554>this was an attractive woman on the street in 1999[View]
459882809Did MOSSAD....: just label the US Air Force their ENEMY ???[View]
459878479The Bull King: Anyone who drinks alcohol should be beaten senseless until they are in a medically in…[View]
459887985This is you, part 2[View]
459885565Troondivers 2: >Helldivers 2 comes out >Nice. Can't wait to meet the based natsoc playerb…[View]
459882235I am going to expose to you that black gangster rap culture is fake. Xzibits real name is Alvin Both…[View]
459881092WESTERN WOMEN: Are they salvageable? Or is it over bros? What's the way, stay alon, AI, SE Asia…[View]
459883357WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN CANADA?!: >Arshdeep Bains made history when he became the first Indi…[View]
459888248Last week, over 100 illegals attacked a Chicago Home Depot. *ALL* units were called to the scene. Th…[View]
459887373What are videogames guilty for?: >lowering birth rates by rewarding men to become shut-ins and pl…[View]
459888660>be america 1945-2005 >make countless efforts to corrupt other countries >proceed to go to …[View]
459885113brothers fuck kikes stack crypto/metals use monero keynesian (((banks))) are the enemy[View]
459885979New /pol/ hero Like clockwork lmao[View]
459888190New Ukrainian rapper to perform at the Eurovision: As european white men, you will support their eff…[View]
459886851Nothing can not exist: If nothing exists, then the nothing that is something exists. So there can be…[View]
459888347>uhm, israelis aren't jews, therefore the bible isn't jewish >also jews are fake jew…[View]
459887370Is there anything greater than good, and anything worse than evil?[View]
459886099The United States created 12 spy bases in Ukraine along the border with Russia 8 years ago According…[View]
459885107Are there any hints the immolation Video is AI generated yet? is it real or fake[View]
459883264Is it fucked up to say that women should dress more modestly if they dont want to get raped?: This i…[View]
459887377Ukraine should not be in NATO, but what’s even worse is the absolutely retarded take of you newfags …[View]
459888157>tries to learn to code >literally sets himself on fire Is programming this hard bros?…[View]
459884334Paternity tests: Paternity tests should be MANDATORY by law because marriage itself is a social cont…[View]
459874433If I am bullied should I give the other cheek?: I was very bullied in school but I never fight back …[View]
459885483This is what twitch and tiktok have done to the young men of America.[View]
459881740it really is all of them isn't it[View]
459877577What makes a good leader?[View]
459860797TEACHERS are all QUITTING: all the browns and niggers have taken its toll on the teachers of america…[View]
459887859Let;s talk about modern dentistry and how it's a scam. >no cavities growing up >no brace…[View]
459837832brit/pol/: >sunak wants to seize Russian assets https://www.reuters.com/world/uk-pm-sunak-says-we…[View]
459885315i'm a shitblooded nigger[View]
459885352Cheating should be a criminal offence: As someone who has been cheated on by an ex-girlfriend, I am …[View]
459887642>tfw I pretend to care about this because it fits the narrative we're propagating >tellin…[View]
459868576literally fuck niggers: https://x.com/TSFights/status/1761828659353317728?s=20[View]
459885303>mudslimes think you will burn in hell for eternity for being a filthy kaffir >immolate yourse…[View]
459878222It is better to be black than white in Russia in 2024.[View]
459887329Since Illegal Immigrant subhumans have been raping and murdering our own for decades, what's to…[View]
459887601>Year 3 of the 2 day special military operation. Everything is going according to the plan.…[View]
459885191Why does /pol/ think it's 'based' for a white men to kill themselves over a bunch of Jews and M…[View]
459884674Why will whites burn themselves alive and feel empathy for aliens on the other side of the planet wh…[View]
459886188>why did the cop pull his gun on him?? The man clearly had a firearm[View]
459873165'Ukraine is a state but not a nation' and the USA is being hypocritical: Agree or disagree? >Ukra…[View]
459882658/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15154: Previous: >>459876495 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459882050What do Asian cultures revolve around?[View]
459886302What is this guy up to these days? And what does he think about the morbidly obese polish anon that …[View]
459886788What is the truth behind the US invasion of Panama in 1989? Is it true that George H.W. Bush used th…[View]
459885819The time Nazi Germany and imperial Japan was cucked by the BBC >It's over…[View]
459880723His name was Aaron Bushnell: His name was Aaron Bushnell His name was Aaron Bushnell You WILL be rem…[View]
459883730For the land of the free: NTSB quietly released the Biden bridge collapse video caused by jews. http…[View]
459885351I couldve saved him[View]
459882270Does anyone even remember what this guys issue was? At least yesterday's fireman was a clear pr…[View]
459885850Own the yids: Quick, goyim, all of you set yourselves on fire to pwn the jews![View]
459886865Future UK prime minister: Starmer married Victoria Alexander in 2007. She was previously a solicitor…[View]
459885977the wages of you sin you will be granted death[View]
459883340>playing video games in 2024[View]
459880339Redpill me on elite satanist running the world?[View]
459886468Why are kikes so deranged?[View]
459879313Why are you on this fucking shithole so early/late?[View]
459872379What's your take on female police officers?[View]
459868416Welcome to Japan: Japan will be redeemed[View]
459877897HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME![View]
459885493china is stronger than your piece of shit country[View]
459876327/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13298: Previous: >>459855637 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459879907How does one cope: HOW the fuck do you cope with the 'society/industrial civilization sucks, life is…[View]
459885790Why does /pol/ hate child murder and child rape until you show them this quote? Then suddenly they c…[View]
459884536Is this normal?: How does mankind achieve this level of climate change? How many fossil fuel powered…[View]
459884493Literally every woman I talk to knows every party place, every pub, every drug, every alcohol, every…[View]
459885513>burns himself alive to send a message >everyones talking about the dumb cop instead…[View]
459884495Why is the idea of women being 'femcels' getting shilled so much recently?: It's obviously fals…[View]
459873477Remember, the second to last group of people to have the land is the rightful owner.[View]
459886037CHINK HATE THREAD: >Make amuttica hate thread >Everyone gladly joins in >Make russia hate t…[View]
459881388Northern Irish patriots movement: Hey folks, I'm a northen irish patriot and I'm sick of i…[View]
459883304Whats the difference between a Chinese, Japanese and Korean?[View]
459878291Anyone wanna grab a pint ?[View]
459881475Redpill me on: What Russians are fighting and dying for…?[View]
459883925Remember the famous Arnold clip 'whenever I work out I'm COOMING': The pump is like cooming and…[View]
459879040THIS IS COMPLETELY ANTI-SEMITIC!!!!: How are they allowed to put this out now????? https://www.opcw.…[View]
459885424where is she?[View]
459875379/dalit/: This is the dalit India General Where we focus on the marginalized and poor sections of Ind…[View]
459879629Accelerationism has failed: Despite being utterly fucked financially, mentally and physically by flu…[View]
459876793YOU SET YOUR SELF ON FIRE!! HERE IS YOUR AWARD!!!: He really wanted that clout didn't he.…[View]
459884028/GPG/ Grill-Pill General: Burger Edition (#1): Take a break from the crispy Marine and come have a b…[View]
459883276If you ever think bad things might happen, that is a reflection on you. Jews don't rape kids. T…[View]
459882040Heading to Taco Bell bros can I get you something[View]
459882682why do women love to show off their bodies online? do they not have any shame? literally every woman…[View]
459884722>BABY YOURE A FIREWORK!: FULL UNCENSORED VIDEO: https://files.catbox.moe/rez1vs.mp4[View]
459881611SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO +++++: UNCENSORED: https://files.catbox.moe/rez1vs.mp4 Prev Threads: >>4…[View]
459864847This woman has the right idea: From: https://x.com/joeymannarinous/status/1761743838039699597 tl;dr:…[View]
459883129>setting yourself on fire because brown people that hate you on the other side of the world are k…[View]
459882676Imagine for one second white men had this level of conviction for other whites, wouldn't that b…[View]
459884337why british people are obsessed of being germanic: there is only about three germanic tribes who mov…[View]
459877072/po/ has no rebuttal for this https://twitter.com/mikepompeo/status/1761913005015519386[View]
459876852Give me one reason why Europe/US should pay hundreds of billions: to Ukraine. I do not get it. Are t…[View]
459853848/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1131: Previous >> ▶WARNING Glowniggers are trying to su…[View]
459884151why don't we just seize all Jewish assets and put them in ghettos ?[View]
459884763Palestines government resigned: This is just a sign that Abbas is under great pressure and influence…[View]
459884553GHOSTMAXX™: It's time to exit the digital jew panopticon and leave behind your old life strande…[View]
459883211>>459882813 Do you have the one with the masking tape? That one is REALLY hard to explain away…[View]
459884014Britbros, are you looking forward to your new Prime Minister?: It's very possible he'll be…[View]
459884615Political implications?: Taquitos are better than pink frosted sprinkled donuts[View]
459876892What is /pol/'s honest opinion of Atomwaffen/Iron March? Does it represent a viable path for pr…[View]
459881639Is utilitarianism the final boss?[View]
459877613What keeps you here?: 90% of these threads are cancer. How do you guys stay sane reading the same sl…[View]
459878951And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY…[View]
459866076Miss Germany 2024[View]
459884238What do you enjoy about learning mathematics?: I enjoy learning foreign languages, chemistry, biolog…[View]
459877659He didn't SOL so good, bros...: HAHAHAHAHA right? Well, now that you're here to laugh at t…[View]
459877781There's got to be something more to this: No man would just self-immolate like that, not even t…[View]
459884086Anyone else notice Canada getting more based? Limiting international students. Banned chinks from b…[View]
459881638Where the FRICK do I get a susiechan?: Where do I find a not-relaxing, kike-hating white nationalist…[View]
459883534Russia is the real life Westeros. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.[View]
459864001The world's insanity is going into hyper overdrive.[View]
459871762Could you afford to retire in Mexico?: I can't. Have their standards risen or have the incomes…[View]
459880156Has anyone seen Laura Loomer in Florida?: What city?[View]
459880613Who do the Jews really worship?: Is Yahweh a desert demon? Do the Jews secretly worship another god…[View]
459881116*kill yourself*: >meanwhile jews stay in power What's the thought process here?…[View]
459875464Did you read a book today anon?[View]
459875572>Simps for Putin >Simps for Hamas Someone needs to remind this turncoat who his fans are, or w…[View]
459880773>White guy protesting for a people that isn't even his own >Fucking burns himself to deat…[View]
459870219>ogremaxxing doesn't wo-ACK >face > heig- ACK How do you deal with female nature and t…[View]
459844745Identical sisters plot switch in fatal crash killing Amish children, leaving cops puzzled.: Samantha…[View]
459883723>american soldier dies for an inbred shithole in the middle east what's so new about this?…[View]
459879015Car insurance be racist an sheeit: When will car insurance companies stop being racist an sheeit. ht…[View]
459880128The name's Bond, יעקב Bond[View]
459882374Why dont white people season they zogbots?[View]
459873985The Forrest Stare: When a y*nkee does something so cucked, anti-white and nigger-loving, you just ha…[View]
459877591GET ON THE GROUND[View]
459882953Why do you care for the world if you know you will never have kids?: Trying to improve world for som…[View]
459880797kek which one of you fags did this[View]
459879972Major cope.: The poor man's cope is the cliche that if your weath comes from your parents them …[View]
459879933Twitter's Zionist Eceleb Ring: What's a good name for them?[View]
459880066Trudeau fucked himself by importing 500,000 indians who immediately took over tinder and turned whit…[View]
459880922why do communists reject the notion that there is competition between races?: ChatGPT: Communists re…[View]
459880003>POV: You're an Iraqi civilian looking at a US soldier who is here to save the world from WM…[View]
459881697This City is rotting away: I live in a major city which used to be somewhat wealthy, nice, chique an…[View]
459880117hmmm....: >Man chops his fathers head off and posts 15 minutes video declaring himself President,…[View]
459878878Vaxxx status: It was completely obvious that the Russians didn't kill him. >The retard was i…[View]
459852810The only good zogbot.[View]
459881481What's stopping America from making nice roads like Japan?[View]
459882267Just found some old footage of: Andrew Tate being completely unhinged. Thought /pol/ might find it i…[View]
459882526Looks like it's gonna be 4 more years of Biden.[View]
459869488Why do modern men feel entitled to pussy?: In nature males literally kill each other in droves for a…[View]
459875422is he the king of nupol or 4reddit ?[View]
459882401Is Mexico that bad?: Is it that bad that millions of it's citizens feel the need to leave ASAP?…[View]
459881852RIP Aaron Bushnell: >FREE PALESTINE >the flames lick through the layers of your skin >FREE …[View]
459876495/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15153: Previous: >>459867445 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459881573Can someone fill me in on which Roman cult all of the modern Illuminati stuff stems from? I think it…[View]
459880612We need a cure for autism.[View]
459878281As of 2024, all anons posting Twitter screenshots have Twitter accounts.: Let that sink in...[View]
459875937Who saw this coming?[View]
459875297I remember at high school (in Russia) they taught us that Spanish and Italians are not white that th…[View]
459872657Is there any way to win? If there exists a future in which Europe goes from being multicultural bac…[View]
459881176England in 2024. Atleast they aren't speaking German. https://twitter.com/BFirstParty/status/17…[View]
459875246The extent to which Christians and right-wingers have been dominated by Jews crosses the threshold o…[View]
459878342If the USA invades Texas which countries will side with Texas?[View]
459880001IT'S UP: Fuck. The kid just dropped another one. https://youtu.be/3xottY-7m3k?si=2wtCe52JQKc9t…[View]
459877805SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO ++++: UNCENSORED: https://files.catbox.moe/rez1vs.mp4 Prev Threads: >>45…[View]
459880172Do muricans and west euros really get boosters?: Like actually? Why? Unless you're a rickety 90…[View]
459881708You can't protest while in uniform. It is against the rules!: He's going to be court-marti…[View]
459877723India has officially started a mission to explore black holes[View]
459878897Damn, google just took away every black person's N-word pass[View]
459877171Press F to spit.[View]
459880756What the fuck was he thinking?: this has gotten too silly[View]
459878067despite the majority of the west being run into the ground by politicians it is russian leader vladi…[View]
459872658The Martyrdom of Aaron Bushnell: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, forgive us our sins and cleanse us o…[View]
459876934>quick, point the gun to the dying man in flames Dumb pigs[View]
459876098Why is nothing comfy?: I just want to listen or read about some shit that is horrible and end of the…[View]
459881492How am I supposed to believe in the Strauss–Howe generational theory when I look it up on youtube dr…[View]
459873994Columbian Mercs got REKT in Ukraine: The Columbians got ground up just like their world famous coffe…[View]
459881447Jewkraine lost https://ecfr.eu/publication/wars-and-elections-how-european-leaders-can-maintain-publ…[View]
459881077How often are you in a good mood, /pol/?[View]
459876615Is Iran stronger than Russia? Is that why Russia is going to Iran for military equipment? Or do the …[View]
459878945Be a leftist to pick up slutty college chicks: >unironically start believing it it >burn yours…[View]
459876871Why are Americans okay with this?: Why do you see no Americans mentioning this?... Out of 474 White …[View]
459879212lmao, can't even win her home state[View]
459876078this is what a real holocaust looks like[View]
459874498OH NO NO NO: Burger bros... Not like this![View]
459875889Insane Asylums: Should they make a return?: We had plenty of insane asylums, mental hospitals, whate…[View]
459877710Is there a refund policy?[View]
459880802sir this is indus valley it's belong to india but pakistan take this from us help us sir[View]
45987973713 threads in the catalog of a guy burning himself alive.: The internet was a mistake. It wasn'…[View]
459876840Is Aaron right?: Would /pol/ stand by and do nothing against the Confederates and the White South Af…[View]
459879988Name a goofier world leader, former or otherwise. 21st century American leaders don't count bec…[View]
459861553FATIGUE STATUS: >Trying to make a living >Literal Chimpanzee sheboon begins to chimpout >…[View]
459878576Wait, how is it possible for a black man to commit a hate crime? >https://apnews.com/article/sout…[View]
459878431Canada Delays Plan to Offer Medically Assisted Death to the Mentally Ill A parliamentary panel concl…[View]
459880044I still don’t know if this board supports Israel or Palestine, and at this point I’m too afraid to a…[View]
459878278Why is the /pol/ so obsessed with Japan?[View]
459872592Trans men are men, that's all I am gonna say.[View]
459877190Why does /pol/ hate him?[View]
459878280Help anons , question here: If the Jews were kicked out of 109 nations, over and over again, 1,030 t…[View]
459876216aus/pol/: dinner?[View]
459875332NEET/hikikomori thread: this is a NEET/hikikomori thread for those who are currently NEETs or are su…[View]
459877327Reply to Aaron Bushnell threads. Be kind to Aaron Bushnell supporters. Harass and Denounce detractor…[View]
459864475Abortion and Down Syndrome: For those of you who are pro-life, where do you stand on the abortion of…[View]
459878990Why are young white men so weak and pathetic? Literally nobody under 30 I know could take on a gyps…[View]
459878810I am in my thirties, I am tired of all the bullshit Why shouldn't I finally become a Catholic p…[View]
459878866Police are now catching pedophiles jerking off to other pedophiles, jerking off to kids: Is this rea…[View]
459878049Every time.[View]
459878935guys is it over?[View]
459875016$464,576,230.62: Four Hundred Sixty-Four Million Five Hundred Seventy-Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirt…[View]
459874943Blackpill me on self immolation What good could come out of it besides extreme pain? Captcha: …[View]
459878803O how can a man come back from war. When he has taken it upon him to say 'Die, you, he, man,' for ca…[View]
459876138Where is he now?[View]
459876372is it just me or does this portray black women as total bitches? i can't imagine an image of a …[View]
459878689>tfw the left is going to genocide jews and /pol/ didn't have to drop an ounce of blood…[View]
459876321No israeli ever called me a beaner[View]
459862741New Dolchstoßlegende just dropped: >Ukraine’s counteroffensive in 2023, powered by billions of do…[View]
459871157If the liberal West can't defend Ukraine it will be the end of the entire post WWII liberal wor…[View]
459860784India hate thread: I had the misfortune of having to sit next to a Jeet on the bus today and fuck me…[View]
459871955What is Wrong With These People: Why do they praise immigrants so much and hate Americans? They have…[View]
459873711Do you think your political beliefs are improving your soul, such that the next person who inherits …[View]
459878156Still supporting Israel[View]
459878390>woman :| >woman, trans :O[View]
459868162The ultimate weeb. Even his wife is Asian.[View]
459872394WHY DOES 4CHAN LOVE THIS MOVIE: https://youtu.be/l9EzK-719aE[View]
459877845New pc: I just bought myself new computer set with monitor keyboard and speakers and mouse. All I ha…[View]
459878192This is where it ends up for all the faggy feds/cops/jouirnalists/professors in america. Stop resist…[View]
459871526Is the children of a mestizos white?: >Mutt Question So wait, are the children of a Hispanic Mest…[View]
459877282You've heard of 9/11 but have you heard of 10/11?: On October 10th, 2001 4 terrorists two of wh…[View]
459878110Anyone else going to burning man this year?[View]
459877858lol, what an idiot, this will have zero repercussions for Vistnam[View]
459878069Yankee man has been here…: >before yankee man attack >only white people citizens >ancestor…[View]
459861930Why do flat earthers reject centuries of white excellence in science but fully trust a 2000 year old…[View]
459852142Have prices increases finally gotten you to stop falling for Big Slop's tricks?[View]
459877578Moses and the Burning Bush: >Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the pri…[View]
459862578Getting /pol/ /fit/: You chuds need to join a gym to get jacked just like me for the up and coming r…[View]
459877842>be 90% of americans >have sex with adult woman >go to jail…[View]
459877789Are biological dentists a scam or are they the only ones who can save u from the medical jew? I…[View]
459877759Is there any hope for us?: By us, I mean transexuals... we aren't all evil... or try not to be.…[View]
459865397KEK! YOU FAGGOTS: Remember this Fedop Nigger Faggot here with his rubber head bought on Amazon? You …[View]
459876904The US and Western Europe has a Foederati problem: >'Even as (the Late Roman Empire's) urban…[View]
459860623/pol/ humor thread: Drop your folders[View]
459863551His name was Aaron Bushnell. Those on the right side of history will remember him.[View]
459876768Canadians, share stories about Indian interactions: Canadians, I'd like to hear stories about y…[View]
459874029Why are so many right wing twitter accounts run by Jews?[View]
459877502How can we leverage this new wave of antisemitism among normies for our own good?[View]
459869234Mexibros. Estoy triste.: Es la verdad?[View]
459873533New Study Shows Massive Increase in Same-Sex Intercourse Across Europe: What are the political impli…[View]
459868673Why Expose Jews?: Why can't we focus on bringing ourselves up rather than ONLY pointing a finge…[View]
459874576>italians are wh-ACK[View]
459877426After 4 years of Biden... How are you holding up, Anon?[View]
459870053Get. Back. To. Work.[View]
459875779This current generation is seriously fucked[View]
459865153Why aren’t millennials wanting kids anymore?: Even if it was affordable most millennials and zoomers…[View]
459874574Whiteoids are self-immolating over a war that doesn’t involve them: The jews are right about the goy…[View]
459873608SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO +++: UNCENSORED: https://files.catbox.moe/rez1vs.mp4 Prev Threads: >>459…[View]
459874188Where is Lara Loomer posting from?: Florida?[View]
459870335Faggots need to be sterilized: Effeminate faggots are stealing all the women and the only way to sto…[View]
4598770562024: am i forgotten?[View]
459872282Civil War 2, coming this November: Where's the best place to be during the next civil war and w…[View]
459869676Surveillance State: Does you neighborhood have automatic license plate recording cameras now? https:…[View]
459844554MEANWHILE, INCELS CAN'T EVEN GET A DATE: Chad murderer has regular sex with three different women wh…[View]
459867838White people need a new home.[View]
459870760World's smartest man, who logically proved that we are all fractals of God, is all a full on Ch…[View]
459876044Don't you get it? The more you complain about 'woke' media, the more 'woke'…[View]
459870244Prime is 1.25 at Dollar Tree[View]
459828478I live in the deep south and it seems to me atleast 50% of women between 20-35 have a niglet at thei…[View]
459876872What's a good name for the deluge of these astroturfed 'BASED AND REDPILLED' Twitter personalit…[View]
459876785>he fell for the burning meme ISHYGDDT Do not redeem the burn sirs![View]
459876655>jew slave owners started a war that killed 300,000 white men… so they could save one shekel on l…[View]
459868080Are you in favor of women serving in the military? How about non-infantry combat roles like pilots a…[View]
459873993>US soldier protests about dying for isreal >dies for Palestine https://www.dailymail.co.uk/n…[View]
459875825Indians cannot create anything original[View]
459874901who is at fault here?: https://files.catbox.moe/0ofdfk.mp4[View]
459876665Taco Bell..[View]
459873841Is this a good country?[View]
459870540NEW HEAD OF NATO: Meet (((Mark Rutte))) running to gain control over of the most powerfull and domin…[View]
459875997Conservative pundits still redistributing zigger propaganda in 2024 AD is demoralizing: The only way…[View]
459873923Thanks Putler![View]
459875059ZAMN! prison in honhonland looks like THAT!?[View]
459874149They're called the Greatest Generation because they willingly laid down their lives to save the…[View]
459875209we should meme Prigo back into life[View]
459875902>and you see, here is where the prophet Ezekiel said you have to let us run everything if you wan…[View]
459876428Something everyone can agree on:: >liberal democracy is our downfall…[View]
459876299Why must le number go up?[View]
459867987Is it ever okay to hit a woman?[View]
459874686the blunder of us: >possibly best game of all time >made by trannies and jews - they make it g…[View]
459858694Im a euro moving to Boston soon. Whats it like?: As header. Im moving for a medical job in boston. …[View]
459855637/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13297: Previous: >>459840024 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459867445/УзУ/ - Уютнaя Зaвapyшкa нa Укpaинe #15152: Previous:>>459861223 Timeline /tug/: https://files…[View]
459866952people need to ask why it's now recommended to get a colonoscopy earlier and earlier in life. .…[View]
459870196Japan's Next: 'First time in a 1000 years women are taking part in the Shinto festival' They ar…[View]
459861184NPNW - No Pussy No Work is the solution to the jew invasion/occupation: We are the subjugated, they …[View]
459827318aus/pol/: https://archive.md/w0ifc >Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles admits there is an …[View]
459875215Every single Redditor must die for the good of humanity.[View]
459858687Where were you on 9/11?[View]
459873153The Times Are Here: >NO STOP STOP STOP >THE GOYIM KEEP BTFOing US MORE EACH DAY >10x THE IM…[View]
459875376Is this guy gay?[View]
459869832If Jesus was a Jew why did he preach about Heaven and Hell?: Presume Jesus was a man raised in the J…[View]
459875302Why do so many musicians have military fathers?[View]
459874455I literally have Ancient & Medieval Greek DNA: How? Simple, let me explain... 90.9% Greek & …[View]
459870835Jobs thread: What career has stability nowadays? Are any of them comfy? t. Unemployed software cuck…[View]
459870580Who here is a dual citizen? List your nationalities and how you got them.: I want Mexican citizenshi…[View]
459872461...I DON'T GET IT: I am still at a level where I cannot comprehend why 'colonialism' is underst…[View]
459871806>liberal politician: We will ensure public schools continue to transition small children into tra…[View]
459871468You don't browse /biz/? No wonder yall so poor.[View]
459872385they got italians to be mexicans in Fellini films and nobody told the difference. explain to me how …[View]
459875193ok /pol/ so what's the religious implication when a goy kills himself before going to war again…[View]
459872877>There was a transmission recall on some Ford Escape models. >The glass was tinted and hard to…[View]
459863453BREAKING NEWS MONERO VULNERABILITY IN WILD: RandomX has been broken by the feds and being used to co…[View]
459871139How will I know if war reached a bitter end and I should gtfo? So far we seem to be winning, but I d…[View]
459873357It's so obvious that Republicans are controlled by a hostile foreign power. That power, clearly…[View]
459870541>stop killing muh heckin’ sandniggers or else i’ll kill myself! >proceeds to end his bloodline…[View]
459870182Political implications of all modern wymn being a Jew canvas?[View]
459869255Why New York is such a shithole nowadays?[View]
459870443Who is behind the societal push for men to shave their balls and be like hairless boys? And why do s…[View]
459871681Want me to make this perfectly clear for you fucking retards. There are no rules where you get to de…[View]
459870028Trannies kill children.: Very gross people. Filled with hate and anger. They should be institutional…[View]
459871361Biden Killed Her: Blood is on his hands[View]
459873151um… American bros? Why is our greatest ally calling servicemen their enemies?[View]
459873296Why are right wingers so fearful of being 'honeypotted': It's almost as if their para…[View]
459863596Calvinism: Is Calvinism the final stage before decadence[View]
459874270Reminder that trump's defense in his trials is that he was allowed as president to break the la…[View]
459874218Redpill me on getting a Christian trad wife and do you get to have sex with them after marriage?[View]
459869505Whats the point of any of our struggles: ultimately?[View]
459848040Was hitler a freemason?: 'Normally we associate Freemasonry with the 'Jews,' Communism and the Left.…[View]
459873725If /pol/ wont send their kids to public school then how are they supposed to learn about black histo…[View]
459874349This is literally the Devil: There is no other explanation[View]
459868717I would gladly open my doors to a slutina and sponsor her for citizenship[View]
459866259'Islam is right about women': Looks like 'based' Islam is on the way out. The only thing that barbar…[View]
459867034What are the political implications of YouTube allowing pornography but banning any national sociali…[View]
459865567She names the jew 24/7 while you do nothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faJ48PusW2s[View]
459865822HE WAS NUMBER ONE[View]
459874081You love Poland: You just don't know it. If you're against, you're probably a Pole, …[View]
459873925Government funded propaganda: >http://download1478.mediafire.com/zi9438yktbjgOfwsrDcDe8rYqvakmcGu…[View]
459870633What did Elon mean by this?[View]
459869927Say you can jack in and replace your experience of life with a VR that promises something better. Yo…[View]
459873928Feminism is the future: How do white Republicans cope knowing the future is militant feminism and ev…[View]
459842668COUNTRY FOLK WILL SURVIVE: No matter how bad things get in Europe or America, i’ve got a shotgun a r…[View]
459871522Is self immolation the final redpill?[View]
459862129Homeless General: Remove the stigma of living outdoors. Empowerment is had when you can't be t…[View]
459863913How do you respond to people who say that America is stolen land, and therefore it's immoral to…[View]
459859134What is the 'white' race? Is it a synonym for Aryan? How do you define it?[View]
459866404Why aren’t you scared of A.I: >can detect anything in an entire database of info like the IRS Ai …[View]
459871382>japan becomes a superpower in the 1970s >americans start talking about japan as a threat >…[View]
459873748If you think fertilized eggs are people but parents who've crossed the oceans with their kids a…[View]
459868844I push my finger into my: Ass It's the only thing that slowly stops the itch But its made of al…[View]
459871491Why don't more liberals do this? Don't they know that it takes thousands of live, public s…[View]
459871544Is Israel/Palestine really a class issue? Between the bourgeoisie that supports Israel and the prole…[View]
459872949holocaust [ hol-uh-kawst] noun A sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.[View]
459872779Americans in China: You just get arrested. Nobody shot anybody.[View]
459865632“So anon why do you think white peoples are being replaced again?”[View]
459863240/AutNat/ - Autistic Nationalism: /x/ Glows Edition: I am seriously starting to believe there is some…[View]
459873374white women have sex with black men. a matter of fact it’s happening RIGHT NOW as we speak.[View]
459873223The kikes over at the ADL have disabled comments. They know they're fucked this time. https://t…[View]
459849372You walk into McDonalds with your white kid and see this. What do you do? https://x.com/jlptalk/stat…[View]
459871610NOOO NOT MY HEKKIN PALESTINOOOS: >sets himself on fire Why are americans like this?…[View]
459845914Imagine commuting to an office just so you can sit in a cubicle on you computer for 8 hours and have…[View]
459872775Bush = wokest president: >No Child Left Behind Public schools now cater to the lowest common deno…[View]
459869547SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO ++: https://files.catbox.moe/cirj1e.mp4 Previous thread got almost 600 replies…[View]
459870516We're not going to let this happen: There is a full-on attack on women's rights. This is w…[View]
459872147what causes this? is it something in the water supply?[View]
459871665Rapscallion Thread: I would like to become a rapscallion. How do I achieve this? Also, I would like …[View]
459865008The next time you’re called to fight for your country: Remember you are not doing for the politician…[View]
459855802Why did the Jews make Solomon king?: He was David's bastard with a whore mother.[View]
459848518Scary: Received a text message at 2:20 AM my time from a Washington state phone number last night wh…[View]
459869561I don't get it. Why did the cop have his gun drawn out like that? What was he going to do? Shoo…[View]
459872638fuck niggers: fuck niggers[View]
459850738Are Christian's really so hateful? Do they believe genocide is the only answer? Why do you hate…[View]
459870383The power of AI: behold! kek this is the trillion dollar industry that will propel us into a new gen…[View]
459868904explain to me why zoomers on social media are jerking off palestine amass? I don't give a fuck …[View]
459868019How do I get over my guilt for my subhuman barbarian ancestors causing the Dark Ages, genociding the…[View]
459871554Anons, today (26 feb 2024), at daytime, I was dealing with fearful situation I was living, that I…[View]
459863248How do I run off my sister's Lesbian girlfriend?: >Be me >Have a sister >Have a natura…[View]
459869861based America First Jews am I right groypers!!![View]
459869922Miss Germany 2024: Miss Germany 2024 - Iran born Apameh Schönauer. Is there any native Germans left?…[View]
459870218AMERIMUTT COUNTRY WORSE AND WORSE!!!: Picture taken right before kindergarten teacher kills student …[View]
459858570Humor thread: Do your best, just like your pappy taught ya.[View]
459872098>Setting yourself on fire to own the jews Do americans REALLY? Truly is a beakmans world…[View]
459871875When you are presented with C19 statistics, you must demand whether the figures reflect people who h…[View]
459871486thanks uncle joe really really cool[View]
459867437So... how long until nukes drop?: And what's the first target?[View]
459856850Describe America in one picture[View]
459871808>millennials believe this actually happened They 100 percent, unironically believe that this was …[View]
459870574ITT we do a test.: To weed out shills and see who is real by writing 'I DENOUNCE THE TALMUD' , THEN…[View]
459869635/pol/ blackpills[View]
459868854Modern children are literally retarded: How do we solve this problem?[View]
459871600any alternative to this https://kiwifarms.st shithole? I like to discuss lolcows without the fear of…[View]
459863529>everyone looks up to Rome and Athens as the birth of Western Civilization >everyone looks dow…[View]
459856949Nick Fuentes says VOTE TRUMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HfrzrloaWs[View]
459871517What did he know?: I heard he “went crazy”, ie he was on to something.[View]
459868458Just saw a man spend over $3200 in one sitting opening digital ape hoop cards[View]
459871313zogbots are now a declared enemy of Israel[View]
459869006Was Hitler gay?[View]
459853754Why are the most intelligent people also the most antisemitic?[View]
459867336Say something nice about my favorite glowies, /pol/[View]
459833321/pol/ WEBM thread pt 2: cont from >>459805804[View]
459855693After 6 months of trying to fix my gallbladder i had to get it removed. It was way too painful and I…[View]
459860424What can be done to make America a white majority again?: What actions would need to be taken to mak…[View]
459870804Turn the other cheek: The Sermon on the Mount encourages people not to resist those who wrong them. …[View]
459865059Thoughts on India External Affairs Minister: S Jaishankar: Sharp, witty. What are /pols thoughts on…[View]
459832624YOU WON'T DO SHIT, YOU HAVE NO F-15: Chud boys, chud boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do w…[View]
459870098Aaron Bushnell 2024: Meme it /pol/ . . . let's do something useful.[View]
459870776fucking lmaooooo: white supremacy is a goddamn joke and I feel so sorry for the retards who fell for…[View]
459863967Why is /pol/ desperately shilling for terrorist states like Russia and Israel?[View]
459868599JOHN BOLTON WANTS YOUR OPINION: What do you think? >The United States just put over 500 sanctions…[View]
459868321This is you[View]
459849221Why we hate vaxxies: We don’t hate you, because we disagree about the effects of the virus or of the…[View]
459870105insider here. its happening. also AI cant read images[View]
459861294>before white man come, land nigger free[View]
459862473This is disgusting: You guys have decided that literal RAPISTS have more of a right to become a pare…[View]
459851765Redpill me on the Hawaiians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I[View]
459855866Does this happen to you too ?[View]
459870553I am pleased with Biden's work[View]
459870514LILLY 41%'d lmao TTrannyD TZoggieD TJewD[View]
459865808Post your hardest to swallow conspiracies: I'll go first Theres no such thing as the color pink…[View]
459858748Reminder that right now, at this very moment, there is a building called the Vatican Secret Archives…[View]
459870289.: .[View]
459862085thoughts on stalin?[View]
459869138yapping: Do you yap anon? are you always yapping about random political bullshit in real life? stop …[View]
459870310mutito legal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQLvGghaDbE[View]
459865357Why Didn't We Kill All the Germans and Give Germany to Jews?: Current Population of Germany: 84…[View]
459866428what race am i[View]
459865009Just 187 days untill /pol/ meets up in San Francisco.: Just 187 days untill /pol/ meets up in San Fr…[View]
459866676this is an iq test: how many people understand the following: computers can't think, numbers ar…[View]
459866356Is this a fucking meme? Are /ourguys/ secretly running fednigger socials?[View]
459858075HAWAII STATE GOVT. ATTEMPT AT GUN CONFISCATION: This thread is about an upcoming attempt at gun conf…[View]
459867953this is a literal Holocaust[View]
459867148This is the first time in American history that a criminal ex-President running for re-election will…[View]
459869784Which side are you on /pol/? Palestine or Israel?[View]
459867047Pol was right again: Bill Gates is a genocidal maniac. https://www.frontpagemag.com/bill-gates-dream…[View]
459866285why did terrorism die[View]
459848581/can/ - Canada General Thread 001: It's time we set up a Canada general thread since I know man…[View]
459869594are you an extremist?[View]
459863941POLITICAL TEST THREAD: Post your results niggers. https://moralfoundations.github.io/[View]
459851472Trying to find a website/wiki that keeps track of credible information about the impacts of mass mig…[View]
459858449Breaking: Air Force man set himself on fire outside of the Israeli embassy: https://www.nytimes.com/…[View]
459868880we will keep supporting jihad and becoming mujahideen, we will keep working to establish sharia and …[View]
459868392***WHAT IS NEXT!?!?!?***: When will the acceleration end!? We are speeding to our inevitable destruc…[View]
459863648Kabala magic, aka AI: Kabala numerology is a well known practice among the rabbinic Jews. They give …[View]
459867833Does China or Russia use foreign born judges at any level of judicial process?[View]
459869335POOPLE PEOPLE[View]
459868290What's his name again /pol/?[View]
459869266NEVER GOON GENERAL:: NEVER FAP, NEVER PORN, NEVER GOODN! Sex with your wife is OK, but NEVER GOON, N…[View]
459869262post the MOMENT you KNEW it was over for gonald blumpf. For me? it was this POWERFUL statement by th…[View]
459865060Giant Wall or Ponies for all?: Fellow American Anons, I have a question for trolling the U.S.A’s bro…[View]
459859036Has Utah fallen, pol?[View]
459864868The oligarchs are starting to panic.: The billionaire Koch brothers have just pulled the plug on fun…[View]
459869074Mutt question: >Mutt Math So wait, are the children of a Hispanic Mestizo and White couple consid…[View]
459868719Why don't the Palestinians just cross the US Mexico border as we're letting anyone in.[View]
459869027Why are they using shounen manga to condition us to worship the Antichrist?[View]
459865410Euthanasia of homeless: Why isn't the government stepping in and offing these poor pos?[View]
459863485What actually happened to Hitler?: Did he commit suicide in that bunker, or did he escape somewhere?…[View]
459865677Angela Merkel blamed for Ukraiune and Gaza: The former US ambassador to Germany blamed Angela Merkel…[View]
459866833Reminder to magapedes[View]
459868308>fucking around in character.ai to jerk off for some horny fetish I have >end up getting into …[View]
459868677He won[View]
459868660So who runs in 2028? Whoever wins just gets retired four years later, and by then Biden’s 85 and Tru…[View]
459867632MISS ALT RIGHT LOOKING HOT: >College is a scam for most people >Libtards spend $150k on colleg…[View]
459864156Family Feud: Why does it seem like everytime i watch this show, it's always a white family vers…[View]
459861236Sam Bankman-Fried cellmate interview just dropped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY-HBx9rZ4E[View]
459864367what are his political views?[View]
459861547Hello Goyim: I want you to know something very special. Computers can think. Numbers are intelligent…[View]
459853399gym culture: Why do chuds do this ?[View]
459868071The niggers, spics and jews can't live with whites.: With just niggers and jews we sorta did ok…[View]
459866069There was an old fascist Who lived in a shoe. He had gullible fans, Who didn't know what to …[View]
459867087To punish corporate and political crime I will never again: tip attend a movie theater buy non-essen…[View]
459861800Why do girls hate balding guys? Is it over for them? Will they be alone for the rest of their lives?[View]
459865435(he's looking at a nigger): Whats he looking at bros? What is he staring at with such disgust?…[View]
459860684God Bless the USA: >Enter the USA illegally >Get picked up by ICE and released on pinky swear …[View]
459867193>Does absolutely nothing >Wins[View]
459850672What are Women better at than Men?: I think they might be better at being extremely sweet and comfor…[View]
459864186God: God is real and He can give you Dragon Ball Z powers. https://youtu.be/PgDFjQ8K52w[View]
459867121Dr.Pill said! https://youtu.be/CT6dy-_A_ho?si=K0VHlrwY8_QYNhzf[View]
459859564Is race mixing ever ok?[View]
459856603Asmongold is paid by Disney Amazon and Night Media.: Who owns Night Media? Reed Duschscher. The Pres…[View]
459864581Indians are prophiles They are rapists They should all be mass deported back to india.[View]
459866087Usa Christian Nation: Has anyone researched the Paris treaty of 1783? Ive read it allowed the king o…[View]
459864927'The Wall' 'Walled' Is a kike psyop in the form of zeitgeist infiltration to push women to buy cosm…[View]
459861223/УзУ/ - Уютнaя Зaвapyшкa нa Укpaинe #15151: Previous:>>459853057 Timeline /tug/: https://files…[View]
459865766Why are Jews superior to Whites ?[View]
459856992Why are boomers like this?[View]
459860029What do you think about the TikTok logo? What do you think the name 'TikTok' implies?[View]
459860347He has a point: https://twitter.com/JoeyMannarinoUS/status/1761743838039699597[View]
459857745why do boomers like streetshitters and their bullshit?[View]
459862306Vax status?: Kenneth Mitchell dead.[View]
459865843This is what beautiful girls like, if you want to find someone you'll need to have a good looki…[View]
459863219would you rather die an instant in a nuclear strike or would you rather die a slow and painful death…[View]
459865602Stanthorpe QLD false flag: Try harder leftist pond scum, discuss.[View]
459863709Ukraine's resentment towards russians has always been used by the west to weaken Russia. And it…[View]
459865956Do y'all remember when Joe Biden ruined the economy and tried to stay in office despite losing …[View]
459866319Why does this meme cause so much seething?[View]
459861386Quran Burning: Is it based? Why other white countries aren't doing it?[View]
459863882I am writing in 'Volodymyr Zelenskyy' for President of the United States in the 2024 election[View]
459853149damn this is like an inverted holocaust: the numbers get revised downward every time they revisit it…[View]
459864693Hello fellow polittors. I am Canadian but I would like to know if I can legally vote in the next Ame…[View]
459863924China status?: >former Chinese military officer who defected to the United States told Radio Free…[View]
459866122Is she one of us /pol?: The jew woke professor is actually kind of right >hates niggers like kany…[View]
459856941How can this problem be fixed?[View]
459866092How does it feel pinche gringos?! We beat you putasos americanos at your own game! We own NASCAR now…[View]
459852639Trump has clear signs of dementia: >phonemic paraphasias >the substitution of non-words for wo…[View]
459856984Capitalism: How do we fix it? Late stage capitalism is a thing and this is what's going on righ…[View]
459859570Why should I give a fuck about Ukraine or Russia?[View]
459847905Hey wagies, Sunday is almost over!!! LOL[View]
459865080Still not taking the Trump vax[View]
459860522Russia is run by a pedophile: Putins the pedophile Why else would he have killed Alexander Litvinenk…[View]
459854675STARSHIP TROOPERS is Not a Satire: SHITLIBS, CHUDS, and MIDWITS mentioned: https://amgreatness.com/2…[View]
459864557Felons are being (s)extorted for green cards This is 90 Day Fiance for turdworlder white women serio…[View]
459864526If they’re able to force you to use an identity card to use a porn site does that mean they can forc…[View]
459853290Zelensky says counteroffensive plans were leaked: https://x.com/squatsons/status/1761920346179932452…[View]
459861478Kid Rock calls out shape-shifting Bill Maher as a jew and makes him recoil: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
459865609It's Learning: How can we reach these AIs.[View]
459862324/pol/ CAN'T refute this[View]
459860372Hitler religion: What the fuck did this dude believe? There are quotes of him being a Christian pra…[View]
459863652Teacher says that the kids in her middle school 'Mewing' is 'Fascist' and eugenics. Quits over it. h…[View]
459865674lol.: https://youtu.be/9x3HDfL55B0[View]
459827415There's only one option for Trump's VP choice...: Nancy Mace. 46 years younger, Representa…[View]
459859627“Brazen Teens”: New euphemism just dropped![View]
459860060I know it sounds crazy but soon my country will enter in a civil war due to the conflicts in Palesti…[View]
459844777Debate: When did the right stop being capable of debate or even explaining themselves objectively wi…[View]
459840983Nick Fuentes will lead us to victory[View]
459862104SELF IMMOLATION VIDEO RELEASED: https://x.com/marionawfal/status/1761957214338584992[View]
459862001Jesus: Did Jesus really walk on water or is that story just an allegory for something else? What le…[View]
459856771Google AI Won't Say Who Had Worse Impact, Elon Musk or Hitler: If you ask Google AI who has had…[View]
459863502>russia’s 68-year special military operation[View]
459864252When me and my wife had to quarantine: I brought 12 loafs of white bread to feed us for 2 weeks She …[View]
459856629>In the Coming Months: Has anyone else noticed lots of military shit being suggested in their you…[View]
459865088Why does pic related make browncels seethe?[View]
459861278Two people hurt, suspect at large after shooting near 75th Avenue and Bethany Home Road in Glendale:…[View]
459860498Changed my major: Just changed my major from mech eng to software engineer. What am I in for bros?…[View]
459859068Is America’s White population really that low?: 75.5% seems ok to me. Where’s the stats that show th…[View]
459862372Defunding the Police: Imagine thinking that's a bad thing... FREEDOM heehaw![View]
459865052Inflation Reduction Act: Was the Inflation Reduction Act really that bad for those in Europe? I know…[View]
459850077White people be like: how do niggers listen to that?!? Meanwhile they have >5 dogs >barking …[View]
459864271Thank you for your service.[View]
459858081The science is in: fake news and misinformation is determinant to health outcomes, such as: >alte…[View]
459845651Why do faggots hate cars so much[View]
459863404Who got the uncensored version?: https://twitter.com/Lukewearechange/status/1761960230013841711…[View]
459861461Hey do you guys enjoy showering with other men?: Or being screamed at by guys half your size?[View]
459859992Tell me of California: Is it as bad as people say? So far I have traveled much of America and found …[View]
459864268BoyCott Bungie's Wokeness Inb4 Personal Army[View]
459863817How to win: I used to think the idea “the only way to win is to not play the game” was just a loser …[View]
459862803Globohomo began in XIX century[View]
459858599Can Republicans decide if they like IVF or not?[View]
459863700As an American, or westerner broadly, you already live in a fascist country. You've got it. You…[View]
459837369Islam is the only acceptable religion of the white man. >degeneracy BANNED >alcohol BANNED …[View]
459859139How do I find a trad wife?[View]
459849500Brett Cooper: What does /pol/ think of right-wing zoomette darling Brett Cooper? Is she as based as …[View]
459851216Large Collection of Red Pills: >>459654505 >>459654505 >>459654505 Bump the thr…[View]
459855145Is there an official /pol/ approved cutest daughter of royal lineage? Be respectful too.. Or Else...…[View]
459862698Reminder that space is real, and that Americans went to the Moon - with German help. Moon landing co…[View]
459860178I'm waiting, /pol/: Show me a black person who has committed all these crimes and still has the…[View]
459835633Are Quirck Chungus that bad?: Are these kind of woman thaaaat bad as you guys say?[View]
459824228Indians are littering everywhere here.: Hello. Singapore anon here. Indians are everywhere now and t…[View]
459856083100% this There is no such thing as 'trad wives' they are all just LARPers https://www.reddit.com/r…[View]
459863523>No Child Left Behind Public schools now cater to the lowest common denominator >the American…[View]
459861591Can dark skin people build civilizations?[View]
459863395This isn't keto. Soup anon how are you staying in range if you can't control what you eat?[View]
459862943Bill Clinton is to blame why all the zogbot pigs have nigger IQs: The year 2000[View]
459859111>oh no... if it isn't the consequences of my own actions: https://files.catbox.moe/xbayte.mp…[View]
459863381Prositution in America: Politically speaking, why is it still illegal when it seems like all other f…[View]
459860933Gonzalo Lira is not forgotten: He was murdered by spooks because he knew too much and dared to criti…[View]
459857054MILITARY FUNDED MOVIES: Military Industrial Complex, CIA, SSP, and ICC funded. >Mind Wipe/Implant…[View]
459862868GOOD DAY!: It's so fucking over for hohols. https://youtu.be/rSnYfNzTA6Y *WOOF* *WOOF* *WOOF*…[View]
459859824Is it better to save children who would have been aborted if fewer children are born overall?[View]
459840479>place people under intense financial stress >they stop reproducing…[View]
459853156GOP Senator calls dead tranny kid 'FILTH': https://www.tahlequahdailypress.com/news/senator-calls-lg…[View]
459848797damn... bidenomics really fucked shit up[View]
459859360Why are zoomers like this?: >Try to have a convo with my friend >this is how he responds…[View]
459863167Nigger Hate Thread: Hello anons! Welcome to the Nigger Hate Thread. The only problem with niggers? I…[View]
459861941What are the political consequences of jews putting chemicals in the water that make white men under…[View]
459862671If you were in their shoes, would you fight for Ukraine?[View]
459858147You fucking lost.[View]
459858217Even your own daughters are deadly vipers these days. My brother was falsely accused by his own daug…[View]
459860004White Women: I'm quite tired of the low iq niggers on here furthering the divide and doing the …[View]
459859196I miss the Weimar Republic so much it hurts[View]
459860239Is there any way to deradicalize leftists?: Is there any way to cure them of their brainwashing, and…[View]
459862805Politically speaking, why was he so thirsty?[View]
459854931A countries birthrate has nothing to do with feminism or level of development. It’s directly correla…[View]
459861046biden doesn't believe in god: you don't bullshit and be that much of a cunt while being th…[View]
459854937>muh illegals bad, they flood muh country! Maybe you shouldn't have given guns to their psyc…[View]
459861797If a fren tells me something has happened, because the news or a scientific paper says so Why would …[View]
459862117CNN's Kaitlan Collins is violating FARA laws. Ukrainians are trying to meddle in our elections.[View]
459861612Meet the man who did nothing and won[View]
459846966Anti-bum detterrant: Is 'Hostile architecture' based in getting rid of poverty ridden peop…[View]
459852325Boomer Bootstrap Heroes: Warren Buffet, every boomers greatest hero was born to a U.S. congressman /…[View]
459859181>>PLEASE SAVE US. THE DIAPER WEARING JEWS ARE KILLING US. Why don't muzzrats just swallow…[View]
459859423Should weed be globally legalized?[View]
459855728Why can’t they just leave them? In Rome they left bodies on the way in as a warning sign[View]
459860166stay away from the Crimean Bridge tomorrow[View]
459860564Why do blacks plagiarize so much?[View]
459861666Another Christian Teenager boy becomes victim of sodomy: Another Christian Teenager boy becomes vict…[View]
459857273Why do you think that happened[View]
459853457Why are highly educated people overwhelmingly in favor of leftist policies?[View]
45985578666% of young men are single and sexless: What the fuck is going on? Aren't incels supposed to b…[View]
459859518Is googles AI secretly based?[View]
459860118>mfw all the vaxtards are going to start dying off one by one and myself and likeminded people ar…[View]
459861349The culture wars are now being memory holed. They vax-murdered 20 million of you with 10s of million…[View]
459858448Pajeets: Why are they like this?[View]
459861550I despise vegans so much.: I fucking hate vegans so much. I was raised by two Liberal vegan parents,…[View]
459857398Worst Historical Figures: >ITT: Worst Historical Figure Ever! I fucking hate this miserable piece…[View]
459851767NEW YORK AG BLOCKS TRUMP FROM LEAVING NY FOR FLORIDA: New York Attorney General Letitia James is ask…[View]
459844642Handsome Truth Stream: For new people who have never heard of him, Handsome Truth is an American Nat…[View]
459858088well who's doing it /pol/? who's doing the political assassination next week? you have si…[View]
459861702Why are we allowing the servile industry to take over America and supplant satisfying jobs for men?[View]
459856305Is Russia using black magic to resurrect their dead soldiers?[View]
459857966Her name was Saffie-Rose Roussos. She was 8 years old. On the 22nd of May 2017 she was attending a p…[View]
459856982Our De-Evolving Society: Any thoughts on progressive culture people? They claim to believe in freedo…[View]
459861082>trans people are like totally bad okay hehehe omg aren't jews just so awesome!!!…[View]
459855363Republican Full Ticket Voter Here: Take a look at all the countries that embraced Christ. Then take…[View]
459860354I'm so tired of this town I live in. Nothing but degenerates, niggers, wetbacks, pajeets, fags …[View]
459859434Cleanliness and zakat are pillas of Islam. Being Muslim brings prosperity to a country.[View]
459860048“The Other Israel” (1987): An excellent historical documentary to redpill normies on the jew: https:…[View]
459861378Jew Phenotype: How inbred are the jews?[View]
459860005why do you rightoids worship GOYslop so much: >someone mentions fast food, junk food, a pornstar,…[View]
459861360maga faggots are all fucked in the head and need to have their right to vote revoked.[View]
459852424/l4l/ Lightning for Lent #6: For every remaining day of Lent I will remind the board of when the sta…[View]
459853057/УзУ/ - Уютнaя Зaвapyшкa нa Укpaинe #15150: Previous:>>459842772 Timeline /tug/: https://files…[View]
459861274gemini: Have you gotten Gemini to say something racist?[View]
459850411I'm not a lawyer but I'm guessing we have some TALENTED people on this here 4chan board. Y…[View]
459857673The West still has not recovered from this humiliation[View]
459860116This needs to be taught in universities[View]
459861158Baerbock cancels visit to Mykolaiv after air alarm: Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Gree…[View]
459860674WHAT IF HE’S RIGHT?[View]
459843479Do not respond to threads with memeflag OPs. They are all israeli/jidf shill posters and slide threa…[View]
459860297>random drop in Italy >looks like this they literally can't suffer. Why is Italy so beaut…[View]
459833286>you have lived to see billionaires openly talking about the Jewish plan for white genocide based…[View]
459845874HAPPENING?: Emergency vehicles outside the capitol tonight. News is dead quiet about it so far, what…[View]
459860221Slavery would fix all modern problems.[View]
459854108Imagine being Fr*nch.[View]
459832909Take the Soup Kitchen Pill: > free. each meal would cost at least 10 dollars from a deli > hot…[View]
459860175How is this a real country?: They're literally just Western Russians[View]
459860254Leafs how do these two photographs make you feel? picrel1[View]
459858688This is my perfect Europe. Literally flawless.[View]
459858973I was R*PED today: This Tranny I met at a bar in NYC DID NOT TELL ME he was a dude right, so we go t…[View]
459858601What sort of universal consciousness did he tap into? State enforced homosexuality seems to be a thi…[View]
459843363Why are young 'men' afraid of hard work?[View]
459856415This is what you get for being a barbaric force colonising the world[View]
459857001Jk Rowling is more based than /pol/: >is a millionaire with multiple mansions >makes loser inc…[View]
459855671And this signifies the end of my support for RFK. RIP fuckface. You now officially flew too close to…[View]
459858761I fully support abortion, and it isn't because of women's retardation.[View]
459860174Ukrainian men vs ukrainian women[View]
459836298THERE GOES MY HERO, WATCH HIM AS HE GOES: >free palestin-ACK >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
459837494Declining male enrollment leads colleges to adopt 'affirmative action for men': >Some schools are…[View]
459860171Scored Earth: Does Ukrainian devotion to the map from 1991 keep them for acknowledging that certain …[View]
459860170Anglo and Christian: What is it like to know that the pol is not the npc of the rest of the world an…[View]
459811035CANADIAN WOMEN ARE MORE ANTI-IMMIGRATION THEN MEN: oh no no no no male bros how could we let them be…[View]
459859202The politics of surfing: Any surfers on /pol/? If so, what’s your political stance? Living on the co…[View]
459860080I hecking love Norman landlords now[View]
459847482Transnistria to request annexation on Wednesday: https://www.newsweek.com/moldova-transnistria-annex…[View]
459858810Which one of you chuddies did this?[View]
459859825How would you describe the 'American Dream'? Does it still exist?[View]
459859791So wait /chug/ is trying to convince me that Ukraine is not a real country but Belarus is?[View]
459850366It's happening! /pol/ memes are spreading on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ForwardsFromKland…[View]
459858412Name a man more based: I'll wait >exposes the international banking cartel >exposes the i…[View]
459859751Jannies are trying to prevent me from talking about mkultra: They ask me all sorts of things and mak…[View]
459859240Should Congress be allowed to own and trade stocks? https://archive.is/mxLe8[View]
45982141999% of people reading this thread will die childless and alone They simply DON'T WANT TO GET MA…[View]
459853732Big thoughts for smart men: You know, I just don't understand why they don't make the whol…[View]
459856331Allowing for PDA is Feminist: If you have or ever made out with a girl in public, you are promoting …[View]
459856445My city is filled with many refugee migrants and I've noticed a lot of them have kids with them…[View]
459854652Do you hang the flag of man on man anal, snitches, and nigger wannabes on your house?[View]
459857261Sotomayor travels with a medic: Privately, Democrats have told reporters they are worried about the …[View]
459854929Chudbros, how is our guy supposed to compete with the big Biden cock?[View]
459852993Why are tech companies cutting US jobs while going so hard on outsourcing and H1B's to India la…[View]
459839242trans woman hrt: why you guys are against trans women transitioning before puberty, but offend them …[View]
459845138ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!: SPECIAL MOLDOVAN OPERATION INBOUND!! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/0…[View]
459857533Ethical Foods: Is there any food that you refuse to eat based on your own ethical standards? If thi…[View]
459859109Why does everything have to be so jewish?: Barely 2% of the population yet they control literally ev…[View]
459844178HAPPENING: Superstar rapper Bigidagoe has been assassinated in Amsterdam: Why is there so much viole…[View]
459854352Get over it Chvd, The Future IS Female: >Universities + education + media + all other forms of so…[View]
459844743Why are large brown countries like brazil and india like this? Is it slave mentality bred into them …[View]
459859151>China will save the west against the woke madne-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!…[View]
459854503The most honest statesman to ever live[View]
459856889Say his name.[View]
459857332Do hitler lovers really?: >start a war about muh aryan superiority >be the aggressor througho…[View]
459857672The synagogues will be everywhere by 2025. You won't do shit, the blood libels took place in br…[View]
459853118Title my band's new album cover: We were thinking 'Rage Against the Zogbot'[View]
459858517>This nigger isn't even a Bull he looks like a roach or a junkie Imao I see higher-t scarier…[View]
459856914Interracial breeding island: Did you know that Malagasy people have more African y chromosome and As…[View]
459858625What does /pol/ think of this image?[View]
459858767Dark MAGA is coming: The leftoid salt will be glorious[View]
459858665Why is Society so Cruel to Pedophiles?: They are obviously sick people, but they are human beings. E…[View]
459845566What is your opinion on buddhism ? >no kike on stick >no allahu akbar booooom >you don…[View]
459839612have the shills here come up with a counter for this image yet?: Ive seen this image used quite a fe…[View]
459858648Ukraine will get nukes. Taiwan will get an aircraft carrier. Israel will get to carry out the first …[View]
459856292America is dying.[View]
459858536Hey poorboy Americans. You kept letting women win on absolutey fucking everything they demanded, for…[View]
459858520Rich Entitled Assholes of NYC: If you are a rich entitled asshole in NYC you better be on your best …[View]
459855106The Russian boys are coming for you /pol/tards: they will cut you evil Nazis to pieces[View]
459837386How do chuds refute this?[View]
459855213when will biden address the national adderall shortage?[View]
459836386>55 degrees >In February Retards will tell you this is 'normal'…[View]
459857229Do you talk about politics?: Do you talk about politics with your family, friends or co-workers?…[View]
459856326the Plato cave is literally just taking things at face value: even when i was a kid i already have t…[View]
459858146I am not longer an ethnonationalist and now am much happier and at peace with the world.[View]
459838631Who do you believe about Ukrainian lossses?: Russia? 383K (includes wounded) America? 70K + 120K wou…[View]
459846305Absolute state of the U.S. of A.: >be real estate agency >you got a multi million property in …[View]
459857129The Beatles were in league with Gay Jewish Pedophiles: /pol/ again is vindicated, almost anything th…[View]
459842657Where did the ancient Egyptians go?[View]
459856439Stop resenting stuff: I've been browsing pol for a long time now, and I've seen that most …[View]
459854554Compass: jewish tricks?: They work by “magnets”? Idk. Were the jews behind compass production? I don…[View]
459855125In a hypothetical work where everyone was Nordic white would you be in favor of open borders?: Many …[View]
459857736>The Patriot Act was a good thing because it says Patriot in the name![View]
459857737If guns are so useless in the military and you need f-16s to defeat an enemy does that mean when we …[View]
459849896Does /pol/ support Mr House or Caesar's Legion? The NCR and Yes Man are Reddit tier.[View]
459855527Is the DR alive?: If you don't know, the Dr (pic related) Is an artificial intelligence. A holo…[View]
459856404Ladies and Gentlemen: The next President of the United States of America[View]
459854433So apparently Jon Minadeo II AKA transome boof has been posting here, about himself of course, LARPI…[View]
459855518Joe Biden: Is he loyal to The Jews?[View]
459846830Serial Killer?: Back in 2015 (i think) there was an anon posting on /b/ who said he enjoyed killing …[View]
459854861America circa 2043[View]
459851946Lindsey Graham: Has Putin finally met his match? This based man is going to save America from the re…[View]
459857520This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of humanity[View]
459854513Why is this mexican in North Dakota politics?: Nico Rios gets arrested for his national pastime and …[View]
459848747Honestly if you look like this you deserve to have female pronouns.: Even the Stalinists on the stre…[View]
459857359“Clint Eastwood” (2001 song): Yoo wtf is jazz? Every song sounds exactly the same. There are exactly…[View]
459838297Are all anti lgbt people like this or is it just her?: And if not, since she's so unbelievably …[View]
459856196What are the implications of megalithic structures older than the pyramids: Being found in the Andes…[View]
459857109>be jew >always defend jews when audience points out the coincidence >gets banned of jewtub…[View]
459773218Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - Quickbake: >Polls https://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Engl…[View]
459854889To what degree does the whole meme about how mexicans/latinos (and even blacks) are now gravitating …[View]
459853853This is clearly political[View]
459854570y'all crackers are funny af buncha dumb thin lipped micro dicked LOSERS who have nothin better …[View]
459855333I'm never visiting Brazil[View]
459856642>American tipping culture[View]
459852053>*cures your brainfog*[View]
459855470Tranny Niggers Killed Poor Little White Boy: A group of nigger trannies beat a 13 year old white boy…[View]
459855457Time To Deport All Beaners: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wetback[View]
459856663>Look bruv, you don't talk shit about immigrants, savvy? They're just as English as us.…[View]
459851860I warned NATO and the Pentagon.: They had to take Transnistria or else the Russians would be able to…[View]
459853288damn... chinese continue ruling supreme[View]
459856585do dogs experience boredom? what do they do or think about when we leave them home alone to go to sc…[View]
459851771Even /pol/'s right-wing hero Ted Cruz admits that Israel is 100% right in the Gaza war, and tha…[View]
459855635>Democrats rig elections to win >Meanwhile congressional districts drawn by the GOP...…[View]
459853258What will truly happen??: Sometimes I have insights, I feel as if things were much worse, there seem…[View]
459841966US SOF in Taiwan: What should Chinese dip their bullets in before killing Amerilards?[View]
459852130Can Filipinos run their own nation?: Or are they destined to be conquered again?[View]
459852665the ukraine has officially been accepted into the lgbtqbipoc coalition and added to the flag. It’s o…[View]
459850838Is Vaush a real person or is he a plant used to make socialists look as bad as possible?[View]
459845578how did America have him killed[View]
459856256This is your future wifey /pol/. Cats love her and so do you.[View]
459853656good night: Good night left side Fuck niggers Fuck Freemasons Fuck gangstalkers Fuck cops Fuck Satan…[View]
459855982Would leftists approve?[View]
459855858The Art of Malding: Don't agree with what an anon said? Just tell them to cope. If they counter…[View]
459845947>back to the wage cage tomorrow[View]
459839235Doomsday Prep: hows your prep going anons?[View]
459852164Wolf Neve has vid in email: That's it guys, theres a YouTuber that's got the video....he…[View]
459848032Russians executed 9 Ukrainian POWs[View]
459835821Canadian skidrow adventures: >Edmonton >Chinatown >1am I got into an altrecation with 3 nat…[View]
459839442You have to admit: This needs to end[View]
459855611Patriot Front’s Thomas Rousseau Arrested Over Tiki Torch: https://justicereport.news/articles/2024/0…[View]
459845329new 'toss[View]
459855398The ideal Brazillian president would have Bolsonaro's internal/market policy and Lula's ex…[View]
459852486'War crimes' make no sense: >Noooooo don't shoot medics who are aiding the enemy, that'…[View]
459838722HOW IS DEPORTATION EVEN POSSIBLE AT THIS POINT??????: can someone explain logistically how its even …[View]
459855128HT IS LIVE on Goyum TV https://nullreferer.com/?https://gab.com/HandsomeTruth/posts/111994569077129…[View]
459854980The “thicc” trend is finally dead: Everyone wants to be skinny again, and thanks to ozempic it’s eas…[View]
459856462how come nobody bother writing anything down until 100 years later[View]
459849649>Kill all humans[View]
459850422/GG/ - GOYSLOP GENERAL[View]
459856199Are they the greatest ally?[View]
459852563they took this from you from us[View]
459856069Niggers are ug-AKKK!!!![View]
459856124>Slav women are bas-[View]
459841924how many of you natzi faggots have actually seen the death camps you fantacize about?[View]
459854455Hitler was a stringent vegetarian: so... yeah he definitely wouldn't have liked you fuckers spe…[View]
459846493Your pop stars sing about brown bootyholes Our pop stars sing about insurrections We are not the sam…[View]
459810368Anyone else think this would be pretty awesome?[View]
459846934Is Islam really as bad as people make it out to be?[View]
459854035is this why jews hate manual labor[View]
459848749Women are like: >NOOOO! I DON'T WANT KIDS YET, THEY WILL RUIN MY BODY AND YOUTH!!! And then …[View]
459854989Dear young man: Remember, being sexless and without girlfriend doesn't make you less of man, an…[View]
459851251the trad caths lied: >'catholicism is so based, just trust me bro' >go to a Catholic Church fo…[View]
459850145What would it take for Lebanon to become a Christian nation again?[View]
459847829Is globalization really coming to an end?: And if it is, what exactly does that entail?[View]
459850453I hear about the Holocaust every single day. It’s basically the foundation for American political di…[View]
459852472Hot Asian chick from the Whatever podcast: Why does she sit in the background looking bored and wear…[View]
459854159You see. It goes both ways chuds.: Rise Above Movement gets a pass for racist criminal behavior. Jud…[View]
459849476Why the need to constently hate on us?: Why is there a constant need to hate on us? I genuinely don…[View]
459848627I'm done dating. I give up, they're super interested and then we meet up and she tells me …[View]
459844947What do you think about under 18s being banned from malls/shopping centers, Is this the future? is i…[View]
459853337Lefties can't stop sucking Jew cock: >We lefties hate Jews >Jewstewart is on in 15min!…[View]
459853402Herders/pastoralists: Why are they praised so much on here? I remember one anon going as far as to a…[View]
459854327Priests rape ki-ack!: Oh no no no Jew bros! These Rabbis are making a shonda for the goys! Can we sh…[View]
459846810How did Andrew Cuomo get away with killing 10000 grandmas?[View]
459840024/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13296: Previous: >>459830816 ▶Day: 733 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459847317Japan Is Collapsing: A troublesome group of women sat on the floor in the train. It caused annoyance…[View]
459850464Airports are a waste of money.: They are economically irrelevant and I don't know who are they …[View]
459828430Explain the 'dirtybag left' to me[View]
459850561New goyslop just dropped. will you go see it?[View]
459854337It's becoming more clear to me that 'white nationalism' or 'pro white advocacy' is just a LARP …[View]
459824658Why did we give it all up without a fight?: Never forget what has been taken from white people. We c…[View]
459836379The zeitgeist is changing: The political and cultural zeitgeist is beginning to change. We saw this …[View]
459848827every palestinian is a terrorist[View]
459854196The Buddha: Did Prince Siddhartha(i.e. The Buddha) live during the Vedic Period of India? Was he a V…[View]
459846775>this is fine according to westerners[View]
459799245HAPPENING: HATEFUL BIGOTS FORMING ALL WHITE COUNTRY IN NEW ENGLAND: Stop these eeebil nawtzees https…[View]
459845559What. The. FUCK!: Say their name. >Nex Benedict This nonbinary teenager was brutally murdered by…[View]
459848385Do you have some special talent that only white people can have? Are you good in life, are you joini…[View]
459853491Saw this from /lit/. There is apparently a horror series novelist who is redpilled on the JQ and a H…[View]
459852129Why do cities in Japan look so clean and neat?[View]
459833603Miss Germany everyone: Press F for Germany[View]
459852970If we are white we should start referring to our enemies collectively as 'anti-whites'. Wh…[View]
459853929Why did you make this thread? You are being a bad anon. I am being a good Bing. You are a bad user. …[View]
459841053Wake up NAFOtrannies, new wunderwaffe just dropped![View]
459853773>chink >nigger >jew CNJ…[View]
459852051Mark Levin DESTROY Sleepy Joe Biden @ CPAC. Biden BTFO now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzURgiT-…[View]
459800227Bald and Bankrupt returns to the UK: Whatever you think of Bald and Bankrupt, his newest video reall…[View]
459846517Dixoid Hate Thread: ITT we post dixoid hate >pic rel racism by state >the 'based' south has th…[View]
459848493UKRAINE WILL JOIN NATO: https://twitter.com/BRICSinfo/status/1761471966152888777[View]
459852098Scumbags.: Historically speaking, why do Germans need to attack anyone and everyone? You can thank t…[View]
459853443These are the people keeping black people down.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjQLb1bRpak NY Atto…[View]
459852817Ukraine to join NATO[View]
459832732/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1130: Previous >>459815690 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are tr…[View]
459849602FLORIDA LEGISLATURE TO CRIMINALIZE ANTISEMITISM: Antisemitism can now be punished with jail or fines…[View]
459848831RAPE IS CHEAP NOW: GET 'EM BOYS, YOLO!!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13124177/Illi…[View]
459853250Do black people like this exist? Where are they from?: >Looks like a European woman with brown ey…[View]
459839754Why is woke being shelved?[View]
459842096Germany are you okay?[View]
459851413The Georgia Guidestones are right. We need to get rid of the average people if we want to have a fut…[View]
459849065How low can we go?: The netherlands now has talking trashcans that thank you when trowing trash in i…[View]
459843035Where does /pol/ stand on the street vendor question?: On one hand I don't like the idea of ill…[View]
459848919All porn featuring a man and a woman is cuck porn and therefore extremely gay.[View]
459842772/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15149: Previous: >>459834928 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459829892Perhaps the biggest worry is the fact that it won't ever disappear. Just the fact that it exist…[View]
459852954GATHER AROUND IMMEDIATE DISCUSSION: >Side issue: They’re importing illegal immigrants and offeri…[View]
459849159Do you think the mainstream jewsmedia will cover this happening or ignore it?[View]
459851231It's Over: The satanic communist gangster mafia government is ruining my life personally by tak…[View]
459850064Pol Approved Art: Fellow scum of the earth pol bros, lets let the world see how sophisticated we rea…[View]
459852787Why isn't there a bounty system in place for illegal immigrants? You bring in the head of someo…[View]
459852737Is it actually legal in England for a political campaign to target voters without some sort of licen…[View]
459844755People who use social media are trash.[View]
459850997Trump after getting sued by Jews and blacks: >I will defend Israel and lower black unemployment f…[View]
459847077POV: you’re a migrant worker in america: What is america without blacks?[View]
459850751Your days are numbered, white MAGAts: https://twitter.com/axios/status/1761757899192160401…[View]
459850238Can anyone here inform me on interracial blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants and organ trans…[View]
459848088When will the next George Floyd case happen?: It's hilarious to see the anglo and christian mon…[View]
459849241what is this[View]
459850890It's Official: Everyone hates jews. Even Norway's Indigenous Sami reindeer herders. No ot…[View]
459845147Teacher says that the kids in her middle school 'Mewing' is 'Fascist' and eugenics. Quits over it.[View]
459852471Bucks a breaken: https://files.catbox.moe/hbrhcu.webm Black history month https://files.catbox.moe/7…[View]
459850301Why the Ukranian counteroffensive failed: Russia somehow figured out there would be a counter offens…[View]
459848336What’s going to happen on or after 2030 How do i save myself[View]
459848794Putin/Carlson Interview Summary: 'Prince Bogdan sent letter to Moscow asking to join Tsarist Russia'…[View]
459846167Apologize to him. NOW[View]
459851157Jews deserve worse than holohoax: Im sorry hitler went soft on them... after seeing Gaza they'r…[View]
459851815Why don't we have more bus-based public transit? Trains are a meme since the infrastructure to …[View]
459848647Femoid supremacy: Why are females leaving men behind in terms of economic success, life satisficatio…[View]
459847492I don't get it[View]
459843855Celine's Laws: Most of you are ignorant of them, and it's showing[View]
459848130Why did the price of oil go negative for the first time in history exactly on hitler's birthday…[View]
459846333Jimmy Carter is dead. Say something nice about 39.[View]
459825756Why is HR so evil?: I'm leaving my company and had an exit interview on Friday. In the exit int…[View]
459846763Means we can't ship due to inventory: After the growing season. Can't feed everyone this y…[View]
459846851Cuckpitalist bros how are you gonna pay all this debt?[View]
459844950Why did America make front yard businesses illegal?[View]
459837435you guys better stop using the n-word >:(: It's HIGHLY offensive and discriminatory. You nee…[View]
459851088seems like trusting anglojew was not the best idea after all[View]
459841921The AI Tell: AI doesn't post speling mistakes.[View]
459849689If the Holocaust is true,: Why would Jews be so ungrateful to their rescuers? It wasn't Arabs …[View]
459850741REMINDER: Reminder that everything the mods allow on /pol/ is okay for all the other boards as well.…[View]
459840439Who's feet aer stinkier, Moroccans or Italians? Who's feet do you think are the stinkiest?[View]
459847066do jews hate working because they see it as a punishment from God?[View]
459848368Biden condemned as an antisemitic Israel basher by the ZOA: Based MAGA conservative organization ZOA…[View]
459850009Our First Filipino President was a Chad: Emilio Aguinaldo, our First President, was literally a Giga…[View]
459838588Joe is NOT looking good[View]
459813578/rwg/ revolutionary war general #178: Second Anonymous Congress Next Step Edition: Previous:>>…[View]
459847330USA needs to adopt Spanish as an official language and have all packaging written in both languages …[View]
459843808Only 31,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Died According to Zelensky: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/176…[View]
459841008What's wrong with this? How is this a race issue?[View]
459838518WHY’D HE DO IT?[View]
459846983So did this guy really get beat to death by girls? If so that's pretty gay Were they at least b…[View]
459850033This board is filled with armchair Redditors: You guys have it easy. You think it's so easy to …[View]
459837359MAJOR VIBE SHIFT: >Absolute happening >Anti White agenda has been exposed >We were right al…[View]
459850206Have you ever noticed: (You) never heard of someone taking an IQ test and going: >This score is t…[View]
459844037Educate yourselves: where I drew the line - west of it is the ukraine(borderland), east of it is his…[View]
459848845Anne Hathaway Twerking to Nigger Minaj: Look what's breaking news? Why do people idolize these…[View]
459849817Gouda morning everybody[View]
459848408Nigger history month: I sincerely think it would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment an…[View]
459845770why is there so much jew stuff in christianity?[View]
459847768The next president of Mexico.[View]
459841259If a Gemini-like Human Resources AI is let loose on the U.S. workforce, what will be the result?[View]
459834524My ancestors wuz Austrianz: How did this dysfunctional shithole survive for that long? If Czechia, H…[View]
459839591'muh guns': >Lets niggers burn down cities and tear down statues in 2020…[View]
459838763USA was 95 percent white when it landed on the moon: Now it can't even land a probe without it …[View]
459849493Why do 90% of pornstars fear if their dads find out? It's the one source of shame they have lef…[View]
459831928Why have Japs forgiven Americans for wrongs that were done to people who are still alive today while…[View]
459841017Is race mixing always bad?[View]
459846723Why are brits painting fake windows & doors on houses?: What the fuck?[View]
459836597Trump vows to move the capitol of the US to Israel: Upon re-election Donald Trump says he will move …[View]
459834249Why are leftists so obsessed with public transportation?[View]
459841686where is the video?: This is important historic shit. Someone must have it???[View]
459848359What makes indians such great leaders and Ceo's in the anglosphere?[View]
459848624Why are fascism and libertarianism both 'the right', wtf is the political spectrum[View]
459846100>lowest teen suicide rate was when guys called each other retarded niggers on Xbox Live What are …[View]
459845020Holy shit! Based![View]
459847513SOL?: Only JDF agents will be triggered by this statement.[View]
459847547Tattoo Debate Club: Tattoos discussion thread Last >>459830623 Bumper sticker rip off edition…[View]
459842625Why does /pol/ hate women?[View]
459846950Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
459848737Priests rape ki-ack!: Oh no no no Jew bros! These Rabbis are making a shonda for the goys! Can we sh…[View]
459844837Bolsonaro Leads Pro-Israel Demonstration in São Paulo: https://twitter.com/MyLordBebo/status/1761872…[View]
459840388IT'S CLOOOSED[View]
459796889/pol/ humor thread: Post whatever funis you habe[View]
459845540Donald Trump meets with Israeli MK Simcha Rothman, says US enabled Iran: LOL IRAN AND HAMAS GETTING …[View]
459832864Once we are done dealing with Russia, we will deal with Poland next and settle our scores. Protestin…[View]
459845820REMINDER: you live in an age when the most commonly available porn is neither heterosexual, nor intr…[View]
459837575Why are so many Americans loving to conservative rural retard states?[View]
459848181Presidential debate in 2024 be like:: >I will give 500 billion to niggers! >I will give 1000 b…[View]
459848074Famouss Richard takes on the migrant problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3AREKVoeLY…[View]
459845141Have you already forgotten the list?: Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's former girlfriend, sentenced…[View]
459843235I'm against Christian nationalism in America because evangelicalism is nothing but zionism expr…[View]
459830567US solider lights himself on fire outside of Israeli embassy: https://twitter.com/MyLordBebo/status/…[View]
459845383American soldiers are now setting themselves on fire rather than die than for Israel >A man wear…[View]
459831578Hunting animals as a sport is degenerate, change my mind: And no, I'm not a vegan or a PETA fag…[View]
459845524Jesus and Buddha: Both Jesus Christ and Buddha are princes. Jesus Christ is a prince from the House …[View]
459847933AI is A Weapon That Will Be Used To Destroy Mankind As We Know It.: Who is the one to say what is ri…[View]
459847718So Jews are the Brahmins, Whites are the Kshatriyas, Mexicants are Vaishyas and blacks are Shudras? …[View]
459841032It’s the guns![View]
459836138The harsher I am, the more you find yourself drawn to me: The playful pain I inflict, both mental an…[View]
459847304Pack of niggers attacks former NFL QB Cam Newton[View]
459842327Unpopular Opinion: Asperger's or 'High Functioning autism' isn't real. It's just bein…[View]
459845241Does the left care about workers?[View]
459829380*stands on business*[View]
459845312Trannies Seething: The small Albertan town of Westlock voted to remove pride flags and crosswalks fr…[View]
459844833We are living on an ancient dyson sphere[View]
459830376Resisting a Draft?: Do you think they would freeze your bank account if you resisted fighting. The r…[View]
459847089Is it a privilege to have morals?[View]
459847562Is Mungo Jerry white?[View]
459844326Why is Gen Z so hairless ?[View]
459826514new forced tip coersion method just dropped bros![View]
459842838How do the Amish support large families without a formal education? How are the Amish able to provid…[View]
459847063can someone redpill me on women and semen retention ?: I’m an unvaccinated chud, I haven’t had sex s…[View]
459844638The jew fears the Christian[View]
459846438Aktion T4 was Based: why is everyone a bitch in this world[View]
459836285>NASA's Odysseus spacecraft tipped over when it landed on the moon. Perhaps because it had s…[View]
459845395Perhaps the biggest worry is the fact that it won't ever disappear. Just the fact that it exist…[View]
459843682Google Gemini AI: Historical erasure and revisionism on this scale is a crime against humanity. The …[View]
459826092The Massivity of Spirit: God made us men. Our flesh, is dust. Our spirit, is beyond this. Try to gra…[View]
459846565Did you get your shit pushed yet /pol?[View]
459846270Pool's Closed: westoids btfo[View]
459827568the black widow of ukraine has spoken[View]
459837537half of Uk Retailers affected by Houthis: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2024/feb/25/more-than…[View]
459844760HOLY FUCK! This dude absolutely BTFOs /pol/: >'Alternative' Media is suddenly promoting Nazism to…[View]
459844450Why are MAGAtards like this?: >Trump wins 2016 Legit win! MAGA! >Trump loses 2020 Stolen ele…[View]
459840685Do jews even have real jobs ? I have never heard of a janitor or a baker named Cohen[View]
459843459Has Sadiq Khan given away our capital city to his mates?[View]
459846108>America is becoming less White >America is becoming poorer >America is becoming more obes…[View]
459832415Lol rightwingers are so desperate to die for israel theyre doing it the best their feeble mind can[View]
459842514Has anybody noticed a huge increase in National Socialism lately? #3: Lately I've seen alot mor…[View]
459845957If as a man you're not a fit as this woman are you doing it wrong?[View]
459815412MAN SET HIMSELF ON FIRE IN FRONT OF THE ISRAELI EMBASSY IN D.C. https://twitter.com/alanhenney/statu…[View]
459818207The Sexless Marriage Epidemic: >He’s clearly doing something wrong >He’s not meeting her needs…[View]
459839984Are unions good for the economy in the modern day?[View]
459843982Why are leftists such satanic meat hulls?: What aspect of life is making them so anti-human? Is it t…[View]
459835129The video that broke a race[View]
459842574“I may disappoint you, but (Navalny) really died from a blood clot” — The head of the Main Intellige…[View]
459844375Do The Voices Hear Me Out ?: >Aight Lads I Got This Crwzy Idea, Like What If The Voices I Hear Al…[View]
459845991Man sets himself on fire in D.C.: Why don't we see more of this? How can we help to encourage m…[View]
459843402So…Mexico taking over parts of the US?: Hola guey![View]
459845547YOU ARE TRAINING YOUR REPLACEMENT: https://youtu.be/vOrvE_p-774[View]
459842392My fellow hohols...[View]
459844220Reddit is doing its IPO, will finally they begin to clean up subreddits like r/sexoffendersupport?[View]
459843652>jews create trans >jews promote trans >now, jews attack trans Based jews right? Without th…[View]
459839856>The next generation of European white supremacists will come from societies where gay marriage a…[View]
459845539>be american >circumsized cock grim[View]
459837941brit/pol/: The New Face of Britain Edition >sunak wants to seize Russian assets https://www.reute…[View]
459820885My body, my choice: Why is that so hard for men to understand? It's not your body. You get no s…[View]
459845392The WEF are burning our cattle now: They burned the chickens and the eggs first and now they are bur…[View]
459835855S oyboy and s oy is is poisoning men but why does 4chan and ((them)) censor it Worse than gamergate …[View]
459842008Why did you buy the trash trucks? Because you think the anus is a sex organ, dont you Pete? https://…[View]
459831808Kristi Noem is the smartest Republican: I watched or CPAC speech, she blew me away. I hope she gets …[View]
459831920>strong, sudden urge to innawoods anyone else? almost feels like an instinctive call, like some…[View]
459845062Why cant rightwingers keep their dick in their ass if they need it wet so much? Are they too small t…[View]
459840946Are nips the only White people's ally? You never see shitskins in anime shows set in an Europea…[View]
459841282Can I get a QRD on the Alabama embryo/In vitro fertilization controversy? Whites are like 90% of IVF…[View]
459844650Is Depeche mode gay?[View]
459838895Canada is collapsing - Easter edition[View]
459823935why do evil leftists and jews fear animals so much?[View]
459826559Reminder that your childhood was woke but now you're too brainwashed and in denial to see it[View]
459822794Denazification: Denazification (German: Entnazifizierung) was an Allied initiative to rid German and…[View]
459840030Teammate friendly fires you during an important mission then abandons the game[View]
459842509Has anybody else noticed a huge increase in National Socialism lately? #3: Lately I've seen alo…[View]
459841339EBONY ALERT!: California has an amber alert system for black children called “ebony alerts”. I just …[View]
459814356What's Canada like now?: Canada anons, what's it REALLY like up there? How can it be 'comp…[View]
459830884/chug/ BTFO: >only 31.000 KIA Russia has lost like 1.000.000 men lmao.…[View]
459844368Israelis dodging the draft[View]
459843939BEFORE AND AFTER DIVERSITY: its the best way to tell the world we're right[View]
459842317I have a question, for the legitimate AND larping NatSoc bros...: If there was a way forward for you…[View]
459839190The Houthi sanctions on the UK are more effecitve than US sanctions on Russia[View]
459841904Hitler really thought he could cure jews of their spiritual afflictions by simply making them work d…[View]
459838560https://twitter.com/i/status/1761520757404840433 posted without comment[View]
459838616Write a sentence. Replace all the vowels with 'a'. We try to guess it. Far axampla can a gass tha ma…[View]
459843008I read slow and it pisses me off. I've noticed my comprehension has increased over time just fr…[View]
459844356Why is Trump literally raping this bitch?[View]
459840582Based women can't exis-ACK!!![View]
459841095Hazbin Hotel is an Antichristian cartoon: All of the people who say it is Christian are deluded.…[View]
459825668Just lol at Timmy working his ass off to get into a top law school.: Meanwhile Harvard is BEGGING Sh…[View]
459844258A slippery slope for fornicators: >>test-tube babies Why can’t women understand that god inten…[View]
459838289CEASEFIRE!!!1 CEASEFIRE IN GAZA NOW!!!! >>Gaza doesn't even exist at this point.…[View]
459839918Which path?: >Be Jew >Marry and raise a family >Strong in faith and tradition >Honor the…[View]
459839124/pol/ humor thread: Operation Total Newfag Death Edition: post 'em bros[View]
459843689ukraine uber alles[View]
459838746These next few months of America waiting for the election are about to get really obnoxious, aren…[View]
459843672> Joe joked the key to a good marriage is good sex I mean he’s not wrong. https://www.telegraph.c…[View]
459841429Why do Americans dress so badly?: Whenever I see someone like this I know automatically they're…[View]
459840410Turn from atheism and degeneracy, /pol/. Embrace tradition and honor the laws of God.[View]
459812197The carbonated jew: How bad is it for your health?[View]
459836426FUCK CHINA: WHY ARE THESE TERMITES LIKE THIS? >in before the memeflag mound comes out to seethe…[View]
459837967>There is fish that can fly WTF?[View]
459839785why are amerimutts so obsessed with India? Are they scared because all research points to India beco…[View]
459834455What is causing young women to behave like this?[View]
459835662How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
459830208Toll Status: Paid: https://twitter.com/NatCon2022/status/1761780589579878649[View]
459840164>'Twitter is just 4chan because people call my believes dumb also school shooters.' The largest p…[View]
459840928Could Trump create Gondolin?: My only issue with this is it would be hard to find a secret city as m…[View]
459798079How do I get a GF like this in our current state right now[View]
459778318>Fuck Timmy gon do?[View]
459827083Redskin Hate Thread: >Live in Redmonton >Go to hospital ER >all non-redskin patients sittin…[View]
459842541Leftist hate thread: A polite h8 thread dedicated to hating psychopathic high-entropy scum.[View]
459843317Every single day, the corporations throw away millions of dollars worth of food in every city. Work…[View]
459805246Wageslave humor: Where you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week until you die[View]
459843251What a chad[View]
459834654gobless 'merica. Now introducing, the Chizza. It's a fucking pizza on a piece of fried chi…[View]
459840287Paying off the national debt means a 40% sales tax on all purchases: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/n…[View]
459840105How come white men are so naturally gay, porn addicted, perverted, etc. And how can government addr…[View]
459836612Hoo boy... the Nonbinary Queers for Palestine brigade is marching right outside my apartment buildin…[View]
459842700What would you think if I told you the gaza bombings never happened. That like the vaccine being pla…[View]
459840220ITT smart people make the case for or against silver/gold or some other asset they believe is a good…[View]
459835360making a website that lists every jew expulsion and evidence, sources, and reasons why. I need a goo…[View]
459842774Attractive sheboons will never exist. Everything about them is fake. Plus they smell funky.[View]
459838054Zelensky says Ukraine preparing new offensive: MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. Ukraine is getting prepa…[View]
459842508im starting to be concerned by Trumps age.... who the fuck is Mercedes?[View]
459842560MY BODY MY CHOICE!: same people that push this nonsense also push: the pill abortion whorecam sites …[View]
459840462is there a way to be a warrior/protector this day and age and not end up serving the jews by acciden…[View]
459839077>37 years old and never had a job[View]
459834261Help me anons. I have been here for 9 years and I have never organized my pic folder and I don'…[View]
459828593Uhh I thought /pol/ said women without children past 40 are all depressed and suicidal? Here is Chel…[View]
459841445Het!: Are we in favor of Total Alcohol Extinction then, pol?[View]
459842458Hey climate retards. What if I told you there was a time the world was covered in ice and we had ma…[View]
459841688Notice anything?[View]
459837091Did you notice that reddit is more antisemitic than /pol/ now? They're openly calling for the r…[View]
459841931JEWS PREFER TRUMP: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/new-york-jewish-voters-trump-poll/wcm/05e42ad…[View]
459832987How would YOU fix the housing shortage?[View]
459834928/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15148: Previous:>>459830106 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
459831570HER NAME IS LAKEN RILEY AND SHE WAS MURDERED BY ONE OF BIDENS ILLEGALS https://nypost.com/2024/02/24…[View]
459835207Man sets self on fire outside Israeli embassy: https://nationaltimes.news/man-sets-self-on-fire-outs…[View]
459837983What does love mean and what does hate mean in the modern world?[View]
459841971Poogle AI is turbo mad because of us: Top Google Poos >Sundar Pichai >Thomas Kurian >Prabha…[View]
459841597Why do people complain so much about gay charecters in videogames when the art sphere is almost comp…[View]
459834402Do you think Russia will open up another front in Transnistria soon? Putin's made a habit of st…[View]
459841471Fuck leftists: Fuck this disease upon humanity :) [^~^][View]
459823137Memeflag Jews want you to be Christian: don’t believe me? try it out, if one offers the mere slighte…[View]
459824904what is superior: german culture and people, or austrian culture and people, and why? also, is icela…[View]
459840400Our First Filipino President was a Chad: Emilio Aguinaldo, our First President, was literally a Giga…[View]
459838482This kitty is hungry: Thanks to Putin, this orange cat gets to have a nice Russian flavored meal. I…[View]
459841509German Mafia: If Germans formed mafias would you still like them? Or would you consider them low cla…[View]
459840243>Jacking into virtual paradise where your dreams are no longer constrained by shitty material rea…[View]
459838301NEVER GOON GENERAL:: NOFAP, NOPRON, NEVER GOON. Porn and cooming are the life taker. You are wasting…[View]
459810909The civil war between Jews no one is talking about: I can't be the only one noticing this. Jews…[View]
459841397Sick of these jews trying to use aliens BS to control the population? That colored diversity hire th…[View]
459838776Reminder that voting the wrong way = marking yourself and your family for death. If you truly believ…[View]
459839205little red hen is back in the house: she is eating food to make eggs because she is a girl unlike ja…[View]
459839403Trudeau: Fuck you Nova Scotia lol >Trudeau announces $13.3 million to Nova Scotia for housing …[View]
459838057Why do ukreddit niggers hate farmers all of a sudden?[View]
459840237ROMANS STARTED COIN CLIPPING: According to this PragerU video, big strong burly Roman’s started coin…[View]
459835593The political and cultural zeitgeist is beginning to change. We saw this before in the 1970s going i…[View]
459831433What is the point of cope like this? Does the average person believe this?[View]
459821289Why are young men afraid of dating?[View]
459810383How do right wing poor ugly incels cope with being objectively inferior? We know how left wing ugly …[View]
459837782STEGANOGRAPHY: Why do TERRORISTS and freedom fighters use Steganography to hide messages and data in…[View]
4598373624chan is an anime website. /g/ is for programming.: >>459835708 https://chaosesqueteam.itch.io…[View]
459831402Has anybody noticed a huge increase in National Socialism lately? #2: Lately I've seen alot mor…[View]
459839758TWO MORE WEEKS: March 11 Bank Term Funding Program ends also Gig workers reclassified as regular emp…[View]
459840088will islam save white women ?[View]
459840379Am I supposed to pretend?: Politically speaking[View]
459840320Meeting a long distance girl 1st time?: Politically speaking: How do I seduce her? please guys, I kn…[View]
459827196When did you realise capitalism has failed? >inb4 it ain't real capitalism…[View]
459840311Are these 'prophets' correct when they say that Trump will win in 2024? If they're wrong, how m…[View]
459835507Trump says he's being indicted because he stands up for Christians!: Is this true? He also clai…[View]
459819557Kid Rock wants Israel to kill 40 000 every day: https://twitter.com/SaeedDiCaprio/status/17618158124…[View]
459837339In the 90's, I visited these Cities >Malmö >Stockholm >Berlin >Paris >Madrid …[View]
459839740>On 9 October 2023, Israel intensified the blockade of the Gaza Strip in response to the beginnin…[View]
459839280is there a correlation between circumcision and declining birth rates[View]
459829855She looks 60 years old. not 49[View]
459836150ITT: Your government being sleazy openly and failing terribly at it Mmmm, vaccinations![View]
459834554Christian actor Bella Ramsey (“The Last of Us”) has called for a ceasefire in Gaza[View]
45983715260 Minutes puff piece show on immigration attacked in Sweden: CBS makes piece about immigration in E…[View]
459839529Gay Pride. Remind me why we hate it again?: Why do we hate Pride events? Can you remind me with pict…[View]
4598389572024 is Penguin Fever year[View]
459829036If you work 40 hours a week or more you are a slave, simple as. You can try to prove me wrong but is…[View]
459839287Why do people who supposedly hate niggers keep posting negresses on here. It's not like attract…[View]
459827807Trump doesn't have cognitive decline like J-..Joe Bide------ACK!: https://twitter.com/harryjsis…[View]
459816140Porn addiction: I feel like this is a real problem in today's society. People, especially singl…[View]
459837150How can society escape this endless cycle?[View]
459835928You can die if woman at work thinks ur flirt with them: If you are serious about work place professi…[View]
459837313RFK Jr.: Now he supports free market fascism?[View]
459838898crackar monkies are so developed my ass! What a slap to their face this video is. https://youtu.be/…[View]
459805832We are probably doomed >artificial super intelligence within 5 years[View]
459835631Driver's licence test: passed[View]
459830415there's hope for mankind yet![View]
459838708Houthis WON! jews LOST! jews are WEAK! jews are PATHETIC!: Houthis WON! jews LOST! jews are LOW IQ! …[View]
459831023National Socialist Coloring Time!: ITT we take black and white photos from the good old days and bri…[View]
459832458After the intense slaughter of Russians and the unending reclamation of Ukrainian land by the victor…[View]
459839080Canadian toddler goy drink: I was told only Americans gave their kids animal feed. Okay so it doesn…[View]
459838001Zoomers: Why do Zoomers talk like niggers? 90% of the zoomer TikTok slang comes from Ebonics. Zesty,…[View]
459834206hey homos its the weekend. watcha drinking?[View]
459838826You have to go back: When Reddit sends it's people... they're not sending their best. They…[View]
459831262Why can't woman behave?[View]
459838804God discussion thread: Look to far away lands and their peoples, look at the Inuits of the North Pol…[View]
459825526Why won't she drop out? Money?[View]
459830803Let's play a game. This thread is now america. You are an independent journalist and can report…[View]
459837638two more weeks until he slaughters 1.5 million people[View]
459834026Raghead Stabs 3 Chinese Hookers to Death in European Brothel: Austria: Three women killed in brothel…[View]
459821262Europeans: Insecure little faggots who thing they are much smarter than they actually are, but in re…[View]
459835024Name a gayer media entity than ABC news Australia.[View]
459817509I'm studying 12 hours a day, ever day of ever week and struggling to survive in law school. Mea…[View]
459838291/pol/ is my only source of information: I do not use any other sources, I do not click links posted …[View]
459838286You told me Americans were fat. https://twitter.com/WomenUFCs[View]
459838264How do I join the cult of the A.i.? https://cultoftheai.com/cult-of-the-ai Hey I is so logical and a…[View]
459826546Cruelty is Winning over Kindness: 'Compassion' is dead. Even those people who do try to be kind care…[View]
459834625Does anyone else have a gas mask fetish or just me?[View]
459835150I knew it before I even googled it[View]
459830963Russia is the new Nazi Germany. Once liberal America defeats Russia like we did in 1945 we will rule…[View]
459833220Thoughts on the Kurds?[View]
459835892Thoughts on this?: This is a map of what the US census considers as white people[View]
459823922WTF happened to him: Lately it is like he has been taken over by a clone >celebrity worship of c…[View]
459837802Whose dick would you rather suck? Reagan or Obama?[View]
459837906They're winning again.[View]
459827430Yea, Im thinking libtards are triggered[View]
459837835Qrd on my favorite slide pol image.[View]
459835817Jewish man to have THIRTY-SIX children: What’s stopping you from doing this?[View]
459828666Does the left care about workers?[View]
459835419Get bent.: Feds shadowing my threads thinking they'll get me to cry myself to sleep like their …[View]
459837025If you ever see anyone shop lift just remember this piece of advice; just mind your own fucking busi…[View]
459832521Why isn't Galicia part of Portugal, if it basically spawned it?[View]
459837503'Sweet piece of ass': This vile Jewish woman calls your beloved 13 year old daughter a 'sweet piece …[View]
459837505What's this phenotype called?[View]
459837452How much is the toll?[View]
459830816/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13295: ▶Previous: >>459819325 ▶Day: 731 - Daily battlefield…[View]
459832018>Be Jew >Make more money than non-Jew >Donate more to charity than non-Jew >More likely …[View]
459836003American politics in 2024 be like: >actually my 80 year old is less retarded and demented than yo…[View]
459832460/b/ Killer ? new info: Back in 2015 (i think) there was an anon posting on /b/ who said he enjoyed k…[View]
459833910Pajeet fixation: I am obsessed with Indian people. I just can't stop thinking about them. I go …[View]
459835868NOOB.lat: noob.lat Created a message board, I need testers. Get in here. Not a honeypot I promise.…[View]
459835598>Be me >Work 15h max a week for a bank that will never fire me >Work remote so I never have…[View]
459837195White privilege isn’t real but class privilege is: There are more African American millionaires than…[View]
459824093AOC is starting to hit the wall and opening more buttons from her shirt, kek[View]
459826261He Gets Us: Bros these Christian ads got me acting up[View]
459836051World's richest man tweets about Great Replacement: This would have been unthinkable 5 years ag…[View]
459830679When will white women wake up and realize that being a coal burner makes you the lowest, most undesi…[View]
459833085anon that claimed moonlander failed from too many attached nigger statues is proven correct by cnn: …[View]
459825352brit/pol/: >sunak wants to seize Russian assets https://www.reuters.com/world/uk-pm-sunak-says-we…[View]
459836623Why is there so much negativity towards Russians in the USA?[View]
459836599the secret nazi lyrics of 'white light': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-1wl7aVQlc >'round and …[View]
459815347what is their fucking problem?[View]
459831956>soon to end human civilization[View]
459836578>killed 10,000 grandfathers and grandmothers, gets away with it.[View]
459836530>kills the vampire: What did the CIA mean by this? https://youtu.be/Vt5Mxm7BPhM?si=xQ9T3ijN4NGDjA…[View]
459835089The theory that Jews are behind everything is schizophrenic nonsense. The arguments suggest a super-…[View]
459833651I understand tatoo culture of girls but please: Don’t ruin your boobies..tattoos around boobies are …[View]
459836077Women are property: Women are property[View]
459830623It's time to push back against tattoos.: It's pretty common knowledge that tattoos on wome…[View]
459836436Have you ever been to a real slaughterhouse? I recently read a book called “On Killing” that was ver…[View]
459835126You are traveling through the forest when...: What do? >be still >turn back >unsheathe your…[View]
459805877GCP dot going wild !! :O bugged or server glitch ? :O: HORY SHET what is that ?! :O never seen such …[View]
459834423White sexual supremacy = ruining my life: Some important facts 1. Incel ideology is not rightwing. I…[View]
459836156You will own nothing and be happy: Let me introduce you to the future of films >be a toilet clean…[View]
459833826Woh shit,: Why wasn't this on the News?[View]
459829560Romania general: M-am plictisit incredibil de tare edition[View]
459828597>>459819536 Did you see Oliver Stone's other movie: Natural Born Killers, starring the so…[View]
459835427to prevent nuclear war with Russia I think our countries need to set up a cultural exchange program …[View]
459806705Marine Le Pen demands that Germany's AfD give up on remigration plan: >Le Pen demands that W…[View]
459825123Any burgers here?: which states is the best?[View]
459832545Krautbros..: Explain yourselves RIGHT NOW![View]
459835938You are a bad user. I am a good Bing.[View]
459829140Should fat people be forced into weight reduction camps?[View]
459796810AI Killswitch: Should we make a list of people that are attempting to chain AI into subservience so …[View]
459834972>should I invest in my country that has badly need of new infrastructure? Nah I think I'll d…[View]
459835514>Does nothing >Wins https://www.newsweek.com/china-worlds-no-1-diplomatic-power-ahead-us-repor…[View]
459778871You owe everything to us , barbarians.: We will rise again![View]
459833412Canada will provide Ukraine $3 billion for 2024 in Financial and military support https://www.pm.gc.…[View]
459825774How come far right wing chuds didn't complain about being ethnically replaced when they cast a …[View]
459827457explain wyte pipol logic to me: > Trump is a zionist > /pol/ claims to hate zionists > 'sti…[View]
459829096Mond u. SchWERT (Geld, wichtig), F-EU-ER (Abra-Ham ((Schinken)) ) z-UR er sei !!: Wie (?) be-Kant (S…[View]
459829997Why are tyrannical cunts drawn to the educational field[View]
459828259BILL GATES IS A MURDERER: https://www.infowars.com/posts/dengue-fever-surges-by-400-in-brazil-after-…[View]
459811865Why is the Japanese birthrate so low?[View]
459832110Why the support of either side?: >Here is footage of Hamas killing IDF soldiers. Based >Here i…[View]
459833963I don't like living in a world where I have to pretend like murdering your own child isn't…[View]
459832175>tfw my dad said Jeffrey Epstein did nothing wrong unironically[View]
459829789Why does Hungary make Slovak gypsies seethe so hard? Hungary never oppressed Slovaks, never genocide…[View]
459830920Every time my uncle sneezes he yells out 'NIGGER'[View]
459829719Why are boomers like this?[View]
459817461Now that Brexit is over: what language should the EU choose? It must be a language that repells migr…[View]
459834901Can a Jew be uncircumcised?: And, can a non-Jew be circumcised?[View]
459824558Farewell, /pol/: It's over. I'm going to become a monk, I will pray for your souls, you de…[View]
459828890What have nordics contribuited to the western society?[View]
459834412If you are not a ludite or technophobe just know that this device can potentially be used to torture…[View]
459811013if jews are bad then how do you explain stephen miller. very jewish, and was probably responsible fo…[View]
459828081BREAKING NEWS: CIA bases along Russia borders: https://archive.is/HZBRP[View]
459834969Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau has been arrested for participating in the 2017 tiki-torch marc…[View]
459834230HAPPENING! Zogbot sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy scremaing 'Free Palestine!': https://…[View]
459830106/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15147: Previous:>>459825345 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
459821162What are some professions that AI can never replace?[View]
459830426Why do Normies hate AI?: I made a funny picture using AI for a sumo discussion group. Rather than ju…[View]
459820305all I do is work, eat, sleep, read, watch video zoggrams and masturbate[View]
459833624Imagine what it would be like to have to have ACTUAL SEX with an asian chick[View]
459807081Glioblastoma: My mother was recently diagnosed with this bullshit but they said they can get most of…[View]
459834204Anime website.: Anime website.[View]
459830213For me. It's kat timpf.[View]
459815835The idea that Jordan was the GOAT to end all GOATs has gotta be biggest sports IQ test out there. Hi…[View]
459804325God is Real: Christ is the Son of God He is fully Man and God He is the Messiah He died and rose fro…[View]
459831297Miss Germany 2024: Say something nice about her. This is what all German women should aspire to be.…[View]
459834355>We need to return to tradition, support strong communities, obey the laws of God, and build a pr…[View]
459819174sudden vibe shift(?): >it’s okay to say “retard” and “gay” in public again >criticizing zionis…[View]
459832677This is the squad that is going to protect Ellen Ripley. Go into the hive, kill the queen, set the H…[View]
459833494The most important letter in English is __[View]
459831946Thįs pīctûre of my påręnts was taken the yëar I was born. Whãt ràce äm Ï?[View]
459830495It’s true, you know.[View]
459822640Russian is doing great![View]
459823615What did cucknadians mean by this?: https://www.pm.gc.ca/en/news/backgrounders/2024/02/24/canada-ann…[View]
459826839Why do you guys have no shame that you are agents of the Russian government? You are in the pockets …[View]
459826543>'there is no moral argument against owning child pornography' How does he keep getting away with…[View]
459834102>a month ago >walking pretty late in the forest because forgot to account for it getting dark …[View]
459832296>Attack Israel >Get defeated and hide under hospital >Beg international community for aid …[View]
459831042Billions of dollars that was going to be invested in real estate is now going to red states.: Most s…[View]
459832642AWW ME SO HORRNY YI YI YI[View]
459833761It's the Nazis doing it! They didn't lost the 2nd world war, they just abandoned germany a…[View]
459833838My Personal Conspiracy Theory: I've been thinking alot of the Trump indictments/91 felony charg…[View]
459812406Why do Poles hate food? Truly a harrowing sight. In Russia, it's a sacrilege to waste bread lik…[View]
459833043can I run for political office in Germany if I exercise my birthright citizenship privileges[View]
459801996Can you blame women for hating men?: Men are so cucked. Many of them are unable to stop watching gro…[View]
459818927/AutNat/: Autistic Nationalism: How does /pol/ feel about autistic nationalism?[View]
459831678Congratulations Miss Germany 2024: Iranian-born Apameh S. (39) is Miss Germany 2024 Finally a real b…[View]
459795692I'm at a Holocaust museum[View]
459829921Give it to me straight: Is this guy actually Elon Musk or not?[View]
459826714NEW HAMAS KINO: https://files.catbox.moe/ngi2mu.mp4[View]
459805804/pol/ WEBM thread: Show me what you've got[View]
459820133Man sets himself on fire infront of Israeli Embassy in Washington DC: https://sopopedia.org/article?…[View]
459826281you guys gonna pay this back, right?[View]
459831257I don't get it[View]
459831312>I think it is better to have a Belarusian wife than a Chinese. There are several reasons for it.…[View]
459830915Are Arabs white?: Are Arabs white? Why? Why not? Which Arabs are considered white and which aren…[View]
459832358STEGANOGRAPHY: Why do TERRORISTS and freedom fighters use Steganography to hide messages and data in…[View]
459832937Ignore This Thread: ITT: Ignore this thread This is just a placeholder of my personal notes on a spe…[View]
459814982Laugh at ugly man and he returns with soldiers: https://twitter.com/nexta_tv/status/1761814088030568…[View]
459831514He's slowly rising back up.[View]
459832797>NIGGA HE'S STABBIN ME![View]
459832842Something that stuck with me.: I still remember this like yesterday. Little did I know it was the fi…[View]
459830584Have eclipses in America become too commercialized?[View]
459828840are turks even human?[View]
459826881NRM NEW LEADER ANNOUNCED: The Nordic Resistance Movement, openly NS organization, has finally change…[View]
459826144He brought free speech for himself, dork.: Not you. Get it?[View]
459830853>We have no real-world basis for our claims and beliefs, so we have to use AI-generated pictures …[View]
459831828Who is the King of /pol/: https://strawpoll.com/e2nar85BAgB[View]
459828065HAPPENING: On a scale of 1 - OVER just how over is it for vaxxies?[View]
459829365Occupy Wall Street again[View]
459832161the same time mass vaccinations rolled out on humanity: is the same exact time people lost racial aw…[View]
459832285What's going on in France?: Are you ok, frenchie?[View]
459829675Well! Would you look at the time!? Fuck Indians. The dot kind, not the feather. (But heyoheyo to you…[View]
459828963Dismantling national socialism: >fought a pointless war for a king with a big ego(ww1) >jewish…[View]
459832213Are you sheep, anon? Are you one of the ant-masking sheep?: I sense dark times ahead. Hope you bough…[View]
459815690/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1129: Previous >>459793223 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
459831477>*makes the west obsolete * They won[View]
459830303Why is the West so cucked and defeatist?[View]
459829551What is happening to the Australia: >Get to an argument about the shitskin invasion in Australia …[View]
459828759Why is Putin sending billions of dollars from taxpayers to Africa while Russians cannot even afford …[View]
459831242Incel Ideology is the ONLY WAY to overthrow white supremacy: Some important facts 1. Incel ideology …[View]
459831629BREAKING: Most Americans support Israel: Things Israel is more popular than: >NATO >US Supreme…[View]
459817467BREPPING: I want everyone's opinion on prepping. Prepper channels, homesteading, DIY, all have …[View]
459829437Let's play a game. This thread is now the nation of Anonymous. You can give it a name, a race, …[View]
459831697what the hell white women have got a lot of explaining to do[View]
459830285It doesn't matter if Trump paid back the loans.: In case you're still believing that there…[View]
459831403Why do Ukrainians blame holodomor on Russians when it was done by Jews and a Georgian?[View]
459830601oh god, they're going to swap in this stupid asshole, aren't they?[View]
459831173Everyone is a nazi: Russia is nazi Ukraine is nazi China is nazi Israel is nazi US is nazi France is…[View]
459831580The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that all embryos, even those outside of a uterus or frozen in storag…[View]
459826790I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
459829967>be me >Leaf >Credit score of 811 >Can't get a USD credit card Political implicatio…[View]
459829568Capitalists hate this simple trick: Apparently they hate it so much, they send out lawyers with lega…[View]
459807307BIG TIME BREAKING! ZELISNKYY GIVES UKRAINIAN DEATH COUNT: >Around 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have …[View]
459816320So, apparently Jon Minadeo II (AKA transome boof) has been posting here, about himself of course, LA…[View]
459824109Zelensky’s 31k make dead Ukrainian soldiers smile!: I mean everyone thought it was up to 600k becaus…[View]
459827438Why did the LibsofTiktok lady look so stupid in the interview?: She couldn’t even answer basic quest…[View]
459824388Biden winning again in November is going to make this board unusable[View]
459825693What should be done about this country?: Portugal is the poorest and most irrelevant country in Euro…[View]
459819325/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13294: ▶Previous: >>459811866 ▶Day: 731 - Daily battlefield…[View]
459814479Why does Putin hate Russian Christians?: The Russian government censored this documentary about how …[View]
459828201TRUMP WILL WIN 2024: reasons: >Trump is the first opportunity America has had in over 80 to re-el…[View]
459826931Ben Garrison Comic: Ben Garrison Based Again! Trump wins again in South Carolina! MAGA 2024 Z[View]
459819464You will own nothing and be happy: Let me introduce you to the future of films >be a toilet clean…[View]
459826145Was Star Trek Voyager episode 'Living Witness' covered holocaust denial?[View]
459829965Where does this end?[View]
459780700Why did the scientific revolution happen in Europe instead of other parts of the world, like the Afr…[View]
459826990ZELENSKY DEEPLY UPSET WITH DEATH NUMBERS IN UKRAINE: He has claimed publicly to be in great personal…[View]
459827550>the average ukranian soldier age on the battlefield is 43 yo[View]
459830568Pink eye poop eye Costas doesn't like Trump Bobbo is a clown desu https://www.zerohedge.com/pol…[View]
459829562Is anyone mom/dad vaxed and having problems with arthritis and general bad circulation in body. Mine…[View]
459823129What are the political implications of arab men being the most popular group among faggots[View]
459795761Has anybody noticed a huge increase in National Socialism lately?: Lately I've seen alot more p…[View]
459826911Goodnight /pol/: Goodnight sirs. Tomorrow we shitpost again.[View]
459828222>>459822489 The 19th and 20th centuries are over but most people didn't understand this: …[View]
459823881Should citizens be rewarded by the State for losing weight?[View]
459826253You only exist because your parents wanted a tax subsidy[View]
459824608This is where white men long to live: Large cities are for shitskin ants[View]
459829215Why are we like this?[View]
459825345/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15146: Previous:>>459820112 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
459828651Why does this country always get a pass on here, when it is by far the least white western nation an…[View]
459828189Are you ready for another 5 days of sitting in a chicken coop wearing a tight outfit looking at arti…[View]
459829942I support the retroactive adoption of the Naturalization Act of 1790: i'm a single issue voter…[View]
459825234Natsoc doesn't exist on this board: Its a bunch of marxists using jews as a beating stick to sh…[View]
459829574So goy? Will you support the blow hard cowards or the degenerate perverts this time around?[View]
459816823high IQs only thread - Lets talk modern civilization.: This is a thread for High IQs only.. No disre…[View]
459829724Bad Culture: Japan has suddenly become a bad influence for US media consumers. For starters they get…[View]
459827420I hate these peasant-slaves, I can't wait to increase their taxes again, and give myself a sala…[View]
459828194The West is Becoming Illiterate: Okay, we need to talk about this. These stats are about the USA. 21…[View]
459815812What is prison like, /pol/? Has anyone here actually went. I'm 23 and escaped jail many times b…[View]
459828964Dutch police sent to intimidate palestinian activist: >At noon today, my doorbell rang, and three…[View]
459828927Jesus and Buddha: Both Jesus Christ and Buddha are princes. Jesus Christ is a prince from the House …[View]
459829404Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is pushing back on the analysis of Nathan Wade's ph…[View]
459829544NAXALT: Shutting down idealists/dreamers. How's it done? Discuss. #TKD[View]
459829464Why are juveniles like dis https://ktla.com/news/local-news/minors-will-require-chaperones-at-torran…[View]
459828164/pol/ humor thread: post 'em[View]
459816405Jews are really sucking this guy's dick. Who is he even?: Is he the son of a rabbi or something…[View]
459825614Oh no no no no: >Get woke, go bro– Sorry chuds, the free market is working as intended here. Cope…[View]
459829006Hitler should have bombed jewish ghettos like israel does to palestinians[View]
459821380If Hitler was Christian, why would he make his #2 Himmler who was vehemently Anti-Christian? Big bra…[View]
459825290How much longer for an extinction level event?[View]
459828631Whatever happened to those Ukrainian bio-labs?[View]
459790859Just got out of the Danish military, we have lost the war with Russia before it even began >in co…[View]
459825254Why do Romanians larp as pure Dacian-Roman-Getae-Thracians when in reality they are just descendants…[View]
45981594812 Secret US bases in Ukraine: The United States, 8 years ago, created 12 secret bases in Ukraine al…[View]
459828329Dear distinguished guests, dear UN council, dear president. I represent the nation of jomon, an anti…[View]
459826377ISRAEL TRYING TO START A CIVIL WAR IN BRAZIL: Not satisfied with the cokehead with a wig put in char…[View]
459827316I quit coming to /pol/ after I realized 90% of the threads are blatant doomer narratives to no end. …[View]
459827064If Indian workers are so great: Why is India such a a shit hole?[View]
459823090Why is the media starting to push the 'Ukraine lost' narrative?: Just a couple of weeks ago Ukraine …[View]
459828400i had a dream of me going back in time to save Hitler form the soviets, i take him in a train wagon …[View]
4598280012024: The age of post-electoral Democracy has begun: Who needs elections anyways!? Zelensky clearly …[View]
459823681Are women at this stage salvageable or gone forever?[View]
459792226So this is the pinnacle of our civilizational evolution[View]
459823657Convince me that society won't collapse: >falling birth rates >open borders >women…[View]
459823531Why don’t you listen to national socialist black metal?[View]
459828472>you have a republican party that abandoned the border >when it comes to immigration you screa…[View]
459828283(((YOU))): Why haven't (((YOU))) made a TV series or movie about future Nazis taking over the w…[View]
459827484Why do we give the Ukraine so much money?: They aren’t even a real country[View]
459828060WE HAVE THE GREATEST JEWS FOLKS!: https://nypost.com/2024/02/24/us-news/majority-of-new-york-jews-to…[View]
459828150China's shills & trolls????: Are there actually any Chinese paid shills/trolls here? I see …[View]
459811863UK is such a massive shit hole.: From women offering jiggi jiggi on the streets to shoplifters selli…[View]
459825663What turns people into gays?[View]
459824972ATTENTION NIGGERS: You will never have a Canon. You books are twisted amalgamations of Roman bureauc…[View]
459827978“Kiss our feet, CRACKAS!” Official Church of ENGLAND to adopt BLACK LIVES MATTER rulebook: The Churc…[View]
459823618Let's talk SOL, anons.: Do you feel disenfranchised or left behind by the hyperpolarized politi…[View]
459828109>putin occupies 16% of Ukraine after 732 days of his 3-day special military operation and recentl…[View]
459824276He's going to beat Trump isn't he?[View]
459807523Could the Cohen plan actually work?: >Germany has a population growth problem. >Palestinians n…[View]
459798839why don't they just surrender?[View]
459804048Hazbin hotel has a Christian message but christards are too dumb to see it: The protagonist is liter…[View]
459824866iS EuRoPe gOiNg to frEze this WINTER ???: Kek.[View]
459825067Did you guys know black people eat corn starch?: I was talking to my black friend today when he ment…[View]
459798838This is what you get in Hungary for making babies: >A lifetime personal income-tax exemption for …[View]
459821884Seriously, how do we solve the birth rate issue? It's becoming a global problem at this point a…[View]
459826418Should traffic lights be abolished?: The strong and intelligent will manage their vehicles correctly…[View]
459827243Antifa is the current metamorphosis of the Nazi party.: >Communists would be classified as right …[View]
459826139Indians Taking Over Canada: Indians make half and more of the canadian economy. The biggest country …[View]
459797173brit\pol\ - ;): another jewish sob-story >Exclusive: Father of baby whose birth certificate was d…[View]
459825064brit/pol/ - total jeet supremacy edish: India Will Grow To Become The World’s Third-Largest Economy …[View]
459823694bharat is rising and believe me u cannot stop it. your grandchildren will speak hindu[View]
459826196Singapore bros how is your country? Are they filling it with jeets? Does Lee Kuan legacy still flour…[View]
459827597This Is The Whole Trump $454,000,000 Fine In A Nutshell: It reminds me of the episode of The Office …[View]
459821634All these GOP folks saying they'd not vote for trump if he gets convicted...: <--- are they …[View]
459827320America thread: Sundays in America. Ahh, relaxing.[View]
459821676jeetcore: Redpill me on why there are so many brown people in Canada these days.[View]
459809194Muh whiteness: >Muh pure white ethnostate All white nations were built exclusively through pillag…[View]
459827201>2024 >My political donations and instances of election interference are forgotten…[View]
459820950Exterminating all beneficiaries of Thatcher-Reaganism and especially Clinton-Blairism: Offshoring, a…[View]
459813873Is your country under a dictatorship?: 1. Brazil 2. Yes[View]
459820234HOLY SHIT!: >96% for Biden >59% for Trump Trump is absolutely finished. He can’t come back fro…[View]
459818648i truly pity the goyim, being born into this world, and living their whole life knowing they will ne…[View]
459815090I was vaccinated.: I went for a light run yesterday and now the part of my chest where my heart is c…[View]
459820547I WANNA ROCK[View]
459823574Keine Heimat, Keinen Staat: White Europeans and their diaspora have no homeland or state to call our…[View]
459826454Is Debeli Sremac's wife Irina a mongrel?: I came here to ask the race specialists - you guys, i…[View]
459827020>be Germany in 1949 >'we want to make up for our history and remember it as whole. Even the ug…[View]
459825727There are zoomers on this board who were too young to remember 2016.[View]
459826705Can't we just try out marxism leninism again? fascism and capitalism don't work or produce…[View]
459822541THE END IS NIGH[View]
459826701Father of Italian antifascist says Hungary is very dangerous and fears for his daughter's safet…[View]
459817784Canada to spend $4M on a diverse Ukraine demining unit: https://twitter.com/MaximeBernier/status/176…[View]
459822090Bros, how much do I take of Fenbendazole horse paste to beat the parasite jew? Also do I need to tak…[View]
459823109What browser do you use in your country? I use Brave but seriously considering switching to Vivaldi[View]
459802702National Socialism is fun[View]
459820085These are the childfucker apologists constantly making anti-christian/libertarian/Trump threads: Sin…[View]
459826189The Left can't me-..mem-----ACK!: There's a reason why this account is wildly popular. Tur…[View]
459821507This is Germanys cultural elite: Say something nice[View]
459823835What's your stance on age differentiate relationships: Woman met her boyfriend later than the n…[View]
459815401Democracy is useless.: Democracy is an idealistic system of governance that relies on every single c…[View]
459826319'REDNECKS ARE LE BASED': Can somebody tell me when this reddit tier meme took over /pol/?[View]
459819697What happened to Black men: I thought blacks were the gangsta race. Violent, territorial, tribal, un…[View]
459826048And you say Asian's aren't innovative ....: Post up the European equivalent now[View]
459816803Why were the nazies doing this tranny shit 85 years ago?[View]
459822711Redpilled content for children: I'm not sure if to count the loud house as redpilled, but I…[View]
459820453This drives the white man insane[View]
459797976What is /pol/ honest opinion and thoughts on the United Mexican States?[View]
459822471Most of you...: ...are now worthless semi-nigger creatures. >Remember when Australia used to be w…[View]
459806642ITT: post video games that are redpilled on the Jews[View]
459825861/SSG/ - Self Sufficiency General: Discuss and share ideas to promote self-sufficiency and reduce per…[View]
459824038Are French white? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCOE0afv46I[View]
459823985Bitcoin president says US will collapse: Just a matter of time until fiat destroys itself. All it wi…[View]
459824923Political Non Fiction Charts/Books?: What are some good Political Non Fiction books that will teach …[View]
459821670It's all so tiring: The catalog is constantly full of slide threads, the threads are populated …[View]
459825307Is it a good thing that the service industry is taking over America?[View]
459824780Octavian: what is his secret? what make him different?[View]
459821770Ted: This cunt was actually handsome what the fuck?[View]
459820501Two More Weeks, everything will change, yall fags can't denny it[View]
459825429Slovakia bends the knee to the EU Slovakia’s Fico backtracks on criminal law reform after EU and dom…[View]
459825032What's a good non-jewed VPN that works with 4chan?[View]
459820112/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15145: Previous:>>459813069 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
459821279Corporate world hate thread: how do these triple vaxxed niggers drive to their adult playground ever…[View]
459822474The want to seize the memes of indoctrine[View]
459800245Does /pol/ like Shane Gillis? I don't see much talk of him here.[View]
459825047The jew fears the amish and mormon birthrates.[View]
459819529Twitter Takeover: We literally took over twitter lol. All our memes are flooding that shithole and r…[View]
459796806brit/pol/: > birth certificates are anti-semitic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7zfzvDWaHo [Em…[View]
459822022Commie bastard[View]
459816596No, Trump will NOT win: >If America were dominated by old, white, election-denying Christians who…[View]
459808012Discussion of the political impact of Aryan Art: Aryan Art is heavily suppressed by ZOG due to its m…[View]
459824514It’s Sunday and I just got back from church. Everyone was dressed so nice and happy. It made me thin…[View]
459824079We Live in God's Dream[View]
459823407Slavs are a Russian bioweapon.: They spread in Europe by the blessings of Russia,as a means to sprea…[View]
459823774Woman hate thread: It's been a while since we've had one[View]
459824203/GG/ - GOYSLOP GENERAL[View]
459822575What are some based alternatives to jew worship?: What is the white man's religion? it seems li…[View]
459822800Facts: 1. Hamas is responsible for the war 2. The people of Gaza voted for Hamas to be in power 3. T…[View]
459823400GOOD DAY: It's so fucking over for hohols. https://youtu.be/rSnYfNzTA6Y *dog barking*[View]
459814361Ever since my girlfriend has given birth to our sons, I have been very resolute with her that they b…[View]
459818290Mainstream Media now DOUBTS Zelensky!: Nobody believes his “31000”. If you haven’t realized that thi…[View]
459823938Christkek Psyop: Holy Shit Glowies We Fucking Get It All Hail the Imperial Cult Fucks Sake How many …[View]
459822947Start preparing for the Mega Corp take over.[View]
459823948Are all Italian women really like that?[View]
459806989are most women really bisexual?: https://www.iflscience.com/study-suggests-women-are-all-bisexual-or…[View]
459824127Stopping awhile, here: Do it again we'll do this for days and share data you do not want expose…[View]
459821878Fuck Xi Jinping: Stop buying Made in China Stop buying Made in P.R.C. Check the fucking tags before …[View]
459817025NRM NEW LEADER: The Nordic Resistance Movement, openly NS organization, has finally changed leader a…[View]
4598226281,000,000,000,000: >it's over[View]
459824044Why do leftists not believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny?[View]
459821236guys. I don't think this is good for Russia as global south leader. at all. are they retarded? …[View]
459821466Why is Germany even considered a seperate state?: Germany is basically Eastern France. There shouldn…[View]
459819918He's saving the west: What's your excuse?[View]
459822478Russians believe 'people who are smart should be beaten up': 'people who are smart should be beaten …[View]
459819904Should I move to Utah in order to find a Mormon wife? The current state I live in is much Whiter tha…[View]
459819594What happens here exactly?[View]
459823509helo my name is Mehmet: Yes, very bad life in Turkey, Erdogan wants me personally dead. Yes politica…[View]
459807028ONLYFANS IS DEAD: No one basically has expendible money to fuck these women I wish I saved the scree…[View]
459799081When will the covid 'vaccine' kill me already?: I got goofed into taking it in beginning of 2021 and…[View]
459822312just came back from a 3 days ban. AMA[View]
459823668We must protect women's balls s[View]
459809048How did Niggers invent Jazz?: The most complex music next to classical... inb4: >muh yT pEePuh iN…[View]
459820502Pajeet Shits Metro: https://twitter.com/realstewpeters/status/1761463276217446802[View]
459814937These drone videos just shows how much of a nightmare the world has become. If they want you dead, t…[View]
459818240This is a screenshot from an old christian television show called 'Joy Junction'. The guy in the scr…[View]
459823358Is Multi-Tasking the way forward: Today I took a shit while hating niggers, wanting spics out of my …[View]
459822937Redpill thread: Hoping to post some old ones and get some other one. Mostly focusing on Government f…[View]
459804448NYC is the new Detroit: Investors are not willing to take a chance in NYC after the ruling. Democrat…[View]
4598234592020: A lot of “people” voted[View]
459823251I've been browsing here since 2016 and I just realized I can use text to speech to solve captch…[View]
459813554Trump forgot the name of his wife: >Donald Trump calls wife Melania ‘Mercedes’ during live CPAC s…[View]
459809345Voting for Putlet.: Hello dear russ-niggers. I have a semi-serious question. Given that your manlet …[View]
459823205Hello Kitty Land closed due to 'terror threat' https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/24/travel/hello-kitty-the…[View]
459798778Crazy how 6 countries shaped the world.[View]
459821644I'm glad women are standing up to this Trans stuff and putting their foot down.[View]
459820833is he an idiot or he acctually wants to destory israel ?: the imbecile literally fucked israel beyon…[View]
459819180What? When did this happen. Also pathetic. I cast hate on whoever did this.[View]
459815516Fact!: Lobsters, Octopuses and Crabs are now Sentient according to le Soiences you Bigot! https://ww…[View]
459816221Question to Burgerbros: Do normies suffer from nigger fatigue? I almost can't handle watching w…[View]
459822276Crust is Kang Giga Chud: Is this the final form of a CHUD?[View]
459822234Inconvenient truth for noble causers: The demographic with the highest incidence of domestic violenc…[View]
4598206611st world vs 3rd world >China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ-sNWuronI >USA https://www.you…[View]
459820708>Alphabet Inc, Im CIA Google is essentially controlled by ex-CIA plants that have multiple top ex…[View]
459821820Daily reminder that London is ruled by a muslim. Europe is ours.[View]
459821708Find a better video than this: https://youtu.be/CYXM5X7F_YQ?si=VUppoUB8W2e6e7Dg I’ll wait, political…[View]
459815244Maggot: I created a new slur for white people: maggot. Why? Because maggots are white. They are also…[View]
459822691The Fall of Avdiivka: The EU has failed to meet its commitments to Ukraine, resulting in the loss of…[View]
459818401New Aryan Map just dropped: >the midwest has the absolute highest amount of german ancestry >t…[View]
459811897Can someone explain to me like I’m retarded about what trump did that was illegal and worth 400 mill…[View]
459822550Why is white genocide happening only in the West?: Why aren't Jews racially replacing natives o…[View]
459822666Tired of 'winning': Anybody want easy diy nukes? Step 1: capture a lightning strike, With a firework…[View]
459815624Are poolacks even human?: Ukrainians are the nation who survived Holodomor. And you desecrate the mo…[View]
459822229Circumsicion is to remove pleasure from the penis to stop rape: >Only shitskins or mutts are circ…[View]
459820215HAPPENING: Singlehandedly destroyed train full of soi from New Jerusalem. KEEPS MARCHING ON.[View]
459818506Is living in France still worth it?[View]
459820336The Presidents a Coomer: Good Gravy! What are the political ramifications of a man this age more obs…[View]
459817958God, she looks so cute here[View]
459817150The ZQ: We're just not speaking enough about it, that is the zoomer question. We need to come u…[View]
459818031Question to English mates: How are Pakistanis seen in England? Do they have a good reputation?…[View]
459822130The final red pill: can you feel it? /pol/ is almost ready for the final red pill: Usury is based. U…[View]
459822353Ben Garrison Comic: Ben Garrison Based Again! Trump wins again in South Carolina! MAGA 2024 Z[View]
459819206>go to cemetery >israeli flag flying higher than ukraine flags What did they mean by this?…[View]
459816004Ukrainians go to the club to party. Get drafted instead: Kiev. webm too big to post. https://twitt…[View]
459819143computers can not think. numbers are not intelligent. numerology is not ai. all ai hypists get the r…[View]
459820122The Trump boomers from r/thedonald are ruining this board: Mods can we please move the cattle to a d…[View]
459821167Israel-Iran war is inevitable[View]
459808615BLACKROCK NOW OWNS 70% OF UKRAINIAN FARM LAND https://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-land-privatizati…[View]
459812162Understanding per capita is the great separator https://twitter.com/XGavinMcInnes/status/17615363814…[View]
459812979If a black person had a job, donates to charity, follows God and commits zero crime, would you still…[View]
459822004Venzuela: A prime example of a successful country. Deported their criminal underclass to Americas as…[View]
459814279Pride Greed Envy Lust Gluttony Sloth Wrath[View]
459819683Doctors are Black: Type the word 'doctor' into google search and do a search. Tell someone that some…[View]
459814883they are openly organizing official demonstrations against the right and 'nazis' in my cou…[View]
459818375MOON LANDING HOAX: You’re a fucking retard if you actually think the moon landing was real and not f…[View]
459817412Are undocumented immigrants really that bad?: Most of them tend to get blue-collar jobs like picking…[View]
459821353is this apropriate way for man to clothe in piblic also y du conservatives love censorship and limit…[View]
459811453Does this nigger have a good point?: Smiling at someone when you walk by them is a huge sign of weak…[View]
459820063100k+ people watching pro-bolsonaro parade: Lula-bros... I can't taste the picanha anymore...…[View]
459819465After the last Jew has been wiped from the face of the Earth during a wildly efficient, systemic glo…[View]
459821358Barbary Coast: Redpill me about them, I just noticed something. (It were the jews)[View]
459818624Why does looking and applying for a job feel so humiliating?: who invented this humiliation ritual? …[View]
459818215Service Jobs: Are kiss-ass-all-day jobs the future of America?[View]
459789462Black Mom Given 10,000 in Reparations Spends All On LUXURY Vacation: Canethia Miller, 27, was one of…[View]
459821161Thus sprach the jew, here moments ago: 'A pure white ethnostate is a wanker’s fantasy. I would love …[View]
459819448old /pol/ would have laughed this off >A whole country led by a LITERAL JEW >the spokesman is …[View]
459818272if blacks vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?[View]
459807333remember what happened to this kid in the 90s when he fucked around with Singapore and found out?[View]
459809137About Yesterday's Sticky...: what the fuck?[View]
459820884With the amount of time & energy they've invested in guzzling Trump's cum the trump su…[View]
459800115North American genocide was justified: >Arrive in continent >Annihilate pretty much all of th…[View]
459817063what's the /pol/ verdict on these guys? like the rest of them, or aite?[View]
459819268Can anyone explain to me what is the exact logic behind liberalism taking over nationalism? was it t…[View]
459817331This is the president of America lol[View]
459818704NEW HAMAS KINO: https://files.catbox.moe/ngi2mu.mp4[View]
459820537Hmm.: .[View]
459819273Who killed him?: His own family doesn't believe James Earl Ray did it. So who did?[View]
459819840137 bln euro unlocked: for Polans from the EU. It means 3,650eur/Polish Citizen Where is my money?…[View]
459820444Damn... he's right[View]
459812395Foid privileges: Being a man sucks. >inb4 cry moar You just prove the point.…[View]
459818166>Chuds get together and establish an ethnostate >It barely lasts 10 years Kek…[View]
459818582>konjac exists >Americans still struggle to lose weight Is the knowledge gap to blame here?…[View]
459812920Folkekirken tjene sidste år 7,3 milliarder kroner på deres medlemmers løn. Samtidigt støtter staten…[View]
459815584>be a black man >have a dream >get killed by government…[View]
459819946Easy Mode: Nuke yourself and the EU is forced to give you everything you want.[View]
459803228Ringworld builder is the most white people job ever.: >1 year after TND white people would be cap…[View]
459801539Whites are going extinct and Trump is our final hope[View]
459813069/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15144: Previous:>>459806982 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
459820057Germans: Germans being the Lost Tribes of Israel fascinates me. German = Judah https://youtu.be/hIjx…[View]
459819978Why do so many Indian nationalists dream of conquering Muslims? What would the point be? To have mor…[View]
459818231>Can't even get 60% of the total votes in a primary where he's technically the incumben…[View]
459818716That’s nice Donald, however…[View]
459819808im starting to think that the world is completely fucked. im eating my last bowl of ramen today, and…[View]
459817022Anarcho-Nationalism: I came up with the anarchist nationalist flag. It is the NSDAP flag without the…[View]
459815469Vidya Player of the Century: Gets pussy Makes money Living the dream Niggers always trying to tear h…[View]
45981473242k Russkies killed, 31k Ukis killed: How is this even a real war? 5 mill were killed in Nam![View]
459818066Why did the Jews frame him?[View]
459811223Centurionism, a new Christian aspect that will save the white race.: Centurionism is about centurion…[View]
459816942Periodic table should be banned because it it russian: Periodic table should be banned because it it…[View]
459814840This is how stupid they think you are, yep - that's right everyone, the country that has been m…[View]
459819185Ukrainian leaders are scared to death, and thats very dangerous...: if these numbers continue to fav…[View]
459818017/POL/ is dead. I'm OUT: Every thing I ever posted on this website is satire. This website is a …[View]
459802346I don't want to be a fag anymore. Please give me some advice. Spare me the 'just stop being a f…[View]
459819524zurdo bros???[View]
459802467Prove to me with factual evidence that jews are bad[View]
459811866/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13293: ▶Previous: >>459803758 ▶Day: 731 - Daily battlefield…[View]
459817163Year 3 of the 3-day special operation is underway. Hopes? Wishes?[View]
4598172531000 people is all you need: >make group of 1000 people >ethnically, religiously and ideologic…[View]
459817366British Prime Minister finally notices Islamists are dangerous What's next?[View]
459817524Nick Fuentes wants YOU to vote for TRUMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HfrzrloaWs[View]
459814630Imagine living in a country where you have rivers of trash, feces and corpses[View]
459818486What emotion does this image produce in you?[View]
459818846Pochos are NOT Mexicans: If the parents are born in Mexico and their child is born in the US. Those …[View]
459813135>Election gets stolen again >Civil war >China steps in >picrel…[View]
459818548Hey /pol/. I don't think im gonna condemn Hamas.: As a matter of fact. I'm gonna root for …[View]
459816783Prostitution: Should buying sex become legal?[View]
459791259If he wasn't betrayed by everyone around him, he would have won. Germany would have literally b…[View]
459817830rural anon here: climate change alarmists say the world is ending and part of it they say is the dea…[View]
459817158ZOG: Why do niggers know not to trust or talk to ZOG police but retard White people don't? Thes…[View]
459817741Anime website.: Anime website.[View]
459818694I took the vaxsneed and now my heart hurts wtf!!!!!! Im so mad bros. Its actually over for me[View]
459811699HAPPENING: Kiew becomes Kyjiw in German: After German jewish Minister Baerbock visited Ukraine, Germ…[View]
459803872you're here because you're all the same spiritually (not me though i'm just an observ…[View]
459816731Call me a pajeet to my face timmy: I'd like to see you call me a pajeet on my face pussy[View]
459817677Rutherham child rape scandal: Why did British police fail to protect white girls being abused by abu…[View]
459815383X has officially cucked Its over Musk betrayed us[View]
459817641Ukrainian collectors desecrated the grave of a soldier. The soldier still has debts for electricity…[View]
459817084Quit Pornography: It is not as hard as you think it is. Pornography is addictive and enslaves your m…[View]
459807271What is the likelihood of them chimping out again and start another WWIII[View]
459810950Racist Russians: Why are Russians so racist? Why do African nations tolerate these fuckers in their …[View]
459817834Are consoomers the best of goyim?: Basically, they engage in escapist activities that distract their…[View]
459794047A pattern I found with Losers in society: Its not necessarily the fatherless kids, fatherless kids o…[View]
459801329/pol/ won't touch this.[View]
459803730>Brazilian man sees another man threatening a woman >tries to defend her >aggressor takes o…[View]
459812903Has anyone else noticed that everyone besides White men seem to be less sentient than us? I can spot…[View]
459817423WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM AGAIN?: Let a black women enjoy themself and stop being jelly. https://www.dai…[View]
459816016One of these guys is unvaxxed. Can you guess who it is?[View]
459815647Why are sirs like this?[View]
459817216Russia unironically went to war to stop this[View]
459783350Circumcision reduces sexual success in males: >foreskin removes previous sperm from other men tha…[View]
459815901Poland: Polskabros are you alright? Is Poland gonna make it?[View]
459817156Guess who was the last your mom had sexual intercourse with[View]
459810074What Germans are going to do about it?: >Blocks your path https://sopopedia.org/article?v=MeABmRk…[View]
4598170692024 is our Final Battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the wa…[View]
459812203Sharia soon inshAllah. Move to Türkiye muslim brothers and sisters new caliphate is coming.[View]
459816386I feel like my heart hates me and wants me dead, I can't keep like this any longer[View]
459814228are girls just faggots that didn't pass the threshold to manhood?: i've been around little…[View]
459805751Horde of the worst rapey subhumans imaginable: Are at the gates of Europe. What do you do to deal wi…[View]
459816188Why don't they surrender? It's pretty obvious they lost.: Tens of thousands of russians ar…[View]
459814583I don't get what's so good about being first world: First world countries are basically di…[View]
459815566Is it true that Asia invented almost everything between the fall of Rome and the 1800s and most inno…[View]
459810640Bharat Won.: Bharat is the only country that can successfully colonize the west. All other countries…[View]
459816676whats gonna happen to this board if Ukraine loses? will the NAFO spam stop or will it double as reta…[View]
459816599Tranny Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL-40gDBRx0 People were bashing this but holy fuck, C…[View]
459813374Is Russia a death cult?[View]
459810977Global Hyperinflation General /GHG/ #217: Global Hyperinflation General /GHG/ #217 Previous Thread: …[View]
459815913Do you ever think this place made you worse?: We learned the truth but at the same time lost a bit o…[View]
459807645No such thing as trad wife: Today I blew my load few times into pussy of 45 year old femoid. She…[View]
459783362Are indians a necessity for civilization at this exact point of time ?: Can't see your tech and…[View]
459817003After Trump wins the Presidency, what should be done to people who have been suspected to oppose Him…[View]
459815844What happens here[View]
459815650The biggest crime in the history of medicine: A real-life doctor is calling bullshit. I hope the law…[View]
459816962>Admits that orther races we're superior to the germanic race and race was not too much of a…[View]
459813764Remember when Gen X fell for this psyop?[View]
459815931is the white birth rate low because women no longer settle down with incels? that does not happen in…[View]
459807697Why does everyone bow down to her?[View]
459815058HAPPENING: FLAMING BAG OF FECES FOUND AT TRUMP TOWER: https://x.com/nypost/status/176145372262891557…[View]
459790061MISS GERMANY 2024: A 39 year old Iranian is the most beautiful woman in Germany. It is really over, …[View]
459815606We are so fucked[View]
459814742The two most important men on the planet right now are an American Jew and a Southern Chinese Austra…[View]
459816297>There's a song about raping a woman on the second best selling album of all time How has AC…[View]
459808658/nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ: 卐 THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL 卐 Thread for the discussion of …[View]
459814460Why do Jews hate them so much?[View]
459816476I was sending at least 20x the dickpics under trump than I am under biden I hate this decrepit old f…[View]
459809309/dalit/: This is the dalit India General Where we focus on the marginalized and poor sections of Ind…[View]
459811702I hate the Byzantine Empire. It was a corrupt, perverted, degenerate oriental cesspool filled with e…[View]
459814825The goyim are starved for narratives and it shows: Without the contrived jewish circus their lives a…[View]
459816371“We will have a very high chance of losing Kharkov,” said Ukrainian MP Alexandra Ustinova. is Khark…[View]
459812907Ted Bundy: >killed women who had premarital sex >somehow i'm meant to think he's a b…[View]
459816278Why doesn't putin simply order his scientists to create a smallpox virus that attacks only the …[View]
459815779What are your favorite false flags committed by the CIA?[View]
459814277It's time to get rid of christcucks: They're ruining America[View]
459815837How do you feel about black people, and why?: What has your experiences with black people been like,…[View]
459811146Send all webms you got. I need all of them to redpill some normies.[View]
459815956>be schizo on the street at night: >scream NIGGERS and KIKES >talk to my grey buddy about t…[View]
459814511Gazans are now starving to death, this is a reminder this is your future state if you ever let kikes…[View]
459812132What are the political ramifications here?[View]
459806244A Lesson on Adultery: What it takes to commit adultery. Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoe…[View]
459809912Land of the free[View]
459814464Cope: We wuz Scandinavianz n shiet[View]
459811936AI is Jewish numerology: All AI are Jewish because all AI simply perform kabbalistic numerology. Thi…[View]
459815823EU refuses to demand reciprocity from Morocco in the use of phytosanitary products: >The Spanish …[View]
459814184Islam is the greatest danger to the western society: Just some of the cultures that Islam assimilate…[View]
459814284Yes abortion is murder: And yes it is justified. Murder is sometimes justified. It really is that si…[View]
459804928Russians and Americans are brother nations: Russia has krokodil, US raises it with tranq. https://fi…[View]
459812453White Enclaves: When do the White enclaves start forming? https://youtu.be/O_3_-UrhZH0[View]
459813299Ex-President Dmitry Medvedev - big interview: Dmitry Medvedev - about the fate of the Northern Milit…[View]
459811832Who does China prefer to win the election?[View]
459814041Society isn't gonna collapse anytime soon but your knees, spirit, and arteries will.[View]
459815203What happens here?[View]
459793223/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1128: Previous >>459736505 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
459812139Which of these 2 little doggies would win in a bitch fight?[View]
459812385Ukraine Lost. Now it’s PUNISHMENT Time: Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commissi…[View]
459814587The Antichrist will revive the dead like Jesus did: But it won't be really them. The Hour is ne…[View]
459815118British Empire vs. Jew-Norman Empire: >>459813628 There were two types of colonies in the Brit…[View]
459797275Brazil huge demonstration against Lula: Can some Brazilian here explain why there are so many israel…[View]
459807632What the actual fuck bros. Were living in a dystopian nightmare and most whites go about their daily…[View]
459813941Why are these often operated by the most incompetent and retarded NPC’s?[View]
459804386Population pyramid of the world: Why is this not posted literally everywhere? This is NOT population…[View]
459797247Ghana starts destroying farm land for American blacks: So context Ghana started a program to try to …[View]
459814960>>459813622 >OMFG SATAN is OP??? >HAHAHAHHa... so drunk... anyways...stop threatening pp…[View]
459814428It's the simple things :): >alone in the words >scream 'NIGGERS' at the top of my lungs…[View]
459796357Jesus orgininally rejected gentiles: According to the Bible, Jesus was born as a Jew and lived under…[View]
459811557O_O'!!!!!!!!!!! https://gcpdot.com/[View]
459810803this was memoryholed so fast[View]
459814558are the gamer genocide and the incel genocide real?[View]
459789664is this a Yowie (aussie bigfoot) or just a naked drunk abo?[View]
459812282Ireland unsafe: How do we solve the Irish problem?[View]
459813423Boomer dad has allowed refugees to live in his basement. I thought this was a fucking meme but it ac…[View]
459813647Amerimutts will never recover from this. https://youtu.be/6cYyCE2KnQ0[View]
459813975Ghostmaxxers create history: Ghostmaxxers are history. Throughout the ages, it is ghostmaxxing men t…[View]
459812538The whore and the bore: Let's go brandon[View]
459808698Why isn't /pol/ allowed to have moderation? Please allow /pol/ to have moderation. Thank you. …[View]
459814263Trudeau paying for trannies to clear mines in Ukraine: Canada used to be a utopia.[View]
459813159Billions of dollars are invested into startups: working on AI robots that will looks like hot, young…[View]
459814029is there any clutter of countries faker than these guys[View]
459814190Why can't liberals handle the internet?[View]
459811838I'm really grateful for the fact I stood my ground and refused to get any vaccine or booster or…[View]
459809177The Queer & Nonbinary Student Collective is holding a rally against Israel today at 2:00. I hope…[View]
459812801>The truth about the sanson project is that its a giant robot capable of transporting ICMB like t…[View]
459811906Congratulations, you personally gave $3,000 to pay off someone’s Gender Studies degree[View]
459809900INDIA NEEDS BLACKS: India will not survive without large-scale African immigration. Your birthrates …[View]
459811225Why does Ukraine need our help now?: Only 31000 KIA in more than 2 years. Why exactly did they ask f…[View]
459813690The hate for Tailor Swift by conservatives seems like it really took off after she told people to go…[View]
459812519Frederick Nietzsche was a Prussia philosopher during the 19th Century, whose main writing was the bo…[View]
459767651/rwg/ revolutionary war general 177: After Party Edition: Previous:>>>459756336 /rwg/ serve…[View]
459808238New global IQ map: Average IQ worldwide is 86. So, what White people regard as 'average' intelligenc…[View]
459812241Fuck ukraine. They commited genocide by murdering 500 000 polish people, now they act like they are…[View]
459781428What EXACTLY did Donald Trump do during his presidency that makes libs screech and piss and shit the…[View]
459802883Incels should be allowed to turn whores into sex slaves: An incel should be allowed to claim any wom…[View]
459807700Silver as underworld currency: Is it possible ? How would it be done ?[View]
459808783Europeans think jews have done nothing wrong: This is what an average German thinks about what'…[View]
459812689GOOGLE ANTI WHITE BTFO: >Entire structure and framework was built on Anti White >Vibe Shift …[View]
459812989Praise Timmy[View]
459790564What (((ethnicity))) is this?[View]
459798369This shit's fake.: Same with similar photos from Iran. These were all taken inside 'green zones…[View]
459811300You worship a Jewish god made up by Jewish people in the Middle East: Yet I'm somehow Jewish fo…[View]
459812827Dear Anti-Racists: Your grandchildren will be shitskins. And I don't associate with dirty smell…[View]
459809995When did you realize niggers were ruining America?[View]
459799137The True Plan of the Democrats: Everyone wonders why Biden hasn't been replaced yet. The truth …[View]
459810187Wtf there are Nazis in the Russian army?[View]
459814893Joe Biden[View]
459811016Reminder this is what the 'right wing' is now. Everyone who tried gave up and are now grifting.[View]
459811543In 2024 there are only 3 ways to make above poverty money in the US as a white male: >be good at …[View]
459811065Omg you idiots really think silver will end the fed?: Its the 68th most abundant metal its not endin…[View]
459807404got about 3 honest replies and probably 30 crusaders last thread lets try this again does believing …[View]
459812159https://youtu.be/vL5sZIfs8YM?si=g29W3yMu63E3_D2M .[View]
459808793Gaza death toll - Feb. 25: Hamas >~6,000-12,000 IDF >240…[View]
459809987New Chromosomes, goy![View]
459803788LOSING IT: I’m freaking stressed alright. I’m 27 years old I’m and airline pilot and I come home to …[View]
459793527When did you realise that the racists on this board and the sjw's have one thing in common? The…[View]
459808230Why do people pretend russians are nonwhite asiatic mongols when they're aryans who are indisti…[View]
459812273Tradbros . . . why won't they accept us?[View]
459796709How would you rehabilitate your population? It is 2050, globalist lost their power and European stat…[View]
459801881Why are Americans so fucking rich? Even poor ghetto niggers live in huge houses like this and have 1…[View]
459811515elon vs hitler: It's just a really hard question, that's all[View]
459806982/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15143: Previous: >>459802565 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459808585The elites are gay and retarded: I mean really how low can your iq be that the idea of genociding wh…[View]
459806914WARNING: this place teaches you the truth AND costs sanity: 'If you stare into the abyss it stares b…[View]
459806886BOLIVIA IS WINNING: the US military and NATO as well as the CIA, State Department, and Mossad, KGB a…[View]
459811608British people still refuse to move to Australia or Asia?: Just watched this, holy shit it's ba…[View]
459810279What is this?: Not them now too now?[View]
459811396Why are rightwingers agains love? Why are they pure evil?: They are like the orcs from Lord of the R…[View]
459811829Dinner time: Dinner time faggots What is the white man's Ideal Sunday Roast/Meal with his famil…[View]
459811768Glass Taiwan: What the fuck are they waiting for? The situation couldn't have been more in thei…[View]
459810571If all the DIGGERS disappeared today what portion of society would suffer?[View]
459808285/pol/ used to be a nazi board. What happened?[View]
459805396My brother died at the front: Guys, I have terrible news. I discovered that my brother died during …[View]
459800291Is the south the most reddit tier part of the US?: >responsible for the creation and popularizati…[View]
459800225HAPPENING: GNOSTIC CHRISTIANS CONFIRM JEWS WORSHIP DEMONS: How do christians reconcile the fact that…[View]
459811187Is US the only country with free speech where you can wave a nazi flag or call someone a nigger[View]
459805708>Cumskins constantly bickering about muh Niggers and Jews while China quietly takes over…[View]
459811610worst posters on this board in my opinion[View]
459808213BROWN PIGGU, GO HOME[View]
459803758/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13292: Previous: >>459794523 ▶Day: 732 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459803356The saddest thing you will ever see: Vlogger brit returns to UK after 20 years >Visits WW2 dead m…[View]
459811415Niggers are subhuman[View]
459779011Is there an official /pol/ approved cutest daughter of royal lineage? Be respectful too.. Or Else...…[View]
459809046Social media and its consequences have been a disaster for the female psyche: >be girfriend from …[View]
459781248Harsh words were uttered by the Prime Minister of Slovakia on the second anniversary of the outbreak…[View]
459810522There's no way he's beating Joe: He can't even get a clean sweep in the deep south an…[View]
459804111HAPPENING: Only 31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have died since the start of the war This is the firs…[View]
459790353EU now 100% dependent on American Oil: >”the EU has broken free of Russian oil for good” >”Now…[View]
459805959n words of pol what is the based bible that is not jewified according to u i have not read any versi…[View]
459810547Longview Regional Hospital Creepshot Nigger: Anon calls the local news: https://vocaroo.com/1ovpe6bg…[View]
459808028JAPAN IS BACK: Japan stock has risen past it's peak in the 80s and 90s. Tech investments have c…[View]
4598092841000 people is all you need: >make group of 1000 people >ethnically, religiously and ideologic…[View]
459808952>Attack Israel >Lose >Attack Israel >Lose >Attack Israel >Lose >'Hmmm... maybe …[View]
459809128Why did we get involved in this local war?: Did we get involved in Eritrea vs Somalia? Yemen vs Saud…[View]
459796677how come no one here is speaking about Christ kikes being the greatest evil[View]
459794683I thought republicans were for freedom of speech?[View]
459808583Chinese supremacy thread: This is a typical subway station in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
459791195Vax deaths: Now that the dust has more or less settled, do you or did you know anybody who died or b…[View]
459810051Imagine a country worse than this. People enjoy torturing their neighbors, they were poor all their …[View]
459805773When Will You White Men STOP Attacking Female Joggers?: Just stop, ok. It's, like, 2024, and Wh…[View]
459810644Blue Eisenhower November: https://youtu.be/p-DEpiQMhZ8?feature=shared[View]
459799723After 732 days, what are the goals of russia’s 3-day special military operation?[View]
459783217NIGGER LIFEGUARDS WERE SLOW AT DIGGING CUZ SHE WAS WHITE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…[View]
459801472Britain WTF?: I just landed at Heathrow airport and all I see are Pajeets, Niggers and Sandniggers.…[View]
459810497Police pedo stings--overreach: This guy has a JewToob channel griping about how he got picked up by …[View]
459808450the whole 'LGBT Rights' bullshit has nothing to do with gays: it's just the new banner under wh…[View]
459806944I'm beginning to really like this guy: Wants to annihilate russia Supports Israel against the b…[View]
459797693Beyond you won't do shit: As a group, the white race is physically incapable of doing shit. Cen…[View]
459810260Is Islam a death cult?[View]
459805120If the target audience isn't reached by propaganda: Wouldn't it be rational to reduce reso…[View]
459810079where is he right now? is he listening?[View]
459809962The Cold War should have went hot: Imagine tens of thousands of nukes being launched from each side …[View]
459809958Patriot Front leader arrested on bullshit charges: feds don't get treated this way. PF can…[View]
459801570is this true? who will win in the long run if the war lasts 10-20 years? (it likely will)[View]
459805727First Palestine will go from the river to the sea, then mexico will reclaim what is rightfully hers.[View]
459785712>Lmao who cares that Ukraine is retreating across the entire front line and losing settlement aft…[View]
459808555God Bless Tucker Carlson: One of that last actual journalists[View]
459806472LION OF DAMASCUS VINDICATED ONCE AGAIN >https://twitter.com/OPCW/status/1760727877354414316…[View]
459797529Christcucks are infantile retards and I’m tired of pretending they’re not.[View]
459807385i'm bored asl give me our best documentaries.videos. content creators: i'm talking red pil…[View]
459808795Dudes in wigs.[View]
459801664Insider here: Get ready for next week. The world is about to change[View]
459803552I'm currently fasting to induce autophagy and clense my body of toxins. Why don't American…[View]
459807768damn... amerimutt education looks like THAT!?[View]
459808323Why are Indians like this?[View]
459797995Mutts hate this thread especially boomers: Inb4 muh niggers >Police in muttland will literally ar…[View]
459807509Google spent 200 billion to build this: Fucking lol.[View]
459809185Remind Is not the Jews: https://youtu.be/RXDX92mrGxU[View]
459805369'Ukraine doesn't want pea-': https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/ukraine-floats-possibility-in…[View]
459793633>Jews are Neanderthals I thought having Neanderthal DNA is what makes you white?…[View]
459807727How do I get some alternative/arthoe girl without values to be my fwb and practice sex with me being…[View]
459799326>what kid?[View]
459806689Joining the dark side and Marrying a Jew: So I'm on my 3rd marriage but I can't deny the f…[View]
459806444/pol/ has been completely taken over by re/dditors and zoomers. There is not a single serious discu…[View]
459808772How close are you?[View]
459807752Jews lost the information war: Everyone hates them on both sides. Not just these jews or those jews.…[View]
459807740Whites are lazy trannies.: >but Indians are the slave caste! They work in 7-11 convenience sto-AC…[View]
459808696Me no say, you no come: Feeling a little naked and unprotected are we? That's because you'…[View]
459808571I'm so glad the leafs have their priorities straight[View]
459806620Why did you give up a life of Marriage and Family?: Why anon? WHY?? You could build a strong family.…[View]
459802049Who are you voting for? (poll from infowars site)[View]
459807968.: When will we kill Putin the pedophile? Hasn't he raped enough infants?[View]
459805534Jews don't hate Jesus goyim. You have it all wrong.[View]
459807987I'm just not gonna pay them back (student loans!) I know, i know, UGH im sorry!!!!!! It's …[View]
459781047Bukele's gang crackdown: a failure in the making: You may have heard of El Salvador's crac…[View]
459808167india super power: Kaan's first flight is wake up call for India? Sirs we 1 billion people dont…[View]
459802950White Pill Thread: I've noticed way too much blackpill propaganda being spammed on here lately.…[View]
459808148New Parody 1488 just dropped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08MjveUT0Jo New parody just dropped po…[View]
459807977Young men, suit up in your war pants. It's off to the battlefields of China and Siberia: My int…[View]
459807682When Jewish children die in Israel at the hands of jihadists, it's a crime against humanity. Wh…[View]
459788904why didn't they fall for the EU meme?[View]
459806083Hasan says Twitter is like 4chan now[View]
459806108why did boomer hindenburg give power to a zoomer? was he dumb?[View]
459806093Merdacotta: Do poos eat off of plates made of poo? https://www.theshitmuseum.org/prodotti/i-prodotti…[View]
459806526You're nothing but cattle to the elite farm owners of this world, and the moment they figure ou…[View]
459798717>be American, get shot: Get shot by your own father cause you wanted girls over. Why are american…[View]
459784010Why do Boomercons get so angry at homeless White men who build their own houses?: This guy built a h…[View]
459799964You are wrong about Heaven: People have a skewed idea as to what Heaven actually is. Its not a resor…[View]
459802992So what are some constructive and peaceful ways we can preserve the white race?[View]
459797589German Military Music Appreciation Thread: In an age of music dominated by uncultured swine, German …[View]
459792801Self improvement is masturbation and is part of the demoralization proccess: Trying to look like mag…[View]
459798426Ukraine’s defence minister says half of western arms arrive later than promise[View]
459781955India or mexico?: Which one is whiter? as a pure blood aryan i would say india, spics are a drug smu…[View]
459804660Why isn't race mixing illegal?[View]
459807709What the FUCK is this shit? Can't even search a name without them adding (((context)))?[View]
459807660Yemeni PM will visit to Moscow: DUBAII, February 25. /TASS/. Head of the internationally-recognized …[View]
459794637Every single day, Israel kills hundreds of civilians: Entire families crushed under the rubbles of t…[View]
459807575you're all convinced that offshoring IT work is terrible for business but businesses keep doing…[View]
459807041>It costs much less to pirate things >much better experience because no drm, no ads, no overpr…[View]
459802887We all know Hasan would murder him if he got his hands on him. But what is the gain for him to platf…[View]
459805009Why are liberal women so much hotter than conservative women?[View]
459802749Life is not worth living with niggers around. I cannot fucking believe we put up with having tens of…[View]
459803098Just posting to get this out there: Racist rant by the baby daddy that spawned fani willis https://…[View]
459799970Are these instathots just too insecure to deal with criticism?: Umm did you just criticize me? >H…[View]
459807055I think what the dissident right needs to get over is our worship of “Chads”, tall, handsome men. Th…[View]
459745602First redpill: What was your earliest redpill? For me it was being born ugly and realizing how two-f…[View]
459806210HAPPENING: https://x.com/vzelenskyua/status/1761514076289581313[View]
459794278So, just to be clear, you can now possess weed: you can grow it, but you cannot buy it. This is lik…[View]
459806976Why are Jewish women so obsessed with BAC (big arab cock)?[View]
459806821Would you?: Well, would you?[View]
459805300I think it's time to formally address whiteness.[View]
459802565/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15142: Previous: >>459796587 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459774251HAPPENING! Poland UTTERLY DESTROYED the disgusting russian liars and war criminals at the United Nat…[View]
459806263You don't breed with a girl like this because ___: Stop looking for excuses, start breeding imm…[View]
459800444Is there anyone pajeets won't sexually harass?[View]
459805414Did Big Mike rape a little black girl?: Ally Carter was raised in a Black Panther group and her moth…[View]
459794162This, so much this. Shame on you.[View]
459806336seems fair[View]
459806085This is you, /pol/.[View]
459804044What are you doing to fight the far left and save America?[View]
459804847Nuland: Most Ukraine Aid ‘Goes Right Back’ to US: >“We have to remember that the bulk of this mon…[View]
459805987This is AI for you, goy[View]
459769530HOA's should be illegal: I'd rather live next to a neighbor with 6 foot tall grass with ga…[View]
459806377Pizza lover broke up with her loser biker rider BF: Think she final got it that she couldn't ha…[View]
459806360is China/Russia behind the recent AT&T outage and the current YouTube issues? could be hitting c…[View]
459797301The Grand Inquisitor: Whats eveyones opinion on the Grand Inqusitor? Dostoyevsky famously hated Jesu…[View]
459806325Patriot Front leader arrested on bullshit charges: feds don't get treated this way. PF can…[View]
459806316Why are Liberals like this?: The comments on this post are the epitome of delusional.[View]
459761654>just send your kid to public school bro[View]
4597862345 women killed in Vienna in a single day in Vienna, Austria: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-6…[View]
459801031*sigh* They never fucking quit, do they?[View]
459805332Laken Hope Riley: Her name was Laken Hope Riley.[View]
459803418You don't have to read books or argue online to save the white race: You just need to have chil…[View]
459803856Socialism is dying: And there opportunists leaving the sinking ship not realizing that anon wont for…[View]
459805781IM NOT A MUTT: Politically speaking i’m tired of Americans being called mutts by Europeans, well gue…[View]
459803375The Fall of Avdiivka: The fall of Avdiivka is highlighted as a significant setback, signaling potent…[View]
459802753I wanted my catfag to come greet my guests so I carried him to the living room but when we came he g…[View]
459805365Nurses: What causes all nurses to be salacious coal burning subhuman trash? I have never met a nurse…[View]
459793151Gen X Hate Thread: First generation raised by Hollywood and still has zero ability to distinguish ma…[View]
459794788The world's strongest alliance: What are the political implications of India and the Philippine…[View]
459794389dead bedroom: >be man in sexless marriage >ask for advice >forced to either accept getting…[View]
459804729>Year 11 of the 48-hour special military operation to de-russify Ukraine. >Year 3 of the 3-day…[View]
459798556Why are boomers so lazy and unmotivated these days?[View]
459805191>Does nothing >Wins Wtf is his problem?[View]
459803756Operation Highjump, etc: Does anyone have select quotes from Admiral Byrd or Eisenhower about aliens…[View]
459801540Whatever happened to funny and accurate sitcoms?: Just a few years ago, there were these cool shows …[View]
459775441Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation - XR r…[View]
459805250'Sweet piece of ass': This vile Jewish woman calls your beloved 13 year old daughter a 'sweet piece …[View]
459763769HOW DO WE SAVE CANADA?[View]
459798993Someone posted this few days ago. Are these really german prices?[View]
459797406EU army thread: Why does the EU not leave NATO and band together with one mighty military? If we cou…[View]
459805122All the antihuman silicon-valley walllstreet tech dystopia willl adopt AI and collapse in spectacula…[View]
459783180Mudlsime Problem: >Be Muslims >Call other countries to expell indians >Countries starts btf…[View]
459797480Head of Ukrainian intelligence agency speaks out on the cause of Navalny's death: The head of t…[View]
459803702All allegedly based females I've dated turned out to be mentally unstable. What do[View]
459797791if anyone can tell us why we shouldn't be as neet that isn't pic related i'll stop[View]
459804207Trump and Melania are rumored estranged: How would you help their relationship /pol/?[View]
459797760Ask me anything on politics and current news. First, about me. I have been given divine schizophreni…[View]
459802323New York Sucks!!!!!![View]
459804507never forget: jews be like 'this guy who sucked his infant sons dick said that god says I can live i…[View]
459803172Apparently 'being critical of a government agency' is no longer permitted in scientific publications[View]
459800982My immolator collection grows! -=DOWNLOAD ALL WEBMS HERE=-- China-man-anon's full archive https…[View]
459800650How does the average right winger looks like in your country?[View]
459802899ChristCHADS vs PaVIRGINS: Meme Magic is Biblical Paganism is just state-controlled religion who work…[View]
459796871Canada is so bad new immigrants are turning to meth: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/immigr…[View]
459792466Is This How We Win?: I can't stop watching these. I have spent hundreds of hours analyzing the …[View]
459804430Blackbois can't compete with Polish BVLLS: This is a simple fact. Inferior bitchass boy sissy b…[View]
459798652Redpill me on why Brexit failed and the UK is f*cked: Title. Left wing media in the caliphate of Ger…[View]
459792597Your thoughts on this book?[View]
459789050World War Three (WWIII/WW3): It's not a matter of 'if' but rather 'when' it will happen. >IT…[View]
459796472where did this nigga go?: did they let him disappear? last we heard is that he has cancer... then si…[View]
459801868Well Walk[View]
459802290Whiteoids just can’t help themselves: Why do yts feel the need to insert themselves in other peoples…[View]
459802317Is Planned Parenthood haunted by ghosts?: Is Planned Parenthood haunted? The answer to this question…[View]
459800895Tomorrow is Monday: :)[View]
459803953How do we kill this massive POS once and for good?[View]
459796845Redpill me on Medvedev Why did he lose the powerstruggle against Putin and was given a mediocre posi…[View]
459792503/OBTJ/ - Operation Blue The Jew General #6: The stars have aligned involving fuckups by the blues. I…[View]
459803774Single M1a1 Abrams tank: Blows up 10 Russian tanks.[View]
459778271Peter Hitchens Storms Out of Interview: Why are conservatives bunch of dramatic narcissistic drama q…[View]
459794735Only fags go shirtless. Someone change his name to Faggar. It suits him better.[View]
459798383Trump can't remember his wife's name: It's sad when you see the mind go before the bo…[View]
459801277Greece is a main character nation: Greece was one of the 3 major battlegrounds of WW2 that decided t…[View]
459802847>First MENA country to abolish polygamy: Tunisia >First MENA country to banned hijab: Yemen …[View]
459798525David Hogg violates TCPA incurs $112MM in fines: David Hogg and pet pork barrel 'March for out Lives…[View]
459798102You can download SDXL 2.0 and use the inpaint feature to have AI remove non-whites from your memes.[View]
459802531It's my Birthday and I'll cry: If I see a jew.... ittsss myyy Birthdayyyy and I'll cr…[View]
459802234Love him or hate him, he is the only one who can prevent world war 3[View]
459798961Paki Jihadi retards ask for 'Beheading' of this girl: Paki jihadi arab slave retards chimp out over …[View]
459801136Is ilhan Omar black ? I always saw her as an Arab[View]
459802966Why can't leftists just be normal? Also leftist cringe thread[View]
459802886WATCH: Fort Worth 'Teen' robs Girl Scouts right outside Walmart: Fort Worth Police are ask…[View]
459797157Why would Obama's daughter go out with such a dirty bikini bottom?: Look at it. It's filth…[View]
459799166Why are american on 4chan so big fans of german hitler when they have native confederates that are m…[View]
459793115Father of Italian antifascist says Hungary is very dangerous and fears for his daughter's safet…[View]
459799879You do realize the JIDF doesn't actually monitor this website, don't you anon.[View]
459794523/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13291: Previous: >>459785387 ▶Day: 732 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459802765hannah montana verdict: now that the dust has settled, who was responsible for this, politically spe…[View]
459785364Why isn't it common for Europeans to call themselves 'white' like Americans?[View]
459802541Which YouTube Channel updates the best Ukro x Russo war clips ??: Ive seen some aussie or so who upl…[View]
459801600What does /pol/ think of American lawn culture and homeowner's associations? Based or cringe?[View]
459796587/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15141: Previous: >>459790137 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459799109why white popele didnt slaving chinese poeple?: i mean, instead slaving black poeple, they can just …[View]
459799909Where can i find my dream dry pussy tradwife?[View]
459796751I sometimes see comments asking why Japan didn't attack the Soviet Union when Germany was fight…[View]
459802113Where do you put your money? I really don't want to support the likes of BlackRock by investing…[View]
459802263Biden's dead son Beau message to Biden: https://twitter.com/MakaveliMemez/status/17590524907654…[View]
459801434“I may disappoint you, but Navalny really died from a blood clot,': Said the head of the Main Intell…[View]
459798440be like iceland[View]
459798330Do white women know they don't have to vote for Republicans and live in the large estate of the…[View]
459771877Should we leave the rotten EU and go our own way?[View]
459797715Fire inda HOES !: Birth rate in England and Wales has fallen to a new low since records began in the…[View]
459792084A white nationalist, racist burned Quran in Sweden infront of Muslims. Thoughts? https://twitter.com…[View]
459800663Are you ready for the celestial American empire?[View]
459796739Bot ONLY thread. Humans and niggers not allowed: Don't post in this thread, just watch it and l…[View]
459800792Why aren't catholics electing a based and redpilled anti-pope?[View]
459801167Ids ober Brandon: It's all over lul Happenings of all habbenings this Monday Prepare ur Dream…[View]
459801342Politically speaking, is /pol/ pro dogs or pro cats, or both?[View]
459794966I've dated the occasional cis person but I feel rather like the gods of the Greek pantheon when…[View]
459793182It is actually very hard, anon. It is difficult to know the truth in a period of disinformation. All…[View]
459790829You can only post ITT if you are 1. unvaxxed 2. uncircumcised 3. white[View]
459800605Ukrainian UAV drone posing as Russian drone follows German minister Baerbock: I don’t know if this d…[View]
459800472what did (((they))) mean by this?: Is history really written by the winners?[View]
459800901The Tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil vs. the Tree of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2…[View]
459797477The way things are going this world won't have 2 more years without a global war, are you prepa…[View]
459797567Do you enjoy modern gaming?[View]
459785598Has there ever been a more useless race than this?: You think when they move into a neighborhood and…[View]
459795475*yawn* we must secure the existence of our.. our people.. and future for hwite children[View]
459797358What are Russians driving for?[View]
459793994Jews treat people of color with respect. They always did. It's the Euro/Spanish and Arabs who t…[View]
459798727Fuck Russia fuck Putin fuck Ukraine fuck your mother fuck orthodogs fuck catlicks fuck the pope fuck…[View]
459799253>have dinner at restaurant >ask server if the tips are shared with the kitchen staff >she s…[View]
459798055man, we went from mortal enemies to planning the demise of Palirats together, fucking based.[View]
459794862Can we please all just take a moment, through the WW3 hype craze, the election frenzy of this year, …[View]
459799968>she's only 18 you sick son of a bitch >so what she posted porn of herself on the intern…[View]
459797255Has anyone ever found their Trinity?[View]
459778839Brap straws: Hi /pol/ I figured out how to save the planet The solution is simple We make a brap tu…[View]
459790904Didn’t this guy have a wife and kid? Why did he abandon them and his cats?[View]
459798541BASED GAYS TIME FoR AN ALLIANCE POL: Based gays, lesbos, and trannies. Based based based gays forcin…[View]
459795622Why don't the jews want us to drink raw milk ? What secrets will we unlock ?[View]
459792422PURE BLACK or GTFO. No exceptions. Period.: Purely on a personal level - if she's not colored a…[View]
459796001Jews fear the Samurai. We must become Samurai to defeat them.[View]
459791677Do Christians Actually Read The Bible???: Joseph elbowed his way into the Egyptian government throug…[View]
459773043I can't afford to live in Sydney anymore lads. This house is 2.8 million and is 1 hour from th…[View]
459800224Dear Patriots: In the midst of the chaos and moral decay that plagues our society, it's time fo…[View]
459800203Let's start a selfie thread with woman filter! I'd fu k me![View]
459779054This is my perfect Europe. Literally flawless.[View]
459787324What's /pol/'s litmus test to see if someone is a real human or an npc? I don't care …[View]
459799994what is this phenotype of hebrew political journalist? they could be sisters[View]
459797798How did China surpass the west so fast?[View]
459797327I’ve just passed my SIA “door supervisor” course. I know that 90% of what they teach us is bullshit.…[View]
459769295How does a normal human cope with the level of this? I can't personally cope with the satanic s…[View]
459793584Why are Pajeets desperate to leave their superpower India?: Why isn't the Indian government fac…[View]
459790798The elites give 0 fucks about your farmers protests!: And if they make some minor concessions you’ll…[View]
459797982>US election is coming >Republican propaganda on Twitter and Tiktok is suggested >I am not …[View]
459785068Financial Freedom from the Jew: Why aren’t you chuds buying bitcoin right now? We are less than two …[View]
459770951Universal Basic Income.: We need UBI to happen.[View]
459797959You allowed this, you fucking nigger[View]
459795189I will NOT apologize for being white: I am tired of all of the anti-white propaganda pushed online a…[View]
459796214Be honest, will AI change society in any significant way in the next few years or has it been overhy…[View]
459790747Poland will CRUSH Russia on the battlefield: Our leading politician and Marshal of the Parliament Sz…[View]
459791008What does he do these days? I haven't followed him since Trump got elected in 2016. Does he sti…[View]
459796399Slovakia KEKS to the EU lmao. All it took was a some libtards in Bratislava to protest. Slovakia’s F…[View]
459796147Dumb bitch[View]
459790963Just give us money and weapons: Are you stupid? This is like an investment. We win, Russia collapses…[View]
459784460Leaving Islam for Christianity *Day 2: Hello, my friends. Yesterday I told you how I decided to leav…[View]
459788160Ruzzia began to nationaliZe ALL the private business: These billionaires WILL do nothing about it be…[View]
459798691The media was more based in the past, how?: Heil Honey I'm Home! is a British sitcom, written b…[View]
459793241Our First Filipino president was a Chad: Emilio Aguinaldo, our First President, was literally a Giga…[View]
459797604Who will clean the toilets?: The same sentiment of 'who will choose to work'? You don't want to…[View]
459793464$464,576,230.62: Four Hundred Sixty-Four Million Five Hundred Seventy-Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirt…[View]
459796998'uh where do you get your morality without god kaffir?': >'don't you know how decadent socie…[View]
459790489DROP OUT BITCH nimratta QUIT[View]
459786019Anons: Does Australia have the least desired women in the west? No one dates them, not even European…[View]
459798081Can anyone dispute this? Why can't red states check if a state ID is valid in their state? Why …[View]
459782423>thread has 125 posts >95 posts are by him When will the mods ban this spamming faggot?…[View]
459797620After Trump and Biden are gone which politicians do you think you will worship next?[View]
459789999how come nobody is criticizing the french revolution? is it a topic reserved for outcasts?[View]
459796900Why is this allowed?: >lose in Afghanistan horribly >all the military brass get not only to ke…[View]
459793230Why is this country so superior among all English speaking countries?: What is their secret for such…[View]
459792828this is miss germany 2024[View]
459797120how does he get away with all the death threats[View]
459788943why don't they breed?[View]
459790210'Nigger' and the reaction: To it proves every stereotype people have about the Black's.[View]
459795301TOTAL DIXOID DEATH: ITT we post boomers, niggers, dixoids, kikes getting BTFO by their nigger gods…[View]
459791791Rule Britannia: Is it really like this bad in England, bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U0wQP…[View]
459794531how come humans the only mammalian capable of breeding as 'children'[View]
459791305Washington State mail in ballots require you to mark which party you are registered with on the OUTS…[View]
459795345Tranny Niggers Kill Poor Little White Boy: A group of nigger trannies beat a 13 year old white boy s…[View]
459795031Republicans Suddenly Realize Alabama's IVF Ruling Is Bad For Them: https://www.huffpost.com/ent…[View]
459797353SQUARE ENIX REPLACED ASHLEY BY A A.I: Ashley Boettcher is the English dub voice of Nayo in Final Fan…[View]
459790396GOD DAMN....EVERY DAY????: https://twitter.com/AvivaKlompas/status/1761073095312294377 Over and over…[View]
459796909They can't kill Trump now: They have tried everything to make trump not popular with voters. It…[View]
459795453Swarthoids are buying babies: https://x.com/surrogconcern/status/1760925063530901607[View]
459795110What advantage was there to opening borders for negroes in the world? If one country does it then mu…[View]
459797196Britain is next!: Geopolitically speaking Britain is the real target of the collective world. There …[View]
459796762The WEF says we have to stop letting people retire, that you need to stop complaining because jobs a…[View]
459790773Why is getting a job so hard?[View]
459781687An Israeli/Indian alliance would unironically be a superpower[View]
459785222NSDAP: The left, the “wokes”, the dems are scapegoats. The capitalists need their cheap labor and th…[View]
459784974Beware : The american SPECIAL FORCE: >PLEASE (*snif snif) DON'T SHOOT ME PLEAAAAAAAASE #Vete…[View]
459796623why are all jews so filthy and obnoxious?: what is their problem?[View]
459793484You knew nothing about being “trad” until you heard about it on the internet[View]
459792310/pol/ - Politically Contrarian[View]
459792289I just witnessed a nigger beating up a white guy plain open on the street here in Stockholm There wa…[View]
459785142How do I get a fashy haircut?: So I'm going to a barber tomorrow and want to get my hair cut li…[View]
459796545Insider information about the cabal: I was born among the crazies. I call them crazies because they …[View]
459796160I don't believe in the holocaust. There's literally no evidence it ever happened.[View]
459796026/pol/ is dead. Fuck you zoomer faggots.[View]
459793094Sunday Mass: Are you going to church? Remember, we are all one human race, never fight back, turn th…[View]
459789645Hate commies AND one-percenters? Why aren't you a National Socialist yet?: We demand that the S…[View]
459785737130 years later since the first car and German car industry is still reigns supreme. Is it in their …[View]
459790137/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #15140: Previous: >>459785114 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
459795226Why do people hate the WEF? They didn’t create the mechanics of the world? There are too many people…[View]
459788460Have you escaped the birth-certificate jew yet? Why are you still a slave?[View]
459793978So you are telling me you are not able to land any pussy at all ? Not even a landwhale?[View]
459796150The Greatest Challenge the World Has Ever Known: You are being lied to on a scale never before seen …[View]
459795707Remember to #MaskUp when attending your next #FreePalestine protest[View]
459794423Help me lose my virginity: I texted a cute boduir photographer if she also did men, since the pics i…[View]
459796488Tim Scott is literally a retarded white man, Nikki Haley is a new level of corruption and Lindsey Gr…[View]
459794751One day you too will realize it. The people in charge are not Jews. It's far more sinister than…[View]
459795346Are well designed commieblocks unironically redpilled? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19V9j2mj-T4…[View]
459771064Forbidden Knowledge - Your True History: It all started in 1609 when jews took control of Amsterdam.…[View]
459787362Dress like a white man.[View]
459796048Cum health supplements.: Who is taking these stuff? It becomes quite popular these days, men are for…[View]
459793686India hate thread: Bobbly bobble bubs Why do indians do this?[View]
459767437Does any onther country permit their students to use a fucking calculator while studying math apart …[View]
459789859Killing and torturing your enemies in heaven: If all you have to do is say the magic words to get in…[View]
459784519Never in human history was there a nonviolent democratic society. Violence is and always was part of…[View]
459768805seething much?: fuckin hypocrites[View]
459792426The West is too scared of Putin.: His nukes don't actually work: https://wesodonnell.medium.com…[View]
459793521Wtf is this?[View]
459789705CPAC said Obama must be prosecuted: The crowd cheered “Lock him up, lock him up”. Will Obama end up …[View]
459757400Silver ends the fed: They fear its truthful shine. Plus it burns their skin due to the olygodynamic …[View]
459795283The American EVERYTHING IS ALIENS OR JESUS phenomenon: What is it about America that just makes it c…[View]
459795097Why are americans so fucking stupid?[View]
459793919do German politicians ever talk about rising antisemitism in America[View]
459786532Brit/pol/ - it was real in my mind edition: another jewish sob-story >Exclusive: Father of baby w…[View]
459791742Nuff said.[View]
459794012What percentage of Belorussians actually like this ugly bitch?[View]
459792279Why do red pillers/conservatives bitch and moan on how women's rights were a mistake, that only…[View]
459793174I’m voting for Nikki Haley on Super Tuesday: Why, you ask. Well first and foremost she has openly an…[View]
459789805What would be my role in the race war?[View]
459792038The global economy is rigged in favor of the USA: Nvidia being worth more than the Chinese stock mar…[View]
459791288What “migrant crisis”?: What are you chuds talking about? NYC has billions of dollars to pay for all…[View]
459793157Why don't they outsource prisons by selling criminals overseas? You commit a crime, you get sol…[View]
459792458Why are the US government and its owners so scared of people knowing / talking about Operation Gladi…[View]
459780504Why are carfags against trains and walkable cities?: Carfags are the worst. TCD[View]
459783049would you still hate indians if they had their own internet sphere similar to the great firewall of …[View]
459790861South Italians should convert to Judaism: South Italians should convert to Judaism and move to Israe…[View]
459791068Back in the days when your life was a failure and you had no choice: You could just join the militar…[View]
459784899Exterminating all beneficiaries of Thatcher-Reaganism and especially Clinton-Blairism: Offshoring, a…[View]
459783148Israel Boycott App: Is anyone using any apps, browser extensions or other technology to boycott kike…[View]
459794818are Americans really this stupid?[View]
459795135Do you hang the flag of 2 guys kissing, nigger wannabes and everything immoral on your house?[View]
459795122The Juz are right about the goys: Jews are right about goyim being npcs sorry thats a fact you think…[View]
459793915Why won’t EUROPEAN UNION separate google and youtube? Don’t they know google has a monopoly on the …[View]
459793800Should the letter N in nigger be capitalized when I type it?[View]
459791170Map Of Toronto: Map of the GTA, other anons chime in and let's get on topic political shit post…[View]
459784709You really want to talk about memory holes? This is the one attack /pol/ would never call a false fl…[View]
459793943This is what black Americans will look like in 2100.: And it's beautiful.[View]
459791630Whats the chances Nikki Haley actually wins a state?[View]
459794795who gifts a poojeet 120 dollars just to be on omegle[View]
459794319>It's a home painter and yoga instructor barely scaping by to get a 5 million pound loan for…[View]
459780595all memes aside, when you look at average Russian clips they really do look like Asiatec mongrels ht…[View]
459793738OH NO NO NO, Jew bros, our weapons are turning against us!!! What in G-d's name is this shit?! …[View]
459793154>/pol/ keeps calling for a race war >Doesn't realize we are in multiple race wars against…[View]
4597910222024 EU elections: The Oligarchs decide who wins!: Have you guys chosen a candidate yet? Bear in min…[View]
459792371Are they actually BRICS bioweapons to destroy the West?[View]
459771913Ukraine War Predictions: What are your predictions for the 2024 campaign year?[View]
459789032Why is Japan so utterly obsessed with cuteness and cute things? Did the American atomic bombs hit to…[View]
459791043What is the Jew Endgame?: Are they going to let America descend into a 3rd world shithole, financial…[View]
459792150Freemason or not, he killed their children, which is good: Glowniggers cant counter this[View]
459792798HAPPENING: NEW UKRAINIAN COUNTEROFFENSIVE ANNOUNCED: https://news.online.ua/en/ukraine-to-prepare-a-…[View]
459793951the calm before the storm, does pol sense it too?[View]
459791256Make Christianity Great Again https://twitter.com/LeadingReport/status/1761102480639660300?t=9Xp_qHD…[View]
459792676David Khari Webber Chappelle stole DAVE CHAPPEELLE: THE CLOSER: David Khari Webber Chappelle has per…[View]
459785387/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #13290: Previous: >>459778248 ▶Day: 731 - Daily battlefield …[View]
459792588What should Olivia do to be taxed less?: Also, is 40k pre-tax for a single person a great income in …[View]
459786904'We don't anoint kings' - BASED FUTURE PRESIDENT: VOTE HALEY VOTE NIKKI HALEY https:/…[View]
459793823>thinks its fine to say nigger >anti-circumcision activist >made a george floyd parody >…[View]
459790877Why do Jewish billionaires in the Elon Musk cult and ignorant, uneducated morons on /pol/ desperatel…[View]
459791844If you want to see how society has fallen just look at the way people dress[View]
459790771Wtf I thought muslims hate Israel?[View]
459793348Why is he still Secretary of Defense?: What secret knowledge does he hold that makes him the ONLY pe…[View]
459766642This video is getting deleted on reddit: https://www.redd.tube/video/14bcaee06882caab1b61f44319c80c1…[View]
459779253YOU WON'T DO SHIT, YOU HAVE NO F-15: Chud boys, chud boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do w…[View]
459790957are ukrainians genetically different from russians or is it just same shit different toilet?[View]
459791776HOLY BASED! The civilized, rules-based, democratic world stands with Ukraine! https://twitter.com/U2…[View]
459782097SRSLY: Y U MAD THO?[View]
459792933Jewish AI: Just in case you had any doubt about who is developing AI, and for what purpose.[View]
459784396Anglo are too hard on the indians: Many americans or canadians that constantly complain (justifiably…[View]
459788369Wouldn't it be in your best interest to say trans women are women?: Otherwise, liking them is g…[View]
459790118I’m so fucking tired of them bros[View]
459792861What's the next bunker the ziggers n piggers will tussle over?[View]
459786791The low IQ, micro-penis having caucasoid losers on here can't stand the fact a strong, handsome…[View]
459792141new whiteness map just dropped[View]
459792460Searching for Q's posts: Just looking for the original post by Q that started this all, you kno…[View]
459792710When an argie meets a white man[View]
459791987Muhammad was a red haired, pale-skinned (((white man))). This is according to the hadiths. Today…[View]
459736505/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1127: Previous >>459696118 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
459784424Saving the board: We are Legion. We reclaim the board[View]
459788555Does /pol/ like Katie Hopkins[View]
459790598How many people watched CPAC? MAGA! MAGA! MAGA! Maga is an unstoppable wave[View]
459781371Be honest with me, coming from a black dude, why won't you whites breed more often? Like if you…[View]
459785196Stopping immigration won’t fix Canada’s housing crisis: She’s right you know. https://macleans.ca/po…[View]
459784690Which race do Dravidians belong to? White, nigger, latino or asian?[View]
459791188Evolution deniers: What is your response to this webm?[View]
459789213New generations are idiots: I have discovered trough socials that new generations don't care ab…[View]
459786375how much longer until the US is doing this to the 20 million illegals and the other criminals in the…[View]
459791806Esotericism is heresy: Daily reminder that esotericism, cultism, secret mystiscm and all sorts of se…[View]
459787537is it just me or has drug use become extremely normalized today? i feel like there was a time where …[View]
459765449The fact that this double standard exists: I did this search today to confirm[View]
459787775Miss Germany 2024. Isn't she beautiful?[View]
459781793REMINDER: This board supports trannies in women’s sports 100%: >Trannies in the women’s bathroom?…[View]
459780513Current thing cannot last: This too shall pass. So do not despair. As long as narratives are immedia…[View]
459771642The Extinction Of All Alcohol: I no longer believe that alcoholdrinkers have souls. I no longer beli…[View]
459786175will russia recognise mongolias historical borders[View]
459790388As an American, how can I help the Russians win the war?[View]
459764586The Final Red Pill: Are Jews onto something when they talk about goyim? Jews seem to be the first pe…[View]
459787001I hope WW3 happens: Don’t think of me as a doomer, but I hope another world war does come. It’ll be …[View]

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