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122570355He's super-intelligent AND gets stuff done and is worth many billions. Yet he marries wife afte…[View]
122569509Monuments of the Burger Civil War are being taken down in NOLA. The monuments are being lowered in t…[View]
122568297If you could get away with it, would you kill millions?: I would[View]
122567700ABC/Wapo Poll: 98 Percent of Trump Voters Happy With Their Choice: http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/p…[View]
122564443America's founding fathers were barely educated: By modern standards these men were practically…[View]
122563066VENEZUELA: It's socialism... They tried to tax and confiscate the assets of the wealthy to give…[View]
122569072Why do they make so many movies about WW2?[View]
122554176Give peace a chance: Starting reading the Koran today. The prose is quite tough going, but it'…[View]
122559777>France will elect a globalist former Rothchild banker/puppet Putin, just invade Europe please.…[View]
122553799What is the Jews problem?: Why are these freaks so God damned evil? Why can't they just leave u…[View]
122553395How do Europeans and other cucked countries feel about the fact that their governments deny them the…[View]
122570518What place do honor killings have in Western society? Is there a use to them?[View]
122570992JCC threat PotatoKike update! Breaking Jews!!!: Extraordinary new details about the 'mental deficien…[View]
122537584What the FUCK are we doing, /pol/? Western civilization is over. Our enemies have uprooted every pi…[View]
122570391Canary Islands - protection needed?: Real nigga hours terrorism-prevention thread. Why aren't t…[View]
122570959Wtf is wrong with you guys? He is the worst president in history. >Muslim ban fail >Mexico i…[View]
122566836Do you know any autistic nigger? Why whites are so autistic? Is autism a new form of super-specific …[View]
122565782Fuck the Kikes: /pol/ has 1 nuke Where's it going?[View]
122570488is pjw pol approved?: I want to send a vid of him to my friend for an entry redpill.[View]
122570808NEW POLL LE PEN VS MACRON: It looks bad for /ourgal/ kikes. On the bright side, she has gained 3 poi…[View]
122555687Atheism: >Be me, atheist >Can not comprehend why people believe in religion, which are differe…[View]
122564976Reminder that last general election proved via UKIP's failure that FTPT means anything but a vo…[View]
122569608The Holocaust: Who are the missing million?: BBC found the 6 million! http://archive.is/HQf5H[View]
122565034What does /pol/ think of licking assholes?[View]
122570009Le Pen TRUTH: >arab fucker >jew fucker >bernie sanders gibs bullshit why is /pol/ ignoring…[View]
122567254who est kek: What image do you believe represents our true lord and savior most accurately? cooking…[View]
122567675Something has thrown me into a loop since this morning...[View]
122570615Can someone link me the original infowars video where the intro is Alex Jones stood by a fire talkin…[View]
122568561Trump speaks to the Jewish World Congress: The 6 million will never happen again https://www.youtube…[View]
122565448Blacks, Hispanics, and Native American Indians are the true children of Isreal.[View]
122565530My teacher is a leftist cunt who tries to brainwash mfellow classmates what should i do /Pol/[View]
122570471This triggers the pole.[View]
122570004Local NPR Streams Scrambled in Boston???: WTF is going on with this? Is this shit normal, /pol/? I a…[View]
122561915The Real Sheriff David Clarke: Sheriff David Clarke 'there is no 'FEAR' anymore about assaulting att…[View]
122565416Hows it feel to know that your typical non white immigrant from the middle east, asia, india, and ev…[View]
122567373100% Catholic[View]
122569643>Jared Kushner Is he our goy?[View]
122570305Monarchy succession: >You just fucked up a few nearby countries >you emperor now >getting o…[View]
122567783>Denmark couldn't singlehandedly-destroy Usa in a week TOP KEK FUCKING GOOK!!! Oh believe yo…[View]
122570209Imagine the shitshow is Trump screamed 'Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler!' at his inauguration 3 months ago. I…[View]
122569447Rape culture?: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/caitlin-roper/watching-my-friend-endure_b_14688594.ht…[View]
122561066CUMSKINS BTFO BY AN INDIAN ALPHA MALE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2exu65Jekc lmaoooo…[View]
122552026Brit/pol/ - Based Nick 'The thought of the holocaust makes me stiffen' Griffin Edition: >Thread t…[View]
122569392Blocks your path[View]
122568624OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD - FALSE FLAG HAPPENING: >A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between Apri…[View]
122568858Soros: Good day lads Recently George Soros has been suspiciously active by attacking my country…[View]
122569213Hmm... Really makes you think....[View]
122569835synkroop: http://thesyncbook.com/network/?rtag=sync+media+research&id=246[View]
122568106Stop destroying purity.[View]
122557804Fight Islamophobia: What are some nice things we can do to make our refugees feel more at home?…[View]
122569142Can someone post the BRAAAP copypasta?[View]
122547533Puerto Rico US Statehood June 11: Get in here burgers. Puerto Rico to have referendum on US statehoo…[View]
122566631Texas will permanently turn blue in the next decade[View]
122545779Wow. So this is the power of science. T-thank you for saving the world Bill Nye. https://www.youtube…[View]
122567606What did he mean by this?[View]
122551325American Born Indians: a little backstory on me >Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (that's heartlan…[View]
122568403>Conservationist, author of ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ ambushed and shot at her ranch in Kenya https:/…[View]
122569391Even Russia has fallen to superior furfag taste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3lsCOHiBHM[View]
122568783Do not vote for this Russian puppet: Le Pen is Putin's chosen candidate. He helped rig the Fren…[View]
122566381Who voted for Le Pen again?[View]
122569183I’m sorry, but Kim Jong Un already lose? Oh, that’s right. The war isn’t even over yet. In fact, it’…[View]
122568865The only way to defeat Macron is to remind that he's Hollande 2.0 The French hate Hollande even…[View]
122540013Japanese make fun of foreigners for lacking manners: https://youtu.be/XrUupui12rs[View]
122557448What did the BBC mean by this?: What did they mean by this?[View]
122565532Why are normies so afraid of it? Is it because we can analyze meta data in pictures? Cross reference…[View]
122568450Jesus Lived[View]
122569023/pol/ plz I need som of dis[View]
122568870Ask someone getting brainwashed anything: Ask someone getting brainwashed anything I can teach you h…[View]
122566249History lesson for /pol/ kuffars: Muslim lands >Assyrians still exist >Copts still exist >M…[View]
122567706FREXIT WHEN?[View]
122567381Principality of Liechtenstein: Should we move here /pol/?[View]
122566101Emmanuel Macron = Justin Trudeau[View]
122567361the wall: Seriously, how do americans feel knowing that the wall wont be build?[View]
122567190NGOs accused of carrying migrants across the Mediterranean: Carmelo Zuccaro, who is the Procurator o…[View]
122527778Why do they still build houses out of sticks and mud?: Is it Genetics pol? why does the African race…[View]
122568581Who are you?[View]
122567485Can /pol/ convince me of the Zionist conspiracy?[View]
122562912>scientists have discovered that there's more than two genders >deal with it goy…[View]
122564380Remember when scientists race-mixed bees in the 50s because they wanted to 'improve the honey econom…[View]
122568185Childhood is when you think shoutacon is hot Adulthood is when you realize it kinda sucks[View]
122568462You're In The Mall And This Guy Slaps Your Granny's Ass - What Do?[View]
122564787Civil War: Was the civil war about slavery, states rights, or was it about something else entirely? …[View]
122568407Can we get a YLYL thread going? I need a good kek[View]
122568398Soyez au rendez vous on va écraser Macron comme du macaroni[View]
122567806Climate Change Deniers BTFOd: >link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZGCqeYz9zQ…[View]
1225617792 Values: Traps are not Gay[View]
122564142China will invade and conquer the USA by 2050[View]
122568093Co-opting the Leftist Symbols: Leftists and Rightist symbols overlap in their aesthetics, so it…[View]
122559846Melania is EASILY the hottest first lady ever: democrat women are a huge turnoff[View]
122568054We unequivocally repudiate the notion, in any and all forms, of 'group rights.': http://theamericanc…[View]
122568072about French election: This really makes me think[View]
122568042Start restoring prosperity.[View]
122565459Why don't we just stop using oil?[View]
122565181all presidents.: Trump is a pedophile. Prove me wrong.[View]
122560984Trump literally using muh holocaust and praising the jews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdgGvQuXYe…[View]
122562524Anon sure knows his politics!: Who else has actually had this said about them?[View]
122542197Arguments against man-made climate change: Trying to figure out what the most recent arguments again…[View]
122563715Is he losing his fucking mind? On his most recent show he: >goes on rant saying conservatives are…[View]
122563604>you're wrong how do you respond /pol/?[View]
122567494redpill me on memetics[View]
122564440>be white nationalist >see shit like this >be ashamed to associated with or call myself a w…[View]
122558880>Youv'e got Macron, who's indepdendant, but used to be an investment banker. So fuck of…[View]
122564457Marine Le Pen will win: Let me tell you why If the pro-Mélenchon and pro-Fillon who either support M…[View]
122567087Praise be unto Kek Praise be unto Pepe Blessed be Le Pen against the forces of Dildolech Shadilay[View]
122559697MSM Pushing 'Drumpf' Style Attack On Alex Jones: For the past week, Stephen Colbert has been imperso…[View]
122551484AUS/pol/ fruitless jobsearch edition: How do you do, fellow Australians? I hope you are all well. I …[View]
122566968>>122566587 Good points. It's a natural right to defend your life, liberty and property. …[View]
122565608WTF I LOVE Jeremy Corbyn now!!!!: Dam.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n88IE2QKVuA[View]
122557351Good morning dear Armenians : D[View]
122564673C'est pour quand le FREXIT?[View]
122559888HOW REDPILLED ARE YOU?: 1-10 woke 10-20 enlightened 20-30 ascended 30-40 bog pilled 40+ swog pilled…[View]
122549991Memeball Thread: >ctrl-f 'memeball' >No matches Let's fix that.…[View]
122566219Is autism (((intended))) to ruin lives and hold the west back? Did /pol/'s weaponized autism ju…[View]
122565518Why is it not acceptable to kill Illegal Aliens?[View]
122555348Why are so many on /pol/ fucking gay? How can you hate Israel? Israeli girls fight for home and fami…[View]
122562844Shia Labeouf #Alonetogether: https://youtu.be/saFtXS-zFtU Seasone 5 Finland[View]
122563915Proof of Holocaust: I'm willing to review any material and debate. Let's see it /pol/.…[View]
122556354political compass thread: post em[View]
122557433What went wrong?[View]
122559985Paradise and hell: Why don't you ever talk about the afterlife since it's all that really …[View]
122564559>>122563678 >the nice countries I'd be genuinely interested in hearing which state…[View]
122565351>alt-right idolizes nazis >alt-right hates leftists >nazis were leftists racist against non…[View]
122547473Asians and Blacks red pill: Redpill me on the difference between Asians and Blacks. Why did they hav…[View]
122565974Here's how Jeb can win[View]
122555011Was Hitler right?: Explain exactly why or why not[View]
122564377Le pen: I don't see how Le Pen can win, enlighten me /pol/[View]
122558131Color Culture is important.[View]
122564495Most Alpha people to have ever lived. 1. Genghis Khan 2. Mohammad 3. Tamerlane Biggest Cucks to hav…[View]
122557163Would Rorschach have been /ourguy/?[View]
122566212Can someone find me a post that can rival this but on how violet the left is? I'm currently bus…[View]
122565109FRANCE: Why do you vote macron ? https://youtu.be/BZACBOs8oec?t=22[View]
122564484#imwithher God-empress Hanson?[View]
122560258Twin Falls YES! - Refugee Supporting Manginas Walk in Heels to Support Muh Feminism: After Twin Fall…[View]
122565983A story of Japanese poor, stop romanticism of Japanese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH-kNnq7mFM…[View]
122555935STOP BEING RACIST!: Why are you racist?[View]
122558449Ask an actual Jew anything.[View]
122557012The Frogs are going to elect a man who didn't even know where French Guiana is located: >Fre…[View]
122562186Is Capitalism a net good or just a highly functional system that reduces us to consumers to be measu…[View]
122558607why hasn't there been any extensive connection between gulag and the holocaust? isn't ther…[View]
122562047Stop being racist. There is no scientific basis for racism. Just stop.[View]
122563448So, I was a bit curious about specific local laws this weekend and I ended up reading up on regulati…[View]
122564632Flag of Racial Purity: Do you have your flag yet /pol/?[View]
122560776Hi /pol/, what do you think of my nonfiction collection? Do you have any suggestions for other works…[View]
122565245hey Kiwi / Australian anon, you ARE going to be a true patriot and visit your local dawn ceremony to…[View]
122561517Possible Happening?: Don't want to LARP but here: I go to college at Texas Tech University in L…[View]
122563733Why are Brits so primitive?[View]
122556486Good countries only.: Post in this thread if your country isn't shit and say why.[View]
122563009Say it with me: PRESIDENTE MACRON[View]
122564289Muslims will plant the flag of Allah on the white house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meUI1R8z_zo…[View]
122563914Anti-Christian views and secularism are the last vestiges of the blue pill. They are the last clutch…[View]
122565227Le pen kicked ASS!! why this not all over drudge?: what the fuck?[View]
122559326scotland: is there a reason Scotland is universally loved or are we just known for eating magic mush…[View]
122562841What's the difference between a nation and a cult? >really gets those almonds jogging…[View]
122557509Best countries by their posts: 1. Australia 2. USA 3. North Korea (whenever they do post) 4. (((Isra…[View]
122538991Americans only: You find a genie. He says that he will instantaneously make America a 100% homogeneo…[View]
122564607Redpill me on suicide.[View]
122564946Why is Google Sky blocking Nibiru?: Where did I read that WW3 would be a distraction from the real t…[View]
122563213https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1df_i26wh-w What the fuck is wrong with the American south? I now t…[View]
122562461Beards Bluepilled?: Are beards Bluepilled? Beards have become extremely popular among Leftist as an …[View]
122564461When is this asshole gonna get cancer and die?[View]
122564864'Money… Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degr…[View]
122555142How can I protect myself[View]
122562699These are the results from first turn elections in Varg Vikernes' area. >Orange: Macron >…[View]
122564794Causation or coincidence?[View]
122562674Is there actually any chance that we are heading toward WWIII? What are your thoughts? Here is my as…[View]
122563994America will be Mexico again in your lifetime[View]
122559664Who else /trumpgret/ here?[View]
122556674Uh, guys? >be me >listen to Soviet era war songs while cleaning my apartment >also do thi…[View]
122560126What the fuck is going on with /pol/? Every thread is either interracial sex, communist propaganda o…[View]
122564612To make a /pol Culture: A liberal magazine: diaphoramagazine.com, is doing an article on the indepen…[View]
122562528Any frenchie here?: can someone redpill me on Macron is he cuck?or anti-immigrant?[View]
122552315>Obama did a good job >Trump won because of divided America Which one is the truth?…[View]
122562130Wouldn't an 'unreported rape' be... consent?[View]
122561489Southerners cuck themselves; will remove Confederate statues: Where were you when southerners chose …[View]
122564351What does it mean?: Help /pol this has fucked my brain.[View]
122539402Why are people afraid of Nuclear power?[View]
122554147Look at what they did to Brad Pitt. He was a decent father and husband. He was humiliated and invest…[View]
122553584Pizza Boy spotted with 'Boy Love' logo on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Notice the third eye on the c…[View]
122564115Le Cucke' mon Merde Uppe': Meet the New Cuck. Same as the Old Cuck. >HAHAHAHAHA, Good n…[View]
122558915when did you first realize Trump is a shill[View]
122559412this tbqvh[View]
122518345Twitter getting BTFO tomorrow, what will it be?[View]
122551126/pol/ Parliament-Back In Session: We are creating a new government to secure the future of /pol/ and…[View]
122562989Asians - not enough empathy Blacks - too much empathy Whites - just right amount[View]
122563864/POL/ DISCUSSION THREAD: The Rise of Plebbit: Any other old libertarians find it hilarious that the …[View]
122563845SURELY I can't be the only one who wants tons of 'refugees' to come to America just so they can…[View]
122562630North Korea detains US humanitarian: Why would you go to NK in the first place? I'm legitimatel…[View]
122563814White genocide, racemixing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ1of2aD4aM&feature=youtu.be I made …[View]
122561923Guys, our colony on reddit is triggering the natives. What do we do before it pulls us into a coloni…[View]
122559353Tell me about this Swedish Democrats party. Do we like them? What are their chances of actually infl…[View]
122560833Name your guru: Where do you get all your crazy ideas about politics anon?[View]
122558770Why are people afraid of Marine Le Pen?[View]
122563632Traitor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytX3o4qp4fs[View]
122563605Trump says 'Congratulations' & 'I always wanted to get the purple heart' to veterans wounded in …[View]
122549455By far the biggest and most disastrous crisis facing modern western society is women's sexual d…[View]
122561788Gee, what a coincidence: Turns out people who have to live with multiculturalism voted FN while thos…[View]
122559618What's the neocon response to asking 'If israel is one of our greatest allies, why didn't …[View]
122549860Where has a border wall actually worked and continues to work today?[View]
122563371Have you taken the Breivik pill yet ? 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make viole…[View]
122557352WWIII >inb4 we're already in wwIII I'm talking about the majority of countries involved…[View]
122553580Leaf hate thread: As the title says. Unleash your hate[View]
122563322>Jews have higher IQ's on average than whites >A high proportion of Jews want communism. …[View]
122561012Our own free movement of people: If you had free movement of people, Who would you let into your cou…[View]
122562136ITT: We post interesting 100% accurate facts about the jews. >jews dont have to eat >they surv…[View]
122556236All you white cucks did the wrong thing by voting for Orange Cheeto.[View]
122560806The jews are building a neural network to help make detection of anomalys easier, things such as tru…[View]
122563071WHAT DOES IT MEAN?[View]
122558214somebody host this[View]
122563092Financial Help thread: I am a financial analyst. I have noticed that /pol could use some real advise…[View]
122562183No Israelis Served Here: BASED AUSTRALIA www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/no-israeli…[View]
122562958Replacing with Pepe monuments? https://www.rt.com/usa/379761-new-orleans-remove-confederate-monumens…[View]
122562865I am fucking dissapointed: You No-Drumpfers are so fucking pathetic how can you not support him You …[View]
122559439Why are so many young men falling behind?: Being a young man has never been easy but in the past dec…[View]
122558752We need a White south african refugee program asap!: We can no longer ignore our white brothers who …[View]
122549754Why do wrong wingers hate science? Is it because they're fucking stupid?[View]
122542994>It says here you've typed the word 'nigger' 1143 times, mind explaining?…[View]
122562468Is he, dare I say it /ourguy?[View]
122557016Why do NZ state schools have to sell chocolate to get funding? Is this country even first world?[View]
122545764Blue pill thread.[View]
122553114Make France Great Again: We must redpill the normies to drain the swamp[View]
122534934Anon's going to the Boston rally and Coulter's rally in Berkeley. What should Anon bring t…[View]
122559972How to Piss Off Everyone We Hate: The music industry has been using a hack for many years they refer…[View]
122561140How do we stop him /pol/? I'm afraid he is too big fish even for us.[View]
122559699If not all muslims are the same, then why is being white considered racist?[View]
122551891OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD - FALSE FLAG HAPPENING: >A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between Apri…[View]
122554281Daily reminder that this is how humans are meant to poo[View]
122560622Breath of fresh air.[View]
122562264Why do people of colour never say 'I was born this way' like the practicers of sexual deviancy alway…[View]
122557225TOPLESS FEMEN ACTIVISTS PROTEST MARINE LE PEN AT BALLOT: lol. http://clapsnews.com/2017/04/24/toples…[View]
122559089My reaction that Macron wins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pOMCmVc3wY[View]
122553719Paris was a disaster zone for Marine Le Pen (as usual): She got 5.0% there. She got between 3% &…[View]
122518666/WW3/ World War III General - Jew York False Flag Edition: Someone give me a quick rundown on how po…[View]
122556103>Burgers are asleep: Quick post Burger memes[View]
122547161>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
122561582Is this guy going to cuck out on Roe v. Wade?[View]
122549064Why attractive girls most often liberals?[View]
122546119Is taxation theft?[View]
122561534Why do black people hate white people so much?: What did we ever do to them? All they do is tweet me…[View]
122561612Nigger thread: Should white people be allowed to say 'nigger'?[View]
122559611William Craddick aka PleadingTheYiff is about to blow Reddit the fuck up: This should be good... …[View]
122561647Like any of these EU elections matter, Brexit and London is leaving which means the financial heart …[View]
122561636daily reminder thorium liquid salt safe economic atomic means oil obsolete: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
122560998Is this the man we should all strive to be?: Talk about weaponized autism.[View]
122558964'Le Pen will win.': LMAO France is definitely lost.[View]
122560705I want to make Macron loose, you want to make LePen win. This isn't over, we can manage that. …[View]
122513977Iceland is the single most cucked 'nation' in the world: sweden at least had to fight a few wars, ic…[View]
122561366>that feel when hate nigga DNA but love rap music[View]
122561440Libertopia: Leftists and authoritarians should be open to living in a libertopia. It's the only…[View]
122548624How do we stop degenerate hip hop culture pol?: Starting to get real sick of it. Any ideas boys…[View]
122560453>mfw turk >mfw I am considered wh*te in America…[View]
122559669How can we stop the spread of feminism, SJW propaganda, and Cultural Marxism around the world, /pol/…[View]
122561382How bow dah?: see pic The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune…[View]
122561345Old infowars background: Anyone have a copy of that old background image that would appear behind al…[View]
122551654Its shoa day, pay respects[View]
122559132Saudi Arabia Is Redefining Islam for the World's Largest Muslim Nation: https://www.theatlantic…[View]
122540711Look at what you did: A happy family, ruined by pol And u even took their income https://m.youtube.c…[View]
122561137Burgers I has question: Why is the armed services memorial day in America such a massive fucking par…[View]
122557996God I wish this was fake.: What thoughts do you have on this fine garment of a powerful political st…[View]
122561101Let's imagine a day without immigrants You wake up in the morning, birds are singing because no…[View]
122557455can I have a quick rundown please and thank you[View]
122560279Sum up your political philosophy as concisely as you can and then tell other people why theirs is wr…[View]
122559271Supreme people's Assembly of North /pol/: Hello comrades, the tyrants of /pol/iament, located: …[View]
122541667>drugs should be legali- https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0c2_1492917245…[View]
122540740Vlad Dracula was a good man: Can we all just agree that Vlad Dracula saved western civilization from…[View]
122559810Trump mourns Jews who have been dead for 80 years; doesn't cry about the 8 niggers who got shot…[View]
122560773Jack Posobiec got a stalker: whats he up to[View]
122555257/pol/ do you think it's fair that 1/3 of mexico lives in the U.S. uses fake ID's for food …[View]
122555917Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
122560712Redpill normies on diversity: Cont. from >>>122543415 Here is an image I made to spam on tw…[View]
122553339Trump beats Hillary in rematch polls, even in popular vote: J U S T U S T[View]
122560184OIL BTFO: Say goodbye to millions of American jobs you faggots.[View]
122558957Got a better solution - new thread: >>122547407 old thread Buy a holi/hippie color powder bla…[View]
122558027Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
122558899Best and comfiest U.S. President[View]
122560201Wait - what's the difference between a Nation and a Cult again? I've forgotten.[View]
122557578This GILF is right though. 'Whiteness' is the problem. • There's no such thing as 'White' cultu…[View]
122541603>countries in red have laws against holocaust denial What the FUCK?[View]
122559798Cynthia G: someone needs to lynch this cunt[View]
122550720Being Jewish is great: You hate us because we're better than you, living in basements and sucki…[View]
122557075Most culture is AMERICAN Most problems are AMERICAN Next time you go to say: >'What's wrong …[View]
122551757All I want is to be loved by qt redpilled virgin: Why can I not have this /pol/? ):[View]
122555356Should we tax obesity? If people are fat they obviously have extra money to spend on unnecessary foo…[View]
122559769ADL: Anti-Semitic incidents have reached levels unseen in recent years,: http://archive.is/y2hJh The…[View]
122538870FASHWAVE GENERAL: Now with more /CHRISTWAVE/ and W E S T H E T I C A Guide (remember to log out!): h…[View]
122553873Did anyone notice this? Three cities in the US had blackouts on the same day. Psy op? Solar flare? …[View]
122554506Battles of Berkley?: Since the Berkley government allows/encourages it, why aren't there daily …[View]
122559328/pol/ Rate my purity.: My results just came in from 23andme, and I would like you anons to rate my p…[View]
122558088FRANCE NO! YOU HAD ONE JOB!: 24% Marcon 21% Le Pen You frogs that voted for Fillion best sort yours…[View]
122553710>tfw to intelligent to believe the world is round[View]
122557480Political positions by IQ: Prove this wrong. Pro tip: you can't[View]
122558875New Orleans Mayor removes Confederate Monuments to make the city more PC.: Meanwhile in the city of …[View]
122559478Try this https://youtu.be/IBRfo8LCGHg[View]
122558012IT'S MY BIRTHDAY: It's my birthday I'm 22 as of April 24 :)[View]
122554139How do you drink your coffee? I drink mine black, cold and without caffein.[View]
122559344Take it back[View]
122559083When I tell /pol/ something they don't understand, in their lingo, 'am I giving them autistic q…[View]
122547638why are men withdrawing from society?[View]
122557539The real redpill is that the redpill you think you've taken here is really just brainwashing/su…[View]
122532801Christian anons of /pol/, how do you justify being an anti-semite? We're all the same under the…[View]
122545392Legalize Incest?: I recently found out that there was an incest community online and was interested …[View]
122550905Daily Reminder: Remember the 6 Million: https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Ashes-Cases-Reincarnation-Holo…[View]
122557460Make some Money: Okay, can anyone give me a straight answer as to who is going to win the French Ele…[View]
122557651Christfag dies after being hit with hammer of God: https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20170422/wheaton…[View]
122550862Destabilize the chinese government and possibly fracture the communist party: Make the image your pr…[View]
122557553/pol/ wants to deport th-[View]
122558961lmao what's up with Indians are retarded names? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l8x36fjvjk…[View]
122542239/brg/ - BOSTON RALLY GENERAL: RIGHTWINGDEATHSQUAD LARP EDITION: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May …[View]
122558635How would those gooks function in a western society?[View]
122556308Here's one. If all humans of the world stopped eating bread, they would be dead, but you canno…[View]
122553036I am a Trump supporter. How can you call me a 'misogynist' when I support a WOMAN being the Presiden…[View]
122556310Gay marriage is a conservative position. It preserves the institution of marriage. The truly left-wi…[View]
122555260Haven't seen a good circumcision thread on here recently. Just a reminder to everyone that circ…[View]
122554372Are schizophrenics an active part of our society? Or are they being oppressed in a way?: How about a…[View]
122558717Jewish total fertility rate increased by 10.2% during 1998–2009, and was recorded at 2.90 during 200…[View]
122558601CIA and Government Pedophilia: The Finders/Franklin Scandal/Dutroux Affiar: The most underrated cons…[View]
122552225please make me laugh. I'm fucking miserable[View]
122555541You answer the phone: /pol/ this is you as old man. I'm ugly and I'm dead. Alone.[View]
122557781Why are Yuropoors so bluepilled compared to Anglos?: Britain and the US had Brexit and Trump. Meanwh…[View]
122555904The Red-pill is working: > MFW almost everyone I encounter socially makes Jew jokes and now refer…[View]
122531392So /pol/ what are you?[View]
122551602>be me: >discussing the Macron-Le Pen situation with my parents >'I'd like to just hav…[View]
122554674NORTH KOREA 85TH MILITARY ANNIVERSARY: T- 20h WWIII Let us play this song called 'Raise Your Weapon…[View]
122551203What to do pol: I live in the bay and want to fight at the next berekly bullshit. But I dont have an…[View]
122551925Operation: Take Back The Fag: #KeepCulturesSeperate is gaining traction[View]
122557253His disciples said to him, 'Is circumcision beneficial or not?' He said to them, 'If it were benefi…[View]
122557628/pol/ Why is every women in the alt right movement a mudshark?[View]
122558093If the Jew used God not being able to judge by the flesh as a weapon, to think they can escape The L…[View]
122554241North Korea will test a nuclear device within 36 hours.: >U.S. researchers at the 38 North websit…[View]
122542054Arguments: Understanding the psychology of liberals: I'm sure countless books have been written…[View]
122548742AP US Government & Politics Sample Exam: https://www.4tests.com/ap-government Let's see how…[View]
122546252/pol/ reading list[View]
122556333morality test: post 'em http://www.celebritytypes.com/morality/6/test.php[View]
122551075Taking the time to say thank you to you guys that helped find that asshole that hit my friend over t…[View]
122555881What rights are inherently inalienable?[View]
122557185Only in AMERICA thread:[View]
122548567False flag attack: What if someone made a false flag attack, pretending to be antifa, making a bomb …[View]
122545493A Redpill For You Mexican/Argentine/Chicano Haters: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-wh…[View]
122554703Why do conservatives claim to support small government but demand more government intrusion on almos…[View]
122557727what is the point of smearing an ancient symbol?: The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika…[View]
122547204How can anyone even vote for this fag?: Is France really this far gone? Are they really going to ele…[View]
122557720Geert Wilders - Defend Our Freedom - We Suffer From Islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdqdy7Y8D…[View]
122528833What is your country's proudest moment?[View]
122556183I got so tired of leftists claiming that right wingers and whites are more likely to commit terror a…[View]
122556242Explain this discrepancy?[View]
122557317Need a red pill on the true location of Israel. One pro Zion friend says Torah provides geographical…[View]
122555468>7am >hear a knock at the door >open door >see The Donald >'We need to eat breakfast …[View]
122557493https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFJai_2YCNs Who was in the wrong here?[View]
122557321somebody host this[View]
122554388Jordan Peterson's advice regarding Berkeley: The Based Professor was asked a question about the…[View]
122553281Don't vote for right-wing parties, anon. That's what terrorists WANT you to do.[View]
122556328Trump on female attraction: >'We may live in houses in the suburbs but our minds and emotions are…[View]
122552962>tfw /pol/ still doesn't understand that the social changes that are facing us and that whic…[View]
122556961How does /pol/ celebrate the (Israeli) Holocaust remembrance day? Did you pay your reparations for t…[View]
122556963Why do leftists hate guns for 'moral' reasons, yet love to beat people over the head with blunt obje…[View]
122551056ANZAC Day: Alright cunts, tomorrow is Anzac Day so if you're not a shitcunt melbournite you sho…[View]
122537451Muh IQ is genetic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyferth_study >The Eyferth study is the name oft…[View]
122556940Vault 7 Cicada Countdown Page Changed: Whats going on with this? Countdown switched again. This time…[View]
122556935Anglos are alpha, Europeans are beta: The UK/US uncucked themselves with Brexit/Trump. Meanwhile, Au…[View]
122548976Sup, I'm Chad: These are my bros, Chad, Chad, Chad, Chad, and Chad. We know this dude named Emm…[View]
122556609Dicuss: These faggots had the balls to even do this yeah my ass. Opinions on this horrible meme…[View]
122554579Keepin it real aryan style: Hey /pol/ My lady and I recently had a little one. Her background is da…[View]
122551171Goys, we gotta do something about this: This shit. This motherfucker is essentially creating propaga…[View]
122556420Navy 'Frog' man: praise kek i saw the words 'navy frogman' while looking up on google a quote 'Leav…[View]
122552965Somebody with video editing skills needs to make a video with footage of all the Muslim riots and at…[View]
122547407Got a better solution?: Lets ruin their sweaters.[View]
122554603what do you think of my badge of honor?[View]
122541829Have we reached peak degeneracy?[View]
122545792IT'S HAPPENING!!!!: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-idUSKBN17Q06N?feedType=RSS…[View]
122555957'Environmental Racism' that the left has been warning us about[View]
122553490my political evolution[View]
122555873Why is /pol/ so hateful,insecure and jealous towards these guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI…[View]
122543415Rainbow is white power symbol: share online[View]
122550682Holy shit /pol/ has been btfo beyond belief. Muslims are awesome! Go Science![View]
122555877First round victory: 1: Lepen mowing the grass with Macron as a snake 2: Lepen running over Macron i…[View]
122552309>pol unironically thinks that climate change isn't real[View]
122545326Why do White Nationalists always obsess over 'protecting muh white women' and 'muh white beauty' whe…[View]
122555779Daily Reminder[View]
122554406Make it your goal to pull off their mask in Berkeley: When within arm's reach make sure you gra…[View]
122555665JOE ARPAIO - OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Anyone remember this? What happened?] https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
122533152Cuckservatives... Megyn Kelly, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern, and Bill O'Reil…[View]
122534459Pikeville Antifa Protest: Looks like Antifa is going to protest a rally in Pikeville, KY. It's …[View]
1225528604D chess: Could the reason the elite is pushing such a pro LGBT and sexual degenerate agenda down ou…[View]
122550148This is what Trump's America looks like.[View]
122549815ANTIFA spamming urban dictionary.: Antifa (or whoever) seem to be spamming urban dic with bullshit d…[View]
122544066why don't white women want to be white?[View]
122555296What ever happened with this?: Is there any update to it?[View]
122545085*yawns and stretches* Ahhh. Oh, why, hello there little wagie. Have you enjoyed your weekend free fr…[View]
122555124Vietnam was the Surfers War[View]
122554662There are people here that believe fags have the same rights as other people: why are you so naive?…[View]
122553282Would America be a better country if the borders were slightly adjusted to exclude the dense urban m…[View]
122554963I Would love it if The US just gave up and let Russia occupy them.[View]
122553217Was Trump not THE big public figure asking Obama to release his birth certificate? Did he not say he…[View]
122554915What are we going to do about public radio?: PRI and NPR to the best of my knowledge have not ever u…[View]
122555076Landlord Strips Tenant Naked Over Rent!: If he was a woman, landlord would be in jail. https://www.y…[View]
122553146HUGE: FAKE EMAILS PLANTED ON HILLARY SERVER BY RUSSIANS: Hillary vindicated of all wrongdoing. https…[View]
122554625Countries With Lax Gun Laws: EXPLAIN YOURSELF SWEDEN.[View]
122548267Catholic General: Divine Mercy Edition: Everyone is welcome. Discuss news, ask question, give answer…[View]
122554499Is a technocratic Silicon Valley presidential candidate or even president inevitable by 2050?: https…[View]
122551187Why are melanin enriched individuals so retarded? https://youtu.be/KYcB7vxF7xs Look at this fucking…[View]
122553385holy shit, I didnt want to go down this rabbit hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu0zax6EyeY[View]
122554273PJW: who has the best paul joseph watson meme[View]
122554628why are pagans usually against freedom of religion/religious diversity? even though their religion h…[View]
122554527So I'm sitting here with my wife's son watching the new bill Nye show, and I just found ou…[View]
122541472What President Trump accomplished in his first 100 days is....[View]
122546617Rebbit discusses /pol/[View]
122554212Is the collective human race grieving the dying of the world?[View]
122554247Is theft taxation?[View]
122543566Don't ask how but I lost my lucky merchant folder and need to stock up Post your merchants, the…[View]
122554267beating ANTIFA: (pic related to uni) If the redpilled were to form an organized militia with leaders…[View]
122551881Geert Wilders - Defend Our Freedom - We Suffer From Islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdqdy7Y8D…[View]
122552350>Zimbabwe will be whiter than USA in your lifetime TOP JEJ LMAO AMERIKEKS…[View]
122554244Indoctrinarion used to try harder: Oldfag here. I remember anticipating this video airing and enjoyi…[View]
122546195>Good things the Boomers did[View]
122550740Hehehehe AHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
122519612ILLUMINATI BLOOD PYRAMID: On April 19, 2017, at 3:05 a.m. EDT, five days after he was found not guil…[View]
122546863Hannity: Well I said it all last week on multiple websites... And its already happening this soon ht…[View]
122553876Socialist party of the philippines execute pushers: https://youtu.be/3AyJ9TIBv08 1:50-2:16 Is this r…[View]
122553870Fuck France: You frogs brought on the french revolution and ergo the decline in Western Civilisation…[View]
122550363Duterte is /ourguy/: >give me salt and vinegar and I'll eat his liver Why are the Philippine…[View]
122551221Do you guys think Putin knows that the holocaust is a hoax?[View]
122539270Wow.... this is deep.: https://twitter.com/ChelseaClinton/status/855626400900030464[View]
122553104Neo-Japanese Empire?: Odds are, never gonna fucking happen, but maybe in a different time-line...wha…[View]
122553741Ryan Guillory for Congress: C'mon /pol let's get @RyanGuillorySr elected to Congress. Let…[View]
122547518Halal and Kosher slaughter is cruel and sadistick.: Why is it legal in so many places? I like hambur…[View]
122552444nigger pedophile confronted in my city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbD_ge6sQY8&feature=yout…[View]
122553315https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uADS6n7bp7Q is this what liberals do? they invite retards to their s…[View]
122552737Are Africans based?: Every African I have met has been pretty bro tier. Most will talk shit about 'A…[View]
122544874Political compass bread[View]
122552003Pepe is ours communism will win /leftypol/ represent[View]
122551885Le science man said it so it must be true, damn.. really makes you think[View]
122551043Can some French Bros fill this thread with some sweet tears from Melenchon supporters? From Tumblr, …[View]
122553225Theresa May - 60yrs of age Angela Merkel - 62yrs of age Macron's wife - 63yrs of age Does Macro…[View]
122552252Happy Holocaust Remembrance Day: It is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. >U.S. President Donal…[View]
122546563don't underestimate antifa: the right keep underestimating Antifa, they think they are just los…[View]
122541566Veganism: Why aren't you vegan? https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/vegans/ Just go through this …[View]
122540776Trump's promise to end birthright citizenship is in the works now: http://archive.is/dvlAY :)…[View]
122546034>We now have mainstream fiction books where 'he' is replaced with gender neutral non-patriarchal …[View]
122540731Daily reminder: niggers despise you, too: Don't ever feel remorse or give a second thought to h…[View]
122548004Will white culture ever recover? https://youtu.be/GD-MUhMm7lM[View]
122546209What's /pol's opinion of this man? Is he our guy, or a communist? Is a libertarian, or jus…[View]
122550618Macaroni: This guy really is rothchild and nestles puppet? https://fi.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_…[View]
122552748Marine Seems A Bit Tired Don't You Think: Just a little...[View]
122552747>tfw you realize that the Jews are actually the good guys Why do you keep trying to trick me, /po…[View]
122534952Was Hitler the incarnation of Wotan in human form?: 'The Wild Chase' 1889 -Franz Stuck Hitler was bo…[View]
122537959This is considered science in 2017[View]
122549778She hasn´t aged very well.[View]
122552629isn't that what /pol/ wants ?: Umm Sharik reported that the messenger of Allah said: 'The peopl…[View]
122546386Canadian patriotism: Ok anons to be canada patriot? What we do to people that hate canada?[View]
122545588Hey /pol/ I'm considering switching my degree from Neuroscience to Political Science. Should I …[View]
122551562Syrian air defenses compromised: Once a Bolshevik always a Bolshevik http://www.veteranstoday.com/20…[View]
122545996Why doubt climate change if der Führer believed it?[View]
122547068Next antifari riot the main goal should be to unmask as many as possible. Kek wills it[View]
122527339Berkely: Could we form a line roman legion style with shields?[View]
122552190Today kek has granted us victory We won against all odds, the immigrants, the bluepilled normies, fe…[View]
122545873El Canelo: Message for /pol/: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6426421 This is an…[View]
122513938Split New York State?: California isn't the only state wanting to split up. Upstate New York ha…[View]
122521609Hero or villain?[View]
122544043Is global warming a real phenomenon?[View]
122549168Who will win?[View]
122550576You heard him faggots. Stop discriminating.[View]
122519458Brit/pol/ - Based Rhodesia Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBVDdr3wqm4 …[View]
122551629Why were Americans allowed to get away with using chemical weapons, but now they police other govern…[View]
122529551Why does popular American culture (movies, songs, etc) make it sound like California and New York ar…[View]
122541315WHY THE FUCK IS FLAT EARTH SURGING IN POPULARITY: how the fuck do we destroy these people once and f…[View]
122542304/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BEST GIRL EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
122549427why throw out immigrants when we could throw out dumb people: we want to make america great, right? …[View]
122537167How Manny Of You Fags Would Be Interested In This?: Hi /Pol/ im a director who has shot a few films …[View]
122549809Kill your grandparents.[View]
122549649What does /pol/ thinks of bisexuals?[View]
122547835Is North Korea just using its nuclear program as a bargaining chip to negotiate better terms with th…[View]
122550587Ancapistan will voluntarily crush you all with our voluntary McArmies[View]
122549079Does this explain /pol/'s anger towards Jews?[View]
122545801Why does neo-nazism primarily appeal to the working classes?: https://youtu.be/-I7XJ-joDt8 https://y…[View]
122551050WEW: It might end up being the 'Tucker News Network' very soon. Hopefully he hasn't forced his …[View]
122551341Recruiting Troops from SoCal for Battle of Berkeley Ann Coultre Edition: SoCal fag here looking for …[View]
122549281'CAPTURE THE FAG': Make main stream media think racist stole the lgbt flag[View]
122551283When is it gonna go down /pol/[View]
122544591Why is /pol/ experiencing a war: Theres a civil war going on on /pol/ between antitrumpers who ackno…[View]
122549158Bump on the gay nazi troll thread, last one got shut down.[View]
122536332Is the only way to fix things through full on global economic collapse?[View]
122527390Why are Libtards so obsessed with 'Rick and Morty'?: Why are Libtards so Cringe Worthy? This made me…[View]
122550284Monarchy Thread: Liberals: 'it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people a…[View]
122551250White_Culture_Is_All_Stolen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmH1nZSGIyY[View]
122548878what will happen on tuesday ?[View]
122550912Does /pol/ dig diglot?[View]
122551034>A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between April 18 - May 5, from what I could gather the 24th …[View]
122548149Another Tombstone in the Grave of Western Civilization: https://youtu.be/Wllc5gSc-N8 kill me[View]
122550825Dankest timeline: If you would have told me this just 3 years ago, I would have had you committed to…[View]
122550626WHITE=BAD: Why do 'minorities' act like anyone who isn't white is on their side no matter what …[View]
122517363>trying to slowly redpill co workers >go out with co workers to a restaurant >they keep tel…[View]
122549234https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 Why?[View]
122528123Does the race of your doctor matter to you?[View]
122535917Service Guarantees Citizenship - A Starship Trooper Comparison: Hello /pol/, I have come with a mess…[View]
122550192Operation Capture the Flag: I'm just going to leave this thread up to continue this glorious pl…[View]
122548254Asking out of pure ignorance... Who of these is going to expulse the niggers out of France? I need t…[View]
122549663/pol/, what is your current crush like and is she /pol/ approved? Race, age, and political ideology …[View]
122550445We need the France left to play themselves. Remember all the retarded sex based politics during the …[View]
122550184Nathan For You - Jack Gabarino - The Movement: He's making youtube vids like this now. Pro-Trum…[View]
122550200WTF was this guy on about? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al3aOuqpVbs[View]
122548682How can hohols even compete?: >https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-24/duterte-says-he…[View]
122550285What does /pol/ think of the Cloward-Piven Strategy?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward–Piven_st…[View]
122550238Obamacare: Hey-pol,please-comment-your-opinion-of-this-video.-Dont-hold-back-either,-these-guys-have…[View]
122545532RISK Ignore map rules, ro.lls are as follows 1 = 1 2 = 2 Ect 9 = 9 0 = 15 du bs = 20 Tr ips or highe…[View]
122547437Took me an hour so you fags better appreciate this: Did you rike it?[View]
122525669Party/Concert Culture: Why do people do this /pol/? >pic related…[View]
122549156/pol/ Please, help us to kill that finance puppet: Please I implore you pol, I implore you KEK : Mac…[View]
122549824Do you support marxist if there is no cultural marxist?[View]
122545233Nigger Hate Thread: WE WUZ MELONIN N' SHEEIT[View]
122549586Operation Ethnonationalism: Kike mods deleted last thread. Operation hijack LGBT flag to redpill the…[View]
122547317/pol/ absolutely 100% btfo sss rank pentakill: Sam Harris released a podcast where he talked about r…[View]
122544784What's /pol/'s opinion on Charlotte and Audrey? I think they are cute, wholesome girls.[View]
122545455Tfw not degenerate: >people around you are getting more fucked up, more nihilistic, more addicted…[View]
122549562Trump Is Flooding Us With Completely UNvetted, Diseased Muslims: Trump Is Flooding Us With Completel…[View]
122545109Trump before the election >Oh, the first 100 days I'll get so much done you just won't …[View]
122513473best racist stories?[View]
122549056Adolf Hitler youtbube hero?: My new favorite youtuber is Adolf Hitler. he doesnt make videos he just…[View]
122546963>overpopulation and human starvation an issue >jews push lgbt agenda to widdle down the human …[View]
122548130Esoteric Kekism: I've seen an increase in Kek-hate on /pol/ lately, which is perfectly understa…[View]
122548842Can you feel it? It's coming: The boomers have left a blood debt to be paid and they put it all…[View]
122540767Total War Scenario: North Korea and United States are in total war. China threatens to nuke if NK us…[View]
122548138how do you satisfy your happening needs?: im having serious withdrawals again, the north korea thing…[View]
122549361I heard that antifa is rioting in France so I turned on CNN. See this faggot eating dinner with nigg…[View]
122547960The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122546729Why are there potheads on my board? It's YOU that ruins this board. You're literally here …[View]
122535853Why do a lot of blacks call spics spanish? Does this look spanish to you?[View]
122519879What the FUCK happened to Bill Nye? I can hear my dad listening to his new show (pic-related) and it…[View]
122544041Which should carry Trump's legacy?[View]
122544709Huh, Bill Nye still teaching me new things even today! I feel ashamed for not knowing my cisgender p…[View]
122548853boomer hate[View]
122548609Is it possible to build a RICO case on Antifa?: How would this happen? What as citizens could be don…[View]
122548493burlesque nazis?[View]
122547904Post 'em. http://filteries.com/politics[View]
122529320How does this gif makes The_donald and other redditors browsing /pol/ feel?[View]
122546607This is our flag now: This flag represents separating the races. Fuck the gays.[View]
122548136Throw the Commies out: Efforts should be made to identify immigrant members of Antifa so they can be…[View]
122548151Left is militarizing: What do you think about this fucking cuck?Looks the the left is finally mobili…[View]
122539256How can I redpill a friend? Backstory: >friend is female >early 20s >college student >in…[View]
122548360/pol/ BTFO completely: Merkel is going to win, the AfD is in complete chaos and is dissolving right …[View]
122547276How sad are these shareblue cucks. Didn't they know the election was in November?[View]
122546169Nigger hate thread[View]
122546855>'hey I'm not feeling very good can I leave early?' >'Sorry I cant show up today (insert …[View]
122548287Yom Hazikaron: Pol's opinion on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKVk7kyU4qA[View]
122520761Why don't all African-Americans look like pic related?[View]
122548103MAKE AMERICA BE ABLE TO FAP IN PEACE AGAIN: Listen up fuckers, were gonna make America R A R E A R…[View]
122522071Communists Training To Kill Rightwingers: Commies in Arizona are picking up rifles and gearing up to…[View]
122547111how do will liberalism ideas of open borders and multiculturalism fall. is a all out civil war neces…[View]
122514960is raising a family a pipe dream?: I live in the Toronto area and only a month ago a home on my pare…[View]
122541231its fucking OVER.[View]
122537139Wow. So this is the power of science. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 I hate Christ now…[View]
122521491PUTIN FUNDED LE PEN CONFIRMED: Russia is cucking the world and /pol/ doesn't care as long as it…[View]
122547869Have any of you lads heard of a film script called Lights Out?[View]
122544209Hey white people: Is your 2-year-old a member of MENSA yet? Hmm.. I didn't think so.[View]
122543454Is it true that Hitler was born here?[View]
122547610>every aspect of the government is struggling to stop the Russia investigation at every step >…[View]
122546055If it were confirmed beyond any doubt that Trump was a Russian puppet, how would it affect your opin…[View]
122546453The Jews definitely will hate my views on the free market[View]
122547439this is a depressing picture[View]
122547379Browsing software engineering job ads: About Us: We're thoroughly degenerate. Most of our time …[View]
122508765Sam Harris Takes The Red Pill: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1lEPQYQk8s >In this episode o…[View]
122546205you are mentally ill, and this website is making it worse: you are the company you keep, if you asso…[View]
122547144Don't you fucking dare think about fucking with children. Trolling or not. If you fags ever con…[View]
122544781/pol/ related feels thread.[View]
122547042cuck principal needs to go: >Is a jew >let's Muslim kid lecture us all about how 'Islam i…[View]
122546735A time of the market drunking festival!!!: the day of the drinking at the market, in rememberance of…[View]
122546999SPREAD THE WORD FUCKERS: Operation:Gay Gank[View]
122540027> someone posts what is an obvious caricature of leftist views > a number of anons angrily rep…[View]
122546750How can there simultaneously be both a doctor shortage and so many applicants for med school that qu…[View]
122545501NEOLIBERALISM Is /pol/ FOR or AGAINST this shit? Fukuyama said it was our ultimate form (end of hist…[View]
122545402why do they write so many pro Trump articles? is NYC 100% liberal?[View]
122546816>this is the most popular video when you look up Richard Spencer >https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
122538435How to revive the casualties of feminism?: > Cousin is 32-year-old woman > recently received g…[View]
122544815What went wrong?[View]
122515998You might have noticed that we've been slowly dismantling the Republican platform ever since yo…[View]
122546692Arlan Robotics Service Droid: How will women compete. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPdIZX1drYc…[View]
122546613Reminder every single one of you NEED to be on welfare RIGHT now in order to crash it. >Welfare i…[View]
122546208Muslims or Jews: Be reasonable, guys. Getting rid of Muslims should be prioritised over breaking the…[View]
122543832Goyim ! Vote for Macron !: https://twitter.com/BHL/status/856237201432162306 https://twitter.com/jat…[View]
122546192While the left has perpetuated the myth that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are nothing but worthles…[View]
122538107Tim Pool Breaks Down FAKE NEWS WITH ONE WIERD TRICK!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYXeNfxFfs4 …[View]
122543512>It's over anakin, I have the high ground[View]
122542843This is from just 9 hours ago... he's really still talking about the election???[View]
122507972Considering that Le Pen Lost: How does it feel knowing that your little far-right populist movements…[View]
122545738If Le Pen gets in, that will be another victory for /pol/. At that point we've become the fourt…[View]
122533949>women are stup-[View]
122542133Why does pol hate homosexuals If it doesnt affect them in any way?[View]
122546298DAILY JOHN OLIVER DISCUSSION THREAD: WARNING: Cucks not allowed in this thread This thread is meant …[View]
122518270/Antifa/ General: CURRENTLY KNOWN >Mayor of Berkeley, California has ties to Antifa group 'BAMN' …[View]
122546221OY VEY! African-Americans have Gypsy blood: Holy fuck I think I uncovered a game changing red pill. …[View]
122521553ANFITA CALLS DEATH ON CHILDREN: what the fuck is wrong with these people[View]
122496637Syria General /sg/ - When you Realize you Fuged Up Edition: Everything you need to know https://syri…[View]
122546010>ctrl+f >Vinnie Paz >Ill Bill >Jedi Mind Tricks >Army of The Pharaohs >0 results Y…[View]
122545917i read a bunch of 'Industrial Society and Its Future,' and he's right. eventually the nwo will …[View]
122542488Why doesn't Iran conquer Afghanistan and Iraq? Maybe United States wouldn't have to keep b…[View]
122531342Prove to me that the holocaust didnt happen by using facts and data and not just 'da joos'[View]
122535018Black men are seen as physically larger and more threatening than similar-sized white men http://psy…[View]
122545856François Bayrou: How does France feel about their next (maybe) Prime minister?[View]
122534158Tomorrow is Operation Gotham Shield: >On April 24-26th, Operation Gotham Shield will commence. It…[View]
122542048Thoughts on Pope Francis? Is it true that people twist what he says through translation to fit their…[View]
122542765Antifa thug hiding drugs after assault: Guy getting cuffed has punched Jack Posobiec, then hands som…[View]
122533964Why don't you just marry a homesteading gardening farming redpilled self-defense tradwife, /pol…[View]
122544536North Korea detains US citizen as tensions rise: North Korea detained a US citizen for unknown reaso…[View]
122543206Welcome Back: >Welcome back Adventurer. >Congratulations on the completion of your quest. >…[View]
122543649What does /pol/ thinks about this: http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/04/19/08/21/us-submarine-passe…[View]
122542708Risk #2[View]
122529640Racists are pathetic: Why do you guys latch on to a group identity and claim your special and smarte…[View]
122537653BERKELEY'S RECKONING - 4/27: We take Berkeley from the corrupt! The Marxist! The oppressors of …[View]
122541423What's happening right now in the alternate universe in which he won?[View]
122542065/spg/ - STRATEGY & POWER GENERAL: ITT discuss the workings of power and strategy, and how we mig…[View]
122540549what will the next trans be?: Seeing as how the Trans community is exhausting any possible 'Trans' (…[View]
122545320At 9:45PM EST The United States will fire tomahawk missiles at nuclear silo locations and other vari…[View]
122542355Muslims commit terrorism, rape and all the atrocities we know because they can't experience a r…[View]
122481308LEPEN WINNING STRATEGY: >Muh Macron has more votes >Muh everyone calls to vote for Macron >…[View]
122541253Robot Theft: Be little mini-genius nephew. Him and friend get into World / National Robotics Competi…[View]
122545104What if California(55 EC votes) was a swing state?[View]
122539447tfw I will never be as cool as indians because I am white American[View]
122527965What does this shit have to do with science?[View]
122545107Do Western women have any redeeming qualities?[View]
122544130Community College: Y'all motherfuckers need to enroll in at least ONE philosophy class taught b…[View]
122544755i don't use drugs, but what's the weed red pill? whats it doing to liberals and what are t…[View]
122539071Promises made, Promises Kept: Doing such a fantastic job so far. What do you guys hope to see in the…[View]
122542361Press F, etc.: Moran was found dead Saturday by emergency responders after a dispatcher for the Harr…[View]
122528054How are Muslims taking over so easily?[View]
122544857Okay goys. Red pill me on this. Do you think after the next 2-3 years Antifa will kinda just... Fall…[View]
122544728What do y'all feel about Le Pen?: Will the hordes of kebab be removed?[View]
122543459Thomas Wictor has some solid proof Berkley PD was involved in the rioting 2 weeks ago. Sometimes thi…[View]
122543149Why did you elect a man with a deteriorating mental state?: http://theslot.jezebel.com/donald-trump-…[View]
122543605Face it /pol/: The true right-wing candidate won yesterday GET READY FOR YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, EMMAN…[View]
122544579What did he mean by this?[View]
122543075I have a confession to make to all of you...: I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was beauti…[View]
122541245Europe risk new thread[View]
122531426Fall back, Fall back!: With France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary etc giving up with…[View]
122530558Quick RISK Thread: >Name >Location >Color Each starting point is a city. if you capture oth…[View]
122535396Why dont you cunts care?: Trump Plans to Resurrect TTIP http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/22/c…[View]
122542461KEEP COLORS SEPERATE: New white supremacy flag[View]
122541242Why are Asian women God's most perfect creation?[View]
122544369http://www.politico.eu/article/france-election-2017-russia-hacked-cyberattacks/ So does this mean th…[View]
122543793Say it with me /pol/: MONSIEUR LE PRÉSIDENT DE LA REPUBLIQUE[View]
122541499Shopped pics of this cunt: I'm on a leftist retard group on FB for the keks and to start shit s…[View]
122529914I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122544225be honest: did you fall for this?[View]
122534402>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
122539274Should I join the Unification Church? I'm not even meming; they have traditional values, matchm…[View]
122544006We're sorry.[View]
122543573>sips cum Are you guys going to celebrate the Free Press with Samantha Bee? You know, while we st…[View]
122542493This is what authoritarianism looks like this woman is fearful of those who are different from her s…[View]
122527466Is Monogamy dead?: We're seeing sluts here and there doing degeneracy up the wazoo. Males these…[View]
122518968Why do Men keep falling for the marriage trap?: It's so fucking obvious to me what's going…[View]
122530180/NEG/ New England General: /NEG/ New England General Well, /pol/, have you taken the New England pil…[View]
122538894Times you revealed your powerlevel >Aunt is married to a turbo kike >Stereotypical in every wa…[View]
122541941Antifa General: Fruit gathering & sharing - legal defence protection - global antifa events - an…[View]
122543209Keep in mind /pol/ that the future Antichrist will be an affluent charismatic European Muslim.[View]
122526755The Long Run: Cultural Marxism has destroyed the lives of it's followers. >It has turned bea…[View]
122540935Redpill me on why evangelicals have a hard on for Israel and the kikes. Shouldnt they fucking know?[View]
122541533Do you lease your dog from subprime lenders /pol/? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-03-0…[View]
122542101>mfw no isentropic processes >mfw basic laws of thermodynamics ensure the heat death of the u…[View]
122537060>1950s America >High schools have pools and all the boys play water polo naked Why was America…[View]
122532348Warren 2020: Can she do it? Am I being too generous to Drumpf?[View]
122539565I can't wait for North Korea to be liberated so I can find myself a cute North Korean girl and …[View]
122517554is it really that dangerous living in nig nog areas?: is it really that dangerous living in ghetto a…[View]
122540692Which online newspaper do you read for red-pilling?[View]
122532609RISK Get a trip with your nations name in it or you will be ignored. NAP/Ally is enforced Break NAP …[View]
122538976You're entering your room and see this. Your actions[View]
122526689Too many Poles in the UK?: Over 1 million have flooded the UK since the mid-2000s...along with all o…[View]
122520464Why is EU accepting so many Muslims?: What do they gain from this?[View]
122542226Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect: This board is for the discussion of news, world events, po…[View]
122538095Why is lobbying allowed?[View]
122540468gay couples exist to rear the children that straight couples abandon.[View]
122538887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yOSPeiPaR4 Is South Korea our best and greatest friend ?[View]
122540989Who else thinks it's time for Kek to start it's very own airborne division: We must protec…[View]
122531346>blacks who were adopted by whites score higher than the white average, especially when adopted e…[View]
122536740/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL- HAMSTER EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
122498780In the Russian army, Muslims and other national minorities scoff at Russian sodates: Muslims forced …[View]
122532300Is there anything more pathetic than a grown man playing dress-up and acting like he's a genera…[View]
122528714I thought Sikhs were bro-tier[View]
122538715Karlie Kloss on Bill Nye Saves the World: Who is Karlie Kloss? Joshua Kushner's soon to be wife…[View]
122528024Political Centrism: Let's get a political centrism thread going, gents[View]
122533274>us marines in service: 669,100 >us marines killed: 24,511 >japanese soldiers in the army: …[View]
122528391/pol/ Is there in hope in saving white women? Just look at this fat bitch of a whale eat herself to …[View]
122540932An invisible ICBM: Towed to a US port near you?[View]
122541362Redpill me on the Lolocaust. Did it actually habben?[View]
122540386What's the IRA up to these days?[View]
122537995I'm a proud North Koreeaboo. -I masturbate to Kim Jong-Un's speeches -I want a massive nuc…[View]
122536371HISTORICAL MATERIALISM Is basically the idea that history is all about money and power. It's NO…[View]
122541404How much the cultural enrichment has benefited your country? Now we are full of beautiful people lik…[View]
122538959Spreading fake news to large lib groups and letting them devour it like poison What is the best fake…[View]
122533098Why can't global free trade work?[View]
122541310Is it just me...: ...or does /pol/ get a lot of Army/Navy/Marine recruiting posts? Do you think adve…[View]
122538035God, if I am a trouble maker, I know you wouldn't let me be one. God Father I'm scared at …[View]
122538748Why don't more republicans come out as racist? It completely nullifies every argument the left …[View]
122485701Will you allow North Korean refugees into your country?[View]
122541212Why is the west suddenly so: >Let's import subhuman shitskins, their ancestors didn't f…[View]
122536616When did you realise that The Bible has the answer to everything /pol/?[View]
122541134Why is Luke Kuhn disobeying court orders?: Lying Lacy snapped a nice pic of Probation Pedo..[View]
122536427Well, /pol/ I don't know about you, but I sure am glad we have good ole Bill Nye to save the wo…[View]
122540813Where the fuck is Scientology at?: They are supposed to be an international force with agents infilt…[View]
122540326The 10M is brewing, south Texas will be cut in half. It was nice to meet you /pol/[View]
122538764With the phrase 'Cultural Marxism' being slowly replaced by 'regressive leftism,' it seems that some…[View]
122538167Give it to me straight is there a chance she'll win?[View]
1225333112016 was a fluke: Admit /pol/ 2016 was a once in a lifetime thing not likely to happen again. The re…[View]
122530259I hope North Korea sets off Mt. Paektu and wipes itself out. I'm so fucking tired of this.[View]
122539654>Science corroded by partisan politicization >Soft sciences becoming a home for marxist politi…[View]
122540615War is always good anyways right. https://youtu.be/iQsTdTde4qg[View]
122540605ITT: Why are nignogs so ignorant and stupid?: >be me >watch documentary 'Art of Steal' >is …[View]
122529425Speaking of 'antifa'...: Why did all those groups give up on economic issues? They used to be very c…[View]
122540473Yuri Bezmenov AKA (((Tomas Schuman))) - Soviet Defec: Yuri is pretty popular on /pol/ mostly for the…[View]
122540381KEKISTANIS REPORT: I live in the South Bend, IN area, near the University of Notre Dame. Mike Pence …[View]
122538329What happens when she forces a frexit and crashes the EU?[View]
122539119lol. This is an ABC/Washington Post poll.[View]
122538022On May the 7th we get to witness the death of Western Civilisation wew lad[View]
122540260Hey /pol/ have you had your cuck juice today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWtmUApOzlY[View]
122519525CANADA ENTERS HAPPENING: >Canada may be called on for troops in war with North Korea http://www.c…[View]
122540421Leftist play book: If you guys havn't seen it yet this is the leftist play book for the last 30…[View]
122540091Fuck all you spergs, and if you are non-white fuck you twice Niko 2020[View]
122540323North Korea Says It Is 'Ready to Sink' U.S. Aircraft Carrier: North Korea said on Sunday i…[View]
122540203Got the logo from the Kek religion and did this b&w.png: I have intentions on having a shirt wit…[View]
122540037Tree Hugger Gunned Down In Africa: >Be animal loving tree hugger >Move to Kenya and operate a …[View]
122539983MemeBalls: >When you don't need to worry about fornicating because no one wants to have sex …[View]
122509193AMA. I just reported my boss: Yeah, so my employer is knowingly employing illegal taconiggers in nor…[View]
122539867Goodnight /pol/[View]
122538712What is an example of patriotism in your country? In the US, you can wear red white and blue and SSB…[View]
122538474Haha, we'll be fine, he won't... oh shit...: What do we do now Leafs? https://apnews.com/c…[View]
122533201Any idea on how to sabotage and have a little fun in a social justice class? Because I could use som…[View]
122539733stay mad antifa/pol/ >>god has spoken Zechariah 5:9 Then I looked up--and there before me wer…[View]
122522171European Risk Make your nation by using this format: >Nation Name >Color >Appx. Location Go…[View]
122528834Operation Gotham Shield starts in a Few Hours...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xltBTS9QXqM…[View]
122539652Do libertarians really fight anatchists in the streets? WTF timeline is this? >ib4 HWNDU…[View]
122530339Alright guys I don't really know how to phrase this, but should I be ashamed for being half whi…[View]
122538674Why is France letting Paris turn into a US city?[View]
122536439The foundations of liberal and centrist political complacency in society is determism, ignorance and…[View]
122539484Bill Nye is a terrorist. Expose this fraud: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/william-sanfor…[View]
122539424Did she pay the toll?[View]
122539064https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ_2iF7XJyA What does /pol/ think of this brother nate video?[View]
122531728More Hillary staffers dropping dead just days before testifying before the archangel of justice trey…[View]
122539266Is Uber Degenerate?: According to the NYT, Uber has done the following: > Taken money from Saudi …[View]
122538294How can you stand to listen to this ignoramus gloat all the goddamn time? And not only that, but fuc…[View]
122532711how confident are you that the border wall will ever get built[View]
122523757(((science))) program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 :^)[View]
122532785Amazingly Retarded Antifa and where to find them: not sure if it's been done yet, just wanna st…[View]
122537951What's this Symbol?: Can someone explain to me what this symbol is? Is it a modern day represen…[View]
122535896AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA British Libcucks are shitting all over JK Rowling on twitte…[View]
122533945What does /pol/ think about trump halting expedited H1B Visas? I think that it's a good move to…[View]
122536791H3H3 WILL BE SHUT DOWN.: Hope none of you are fans of H3H3. >First topic they talks about is Hol…[View]
122504820/brg/ Boston Rally General: Reddit Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a free speech …[View]
122527534Decision storytime for /pol/: You are a passenger aboard a ship that is going to an unknown destinat…[View]
122538394pol, where were you when you finally realized that you've been played as a sucker?[View]
122537750Fuck JEWSA tbqhwy famiglias[View]
122536529Happiness or politics: How does one cope with this kind of a situation? I lurk on /pol/ often, hold …[View]
122538569Can we go to war with the norks already? Just get it over with[View]
122538552Moonlight's Ashton Sanders: ‘America isn’t made for the black man’: We wuz gay n shiet >The …[View]
122536730ITT: Mosley's globalisation speech one word at a time: LIKE[View]
122532574MOMAN, continued: What can we do about this[View]
122520701FASHWAVE THREAD: I am taking requests to make fashy images. Post a picture and say what you want on …[View]
122536692M-lady: Hitler is sexy <3[View]
122538311>Nigger confesses to a crime >Then proceeds to backtrack and say that the cops forced him to s…[View]
122536523Please describe the general feeling that occurs within you after soaking these in.[View]
122538023Things would have been much different if he hadn't died. Life is crazy like that.[View]
122536668Why are white boys so entitled?[View]
122508557Is this show redpilled? Worth watching?[View]
122535426>supposed to be class-minded socialists/communists >beat up fellow proletariats instead of hun…[View]
122536768GET IN HERE FAGGOTS: If you're close to Gainesville, Florida and you're a Son of the South…[View]
122528658Why did we not learn from Romania?: >'Invasion' may not be the right term, for it presupposes the…[View]
122533346the fuck is this?[View]
122537778Hey Pol how many antifa commies have we put on the hit list[View]
122529618George Lincon Rockwell : Was there ever a more based man? >Atheist, but understands that religion…[View]
122522807700 AD Risk continued: Round 12[View]
122537260Femen protester who assaulted Le Pen wants to sue her.: She didn't like the way she was man-han…[View]
122535148Alex jones is a paid shill ...and he admits it DISINFO at its finest!!!! Line up sheep and buy his …[View]
122537219Russia's birth rate is declining again: It's over. Russia is finished. http://rbth.com/pol…[View]
122499965As a scientist with a PhD I've got to say science has changed a lot from what I remember[View]
122536653Enchante! Oyygle Vey![View]
122536824FLAT EARTHERS: Flat earth believers, red pill me.[View]
122527380>Congratulations on getting your leg blown off Why is Trump so retarded?…[View]
122536895You hate Trump because your biochemistry is fucked: Or you're over-reacting. Take your pick.…[View]
122536847Which one of you bundle of sticks did this?: The Heeb is a dead give away. I lack the autism to do m…[View]
122526452Give me 1 bit of evidence that WW3 will happen Factions, outside of theocracies, will not wage war o…[View]
122518459Argen/pol/ WHY WAS I BORN IN THIS SHITHOLE EDITION: >be on the bus >look around >everywhere…[View]
122532938For the love of God NK please shoot a missile at that aircraft carrier. I demand entertainment![View]
122533393Waleed Aly wins Best Presenter - Australian Logies: Why does this faggot keep getting praised? http:…[View]
122533966did you know that legacy capatchas adapt to what you are writing if it has something to do with mone…[View]
122535802Can he solve the internet?[View]
122529532Emmanuel Macron is 39 His step-children are 42[View]
122535781Donald Trump always tells the tru-[View]
122530416Youtube neo-scientists: What is your take on this /pol/? Btw read this with a condescending tone.…[View]
122534456Timothy McVeigh: Has the US had any major white terrorist since McVeigh? It seems like the guy was a…[View]
122533791>blacks in Africa defecate on the beach[View]
122520202Political comics thread[View]
122535400Before /pol/: Wow what an asshole he promised them free stuff!! REEE After /pol/: Wow the niggers ar…[View]
122533474I'm tired of it all. Far-left, far-right, alt-left, alt-right, feminists, meninists all of the …[View]
122532577KEK'S TRINITY: >Kek is God the Father (soul) >Thoth is the messenger, God the Son (logos,…[View]
122504694Free will: Where did this rumor that we have free will come from? Things like sex drive, need to sle…[View]
122517748Africa and the nigger problem: Why didn't we exterminate the natives here?[View]
122535740What were the chances of this man becoming president?[View]
122526900The guy in the black mask with glasses - standing with the jew peadophile Luke Kuhn - looks like the…[View]
122536137apparently it's wacky prayer hour[View]
122535963So do I understand correctly that 20% of the French people who voted today in the runoff election sp…[View]
122535712We won't stop until a balanced breakfast is racist af[View]
122524915What the fuck is Western France's problem?: Why did this area of France vote so much for Macron…[View]
122530163How do we get rid of all the good goys/nu-/pol//the_donald faggots infecfing this board?[View]
122533412Only countries in dark green can post in this thread: Only countries in dark green (who still have c…[View]
122518814how to photograph berkeley antifa?: i'm an SF photographer with big lenses and i plan on going …[View]
122511075/pol/ I want to get off this ride. I'm not an edgy kid, I'm almost 30. I've got big…[View]
122535344Le Pen actually did well: Pic related proves Le Pen did pretty good in this election. Really better …[View]
122533588well feggit: Barter is the only acceptable means of the exchange of services and goods in a civilize…[View]
122535681High time preference: This is a large part of what's wrong with the world. http://altlibertari…[View]
122509708/pol/ Germany needs your help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WoXwBVQBMU&t this speech by AfD …[View]
122534468Everything that is good for Israel is good for the United States. >inb4 ((())) /pol/ can't i…[View]
122535122Why do Antifags call the right bootlickers when they're the only faggots weak enough to start a…[View]
122535336Popeye Thats all I can stands and I cant stands no more: Like many before me, I'm off to 8, ful…[View]
122510658Real life matrix: What is pols stand on simulation theory? I'll give a >quick rundown Basi…[View]
122534706Why do women think they should get special treatment just because they have the ability to give birt…[View]
122535088Cultural Marxism was actually just The Frankfurt School's critique of mass produced pop-culture…[View]
122530871This place has changed me: Im honestly not sure if I can ever go back to unironically reading the ((…[View]
122534614Daily reminder that only rural and suburban retards voted for Trump.[View]
122520769Australian University: >sitting in lecture >'''social philosopher''' guest speaker >talking…[View]
122532939ITT : Political scum: No self-respecting man would marry into a family where the son is older than h…[View]
122534597post yfw Trump is a bigger shill than Hillary[View]
122532814Burger universities: >gender studies >blm >safe spaces >antifags Straya universities: …[View]
122534720((((((WE)))))) will win again, why even try?[View]
122528388So has anyone else been getting that gut feeling something huge is about to happen? Everything right…[View]
122532118Black Humor: Hey, nigga... guess what... hehe... yo... WHITE PEOPLE! HAHAHAHAHA! NIGGA THATS SOME FU…[View]
122534350tfw vancouver: Anybody know cool shit to do here? I live in the 'WTF' area[View]
122529237Taking over State office from Liberals: My father (relatively wealthy neo-con small business owner) …[View]
122526164Germcucks and race-mixing: This is a product of race-mixing why are Germans so scared of Syrians whe…[View]
122522226>marry a white girl, /pol/ said[View]
122532747Did anyone else go from an anti-feminist to a fascist in a short time span?: Somehow, over the cours…[View]
122534361Runoffs: Ossoff makes it to the runoff with nearly 49% >'Huge loss for democrats' Le Pencil makes…[View]
122533745I identify as a Classical Liberal[View]
122521273AntiFag justice thread: ITT: We post videos of antifags getting arrested or getting the beta knocked…[View]
122534161Caste system: Good or bad ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casta https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social…[View]
122534050Orcs VS Muslims: Orcs- Came through the dark portal to abandon their destroyed homeworld and conquer…[View]
122531631No holohoax redpill thread on remembrance day? What happened to /pol/?[View]
122533921/pol/ you know what to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2_79T1P2qo Rip 'em a new one.…[View]
122533922how does this happen: i don't like electoral college it's coarse, and it's rough, and…[View]
122529566Political compass thread. This time, draw a line that shows how your result changed since you starte…[View]
122529550How will the white race ever recover? https://youtu.be/GD-MUhMm7lM[View]
122533597Are We Responsible For The Drug Epidemic In Communities of Color?[View]
122533598>Today Saint George day in Britain >Slayed a '''''Dragon''''' Only in Britain can a man get ha…[View]
122531437Thoughts?: What's next? Will /pol/ learn to love, or speed up the race war even faster? Exclud…[View]
122473749Bike lock attacker under investigation by Berkeley PD: Good job /pol/. “We are working with Berkeley…[View]
122533503Lets repeal women's rights https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-repeal-the-1…[View]
122522167official Denver Airport conspiracy thread[View]
122532641Prove me democracy is good.[View]
122529466I HURT MYSELF[View]
122526504Me and my guns can fight the gove-[View]
122515536AfD: This is the new boss of the German AfD and I am pissed. We could've a real man as the lead…[View]
122508894https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 So, this is science now.[View]
122522393Serious Post: Hello my name is Sean Goonan and this is my book. I wrote this and am shilling it on p…[View]
122532837How should a God fearing conservative man dress?[View]
122500788/pol/ look at what you did[View]
122519035Wales: The Pride of White Brittain: No memeing, no shitposting, just hard honest facts. Wales is CLE…[View]
122532881/pol/ will never recover from this[View]
122532835Is the EU the reason why so many european countries opened their arms to violent migrants that hate …[View]
122532790African Hate Thread: Can black have an IQ above 100? I mean sure, African Americans can because some…[View]
122532759>tfw you have to go to a mongolian sheep herding board from 2003 to discuss pollitics because whi…[View]
122501935How redpilled are MRE's?: Styx666 is always eating this shit. is there some reason?[View]
122532571'I just gonna bathe in white privilege.': Richard Spencer admits white privilege exists and wants to…[View]
122532190Too smart to be dumb: >Cucks like this use /pol/ Why live?[View]
122532655What do you guys think about Dominicans.[View]
122526637Since I first read her diary in 2006, I have fantasized about anally penetrating Rutka Laskier while…[View]
122519687ANTIFA at my colllege: So, like most, I've seen the insane amount of bullshit that the ANTIFA c…[View]
122529563Can we talk about this for a second? I was forced to watch this shit today and this shit honestly ma…[View]
122530942Can someone explain why western France is so cucked?[View]
1225321946 Million: At what point are you willing to admit that Donald Trump is clearly, by the evidence, a t…[View]
122528369white trash chimpout stops with this man what's up white trash looks like your alcohol and opia…[View]
122516446IM A BUDDHIST, AMA: I'm a Buddhist, Karma Kagyu lineage, studied two years at Kopan Monastery a…[View]
122532391What would you consider your political affiliation? https://www.strawpoll.me/12814485[View]
122529510God is good. Spread the word.[View]
122532273Ahh Ohh! Muh Russians! Clinton back under FBI Investigation.: Third times a charm Or Three strikes y…[View]
122531681So.... h3h3 kikes are accepting video suggestions in their livestream... twitch tv/h3h3productions[View]
122531875Sam Harris speaks with Charles Murray about the controversy over his book The Bell Curve: Is he... o…[View]
122529872CODE RED CODE RED: bastards want pepe dead and declare war on kekistan! this is a call to arms! http…[View]
122530855Do jews lack character?: Ive had a jewish gf for half a year and im honestly quite disgusted with th…[View]
122531743Can we even come back from this? Everything is so fucked. Somewhere along the line, we made a catast…[View]
122531413Traps are the perfect waifu and here's why. Muslims hate them. They look like females but whore…[View]
122510178Éire/pol/- Through the night edition: This is our homeland!: https://youtu.be/DUmid_5SXNw Thread the…[View]
122531339Who is /pol rooting for[View]
122531637HILL SHILLS UNEQUIVOCALLY BTFO!: How will they ever recover? >New poll shows utterly demoralizing…[View]
122530532DUDE WHITE PEOPLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2exu65Jekc[View]
122527570>So our ISP record search of you says there are repeated visits to political extremist website 4c…[View]
122531367>tfw national socialist but also addicted to afrobeat music What the FUCK am I supposed to do now…[View]
122516798Do people genuinely think Le Pen has a chance?: >30 percent lead >30 >percent Its literally…[View]
122519660You know what? I hope le pen loses. I supported Trump, against my better judgement, if only so we co…[View]
122524816>North Korea 'ready to sink' US aircraft carrier within the hour: https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/st…[View]
122510134western hemisphere risk thread (fun): hey boys. lot of risk threads recently. tried one yesterdey on…[View]
122520779I'm a jew and other Jews make me want to kill myself I hate the so much.: >Be me >Be befo…[View]
122531101>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
122531351Reminder to S A G E bait in the options field: Always sa ge bait, and bump /pol/ threads[View]
122526487/pol/ most hated: Let's discuss politics among the hated ones Post ITT if your country is among…[View]
122528954WWII Risk thread.[View]
122528552North East Sucks Now: >Have rare skill in IT >DoD pays well and offers you job in bumfuck AL …[View]
122528466>Hello Marine[View]
122515226Why is infrastructure so shit here? >road closed down >worked for two days >5 years later …[View]
122531104What if I gave Jeb! Bush his clap when he requested people to 'please clap' even if it were staged a…[View]
122527309*tips beret*[View]
122530967/pol/ will understand this picture: Discuss[View]
122528751Pay fo mah chilen whitey! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBqjZ0KZCa0[View]
122530916Noel nukes: Let's think about this carefully. There are ways to deliver warheads that the gener…[View]
122530771Mithraism: Redpill me on Mithraism /pol/ >Mithras is depicted either wearing the Jacobin hat or t…[View]
122530249Britney Venti is not /our/ girl: >assholes offering relationship advice >says she's not a…[View]
122530492Good Evening /pol/ As you all now know we are being once again raided by paid shills, tumblrfags, an…[View]
122530620>teach at son's highschool >while he's a senior, fuck one of the freshman he bullied…[View]
122530609YLYL: /pol/en edition[View]
122530611https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SpLaca8M4k How did I miss this? We were literally mentioned on Step…[View]
122527930Can Le Pen le win?[View]
122530116Be honest: would you do it????[View]
122476954SAY IT WITH ME!: >51st state! because its going to happen in like 50 days…[View]
122529625question about mindset: So /pol/, How does one get a productive mindset like cuckerjew? You know, th…[View]
122527723Whose side does /pol/ take?: SJW offended by Zionist flag displayed outside of a business https://w…[View]
122530378I'm looking to form a religeon: Honestly, I wont' half-assed explain why you need to belie…[View]
122530386>creates the modern world >commits suicide through below replacement birthrates What did the w…[View]
122530301What did he mean by this?[View]
122528373Why are people scared of nukes these days? We have missile shields and incredibly advanced AA syste…[View]
122530228What did my delivery man mean by this?[View]
122530016You drumpftards are retarded and I can prove it MATHEMATICALLY[View]
122530129Their action may be compared to that of an Alpine climber who never loses sight of the peak he wants…[View]
122530078LE PEN WILL WIN THE 2nd ROUND!!!: Fillon voters will go for Le Pen in revenge of the (((media))) att…[View]
122529879Le Pen is going to lose. What should we do.: This is NOT a shill or defeatist thread. We must meme l…[View]
122529865All Shia wanted was a Pepsi.: Just one Pepsi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysME1oshF7U Where is K…[View]
122518599Women's rights should be taken away. Here is a petition to take away their right https://www.ch…[View]
122527409Happy Birthday Timothy McVeigh![View]
122529697Send your energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn4mVDtqi7g&t=161s The Lion Rises[View]
122524998Is Movie Bob right /pol/? Is nationalism a death sentence for science?[View]
122521211We are turning into /b/: Guys, why have we become so disunited as a board? We are practically turnin…[View]
122529545Say it with me /pol/ MONSIEUR[View]
122529199/POL/ BTFO!!!!! /POL/ BTFO!!!! HOW CAN /POL/ EVEN RECOVER???!!![View]
122527529Will he hack the second round of the French election like he did with every election in the west?[View]
122527099Political violence works: Among some conservatives and civic nationalists, some think that respondin…[View]
122529481She really lost: Money down the drain You cunts tricked me[View]
122486339FRANCE HAS SPOKEN: >Macron won 23.8% >Le Pen won 21.7% Bonjour /pol/, my nom is Emmanuel and I…[View]
122529465Jesus Saves. I will never give up Hope Faith And Love. I've done charity too.: Verily. One more…[View]
122529431Does pol think Trump will talk about the Armenian Genocide tomorrow at all? The Armenians have been …[View]
122524341QUESTION: how does a white male spread his seed ? Wife can't have kids White man must reprodu…[View]
122501720A message to all whiteys.: Dear Europeans of /pol/. You are not, were not and never will be Aryan. S…[View]
122529328I raise the motion that shitposting under a Canadian flag be renamed 'cuckposting.'[View]
122529099Libcuck thread[View]
122526296So recently, I overheard a leftie coworker shit talking Trump, his deportation policies, etc. etc., …[View]
122522345How does it feel to accept being on the losing side of history? Your children (assuming you have any…[View]
122529259The Kiss of Death: R.I.P. Bill Nye the Science Goy[View]
122528476Race and IQ: Sam Harris & Charles Murray: >IQ is 50-80% based on genetics and does measure in…[View]
122529167help sub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBLFrv-O5Ow[View]
122514902>Americans want to KILL this Explain yourselves YANKS[View]
122528213>trump turned out to be a fraud >took /pol/ down with him >greatest enemy defeated 4d che…[View]
122522736There's no greater death than dying in combat in service of one's country. You can't …[View]
122519433Who else here is regretting their vote for Le Pen?[View]
122529017Stop supporting Le Pen.[View]
122528292'The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst': A Record 8,640 Stores Are Closing In 2017: >“Thousands of new …[View]
122526529it's time[View]
122513012Post em: https://8values.github.io[View]
122528913State of Jefferson Thread: Don't forget about the righteous cause of the new state of Jefferson…[View]
122526002Pick a city to destroy: >'Greetings Great Leader, I am very pleased to inform you that we now pos…[View]
122526527Expect us[View]
122527846Reminder to spread anti-Macron propaganda all over the internet these next 2 weeks Take over all soc…[View]
122528345Why does /reddit/ worship this guy? Hes not even funny all he does it talk shit about other people. …[View]
122510773anyone else done with western society?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8[View]
122526804So we're all behind /mydude/ Macron for the French presidency right? BTFOing both commie and na…[View]
122528753OP GOTHAM SHEILD 4/24/17-4/26/17 US NUCLEAR DRILL: OP GOTHAM SHEILD >>OP FALSE FLAG https://yo…[View]
122528738What's a moo moo?[View]
122528105If you dont vote for Le Pen you are a sexist misogynist: If you dont vote for Le Pen you are a sexis…[View]
122528637Praise Kek everyone! Kekistani here. Just wanna say it's totally cucked and normie how many peo…[View]
122515974Big Lenny is the most red-pilled Youtube icon out there currently. Why arnt we seeing more people li…[View]
122521863/pol/ is a Zionist board: Let's be honest here. /Pol/ has overwhelming support for Donald Trump…[View]
122527321How do we end the 'Unpaid internship' meme?[View]
122528543thre is clearly brainwashing going on a national scale. Cui bono? Who benefits from this? Are the go…[View]
122528585nietschee: Hey fellow faggots. How might Nietzsche critique the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle, i…[View]
122528490Best Korea vs the world: newfag here, what is going on between NK and the rest of the world? I'…[View]
122490248/pol/ Actually thinks Marine Le Pen a had chance of winning. Let me tell you what I saw during my va…[View]
122523255All whites are Jews, the blessed and chosen race of god, and the tribe of Judah is a rogue tribe[View]
122527271'the nazis wants to destroy whites with multi-culturalism' Alex 'i am a jew' Goldstein[View]
122522141Be honest: would you do it????[View]
122527248Autistic Kid from IT class calls all men 'Gutter Trash': This post might seem like satire but it…[View]
122455169What happens here?[View]
122525792Hack Swedish Antifa Website: antifa.se If you're able to tear this website to pieces, I'll…[View]
122502350Is Rick & Morty the most red-pilled show on television?[View]
1225132176 million people lost their lives you psychopaths: Today is holocaust rememberance day.Please respec…[View]
122450343What's your best argument for defending Christianity and God? Or at least a good point they can…[View]
122528172What the fuck is wrong with liberals??? What are some good straw man arguments to throw at dumbass l…[View]
122525396DISGUSTING GOOGLE 'FALLOUT SHELTER': You know what's horrible? You can't even search googl…[View]
122528058MEMRI thread: is MEMRI proof that some sandniggers are blackpilled af?[View]
122527773WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN VENEZUELA!???!??!!!: https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/13070 https:…[View]
122527992JUST L M A O: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 BILL BILL BILL BILL…[View]
122522273I'm a gay atheist, but I work hard and I've never taken welfare in my life. Would I be al…[View]
122527955https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkZir1L7fSY > Current year man is concern about this elections, b…[View]
122526619People who obey the rules vs. people who don't. This is literally where society falls apart.[View]
122527881ANTIFA/John Brown Gun Club shoot Alt-Right Pepe's: ANTIFA being 3edgy5U with guns. Don't r…[View]
122527870Thanks for betatesting Globalism eurofags.[View]
122521276Meditation made me a fascist: After pracitsing mindfulness meditation, I started living in reality. …[View]
122526228What am I?: Also, overall political survey thread.[View]
122527807>mfw there are people on /pol/ right now who believe there are 'anti-globalist' jews…[View]
122494529Battle of Berkeley Anne Coulter Edition: Calling top autists, forming a posse (safety in numbers) fo…[View]
122523828Democratic conspiracy against Trump: I've figured it all out. Bear with me: Trump launches miss…[View]
122527592What is the safest spot in case of a large scale nuclear assault?: And why is it northern Nevada?…[View]
122522367You want to hang out in /pol/? How red pilled are you?[View]
122517975The Maker Movement is a sign of societal collapse.: The Make Movement- a movement where people use t…[View]
122527435ITT : How to know you are a stormfag. >While chewing chips, I march around my house like an autis…[View]
122510101Antifa using pepe as target practice in video.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiwZ9HUj0C8…[View]
122519064Dairy reminder that all taxation os theft If you side with the state, it means you have a severe cas…[View]
122527376What would Donald Trump score on this test? I ran through it answering the questions as i thought he…[View]
122526874Say it with me: monsieur president[View]
122527315Be honest: would you do it????[View]
122526769Are we not going to talk about how this guy is younger than two of his wife's kids?[View]
122525271(Pic related) triggers the /pol/tard.[View]
122526205What did he mean by that?: reddit BTFO??[View]
122496246Why are lower class whites so riled up about becoming 'a minority within their own county' when they…[View]
122496353August is degenerating[View]
122527085WTF happened?: Why is their politics so shitty? Literally everyone is socialist, people would rather…[View]
122527016Will the Korean anon get to marry her before Kim nukes his country?[View]
122527034ANTIFA IS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION we aren't talking about the wall street Jews anymore are we. W…[View]
122526751Trump is a shitter version of Bush. Even more neoconservative and more privatization.[View]
122525760http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/02/28/ufo-sightings-hit-all-time-high-report-says.html Redpill m…[View]
122526927>asshurt ANTIFA shills applauding a globalist bankers victory over dogged working class oppositio…[View]
122507167I love Idaho. It is my home state, I plan on maybe being a politician here soon. I want to see Idaho…[View]
122526888why don't we do redpill edits of webcomics more often /pol/?[View]
122526883Annie are you okay?[View]
122526855Emmanuel Macron, cryptojew: OY VEY SHABBOS GOY[View]
122526026>fall for the 'useless degree' meme >graduate from UC Berkeley with a 3.9 GPA Masters in Mech.…[View]
122509120I really don't get it: Why is everyone against the Jews and Israelis?[View]
122507918I don't get it[View]
122519045Direct-to-Consumer Medical Advertising: Why are the US and New Zealand the only countries that allow…[View]
122525933Antifa cuck: This guy supports violence against people with different opinions and is one of the peo…[View]
122526776Olawd what's going on??[View]
122526427Just ordered this book, what can I expect?[View]
122524293/pol/ can we have a politician eating thread?[View]
122525499HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Whos ready for a repeat of 2002?[View]
122526660We are getting raided: remember to sa ge bait and bump /pol/ threads. NEVER respond to bait without …[View]
122526639kekistan unit patch[View]
122526366Fact: Women ruin everything in politics: Attached is the exit poll of the results from Ipsos. Le Pen…[View]
122509671What did the dog say, /pol/?[View]
122526605What does /pol/ think of this man?[View]
122502665I'll go out on a limb here and say that Obama was actually a pretty decent president. Obamacare…[View]
122522575Which countries would provided /pol/ approved wives? Race-mixing included.[View]
122526398Trepanation: >/pol/ calls itself redpilled >hasn't even drilled a hole into their heads W…[View]
122526397atheism btfo: Is this why Dawkins won't debate Jordan Peterson?[View]
122526396Can someone explain why western France is so cucked?[View]
122526378Fighting kikes with their weapons: Sup /pol/ been reading a lot of breads about kikes being the scum…[View]
122525784What ar your thoughts on Tommy Sotomayor? Is he /ourguy/?[View]
122524882DRUMPF BTFO: >'sips tea' Checkmate Chicken shit DRUMPF[View]
122526277This just in: study finds that blacks are stupid, loud and violent.[View]
122488215So is it pretty much confirmed that this guy is a Zionist shill? Pretty funny seeing his own fanbase…[View]
122497606>'Free rent in return for sexual favours': Seedy rise in number of 'landlords…[View]
122524938What do French Canadians think of Le Pen?[View]
122526159/pol/ Musik: Post your favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNM4zHjsNhM[View]
122526157Trump to be assassinated April 26th? Creepy AM radio broadcast hints at such: ''Black flag…[View]
122526096That's right goyum fight the controlled funded opposition ANTIFA. Its almost as if the Jew want…[View]
122519042We were so close[View]
122524607greed: why is there never enough money? why are people so greedy? why do people sacrifice so much …[View]
122525457/pol/ Friendly Comedy/Entertainment?: I like consuming good content in my free time but I've go…[View]
122516851Study finds that black men are seen as physically larger and more threatening than similar-sized whi…[View]
122524963Le Pen has a decent chance at winning.: Le Pen has been gaining unlikely support from the gay commun…[View]
122525911What are your favourite primary sources re: [especially 20th century] military campaigns? The best a…[View]
122521966What State Are You From?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12813623 (part 1) http://www.strawpoll.me/12813655…[View]
122525710French Election - Jeb Edition: So....did Jeb win the French election?[View]
122515564Bill Nye Saves the World: Episode 1: > Bill holds up an Erlenmeyer flask. The audience ooohs. …[View]
122525836State of Jefferson: When are the Jeffersonfags going to rebel against the libcucks and found the mos…[View]
122525666Here on /pol we see threads against circumcision very frequently. What do you guys say about people …[View]
122516247It's actually quite funny. >presses fingertips together[View]
122525439Will she win?[View]
122525638niggers: ▲ ▲ ▲[View]
122525640Antifags: https://pastebin.com/1AfUk4Wi Paste of Antifa 'Refuse Racism' sigs, yuge list of them. Get…[View]
122524394What is pol's Opinion on this beautiful blonde haired blue eyed Aryan?[View]
122525619How do I get funding and recruitment for a real fascist movement in Britain? I hate the scumwave neo…[View]
122508538Gender and Sex is not the same thing. Gender is psychological and sex is biological. There is only t…[View]
122525572>be me >start seeing this woman whos a few yeard older and pretty cool >no hard core lib o…[View]
122524967Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is back with a vengence.: https://www.ft.com/c…[View]
122522229>'least prewar candidate in history' >betrayed the Obama care repeal voter >betrayed the d…[View]
122525513Mai 7th will lose[View]
122525488I'm deciding to ditch ((Apple)) products and really smartphones generally since I only really u…[View]
122525140Damn the #Resistance is terrifying[View]
122525340Hey RACISTS, Sam Harris here. Did you know that racists have low IQs? Sure, whites are more intellig…[View]
122525409Has something like this ever happened to /pol/?: Some context first. When I was younger I only got t…[View]
122525402why is antisemitism so taboo?[View]
122525381Vote for Nationalism u damn fags: The flame burns ever brighter. Dear /pol/ users around the world,…[View]
122525378Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Act: http://humantraffickingpreventionact.com/ 'Summary' of…[View]
122525224Cancer: >Be Me >Talking With a Friend >Friend Criticizes 4chan >Not Friends Anymore >…[View]
122522490Remember when JIDF were the worst shills that we had to put up with? Those were simpler times....[View]
122525191SYRIA GENIE OIL COMPANY: The owner of Fox New, ((Rupert Murdoch)) is on the Strategic Board of Genie…[View]
122525302>13th amendment, involuntary servitude >counterargument, citizens are not required to labor …[View]
122517919Leftist betas: Post the cringiest victims of cultural marxism you have[View]
122525044Now that the dust has settled, how mad are your neighbors?: >tfw Chapel Hill/Orange…[View]
122524982Libfag essay: Libfag here in humanities, writing an essay, need a way to sign off on it. Got any ide…[View]
122515725>be me >50% German >50% black >good job >votes republican >dates white girls …[View]
122525141The reason why antifa outnumber whoever they attack is because most people have to work on the day o…[View]
122522702Why did Le Pen lose so hard in Paris? Any frog here could explain it to me please?[View]
122525130Shane Bauer Cuck Extraordinaire: This little cuck Shane Bauer is posting about us on twitter and giv…[View]
122522579Pic related is the future. The generation of children born today will view the nation state as obsol…[View]
122523080Moral Orel: /pol/, is Moral Orel the most redpilled television show ever made? Pro tip: it is has th…[View]
122525001I've lost hope in my family. I just had an argument with them about why I trust independent med…[View]
122523799URGENT MESSAGE - KEKISTAN -: We have been looking for suitable territories to eshtablish a new Kekis…[View]
122512645autists vs autists, both in eternal battle to make America shit again. I wonder which one of you wil…[View]
122524815India Memes: Like my meme?[View]
122518778Google shadowbans /pol/: Earlier today I could type 'pol' into google and the catalog would come up …[View]
122506147Look at the future president of France, so patethic with his mom, he should find a wife, or husband,…[View]
122523621Russian Twitter Witch Hunt: Cunt on Twitter @atomicelbow1 is getting right wing accounts suspended b…[View]
122520582www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.785084 LE PEN IS OUR SAVIOR[View]
122508160Is it terrible that even though I have 100% different beliefs than her, Laci is still my waifu :([View]
122523656Today is Holocaust day in Israel. Never again /pol/[View]
122521548The day before Anzac Day, the things I'd do if I found out who these leftist retards are[View]
122513909I have a question for Anarcho-capitalists: Imagine i am a wealthy factory owner,or the CEO of a larg…[View]
122521471How do you justify being a christian and a racist at the same time when the bible says that Adam and…[View]
122522091Help pull me out of depression, /pol/. It feels like the SJWs are winning and there's no way to…[View]
122519944ITS HAPPENING B-ROLL OF B2 STEALTH BOMBERS GET READY FOR NORTH KOREA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
122523532> /pol/: King Niggur spends all his time golfing blah blah blah fake president > /pol/: Trump…[View]
122517951where are the racist communists?: i had a spiritual awakening tonite pol, i realized i'm really…[View]
122521847How long until the lefties start to eat each other?[View]
122523575What is the best state in the Union?: What is the best state in the Union and why is it New Hampshir…[View]
122523775Robots BTFO: http://archive.is/nOWfk[View]
122508415Anybody ready to be un-jewed?: This is actually really cool, especially the science behind it. This …[View]
122520665Nate Nilhair: To what extent do you think published polls are compromised? I don't mean wrong b…[View]
122520133Step one: Impeach Trump. Step two: elect Bernie[View]
122522709ISIS = Russia: Russia has killed muslims for decades in the middle east and yet the number of terror…[View]
122523726Why is 4chan, and specially /pol/, so obsessed with r*ddit? Every day I see threads with screencaps…[View]
122523483>The first use of paper has been excavated in China dating to the reign of Emperor Wu of Han from…[View]
122520480On Arizona...: Outside of the Grand Canyon, what's this place like? How does it compare to livi…[View]
122523685ZARA REMOVES PEPE THE FROG SKIRT: I hate the internet sometimes... http://clapsnews.com/2017/04/23/…[View]
122523424/pdg/ Pol Discord General: 卐 Founded 09/22/2016 by Garrett (Not FBI)卐 Population as the creation o…[View]
122520294Shitty strawpoll thread no. 12343212345678: http://www.strawpoll.me/12813575 Interested to see who l…[View]
122521242Stock market is setting new records because of Tr-[View]
122523567Let's get an 8values thread going. https://8values.github.io/[View]
122522753>WHO'S GONNA PAY FOR THE WALL? >MEXICO! >nah jk lol http://www.reuters.com/article/us-…[View]
122522757Who was in the wrong here?[View]
122523392So what is the real reason behind the 'gotham shield' exercise tomorrow? Did authorities get some go…[View]
122515486WHITE GENOCIDE: How do we realistically save the west? White girls indoctrinated by ghetto culture i…[View]
122520832Friendly reminder that we muslims have nothing against Jews. We only dislike the Zionist state of Is…[View]
122523181Meme harder: Looking at you Brit /pol/ yous communicate better with those frogs than us Burgers. WTF…[View]
122523227fili/pol/: /pol/ becomes /int/ edition[View]
122521791Daily reminder that under the administration of William Jefferson Clinton, more Americans were kille…[View]
122516609is /pol/ pro or anti muslim?[View]
122523012It's over. Accept your fate.[View]
122522603Russian birth rate is declining again: It's all over for Russia now. http://rbth.com/politics_a…[View]
122522740Russian soldiers kill Americam agent: WWIII imminent[View]
122522659Does pol think Trump will talk about the Armenian Genocide tomorrow at all? The Armenians have been …[View]
122518415WHITE LOVE THREAD: With so much hate directed at the white race collectively from the MSM its hard n…[View]
122505623WTF I thought Russia wasn't degenerate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6OvElYnaZA[View]
122517520Dear Hearing People...: Dear Hearing People... It's time to check your fucking privilege, heari…[View]
122522437Quick Question: The year is 2023 a new president has been picked. President Trump makes an announcem…[View]
122521110Oh boy you sure showed us!: >'...checkmate, bigots :^)' As a wise man once said, 'I'm comfor…[View]
122522417Did he do it, /pol/?[View]
122504818700 AD Risk: Claim your faction. Faction name must appear in your name, along with any bonus you mig…[View]
122520397Does anyone else find themselves using the word 'nigger' more frequently? I used tp only use the wo…[View]
122515197honest thoughts on varg?[View]
122506607Why is every 'inspirational' woman ugly as fuck? Are women really that shallow that they can't …[View]
122522224Reminder elections = BULLSHIT: http://www.strawpoll.me/12813679 http://www.strawpoll.me/12813679 htt…[View]
122522191Are there any Breitbart-tier news sites in France that support le pen? I can't find anything[View]
122522164How do we stop nu-science from ruining the political interpretation of studies? Can we create someth…[View]
122520008existentialism/Anarchism thread. > Am Agorist.[View]
122522060How can Hollywood keep getting away with corrupting young minds?: The US dollar must have some juju …[View]
122509995Rooftop Watchers At Berkeley: Thoughts on these fellows? BPO? Alphabet? Some believe the flashbangs …[View]
122521920>makes a post with hitler.jpg >/pol/ begins giggling >utters the word 'nigger' >giggles …[View]
122514756This man appears at your door: wat do?[View]
122518754What's up /pol/, bored ex-muslim here. I have recently gotten into the habit of just going on r…[View]
122502431how accurate is this map /pol/?: >pic related[View]
122520424THE THICCNESS[View]
122521486I started browsing this board for 7 months and was wondering if this actually happened???[View]
122521508I will strike fear in the hearts of those who act upon the least of these. I will inspire hope for a…[View]
122521444/CPD/ General - Tasty Sammich Edition: >BUT WHO THE FUCK IS ROBERT??? ROBERT is the hero Chiraq n…[View]
122520177Holocaust Denial: My work is planning a 'minute of silence' Monday to recognize the holocaust rememb…[View]
122521386so let me get this straight... >steele claims he has info on trump-russia collusion >FBI offe…[View]
122521335Red Pill the Frenchies: Le pen has half of france ..if we red pill the shit out of a good percentage…[View]
122521274Raid of 'Marissa Stevens' YouTube channel: This faggot is angry about her sister named Heather. She …[View]
122521027Can she win?[View]
122511687Vote for Le Pen!!!: Macron shills are winning. >Vote for Le Pen. Results are changing really quic…[View]
122501182ALERT! GOVERNMENT TAKING INTERNET! INSTALLING FILTER HARDWARE!: http://humantraffickingpreventionact…[View]
122520172http://www.elondumptrump.com/ > Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur and technology industry lea…[View]
122520676raids: I see we got quite a bit of leftist faggots in here lately.....well i brought my friend Varg …[View]
122516675Who wants cake?[View]
122520477Can she win, /pol/?[View]
122516080Let's be serious guys... you don't actually think Marine Le Pen is going to win, do you?[View]
122520963There is no rise of ''right wing movement'' in the west: There is no rise of the…[View]
122520960Does this offend you?: https://youtu.be/eZJDNPF-jPM[View]
122518756When the poc come into power will there first ruling be to burn and destroy all white majority movie…[View]
122498733France is a scourge upon the West and deserves to burn: It was France in 1789 that began to expand s…[View]
122520618Just What Will It Take?: Well, we have two weeks. What scale of terror attack will it take to have h…[View]
122520035The average age for cable news watchers is in the late 60s and even early 70s. The old media demogra…[View]
122518003The Jews destroy each race by turning their strengths against them: Whites: Natural innovators, alwa…[View]
122520585ANTIFA AT KENTUCKY NXT WEEKEND: Is there undercovers there?[View]
122520240Why are millennials so unhealthy?[View]
122520463Are they Jews truly the enemy? May be in the old world they once were,but their child the corporatio…[View]
122514797If women have it so easy, why do they have to put themselves through so much to make a living?[View]
122518664Is their any way /pol/ can make sure that le pen wins[View]
122520207Global Jewry: The more red pills i swallow the more i dislike them[View]
122519565Redpill: Kikes are lesser of two evils: Yes, kikes are bad. Not a shill here. But let's look at…[View]
122517163Who knew Evolution was so easy to disprove..[View]
122506681Brit/pol/ - Tuc Edition: >Thread theme https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2017/apr/…[View]
122517755French election: Macron was abused by his teacher/ wife[View]
122453051Bulg Aryans vs Hung Aryans: What is choose?[View]
122507872/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread:>>122496545 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122509700Hillary Clinton is not my president: It has been almost 6 months and my erection is still rock-hard.…[View]
122493728HAHA Antifa faggot instantly arrested after assaulting a guy: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/statu…[View]
122519104This is the face of Brexit: Gisela Allen, UKIP candidate[View]
122519943Send the rich to the gulags ! Make them work as hard as the poor ![View]
122518330US tells North Korea to cease 'destabilizing actions and rhetoric': http://www.cnn.com/201…[View]
122519842I Thought 'Red Pill Me On' Threads Were Deemed Shit Tier and Deleted Here. But They're Not.: Wh…[View]
122519749>psycnet.apa.org/?&fa=main.doiLanding&doi=10.1037/pspi0000092 >Black men tend to be st…[View]
122518990Why am i so dumb pol? I want to do a physics degree but you know your to dumb to finish it ): Wish i…[View]
122515418> Really makes you go hmmm....[View]
122519681CATHOLIC GENERAL: How was Mass today, /pol/?[View]
122519316Le Pen 2nd Round: Who actually voted today, and who are you planning on voting for May 7?[View]
122519609EN MARCHE![View]
122516578Alex Jones thread -He's obviously playing a character,but does he get his political agenda acro…[View]
122515417Antifa Girl on Gender Pay Gap: MOLDYLOCKS INTERVIEWED TOPLESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E56mMY…[View]
122519196Who is /pol/'s favorite actor?[View]
122517252Checkmate BLM[View]
122510686Thread For Based Conservative Blacks: I've noticed based blacks such as Tomas Sowell, Ben Carso…[View]
122519409Au Revoir You Beautiful Bastards: Can we all take a moment and salute the nation once known as Franc…[View]
122519406WHAT WENT WRONG?: Anticom were /ourguys/, now both 4pol and 8pol hate them. How can they become /our…[View]
122513742Americans want socialism after all: Recent Poll Shows A Record Number of Americans Say the Governmen…[View]
122516049Group of Black Men Savagely Attack Fleeing White Boys in London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6P…[View]
122519335How do I have 1% Melanesia?: Hey /pol/, am I white enough?[View]
122517238Hitler was an inside job: Hitler was an inside job. Prove me wrong, Niggers.[View]
122501102/pol/ Assembly: Nu-Pol: Today /pol/ we invent a new strategy to wipe out nu-/pol/. We could spam pic…[View]
122519256Lacy Macauley says she is #AntiFa: She was with thugs that punched Jack Posobiec[View]
122514481StyxHexenhammer666: If you lose your political election you win.[View]
122516950Why do you hate muslims? what did we ever done to you ? ;_;[View]
122519193France is about to elect a literal cuck: Well done frogs. I thought that the Austrians had taken the…[View]
122519188He's right?: /pol/, does this nigger have a point? Our solutions tend to be a tad bit redundant…[View]
122519181Genocide of googles, when?[View]
122517297Carry on France: It's business as usual. The cucks have spoken.[View]
122516688Praise Kek: April 27, Felarca in court while Coulter comes to Berkeley http://www.cand.uscourts.gov/…[View]
122518331Doco interview: So i've been given a unique opportunity. I have been contacted to conduct an in…[View]
122504760i can have 4 wifes and take their fucking salary without anyone saying shit and can rape my daughter…[View]
122500842This is france's next président. His name is Macron, and he is goal is to 'restart building the…[View]
122497812USA is a joke: >claims to be a superpower >can't even hold formation…[View]
122518195Bill O'Reilly is such a stupid old fossil and he's proving it again. He's trying to S…[View]
122518826nigger hate thread? nigger hate thread: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-fresno-shooting-201…[View]
122518780is he /our guy/? i never knew i could love a nigger this much[View]
122517401Berkeley Safety Squads Take Note: Remember, on the Berkeley campus there is a 6.5' circle which…[View]
122518741Whose Board? Our Board!: Reminder to NEVER respond in bait threads without a sa ge in the options fi…[View]
122517499François Fillon: what is /pol/s opinion of the man[View]
122515816Large Crowd of Muslims Gang Up On Old Christian Man in England: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr5Z…[View]
122514031>Trump acts like a neocon >every neocon in the country gives him a pat on the back >Why is …[View]
122517503what's with the lithuanian who always posts the long incomprehensible rants: usually toward the…[View]
122518311Why haven't you autists not gone undercover dressed as antifa, so you can gain their trust and/…[View]
122516529'Would still beat Hillary in popular vote': What did he mean by this?[View]
122499457America: >the person with less votes wins >the person with more votes loses You can't eve…[View]
122513951>Do you plan on voting for my dad in 2020, anon?[View]
122506711These people are a threat and they are organizing and no one is taking them seriously. They need to …[View]
122517370ITT : Weird presidential facts: Did you know one of the presidential candidates of France has a step…[View]
122516371So You Think You Can Cringe?! Huffington Post Feminists Prove You Wrong: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
122516755What does /pol/ think of Rage Against The Machine? I'm a conservative and I love them[View]
122518199Message to the World Jewish Congress from US President Donald Trump: President Donald Trump delivere…[View]
122516228BILL MAHER IS ANTI-MARS!: what do you say to this cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrGFEW2Hb2g…[View]
122500425Best World War II Movie: Hello /pol/, What are your suggestions for the best, unbiased WW2 movie or …[View]
122518179>/ourgirl/ just lost the election >/pol/ full of slide threads about brittany venti AHAHAHAHAA…[View]
122517321what are your thoughts about the Ultra Orthodox Jews ?[View]
122517717I will always believe in The Holy Bible, and admit Jesus Christ.: I think I'm at the point wher…[View]
122516170Leftist Snowflakes Block Road and Receive a Surprise From One Driver!: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122517704Government shutdown: So should Trump shut down the government if there are no funds for the wall in …[View]
122508677Bernie Sanders is the Zodiac Killer: Watch this video for more evidence on the subject. https://www.…[View]
122517855we wuz irish: Niggers keep invading the white world. Ethnic cleanse is necessary http://imgur.com/a/…[View]
122517390what is in your opinion the greatest achievement of white people of all time?: scientific, cultural,…[View]
122515605Ignore the THICCC meme: >oh my 40 lb overweight woman >oh those birthing hips >I am droolin…[View]
122506873Walking amongst us: Do you believe in angels, anon?[View]
122517571Tattoos are degenerate...and dykes fuck you too[View]
122510277RIP Pepe, Kek, and everything associated with this idiotic meme: If you're still posting this i…[View]
122517666nuff said :DDDD[View]
122517621TFW you go to /8pol/, more every day: This place has the volume, but it's all shitposting and b…[View]
122510814Destroy Macron: Can /pol/ utterly destroy one person in fourteen days? This smug cuck and his media …[View]
122503970Why does America ruin everything?: They are literally destroying my country with fracking and fucked…[View]
122516980Do people older than 50 browse /pol/?[View]
122514483This is shopped right? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/day-without-coal-uk-135-years…[View]
122516625Next american civil war when?: Antifas are now armed and shooting pepe These anti-fags are packin so…[View]
122517459Get on my level hoe https://8values.github.io/[View]
122514369What do we do the with the fucking protestants?[View]
122517425Anyone else enjoying Sam Harris getting redpilled? 'Forbidden Knowledge (with Charles Murray)' https…[View]
122514810Why are all Canadians ridiculously insufferable here?[View]
122517260Hey /pol/, frequent traveller to France here. I honestly do not think I will be going back ever agai…[View]
122516711>perfect allies don't exi-[View]
122515161What was his name and occupation again, /pol/?[View]
122517237PePe - KeK Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYrqg2A1aKI Kebeker artist[View]
122517185Is it just me or has anyone been around fat Americans for so long to the point that thin people star…[View]
122514452Is hating trump correlated to being inferior? I think a good scientific survey combined with an iq t…[View]
122514226plebbit apocalypse: What exactly did he mean by this?[View]
122515559Do you think he could unironically save European civilization? Compared to Europeans Russia was nev…[View]
122517052Let's talk 'climate change' How do we stop liberals from faking research and fudging data? Ho…[View]
122517090Is she right?[View]
122517032New Dutch Insider Video and Facebook. Posted it once and you fags didn't even reply.: New Video…[View]
122515692https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wllc5gSc-N8 Islam isn't looking like that bad of an alternative…[View]
122513365Au Revoir, mon chéri.[View]
122516967Hey, /pol/, what are your thoughts about the Orthodox Jews ?[View]
122516987Finally, a youtube channel that tells the truth. Guys check out nowthis and don't forget to sma…[View]
122516423why are democrats so stupid[View]
122515439Guys, I found a rare pic from the election time, what do you think?[View]
122506411bookies have marcon at 90℅+ chance of winning: lepen fags BTFO[View]
122516782You can do it france!![View]
122516763LOL WE DONT CARE: http://forward.com/fast-forward/369782/netanyahu-says-allies-could-have-saved-4-mi…[View]
122513820RIP CHRIS CHAN[View]
122516708Guys! I think I found Trump's latest tax records![View]
122512366Somebody please host a game with this map![View]
122516223>vote for Trump >get Hillary Why are Amerilards so stupid?…[View]
122501718Trump Attacks Canada, Says It's 'A Disgrace': /pol/ Can not defend this because this, is unacce…[View]
122513765Leftist outlash boom for Le Pen?: What do you guys think violence in reaction to le pens 2nd place w…[View]
122509273>watching gold: what the heck is going on?[View]
122507633Red pill me on working out, does a strong society make a more productive society or does it drain us…[View]
122513513Why don't some countries like Norway and Switzerland want to join the EU? Couldn't they be…[View]
122501010Unity among Whites: Today there have been at least 4 American hate threads and in all the comments w…[View]
122516052FRENCH POLLS WERE 100% ACCURATE: >Macron 23.8% >Le Pen 21.4% /POL/ BTFO…[View]
122516066Why have you not yet switched to GNU/Linux or BSD? All other operating systems are spying on you 24/…[View]
122513775Why did Trump win the election?: Trump won because the American people are tired of being warred upo…[View]
122514708Fucking low intelligence people: Why are people with shit intelligence allowed to engage with anythi…[View]
122514631Guise I have an idea. Why don't we make everything racist? Every meme that normies like let…[View]
122498012Le Penn: Where were you when France became the first european Jew free country of the century?…[View]
1225147222019 Canadian Federal Election: Do you think that the Conservatives have any chance in hell in beati…[View]
122508122What's the future of nuclear power and how will it affect things politically? Should we be look…[View]
122511878Wiebke appreciation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpfMon4aWUg[View]
122512162how can i report germans on this sight for having right wing opinions. i hate them and i know they g…[View]
122513594What does this mean?[View]
122515476https://twitter.com/Sebelius29 Hey, this is my cousin's Twitter account. Leave him some advice,…[View]
122497050#ViveLaResistance: To our left-wing brothers and sisters in France, we, the educated, compassionate,…[View]
122515659Tow you just scored perfect on a Jewish slang test because your family uses those words and you real…[View]
122512910Why do old people cling onto life so unashamedly?[View]
122515609Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122513265Does Le Pen have a chance against Macaron on the second round?[View]
122515593capigtalism, molymeme and JEWSA BTFO by based Varg: https://youtube.com/watch?v=y_Q4019fEjo Prove hi…[View]
122513779With the immense politcal corruption in this shit world; what happened to assassinations?[View]
122515227Why do French people have brown eyes?[View]
122513718PewDiePie: Hitler was right: wtf i love pewdiepie now https://sabby.space/files/bwwhgpba.webm…[View]
122497313Reminder that none of this shit would have happened if you just didn't stop making babies you l…[View]
122513789Fuck the Occitan autist, the breton antifascist, and all the retards of the West in general. East Fr…[View]
122515386Presidential candidate Macron is a literal C U C K: How are we not using this? This dude is a litera…[View]
122447930Redpill thread: Post your best[View]
122509535What's with the cowards that think letting ANTIFA beat the shit out of them is the solution?: I…[View]
122514319Kekistan more like cuckistan: /pol/ you must destroy what you have created. Republic of Kekistan is …[View]
122515306TFW you go to 8, more every day: This place has the volume, but it's all shitposting and bait a…[View]
122494897european empire: whats your opinion on a unified europe? not a union, but unified as one empire. to …[View]
122507596Gen z: Be proud that this is the next generation /pol/[View]
122515252Nigger hate thread: There's so much 'based black man' crap on /pol/ these days. Let's have…[View]
122513745Let's trigger some Cucks: https://youtu.be/DWfIlTRjzPM[View]
122514787Boston antifa: Info on Boston antifa thread, pretty sure they're on tremont street or beacon st…[View]
122510673Well /pol/[View]
122505100red pill me on the proud boys[View]
122515111I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
122489866Eternal Portuguese Thread: Time for a Portuguese general, to talk about politics, culture, society, …[View]
122500985FLAT EARTHERS BTFO: How can they still believe if we have LIVE footage of the earth in SPACE? https…[View]
122513746Look at this photo This is in France tonight: This was taken during the antifa rioting, but it could…[View]
122515006How do you think opening up all bathrooms as gender neutral would effect our wives and female childr…[View]
122511742Is there anyone more alpha than Alex Jones?: >Beat a few guys to death and went to prison https:/…[View]
122514932What do you guys at pol think of smoloko if you've seen it? >I personally think it's cr…[View]
122514661Based Stickman in Danger: As profile rises we must plan to stop a 'Moonpie' attack on the Based Stic…[View]
122514342what's his book called, /pol/?[View]
122506657What if we're wrong?[View]
122512044Strawpoll to decide who gets Melenchon vote! You can vote as many times as you want!: http://www.str…[View]
122514657What did she mean by this?[View]
122514608what are some funny political ironies? ex. the new economy is going to upheave society and force som…[View]
122497578So now antifa is ok with using sex to sell their movement?: Make antifa sexy again??? Objectifying …[View]
122480849Disney turns STAR WARS completely SJW: Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise there has…[View]
122514430Anyone particularly fluent in French preferably a native speaker interested in possibly doing transl…[View]
122514391https://youtu.be/zlmZY4wFSsE Is i85 fire a cover up?[View]
122513479What are his major legacies aside from his skin containing a high degree of melanin and introducing …[View]
122510815White women suck.: Why even bother /pol/ Give me a good reason why I should even care about white wo…[View]
122484599https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tvtCkjmwTA&t=337s Is she the most repulsive, dumbest, redundant…[View]
122511304Trump? More like Chump[View]
122513546When's the next big war going to start, I'm getting impatient[View]
122509792To whitey: Why are white people so obsessed with their race?[View]
122512656Proof Jews wanna get rid of the White Race: https://youtu.be/zDbp2G6AL4Q?t=5m8s[View]
122513914What went wrong?[View]
122513935lets give this little girl some courage[View]
122511142MFW poor, dumb, redneck 'conservatives' vote for populists who malign other races as the sources of …[View]
122511801World Without Niggers Thread: Imagine if there were no niggers in America. >Universities wouldnt …[View]
122513838I am going to the next trump march at UC Berkeley should I play this song on a loudspeaker? https://…[View]
122512960We must stop the alt-right.[View]
122506639Well the next two weeks are going to be interesting[View]
122513687will she become the president of france?[View]
122513644Based HAPA debunks 'Trump is neo-con' shill talking point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adoF-qZjT…[View]
122509817Where The Fuck Is The Meme War?: You guys have been getting complacent. MAKE MEME WAR for Marine Le …[View]
122488039How will your country look like in 2050?[View]
122513576>book written hundreds/thousands of years ago >meant to give clear and easy to understand inst…[View]
122500168Has /pol/ taken over /b/s most active board on 4chan?[View]
122513521Chemical bombing: So was it a falseflag a la colin powell or not? Respond quick I need to sleep…[View]
122500188What was this really about?[View]
122510975REDPILL- why do we hate Jews?: Aren't Jews white? I know soros is a Jew and he's a cuck b…[View]
122510279Is this worrisome to anyone?[View]
122509712The people matter, politics is a red herring: It continues to astound me how many of you believe the…[View]
122512370United States of Europe: Welp, now that Le Pen has lost and there is no chance of France leaving the…[View]
122510392Why did you bring niggers to america if you hate them so much?[View]
122508883Your friendly neighbor hood Muslims[View]
122510753Are we in agreement that unless you follow Hans Hoppes variation, Libertarianism socially *(which is…[View]
12250987810.2 inches: That is all. Peace out.[View]
122513084This man is responsible for the death of France: When historians look back at the shattered remains …[View]
122498296She lost...: What do we do now? Should we stop worshipping Kek?[View]
122512908honest opinions on Kurdish people and Kurdistan?[View]
122511444Notice how even antifash kids know about the evil things Israel does notice that more left wingers n…[View]
122489190Sooooooooo, yeah. Even Bill FUCKING Nye, is saying that there are more than 2 genders. So when are y…[View]
122510133Freedom of Religion was a MISTAKE: Now that our societes have given over to secularism, we see our m…[View]
122512683Anyone have the Trump nudes which were leaked today? Is he really 9'?[View]
122512649What happens here?[View]
122512011I want to break my silence on social media about my pro-Trump beliefs. But I don't have many go…[View]
122512571> mfw people unironically watch a performance artist shill[View]
122509087Bongs literally sit in their sofas everyday to watch something called 'BBC'. And they have to pay th…[View]
122503189is this a much needed game changer that was due to happen?[View]
122511959Will anything even happen?[View]
122511585#FreeKekistan: Get the fucking normies out of the holy land known as Cuckistan and liberate the true…[View]
122512517Antifa scum declare war on Kek.: Trying to document everything I can about these crazy nutjobs. If a…[View]
122512481did drumpf actually win popular vote?: not my pres-[View]
12250905823&me ancestry reports. Burger mutts get in here[View]
122511648GET IN HERE FAGGOTS THIS SHIT IS REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT: >>122504820 >>122504820 >…[View]
122491396WTF is their problem?: Why is this region so cucked?[View]
122512058Why is everyone on /pol/ afraid of me?: Am i like considered a hypertroll or something? On all other…[View]
122512357The Battle of Berkeley got me thinking...: It got me thinking that this was just the beginning of th…[View]
122511099>nu/pol/ on top, nazi/pol/ on bottom prove me wrong[View]
122502503Macron shoves baguette in Marine LePen: Hi /pol/, how are you doing on this wonderful day ? I just c…[View]
122510695>be 75% anglo, 25% high caste >live in beautiful, shite free zone >some tech company expand…[View]
122511991Antifa: Did you see that huge list of names of those antifa tarts that someone put out? I'm new…[View]
122512271Le Pen 2017: It is not yet over[View]
122506842how does this map make you feel /pol/[View]
122512167RFK: Everybody talks about the JFK assassination, but what about his brother? I've always thoug…[View]
122500754>paris >where all the terrorist attacks happen My God, urbanization was a fucking mistake.....…[View]
122509990Arranged Marriages: >no race-mixing >no slut culture >no skyrocketing divorce >no appear…[View]
122510067Vote Le Pen! Straw poll has no duplication checking!: http://www.strawpoll.me/12812010/r <http://…[View]
122512066MOORE DEAD AT 65 PREDICTS 4CHAN: >Trump to be impeached in his second term THE DRUMPF IS KILL…[View]
122512065In case of WW3 break glass...[View]
122445654Armed Marxists shot Pepe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CywFbSdMVx0[View]
122497587somebody host this risk[View]
122511985Burn, Motherfucker, Burn! (2017): How can I watch the Showtime documentary on the LA Riots for free?…[View]
122510250As a pure white, should I have more kids: Hi /pol I am a somewhat successful white male. A beautiful…[View]
122507213Emmanuel Macron is a cuck: Emmanuel Macron is running for President of France. He married a woman 25…[View]
122503211MFW 2 Hours 3 Minutes left: KeK work your Magic![View]
122466961What happens here?[View]
122510748Why do most people in Europe love Arab and Negroid immigrants so much?: >Austria lost to commies …[View]
122509710Fucking DO SOMETHING: Why is this animal still walking the earth? Is NO ONE in Sweden willing to do…[View]
122511405any thoughts in the french presidential election?????[View]
122511663Sexist Military Tradition: I can't believe that a two-hundred-year-old institution hasn't …[View]
122509837Klondike's new Cuck commercial https://youtu.be/M2dqZatdSQA[View]
122511388Can I get a quick rundown of his positions?[View]
122510908Daily reminder Le Pen will lose thanks to queerbec fags.[View]
122511415Can /pol do anything?: I'm amazed at the utter brilliance that is /pol. I'm truly convince…[View]
122510771Arrested for Murdering Her Husband and Burying Him on Farm: The thirty-one-year-old Donahue, of Knob…[View]
122511359Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect, You Fucking Retards: Remember to sa ge bait, and bump /pol…[View]
122509171World Opinion Map Thread?[View]
122505954Why are Republicans in Congress so nervous about actually building the wall? I don't get it, wh…[View]
122510170When Republitards follow Putin stooge Trump in dismantling all military alliances with our allies be…[View]
122511207The Alt-Right & Alt-Left are two wings of the same bird.: Really, now?[View]
122506233This guy is going to win right? I just don't see all the people who didn't vote Le Pen in …[View]
122506101What is not right?[View]
122511034>he thinks the holocaust is real[View]
122510053are we the biggest assholes in the world?[View]
122508605why did britain let go of all its colonies?[View]
122506291what is white culture?[View]
122498688What's wrong with southern France?: Same area that bent over last time for Muslim rape[View]
122510368AFD new leader is a antinationalistic lesbian: The german Alternative für Deutschland AFD elected a …[View]
122510733The real path to salvation: Do we have to give ourselves fully to Chaos to save Humanity from such r…[View]
122465341So, it's been 100 days. Thoughts?[View]
122510208when will you sexist loser finally admit girls are just as capable of men? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
122508967We urgently need extension/add-on that replaces all instances of the word 'Le Pen' with 'Trump' and …[View]
122508197New FBI Location: Any of you guys know where the new FBI Headquarters will be?[View]
122510592Who has the image of the artical saying The West has to let in jews next to the artical saying Israe…[View]
122510581I hear how the media and so many people criticize donald trump for playing golf This naturally pisse…[View]
122480651>I'm a civic nationalist[View]
122510210losing hope: When Merkel first announced the amount of refugees entering Europe I had believed that …[View]
122505816Daily reminder that MAGAfags are cancer: >>>/reddit/[View]
122507526New name for our French people on /pol/?: This is a suggestion for a new name for all our based Fren…[View]
122510348What went wrong?: >Women's sole role and social value was reproduction >An unmarried woma…[View]
122505023Kecksburg, PA: What the fuck happened here?[View]
122507368What went wrong?[View]
122505583Ask a recent Muslim immigrant to Europe anything: Serious questions appreciated.[View]
122510005Anyone's state now have entire towns that speak nothing but Spanish? My town used to be at leas…[View]
122489356Rate my results and post your own http://8values.github.io/index.html[View]
122509985Join the best /pol/ discord https://discord.gg/MEnmJ Here we will discuss French elections, Syria, w…[View]
122507691Media outraged over picture in Oval Office: Has the media finally stumped the Trump?[View]
122509776>Single payer healthcare doesn't wo- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veterans_Health_Administr…[View]
122507440Luke Kuhn of Antifa Caught In Group Assaulting A Reporter: He was caught by Project Veritas Action p…[View]
122509000How do we fix the economy?: 75% of all new jobs created in the US make less than $28,000 per year Ho…[View]
122502336What countries should get nuked this following year?: since Trump have become president, i think we …[View]
122509135Why do we hate Ashkenazi Jews again: they are the smartest jews, they are European Jews they are wh…[View]
122493715NYC Mayor raising Price Floor on Cigs to $13 a pack: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/NYC-Cigare…[View]
122509865How does Trump rationalize losing?[View]
122474229Éire/pol/ - Late late edition: This is our homeland!: https://youtu.be/DUmid_5SXNw Thread theme: htt…[View]
122489082MUH HERITAGE THREAD: Post your family trees. I want to see mostly burgers though because I want to s…[View]
122509746Best Anti Jew Quotes?: Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism - quotes from his book 'On The Jews A…[View]
122509599Sign my petition to repeal the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendment: https://www.change.org/p/we-can…[View]
122509725Kansas man arrested after growing cannabis to control seizures: http://ksnt.com/2017/04/20/kansas-ma…[View]
122509724This is how I see nazis and commies arguing on /pol/[View]
122507969DAILY REMINDER: Jews don't control the world: Lets face it /pol/, jews are the last people that…[View]
122509677Why do our enemies look like utter fucking retards[View]
122508988meat beat retreat: >be me >military fag >new duty station >waiting to get in unit >sh…[View]
122507391Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect, You Fucking Retard: Remember to sa ge bait, and bump /pol/…[View]
122509275What do (((they))) mean by this /pol/? It's really firing up my neurons, especially considering…[View]
122509649itt prove you're an OG /pol/ user: The holocaust unironically never happened.[View]
122497321AntiFa signers refusefascism.org ?: https://pastebin.com/1AfUk4Wi found this on facebook, thought it…[View]
122508069>Have shitty ugly Jew aesthetics >marry Aryan princess to combat them. >daughter comes out …[View]
122508978Vote for Macron!: Hey french amis! What about voting for the fantastic, patriotic, pro Europe and an…[View]
122507031'Refugees': Why do mainly young men between the ages of 16 and 30 come to Europe? They could all ser…[View]
122501179Le Pen getting beaten badly by Macaron: The only, true live results from the gov: http://elections.i…[View]
122509469UK Party Alliances: Is this correct? I wasn't sure about Northern Ireland. Maybe Sinn Fein sho…[View]
122509242You just can't threaten to nuke every country that gets in your way for the past five years and…[View]
122508608Alright faggot niggers here is your chance to red pill a leftist on current world politics.[View]
122503355Le Pen memes?: Do you have any Le Pen memes to share?[View]
122509360What are your accomplishments, /pol/?: >Beat a few guys to death and went to prison https://www.y…[View]
122509279>mfw Trudeau does some fag shit from tumblr What is this man even thinking half the time?…[View]
122508087What's the plan?[View]
122505799MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION DEBATE THREAD #01: Welcome friends! (and enemies) This is the first daily Mar…[View]
122494504Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states and Finland have to create one country and become su…[View]
122498461What do we do with this power, fags? That is if this is legit[View]
122509164>trump isn't turning on us, all his neocon/jew advisers and relatives are just trying to swa…[View]
122507436>nu-/pol/ supporting a woman no matter what she says you are still voting for a woman to lead you…[View]
122505447PRESS F TO PAY RESPECTS: all establishment parties are now backing macron, le pen needed to win on t…[View]
122507235Berkeley 'ethics' prof. address- ANTIFA: 12119 Red Rose Way, Bakersfield, CA aaaanddddddd >go…[View]
122505072I just got a draft letter, does this mean we're going to war?[View]
122501377/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL- HOPPE WAS RIGHT EDITION: This thread is for Discussion of Capitalis…[View]
122508583Any redpilled Muslims browsing? How do I convert?[View]
122507591See these votes? They're going to Macron in the second round RIP Le Pen[View]
122503295Le Pen vs Macron strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12812010/r This strawpoll is being used by Melec…[View]
122507920Should private banks exist?[View]
122499554Trips names him[View]
122508725Why can't we Citizens Arrest Antifa?: RIGHT WING ARREST SQUADS NOW! We can zip tie these dumb f…[View]
122497436Are we being raided? There's so much shit posts for Macron, pro Muslims, pro refugees, anti Tr…[View]
122507953So,,........can we all agree that if she doesnt win its because if the patriarchy? We need to run wi…[View]
122471212Mexico Hate Thread: If you're faint of heart, or are easily disturbed, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO:…[View]
122508535Why can't the Generals beat the Globetrotters?[View]
122503705Uhhh.....are we just gonna pretend this isn't the GOP's dirty little secret?[View]
122508496Is this Jew a fraud ?: >born in Brooklyn >parents non-religious atheists >becomes 'rabbi' …[View]
122508354With the second coming of Justin Trudeau in the Élysée, Muslim immigration to France will continue u…[View]
122506753POL BTFO: Study finds that black men are seen as physically larger and more threatening than similar…[View]
122507756Beyond doubt: Do you agree that human life is proof of miracles, anon?[View]
122505772HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS CAN THEY GET?: (((Google))) sending this shit straight to me from a guy I…[View]
122507623Hey /pol/, kind of a weird question I don't see much around here, although I think it's qu…[View]
122488605MEME ENGINEERS REQUIRED: Alright boys, /ourgirl/ made it through to the second round. There is a pat…[View]
122508214Semi-annual i love /pol/ thread...: I love you guys. I love what you do. I love what you represent. …[View]
122507854Why aren't police allowed to tranquilizer prisoners? Things would be a lot easier if they could…[View]
122466821How does it feel to know that Ottoman Empire is coming back and we will get to enslave white subhuma…[View]
122503480Why Islamic architechture is better than christian architechture? I thought muslims were bunch of un…[View]
122508108What do we do about the burger problem?[View]
122507604Can someone explain why both downies and asians are sometimes referred to as mongoloids?[View]
122506831We need to destroy the robots before they take over. >Actually sub human >Actually taking ou…[View]
122507552new space race when?[View]
122507524Can any of you bad goys prove to me that this anthropogenic climate change is bullshit[View]
122506111What is /pol/'s verdict on the Armenian Genocide? >inb4 Roaches hijack the thread but seriou…[View]
122504889FRANCE YES!!!![View]
122507869>Yanks brought over slaves from Africa, practiced Eugenics on them and created the perfect race t…[View]
122478080STUDY: Youth crimes spike immediately after drinking age: >STUDY: Youth crimes spike immediately …[View]
122507711i claim income tax is unconstitutional: >13th amendment, involuntary servitude >counterargumen…[View]
122504231What's the future of Czech Republic like politically? Is the country still uncucked or what? Ho…[View]
122507685Ok /pol/.... Le Pen came second. For the next 2 weeks we have to be at our best to make sure this el…[View]
122505979So if any if y'all Europeans vote for something that isn't one of the two major political …[View]
122507647We are hosting a trump rally in USC, Come and beat antifa scum /pol/acks[View]
122504687A New Hope for France: Let's see the truth, we lost. But we have a hope, our princess. It is no…[View]
122507392WWI Thread: Well it's that time again.. Time for the blackpill thread about WWI >Mfw it was …[View]
122507640Libertarianism benefits >giant corporations >globalists >organized crime >fedora tipping…[View]
122506716Cathlocucks: you have some explaining to do, why is your religion and pope such cuckery[View]
122496545/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL - I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN EDITION: >previous bread: >>122…[View]
122501275Can gene editing save Africa by bringing it to a human IQ?[View]
122506697Armed Leftists have a range day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CywFbSdMVx0[View]
122507169We can NOT allow this to happen. How do we stop it?[View]
122504974Kekistani Battle Flag: Meet the frog and bars![View]
122506248remember when USA and russia were going to be friends?: what the fuck happened?[View]
122501334Why does continental Europe love Arab and Negroid immigrants so much?: >Austria lost to commie …[View]
122503499France is a lost Cause, and with it so is Europe: So now that Macron is going to win the election, F…[View]
122479276Christianity is true: Ask yourself this question: hypothetically, if you knew that biblical Christia…[View]
122507128Melenchon is out: Sadly, we now have to choose between racism and extreme liberalism poverty increas…[View]
122507263/pol/ scared so much they shat themselves: can't wait to see all these skinnyfag /pol/ kids get…[View]
122505209Just a reminder that fascism is unconstitutional.[View]
122506790Just saw that the Urban Dictionary deleted every single correct definition. How pathetic is that?[View]
122506912all collectivist countries need to bbe renamed bitchland: supper lib classical individualist motha f…[View]
122507125Why non-whites can't be right wing? Leftists don't give a shit to homicide rates, violenc…[View]
122500003>eventually: >at a later stage >in some form Well, Trump really knows how to be precise abo…[View]
122507002This is what passes as 'good' on /pol/: >pro baby killing, also supports public funding of aborti…[View]
122492381Saudi Arabia: I need redpilled on the Saudi's what the fuck is their deal? are they puppets of …[View]
122506394If everything needs a creator and god has to exist by that argument then who created god? And then w…[View]
122504998Why aren't you a fan of macaroni?[View]
122506856Bring back the Teutonic Order: The knights and marshalls of the teutonic order cleansed the earth of…[View]
122505306Redpill me on feminism: Has feminism ever led to a successful society? Will we be the first society …[View]
122505634IS THIS WINNING I SMELL????[View]
122505952Bernard-Henri Lévy: I've heard this guy is the most evil Frenchman alive. What does he stand fo…[View]
122505473Alright Bolsheviks, time to get BTFO!: How come the Soviets were able to take a man into space for t…[View]
122505693Welfare: What's so bad about the current state of welfare in the US?[View]
122504689The Titanic: I will like to bring to you the most compelling I have about the TRUTH of the titanic, …[View]
122499407Are there any books from the perspective of German soldiers in World War II?: I'd love to see t…[View]
122505793>when somebody u know for years who was 'right leaning' >suddenly becomes left >and they mo…[View]
122506407Muslim panel leads fight against Motion 103: Prof. Peterson posted this on his twitter Maybe there i…[View]
122506409>Rothschild banker creates a political party half year before the election >'Wins' the electio…[View]
122501011The image of democracy: This was the most famous image when Franco die and Spain transform in to a d…[View]
122506116Notice anything funny about Macron? Look at the size and shape of his nose.[View]
122502816>tfw this board is filled with right-wing SJW's KEK[View]
122503669God bless the French! Our sister nation in Liberty, and forever our oldest ally! Through thick and t…[View]
122506254Retirement this summer[View]
122497149Is there anything more stupid than nationalism? Why should I feel any fraternity with the 300 millio…[View]
122506224I recently met a girl She doesnt know about my political view at all i tried to tell her some jokes…[View]
122490549Final French Election - Le Pen Won: Results reported on google live are just projections. The actual…[View]
122471543the funniest thing about this sign is that trump supporters wont even understand how it totally BTFO…[View]
122500027>repeat until total white genocide[View]
122492617European countries future.: Is Norway's future a bright one?[View]
122470679Can we all agree that the green square doesn't exist?: It's an oxymoron. There's no w…[View]
122502883Rolling Digits that California will be nuked by Best Korea.[View]
122505940#First100Days: 'Trump's first 100 days were a disaster; Trump is a hypocrite and has already pr…[View]
122504306What happens here?[View]
122501724What did he mean by this?[View]
122501925What is wrong with mcmaster?: What is good about Flynn? He was a lobbyist who met with foreign gover…[View]
122505610Destroy Macron: You have but one job and fourteen days to do it. Destroy Macron. Destroy Macron. Des…[View]
122463711French Election Discussion #1: Now that Le Pen is set to go to the second round, let's have a s…[View]
122500606What exactly is wrong with McMaster?: What is good about Flynn? He was a lobbyist who met with forei…[View]
122505526I'm going to mass/religious ceremonies. I'm working 12 hr shifts for €€€€ I'm lifitng…[View]
122492075brit/pol - Tim 'Pray the gay away' Farron edition: >Thread theme https://www.theguardian.com/worl…[View]
122499717Is he /ourguy/?: He seems to be redpilled on Trump, and blacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp2K…[View]
122503424New leader of France: How is patriot spring going?[View]
122503873Imagine if America had France's voting system and the results looked like this after the first …[View]
122503197MAJOR DIGITS HAPPENING HERE: >>122475588 >>122485588 both saying good about le pen, 88 i…[View]
122502641Stop watching porn[View]
122504864Trump General: >Assange and Assad said to vote for Trump >Trump said it's ok to capture …[View]
122504500Is the CIA the best way to redpill countries?[View]
122504149LOLBERGS HAVE JUMPED THE SHARK: http://officialproudboys.com/proud-boys/whoaretheproudboys/ >ANTI…[View]
122505446Shia LeDone: What happened to this? Did we give up? Anyone still trying to locate?[View]
122505363New Zealand General Thread[View]
122505374Socialism is socialism. You can't say it's only state run capitalism.[View]
122497988MTV is creating this new show entitled 'catfish' and apparently the castings are open. 'We are look…[View]
1225008668values: Post yours[View]
122503262honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
122479145how to spot nu/pol/: >praise kek/kekistan bullshit >civic nationalism >give him/her your en…[View]
122435917/cdg/ CHINA DEFENSE GENERAL - China No.1 Edition: WEEKLY ACHIEVEMENTS: >China successfully launch…[View]
122502627Let's face it. The world is currently >pic related and you know it.…[View]
122505093>Did you ever hear the tragedy of Xavier Jugelé 'the gay policeman'? >Xavier Jugelé …[View]
122501212all these election threads are useless, the results have been decided a long time ago by the bogs[View]
122504264Leftists are taking up the White Mans' Burden by opening up our countries to all peoples: We…[View]
122490981If she died today we could save the world by August. If Scalia can die suddenly, even liberals can.[View]
122501612South america bros, I was thinking how to make this come true, suggestions?[View]
122496582> Muhammed received just 180 hours (22 days) of community service last year after he was prosecut…[View]
122483569Ask a pakistani anything. Serious questions appreciated.[View]
122501230Canada Is The Land of Opporunity, America is the Land Of Greed: In Canada every single Prime Ministe…[View]
122496567Anyone in need of any weaponized autism? Was diagnosed a few months ago, and now want to use my powe…[View]
122504623If you can't tell: We are under attack again. Mods aren't doing shit about it. You need to…[View]
122475094Is women degeneracy reaching India too?: He guys I've witnessed what happened to the womens in …[View]
122502616Could /pol/ be considered a think tank?[View]
122504136ITT: Sum up Trump's 100 first days as president with one pic[View]
122497696I've transcended sleep AMA[View]
122503774Stop believing in political solutions[View]
122468598what happened to Scandinavia?[View]
122501236What will the U.S.' racial demographics be?: Assuming there is no cataclysmic event/civil war s…[View]
122501392The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122504416Is he - dare I say it - our guy? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4437570/Acquitted-Tinder-k…[View]
122504058So who is this faggot, and is he just Hollande or Sarkozy lite?: Just want to preface this with I fu…[View]
122504265Bill Nye the '''''Science''''' CisGuy: He shall forever be known[View]
122504206Whats with all rhis low tier shill and bait threads lately? Theres like no meaningful discussion. I…[View]
122502199>>81945146 >>81945146 >>81945146 WHITES ARE FUCKING DONE. WHITE PEOPLE ARE ACTUAL…[View]
122479255BLOWJOB ROBOTS ARE AMONG US: Roasties BTFO forever. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A_0iFOtmPoE…[View]
122503850Looks like it's on us, laddies: First it was Norby Then,Geert Now,Marine The underdog will recl…[View]
1225018887 Goddesses of korea/ Asian Illuminati Rituals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rhA566-KzQ https://…[View]
122501853The one-hundred days is almost up. What promises as he kept in that time? Because if I recall correc…[View]
122503149How do French elections work?: As a burgerbro I know fuckall about French elections. Is it kind of l…[View]
122503487Why are Slavs subhuman? Literally ever Slav flag I see on here has subhuman qualities in their comme…[View]
122503762Emmanuel Macron literally to a tee[View]
122501518We're fucked, /pol/! The Democrats will be too pure to defeat now![View]
122500421Breibart morons: Can you explain that Alt right Faggets? The info is taken straight from Breibart. h…[View]
122503628BARACK INCOMING!!!: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! BARACK INCOMING!!! He will return to the public eye very …[View]
122503608Once he gets elected France will be just like Germany and Sweden.[View]
122493511Do you care about race in real life?: Like for real? Do you not want to have a non-white gf or do yo…[View]
122473146LE PEN WINNING TOPKEK HAHA: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev…[View]
122500642What was the Weimar Republic like? How close are we to it?[View]
122499362What do you guys think of gold/silver & this guy?: Some people prepare for a shit hits the fan s…[View]
122503177sowwy france :([View]
122492316The Black Sun: Someone redpill me here.[View]
122503129say it with me: madameee' lepresident[View]
122426680Neutralising Antifa: Guys, this is so simple. So Antifa have been running around trying (badly) to p…[View]
122503114A Church mouse, when hearing The Living Word, became likened unto a mustard seed, for God said, yea,…[View]
122501357is there an official /pol/ discord yet? https://discord.gg/asHgsx3[View]
122502882/pol/ will deny this: >VARG WAS RIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x4QfXf1yl4…[View]
122502876What is the relationship between Sex and Politics?: How much the 'Sexual Power' could affect politic…[View]
122500561Name a more unsafe state then iowa: You cant[View]
122497939>the globalists won[View]
122500383HWDNU - he will not divide us: Did it mean 'he will not divide these boi cheeks?'[View]
122486484Do you think he regrets marrying a gook?[View]
122500879Jedis and Siths are both bad from an ancap perspective.: Both Jedis and Siths supports government. T…[View]
122502546Is this country relevant at all?[View]
122502594'I Dreamed of Africa' Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya: http://www.npr.org/sectio…[View]
122502552HWNDU Season 6 - Operation 'Traps Aren't Gay': We might be able to lure Shia into a trap by pre…[View]
122502551Where do you line up on this test? https://8values.github.io/ pic related[View]
122502514No subject: >The absolute state of the /pol/ - Politically Incorrect board after a 6-month long h…[View]
122501529why do niggers degrade other niggers who want to get out of the hood and then blame white people for…[View]
122502239Gary: You fool's could have had Gary. Tsk Tsk.[View]
122500916/NG/ - Nihilism General: Anyone be up for making this a thing?[View]
122502313Nigger Hate Thread:: Webm only[View]
122486228“We live in a civilization that is not having children, but also closes its door to migrants: this i…[View]
122502206Gypsies: Why are gypsies such trash? Just watched a documentary about child trafficking with gypsies…[View]
122490511HAPPENING: NORTH KOREA TO DECLARE WAR ON AMERICA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1o4B9SWrX4 http:/…[View]
122491274Are they officialy the biggest cucks in Europe? They are the only ones that fell for the /pol/ memes…[View]
122471973Very good Macron HOWEVER[View]
122500927Why Should We (The Proletariat) Support Capitalist?: Why should anyone who isn't rich support b…[View]
122500414Rate my Flag you Commie Tards: RATE my flag out of 10. How many of you soft semi opaque squirts have…[View]
122492120/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122486794Serious fucking talk here. You swore an oath. It is time to return to service, the world needs you. …[View]
122499254>brings black people from africa to work as slaves >complains about black people ruining ameri…[View]
122501750/pol/ is one of the most hypocritical places on the internet: Hear me out, seriously. /pol/ is very …[View]
122501804The influence of Mainstream Media: Allright /pol/, im officially fucking done. Im done discussing w…[View]
122501747The ride is over: 2017 wasn't been our year /pol/ the shift to the right in 2016 has caused blo…[View]
122499847Hannity Accused By Former Fox Contributor of Power Harassment: http://www.1170kfaq.com/shows/pat-cam…[View]
122472471killl 1 person in history at age 14, which one?[View]
122501163Post your best Mélenchon pictures[View]
122486816>The photograph that shows Rosealma with empty hands is actually the second time that Damigo hit …[View]
122497615Name one thing he did wrong. I'll wait.[View]
122499497>Trump has become neocon >Wilders lost >Frauke Petry quit >Le Pen will lose Is the Anglo…[View]
122493841Describe Islam in terms a child would understand.: Dear pol, I am trying to explain Islam and ISIS t…[View]
122501479>tfw when this guy is actually Muslim >Justin Abdelkader >Abdul Qadir…[View]
122473688Why doesn't /pol/ have any empathy for refugees? What if it were your family fleeing from war …[View]
122496488You must submit: Thanks for Le Pen memes, /pol/, now I believe France will be able to destroy racism…[View]
122497614When did you realize that there's literally no hope? Western Europe is pretty much gone. Demogr…[View]
122501074Post your best reddit jokes in jpg: >Pic related[View]
122501306>The only way to end discrimination is for everyone to become the same race Is this the ultimate …[View]
122497807Why did Hitler break the München treaty?[View]
122488434General Bernier Thread: Us leaves have our own battles in the great meme war. The first is upcoming.…[View]
122499956STOP BEING ANTI-SAMITIC: Remember the six million holocausts goy[View]
122491826>Niggers are stupid and violent What are Europeans, then? Too stupid for democracy until basicall…[View]
122492374Press F: France votes for the Status Quo a form minster of the Holande administration but he's …[View]
122501036Frogs of /pol/, what happens in France if Macron wins second round?[View]
122499149What does /pol/ think of the American founding fathers?[View]
122501004does he lurk?: > good with computers > new balance > probably tells his dad everything you …[View]
122500782risk 200 bc: Got deleted for unknown reason so i will move thread to qst[View]
122498169The average guman being in year 3000: Glad the pigskin orcs will be gone tho. The resl master race w…[View]
122500785Why does everything lean so right wing in politics now? What happened to left wing politics? People …[View]
122494473Converting Lefty Tumblr Users to vote Le Pen: I'm shit at photoshopping and creating memes in g…[View]
122499406Jeb! Jeneral: Why isn't Jeb! loved by his papa? https://twitter.com/GeorgeHWBush/status/855205…[View]
122500743TOP london names: I start; Abdullah[View]
122499207Let's all get along![View]
122492030Risk bread Come and repost nations. Game will start once we have like five people. OP will be playin…[View]
122489630If white men have so much privilege, then why are they the only ones who can be blamed for all the w…[View]
122495045Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
122492697What does /pol/ think of the Geneva Convention?[View]
122500542Cringe worthy policies... how to stop them?: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-24/drum-safe-schools…[View]
122500480Trump is a mediocre president. He can't even do what he said he would with a clear majority of …[View]
122500453why blacks south african Beat whites ? some black mobs chumpouting: https://mobile.twitter.com/ewnr…[View]
122499130Daily reminder that you're mentally retarded if you still support Drumpf.[View]
122484975Macron says 'will carry hopes of our country and Europe': Vows to be 'president of pa…[View]
122476241Now that Americans have been following some real votes of working democracries in Europe, did you re…[View]
122500216Mantopia: What would a nation without women be like? >inb4 homo paradise let's assume that e…[View]
122482727GYPSIES BTFO BY VIKINGS: tl;dr - Begging might become illegal in Norway, gypsies BTFO. >Tuesday 1…[View]
122500203Have you taken the anarcho cannibalism pill yet /pol/ ?[View]
122492373How do you keep an antifa gf? How do I hide my power level when she keeps mentioning capitalism or s…[View]
122492853The image and function of bankers.: Thanks for a fellow Nordbro for sharing this. This is huge revel…[View]
122496102Self Defence Options: Wondering if some Brits fags could help me out. I was recently held up by some…[View]
122493404i dont get...why you poor fucks vote for the right wing? they want to make you pay more taxes, work …[View]
122499622Is Kekistan just Pastafarianism for racists?[View]
122498469/pol/: >claims to be redpilled >spends every day worrying about coloured people and living in…[View]
122498572ITT people who did nothing wrong: I will start with the obvious[View]
122499700The only way to build the Border wall. Please Help!: Dear Pol, I am a futurist with conservative val…[View]
122499958What?: Why was the NAZI art censorship thread pruned? That was perfectly on the topic of politics an…[View]
122455103>Stop going outside >Black people are starting to turn into cartoons in my head >Get scared…[View]
122499873Is taking in countless 3rd world refugees part of the White Mans' Burden?: Modern leftists want…[View]
122499566Why haven't you taken the VeganPill? https://youtu.be/e-F8whzJfJY?t=125[View]
122499772They're coming for us.: They want my beautiful black hair. Just the top. We can't let this…[View]
122495738So what day is the 2nd round of the France election? Finnish papers write that it's very likely…[View]
122495970French elections 2k17+infinity: Really makes you think[View]
122491111compass thread: compass thread[View]
122499465When yours country would be finally cucked by non-white where you, as white people will be emigratin…[View]
122494515Conservative TexAnon Update/Progress Thread Day 1: Continued from here: >>122392476 So I woke…[View]
122490082Le Penn's going to win,we all know it.look at the American election.Crooked Clinton was winning…[View]
122494329Living in the Philippines: Since macron is verry likely to be French next president I'm thinkin…[View]
122499242Rolling digits that California and Jew York will be nuked by Best Korea[View]
122497712Hi, leftypol here, I want to have an honest discussion. Why do you think it was that your candidate,…[View]
122499306can some of you south american mexicans give me a quick rundown on what is going on in venezuela? th…[View]
122499031Aren't you tired of supporting losers /pol/ ?[View]
122499224A Repudiation of Trump and Farage: We have seen what you isolationists do for our countries - nothin…[View]
122490310why is a huge part of pol racist? like why here tho?[View]
122498282Family WW2 Veteran Reflections: The previous thread got archived. But yeah, what were/are some of yo…[View]
122496643Should we nuke Canada?: DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
122498869so cernobitch is confirmed autist. >let's talk about french election >wears french sailor…[View]
122499068>/pol/ actually thinks scotland is going to leave the union >/pol/ thinks scotland is full of …[View]
122498062Why did people forget about him within weeks of him retiring? Was it a sign that he was always compl…[View]
122499049Women heads of state from countries that matter: Dilma Rousseff - destroyed Brazil - impeached Angel…[View]
122494714Trump in Harrisburg PA: This Saturday, during the annual corporate media circle jerk, President Trum…[View]
122491511Not gonna lie, former May voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Brexit May crash and burn. …[View]
122496829>http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6426421 This is an interesting article that I fi…[View]
122494648Indian Caste System in 2017: Can some Indian anons redpill me on the caste system in modern day Indi…[View]
122498813What do you goys think of the Three Stooges? They seem pretty wholesome (besides Larry Fine's a…[View]
122496462Is Zika still a thing?[View]
122498741Member when Trump wasn't a neocon kike?[View]
122498600I think we should start summoning some kek gets early for the final election[View]
122498033Politics in general, & the internet, yet on /pol/ at the same time.: Remember the days of AIM, o…[View]
122495659Today on: Shit your Regressive Peers post on social media, that doesn't even make sense.[View]
122493698Burnt out: >have lurked the web for eons, nothing surprises me anymore >fought in the meme war…[View]
122486504/brg/ Boston Rally General: Voice of the People Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a…[View]
122498164Goys redpill me on Le Pen: Post videos of what she said previously. Also vote for Le Pen https://twi…[View]
122470944Stop electing retarded populists around the world: You fucking lazy basement dwelling fat losers!…[View]
122490023USA appreciation thread WOOOOOOOOOOOj How can Euro poors compete???[View]
122493606aaron hernandez was sacraficed: to study is brain >he had CTE >was assassinated after writ of…[View]
122495491Existential crisis thread: i just watched zeitgeist again and i cant help myself but being in rage. …[View]
122495732Are the rumors true?[View]
122497792Rolling Digits that WWIII will happen tomorrow.[View]
122498064Pennsreich: Thread about the superiority of pennsylvania, and the discussion about trumps rally in h…[View]
122496010What happens here ?[View]
122497985REDPILL AMERICANS: Patton found out who (((they))) were my comrades. All of the quotes in the video …[View]
122492031Brit/Pol/-The Milk Barron Edition: >Thread theme https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive…[View]
1224977337 Goddesses of korea/ Asian Illuminati Rituals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rhA566-KzQ https://…[View]
122492682What is France status?: I was watching the football and didn't check the news Who won the Frenc…[View]
122497697LE BTFO[View]
122460806why did the US let us keep this?[View]
122496635approved books[View]
122497232Aren't they just super kawaii? :3[View]
122497534Hilary memes made as Le Pen: Anons, do u have any memes and graphics like that, i.e. converted those…[View]
122497499KEKISTANIS ASSEMBLE https://pastebin.com/1AfUk4Wi[View]
122491906What's the difference between Patriotism and Nationalism?[View]
122496941I can only imagine how hard it was for them to make this article[View]
122497402Brittany Venti in critical condition: after crashing onto golf course >she just thought, like, s…[View]
122497198Attlee removes you from the cabinet: >lose 13% local party support at the next national polling…[View]
122489397North Korea Mamma Mia!: Why are you all gobbling about some election in frog land when the North Kor…[View]
122477557Hispanics are an asset to this nation. The only problems and violence created by hispanics are due t…[View]
122497007Is the surgeon the most red pilled profession?[View]
122496968Antifa/far right: We need to send more troops to Berkley, A.K.A Antifa HQ[View]
122496396THIS KILLS THE SHILL: >It's not until the second to last paragraph of the long story that it…[View]
122495378>marxism >democracy >egalitarianism >pacifism >christianity >cuckoldry why do all …[View]
122496214Lyndon Baines Johnson: Was Lyndon B. Johnson the strongest president ever? And if not, who was - and…[View]
122480921Filthy Krauts meddling in French Elections: https://twitter.com/MartinSchulz/status/8562304104303165…[View]
122474207Paul Joseph Watson here, ask me anything: For those of you who don't know me, I'm an advoc…[View]
122495897ITT: /pol/itical fictional characters that the world's need today.: I'll start, this man w…[View]
122493848Jewish hate thread: Fuck the kikes, fuck the globalists.[View]
122494919girls actually like: being catcalled[View]
122495740say it with me: MONSIEUR LE PRÉSIDENT[View]
122495725Germany approved just under 48 percent of asylum applications from Afghan migrants in the first two …[View]
122491553White Nationalists on suicide watch: See that dot between Saturn's rings? That's us. All o…[View]
122496289What the Fuck.: https://pastebin.com/1AfUk4Wi[View]
122495483Why was the thread deleted, just as I made >pic related?[View]
122483123wherefore alt right: is there any actual leader or credo or manifesto to the alt right movement or i…[View]
122465977Syria General /sg/ - Bread Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com/…[View]
122495473>says he's redpilled >he's religious…[View]
122494036Blackshirts - who funds them?: Notice blackclad, masked fascists (who say they are anti) in France a…[View]
122495617I'm bored. When will nuclear war start?[View]
122460796>cured peyronie's disease with an electric toothbrush >cured acne by not eating anything …[View]
122491540/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122487380 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122493816Should kids ever be taken away from abusive parents? What about these kids? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
122495635Why were the Strassers so much better than Hitler?[View]
122493794Why is it that certain cultures have women who only respond to physical violence?[View]
122495821France: Emmanuel Macron United States: Donald Trump, (down-line from Elizabeth Christ Trump) You al…[View]
122476881Czech thread. ITT: vzácní Zemani[View]
122493335Ancap ball thread[View]
122495147Are /politics/ users literally retarded?: pic very related, this smug talk-down about how poc and wo…[View]
122495720>Protesters angry that far-right leader Marine Le Pen is advancing to the French presidential run…[View]
122495696enjoying your jewish masters trump supporters? >pic related the jewish overlord during the republ…[View]
122494255Face it, /pol/: >pic related >El Canelo >conservative >based >redpilled >catholic …[View]
122483886Judgement Day: Jesus sits beside you right now as you slag off blacks, Jews and women. Is he thoroug…[View]
122495515Race mixing??: what if we mixed every race and bred out the bad genes. and replaced them with the go…[View]
122493350Redpill me on the nazis course to power[View]
122491854Ty for censoring dissent mods! Wanting Nazis to die is clearly worth deleting a threads full of disg…[View]
122486651What is (would be) the perfect voting system /pol/ ?[View]
122492544Rejoice dear /pol/acks, even if mudlimes win their cultural war for the West, they'll lose: Hea…[View]
122480223What's so bad about Muslims?: You use a few bad apples to demonize the entire group. France is…[View]
122495425Frenchbros make sure you vote for Macron, not Le Pen in the upcoming second round of voting. If we h…[View]
122493185It's over. Here I was thinking we were 60 percent, Only to find out a lot of that is just sandn…[View]
122495287My ancestors built civilization... why should I have to compete with Jamal for my piece of it?[View]
122495257<clap clap clap> liberal tears[View]
122449845EBBA AKERLUND, THE STORY OF (New Content): Have you heard the story of Ebba Akerlund? She was 11 yea…[View]
122454639WAKE UP: The meat industry is the largest polluting factor in the world. The way we eat is entirely …[View]
122494690Say hi to the new French president, Marine better prepare for the gangbang[View]
122484792RUSSIA HACKED FRENCH ELECTION: RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION GUYS http://www.politico.eu/article/france…[View]
122494196After the French election, we need a goal: Prime Minister Corbyn.: We memed Brexit, we memed Trump. …[View]
122492890Trump is a phony, a fraud.: Mitt Romney was right since the beginning, Trump turned out to be a phon…[View]
122488720They just cant stand that a woman is taking place, these people just cant stand that a woman is havi…[View]
122492888/bg/ - BUDDHISM GENERAL: THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS >Dukkha: The unsatisfactoryness of existence >S…[View]
122480525America wants to block porn: AMERICA YES! http://www.azfamily.com/story/35195078/bill-would-block-po…[View]
122491047WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER NECK: she was on live stream of french news station https://www.yout…[View]
122494571Kek has brought us victory: See you on the 7th may[View]
122472918ITT : LAUGH, LAUGH AT COMMUNISM: The communist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has been eliminated. He …[View]
122466625What's the rarest race-mixed person you've seen: I know some arab/asian girl Ive seen ever…[View]
122494337Is Marine Le Pen an upstanding Reifag, or a foul unwashed Asukafag? I don't think we ever estab…[View]
122493752Why is NATO so shit?[View]
122490042Why is the Left so overweight?[View]
122493152So with Drumpfty flip-flopping endlessly as well as there being an everyday stagnation on everything…[View]
122492149>loved by the right >loved by the left THERE IS NO JEWISH AGENDA IT'S ALL TINFOIL HAT CR…[View]
122493755*FN Personality* - Collard: Freemason, support Israel, corruption in the Roche case, huge victim o…[View]
122493807https://discord.gg/XzcxVAb Very alt-right discord server. Lots of memes are created against the left…[View]
122493802AVGN SAYS FUCK It was nice knowing you Alt-CTRL-Delete[View]
122491275Feminism is GOOD[View]
122492946/pol/ I'm going to Europe May 20th. Should I expects riots/protests in Paris?[View]
122493608What was his fucking problem?[View]
122491987Is Conservapedia redpilled? I never see /pol/ talk about it. http://www.conservapedia.com/Main_Page…[View]
122493521This is a call to Quêque, Sauve la France ![View]
122483597Globalist revenge: Wilders Lost Le Pen destined to lose the second round Hofer Lost >UKIP dead W…[View]
122493426I think some of us are missing the point with the Froggy elections, brethren. What matters more than…[View]
122483781Religious Risk Continued: Turn 8 VOTE FOR POPE[View]
122458101How do i discretly redpill my leftwing gf?[View]
122492997>supports white nationalism >is against the EU pick ONE you deluded cucks. The EU is about as …[View]
122493235I've never been to an ikea before. Is the rape and murder as authentic as in Sweden?[View]
122493081Incoming Redpill: History is not written by the winners. It is written by the documenters of society…[View]
122484742France is THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.[View]
122493015VOTES UP BOYS: https://twitter.com/FranceQuestions/status/856224210817044483 >https://twitter.com…[View]
122492257Anglos are all that's left of the West: Reminder that only Anglos are going to uncuck themselve…[View]
122481243PEWDIEPIE? SERIOUSLY /POL/? FUCKING SERIOUSLY? PRAISING PEWDIEPIE? i mean come on, the guy isnt even…[View]
122492861Why do Mexican women arguing sound like the Putty Patrol from Power Rangers?[View]
122490749Red Pill Thread: Post all your juicy red pills here Sidenote: Does anyone have the link to the red p…[View]
122483790NEW RISK THREAD: Get in here bois, new game of risk. it's gonna be fast paced[View]
122492478Can Trudeau hurry up and legalize weed in Canada? He said it would be done by now. What's the b…[View]
122492762The finity of memery: At what point would shitposting memes be of no more use? What would get you ou…[View]
122482887Researchers: People Who Oppose Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Are Probably Racist: theroot.com/researche…[View]
122482433Many more '''refugees''' coming your way soon, frogs: http://www.euractiv.com/section/elections/news…[View]
122488449What did he mean by this?: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/21/trump-says-daca-illega…[View]
122489333What are /pol/s thoughts on human trafficking? Do you really want to stop the flow of cheap asian wh…[View]
122490455Christopher Columbus was the original wetback[View]
122492506Post (((corporations))) such as Google being biased.[View]
122490140Answer me this France: Why are the French being so fucking clueless in voting for Macron, a pro-EU R…[View]
122492176Inclusivity for all[View]
122486869That's a fucking Pepe wtf[View]
122481620World War II: Those of you with parents or grandparents who fought for the Allies in the war, did th…[View]
122490238Did Antifa Dox one of their own?: Seattle Antifa posted this to their facebook: 'Comrade Jay Casey, …[View]
122492340Taking down http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/: Guys, don't you think after going through all that h…[View]
122491330Let's start a family tree/lineage thread, anons.[View]
122478704Cat Calls: New study finds little girls are being targeted for sexual harassment. http://archive.is/…[View]
122492258This is the mayor of Toronto visiting the local school children. This is scary as fuck /pol/, I don…[View]
122492254should NEETs be euthanized? (A NEET is Not in Education Employment or Training)[View]
122482782Black Israelites?: Is this /pol/s worst nightmare? >Black >Jews…[View]
122492202Didn't the US say the attack on Raqqa comes on April 1?: Did the US mean April 1, 2019?[View]
122482987/emg/ Emmanuel Macron General - Guillotine for Marine Edition: This thread is for discussing Emmanue…[View]
122492053FRENCH ELECTIONS: Marine Le Pen will finish in first place. All is not lost /pol/![View]
122489636What is Antifa?: Broke: Antifa is controlled by (((them))) Woke: Antifa are the shock troops of the …[View]
1224916254chan is gay: Does anyone else think 4chan is for faggotini alfredos Pic unrelated[View]
122466952The New Sexual Revolution: https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-433140…[View]
122491960Get over it, shes a zionist agent and her niece is a cuckold baby of a mossad agent. She lost. We wi…[View]
122491936With the downfall of Le Pen on our hands it is time for us all to come together and think about what…[View]
122484923Who else here is regretting their vote for Le Pen?[View]
122491902sad: sad[View]
122491903He вaляй дypaкa Aмepикa, oтдaвaй-кa зeмлицy Aляcoчкy, oтдaвaй-кa poдимyю взaд! When will Trump retur…[View]
122485283Day of the Rake: When is this supposed 'day of the rake' burgers?[View]
122490666why are white people (and honorary white people like spics and arabs) so fat?[View]
122490783Make Europe great again[View]
122486626Would you want Adolf Hitler as your Head of State?: I mean, he got things done.[View]
122491723what did Israel ever do for the united states. Ive never heard any news of them doing anything or he…[View]
122491715VOTE NOW!!!!!! https://twitter.com/FranceQuestions/status/856224210817044483[View]
122490641Autism is Racism, /pol BTFO: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/04/22/students-avoid-making-e…[View]
122491603It's over Le Pen will lose.[View]
122491586KIM: How far is he willing to go? History is overdue another villain, post WWII has been full of fo…[View]
122489162Jewish bankers treatment of germany led to ww2?: Ive read some quotes/posts about this and was hopin…[View]
122491535So realistically, how do we save western civilization from the proponents of (((Critical Theory)))?[View]
122491188Shaved head: Why is it 'cool' and 'sexy' for black men to have shaved heads but 'racist' for white m…[View]
12248693290% Macron odds: You may be celebrating getting LePen into the second round but really they have alr…[View]
122491472>Polls say Le Pen will lose I do love the accuracy of polls.[View]
122483165Why do so many amemericans live in cars?[View]
122486646A question for those who oppose the EU: For those of you who are against the EU, would you support a…[View]
122491225Millenial Womanchildren: Why do millennial women detest motherhood, express little interest in havin…[View]
122487380/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122482012 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122491021I finally redpilled my mum: We just had an emotional moment. After months of waking her up to everyt…[View]
122486515A church in france is demolished so it can be a refugee centre. how does this make you feel? christc…[View]
122482478Will Le Pen win it all? Let's ask KEK[View]
122491394stalling on a paper, browsing tv, see this guy visit neonazis in states, talks mad shit. then visits…[View]
122490300/FMG/-FRENCH MEMEWAR GENERAL: >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyzic [Embed] …[View]
122467552>Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older >The couple live with Trogneux…[View]
122491196Right /pol/, you have two weeks to find whatever the rothschilds have on this fuck puppet: There is …[View]
122491184When will (((they))) give up?[View]
122491168https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCP_RpouRZA Sieg Heil comrades[View]
122491029Have you taken the pint-pill /pol/?[View]
122491026They're not even trying to hide it anymore.[View]
122490773Where can I find this movie?: This movie had a really great scene about 9/11 (saw it on youtube trou…[View]
122490036Dreaming no more.: Author who wrote book 'I dream of Africa' shot by nig nogs while driving in Kenya…[View]
122487772France Status: Uncucked: Congratulations France You are doing great Keep the good work[View]
122483677Brit/Pol/-The Croissant Edition: >Thread theme https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2…[View]
122480488How many minorities would you kill for 1 Million Dollar?[View]
122489554National Genetic Databank: What if the everybody's genetic data was collected for a national la…[View]
122484499Breaking: Trump to speak with Xi and Abe over North Korea today[View]
122490571Second round voting will be fun to watch in France.[View]
122489154A competitor to Fox News coming soon? Now that the softcheese sons of Murdoch are in charge of Fox N…[View]
122489602Are you patrician or pleb?: >There exists a new upper class that’s completely disconnected from t…[View]
122489296Why is polygamy illegal? Why does a secular state care how many people you are married to? Full dis…[View]
122490433How do we do with these dirty liberals in the USA?[View]
122489834>Switches side notthing personnel, kid.....[View]
122490327Can anybody enlighten me why Chavez was far left mad commie, but Le Pen is far right?[View]
122490268Does the alt-right even exist?[View]
122490260> Republican led Legislative and Executive branches can't agree on anything > Trump sell…[View]
122488858honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
122487283The call that saved Europe[View]
122488317Is the democratic solution in France over?[View]
122486069Are we living through tyranny?: >Be me >Wrote my dissertation half-a-lifetime ago on how the S…[View]
122468665>movie ends >everyone starts clapping What the fuck is wrong with Americans?…[View]
122488534Hey /pol/ where can I sign up to be one of these paid shills everyone on here is always yelling abou…[View]
122470070Why Are Republicans Backing Single-Payer Health Care?: http://www.newsweek.com/why-are-most-republic…[View]
122479875When will the US quit being scared of North Korea and actually attack them? http://www.euronews.com/…[View]
122489600women are 'weaker' and 'less intelligent' than men, and should be paid less. -Janusz Korwin-Mikke[View]
122489872How do we stop the Eternal Anglo? Even to this day his perfidy and subterfuge are known the world ov…[View]
122489548North Korea threatens to sink USS Carl Vinson: >North Korea says it is ready to sink US aircraft …[View]
122489844Be French presidential candidate, meat blonde French hottie: >be 39, childless, in your prime …[View]
122484023NORTH KOREA THREATENS CHINA: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/608184/North-Korea-Kim-Jong…[View]
122489702FR-Election Marine 1st: http://elections.interieur.gouv.fr/presidentielle-2017/FE.html[View]
122487194New Video Found along with Personal Facebook. Need Dutch Anons.: New Video: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
122489450>Demis Hassabis >Greek father and Singaporean mother >graduated from Cambridge >invented…[View]
122489396Why do a small group of weebs have such a big impact on western politics now?[View]
122486425Le Pen not looking too strong in the second round All that is left is the power of meme magic Praise…[View]
122484523Le Penn becoming elected in France will bring Europe on step closer to ridding it's muslim infe…[View]
122488910New Berkeley Vid Antifa vs BasedStickMan: New Berkeley Footage shows Antifa getting a beatdown, also…[View]
122489258ANTIFA Luke Kuhn returns!: Deploraball acid attack plotter reemerges at an ANTIFA rally when Jack Po…[View]
122488528He is now called Dyke Cernobitch. Someone tweet him this.[View]
122489073RAPING GERMAN WOMAN IS LEGAL: THANKS T*RKS LINK: http://www.maz-online.de/Lokales/Brandenburg-Havel/…[View]
122488711Jap Hate Thread: How do we protect ourselves against the dirty, scheming jap? Post your best anti-ni…[View]
122489076to all the ladies in the place with style and grace[View]
122489068what kind of Newspeak is this? Globalists are the Patriots now? don't be 'Nationalistic' be 'P…[View]
122486298Slow Drivers: Should it be legal to shoot out windows on slow drivers in the left lane?[View]
122488499I think everyone who wants to break up the EU just needs to take a breather and think about it. I me…[View]
122479883Somali Pirates get shot to bits: A group of Somali pirates attempt to hijack a ship. Their plan went…[View]
122488392Why do women dress like this?? they literally asking for fuck.[View]
122488957What's the point of that region? Why does it exist? Why aren't all of its inhabitants kill…[View]
122486815The continental circus continues: France has failed, just as Austria and the Netherlands did. Europe…[View]
122488662yo brittany venti: i'd make you a grilled cheese >any day of the week >>>Lemme sman…[View]
122486992>he doesn't know race and culture divisions are a spook created by Globalists to distract th…[View]
122488612Frogbros, now is the time that your children and judge you on As much as we like to fuck with you, y…[View]
122488564MAKING LE PEN GREAT AGAIN: STRATEGY: 1) Fillon voters may not follow Fillon's orders since som…[View]
122484731I've created a new political ideology. I call it communo-populism.It holds that all corporation…[View]
122486640Warning! warning Irish people's right to exist as an ethincity is under attack: #WeAreIrish exp…[View]
122488063Antifa Assault: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/856250305029300224 comments say one of the m…[View]
122488382/pol/, why do fags think we hate them so much, when in reality, we just want to liberate them from t…[View]
122486840Wake up /pol/lacks. Only Melanchon can make France great. La Pen will make France the enemy of every…[View]
122488336dick size means how successful you'll be as a man. ball size and volume output is also more imp…[View]
122488185Pourquoi personne dans /pol/ parle français?: Apprenez les fagots! LE PEN WINS http://www.repubblica…[View]
122488265/pol/ Don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again.[View]
122487755If FDR was so bad then why did whites elect him 4 times?[View]
122488168Could anyone redpill me on the national socialist way to power, from a materialistic point of view?:…[View]
122488131is he telling the truth ?[View]
122485986What does /pol/ think about this?[View]
122487551Man It's fucking over /pol/. Fuck you man I betted 100 euros on le pen and now its just fucking…[View]
122485904So is the tranny meme dead?: The last big thing I heard about it was those National Geographic cover…[View]
122480726Would you want to colonize Mars with Elon Musk for a ticket of 200k dollars? He apparently wants to …[View]
122487573ITT: How to trigger Tumblr.[View]
122488027>I have created an ideology just for all minorities who are all conservative. How can this 'poor'…[View]
122488001Civics are cucked, nationalists are cucked, the far right parties are cucked.: You thought there was…[View]
122441987FUCK YOU YOU CAN'T HAVE MY DATA: I'm sick of this complacency with shady behavior from the…[View]
122486927>be 2041 >Tell me again how the EU collapsed papa…[View]
122487794Politics Quiz: What kind of right winger are you quiz[View]
122464736>see the election results >my parents call me to talk about the results >they're urgin…[View]
122487714How many people on /pol/ are autistic: http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php[View]
122487662Philadelphia March for Science BTFO: Went to the front of the line. Had the flag up for the entirety…[View]
122487621I know also this whole time I just had and have to talk amoungst my brethren, and when I do go, and …[View]
122485941REDPILLING 9FAG: Ok /pol/ HDL needs your help on Redpilling 9fag on immigrants , since the community…[View]
122487538Those 7 Times Jordan Peterson Went Beast Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AuRNff4kvA&t=0s …[View]
122487534Hitler Wasn't Racist At All! Look at the proof!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmY46GAkr-s …[View]
122448405>Burger universities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R53-bN6UrB8&t=0s[View]
122470342Do Not Vote for Le Pen! Paris shooting was ISIS trying to swing Sunday’s French election in favour …[View]
122485939Report: Anti-Semitism rises, but violence against Jews falls: >Violent attacks on Jews dropped fo…[View]
122482012/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122478649 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122484186Weird Dream I Had That Might Come True: I had a weird dream before I woke up this morning where ther…[View]
122487187You wake up and China and Islam are fighting against each other in Europe, what do?[View]
122485518Can anyone tell me why earth day is now a science circle jerk? What the hell does science have to do…[View]
122473237Were any redpills hard to swallow for some reason?: My best friend is a mulatto and 2 of my other be…[View]
122486141Why did Macron win? What went through people's heads?[View]
122486094Only brain meme that matters: Enjoy this one /pol/, for this is the final redpilled brain meme you w…[View]
122454725UFO Fleet recorded in Sweden?!: Allright, not only is Sweden alredy infested with sand people, but n…[View]
122483519New App: This seems like a good app. Anyone tried it? >'We must all pay a moral debt to the some …[View]
122486962Anyone got the original?[View]
122473859There is no path to victory: Le Pen will not win. She just doesn't have the votes.[View]
122486777((( Mike Cernovich ))) says Hitler Did Nothing Wrong on ((( InfoWhores ))): https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
122486864save the date: 6.14.2107 grilled cheese jam white house rose garden >live ska music…[View]
122486835Say it with me, Frenchies: >Monsieur Président Camembert[View]
122486793Christianity isn't a Jewish reli-[View]
122486746Post the song you're spamming replay right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRhg2zvalXc…[View]
122475784Why Le Pen will lose: There's no electoral college to save her. Britian was the only place tha…[View]
122486661White people are the master ra-[View]
122485068Hitler Love All Races, Worked Together To End The Jew World Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S…[View]
122486622What would something like look like 3 decades later?[View]
122486379Racist black people thread. What does /pol/ think about black people. Post all the images of the stu…[View]
122486329Yes, hello? Is this ISIS?: I want you to blow up the Eiffel Tower within the next two weeks. Thank y…[View]
122485960You guys prepared for the second annual June tear Harvest? It's gonna be funny when we the tori…[View]
122480416WW2 Memorabilia: Just bought my very own death's hand ring. What do you guys think about this ?…[View]
122485336Dump: The Jew World Order's Sexually Blackmailed Chump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxkGEG…[View]
122486390Who is more royalist, Le Pen or Macron?[View]
122483577russia will release macron's emails. kek has spoken.[View]
122486481ITT: Post your face when you realize that this shitty website is the last hope for the white race.[View]
122465444>Mr Macron won 23.7%, while Ms Le Pen won 21.7%, French TV says. Is it all over for France, lads?…[View]
122485935Macron married a 24 year old woman who was his teacher in high school, a Pedophile![View]
122459944>he lives in a shitty flyover state infested with lower class hillbillys unlike California >he…[View]
122486349What are some american stereotypes in your country ?: I find them funny![View]
122486367Adolf Hitler Did Nothing Wrong - Best Man EVER!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxkGEGQIn0 Downloa…[View]
122471958Why do liberals hate guns, but yet have no problem with running people over, beating them up with bl…[View]
122481583Le Pen will win.[View]
122485865Admit it. You don't like California because it proves that completely liberal policies make a p…[View]
122485446Operation Nasha Masha: Guys, /ourgal/ needs help. Let's start a twitter thing along the lines o…[View]
122480165Only rural rednecks and suburban retards voted for Le Pen. All city people voted for Macron[View]
122485350Was the Granada War the best crusade? Or at least the most succesful.[View]
122484169>We all evolved from fish: What dose /pol/ think of evolution?[View]
122485733Indians are the master race[View]
122485451/pol/, what's the evidence behind the Holocaust being faked? This is the only piece of evidence…[View]
122485354>>122481583 She actually has a decent shot, don't listen to the shills or the French on t…[View]
122454086How can we fix modern american (((culture)))?: I just came back from reading >>122444676 and i…[View]
122485918The last thread on science were good. What are your thoughts on the bastardization of science for po…[View]
122485883LATE MELENCHON SURGE: https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2017/apr/23/french-presidenti…[View]
122484418give it five years[View]
122484949Israeli-American charged with threatening Jewish centers: >Israeli-American man, 18, is charged w…[View]
122485015What's she thinking right now?[View]
122485735Redpill me on why Macron is so bad. He's classified as 'center' but is that just a meme?[View]
122485730Lets all take a moment from our shitposting to welcome our new antifa guests! Please look around and…[View]
122451866***Christian General Thread***: >What is the gospel? The gospel is the message that Jesus Christ,…[View]
122484728Imperial is for Men not for boys[View]
122485404Why dont you join the military pol? You will learn discipline and respect. >inb4 fighting for je…[View]
122485625ACTUAL RESULTS: NO SHILLING, JUST THE RESULTS https://www.thelocal.fr/20170423/interactive-map-of-th…[View]
122481811The one true religion: fuck all imitators[View]
122484238Press D to pledge allegiance[View]
122485594Can anyone link me the thread about ted kazinskis history?[View]
122478967REMOVE ALL IMAGES OF KEK FAGS: So the mighty quinn is on to us. He found out that we have been using…[View]
122485449Why is the roman salute and the other hand doing a Hitler stache in the form of a dab not a thing ye…[View]
122485211You ready for a new age of Liberalism?: >Half of all women born in the 1990s are predicted to nev…[View]
122479695It's over. The population is aging and having fewer children. More are dying than are being bor…[View]
122480461NORWEGIAN MEME PARTY: Does anyone know anything about this party? Are they certified /ourguys/?…[View]
122482481Why things are the way they are now....: Gov is vile and cankerous . ( see constitution about govern…[View]
122482170Oui Oui, mass immigration is my only goal >Gets 80% of the vote[View]
122482697I rest my case.: The wealthy are nothing more than parasites. Scientists will save us, specifically …[View]
122478162Hitler thread.: Post pics of Der Fuhrer.[View]
122484916Le peniskin is doomed: A reminder what happened last time the FN made it to the second round[View]
122472836Press S to spit on grave[View]
122482165The jewish question.: Doesnt 6 million seem like alot of people. I know alot of jews were killed in …[View]
122484767Regional/Local nationalism: How far down should nationalism go? If you should be proud of your count…[View]
122484533VENEZUELA CRISIS: opinions and images from the turmoil in venezuela.[View]
122484736can someone please give me sources that the syrian attacks were faked? they were up a while ago in a…[View]
122484748>tfw I am ancap twink top and love natsoc bottom muscle bodybuilders You can't stop this deg…[View]
122484723ITT: things that trigger /pol/: Things that trigger /pol/ ITT[View]
122481320are these things even human?[View]
122483596Who's the cuck now?[View]
122473889Rural and Suburban retards: Why do only the dumbest individuals, who live in rural and suburban area…[View]
122484607Trump Terrified of Carter Page: So now this fucking idiot Trump, who named Carter Page as one of the…[View]
122484211An end to the black eygptian hypothesis: If allowed the intact somatic tissue of tutankhamon could b…[View]
122466174>go outside >see a muslim[View]
122481508There is no political solution.[View]
122480557redpilling young people on 9gag: I have an idea of how we can red pill alot of young people trough 9…[View]
122484509Even People From India Know That Hitler Did Nothing Wrong: Hitler was right https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
122484435Who Did It Better?: Earlier this week, the University of Alaska Anchorage opened an art show with pa…[View]
122481131>what do you mean Turks are not white anon? come on, hold my hand[View]
122431751This just keeps getting better and better.[View]
122483067Abortion: What does /pol/ think about abortion? I'd rather die than be the bastard child of a t…[View]
122483760New face of Ireland: No...Please no! How do we save Ireland, /pol/?[View]
122484225Greetings /pol/. Let me get straight to the point. I know that you will berate me, and fight against…[View]
122468483Fillon calls on supporters to vote Macron: Well, that's it then... The (((conservatives))) are …[View]
122476550If Jews are systemically endeavoring to eradicate the white race while preserving their own, why do …[View]
122484065Elite Dutch banker blows the whistle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO4rAYk-420 a whistle on corr…[View]
122481644WWIII HAPPENING: TRUMP CALLED JAPAN AND CHINA TODAY!: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-u…[View]
122482913Why I love Japan: It's not because of anime, I don't care for anime. It's because the…[View]
122480355What happens here?[View]
122483885What is it that you fundamentally do not understand or lack to vote for extremist political parties …[View]
12248388214/88 Post Your Hitler Was Right Memetics!: They're correct, they're 100% correct. Hitler …[View]
122482262>turks arent whit-[View]
122481701Anglos: Seriously how did the British, who at the time had the largest and most powerful empire in h…[View]
122482169What exactly is the beef Jews have with ancient Babylon?[View]
122483802Brit/pol/ - Assad >any of them frenchie cucks Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
122483748Good job France! I would of never guess I would see the day france would head down the path of uncuc…[View]
122483139>Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older than he[78] >was his teacher in…[View]
122482841Drumpf will ruin USA and the whole world. Everyone should take notice, not just Americans.[View]
122483699BLOW THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/779365/French-Election-Marine-Le-Pen-Emman…[View]
122462478So, now that Le Pen will lose to Macron, what's next for her niece?[View]
122480010how to deal with reality: if you go deep down the rabbit hole you will inevitably reach a point of d…[View]
122482522United forever in friendship and labor.[View]
122483158Feminism: maybe it's time you listened: Is it possible your failure to communicate with women o…[View]
122483411books: share books on economy, free market, invidualism, money, anti-democracy[View]
122475595IT IS HAPPENING TOMORROW: >A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between April 18 - May 5, from wha…[View]
122483135Sing it with me /pol/: ALORS ENFANTS DE LA PATRIE[View]
122482628LEAVES UNITE: We need to meme Bernier more power. He is in danger of losing to Kvetchin O'Leary…[View]
122478323FPÖ Heinz Christian Strache for Chancellor: Now that Le Pen is about to be finished, its time to shi…[View]
122481527Intolerance is uncool: Why won't you accept that others walk in different shoes and let them li…[View]
122481278Le Pen wants to deport this.[View]
122422543BREXIT WAS A MISTAKE: Can Brits finally acknowledge they were wrong? I mean look at it: pros: >mu…[View]
122482997BASED FRANCE[View]
122455488Why do you guys want Le Pen to win so much? She's a slavophile which hates Albanians too much …[View]
122474421take rights away from females: do women even count as humans? here with sound https://webmshare.com/…[View]
122478787Why is Hawaii a state?[View]
122460205What happened to BLM /pol/?[View]
122478965Combat with ANTIFA: How is my load out?[View]
122482800Why are they so happy? How is Le Pen ever gonna win? All commies and libtards who consists of 40% of…[View]
122478649/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122475783 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122458677/emg/ Emmanuel Macron General - La victoire est à nous! Edition: EMMANUEL MACRON IS IN THE LEAD!!!!!…[View]
122482456The fall of the west: France will be the first to fall,congrats frenchcuck you had your chance and b…[View]
122481530The second round, Mahrine: I will not ask twice.[View]
122475411Im thinking of leaving the country: Im thinking Norway,New Zealand,Cannda ,or Denmark[View]
122482378https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxkGEGQIn0 Downloadable Hitler-Was-Right Videos on The TruthGoneVir…[View]
122482397Asians & Garbage: Why don't Asians dispose of their garbage properly? They literally throw…[View]
122479054Post yfw WWIII starts.[View]
122482339>be /pol/ack >throw on trench coat, fingerless gloves, and put hair in pony tail >tell mamm…[View]
122481113What is with that macaron guy? He seems to be nothing but another Hollande and yet people are voting…[View]
122478883How is this place memes aside? >Cold >Lots of untapped natural resources >Single payer heal…[View]
122475867Nu-Pol: What the fuck is with the constant shilling for 'muh based niggers' and 'muh based Trump' la…[View]
122482200Fuck France: ITT: We laugh at this abortion of a country[View]
122448431Swedish cop chokes 10 years old Muslim Kid: WTF Sweden? https://youtu.be/lignjQ-fuWs[View]
122474301why do a lot of people think you ruined the internet?: genuinely curious, want answers. no typical r…[View]
122482142>he doesn't know race and culture divisions are a spook created by Globalists to distract th…[View]
122482125What does /pol/ think of Napoleon?[View]
122481612The North is cold as fuck, rains all the time, endless fog, short days and shitkins have to chew d-v…[View]
122482083Jews are the most nepotistic race on the planet. Negros after them, then they expect Whites to not d…[View]
122481383FRANCE: Who should i vote for, /pol/???[View]
122482054>The president of the patriots, facing the nationalists What did he mean by this?…[View]
122482046>Brigitte Auzière taught French and Latin at La Providence, a Jesuit high school in Amiens. It wa…[View]
122481950Israel Did 9/11 Israel Is a Terrorist State that Kills.: Downloadable Hitler-Was-Right Videos on The…[View]
122481933>tfw I am ancap twink top and love natsoc bottom muscle bodybuilders You can't stop this deg…[View]
122441500Are single moms a mistake?[View]
122465588Religious Risk: I have made revisions to the rules in order to make the factions more balanced. Cath…[View]
122481790I think everyone who wants to break up the EU just needs to take a breather and think about it. I me…[View]
122473528Brit/pol/ - UKIP ARE FINISHED Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx7kFpU8IbQ …[View]
122479434Which State Should I Move To: Continuation of Previous Threads >>122427442 >>122458963 T…[View]
122480845How do we rid academia of marxism and post-modernist, pseudo-intellectual drivel[View]
122480583STOP GETTING BAITED: Why do you guys waste your time arguing in these bait threads? Remember back wh…[View]
122480684I've been comatose since 2011 and I just woke up can someone tell me what the FUCK is going on?[View]
122480838Will the Bogdanoffs make the phone call that will save France and secure Le Pen's victory?[View]
122481608Antifa Phoenix John Brown Gun Club shoot Pepe targets.: https://youtu.be/oDoHdl3Rb6E[View]
122481537How would you define Right and Left Wing Politics, /pol/? I would define Left Wing as wanting more g…[View]
122475526Fellow brits! Who are you voting for in June?[View]
122473586How do we take this Marcon Fucker down?: He won the first round and will likely win the second round…[View]
122481456Get in here boys, time for a thread about the best state in the union, and confederacy. Who else wi…[View]
122474354GLOBALISTS BTFO: Aw yeah[View]
122480846How's modernity working out for you?: Miss me yet.[View]
122478087'I Dreamed of Africa' Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya Kuki Gallmann, a conservat…[View]
122479316Should prostitution be legalized? Why isn't it legalized yet?[View]
122481313OC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxgZVfHHr5Y[View]
122456210why was this allowed[View]
122481186Please Anon, give us the strength to eject this from the head of our country... I'm praying to …[View]
122481145TRUMP TO VISIT HOLOCAUST MUSEUM: I support Donald Jay Trump 100%. FUCK all of the Assad Shills. ASSA…[View]
122480259Your thoughts on the true NWO https://youtu.be/yQCI77o6LtU[View]
122473672are you ready to take the blue pill here, eat this[View]
122480280France presidential election: END US ALREADY !!! HER SCORE IS FUCKING PATHETIC 21 FUCKING %. THE FUC…[View]
122481070ITT: post jews that you actually like.[View]
122432074tfw consumerism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i0UugILBJg >$120M in investment >makes a $40…[View]
122481009http://www.repubblica.it/static/speciale/2017/elezioni/francia/?refresh_cens http://elections.interi…[View]
122480073Le Pen will just fail us.: Trump has proven that we can't use elections to get the people we wa…[View]
122480049Could the only way Sweden would be seen as growing a set of balls and becoming an actual force in hi…[View]
122475041I want your honest opinion: Was the extermination of the Jews a good thing or a bad thing? Did it e…[View]
122480111LE PEN IN THE LEAD: Allons enfants de la Patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé![View]
122480227I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
122479091Why on earth did you autists ever think that Trump was ever going to fight the jews? Why was /pol/ s…[View]
122478979RUSSIA HACKED FRENCH ELECTION: RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION GUYS http://www.politico.eu/article/france…[View]
122470057OYYYY VEYYYYY[View]
122480712Monsieur le Président[View]
122478497be honest goyim.: would this board be as interesting if (((we))) didn't exist?[View]
122479072>only poland and hungary was stupid enough to elect Trum tier goverments…[View]
122476559HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!: https://vimeo.com/212237317[View]
122480677Kek! rig the rig!: We know that the French election is being controlled because people are actually …[View]
122478350Take the Saudi Pill you autists. Saudi Arabia has always been vehemently against Arab nationalism, a…[View]
122463147This is Emmanuel Macron, the next president of France: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Macron…[View]
122479942do you use /pol/ or does it use you?[View]
122480615What do you think /pol/'s future views will be? I reckon it will move away from right-wing auth…[View]
122474166Is violent revolution the only real solution left?: Since Trump has done his major bout of 180s and …[View]
122469959>fall for the 'useless degree' meme >graduate from UC Berkeley with a 3.9 GPA in ME >had 2 …[View]
122480459do we accidentally need Truck of Peace in 2 weeks in France?: Donald Trump tweets about “another ter…[View]
122473296>tfw you want to join the 8,000 jews controlling the world but don't know how to sign up…[View]
122477566You're Not Gonna Loss: Even if Macron wins he will just continue Hollande's terrible statu…[View]
122478592>things you can say on /pol/, but not to your girlfriend[View]
122458379holy shit /happening/...SKY NEWS just said France is falling tino war: >its fucking happening civ…[View]
122468402COMMUNISTS RIOTS IN FRANCE: 1: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvKpQPkMAbGE https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvKpQPkMAb…[View]
122465272THIS FUCKING GUY: >Based He-Man >Fash Gordon >Ken >Boris Johnson >Steroid Skywalker W…[View]
122479581/MEXICO/ GENERAL: lads how do we save Mexico?[View]
122479974Someone link latest and most relevant projection please? Is she winning?[View]
122479806Does anyone actually believe the nonsense the media is spewing that Macron is a centrist? Last time …[View]
122478061/pol/ will find you: Is it true that /pol/ will find you no matter what? Is weaponised autism this p…[View]
122476963Let's fight Islamophobia together: What can we do to make Muslims feel more welcome, anon?…[View]
122478655France surrendered: >Macron 23,7% >Le Pen 21,7% Press F to pay respects…[View]
122477965Le Pen: Le Pen winning in 1st round of French Presidential Elections. It's happening. >UK w…[View]
122476146Can I get a redpill on Eastern Orthodox? It seems in almost every way superior to Roman Catholicism…[View]
122470890Map of the results so far: The muslim-free West fucked us again[View]
122479479NORTH KOREA THREATENS TO NUKE AUSTRALIA: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/04/23/03/32/north-kor…[View]
122479225Le Pen first round victory celebration: VIVA LA FRANCE! WE ARE WITH YOU CIRE, FOR SPARTA, TO THE DEA…[View]
122479716> Bill holds up an Erlenmeyer flask. The audience ooohs. > 'Now this might look like water, b…[View]
122479705Sick ISIS phone app teaches toddlers Arabic with cartoon grenades, Kalashnikovs, tanks, and SUICIDE …[View]
122479540Final Results Are In!: Always playing the long game[View]
122471807TRUMP WONT SUPPORT LE PEN: http://www.politico.eu/article/priebus-trump-isnt-supporting-le-pen-in-fr…[View]
122473557Is he good for Switzerland?: Redpill me on him swissbros[View]
122477403It is time my friends. What universe do you want to live in? The Macronverse, or the Penverse?[View]
122479204U S A U S A U S A U S A[View]
122478868Who here wants to move to iran and impregnate a beautifull intelligent persian, liberate her, and th…[View]
122479375A Cure for Leafs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kid95728Gzo[View]
122469766Alright, the outcome of the french elections depends on us We have to write MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN,…[View]
122479269World Peace BTFO: The white supremacist show known as World Peace has been completely deconstructed …[View]
122438238Post things/culture that non-whites will never understand or appreciate.[View]
122479055JEB SURGE[View]
122477746What do u niggers think of /r/the_donald[View]
122479155MAY 7. That's when we get the real shit. Remember: LE PEN : NATIVIST MACRON : GLOBALIST It…[View]
122479079TRUMP BTFO: oh wait... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/04/23/trump-voters-dont-h…[View]
122472997So Britbongs, red pill me on why not to vote for Labour[View]
122479019Is your daughter or kid sister next? F: + fuck the MSM thread. http://news.sky.com/story/sweden-atta…[View]
122478985Why are Finns so intense and rush everything socially? Explain yourselves.[View]
122476107/pol/, what's your least favourite country: Italy or France?[View]
122478929>tfw you can trigger people by liking your own posts[View]
122478643>mods are literal traps and faggots >openly insult their own members for having different rig…[View]
122451298SCIENTISTS OF /POL/ - Thread #2: Old one is here >>122424511 How many actually scientists or g…[View]
122478796lmao get rekt Yurop[View]
122478208Political Compass thread: post em[View]
122477277When are you running for president, anon?[View]
122478736can we use meme magic to make liberals look a certain way? ie short hair on top and long on the side…[View]
122432734>Conservatives fight against social just-[View]
122478667Is kissing another man traditional?[View]
122476643I miss him...[View]
122475783/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: previous bread: >>122472207 >Watch here: https://www.youtu…[View]
122478587does anyone hate this idiot more than hillary? more than trump? i can;t stand him or his retarded su…[View]
122477903Hey Amerifags What are you fucking retards thinking of France, Austria and the Brexit. Seems like, o…[View]
122477888Macron is leading by 1% Give kek your energy so he can push Le Pen to first place![View]
122478486MONSIEUR PRESIDENT (LE PEN BTFO): Say it with me /pol/: Monsieur President[View]
122478179I think everyone who wants to break up the EU just needs to take a breather and think about it. I me…[View]
122478449>refugee cam™[View]
122478007What does /pol/ think of him? (He hasn't been to a public debate since more than 11 years, desp…[View]
122444701describe America in one picture[View]
122478429Nazis from SPACE!!!: Liberals love to juxtapose fiction onto reality. They say we need to be like th…[View]
122476005'Snowflake': Apart from Fight Club, I never heard the 'snowflake' term until every lefty media outle…[View]
122461354This faggot is the next French president: Goddamnit[View]
122458102FUCKING MACRON IS LEADING THE ELECTIONS: How can this cosmopolitan piece of shit have so much votes …[View]
122469722What will happen to Korea guys? Will you burgers defend us?: What will happen to Korean peninsula bu…[View]
122478254Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaa: Aaaat?[View]
122473163Islam will rule the west, we will kill all men(unless you pay jizya tax and give your wife and daugh…[View]
122478195NEETS ARISE: Is this your flag? Or is it the white flag of surrender? Break the meme and vote! At le…[View]
122476125Is America a failed state?: >Bottom 80% own 7% of the nation's wealth >Poorly educated po…[View]
122477588Stop shilling Le Pen[View]
122476446Reminder that France has no Electoral College. Candidate who gets more votes actually wins the Presi…[View]
122473499How do we solve the Russian problem?[View]
122478143Privatising failed states: >https://www.ft.com/content/291b7fca-2487-11e7-a34a-538b4cb30025 >L…[View]
122476092Why Le Pen will lose: Go outside. Talk to real people. Get out of your echo chamber. Le Pen is hated…[View]
122445657What happens here?[View]
122478028WW𝟚 WAS Aℕ IℕSIDE JOB: How do we really know those were Japanese planes at Pearl Harbor? Maybe they …[View]
122467910You have chance to survive: If it happens, 90% of you won't make it, prepping is pointless unle…[View]
122475036MACRON HAS WON - how you feel?: The MSM in Sweden have already declared Macron the winner, and now t…[View]
122475348Police force: What use is the police if they don't even have basic handguns. Pathetic running a…[View]
122451490Why men need alone time: It's because we're not intelligent! http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entr…[View]
122477981How do we stop this, /pol/? >Inb4 nukes[View]
122463984Macron will keep youth away from extremism with 500 euro culture pass.: When you turn 18 in France, …[View]
122477798>Come to best Korea they said >It's safe for people who support large Kim they said…[View]
122432494Who do you side with in the French election?: https://votecompass.france24.com Post 'em[View]
122477115Root problem with the west is that everyone thinks fascism and national socialism are as right wing …[View]
122476927You can do it frog bros. We are all with you. https://youtu.be/gpDbvlAI_A0[View]
122476503i need lord kek's power to bless my cancer Facebook meme page followers. >so i have 200+ pep…[View]
122468046M'lady thanked you[View]
122477564I'm vowing to never call frogs a bunch of surrendering cuckguettes ever again if Le Pen wins. A…[View]
122476818Matteo Salvini: What's the opinion of 4chan about Matteo Salvini? The italian equivalent of mad…[View]
122477462antifa on suicide watch keep in mind he has a criminal record[View]
122471860After weed is legalized, what drug will they focus on next? I suspect it will be Nootropics, and we …[View]
122477215Why are Celts such leftist cucks, /pol/? >Scots overwhelmingly voted to remain in EU. >Micks o…[View]
122473871What happens here?[View]
122439190GET THE FUCK IN HERE FRENCHIES THERE BE A HAPPENING ABREWIN: ANTIFA are planning a massive shitstorm…[View]
122476898Holy shit I just saw this movie: Turks are subhuman animals. Deus Vult when?[View]
122476537Humpty Drumpfy did not build a wall Humpty Drumpfy had a great fall All of the redditards and the kl…[View]
122477110PRESS F[View]
122476918FRENCH GUIANA: Are they ourguys? Based french guiana voted almost 50% against the EU[View]
122476335Really gets the noggin joggin...: Based frogs?[View]
122477007YLYL Thread[View]
122473926Convince me that whites are worth saving: It's awfully hard being the warden and steward of the…[View]
122467658LEFTIES FLIPPING THEIR SHIT https://www.pscp.tv/RTenfrancais/1kvKpQPkMAbGE[View]
122474738http://crimefeed.com/2017/03/crime-story/ >TRIAL BEGINS WITH GRUESOME PHOTOS IN 4CHAN MURDER CASE…[View]
122458963Which State Should I Move To Finals: Previous thread >>122427442 Red = No Go Blue = Considerab…[View]
122476817Justin Tudeau Tribute Thread: In light of Trudeaus academic and immigration accomplishments, can we …[View]
122476729How did they win? They have been following their textbook subversion techniques in such a transparen…[View]
122476626Melenchon fags are already crying on 9GAG. Post your best liberal tears about French election (of Tu…[View]
122473923>tfw I'm about to go full /pol/ mode on FB posts using derogatory terms but remember that al…[View]
122473306You realise if Le Pen loses these cunts are going to spam the board with shite BLACKED posting, righ…[View]
122476275Abortion: >nigger abortions outnumber white abortions at a 3 to 1 ratio >Hispanic abortions ou…[View]
122474258>living next to illegals I wanted to ask a question, did the trump admin change or is now enforci…[View]
122475469It's over guys, Le Pen is finished. Maybe she could win if it was her against Fillon or Mélench…[View]
122476459Claim your inverted earth clay: The world has been flipped, Bodies of water are now land and land ha…[View]
122476402Thank God for Beef. and French fries /watch?v=cBLyLItdcUU[View]
122475062Cultural Appropriation in a Multicultural Society: Can someone please explain to me how liberals wan…[View]
122471178/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122475780ITS HABBENING![View]
122476268/v/-/pol/ Minecraft Political Roleplaying: hey /pol/, here to invite you to play this autistic child…[View]
122476260i would like my money back as soon as possible[View]
122468473I'm worried for the french bros. What will you do if Le Pen loses? I think she's your only…[View]
122470489Here's for the new Madame President and the death of EU socialism and the end of refugees pouri…[View]
122450890Political Conspiracies that get 404'd Part 2: >>122402971 cont.[View]
122475523It's time to change...: Okay /pol/, we all hate trump now, and it's time to move from Pepe…[View]
122464752GIVE HER YOUR ENERGY FOLKS!: From yesterday's prediction, we're back into the MAGA and MEG…[View]
122476019Macedonians are not happy with the Soros! Are they /ournation/? http://www.neonnettle.com/features/6…[View]
122475986So /pol/ you all say that you support Le Pen, but what have you done in support? Have you sent out s…[View]
122472967HOW DOES HE DIE, /POL/?: How do you think he's gonna go? What can we realistically do about Chi…[View]
122475768French elections, live: http://www.repubblica.it/static/speciale/2017/elezioni/francia/ 84% of vote…[View]
122473685If heaven is real then what's it like? Is it whatever you want? Christfags please assemble her…[View]
122475739ACTUAL RESULTS: Not an exit poll, actual results. 85% counted. Macron won https://www.thelocal.fr/20…[View]
122474648I'm good at maths like Algebra, should I major in Applied Mathematics?[View]
122454572Trump CONFIRMED sociopath.[View]
122475296Time to deport these illegals: We need to identify these illegals aliens in the cover of Time magazi…[View]
122450114Why is pol so authoritarian and statist now?[View]
122475575Reminder that shills, (((/leftypol/))), and plebbit fags are trying to prevent us from meming le pen…[View]
122474816Okay /pol/, let's discuss literal Severe Autism/Retardation, this includes people with learning…[View]
122472207/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122467827 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122475475Cucked pour l'éternité: Au revoir France. Macon is leading by 26 points. France is fini. Not ev…[View]
122475241Fuck EU I'm getting more tired of this shit every day![View]
122475415daily remember Macron is a Rothschild's puppet[View]
122472225Why are continental Europeans so cucked?: UK had Brexit. USA had Trump. The Austrians failed. The Du…[View]
122464782Political Compass: Rate me & post yours![View]
122474925So, be honest guys, you guys are all cuckold fetushists, right? I've never seen 'cuck' used as …[View]
122475055I'm getting a wall or I'm shutting this motherfucker down.[View]
122475020Does somebody know the answer to the first question?[View]
122475007Israel Prime Minister Welcomes Trump Bombing Syria To Overthrow Assad Gov: Zionists win, you lose ht…[View]
122472017Alright Boys, France has 2 weeks to undergo a massice ideological shift: Whos in to try and make tha…[View]
122474384Liberalism Thread: Moderate Liberalism is the only forward /pol/. Jump ship before you and the SJWs …[View]
122474945>Le Monde reporting that far left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon wrote on Facebook that he dosent a…[View]
122473273Does being Jewish give you an advantage? Seems like they just give you things for being a Jew[View]
122473339Reminder that once a immigrant has legally become a citizen of your country, that's it. They an…[View]
122469487Hello Marine, jolly good show during this election, but we all know what france really needs. A true…[View]
122460350Why are Americans resisting metrification? I'm genuinely curious.[View]
122468671We had a thread on this the other day. That was fun. Let's do it again! With the trans communit…[View]
122474479What did he mean by this?[View]
122471660Those damn Russians are at it again Why won't they stop?[View]
122473830MAHWREEN: Les délégués s'il vous plaît[View]
122472244ITT: worthless irrelevant shitholes that no one cares about[View]
122471195just nuke me and get it over with I'm fucking done larping on this shithole[View]
122471466who's waiting for parisians to ruin everything (again)?[View]
122468759So....what can we meme about this guy?[View]
122465830Ex-UdSSR Diaspora Thread: Where are my Ex-UdSSR diaspora people? I grew up as a 'Russian German' in …[View]
122473620Daily reminder that if your state resembles the GDP of a 3rd world shithole it isn't white.[View]
122469324French Riots: OK guys, we probably gonna face massive ANTIFA Riots in the next two weeks in France …[View]
122468912Does knowing how to speak English if you aren't anglo make you a cuck? Think about it none of …[View]
122473509So what happens when all the white boomers die? Do we become the minority?[View]
122473381Redpill me on Chechnya: Why are muslims so dumb?[View]
122471106Which candidate won the crucial beurette vote?[View]
122473780Is this our future? And I don't mean the country, I mean the civil war that errupted in the 20t…[View]
122473724DUDE WEED[View]
122473712LIVE RESULTS FROM FRANCE: DETAILED MAP, BEST MAP https://www.thelocal.fr/20170423/interactive-map-o…[View]
122473656DNC shills on suicide watch: If we were to do a repeat of the election today, Trump would win in a l…[View]
122455937why aren't there any serious right wing parties which are at least somewhat pro eu and not ultr…[View]
122464878Are the French proud of their Celtic ancestry?[View]
122467062How many dicks can a woman eat without being considered a whore?: We want to know the exact number t…[View]
122444533Sam Harris dropping the red pill: >there are IQ differences between human populations https://ww…[View]
122472022Why does most of /pol/ hate Canadians? I live in a state that borders Canada and the only thing that…[View]
122472982Le Pen is mighter than le sword: PSA: if you dont vote Le Pen in the final you are a sexist NEET fag…[View]
122473424Based Sam (((Harris))) drops the Red Pill: I've got to hand it to sam. He said it. He didn…[View]
122464111Brit/pol/ - Mosley was Right Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMNXWid9fnI …[View]
122473367FRENCH MEME WARFARE >>thread themes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEHvdGkXS5M https://www.…[View]
122470956Why is it consider a terrorist attack when a Muslim does something bad but considered a misunderstoo…[View]
122470468Redpill me on Gobineau's racial theories /pol/[View]
122472614Pepe collection Start[View]
122473144MARIACHI BAND CRASHES SENATORS LUNCH: http://www.krdo.com/news/politics/mariachi-band-crashes-senato…[View]
12245729721.7% LE PEN!!!!!![View]
122467357Fillon concedes defeat, backs Macron: Despite all my efforts, my determination, I have not succedded…[View]
122472970LE PEN WILL WIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqtehtSB0LI[View]
122472313Not gonna lie, former Le Pen voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Le Pen crash and burn. B…[View]
122472934Are cartoons allowed to be political?: https://youtu.be/NxxWANTG2rs[View]
122453435*tips beaker*: >bill walks on stage with adam savage on a leash >adam savage is clearly unhapp…[View]
122468717>people thinking god is order instead of chaos Also why are you so called christian yet so hatefu…[View]
122468481Post these kinds of memes: Can we get a thread for these kind of memes?[View]
122472820How do you guys feel about the fall of the USA? This is depressing. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2…[View]
122468230We fucking did it lads. we memed another person into office. First Trump, then Farage, now Le Pen. I…[View]
122472716Is it really SATAN?: who is trying to conquer europe and turn everybody into a mudslides? who is rap…[View]
122471526Hello fellow white Aryan. Feels good to be white, right?[View]
122471993Why is brazil such a shithole?: Whenever people mention a dangerous or even safe place, some brazili…[View]
122472205Macron will win round two: RIP FRANCE Press F to pay respects[View]
122470496What Will Trump Do?: Does this change anything?[View]
122467827/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122459928 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122470660Un message à tous les Français.: Vous rendez-vous compte de ce qu'il se passe? Dans la France, …[View]
122467652spread this on all social media: >France must accept Islam. The refusal of multiculturalism is tr…[View]
122471869The UK is the European country the will escape the EU's Wrath: Rip France, you had a good run b…[View]
122471362macron's weakness: sharknados[View]
122469740This is where you should move if you care about your white heritage. Not North America, not Eastern …[View]
122472122Considering the results in France and The Netherlands I unironically think supporting the far left t…[View]
122430395/AG/ Abo General: Straya please share your best stories about Aboriginals.[View]
122470820SAY IT WITH ME /POL/: MADAME _____________[View]
122471969Post here when your Country is ruled by Ex-Bankers, Kikes, CFR-Members, Globalists.: Let's give…[View]
122471474>The demographics of Front National’s high command indeed looks more like a Hollywood movie studi…[View]
122469113Capatalism: Daily Reminder that /pol/ is a Capitalist board, non- free marketers get out[View]
122471343Muslim gets stabbed. Instant Attention Gain: >being filthy asshole roach >start conflict with…[View]
122471873Le-pen is taking off.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv13gl0a-FA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
122471828FRANCE is over party...: France is definitely lost...[View]
122471815BREAKING NEWS! FRENCH ELECTION HACKED!: Top sources in KIA France Division reported french elections…[View]
122471791>US ruled by a Zionist corporatist businessman >France will be ruled by a Zionist corporatist …[View]
122471286Shes all reich: What does /pol/ think of this fashy chicc?[View]
122462856HOLY SHIT https://twitter.com/markets[View]
122465511What's so attractive about communism to young people and academics?[View]
1224712674chan users: Look man, Antifa sucks... but a lot of you are mooching off the accomplishments of the …[View]
122470833Macron will win.[View]
122471332Tfw gf gets in the way: Hey /pol/ i'm currently on a bus set to be at the gfs house in a few mi…[View]
122471107My life is shit.: Alright /pol/ I have literally lied to everyone i know about graduating college in…[View]
122468711FRENCH RIOTS OVER Le Pen: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvKpQPkMAbGE CIVIL WAR NOW[View]
122461455Explain this, /pol/: Tell me why hispanics aren't considered white? We were in the 60s, and so …[View]
122470882Emmannuel Macron - President de la Republiq: >Win first round >Endorsements left and right T…[View]
122470242Why hasn't Trump taken this piece of shit out yet?[View]
122471064HONK HONK PEMPF WILL LOOSE: When LePemf will lose / pol / tears will feed me for weeks or months. Th…[View]
122468821Mexicans: Hey Mexicans? Fuck you, fuck you and fuck my indio chicano brethren who I have to be assoc…[View]
122470909Tree Hugger BTFO by Feral Niggers: unmen wounded Italian-born conservationist Kuki Gallmann at her c…[View]
122470899why can't americans spell the word plebeian correctly?[View]
122470771Juppè backs Macron Neocon cuckservatives are at it again. Daily reminder that center left and cente…[View]
122470756Your 'Don' is literally siding with a communist rather than supporting a right wing candidate or at …[View]
122469862oh hey stormweenies. i heard your candidate didn't win today. hmm what a shame![View]
122470699Are anglos the only good europeans?: These other guys always disappoint us and and seem to be a bunc…[View]
122461501The boat is Sinking: /pol/ today i realize one thing. I will never have the chance to visit Paris wi…[View]
122464386Just...Fuckin A, these people: The Hydra is replacing its heads boys... https://twitter.com/chelseac…[View]
122468882Manifestation France In Paris: Result first round elections in Paris : https://www.pscp.tv/RTenfranc…[View]
122468710It's clear, Macron will win the second round.[View]
122468310Tiffany: Tiffany trump looks like every high school slut with daddy issues. I wouldn't be surpr…[View]
122463139>no Hoffer >no Wilders >no Le Pen[View]
122469364I guess now we know who runs the streets of America.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsVFIV5qUs0 I …[View]
122465783/FR/ OFFICIAL FRANCE ELECTION THREAD: Live coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyzic [Em…[View]
122469865Diversity vs multiculturalism: Is it weird to be against race mixing, but prefer to live in a non ho…[View]
122468474Press K to pledge allegiance[View]
122465947You can only post in this thread if president of your country is women.[View]
122470109Everybody against Le Pen: Fillon and Hamon call to vote Macron: https://www.theguardian.com/world/li…[View]
122470227how do we save retail stores? they're dying[View]
122470218The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122467894Why the Jews?: Why is this shit posted online I a passive way? Saw something online that showed proo…[View]
122469351I think it's fair to say we should want a government that is small, laissez-faire, and generall…[View]
122469817Bogdanoffs just landed in Gravelines, they came back on earth to give Le Pen the help she needs.[View]
122465689FRENCH MEME WARFARE: >>thread theme : https://youtu.be/NHg90FR1Ixo?t=1m30s /pol/ , we need you…[View]
122469698MGTOW: daily reminder that /pol/ is a mgtow board >western women are scum, cant cook/clean or kee…[View]
122449218GERMANY YES!: The german defense force can only use 30% of its equipmet. The other 70% cant be used …[View]
122470013Macron = Hollande 2.0[View]
122462446What's his next move?[View]
122469906WE NEED KEK MAGIC: Plox, help win Le Pen with magic. In my country we used it on Andrzej Duda. Whole…[View]
122468699WTF IS HAPPENING???????? https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2017/apr/23/french-preside…[View]
122469850France 24 english says 'most major upset in french political history.': IT'S OFFICIAL GUYS…[View]
122466994Place your bets, gentlemen.[View]
122469664Love won today with Marine Le Pen making it to the second round Praise KEK[View]
122469631will it ever be forgiven?[View]
122469397So /pol/ What is your excuse for not observing the Feast of Divine Mercy?[View]
122463007How do I report Germans who say racist stuff to the police to get them arrested?[View]
122459947Don't forget you are here forever, frenchies.[View]
122469412Why did only White, East Asian, and Americans have the idea to form together as one nation/military …[View]
122468471Macron will win, while the country slowly dissolves into anarchy. It will be another 4 years in whic…[View]
122469390French Election: lol[View]
122468278Repeat after me /pol/ 'La illah ila allah muhammad rasul allah'[View]
122468635>be macron >never won an election >supports open borders >160 French killed in the name …[View]
122466678So far . . .[View]
122466434Hmmmmm, this really makes me think Decolonize amerikkka >[spoiler]these people can vote, they (((…[View]
122469174French Antifa and Anarchists Already Rioting: >clashes with police >tear gas used >confront…[View]
122431850USA hate thread: America is the land of degenerates. Nowhere in the world will you see so many degen…[View]
122460898>he actually thinks that Le Pen has a chance in the 2nd round You guys must be doing some serious…[View]
122469071Is this a legit thing? Because if it is, I call dibs on beating the absolute fuck out of the first d…[View]
122469004>https://www.wired.com/2017/04/memphis-two-marches-science/ >Around the same time the central …[View]
122465824We're fucked, please nuke us.[View]
122441945Why are american roads so shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu4tB9hP3xc[View]
122467279>Trump didn't want it >Putin didn't want it >Boris Johnson didn't want it. …[View]
122468285El Rey: Does this photo confirm that spain is indeed white AND cucks the US on a daily basis?[View]
122468724Tonight at Bastille Antifa meltdown: Here we go lads civil war https://www.pscp.tv/RTenfrancais/1kvK…[View]
122460756redpill me on macron[View]
122467281Le Monde: Le Pen and Macron qualify: Fillon and Hamon call for Frenchies to vote for Macron.[View]
122468593Second round debate: The tradition in the French republic is that the 2 second-round candidates do o…[View]
122468574So the with the pathetic lose of le pen(just like geert) Europens has clearly stated that they DONT …[View]
122468570Does Richard Spencer think Hispanic is a race? I lost all respect for Jared Taylor whenever he uses …[View]
122462835Buy American and Hire American[View]
122468475LE PEN MFGA: SHE SPEAKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyzic[View]
122465242It's all over: Fillon called to vote for Macron because >'muh extremism' She had a chance a…[View]
122467160I don't want a LEAF on my flag![View]
122467711This is Japanized Le Pen, say something nice to her[View]
122468330Official worst accents power ranking: 1. Pajeet 2. Chinese (or whichever one L's are R's a…[View]
122468305>See obvious bait thread >Comment is just 'HAHA x anti-EU politician/ country BTFO' >Check …[View]
122467976Restore the German Empire! https://youtu.be/4xqnb0lQhxA[View]
122466813How are you supposed to get delicious mexican food if Trump builds his stupid wall?[View]
122468175france election: Why is a french jewish banker leading?[View]
122468097REALLY MAKES ME THINK: Remember when Trump won the primaries and leftists started celebrating becaus…[View]
122468080>Second round results Macron 78% Le Pen 22% Another country fails to join the big leagues. Face i…[View]
122468068/feg/ - French Election General - Time to meme Le Pen into the Elysée: Results are in >Macron 23%…[View]
122468009Macron still needs a majority he will never have to pass his stupid decisions right?[View]
122467566Why are Americans so poor?[View]
122467837ACTUAL LIVE RESULTS: All these other threads are showing projections, The Guardian's the only p…[View]
122467963>TFW You lead your people to conquer over half of Europe. >TFW Two centuries later a man says …[View]
122467442Is he /ourguy/?[View]
122465711Francois Fillon cuckservative piece of shit confirmed: Any French people who supported this fuckwit,…[View]
122465826what did he mean by this[View]
122464785>Le pen 25,2%[View]
122462662Well /pol/: I hope you know you are in fact promoting racism https://twitter.com/spacetwinks/status/…[View]
122465594Make the vote Lepen on the second round[View]
122467807If Le Penn loses, we riot tonight.[View]
122467340Conspiracy thread from last night continued: Lots of people were interested in golf rumors. one anon…[View]
122450511Donald Trump has worst poll approval rating at 100 days than any President since 1945: JUST http://w…[View]
122457126>I cut her off not because I never really loved her, but because I did love her 1. Your political…[View]
122465127FRANCE IS LOST: Various ((polls)) showing LE PEN and MACRON in the top two spots. This is the WORST …[View]
122467704Does anyone have the /pol/ edit for this where the guy on the bottom right is talking about gassing …[View]
122466400Le Pen Victory Money: Why aren't you claiming your free money /pol/?[View]
122429555Antifa gonna get BTFO: Scared yet, antifaggots?[View]
122457030>pic related >El Canelo >based >redpilled >catholic >Mexican Let's look at Jo…[View]
122463029Think about how bright the full moon is on a clear night. Then consider that we are told that we hav…[View]
122467533FILLION FTW[View]
122464332In the past two weeks in Israel: A husband ISIS'd style beheaded his wife's head and went…[View]
122467401ITT: We laugh at Marine La Pen: >30% lead for 2nd roubd HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…[View]
122452747>snow apes will try to deny this you cant rape, murder, or pillage your way out of this one roden…[View]
122465406The earth really is flat isn't it[View]
122467295/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122459928/feg/ - French Election General - Who will you vote for in the second round?: Macron 23% Le Pen 23% …[View]
122466509Fillon: I concede, vote for Macron: Fucking frog bastard.[View]
122467221https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpP-n9Oqj-Y “Of all the silliest sayings, one of the silliest is the…[View]
122464542Demonstration in your country: Working on a video project, I need videos of demonstrations in differ…[View]
122466023what happens here[View]
122465376uuuhhh....guys???: https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2017/apr/23/french-presidential-…[View]
122467050How long until he gets fired, /pol/?: >Posting an opinion article contrary to the liberal narrati…[View]
122465769Stop denying climate change[View]
122467006Why is burger education such a joke? > takes you guys 4 fucking years to learn Pre-Algebra/Algebr…[View]
122462359EVERYONE get ITT: lads for the next 2 weeks the /pol/ board better be full of pro le pen threads and…[View]
122460654Madame president: Say it with me /pol/: Madame president :-D[View]
122466733Is /pol/ for the individual or the collective?[View]
122449856ISIS in India?: Friend is driving down NH 48 when he encounters rabid muslims at checkpoints, stoppi…[View]
122462814Is this really the future King and Queen of France?[View]
122445879CO2 concentration has crossed 410 ppm, just 2 years after it hit 400 ppm: Well /pol/? You think you…[View]
122466341When will France get a beurette president?[View]
122454540Le pen loses: How does /pol/ react?[View]
122430197Reminder Le Pen is the daughter of an actual whore: voting for this degeneracy is a form of treason…[View]
122466594America is the greatest: So /pol/ are you American yet? Throughout history, America has: >put hu…[View]
122462324This is the leader of the ruling party in Poland: His name is Jarek. Say something nice about him /p…[View]
122465616>tfw France will now take 900 times more dindus than you[View]
122445065Mussolini thread: I don't hear much about Il Duce on /pol. Was he based? My great grandfather w…[View]
122459618'Ya'll niggas ain't shit without that badge.': >'Ya'll niggas ain't shit with…[View]
122465768God I hope she is going to win this! Who else redpilled /kekistan/ here?[View]
122466291No way Le Pen wins the second round. Hofer had over 36% first round an still lost with 48:52 second …[View]
122465072weeew lad it's happening see you next week[View]
122451329So you have no rebuttal to this? Yeah, that's what I thought.[View]
122465898Venezuela ???: Can any Venezuela bros inform an uninformed leaf of what's going on in your coun…[View]
122427032Fuck this open borders bitch #WEAREIRISH: Irish bro's we need to derail her campaign[View]
122465262Daily reminder that all who do not vote Le Pen are supporters of sexism and misogyny.[View]
122463000Religion Risk: Looking for an OP: if you do host, host this[View]
122463837bad borders thread..how do we fix them[View]
122465280empowered dutch women going around the world offering to sacrifice your children to moloch on a boat…[View]
122463828Was Jesus a fag? I was watching The Passion of the Christ and he acted real faggy desu desu[View]
122463207KEK MY SHIT UP[View]
122464642Cuck Fillon ask his electors to vote Macron: Special tribute to all Fillon cuckposters who tried to …[View]
122463028Not caring anymore: I Can't be the only one who has lost hope for the western world. I say we s…[View]
122465811REDPILL thread[View]
122452161IT'S HAPPENING! TOMORROW IS THE DAY!: >A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between April 18 …[View]
122460290>Don't confuse. The flag has sun sign in it is Kurdistan flag, the sun refers to Zoroasrta. …[View]
122455903Full-blood Asian x Hapa: Can /pol/ tell which is which?[View]
122465587Is she /ourgal/?[View]
122465311Ancient Ruins - Why can countries impose ownership?: If the flintstones built them long before there…[View]
122464419As always, Vlad so predictably to the rescue.: >a terrorist attack so opportunely at 2 days befor…[View]
122460936Le Premf is done: This is not like last time. Macron's lead is too strong.[View]
122463127HERE WE GO BOYS![View]
122464539Sign here please: Fuck Antifa https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/enforcement-comunist-contro…[View]
122463508What will you say when you stand before the Almighty?[View]
122452062So yep. Just as Keikaku. All hail president Macron.[View]
122399425>tfw a world where hitler won would have been better than what we have today…[View]
122464734>Be a Rotchild and Euro cum guzzler >Win elections Mhhhhh really make you think.…[View]
122464935In today i have learned French people isn't white Europeans. It consist of minorities.[View]
122462169Please help Le Pen win. You can make her win. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!: Pretty please. People in France …[View]
122464856http://www.businessinsider.com/government-shutdown-border-wall-obamacare-funding-deal-2017-4 >Off…[View]
122464826Say it with me /pol/: Madame Presidente[View]
122454128Describe Germany in one picture[View]
122464702New technology called a 'textalyzer' is designed to tell authorities if texting contributed to a cra…[View]
122464661A History Leading To Antifa: https://youtu.be/8uATIXDzY3o Antifa is the inevitable reaction to Proge…[View]
122457199Round 2: Fight!!!![View]
122440428You heard him /pol/ you fucking cunts.[View]
122462834Shit thats close[View]
122464406It's over: >Your feel when France is a kike puppet[View]
122464249Second place guys! Woooooooo!![View]
122464273Abusive PC Fag teacher: A Teacher by the name Mrs.Parker Of Old Town High School In Maine Is an Spec…[View]
122464215Le Pen vs Macron: The election will be held on 7th of May. I still hope that Le Pen will win and de…[View]
122459571r W d s: RIGHT WING DEATH SQUADS[View]
122464140Why is /pol/ accusing the (((Jews))) of dumbing down American schools and not the actual Chinese bil…[View]
122462837alt-right lezzi: While Frauke Petry is losing her hold on the AfD, she has recently been voted co-to…[View]
122452342Brit/pol/ - Royston Vasey Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6r1S8a1In0 >…[View]
122464061Marine Le Pen into the Run Off: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39686993 Now my Gallic Brothe…[View]
122463782WE'VE LOST !!!: LEPEN would've a chance to win if she had 40% +, but she has 21% WHICH IF …[View]
122453044If we write Make France Great Again with different flags and with 1 one word per poster, Le Pen wins…[View]
122449609Holocaust Remembrance Day [Live]: Press 6 to pay respect. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEfphL…[View]
122460303/fr/ - OFFICIAL FRENCH ELECTION THREAD III: Live coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyz…[View]
122463970ITS ALL TIED UP: GIVE HER YOUR ENERGY https://www.lefigaro.fr/elections/resultats/[View]
122463878FRANCE RAGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwFPwFpS-gM[View]
122463683What a fucking joke: Didn't even win the first round. LOSER[View]
122449855How come Germans were the shittiest colonizers? Look at their pathetic 'colonies' that they managed …[View]
122461592/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122447831British man finds creature living inside of his wall. you wont guess what happened next[View]
122463661What am i?: What does this mean?[View]
122463594Who's right?: There's one side that says blacks are evil There's another side that sa…[View]
122406897Next School Shooter: since this is burgerland, this kid is defiantly gonna be a schools shooter >…[View]
122461997Hitler did nothing wrong: It is officially confirmed Gavin McInnis is /OurGuy/ https://www.youtube.…[View]
12246299221 not 18.: You don't suddenly become an adult at 18, it's not like the maturity faeries s…[View]
122456884Filteries Political Simulator General #2 -Better dead than red Edition- http://filteries.com/politi…[View]
122461330>fall for the 'useless degree' meme >graduate from UC Berkeley with a 3.9 GPA Masters in Mech.…[View]
122463188>tfw no northern irish republican right wing party[View]
122431949Syria General /sg/ - Socialist-Nationalist Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriageneral…[View]
122457879/pol/'s Ignorance About Mexico/Argentina: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6…[View]
122461747Why all French presidents are so short?[View]
122463066good person hated by all of europe, haha <3[View]
122462933Once sessions loosens restirictions on European immigrant, are any pro-Le Pen frenchies considering …[View]
122462926will putin install gentoo once again and hack the french election? didn't work so well as the r…[View]
122421762Tatar anon from Kazan here, ama if you are interested. Gonna bump twice.[View]
122456994RESULTS ARE IN! WOOOO!! Very close, only two going to round 2![View]
122460379Reminder that to be Christian is to love, not hate[View]
122462863reminder: if you like Pinochet, you'd best return to reddit immediately[View]
122462759Religion: Christcuckery >desert hebrew god from the middle east >globalist religion >above …[View]
122461393Say it with me /pol/: say it loud and clear MADAM PRESIDENT[View]
122419698Is this an accurate portrayal of society?[View]
122462307Kikes, Muslims, and Christians weigh in: I am an Orthodox Christian, and I am trying to wrap my head…[View]
122454636Islamophobia is mainstream in the czech republic: kikebook.com/StayOntheStory/videos/682337945272105…[View]
122462336the leaf thinks this is ok[View]
122460969What's the best way to kill non-whites? Asking for a friend.[View]
122460671Sharia law advocate to speak at NY college: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/04/23/anti-zionist-muslim…[View]
122459335So now that LePen is finished and globalism won once again, how exactly are you planning to continue…[View]
122460576Marine will never win the 2nd round[View]
122454850Most based nazi movie character ever?: I dont know how im gonna tell my jewish gf that i really like…[View]
122445634Post your current feelings about Trump in one image[View]
122462089HOLD UP GUYS, MARINE MIGHT MAKE IT: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/french-election-f…[View]
122462404>far right candidate beats classical right winger >corporate leftist beats real socialist caus…[View]
122443410What did Azealia Banks mean by this?: ?[View]
122461463French Elections: 22% of the vote isn't that great, lads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdIP4…[View]
122461188TRUMP DOESNT SUPPORT LE PEN: http://www.politico.eu/article/priebus-trump-isnt-supporting-le-pen-in-…[View]
122462080Okay, which of you glorious bastards did this? https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2017/04/21/prof…[View]
122461423FRANCE LAUGH THREAD: Everybody told you that Le Bitch will be BTFO. She will be lucky to have more v…[View]
122453812> Wake up > Check phone for election status > See trump one state away from winning preside…[View]
122440429'Islam is the religion of peace' Varg Vikernes.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF6fiaSKNNY…[View]
122444331European Haplogroups: Most Paleolithic European (Cro-Magnon) countries (I1 + I2) >Croatia : about…[View]
122461087The Benefactor: If I was a billionaire like Soros, I'd fund The Sons of Odin instead. They…[View]
122461806Dear French People: Please stop being fucking cucks and go redpill your peers. This is the fate of y…[View]
122461797you guys know she's going to win... she met with the russians...[View]
122461789When do the official results come in?: The current 'results' are (((Ipsos))) exit poll estimates bas…[View]
122461437We must meme macron into macaron/macaroon.[View]
122450463Is creativity degenerate?: Is creativity degenerate? After becoming 'redpilled' I've lost a lot…[View]
122458365the end times are near: why dont we have a general for prepping and survivalism? it is pretty comfy …[View]
122461461So will you frogs riot if Le Pen loses?[View]
122456273LE PEN JUST MADE IT TO THE SECOND ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.breitbart.com/lo…[View]
122460660PRESIDENT MOMMY #ImWithHer: 23% Marine Le Pen 23% Emmanuel Macron The odds for the second turn are a…[View]
122461489Zika outbreak in border area of Texas[View]
122461478Is this the most redpilled political spectrum?[View]
122460556Pajeet, my son, you are man now[View]
122460210Give your energy to Marine Le Pen. We must defeat the globalist cuck Macron or civil war is inevitab…[View]
122461243Macron's campaign organizer is American. I'm so sorry.[View]
122460871Say it with me: Monsieur Président ![View]
122429868PIZZA HAPPENINGS: >Former Trump Kentucky campaign chair charged with human sex trafficking of a m…[View]
122457611Hollywood created the Karate Kid to demonize masculinity: everything good and wholesome in the film …[View]
122460388If Macron wins Round 2...: How many should we send to end France?[View]
122461073Jews and mozzies: They are not really fighting, they are laughing all the way to the bank, and if yo…[View]
122457776We must destroy him. Let the meme war begin.[View]
122460989can /pol/ give me a quick rundown on is*am and dogs? why do muslims hate dogs so much?[View]
122460939Nazis BTFO: https://bbs.dailystormer.com/t/kippah-walk-against-antisemitism-gathered-hundreds-sweden…[View]
122460861Geert Wildrumpf lost and so will Meme Lel Prumpf. Why can't drumpfies get used to LOSING? You l…[View]
122460752In the past two weeks in Israel: A husband ISIS'd style beheaded his wife's head and went …[View]
122459783Guys, i've lurked 4chan since 2008, but i still don't understand one simple thing about /p…[View]
122449368So hypothetically, ive been frozen for 10 years. they have thawed me. what did I miss? explain.[View]
122457079HERE WE GO[View]
122459835Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to be Accused of Sexual Harassment https://www.democraticunder…[View]
122460552WE HAVE 2 WEEKS BLOW THIS UP: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/779365/French-Election-Marine-Le-Pen-…[View]
122458121Why does Drumpf have such a hard-on for his father?[View]
122446557Why is he carrying his belt into court? Is this the hallmark of stable person?[View]
122459288Hmmm: If blue eyes are recessive how did white people descend from niggers and monkeys? Something do…[View]
122459582She will win Le Pen will win[View]
122460473Best and comfiest U.S. president[View]
122455493Political Compass Thread[View]
122457969SECOND ROUND[View]
122460433if you didn't vote Le Pen you want a sand nigger to rape your wife[View]
122443618Bill Nye's New Show: Wow. Watching Bill Nye's new show. Learning a lot. Are there really p…[View]
122460365Smartphone Addiction: How do we fix this? >Smartphone addiction may lead to social and personal p…[View]
122460294Macron wins, screenshot this boys. Get back in your cucksheds France and continue to let Muhammad sp…[View]
122458964Press F to Pay Respect: F[View]
122460258On May 7 my personal hackers army will make everything beautiful. No reasons to worry.[View]
122443853Today is national holocaust memory day: Press F to pay respect and remember the 6 million jews who m…[View]
122442506Why I converted to Islam?: >Because it's the most redpilled religion Indeed, Hitler liked it…[View]
122458549What do you think of this /pol/[View]
122460020ERIC CLANTON bike lock attacker: Any news on his arrest for attempted murder ?[View]
122459942What did he mean by this?[View]
122459979Just look at the bright side. Even if Le Pen loses we will get more religion of peace™ happenings.[View]
122450652this is a sign in my town. Thoughts?[View]
122459505Looks like it's going to be close[View]
122459880BOSTON FREE SPEECH RALLY: May 13, 2017 Boston Free Speech Rally Everything you need to know in artic…[View]
122459789Reminder that in 1995 Jacques Chirac came 2nd place in the first round, then went on to become Presi…[View]
122453751When will Poland be considered as a first world country?[View]
122456164/pol/ Am I Hitler reincarnated?: I have recently read Mein Kampf and I'm pretty sure I was Hitl…[View]
122451621Even if she wins the first round, what are the odds Le Pen could pull a Trump and unexpectedly win t…[View]
122459049Marine Le Pen and Macron in run off: The centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen…[View]
122459334/pol/ got jewed again: http://forward.com/fast-forward/369593/ivanka-to-visit-holocaust-memorial-on-…[View]
122459323>Wake up >Realize that in a country across a Ocean that isn't getting infected by Islami…[View]
122436668#foreveralone: What happened to Shia. Is he alive still? Can i hug him?[View]
122451359Daily reminder America is the best country in the world[View]
122456721Why I Voted Macron: 'I had to hide my erection as I left the polling booth' said Pierre Bernard A te…[View]
122441218Is this what the run-up to war looks like?: Can an oldfag who was paying attention during the build …[View]
122441286Reminder why Le Pen must win[View]
122455451what happens here[View]
122459092Machron won guys, is over http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/23/french-election-live-results-ex…[View]
122459076Just a friendly reminder that if Le Pen loses this election then France is dead.[View]
122457452good night sweet prince: This one really got me. F[View]
122458878Nebuchadnezzar II was clearly the best king of the ancient world, but how would he hold up in today…[View]
122457291FOAK uniforms: So the semi pro LARPers released their uniform what so you think of them? https://twi…[View]
122445187If you unironically listen to this man, you do not belong on /pol/. Out.[View]
122458954/pol/ - Politacll Cucks[View]
122457102Next President of France: Terrorism ‘Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come’: J U S T >Emmanue…[View]
122458754Did the pen win?: give me a quick enchilada[View]
122458875This is your last chance frogs. >napoleon didn't die for this[View]
122458590This retard didn't even know where French Guiana was: this retard is your next president? we…[View]
122456690OFFICIAL FRENCH ELECTION THREAD II - VICTORY EDITION: Live coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122435396Post 'em boys.[View]
122457922may 7th is the second round: >Candidates are pitted against each other twice – the first round of…[View]
122458557Golf again: “I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done, I would n…[View]
122453519what is this strange drink i'm seeing catch on the ingredients list nothing but 'Soy' but it cl…[View]
122458466She's right you know... #MarchForScience[View]
122450363ITT: Jews that did nothing wrong[View]
122456576What can we do to stop the porn epidemic? How do we explain to people that its detrimental to societ…[View]
122457908So pol when did you swallow your first red pill?[View]
122451769WikiLeaks reminds Trump of time he said 'I love WikiLeaks': FUCK THIS ORANGE PIECE OF SHIT…[View]
122458195random /pol/tard shower moment earlier: Every branch of mathematics from arithmetic to advanced thi…[View]
122449304The rape of Europe: Press F to pay respects to the once great White race[View]
122458007Sam Harris and Charles Murray talking about the Bell Curve: >80 percent of intelligence is geneti…[View]
122457984What makes you faggots think Le Pen and her Jewish boyfriends are going to do anything? It's Tr…[View]
122457052It's Trudeau vs. Trump.[View]
122457798>Indian 'culture' Are they even human?[View]
122454625CONFIRMED: LE PEN MAKES IT TO FINALS: France’s far right National Front sent shock waves through Eur…[View]
122457756Wouldn't ya know it?: British people are whi-[View]
122400832How can atheists even compete?: Why can't atheists avoid getting BTFO by this alpha Christian p…[View]
122456424My height is 185cm, which is 1.85m, which is 1850mm, which is 1.85 *10^6 mikro-meters, which is 1.85…[View]
122402971Political Conspiracies that get 404'd: which is your favorite?[View]
122457326What does this mean[View]
122456428The accusation of racism: When I am scrolling through pol I would say that about 70% are, as the mai…[View]
122455280Getting Close: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/122173/first-results[View]
122455165Is it over? Did le pen win?[View]
122451504Is This Correct?: Also Political Compass thread I guess[View]
122457390Le Pen wins. The EU is dying before your very eyes.[View]
122457360Ultimate proof that gaming is degenerate.[View]
122439260What do Republicans plan on doing about Texas turning blue due to demographic change from legal immi…[View]
122444676>modern American women The fuck? Your culture is so alien to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
122449998Will she win today?[View]
122456966>anti-competition >interest of proletariat (workers) above middle class >increase governmen…[View]
122446767>white women >being allowed to 'dance'[View]
122450171Implying you wouldnt: Trade your commie loving fatties and trannies for thicc commie hating right wi…[View]
122457109S U C C[View]
122457076Why DONT you ever: Hear about a woman feeling threatened after being catcalled at church? Oh wait w…[View]
122457028MACRONI LE PEN[View]
122456718Marine Le Pen will lose: i said it yesterday and i'll say it again, she's done. http://arc…[View]
122456854What's going on with HWNDU?: Haven't seen any threads about it lately. Did we find him alr…[View]
122456811Why is he so retarded? Did he go to school? He embarrasses us all. We need to get him impeached guys…[View]
122453513What if it's all real except for the shooting a dog part?[View]
122453765HARRIS EXIT POLL (FRENCH ELECTION): Macron (EM-*): 24.5% Melenchon (FI-LEFT): 20% Le Pen (FN-ENF): 2…[View]
122456736Why is it that when ever a Jew gets into power some shady shit starts happening I mean you look at e…[View]
122452541/feg/ French Election General - non-shitposting edition: Post info, analysis, and links here. Please…[View]
122440953>Makes a petition saying the 16/17 year old generation are the most educated ever >can't …[View]
122456609Trump aligns with Chyna: http://nypost.com/2017/04/20/ivanka-trump-is-a-goddess-in-china/ World econ…[View]
122456029Trump just can't stop losing!: >“eventually,” >“at a later date” >“in some form” >W…[View]
122455482Going in Style was a good movie: Movie is about 3 retired guys who decide to rob a bank because that…[View]
122445440Red pill me on HAARP: What is the purpose of this? Do you believe it is just research? It creates el…[View]
122456432American education: Why don't burgers just go to European Universities to avoid accumulating ma…[View]
122456420Sunday is Shill day!: Come one, come all and watch as the Shills and Commie scum swarm out from thei…[View]
122452120The year 4chan won[View]
122456376How cucked is Holland?[View]
122453290What is the cause for each of the three big North American countries being so different? It's g…[View]
122446725Can someone put Eric Clantons image in this pic (or similar) ? I'm slightly retarded[View]
122453306What does Orange mad man have in store for Americans? Bush style cuts?[View]
122430598I'm flying from the other side of the country to the Berkeley protest on Thursday. I'm loo…[View]
122450516French Exit Polls: Macron 24%, Le Pen 22%, Fillon et Melenchon ex-æquo 19,5% HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https…[View]
122456174Say it with me: MONTIJOIE! DOWN WITH THE SARACENS[View]
122454573redpill me on Generalplan Ost was it legit or just another one of (((their))) tricks? are slavs whit…[View]
122456036Well ladies and gentlemen le jour de gloire est arrivé[View]
122438449Nazi vs Soviet: How is it that the Nazis killed a tenth of what the Soviet Union did but the lefties…[View]
122454441study claims: >Men use sexist and homophobic jokes due to insecurity over their masculinity >W…[View]
122454049Things that annoy us about certain white Christians and conservatives. Memes, personal stories and g…[View]
122427766what hapens here[View]
122455795Daily Reminder: 306>232[View]
122430693You know you are a failed white country when Indians voluntary start leaving you: Kek News presents …[View]
122454427ITT : BOLSHEVIKS BTFO: How come the Soviets were able to take a man into space for the first time, b…[View]
122455708really activates my almonds[View]
122438875La Libre - Exit Poll as of 5pm CET 23% — Mélenchon 22% — Le Pen 21% — Macron 18%— Fillon 7% — Hamon[View]
122454583THE MOST TERRIBLE DOCUMENTARY EVER ABOUT AFRICANS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHnF85dww3M No co…[View]
122455618What happens here ?[View]
122455587>smoke weed >still a racist[View]
122455575Can't Stenchon the Mélanchon: JLM2017 !![View]
122455521What does the memoir contain, /pol/?[View]
122451859HOLLYWOOD: Aren't there a bunch of Hollywood 'people getting screwed over' stories that wo…[View]
122452270Le Pen: Why do we like her? She kicked out her based father. She kicked out racists and natsocs in t…[View]
1224553839 MINUTES: Who gonna win ? http://issoutv.com/view.php?v=58fb3f18119ca[View]
122450937Brain Meme Thread: Let's activate some almonds.[View]
122431764CALLING ALL BRITFAGS: Antifa are holding a demo day in Edinburgh on 1st of May and also in other cit…[View]
122455299> '-ish' : resembling, or similar to, but not exactly. > yellowish. > dinner at five-ish. …[View]
122455274Latest SOFREP exit polls: 23% — Mélenchon 22% — Macron 21% — Le Pen 18%— Fillon 7% — Hamon[View]
122452380OFFICIAL FRENCH ELECTION THREAD - VIVA LE PEN! EDITION: Live coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122446312MACRON wins...: RIP France...[View]
122455064Muslim professor fakes hate speech: Indiana State aviation professor (uh-oh) caught sending anti-Mus…[View]
122453015Jeff Sessions reveals racist plan to pay for Trump’s wall on the backs of U.S. children: APOLOGIZE h…[View]
122441220Slavs are subhuman garbage that need to be exterminated.[View]
122449381QUESTION-TIME: If France elects either Macron or Melenchon, should /pol/ even bother with them in th…[View]
122409701'Cultural Marxism' is fake: Why do so many people on /pol/ constantly parade around the term 'Cultur…[View]
122454199Make France great again!: Marine d'arc TAKE MY ENERGY ![View]
122454899Serious concern: G-guys hear me out but I think we made the same mistakes again. We didn't make…[View]
122452916Press S to spit on this bitch's grave. SSSSSSSSSSS[View]
122424163>But Brexit was a good thin - ib4 'a cheaper british pound will fight inflation'…[View]
122451456White House Considers Dumping Petition Site: >After announcing Friday it will no longer voluntari…[View]
122453076What are the odds of Le Pen making it to the next round? What are the odds of Le Pen winning?[View]
122454114UK CUCKS BTFO: EU YES!!!![View]
122454484Doing my duty for France MFGA[View]
122453607Left can win ?: Be honest ?[View]
122441297>see refugee almost drowning >wat do? A. help them with your white's swimming privilege …[View]
122452335Here we are: Gas gas gas![View]
122449818There must be a jew to be found- New Age 'Indigo Children': Taken out of a hippy website So what wou…[View]
122454284are there any good tracking websites/programs?: I'm tired of tracking websites that don't …[View]
122452287Are there any Marxist kiddies who genuinely believe Patreon is #Resistance against capitalism? Askin…[View]
122453455Macron 24%, Le Pen 22%, Fillon et Melenchon ex-æquo 19,5% JUST U S T Rip France https://twitter.com…[View]
122454014Why isn't anybody talking about Asselineau? He sounds more /pol/ than that woman. >Formerly…[View]
122407459Norwegian Parliamentary Election: After France will we need to fight in Norway as well[View]
122453419HELLO GOYS!: Reminder to comment on all the great threads I'm making about white women taking t…[View]
122453989Salam, I am your new prisident. Islam is great, let's have no borders, fuck Trump the great Sat…[View]
122453986Rate this cancer[View]
122451954What should the punishment for atheism be?: Atheism promotes. > Nihilism. > Suicide. > Homo…[View]
122450956Millennials Don't Exist: What's /pol/ think about this video by the comedian Adam Conover?…[View]
122453896Should this be illegal?[View]
122453865MACRON MACRON MACRON MACRON: Pheewww almost thought Emmanuel Macron would be out of the first round.…[View]
122453868Reminder if Le Pen loses the Military will attempt a coup!: wew.[View]
122451388trump will win[View]
122451936It's beautiful, isn't it?[View]
122453758>Mon visage quand des gens pensent que Le Pen va gagner[View]
122451361North Korea threatening to nuke Australia: They truly are best Korea indeed http://www.nbcnews.com/n…[View]
12245177230 minutes: SOON ! http://issoutv.com/view.php?v=58fa2c2e0982a http://issoutv.com/view.php?v=58fb868…[View]
122447954Try to find this Nip: So there's this Jap QT on my Discord who keeps LARPing and swears she…[View]
122448328/feg/ - FINAL HOUR EDITION: Q&A: >>122389895 Countdown >https://www.tickcounter.com/cou…[View]
122452687The 'Spic' Redpill /pol/ Won't Believe: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-642…[View]
122447131Spain was a big msitake: prove me wrong[View]
122453330THEY DID IT ! FN VS FILLON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqFFBGvgPqk[View]
122453305Earth Day’s Dirty Secret: https://www.iceagenow.info/earth-days-dirty-secret/[View]
122450860>This is how the antifa see us[View]
122453163Why should I give a shit about France?[View]
122450242>Being white but not supporting White Pride Explain yourself[View]
122451766Reminder: /po/ is scientifically incorrecct: YFW everything on /pol/ is scientifically invalid and h…[View]
122452036How do we fix this shit? It's like the Sweden of America[View]
122453018Now that Le Pen lost, who do we rally for next? Are there any other major elections coming soon that…[View]
122440484Why are whites so jealous of black success?[View]
122438937Pope says refugee centers are like concentration camps: When did the catholic church turn into such …[View]
122451449Time to destroy Berkeley https://www.change.org/p/president-donald-j-trump-federally-defund-uc-berke…[View]
122452419SWEDEN YES!!!![View]
122450871Really make you think[View]
122452632Desperately Insecure, President Trump Holds a Fan Rally To Avoid a Comedy Roast: DRUMPF BTFO http://…[View]
122452715>European '''''''''power'''''''''[View]
122449265Hawaii: Tell me boys why do we really need Hawaii anymore? Why not just flush that turd down the toi…[View]
122451696CIA nd ANTIFA: What if ANTIFA is on the CIA's payroll, and is the modern equivilent of Operatio…[View]
122445032>mfw all my friends brought more sunscreen than snacks to the pool as a kid You guys literally FR…[View]
122445161ANN COULTER NEEDS HELP: I created a facebook page for Hayward Antifa that I have already started usi…[View]
122407317I'm calling Lauren Southern for my waifu, you can have Marion[View]
122452454Trump had to have his signature issue of trade explained to him 11 times by Angela Merkel: A nationa…[View]
122450353Macron is taking the lead: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING FRANCE???? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/20…[View]
122452344Message for American anons: The most efficient way to deal with black bloc antifa is to break up the…[View]
122446840>Christfags btfo[View]
122452004>smoke weed >still a racist[View]
122448528>If Global Warming is real then why is it cold where I am right now? >If world hunger is real …[View]
122448988>mfw browsing /pol/ One day you will realise that all of your struggles were in vain. Superior be…[View]
122452228What to do?: So this popped up just now: >How do you like this video compared to others you have …[View]
122448600Do races have specific scents? I have noticed that black people smell. Indescribable but really bad.…[View]
122446167Should /pol/ start promoting abortion?: We could use abortion to help wipe out the niggers and clean…[View]
122449048How can people on here be fascist or authoritarian but at the same time against or skeptical of gove…[View]
122452053Why is /pol/ so morally decadent and pethatic?[View]
122452069these colours are not aesthetic, probably the worst flags prove me wrong[View]
122451732Don't Dish It Out If You Can't Take It: >spend centuries invading countries all around …[View]
122451869Exist polls are just in. Le Pen made it to the second round.[View]
122451159Whats Its Name?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIWYwYNemlw Fatifa[View]
122444014Brit/pol/ - Royal Navy Edition: >Jeremy Corbyn planning to 'dismantle' the UK's de…[View]
122449222What's His Name, /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPu4pgEWIWc[View]
122434735I WORKED FOR NIXON - AMA[View]
122451673Too busy golfing I guess. What a hypocrite.[View]
122447689How do we solve the wagecuck problem?[View]
122448159Somali Problem: What can we do about the Somali problem? Their high school education is literally gr…[View]
122451570Yearly reminder that /pol/ is satire. None of the views written on here are actual opinions of the p…[View]
122451529Is Drew Carrey one of them?[View]
122446999I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122451394Antifa has destroyed the democrats: Paid for by the Democrats, Antifa will be the downfall of the en…[View]
122448768>tfw you unironically re-took the blue pill I just don't give a flying fuck anymore. If I ca…[View]
122450023Redpilled Muslim here. I am Neo. Redpill me more.[View]
122451311Am I the only one who hopes this fucker has had his kids taken away? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
122451304OY VEY: >Pope Francis has drawn a rebuke from the American Jewish Committee after he likened Euro…[View]
122451282study claims: >Men use sexist and homophobic jokes due to insecurity over their masculinity >W…[View]
122445718New Le Pen Thread. Make the digits rain ! Praise Kek !: Old thread was archived. We need more digits…[View]
122451131Revelation: Is this shit for real, or am I just a gullible faggot goys?[View]
122451113FINLAND GENERAL- DIRT HAMMER EDITION: >2017 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Are you bullied, me…[View]
122451087Burger-bros, post your town's white population. How to: 1.go to Google 2.look up ''[i…[View]
122441202/brg/ Boston Rally General: Proud boys Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a free spe…[View]
122449489im Indian AMA about our recent developments in India and stereotypes[View]
122436759Can someone explain why Germans are so glad the UK is leaving the EU? There's no upside for Ger…[View]
122424511SCIENTISTS OF /POL/: How many actually scientists or grad students browse /pol/? I despise the fact …[View]
122448468Reminder: These people just wanted to remind us that Trump is not their president.[View]
122444292Erdogan left his old palace because of cockroaches: https://tribune.com.pk/story/899041/cockroaches-…[View]
122447840Has Sweden lost the 'game of survival' already?[View]
122450698>Economically far to the left of Bernie Sanders >Pro abortion, homo marriage, wants to ban wea…[View]
122445504Accurate information on the US border wall: April 23 thread[View]
122447165To anyone in France, getting ready to vote.: If you are in France right now, getting ready to vote, …[View]
122445016Who really founded ISIS?: Heard a discussion about the French election, and about Le Pen and the who…[View]
122449408Would constitutional reforms introduced by a leader be considered as a part of his or her domestic p…[View]
122450410Have you noticed these little cuck carts appearing in stores across the US? I think it is a sign tha…[View]
122450001Is Marine Le Pen the quintessential modern day Joan of Arc?[View]
122445561apology for poor english when were you when eu dies? i was sat at home eating croissant quand télé r…[View]
122445362Why are you against free migration, /pol/? According to economists, open borders would double the wo…[View]
122447040Self-improvement general: I remember /pol/ used to have this, and I just tried to remember what is i…[View]
122415985Do you love your country?: 94% of Japanese answered Yes.[View]
122450022Canada - We Don't Blame You .: 'We don't blame you': Wisconsin farmers on Trump…[View]
122449557What's the consensus on this guy? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/121263972 Legit or larp…[View]
122449930Will the frenchie news broadcasters have a meltdown like the american news experts if LePen pulls ou…[View]
122449916How did Hitler get elected in a Jude controlled country?[View]
122449912Desperately Insecure, President Trump Holds a Fan Rally To Avoid a Comedy Roast: DRUMPF BTFO http://…[View]
122448579>“Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some for…[View]
122448938Calling your political views left or right is insulting to blind people who don't have a sense …[View]
122443942We wuz: >A Chicago artist has finished a colorful mural of Michelle Obama that features the forme…[View]
122449532What goes on in Serbia: Since a lot of you guys are asking what goes on in certain parts of the worl…[View]
122447222Gullibly people believing in Elections: Elections, are just puppet shows for the simple minded commo…[View]
122449478they couldn't even do this one thing right press S to spit on grave[View]
122424919Who is the greatest American ever?[View]
122449340what does pol think about 5'5 19yo spanirds, manlets and kissless virgins >muh spain is a s…[View]
122445427Daily reminder. Anyone has this Pepe in original?[View]
122448241An Honest Motherfucking Question: In your country, can you be conscripted or drafted into the Army i…[View]
122410233Can someone redpill me on the origins of Israel?[View]
122448298>turkish doodle is whiter than international ones what did google mean by this?…[View]
122438663Soooo... What is Antifa like in your country?: In Denmark they chase people and beat them up. https:…[View]
122449167Just bought a pass: Hey pol, I just bought a pass because I've been using pol for a month now a…[View]
122448478Is the Rothschild banker winning, Frogs?[View]
122447338>'based poland! love ya guys, based! so fucken based!' >'cucked germany, cuck cuck, cuck cuck …[View]
122448266Le Penny: Not gunna lie, former Le penn supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Le Penn c…[View]
122448953Gatlinburg Fire Suspects: Did everyone just forget about this? Were they white kids or were they nig…[View]
122446890New Fillon Thread: Don't go for LePen. Settle for the real deal. François Fillon is the man. G…[View]
122448774Has le pen any real chance of wining the presidency?[View]
122425436What did he say /pol/?[View]
122446653Socialist Entitlement: Why do socialists believe that they produce more than the earn? Many of them …[View]
122448655le pen will lose: its inevitable. she does not have the support or capability to win. >inb4 but i…[View]
122446437TRUMP CONGRATULATES PURPLE HEART RECIPIENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg6kg0jzT-k[View]
122439485Give me a quick rundown on how Le Pen would be good for the country.[View]
122448567Any anarchists here? Why don't anarchists just go live in the woods instead of living and enjoy…[View]
122436753ITT: Red Pilled Shows: Post shows that got past (((them))) I'll start, The Smurfs. Literally Na…[View]
122447738Okay /pol/: You know what to do[View]
122448233Are psychedelic/serotoninergic drugs dangerous? Is what is defined as 'normal psychology' …[View]
122431443Best of /pol/[View]
122446256In your heart, you know he's a good leader.[View]
122446824In your heart, you know the king roach is actually a good leader.[View]
122448121Who are the real shills? 1488ers or Civic Nationalists?: Seems like 1488ers are the fake ones.…[View]
122447377How do I vote for!?: I picked out my top 3 ballots, I need some last minute arguments. Which of thes…[View]
122447847Bulgarians vs. Hungarians: What is choose?[View]
122445830Why should I have kids?: Cons: >18 years of my life gone (or more). >Goodbye money (feeding, d…[View]
122448176in honor of le pen winning lets have a fucking nigger thread/ france edition[View]
122447198Why does Western Europe love Muslims so much?[View]
122446942Antifa attacks journalists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcsEd4P1XMQ Antifa has reach a new low. …[View]
12243963450.000 active cops in France: 50-fucking-000 cops on active duty around polling stations across Fran…[View]
122447914itt people who did nothing wrong[View]
122445961fuck my rares thread expired[View]
122447881>mfw Le Pen will lose >mfw /pol/ actually had faith in democracy >Trump is a zog puppet, Br…[View]
122431982Universal Birth Control: Why aren't we funding something like this? It would drastically reduce…[View]
122447048update on shia?[View]
122445354MÉLENCHON WINNING: Marine Le Cuck BTFO[View]
122441762Marion LEPEN: http://issoutv.com/v.php/58fa2c2e0982a[View]
122443506Question to /pol/acks How integrated is the banking sector into Swiss overall economy? Is the countr…[View]
122444643Why don't we use cuck memes as alt-right propoganda irl???: the cuck antagonisers on /pol/ are …[View]
122446208Press S to spit[View]
122412476Why arent young Americans getting married: >In 1980, two-thirds of 25- to 34-year-olds were alrea…[View]
122433463Will America be a better place when it is ruled by Chicanos?[View]
122447220Will /pol/ be christening their children?: Social worker criticised after saying christening a baby …[View]
122442174>cutfags will defend this http://www.bestgore.com/sexual-disaster/unspeakable-barbaric-male-genit…[View]
122447287Hillary Clinton has symptoms of the KURU disease, also displayed by cannibals in Papua New Guinea: h…[View]
122447272Hey /pol/leteriat: Rate my bitter meme ITT: historical bitter memes[View]
122447228>'Trump cares about the people' >'Trump has everything to lose if he fucks up' >'Trump will…[View]
122447167LePen doesn't have to win: She will win in the next election. Styx said so.[View]
122412481ANGRY AS HELL AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE: I'm in a major political party. Women take me a…[View]
122446543/pdg/ Pol Discord General: 卐 Founded 09/22/2016 by Garrett (Not FBI)卐 Population as the creation o…[View]
122446959Shareblue Trump regret LARPers BTFO: 96% of Trump voters would vote for him again, only 2% wouldn…[View]
122446974BRINGING THE PAIN: VINSON ON STATION: https://www.navytimes.com/articles/us-carrier-heading-for-kore…[View]
122434349What is the cause for each of the three big North American countries being so different? It's g…[View]
122444283Le Pen will win[View]
122446788This Board is Officially Brown: How do us MUTTS, MONGRELS, MONGOLS, and NIGGERS come together to pus…[View]
122446758Dawlat: Le Pen will lose[View]
122439234FRANCE ELECTION GENERAL: LIVE STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyzic GET IN HERE Fuck c…[View]
122443146>when a girl with a hijab walks by[View]
122446480'TUCKER NO!' Thread: I'll start: 'So have you finally cut your dick off then faggot?' TUCKER N…[View]
122446000Edit Piaf is what people call 'Real French Culture': Edit Piaf was also partly of Maghrebi origin. Y…[View]
122445401#TRUMPRUSSIA https://twitter.com/hashtag/trumprussia[View]
122411096Migrant workers: >as most white western nations have an aging population, many of whom do not pos…[View]
122445277Goodbye France.: You will be missed. Should I say, salam alikoum?[View]
122444765ara pulls denim skirt over likeness to 'alt-right' mascot Pepe the Frog: >zarahas withd…[View]
122441234Alt-Right: Is there an agreed upon definition of alt-right? I was asked about my views on a bunch of…[View]
122444068Jews are the ultimate parasites and criminals[View]
122442341If the >>122444444 get is in this thread marine le penis will lose[View]
122440826North Korea arrests US citizen -- Burgers do nothing, all this military power and can't even en…[View]
122445562Phoenix's Professional Soccer Team Overrun By Antifa: Phoenix's Professional Soccer Team O…[View]
122446131ACCEPT YOUR FATE[View]
122446123How are the people still gender confused? Being confused about gender is like people being confused …[View]
122446095>Three manlets running for president[View]
122445100John Podesta's favourite music band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo_euND7Acs Notice the ped…[View]
122406535/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Questi…[View]
122443099https://np.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/66yqna/raping_german_women_is_now_legal/ What's…[View]
122444926Is Natural Selection really a thing?: I have been thinking this lately what if the we are going thro…[View]
122445996HARNAŚ A R N A Ś[View]
122445991#weareiriash: Hey cunts there is no end of fun to be had here[View]
122435560I hate this one picture of this one women. Therefore - AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM.. When will American wo…[View]
122445891If we want to retake the government we must first change the debt strategy.: Currently we rate peopl…[View]
122445856Let's sing the best national anthem in the world to give our energy to Marine >ALLONS ENFANT…[View]
122445608Why do Mediterranean love being dominated by Aryans?[View]
122405728FRANCE: I'm sorry, but If you don't vote Le Pen today your country is fucking done. And I …[View]
122441330how can we make white nationalism more palatable to normies: we need to hide our power level by not …[View]
122425339/Ecclesia/-Christian Alliance General - Unmoved Mover Edition: For Catholics, Coptics, Anglicans, Or…[View]
122445140our guy[View]
122445638French elections[View]
122434414Is Baz Battles /pol/ approved?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WkWy47ighY[View]
122445472Do we act like SJWs when it comes to (((them)))?: Is this a double standard on our part? It's t…[View]
122439424Am I white?: Well, /pol/?[View]
122444767>Tfw ones race has the by far largest cocks >Tfw ones race is the best athletically >Tfw on…[View]
122442923what happens here[View]
122438441How do we help them /pol/?: Pushed into the corners of thier nations after leftist took over.[View]
122443338>tfw you will never be the son of a mexican narco whats the purpose of life if i cant be rich?…[View]
122445124Why is Trump statistically the most hated president in American presidents history?[View]
122444062Fat is a Feminist issue: Is it wrong to like fat women.is it wrong to be a chubby chaser?[View]
122435735What's taking Trump so long to remove the latinos? I'm tired of them stinking up the place…[View]
122445060Europe BTFO. Mexicans are better than Islamic immigrants: While Europe is getting destroyed by lazy …[View]
122432005Heil Hitler comrades, I am seeing change in Europe.[View]
122445007Wikileaks Vault 7 Media Ops: anybody got the pwd yet?[View]
122439637/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL - Give Your Energy!: >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122444867What is the best state in the Union?: What is the best state in the Union and why is it New Hampshir…[View]
122442009Twitter pisses me off politically: The one thing hate at the moment is that the people at the top of…[View]
122444793Cool Guy: He did nothing wrong.[View]
122442408So when does diversity stop? When will we be 'diverse' enough?[View]
122444710Vive la résistance!: Le Pen is best girl![View]
122436394STOP trying to vote for Le Pen! This is the 3rd time you Amerilards decide to fuck with us trying to…[View]
122431841>be me >christian raised, athiest >be committed pollack for 5 years >hate jews >rich …[View]
122443676Heritage Thread: What's it like to have an identity?[View]
1224258454 hours left..hows it looking out there frogs[View]
122442901Save the date: Things are about to change, how much so depends on your participation. Save the date …[View]
122444502WHO'S READY ?[View]
122443940Greatest story: I just watched The Greatest Story Never Told. Is much of this documentary real or wa…[View]
122444260look pepe he thinks le pen wont win[View]
122442542caption this[View]
122428324Why don't we just blow up all land that isn't city? No one cares about rural nowhere land…[View]
122444356Is France sexist? If they aren't they should elect Marine le Pen.[View]
122439347What happened here? Why was he never President?[View]
122435220What did he mean by this?[View]
122438452why is this guy so dashing and /pol/ are fat welfare autists? is it purely genetics? discuss https:/…[View]
122435909Ethnic Makeup Thread! >shit on ashkinazis edition[View]
122443301Would /pol/ be better without flags? Also leaf hate thread[View]
122420896François Fillon for president !: /pol/ doesn't live in France, so let me explain you why Fillon…[View]
122440045Are Irish people the purest whites in Europe?[View]
122437125They have a little less than 3 years to do it... HOW will India become a superpower by 2020?[View]
122443518College Campus based man: man came into Starbucks while I was studying for my spicexam >starts ye…[View]
122443987WHITE SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:: If you are Caucasian and live in a white state, for god's sake kee…[View]
122438313Girl problems: I'm trying to redpill my liberal girlfriend but she's very resistant. Shoul…[View]
122442822The reason the number of holocaust victims keeps going up is because the Jews charge interest.[View]
122442651What have you done to help the starving Jews in Israel? They need assistance more than ever. https:/…[View]
122430355So is it true that the world declared war on Hitler because he took Germany off of international cur…[View]
122437713How could one website fall to liberals so hard?: I'm sure everyone here knows about Something A…[View]
122427442Which State Should I Move To: American but currently living in Ireland to finish high school. I will…[View]
122439431Is the CIA creating strains of marijuana that destroy your mind?: For marijuana smokers, I agree it …[View]
122441035Merkel isn't red pi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmNGkwTSML4[View]
122443504I think the cuckening of Europe is well deserved for you europoors. Your ancestors tread upon the la…[View]
122443369Pepe: Crystal pepe[View]
122443442Why does Western Europe love Muslims so much? You went from 0% to 5% in 50 years. >inb4 Greece a…[View]
122443581reverse racism: Step 1: Download Racism Simulator extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detai…[View]
122436707AHAHAHA 'Democracy' YES - Le Pens Candidate Picture is not shown in voting places all over the world…[View]
122442067There Is Literally Nothing Worse Than Communism: >being a communist >video related https://www…[View]
122403973Why the ancient symbolism on US Dollar?: What gives? What's 'Mericuh about ancient civiliz…[View]
122442129How much power did Hitler actually have? In the US the president is a figured head, a puppet. Whethe…[View]
122413769Your time is nye, Drumpfkins. SCIENCE has finally caught up with you!!![View]
122434842ATTENTION: Please, French bros, don't mess this up. Americans have embarrassed themselves world…[View]
122438690Purity Project: How can we restore purity as a value for women? How can we put purity memes right in…[View]
122441970>american democracy[View]
122443158What happens here guys?: what happens here? i was just randomly scrolling across the map and i want …[View]
122435496Why are today's scientists such nu-males?[View]
122441981When will you take back our city from elitist Jew York City oligarchs /pol/?[View]
122440081BOSTON trump rally? boston common? 411?[View]
122442961Berto: Do you think he is still relevant?[View]
122442921I have no qualm accepting the Holocaust. Hitler seems more than radical in Mein Kampf (refers to peo…[View]
122442621Man oh man, the AfD sure is fucking stupid. Dismantling itself through infighting right before the e…[View]
122437349EUROPE RESPECT THREAD - GIVE FRANCE YOUR ENERGY: Europe needs our help, lads! Post your favorite shi…[View]
122442877/pol/, is this you guys? https://youtu.be/IM_y6Kxr0vA[View]
122440856Happy St. George's Day fellow English people.[View]
122438202Can someone explain to me what sanctuary cities are? Apparently I live in one and we are losing fund…[View]
122441650Are we worried about Operation Gotham Shield yet?: Maybe we should be.[View]
122438608Shut up about climate change[View]
122442296Find me a more redpilled video game. Pro-tip: you can't[View]
122440467Populist revolution is dead: The meme is about to die Trump - appealed to rubes on the campaign, now…[View]
122425747Florida Thread: What is the best state in the country and why is it Florida?[View]
122442368U S A F A T E: What will be the state of America in 40-50 years? Will the whites reverse the Spic in…[View]
122441525Holocaust day: Today is the holocaust day in Israel >Share you'r opinions about the holocaus…[View]
122432302Why is San Antonio so based?[View]
122435173/pol/ humor thread: /pol/ humor thread Shitposting at the church edition[View]
122438485What's her problem?[View]
122433163Donald Trump fails to mention climate change in Earth Day statement: I'd love to hear a journal…[View]
122441018L0L: I'm just happy we're starting the wall before the Venezuelan civil gets into full swi…[View]
122441403Should gambling be outlawed?[View]
122442138Bernie Sanders Says Ann Coulter Has Right to Speak at Berkeley Without Fear of Violence: https://rea…[View]
122439025Even Lil' Kim Can't Stand Aussie Shitposting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjiwJ3h2Og8 …[View]
122442092Stop buying seed survival kits.[View]
122439329ITT: History Class Today: World War 2 On this topic, anon has prepared an essay for us. Alright ano…[View]
122441411>yo cracker >wut we do to fix dis climate change? >a nigga like me dont like dat heat >a…[View]
122428200Kek, god of chaos and time: Le Pen needs his digits to win. There is still time. You know what to do…[View]
122426742Buddhism red pills you on red pills: Continuing my Sunday series of Buddhism threads. Previous threa…[View]
122434431Brit/pol/:Comfy Sunday Mogg edition: >Jeremy Corbyn planning to 'dismantle' the UK…[View]
122434453Survey: 1 In 5 Adults In The UK Can’t Change A Lightbulb, Boil An Egg https://www.studyfinds.org/cha…[View]
122441778say what you want about France, they are 85% atomic power: thus less jew controlled than most[View]
122441736/qa/ is back up and running: >>>/qa/catalog…[View]
122426462/pol/ BTFO in one picture! That was easy!: So where are all the anti-Christian Republican politician…[View]
122430885>meanwhile in Poland the guy on the right, Jarosław Kaczyński, is in fact our dictator at the mom…[View]
122438813NORTH KOREA THREATENS TO SINK CARRIER: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/23/japanese-ships-joi…[View]
122441577I thought the French were smug assholes who hated foreigners? How the hell did you faggots let this …[View]
122424216Are you ready for the Portuguese-Australian Wars next Tuesday?[View]
122440954*goat noises*[View]
122431240>Poland is based Where did this meme come from? We had the first transgender deputy in Europe…[View]
122441278FR Election outcome: Kepler Chevreux data[View]
122441268Putting a cross on a certain building and making it christian again?[View]
122431911What is the opposite of virtue signaling?: What is the opposite of virtue signaling?[View]
122440464USA appreciation thread: Share your appreciation for the United States of America. --You're wel…[View]
122441156This is literally: /Pol/ https://youtu.be/opOUwDc1O-Q Why won't you come to the grilled cheese …[View]
122441183What do you think about watching sports? Is it at the same level of a time-wasting and useless activ…[View]
122436262ITT: Post Le Pen memes[View]
122420775Someone explain this to me: Why are Germans so eternally asshurt against us? I've seen them lau…[View]
122441012look stacy, he thinks le pen will lose: fuck globalists[View]
122440742end of the legacy media: no one seems to believe old liberal jewish media anymore,young people rathe…[View]
122439806Have you taken the Pop-pyll yet?[View]
122440235SWEDEN YES!!!![View]
122440899I know next to nothing about Mussolini. Redpill me. What were his goals, his stances on society, ra…[View]
122418092Manhunt underway for traitor in the CIA[View]
122438748French election farce: Polling card blunder means 500,000 people could vote TWICE and could spell pe…[View]
122426465Do Muslims & Jews also experience demonic possessions? or is it just a Christian thing?[View]
122426992'[Your country] will' thread[View]
122435325Post yfw Le Pen doesn't even make it to round 2.[View]
122438220Fat Gommunists actually believe this shit.: Trigger warning for anyone from a communist country who …[View]
122440567*blocks your path*: What did you say about italians?[View]
122439086penalties for crying rape[View]
122440513What happens there?[View]
122440405The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122437264Domine, fac me servum pacis tuae, ubi odium, amorem seram; ubi iniuria, veniam; ubi dubium, fidem; u…[View]
122439962PURE EVIL[View]
122440210When did you realize that your entire every-day life habits revolve around white culture & techn…[View]
122439998now Speaker Paul Ryan is suddenly voicing his own support for investigating the Trump-Russia scandal…[View]
122421391Whould you have a problem with living in a multiracial country if all races were the same. If black …[View]
122440076Racism is killing the left nut[View]
122431408Do poor jews exist?[View]
122431628What does /pol/ think about bride kidnappings? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bride_kidnapping stupid…[View]
122432198Why are Russians such niggers?: Foreword: I am an American now but my family and I are immigrants fr…[View]
122420648Stop burning fossil fuels.[View]
122439986JEAN LASSALLE: LE TEMPS EST VENU This is the next French president[View]
122437116The Scientific Method: Which one is the right one? If you google image search >The Scientific Me…[View]
122438522There's a good chance no protesters will show up to Berkeley: Chris Mathews, Bernie Sanders and…[View]
122437781Which one of you guys did this?[View]
122431984ITT White Sports: Is there any sport whiter than Polo? For the Common Man -- Lacrosse. For the Hipst…[View]
122439856ITT Deep redpilling.: ITT The we address the status quo >phoenician Carthagians defeated by Rome…[View]
122427903If ww3 started between the anglosphere plus allies and the eu plus Allies. Who would win? >inb4 n…[View]
122435503FRENCH ELECTIONS COMPASS - share your results, /pol/!: https://votecompass.france24.com/president/ho…[View]
122436052>'Ugh... If women ruled the world there would no wars.'[View]
122439678Does it even matter? She has no chance of winning the 2nd round against the Commi.[View]
122423835LE PEN, TAKE MY ENERGY![View]
122433070Is this the most red pilled man in America?: >109 years old >still walkin', still talkin…[View]
122437558Jewess Ivanka Dump is Literally (((Golem))): lol rofl copter[View]
122439006SOON WE WILL RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122438035This man supported a United Ireland. Only good man to have ever came out of England[View]
122435359Why can't whites take a joke?: https://youtu.be/8ywsSInVMF8 It was just a joke bros, calm down.…[View]
122435501Daily Reminder; /pol/ is for Aryans and White males ONLY: If you are not one, go somewhere else.…[View]
122437282/pol/ Enlightened initiate thread Thread: ITT The we address the status quo >Catholic church mai…[View]
122434879White people are not as top tier as you think. White people can't stop fighting each other and …[View]
122430340I just...cannot: Why don't you blumpfkins just admit Trump is a total disaster? Where's al…[View]
122425972What's /pol/'s stance on North Korea, again?[View]
122435051It's begin[View]
122431449Clinton’s assistant found dead: Clinton's assistant J. W. McGill is found dead It's just a…[View]
122438783IN NEED OF EXTRA STRENGTH RACE SCIENCE MEMES!: need ammo boys. gotta fight these bastards with the …[View]
122438777238 murdered in France by jihadists since 2015: 238 murdered in France by jihadists since 2015 https…[View]
122427785Circlejerk and its ramifications: I know this is >circlejerk about circlejerks I don't like…[View]
122418054French Election Meme Energy Thread: GET IN HERE AND GIVE YOUR ENERGY TO LE PEN[View]
122436573FOX BTFO ONCE AGAIN: Drumpf and his rapist friends at FOX are a bunch of creeps. Once again, they al…[View]
122433424Serious question for White Nationalists: What is your end game? Deportation of non-whites? Gas chamb…[View]
122433030UK btfo: >Be British Empire. >Be the most powerful empire in all of history. >Lose TWO time…[View]
122438370They show this photo to recruit new members for ISIS.[View]
122432655Mississippi: What's so bad about Mississippi? (Besides blacks)[View]
122438560Le Pen victory Check em Thank me later frogs[View]
122437367>skin again: Continuation of this thread: http://desuarchive.org/his/thread/2701606#p2701652 >…[View]
122438521Every YouTuber and their mother is cashing in on the DaddyOFive sweet outrage bux. When are we going…[View]
122437895What's /pol/ opinion on melissa click?[View]
122433679/rcg/ Radical Centrist General: Welcome to /rcg/! This is a general for the discussion of all things…[View]
122438359Are the avecs really voting Le Pen?[View]
122436932RAPE IS LEGAL IN GERMANY: http://www.maz-online.de/Lokales/Brandenburg-Havel/Sex-mit-Gewalt-aber-kei…[View]
122437655Anon: You in?[View]
122437433Is being pro-Israel the same as being a Zionist?[View]
122438181FN 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqFFBGvgPqk[View]
122424800I love my country more than i love my family but i hate the government and the people and im sick an…[View]
122436991> France will become a colony of it's former colonies HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
122437851FOR MARINE: https://twitter.com/4lyena/status/856041728100507649 go vote le pen[View]
122437891>American education[View]
122437889prosecutor has proofs NGOs colluding with immigrant traffickers: http://www.lastampa.it/2017/04/23/i…[View]
122437809GFGNews: The invasion has started.: That moment when French TV starts showing weather forecasts for …[View]
122435967Daily nigger hate thread .[View]
122426346Are you willing to relinquish your squishy meat body and become a cyborg through Transhumanism?[View]
1224351935 Months left. Are you Ready?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbb4xwYj19g The Age of Grace is comin…[View]
122424532One true conspiracy: So how does that even work?[View]
122419286Nudism: What do you think about nudism? It seems like a healthy aryan way of life.[View]
122435497German Bundestagswahl 2017: I'm a little bit concerned about the election here in september thi…[View]
122437593top kek, thanks america: Pence embraces US-Australia partnership and says America will honor Obama…[View]
122425483robots will replace men, not women: all you NEETS screaming that you will use robot women dont get i…[View]
122391805Wow haha i guess that settles it, our narrative is over. haha[View]
122435627He is the answer.[View]
122437456Le Pen 4tWIN![View]
122434964What if he's not bluffing, guys? Ever thought about that? For all we know the USA is about to g…[View]
122433291London marathon runner SPRAYS water at her and Prince William: Did you spray water at Kate and Wills…[View]
122412621Islam confirmed for reddest of all red pills.[View]
122437347Hitler<333 Didn't Ever Do Any Wrong At All!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxkGEGQIn0 h…[View]
122400192Since there seem to be a lot of shills today: Answer this for me. Why didn't Black Lives care …[View]
122437270Grilled cheese jam: Rose garden June 14th[View]
122431221/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL - Give Your Energy!: >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122437214Our enemy has been named for us, lads, by the most unlikely of soothsayers.: We're dealing with…[View]
122429441tell me why I'm not white[View]
122434711Trump denies roleplay with Pizza: Kek news present >I think US has enough roles right now: Trump …[View]
122437159filthy nigger absolutely destroyed by a white fat nerd where the fuck is your power now blackies? al…[View]
122429972Im glad that civic nationalism is winning in the US. If white nationalists had their way I couldnt i…[View]
122437012>>123456789 Le pen will win![View]
122434286Racist Anti-White EU Kike Politician Publicly Announces It’s Joy Of White Genocide: https://thehisto…[View]
122433583Report uncovers secret $250 million corruption pipeline to Trump, and he’s already using it: It…[View]
122436826just sitting here waiting for some good guys to bring weapons to the next ANTIFA event, what you guy…[View]
122435731What happens here?[View]
122436824>we're the victims >muh jasnovec >we committed no war crimes >REMOVE kebab despite …[View]
122427437Monsieur le Président: I just voted for our futur président Monsieur Macron! How do you feel about t…[View]
122429208>Starts two hour live web show on twitch where you can pay money to have a chance to interact wit…[View]
122416859SWEDEN YES YES YES YES YES!!!!: >Gothenburg fighting 'increasing' rat attacks >https…[View]
122436660Muslim leave France soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le9Q7cy331A[View]
122427394My sister is marrying a jew... What do?[View]
122412719How is poland so based?: Why can't the big bad powerful e.u control poland and make the accept …[View]
122417831Is there anyone /pol/ likes?: /pol/ you all seem to be so divided over everything and everyone. Is …[View]
122434975why do people watch political youtubers[View]
122436318Israeli Jew Criminals Murder Little Children! Yes They Do!: Israel did 9/11 and USS Liberty Attacks …[View]
122428493Chinese Muslims (uyghurs and hui): So from what I read, Uyghurs often clash with chinese authorities…[View]
122434099If I convert to Catholicism will I get a qt submissive wife?[View]
122435154Why does United States only have 1.6% economic (GDP) growth? IS it because Americans are too fat to …[View]
122436016when are we going to stop the no prooff rape claims?: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-navy-…[View]
122436050UK Election: Hey fellow brits, who will you be voting for? why? convince me to vote for your preferr…[View]
122429428FRENCH ELECTIONS HAPPENING: French elections are happening today. Post your opinions on the candidat…[View]
122436026Why don't the USA make Poland a 51st state already?[View]
122425252SUPERPOOPER 2 0 3 0 Who's ready for the /desi/gnated century[View]
122435549Hey /pol, what should I PM to these faggots? Hope a good meme comes from this[View]
122408693Macron thread: Just voted Macron , the rightful candidate for these presidentials. FUCK Melancuck an…[View]
122428586>work in hospital >need to take a piss >walking toward bathroom >new indian doctor who j…[View]
122435947https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2bSMeWu7PE Honestly, just about to head to work and wanted to see w…[View]
122434488North Korea Threatens to Nuke Australia: Kim Jung Loon has now officially threatened to nuke Austral…[View]
122435858>pol get's triggered by a science march >pol get's triggered when donny drumpf expos…[View]
122433675>Drumpf is still president[View]
122435747antifa slug overlord: Hey a few days ago I saw someone post 3 pages of a letter in one of these thre…[View]
122435611May or Corbyn?: Who should /our/ candidate be pol? May: Pros > Decreased deficit? > a shitty/m…[View]
122433492Is she just cashing in on the anti-feminist wave to make a few quick books? https://www.theguardian.…[View]
122434472Hey prophet here. Something bad tomorrow[View]
122435084Is anyone else here a Proud Boys™? How will anyone compete with the Proud Boys? We have an anthem. W…[View]
122434188>tfw no mommy gf[View]
122431093kek: For some reason I'm legitimately convinced that we meme'd an Egyptian god into existe…[View]
122435111>Millard Fillmore merely stalled the Civil War — James Buchanan made it a near certainty. Claimin…[View]
122432987Alt-Left working with Alt-Right: I'm a leftist. Not one of those Social Justice Warrior dynguse…[View]
122424435Former high finance banker reveals the international corruption in banking/politics: https://www.you…[View]
122433349WE WILL TAKE BACK BRITAN: GET IN HERE BRIT /POL/ here is the plan >make fake Muslim Facebook prof…[View]
122433423Islamists are waiting with their HAPPENINGS: ....until leftists(who in favour of islamists) are elec…[View]
122431802Should we start memeing ahead to get New Zealand First and the Frp in Norway to victory? Pic related…[View]
122434604You Didn't Know That Hitler Was Right?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxkGEGQIn0 https://ww…[View]
122434075Either if Le Pen wins or not. France will be the scrapegoat for the uprising against the EU. It…[View]
122418321No peterson thread?!: Peterson thread! Because being non conscientious is NO JOKE! How's the dr…[View]
122430199Universal health care MUST END. Help us put an end to this sickness. No one should have hospitals. N…[View]
122434160What's your opinion on ECT for gays/nonbender/transklingons?[View]
122432952Can anyone here succinctly sum up our current situation globally and what created these circumstance…[View]
122430035HOLY F*#K$NG $HIT !!! The Goyim LITERALLY Know !!!: Downloadable Hitler-Was-Right Videos on The Trut…[View]
122433221face it, faggots. Le Pen won't win this election, maybe she will win one 4 elections away. ther…[View]
122429144we are the master race: normies will be extinct in one generation and we will be all thats left …[View]
122426184Brit/pol/:Corbyn on suicide watch edition: >Jeremy Corbyn planning to 'dismantle' the U…[View]
122432688How corrupt is the new French president?[View]
1224147358values thread: show yours[View]
122422246EU Military: Why are some Europeans so opposed to the idea of a common EU military? It would be the …[View]
122431416radicalising antifa: has anybody considered infiltrating anarchist online circles and encouraging th…[View]
122432193Anti-PC games: What are the best politically incorrect games you know? I know Angry Goy, and then Fi…[View]
122431757/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122422419My soul is filled with anger.: Deep down I had hoped we were all wrong. We aren't. This intervi…[View]
122432847>When you realize /pol/ is a buncha communist fucks.[View]
122425792Post DNA results. Am I white?[View]
122428831>french >glorious empire >thousands of years of amazing military successes >thousands of…[View]
122431970Tunak Tunak Tun Taliban! Tunak Tunak Tun Taliban!: Kek News presents >Thousands of ex-Taliban fig…[View]
122432601Daily reminder that the only way to make sure that your gf didn't get BLACKED.com by a pack of …[View]
122415725Pepsibro: anyone contacted pepsibro? will he press charges against that antifa faggot Eric Clanton?…[View]
122430176Le Pen won't help. Our goal is to establish NatSoc, and Democratic candidates like Trump have p…[View]
122433150tfw you'll never be as great or cool as America: Please just invade this shithole already and t…[View]
122433103Sunday Morning Bible Reading:: BUILD THE WALL EDITION Nehemiah Chapter 4 >But it came to pass, th…[View]
122432654Poland: >used to be the most multicultural country in Europe >used to have the biggest jewish …[View]
122431805Why are niggers so retarded?: More over, why ameriburgers even fall for this shit? You need to be ev…[View]
122432256Jonathan Pie on France and more: what do you think, /pol/? I rather like this guy even for a lefty …[View]
122432880Why has there been an entire week of almost no news?: it's eerie. feels like a calm before the …[View]
122426341Hi /pol/ do you like my nonfiction collection? Do you have any suggestions for other works I should …[View]
122432716Hello fellow kids https://twitter.com/Place_Beauvau/status/856055492279504897[View]
122429073*drops mic* *sips tea*[View]
122431738Republicans do not want people to have control of their lives. Right leaning people think they have …[View]
122431623Choose wisely.[View]
122432460French election, Reminder that this is Macron's wife: Return the slab[View]
122425890/ptgcg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP: GRILLED CHEESE GENERAL >what: girlled cheese jam june 14th 2017 >whe…[View]
122432527Trump collusion conspiracy: >Evidence trump colluded with Russia >CIA finds out trump gave Ru…[View]
122428558All monotheistic religions have been fabricated by it's own followers. Except Islam.[View]
122430464FRANCE: Je suis phobique sociale, je décide de sortir de chez moi pour une fois afin de faire mon de…[View]
122425804Who did they vote for?[View]
122432192fuck you[View]
122430732Is this infographic correct?[View]
122429098If 'toxic masculinity' exists, then does toxic feminity exist as well?[View]
122420578Does her Grandmother know she's posing with antisemitic imagery?[View]
122427576What the fuck Russia?: I had no idea Russia had life imprisonment exclusively for men. What kind of …[View]
122431682This is what white privilege looks like but /pol/acks will deny it.[View]
122431473Political incorrect zen jokes: How many Buddhists does it take to slaughter all the Rohingya? 969.…[View]
122430531This fucker couldn't even vote properly: https://youtu.be/AW5zIFAjyzw?t=22s[View]
122431439>Alex Jones a Sandy Hook truther who has harassed the parents of dead children now asks for priva…[View]
122428917MOAB on Holland: Muslims squealing vids edition: Dear President Trump, Please drop a MOAB on Randsta…[View]
122416757/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - UNION EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
122408446Don't let this bullshit fool you, /v/. St. George was born in Turkey at a time when Turkey was …[View]
122428509Opium Wars 3: Considering what was done to China with (((their))) two opium wars, can it be that (((…[View]
122431414CANZUK THREAD - LADS ON TOUR: Alright you cheeky anglo cunts, how should we proceed in our plans for…[View]
122429661How much of the vote will they lose this year, /pol/?[View]
122430112Interracial is not a big deal.: Face it: interracial marriages and children is honestly not a big de…[View]
122430660Antifa/Communist. Enemy of the Republic.[View]
122431316do they wag the dogs or vivisect the dogs?: Notice word 'labour' is also compound word serving as lu…[View]
122419192Syria General /sg/ - Gains Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com/…[View]
122430713How to save the white race in America: >Mandatory sterilization of non-Whites >Eliminate all w…[View]
122430972Devil's Night 2017[View]
122430928Tell me what REALLY happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco, /pol/. I don't believe the governments sto…[View]
122429109Germany 1933 vs 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuzz2cKUr2o Thanks jews[View]
122423842Antifa: can anyone explain me what antifa is and what it stands for if seen the girl with the dreads…[View]
122430494What's the alt right?: Is it like the crtl left?[View]
122404364Anime Industry faces '''skills shortage''': Welp its all over lads... Japan is going to import all t…[View]
122427551Was it rigged? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUR-HgAtwtg[View]
122423953Weather manipulation over Morristown, TN happening right now.: Check out the live view of Morristown…[View]
122430619What's the difference?[View]
122430594Hitler Dindu Nuffin Wrong Compilation for Happy Goyim: Downloadable Hitler-Was-Right Videos on The T…[View]
122419200Hey frenchfags What are the major ideological differences between Hillary Clinton and Macron?[View]
122428720I have been NatSoc now for 20 years, and the 'Neo-Nazi' movement is no longer drunkards and skinhead…[View]
122405704Berkeley police not arresting Eric Clanton: Berkeley police with its terrorist mayor @JesseArreguin …[View]
122427868Progressive are stuck in the past[View]
122424906/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL - Come With Me Edition: >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
122422224>remember that time your empire got replaced but a fucking rugby team. Why are all the bong flags…[View]
122417806Anyone right-wing but anti-fascist? Why do they always get conflated? I'm right-wing but libert…[View]
122429690the commie is going to win[View]
122426479Voting doesn't mean anything since nothing will ever change. Last time someone wanted to make a…[View]
122429567What did they mean by this?[View]
122430338https://thehistorychannel.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/the-jew-world-order-dinosaur-hollowhoax/ https://…[View]
122429229MARINE LE PEN EST NOUS DAME: reminder if you don't vote for this perfect specimen you are votin…[View]
122413244Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism.: Students who avoid making eye cont…[View]
122423884What does /pol/ think of football fans?: Are they red-pilled?[View]
122415401Tell me what you know/think about Bulgaria.[View]
122423232>be a white trump supporter >come home >your girlfriends fucks a nigger america baka…[View]
122429778Trump tweets: >ObamaCare is in serious trouble. The Dems need big money to keep it going - otherw…[View]
122429935Should Islamic hair barbers be forced to cut a female customers hair?[View]
122429748Is it really so hard to say no to the EU? They didn't even cut us a single euro of gibs, same a…[View]
122429275who is this 4chan? why does he do the shitposting? if he stops will he die? what sort of guy is he?[View]
122429288Hitler Did Nothing Wrong Compilation (Hitler's Official 2017 Birthday Memorial): Hitler Did Not…[View]
122429996What did he mean by this? 4D climate chess?[View]
122420134Quick question for my Amigos on /Pol/. How is spain right now in terms of refugees? as bad as france…[View]
122417946Are epicanthic folds in Europeans an indicator of latent Mongol DNA?[View]
122429648>Mexico will pay for the wall[View]
122429504Le Pen is going to lose because french people are huge cucks. You really don't get it do you? S…[View]
122428853totally triggering: Trumpkins - you thought you were based. But it turns out BERNIE SUPPORTERS were …[View]
122424876Take back control of language: /pol/ the Jews are known to dominate our language and through languag…[View]
122387399TRUMP APRIL 26: On Sept. 20-22 2016 on 1630 am an emergency broadcast station in New Jersey broadcas…[View]
122429558Hail our new cuck president: Say hello to our new president. This is a picture of him, not feeding h…[View]
122428563Kekistani Pride: Someone called me a keki today sarcastically. Why do we allow such racist remarks t…[View]
122429529These (((Illigitimate People))) Called 'Jews'!: Download Hitler-Was-Right Videos on The TruthGoneVir…[View]
122429354Why is is AntiFa so white?: I mean Hitler created a much more inclusive party (picrelated) where alm…[View]
122428867post yfw Trump is a bigger shill than Hillary[View]
122427250tfw I finally finished my studies in quantum physics and I can finally leave this shit hole called E…[View]
122427917Don't you saps realise you're being manipulated into hating your fellow citizens by rich c…[View]
122429153What do yall make of the cross country power outages that happened Friday morning[View]
122419883Fucking Commies: Need a name for an Aussie anti-tyranny movement, wanted to use 'Dingo Militia' but …[View]
122424476tumblrina stops hating white people: how does this make you feel?[View]
122422412how do we fix Americas gun epidemic[View]
122428103Last Tweet: We take a guess if he is endorsing Melenchon or Macron later on. https://twitter.com/re…[View]
122419190Lepen Will WIN !: First result in DOM-TOM (french colonies) https://www.rtbf.be/info/monde/detail_pr…[View]
122427386Wehrmacht thread Propaganda, videos, songs, pics anything welcome tfw zog edition https://www.youtub…[View]
122428878Has Citizenzilla been doxxed yet?: Who is 'Citzenzilla'? He seems to be a leader or general of some …[View]
122428772Next Antifa Riot.: Demask as many as possible. Anonymity is the only thing keeping them fighting.…[View]
122424981Can you give me any other red pilled white nationalist speakers like Jared Taylor?[View]
122424788Why is it that China has the highest population, but you rarely see them here? (pic unrelated)[View]
122423658The worst ranking of suicide rate: Japan is not in the worst 20 now. I see a comment about Japanese …[View]
122425634The Norks just detained 3 Aericans[View]
122417923traumatizing the youth: >be me >have one of my autistic drunken online CSGO and 4chan shitpost…[View]
122417538ONISION=OURGUY ?: Is Greg, dare I say it, /ourguy/.[View]
122427502hey /pol/ looks like you fucking made it on reddit, congratulations i guess[View]
122428489World War 3 will not be televised, cucks http://www.globalresearch.ca/breaking-israeli-air-force-mis…[View]
122424627BELGIUM: 18 884 people listed for terrorism: La Dernière Heure reports that the Belgian Ministery of…[View]
122416444MACRON 45% IN THE USA: YES YES YES BYE FRONT NATIONAL Dupont- Aignan : 1,20 ; Marine Le Pen : 6,29 …[View]
122428130Hey Germoney, is Martin Schulz gonna MEGA or what?[View]
122427925Random picture pops up: Hi /pol/ i'm having a weird problem. Every single day when I turn on my…[View]
122423630Oxford University's Equality and Diversity Unit, ladies and gentlemen[View]
122416831While UK is importing even more Pakis, Australians have taken to kicking out Brits BEST TIMELINE htt…[View]
122428083Is okey to share MONSTTER?: MONSTTER is a anagrama of : Memes Of Something That Never Exist To Redpi…[View]
122428060Holy shit, Bin Laden is 6'5? And has 26 children? I suddenly have new found respect for the guy…[View]
122356713/brg/ Boston Rally General : 1776 Now Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a free spee…[View]
122410627>This picture was made before the Brexit Nigel always has the last laugh.…[View]
122415170>she's 21, looks 31 >all teens in US look at least 10 years older than they are What the …[View]
122419575TAXATION IS THEFT[View]
122427811Is it acceptable for a whiteu man to have children with a halfu whiteu halfu azn woman? pls tell me …[View]
122425232I'm gonna post this everyday until you like it[View]
122426574Were the Protocols of the Elders of Zion real?[View]
122425973Welcome in France: https://twitter.com/jpney/status/856093568221532161[View]
122425167Stripper BTFO: Stripper got BTFO'ed by a thug who was in fight with her BF. She has a 1 month o…[View]
122427477God you retards, you really think the earth is flat? The earth is ROUND, CIRCULAR, SPHERICAL. We Hav…[View]
122422636>White women: >Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It >Having Sex with …[View]
122427578>tfw the chinks will be leading the future crusades[View]
122407830>psst, if you vote for my mom i will let you fuck me in the toilets right now have attractive wom…[View]
122427140Banned from FB: We got banned on Facebook again. Admin account disabled. 4th time since 2011 http://…[View]
122423576Why is pale skin maligned in our culture?: This is what a REAL white woman looks like, tan is pushed…[View]
122426896Who else /fillon/ here?[View]
122424538HAPPENING: People leaving pork inside voting booths in France!: >Breaking News: Voters are leavin…[View]
122412095Who /smalltown/ here?[View]
122417887How is it possible that americans are poor?: How can americans live in poverty while these sort of o…[View]
122427312Send in your recipe: by MAY 15th https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/write-or-call[View]
122407705/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122424902??: im politically inept, but due to brexit, do you think a commonwealth union would ever be possibl…[View]
122426847Who would he vote for?[View]
122422723TTIP is BACK: And now Burgers, your President finally made the Jews great again. https://translate.g…[View]
122426589Feminist google doodle of the day: 'Girl's day'[View]
122424600Au nom du peuple: So, I just came back from voting Le Pen... ... and so did my parents, sister, gran…[View]
122417718We have feminism to thank for Kek: >Kek only became popular thanks to the topkek cake >The top…[View]
122420293Who should America bomb next?[View]
122426901If women are so strong now, why were men the dominant gender and why are they still dominant? Aren…[View]
122422811Why did he do it?[View]
122425016What is the cause for each of the three big North American countries being so different? It's g…[View]
122426878Make sure to email/mail your: Grilled Cheese Recipe by May 15th! If you miss the date we cant consid…[View]
122426873DAE Drumpf is a dumbo???[View]
122426383UHHHH THEN: WHO THE FUCK IS ON TV?>?????? Zombie or clone?[View]
122418213What does the alt-right consist merely of autistic betas and racist man-children and where will that…[View]
122421810worst of all-time: thoughts, Drumpfkins?[View]
122417320Stop denying science /pol/[View]
122420416>Muslims hate degenerate behavior of all sorts (gays, drug addicts, etc) - So does /pol/ >Musl…[View]
122426117CDN DEEP STATE News!!: www.metronews.ca That's where all the top tier, deep state secret news …[View]
122421741Not a shill but could this be their stupid Russia connection they've been bitching about for mo…[View]
122426483Would you be willing to pay for universal birth control and abortions, especially for high-risk low-…[View]
122425560why do: white people love grilled cheese so much?[View]
122426366How universities go invaded by libs: How did universities get invaded by leftists? HINT: it's n…[View]
122424779Steve Stephens meme dump: Dump all steveie memes[View]
122420086Brit/pol/:momentum shills out edition: >Jeremy Corbyn planning to 'dismantle' the UK…[View]
122426102Canadian Justice Served, About time eh:: Finally, this poor woman can go to a prison where she won…[View]
122426072AGAIN?!?!?!?!?: So North Korea has detained not one, not two, BUT NOW 3 US CITIZENS. The newest bein…[View]
122423461The day you were born is judgement day for as long as you know Christ Jesus who reveals how God can …[View]
122421129Hey /pol/, what you think about 'The People Party Our Slovakia' (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko)?: The…[View]
122418985RIP Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson. The girl with the iron fist has passed away in a Charlotte, North Ca…[View]
122426161Can Moldylocks be redeemed?: I ask this as a reformed leftie myself, who saw the error of my ways an…[View]
122426158Hey /pol/ you guys all know when St. Patrick's day is right? All the celebrations across the wo…[View]
122424102>you can play basketball with us, if you let us immigrate to your countries what do /pol/?…[View]
122425570Who was in the wrong here?[View]
122421133/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL - 1st Round Edition: >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122425251SLIDER GENERAL #2: Sliders on this board are getting out of hand, and the only reason that they work…[View]
122425879Why didn't Mundlos and Böhnhardt just steal a car and escape rather then stay in their fucking …[View]
122408648Come on, Sweden. This is something else entirely.[View]
122410652Memes aside, to what extent is this true in Germany and Sweden?[View]
122424850Are you part of the resistance, /pol/?[View]
122416967Greetings From /co/ and /ck/: It's not just you guys. Some weird NKDV Janitor shit's been …[View]
122425070Just voted for Le Pen.[View]
122415631>Leftypol here, sincere question. Why shouldn't we punch alt-right fascists when they threat…[View]
122424743Why do Scots think they will be successful like Ireland? You're worthless lazy niggers that hav…[View]
122425635Power level increase!!: Guys I have noticed a strange trend. With trump it seemed like we would all…[View]
122425597French presidential race: https://youtu.be/8x4QfXf1yl4[View]
122423105Antisemitism Worldwide General Analysis 2016 is published!: 'Antisemitic incidents and manifestation…[View]
122423655Le Pen aside but what the fuck is this frenchies?[View]
122425450EAGLE WATCH: I have it on good authority that a NUCFLASH call on HFGCS will sound like this: 'EAGLE …[View]
122423225>be god >impregnate a women >immeaditely left after the child is born is god a nigger?…[View]
122425190>It's getting cold, isn't it ?[View]
122422514pray you stupid: pray you stupid[View]
122420154Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
122421782After death: What does Kek do with after we die, /po/?[View]
122425054WE WUZ thread: Post your best wewuzzery from all around the globe.Starting with the original KANGZ. …[View]
122414703French elections first round TODAY: Press P to send prayers.[View]
122421087How does one remove scum from said country? Does one round them all up and force them back to origin…[View]
122417582Is Johnny Depp white? This is very important to me, because I have some phenotypical resemblance to …[View]
122409927>if you shoulder the brace, you can go to jail Why are Americans so cucked by ATF? Why don't…[View]
122419302Best History Books: /pol/ what are the best history books? Looking for ones about the crusades, euro…[View]
122424822Kikebook memes strike again: This pic here has been making its rounds on my feed. Whilst I can compl…[View]
122423321>Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue >https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trump-puts-…[View]
122409604/pol/ you were right. Fuck Reddit, fuck Kekistan, and especially /r/kekistan. I posted a polished up…[View]
122415668AfD moves to the far-right - will drop out of parliament: This is the end of the AfD - Petry is out …[View]
122424597/French election/ general: Expat edition. This is the queue for all Frenchfags in London. Goes right…[View]
122424677Nazis / Hitler and 'Gun Control': Did /pol/ know that Hitler wasn't anti-gun? Even th…[View]
122418391Has anyone noticed in the past few months that Black Live Matter have done fewer and fewer protests …[View]
122414384Aus/pol/: Julie Bishop tells N. Korea to fight me cunt: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2…[View]
122424133Robert Spencer is coming to my school Monday to host a talk, from what I can tell the Muslim student…[View]
122424454In this thread we pay respect to Dr. Yakub who created white people.[View]
122419297Put feminists where they belong[View]
122411454'Why, I am... I am just shocked & amazed that the American people aren't enthusiastic for m…[View]
122424307Kiwifag here and my question to you, /pol/ is how to counter the argument that 'since you are coloni…[View]
122424188Why do SJWs dislike centrists?[View]
122424184Take my energy le Pen![View]
122422685SAY IT WITH ME /POL/...[View]
122423425Colombia: why wouldnt you want to move here: -tropical climate and cold tundras in the same place -…[View]
122422824Sacrifice your memes for Le Pen ITT and Kek will grant her victory.[View]
122422066Jesus just take a look at this... Is this ''France'' If Le Pen doesn't win…[View]
122422219FRENCH ELECTION 2017: where is the sticky?[View]
122411827WARNING: USA false flag attack 26th April: Operation Gotham Shield in NYC on the 26th is a false fla…[View]
122418632ITS HAPPENING! ITS HAPPENING!: OMG source: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.785084…[View]
122407093NUCLEAR NYC/NJ FALSE FLAG?: >A FEMA-led exercise is taking place between April 18 - May 5, from w…[View]
122420310Smash Cultural Marxsim: We got banned on Facebook again. Admin account disabled. 4th time since 2011…[View]
122418207If open borders and free immigration were so great, wouldn't reunification have drastically imp…[View]
122408202CAPITALISTS BTFO!!!: This is why I am a communist[View]
122413444ELECTION: Who do you vote for and why?[View]
122415916How do we fix the south?[View]
122423722UPDATE: BREAKING: The Non-White coalition has released a video detailing the current state of affair…[View]
122417553Why does racist work so well as an insult?: Racism is pattern recognition, a subset of the process w…[View]
122423628Where do you get your news from? >/pol/ >Associated Press >Yahoo Finance…[View]
122399675What do people see in this guy: The MSM loves to portray Emmanuel Macron as the 'young, charismatic …[View]
122423506Dirigisme: Can someone help me reconcile how 'facism' is a right wing political philosophy…[View]
122422010YOU SEE KIM...[View]
122413241Watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes >Goes into great detail of an Autocracy vs Democracy >Show…[View]
122422568what if varg pulls a murder suicide out of nowhere?: he did show that hes prone to murder and i thin…[View]
122423293/pol/ why havent you joined antifa?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjFsPivG09E /pol/ why havent yo…[View]
122421977You still here, friend?[View]
122418189Family dinner and politics: >mfw decided to talk about French politics at the dinner table >me…[View]
122412647Hospitality Industry: /pol/ pic related is the company that I currently work for. They need a little…[View]
122423206Holy SHIT guys I just found a rare as fuck Marine Le Pepe!!: France WILL be made great again.[View]
122423205Hi: You should watch the news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF2NH9AQlQo[View]
122417993CANT STENCHON THE MELENCHON: Leaked french election results from Macron's campaign[View]
122422657My step-dad vote for fillon i vote for le pen he's white im asian[View]
122422665>Be /pol/ >Be white supremacists and neo-nazis >Worship Hitler >Worship Drumpf >Get a…[View]
122416769Who else here thinks that being anti-fascist is probably a pretty good thing?[View]
122413762Allright lads tell me who should I vote for[View]
122420095>Communism >Globalism >Feminism >LGBT movement >Multiculturalism >Internet >TV …[View]
122420801Muslim Hate Thread: Post anything negative about Muslims.[View]
122422772I used to be a #Pencil, but now I'm a #MacronMissile[View]
122421314Jesus christ goyim.: even your superheroes are total cucks.[View]
122397768Why is it that every time women demand more jobs in some industry it is something like ceo, scientis…[View]
122419895MAD: Hey /pol/, what do you think of mutually assured destruction? I think it was a plot by the kike…[View]
122422742Good morning, Americans.: Have you brutalised any airplane passengers today?[View]
122419143Vote Angry Foreigner in Swedistan Annual 'Youtube Festival': Howto: 1. https://www.guldtuben.se/?nom…[View]
1224017691.your country 2.why do you hate it? 1.Japan 2.because it is obviously inferior to America. I always…[View]
122421613Macron says denying multiculturalism is treason: SPREAD DIS[View]
122421096France Election: Do they count the votes right away or wait to the next day? Plus does anyone have a…[View]
122421622Ke99L-293: 2F9-WR9SX-SF35Gh-SFC394F2S AA249F-S#49RF-SV992-AE-329 AC293-4929W-Sw24SτY5x225AY[View]
122421494Hairy Vag got 7k dollars: And you assholes made her an internet celebrity plus the msm made her loo…[View]
122420418Sheep have erotic preferences: 8% are homosexual: Apparently homosexuality is a sign of intelligence…[View]
122421338...: Meanwhile in Canada[View]
122420223>Le Pen will win Make France Great Again hahaha cucks BTFO!!! FREXIT!!! Um no sweetie. The only r…[View]
122417982/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122412561 → >Watch here: https://www…[View]
122417312Trump executive orders vs Obama in first 100 days: Obama BTFO[View]
122420074Hence why nobody takes the science March seriously and humanity is actually doomed.[View]
122419744What did they mean by this?[View]
122421910is pjw a fraud?: Why do we hate him?[View]
122420128When did you realise the religion of atheism is flawed?: I did when realising you can't prove t…[View]
122416988Why does this: Generation hate everyone? >srsly they need to stop doing what they're doing…[View]
122415822Where are the heroes?: What are you doing to save our women from the invading Muslims, anon?[View]
122416743LE PEN WILL LOSE[View]
122418613Ever since I moved to America I've been treated like I'm a nigger, I try to explain that m…[View]
122421604Why does left-wing terrorism work, and right-wing terrorism not? >muh on the right side of histor…[View]
122417265Le Pen will win.: It is written.[View]
122413882Fact: if you don't believe in flat earth, you're a globalist shill and should fuck off to …[View]
122406334How to fix India?: 1. Nuke it 2.Recolonize it Hmm tough decision[View]
122421158Seems a little bizarre that people who are not even living in France, who aren't there to face …[View]
122419330Greece needs to pay it's denb-[View]
122420781Just had an idea, we should start up a campaign against white people using anti-white slurs. Hear me…[View]
122418360How do we meme Kekiatan into existence?[View]
122420540/pol/ is so tiring: It feels like /pol/ is half-assed. Natsocs are just antisemitic socialists. Anca…[View]
122420899Shadowmaster resurgence?[View]
122418053SOON WE WILL RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122420577Is he our guy?[View]
122419981Have you all heard that brexit is cancelled?[View]
122419703Art of the deal: Lobbyists are the best! They are an extension of the free market system. I really b…[View]
122419601FRENCH ELECTION PUSHUPS THREAD Rules : last 2 = +0.2% extra for marine last 3 =+ 0.8% for marine o…[View]
122419695Are Americans even aware that their flag is a rip-off of the flag of Brittany? Is there anything abo…[View]
122419721Roast me /pol/[View]
122419933Who will win Mélenchon OR Marine? Vote here http://www.strawpoll.me/12808108[View]
122413003Redpill on Macron: So regardless of your political leanings, there is a candidate for you in the fre…[View]
122420404How do we put an end to the GERMan menace, /pol/?[View]
122406760Frenchies: Tell us have you voted yet? Are you yet to vote? Who did you vote for? What is the turnou…[View]
122398332Get ready, it's going to happen![View]
122399930Japanese killing themselves and not having sex: why are Japanese people so happy in general i don…[View]
122420090FN 2017[View]
122417556Democracy is a sham: Is democracy the greatest political meme ever? >inevitably devolves into peo…[View]
122419881Islam is the last anti-degeneracy force left on the planet. Please, frenchs, dont ellect Le Pen.[View]
122417894this faggot still around?[View]
122416993What is the final solution?[View]
122406912Defending communism: Can someone explain to me how and why people still defend Karl Marx? Whenever I…[View]
122413981Brit/pol/ St George would have drunk real ale: >Theresa 'Tax and Spend' May wants you to pay more…[View]
122407135Ever since coming to /pol/ how many of you have started going to church more often when realizing th…[View]
122414659Is this man the example of working socialism?: Dom Mintoff. Came in soon after independence when Mal…[View]
122402340>creates diseases and parasites that kill slowly and painfully >lol it's all just a test …[View]
122353511/Ecclesia/-Christian Alliance General [your Savior on a stick edition]: For Catholics, Coptics, Angl…[View]
122419198Daily reminder that we're paying 50 bn € each year for refugees. You could: - build at least tw…[View]
122414765>you can't beat the gay out of me anymore than I can beat the ignoramus out of you! How does…[View]
122419309Europestan soon: I just burst in laughing every time I see you all basement dwellers arguing how we …[View]
122418875How is sharing this different from all the pics of the girl in dreadlocks with her tits out?[View]
122418819Good luck, France. I hope we can survive the Great Meme War together.[View]
122419116The Cigar and Michael Brown: Proximities to 'Civilized Whiteness' in the Ethical Foodscape: https://…[View]
122418763Antifa are cucks (idk who they are cucks to) - and I support Trump's selling of internet histor…[View]
122411852Syria General /sg/ - To Intelligent Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
122417502Aaron Hernandez: Was sacraficed for his pineal gland >if you believe he was gay you're a fa…[View]
122418652Huffpo 'deny whitemen the franchise' was a hoax: I didn't see this mentioned here. That whole a…[View]
122416916The time is now. We must restore France! They are our greatest ally[View]
122419005New Voting Law: We all know why liberals are in favor of illegal immigration and amnesty. Now every …[View]
122407111Its time drop your best le pen memes![View]
122414202Why do people watch this egalitarian race-mixer?[View]
122417639France should have its counter-terrorist agencies decimated as punishment for their constant failure…[View]
122415801does anybody know these men?: Word on the street is they are a-pimpin'[View]
122413496How do we achieve world peace?[View]
122411217HOW THE FUCK IS THIS ALLOWED?: This shitrag just printed an article saying St. George was a Turkish-…[View]
122418413Assadshills, Assangefags and Shariablue BTFO!: >Just 2% of Trump voters have regrets >Job Perf…[View]
122417763>previous bread: >>122412561 >Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ydto3Iyzic …[View]
122417926Come on, guys. I need some good Le Pen memes. I'm With Her type shit. I've seen dozens on …[View]
122400627Hitchens V white nationalist.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfMm8bV7zEY For all the genuine white…[View]
122412541Jean-Luc Melenchon: >vocally anti-globalist >vocally anti-nato >wants distance with EU >…[View]
122418463FN 2017: Live here in 7hours https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVf6BL58EcNjwUlBgUKoog[View]
122414446Do we have an obligation to follow the law?: Do we have an obligation to follow the law? If we benef…[View]
122418288Islam is the religion of peace: http://www.gao.gov/assets/690/683984.pdf[View]
122418217Any advice and strategies for coping with normies irl after too many red pills? Are we becoming a ne…[View]
122418195Will we ever see the end to SJWs trying to ruin everything?[View]
122418192So, who here has come to terms with Emmanuel Macron becoming the next president of France? It's…[View]
122416853Please stop using the image of Jehanne for the elections. I'm all for the Front National but po…[View]
122413021TFW your island's conversion to Christianity is written in the Bible itself: Feels good man…[View]
122417970Is there anything more cancerous than a radical centrist?: I think they are the most cancerous peopl…[View]
122397957Question to all French voters here: When you go to the voting booth, how many and what ballots are y…[View]
122400029What branch of military ( overseas or in states ) should I join to get fully trained for the upcomin…[View]
122414074Opinions on old hickory, pol?[View]
122417865HAPPY ST GEORGE'S DAY FELLOW ANGLOS: How are you celebrating on our green and pleasant land? …[View]
122417832Jasenovac concentration camp: Red pill me on WW2 Independent state of Croatian Jasenovac concentrati…[View]
122417803Le Pen will win I have the digits to prove it[View]
122415636What happens here ?[View]
122403613WE WUZ PHARAOHS N SHIEEET: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2022313/Up-70-British-men-…[View]
122415043What do you think Louise Rosealm's dad thinks of her now? He was a pro vidya player in the 80s …[View]
122412288>2007 Why is everything going to shit after than year? Whats makes this year so special?…[View]
122416974Why doesn't /pol/ talk about Trump anymore?[View]
122411640How do we sterilise Africa /pol/? (Just the humans btw)[View]
122417497Economic Nationalism: Post articles, papers and books supporting economic nationalism by actual econ…[View]
122411342> Bill holds up an Erlenmeyer flask. The audience ooohs. > 'Now this might look like water, b…[View]
122415061wtf i love hillary now[View]
122408848FOURTH REICH: Admit it /pol/, the only way to get a 4th reich going is to unite al EU armies under 1…[View]
122416945+++ BREAKING +++ https://www.welt.de/politik/article163928435/AfD-Parteitag-waehlt-Gauland-und-Weide…[View]
122417088YouTube will teach teenagers how to spot fake news: How is this even a thing? Like, literally HOW?…[View]
122414215KrteCZECH thread: Let discuss all things Czech in matters of culture and such[View]
122392478Antifa: What can be done about these idiots, the violence will only get worse[View]
122412561/feg/ FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: >previous bread: >>122407972 >Watch here: https://www.y…[View]
122412039The right is getting censored by Youtube: There was this YouTube channel called 'Face of a dying nat…[View]
122417031Geert Wilders has gone full blown red pilled anti islam: He is telling europe how fucking horrible i…[View]
122416394>Snapchat scammer infecting several phones in Ireland and Britain Username:'okayycam' c…[View]
122407327/pol/ and SJWs brutally demolished in one music video. Will /pol/ ever recover? https://www.youtube.…[View]
122404225With St George in my heart keep me English, with St George in my heart I pray, with St George in my…[View]
122414664I'm ready for the ultimate redpill: The Muslim perspective Post the rest[View]
122406007the KGB is not dead: This man is installing his puppets all over the world. First Trump, now Le Pen.…[View]
122405088Darwinism is the ultimate redpill: >survival of the fittest >nature is amoral, this universe i…[View]
122416003>skin: >The lighter skinned countries are more functional >The lighter skinned groups did t…[View]
122410736Feminism destroyed the West: Allowing women to vote was the worst singular factor that lead to the d…[View]
122416808Race Mixing Agenda in Advertising and 'Entertainment' for Globalism (and Greater Israel): https://ww…[View]
122405619Redpill me on Khazar Khaganate. Are modern jews really the descendants of Khazars???[View]
122414148I just voted !: MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN http://issoutv.com/v.php/58fc94a0a6a7a[View]
122415118I think /pol/ agrees that ex-muslims are cancerous degenerates that should be purged[View]
122408829FRANK-REICH will be totally KEKED since today prove me wrong[View]
122413697But her emails[View]
122416665Why does Reddit suck so much? What the fuck is wrong with the world with the rampant political corre…[View]
122415949South Korean Nobel Laureates: Why do South Koreans and many other Asian nationalities have such a lo…[View]
122416384Jean Lasalle: I sure hope you guys voted for the right candidate![View]
122416443Bill nye: The nazi guy Billl nye BILL BILL BILL BILL[View]
122411602pol cult: Religion really is just about defining the perfect man and outlining the ideal society and…[View]
122411210I was replaying Deus ex, and that game is /pol/ as fuck, it has it all in meme wars, weapons restric…[View]
122416350/pol/ quilting general: Who here is /quiltpilled/? Share your best quilts, natsoc quilts, trump quil…[View]
122412380/emg/ Emmanuel Macron General - Le Pen Tears Soon Edition: Todays the day guys! It's time for F…[View]
122415722Question to all white South Africans on this board.: If an organized group of white people settled s…[View]
122415988ITT PROOFS: Sandy hook wasn't a FEMA drill[View]
122387878Are The Jews a cursed race of people? It seems like they are predisposed to destroy and invert all t…[View]
122408162redpill me on queer kids stuff: YT channel 'for kids'[View]
122359309Reddit, /b/, and /a/ are raiding /pol/. Their goal is quite simple, try to make trump look like a ne…[View]
122398676we are a traditional white couple anon, one small caveat: we are both trans. do you still support ou…[View]
122415781Why do we tollerate this?: Major salafistic gathering in Zurich soon - I don't understand why a…[View]
122413561Is it happening guys[View]
1224128002nd round Le Pen/Melenchon?: Who wins in that case, froggers?[View]
122415731France Please elect le pen: France please elect le pen, We dont want D Day round two where america …[View]
122405271Fuck Le Pen I voted for Mélenchon[View]
122415394The biggest autist in the UK: He literally wants us to stop fighting ISIS, I'm not even surpris…[View]
122410587French Election #ImWithHer: Remember to go vote you little shits. 28.54% of participation at 12h. 20…[View]
122414932Berkeley: Can some 1 explain what's going on with based stickman[View]
122408145Labour are /ourguys/: With articles like this in the MSM remind me why the FUCK you idiots have fall…[View]
122415380When is Europe going to give France back it's rightful clay[View]
122398649Let this sink in: Why don't you think we owe black people something after all that slavery and …[View]
122415009Can someone give me the skinny on Necron and why he is such a threat to liberty?[View]
122413463You're missing out on some serious /pol/ bants guys Any London anons get down here, Hyde Park m…[View]
122413747Is USA pop culture belongs to niggers?: All i see is niggers in music, in fashion, in TV, in movies,…[View]
122413114THE REBEL: HARAM OR HALAL?: Okay can someone please explain what in tarnation is going on with The R…[View]
122412851https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9TDgHuwhL8 he's /ourguy/ tell me one bad thing about sam. you…[View]
122414226I dreamed of Africa: The author of the best-selling memoir I Dreamed of Africa was airlifted to hosp…[View]
122415237>'FCK DRUMPF' - THE SERIES[View]
122415217What have you idiots not learned yet? Meme magic only works when you use the correct language. That…[View]
122415218Are the simpsons woke?: it's good that they don't believe in a man made book https://www.…[View]
122411059Just found out about this race-mixing kike faggot: Damn, he gets a fag pass from me[View]
122412946You are fucked. Jean Lassalle will win tonight.[View]
122409815Is anyone else freaked out by how much in life is determined by sheer luck? I could be born in south…[View]
122413085How do we solve the German problem?[View]
122415002Help me out, /pol/. I have an idea for a series of film analysis videos that you might enjoy: Over t…[View]
122411533>british genetics are brits human? I don't think so.[View]
122389837>and this is anon's room[View]
122412367>But It was the muslims! Islamic Terrorism! No, they weren't >But it was the antifa! Anar…[View]
122414905Is he, dare I say, /ournigga? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7e57qWIEAZTQAaFwHpKdlw[View]
122407406Anti-atheism: How to checkmate Atheists ? What is the perfect argument against atheists?[View]
122409789>trump wants assange arrested Any further proof elections are pointless?…[View]
122414439http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/23/asia/american-detained-in-north-korea/index.html BURGER STOLEN BY …[View]
122409546This is a question to my French brothers of mainstream right (you know, Gaullists, Fillion voters, s…[View]
1224145866 hours till counting starts my brethren[View]
122412134This is what Hitler thought of France: Only in FRANCE is there today more than even an inner unanimi…[View]
122407254Germany has never won a war: Truly the master race[View]
122414135>tfw you will never be as well fed as best koreans[View]
122413461How do we restore patriarchy to western societie? I mean explicit patriarchy where men are legally r…[View]
122414232Happy Saint George's Day: Happy Saint George's Day to everyone. Even the Turks.[View]
122412988Who will French women vote for? A strong femmale leader.... or the one who imports more arab and bla…[View]
122410522Can we meme 3M to be the official sponsor of free speech. Just gather good images of free speech ral…[View]
122409341God is a real meanie :(: God is omniscient and omnipotent. He all crafted all of our persons directl…[View]
122398864VIVE LA FRANCE[View]
122404093JEWS TO LEAVE FRANCE IF LE PEN WINS!: http://m.jpost.com/#/app/article/488687 If you needed another …[View]
122410049Let's fight Islamophobia together: What can we do to make Muslims feel more welcome?[View]
122411989Kekistan: What do we politically stand for? Going into a mayor's conference wearing a a Kekista…[View]
122412198/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL - St. George the patron saint of slaying commies edition: This threa…[View]
122413209Syrians babies called 'Putin' in honour of Russian president: https://www.theguardian.com/…[View]
122414096If open borders and cheap labor via free immigration were so good, wouldn't reunification have …[View]
122405231What is his fate?: Will Trump save him?[View]
122392030What genes does one need to have to be considered white?[View]
122413966WAKE ME UP[View]
122407910commies want to take our gu-[View]
122412598Discuss and share ideas on how to counter psyops on this board. COINTELPRO Techniques for Dilution, …[View]
122397664French Election: Post your rarest french Pepes for Le Pen![View]
122406871I hate this board so much. Anglo and European culture is toxic. It breeds all kind of degenerecy. I…[View]
122412995I'm thinking of starting an organization called MATWF millennials against third wave feminism[View]
122411663Christcuckery >desert hebrew god from the middle east >globalist religion >above nature …[View]
122413389Germany YES: >Germany may have let thousands of Taliban fighters posing as refugees into the coun…[View]
122413641Is it wrong if a caucasian has babies with another caucasian?: Technically the kids will still be ca…[View]
122410528Would most people on here and around the world still be christians if they found out that is what Je…[View]
122401327Is Varg losing it?: He literally wants every French subscriber of his not to vote for Marine Le Pen,…[View]
122395325This is Louise Rosealma, the anarchist that got punched in the face. This is her Make Antifa Sexy Ag…[View]
122412401'Donald Trump Assassination fund' in a ar in Brighton: So yeah, preaching understanding has taken on…[View]
122398495SPLC to target white nationalist websites: How long before the Southern Poverty Law Center shuts dow…[View]
122360678Bell Curve at the March for Science: Hahahahaha wtf. Someone snuck the Bell Curve into the March for…[View]
122411240Putin still rules over /pol/: How long has it been since this place started admiring him? Since Geor…[View]
122413369Have you seen chef?: This Pepe has found chef.[View]
122413359What should be done about the Daddy of Five parents?[View]
122410615/corpg/ - Corporatism General: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Corporatist theory, all…[View]
122411862I'm sad, /pol/...[View]
122410342Is there a bias against right wing television media? Why is Fox News okay but this isnt?[View]
122409914Former Faslane 'Peace Camper': WHY WAS THE LAST THREAD DELETED? It was a thread created by a former…[View]
122411759Study shows 1/5 adults in the UK don't know how to change light bulbs: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
122411229So I know that alot of you guys here on /pol/ are white nationalist, so riddle me this. You've …[View]
122411334St George's Day: Which is the most aesthetic cross-style flag and why is it St. George's C…[View]
122411359Really doodles your noodle[View]
122412744French Election: So who is winning?[View]
122395654So the mainstream media keeps telling us most germans have a positive stance towards mass immigratio…[View]
122410759VIVE LA FRANCE[View]
122403044ANCAP THREAD[View]
122412832Poems about it: https://new.allpoetry.com/Reptile_Man[View]
122407972/feg/ - FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: Q&A: >>122389895 Previous bread : >>122403248…[View]
122410761>tunnel to North Korea through South Korea deep in the earth >poison their soil, water supplie…[View]
122405241Can we have a BEADY thread?: ARYANDIED when?[View]
1224099541. What's the most political thing that you've done? 2. What's the most political thi…[View]
122402532Berkeley Brawl: Looking for fellow /pol/acks who are in for an anti ANTIFA brawl on 4/27 in berkeley…[View]
122397700MODS COMPRIMISED - DELETING ANTI ANTIFA THREADS: >>122396790 https://secretsurvivorsofbamn.wor…[View]
122412453Is Trump about to Allahu Akbar?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0p7RMwviUY[View]
122406876Hey burgerinos. How pathetic can you get? >Germany, your economy is too awesome for us too handle…[View]
122408095Brit/pol/ - Sir Patrick Stewart Edition: >Theresa 'Tax and Spend' May wants you to pay more to fu…[View]
122383503How come you don't have an AR-10 Anon?: They can be chambered in anything that has the .308…[View]
122409500Baby boomer hate thread: >ruin economy >fill out countries with shit skins who hate us >ta…[View]
122411444Labour in UK wants more Bank Holidays to celebrate different nation's Saint Days.: Strange for …[View]
122410373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFFlyYLQli0 Give me the good news, have the deportations started?…[View]
122411883America in a song: Burgers, is this your national song? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qZyPB4l5EBw…[View]
122411404I'm officially redpilled. This is how black people really think.: What do we do about this /pol…[View]
122404957Fuck christianity: Christianity needs to die man Jesus was fake af[View]
122406926American assholes: Why didn't the US ever make any reparations for Nagasaki and Hiroshima - the…[View]
122406770Make France great again.: Vive la France.[View]
122399957Lets do this boys[View]
122411257Where are the Bounty Hunters?: What has stopped someone from grabbing and taking Soros to Russia?…[View]
122409061English is kind of a faggy language, it's really interesting how a bunch of faggots were able t…[View]
122409681Which title would you give each decade? >50's dawn of the globalist superpower era >60…[View]
122410206Just voted Le Pen: Praise Kek May Marine win and Melenchon get stenchoned[View]
122400521Can a genophage be developed to target Africans and distributed in food?[View]
122382078Syria General /sg/ - Comfy Best Hits Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
122411116i'm losing faith in freedom of speech. today world is so much filled with SJW, PC, bullshit tha…[View]
122388100America: Why is America so much better than everyone else?[View]
122411373Was WWI a 'Brother war'[View]
122404811>Civic Nationalists will defend this Minorities vote more than 95% Democrat. Keep importing these…[View]
122408921Theory on Trump and Syria: So Assad has stated that he will be leader until 2021. Trump will run for…[View]
1224105032017 04 23[View]
122408752anyone else hate kikes but love the show seinfeld??[View]
122404440French elections: Have you done you're part for your country yet /pol/?[View]
122398638Did the Jews trick you into voting for Trump? Did they do it to stop this redpilled Aryan woman? …[View]
122407412Pick a Name A location A Color[View]
122382865Why does this keep happening, why are so many men doing this now[View]
122404205Dank Black Guy: Check out this dank black guy with a Trump hat! Fuckin Based![View]
122410710If you're gonna be a nazi, you can't gas a 1/16 jew: Say what you will, ya'll hate on…[View]
122403459AUS/pol/ friendship with usa over russia is new best friend edition: gday cunts 2nd auspol of the ni…[View]
122404905I told you Donald was a liar. Now we have a bunch of 'stupid kikes' and a 'fucking Jew bastard' runn…[View]
122406464America YES: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/21/trump-says-daca-illegals-can-rest-ea…[View]
122409910Norwegians, how do we meme Alliansen into power? At least 5-10% of votes. >Want Norway out of EO…[View]
122410462Which country is closest to making Idiocracy a reality?: My pick: Liberia Reasons: Liberia[View]
122397695/pol/ humor thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4bQL-AfW3Y[View]
122401856When is he going to come out? I know gay friends who have sucked him off.[View]
122410400does this scottsman have a good point that scots voted to leave?: It sounds like technically he is s…[View]
122394750Sam Harris goes 100% Red Pill: https://soundcloud.com/samharrisorg/73-forbidden-knowledge https://so…[View]
122382263Catcalling: What do you think of catcalling? Should it be banned because it is kind of degenerate? H…[View]
122409476lyrics to live by: growing up it all seems so one-sided opinions all provided the future pre-decided…[View]
122410095Question for frogbros: Can I get a quick rundown on le Pen's program? I tried searching but it…[View]
122402686FINALLY TOOK THE JEWPILL: holy fuck. it's all real isn't it? and to think that all this ti…[View]
122407299>Conservatism is the new punk is he right?[View]
122409327i hate turkey[View]
122381072European artwork thread: Continuing the artwork thread that recently ended. So much beauty must be c…[View]
122389509Recruiting Troops from SoCal for Battle of Berkeley Anne Coultre Edition: SoCal fag here looking for…[View]
122404299frenchs SS: >frenchs are cowa... >hmm try again sweetie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/33rd_Waf…[View]
122404531What is it with liberals and cartoon/comic analogies?[View]
122409783Feminism destroyed the West: Allowing women to vote was the worst singular factor that lead to the d…[View]
122409291Maybe I'm just fucking deaf, but has anyone else noticed that people aren't complaining ab…[View]
122407650SOY AIR! DONT GO OUTSIDE!: LISTEN! The cia are spraying soy in the air! listen, you know how we aren…[View]
122409651Calling Antifa/BAMN - EX members - help expose them: Or current members; im currently trying to docu…[View]
122408980the BLACK PILL: Religions are instruments of power and violence. Politics is an instrument of powe…[View]
122402896How do we actually bring down the regressive left?: Every thread I come across on how to defeat anti…[View]
122409577How to BTFO this stupid bullshit: What someone needs to do is produce a video in the same vein as th…[View]
122403958Italian woman moves to Kenya; gets shot:: How fucking stupid ARE white people these days? 'Oh, golly…[View]
122404109Why do you guys support trump? Because he is loud?[View]
122409035Is this why Sweden is so fucked up?[View]
122374758what will the next trans be?: The trans subculture is exhausting every possible label. People can tr…[View]
122400775Aid: So I was thinking, what if we continue to give financial aid to africa but change it a bit more…[View]
122401405OFFICIAL IDEOLOGY POLL: Improved Official Ideology Poll brought to you by /pol/ International™ http:…[View]
122370247NJ NUKE FALSE FLAG TRUMP APRIL 26th: So I am a bit surprised /pol is not talking about this. In Sep…[View]
122402664North Korea reportedly detains US citizen: http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/north-korea-re…[View]
122409217The whole world is watching, Franzose. Make us proud!: Make France Trad Again! https://www.youtube.…[View]
122405897CNN declares war on Le Pen[View]
122408607when do we get some exit polls?[View]
122409121What will be his false flag?[View]
122409005Gook of Hazard: I've been asleep. What are we doing to take this little yippity, ankle-biter do…[View]
122402797https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXq5439wnA4 How do we fix the millennial jew whore problem?[View]
122397956>Realize there's no such thing as right and left wing >Realize everyone in the world is a…[View]
122402494how do we make sure that there are enough white women for all of us?[View]
122391969Thoughts on Bitcoins economic future /pol/?[View]
122408764Already told you once: Why do think it's so hard to get women to come around to your way of thi…[View]
122407061If LePen wins with 51% on first turn, you can legitimatly shave your head, tatoo a protrait of Pétai…[View]
122408584So as we come upon the 100 day mark, the enormity of what has happened finally hit me. We memed Dona…[View]
122408681Show your opinion on elections even if you are not a citizen!: A nice platform for online 'voti…[View]
122387563>Australia is a 1st world count-[View]
122401312Trump Regret Thread: God DAMNIT why did I trust that orange pucker faced bastard for so damn long. I…[View]
122408552GAS GAS GAS[View]
122408423Hey /pol/, what kind of tech do you think the govmnt has? We know they have tech thats more advanced…[View]
122401468Why is being a russkie puppet part of her platform?[View]
122408019I need some red pilled music or right wing music to play while I work out. Im really trying to lose …[View]
122401521I've just realised that, all systems are the same. Socialism, capitalism, feudalism, etc. are n…[View]
122408232Daily reminder that capitalism was a mistake[View]
122402704Brit/pol/ - Smite the Dragon Edition: >Theresa 'Tax and Spend' May wants you to pay more to fund …[View]
122400828Time to earn your cross boys[View]
122407984Fuck the Talmud[View]
122393402what made him snap?[View]
122383068Bill Nye's new show about SCIENCE! has gone live, /pol/! It's everything you've ever …[View]
122402772is it ok to think this at 26?: All civilizations, cultural values, human relationships, political id…[View]
122407591Don't mind me, just posting the true anti-system candidate.[View]
122405737Let's have a little interlude before election in France is over. 1) What are the most insane co…[View]
122399379Hey /pol/, I'm doing a presentation at uni next week on Schindler's List. The topic is: …[View]
122404359How true is this /pol/?: Inb4 >butthurt Amerifathominems[View]
122386322Really gets those neurons going[View]
122399442>there is no real cure for cancer[View]
122390808Alright /pol/, I trust you with most of my life decisions, so I need some advice. Yes this is politi…[View]
122400912Pictures from the march for science. /pol/ completely btfo www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/The-wittie…[View]
122407403The absolute state of FHM: Hey - remember FHM? Many of us will have fond memories of having a little…[View]
122394567Modern Art Appreciation: It's time for /pol/ to learn about the merits of modern art.[View]
122406988it begins...[View]
122389010ITT: Those unafraid to name the jew[View]
122398023Mahmoud,hurry up and establish caliphate.[View]
122406310>europe will be fascist by the end of this decade[View]
122407087>the free market will fix it[View]
122403876i can't anymore...: i hate politics. i can't stand it anymore. i really would like every p…[View]
122402551Can we get an 'anti-antifa' general or something? Many of us who don't live in the People…[View]
122402349Friendly reminder that most black Americans' ancestors have been living in America longer than …[View]
122406911I understand why people voted for Trump over Hillary. It was short-sighted and stupid, but I get it.…[View]
122406274i don't know if i should vote for le pen, last time i voted for trump and was a huge mistake th…[View]
122398483Somali refugee cornholed two old men in Germany: and killed their wife brutally. http://www.dailymai…[View]
122406834Step it up alt-right: The disorganisation of the alt-right protesters vs. antifa is pretty awful. Yo…[View]
122396722So, do we hate Donald Trump now?[View]
122401885Group of Black Men Savagely Attack Fleeing White Boys in London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6P…[View]
122406106If the ruling class practices luciferian black witchcraft, should witch burnings take place again?: …[View]
122403248/feg/ - FRENCH ELECTIONS GENERAL: Q&A: >>122401809[View]
122402974Was Julius Caesar black?[View]
122405949She probably had a bottle for her pussy too (Louise Rosealma: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php…[View]
122404156Blind Item: Melaine Trump is having affair with Barron's Tutor: >Apparently this married for…[View]
122397473Sunni or Shiite there's one thing Muslims all have in common, that is to hate Jews So tell me w…[View]
122406198The southern US: Is it just a meme the south 'rising again' or do people in those states really want…[View]
122393475Muslim Bag Vs American Bag: https://youtu.be/M0dMkFxIe4Y this is why we should erase racism..[View]
122399067How long until China is nr 1? You know it's going to happen . Ib4 anecdotal Bs like 'but I was …[View]
122403365Prove this wrong, /pol/: Protip: you can't >survival of the fittest is just some capitalist …[View]
122405861Get out Le Pen Melenchon will win[View]
122397420https://youtube.com/watch?v=QT8MEXdr6tw >This is what Hitler wanted How can anyone actually suppo…[View]
122403883>Like many people, I decided to take a DNA test. >I have African DNA…[View]
122404768Can someone redpill me on the origins of Israel?[View]
122403207We surveyed the French of /int/ about the elections. Here are the results.[View]
122385850Roast the country above you: Last thread reached limit, but was pretty fun. (Treat me as Hungarian, …[View]
122403319If Le Pen fails at least we've got /ourguy/ in Serbia[View]
122396281What´s your ideology faggots? http://www.strawpoll.me/12807066[View]
122402263BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
122395753Shitlib cultural marxist commie here, it's kind of unnerving how obsessed the left is with this…[View]
122403788This is our officials calling voters... please kill me...[View]
122392476What should a Conservative young man do with his life?: >Be me >19yo Male >100% Aryan >a…[View]
122403143Why do you guys call Turks cockroaches when Kurds reproduce like crazy and if you kill one, two othe…[View]
122402037Presentation to Liberal Class tmrw - need help: Hey pol, I'm going to give a presentation to my…[View]
122403856Why are western women leading the competition to be the most degenerate? When will we enforce public…[View]
122395938>he is for freedom of speech when it comes to things he supports like when twitter bans nazi trol…[View]
122397727Robots are racist and sexist. Just like the people who created them: >‘Machines can only work fro…[View]
122402550V:The Original Mini-Series: Does anyone else think that we need to make people watch the Original V …[View]
122398911Religion is the glue of civilization.: Man invented religion to control promiscuous women. Become r…[View]
122404826As you can see in pic related, I have been chosen Kektain planet. I hereby summon all the mongoloid …[View]
122404497Nearly half of Americans want to impeach Donald Trump: As Paul Ryan continues to block it. Is there …[View]
122403898Any idea what this psycho bitch is talking about? She thinks we (The US) are gonna go to war with Ru…[View]
122404662where are we with this? this is exciting stuff, are we following it close? are we participating in t…[View]
122404594Nigel farage: Dear 4chan , I have recently seen your collective ortism tackle Antifa, and the chroni…[View]
122403520https://twitter.com/spectatorindex/status/856073154845851648 /pol/ BTFO by /r9k/[View]
122402572Who?: Are these People?[View]
122396166Wtf?: Plays a hero that represents American patriotism. Sides with anti-American group[View]
122402069Antifa Terrorists Attack Trump Supporters at a Rally, Cops Decide They Will Eat Pavement: https://ww…[View]
122404157I'm not giving her any of my power lmao[View]
122404122SELL YOUR LAND: Alright you germs and frogs. It's time to sell your land. At least make some pr…[View]
122400571Did the Holocaust really happen?: '88' really is the enemy of the 14 words. Brilliant cartoon. https…[View]
122389619Why are Alt Fags such degenerates?: Why did all the Alt Right message boards and blogs celebrate the…[View]
122399188>I am the Alpha and the Omega What did he mean by this?[View]
122399144Was Hitler right about basically everything?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qwS6HtMKNOA https://m.yo…[View]
122399271You know, when I was a child, I used to get uncomfortable when my father referred to arabs as 'towel…[View]
122379441Obama HEAVY SMOKER update: This is from the Polynesian 'tell all' blog that got taken down. About th…[View]
122387981Why is this a reliable source?: Whenever creationists and atheists argue, creationists use what is s…[View]
122387374Risk 2 continued. New players get a bonus of 15t[View]
122399532There is no longer an 'immigration' page on the White House website.[View]
122386240Shouldn't we be against MALE immigration, there's literally nothing wrong with letting wom…[View]
122389895FRENCH ELECTION DAY: Q&A POST: Please redirect a link in the OP of your next threads to avoid th…[View]
122386606AUS/pol/ Goons almost gone edition: G'day you bogan cunts what the fuck are you doing on this c…[View]
122387874European Risk: European Risk Format: >Nation Name >Color >Approximate location Actions are …[View]
122402239This is for that one feminigger that claimed the corvex on the bridge of the nose would not appear o…[View]
122402366France LePen: Can someone explain to me how the French election system works and how it will affect …[View]
122403210Vladimir Putin: What does /pol/ think about Vladimir Putin?[View]
122393830So after french elections whats the new big thing[View]
122397302The Maker Movement- a sign of de-civilization: Civilization happened when men chose to trade instead…[View]
122401449France BTFO: https://youtu.be/F6YtI0WemeQ How can we ever recover from this ?[View]
122397407How can anyone take BLM seriously?: >muh 'unarmed' police killings…[View]
122390465tell me about the Jews: Let's assume the Jews really do have some sort of conspiracy to control…[View]
122401753Leftist Snowflakes Block Road and Receive a Surprise From One Driver!: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122373743Am I missing something?: What was your social life in High school, College (or college aged), and po…[View]
122396635>Australia couldn't singlehandedly-destroy North Korea in a week TOP KEK KOREAN GOOK SHIT!!!…[View]
122394131'Who here doesn't like Frauke Petry?' >pic related Oh poor Frauke, being told to fuck off by…[View]
122402119As a Jew who admires regular-old threatening antisemitic /pol/ I have to wonder Is there any possibi…[View]
122401038Mudslime again.[View]
122371418Why do people care about spreading their genes so much?: Is reproducing meant to be something specia…[View]
122397622Not a shill thread Why doesnt any one on here want to admit that Trump is a zionist? He's been …[View]
122398788/pol/s aspirations: as it seems the power the deep state holds is appearing ever moar insurmountable…[View]
122386383Remember the parents who pulled a prank on their kids by yelling at them till they cried hystericall…[View]
122400862Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is The UK Ruled By A Queen Hahahaha Nigga Its 2017 Like Nigga Overthro…[View]
122396298So You Think You Can Cringe?! Huffington Post Feminists Prove You Wrong: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
122402422WHAT THE FUCK, /POL/ WAS RIGHT: I'm late on this, but what have (((they))) done to a part of my…[View]
122401841what's the essential liberatarian reading?[View]
122401064Why is that a future where the young people of today try to simulate a conservative family form and …[View]
122402374>yfw the cleansing fire shall soon rain down per the plan you keep in a doodle book hidden in you…[View]
122399114>be canadian >rip up a koran during a protest >this is now considered a hate crime in canad…[View]
122375443Brit/pol/ - Emergency Edition: > May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election http:/…[View]
122400544When do Leaders of Anarchist Movements become Fair Game?: Instead of the foot soldiers (useful idiot…[View]
122402211This was written 160 years ago describing events from 80 years earlier and we are 80 years on from W…[View]
122402203https://8values.github.io Your political stance? 1. cunt 2. result[View]
122396966Who would win?: No air support, No tanks, No ships. Nothing but troops and their rifles.[View]
122398329Bonjour: Just stopping by before I win the election.[View]
122398057>all the anti le Pen shilling >Right on election day I was wrong, shills are real Eat shit, sh…[View]
122399800How did you guys go with your vote letter? Here's what I have written for mine, but I really ho…[View]
122398026If we end H1B visas, where do we get our doctors from? My jew friend stumped me with this earlier. T…[View]
122401315Ebola Genome: I managed to copy the Ebola Genome off some site before it was taken down. Anyone else…[View]
122397807Trump kept to his campaign promises: >he took out their families https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
122384666How many of you were actually alive for the invasion of Iraq?[View]
122401797Work sets you free: Why did the Jews not just do the work and become free? Were the Nazis really ask…[View]
122392802Triggered. TFW your aryan white women don't even wanna be your aryan white women anymore.[View]
122399754All this liberal normalization is because women got into power: OK, so let's have one thing ver…[View]
122386647LE pen is literally a traitor, a zionist, and married to a jew. You honestly think the jews dont shi…[View]
122397753Daily reminder that there's no reason to explore the southern ice cap of mars and going there w…[View]
122398989How did he turn out so fucked up? What went wrong, /pol/?[View]
122391473All bantz aside, you Pajeets are alright with me, I'd prefer white australia, but I'll tak…[View]
122401450What army is against Israel? If you had to pick one to join which of these would you defect to?[View]
122399205How has the average giraffe affected your life today?[View]
122397571>Dami Im is a Korean-born Australian >Im is known for achieving the highest ever Eurovision sc…[View]
122399566I am hard /pol/ https://en.news-front.info/2017/04/23/le-pen-takes-action-to-protect-assange-and-sno…[View]
122400800Redpill me on Mormons: I have a buddy I met in the military who was raised Mormon. This guy was rais…[View]
122400313Who wins? 1,000,000 pissed off muslims vs. Donald Trump.[View]
122400687pretty crazy how downhill trump presidency went when this guy got out.[View]
122400688I can't take it /pol/, I want to fight (((them))) but (((they))) always seem to be one step ahe…[View]
122398715OK, before I get real drunk. Time- 1930 to present The Jew thing in a nutshell- /pol/ version >wh…[View]
122399258Why is our intelligence service the only one in the world actually capable of stopping terror attack…[View]
122400680Comfy architecture and aesthetics thread. Pol, aesthetics and design often dictate the state of mind…[View]
122400677Why is japan so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwNTjlEpJD0&ab_channel=BlicknachOsten…[View]
122379374Climate Change: How can you possibly refute this other than 'hurrr liberals want it gotta be edgy an…[View]
122400377Who made the Negro?: And which came first the pygmy or the Negro? True Black Africans appear as a re…[View]
122385690Sibbling has gone full retard: Haven't spoken to my sister in a long while, and decide to catch…[View]
122399924America needs to be in the Middle East: The Middle East is a valuable region on the planet. It has m…[View]
122397204How do we make Germany go full nazi again, /pol/? How do we unfuck, uncuck, and clean out all of tho…[View]
122400395Are frogs the most democratic, free, strong nation in Europe? As much as I hate the bastards, whenev…[View]
122397793Can we have some respect for the real Americans fighting real fascism in Syria?[View]
122397877Aryan Queen: Why didn't you vote for a Strong Aryan woman, but instead or an Israeli cuckboy? E…[View]
122397599Should all plastic surgery be legal in the US?: if you can get your penis turned inside out, why not…[View]
122398388ITT: We own the French Election: GO-GO-GO, let's post pro-Le Pen content to repost on twitter h…[View]
122399782French election meme dump: A few meme templates I threw together to help out in this thread >>…[View]
122397503remember sage in all fields faggots. a lot of you anons say sage but, never do so in all fields[View]
122399664Stupid Drumpfkins, now that the world is united in protesting for science, it's only a matter o…[View]
122370698The Left and ((('''Science'''))): Does anyone else hate science and scientists? NGT, Bill Nye, skinn…[View]
122399590Make France great again[View]
122361565what 2 countries have the worst borders?[View]
122399405Le Pen doesn't want to go full 14/88 on da jooz, clearly this guy is the better option[View]
122397225Proved reason > feels: and objectivity > subjectivity. Succeeded, even though conservatives h…[View]
122397804Question for IT autists: Is it possible for someone to fuck with my net ? Got a 502 bad gateway on t…[View]
122399035German Crime stats - BKA PKS to be released this monday: News media already got a preview of our cri…[View]
122397443Uh oh, Drumpftards! looks like Drumpfy is concerned and sweating as impeachment is just around the c…[View]
122387969Why are we still talking when there's SCIENCE to do?[View]
122397785Do you ever feel like we've got it wrong? Like we're focusing inwards instead of outwards …[View]
122398755I always trusted my jew bank: But then when I made a billion dollars for them, within two weeks they…[View]
122383509Racism is why people voted for Trump, it motivated them. A lot.[View]
122398448It's happening!: >http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/23/japanese-ships-join-us-carrier-…[View]
122355218Anything happen with this guy yet?[View]
122347829Are you guys in? http://officialproudboys.com/news/the-kids-are-alt-knights/[View]
122398141/celibacy general/: Who else enjoying the life of a celibate here? How long you've done this fo…[View]
122397962Bing > Google: debating some degenerate about LGBT faggotry and in particular intersex...searched…[View]
122385116What makes White People think they are Superior?[View]
122398107GO GO GO[View]
122377282>My name is Kate. I’m 32 years old. I’ve never had sex. >When I was young, I always imagined I…[View]
122393696Post your Ancestry: I didn't get my image edited by the time last thread finished. Here's …[View]
122397730Can Jèb Bûsh actually win the French Presidential election?: I've been hearing talk about a Bûs…[View]
122397436Damn right! I don't see nothing wrong. Society keeps us in a box with limitations and shame. Do…[View]
122391857Who should I vote for?: I'm at the French Consulate in Hawaii, I need a quick answer as to who …[View]
122389062Would you rather your race die to save your nation? Or your nation die to save your die?[View]
122389330Well Drumpfkins? Where are all the anti-Christian Republicans, alt-right protestors against Christia…[View]
122395604What good have white people done for the world? What have you created? What have you started that wa…[View]
122397177Should LSD be Legalized?[View]
122395789What does it mean?: I painted Kek and Moonman when I was 7. I am now 21 (7+7+7).[View]
122396741D-Day for France.: Make France great again ![View]
122397364why dont we deregulate and lower gov spending 99%: capitalism works socialism does not socialism is…[View]
122396804Antifa is getting armed. What about you?[View]
122396358why do white women want to imitate shitskins?: do they not realize what makes them valuable is their…[View]
122373750French Election Result Thread: Get in here. Two post-blackout polls both show a Le Pen surge after t…[View]
122397133>you will never be white[View]
122397219NSBM: thoughts on NSBM? You get killer black metal riffs, and the lyrics aren't liberal shit ab…[View]
122395940French Pepes: Post your rarest french pepes for Lepen![View]
122396790Daily reminder Antifa Abuse Children: https://secretsurvivorsofbamn.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/letter-…[View]
122395273Why do Americans not have universal healthcare? Why do they like paying absurd amounts of money for …[View]
122396545What's your favorite anime /pol/ mine is one piece[View]
122396716MFW I've never dated an Aussie girl 26 YO and only dated >British >Irish >South Africa…[View]
122397003Can't Joult the Coult. April 27, 2017: For those of you joining our Queen in battle, I commend …[View]
122397125Prince Charles: What's up with this guy? He's next to throne after the Queen dies, right?…[View]
122395953What does /pol/ think about persians? Are they ok or should they be nuked?[View]
122397058Whites/Blacks maximizing societal resources.: 17th century Europeans venturing in the Americas faced…[View]
122396656I know Spencer is probably a CIA psyop and has hurt the right in a lot of ways but his speeches stil…[View]
122397040French Socialists might die: If their candidate gets less than 5% of the vote the state won't r…[View]
122386511Well /pol/?[View]
122393207The Cannabilisation of Free-Markets: Can you redpill me on why free-markets with open borders eventu…[View]
122396814help your country: I cant say much. I know youve seen the list I need to know how many of the names …[View]
122394407@hopeNotHate is violent and undemocratic: 'Hope Not Hate' is a violent and undemocratic. A…[View]
122391852Trump wants to deport this.[View]
122395939City people voted for Macron. Only suburban and rural retards voted for Le Pen[View]
122396889Aryan Queen: Imagine her laying next to you whispering sweet nothings into your ear like >stupid …[View]
122390619The media isn't fake. Only the kooky old man pretending to be our president is.[View]
122396869>mfw I realized the jewish agenda is really just a myth to marginalize young white impressionable…[View]
122387862Poll: Is weed degenerate?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12806806[View]
122394169Chelsea Mackie -Made a false rape accusation against 2 men -Two innocent men were held in prison for…[View]
122396655Why are you too much of a pussy to just admit you're racist when a liberal asks you?[View]
122396794The reaponse to 1984: The response to 1984.[View]
122381977> four masters degrees in film, literature, poetry, creative writing > two PhDs in film and wr…[View]
122390533What happens if Macron wins?: Would anything actually change in France if Macron won? I mean we know…[View]
122396672DO YOU EVEN BILL COOPER?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHXdz4ApxOQ[View]
122396609Please stop driving your gas chambers folks http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/04/21/maher-were-gas…[View]
122395651Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
122396568ANTICOM - GENERAL: What is Anticom? Anticom is a group of conservatives, not to be confused with Nat…[View]
122396566Melenchon Madness: Who Melenchon here?[View]
122388069FREEDOM!!!: I just realized that I'm free. Between being raised by women who pushed a pro-woman…[View]
122396553Apologise, americunts[View]
122395249This is the Google doodle today, St George's day, in the United Kingdom. It celebrates a tradit…[View]
122396423Domestic terrorist: Bikelock pansyfa: Thank fellow autist who made this collection: Bike lock attack…[View]
122394306Most punchable faces thread.[View]
122394900French election: Western regions will fuck us over: These faggots have almost no muslims so they alw…[View]
122390671Hahahahahahahaahhahahahahhahha oh fug[View]
122395995So today is the day Le-pen will surprise the entire world. Did you vote for her guys? If so, do you …[View]
122392658Time is Ticking: May 13th[View]
122392051Are girls who smoke marijuana sluts?: Do they sleep around with anyone? Are they easier to get into …[View]
122394568Notice how the audience gets quiet when he brings up slavery in the joke. Faggots just laughed at ki…[View]
122396259does trump fall under the DSM-IV category for narcissistic personality disorder?[View]
122395324Youtube videos of National Socialists speaking. Something inspiring[View]
122392757>>122385036 just got back from the polling booths and i vote for Macron not all muslims are te…[View]
122392202>I HAD SEX WITH LIKE 150 WOMEN Dealing with an alpha male right here. How many kids do you think …[View]
122382098What the fuck went so horribly wrong in St. Louis, /pol/? Can it be fixed, or is it fucked for good?[View]
122389427/brg/ Boston Rally General: Light of Liberty Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a fr…[View]
122387101Someone redpill me on Brazil: Brazil, demographically speaking, looks very similar to where the US i…[View]
122396090Laugh at Americans thread: >'Ten times Trump asked [German chancellor Angela Merkel] if he could …[View]
122394455Matrix Joke: Crazy right?[View]
122394682Have we all come to accept the fact WW3 isnt going to happen? The law of comfortability doesnt just …[View]
122378616>Burn down 2 historical churches >Stab friend to death 21 times >Go to jail for 18 years …[View]
122392394Once Europe becomes a shithole, will the migrants who came here leave?[View]
122375649This is what the left believes.[View]
122395931true redpilld[View]
122377517Bible Fucking Revisions...: Ok so is said that the bible was written 1,500 years ago by 40 different…[View]
122395605WW3 starting May 13th[View]
122392964Why do feminists never mention that a large majority of the only men who catcall are 'economically d…[View]
122393039Islamic Terrorist with Knife Shot by Cops, Yells 'Allahu Akbar': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06_…[View]
122392165Bill Maher calls liberals 'babies': https://youtu.be/EclzaQYZPRw He is turning on his own people.…[View]
122383404TFW America beat Japan when it comes to robuts.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h5qpXO3isM…[View]
122395816How can I help fight antifa/commie scum?: As violence breaks out more and more between the left and …[View]
122395760/pol/ is brigaded by Antifa. Post triggering pictures.[View]
122395776mods: why do anti antifa thread keep getting fucked?[View]
122395746WW3 Prediction Thread: What the fuck is going to happen /pol/[View]
122385364Why are they so hateful?[View]
122394251White Genocide Debunked: >dont reply if you didnt at least read and fully understand point #5 1. …[View]
122365691Alright bros, this is war. Pic related is Canadian faggots lining up to vote against 'extremism' in …[View]
122395598Based NYC cab driver wears Nazi armband on the job... 'Im not supposed to be mixing business with pl…[View]
122385109*blocks your path* How will you prepare yourself to fight against Antifa when they rally at your hom…[View]
122384926Post your favorite right wing symbol. I'll start[View]
122391900Explain this /pol/[View]
122392943Okay, someone explain this. The circumstances leading to said event and what will presently happen.[View]
122395512Perfect women don't exi- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/04/22/marion-m…[View]