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138755977ANTIFA self-BTFO'd: Feral ANTIFA member punches another ANTIFA member because he thought he loo…[View]
138756996Will you be unemployed in ten years: >people flipping burgers will be replaced by a machine >s…[View]
138783733Who Would Win? The Sun or DRUMPF: I think we all know the answer to this, right?[View]
138785231Communists and socialists don't deserve freedom of speech and we cannot afford it. They refuse …[View]
138785215Palestine: Boys we need to get our country back[View]
138762664Sargon Of Cuckland answers nazi comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixtDh6hEehU[View]
138781781Hitler as a Jewish white supremacist?: How was Hitler able to secure his place as the leader of the …[View]
138752884That's the motherfucking Nazi script. She is /ourgirl/[View]
138781358So how do we stop forum sliding on /pol/?[View]
138780706Why are the manlets the master-race?[View]
138774000Pope = High Priest Of Dagon: The word “dragon” comes from the word “Dagon” one of, if not the, oldes…[View]
138784889How long before the next war?[View]
138784582Sweden is really lost. Just look at those comments. Ppl complain of nigegrs saying 'we wuz kangz' bu…[View]
138776651Wow. Just wow.[View]
138779578My family believes that just because homosexuality isn't a choice, it's socially acceptabl…[View]
138784498SWEDEN BTFO: SWEDISH SPIES GET FREE SUBMARINE RIDES >http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/euro…[View]
138781933How to spot Antifa: Posted without comment but I guess that in itself is a comment *shifty eyes*…[View]
138783494Named Bigeotry: Should the name Lee be banned? and can BLM get reparations from China? How can Asia…[View]
138784437#buytwitter #banntrump: Yes they are trying to buy twitter and the bann POTUS but desu i want it to …[View]
138784183Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
138779333Domestic Violence meme campaign #2: This is a meme campaign - find domestic violence pictures and ad…[View]
138783757Why don't white nationalists start their own country? The niggers have one.[View]
138784212Being white will soon be crime in America, who are the cucks now burgers?[View]
138745468Meme ball thread: Meme ball thread boys. Bonus points for commie memes.[View]
138784340So what's the skinny? Is he a fed yet?[View]
138784275Le glorious revolution xddddd: What did they mean by this?[View]
138780487Starting to look like Trump's pee tape wasn't fake news after all. Why would he lie about …[View]
138784217Prove it wrong: Pro tip: you can't.[View]
138778922Does anyone have the racism - black population comparison maps? I saw it the other day and thought I…[View]
138771780Let me get this straight. Hitler wanted to empower white people by exterminating Jews but he ultimat…[View]
138784109How do I make sure my kids don't turn out to be degenerates?[View]
138778679/pol/ will defend this[View]
138784162New HWNDU Thread - Continued: I'm not the OP from the acrhived thread.[View]
138784157HWNDU part 2: UPDATE, We're trying to put the ladder, it's not easy, trying to make no sou…[View]
138780951I don't get it goyim: 'white pride' is somehow supposed to be analogous to and the successor of…[View]
138779914Terrorism and Refugees: So I mentioned the Spain attacks to my brother, and I told him that the terr…[View]
138783192Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
138784095#BlowUpMtRushmore: Donald Trump says removing confederate statues is a slippery slope that could get…[View]
138784090So, soccer moms are getting a little out of hand now a days. The principal at Stratford High School …[View]
138784075It is the year 2047: Japanese traps and Thai ladyboys have risen in prominence to become the number …[View]
138784049What are we going to do about the media attempting to bring down the Trump admin through leftist pro…[View]
138784047>See son, daddy got blown to pieces while playing world police and fighting kids a little older t…[View]
138783622ATTENTION ALL OF MY TACTICAL TWATTER USERS: I have a false flag account, Das Racist (@racistdas), wh…[View]
138783987Interview: >'It says here you said, 'fuck all the niggers and jews caused 9/11 in June 8th 2014' …[View]
138743627EU Superpower: Do you support the idea of the EU becoming a United States of Europe - a proper super…[View]
138783724WHY CANT POL JUST AGREE HES PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
138777626MERKEL REGRETS LETTING IN MIGRANTS: Merkel admits she regrets letting in the migrants. Things may st…[View]
138783896Lipstick alley nigresses hating on white people: What's the consensus of this salt mine? Litera…[View]
138739849Is communism comfy?[View]
138780775Trump's KKK Family: Ok pol, can we get a fact check on this please![View]
138780947Is pol ready for the race war on Saturday?[View]
138776761Why do white nationalists have an image problem? Why aren't we the powerful, the beautiful, and…[View]
138780774>live in hyperreal postintersectional genderqueer PC neoauthoritarian augmented reality post mora…[View]
138777583Why do wh*Te subhumans think they would win in a race war?: We've already seen that they get th…[View]
138783572Gnosticism is literally Antisemite: The Religion: Why aren't you a gnostic yet, /pol?[View]
138782969Asians outraged by removal of Asian-American announcer at ESPN: >denounces leftism >aware of t…[View]
138783568Where are all the traditional women?: I just want a pure virgin qt gf to spend the rest of my life w…[View]
138781332How did we go from having a world leading space program to becoming the fucking 'muh race' laughing …[View]
138783515ITT pathetic losses by pathetic countries: Lemme start >literally losing to Paraguay…[View]
138783488Why are you guys so mad at blacks for fucking white women to ensure their kids get the white intelli…[View]
138759428Hatred of jews is irrationa-[View]
138783424>People still think the USA didn't lose the Vietnam War Every almond, activated at once.…[View]
138782178/POL/ affecting you in real life stories: >be aussie >weekend away in Cancun, Mexico. >stay…[View]
138780498where my Conrads at??[View]
138780389Base black man https://youtu.be/yCUmdVVVT5w[View]
138781234>americans will defend this: Why do texans and their ilk like to bang animals?[View]
138783275COOL VIBRATIONS[View]
138783102Jack Posobiec: Is there a cringier conservative? Seriously ever demo he and his disciples have been …[View]
138776612Start watching porn.[View]
138767314REDPILL ME on Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Was he in the right or wrong on his alien findings? What were his …[View]
138782195Drone warfare: Who will use a drone for terrorism first, and how? Explosives or chemicals? Islam or …[View]
138783162Just a little reminder...: As many seem to be trapped in white (((nationalism))) of Goldman Sachs Th…[View]
138778808will i see the awakening of the white man in my lifetime?: i'm only 18 and things in the world …[View]
138780625Abos seeking more gibs from The Salt Mines...: Apparently selling soil to someone to use as fill els…[View]
1387820223 9/11s have been committed by firearm this year in the US: >RWNJs will defend this…[View]
138775154Germany preparing for war?: >The Bundesbank said Wednesday that 91 metric tons (100.3 tons) of go…[View]
138782795comedy: can we have a comedy thread ???? posts for niggers and jews get extra bonus[View]
138770223Hello, american cucks. LA just banned men from Manspreading: Manspreading – the practice of sitting …[View]
138761759To further make the Left look ridiculous, we need to make the term 'Cyber Nazi' a thing. Just listen…[View]
138778322WHO WOULD WIN: An army of antifa leftists and commiefags? Or some white guy alone in the woods?…[View]
138780114Auschwitz: Lets make Auschwitz a 5 star Jewish summer resort on Yelp.[View]
138763133Why did everyone forget about Hillary using a look-a-like impersonator after her 9/11 health scare?:…[View]
138781755Would you rather kill jews or white traitors antifa /pol/?[View]
138782539Today I came to the conclusion we won't have peace and decency until we eliminate communists, a…[View]
138779621Why are white nationalists better looking than civic cucks?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_bB5at…[View]
138773789/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138782595Has this place not heard of the phrase 'opposites attract'? Sometimes the opposite of your race is w…[View]
138777201Relax, nothing will happen. There will be no WW3, economic collapse, end of civilization, race war, …[View]
138780811Is the Red Army Choir /ourchoir/?: They make the best music ever, literally nothing can compare to t…[View]
138779734Perhaps 'Wife with a Purpose' needs to find another church: http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_…[View]
138781827my country is dead and my people are hollow: how can i save them?[View]
138782471Well /pol/? Is blue a wise hero or a hateful bigot?[View]
138766747ISIS message after Barcelona's attack: >ISIS numale threatens: 'Al-Andalus (Spain) will be m…[View]
138782151>mfw blue collar retards think they deserve any respect[View]
138782429You all forgot that quick! Like nothing happened! The sun turned understandably its face away from a…[View]
138782421American police stop being a joke and get your shit together.: I mean i'ts not because in my co…[View]
138782412New HWNDU live stream: Is this a new shia project ? youtube : Everett Tweakers Live Stream[View]
138777326Infidels: You dirty scum turned your backs on Kek (Praise be to him) and sided with the normalfag Al…[View]
138752693Whose side will you take?[View]
138782275Another Russian diplomat kiled: >Eight months after the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karl…[View]
138779477Besta Pizza has a Sphinx in it: Video from 2010 talks about Pan, MKUltra, The Sphinx, Crowley, Moon …[View]
138774146Are LGBT people mentally ill?[View]
138780581Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
138745953is she wrong?[View]
138771984Podesta: US Marshal anon legit ? So what's the deal here is skippy in jail? Did he get flipped?…[View]
138773139What is your opinion on your police force, anon?[View]
138771952I give up. The right is becoming too popular, and I'm starting to think the right is right. I t…[View]
138773640We're planning to take the flag in 2 hours, literally rushing in, who wants to come and help? I…[View]
138775820Russian Father murders wife after lengthy divorce and wife running off with spic: What does /pol/ th…[View]
138778413Big Swedish medical study: Put strings on your dildos: The safety string could prevent dildos from g…[View]
138781894Fellow antifa's: First of all: Im a member of the North NJ antifa (hence the pic). But really t…[View]
138773520How pure are you?: I am over 95% pure.[View]
138781372Civil War in the USA will Never Happen: >Wants to start a second civil war but can't even wi…[View]
138781855https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4308989/venice-mayor-terror-attack-warning/ Is this /ourmayor/?…[View]
138781815Failures of Communism: Just thought i'd drop a failure of communism, feel free to drop your own…[View]
138781328useless niggers: why are niggers so fucking useless they cant even swim ??? the article from bbc is …[View]
138777284It's happening, maybe?: Prepare yourself... see left.[View]
138773141CHRIS CANTWELL TURNING HIMSELF IN: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/23/white-nationalist…[View]
138777580Indoeuropean Supremacists-General How do we purge Europe from Finns and Hungs?[View]
138746821Jesus Christ she really does sound like a fucking robot http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada…[View]
138766423WARNONG FRIENDS! RED ALERT! KLANAZI SUPER PLAN DISCOVRD!: Presented by Russian in 2008 predicting th…[View]
138761482How liberal are the Universities you attend /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrJfH2Hrb2o…[View]
138765685ITT We talk about countries that SHOULD exist.[View]
138778400>Tfw just got redpilled on South Africa How do we kill all of these niggers? Is there even an arg…[View]
138781320So how do we prevent Antifa from gaining a foothold in American and Canada? My guess is they are sta…[View]
138781341Lets get Antifa labeled as a terrorist organization: Lets get antifa labeled as terrorists, official…[View]
138756911Sheriff Joe Arpaio: In a drastic move to help ease racial tensions Trump prepares pardon for ol Joey…[View]
138774025I'm tired of hearing the all whites are racist and we should kill them rhetoric. A lot of white…[View]
138774103Lügenpresse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jts0jHaUlA Excellent video compiled by Shuttershot. Yo…[View]
138781183What's his name? Armed man wearing tye dye shirt attempts to cut down tarp covering Robert E. L…[View]
138775571Most white converts to Islam are women.: It shows that women know what's good for them. They a…[View]
138768253Hillary says that Trump brutally bullied her almost to tears in the debate. Defend this, /pol/. Defe…[View]
138780226How do we counteract ideological subversion on /pol/? With the infux of R*dditors and phoneposters e…[View]
138780152Capitalism is simply the greatest system, if only there weren't jews, then we'd have capit…[View]
138775039Merkel shown playing Farming Simulator: What do you think is going on in her head right now?[View]
138778047Holy shit these anti-trump retards are really fucking desperate[View]
138780113THE WALL questions/arguments/implementation? >will trump keep his promise to build a wall? >…[View]
138777153India Hate Thread: Daily reminder that India is literally the shittiest country in every possible wa…[View]
138772240Monkeys don't know how to operate a manual. Why haven't you taken the stick shift pill yet…[View]
138779972LIVE - Rick Wiles: Marxist Media Responds To President Trump's Arizona Rally: LIVE - Rick Wiles…[View]
138779927Finland asylum seekers plan march to Sweden: http://archive.is/ck8Ic >a group of mostly Iraqi asy…[View]
138771484Let this be a warning to you Alt-Right Nazis: Auntie Maxine is OFF LIMITS! YOU HAGE BEEN WARNED![View]
138768885Know your place wh*Te supremacists: This is /pol irl[View]
138779865I have prosthagnus like lazlo fekete, a worlds strongest man from hungary. I hear alot that prosthag…[View]
138772468Can someone explain a dumb Euro whether the Confederacy was all about slavery or about money or abou…[View]
138776510Why are white supremacists so afraid of being 'exposed' or 'named'? Why do you all use le secret cod…[View]
138772941BAN ASSAULT TRUCKS - EU listens to /pol/: they actually banned assault trucks kek[View]
138777786The Jews have overplayed their hand for the last time.: For over 2000 years the kikes have controlle…[View]
138757947ITS REALLY HAPPENING!: United Nations Issues Rare 'Early Warning' - Signals Potential Civil Conflict…[View]
138777025Impeach him NOW![View]
138779628This le aryen fidget spinner[View]
138756270HAPPENING, pop concert in Netherlands evacuated because of terror threat: http://www.dailystar.co.uk…[View]
138779424Is there a more based revolutionary army than the American colonists?[View]
138776353What makes Jews smarter than goys?[View]
138778955YHYL Thread Lets GO[View]
138777080The blacks can't make technol-[View]
138775724want to know the reddest pill of all?: The only reason Hitler got into power was because his signifi…[View]
138760295Free Speech is Racist: You do not have the right to express hate speech. If you consider yourself a …[View]
138771820Brit/pol/ - Brit on Holiday in America edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column sho…[View]
138778932Statue of Jewish Confederate slave owner David Levy Yulee stands untouched in Florida: Alright /pol,…[View]
138773757Meme campaign - find domestic violence pictures and add tag line 'it's ok, she's a nazi.'[View]
138779088What is wrong with indian muslims?: Do they watch too much Pallywood?[View]
138759762What's the literal worst country in the whole world?[View]
138779030207 Pineridge Ln Charlottesville, Va 22911 Organizer of Unite The Right Jason Kessler[View]
138777437third world: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-17/sweden-gains-south-korea-reigns-as-w…[View]
138778832/pol/ poetry thread: I was inspired to write a holocaust-denial themed villanelle. Show me your best…[View]
138778795Bank for Int'l Settlements, IMF & SDR;s: The fuck, people?: >a financial institution own…[View]
138776215Is daenerys targaryen a kike?: >inbred as fuck > constantly reminds everyone how she survived …[View]
138776603Antifa hates niggers: Once we defeat the evil Trump capitalist regime, these lazy niggers on welfare…[View]
138739263>tfw Bolivia is the Hungary of Latin America[View]
138777702Republican Party Discord Link: A8uQCUd Hello /pol/, Power is a new online US politics game where you…[View]
138778730So is /pol/ a centre-right/civnat board now? For better or worse, that seems to be the way the wind …[View]
138774865Remember guys removing statues of Confederate generals and flags from government buldings will effec…[View]
138778647When you just made a new country and leave your kids alone with it for a couple centuries and they…[View]
138764776Trump is LOSING HIS MIND!?: Does Huff have a point on this one? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/…[View]
138778517Can we start memeing the idea that Hitler would support antifa?[View]
138777346YFW we will win[View]
138778443>/pol/ thinks these people secretly run the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thihXcZXOsU…[View]
138778350/pol/ 2016: This dude is making Milo look like a scared little pussy. Milo use to be all about the …[View]
138765847Can Reddit become /pol/?: The_Donald aside, can we Co-opt and disrupt Reddit echo chambers like /r/p…[View]
138778243>KKK shows up to unite the right >Nazi LARPers show up >White supremacists show up >le p…[View]
138778169Well /Pol/ https://youtu.be/jPWbWPkqhBg[View]
138777269What are Amerimutts and Indishits have in common?[View]
138775695Have you guys heard of the six genders of classical Judaism ??[View]
138774497Donald Trump Will Resign and It Will Happen ‘Suddenly,’ Predicts Keith Olbermann: HAHAHAHAHHA- peopl…[View]
138777058Jews Explore Surgery To Reverse Circumcisions: >With President Donald Trump coming clean about hi…[View]
138777917Now that both have had semi career ending events, is it okay to say I like both?[View]
138776752There will only be true equality between the genders when men stop thinking women are pretty. So the…[View]
138777737What went wrong?[View]
138776613Was Nazi Germany the first Beta Uprising?: Think about it >Goebbels is some club footed midget …[View]
138758136Syria General /sg/- Feasting On Gains Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
138772808Is Gender Studies a Redpilled University Degree for Conservatives?: Think about it >Whole unit on…[View]
138772805NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: >A student who had sex with his teacher at Brooklyn's infamous 'Ho…[View]
138777542Lets get Antifa labeled as a terrorist organization: Lets get antifa labeled as terrorists, official…[View]
138777535good night white side: After Boston’s huge protest, neo-Nazis cancel rallies in 36 states http://rev…[View]
138777142whats /pol/'s opinion on the popularity of zombie apocalypses in todays fiction? Pandering to n…[View]
138770863If your country is not bilingual: Then your people are stupid.[View]
138745331Why do you think it's so important to have kids? You save so much time and money without those …[View]
138776821/pol/, we need to talk.: By now it's clear to everyone except the truly insane that this man is…[View]
138777193Fucking Baby Boomers[View]
138768899Muslim population not even 1% in Brazil: Only good thing about this shithole[View]
138761530>fell for the ancestry DNA jew >find out that I'm 20% Jewish European WHY DIDN'T ANY…[View]
138772806Planet Earth is guaranteed to be 90%+ within few centuries: Currently, entire western world is domin…[View]
138773564So I was asked my gender to register an account today and... Oh no!: So I was asked my gender to reg…[View]
138773148>NO! THE LEFT ARE TERRORISTS!: >NO! THE RIGHT ARE TERRORISTS? Are we all fucking retarded? Why…[View]
138747461On the subject of some form of Anarchism working in Catalonia: Hello /pol/ peeps I have a question f…[View]
138771403Robert Chi Lee. What does everyone think?[View]
138772015Are Jews Really Bad?: So Ill start by acknowledging that most forms of destruction of culture in the…[View]
138776900So have these losers been kicked off the internet forever or will the Jews have mercy one day and le…[View]
138771147Heather Heyer Is A Martyr: You killed her /pol/. It was fun to laugh at the leftists as we were win…[View]
138755595POO in LOO education system: So apparently this video got viral, an indian mother tormenting her dau…[View]
138776872How many cardboard toy shields have you made for the White Uprising, /pol/?[View]
138774094What did he not say?: We can't get him on what he said, so let's talk about what he did no…[View]
138775899stuff: words cause of filter?[View]
138776203The next level: Pol and DS are/were good at redpilling and maybe thats it. That's fine of cours…[View]
138775733Why is nobody talking about Trump expanding the war in Afghanistan?[View]
138776581Post your most nationalistic march. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Quuc1-50I84[View]
138776555/pol/ in mainstream culture: Has nu-M00t ever thought about copyrighting all our memes ? Or forcing …[View]
138775937I'm doing an interview soon for the rallies in San Francisco over the phone. Should i drop the…[View]
138744050Powerball lottery: What is /pol/ opinion of lotteries? Did any of you bought some powerball tickets …[View]
138776410Where my normies be at?[View]
138773863Cuck Worship: Joseph: How did you get pregnant? You're a virgin! Mary: Oy Vey! I was raped by a…[View]
138765147Hey /pol/, remember when we used to be libertarian? Back before all the alt-right statistics and r/t…[View]
138776270This is a boy in the year 2017.[View]
138775422Skin heads and Antifa. What's the difference pol? Ultimatly, what do these to roving band of mo…[View]
138768264I just found out my mom and sister have been watching drag shows with my nephew. He's 4. I nea…[View]
138773006Next to be homeless /pol/, i'm near LA in CA.. Should i move there and live near the beach? Ho…[View]
138774890THE COMING ECONOMIC HAPPENING: How are you preparing for the coming economic downturn, /pol/? Banks …[View]
138771093/pol/ how old were you when you found out that you where sold into wage slavery because your ancesto…[View]
138764584Jews thread: Hey /pol/ so I've recently dived into all these conspiracy theories and quickly fo…[View]
138750486HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why is all social media so fucking left, Snapchat, Facebook, fucking Christ >'…[View]
138735834Part 3 of the interview with the Dutch Banker is out: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, pizzagate…[View]
138773260Communists cant into art-: Right. Communists make the best statues (pic related are just examples, t…[View]
138775605Sex is bluepilled, it makes you addicted to it and ruins your ability to concentrate on more importa…[View]
138775859HATE FREE ZONE?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7KiNWJ8FiYg how are these the good guys?[View]
138767847I heard Hitler was fighting against bolshevism, but not against slavs Is it true pol ? I really feel…[View]
138761792pagan h8 thread[View]
138771215How do I live with the duality of my own existence?: I have been struggling with a few things, /pol/…[View]
138775621How I redpilled my liberal uncle: I’m usually a lurker but thought I would add my 2 cents. My uncle …[View]
138761378BE VERY AFRAID /POL/: ....best prepare your anguses![View]
138756828College Tips?: Hey /pol/, college fag here. I attend a small liberal arts school in the US and I…[View]
138773692Was it true?: >>138757947 >>138769957 >>138767532[View]
138773334TRANSGENDERISM: Hi /pol/ Redpill me on transgenderism. I'm having a hefty debate with 2 women o…[View]
138775248Better yourself: Upgrades across the board haha[View]
138773123What's the best political position and why? Please go into detail, because I really miss old /p…[View]
138759557>ancaps will defend this: more degeneracy is impossible[View]
138761080What happened to the hippie subculture? Would they be Alt-Right or Alt-Left?[View]
138757370LOL molymeem got btfo by a fascist >n-not an argument >gubmit is ebil talking points no matter…[View]
138773608Is Quebec the only rational nation in North America?[View]
138757514What's /pol/'s take on Lutherans? This is about to be my first semester at a Lutheran univ…[View]
138770732What do liberals mean when they say being open minded?[View]
138773722>United States >60% white >rich as fuck >Europe >90%+ white >can't even compe…[View]
138774831So this dude i smoked weed with way back in the day went and chimped out in this deli http://wgme.c…[View]
138774673Self-improvement thread: Self-improvement thread. What are you doing to be a better man, /pol/?…[View]
138740353Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Schande Editon: Upcoming events: 24.09.2017 GENERAL ELECTION 15.10.20…[View]
138766840The war isn't over, it's just begun: They're doubling down, hard. This is modern day …[View]
138769440Elite Insider - George Green: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG3Gsi_ivqU This is Mr. Green, a f…[View]
138773501Redpill me on Egypt: It was once considered the greatest culture the world has ever seen and today i…[View]
138749932You ready for this?: Civil War is coming to america.[View]
138768480B T F O: Brutal[View]
138773240The smartest?: Is he the greatest example of intelligence humankind has to offer?[View]
138772721Why do muslims pretend that they dont love men?[View]
138772782Tell me about the Rape of Belgium, /pol/.[View]
138774205>tfw asian male >tfw STD-infected asian females suddenly take interest in us, after trump gets…[View]
138774440ITT: prove me wrong: women can drive just as well as men and the right wing shouldn't cloud the…[View]
138768859PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BAITED EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
1387743974chan stop this monster: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-george-soros-terrorist-an…[View]
138774348IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING: Muslims plan another van-based terror attack in Europe at a Dutch concert v…[View]
138773268Women are objects: You know it, I know it, even women know it. In light of this fact I encourage you…[View]
138774287Lets get Antifa labeled as a terrorist organization: Lets get antifa labeled as terrorists, official…[View]
138773487I really think the pee tape exists and russia is using it as blackmail. Why else would trump NEVER s…[View]
138770153Hitler did nothing wrong.[View]
138772851New technology: On which political side are new technology ? Are computers right-wing and smartphon…[View]
138773957Woman only tribe. How is this possible?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrnmBLB-UX4[View]
138768422Trump is Stalin: Should we meme that Trump is liter4lly Stalin? Antifa would be extremely butthurt a…[View]
138763854Dress like a white man https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2017/08/22/neo-…[View]
138773945Feminists nu-males BTFO by women: Women are attacking beta liberals lol Tig Notaro: Louis C.K. Needs…[View]
138773934Stephen King's IT Thread: Post anything you want MEME's or other Steven King related swag…[View]
138772661Is Christianity the final redpill?: The more I see the things happening in the western world, the mo…[View]
138771346Africa: Why do they breed so fucking much[View]
138771723Trump demanded McConnell 'protect him' from Russia investigations: And now McConnell is a …[View]
138772887What's to be made of this? FBI larp, CIA mental warfare or run of the mill merchant tricks?: Tr…[View]
138771168Why are white people so bloodthirsty?[View]
138771829>NSA chief says 'when, not if' foreign country hacks U.S. infrastructure http://www.reu…[View]
138771236If you fully disavow the alt-right and its policies, what policies do you support? How are they diff…[View]
138768237/pol/: WARNING.You have no free speech here. Actual other truths will never appear here. It is contr…[View]
138767692Why do some people prepare for apocalypse with survivalism? I don't want to live in a SHTF worl…[View]
138773553Redpill documentaries: Some of the best redpill material out there comes from the Mondo film genre. …[View]
138771578Is this what brazilians are really like? gab.ai/mde https://youtu.be/emYnT8HyZpc[View]
138773388Why is the far left so terrified of nature?[View]
138756311The state of South Africa: http://www.dailysun.co.za/News/National/he-pokes-me-and-never-pays-201708…[View]
138773272Message to Steve Bannon. Fuck you, and fuck Israel.[View]
138773194Not gonna lie, former Trump supporter here, it's kinda hilarious watching him crash and burn. B…[View]
138765985Anyone else just want america to burn to the ground and for russia to rule the world?[View]
138771063POLCUCKS MASSIVELY BTFO: POWERFUL Drumpf is getting impeached. Bannon is under house arrest for hate…[View]
138772762What did they mean by this?[View]
138765098Creating fake Alt Right/White Nationalist rallies to fuck with Antifa: Not quite sure if someone cam…[View]
138771296This video talks about Besta swirls in 2011 and whistleblowing?: This video talks about Besta swirls…[View]
138772994WHAT THE FUCK CENSUS BUREAU: Just filling out the census for college graduates TRIGGERED, this is no…[View]
138772991what happened to thailand?: I always wondered why a capitalist democratic place like Thailand would …[View]
138772907Was this the Tuesday Happening?: 'Glenn Simpson, the former journalist who helped compile the Russia…[View]
138761215Political Compass: If you ain't red you better be dead. This is a left-wing board.[View]
138772847Military Industrial Complex in a Nutshell: Its like NASCAR lol[View]
138760531How do we fix the American education system?[View]
138733119'My skin crawled': Hillary Clinton recalls dealing with 'creep' Trump in Book: …[View]
138766358WE WUZ NUMENORIANS N SHEIT: Previous thread with proof from bodhi mantra: >>138738966 Time to …[View]
138752324>Holocaust survivor: This is not the America I came to >Sonia K. is a Holocaust survivor who w…[View]
138767561let's settle this once and for all: were they left wing? right wing? radical centrists? sociali…[View]
138771852Brit/pol/ - The State Edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next https…[View]
138770530How often/seriously would leftists call right-wingers Nazis back in the Bush era? How does it compar…[View]
138765813Why are young white males dropping out of society?[View]
138772271Can America survive being so divided? Are there any examples in history of politically divided count…[View]
138772428nazi salute gives you superpowers: >does nazi salute >kills dragon instantly time to shit yo p…[View]
138749420Stop.: Stop watching porn. Stop smoking weed. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop being fat. Stop being chil…[View]
138769923Reminder that they don't require any actual Nazism or white supremacy to label you a Nazi white…[View]
138769664WHY THE FUCK: Does pol support Israel? Fucking why? https://youtu.be/6_py_BhIEZw[View]
138771974Jon Snow Channel 4: Winter is coming for Google and Facebook. Jon Snow possible one of the most resp…[View]
138763840>State Department Science Envoy resigns over Trump's Charlottesville remarks. First letter o…[View]
138772284/pol/ vs T_D: Not bait just curious on some pros/cons for each I'd start by saying the comment…[View]
138761293Poland: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for discontinuance of European Commission proceedings …[View]
138772259Now that both have had semi career ending events, is it okay to say I like both?[View]
138770767Boycott the NFL: Boycott the Negro Football League. The football Jew is a leading cause of degenerac…[View]
138772150>be me >2890th time im stealing the HWNDU flag >pol did all the intel work now im off to be…[View]
138766814People keep telling me Trump supporters are literal Nazis. What should I say to them?[View]
138760597Beat Antifa at tjeir own game: 1.Post phony 'Free speech rallies'. 2.show up but not as a trump sup…[View]
138772092this always gives me the blues.... >pic related shows how many died in (((death camps))) also : S…[View]
138770972Amerifags, consider this, why is it that your youth is more liberal and SJW than most of the youth i…[View]
138763065How is there more than one type of anarchy? Anarchy is just the absence of government. There could n…[View]
138772016Women should be property of men[View]
138766233AMC show 'Preacher' causes uproar after depicting Jesus Christ having sex during the night of the La…[View]
138771886Lets get Antifa labeled as a terrorist organization: Lets get antifa labeled as terrorists, official…[View]
138769228Are highly dangerous assault nuts banned in your country /pol/?[View]
138769880White House adds a lot of eagles in renovations: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/white-house-gains…[View]
138771771I realise this is written like a spastic twat: I now live in Spain. I moved from England in 2014, wa…[View]
138771744All hail based Pence amirite?[View]
138767912Obama Encourages Students to Argue with Conservative College Speakers: This is absolutely disgusting…[View]
138752659Friendly reminder that Drumpf supporters vote against their own economic interests[View]
138771658(()) ()>o<() ()\/() .----'[View]
138756374Brit/pol/ - King William II edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next…[View]
138763493HURRICANE ROLLING INTO CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS: Any fellow Corpusfags ITT prepping?[View]
138763777Thoughts on the one drop rule? Should 'white' people with african heritage be considered white?[View]
138771469SWEDEN BTFO: SWEDISH SPIES GET FREE SUBMARINE RIDES >http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/euro…[View]
138728610>tfw you will never be norwegian >less sjw than others westerns countries >rich >white …[View]
138771440'Back up you creep!' Blompf BTFO by based Hillary with class and wit. >Reminder city pe…[View]
138771216YRYL thread[View]
138771121How will you Nazis ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7BE8CsM9ds[View]
138770190Is it bluepilled to be against nation building? If our culture is superior and we have the power to …[View]
138762279What's the difference between roman catholics and greek catholics?[View]
138770945So leftists argue against Nazism and Fascism by pointing out how it was financially supported by Rot…[View]
138765639Feel sorry for Whites: Until an incident a few weeks ago, I never really thought I could feel sorry …[View]
138770924>finns shoot invaders with paint balls guns >'asulym seekers should be be placed in a remote i…[View]
138765004Research shows that high IQ + conscientiousness = success. How do you improve conscientiousness? I …[View]
138765994Meme Flags: Shouldn't we get rid of them now that they're being used against us?[View]
138770560who let the Jews: Into Kekistan?[View]
138770620>in America for business trip >people clapped when the plane landed >people clapped at the …[View]
138770531/mhlz/ MARXIST-HEGELIAN-LACANIAN-ZIZEKISM HEGEL: This general is to discuss the 21st century brand o…[View]
138770525ATTN French frongs. Did the government ever name the perpetrators in the recent Paris (pizzeria) and…[View]
138766074Canada Yes!: What this is, is class warfare disguised as race warfare by our media. So more and more…[View]
138768895Trumps health making him unfit to serve is the new narrative.: > Reminder that these same people …[View]
138764549Reminder: You can't be Christian and believe in evolietion or old earth.[View]
138769832The absolute state of the swedish church: The Swedish church is promoting itself with mudslimes on t…[View]
138764239I miss him so much, /pol/.[View]
138770364Think about this: If Obama did everything you say he did then... >cia operative who infiltrated t…[View]
138769308MGTOW THREAD: Welcome! ITT: We laugh at beta bux trying (and failing) to become chad. Whilst he wast…[View]
138760347backstory: finland had it's first terrorist attack on friday >be me at a night club last wee…[View]
138770238It's a gonsbirasy...: This timeline sucks dudes It's okay for 'people of color' to be rac…[View]
138770228BOOMERS HATE THREAD: BOOMERS HATE THREAD Tell us your stories. Unleash your anger.[View]
138768367How do we solve the slavic question?[View]
138751999Perfect warfoods?: I'll start: milkpowder. Stays good for like 10 years and contains almost all…[View]
138766670what would people think of an NGO providing free abortions to minorities?[View]
138770116Job Assessment Tests: I'm applying to DSW because money. Is there an answer key to this stupid…[View]
138765487Breaking the Google Conditioning: Recently I saw a thread here that involved breaking away from Goog…[View]
138769104Wtf are you doing about it: Political unpleasantries ,surveillance, banking cartels, terrorists, etc…[View]
138762806The Radical Homosexual Agenda: Why doesn't /pol/ ever discuss the radical homosexual agenda. It…[View]
138769733PowerBall Winning Prediction: Illegal alien from Mexico wins Trumps says no DEPORT! Takes money from…[View]
138769421How many public services could we pay for if we taxed all offshore bank accounts?[View]
138767698autism awareness hotline: fuck with these gay retards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zZs7j7x9K8…[View]
138740900Thank you /pol/ for saving me: Before /pol/ >220 lb fatass never walked unless I had to >Didn…[View]
138769894Educating /pol/ on Being Mixed Race: /pol/ thinks all racial mixing is bad, proves /pol/ is uneducat…[View]
138769884Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolution…[View]
138767294Gavin McInnes just left The Rebel Media: https://twitter.com/Gavin_McInnes/status/900449519145451520…[View]
138765986Anti-Communism General /ACG/: All: >Communists >Anarcho-Communists >Socialists >Bolshev…[View]
138769842Ethnic memes: My ethnic meme folder got 404'd. Help me make a new one by dumping your ethnic me…[View]
138749038Christianity is a religion for weak minded cucks. Just look at this shit (from Psalm 142), literally…[View]
138767597Symone Sanders straight up look like the hippo from Madagascar[View]
138769179I've been thinking about the pros and cons of both individualism and collectivism, but I'd…[View]
138765617Convert and spare your lives white trash, white people have no chance against us, we are already ins…[View]
138768524Did the holocaust happen?[View]
138769575(((they))) are going all out on (((bbc))) tonite with this shit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/b…[View]
138769569Capitalism is simply the greatest system, if only there weren't jews, then we'd have capit…[View]
138760003Why does Wyoming have the highest suicide rate in America?[View]
138765588What if we just gave in and gave them the word 'gender', and then just made up a different word…[View]
138766809can whites recolonize africa: literally the only thing bad about africa is the africans >rich in …[View]
138728125Pol can't into countries: Well pol? https://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-…[View]
138767618The racist and anti-Semitic statue must be removed.[View]
138769316If there were a civil/race war, is there a way to weaponize Tay Sachs and sickel cell?[View]
138768662Big Guns Kumbi: What the fuck happened to BG Kumbi? All of his videos disappeared from his youtube c…[View]
138768413how am i supposed to cope with this?it says io basically have some 4 - 10th+ generation grandparents…[View]
138766647UN issues warning to USA about racism: Well, what should we do? We have gained the attention of the …[View]
138768375TEAR THIS MOTHER DOWN: This white privilege bastard used an ox of color to do all his work for him.…[View]
138768724/pol/ Humor Thread: /pol/ you know what to do![View]
138769071>be ameritard >dude muh right wing >dude muh leftists >meanwhile both sides let israel r…[View]
138768112Gypsy Hate Thread: What do gypsies and cigarettes have in common? They come in packs of 10, smell li…[View]
138744170Neil DeGrasse Tyson is actually kind of funny: Is he, dare I utter these words, /ourguy/?[View]
138759596Is this true /pol/?[View]
138753084I don't know if I can do it anymore guys. The attendance at my local chapter is the lowest it…[View]
138767454>Trump has utterly betrayed everything /pol/ stands for and is now a literal stooge for McConnell…[View]
138768767What is /pol/'s opinion on the great country of Yugoslavia/the Balkans in general?[View]
138766821Ellen Degenerate: What did MAGAtits mean by this and why is it impossible to retweet?[View]
138768306Why do so many alt-righters worship asians?: They are not your friends, they form an alliance with b…[View]
138768576War in Afghanistan: You ready to die for Israel trumpsters?[View]
138767892Big ben doesn't bong anymore causing britbongs to fall out of sync with the current timeline.[View]
138768513Tinfoil hat time: Honestly, if you're in the middle class, you're fucked. World population…[View]
138737454Canada is currently undergoing the fastest ethnic change in the world,: But we can't talk about…[View]
138768435Latin: I've been larping around and became interested in learning Latin. Then found out that th…[View]
138764656Rundown on what's happening with The Rebel?: Just got this e-mail from Jew Senior.[View]
138764715> China developing ultrasensitive new submarine dectors to exclude US from South China Sea Lel, t…[View]
138770126Okay, /pol. Red pill me on porn. That about hentai and stuff?[View]
138758490Phoenicians and Jews: Though this belongs mainly in /his/ I'm curious if anyone knows the relat…[View]
138751918Eurofags, how jealous are you that you can't have this? Or do you not even care because the gun…[View]
138768312So uh, how do we become organized conservatives if we're automatically labeled as Nazis and the…[View]
138768238/God/ - King James Bible: /Creationism Official/ Good Evening fellow /pol/ guys. I present to you co…[View]
138768233I know North Korea is a (((communist))) state but we must not let that get in the way. Donald Jew Tr…[View]
138766680There is absolutely nothing wrong with being Jewish.: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being J…[View]
138763137GCIT to settle 'upskirt' lawsuit for $660K: >GCIT to settle 'upskirt' lawsuit…[View]
138756308For those who still dont know; Building 7 was PULLED: The owner, Larry (((Silverstein))) gave the or…[View]
1387680024chan literally got btfo: >4chan used to be hosted in the US now its hosted in unknown AHAHAHAHAH…[View]
138766508Daily reminder /pol/ is a Christian board TIPS FEDORA GO AWAY >According to the Catechism, the Ca…[View]
138768106The Fake Civil War: The media is only hurting their credibility. Nobody is buying it. Trump will win…[View]
138765725White Genocide Beginning!: https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/…[View]
138768050Can anyone in London give me a summary of how things are there? Im American living in Germany for a …[View]
138747573Is there anything more pathetic than someone over 30 years old still hanging onto the idea of anarch…[View]
138766707Men of /pol/, you need to sort out your testosterone so you can effectively fight against ZOG. A hea…[View]
138766528Wew, we got lucky. Earlier tonight a concert by American rockband 'Allah-las' was cancelled in Rotte…[View]
138766299The one on the far right looks like its his first time his mom ever allowed him outside without the …[View]
138767823Fresh Video - Get Swole Get Active and Start Families: Post more positive /pol/ Videos A message Get…[View]
138766003How do we save Germany?[View]
138759664>no one defends censorsh-[View]
138761545Post things that are stronger than the entire US army I'll start[View]
138766866'We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of vi…[View]
138766939Rise of Visegrad: Rise of Visegrad 4 nations Poland, Hungary, Czech R, Slovakia - V4 reject 'refugee…[View]
138767542OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED https://squawker.org/culture-wars/antifa-strikes-back-against-4chan/[View]
138767462Redpill me on soy, /pol/. Why is this shit in so many things now, especially in protein supplement p…[View]
138753823>we wuz germanic n shit >we wuz wiking Anglo everybody…[View]
138767260hey kids ..: wanna buy some merchants?[View]
138763506/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138767174BREAKING: Russia's ambassador to #Sudan found dead at his residence - Sudanese authorities; htt…[View]
138751710So will there ever be a return of funny, offensive jokes? Some of the funniest jokes I ever heard we…[View]
138764460ITT: Niggers who ruined your country. This fucker let the kikes back in and we've been their sl…[View]
138765456>US >pay to put yourself in debt so you can try to get a job to pay the debt >then get shot…[View]
138761994>2017 >(((red pilled))) >still doesn't own crypto-currency >If he has any wealth is…[View]
138755786Antifa Strikes Back Against 4Chan With “Tactical Guide To Crushing Internet Fascism”: https://squawk…[View]
138766961How Long Will Soros Fund My Civic Virtue?[View]
138765275Who would you say knows the ultimate truth - those who tell it to everyone they possibly can or thos…[View]
138762980ONLY 14% OF FRENCH PEOPLE SATISFIED BY MACRON'S ACTION: Well well well... Macron has been very …[View]
138760693Obama Hate Thread: >when you pull off the biggest domestic bank heist of the century by bailing o…[View]
138764370Can you be both jewish and nazi? Asking for a friend.[View]
138766797WAKE THE FUCK UP: why do people believe in the trump approval rating polls? these polls are made by …[View]
138752570But also replace 'doesn't =' with 'is generally considered' I'd also agree[View]
138766475Brazilians are retards: >Becomes president >Resigns expecting the population to go on rallies …[View]
138760634A week form now A banker and the local authorities will show up to foreclose on your farm because th…[View]
138763792Why does a book trigger gaytheists and fagnostics so hard?[View]
138764847>Clinton bringing this fake shit up again in her book Why is she such a liar?…[View]
138756998What was /pol/'s excuse for Trump to keep fighting a war with Afghanistan? Last I heard, we wer…[View]
138761922Behavioral_sink: This is the END? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_sink[View]
138754919So who did the Pigs represent in Pink Floyd's animals? The Jews?[View]
138764718Daily reminder that Goygle is one of (((THEM))), and that the left is controlling the narrative.[View]
138761811Why was Hoppe such a colossal dumbass?[View]
138764676Trump: Democrats are Communists & Socialists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBuNz8UOPp8…[View]
138766170UNC Chimpout: http://www.wral.com/unc-student-arrested-after-hundreds-protest-at-unc-chapel-hill-sil…[View]
138753295Can someone explain why we ever invaded Afghanistan?[View]
138764260Family of the racist who killed the two cops in westgate resorts. Were very rude to me and pretty mu…[View]
138765570Yellowstone is held on to by faith now. Who can keep calling any shot? It is called Old Faithful Yel…[View]
138759262Nazis & Alt-Right just die: Literally just kill yourselves. You guys hate the free market and in…[View]
138766004Legitimate question to all NatSocs, What is your policy on a multicultural country?: Will you outlaw…[View]
138755111JEWISH ELITE RED PILL MAXIMUM OVERLOAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hWl8jq4zLI https://www.yout…[View]
138750460What the...: Discuss[View]
138765908(((They))) are taking over the world one poo at a time: https://youtu.be/5ok96cKF2Ww >poos are ov…[View]
138764714What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining e…[View]
138765784Has a political activist ever been so verbally BTFO that he just stopped?[View]
13876063296-year-old vet hailed as a D-Day ‘hero’ admits to being a fraud: 'A 96-year-old World War II vetera…[View]
138761857Start prepping, buy land and build your own house, start permaculture and plant trees, learn how to …[View]
138764411Find a more boomer photo.[View]
138765519<void> is pefect, else 99 virgins?: Jews and Christians: Heaven is the place of the 'chosen' M…[View]
138761067/pol/: WARNING.You have no free speech here. Actual other truths will never appear here. It is contr…[View]
138716872James Woods is a national treasure.[View]
138765390Best in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io26z-ybCqk[View]
138765365Antifa Headquarters in Brooklyn Teaching members to Fight: Antifa's Brooklyn headquarters calle…[View]
138761009Why do modern liberals bring up fighting Nazi's in WW2 compared to fighting 'them' today but wi…[View]
138760372Daily reminder the first country to eliminate their central bank and allow free market banking will …[View]
138764023This is the state of political discourse on the left. This is their best attempt at winning over the…[View]
138765065Win the battle for /pol/: anytime a shill posts their bs while trying to be our guy, reply this pict…[View]
138765251Existence vs. Non-Existence: Getting a post on this site has proven exceptionally difficult. I'…[View]
138726973Polish MPs think that Poland should demand reparations from Russia as well >About the fact that, …[View]
138753391How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible: >The tragedy that took place in Charlottesvill…[View]
138737011People are waking up: >be me going to work this morning >overhear coworkers at my job talking…[View]
138762653daily reminder: the ku kuks klan was a bunch of anti-gun faggots[View]
138746176Question for Greeks on this board: If Greece had to ally with either Turkey or Russia, whom would yo…[View]
138764707Could you all tell me what a normie is. Owned the most accurate definition possible to humiliate my …[View]
138748694Are liberals the real racists?[View]
138764231I have a great idea, what if we start protesting in front of Shia's house in London, let's…[View]
138764576R E M I N D E R Subversion is rampant in antifa's retarded new plan. There's currently not…[View]
138763558CATHOLIC GENERAL: Here are your daily readings http://usccb.org/bible/readings/082317.cfm Community …[View]
138722342* collapses *[View]
138762248Sex education: What's the best way to educate kids on sex? Should only parents do it? If so, wh…[View]
138756639>United Nations Issues Rare 'Early Warning' - Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America http://…[View]
138764466Daily reminder that Bernie Sanders spent all your donations on luxuries like a $600,000 summer home.…[View]
138764450How the unification of Germany failed.[View]
138762048>living in the age where escapism is very affordable and enjoyable >you can have the best tim…[View]
138729666Jordan Peterson Thread: This guy showed up in my YouTube feed one day, probably because I had been w…[View]
138762312Putin wearing a Trump tie. Collusion EVIDENT![View]
138764324Trump’s Request for India’s Help in Afghanistan Rattles Pakistan: resident Trump’s appeal for India’…[View]
138762976Noam Chomsky: I have seen more people citing and talking about this dude everywhere I'm honestl…[View]
138760861President Trump General /ptg/ - Media Narratives BTFO - Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
138755838Gang of morrocans attempt to rape retarded woman on a public bus http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5…[View]
138763993>India >Lost the battle of Loos You can't make this shit up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
138764080Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism: Let us on /pol/ rather and silence to commemorate t…[View]
138761359Ever notice how 99.99% of all terrorists are MALES? For some odd reason, /pol/ never addressed that.…[View]
138763845Hi, I'm Matt Joyce. Last year, I was a full time Trump supporter. However, my wife as of late h…[View]
138763985Why is it that the racist left is so scared of voter ID laws: >muh leftist tolerance >only whi…[View]
138763966Why they democrats & others are so scared of Joe Arpaio.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk3K…[View]
138763766the aryian menace is at it again pol,what can we do about the german question?: >german media tod…[View]
138760047>The face of white nationalism[View]
138763441Why does it seem so many people on this board want to ban things that hurt their feelings because th…[View]
138748995Who's side are you on?[View]
138762644JewBall: Jackpot: 700 000 000$ Well, pol, what would you do with all this money? Lucky numbers: 22…[View]
138763705Anyone got an image of that girl with piss tubes and text that the cia fried her poor brains on LSD?…[View]
138735133Racist cop pours water on cookout grill and denies black children of food https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
138763222FRESH MUSLIMS FOR YOU FILTHY GOYIM DRUNKARDS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhtufXDoCXI…[View]
138762718UK YES!!!! Note: in the United Cuckdom Asian means Paki >Man refuses treatment from British-Asian…[View]
138762591Share some discord links to /pol/ related discords here[View]
138733521>Bill Gates has warned that European leaders risk deepening the migrant crisis by being too gener…[View]
138763416Charlie Hebdo new cover: >Islam religion of eternal peace Charlie Hebdo going full redpill. Other…[View]
138763384communism: comnsium(sic) rises among the youth?[View]
138763285Both antifa and the alt right are faggot virgin basement dwellers larping, when do we go back to nor…[View]
138756932How did jews get control of society?: Apparently a lot of you think jews are using presidents and su…[View]
138763224World RP: Guys, Ever played Minecraft RP? Either way, I would like to cut straight to the chase. Thi…[View]
138763197BLM vs Estonians: List of BLM demands in following article. Warning Cancerous text. https://www.leow…[View]
138758068Racist antifa beats based black guy: There’s been a lot of white supremacy the news. So, riddle me t…[View]
138762650These are true WHITE people![View]
138763101>left has successfully infiltrated the Western world precisely by changing their labels, but not …[View]
138752288500 years of protestantism (500 years of liberalism) 500 years of attacking tradition, values and mo…[View]
138763047This man is called Azad Ali. He is a very influential member and spokesperson of the Islamic Forum o…[View]
138759516So I'm debating with this asshole who thinks Hitler killed jews for money..[View]
138762767Brief strategic overview of croatian tourism and its plans for the future: Hello,it's me again.…[View]
138737569/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138762821This is america in 2050[View]
138754596Why do nazis deny Ashkenazi Jewish IQ?[View]
138762753God sees you all everything is naked 33 day period.: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m…[View]
138760012Which is it?: How can Antifa be against religion in government, but pro Sharia law?[View]
138761567America is really gearing up for something big, isn't it?[View]
138760686Counter ANTIFA meme harvest: Let's see em, lads.[View]
138747882Name the worst group of subhumans roaming the earth: Subhuman hate thread I'll start Gypsies/Tu…[View]
138759805It's all so depressing...: How do you guys deal with all of this? I've only recently gotte…[View]
138754042Females of /pol/: What are you doing to improve yourself/the white race?[View]
138754324This BASED Lebanese-Brazilian president is going to privatize a company. He is like the Brazilian Th…[View]
138761518Hypothetically, what themes and plot elements should be included in redpilled fiction aimed at young…[View]
138761448*absolutely DESTROYS [your favourite philosophy]*[View]
138754937America is a collapsing empire Wat do?[View]
138758023Don Lemon's freakout needs to get called out: https://youtu.be/kwcLpBRuees It's great to s…[View]
138760256Any news on taking down HWND Flag?: its still up. taunting us.[View]
138756149violently threw this 61-year-old man to the ground, causing him to scream in agony.: THIS IS INSANE …[View]
138753828Why are these guys only called Native Americans? If you are born in the USA that means you are nativ…[View]
138758365Fashwave Thread: Let me get that art yall. Moving desktop wallpaper at university classes is a silen…[View]
138759948leftypol shills BTFO: The Rebel not only shows they're NOT scammers, they PROVE Caolan Faggotso…[View]
138761310DROP THE NAZI SHIT: It makes you look like a poor loser Get right with the lord anon https://youtu.…[View]
138762300Is this real?: People are trying to meme that the crowds in Phoenix last night were small and he had…[View]
138759444Things children with college degrees actually believe: I'll start >Genes can make you natura…[View]
138748452Mentally unstable[View]
138760128wish we could figure out who these fuckers are, destroying a 200 year old monument. digusts me https…[View]
138761988True Capitalist Radio: Is he ever coming back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_fpMGNKSo0…[View]
138721675Let's have a political compass thread! Links to tests https://www.politicalcompass.org http:…[View]
138762193Bigpharma's guniea pigs and the left's political clout: Two groups of black transgenders c…[View]
138761504(((MODERATE WEBSITES))): >((Professor)) listing 'moderate' websites that you can source from >…[View]
138762145ITT We guess what secrets Dems are terrified Bannon might leak: >Democrats have a warning for Don…[View]
138758488We're Hitler's Beer hall /pol lol https://squawker.org/culture-wars/antifa-strikes-back-ag…[View]
138746535>The old world is dead >society is in the bin >degeneracy and communism is spreading in the…[View]
138760519Are there any black globalists?[View]
138746002Belarus: I've never come across a Belarusian online, do they even have internet in that post-so…[View]
138761046Thoughts on coffee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keTwmdQakMc[View]
138755055Young pregnant woman missing and no one cares: How the fuck is this not national news yet! She 8 mon…[View]
138760560How the Unification of Germany failed.[View]
138738966LOTR is Real History: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M6LkdNR83xQ Really makes you think[View]
138741710Why do Nationalists always lose?: Well, /pol/? We, the socialist and communist peoples of the world,…[View]
138756658>2017 >not using iphone. How Google is secretly recording YOU through your mobile, monitoring …[View]
138761486Professor Peterson absolutely destroys Hitler and his cronies, he's completely right too. If th…[View]
138755137How can these people still think that the right needs to 'calm down'?[View]
138754978Clinton details what went wrong in 2016 campaign: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >'It was incredibly …[View]
138743919Whats the deal with black people and Newports[View]
138759569>not our girl[View]
138761199Why is rap so degenerate? Is it a tool of (((theirs))) to brainwash the population into decadence? W…[View]
138760948Amerifats who want to preserve European culture: have you ever been to Europe?[View]
138760572If Trump told you to take the microchip, would you?[View]
138751914TRUMP TWEETS Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? Enjoy!: Who can figure out the tru…[View]
138759785Why not replace torn down statues with Trump statues???: Seems obvious enough, any torn down statue …[View]
138760973>dude Trump will be an isolationist I trusted you, /pol/. Now Trump is going to keep bombing Afgh…[View]
138752821will we ever work together again?: T_T[View]
138743531Is a white ethno-state ideologically possible considering the fact that even the whitest of American…[View]
138745877BEST DARKWEB SITES: /pol/ broke my sensibilities, I must have danker content. What are the best dark…[View]
138760932Unmask the gas-masked Antifa goon: Anyone unmasked this poor unfortunate yet? Why bother? Why not. J…[View]
138757012President Trump General /ptg/ - Employment Works - Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
138759530August 27th: Get cozy lads, Sunday is gonna be wild[View]
138760577Can you be a white nationalist and anti-Nazi at the same time?[View]
138760607Convince Me About The Jews: Sympathiser here. I like a lot of the ideas you guy say. I even like a l…[View]
138740955How do we save roman catholics from eternal hell?[View]
138760345>Hilldawg memes IRL Best timeline[View]
138760474Who are the modern heroes?: Julian Assange is one of the people I look up to, being brave and standi…[View]
138738928Damn...this really made me think... https://uk.yahoo.com/news/german-supermarket-removes-foreign-gro…[View]
138760453archive.is/dYrOB >Solar eclipse’s tides blamed for broken net, up to 305,000 Atlantic salmon dump…[View]
138757805The EU will fail if another EU state hands in Article 50: How can the EU bribe another EU state to a…[View]
138757601PISS IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!: http://www.newsweek.com/trump-pee-tape-dossier-russia-654066?amp=1…[View]
138760277Why Are They White?: AntiFa: >wants to genocide whites >Communist mass murder sympathizers …[View]
138745741Buzzfeed just interviewed the average /pol/ user at a rally https://youtu.be/Y-qs7BEhulk[View]
138743343Why are Democrats so against voters needing to have IDs? Does it not make sense that every voter sho…[View]
138757710Literal autists gave us Modern architecture: http://commonedge.org/the-mental-disorders-that-gave-us…[View]
138758839Won't Nazism fail twice: 'Nazism didn't fail so much as it was bombarded with every other …[View]
138751544Why are right wing people so disconnected and incompatible with normal people?[View]
138760162multiparty america: Would it be better than the two party system? Pic related is a simulation, as be…[View]
138736402Iceland: what is their endgame /pol/? why are they so quiet?[View]
138758095Daily reminder that kikes aren't actually smart: >The Jewish IQ myth has been debunked. >…[View]
138758324What's flyover America's excuse?[View]
138758576White Terror: Last night Trump called all white nationalists 'terrorists' and compared them to ISIS.…[View]
138757397Hello /pol, Last night there was a large thread which held a simple request in the name of autism. W…[View]
138754873AHAHAHAHAHAH DRUMPF BTFO >UN condemns Donald Trump for not 'unequivocally rejecting racist …[View]
138735225Yesterday I was called a race traitor because I, a white male, am having children with my Asian wife…[View]
138749809Daily reminder that this is fiction[View]
138752019What went wrong?[View]
138759871Unironically shitposting: Can we just ban flags already[View]
138758667Is Millennial Woes a /pol/ approved YouTuber?[View]
138753592Finland asylum seekers plan march to Sweden: According to social media and Finnish news reports, a g…[View]
138759626Communism & marxism debunked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p2QfjaSIUo[View]
138759230Facebook FAKE NEWS sensorship: This shows up on my facebook. They are going full on 1984. Add this o…[View]
138756117White supremacy: Objectively speaking, shouldn't whites be proud of the civilizations they…[View]
138759484A New Platform to Rule All Platforms Please: With all of the political censorship of big (((social m…[View]
138757856#FBI Admits #Federal #Informants Linked to Deadly #Charlottesville #Riots: #FBI Admits #Federal #Inf…[View]
138751453She's has a point you know[View]
138758931How do we make big business start sharing profits with workers?: without choking small business ???…[View]
138726968Why did Hitler treat them like untermensch or subhuman vermin?[View]
138759326Let's settle this, /pol/. Is he our guy or not ?[View]
138759391SOON: the day is coming brothers http://www.msn.com/pt-br/noticias/crise-politica/condena%C3%A7%C3%A…[View]
138757417Can we make this English nationalist video go viral?: Now is the time lads. Make this video go viral…[View]
138758982/pol/ in your expert opinion how historically coherent is the formation of the modern left?[View]
138758591#NYPD #Officer #Criticized For Pouring #Water Over #Grill: #NYPD #Officer #Criticized For Pouring #W…[View]
138755674Redpill me on Trump. All I've seen so far is that he's incredibly incompetent, and I have …[View]
138755810After watching this how could you support abortion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHu4erwQftg…[View]
138758909I fucking hate people[View]
138758769Ex Goldman Sachs (((Steve Mnuchin))) fraudulently obtained foreclosures making him a ton of money. T…[View]
138755548Why is deep state letting him getting away? The illuminati has been destroying white Christian cultu…[View]
138756319how dumb is the american public: ? im pretty sure theyre retarded >believe in the dylan roof mem…[View]
138749768>Country is literally raped by islamist invaders and forced to convert. Women are taken as slaves…[View]
138754057PORTUGAL YES! Gender discriminative book removed: >Book publisher Porto rto Editora has already s…[View]
138756349Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Kalergi Plan like Nigel Farage and so on? EU can't beco…[View]
138755772Islam: So, what benefits does Islam actually have? Because i'm pretty sure benefits and Islam i…[View]
138748932>/pol/ >Believes in Christianity Are any of you guys even from the Middle East? Why would you …[View]
138757931Consider the following /pol/: >It's legal to own and distribute videos of people being tortu…[View]
138757627Explain this to me America.: Why are there so few Asians in America? I understand in California and …[View]
138757562Friendly reminder premarital sex is a sin and also degenerate.[View]
138735119Syria General /sg/- Clear View Of Victory Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
138755023/pol recommended replacement for skype: Hi, what is your recommended calling app.. with looking on s…[View]
138758393How can this guy say that ANTIFA had part in getting Trump to cuck on issues and firing Bannon while…[View]
138755823Anyone else notice a sudden influx of Antifag shills? I find it pretty fucking hilarious that they t…[View]
138754986Why are dumfuck rural whites so proud of their families doing slave labor for centuries? Why not rep…[View]
138753401Rebranding the 'alt-right' image: ITT I will discuss ideas I have had, for a re-brand of o…[View]
138697044THIS IS A HATE FREE ZONE!: video https://twitter.com/nontolerantman/status/899993905751617536…[View]
138747519China demands U.S. immediately withdraw N. Korea sanctions: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/chi…[View]
138720320If you were given a phone logged into Trump's twitter and you could post ONE tweet - what would…[View]
138756619only unevolved people want to have children only unevolved people love their parents[View]
138756787They did it on purpose: These little racists in training knew exactly what the F%^they were doing.Wh…[View]
138757606>b-but all the refugees are highly educated doctors and engineers[View]
138756812Mass Hypnosis: I've done some research on which effects alcohol have on the brain. The more you…[View]
138757787http://archive.is/SAoQo There's so many things that most Americans don't know about. Here…[View]
138754770This is how we win. We frame the left as being anti free speech, we create anti free speech memes. W…[View]
138738939I'm thinking of learning a new language, but it MUST be a language that has some practical valu…[View]
138747976Nothing makes me happier than seeing how much Trump's support has dwindled. He can't even …[View]
138754432An alternate time line: I regret voting Killary , should have voted for Trump , we need to impeach t…[View]
138752531North Korea is poor and squalid: Hardly a threat to humanity[View]
138757209Quantum computar possible: Thanks to a Dutch scientist You're welcome https://www.volkskek.nl/w…[View]
138754532Who is /pol/'s favorite past president and why is it Andrew Jackson? >slayed Indians and Bri…[View]
138757152They're petitioning what should replace Confederate statue, you know wat do, /pol/..: What shou…[View]
138755560How cucked is america: Why American failed to realize that they have been brainwashed constantly by …[View]
138756216How to preserve Confederate and other American history statues: Hello everyone! We must preserve our…[View]
138755493Yo, pro athlete hear, don't worry about who I am. I just want to remind you to make sure you ke…[View]
138757013Cancerous opinion thread of ideal governments: I unironically believe Nice Guy National Socialism is…[View]
138748893He's right, you know.[View]
138753635President Trump General /ptg/ - Media Annihilation - Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
138756531Chris Cantwell turned himself in. Shame this is happening to such a productive member of society. ht…[View]
138756775ITT post degeneracy from you country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_a0wSH6Tck The absolute state …[View]
138741153CANADA: 3,800 illegal border crossers in first two weeks of august, 'tent city' in Ontario: https://…[View]
138744435Greetings, /pol/. Oldfag here, I've been here all summer. Can anyone explain to me wtf happene…[View]
138731893/pol/ identified in AHS season 7 trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-27J0sR9268 People are get…[View]
138731189Skeptic: Lauren southern is a white supremacist. I unsubbed a few months back once I realized this …[View]
138740582'Fuck you, Pay Me!' -Repirations for being Fat, Black and Queer: Pic related is the author in a self…[View]
138755901Trump is giving a speech right now. Come watch and chat: http://2ndrun.tv/fox-news/[View]
138755923Trump should get rid of Kushner...he is weak and I believe thathe is the source of the leaks that ar…[View]
138743905Brit/pol/- Are Jo's Movie Edition: >Labour MP says 'merit' in women-only train car…[View]
138747775L.A. MAKES MANSPREADING ILLEGAL: CALIFORNIA IS SO KEKED HOLY SHIT http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/201…[View]
138756051Anti-Communist General /ACG/: All: >Communists >Anarcho-Communists >Socialists >Bolshev…[View]
138733186YOU GROOVE, YOU LOSE http://archive.is/lekgr[View]
138746893Daily reminder that the midwest is the best >breadbasket of the most powerful country in the worl…[View]
138743815A litter of piglets whose bacon was saved from a barn fire has been served up as dinner to the firef…[View]
138753303Der Untergang/Downfall - and its Parodies: what do you think of this Movie? did you liked Bruno Ganz…[View]
138752192Why are you racist, sexist, and homophobic?[View]
138752910is it possible for a single civilian to spark a war?[View]
138753477My day has been made: kek Too bad she couldn't see the problem until it was too late[View]
138752816>VA governor defends Charlottesville response: Militia members had 'better' guns than p…[View]
138750087why did roachistan got rangebanned , what did we do to deserve it??[View]
138744642What is your honest opinion on Richard Spencer?[View]
138755108Why are they the most 'trusted' news sources for most the country? Anything even remotely right-lean…[View]
138746186Should there be a civic nationalist general?: Discuss...[View]
138755126WHO WAS IN THE THREAD LAST NIGHT?! Post your progress my brothers, if we are to succeed we must keep…[View]
138734322There's nothing he can do. They're never going to stop.[View]
138752782Hi muslims and anti-islams!: i checked out a Quran today so we can the debate can go somewhere! Just…[View]
138745312Faustian soul of Westerners: What are the origins of it? Are you people simply evil? And why is ther…[View]
138746922Are the 'Dancing Israelis' fake propaganda?: Someone posted http://i.imgur.com/8LCEZdD.gif in a prev…[View]
138753611>the memes became reality Europe trying to ban assault trucks[View]
138749446Daniel Kammen - State Department Science Envoy with 'IMPEACH' acrostic message in his resignation le…[View]
138736514What was Europe like between 2000-2005[View]
138751097Why does /pol/ spam every imageboard it can get its hands on with interracial porn? Are you doing it…[View]
138743924Israel did nothing wrong Iraq was justified Afganistan was justified Supporting anti-com dictators w…[View]
138754153absolutely ripped: Don't get distracted by his muscles you fags[View]
138726253> This house believes Hillary Clinton is running a pedo ring out of a pizzeria basement. How reta…[View]
138743862Who's winning the culture war - SJWs or Shitlords? Or are we finally reaching a reasonable, non…[View]
138754492Why you do this, /pol/?[View]
138754489Similarities and differences between Libertarianism & Nazism: Can someone explain to me ?[View]
138734837Stop radicalizing yourselves.: In my short time on POL I have begun to understand you. You are mostl…[View]
138752399'AN ACTUAL THREAD' THREAD: The amount of energy needed to transport food alone is huge. Producing en…[View]
138752229Tor kiddie porn lovers bicker about need to stop Daily Stormer before we stop their kiddie porn.: We…[View]
138728075Don Lemon Has Mental Breakdown After Trump Rally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBRVekmEPKY…[View]
138744562tl;dr: I've been with a Vietnamese girl for 3+ years. She's loyal but boring. Wants to get…[View]
138754134>ANTIFA vs alt-right nationalism is just a game for Americans. >Its literally just a game of L…[View]
138753623Do people miss him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyAU8S577P0[View]
138752526yfw Taylor Swifts new album cover...[View]
138747249>Hurrrr the Falklands belongs to britain: Hmm, think again Englanders[View]
138748424Predictions for 2020: Predictions for 2020 In three years, Trump will have won over millions of peop…[View]
138753861Why cant we be Nazis that dont support Trump? Please explain why i must like the Trumps Boots again?[View]
138750295lol, Christ cucks...[View]
138753660Why are poo-in-loos so disgusting?: Indians are mutating: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/04/world/as…[View]
138752143United Nations warns US over 'alarming' racism: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug…[View]
138753647MOLY WOKE ON JQ: HE DID IT ARGHHHHHHH https://youtu.be/5DCQRcFNIG8?t=29m14s[View]
138749508President Trump General /ptg/ - Stop Oppressing Me! - Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
138753557Hillary Clinton's audio book: >https://youtu.be/Mzsuw1lSEVU[View]
138753321T R U M P: Presidential appreciation thread. Anything for our blessed leader, President Donald J. Tr…[View]
138745384/polder/ Erkenbrand alt-right edition: Fluoridefags only NOS (fake news) doxxing style: https://nos…[View]
138737315ANONYMOUS DECLARES WAR ON THE ALT-RIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITRcBzmHZrk i am shaking…[View]
138751020>/pol/ fell for their Jewish tricks this hard[View]
138751535VARG: is a fucking faggot. Friendly reminder.[View]
138751266How does /pol/ feel about women who never have children?[View]
138750043Ive stopped Ironically supporting Trump. Its all so tiresome. not a shill AMA[View]
138751495>hates degeneracy >browses 4chan, a site known for it's degeneracy >is a degenerate hi…[View]
138752191is sweden the rape capital of the world and why[View]
138748881Eternal anglo btfo!Commie on suicide watch: WHICH ONE OF YOU GUYS DID THIS?[View]
138752702Because the French organization is based on the Roman Republic and Roman Law we have prefects. Do ot…[View]
138722648Backup for EU: Is this real ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Seas_Initiative Or just bullshit ?…[View]
138752547Have any of our agents been keeping tabs on, or found anything interesting about the Sandy Hook hoax…[View]
138752523TRUMPFAGS BTFO. How does it feel to have to constantly overinflate rally numbers to make yourselves …[View]
138740197Abused children Rotherham need to shut their mouth says British Labour Prime Minister Naz Shah: Abus…[View]
138750292Why are conservatives anti-science?[View]
138751952Fat people: What should be done about the obese?[View]
138746939Be honest /pol/, what is considered pedophilia and is it wrong: I see no problem in a minor fucking …[View]
138747563Politically Correct Culture Is Devouring Itself: >Asian American sports commentator is named 'Rob…[View]
138732438>'I don't smoke marijuana, but I think it should be legalized.' Said no one, EVER.…[View]
138752269Am I doomed to walk to earth, a mongrel, nationless and without a cause?[View]
138752247USS John Mccain = Dragon?: >the belly of the dragon will drip water…[View]
138741448/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138746915Who is Moloch going to get behind in 2020?[View]
138744361This needs to get memed: This is the best that i could draw up real quick[View]
138750455So poltards, what will you say[View]
138721081Japan need immigrants a harvard professor says: >according to Kenneth Saul Rogoff, who is profess…[View]
138750362>browses pol >doesn't have a swastika/sonnenrad tattoo ANYWHERE on his body You are all j…[View]
138751993https://youtu.be/ixtDh6hEehU /pol/ BTFO >inb4 'much faggy e-celebs' Go ahead, deflect.…[View]
138750550whites btfo, how will they ever recover?: How can Europeans be Aryan when they don't even speak…[View]
138746173I want to know something:: Why are you all so angry at the world? Like, all of the time? What gives?…[View]
138741382Donald Trump's 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech: http://archive.is/gjoJt What …[View]
138747023Wow what a fucking joke.[View]
138751759Communist Propaganda Removal: I see antifa and pro-communist stickers, posters, and graffiti all ove…[View]
138751690Having children is the most brainless thing[View]
138751559>be American >get fat[View]
138751540WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE: and we are coming for you. Enjoy it while you can. lifehacker.com/americas-w…[View]
138751520Red Pill Me: Destruction of Western Society: What the fuck is going on?[View]
138745254I got 100 German constitutions here. What are you gonna do about it?[View]
138747505What did she mean by this?[View]
138751368SWEDISH TELEVISION DOES IT AGAIN: An 'independent' researcher called Jesper Strömbäck conducted a su…[View]
138749987>wake up: >realize hitler did nothing wrong[View]
138747064Saudi police detain boy who danced to Macarena on the street in Interbutt Meme: http://nationalpost.…[View]
138751201America was raciest during ww2, Nazi Germany wasn't, But cared about the well being of Germany/…[View]
138700166CHAD NATIONALISM IS BEGINNING: It was memed into existence here. Now it is a reality. Virgins are ru…[View]
138749550So now that the SJW mods are deleting our criticism on /pol/, why don't we criticize them in a …[View]
138750021>Pagan Europe Divided and everyone fought each other >Christian Europe Divided and everyone fo…[View]
138739588White Islam: Time to take the Muslim pill and save the White civilization. Why aren't you a Whi…[View]
138738338Media comparing Antifa to storming the beaches of Normandy[View]
138750847Theodore Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt appreciation thread. >read a book each day >wrote 150,0…[View]
138748741What happened to non-violent protest /pol/? Hell, what happened to these kind of liberals?[View]
138750766ITT: Fashy goys who did a good job[View]
138750052United Europe: Why is POL so against the idea of a united European state like the EU but under diffe…[View]
138750755HOLY SHIT, RED PILL MAXIMUM OVERLOAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hWl8jq4zLI https://www.youtub…[View]
138748287Daily reminder that there is ZERO proof that god exists and religion is a made up fairytale.[View]
138749327Wow, fuck vaccines![View]
138749766How to remove antifa in 4 steps: Step 1: Go to Anti-Trump protest Step 2: Find the biggest cuck you …[View]
138748244What book should I read next?: Just finished Culture of Critique, great read, what is next?[View]
138743670based germans tell it like it is[View]
138750435It's back: WE CANT LET HIM GET HIS HANDS ON THE NUCLEAR CODES Breaking just now on CNN[View]
138750379Reminder: everyone agrees Jesus christ was a real person who lived. https://www.theguardian.com/worl…[View]
138747975Pic related, fed up turks: Can someone explain to me why Turks aren't just considered gypsies? …[View]
138744144Stop opposing immigrants[View]
138749090Rest In Peace nun. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/august-web-only/ruth-pfau-leprosy-pakist…[View]
138747444Did Donald sell out?: What i heard is, that a lot of people think, that Trump sold out on his promis…[View]
138750146REJECT ANARCHY - POTUS's GIFT: President Trump gave us the greatest gift of all last night. The…[View]
138724091Who has the strongest elite special forces unit in the world?: 10 member teams from the following sp…[View]
138748310how do you prevent your daughter from becoming a normie degenerate without using meme tactics that a…[View]
138750134>pol says non-whites and women are not rational >pol proceeds to be triggered by almost everyt…[View]
138751687India is based: Never ever diss my home country[View]
138750121Liberal Meme Illnesses Thread: Gotta get them bennies faster. Post meme illnesses. http://www.nhs.uk…[View]
138750118Daily Reminder: /pol/ is a Traditionalist Roman Catholic Board: > Protestancucks = HELL > Orth…[View]
138743084Name a more iconic duo: I'll wait...[View]
138713611'Diversity' train in canada.: Look who is not on the train..hm?[View]
138743326Loon Democrat That Shot Up Republicans: It has come to my attention that many of you have forgotten.…[View]
138748874Automation, not Immigration: Heck yeah! We can make em look like sandniggers (pic related), regular …[View]
138742745You finally achieve a white ethnostate.: You manage to deport everyone that isn't at least 99% …[View]
138746172Out of curiosity. Did any of you americans not vote (at least in the primaries) for Trump?[View]
138749263Spiritual Warfare: I was surprised by all the religious invocation at the rally last night. Do you t…[View]
138738309Brazil hate thread?: Brazil hate thread.[View]
138746832What can we literally do to stop fractional reserve banking?: What can we do to stop fractional rese…[View]
138748565/pol/, is he /ourguy/?[View]
138749247*DRINKS UR LISTERINE*[View]
138749635Jesus christ is the proof that god exists.[View]
138726105Stop the alt right bigotry: Deal with it boys[View]
138748737Open advocacy of communism in NY Times: I can't believe they're being this open... look at…[View]
138749518Should be with down syndrom be allowed to vote? German state media says yes. What's your opinio…[View]
138748801HEINLEIN WAS RIGHT: Service Guarentees citizenship. Salvation of Western Civilization. Would you lik…[View]
138749170HE DINDU ________[View]
138744815President Trump General /ptg/ - MFW CNN SALT - Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
138744087wow really made me think[View]
138749398Why was Germany allowed to exist after ww2?[View]
138749207Can somebody Red pill me on Rupert Murdoch?[View]
138731835WHAT THE FUCK: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/4246768/western-people-become-kin…[View]
138716748>yfw you realize God exists[View]
138743952ATTENTION TEXAN ANONS!! WE ARE GETTING A HAPPENING!! STAY STORM COMFY http://www.khou.com/weather/hu…[View]
138739637The white man is epitome of of male Perfection and craft. Lets start by looking at his body. His bod…[View]
138749253looks like russia is back on the menu boys: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/23/politics/ex-russian-diplom…[View]
138749030Who else: Is going tho this? YOU THINK YOURE HOT CHIT DONTCHA[View]
138749125Wait a second: Is the Qur'an trying to tell me that... the earth is flat?[View]
138748045Is lynch /our guy/: https://vimeo.com/4201441[View]
138749163Given the social climate of the United States in today's world, whose ideology do you think wou…[View]
138745335What is the scientific reason behind the dominance of the White race?[View]
138719620Supreme Island Project (SIP) | General: Hello, This thread is for the discussion and advertising of …[View]
138730988Georgia: Someone tell me stuff about this cool country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NErcgqgYeE A…[View]
138712452Top tier slav autist here. Is this how westerners are? Overemotional wrecks manufactured by ruthless…[View]
138737989Is Skippy going to flip and sink the whole operation?: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2080554 OK Finall…[View]
138748912How to defeat ANTIFA: This was written by ANTIFA. This single pic is our greatest weapon against ANT…[View]
138748890>>> Read all about it >>: Adolf Hitler—An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize - …[View]
138748853https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/ what do you think? 2017/08/17/boston-novel-fund-raising-model-com…[View]
138747604Whats /pol/ opinion of pic related? Just picked one of these up at the gas station for 10$. Is it a …[View]
138740665Can we take a moment to appreciate how good of a VP Wojak\Mike Pence has been?: >No leaks >100…[View]
138732643FIGHT FOR $15: This woman works 6 days a week and is HOMELESS. The system is completely broken. It…[View]
138748631Sargoy back at it again,well /pol/,is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixtDh6hEehU https://…[View]
138748113Finland was not defeated: Finland still use swastika to this day[View]
138748539The myth of white safety in numbers http://www.yesmagazine.org/peace-justice/the-myth-of-white-safet…[View]
138747016I don't understand /pol/, I get the LGBT community is cancer and filled with SJW's and lit…[View]
138735144We are the superior race. We own the most resource filled continent. We will out number you. We will…[View]
138748262What's the appeal of fascism if you aren't the government? Do you really want the governme…[View]
138746008Why don't we have more Turks in America?[View]
138746199Right wing media: For facebook like pages: 'This is Europa' ''Generation Europa'…[View]
138746641Better pay up, Brits![View]
138748184Lee Kuan Yew: Was he the most successful civic nationalist?[View]
1387380181 in 10 people are black in this country yet at least 5 out of 10 people live in fear of the black p…[View]
138748169MOAR: On September 16, 2017 we shall see a spectacle. https://www.motherofallrallies.com[View]
138734696How Silicon Valley spreads the dangerous conservative gospel of personal responsibility: https://amp…[View]
138746523you ready for a Dem landslide in 2018? Failing Drumpf[View]
138748047On the UK withdrawal from the EU: Submit to a common legal system and oversight by the ECJ I do not …[View]
138748001Sick white witch says only a black GENOCIDE can keep white children safe!: >Nazis don't exis…[View]
138745701How does /pol/ rate our god-emperor so far? http://www.strawpoll.me/13771244[View]
138719615Armed militia stopping rapefugees in Libya.: Pic semi-related. http://zpravy.idnes.cz/migranti-libye…[View]
138747009Brussels is lost: In Brussels currently and holy shit. I hate to say it, Donald Trump was completely…[View]
138733662LAWYER FIRED FOR RUNNING NAZI RECORD LABEL: Minneapolis lawyer behind neo-Nazi record label 'no…[View]
138746962>90's kids are now over 30 years old now How fucked are they?[View]
138747872Your exp of 2011 riots?: https://youtu.be/wevQpuRFUao[View]
138740159Lol remember when he was le cool edgy gay conservative hero? Don't here much about him ever sin…[View]
138741580The Three Demands: So it's not the best looking, but find a flaw in the idea.[View]
138745340Explain this: Oh wait you can't, racists btfo[View]
138743114Pol's narrative bttfo: The Rebel not only shows they're NOT scammers, they PROVE Caolan Fa…[View]
138745457Welcome to 2017 anons, this is a Facebook post complaining about a confederate flag in a local Brazi…[View]
138730242Why are you against open borders and accepting refugees from war-ridden areas of the world like the …[View]
138747406Welfare state: Should Western countries abolish the welfare state? Pic is what happens when the gove…[View]
138747392Rude racist black woman: Black people who treat white people like this woman treated me are doing no…[View]
138745584Eric Harris on euthanizing retards: >people spend millions of dollars on saving the lives of reta…[View]
138732132I'm about to go to University and want to know how bad the hostility is for being right wing th…[View]
138747330YouTube deleting links to Antifa Petition: I've posted this link all over every Antifa-related …[View]
138747222>the white is for the cum that turned them into the butter in a Nazi/Soviet rape sandwich >the…[View]
138730277/leftypols/ tactics AGAINST US ripped: /leftypols/ tactics AGAINST US ripped from their website on i…[View]
138739019What are some often overlooked pros and cons of genetic engineering?[View]
138747130It's time for the real question: Okay /pol/, it's time for the real question. http://www.s…[View]
138735423Why is this meme so shit yet gets posted? First you can't invade ilegaly and its Romans that a…[View]
138747115https://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-robotpriest-idUSKCN1B3133 >be buddhist priest >lose j…[View]
138745403/ pol /: How would the world look today if the Roman empire had held up to this day in all its grand…[View]
138743968White muslims: Now that i think about it this the true way to rid the world of SJW's and faggot…[View]
13874700610.000 DEAD BURGER COUNTDOWN: Get in here, let's see how long americans can go without killing …[View]
138739593ITT shit Americans say >Healthcare is not a right[View]
138724153Fellow Anonymous, #OpDomesticTerrorism has begun, we are angry. It is clear not even the nuclear exp…[View]
138746902/ pol /: What would happen if for example germany again as before seventies + would start however th…[View]
138735828Pavlovian Network Programming: Brainwashing Commencing.... Rinse and Repeat... Brainwashing Commenci…[View]
138743898THE FEDS ARE CRACKING DOWN: Holy shit guys.. the Atomwaffen Division sites online and @AW_Division o…[View]
138734743Japan p-please stop this, you need immigrants to survive! https://archive.fo/SptSO[View]
138746398Post your face when you realized that leftist are not a real enemy, but jews behind them. countless …[View]
138744602It's been TOO long since we've played. It's been too long /pol/ ... too long.[View]
138746443Alan walker antifa leader https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-xGerv5FOk[View]
138737407An Idea.....: Due to the influx of shills recently cluttering up the board, we should change our str…[View]
138740839Look at all those people! Wait. What's that red mist on the back /pol/?[View]
138743270eliminate Belgium as an entity: This weekend IJzerwake will be happening, a Flemish nationalist gath…[View]
138740834>/pol/ got conned into supporting this man AHAHHAHHAHHAHAAHHAAHAA[View]
138743947>Irish Stacy wrote a book on /pol/ and normies: 'Kill All Normies' by Angela Nagle. For her PhD s…[View]
138746361Who was in the right here?[View]
138731947>less than 4K people >99% of them are english speaking ethnic brits >land has been owned by…[View]
138725663ASSANGE HAPPENING: Holy shit lads.. it's happening. The kikes are afraid, deep state must be pa…[View]
138746183I didn't watch, didn't listen who cares sad old man is irrelevant and so is his base[View]
138737587Is this book worth reading? I want to read classical economics and I have allready read smith and ri…[View]
138723884Is there anything more cancerous to a society than female military officers?[View]
138741607How low can you go: Is there anyone on the internet who is more of a scumbag than the kike (((ezra l…[View]
138712038When did you grow out of the sandjew religion, /pol/?[View]
138743033Akram Awan is an ex-Pakistani Air Force charged with killing the President of Pakistan in 1988: TLDR…[View]
138745975>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8ajRErIOsc How have Interpol and Dubai police still not caught …[View]
138730721Do Nazis hate Israeli Jews?: I'm a Jew from Israel, was wondering do you Nazis hate us Israelis…[View]
138745255WHITE HOUSE RENEWS REQUEST FOR PRIVACY FOR TRUMP'S YOUNG SON...: So let's get the kikes to…[View]
138742290Can we have a good old Jew hate thread?[View]
138745063How can we solve the manchild problem?: How the fuck do we solve the manchild-problem? I mean, so ma…[View]
138744968I see potential in 'history-trolling'.[View]
138735721Antifa Mugshots after Portland protest. No bandannas now fuckers[View]
138729619Why is racism acceptable on /pol/?: White or black, does it matter? If I get a black girlfriend, doe…[View]
138736142>mfw browsing /pol/ One day you will realise that all of your struggles were in vain. Superior be…[View]
138712236ISLAND CROWDSOURCING - Sponsored by KEK: /pol/ EXODUS BEGIN https://www.privateislandsonline.com/sou…[View]
138741141SAVE THE DATE: heavy breathing has a show at comet ping pong presented by some weird crossdressers …[View]
138744421/b/ IS MOUNTING AGAINST RELIGION WE NEED EDGY THEOLOGIANS: >>>/b/742983865 >>>/b/7…[View]
138742271Could being autistic be an evolutionary advantage? Basically giving up unneeded social skills in exc…[View]
138742264Serious Political Discussion Thread: 16 Problems with the Left: A Critique of Some Trends in Left-wi…[View]
138726701Why does everyone keep dancing around the obvious?: The media, politicians and corporations are alwa…[View]
138742069Daily reminder that stormfags and SJWs are controlled opposition and tools used by Schlomo[View]
138744837Christianity is a religion for weak minded cucks. Just look at this shit (from Psalm 142), literally…[View]
138743145IMPEACH NOW: https://www.axios.com/hillary-on-trump-debate-back-up-you-creep-2476103600.html i fucki…[View]
138741827This triggers Muslims and Jews name a more based animal[View]
138728142Brit/pol/- Newham edition: >Labour MP says 'merit' in women-only train carriages http:/…[View]
138741527Why aren't the police stopping this?[View]
138743471Man displaying Confederate flag fired from job site: Gets doxxed by their statefunded media. Called …[View]
138736450>liberals won't start demanding for mo-[View]
138743889Dailystormer 6 million views: (((coincidence)))?[View]
138743214What did they mean by this?[View]
138737746Have you ever wanted to be a black as least once?[View]
138744414Using White Supremacy for Political Advantage: Anyone of sound mind understands that white supremacy…[View]
138743550How is this not evidence that massive illegal voting REALLY IS taking place? According to Judicial W…[View]
138744141Jehovah's Witnesses: Is Jehovah's Witnesses some kind of Jewish sect, just like Christiani…[View]
138740741Trump in Phoenix: ...hahahahahahaahahahahah *gasp* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA[View]
138744064Raising children in a progressive, leftist society: >pic related. How do you raise based kids? My…[View]
138741605tell me about antifa[View]
138742655Nigger hate: Kneegrows[View]
138743869turning women into cyborg AI: since women are betraying the west, and AI and biotech are advancing a…[View]
138743600Would it be better than the two party system? Pic related is a simulation, as bellow (218 for a majo…[View]
138740831Trump is literally Stalin: Prove to me that Trump isn't literally Stalin, ready to purge americ…[View]
138742018https://youtu.be/AlVuMxt-xtU This is the wokest nigga alive.[View]
138736593kekistan: /po// what do you think of the kekistan thing[View]
138741985Well, pol?[View]
138743746Why do white liberals think they have to make decissions on behalf of minorities? Do they not think …[View]
138739438'They' are trying to take away 'our' culture.[View]
138738561speaking of awan: he was subbed to a handful of interesting youtube channels, i want to share what i…[View]
138741074WW3 who will win RED V BLUE[View]
138738003ON AUGUST 27: 2017 Heavy breathing will be doing a show at comet ping pong WHAT DO?![View]
138739144Are you f*cking kidding me?: >Whites are the real victims of interracial crime in the USA ummm tr…[View]
138741145What are your tips for pissing off liberals?: Hey pol my number one goal in life is to piss off libe…[View]
138739063Charlottesville Attack, was a good thing for the right.: I see people on here saying that the Charlo…[View]
138738351ANTIFA RAPES[View]
138720720breaking news:An Italian man holding a gun barricaded 3 hours in Nagoya,Japan: Remove kuso gaijin…[View]
138741525The only reason you have not taken the Muslim pill is because you are chastised by your ((Christian)…[View]
138743128Redshit Was Right Again: >The source of all evil in the galaxy Morty, come on, were all thinking …[View]
138727619Oh Germany...: My head hurts. http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/23/supermarket-removes-all-foreign-groceri…[View]
138740379Why is the American government shitting on Kaspersky? They haven't offered any evidence other t…[View]
138714569Alpine union thread: When will Bavaria finally be independent again so Austria, Bavaria and Switzerl…[View]
138741423John, L'Amérique est à Française: Rejoins la mère patrie ![View]
138739502Do you still support Trump?: Simple Poll with 4 choices -Strong Support -Somewhat Support -Somewhat …[View]
138728933This was when any idea of western civilisation died. Within the space of four years, the mighty empi…[View]
138742104Why americans are so disgusting?: https://youtu.be/xY7m4KzYR4Q See the video if you have guts, she l…[View]
138735868DailyStormer Anglin: Message to Anglin: Don't ask MollyJew for help. This is a video of him adm…[View]
138739711>George Stephanopoulos[View]
138716213>when it's 2017 and you don't have to hide your political views https://www.youtube.com…[View]
138741251Moldova hate thread.[View]
138720334Top EU politician compares Hungary and Poland to Nazis in tweet: So apparently even Poland that suff…[View]
138740134I have a question that's been on my mind lately, /pol/; this is not meant to be a shill, slide,…[View]
138740547Do I off myself??? Serious Question Guys. I don't know how to Cope with this.: So I just fed my…[View]
138728593The Hanseatic League, Germanic Colonization of the East and the EU were the best events for Eastern …[View]
138724618Screenshots, Infographics General: ITT: We post interesting/informative screenhots and infographics …[View]
138742111Is there any NBA players or black NFL players with names of prominent Confederate figures? Because …[View]
138742050I imagine shitskins on this site taking up our vocabulary and muttering under their breath 'Anti whi…[View]
138741681https://youtu.be/-27J0sR9268 Was this an accurate depiction of election night?[View]
138741817nigger bait: dis is ya mudda ja que que speaking, we need to say din duing nothing and trying to be …[View]
138738874Need info: Sup /pol/ Need some info. Trying to turn a friend from a cuck, need whatever instances of…[View]
138740110Why does /pol/ prefer Nazism over conservative beliefs?: Edmund Burke is much better than Adolf Hitl…[View]
138735695Explain this please, Englandbro's[View]
138741521ITT we name: Politicians or lobbyists who will be at this show I'll start >chris Christie…[View]
138738142Women, the scourge of male life.: For how long have women been stopping the progress of men? If not …[View]
138729435MACEDONIA SHOULD ANNEX GREECE: greekroach faggots need to learn their place and stop larping as Alex…[View]
138739086(((Goolag))): Why is english Google so cucked?[View]
138738935Muh /mgtow is jewish shill/, nice guys are the problem: > Working hard and studying hard for 5 ye…[View]
138713334Why do people who claim to like diversity cheer for a future where humans all become one race?[View]
138732409im gonna crack: i need some help /pol/ I'm about to fucking crack, not go on some shooting but …[View]
138740771they sure figured out how to tax the poor - powerball! At $700 million, Wednesday night’s Powerball …[View]
138739279US navy destroyer USS Mc Mcain collided with a merchant vessal for the 4th time this year: Hacking l…[View]
138676093do you suffer in russia?[View]
138738619Resurrections: I used to have a friend with the John Birch Society around the early '90's. We didn…[View]
138737846>the absolute JUST state of germany Trump is bad, k guise??[View]
138737215on the twenty: Seventh of august there will be a band play And an arrest made Can someone who is a…[View]
138734752Hey Florida bros. Does anyone know anything about this guy? I'm relatively new to the politics …[View]
138740583HAHAHAHAHA!!!!: When a white guy is black vs when a black guy is white Whites are even better at bei…[View]
138740728Ethnostate: You lads always say you want an ethnostate, but where would you locate it? My vote is fo…[View]
138735114wh*te supremacists explain: >Claim that wh*tes are masterrace and jews are subhumans >Yet we o…[View]
138740447This Triggers ANTIFA: >ITT Things normies loves that Antifa hates Was thinking this would make a …[View]
138724601How to Get a Trad Redpilled QT Wife?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCtJ_rZzac After watching…[View]
138738863Why is her brother working case?: How can we get this to be a conflict of interest? http://truepundi…[View]
138737368>children >fedoras >star wars shirts >shills youtube channel at end of awkward interview…[View]
138740195Ann Barnhardt: Redpill Trad blowtorch of a woman who tells the truth: No bullshit redpill woman tell…[View]
138739245Why aren't more black people as based as Malik Obama?[View]
138739278Why hasn't Trump declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization ? Why is nothing being done…[View]
138739800GOOD NIGHT LEFT NUT pt2: VIDEO SOURCE OF NUT SHOT >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpBJS…[View]
138735854How liberal are the Universities you attend /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrJfH2Hrb2o…[View]
138730306remember the days when almost all of 4chan was politically incorrect and everyone was against all th…[View]
138739968I'm calling it now; give it two days max before they get bored with trying to raid /pol/. They …[View]
138739668this clown won't make it to the end of the year impeachment is soon Trumpniggers President Pen…[View]
138739713He has a point you know.: nazis are allowed free reign, yet the system constantly oppressed socialis…[View]
138735359wh*Tes come here: If wh*Tes are 'masterrace' as you claim, then how come they controlled by non-wh*T…[View]
138726048is anyone else scared to even do normal shit in public anymore? like I can't even go to a resta…[View]
138739031My dear fellow white folk...: https://youtu.be/zTkQ9BzJCis Im so tired of seeing shit like this vide…[View]
138738621MURDOCH MURDOCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odw2lyLPd24[View]
138739441calgary police abuse of force: >the guy is laying on the ground with his hands behind his head …[View]
138726082Balkanshit thread, because my autism compels me to respond >>138725332 Oh, I get what you are …[View]
138731446How come these ex Russian countries hate Russia so much?[View]
138739550This map is keeping track off all the monuments being removed, defaced etc: https://www.google.com/m…[View]
138739426Alright, so Pagans.: I have a few legitimate and earnest questions, not going to be an ass like a lo…[View]
138711750GOOD NIGHT LEFT NUT: Instead of a bunch of antifa giving us a bunch of small memes, we had one brave…[View]
138735216Charlie Hebdo triggers SJWs: >Islam, the religion of peace... eternal peace!…[View]
138714772come on ANTIFA mess with Texas[View]
138739294The NIGGER is the epitome of retardation and being a failed kang. Let's start by looking at his…[View]
138739769Never forget Mexicans are master race[View]
13874052531 days.......: Only 31 days to go...[View]
138741666Niggets: Why aren't there any nigger midgets?[View]
138739873>white ''''race''''[View]
138738785Why do you guys think its ok for Japs to draw anime characters that look EXACTLY like white people …[View]
138738568*absolutely DESTROYS [your favourite philosophy]*[View]
138739044Hey /pol/, help me redpill my liberal friend. http://i.imgur.com/sqscVFp.png some of the conversatio…[View]
138739023>Now Steve Bannon is back at breitbart he can go to war with the elite!…[View]
138738002>A man who was seen proudly flying a Confederate flag from his truck at a downtown Hamilton const…[View]
138738686/pol/ META THREAD: How do we improve/remove /pol? pic related[View]
138738646When will you accept the Neo-Liberal world order?[View]
138738706Bull-Queers, Mongrel-Theists, & Jews...: BLUNT-FORCE-NEGRO EDITION http://i.4cdn.org/x/150345232…[View]
138738684Use hooktube instead of youtube: If you really want to hurt youtube and google just search youtube v…[View]
138738667western civilization lack of faith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mp8fOFVybQ start at 1:25:30 and…[View]
138738662Mainstream Media: What are the most egregious examples of anti-American press you've seen recen…[View]
138727600*blocks your path*[View]
138731378The Future Is German: >America destroying itself with drumpf >Great Shitstain destroying itsel…[View]
138725895You do not get to 'choose' to be an American and a Nazi.: > 'We' do not believe in 'choice for ev…[View]
138735733What's the point of democracy? When do elected representatives ever change their votes on bills…[View]
138736844Why do Trump supporters lie so much? It's funny that they talk about trustworthy news sources l…[View]
138738123Where did it all go wrong?[View]
138725554As a catholic I'm in doubt right now. The Pope is against his own people and against christiani…[View]
138712493lol, Christ cucks...[View]
138738103I thought bill gates is a globalist kike shill? Wow, it's almost like most you are retarded and…[View]
138730583Tucker defends Daily Stormer: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH the madman[View]
138731127do it for her pol[View]
138737484Advice for Doomsday Advocates...: Since it's not going to happen IRL, here is my suggestion: Bu…[View]
138735950this is happening[View]
138738138Is America the most cucked country in the world?[View]
138725315Black music: Are blacks the Jews of Music? They have such an outsized influence in our western cultu…[View]
138738066What's the best way to survive ongoing white genocide? Silently convert to Islam? Run to the j…[View]
138737994Fix the country of the flag of the last post ITT[View]
138737957ive lost count of how many times this needs to be said over the years[View]
138737071>entire board is nothing but black cocks /pol/ what the fuck are you doing mods…[View]
138737875Crimean–Nogai raids into East Slavic lands: Did you know that aside of Barbary slave trade there was…[View]
138726874How do you manage to bridge the divide between knowing abortion should be a basic right of every cit…[View]
138737762Do naturally occuring plants like marijuana have any reason to be illegal? Banishing a plant is an i…[View]
138737640Common sense: is google hiding nazi encouragement in the source code? what did they mean by this?…[View]
138737403Happeningfags need to leave. You're ruining this board. Literally every time I come here it…[View]
138736889When religious people were in charge, we had the Dark Ages, burning of Giordano Bruno, persecution o…[View]
138736551The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138737550Who hate it? https://youtu.be/gRX-pFt9mNY[View]
138737544Christianity is a religion for weak minded cucks. Just look at this shit (from Psalm 142), literally…[View]
138721733Are we experiencing a period of dysgenics? Is humanity degrading as a species? ((( Disclaimer: This …[View]
138734911Check mate Trump! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/john-leguizamos-latin-history-morons-get…[View]
138737042Why is NatSoc propaganda so much better?: Do others even try? Show me one communist, globalist or li…[View]
138737446The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138692948Pol absolutely btfo: The Rebel not only shows they're NOT scammers, they PROVE Caolan Faggotson…[View]
138729022Admit it. Trump is a disgrace.[View]
138730420...you guys put snackbars on your targets for shooting practice too, right?[View]
138737378The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138718093Donald Trump's unhinged rampage: >Donald Trump just showed why even some Republicans questio…[View]
138737370PROTESTER SHOT IN BALLS WITH TEAR GAS GRENADE: priceless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vixh-Aky57M…[View]
138737361Which is more efficient? Carbon Monoxide or Zyklon-B?: I need it for science class goy[View]
138737354C-can we ever go back guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nse0Ch5_cKs[View]
138736587The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138722026SOON: fucking Talcum X went full retard. Endorsed Antifa too! .All of his self hating white celebrit…[View]
138734612Take the black pill[View]
138737276When will they learn?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJaU8KmNfRQ[View]
138737275Regarding Israel and NS: Sig Heil! Ok serious question? What do people who adhere to Nazi, NSDAP, Ne…[View]
138723851What Will the Alt-Right Do if Their Monuments Keep Getting Destroyed?: If the Alt-Left continue tear…[View]
138736809Patriarchy is the only way to save the white race: >'le you will have brown grandkids' Bring back…[View]
138736415Does the wage gap actually exist?[View]
138735134Did sandy hook: Happen? Is that why the kids are In the holocaust museum?[View]
138737077Can we just petition the government to give white nationalist a community of their own?[View]
138737029I really don't believe racial: Relations are the bad but on an unrelated note will anyone be in…[View]
138737058The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138736813And this is my Son, He researches the Hillary Clinton connections to internatioan pedophilia netowrk…[View]
138737013Need examples of caught in the act fake news against Trump for some red pilling[View]
138736829The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138736841Gofuckme is allowing funding for fake charlottesville victims. >Tyler Magill, vanquisher of Charl…[View]
138736918Failed POTUS Trump unhinged *Early onset dementia only answer - Ana Navarro, Republican strategist *…[View]
138706511Have you ever met a non-white racist?[View]
138734682Should I start pretending to be a feminist just to infiltrate their ranks, sleep with their women, a…[View]
138736860Jaffe Memorandum, what do you think?: I suppose you know it. It's true that government shaped t…[View]
138736859The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138718096Cutest purest redpilledest altrightest tradwife explains how to find and attract a traditional /pol/…[View]
138731833Civilization isn't white men's roots, fucking deers is.: can someone explain what kind of …[View]
138734044/RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General: /RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General - WE'RE BACK WITH DAILY GE…[View]
138725864>want to become Christian >Baptists are too whiny >Catholicism is too pagan >Orthodoxy i…[View]
138736782The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138736777Millennial Woes DESTROYS Sarfag Of Cuckad: Sarfag recently made a video called 'Nazis are bad…[View]
138736765AUGUST 27th 2017: HOLY SHIT THEIR NOT STOPPING WHATS THE PLAN? How will we finally be done with piz…[View]
138736754Who let all these redditors and commies in? There's more than usual.[View]
138731921baron needs to be protected from the evil media[View]
138736708The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his b…[View]
138736519>claims to like minorities >will only hangout with the ones raised in their mostly white neigh…[View]
138733140OP fully supports the reunification of Ireland: Would allow for a reform of Ireland's shitty gu…[View]
138734999Nationalist rally in London, ON: >Mayor Matt Brown issued an emergency motion at council Tuesday …[View]
138732954You /pol/tards are some of the saddest people in the world. You larp as moralfags while posting your…[View]
138727557She shilled for Trump for how long and just now turns on him?[View]
138736577Serious discussion thread: The best way to develope your ideology is to discuss with others. In this…[View]
138700274Literally /pol/: the movie[View]
138706385/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
138729122This is the GOAT POTUS. 1. FDR was supported by fascists in the early 30s. He mimicked a lot of Muss…[View]
138736375Ayy lmao https://archive.is/s5zfF[View]
138733278You noticed how they stopped talking about Russia and Trump all of the sudden?[View]
138725455Guys...was 2pac killed because he was talking too much? Most of his songs are very preachy and full …[View]
138736222Oh noes!!!: (((rebel media))) is actually fucking begging for MORE shekels!!! Can you believe these …[View]
138735850>anti-zionist >anti-feminist >hate (((democracy))) >conservative and traditional >mur…[View]
138732708>new Uncharted game ends with YAAS QUEEN SLAY music and tumblr art https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
138731041really polarized my axons[View]
138736138It surprises me that Germans think they are Aryans, they clearly are not[View]
138735724Life is like a nightmare, right here in cuckberg, SJWs, commies, and Landwhales, it's a cuck b…[View]
138733686Hi /pol/! I met this customer at my job that sort of looked like Assad yesterday. I hope you will en…[View]
138729825Why does /pol/ go against the mainstream of opinion?: In schools we are taught that racism is wrong …[View]
138734809What politician do you hate the most. <---------I hate this goy the most[View]
138733411What should a /pol/ political party be called?: Maybe you should avoid the Nazi name. Many people ha…[View]
138707457Angela Merkel playing Farming Simulator to gain youth votes: Is this real life?[View]
138735669*absolutely DESTROYS [your favourite philosophy]*[View]
138734471Poo in loo in India: Is not having a loo a big problem in India or is it just a meme? Redpill me Ind…[View]
1387318469 days to September.[View]
138734546I'm wondering what party I would belong to. I thought I was Libertarian, however, I believe tha…[View]
138724158I love my country >some time ago read about girl who married nignog and live in Poland >first …[View]
138708630RULE BRITANNIA[View]
138724378English is the most efficient language. Discuss.[View]
138726709Why don't women dress properly anymore?[View]
138734015>2017 >he hasn't gone full MGTOW Enjoy raising Chad's babies and getting sued for ch…[View]
138733064>Rebel Media is an anti-islamism conservative/libertarian alternative news site that the left wan…[View]
138734818Place your bets. How much longer before all out war? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/in…[View]
138731099Be honest. Did we get djt elected?[View]
138717805Syria General /sg/- /comfy/ Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
138729186Destroy Antifa from within with one tactic: All we have to do is find girls whose political affiliat…[View]
138717743Are we all just going to ignore on how Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan?[View]
138735426WHITEY BTFO[View]
138727194What the fuck is wrong with this filthy spic? Is anyone else watching her meltdown on CNN right now?[View]
138735304oodles and oodles of noodles: more info on the awan case. she's still squirming about it. 'i ke…[View]
138723612Cell phones and wifi use microwaves As in, they're going to jack the signal and microwave your …[View]
138731465The Eternal Anglo?: Wtf is an eternal anglo? I just got accused of this in my anti-racism thread.…[View]
138735122Charlottesville Car Footage: Does anyone have the footage of the Challenger getting attacked before …[View]
138732458Everything is one: Everything is one. We are all on different stages of spiritual development. These…[View]
138732396>be catholic >open borders >blame conservatives >ask for more refugees what went wrong?…[View]
138705963>get guilt-tripped by /pol/ into becoming a Christian >join a bible study youth group >90%…[View]
138729683meanwhile immigrant birth rate in germany is 1.9, below replacement, while conservatives breed like …[View]
138734965wearing a mask online vs. wearing a mask in public. spreading of controversial ideas vs. spreading c…[View]
138734909Israel BTFO: BroNat explains why Israel shouldnt exist. How will kikes ever recover? https://www.you…[View]
138727670Redpill me on the Trump ecstasy pills, /pol/. Usually I keep my distance away from drugs because I b…[View]
138733380Hey guys. Big Jew stopping by just to remind you white supremacy is bad. You don't to get mixed…[View]
138734782So can We Finally stop accepting Fat people?: if someone say they are fat but fit does that mean the…[View]
138734410who's the final boss?[View]
138734635We will send you out of North Africa and the Middle East or else you will be slaughtered in masses W…[View]
138729682HAPPENING: BREXIT CANCELED!!!!!! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/aug/23/britain-could-rema…[View]
138728755'On a collision course' Poland and EU closer to Polexit than EVER BEFORE, expert warns …[View]
138730938ESPN pulls Asian announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general's n…[View]
138720849Guys, we're all going to be famous, seriously.: /pol/ is legendary, maybe infamous but its infl…[View]
138731620It's not happening, is it?: There are no dominoes to fall, are there /pol/? I should probably …[View]
138723156European gun control thread: Fellow Europeans, why is it that Europe has so few gun ranges? Is it th…[View]
138730331Afghan chicks 1970's style >>: Do we want this back ? or should the Burka stay ?[View]
138729630https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5bT5x0I8OU have we reached a tipping point.[View]
138729632*spreads vegemite*[View]
138733528What the fuck is in India ?: Pic related is Mumbai[View]
138731455Is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rFP3V8Sjvk[View]
138731401Finland has the most ISIS fighters per capita!: What the fuck happened lads and how is this even pos…[View]
138729155MORNING POL: Get right with the lord anon Le happening is inbound https://youtu.be/JQwHfk7iPyA…[View]
138730088'The Jews, by their power over media, academia, and government, are flooding Western societies with …[View]
138733987CNN in a nutshell[View]
138733938Why do people racemix when all they're going to get is a filthy mongrel.[View]
138728136Why aren't you anarchists /pol/?[View]
138733481Battle of berkeley 4: August 27 anti-marxism rally Berkeley,california Featuring based stickman…[View]
138732182Hate will never win. Tough luck, losers.[View]
138733771Tired: Socialism never works Wired: Socialism only works with white people[View]
138732597Britanons, do you see a bright future ahead? You did leave the EU after all right?[View]
138731047what are some examples of leaders who are supported both by the far-right and the far-left?[View]
138733474Mods have to ban /ptg/ circle jerking threads. Its just so fucking annoying[View]
138721356We Got Vasectomies Together: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8f_aHL1ALI Popular Youtubers Rhett…[View]
138733444How to make antifa fuck themselves up.: Step 1: Go to Anti-Trump protest Step 2: Find the biggest cu…[View]
138726972There's literally nothing wrong with Globalism. The end goal of the human race should to unify …[View]
138731350Your tax dollars pay for milkshakes!: In all seriousness, is there a way to report this? This is lit…[View]
138733259Love/Hate country thread: Is this the perfect map of best countries? Post yours Green = love Yello…[View]
138729433Europe's future: Lately, while thinking about the recent evolution of Europe and the operated d…[View]
138733200Confederate flags started being pulled down after Dylann Roof attacked niggers: I remember we celebr…[View]
138722401This is probably going to be the stupidest thing you've read today, but I swear I'm not tr…[View]
138729239How much fun has the last year and a half been lads? I'm loving it. Share some memories.[View]
138724985Thoughts on this pol?[View]
138732270What's the best way to deal with North Korea?: Nuke them? Invade them? Stop giving food aids an…[View]
138732939Meet George Green: Green is a former American investment banker who claims he was witness to secret …[View]
138731060RED ALERT HE'S DESTROYING NARRATIVES is jeff /ourguy/?[View]
138732879Soul Food - Soylent Brown Edition: WE WUZ CANNIBALS AN SHEEEIT. Are these creatures that poor or jus…[View]
138728751Do you know that Japanese is close to Tibetan than Chinese and Korean? Japan is in the east of China…[View]
138729728It was real in my mind >'I made it all up': D-DAY veteran feted for his bravery during…[View]
138723328aus/pol/ - register to vote you bigots: so tomorrow is the big day, make sure you are registered. I …[View]
138732608Volcanic activity world-wide: Since this eclipse there has been so much volcanic activity with a not…[View]
138711672Brit/pol/ stormzy edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next https://u…[View]
138724287Why do able-bodied niggers always insist on hogging the mobility scooters in supermarkets?[View]
138691655BEFORE FEMINISM, AFTER FEMINISM: Anyone got more like this?[View]
138732278Should this be the logo of the American alt-right?[View]
138726945You guys are bible thumpers on Monday...: By Tuesday you're online spending your time making sw…[View]
138731088Absolute state of bongland: And then they britaniastan is not as worse as Sweden or Goymanie.[View]
138723401>I'm only here for less than 8 months https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfTvvLObtSc#t=53m19s w…[View]
138730881She has a point[View]
138732119The 1% is saving america from its overweight idiotic general population: People in the United States…[View]
138729992What would America be like if it never had slavery?[View]
138731973What the hell, guys? I thought all those red-pill infographs you shared with me were correct. Well, …[View]
138731918Have you taken your /TrumpPill/ today?: Daily Reminder if you aren't taking at least 5+ of thes…[View]
138731198Damn, Austria can still be saved!: Jesus fucking Christ, Austrians! Get those FPOe and OeVP folks in…[View]
138731878Shootings and snitchings in Philadelphia - Louis Theroux - Killadelphia: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
138731819Livestream of Q&A session in South African Parliament: Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is expec…[View]
138730135'In the same way capitalism abolished slavery, the main aim of women’s liberation was to create…[View]
138726517Will the abundance of Loli sexbots finally prove that most men are actually attracted to children?[View]
138728557Defend Europe's shit the CStar is currently near Malta because the Maltese government has embar…[View]
138725357ITT unpopular opinions: If you cut your hair like this maybe you deserve to get gay bashed[View]
138724083Paganism can never be celebrated unironi-: https://youtu.be/D53vH6b-H-w?t=1m10s 1:40 >white child…[View]
138724769The Future of the Human Race: Isn't it beautiful, pol?[View]
138730655Based priest drops some heavy redpills during mass.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSEfbqj25wQ For…[View]
138718113Lleaked Pentagon video is a science fiction story about the future of cities: >it acknowledges so…[View]
138732736Women Hate Thread: Get in here.[View]
138723306How will sex robots impact society?[View]
138715630Slav Hate Thread: Reminder that all slavs are subhuman scum that is BARELY above black people. Slavs…[View]
138731050there is no greater threat to white people int heir country than other white people prove me wrong[View]
138730042The betrayal of the virtuous man: The virtuous man seeks to build a virtuous society through the res…[View]
138727473>19 >all the women I have a chance to fuck would cheat on me with a nigger criminal >and th…[View]
138731051A Canadian Monty Python in the making: Love this guy's work ... Taking the piss outta JT big le…[View]
138723248An open letter to Bitcoin miners: https://keepingstock.net/an-open-letter-to-bitcoin-miners-c260467e…[View]
138730897>Map:Most important international military bases in Syria[View]
138724865Bulgaria: I never hear anything about these guys, even though they are literally bordered with the E…[View]
138718383>Danish submarine inventor claims he buried Swedish journalist at see Is this mad Danish scientis…[View]
138729143what happens here?: How come noone ever talks about Connecticut?[View]
138719375Why are ''asian american'' men such insecure betas ?: East asia is cool, east as…[View]
138729668The Confederate States of America.: https://youtu.be/exnwTWfFRM8 A wonderful documentary.[View]
138730688New Garrison: Notice anything?[View]
138728031Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact: Today, 77 years ago was signed Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, where Nazis and Com…[View]
1387306421476: When ever I look at an abo I see it as less than me. How someone could consider it human is be…[View]
138729234Catholics of /pol/, what do you think of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement?[View]
138728841Reminder that Hitler was an SJW >socialist >vegan >loved muslims >hated rich upper class…[View]
138722090Easy way to access DailyStormer: >It's still easy to access The DaiIy Stormer in a normal we…[View]
138728641Charlie Hebdo new cover: Islam religion of eternal peace: Is Charlie Hebdo /our guys/ ?[View]
138729967Colonization is not an excuse: Almost all countries that arent in europe have been colonized or infl…[View]
138726863This malta political party: Look at this political party isn't it /ourparty/ >race realist …[View]
138718661WELL IMAGINE MY SHOCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KYDogWxpWA[View]
138729420SABE THE CHIILREN: Growing up, it was frowned upon to swear, hit or do any obscenities to children i…[View]
138730213>Imam behind Barcelona terror attacks used human rights to fight deportation from Spain >The i…[View]
138726958Donny: A picture says a thousand words[View]
138728252Interesting pic: Really goes to show how white people have so much trouble identifying with it'…[View]
138729762/pol/, why do you hate wamyn so much? It's like you assume every one of them is a hardcore femi…[View]
138726651Australia YES!: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-07/arson-attack-accused-christian-lobby-to-plead-…[View]
138708867Tonight's speech pushed lefties over the edge: Why did tonight's speech make lefties so as…[View]
138729539Another LOTR Thread: Post your suggestions/amendments: Orcs: Muslims/Africans Dwarfs: Jews Elves: Zi…[View]
138729081what amount of jew haters on /pol/ are actually muslims pretending to be nazis in order to divide an…[View]
138716912I always hear the same argument for the quality of the European Union. 'Staying with them will make …[View]
138720042When I heard of Jokela school massacre, I laughed aloud and hoped for more. Natural selection correc…[View]
138726550what does 'western civilisation' even mean?[View]
138727412Kek is dead!: Remember that time we memed Donald Trump to the white house? Well lets see if we cant …[View]
138727230Is this true, Catalans?[View]
138729383ANTIFA should love George Washinton: George Washington was white. But is he the beginning of 'white …[View]
138726060Why can't all you alt-right nazis just be quiet?[View]
138716611Daily reminder the first country to eliminate their central bank and allow free market banking will …[View]
138725556Look at this lib cunt, he looks like a mix of shrek and a downs kid! Ps: He also looks like a fuckin…[View]
138729007You aren't scared of liberals now, are you /pol/?[View]
138703959Why are americunts so bad at rioting? Agro aussies would beat the shit the out of antifa[View]
138724025Politics of Traditionalism: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCtJ_rZzac Holy shit I am in love, …[View]
138726808Mods Suggestion Thread: ONLY THIS SHALL BE DISCUSSED: >Bring back time restrictions on posting No…[View]
138727046I support this 100%. Anyone who dances the Macarena should be arrested immediately. https://www.wash…[View]
138728680Where can I read the raw facts and truth about the 'white papers' of Obama/Clintons (fuck …[View]
138728462/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138728546Trump aides plot a big immigration deal — that breaks a campaign promise: http://www.mcclatchydc.com…[View]
138720382Hiro has premitted a meta thread on every board to space discussion meant to improve it. Discuss how…[View]
138726919What did Jared Diamond mean by this?[View]
138726964wake up call: this is your enemy[View]
138724364Looking for the name of a statue: I've seen it in one of those 'european/western art history' t…[View]
138725668Hey, nazi fucks- THIS is what progress looks like. Get used to it because you'll never get anot…[View]
138727608Canada: After 3500 illegal immigrants in two weeks, gov't now trying to stem tide: https://arch…[View]
138726458Abos want to get rid of Captain Cook statues now: http://archive.is/Y0Y7Z This is your fucking fault…[View]
138723569This guy should serve a warning that a diet of Cool Ranch Doritos and cum is not beneficial towards …[View]
138727203yup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KiNWJ8FiYg called me thinned skinned but, this really upsets m…[View]
138727911Do you guys believe in the (political) predictions of Baba Vanga? Quite a lot of her predictions f h…[View]
138728003ACA: Redpill me on the ACA. Should it really be repealed?[View]
138725694Michael Curtis has pointed out that no other group of people in the world has been charged simultane…[View]
138724855Hey guys why did the tea party not exist under Bush or Trump, but did under Obama? I can't quit…[View]
138720719Trump wins the election >we beat Hillary we've won the election >kek wills it >we pres…[View]
138727838Is this one of the best meme moments since Trump won his presidency?[View]
138720081What's their endgame? Are Macedonians Greeks or Slavs?[View]
138724308A tells B: > A tells B about venus project > after 20 min A is like…[View]
138725262Western Civilization died in 8 May, 1945: Prove me wrong, but you can't[View]
138725117What does /pol/ think about this documentary on Men's Rights Movement? I suggest giving it a wa…[View]
138724690>Islam treats women perfectly fine. Do ur research next time :) When are (((they))) going to stop…[View]
138725599How the fuck can a single car kill that many people in such a short time spam? I can understand the …[View]
138721944I always assumed 4chan was becoming more right wing or at least lacked shit libs is this true?[View]
138718206what really GETS ON UR FUCKING NERVVEEEESSSSSSS: pakis[View]
138724096Marseille happening: The Truck of Peace strikes again![View]
138727255Tel mi pol. Wai do commies say 'they stand on the RIGHT side of history' when they're obviously…[View]
138727427Only redpilled albums ITT[View]
138723459How about a good YRYL thread[View]
138721983Is Germany really lost?: Population statistics as of December 31, 2016 say it isn't so. Things …[View]
138727204To the christian nazis: How does it feel to follow a jewish religion?[View]
138717543How many christians are in those antifa rioter crowds?: I started realizing it. Wait a second, this …[View]
138719564>turk chimpout >arab chimpout >irani backed shia chimpout so, what does /POL/ think gonna h…[View]
138727057The religion of peace...: What do we reckon boys? A happening as retaliation or that would just supp…[View]
138724944niggers: https://scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/21080084_145714179347055_8352386646712…[View]
138727074How does it feel knowing that you are fighting a losing battle? Whites are being more rapidly redpil…[View]
13872705877 years ago: Today, 77 years ago, was signed a neutrality pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet …[View]
138725631Based Janusz Korwin-Mikke thread[View]
138726762SWEDEN YES!!!: Sweden to introduce arabic as a modern language for students to learn in school along…[View]
138700765Redpill thread: Let's drop some inconvenient truths[View]
138726933How do we bring back the Bellamy salute into the pledge of allegiance?[View]
138724161Ask me anything[View]
138715284Where will we go when /pol/s closed?: Lefties are becoming increasingly aware of /pol/ and how it is…[View]
138722034Western autism: >Be autistic French peasant >too lazy to spray your gay flowers >Introduce …[View]
138722385Autism/Aspergers: Okay what the FUCK, /pol/ why are autism rates skyrocketing like fuckin' craz…[View]
138723076DRUMPF BTFO - United Nations condemnds racism at Charlottesville:: Drumpfkins have no reply for this…[View]
138714389>A federal jury in Las Vegas declined Tuesday to convict four defenders of Cliven Bundy's Ne…[View]
138726553Question: Which is badder? Isis or Nazis?[View]
1387264518values thread: Post yours.[View]
138726493Official THANK YOU BASED AZ thread: I will never talk shit about Arizona again. You came out and sup…[View]
138726343It is time we begin slaughtering jews: Enough is enough already. We have suffered for a long time no…[View]
138725188Why can't Whites look after their own interests like the Asians do?[View]
138689924How do white people speak so eloquently?: I'm serious. How do white people speak so well with …[View]
138721477HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUu46J_OHQ4[View]
138726155Make Black Coffee Racist: thought this article was funny and ridiculous. lets make it a wide spread …[View]
138703163FREE MARKET = DEGENERACY Degeneracy in the media is a DIRECT RESULT of free market capitalism. Did …[View]
138721658socialism: >fairly right wing >go to elderly neighbours house >find out he voted corbyn …[View]
138721949JEW'D Why do white women love Jewish men so much?[View]
138726010>x >white Is it a trolling meme or people being serious?…[View]
138726014Ban All Muhammad's from Television: Alt-Left is batshit crazy. We do have to be sensitive.…[View]
138716523Why is George Stephanopoulos so damned small? It's no wonder he has that haircut and always hid…[View]
138725802>juántifa! What did he mean by this?[View]
138721678Alright, I propose a meme war to remove this guy from CNN. This smug 'journalist' represents everyth…[View]
138723798*blocks your path*[View]
138725214Purple Revolution: The color of Americas Soros color revolution will be purple. This was reported m…[View]
138724050When is Saudi Arabia going bankrupt and what would it mean?: Will Trump bail them out with a small l…[View]
138725644>Pic related Why American media, websites, don't expose these insane asian beta losers on in…[View]
138718785Made in Fuckin USA!!: Anybody else remembers this cook my burrito Chad from the previous time Trump …[View]
138723630When did you stop being a religious fedora and stop tipping the bible? Pic related, typical religicu…[View]
138725508GOLDMAN SACHS Steve Mnuchin's Wife: So, the wife of ex GOLDMAN SACHS Steve Mnuchin brags about …[View]
138722059...: R.I.P Ice Cream...[View]
138722929September 16th, the day Antifa gets their shit pushed in.: Have fun while you still can, commies. Th…[View]
138725469Poldare.com thread: This is a poldare thread. Poldare is a chatsite where people of opposing or diff…[View]
138722591Can anyone explain me why are Slavs so fucking retarded? Always fighting over some bullshit, constan…[View]
138722229>Jewish conspiracy theories BTFO in one picture It's just people(read: democrats) being smar…[View]
138722384What does pol think?: I'm an engineering student in university and we're forced to complet…[View]
138725359Fight Saturday: Not even going to be a fight Jews are going to laugh when the goyim bet all their mo…[View]
138725347/pro/paganda: We take prominent Antifa pictures, and put Joesph Goebbels quotes on them. If you don…[View]
138723597Chris Cantwell on OkCupid: Chris Cantwell, one week on Vice talking about slaughtering humans (becau…[View]
138725206Civil War and the Zombie Apocalypse: Do you think all the zombie fetishism in pop culture was a prim…[View]
138721347Australian gay marriage survey: The AEC is conducting a voluntary plebiscite that will greatly influ…[View]
138721969Holocaust denies BTFO[View]
138725087Trump calls out faggot Antifas by name. Do you think this gives hope for the petition to name them a…[View]
138710212Is Trump the most memeable person of all time?: This guy has made me break out into gut busting laug…[View]
138659276Asians are theoretically a more superior race to whites: Asians are theoretically a more superior ra…[View]
138722485Is this true?[View]
138723489intelligence-empathy-curiosity: Here you go /pol/. Seems like the key to the best lived life is a a …[View]
138715596Black hooker nearly murders another black hooker as (((african-american))) has a good laugh about it…[View]
138724976Alex Jones Heated Debate On Trump & Afghanistan | Alex Jones vs Steve Pieczenik: https://www.you…[View]
138713760What's happening tonight on /pol/ because they failed IRL.[View]
138724876Europe needs the refugees it is simple as that, the fertility of Europe has gone and now the only pl…[View]
138721722Instruction for german police how to behave when refugees involved: here is a document for German po…[View]
138724510What does /pol/ think? Fake rape claim or not? Uber driver accused of 'trying to rape passenger…[View]
138722177Why /pol/: >Nazis that support capitalism >Anarcho-Capitalists that are proud Nazis Politics a…[View]
138722908>america gets blacked for 1 day >people stop working >america looses 700 million dollars hm…[View]
138714696>HBO can't even keep games of thrones from leaking for 1 week >but somehow Nasa can keep …[View]
138725305The fucking state of Weimerica: >Nicki Minaj shares saucy video of a twerking party Rapper shares…[View]
138723572White vs Black: Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather Who is gonna win /pol/ ? Is this gonna be another …[View]
138723346Pagan general thread Christianity was made by brown people, for brown people. The only people who be…[View]
138720560Which path have you taken /pol/? How many other paths have you completed yet?[View]
138715980Matthew 10:33 (KJV) - But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father …[View]
138719736Can white people have brown curly hair?: This is very important. I've just found out that one o…[View]
138723343Why are millennials supporting groups like Antifa?[View]
138717141What do /pol/ think of Stalin?[View]
138720426/Creationism Official/ Good Evening fellow /pol/ guys. I present to you compelling evidence for the…[View]
138723894*Blocks your toilet[View]
138705211Can we talk about 'Street Medics' >Street medics, or action medics, are volunteers with varying d…[View]
138724136If the left is getting rid of the Civil War statues so that we would 'forget' about the civil war, w…[View]
138698312Watch out racists, your posts are being exposed[View]
138720852Which countries besides the US have free speech? By that I mean absolute free speech, no hate spee…[View]
138719100INDIA HATE THREAD: Table manners edition: >sweating is an integral part of an indian meal https:/…[View]
138717975What is the real reason Trump suddenly wants to go at war with Afghanistan? Could it be China influe…[View]
138712695poolettes divorcing over lack of toilets: Have memes gone too far http://archive.is/utqhn (original …[View]
138713176How to counter this argument?[View]
138723914Why are all races such retarded apes compared to Finns: Is it really fair that the Finns, already ae…[View]
138719191/pol/ humor thread[View]
138721615/pol/ are we Trumps Ahnenerbe?[View]
138715579Every time: (((Shroeder)))[View]
138723657wheres the happening that was promised yesterday? i cannot find anything on the catalog.[View]
138720584http://global100.adl.org/public/ADL-Global-100-Executive-Summary.pdf >this is what /pol/ actually…[View]
138723425Are You Sick of Jews Larping as Hebrews?[View]
138702071WTF TIMELINES: Is CNN just trolling now? I can't tell. Trump literally did the opposite in his …[View]
138723043Best white power anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Spl1cOf-o DIGESTING ENGLAND BY THE POUND…[View]
138722165This is probably the best burger president of all time and there's nothing your little brain ca…[View]
138713345Aus/pol/ Wednesday Edition: >SSM: Australia Post orders rainbow flag be removed from country post…[View]
138722628The absolute current state of liberal America: >There are currently over 725 supporters of the pe…[View]
138722779Has the US ever committed war crimes?[View]
138723060Some writers, who advocate the specific difference of the Negro from the European, have very injudic…[View]
138723011How does /pol/ intend to survive the inevitable race war? Have you stockpiled munitions and other su…[View]
138722990Young couples are holding 'vasectomy parties': >Forget baby showers! Young couples are …[View]
138719345Has he started a revolution?[View]
138722889/pol/, I want to know your thoughts on a higher minimum wage. Personally I support the idea because …[View]
138722863What will happen to /pol/ anons in time, overall? I was after an Syrian anon in Kuwait bitched 24/7 …[View]
138716812Afghanistan: Met a man today who served in Afghanistan 16 yrs ago -now says his son serves there. Le…[View]
138715839Cenk Uygur: Possibly the most simple man I have ever come across, who the fuck is funding this polit…[View]
138722629Can we ''''organise'''' a rally yo try and bait antifa into counter protesting when in actual fact n…[View]
138673487why is antifa so violent? cant they get their message across in another way?[View]
138717761Call me a shitskin all you like, we are related and have common ancestors and you can't change …[View]
138720062The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
138715437Serbia withdraws embassy staff from Macedonia: >All Serbian diplomats recalled from Skopje amid r…[View]
138693712Is Skippy going to flip and sink the whole operation?: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2080554 OK Finall…[View]
138722244anyone /chad/ here? not your run of the mill turbochad, but decent looking guy with years of game ex…[View]
138722457CONVERGING TIMELINES: All jokes aside does anyone know where these meme originated? Post here if act…[View]
138722436>government lies about everything >but not about the holocaust t. regular anarcho-communist Wh…[View]
138722381What are the political implications of thid 'What food does your state hate?' map? Why is Chic-fil-…[View]
138722018JQ: >implying goy brains can comprehend the god race thoughts One thing I've learnt is that …[View]
138714989Why can't all you alt-right nazis just be quiet?[View]
138716551>pol larping as nazis >hate muslims who invented the gold star and kike genocide and were the …[View]
138721133Are there conservatives in the Leaf territories? What are they like? I heard there's a unique p…[View]
138721627It doesn't matter who discovered Australia first, we still conquered it you bloody coon, haven…[View]
138711643Let's play a game. Post a photo of a man more redpilled than the last.[View]
138713696Say something nice about the Mr. Rodgers of huwhite nationalism.[View]
138721243Thank goodness ESPN is still sane. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/22/espn-pulls-announ…[View]
138721956GEORGE SOROS WHERES OUR MONEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GqIHxsfMmc[View]
138714423Communist Arguements: This infographic really activated my almonds. /pol/ btfo?[View]
138718816Well, pol?[View]
138719496Why do no pictures of young soros exist?[View]
138721796Ummmmm daddy...? Could you delete 4chan please? Pleeeeeease, daddy?[View]
138718822This is a collage of people who aren't allowed to vote in Germany. In the US they voted Trump. …[View]
138719202(((post-election /pol/))): >redditers >/ptg/ >an-craps >lolbergs >((('alt-lite'))) …[View]
138684693Anybody here who was a big fan of Game of Thrones but stopped watching because of red pills? I was a…[View]
138721591...: I am Abdul, I just moved to America. I really like the green frog111!11!1!1![View]
138721481Why /pol/ likes anon?[View]
138717520Was he one of the good guys, then?: Whenever this guy's brought up in (((((((history books, mov…[View]
138715304Nigger hate thread: The tree of nigger hate must be watered by nigger facts[View]
138721446My Teacher is a communist: >Be me >Chilling in class >The teacher is projecting onto screen…[View]
138720710i just found out that slavery in america started with african kings selling criminals. this explains…[View]
138721098How do we save our fine world, /pol/? Another (world) war? Harsher laws?[View]
138693147Buying an Motor Home...the ultimate Redpill: Lads.... have any of you thought of owning an RV? Inste…[View]
138720605Nigger hate thread is my sustains me: Why do I love nigger hate thread day[View]
138704925If pictures say a 1000 words, what are some this pic of Phoenix protestor saying?[View]
138720296/pol/ music bread: Post your tunes lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU6ZwGGkupQ https://www.yout…[View]
138715769I think you are asking about the Chinese word “白左”, could be translated into “white leftists” or “wh…[View]
138720918Why these countries are so different despite having same population size ?: Communism ? Totalitarian…[View]
138718912What the fuck is wrong with TV advertising? This shit pisses me off like nothing else. They have thi…[View]
138719241help: how do i own liberals at school[View]
138716879Zoom to Barcelona's terrorist's dead eye: Think it's scary as hell.[View]
138720838The injection of Nazi LARPing and Hitler edginess into the alt-right is a subversion tactic meant to…[View]
138713037/pol/ BTFO[View]
138704746CHINA NO!: https://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/08/beyond-the-pale-chinas-cheerful-racists/ >A girl w…[View]
138712744Why is the black population almost stagnant in the US? In projected estimates the black population i…[View]
138714374Would it be fair...: to impose a tax proportial to how under/overweight you are, and direct that mon…[View]
138715937I've been MAGA all day, every day. But, I really wish Pence wasn't VP. And my wife is conv…[View]
138720760Why do you need the second amendment? If you intend on scaring the government by keeping and bearing…[View]
138697616Books: What should I add to my collection? I already want Mein Kampf and Culture of Critique[View]
138717083What happens in the next 20 years when genetic research gets advanced enough to the point where we a…[View]
138720403i like men[View]
138714404I was one of the biggest interracial/BLACKED shit haters on the ineternet, frankly, I still am, but …[View]
138720519Is this the future of canada?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwrGsgiTLX8[View]
138720491>supports the crusades >doesn't know who Dufay is get educated kids: https://www.youtube.…[View]
138706972Really activated my almonds[View]
138719961Will Trump ever visit the great state of California?[View]
138719429san bernardino iphone: I want to know what really happened and how FBI unlocked the phone[View]
138720368Rlly makes u think[View]
138719217Is NatSoc a form of socialism?: So this fat fuck claiming to be a historian has been arguing on twit…[View]
138714602pictures that make you go hmmmmmm[View]
138717058Trump offers rallies not results: Trump gives his base regular rallies so he can sooth their doubts …[View]
138718697Former DNI James Clapper says Donald Trump is looking for a way out of office By Bill Palmer Updated…[View]
138719205https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Fwe4YkMa4 Is this guy legit?[View]
138719230Why are we not talking about blockchain?: Why are we not talking about 'blockchain' technology here?…[View]
138717855what do u think of FUCKING NORMIES and how do we deal with them: i think when they invade we attack …[View]
138719654Blumpf AZ riots: Why isn't the MSM's new angle working? In the few short weeks since they …[View]
138716286Why isn't /pol/ doing anything about these faggots?[View]
138716649Don Lemon with my partner Ben here AMA: Our team of crack investigators at CNN have determined that …[View]
138719953Red pill me on german idealism[View]
1387095028th grade Israeli history textbook: Notice anything?[View]
138719732How do we save Norwegian women from degeneracy ?they are the last aryan remnants: https://www.youtub…[View]
138700619Wow: Richard spencer sure does get mentioned a lot on CNN, I wonder why?[View]
138714112Will Boko Haram ever be a threat to the western world?[View]
138711937What happened to looking into someones eyes when shaking their hand?[View]
138716023Could one of you guys please go to a dodge car dealership and find a grey challenger and use chalk t…[View]
138718679Is Warner Bros. /Our/ studio?: >> less degenerate than Disney other than magic Mike 1 and 2 …[View]
138718515Why doesn't the federal government put out a simple and readable P&L statement, like compan…[View]
138719161Netanyahu to Putin: Iran's growing Syria role threatens Israel: http://www.reuters.com/article/…[View]
138717910You have $1 Billion in your living will to help save the White race upon your imminent demise: >y…[View]
138714599nazi fag if jews hate nazi then why in Indian jones 3 there are scene which jones get signature from…[View]
138713148Pure Happiness from Trump Speech: Does anyone here ever get down in the dumps? The shills here can r…[View]
138718802there will be a time when CNN will eventually decide to stop being retarded. But today is not that d…[View]
138719064>be spainfag >cross the french border >not even 15 minutes passes >already seen a muslim…[View]
138697761UNFIT FOR PRESIDENCY: That honestly was THE most terrifying speech trump has ever given, it's f…[View]
138712069Compass thread[View]
138717053Makes you think: >hired (((wall street bankers))) >fired Bannon >sending more white men to …[View]
138709503Harry Potter Isn't Real: The left's world view is completely constructed by a religious in…[View]
138718520What do you think of nigger's excuse that cops were extreme to repress them?[View]
138713106hey /pol, over on /g we are fucking around and some op made a script to combine two words at random …[View]
138718659rare gerald gab.ai/raregerald[View]
138718639Serious question: What would happen if every nation cut off all support to Africa and stopped the mi…[View]
138715199night kang slays a dragon[View]
138718499Why do niggers, wiggers, white trash and shitskins always own a pitbull?[View]
138718376What did they mean by this?[View]
138709982Be honest /pol/ were you radicalised here?[View]
138715548Fifteen teens catch deadly rabies after raping donkey: >local authorities are now asking for anyo…[View]
138709863The Revolution: This is far more exotic than simple left right politics. Ask yourself why the left i…[View]
138718040Why didn't Obama love his own people???: Most people love Tyson Tyson loves Trump Most people l…[View]
138718139Where is he now?: What happened to Jackie4chan? Did he and Jesus live happily ever after?[View]
138714104is he wrong?[View]
138713844Why do Communists hate the environment, /pol/? Why do they want to destroy entire seas just to grow …[View]
138715820Nat Soc / Nazism - how would it work?: I consider myself a 'White Nationalist'. I guess I have the s…[View]
138713811Why don't we simply release a virus which changes everybody's political opinion in this wo…[View]
138711124Well then.[View]
138708705Multiparty America: Would it be better than the two party system? Pic related is a simulation, as be…[View]
138717876Post em >I voted Trump btw. I really REALLY didn't like Hillary[View]
138711903'You see, president Trump is sending MORE troops to bring the rest back! That's the ticket. Bel…[View]
138680626Syria General /sg/ - /ug/ Throwback Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
138716202Why can't blacks and whites get along?[View]
1387033178values: Post your results: https://8values.github.io/index.html[View]
138715884We offically /nationalanarchists/ now: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/347588-trump-threa…[View]
138708073This is a real response to an article about an 18 year old female who forced a 4 year old to commit …[View]
138716558what does /pol/ think of neets shut-ins?[View]
138712305/Auspol/ So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2003 Edition[View]
138709393Time to identify: Work your magic[View]
13870423016 years and counting: Is Trump right about Afghanistan?[View]
138717396Cont thread to post reply because I have autistic episode. Former thread: >>138685139 >>…[View]
138717320REDPILL: Christcucks: >praise rabbi jesus pls turn the other cheek and worship our jew god LARPag…[View]
138709683Would whites accept a based shitskin on some level: >Be me, 25 year old indianfag >Born and ra…[View]
138711661He survived a multicultural city just to get shot by some faggot cop.[View]
138717070The kikes are quite scared.[View]
138711195Is she /ourautist/?[View]
138704767New Murdoch Murdoch?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odw2lyLPd24[View]
138717036Kessler is probably a Fed/Deep State agent of influence. Job 1: infiltrate OWS, inform or become a …[View]
138707914Is forcing your wife to shit in the street grounds for a divorce?[View]
138716884DAILY REMINDER: There is considerable difference in the socialism of Hitler and that of Marxist doct…[View]
138711610Why are we getting ready to fight these guys again?[View]
138696210Protestor gets shot in the fkin sack[View]
138706965Are Trump's attacks on the media, a direct attack on Jews?: Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/…[View]
138716613>1880 >So far as this last is concerned, to be sure, there is no trouble. The soldiers who wer…[View]
138711685Everett, WA Tweaker Livestream - GET IN HERE: Everett, Washington. Approx 20min north of Seattle. Li…[View]
138713722Is Anubis /ourgod/, pol?[View]
138709268Why do conservaniggers want to teach pseudoscience in schools?[View]
138716395Votel: More US Troops Will Arrive in Afghanistan in Days or Weeks: http://www.military.com/daily-new…[View]
138712499based camus: I just love how he incinerates the (((interviewer))) “You will not replace us”: a Frenc…[View]
138712613>Be Afghan >Just tending to my farming >taking my goats for grazing >suddenly these pigs…[View]
138711056Why the fuck do I like this place so much?: God dammit I love /pol/[View]
138715936how do you cope with all this winning?: for me the breaking point was the case of the gay guy who we…[View]
138713282Looks like the jews are losing their faith in the left. What does /pol/ think?[View]
138713144Wanna vomit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjqjrsV82o0[View]
138714666Is The Dalai Lama am Indian?[View]
138702810Now that Antifa are officially exposed as left wing communist terrorists what will they do?: >The…[View]
138714167Asian Guy 'Lee' fired for his name.: AAAhAHHAHAHAHAHAH I hate this world. Humanity deserve…[View]
138688942Rate Trump's speech tonight[View]
138716028Boston Commons: Did anything end up happening to these utter cunts? Please tell me justice was serve…[View]
138715703Guys what do you do at an information session for a job I have to go to one at IKEA I've never …[View]
138715256Who threw it?: I was front lines tonight in Phoenix peacefully protesting. And I was right there whe…[View]
138712610But seriously, we can't allow this man to have access to the nuclear codes.[View]
138715796Nepal discussion/appreciation thread: what do you guys think of my beautiful country founded by beau…[View]
138715767Trump called the terrorists by name: He fucking says it out loud 0:30 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
138713752The Jews made anime.: It all started when a Jew named Albert Einstein created the nuke and then the …[View]
138708994t-money: trump will be in the history books for the for the rest of american society[View]
138715664AI Waifus Are Coming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Q6W8ewn4M So now that Japan and MGTOW NEETs …[View]
138710310You can buy this in Europe: Should the EU ban all precision firearms that could shoot people from fa…[View]
138691547/pol/'s thoughts on millennials?: ...and the fact that they no longer pursue the material posse…[View]
138702789AUGUST 27TH HAPPENING: Straight from the Berkeley Antifa Facebook page[View]
138711655Been studying porn for more then a year. >Be me go to pornsite.jpg >look at how many incest …[View]
138715536Suicide in Wyoming.: Why does Wyoming have the highest suicide rates of any state? https://afsp.org…[View]
138713702Is /pol/ the most popular english speaking political discussion board/forum on the internet?[View]
138705005So, these guys are basically FBI/CIA, right?[View]
138693336GUY WITH 'BLACKS FOR TRUMP' 2020 SIGN Claims Hilary, ISIS Out to Kill Black and White Wome…[View]
138713891And just like that all the anti white slide threads dissappeared Wow it is almost like they were not…[View]
138711995Brand New just dropped a new album. This song 'Desert' is pretty red-pilled. Lyrics: >Last night …[View]
138715161Reddit shills: Why doesnt Trump use any reddit shills to fight the leftist media? Im surprised Duter…[View]
138707725Germany welcomes Trump's Afghanistan commitment: Says, Germany will never commit more soldiers.…[View]
138685934Is this a nice grill?[View]
138698716In Seoul now, I'm hearing air raid sirens. Help[View]
138714831What Will the Alt-Right Do if Their Monuments Keep Getting Destroyed?: If the Alt-Left continue tear…[View]
138712893Pol's 'pinion: How do you guys feel about Dick Masterson's podcast, The Dick show? Di…[View]
138707450I saw literally no happenings today. Did I miss it or was today a nothing burger?[View]
138703814Is it ok for a white nationalist to date a Jewess?: What does /pol/ think of white nationalists dati…[View]
13871453615 year old CHAD slashes the throat of a 11 year old in Bulgaria: >tfw your 'friend' attacks you …[View]
138712142You faggots don't hate niggers as much as I do.[View]
138708869/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Make Arizona sort-of Good Again' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
138695990ADL: The ADL is watching tonight, /pol/. Be on your best behavior.[View]
138701946Looks like someone does not know the rules.: Mark PitcavageVerified account @egavactip Senior Resear…[View]
138713554/pol need to bow down to your GOOK master right now!: Hugh Gwon, 34, embarked on fitness mission as …[View]
138713711When you control literature, you control what people think.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q43Gapq…[View]
138702831Why Western countries don't stop refugees who are not interested to assimilate? It is not very …[View]
138696277USS John McCain Collision: 8 1/2 year Navy vet here (STG) wondering how the hell our ships keep gett…[View]
138713894You can kill Obama, Hillary and Bill to jail but in return, Trump and Rand die.: Do you take the dea…[View]
138711910so why are the left chimping out this time? i got bored and didnt watch the entire trump rally. coul…[View]
138712418ITT: Faggot lefties getting wrecked[View]
138713370ITT: Post your most successful Victoria 2 maps[View]
138688121Don Lemon Melting Down!!!: >This is the Man we elected President? >Unhinged BTFO!…[View]
138713882We have seen the negroes, shitskins, and chinks from hwndu, we have seen the same mongrels that fill…[View]
138713505/pol/ do you want to know the real secret: oil and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
138705276Bin Laden was trying to save us from Jews: -We believe that this administration represents Israel in…[View]
138702543Gentlemen of /pol/ A thread has appeared on /b/ asking of your assistance to help for a petty cause …[View]
138713646Redpill me on Rudolf Steiner: Does anyone have experience with Steiner University in your country? A…[View]
138713615is this an alt righter or a progressive[View]
138713575What did I miss?: Just got back from watching Eclipse, had no internet. Can somebody give me a quick…[View]
138704193Daily reminder christianity is jewish and has no place in Europe.[View]
138713469https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6zSmtxzwjM >In order to ensure the security and continuing stabi…[View]
138712315Which is the best American state for /pol/?: >majority white >chritian values >comfy …[View]
138713320I present to you the ultimate cucked-by-bong meme. Use this power carefully.[View]
138685139who controls the jews?[View]
138703891What part of Antifa appeals to white people?: Why do they work against their best interest to suppor…[View]
138713076I just found out both of my parents are race realists: How blessed am I /pol/?[View]
138679863*infiltrates your movement* *subverts your ideology*[View]
138708583Inviting the Prez: I liked the ideas the first 4 replies had, so I made an old fashioned letter for …[View]
138711748Mi General: Mi General, Augusto Pinochet le saluda tu pueblo tan querido, fue un estadista, un gran…[View]
138712678HEIL DRUMPFLER![View]
138704855Everybody hide, the ADL is here!: Don't say anything anti-Semitic or they'll think we…[View]
138705072Are you ready for civil war, racists?[View]
138712285Why are men so obsessed with female fighters: Do you believe that you will see a half to almost nake…[View]
138710419Christmas: >celebrate jesus, >christmas tree, >beautiful lights, >snow angels. >…[View]
138712600remember when we were supposed to go to war with these guys last week? neither.[View]
138707777California YES!: Sacramento kindergarten teacher reads pro-tranny books to children; school defends …[View]
138702632Germany thread[View]
138651709Red Pill General /RPG/: Because of all the normies, newfags, commies and antifa that have been flood…[View]
138682486Brit/pol/ - Late Night Comfy Edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be nex…[View]
138711614Nixon Was Right.: Nixon Was Right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEdtwQ8OguY[View]
138711017Red Lights: Is there any proof that any media outlets cut their streams during the rally? MSM is cla…[View]
138701814I give up. The right is becoming too popular, and I'm starting to think the right is right. I t…[View]
138711127Did WH Anon come through again?: I hate to admit it, but I think WH Insider Anon may have came throu…[View]
138708261Awan Awan Awan: Some pedes doing some digging, and it really rustled some back end jimmies. INB4 you…[View]
138707635ESPN: Blacks are like monkeys in a 'zoo': I'm normally against BLM and what-not, but can how we…[View]
138712091Map of Confederate Monuments Vandalized Or Removed: >Yankees will defend this https://www.google.…[View]
138708849>momentarily glances at the sun without his glasses >someone in the press grabs a snapshot …[View]
138707281We already are fighting Soros: You just haven't noticed it. The supposed civil war is his win b…[View]
138711882Trump reveals his plans for the Mexicans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F7U4BouNhk&t=125s…[View]
138708141>Dahnald, I know you want to look at the eclipse. You don't have glasses?That's a shame…[View]
138711297>Afraid that Trump is losing supporters and traction and everyone is going to the left >See sp…[View]
138710929Soros: Is he really a bad guy? People are starting a petition to have him arrested for terrorism so …[View]
138708884>at least you got to suck your dads cock Why are Jews smarter and funnier? Superior genes?…[View]
138696544/pol/ Media is prolly all over 4chan right now. NAME THE FUCKING JEWS.[View]
138711064Trump Puts the final nail in USA Coffin: Trillions more will be wasted in Afghanistan. The United St…[View]
138711177Which redpill was personally hard for you to swallow? How did it change you?[View]
138701879When will white girls ever compare?[View]
138706245So, now that the dust has settled, is he a traitor? Or the epitome of a pure American? REMINDER for …[View]
138710079How can /pol/ possibly stand behind this man after his meltdown today? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
138711157is that a pedo symbol on the yellow die[View]
138699437Stay strong, folx. Keep fighting the good fight. As for the rest of you hiding indoors, we'll b…[View]
138710440Is south India still pretty decent even though it has communism? The people in the pic looks less pa…[View]
138696997/MLM/ MARXISM–LENINISM–MAOISM GENERAL: What is MLM? Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a synthesis of the ex…[View]
138710976what did the Germans mean by 'altreich'[View]
138707407Have we hit peak idiocy or is it only just beginning?[View]
138710951Why white Americans become so pathetic?[View]
138710942Adolf Hiter - 'They said I was a dreamer' puts a tear in my eye /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
138709853Were you ever an SJW?[View]
138709562>14% of country's population is immigrant >neighbouring country collapsing because of cul…[View]
138710812You give us reparations now, you ugly fat ass round eye american.[View]
138710687Tikileaks: help get more pro-white protestors fired: Success! We got Cole White fired from his job a…[View]
138710022>Gommunism is bad :DDDD >Nazi are bad too :DDDD >blease donate :DDDD Is she the most vapid,…[View]
138710099Jewish Question solved: I have finally found the solution to the Jewish question If all the western …[View]
138707604Can you believe there are actually mental invalids like this man who took /pol/ seriously? Look what…[View]
138701326/pol/ I have a confession to make. I was sent here to post last spring for a polysci class I had to …[View]
138709469CALL TO ACTION: Antifa are making bombs, anyone got any pics/vids?[View]
138709440Told my Granddad on his deathbed that he fought on the wrong side of WWII: It was the last thing I s…[View]
138709647LOGOS: I make this thread every time E. Michael Jones puts out a new video, and today we have been b…[View]
138709780Is this a punishment from God?: When the heathen Israelites turned to false gods and began worshipin…[View]
138710733Why don't certain states like California just denounce the constitution and live the way they w…[View]
138710727Why does Wyoming have the highest suicide rate in America?: What's going on guys? You can talk …[View]
138710292Who gives a fuck about politics tbqh[View]
138710048WH Anon: ZOMG!!!! It's all going down tomorrow!!! All of the DNC will be pwned!!! Lolzzzzzzzzzz…[View]
138710402And what's the deal with the Trump / Russia story? Where did it go? Who knows? Who cares?[View]
138710420Miss me yet Romania?[View]
138709565Miss me yet?[View]
138709297Was given this today in my uni Pharamacy class. What do you guys think? Personally, I believe that t…[View]
138710527The Myth of the Black Athlete: A Hollywood Invention: I've decided to turn one of my old articl…[View]
138674394Times /pol/ was wrong: >first day of semester yesterday >sitting in history lecture >old Mi…[View]
138710095>Danes are cuck...[View]
138710371Hahahahahahahaha How the fuck can you guys be against Antifa? its not even real lol. Your telling me…[View]
138710108Where were you when the internet hate machine's subforum called Politically Incorrect got blown…[View]
138705281UGLY ANTI-WHITE CUNT JK ROWLING: this ugly mare: check it: lives in a country where white kids are b…[View]
138707811Why doesn't Peru ever post? What is going on there?[View]
138707511Still lel everytime I search this: It's just so good[View]
138709408Thoughts on this woman /pol/?[View]
138709429Fuck America and fuck the allies.The world would've been 100% a better place if Hitler and Germ…[View]
138704031the dead 1000 yard stare of depression: what did trump do to her bros? how long before she removes h…[View]
138705133Hey Californians!: I know you guys where in my state for the eclipse but here's one thing. And …[View]
138709998Daily reminder[View]
138709974what is the connection between jews and indians watching Philip DeFranco coverage of Brilliant Earth…[View]
138709824Kek's power is all around us.: Today was a good day. Trump had a great rally imo. Sitting on co…[View]
138709371Since alternative media is now being chased of YT, are porn sites viable options for them to migrate…[View]
138707560May have already been suggested but worth a try: 1. Get a permit to hold a free speech rally in a mi…[View]
138709790Original waifu Vivian James needs /pol to save her.: Friends of Anna desperate to keep this informat…[View]
138707096Is anyone else becoming a centrist/moderate after all that's happened since charlottesville? I …[View]
138708930Richard Spencer is cucking Milo at the game of controversy Is milo finished[View]
138709192>reddit >prides on being the most tolerant, liberal, democratic platform >end up being a bl…[View]
138709577yfw Spaceballs was right about the Presidency[View]
138709367Bin Laden Did Nothing Wrong: DOHA, Qatar (CNN) -- Islamic militant leader Osama bin Laden, the man t…[View]
138709495POLL FOR /POL/: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE?: Man punched in the face by someone who allege…[View]
138706831A more effective strategy than Nazi larping, 'free speech' rallies, other 'nazi events' (deemed by t…[View]
138706791Trump was the ant war can-: YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS DESEREVE EVERYTHING YOU GET[View]
138709315/pol/ drinking game!: Every time you read the word 'literally' in some leftist's personal blog …[View]
138697459How do you explain to your teenage children that their bi-curious stage is just a phase?[View]
138708729fuck i hate the world[View]
138701147Trump is going to cancel NAFTA: Oh no, the avocados![View]
138707527Question.: If the Ancient Greeks were White, and a modern study using ancient samples puts them over…[View]
138701365I REGRET SUPPORTING HILARY AND BEING A COMMIE: Help me /pol/. How can I see the light? I'm mise…[View]
138709007Redpill irl?: Has anyone tried these? Are they any good?[View]
138702134Explain this to me, America.[View]
138706814What if we start proudly displaying The Holy Cross during protests and marches?: Let me paint the sc…[View]
138704321Guys let's appropriate Hawaiian culture to push white nationalist ideas[View]
138697430I'm scared right now. Trump was supposed to unify America. Instead, he's divided the natio…[View]
138699061ISLAND CROWDSOURCING - Sponsored by KEK: /pol/ EXODUS BEGIN https://www.privateislandsonline.com/sou…[View]
138706368Can you actually argue with that statement?[View]
138707978Faggot leftist here Like the others here tonight, I too am switching to ancap from anarchist I just …[View]
138707047>Charlottesville car attack wasn't a false fl-[View]
138689693IT'S GOING DOWN: Gas Grenades RUBBER BULLETS ANTIFA VS COPS PHOENIX https://www.periscope.tv/w/…[View]
138684821I know you are here: I know I have been ignorant but I am stumbling around in the dark. I know you h…[View]
138707125https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/03/11/water-americas-favorite-drink/1978959/ >in …[View]
138706713https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSzdd1PHz2k >ANTIYFAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
138708682The absolute state of CNN[View]
138703125What is prison really like? i'm going to be sent there for a long time and I have no idea what …[View]
138708621school: what classes are you taking at uni? > English Literature > Renaissance art analysis co…[View]
138707104Americans are beyond retarded.[View]
138706512BRITAIN YES! Thanks to the cancer and ISIS inspired statue toppling of the American left the regress…[View]
138708022Who do you hate /pol/: You can take a fucking guess who I hate.[View]
138707215Press S to spit on Pepperballs[View]
138708517how does this make pol feel[View]
138691238LIBERALS ARE NOT VIOLE-: https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/900200947774668800[View]
138704148I honestly think society could survive people having sex with whoever and whatever they want.[View]
138693832Interesting possible Awan info from plebbit.: https://archive.fo/3OO2K[View]
1386783792020 PREDICTIONS: Post'em[View]
138708440<div style='position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.21%'><iframe src='https://www.yout…[View]
138705897HAPPENING: CHINA TYPHOON: The belly of the dragon will drip water https://www.periscope.tv/w/1MnGnmr…[View]
138692763Jon Jones apparently was tested positiv for steroid use, again. The guy seems like the perfect exam…[View]
138699249muh Nuclear codes: You can't make this shit up[View]
138700816wh*Te subhumans: Inferior to Jews, Italians and Asians.[View]
138708118blacks on campus: why are blacks so pack-minded? just something I noticed on campus lately >alway…[View]
138706999Confession from the left: I just realised something There's no hope in trying to convert the n…[View]
138704792/pol/, Nazis and KKK BTFO: Jew Power. East or West, Jews are the Best.[View]
138706233California General: quick get in, the flyovers are asleep. 805 here[View]
138701505Current state of Murica[View]
138700519don't forget, goys: Israel is our greatest ally.[View]
138668256/HTG/: AUTOSAGE SHOAH EDITION: Last thread was autosaged for some reason. Gonna assume that was a gl…[View]
138707670I think /pol/ is long overdue for a 'what did they mean by this?' thread WDTMBT thread?[View]
138695343Is this the most iconic political image of the 21st century?[View]
138707446Teenage girl admits stabbing classmate 19 times 'to appease Slender Man': >Teenage girl…[View]
138701527ESPN is scared of us /pol/: This is their response to why they pulled the gook named Robert Lee from…[View]
138707675Any Questions?: pic related[View]
138707678#BlackGirlsRock: Why haven't we addressed this? #2 trending on Twitter rn and is fucking gold…[View]
138707255BASED NEGRO 'HA HA' CLINTON-DIX: Reason #185 the Green Bay Packers are the best NFL team. http://www…[View]
138702903Use this thread to discuss the improvement of /pol/ As always, if you want greater chances of mods h…[View]
138705693Say some menly shit to hot single mothers[View]
138706484I am to you what a mouse is to a human. I have evolved. Ask me anything.[View]
138706564ESPN Broadcaster Robert Lee Won't Be Calling Virginia Game Due To Name: ESPN announced tonight …[View]
138707406Why don't certain states like California just denounce the constitution and live the way they w…[View]
138666141>white woman asking to be paid the same as more successful black men What year is it?…[View]
138707048The leaders from the ape clans of the world meet to discuss the direction of the species.[View]
138704108>Modern day Dacian treasonous government is sooner or later going to return the autonomy of the H…[View]
138664335How did leftists manage to gain control of every major institution that shapes public opinion (the m…[View]
138696875ITT: ANTIFA MOVEMENTS AND PLANS: Just left protest cause of tear gas. These animals wont let up. …[View]
138707237Do We Need a Second Coming of McCarthy?: There's so many goddamn commie fucks in the Left anymo…[View]
138707117Come on /pol/ .. do the right thing and help us bring down these mommy's boy thugs https://peti…[View]
138707078Dr. William L. Pierce: How based is Dr. William L. Pierce? I say VERY. also- https://youtu.be/KN9CBX…[View]
138706672/pol/ lets discuss the Democratic platform..: pic related.[View]
138700735Alt-Right groups in Quebec/NorthEast: Who are the main canadian Alt-Right groups? The equivalent to …[View]
138704532Infowars Store: There's a war for your mind. Limited Availability. Get yours today! $13.17 Savi…[View]
138705959>THIS KILLS THE NAZI[View]
138697780Pirates are racist: Should start a campaign to shame people for glorifying pirates and try to make t…[View]
138702002Just got back from PHX rally >show up at roughly 12pm >standing in line talking to various peo…[View]
138705126Peppered Balls anyone?: antifa gets pepper balled right in his toxic masculinity https://twitter com…[View]
138706140Any hope left or is it gone for good? Any right-winged groups with any power still there?[View]
138699993remember that time the ultra-violent alt-right extremist nazi white nationalists made molotov cockta…[View]
138706787Could National Socialism be re-introduced in Germany under a new name?[View]
138706763Ottawa Protest U.S. Embassy: Anyone know if Antifa has any plans of showing up in Ottawa today for t…[View]
138706723Are asians the new black?: Lmao look at this subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/aznidentity They bla…[View]
138701307/aptg/ - Anti-President Trump General: Here we discuss how president Donald Trump is doing a bad job…[View]
138706656Antifa has got to go: Anyone got any pics/vids of antifa making bombs or doing other super illegal s…[View]
138700028Keep a close eye on him he will be going down soon and it won't be because of what you think RI…[View]
138704389Did tensions from the civil war ever end? As a Texan, I never had resentment growing up, but I feel …[View]
138692707Lmao he's angry[View]
138700843Lets see your best merchants[View]
138692845What have you done to fight the globalists today?[View]
138706440>when rich fat pigs think that they can own part of the earth surface/crust/atmosphere >implyi…[View]
138675373Goddamn this Pope sucks What the fuck is wrong with him?[View]
138690343Tfw you find out your sister and literally all your friends plan to vote 'YES' in the gay …[View]
138682152/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
138696310CLAPPER SAYS TRUMP WANTS A WAY OUT: how does it feel to be so consistantly BTFO by our intelligence,…[View]
138695381What exactly is the goal of the prison system? What does going to prison for years solve?[View]
138702525What is your reasoning for not dedicating yourself to the glorious path of Jihad, you degenerate cuc…[View]
138697953Network News is on its Deathbed: Network news will be gone by 2030 This is a 5 year old source htt…[View]
138705695ANTIFA Member Here: The Alt-Right is just too skrong. I can't take it any longer. I'm tur…[View]
138695561The Cold War Was America's Best Era: Does it bother anyone else that the most powerful machine …[View]
138690204CANADA NO! TRUMP SAYS NAFTA DOA - LOONIE COLLAPSE IMMINENT: USDCAD will skyrocket tomorrow - from cu…[View]
138699476Arabs in livesteams: Just look at the facecam requests >Arabs in the chat preying on underage gi…[View]
138705087What did trump say tonight? How did he troll antifa so hard? Please someone give me the clip.[View]
138696494Jews will not replac-[View]
138703240Bundy followers found not guilty at Nevada trial: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-nevada-militia-i…[View]
138705348Who is winning the culture war? And why is it unironically Steve Bannon and Breitbart? Has the left …[View]
138685345if you guys are worried about the 'pussification' of america then it should stand to reason that you…[View]
138705016>This stupid shitskin monstrosity No wonder people voted trump[View]
138701336Trump dog whistled the White Power Movement!: Witj his tie, Trump sent a powerful message to the Whi…[View]
138704759Communist Hate Thread- The Smell of Freedom In TheMorning Edition: All: >Communists >Anarchist…[View]
138704922Aus/pol/ Australian Marriage Equality Vote - Have to be enrolled by today!: http://www.aec.gov.au/en…[View]
138660961Zionists: I’ve always known Zionist Jews were inherently evil, but didn’t know the history and backg…[View]
138704431Does he deserve a medal?[View]
138704824Would President Trump support Fully Autonomous Weapons?: Give it a watch if you want an absolutely m…[View]
138669838If we're gonna save Japan by fixing the ever falling birthrate. We should consider immigrating …[View]
138704754Get Rekt: Trump >After I'm done speaking, I want antifa put down hard. Arizona > Yes melo…[View]
138695727ATTENTION WHITES: Tonight was our night my brothers and sisters of /pol/. Trump went full shitlord …[View]
138700365wew lad[View]
138698580How are left wing fascists called? stalinists?[View]
138695751TO THE ADL LURKING HERE: You think a cartoon frog is exclusively a neo-Nazi symbol. You fools.…[View]
138704064ITT: Give your opinion on various countries.: Any country is fine. Just spread your true, honest tho…[View]
138700918I have to admit: Well, that's it /pol/ that Trump speech was amazing it looks like he's fi…[View]
138702317Propaganda Wing mobilizes: Pol, Our propaganda during the 2016 Presidential campaign was top-notch. …[View]
138704017(((spanish jews))): Where will they go next, pol?[View]
138701218>wake up >Go to /pol/ to see if there were happening >Riots in the US >Antifa member get…[View]
138703977>average poster on /pol/[View]
138704039I think I have a good idea, we should get a petition going to get Democrats removed from our currenc…[View]
138697628is harry potter the reason that whites are ok with their cultural and racial destruction? think abou…[View]
138702611It's happening!: We're Making America Great Again[View]
138703484Fox News just called this a 'V for Vendetta mask'.[View]
138702559For a men to be mentally stable you need 1.a house 2.a car 3.a women who you can have sex with Fuck …[View]
138704029Nuke Survivability: Lets say nukes start flying. What would be the blast radius of the most 'Nuke Ho…[View]
138700939Bill Clinton Rape Victims Demand Statue Removal: https://newspunch.com/bill-clinton-rape-victims-sta…[View]
138703923Abby Wants the D: She is coming after you /pol/. You better hide.[View]
138703536I just remembered I went to a meeting in Madison for one of my university courses. It was recorded b…[View]
138701949Is this old Leftist Really Relevant Anymore?: He spews such utter nonsense, it's beyond comical…[View]
138703657Eclipse Happenings: Did I miss any eclipse happenings? Spent the last two days in the boonies of Sou…[View]
138703483Fucking commies man: >watch Trump rally with wife >listen to him trying to unify nation >M…[View]
138702833Trump goes to McCain's homebase >shit talks the media into a frenzy >calls out johnny O…[View]
138703431TRUMP UNFIT! SLOW AND STEADY: Is it his time?[View]
138701588Can I get a quick rundown of tonight: I was busy all day at work and didn't catch what happened…[View]
138699969Inviting the President to my birthday: My birthday party is in 10 days and I want to send President …[View]
138703389Bannon going to war with ZOG: Just for those who still doubt... Jews are in fact, calling the shots …[View]
138696733How many more levels until this boss battle?[View]
138702143can I get a quick rundown on this 'pepperballs' guy?[View]
138701396What does this mean? Should we start a #WhiteMalesRock hashtag?[View]
138700530New England General #1: Pilot: For discussion of anything relevant to New England, the greatest regi…[View]
138700213They just keep getting BTFO[View]
138696940Leave Drumpf to us.[View]
138702234Where to get good quality fashy/commie flags?: Nazbol here. Wanting to look for a place to get both …[View]
138703105Blacks are already part white: Black people in America and the UK have generations of white mixed in…[View]
138702760How do we stop the Jewish threat??: They joining the terrorists now https://twitter.com/i24NEWS_EN/s…[View]
138695074Monarchs: try to make a argument for monarchs (any from absolute to constitutional monarchs)[View]
138702869Is Noam Chomsky /our guy/?: Damn, I guess this makes Noam Chomsky is a literal Nazi now. What timeli…[View]
138683442Hey i have a project in school where i have to make a 'fire meme' about government politics or socia…[View]
138701421Protester @ trump rally holds up damning sign: Every Real Muslim is a Jihadist ( black sign) link to…[View]
138698647We're gonna make america's infrastructure great aga-: At what point does Trump just end up…[View]
138695048Imam Tawhidi: What does /pol/ think of Imam Tawhidi? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElY8sRu9Hi0…[View]
138688246Salt Mining Thread: Post salt from reactions to the rally tonight.[View]
138696597We need to do something about Lenin statues and the slavery and murders related to communist ideolog…[View]
138698611Due to the recent 'nationalist' rallies in the U.S and a few nazi sympathizerers. I was wondering, a…[View]
138702308Norway bro— we need you: We don't know where you are, but if you're there we think we…[View]
138702173Nostradamizzz: Hillary is going to die in prison from typhoid fever. Podesta will be lycnhed by a m…[View]
138695365HAPPENING: ANTIFA RIOTING IN PHEONIX #2: STREAMS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heGzkqJJ0kE https:/…[View]
138701273Is it real? What does it mean?: Code § 842 - Proscription of Communist Party, its successors, and su…[View]
138682302Double Agents Thread: we are here[View]
138701964TedTalk about the alt-right: This retarded nigger supposedly went 'undercover' as an alt-righter and…[View]
138701719What does White Nationalism mean for the ~40% of whites that are just as bad as Jews? How does this …[View]
138701446Squatting.Slavs: Is there going to be a upsurge in knee failure among the East Slavs in 50 years?…[View]
138701417>be trump >subtly word speech to made liberals heads >most people see it as a normal speech…[View]
138701361the 28th amendment: Should being ugly be illegal /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZP_VxZrVEc …[View]
138690133HILLARYS NOT IN JAIL; IM OFF THE TRUMP TRAIN: This was the night to finnaly ass fuck her in the ass …[View]
138699610Asian ESPN Announcer, Robert Lee, Taken Off Air for Having 'White, Racist Name.': This is Critical M…[View]
138696391Down goes Antifa!: A Phoenix Antifa takes a pepper ball to the nuts.[View]
138700646WRECKED TURTLE[View]
138701052What does /pol/ think of this Twitter account? https://mobile.twitter.com/vanessawildwoo1[View]
138695420Cultural Revolution Appreciation Thread: I honestly think that, out of all the major authoritarian s…[View]
138700210Instant Islamic Divorce Banned in India: Are poos, dare I say, Islamophobes? https://www.nytimes.com…[View]
138700145I am calling it: POTUS has taken a sharp turn in his beliefs. Sending more soldiers to Afghanistan o…[View]
138700184You all suck - SUCK - at being woke.: This is your reminder that EVERY SIDE uses paid protesters, fa…[View]
138699183ITT we post protestors getting BTFO: https://mobile.twitter.com/ZacktotheFuture/status/9002095894965…[View]
138699314One day, white liberals will see that all those black and brown people hate liberalism They reject s…[View]
138700749After tonight's chimp out I signed I hope you do the same These kids need a good and fitting la…[View]
138696983Im so sick of this fucking country. The liberal and feminist cancer is terminal. Just today this was…[View]
138696201How does it feel to be in such excellent company americucks? >literally the only '''first world''…[View]
138700449This years nominee for the emmy awards: Protestor gets shot in the fkin sack[View]
138673390Circumcision: I am circumcised and I got hit with the worst fucking pill today. Everything I know is…[View]
138653713Whiteness: Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity[View]
138697092Dude shot in the nuts by the cops after Trump rally.: Pepper ball to the nuts. https://www.youtube.…[View]
138678309Trump just named ANTIFA!!!!!! GET IN HERE FAGGOTS![View]
138700382Homosexuality And Communism: How come that today's larping degenerates think that they would be…[View]
138700106Who was in the wrong here?[View]
138698321Phoenix ANTIFA get his nuts shot goes down: After violently attacking police, Phoenix protester/ANTI…[View]
138696381>he unironically believes white nationalism can happen without violence lmao how retarded are you…[View]
138700122What does /pol/ think of Finno-Uralic ppl?: What does /pol/ think of Finno-Uralic ppl aka ppl with h…[View]
138648827Why do Americans keep falling for the lottery jew?[View]
138700269Daily reminder that Jesus will destroy all the Leftists within our lifetime.[View]
138686076Trump Phoenix Rally Live Thread (#3): Continued from >>138681818 https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
138699470Shlomo thread: Need some meymeys about (((((((our greatest ally)))))))[View]
138686463Recognize the signs[View]
138697624CNN MELTDOWN GENERAL: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nb1iszWSa0k[View]
138686616Hi from russia. Kick listist like a shit. Look at end odfcommi in russia at 1993. https://youtu.b…[View]
138699937Hopefuly, Satan will get his gift soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZSq19ct4U[View]
138694005why do white posters on this site brag about the fact that other races fuck their women? are white '…[View]
138693584The Pol Purge: There is a purge coming my fellow polacks. It's not an ethnic purge, it's n…[View]
138689176CRAWLING IN MY SKIN[View]
138699630>REMINDER >Chinese iconoclasm began in 1966 with the mantra: 'sweep away all monsters …[View]
138699594Really makes your walnut rotate. https://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30year…[View]
138699472Abolish the 12th, abolish the two-party system: The 12th ammendment all but guarantees a two-party s…[View]
138699405Antifa BLACKED: Be Antifa >were full black >hat >long sleeves to cover tattoos >pants to…[View]
138693533FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM MEDIA: You'd be sucking Obama dick if this lady came to speak. But let…[View]
138697665Potential Happening:: China Typhoon Warning: Typhoon Warning in Hong Kong What was the prophecy abou…[View]
138695917Phoenix Antifa Making Molotov Cocktails: Caught these gems while watching the streams. The streamer …[View]
138695446Mike Thernovich: Can we end Mike 'Monkey Man' Thernovich once and for all? He is obviously controlle…[View]
138688687A Land Without Guns: How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths: America really needs to cat…[View]
138662175New Third Party: /pol/ I want to organize politically. I do not label myself a republican, alt-right…[View]
138698150A MESSAGE TO THE ADL: “While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them su…[View]
138679194>trump just named antifa Was this a mistake? Now they're as legitimized as can be and are go…[View]
138693575Fuck fascism: You all make me sick. How do you think your great grandfathers would feel knowing thei…[View]
138692431Robert Ree: Admit it /pol/, this had to be done to heal the nation.[View]
138696125Why is saying colored people racist but saying people of color isn't?[View]
138697977>peacefully protest >get tear gassed This is what fascism in America looks like. You Americans…[View]
138695083Gavin has cut all ties with all outlets. How will this effect Rebel and Compound Media? Are you stil…[View]
138696960Do the white people living in Japan not realize they are the Mexicans of the country? No jap wants f…[View]
138696702Hey guys why do you suck trump's dick when he's only expanded all the neocon wars overseas…[View]
138684930Phoenix Antifa comrades showed up in force tonight: You scared, whitebois?[View]
138695823Based China: The absolute state of Londonstan[View]
138693851Anyone else suddenly have the urge to fight in pointless foreign conflicts?[View]
138697682What this country needs right now is video of a Trump supporter getting shot in the balls with a tea…[View]
138689256/Pol/, pick me some lottery numbers for tomorrow 'sPowerball lottery. If I win, I will buy this…[View]
138697391PURGE ANTIFA THREAD: How to kill antifa >Grenades throw. Make sure you throw it anonymously. Merg…[View]
138694641>addresses several times white supremacist groups have no place in America >stated clearly how…[View]
138685809what's the most cucked country?: and why is it bolivia?[View]
138684637Has Sam Hyde Gone Too Far?: He's pretending to be a rabbi in Israel now: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
138693162>2017 >not using iphone. How Google is secretly recording YOU through your mobile, monitoring …[View]
138697550Inequality is ba-[View]
138665966black people are stup...[View]
138696604What is the verdict on this dna video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw7FhU-G1_Q I know it is clearly…[View]
138688534PHOENIX THREAD PART 4: RETURN OF THE RIOTS: Continued from thread >>138686076 >>13868607…[View]
138643225ADHD what does pol think?: Do some believe its an actual disorder that needs medication >OR Its j…[View]
138697086This also means that Trump has committed obstruction of justice by asking McConnell to use his posit…[View]
138696653BASED NEVADA JURY: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/22/jury-refuses-to-convict-4-in-nevada-ranch-st…[View]
138695644Having children is the most brainless thing[View]
138697056ITT: Things commies will never have[View]
138695322This Post about the Awans Keeps getting deleted on other sites wtf is going on?: There's a ment…[View]
138695571Make sure to vote /pol/: https://mobile.twitter.com/peterdaou/status/900189395583684608[View]
138686746Is this guy even actually black?[View]
138674398TEACHER BUSTED FOR SEX ON CAMPUS WITH STUDENT: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/08/20/brentwood-t…[View]
138685595Trump Phoenix Rally Live Thread (#3): Trump Phoenix Rally Live Thread :OURGUY EDITION Previous Post …[View]
138679453So...This Trump and Afghanistan thing. Like I've been shoveled a ton of shit of 'You'll re…[View]
138648476>Average student debt is $30,000 >Job market dwindling due to automation and oversaturation of…[View]
138693512Is there anything more degenerate/plebeian than protesting? Why is it that the only thing the Left k…[View]
138696756RIP AMERICA ('good while it lasted')- Boston Free Speech Rally, 8/19/2017: BEST HOT TAKE https://twi…[View]
138689709Why wont he disavow?[View]
138696042TRUE descendants of the ancient Egyptians https://youtu.be/5PHXqWzn5ew[View]
138694550What will be the first thing named for 'President Trump'? I say it will be a next generation stealth…[View]
138683630Based Black Man gods2.com: http://www.honestfact.com The Real K K K Slave Masters Revealed, 2Thess.2…[View]
138671670Why does everyone on /pol/ afore Hitler so much. He killed 10 million Jews! You are all incredibly r…[View]
138682125The Jews?: Why are they doing it? Whats their endgame /pol/?[View]
138650135Accoeding to this article conservatives have lower iqs. Right wing ideologies offer 'simple solution…[View]
138693330Anyone know how many statues have been removed?: How many where they were removed from and who they …[View]
138679973why do the nazi larpers on /pol/ think libertarians are their allies?: we are not your allies, not e…[View]
138696233I HAVE MUCH.... ALL TO LOSE.. It is time guys. We have to. Fight with the most anti - get along pres…[View]
138694800What pill is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlVuMxt-xtU picunrelated.jpg[View]
138695701Australian Government is trialing random drug tests for people receiving benefits, first offence the…[View]
138692537Kek, please smile upon Sheriff Joe: A pardon would rustle many'o cuck jimmy.[View]
138695939Petition was out for having Atifa registerd as a terrorist groupe. I didn't sign it because pet…[View]
138677203The 2nd amendment has pretty bad syntax. They really should have ordered those clauses differently o…[View]
138695835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX7Q1L7q8Sg BASED DESTINY BTFO ALL ALT-RIGHTERS WHERE WERE YOU WHEN …[View]
138695038Is there anything sadder than Christians using mental gymnastics to make Christianity and white nati…[View]
138675708/RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General: /RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General - WE'RE BACK WITH DAILY GE…[View]
138692840What do you call the people of Aztlán?[View]
138668191Women are actually better programmers and really are discriminated against: Nightly Reminder that Ja…[View]
138685406So, what should I do?: There's negro chips at my local store now.....[View]
138695218Soros Bus: Why are there buses picking up protesters after they hurled crap at Trump supporters. Why…[View]
138675388This Guy![View]
138685932where my thuleans at? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOk6HB609po[View]
138694574How do we end polarization? > I care about the environment and like the idea of the government m…[View]
138687947Anyone else have their faith in Trump restored after that rally?[View]
138687751Based electrician goy: Reminder that if you live in Brisbane, 'Straya then you need to support …[View]
138673549Any Republicans Starting to Regret Voting Trump?: >180 on free trade >180 on Afghanistan >1…[View]
138690111TOTALLY HAPPENING: GAS DEPLOYED IN PHOENIX SOMEONE STABBED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o70onKsDw…[View]
138685388Why would anyone ever send their kids to public school? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTsxE…[View]
138694920What does /pol/ think of NAFTA? Is Trump wrong?[View]
138689588He will not divide us: Is anyone still working on this or did people just give up. Like I know that …[View]
138695027IF businessmen in America were more likely to be targets of violence and police action than non-busi…[View]
138695000I dont know how to feel...: It's just starting to sink in for me.. I can't believe we foug…[View]
138682873How dumb do you have to be to give this woman money?[View]
138692957Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahah Alt-right nazi gets pepper-sprayed by the police and arrested…[View]
138676908god2.com: http://gods2.com has anyone else gone down this crazy negro's rabbit hole? shit'…[View]
138690580***HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING*** RIOTS IN PHOENIX AFTER TRUMP RALLY: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
138666856ISLAND CROWDSOURCING - Sponsored by KEK: /pol/ EXODUS BEGIN https://www.privateislandsonline.com/sou…[View]
138694813Back in my day people protested honorable shit like 'Save the rain forrest' 'Save the dolphins' Now…[View]
138690799Is this real?[View]
138691687Wasn't this retard supposed to get back to work? Why is he still holding rallies?[View]
138694719>mfw blue collar retards think they deserve any respect[View]
138694571America is Great Again: Remember when leftists in their 20s tried to ignore and shame their grandpar…[View]
138692503RIOTS: HAPPENING: ANTIFA RIOTING IN PHEONIX https://www.youtube.com/c/melvinarches/live TEAR GAS FIR…[View]
138693790What is his name pol?: Who is this guy and what is his name?[View]
138693652FAKE NEWS THREAD[View]
138694151The Absolute state of cnn: I just heard Rick Wilson call the speech 'Terrifying' and wonder aloud 'h…[View]
138692136ITT we post the most ANTIFA bands I'll start with the best one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
138692725The crowd didn't cheer as much when he said that we are going back to Afghanistan.[View]
138683843>be me >taking intro to philosphy >first lecture is about arguing >this is the first exa…[View]
138693908Socialist Nationalist General - /sng/: This is a thread for the discussion of anti-capitalist nation…[View]
138646882American Rightist Coalition The ARC is an informal political group consisting of Americans who value…[View]
138674119Fat people hate thread[View]
138690575Guys I'm tired of just waiting for it to happen.... Anybody else feel this massive sense of dre…[View]
138647295Have you turned to Christ yet?[View]
138687061do you not also elect for your generals, in preference to fathers and brothers, yes, by heaven!: Sti…[View]
138693723So the Lem's Bar and Grill Republic just opened up registration for the upcoming election, and …[View]
138692863Hey /pol/ flithy mongrol here: Am I white enough for you guys? :/ Mother is 98% European Father is…[View]
138653313Two white people caught trying to dissolve bodies of two African-American victims: http://www.foxnew…[View]
138659738You guys memed it into reality. Antifa anouces separation from blm movement.[View]
138677961PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donal…[View]
138693518What the fuck is wrong with /pol/ rn[View]
138692758International death threat: I made what could be twisted as a 'Death threat' to a UK guy who was in …[View]
138686382Leftists apparently don't see a problem with this: Are they really this far gone? How egotistic…[View]
138693466RIP AMERICA: Well, it was good while it lasted BEST HOT TAKE https://twitter.com/nontolerantman/stat…[View]
138693273You guys ready to do your part? http://www.nationalpopularvote.com/[View]
138693263Anti-Fascist Protection Units / APU: Since Democrats have tossed in their hat with Antifa Communist …[View]
138693226'Peaceful' Protest General: The commies are at it again. Get in here and get comfy Happening Watch t…[View]
138693220MIGHT MAKES RIGHT?: Is that the final red pill? Are we going to let the elite tell us what's ri…[View]
138692390Antifa being sprayed by police with pepper spray Lot's of liberal tears being spilled in the st…[View]
138692585Redpill me on the 'Armenian Genocide': I find it strange people have never really heard of it.…[View]
138686357Anyone wanna help me make a checklist of the things Trump has lied about in his press conference so …[View]
138649045ITT: Regions of your country that need to be nuked[View]
138692630Dicksmith = Dickhead >Australias birth rate is at a sustainable level I think he means new india*…[View]
138689823Who is the unmentionable 'one vote'? Is that a code name like'deep throat'? can /pol/ internet sleu…[View]
138692031Meme Magic Isn't Re--[View]
138663535Anti-Trump 'John Brown Gun Club' members armed with AR15s are marching with anti-Trump pro…[View]
138689799Everyone that ever opposed us is gone. What makes you any different?[View]
138687724Alright lets pack it up boys[View]
138692526McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency By ALEXANDER BURNS and JONATHAN MARTINAUG…[View]
138692422Friendly reminder if you ever end up in chinkland don't ever use chinkavator take the stairs fa…[View]
138688745Any Rationalists on here?: Greetings, I am wondering if there are any other Rationalists on here? I…[View]
138692343>i love all Americans, blacks, whites, Japanese, Chinese, Kenyans So what the fuck, he's mul…[View]
138686818SEIG HEIL!!!!!!!!: The most red pilling, fuckin motivating video you will ever see in your fuckin li…[View]
138692315Hey /pol/ I would like to join kekistan, what is ken and kekistan and how do I join? Id also like to…[View]
138690520SHOWDOWN IN PHOENIX: TEAR GAS DEPLOYED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmHmDOolSYU[View]
138691902Alt Right vs Antifa: Antifa and Alt-Right should have a Gangs of New York style fight. Why don'…[View]
138645955Dear Effort Posters,: This post (pic related) damn near broke my heart. I got in the thread too late…[View]
138684036>Always hoped the future would be like Ghost in the Shell >End up being like iRobot There is n…[View]
138684296Daily Reminder If you don't have this type of nose, then you are definitely a subhuman[View]
138687932LMAO DAT SALT!!![View]
138686502Faith Goldy Returns: #1 Right Wing Deus Vultfu is back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lSnpB_BpPw…[View]
138692060um goys? >>138621874 hes here[View]
138687374anti-facist win boston: US's largest anti-Muslim group cancels dozens of rallies after seeing s…[View]
138691952Fuck off to North Korea: if you don't like people gathering to listen to our president. COMMIES…[View]
138681863Anyone else at the Phoenix rally?[View]
138691858Ok /pol/ I just took a cab, going to Shia's house in London. I'm gonna get that fakin Flag…[View]
138691850CNN absolutely BTFO'd tonight: Who else is watching CNN right now? Is anybody else seeing this…[View]
138685173why does this book trigger so many people?[View]
138686279Let's create a Facebook group to coordenate the flag capture, when we reunite enough people we …[View]
138691738Gawker: Officially dead, now the guy will just open a new one with an edgier name.[View]
138691709ESPN Removes College Football Announcer From Game Because He's Named 'Robert Lee': ES…[View]
138691628Stands in tear gas.. Na mane I ain't even cryn yo.[View]
138684911lmao this guy[View]
138690749So today in Calgary Alberta I think I had a wild /pol/ sighting, or maybe not, I don't know. I…[View]
138691579can we have a nigger hate thread post 'em fags http://www.bestgore.com/burn-victim/lynch-tire-b…[View]
138691560War is too important to be left to politicians. They have neither the time, the training, nor the in…[View]
138688762What did they mean by this?: What's up with the new Android? When I saw the Oreo teaser tweet,…[View]
138691519Asian btfo again. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_599c5398e4b0771ecb0780d9?ncid=txtlnkusaolp000006…[View]
138691512www.thecenturionreport.com: HOLY SHIT WWIII #USA #Phoenix #Rally gettin fired up https://www.youtube…[View]
138674815Trump never cared about you /pol/: You are all being played. The game is and has always been rigged.…[View]
138690387Thorium atomic is literaly magic, superior to fusion: LFTR is safe power cut? frozen salt plug melts…[View]
138691393WE THE ELITES NOW[View]
138665150Brazil's most famous person: >tfw the most well known, accomplished, and influential Brazili…[View]
138691184Why do Indians always come up with the same arguments?: Are they all connected? Every time someone s…[View]
138691173Was John Wayne right, /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUzRyPuuSVQ[View]
138691167And this Guy... (Thanks Soros): 60 shekels deposited[View]
138678427You're sitting in class trying to study and you see this happen:: What do you do? https://www.y…[View]
138689673AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CNN ON SUICIDE WATCH: https://twitter.com/kennethn/status/900198440524627968…[View]
138686622TWO CONSTITUTIONS: Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st was illegally suspended in favor of a…[View]
138690829How does it feel knowing it's all about to end?: How does it feel knowing your president's…[View]
138690687Brian Stelter and Jared from Subway look smiliar. Really makes u think...[View]
138690674ANYONE have the clip of Donald trump naming antifa?[View]
138668955this kills the (((christ)))cuck[View]
138688830Where is my happening?: So I guess WHanon was a larper. It's great to see Trump shit on everyon…[View]
138689636Post redpills for the shills: Post your redpills here SHILLS, GET IN HERE[View]
138690497how do you guys do it?: how can i weaponize my autism? i want to help my local law enforcement catch…[View]
138690402'Freedom Rally' San Francisco: Alt right Rally in San Francisco, Crissy Field August 26,2…[View]
138690327All those trumpkin faggots trapped in the Phoenix Convention Center[View]
13868975846 male here. Wife 2 kids. After what i heard from trump re affirms my solidarity with him. I must…[View]
138687975Post Trump Rally: First Impressions Edition: >lower taxes >obamacare will die >wall >div…[View]
138690176How do we rise again senpai? do we have take muds again?[View]
138690156Why aren't you a Laissez-faire Minarchist /pol/?[View]
138675651Anarchist Political Ideology, Why You Should Be an Anarchist: I respect Trump supporters. I really d…[View]
138689332Why do Brits keep this useless piece of land?: Why don't they give it back to the argies instea…[View]
138690132I need anti liberal memes.[View]
138680136Trump is Cucking: Trump spoke about how he disavowed the KKK and Nazis for 30 mins straight. He woul…[View]
138686914YOUR PRESIDENT: Waaa..the lying media is mean to me and I'm going to cry about it[View]
138689572Antifa Rioting start raiding twitter and facebook: Here we go boys the commie subhuman cock suckers …[View]
138689938Not quite the magic of soem ralleis, but not too shabby!!: capitalism > communism/fascism/democra…[View]
138689844PROTEST IN PHOENIX: Tear gas deployed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlqeGc43qck[View]
138668262You have his powers for 24 hours and 24 hours only. What do you do?[View]
138687867We did it guys! We defeated Communism! I declare a one time only communism btfo dance party thread …[View]
138685385You can permanently and completely eradicate either Zionism or Feminism. Which do you choose?[View]
138689633Comfy KH typhoon thread: Moderate happening : HK + typhoon. wind map : https://earth.nullschool.net/…[View]
138689629Which one do you hate more Nigger or muslim?: Implying nigger can't be muslim.[View]
138688711Where Dem riots at?!?[View]
138684312ONE VOTE: FUCK MCCAIN[View]
138689467Turn LiveLeak into POL's Video Propaganda Outlet: LiveLeak has a large influence over social me…[View]
138686433Trump just alluded to terminating NAFTA eventually: Well, /pol/?[View]
138689315The Centurion Report: You guys have to check this website out this guy sounds just like CHONG[View]
138686124>Be me > 28 and needing wifey material >Meets Macedonian girl at beach >We begin to flir…[View]
138675036It's over /pol/ I have the moral high ground[View]
138677066At a leftist rally in Toronto, guess the ethnicity[View]
138687968Best. Speech. Ever.: What was /pol/s fave bits?[View]
138689033Nationalists support each ither: Most nationalists support each other. I.e. German nationalists, Fre…[View]
138688677Omg would be so funny if you all killed yourself[View]
138686079>clean coal >they're taking out the coal and they're going to clean it WHAT THE FUCK…[View]
138681965White guy here. I m only attracted to Latinas, i m sorry i will have to betray my race! Imo everyone…[View]
138684583Is anime destroying young western men?[View]
138688454Do girls love being short? I see lots of social media profiles where girls that are 4'11 to 5…[View]
138687013RAISE ACT: What are your thoughts on this? I'm afraid it won't get enough done. Although i…[View]
138681020Where were you when (((Shapiro))) called you all out. >sitting in their mother's basement s…[View]
138686074Daily Reminder: This liberal radical murdered a GOP committeman: This was fairly recent. I bet a lot…[View]
138682207Join the /Comfy/ Republic Alpha!: Hello Fellow /Pol/acks! come join the first iteration of the /Comf…[View]
138677662FUCKING BASED!!! XDDDddd[View]
138681462Can someone give a /quick rundown/ on Sheriff Joe?[View]
138686932I need help, I'm becoming prejudiced towards niggers. Not blacks, because I'm sure there a…[View]
138688243Google fuckery: So when typing in the site address google instead suggests you click this link that …[View]
138687004>This institution is killing our economy and the value of our money So what will it take to aboli…[View]
138686272Who still /cruzmissile/ here?[View]
138679466ANN TEE FA[View]
138683618Why the negative views of Soros? He helped with the death and destruction of his own (Jews), caused …[View]
138687990MFW after that Trump rally[View]
138685557John Oliver doesn't actually have teeth: His teeth are cgi. here is a rare frame that leaked be…[View]
138681815You're not a literal nazi...: Are you anon? You don't REALLY wanna gas the kikes race war …[View]
138679582Why does Trump try so hard to satisfy the leftist media?: He's never going to satiate their blo…[View]
138687055ISRAEL YES!: Are the likes falling under their own sword that they planned to use against Christians…[View]
138683488Why didn't this guy run for President? He's better than Trump and would make the GOP and b…[View]
138685231How do we stop thiccposters? Its really fucking annoying being on a multi-day streak of nofap just t…[View]
138685743We Was BEHIND THE PRESIDENT N SHEET!: Found Black 4 Trumps Guy YT page, enjoy the memes https://www.…[View]
138683892Just to clear it up for you illiterate nazi scum.[View]
138672223Donald Trump is Speaking in Phoenix. The local news is doing a poll. Do the gud work!: http://www.12…[View]
138668202What is freedom?: The idea of selling your time for money is fundamentally a form of slavery. Our ex…[View]
138677603Why can't all you alt-right nazis just be quiet?[View]
138674412African American appreciation thread I don't think /pol/ takes enough time to appreciate some o…[View]
138687384this is 100% a white guy in blackface[View]
138684937What's his endgame?: What does right-wing Soros want?[View]
138687143>ancap isn't degener-: This is pizza-tier degenerate, wtf[View]
138678865Daily reminder that American feminism began with liberal Protestants not Jews. Protestants by their…[View]
138684361White Sharia: Why don't you support White Sharia anon? It's everything we've been fig…[View]
138683852Rhodesian Bush War: Can I get a redpill on Rhodesia? pol seems to sperg on about it quite a lot. I…[View]
138685396/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Where's My Pardon, Donald?' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
138686769Poo in Loo?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_peUxE_BKcU[View]
138685727Lithuanian claims on Kaliningrad: What's your opinion on the Kaliningrad Question? Should Lithu…[View]
138676535You know.... she has a point... hmmmmm[View]
138676804>he believes the Frankfurt School conspiracy How fucking stupid can you be honestly?…[View]
138685909Damn these protesters got some big soldiers on the streets watch out guys[View]
138681083Why do liberals think the President/Government should act as their dad?[View]
138683853Its not fair that the third world is poor. White people caused this. It is our moral duty as whites …[View]
138677728Is it worth it?[View]
138682139>I don't want my country to be taken over by Commies or Nazis >REEEEEE FENCE-SITTING CENT…[View]
138684915Was the Armenian genocide real, or is just a story pushed by The Globalists? Can you provide any act…[View]
138674255Is the world overpopulated? Can we actually support 10 billion people and give them a decent life? O…[View]
138665838Really? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/22/espn-pulls-announcer-robert-lee-university-v…[View]
138637733Would you live here?[View]
138674584guys my wife just said she wants to watch me fuck other women. she said her married friend watches h…[View]
138672688White guy here, Only attracted to mexican women, is this acceptable race mixing? Mexicans at least h…[View]
138685445Why are the elites planning[View]
138685016real man talk: Has anyone here been able to get over true-blue serious relationship heartbreak with …[View]
138676597National foods thread: Post some of your national foods, whether they be exotic or an everyday stapl…[View]
138629739Would a superintelligent AI be a 'racist'?[View]
138671052READ THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY: Mandatory pol reading. Shut it down.[View]
138681818Trump Phoenix Rally Live Thread (#2): Continued from >>138673718 https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
138684248Really activated the almonds[View]
138677950What will you do when my people arrive?[View]
138685113Enduring Outcome: > Pretty good Trump rally, brings back memories energy-wise. > Talks about A…[View]
138683325Your safe space rally won't save you Donald.[View]
138677508Phoenix venue cut in half because no one showed up to the rally! Sad!: What's with the low ener…[View]
138681781Ups and downs: Trump has publicly stated that he is against antifa thugs beating people up and vanda…[View]
138668075How do I get my GF to stop being so afraid of guns?: My girlfriend of one year wants nothing to do w…[View]
138684901ANTIFA Redpills for Normies... GO![View]
138679467what do you think of her?[View]
138682553Based once again: Can Quebec get anymore based?[View]
138682805> Federal agents murder a mother and one of her children, and also lure their dog into a death tr…[View]
138683588Why are the chinks supporting everyone we hate?[View]
138684914Hey /pol/, I've been a fat fuck since I was about 13, when my mom actually let her child play W…[View]
138684247Confederate general Robert Lee: You can't make this up. ESPN pulled an announcer because his na…[View]
138646361>People in the America not only feel the need to own aussalt rifles but they actually have convin…[View]
138684113Frankposting: >post a rare frank >get banned…[View]
138645085Can't wait until September. We're going to fuck these traitors bloody.[View]
138654953California YES! California leaders call for hearings on white supremacy: >SACRAMENTO — California…[View]
138683117What if theres a whole 'nother internet throughout the whole universe and we get signal we just…[View]
138662963So I just googled 'American Inventors': Uh...[View]
138667324Why can't we be like the Chinese?: Looking after their own and warning them of the dangers of m…[View]
138682682Why is there no day to remember the victims of communism? You guys should make September 23 that da…[View]
138675582Told you motherfuckers.[View]
138683540Fucking Liberals: Fucking Liberals can go fuck themselves with this whole Queer loving gender cravin…[View]
138682930So do we have faith he'll build the wall again?[View]
138679676Biased professor stories: Post your stories about your most biased professors. Greentexts welcome. …[View]
138683487Did he do anything wrong? When did the left get so corrupted with hippies and fagots?[View]
138682877The Chad Nationalist Worker vs The Virgin Globalist (((Moneychanger))) What are some other prior inc…[View]
138683302WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW[View]
138661092Can someone give me a history lesson on healthcare in the States? Theories on why it's so expen…[View]
138676725Why do so many marxists come from one particular ethno religious group?[View]
138682980I'm Not White, I'm Irish: Guise HOw can they call us fucking white males if we have Irish …[View]
138681614What do we do about Nigger Twitter? Is there a better example of technological advancement being ind…[View]
138679362COVFEFE = IMPEDED: Remember Trump's 'covfefe' tweet? 'covfefe' is the ciphe…[View]
138674103Now that leftists like guns will the GOP start trying to change the 2nd amendment?[View]
138632078The injection of Nazi LARPing and Hitler edginess into the alt-right is a subversion tactic meant to…[View]
138680967Im a quarter Native American: What do Europeans think about Native Americans? Are you red-pilled on …[View]
138679653>losing wars to illiterate goat herders BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAGHAHAHA *inhales* AAARGHAHAHHAAHAHAHAAA…[View]
138670747>leddit's socialism sub holds a survey >near 3/4ths of them are atheists Are Atheists the…[View]
138626566PART 3 IS HERE: https://youtu.be/Y0Fwe4YkMa4[View]
138682798'We're going to get our wall.'[View]
138682775He still thinks he's going to build a wall.[View]
138667268Brit/pol/ - Firing Squad Edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next ht…[View]
138665592Top 5 countries that got conquered the fastest: 5. France by Germany in 1940 (46 days) 4. Poland by …[View]
138676901Who the fuck keeps spamming anti-Catholic divide and conquer propaganda on /pol/ trying to slander t…[View]
138679820STOP BEING A NAZI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kq0e5j5ZoQ[View]
138682346Did Trump talk about Afghanistan in his speech to the rednecks larpers?[View]
138682319/pol why have you guys made so many insecure with themselves?[View]
138630096Eire/Pol/ - Press F Edition: Join National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie Thread Theme: https://…[View]
138675412>Italians aren't Nord-[View]
138674793Public Schools in America are a huge problem (former public school history teacher here) >huge t…[View]
138681113hiro approved meta thread: Something needs to be done about the bots. Users can't have genuine …[View]
138664214White supremacist vows to BURN 11 million black people like 'we' did the Jews!: Then he calls the wo…[View]
138677847If you could go back how would you have stopped European Infighting?: when and where would you go? w…[View]
138623527Andrew Anglin on The Run: Our guy, Andrew Anglin, is on the run. Kikes can't find him. Jewish m…[View]
138665852>work in admissions at a college >literally 95% of black students are either here on athletic …[View]
138671908Do you know any actual antifa or white nationalists? Is this all just a morality play, staged by the…[View]
138672611>when a complaint generator can create a more articulate statement about Trump than the media can…[View]
138628053Gavin McInnes Quits All Jobs: Gavin McInnes is leaving all of his current jobs. Where is he going, …[View]
138646576What is /pok/'s opinion of the #freebleeding movement? Do you support it? >I am a woman, the…[View]
138680558Miss me yet?[View]
138655976Murder of Truth: This Swedish Journalist was murdered in the last several days. Her head was cut off…[View]
138676550Take the grey pill[View]
138681627Sherrif Joe going to be Pardoned - official: So fuck you illegals!![View]
138681573The media right now. FUCK YOU DRUMPF[View]
138679388Jews are making squids their symbol: Whats your thoughts about that ?[View]
138662805Help debate a commie: My friend is a commie and is trying to argue why communism is better than capi…[View]
138681438announcer robert lee gets pulled from VA games: Ya'll see this? http://www.washingtontimes.com/…[View]
138681429That feel when you realize everything is controlled opposition and we live in hell. I am certain thi…[View]
138674476Where do edgy reactionary leftists shitpost? Do the have a /pol/ equivalent?[View]
138675510Does anyone keep up with John Podesta's twitter? And his replies to comments?[View]
138680500>'blacks suffered oppression ans for such thing whites shouldn't even use anything made or a…[View]
138656338Hells Angel - taking questions: Sup, Hells Angel here. Been involved with the Angels for about 9 yea…[View]
138677973Why is Quebec so anal about everything sold their must be in French?: https://motherboard.vice.com/e…[View]
138673718Trump Phoenix Rally Live Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xG2lmWetCk > https://www.youtub…[View]
138679732White woman here, Only attracted to Muslim men, is this acceptable race mixing? Muslims at least hav…[View]
138667711With all the lunacy going these days, do you ever feel like - fuck it, just plug me back in the matr…[View]
138681045Quick recap of Trump's rally. >Called his supporters bros. >Called the common man the rea…[View]
138681086This /Co/ serial killer guy: Ok /Pol/ i know im late to this shit but, who the fuck is the /co/ seri…[View]
138679439White people are degenerate. The white halves of the Jenner are more degenerate than the Kardashian …[View]
138678657MADMAN CALLED OUT ANTIFA: '..in the black masks, with the clubs... AN-TIFA'[View]
138653858This is fucking hilarious holy fuck[View]
138680633Why do american communists despise the working class?[View]
138650944Syria General /sg/ - Rotary Rapetrain Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
138674726Ivanka the Liberal Controls Donald Trump: >DADDY! Fire Bannon! Daddy! Invade Afganistan! Daddy! A…[View]
138676828Why do Extremist Groups Attract the Ugliest People?: Almost every Chad, normie, or Stacy is a modera…[View]
138679135/ptg/ - TRUMP GENERAL - TRUMP ARIZONA RALLY #9 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
138676170The owner of the facebook page 'God' with over 3.7 milion likes is a complete cuckold. What do you t…[View]
138680347What if?: What if the U.S. was as woke as /pol/ is? This only pertains to about 30% of you.[View]
138680327CNN on suicide watch Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha[View]
138679189>You're from Kenya! What did he mean by this?[View]
138679680caption this[View]
138660127GIVE YOUR ENERGY TO TRUMP: >>Trump thread >>Only patriots >>Only positivity…[View]
138673955TEAR. IT. DOWN https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=iFSW0id36FA[View]
138680128Planned Parenthood in China: This machine is called 'Planned Parenthood Free Contraceptives Dispense…[View]
138672858PHOENIX TRUMP RALLY WATCH THREAD: Who /comfy/ here?[View]
138680096Holy shit Trump is on fire tonight[View]
138678957Daddy Trump's big plane.: >When Mr. Trump addressed a Boy Scouts jamboree last month in West…[View]
138661402RIP AMERICA ('good while it lasted')- Boston Free Speech Rally, 8/19/2017: BEST HOT TAKE https://twi…[View]
138660949how fucked are democrats?: even though they keep larping as if OMG DRUMPF IS FINISHED everyday, the …[View]
138675875Martin Shkreli: Is he /ourpharmabro/ pol?[View]
138679718alt-alt unite (thread archived we've been taken over): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rvm8Vang…[View]
138678297Why are Nazis mostly frustrated virgin white males?[View]
138678333TRUMP NAMED THE ANTIFAAAAA: Trump just named 'Antifaaaaaaaaaaa' at the rally. TFW[View]
138664726Beware the faggotry of Antifa[View]
138679373AUDIT THE FED: It's a belated birthday gift to Mr. Happining-Paul http://www.chooseliberty.org/…[View]
138679132Just hear me out here....: If Judiasim truly DOES 'bring all the boys to the yard' isn…[View]
138678563>'How did he get in here? He's supposed to be outside with those few people.' >'Where are…[View]
138677894/ptg/ - TRUMP GENERAL - TRUMP ARIZONA RALLY #8 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
138675538Redpill me on UN Agenda 2030: Is this a UN Larp or an actual plan. If Larp, what are the elites actu…[View]
138674552Is Ben Carson [our guy]?: Did anyone else get the feeling that Ben Carson thinks VP Mike Pence is a …[View]
138674124Why is youtube recommending this to me? Is it the (((jewish))) agenda?[View]
138668325/pol/ will defend this[View]
138673780/mu/tant here. Is he right? Scans coming...[View]
138675133PredictIt: GET IN WHILE IT'S LOW >Trump very deliberately said no pardon DURING rally. >…[View]
138677458Christ: C U C K E D[View]
138677908Columbus statue under threat: So now after the removal of multiple confederate monuments, these cuck…[View]
138675450how do you tell the difference between ashkenazi jews and white people? more specifically women[View]
138675778If this faggot never killed those black church goers, we wouldn't have all these Confederate mo…[View]
138677888https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HCKeoxfu6Y Italians beat up a sandnigger that threw rocks[View]
138676351Arizona Feeling The Heat: Who knew Arizona had this many lefties? http://archive.is/P6FII[View]
138677616Cries about the press like a little bitch.[View]
138677844More like this?[View]
138677836>be at Australia uni >see comic called CONDOMAN >about some super hero that goes around tea…[View]
138677387Are Russians white?[View]
138677671https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LspYu-PD8gg look what I found[View]
138674752His name was Andrew Breitbart[View]
138664838Trump Rally Protest Thread: Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o70onKsDwEw https://www.youtube.c…[View]
138660659Waterfox: Meme browser or redpilled?: Give it to me straight, /pol/, is Waterfox a meme browser or i…[View]
138677417No standing armies like jefferson said: Why do you support the military? Imho they're nothing b…[View]
138625259Washington Times - Plausible’ that Charlottesville violence was a setup: The idea that the Charlotte…[View]
138675970Trumps Impeachment is Imminent.: The same super-computers and advanced intellectuals that predicted …[View]
138670476The kekistan struggle applied for the coming civil war: Kekistan flag came to be under larping for b…[View]
138677044Trump BTFO out of antifa: 'We have plenty of anarchists. The media doesn't want to talk about t…[View]
138645127itt : 'THEY CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY IT'[View]
138676729Industrial Society and Its Future: 1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a dis…[View]
138666634How can anyone take the right seriously when you all look like this? Honest Question.[View]
138671978Nothing wrong with punching Nazis tbhwyfam.[View]
138676446Imagine being one of the satanic jews, watching trump rally: >calls out the violent ''''THUGS''''…[View]
138664172>Be white guy in LA >Go to college with majority Hispanic population >Everyone is polite, c…[View]
138673453How many caps can we collect tonight I wonder.[View]
138675530Why are liberals so obsessed with pop culture?[View]
138675881Is this the Hunger Games Timeline?[View]
138663324Why does /pol/ hate science?[View]
138676246I'd love to hear what other wn's think of these past far right leaders and what they did r…[View]
138672718Science is good, fake science is not. so how's this kill the Christian? also Christians aren…[View]
138673564WTF I LOVE HILLARY NOW!?: Ok. That's it, guys. (((They)))'ve won. The tsunami of shills th…[View]
138675706Burgers will defend this: >white supremacist >circumcised yeah but some tribe in africa got le…[View]
138673574Why do so many socialists: Hate national socialism? >I'm not saying anything other than ideo…[View]
138675967>According to the popular college-football blog Outkick the Coverage, ESPN pulled an Asian announ…[View]
138673811Look at this shit. Are (((they))) trying to push the idea that this was a real rumor and we weren…[View]
138666426TELL US YOUR STORY, /pol/!: It's been a shitty week. We could use some laughs. Screencap and po…[View]
138675765SJW IN CHIEF: Remember burgers >No bigotry >No hate…[View]
138675760Reminder that Jesus thought it was okay to mutilate baby boy penises.[View]
138664640this comic is on the front-page of reddit. is european society getting more redpilled and anti-migra…[View]
138675729class character of nationalism: >Nearly two-thirds (65%) of white working-class Americans believe…[View]
138673798OFFICAL COMFY TRUMP RALLY THREAD: Get in here, lads[View]
138670630anyone else here think mestizos are ok if they assimilate? eventually they will become white like th…[View]
138656075>In 2017 being white is reason enough for leftists to attack you What's up with the amount o…[View]
138674197Jews not Behind Communism, USSR: The leadership in the USSR was made up of Russian unionists, politi…[View]
138671592THE MADMAN IS BACK AT IT: https://mobile.twitter.com/Breaking911/status/900147674552446978…[View]
138668994Red Pill about Jews: So, goyim, take Red Pill about Jews. It is written in book 'The mixed multitude…[View]
138675440so, i just created a discord server so we can discuss about how are we going to take down that fucki…[View]
138673032How ya doing my nazis? Why yes, you heard me right. I said Nazi. I'm taking it back, and so sh…[View]
138667369TRUMP MUST DIVORCE: Why should the American electorate countenance a SLAV whore in the WHITE house??…[View]
138675353DAE get mad when they see a white person talking to a nigger?[View]
138656159Confederate monuments of hate are just the beginning. The rest of your evil 'heritage' is next. htt…[View]
138675262/arc/-American Rightist Coalition General #1: Alright guys, Due to the broad amount of support the i…[View]
138667277Big Ban: Big Ban talks about setting up a TV News Network to rival Fox News. Gavin McInnes leaves Re…[View]
138675135What are the elites planning?[View]
138666144how do we impeach this fucking orange hitler?[View]
138654579Dude, it's 4:20, can we have an intelligent discussion on weed legalization now?[View]
138674969Any Koreafags out there? I need to know what this is.: Possible NK propaganda? This was on the trend…[View]
138672706Hey /pol/ femanon here: Do you consider burning a flag an expression to be protect by the first amen…[View]
138671662Help wanted: most elite trolls: So i recently discovered a dude down my street is an antifa fag, com…[View]
138674455Let's start a campaign to get the term 'Alt-Left' on as many news sites as possible. Make it a …[View]
138673844Average CI per race Jews - 112-115 East Asian - 105 Europeans - 100 People of the Arctic - 91 South …[View]
138673971When will /pol/ realize that BTC is the way forward? The alt-right needs to be buying bitcoin and al…[View]
138669221How the fuck is this even possible? Why is the Death Penalty so fucked in the USA? Randomly reading…[View]
138674705HAPPENING: TRUMP RALLY LIVE THREAD: RSBN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RturpZ8Ato Fox 10 - http…[View]
138671835Can Western Civilization still be saved?[View]
138670232why are there so many shills right now? why are there so many slide threads? whats the happening?[View]
138673581Reminder that if you don't have a family member that served for the Confederacy you cannot have…[View]
138671120What did he mean by this?[View]
138674000>15. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They …[View]
138674501Communism Hate Thread: All: >Communists >Anarchists >Socialists >Bolsheviks >Nationa…[View]
138669705What if he's just autistic?: So, unpopular opinion thread. I believe Trump is just autistic. He…[View]
138664909Realistically, how do we solve the Afghanistan problem?[View]
138674335The (((Nose))) Behind the Scenes: Increased military spending for ZOG isn't an achievement, yet…[View]
138674280Japan: Why doesn't Japan start letting in refugees and foreign labour? Looks like they could us…[View]
138671878what is /pol/s honest opinion on abortion?[View]
138673405Is police short for polish ice?[View]
138669681Yet another paintbucket thread: Go[View]
138671872R*DDIT IS GETTING WOKE: Upvote my post and the OP. We really need to infiltrate reddit. It's no…[View]
138665786>“Buy Property in Israel”, Barcelona Rabbi Tells Followers After Terror Attack Why can't you…[View]
138673029CANADA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOoooOoOoOOOooOoooOooooOOoOooOoOoooooooooooooooooOoooOooOOO[View]
138652438European art/architecture/paintings thread!: Why we are the best civlization to ever exist[View]
138673397Best alternative for google?: I want to get away from this shitty browser, but I don't know any…[View]
138652832Ozymandias our only chance at peace?: Is the Ozymandias plan in watchman, at this point, our only re…[View]
138659240We're going to lose South Africa too aren't we[View]
138653342So what happened to the Neonazi gangs in russia like Format 18 ? Are they still active and hunting d…[View]
138645814Brain sizes between the races: Average Asian male = 1372 grams Average White male = 1345 grams Avera…[View]
138673842Antifa won't last much longer[View]
138673182Essential Books: Planning on purchasing/downloading some essential books which might one day become …[View]
138672694Wow: What kind of sick parents let their son dress like this for halloween? People are too degenerat…[View]
138668263Why Do Poor People Like Trump?: It isn't just Trump, but he is the most blatant example of a we…[View]
138661794/pol/ will defend this.[View]
138667386Antifa Pheonix Livestream: http://antifa.today/video/fightsupremacy-live-phoenix-arizona-live.html h…[View]
138668346/PHOENIX RALLY GENERAL/it's only 45 min till show time edition: Report in goys, the supreme lea…[View]
138670207Wtf is this?[View]
138673553DAHNALD: The delegates![View]
138642192How did we get it so wrong?: >no wall >no muslim ban >no Repeal and Replace >NATO praise…[View]
138667919Is anyone here on /pol/ who still watch this show?[View]
138667477lol in his latest video comments Molyneux thinks The Prince is actually Prince the singer! What a go…[View]
138663326What does /pol think of Randy Stair?[View]
138672855What if welfare was structured each ethnicity pays for their own?: White people complain that they p…[View]
138673163Phoenix Rally Edition: Tired of that fat asshole? Think the idiot should resign? Brietbart's go…[View]
138669446Donald Trump DID tweet about Pizzagate!!!: Donald Trump DID tweet about Pizzagate!!! (pizzagate) sub…[View]
138663407>Labour MP and key Corbyn ally shares Twitter message telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to ‘shu…[View]
138669619Brand New dropping redpills: [Verse 1] Last night I heard a voice that said this is the end All my n…[View]
138673126Make Antifa a terrorist organization: The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defe…[View]
138639312Why did corporations decide to jump on the LGBT bandwagon?[View]
138661134Free Speech Is Hate Speech!?: Hey everyone, serious topic. So this is obviously a topic of concern. …[View]
138671285PAID PROTESTERS AT TRUMPS RALLY: >B-b-but Antifa is winning against Trump Gtfo out of here shills…[View]
138656215World quiz: Well /Pol/? https://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name.php…[View]
138666187Muslim Labour MP tells white gang-rape victims in Rotherham to ‘shut up’: A far-left Labour MP who p…[View]
138671974Do you really think: Sandy hook was a hoax? Why would they do that to tear down the school and rebui…[View]
138643872Memeball Thread: I haven't seen one of these in a long time.[View]
138667720Antifa: Has antifa killed anyone?[View]
138665265ANOTHER GAY STATUE THING: Happening on CNN ANTIFA and BLM possibly turning another peaceful progress…[View]
138669563I'm coming for your taxes, Donald.[View]
138671515lol, Christ cucks...[View]
138672250Start Operation Barbarossa 2 weeks earlier and this is what we would have[View]
138666756RALLY ALERT WHOOP WHOOP V3: Freedom Rally San Francisco, Crissy Field 2pm-5pm August 26 https://lim…[View]
138670636Exposed: Child labour behind smart phone and electric car batteries: >https://www.amnesty.org/en/…[View]
138671999Why do you arrange a coup if you hate this guy? I am trying to figure out how hard arranging a coup …[View]
138665876Wow really news media!?![View]
138672255/pol/ V /TheUnderverse/: we know your secrets[View]
138672160Conor Mcgregor gestures support for Charlottesville: baka[View]
138670492Whats a good fash look?: Whats a good but casual fash look?[View]
138648498Why atheists are such weak pathetic cucks? Why atheists nations are so weak compared to religious em…[View]
138665720#NOTALLMUSLIMS: Why does /pol/ think that ALLMUSLIMS are responsible for what a few (not real muslim…[View]
138671837SAY IT WITH ME /POL/! DER[View]
138636340Black Syrian refugees destroy Hotel and demand money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbI7ZOaku2Q WH…[View]
138671015ASIANS BTFO: ESPN has taken an Asian man named Robert Lee off their broadcast for the UVA game becau…[View]
138666285Cant Mossad the Assad: >On Sunday, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad gave a speech in front of doz…[View]
138653041>tfw 2020 will be better than 2016: Do it, Bernie, do it! >Progressives Prepare to Serve Berni…[View]
138640916Whats your opinion on Russian Civil War? Would world be a better place if whites won?[View]
138671699>Ancient Egypt An absolute monarchy with the most powerful military at the time Polytheistic, you…[View]
138667600does the bible say anything about race mixing or racial differences?[View]
138658184Now McConnel doubts Trump can save his presidency: Brace yourselves, president Pence is coming. http…[View]
138668968Why can't someone like Jared Taylor be president? Well-spoken, polite, reasonable, advocates fo…[View]
138612473What is your opinion on Mike Enoch aka The Grandfather of the Alt-Right?[View]
138669861ANTIFA's Guide to Subversion on /pol/: Don't fall for their tricks! Call out the Shill, th…[View]
138656807Which branch of Christianity is the most redpilled?[View]
138671059So what's the current opinion in Finland regarding their early 20th history? By all rights they…[View]
138670968why do we continue to give feminists a platform to speak? truly baffling[View]
138662860MUH ILLEGAL VOTERS: TRUMPKINS BTFO: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/08/21/elections-worker-in-n…[View]
138669780/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PRERALLY #3 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
138660832Red Helmet Charlottesville new tattoo pic: You're lucky I was able to get this. Please help fin…[View]
138669920Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Spencer the White?: I thought not. It's not a story that…[View]
138670959Do you wish us to be carved up by foreign powers like China of old???: My dear friends, our enemies …[View]
138669015Feminist claims 'Despacito' is racist because it's in 'Mexican': is this a poe or a real femini…[View]
138667639Unhappiness is the reason opiate use has increased? What say you, /pol/? https://youtu.be/FTLpas62AK…[View]
138670810Any happings lately?: Have they been any happings today /pol/?[View]
138664851/HG/ Hellenic General: All Things Greece: Time for a Hellenic/Greece General (working title), /pol/.…[View]
138666211the poor give to charity more than middleclass is empathy really only skin deep?[View]
138621433Be honest, /pol/. Are you scared of black people?[View]
138670644>Donald praises Mexico's President. What timeline is this??????[View]
138661330Escalate SJW behavior to absurd levels: We need to carefully bolster SJW bullshit to absurd heights …[View]
138670494>America is allies with the Afghan government that is fighting the Taliban >America is also al…[View]
138670089Why do you support Trump?: I've been wondering something. I've been here since day one, I …[View]
138666193if people can become furries, why can't men become women?[View]
138666130Hasn't accomplished anything. Holds a rally.[View]
138667482Why does each generation experience the world going to shit?: If you don't have a good answer, …[View]
138670289PISSGATE PAPERS TO BE PUBLIC RECORD SOON: http://www.wcyb.com/news/politics/russia-dossier-firm-foun…[View]
138669689How do we win the culture war when one of the biggest databases of knowledge, Wikipedia, is regularl…[View]
138668472Any liberal debate me on this NOW: We are not all created equal. If a man rapes your mother, sister,…[View]
138669956Indictment, when?[View]
138670162Why do people on /pol/ care so much about the well-being of people that, not only don't care ab…[View]
138667191Why are american negroes and liberals so vehemently opposed to execution? Sure, it could be done inh…[View]
138660431Hey burgers. Now that we're friends can you please bomb Pakistan to oblivion? Thanks, Your st…[View]
138669714So, what are /pol/'stopshit thoughts regarding some of the strange and occult-seemingly dealing…[View]
138664120ESSEX - PLANET OF THE APES: Any fellow bongs from the Essex area that have seen a notable increase i…[View]
138668266/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PRERALLY #2 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
138666379Anyone have any idea how many alt-right members are jewish? Is it a 'don't ask, don't tell…[View]
138635926There's a meme in my country that left-wing/SJW women love to be treated like shit, be dominate…[View]
138668097PETITION to recognize ANTIFA as TERRORIST: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-recogn…[View]
138668830Basque: What do you think of basque?[View]
138629030ALEX JONES JUST GOT BTFO'D ON AFGHANISTAN AND 911!!! WOW!: Wow. Alex Jones - and he is COINTEL…[View]
138668608What do you think about my theory? 4chan is subsidizing by Republicans. Reddit is subsidizing by Dem…[View]
138663216Can a nigger pass the captcha?: I'm not sure, we should start a worldwide discussion about this…[View]
138668836UK Immigration: /pol/, how do we solve the huge segregation issue in UK cities between white brits a…[View]
138639408Women hate thread - Part 2: Following on this: >>138632390[View]
138659714Why are men acting like children? https://youtu.be/oC3xizBgc3U[View]
138667232Some guy should go to these anti-trump protesters with a MAGA hat giving them flowers and saying Lov…[View]
138664510More mounting evidence that a multicultural society is shit. Pic related shows the correlation betwe…[View]
138668539Council Meeting Highlights?: Anybody have highlights of that council meeting with all those carpet-b…[View]
138646863/pol/ BTFO: >tfw Hiro gets $1 million to delet /pol/ and effectively end the Alt-Right's rei…[View]
138664806What kind of job should I do to gain control over my country and free it from the corrupt democratic…[View]
138631975Why does this image trigger gaytheists so hard?[View]
138664146https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=haW0vKj99tk >be coraline >move from nig infested Pontiac Michig…[View]
138665865#NewNationalism: 'Turn India into a Hindu state': >states can decide for themselves if …[View]
138658974Serious question: I'm all for free speech, but I understand that you can't run into a crow…[View]
138618011Mirror Mirror on the Wall who's the Biggest Shill of them All?: By the way Anons: Faith Goldy…[View]
138668500The destruction of the white race: Reminder that louis ck predicted this decades growing anti white …[View]
138645133Antifa is winning, what do we do?: Antifa is winning. The public is even agreeing with them. They ar…[View]
138668496If this place is gonna be a honey-pot they may as well learn something: Sick of fake news treating t…[View]
138664953Fuckin Tumblrfags are over running Splatoon 2: Obviously it'd be difficult to get them out of t…[View]
138665741What kind of fucking faggot does this shit?: What a little fucking faggot Jeff Sessions is. Look at …[View]
138663006>wall hasn't been built >spic's still pourning into the country >/pol/ tards copy…[View]
138668172As ridiculed as the namesake is, are there any kind of political spectrum quizzes that aren't C…[View]
138666778This single woman spawned 100+ welfare monkeys: One abortion could have stopped this nigger spawning…[View]
138657443/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138666797Does anyone know the title of a banned book that was written in Russia around the beggining of the R…[View]
138664253Who else Stoner for Trump?: Quit lumping in weed smokers with democrats. half my family that voted t…[View]
138665152What are the chances of an assassination ATTEMPT tonight?[View]
138658925Another reason why the 2nd Amendment is important: Keep in mind these guys saved their businesses wh…[View]
138667667Pol: Guys we are winning the culture war. We need to add an important element. We need to regain tri…[View]
138660079what is the the point in being (((redpilled))) if it causes you to distant yourself from others?[View]
138657881everyone at my university hates me because I am centrist.: I am basically a nazi to everyone in my p…[View]
138667377such a BASED BLACK MAN[View]
138660650I'm looking for a video where a comedian slams on atheists, I think it was David cross, but I…[View]
138658875Who Else Is Here?: Yell 'PEPE' right now extremely loudly if you're in the crowd in Phoenix…[View]
138663778If the US Military starts fire bombimg the opium fields in Afghanistan, how will we find out?[View]
138662810'Alt-right are just right-wing SJWs': Is Sargong the primary idiot to blame for this meme?[View]
138665901Is she right?[View]
138665644WE WUZ ENTREPRENEURS N SHIIIT: >An initiative is trying to turn Middle Eastern migrants in Europe…[View]
138643296post your best hitlers[View]
138650813Lets talk about Nordbot's robotic shilling and archive.is: If /pol/ is antishill / anitbot post…[View]
138667026jesus christ it's great to be white: we give and give and give but are still demonized https://…[View]
138666669Can somebody please explain to me why Big Boss Trump is sending us back to Afghanistan again?[View]
138660022Why is smoking weed harmful? besides being degenerate, what does weed do to you that your typical ci…[View]
138654645Colonel sanders: This monument must come down.. This man was a Colonel in the confederate army..Now …[View]
138666366Another White Homeland Cucked: FAROE ISLANDS 0.07% MUSLIM Bye Bye Western culture According to the 2…[View]
138664569Youtube and Godaddy: Satanic Hypocrites: So Daily Stormer making an edgy fat joke is pure evil, but …[View]
138663078>Its been 9 months since Trump won[View]
138666606Who else is done with Trump?: >Sells weapons to KSA >Lied about getting a special prosecutor f…[View]
138660854(((STATISTICS CANADA))): what do you think?[View]
138664272if reincarnation is real and niggers take over the world by out breeding everyone. we are all going …[View]
138664252Brothas this is a call to arms: Kek discord xTEU4uV[View]
138665652Dindu kills two bank employees in Conway, Sc on the run.: http://www.wyff4.com/article/two-employees…[View]
138666195Hey /pol/, what are some good movies about hoaxes being reported as truth to the masses? I hear Capr…[View]
138663741Why are shills trying so hard to get rid of the 88 from 1488? Why are NatSocs being disparaged on he…[View]
138662743EUROPE THREAD: Let's discuss all things Europe. To kick things off, here's a thought of mi…[View]
138665976Even if you're black or shitskin the enemy will always remain jewish.[View]
138663689How many of you have actually been to trump rally?[View]
138665659>tfw pepe got the youth involved whats our next tactic?[View]
138663617Guys (((they))) are trying to shut down The Rebel! Ezra needs our help![View]
138663826DITCH GOOGLE TODAY: Qwant + Brave/Firefox with plugins + Protonmail + Ubuntu/Qwant(Possible to make …[View]
138665151is there any answer to All-Of-This for moderates? I know everyone online has to play their own brand…[View]
138664758who would win: 300,000 cross-country skiers or 1,000,000 communists[View]
138665698Congress: We should increase the number of seats in the House of Reps. to 650 (the size of the Briti…[View]
138648212PISA 2015 /pol/ Edition: Singapore tops latest OECD PISA global education survey, Japan, Estonia, Fi…[View]
138661464Phoenix General, Y'all! A Certain Happening: Good multi-stream with scanner and protesters: htt…[View]
138665474HWNDU part 2: For all the anons who partipated on this thread >>138660029, i suggest to make a…[View]
138658276Will we ever leave?: When will our Nations longest running war come to an end, and how? Trump was su…[View]
138665433Hi /pol/ what is the best job to red pill as many people as possible? I just started college and I w…[View]
138665329If India and Chyna go to war how legal/illegal would it be to send supplies to one side? I'm s…[View]
138665363Christcucks at it again: I consider myself both alt-Right and Christian and I'm sick of these C…[View]
138665167When did Americans became such fucking pussies?[View]
138624984FBI SAYS SOMEONE IN CONGRESS TIPPED OFF AWANS ABOUT INDICTMENT: > Imran and his wife Alvi liquida…[View]
138653083PRE-RALLY THREAD: What we know: Rally attendees are outside showing support for Trump and there are…[View]
138664786I'm curious as to what the verdict on this video is, seems to be a lot of controversy on what t…[View]
138653716Soon.: The swamp will be drained[View]
138663725man in the hgh castle: Do any /pol/tards watch this? Gf said she wants to watch it. Is there anythin…[View]
138634990traps have a long history and have been around since the beginning. how are they bad for civilizatio…[View]
138664815On twitter look this her up, lizwfrizz do what you want[View]
138655026Brit/pol - Comfy Edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next https://un…[View]
138664399What happened to the 'muh Russia' narrative the Alt-Lest kept screaming about for the past months??[View]
138647072/HTG/: FRONT COMPANY ROUNDUP: This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping, researching and …[View]
138663065The significance of Phoenix is that it's Jeff Flake's stomping ground, author of the new a…[View]
138664089Afghanistan: What do you think about Afghanistan? I want to know more about the country. Right now e…[View]
138664440Daily reminder[View]
138664385When are you gonna realise this is our guy? https://twitter.com/NickJFuentes/status/8992478545098383…[View]
138662672I think we can all agree that 10 million dollars is enough money to live comfortably for the rest of…[View]
138614646is walmart dog whistling to white nationalists?[View]
138662058Wtf: I'm done with this shit. Wh anon wh insider marshal anon. If no one is getting arrested do…[View]
138659073Cultural Appropriation Thread: Why Does /POL/ continue to claim that cultural appropriation doesn…[View]
138664211Is Charlie Hebdo, dare I say it, /ourguys/ ? (Traduction : Islam, religion of eternal peace !)[View]
138664182en.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FAtlantic_goliath_grouper 'The Atlantic goliath grouper or itajara, also kn…[View]
138664136'Spread A Positive Message': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_ORQl0Oh3U YouTube needs to fix their …[View]
138664122come discuss with other anons: http://poldare.com/[View]
138663444Arizona Trump Rally: High Energy Protesters in the streets Speech begins >10pm Eastern time …[View]
138664084What's /pol/ reading?[View]
138656059False sense of superiority?: Ive heard people say that white/racial pride is for conceited people, a…[View]
138647477How do we feel about this? >Catholic parish celebrates homosexuality, sells Gay Pride t-shirts af…[View]
138664044/ourguy/ drops redpills to Buzzfeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G1HeFKejrI Rewind about 14 min…[View]
138661593WHY ARE ATHIESTS SO FUCKING STUPID!!!: there is this anal athiest fuckwit at school who loves to shi…[View]
138663007Kelli Ward vs Total Flake: Will you vote for Kelli 'Redpilled' Ward against the total flake? Kelli W…[View]
138649568ANTIFA will be labled an Official Terror group: We're winning, let's hope this goes throug…[View]
138662397Oh lord. I thought this was a joke. Are they really that childish? Or is this the only literature th…[View]
138663869When these Late Night show guys talk about like how terrible it is to have Trump as the president an…[View]
138662858Whys nobody talking about this?: There was a strong of leaked fishy messages supposedly from maxine …[View]
138658744I hide my flag because i'm ashamed for not being American, everyday is soul crushing torture, i…[View]
138662702Which one of you is responsible for this?[View]
138663601Why are centrists such cucks?: Perfect example right here: https://youtu.be/D8zikWQoc1A These centri…[View]
138663051Lunatic half nigger sky news reporter wants to tear down Nelsons Column in London after campaigns to…[View]
138658248Far left party winning pols NZ: Far left labour party in NZ looking like they will achieve democrati…[View]
138659066Commie Hate Thread: All: >Communists >Anarchists >Socialists >Bolsheviks >National B…[View]
138648088Red pill me on aliens /pol: Whatever you have[View]
138662901Whats next?[View]
138650897what do u think abt FUCKING NORMIES and how to deal with them: i think they need to be gasses like t…[View]
138663219any leads yet /pol/?[View]
138662919Serves him right for firing Faith, but still not a good sign: Rebel Media Sees Outages After Interne…[View]
138657470>become crippled in ww2 fighting nazis lose both legs live long enough grandson shows you his fav…[View]
138662387>the current state of /pol/[View]
138662931Trumps new press secretary should be kristi!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qqFhjYcacg…[View]
138652320>FOX 11) - Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is defending President Trump's youngest son…[View]
138661439I have a black friend who told me that black people used to be kings. They had white slaves througho…[View]
138659491Man-hating: /pol/, what's wrong with being a man? Feminist seem to get triggered when they see …[View]
138655301HAPPENING! PROTESTS AT TRUMP RALLY!: GET IN HERE! DROP LINKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlqeGc…[View]
138655551Friendly reminder that all of the ancient KANGZ were BROWN and YELLOW. I'm sorry blacks and whi…[View]
138659938Meet my niece in-law, ' Swastisha. ': What the fuck is up with African American names? Do they loath…[View]
138662529Trump Rally gamethread: 602 Edition[View]
138662085Pre Rally Comfy: True Muslim = Terrorist Edition: Based signs out today.[View]
138661701>'People's livelihoods are getting ruined': Avocado thieves stealing thousands of …[View]
138651369>eating dinner with people >sister and her boyfriend are watching keeping up with the kardashi…[View]
138662229If America does become a white ethnostate can we at least keep the cast of HWNDU?[View]
138662001AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: SOON?: >constant fucking happenings >foaming at the mouth commie mobs ever…[View]
138662163Dr. Steve Pieczenik In Heated Debate With Alex Jones About Trump And Afghanistan: https://www.youtub…[View]
138628381Black Europeans: What's you opinion about them?[View]
138654522fentanyl overdoses: carfentanyl deaths are the best thing to happen to this country. fucking junkies…[View]
138659771Need some images showing minorites getting accepted into colleges despite worse marks you know the o…[View]
138657864Genesis 1:31: God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.[View]
138643986will this meme of girls getting tattoos ever end? they all seem to get the same sort of things too[View]
138656175>#CaptureIntegration what did she mean by this?[View]
138651092/mämmi-pol/: Kaikki oikeistolaiset kutsuttu. Mädättäjät, animehomot ja suvakit vittuun. Propaganda -…[View]
138661916Lonesome: I'm average looking and well dressed, but I have terrible anxiety and compulsive issu…[View]
138655735This board loves to make fun of blacks trying to do white things, e.g. 'kangz', 'inventions', etc. W…[View]
138648750What movies couldn't be made today?[View]
138659027Hol up: Guys what if Donald Trump secretly goes on /pol/[View]
138661869Is she (((ourgirl)))?[View]
138657048>L is black What little interest I had in this just evaporated. On a related note why do libshits…[View]
138654874WHY ARE MILLENNIALS X?: Millennials killed Y. why won't you fucking old fucks just shut up for …[View]
138661624Remind me again, why are we supporting this man? He's clearly a pawn in a Jewish psyop yet you …[View]
138657516https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7Av1Xv_4ko >there are people who think this is actually what hap…[View]
138661220Lets get Antifa and the Alt Left to do the shit that will turn everyone against them. The already ar…[View]
138660201Is there any point learning a language as an Anglo?: Seriously what's the point....? English wi…[View]
138636735Slavs are similar to Arabs and Africans: All of them are passive. They lack beautiful and rich archi…[View]
138650264WE WUZ INDIGENOUS PEOPO N SHIET https://twitter.com/MuslimIQ/status/899351520638111748[View]
138661493WATCH TRUMPS HAND: It is Phoenix and it is hot https://youtu.be/hgQVS26UGXA Watch Trump's hand …[View]
138654500CHIMPOUT IMMINENT AT CHAPEL HILL: >Fliers circulating on the University of North Carolina at Chap…[View]
138660921PENCE 2020: Tired of being lied to? Feel dirty? Unclean? Think the guy in charge might actually be …[View]
138633051China gets it[View]
138657735If you really hate the jews, why not seize the means of production and push for UBI (universal basic…[View]
138658634I hope you assholes are happy with yourselves. Thanks to you Cis White hetreosexual pieces of shit o…[View]
138661169https://archive.fo/0bIUO >'''media'''post >article writer is also the editor of that 'news org…[View]
138660129What Does Pol Know/Think About the Secret Space Programs?: >Be Nazis in WWII >Figure out antig…[View]
138660807What did you think would happen?: >yfw you realize that extremist right-wingers who murder protes…[View]
138659732What can be done to fight the gay lobby's brainwashing of the public?: http://library.gayhomela…[View]
138661047/pol/ BTFO by FACTCHECK.ORG: Tough luck shit lords. Before it even came to a court of law FactCheck.…[View]
138660883Abya Yala: Residents of America, how does it feel to have your leader Trump commit you to an unendin…[View]
138660525San Diego wants to removing another Confederate Monument: Last week, a 1926 plaque noting San Diego …[View]
138660793I need your help /pol/. Today I was walking through downtown Toronto and I ran into some fucking com…[View]
138660408Pepper spray not allowed, use torches, but not for self defense: This is what we'really dealing…[View]
138656905You are next: First it was Baked Alaska's friend Then it will be all white Trump supporters…[View]
138660625Cute.: You are taking down U.S. Civil war general statues because they 'Racist'? That's cute.…[View]
138659474WHITE HELMETS ARE AT IT AGAIN: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b04_1503424847 Ohh look at the moment…[View]
138656277Why do some white people believe in white genocide?[View]
138656964China - Mexico alliance: This needs to happen. China should invest there over the next decades, Mexi…[View]
138653967Cuba should be an American state >Needs democracy >Has a blue-red-white flag >Has american …[View]
13861272385% of relationships end in breakups: 85% of relationships end in a breakup (85/100) 50% of marriage…[View]
138656335David Crowley and his family were murdered, but Deus Ex guys weren't. <iframe width='560' he…[View]
138650458so, shia won this time, looks impossible for me to get that fucking flag this time.[View]
138651516HAPPENING - MOSQUE IN BULGARIA BTFO LAST NIGHT: >during the night of 21st a mosque got vandalized…[View]
138646782Why Atlantic Canadians Are Based Cucks: >be Atlantic Canada >most important Provinces during o…[View]
138635805monument-madness-comes-britain-calls-smash-nelsons-column: >One of London’s best-known landmarks,…[View]
138653077What makes Natsoc socialism different from normal socialism?[View]
138658475>the government steals my money and gives them to women i don't know and i don't even g…[View]
138652055Happening and overseas medias never reported this worldwide: Tokyo terror attack woman was stabbed i…[View]
138657134I really just feel bad for you guys but you've brought it on to yourselves: Explain to me how A…[View]
138658557Can /pol/ do one of these but with an alt-right POV in mind to fix all the Wikipedia articles ruined…[View]
138657178>mfw these degenerates think this is wrong but they haven-t even realized what theyre doing Do we…[View]
138659364No bitches should be cops: So this happened today. >be me >walking around the center of the ci…[View]
138659824How much better would the movie 'Back to the Future' be if instead of driving the delorean into the …[View]
138652555How comes this handsome fella is full-blooded japanese? He looks nothing like the average soulles ey…[View]
138657318He's here..HE'S HERE[View]
138655016Islamic Terror in Greece?: SCREENCAP THIS: I am a researcher that has spent two years in the mixed m…[View]
138653551Ok I haven't been in pol for a loooong time but each time I check back now and then I find this…[View]
138659704When confronting feminists, why does no one ever mention the 'Equal Rights Amendment' to the US cons…[View]
138626602Brazil: >tfw we are relevant worldwide and not hated by everyone feels excelent…[View]
138659255American moving to South Africa: I'm an American and have an advanced finance qualification (CF…[View]
138659243this is a call to arms: KEK discord xTEU4uV[View]
138656589Why does AI have so many issues with racism? Are human beings all over the world so inherently racis…[View]
138659127>there is nothing wrong with race-mixin_ http://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2008/10/asian-whit…[View]
138656191PISSGATE IS BACK ON THE MENU: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/christopher-steele-tells-fbi-…[View]
138650967I think we fucked the timeline up somewhere /pol/[View]
138659035Are this racist, white-colored horse's days finally numbered?[View]
138658059Washington Times - 'Plausible’ that Charlottesville violence was a setup: The idea that the Cha…[View]
138658166What does /pol/ think of bisexuals?[View]
138658985Multiculturalism is degenerate: Do Jews realize that just by being in the goyim's countries, th…[View]
138658563MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODS: https://apnews.com/9ef9e3509cbb483eb7bba56d052f0efa/Officials-say-Tru…[View]
138658810is pinksparkles /our girl?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU9wn4dgVIQ https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
138646660Genghis Khan: Good guy or bad guy?[View]
138658411Antifa screwed up: >hurr durr, done with corporations >time for an anti-capitalist revolt >…[View]
138651203Minorities of /pol/, are you discriminated in the land you live in?[View]
138658279THEY CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS.: Gender-blind means you can only see male and female gender. …[View]
138643853Acceleration: Being on this board shows, that you at least are aware, that the big bust of post WW I…[View]
138658329>TMW you realise PEPE (KEK) is a symbol of God. >'God cannot be mocked' - bible >'God is no…[View]
138658154/Pol/ predictions: Parallels between America and the Roman Empire >Both were born out of a meltin…[View]
138654882So is this why he's so blind to issues in the US?[View]
138658063It's time to activate phase two. The libs have already done half the work, Now we push for impe…[View]
138650754Burger here, idk if any Poles are on here right now but here it goes: Do any of you think it's …[View]
138657247Does anybody else feel like the vast majority of impatient drivers are women?[View]
138656556Will you sign it /pol/? https://www.change.org/p/ann-wagner-the-removal-and-arrest-of-missouri-state…[View]
138657526Proposal: trick Antifa into defacing a statue of Alexander Hamilton: Think about it. Normalfags woul…[View]
138643739What the actual fuck happens here?[View]
138657876right wing anthem thread Post them good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDHas1RBzAw[View]
138656464give it to me straight /pol/: Shit might get wierd in AZ tonight, yeah? https://youtu.be/6Mt0ee9FraQ…[View]
138655807#proudboys: >HOW DO I KNOW IF A MEMBER IS ALT-RIGHT? >The two big differences we have with the…[View]
138655737Is there a way to organize a boycott for leftist services such as google, facebook and others? They …[View]
138657578Anderson Coopers family Were Slave Owners !!!!: Well , well , well ...... Lookit at what we got here…[View]
138650532B-but Eastern Europe is the last hope of the white race!: I wonder why single motherhood is so popul…[View]
138657166>be trump >stare at the sun like a faggot >loose eyesight what do?…[View]
138639146Kim K replacing Thomas Jefferson: Would be more American desu[View]
138653579Greek here Had two dental fillings today Paid 300 euros T-thanks Denmark[View]
138647258Antifa: Antifa here. I really regretting some of my life choices. It was all fun in the beginning ge…[View]
138657210Sage and hide all slide threads and threads that ARENT related to phoenix rally.. Shit is going to h…[View]
138646988Swedish Minister suggests gibs for returning ISIS fighters: > Alice Bah Kuhnke a Swedish Minister…[View]
138653747Let's imagine Iran became 16th USSR republic in 1979. How would things look today?[View]
138656890Why is Trump still holding dipshit rallies? He hasn't done shit but fire his original staff. Sh…[View]
138656785Only in a Sanctuary city...: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/mayor-matt-brown-nationalist-rally…[View]
138656689Did he really cheat on her because of the patriarchy?: What do you guys think of him[View]
138650408Dafuq: Taken this night in Belgrade Anyone know aand runes so we can decypher it?[View]
138656241Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
138647656Why is Generation Z thought of so highly on this board? as a Gen Z person I can safely say I don…[View]
138656743British yes: Drug gang raped rivals drug gang women then threatened to pimp her out, The name Mohamm…[View]
138642385Eternal damnation for those who turn away from supporting Israel.: >Those who bless Israel shall …[View]
138627619Which Western European country is the least cucked[View]
138631199/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138655182is there any chance of japan ever becoming nationalistic again?[View]
138656547Man up?: Then the word of the Lord came to me: “You must not marry and have sons or daughters in thi…[View]
138655814I am sorry for being Jewish.: Is anyone else here ashamed to be jewish today? I never thought I…[View]
1386565312017: >Can't be white in 2017 >Can't be straight and white >I'm racist appa…[View]
138656054Say it with me /pol/: HOL UP[View]
138652362If trannies aren't male or female why is it still illegal to rape them ??[View]
138656190/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138654482Where's the happeningfags now?: So, I wasn't here on Monday, I was viewing the eclipse fro…[View]
138656299Pre-Rally Streams: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stream I watched went down, lets get some links going.…[View]
138655249Trump's base literally can't stand in line for a rally.[View]
138656109Diamonds: So in recent news, there's this guy Jacob Worth who posted some videos about Brillian…[View]
138655844https://archive.is/EFQ9T Trudeau redemption arc?[View]
138624640antifa not an organization?: What did they mean by this?[View]
138654871Christians, you don't believe shit. If this earthly life is merely a test in your faith in God …[View]
138654488Yo anyone figure out what this post was about?[View]
138652094Pragmatism: can't you accept the idea that both sides are wrong in their extremity without crea…[View]
138656024Friendly reminder that the midwest is the best >breadbasket of the most powerful country in the w…[View]
138638670What did he mean by this? Pic related. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/barcelona-te…[View]
138655323>Adolf Hitler is Wikipedia's 12th most searched page beating other articles such as Canada, …[View]
138644752Tucker Carlson is playing 4D chess. Trump most impressive.[View]
138655808Commies, Why are you supporting communism? Are you aware Marx was just bad with money and was spitef…[View]
138652784/pol/ when are you going to recognize the true heroes, reporters and John McCain.[View]
138627288Do you want a white ethnostate because you believe with no ethnic men around you're more likely…[View]
138613544Women are miserable. They hate having to work a job, they despise working with other women. This muc…[View]
138655427>Be Christian jew Slav mutt. >Be in Christian college and see holocaust propaganda everyday. E…[View]
138632151REDPILL GENERAL - Fuck The Shills Edition: ITT Your Fave & Best Pills7 Hardmode: Shills Exposed …[View]
138654995They want to protest and tear down our statues?: Then let's go after theirs. I find this far mo…[View]
138644098ARE YOU READY FOR TONIGHT?: MAJOR HAPPENINGS http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/22/soros-backed-activist…[View]
138655478Reminder that Prussian socialism, the form of socialism utilised by national socialists, has zero co…[View]
138648338Venezuelan leader maduro goes crazy!: Accuses columbia of trying to undermine him, says putin is the…[View]
138655410Implying antifags actually have loving mothers[View]
138655383Stop admiring nature.[View]
138655114What does this have to do with juice, Sweden???[View]
138653553Why are Albanians regarded as human in some circles?[View]
138655111I can destroy any progressive narrative.....: We are not all created equally. Why? any progressive …[View]
138655011Standing up to white supremacy: What is /pol/ going to do about Antifa? How many anons are gonna be …[View]
138638381Name one person who DOESN'T smoke weed, but thinks it should be legalized, and why they think i…[View]
138654006War against Pakistan when?[View]
138619229>people actually donate to her patreon What fucking cucks.[View]
138655170All categories of a chimpout by based nigger: https://youtu.be/ywZGFhTy_ug[View]
138643847Brit/pol/ - Cecil Rhodes edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next ht…[View]
138654769e7 brit larping continuation thread: What the fuck was going on? >>138653588[View]
138647376Based History books: Need em, line em up. Tell me what the fuck I need to be reading to become a sch…[View]
138654127so i understand the argument against third world immigration... but what about asians? asians commit…[View]
138620580Irish travellers: Redpill me on Irish travellers - are they related to the gypsies? What's thei…[View]
138650660Kikes BTFO: How will they ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQzAQJt9fIA WW2 truth.…[View]
138650673Redpill me on alt/right: as barely newfag i'm interested in on how this board turned into this …[View]
138650711Knock it off replying to bait posts: We are seeing plenty of this today so if the title is contradic…[View]
138654485Paperboy :)[View]
138646044Tomi Lahren: Does getting a (supposedly) pretty face but a small brain really help benefit the alt-r…[View]
138651964https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkSSj5HcCV0 you mad white boy? your entire history is being erased. …[View]
138654650Friendly reminder, The Alt Right is a bunch of beta males that will never be taken seriously.[View]
138653418New NK video threat: >President Trump is shown overlooking a sprawling Guam graveyard cluttered w…[View]
138638116Why do Republicans hate free lunch?: Why do Republicans hate free lunch so much? How else will my ki…[View]
138654512Why is he such a party pooper?[View]
138653974'Don't be evil'[View]
138621774Your daily reminder that Canada is why we lost the war in Afghanistan: >Be Canada >No wars sin…[View]
138654548I have a question for Germans: Did Hitler knew that Polish pilots took down 300 german planes by 19 …[View]
138650747Is Huffpo fake news or just shit news?[View]
138654491Saw this while borowsing.: >What do you guys think? >Is this good propaganda? https://www.you…[View]
138648629VALERIE PLAME TRYING TO BUY OUT TWITTER: so she can ban trump #resist[View]
138654412ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Annoucing UVA Football Game: So brave! Thanks for fighting for equality a…[View]
138652623Is Canada even Anglo these days!?: They're getting frogged by Québec...[View]
138654307the same opinion you have on this: I am a man, therefore, I cum. . It's messy, it's painfu…[View]
138647560Why is their such a huge cross over of Nazis and flat-earthers? flat-earthers are making us look bad…[View]
138651975Find the differences, /pol/[View]
138641144Try this one simple trick that will make you say fuck college: http://collegedebt.com/[View]
138646100Take a good look at yourselves /pol/. Is this who you want to be? How could anyone ever want to be a…[View]
138654091Choosing between left and right is like choosing between shit and vomit. When the Nazis and the comm…[View]
138649848Pink nipples: Daily reminder that if you do not have pink nipples, you are not white.[View]
138653926Is the liberal / left wing media establishments end game to exterminate all white people?: It seems …[View]
138632194Running list of failed Trump promises. And they are the big ones. Don't like the list? get mad …[View]
138648698Am I a filthy librul or is there hope yet?[View]
138650997/pol/ island general.: Cont. from the country creation threads from last night. >>138582621 I …[View]
138653612anyone wanna join[View]
138646701So what has he achieved since becoming POTUS?[View]
138648570Were black people created by jews as a tool for subversion? Why do jews always bring blacks with the…[View]
138649935Faggots may come: IDGAF if this has been posted already, but im seeing plenty of cunts trying to tro…[View]
138653332I voted for Trump and now I am regretting it. Why do a rally and now work on making American Great A…[View]
138653627>According to the popular college-football blog Outkick the Coverage, ESPN pulled an Asian announ…[View]
138649244Is there any peer reviewed studies proving that different races have different IQs and behaviors?[View]
138652137Paintbucket the planet thread: Go[View]
138650778To fix Afghanistan we need to invade Pakistan.[View]
138646987Oh look, another rally full of hicks and retards.[View]
138652159Do you the freedom to marry?: Do you support the freedom to marry? If not, why? Do you really hate …[View]
138653209Why are whites so racis-[View]
138642447So Antifa apparently think pissing in an ocean of piss is going to stop us. kek.[View]
138649724He's the Chosen One isn't he? The world was heading for darkness with Obama and before tha…[View]
138638486Who do you prefer /pol/? Hitler or the God Emperor Trump?[View]
138652514What was the big announcement from this black guy[View]
138653068What in your opinion is the biggest crime of the Jews? For me it's the work they did to change …[View]
138652043My Fellow Burgers, Consider the following:: Strain yourselves for a moment, if you will, and take pa…[View]
138651987>thread about how cucked America is filled with butthurt lards who can't handle banter >'…[View]
138652872>can't wake up[View]
138652865Nazi's are slave owners: Slave owners, are nazi's. right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
138641292Pre-Happening Thread: Trump has a rally in Arizona tonight, Antifa expected soon. Get /comfy/ lads h…[View]
138652237The Reason Why The West Is Doomed: The simple answer is, is that people like you anon are still stuc…[View]
138651245Nice digits, Mr. President![View]
138652496Baylor University: Football GangBLACKED: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/17/us/baylor-university-gang-rap…[View]
138651272Just keep walking alt-right: >> Wild beasts abuse your women and destroy your towns, just keep…[View]
138652600How fucked is the Current Generation? https://youtu.be/Tlwda9S58Lg[View]
138652285Thomas Jefferson is out dated. We need new role models now - role models that better reflect the val…[View]
138648579my powerful pics folder is nearly empty, please post some[View]
138650556I am an atheist. I despise nationalism. I don't enjoy tradition outside of the museum. Can I st…[View]
138652472/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138651546Give me the location of this motherfucker and ill get it within a week! only if its in London BTW[View]
138652386Is piratism left-wing or right-wing? what is piratism?[View]
138652219How to save europe? I havent kept up with politics as much and i just found out that Germany will ha…[View]
138644740the (((white nationalist))) movement was actually designed and put together for the sole purpose of …[View]
138648258This man is the true final boss[View]
138640605Men hate thread: I've seen a women hate thread getting ~370 replies, pathetic. I know it was a …[View]
138641668it's over isn't it?: THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF BRITBONGIA IN THE YEAR 2K17[View]
138642506we crowdsource /pol/ island of peace: Isla Verdugo, Cisnes, Aisén, Chile >Container as building b…[View]
138650607Was Bannon really the one person holding Trump back from becoming another typical neocon?[View]
138646446Why cant other countries, like Venezuela, Kazakhstan, etc. handle oil? Is this proof that Norway is…[View]
138619648No, Seriously... What the FUCK is Their Problem???: The dutch are the saltiest people on earth. Anyt…[View]
138617262Cucked and Uncucked University Courses: Why are Universities across the West becoming so cucked? And…[View]
138649443can you imagine wonders we would achieve if we did this?[View]
138650769WTF I love Bernie now: Trump is no longer my russian agent, Bernie is my russian agent now https://w…[View]
138650461Happenings, etc.: Next Blood Moon is 1/31/18. Next Tetrad is 2032-2033. I would read up on the 2030…[View]
138647574stop using unvis.it: the archiving has been subverted by someone. no longer is based norwaybot archi…[View]
138651301So, what will this stupid moron say tonite to get the slack-jawed cletuses in the audience to start …[View]
138649653>Antifa is winning. The public is even agreeing with them. They are getting more members. People …[View]
138649497Hey guise isn't communisim the bestest? I just luv communism and lololol trump impeachment comi…[View]
138650258going to Phoenix Rally. what should my sign say, /pol/?: bonus for Harry Potter/LoR/Rick and Morty/S…[View]
138651082Today, I saw my black roommates white girlfriend (who has two kids that arent his) talk publicly on …[View]
138640777Facebook just deleted 10,000 German accounts: > 1 month before federal elections. > they have …[View]
138630439How do we defeat Antifa? >Inb4 'You can't defeat Antifa' Fine then. How do we counter their …[View]
138649365Will he save Finland?[View]
138632769Syria General /sg/ - Deir Ez Zor Live Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
138646191Buy politically incorrect items: If i want to buy an isis flagged, used in a execution. Where can i …[View]
138650744George Soros BTFO!: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-george-soros-terrorist-and-sei…[View]
138649924Why do they always feel the need to tell us how much they hate Trump?[View]
138650676>he fell for the 'Jews are smart' meme So how come Israel's average IQ is only 90? It really…[View]
138650644Netherlands appreciation thread: Show me why this country is awesome.[View]
138650496Rich Kid Commie Spencer: /alt-faggot/ daily reminder if you follow this faggot-youre a faggot[View]
138602052Being 'straight' is not a thing, its 2017.[View]
138642265jewpilled popular culture: Michael Jackson was /our guy/ >Michael Jackson was caught on tape maki…[View]
138640266how would you change the constitution? should there be congressional term limits? abolish income tax…[View]
138633012/pol/ and /n/ actually looked up to this guy. Just another reminder to never take badly dressed peop…[View]
138648937The reason people can't celebrate white accomplishments and history is because you all attached…[View]
138643748WHERE ARE THE GERMAN MEN ? 'Africans control the German Girls, we're the Kings': https://youtu.…[View]
138649937How do you think Bannon is feeling right now?[View]
138650046BAGHDAD SAFER THAN THESE DEMOCRAT RUN URBAN SHITHOLES: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2013/06/15…[View]
138649141Bike Lock Attacker Eric Clanton Sets Up A Support Page: Recently, the bike lock attacker Eric Clanto…[View]
138624928WHAT DID SHE MEAN BY THIS???[View]
138648111There's going to be an assassination attempt at tonight's rally, isn't there[View]
138648456Fuck just Build the Wall, let's Take them All: From the 22nd Parallel North's West Shore E…[View]
138648786Why did Hippies love The Lord of the Rings so much if it was so Redpilled?[View]
138649600Come home white men: If the alt-right truly cares about preserving their confederate history, why do…[View]
138649772This guy: Can anyone explain pic related meme, I crack up every time I see it but have no idea what …[View]
138649104Grandma goes off on buzzfeed live: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NwlpP5Ou88[View]
138648446The north was economically crushing the south before the civil war started, faggot: You know, as a n…[View]
138649017>tfw Non Irish make up 17% percent of the population and no one cares I'm not ready to take …[View]
138649595Disturbing Video How Dearborn, Michigan Has Transformed Into A MUSLIM CRIME HAVEN!!!: http://thegutt…[View]
138647743This is a painting from the middle ages depicting the sin of 'gluttony.' How far have we strayed fr…[View]
138649231Where Blue Lives Matter started.: Funny how the generations have changed but the memes/racism have s…[View]
138642330Does anyone else regret voting for this idiot? The one thing during the eclipse you aren't supp…[View]
138637940space level: human: http://www.flagofplanetearth.com/[View]
138643476https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjKICkcugsU How can a place as beautiful as Scotland exist so close …[View]
138643846Brit/pol/ - ESS JAY DOUBLE YOUSSS Edition: Daily reminder based centrism is the only solution >To…[View]
138648083Do any of you actually like other people? Can you give me some advice about why you like people, why…[View]
138649392POL-ISLAND Wheres the millionaire who was going to buy us an island?: So late last night, a milliona…[View]
138649359DOJ drops request for IP addresses from Trump resistance site: There weren't enough people at t…[View]
138648959Why are corporations and establishment Republicans suddenly LARPing as antifa?[View]
138633649What's the official white music?[View]
138648171Buy hitler item: Where do I buy item a Hitler used?[View]
138630813/pol/'s thoughts on the upcoming german election?[View]
138644103/pol/ Humor Thread: >post your best and funniest memes, jokes, and everything satire relating to …[View]
138648992jewish apology: Is anyone else here ashamed to be jewish today? I never thought I'd be saying t…[View]
138600621CANADA: 3,800 illegal border crossers in first two weeks of august, 'tent city' in Ontario: https://…[View]
138622392Feminist Nu-Male Case Study: Joss Whedon: Joss Whedon Is a ‘Hypocrite Preaching Feminist Ideals,’ Ex…[View]
138647855(Repost) 'The Alt Right Manual' a fake gay af 'alt right manual' supposedly found on a USB drive @ p…[View]
138648652Daily reminder that Donald Trump III will save hwhites in a battle at the edge of Europe: >born t…[View]
138647817it was better when we just had geographic location flags.[View]
138643001why are niggers so bad when it comes to culture also nigger hate thread[View]
138648323Books: What are some good political books to read? >inb4 Mien Kampf…[View]
138648478Thot patrol thread: Post your best THOT's getting patrolled[View]
138648465>White nationalism is unwarrant....[View]
138644806Our Team: Trump awarded Superb Owl ring by New England Patriots https://www.theguardian.com/sport/20…[View]
138646636How do we solve the White problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MHeXFTtadU[View]
138648158Tell me /pol/ is this flag only for the alt-right or can any conservative fly this bad boy?[View]
138642156I'm ashamed to be from Cleveland...: https://www.rt.com/sport/400566-cleveland-browns-anthem-pr…[View]
138647797What if insteand of (failed) NatSoc, /pol/ turn in real italian fascism?[View]
138648265This is the worst shit i've ever seen. They're not even trying to be subtle anymore. https…[View]
138640734Proof that the U.S is the greatest civilization in the history of the world: It's done in one i…[View]
138646462Saw this pub crawl of UK on map today. Got me thinking. > Go to londonstan for pub crawl across U…[View]
138646527Hello. I am LARPer anon. I will say anything and people on this board will believe me. I am too lazy…[View]
138647899SURROGACY: What's your opinion about it? Is it possible to raise a child properly without a mot…[View]
138639873>you wake up on November 4th, 2020 and turn on tv What do you see?[View]
138646846NEOCONS CHEER TRUMP'S AFGHANISTAN STRATEGY: So there's that. http://thehill.com/policy/def…[View]
138644997The fine line between democrats and republicans, go. Methinks it's the idea of society/socialis…[View]
138645978Mother and son , its buetiful[View]
138647916Watching Marching to Zion with the wife tonight.: She's woke about many things (NWO, Pedogate, …[View]
138647890100 Nazi caps[View]
138630583>It will lead to nothing but trouble. How could we have fucked up so badly? https://www.youtube…[View]
138643444trump isnt going into afghanistan to beat the taliban. hes sending troops to put china in a chokehol…[View]
138644020Ronald Bernard part 3: Exposing Child Sacrifice/Trafficking: Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
138645809I kinda want one[View]
138645555Family Tree Thread: Hey cool party people! Use this template to fill in your family tree![View]
138643586Christianity: Be a real Christian. Not a Catholic.[View]
138645728what if in the future a whole new brand of SJWs emerge and try to make AI robots equal to humans the…[View]
138644527Radical ritual: People are planning to burn a 40-foot-tall Quran at Burning Man this year. (It will …[View]
138630631/God/ - King James Bible: /Creationism Official/ Good Evening fellow /pol/ guys. I present you comp…[View]
138646574You are now aware that almost the entire GOP establishment hates Trump and plans on challenging him …[View]
138646538Islam is WRONG.: Even after all these Islamic terror attacks you will have people defending Islam an…[View]
138634692Daily reminder the first country to eliminate their central bank and allow free market banking will …[View]
138646633>little things in your life you feel good about >fapping to less degenerate porn now >no ur…[View]
138646277Where's the wall you orangutan[View]
138646766Angela Merkel tries out the Farming Sim: >You've inherited quite the Farm! Congratulations! …[View]
138646447You'll stand for the pledge: Or your ass is kicked off the team! http://ijr.com/the-declaration…[View]
138646666How long till statue of liberty is destroyed because she's white?[View]
138642885Whatever happened: To Ahmed 'clock boy who saved Islam' Mohamed? I heard he got deported for being s…[View]
138647261When did you realize that immigration is inevitable? When did you realize that opening out borders w…[View]
138642734BLACKPILL THREAD: I'll start: https://youtu.be/MvGpOXSoYLs[View]
138646967Accepting your place as a woman and stuff: I agree with most /pol/ views but also feels shitty to kn…[View]
138646376Yursa Khogali: >whiteness is not humxness >infact, white skin is sub-humxn >all phenotypes …[View]
138645900>ayo Trex, come help me swag this kid out[View]
138644460Even with all the money in the world why did he marry some old hag?[View]
138621874HAPPENING TONIGHT ARIZONA: https://twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/900025298816823297 Other DIVIN…[View]
138646128>2004 and baby boomer children are starting to come of age >tons of bad habits from degenerate…[View]
138646581Post your best antifag beatdown: In honor of tonight's Trump rally, post your best pics of anti…[View]
138638823Kill Me: >Be Me >Be Jew >Hate SJW Libtards >Everyone who hates them hates Jews > Shou…[View]
138646115Does /pol/ like 'rolling coal'?[View]
138625346This is the Mayor of Barcelona[View]
138646883/pol/ was RIGHT: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/fbi-informants-participated-charlottesville-riots/…[View]
138646352Anyone else finally opening their eyes?: 22 yo Alt-left Antifa here After watching Trump's pre…[View]
138631214Afghanistan: Whenever we decide to fully withdraw from Afghanistan, how will it be any different fro…[View]
138629890https://twitter.com/stealacarcass/status/896499670578589696 'Matt ********, my abuser.' https://twit…[View]
138646426Genuine question: What is wrong with the Left or Anti-Trumpers that clearly are not thinking with an…[View]
138606806My country is now officially mad max: >be me >catch a nigger on my yard about a week ago >b…[View]
138646297Coal stocks, make coal great again!: Why are coal stocks doing so terrible since Trump is elected? I…[View]
138645848face it, this is the ultimate red pill.[View]
138646616Ok /pol/, which side was more powerful in World War 2 ? For me, the Allies because they knew how to …[View]
138643601This is the average Jew in France (Sephardi). Most are Sephardi not Ashkenazi (virtually all Jews in…[View]
138646566Radio Silence from WH Insider Anon: Good or Bad?: Radio Silence from WH Insider Anon: Is this good o…[View]
138644426PRE-RALLY ITS HAPPENING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NwlpP5Ou88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
138646554Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities: >the future of…[View]
138646529oy vey goys naow know >http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/rabbi-stole-special-needs-school-new-…[View]
138645660SPLC AND GOOGLE TEAM UP: now what do we do guys? they're gonna shut down 4chan for sure[View]
138645896What can and should I do to fill in this void?: I'm young but last year I understood how import…[View]
138646307LIVE - Rick Wiles: FBI Informant Reveals Obama's Connection to Radical Marxist Revolution: LIVE…[View]
138643962>'broader conversation'[View]
138646210The minds of our children in the hands of our enemy: Why do we let our inferiors control education a…[View]
138645903What the fuck is Trump doing? I regret voting for him. We need to get behind a man who actually care…[View]
138645675What does this mean?!: The first sight I encountered in a game of geoguessr on the third round... Co…[View]
138646047the TRUE incelpill: poverty makes men /boys ugly, most of the time(unproper nutrition, toxic rivers,…[View]
138645521Slavs: Can someone give me a quick rundown on why some people on this board call slavs subhuman or '…[View]
138645455Gender War: Saw this in a facebook group Give opinions Anons[View]
138644073We're winning: We're winning, let's hope this goes through and ANTIFA will be labled …[View]
138643536A warning from Dr Steve Pieczenik, Richard Spencer and David Duke are deep state assets: https://www…[View]
138645859reminder that holocaust denailism was started by jews to remind the goyim about the 6 million[View]
138645855why wont all of the leftists just die? why are we(the good guys) treated like the bd guys by the ent…[View]
138637055Your opinion on MGTOW[View]
138645718What was your biggest blackpill /pol/?[View]
138644004FUCK YO STATUES!: NIKKA. Seriously fuck anyone that is against taking down statues of slave owners h…[View]
138645774Hey /pol/ I found a book for you![View]
138642399Do they teach anything at all real in history anymore? Finding out Auschwitz 'concentration' camp wa…[View]
138645682I don't know who's Jewing anymore.[View]
138645185Is it just me? Or does it seem like the left are running around like children in a candy store? Doin…[View]
138645647I regret voting for Trump. I respect him but, What happened to drain the swamp?[View]
138645275Phoenix Trump Rally Soon: Livestream: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1RturpZ8Ato[View]
138645567Do you guys think these companies will be sued out of existence soon?[View]
138643313Today was a, dare I say it, demoralising day. >saw literally at least 5 9/10s and it was painful …[View]
138645040About 5,000 carrot-coloured ecstasy tablets in the shape of Donald Trump's head have been seize…[View]
138634400Spanking a Disobedient Child.: Spanking Chidren.. (Your Own Children.. Not other Peoples.) (Spanking…[View]
138643400Why do people on /pol/ care so much about the well-being of people that, not only don't care ab…[View]
138645186Faggots want to remove Confederate flag but keep LGBT flag: An Alabama high school wants the LGBT fl…[View]
138644603WHICH ONE OF YOU BASTARDS DID THIS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpbrIOr8ZFs[View]
138639733Tonight in Phoenix President Trump will announce an historic new initiative to combat subversive com…[View]
138642411some jackass always has to ruin it for us by waving his dick around and acting like the 6 garillion …[View]
138644856Anybody want to help document hate incidents with me? https://www.baltimorebrew.com/2017/08/17/the-d…[View]
138643711JONES IS JEW: The absolute state of (((Alt media))) In the United states. His horns are literally sh…[View]
138640313What they're teaching teachers, literacy is overrated edition: If you want to take a understand…[View]
138644736Reminder: OpenSSL is compromised as fuck: see >>138437219 see left /things that make you go h…[View]
138635625I scored a 1500 on the new SAT and I'm really interested in knowing my IQ. I would like to take…[View]
138642682is there a way to bet money on when WW3 happens? I predict 2017. im willing to bet thousands of doll…[View]
138639645Michigan Senate Candidate Kid Rock: 'F--- Colin Kaepernick': Is he Trump 2.0? Speaks his mind and do…[View]
138633880Describe european countries with one picture[View]
138642468https://archive.fo/maxgZ >Mozilla plans to collect anonymous Firefox browsing data >The soluti…[View]
138631921How will you ever recover black boy?: We wuz kangz? No, you were dick washers![View]
138635362What are some good reports on what REALLY happens inside refugee camps?[View]
138622529George Soros seeking to fight Catholicism in countries on Abortion grounds. http://www.catholicnewsa…[View]
138644337Rothschild runs the World? Redpill me.: Just learned about the Rothschild family. Send me down the r…[View]
138637143Jesus Christ. I thought Syria would be enough to wake him up. I know Trump is our best bet next to R…[View]
138613076Alright. I'm a member of what is currently refered to as 'anfita'. I was at Dallas but after th…[View]
138641677Daily reminder.[View]
138640679Midterms 2018 Wild Speculation and Prediction Thread: Are you registered and ready to vote? Who will…[View]
138641109What ever happened to #NoWhiteDemocrats?! Seriously why did this stop? Calling for a revival.[View]
138643970Eclipse non-happening: Can we just take a moment and laugh at all the eclipse-fags that were calling…[View]
138640008Green Pill: >Bad people bad trip, 100% of the time (especially women) pay attention for this >…[View]
138644195How is this even allowed?: This was the most retarded test I've ever taken. First they start yo…[View]
138643555There is no hope for the young white man. https://twitter.com/WatchStadium/status/900079861296799744…[View]
138634949Brit/pol/ - tripfag celebration thread: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be n…[View]
138641993CL Ad for Extras at a Phoenix Political rally attendees tonight: Saw this in another thread, though …[View]
138628172Just found out I'm not 100% white: Should I kill myself[View]
138643885Then why can't Africa get its shit together?[View]
138643643Favorite president quote? Here's mine >we the people Obama.[View]
138643790Never Relax: Dredd Edition: Attempted murder of a judge, your sentence, death. http://fox61.com/2017…[View]
138643737The AltLeft vs AltLeft: Why don't we get the AltLeft to attacks itself? The AltLeft consist of …[View]
138643723This is what is happening right now WAKE UP GOY[View]
138626120wtf i hate trump now[View]
138643662Is pedestal just a decent jew following Judaism? 100 CE Tacitus writes anti-Jewish polemic in his H…[View]
138630629How do we fix women /pol ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cNRr0OZxDA[View]
138643050Dead Countries: So fuckers we can all easily agree that Germany is officially fucked and dead in so …[View]
138641534What states the best place for a recent college graduate who has no friends and wants to get away fr…[View]
138642049Why is this, /pol/?[View]
138643376MS MEMES: We post these[View]
138640260>thousands of black people kill people every year >*crickets* >one white guy inadvertently …[View]
138642977Red Pills on women: What are some of your best red pills on women? I think one of the most profound …[View]
138611876Losers: Why are young white men checking out of society?[View]
138637247How can you even argue something like this huh /pol?[View]
138639588White people are CONSTANTLY bitching about being enslave and oppressed these days.: Read virtually a…[View]
138643145Daily Reminder if you are a liberal man, you are literally a cuck.: Being liberal or left-wing is fo…[View]
138616709China Thread: Is this what we're destined for in the next 100 years?[View]
138623723I hate Trump so much.: I hate everything he does, every fucking molecule of air that he breathes, an…[View]
138643125Hispanic Centrist Third faction: I have an idea for a third faction, a militant Hispanic centrist gr…[View]
138643046Left and Right: Left wing politics are associated with female ideology >open borders >helping …[View]
138643020Sorry to inform you. Your free speech ends where my feelings begin.[View]
138642681Pic related: Women in Tirana capital of Albania vs Women in London capital of England >Albania 60…[View]
138634321Amerikka: Drumpf fags btfu[View]
138636597Who else here has been redpilled their entire life? >tfw I remember asking my father how a black …[View]
138642751When will another army be raised?[View]
138642764whats the point of trying to find a wife if im ugly and short, im wasting my time for nothing, i giv…[View]
138618311Canadians really do hate him don't they?: This is the Speaker of the House. He normally smiles.…[View]
138642646PART 3 IS HERE! New Ronald Bernard interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Fwe4YkMa4 After mont…[View]
138642544welfare redpill: Hello fellow /pol Can you redpill me on welfare please Can you tell me why middle …[View]
138636780/ws/ - White Sharia general: >Abolish the LGBT culture – Ethics Law «The Prophet cursed effeminat…[View]
138642472Possible happening tonight with Trump Rally. No teleprompter means no leaks..... Join Discord /FhXQk…[View]
138641815>car says dodge >she doesn't[View]
138637285Female teacher victimized by WHITE MALE student: When will this madness stop, the patriarchy can…[View]
138633960Saw this on my Facebook timeline. How do people like this actually exist?[View]
138642343Black Hitler: Will we see Black Hitler and Black Uprising in our lifetime? Is it time for the Black …[View]
138639248Reconquista 2.0: In your honest opinion, what would have to happen to trigger this?[View]
138638932Nazbol General: How can one flag be so based and triggering at the same time?[View]
138635572Eric Clanton wants justice-- let's dispense it: For those unaware: https://supportericclanton.c…[View]
138642256Spread this to every leftist channel.[View]
138640012http://www.jjmccullough.com/index.php/2017/08/16/i-love-america/ Thoughts?[View]
138641204How can we fix the white male problem /pol/?[View]
138638366American Horror Story Season 7: TRUMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-27J0sR9268 Will you watch it…[View]
138635466Slavshit from ukraine in vacation at Norway reporting in. God norwegians are superior. All white, ta…[View]
138642127Blacks are a tool for weak white women and communists: White women [think they] like black men [but …[View]
138641923wh*Te subhumans are inferior to Muslims[View]
138642086those dick suckers really think we are going to feel sorry about this kind of crap? or they just enj…[View]
138637958Wtf is going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eVqwNqrM2w[View]
138640794Need help: I'm a georgia resident and i work at walmart as a cart pusher. the other day a group…[View]
138639563/prg/ - Phoenix Rally General: reminder: get there 2-3 hours early or you won't get in >dro…[View]
138641324So /pol/, what would the world be like now if this guy hadn't been so quick to gun down that ov…[View]
138638755TRASH MAN: OK, a thing Use it like a fifi you all disgust me[View]
138639880Give me a fucking happening: I'm happening starved. There better be something good today!…[View]
138641846SPAIN, YES!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814098/Judge-frees-one-four-men-held-Barcelona…[View]
138639904When will these numale manlets learn?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to9aWN_kNQU[View]
138640800Minds: Just signed up after a permban from Twitter. Who should I follow and when does James Woods ge…[View]
138622097Since when has this been up? This is the most retarded shit ever. its indoors, in a room no one talk…[View]
138635434Taylor Swift, the Queen of /pol/ deleted all her stuff in twitter and instagram and posted 2 misteri…[View]
138636761Family tree thread: Since its been a long time. Feel free to ask questions[View]
138638068Got Suspended Without Tuition Refund for Disagreeing with Feminism: So my prof was being cuck as alw…[View]
138621720This is fine to buy in Austria: European gun control thread. What's your country's stance …[View]
138641495>The world’s most expensive holiday! How Saudi king blew $100million on month-long summer break a…[View]
138637993Chickamauga, GA and Brandenberg, KY putting up new Confederate statues: What the hell? Where's …[View]
138641158What went wrong, /pol/?[View]
138641301Blue Lives Matter[View]
138639170How do you feel about this?[View]
138638423Trump leadership is blessed: Now I'm not a religious person. In fact I lean heavily into hindu …[View]
138638529Has everyone suddenly forgotten about the whole 'Russian collusion' scandal?[View]
138641194Is pol ready for President Pence? Trump resigns soon.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6FGJ8foGg N…[View]
138641173Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools? There seems to be a inverse correlation between th…[View]
138637821Are there any actual videos of niggers moving or acting like monkeys do? Making monkey screeches or …[View]
138640968AltLeft Attack: I'm seeing a lot more videos now a days of Antifa attacking black people, and B…[View]
138633144What the fuck is going on in South Africa? This is in the news today. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfr…[View]
138640533(((technocracy))): China is a perfect STEM society.[View]
138640518>yfw sixth seal broke[View]
138640523tax rental properties: tax rental properties investigate ad money accounting scam facebook google a…[View]
138640570Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect: This board is for the discussion of news, world events, po…[View]
138638048>finally get into college >studying geology >intro to environmental policy is required >…[View]
138638095>bring up existing racial issues >make fragile people uncomfortable by shaking up their point …[View]
138640805PISA 2015: Singapore tops latest OECD PISA global education survey, Japan, Estonia, Finland and Cana…[View]
138640166For every monument, statue and memorial that is violently and illegally broken or torn down, we will…[View]
138640329Who do /pol/ favour more?: Mudslime or the Juice?[View]
138640514Things Black People Do: I'm just gonna leave this one here. The fact I speak/write english bett…[View]
138640487Alt-Right Doxes Normie: Somma y'all need to calm the fuck down http://www.politico.com/magazine…[View]
138640443I figured out why they went nuts on Dodge Dude.: Whether or not it's a setup is irrelevant. The…[View]
138639710Have you all forgotten?: >he'll never run >he'll never win the primaries >he…[View]
138639119Fertility Rate: How do the west can increase the natality rate of his native population? is possible…[View]
138640212Fuck protected classes: If libs think we're all equally capable then we should get rid of them.…[View]
138638387THEY FOUND IT, AGAIN!!!!!!!!![View]
138639471What is covfefe? The tweet by Donald Trump that baffled the internet: What is covfefe? The tweet by …[View]
138640128look out /pol/ super smart harmon: Holy Fuck man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKvsLLfRpLs…[View]
138631175What's the whitest food?: What food has been traditionally eaten by white people and has been c…[View]
138630081on a scale of 1-10 how much political correctness should we have?[View]
138628118Trump's Presidency is bought time: Daily Reminder that Trump's Presidency is only delaying…[View]
138632428/pol/ let's name the Jew. The Goyim Know Edition.[View]
138638684Is this map accurate?[View]
138637950How does it feel knowing you post on a controlled opposition website and think you're enlighten…[View]
138634885Why Are black people less intelligent?: So why, Environment, genetics? What gives. Pic related.…[View]
138636309Pro-Trump Rallies in 36 States Canceled, Will Be Held As Online Demonstrations: http://gizmodo.com/p…[View]
138615096Fashwave Thread: This is a fashwave and fashwave affiliate thread. Will dump my limited collection.…[View]
138639764Y'all-Qaeda's call for Yee'hawd will go unanswered.[View]
138639748prophecy coming true: >the ravens will starve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY_cmEdbqvQ http://…[View]
138639622/pol's popularity: How much more popular is /pol currently as opposed to before when the whole …[View]
138630006Black bois BTFO[View]
13863936699 Zulu[View]
138639422>tfw a fat lad in make-up starts telling everyone what feminism is: Why do women put up with this…[View]
138635320>7 black people working for London council >used their positions to defraud over £1m over 10 y…[View]
138637531Because of corporate greed, this young man will be cut down in his prime. Why couldn't you just…[View]
138639299Anyone see Tswifts twitter account during the eclipse yesterday?: Was banned/unactivated but came on…[View]
138626132Well, /pol?: Are you happy to be scaring regular folk? Imagine seeing this on your way to work or th…[View]
138638788All the members of Antifa: You can hide your faces but you cant hide who you are. //8ch .net/pol/re…[View]
138639247THumP is being accused of 'micro-agression'.: https://youtu.be/U4qUhAeMqB0 Skip to :25 to hear it. T…[View]
138639222EGYPT - BTFO: >U.S. to withhold up to $290 million in Egypt aid >failure to make progress on r…[View]
138605215How come the world's smartest man was a jew?[View]
138639204Study:Straight people don't exist.: It turns out we are all faggots according to (totally not b…[View]
138636882Emails: Breitbart editor pledges to do 'dirty work' for Bannon, smears Ivanka: >A self-…[View]
138638747Do you have a Jake?[View]
138634756Are blacks more anti-Semitic/redpilled than whites? I see more black people talking about Jewish con…[View]
138636027>Also during the conference Faaborg-Andersen noted that the war on terror is an effort necessitat…[View]
138639064I am a confused normie trying to make sense of today's political landscape. While I realize mos…[View]
138627913>Literal master race Andalusia, Sardinia and Mezzogiorno are also honourable mentions…[View]
138639043Moroccans: What's their problem? Why are they so trashy? Their diaspora in Western Europe does …[View]
138613279TRUMP GOING TO CUCK ON IMMIGRATION: >Donald Trump’s top aides are pushing him to protect young pe…[View]
138631646'Peaceful Left'[View]
138632725/pol/ buys a house, what do?[View]
138638940In this neo-media, 'what have you done for me in the last 15 seconds' world, who is the propaganda t…[View]
138638569Hi guys, what are some ways to promote or display pro white or anti degeneracy anti liberalism in th…[View]
138636841How do we escape all Abrahamic religions[View]
138637636what did she mean by this[View]
138635873FUCK THA JOOS (??): >Whites overrepresented vs blacks in every important area of achievement Whit…[View]
138638775Why is it popular to hate Christianity but respect other forms of Abrahamic religion? Aren't th…[View]
138626185Should MDMA be legally available in pharmacies?: Unless you take too much or take it in rapid succes…[View]
138636906/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138637921Haven't seen a thread on this yet. Prime example of human rights gone wrong.[View]
138636925Assange RT'd this today. I would only suggest that instead of 'free-speech rallies' we begin ma…[View]
138638652Anne Frank center of white genocide: So /pol/ I just went in to the twitter page of the Anne Frank C…[View]
138638008How can one dumb bitch do more to destroy Europe than a thousand armies?[View]
138638354Bannon out: Minus one.[View]
138629825>be visiting America >look up reviews for best restaurants >'McDonald's: five stars' …[View]
138637103Janice Griffith: This pornstar really hates trump[View]
138626113/POL/ approved reading thread: Haven't seen one in a bit. I'll start with an obvious choic…[View]
138634973WTF I love Bernie now: https://www.thenation.com/article/bernie-sanders-is-a-russian-agent-and-other…[View]
138638245Russia this year realizes biggest grain production in its history: >A quarter century after the c…[View]
138638239There were a few people in the YRYL thread inquiring about a topic I brought up, 'The Moriarty Optio…[View]
138635980Is /pol/ ready for the most redpilled film of the decade? Mel Gibson (based jew and nigger slayer) a…[View]
138633082Poland - sued by the Chechen refugees >Refugees from Chechnya, who were not admitted to Poland at…[View]
138635782Do you guys want a real redpill? Trump is the guy (((they))) wanted to win all along. It was all an…[View]
138638092Hyatt YouTube Diversity propaganda: Hyatt is spamming more social engineering propaganda on Jewtube …[View]
138634925Esoterics General /eg/ - Wotan Edtion: This Thread is for the revival of Esoterics, Paganism, Mythol…[View]
138631124greatest allies general: which people are your greatest allies, pol? For us its like Trump said, we …[View]
138638043He took the reins of power in 1933 The appointed deputy fuhrer of the N.S.D.A.P. This is the story o…[View]
138637984How To Make Propaganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIPbzVj3-ow[View]
138637934Is AfD controlled opposition[View]
138622002I was at charlottseville. I'm getting doxxed-Updated Edition.: So yesterday i posted a thread t…[View]
138635941>we've actually lost to the fucking deep state cucks i cant believe this shit first bannon o…[View]
138617620Rex Tillerson holds URGENT US state Department Press Briefing Regarding Military Strategy: >https…[View]
138633644>all the men are world class athletes with top-tier achievements >girl is there because shes a…[View]
138628461'Humanistic totalitarianism': A heavy boy with the flag of the Confederation and a firearm stands mo…[View]
138628241So this is how Ghost has been occupying his time since ending his True Capitalist Radio broadcast be…[View]
138619711Idols will move and walk around[View]
138628982Smuggy thread: Post your best or OC smuggies[View]
138637685Requesting a red pill: hi /pol/ i've been following all of the /pol/ trolling with shia lecuck …[View]
138637168Merkel NO!: Everywhere merkel goes these days for her election campaign it looks like this https://t…[View]
138637637NYC Hate Thread: NYC HATE LET IT FLOW >be me >work for a freight forwarder in Jamaica, Qns …[View]
138637607So, how much of a shitshow will Phoenix, Arizona be tonight and how do you plan to enjoy the happeni…[View]
138632979I Am the Law: Judge Dredd shoots and kills nigger that tried to kill him http://www.foxnews.com/us/2…[View]
138635938Atheism is another useless -ism: Why atheists care so much about God if they don't believe in i…[View]
138617923Now a $30,000 award for the identification and arrest of this man.: What did Talcum X mean by this? …[View]
138637464WORLD WAR 2020 - EPISODE 5: 'FAKE NEWS' (CNN vs TRUMP): We live in a world where there is more and m…[View]
138632748DESIGNATED SHITTING STREETS IN AMERICA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAGWqGwYdXw How can we teach…[View]
138633353Author has a point[View]
138637226Few here would disagree that these two ideologies are the greatest threats to Western civilization c…[View]
138619250Religion, what's THE BEST and why?: I'm sick and tired of seeing all this superficial balo…[View]
138623540Is Breitbart fake news now or is Trump really going neo-cohen on us?[View]
138635647HAPPENING INBOUND: Get right with the lord anon Drop the nazi shit https://youtu.be/JQwHfk7iPyA…[View]
138635930Trips decides my concentration camp name. inb4: /pol/chenwald, kekschwitz[View]
138625644Leaf hate thread: >Failing infrastructure >Fatter population than US >Socialist >Army co…[View]
138605045'Rocket Madsen': Follow the ongoing thriller of 'Rocket Madsen' in Denmark as it plays out..! 'Rocke…[View]
138629000Burger education: Just started college today On a DOD scholarship for compsci. These are the first f…[View]
138628731So Antifa is actually as retarded as I thought: So /pol/ THIS is the power of Antifa https://youtu.b…[View]
138636993>asians are smar-[View]
138634437JOHN MCCAIN IS DEAD[View]
138625479PROTESTER SAYS KEKISTAN FLAG IS NAZI PARAPHERNALIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcIyu70AJHs http…[View]
138636928Can /pol/ do one of these but with an alt-right POV in mind to fix all the Wikipedia articles ruined…[View]
138624027How's Swedistan chucks?[View]
138615249Really makes you think...[View]
138634615American Horror Story Season 7: TRUMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-27J0sR9268[View]
138599846This man's life has been ruined by you little nerd detectives. He will NEVER get to teach 'Rest…[View]
138628678Women hate thread[View]
138636106BLM leader begs white people to give up their homes: https://youtu.be/FubG_f-fN9I Nothing is more fu…[View]
138636402Jewish control of the porn industry: I've recently started investigating how Jews use the porn …[View]
138632830>Pastrami on rye is a classic sandwich made famous in the Jewish kosher delicatessens of New York…[View]
138630471I have a theory on all this corruption.: So depending on how redpilled you are you have realized tha…[View]
138634203If wh*te people are privileged and have power, then why don't they have the power to shut down …[View]
138636268American liberals want to tear down a Confederate statue and replace it with a statue of an overweig…[View]
138635986Which one is master race now?[View]
138635925Really makes you think..[View]
138636245World RP: Guys, Ever played Minecraft RP? Either way, I would like to cut straight to the chase. Thi…[View]
138620544Uh oh.[View]
138636191Bill Burr Redpills a Dumb Cunt. A Titty Gets Sucked: https://youtu.be/sRfdNk1eeMo wew lads, we redpi…[View]
138636184Archie /yourguy/: Does /pol/ love Archie Bunker? Is he /yourguy/? http://youtu.be/sOnTZipv03M[View]
138636139At 5:02, Paul points a loaded gun at himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy5e30ynJn4[View]
138631387There are millions upon millions of people starving in africa and the first world countries spends B…[View]
138618815Pol, how do you watch TV/Movies?: Call it Jewish Media influence, but literally nobody's on you…[View]
138630814Ourguy Klavan btfo democraps, explains: What Trump Really Said About Afghanistan: It's not what…[View]
138635908lol, Christ cucks...[View]
138634762Be honest with yourselves lads.[View]
138627840Darth Soros: Are we witnessing galactic level divide and conquer?[View]
138628761Illegal immigration - What would you do?: Imagine a man illegally enters a country with his wife and…[View]
138617229Can you still achieve the American dream without winning the lottery?[View]
138635729Every member of Antifa Found this on another chan[View]
138631401Why is the UK gov't so Orwellian?: We're fucked over by the NSA and corporatism here in th…[View]
138635710What the FUCK are you Americans doing? You're using the same torches yet again, and you're…[View]
138635307Can someone remind me why /pol/ supported this guy back in 2013? He just killed a bunch of cops beca…[View]
138586060This is our feminist leader. And you say feminists are ugly...... projecting much?[View]
138635281MGTOW: Mgtow is for morons.[View]
138601766Nigress goes apeshit at Buzzfeed - INFINITE edition: >be me >be average white woman >go to …[View]
138634626IQ and Races Thread. Niggers not welcome.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGp06vMPERE vid by random…[View]
138632969lol rick wilson actually replied to my shitty tweet[View]
138635420Who will join me in speaking out against violence and hate?: No more violence. No more hate. No more…[View]
138635080Did the holocaust really happen? Did the jews really die? Both sides welcome! Pic related for deni…[View]
138631633the new Charlie Hebdo, tomorrow morning[View]
138607906free palestine[View]
138599447FIRST CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS STATUE SMASHED: Wait who's winning the culture war again? That…[View]
138601712Humanity is a disease.: Time for a black pill, /pol/. Humanity is an awful species. The lowest form …[View]
138630420Does this confirm that Jeb commited suicide?[View]
138630317Dumb people on facebook[View]
138631618The dems are so desperate. http://archive.is/owOTD[View]
138632566Valid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVvbh2_Oh94&index=11&t=8s&list=WL[View]
138633293When will /pol/ realize that the death of the white race is solely the fault of whites? Kids grow up…[View]
138631278I'm scared for America, /pol/ Communism, hating white people, and openly bashing the president …[View]
138631991why is there a niche part of society for people who fail in general? >America has shit black peop…[View]
138631931Another Israel Hacking: When are we going to do something about Mossad hacking into our Navy and cau…[View]
138634227Conservatives think if they got rid of welfare and affirmative action that it would help blacks lol …[View]
138631535Mulatos are the real master-race. Deal with it racists[View]
138628741Put a white man in a black neighborhood and he'll become a piece of trash lowlife. Put a black …[View]
138627486Is she the greatest troll of the decade?[View]
138633584/RWU/ - Right wing united >>what is the right wing united general for? Tired of the trolls and…[View]
138592720From a scale of 1-10, how certain are you that the world would have been a better place if Germany h…[View]
138629002If he's such a race realist then why does he think hispanic is a race? Why should Criollos be b…[View]
138630561Old people account for 90% of medical costs. That is 25% of our national budget. Yet, nobody, not ev…[View]
138634177>Patrician tier supporting Trump's domestic policy & opposing Trump's foreign polic…[View]
138633685Rhodesia & South Africa thread: stories about how diversity helps the world!!![View]
138634168How many Afghan refugees are there in Europe? Do you know that they have 5 children per women on the…[View]
138634140City Election Year Shennanigans: This is why you're seeing these citys going full cucklash (bal…[View]
138627776Brian Ruhe did it: The madman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nlqnk3Oj50[View]
138627916Man is degenerated, cheat on his gf, drug addict and molester, easy slut fucker >alpha male, he i…[View]
138626941pretty sure bill was trying to center the nigger and chink behind him, but instead winds up complete…[View]
138623272Wtf is wrong with this guy? He thinks that we should just give up and let our countries be destroyed…[View]
138633634Hannity's 'Tic-Toc' = Soros Hannity has proof that Soros is bussing in supporters for tonight…[View]
138633598Faggot Alert https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sPnEAi8gAx8[View]
138633553Germ war 4.44: How do we start the great germ war of late 2017? The big red button probably won…[View]
138624393The coming US civil war will not be about race, it will be about money. When the ponzi scheme known …[View]
138631792How do you red pill women on what's (((really going on))) politically: I feel like I'm so …[View]
138633343Stormfags will defend this http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/dna-tests-reveal-hitler-s-jewish-and-africa…[View]
138623881Brit/pol/ - Gay Pride World Wide edition: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be…[View]
138629709Finally, the red get the redpill: Imagine Colbert or John Oliver ironically saying 'religion of peac…[View]
138609359He was the best right-wing leader of the 20th century, his only mistake was to ally with Hitler, oth…[View]
138633020White Sharia:: >Abolish the LGBT culture – Ethics Law «The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those m…[View]
138616125Was Nazism left-wing?: There is a huge debate in our internet pages, youtubbers, etc. about whether …[View]
138630807https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-cossacks-feminist-camp-abandoned/28682474.html BASED COSSACKS…[View]
138627928Sino-Indian war when?[View]
138627090Based Nignog. Not so based Wigger: Cucks will be cucks.[View]
138632383>want everyone to have freedom and liberty >don't give a fuck if someone's gay or tr…[View]
1386055431,000s of Muslims march against terrorism in Barcelona: https://www.rt.com/news/400467-barcelona-mus…[View]
138631492Interracial marriage and impact on /pol/itics: Hey /pol/ what do you thing of marriages between blac…[View]
138624859Trump looking at the eclipse without glasses: THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN![View]
138630364Literally every woman I know votes socialist: Why did we allow them to vote in the first place…[View]
138614415Syria General /sg/- Tiger, Shut It Down Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.w…[View]
138632494>no wall >no tax reform >no repeal of Obamacare >more war >leaks galore >lowest…[View]
138599941BOOM. /pol/ DESTROYED[View]
138632257>white men[View]
138632247Pic related - the UK then. Here, the same spot the picture was taken, now: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
138626485The 66%: How will anyone else even stand a chace?[View]
138631713Italian book for children recognizes traps issue: Translation: He called us proudly - Come to see! I…[View]
138632137What's /pol/ opinion on him?[View]
138594275Why arn't millennials having any children?[View]
138611333SWITZERLAND NO![View]
138633913ok, fuck it. I'm going to finally open up. I know this sounds strange, but you are all in dange…[View]
138630245What do we need immgrants for again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31v0apR6IXo[View]
138614921ITS STILL HAPPENING: >Awans liquidated over $2 million prior to indictment >Awans liquidated o…[View]
138630053536 genes linked with cognitive function found in Largest Study: Within 5 years we will be able to p…[View]
138631824Red pill me on the Jews: Newfag here. I read in a jew-tube comments section that google is putting o…[View]
138619729Do Christians really need the Old Testament?: >Adam and Eve never existed, we evolved >Tower o…[View]
138625172So, what is the /pol/ approved cellphone? Everything is CIA, google and kike spying nowadays, but wh…[View]
138625319> first day of college semester > Philosphy 111 > professor is a complete faggot babbling o…[View]
138620775Merkel makes her Minecraft character black to pander for the youth vote at Gamescon. https://twitter…[View]
138630265Afghanistan: >Be before election day >We like Trump partly because he doesn't want to med…[View]
138627837Solution to wageslavery and MGTOW cucks: Is to spend less. >Your money or your life can easily be…[View]
138631118Christians, you don't believe in shit. If heaven awaits you and everyone can be forgiven then w…[View]
138629132How do you manage to stay hopeful about the future when our media has been completely corrupted by t…[View]
138630970POL BTFO - 'Unite the right was a good boy who dindu nuffin': >So many white “dindus.” Last week,…[View]
138630349Pay denbts America!! Can we at least stop giving money to Israel? What else needs to be cut?[View]
138630906>>>/po/555555 Well done, /pol/[View]
138630580How likely is pan-separatism? How do we get niggaz on our side?[View]
138629307Restore the Red Ensin: rally fellow Canadians we must restore our true flag[View]
138626814Boondocks: Do you think Martin Luther Jr would support Malcom X if he saw what the black community d…[View]
138630141please burgerbros can you liberate us ;__;[View]
138630672I hate when your right /pol/: So after ANTIFA attacks their reporters they try to justify it... I ha…[View]
138630678You will not replace us!: My local news has pol about Cville Goys! Lets tell them we aren't goi…[View]
138629574>woman raped RED ALLERT!!! RED ALLERT!!! >man raped kek >women are oppressed…[View]
138614795New android version steals your entire connection: reminder that Android 8.0 (Oreo) rerouts your ent…[View]
138615059What is your opinion on George Carlin?[View]
138630029'Transfats' is a transphobic body shaming term and we must erase it from all scientific literature[View]
138629118What happened to American excellence? The US even lost the America's Cup to New Zealand this ye…[View]
138623082>Hitler would've considered this shitskin as aryan[View]
138630186When will English people learn?: Brits are getting mighty triggered about their repulsive history of…[View]
138626581i need the photo of the better angle of this guy[View]
138629398/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138630032>Brave >Intelligent >Honorable >Christian >Beloved by everyone who ever knew him …[View]
138606157I am Canada, and my invitation still stands to my American cousins that wish to leave.. my door is a…[View]
138627592How much longer can Brits tolerate this?[View]
138624765Daily reminder that prayer is effective, but you have to do everything that is humanly possible.[View]
138629950Any /pol/acks here in Phoenix, Arizona? We need to go to the Trump rally tonight (7PM/MST) and start…[View]
138629931Dear shills, turncoats, and cucks alike, You will not divide us. Our faith in President Trump has no…[View]
138629906Why do non Jew socialists and commies love Jews so much? It's a crazy phenomena I see all the t…[View]
138629885>mexico struggles with CIA backed cartels for decades >'lol why don't you do something ab…[View]
138631043How did women end up becoming so materialistic and superficial? Why do they put their material posse…[View]
138630258How do I sort myself out?: How did you change your life for the better? Food is my biggest issue. I …[View]
138629838WTF, I like Merkel the gamer now[View]
138625859Study confirms white people are the ugliest race: www.salon.com/goldsteinberg/study-proves-white-rac…[View]
138612773Canada's Trudeau Sounds Alarm About Illegal Immigrants: http://insider.foxnews.com/amp/article/…[View]
138623570hey /pol/ feel like getting pissed today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KiNWJ8FiYg&t= Notable…[View]
138629706Was he a good guy?[View]
138597290Is today the day?: Will there be a happening today?[View]
138629681>its ok only when japan does strong independent women characters![View]
138605771Ireland, defend yourself!: Trudeau wants abortion to be a 'human right'. >Canada has o…[View]
138629674What are some /pol/ approved music/shows?: I was watching Supermarket Sweep when this appeared. Now …[View]
138626457THIS!!!: You and I need to do more of this![View]
138617187Feminist Subvertion of /Pol/: Shills have a new tactic, they found a weak spot, they try to subvert…[View]
138624290The globalist plan to evade capture for their crimes is to LARP as scandinavian aliens: Its true. Af…[View]
138629555TRUMP IS A WARRIOR KING OF VICTORY: Trump Is Winning The Fight Against ISIS! In his 8 short months …[View]
138614615Any military historians on here?: Out of frustration of todays world I am often wondering why did Ge…[View]
138628825CNN - The only option.: Airport lounges, hospital waiting rooms, etc. Where else is the TV hooked on…[View]
138627336What's your excuse, American NEETs? Trump has been President for half a year.[View]
138624837How fucked is ISIS - Deir Ez Zur seems to be their last stance: I mean, could it be that Iraq and Sy…[View]
138628632THE VIOLENT LEFT STRIKES AGAIN!: >Witt, a U.S. Navy boatswain, reports being stabbed by someone w…[View]
138604453(((Unlimited Data))) = 480p streaming video ONLY: Verizon is now going to throttle Netflix and other…[View]
138627351I guess this is better than providing health care to his citizens. http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/21/n…[View]
138626224Niggers: What makes them the way they are? Why do they do what they do?[View]
138608468Is there going to be a happening in AZ tonight?: Will the police allow Trump supporters to be assaul…[View]
138629075Jillian for president: Okay, so coming up for the 2020 election, I was sketching out for the best ca…[View]
138629038Gay #fakenews black man BTFO by based hollywood black man: what does it mean? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
138628802bona fides: Iv read primary texts by and reactions to and from: Hobbes Rousseau Hegel Marx Feuerbach…[View]
138628445Equality for Whites: Think about it /pol real progresion of the human race is to put down race rules…[View]
138614252*absolutely DESTROYS [your favourite philosophy]* When will the rest of 'society' give up their spoo…[View]
138617433Blacks of /pol/: Why do you blame whites for our result in history? They are different colored apes,…[View]
138608591Why did blacks culturally appropriate blues from whites?: Irish and Scottish slaves taught black sla…[View]
138627094If you're here to be an ironic Nazi, 'for the bantz,' as the kids say, and to talk about what i…[View]
138628580Burn the coal thread: Your best photos/ links for what happens when you burn the coal[View]
138620080France doesn't give a fuck anymore. This is glorious.[View]
138612351Bernie to start new Progressive party: The left is about to split in two. How fucked are the Dems? h…[View]
138626876/alt-faggot/ daily reminder this guy is a faggot and if you follow him youre a faggot as well. he g…[View]
138625837I am in a party with 5 french people. 3 look like arabs, and I am a fucking spaniard, so imagine the…[View]
138627874If every White woman in America had to have one kid with a black guy and one kid with a white guy, b…[View]
138628155GAYS ARE COOL: why gays have rights someone tell me[View]
138627930/ourpresident/ is supporting Obama policies. That means Obama is also /ourpresident/. What a timelin…[View]
138627730Redpill Youtube Edition: Drop names or pics of jewtubers if they are not against gays thats a sign …[View]
138601490Why don't commies simply start non-capitalist communes? Under capitalism, they're perfectl…[View]
138622374How many here unironically believe in the jewish conspiracy?[View]
138627883If we were as intelligent as wr pretend to be, shouldn't we be funding and co-opting antifa and…[View]
138606604We should round up everyone with HIV and send them all to an island. Within a generation, everyone w…[View]
138628216/pol/s opinion on Fleccas Talks? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIpwPuJsrboNnf200oV8cWQ[View]
138627541Time to get the kids and sit down. What's on TV tonight /pol? Template attached[View]
138628171kikebart: For those who do not know : Breitbart was conceived in Jerusalem by Two Jews Andrew Breitb…[View]
138627940Why is Rick Wilson allowed to mock & insult disabled individuals on twitter?: This guy mocked an…[View]
138626097/x/ and /pol/ >are one >>>>/x/19478901 Examine. First.…[View]
138630268What career field should I go into?[View]
138628048IT IS TIME TO MAKE THIS KIKE PAY: lets get this shit to a million signatures so the media has to rep…[View]
138628034Total dissolution of the left: ANTIFA biting the hand that feeds, turning on their Jewish masters! …[View]
138614218Islamisation of Europe - examples: Demography statistics over decades show how muslim population can…[View]
138605528Indian Hindus Get IN HERE: USA won't do it. Europe is lost. It is time we unite our Aryan brot…[View]
138623863Is she /ourfuhrer/?[View]
138627516Let's continue our YRYL thread. Post what you've got - venting and explanations encouraged…[View]
138627182So what does it mean?[View]
138613823Poland ignores the EU Commision: Poland vows to keep logging ancient forest despite EU court ruling …[View]
138613410You are broke and you support this bullshit?: You guys support these kinds of people? This is not y…[View]
138627657Leftist sectarianism: should we encourage it?[View]
138627257Thoughts on varg?: Is he still /ourguy/?[View]
138625627How can America make Europe invest in defense?[View]
138627575Peak Bannon! Support the #War https://store.breitbart.com/collections/all-products/products/steve-ba…[View]
138627383Pakistan vs Iran: which one should we bomb first? I think Trump will bomb pakistan first[View]
138627415Can you prove this without compromising your identity?[View]
138601960>promises to behave >keeps his promise >kill him anyway Did we do this simply to suck Fren…[View]
138625911MERKELS ENDGAME: Get everyone to play overwatch. Her favourite racemixing lesbian propaganda.[View]
138624449Ladies and Gentlemen, after the Egyptians, the Jews and much more. I present to you to new African A…[View]
138627316>Charlottesville protests happen >media + politicians grief Trump about not calling the protes…[View]
138626622>/pol/ now hates the homeless What the fuck? when did /pol/ become such kikes?…[View]
138617201STEM FAGS BTFO!!! Prepare to check your privilidge on day one of classes: >Discussing Justice on …[View]
138619700Poland’s Jews Call for Government Condemnation of “Rise in Anti-semitic Attitudes”: >Leaders of P…[View]
138626758Everyone who tried to stop the Jews FAILED: >Egyptians >Romans >Christcucks >Mudslimes …[View]
138592602What would you have done to Lara Rogers, if she (left) was doing this to you?[View]
138617995A petition to replace confederate monument with a nigger bitch.: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.fox5…[View]
138627034Anyone here live in a neighborhood with a liquor store and check cashing business? Me neither. Why d…[View]
138626994/pol/ Humor Thread: >post you best and funniest memes,jokes, and everything satire relating to po…[View]
138616404These /pol/ twitter accounts MUST be stopped.[View]
138625022End of Anonymous?: We know that Anonymous isn't what it once was, that it has been co-opted by …[View]
138626647Buzzfeed, Huffington and Salon ETERNALY BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoCLR_UNz2M…[View]
138625855Hey /pol/, we all know life sucks, can't find a job, blah blah blah... Things that don't e…[View]
138626871Antifa terrorist group petition: What if he chooses to respond to this tonight?[View]
138612676Austrian brothel buys a SECOND sex doll after its first became more popular with customers than real…[View]
138626296Defend this!: > The complaint states the 10-year-old child told investigators Gotovnik put sleepi…[View]
138626803Holy fuck. How are globalists supposed to survive this??[View]
138619904Aliens Are White: Aliens aren't grey. That's just the color their bodies turn when they di…[View]
138625248Are White Women beyond saving?: Can we still save White Women? If so, how do we do it?[View]
138625593At least Germany is wealthy, so I don't care about population replacement.[View]
138625532>Powerball jackpot rises to $700 million -- the second-largest in U.S. history have you cashed in…[View]
138626169You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you are con…[View]
138603231This movie redpilled me on the Eternal Anglo. Is there any movie that's even more redpilled on …[View]
138623965How much Jew is too much in order to be white?[View]
138623246All of /pol/ BTFO in one page.[View]
138616356lol, Christ cucks...[View]
138625849>mfw the puppets of /pol/ do my evil bidding daily, and spread the noxious memes to corrupt peace…[View]
138622904This kills /pol/[View]
138620805wtf i love antifa now: ANTIFA saved lives in charlottesville, sorry /pol/ but we the general public …[View]
138621887Outlaw Rent-A-Mobs: We need it to make it illegal for paid protesting as a means of intimidation. Me…[View]
138609061This double-sided nature of this video is fucking art. How the alt-right are virgin basement-dweller…[View]
138623306this fuck is getting away with it...how can a realtivly unimportant figure in politics be so protect…[View]
138620922Interview with a user from /leftypol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVhpKHeh-TM[View]
138617176Diamond and Silk: So blacks can be based too right? What's the consensus on these two. They see…[View]
138613642Do it for her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35tGM-Tsahk&feature=youtu.be&t=112…[View]
138624775/pol/, final boss of the internet[View]
138625406European Union says Israel should fight terrorism with welfare: >Says Israel should adopt the Eur…[View]
138625444INDIA YES!: India Bans Islamic 'triple talaq' divorce http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-i…[View]
138624860Ultimate Racegod: How Accurate is this?[View]
138623743lol this is your leader hahahaha your fucked https://youtu.be/O2qrBuI2mJE[View]
138620783Does Trump have a 'bargaining chip' against the Patriots? If so, what is it?[View]
138617883Trump to expand Afghan War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUezhOdGUPE Thoughts on the America Firs…[View]
138623216face it, /pol/ without jews to blame this place would fall apart[View]
138623546>Universities totally aren't liberal brainwashing facilit-[View]
138624247see? this is how a political movement looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JzfMtLb3_I[View]
138623868Am I the only one who thinks the BLACKED posters are white guys? It really seems like some sad pathe…[View]
138624526Squatter's Rights: >Invent a shit ton of countries: Canada, USA, Australia etc. >Send boa…[View]
138624865>Ancient Egypt An absolute monarchy with the most powerful military at the time. You are free to …[View]
138617915Daily reminder that the best thing you can do for your race: is get your life together, find a good …[View]
138615580germanbros i hope you are making the right decision in the upcoming election[View]
138616326Why can't Western producers create asian female characters that don't rely on stereotypes?…[View]
138618807Sum up the left in one picture[View]
138621576*Wheeze*: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
138621494Libertarianism: Why there had been libertarians protesting with neo nazis and confederation supporte…[View]
138594699Which cucked Western country will be the first one to start cucking the shitskins out? my money is o…[View]
138613164BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN: I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nut…[View]
138624328Will President Trump do it tonight?[View]
138624442GET FUCKED SISI: >Trump pretends to be Sisi's best buddy in Egypt >Withholds military aid…[View]
138622228Is Black Box car insurance part of the (((NWO)))?: This is a serious question.[View]
138621813Taking over female humans with tech: when it inevitably becomes possible to have your own preprogram…[View]
138609299What are some practical steps we can take to increase the white population?[View]
138622137Are mormons based? > fiscally and socially conservative > mostly white > have more children…[View]
138623732Australia will dominate the world this century. Once America balkanizes and Europe is in flames from…[View]
138623735>Both political sides becoming more radicalized >Constsnt clashes between communists and nati…[View]
138611182Brit/pol/ - are chocolate jewfu: >Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next htt…[View]
138622985Embrace this /pol/: This is great! Take this from them and cram it down their throats. Everyone on t…[View]
138594770Why is this degeneracy allowed in Norway ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cNRr0OZxDA&t=1s…[View]
138601378YRYL pol edition: I haven't seen one of these in a while and I need some hate. Post what you go…[View]
138622306Multiculturalism is degenerate: Do Jews realize that just by being in the goyim's countries, th…[View]
138623646German election: (((They))) seem to be in favor of Merkel. Should we prefer Schulz?[View]
138618768Kek look at the white cuck in the circle https://youtu.be/oXDIQ357HB8[View]
1386168026+ months in. Where are we at with the Trump promises?[View]
138623491Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrage: http://www…[View]
138618915Paid Shills Tonight @ Trump Rally: https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/899494310474809344…[View]
138622763'FUCK COLOMBUS': Antifa/BLM (or maybe some butthurt Native American tribe) is at it again[View]
138617129Juice commercial in Sweden[View]
138622839REX TILLERSON LIVE! NOW!: LIVESTREAM! GTFI HERE FAGGOTS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G1HeFKejrI…[View]
138615871Triggered... Attend rallies with pics of Charlie Chaplin. Antifa will think it's Hitler and los…[View]
13861561955 new nations: what is the U.S. became 55(Including Guam,Puerto Rico,D.C,American Samoa,U.S. Virgin…[View]
138623137someone hook me up with a photo of the Aryan Charlottesville demonstrator with the tiki torch[View]
138613581why isn't this filthy rat at the top of our shit list? he's literally poisoning minds and …[View]
138595483The most (globally) mainstream tv show is normalizing Incest: Despite memes about SJW, pandering and…[View]
138610974>tfw spawned 147 welfare slaves[View]
138620126>start browsing /pol/ & other webpages like it for the people making fun of SJW alt-left tran…[View]
138619075When did Joe Rogan turn into an hard right alt right shill?[View]
138622799Whites: Think about it /pol real progresion of the human race is to put down race rules and stop try…[View]
138622845Will the proud people of Kekistan tolerate this attack? Calling us white supremacists. Psh... https:…[View]
138606976The Google Memo was Good But the Onus isn't On the Fucking White Male to Explain Fake Problems:…[View]
138611998What's /pol/'s solution to allow students to go to college without ending up in nearly 100…[View]
138621829Back to school /pol/ style. How will Evergreen ever top last year's shitstorm? http://dailycall…[View]
138621692This painting doesn't seem complete[View]
138620802Yes they are on a different planet: Pretty sure the left are just mindless zombies now.[View]
138619851>spinning a embarassing retreat into feel good Hollywood propaganda. How JUST'D can one coun…[View]
138604821LOCK HER UP: Let's get a 'LOCK HER UP!' thread going. Trump needs all the power he can get for …[View]
138620182/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138621679Shill-Blue Why?: Every morning I wake up, unlock my phone, and tap the /pol/ bookmark on my home scr…[View]
138621755Why the fuck does every minority group who isnt euro white copy blacks. I just saw a guy from Kazakh…[View]
138595905HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED HE'S CONNECTED TO '''THEM''': http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/…[View]
138621942you think they serve dog burgers?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzzQlZZpBX4[View]
138621870Reminder that there are other alternatives to (((google))) Browsers: >Unity >PaleMoon >Ungo…[View]
138621040You guys made yourselves visible. You got noticed. The torch lit march was a big no -no. Big jew is …[View]
138621444So if there is no 'blue wave' and Republicans fucking trounce the DNC again during midterms are they…[View]
138604553Anyone else having trouble taking Britain seriously as a country?: If you insult Islam, British peop…[View]
138621694Cant make that shit up lol: the you know up are up to no good you think the market dominant minorit…[View]
138608163I'm not scared of black people or ANTIFA but trannies absolutely make me want to hide from this…[View]
138621669First rule of Alt-Right - Jews rule everything Second rule of Alt-Right - Jews rule everything Third…[View]
138616394> http://www.factcheck.org/2017/08/driver-acting-self-defense/ > James Fields was not acting i…[View]
138621639'Trump's Independence Day gesture has political implications':: Why India-US talks ar…[View]
138621602Racists will be purged.: They are cleaning house everywhere, your racism and bigotry will no longer …[View]
138621553Matt Damon to Indians: 'Poo In Loo!'[View]
138619065Why hasn't Trump labeled Antifa a terrorist organization yet?[View]
138620817>democrats wreck the econo- Uhmmmm no sweetie, facts show that Republicans are the irresponsible …[View]
138621473Hi guys, what are some ways to promote or display pro white or anti degeneracy anti liberalism in th…[View]
138621047>be from commiefornia >can't buy an uncucked ar 15 How long until the FEMA death camps…[View]
138621376DEGENERACY THREAD YRYL: Post Degenerate Webms, stories, images. You rage - You lose.[View]
138616043Trump's Accomplishments: Does anyone have that list we made of Trump's achievements(things…[View]
138621385Is it possible for one person to doom the entire human race? If yes, who and how?[View]
138601234/pol/ unequivocally BLOWN. THE FUCK. OUT.: Stop criticizing communism, you gas huffing Drumphkins.…[View]
138617486Hmmmm: He has a point you know...[View]
138619173Why do women do this?[View]
138620460>There are no black first world nations HOW DO YOU PLEA BLM. NO YOU CANT BE KANGZ https://foreign…[View]
138609460HAPPENING - MOSQUE IN BULGARIA BTFO LAST NIGHT: >during the night of 21st a mosque got vandalized…[View]
138620115Why Can't European Men Compete with the BBC?[View]
138619849Alt-right BTFO by based black man: How will they ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdHJw…[View]
138619298Euro Trash ?: Pols opinion on Serbia's New Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić.[View]
138619616Hey guys, redpill me on how great it is that my internet activity no longer has even the facsimile o…[View]
138613839British seducer says british women are not «wife material»: Top kek. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fema…[View]
138620812BLACK HOLE SUN PT.2: This is a continuation of the thread I made yesterday. Basically, if you went o…[View]
138605716Why does destroying statues trigger you guys? Should we make more alt-right safe spaces?[View]
138620693hey goyim: wanna buy some merchants?[View]
138608980Why are there so many race mix threads on /pol/ ?: Those threads have nothing to do with /pol/ yet m…[View]
138607622THE SUPREME UNDEFEATABLE TACTICS OF ANTIFA ON /POL/: DOUBLE AGENT >check my republican flag, you …[View]
138620200Who else hopes this movie becomes a reality[View]
138619943I'm trying to find the guys that go out and punch Nazis in the head? Any tips?[View]
138611784Where's Taylor Swift?: Taylor Swift is plotting something. Swift’s absence from the public eye …[View]
138620463Never forget...: There was a time when we were so despondent about everything. Everything we tried w…[View]
138618165Decided to drive out to Area 51 to look for ayy lmao's during holiday in Las Vegas. We didn…[View]
138613657Is the T H I C C meme a jewish psyop to normalize non white standards of beauty? It started along wi…[View]
138619085When will White Pride Become Albino Pride?: Well? Theyre the same thing...[View]
138609984What is Trudeau doing to islamize the west?[View]
138614929Why do Germans love race-mixing?[View]
138619444How come blacks are never happy, even if they get what they want?[View]
138614620Alt+left moves the internet browser backwards, when alt+right moves the page forwards. Coincidence?[View]
138616483Envirofags of /pol/: Why do you guys all live in cities and make fun of people living rural, in natu…[View]
138620165>born in the richest country of the world >almost unlimited resources >suffers from Social…[View]
138619922Be honest, do you feel bad for individuals of African descent? Do you feel guilty?[View]
138618196No Furries: http://aminoapps.com/c/AntiFurryLeague Join us[View]
138615209Merkel: Is she, dare I say it, our girl?[View]
138617982Gold stars are now anti-semitic: http://forward.com/fast-forward/380712/miu-miu-removes-obscene-jewi…[View]
138618903Romanian Orthodox Church: Why there's still a lot of romanians that trust this fucked up church…[View]
138594741Brit/pol/ - s u r r e a l edition: >Conservatives were just 533 votes from Commons majority https…[View]
138609429The Original ANTIFA.[View]
138617646what happens if i take the Orange Pill[View]
138614319Wait, what the fuck?: >Israel Anti-Boycott Act >This bill declares that Congress: (1) opposes …[View]
138618078/pol/ Minecraft Faction: We're hosting season two of our autistic faction fun on Minecraft and …[View]
138611579How can we stop the media from blatantly lying without violating the 1st amendment?[View]
138619300I know this was posted 6 days ago, but I am wondering about your take on #OPDOMESTICTERRORISM?[View]
138607297Anyone else a felon on /pol/? Believe it or not but a few lurk among us. Aggregated assualt, did 4 …[View]
138616253How close are we to the end of the world? How can we speed it up?[View]
138619051This channel is pretty comfy https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0pMaTmLXjKMOLGqfXgospA Fascist music, i…[View]
138619032>be britbong >duck and cover Daily reminder britbongs are terrified of ameriturd aircrafts flo…[View]
138618295Does the war start here?[View]
138618160It's over, guys, we lost.[View]
138614330Jordan Peterson: I'm just starting to get into this guy and see what he's about. What shou…[View]
138617337>put niggers in charge of housing benefit payments in London. >£1million goes missing http://…[View]
138610637HAPPENING: FBI Suspects Members of Congress Leaked Grand Jury Indictment to the Awans; DOJ Officials…[View]
138618922IS IT (((((((HAPPENING))))))???: I smell something cooking >https://twitter.com/Breaking911/statu…[View]
138604526Endgame of boycotting NFL: What is the endgame of this attempting a boycott of a sports league until…[View]
1386188407-1=6: We will the 6th world cup in 2018 Russia and prove once again that all races in the world, es…[View]
138601830Why do blacks want to be white so much? They wanted to use our fountians when they had their own The…[View]
138605288Why did the left wage a war on Smoking?[View]
138604001Give me a good reason why i should have kids other than muh genetics. >You can't You'r…[View]
138615556Northern Ireland: Red pill me on the Northern Ireland conflict[View]
138616676fucking antifa: >be liberal >'i am a loving caring person' >stab a man for his haircut >…[View]
138547976WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?: I hate stormweenies more than I hate civic cucks, but why are the Jews d…[View]
138616090Besides 'keeping yourself alive', what do you spend your money on?[View]
138616881Hey guys, I live in the Bay area, and as you may know, there is going to be a right wing protest her…[View]
138618570*bzzzzt* *crackle* Dahnald… do you read me, Dahnald? I finally made it. Made it to where no mortal b…[View]
138615367Are niggers human?[View]
138618455since hating racism is now just a meme does that mean being racist will be reduced to an attention s…[View]
138618391Lincoln Blamed the ((Media)): Lincoln was visited by sleazy Chicago politicians hoping to get their …[View]
138614631Tomorrow's charlie hebdo front page: 'Islam, religion of peace, eternal peace' Thoughts?[View]
138616660What the hell is this? https://youtu.be/PdS9TBIRr7k[View]
138618260The Guardian view on censoring the internet: necessary, but not easy >censoring the internet >…[View]
138618217Jewish rapper Lil Dicky cucked by nigger: He spills his drink and Dicky does nothing https://www.you…[View]
138618215What is an appropriate response to Hope Not Hate's harassment of nationalists who simply just w…[View]
138617979Balkan thread: Why is Serbia suddenly being a dick to everyone in the Balkans, when Turkey is becomi…[View]
138617977Stand in awe, you peasants and behold the greatest man of the 20th century![View]
138617869Am I the only one who thinks the BLACKED posters are white guys? It really seems like some sad pathe…[View]
138611867turkish immigrant baby wohoo: newfag nationalist/kemalist turkish guy, thinking about college educat…[View]
138609584French people don't exist anymore: 4 385 000 italians or of italian origin 6 185 000 spainiards…[View]
138615133Antifa around the world FUCK YOU Antifa vandalism on a Celtic painting in Manching/Bavaria, former C…[View]
138617103Убить нaциcтoв[View]
138616045>turkey against my ballsack >brazil against my asshole It's all I'd ever wear.…[View]
138617317Was he /ourguy/ all along?[View]
138617499KILL ALL SAXONS ALL SAXONS MUST DIE CELTS are the true creators. Saxons have created nothing, and ar…[View]
138617444Hello, /pol/ I come to you today with a message of hope...and cultural enrichment. You see, I, too, …[View]
138616774Teacher reads tranny books to kindergarten kids: Original story: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/transg…[View]
138617402Why was it only whites that developed classical music? Is it a sign of superior intellect ? https://…[View]
138615464So let me get this straight. Humans thought monarchies were too authoritarian so they got rid of the…[View]
138617302>be American >no R. Lee statues >no Christopher Columbus statues >in progress: Karl Marx…[View]
138615668Afua Hirsch, a ghanian jewess wishes to start topping statues of Brits she doesn't like. link …[View]
138609996Why is she doing it? I've heard a few analysts say it's because she has no vested interest…[View]
138616825Is White Genocide fake?: Why does the media and the left want us to think that White Genocide is not…[View]
138610349>America destroying itself with drumpf >Great Shitstain destroying itself with brexit >Russ…[View]
138615469Deradicalization: is it possible? Can I ever go back to just being a Republican?[View]
138615238My cousin is a staunch Trump supporter, or shall I saw 'was' I'm Aussi, Hes Amerigan. we both h…[View]
138610588/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138616784https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdHJw0veVNY What do you think of this?[View]
138612191eh??: 'If you value your life keep the f*** out of Islam': Loose Women star Saira Khan rec…[View]
138616635NOT EVERYONE WITH A VAGINA IS A WOMAN: Well, not everyone with a vagina is a woman.[View]
138616931Redpilled European cities: Looking for the coziest, most homogenous cities in Europe to see. Obvious…[View]
138616641AMA: I just worked with a chinese man, ask me anything[View]
138596893How does /pol/ feel about the next Einstein being a cuban-american mix? http://secondnexus.com/techn…[View]
138612865That feel when the day when you can ridicule your rival neighbour about something has finally come. …[View]
138613904SOURCES: Only bigots would decline to eat candy burka: Well /pol/, would you eat it?[View]
138614747Fuck white people and fuck Drumpf![View]
138616616We are coming for you gays. Quran (7:80-84) - '...For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to…[View]
138614229See what you Nazis have done: http://archive.is/ntq3p[View]
138615749FASCIST TRINITY!: We are the fascist trinity! Together NOTHING can stop us![View]
138616481North Korean Chemical Weapons Shipments to Syria Intercepted: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nor…[View]
138616458Hey burgers, faggotry will destroy your civilization, like Roman Empire. I really hope so https://ww…[View]
138600965My fellow Allies. This day is come once again. Day, when we need to stand together one more time. T…[View]
138616418It has begun?: So I saw a post on EDfb that AntiFa declared full-on war to BLM, bait or da real shiz…[View]
138609886Post the most beautiful building in your country.[View]
138610678How do you reconcile with the fact the right always loses? The confederates lost to liberals, the na…[View]
138612549New Awakening - Sort Yourself Out!: >Jordan Peterson's amateur attempt at military history g…[View]
138616245Discuss Jimmy Carter.[View]
138615348AMERICA NO! NAZI NO!: Poll found that 54% of American adults said Confederate monuments ‘should rema…[View]
138609726/pol/: You have no free speech here. Actual truths will never appear here. It is controlled and you …[View]
138614325Antifa BTFO: Have you seen some of these Charlottesville fights? Our side kicked the living shit out…[View]
138613611The day /pol/ got officially btfo[View]
138614997Is Germany ever going to wake up? I feel they need to set shit in motion[View]
138615024TIME: Young Americans becoming more conservative: oh no... https://archive.is/Ue9gT[View]
138612609Trump on education: Is this legit /pol? I voted for and love trump. I'm not saying he's fu…[View]
138615676MONGOLIA. What happens here?: What happens in Mongolia? It's such a big country yet we never he…[View]
138615633>2017 >tryharding to defend tryhard elite's interests watch you're excuse?…[View]
138613672Liberal white grill here: Convince me why I should support white nationalism when most white men are…[View]
138613108wh*te terrorists[View]
138615536Konstantinopolis when, /pol/?[View]
138611958Are you really ready for what is to come?[View]
138615468Have Nazis won the youth?: All I see is young people Nazi saluting and having a good time. It seems …[View]
138615315If the Civil War was about slavery then why was it still legal in the Union?[View]
138614912Why do niggers chimp out like this?[View]
138615284>THE ultimate goal of the European Union is to dissolve borders under a communist German super-st…[View]
138615140Can libshits even meme: Last night during the speech on afghanistan MSNBC says Lord commander marmal…[View]
138613362Paradox of Tolerance: Does anyone have a cartoon muslim to shoop pic related?[View]
138615171Elons third kid: What is he thinking /pol?[View]
138614936I got to ask: why would anyone in their right mind pledge their allegiance to a(n) (inanimate object…[View]
138614139There's nothing wrong with the world of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Everyone is provi…[View]
138614326this statue has a swastika on it. when will the braindead liberals call for China to take it down? s…[View]
138615022We should give back art looted by the Nazis.....>: Germany - this is disapointing - more cucky be…[View]
138613227They're petitioning /pol/, you know what do...: What should replace Confederate statues? Missy …[View]
138614897Is Channel 4's ISIS TV show any good?: > The State is a four-part television serial written …[View]
138610886144% of Califonia's population registered to vote: Incase every has forgotten already. Californ…[View]
138611307Midwest Is Best: Friendly reminder that the midwest is the best >muh corn >breadbasket of the…[View]
138613871If 'the free market will regulate itself' then why didn't it before govt regulation?[View]
138611996Why does the president still hold rallies?[View]
138614227/jew/bros at it again! You know what to do!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVvbh2_Oh94[View]
138614155Whats wrong with this picture?[View]
138614707https://youtu.be/jPWbWPkqhBg The amount of effort that went into this is confusing. Also, how much o…[View]
138613572Lets make New Calonia: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/02/entertainment/black-america-amazon/index.html h…[View]
138588940>dismantles British industry and sells Britain to China >is worshipped by all modern British …[View]
138614600pol: what dou you guys think abaut communism?[View]
138614058Is the 'Afghanistan Surge' Really Cover for a NK Force?: * Strange departure from his position * Kim…[View]
138603537Is it just me, or would a proper ground war on the western soil basically solve all of your problems…[View]
138603549Why aren't you christian, /pol/? Do you really want to spend eternity in the lake of fire?[View]
138611166Durham Anti-Fa Rally was a Set-Up: https://youtu.be/xtZffyWiCN8 >https://youtu.be/xtZffyWiCN8 htt…[View]
138593166Syria General /sg/- Outskirts Of Dez SOON Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
138610134This triggers /pol/[View]
138613229Anyone have cartoons like pic?[View]
138611751Why are Polish people so moral?[View]
138614495used to really like horses: >be me >be 10 yrs old >it's Christmas and your rich gran…[View]
138595062We should ban the Democratic party: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-statues-de…[View]
138614469Master of the faith Survive the Jive bringing the super saiyan intensity at one minute in. Drop down…[View]
138614374How do you goy like my newest plot to liberate the masses from confederate oppression hereby placing…[View]
138614359Kushner quietly travels to Middle East for peace talks: What's his endgame? https://archive.is/…[View]
138610611Eid al Adha: >muslim call this shit their best and most holy celebration really makes you think …[View]
138609557ITT: things that fill you with rage >leafs abort babies in their third trimester…[View]
138611607Malaysia NOOOOO?: >No suicide bomber >No terrorist >Calm muslims compare to other >Anti …[View]
138614258Daily Reminder Eclipse = Fake & Gay: https://youtu.be/KZQQoOZeRj0[View]
138584734Goolag strikes again: >be poo in loo >goes to America because muh freedom and land of opportun…[View]
138614169What is with these faggots?: Why do we keep getting labeled as virgin basement dwellers? I'm a …[View]
138614147WTF UK?! Why are you making ISIS propaganda?!! >A really super-cool club. That’s how a young blac…[View]
138610324What does it mean to be human?[View]
138607462What will it take until you take to the streets with a gun?[View]
138614043you have 10 seconds to prove to me all American flags aren't just negro savants and whites (non…[View]
138609830Students trying to get this guy expelled: The man seen punching the antifa girl in this photo is cal…[View]
138610814Why do americans hate them so much?[View]
138597817Watch It: Anons, why haven't you watched Divorce Corp yet? It's free on TPB: https://thepi…[View]
138613600Is Trump literally Nixon?: >constantly harangued by the seditious leftist media >election shad…[View]
138608837PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - DRAGNET EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
138612535Can anyone give me a quick rundown on german idealism?[View]
138598849Political comics thread?[View]
138611985Why isn't /Nazipol/ really wanting to rid the Jewstablishment?: Seriously. Why are Nazis more w…[View]
138609343>support the travel ban >support freedom of expression to an extreme degree and loathe censors…[View]
138611556Things /pol/ can agree on: All muslims and niggers should be killed.[View]
138613851When will ANTIFA destroy this statue?: I think it is time they destroy it[View]
138610696Question for all the American natsoc/alt-right/Nazi/fascist etc. If the government was turned NatSo…[View]
138604474Why do you constantly talk about degenerated woman but never about degenerated man? There are a lot …[View]
138611237HOMOSEXUALITY = DEGENERACY?: Can someone give me the lowdown on why homosexuality is degeneracy? My …[View]
138611398How can the alt-right ever recover?[View]
138613591Why is this ignored?: Why is this shit allowed to stay up at taxpayer expense? This nigger led the h…[View]
138613557SWEDEN YES: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/779203/Swedish-minister-returning-ISIS-fighters-inte…[View]
138611252Just saw this at my uni /pol/ What did they mean by this?[View]
138609138Finnish people are the worst. They celebrate people like 'Murha-Kustaa'(Murder-Gustav) Man…[View]
138613509(((Rebel Media))) on continued suicide watch, but it won't be anhero for a while: https://news.…[View]
138608741Why did JonTron leave GameGrumps?: What could have happened?[View]
138613433hey guys, Moonman here with another song about killing niggers[View]
138609482Can someone tell me what the fuck is 'National Bolshevism'? It makes no sense to me.[View]
138609931Let's be honest /pol/ if you could be a rich globalist and create an underclass race of servant…[View]
138592640Christopher Columbus monument destroyerd in Baltimore: >A monument in Baltimore to Christopher Co…[View]
138585379Uproar in Morocco After Collective Sexual Assault of Mentally Challenged Girl: A video of a young gi…[View]
138607412How do we allow this?: >Student body president Alejandrina Guzman said she sees the removal of th…[View]
138613282Am I a communist?: ... if I want to seize the means of REproduction? (=rape) I am serious. Economic …[View]
138610877THE STATE OF FUCKING SWEDEN http://www.returnofkings.com/128167/swedish-museum-accelerates-their-cu…[View]
138613249>average /pol/ user https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnXBeQwmmrc[View]
1386127171,000s of Muslims march against terrorism in Barcelona after van attack: https://www.rt.com/news/400…[View]
138613216the political independence of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg: Can you draw the borders bet…[View]
138594683/RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General: /RWA/ Right Wing Alliance General - WE'RE BACK WITH DAILY GE…[View]
138613175Just a reminder Lefty pol and shills that there will be huge fallout form what will be a failed case…[View]
138612703Ideas for twitter hashtags? #I'veNeverSeenWhiteGuys molest hundreds of women at once #I'v…[View]
138609403Redpill me on abos: Are they human? Just one race/subspecies? Are they related but different?[View]
138609777What will happen in Phoenix?: The buildup the media is making for this rally is like nothing I'…[View]
138611059What's your opinion on the Dalai Lama, /pol/? Why is China so butthurt over him?[View]
138612954Steele met with FBI, gave them sources for Trump dossier: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/glenn-simps…[View]
138606183ussr-flavoured pill: When you're already dead but your thick dna is strong as never When you…[View]
138606167Legal migration by non-EU citizens-Survey by the EU: Show the EU how you feel /pol/ *It can be done …[View]
138601396So the chancellor of Germany is at a video game convention while refugees are raping German women.[View]
138610224When are you niggers gonna realize: That what you guys say about jews is the same thing BLM says abo…[View]
138608845Well, /pol/? Why are you anti-science?[View]
138603847You have exactly 10 seconds to explain how neo-nazis and/or white supremacist should not be treated …[View]
138609355Trump's 'New' Afghan Strategy: Protect The Empire!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
138607790Is infostormer down for you guys ?: is it shut down ?[View]
138610432OK so what do you think Are Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) ethnic Jews or just average Ethiopians conv…[View]
138609523'What aboutism' What are your thoughts on the 'what aboutism' plaguing conservatism and the media? F…[View]
138597860Friendly Reminder: Antifa are Anarchists, not Communists. Anarchists have historically been so savag…[View]
138611692PROOF THAT CHARLESTON WAS A FALSE FLAG: NASA knew for the longest time that the total solar eclipse…[View]
138607765Why are Americans so retarded? People joke about this a lot but it's demonstrably true. Are the…[View]
138612377Even Liberal REI Supports Confederate Monuments: Got this email today from liberal sporting good sto…[View]
138612486/POL/ Unironically Believed Hillary Or A Crony Would Be Indicted: /pol/ literally believes that Hill…[View]
138606751The CIA is recruiting from my university. Should I apply?[View]
138609116Listen up, goyim: You may want us all oven'd gassed and generally dispersed but we don't c…[View]
138611000Darken Times: '[...]and the sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist has overspread the worl…[View]
138612044I'm a quite recently examined high school teacher, my subjects are history and religion studies…[View]
138612293Bannon Going to War With ZOG: Just for those who still doubt... Jews are in fact, calling the shots …[View]
138610754The fact that this is true makes it the perfect Red-Pill. >How about sharing this around, /pol/…[View]
138605665Mods wtf, why did you prune m'bread?[View]
138605170Is mr bean /ourguy/? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/9616750/Rowan-Atkinson-we-…[View]
138610303Destruction: If the alt-left continue tearing down statues and monuments, shouldnt we be concerned a…[View]
138600905Phoenix rally check in thread: How many Arizona bros are going to the rally today? I will be there v…[View]
138611749Did you Take your Trump pills today? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/08/22/europe/germany-trump-ecstasy-…[View]
138612224/india/: >superpower by 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym4EJQ7XORk…[View]
138612177Are they going to try to take him out tonight? Something seems off: (((they))) seem to be foreshadow…[View]
138611187How can you say Heil Hitler and be libertarian at the same time? You know that he was socialist as f…[View]
138607411Check mate drumpfy[View]
138603003HOW IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED?: How can we dekike and uncuck ourselves?[View]
138611442How does pol excuse his funneling of the secret service budget into his businesses?[View]
138596995Did you know...: German communists started a failed civil war in 1918, which resulted in the formati…[View]
138599021Historical figures that would probably enjoy cuck porn: I'll start[View]
138609212How do you think Bannon is feeling right now?[View]
138610824Comet Ping Pong, Aliens and Vril: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MH9kXESPMUY/WH_61TxaFyI/AAAAAAAAB1I/RfP…[View]
138611669Rebuilding social standards for the fairer sex: Thread here earlier about Western women. Do your par…[View]
138611154What the FUCK is Happening: 'Sailors Face Discipline'... Smash your Ship Up... Kill People... Get in…[View]
138607715Why do commies keep pushing a failed ideology?[View]
138576736>Google 'Israel architecture' >pic related: it's all soul-crushing, geometrical, Marxist …[View]
138608832Woah... this is deep.[View]
138585982ANTIFA attacks BLM!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QANvgecGAiE[View]
138610605What did he mean by this ?[View]
138607119Leftist agitators coming to Arizona: They're meeting at 222 E. Monroe St at 6pm Their fb page h…[View]
138598967Press F if your city/town is removing confederate monuments: F[View]
138610860Is this a step backwards or fowards?: https://www.rt.com/news/400467-barcelona-muslims-rally-terrori…[View]
138611282Get it trending --> #BurningManBurningQuran: People are planning to burn a 40-foot-tall Quran at …[View]
138609876In response to the tread earlier about the black woman on the news wearing what looked like a neck c…[View]
138609657/OURSTREAM/ /OURSTREAM/ a fucking leaf: >Has Japanese (Actually Korean) pornstar wife >Has con…[View]
138600531Hypocrisy: >Telling everyone that women suck >Married, making kids, and taking shit from subhu…[View]
138601789If you can grow a decent beard do not shave it, you are submitting to the feminization of society. N…[View]
138592805How do I redpill my gf? she started doing striptease on chaturbate now, and she says it's okay …[View]
138610888What does /pol/ think about pic related[View]
138609285/OURSTREAM/: >Has Japanese (Actually Korean) pornstar wife >Has control of Korean Dog Food Com…[View]
138610563Need some terrible blue pill memes to red pill some normies[View]
138610802Men in South Africa court on cannibalism charges: >Four men have appeared in a South African cour…[View]
138594457Russia fucking sucks[View]
138610747Antifa btfo: Red Ice TV completely destroyed the Antifa in the new video. How can they even recover …[View]
138606818Why do rich white anglo countries care about restricting immigration between eachother? Would Britis…[View]
138610337>tfw too poor to be fascist >tfw too intelligent to be communist…[View]
138607059Imagine being so beta you have to use glasses to look at a space rock.: Is he the biggest Chad in hi…[View]
138604132MUSLIM TAKEOVER OF EUROPE: The muslim takeover of Europe is very real. This is becoming a crisis, if…[View]
138598561BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN: I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nut…[View]
138610427Destruction of heritage: You think this statue thing is new? HAHAHAHA! We've had this problem f…[View]
138608308Infiltrate the left, do it now: I just realized the ones who have killed the most commies have been …[View]
138610210Feels bad man: >ywn be part of the U.S. Marshal Posse that takes shillary,pedosta,DWS and all the…[View]
138609730They are killing access to information. They are erasing history. Every god damn Message coming out …[View]
138578004Aus/pol/ Lets try Again Edition: >Welfare drug test plan may secure Nick Xenophon's support,…[View]
138609139Political Compass: Is this a good result? How do I compare to the rest of /pol/?[View]
138607770So Antifa whats your master plan?: After you've smashed all the monuments whats next? I'm …[View]
138610000two retards to troll full names, life situations and phone numbers: Adam Manhal - 15 year old in a r…[View]
138608463WH Leaks virtually gone? Pretty interesting that the minute Priebus and other shills were driven ou…[View]
138609554Dieversity is your strength![View]
138608580What did you actually do today, to save the white race? I know it. >nothing…[View]
138603703Does anyone else feel sorry for the German people? They have come such a long way. Born from a stron…[View]
138609272Why are rich people such cunts?[View]
138577620hey goyim: wanna buy some Merchants?[View]
138609654If the USA is 55% white, does that mean 45% of American posts are from niggers? It would explain an …[View]
138600915What does /pol/ think of Nepal?[View]
138597103Welp, we're fucked boys. This will end us.[View]
138596692What happened to this conspiracy theory?: It's sure been quiet since the beginning of August…[View]
138607827VINDICATION.: Will Trump finally shut their lying mouths or will this be the latest plot twist in Ga…[View]
138609002WHERE IS SHE?[View]
138609464Pol how do you feel about Trump selling out to the military industrial complex. Do you think this is…[View]
138609448/pol/ memes: /pol/ is a place where all human decency goes to die but the memes are real. Post your…[View]
138602193Brothel buys a SECOND sex doll after its first became more popular with customers than real women: …[View]
138593148IS THIS 4D CHESS?: Will Trump supporters acknowledge this?[View]
138609319Anyone else feel like Trump being president made society worse? With Obama as president, the Democra…[View]
138605443Does Trump realize we can see his old tweets?[View]
138608070Anthony Elmore takes the 'WE WUZ' to a whole new level. Check out his channel. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
138605781It's Happening.: It's back on. How will Trump respond? U.S. is down two destroyers and ove…[View]
138608892Stop erasing european culture and heritage by based nigger: https://youtu.be/8_Dj8Uz9EOQ[View]
138608545What does pol thing of young Kellyanne Conway?: Fuckable?[View]
138602381Charlottesville: Reminder that by default the WN/NatSoc protesters are right because the danger of w…[View]
138609189(((Today))): You can try to justify with your education and through emotional stories portrayed by H…[View]
138608343Have any of you actively turned your lives around since discovering /pol/? The board's actually…[View]
138590440AMERILARD GETS CUCKED BY SUPERIOR ANGLO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uta7cwfpb2c HOW CAN AMERICA…[View]
138609146Y'all white supremacists need to take it easy! You're ruining everything for yourselves! h…[View]
138596468Hey y'all, where'd that Russian hacking narrative go. All that hysteria kinda just quietly…[View]
138609066Why is the alt right so afraid of interracial cuckcolding (a rare thing that statistically never hap…[View]
138608983Black Arguing is just seeking confirmation bias: I'm noticing a trend. This trend is why even o…[View]
138601939The new Canada is right behind you.: Take a look. You voted for change. This is JT's Canada.…[View]
138606936Nationalistic video - Balkan: Discuss and share. Europe is awakening. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
138604221PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WASTED EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
138606655White Privilege: Can we get something like this started? Call out muh diversity and being racist aga…[View]
138606714>google 'white women and children' What does Google mean by this?[View]
138598964Mercenaries led by a formerly mafia member are keeping refugees boats from leaving Lybia: >An arm…[View]
138608723WOW /OURSTREAM/: /OURSTREAM/ IS STREAMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCBrRcLIid0[View]
138606539>mfw watching kekistanis desperately try to rebrand and regroup post-Charlottesville >sides ar…[View]
138591068India: Hoe do north Indians explain their place being an absolute shithole even with MUH ARIEN FEAUT…[View]
138608187>does welfare work?[View]
138582246Two bad guys are killing each other, who would you support?[View]
138600799Stop watching videos of other people having sex on the internet[View]
138607823> Based jews man[View]
138601700>Antiwhite hate moment aka feminism >Modern woman are cold, vapid narcissistic disgusting cun…[View]
138608479Antifa Exposed: This video is funny as fuck and exposes Antifa for the weird, ugly, social outcasts …[View]
138605438why is europe so desperate to be progressive and liberal?[View]
138581525umm you guys do realize that if you deport all muslims you will NEVER eat kebab again??[View]
138589329New Yugoslav Republic: A proper federation, not unlike current B&H. Every state will have a head…[View]
138608318Is it possible that our leaders denounce the legacy of the Nazis at least in part because they earne…[View]
138606340The order of operation for red pilling: How do I red pill my friend? He is a leftist but he doesn…[View]
138602841> goldman sachs > kikebart > based How did /pol/ fall for the Bannon psyop?…[View]
138607577>Scotcucks don't have their own flag on /pol/[View]
138608145Usa get out REEEEEEEE: Lel[View]
138607708Hillary stank? Didn't we already kind of know this..?[View]
138603291How could a libertarian prevent degeneracy when it supports maximum liberty in personal issues? The …[View]
138606411Arrogant Goyim: Our time is coming. The Moshioch will arise from the tikkun of the Holy Ones amid th…[View]
138608009People of Earth, do not be afraid. We come in peace, and why not? For we are your cousins; we have b…[View]
138607712Mudslime BTFO[View]
138607254Antifa going after cameramen in AZ, especially Fox: At least 2 antifa groups I've been idling i…[View]
138606829Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations' assets under RICO …[View]
138607785Why The 'Alt Right' Will Win & Get Whatever They Want: Social Psychologist anon here, and I have…[View]
138601986Why can't we vote on immigration? We should decide who comes to this country and the circumstan…[View]
138577259/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
138607469Welcome to the USA[View]
138599813Honest question.: You honestly think these are the best and brightest?[View]
138591633Stop buying these sex-bots and read this. You have been deceived by these companies. Sex-bots are no…[View]
138594734The ABSOLUTE state of Britain: Britcucks explain yourselves[View]
138599830ARMY GALORE: Show your best Nukes- Bombs- Guns- Soldiers- Aircraft- Tanks- Naval ships- Best high te…[View]
138600422>Marry woman but get cucked IRL and end up getting either divorced or legally enslaved (jews win)…[View]
138602245Is he the right-wing, funny version of Stephen Colbert?[View]
138601529What the hell has this guy been doing for the past month?: Literally all I've seen on the news …[View]
138604201DO YOU LIKE MEIN KAMPF!?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HSjn1HFXQ4[View]
138593720IMPORTANT: Do we give blacks an ethno state or do we race war them? They can rename Atlanta to Kangs…[View]
138607068>filter newflags and any thread that starts with nigger >58 threads hidden So how is your day …[View]
138604712>being gay is natural >they all adopt that stupid lisp once they 'realize' they're gay Re…[View]
138590129/pol/ humour thread: Show us what ye got[View]
138596399>n-no, it's fine >w-we didn't need to do those America First rallies anyway >i-it…[View]
138603461Manifest Destiny: >All that is spoken will come to pass >The great immaculate conception will …[View]
138598346>America destroying itself with drumpf >Great Shitstain destroying itself with brexit >Russ…[View]
138606685BUILD A ROBERT E. LEE STATUE: I was just thinking, what if we create a fund to buy some land in a pu…[View]
138605224next Charlie hebdo cover >islam, religion of eternal peace for once they don't pussy out, i…[View]
138596778Why faschy aesthetics is so appealing?[View]
138605596Based Charlie Hebdo[View]
138585820Is Tap Water Safe?: Our local cities provide water to us. But how do we know this water is safe? Wha…[View]
138604170Marxism General: Communism will win[View]
138602612Is this 'fashion' now? Is this what society has come to? Can someone PLEASE tell me why this girl i…[View]
138588203Something big is coming: So /pol/, I've been blessed with the curse of precognitive dreaming. I…[View]
138601374/pol/ absolutely annihilated: This destroys everything /pol/ believes about the so called 'lugen pre…[View]
138606138https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/22e8965b-ea5e-4668-bd50-778551e72d1e EU survey on non-Eu immigr…[View]
138602942i do wonder why doesnt police do something about these guys? Is it because the koran says its ok ? w…[View]
138603200When does it end?: >Target Acquired: Christopher Columbus http://nypost.com/2017/08/21/columbus-c…[View]
138600753Face it, the niggers won. They have number in the billions soon. They have the largest most resource…[View]
138606016what would you burgers do if trump was to be assassinated, and pence takes over with NWO in full swi…[View]
138591555Poverty: What do you consider to be poverty? Pic related: a poverty-stricken youngster in the UK in …[View]
138593355why does /pol/ keep falling for attentionwhoring internet 'celebrities'? will you cucks ever learn t…[View]
138585954Watching the latest ep of Rick and Morty, super comfy when this appears. Pause, sigh inside, think t…[View]
138605298>(((Hirsh))) You are always right.[View]
138605692When will we bring this back?[View]
138601024In a future with *finally* mandatory state-enforced homosexuality, would you rather live with a man …[View]
138593780extremist ama: Just got back from a government-funded deradicalisation course; AMA. >I am white…[View]
138605530Lock. Her. Up.[View]
138596124> Daily Stormer left to wander the internet > Alt-right subreddits getting nuked or hijacked …[View]
138605006Do you even feel bad for her?[View]
138605357FAGGOTS MEETING TO DISRUPT TRUMP PHOENIX AR: These fags are meeting at 6PM - 222 E. Monroe St. Here…[View]
138558121Why did the Jews fail in brainwashing you like the rest of white people. I went through the Jewish i…[View]
138602914ITT: Military solutions: Give your best strategy to take down china within 1 month. You can only use…[View]
138589935>The Netherlands has been 160days without a government[View]
138593727I'll go ahead and say it - he isn't /ourguy/ He's everything wrong with the alt-right…[View]
138601777what if the left pull the nuclear option and call for 4chan to be banned off the internet? Dailystor…[View]
138576865CHINA/NK HAVE BEGUN WW3: World War 3 does not begin with conventional warfare, instead with cyber wa…[View]
138605018Does anyone have any cool imagery of Slobodan Milosevic? I really want to print out a shirt of him, …[View]
138602378Even Daily Kos is standing up for Antifa these days: https://archive.is/QtdNt >The Antifas I know…[View]
138603506I HATE SPEECH: Word crimes now active in UK: http://www.newsweek.com/online-hate-crimes-be-taken-ju…[View]
138604261The sad questions: How are we supposed to feel when we will never have ten percent of this man'…[View]
138604808/pol/ someone in my family had a freak accident at work yesterday and is going to die. He was such a…[View]
138604789/ASS/ Daily Arnold (((Schwarzenegger))) Hate Thread: Once Idol, now jewed to be disgraceful SJW for …[View]
138604405What's the deal with /ptg/ ? Why can't they accept any criticism of Trump? Are they just m…[View]
138603122israel: alright why would the jews flood europe and 'western' nations with people that hate them? e…[View]
138604656sand negros: im not a racist but im starting to become one when i see how the world is being cucked …[View]
138599215Poland will lead europe?: /Pol/acks need to learn how to be leader retards(non poles) how to lead eu…[View]
138594619Turns out you wont need to do anything, the left will dissolve itself. also check 'em[View]
138604555https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=niicDbbSky0 Reminder: civic nationalism changes absolutely nothing.…[View]
138589082At what age did you grow out of christianity, /pol/?[View]
138602002Democrat party: Daily reminder that white people are not allowed in the Democratic party. We are tir…[View]
138600201Reddit says that capitalist America is LITERALLY AS BAD as the USSR. How will /pol/ ever recover?: …[View]
138595292Damn.... really makes you think...[View]
138585837Cute Hitler: Friendly reminder that Hitler is a cute. >thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
138604306Wow. Even ISIS is not anti-Semitic. Just proves you're a bunch of NAZI lowlifes. Even ISIS know…[View]
138604300BASED AMERICAN LITERATURE?: Could reading be /ourguy/?[View]
138604294steering ships from home: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/08/ten-sailors-missing-warship-collisio…[View]
138604235Fuck Canada and all them snow Mexicans! BUILD A WALL AROUND THE AMERICAN-CANADIAN BORDER! https://sh…[View]
138600587Give me one serious reason to believe in atheism.[View]
138604202C Shill Shill Shill U Shill Shill Shill C Shill Shill Shill K Shill Shill Shill https://www.yout…[View]
138604213http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40999687 >Would you live in a home the size of a Tube carriage…[View]
138602649White Genocide Is Real! Stop Migration to Europe Immediately!: Imagine what the world would be like …[View]
138596806HERE WE GO!: NK said a while ago if they ever discover a plot to kill Kim ot would be war. They just…[View]
138602014How do I find a Christian gf to make 5 white babies /pol/?[View]
138601420list the reasons why the alt right movement is destined to failure[View]
138600492can we get /pol/ meme thread[View]
138604174Why Can't European Men Compete with the BBC?[View]
138598958PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - NO FUCKS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
138604049HAPPENING INBOUND!!!: Get right with the Lord anon The Nazi shit is so 2016 https://youtu.be/JQwHfk7…[View]
138593262Employedfaggots, how is your job security in the event of a recession or economic collapse?[View]
138602654good food, good music, good times.: looking forward to this one - all ages show, so bring the kids!…[View]
138534293Browns Kneel: Hey alt-right, now you've lost the NFL. Half the team took a knee during your bel…[View]
138599923fun fact satan is the bearer of the light[View]
138603771This planet is going to have a rude wake up call in about 15 years. Race will start to disappear. It…[View]
138586623Removal of Nelson's Column: Jewish nigger wants to remove the statue of our great Admiral Horat…[View]
138587951Post one sentence redpills: Democracy doesn't work for all countries and some nations are more …[View]
138600669face it, /pol/ without jews to blame this place would fall apart[View]
138603554B-b-but guys! Anitfa are just like you and me! Honest! This Anitfa says so! https://archive.is/QtdNt…[View]
138602595Pewdiepie: Why is he such a cuck?[View]
138597225itt guess the ethnicity[View]
138594313Antifa Petition: We have gotten more than enough signatures for the white house to review our petiti…[View]
138601090I Have an Idea: You know the way about 75% of tweets from Trump usually have some leftist cuck'…[View]
138596186Hi guys, this shit is real .. So should we institute Sharia to stop intollerance ? :D SRC: https://t…[View]
138601129Why do Africans and Arabs act like animals?: I'm not trying to be racist, but, can some muzzies…[View]
138603201Get Swole. Get Active. Start Families.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xf4urgGANQ[View]
138603199NFL CUCK Seth DeValve: NFL KEK Seth DeValve became the first KEK to take a knee in protest for the N…[View]
138601337Getting called a Nazi: Hey I'm a liberal I think that we should have free health care I think t…[View]
138600861Is angelo carusone, media matters president, secretly on our side??: he sure seems to be unironicall…[View]
138602913its nigger hate thread tiem[View]
138600829hey goyim: why aren't you just converting to judaism and moving here? it's pretty clear yo…[View]
138602757Lunar delegates - lunagates, if you will.[View]
138597699If we had elections tomorrow, do you guys think Trump would get re-elected again?[View]
138601352Can someone give me the /qrd/ on South Africa?: Do they have their own Soros type there? https://arc…[View]
138599760Find Something Wrong With This Map: Scanner doesn't like color. This map is from a book entitle…[View]
138602602Is this the superior area of the United States?[View]
138596469AMERICA FIR-[View]
138602621This. Clowns to the left, jokers to the right... here I am.... thinking 'what the fuck?'[View]
138597044>government funds this >doesn't fund healthcare How do Americans defend this?…[View]
138600227Could we start a shitty trend rape a white woman to protest white supremacy hope some nig nogs fall …[View]
138598081noodles and poodles still in hot water (((opinion))): Just a daily dose of 'something still stinks, …[View]
138601165North Korea Wins: Proposition. North Korea creates free economic zone. Following things become legal…[View]
138601910Just saw a black kid fall of his bike and face plant the road. He bounced like a god damn tennis bal…[View]
138601742The Way Ahead: To fix most political problems, we have to ban Islam and ban Liberalism/Socialism/Com…[View]
138598921Drumpf’s list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000: >elect a clown >get a circus https://…[View]
138602131Can we start a meme thread?[View]
138602013Trump rallies cancelled: That's right, retreat back into the dark corners of the internet, Nazi…[View]
138599601Whats your favorite pro-trump image?[View]
138593698Why does most of the Old World, like Europe, have jus sanguinis instead of jus soli? Is jus sanginis…[View]
138598050/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
138592207Why havent you taken the Childfree pill?: >stress-free. You'll live longer >No need to r…[View]
138601424RNC insider here AMA[View]
138601173Why cant other races compete with the superior Anglo.[View]
138571785fuck i feel bad for this kid, (((gofundme))) keeps shutting down his fundraising and they were swarm…[View]
138601750Scared little stormweenies hiding on the internet: Sixty-seven planned rallies in 36 states that wer…[View]
138596044>this is the best selling magazine in the Middle East[View]
138596847The sun damaging your eyes is 'Fake news': The science isn't proven. SAD![View]
138601706Daily reminder that political activism should be contained to /pol/. Real life activism are for norm…[View]
138600783I thought Hillary was supposed to get indicted yesterday what the fuck /pol/[View]
138601692Are russian women easy to date as a dutch foreign guy?[View]
138601689FINAL WHITEPILL: JEWS WILL EVENTUALLY SIDE WITH US: Once they realize that they cannot control a bro…[View]
138601661>TRUMP IS EVIL AND INCOMPETENT >muh roossia >nazis are a thing now! We need to fight them a…[View]
138599375Faces of /pol/: Show off your superior aryan genes ITT. Pic related is me, I'm holding a glass …[View]
138589824BLM is asking you for 10 easy things. Will you them? 1. White people, if you don’t have any descenda…[View]
138591444Ready to get cucked, muslims?: Also donate your organs please[View]
138579807SWEDEN NO: 106 year old refugee is thrown out: https://archive.fo/rHc0S[View]
138601401im a stronger leader than trump: im DONALD KRUMP GUNNA MAKE A GWEAT WAAGHLL TO KEEP DA GROTZ OUT.…[View]
138601549Should purity spiralling be applied within European nationalist circles: For that matter, what do yo…[View]
138596414Antifa': just been in the West Phoenix Antifa facebook page. WTF is going on? they are arming t…[View]
138601538>At a gathering with some friends >Politics come up >One friend says he's a socialist …[View]
138597113Trump Rally - Phoenix: >Trump Rally tonight in Phoenix >John Brown Gun Club >Crisis actors …[View]
138591955Let's spread rumor about Hillary changing sex.[View]
138598702MICHAEL SAVAGE DEFENDS WHITE NATIONALISM, CONDEMNS ANTIFA: Is he, date I say it, our jew? https://yo…[View]
138601253Redpill me on SOROS: I know he broke bunch of banks and meddles in politics, but what is his endgame…[View]
138581955Why are crime rates so high in the black community?[View]
138599455GOP senator: “Too difficult to say” whether party will support Trump in 2020: Nobody wants him. Not …[View]
138570365Art Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo: Image limit reached on previous thread (>>138555828) Share mo…[View]
138598143Why is the quality of right-leaning news sources so poor?: Compare the text in this article: http://…[View]
138600316>Loves russia What do russians think about the Netherlands[View]
138597283Americans will try to defend this.[View]
138599930Is playing dumb cucking? >Hey anon why are you goose stepping around the office >W.. What…[View]
138600743https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/899958340582862849 Remember there is no place for you racist b…[View]
138583944What is wrong with the average millenial male? They don't have jobs, they don't marry, the…[View]
138595475Sooooo, that WH anon shit... when's that scheduled today?[View]
138590481Why are Germans so vehement about controlling Europe?[View]
138594596We Could Save The West Through Religion: How do you combine science and religion effectively? The ma…[View]
138594246how does this picture make you (((feel)))[View]
138594101/pol/ meta thread: Each board is allowed up to one meta thread to discussing potential improvement o…[View]
138596904The man who created the white man Yakub: All white people were created the Bible talks about a man n…[View]
138589910How do we address the fact that no one likes niggers? Surely a political party could run on 'No Nigg…[View]
138600225Christians, please tell me: are the events that are supposed to prelude the woman with crown and dra…[View]
138590443I need a new church: Anglican church is beyond cucked at this point, which is the most /pol/ approve…[View]
138599367alt-right is an example of when America loses it's Christian values.[View]
138596160SWITZERLAND NO!: >Swiss parliament to vote on banning kosher meat imports >The country's …[View]
138599993Does /pol/ have unbiased, buzzword-free concrete evidence that progressive agendas (LGBT, pro race-m…[View]
138579563Android 8.0 'Oreo' to include non-optional diversity: Also a feature which routes your traffic throu…[View]
138593443times you were DEVILISH: >Strolling down the old crimbly bimble walky walk at exactly 6 bongs pas…[View]
138593943Aus thread: Why do the asian girls here want to be like all the degenerate aussie cunts? I just want…[View]
138597388Fantasy football is starting. I'm in a league with my feminist SJW sister-in-law and her manlet…[View]
138599751>undocutrans >undocuqueer https://twitter.com/mic/status/881189345113264130…[View]
138594935>North Korean don't have anything to e-[View]
138599353USA YES!!![View]
138596905>soviets kill 40000 poles in katyn >official narrative from 1941-1991: hurr durr it was nazis …[View]
138589934Drumpf looked at the sun during the solar eclipse. Lol He's finished now, media is having a fi…[View]
138599175Max Stirner: *absolutely DESTROYS your favourite philosophy* When will the rest of 'society' give up…[View]
138594899New UK Hate Speech Laws: We Germany now lads https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/aug/21/cps-to-…[View]
138587593Wow haha that's a pretty smart president you got, fucking Nazis! We at the left really hate you…[View]
138587463So Lauren Southern is a muslim now. When will we stop losing?[View]
138598222S O O N: S O O N O O N[View]
138595458How can christianity be considered a red pill? It is literally the opposite of a red pill (ie bluepi…[View]
138594811The official map of Evropa /pol/: Please spread the map Do you guys agree or disagree? leave your co…[View]
138597238Stared at the eclipse and am completely fine today: Eyelets btfo[View]
138599070life has become a meme: 'Kek, in the Alt-Right’s telling, is the “deity” of the semi-ironic “religio…[View]
138599049Guys, I think it's time. We need to deploy the Chad division to the next lot of protests. Game …[View]
138599043Spoiled self entitled faggots: More of a discussion than looking for advice. If you're born we…[View]
138596272>Entire US Army can be defeated by Vietnamese farmers with AK-47's and shit-tipped pitchfork…[View]
138598236Black Lives Matter will be seen by historians as heroes who destroyed the many comforts and oppressi…[View]
138595210Would you be opposed to national mandatory universal genetic screening/testing and the creation of a…[View]
138596833Legalize Rape: Why don't you believe in legalizing rape /pol/? Are (((you))) a fucking cuck?…[View]
138562117North Korea tells the world they are the mightiest unbeatable army. We all know this is just state p…[View]
138598934Slowly being redpilled..: Do you think he lurks here, /pol/? https://youtu.be/GAt9ePG1lI4[View]
138592841PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - KICKASS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
138593255You've only been alive for about 0.0000000001% of the life of the universe, in other words you …[View]
138594496ITT: We start a Detroit Antifa Chapter twitter. We make up a fake story on why the fist statue in De…[View]
138594730Im tooooo fucking tireeeed of this shit: When will the war break out? When will the next crystalnach…[View]
138598692Why can't you alt-right nazis just be quiet[View]
138598644Lol look at their races.: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Young-Thieves-Steal-Merchandise-Nike-…[View]
138598529Trump and EU get tough on China trade: This move comes after an unexpected US-China honeymoon follow…[View]
138598189Telling Different Political Groups apart: It seems that a large population of the Alt-Right includin…[View]
138564629GOING AFTER OUR GUY AGAIN: These fucks are shameless. They just won't leave the guy alone and a…[View]
1385984651. Cunt 2. Are you LARPing or are you also this edgy irl[View]
138598132EUROPE IS LOST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvR-9xjzoPg Call it quits or am I just black pilled?…[View]
138593017Hello white people: How does it feel to be like the Jews during the 30's in Europe? I hope you …[View]
138598327How easy are russian women to date if you're foreign?[View]
138582114British police quiz a man over his posts on facebook: Counter terrorism police in England pulled Chr…[View]
138595514Is race bullshit? No race is 100% pure, they're all made up of various haplogroups that are pro…[View]
138582458Humans are frugivorous: You guys do realize meat isn't part of the normal human diet right? …[View]
138570320Channel 4 The State, a ISIS Soap Opera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXyNkxTd31A > The State i…[View]
138594410Why does the alt right attract biggest losers in America, when it's supposed to be a movement a…[View]
138595654White men are killing themselves more and more every year. 7 out of 10 successful suicide attempts w…[View]
138592578I'm going to explain you why we are living in 1984 with an example. >you are a normal guy an…[View]
138597953Shiva Ayyadurai: If speaking truth is insurgency, then call me an insurgent candidate: Shiva Ayyadur…[View]
138596594Where to get these stickers, Britbongs? pic related[View]
138582621CONT: >>138576214 https://www.privateislandsonline.com/south-pacific/fiji/kanacea-island Need …[View]
138596727STRATEGIC ASSEMBLY 01: All right faggots, if you want to succeed, you finally need to get your shit …[View]
138586567Antifa Faggots: http://sorryforthetroublebaby.tumblr.com/post/164478996032/need-someone-to-fuck-on-p…[View]
138594693So, now that /pol/ has been slapped awake by Trump's betrayal like a beaten wife how will this …[View]
138587562Try to find a better map of Europe. Protip: You can't.[View]
138595967scoop: dutch government covered up religion of peace attack?: https://www.geenstijl.nl/5138188/de_vr…[View]
138595365It's true, you know it.[View]
138594724TWO TRIPS!! IMPEACH NOW![View]
138595839Stop blaming everything on OY VEY JEWISH TRICKS and face your problem. t. goy[View]
138590906>There is 'grave concern' in Israel after a delegation of high ranking Israeli defense officials …[View]
138597082Operation public redpill: I was reading a book on the kalmar union and scandivnavian history, the vi…[View]
138572132Why should I not be allowed to smoke this at home before bed?[View]
138595005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBYLC2sv97Y: Polish alt right vs murican alt right[View]
138572974WTF is wrong with the_Donald?[View]
138583303The alt right is so retarded. I can understand being worried about all the Muslims coming in to the …[View]
138596853So, 8 months later and nothing seems to have changed....: Pol has only gotten worse >racemixing t…[View]
138596775WHITE (((people))) BTFO.: Any Race Except Caucasian. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/04/29/cbc-cau…[View]
138596670Time To Stop This Problem: Aside from terrorist attacks, rapes, harassment, physical assault, etc, i…[View]
138596761If you get married you're a cuck. seriously, with the downfall of society at it's peak, wh…[View]