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131064322Admit it /pol/ this nigger didn't deserve to die[View]
131080342Red Pilled Videos Thread: A thread for posting and requesting various red pilled videos of interest …[View]
131088630Match me, /pol/. https://www.psychologytoday.com/tests/iq/classical-iq-test[View]
131088970BRIT: https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-adopt-britcoin-as-digital-currency-for-united-kingdom H…[View]
131088893American Jew Hangs Self In Jail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DBkY2ilCwg This is old, I found it…[View]
131088406>anons actually BELIEVE he has a chance in 2024 Face it he will NEVER be the chosen one. No matte…[View]
131088092Donald Trump is the most Jewish President of all tims: In 2008 and 2012, the Jews sabotaged Ron Paul…[View]
131081182Did he start the alt right movement almost 10 years ago?[View]
131080218GOOGLE CIVIL WAR: Silicon Valley Civil War when? Even some of those faggots are sick of all this…[View]
131079636HAPPENING AGAIN! Massive Pedophile Ring Of 900 Arrested - Media Silent: It seems like every day we…[View]
131088451Hymn of kekistan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Knuwl2ZQXE How does it make you feel that normies…[View]
131077950I live in a smal village in the South of my country. I rarely see any foreigners there, and the few …[View]
131084209What can Europe expect from Mercron?: Is Europe going to be great again?[View]
131088330Margaret Thatcher: Who in today's politics has social/economical views like this fine lady? …[View]
131088077If i convert to Judaism and move to Isreal how much Palastinian land and free stuff can i get ?x[View]
131085854Why is this so hard for /pol/ to understand?: Freaks and losers are bad white nationalists Why is th…[View]
131088190/ourguy/?: Is he /ourguy/ pol? https://youtu.be/JsangbIz_mQ >middle eastern man redpills cameras …[View]
131086176White people are more dangerous than black people.[View]
131087976Is God creating global warming so all the Africans and Arabs migrating to Europe will feel like at h…[View]
131084171Why are Irish girls so much superior to German ones?: IDK if I'm the only one, but the more i d…[View]
131081562Julie Borowski: What's the verdict on her now, /pol/?[View]
131086728how do we monetize the stupidity of trump supporters?[View]
131084273If white's have high IQ's why do they believe in Flat Earth conspiracies?: I noticed they …[View]
131087196>Pootin farted https://youtube.com/watch?v=1qpF7uLs138[View]
131086206Macca Attack foiled: http://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFKBN19E2AX DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi s…[View]
131087882Goddam it Canada: Every time anything remotely military happens, fags appear out of the woodwork to …[View]
131087853I'm literally puking right now. There's a documentary on arte right now about faggot music…[View]
131085456Hey /pol/, ever seen your prime minister unironically crying?[View]
131087847Da day of habbenings: What did WH Anon mean by this yesterday? Loretta Lynch probe? PedoGate busts?…[View]
131078529Can someone explain to me why I hate niggers so much: No it's seriously not even a joke. Everyd…[View]
131070172Make your own final solution! (improved): Another game of this. Make your own final solution. A few …[View]
131087609What are your thoughts about this? https://youtu.be/xF-Lof8Qiy4[View]
131070466This is Laci Green. Say something nice to her.[View]
131087562>the sole surviving branch of a five hundred year old Scandinavian family >the only one that …[View]
131082711What would you do if this were your mommy?[View]
1310514999/11 thread: I was 9 at the time so don't really remember a whole lot of what the day itself wa…[View]
131073945White House anon came through.[View]
131051664Pizzagate Sentencing: The retard that took the pizzagate bait got sentenced yesterday to 4 years in …[View]
131087314https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kmKKy191Cc Rap is European. You cannot deny it. Metalnerds BTFO!…[View]
131078870Democrat Morale = 0bliterated: Has anyone else noticed a difference lately in not only Democrat supp…[View]
131085536I'm leaving the West Coast and the shithole that is Seattle and heading to the real best coast.…[View]
131084721>diagnosed autistism >literally never had a sense of empathy until I smoked weed >/pol/ wan…[View]
131085211vampire rave: Hey /pol/ would you go to this party? What do you think its existence means about our …[View]
131086950Jews pushing stuff in my email: So I just found this in my email. Only one like this I have ever rec…[View]
131086056Maajid Nawaz /Our Muslim/ on Dave Rubin: Maajid Nawaz recking Cuckstanians and actual terrorists fro…[View]
131067944My Email To Sussex PD: Fuck you England[View]
131086601middle eastern man redpilling leafs: Why are leafs so fucking stupid? Why is it that muslim immigran…[View]
131072014Changed my religion to KEKISM officially: I think I'm the first official Turkish Kekist, it…[View]
131085589Death to convicted child molesters - what exactly is wrong with this? >'The serial killer has th…[View]
131086151Looking for insight: I'm Half Mexican and half American but I have German and Irish ancestors a…[View]
131085927Give up /pol/[View]
131085294Fuck Mark Ruffalo: Well, another nigger loving fegget.[View]
131083721Make Poland Great Again!: Based Polish Member of Parliament Dominik Tarczyński laid waste to a BBC h…[View]
131084644Do you fags know the story of Valentine Strasser? The youngest dictator ever (25)? >Sierre Leone …[View]
131086157How white is the town/city you live in? >Geneva, IL >The racial makeup of the city was 94.80% …[View]
131082291/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
131083408Russian geopolitics goes beyond Syria & Ukraine: They are commited to making as much problems fo…[View]
131084020Terrorist attack will happen this weeken. >Where will it be? >How many casualties? >Weapon…[View]
131085950Pastor Manning Tommy Sotomayor: are these guys the solution to getting blacks to turn on their Jew/d…[View]
131082298420,000 Awarded in Colorado to Students in Cannabis-Funded Scholarships: Explain how this is bad. Pl…[View]
131083189>kek >kekism >shadilay >pepe >meme magic >kekistan All this autistic shit needs to…[View]
131078229should we go to war against degeneracy on /b/? if we can redpill /b/ it may be worth our while.[View]
131085877https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFVXCjX3uVI What is wrong with young black people? This guy's l…[View]
131085660muh nu/pol/: Why is it that all of the self-proclaimed oldfags never contribute anything to the boar…[View]
131085806You shouldn't work: The government is bringing in millions of refugees and giving them more mon…[View]
131085734TRUMP IS JEWISH: >TRUMP IS JEWISH TRUMP IS JEWISH >jew yorker >in league with zionists >…[View]
131077899Launch in <60 mins. Let's hope the rocket does it's job (pic related).[View]
131085677Haitian nigger cookies: What does /pol/ think of Murdoch Murdoch?[View]
131085179Hey Faggots, What's your take on the infighting among the right movement? Two separate rallies …[View]
131082787APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW nu-/pol/. This motherfucker is literally cleaning house as I post this and you f…[View]
131059856Ted Kaczynski: Why does most of /pol/ accept Ted Kaczynski's ideas on the psychology of modern …[View]
131062932This is an Islamic mosque in the Turkish city of İstanbul.[View]
131062642Holocaust Denial Criminalisation: You don't wanna be a bad goy now, do you? https://www.youtube…[View]
131085159Chinese are literally jews of the east asia. Prove me wrong.[View]
131085157What is the best blog platform: I love pol, but I need a seperate space to go more in depth which is…[View]
131085362Dr. James David Manning is /ourguy/?: God damn /pol/. God damn. 'Africans Have Never Built A Major E…[View]
131068937why did all the ultra high IQ people vote for Hillary?[View]
131084974600 layoffs coming to Carrier plant Trump claimed to save last year: http://www.washingtonexaminer.c…[View]
131083837Ted Kaczynski, prophet.: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/natio…[View]
131083927Jerusalem synagogue vandalized with swastikas, holy books burned: Are the jews back at it again with…[View]
131084226SHE. FUCKING. WON: ....o wait[View]
131057752ONLY TWO GENDERS CONFIRMED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8S4hMjFTSI She is making rapid progress…[View]
131078910>/pol/ hates communism/socialism >/pol/ likes Nazism >Nazism is National SOCIALISM Am I mi…[View]
131069766Freedom of Speech Rally: DC 6/25: Lincoln Memorial 6/25 12pm Speakers: -Richard Spencer -Mike Enoch …[View]
131085026Normies: Big Man Tyrone is the official president of Kekistan![View]
131085000Country Love Hate Map: Post yours. Blue is your country. Dark green is love. Light green is like. Gr…[View]
131082864Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXRbIdaLD4Q[View]
131081648We write the Sussex PD an email. (im sending it) I'll start.....WE[View]
131083199Fry Rice Next: Congress needs to hold hearings for all the traitors simultaneously.[View]
131084895Why are manlets so aggressive?: Why are manlets so violent? How do we solve the manlet problem? It i…[View]
131084887>used to be parents would teach their kids life skills or kids would take a apprenticeship under …[View]
131082329Why are Germans and Brits not friends?: When did this conflict start? What happened? Brits and Germa…[View]
131078678Iceland, good or bad?: Can someone redpill me on Iceland? I'm thinking about moving there when …[View]
131082956/pol/ ylyl More than a refugee, still less than a human edition.[View]
131082562It's not happening: >mfw friday evening and no religion of peace happening Can you get addic…[View]
131080867Dutch leader of anti-EU party tweets about Coudenhove-Kalergi plan: Thierry Baudet is the leader of …[View]
131084689Are you celebrating diversity yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzim1uV8Nqs >white women…[View]
131083193Why do guys here love Asians so much? Do you really want more of them to immigrate to the US? Don…[View]
131075548>Tfw i just took a psycological test from some psychoanalists and it turns out i've got more…[View]
131084056Look who crawled out of their bedroom - still meming for Drumpf?[View]
131082875Obama wiretapping proof?: Saw this on IMGUR. Is this for real? anyone know anything about this? http…[View]
131083888Not sure if I really want this to be a spelling error or not.[View]
131081981Making /POL/Great Again: It works Open a thread and in the upper Right corner click settings. Click …[View]
131066205Question.: What do you think about Jesus?[View]
131084480GOOD MORNING[View]
131081239Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Seth Rich - murdered while walking home, had his items on him, likely not …[View]
131079347The number of 'no-go zones' in Sweden increases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNEZQTSJv…[View]
131077632So I've been a Hoppean libertarian for a very long time now. This isn't Cucky 'Aleppo' Joh…[View]
131082542http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/23/republican-senators-intern-ranted-about-faggots-and-trannies/ I…[View]
131084278So now that the dust has settled and Trump has turned out to be a complete and utter disappointment,…[View]
131084262Carry on, i'll only be a minute: > just tending to the signs, don't mind me…[View]
131083555Democrats are the party of scie...[View]
131083057Why is Sweden so perfect?: lel fucking DRUMPF and the conservatives wish they had a 4% growth in GDP…[View]
131059500>High IQ >White, Tall, Blue Eyes >Single handily saving the white race >23+ Children, 8 …[View]
131070318Jonny Depp Trump Assassin: Where were you when Captain Jack Sparrow called for assassination of US P…[View]
131071325White middle schoolers forced to stand in front of classmates, apologize for ‘privilege’: EDEN, N.C.…[View]
131078025Now that it's proven that Russia hacked the election, can we all agree Trump is an illegitimate…[View]
131083657Pls help: OK /pol/ bros, I'm an Italian American who doesn't want to see the degradation o…[View]
131061541GERMANY NO!: Germany tells Turkey to back off after criticism of liberal 'LGBT, Feminist not wearing…[View]
131083388Comments are disabled for this video.: A7AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPU71jzr…[View]
131083488Bernouts...what comes first the refunds...: or the rope?[View]
131077924Why do competing politics mostly focus on extremists on both sides?: Either the SJWs / Antifa on the…[View]
131079516Why don't we take in white south Africans as refugees? they seem pretty fucked right now https:…[View]
131072405Why do europoors not have 2nd amendment?: Why don't we have it, are Americans truly better then…[View]
131083571My transition to Nationalism: I can say I've done a 180 after all these years. I was a liberal …[View]
131079806Drudge poll: Your opinion matters![View]
131083273Did the British Empire have a better standard of living than Britain today?[View]
131052697>mfw atheist think nothing is real >thinking consciousness/will can arise from no where and no…[View]
131080035Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, The Dharma Manifesto, Arktos Media Ltd, 2013. 56-58. Print.: We will …[View]
131074118Donald Trump Jr. going in: So has Johnny Depp's career ended yet? How long until he goes on a a…[View]
131083203PayPal Founder Admits To Drinking Human Blood!!!: PayPal Founder Admits To Drinking Human Blood!!! P…[View]
131073959WAHHHH I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS! >wouldnt be a problem if white people didnt bring slaves to americ…[View]
131079241Her name was Kaytlynn Cargill. She was 14 years old.: Disappeared 3 days ago walking her dog. Body d…[View]
131056635Philando castile , was he reaching?[View]
131082959Redpilled comics/edits thread: New Sarah Anderson comics - ready to be edited! gonna post originals…[View]
131082926>tfw you're not worried about 'white genocide' because it just means the weakest members of …[View]
131081892Why? Why would ISIS do this to us Christians?[View]
131080826White Nationalism ≠ Racism: Anyone who claims that one who celebrates being white is a racist is in …[View]
131082732'DON'T JUDGE BY THE LOOK': Libtards are proof that you can immediately know about the way someo…[View]
131082597Why do they call themselves Rainbow /b/? Who wants to join me by throwing propaganda towards these a…[View]
131063758I think we can all agree on this, right? You're telling me there are people who actually belie…[View]
131080484White, Aryan brıthers, Lets finish that jews together. Wanna make alliance with White Turks/Kamalist…[View]
131077502Brit/pol/ - The Caribbean '''Culture''' Edition: >Queens Speech Bil…[View]
131082564/ourgirl/ Renee Baio is being slandered and attacked by a (((writer))) at the DailyCaller. All she d…[View]
131077243/POL/ BTFO: How do you respond?[View]
131076920What exactly is wrong with millennial women to be independent?[View]
131078826you ever meet a laid back asian ? why are they so on edge all the time they have a panic attack over…[View]
131071217We ruined Kathy Griffin's career. Can we do it to Johnny Derp?[View]
131081290What will pol do when texas become blue?[View]
131082491CIA Hit Man Company Exposed: CIA Hit Man Company Exposed Hey Guys, I came down with a horrible flesh…[View]
131079178Is Fanta our drink?: Coca Cola invented it for the Nazi German market. Fucking delicious. Prove me w…[View]
131077151What would trigger the collapse of the national debt?: What could make a nation's debt cause th…[View]
131082330WE WUZNT KANGS AFTER ALL?: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/22/health/ancient-egypt-mummy-dna-genome-herit…[View]
131081922Are we living in a post-normie society?: ''Ignorance is bliss” I’ve heard it said and now I bel…[View]
131082141I have a question /pol/. How many nuffins could a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin? Serious question…[View]
131080025Sooo... how will this story play out /pol/? >According to theSt. LouisPost-Dispatchand local news…[View]
131070244McDonalds Is Replacing 2,500 Human Cashiers With Digital Kiosks: How do you feel about automation li…[View]
131078190Will we make the 20 day mark ? https://religion.ofpeace.info/[View]
131079946Opioid epidemic: Does anyone here enjoy watching the opioid epidemic progressively get worse in the …[View]
131079472is sex a basic human rite[View]
131078267'should we discuss by far the largest and most impactful policy decision under this presidency so fa…[View]
131079009>When you realize that the government doesn't want to stop crime because they make too much …[View]
131081976lovely summer: > when i see fake news and it mentions 4 chan is literally hitler and people need …[View]
131072414Do you use the plastic jew? I do. It seems to work as long as you pay the bills at the end of the mo…[View]
131060846But India cannot into loo?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIOi91PxI_4 https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
131057865#MoreThanARefugee: Will this be a lesson to them or will they try similar propaganda again?[View]
131080213daily reminder that if you are still using the banking jew you are the goodest of goys that should b…[View]
131073862WTF: I love the NYT editorial staff now. The tide is changing. Normie white liberals are catching on…[View]
131080709Happening?: BREAKING: Shooting in the 15. arrondissement of Paris. Updates soon...[View]
131081742The Earth's Curve Can Not Be Measured: First above all else, the Earth's curve can not be …[View]
131080417He has a point, you know? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw_KAW7NvKA[View]
131048287Can somebody redpill me on the Fire situation in Pedrogao Grande in Portugal? I mean, what is going …[View]
131077266>More than 40 million Americans are on food stamps and growing What will happen once Trumps cuts…[View]
131079026Why do Americans do stupid shit like this?[View]
131080099Qatar General: Saudi demands (Kek) Curb diplomatic ties with Iran and close its diplomatic missions …[View]
131078014If...: the word for non-Shlomos are goyim... what's the word for Shlomos? Miyogs?[View]
131079784https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4phNuwx8Hs is ahmadinejad, dare i say it, /ourguy/?[View]
131059923500 years of protestantism: How do we make europe Christian again?[View]
131063725Is withdrawing from civilization the solution?: Seriously The level of degeneracy is beyond salvatio…[View]
131066318>ST. LOUIS – The insurance company for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, paid $1.5 million to settl…[View]
131080243Cancer: Jesus, imagine being this much of joyless, petty, salty, anti-social cunt?[View]
131080369I look at some of my friends and I question humanity.[View]
131081427You're never going to save the white race if you don't take a shower, hit the weights and …[View]
131081131Constitutional Law: What is some required reading on the Constitution? Was hoping for something more…[View]
131081416Are you the 'Perfect Man,' Anon?: product description >'The Perfect Man All Purpose Eraser can mu…[View]
131081250Refugees are human too :'([View]
131057404absolutely groundbreaking riveting political commentary there Lauren[View]
131078039Thought projection will change everything: >The Government has been reading minds for over 50 yea…[View]
131081269Lads, is drinking inheritly Jewish? I just got me some whiskey. >tfw drinking whiskey and smokin…[View]
131076829Why aren't we making the Israeli Flag into a Right Wing symbol?: I mean, this should be a no-br…[View]
131076817In defense of Libertarians: Why the hell do you natsoc fags think Libertarianism is Jewry? True lib…[View]
131081232https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t9dhTwqhLDg Go look I'm being harass Been tryin to post this li…[View]
131080077hey goyim: if I showed you something funny would you give me a shekel?[View]
131080696youtube: shit normie forgot to log out of his yt acc what should i do /pol/ ???? ps names his gmail …[View]
131081013Seth Rich-SEIU Murderers: Seth Rich-SEIU Murderers[View]
131080277mfw i don't live in a republican welfare state: so why is it that republicans dont like welfare…[View]
131080590Turkish water park: Children and adults electrocuted: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-4038816…[View]
131079150<<< Best remark I've ever read from a celebrity on the topic of 'politics' Thank you, …[View]
131075814OPERATION IMPEACH THE ORANGE: Alright, us Polers/4channers are pretty well known for operations that…[View]
131031303God tier philosophers: What does pol think about philosophy? Which school do you favour? Do you thin…[View]
131076240how do we fix Mexico?[View]
131069677Happening: Lynch being probed by senate for behavior during 2016 cycle: LORETTA LYNCH ON SUICIDE WAT…[View]
131077767What happens to America when millions of young people are saying 'religion isn't for me'?[View]
131078852what are the best books on race?[View]
131076255Healthcare strawpoll, where does /pol/ stand?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13267066 http://www.strawpoll…[View]
131077236Muh gunz: My fellow americans. It's time for change. Freedom is great, no arguments there, but …[View]
131075787Union boy here. Why isn't it manditory to teach/learn gaelic, wlesh and english in schools acro…[View]
131080401Will the first corporation which begins mining resources in space, whether gas or minerals, become t…[View]
131080348Superpower by 2030[View]
131080167Why do magistrates courts still exist in the UK? Who wants to be tried by people with no legal quali…[View]
131080326Europe Portugol Japan Russia America Australia Spain - You Killed Captain Alex - We are Cooming for …[View]
131080003Holy shit the shilling in here is bad today. Half the threads in the catalogue I saw yesterday word …[View]
131078641MAGA - MAKE ANONYMOUS GREAT AGAIN: I know you're probably cringing thinking of 'Anonymous' beca…[View]
131080193https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pdRKZW4F5s This kike is knocking up nigger bitches left and right (…[View]
131080191GOOGLE BTFO: People letting Google know how they feel about the new 'Multicultural' facebook video (…[View]
131080185How to spot a jew?: If dating Women/Men how do you find out that they are jew? I am not talking abou…[View]
131038668Who was in the wrong here?[View]
131080116European Crime by Ethnicity: I'm doing a report on the European migrant crisis and would like t…[View]
131079993>poor fag parents tell me im retarded for paying 3k/month on rent >they suggest taking out a …[View]
131072372I consider myself a nationalistic liberal. Is there a term for me?[View]
131078804This has gone too far, Dahnald. The orb. I must have it. Give me the orb, Dahnald.[View]
131078198>custom flags added >suddenly everyone is a commie,anarchist kiddie or BLM I seriously hope th…[View]
131078990/pol/ and Anime: The more i'm on /pol/ the longer that this anime starts to grow on me[View]
131076312OH SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHjyofxi5jI will burgers ever recover from this?[View]
131073715BREAKING: Loretta Lynch possible investigation!: There is a major influx of slide threads at the mom…[View]
131077996arnie and brigitte discuss[View]
131078513Good videos to red pill people with.: Recently I was just taking to some of my family members who ar…[View]
131078918Question- since it is a commonly known fact that the ancient Egyptians had slaves, why don't we…[View]
131079421Demonstrate: How many of you plan to get out in public when it unironically is happening? >be me …[View]
131068201Democrat senators decide to wear pedo socks for some reason: http://archive.is/ERD02[View]
131060722>doesn't smoke marijuana >supports legalizing marijuana Pick one, /pol/…[View]
131069778Hi, i am a german Muslim supporting Donald Trump. Ask me anything.[View]
131077370no goyim we didn't do it.: stop fucking asking.[View]
131079243>protectionism and corporate handouts will make america great ag- http://archive.is/tSTKa…[View]
131076402He's got a mudslime in this studio: Watch out for a peace attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
131079107First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad English. Clarifying that point, I would like to c…[View]
131077222why do you say that i am not white or a nigger? It hurts my feelings.[View]
131078950>tfw you go to a cucked school with a cucked professor[View]
131078945Muslim propaganda livestream:: Qatar's propaganda outlet Al Jazeera has been manufactured a new…[View]
131051662This has happened to me lol.: All my friends think I'm a neo nazi now.[View]
131060540We remember Givi True Hero of Donbass: PRESS F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1CwBMvuTFo…[View]
131074655why are professional athletes so devoid of religion? is it money? it makes me sick honestly.[View]
131078911Are women realizing they can't have a sucessfull carreer and both a family at the same time and…[View]
131078222this will be the end of every american soldier.[View]
131072788Senate announced probe into Loretta Lynch: ...and her behavior during the 2016 election http://archi…[View]
131077629(((Bungie's))) (((Desnity))): >western game >female character is black >female charact…[View]
131075069BANCOR BOYS (((BNT))): How many BANCS we have on /pol/? How big is your stack? How many bancs do you…[View]
131078618russian hackers 100% confirmed: Oh no Russians hacked the election it was a landslide won for Hillar…[View]
131066235Were you interested in politics as a kid?[View]
131078562Idon't get why /pol/acks hate Kekistanis: Most of them are the same sort of peasants (degenerat…[View]
131070689Seth Rich. It ain't over yet: http://www.wnd.com/2017/06/private-investigators-seth-rich-murder…[View]
131075622I'm of partial Jewish heritage and Gay: >I'm a white (1/128 Sephardim) >'Muscular Ch…[View]
131077255If black MEN aren't physically superior how come every sports team in America is full of them i…[View]
131075978ITT redpilled Neil DeGrasse Tyson quotes.[View]
131078450>live in romania >no immigrants >some gypsies but theyre easy to deal with and oh yeah they…[View]
131078428What's the most insane conspiracy theory you actually believe in? I remember a few months ago I…[View]
131076956Thoughts on our movement, the 'Alt-Right': I personally think that if our movement is to gain mainst…[View]
131078023When will Japan finally get rid of their shitty useless censorship laws?[View]
131075317RACE WAR GENERAL /RWG/: This is a general to discuss all things Race War >Self defense methods …[View]
131072591/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THUMBS UP EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
131078316We use to be kangz n shit[View]
131076620See the Trumpnigger. It is not fit to be president of the United States. It does not possess the req…[View]
131073313holocoaster: show me your best holocaust pic[View]
131075924Statists are cuckolds, they can't imagine a life without the supreme politicians. Be a man, be…[View]
131076673Who the fuck are you to make it law to have needles inject me with God-knows-what. That isn't a…[View]
131078263Lets see what we know: > The Russian government systematically affected the election to benefit D…[View]
131078260Americunt daily life : -wake up -eat bacon -masturbate -goes to mcdonald -watch baseball game -scre…[View]
131070296WTF Japan.: Japanese pop song about the approaching race war in the western world https://vid.me/7Qo…[View]
131075522Such an amazing world we live in...[View]
131025289On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you hide your power level?: Friends: I haven't had friends …[View]
131067305HOLY FUCK /pol/ WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??[View]
131077312How come they can admit this in China: but we can't even fucking talk about it in the West? Vol…[View]
131078109Richmond Confederate Monuments — It's Time To Set The Record Straight EDITION: >>CONFEDER…[View]
131074579WH Anon was right!: https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/senate-probes-loretta-lyn…[View]
131062928So I'm about as /pol/ as one can be yet well... im mtf trans. For some reason this causes insta…[View]
131077998Lynch Investigation - 4 Letters sent to stifle Clinton Email INvestigation: https://www.grassley.sen…[View]
131077498How do whites (especially white South Africans) who fought Aparthied sleep at night knowing that the…[View]
131077818>Better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven.[View]
131070553Anyone else here sick and tired that Yellowstone still hasn't wiped out the usa? Looks like emp…[View]
131073591Is there any good solution to detecting cannabis-impaired drivers?: http://archive.is/3LghX A legal …[View]
131077369fuck this shit Im out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx6IfKrvEQ He is right. Goodbye, /pol/. >…[View]
131072768Homophobes BTFO by Cali!: http://archive.is/0XLNk Saying that a new Texas law allowing child welfare…[View]
131025734Its Official: Gamergate helped Trump win: Allah Bukkake has written a story on Kikebart on how Gamer…[View]
131077580were they actually kangs?: took this picture at the museum in london when i was there on vacation re…[View]
131075141Had a daughter recently. How can I raise her to be racists so she will never be a coal burner and st…[View]
131077198https://youtu.be/kHjyofxi5jI Is it true? Is the great happening of our lifetime will finally begin?[View]
131077040Canadian Sniper is the best sniper: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/22/533976713/cana…[View]
131077426Welp, another binge on a Friday night, of ice cream pop corn, cola, and lots of chocolate. Normally …[View]
131070745It's Trump isn't it?: Think about it. He'd be here in some way. Maybe just lurking bu…[View]
131077327when will Seattle get Nuked?: It can't come soon enough. Pride week. Let's celebrate doing…[View]
131065683/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: Join our discord! - we have alerts when threads are posted, shitpos…[View]
131076896I don't want shitty trump care. I want obama care[View]
131071451Was Paul redpilled or just a dirty space muslim? What are your thoughts?[View]
131077207Ho Chi Minh literally did nothing wrong.[View]
131076839Conservatism: 'Civil nationalists', what is your goal for the future? It seems that you hate illegal…[View]
131076789We should give no chance to Jews to influence our people. My nation was built in Christianity. Many …[View]
131076148What is his endgame?[View]
131068944Libertarians fucking destroyed!!![View]
131075728Russians of /pol/ living in america, How do you feel about the whole trump-russia affair ? And how c…[View]
131069593Why aren't poles breeding their women anymore??? They need to take in refugees in order to boos…[View]
131075392What does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
131075403This is a writer for Bill Nye's Netflix show[View]
131076848>wanting to revitalize the West without basing it on an authentic spiritual tradition instead of …[View]
131076448Talk about the YouTube thing here: >>>/r9k/37910805[View]
131070453Is he melting?[View]
131076742Everyday I ask myself, why is do white folk dont got no culture?[View]
131059975Syria General /sg/ - I am Bread Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
131076639>sets the blueprint for mass control authoritarian dystopia of european union >starts the bigg…[View]
131076232It annoys me when Christians or shitty neo-Pagans try to quote Evola and call themselves 'Traditiona…[View]
131076491Propaganda thread? Also! /pol/ what book is this from? I have a few pages I saved from here.[View]
131074426>Democrats mad about Trumpcare because its not Obamacare >Republicans mad about Trumpcare beca…[View]
131075289Who is /pol/'s favourite Economist?[View]
131074419#RacistsWithoutBorders: >Government financed youth media has just out-ironied themselves. >Acc…[View]
131070499Brit/pol/ - Fuck the EU and Fuck Juncker edition: >Queens Speech Bill-by-bill Quick Rundown http:…[View]
131074231The Anglos are responsible for all the overpopulation, misery, and wars in the world.: the apes woul…[View]
131035472Should adultery be illegal?: When you marry a woman, you are entering into a legal contract where yo…[View]
131075530Why was /pol/ worshipping Men the primordial Jewish God of numbers, Chaos and laughter? We must find…[View]
131076102#AnitaIsGarbage Spread the word: She's harassing the audience everybody! (yes I know the pictur…[View]
131075971Who is this Guy!! Awesome or Worst! You Decide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX9GGtwpXJw&feat…[View]
131066369Why are almost all non-STEM college professors irremediably leftist and cucked?[View]
131075303A little bit of history for /pol/: I've seen this pic very often in racist or white supremacy t…[View]
131067746Polish government just found a way to ban abortion in almost all cases except for rape[View]
131074376Wait... when the hell did David Duke go full 1488?[View]
131073695Israel needs to take in more Musli----[View]
131071122Ideal white man's world: So Im guessing the ideal world for /pol/ would be to kick all minoriti…[View]
131074082Germany makes mother of law to delete all hatespeech worldwide: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/nO09…[View]
131075298Is U.K. Actually going to censor the internet?[View]
131070547could we turn it into a new meme? http://en.colette.fr/sac-482545-0ai1n-h-blanc-noir.html[View]
131075429i have glimpsed the big picture, its not pretty: i woke up today to a startling revelation, that the…[View]
131069949Redpill thread. What are some of your harshest redpills?[View]
131057200Europe is ruined forever: Get used to this picture. Europe will never be the same. There's a pe…[View]
131074656Was the audio in Trevor Noah's coverage of Philando Castile's death altered?: https://www.…[View]
131069154Dutch MP tweets about Coudenhove-Kalergi plan: Thierry Baudet is the leader of Dutch anti-EU party F…[View]
131075445Make Europe great again: The migration home: American /pol/acks, it's no secret that self-hatin…[View]
1310755144d chess: What if the CIA intentionally let the Russians get Trump elected so they could study what …[View]
131064427I hope they don't spend it all in one place[View]
131075314>U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber approved the settlement but disclosed nothing about the am…[View]
131063811>Mary was a virgin >Her womb impregnated by god himself >And not another man Oh god, Chris…[View]
131056166SANDY HOOK BREAD#2 FALSE FLAG GENERAL /FFG/ ITT we discuss Sandy Hook, Port Arthur Massacre, Columbi…[View]
131072461Why are guns racist?: Black children are 10x more likely to be killed by guns than white children. W…[View]
131059013Nigger in Bulgaria: >nigger comes to Bulgaria with his gf >pic related happens http://archive.…[View]
131069010/spg/ - Sussex Police General - Highlights Reel Edition: This is a thread for maximizing keks at the…[View]
131072807>and you thought we were kidding about the transnegro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y41upy4etg…[View]
131074229who are some pol approved musicians? This hippie homeless project normally fund raises by selling ch…[View]
131075131Is religion degenerated?[View]
131075118Jesus was a communist kike who got what he deserved[View]
131075035STOP CALLING PROGRESSIVE SHILLS LIBERALS!: They are not the same. Most American Democrats hate true,…[View]
131071785Day of the Rope QUESTION: http://www.strawpoll.me/13266592 http://www.strawpoll.me/13266576 http://w…[View]
131067699I need to fix this island: I need to fix Puerto Rico to stand from their feet. I don't want to …[View]
131073515>jewish >proud Israeli >med student ask me anything…[View]
131074845https://carrynow.eu/ How do we help them and Firearms United? EU-wide shall issue carry when?[View]
131074036Do Americans see a future for their country?: This is aimed exclusively at amerikeks since Europe is…[View]
131065337Stop getting tattoos[View]
131073618>WINNING: Carrier moving jobs Trump vowed to save to Mexico http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/22/trumps…[View]
131072002How do we tackle America's obesity epidemic?[View]
131074653DUTCH Republic of Kekistan: Dutch Republic of Kekistan has been formed and is ready to praise all V…[View]
131038917Did you see the new Jordan Peterson speech, /pol/? He's changed his style into this vehement pr…[View]
131048668'Free Will is just another spook, Fucko': 'Your perception of reality is entirely subjective and bas…[View]
131070139Help me /pol/, you're my only hope. How can I undo the blackpill?: I was redpilled, but then I …[View]
131055955Why are they still so desperate?: Liberals act as if there's this overbearing mountain of proof…[View]
131073022/pol/ You aren't having enough kids!: Pic related... http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2017/06/2…[View]
131074375Michael Jackson: I've heard of conspiracy's against him what do you got pol[View]
131074471>10% of Blacks vote Republican >No response when a cop shoots one of them ????…[View]
131074462#ElsaGate: In my last thread I was shaking too much to write. Holy fucking sht guys I m crying.. shi…[View]
131060042So what exactly is wrong with communism? You know its never been tried properly.[View]
131071153Even the ultra leftist new york time sister confirms: http://archive.is/tCmUe[View]
131074414>God was a Jew[View]
131074400You may only post ITT if your country was a member of the Coalition of the Willing United States: …[View]
131073851Europoors should just fall to Islam so that we can come and liberate them.[View]
131070186Megan McCain just called Johnny Dep a wife beating, bankrupt drunk on Fox News. She is right though…[View]
131073130Can we officially say that Canada is dead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH_giyvVasM[View]
131052279This is War-pride Industrial Military Complex propaganda bullshit. Fodder targeted to stupid grunts …[View]
131074080Will he suicide, or get mugged? >John Podesta to be interviewed by House Intelligence Committee h…[View]
131074072JIDF kike shills on Reddit: Quick, make a reddit username and bombard these fucking shill jewfags, h…[View]
131074038How based is this song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aeQ3DmKU7A[View]
131073795Trumpcare makes you GAY (and possibly Jewish): Can anyone prove to me Trumpcare doesn't make yo…[View]
131071393wtf I hate pizza now[View]
131073619>be French >get killed by whipped cream[View]
131064066Daily reminder that Texas will be blue within the next 20 years. Republicans will soon be un-electab…[View]
131073782Nebraska Democrat Phil Montag glad Republican Senator Scalise was shot; wish he was dead https://you…[View]
131045244would u hit a girl back /pol/?: wwyd if some antifa girl punched you?[View]
131070828Days of summer: > pic related, remember the days when we were all so innocent?…[View]
131073734Trump worship thread: Post your sins here[View]
131073677Give 'em hell my yankee lads. Do what we europeans can't.[View]
131053944NORWAY YES: https://www.rt.com/document/594a52a7c3618819698b4621/amp[View]
131073306Johnny depp vs. Trump: I cant believe I'm frowned upon for suggesting drawing Muhomad. But this…[View]
131073397Aside from dajoos, is there another explanation for the complacency and cowardice of the West? When …[View]
131073545RANDY BRYCE!!!!!!!!!: someone better tell that Lying snake Paul Ryan to watch out. https://www.googl…[View]
131073530ITT: redpilled haircuts/facial hair[View]
131071224Uh-oh Drumpfys, looks like you're about to get btfo![View]
131071168>be you >you are born in small village where most of people arehigh school degreeor drop outs …[View]
131073451DAE rebbit maga trump?[View]
131053775MGTOW is stup-[View]
131072929Open your bedroom door and this cute patootie is sitting there what do?[View]
131046077>The EU couldn't singlehandedly-destroy Britain in a week TOP OVERWEIGHT ISLE MONKEYS!!! Oh…[View]
131069724Russian interference denialists BTFO: >Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling…[View]
131072987Why are niggers better dancers, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfS5kBGBh00[View]
131073260Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLpvmIC9e8M[View]
131070024Should IceLand return to the Union of Denmark?[View]
131073221Liberals love being boned by criminals[View]
131073218European DNA ancestry considered, 'OMG' cringeful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsEZBSTc3a0 Is no…[View]
131053824'Trump Village' unveiled in India: >http://www.timesnow.tv/the-buzz/article/trump-villa…[View]
131070703So how are republicans actually going to fix Obamacare? No matter what they do it is going to be a d…[View]
131050964What went wrong??[View]
131068383What does /pol/ think of Dan Carlin? I've very much come to like his pod casting, it's rea…[View]
131072996>Record number of USDs in circulation >Income inequality highest its been since the Depression…[View]
131072505Does civilized society mean, that alpha traits in men have to perish? With them there will always be…[View]
131068013Now that the dust has settled, will the wall realistically ever be built? Was it all a ruse?[View]
131072606Who is this brown turd and why does he have a fan base of millions of viewers? Why do retards like h…[View]
131072746Fuck Jordan Peterson: I seriously do not understand the Jordan Peterson fandom on this board. I have…[View]
131071005Is this the natural cycle of a male jew?[View]
131072523Why are Poles so butthurt about WW2?[View]
131071862Gommunism: It is already 2017 and why the hell do those retards still support this piece of a shit '…[View]
131072571What are some Italian cultural rules that an Amerifag should know about? I just got harassed by a st…[View]
131053926Ἅγιος ὁ Θεός, Ἅγιος Ισχυρός, Ἅγιος Αθάνατος, ἐλέησον ἡμᾶς[View]
131061159/pol/ Humor thread: post em[View]
131072386the sanctions are hurting Russi-[View]
131072429Why did your leaders abandon this tiny nation? For political correctness? To give it to their 'right…[View]
131072421Why are most political idealogies okay with defunding programs that help protect endangered species?…[View]
131057799Why can't we just let the muslims in and separate them from each other? It's a hell of a l…[View]
131071820It's 6:00/7:00pm in Europe: The time left for a happening today is slipping away...[View]
131068801WE NEED TO STOP THIS. Enough is enough. We need to convince the government to give us freedom of spe…[View]
131072323What went so wrong with blacks?[View]
131071372Just finished CA mandated sexual harassment and diversity training One of the gems they gave us.[View]
131071646Would you let this refugee enter your country, /pol/?[View]
131071576Has ocean city Maryland been ruined by niggers?[View]
131071384http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/22/health/ancient-egypt-mummy-dna-genome-heritage/index.html OH SHIT WE W…[View]
131071485Anti-fa BTFO http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2017/06/reporters-face-70-years-prison-anti-t…[View]
131070042Ancaps are Jewish controlled opposition - drive them out: To clarify, im not talking about old fashi…[View]
131068290Remembering Castro: A hero of the people Death to imperialism, death to imperialist america.[View]
131064005What's wrong with nationalism?[View]
131062090does /pol/ put 'em in a coffin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUJKDjGPgMM[View]
131071953>James Comey lied to congress. I never did those things he said I did, and I 'may' have some tape…[View]
13107135020/20 Hindsight: Post people you now realize would have been a much better choice than Trump.[View]
131061894You have exactly 10 seconds to provide a legitimate reason why people shouldn't have access to …[View]
131071916All hapas are ugl-: Wow. I take that back. Southern European White plus East Asian leads to good res…[View]
131071892After a certain point, is it better to stop taking redpills and focus solely on improving yourself? …[View]
131067490Global warming turning boys gay![View]
131071843Are smartphones: The long con into desocializing people >women get ruined by social media >m…[View]
131066820>all white people are superior to nigge-[View]
131064146/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
131066096How do you call someone who has no nationality?: A-National? Global citizen?[View]
131069849everyone still sucking trump's cock is just a dedicated shitposter r-right?[View]
131070837Why do /pol/ enjoys sucking Donald Trump's dick?[View]
131071468Hahaha, ups... https://translate.google.pl/translate?hl=pl&sl=sv&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fw…[View]
131070484kek vs heqet: In the picture are nazis standing around a statue of heqet. Nazis worshipped ancient e…[View]
131057055We are doomed.: It's all over lads. The whole 'gen z is based and right wing' is a li…[View]
131061872Brit/pol/ - U K I P edition: >Queens Speech Bill-by-bill Quick Rundown http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/…[View]
131069141Comfy Southern Thread: Check in boys, Extra points for south central Florida, near Brighton, Arcadia…[View]
131066620Whites are BA-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA Is it too late to summon Justin 'Zyklon'…[View]
131069408HAPPENING: Lynch under investigation!: JUST IN: Senate group examining former Attorney General Lynch…[View]
131062531LA police accidentally shoot & kill young man when attacked by pitbull.: > a group of friends…[View]
131070920Why there's no gun regulation that first 3 bullets are rubber, in case a bullet came out by mis…[View]
131071002How will they ever recover?: Well?[View]
131068502Anyone got any redpills on the faggits?: Sometimes people forget they are all child molesters[View]
131070673MUH 'POLAND THE LAST CHANCE FOR THE WHITES': >1.34 total fertility rate >10.6 death ratio >…[View]
131070844Red pill autism: Can we stop with all this hurr Durr x is redpilled shit. Fucking kill yourself.…[View]
131046202Italy BFTOs migrants again: Where where you when Italy arrested a migrant just for joking that he wa…[View]
131070780So are we gonna like hold marches for this shit or what?[View]
131066103Redpill me on humanitarian aid.: From what countries does this money come from? Does it come mainly …[View]
131069058Woman find's dead frog in salad, shares images.: What did they mean by this?[View]
131062275I ordered one of these yesterday, but now I'm having second thoughts. Is this pandering or is t…[View]
131070674what does /pol/ think of kyle kulinski [secular talk]? discuss[View]
131069195How can we bait lefties / shitskins into chimping out and making themselves look bad?[View]
131059292When did you realise Racism is bad?: I think it only happens when you see someone from another ethni…[View]
131062448Nice!: Nice[View]
131070570wtf I love Quebec now![View]
131068085SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU wh*te BASTARD!: why are all whites bastards /pol/? https://grapevine.is/news/20…[View]
131065466Politics: Who would win: Brazil or the EU ?[View]
131065657Slavs are the modern day ubermensch. Bow down, western Ahmeds![View]
131070443Daily Reminder[View]
1310538962pm today White House anon says big news: Just wanted to move this here. A White House Anon posted y…[View]
131064857What is my political affiliation?: I'm so confused. I don't know what to call myself, /pol…[View]
131066554Wow...: So this... is the power... of communist memes...[View]
131068727TRUMP FINISHED!: Where were you when you found out Trump was finally finished? http://archive.is/edZ…[View]
131067539How did Germany recover from being a loser!?[View]
131053936Refute this.[View]
131069928Muh White Privilege: Democrats have literally nothing left... https://youtu.be/icNFo4hCixE[View]
131066641Why socialism necessitates oppression and conquest: I figured that I'd just share my past self…[View]
131066966Anyone else notice that all the anti-trump 'BREAKING NEWS'......: is shit that was already in the ne…[View]
131069418Take over Islam: If you to take the Snack out of the Snackbar, start your own mosque and make it lib…[View]
131069582Is she a MILF or GILF?[View]
131041360Be careful about what you say online.[View]
131070021when you try to redpill a beautiful young woman but she gets punched and humped by her black boyfrie…[View]
131064778Goddamnit, I love Arkansas.[View]
131067518Racemixing & Faggotry Being Promoted To Kids Through Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzim1…[View]
131062751No discussion at all of the healthcare bill, the most significant policy undertaking of the administ…[View]
131069943Redpill afternoon cartoons: Believe or not this cartoon exposing marxism aired on Cartoon Network ht…[View]
131069227how do we genocide marxists and comunists?[View]
131021126You only pretend T H I C C is attractive because most the country is obese: Admit it. Obese girls ar…[View]
131069396Some of you are alright, don't go to Ben and Jerry's tomorrow.[View]
131069775Evergreen truth fuck free speech?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rTzRCefGfX0 They held him hostage a…[View]
131069730Ww2 propaganda's/hoax[View]
131067044Entomophagy! Have you ever eaten an Insects for lunch,dinner,breakfast?: The practice of eating inse…[View]
131060848Daily reminder that THESE are the 'people' who are responding to your threads[View]
131067563You all scoff at women going into the arts and media in universities while lauding your STEM program…[View]
131069123Why do they like gibs so much?[View]
131070332Why do white women love to tan so much?: I don't get it, what's the appeal of turning into…[View]
131067664Inside the belly of the beast: Ask me anything.[View]
131068305Let's discuss Ukraine: What does /pol/ actually know about this country? Why is it despised by …[View]
131069412Centrist pushed right: When did your viewpoints no longer become fashionable on the left? For the p…[View]
131067004yo guys, so you've might heard about the plans of the legislative branch in Germany to develop …[View]
131058925The Ukraine: >Zimbabwe >breadbasket of Africa >starves >blames white people >The Ukra…[View]
131045788is this really what /pol/ is like irl?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx-7ZR6Ps50[View]
131068921So many threads on polce and race, but none on The Justice Sytem: Does the criminal justice system n…[View]
131067839Is /pol racist?[View]
131062679Brexit was a good idea.: Name a mainland European country these days that doesn't have a town r…[View]
131056543Nice: You have been visited by God Emporor! You will be blessed with great legislation and trade dea…[View]
131069146Hey bald man, got something in that skull?[View]
131054860Is taxation theft?: Well, /pol/, is it?[View]
131068548what does pol think of police brutality[View]
13106882170% of Millenials don't have a Bachelor's degree or higher.[View]
131068785Is the punisher /ourguy/?[View]
131053465Why it is not OK for men to show their feminine side? Would you also want to play with your daughte…[View]
131051222Starting a community: since most people here seem to be against mainstream politics - and since we o…[View]
131067437Parents of supposedly bullied child now going forward with lawsuit. How do we prove who wrote it? Ob…[View]
131068654Im a Gen-Z Trump supporter who goes to a mostly liberal high school. AMA[View]
131062836Trump gets ito offfice and you babies are still unsatisfied, whats you problem?: Is this board nothi…[View]
131068539US presidents are all viking descendants: 12-year-old girl created family tree linking 42 of 43 U.S.…[View]
131061303Rabbi Meir Kahane: >always said coexisting with arabs was impossible, therefore expelling them is…[View]
131065959why is america is the only non-shithole superpower?: >Brazil shit >China shit >EU gets shit…[View]
131067611So Here's the situation /pol I now Have a Jewish Girlfriend, what should I do?[View]
131054515what the fuck is his problem? im getting pretty fed up with celebrities normalizing the idea of trum…[View]
131067070>Holocaust scholars estimate 5-11 million people were murdered in concentration camps >/pol/ t…[View]
131068416>Muh mighty Europeans who used to colonize all ends of the planet are now reduced to minorities i…[View]
131068399Well worth a listen for every /pol/ack: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1YXJztbY2fx Sorting ourselves out indi…[View]
131068370Does the right not understand comedy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p_EdB2C210 The very first jo…[View]
131062270How many freaking genders. Feminists btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8S4hMjFTSI HAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
131068350What are the chances that this course is cancer? Looking for a career change and want to into Philos…[View]
131052921(((capitalists))): how can we destroy them?[View]
131064314Why is Italy such a loser?[View]
131060599This would be a much better america[View]
131065647who would win in lethal battle?[View]
131066800Would women have equal rights in a red pilled society?[View]
131065211Every press F to pay repsect: Muchas Gracias Mi General[View]
131062696Well, it happened /pol/. I got petitioned for a paternity test. It's ruining my current relatio…[View]
131055036>The UN estimates it would cost $30 Billion a year to end world hunger. >The US military budge…[View]
131068027Israel Calls Saudi King To Invite Netanyahu To Riyadh: sraeli Intelligence and Transportation Minist…[View]
131063476Media invents an event: And needs a fall guy so they blackmail this guy who ran over a kid to wave a…[View]
131063806Does /pol/ have real world influence? Science says yes!: https://aaai.org/ocs/index.php/ICWSM/ICWSM1…[View]
131061370Trump admits he influenced a witness: https://twitter.com/BraddJaffy/status/878263921362182144 What …[View]
131058909Did they rewrite history? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_controversy[View]
131067918was Napoleon one of (((them))) or he was on our side?[View]
131067883Trump Still President: >wake up >President Trump Holy shit, this is reality. Any1else?…[View]
131056359JOHNNY DEPP THREATENS TRUMP: http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/johnny-depp-when-wa…[View]
131062555Qatar is getting fucked by its neighbours: What's going on on the arabian peninsula? Why are th…[View]
131060214Violent crime increases in right-to-carry states[View]
131067666Did Going From Left to Right Make You Feel Energized? Revitalized? Almost Reborn?: >I was far lef…[View]
131060095Who killed him? Mafia? CIA? Lee Harvey? Commies?[View]
131056796I love America: God damn I love America so much. I don't love all of it, of course, but you can…[View]
131065737i will die from laughing /pol/ what have white men become lol this is your future now hahahha[View]
131067401What the flippery fuck? Is this real life? Why do we the taxpayers have to pay for these shitty pare…[View]
131060452>be american >pay a tip to your doctor[View]
131065701Alex Jones fans:: What do you really think of him? It seems like most of you lovingly make fun of hi…[View]
131064368Keynesians don't understand the business cycle.[View]
131066984/pol/ used to be a place where you argued a great arguement, with logic and reasoning, what Happened…[View]
131066939>YO......AYO..........AYO HOL UP.............. HOL UP........U SAYIN.... IS U SAYIN.......WE WUZ …[View]
131066936Should one be entitled to run over protestors on a highway?: >insert gif of some guy in India who…[View]
131046186/pol/ you deed it again mate[View]
131056120hispanics committing hate crimes against muslims: > first girl is kidnapped and murdered by illeg…[View]
131031953Polish qt explains India's latest rocket launch.: PSLV- C38-Cartosat-2E launched by ISRO - Karo…[View]
131066623ITT: Post heroes of recent times.[View]
131066603https://www.23andme.com/en-ca/ >yes goy, give us the rights to your genetic material. this charac…[View]
131062227PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TOO SMART TO WIN /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
131066211this guys so fucking stupid[View]
131058820What's up with all these gay mosques popping up suddenly? WTF: Is this some kind of reformation…[View]
131066388ALL HEÏL GENERAL TYRONE: Here the official Big General Tyrone thread. >Everyone must praise our l…[View]
131066328ISLAM BTFO!: Donald Trump’s Deputies Quietly Push Transgender Ideology Onto Schools An internal memo…[View]
131045000Did you know?: I bet you didn't, but you do now. These white Christians FORCED gender roles.…[View]
131064052The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
131066016Have you noticed the influx of sexually frustreted posts and cuck threads on /pol/ since the electio…[View]
131066219Whoy does /pol/ hate the alt lite now and call them controlled opposition? They are useful in redpil…[View]
131066217is there any way to prevent the resurgence of common sense and logic in our political discourse from…[View]
131064814You Just Know[View]
131062324Which one of you did that?[View]
131065000Trumpcare makes you GAY (and possibly Jewish): Why haven't they released the results for studie…[View]
131066014Anita Jewkasian Srikes again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGDE1BhwUtw It's happening how ca…[View]
131065854Why is France such a loser!?[View]
131063213Save Stefan: Okay faggots if you can figure out where a fucking flag is based on stars a airplane tr…[View]
131064561Trump visited this Boeing factory to celebrate jobs. It just announced layoffs: Fucking defend this,…[View]
131062080If you are not from US or Russia (2000+ nukes) and your country is a signatory of CTBT, you are basi…[View]
131065840SUCKERS!!!! Back in May of 2015, when Donald Trump was still running in the Republican primary race,…[View]
131065400Is it possible to will yourself to stay alive?[View]
131063441Is this a joke?[View]
131065804What is the difference between RT and CNN?[View]
131059978What happened in the 1970s?[View]
131055325I've recently gotten into doing fakes of popular brands and hiding politically incorrect messag…[View]
131064719It still unsettles me..: >Sees white liberal media figure >Automatically judge him and come to…[View]
131063475How much better off will the world be when George Soroes Dies?: 5% better? 10% better? 20% better? W…[View]
131024942DEPORTED!!!: She's being deported because of fucking Trump. What the hell do you all have to sa…[View]
131063984How about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKH7Ovnde5I[View]
131059756Why there aren't any terrorist attacks in Spain and Portugal? Serious question as lately some p…[View]
131063828Programmers, why haven't you taken tha cyanide pill?: For one, programming is an incredibly deg…[View]
131064241Are alien greys real?: Is there any solid evidence?[View]
131045911why aren't you a radical centrist yet /pol/?[View]
131066946When will women learn that men don't just want sex? Will it ever happen? Back in grandpa's…[View]
131065234WtF I love Solar Panels Now!: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/trumps-bright-idea-solar-wall…[View]
131065150Future world map prediction thread. pic related is my guess for the near future[View]
131064060Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
131064137IT. WAS. HER. TURN.[View]
131065127Prison Thread: Advice, memes, and other material related to the penitentiary lifestyle. we have anon…[View]
131065132How long long until we get some happenings in South Africa? https://youtu.be/llP1o4AB0AM It seems li…[View]
131050693why do people who support all kinds of edgy stuff like guns for everyone/disability benefits cuts/de…[View]
131065041There, fixed it: Via hoppean snek memes[View]
131065029She's right. We're all human, and we should all show some humanity[View]
131063839Atheists are the biggest plebs on this plane.: I love how atheists think that everything is subject …[View]
131058982>Muh mighty Europeans who used to colonize all ends of the planet are now reduced to minorities i…[View]
131060325Who the fuck does this uppity nigger think he is? What makes him think anyone cares about his opinio…[View]
131060572fucking rite: please die of cancer[View]
131049715BRITAIN YES: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-23/uk-schools-boys-wear-skirts-protest-shorts-ban-co…[View]
131059114Hello this is Stefan Molyneux from Free Domain radio and I hope you are doing well. We have user on …[View]
131063671Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow anon?[View]
131064749Everyone's face when: >his involuntary celebacy dictates his social and political views…[View]
131063138Why did the UN fuck Serbia so hard during the Yugoslav War? Did they do something to piss off the Je…[View]
131059962I don't like Muslims and blacks. Why are media pundits and Democrats trying so hard to get me t…[View]
131053106why don't black sports figures, entertainers, movie stars, singers, songwriters, movie director…[View]
131061104I know the alt-right movement is famously anonymous but who would /pol/ say exemplifies alt-right va…[View]
131064435Third Reich didn't last 10 years you guys still believe in the 'socialism works in a white coun…[View]
131054274Sargon complete meltdown on twitter: And it's been like that for 12 hours now. Wew! This was ju…[View]
131063960I'm Tim Kaine: As me anything[View]
131045165/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the…[View]
131053134Is this working out for us?[View]
131061617how can an ideology be so based? Its ying and yang, body and soul, firm and just, progresive and tra…[View]
131064172you ever feel bad for poor people?[View]
131054989Is Trudeau just an international joke at this point?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJTNut1VSEw…[View]
131064028LGBTQ: Gender is a Spectrum EDITION: >lesbian >gay >bisexual ??? >transportation >que…[View]
131064025*teleports behind Mexico* 'Nothing personnel kid'[View]
131063519BUHAHHAHA: Let's be real, snowflakes hate commies it's makes their world meaningless. It…[View]
131063980Why is being 'racist' so frowned upon? Isn't it merely a judgement of the compatibility of indi…[View]
131062046reminder /pol/: daily reminder that there are people who still believe in this shit like seriously a…[View]
131051228>Roaches in charge of education.[View]
131063889Sunni Terrorism vs Shia ''terrorism'': KNOW YOUR TERRORISMS[View]
131050143Abraham Lincoln: >wins civil war >about to deport all of the niggers back to Africa >assass…[View]
131049002Why do cucks and progressives in general always look so deformed?[View]
131055078Watch yourselves, Drumftards....[View]
131046418HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY: Well lads! its been a year since we overthrew the tyrants in brussels! brexi…[View]
131063518Muslim brotherhood: Redpill me on the muslim brotherhood, what is their endgame?[View]
131059387>the Saudi crown prince is a 30 y/o fat neet with a neckbeard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHAH…[View]
131062351Defend this. Pro tip: you can't .[View]
131035404Greatest Ally Thread: ITT: We recognize our greatest ally. Or, in the case of the United States, our…[View]
131063562WE: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfIeburPnio is this the best KANGZ explanation video to date…[View]
131048553Why should I have children, /pol/?: Give me one good reason. - You will waste 20 years of your life …[View]
131044433We must secure the existence of white/western children, I mean you must! Not me though: What is goin…[View]
131063395your last days (((America)))[View]
131062049For one million »refugees«, Germany is spending 30 billion euros this year: (((Terrorist Merkel))) s…[View]
131063346If god is infinite then why don't we use god in math?[View]
131019108Iran positioning to take over Mesopotamia and Levant: >In recent days, two developments took plac…[View]
131063235>voted Trump and will vote for him again in 2020 >pretend to be a hardcore leftist Hilldawg on…[View]
131054740The disappearance of native Europeans. When will there be less than 10% native Europeans in Europe? …[View]
131060964> WaPo : Obama admin 'choked' on Russia, former official says http://archive.is/rEsi5 …[View]
131059954Is he retarded, /pol/?[View]
131061413Why do women want to dress like niggers so much?[View]
131062947Let's be real here /pol/. We all love seeing white women get fucked by black men. Honestly it…[View]
131062714Whenever there is a Trump thread...: Ur a shill No ur a shill Oh yah well ur a Jew No ur a Jew!! Gre…[View]
131062656ITT: only countries that are finished and will be bred out of existence can post.[View]
131062938funny clip from this article, i dont think this is true but its funny anyway. https://www.usnews.com…[View]
131055814Can one be a patriot and an atheist simultaneously?[View]
131062709True Christians are Liberals: Give me one good reason, as a Christian, how you can be conservative w…[View]
131062695Think Globally - Act Locally: https://www.arlnow.com/2017/06/23/morning-poll-do-you-support-the-coun…[View]
131060270Oathkeepers go full cuck and attack white nationalists: What do we do about the boomer question? htt…[View]
131060455is a thread full of t_d kekistani cringe-cancer? this guide can help. be on the lookout for the foll…[View]
131026480Redpill me on Israel and the Jews, /pol/.[View]
131059911Listen up you you alt-right chads: How many of you are chads? I'm going to fuck you up personal…[View]
131059949Any Mormon anons?: Good: >Not Jewish >Strong Family Values >Strong Community Values >Una…[View]
131053333ok /pol/ serious questsion: Is the kekistan thing meant to be serious or just the longest lasting jo…[View]
131061130It appears Rage after Storm is close to becoming a Nazi.[View]
131051170ITT: Race Mixers paying the toll. Post pictures or Webms of Race-Mixer's paying the toll. pic r…[View]
131061925Will the demorats do the right thing for their party...: and fire Nancy the Crypt Keeper Pelosi? Or …[View]
131061787How does it feel getting cucked white boi?[View]
131062816Why do Russians squat?[View]
131027251Being a psychologist is difficult: I hate the porn industry, every time I visit there sights makes m…[View]
131055249About the hijab: So recently I've been very interested intrigued by this Islamic headscarf. As …[View]
131040151I bet /pol/ has experience with this[View]
131052167The Gauntlet had been thrown down!: Let's see which degeneracy is stronger! Islam v.s. Postmode…[View]
131061621The Met showcases Islamic art as a response to Trump's Muslim ban: http://www.reuters.com/video…[View]
131059735WAAAAH I hate niggers cuz they do lots of crime! >all black people disappear from the planet Hisp…[View]
131062015>no campus for white men White men are now below women, mexican women, blacks, asians and mixed g…[View]
131057920>homosexuality is genetic! >can't reproduce…[View]
131054479Norwegians protesting against the president of Brazil. Look at your own country before you lose it.[View]
131051886Accidentally redpilled: My wife Now every 10th word out of her mouth is something to the effect of '…[View]
131056633why do you this burgers? I'm white. Let me in already[View]
131053752>One in a seven adult Americans can't read http://www.statisticbrain.com/number-of-american-…[View]
131059319Something Hitlarious: So I was just reading Dante's Paradiso. Interesting work. I was in Canto …[View]
131054347Will the same thing that happened to neandertals will also happen to happen to europeans? What i mea…[View]
131051051>It's impossible for manlets to reprodu-: Oh.[View]
131057497Competition vs cooperation: At what scale do the benefits of competition start outweighing the benef…[View]
131061337Brexit consequences: Seems that socialist Corbyn wins the race to people's hearts. Let's s…[View]
131061085Otto Warmbier a spy or false flag: I'm not defending north korea but... https://www.youtube.com…[View]
131060256This: This is fan-fucking-tastic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwd-OG0_xGk[View]
131061090So when's the wall going to get built?[View]
131060319ITT we post our favorite Trump quotes: >'Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and …[View]
131061347I don't think some people realize how important intellectualism is to battling liberal cuckery.…[View]
131061269It looks like he finally figured out his talking points!: Well, I didn't tape him, uh, you neve…[View]
131057148He had a good run as President, but Trump is done now. I don't think he can recover from breaki…[View]
131061215So this: Is photoshop? Or naw? WHAT HAPPENED AT THENSANDY HOLLERCOST?[View]
131059380Were Blacks the first the notice about female nature after the Government offered security in exchan…[View]
131060999A new feminist comedian has stated she is 'more frightened by the far right than Islamic terrorism' …[View]
131060549Soros: Fuck George Soros[View]
131046854Brit/pol/ - ARE NEIL edition: >In front of the Islam Channel, 14 Bonhill Street, London https://w…[View]
131060298Daily reminder man child life is best life[View]
131060981our president is a literally frog Can't be more redpilled than that https://www.rt.com/viral/3…[View]
131059062These Jews are trying to subvert our political momentum and stop us uncovering the Holocaust lie to …[View]
131051378Muslims in the UK are literally impregnating white children on mass.: Sort it out for fucks sake.…[View]
131057058What do?: >Sitting in class >Kid sits next to me >Brings out textbook titled 'communist sta…[View]
131060159Why do so many want Trump dead? Is it because his ideas are toxic and his death would be a symbolic …[View]
131056643http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/22/health/ancient-egypt-mummy-dna-genome-heritage/index.html >151 mumm…[View]
131060594>ctrl f >no /ewo/ thread Let's get to it lads; current threads are shit and full of shill…[View]
131060197How does gender relate to success in politics? Is there a list of political parties, members which o…[View]
131050596Kekistan cringe thread: let me begin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6YouZrVIY[View]
131058802Who is best? Profit Jesus or profit Muhammad? Who would win fight?[View]
131056428It's Trump, isn't it?: Should be a major happening today if true. Previous >>1309823…[View]
131058134secular american jewish rabbies discuss the basic tenants of secular judaism, as is practiced in ame…[View]
131062978Your daughter becomes an inhuman freak what do you do? pic related[View]
131043381Breaking: The Grenfell Tower Fire started in the refrigerator: The fire in the London apartment bloc…[View]
131053069Some interesting things Trump said in his Rally this week: 1) Said he gave Saudi Arabia an ultimatum…[View]
131053758Is Iceland the uncucked version of sweden[View]
131057886Is somebody still a snowflake (or still bluepilled) if he's class-conscious, ranging from ancom…[View]
131039313Ask an alt right Russian anything[View]
131059584Based Black Busta BTFO this kike kocksucker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phPXTWJhnYM[View]
131056287Political Mind Actress: How do you think about this fanatic lady?[View]
131060046>Great-grandson of black Ethiopian prince Ibrahim Hannibal, who came to Russia during the Czar Pe…[View]
131060106Rent a President:your own Klaus Iohannis: -58 years old,healthy; -speaks Romanian,German and English…[View]
131059334Thoughts?: Pic related[View]
131056981Any truckers on /pol/? Good job choice or nah?[View]
131059666resistbot to write to Congress: This is the resistbot. It writes to Congress and tells it what laws …[View]
131057098How do we fix systemic racism in Amerikkka?[View]
131059598Bong/pol/ - IT WAS MY TURN edition: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/poll-reveals-jeremy-corbyn…[View]
131046776The Golden One punching niggers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwJb0zZiJ5w is that guy really The …[View]
131047605Something is going to happen: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/john-podesta-to-be-interviewed-by-ho…[View]
131050458Syria General /sg/ - Undefeated Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
131059130DRUDGE POLL: DRUDGE POLL GO VOTE NOW http://www.drudgereport.com/[View]
131059219How Reproductive Justice Serves as a Model for Progressive Organizing: This is the kind of shite Geo…[View]
131056535Is /pol/ still /pol/?: This is it, ain't it? This place is lost. Ever since the Trump & kek…[View]
131057666How to spot an incompetent politician: Win the Parliamentary elections and gain a huge majority in t…[View]
131053679/sg/ vs /ptg/: Who do you think is right and why?[View]
131042494Brazil cucked by norway: DO AS WE SAY Or else...[View]
131057611killing the legacy media: regular people are the new media, not fucktarded ideologues https://www.yo…[View]
131054986>Golly gee I hope there are tapes! What did this sack of shit mean by this?…[View]
131059057WTF, I Love Solar Panels Now! http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/trumps-bright-idea-solar-wall…[View]
131058884is he /ourguy/?[View]
131058055pray for the poor: Pray for the poor while looking like this. Good job,Eastern Orthodox Church…[View]
131057139what does /pol/ think of nancy pelosi and hillary clinton together?[View]
131053451>walls and fences do not wo-[View]
131058556Kekistan Official Anthem Is Selected: ALL RISE FOR THE PLAYING OF OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. https://www.y…[View]
131049421How do we solve the white trash problem?[View]
131058699I was on Kikebook yesterday and this page popped up on suggested pages. Check it out and report it f…[View]
131058679Dawkins speaks much truth: https://twitter.com/RichardDawkins/status/877915949554434048 >Pakistan…[View]
131056563Jew the jews: >apply for several credit cards >have a spouse or trusted friend take a loan on …[View]
131056546Which do you support more: the affordable healthcare act or the abomination that is Obamacare?[View]
131052549Did /pol/ turn old Zyklon B into a Trump fanatic?[View]
131054549how to fix this place?[View]
131058427I don't give a fuck what you say Kekistan is a power of it's own now /pol/ and you have no…[View]
131056681Why is it liberals always get a fucking pass when they are racist? Recently in the NYC District Atto…[View]
131054672Where Do First Nations Rate on the Totem Pole of Ravial Heirarchy?: My grandfather was a half-breed …[View]
131057401Germany expands surveillance of encrypted message services: >Germany on Thursday passed a controv…[View]
131055543Tariq Nasheed: Why does he legit look like a antagonist that belongs in a Far Cry game?[View]
131058240>there are 20 + year old posters on /pol/ who honestly believe the reason they are unemployed and…[View]
131058185Looks like Bill Cosby is doing a Summer Tour on How Not to Get Caught.[View]
131051898Anti-Terrorism Bollards: Why isn't Europe doing this? Australia hasn't even had a vehicle …[View]
131057776THIS RACE THINGIS BACK goto https://www.kairos.com/diversity-recognition upload a face, like one Bob…[View]
131058097Imagine a world without American involvement in WWII. They'd still be a democracy and everythin…[View]
131057388Slavery and Sweden: Dear Sweden, Your country is in the shit because your weirdo nutjob politicians …[View]
131052967We'll stop talking about white genocide being an agenda when these people stop calling for it: …[View]
131057864What the fuck /pol/?!?! You told me that this shit has only been going on since the 70's cause …[View]
131041304deport sociopaths: eusocials should live in a separate society from antisocials, with antisocials be…[View]
131057071Donald Trump is pushing to erase neo-Nazis from the US government’s counter-extremism program: http:…[View]
131053497Nancy Pelosi absolutely BTFO by the troll king >It would be a very, very sad day for republicans …[View]
131034500Saudi rattling the saber now: Do they expect Trump to back them up? I do recall him selling F-15s to…[View]
131056453Ideology is an ouroboros whose downward spiral is fueled by salty triggers.: Tink away, fellow saltm…[View]
131049059Did anyone screenshot the post from WH Anon yesterday about a 'possible' happening before 2pm? I…[View]
131028810yes goy save the poor trees[View]
131050698Mooslim crime: Do the Muslims (and other assorted (((minorities))) ) break the law in your country? …[View]
131052560'They work for 50 cent a day, so we can enjoy coffee and chocolate.': Development minister of German…[View]
131057454FUCKING BASED lets get these future visa holders some coats fellow magapedes[View]
131051255white '''genocide''': >women won't fuck me >w-white genocide! Lose some weight, fix your …[View]
131052332Stevie Wonder: 'You Cannot Say 'Black Lives Matter' and Then Kill Yourselves': Stevie Wond…[View]
131048559Coal burning white niggers.: How do we stop the white nigger epidemic? This video is weird...pic rel…[View]
131056420Merchants: What's the deal with them? Can somebody give me a quick rundown? Also, post your bes…[View]
131057326This is a muslim area: https://youtu.be/nw2w7ACogaY?t=1m15s[View]
131048456Canada: $14,000 a Square Foot: >$725,000 for one-bedroom condo at Joyce Station raises red flags …[View]
131029180GERMANY NO!: Berlin Opens First LGBT-friendly Mosque as 'Feminist' Islam Emerges to Fight …[View]
131029450Fact: Jews are the chosen people.: If Jews are not the chosen people. Then how do you explain the fa…[View]
131044650Hypocrisy.: I know a 70 year old who is in the USA illegally. She has been here since she was in her…[View]
131050866/spg/ - Sussex Police General - An American Tradition Edition: I'm doing my part, are you? Edit…[View]
131055933<---This is the reason why USA will become 3rd world country soon Anyone, who defends beaners MUS…[View]
131056253Constitutional rights are a shitty meme. Either you are able to harness power and position, or you d…[View]
131034876>W-we h-have a r-right to exis-- Ever notice that the whole 'white genocide' hysteria is predomi…[View]
131033292Are ethnic Russians Aryan? Not,not the Tatar,Mongol or Chechen minorities,Ethnic Russians. They trul…[View]
131056904>demoshits demand the entirety of maines surplus goes to welfare services >tells them to fuck…[View]
131041680Sinner thread: Confess your sins /pol[View]
131056884Why? Can you euro-tards explain this? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/uk-government-announces-75-million-…[View]
131055093Never forget: Never forget what this man did for your country. >Lincoln kills 6-700 thousand of h…[View]
131056686Greece is a third world country.[View]
131048226wow: Taxpayers money hard at work[View]
131056620When did: Pol start worshipping a third-world injun dictator?[View]
131045656What do Israeli's on /pol/ think of Europe's situation regarding immigration?: Honest opin…[View]
131039240The Basic Income idea: The luddites on the internet talking about it are retarded and miss the point…[View]
131053469Normies are trying to destroy the Faswave: Some cuck are reporting the channel and the videos of Jos…[View]
131038786According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist inc…[View]
1310563612020 election: Maurice Williams 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9OlGTFPlhA[View]
131026668is Bill Cosby /our guy/?[View]
131056237Are these the 'based' jews conservatives and alt righters like to brag about?[View]
131042278PICK YOUR US STATE: With most Americans asleep, where would you foreigners settle if you had to choo…[View]
131055503America is under thread by students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWvQtt-LVwc When will you Ameri…[View]
131023439Do any of you have nonwhite friends or people close to you?: Do you let your racial beliefs affect h…[View]
131055271radicalized right winged white men: How can anyone believe this? Are people retarded? https://www.yo…[View]
131038593/pol/ - Self-improvement: What did you do to improve yourselves? What are your plans to improve? Are…[View]
131051004>Imigration is bad[View]
131045655ITT: it's the year 2052[View]
131056363Post yfw when you're out in public and you see a nigger.[View]
131057177I think vaginas are gross I like tits but am I gay? should I electrocute myself?[View]
131051652Now that the world is aware of Northern Ireland, how will they react to the 12th July (Designated Ch…[View]
131054222hey /pol/ do you believe in democracy?[View]
131055679Ok, so Im sick of tired of you eurocucks criticising the US Healthcare System, knowing that not fuck…[View]
131055035Why weren't they allowed to get along?[View]
131019839California YES!: all you bigots stay out of my beloved California http://www.sacbee.com/news/politic…[View]
131032049Should prostitution be legal and regulated?: >oldest profession in the world >exists in litera…[View]
131050378Is securing a future for the white race more important than personal goals and happiness?[View]
131031635>men stop having sex with women >men decide to go mgtow >entire nation about to collapse …[View]
131055164Could Bill Gates fuck underage girls and get away with it?[View]
131050977This will be the average 5ft American by 2040. Do you still will respect them?[View]
131050054Duterte is sick!: http://www.rappler.com/views/animated/155883-rodrigo-duterte-sick-health-concerns …[View]
131053496>mfw if we were let in EU 15~ years ago our country wouldnt be as shtty and islamic as it is now.…[View]
131051000Alright /leftypol/ we need to talk. We know theres a problem in the DNC. Its an ugly, unpleasent pro…[View]
131049219FAKE NEWS: Trying to convince someone not to blindly trust everything they see in the MSM. Can I get…[View]
131036508Lets face it. China is the future of humanity. China is going to surpass all nations regarding techn…[View]
131052477What did Google mean by this?[View]
131054958Do you Know this New Political Partie in Germany? What do you think If it. Would you vote for them? …[View]
131054885What have (((nordics))) ever even done for white society? They literally sat up in their rock format…[View]
131053454Daily reminder[View]
131052741Why are republicans so dumb and racist and facist nazis? I support Antifa and I hope we can end repu…[View]
131054829Why do Republicans vote against themselves https://youtu.be/LJjo1kJW6To[View]
131054703>protectionism and corporate handouts will make america great ag- http://archive.is/tSTKa…[View]
131054020When did Germanics became this feminine and cucked ?[View]
131053148>tfw you were born into life on easy mode[View]
131054592Low income life vs Middle class income life: She's got a point you know![View]
131054586Damn, I sure am tired from all that wall-paying I've been doing. So glad the dollar has been ge…[View]
131053351Americans?: >be me, random serbian >wondering how can americans be so openly stupid and hypoci…[View]
131054564>wh*tes >humans You are inferiour.[View]
131044845South Sudan needs $8 billion for food: Have you donated yet, /pol/? The UN is asking donors for $8 b…[View]
131043045MERKEL ON SUCIDE WATCH: Hard Brexit will cost (((German))) car makers £6 BILLION and 18,000 jobs. Al…[View]
131053942Why do we hate Indians again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM9JtNravm0[View]
131050379Can anyone explain why PJW gets alot of hate outside of the sjws? I get that hes an infowars shill, …[View]
131054445shia: #Pepewilluniteus or will he divide us? or come inside us?[View]
130997857I have a cousin who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School and I can assure you it really happened.[View]
131054067Muslim Awareness Thread: The Islamic Religion of Peace™ has killed 7406 people so far this year, and…[View]
131028960WE WUZ ASTRONAUTS N SHIT: Europeans BTFO Africans BTFO Muslims BTFO Mexicans BTFO Feels good, Americ…[View]
131054247How to Jewjitsu: >Be Jew >Get Holocaust evry 100 years >Complain and make tonnes of movies …[View]
131053108Is all hope lost?: How do we solve the young NEET male problem? http://vocaroo.com/i/s1YXJztbY2fx…[View]
131048572Viagra is pure concentrated Jewish degeneracy. Old cucks should not be having sex the Jewish doctors…[View]
131053974Jews and Nukes: Nukes have alway been a convenient narrative: either as an excuse to siphon off mone…[View]
131053837Do people actually believe in god in 2017. Why?[View]
131053583this is the perfect Europe[View]
131053718If you kill you enemies...: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4630850/Sniper-s-bullet-flew-ten…[View]
131051728Daily reminder that the USA rules the world with an iron dick and there's nothing any eur*, aus…[View]
131052140REMINDER: This is what happens when you get rid of Jews. https://youtu.be/845F1E8tFKE[View]
1310465012044 Latino majority in the US: Why do blacks think their new Latino overlords with be less oppressi…[View]
131053621To Porn Or not to Porn: >Ok here is my question/possible problem >when i was a teen I watched …[View]
131052888defenders of islam on 4chan: imagine being a white saviour syndrome pleb posting on a chinese basket…[View]
131047084r/neoliberal's reading list: Thoughts?[View]
131052107I want to be a stay at home dad. Where do I find an attractive woman who will work the field (or wha…[View]
131041564Why don't muslims like pigs?[View]
131051187Masha'Allah.. only Muslims can end World Poverty if not being oppressed by White People Zakat r…[View]
131052756/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
131023497wtf I hate America now[View]
131051892Stalin did nothing wrong![View]
131052296>believing the big *BRAAAAAAAP* theory >thinking (((nothing))) is a real thing >being an at…[View]
131037201>mfw atheist think nothing is real >thinking consciousness/will can arise from no where and no…[View]
131053119SA WHITE GENOCIDE: Worried about white genocide in SA? Here is the current administration's Off…[View]
131049753Georgia Guidestones: Hi /pol/ what do you know? I need some red pilling on this.[View]
131053115Leftist BTFO[View]
131053082https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF-Tdsvk0tI What did they mean by this?[View]
131053047Does the left hate free speech?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBUuBd5VRbY[View]
131044430Hi /Pol/ I'm a: Journalist with a major media company, were actually called 'digital content pr…[View]
131048697Dobson dropping truth bombs![View]
131046575What the fuck is wrong with CNN?[View]
131050650based leaf psychologist and philosopher destroys your typical SJW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O…[View]
131045849>BLACK PPL GOOOD >WHITE PPL BAAAAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn3AgNC2TSk How elaborate i…[View]
131052787Alt-Centre master race reporting in, what's happening enlightened ones?[View]
131013799What do guys have against Jews? I mean they might be greedy but at least they aren't committing…[View]
131049222Why don't we stop funding welfare and start giving out free condoms to the poor?: It would be a…[View]
131041884E Cigarettes In Australia: Back when I started vaping, I had been smoking around a packet a day for …[View]
131052624The Dark Knight Returns is red pilled on refugees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r77xi7Nq2_k >G…[View]
131045032Does /pol/ support Catalan independence?: If yes, explain why you don't support Ukrainian indep…[View]
131050940>not all Muslims are terrorists, so there is no need to ban islam Not all guns kill people, so th…[View]
131052404Canuckistania: My Fellow Canucks... I have a dream... in this dream on the 1st of July I see Misure …[View]
131046833posten die besten[View]
131052443American here, AMA.[View]
131052377What did the Crypt keeper mean by this?: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415443/why-pelosis-sy…[View]
131051866Should there be an age-limit to being a teacher?: This seems to be getting ridiculous! Can these 20-…[View]
131042427i really want to genocie all k*rds,gr**ks and arm*nians: what should i do about it?[View]
131045549So Colbert doesn't even do a character now? He's just a left wing pundit that wants more w…[View]
131047431Norway...: Norway is a freezing shit country where we are so miserable that we spend most of our tim…[View]
131052155Why don't we hear anything about them? What are they planning?[View]
131049504Farage thread: Ok lads. Post me your best/favorite Nige videos, pics, memes, webms, etc pronto. I ne…[View]
131047950This idiot.: Your government fails to get your kid back for 15 years. North Korean government kills …[View]
131051448Why the Holodomor Narrative is Wrong: I've seen this meme posted here many times. The left part…[View]
131051856I DONT GET HIM: Can someone explain what the heck does he mean in his lectures? What is his point. K…[View]
131050035Happy Independence Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgd9nYqVz2s[View]
131049738Remember when Alex Jones did this?[View]
131051897Will there come a time where we purge the degenerates again if it's been done before it can be …[View]
131049284GET ANGRY, COMRADES!: >literal communists on the front page of reddit They aren't even tryin…[View]
131050008The pepe market has crashed: Brothers. It is time we address one of the biggest challenges facing th…[View]
131045516All-white Skittles are being slammed as ‘racist’ >SKITTLES’ latest move to ditch its rainbow-them…[View]
131049096So I sure some of you know this but john oliver is being sued by robert murray for defamation, so do…[View]
131042024Germany being Germany again: The parliament just changed the constitution so any party will be denie…[View]
131046810Someone has to put a stop to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6YouZrVIY[View]
131051683Koznaks: This shit is great. Putin is using the Koznaks as mercinaries to bash Gay-Lib-tards. All ha…[View]
131051581These dirty rapefugees need to be exterminated /pol/ Any ideas? I came up with one boys 1. Pretend …[View]
131049594What's with all the jew hate?: At first I thought it was just a meme but with all the neo nazis…[View]
131051398Are you accepting Angelino as Lord and saviour of the West?[View]
131031021Can someone be a proud white and a christian at the same time? Is it according to the christian doct…[View]
131046049The only Aryan religion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMBKmQEPNzI[View]
131050010you know, one good thing antifa and the other groups have is that there united. /pol/ will never be …[View]
131045525>fat people are degenera-[View]
131039244#AUSPOL EMU EDITION pt. 2: >Turnbull’s headache: Unions, Labor vow to take Gonski 2.0 school fund…[View]
131051027Bullshit Bob BTFO: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/23/trump-says-comey-mueller-friendship-bo…[View]
131049607Ahead of Modi's Visit, US Clears Sale of 22 Predator Drones to India: Muslims of India & Pa…[View]
131044214Opinion on Asians?: What does black polsters think of Asians?[View]
131024194Eyes Wide Open /EWO/: 'A last wake-up call' Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmd2Eey6CcE aro…[View]
131050864English Independence: The northerners shout oppression and blame us for all their problems. Fine. Le…[View]
131050809Muh superior nigger race: Liberal nigger lovers absolutely btfo[View]
131016091Say hello to 2020, drumpfkins[View]
131044725Why are Jewish: People allowed to (((appropriate))) all the pain and suffering they've inflicte…[View]
131049806>Should the 'breadwinner' role be exclusive to men? >Do you want men to be the only …[View]
131041183>communism doesn't work Then how do you explain primitive communism? At the first steps of h…[View]
131050150Supreme Court Justice Kennedy may be announcing his retirement soon. If so Trump gets to pick anothe…[View]
131011888Canada will be less than 20% white by the end of the century: How does that make you feel? https://w…[View]
131027611what originally redpilled you? >be 13 >read a history book (the bitter road to freedom: libera…[View]
131048094Every time I see anyone that is not pure North Western European i want them out of existence. How sh…[View]
131050440Happening -United Kaliphate strikes again: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/lye-hi…[View]
131042396GULF WAR 3 - Al Jazeera BTFO: QATAR GIVEN 10 DAYS TO COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING RULES: - Shut down th…[View]
131047784ITT we summon Tara McCarthy for a livestream: Should white people consider converting to Mormonism t…[View]
131036533Kiwi/pol/ General - Friday Night Refugee Edition: Kiwi/pol/ General every night until Election Night…[View]
131045392Identitarians raycis without bor-: >German SJW Media butthurt hipocrisy >Trying edgy comedy to…[View]
131045288Mitch McConnell overcame polio with the help of the government: >Mitch McConnell >FUCK YOU, I …[View]
131041537Pushback against Bolsheviks: Communist symbols should be banned in the west like Nazi symbols are. W…[View]
131048119Would our ancestors approve of how we're going about it? If not, what should we change about ho…[View]
131042296Only /pol/ approved true statements.: I'll start, every black person has stolen something in th…[View]
131036840Syria General /sg/ - De La Maghrebois Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
131046551PISSING PAJEETS KILL MAN: Two pajeets who were pissing outside against the wall of a bathroom filled…[View]
131047132Is soylent the /pol/ approved future of food?? >no agricultural labor or manufacturing labor = no…[View]
131048885>mfw I retweeted 10 infowars articles in a row[View]
131034952Total normie meme, but I think the issue needs to be discussed. I have been studying this phenomeno…[View]
131049130Jewish sperm donor fathers 35 kids: >A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari …[View]
131049113>Has YOUR packing been hit by the Pink Tax? How woman are STILL being charged more for their holi…[View]
131049629London fire may have been caused by eu regulations: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/cl…[View]
131038054I'm so sick of fucking pussies saying that they 'arent sure' if they believe in god, …[View]
131033655How many of you Danish faggots are celebrating Sankt Hans Aften?[View]
131049473We must make Shitskin the most prominently used (or known) racial slur in the United States.: We oft…[View]
131044992Should we judge people on their looks? Do you ever go out and think to yourself when you see someone…[View]
131051812manlets have a hard time but I'm okay with this[View]
131045087Why are niggers and liberals obsessed with blaiming whites for slavery when it's been niggers e…[View]
131032594Australia the blessed city.: Australia is the best country in the world. We killed most of our indi…[View]
131048684WE WUZANT KANGZ: >(CNN) — Ancient Egyptians and their modern counterparts share less in common th…[View]
131044653Goyim exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have n…[View]
131049210Lining his pockets with the sweat of the poor: timberlake kennel Dave bradford florida he will tak…[View]
131037086Bill Burr: >on Hillary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZbQtCtxAXM >shuts down a feminist http…[View]
131008026You can only post in this thread if your country has a confirmed kill at a range greater than 7000 f…[View]
131049108Metaphorical /pol/ Thread: https://youtu.be/Vb3IMTJjzfo >Undercover merchant starts memeing every…[View]
131041542Jesus Christ. Has there ever been a bigger gathering of pseudo intellectual, cringe master, faggot Y…[View]
131044066Has anyone ever compared public budgets for: >thought policing online '''hate speech''' vs >ac…[View]
131034611Well /pol/, what do you have to say for yourself?[View]
131047118Please send me your best Ancom and Communist ball memes: Thanks[View]
131024344WHITE FAGGOTS PERMANENTLY BTFO: apologise if you won't have gay sex with black people! http://w…[View]
131046874Muslims: We won't be consumed or swayed by these claims of islamiphobia. Amirite /pol/?[View]
131041919>I am here with Islamic State Caliph, Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi. Mr al-Baghdadi, thanks for coming on …[View]
131042274le liberal strawman face: Why is he such a fucking sophist? Every 'debate' on his show is …[View]
131029908PAGANS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nakZNwBiSw0&t=168s[View]
131035081UK INDEPENDENCE DAY THREAD: Today's the day UK voted for Brexit! Let's celebrate! (and dis…[View]
131037783What redpilled you?: >Be me, a 15 year old 'anarcho communist' >Every teacher and pr…[View]
131048315Everyone on both sides of the political spectrum hates us. :( The left hate us because we have a con…[View]
131048526To know how to act politically, you must first understand the truth about the reality we inhabit. Th…[View]
131048412Refugee Resettlement Cities: How come the feds don't send any refugees to Detroit?[View]
131046349He has a point tho Why do nigs do this shit?[View]
131047964Redpilled Goyim Harmonics: OY VEEY! > AryanTroll - 'Shut it down': Shut It Down (Parody of '…[View]
131042828Ezra Pound: Was he /our poet/?[View]
131032799This blew up my synapses...[View]
131039469Why should you enlist?: I know killing sandniggers is fun in all, but you'll most likely die in…[View]
131045750This board actually convinced me more to convert to judaism than actually become the nazi. Just imag…[View]
131047659UK YES!11!!1: >'OK then, if we are not allowed to wear that, then we will wear skirts'.…[View]
131045769That's it /pol/: I'm delet my life size Edward Scissorhands body pillow. http://archive.is…[View]
131048082red pilled video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_HeM7tLKmc[View]
131047397No official response on #MoreThanARefugee?: Is there seriously no official response from either yout…[View]
131046345When will /pol/ admit that white privilege is real[View]
131038887Say it with me : MONSIEUR LE PREMIER MINISTRE[View]
131047215I used to be a benevolent racist, I acknowledged the niggers inferiority, but I also thought we shou…[View]
131042105Nigger music: Why do niggers get so much attention in music they cant sing for shit https://www.yout…[View]
131045562SAUDI QATAR CRISIS: How is there no thread on this, it's huge potential for big happenings htt…[View]
131041734What happened to: The 'trends''ever since obama left office >clock boy >yarnell fire …[View]
131044408Boomer Stories: Boomers thread. Post stories of boomers being boomers. >work at factory >olde…[View]
131042133Mariya Gabriel: I just got some inside info on this cunt from someone very close to her. Here are so…[View]
131035975Is independent Catalonia gonna annex us? Im scared bros[View]
131045159Modernity is a Population Bottleneck. 2/3 of Whites have above replacement rate fertility rates and …[View]
131046586>post yfw confronted with a nigger[View]
131045216What did they mean by this? https://thinkprogress.org/aclu-sees-dc-cops-over-inauguration-arrests-9…[View]
131046992How do we stop Al-Jazeera/AJ+ from further spreading Qatari/Islamist propaganda in America?: They…[View]
131035454Brit/pol/ - GAS THE RICH CLASS WAR NOW edition: Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, C…[View]
131008361Well /pol/?[View]
131044456MSNBC wat That feel when 6am news[View]
131039944Stalin did nothing wrong desu[View]
131045432UK Man Jailed for Expressing Opinion: https://sussex.police.uk/news/shoreham-man-jailed-for-stirring…[View]
131036948Dont Western countries have a moral responsibility to help the poor and accept refugees simply becau…[View]
131046310anti-libtard propaganda poster: print it out a few times and stick them at your local libtard protes…[View]
131028071When are MGTOW losers going to fuck off back to the basement?: I'm fucking sick of seeing these…[View]
131045565Come on, Putin's just a dictator, admit it already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6XQOD-7VhA…[View]
131036701Black & brown stand united: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OnctuZ7ye4[View]
131042956So do any right wingers come here anymore, or were they chased out by shills. I mean 4chan did somet…[View]
131043803http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2016/august/easy-meat-britains-muslim-rape-gang-cover-up >One M…[View]
131046020Someone reported the Queen to the police for not wearing a seatbelt. Who could it have been? https:/…[View]
131044256Guys, I thought we lived in a world where there was a huge political 'issue' where African-Americans…[View]
131027511>In 1865, toward the end of the Civil War, Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman promised s…[View]
131045507Meme Rees-Mogg into PM: https://readyformogg.org/ Breitbart picked up this story already: http://www…[View]
131041870How do Muslims cope with no sex/no fap during Ramadan?: A normal human being who has a normal sex li…[View]
131035123Daily reminder that the only reason (((conservative))) women hate Islam is because it opposes their …[View]
131041865Talcum X is why Democrats keep losing: Daily reminder for the media that lurks here, Shaun TALCUM X …[View]
131042036/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - /ourjoe/ TIME EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
131044885I worked at my first theater production last night (sound crew) and witnessed a showcase of mostly a…[View]
131034884Why do so many here tolerate trannies? They're the most disgusting of them all.[View]
131011477NSA = Everyone will see your posts on here: >he posts on /pol/ >really thinks he's 'anony…[View]
131040419>2017 >New Days Gone game has straight white couple >No afroqueenz and kangz Remember to pa…[View]
131036265French users of /pol/. Can one of you tell me what he says at 0:37? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
131045452Why were the 1990s so comfy and optimistic? https://youtu.be/Q91hydQRGyM[View]
131042645PEDOGATE shooter gets 4 years in jail for putting bullet in wooden door. He could have just molested…[View]
131041781hey /pol/, I wrote a honoring Otto Warmbier and his despicable plight. What do you guys think? -----…[View]
131041239Pussies don't like dicks because pussies get fucked by dicks: But dicks also fuck assholes, ass…[View]
131042088If race is a social construct, how can white people be racist?: Help me Alinskyize this. Can't…[View]
131034682In what other scenario would a mayor call for no legal action to be taken against criminals? >Sad…[View]
131018485Can Someone be a True Christian and a Nazi?[View]
131048305This is really getting out of hand: I thought it was just a /pol/ meme BUT NO, GODDAMMIT WE HAD TO G…[View]
131042960Save the white race: Ok /pol/, how much are you willing to put on the line? Imagine you meat (bow ch…[View]
131041804It's done.: I work in a tourism branch. For past month I've dealt with groups of Israelis …[View]
131038489The true Europe: Wouldn't the Europe be a better place if UK didn't have formented a broad…[View]
131044960snapchat x fbi: I mean this is fucked, first a facial recognition database and now live gps tracking…[View]
131044936Online interactions different to face to face: Online Interactions, what are yours like? This resea…[View]
131044925Have six children.[View]
131044730Turkey bans evolution theory to be taught in school because it's too complicated topkek roaches…[View]
131043899What went wrong?[View]
131044445>The once mighty Europeans who used to colonize all ends of the planet are now reduced to minorit…[View]
131042857how to fix this place[View]
131040704Türkroach BTFO: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/23/turkish-schools-to-stop-teaching-evolu…[View]
131022670Most Terrorists in the U.S. Are Right Wing, Not Muslim: /pol/ BTFO[View]
131037739Lets talk about the imminent Population Implosion in western countries: Is feminism responsible or a…[View]
131044168WTC7 >fire was also seen on floors 6–10, 13–14, 19–22, and 29–30 >13 floors on fire >10th a…[View]
131042563Independence Day Thread: No Independence Day thread? For shame Post the best of brexit here >THRE…[View]
131000665>there are people on /pol/ who don't hate jews[View]
131039255Has anybody ever been a neo-Nazi/white supremacist rally before? What was it like? Was there a lot o…[View]
131036992Prove him wrong: Hitler didn't kill the Jews on the first day, he worked up to it. /pol/ BTFO…[View]
131043520I am 100% not sarcastic.True[View]
131044007(((firefox))) stole all my memes: Post muhamed meme pls.[View]
131012366polack about to come into $400,000: Hi /pol/, As suggested in the title I'm about to come into …[View]
131041133Young Jews not supporting Israel. Recent survey shows 'catastrophic' loss of support for I…[View]
131041064Remember to love your enemies christcucks: http://biblehub.com/matthew/5-44.htm How can you wish dea…[View]
131046595Can I get a quick run down on Jocelyn Wildenstein?[View]
131046684Life hacks general: /pol/ approves lifehacks for unsecure political and social times[View]
131028025The True Master Race: Hi. I'm Jewish. I have a question for all of the white nationalist lurki…[View]
131034906Based FRP: >Stop all asylum immigration to Norway by creating asylum housing abroad, as well as i…[View]
131034233/pol/ memories thread. best memories from /pol/ p.s. don't forget your here forever.[View]
131041250South Korea should be a daily reminder what the end goal of Feminists are. First they started femini…[View]
131042493We go Europe. If we hit last page we there.[View]
131015296Did The 1964 Election Destroy America?: Lyndon Johnson: Civil rights, Big government, War-mongering,…[View]
131041094https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmi-MtP969M Woah...[View]
131043257The state of modern greece: Monkeys the whole lof of them. ANEL LI (LIS TWERK - THESSALONIKI) JUDGE …[View]
131043252Stop doing selfies on Greenfell, you kaffirs! :(((((((((((((((([View]
131038192So what should the eventual penalty be for running an online casino and encouraging children to gamb…[View]
131036178Instead of fighting jews We arabs should breed with them to create a semite hybrid tribalist,suicida…[View]
131028223Where is the singulairty I was promised?: Since I was a child and old enough to read i was promised …[View]
131040153/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
131039840.: HMMMMMMMM[View]
131042674Shitskins make fun of white drug users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N82L1O8nDnQ[View]
131039393Why is this allowed? Why are Asians allowed to be Nazis, but not Westerners?[View]
131035250Uhh, America where's your gun surrender bin?[View]
131033697Mutant lamb causes Africans to chimp out!: >SUPERSTITIOUS villagers have been living in fear sinc…[View]
131042233I. AM. A KANG N SHIIIEEEEEEEEEEET!!! http://coffeebreak.theepochtimes.com/inspiration/the-king-has-r…[View]
131041509HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!: This time last year, js bongs voted for secession from the EU and for FREEE…[View]
131042117He is probably the weakest '/ourguy/' most of nu-/pol/ follows. Why do you guys trust Styxs, a guy w…[View]
131042006Can someone give me a quick rundown on the Islamic revolution of Iran?[View]
131027966Petition to start the tenth crusade: What do you think /pol/ https://www.change.org/p/pope-francis-c…[View]
131038276The assassination of Trump: >Griffin pretends to behead Trump >Play about Trump getting stabbe…[View]
131021360Defend this. Right. The. Fuck. Now.[View]
131038831I'm going to Milan atm, what do I do while I'm there? Please no memes I'm serious[View]
131039205NK Fanclub: Pledge your allegiance to the greatest state on Earth, North Korea.[View]
131041169what can we still do about canada?[View]
131041480Oy vey: The goyim know https://youtu.be/LndCkobZPCA[View]
131038872Why are the flags all fucked? the fucked up the anarchist flag and put in the Anarcho-Syndicalist fl…[View]
131041313Whats wrong with social construct: Gender identity is a social construct, nationality is a social co…[View]
131038817>he can not enroll in elite university >he call other stupid or degenerate what a irony :3…[View]
131041249Are racemixed jews+arabs the next evolution of the semite races?[View]
131021594White Brits will be a minority by 2060[View]
131036646>elect the most Zionists and practically Jewish president ever >Goy-Emperor >does literally…[View]
131039003I am bored. When is the next happening? Is there some important election coming up somewhere? Some b…[View]
131039550Police try to shoot dog, accidentally kills Armando Garcia, 17: Say it with me /pol/ >White Hispa…[View]
131030452Shia Labeouf: Has anyone noticed that after the whole 'He Will Not Divide Us' fiasco, Shia…[View]
131028070Libs BTFO.. Even USA Today admits the democrats are losers[View]
131010581Well latinos and latinas of /pol/, are you still proud of your heritage?[View]
131026152ITT: rare merchants[View]
131039688Fruit and veg farmers facing migrant labour shortages: >http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-403543…[View]
131029312It's Trump, isn't it?: Last thread hit bump count. Whitehouse anon returns. SKIPPY IS GOI…[View]
131040815Rage: Gender neutral kids rage[View]
131038812This triggers the liberal #nobabiesareillegal #noborders #notmybedtime #openbordersforbabies #fuckag…[View]
131036688Feels good to be member of religion which enslaved me,raped my women and castrated me for almost 100…[View]
131039443Why do 95% of the posters on this board actually not know jack shit about politics, political theory…[View]
131037485I'm scared Anons: WARNING this is not satire https://archive.fo/BjRDk[View]
131033674Brexit was a year ago today. Let that sink in.[View]
131038114Why should be scared of black people when it's white people in government suppressing my indivi…[View]
131031899Does anyone have the updated version of this? Why has /pol/ given up? Post everything you have![View]
131036912/polr9k/: Who here /polr9k/? >tfw my hatred for feminism and roasties overtakes all my other poli…[View]
131034439ANTIFA YES!!!!: Muzzies are now joining ANTIFA in droves to 'legally' assault republican voters.…[View]
131038739Please add a Trump flag: The democrat and republican emblems are both symbols of the uniparty. I kin…[View]
131037502Styx on Hitler: Styxhexenhammer666 knows that Hitler had a positive message and that he had the righ…[View]
131019338White genocide: Historically, no civilization has survived having a fertility rate of 1.6 or less. W…[View]
131038519MOST TERRORISTS IN THE U.S. ARE RIGHT WING, NOT MUSLIM: DRUMPFTARDS BTFO http://www.newsweek.com/rig…[View]
131037939Retard South Koreans want North Korea to co-host Olympics: North Koreans are like South Korea's…[View]
131032685Are Sicilians the best Italians pol?[View]
131039301CAN BREXIT BE REVERSED?: Well...can it?…[View]
131039625Tolerance only can be mutual. Otherwise it's self-humiliation.[View]
131036556Is premarital sex good or bad?: >white women having more sex and making more white babies even if…[View]
131026737This is Chelsea Manning, an average American.[View]
131039543What do you think /b/...: what would be the best replace for the actual political ideology? The left…[View]
131021823The Lesser of Two Evils: www.strawpoll.me/13263166 Communists and Muslims are fucking trash and both…[View]
131031280Member of the Polish parliament destroys BBC's news reporter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j…[View]
131021523Knife-wielding Somalian shuts down the metro: Fucking Christ, Brits. If this had been a motivated So…[View]
131038504The Aryan Queen of the Alt-Right worships big Asian cocks: /pol/ BTFO. Taylor Swift is about to get …[View]
131039021http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/763/web https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Chicago-Police-Scanner…[View]
131039008>be euro >laugh at americans for having mexican problem >a wild jew appears >euro floode…[View]
131038976Gipsy propaganda: How do you feel about the gipsies in your country? Do you celebrate their diverse …[View]
131022369Pizzagate officially over...: You lose. We win. Let this be a lesson to you the next time you push c…[View]
131038772New Indian blockbuster is literally about poo in loo. The film is called toilet. https://youtu.be/y…[View]
131031332Does anyone have a better quality version of this?[View]
131012658Legit question, what will happen in the next 15 - 20 years as a large amount of 'blue collar' worker…[View]
130990447>tfw we can now invade the USA[View]
131036748The Mountain Ethnostate: Hi /pol/ I am writing a manifesto that explores the possiblity of establish…[View]
131020552#AUSPOL EMU EDITION: Previous thread: >>130923323 >Turnbull’s headache: Unions, Labor vow t…[View]
131031841Convince me why porn is bad: >I'm an ugly beta incel manlet and I've been ignored and r…[View]
131034660200 years together: This book has been banned for many years from being converted to English. Pleas…[View]
131029755World Greatest Nigger Music 'Wash Yo Ass': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s90NUW4RSJU This song is …[View]
131005853Based NC[View]
131038254Every time I stand up too quickly and almost passed out on like thanks Bill Nye! Every time I hear a…[View]
131037203Is B.o.B right? Is the earth flat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCA8HofWsxc[View]
131030253Plot Twist: Otto was a Jew that blamed a Christian church for pressuring him to steal the sign that …[View]
131036633MEXICAN INTELLECTUALS TAKE AIM AT DONALD TRUMP: http://fusion.net/story/226400/donald-trump-boycotte…[View]
131038048Terrgvat, /cby/. Avttre avttre avttre. Avttre avttre avttre, avttre. Avttre avttre avttre avttre avt…[View]
131036921Should we incentivize sterilization for the mentally and physically handicapped?[View]
131036363Where da the white people at?: American tourist here. I recently arrived in northern Spain and every…[View]
131037008Was Babe Ruth white?: A lot of things I've read indicate that he was, just a bit chubby and had…[View]
131036866>((well done)) Is rap music financed by The jews?[View]
131035249Iron fertilisation of the sea: Liberals have gotten themselves into a tizz about CO2 levels so I sug…[View]
131019763Alt Right needs to shake Spencer loose: So Spencer finally went off on the alt light and split us do…[View]
131028853My aunty just took in a refugee from Burma. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the Burmese?[View]
131037672from cuck liberal to conservative: So once upon a time i was a Liberal pussy, through various means …[View]
131031087American Colonial Flag Today: A neighbor is hanging the original 13 star flag. I do not know them pe…[View]
131035933Orcposting: Best Meme of 2017: >Hold your ground! Hold your ground! >Sons of America, of Europ…[View]
131034452Comfy Citys: Who here lives /bigcity/? I live just outside Birmingham in Coventry, it's way mor…[View]
131027747How could a Jewish Hollywood director fuck up so badly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU9mI4fkiDo…[View]
131028573did he deserve it?[View]
131036600HELp: Is it rape if I touch her hand without consent?[View]
131034113Even North Koreans are laughing at the failure of Drumpfcare What's it like having to go in de…[View]
131037173Macron goes full retard.: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN19C2DX >'I hope that Trump cha…[View]
131037148Why are muzzies so beholden to their dreams? It seems that if you dream it,you do it. Is it part of …[View]
131034964Muslim Terrorism: A decent elaboration on why islam is a cancer to our society and why there is no s…[View]
131028996>'free-speech' app Candid is sold >app is immediately shut down >entire site was just to fe…[View]
131037021CIA Brutal Kangaroo Sneakernet-Trojan: More from the team of crack Emus at Wikileaks. https://wikile…[View]
131037010(((Libertarianism))) = neoliberalism on steroids.[View]
131014433Intersectional feminist Christian Asian woman calls for white abortions to end white supremacy: http…[View]
131036569The Sun is anti white: Fellow white brothers our race will NEVER prosper unless we eliminate the mar…[View]
131035283FUCK BOOMERS: At work, the most cucked out faggots are boomers, I can't wait till they die, big…[View]
131025227We need /pol/ meetups: Yes I know you guys are against this because of the potential for spaghetti b…[View]
131035634Why do the democrats keep losing now?[View]
131023636Deep state spy facing possible execution: Caught red handed with a suitcase full of cash fresh off a…[View]
131036603>whites are a large minority in the world and even declining in numbers >muhh minority t: nigg…[View]
131036604And I don't like what Jews got me hanging from[View]
131033086Is Soylent redpilled food?: Perfectly engineered, scientific food for the uber aryan man. Nutritiona…[View]
131019044Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria! Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.…[View]
131025594Richard Nixon: What are your thoughts on Richard Nixon's presidency (besides Watergate)?[View]
131034882realistiaclly speaking, if white decided to start kicking out shitskins of our countries, how would …[View]
131033219Did /pol/ make a mistake supporting this Shabbos goy during the meme war?: https://youtu.be/c4JEc_Vm…[View]
131035286Man is sentenced to 20 months in prison for each of the 8 jewbook posts inciting religious hatred of…[View]
131006885MAKE CALIFORNIA CONSERVATIVE: Anons, you think it is possible to make California conservative? Like …[View]
131020292America is the modern roman empire: America is mirroring the fall of the roman empire to an absolute…[View]
131033704don't forget to leave a dislike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHhV7eTbZFo[View]
131035830Why do people hate jews? I mean they are not violent,destructive or warring race.[View]
131035885Who are the most narcissistic founders of ideologies?[View]
131009910Is he wrong?[View]
131036003Well...: really your,[View]
131028784Was it autism?[View]
131029373Reminder that Latinas reject BBC and instead prefer white seed in order to 'mejorar la raza' AKA adv…[View]
131029188Tucked Lauren Duca: Does she realize how poor her attempt to be funny is?[View]
131035629The real Uncle Ruckus: I found him on jewtube, look him up. Pic related[View]
131021987Milk decreases testosterone levels substantially new study finds: Could this be the reason why the f…[View]
131034029Men should be allowed to piss in public whilst speaking in parliament[View]
131035724Why ban guns?: >not allowing the right to firearms I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around it.…[View]
131018590Can someone explain to me why the fuck most languages have the adjective after the noun, it's r…[View]
131021857This is irrefutable. There is no justice for the unarmed black man.[View]
131010797>your tax money paid for this REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-[View]
131033094What is 'antifa': I know who antfia is and what they look like, but can anyone tell me what it is th…[View]
131035492Try to guess which one's the German here. Why is it they're saying red-heads are disappear…[View]
131019558Infowars: Why does Infowars sell alternative medicine, which is known not to work? Other alternative…[View]
131032521In Canada what denominations do ATM's usually dispense is it just 20's. In Aus it's 5…[View]
131029299Israel is helping Syrian refugees on Greece shores https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4wFTGccYx8[View]
131032453Where did all racists go?: Seems to be nothing but cucks and shitskins on here now.[View]
131030951should we monitor east coast jewish summer camps?[View]
131034974Why couldn't Europe leave us alone: We were fine being purely White Protestant in isolation ear…[View]
131026735Adoption: What is your guys' take on adoption? Not the whole 'my wife's son' thing but ado…[View]
131034255what did they talk about?[View]
131033364/ocg/ - OPERATION CRACKLAND GENERAL - PURGE THEM ALL: The 'Crackland' is a region in São Paulo, in B…[View]
131027416so when will the white settlement of Antarctica begin?[View]
131034862just imagine: the governance and politics genie gives you tree wishes : one condition is they would …[View]
131034124So How does it feel knowing the US and it's president are now fully controlled by Goldman Sachs…[View]
131033735The Red Pill is a Trap seeing reality for what it really is and then choosing to reject a perfectly …[View]
131029003Come home, white man <3[View]
131026888ITT we write a letter to Drumpf one word at a time: I'll start Dear Mr Drumpf[View]
131032843ELSAGATE = ARG PSYOP: Large corporations and globalist NGOs market in tools of intimidation and data…[View]
131031608I'm scared of the future /pol/: What the hell will we do when people start willingly putting ch…[View]
131011229Trump is the most feminine president to ever take office[View]
131014447S is to spit: S http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/john-podesta-to-be-interviewed-by-house-intelligen…[View]
131034120Finsbury mosque attack: lol[View]
131025853/bbm/ - Based Black Man general: Can we get a based black man thread going? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
131034095What is she thinking, /pol/?[View]
131034084'Merkel is the true leader of the free wor-': >In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, the Ge…[View]
131024189Did the Jews leave a mark on your dick?[View]
131027280Now every major party in Poland is anti Islam? What gives? Fucking copycats. How can PiS up their ga…[View]
131032645Using 'etc' to make a list appear bigger than it acutally is.[View]
131028046Ancient Greece Peeked: The peek of humanity was ancient Greece. If you say other wise, you're f…[View]
131028403How does /pol/ feel about the attempt to forget one's own history?[View]
131033798https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF-Tdsvk0tI UHH OOHHH TRUMPY WUMPY IS TAKING OVER AMERIKA A GAY lATI…[View]
131024683Is Comey married to a fucking witch? What's the deal here?[View]
131033506GARY | Hug Club: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Wait, what?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJTNut1…[View]
131033628America #1: #MAGA https://www.axios.com/carrier-moving-jobs-trump-vowed-to-save-to-mexico-2446291250…[View]
131031391He will not Islamize us.[View]
131033561reminder that poland has more phones than computers[View]
131024339In a WROL situation, which faction do you join?[View]
131016699Does Johnny Depp want to assassinate Trump?: What the fuck is with this guy lately? https://www.yout…[View]
131031211>Theresa May made a “fair and serious offer” to European Union leaders over the contentious issue…[View]
131033264Infowars reporter self doxx?: Apparently someone stole Owen Shroyer's phone and now he just gav…[View]
131032871Dailly IS propganda thread #1: I'm going to start making one of these every night, for the day…[View]
131029747What did they mean by this[View]
131031048Why do veterans deserve respect?: It's a job, just like any other. Our country faces very littl…[View]
131031096https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/6ih1l7/wtf_i_knew_ytcommunity_was_bad_but_i_didnt_know/ …[View]
131032960Alpha male: You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
131032848Hipster white woman are the purest: Many of you will avoid them fearing they are SJWs libcucks. But …[View]
131031610So with the alt right/lite split, what are legitimate roles for nonwhites to play in the conservativ…[View]
131032175Is it not time that tattoos are brought into the spot light of cultural appropriation?[View]
131012806WHITE WOMEN: What went wrong? >inb4 muh feminism attack the family Perhaps white women were alwa…[View]
131026921Liberal Logic: 'A Penguin cannot become a Giraffe, so be the best Penguin you can be.' >Liberals…[View]
131028823If socialism is so great why was no one ever shot in the back going west over the berlin wall?[View]
131030793I will be voting for Hillary Clinton[View]
131028966Why aren't you fuckers fighting back against women and feminism like MGTOW? These guys are out …[View]
131023534What does /pol/ think is the Elites plan?: The elite are not stupid people. The vast majority when t…[View]
131028745based fucking leaf: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/22/canadian-sniper-sets-world-record-with-2-1-…[View]
131032249WHEN has it EVER been about SKIN COLOR?: I look back at my young life and education. I get stuck on …[View]
131029752TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA EDITION: >Donald Trump - Big League (Campaign Video) https://youtu.be/Zaqvc-…[View]
131021747I supported Hilary Clinton: I actually want to have a discussion with some trumptards and see if you…[View]
131032173Why did they do it?[View]
131029124what are the best books on race?[View]
131025155I-is this eben legal?: Fury over 'inappropriate' pop video featuring skimpy clothing, bond…[View]
131026708Negro babies walk earlier, like animals do: “Whites have, on average, more neurons and cranial size …[View]
131031861/pol/ why did you let this happen?[View]
131021274If white people were so great why were they able to be manipulated so greatly? To the point of hatin…[View]
131024348Hey guys Im a veteran I was just wondering if you could give me a pat on the back for fighting for y…[View]
131029808[About Germany in relation to the U.S.A.]'We must never let that happen to us or to our country. We …[View]
131031805all glory to the hypnotoad.: Winner[View]
131027817Who /mixed/ here? I'm a vague Iraqi Christian/Catholic and Southern French mix. I'm have a…[View]
131025232>tfw your state goes bankrupt because teachers are collecting $3 million dollar pensions after co…[View]
131027959Surely we can't let the German pig win once again. Let us join together and use the power of me…[View]
131002162BREAKING: EGYPTIANS WERE MEDITERRANEAN, NOT SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: >Publishing its findings in Natur…[View]
131030299This happened a month or so back when a kid got edgy and decided he'd shoot up the school. He s…[View]
131031493Daily reminder that whites can't ever be fully genocidet - but instead (just like the jews) we …[View]
131027834Where is he? we have unfinished business[View]
131029114Can white people be niggers too?[View]
131031289Schulz will get elected chancellor and the eastern Europeans will have no choice but to take in many…[View]
131028557We do not need a race war, yet. The most egregious action our country has faced, at the hands of the…[View]
131026610What does /pol/ think of Michael Ruppert? Was he our guy? Mike Ruppert - CIA and Drug Running (1997)…[View]
131026628Rap 'Music': Has anything been as damaging to society in such a short time? It's taboo to even…[View]
131029460Chink insectoids: Are chinese human pol?[View]
131029134Ancient India was invaded by aryans. Does this mean indians are white? http://www.thehindu.com/sci-t…[View]
131022469Are all of you Kekistanis just redditfags that saw on the_donald ''hehe 4chene is le epic …[View]
131027661He took his wife's last name.[View]
131028582The Game: Can you guys believe all of these race mixing threads? Or is it just me? Could this be the…[View]
131030492>this triggers the anglo Ham (Jamón) is Haram, Ahmed.[View]
131023696“If you kill your enemies, they win!' Canada are you doing?: RECORD-BREAKING CANADIAN SNIPER KILLS I…[View]
131030301https://youtu.be/pO4xLRnr_nA What will happen to race mixers when you nazis take over?[View]
131012847ELSAGATE has transformed from animated kids shows with violence to full blown child exploitation for…[View]
131026940Breivik dindu nuffin: Explain to me why he should even be in prison. We should be celebrating him.…[View]
131015966Official town of /pol/: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tryon,_Nebraska#Demographics >100.0% White …[View]
131025011ITT: we give redpills about women hating forever alone increl autists on /pol/ >manlets >ugly …[View]
131028936Am I white??[View]
131028238We don't need gun control reform! We need crime enforcement reform! <3[View]
130996037How do you feel about the Minimum Wage?: State by state? Raised $15/hr nationwide? Abolished complet…[View]
131020031*Blocks your path*[View]
131021168The NEW Democratic Party: 2016 was just a taste of what's to come. The all-black, gay, trans, d…[View]
131026002How does it feel knowing that young muslim males are actually fighting for what they believe in by k…[View]
131021337On the path towards WW3: WW3 is coming whether you like it or not. The draft is coming back. Get rea…[View]
131028072Where's The Chimp Out America?: Dominique Heaggan-Brown, the Milwaukee police officer who fatal…[View]
131028117>'my body, my choice.' >mutilates son's dick after birth What is wrong with women?…[View]
131027856Documentary Thread: I'm bored and in the mood for a good doc I won't hear about anywhere e…[View]
131027506Hell: Sort of junior psychologist here been studying for some years american born in america never l…[View]
131027777Deeper meaning: .......[View]
131027424BBC: I just watched: > BBC Who Should We Let In What a P.C. crap fest…[View]
131024891>MFW when still winning[View]
131029086Charrlotte N.C. meet up July 1st concord mills mall? I've never been to one but thought the mal…[View]
131026365Anti-Trump Concert: It looks like an anti-trump tour is making the rounds all over the U.S. 63 conce…[View]
131027103Is this the worst thread on Twitter? https://twitter.com/isteintraum/status/878118263313518593[View]
131028595That's a bit too much[View]
131014979How do you improve the following: >Crime prevention >Percentage of people who improve themselv…[View]
130989833Human History Revisited - Free your Mind.: In this thread I will free you from Satanic Zionist bindi…[View]
131022232WW3 INITIATED - TOTAL MSM BLACKOUT & COVERUP OPERATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lpAuj-O…[View]
131021514Does redpilled-ness correlate with attractiveness?[View]
131028490I've discovered left libertarianism. It's not great. Ultimately in order to attain freedom…[View]
131003385AntiCommunist Action: Right Wing: So what is everyone's stance on AntiCom? I'm a member an…[View]
131028374Guys I'm going to make a confession you are part of the blame that in this world now there are …[View]
131022013In my last thread I was shaking too much to write. Holy fucking sht guys I m crying.. shit man just …[View]
130971645Canadians Regularly Refuse Non-White Doctors: Is there hope for Canada yet? http://archive.is/DQvMc…[View]
131027085What's worse for the public mind?: Controlled television programming or shill infested social m…[View]
131020682Division: Was this done to divide us?[View]
131005706/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
131022988Canadian sniper successfully hit an ISIS fighter from a record-breaking distance: Keep talking shit …[View]
131011702Please Consider Secession: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7F8EhY91g[View]
131027633How to make cash! Quick!: > 1. Write an extremely controversial 'racist' book proving racial or e…[View]
131027921Is he dare I say....: /ourjew/[View]
131027322>first world country >doesn't have air conditioning Why is this allowed?…[View]
131027895Our guy?: Is he our guy /pol/?[View]
131015495Redpill my friend on the Jews, /pol/[View]
130998710>You will NEVER stop her suicide Why live, /pol/?[View]
131027701Just Johnny Depp: What the fuck is with this guy lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF4_CuHjXE8…[View]
131027184Are we going to meme this man into the Governor's Mansion?: /Cal/fag here who are you voting fo…[View]
131019670California Governor violates constitution and no one cares?: Why have none of you faggots even talke…[View]
131015337It's Trump isn't it?: Think about it. He'd be here in some way. Maybe just lurking bu…[View]
131026874Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
131022772HAHAHAH: Whiteys BTFO How can you even defend against this?[View]
131021685Stoned Ape Theory: What if it's true?[View]
131027278Some men really get fucked over in a divorce so bad I wonder how it's even a thing and how peop…[View]
131021938Johnny Depp casually asks: Is it time for an actor to kill the president again?: http://archive.is/5…[View]
131026319What did Pelosi mean by this?: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/415443/why-pelosis-syria-visit-…[View]
131021443Gremblo: Which one of you brilliant bastards started this 'Gremblo' meme? It is one of the most blat…[View]
131025312NAZI/JQ REDPILL THREAD FOR FATHER: Trying to redpill my dad on the 21st century, modern degeneracy a…[View]
131026371How do you feel about James Allsup?[View]
131026926What a fascist: lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-OuarJ8sXk[View]
131026872Trump Music Videos: Trump Music Videos Share more Trump Music Videos[View]
131017522BuzzFeed offices infested with bed bugs, which one of you fuckers sent them a letter with bed bugs i…[View]
131026804>how to trick /pol/ into buying my Indie shit[View]
131024676Daily reminder that even if you deported every illegal tomorrow, America will still be minority whit…[View]
131025966If every country is in debt, can someone explain to me where all the cash is?[View]
131025978Vril Society: Hello /pol/, What are your views on the German Vril Society?[View]
131015600This is why the rest of the world don't like white people. The backlash whites are receiving no…[View]
131016606Dystopian SJW movie: So I have this idea in mind, for a movie... >White male protagonist >Cis …[View]
131017230WASHINGTON DC FREE SPEECH RALLY - JUNE 25: On Sunday, June 25 at 12 PM, there will be a free speech …[View]
131026546More Youtube Propaganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwmFPKQAX4g Download the shit out of this.…[View]
131022480New Jersey Day Care Center Ran 'Fight Club' with Kids!: A family is suing two former daycare employe…[View]
131026113What do you think about this insane threat?: I was sent these after i confronted a dipshit leaving t…[View]
131021922Socially Acceptable Perversions: Why are so many perversions socially acceptable today and just seen…[View]
131022435>Mother sees my Kek flag on my PC >What country is that? >Kekistan >I'm not sure I …[View]
131022421Islam is truly a religion of peace.[View]
131005670Friendly reminder that the wrong side won the war.[View]
131014634WW2 and Nazi memorabilia thread cont.: earlier thread >>130978929[View]
131022399Ignoring the white elephant in the room: >Trump becomes president M-must be Russian hackers and n…[View]
131021726Serbia: Is Serbia really like the movie 'A Serbian film'?????[View]
130998604LONDON YES!!!! Sadiq Khan calls for full amnesty for any illegals living in the apartment that burne…[View]
131025586The Wise Men: Question from a Protestant. How many wise men where there actually as I have heard the…[View]
131015593My EX was Secretly ALT-RIGHT: Woman finds out ex is alt-right, decides to abort their unborn baby ht…[View]
131013615>going to college[View]
131021163/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Stop Stalking that Rallyfu' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https…[View]
131024924England is officially a meme country for gaybois: Gay h-artist are now making english skirtwearing b…[View]
131014902Please explain why /pol/ shilled for Donald Trump, a Zionist shabbos goy: https://youtu.be/c4JEc_VmS…[View]
131025238Approve dot-gay, ICANN told: ur.gay https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/09/27/approve_dotgay_icann_to…[View]
131021807BRICS: What do fellow anons think about BRICS? Also the new development bank that they have https:/…[View]
131005881Thinking pragmatically, how do you think the 2020 election is going to play out at this point? Democ…[View]
131025143Cheeki Bb: Is this where dreams come to die and enlightenment is born?[View]
131008951>Be a far-right conservative >Slowly getting bigger and better TV show roles and soon to be in…[View]
131025125Bernie bros perma-BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G4RFH2Qo1E Democratic socialism is endorsed…[View]
131005022REJECT NON-RED PILLS: Reminder that only the RED PILL of traditional self-advancement is real. All o…[View]
130995666why is this picture so hard to understand for right wing retards?[View]
131024562https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1BS7XnEZqc They called it back in 2004. Why was no one listening? I…[View]
131022616>we are chronologically closer to the Battle of Vienna than the Battle of Vienna was to the First…[View]
131022770Fascist USA Flag: *Official*[View]
131004202Why do liberals say that cannabis (weed) cures cancer?[View]
131020993What Are Your Thoughts On Middle Eastern Christians?: Are middle eastern Christians the descendants …[View]
131022346>With great power comes great responsibility Peter. Just like Hitler you need to try and put an e…[View]
131020232Can you join the police in USA while being a foreigner?[View]
131024718Redpill me on the navy /pol: Thinking of joining as a meteorological officer before grad school. See…[View]
131023793tfw american tfw you'll never have true heritage tfw either liberal culture or 60 IQ redneck cu…[View]
131002602Coal burning white niggers.: How do we stop the white nigger epidemic? This video is weird... I don…[View]
131021643jews are the choisen people: when people say that, and are gods chosen children. then arent we going…[View]
131024673Ironic: fucking leafs[View]
131005963Poland Uncucking itself: >http://tass.com/world/952782 The amendments say that monuments and othe…[View]
131019003Donald Trump Is Being Sued: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/22/533977417/trump-sued-f…[View]
131024605Now i know this is old and that i should've done it sooner, but i was quite busy. It's whe…[View]
131023577How is talking about (talking about) killing ppl who eat dogs, a violation of the law? Kg made a de…[View]
131024554Name of /Pol/: Why was 'Politically Incorrect' selected for the name of this thread? I hav…[View]
131024520>https://youtu.be/9Aaqe7rK6ig >https://youtu.be/zjJ-5y_fOSA Are you ready? The show's sta…[View]
131024335>UN gib shekels to Somali Refugee to phone home >Somali Refugee phone home >Somali Refugee …[View]
131024028Hypothesis: >soon everyone will have blue eyes due to looking at bright electronic displays on a …[View]
131016576Pasadena Metro Arrest for machete and AR-15: >Yesterday Christopher Harrison Goodine, 28 of Union…[View]
131022007Free Dank AF Redpill Memes: Huge gallery of RedPill memes. >Check em Spread em http://riggedit.co…[View]
131023866WW2: Hitler would had won if he aligned with the Turks and Muslims instead of Italy.[View]
130978939Lets see how retarded people are here, would you accept more refugees if they were all young women? …[View]
131023777Why dont americans offer green cards and get all the hot girls from around the world?[View]
131023950Pepe KILLED /pol[View]
131023362Where are all the atheist tonight I wonder? >implying they can argue that God is by definition in…[View]
131021733Why even start this thousands of different genders and this promoting lgbtq crap on the television a…[View]
131024076Are subhumas considered animals and is it legal to hunt them as such.: call me CRAZY, but if you bea…[View]
131024065Theres a big rally for the World Coalition Against Islam on Saturday in calgary. Whos going?[View]
131022092Hello, I am orthodox high level jew in pentagon. Yellowstone suepr volcano will be the triggered by …[View]
131023965What if we dedicated some of the board's resources into independent private investigations? The…[View]
131023731THIS IS THE SKELETAL FACE OF THE DEMORAT PARTY IN 2017...: and they wonder why they can't ever …[View]
131022956>check out hannity >literally nothing but lies and conspiracies about democrats for an hour st…[View]
131023888It's not a meme, I honestly dislike niggers[View]
131022903We are the collective sum of all our ancestors knowledge. So why does the world and more importantl…[View]
131023053Red Pills Unhealthy (((STUDY FINDS))): Being this red pilled isn't healthy. I can't intera…[View]
131023634Why does leddit think ISIS is right wing?[View]
131023620MAKE ALBERTA CONSERVATIVE: Anons, you think it is possible to make Alberta conservative? Like red pi…[View]
130968413Eyes Wide Open /EWO/: 'Just another lone gunman' Edition: Scalise was strongly against humantraffici…[View]
131023409If we nuke Palestine, it would be the end to the war. This way nobody would be able to inhabit the h…[View]
131023533http://www.snopes.com/alien-mummy-peru/ >quick rundown >drumpf btfo >alien mummy >defin…[View]
131002728What happened?[View]
131023389Fair Trade? NAFTA Renegotiation Won’t Include Scrapping of Corporate-Only Lawsuits: https://www.dist…[View]
131022785Swedish white women....[View]
131022328I come from a Deep Southern family, and at least one of my ancestors is believed to have died servin…[View]
131019964turks: red pill me on why you guys hate turks[View]
131022507GMOs and you: About 12,000 years ago people were foragers and had to search for their food. They for…[View]
131020249This Golliwog is an English toy. Yes, this super accurate depiction of an African man was a common t…[View]
131022908UKIP Leadership????: I haven't heard much in the news, but tell me Brit/pol/, is /ourguy/ Nigel…[View]
131022858Universal Basic Income UBI: >Money is essentially a commodity that can be created out of nothing …[View]
131001602Brit/pol/ - Independence Day edition: BRITAIN IS OUT http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-…[View]
131022164where can i watch a good doc about the russia ukraine stuff going on? Was watching the Putin Intervi…[View]
131022106DNA discovery reveals genetic history of ancient Egyptians: >Publishing its findings in Nature Co…[View]
131019182The year is 2031. You've managed to escape from the FEMA camp you were forced into after a fals…[View]
131015382Alex Jones, Mensch or Madman?: Alex Jones, for many years too quick to jump on a tragic event and ca…[View]
131022679Just Wtf happened to California anyway? NJ, CT, RI as well. Even Vermont, voting red every time and …[View]
131020426Muslim transexuals.: But how? Why?[View]
131020306Is there any other /comfy/ racewar fanfic out there other than pic related?[View]
131017065Veganism boosts testosterone: Daily reminder if your country is on this list you are likely low test…[View]
131017794Hey crackas, what you gonna do when the whole planet gets blacked?[View]
131020277tell me this is not the best fucking idea: so iv been thinking the those that say they are born gay …[View]
131022381will a roach post itt using his real flag?: place your bets bois[View]
131018586>Be 2017 >Text KYS to someone >They do it >You go to jail…[View]
131021142Are we seeing a basic repeat of Soviet aggression from the early 1900's?: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
131021139Cellphone towers are actual government tools for mass destruction. They can use them to exterminate …[View]
131010697#MoreThanARefugee General: ITT All Things Refugee. Comments, discussion, raiding, pics, complaining,…[View]
131021986AMERICA IS THE NEW ROMAN EMPIRE: America is the new Roman Empire, once the Raise act passes European…[View]
131021127This attention whoring bitch evalion got a boob job from her viewers donations lol. Than you wonder …[View]
131019183Why are democrats failing at everything: Even daddy brock had a heart attack and his organization is…[View]
131022113>God is by definition infinite >infinite is an observable thing in the universe with overwhelm…[View]
131022103Southern-Italians are whi....[View]
131021941Have a dilemma, /pol/. Become what I hate and use the SJW whip to win a conflict? Real estate agent …[View]
131014813For all the newfags: We don't hate Jews, it's just meme so don't take anyone serious …[View]
131006077Hate the leaf.[View]
131021886>Watches PH News >Rally on EDSA Ave. >nothing new here >Rally about Martial Law in Mind…[View]
131021837THE INVASION HAS STOPPED what is going on? where are the floods of insane rhetoric and implications …[View]
131021835Origin of Anarchism: R8 my hypothesis, /pol/: The desire for a society without any hierarchies stems…[View]
131015384RED ALERT! POSOBIEC TRYING TO FRAME 8/pol/: Jack is trying to falseflag that our cousins on 8/pol/ t…[View]
131013971Are Styx and that SJW Tranny in pic related the same person?: >same hair shape and texture >sa…[View]
131021693Hey /pol/ what do you think about Opus Dei?[View]
131011430/spg/ - Sussex Police General: I'm doing my part, are you? Edition This is a thread for maximiz…[View]
131021413Older men and procreation.: I need some help anons, I read somewhere that men's sperm is useles…[View]
131021588What does /pol/ think of Pastor James David Manning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZkE3xB8o8A htt…[View]
131021537/pol/ btfo[View]
131019295Adopting child. Stop going after western roasties.: How easy would it be to adopt a 13-17 year old g…[View]
131018657Juan Peron: Good or bad?[View]
131020449Diversity of Whites: >filling out Job apps >see entry for white What exactly did they mean by …[View]
131021299This is the actual, internal Facebook hoodie. Not a joke or photoshop or anything.[View]
131018722Discouragement and staving off the black dog: I understand this will look like a lot of text but I’d…[View]
131021258From Libtard to Conservative.: So once upon a time i was a Liberal pussy, through various means I ha…[View]
131021252https://twitter.com/FaithGoldy/status/877876666206441472 can you fucking nuke us ? c'mon americ…[View]
131009572Does /pol/ unironically think that whites are actually being genocided?[View]
131020471>going to college orientation >it includes a 2 hour lecture on diversity…[View]
131008670Where did this degeneracy come from? It was only 2 generations ago that women would never talk about…[View]
131016419/pol's stance on transgendered people: Now, I understand there are only 2 genders, male and fem…[View]
131016422/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - AWOO EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
131018323Redpill me: On liberalism, Islam, SJWs or whatever you want[View]
130985767Illegal Opinions: I am a little concerned. In Germany, like some other europe states too, the govern…[View]
131021130fACEbook: For a More open and connected world. The number is Real.[View]
131020366Why do u hate reddit Pol? We have the dankest of memes xD, plus our site looks good, how do i know i…[View]
131021008TFW Even grandpa is culturally enriched. Feels good to live in 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
131020168>mfw atheist believe in nothing >mfw atheist think nothing(man made hypothesis not observed in…[View]
131018265Why do Jews try to claim real white people as their own?[View]
131011871The fuck is going on? Every single station is going apeshit. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/…[View]
131020814another black presedint: will there be another black guy in the white house who name might cory?…[View]
131020131why do you still listen to the garbage that is preached under that shit steeple?[View]
131020758>when God=infinity by definition and atheist thoughtlets try to tell you infinity isn't real…[View]
130987258THIS IS THE SKELETAL FACE OF THE DEMORAT PARTY IN 2017...: and they wonder why they can't ever …[View]
130992093E Michael Jones: Why is the most red-pilled man in the world rarely mentioned on /pol/?[View]
131020531Bolsonaro: Redpill me on bolsonaro. Why do all my friends hate him? Is he our guy?[View]
131019411The world is fucked - one simple graph proves it:: Even a country like Ethiopia that got hit by fami…[View]
130995899Universal basic income. Good or bad?[View]
131020636Leafs better at guns than burgers: 360 NOSCOPE*** XDXD[View]
131019077All you Shitposters enjoying the ride on Indian Rocket?: India launches 31 more Satellites. 2-Indian…[View]
131020604prove you will still die for trump: fuck the cucks[View]
131020255Indians raping our locals.: Why do Indians immigrate to other countries and rape all the local women…[View]
131020580Post yfw there is more evidence for God(infinity) than nothing post yfw thoughtlets think they are c…[View]
131018576>'the expert' >fidget spinner autism confirmed.…[View]
131006185BREAKING:Saudi Arabia demands Qatar close Al-Jazeera, cut ties to Iran, shutter Turkish base: Transl…[View]
131019031Is fapping to your own porn degenerate?: Is recording yourself having sex and fapping to it at a lat…[View]
131011222Are Mexicans white?[View]
131019413Blacks showed whitey what's up after his car broke down in the wrong neighborhood... Who are th…[View]
131019400Was he a Jew?[View]
131019086We are going to win this, aren't we?[View]
131019203I can not tell if this is some shit we did, or ANTIFA is just that stupid. Regardless, does it not f…[View]
131017746Why are Americans so cringey?: These MAGA hats are probably the cringiest things I've ever seen…[View]
131018343Have you no empathy?: Can't you see that without Obamacare, he's dead?[View]
131020265Kill all the Gays: Kill all sodomite filth wherever you find them[View]
131009229How do we purge alt-lite kekistanis from the earth?[View]
131017564are US states allowed to build their own borders? could a ton of angry Texans go find their mayor an…[View]
131020159I miss our little friends... Apart from the cartoon pony porn. They ran off the shills. I think I ma…[View]
131014983If you could erase one country from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye, which would you ch…[View]
131018404You can choose one and only one (1) 1. Communism 2. Fascism 3. Anarcho-Capitalism 4. Social-Democrac…[View]
131020100bois, nevermind white nationalism. I thought of something way better, WHITE INTERNATIONALISM We don…[View]
130992773Canadian special forces are the best in the world. Deal with it.[View]
131017338What if we banned police from hurting people?[View]
130963855What's the biggest shithole in Latin America[View]
131019509What would secession look like? How would it be done?[View]
130981338Wall confirmed[View]
131013906why is texas still so republican if it has so many niggers and spics?[View]
131018465If you're a christian, you're a cuck, end of story.: >The whore Mary cheats on her husb…[View]
131012579How does he have white privilege???[View]
131002648>filthy coalburners they're destroying the white race >if a gf ever told me she had a bla…[View]
131004016Ontario to offer tax-payer funded boob jobs to trannys: Dubbed as 'genital transitional surgery', th…[View]
131014876Naval appreciation Thread: You may only post in this thread if your country still has a pre-steam sh…[View]
131019407>MFW I'm a Jewish pornstar and get payed shekels to dick the Goy[View]
131013294Is Trump gonna win the Muslim vote in 2020?[View]
131019568nigger hate thread[View]
131019233https://youtube.com/watch?v=jzysxHGZCAU >USA >first world…[View]
131014073Ausbros: Entertainment us with abo stories.[View]
131018931Trump wears tighty whities[View]
131018998white people can't eat spicy foo[View]
131019367ALL HANDS ON DECK: We have a major problem. Liberal Fest 2017 is making its way through the United S…[View]
131015736Why are liberals only 'triggered' by hate (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, an…[View]
131008502Racists see black men, I see _______[View]
131012769ITT: We share our dreamed futures: In this thread we describe how we want the future of the world/co…[View]
131015353Global Slavery Index: We need to meme this /pol/ While today Whites are still blamed for slavery and…[View]
131006847If the Amish can take care of their community without government health care then why can't eve…[View]
131018755would /pol/ have supported bloomberg over trump if decided to run in 2016? he was going back and for…[View]
130996170SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME: Is Smash Mouth, dare I say it..[View]
131014374Factually speaking, has the Australian Aboriginal given the world much of anything?: Say what you wi…[View]
131011591>conservatards still think that jesus was wh*te[View]
131015074Is this real? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/22/virginia-man-charged-with-espionage-for-giving-to…[View]
131015573i think we were wrong about refugees, guys[View]
131013725So /Pol/, I found this captcha...: I think this picture speaks for itself.[View]
131007949Jews: White or Not?: Have you all noticed how Jews claim to be white until they feel like playing th…[View]
131012012The price we pay for 'cultural enrichment'. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/melbourne-cbd-…[View]
130976544Art Thread: Continued from >>130961115 Post traditional art, discuss the history, culture, and…[View]
131017510Naples felt like a third-world city: Is it true that meds are the least intelligent race in human hi…[View]
131018117Is it white nature to be bluepilled?: In all white communities, people >don't lock their doo…[View]
131016626EMERGENCY BROADCAST - DER JUDE: Facebook, twitter, youtube, Google, Paypal. - 100% JEW. JEWS DO NOT…[View]
130990975Syria General /sg/ - The Army of Nusayiri Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
131018183Saudi Arabia,Qatar and the global Game. whats gonna happen next? 'Clinton & ISIS funded by …[View]
131013877Should people have the right to die? If so why? They are just going to needlessly suffer at the end …[View]
131016946Liz Warren March[View]
131016614Why is being for human biodiversity (HBD) perceived as being racist?: We live in a multicultural wor…[View]
131015287I have a theory. Many conspiracies are components of the growing singularity. Take >131008670 for…[View]
131001972the earth is flat: the earth is flat and the freemasons know it, have you seen it ?[View]
131017952>Hitler was a intolerant tyran-[View]
130996193It's nice that movies are starting to reflect reality. Surely even you white supremacists can a…[View]
131008653God is black, and is a woman: WE[View]
131017541https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWRKVpdeRvk This shit makes me loose brain cells.[View]
131017851Norway won ww2 with the Norwegian Merchant Fleet. In WW2 the Norwegian merchant fleet brought over 5…[View]
131017518>Minorities to rise significantly by 2031 >About one-third of Canada's population — up to…[View]
131017378/pol/ in a nutshell: Many frequenters of /pol/ engage in a willing and conscious suspension of disbe…[View]
131015709Can we save it?[View]
131000411Do you find it odd that we have to make such a big deal about things people in the past never gave a…[View]
131009142How do you win a war without air superiority?[View]
131015181He's not fucking wrong, you know! It's people like your... it's YOUR fault we got Tru…[View]
131017629Opinions on Cryptocurrency?: How many of you faggots are invested in cryptocurrency? I just invested…[View]
131014782China hate thread. Why is China such a piece of shit and why do Chinese people seem soulless and co…[View]
131017491>fucks you all i hope you gets a cancer: >ive seen alot of sand niggers…[View]
131015770Where were you when trump was outed as the greatest threat to America? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
131007495So....what the fuck is androgynous and why is a man calling itself a lady[View]
131014664Abort!: So this happened. https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-suprema…[View]
131012825Georgia guidstones: we destroyed that fag shia now /pol/ must aim autism at the Georgia guidstones t…[View]
130998367Trudeau creates national holiday for Aboriginal Peoples: /pol/ BTFO[View]
131015471What do you think of Jack Posobiec?: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/878097111295938561 I th…[View]
131005727Are there any celebrities that have named the Jew that haven't had their career destroyed or th…[View]
131016073judd apatow on joe rogan: If you've ever wanted to get inside the political mind of a Hollywood…[View]
131005621Tell me, amuricans, What is the most racist place in US you've been or heard of?[View]
131007009Listen up, /pol/. One of the greatest things you can do for the future generations of whites is to p…[View]
131006280What are some leftist policies that you unironically agree with?[View]
130974023>Need to run a background check and jump through hoops to obtain a firearm >Can just walk into…[View]
131015878Looks like this guy might get the death penalty for giving top-secret docs to the Chinese. http://ww…[View]
131016650White Genocide now!: >https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-supremac…[View]
131014383Driving tests are too damn easy: Why are standards for receiving your license so low? There are obvi…[View]
131016600WE WUZ KANGS: Look at this beautiful culture that almost was destroyed by the colonialists. https:/…[View]
131012737Trump healthcare plan faces possible defeat as four Republican senators 'plan to oppose bill…[View]
131011862Why do you favor defending the rich[View]
131016418NazBol is fucking retarded, this meme needs to die. I cant believe im saying this (allah forgive me …[View]
130995749HOLY SHIT: WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8S4hMjFTSI[View]
131012542/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - EASY D EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
131016349Which Ethnicities Aren't Faggots (Measured by Percentage of Members of the Tallied Races that A…[View]
130948593/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: Digital Lebensraum Edition: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for d…[View]
131016178Why don't White people integrate?[View]
131016031Logistics of Ethnostate: What percent must the person need to be to be in the white ethnostate ? Wou…[View]
130994757People who ruined the world: ITT we post individuals who had the most profoundly negative effect on …[View]
131011444Apologize!: You guys make women litteraly shaking alt right terrorism Are white people doing enough …[View]
131016137What are your favorite Trump anecdotes? Did he actually save someone who was being mugged by pulling…[View]
131016085Reminder that this actually happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBsPLEz01Qg&feature=youtu.…[View]
131016072Bad Guy Party: 06/23/17: 'Just Hearsay,' of course. Let the countdown begin.[View]
131011334Will it ever get boring watching leftoids and liberals hyperventilate about gronald grompf?[View]
131011889/egg/ ElsaGate General (Words of wisdom edition): >tfw you find literal proof of CP on YouTube an…[View]
131015864Jews are good people.: I'll name few good things the Jew has accomplished Number 1....... Okay…[View]
131014198What are the jews up to today /pol/?[View]
131010162Alt-Right Music Thread!!!: Any music perodies/songs that reprisent the >Alt-Right >NatSoc …[View]
131014206Why is the (((media))) pushing racemixing so much? What do (((they))) have to gain? It will backfire…[View]
131011772Who is winning the meme war? You have ten seconds.[View]
131015302Jews are scapegoats confirmed!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNJq6BlVyhM How will /pol/ EVER reco…[View]
131009574Isn't this great?: At least ONE white person dies every second. I think it is good but it shoul…[View]
131013901Trudeau's words of wisdom: Has any other man activated your almonds like Trudeau has?[View]
130978580>blacks are incapable of running countri- Umm sweetie, you do know one of the richest countries i…[View]
131007095Knowledge Nuke: Patterns: You can figure out that answer to any question by following the patterns. …[View]
131005993Hollywood boycott when?!?: When are we going to put Hollywood in its place? 1) almost every celebri…[View]
131015011tax the rich: Why don't blue states tax the shit out of the super rich? Isn't it what we w…[View]
131009420I just realized that Pepe is a nazi.: Stop the frogposting. He's a nazi symbol! I hereby declar…[View]
131011258WW3 is unironically about to happen: >it's literally like the demands Austria gave Serbia We…[View]
131012822>English police[View]
131011373Rat spazzz[View]
131007427We are making a pol/town This isn't a ((((((Kekistan)))))))) larp. We want to live with other c…[View]
131012862>Be me >Live in cuckifornia >Nearest 1 bedroom 800 sq ft condo is $300,000 >Nearest hous…[View]
131011729ITT your favorite Touhou characters and why you hate kikes.: My favorite Touhou character is Cirno a…[View]
131014097As for Rowling; what a sad, ineffective, decadent sack of shit. Some of my wingnut pals kept talking…[View]
131008554Here are some facts. 1. Trump is a self made billionaire. His father was only a millionaire. 2. Trum…[View]
131013499I'm calling you out, Australia.[View]
131008064Reminder that THIS greedy piece of shit is your President. How many fucking scoops does a man need t…[View]
131012678You can only post ITT if your country has complete freedom of speech: Other countries can fuck off.…[View]
131011410Is BDSM degenerate?[View]
130995963What IS the point in national/racial pride? I never chose to be born here in this country and I neve…[View]
131009434What political beliefs have become so popular that you stopped supporting it? Whether it's anno…[View]
131013015so whats our next move ?: now that we know trumps a sell out puppet who or what do we support next ?…[View]
131014384Does /pol/ support miscegenation of any kind?: Let's finally prove the shills wrong, here is th…[View]
131011928What about Beranton J. Whisenant: In addition to Seth, and Lucas, lets not forget Beranton. What hap…[View]
131010214Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked tha…[View]
131014271Elsagate: Another one of these I guess. Let's review our options. We can 1. Nazify Elsagate, No…[View]
131008192Should taxpayers fund this?[View]
130961003Éire/pol/ - Death to Bant/éire/! edition: Join National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie Thread Th…[View]
130998362Americans don't stand a chance when Russia brings their empire to the ground. How many of you h…[View]
131009213#MoreThanARefugee: Daily reminder to go back to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc and disl…[View]
131011475Canada health care now covering free sex changes in Ontario. Truly the land of the free. https://www…[View]
131010117We should boycott the upcoming COD and FC5: I'm not gonna put much effort into going into detai…[View]
131013507What did she mean by this?[View]
131002393Police need more fundi...[View]
131011769California is working to isolate itself: >California is restricting publicly funded travel to fou…[View]
131013373>be me >at a hangout with friends >2 faggots fucking in my sister's bedroom >2 auti…[View]
131006162Sup guys I'm here to ask you Who created capitalism?[View]
131013795Trumps healthcare: Is it dead on arrival or are Cruz and Rand just trying to look good by making an …[View]
131010667Is there a dominant race on this planet?[View]
131012786>you wake up tomorrow and Hillary is president >the past 6 months was a dream YFW…[View]
131012851Why do black people ALWAYS vote for the black guy, while white people vote on issues? If the roles w…[View]
131013720What are they thinking?[View]
131011650why is he so dreamy, lads? no homo.[View]
131008259Snake Oil Salesmen: >http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-40323340 why do Pajeets do this shi…[View]
131000986Does Hollywood have a secret anti-white agenda?[View]
131010363Ann Coulter says she was censored by Sean Hannity on Fox News[View]
131008033>yfw comey is a chad[View]
131008270What a waste: >is a war vet >has smoking hot white gf >is intelligent >not a complete a…[View]
131004581Hey Guys!: I'm a published author now. I couldn't have done it without you! xoxo <3 Dre…[View]
131011994Woah... Its almost like you could learn something.[View]
131007306Being a government official and using illegal servers then deleting e-mails is bad...: but I'd …[View]
130989008JUST: http://archive.is/oBIcE >In an interview with pro-globalist Economist magazine, Trump was a…[View]
131011325Who is the modern day Cicero /pol/? Is it Rand Paul?[View]
131011307Anyone else point blank refuse to listen to women talk about politics? I cannot think of a single fe…[View]
131010982Ontario to offer free genial transitional surgery in 2018 covered by Canada's free healthcare. …[View]
130978929What kind of nazi merch do you own /pol/?[View]
130977704What does /pol/ think of this man?[View]
130996034ELSAGATE - /HIJACK/ Edition: Hijacking the thread. ELSAGATE has transformed from animated kids shows…[View]
131011075Why does /pol/ have such a problem with Arab-Americans?[View]
131010075>US currency printed to record highs >Income inequality still surging to new heights >Debt …[View]
131005221/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - YEARBOOK EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
131006369Who redpills the masses harder, blonde barbie kikes with MAGA hats, or Left Wing girls who become Al…[View]
131009454Help with politics views of gf: Donald Trump came to my university and stood there in front of liber…[View]
131011646Answer me this: If globalism seeks to replace national control with corporate control, your mother w…[View]
131006197The British. Why are they all such genetic deformities?: Every single britard I've met has a go…[View]
131010288/pol/ are there any actors or music groups red pilled?[View]
131011253Hitler is a cuck: Why do you guys fetishize a Parkinson's fag who couldn't fend off starvi…[View]
131009978Where will you be when construction of Trump's border wall is completed?[View]
131010359Muslim hate?: Thread about why islam and radical sand niggers should perish.[View]
130988172Wow! Journalist John Oliver is getting sued by a coal CEO prick for 'defamation': Whether you agree …[View]
131011403Notice how all leaf flags are gone?[View]
131011716Late night television is worth watching again.[View]
131004815why are you a Nazi anon? > I'm not a communist or syndicalist. but I am an anarchist.…[View]
131011709Anyone seen this? Just started watching it seems pretty good...[View]
131011565What's the deal with Dearborn, MI? I've heard it's got Sharia law.[View]
130992275California passes new taxes to pay for what previous taxes were supposed to: Yet another chapter of …[View]
131010957Gender - My take: 1 of 2 Hi there /pol/. So i came in late on a gender thread, and saw a bunch of th…[View]
131011283Is society fucked or are we gonna make it?[View]
131006020Brazil has a Donald Trump, and his chances at the presidency are looking better every day: https://q…[View]
131009504Johnny depp says he wants to assassinate Trump: http://archive.is/k6L4j[View]
131011345I can't take you losers any more: /pol is full of losers who talk a big game but don't hav…[View]
130997363/spg/ - Sussex Police General: This is a thread for maximizing keks at the expense of one of the mos…[View]
131009474The most misogynistic state in the world: APOLOGIZE YOU SEXISTS[View]
131001932Richard Spencer is a terrible representative for white people.: I used to think people were retarded…[View]
131007156Sarkeesian being a bitch: Sarkeesian has insulted dear father carl of akkad. Prepare the production …[View]
131010226Is he alive, /pol/: http://nation.com.pk/snippets/21-Jun-2017/128-year-old-man-claims-he-is-hitler h…[View]
131011048Boogie woogie nigger[View]
131010976/pol/s opinion about white women nowadays: I see on many posts that many have the opinion that white…[View]
131000368Australian Senator breastfeeds while giving a speech in parliament: TACKY[View]
131006646If a modern day Crusade erupted out of nowhere, how do you think it would happen and why?[View]
131003833About the hijab: So recently I've been very interested intrigued by this Islamic headscarf. As …[View]
131008296So what is this faggot doing nowadays besides having a gay romp in Polynesia? No one talks about hi…[View]
131002698Seriously Leafs WTF?: I have lost all respect for your country when you vote for clowns like this gu…[View]
131001028MINNESOTA POLICE TAKING NO SHIT FROM DINDUS: Looks like we have another case of nigs refusing lawful…[View]
131002475R.I.P. 4chan. No more Swastikas. Moderators are Jews.: 4chan moderators are nigger loving Jews. 4cha…[View]
131010593LMAO I can't tell witch is better, how it's written by /pol/ or pedophiles actually believ…[View]
130986264Teacher fuck: This married teacher supposedly raped a 16-year old boy. Do you buy it? If it was cons…[View]
131008034Prove ITT that you're not a blind follower of your country: There's too many retards in it…[View]
131010362Natsocs: You are ruining nationalism for all of us. Shut up about Hitler and jews for 3 seconds and …[View]
131005735Tell me how this doesn't btfo the entire concept of Trump's wall[View]
130995840Get me up to speed on Linda Sarsour. She's doing a Jihad training camp for Muslim kids in my ci…[View]
131007412I hope you all have a nice day/night[View]
131007444Tom DeLay: I ran into him the other day in D.C., he seemed really chill and listened to what I had t…[View]
131008861>be manlet china man >possibly small dick >no STEM degree >created Hapas >most alpha …[View]
131005909He got a good point you know[View]
131009601Revolution: What is our way to revolution /pol/? Can we overthrow the Liberal-Democratic Order nonvi…[View]
131006638trumpu: trump: good or shit president? what could he do better/ what would you like to see him accom…[View]
131006541How will the political right ever recover?[View]
130988585HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!: This time last year, the UK voted to leave the EU. Happy independence day f…[View]
131006169SARGON BTFO https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/878058408829517824 HAHAHA KEKISTANIS ON SUICIDE W…[View]
131005337Are white people doing enough to stop white terrorism?: Are white people fucked, /pol/? https://www.…[View]
131008175You are sucked into an inter-dimensional void that traps you into a room temporarily with Adolf Hitl…[View]
131007396Poo bum dicky wee wee: Courier Mail Poll on if Australia day should be shifted. Vote to make more li…[View]
131008400https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stUyUI7r8ZI post your favorite cuck vids[View]
131007961who is this guy: who is this guy and why do people like him so much???[View]
131006965Taking a break: I am going to be taking a break from /pol/ for a while. Absolutely love this board b…[View]
130974856OMFG, LOOK: This shit is in the Senate healthcare bill.: See that? Republicans literally want you to…[View]
131009230https://youtu.be/HMQkV5cTuoY Germany yes?![View]
131009195ChristCucks BTFO by hitler himself![View]
131009141So apparently we were literal Nazis. Why did the press and the police investigation department chose…[View]
131008465Everything you've heard about us is true. However, we are the master race and deserve to rule o…[View]
131009071I come here to procrastinate: that's it. How do I stop coming here and kill procrastination?…[View]
131006468What don't you get?: We just want to be left alone. We just want to do our own thing. Pic relat…[View]
131008322REDPILL: My cousing is a cucked leftist, he shares left wing drivel like mic, buzzfeed, now this, AJ…[View]
131005467Was Ulysses s Grant /our guy/? http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/general-grant-s-infamy[View]
131007035Liberals, minimum wage, and illegal immigrants: Why are American liberals pushing for both a minimum…[View]
130997484What are your thoughts on the Military Industrial Complex?[View]
131008695Starting a pol/town Come live with fellow Pol/acks >xpzyDU7[View]
131007101I thought I would never see the day what a beautiful timeline lads https://youtu.be/t8S4hMjFTSI[View]
131005059/ptg/ President Trump General - Attack Of The MSM Editon: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
131008923Raising Uncucked children: I plan to have children soon and I'm concerned about how I'm go…[View]
131005935Laotian Targeted By Police: Anthony Promvongsa was verbally abused and beaten. His crime? Being asia…[View]
131007716Democrat hate thread: Is anyone else fucking SICK and TIRED of these retarded donkey posters? FUCK …[View]
131005577Check m8 /pol/: jk. But seriously, what say you about this video? youtube.com/watch?v=RjMaXsevpdg Ho…[View]
130991790FtM are the superior mastersex: The ideal female is MALE. We are in desperate need of masculinity in…[View]
130997753Is there anything i can read that will fast track redpill me on IQ relating with race?[View]
131005747Niggers cant cursive[View]
130998660RIP mid-2010's populism 2016-2017[View]
131008459WORLD REFUGEE DAY: 2000 dead so far drowning in the med http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/euro…[View]
131006832Attention all Deus Vult flags: Apologize for sacking Constantinople facilitating the islamic takeove…[View]
131000923Ask me anything anons. Intercourse with an African American female.: I just fucked a sheboon in her …[View]
131007439>I may have 'tape' >I actually don't have 'tape' what the fuck is he doing right now? Wha…[View]
131005702Why are tall leaders so much better?: Seriously, short leaders are always namby pamby wieners who ma…[View]
131001351>Be otto >sees china offering a tourist experience in certain parts of north korea >takes t…[View]
131004254What the hell is this guy's problem? seriously though, should the world get rid of all religion…[View]
131006977>tfw work as a Manager in both overseas and domestic call centers >tfw Pajeets do their best …[View]
131006843Why does Drumpf insist on alienating our neighbors?: Twitter ban when? https://twitter.com/realDonal…[View]
131004750It's pretty obvious what it's happening with Islam and the West is Nietzsche's master…[View]
131003036Gays: Just a thought... Very interesting how accepting millennials are of it all - all this gay stuf…[View]
130999258CANADIAN BORN ISLAMIC TERRORIST STABS AMERICAN POLICE OFFICER: Just when I thought you might be cool…[View]
131005266>Colbert goes to Russia for for future episode taping Will he come back alive? http://variety.com…[View]
1310033163 Million EU citizens allowed to permanently stay in the UK: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06…[View]
130992934Revolutionary Nationalist General /rng/: This is a thread for the discussion of anti-capitalist nati…[View]
131007294Have you ever seen a more pathetic man than Bernie Sanders?[View]
131002466Are Nursing homes as shitty in Europe as they are in the USA? I work on a med-surg/oncology floor in…[View]
131007477JDL Fags Toronto: JDL finally embraces faggotry, and will march against islam) in the Toronto Gay Pa…[View]
130965417Woman, Mother of 3 loses her arm in shark attack in the Bahamas: Wtf is their problem?[View]
131006283Where is the Wall?: Coulter's hitting the nail on the head with this one. Wtf is trump doing?…[View]
130995569What crypto currency is the best and why?[View]
130999715Australians: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2017/06/sydney-man-sets-sex-worker-alight-after-fal…[View]
131006127Daily reminder that Kekistan was created by the on-white elements of /pol/ so that they can attempt …[View]
131006223Political Persecution and Internet Security: So, /pol/, it has come to my attention that 4chan may b…[View]
130999202Diversity Budget: >diversity budget Start explaining, Brits.[View]
131006998Lynch niggers[View]
131007064>immigration reform Registered Democrat here. I seem to have missed the meeting where we decided …[View]
130995477Give me good reason why I shouldn't consume marijuana as an upstanding citizen. >work hard a…[View]
131006903Homosexuality is men placing themselves into the woman's role. It's in feminism's bes…[View]
131006796Reminder...: We are having an influx of redditors on this board lately, and also an influx of morons…[View]
131006962Fuck yeah guys! We did it. FUCK YOU MEXICANS https://www.axios.com/carrier-moving-jobs-trump-vowed-t…[View]
130993442Comey heads into the NY Times: James Comey visits The New York Times as President Trump admits he di…[View]
130998300Quebec premier blames Islam for terrorism: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/montreal/quebec-flint-…[View]
131006537DEFEND THIS: Look at Drumpf, pretending to be friendly on the GOLF COURSE https://streamable.com/o0a…[View]
131005477Alright /pol/, we know by now it takes an exceptionally disturbed case to waltz onto a place like th…[View]
131006637How do we solve the Google problem?[View]
131003891What's the deal with the shills today?: Trump is awesome and we love him. Sage those damn shill…[View]
131006434Why does Trump lie so much? >This is the part where you scapegoat Bernie or CNN instead of answer…[View]
131006293Florida Medical Marijuana: >'Oy doc' >'Ye?' >'Took it in the bum' >'Ye?' >'Ye' >'G…[View]
131004804Why are whites adopting all these nigger customs?[View]
131005788/sag/ - San Antonio General: What does /pol/ think of San Antonio, Texas? Have you ever been to San…[View]
131003086What event marks the downturn of western civilization?[View]
131005801Why /pol/ should care about California: It may be cucked beyond belief today, but if there is a seco…[View]
131006262Propaganda war against white race via Abortion: Read the following: https://medusamagazine.com/beyon…[View]
131003328I know you guys are not big on that whole one world government idea but would you honestly be down w…[View]
131005368>'I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, okay, and I wouldn't lose …[View]
130996021Judge Blocks Deportation of 100 Iraqis in Michigan: Thoughts? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-…[View]
130999623Actress Alyssa Milano sparked confusion on Twitter this Thursday after posting a race-based message …[View]
131000553Are we getting closer to the point when the general population realizes that 'nothing really matters…[View]
131003745Guess the Race: If each of these species were a race of Human, which race would they be? Pic related…[View]
131002203Trans Report: http://www.thetaskforce.org/static_html/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_full.pdf >Tr…[View]
131004683Fuck yeah bud. Proud to be a leaf today! 3.4km kill. What a boss. Also general leaf bread[View]
131002576The US-Mexico border is the perfect spot for a solar farm. Here's some OC for you folks.[View]
130997961Knowledge Bomb. Differences between Nationalism/Populism, Countrism & Globalism.: 1) [Nationalis…[View]
131005832/pol/: Don't get too angry it's all in fun[View]
131005817What are the jews up to today /pol/?[View]
130977194Trudeau tells Trump to stop tweeting: Based.[View]
130986980QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 5: The show broke. Again.[View]
131005455Is dis nigger trippin??[View]
131002435>You will never be the impossibly wealthy king of an African empire >You will never have a cou…[View]
131005751nu-Krauts are messed up: Why is every white German I meet a fat Oktoberfest-looking motherfucker? Th…[View]
131004758You Tube Sexual Brainwashing: Video starts >Decent looking woman laying on her back > saying g…[View]
130988554Protip: Cannabis makes you stupider and smell bad.: >Be you >Smoke weed >Be stupid >Smel…[View]
131003712Why do we encourage mental illness?[View]
130999386IS HE RIGHT???: Should they stay, or should they go now? Who benefits is Pelosi and Schumer are kept…[View]
131005619>2017 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but …[View]
130993287Angela Merkel to open Gamescom 2017?: Uh wtf??? >E3 is barely over, but already we're lookin…[View]
130947019Are there any Americans here whose ancestors arrived to the US before declaration of Independence? A…[View]
130996852What is your opinion on having these in men's restrooms?[View]
131005326What happened?: What has happened to this place? I don’t recognize it anymore. It used to be so fun …[View]
131004345Why are g*rmans such disgusting subhumans?[View]
131005510My thoughts on black people: You want to know about what I think about blacks? Well, this is it. I d…[View]
131003826TRUMP/RUSSIA PREDICTED BY MUSICIANS: >2014 HOLY SHIT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLa9YxV1Xp…[View]
131002020When black men were not shot: Anyone have examples of black men resisting arrest or otherwise expres…[View]
131001517usa is canada: so if invanka is guiding trumps hand then is it poissible trudeau is guiding invankas…[View]
131001803Subverting Black 'Culture': Why not just subvert black culture towards the conservative agenda? Soun…[View]
131002370Poorly drawn strawman thread[View]
130946090Buddhist Terrorist Endorses Donald Trump: >“We were blamed by the world, but we are just protecti…[View]
131002011Resistbot: There is a Resistbot thing the Far Left set up that searches for your congressman based o…[View]
131005166If whites are so smart, how come they can't defeat the Jews? And what really gets me is that t…[View]
130969508Recemixing is not always bad. How come asian-white kids (pic) look so good, but black-white kids all…[View]
130980866Why are millennials the most non thinking generation?[View]
131002761How much money have you spent on tickets, merch, etc for these leagues?[View]
130987849Canadian Elite Special Forces Sniper makes Record Breaking Kill Shot in Iraq: What now, America?…[View]
131000372SAVAGE: wtf i love pelosi now[View]
131005027Why do Conservakikes vote against their own economic interests ?[View]
130994031ITT Civil war what are you doing to prepare for it? what can you do to help your brothers in this ti…[View]
130999469Erica Garner: Trump has done more in Garner federal probe than Obama: AHAHAHAHA >STATEN ISLAND, N…[View]
130987900U.S Government Claims some Hollywood Films are Money Laundering Schemes: http://money.cnn.com/2017/0…[View]
131003838What has happened?: I returned here because Shitskin Plantation(formerly Chimpout) was seemingly shu…[View]
130991994*blocks your path*[View]
130999828Leftist insanity, Shareblue etc.: They've lost the presidency, senate, house, most governorship…[View]
130994862Can I get a quick rundown on the Philandro Castile shooting? Who was in the wrong?[View]
130946927Is there a more accurate meme about being an adult? Since moving on my own life is just 1 big financ…[View]
131004839>Automation is taking away jobs, so we need to create more jobs, we need to bring in more people …[View]
131001683So what has Trump accomplished so far?[View]
130994002Why do people claim the United State's poisoned it's citizens with flouride? I've hea…[View]
131001783>'Hola vato, I'm here for the job interview!'[View]
131003906WHO AM I?: Im either the most left leaning of libertarians or the most right leaning of liberals idk…[View]
131000865come here and give me a hug[View]
131004570>people pretend to miss saddam >people pretend to miss gaddafi >both of these men were lite…[View]
131004416All you Shitposters enjoying the ride on Indian Rocket?: India launches 31 more Satellites. 2-Indian…[View]
131001615Ol pepperoni nipples is back: @williamlegate Has made his return![View]
130998234>you can't be under investigation if you fire the person leading the investigation…[View]
131004277POPULATION BOOM IN EGYPT - 2 MILLION MORE EGYPTIANS PER YEAR: Get ready, Europe - Egypt (already ove…[View]
130990774>protectionism and corporate handouts will make america great ag-[View]
130991484Podesta: Will John podesta be exposed as a pedo in 2017 MSM?[View]
131003325The Hal Turner Show is coming back July 5th http://halturnershow.com/index.php/news/world-news/658-t…[View]
131003371should anime be banned from /pol/?: What did he mean by this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR4mbVC…[View]
131004179Mogadishu? Boko Haram stronghold? Liberia? No, its Sheffield, England BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA A…[View]
131004166how many more people need to die before we do something?: no one needs an assault rifle. no one need…[View]
130997414BLACK ONLY GRADUATION AT UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO: >Organizers of a graduation ceremony for black st…[View]
130998626Isn't it funny.: It's interesting. I just discovered that the Brexit vote split in London …[View]
131004046You guys are fucking dumb asses. Fighting a war for a bunch of liberals who hate you. How fucking st…[View]
130999615The wall will stop immigrati-: >B..b..but it's t-too high for a ladder! Oh sweetie, ladders …[View]
130997654Israel interfered in the U.S. election far more than Russia and nobody is investigating them.: Olive…[View]
131003504Human garbage calls your human garbage. Do you laugh in response?[View]
131003923Lets rape some teenage girls!: Feds explain sweet deal for billionaire sex offender Epstein WEST PAL…[View]
131003377Why do still a bigot?: Truly beautiful[View]
131003774Alright Candid's shutting down now. So i guess i moving to this part of kekistan. while i'…[View]
131003744I'm still waiting for the terrorist attacks with drones. are goatfuckers really that stupid? wh…[View]
131003699Why aren't black portrayed accurately in media anymore?[View]
131000872Why does no one want to be the king of the UK ?[View]
131003448Jack Ma: Stop being poor.[View]
131001088'I think there’s a resurgence of shitposting because at this point in time /pol/ has not yet learned…[View]
130986140What are your thoughts on Edward Snowden?[View]
131002551Whatever happened with this?[View]
130998731Will she run in 2020?: >woman >only 68 years old >progressive so Bernie people like her …[View]
131001529>haven't seen an Indian flag in days All pajeets are hiding their flags lol All flagposters …[View]
130999751Is there any way the far right can come back from this?: 'I'm far more afraid of the far r…[View]
130997035Degeneracy/WTF Thread: Show me what you got /pol/[View]
130999738>nords >white >not mongols…[View]
130998229UK Fascist State: Look at these fucking people in the UK. How do they come back from this? They are …[View]
130998702/congen/ Conspiracy Theory General Post info about the very large subject area of politically-relate…[View]
131002748>/pol/ will worship this[View]
130999504any /pol/ approved books? i'm feeling an itch so i'm gonna buy the republic, by plato the …[View]
130996100Hey, /pol/. What are the bests states/places to live right now? I'm currently studying at a Uni…[View]
131002329OH SO PROGRESSIVE[View]
130980970Build the WALL[View]
130994432What was the precise moment in your life when you transformed from being disgusted and horrified by …[View]
130997130is this the perfect Europe?[View]
131000141/pol/'s opinion? https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-concedes-russia-meddled-campaign-denies…[View]
131002583free info[View]
131002577Raspberry Pi Pride. Wat do?: >Be me >Got a Raspberry Pi months ago >Some free time after b…[View]
131002525Banned from rapefugee video: A lot of talk about youtube censoring comments and dislikes on their ne…[View]
131002526THANK YOU BRITAIN Thanks for not kicking me out <3[View]
131002494What if Hitler never existed?[View]
130995606Why doesn't Trump have a dog? Also dogs (and pets i guess) of /pol/ thread.[View]
130967314What will the future swing states be? Pic related shows the states won with less than 5% victory mar…[View]
131002372Protip: Posting slide threads makes you a Reddit tier summer fag: >be you >post weed threads o…[View]
130998305Domestic Terror Attacks: pic related is a view of all domestic terror attacks 2009 - present. Every…[View]
130977949Where were you when Wal-Mart declared war? http://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-tells-its-tech-pro…[View]
131002197Soviet Union: Would the country commonly known as Russia be better off without Gorbachev, glasnost, …[View]
131001847What are the best anti SJW movies? esp from 80s?: :)[View]
130998050Chancellor Merkel is opening gamescom for the first time: >Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will open…[View]
130991424Is Atlanta the least special city in the US?: Do we have a single claim to fame?[View]
130987812There is nothing wrong with race mixing: Pic related. Monarchy of Lichtenstein married a beautiful b…[View]
130998093Cultural Appropriation Is Real: Just look at how this white man tries to steal the honorable Barrack…[View]
131001029Watching Rachel Maddow right now Really got me thinking...what if...ya know....people...lose their l…[View]
130988347Brit/pol/ - No Islamic Terror Attack In Over A Week edition: >Queen reported to police for not we…[View]
131001059What's the solution to the refugee question?[View]
130991761Dear Britbros, Will you kindly explain the chav phenomenon to me? Are they still ruining your cities…[View]
130941800kekistan cringe thread[View]
131001461Vidcon thot: whats on her shirt[View]
130960742Make your own final solution!: New game. Make your own final solution. Every group you select will b…[View]
130983724United States Space Corps: Thoughts?[View]
131001497You will never be a vikang[View]
131001366I've seen people on /pol/ say good things about blacks, Arabs, Indians, Jews, and even Aborigin…[View]
130991649He's coming: Meanwhile, in occupied (((Germany)))[View]
130983576Germany raids 36 homes over 'hate speech': >BERLIN — In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, …[View]
130999044ITT We act like sheeple: PUBLIC SCHOOLS EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN!! BAHH!![View]
130998856Should foreigners be able to buy property if they do not hold citizenship or reside in the country?[View]
130997147British 'Faggots,' Paul Ryan 'Cuck': Is Sen. Tom Cotton /ourguy/? >GOP Senato…[View]
130999914I Hurt Myself Today...: http://m.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/febru…[View]
130967731Red Pill General: Look at all these shitty fucking newfags. It's time for a red pill thread. Du…[View]
130998837Free speech is under attack!: I know that pol is not someones personal army, but our free speech is …[View]
130999878I FUCKING HATE FUCKBOIS: gentlemen, i hate sand niggers and kikes. but one thing pisses me off more,…[View]
130999241Shady ass story: https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/how-accusing-a-powerful-man-of-rape-drove-a-c…[View]
130973020Do you guys read?[View]
130999279What's wrong with right wingers anyways? I know that basically everyone here is only being sarc…[View]
130987754>there are qt pro-white girls browsing /pol/ right now: gulp[View]
130996109nigger: looking for that jewish fuck who made the insurance claim before 9/11[View]
130998750> in my country, companies make you sign your resignation letter along with your contract Why do …[View]
130992343Prove to me climate hange is a hoax.[View]
130990260Citizens of the Kekistan Republic: Has the whole alt right/kek shit gone too far? It's just a b…[View]
130997502How do we stop these retards that think abortion is a human right?[View]
131000118Cosby's back and high energy!: Roasties about to get roasted! Feminists on suicide watch! >C…[View]
130999723Will the Queen ever dissolve parliament, recuse the Prime minister? Then she can take back what…[View]
130995896why do they dress like this if they want to revive traditional europe?[View]
130999591What is the proper unit of self determination? The USA broke away from Britain, so why not let the S…[View]
130979596Why are they so based compared to other European countries?[View]
130999540Degenerative Antifa: This dude is some homeless pile of fecal matter that is paid by shell companies…[View]
130999432Be French: >Be French >stay indoors >die from explosion anyway…[View]
130999646i only have 63 minutes, so tell me everything you guys know about the beta uprising[View]
130999530Daily reminder that todays democrats are closet communist jews. Democracy has died with the dissolut…[View]
130999517which one of you is this?[View]
130997805Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked tha…[View]
130999498Question, Why don't millenials care about the environment/animal rights?: Was saving the earth …[View]
130996559Have you ever turned the tv at the gym/school/work to Fox News? If so, how did it go over?[View]
130996710ITT: Showing support for our Leaf brother with terminal cancer. Shangri-La brother.[View]
130998520We need to live in a police enforcement free society or the state will continue to justify murder.[View]
130994495What does /pol/ think about this man?[View]
130999290Would you unironically support the Islamic invasion of Europe if they solely targeted left wing verm…[View]
130999249WASHINGTON DC FREE SPEECH RALLY - JUNE 25: On Sunday, June 25 at 12 PM, there will be a free speech …[View]
130996092found out fem friend is dating and wants to marry syrian rapfugee: just like title says, she told me…[View]
130981513SANDY HOOK 'PARENT' THREATENS ALEX JONES: Megyn: >You know, this piece is going to air on Father…[View]
130991111Wikipedia is a shillboard: WIKIPEDIA HEADLINE ARTICLE: Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right …[View]
130998094Tonight's reading! Is this /pol/ approved?[View]
130989421Was Saint Paul dare I say it /ourguy/? “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, t…[View]
130992767Why isn't the leader of your country sexy?[View]
130976877Holocaust Affirmers: ITT we list simple questions to ask Holocaust Affirmers - remember, they'r…[View]
130998704Taking this online gen ed class to graduate over the summer; what would you respond to this discussi…[View]
130998562Sardinia Sardegna Cerdeña: Remove casu marzu[View]
130985408How the FUCK did this[View]
130998231>muh jews Why is Tommy such a kike and a kike lover? https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/8…[View]
130998541A Fucking Leaf!: https://www.yahoo.com/news/record-breaking-canadian-sniper-kills-074923736.html…[View]
130998537PLANNED PARENTHOOD ASSULT: This group has been a thorn in our side killing white children and childr…[View]
130997322minimum wage screeching: i've been debating with my sister about the minimum wage, i'm aga…[View]
130997048Why are bongs so gay? https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/22/teenage-boys-wear-skirts-to-…[View]
130998400What does /pol/ Think About Alternative Energy?: I don't see problems with it aside from initia…[View]
130993503Did Trump expose him for the fraud he is?: Tesla is talking to the music labels about creating its o…[View]
130992896americans will defend this ranking[View]
130998259>Practiced by virtually every country around the world >Saves gasoline, cuts emissions, frees…[View]
130987044/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
130995168Alt-light extravaganza: >This is pinnacle civic nationalism[View]
130997361Confession Thread - /pol/ Edition: Let's have a thread where we confess our sins. It will help …[View]
130982269Got this at the UN human rights conference today: Watch out guys, they are onto us. Kek.[View]
130995367/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'You Left-Leaning Parasite' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
130987765Styxhexenhammer666: What does /pol/ think of Styx? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U00EgjCDICk…[View]
130989817shills & libtards will not divide us. We support the president[View]
130992161Terrorist murder or hero? My opinion terrorist and murder.[View]
130995542How likely is another american civil war or revolution? A couple years ago I thought they wouldn…[View]
130997658Foster care is the worst shit ever and we've known this for a very long time: Would someone min…[View]
130997621O JA SVEDEN YES. SOOOOOO TOLERANT: Can we get a SWEDEN YES thread going? My old laptop crashed and I…[View]
130997275how can you hate black people when based god is a black people[View]
130997609Why do Christcucks HATE the Southern confederates?: ==The Southern Baptist Call to Stop Displaying C…[View]
130997465What does /pol/ think of louise mensch?[View]
130995882Islam will destroy European civ-[View]
130996744Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?: Based George Soros standing for white rights.[View]
130992193Sedevacantism & Christianity: We know (except for Atheist and Marxist shills) that Christianity …[View]
130994057The Truth About the Philando Castile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqgz7kRGVxg[View]
130993029DONNY-D - 'THE TAPES': Who's got the new Billboard No.1 (with a bullet)...? https://w…[View]
130992158Rally Against Leftist Violence - June 25 at White House: GET IN HERE LADS Come support your fellow …[View]
130997234HELP ME /POL/: THE CIA IS REMOTELY ATTACKING MY HEART HELP ME PLEASE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
130991036UNITED STATES SPACE CORPS: >Space Corps: Lawmakers Lay Groundwork for New Military Branch >The…[View]
130984239Death Wish is a serious of 5 movies from the 80s about an ordinary man who's family is raped an…[View]
130997207Wut????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Jk9_TpCZM >fuck white people >BLACK POWER! #OnlyBla…[View]
130992868RFID Chips to make humans slaves to the Antichrist: Yes, Goyim! It will make life so much more conve…[View]
130986885daily reminder that if you don't like new wave music you're not white https://youtu.be/qeM…[View]
130990645>rape culture isn't rea-[View]
130982908Being transgender is NOT a mental illness: I used to think transgenders are mentally ill until my pr…[View]
130968130Smash that dislike button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HzOqZeX3Yk WE ARE BREAKING THE CONDITION…[View]
130996096Come home pol: Remember when we we're true liberal? Remember when he lost and how bad it felt b…[View]
130988611How could we get rid of linda sarsour without murdering her? She needs to be removed, her damage is …[View]
130978911If you were charged with creating a welcoming committee made up of politicians and scientists to mak…[View]
130996752Heiko Maas Hate Thread: WTF is this cryptokike's problem? I'm American and I feel nothing,…[View]
130986130Under what circumstances is it okay to disown a child? Being gay? Trans? Being a pedo? Doing porn? B…[View]
13095071128 year old fugee from Bangladesh is stabbed by the girl-scout he attempted to rape in Rome: The fug…[View]
130976044/Dixie General/: Let's get comfy Southern bros. Yancucks and carpet baggers NOT welcome. Plano,…[View]
130992925Too much negativity, /pol/: Can we have a positive thread for a change? Post positive and inspiring …[View]
130987507What did she mean by this?[View]
130996610http://times-herald.com/news/2017/06/sheriff-consider-revoking-hoops-license My local town has a loc…[View]
130975314Just found out I am terminally ill with bowel cancer. Anyone else dying and worried they won't …[View]
130992409When did the right start being opposed to free trade and capitalism?[View]
130988359>2017 >/pol/ still idolizes (((Hitler))) and nazis Kek. When will you retards realize Hitler w…[View]
130996371>oh Ben... you really are a national treasure >*looking into Abigail's eyes* >I think…[View]
130996494USA IS MEXICAN: >mfw you realize that there are more speakers of spanish in the US than in Spain …[View]
130978207Do Brits actually like this manlet? Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon[View]
130970752If you voted for Trump, please take the time to read this and enlighten me on how you could do so? A…[View]
130996386Be /pol/ shoot Assault Rifle with menacing pistol grip and bayonet stun in Pizzaplace. Go to court a…[View]
130993652Why haven't you watched this, /pol/?[View]
130992187Major Spy case: WASHINGTON A Virginia man arrested Thursday for passing top secret defense informat…[View]
130996220Reminder: Jews Will Always Win[View]
130996291NEW PLOT: Okay. Lots of liberals on twitter are reporting hate speech to the police and are actually…[View]
130995634What's the percentage of Jews in Hollywood, /pol/? Can you give me links to any studies on this…[View]
130996128MSM is proud...: of this faggot acting like a faggot: https://twitter.com/jBarge_[View]
130995356This board[View]
130994267Bryan Tew: So I saw a thread here about a week ago about Bryan Tew and started watching his video be…[View]
130996060hey /pol/, Are there sundown towns left in the US? Are there any town/place in Amurica where nigger…[View]
130989117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ09sjizVHU What's the difference between South Africa and muri…[View]
130991948Has he ever actually been wrong?: He gets a lot of stick on here but most of the stuff he says in hi…[View]
130994001What's wrong with right wingers anyways? I know that basically everyone here is only being sarc…[View]
130987210>I don't want refugees >Has no problem moving all over Europe…[View]
130993515Tell me why you despise women, I'll start >mother was an alcoholic junkie bitch >aborted …[View]
130994456Kek punishes: >be Carrie Fisher AKA princess leiwhore who kissed her brother >calls Trump a co…[View]
130995108Its obvious the whole kek thing got out of control and escaped into normierealm. But at least its st…[View]
130991333Killing of all whites: This nigga is calling for the killing of all whites. A college professor at t…[View]
130995305LAPD COP bangs 15 year old a bunch of times, he was 31 years old. sure, he was mentally 15 years old…[View]
130995260Don't you just hate it when you are being stalked[View]
130995164Heres to all antiantifas: This song is probably my favourite song of all cjeck it out and turn on su…[View]
130995163/g/ taken over by SJWs and 'racist' posters being banned as we speak: That's what you get for i…[View]
130991920This board destroyed my happiness. Even my new job doesn't make me 100% happy anymore. Everytim…[View]
130992704>No matter if we win or lose this is a win for the democra-[View]
130990780what if no one is in control[View]
130995061To know how to act politically, you must first understand the truth about the reality we inhabit. Th…[View]
130991112Familial Degeneracy: How would you deal with a situation where your son or daughter started to becom…[View]
130987541The Syria conflict is at a break point.: In Syria, the Assad regime is stronger than for several yea…[View]
130992645What did they mean?: What did Jewbook mean by this?? Is Sargon mainstream now?[View]
130994594>assad must go[View]
130988025Is Trump Making India Great Again?: F16s manufacturing is going to be shifted to India. http://daily…[View]
130989687MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL COMPILATIONS: El Koreano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-fsfBoQJ7k Edgar Valde…[View]
130985212I am a Jew with white nationalist inclinations: Hello, /pol/. I am an Ashkenazi Jew from New York. …[View]
130976331Hi /pol/, /co/ wants to share this Part II: Attack of the SJWs: America Storytime, Enjoy.[View]
130994590Hervé Ryssen. The Jews and the Russian Revolution: Interesting video-documentary by a really good fr…[View]
130983946C-CAN'T STOP W-WINNING!!! https://www.axios.com/carrier-moving-jobs-trump-vowed-to-save-to-mexi…[View]
130994364Why (((They))) want more refugees: > Be jew, see massive pot of goyim gold accrued through centur…[View]
130993778BAKED ALASKA BANNED: I meet Baked Alaska in Berkeley once, pretty cool dude, unfortunately he suffer…[View]
130949265Give me ONE good reason you aren't shitposting the Sussex Police right now: The quick rundown i…[View]
130989456Why is Ben so against the President of the United States? https://twitter.com/benshapiro/status/8780…[View]
130959711Serious thread- why is black behaviour so different?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DgpRQPwVWWk Saw …[View]
130994119Where did all the mental illness on the left come from?: > Republicans Report Much Better Mental …[View]
130988915was Marx right about everything?[View]
130993906it happened again...: Admins need help...[View]
130993886What's his end game?[View]
130993860neeegahz guna nig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozSJxNNcF4c[View]
130993147Fat hate thread[View]
130993770Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski: Read this last week and its extraordinary: https…[View]
130992063BREAKING ITS NOT OVER YET FOLKS HONDA HIT BY WANNA CRY VIRUS: remember guys the guy said that the fi…[View]
130990370How has he not had an assassination attempt on his life yet? I don't condone one, just wonderin…[View]
130993565Daily reminder that if you're overweight you should probably kill yourself[View]
130993522Are Canadians more based than we thought?: Canadian sniper kills ISIS thug from 2 miles away: http:/…[View]
130990802Niggers start a ghetto paintball war: This is the video I show to people that say blacks are civiliz…[View]
130992810WilliamLeGate didn't learn.: I broke you. How have you come back?[View]
130993271Presidential Oratory: Which president was the best oratory in the US? We have audio of modern presid…[View]
130987901Not even the Mexicans that illegal inmigrate to USA voted for Hillary Not even them Even when they k…[View]
130992852Master race: > Descended from East Asians > Conquered half of the earth in area > Best seaf…[View]
130990029What exactly is this?[View]
130993036ANT-PEDO MEGA THREAD. WE MUST BRING AWARNESS TO THE CHILDREN: I am disgusted that youtube has allowe…[View]
130992937You know, wouldn't this country be so much better without Congress? They hold so much power, ye…[View]
130989030USA, Russia, China and India suddenly disappear. What happens?[View]
130981464>be a first world neet >have everything handed to you >think you're superior to everyo…[View]
130991857do Conservativrs inadventrly vote against their economic interests ?: How does voting to raise healt…[View]
130991269Why does /pol/ hate gays?[View]
130992351in This week ONLY 170 people have migrated from my village towards EU seeking new pastures. AMA: Peo…[View]
130990547What do we do with the bullying problem?: How does bullying affect world politics, if at all? Pic re…[View]
130991739RageAfterStorm: Is she /ourgirl/ now?[View]
130992381KEK https://youtu.be/9JRLCBb7qK8[View]
130978576Let Me Educate You White Racist Canadians: Uneducated white Canadians are just jealous of brown peop…[View]
130990369Your thoughts on Mike Hot-Pence?: http://twitter.com/mikehotpence[View]
130989455Black people can only be successful if they look mixed[View]
130992581Daily reminder that in 1959 the U.S. government lowered the IQ level of legal retardation to avoid d…[View]
130986158https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tjT89746s_Q It's happening.[View]
130989425TRUMP HAS EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!: Sure he's a NARCISSIST and an IDIOT...BUT Trump remain…[View]
130986190Why did they put him in power? Why did they remove him from power?[View]
130989431>people are pirating games >improve business policies and infrastructure to provide safety, re…[View]
130988561White supremacy thread: Name one reason why blacks and muslims are inferior to the white race.…[View]
130990593Would it be possible to create a video sharing like YouTube only minus the censorship with crowdfund…[View]
130987716What the hell are we gonna do about the cuckdad situation, /pol/? There are little boys growing up r…[View]
130988798If religious wingnuts let gays adopt Black children this shit wouldn't happen: https://www.live…[View]
130987108Antifa leader in Brooklyn: So this guy is claiming that he is the leader of a local ANTIFA chapter i…[View]
130992044Who would win? The entire american navy or an old philippine container ship?[View]
130969838Why do we not support Mussolini like we do Hitler?: Mussolini's form of Facism is superior to N…[View]
130989065Is it possible to be Jewish without even knowing?[View]
130991873He knows. https://twitter.com/PeterSweden7/status/878031097681948672[View]
130991711BIN THAT CREAM: Is it time to bin whipped cream? https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/morning…[View]
130981236Daily Reminder that We're Being Cucked By a Plant: Don't forget that if it wasn't for…[View]
130983307BASED A S E D[View]
130991651HOW: Hollywood LOVED Trump for years and now he's the President and they hate him, can somebody…[View]
130990848praise le kek xddd: Should we commit genocide on Kekistani people?[View]
130990375Have you seen the trailer for the new movie about Detroit? Isn't racism awful, anon? Have you s…[View]
130989464Should free speech protect hate speech as well? We recently had a deputy in France that defended a s…[View]
130983367ITT we quote our redpilled grandparents: 'My jewish dentist is trying to take all my money with fake…[View]
130962643Some interesting numbers regarding firearms: I collected some data on homocide vs firearms ownership…[View]
130986299Why are Jews not allowed to be conservative?: I think she over-reacted to Spencer's comments bu…[View]
130991495Why does he keep insulting his own supporters? Do his supporters even realize they're the first…[View]
130986238*blocks your path*[View]
130989187Sweden you can hide behind your meme flags all you want but you'll never erase the degeneracy,i…[View]
130990570HAPPENING IN JULY. COG: The deep state corporate controlled media is preparing the public for crimin…[View]
130987962I made a poem about refugees. Read and rate.[View]
130957766Iberians and Italians: Do Iberians and Italians hate eachother? What's up with this feud in ap…[View]
130990059>There are 2.2 million prisoners in the United States of America, >Largest prison population …[View]
130983796I'm Richard Dawkins don't AMA because I know more than you: Listen here you dimwitted Gits…[View]
130989053>Trump wants to make the Mexico-American wall a solar powered fence TOP FUCKING KEK'D FAGGOT…[View]
130983731Why are Brits such effeminate cucks?[View]
130991057Remember: how this board was without nu/pol/?[View]
130967945NPR hosts new Gangster Rap album threatening to kill whites!: NPR is hosting a new gangster rap albu…[View]
130986129is BG Kumbi, dare I say it, /ourguy/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY0Nh9Z-WBM[View]
130988176PedoGate is Real! 474 High Profile Pedophile Arrests Throughout California http://thegoldwater.com/n…[View]
130990543Give me one reason why we shouldn't send baby boomers to gulag. They are literally the most ent…[View]
130977727Syria General /sg/-Comfy late night General: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
130988519Explain how anyone could conclude this face is modelled after an African?: Can we just throw up some…[View]
130979835WIND POWER Why is the US lagging behind? These ones outside the coast of the UK are 180 m tall. Futu…[View]
130986496Maybe I missed something: What is a crypto-jew? Is it someone who says they're not a Jew but se…[View]
130988965/pol/, how do I interact with poor people?: My mom made me get a job in between semesters because sh…[View]
130989487trump is live...and delicious...[View]
130990572IRAN: This is what Iran look(((ed))) like[View]
130981785Get in here quick pol. Major Nork happening.: https://www.rt.com/news/393650-north-korea-rocket-engi…[View]
130986020Tapes? What tapes? I never said there was tapes, but everybody is probably taping me.[View]
130990367>UK >Women tear off niqabs as they punch and drag each other to the floor by the hair in bruta…[View]
130985467Los Zetas: Redpill me on Los Zetas. Why do they love murdering so much?[View]
130982883The nazi is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profite…[View]
130984887Prove you're not a blind follower. Name one (1) criticism you have about her.[View]
13095565331 YO TEACHER FUCKS SPEC ED STUDENT: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/22/married-teacher-mom-31-arr…[View]
130987047/pol/ has told me that tattoos are degenerate, can anyone tell me why? I know the Old Testament spea…[View]
130987533>be me >be a flamboyant fag >tell everyone you see you're alt right…[View]
130983422Nancy P / Cryin' Chuck BTFO: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/877892883352702976…[View]
130981484Netherlands: What do I need to know if I'm spending a week in the Netherlands? Any no-go zones?…[View]
130989742https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF-Tdsvk0tI What did they mean by this?[View]
130986880Is this the most iconic political image of the 21st century?[View]
130978874On (((Tommy Robinson))): Does anyone really like this him?[View]
130989140Video on degeneracy: Does anyone have that video that describes degeneracy if the west and the cance…[View]
130984287You next /pol/ice car[View]
130987088This is the Identitarians holding their latest demonstration in Berlin with about 1000 attendees.[View]
130983680Trump supporter: the pic At least Obama never shill Israel.[View]
130989098The Jew: Right you bastards Red pill me on the Jew, give me all the infographics and shit.[View]
130989472SA anons, I saw something about Zuma possibly getting kicked out by the party. Is this true and if s…[View]
130985382Really makes you think[View]
130988943ITT: dead niggers: Post dead niggers[View]
130988373We gotta talk this through, DAHNALD[View]
130988881anti-antifa propaganda poster: i made this feel free 2 steal & use at your local antifa protest…[View]
130935418/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: New pastebin edition This is a thread for the discussion of all ide…[View]
130981925After Trump got elected his views went down the drain. Why have you forsaken him /pol/? Was he just …[View]
130986882Happy Independence Day!: Happy Independence Day bongs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjjfQdxG5vc…[View]
130983097How would I go about redpilling my dog? I've met some redpilled dogs before, but mine just does…[View]
130988906My friend's school promotes Islamic culture and fashion while we live in belgium. Punish them f…[View]
130988304Post yfw you're out in public and you see a nigger.[View]
130988896Stop gang raping his wife[View]
130984774Ultra-Nationalism and NatSoc: Ok serious question here /pol/ Why does it seem that every time I see …[View]
130981983#londonisopen: WTF is this? I went to London today and these banners were EVERYWHERE in the west end…[View]
130988802TIME FOR SOME REVENGE: I need your help /pol/ >ding dong ditched two days ago, fuckers almost bro…[View]
130988790True Capitalist Radio Return on 7/4/2017 Reminder: Well it looks like he's coming back guys. Lo…[View]
130973009Elmer Stewart Rhodes Stolen Valor ?: Have some info that thinks that Stewart Rhodes may be a stolon …[View]
130988607It really[View]
130984995Does anyone have more of these? I really need to build up a collection and they're hilarious[View]
130982017Overwatch: Has any game ever pushed so much (((diversity))) ?[View]
130958293france is a muslim country[View]
130985208Everyone.: What can You say about this beautiful man.[View]
130983818how many jews died in holocaust?[View]
130980790What a tolerant and multicultural age we live in. You can watch CCTV footage of a 13 year old girl i…[View]
130988101Qatar: why did Saudi Arabia and friends throw Qatar under the bus? It makes no sense to me.[View]
130986272https://twitter.com/sussex_police/status/877110502350098432 How do we fight suppression of free spee…[View]
130988484Why are there no Israeli flags anymore?[View]
130988159Why are leftards so violent and dumb? http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2017-06-21.html#read_more…[View]
130987660Wow.... This is deep[View]
130988462#RefugeesToSiberia: Can we make this a thing? We should start a hashtag dedicated to the promotion o…[View]
130980734What's happening? Why did we all suddenly start hating Kek? Are (((they))) at it again? What th…[View]
130986348Why so many white British boys becoming faggots?[View]
130971244Brit/pol/ - Can't clog the Mogg edition: It's happening lads, this winning never ends! Let…[View]
130988340So Male Hapas only want White men, while Female Hapas also only want Asian men?[View]
130988255Pizzagate Sentencing: rekt thread http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-pizzagate-gunman…[View]
130986081Happy Independence day Britian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN9EC3Gy6Nk[View]
130983343BUZZFEED FEMINISTS PAINT WITH PERIOD BLOOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-YZQU6Rv-Q[View]
130984589Why is it that most, if not all, of the top tier women at my college are leftists? I know /pol/ lik…[View]
130987994Song to tune of Po Lazarus: Well the Executives, they told his shitposters Won't you go out and…[View]
130969001What can americans do to combat obesity?[View]
130987689LINCOLN MEMORIAL FREE SPEECH RALLY - JUNE 25: On Sunday, June 25 at 12 PM, there will be a free spee…[View]
130972520What is /pol/'s honest opinion of Nietzsche?[View]
130987949Forgive me for my British ignorance, but this is the first time I've come across Pastor Manning…[View]
130986658Why jews and cucks on /pol/ attack Poland suddenly?: I mean i know we refuse to take shitskins becau…[View]
130981752Be westerner: >go outside >see this…[View]
130983491How many people visit pol per day?: How many /pol ?[View]
130985164ITS HAPPENING! Kekistan declared war!: Some military supreme commander subhuman of kekistan declared…[View]
130987626where is moonman: what the hell happened to everyone's favorite nigger kkkiller? haven't s…[View]
130963126Pol can not answer this question.[View]
130982572Liberals: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/06/free-speech-not-in-minneapolis.php >Since…[View]
130985189Paul Joseph Watson = THE DESTROYER: I see sometimes clowns on /pol/ talking shit about PJW the guy i…[View]
130982769Prove you're not a brainwashed peon/sheep. Criticize or call out Trump on anything.[View]
130982877CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS REFUSE TO MEEET WITH TRUMP?: Is it because they HATE a White Male Preside…[View]
130987226No one likes a warm bier: So Otto's finally been put to rest. Something must have gotten lost i…[View]
130984676>I guess in this society being male and an asshole makes your worthy of our time Woman are going …[View]
130958266Canadian sniper 'kills IS militant two miles away': Bravo, Leaf. http://archive.is/FMjmo…[View]
130984408>Theresa May made a “fair and serious offer” to European Union leaders over the contentious issue…[View]
130986943TRUMP FLORIDA PROPERTY KNOW AS 'LITTLE MOSCOW': http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miam…[View]
130986946FUGGIN BASTE: http://archive.is/AmI8Z[View]
130968776>'the free market will eliminate degeneracy'[View]
130971571/pol/ HAHAHAHAHA I'll just greentext this. Get ready to die laughing > New Show > It…[View]
130986768is there anything /pol/ cannot do?: There are people alive right now that unironically think the OK …[View]
130982722Do libtards really believe this garbage?: https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-concedes-russia-med…[View]
130986258so how does this work?[View]
130983266Debunking photos from space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_amxLFmyTZg&t Earth is not round.. …[View]
130976423A human cell is more sophisticated than any man made invention. Does this not allude to a creator?[View]
130971820Am I going crazy but I was watching the Megyn Kelly interview with one of the act.. I mean parents o…[View]
130982044Way to go /pol/ http://gizmodo.com/smash-mouth-retweeted-an-anime-porn-nazi-1796348092 >Smash Mou…[View]
130980906>communism isn't fai-[View]
130973927So this popped up in my study materials /pol/[View]
130984190Does leftism inevitably lead to totalitarianism?[View]
130950502>Shocking moment a motorcyclist DELIBERATELY rides through a group of protesters staging a die-in…[View]
130980283Rothchilds: Best documentaries about Rothchilds? Was hitler right?[View]
130972980LONDON HABBENING AGAIN: BREAKING: Massive blaze in central London as smoke billows over capital…[View]
130960035pretty chart thread >anyone to the left of pic related is a communist https://www.politicalcompas…[View]
130983743You maggots hating on Hitler are JIDF shitposters: Adolf Hitler was a good man, he didn't do an…[View]
130958851How do we stop the feminization of men?[View]
130986069/pol/ is a board of suckers.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K6-cEAJZlE Really makes you think…[View]
130985244Things that make your brain hurt dept.: Why is this a thing... please someone tell me why i don…[View]
130985809>not all muslims are evil terrorists >but muh nazis were all soooo evil goys Why are leftists …[View]
130975574Its time to stop!: So i am a contractor in Toronto Canada we just got the updated building code and …[View]
130985685RACE REDPILL THREAD: Come on /pol/, give me your best.[View]
130985045I WANT OFF THIS RIDE[View]
130960293New levels of absurdity: German state sponsored video clip promote not being proud of being a german…[View]
130982666Why is the Red Pill so cancerous?: Does anyone else feel like the more red pilled they get, the more…[View]
130975405Is there any direct correlation between the promiscuity of women and the fall of civilization? You…[View]
130980183PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - A-OK EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
130983159Why do you suppose men seem to be more into Asian women than white woman nowadays?[View]
130985169Daily reminder: A daily reminder that England belongs to shit skins, niggers, and muslim. Part and p…[View]
130984230/CG/ - CHRISTIAN GENERAL - CATHODOX IMPERIUM EDITION: Evidence of the Resurrection and Reliability o…[View]
130983013What has my country come to?[View]
130985094Fuck(ed by) the Police: Will /pol/ defend this? >D.C. cops used ‘rape as punishment’ after Inaugu…[View]
130981733Today was the first day of work for me. Working really sucks, you have to deal with normies all the …[View]
130984968We will reclaim pepe: Sargon and the atheist brigade have torn any meaning Kek and pepe had by brand…[View]
130983906>At this point, a number of courses of action are open to JC. >He can follow Tracer Tong’s ad…[View]
130972094Help me Nat Socs: It's finally happened /pol/. I thought it was a meme. I've been ironical…[View]
130984435#MoreThanARefugee: No thread? Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc[View]
130971523>Israel has never lost a war >germany has never won a war…[View]
130984767Allahu akbar my friends![View]
130984636Turkey to remove evolution from high school curriculum: https://news.sol.org.tr/government-remove-ev…[View]
130977706So maybe this been asked a 100000 times but I really want to know. Communism failed so many times. W…[View]
130979631King Nigger Libfags unironically believe he's the greatest president of all time. Let's sh…[View]
130979444Jewish scientists: >He wants to build a superior, scientific and technological society without Je…[View]
130973363Why does art suck so much today?: Tell me.[View]
130945397Make babies with Latinas: You all are blind. You see the current state of our country as the downfal…[View]
130977911What is happening to us?: If you watch footage of people just 40 years ago, they were so alive, pass…[View]
130983249Death Threats: Jesus Christ dude, wtf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAjw_-3GKLs[View]
130983596Traditionalism: If you care so much about traditional moral values, why don't you practice what…[View]
130950584Democrats ever more divided: >Moore’s rant is indicative of the growing three-way split inside th…[View]
130974969Diverse LGBT flag BTFO by Brittany Venti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QgLJ7Vl_0U[View]
130981938http://tvcatchup.com/watch/bbcone stream for crooks[View]
130981471KING: MMA star Conor McGregor is a bigot — but he’s been given a free pass: http://www.nydailynews.c…[View]
130983729OMG I can'tnot vote for this bill! It's too much like ObamaCare (which you want)!: OMG, De…[View]
130976508Fresh B8: Ok, which one of you faggots did this? https://MedusaMagazine.com[View]
130982241Daily reminder that /pool/ is a Jewish board: We own you stupid goyim. What, you thought your gay f…[View]
130980578Professor that works at the University of Florida is excited for whites to become a minority in the …[View]
130983520Post Comfy 1950's America Pics: I need a boost. Thank you.[View]
130983411ODIN IS WATCHING YOU: TIL Varg doesn't watch porn. I'm ready to take the plunge. I will st…[View]
130979489Monogamy without Marriage: >together with gf since we were 15 >lost virginity to eachother at …[View]
130983501Well, right wingers? She certainly makes a good point here.: She actually has a point. Why ARE Repub…[View]
130980960thorium atomic makes israel obsolete[View]
130983375someone hack youtube spotlight: Put kekistans national theme on it let our names be known. Praise ke…[View]
130980324It's over. Drumpf is finished. Women are beginning to turn on him. He will be impeached by Chri…[View]
130982901>capitalism distributes wealth in the most efficient wa-[View]
130972343Polish people are untermensch[View]
130970486Oy vey! She now calls out the Zionists.: Is that slut Lauren /ourgirl/ after all? First she leaves …[View]
130978361ENGLAND YES!: >Some 30 boys have worn skirts to school in protest at being told they were not all…[View]
130982154>there are only 14 million jews in the world >somehow they control everything When will /pol/t…[View]
130982504Nobody is talking about dismantling the UN. Why no? Its outdated and useless. Why not get rid of it!…[View]
130982786why do half of the people of the west lose 50 percent of their IQ when North Korea is mentioned?[View]
130977308WTF? I Love Jake Tapper now: Oh wait...never mind...he must have got a call from his kid fucker budd…[View]
130979699Syria general /sg/ - The bright side edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
130982702Can canada even be more cucked?: https://twitter.com/StefanMolyneux/status/878011233391099910 Trudea…[View]
130976355>IQ <80 Democrat >IQ 80-95 Republican >IQ 95-115 Democrat >IQ >115 Republican Di…[View]
130950261/pol/itical Compass Thread: https://8values.github.io/ Lets see how pol ranks up when it comes to ma…[View]
130979623kangs: as a white man, how do i become a kang[View]
1309824644D Chess: >Fire Comey >Try to scare him by making a veiled threat about tapes on twitter >I…[View]
130972095We are close... WW3 soon.: We are close... folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_dkmy6eyso 77…[View]
130957857Is there anyone on this board who truly doesn't watch porn at all? I know lot of you think it…[View]
130982339The Grammar School Redpill: As someone who attended a grammar school I can assure you that they are …[View]
130968731>be american >get shot >go to hospital for treatment >1 night stay + operation >spend…[View]
130982184Which U.S president screwed the country the most? Pic related with LBJ in a close second[View]
130971357UK denies residency to London-born children of Dutch-Spanish couple: -Are you european? -Yes, sir. -…[View]
130979026/pol/ Does this belong to you?: I'm just a 'trendy', so I don't know what this means. Can …[View]
130980010Hey Amerifags, need proof you're retarded and always have been? Look no further than your walle…[View]
130979871QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK #2: http://tvcatchup.com/watch/bbcone stream for crooks[View]
130979526What this graphic means?[View]
130976782LMAO Capitol police just tossed a ton of paid protestors out of McConnels offices[View]
130981754The more I look at Europe now, the more does Iron sky look like a Utopia[View]
130974581Antinatalism: Was schopenhauer right? Is not having children to solution to all of lifes problems?…[View]
130966753/rus/pol: Let's do it Bonus-point for posts in Russian.[View]
130981566How many mainstream celebs are agents??: We all know Katy Perry is Cia my Ultra brain cucked and And…[View]
130981514How exactly is Trumpcare better than Obamacare?: Less coverage? Medicaid cuts? Higher deductible pla…[View]
130981497Trump will build the wall!: Shills blown the fuck out for all eternity https://twitter.com/realDona…[View]
130970196How many millions will be red pilled by this video? https://youtu.be/_p_EdB2C210[View]
130970288Welcome to the gorilla mindseth. We're here to take over the sthysthem! When will these liberta…[View]
130976261What's his endgame?: Is it possible to stop this mastermind, or is it already too late?[View]
130980050GOLDMAN AND SACHS: They are smarter than anyone you could think (are you capable of thinking?) of.…[View]
130975343BASED JEWS?: Can Jews be based? And if so who are some?[View]
130979195We need back the Inquisition.: In times of yihadism, and the constant jew manipulation and World ord…[View]
130981218Are you ready for Islamic century /pol/??[View]
130977350>2018 midterms >Democucks lose bigly >Now enough votes to call for a constitutional conven…[View]
130973501Hitler youth: toughts on the hitler youth? seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. Boys were tought to…[View]
130980549Why the US doesnt achieve Pax Romana?[View]
130969969Blue states are better run than red stat...... http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct…[View]
130979632tired of people saying sam hasn't been doing anything. for one thing he's said numerous ti…[View]
130976577Zionism and Europe: Would you support Israeli Zionists if they in turn supported a White Ethnostate …[View]
130980459>leafistan immigration services is called ISIS You can't make this shit up!…[View]
130980484You can only post in this thread if you haven't had a islamist terror attack: FeelsGoodMan…[View]
130980639>be American White Male >get arrested for sitting >get shot http://archive.is/azzyf…[View]
130959259>weather too hot in Britain >boys wanted to wear shorts >school doesn't let them >f…[View]
130976589Reminder: Reminder that the left declared war on a cartoon frog. >HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH HAHA…[View]
130978587Le clean your room meme: Why is /pol worshipping a literal atheist? What's your excuse? You do …[View]
130980380Leafs of the world, please explain yourselves. Video of your pederast PM can be found here https://t…[View]
130977117WTF is her problem?: >Owner of house where Hitler was born refuses to sell it >The owner of th…[View]
130974402>be tourist season >see 4 white american girls >all of them have a black bf >see numerou…[View]
130973691Russians and Jews were and still are the worst enemies of Polish nation in XX and XXI century. Germa…[View]
130973091IQ: Are there any non racist IQ studies? Or are the Kangs right?[View]
130979457The power of /pol/: So... is this the power of /pol/?[View]
130979894QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 2: [shouting intensifies][View]
130977872The Biggest threat of the white race is other whites: Instead of standing together we turn on our ow…[View]
130979003Axis Powers: Is there such a thing as a honorary aryan? For me people like the japanese could be eas…[View]
130980042Trump changed the course of History, SONG TIME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LQVPUfb8VM…[View]
130974002Are whites the result of domestication?: Are the white races that emerged the result of a process si…[View]
130927417Friendly reminder you are living in an Anglo world: You speak our language. You use our inventions. …[View]
130979361Italiani, quando oltrepasseremo, di nuovo, il Rubicone?: Italiani, il tempo sta per scadere, quando …[View]
130979921Victory against the animals. ALLAH WILL DIE: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/21/mosuls-gr…[View]
130974603Why does /pol/ hate chinese immigrants? They don't rape or steal...[View]
130975958QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK: QT @ 10:45 >David Dimbleby chairs topical debate from Plymouth. On the…[View]
130979826>This is why the US keeps invading Latin America[View]
130971561RED PILL BOOKS?: Give me your best suggestions.[View]
130977766september 23 SkyView CENSORED: so i just tried this again and the fucking picture got censored…[View]
130979555Anyone here from 2009-2011? This is hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf6qdlHAarY[View]
130978243shit you want to teach millenials: 1 asian is mostly russian 2 gooks are oriental 3 poos are middle …[View]
130979458You think America will become divided again to the point of another civil war? If so, what do you be…[View]
130978345SAD: I think I finally understand Trump's tweets: > The Special Activities Division (SAD) is…[View]
130962248Sandy Hook Hoax: Why do people even believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax? There is so much proof that …[View]
130976037Is it just me or has this guy popped up on the social scene rather conveniently as of late? White gu…[View]
130976836poos are middle eastern and gooks are oriental: russia which is white is ASIAN FUCKTARDS[View]
130966975This is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg better known as Pewdiepie. He is a millennial like you however he …[View]
130969789This Apple Watch billboard looks incredibly familiar...[View]
130976604Are Canadians supposed to care about this?: I keep being told that as a white guy I am supposed to f…[View]
130979051debunking a debunking video: ok, so i am an atheist and i saw this video before: https://www.youtube…[View]
130969294Stalin >purged kikes >banned abortion >put faggots in gulags >rewarded women for having …[View]
130978078>This is why we're in debt[View]
130966071Smoking Gun proves wiretapping claim!: Leaked GCHQ memo proves Obama surveilled Trump Tower![View]
130977718I just wrote to my Senators to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act.: What have you done to help Whites t…[View]
130977566Canadian Special Forces JTF2 Member Sets Sniper Kill Distance Record: CANADA NO Canadian JTF2 operat…[View]
130977476pol Approved Literature Please recommend me a new book. So far my completed list is; 1. Starship Tro…[View]
130978771Looks like cracks back on the menu boys: Nigger crackhouse is reopened after they just gave birth to…[View]
130978735Sargon of Cuccad: The god has noticed this guy. Praise JKM! Korwin Krul! 'A known blogger Sargon of …[View]
130955957Why does the U.S let North Korea get away with so much and for so long? What the actual fuck are the…[View]
130976963Why does nu/pol/ love doing this?[View]
130974593Brit/pol/ - QT in 30 bings edition: >Boris Johnson struggles in radio interview http://www.bbc.co…[View]
130974917Stephen Colbert Went To Russia: Well /pol/? Will he find the tapes?[View]
130978546GUAC: JEB![View]
130959734>murdered because he was licensed to carry How come cuckservatives only support gun rights when i…[View]
130974137He's right you know.[View]
130966660If you don't live within a megaregion, you might as well not even exist at all.[View]
130971875Why isnt there a ramadhan equivalent in christianity?[View]
130978247Blacks and Asians: Anyone else notice that blacks are the only people in America or the West general…[View]
130977741cucking ontario: I am strongly atheist, but I am going to raise my kids as Christians in hopes my re…[View]
130971926Erdogan is /our guy/: >hates EU libtards >very religious man >hates faggots >not a pussy…[View]
130969319VICE magazine: I read on here a few months ago that vice magazine has been running at a loss since 1…[View]
130974146Senate Republicans Reveal Long-Awaited Affordable Care Act Repeal Bill: https://archive.fo/yyhA7 htt…[View]
130974446How fascist is /pol/?: It's a short test that'll take 3 mins. Link: http://www.gotoquiz.co…[View]
130969892So I did the 23andme and got this. Should I take the ancestry one next? I heard that (((they))) pu…[View]
130971424Is Mark Zuckerberg a cuck[View]
130977088Daily reminder: if you praise Hitler you are not better than a neo-marxist, sjw or feminist faggot: …[View]
130977611No memes here, when was the last full day where no Muslim attacked Europe?: Seems to be a constant s…[View]
130975310WTF I love Pope Francis Now: Pope Francis Calls Migrant Crisis 'Arab Invasion,' Says Europe Must 'Re…[View]
130954234Kraut/pol/ General - Heatwave Edition: >Recaps of last weekend's Identitarian rally in Berli…[View]
130970823Donald Sutherland Ashamed to be White, 'Many White People Are Racists, Bigots': Please com…[View]
130962920Restore absolute monarchies.[View]
130977383Fargo went from the genius bad guys in control of everything getting away with it to le edgy stronk …[View]
130969645Black gentlemen having fun: this looks hella fun, watchu think guys? https://vid.me/w8V2[View]
130959825How do we stop this degeneracy /pol/?[View]
130973668President Tyrone has spoken http://youtu.be/UE6YouZrVIY Pic unrealated[View]
130972920White Nationalist Culture: Is wanting to murder and exterminate nonwhites, and destroy women's …[View]
130964730/egg/ - ElsaGate General: Get in faggots, we're saving civilization. >what is this? pastebin…[View]
130976457Lefty paper: Grab today's paper to see this is the front page. Where are the right wing papers?…[View]
130974159>when a person who doesnt have white-skin dies Post yfw[View]
130974053Top happy merchant thread. This is the best ever. No one can touch it! Ahahhaha[View]
130969000I thought Amerikkka didn't have gun control????[View]
130976443ITT: Post the Donald Trump of your country. Pic related is the leader of the conservative party of B…[View]
130965328Syria General /sg/ - Desert Gains Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
130936201Cannabis: Daily reminder: Your brain evolved the endocannabinoid system for internal communication a…[View]
130976864you were okay when you made this israel. but this is literally the only good thing you've ever …[View]
130973292what would the courses be at KEK university?[View]
130972402Why is it bad for Israel but good for the West?: >>130953221 Israel does not grow GMO crops in…[View]
130972447Daily reminder: Concrete and drywall are poison. If you are not spending at least one hour per day i…[View]
130954265Even Google employees are getting sick of Google's propaganda.[View]
130967978Rebupican healthcare bill: The GOP healthcare bill is absolute shit Cuts Medicaid,PP,and protection…[View]
130973720Are Western men turning into sissies?: There are plenty of laws that are being put into place to neu…[View]
130973220Why do Conservashits unironically vote against their own economic interests?[View]
130975935Hollywood Pedo Bust?: IS THIS A HAPPENING?! http://www.neonnettle.com/news/2299-238- arrested-in-maj…[View]
130976492hahaha im basically turning into a vegetable but it's some suburban cunt who identifies as demi…[View]
130966081Finnish citizens given universal basic income report lower stress levels: >Finland has been givin…[View]
130972706Why do you guys think you're in the minitory?: Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Go to any area…[View]
130968394Whats the opinion of christians here on the reformation ?[View]
130972284How accurate are these I.q tests?: I ask because I notice Iranians for example on average scored 84 …[View]
130952198'MUH BASED POLAND': >1.34 total fertility rate >10.6 death ratio >median age : 40 yrs old …[View]
130976171QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD: Our man THE NEIL returns after his week off for the classic #comfy…[View]
130971408They cant keep getting away with it!: Mayor of Richmond Virginia want to form a 'diversity' committe…[View]
130976017why are american italian women so arrogant?[View]
130972940/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
130975979Good Numales Only Date Nufems: NuFems Head Hair: short. preferably dyed Body Hair: lots. Facial hair…[View]
130974628HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF: Britbong revolution at hand? The second great fire of london now? >T…[View]
130975891Based White men who made world fun for all: I'll start[View]
130970616Fashwave/Westhetic Thread- Colonial Wars Edition: I haven't seen many Fashwave threads, better …[View]
130967933/pol/ will be ancap: the civic nationalist le epic pepe the_donald new right or the 'alt right' (whi…[View]
130960084SHOTS. FUCKING. FIRED! How will the right ever recover?[View]
130956868Political Violence is a Game the Right Can't Win: http://jacobitemag.com/2017/06/14/political-v…[View]
130975240Virtue signalling faggots get tossed from Mitch McConnels office http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/335…[View]
130949516>diversity budget[View]
130974366Enlighten me: I need my drug /pol/[View]
130975195If you support Assad you are an anti-white cuck. NEWS FLASH. Assad is a stable leader who is literal…[View]
130970336this are all actually pretty good points >This is a first for the Trump presidency: the first for…[View]
130967463>why are you wearing sunglasses >you won't take off your sunglasses? >it's becaus…[View]
130939689>be french >get killed by Whipped Cream[View]
130974875Eternal Anglo Memes: I love these but I don't have many. Keep 'em coming, I love them.…[View]
130975169More details about the Orange Is the New Black Season black back in April: http://iamanonymous.com/n…[View]
130943318Ask a Socialist anything: I'm lefty af so this'll be interesting[View]
130975048This video is a perfect microcosm of the social struggle between the left and the right Left: >wh…[View]
130943068Lauren Southern Thread: I would never have taken notice of this >eceleb if it wasn't for the…[View]
130971242How do we fix the 'rich mainland chinks buying up real estate in west coast american and canadian ci…[View]
130974882do women feel better being in a relationship where the man actually behaves like a real man and keep…[View]
130974118guide into a better life: tomorrow i'm start a journey to a better life, i set myself a work ou…[View]
130974372Womanspreading: >bag takes up another seat >crossed legs block aisle Why is this allowed?…[View]
130968092This excellent mastermind of politician and the best candidate for the US president in years lost th…[View]
130974764Wheat is killing us all: Just watched this on netflix >USA overproduces wheat so that it can use …[View]
130974311HEDONISM: Any moment we might be instantly annihilated by radiations from outer space. So why didn…[View]
130971518ITT: Left-Wing Views You Possess: ITT: Post left-wing views you have. Mine: >Want the government…[View]
130973551Disprove Sandy Hoon: Prove to me that he existed. Show me people who knew him, multiple photos of hi…[View]
130972344Got my results in today. Not sure how to take this. I was really worried of jew and native DNA, so t…[View]
130964460Why is this allowed?[View]
130972380Redpill me on the New Healthcare bill. but give it to me straight, with Pros and Cons. Liberals on t…[View]
130973527#NOTALLMUSLIMS http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/france-probes-reported-death-whipped-cr…[View]
130955939Million Dollar Houses Around the World: ITT: Post a house in your city that is worth roughly £1m ($1…[View]
130973973Old Fashioned /pol/ Raid: Your force is requested. Our Memetic Warfare Battalion must storm the comm…[View]
130973968FUCKING BOEING!??!: Even Boeing is trying to cash in on this equality bullshit. Thumbs down this shi…[View]
130973077What's the left planning for July?[View]
130973921Does the Bible speak about Multiculturalism? 1 Corinthians 12, 12-21 '1 Just as a body, though one,…[View]
130961115Art thread[View]
130973753He was right about them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxIbq7HkalQ[View]
130971710what's her problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXyEQucyWa0&feature=youtu.be&a[View]
130970952FUCK /pol/: >mfw I am almost free from my /pol/ addiction. Seriously, that place is toxic as fuck…[View]
130973517American Nazi Party and the 2nd Amendment: How would gun control work in a fascist state? Seems lik…[View]
130970766Who's the better President? Obama or Reagan?: https://thetylt.com/politics/who-was-the-better-p…[View]
130940656Defend this[View]
130933310This fucking guy....[View]
130969762Alt-Left / True Left General: Thread for the discussion of humanism, alternative progressivism, meri…[View]
130966974Brit/pol/ - Tabloid readers are terrorists edition.: >Boris Johnson struggles in radio interview …[View]
130969361Trump Wall: So is it ever going to get built? Thought he was starting 'day one'?[View]
130972613Rape of Nanking: So it's settled that this was nothing more than a Chinese conspiracy theory, t…[View]
130968718ITS HAPPENING: except this time, it really is. Has anyone noticed an increase in centrist or conserv…[View]
130973252https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyw4rTywyY0 Are you closer to far right or regular conservatism?…[View]
130957471Happy Merchant: Post your best and most rare merchants.[View]
130971192Laura Loomer and the rest of Rebel Media is an obvious scam for your shekels. Fake news to the highe…[View]
130965481HAPPENING: Israelis to open education center for refugees in Greece: Israel is raising money to open…[View]
130969473Is it degenerate to post on 4chan?[View]
130970096Americans on Russia: Do you believe that Russia is truly our 'adversary?' I don't, and I don…[View]
130969498Uganda is awesome - is Martin Ssempa our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOto5qYWgHg…[View]
130972256Post threat to assassinate POTUS, get BTFO!: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-22/illinois-man-a…[View]
130972537Is this book the ultimate truth?: For those of you who read this book, what you guys think of it?…[View]
130965151Why do you guys hate to see minorities or muslims or refugees in your country ? (I don't)[View]
130963960>Sweden rejected Fascism Gets cucked >Germany rejected Fascism Gets cucked Europe should acce…[View]
130961333Raising the tax rates on childless people: Childless people are benefiting from the governmental sys…[View]
130970511Fuck PewDiePie: You guys must all be a bunch of 12-year-old children if you think this '''man''' is …[View]
130963031What's to explain for Jews being the highest-IQ individuals in the world[View]
130972146WHAT THE FUCK?: https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-supremacy-is-whit…[View]
130957407Do libtards just need something to bitch about?[View]
130966271Daily reminder: The porn industry is trying to break you psychologically. Found this in my research …[View]
130966377what do we do about the terrorist from finsbury park attack?[View]
130968121Supreme Court Rules Immigrants Can Lie on Their Applications: http://archive.is/4X5lU The government…[View]
130963488Don't say that anicent Egypt was ruled by wh*te ppl. It's all they (blacks) have.[View]
130972411How is the Left angry that they weren't part of a healthcare bill they wanted no part in?: http…[View]
130965057The Perestroika Deception: How accurate were the predictions of Anatoliy Golitsyn in his book New Li…[View]
130968632'member Aylan Kurdi?[View]
130972322What do u know about the racial groups of: -Pre-Dorian Greeks -Phoenicians -Sumers -Asyrians -Celts…[View]
130971498Anyone else think johnny rebels music makes sense?[View]
130939527Why isn't China a first world country considering that the Chinese have a high average IQ?[View]
130970882how can I blow back argument about white people being terrorists because of the finsbury park attack…[View]
130967845/ptg/ President Trump General - To Intelligent Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
130971123Define normie: So, iv been wondering the exact definitions and requirements to be a normie...[View]
130971450It's Jews vs Catholics, it's always been Jews vs Catholics. How do Proddy scum defend bein…[View]
130971911/jgg/ James Gilmore General: >YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU DIDN'T VOTE FOR GILM…[View]
130967815albania is a genetic toilet. discuss[View]
130971276TED CRUZ THREATENS TO BLOCK SENATE HEALTHCARE BILL: I'm sorry, Dahnald. I truly am. We've …[View]
130970920oh shit: she's right[View]
130971734>mfw in couple of years white race will be Latinos and chinks as standard How do you stop white g…[View]
130964630Éire/pol/ Bulmers is better than orchard thieves edition: Join National Party: http://www.nationalpa…[View]
130971691>tfw a newfaggot gets memed into prison: >Heard about Pizzagate from a friend. After recently …[View]
130971510>when he says he's an atheist >when he says nothing came before the universe >muh noth…[View]
130966684Major Pedo bust in Hollywood.: HAPPENING!! http://www.neonnettle.com/news/2299-238-arrested-in-major…[View]
130969897>mfw atheist thoughtlets believe in nothing >mfw atheist thoughtlets believe the human hypothe…[View]
130971155>this kills the stormfag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K6-cEAJZlE[View]
130967736Why was the queen dressed up like the EU flag?: At her speech in parliament she was dressed like the…[View]
130965054I am Turk but this image make me nervous![View]
130971067Farms hit by labour shortage as migrant workers shun 'racist' UK: https://www.theguardian.…[View]
130971301Red-Pilling Normies: Using these to redpill normies in school: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demogra…[View]
130959986How did (((they))) manage to take over this whole 'movement' so easily?[View]
130964879>watch show after enough recommendations >98% of people in every episode are white >women…[View]
130967882/ptg/ President Trump General - Kike Puppet Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
130965318Anyone else visit the Daily Shows Donald J. Trump presidential tweet library? It was pretty epic, b…[View]
130970885Islamophobia in britain: UK press isnt islamaphobi-[View]
130955941>they are banning assault vans How cucked is the uk[View]
130966644i give up on humanity, who wants to come with me into the wilderness and build a town with wi-fi and…[View]
130948508I've noticed a trend increasing on pol in the last few weeks. When tragedy (rape at the hands …[View]
130968670Why do (((they))) keep attempting these videos if it didn't work the first 100 times?[View]
130969822Why hasn't someone from the left like Soros bought 4chan yet?[View]
130963998White Hollywood BTFO: It's time for you cumskins to realize that black people make the best mov…[View]
130970899>yfw atheists believe in nothing >thinking nothing is real…[View]
1309570253 Judge Panel of 5th Circuit Appeals Court Clear MS Anti-Gay Law: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-s…[View]
130970868Do you love your country or do you hate it?[View]
130970762Do you guys think meditation was pushed by the Left? You can do a simple google image search for …[View]
130970675Take a good hard look at this video white man: >car breaks down in black area of town >white d…[View]
130961437*blocks your path *: >nigger gives you his mix tape walking out of a mall What do you do?…[View]
130970651Has There Been Less Mass Shootings Since Trump Took The White House?: Seems like there was one every…[View]
130969957Why does Mattel's new Ken doll look like Rachael Maddow?[View]
130968635PIZZAGATE: i cant believe people actually believe that shit is real kek[View]
130967992Whatever happened to wiggers?[View]
130970420>Media misuses term 'White Hispanic' on mestizo mexican faggot >/pol/ blames the term rather t…[View]
130970396This moment when youre high and realise you have been americanized through cultural stuff like south…[View]
130970391Does anyone have the version of this with the 'FUCK WHITE PEOPLE... white people please help' guy?[View]
130970225Is the hypermasculine culture surrounding /pol/ and the rest of 4chan the new 'edgy'? Remember when …[View]
130964045>libfags spend 30 years shilling for solar panels >today they fucking hate them Okay, what…[View]
130970038This is a post on /pol/[View]
130966883Free Healthcare: Americans and Libbies, why is Free Healthcare (provided by the state) bad? Why do y…[View]
130966996I've just finished binge watching new seasons of a bunch of TV shows and holy shit has everythi…[View]
130969945Ex minister for integration of imigrants. Has 38 brothers and sisters. Her father is ''cat…[View]
130969940>This is our future generation http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2017/06/millennial_d…[View]
130969854what did Alex Jones mean by this?[View]
130969270Tell me about Salvador Dali /pol/[View]
130969679Kekistani priest steps: There are steps you must take to become a priest of kek. Complicated steps f…[View]
130949047I just had a life changing experience on Race: So I was riding on the tube London Underground (subwa…[View]
130969640serious question: There is this collection. Is it based on official data? What is Vinelink?[View]
130969486Can we use the Sussex Police's Twitter to test UK's retarded hate speech laws?: A bong pos…[View]
130966900I love me a bit of Louise Mensch.[View]
130968261>A FUCKING LEAF[View]
130964375Do yah punk?: Is Dirty Harry a red pill movie to show my girlfriend?[View]
130967689Why do you never see anarcho capitalists rioting in the streets /pol/? You only see anarcho communis…[View]
130967226Please! Someone needs to make a meme out of this! :D[View]
130967024Uzbekstan: Sorry bad englsh Kazakh immigrant live in good amerca states No i not borat >Be me …[View]
130967959Pic related can't be real right... pol? How can we deport chinks now that they are citizens? It…[View]
130969258solution to racial mixing: The human brain always covets what it can't have or shouldn't h…[View]
130967824>WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy conducted a failed ballistic missile intercept Wednesday with its SM-…[View]
130968057PERSIA WILL RISE ONCE AGAIN: >Persian empire won't rise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS5E…[View]
130968528FE: The Globe is a lie. Made up by the satanist kikes to tier us apart from god.[View]
130966715From 1 to 10 how fake is this accusation?[View]
130964286saw this on normie social media >girl 1: i saw this child doing something cute >girl 2: aww, i…[View]
130968187defend this trumpcucks[View]
130915183*blocks your path* Automation is already here and there's nothing you can do about it. Burger f…[View]
130968594>capitalism wor-[View]
130968739NO FAGS: Why are the government allowing this fag shite. Where's a good old Luger when you need…[View]
130965263Hillary clinton.: Face it. Hillary is bae.[View]
130968696>Media loves to promote and advertise transsexuals and even some transracialism >Yet completel…[View]
130967250Did Cernovich forget to donate the money he raised to the Manchester bombing victims? https://twitte…[View]
130961644How Can Other Countries Even Compete?: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canadian-elite-…[View]
130967093Draw a race world map: What is the distribution of the races? I've seen people differ about thi…[View]
130960692#WeStandTogether: how scared are you right now, /pol/?[View]
130946981When Did You Grow Out Of Christianity: Ex-Christian general also[View]
130968418>Many miners work at the gold mine owned by Corporación Ananea. Under the cachorreo system they w…[View]
130952558HuffPo: It's racist to be gay but not fuck blacks: HuffPo: If you're gay and white, you…[View]
130967509Looking for more memes about people like Tucker Carlson, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, ect[View]
130967940it looks pretty obvious who's gonna win this race war.[View]
130967088Is Dindu halal?: Why is having sex with black women not categorised as bestiallity?[View]
130953024Am I the only 20 year old 'millennial' who absolutely abhors hip hop 'music'? It's so fucking c…[View]
130968158Is there a scientific link between leftism and a lack of testosterone?[View]
130884528Eyes Wide Open /EWO/: 'Past the point of no return' Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmd2Eey…[View]
130966989Is Science Too Straight?: http://www.bu.edu/research/articles/lgbt-issues-stem-diversity >Why doe…[View]
130968063Ethno-libertarian: When did you realize a libertarian government only works with white people? The …[View]
130967423the knights templar: What does /pol/ think of the knights templar international? I cant decide if i …[View]
130964083/ptg/ President Trump General - Heather Nauert Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
130967895Why is it that edgy crusader wannabes are using the phrase 'Deus vult', when Deus obvioulsy did not …[View]
130966200Strongest Man of the World: Vladimit Putin General: How can Trump even compete?[View]
130961429Today, they call for the systematic abortion of white babies to destroy the family unit. Tomorrow th…[View]
130967858SRG - Seth Rich General: We're so close, we can't stop now.: I shouldn't have to be t…[View]
130967832Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Mike Lee and Ron Johnson come out in opposition to liberal republican h…[View]
130967792Luxembourg. Ok fuckers, how exactly does this work?: Luxembourg has a population of 576,000 people. …[View]
130967733To all those WW2 vets...: https://youtu.be/otD52qwC9xw. I have always felt bad for allied ww2 vets…[View]
130966381ITS HAPPENING TOMMY IS SUEING THE POLICE https://youtu.be/ZvVWPhbpQk4[View]
130967699Which is the most powerful and prosperous white country in the world, and why is it Bulgaria?[View]
130961460The Kraut Problem: What can we do about the Kraut problem? Here on /pol/, the eternal Kraut is const…[View]
130956244How do we stop Europe from getting blacked?[View]
130933533>Tfw too intelligent to eat food[View]
130964795Why haven't you accept Joseph Smith as your prophet yet /pol/?[View]
130967072/pol/tards this is your guy if you want to redpill yourself hardcore.. His name is Mark Passio.. You…[View]
130967128>tfw /pol/ has entered its inevitable transition to economic leftism How does it feel to know you…[View]
130967309How would you feel if abortion were legal, but only if one or both parents were nonwhite?[View]
130962839HAPPENING Who could be behind this?[View]
130965503simple question: Why are jews obsessed with raping white kids?: I know according to their fate they …[View]
130963667>Republicans care about gun righ--: Oh... F*ck republicucks[View]
130957818Negro babies walk earlier, like animals do: “Whites have, on average, more neurons and cranial size …[View]
130959024Cops: This but with cops[View]
130967180RED PILLED BOOKS?: Give me your best suggestions. I'm not interested in Jew conspiracies.…[View]
130952920Brit/pol/ - Royal Navy Wild Cat edition: >Boris Johnson struggles in radio interview http://www.b…[View]
130967104we should ban all contraception[View]
130965134Can anyone confirm?: Found this on cripple chan. Don't know what to think.[View]
130962808Rev up those nicknames: Philando “going for the gun” Castile[View]
130946499CTR wants to turn whites against other whites yet they don't try do devide Slavs. Why? Do they …[View]
130965670anti lgbtcrap: need your best memes and arguments against this disgusti g agenda[View]
130966999Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion: http://archive.is/cDjZa wtf i love ethnocentric white…[View]
130962143>deus vult >never read the bible Are you really redpilled /pol?…[View]
130966749Stop playing with fidget spinners[View]
130965940How do we end the alt lite?[View]
130964090Im starting to hate Russia just because im sick of hearing about it.[View]
130966674At what point did you become a civic nationalist?[View]
130966677First Trudeau takes his woman (daughter), now he's cucking him at every level and getting shit …[View]
130953805honest thoughts on the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA?: Should they be independent? The dixies btfo t…[View]
130966641Who will win this time?[View]
130966092What do you guys think of messianic Jews???[View]
130964315>attractive black conservative male in southern California >never met a conservative black fe…[View]
130966547what countries (did) exist with an authoritarian government and a socialist economy?[View]
130965180fuck pol: this place is fucked. all that's on the front page are endless 'refute this' 'apologi…[View]
130962630the prohibition: redpill me on prohibion /pol/ was it done by the joos to earn the shekel and give …[View]
130966478> peer reviewed[View]
130966465>be democrat >lose election lol[View]
130959527Why are prison rape jokes acceptable?[View]
130963640Carrier moving Trump jobs to Mexico: ALL. THIS. WINNING. https://www.axios.com/carrier-moving-jobs-t…[View]
130965870*blocks your path*[View]
130966351>be German >join Nazi party >get sent to Europe to wage war and conqueror >running next …[View]
1309605982.5 magnitude explosion kilometer deep by Denver?: What the hell is this? 2.5 magnitude explosion re…[View]
130948518Say something nice about our Prime Minister, RIGHT NOW.[View]
130966310Why is this allowed[View]
130963907>ctrl-f in catalog >because has 14 matches This really is the anti intellectual board huh.…[View]
130961213There is only one way to stop the west being gutted economically during Trump's term We need to…[View]
130952306>there are no perfect alli-[View]
130965139hahaha how much more pathetic can euros get? http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/810115/school-children…[View]
130966148>Bill Gates has more money than the monetary value of all Bitcoins in circulation…[View]
130963444Lets talk about Poland and Hungary folks. Do you think they will create a Visegrad Confederacy soon …[View]
130958972Aliens invade Europe - would Americans really not care for 5 yrs?: In 'Edge of Tomorrow' it is assum…[View]
130965489/pol/ - Self-improvement: Self-improvement /pol/-style: We have to improve ourselves, so we can conv…[View]
130951536MOGG IS RISING: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/06/22/ready-rees-mogg-brexiteers-back-tory-pm/ …[View]
130964242what do you think of prodigy?[View]
130954750Nothing good has ever come from Cana-[View]
130961646'It's just a phase'[View]
130966002Canada is now breeding terrorism with their RETARD LIBTARD policies..[View]
130962660>I cut my own dick today >And you should too, infidel. Elohim akbar! when did you realize abra…[View]
130965745Is Trump making Canada Great Again?: Silicon Valley is making plans to move foreign-born workers to …[View]
130965885Has Catfish Man finally met his match?: I read the adventures of Catfish Man and am hoping he makes …[View]
130962003>UK population growth is the fastest in 70 years >two thirds of this is due to international m…[View]
130965632Cumming on photos and ass[View]
130965682HOLY SHIT NIGGAS: when i wake up at fukin 3:am and see this in my shed[View]
130964426Norks at it again: >North Korea has carried out a new test of a rocket engine, US media reported …[View]
130965409Given the chance, I would lick-wax Katy Perry's armpits[View]
130952910Syria General /sg/ - Benis Defence Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
130962404Trump bluffed on tapes and Comey called it: Now Trump has revealed he has no way to refute Comey…[View]
130965146This. This is the highest ranking elected demorat in America right now.: And they wonder why they ke…[View]
130958825Republicans: Tell me again hoe republicans are pro-life. This bill will only increase abortions.…[View]
130964475>American women[View]
130965362ITT we rationally discuss the GOP healthcare bill[View]
130962870refugee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc&spfreload=9 Would it be politically correct…[View]
130965331What does /pol/ think of him?: Most of you who have seen those fucking sick YouTube videos targeted …[View]
130965298New 'dad bod' Ken doll: So brave. So empowering. This will totally help children with body image iss…[View]
130965277Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks: Alright which one of you was it[View]
130950056Post your privilege scores faggots. https://www.buzzfeed.com/regajha/how-privileged-are-you?utm_ter…[View]
130963202/pol/ I am 24 and I have been working nights for 5 years now. Working nights sucks but I make good m…[View]
130960505Pizzagate gunmen is given 4 years: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40372407?ocid=socialflow_…[View]
130960924TED RETURNS TO THE DARK SIDE: I'm sorry, Dahnald. I can't let you pass that healthcare bil…[View]
130965040The Finders: There was a similar thread that was removed 10 hours ago. This archive should explain e…[View]
130961262Howard Bloom: /pol/ what do you think about this guy? - Howard Bloom - author of Lucifer Principle. …[View]
130964922Roach from Roachland here. You always wanted to know why german, british and swedish women adore mus…[View]
130957036Ever notice how eastern euro women are so fucking beautiful? We abandoned them in Europe for Jewish …[View]
130951526I hope that we can all agree on this[View]
130964764The future: When will you all realize that diversity is necesary when you consider the current ethni…[View]
130964189Why does Trump lie so much? >This is the part where you scapegoat Bernie or CNN instead of answer…[View]
130954524It look like Europeans have more genetic diseases than Africans: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/study…[View]
130957716#MoreThanARefugee: Why does /pol/ hate refugees? Honestly? It makes me so sad that /pol/'s bigo…[View]
130964127Germany is the Jew. Jewmany. Jewmany has always been the Jew. >Be Jewman >Roman empire strong …[View]
130961448The New Dark Age: EU Court Issues Insane Ruling on Vaccines: http://www.acsh.org/news/2017/06/21/new…[View]
130963484Not a smoker but how come the market for natural tobacco products is so niche? Why do people continu…[View]
130962827And HERE WE GO!!! CuckCain's puppets strike again.[View]
130960854MGTOW: /pol/ can you give me a good argument against going MGTOW/ not marrying or having children th…[View]
130963628The original inhabitants of South America (10,000+ years ago) were black[View]
130962316And what were all you stormweenies saying about pits being 'bad' dogs?[View]
130964194>mfw amuridumbs are out of money again >mfw dumb amerifats wait for the next paycheck so they …[View]
130964164Thinking about finally doing something with my worthless NEET life and joining Her Majesty'a Ro…[View]
130963778/sg/ vs /ptg/: It's time for /pol/ to finally decide which side does it support support and whi…[View]
130948317Anyone else find Chunk Ogre's rants about democratic losses hilarious? His new one is golden ht…[View]
130960358Why doesn't Africa produce successful blacks like Kendrick Lamar, DMX, 50 Cent, Denzel Washingt…[View]
130963949This faggot shit is trending on Reddit now with 50K upvotes: Is that kikes astroturfing or are you a…[View]
130963842The guy fighting Trumps travel ban lobbied for private prisons: 1 of 3 How do libs deal with this co…[View]
130962504Remember when Radiohead was arm in arm with Naomi Klein about that book No Logo? Not long after this…[View]
130963813The Fellowship of the Shitpost: More Ocrpostings: Yes friends; more Orcpostings. Upload your latest …[View]
130963806libertarians btfo: >Referring to his free-market ideology, Mr. Greenspan added: “I have found a f…[View]
130962924Just reminding everyone here of there civil duty SAGE ALL NU-/POL/ THREADS RID THIS VICIOUS CANCER B…[View]
130957522Europe is dead/lost: Dutch news papper writting about 2023 the world will have a population of 8bill…[View]
13095169824 Year-old Starbucks Employee, Fresh Out of Coma, an heros: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-fre…[View]
130955341American Civil War II: Should it happen?[View]
130956661Why can't this British girl find a boyfriend? Are British boys that ugly?[View]
130954405>its ok goym, there are no xenoestrogens in the water[View]
130962050Serbia: What is happening here, /pol/?[View]
130960617Niggers are cursed and they were made to serve the white man, according to catholic priest: 'Rising …[View]
130958600Why are Chris Cantwell's podcasts being deleted? Does anyone know why? Is he getting Shoah…[View]
130938096FAILING NEW YORK TIMES ON SUICIDE WATCH: what was once considered one of the most reputable sources …[View]
130960812Brothers of Europe: I hope you are all doing well. I am glad each of you can see this. Not because I…[View]
130948243Objectivist here: Ask me anything. Not a meme thread, and I'm not joking. Objectivism =/= Liber…[View]
130960231Ameritards BTFO - so much for 'muh military'[View]
130963099Revive this ideology?: Should this be revived?[View]
130963093Can we agree that Stalin did nothing wrong? >inb4 muh fabricated victims of communism (tm) (R) nu…[View]
130960298A new Trend has emergeded among public school students in the UK. Now a days the youngsters are opti…[View]
130961379How can we have our revolution if the British working class are extremely obese and have no desire t…[View]
130961916We discriminated now: Who saw this coming a long time ago? Now it's really happening. Who would…[View]
130953544>the American military is the most powerf-[View]
130961830You guys thinking what im thinking?[View]
130962937YAHOO COMMENTS NO!!!![View]
130959586Guys did Trump just blow the hole story with these tweets: i think Trump, with 3 tweets, BTFO the Ru…[View]
130961796PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMENT: Hello friends on /pol/. This is a public service announcement for all th…[View]
130959476Tell me Europeans, how has Europe's Tourism been for the past year? Has it gone down or up?[View]
130961300this is the state of modern murrican comics, say something nice about them![View]
130962748Did Cernobitch steal from Manchester victims?: Best case scenario is he donated. We will find out. h…[View]
130962100Apex-level cuckery: White man's daughter's heart is used as a transplant to an african. so…[View]
130960486What would happen if all the illegals left america?[View]
130910302This is Soe Gschwind-Penski your typical millennial woman who will be 30 years old next year. She ha…[View]
130951981ABSOLUTE HAPPENING: Terrorist attack at Ed Sheeran concert in London[View]
130962644$110,000,000,000.00 $110,000,000,000.00 Fuck him. And fuck all of his supporters.[View]
130962620What does it mean to be BASED black guy?[View]
130959684Could we have a good old redpill thread? I'll start with cosmetics.[View]
130953411How do Jews score such high I.q points while middle easterners score around 85 when they're bot…[View]
130959252Why Can't I Find Any Info on Disease in The Holocaust?: >in wiki, type: disease in the holoc…[View]
130951640Why are elites pushing this?: >gays >trans >blacks >muslims >refugees We all know the…[View]
130959206Well /pol/...do you?[View]
130960926Only leftists get trigge-[View]
130957237>tfw your head is a ski-jump slope >let me in ur country we need to work together…[View]
130962351Should we start making Facebook memes? The older generation will share them.[View]
130960371Cripple Fight! Jeh Johnson vs. Brazile and the Notorious DWS: Who wins? We all do. http://twitchy.co…[View]
130952115Aryans rapefugees in Europe: >> MFW I get out of my baserri and see my herria invaded by Aryan…[View]
130962302*WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING*[View]
130962284Sussex police diversity over protection: Fellow brit annons, redpill are the sussex police really th…[View]
130962274Social Justice Warrior[View]
130958605Can anyone prove to me that we (''''capitalist'''' western c…[View]
130955663D.C. Cops Sued for Cavity Searching Arrested Antifa Protestors: http://archive.is/QoWc9 Pepper spray…[View]
130947355>American security company Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) buys 64 Mirage F1 from Fran…[View]
130952413Do it goy: Ask an (((Iranian))) Zionist Jew anything.[View]
130954725JFC WHEN DO WE GET TO WIIIIIN????: I haven't slept at all since fucking Tuesday. Ossoff was sup…[View]
130936547How degenerate is Isreal ?: Give some pictures[View]
130960070/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
130961822So the hashtag #RestoreTheVOTE is trending on Twitter (not by virtue, obviously; just because the le…[View]
130959920Non-white Americans of /pol/, where do you or your family original hail from? >Ghana father >S…[View]
130954056Sorry bong's, give the trophy BACK to Canada: Mr. Harris is no longer of the record for longest…[View]
130960464Why are they the worst posters here?: What draws them towards neoconservativism, (((civic nationalis…[View]
130960327Not a fan of Nintedo or video games in general, but nothing but respect for this dude; even just mak…[View]
130957812How do we stop antifa: Ive been thinking about how we can stop antifa, or at least troll them... 1)…[View]
130961636Is CloverOS the only redpilled Linux distro?[View]
130960292FRENCH QT KILLED BY EXPLODING WHIPPED CREAM: https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/france-probes-reported-dea…[View]
130960268france: hi my lords, i'm french and i'm tired of terrorists attack but because i am cuck, …[View]
130961094Come on down to the Science Museum for the sexuality exhibit! http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitm…[View]
130961436>Canadian Hadji Stabs American Cop: >pol isn't talking about this https://www.theglobeand…[View]
130960914/aag/ Anti America General: discuss, i'm too lazy to make a proper thread[View]
130942173how to spot nu/pol/: >supports trump the neocon zog puppet >is a civic nationalist >doesn…[View]
130960225>tfw working 80 hours a week at minimum wage[View]
130960346Why do Latinos try to pass Spaniards as not-white?: Curious[View]
130949586Why don't we know shit about druids?[View]
130949383>she could have been your wife[View]
130961006Can any Finns redpill me on the New Alternative party? What are their policies and why did they spli…[View]
130953221is glyphosate the new DDT? is food an overlooked method (((they)) use?[View]
130944860Why does /pol/ hate gays?[View]
130949820Why is the US so divided right now? I don't get how so many people can be so diametrically oppo…[View]
130960773Heeello!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q98ukQ_G-Fs[View]
130960682Post /pol/ theme songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_q9HV9otUM[View]
130960512Do you want these in your nation?: ore are you a dirty bigot?[View]
130960590https://youtu.be/IFv2Tf2isNw >this generation rules the natio n What did they mean by this?…[View]
130959004Why did he do it?[View]
130960571WE WUZ KANGZ: How can we use this shit against them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANmbuQG0_4w…[View]
130935594Canadians Regularly Refuse Non-White Doctors: Why did she do this? Is there hope for Canada yet? htt…[View]
130958245Hey guys, what political alignment am I if this is what I got on the polcompass?[View]
130960185Why do we let twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. be mass liberal breeding grounds of degenerate thought…[View]
130956990Rally Against Leftist Violence: Can I trust that you will be in attendance, /pol/?[View]
130952470MEGHAN McCAIN FULL MELTDOWN MODE: looks like another one bites the dust.[View]
130960244REEEEEEEEE http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-us-wont-be-in-worlds-top-3-for-population-for-muc…[View]
130950569After 2020, all EU members will have to adopt the euro: You do realize that we are leaving EU in 202…[View]
130956618Matthew 7:21-27: “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but…[View]
130955877Jews are superior to whites.: > Create Christianity > Create the atheist Movement > Create…[View]
130958427Hhahahahahahahahha. Fuck Tommy Robinson and fuck racists[View]
130945656The Shah of Iran - Whos side was he on?: or was he his own side[View]
130960065Happening.: Super Deluxe is trying to destroy Alex Jones again https://www facebook com/superdeluxev…[View]
130954434Evangelicals: Should I become an Evangelical? They seem to have good community cohesion and are cons…[View]
130958587Obama Boulevard: Your GPS takes you down this street: what do you do? http://www.dailynews.com/gove…[View]
130958256STOP POSTING GORE: You degenerates will be put to rest. I assure you. (((We))) are working on it…[View]
130960029Is the world coming apart at the seams? You've got all theses factions fighting for power and t…[View]
130953182Why is this allowed?[View]
130958833Yes, Netherlands: After America, The Netherlands is the next country where numerous numbers of paren…[View]
130958209You're still here retards?[View]
130953341Michael Brown?: Has it been confirmed that the beast in this video -- beating up a skinny elderly --…[View]
130946740Burgers will defend this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/06/20/19-children-are-sho…[View]
130955352Proof that Islam is the one true faith - our Prophet has returned. Praise Allah so that I may have t…[View]
130958810Today is the 76th anniversary of Unternehmen Barbarossa. Post your based Germans.[View]
130956690This is real life[View]
130959705What do you think of Rev. William Barber and his so-called Moral Mondays protests? https://archive.i…[View]
130931159Gremblo: Is he our /guy/?[View]
130956441Hi /pol/ I'm writing a letter to Ted Kaczynski and Dylann roof right now. Any idea on what I s…[View]
130959570...Anonymous (ID: 7TSJHiQ1) Archived 06/22/17(Thu)10:03:18 No.130948610 Image 013-04-18t201616z_2132…[View]
130952747Brit/pol/ - Neil Horan edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and cri…[View]
130955640do you have leftist friends/family?[View]
130959461Nobody needs a assault sword: We need common sense gladius control Pic related.[View]
130923378Illinois literally dissolving: Please tell me this is real. When I still lived in Illinois, there wa…[View]
130948284Freedom of Speech Rally: DC 6/25: Lincoln Memorial 6/25 12pm Speakers: -Richard Spencer -Nathan Dami…[View]
130959362reminder: all tump/kek fags are literally nerdy betafag redditor cucks. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
130954202NIGGER AND HIS PIT KILLED ITS HAPPENING IN THE DESERT: http://abc7.com/news/teen-dog-killed-in-deput…[View]
130956548LESS JOBS MORE MONEY: >As noted byRed Alert Politics,the Bay Area is headed for a $15 minimumwage…[View]
130959235Why do you keep feeding the niggers with your tax money?[View]
130958557I love liberal mental gymnastics! >Rape is bad, but only when white men do it! >I hate men, bu…[View]
130957487MOLDYLOX SPOTTED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDTaO5F8JC4&feature=youtu.be[View]
130950807What did the President mean by this?[View]
130957604>muh Hillary would've started WW3 Trump is starting it as we speak, retard. >http://www.…[View]
130947808Map thread.[View]
130956863Wow, seriously what is this gay shit? First time I have ever experienced this. FYI I'm sitting …[View]
130956808so /pol/, why aren't you a protestant/calvinist yet? haven't they been right about the hom…[View]
130955100Based Tyrone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6YouZrVIY Big Man Tyrone has finally waged war again…[View]
130956280Ever wondered where LGBT, Planned Parenthood, Pedophilia and Pornography promotion comes from?: Here…[View]
130955714>The US has Ground Zero >The UK has Hillsborough stadium >France has the Bataclan >Japan…[View]
130958226Fargo season 3: Is it jewish propaganda considering the abundance of hebrew refrences?[View]
130953921Is There Anything More Delicious?[View]
130958195>Tuesday >Polish driver killed in fireball crash after migrants block Calais road with tree tr…[View]
130918899Chancellor Merkel is opening gamescom for the first time: >Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will open…[View]
130951675House panel OKs highway surveillance bill that would fine uninsured drivers: > A network of camer…[View]
130957427Jewtube is at it again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc Requesting troops in the holy di…[View]
130957956We wuz discriminated now: We saw this coming a long time ago and now it's really happening. Who…[View]
130957915China is still communist: Don't forget you fucking niggers, chinese insectoids are still commun…[View]
130957787Why the Theory of Cultural Appropriation is Pro-Capitalist: http://shetterly.blogspot.com/2017/06/wh…[View]
130957639is twitter guy the smartest numale on earth? he controls trump.[View]
130957314Furniture-buying, non-pussy getting cheeto fuck ain't got no tapes. Weak sauce boi.[View]
130957515>the earth is a ball There are people on pol who are unironically this blue pilled…[View]
130953508What are /pol/s beliefs? i.e. Capitalism vs Socialism, speech, immigrants, etc. I'm one of you …[View]
130953224What are the best race books?: I have some books by Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant on my compute…[View]
130957224>the absolute state of the sussex police[View]
130949528I have no idea when I stopped hating Jews and niggers for the meme and started legitimately hating t…[View]
130955909>I could of joined National Action >I didn't feels bad man.…[View]
130954887#MoreThanARefugee TRUE VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2Ip7almhCk[View]
130956947Title VII as it Applies to Men.: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals agai…[View]
130955211Christian Vinland Flag: There is no official Vinland Flag. https://www.playbuzz.com/jamesd43/flag-f…[View]
130946718>this triggers the spaniard[View]
130950365>increasing minimum wage actually decreases unemployment >giving people free wages actually ma…[View]
130945652Is this picture really true, /pol/?[View]
130955677WTF Germany, I thought you were nice looking: This just looks like slightly richer Poland, what is t…[View]
130956027Google and Internet Censorship: /pol/ please help me understand this. I know for a fact that there a…[View]
130956571>EU >bad: kremlinbots shoo[View]
130955475What does the future hold?[View]
130956366President Trump should bring ALL of our troops home, NOW. We are about to need them here FAR more th…[View]
130956003Why do black men always rub their hands like they're going to commit a serious of felonies?[View]
130955838The people who claim Jesus the most need Jesus the most[View]
130956218How do you acknowledge the immense contributions of based redpilled youtubers to the Alt Right?[View]
130950548Daily reminder not to make fun of kekistan: Is it cringy as fuck? Absolutely. But it's the best…[View]
130955321Kansas city isnt in kansas?[View]
130956123Article from 2005 explaining al-Qaida's objectives and prospects. It's basically a poor-ma…[View]
130956088What does /pol/ think about guns? Should we have assault weapons? Should we have full auto weapons? …[View]
130950802D-did... did Russia shoot down a Global Hawk?: http://eer.ru/a/article/u123259/2017/06/22/61241 http…[View]
130947641BLUFFER: TRUMP HAS NO COMEY TAPES: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/338988-trump-doesnt-ha…[View]
130942198Huffpo writer practically begs to be raped by negros: John Halstead, who probably has a manbun and w…[View]
130955602Russian shitposters: >yfw The 'Russians' who 'influenced' the election were Russian shitposters o…[View]
130952886Will be happening? Ed Sheeran gig terror fears: O2 Arena concerns TONIGHT over attacks pattern: >…[View]
130955737Are manlets the ultimate bluepill?[View]
130949696Surrender Goy: Why are jews still butthurt 70-80 years after the holohoax? why can't they get o…[View]
130954797>dad is 63 year old racist >calls me up >'Hey have you heard of Angry pepe?' >and I say …[View]
130931155Her Name was Angelica Wiktor: 30 - libtard SJW - Swedish. Raped in her own home by guess who. Rapef…[View]
130951861Nixon and Reagan actually bad?: I see what (((they))) are doing in response to Trump, and it makes m…[View]
130943287THE ENTIRE PLANET IS VIBRATING: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/o…[View]
130946189what a pathetic country: >radio needs to play 50% canadian music by law >tim hortons board of …[View]
130952870Should the census ask about sexual orientation?: https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2017-06-22/…[View]
130953523Based blacks: Let's have an honest discussion about black conservatives with as little shitpost…[View]
130941240PRIME MOGGSTER THREAD: ARE YOU READY FOR MOGG? >Supporters of a campaign to persuade Tory Brexite…[View]
130938143>I want to live in the 80s in Americ-[View]
130951952Escapism: What do you guys think about fiction and escapism in general? I've been wondering lat…[View]
130949601Why is healthcare in the US so expensive?: Like literally 20% of GDP goes into healthcare, which is …[View]
130951945Daily reminder to >stop supporting (((Trump))) >ignore all Trump threads >only talk about T…[View]
130940563>Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy >Dozens of…[View]
130949684ARE YOU KIDDING?: Trump Twitter dingleberry gets BTFO by 'tapes'[View]
130938161U.S. test to shoot down missile FAILS: Why would somebody publish this? Is there anything to be gain…[View]
130941656Can we discuss the recent verdict in the shooting of Philando Castile? I think Trevor Noah puts it b…[View]
130929943Serbian anti Terrorist units look like legit right wing death squads. Am I wrong?[View]
130954836Why does pic related set off people so easily, /pol/? It's a less than 1 minute completely non-…[View]
130949157Prison Riots: Do burger prisons really have riots happen with inmates taking over, raping the guards…[View]
130954921Flag Bearer Thread: Post Em[View]
130947674Is there any way to fix the Black-White relationship in America, realistically?[View]
130954304In light of this incredibly African headline, let's have an Africa thread. Anything and everyt…[View]
130954891Kekistani Cringe Thread[View]
130952405Would europeans replace their muslim population with South Americans?[View]
130937423Central European Defence Cooperation - anti migrant based alliance: >An alliance of Central Europ…[View]
130947806Saw the pope last week. Seems like a nice guy. Why does /pol/ hate him again?[View]
130941855>/pol/ will defend this[View]
130942683How does this make you feel: >EU is falling VS >Israel is impenetrable >6 layer aerial defe…[View]
130947445Why does he lie so much?[View]
130949406>races don't exist goyim This is a literal chimpanzee, jesus christ…[View]
130940396In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, German police have raided the homes of 36 people accused…[View]
130954402The avg pol tard: Reminder that this is your avg pol poster. Notice the waxy receding hairline, jerk…[View]
130943401Are there other species besides humans and dogs that have such different physical appearances but ar…[View]
130953993Why are some Americans so obsessed with Europe?[View]
130954550Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13258271 Let's see how fucked this place really is[View]
130954247Kike-ner will bring about 'Greater Israel': The meeting that sunk the US. How much more longer unti…[View]
130954407Post Fascist Memorabilia: >he doesn't decorate his home[View]
130918766Does she make videos only for money?[View]
130948679Is /pol/ getting tired of his figurehead stupidity yet?[View]
130953787>hates rich jews >supports tax cuts for rich…[View]
130953587So fellow goys. Are jews a race or a religion?[View]
130939899I am German. Here is why we are pro-EU.: We have a huge inferiority complex about the Anglo. We have…[View]
130950880you're all destroying the right: You're fucking idiots. Once the new right gets into the g…[View]
130943897Why are Americans so stupid? https://twitter.com/Liz_Loveall28/status/877139230903984128[View]
130953557stop being racist u fucks![View]
130951264Whats your favorite black queer song /pol/?[View]
130953186What's your opinion on this video?: What's your opinion on this video? Do you think that i…[View]
130953752Promoting white genocide: >Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion H…[View]
130953718An definite answer to all the 'unanswearable' and occult questions in regards to the how's and …[View]
130953639>trump care dead in senate >lied about comey tapes >still under investigation for treason, …[View]
130953617This really jizzles my weasels: Why do women pretend to be moved by some idiotic shit like watching …[View]
130953465Turkish government is making syrian kids play minecraft https://www.google.com.tr/amp/www.cnnturk.c…[View]
130952284How do we address the natsoc LARPer infestation? It's gotten really bad.[View]
130950436Red Ice TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_lV5NMgGAs Is Red Ice TV the most redpilled channel on …[View]
130952940Why is Canada THE best country in the world? Dog blowjobs are great amirite?[View]
130950940There's a fucking bomb threat going on at my bank right now. There's a great Italian resta…[View]
130952669Come join the Jew master race. Remember that Messianic Jews are the only ones trying to convert the …[View]
130930152Syria General /sg/ - Daraa NOW Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
130952347>martial arts were banned in ancient history because farmers used them to fight off the governmen…[View]
130951574Brazil has a Donald Trump, and his chances at the presidency are looking better every day: >Bolso…[View]
130944967Top kek: >GOP Senator Tom Cotton’s intern is not shy about spouting off incendiary comments, as t…[View]
130948010Why do certain races do well in certain genres of competitive videogames and terrible in another? Ta…[View]
130946765Brit/pol/ - QT lineup edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and crim…[View]
130952174Vox engages SJW revisionism. Japan did nothing wrong. FUCK Vox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHJs…[View]
130946708The T H I C C meme is a jew psyop created to normalize and celebrate obesity, indolence and racemixi…[View]
130950516Does god stay in heaven because he to lives in fear of what he has created.[View]
130952755I found an ANTIFA discord, please help me to invade it: /invite/qJpenyM[View]
130950172Professor says white people are scum, hospital should let Scalise die: http://insider.foxnews.com/20…[View]
130950450Mango Mussolini Voters: She's right, you know...[View]
130942106United Nations to ban cultural appropriation.: Looks like the UN has gone full SJW https://archive.f…[View]
130923446Who else here knew Laci Green would be the one to change SJW's into Red Pilled Alt Righters? ht…[View]
130946803/pol/ and racism need a divorce: >spics and niggers should be shot Haha. Oh wait. That's rac…[View]
130952534>Libertarians are the real Fascists I'm okay with this desu.[View]
130952525Did anyone read Ann Coultures 'Treason'. Thoughts on her thoughts on Joe McCarthy? Thoughts on Joe M…[View]
130952302This kills the liberal[View]
130944854Was Hitler as sick as the History channel says?: First off im not a national socialist or anything l…[View]
130950727Can we nuke the leafs already?[View]
130940006Reminder that 100 babies were born because of the Rotherham sex scandal. 100 human lives were create…[View]
130948203How do we save the UK /pol/?: As having some anglo roots myself, I am genuinely sad at what it has b…[View]
130945856LIBERAL MOSQUE IN BERLIN WAS A RADICAL MUSLIM FALSEFLAG: http://archive.is/53cVp >Mimoun Azizi ge…[View]
130950710we will come for the USA after we done with europe.[View]
130952270Anyone else had experiences with crippled Antifa band members?[View]
130948634Why no anti-muslim sentiment from terror victims families?: In the past three years over 200 people …[View]
130944891BASED BLACK MAN: Post em[View]
130950512Thank you Europa for helping filtering out the worst immigrants so we only get the best ones. THANK …[View]
130952147https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrpHaJooAAs: >Be Buzzfeed >Pay employees to make their job los…[View]
130939246You need to stop this[View]
130952099Who do you follow when you want to watch a race realist annihilate a racial equalitarian?[View]
130942093Is the USA beyond saving now?: The top song in the music charts in the USA is a fucking Puerto Rican…[View]
130952093ITT:: redpill schemes[View]
130942503We need a JFK attempt..[View]
130949176Interracial Dating: How accurate is pic related?[View]
130946384This my home town in 1960: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xqUG-tH9N8 This is my home town now: htt…[View]
130942086WW3 happening: I had a dream last night fellow anons. The Best Koreans launched 2 nukes. 1 hits Atla…[View]
130948946>OMG JEWS DID USS LIBERTY! yeah... we all know that, they were never hiding it.... >ITS TOTALL…[View]
130951490/POL/ REFUSES TO TAKE THE TRUE REDPILL: Your life is a lie. Every issue you're concerned with h…[View]
130951027Now that it's pretty much confirmed Democrats are imploding, do you think Pelosi will finally s…[View]
130949539>black conservative living in southern California I'm never getting married am I?…[View]
130930474Can we have a civilised Balkan thread?[View]
130951748>Right away, Mr. President. We'll allocate all reserve soldiers to the Israeli Strategic Pea…[View]
130951735BASED: Who here drinking mindset?[View]
130950834Should it be agaisnt the law to deface your president?[View]
130950771ITT I prove white privilage exists: Humor me for a moment. Where did all the leaf posters go once cu…[View]
130941956Whats the Truth About John Mccain?[View]
130950920Fascist merchandise: Anyone know where to get /pol/ related merch? Pic related Would like to compile…[View]
130948758WaPo reports on Michael Brown settlement. Comment section is surprisingly BASED: https://www.washing…[View]
130950517Abortion-Redpill: Can someone redpill me on abortion and if you can give me the political reasons to…[View]
130951266Will AI be used for the future cleansing of America?[View]
130951250About France: Was the death of the French Socialist Party planned by the French elite? It seemed ext…[View]
130949787I haven't heard /pol/ talking about this new show: >set in postmodern america >integrist …[View]
130941848Is Dolce & Gabbana /ourfashion/?: Only a redpilled company would create such a racist and bigote…[View]
130934208Have you paid your man tax today, /pol/? :^)[View]
130944706Europe Immigration: We are so screwed look at the bunch of shitskins that are coming to europe , tur…[View]
130946771Have you done you duty as a tolerant citizen to report bigots to the thought police?[View]
130946634Why do blacks make the worst parents?[View]
130950681Why are Canadian snipers so good?[View]
130950922Christian thread general >>130950631[View]
130924354co to jest????[View]
130950514Troll level: Godlike The msm has been drooling like a dog for a treat for these videos Comey spilled…[View]
130948391ITT: post black people that are alright.[View]
130950703Shitposting: Do whatever you want with this i don't really care, btw pic unrelated https://www.…[View]
130945967MODERATORS DELETE ALL THESE LACI GREEN THREADS!: She is NOT Red Pilled. She is NOT Our/Girl. This is…[View]
130950585United Kuntdom 2017: https://twitter.com/sussex_police/status/877110502350098432[View]
130950475Gangster rap did this to me.[View]
130947258Daily reminder[View]
130949857The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
130946205What is the dividing line between leftists and liberals: Yes before you start screaming i know lefti…[View]
130949839Jews established degenerate Weimar Republic Weimar republic led to the first holocaust Iran wants to…[View]
130950257Only unevolved people want to have children: And only unevolved people love their parents.[View]
130941476>shadilay >praise kek >based >meme war >shareblue >god emperor >awoo >free k…[View]
130944342>'Dear EU, fuck you. Regards, Netherlands' How can one man be this based?…[View]
130950168https://resistbot.io/ So this just came up. You know what to do lads. >spam >fill with bullsh…[View]
130944931Thoughts on researching socialism for 3 years and it being superior to our current welfare system?[View]
130950143why hate pakis pol ?: https://twitter.com/ayd112/status/877343425267367936[View]
130930638New Teutonic Order: I want to form an order of armored Christians capable of protecting the weak at …[View]
130950120>start arresting people for making (((offensive))) comments on social media >threatens other c…[View]
130947096Fuck Drumpf, he is killing us by taking away our right to health care![View]
130949993HIV Rates Down by Almost 1/3 in UK: How will breeders make fun of us now? Hmmm? http://archive.is/45…[View]
130950035What a brave new world.[View]
130926363Perfect Europe IMO.[View]
130948038what country are they from[View]
130943120When did TV news become 'entertainment?'[View]
130949905>Ignorants responses Beautiful. How much ignorant could people be?[View]
130946858Palestinian children are redpilled af[View]
130946996Why is Brick and Mortar Retail so shit?: I think Amazon is getting too big. How is it that modern fu…[View]
130949873Why do you romanticize Russia so much? Too much Stalker and Half Life 2 is my best guess. It's …[View]
130949840Canadian Snipers: Best Snipers: Canadian Sniper just shattered the distance record with a 2.14 mile …[View]
130949830SUN PILL THREAD: Have you taken the sungazing pill yet, /pol/? Or do you still give your money to ((…[View]
130945845In August The Bear Awakens: My friends. Some of you who seek a new homeland. You seek a place where …[View]
130947275Is there any research on genotypes, phenotypes, and political ideologies? For example, do people wit…[View]
130946306Kim Guadagno WILL LOSE in NJ if she does not back DOODWEED: Dear political goys, NJ will go democrat…[View]
130949636Daily reminder to >stop supporting (((Trump))) >ignore all Trump threads >only talk about T…[View]
130925485Who's your favorite alt-right/far-right youtuber/media figure /pol/?[View]
130933118Develop the african continent: Why not do this ? How do this ?[View]
130949135Brining woman back to the kitchen is the solution: If any woman tells you that they are equal, simpl…[View]
130939518STOP GLOBAL WARMING, PLEASE!: It's 34 °C in my city right now. It was NEVER so hot.[View]
130949388Pre-election /pol/ >threads with actual evidence of arguments >no 'shareblue this, shareblue t…[View]
130937127Daily reminder that this board is been monitored.: You have been warned.[View]
130944451What is the dumbest shit you have read in this board?: >I'm a culturally pagan atheist…[View]
130941940Why are fat people so fucking awful? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn3AgNC2TSk[View]
130938881Guess what day is today[View]
130947329IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING: 6.8 earthquake 92 years ago[View]
130934488Why do companies abuse the H1B visa program to replace American workers with Indian and Chinese work…[View]
130948441How do you do, fellow white people?: As a white person, don't you think that Italians and Greek…[View]
130944994Only 1 week left of Pride month. How has your city celebrated? Did you attend any events?[View]
130948882Muslim populations under 25: There are a lot of valid complaints about muslims and those complaints …[View]
130924247What /pol/ thinks about the new europeans?[View]
130944477Meta: What do we do about the /ptg/ problem?[View]
130944386Hapa Nationalism: Please Stop Joining WN Causes: Okay, so I've just got to say this. There are …[View]
130948770Where can I go?: >be me >be burgershit of german heritage >burgerland is going down the shi…[View]
130948630New Snapchat 'Snap Map' update allows users to see the precise location of their friends. Orwell di…[View]
130947517Ayn Rand: Western Marxist academics shit all over her relatively unsophisticated style of writing be…[View]
130948610Why have't Republicans laid the hammer on this guilt-tripping statist kike? I'm fucking si…[View]
130940903What's feminisms plan behind being pro refugee: Are muslim and middle Eastern men being let int…[View]
130948440/Kekistan/ Memetic Freedom: In this thread we will discuss is 'Memetic Freendom' shall be declared. …[View]
130948543Islam and Science: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHPfAtPiXXs I'm very interested in histo…[View]
130945842Why aren't you doing your bit for your country and moving into shitskin infested shitholes to g…[View]
130940691>meanwhile, in Britbongistan http://archive.is/1Xt0f[View]
130933147Fuck Identity Evropa: https://mb3-org.com/2016/12/15/resources-for-countering-identity-evropa-and-th…[View]
130935295SWEDEN YES!: Swedish government pays underage girls €5 an hour to socialize with grown refugees !!! …[View]
130948380*sips tea*: Not that it's any of my business, but why are Republicans suddenly acting like they…[View]
130948154Grenfell tower victims to be relocated to luxury flat: Finally, the rich can live with the DIEversit…[View]
130942104Ok, I do not get ISIS any more: >be ISIS in Mosul, get eradicated by Burgers and Iraqis >go f…[View]
130945236Germany Spied On White House: What does /pol/ think about the German's spying on American offic…[View]
130946991George Lincoln Rockwell was never assassinated timeline.[View]
130948028London Mayor calls for amnesty for illegal imm: >London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for amnesty for il…[View]
130948278>same ancient pantheon >same language structure >same cultural foundations >same physiol…[View]
130947656Blacks HATE White foods: What is it about African-Americans that prevents them from enjoying the cul…[View]
130939076What happened to emos and punks /pol/? Why do people go through such a phase? The ones I knew have t…[View]
130944976BURGERS ONLY THREAD: Favorite state, /pol/? I decided to add a map of the 2016 election since politi…[View]
130946802>can't get shit done >scared shitless of the press >has to rally his retards to feed h…[View]
130948142What should be done about (((libertarians)))?[View]
130944498What can /pol/ do to help destroy immigration? I want your smartest and brightest idea's. The n…[View]
130923621>Asian women don't know how to love their husbands. It's in their culture Is this true?…[View]
130947539Daily reminder that Trump supporters are universally low info retards. Yes t_d that means every sing…[View]
130944808DEMS BTFO: How will they ever recover?[View]
130936141Does multiculturalism work in your country?[View]
130919194Why hasn't the government developed the technology to shut down the atoms in a nuke rendering i…[View]
130945084Germany SEPTEMBER ELECTION - send Syrian villages edition: Damn, the German Green party really is co…[View]
130938917Who believes that Brazil has the 3rd largest white pop: I mean who really believes that BS , they ar…[View]
130946093Does /pol/ seriously really believe that the justice system treats blacks and whites equally? This w…[View]
130946075>loses conservative audience >leftists never wanted her >gets stumped by the Trump >Much…[View]
130936168Pretty much the only countries worth mentioning (ignore Canada)[View]
130947107Will Chuck Schumer cry??: Place your bets! https://youtu.be/_8czKS9Ggrc Will Chucky Schumer start cr…[View]
130947314TRUMP BTFO: NAVSEC CONFIRMATION POSTPONED: http://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/06/15/confirmatio…[View]
130935388>Socialism doesn't wo-[View]
130947240It's obvious that only idiots want to have children[View]
130947206Why does Lovepanky.com still exist Anons? https://archive.is/xgmcT[View]
130947196Refugee crisis in Europe: Just found this site, it is still small, make it known https://refugee-cri…[View]
13093785780 Year old Canadians lived like Pionners: While the rest of the world invented machines, cars, ligh…[View]
130946774Norway is shit and cucked: Norway is a freezing shit country where we are so miserable that we spend…[View]
130947040Is the Trump solar wall a bit like the French solar road?: A PR stunt which, if looked at closely, i…[View]
130943285How to redpill kids: I am currently working at a day camp with 8-12 year old boys and I am looking f…[View]
130940300Canada for the win.: Canadian shot an ISIS fighter from 2 miles away, beating the current record set…[View]
130928143about homogeneous Japan: is Japan's declining population a threat to their economy? will they n…[View]
130942354/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Peace Was Never an Option' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
130946605Cryin' Cuck BTFO![View]
130946652Why are German landlords so racist? Don't you want diversity under your roof?[View]
130946599Do you ik Bn Shapiro?[View]
130938088>yfw I just fixed europe[View]
130946312Why would mods delete a thread about a politically engaged british cop: who obviously uses his posit…[View]
130938855Boipucci beautification surgery- who could be behind this?: https://moneyish.com/splurge/people-are-…[View]
130944627>more two woman what did they mean by this?[View]
130938567I think artificial wombs will be the downfall of humanity.[View]
130942578EU wants to control your vidya: >Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will open gamescom, the world’s lar…[View]
130946401HEAR THE MESSAGE OF OUR LORD: God is very much real, and we Aryans were created in his image. Race-m…[View]
130937789Brit/pol/ - Happy Portillo edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and…[View]
130943467Looks like it's not a hoax. http://time.com/4828306/russian-hacking-election-widespread-private…[View]
130944894It won't happen: >Actually believing that the day of the rope will happen. It is just like …[View]
130938318Republicans were the good guys: >tfw you realise the 2nd Republic were the Good Guys of the Spani…[View]
130943091Daily Reminder that capitalism causes pedophilia[View]
130939239White Flight: Where should Whites start emigrating in order to avoid the destruction that the social…[View]
130945488AMERIKKKA is the Evil Empir----[View]
130931339Skin tone=success?: >the darker the skin the less successful the country In a totally non biased …[View]
130880920How has /pol/ changed your habits? >dont go out anymore,dont drink do drugs or anything of that k…[View]
130922916Women are dying?: They are killing themselves because there's no future for them. You men don…[View]
130944300Why is America so great?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgeX-AF7_DE https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
130934274Please nuke us, America https://twitter.com/sussex_police/status/877817032393105408[View]
130932323I may have to move to America for 6 to 12 months. Which state is the least infested with 'them'? I a…[View]
130945941he is you: /pol/ like this or not but this is /your guy/. He is brutal, he knows what he wants. he u…[View]
130940287Reminder CNN is garbage: Even when Trump is winning, they've got to make it look like he's…[View]
130945899Are they stupid?: >latinos been living in usa illegally >wow! they got his papers >they vot…[View]
130945880Please replace geographic location with some sort of interface allowing you to choose whatever natio…[View]
130933072I WANT OFF THIS RIDE FAM - Degeneracy at peak levels: soundcloud rap.... wtf is this shit? Lazy ass …[View]
130937435What ever happened to the 'American Dream' and its equivalent in other countries, /pol/? Was it ever…[View]
130945603Why is /pol/ not talking about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgwAGugPZtU&index=12&li…[View]
130945228RACE WAR NOW!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aluX0CBTJ0k REEEEEEEEEE[View]
130944652How did the elite get away with orchestrating White Population Replacement?[View]
130945616THE ANCESTORS BLOCK THE ARYAN PATH: Your original indo-aryan ancestors come back to life and block y…[View]
130933237Just saw this on Twitter: So thought crimes are now a thing.[View]
130945644Buzz Feed - Blue Lies Matter Video: Is Buzz Feed stirring racial hatred against police? Why would th…[View]
130940852Post inspiring songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPKH4GHiihg[View]
130935378Australia is such a fucking shit country Prove me wrong >literally descended from criminals >N…[View]
130938295Is PELOSI the STUPIDEST Human Being on the Planet: I just watched the Pelosi Press Conference. She t…[View]
130941022More than 1500 years of Christianity in Europe, and we become the strongest and most advanced civili…[View]
130942999America's Jewry: >Tfw both philosophies are controlled by Jews It looks like it's reall…[View]
130945353Veggies: When you realise that a load of burger vegetables are blocking normal people from getting h…[View]
130943499Me and Trump Senpai: Just met the president, what have you faggots done with your day?[View]
130923323AUSPOL koala edition pt. 2: >Turnbull govt to tackle messaging encryption http://archive.is/JiXub…[View]
130929076Can we have a thread to talk about how childish, sheltered and deluded Americans are? Unlike us Euro…[View]
130943878The flooding of immigrants into Europe is the natural consequence of a matriarchy. White men gave aw…[View]
130944361This board is incredibly fucked up. I know some of you don't actually believe the insane hatefu…[View]
130934550PITBULL MAULING: HE DINDU NUFFIN. HE JUS HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS #notallpitbulls http://www.tristateupd…[View]
130930810Happy 22th June!: On this day, 424 years ago, at the Sisak, the united armies of Slovenes and Croats…[View]
130943062Is this the bravest man in America?: how does he do it /pol/?[View]
130944830https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF-Tdsvk0tI What did they mean by this?[View]
130944809Hey /pol/ I've started looking for a job last week, got 4 interviews so far. 40-45k base salary…[View]
130866571right to carry: murrifags btfu, stanford says the right to carry doesnt work http://news.stanford.ed…[View]
130944715I see you Nazis shilling for blonde hair and blue eyes all the time but has there really been anyone…[View]
130941424Meta Thread allowed by Hiro: >adds selectable flags >suddenly no more leafs or poo in the loos…[View]
130937549Redpill me on jews, /pol/. Are all these conspiracies about the jews controlling things and putting …[View]
130933415/pol/ eternally BTFO!! diversity is a winning model and there's nothing you can do about it! di…[View]
130943487Schumer doesn't know where money comes from: https://mobile.twitter.com/SenSchumer/status/87790…[View]
130942711LEAKED: The number of 'no-go zones' in Sweden increases - Police report: >A late report…[View]
130940891How Should middle and high schools be run/reformed?: What can be done to better prepare middle and h…[View]
130941109#BurnYourBorrow: How can we meme this into reality?[View]
130935851Islamophobia doesn't kil-: Regents Park Mosque 'attack': Man 'holding weapon and…[View]
130944071Nancy Pelosi is a failed leader of House Democrats. I hereby nominate Maxine Waters for Minority Lea…[View]
130944255Let's create their next conspiracy theory: Here's my shot, but maybe something simpler wou…[View]
130944237Do you think a governments main purpose is to help its citizens in any ways it can? Pic unrelated, I…[View]
130925865GERMAN GOVERNMENT TO INTRODUCE STATE SURVEILLANCE MALWARE: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/digital/staats…[View]
130941366>Amerifats are all retarded burg-[View]
130936343If you're not a national socialist you can fuck right off.[View]
130943537Europe without multiculturalism: Poverty,wars that resulted with deaths of millions,diseases Europe …[View]
130938954Antifas now calling for the murder of Trump supporters: It's official, USA has AIDS : 'It’s Goi…[View]
130930130Syria General /sg/ - Foreign Influence Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
130933519Swiss Thread: Why do we not consider Switzerland 'based'?[View]
130924811Whats with all the laciposting going on atm? What fresh SJW hell has she created? I googled but didn…[View]
130942791What can we do to stop anti family propagand?: >jewluminati fund and push feminism >alter the …[View]
130939388>29 years old >life has always been the same. Nothing ever changed >politics and the presi…[View]
130937894Why to remind of German crimes? Germans have money and nice and rich country, i dont care about thei…[View]
130931685Did this guy just single-handedly destroy the entire Russian Collusion narrative? Sure looks like he…[View]
130930494What does /pol/ think about the left's Milo Yiannopoulos?[View]
130939606Why do asians like to fuck fish?[View]
130942842Sergey Shoygu Affair: NATO, you should have killed that Turkic subhuman. Would have been the only po…[View]
130942240Why do white nationalists counter-signal against the whites that are actually trying to get somethin…[View]
130942756Well-Done Burgers!!: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahahahahah ::: breathes in::: …[View]
130942740Just a friendly reminder to go drink your fluoride! Wouldn't want to miss a dose.[View]
130942643INFOWARS LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU1dE55gIBI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU1dE55gI…[View]
130916812ECOSEXUALITY - Where were you when people started to shove down dirt into their body openings?: >…[View]
130941717[TRUMPCARE UNVEILED]: What's the point of the Second Amendment again?[View]
130921705Police Brutality: Seriously WTF is wrong with Americans, the guy is in his car with his family and g…[View]
130941371Black Turnout Down in 2016, White Turnout Up, Securing Trump Victory: I told you, when Blacks didn…[View]
130938641/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'TL;DR' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
130942203Daily reminder that Napoleon is the true hero of the white race[View]
130929358so, listen, i was a smartass in class and one thing lead to another basically, now i have to prove g…[View]
130939132Goys, I'm kinda worried. Normally, when a Youtube company video gets this many dislikes and neg…[View]
130894254#MoreThanARefugee: Keep disliking this shit lads. We're winning! We're breaking the condit…[View]
130939600Aye lmao we found aliens. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IprUlVpjBXQ[View]
130936715When Republican candidate Tom Price won the GA-06 in November, he won it by twenty-one points. Last …[View]
130940901Organization: How can we start organizing ourselves?[View]
130929683ITT we celebrate our only accomplishment in the last 10 years. We did it guys! Sorry bongs! Sorry Bu…[View]
130941670I was in Himalayas past few months, tell me. Is 'BBC' - 'Big Black Chimpout' still a thing in USA?[View]
130938895USA is actively supporting literal Jihadis with their good goy troops on the ground and equipment. …[View]
130940447Why did he resign?[View]
130938387>niggers >spics >obesity >israel's bitch >disgusting 'food' >retarded accent…[View]
130941569Daily reminder seatbelt laws are unconstitutional. >y-you will fly and kill 6 million people Neve…[View]
130940209Remember to love your enemies christcucks: http://biblehub.com/matthew/5-44.htm How can you wish dea…[View]
130933244Is nationalism just the lazy mans path to success? Why do anything when you can just stand in the sh…[View]
130940019CHICAGO BANKRUPT: >Nuke Chicago >Blame Best Korea >PROFIT!!! http://www.chicagotribune.com…[View]
130938694Do people seriously think Trump isn't a globalist shill? Trump wouldn't have gotten the c…[View]
130934956>when you realize that getting red-pilled is a pointless endeavor since you can't change the…[View]
130941416Horst Wessel: Why did Horst Wessel lie? Why did nazis commemorate a liar?[View]
130913250Will i get canned for this?: Hello /pol/, i'm planning on buying this vest, do you think i will…[View]
130941360Why is England: Okay with their boys crossdressing? >is IT because in almost every private Briti…[View]
130941311/CSG/ C-SPAN GENERAL - BEHIND CLOSED DOORS EDITION: https://www.c-span.org/video/?430366-1/us-senate…[View]
130938127Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
130941250>go to germany >try out a pub >see zyklon b ale on the menu >…[View]
130941244Now you know why north korea is a 'brutal regime' - Hail kim jong un. Nuke Israel.[View]
130898749What Happened?: One year ago I was BernieBro, I called myself a socialist, vegan, psychedelic drug d…[View]
130938075National animal appreciation thread. Look at that bird. >3+ meters long >1.5 meters height …[View]
130938989>MFW in the next 50 years muslims and blacks will own the whites[View]
130916945Why do elites tend to be leftist?: Celebrities, mega actors and musicians, sports stars, billionaire…[View]
130941108>Dashposting should be a bannable off-[View]
130937126Defend this!!!!: How can you be ok with this poor man being stop 8 to 10 times by police! I don…[View]
130939229What does /pol/ think of Commies like Evalion who are anti-SJW?[View]
130940243>jews are powerful enough to fake history and even make it forbidden to question their narrative …[View]
130937338The media made such a big deal about Steve Bannon reading 'The Camp of Saints': Does this …[View]
130939947Ayn Rand predicts white guilt: In her novel 'The Fountainhead', the antagonist Ellsworth Toohey says…[View]
130937588Post your politicsfu here: Mine is Virginia Raggi, mayoress of Rome.[View]
130897319These guys contributed nothing to humanity except cancerous internet shit and having an embarrassing…[View]
130931153Israeli air chief: we would go all-out against Lebanon: Is a new war between Israel and Hezbollah im…[View]
130940602Who here switched to maga after Marvel went SJW?: Since Marvel still isn't reversing course, wh…[View]
130937765Transhumanism: >I am one with the machine, Dahnald. It is the way of the future, and the path to …[View]
130940434>mfw live in well off area >Mostly whites and asians >Beautiful coastal place >Woman out…[View]
130932288What major catastrophe/event/etc. do you think will happen in the next 5 years? The next 10? Not cou…[View]
130937234SERIOUS PROBLEM: How come LGBTQ is allowed to be bigoted towards ppl who identify as Apache attack h…[View]
130940304>1-Republic of Korea(3,518,792) >2-Republic of China(3,518,200) >3-Continental United State…[View]
130939241Get in here you faggots: Jordan Peterson starts at 18:00[View]
130940400Stop coming to brazil !: >WTF japan ? >WTF Italy ? >WTF Germany ? Except for portugal and …[View]
130940367Luka Magnotta is getting married: Notorious killer Luka Magnotta has found love in prison. Magnotta,…[View]
130937934A quick reminder that 12,000 jews died fighting for Germany i n WWI: They died and still got backsta…[View]
130932866Thanks to CAPITALISM this person is receiving nearly $600,000 a year to spout transphobic and white …[View]
130936647Why haven't locals taken care of this issue?: Related pic. If it's such a prevent problem,…[View]
130919224NO ROOM IN EVROPA FOR MUSLIM ANIMALS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgetGTGnPWU stay out or get pi…[View]
130935760Chechen Gay Concentration Camps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag9jIsf8ijI Based![View]
130939674REMEMBER THIS PICTURE AND VIDEO /pol/?: Yeah, more really fake news. Amanpour BTFO, on suicide watch…[View]
130915125HAPPENING NEW VAULT 7 CIA LEAK: >RELEASE: CIA 'Brutal Kangaroo' thumb drive air gap jum…[View]
130940034/pol/ is proven wrong once again: BASED MACRON STRIKES AGAIN https://sputniknews.com/europe/2017062…[View]
130940023/local/: had the idea yesterday for a thread dedicated to finding /pol/acks in your area to discuss …[View]
130939965can't they do better?: the two most influential purveyors of white hatred are a white man and a…[View]
130937271Military Industrial Complex: What is your opinion on the military industrial complex[View]
130928127Ben Shapiro Absolutely Nails It On Marvel Comics Denial of SJW leftist propaganda: https://www.youtu…[View]
130938502well we all probably heard and saw that Youtube Spotlight video... what makes me laugh is the abunda…[View]
130939313>search 'Sweden' >1st result[View]
130900384New ben garrison[View]
130939585Autism and terrorism: What does /pol/ think? https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2017-06-autism-terrori…[View]
130936003Press S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxG9fX0gZfg[View]
130939299EXPLAIN THIS: Found this mural at my liberal arts college. What did they mean by this /pol/?[View]
130939396/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
130932533The Path of Armed Violent Resistance is the only Solution: Many members of different nationalistic m…[View]
130939042Trumpcare in summary = all your bills are going up, less coverage: 'Better than Obamacare!'[View]
130930199/aasg Americans are subhumans general: All americans are fat and dumb subhumans. We must kill all o…[View]
130939168Republicans are the most cucked people on earth[View]
130935446Was nazi germany degenerate?: As degenerate as portrayed in the movie ?[View]
130918924>nationalist >needs a gun to defend himself against his own countrymen really makes ya think…[View]
130934429Wallpaper Thread: Drop the best fash wallpapers you got.[View]
130938904The time draws near. Let's do this, for the safety of our children.[View]
130938955Helping best ally: How do I go about helping Israel, as well as assisting Jewish innovation leaders …[View]
130913411How to fix California in non-violent way?[View]
130935527so how many kill and injured in terror attack by ISIS in this Ramadan? anyone still counting?[View]
130938014Solar Panels on the Wall: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/trump-says-solar-wall-mexican-024052333…[View]
130935822Now I don't care about football. I do care about having exclusive rights to profit off somethin…[View]
130938875Terror Attack in Michigan: I was away 3 days for work. Did I read all this shit right? I ISIS refuge…[View]
130933865>mentioned my /pol/ browsing habits at the doctors >he's given me a (((diagnosis))) and h…[View]
130938765just saying[View]
130938746Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017: Are you ready to eliminate the corporate welfare of Obummerc…[View]
130938693https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF-Tdsvk0tI What did they mean by this?[View]
130935250/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Right Wing qt Squads' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
130937561KPMVA MOVEMENT. LET US DESTROY ANTIFA.: I pledge allegiance to the flag of Kekistan, and for which i…[View]
130924019Polan strong: In 10-20 years Poland will be the best and the whitest European country. It surely see…[View]
130932394find a flaw: I have created the perfect Europe. >No slavshits >Turkey and Grease isolated fore…[View]
130938547When are we getting rid of this dickhead and installing some democracy in NK?[View]
130934459this creepy looking guy set to speak about US Health Care bill at 11am EDT. Followed by debate. http…[View]
130910080What is your view on this: http://www.canzukinternational.com >Essentially it is a group promotin…[View]
130937319https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=fJTNut1VSEw Anyone want in ma hug club?[View]
130938382Could it be? can we now say that out of all humans the Japanese seem to be the most interrigent?[View]
130910737>not a socialist What a fuck is wrong with you?[View]
130935949Reminder we Jews are the master race >highest average IQ >created all monotheistic religions a…[View]
130938269Combating eceleb cancer: >muh baked Alaska >muh Lauren southern >muh Evalion >muh Lac…[View]
130901111BREXIT: the gift that keeps on giving[View]
130931508Brit/pol/ - BASH THE FASH edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and …[View]
130927373Rare (((Merchant))) thread[View]
130937468Corbyn Thread: What does Europe, America, and the French think of Corbyn? The 3 JCs to change histo…[View]
130911517Considering leaving America: I recently found out I can get a fast track to citizenship in Poland (o…[View]
130936943Gee this doesn't look like a coordinated spin run by paid social media hacks![View]
130916329>be bulgar, born in germany >qualified in STEM >search flat >send 100s of candidatures f…[View]
130934363Intern calls Paul Ryan a cuck and British faggots: So this freelance ''reporter'' records a senators…[View]
130937481>'Ten of the 12 jurors in Bill Cosby's assault trial voted to convict the comedian on two co…[View]
130935146why is /pol/ so obsessed with race when it clearly has nothing to do with how capable you are as hum…[View]
130937849Oy vey then: Goyim are starting to question the sandy holocaust >the gas chambers were pools …[View]
130925072Has anyone here actually personally converted a Leftist girl, redpilled for good?[View]
130936276/pol/ is Muslim: >believes in keeping blacks as slaves >hates Jews and believes they are every…[View]
130929174Stupidest White group? I'll start: Russians. Prove me wrong[View]
130926715All these faggots in denial about Jews: How many redpills does it take before you start taking the J…[View]
130937621>British >''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''>''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
130930117When is Australia going to become cool like Canada and man up and stop being cucked and create its o…[View]
130937074German degeneracy is destroying islam. Stop it. I see >muslim girls who wear hijab, but put tons …[View]
130932162Is nigger the most worthless creature on the planet?[View]
130935498isnt insurance by definition fraud? Theres litterally no reason to have any form of it.[View]
130935836Is a purge not such a bad idea?[View]
130937306Who was in the wrong here?: Well?[View]
130908671I noticed theres a lot of hate for Americans on /pol. Every other group fights back. Muslims, blacks…[View]
130937253leaf warriors are best warriors: are you mad that any canadian can kill any one of you 36 different …[View]
130937023Democrats want to dissolve Illinois state: >Illinois is like Venezuela now, a fiscally broken sta…[View]
130936365Is It Time To End Term Limits?: >God Emperor Trump needs longer than 8 years to become the next 8…[View]
130935073Be Globalists[View]
130919963Macron Admits Gaddafi Shouldn't Have Been Killed: '[France] was wrong to join the war in Libya.…[View]
130937084I saw 2 race mixed children on the train today. One fat white trash-type of girl with an ugly mulato…[View]
130935723Daily reminder Ireland is white[View]
130932799Downstater: Chicago should secede from the state and see how it fends for itself. https://rebootilli…[View]
130928527Nigbulls: What are we going to do about the pitbull problem pol?[View]
130927470Germany hate thread They constantly make threads insulting and pushing everyone from Anglos, America…[View]
130933081I can't do it anymore /pol/ I live in Memphis, TN and my job has me driving through bad parts o…[View]
130935588Jews admit they're shapeshifters[View]
130901650Are you a bigot now Anon?: >The idea that you need to be attracted to someone to engage in sexual…[View]
130927108My Passion is Rapping[View]
130936750>Europe flooded with Muslim refugees >only Europe and France get WEEKLY terrorist attacks What…[View]
130892588I'm about to come into $400,000: What would /pol/ do? My thoughts so far when it comes to inves…[View]
130936612Internet Historian Absolutely Positively Completely BTFO of Kurt 'sama' Eichenwald! https://youtu.be…[View]
130936467https://youtu.be/jDjISR5OHa4 Dang! Norwegians are cuckos... Learn with us, you dumb bitches: https:/…[View]
130936248BREAKING: AHCA Senate Draft Released: https://www.budget.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/SENATEHEALTHCARE.p…[View]
130936390is there any better microcosm for nonsense liberals believe?: >two pet victim groups of the left …[View]
130932881How does /pol/ deal with the following two truths?: Exclusive homosexuality and heterosexuality are …[View]
130933410Have you had any bad/good encounters with other races? Question mostly goes for people living in hom…[View]
130931327What causes someone to act like this?[View]
130935903Indian Cop asks rape survivor for sex to arrest rapists: WTF India! Why are Indian men such a rapist…[View]
130929818Name one thing that jews have done, that wasn't for the better.[View]
130921958Why do people believe Jones?: When his personal lawyer had to say he uses his fake persona to genera…[View]
130932049SWEDEN NO! Bad Cuck!: 'I'm pregnant but my husband is being deported from Sweden' Pro…[View]
130935612It's the women who are the problem.: >It's the women who are voting left. >It's…[View]
130930355Breaking degenerates with gore: Leftists and other degenerates that support multiculturalism will di…[View]
130926251Organ harvesting in Leafland: Victims of white genocide becoming a key source of organ 'donations:' …[View]
130928591E-Celebs: Can mods please move all the e-celeb shit to /bant/? This board is constantly flooded with…[View]
130933318What do you say to someone who tells you no-go zones are a myth?: How do you prove they do? Is there…[View]
130935679What happened to him? Orban, once a handsome Soros-funded liberal PM, has become fat fascist pig.[View]
130920370Is he the greatest troll of this era?[View]
130935672Where were you when UK took the lead in the cuck race tournament? How can any country compete agains…[View]
130899922Philandro Castille Shooting: He literally did not do anything illegal or wrong and he was shot and k…[View]
130923914Why do Germans not only unironically celebrate the death of their people and heritage, but obsess ab…[View]
130933748>has really great convo with guest about spirituality, culture, and existential goals >'Wow, f…[View]
130930731Where were you when (((rising sea levels))) was completely disproved by a kids experiment?[View]
130935616How do I get Pence'd[View]
130935234The absolute state of the 'master race'. >Adolf Hitler: I have never regarded the Chinese or the …[View]
130935493why does most of /pol/ unironically want to be someone elses toy? why dont you like freedom? is it b…[View]
130934887Bin that anti Muslim post bongs Big brother is watching[View]
130909710Liberals become unhinged after CNN says Trump could win in 2020: SHUT IT DOWN[View]
130934989If Hitler liked white people so much why did he kill so many of them and tell people with blonde hai…[View]
130931164Was the Confederacy a communist state? >controlled the companies that made weapons to fight the U…[View]
130935263Surname ethnicity: >go to www.surnamedb.com >enter your surname >statistics tab >post et…[View]
130931555The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
130908520AMERICA IS A SHITHOLE: How was that about Europeans are sucking migrants' dicks? https://www.livelea…[View]
130935169Affordable Care Act: >rising premiums >shit service >widespread support why?…[View]
130935130Hiro said /pol/ could have one meta-thread: There are 54 one-liner shitpost threads on unintelligibl…[View]
130916804Do you miss him, /pol/? I do.[View]
130929337THIS IS THE HIGHEST RANKING DEMORAT IN POWER RIGHT NOW.: How will the demorat party ever recover?…[View]
130924634Ultimate RedPill Guide!: Guys. What is the best way to redpill people? We have to write a guide or s…[View]
130890760Jews now pushing asian men on teenage white girls: (((K-Pop)))[View]
130930305Is there anything the government can do to stop obesity?: Probably half of the Western world adults …[View]
130934506It happened: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/mobile/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007271 It happened…[View]
130917047Future of America: >be in 2020 >democrats have had failure after failure >trump has had suc…[View]
130921137Jackie Chan vs IRA: >A man seeks revenge after his family is taken away by the IRA while the poli…[View]
130929963Why are Indians so good at hard science?: Are they related to Jews? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
130934449Is it true she is crippled and in a wheel chair?[View]
130926003How can one ideology be so based? >anti-racist >anti-transphobic >anti-homo phobic Marx wa…[View]
130931513Apologize! Muslims are also ISIS victims..[View]
130934231Day of the Ra...: Day of the Ra... Not every Leaf fears the rake.[View]
130934125>when the unemployed woman says, 'our money'[View]
130933536Googlistan: I'm surprised Googlistan allows this map of IQs by country to pop up at the top of …[View]
130934019The matrix is all around you.: Hey pol? Why do you believe in the fictious construct of race? Are yo…[View]
130929767Syria General /sg/ - USA Are Our Greatest Allies Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriag…[View]
130933512Shit poster in Chief: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/877892883352702976 How can you want…[View]
130920349WTF AMREICA: Trump is UNHINGED. How can the CHEETOH in chief put a fucking idiot like this in as pre…[View]
130928004Brainwashing your kids, black pill edition.: So when I watched the #morethanarefugee video I clicked…[View]
130930857Who do you pick?[View]
130933319Antifa Militia happening inbound: How will you defend yourself from the antifa Militia /pol/? It…[View]
130928955Sweden yes? This can't be real, please, tell me this is not real. Is it real?[View]
130933051BAhaha all euroshit whites come from this and they are SUPER ashamed of it. So much so they created …[View]
130932030Will there be a 'Blue Wave' in 2018?: Some faggot in another thread said some shit along the lines o…[View]
130933301How did William get so JUST-ed?[View]
130930404Minorities are living longer http://www.cbsnews.com/news/census-u-s-is-aging-growing-more-racially-d…[View]
130933327They are becoming more brazen everyday: Anyone seen this show? They are literally showing a secret s…[View]
130924700Found this on a Christian forum.: >christians actually believe this…[View]
130933292All other boards are 100% cucked: Literally NeoGAF level. Why do you not care? How can we improve an…[View]
130921351Leaked AfD-Chat - three days ago the left-wing webside 'linksunten-indymedia.org' published Chat-Pro…[View]
130930949How do you feel about Joe Rogan? I just can't get what he stands for except weed and talking sh…[View]
130927531Why niggers like luxury so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=708mjaHTwKc Always using all their …[View]
130920894I think we all know that the migrant crisis in European countries has been a massive failure, but di…[View]
130928810After europe is conquered, we will come for the USA.: we will kill every white ''''men'''' and impre…[View]
1309328832 jurors holdout against conviction caused cosby mistrial... there were only 2 black jurors in the j…[View]
130933043/pol/ plays Lizardmen.: What is our campaign objective...? https://youtu.be/3PtX_tJdBU4[View]
130932781Why is Trump trying so hard to appease Putin and Russia?: Now he admits to Russian meddling in the e…[View]
130931841Looks like burgers need two walls now.[View]
130930771what is the political make-up of 4chan?: I save been thinking about internet culture and the general…[View]
130927328Europe is not a US ally: I'm sick of playing nice with these fuckers. Everything thing they do …[View]
130923894Well /pol/, he's not wrong?[View]
130894781HAPPENING! OFFICIAL RACE WAR: > White team: 40.000 elite-tier > Black team: 5 million black co…[View]
130916328Boys wear skirts at UK high school to protest not being able to wear shorts during a heatwave becaus…[View]
130931052>be from Europe >date a couple of girls there >they're skanky, needy, and generally no…[View]
130932475Gays.: Just a thought... Very interesting how accepting millennials are of it all - all this gay stu…[View]
130931989Relapsed last night. PMO addict here. I don't actually use porn that much anymore. Most of the …[View]
130927972Does Canada have the best snipers in the world?: A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq…[View]
130930959Human Development Index: Why are those countries so bad?[View]
130930534#MORETHANARAPEFUGEE: (Yesterdays Thread Continuation) So as you all must know by now youtube realeas…[View]
130922468Can I have the /pol/ must read list?[View]
130927375Poo in the loo: Lets make an Indian hate thread, I need more hate for being an Indian so that i can …[View]
130918322Acceptance of pedophilia in British Christianity: Change 'Church of England' to 'Musl…[View]
130931968/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
130923889The face of demoncrat insanity https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/dont-focus-on-georgia-voter-…[View]
130931065Steve is still in the hospital and no one has returned the favor, really makes me sad guys[View]
130927378Why black people acting like ape https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=M6wFecJSbwU[View]
130920870Reminder: E1b1b1a1>R1b[View]
130928863It appears the #MoreThanARefugee video has been removed. What did they mean by this?[View]
130921863Brit/pol/ - Europe Needs Us Edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil an…[View]
130930715im going to be poor forever[View]
130925614How do we learn to be more respectful of people's proper pronouns /pol/?[View]
130929354>'You'e on the WRONG side of history!'[View]
130929125These two are superior to most European countries: whitey btfo[View]
130929524> he calls himself redpilled > he hasnt read Shakespeare…[View]
130922233Why does this bitchboy look so sickly? He looks like a weakling. He looks like asthmatic mouse. Viki…[View]
130927846Krautlanders, what's your fucking problem?: It's Stasi all over again![View]
130924827moving to the USA: My wife and I really want to move to America. I'm quite partial to Texas but…[View]
130932507Acceptable amount of previous partners: First, to anyone thinking this is a slide thread, >>…[View]
130931082Just a reminder my goys to enjoy the small victories against leftism in our lives. We cannot constan…[View]
130930961Will anti-antisemitism ever become mainstream again? Jew jokes are just too funny[View]
130930307Weird hard on[View]
130913527Scotland's future: What do we do with ourselves? Personally, I despise the English (I've n…[View]
130917699When will /pol/ admit that white privilege is real[View]
130927126>Dude Trump is /ourguy/ he is redpilled af and he cares about his people! MAGA!!!…[View]
130903035Is /pol/ fine with soft feminism like >equal salary >voting right Other examples?…[View]
130925472Nigs set fire to Bloemfontein City Hall - South Africa: http://archive.is/3Zg5r https://www.youtube.…[View]
130922422Why aren't you men doing your job?: > Party goer > Etched with tattoo/s > Qt but had m…[View]
130923597France: Muslim smashes wine bottles because it's Ramadan: >'I told you no alcohol during Ram…[View]
130915432Is transhumanism the ultimate redpill or the ultimate bluepill? Is shattering the limits of humanity…[View]
130930296>>130924413 >All this MGTOW shilling on /pol/ Silly goyim, why can't you see you'…[View]
130924486Objectively, what is better: Protectionism or free trade?: I am torn on this one. I know that econom…[View]
130927547RCFA Lizards Lizard-Jew hybrids Illuminati Jews Government leaders in the big 5 CIA Government emplo…[View]
130926884Was the United States communist in WWII? The government made the companies create weapons for the wa…[View]
130930290African countries aren't forced to become multicultural & diverse Asian countries aren…[View]
130928929Jews are the reason you're still a virgin/single: >Jews spearhead the Sexual Liberation move…[View]
1309281724D chess[View]
130930140Daily reminder. The alt right = controlled opposition: Jihadism and SJWs are largely tactical constr…[View]
130930006We are anonymous: We are Anonymous, and we do not forgive. We are void of human restraints, such as …[View]
130930072what did macron mean by this?[View]
130920280Putin sold Siberia to the Chinese: Most Westerners have never heard of the 'conspiracy theories' we …[View]
130922216Syria General /sg/ - Man of the Year Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
1309263979.8 bln population in 2050: Any thoughts? Source:http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/06/world-populat…[View]
130925011Capitalism is degenerate. prove me wrong.[View]
130910752Kim Jong Un Fears 'Decapitation' by Squad of U.S. Navy SEALs: > North Korea’s leader Ki…[View]
130924131What does this mean for Romania?: is this a good thing or a bad thing? https://www.romania-insider.c…[View]
130911769Lebanon during the 50s and 60s was called the Switzerland of the Middle East. The jet setters during…[View]
130929455Why does The West feed Apefricans?: Just let them starve to death. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/…[View]
130923142How do we solve the Neutrois MtN transgender problem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnNLDKdnD7A M…[View]
130926835Prostitution: What's your opinion on legalizing prostitution /pol/? I'm personally very ag…[View]
130927027Feminist Propaganda Films: Has anyone actually watched this Crap!!? >Sat with GF who wanted me to…[View]
130928168What happens here?: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_State_University >5,000 students liv…[View]
130928228Macron is more based than Trump: http://www.newsweek.com/west-need-russia-help-fight-isis-assad-stay…[View]
130927894Free education: Should education be free? If so, where is the money to finance it going to come from…[View]
130928145Interracial marriage: Well I married a Taiwanese lady 13 years ago and betrayed the Fairer race. But…[View]
130920647Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and…[View]
130918122Lads... I'm with you on Muslims, but are the Jews really that bad?[View]
130926327Brainwashing of the youth thru video games: what do we do about this /pol/?[View]
130924075Remember /pol/, you must always have a respectful dialogue about consent before you ever even think …[View]
130923922Is there a more based European than Dinko?[View]
130928059In this thread, we find a politically correct word for 'whitelist' and 'blacklist…[View]
130927590Your country is worthless if it doesn't make well-known products: Who cares about your 'culture…[View]
130925432Sup /pol/, I'm a Turk, but I can't relate to the roaches from my country. Turkey wasn…[View]
130928839As-salamu alaykum brothers! Can you tell me, in what cases it is allowed to shed blood of mushrikin?…[View]
130928748The shills won. I'm done. /pol/ isn't even fun anymore; every other post is a slide thread…[View]
130928557Redpill me on Sarajevo Muslims.: How was the tension between Muslim,serbs and croats? Were Muslims a…[View]
130924396Why do you support racist white supremacists like Ben Shapiro?[View]
130928604NK Rodman Happening: Why was Rodman in NK? Says he didn't meet the leader but we all know he di…[View]
130928033HAPPENING: NO MORE WELFARE BABIES: Trump will announce a new bill today that will 'require all women…[View]
130925118Woman are smar-[View]
130927015Impeachment soon motherfucking drumpftards[View]
130928292One meta thread is allowed per board. I will use this thread to ask /pol/'s general opinion of …[View]
130916779/pol/ - Self-improvement: I know the Golden One is an autist, but he is right with one thing... self…[View]
130925508Have to admit, a single tear ran down my eye.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=177&v…[View]
130914825If you were an evil genius who wanted to help facilitate the destruction of the white race in this p…[View]
130927556Adult Swim: Who doesnt like adult Swim series?[View]
130925668Races you have never met IRL: >African americans >Mexicans >Eskimo…[View]
130930748what's /pol/ opinion about rap music ? can we consider it a valid form of art or is it just deg…[View]
130927319Peak degeneracy: Anyone else slowly being revolted by vulgar women instead of being turned on? I thi…[View]
130928063Rich Lefties complain about Kensington victims becoming their new neighbors: >I’m very sad that p…[View]
130919576Dan antifašističke borbe: Today Croats celebrate national holiday of Antifascist Resistance in World…[View]
130912705The EU general /eug/ - Pay Libya edition: Big meeting with all the national EU leaders in Brussels t…[View]
130920056#morethanarefugee: That YouTube left-wing propaganda video disgusts me. How will we get rid of the r…[View]
130926323I love the royal family![View]
130927787(((capitalist christians))): Poor is usually just word to disparage those who haven't taken it …[View]
130923766Why do people hate the truth?[View]
130922721Why the US the only...: union of states that didn't break apart in the last 200 years?[View]
130921946Is North Korea a National Socialist Utopia?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztcLh-cTJfs While watch…[View]
130927205Christian General: How was Bible study edition: So /pol/, how was your Wednesday Bible study? >Ho…[View]
130910386I'm blackpilled and want to kill myself because its too late already. What do?[View]
130915801Are we supposed to believe that these two are somehow the same sub species?[View]
130916192>There are people on /pol/, right now, who have not acquired a single firearm Some countries requ…[View]
130912483Welcome to Africa[View]
130927245BRAZIL IS WHITE !!!!: Alright my white brother's enuff is enuff , we south brazilians are white…[View]
130915686Why haven't you read any of Dostoyevsky's great works yet?[View]
130917990How much has t_d hurt the right wing movement? Also post some BASED t_d memes while you're at …[View]
130921546Daily reminder that Shaun 'TALCUM X' King is white.[View]
130926663how do we get him back?[View]
130917240Macron will do what Napoleon coudn't - thanks to brexit he will reenact continental blockade[View]
130926373Assad needs to go.: The final redpill isnt to slow refugees or realize that dictators like him are n…[View]
130920476Since /pol/ loves to bitch about #WhiteGenocide how many pussies do you smash an a weekly basis to s…[View]
130910890Yellowstone Will Erupt During 2017 Solar Eclipse: How will /pol/ survive?[View]
130926761Why does /pol/ get mad at people who disrespect the flag when America is the shittiest country on th…[View]
130924926>open 10 fbi most wanted >speeding >arson >killing wife…[View]
130926043shareblue & libtards will not divide us This is Trump country[View]
130914531would you be in favour of a family based voting system? >marry >get a kid >get a vote I see…[View]
130910087Italy: italy will vote for 5 stelle instead of lega nord. Italy is cucked 'we are a demographic dead…[View]
130926244>Charlie Hebdo attack happens: NOTHING SHOULD BE ABOVE SATIRE >Guardian prints a satrical car…[View]
130916897The US should invade the soon-to-be Islamized European countries that hold nukes: Alright guys. Let…[View]
130926295lol.... so flat...[View]
130924255Something has to be done: The prevalence of cheating is degenerate. Looks like both men and women se…[View]
130922344Transgenderism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNNaVcPll9E Here you go, folks. The normalization of…[View]
130926196Friendly reminder that France and Germany aren't actual countries: The Anglo wins again. Eurocu…[View]
130926153British snowkeks in full meltdown today. I've got the kettle on. Anyone fancy one? I'm mak…[View]
130925815Question for Americans: I have two questions for Americans regarding police ''''…[View]
130925071Why is Free Speech so rare in the world?[View]
130923823Canada Now Holds Record For Longest Sniper Kill In History: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/pol…[View]
130917703>> Be me, in university >> Crippled mom, needs 24 hour care >> inb4 just kill >…[View]
1309257849 11: 9-11 never even happened its called the Mandella effect, look it up dumbasses[View]
130919362Reminder Himmler prayed to a Dutch god from the Oera Linda book[View]
130920346After living in Germany for years on an army base as a dependent, that place really became my home a…[View]
130925020Why hasn't any of you rich /pol/ users bought the house where Hitler was born?[View]
130925452NEW SOMALIA NO! BAD SWEDES!: Refugees in Sweden adjust to anti-migrant sentiment and tougher asylum …[View]
130925264Clean up your room.[View]
130925674TOMMY ROBINSON IS A FUCKING KIKE LOVER https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/877865144004497409…[View]
130925656>another earthquake FUCKING HELL One can't fucking fap at 6:30AM in peace.…[View]
130919153Is this true?[View]
130876014Laci Green: Is she /OurGirl/ now?[View]
130901474Women are just the worst. >Wife is an RN, started working at a new hospital and she decided to in…[View]
130911886What makes someone a jew?[View]
130918709European ethnonationalism: If you don't agree that all post-1930s Euromutts should be exiled to…[View]
130921877DNA Thread: I just got my results in. Am I worthy Hitler?[View]
130901374Man in Texas Handcuffed for Asking Drunk Woman if She's a Mom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
130924985Relativity & Quantum Mechanics = Bullshit: Reminder that the theory of relativity and all of the…[View]
130923791how can democrats claim any moral high ground when they steal nonstop: ruining the world in the proc…[View]
130924884lets end public school and tax rental properties inc hotels for roads[View]
130914171The Dutch Statistics Bureau released some interesting statistics today. >Unemployment rate after…[View]
130912472You get what you pay for.[View]
130924772I'm really hungry who else wants mexican food?: >Megan Kelly calls pepper spray a food produ…[View]
130918303http://www.toledoblade.com/World/2014/06/02/Pro-Russia-rebels-attack-Ukrainian-border-guards.html Wo…[View]
130918594Fellow Americans: https://twitter.com/EngageTheRebels/status/877746530119163905 If in the event this…[View]
130920622How many people have let a 'refugee' stay in their home for free without being raped and murdered? A…[View]
130914242What political party has the best merch and why it's the nazis?[View]
130917999muh rape: Girl says guy raped her because he stopped wanting to have sex with her anymore and didn…[View]
130919763Yellowstone Volcano: I know theirs like 5 of these threads a day but i just saw the biggest herd of …[View]
130924197About the pedotube videos...: There's a problem I've been dwelling on with these weird vid…[View]
130921827Barbarossa Anniversary: Today marks the 76th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa. It wasn't the…[View]
130916352Arabs are now gang-raping kids as young as 3: I really don't know what to do anymore. The arabs…[View]
130924167100 factories to distribute through the three categories as they please. Each factory adds 1000 poin…[View]
130924163US freedom fighters: https://www.stripes.com/news/army-prepares-for-1-400-mile-convoy-to-macedonia-1…[View]
13092354130% of millenials don't have a bachelor's degree Why aren't wages rising for those th…[View]
130922461Why do democrats fail so much: >Be democrat >Believe shitty candidate will beat the 'racist' t…[View]
130923723Lies Thread: ITT: Post your alternative facts >Donald Trump is a child rapist >The Republican …[View]
130875672Illinois: Is there any possible way to fix this state now or has it passed the point of no return?…[View]
130923590>protesting against Sharia >Not protesting the 1965 Hart celler act It's the root of the …[View]
130923572borders language culture: bullshit[View]
130922350Just came across a seemingly redpilled dusty old book while tidying parents house, worth the read?[View]
130923093Stabbing in Netherlands: Is it even a happening? >1 dead >1 injured >perpetrator arrested h…[View]
130923535Anarchism: I feel like being an Anarchist on this site is essentially pointless even though this is …[View]
130923113the perils of white single moms with nigger babies: >be 'white' >receive a 'non-white' cock …[View]
130922259Why are we still doing this???: Why are there people who still think that Germans are part of this m…[View]
130923475(((poor))) is usually just word to disparage those who haven't taken it upon themselves to wors…[View]
130920748How rich would you be if Trump, Farrage, Le Pen and all the rest had actually paid you a minimum of …[View]
130923311Is there any news on #MoreThanARefugee?: I have been following the #MoreThanARefugee bullshit and ca…[View]
130914559Based YouTubers like Kanadajin3: Can we get a list of redpilled YouTubers? I of course watch based A…[View]
130888628Hair-Parting: Have you taken the Hair-Parting pill yet, /pol/? http://www.truemirror.com/theory01.as…[View]
130922944Can us right leaning citizens hijack abortion? I'm still vehemently against it but after learni…[View]
130917755Join the Resistance. We will defeat biggotry, racism and Islamophobia once and for all. #NotOurPresi…[View]
130922692Yellowstone - Bigger than ever: Now that new maps and information have been released by scientists a…[View]
130896987What's the worst European country?[View]
130922794Racist still has job: This nigga is calling for the killing of all whites. A college professor at tr…[View]
130919247>Gets a great job offer from Thales >Well paid and with many benifits >This morning I see p…[View]
130920263White people are doomed.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4626334/UN-says-world-population-r…[View]
130919398Why are American race classifications so arbitrary: Hispanics are not a race but native Americans ar…[View]
130922522How to counterattack the heavy propaganda? Back in the day a few will mix and OK no biggy everyone t…[View]
130920760WHY: Why are most of websites supporting the fake narrative of 'helping refugees' and dedicate time …[View]
130921828One of these days, we're gonna open /pol/ and there will be doompaul.jpgs all over the place, a…[View]
130915360Is the hypermasculine culture surround /pol/ and the rest of 4chan the new 'edgy'? Remember when it …[View]
130915735ISLAMOPHOBIC HOMOPHOBIC BIGOTS BTFO: Our Bobby's are watching you. For too long, these vile, hu…[View]
130901383Why Sweeden?: Why do all 'refugee' mooslooms want to go to sweeden? Anybody remember dis? https://ww…[View]
130922104Sweden Yes Those ''no go'' zones do not exist. We only have ''go go…[View]
130913405244million Migrants are on the move, prepare your anal cavities pol.: https://webmshare.com/play/m8G…[View]
130903713Come join the Jew master race. Remember that Messianic Jews are the only ones trying to convert the …[View]
130908585For one year I worked for a non-profit that settles refugees in the US. After I left I donated $10K …[View]
130919181Why is it wrong to be violent in Christianity? How are we supposed to Deus Vult this way?[View]
130920169Can we have some orcposting?: Millennial normies can only understand politics if it's related t…[View]
130920421Number of replies = Number of people on /pol/ right now who miss President Obama[View]
130912047Why aren't the fallen soldiers of Nazi Germany honoured in modern day Germany? Have the Germans…[View]
130914465Has the world ended yet? Fuck. You promise me this shit EVERYDAY. And everyday you LIE. The world is…[View]
130903140Brit/pol/ - are neil edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and crimi…[View]
130900341AUSPOL koala edition: >Turnbull govt to tackle messaging encryption http://archive.is/JiXub#selec…[View]
130919357Shiite's and their Nationalism are trash: /pol/ seriously get over your love for Assad he is a …[View]
130921056This man is at the Apex of Political Analysts: Every day he BTFOs the SJW. He even sells them cream…[View]
130915347JEWTUBE STRIKES AGAIN: Jewtube now has a full playlist of those rapefugee propaganda videos. We shou…[View]
130921377fuck kikes[View]
130921345Live, continuous, recording, and long-term monitoring FMRI devices would provide abundant informatio…[View]
130888859/pol/itically Incorrect PMO-Addiction Support Thread: This is a /pol/itically incorrect PMO-addictio…[View]
130921275Evil can only be destroyed by men who have integrated their shadow side.[View]
130884610/Christ/chan CHRISTIAN GENERAL - EVEN SO COME, LORD JESUS COME EDITION: >For God so loved the wor…[View]
130919291Stefan is a LIAR.: Never forget this man made a Sock account of a 22 year old girl to flirt with him…[View]
130912596Salam, /pol/ Explain me why everyone blame Trump and amerifags for climate change, yet no one seem t…[View]
130898221Armenia Haplogroup R1b: wtf Armenians ARE white??[View]
130917313>be me Pakistani kaafir >go to Canada to visit Family >Torronto >get bored >go to nea…[View]
1309207121947 Anti-Fascist Educational Film: Is the end of WW2 when it started to go wrong? https://www.youtu…[View]
130924659Why do I drink so much coffee when it tastes like shit and costs too much? Am I low willpower pussy?[View]
130920932Pol's first 100 days.: Congratulations /pol/, you are now the president of the USA. Your party …[View]
130914042/asg/ Americans are Subhumans General: All americans are fat and dumb SUBHUMANS. We need to kill the…[View]
130868517Based Black Man thread: post em[View]
130924372Can we have a a nigger humor thread?[View]
130920791Fashwave: >Seven Nation Army https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxIin_c_hYI >cyber Nazi https://m.…[View]
130909255Syria General /sg/ - Issam's Group Meeting Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriage…[View]
130914232How do you focus on 'success' when the world might go to shit?: Before /pol/: >Realize it sucks …[View]
130887574LACY FINALLY DOES IT: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t8S4hMjFTSI OOOH BOY[View]
130912814>saw 2 muslim women with fucking 3 little kids in my little town FUCK AND I'M DELAYING MY RE…[View]
130909712REEEEEEEEEEEEEE http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-22/what-parents-think-about-pauline-hansons-disab…[View]
130920490RED PILL: Can someone please explain away this scatterplot. I thought America was #1[View]
130917069daily reminder. but i hate the fact that 50 cent, ja rule, big proof, pac, etc are black. they are s…[View]
130871876'MURRICA, FUCK YAH: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCROh09OPzY&feature=y…[View]
130914515I had a thought yesterday, so bear with me on this one cos it's long. Everyone knows one of th…[View]
130906471France is gone. https://twitter.com/EngageTheRebels/status/877746530119163905[View]
130916935It's here![View]
130919736Statistics thread: I want to gather as many statistics as I can showing the increase in crime & …[View]
130913595Venice should be an independent republic: It's time to restore the serenisima republica veneta…[View]
130917503do you agree with this cancerous philosophy? I think it sums up the liberal defeatist ethos very wel…[View]
130916749On this day 76 years ago Krauts tried: and eventually failed. Do try again. It will be different thi…[View]
130919590What is wrong with these freaks?[View]
130919586Behavioral Sink: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_sink Daily reminder that the end has alrea…[View]
130917440YOU ARE THE PROBLEM![View]
130919490Daily reminder to all zionist/globalist servants working in propaganda: Paid or not, in good faith o…[View]
130916722Recent fluxuation of immigrants to the EU: Do any of my European colleagues even agree with those sh…[View]
130917273When did it stop being cool to make fun of him?[View]
130918729Is Waleeds sister the symbol of 21st century Australian feminism?[View]
130911107when are you going to step up /pol/?[View]
130897434When did you realise that men are shit and should be severely reduced in number? That is the true re…[View]
130917885IMPEACHED: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/22/politics/intel-chiefs-trump-refute-collusion/index.html…[View]
130918448I'm proud of you goyim.: http://archive.is/vn74r with Trump winning, there might actually be pe…[View]
130916410why are atheists so stupid?[View]
130914460Zimbabwe General - ZG: Pol, what happens when this fucker dies? He is 93.[View]
130914972>We're here to protect legal gun owners from the state. What a load of bullshit.…[View]
130888063Congrats Leaf: Longest Sniper Kill: Only countries in the top 5 can post. ://beta.theglobeandmail.co…[View]
130918030Just saw a suspicious video from RT, where they praised Macron for recently supporting Assad, and ma…[View]
130914283Is it true that americans don't take their shoes off in their home? I've asked two of my a…[View]
130913071Sexual Assault on College Campuses: What can be done to reduce the incidence of sexual assault on am…[View]
130918124Truly the greatest generation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigger_(dog) >Nigger was a male blac…[View]
130918311Why are Republicans against abortion? >hate niggers and spics >niggers and spics reproduce lik…[View]
130908989Summer of Hate: 50 years ago Leftists and Mercusians reveled in degenerate filth in the summer of 19…[View]
130918123Political Compass: What is /pol/'s fav Political Compass quadrant? (sorry for shit screenshit k…[View]
130920515Are you a degenerate?: ITT: Post something you do which you suspect may be degenerate. Anons will t…[View]
130915487up nice and early for my 16 hour nursing shift that i will do for 3 days straight but hey i get 4 da…[View]
130917124LOL. I guess some French men still exist. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40362094[View]
130904747LINCOLN MEMORIAL FREE SPEECH RALLY - JUNE 25: On Sunday, June 25 at 12 PM, there will be a free spee…[View]
130918105>Brought to you by Britbongo This thread is dedicated to the discussion of all things small gov…[View]
130910563HAPPENING. IRAN PROVINg THE US SUPPORT TERORISTS: https://youtu.be/gjyidn1pZls What now burgers? gon…[View]
130919070whats the point of life[View]
130912052>gays are normies now: how long before the kikes move on to normalizing the next thing?[View]
130917548Russia obvioulsy also hacked the Georgia election.[View]
130905200Name one thing you disagree with Hitler[View]
130916997guys, is this real? i'm having a hard time with this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiR8VD…[View]
130916810Why is /pol/ so blue-pilled?: Over some issues, you people are just as cucked and cowardly of ideas …[View]
130903817Look at all the space in all these countries for refugees from war. And yet, they won't take an…[View]
130916058Why can't they just go away: Why can't the niggers and the darkies just go away!? Hell, I…[View]
130917076JUST: JUST[View]
130911633>the elders What did he meant by that?[View]
130909518>black gets shot by police on live stream and officer is found not guilty Americans, can you expl…[View]
130900757FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/22/trump-in-iowa-president-calls-f…[View]
130907440David Duke: What is David Duke's endgame? I get creepy vibes from him. >Member of American N…[View]
130912965Pitbulls are peaceful guise I swear![View]
130909831#MoreThanARefugee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc&t=2s Come in goys, we need to pum…[View]
130840779/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the…[View]
130915864Do you have the gorilla mindset, /pol/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AcXC9o9mRdg[View]
130912599Are all women inherently slutty: They can't help themselves >{'God I really want to fuck thi…[View]
130915013Helmut Kohl (former German Chancellor) will be the first person to receive a European STATE furneal:…[View]
130885320The pathetic cop who murdered Philando Castile just got acquitted for what is obviously murder of so…[View]
130913739Why is media filled with this 'amazing' 'talented' 'beautiful' actress, gal gadot and especially tho…[View]
130911465US sponsored roaches.: A quick reminder that these sandridden roaches have 0 skills and 0 human capi…[View]
130916340Fair Trade? NAFTA Renegotiation Won’t Include Scrapping of Corporate-Only Lawsuits: https://www.dist…[View]
130914445German prosecutors investigate boy for shooting toy gun at cycling Thai king: At least there are sti…[View]
130912077Swedish man kicks a hotel made in the face. >thinks he can get away with it because the justice …[View]
130887975>gave up a comfy old age in nyc with billions of dollars to spend the next 8 years sleeping 4 hou…[View]
130913155Men can't be helped: After being on /pol/ for a couple weeks, I'm convinced that men just …[View]
130908852Why did he do this? >The New York Times reportsthat the Trump White House is about to put out an …[View]
130902219Jews are not behind everything. Sure they might have some influence here and there but Europe is in …[View]
130915492Baby Boomers: I got sick of reading negative shit about millennials. So I wrote an article about the…[View]
130892823Was Adam a cuck? He did that Eve told him to do like a little cuck.[View]
130914210What has Alex Jones got correct?[View]
130906801does pol approve on smoking bans in restaurants and public places? Is it a public health act or big …[View]
130912603HIV in Russia, why is it rising?: Russia has year-on-year improvements and convergence with EU/USA i…[View]
130905286Daily reminder that your no better than islamists: Thats right, if your a CIA/Mossad asset (which mo…[View]
130891513we are literally just life (think of life like bacteria and cells) that developed feelings... is the…[View]
130913560Why do you support trumps stupid fucking cuba policies[View]
130898006Is it racist to ask for a white doctor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl5JKDIlsbU[View]
130911631The #MoreThanARefugee campaign is a globalist and deep-state propaganda project. Wake up and connect…[View]
130912247MODERN AFRICAN AMERICANS: What happened after the civil rights movement that made them so degenerate…[View]
130915296poltards btfo: Most people here claim to be National Socialists, yet they are strongly for authorita…[View]
130907734Mormonism: Does anyone have any experience with Mormons? Are they typically welcoming of converts? I…[View]
130903434Merge States: ITT: states that should merge. >Maryland and Delaware >New Hampshire and Vermont…[View]
130869343Someone tell this nigger faggot that he gets pulled over because he looks like a pedophile[View]
130914517If you saw a transgendered thing going into the womans toilets, what would you do? Would you boot it…[View]
130913792I am in love with this woman.[View]
130914802(((Roger Cuckierman)))[View]
1309024262nd American Civil War: Does anyone else here feel like a major internal conflict in the US is withi…[View]
130912350Why are Bernie supporters such unhinged psychos? You never see Ted Cruz or Hillary supporters killin…[View]
130913976Why are so many jews evil? Imagine you could precisely calculate the amount of suffering created by…[View]
130892368NEW Right wing art: I want NEW right wing art. don't post some fucking classical THOUSAND YEAR …[View]
130914533>Russians aren't degenera- https://www.pscp.tv/polinkalisaaaa/1LyGBBNQrwWGN…[View]
130912143The fuck: wew[View]
130908349BASED MACRON! FRIEND OF ASSAD!: >President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday he saw no legitimate…[View]
130912294So, do you guys hate all jews or just establishment jews? I've never been clear on how far that…[View]
130899100Why haven't you taken the Ancap pill anon? Is freedom too much for you to swallow[View]
130912935JAPAN: > the_donald is to /pol/ as post-WW2 Japan/Korea is to America is it true?…[View]
130872072A SOLAR WALL![View]
130909492Free Trade or Protectionism: What are /pol/'s thoughts on free trade? Im torn because ive seen …[View]
130892746>>Live in Chongcouver >>Be normal leaf >>Try to save to buy house >>Put in r…[View]
130914051Another gender confused maniac stabs a police horse: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/06/14/antifa-…[View]
130911925>even jackie chan is joining in on the 'kill whitey' trend BASED…[View]
130911078Free heli ride: Would /pol/ rather live in a capitalist dictatorship or a socialist democracy? (Pino…[View]
130911404Deep state wish list - how much would you sell out for ?: Dont say you never asked yourself this que…[View]
130913525Ancaps are cretins.: Ancaps are almost the most mentally challanged faggots I ve ever seen.It such a…[View]
130896007What causes homosexuality?: I'm a fag, and I always wondered why. Just recently my parents tol…[View]
130913588What did they put in the food to make people in their 20's lose their hair?[View]
130909527Does Stalin deserve to be rehabilitated in the public eye? Honestly he did nothing wrong and made th…[View]
130913602start doing things like a white man[View]
130900220SMUGGIES: 404 EDITION[View]
130902807Romanian children are being sent to France to steal: >BUCHAREST, Romania — Romanian prosecutors h…[View]
130890855Has anyone read Ted Kaczynski's manifesto? His analysis of leftists is absolutely brilliant, ev…[View]
130913309Was Drumpf, dare I say it, BTFO?[View]
130903028WON'T SUCK DICK? YOU'RE TRANSPHOBIC: Fetishizing genitalia, or being put off by someone si…[View]
130893277Young Black Man Helps Old White Man and The Internet lost their mind with praise: Young Black Man He…[View]
130848346What's the scientific reason for aboriginal Australians looking like this?: I've never see…[View]
130899968Who in the fuck is Laura Loomer? Why in the fuck am I seeing more of her? She looks like a fucking s…[View]
130911565The face you make when you hate a country and they keep giving you a platform to represent it![View]
130891486RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT: How the fuck do i win the debate that race is not entirely a social cons…[View]
130910068PUTIN INTERVIEWS: https://www.rt.com/news/393501-stone-reacts-putin-video-allegations/ Why aren…[View]
130909672First, clean your room >dust >polish >everything neatly organized and >keep up on it …[View]
130903802Come on, smart anons. I want to learn something. Poke a hole in my argument. The Second Amendment (H…[View]
1309115712017 - 1984 = (((33))): >For over two decades now, I have noticed the number 33 showing up - both…[View]
130912282Three jihadist suspects arrested in Madrid ahead of World Pride 2017: >Three people suspected of …[View]
130912253>having kids >in this degenerate world You do realize if you have kids right now they'll…[View]
130912165al-Nuri heretic site eradicated.: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA! ISLAM IS FINISHED![View]
130911979How do you celebrate this?: #MoreThanARefugee >kek This is a Jewish ploy to destabilize the West.…[View]
130911960homosexuality is wrong testosterone improves intelligence which is why males are generally more inte…[View]
130904628MAJOR HAPPENINGS #Elsagate Let's make this blow up. We don't know the motives or who'…[View]
130880791Help: It's finally happened /pol/. I thought it was a meme. I've been ironically racist si…[View]
130910991Why have so many Americans chosen to leave the labor market since the year 2000? Why did 2000 in par…[View]
130910007US Gov’t Proves Loyalty To ISIS As Bill To ‘Stop Arming Terrorists’ Gets Only 13 Supporters: For the…[View]
130908385i dont feel represented: hey goys, what are we going to do about pic related?[View]
130889911Would you consider the US government as it currently is as 'tyrannical'?[View]
130898596Best memes for trolling normies?: What is your favorite racist meme? What /pol/ meme images really g…[View]
130899632abolish illinois?: Since the fact that Illinois will become's America's #1 Venezuela-tier …[View]
130911196The only Aryan religion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMBKmQEPNzI[View]
130908436i hate myself for living on this shitty island[View]
130910035SETH RICH HAPPENING: >The Profiling Project, based in Arlington, Virginia, consists of around 20 …[View]
130909121If Adolf Hitler and the nazi regime didn't have even a subtle touch of antisemitism, do you thi…[View]
130911136/pol/ is making me a better person: Naturally I feel like a piece of shit, but lately when I browse …[View]
130904851Here are some facts: >A democrat hasn't held Georgia's 6th District in 40 years. >It…[View]
130910376What are leftists gonna do once white people are gone and they realize that we were the only ones ev…[View]
130908545You figure it out yet Drumpftards?[View]
130900725Homosexuals give me one reason for you to not be a National Socialist. Abandon the rainbow flag, den…[View]
130908364We don't need gun control reform. We need crime enforcement reform. =) <3[View]
130910917Are the US political parties just Zionist vs Globalist Kikes?: >Zionists (Republicans) >Global…[View]
130909570explain yourselves republishits[View]
130902653Are Indian Americans more conservative on average?[View]
130910796There are now us troops in Syria and Somalia. We are actively bombing Assad's forces there. Why…[View]
130902500Why Being A NEET Will Drive You Insane: There are some who simply can't take of themselves - th…[View]
130910759Do you get scared jews will steal your Startup?: I am constantly anxious thinking about how the jews…[View]
130898044KEKISTAN GENERAL: OUR LEADER HAS SPOKEN ONCE AGAIN B A S E D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6You…[View]
130909050Heres yalls niggas chance to speak yo mind. >SHEEEEIIIIIT[View]
130908063How the fuck do i win the debate that gender is entirely a social construct? The facts are that ther…[View]
130909383Have you noticed that when you ask religious people anything about God, they direct you to a man wri…[View]
130904368So this happened in Germany: Do Germans have any rights? http://www.dailywire.com/news/17801/thought…[View]
130906430Romania thread. I heard some political crisis is going down there, the government promised magyars s…[View]
130874025>Soros buys $300 million worth of Netflix stock >Netflix immediately starts inserting (not alw…[View]
130903652ITT: Advise you wish you got when you were younger. 'Stay the fuck away from anything Islam related.[View]
130903796How to be anonymous on the web when researching redpill shit? I have this feeling that if you search…[View]
130906531Creepy Joe Biden has been hinting at running for president in 2019. Do you think he would be a serio…[View]
130899016Friendly reminder that Canada is a police state https://canadianfirearmsblog.ca/rcmp-rules-ar-15-80-…[View]
130909661crisis: >Financial crisis >Another financial crisis >Refugee crisis In your face, one after…[View]
130903515THURSDAY MORNING /V4G/ THREAD: Feels edition Yesterday or so /v4/ prime ministers met with BeNeLux p…[View]
130905424Did you hear the one about Seth Rich?: They reckoned the DNC got him whacked, then got everyone in t…[View]
130905083Has peak degeneracy been reached by this disgusting video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y1_pgqT…[View]
130891405AMERICANS BTFO: >spend the most in human history on your military >obessed with guns everyone…[View]
130909079Humanity is fucked.: According to the report entitled “World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision…[View]
130908999Is the Tea Party still around where you live pol? My local tea party is meeting tomorrow and I might…[View]
130907346Tell me about her. Is objectivism the ideology to follow? Should the state be limited in its abiliti…[View]
130889186Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.w…[View]
130909168Wall Street cheers for its own creeping death as McDonalds replaces cashiers with kiosks: http://www…[View]
130896099Trevor Noah's version of what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aufMdURbitU >Castile…[View]
130903775>mfw America's economy was strongest when the tops tax rates were at 90% >mfw reaganomics…[View]
130908337I hurt myself today...[View]
130908172Hindsight Is 2020: let's discuss strategies to get /ourgal/ Hillary Clinton into the presidency…[View]
130904827White ex-employee sues tech company for favoring workers from India https://www.dallasnews.com/busin…[View]
130908529Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
130908527Deport Illegals to Hell: Without a wall, they will just come back. It would be far cheaper to execut…[View]
130899463What are pols thoughts on the books american high school students are assigned to read read?: >th…[View]
130903498It's pretty gay when the caucasoids try to ban you on /pol/ because they can't handle free…[View]
130907527Sweden: Are all swedes really cucked? I have heard that its just a bunch of crazed feminists who wan…[View]
130906768You think you western assholes have it bad when it comes to refugees? Brb >Be Iranian >Be Paki…[View]
130907613>people who actually think they're redpilled voted for this kikery…[View]
130908170Missile Laden Su-27 Gets Between polish F-16 And Russian Defense Minister's Jet: Turkish F-16 o…[View]
130908156Nightmare about the Holocaust: I've been browsing this board for a few years now and I just wok…[View]
130906381Is Joe Rogan #ourguy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLt4fsqT2fI[View]
130901445Survey.: Hey, I noticed on /pol/ whenever this picture is posted it get a lot of positive responses …[View]
130907263You fellas ready to get drafted?: WW3 is on the horizon. We all know it's coming. The draft wil…[View]
130906641https://www.rt.com/news/393501-stone-reacts-putin-video-allegations/ Why aren't we talking abou…[View]
130901699When Will Russia News End?: I don't want to come home from work/school for three more years and…[View]
130906358'Boy love' is increasing popular in Thailand and South East Asia.: Why is this a bad thing?[View]
130905733What Liquor did the Nazis Drink?: I want to be cool and drink the alcohol that Nazis drank during th…[View]
130907983Philando Castile truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMKcWz5nNoM Start at 1:07, listen to the con…[View]
130907914>Salem, the first extreme metal band in Israel, was formed in 1985 After five years underground, …[View]
130907913What would happen If every single gay or bi pro sports player came out at once?[View]
130905836Trump will soon ask Congress to pass legislation banning immigrants from accessing public assistance…[View]
130907315Stop eating animals. They are not food.[View]
130907453Burgers run from the leaf like little babies: >be american >completely gay >watching your m…[View]
130907630Egypt's population rising sharply: Somehow, Egypt's birth-rate is going UP despite urbaniz…[View]
130903868DO IT!!![View]
130898900Has pol taken the Red Head pill yet? A short list of notable members of the red haired master race: …[View]
130904564Daily Mail redpilled?[View]
130905879>be paranoid schizophrenic in black metal band >Kill a guy because of your paranoid schizophre…[View]
130907504>Nazis invade Poland Allies: WE MUST ALL GO TO WAR TO PREVENT GERMAN IMPERIALISM >Soviets inva…[View]
130905893black beuty: if your a white man and given just one black women to fuck, who would it be? and give a…[View]
130906474Wonder Woman 2.0[View]
130906243We do not need a race war, yet. The most egregious action our country has faced, at the hands of the…[View]
130907321Sup bruhs: ITT: We are all gung-ho patriotic Texas-born Trump men who support Donald Duck heiling Hi…[View]
130905335PILL-SHILLING: Reminder that only the RED PILL of traditional self-advancement is real. All others a…[View]
130907408The best nigger is a dead nigger Night night Castile[View]
130900188OFFICIAL /pol/ DEMOCRAT THREAD: Talk all things party politics What races are you watching closely r…[View]
130907324Why are leftists insane? >https://youtu.be/Xxi64yeVYgc[View]
130906129>building a wall when the USA is already full of spics anyway Literally what's the point? It…[View]
130907237Modern War: Remember when war was about fighting for your country and the continuation of it? Rememb…[View]
130905013You think you western assholes have it bad refugees? Brb >Be Iranian >Be Pakistani >Forced …[View]
130904930Race and racism are liberal lies: >>130891486 Race was invented in the 14th Century by Muslims…[View]
130900851>Orientals are to Africans As to >Labradors are to Pomeranians We are all of the same GENUS, …[View]
130907144Turns out not all Mexicans are were immigrants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Guadalupe_Hi…[View]
130904075Remind me, why am I supposed to feel sorry for homeless people? I understand that they're on th…[View]
130904446Where is the wall trumplets?[View]
130903770We must Abstain! #RESIST #ABSTAIN: Show them we're not fucking around! RESIST TRUMP! ABSTAIN!…[View]
130901349So let me get this straight, The left lost the general election mainly due to people being fed up wi…[View]
130905977Wake Up /pol/!!: How can you people support the jewish flag trick?? Dont you see that it gives (((th…[View]
130905308Where do we draw the line on who is white and who is not?[View]
130906007god: is god a white man or a black man?[View]
130906289>White men opress women over centuries >White people opress PoC over centuries >PoC are w…[View]
130906778>New evidence from a close Trump Administration associate proves his father is actually of Russia…[View]
130903412So pol what was all this about then eh?: Is Trump a spawn of Satan plotting the coming of the antich…[View]
130903284pol is so much more peaceful now: >pajeet who participated in meme war > was fighting ctr day…[View]
130894102What are the most cucked/ uncucked provinces in Canada ?[View]
130906336Ok conspiratorial thinking: Red pill yourself. Be less retarded. > Once new converts to the alt-…[View]
130906412black jew = promblem sloved: ok pol, you hate blacks and jew. so here is a solution. you guys seem t…[View]
130906353Sixty-eight apartments in luxury block near site of Grenfell Tower acquired to house fire survivors:…[View]
130906317George Clooney’s Tequila Company Sold for Up to $1 Billion: How do we find out that this enlightened…[View]
130903067>Who is your country's supreme leader? Donarr Durmpfs, huh?[View]
130902990>The world before the internet >Pathetic excuses for human beings known as SJWs would hide awa…[View]
130903384Low-key fathers of the Fascist movement: God, it feels so good to be a Romanian and to have the priv…[View]
130902949Know your Europe: Red = Nordic/Celtic and other Pale white Yellow = Mediterranean Blue = Slavs Brown…[View]
130906008Homosexuals hate the opposite gender: If you hate women you're just a fucking faggot that need …[View]
130905820This chick should play Wonder Woman's little sister[View]
130905163Solar Wall cont.: Did the wall just get 10 times brighter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfeREjH…[View]
130904932>Important Reminder: DPRK is an Ally of the Motherland Pinned post over at /r/FULLCOMMUNISM…[View]
130905722Justin Bieber is a great guy: Makes thousands of people praise God in public: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
130905531UN Illuminati: Spotted this on the wall in the oldest conference room within the United Nations, Gen…[View]
130905740cant we all get along: come on guys, why is everyone here so filled with piss and vinegar? the only …[View]
130905701Whitte Moscov is the capital of white Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWH26m3VfkE…[View]
130903964How do you feel about this, /pol/? https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/40-years-from-now-the-u-s-co…[View]
130884170What are you studying?: What is /pol/ majoring in right now at school?[View]
130900931BASED KEKISTAN FTW xD THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE6YouZrVIY check out these fellow maga…[View]
130905594Are we changing less than we changed before? I mean, we went from LP to streaming, but, for instanc…[View]
130890460Paganism General: PAGANISM GENERAL EDITION: Day of Wotan/Odin/Wôþanaz - Hermes - Mercury - Lugh/Lugu…[View]
130905388So in my research I discovered this: https://soundgasm.net/u/MissWarbux/Lets-Think-About-Your-Ex Dai…[View]
130905337Was he /ourbaguette/ all along? https://www.rt.com/news/393518-france-macron-syria-policy/[View]
130850655I'm an Atheist and I want to be Christian. Convince me.[View]
130848564>americans are whit-: A 2002 study found that the prevalence of blue eye color among the white po…[View]
130899350tfw you rape the wrong person...SORRY guuuuys: http://nypost.com/2017/06/21/male-model-apologized-af…[View]
130897868MAD DOG MAD DOG: I'm hankering for another fresh serving of the MOAB[View]
130903617Would LBJ be remembered as one of the greatest presidents ever if it wasn't for the Vietnam war…[View]
130904293Good ol' reminder that Laura Loomer is a SJW kike who calls right wingers who disagree with her…[View]
130902922I want to contact some anons on discord to teach buzzfeed a lesson not an invasion just a simple mem…[View]
130897675why are there so many anti Trump cucks on this board: how many people does shareblue have working fo…[View]
130882609MTV kike contacted me about being on the new Catfish spinoff show for trolls.[View]
130904785Canadian terrorist strike again![View]
130903263Succ me cheesy dick u dumb cunts[View]
130900595>theyre genociding white people >theyre letting white women get raped by muslims >jews tryi…[View]
130904524When will /pol/ admit that white privilege is real[View]
130891269Ossoff ended up with LESS VOTES than the 2016 Dem candidate: AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA They're ab…[View]
130904426troll raid?: so exposing mens right activism on FB is shit and the people are pretty disgusting (tal…[View]
130904495What the fuck is his problem?: https://youtu.be/3brpFRqSpvA How do we fix BibleStreamer?[View]
130904401Where the pilgrims in the right to invade native American land?[View]
130895495Your honest opinion on Merkel[View]
130904344Generally speaking, Who's most to least wealthy and prosperous?[View]
130899615>Christian >not anti white[View]
130851581Are we about to go to war with an alien species? What aren't (((they))) telling us? http://www.…[View]
130900156Jontron did nothing wrong: >be me >be jontron fan >post to /v/ about how he did nothing wro…[View]
130894291I've just had a sudden epiphany: There may be fundamental differences between ethnicities that …[View]
130898469/hell/ - /gr/ Γkριk θρεντ Καριόλες εδιτιον[View]
130902126Liberal purge is the next major happening.: The world is waking up and their gas chambers are warmin…[View]
130904160Based Trump BTFO Norks: Any update on this? >tfw Trump liberates the Koreans >every Trump sup…[View]
130904026How long will it take before pic related seems like an absolutely absurd notion?[View]
130903695JUST WTF IS THIS SHIT: WE'RE BEING RAIDED! >>130903393 >>130903103 >>13090334…[View]
130894719Will Nu-fags take over /pol/?: I've noticed this more and more, these idiot Kekistanitards are …[View]
130896921skip to 6:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4GIGEA4ysI This is basically your average ((((educated…[View]
130903976Is Heirarchy Natural?: This is probably a question for a different board but Champagne Communists se…[View]
130902318Rubin from Rubin Report made a video for Prager University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiVQ8vrGA…[View]
130891361So, there was a thread earlier about this massive collection of disturbing, clearly-illuminati-made …[View]
130902941Redpill me on blacks in the UK: In Germany, we have very few blacks, particularly blacks from below …[View]
130896511ALPHA THREAD: Lets get a ALPHA thread going >Be head chef in a kitchen >Work with these 2 scra…[View]
130903735can somebody get me the picture from the syria general - death from above edition pic not relate[View]
130898120Fuck Donald Trump[View]
130895665How to stop the opioid jew?: I have terrible lower back pain from a motorcycle accident. I've b…[View]
130898887it's pajeets vs mudslimes[View]
130903612SAY JOY LANE !!!!!!![View]
1308924841300. CHILDREN. EACH. YEAR.[View]
130902380'Mandella Effect': What is this reddit-tier normie conspiracy bullshit that everyone keeps talking a…[View]
130902475Does White Flight Prove Multiculturalism Doesn't Work?: Everyone knows that White Flight is a r…[View]
130902998Any other 'pedes gonna be going to this?[View]
130903238Fair Trade? NAFTA Renegotiation Won’t Include Scrapping of Corporate-Only Lawsuits: https://www.dist…[View]
130901260>no wall >no health care >no tax cuts for rich >no infrastructure >GOP majority in ho…[View]
130892443Liberals will win a civil war: Liberals will win a civil war >we have social media >large cit…[View]
130891686Well, Americans: If the Jews have their way, you will in the next couple of decades be unable to fin…[View]
130902935Liquid mindset: Can't wait to get some of this[View]
130877817National Aboriginal Day 2017: Happy Aborginal Day, fellow Canadians. I just got home and am drinking…[View]
130887172Why are white people so into LGBT rights?: No one else likes LGBT nonsense. Not Asians, not Blacks, …[View]
130901307WTF, channel 9 just cut her off in the middle of her press conference.[View]
130900396/Billboard/ General: Posting memes in our echo chamber and disseminating them on sites like reddit r…[View]
130902097What if your descendants mate with non-whites? When will we know that it is officially over for west…[View]
130896951>Democrats will unironically defend this[View]
130894341Pitbull genocide when?[View]
130889510Will they try to expedite me lmao?: I've decided to fuck with London police and(((khan)))…[View]
130877199Brit/pol/ - DUP edition: >Queen reported to police for not wearing seatbelt, Civil and criminal p…[View]
130884742Wanna expose Islam /pol/? Start promoting lgbt Muslims and get the 'moderate' Muslims to show their…[View]
130865297How do you tell the difference between an Italian and a Jew: There has been a few occasions where my…[View]
130900133#MoreThenARefugee: We all are familiar with how much this video put youtube into damage control, fra…[View]
130888296The Future of America: You all are blind. You see the current state of our country as the downfall o…[View]
130902316Is Patriotism a value women understand?[View]
130902595The Norks will pay for what they did. America needs to send in US troops to start raping Nork women …[View]
130902322Latinos vs blacks, asian, muslisms, indians: who is better?[View]
130900343>the absolute state of nu-/pol/[View]
130900876Putin is banned in sweden: > Pic related interview with Putin by Oliver Stone is shutdown in my c…[View]
130902472It's a great (current year) when kids can make fun of antifa. https://youtu.be/dGORIvTUq0I[View]
130899668This streetsign: > what feels do you feel when you see this sign Anon? Imagine this timeline…[View]
130897192Islamic state of Englandistan: Cuckistan. Levenshulme High School for Girls in Manchester, England.…[View]
130898739Alimony: >System designed for husband to support woman in case of divorce >Rationale: Women c…[View]
130899343The British are Abandoning Their Land: >British applications for French citizenship have tripled …[View]
130899720>Democrats win polls >Republicans win elections…[View]
130902031US Census Report: >/pol/ is right again >every ethnic race grew >but whites slowest >ch…[View]
130895578What happened?[View]
130896169I'll give you no more chance to return to the fold, after that I can't make any promise on…[View]
130901651Stop supporting Trump.[View]
130901593Answering the Albanian Question: Memes aside, are Albanians Slavs, Meds, Turks, Illyrian or a mix of…[View]
130891170Holy shit: this young man is the beacon and poster child of african americans in the u.s. today. thi…[View]
130891392I want Japan to take in immigrants and become multicultural. My country is doomed. We are now a low …[View]
130901743Thiest General: >mod thoughtlets need to delete a thread about religion after atheists received s…[View]
130883677The Holocaust was real.: I don't know why I keep coming back here. Maybe it's because I th…[View]
130901701Why is fascism nothing but betas pretending to be alphas?: Every fascist on this board talks about h…[View]
130901648YouTube propaganda: Here you have a link to the full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdv…[View]
130885050Blasphemy should be a crime: We need Christianity as a spiritual counter to Islam. But because of fr…[View]
130899838Midnight Express: does /pol/ even watch good movies or are you losers too retarded to enjoy good fil…[View]
130901498ban colbert: what are you doing to get colbert banned?[View]
130901419Jill Stein is in cahoots with Putin and Trump: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/jill-stein-is-…[View]
130893795How did Russia hack the election?: Are you seriously asserting that a bunch of kids flooding social …[View]
130901362>gun crime is not related to the intake of refugees >literally the first person you interview …[View]
130889754President calls for barring immigrants from welfare for five years: I can hear liberal heads explodi…[View]
130901310Al Nuri Mosque blown up by ISIS: Press S to spit on the blown up mosque. Created in the 1100s this m…[View]
130894703So why do Nazis and Fascists get along so well? Fascist seem to be extraordinarily authoritarian and…[View]
130899830War on Terror: RULE #1: NEVER SURRENDER!!! RULE #2: SAVE THE LAST BULLET FOR YOURSELF https://www.li…[View]
130894742Cucks BTFO: BASED in pill form[View]
130882675I hear a lot of you neckbeards whining about how you can't find any 'red pilled' women. Were yo…[View]
130899863George Soros will live tonight: He will live in his sleep tonight from joy in his lungs (jovial effu…[View]
130900980if drumpf supporters want a wall, I would be fine with it if they paid for it...us successful libera…[View]
130900714Cop asks rape survivor for sex to arrest rapists: http://m.timesofindia.com/city/bareilly/io-asks-ra…[View]
130882497White Male Culturally Appropriates Didgeridoo: Whiteys can't use sticks. That's Abo techno…[View]
130895582Canadian named as suspect in Michigan airport knife attack: Your move, disgusting fat pig Americans.…[View]
130894908Avoiding the U.S. civil war: I'm seeing an outrageous amount of identity politics threads tonig…[View]
130894007Front page of reddit.[View]
130893318I'm an alcoholic should I be euthanized[View]
130897944When Israel got BTFO: Here's a fun story my dad used to tell me. >be 2006 >be Israeli sol…[View]
130885160Tommy Sotomayor: Anyone heard of this you tuber? He's black and saying what whites have been ca…[View]
130900557Explain me /pol/: Are some Americans stupid or brainwashed retards or they really believe they are s…[View]
130896817>tfw you actually voted for trump[View]
130897855>Beck - Loser > Banned all the music with the phony gas chambers Holy fucking shit. What did h…[View]
130899779Can someone redpill me on vidya? I've played and enjoyed vidya for about as long as I can remem…[View]
130900275Racism don't really exist, only ignorance. Most of you love people of other races if you allow …[View]
130900394negro bois: top 10 sad manga death scenes[View]
130898636Something it happening in my neighborhood: I've grown up in my neighboorhood since the 80s and …[View]
130890304Russians?! In your Jill Stein?! More likely than you think!: Well, looks like the next on the list o…[View]
130898819Brits Abandoning Their Land: >Figures are showing a spike in British citizens writing out applica…[View]
130899082Sheboon Hate Thread: Go[View]
130894282What's this guy's name again?[View]
130899980Are there closeted pedophiles all over the place?: The lgbt population has exploded in the last 20 y…[View]
130898531Fair Trade? NAFTA Renegotiation Won’t Include Scrapping of Corporate-Only Lawsuits: https://www.dist…[View]
130898580WHAT THE FUCK?!: >North Korea being a hellhole for 50+ years >World sick of it's slanty e…[View]
130890097/Redpill/ me on the Holocaust[View]
130857828ICE ICE baby: Get these fucking Micks out of my country, then move on to the Italian goombas. Event…[View]
130899642wtf i love fifteen dollar minimum wage now[View]
130892084Meanwhile, in Britbongistan...: https://twitter.com/sussex_police/status/877110502350098432…[View]
130892524A corpse: >>130882633 He is dying The numbers don't lie[View]
130886082Name One Thing Uncle Ruckus Said That Was Wrong: Pro-Tip: You Can't >https://www.youtube.com…[View]
130870439Do Europeans really hate us Americans as much as I read and hear about? Makes me feel kind of bad to…[View]
130896883Libertarian City-State: Freedom ship. A floating Libertarian society. Could it work? https://www.yo…[View]
130899314Are the fair eyes, skin and hair features inherited from indo-europeas, or paleolithic Europeans?[View]
130898484REEEEEE: What timeline even is this[View]
130899023The Trinity: Watch along with me and have a discussion on the Trinity. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
130899209if niggas are from africa then why do some become muslims, the religion that enslaved black people.:…[View]
130898816About time they figured it out. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/21/us/pelosi-georgia-ossoff-democrat…[View]
130898763WHO IS SHE I HAVE TO KNOW[View]
130887937Show me your best Politi'facts'[View]
130897992Someone redpill me on black lives matter: Whats their end game? Are they just tools of the dems, or…[View]
130880351Punks in the age of Trump: Apparently there is a stupid punk festival coming up in Oakland. They see…[View]
130898709>Two members of the primary panel are African-American, a man and a woman both in their 30s or 40…[View]
130895842All Muslims are peaceful Islam is a peaceful practice >The media controls what you think All Musl…[View]
130897534Is it possible for us to unite when the time comes? Eventually we'll have to stand with ALL whi…[View]
130885000>tfw we will never have another president thats as cool as Obama[View]
130894099The old cryptkeeper bitch is done. Huffpo is calling for it—she's toast. Press S to spit on her…[View]
130897979How will socialists ever recover? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-21/socialism-has-produced-s…[View]
130892151Why do Americans think the Times Square ads are iconic?: Literally one of the worst cultures in the …[View]
130896979Is this OUR/GIRL?[View]
130896521Please help us: WANDERS BE AMAZED. This is your calling to destiny. Your life will never be the same…[View]
130898117Better stop that DV against only women and children: This is an actual training module provided to m…[View]
130896605Dislike this propaganda: The Young Cucks praising the more than a rapefugee video. https://youtu.be…[View]
130896864Is it fair to say that americans on average are the biggest degenerates out there out of all nationa…[View]
130870074Eat the rich: so the rich 1% own more wealth then the 99% combined wealth, most if not all of these …[View]
130868675Let them fucking die: Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams shared his thoughts publicly on…[View]
130897950>>130882633 >Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. -Socrates…[View]
130897610Universal Suffrage: What's /pol/'s take on universal suffrage? Why is it a problem if ALL …[View]
130888017Apologise for your countrymen: Apologise to another country for someone from your country infecting …[View]
130897529Pinoy threead only foreigners get awt ree May AMA mamaya si trillanes sa plebbit guyx. Thoughts?[View]
130887488Flag bearer thread: ill start[View]
130897842Migrant crisis: After so many terrorist attacks, rape and crime by muslims, Youtube thought It might…[View]
130897350If whites are master race then why do gingers exist?[View]
130894876What did they mean by this?[View]
130895814Why do Jews have this unholy alliance with Muslims? I've got a few jew friends and they have al…[View]
130893322AY YO HOL UP!: WE WUZ KRANGZ AN SHHEEEITT! https://www.africaresource.com/sci-tech-a-business/genet…[View]
130895195Facism or national socialism? why do choose what you choose? discuss[View]
130897467>for liberals who can't stop posting about trump[View]
130886355Just a reminder, /pol/ is a Confederate sympathizer board: /pol/ is smart enough to know the South w…[View]
130897169is Christianity the only way to save Europe?[View]
130892010YOU KNOW YOU'RE ON /POL/ WHEN[View]
130879544Fuck George mason University: Any Anon looking for a Uni to go to, or thinking about transferring, o…[View]
130894108How long before a pornstar is president?[View]
130895081Seth Rich: Just slide my story up, senpai[View]
130895428Was the Etruscan civilization white?[View]
130896130Conservative here (Not Trumpkin). How can we remove Trump from office?: Now the Boy King wants to in…[View]
130878935Knives our out for Pelosi, they want to replace her! Come on men, it is time to rally behind the ole…[View]
130895390I'm a liberal: I'm a gun-toting anti-drug catholic pro-white anti-communist anti-marxist l…[View]
130895974I got invited to my local Freemason chapter. Is it worth it?[View]
130893070any fag/g/ots here care to give me a rundown on RMS in /pol/ terms?: I'm only aware of the man…[View]
130842764it makes me rage: >if I wanna freaky shit I'm gonna fuck a white bitch >everyone is tryin…[View]
130895137What do you think about gated (((communities)))? Would you live in one?[View]
130892012Is race mixing really THAT bad? I mean, sometimes you get a decent mix. Pic related is half british …[View]
130886471Libertarian Goes Full Retard: These people are truly antifa-tier insane. >https://fee.org/articl…[View]
130857512>entire economy is 3 cities >billion people living in poverty >half the population cant rea…[View]
130885952right wing alliance: Must authoritarians and libertarians hate each other? Can we not all join force…[View]
130896695Why do conservashits always vote against their own economic interests?[View]
130874433Theres a Muslim family that lives next door to me and they are always screaming and yelling outside …[View]
130896545Kushner will bring about 'Greater Israel': The meeting that sunk the US. How much more longer until…[View]
130896506For me, its NAZBOL GANG[View]
130896194>Be me >Live in nice neighborhood, respectful neighbors, good properties >4:15am last week …[View]
130896458When have you realized authentic liberalism is the closest thing to being a white separatist as it g…[View]
130894758Make Fjotolf proud, /pol/: Is there any chance at all that Fjotolf browses /pol/? Or is his internet…[View]
130889498well its happening: > Financial penalties > nations are expected to comply with the court of j…[View]
130879169Macron is more based than Trump: http://www.newsweek.com/west-need-russia-help-fight-isis-assad-stay…[View]
130869204Is Mel Gibson Hollywood's resident shitposter?[View]
130883152Therapy: >Redpilled as fuck >Thus miserable as fuck >Decide to get therapy out of sheer des…[View]
1308931022016 election polls nostalgia thread: IT START WITH-[View]
130891467Did he ever do anything wrong? >Almost singlehandedly crushed the nazis…[View]
130894642Why don't Congress and Trump just repeal Obamacare?: The whole thing is a disaster anyways, and…[View]
130884631old /pol/ folder is gone dump your best pics, memeballs, redpills, anything[View]
130881832Skin Tone = Success?: >the darker the skin the less successful the country In a totally non biase…[View]
130894980Every time you're on youtube, facebook, etc. and the holocaust comes up, describe yourself as '…[View]
130893504He used to be funny until he went full spiteful Liberal.[View]
130894479That seems fair[View]
130889109Our intellect is being actively suppressed: >lack of parenting >unhealthy food in our diets …[View]
130893713why are SE asians smarter than indigenous americans?: obviously disregarding dumbass juche norks but…[View]
130881877Claim your political waifu: >Yfw the president is making america great again…[View]
130892459Kek'd- get your troll cakes: >Shitpost real hard on social media >Cuck calls up this bake…[View]
130890183Hitler: Hey Allies, i can't be racist; I have le FUCKING BASED BLACK MAN in my army. See? Allie…[View]
130895067Things /pol/ never considers.: If demographic replacement via immigration is such a bad thing then w…[View]
130894200Anyone know some good far-right music? I've been listening to Right-Wing Deathsquads Entertainm…[View]
130895188How do we fix Venezuela?[View]
130895264Anti-Trump poll Let's get on this one. http://action.kirstengillibrand.com/p/dia/action3/common…[View]
130880758Hello darkness my old friend.[View]
130895287RACIAL PROFILING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17nKSPKZg1M How come no is talking about the fact …[View]
130890791Hitler took a morphine injection everyday.: And he invented methadone. What are you faggots' r…[View]
130894391Ukraine nuclear arsenal: Ukraine was a nuclear power. It gave up its nuclear weapons in return for p…[View]
130894655REMINDER THAT 'DIVERSITY' MEANS LESS WHITES: POL help me I'm turning black pilled please offer …[View]
130888881Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in flats at luxury complex: Just cuck my life into pieces …[View]
130890769Red-pilled music: Arcade Fire has consistently proven to be red-pilled. Their latest music is no di…[View]
130865164When are we going to round up american cops and execute them?: Before you say, 'hurr durr ops a nigg…[View]
130858503Millennials are almost 30.: > Almost all the women are alone? >What's happening? >What…[View]
130890940It's true. I bow down to the genetic superiority of Germanics![View]
130894736How do you solve the North Korea problem? The ISIS problem? We have from 2017, we are the future, we…[View]
130892570All of you faggots and your reality tv overlord are traitors to the United States You're underc…[View]
130894476Deleted Hollywood Thread: Redpilled docs on Elite HollyWood Human trafficking? Heard these threads g…[View]
130889928Show campaign posters for election in your country: This is for the Tokyo Assembly elections in the …[View]
130894433This is an old moly, but new to me, and I think it once and for all settles it, Stefan is definitely…[View]
130886248/aasg Americans are subhumans general: 1. All americans are fat. 2. All americans are dumb. 3. All a…[View]
130894283Obvious shit posters from reddit are everywhere. Why do they eveb bother coming here? Dumbass fuckin…[View]
130893231He's got a point[View]
130893618>>Hates white national symbols >>References a black anti-globalist Ethnostate in their t…[View]
130889912Hmmmm: Really makes you think[View]
130893235Thank you: Just wanted to say.... thanks for being my friends /pol/. I love you.[View]
130893952How fucked are millennials?: I have tried to find some stats on how Millennials differ from other ge…[View]
130889724Covfefe: Does anyone have archived thread links of Covfefe theories? Please, all the ones I'm o…[View]
130859616Why aren't you a nihilist?: Admit it /pol/. No matter what you think you're all just a bun…[View]
130887229Why are anglos so fucked in the head?[View]
130864076'BASED people' and civic nationalism: Why do you support civic nationalism anon? What makes a black …[View]
130893565Why are turks so fucking annoying online?[View]
130893719>walking through Hollywood >see this on the corner >check the site Which one of you faggots…[View]
130893570voted for karen handle, your welcome -ga 6th[View]
130888965Help me out /pol/. How do I get my old man to swallow the next redpill? I've managed to get him…[View]
130888579/ptg/ President Trump General - How Strong Are The Democrats Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https…[View]
130893424>Only Amerifats would vote such a degenerate into office and make themselves a laughing stock of …[View]
130892213Reminder:: North Korea's days are numbered. Their 70 year international Bankruptcy ends in Augu…[View]
130891837Welcome to the Euphoric Fedora, how redpilled are ya?[View]
130893378Mexico: >post yfw when Cartels get btfo'd How do fix Mexico, hard mode no genociding the Ind…[View]
130882522/pol/ Please look at this. What the actual fuck? Saw this and couldn't believe my eyes[View]
130889708>Daesh heretics blows up a holy Sunni shrine >/pol/ still thinks they represent the Sunni fait…[View]
130889033I noticed the tranny bathroom obsession has faded from the news, whereas a few months ago it was all…