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172508895/pol/ BTFO, BLM and others exposed 'BBQ Becky' and not a peep from YouTube 'race realists' or anythi…[View]
172508568I just found out im few % ashkenazi, what the fuck do I do now?[View]
172503927i have decided the embryo of my future son: my girlfriend and me after thinking a lot have decided t…[View]
172509025What's up fellow Americans. Take a step back and appreciate all of the different places we can …[View]
172492493We all know /pol/ is heavily, heavily shilled. This sucks. Let's invert and meme every single o…[View]
172510256MY HAPPENING: Dear retards, I have made contact with the normies. A quasi-/pol/lack conservative chi…[View]
172508677Do you honestly believe Trump isn’t fucked?: I waited for Justice for Seth Rich. I waited for the ba…[View]
172508627YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WOMEN IN THE WRONG PLACES: MGTOW's, INCELs & '''Modern Women''' https:/…[View]
172505792America needs to protect itself from #Israel by whatever means necessary!: I think we can all agree …[View]
172508844Official petition to BUILD THE WALL: What is this? Is this legitimate? There's nothing I'd…[View]
172509159Which country will be the first to reclaim their former empires? Who will come out on top of the wor…[View]
172500470Jordan Peterson: Is Jordan Peterson truly a wise sage dispensing valuable wisdom for our generation,…[View]
172504110Sam Houston Hate Thread: Sam Houston is NOT a fucking hero. Sam Houston is a fucking nigger who chim…[View]
172507440Meghan Mutts nephew:: Immediately nigs out. Even niggers at the highest levels must chimp out[View]
172497542The Brady Bunch and Cultural Values in the U.S.: Remember when you were in elementary and middle sch…[View]
172509992Political discord: T6EcraT Tired of joining servers that are full of sperging fools from both sides?…[View]
172509924What does /pol/ think of xxxtentacion?Is he a puppet or BASED?[View]
172509842Starting a new campaign against ((them)): Listen up faggots, this is the headquarters of the Lion Fr…[View]
172509660>Tfw got two Maori teen nogs convicted for trying to steal from me. If more Maoris practiced abor…[View]
172508521Artificial Intelligence insurgency: Does anybody else look at the way the world is going and prefer …[View]
172507548Shut up /pol/[View]
172504780Hi /pol, I'm sure you've heard of the anonymous posting app 'Whisper' before, so I am goi…[View]
172461660Is Kanye getting redpilled on (((them)))?[View]
172507737>meet redpilled aussie on world of warcraft >he hates nig-nogs, oven dodgers, shitskins, dunec…[View]
172505151Come join the Archive! >No niggers >no cia faggots >no jews >no shills See you on th…[View]
172508190How do we stop the incel uprising? I propose government-subsidized hookers for all unattractive men.[View]
172509160Wtf I hate hate guns now[View]
172508235What are we doing today?[View]
172508182Fucking niggers: Why the fuck is nigger music so popular? It's literally monkeys screaming at t…[View]
172506169/pol/ i have to be honest with you Why do we fight Why do we argue Nomatter what truth or facts one …[View]
172508947So democrats try to win by liberating certain races, appealing to those races and winning their vote…[View]
172505767THE FATHER: The Bible is a survival book. >Human Kind >Mankind >Man >His son >The Fa…[View]
172506953Awww my sides! Fecking brilliant lol: Which one of you guys did this! facebook page is called 'chris…[View]
172504210There is literally nothing wrong about paying no taxes. Prove me wrong[View]
172496570Cucked West: War breaks out and the men start taking action on the field. I bet you all European def…[View]
172508630Is there any groups out there that basically just go around and rat out illegals to ICE? It seems li…[View]
172506647Black sentencing vs White: TIL They take past criminal records into account for jail sentencing, wha…[View]
172498404There are good women out there and you just have to find them: /pol/ is full of incel virgins who…[View]
172502957Vegan Mongrel debates Ethnonationalist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71kkO-pU3o0[View]
172508136Assault Rifles are also Anti-Assault Rifles. Common sense defense weapons.: > when you need to pr…[View]
172508402THANK YOU: I present to you the most awesome Meme in the history of Meme's. Rainbow color hair,…[View]
172508045>We must keep the European genepool pure![View]
172508368I just spent fifteen minutes reading Facebook comments on a Fox News article. First thing tomorrow m…[View]
172459800THE JEWS ARE STILL THE CHOSEN PEOPLE: reminder: jews are still God's chosen people and beloved …[View]
172505144Somebody tell me what Egoism is. Just sounds like people would just break into each other's hou…[View]
172507199Why do American liberals so easily fall for Monsanto's astroturfing?[View]
172504527/ptg/ President Trump General - Spicer No! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
172507227Anti White Racism - How to Take Down Above the Law: The anti-white, anti-male sentiment on the mains…[View]
172501365Do you like CRTV?[View]
172505790This is reddit's conspiracy page. Discuss.[View]
172504034Donald glover and other trust fund rappers: >be raised jenovah's witness >raised with mor…[View]
172501901Hitler and the Nazis hated other rac-: https://youtu.be/IUoOJEidm2o I’m sick of hearing society say …[View]
172488739How did you get redpilled, pol?: How did you break the conditioning & what pushed you off the ed…[View]
172494974Israeli arrested in Florida for role in exploitative online mugshot removal scheme: >MUGSHOTS.com…[View]
172501220Moly gives life advice to teens: Pic related. For those of you who are employed, just take a look at…[View]
172507758Memeball Thread?: Post OC, but reposts if necessary. Here's one I made[View]
172500128Greetings from your local gas station. The EBT was down so they couldnt buy it, but observe the frui…[View]
172507362Free trade: So tariffs are dangerous because taxing import products would undermine our competitive …[View]
172507552JEWS ARE THE MASTER RACE: prove me wrong protip-you can't they have higher iq than whites the…[View]
172505979NBC fake news BTFO: 24,000 keks[View]
172504569y is it that people think anti-authoritarianism is libertarian: Anti-authoritarians usually believe …[View]
172490461Spiritual Atheism is the end game.: Once you realize there is no God vs Satan war and no Matrix, you…[View]
172500163KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL-/kvg/ PRAISE MAGMA: DIRECTORY: will be updated with what happens (post it an…[View]
172501321>be me earlier today in my senior class >in group with people to work on a final project >m…[View]
172504653How to avoid the Siegepill: Started off 2016 supporting Bernie, before I learned much about politics…[View]
172501233This is America[View]
172507268I'd dab the kike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Cpa-i3URo[View]
172506503Hypocrites: There's literally no difference between Bill Clinton having a meeting with Lynch an…[View]
172504407Hey, what's up guys. I was debating an old friend of mine and the topic of jews came up. Their …[View]
172502974What's the goal for a cultural marxist society?[View]
172505574/r9k/ think they belong here now because of this faggot, press S to spit on them[View]
172505150What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
172485981US YES!:: GOOD GOYIM http://www.oann.com/secretary-of-state-on-jcpoa-will-impose-strongest-sanctions…[View]
172503340It's over. All these cuckoo women are going to win because all the other women will vote for th…[View]
172502668Why is pro-black almost exclusively anti-white?[View]
172493875your 46th president of the United States of America (2021-2029)[View]
172496693What is Hollywood’s endgame?[View]
1724997851990's was overrated. It was like a lame 1950s. Instead of Jazz, we had rap. Instead of Elvis, …[View]
172498826This girl just won Miss USA 2018. (((They))) aren't going to be very happy about this. How did …[View]
172490062How does Nimrata “go die for Israel white boys” Randhawa look so white if she is 100% Punjab?[View]
172503796Okay /pol/ I just had a mind=blown moment watching the deliver us prince of Egypt animation. The Jew…[View]
172495268Fascist-Tier Women Thread: show me that they are real[View]
172473745She ain’t happy[View]
172501406Nail Salon: Black Drives Off Without Paying, Asian Hangs On To Get Paid: Who was in the wrong in thi…[View]
172506171SJWs aren't the problem: They're just a shitty solution to the problem. The real problem i…[View]
172460084Would you?[View]
172502366Human Resources (HR): Why does this exist?[View]
172491081HOW DRUGS AFFECT POLITICS: Let's talk about how various psychedelic drugs influence and shape o…[View]
172502754133,612 edits to Wikpedia have been made in the name of “Philip Cross” over 14 years: https://www.cr…[View]
172503594when did you stop being a civic nationalist?[View]
172496232TWITTER BLATANT CENSORSHIP EXPOSED: EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Twitter is caught red handed selectively re…[View]
172505829genocide - gerald ford edition: how did he get away with it pol?[View]
172467584How many of you have shot a gun before? And if so, did it change your views on gun control?[View]
172505752Why do everyone need to identify themselves as either christian or muslim or jew or hindu or an athe…[View]
172489248learn to filter, you're welcome[View]
172505639>Sneed is going to start ww4 feels badman[View]
172504783https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVBlQ_8-1Jg Liberals swayed from wanting to ban assault rifles to 'c…[View]
172487612'If only the school had armed security guards this never would've happened'. Oh wait nevermind …[View]
172494955The Truth About Incels: PJW calls out 4Chan, Islam, and feminists for the incel problem. He's n…[View]
172467790This 'family' no longer has any meaning[View]
172495781White World: What could the world be like if it was ethnically homogeneous? Post related content…[View]
172497869holy shit craigslist has politics forum!: click on forums and scroll down to politics. should we sel…[View]
172505188We’re just giving ordinary people the same chance to survive as the bureaucrats in Washington. I thi…[View]
172505056What will humor look like in the politically correct future?[View]
172499415Has there ever been a tribe in the entire history of the world that can out-jew the Jews? I think so…[View]
172501923Hey /pol, I'm sure you've heard of the anonymous posting app 'Whisper' before, so I am goi…[View]
172502919I was wondering what does everyone think about violence in video games and do you think it plays a r…[View]
172501566/ptg/ President Trump General - Headshot Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
172503890This is you.[View]
172504292Is the hacker guccifer 4chan.0 here? Can we get these protests started early?[View]
172466743Syria General /sg/ - Get /comfy/, Late Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenera…[View]
172504306North Korea Talks: ITT: Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump's negotiations.[View]
172503043if you could remove the jews removing the euro power in the process would you do it?[View]
172503512Pol completely BTFO. What will you do now drumfucks[View]
172504151Wassap pedos: I mean, I knew the alt right liked their underage porn, just look at 4chan, but this i…[View]
172502012Mutt meme thread: Let’s see em[View]
172502429Kek: Apparently a texas official blamed the latest shooting on video games and abortion. Fuckin…[View]
172497178I hope you guys realize that the Islamization of some of the more cucked countries in Europe (German…[View]
172493476Why are my fellow Americans so fucking cucked by police officers, /pol/? The nonstop bootlicking and…[View]
172503591>multiple high level FBI / CIA agents in collusion with the Department of Justice and Obama'…[View]
172503473Will Millennials ever rise up?[View]
172479646Do libertarians/AnCaps revert when their house is on fire? Or do they complain that the people putti…[View]
172503352Were the Meme Wars redemption for that time ago the state of /pol/ was out of control and taken over…[View]
172502712Ireland referendum: Any potatojews awake? Is there a current plan for dealing with yes voters?…[View]
172503269Daily reminder if you use the work 'incel' you are literally being a good goy falling for Jewish tri…[View]
172500410You don't need a gun: You don't need a gun, when you can call the cops you don't need…[View]
172491323Israel - Strong safe and secure: How can we make Israel stronger /pol/ ?[View]
172500882>resists U.S. government >gets nuked Do amerilards honestly believe this garbage? You guys do…[View]
172503187Fake redpilling: So ive been thinking about the whole sjw and politicall correctness bullshit. Its f…[View]
172493078What did this mean, anon?[View]
172485706China Thread: What the hell is wrong with this country?[View]
172501061What the fuck?[View]
172486435What the fuck is wrong with this board? Why dont any of you read books or think for yourselves? What…[View]
172500830Liberals don't know that Assault weapons are already banned LMAO: https://twitter.com/MichaelSk…[View]
172500849Hillary backs Black lady to run the State of Georgia who has -$200,000 of personal debt! You can…[View]
172496786What /pol thinks of putin.[View]
172498985Was Alexander Hamilton a jew?: Alexander Hamilton, who I think we can all agree was the worst foundi…[View]
172502650Florida Judge calls defendant 'Moolie'-(a Sicilian slur that literally translates as “eggplant) to d…[View]
172469954What are your election night memories?[View]
172502790Saudis vs Isreal: Who’s the true greater ally to the USA? When push comes to shove do we become the …[View]
172501134Ready for the shortest storytime known to man?[View]
172497136Nigga momentK lamar: A girl was bashed for saying the N-Word on stage when she was asked to sing Goo…[View]
172500885Drop the paywall: TRS is dead my dudes. About a week ago on the 'muh free speech' shoah episode i po…[View]
172502639Let the mods know you want /pol/ kept clean: When did this place become >>>/r9k/ ? How is i…[View]
172502619anti-semitism as self improvement thread: /cuckchan/ how has anti-semitism improved your life? I…[View]
172500329Starbucks has lost their minds: I just saw this in the news wtf!? https://www.theonion.com/desperate…[View]
172492169>black males are celebrating the fact that one of their women got BLEACHED Are nigger 'men' the b…[View]
172500315will we ever be able to take back our country from these people?[View]
172491223Seth Rich Update[View]
172494993What is his significance?[View]
172493062Southern and Flyover States = Shit: My fellow brothers, when did you became keen to the flyover and …[View]
172500438>HOL' THE FUK UP Why would the deep state allow Anthony wiener to be arrested?…[View]
172502017Just use reddit: I honestly don't get why pol doesn't migrate to reddit, it is much better…[View]
172496862RETAKING THE RAINBOW: I’m tired of faggots claiming the rainbow as it’s own iconography. Something s…[View]
172501516Duchess Meg: She is going to age so badly[View]
172501972What’s his end game ?[View]
172501964Never give up on your dreams.[View]
172490999LA GOBLINA ARRESTED!: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ms-13-member-arrested-murder-man-foun…[View]
172497066this fucking article: have you guys seen this fucking shit? https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/ne…[View]
172497224When will he learn?: When will he learn that other races are not capable of being individualists as …[View]
172479021/ourthot/ just got spit on and punched!: No one should be harassing /ourthot/ but us. If there is a …[View]
172492755morroco is literally quadroon - mullato country. but has the lowest crime rate second from japan. Y…[View]
172484067The Stoic Pill: Im entirely convinced stoicism is the only rational answer to the insanity of the mo…[View]
172496444>people should take pride in their immigrant heritage! >i'm an outcast at work for saying…[View]
172498628why do you support trump ? he is a Jewish puppet jut like the democrats the left and right are the s…[View]
172501554He's finished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IuZCUXujsk[View]
172501662Peter Navarro pushed Stefan Halper onto Trump: Five days ago, Navarro is mysteriously excluded from …[View]
172500189Beta Male threads in excess, most of the garbage is based on 'feelings', 'save the white race by thr…[View]
172497752Who's white and who isnt: The who's white and who isnt debate is forever settled. Here y…[View]
172501285Why did JIDF raid us a few days ago? There were Israeli posters on most threads as well as an unprec…[View]
172498515/ptg/ President Trump General - Real Awoo Hours Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
172499789If swastika isnt in game, than, nazi's are not a faction in the game. Will /pol/ still $120 for…[View]
172489301Ok /pol/, let's say I'm a christian sandnigger who's willing to support your cause. …[View]
172500159White House issues a military coin for the NK summit: It says 'Supreme Leader Kim Yong Un'. https:/…[View]
172501328Why do we always talk about this fuck George Soros...: When we should be talking about the puppeteer…[View]
172490833Is Richard Spencer still relevant to the alt right?[View]
172496738Next school shooter?: Is this straight white male beta boy going to snap? Watching this, I feel like…[View]
172499828Are leafs the main obstacle with US politics?: It seems that with Trudeau letting ISIS fighters into…[View]
172501221yo what ever happened to this >>172339292 we were lied to....[View]
172500510Drudge Report: Anyone else remember when Drudge used to be good? >pic related…[View]
172497947Why did niggers in Sudan and Mauritania larp as Arabs: I've looked at pictures of 'Arabs' in Su…[View]
172493420Miscegenation will only create more Elliot Rogers: https://www.instagram.com/thebucketlistfamily …[View]
172498367If a tree falls in the forest and crushes a bus full of Hillary voters en route to a swing district,…[View]
172500915Kiryas Joel: Why does this shithole exist? https://youtu.be/HguYWNuN628 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
172498835Jordan Peterson and John Podesta: https://youtu.be/KcGG1a2OShI So what if Jordan Peterson worked on …[View]
172501002The next link in the endless chain has been forged. The path to our survival, lies in 'it's defeat a…[View]
172498796Truth: Who needs it ![View]
172472517It's Nothing! The FBI was there to help.: According to Clapper, it's disgraceful for a Tru…[View]
172483661So Kanye tweeted to his 50 million followers to watch this documentary https://youtu.be/eJ3RzGoQC4s …[View]
172500880The sun has finally set on the British Empire: Imperialism now wears a different face and calls it h…[View]
172500688Anyone else seen this show? I just finished the second season and genuinely got pissed off when I di…[View]
172500778Kennedy? Good or Evil?: Why where the Kennedy's such bad people. John was a cheater, Ted killed…[View]
172500378The MSM is forcing incels to get GFs: This will stop White Genocide... Prove me wrong. pro-tip: you …[View]
172496752bruh, look at this dude https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/21/africa/zimbabwe-commonwealth-countries/index.…[View]
172500314Grazie per Evola: Just wanted to say thank you to the Anon that started a thread about Julius Evola …[View]
172487041Was nazism inevitable ?: When we see the european contexte in XIXe, wasn't the nazism a necessi…[View]
172498656Iran has a right to the bomb: How do we meme it in to existence[View]
172497564He's redpilling hundreds of millions. Why don't they just take him out?[View]
172490411BASED SESSIONS - ILLEGALS BTFO: https://www.vox.com/2018/5/21/17376398/jeff-sessions-immigration-rul…[View]
172500215The Mask Is Slipping: Heavy weighs the mask that covers the face of the emperor. It pulls downward t…[View]
172498181WTF I love Israel now[View]
172498090Fuck jews, fuck chinks, fuck niggers and fuck muslims.[View]
172500031California /pol/ aks Open primary for elections..June 5th. Who are you voting for? Governor: COX Sen…[View]
172499739I'm neither Chad nor Incel, will I be killed in the current incel uprising?[View]
172495828>watching a historical movie >culture is completely unified, all people of one ethnicity worki…[View]
172457046Media Matters declares the hacker known as 4chan has been defeated.: https://web.archive.org/web/201…[View]
172497419Spic wanting to live in Europe for Education: Hey fags Spic here, I want to go to Europe for educati…[View]
172499493The left can't m-[View]
172498410Muslim Makes Anti-Jew Comments, Christian Gets Fired: I am so fucking glad I don't live in the …[View]
172490437Why are jews so deceptive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoJQbPPFEHw[View]
172488943Press S to spit[View]
172499461Anita Sark: https://twitter.com/anitasarkeesian/status/996791960328376320?s=20[View]
172495670Black Harvard Economics Professor Barred From His Own Lab For Sexual Harassment: WE WUZ PROFESSAHZ h…[View]
172462196Faith Goldy attacked by Communists: last thread by someone got nuked. These admins seem to be killin…[View]
172497835Would /pol/ still support Trump if he literally ate babies?[View]
172499053TDS:296 extra Video content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab_2E8wc8WA[View]
172499236I didn't believe you at first /pol/, but THESE kinds people are the ones supporting libtards an…[View]
172491646We are getting nicer. Nice thread for being nice.: I have noticed a lot of terrible shilling, but I …[View]
172463774WOW: I just discovered that the most educated First Lady in American history was Michelle Obama. Sh…[View]
172476205I just found out im few % ashkenazi, what the fuck do I do now?[View]
172492389Hillary knows about (((them))): > They were never going to let me be president.…[View]
172495777Ivanka caught doing some dirty dancing on a mysterious man.[View]
172484786Patrick Little General /PLG/ - /Deus Vult/ Retake the Holy Land: |Top Story >Live Stream with JF …[View]
172497346what is the best free domain radio call in show stefan molyneux has ever done?[View]
172498776A threat rises in the east...[View]
172481895Trump and Pence are the two witnesses: >And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they …[View]
172498737potential happening? http://www.newsweek.com/senate-california-traitorous-jews-feinstein-republican-…[View]
172498714>illegitimate russian bureaucraps place an on embargo your child adoption™ agency and your rented…[View]
172479776Get ready for a billion more Chinese whitebois[View]
172498009>Be a bong >Try to reply to this thread >Get arrested for child-porn >Be a bong >For…[View]
172498530Does anybody remember this billboard?[View]
172495455/ptg/ President Trump General - +6 Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov http…[View]
172477961GEN Z IS BASE-[View]
172492094Why do you guys call yourselves nazis?[View]
172493846SWEDEN NO! http://www.businessinsider.com/swedish-people-embed-microchips-under-skin-to-replace-id-c…[View]
172494921The Soviets could only zerg ru~ >On July 14, 1941, an experimental artillery battery of seven lau…[View]
172470812Gun Control: I own a hefty amount of illegal weapons. Many of which are fully automatic. This does n…[View]
172494334if the $oyening doesn't work the way they have planed it out & men start waking up rejectin…[View]
172498101Cultural Appropriation IS Cultural Appreciation.[View]
172497742How do we stop the public urination problem?: http://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/05/20/passenger-urinat…[View]
172496146Which one of you did this?[View]
172487004Why does the alt right hate women?[View]
172498058My story: a while ago my high school school was tragically involved in a shooting thankfully no one …[View]
172491538NPR talking points 24/7 Anti-white: So tonight as I was driving home from work I had NPRs radio show…[View]
172490059How did it get like this. Did white people never realize their areas were being flooded with non whi…[View]
172492771What's /pol/'s stance on abortion?[View]
172494314Do we know who pays sites like reddit to shill all day?[View]
172461178/PLT/ Patrick Little Tactical - GOING TACTICAL TO COUNTER JEW-SUPREMACY 2nd Edition: Literal /ourguy…[View]
172497441How to stop jew in Pol?[View]
172490009Ethical Dilemma: Hello, people of /pol/ I’m a long-time surfer of this board, about 3 years and stil…[View]
172462894ITALY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
172485303Jordan B Peterson: Can someone actually have a reasonable conversation as to why /pol/ dislikes him …[View]
172489130KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL-/kvg/ Another night alone Edition!: ARE YOU READY FOR THE HULACOAST! DIRECTO…[View]
172492308YFW /pol/: >YFW astroturfing on /pol/ is just as bad as or worse than it is on Plebbit It is prob…[View]
172460870The Pope is a Cuck: First he advocates for gun control. Now this. How will the catholicucks defend t…[View]
172497119Since free will is a spectrum, how much does the amount of free will you have affect your political …[View]
172497020Society vs. The Individual: It's obvious that both Society and The Individual are both inherent…[View]
172494800Redpill me on the holocaust.: Don't understand people who deny something with mountains of evid…[View]
172493043In your ideal state, would certain shows such as Rick and Morty be banned?[View]
172496899Ontario man finds live WWI-era artillery shell in neighbour's trash: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/as…[View]
172495847>be American >see an Indian >think he's Iranian >murder him Why are Americans too d…[View]
172488725AUSTRALIA YES!!!: Looks like our beautiful immigrants have taken a leaf from old Sweden. I introduc…[View]
172493603Sargon: 'I don't care if Jordan Peterson is associated with the UN.': Juden Peterstein cultists…[View]
172495665You've just been fucked by psyops: Once you start to realize the trends in entertainment and ne…[View]
172496350You fucking assholes You must say one nice thing about this new Royal couple, or else me, my family …[View]
172487862>Mixed race people are ugl..: Even in the conservative early pre-british invasion sixties, me and…[View]
172495909Donald Trump, Antifa & The Anti-White Jew Supremacist State of Israel[View]
172489679The delusion / cognitive dissonance is real: These people are running into reality at 9000kph with n…[View]
172489562>Being an incel in the USA >There are legal brothels in parts of the country >Being this mo…[View]
172496092hello Europe Mike Pompeo here I wanted to let you know that the United States is going to try to ove…[View]
172496191Germans of pol: Discuss a strategy for a new Kulturkampf and post good German songs from the second …[View]
172496105WHAT THE FUCK SWEDEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxTeQLL2p2c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85…[View]
172491618>(((vox))) *snap* Yep[View]
172496049Was ((( Tamir Sapir ))) a '#BasedJew'?[View]
172495965>Try to buy a gun Normies say you can't because you're crazy >Try to use the insanit…[View]
172495497Is this what US niggers think? but what about current sub saharan nigs?[View]
172495440Fake Antifa Pics, post your oc.[View]
172495706>son dies >cuck him[View]
172492600Why are boomers so arrogant and obnoxious?: This is what happened to me today: >Was taking out/br…[View]
172452813Nazis watch out!: He’s coming for you[View]
172475078Is the British Royal Family actually jewish? >They all look jewish >Strong ties with jewish b…[View]
172480062Anons, I want to marry to a virgin girl, I want to preserve myself for that.: Patriarchy and marriag…[View]
172486734ITT we prove we’re not from reddit: >with post of the precepts A People without a culture exclus…[View]
172492585/ptg/ President Trump General - Helicopter Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
172495300Media Involvement General: Anyone here involved in any media (radio, podcast, newspaper, etc.) and a…[View]
172488180>we could be raptured up at any time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkYLYVJooQA…[View]
172494954(((People))) who make 'you're not white' threads: I don't care what your nationality is; i…[View]
172495184When AI and highly efficient machinery replace the average American in the workforce, what need is t…[View]
172488393Is it time to buy a house now /pol/?[View]
172495050Are they our guys and gals?[View]
172495083Colorado Gubernatorial Election, 2018!: Alright Colorado Anons, We have a short 5 months until it…[View]
172489288Not gonna lie, I would.[View]
172487333Why are Jews so good at blending in and looking like other races? What is it about them that made th…[View]
172490402Creationists BTFO: http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/species/c/cryolophosaurus.html If dinosaurs o…[View]
172492752What happened to this board?: Haven't been here for a year, and this place has gone to shit: Po…[View]
172477407Why doesn't /pol/ ever mention this show? Some of it is obviously dramatized bullshit, but thi…[View]
172494692“Our Gal”: Truth should never fear investigation. Locking her up is the equivalent to throwing my s…[View]
172494188ANON 2020 WILL SAVE US ALL!!!!: SMASH POVERTY! ANON 2020[View]
172489989Are white women the best?[View]
172494888What are his opinions on transhumanism?[View]
172490606China kicked Trump's ass on trade: So much for your 'Great Negotiator', lol. Everything China '…[View]
172494808Howzit goin?[View]
172494489ya'll ready for war with Iran? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jI6iAa-cC0[View]
172473142The Jordan Peterson Question: Hello friends of the CIA Today we will answer the Jordan Peterson Ques…[View]
172493434South Carolina's proposed hate speech laws Can you guess what the focus is?[View]
172494458Today my lefty SJW friend said that I was unable to understand why incels (Canada car man, and Santa…[View]
172494639African Justice: Can we get an old fashion African Justice thread going? >necklacing >cinder b…[View]
172494619Vote Patrick Little - Let's Address The Legacy of Slavery, Together: 'Let’s address the legacy …[View]
172494607fuck you and fuck your reparations: https://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/01/11/was-america-bui…[View]
172473516South Carolina first state to legally define the criticism of Jews or Israel as anti-Semitism: > …[View]
172480601Anderson Cooper: Red pill me[View]
172492849When is the Holocaust 2 going to happen?: I say whenever the kike elites that control the world get …[View]
172491589Question.: >nufag here So just a quick throw out. A lot of threads on here im scrolling through a…[View]
172490196Mormons: Give me ONE LOGICAL REASON for joining or even giving credit to the LDS when it's so o…[View]
172489425Your Fault: >Black children have higher suicide rates than white children at younger ages, but th…[View]
172489826Why terrorists kill civilians?: Why are they doing this? The first version is the demoralization (in…[View]
172494105Well that fucking explains it[View]
172492518Watch this video and tell me how democracy works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFu5qXMuaJU[View]
172493937AUSTRALIA YES!!!! >http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-22/melbourne-hand-grenade-targets-tiba-clan…[View]
172483837How would the left react if Trump denounced NAMBLA?[View]
172490042>buy slaves from tribes in Africa >breed them for top physical shape >Abraham Lincoln has e…[View]
172485004You can only post in this thread if your country was on the winning side of the Vietnam War >not …[View]
172471801Irish Abortion Referendum: (((They))) are trying to legalize abortion in Ireland. >Media biased t…[View]
172493270Niggers are an offense to the Western and Eastern intellect. Africa never produced a Kant or Confuci…[View]
172489965/pol/, let's learn Arabic and Hebrew.: So that we can understand our enemies and study their 'h…[View]
172493274Out of all things in lifed that have jewed me, having my baby dick tossed into a jew wood chipper no…[View]
172493327Press S to spit[View]
172485131The Assassination of General Patton: Of all conspiracies I know very little about this. Original sou…[View]
172493498https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKpEl9jJ4dA Have you guys accepted the red pill of civic nationalism…[View]
172490637Welcome to the future .... i mean present: Pussy rulezzz[View]
172489911US Fertility Rates Have Plummeted. Nobody Knows Why: HAHAHAHAHA >https://www.sciencealert.com/us-…[View]
172479709Political compass thread.[View]
172493272What is Pence's role?: So, there's clearly a lot of shit going on. What is Mike Pence…[View]
172487761DRUMPTARDS BTFO[View]
172478636What if one head wins presidency can the other head hear all the state secrets too?[View]
172489619Behold! A Pale Horse: What does /pol/ think of this book? What are your thoughts on Bill Cooper?…[View]
172489086ITT: subtle redpills in bluepilled media[View]
172485544I’ve been all over the world and the only place I’ve found people that don’t speak English is in the…[View]
172482908SHILL HATE THREAD -- KYS SHILLS: You dumb fucking pricks have no fucking idea what you're doing…[View]
172492188>went to Jew York City >go see the Empire State Building >niggers, dune coons, and streetsh…[View]
172488384/ptg/ President Trump General - Constitutional Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
172490414>wake up >open /pol/ >no school shooting today what the fuck? what did you amerilards even …[View]
172489817Gun Control: Why democrats and similar whine about guns? As far as I know changing gun laws and amen…[View]
172489897John James, Hellfire Missile. Make Michigan Great Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue…[View]
172490491>son dies >cuck him[View]
172492290Anyone else here /jewishsupremacist/? >Whites claim to be the greatest race >Actively getting …[View]
172484493American Patriotism Thread: I'm tired of all the negativity on this board. Americans should be …[View]
17249010450 year old mother vs harpy feminist on Swedish FGM Airport Checks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
172490577His autistic fans think he's some brilliant thinker. He's just espousing old terrible idea…[View]
172479756350 Page graphic novel on concent written by the Navy: Murican tax dollars well spent http://www.nav…[View]
172491284Insanity defense: >The shooter was mentally ill, he shouldn't have been able to buy a gun …[View]
172488496Why are whities destroying America, /pol/?[View]
172488940Mediterraneans are superior than anyone else period.: Feels bad, Doesn't it? Savage barbarians.…[View]
172490028Huh...so this the power of the alt-right leader...[View]
172490382>refugees not welcome!, white girls dont fuck me because jews brainwashed them!, i have to protec…[View]
172452068NAZIS BTFO[View]
172473160Based Devin Nunes. Salute him /pol/: He's a main force behind everything that is going down. Tr…[View]
172487363Does /pol/ consider Mainland Southeast Asians to be honorary?[View]
172477087I'm thinking about joining the police. Are there any policeanons on here? >What does traini…[View]
172483001>Why are loser virgins turning to violence? >There have now been numerous violent rampages car…[View]
172491598If the government van ban CP why can't they ban trap porn? 100s of men are corrupted by this EV…[View]
172488436Pan-European Reich: Pan-European Reich[View]
172490866Why do Goldman and Bloomberg pay the least?[View]
172491522How to fix the West >White sharia policies to eliminate degeneracy and reverse jewish brainwashin…[View]
172460203Anyone else become a complete shut-in after becoming redpilled?: It's really strange, I used to…[View]
172476171New Reuters poll: Republicans jump to commanding lead I generic ballot: At this point dems are going…[View]
172491391AP Story on Arab bribes and shit: Here's what was written about Kushner: >Broidy met Trump o…[View]
172478350Diversity hammer: So what’s /pol/ opinion on the new child friendly leftist pandering warhammer. …[View]
172491366dumb people/pyramid schemes: Have you ever been involved with or petitioned for multi level marketin…[View]
172490126The Pedophile Smurk: So this dude in my area just got booked for having a “runaway” 16 y/o sex slave…[View]
172479114Can I get an unbiased explanation on communism? I really don't get this ideology[View]
172491065>he actually is into (((blow jobs))) >he has sex the same way gay men do >he takes part a s…[View]
172490527Imagine joining the military in 2018[View]
172490882Here's a page out of a pamphlet issued by Sweden's government, notice anything?[View]
172490880Based 14 year old girl says what adults are too afraid to say. Even after getting doxxed by screamin…[View]
172484725America needs to protect itself form Israel by whatever means necessary!: The future is bright, Lamb…[View]
172477293More Hollyweird Bullshit: >Max is a talking police dog (voiced by Ludacris) who is paired up with…[View]
172477120Propaganda: The Propaganda gets ever more subtle. 'Vio Family' is a newly launched spot on German Te…[View]
172483191Israelifags get in here: We've got a problem with globalist Jews. You know what I'm talkin…[View]
172490620Laura Ingrahm's homo really shredded the royal wedding: I laughed, wish I had a video for you.…[View]
172490622You can't be white and a robot/incel: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/201…[View]
172487549>be subhuman wh*Teoids >lose a tennis game to a team of superior BLACK atheletes >take a gr…[View]
172482440What's going on in South Africa?[View]
172459821Brit/pol/: Footie Lads Alliance Edition: It is time that we finally kick out hatred and show racism …[View]
172486700/ang/ - Anti Nazi General: We're all starting to hate nazis here. It's clear that they…[View]
172473270say it loud says it clearly !!!DEUS VULT!!![View]
172490391Look at that face. She's not dumb.[View]
172487281Autism block simulator: Come and participate in some political roleplay on /pol/andcraft, or buildfa…[View]
172490300>Everyone should have a seat at the table Except white people, Nazis, KKK, traditional Catholics,…[View]
172490011'Israel is our greatest ally'[View]
172489103Did the Jews who control the Royal Family punish Prince Harry for being too edgy?[View]
172487837When will this house be repainted? White is supremacist, and that's not a good thing.[View]
172482926What makes Jews so superior to whites? How can they btfo, outsmart, dominate etc them so easily?[View]
172483792Is feminism rooted in daddy issue?: Is feminism ultimately just women who are angry at their dads? E…[View]
172479385>Entire plot is about a Jap-German alliance fighting against the desires of the shadowy cabalisti…[View]
172489642The commonwealth: When anglos talk about getting the gang back together are they serious? or larping…[View]
172489644Swedish 'military': Sweden is distributing leaflets to every household to warn its citizens of what …[View]
172486719Why are most SJW's happy, extroverted, sociable, employed, financially successful, etc. while m…[View]
172488312Antifa chimping, cops do zero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MLwyOjD-1Y[View]
172460069Why prostitution should stay illegal: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi3FPJgnj5u/?hl=en This is why.…[View]
172483963Will we ever get a based pope again?: I mean, we've got pope Obama, so why not a pope Trump?…[View]
172476219Sweden..... hapn: All Swedes just received a 20 page pamphlet about 'war and crisis' 'If Sweden gets…[View]
172488265Is he still alive?: What's he talking about lately?[View]
172488501Why are people allowed to bring their non-support pet dogs into grocery stores? Been seeing this a l…[View]
172489405Is he still alive?[View]
172450609CHINA NOOOOOOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/kMsE235VXGY[View]
172483704Reminder: White low IQ Republicans are responsible for electing two of the dumbest most embarrassing…[View]
172488850#whileblack trending on twitter obviously because it’s being pushed by twitter & other assholes.…[View]
172457501Trump is 'Like a Velociraptor': Fire up the meme machine. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/9986707…[View]
172488300Thoughts that will get me assasinated: Hillary Clinton needs to be taken out Evaporate California …[View]
172489087>Stop differing from the mainstream politically, goy. You don't want people to think you…[View]
172440899America with guns: America has a real gun problem. >And the amount of people I have seen say.. '…[View]
172464346How to read the bible: Can anyone here recommend video's, podcasts and/or websites that could h…[View]
172486933>15 years from now kids will be remembering the elsagate/spiderman surgery videos as 'childhood n…[View]
172480708Is it just me or are the shills in overdrive on /pol/ recently? The whole front page is leftist shil…[View]
172479751Public Schools in the US: Sorry for the low effort thread - about a year ago someone posted here a v…[View]
172484111We low-key destroyed the West: We Americans essentially spent the first half of the 20th century des…[View]
172487630Ama sociopath: I got diagnosed by dr Goldberg that I'm a sociopath ask me anything[View]
172484737[Trump floats in to Guantanamo Bay from Florida via Lockheed TR3-B Electrogravitic Arial Vehicle in …[View]
172484721Christian Redpill Thread: Chuck Missler edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBf8RfaE4SA…[View]
172488677Epic gibs rant live: Meghan Markle ain't enough I want my gibs! (rewind vid she may not be on t…[View]
172470340Do People Take Him Seriously?: Seems like a jackass only interested in peddling supplements to me…[View]
172487078CNN 'out there in the middle of it all' https://hooktube.com/watch?v=S32IQdXOXSc .59[View]
172482826Thoughts on this man? Thinking about getting one of his books. Is it worth it or does he just speak …[View]
172487607Just because marxism is bad doesn't mean capitalism is good.[View]
172488220Trump cucked on the wall: I guess this is some kind of fucking joke. 2+ billion for the border wall …[View]
172488464Carter Page is the Plant: If he isnt he is the absolute state of nervous. This interview with Ingrha…[View]
172466707Why can't /pol/ grow out its cringey e-celeb worship phase?[View]
172485367'Women are more agreeable and tend to bargain from a position of weakness.': We never hated Hilary. …[View]
172471774Explain this holocaust deniers: https://www.reddit.com/r/history/comments/1znfrd/fake_photographs_th…[View]
172486920Why do Latinos attack blacks? Aren't they supposed to team up against whitey?: https://www.yout…[View]
172485144/ptg/ President Trump General - Quick Bake Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
172484232Cultural Appropriation IS Cultural Appreciation.[View]
172466196Based PJW roasting incels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NOPQw1FXLY[View]
172488199What would a second American revolution look like? What would a modern day Declaration of Independen…[View]
172487996Why dont you own at least 5 firearms?[View]
172485046Show Dogs Movie: In case you needed more proof of Hollywood degeneracy. The plot of this movie is th…[View]
172486827Faith Goldy assault: Here's some photos captured of the commie who assaulted Faith Goldy at the…[View]
172488045/lrd/ Libertarian Robot Dictatorship General: Don't call yourself a libertarian if you don…[View]
172473098Battlefield V: /pol/ approved?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hHMJ6Fn_jXM >German Fallschirmjager…[View]
172483292Do Brits actually like BBC?[View]
172486071redpill me on oil spills[View]
172487885I need some external input concerning immigrating. I've seen a couple countries in my lifetime,…[View]
172487886What would happen if the SEC announced tomorrow that The United States (corporate entity) was acquir…[View]
172487373Gorgar Peterson: Gorgar Peterson Appears[View]
172487336Do Poindexters make up for their lack of sex and attention by obsessing about violent ideologies?[View]
172472715Forget all the jews, far left/right and the Niggers. We really need to stop this Kpop meme infecting…[View]
172452546/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
172487624Gubernatorial candidate has own deportation bus: Seriously guys what are you doing to ensure Western…[View]
172479395So bongs, you letting them in?[View]
172475232>where were you the day 4Chan and Reddit teamed up to take down Tumblr[View]
172485287My normie friend needs help: My best friend is extremely neutral and very unbiased about many politi…[View]
172487422Sheer Ironic Genius: 'Hol hol up, didyou just sing that song the way I wrote it?!? Bitch, did y…[View]
172455935Smuggie Thread: My smuggie folder got suicided during recent system update, please help me fill new …[View]
1724870703 time undisputed cod war champions. Jealous britbois?[View]
172471484Democrats add drain-the-swamp proposals to campaign agenda: https://apnews.com/c5a8b469f1ac40afb2791…[View]
172481196What went so wrong with Russia?[View]
172485210It’s Over!: >predict the future of America[View]
172487313ITT: Reasons why America is the best!: IMHO, the Bill of Rights tops the list: Right to Free Speech,…[View]
172465293Which is better, catholic or the protestant church? And why?[View]
172472711Almost 3 years an no wall: I am Mexican and we haven't paid any single cent for the wall. No ob…[View]
172480727Did you sign the petition? https://www.change.org/p/netflix-cast-polish-actors-for-netflix-the-witch…[View]
172455932Catholics of /pol/: How do you feel about the Pope reversing 2,000 years of Catholic dogma with his …[View]
172478743Police: Homeless man and woman had sex at Suffolk bus stop: > A homeless man and woman were caugh…[View]
172478955what's going on here?[View]
172482482Why are white supremacists always the ones being btfo at these rallies? Aren't you tough alpha …[View]
172486385Mexican Elections: Okay, AMLO apologists. Explain to me why the fuck Katu, Taibo, Tatiana,, Sheinbau…[View]
172482317Fuck this place: Why is this place full of nothing but nigger dicks? Fuck this place, every bait thr…[View]
172486304Say it Ain't So!: I've been a long time Trump supporter but I have to admit, this is the l…[View]
172481363What does /pol/ think about John Keynes: What do you think?[View]
172483403Time-Delayed Triggering: Hey guys, just trolling around and I have heard tales of 4chan, although I…[View]
172475740Tucker is about to give Eric Stalwell the floor: >Tucker offered Stalwell 30 minutes if he has a …[View]
172486286Why does ISIS calm down during school shootings? It seems like they never attack at the same time[View]
172473307- Sweden - as usual -: Sweden --- cucked, and now, chipped. Place is now utterly fucked. Don't …[View]
172484821WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT PETER NAVARRO?: DIG DIG DIG what connections do we know? KEEP DIGGING also dig…[View]
172485878Down with degenerate democracy! Up with progressive royalty!: Royalty can be educated at the best sc…[View]
172481866Patrick Little General /PLG/ - GETTING STRONGER Edition: Top Story >Live Stream with JF //Power l…[View]
172481482NYT SUPPORTS BORDERS NOW!!!: Its nice to see this sudden change of heart.[View]
172481823Says so much about America that I legit thought street level criminals owning AK-47 assault rifles w…[View]
172445410Irish Shoppers Removing Israeli Products.: https://twitter.com/Tkwondo_T/status/998498208983732224…[View]
172484411White males have created almost everything of value in modern society. White males are the most hate…[View]
172485075Sience proves God: Just look at those comments! It's all true! https://disqus.com/by/disqus_3VG…[View]
172482110Is she our girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9avJlNdTe0[View]
172485391Getting into combat sports and am thinking of competing. The cte phenomenon has gained more traction…[View]
172475145Hope for a White Future: What is a memory that /pol/ reflects upon to overcome waves of nihilism and…[View]
172484636Lmao there are people on here RIGHT NOW that are fat neckbeard fucks who converted from a sensible a…[View]
172485546The Super power of China 2020: Red China super power status is rising with the creation of a new air…[View]
172484741This isn't a slide thread. Any Jerusalem fags want to go move this shitty holy ladder? Or start…[View]
172483349HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: LETS GO ANOTHER ONE STU http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/channel/323-li…[View]
172482285Imagine searching so hard for victimhood that you literally claim victimhood for not being a victim.…[View]
172477320PRETEND WE'RE GOING TO SHOOT YOU!: Houston Police Heard Ordering Woman's Hands Up: 'P…[View]
172484479wage gap: If you don't have to show any evidence of being trans, and you can claim to be a fema…[View]
1724843223 muslims destroyed by a russian chad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjSdhMsH2IQ[View]
172475417You lazy lazy lazy fucking niggers: https://twitter.com/JimCarrey/status/997663264136888321 You godd…[View]
172483004women hate thread: anons we need to denigrate all women yes even the 'innocent ones' this has to …[View]
172481312Are Pansexuals the new Pedophilia: If Pansexuals and Bisexuals are different what else is there to b…[View]
172480386WHO IS THE PERSON YO HATE THE MOST.: I will start[View]
172479524The state of this board right now[View]
172477575OMG...Stefan Molyneux fought for Germany in World War Two?!?!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HVrVkWe…[View]
172483354Break free from Google: Is there any way to stop using all Google products and still go online?! I f…[View]
172479625WE’RE TAKING BACK THE BOARD!: Where are the shills at?[View]
172484012Let's have a /pol/ history thread: Let's go back into archives and see what classic /pol/ …[View]
172460117a warning: Hi pol... I don't know where to begin.. About a year ago, I was retained by a very w…[View]
172484541So, /Pol/, agree or disagree? South Africa will never be as great as it was during Aparthied[View]
172471198is /pol/ still anti capitalist or that changed too with trumptards?[View]
172478842is he right lads?: 'No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his ba…[View]
172481268It's time to use the Benedict option. The west is lost. The few remaining traditionalists must …[View]
172484370Us southrons need to deal with the carpetbagger problem: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/qvnbqm/…[View]
172472275Boycot (((them))): https://www.buycott.com/campaign/782/long-live-palestine-boycott-israel I don…[View]
172484325/: JQ - https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ Religion, Magick, Occult - https://meg…[View]
172484230Yeahhh, why cant hav sum meme?: All your racist or redpilled lotr memes are now mine, faggots. Orcs …[View]
172481717Hypocrite Trump is actually using an unsecured phone: https://shareblue.com/trump-unsecured-phone-hi…[View]
172474143It's working guys: Starbucks employees, customers express concern over new policy: 'I can…[View]
172468662Russia is a third world country. pro tip can't prove me wrong[View]
172480050Sargoy of Akkad is clearly a quadroon. How is that even up for debate???: Theres no way Sargon is a …[View]
172483087Do you think mass shooters should have a chance to leave prison society made them the way they are t…[View]
172481105'Nueva Germania': What happened /pol/? Nueva Germania was an attempted German Ethnostate colony in P…[View]
172457015Hello I am here to discuss The Illuminati: Hello I am here to discuss The Illuminati Las Vegas Madel…[View]
172473562She deserved it.[View]
172479380church controlling politics: >take money from Vatican >say 'minority is in danger' >tell ch…[View]
172467878The true Gnostic Gospels of Thomas, John, Judas and Mary: You know how when libshills deny and defle…[View]
172483144What was Israel like during the early 00s? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Palestinian_suicid…[View]
172481099Amazing Book: The truth behind the Zooropean colonization and exploration of Africa http://abahlali.…[View]
172483033BBC Teach: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KN50fal7f45fx2DqG7ttg/videos Can we see how many disli…[View]
172481498Why are Americans so ______? >12 rubles have been deposited into my account…[View]
172476316can we get kanye to tweet this vid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKpEl9jJ4dA[View]
172456212Besides reproduction, how is being sexually active important to modern society?[View]
172479072https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIbkUbdpBMs peeps are sheeps[View]
172447775Muricans, how do you feel about the growth of spanish language in your country?[View]
172476981POWER: A US POLITICS SIM: Hello /pol/, Power is a online US politics game similar to BLOC (same deve…[View]
172475609NatSoc Economics: I have a legit question on National Socialism. I've been recently taken a lik…[View]
172482633'Palestinians' are subhuman insects worthy only of extermination discuss[View]
172482551Does anybody have a the comic about a bernie bro getting radicalized into a suicide bomber? and poli…[View]
172476998Where does this meme come from? I use salt and pepper as my only seasonings for high quality meat si…[View]
172482532Based Farfour Thread: ITT: We discuss the 'Tomorrow's Pioneer' show and how Farfour is /ourguy/…[View]
172482391Why do white nationalists always end up looking like this? And why are they always sperging out and …[View]
172473416Your parents can support you: >be me >36 >Married >no job, husband has no job either I g…[View]
172478374>the nigress will divorce harry at some point in the future >he will be forced to pay alimony …[View]
172456086What does /pol/ think of these 4 men?[View]
172482036>Ukrainian fighting for their language and culture >Study Ukr web >Ukrainian youtubers …[View]
172469152>tfw you learn your father's great grandfather was a native Wtf why does it have to be like …[View]
172481889'In wonderful savageness live the nation of the Fenni, and in beastly poverty, destitute of arms, of…[View]
172472913Accidental redpilling: Have you ever been ACCIDENTALLY or unintentionally redpilled, /pol/? For exam…[View]
172481460The Baroque period was the cultural peak of European civilization. People on here generally believe …[View]
172475710Gun violence/School shootings: Why do you think so many schools are getting shot up in America?…[View]
172479685OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife,…[View]
172447229Patrick Little General /PLG/ - Bad Goy: |Top Story >Live Stream with JF //Power level 10// https:…[View]
172481568Is Frame Game Radio... dare i say it: /OurJew/? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZg5svdZRLXYS9fqO6L…[View]
172481562New Psyop: Pic related is a kike modern art beneath the Eiffel tower promoting mix racing (black man…[View]
172480271black lives matter was an inside job: black lives matter was an inside job by the kikes so we can…[View]
172454314REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Tell me right fucking now why you are not revolting.[View]
172477747>My school has a GSA, or Gay-Straight-Alliance >Nothing to do with actual homos. Just a bunch …[View]
172477745Why are Americans such disgusting pigs?[View]
172478618Reviving the fight: >continuation of the RacismWatchDog thread Anons it is time to take the fight…[View]
172474822Most important fact about incels and refugees: >There’s a close relationship between surging popu…[View]
172481059Why do you care about what happens 50 years from now? Best case scenario, a Mexican will be wiping y…[View]
172471297Do you think the Queen will accept Meg?: At last: The UK's Obama. I can't wait for it to …[View]
172451611Damn it, is Airbus right? Is the F-35 the wrong jet for the Luftwaffe?: Germany needs jets for vario…[View]
172474938Well, I think they have the capabilities to talk about important topics.[View]
172480531What were you doing when europe came to a halt?: >https://youtu.be/e-TMtRh8AIs…[View]
172479875>be american >get scared of backpack in the street >attack anyone who isn't scared of …[View]
172480723Fierce, wild, beautiful Abbos: Just watched Netflix's smash hit CARGO and it really opened my e…[View]
172467706Why aren't these dogs banned and why isn't this a political issue?[View]
172480612>100K people like this How is this racist? Are they really saying that a hat that says “Make Ame…[View]
172464201Obama or McCain: Knowing what you know now, who would you vote for?[View]
172468526Does anyone feel sorry for this guy? And of so.... why?[View]
172476360>He doesn't know the difference between a Baron and an Earl?[View]
172478534Bernie Sanders Popularity: How does he do it? Why is he so popular? How do you emulate this on the r…[View]
172477363Remember the yik yak redpilling crusades we went on a few years ago? There's a small community …[View]
172477011Why do Jews hate white Christians so much?: Surprisingly, Jews even rate Muslims much higher than wh…[View]
172479132do you think the one is out there /pol/ ? the savor of the white race and are true leader[View]
172479873Black metal dood.[View]
172479067What are American values regarding homelessness, uselessness, and deadbeatery?: /pol/ often hates on…[View]
172478650Local Faggotry - Democratic Socialist of America: I'm guessing these assholes have a chapter al…[View]
172477349Why is normie culture so shit? 4chan is the only place that can make me laugh anymore.[View]
172437337The perfect Europe map: Literally flawless, you can't prove me wrong[View]
172477299>tfw no gf[View]
172474920what do you think is wrong with sharia as a traditionalist ?[View]
172479205Hey /pol/ What do you think about this symbol? Is this nazi? Discuss.[View]
172479432Thoughts on this state? Been there once but want to know a genuine input.[View]
172479107alright /pol/ i got an idea and it's genius so we see stupid shit from the political left such …[View]
172478165I just met this gorgeous woman through the internet, the girl of my dreams, she's a Nazi and ev…[View]
172473581lol XDDDD isn't murdering your baby so quirky and random[View]
172474026KOREA METTING WON'T HAPPEN: He even made a dumbshit coin for it,.[View]
172477694so are you telling me these 'ladies' aren't males? has the WTA ever conducted a sex test on the…[View]
172473255Is he, dare I say it, /ourboomer/?: Is he, dare I say it, /ourboomer/? https://twitter.com/RealJames…[View]
172468626>the feels when missed out on teen pussy and now your only option are roasties it's not fai…[View]
172474017Maduro re-elected president of Venezuela: Are their elections rigged, or are they just that low IQ? …[View]
172478056redefining what 'gifted' means to let more niggers and spics in to advanced classes at school. >…[View]
172476284REBELLION: Alright boys, we have taken enough shit from normies and racism watchdog is where we draw…[View]
172476052What do you think of this guy's genealogy: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/17521310/…[View]
172474967Are dogs just more well behaved than filthy men?[View]
172478771help me build the flag[View]
172442808Polynesian Refugees #HawaiiRefugeesWelcome: Is /pol/ ready to accept the poor Hawaii refugees displa…[View]
172478787Where are the Santa Fe school shooting survivors pimping gun control? Why was this strange phenomeno…[View]
172450798was charlemagne ou guy?: whats the consensus on him and the HRE here?[View]
172466356What would you do if you woke up tomorrow as someone from a different race?[View]
172478470que 'BU...BUT MUH THINK OF THE ANIMULS!'[View]
172476388Despite him being a (supposed) furry, this is what the left will do to us until we stand up for ours…[View]
172478356why cant incels admit they are aiming WAY too high why do these losers feel they should be able to f…[View]
172446586Describe /pol/ in one picture[View]
172477552Why is a taiwanese coloring booking forum the only place for educated white people to gather without…[View]
172475994Niggers: When /pol/ is going to learn that the problem is not niggers but the socialism that is ingr…[View]
172469839Why do people hate unions so much?[View]
172474182what if the government acted like an insurance company and bargained the lowest prices with hospital…[View]
172478338this guy: https://twitter.com/DerekSheen/status/998598181838508033[View]
172440326Shooting is currently ongoing in Marseille: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/963079/france-news-…[View]
172472621Bolompf jail prediction thread: Hello fellow pedes! As we now know, Shalompf is on the brink of doi…[View]
172476463Gore Thread: before the mods take this down and I get banned, post some of your finest gore. I’m beg…[View]
172471389Bill Nye: Taxing Cow Farts a ‘Fantastic Thing for the World: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/…[View]
172472543TELL ME ABOUT THE JEWS: I'm trying to make a list of Jewish plots and social engineering scheme…[View]
172472981Has there ever been a more Israeli friendly US president?[View]
172477339/pol/ humour thread: Hey lads, been a hard day, could sure use some of those funnies...[View]
172473661are there any benefits to marriage now a days? whats the point with the high divorce and suicide rat…[View]
172476898THIS is pussy worth shooting up the school for?[View]
172443762Eternal Anglo: Will Lizzie use the same method two times in a row?[View]
172477709OH NO NO NO NO[View]
172471683How do we spark a race based civil war in America?[View]
172477924Is she ever going to die or abdicate. Poor Charles.[View]
172476300Scientific Study.: Hey /pol/ science fag here, decided to do a study on how many women are watching …[View]
172432293How much does groceries cost for yourself: Bought all this for $32.00 All veggies are organic as wel…[View]
172471929Red pill me on the Catholic faith.[View]
172475672Swedish War Pamphlets: >The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s househ…[View]
172477229What did she mean by this?: .[View]
172474978Women Do Not Owe You Sex: Grow up![View]
172477533Is the PoundMeToo hysteria subsiding at last?[View]
172474111Eternal Anglo thread.: I can honestly say, with good heart, intention and conviction, that of all th…[View]
172477486Heart Of Darkness: Dhe puppet-royals' red-headed stepchild doesn/t represent dhe English People…[View]
172477475BEHOLD: THE 0% FACE COULD FALLOUT TRULY BE /OURGAME/? OF COURSE “The Master is the creator and leade…[View]
172468587What's the best place to live in America?: Let's settle this once and for all. The categor…[View]
172464742Is being a bouncer the ultimate redpill?[View]
172477258The secret of Basque racial purity: The Basques are the only group in the Iberian peninsula, which k…[View]
172475006Have (((They))) Already Won?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=309s&v=ZHZPLvbhLh8 Adam Green of Kno…[View]
172464684IT'S OVER: The Mueller probe is over.[View]
172454425KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL - /kvg/ KILLDOZER edition: Get ready for the Hulacost. Your tree is no more.…[View]
172472431Why do white men rape?[View]
172475534What's with the influx of roasties on this board ever since the Texas shooting?[View]
172476599Victims should thank their abusers: Those who lionize victimhood should be forever grateful to their…[View]
172474272Why are smart, compassionate people often ugly?[View]
172476740Still from passion of the christ sequel revealed: How badly will Mel name the jew this time?[View]
172476899I HEREBY DEMAND: The nerve of this orange nigga.[View]
172455160This makes me erect.: Looks like they're tightening the nooses boys.[View]
172476856'Then the clown’s face changed. And what little George Denbrough saw next was terrible enough to mak…[View]
172452386Is the white race actually shrinking?: Most of my friends (30y/o) have a minimum of 2 children alrea…[View]
172474324Trump: SO Ive heard that trump isn't responsible for Korean Peace, but is not getting the blame…[View]
172476299Hitler understood what needed to be done about incels: Incels are mentally ill, if not gassed they s…[View]
172476615Dox This Dumb Cunt[View]
172461642RABAT PROCESS GENERAL: /RPG/ RABAT PROCESS GENERAL Thread for discussion of the Rabat Process https:…[View]
172471443Black pilled: I think I just took the biggest black pill. I think all these little /pol/ comments h…[View]
172472349What happened?[View]
172474520How could you vote for this white trash racist prick? He openly criticizes the nation of Israel and …[View]
172474264I'm just going to put this here, you guys can have fun and go ape shit with it[View]
172475881West Memphis Three: Hollywood Child Killers Edition: Who are the West Memphis Three? >On May 5, 1…[View]
172473023The (((Pharisees))).: Daily reminder that modern Jews are literally the (((Pharisees))) who collabor…[View]
172472205Stop wearing trenchcoats: Based boomer Hugh Hewitt: >Hewitt noted that while it's unclear wh…[View]
172459674Smoking: Redpill me on smoking /pol/ Why is it so discouraged in the Jewish run media?[View]
172473181What exactly is so bad about communism ?[View]
172471430https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxtVorLYnds Why can't black people debate properly?[View]
172476096Do you remember this?: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/05/nuclear-watchdog-chief-inspector-tero-…[View]
172465413I need emergency bluepills.: I've been redpilled for two years. It started when Trump got elect…[View]
172475986north korea war NOW: WE WANT WAR NOW thehill.com/homenews/administration/388709-pence-north-korea-ta…[View]
172470694>that face you make when the majority of the country hates your guts and you're the laughing…[View]
172472788Cardinal Robert Sarah: Dear Catholics of pol This man is mostly your next Pope, and he will be the m…[View]
172471823>White birthrates are below REPLACEMENT level >'HURR WHY WE MINORITY NOW, WHY THEY BRINGING IN…[View]
172473044why are russians so mad all the time?[View]
172470714Why don't you care about the environment, /pol/?[View]
172473718So this is considered white in the US?[View]
172472664WELCOME TO PAYZA.COM! Washington DC Indictment Happening From March That I Missed!: >Payza.com in…[View]
172471319Why do schools lie to you about the real world? Jobs aren't just handed out on a silver platter…[View]
172474306Why would anyone vote Democrat after 2008-2018, especially the 2016 election?[View]
172471844Why did miscegenation occur to a greater extent in Latin America than in the United States/Canada.[View]
172451363'Racism WatchDog': This is the buggiest account I've ever seen. It recently blew up and now it …[View]
172473956'Le Alt-Right' meme got boring months ago. Why not join the jihad? Radically Right Wing Hates Faggot…[View]
172474827STAR WARS EPISODE II (REMAKE): RUSSIAN COLLUSION VERSION: In a galaxy far, far away... The Republic …[View]
172474850Is there ANYTHING Trump doesn't do bigger and better than Hillary? I think not. http://archive.…[View]
172448554/pol/ humor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A08qf6QQIpU[View]
172474140PJW: He roasted your asses! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NOPQw1FXLY[View]
172474771https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxB6B8z_2HU Meanwhile, in Kenya[View]
172454758Why are Jews so critical of Islam: Islam is a fucked up faith but it's not Muslims that have be…[View]
172474700Patrick Little /ourguy/: Are you voting for Pat Little anon? He calls the Jew out and discredits the…[View]
172471965When did the jewish supermacy begin? Are the catholics to blame for it or has it always been?[View]
172460676White supremacist Zeiger finally doxxed and exposed: So a notorious white supremacist, stormfag, and…[View]
172462965Degeneration of the English Language: Hey lads, I would like to discuss why our use of language has …[View]
172474085GERMANY YES https://webmshare.com/9VXdv[View]
172473889Hypocrite: Since Sandy Hook, 138 people have died in school shootings. Yet, every year, 4300 teenage…[View]
172469275They're not even trying anymore: I'm streaming DP2... I wasn't gonna watch, but slow …[View]
172458309Why is Latin America so terrible?[View]
172473654Most popular votes: I havnt seen this information presented, so I thought I would share it here. Th…[View]
172471518Hitler was a fucking retard[View]
172470876What do you think of Sephardi Jews?: >Sexy olive skin >Not evil like the Ashkenazim >Hated …[View]
172473868/mu/ gets btfo: And it is glorious >>>/mu/80236333 It is now not racist to refuse to hire b…[View]
172470695Is there hope that black people might finally assimilate?: I dont think Candace's past matters …[View]
172470525Never forget[View]
172469630What could go wrong? https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/05/germany-will-now-train-asylum-seekers-to-beco…[View]
172467762/sp/ ChaseB owl Part 2: Electric Stugaloo: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/channel/323-live/…[View]
172448074How do we fix the fatty problem?[View]
172464504In light of recent events and tweets, let's take a stroll down memory lane. Does anyone else re…[View]
172473447Is florida one of the lesser cucked states in America?: Imagine if Sweden has an evil twin lesbian s…[View]
172446795The Answer to the Jewish Question: Is Christianity.[View]
172473025Are there any race realist that don't think hispanic is a race? So no Stefan or Taylor or AltHy…[View]
172468549>pediatric endocrinology BAN CHILD ABUSE[View]
172472216The left is complaining that the Santa Fe kids aren’t supporting their narrative >The scene in S…[View]
172472889Oi Vey we gave you everything goyim[View]
172472973Why can't this fucking city just become its own nation already? Is it really that valuable to t…[View]
172471575Heroes get remembered but legends never die: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5750289/Texas-s…[View]
172469100Why is there never a mass shooting at a synagogue?: What is wrong with these 'white supremacists' wh…[View]
172472412>We would prefer that you are anything but a white male How does the left not see this kind of th…[View]
172470175The women vote.: Is Caitlyn Jenner a good way to get more women red pilled and voting conservative? …[View]
172470918REDPILL thread. Liberals, enter if you dare.: Drop your red pills and explanation if necessary. No e…[View]
172472430PATROL DAY: Can we make incels to organize around the world and erase thots? and be capable of fight…[View]
172468421How do you do, fellow Englishman? I think we should force Northern Ireland into union with the South…[View]
172463454AUSTRALIA YES! >Hand grenade attack on Melbourne's Tiba clan signals escalation of gang war,…[View]
172468785Somewhere there is a father working long hours to support his daughter so she can go out in public w…[View]
172472000Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes: “Although Sweden is sa…[View]
172471787Things you'll never see again in America[View]
172466648Can America be saved?[View]
172472045what is he on about for fucks sake[View]
172446333Italy Noooooo!!!!!!: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/05/21/new-italian-government-eurosceptic-a…[View]
172468166/SDG/ Social Democracy General - Red Roses Edition: >What is Social Democracy? Social democracy i…[View]
172448118Éire/pol/ - lynch repealers edition: Headlines │ Ceannlínte: >Body found in search for Jastine Va…[View]
172471111I don’t want to live on this planet anymore: Can the left be stopped lads? http://www.dailymail.co.u…[View]
172469443>Those who refused to work, study or serve in another way risked being criminally charged with so…[View]
172466330Boomer Hate Thread: Boomers >pay for college with a summer job >get mid level management posit…[View]
172464260The future of the proud white murkan men: Is to be cucked by blacks, castizos and mestizos. And have…[View]
172450428HOW CAN YOU STILL BE RACIST WHEN THIS HAPPENS: Explain yourselves right fucking now[View]
172471290B-but Orban is a gypsy!: http://hungarianfreepress.com/2018/05/21/growing-segregation-of-roma-childr…[View]
172464423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEuCa01iKZg if modern women can openly virgin shame men, then it is …[View]
172467370>[1:16] God made the two great lights - the >greater light to rule the day and the lesser >…[View]
172471214>He doesn't lift What's your excuse LITTLE man? >Inb4 fat fucks 'muh I stay buff fro…[View]
172469436Why are redneck hillbilly trailer trash always in landscaping? Every goddamn hick in the whole South…[View]
172473235Beautiful White Women: White Women are worth the fight. Don’t give up on them.[View]
172467789MS13 Retaliating for 'Animals' Comment?: Female Cop Assassinated in Baltimore amid Fear of Suspiciou…[View]
172455631Warhammer 40Kids: (Cont.)[View]
172469949Middle eastern women are some of the most classed disciplined and respectful women to their men they…[View]
172467843(((they're))) selling this trash to normies on Steam: This nigger trash propaganda is on Steam …[View]
172464449Support for Swedish anti-immigration party now as high as Social democrats.[View]
172469968uhmm.... guise? How is Donny getting cucked by the smallest peen on the planet? It's clear that…[View]
172467051When will /pol/ finally admit that nazbol is inevitable?[View]
172468709Is Cybersecurity a good field to work in?: I'm a junior in high school and I'm thinking ab…[View]
172471029https://ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-prettiest-flags-in-the-world get in here lads, it's 261…[View]
172468544I have a hard time grasping /pol/ anons. I seriously can't tell if this board is full of sexist…[View]
172463038hello frens, i summon jew: could you answer some questions? . . . in your messianic age, what exactl…[View]
172467896/bmg/ Blue Man General: Where is he now, /pol/?[View]
172469011Do intellectuals ever have big debates anymore? Are there any from the past year or two I missed? I …[View]
172469669>yfw you sold your country to the highest bidder[View]
172447295I don't get it,what's so wrong about premartial sex?[View]
172470567What happens to Euromixes?: Under your ethnostate, what would happen to someone who is a mix of diff…[View]
172466661Well she's not wrong....[View]
172442349Don't marry/propose to/get in a relationship with her if...: >She takes more than half a sec…[View]
172470662You are mentally retarded if you still believe in man made tales in 2018[View]
172470784I don't get it.: Do the majority of you actually need someone to tell you what to think? Is thi…[View]
172470914BASED YOUTUBE CALLING OUT RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA: Thank God Youtube has started telling me about fake ne…[View]
172465362Why won't the_donald leave?[View]
172459784Alpha redditors mock alt right suicide: What's up dweebs? #DirtbagLeftist here. Remember that D…[View]
172470263Leftist web traffic crashing: Can we glean anything from this? Why are they still sticking to the sa…[View]
172470029does /pol/ watch 'the five'?[View]
172469069Why did we ever let any of these deplorable people anywhere near the federal government, and what ca…[View]
172468690Porn is inherently bad and must be nuked.: We would be much more happy and capable without that shit…[View]
172430846The Fucking Pill: Let's discuss birth control I always get into arguments about birth control w…[View]
172470827Hapa Subreddit: If you are ever feeling depressed about women or other stuff in your life visit the …[View]
172465942EBOLA-CHAN is in danger: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/05/vaccination-method-that-wiped-out-s…[View]
172467868Why does America hate Qatar so much? The Emir is a man of peace.[View]
172470658Why did God want Trump to win?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZVPcKXxa-Q[View]
172467489A Wyatt Mann THREAD: Truly the greatest cartoonist of our times ...[View]
172465359It's up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NOPQw1FXLY[View]
172470642Serious Question: Hygiene versus Heredity: Dear Anon: Is smelly flange a DNA thing, or is it lack of…[View]
172462756How long do you guys think total war against Iran vs a US led coalition would go? I don't know …[View]
172470618Do you at least admit that Whites have been the most malevolent race in History ?[View]
172470593>Uses memes to make nationalism more appealing to normies >Works for a while, trump is literal…[View]
172470514Why is /pol/ so jealous of South Africa? https://twitter.com/Julius_S_Malema/status/6074646581995806…[View]
172467064What if I told you, that you only think you’ve left the rabbit hole?[View]
172447483Uh guys...[View]
172469852>Broke: Meme Ideologies >Woke: Meme Religions: Hey faggot Are you tired of Christians and Paga…[View]
172470098Brainlet conservatards: >I care about the white race >I support Trump and some members of the …[View]
172469577Is Beta Uprising finally happening?[View]
172451773/fascist music general/ - no classical allowed edition: ITT we post and discuss our favourite songs …[View]
172468007Second Civil War discussion: ITT we discuss the causes and probability of a Second American Civil Wa…[View]
172469978There are NOT ENOUGH CUNTS in cybrary ;;_;; And they have a survey and they want your answers /pol/ …[View]
172469553Lieu is right you know Trump's attacks are not the acts of an innocent man https://twitter.com/…[View]
172469672Gun Control is a womens rights issue: So, please, stop advocating for it without giving feminism cre…[View]
172469502Survey: Tappable?[View]
172469520Kurdistan is happening: just wanted to piss some turds and sand rats off my posting a Kurdish alpha …[View]
172469433'The best and most authentic reaction against feminism and against every other female aberration sho…[View]
172465351Why?: Why does /pol/ talk about “cucking” and black dick so much? Is it projection? Way to turn whit…[View]
172469026Jeez, what's wrong with american prison system? All those black inmates, are they all gay? http…[View]
172456528Are there any black people /pol/ genuinely like and respect?: We can acknowledge the inferiority of …[View]
172445203Why don't conservatives care that American children are being mass murdered almost weekly? You …[View]
172462524Why doesn't Italy use this flag anymore? Why does every European country use a generic shitty t…[View]
172466353Who killed JFK and why?[View]
17245682233-year-old teacher arrested for having sex with a student: Her wiki article has some more photos an…[View]
172466572Why has he been so blackpilled lately?[View]
172467404Why are leftists so obsessed with destroying Peterson while at the same time dismissing him as a sil…[View]
172443405IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER[View]
172467676terroist pepe thread.: Post rare right wing terrorist pepe's please.[View]
172454108Seasteading: >all the western governments and institutions are infiltrated by forces that hate Eu…[View]
172468538Possible Happening: Multiple reports of an explosion in La Plata, Argentina.[View]
172460699When did you realize we're living in the timeline where the goodguys always lose?[View]
172466675Why is Soros so much more successful than Trump?[View]
172458149you have exactly 20 seconds to explain why you dont live in Florida[View]
172459387Help your fellow white brothers: My /pol/ack brothers. I am so sick of the infighting among us here.…[View]
172468386Spirit Cooking Ritual - Based Kim Addition: Spirit Cooking Ritual Welcome[View]
172466130/pol/ humor thread.[View]
172441280Please tell me there really is a chance he's going to win the election.[View]
172465285Hilldawgs in the house tonight drumpf btfo[View]
172447399SCOTUS rules 5-4 that non-union workers can no longer form class action lawsuits: https://www.npr.or…[View]
172467518Fun fact: stormweenies overxaggerate JIDF presence. Stormfagots have a sub-community called Swarmfro…[View]
172460254Is Civilization the Problem?: Varg seems to think that even if we manage to install nationalist/fasc…[View]
172465011old fag here this is why is pol is nazi and nupol exists: we started back in news to spread ebyn mey…[View]
172459651What would it take for /pol/ to mobilise like antifa does? Get together, fuck shit up, yell obseniti…[View]
172467658Toxic Masculinity Is Killing Peope: Grow up![View]
172467682Did god make you gay /pol/?[View]
172468147Monarchy general: -How do we restore the executive power of monarchs? -Divine right, mandate of heav…[View]
172467950Liberals will defend this, just so they can blame guns[View]
172465061should we give cuba to african americans?[View]
172465042Is this normal in america?: >https://www.instagram.com/p/BicrcszlbyC/?hl=en >a nigger hit a hu…[View]
172456942>this is what /pol/ looks like YIKES[View]
172460808Useful idiots on the right aka 'Libertarians': https://dailyanarchist.com/2014/04/10/putins-libertar…[View]
172463163Someone link me a debate where this fast talking substanceless pseud loses a debate[View]
172467907Daily Reminder. https://youtu.be/h-9UvrLyj3k No matter how much you make fun of us you are still a d…[View]
172467851music for whites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX_9Go0Z8e4 that's an unbelievably good perfo…[View]
172454697Robot Overlords will grow your body part replacements on robotic plantations: Future Govts will be a…[View]
172454390Why did race relations deteriorate so drastically under his presidency?[View]
172467782https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?132007-Silvids-have-formed-in-Europe Excellent Nean…[View]
172463071This is exactly right. So what do we do about it? @2:54 https://youtu.be/6W29H_Rb6-A[View]
172433519ITS LITERALLY FUCKING HAPPENING: Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4…[View]
172461124Director Barack Obama: What the fuck?[View]
172467060When did you make the connection, /pol/?[View]
172467432Dahnald. It's over, Dahnald.[View]
172453508THE VIRGIN US: >Cowardly freemasons >First settlers got scurvy >Slaughtered the natives …[View]
172452017Why can’t the Left meme?[View]
172467470Thomas Friedman: Is it true that he's a /pol/ mod?[View]
172465197You white males just need to try harder https://www.marketwatch.com/story/that-google-engineer-isnt…[View]
172467349Give me one (1) reason why the AOC of 16 shouldn't be lowered.[View]
172467341Medicare for All and Family Leave promotes American families: Just a reminder that Medicare for All …[View]
172467300MSM whistleblowers.: Does anyone know why there's no whistleblowers in the MSM? Even anonymousl…[View]
172464269Post your favourite politician from your country.: Stefan Stambolov was a Bulgarian politician, jour…[View]
172465547Stoicism: I've taken an interest in this philosophy based on its description and 'tenets' and I…[View]
172458548BIN THAT KNIFE[View]
172461800white nationalists just sexually frustrated lost boys: http://thefederalist.com/2017/08/25/white-nat…[View]
172458020Patrick Little: Remember to vote for Patrick little, keep Feinstein the fuck out. (Personally deliv…[View]
172451955the over-representation of jews in the supreme court: 4 out of 9 justices in the supreme court are j…[View]
172466994What are some things you practice to improve your ascetism, work ethic and family values? Surely spe…[View]
172438066Why are Jews so successful in artistic endeavors? Something like 9/10 artists are Jews[View]
172457374Is it true that if you burn the coal you pay the toll?: >Ex-girlfriend, 47, is charged with murde…[View]
172454198Why do rednecks and republicans hate electric cars?[View]
172463218Warhammer 40k is base-: Now that your last lore culture has been taken over, what will you Nazis do …[View]
172440121Syria General /sg/ - Pepsi Generation Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.word…[View]
172445551Is this the best Evropa map?[View]
172466512ukrain war front: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4mRYoms6rM This is just a vid from the Ukrainian …[View]
172464292HELLENAAAS!!!: why is greece so based? https://www.kpvi.com/news/national_news/official-nationalist-…[View]
172465492PragerJU Video: Nothing like a simple round up of (((facts))) to please the confused goyim. A friend…[View]
172458804Powerful I can't believe it bongs, she showed such strength flying on that plane https://twitte…[View]
172466315Are yemenis just a bunch of niggers?[View]
172465844Stand your ground: Even though we all know this board is a pathetic excuse for people to unleash the…[View]
172460472>it's okay to be gay pathetic kafir scum[View]
172465519Who wants to raid those gay Tumblr feminists[View]
172452426‘Strongest sanctions in history’: Pompeo issues demands to Iran: Secretary Pompeo delivers a speech …[View]
172452559Rank these three groups in order of subhumanness: 1. Arm*nians 2. Gayreeks 3. Balkaniggers Three big…[View]
172453476Is he dareisayit... our guy?[View]
172464762What books should I read if I find all informal social experiences excruciating and unbearable? I…[View]
172462955Hey 4chan I know we don't always see eye to eye but after this latest shooting we can all agree…[View]
172466038https://youtu.be/6NOPQw1FXLY?t=210 The MAYNE STREEM MEATER destroys /pol/ thread related: >>17…[View]
172458424Q PREDICTED THiS: U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of trade war with just about everybody i…[View]
172461804Who is the greatest political mind alive today?: My vote is for pic related[View]
172463174/pol/ what is happening in schools these days? It seems like every other month some asshole blows pe…[View]
172427805Universal Basic Income / UBI: Universal basic income is a monthly flat rate payment that is paid to …[View]
172465819Venezuela's Maduro re-elected amid outcry over vote: >Venezuela’s leftist leader Nicolas Mad…[View]
172458494Jizzskins of /pol/, get the fuck in here and explain yourselves. You claim to be the 'master race' b…[View]
172454998The American Problem. Hypocrisy.: >Be American colonial scum. >Get increasingly butthurt you h…[View]
172463498New Gun Incident Small Town Texas: Guns yay or nay?[View]
172464454Impeachment: Why hasn't he been arrested yet. He's been a week away from being escorted o…[View]
172462414drop your antigay redpills[View]
172460550GET IN HERE NOW!!!!! OBAMA ATTEMPTS TO FLEE THE USA!!!: https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/arti…[View]
172464352spot the thing that upsets me[View]
172454275KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL, Nubile Art Edition: Are you ready for the Hulacost? DIRECTORY: AutistOP wil…[View]
172463048Starbucks caves to pressure: makes washrooms open to all: We did it, reddit! >TORONTO — Starbucks…[View]
172456180Jesus just how low can he sink?: https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/997255568782852096 you know w…[View]
172464000Protect your race[View]
172459426If you ever want to understand what's going on in normie Millennial culture, go to Reddit. This…[View]
172463092On this day, has England ever been weaker?[View]
172439713WTF IS GOING ON IN SWEDEN: Svens and Mohammeds whats going on in Sweden?? Why are you guys preparing…[View]
172452803Right to Bear Arms? Really Americans?: For those of you who think being armed is so important when S…[View]
172464612Who am i /pol/: Been in numerous relationships since highschool, currently quarter-life crisis age. …[View]
172464195What's going on?[View]
172450553What does britbongs think about her, and her family?[View]
172464881Hey Europistan is in dire need of more migrants plz send all blacks, jews, muslims, and hindus.[View]
172463733Why are none of you talking about this? It's probably the biggest news story since Trump was el…[View]
172461297Woah hold up.: I need to profit off of more children deaths.[View]
172458879Daily reminder that if you're white and you don't plan on having kids you're CONTRIBU…[View]
172454410>try reading evola >mfw[View]
172457338In this thread niggers are blamingt the decuation system for their nigglet failures what do you thin…[View]
172464320BEST 'We wuz khangz' 'Dindu nuffen' 'Nigz gunna nog' 'it jus a gun Y U scured' Stories, videos, joke…[View]
172464284Why do Scots get away with shit on here?: They vote for the SNP who are Sweden commie tier (they ass…[View]
172455277Talking to women about race stuff: Does it always turn out badly?[View]
172464109Is there a betting site that bets on how long they’re going to last? I want to make some money.[View]
172463792I've been out of the loop, can anyone fill me in on what I should be pissed about?[View]
172448054CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON: This question extends to the Jewish mods. It e…[View]
172463986Is Russia an sequel or an prequel to the soviet union[View]
172454854Why do Niggers thing that only Niggers can say Nigger? https://dailym.ai/2LjCpY7[View]
172459521Genuine opinion of Milkhail Gorbachev?[View]
172449751The left is trying to take down kikebook https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/21/moveon-left-leaning-groups-…[View]
172463688https://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2018/05/20/our-lives/black-people-dangerous-japan/ MOVE OVER …[View]
172451933House prices in Britain are too expensive This house in Leicester (2011: 45% White British) costs £1…[View]
172453764What exactly is the racepill?[View]
172456285White school shooters btfo: This really made me think.[View]
172461854Banned from LGBT bc a poster said 'while its true most babies are born from a heterosexu relationshi…[View]
172463173Have all GOOD organizations throughout history been infiltrated by evil?: >pic related is a snip …[View]
172455801>Catholics will defend this[View]
172462901A Storm's a-comin', baby.[View]
172456488Dr David Kelly was murdered by the British government for embarrassing Tony Blair (himself a puppet …[View]
172459226Hillary Clinton Here, AMA: Ask and I will respond.[View]
172390467ALERT: OPPORTUNITY! Crowder Is Doing A 'Change My Mind' on ISRAEL: Tuesday 5/22/2018 Stephan Jewseit…[View]
172447864/PLT/ Patrick Little Tactical - GOING TACTICAL TO COUNTER JEW-SUPREMACY Edition: Literal /ourguy/ is…[View]
172457376https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast >By 2010, according to data provided by th…[View]
172457256Trying to fill a gap in Western written record, also Western tradition general thread: I'm maki…[View]
172450726Does Free will exist?: Everything we do is essentially useless as our decisions are subject to the g…[View]
172462762Varg Vikernes: What's the deal with this guy?[View]
172460526Is beauty subjetive?: Is beauty subjetive or a social contruct /pol/. I mean, just look at /aco/ and…[View]
172458284why are all right wingers neocon globalists?[View]
172458197Satanist celebrity laughs about the fact that she uses foreskin cells from circumcised babies as fac…[View]
172456922Is anyone else starting to feel it again? I hadn't felt it in a while. Probably last time I fel…[View]
172451312>this is what you see when visiting the Swedish State Television's home site what the FUCK i…[View]
172462189the left is eating itself: theyre attacking the most (((progressiv))) show out there wtf?[View]
172462120I just read that the ISIS leader may still be alive, I need help to confirm this anyone in?[View]
172457877I didn’t realize this, but now I do. Bernie is based af. https://berniesanders.com/open-borders-a-gi…[View]
172462027ITALY NO!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/paulkrugman/status/998224277487972352[View]
172456804Are germanics even white?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrr-EdrXX14[View]
172461826My Aryan lads, Kikes are God’s chosen people. CHOSEN TO BRING IN THE KALI YUGA “At present, this wor…[View]
172461896Get around twitter censorship: So what bypasses zog's phone verification now? sideline, textnow…[View]
172449960How do we stop women from emasculating men?: >[View]
172461725is rodstein still [ourjuice][View]
172461702does anyone else use .newzimbabwe . com/ ? Is it a reputable news source I can trust? Zimbabwe curr…[View]
172459629Prince Harry had an orgy with a mystery man named “Skippy.”: Prince Harry had an orgy with a mystery…[View]
172461515>'Wait, wait, wait, no!': Kendrick Lamar interrupts and stops a white fan singing the N…[View]
172459742can these guys actually be a worthy opponent to the west?[View]
172459212Spanish kids on playground racially taunt/bully black kid in front of his mom.: https://www.youtube.…[View]
172458686Journalists literally confirmed mentally ill: Tim Pool just made a video with scientific studies pro…[View]
172427030Operation Bunker Buster - Irish Abortion Referendum.: >Plan of Action Expose Repeal campaign lies…[View]
172457375MS13 gore: Hey can y’all post some pics? Can’t find anything on google or bing. Wanna spam some idio…[View]
172458320US president = Nurgle: No matter who he/she is, they ensure the spread of disease and pestilence tha…[View]
172405608Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >niggers >spics >Jews >i…[View]
172460316Is Sargon right? Should we westerners be exporting people?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxADvzsR…[View]
172450442If I got fired from 109 jobs, who's fault would it be?[View]
172460082>1500's: kill thief, all cool >1800's: kill thief, all cool >2000's: kill th…[View]
172458663HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD #4 WTF IS GOING ON EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_FA3jU4LQw…[View]
172456071/POL/ BTFO BY JIMMY DORE: How will /pol/ ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjV-IrfFy6A…[View]
172460415MORE RAPES IN ITALY: 44 yr old woman was kidnapped, raped and beaten by to 2 invadors (i.e. migrants…[View]
172456267Fuck Trump: I HATE Trump. I wish Hillary was president or Obama was still in office.[View]
172459008I found a solution for Britcucks....: https://www.by-the-sword.com/c-438-functional-suits-of-armour.…[View]
172455237Armed gunman roam the streets of france!!!: Look at this video lads https://twitter.com/SO_Maghreb/s…[View]
172456505Hi guys my HDD just crashed and i lost 9/10 of all of my redpill pics. Could you share your redpills…[View]
172457880revelations: This website will probably be dead within six to seven years if its lucky I would say a…[View]
172450094THE WALL MIGHT BE CROWDFUNDED: http://thehill.com/homenews/news/388661-people-can-donate-to-trumps-b…[View]
172444318IMPORTANT: 28 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AGREED TO IMPORT MORE SHITSKINS: The countries involved are: Austr…[View]
172459902Reminder that he did nothing wrong.[View]
172444000Hey anons, I thought Dave was woke to the Illuminati and would never sacrifice his own children to M…[View]
172459608Nagorno-Karabakh: Who do you support in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and why is it Armenia?[View]
172449169Has he realised that his children will be niggers?[View]
172457209BREAKING: OBAMA TAPS JAY-Z TO KEEP BLACKS ON THE PLANTATION: >Donald Trump Jr. also liked the twe…[View]
172447121i have decided the embryo of my future son: my girlfriend and me after thinking a lot have decided t…[View]
172452701haha niggers[View]
172430942THE HILL KNOWS ABOUT THE STORM: http://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/388549-stopping-robert-mueller-…[View]
172420786>shithole under monarchy >shithole under communism >shithole under capitalism When will you…[View]
172452808What do blacks gain from voting Democratic? What do the Democrats gain from black voters?[View]
172459228Cultural Marxism: The society is falling in degeneracy, How it can be stopped?[View]
172458581How come we hear nothing from these guys anymore?[View]
172459262He says in his 1962 book The Origin of Races that negroids have less grey matter and what grey matte…[View]
172458516racemixing: me and my father get into an argument over racemixing every time i come home from colleg…[View]
172458294Choose your waifu /pol/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-44193145 http://www.bbc.co.uk/new…[View]
172456452ONLY GOOD NAZI IS A DEAD ONE: According to the Washington Post, last year showed a record-breaking n…[View]
172459142North Korea: Is there any news on what happened with the North Korean reactor that had a interesting…[View]
172443834roastie/women Q - policing the male gender: regarding female thottery...you got most things right, b…[View]
172459012Imagine if colors didn't exist. What would the democrats say when people blame the niggers? …[View]
172459005Only a trade union.: This will only be a trade union, ok? >Euros vote 'no' Nooo euros t…[View]
172453620Why did /pol/ dox this guy?: He didn't really do anything wrong, just had an opinion that /pol/…[View]
172460731Psychedelics: Taking Lee for first time. Doing in a forest in the middle of nowhere how much should …[View]
172453349West Memphis Three: Hollywood Child Killers Edition: Who are the West Memphis Three? >On May 5, 1…[View]
172451045Serious question - how can America stop school shottings?: America has lots of school shootings. Eve…[View]
172439877How did they turn out like this? You guys always make it seem like they were always savages, but thi…[View]
172443388Get it under control: Normie here. Let's have a bipartisan moment. /pol you have to get your in…[View]
172454450>all the wages you needed to afford a decent life are being put into the stock market by fucking …[View]
172441103I hear you are racist now /pol/[View]
172449947Why The Hell Is Humilating Prisoners Not Allowed?: My grandfather always told my family he was a war…[View]
172449705you feel it, right /pol/? It's almost here[View]
172453639Poland 2010 Ehh brings back memories, good times[View]
172456329HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD #3: http://abc7.com/live/23340/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mudelKJvcjc…[View]
172410999>Sadie Rodriguez said her daughter Shana Fisher had endured 'four months of problems from this bo…[View]
172453221https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XfbqHRY4PY Why are niggers such cry-babies? Do they play these show…[View]
172457954pixelz.io commie extermination: you did well, but we all know a few swastika mosaics won't do i…[View]
172456797What the fuck is this bullshit?[View]
172457921Would anyone be able to stop the USA if they went full 1939 nazi germany and started invading everyo…[View]
172456792JDIF launches literal false flag operation, Reddit and other normie sites take the bait: I don'…[View]
172450568>multiculturalism and globalization isn't the problem, islam is!![View]
172457649How to buy guns in Switzerland: https://youtu.be/nh0miJ4Y3RM[View]
172457641britain YES[View]
172457304That dead Nazi fur: Imagine jerking off in a wolf or cat costume and thinking to yourself 'Under a N…[View]
172457207Why are white people so violent?[View]
172453663All bullshit and memes aside. Is there even a debate as to who are the most successful ethnic group …[View]
172457384Canadians shoving rampant faggotry down our throats - again.: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfound…[View]
172454663Globalists BTFO by science: Leftists want to control western democracies by importing low IQ peasant…[View]
172455709>Gulags existed[View]
172433582WHITE NAZI TRUMP SUPPORTER KILLED BECAUSE HE COULD NOT GET A GF: http://abc7chicago.com/mom-of-stude…[View]
172415431Irish Abortion Referendum: This Friday on May 25th Ireland is holding a nationwide vote on whether w…[View]
172457083What does /pol/ think of Thomas Jefferson and his democracy? (aka. Jeffersonian Democracy)[View]
172442896Brit/pol/ لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله: >Bereaved father weeps for lost son at L…[View]
172453066'suppressed racism': How do we introduce into the left the idea of 'suppressed racism'? Let me elabo…[View]
172456748Thats right charles, you heard me shes to be black[View]
172456682MFW Kennedy likely to retire and Ginsburg near death.: Is it possible /pol/? Could trump potentially…[View]
172449643'Another one bites the dust': >The gunman who opened fire inside Santa Fe High School i…[View]
172454786I'll never be yours.: You're just lucky it's your Turn. >The state of modern heter…[View]
172455374Why would ANYONE let a Nigger do surgery on them?! https://dailym.ai/2Lm9nXw[View]
172440617NYC Mayor to Police: Stop Arresting People for Smoking Weed in Public: What does /pol/ think about t…[View]
172456281Two Illegals gets their shit pushed in by Swedish karate girl: Sweden No http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…[View]
172454548When did feminism go from equality to world domination[View]
172452307Fellow britfags in /pol/ how does this make you feel?: topkeks, Britain is going down the drain.…[View]
172430265How does this make you feel White Boy ?[View]
172452988Why does the left conflate explanation with justification? For example, if you were to hypothesize W…[View]
172446323United we Stand[View]
172455677So, since racism = privilege + power, once whites are no longer disproportionately in power, that me…[View]
172452234White boys are far more likely to start a school shooting than their minority peers. Even when the b…[View]
172447219Are Bantus the niggers of niggers?[View]
172455734>Blue eyes everywhere >Never a nigger in their games Is Nintendo /ourcompany/?…[View]
172444709The real threat is China: The main threat to the US is not Russia, or Iran, or NK, or Islam, or Afri…[View]
172426563Why are there no black incels?[View]
172439218Political Art Discussion[View]
172438709White americans are subhumans: LoL. https://www.spin.com/2018/05/kendrick-lamar-maad-city-n-word-wh…[View]
172428347/mg/ - Monarchist General: Rohan Will Answer Edition: Q/A: Q: Why do you support a dead ideology? A:…[View]
172434274How do the normies even justify these type of opinions? How can they look at the fact that 80% of wo…[View]
172453832HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mudelKJvcjc prev >>172446820…[View]
172454311How is the media and left going to justify the shitshow that will be found in the FBI/DOJ investigat…[View]
172455396So will there be an another United States event with the size of this magnitude again? Or was this a…[View]
172455621What are the Jews trying to achieve with this? What's their plan behind this fake revolution an…[View]
172449448>when you send hitsquads to kill your child's classmates so you can secure sponsorship deals…[View]
172446612HAPPENING or niggers gonna nig? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/704255/shooting-marseill…[View]
172440145So, I didn't watch the debate, but I have gleaned from this poster that it is about political c…[View]
172444494Drumpfty blumppfty tried to build a wall But drumpfty blumpfty will be impeached this fall And all o…[View]
172454769Women: Any way to fix hypercritical, blaming women, /pol? Is this a norm nowdays?[View]
172455366My Aryan lads, This world is full of crazies. These crazies are engaged by the Jews in chanting a sh…[View]
172453392AP BREAKING: NADER PASSED SUAID NOTES TO TRUMP: https://apnews.com/a3521859cf8d4c199cb9a8567abd2b71…[View]
172443244Why does everyone make such a big deal out of Martin Luther King?: He was just some stupid fucking n…[View]
172455350Who else wanna move to North Korea?[View]
172446011Why are you not a Japanese Imperialist?: Japan is the best country in the world...I have been binge …[View]
172452677Paul Joseph Watson: >Capitalism bring you Phones and Stuff! >also Paul >Phones and Black Fr…[View]
172454694disaster: hey pol. today i tried redpilling someone ive known for a long time but theyre a tumblr gi…[View]
172453767Do you have any ideas for a modern take on a /fa/scist style/'uniform'? Something that demands respe…[View]
172453861Let's all take a minute to laugh at Canada (I'm from Québec). **INHALES** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH…[View]
172450896Shill master pompeo blamed Iran for al alkaeda nine 11 and sponsoring terrorism. https://twitter.com…[View]
172455052Hitler stayed in the bunker.: Adolf definitely suicided say (((French Researchers))) F[View]
172454684>you're dumb for studying accounting its going to be automated in the future…[View]
172454988BRITISH BROADCASTING CALIPHATE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Royal Wedding has exposed rampant Cheddarphobia amo…[View]
172433408Indian Christian campaign against hindu nationalist party: https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2018/05…[View]
172439231Oim8! U gotta loicense tah beet dem egz!?![View]
172439745Why do asians want to be white so bad?: Not only do they make their anime characters white but they …[View]
172453157I got this anti immigration ad while listening to a white rapper on jewtube music. It was this exact…[View]
172396717Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Schilling Edition: >Targets of opportunity https://www.youtube.com…[View]
172451660I just wanna drink everyday, to escape reality: I can't stop it anymore, it's way too late…[View]
172453197Have you heard about the new UK porn website?: It's called watching my Queen get blacked.…[View]
172450695>non-white >browses /pol/ unironically and agrees with its general worldview Do these guys exi…[View]
172454378Reconquista Germanica: Are there any Reconquista Germanica invitations still out there?[View]
172438881Moving to US.: Considering moving to US. Where's the white man's home? Iowa, Montana? Wher…[View]
172454332>Protestant work ethic[View]
172446905What does /pol/ think of legal immigrants?[View]
172453534Who is this guy?: Hmm. He could be a worthy ally. If that isn't enough, he's a monkey... h…[View]
172454084Swedes told to prepare for conflict in Cold War-style booklet: Have you guys read the booklet? What…[View]
172436018Women’s Liberation: How come when given absolute freedom and endless opportunities, women decide to …[View]
172453953>parents fell for the jewish meme[View]
172448679Why did the Red Cross in 1948 say that only 271,000 people died in the concentration camps?[View]
172450665Hitler and the american border wall[View]
172452456The Official Intellectual Thread of /pol/: Hey, welcome to the intellectual place of /pol/. I'm…[View]
172453902>it's been one month and one week since the last relevant happening I'm suffering from …[View]
172453173/pol/+/fa/?: I got this idea from a previous thread. Bunch of high school kids started wearing custo…[View]
172442038It's time[View]
172438671What's your opinion of the CFR?[View]
172449057What do we do about Hispanic 'Catholics'? How can you even be a Christian if you vote for the pro ab…[View]
172449757blue wave: will it happen?[View]
172451975>mfw when Sumerians prob considered Europeans subhuman niggers[View]
172451386It's not about being involuntarily celibate. It's about being involuntarily alone due to t…[View]
172445078Based Feminism: Feminism is actually very based. We just haven't come to accept this. The soone…[View]
172446820HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD #1: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Pursuit-watch-live-toyota-91-fr…[View]
172451640Do you believe in Global Cooling?: How do we trigger a new Ice Age? Nuke Yellowstone? https://www.yo…[View]
172450545Anon be honest: from a scale from 1-10 how beta-male are you: 1 is total alpha 10 is total beta Almo…[View]
172419845Why do women have lower IQ?: What do the studies say?[View]
172438884AVOID SHITSKIN GENES AT ALL COST: East Asians are smart because they racially pure. The rest of Asia…[View]
172446808VOTE PATRICK LITTLE: Let's see how hard the shills come out for this thread https://youtu.be/C…[View]
172447770EU army was formed boys >https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/961570/eu-army-european-union-ne…[View]
172448034How do we rank other races? Are niggers better than Jews, etc.? Are there any races that you would '…[View]
172438180Shills Are Out in Full Force: Does anyone feel like the recent spike in the amount of shilling is be…[View]
172452593DO IT FAGGET: Don't tell me this shit isn't designed to make me shoot up a school school? …[View]
172442974Copyright strike for being called a slut: Was it fair? Who was in the wrong?[View]
172452667Please share and shill this as much as you can, I work for a company and our biggest competitor is h…[View]
172448778How are my Cali bros going to vote next month? Who do you think is going to help bring California aw…[View]
172398846Here is how we defeat Starbucks: >order these aprons online >put them on >walk around local…[View]
172451637Refute this: Banning guns for everyone because a criminal used one is like saying everyone who has a…[View]
172449334Lmfao why do they look like such fucking freaks??[View]
172434346KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL - /kvg/ MOMMY edition: Are you ready for the Hulacost? DIRECTORY: AutistOP w…[View]
172449436you can not convince me that these two things are human[View]
172448129Black nationalism thread: Hello my friends of African heritage and allies all over the world. I thin…[View]
172444535Deport Thot / Canadian Immigration: LOOK AT THIS DOOD[View]
172450174How do we solve incelocaust?: Import korean/japanese women into west and let wymin compete for males…[View]
172443566are koreans cucking white men?: seems like korean men are colonizing your hottest women and you dont…[View]
172448270Eire/pol/ testing 1 2: testing 1 2[View]
172444544Netflix to partner with the Obamas: How many subscribers will they lose over this? They already went…[View]
172446768POLICE CHASE: GET THE FUCK IN HERE FAGGOTS https://twitter.com/CBSLA/status/998645196396027904?s=19…[View]
172445057/pol/ give me your worst, dirtiest jokes. I'll start with an oldie but goodie: So a dead nigger…[View]
172450526Found this gem on reddit: Listen. I'm not saying any race is superior to any other race, all I…[View]
172451837Ya know Jimbo: Jordan Peterson served as Jim Balsillie's UN advisor for three years, the guy th…[View]
172446116Pakistani girl shot in texas shooting wanted to 'experience american culture': http://indianexpress.…[View]
172450986Female Cop In Baltimore In The Middle Of The Daytime: $10 says its a nigger shooter http://baltimore…[View]
172450458(((They're))) moving against /pol/: >BBC anti-/pol/ but pro-multiculturalism propaganda >…[View]
172423172OH NO NO NO NO NOOO NOOOO[View]
172441988Ugly people are born because their dad and mother were eating and drinking shit bombarded it chemica…[View]
172417467M E M E B A L L S: Just memeballs[View]
172451013Esquire: American Republic on life support: WH responds: >Esquire can crawl up my ass and fight f…[View]
172442050How do we stop the next generation growing up to become such cucks?[View]
172440794> More Diverse than Huffpost > Unironically support people that will shove you into crematoria…[View]
172425383Been MGTOW for 10 yrs now. Whilst you’ve continued to be Slaves for pussy, I’ve enjoyed myself[View]
172448951What's your opinion on these mother-truckers? Personally I love the way they scream YEEHAW COME…[View]
172447306White people.: /pol/, will whites ever recover? Asking seriously. If so, how?[View]
172449190Why do so many girls have piercings and tattoos now? Is my only hope to go to Japan where it's …[View]
172440161'It's treason then..': No bullshit about the Logan Act this time.[View]
172425979Okay seriously, what is with all the pitbull propaganda that you see fucking everywhere nowadays? Wh…[View]
172448940New Seth Rich article in MSM: http://wjla.com/news/local/new-details-revealed-in-shooting-of-lobbyis…[View]
172443043Italy/pol/ general - New PM edition: Previous : 172420314 Where were you when our next PM was chosen…[View]
172424498HAPPENING: Homosexuality has no biological factor: Daily reminder that homosexuality is a choice and…[View]
172424875The Unemployment Plague: I've noticed that its gotten progressively harder and harder to get a …[View]
172426866Genuine opinion of Sam Harris?[View]
172450506What do you call a black guy who can fly a plane?[View]
172449215This is what a surgeon looks like: >Diversity[View]
172427037The hourly wage needed to rent a two-bedroom home in every state[View]
172450432Republicans and Abortion: Why are Republicans anti-abortion when an inordinate amount of abortions i…[View]
172445974should we feel proud or disappointed by this[View]
172433047Paganism vs Christianity - Soul Searching edition #3: Evening /pol/. I am continuing this thread fro…[View]
172450351Newsflash you homos: America is Evil.[View]
172449981What does /pol/ think of Ben Garrison?[View]
172450267https://youtu.be/0Q9oXZYhIXc YOU GOT A LOICINCE FOR THAT CROWBAR ?[View]
172440888Bitch broke into a senpaitachi house and stole their flag and burned it and is now bragging about it…[View]
172449267Once upon a midnight dreary, before I twittered, weak and feary, Over many a quaint and curious tidb…[View]
172447863>d-dont worry guys I'm going to try to reverse all the damage my traffics caused to US farme…[View]
172448638Don't mind me, just subverting your universe.[View]
172449761Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.: Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:gO/UntOB Sun 12 Nov 2017 04:29:35 No…[View]
172448120Christianity '''united''' Europe: Daily Reminder to deny all forms of Judaism.[View]
172448141Have a nice iftar anons![View]
172439406You know how reddit has r/beholdthemasterrace? For the uninitiated, it is a subreddit which posts un…[View]
172441185How do we stop this /pol/?[View]
172447088How to stop incel school shootings: I think twitch is major producer of future school shooters. Cuck…[View]
172447325'We have no better friends anywhere.': Is Drumph right /pol/?[View]
172449477Queen is not that Queen: >Is she the jealous type? >she plotted to off Diana, cause Diana was …[View]
172449613Jew hate: Why are there people on this thread shit on the jews so much? They seem to improve society…[View]
172427066Cucked spain is becoming a spic shithole: How are you going to solve the mestizo problem spain?…[View]
172448970I hope in the future LGBTPOL becomes a thing I just want to hear the screams of polcucks[View]
172449538America! You have an obesity problem in your country! The best solution to this problem is to take a…[View]
172449306Ohh say can you see![View]
172449243Guns: Your parents didn't have many mass shootings and theybhad guns. Your grandparents didn…[View]
172448581What did Japan mean by this?[View]
172433695ITS HAPPENING: Royal family's pure bloodline saved[View]
172438818WHITES BTFO: Well /pol/? How come whites have absolutely no morals when it comes to murdering childr…[View]
172448984ITT required /pol/ reading. Pic related: Still remarkably relevant almost 100 years after it was fir…[View]
172448983why doesn't /pol/ support based ukraine??? they have azov...[View]
172448379Why does he want to lick out Aleksander Solshenitsyn’s butthole?[View]
172445770How can we make him win? He will literally make Mexico great again, thus stopping 'bad hombres' from…[View]
172443254France AK47's of peace https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/963079/france-news-marseille-shooti…[View]
172442335Starbucks, now just free rent space!!!: http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/05/21/starbucks-emplo…[View]
172421725Wow, these jews really look scared and starving....[View]
172442385IQ on Resume: You're going to put your IQ on it now, aren't you? You know he's a grea…[View]
172448363Björn Höcke: Do you guys know Björn Höcke from the german party 'AfD'? He is very controversial and …[View]
172444271Do you think the Sanctuary Cities problem will ever be resolved? States are openly defying federal l…[View]
172422962Are there any bible verses against refugees and mass migration? I’m about to get into a pissing cont…[View]
172446846Fayette, Iowa - Continued: Continued from >>172419523 ... Somewhere on Earth, located in the d…[View]
172424304Why are Islamic societies morally superior to western ones?: And why do Jewish groups masquerading a…[View]
172447841Europe needs to rise against America: Europe needs to unite into a single state, wich would praise E…[View]
172442961The Pope is not the antichris.... >Okay to be homo >Christians should ask forgiveness from hom…[View]
172439120Say something nice about anarchists.[View]
172440543Describe me the boomers of your country.[View]
172426230Does your country shitpost against your military veterans like Americans do or do you honor your nat…[View]
172428460/PLG/ Patrick Little General- SHUT THEIR LYING JEWISH MOUTHS Edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs…[View]
172448162Thoughts on Ancient Greece?[View]
172440302ITS HAPPENING: Gunmen in france again. Three gunmen began firing at a crowd of young people outside …[View]
172441176DAS RIGHT !: Know your worth, ladies ![View]
172441061The Islam Redpill: After a long journey of following false prophecies I've finally come to real…[View]
172436357FASCIST SUMMER: What are you faggots going to do this summer for your ideology? Because 12 hour Fort…[View]
172446350Tell me, how do i take action?[View]
172434663MY SIDES[View]
172447637Unevolved people love their parents Evolved people hate their parents[View]
172447913Were the first ancient civilizations of the Greater Middle East and Egypt white(european) or whateve…[View]
172447866/pol/ btfo: As a 29 year old 30 year old boomer future former Marine who has owned weapons of war th…[View]
172447838Holy shit lol. I don't post threads because I know I'm a fucking retard, but what kind of …[View]
172447811Do you really believe it is a coincidence that, over the last few decades, as they have consolidated…[View]
172445429They aren't that bad at all compared to others in that region.[View]
172444350/ptg/ President Trump General - LOVE HER DEFEND HER PROTECT HER EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP ht…[View]
172437498Whats the USA theme song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9mJ82x_l-E[View]
172444944Khazarian milkers are our salvation?: So this whole Khazar thing... Is their actually anything to it…[View]
172446703I've just had a thought. The entire world we live in is the result of the largest social engine…[View]
172447308Do you think he regrets enslaving the American people for 100+ years?[View]
172447021There is no hope: >whites have fallen from 35% to 9% of world population >white birthrates are…[View]
172432568Explain how Jews are more of a threat to the west than Muslims >Protip: you can't…[View]
172447147Don't Turn Away From The Truth: It's a risky business[View]
172428009Do you stand with Iran?[View]
172440545Whatever happened to this yidd?: Remember him?[View]
172446362ITT:: We discuss the failures of multiculturalism and realistic solutions to remedy our decaying soc…[View]
172446243Does anyone know who this guy is?: It might be a clue to unveil a corruption plot of the Spanish lef…[View]
172443684WAR SONGS: I cry every time. > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DboMAghWcA NO FASH WAVE TRASH…[View]
172446173Finland-a culture thats about kid fucking: any fins care to explain?[View]
172424715Are Slavs Subhuman: Name one good thing that we created.You can't.[View]
172446939Oi Harry, you got a license for that nigress?: Well do you?[View]
172444119>be English >get your knives taken away >can't eat your own country's only good f…[View]
172441400How does /pol/ feel about animal testing?[View]
172439606If /pol/ was a person what would his ideology be?[View]
172442619What comes next?: When a real pope comes back and doesn't kowtow to the PC crowd, and the Satan…[View]
172445526What a fucking child[View]
172428642ITT: unpopular opinions: German Empire > Nazi Germany Kaiser Wilhelm 2 > Adolf Hitler[View]
172428430Was Hitler an autist? How could he think that his 12 year old mothers day art was enough for an art …[View]
172446374MUTT GENOCIDE: MUTT GENOCIDE WHEN. I'm sick of seeing mongrels everywhere, I'm sick of liv…[View]
1724432072018 World cup, starting in less than a month: Who are you rooting for /pol/? Your own national team…[View]
172444610Behold the queen of /pol/[View]
172446041Am i only the only one who thinks she looks like a full blooded italian?[View]
172448505Which political figure (dead or alive) does his ideologies most closely resemble?[View]
172437569Millennials have ruined life for every other generation, as well as baby boomers, and everything is …[View]
172445718Eggs over Sperm - you fucking misogynists: Got sperm? Fuck off, women don't need you and you be…[View]
172446191I'm Just Imagining: I'm just Imagining Hitler survived and used life extension tech to rem…[View]
172443548I've just awoken from an 18-month coma.: How big is the wall, lads? How powerful has the Neo-Br…[View]
172445186How can one man be so based?[View]
172446057How many children DO need to die before we ban these beasts?[View]
172424798Why are warm countries so dysfunctional?[View]
172418451>american intellectuals[View]
172444129Only countries with free speech may post here[View]
172445836>have Rothschild bank >get enslaved[View]
172443507>be american >get shot[View]
172425481Chris Langan on Identity Politics: https://www.quora.com/What-is-Chris-Langans-view-on-identity-poli…[View]
172442640Stop NRA: The NRA is producing about 5000 guns every minute as we speak. They are shipped and delive…[View]
172410297Well, Frenchfags? Explain yourselves.[View]
172442480ITT:: We act like reddit/The_Donald[View]
172439608It's Happening: Limbaugh talking about Awan bros.: Boomers about to get red pilled.[View]
172396073paint ur world: let's have one of these lads[View]
172442127When will this shit stop?[View]
172444689top human supremacism: I was introduced to the concept of human supremacism today and I realized how…[View]
172435659She won period.[View]
172445246Come out of there[View]
172413932seriously wtf is goin on in uk[View]
172408063>women see any relationship as just a stepping stone to someone better Has it always been like th…[View]
172445191HERNDON CLIMB LIVE: https://watchstadium.com/live/herndon-climb-u-s-naval-academy/[View]
172440838>the single greatest threat to the leftist NWO globalist Marxist establishment >a fucking lea…[View]
172444215where were you when cyberpunk become real?[View]
172426219They're Coming For Us: I think we're about to see our last days. It's over /pol/.....…[View]
172418734Pol humor thread: Go![View]
172444289Take this sweden! We are winning.: 'Pastor Wolfgang Sedlmeier caused a sensation by wearing a headsc…[View]
172422472Why do so many young Americans wish they were females? Why aren't there laws to stop this?[View]
172444667NUNES JUST SAID THERE COULD BE MORE THAN 1 INFORMANT.: Bongino dropped this tweet the other day. htt…[View]
172443035there is absolutely nothing wrong with being jewish. all hatred around judaism is based around blami…[View]
172444578Don Jr. subpoenaed by Mueller open CNN[View]
172443972Centrist Memes: Pro/Anti, it's all good Fill my virgin folder with your hot steamy load, /pol/…[View]
172444561America is the best nation on Earth fuck the haters check em[View]
172433131Suck it bigot[View]
172440989This was the most widely viewed photo on the Chinese interwebs today. In China, Photo of Trade Talks…[View]
172440135What do you think of her /pol/?: Princess Diana was most likely murdered by her inbred husband Charl…[View]
172419252Will the Texas Shooting Cause Women to Reconsider the Systematic Abuse of Men?: >Women are put in…[View]
172444282Snow monkey circle jerk: Hey hate to break up the snow monkey circle jerk, but you nords are not tha…[View]
172443612Why do niggers, gooks and other shitskins pretend that white beauty standarts influence them althoug…[View]
172443066France is full of antifa faggots and Germany is going to be a 'stan: What happened to the days …[View]
172444205What do /pol/ think about proud volcels? What do /pol think about white pill?[View]
172444184How are you going to celebrate when the welfare state collapses some time in the next few years? htt…[View]
172420275Zimbabwe seeks to rejoin Commonwealth: >get freedom >whites are evil >White farmers must go…[View]
172440560Man on the right is the new Italian prime minister. Say something nice about him.[View]
172437177President Trump General /ptg/ - BLUE PUDDLE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
172443924>be man >inferior small brain woman who should have no choice on who she has sex with makes fu…[View]
172430977It's over, /pol/ lost https://twitter.com/carvellwallace/status/998359590302437378[View]
172442889It has been some time into his presidency now... so what is /pol/'s judgement?[View]
172443406Daniel Vavra cancels gaming conference speech after he’s accused of being a racist nazi.[View]
172397740/pols/ thoughts on Julius Evola?: Whats your take on his works, have you read any of them?[View]
172423208MAN CLAIMING TO BE “THE REAL PRINCE HARRY” FOUND DEAD IN IRISH HOTEL: A British man who claimed to b…[View]
172434519Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights: Some news from NPR and (((Nina Totenbe…[View]
172415197PATRICK LITTLE: 4D chess junior Patrick Little is suggesting moving Israeli aid for reparations to b…[View]
172440380#KeepThemOut: Isn't it time we protected our students of color from white school-shooters? Even…[View]
172440908AHHH DONT HURT ME *made by sigismund gang*: yes[View]
172416855why was Parkland a media circus whereas Santa Fe is a snoozer?[View]
172441904is white nationalism a meme?: never throughout history has white nationalism ever existed. not talki…[View]
172443384Click the Link and Raid this whore house of a server[View]
172424987How do I get rid of weed addiction? It's ruining my life and I don't want to go on like th…[View]
172443049Brit/pol/ - Hero edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBwS66EBUcY >Bereaved …[View]
172437223Why does the American media blame whites for gun violence although niggers lead the stats?[View]
172441962Why has god chosen to fuck a Jewish girl of all places in the Universe and leave his son here? Sound…[View]
172442780SAY IT WITH ME SENOR PRESIDENTE >Anti Zog >Took on the jewish elites of Mexico city >accuse…[View]
172441064There will be an ethnic King of Great Britain: The dam has been breached with Harry's marriage …[View]
172441286Has anyone seen Greg Johnson's interview with Luke Ford? I have no idea who Ford is other than …[View]
172442776Message to pol from Assad: Long after all the statues of your slave owning founding fathers have bee…[View]
172441812Mr. Brennan, I know what happened to Seth Rich. Judgment is coming.[View]
172422855Has anyone here read this?[View]
172442644Why does Google pander to muslims so much?[View]
172441458This is why the left is losing: >Peterson and Fry show up to hold a rational debate about freedom…[View]
172439505Thoughts on this?[View]
172441332One Long World War: Was reading an old thread and saw something interesting: Some anon was saying th…[View]
172428503Brit/po/ - I miss him edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ICtCO8TCw >Bere…[View]
172437148ITT: shit that never happened: I'll start: >Pizzashit[View]
172442383REV UP THOSE GALLOWS: https://truepundit.com/doj-comeys-immunity-deal-with-mueller-does-not-cover-cl…[View]
172433714Why did the nazis do this??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_destruction_of_Warsaw[View]
172434799Abortion: Well the Irish abortion referendum is only 4 days away. How would you vote? A short 4min v…[View]
172441813>the same liberals who think illegal immigrants and niggers without IDs should be able to vote ke…[View]
172439310Well /pol/ should Ukraine do it?: And what would happened if they did it? https://www.washingtonexam…[View]
172441420How to stop jew in Pol?[View]
172439649Rogan Podcast: Rogan is live now with Howard Bloom. Author of 'The god problem' and 'The Mohammed Co…[View]
172426668>Maduro won By this time next year Venezuela will have Zimbabwe level hyperinflation.…[View]
172439990Kanye has broken twitter again[View]
172439328You fucking brainlets who actually believed Horowitz was a good guy are about to be terribly disappo…[View]
172437393Why do countries like Russia, where guns are prevalent, rarely have school shootings unlike America?…[View]
172436646Heterosexuality is inferior, unironically. You can't prove this false. There have been hundreds…[View]
172441039AltHero #1 now on Amazon: The comic book Vox Day threatened to publish is now out on Amazon. It look…[View]
172441424Dear /pol/. Grow up. If the witnesses felt the politician and socialites were the people they saw, t…[View]
172432013>Obesity in the west skyrocketing >Scientific evidence supports chemical preservatives and sat…[View]
172431338ANON, do you have other countries trying to steal your history?: Here in Macedonia, home of Alexande…[View]
172439219shitskins dont go to heaven: A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to hi…[View]
172437064Trump “surprised” and “angered” last week when North Korea said it won't denuclearize: https://…[View]
172432587/ourcougar/ - Cougar attacks jewish trans minority advocates in Seattle.: https://www.seattletimes.c…[View]
172419523Fayette, Iowa: We have decided that in order to make the biggest dent in the failing system, it is t…[View]
172418577China to End Limits To Number of Children Family Can Have: What does this mean for us? Will the Chin…[View]
172440802SVERIGE JA https://twitter.com/NatalyFWright/status/997510331189661697 They Muslim tower of peace n…[View]
172420314Italy/pol/ HABEMUS PRIME MINISTER (Maybe) [#MaratonaMentana Salt Mining Edition]: Where were you whe…[View]
172419841POL ABSOLUTELY BTFO: You love to say black people commit over 50% of murders. What you don't re…[View]
172438541Hillary Clinton ribs Trump with Russian cap during speech at Yale: Hillary Clinton returned to Yale …[View]
172439598- Austria - again.: Be Austrian. Buy Hitler wine. Go to prison. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world…[View]
172437146Don Blankenship: This fucking retard's gonna split the vote[View]
172436706I keep seeing this clip pop-up: Where is it from ? Is there more to it ?[View]
172439394Google removes motto 'Don't Be Evil': Kek http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/05/21/masters-of-…[View]
172429568Guide to shitty leaders: Is this accurate /pol/? Ps. not made my me[View]
172433555Business idea: we round up all the non-whites and concentrate them in camps so they can’t infect soc…[View]
172438933Homosexuality: Ok, so let's say you do prove that homosexuality is a choice. Then what? Have yo…[View]
172439964'AVE YOU GOT A LOISCENSE FOR THAT BOW?: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/959322/crossbow-uk-fo…[View]
172432889Are Jews waking up to the plights they has brought?: Or is it their next plan?[View]
172440179/SDG/ Social Democracy General - Red Roses Edition: >What is Social Democracy? Social democracyis…[View]
172417450Syria General /sg/ - Remember Remember Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
172431145Poor white people: I feel bad for you guys, you are not allowed to have a country or a homeland. I a…[View]
172430885Reminder that all /pol/ mutts, neets, virgins and losers would be the first to get sent to a nazi co…[View]
172438003Road Rage Gone Wrong...: There was a cop fatally shot in my town a couple of weeks ago, so the local…[View]
172406977Anyone find it weird how most of the communist leaders were born into some kind of upper middle clas…[View]
172439037what happens in the netherlands?[View]
172436859Ayy yo hol up: >show my family (who's already pretty redpilled) an alternative Norwegian new…[View]
172439222why is Islam so based?[View]
172439592ROYALLY SULLIED: The Duke and Duchess are pictured in The Green Drawing Room, Windsor Castle, with (…[View]
172440604The only reason why all of you faggots are heterosexual, is because you are too much of a pussy to t…[View]
172434616Daily Reminder:: If you align yourself with the right wing ideologies of this board, the police are …[View]
172438376Are you okay there, bongs?[View]
172442788My family was poor as fuck growing up and I used to bathe with both of my older brothers. It got gay…[View]
172442876ITT: we say the whitest thing we can. I’ll start. >mayonnaise is too spicy for me!…[View]
172427120Good books?: Please don't flood the thread with 'Mein Kampf'.[View]
172427125Will Humans ever set foot on Venus?: well is it possible?[View]
172433066Tranny Queer Hate: Tranny/Fag hate thread.[View]
172432220Anime turn people into trannies: >check anime discord >look at females introductions >turns…[View]
172434050How to stop women's degeneracy?[View]
172435778was gandhi a pedo?[View]
172438484How should a redpilled white man dress?[View]
172438696pure aryan: yes[View]
172438697/SIG/ [POLITICS EDITION] Vol 2: How to better yourself: Go to the gym and don't be afraid to ca…[View]
172439047k wait-- is she African American?[View]
172439776NASTY TINDER ROSTIES: You got them you post them. I'll start.[View]
172440370Why do britbongs tolerate this monkeying around the Royal Family: MOVE OVER, (((ELIZABETH))), It’s h…[View]
172440600Why is anime white people?[View]
172442241>Be 22 years old >Grew up poor in California >Get a 'good job' last year, 40+ hrs…[View]
172435473If palestinians are being genocided why their population increase every year and nearly doubled sinc…[View]
172436296Why is the overwhelming majority of American people (talking about white only since everything else…[View]
172439336I don't get it,what's so wrong about racemixing?: yes,it might create kids who are less sm…[View]
172439290/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
172436124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l67mnbPlfMY Why are US special forces so weak that even conscripted …[View]
172438893Going on Cantwell later...: So I'm going on Cantwell's show later today, and just wanted t…[View]
172435175Motivation/Good News Thread: /pol/ is terrifyingly obsessed with the degeneracy in today’s society a…[View]
172421939my friend's father is a farmer who also works as an agricultural consultant, and he's been…[View]
172438291Directions: Pardon me but where might the daily happening thread be located[View]
172438589>Tisdale was a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School. She took on a second job as a server a…[View]
172437617>ima fight against da gubermit 1776 don't tread on me >gets house demolished by an abrams…[View]
172425322Hillary and Obama are NOT under investigation!!: It's true....Ed told me[View]
172438171RIP Lambrights youtube channel: Thanks for the good times. >>172434658 Did I say 'FUCK YOU, Yo…[View]
172434517I can’t believe you guys try to call your self white identitarians when you hold up muslim child kil…[View]
172432742change my mind: jews didndonuffin change my mind[View]
172426811White population dropping of a cliff:: Not so fun facts taken form CIA factbook People aged 55 and o…[View]
172432760Do I get free starbucks too?[View]
172438295Don't say Trump is a fascist: Zionists are the jew's fascists. Trump loves jews and is a f…[View]
172437674BREAKING NEWS: House impeaches President Donald J Trump[View]
172437536what were your first thought about /pol/ ? what do you think about it now?[View]
172432242We are here for your guns.[View]
172437084How did we go from this...[View]
172438145Britain kills history.: Stop paying for your Television licensing, you stupid shit britbongs! The BB…[View]
172437705How true does /pol/ find this quote to be?: Remember friend, try as you might, you cannot satisfy wo…[View]
172433569Why is this the case?[View]
172437897Income Tax: Is the Income Tax unconstitutional?[View]
172416277Sweden YES[View]
172437985thanks merkel[View]
172433646What type of jew is anon?[View]
172436128Will of the pople?: GIVE ME A BREAK[View]
172419041Pompeo to Iran: Get ready for “strongest sanctions in history”: https://hotair.com/archives/2018/05/…[View]
172437805Blue Pilled nation: King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of impoverished Swaziland, wore a watch wo…[View]
172437425Appeal to find Bootle teenager missing since Friday: A teenager is at the centre of an urgent police…[View]
172437405Really activated my almonds[View]
172437530Deep State: If Michael Hastings died today in the exact same way, would Trump go down for it?[View]
1724317472nd Amendent: I think anything above a semi auto handgun should be banned for the public in the US. …[View]
172414679My city is going to shit very quickly. 14 year old suburban girls being murdered. Kidnappings in bro…[View]
172435705Cucktians cuck'd again[View]
172436831Why Is America so Sexist To It's Women?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yMFw_vWboE…[View]
172424195GERMANY: YOU ARE FINISHED say bye bye to eu[View]
172432652Arizona! NO!!!: >More than 2,300 public college students around Arizona with deferred deportation…[View]
172436832Redpill Shill Thread. Enter If You Dare: Too many shills and liberals around. Drop your red pills P…[View]
172431487'How can we take back society from women and Jews?': masculinity Learn a trade. Hit the gym. Get rid…[View]
172434735Imagine if those two got married.[View]
172435420Is suicide the ultimate redpill? Only one way to find out what's the point of life instead of b…[View]
172431595Blacks BBQ chimp out to protest racism: Instead of destroying stuff in the street, they've opte…[View]
1724327753 Million Jews: Prove to be that Hitler didn't have 3 million Jews killed. Protip: You can…[View]
172436773So cuckbucks is now allowing non-clients to be there at their premises and even use the restrooms, F…[View]
172433469Why was technology from the last century so much better than anything made today?[View]
172427935This is what Americans R E A L L Y look like. Notice anything? >As the U.S. continues to reckon w…[View]
172427789You should apologize[View]
172416369Epstein Island Temple Destroyed: Epstein Island Temple Destroyed[View]
172425744Man Busted with 58TB of child porn: And our FBI mods deleted the thread. Why? >>172425187 >…[View]
172432283President Trump General /ptg/ - HURRY NUNES! EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
172423957Position openings at InfoWars: AshtonBirdie is probably back on suicide watch after this announcemen…[View]
172431861Jesus would've been a socialist....or at least a social-democrat. you know it, I know it....let…[View]
172431459>Daddy, what’s feminism? Your response?[View]
172436621https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/words-blocker/edbkilncliecedoneekflmadicbhjgop They filte…[View]
172433649Progressive Family Members: How do you deal with them? One just recently told me that black people d…[View]
172399420'It's treason then..'[View]
172404828Did you know that if a false country.. lets call it Palestine. If this country fucking shoots missil…[View]
172428315What kind of business gets away with multi million dollar Hacking LARPS?: Ok POL, why do these faggo…[View]
172435991The absolute state of British Monarchy: Press F to spit on its grave.[View]
172436031>if someone is on my side and is a sodomite faggot or a tranny, its totally ok and normal as long…[View]
172430642why is entertainment industry not controlled by the government? why is average football player paid …[View]
172430196>it's more dangerous to go to school in America than being in the deployed military…[View]
172436045Australian Housing Problem: What does /pol/ think of this guys take on housing affordability? >V…[View]
172399075Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe.[View]
172435807Being white sucks: I hate all other white men. You are fucking faggots who destroy my reputation. Yo…[View]
172435881I wish that if I didn'r reply to this post, my mom would really be dead[View]
172435557So what's up with the Middle East? Why do the sandniggers hate each other? Why does Israel and …[View]
172435708Slayy Queen: Racists are crying[View]
172435776Is Trump and Kim summit really worth it?: I don't see any path to denuclearization Seriously, W…[View]
172434436Why are European religions so shit and gay?: Christianity originated in the Middle East, therefore i…[View]
172435034Is charity better than welfare?[View]
172430458Mohammed bin Salman’: Dead or Alive? Mohammed bin Salman Not Seen in Public since Riyadh Gunfire. ht…[View]
172435675Were lefties a mistake?: >Make up roughly 12% of the population >More likely to have allergies…[View]
172435559Only voting base Trump cares about is Israeli Jews and Christian evengical fucktards. Prove me fucki…[View]
172435524We have a school project in which we design an island and a government for it (which we create). Our…[View]
172429269Cryptocurrency hate thread: https://youtu.be/UCndopvKJos[View]
172429505>TWENTO TWO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN 2018 SO FAR And these mutts berate us for having a muslim run ove…[View]
172374999Eric & Dyaln: > Will any happening ever be on the scale of Columbine or was that a once and a…[View]
172431153Cal-Arts heard Pepe needed a reboot: So Cal-Arts delivered.[View]
172428840Reminder That Catholics Wrote Fanfiction About Christ's Childhood: Reminder that the Apocrypha …[View]
172434453meme GIBLT: saw this on another thread. but why not make INCELS a sexual orientation? OPERATION GIBL…[View]
172424557Terrorist organization? Pretty much.[View]
172435161>if you can't beat them, join them >raises commy hat ??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?ti…[View]
172434741Normies have broadened what is 'white' and are essentially mutt-blind. How can I exaplin to my gf th…[View]
172429949Article 4 Section 3: Dear fedcucks, 'The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needfu…[View]
172410405IT'S HAPPENING - Swiss sovereign money referendum: The people of Switzerland are called to vote…[View]
172430078Joe Rogan and Henry Rollins BTFO wagecucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cckBt7CjCJM[View]
172432802Hello, I am an Arab ex-Muslim. What I have found out about the current religion of the Arabs will de…[View]
172434702R*ssia: >no due process >no freedom of speech >everyone has been on heroin for years …[View]
172425106RIP Lambrights youtube channel.: I got Shoahed! I was banned for making a video of a video asking t…[View]
172434584Absolute state of the Mediterranean countries in Europe: Doesn't fucking Europe realise that by…[View]
172434442>there are people that still havent heard of foregen[View]
172431433Anyone who supports shitbulls answer me this: Tell me how many attacks occurred from non-pit bull br…[View]
172430507ITT: subtle redpills in bluepilled media[View]
172418330This guy has a secret agreement with several thinktanks since 2015, as you can probably guess, none …[View]
172433105Is there any sense in bringing a soul into life in this sick jewified world?[View]
172428907Why do Muslims breed so much?[View]
172433011Why does reddit obsess over trump?: I honestly can't tell if it's bot shilling or they…[View]
172407960Bin Licence: Oi mate, you got a licence for that bin? someone please send help[View]
172429844Icelandic airlines begins flights from New Delhi to American cities for 220USD: How does this make y…[View]
172428334>be rich >white >handsome >murder entire family for drugs what is wrong with white south…[View]
172424008Alex Jones “Hypothetically” Explains Wife’s Role In Group Sex Porno: >Jones’s multiple wife probl…[View]
172420782Why do mutts always believe they're decades ahead in military technology? You faggots should kn…[View]
172432537A reminder that no one wants to ban guns: We don't want guns banned. We just don't want yo…[View]
172433642archive.is/JhZhr >High street newsagents are to sell so-called “porn passes” that will allow adul…[View]
172433404Nobita hates ratinos: They're racist, obese Mekisicans that invade America https://m.youtube.co…[View]
172433599America would be annihilated by Russia in a war. Almost every American missiles would be intercepted…[View]
172433006Trump needs to selectively declassify abuses: What in the fuck are they doing in the White House? T…[View]
172428522Are you a thought sex criminal?[View]
172433176>What do you mean women shouldn't play sports, anon?[View]
172433537>don't make money go-guy that is what jews do >don't look to get properties where yo…[View]
172433538Thank christ we have niggers and not muslims to deal with. Atleast blacks are completely westernized…[View]
172432250Will the relationship between the sexes ever be the same? (((They))) have damaged it to the point wh…[View]
172432279If the white race is all 'master race,' why do I mostly see information in real life to contrary? Bl…[View]
172433345Why do white supremacists always end up looking like this?[View]
172431398(((Incels))) are bad says your friendly neighbor CNN: Was anyone here like 2-3 weeks ago? >of cou…[View]
172433320no viral, no triggered hillary: hillary = cultural appropriation confirmz https://twitter.com/DragoV…[View]
172430940Why do you deny that Africans can make a world superpower?[View]
172433118How will you celebrate once Tehran is part of the Greater American Empire?[View]
172432728What should I say to this Jude?[View]
172432939/pol/ lied: New York City has never been white.[View]
172432496Megan Markle and Beyonce betrayed feminism: >Why aren't people miserable just like me?…[View]
172431231How do I into ancap, /pol/? The more I get into it, the more I think about how it wouldn't wor…[View]
172432738>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KlE8eHAlUc >some guy literally eats onions while talking abo…[View]
172429992Gonsalez hate thread[View]
172426310Who thought this was intimidating?[View]
172425865Just give up the assault rifles, you dumbasses. Nothing will happen after that. You can still hunt w…[View]
172427865Tick tock: Tick tock Tick tock https://twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/998584848871755777…[View]
172431085'My murderous ideology is not your goddamn MMA schtick': Why are Americans so ignorant to the roll o…[View]
172423092Australia - Come home white man: I'm not blackpilled and I'm surely not a defeatist, but y…[View]
172427410President Trump General /ptg/ - PRESIDENT BANTZ EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
172430151The MQ (the muslim question): there is only one solution All muslims must be deported or killed in t…[View]
172432238Propaganda = Wikipedia: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/05/the-philip-cross-affair/ htt…[View]
172421297So let me get this straight > get rejected by a girl > so you commit mass shooting and kill …[View]
172431162When will /pol/ realize that diversity is a GOOD thing?[View]
172429548Where were you when warhammer is kill?: https://warhammeradventures.com Good night sweet 40k, may yo…[View]
172432129Who the fuck is Wayne Lambright and why is he the king of /pol/?: Get fucked shills.[View]
172429429I don't know why but leftists are very short term minded. They only hop on whatever is the tren…[View]
172412653This is the new face of France.[View]
172425475>there are amerimutts browsing RIGHT NOW that think the My Lai massacre was justified Explain you…[View]
172428147got the message: thank you fren i think many modern people that go to church, etc...dont get that, …[View]
172431781>School shooting happens >stock markets go up what did Americans mean by this? Are school shoo…[View]
172431715>men post on picture of them partying on their facebook >it comes back to haunt them for life,…[View]
172425373Enough of the divide and conquer.: Anyone remember in the days before the kikes did 9/11? Remember h…[View]
172388719The next president of Venezuela for the next 6 years. Winning with 67.7%[View]
172426102What is laurel yanne? Fucking KEK, Geotus saying cofvefe at the end https://hooktube.com/watch?v=1q…[View]
172430562Does might makes right /pol/? Do you have to be a mindless violent fucker in order to win? I bet the…[View]
172427342>We need guns to rebel against the tyrants >Never actually rebels Wow rlly makes me think…[View]
172416049Is rape really a problem in today's society, /pol/?[View]
172430523>tfw arab gf[View]
172428452You can't even give me ONE good reason why private ownership shouldn't be abolished.[View]
172425070Why don't they just put these at every US school?[View]
172429954Looking for a certain /pol/ book: I remember there being a book brought up on here in the past. I fo…[View]
172426786Black Panther accidentally drops a redpill lmao[View]
172431074Anyone got the playlist?: >'He was playing music, making jokes, had slogans and rhymes he kept sa…[View]
172415618Sweden NO: Stop oppressing those people edition[View]
172431045Ebola outbreak: Experimental vaccinations to begin in DR Congo!! https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/201…[View]
172431028>tfw no gf[View]
172430972Are shota redpilled?[View]
172428731Was this the School Shooter????[View]
172430695is racism against white ppl real?[View]
172424213>tfw you realise racism and homophobia are retarded because no one had a choice as to who or what…[View]
172421736>BREAKING: Supreme Court says employers can enforce arbitration agreements that bar class actions…[View]
172418596I hate living in this time: God damn it, I wish I was born in the 1890s. Peak Europe, peak white exp…[View]
172415659Gavin McInnes has gone so far off the deep end. He used to be a good gateway for normies but now he…[View]
172417112ATTENTION DEEP STATE OPERATIVES: The way things are going it does not look good for you. Everything …[View]
172423680pic related: OH NO NO NO[View]
172404301BTFO pol Life in the USSR was better than in your shitty capitalists countries[View]
172403182I Want To Move to the Third World and Live as a King: Where can i live the lifestyle of a colonial b…[View]
172430381What do you think about this? It makes me think the world is doomed.[View]
172422733Why do you hate jews?: The Jews have been persecuted all throughout history, seen as 'the enemy' amo…[View]
172400562You have 10 seconds to provide one example of where an influx of black people improved things[View]
172426432Why are white nationalists so easily offended and thin-skinned? Why can't they ever take a joke…[View]
172408861>/pol/ is now pro Israel What happened?[View]
172426746>parents divorced at 6 When is she going to crack? Also, why did her dad leave them?…[View]
172424689How would tourism work in an ethnostate?[View]
172423390HE WOULDN'T JUST LIE LIKE THAT, WOULD HE?: Oh yes, he would! An NAACP leader and PASTOR accuses…[View]
172427877I think /pol/ didnt take the blackpill yet: Whilst you fight each other like apes, they keep laughin…[View]
172394906BREAKING: PLANE 'DISAPPEARS' OVER VERMONT! - Continued: >>172372120 (OP) >>172372427 …[View]
172429757NUCK PUMPH!!![View]
172425012How is the EU going to punish the US for their illegal violation of the Iran treaty?[View]
172429969LETS GO!: Thread from yesterday was pretty unsuccessful, so i'm asking again: Is it possible t…[View]
172429651What's wrong with the UK?[View]
172427823Stormy Daniels part of sex cult: Yes let’s go back to this Seemed important desu[View]
172429900what the bloody hell is going on, bongs?[View]
172429881University majors: What are the most redpilled majors in universities? And what is the worst?[View]
17241714610 AM EST: Drop all possible related news here.[View]
172429555Why do they really want our guns? Is it just an issue they use to drive votes for more power?[View]
172406235incel scourge: Fellow Jewish people, why are we after incels again?[View]
172409833These are some of the national teams qualified for the 2018 world championships in soccer. Really ma…[View]
172429051How can blacks have an argument for all their 'muh evil white slavery and oppression' when asian peo…[View]
172426200Britain is officially, a de facto multicultural country and state. How does this make you feel, /pol…[View]
172429236Japan set to flood pacific with 1 million tons of radiactive water: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/scien…[View]
172423025How to save my soul from Kremlin propaganda?: It's anytime everywhere: radio, TV, web + proxy`t…[View]
172426759How much is that thing in Britain? It is a 6 in Slovenia at best. I'm talking about the mutt of…[View]
172429099aren't you happy? aren't you glad? finally, the chosen people have received the recognitio…[View]
172429169Operation #starbucks4homeless: Is there a way to tag every Starbucks as a homeless shelter?[View]
172425859Hey guys I decided to stay in Germany. As you know, more and more kids in schools are muslims and I …[View]
172413643Fact: girls reach puberty much earlier nowadays Fact: AoC should be lowered Fact: treating people li…[View]
172428672who else watching based Alex Jones[View]
172428274>visit germany once https://webmshare.com/9VXdv[View]
172412330Is this all the territory white people hold now? Are they even fucking white?[View]
172406818Why are most white nationalists of the lowest of the low in terms of quality of genetics? Also how i…[View]
172425943Why is /pol/ so butthurt about palestinians getting btfo?[View]
172428611When the FBI does it, it's not illegal.[View]
172409095How before (((They))) shut this girl's channel down?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqwDuNEF0…[View]
172428213Mueller probing Israeli businessman connected to UAE: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/ne…[View]
172421929WEINER'S LAPTOP: THEY WILL SLIDE THIS. DONT FORGET TO BUMP Daily reminder that Trump has his si…[View]
172411540brit/pol/- Meal Deal edition: Also, old links again edition >UK households turn cheerier about th…[View]
172426649What is homophobia? What is fatphobia, transphobia? Doesn't phobia mean there is some sort of f…[View]
172418303HAIR METAL HEADING FOR MEMORY HOLE: Why do the basedgoy hate fun so much? >In this #metoo moment…[View]
172427609South African white genocide: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5753161/Henri-Van-Breda-awaits…[View]
172426826is CTV news criminally responsible for this antifa assault as an accessory after the fact?[View]
172428087uh oh[View]
172413965noko: Why is Scott Adams so based? Even after getting huge lashback on his political views, he still…[View]
172428236NGOs Are The Deep State's Trojan Horses: The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military ps…[View]
172428202He was right all along, but no one listened, now people and society just can't be efficient any…[View]
172415550Does /pol/ believe in freedom?[View]
172422013Jupiter bends the knee: >French President Emmanuel Macron ruled out on Thursday any trade war wit…[View]
172428038INET interview with Eric Weinstein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjCAsXUDvno @ 14:50 he mentions …[View]
172424271Completely innocuous documentary video about the battle of the bulge has been censored into limited …[View]
172427970I went through as well. Now have two sons with a beautiful German lady. Summary. 10 year marriage tu…[View]
172426662If we all came from Africa, were we all kangz?[View]
172426166>multiculturalism and white genocide isn't the problem, islam is![View]
172409867he's right.[View]
172427710/pol/ didn't talked about him yet. Erdogan in Sarajevo.: >https://www.ft.com/content/2001707…[View]
172426696Tolerant left: SAY IT WITH ME NOW /POL/ TOLERANT LEFT! TOLERANT LEFT! TOLERANT LEFT! Post pics of l…[View]
172388939WTF is this human anal polyp even talking about? I'm guessing 'civically' is some commie signal[View]
172419376Who is this guy? Can I have a quick rundown?[View]
172423958Th cuck capital of the world Sweden strikes again[View]
172423652President Trump General /ptg/ - CRASHING THE (((MSM)))! EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
172412296>Hurro David-sama >Good news, Donald Trumparu make unemployment 3.7%. You no need work english…[View]
172426565>time to sit down and watch a 4 hour livestream with my favorite right wing e-celebs!…[View]
172426459Sweden invents new use for spoons: Taking a hint from the Brits, Sweden encourages women to wear spo…[View]
172427201can we discuss all the pros and cons between these 4 candidates and see which one is more adequate t…[View]
172419592Germany: Safest Country in Europe 2017: t. German Secretary of State YESS YESS YESSS!!! http://archi…[View]
172426025Why is Syria the world's most embarrassing country?[View]
172419099Sweden NO[View]
172426831I love how Europoors try to blame America for spreading what they created and infected us with. Jus…[View]
172423072I posted that thread about shooting the Rainer School. IT WAS A JOKE.: A stupid one. But a JOKE.…[View]
172409930Why is Trump so scared of Mueller Time?: What is Trump hiding?[View]
172409249>the British police is a jok- APOLGIZE. NOW. https://youtu.be/0Q9oXZYhIXc…[View]
172426810BASED Danish integration minister wants to make Ramadan illegal: https://translate.google.com/transl…[View]
172426801'The Piggy Problem': Police Targeting Peaceful Protesters: How To Solve That Pesky 'P…[View]
172426146>These are the future leaders of the Ethnostate OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
172417196Pendulum Theory: Revolution 2030: I decided to investigate pendulum political theory and plotted a v…[View]
172405428Is it time for /pol/ to re-colonize Africa ?: Why dont all of us underappreciated overreducated peop…[View]
172425230Has there ever been war, other than the one fought by white people, to end the slavery of anyone?[View]
172420270You pale skins don't know suffering.[View]
172416661i fucking hate you all i hate the way you speak i hate the way you all think you know the answer i h…[View]
172420448did she /pol/?[View]
172415523Racist, homophobic cougar attack: >be big fat queer nigger >create a bike community where wome…[View]
172426221Dispicable! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2018/05/18/man-who-liked-the-wrong-girl-had…[View]
172423867The dystopian UK: What the hell Brit bongs? Are you guys just going to roll over and die? It hurts t…[View]
172410810As a Greek I apologise to the American nation for the recent behaviour of the Greek kid that shot up…[View]
172408561So what happens to society when this trend of 'hanging out' fully replaces traditional dat…[View]
172425709Why do we never hear anything about Sleepy Ben? He was one of my favorites before and after he joine…[View]
172425942Developments In Hillary's Lafarge Scandal!: We all know that Hillary and Obama were the co-foun…[View]
172376876Ebola Chan is back, Faggots...: 'The Ebola death toll in the Democratic Republic of Congo has risen …[View]
172421357'NUKE THE BONGS NOW!!' Thread: 'Nuke Every Single Fucking Bong Even The Young Ones Whose Countrymen …[View]
172414129ITT: We greentext Jewish lies >'vaccines are good'[View]
172424669In Revelations, I know that verily, when the sun and the moon and the stars go out. Check this out, …[View]
172402458Get your hygiene up: Circumcised vs uncircumcised : is there really something hygienic to it, or is …[View]
172424809What's Trumps secret?[View]
172419753BERNIEBROS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???????????[View]
172422909LE NACION DE IMMIGRANTES: >built by immigrants for immigrants FASCISTS BTFO How will we ever rec…[View]
172421983FAKE NEWS: The thread >>172394431 died before I was able to post this. But the pic was bs. Som…[View]
172417990Suffolk teenager Gracie-May Gullen missing for third day: Police are looking for a 13-year-old girl …[View]
172424216Why is this such a difficult concept for Americans to grasp?[View]
172406851Which is the most native european football national team and why is it Spain?[View]
172411863US Marshal LARP?: Anyone see this last night? >>172339292 >Activation 5/21/18, 3am EST. …[View]
172416296Reminder that Saffer whites would be niggers under American Jim Crow laws: According to this guy…[View]
172422728What makes Democrats think a blue wave is coming? At best, they'll win the House[View]
172411769Repeal: We’ve noticed you anti-choicers posts here. Nothing you can do can stop repeal. Doesn’t matt…[View]
172413387Honestly, very surprised by these degenerates: British, after all, should understand long ago that i…[View]
172425029Ireland: Search your heart lad, Abortion is murder.[View]
172424738Are natural psychedelics the ultimate liberator?[View]
172412365Littering is Tier 1 Disruption: Half of you faggots want to own the fucking niggers and shoot trans …[View]
172424855Wanna fight evil? Get a face for it!: In order to fight something you have to identify it! Just sayi…[View]
172411240TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN >muller going nowhere >brennan btfo >fbi spy btfo…[View]
172424536You’d think a wedding for the most well known monarcy in the world would be a display of overwhelmin…[View]
172422163Harvard To Give Hilldawg Medal For 'Transformative Impact On Society': Cry some more Drumpfkins http…[View]
172418806What did the JIDF meant by this?[View]
172424504SOLVED White kids shooting up schools: I have a story from my time in the military that i think is r…[View]
172421258You know, every political ideology is like believing in God. In the end you do nothing but believe w…[View]
172424371What's your country's B:M ratio?: If it's too much M and not enough B, you're fu…[View]
172418525Evil Deals: Hey pol, what's worse, a deal with the devil, or a deal with a jew? Pic related.…[View]
172424162Post guys you think are double agents. AJ is entertaining but I think illuminati obviously are suppo…[View]
172419698https://twitter.com/CNN/status/998474967758069760?s=19 That's an awful nice policy you got ther…[View]
172422263so, apparently the west is the least racist on this whole planet how about we just export all those …[View]
172422325I'm new to the 'Blame the Jew' thing Just bought this. Is this good enough to start? What are …[View]
172421206Flashy fashion: **Let's talk about our image** Historically uniforms, certain clothes and other…[View]
172412082JEWS HAVE PROOF THAT HITLER COMMITTED SUICIDE!!!: [spoiler]> Adolf Hitler had extremely bad teeth…[View]
172411998Obvious knowledge inbound:: Why do people still fall for the communism meme? Communism is extremely …[View]
172423389>weee~, china stealing our intellectual property But how about paper, gunpowder and other stuff i…[View]
172421643Is she the one?: Her swearing in is today. Will she bring about the happening of happenings against …[View]
172423342The New Koreans: Your thoughts? If you're an expat you might know what is happening in places l…[View]
172419008What the fuck?: Hello /pol/ I have been in cryopreserved since 1949 and have recently awoken. Needle…[View]
172388488Why is it acceptable for millennial women to not have any children?[View]
172417319post antidotes to blackpill here: ok /pol some of us are feeling a little rough and need some reason…[View]
172417813Adolf Hitler officially killed himself in 1945 F[View]
172421956Re: Black Panther film: In response to the anti-white propaganda, I have devised a a rough idea for …[View]
172413612The Book of Revelations: In current times how do we identify the 'Beast' that is supposed to bringfo…[View]
172420343/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ANIMALS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
172423179Just what we need.... more monkeys....[View]
172419980Will Iran become the next Iraq where essentially becomes a stateless vacuum or are its institutions …[View]
172417678http://hiphopwired.com/752731/moe-the-monster-n-word-lawsuit/ Why is porn so racist nowadays?[View]
172423037/pol/, what do you think the 2018 midterms will be like?: I think the GOP will win Floridia, West Vi…[View]
172415220I'm feeling blackpilled guys. I used to focus on my studies, watch movies, play guitar, etc bef…[View]
172422978So is it true that the Texas shooter had already said he was going to do this before it happened? Al…[View]
172417065United We stand divided we fall For to long blacks and whites have been pitted against each other by…[View]
172422881>the wall will never be built >we will never deport the shitskins >we're on a fast tra…[View]
172419239Confirmed: This is the Chinese century >China is reportedly on the cusp of letting citizens have …[View]
172421830As somewhat of an incel, mostly a schizoid, im starting to think its for the better. Low quality peo…[View]
172420068Science hate thread - Feyerabend was right: why is science so feminized?[View]
172422070MIKE POMPEO THREATENS IRAN: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/21/pompeo-us-demands-major-changes-in-iran-…[View]
172413360Is Nobita a secret uyoku dantai trying to redpill the masses?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A…[View]
172415059https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/18/sergei-skripal-discharged-from-salisbury-hospital …[View]
172413373>Be American >150 whites die every day from overdoses >Record profits pharmaceutical compan…[View]
172413071TRUMP IS FINISHED: Mueller was the man who brought down John Gotti and the Gambino crime family. Tru…[View]
172420659lefties are gonna turn on him when they don't get they want aren't they?[View]
172417110BLACK PILLED AND DEPRESSED: Before /pol/ I used to study, play guitar, watch movies, go to the gym, …[View]
172376951TRUMP WILL BE AT CIA HQ TOMORROW. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!: This is the first time that Trump will be bac…[View]
172395201AUS/POL AFRICAN EDITION.: G`day cunts. >>African teenager whose gang invaded a family home and…[View]
172421977Primary loser Don Blankenship to keep Senate bid alive as 3rd party candidate: https://cnb.cx/2Iy2iF…[View]
172419415How can you be white when blacks are getting shot by cops?[View]
172388277What makes orthodoxy different from the Catholicism and Protestantism? Is it truly traditional and t…[View]
172421766Forced Black Panther Discussion Group: So. My wife's company (quasi-governmental organization …[View]
172415061So you're telling me that you UNIRONICALLY defend what's happening in Venezuela? That you…[View]
172419497Germany's Nazi hunters in final straight of race against time: The Field Marshall is rolling in…[View]
172410750How the fuck does white people listen to hip hop? Like, niggers express their hate for white people …[View]
172419363Is it immoral to kill philosophical zombies?: Most people, especially Asian people, seem to have no …[View]
172410364How do these fags get a 32 million pounds worth of wedding?: Isn't their wedding being payed of…[View]
172416627Should there be a law against using bots for political campaigns? What should it forbid?[View]
172412961Is there a chance of another language replacing the ubiquity of English anytime soon?[View]
172419268Fellow Aussies. How can we solve the dirty scum lebo problem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p6sW…[View]
172420667Rainbow swastika: Anyone already did any work regarding the rainbow-swastika troll?[View]
172415185My country (Ireland) doesn't think its a European Liberal shit hole country enough just yet so …[View]
172405244Germans are going to come into this thread and say that this is a good thing. Just watch! They are t…[View]
172417297/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA GINA! EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
172420031This kills the ancap[View]
172373710/READ SIEGE/ General: We must work to achieve Universal Order and destroy the SYSTEM >2 min video…[View]
172420067Why can't you find Antoni Kepinski's work in english anywhere on the internet? This man…[View]
172420030attention Ohio faggots: >gov. Kasich has issued an executive order to create a new 'office for op…[View]
172420026It is a great time to be american, for being american means to have the holy duty to safeguard israe…[View]
172408305alright /pol/ if you were prime minister of albania how would you fix albania? what would you change…[View]
172419350MUSLIMS BTFO[View]
172419843AUSTRALIA FARMER GENOCIDE: How do we help them?[View]
172419644when is the US going to stop outsourcing their foreign policy to (((them)))? hmm[View]
172419685You, a dumb nigger: 'White people's inherent racism has created a system where the black man ca…[View]
172413480Turkey calls back all Embassies from US/Kikeland. ITS HAPPENING. Erdogan will make Turkey great agai…[View]
172419575aren't you happy? aren't you glad? finally, the chosen people have received the recognitio…[View]
172418412Ok, so ive read here from you that the elite worship pic related. You've told me they sacrifice…[View]
172422349Qanon: Alright /pol/ redpill me on this Qtardness that is going on, is it mental illness or legit le…[View]
172410793Q Anon: I feel like this weekend's events and yesterdays tweet storm have me convinced. Does s…[View]
172418894Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
172410533#Frazzledrip: Let’s talk about Frazzledrip /pol/. Is it real? Can anyone confirm it exists that’s n…[View]
172416757English (((people))), the absolute state.: In 1584, Queen Elizabeth granted Raleigh a royal charter …[View]
172417840It's over drumpftards[View]
172409735How do Canadians account for the behaviour of negroes without using slavery_: https://www.liveleak.c…[View]
172415869Found this gem on reddit: Listen. I'm not saying any race is superior to any other race, all I…[View]
172419225Refugee Budget exceeds 2x Spending for Citizens: > 2 millions Illegal Aliens from Africa > Cos…[View]
172388555Patrick Little General /PLG/ - NOSTALGIC: |Top Story >Live Stream with JF //Power level 10// http…[View]
172419153Why does Stormfront have boards for mongrel countries?: Their boards for Latin America and, yes, Sou…[View]
172414557Why are young white males checking out of modern society?[View]
172413908https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chP_xFklSjQ Can someone explain what the hell is going on in this vi…[View]
172418932Okay, so, ISIS is scum and horrible and Islam is violent, etc. We all know this, even 'moderate…[View]
172414519EXPLAIN THIS NATSOCS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wola_massacre Warsaw Uprising Even if the holoca…[View]
172414793>Women are roasties. In a perfect world they would be virgins on their wedding night. >Men sho…[View]
172408074So are men just never supposed to hit on or flirt with women again? How is anyone ever going to star…[View]
172404250>Woman rapes boy multiple times. >Prostitutes him. >Posts nude photos of him >Provide…[View]
172417485You have a choice /pol/ In this hypothetical scenario there are two girls who will definitely agree…[View]
172412274Shouldn't we be encouraging Zionism if it means (((they))) get out of our society?[View]
172418552Canadian citizenship obtainable in 3 years: Canadian parliament vote to ease citizenship requirement…[View]
172396275Vaporware Headphone Makers Won't Be Offering Refunds: https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/20/after-t…[View]
172418616This is the true face of the 'Incel Revolution' it isn't just men, It's women aswell. Peop…[View]
172414599B-b-but it wasn't real UBI: https://medium.com/@FastCompany/finlands-basic-income-pilot-was-nev…[View]
172415868Why are there so many pedophile politicians in America?[View]
172409851best book to start with nietzsche?[View]
172416824>be me >go for a walk in my housecoat >get stopped and questioned by the cops literally wtf…[View]
172418970How do we put the final nail in the coffin that is women?[View]
172419496How was it growing up in the 80s?: Any oldfags that grew up during the 1980s? How was it? Is it some…[View]
172420664Why are people so obsessed with dogs nowadays?: Don’t get me wrong I like dos too, but people seem t…[View]
172417695Why do liberals easily believe shit like this without even asking for evidence? Police officers are …[View]
172417073Have you taken the hedonic treadmill pill yet?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic_treadmill All …[View]
172417768Why is this fat faggot glorified?[View]
172420502Why do wh*toids think they’re the master race when they’re physically inferior to blacks and intelle…[View]
172414051Why are Americans such lazy pieces of trash?: I have just spent nearly 2 months in the US and observ…[View]
172413901Trump breaking promises left and right: Trump: >WTF I LOVE INTERVENTIONISM NOW >WTF I LOVE HIL…[View]
172417559>mfw Rome actually existed[View]
172417785INFOWARS: On May 24 Facebook is planning on banning Infowars, WE NEED TO STOP THIS we all need to fo…[View]
172417751/pol/ ,what is the worst kind of mudslimes? >sandniggers >jungle niggers (aka SEA) >niggers…[View]
172415311>your ancestors hated their country so much they left for another continent >brag about your a…[View]
172415453Fucking APOLOGIZE. Irish are the last bastion of conservatism![View]
172411201http://newstalk1290.com/wichita-falls-police-searching-for-missing-11-year-old-girl/ Anybody seen he…[View]
172417060Serbian serial rapist from bosnian war here. Ask me anything.[View]
172416340PIZZAGATE PYOP: This new kids film called Show Dogs has obvious child grooming scenes. One part is w…[View]
172404546Syria General /sg/ - Moving On Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
172416878Where were you when the good guys won?[View]
172395259Jordan Peterson's connections to the UN, George Soros, MKUltra and more: Been doing some seriou…[View]
172410466What does /pol/ think of armoured Skeptic?[View]
172417154ITT: Spekr Results: Decided to make a Spekr results thread because why not? Here are my results ↓…[View]
172417151explain me this: >jews opened euro borders and let millions of mudslimes to come in >mudslimes…[View]
172409838Vegan thread: All my friends are vegan faggots!! They are all gay and into dudes, they dont want any…[View]
172416883Where were you when President Trump collectively pissed off all the democrats and the deep state fro…[View]
172413793>tfw no warrior skull >tfw jawlet >tfw roasties look at me as if I'm a cockroach >t…[View]
172412889You should be communists.: First and foremost, if you are a national-socialist (or support the civil…[View]
172362211Christianity General /cg/ God Has A Plan For You, Edition!: ITT: All pious anons and anyone with an …[View]
172395254Does the concept of marriage still mean anything nowadays?[View]
172414953Incel rebellion is ramping up boys. Be sure to do your part. It benefits all men. Think about how ea…[View]
172413914only unevolved people love their parents[View]
172399245Harris 2020: Now we need a biracial woman president.[View]
172412981HAPPENING!! PASSION OF THE CHRIST - THE SEQUEL: Mel about to drop it on the jews again! Check out th…[View]
172405467White privilege debate: Holy fuck /pol/ this was the hardest thing to watch in my life.[View]
172413277Can we have a Jeb! thread for old times sake?: it was so much fun literally bullying him out of the …[View]
172412083#whitebabydropoff: White babies are even worse than pitbulls if you think about it. Imagine all the …[View]
172415261Dumb niggers: The jews make a movie calling the best black people spear chuckers and blacks can…[View]
172413326What did he mean by this /pol/? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/998546786628395009?s=20…[View]
172415215/pol/ I think that I have become too obsessed with politics and it drains my energy. For example whe…[View]
172415315What is /pol/'s opinion of the Proud Boys: Uhuru![View]
172389881Syrians, North Iraqis and Lebaneses are WHITE MEDITERRANEAN PEOPLE: We're not Arabs, we're…[View]
172415857Israel will make Europe enriched again: Israeli minister of communication Ayoob Kara wants to invite…[View]
172411997“You’re just racist because you’ve never interacted with black people!” >the south is where there…[View]
172410625Molyneux's job advice: Well /pol/, why haven't you gotten a 30K starting job yet? All you …[View]
172415125Israeli ((((academic))) pushing for globalisation in Europe, whilst his country is the most right wi…[View]
172407126India hate thread: There's a poo-in-the-loo mod here that keeps removing every India hate threa…[View]
172414423I finally had the epiphany, /pol/. Most people here hold the views that they hold on here completely…[View]
172411560How is this legal?[View]
172412754Is university worth it I suck at math I don't want to be a poorfag my entire life though.[View]
172407948something i learned browsing this board: Almost every anon here (myself) included is incredibly hate…[View]
172401659Das right! https://www.twitter.com/jaydackblack/status/997898555510673411[View]
172414494Why do Boomers always think the world is going to end?[View]
172345000/Pitbull/ General: Political discussion about pitbulls[View]
172414656FELLOW CANADIANS, HAPPY VICTORIA DAY: God save the Queen![View]
172414705Why is it that /pol/ is full of far right nutjobs, but when you look for a reasonable left wing alte…[View]
172414960Who else /hope it goes this way/?[View]
172408744Hong Kuck thread: Hong Kuck thread Hong Kong is just constantly cucked by China’s big swinging dick…[View]
172406981'Jews have an ethnic monopoly over roadworks in America, proof inside' The roundabout is …[View]
172411508Why is incel buzzword being spammed so much? We already had terms like losers, robots and virgins. I…[View]
172414812Does your country have a policy like the one in the pic. Translation If Sweden is attacked by anothe…[View]
172403964Stop pushing the lies about nofap and noporn: there isnt any legitimate evidence that shows that the…[View]
172414835If the FBI infiltrated the Trump campaign, it's because it was crawling with Russians and expat…[View]
172400203Muslim beaten to death in India for killing cow: BASED POOS https://www.yahoo.com/news/muslim-beaten…[View]
172409426Will you ever feel this connected to your community anon?: In contrast, look at pic related and how …[View]
172413092Nazi in the FRANXX: S o y b o y editor of Anime News Network thinks Darling in the FRANXX is Nazi pr…[View]
172414395I seriously hope you guys don't pay taxes. If you do what are you even doing posting here? And …[View]
172394431/pol/ this husband and wife gave up their two year old son for adoption because he was a burden on t…[View]
172405495Why can’t white people stop schooting up schools?[View]
172406982Is today the day we've been waiting for?[View]
172413898We did it Reddit. We f****** won! Post your victory faces[View]
172414520Oi mate got broadcasting loicense ? https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/may/21/russian-broadcaste…[View]
172414353Yeah they really fucking cover all the bases. Anyone else rage listen to this garbage?[View]
172413118Wow, African Americans really have won this year with Black Panther, This is America & the Royal…[View]
172403709OK so... Atheist center leftist here, (emphasis on center) my political views pretty much stemmed fr…[View]
172411081What did Bill Clinton mean by this?[View]
172387382Why are weedfags so annoying and degenerate?: I know guys that do other drugs (painkillers, coke, am…[View]
172413499All memes aside... Has there ever been a government right wing enough for /pol/?[View]
172413161I need to get out of Melbourne!. New Lord Mayor (((Sally Capp))) bans Thomas Tank Engine.: >…[View]
172407901Why shouldn't we legalise drugs? We could set up state owned stores that sell drugs, that are …[View]
172414097Venezuela: living the dream: People has spoken. They want to live their socialist dream. Let them.…[View]
172414154>Being bisexual and supportive of the LGBT (till some point) >not being completely white but a…[View]
172409364I know why Jews are successful: My ex was Jewish and I saw private snaps of her hanging out with oth…[View]
172407351holt: How did Australia lose a in-office prime minister? they never found him[View]
172411615Considering all these school shootings that have occured at the hand of incels, can we expect some s…[View]
172413955You guys should kill yourselves....: I dont normally hate on your, I'm not even telling you to …[View]
172412271Are the gingers a race, /pol/?[View]
172409919>Israel wants to nuke THIS[View]
172413949INFOWARS SUNDAY SHOW: >do I get mad at him sometimes when he bombs Syria or whatever? >yeah I …[View]
172403342First cucked, and now, chipped: Its getting 'trendy' now for thousands of Swedes to have the chip fi…[View]
172413806Dudeweeed UK - why it's not legal edition: Drugs minister accused of 'hypocrisy on a grand…[View]
172413750The Venezuelan revolution has survived and shown itself strong in the hearts of the people, despite …[View]
172406544>20% support for Irish Unity in nothern ireland *breathes in* AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
172404015Is Erdogan the next leader to get JUSTed after Gadafi[View]
172397738fucking based: >Pope Francis has told a gay man that 'God made you that way and loves you as you …[View]
172413303Redpill me on the jewish subversion of beauty/: Anyone else feel what men fap to today is unnatural.…[View]
172399693What's with the chinese and animals? They skin them alive in their massive fur farms, they do a…[View]
172410871The right is all logic and no emotion. This is a problem.[View]
172405791What does pol think of prenuptial agreements?: Getting married in 5 days and unsure if I should do a…[View]
172410736New details revealed in shooting of lobbyist investigating murder of DNC staffer: After Democratic N…[View]
172407371Hillary Clinton Says She’s Still ‘Not Over’ Losing To Trump: >Former Secretary of State Hillary C…[View]
172410035Reminder:: This country killed 10,000 US sailors and disabled an entire US Carrier group in Operatio…[View]
172412892I hearby demand that Trump get genetic testing on his strain of HPV to see if he exposed Stormy Dani…[View]
172405767German cartoonist sacked after Netanyahu drawing: >Previously, Dieter Hanitzsch drew Turkish pres…[View]
172408292We’ve condensed America down to one tweet.[View]
172405443Greece no!!!: Greece no!!! >Greece’s most liberal mayor gets beat up by a bunch of far-right prot…[View]
172410052Big German newspaper fires cartoonist over 'anti-semitic' Netanyahu piece: http://www.dw.c…[View]
172412447white men needs to enslave and rape women: this is the only way to save the west this is the only wa…[View]
172401167why is the majority of scat fetishists wh*Te? is it your 'masterrace'?[View]
172407452How do we save Sweden?: I'm looking at Sweden and thinking about how we can save them. Any idea…[View]
172411418The 'beard' is the last bastion of masculinity these basedboys have. What if we got it trending that…[View]
172412424Was Age of Empires Online redpilled? Is that why they pulled the plug? >part of the campaign pits…[View]
172410711Are franchises destroying society?[View]
172407113What will the U.S/International community be doing on the Venezuelan subject?: Maduro got reelected,…[View]
172411858Creepy facial expression on corpse of unidentified woman at LA County Morgue. Source: http://mec.la…[View]
172408342ever felt things are hastening in the world stage? > rapefugees migration trends rising > ebol…[View]
172411724Who the fuck are these two? Are they even real people? Soros employees?[View]
172397070Maori here. Staunch supporter for Israel. Hate arabs and somalis etc. My question to you wh*teboi cu…[View]
172393998Weaponized race: ever notice how democrats 'weaponize' brown people as a power move. take pic relate…[View]
172403950Minions are the next hate symbol: Let's make this happen Idea sprouted >>>/b/769212503…[View]
172410704Should people who don't work not be taxed?[View]
172410071Have jewish racial identity psyops turned you into an insecure hatemonger, /pol/? Does that mentalit…[View]
172410248Why does /pol/ take Kremlin Propaganda at Face Value now?: I remember when /pol/ was all like 'remov…[View]
172411713What role should education play in life?[View]
172399611Bring back home economics classes. kids these days have no idea how to do anything. we need skills b…[View]
172399370latin should be the language of the continental europe: -reminscence of the roman empire,it link us …[View]
172406507MONDAY QANDA LIVEWATCH.: Get in here Ausfags! It's time for bingo! Watch with us: >http://ww…[View]
172407167What does /pol/ think about ross perot: What do you think?[View]
172411348Wow third world shithole.[View]
172411107Who else is taking the Benedict Option? We can't save the west anymore, the only choice is to a…[View]
172409606I thought this was going to happen on election night. I was devastated. Now I wake up everyday in th…[View]
172397493Why is Iceland so based?: Whitest country on earth. High fertility rate. Socialist polices work beca…[View]
172411072Wtf, 4chan supports race-mixing: I have travelled to Philippines recently to visit my relatives, and…[View]
172411119Wtf am I watching? https://youtu.be/7FZ9h8fWrCo[View]
172397646Excluding transfolk from your dating preferences?: That's transphobia. PERIOD.[View]
172405231Daily boomer hate thread: Let’s go[View]
172408138America is the greatest country in the world: https://youtu.be/9L193QV3muk Just kidding. Its never g…[View]
172410927>Year: 2008 >Be American >Get sick >Call doctor >Get an appointment same day >Y…[View]
172383112How dare you be racist[View]
172407696In what ways has Islam or its people positively impacted you? Pro Islam memes welcome.[View]
172404410What is the least cucked / least dysfunctional country on earth right now ?[View]
172410676Who’s the smartest person on r9k: Has anyone on here made a significant innovation in Physics, Chemi…[View]
172394661Why is support of Brexit falling in Northern Ireland?: Why do the English in Ireland not want to be …[View]
172396257European Union to ban memes and more: Europe is currently deciding on new laws to automatically filt…[View]
172410615You have no Bushido /pol/ ![View]
172409829your thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
172407115>blocks your path >'I won't allow a nazi to be the banchou of Kiruserufu-koukou (tl note,…[View]
172405036Kike shill attack white man Bannon for not bowing to trump: The server test was overruled today. Thi…[View]
172390550was Justinian ourguy?: what does pol think about the chad emperor?[View]
172398114A living meme: the real best friend of the jew Putin![View]
172401855Why does /pol/ shit on all white women and not celebrate the good ones?: >Danielle Dick cancelled…[View]
172375284West Memphis Three: Who are the West Memphis Three? >On May 5, 1993, three teenagers, Damien Echo…[View]
172409791Liberalism is good. I'm glad that someone like this is one of the most powerful people in the w…[View]
172410312Poindexters will be criminalised: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/21/sexual-exploitatio…[View]
172409961Libertarians - the 5th column in the West: What communists did during the Cold War, libertarians do …[View]
172379945/pol/ humor thread.[View]
172409840redpill me on saudi arabia: hello everyone. I'm middle eastern and I'm struggling to decid…[View]
17240073820 Priests Among 110 Dead In Havana Plane Crash: Is this connected to the Catholic abuse scandal in …[View]
172405673The internet is polarized: Change my mind[View]
172408333Communists say the death rate under communism is lower than capitalism: Please explain and debate.…[View]
172409948https://youtu.be/BVHJLV1uAM8 >kikes never made anything good admit it /pol/, you're just mad…[View]
172401614Reminder if you don't have all of these tattoos you are not supporting your race and are actual…[View]
172407376Huh, so this is the power of MAGA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjmwYCu9TRo[View]
172409752Why was the Fuhrer such a soyboy sexually?[View]
172409588Anthony Kennedy retirement rumors shift into overdrive: Retire, Kennedy![View]
172403850What are some /pol/ approved religions?[View]
172402207>literal mafia is robbing Russia of its resources and money, leaving the people some crumbs so th…[View]
172409045Kurd here Noticed tha in recent years the western and specifically American conservatives are promot…[View]
172404826make it /pol/[View]
172403892Moldovan Police Use Tear Gas to Repel Anti-Gay Christian Activists: The only people getting gassed a…[View]
172409114Do you think The Fuhrer can be romantic?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxJUyUQK_Yk[View]
172404237What kind of person lives here?[View]
172400599THIS IS WHY CAPITALIISM SUCKS: In a free market, there are the costs of ‘wheeling and dealing’: adve…[View]
172406618>Without the welfare state, there would be no friendzone, women would marry the nice guys as soon…[View]
172397508/pol/ literature dump: JQ - https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ Religion, Magick, …[View]
172401254/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA LION EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
172405872The designed fractionalization of the west: Feminism, multiculturalism and atheism. The 3 main wreck…[View]
172408916Irish abortion: Well /pol/ only 4 days now to the Irish abortion referendum. Will Ireland join the d…[View]
172409008ALL black people need to g-[View]
172407580White pill: When did you realise that the white genocide isn't real, but it should be?[View]
172404631End of memes: >Will there be a ban on memes in the European Union? But that could change: the mem…[View]
172408466EU data protection bureaucracy has cost 9bn in America and Britain alone: Just GDPR compliance in th…[View]
172407537Maybe if incels just worked on themselves little more they could find a girlf-[View]
172405226How kikes make the American Experience suck: Americans have this unfortunate disadvantage that the U…[View]
172408108What part of your power level do you hide even on /pol/?: What redpills are you hiding that are just…[View]
172387697The white race is no longer worth saving: Our only hope is a eurasian ethnostate. Lads, abandon the …[View]
172405902Professor Mike Tyson destroyed Jordan SSRIs Paterson[View]
172407592what were his opinion on women?[View]
172407918Now entering: Madman mode[View]
172406619This guy Aurini has a new girlfriend every month: And he does good solid philosophy-oriented videos.…[View]
172407998We did it reddit. Next up: MOBILIZE the homeless to fucking take over Starbucks’ in every major metr…[View]
172407893Wax my balls, bigot.: http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/transgender-woman-files-human-rights-co…[View]
172402881How do you feel about people from the Horn of Africa /pol/?[View]
172387061Guy got sentenced to 18 month of prison for building a model of Ausschwitz and presenting it on Face…[View]
172401466What are Americans going to do to stop the mass shootings in schools, obviously they're not get…[View]
172401689Dont remove kebaba: KEBAB! AZIZ! KEBAB! 14/88 from TURK assad hail assad long live assad yes assad s…[View]
172368728Brit/pol: >UK households turn cheerier about their finances in May - IHS Markit https://feeds.reu…[View]
172405121don't do it, /pol/: Do you not fucking get it? This is the aftermath of CIA and KGB rivalry. MK…[View]
172398684OH FUGG HABBENING: You autists did we actually do it??!! What is to come of this? OH FUGG it's …[View]
172396463What are the earlier terrorist groups that later lead to Al-Qaeda and ISIS?[View]
172406472How do we stop the female celibacy problem? How do we stop them from becoming worthless so young? H…[View]
172406054I can't believe people still fall for this crap.: Why do people still fall for the communism me…[View]
172383233#JUSTICEFORZAVION: >young King wuz kidnapped by gingers with 'i hate black people' tattoos drivin…[View]
172407467Why libraries are right!: So tiday was watching joe Riga (image attached) And i finally understod ta…[View]
172355147Were the supposed time that white men used to be all the buzzwords and racist and shit above any oth…[View]
172407329/pol/ will defend this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIW8tKPJ_8g[View]
172402379Funny Story’s Thread: >be American expat >go to U.K. for grad school >fall in love with be…[View]
172398023'Only your arrogance if German' song for school kids: 'My son brought this home from 6th class today…[View]
172406710powerful even god watches over the incel victims[View]
172401924Be Richard Spencer: >get punched[View]
172405435Should everyone be allowed to vote?: Why do we always have to vote based on our impression of some r…[View]
172395977IT'S WORKING: >This is the thot who went after Pewdiepie cuz muh sexisms. Here's an art…[View]
172405599We all know communism sucks nigger dick So how do we stop Corporatism?[View]
172403755bukbukbukbukbukBUCOCKbukbukbuk: >I hereby BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW for the second or …[View]
172367802Good job Connecticut!!!: Connecticut joins the growing list of states requiring Holohoax indoctrinat…[View]
172402476>This is what SJW's are trying to bring down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAROVWCHcEQ…[View]
172401734- Hello Austria -: Own some Hitler wine Go to jail https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/austrian…[View]
172402968What should they do, /pol/?: https://twitter.com/JFREJNYC/status/998032548205944832[View]
172387319REVERSE THE GENDERS IN THE SANTA FE SCHOOL SHOOTING: Imagine if Shana Fisher was a bullied, homely, …[View]
172406031School shootings don't happen at private schools...[View]
172405901Why are niggers uneducated?: They claim that schools with minorities are safer than those filled wit…[View]
172402685Americans of /pol/: Would you trade 2nd Amendment for becoming 100% white? This happens instantaneou…[View]
172398841Can you tell me what this is?: I was given this pin by a family member, can you tell me what it is /…[View]
172404423Brown horde of Muslims are so poo~[View]
172405178So anon, do you? https://www.strawpoll.me/15739598[View]
172401581What does /pol/ think of the phrase “Uncle Tom”?[View]
172368605Trump Takes Off the Gloves: Orders Official Investigation of Obama/FBI for Spying on Trump Campaign:…[View]
172405543God dammit /pol/. I didn't know the redpill would hurt this much. I never thought it would lead…[View]
172405279LiveLeak hates Asians: The comments section always makes me laugh https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CY…[View]
172402253is this real ?: I found this image on twitter but it seems it was since deleted. Can you help me to …[View]
172400173>shithole under monarchy >shithole under communism >shithole under capitalism When will you…[View]
172398276Daily reminder that G*rmans loving mudslimes is not something recent. If Shitler won Europe would al…[View]
172400809What we doing today?[View]
172404930>>>/r9k/45557501 fucking gay people why did we give them rights again?[View]
172397092Yaaaaas slay queen[View]
172401586Hands down the worst country in Europe >Destroyed Rome like a bunch of niggers >Kills hundreds…[View]
172404736reminder that Jewish controlled newspapers and radio tricked the whole country into thinking Babe Ru…[View]
172404896Watch mass Saturn worship live!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4kwYeZeaMQ[View]
172402222How does the Mormon church handle homosexuality?: Stopped watching porn, stopped fapping to my degen…[View]
172389568/isg/: /Israel Support General/: As Christians, we have a duty to support Israel. It's the only…[View]
172404467ANON 2020 FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!: WATCH THIS SHIT FAGGOTS https://youtu.be/fvqYDwh1-I8[View]
172339607In what world is it not absolute cuckery for a normal person, let alone a fucking prince, to marry a…[View]
172396488TRUMPGRET: I voted for Trump because I thought he was racist. I was told he would deport all the Jew…[View]
172400730Was the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII justified? Would you be morally okay with round…[View]
172352532Syria General /sg/ - Chad Maghreboi Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
172403751Meme war idea. #IOKTBW2.0: Paint rocks with pro white propaganda and redpill stats that can be short…[View]
172401610>M-muh Italian army is weak: Italy literally dominated Europe before Christianity came. All you c…[View]
172403428When are we going to end up being a cashless society in the US? I won't be able to survive anym…[View]
172408126anyone go to work high: >have been smoking weed non stop for 2 months straight > ex was stone…[View]
172392341genuine question Are neanderthals kike sandnigger nigger mongrels? It dosent to unrealistic if you t…[View]
172393825Politics in MMO game Archeage EU: Been playing this Game for while, joined some big “play nation” gu…[View]
172402450Jewish Ancestor Found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY5ArW3Ncfo[View]
172403073damn... i cant refute this..[View]
172403395If I have light brown hair and blue eyes, and can trace my whiteness back to the 1400s, am I still a…[View]
172403849Why is nigger music so popular in the West now? What the fuck went so wrong?[View]
172405422women need to shut the fuck up[View]
172405598How is a divorcee of all people allowed to wear white? Why does nobody give a thing about these thin…[View]
172405655Stink Nigger: > Yesterday's night, 23:20 pm, empty dark street > Walking home thinking ab…[View]
172405752When will you stop using the wearable jew?[View]
172406189Whats his endgame? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZeXmrNUH90[View]
172406139>haven't seen my best friend in a while >he majors in literature >I major in engineeri…[View]
172406178What will be the topics of discussions on /pol/ in the age of inter-galactic?: What will be the topi…[View]
172406111did anybody see the Harry and Meghan movie? it features this scene - i don`t remember the context si…[View]
172406745in your head: I'll never get this out of my head, now its in yours.[View]
172407372Can you call yourself redpilled if you don't work out?[View]
172407645Judge my great grandpa's Whiteness. This is him in his WWI uniform.[View]
172407503Obsession with women?: Why are you guys caring so much about women? All the time i hear talk about h…[View]
172406281Are heavy/death metal women/girls good: Girlfriends Housewives Mothers or are they just degenerate …[View]
172400418NEET Vs wagecuck: https://youtu.be/BBiOx3pKZAc Are people too assblasted to admit the truth?[View]
172378285Prince Harry Breaks Down During Royal Wedding: Prince Harry started crying during the royal wedding.…[View]
172397578Is this shit legit?[View]
172401490Pol's favorite books Post 'em[View]
172393967How come she killed Princess Diana but let this happen? Guilt?[View]
172405600hapa vs full asian: Does anyone of them should have the right to live in the ethnostate?[View]
172398353checking in with the NEETs of /pol/: What's your situation? How much longer can you keep living…[View]
172404993Am i a beta?: Hey pol/ just wondering. I'm not a beta. At least i dont think im one. I think im…[View]
172388337What does pol think of comedy in the year 2018?: >Did somebody say they wanted to hear my dad…[View]
172387888/IBS GENERAL/ TONKA GETTING REKT EDITION: anyone seen jims metocast? tonka from the kumite gets expo…[View]
172401472Is Pepe really a hate symbol in America now?[View]
172391793Civil war 2024 ITT: How it begins: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/24/cale…[View]
172388759Question for all trumo supporters, especially those 'redpilled' ones before the 2016 election; >…[View]
172396934Man Down: This sums up the entirety of the right wing part of /pol/ I feel like most of you are lowk…[View]
172400917Russia should take over Europe! Nobody cares about the butthurt belt and we could use the resources …[View]
172400660Why does 10% of the population (white hoes) commit 90% of crime?[View]
172401236Why are there so few Jewish influences in the Asia compared to Western World and Middle East?: Why d…[View]
172403306if you are against radicals and the system join the system vs radicals or join radicals vs the syste…[View]
172383328Chris Chan just took a 23andme test and apparently he's 100% western European, and not half-Che…[View]
172400921POSSIBLE HAPPENING: A Boeing E3F - Sentry plane can be seen doing radar circling for surveillance ov…[View]
172401244Nicolas 'Champingon' Maduro: http://www.argia.eus/albistea/madurok-irabazi-ditu-hauteskundeak-inoiz-…[View]
172401895How long until the truth comes out about Diana's formerly exiled daughter?: Blacked + sislovesm…[View]
172402855Taco Elections.: >3 manlet >1 Tall (pd: the gun in the middle is not a candidate so doesnt cou…[View]
172403087how to safe the world: post 'you are white' under every white celeb post extra points if its women…[View]
172403011Evil White Supremacy: I've been on /pol/ for a while. If I had to sum up my entire learnings i…[View]
172402890>Late last month, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) issued a subpoena …[View]
172372899Was there a culture shift after 2007?[View]
172396613Donald Trump - lack of wall edition: How come a 20 trillion dollar economy cannot cough up 20 billio…[View]
172399930Feminism makes you UGLY: Prove me wrong On the right, Kim Kardashian On the left, Jameela Jamil, a #…[View]
172402376what is John Brennan´s endgame: he seems a bit worried 1/2[View]
172401742Racism: We need to end racism if we are ever going to unite and stop the jews from achieving their e…[View]
172401023Were there internment camps for Italians and Germans during WW2: How were Italians and Germans treat…[View]
172402541New (((college))): My new college is one of ((( God’s chosen))). FOB from Isreal he really does look…[View]
172389196Antifa made Faith Goldy cry. Please donate to her paypal to make her feel better guys. :([View]
172360882they’re terrified they don’t measure up: >The perceived loss of power, privilege, prestige, and s…[View]
172375954CONTRACTOR: > If you are former military and arnt working as a contractor you are a dumb pathetic…[View]
172391014This is your future Europe: time to grow some balls[View]
172400851Read SIEGE: Read SIEGE by James Mason Read SIEGE by James Mason Read SIEGE by James Mason Read SIEGE…[View]
172394180Is Melania Trump into BESTIALITY? She's been banging a whale for years now![View]
172402246How do we fix the west: is our society beyond saving? pic related is the latest issue of my universi…[View]
172399343albo pol /general/: where my albos at[View]
172386955I believe Trump is literally Hitler and will kill me in a genocide.[View]
172381199The Jew Tube shutdown Lambright.: Youtube has fully shut me down over this video that I uploaded to …[View]
172400919we should stop putting people in jail for plants[View]
172402155Sesame Street redpill meme thread SS: Post your favourites[View]
172401921MC Paul Barman, a Jew rapper, has a new album out called (((echo chamber))). Not shilling for him, I…[View]
172391221should we spread natsoc propaganda on cards, chips and thumbdrives?[View]
172354712Why even the lowest scum whores have some standards?: >pic related…[View]
172374772The American Chad: > Be filthy shitskin sand nigger out walking goats with your sons at 5am > …[View]
172401790Why do shills promote Kevin MacDonald so much?[View]
172394563i'm literally fucking shaking looking at this pic. The Australian treatment of aboriginals was …[View]
172399308https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/05/americans-and-the-holocaust/560495/ >America…[View]
172397344Biblical significance of Hawaii volcanoes?: What does the volcano mean in terms of 'end times…[View]
172392314Royal Family Conspiracy: Does anyone have a screencap of that old forum post from years ago that tal…[View]
172357199Hey guys I think I've been targeted by some special intelligence. I've heard of foreign in…[View]
172399517grammar lesson: how should we relate to niggers? as 'he/she'? or just 'it'? I'm sure without th…[View]
172400076Cut the shit: Let's start a nonbias media outlet that the people can trust, and start pulling t…[View]
172401398This coalburner is revered by eternal anglocucks: Press S to spit on her grave.[View]
172400912How much longer can we keep this pretend friendship going? We will go to war against China. It'…[View]
172401291WTF I LOVE DEMOCRATS NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3yesvvYEvs[View]
172396651>be the daughter of a politician >forced by your father to hand in a prize in front of a room …[View]
172398840The j00s: Pop some pills on the Juden.[View]
172400409Have the jewluminati racial psyops programs turned you into an insecure hatemonger?[View]
172399384Arizona prepping for mass exodus from California: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california…[View]
172389525So if blacks get their way and get rid of white people, they better be prepared for even worse with …[View]
172386979British Royalty BLACKED: They don't look very happy. I Wonder Why....[View]
172395907I got accepted to UC Berkeley recently.: I feel like I'm going to be a fox in the henhouse at t…[View]
172393969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RYyff8dbqI >refuses to denounce ms-13 >i have relatives that …[View]
172397884Hey /pol/...: Imagine being a female and growing up knowing that no matter what anyone says, your en…[View]
172397313Do you support California leaving the United States: The state is no longer the same. Whites decease…[View]
172398989Should Drug Dealers Be Killed?: Drugs lead to degeneracy everybody knows that. Drugs destroy the whi…[View]
172394539What did he tell him?: >poking chest >menacing demeanor >smirk in face why is prince charle…[View]
172399006Beat them or join them: How true opportunist capitalists (usurers) operate have no true allegiances …[View]
172390552so᠌yboy: Does anyone have any infographics about Monsanto, and the dangers of consuming so᠌y? I know…[View]
1723980862nd Amendment discussion: Is it unconstitutional for fully automatic firearms to be banned? Is the …[View]
172394878Why is this board so slow lately? Could pic related be of any significance?[View]
172373187Lost hope for the future: >work at restaurant in Arkansas >over half of staff just graduated …[View]
172372974Poor faith assaulted and spit on by antifags. Will anyone ID the guy in red? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
172399017Has the Islamic Republic of Iran or any of its proxies ever committed a terrorist attack against US …[View]
172380900Remember when this country was totally about to collapse/get kicked off the euro/turn into a third w…[View]
172388079I did it. I cancelled my lifetime NRA membership today. It feels liberating. I'll be handing in…[View]
172390819Why even send your kids or support public school anymore? Your kids will be exposed to: Kids raised …[View]
172393444why is racemixing so bad?why does kikes promote it and what do they get out of it: wouldn't a r…[View]
172399297if you have inmigrated to usa after 1950 you are not american: 10/10 american arrived in 1600 the pi…[View]
172385075My Mom Deleted 450 Pages of Anti-Immigration Writing: I was writing a book, close to finishing. It w…[View]
172378450america is superior militarily: i claim that: murka is superior to any other contenders on the plane…[View]
172380852ITT post /pol/ red pills for all of the summer fags[View]
172399904/int/ is bullying /pol/ again: >>>/int/89876627[View]
172397480What the fuck is eco feminism?: Why do feminists have to put the word feminism in everything?[View]
172381011blue wave: will it happen?[View]
172369582>Wake up >Old Pope just died >Realize you've been elected the new Pope >You have to…[View]
172399471the creation of cristians banks is the only way to destroy the jew: -we need to recover the fluxe of…[View]
172397075We all know /pol/ is heavily, heavily shilled. This sucks. Let's invert and meme every single o…[View]
172387092Ron Cuck Paul: when will this old basedboy die all he does is shill for the democrats against Trump …[View]
172399621It's okay to be white[View]
172377005>be one of the most notorious jewish establisment fighters of all times >/pol/ hates you anywa…[View]
172391495I thought this guy was a fag: http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/05/20/woman-claims-mario-batali…[View]
172399418Disruption: What is /pol/s opinion on technology and innovation? Can we make a better, greener and h…[View]
172399377Holy shit is this the end?: When will Trump finally snap and announce his elegantly overdue resignat…[View]
172398823britain BLACKED[View]
172399155>mfw 2k18 and shitskins still cant into space, atom, n-energy, education, woman driving, bomb par…[View]
172397182It's over he's done[View]
172399164What if the left really are the good guys?[View]
172390695Why are whites so violent?: How can white people justify being so violent? Most results when you sea…[View]
172398695why does /pol/ like this kike shill so much?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhTMy9ma2mQ…[View]
172398880>My Mom Deleted 450 Pages of Anti-Immigration Writing Jesusfuckibgcrhist anon, you're on 4ch…[View]
172395880VOTE Patrick Little: KEEP FEINSTEIN OUT. VOTE PATRICK LITTLE!! https://youtu.be/PMI2AF18TX0[View]
172379883This is what MKUltra looks like in real life: When you see these threads, don’t reply. Report these …[View]
172398784Hillary’s Russian hat: What did she mean by this?[View]
172396354Are lesbians real? All of them use dildos.[View]
172395488Would a space elevator solve all of humanity's problem?[View]
172398372according to the Sunday times, GI have their own bars and gyms. have any of you guys been?[View]
172397530> record number of school shootings > drumpodumpo decides to regulate VAGINAS Herpaderpa ameri…[View]
172389049Just watched pic related for the first time: wtf I love fascism now[View]
172395019Teen dating apps: They might have removed the under 18 version of Tinder. but there are still dating…[View]
1723897103 years ago: /pol/ he called it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h1VyXD9oS0&t=506s[View]
172362349PizzaGate: Facts and Fiction: Where is the conclusive evidence that Pizzagate happened? In my mind t…[View]
172398454https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLGLOiAMqA0 The white genocide agenda is real.[View]
172397024I hate whites, jews and niggers: Whites and Jews perv on kids. Niggers are dumb savages. I have seen…[View]
172395902No one asks the Middle East to became more diverse and let in immigrants. It's just Western cou…[View]
172389105Fuck off: You guys realize you're the laughing stock of the internet right? Everybody laughs at…[View]
172397475Where's the wall at Trumpfags?[View]
172386279Bye jeff: Bye jeff[View]
172396550Draw muhammad: Did /pol/ forget about draw muhammad day just like me or?[View]
172395531What is your opinion on anarcho-syndicalism?[View]
172396546Comedian gets shit for pointing out bias against straight white males: It's funny how SJWs don…[View]
172386844explain how this works to me: my dog is a mad fucking demon, i saw his true form in a dream once, it…[View]
172392481>tfw all the Amerimutt jokes come back to bite you.[View]
172397903Socially Acceptable Gestures: >high-fiving >fist-bumping >kissing on the cheek as a hello/b…[View]
172397886Was this the greatest televised debate of 2018?[View]
172397765Lets get real: You don't give a crap about 'white genocide' it just makes you feel mad seeing a…[View]
172395021Rationalwiki 'AIPAC' entry thread: ZOG and the demographic tide is the dialectical core of American …[View]
172387236Welp, time to pack it in lads. We had a good run but it looks like that's all ogre now. Grades …[View]
172395338When will Anti-Pot BasedMales stop being so low-T and use the most harmless medication on the market…[View]
172387599So it's become abundantly clear that usury is a cancer upon our economic system that ought to b…[View]
172389186If Kim cancels his meeting with Trump: Trump has no options left. Trump can't start a war with …[View]
172361319Genuine opinion of Richard Spencer?[View]
172395761poor little bolshievik....[View]
172392735Tfw 2016 was best timeline Straight god tier happening What will tfw 2019-20 be /pol/ ?[View]
172390901Why the fuck was i beaten as a child? Even as a father at 26 years old i have NEVER HIT ANY OF MY 3…[View]
172390774What can be done to screen the terrorists out from the refugees?[View]
172386476Where are the Santa Fe school survivors pimping gun control? Why was the strange phenomenon seemingl…[View]
172397129/pol/ doesn't care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict[View]
172392780>American ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''healthcare'''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
172397077Modern Sweden: >thinking about Sweden >how it's now terrible >how far they've fal…[View]
172396911We’re just giving ordinary people the same chance to survive as the bureaucrats in Washington. I thi…[View]
172390711>uhhh no russia pffttt durr[View]
172395625anything on venezuela?: been skimming through for a little, cant seem to find a whole lot on the shi…[View]
172396256hitler plundered and killed half of the jews and left them so utterly devastated that only half of t…[View]
172390506(2/?): USA and Russia are now in all out war. What would happen and which country would win?[View]
172395142Liberals: >LOL tRUMP is really feeling the noose tightening around his neck now! Gah what a baby …[View]
172395692Texas shooter yelled 'Woo hoo' as he fired: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/texas-shooter-yelle…[View]
172395785Is America's two party system better or worse than what the rest of the world has?[View]
172383988KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL-/kvg/ late night comfy: ARE YOU READY FOR THE HULACOAST! DIRECTORY: will be …[View]
172395138Is he dare i say it, fucking antichrist: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/20/pope-juan-car…[View]
172384050SANTA FE FALSE FLAG: Here is irrefutable proof that Santa Fe was a false flag event.. Watch it! Or d…[View]
172389938Talk u fucking retard.: We /pol/tards act like little bitches. The truth is that people are redpill…[View]
172395679Why can't Germany ever do great things any more?: 30,000 illegal Nigerians to be deported... on…[View]
172392870When did you know that we're going to win?[View]
172396075Pope now says that God makes faggots >b-but muh reincarnation of Peter >muh keys https://arch…[View]
172395951Sheboons Win NASA: Remember these negresses? https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/news/all-girl-science-t…[View]
172395923(((They))) We KNOW[View]
172395826hillary dindu nuffin: >lawyer >wife of slick willy clinton >senator >secratary of state …[View]
172395807Germany instigating joint safe space student exchange with israel: The absolute state of germany.…[View]
172387159>women aren't intelli-[View]
172395751The new rally cry of /pol/[View]
172379121Why is arquitecture so lazy nowadays[View]
172393734Hello fellow posters my name is Grug and I am a cave man. I am here seeking political knowledge that…[View]
172393883Why /Pol/ is so hypocrites?: > 33 years an unmployed dude >Live with your grandma >Marries …[View]
172385823HAPPENING! GLOW IN THE DARK NIGGERS PLANNING SYRIA FALSE FLAG: >mutilated bodies >unrecognizab…[View]
172395512Why should I, or anyone, care about the increasing likelihood of a socio-political collapse in Ameri…[View]
172343078Why dis happen?[View]
172394609Who was in the wrong here /pol/?[View]
172393067Whats the deal with qatari muslims? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIJB7cv97Dg[View]
172393577Do you make more than your father did when he was your age (adjusted for inflation)?[View]
172395058Juncker pushing for United States of Europe amid Trump incompetence: As Juncker outlined, Europe can…[View]
172385367Who was in the wrong here?[View]
172391127You Know What Your Problem is POL?: > spending too much time inside > need to exercise 1 hour …[View]
172388074In Revelations, I know that verily, when the sun and the moon and the stars go out. Check this out, …[View]
172394137Disgusting, this graphs proves there is an epidemic oppression by whites in America. There will be n…[View]
172394613RELAX GOYIM.....[View]
172384614If the feminist virus killing girls too?: Tickles the forghetti[View]
172394492All you Canadian racists are in big trouble now: Canadians will not allow such blantent Trump styled…[View]
172394315>Russia wants to undermine faith in our election system >Russian propaganda tricks and fake ne…[View]
172390962You don't need a gun: You don't need a gun, when you can call the cops you don't need…[View]
172394212This wasn't real fascism. Real fascism hasn't been tried before.[View]
172394386Pic related. This man is a goddamn American treasure.[View]
172394227Ancient French were black. It was only since the WWII that the pale skinned Nazis genocided the nati…[View]
172394362Is there a politically incorrect version of I Love The World?: https://youtu.be/EC-jau-fpJY[View]
172386451>toyota confirmed ancap[View]
172394325Why doesn't The History Channel show any history-related programming anymore?[View]
172380494/mexpol/ - Second Presidential Debate - BASED BRONCO EDITION: QUICK RUNDOWN ON THE CANDIDATES: >A…[View]
172394179Planned Parenthood Is a Racist Terrorist orginization, Prove me wrong!!!![View]
172390729Hi goyim, What do you think about this?: Link: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/opinion/sunday/…[View]
172390176WE WUZ DOCS: https://twitter.com/wsbtv/status/997790719732604928[View]
172378887The white race is the most hypocritical race on the planet: >Subjugates other races and makes the…[View]
172392562Black people are overrepresented in prison because a white supremacist conspiracy - Thinking they ha…[View]
172386342/blackpol/: Shoutout to all my brothas on this website. We gonna take this country and make it ours,…[View]
172392291But why?[View]
172394101TECH KEEPS US POOR: Read pic related. The Cabal could rule over a galactic empire, but instead they …[View]
172392030We need some rules guys: We need to make some rules for each other so every one agrees were on the s…[View]
172389181latin should be the language of the continental europe: -reminscence of the roman empire,it link us …[View]
172375870So now that we all agree that onions milk is for low test cucks, what does /pol/ think about almond …[View]
172393877Why haven't we taken the right to free speech away from liberals yet?[View]
172379897When will the housing bubble pop so I can afford a house?[View]
172391790Why does /pol/ hate this guy?[View]
172385615After a years-long reign on this board, we Americans were brought to heel by the mutt meme. Are we p…[View]
172377251Why are modern Nazis so fucking retarded?[View]
172393567posted without comment[View]
172388019I think some tanned-germans are pretty allright and can stay[View]
172376062Why isn't TRS supporting /ourguy/?: I've been out of the loop for a minute, and I can…[View]
172387950Donald Drumpf. I will be voting for..Donald Drumpf.[View]
172345904/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: SEATTLE INVESTIGATION .11: This general is for identifying, discussi…[View]
172388380does anyone else think water people are bad?: fuck them and they water[View]
172392529cia niggers: wtf are you doing mates? like seriously do you need a fucking crash course on shitposti…[View]
172391591Sup my niggas dis yo boy hypeman1 n I'm throwing day biggest party of da summer on June 14th to…[View]
172391282Weed doesn't make you retar-: There are people on this board who unironically think that Weed i…[View]
172390890Explain yourself Britbongs: How are these people still in power? In the old days they'd be hung…[View]
172379228Post a politician you'd like to have a beer with.[View]
172379311Patrick Little General /PLG/ - KIKE HUBRIS IS SUICIDAL edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs Senat…[View]
172385791If we could elect Trump, why can't we make traditional chaste lifestyle a fashion?[View]
172386436Parking Spaces used as investmets in Hong Kong: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/99840073993967616…[View]
172392876Hitler nihil mali fecerit[View]
172388729Before Columbine, there was this guy. The Columbine kids even cited him as one of their depraved 'in…[View]
172391656Why don't you support the black panthers? I thought you believed in nationalism for all people.[View]
172387476The Petro Yuan Has Captured 12% Of the Worlds Oil Trade!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjJ_tmVKcf…[View]
172389455>pay 100 bucks for this shit >you want to give them more control over my shitty internet speed…[View]
172388651white people baka[View]
172390112Destroying the Jewish claim to be the chosen ones.: Some of you faggots seem to be interested in his…[View]
172378601if you have inmigrated to usa after 1950 you are not american: 10/10 american arrived in 1600 the pi…[View]
172390497CHARITY SOLICITATIONS: NOW EVEN MORE ANNOYING?: i was on a plane with small displays for people to w…[View]
172389023How can we take back this word?[View]
172392215Is hockey the one true white mans sport?[View]
172392099>that 10 year old 20 year old that thinks 30 year olds can't be boomers…[View]
172390390An American's Perspective On Racemixing in the U.S: I'm just gonna get it out of the way a…[View]
172386740Prove to me that whites are superior to other races biologically and that their position in society …[View]
172383180i think hitler won the war, at least his ideas, even after his death, all what he wants to destroy i…[View]
172390626the creation of cristians banks is the only way to destroy the jew: -we need to recover the fluxe of…[View]
172367707Why do Christians worship a sadist?: Me when talking to Christians about me being trans: >god doe…[View]
172384420if you inmigrated after 1950 you are not american: you dont repect nor the culture nor the effort ne…[View]
172390527Am I the only one here Who feels really insignificant here?[View]
172392117HWNDU lol: The flag fucked itself up. Just checking in...[View]
172389190Gas the INCELS: They are worse then the Jews, Hitler understood what needed to be done with them. W…[View]
172384400Millennials have ruined life for every other generation, as well as baby boomers, and everything is …[View]
172389332Do you guys think we can finally ban /pol/ if we keep mailing the authorities saying that most shoot…[View]
172366988Are we seeing Hollywood/top-40 music in it's death throes?: Look at what top-40 music is produc…[View]
172389735Filthy Poles: Why the fuck are Polish people so salty and boorish? I’m polish myself but I’m getting…[View]
172391279This is Canada. Look at how progressive we are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN95BK_qMtU&feat…[View]
172390779BLACK IRISH SUPREMACY: Daily reminder that you will never be as good as looking, hung, funny, or lik…[View]
172389681Problem Reaction Solution: The school shooting issue is simple to solve. They have been leading us d…[View]
172388533Don’t say kike, Jews or use ((())) anymore.: The best way to attacking the Jews is subversion. Jews …[View]
172388692Why is Trump such a pussy when dealing with North Korea?: Nukes? When you have Nukes America can…[View]
172390810Thanks EU for promoting degeneracy to all the kids on Instagram This thing will have to be banned at…[View]
172388991Okay Guys you know what to do[View]
172387553Is 1984 already here?: New laws to tackle 'wild west' internet will make UK 'safest p…[View]
172384841>american music award shows[View]
172364205Since when did /pol become an INCEL/virgin containment board?: mudslimes run over white women >RE…[View]
172383395>A woman starts getting periods around her 14th year and that is the sign she is ripe to have int…[View]
172391083Pajeets are taking over my town. Wtf. Every time I go to the shops I see pajeets roaming in packs. A…[View]
172391081'Oy vey! I'm being victimized!' I put it to you that the Jews are the most grandstanding r…[View]
172390910TFW the apocalypse was an awakening of racial consciousness and revealing the of demonic lizard peop…[View]
172372120BREAKING: PLANE 'DISAPPEARS' OVER VERMONT!: They aren't saying what kind of plane? https://brea…[View]
172384353WE WUZ ATTILA AND SHIT: Are Hungarians really Attila's people?[View]
172381023Why are Canadians so Atavatistic?: Canada far from willing to ban circumcision say observers ***** T…[View]
172386663Post redpilled movies: I'll start[View]
172375902why hasnt Trump done anything about these assholes?[View]
172390422What the actual FUCK is wrong with Muslims? Why are Jews so much better?[View]
172388728/pol/ btfo on C-SPAN 2, We Famous Now Guise: We have reached Kvetchcon One, I repeat Kvetchcon One. …[View]
172350448A CIANigger openly threating the Prez: Imagine my Shock.[View]
172384972How do you feel about nonwhites mixing with Asians?[View]
172388936are humans mentally ill? or did god actually destine humans to fight over land?[View]
172376757remind me again why the US is a fucked place to live again? >dominates the world with the stronge…[View]
172363804Sunday night Eagle Scout thread...: Report in! Let's continue to grieve together. https://youtu…[View]
172383129There is some serious MK ultra programming happening on this website if you didn’t already know. Rem…[View]
172377350What do you guys think of mormons? Is the religion, at its core, red pilled?[View]
172381816Police hate thread: What would you have done in this situation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBUU…[View]
172388602The only way to stop immigration is to increase births. Every white couple should have at least 3 ch…[View]
172376358Peterson-Dyson Exchanges: Check out this comment that was posted in the common section of the Peters…[View]
172385925/pol/, no!: Just look at what you did to those poor journalists. https://theoutline.com/post/4543/jo…[View]
172365122Disprove This: There is no other reason to take such immense pride in one's race unless one hav…[View]
172377716USA and Russia are now in all out war. What would happen and which country would win?[View]
172388740found this in my library.. it's a russel group uni... thoughts?[View]
172383913>import one million refugees >1 million more manpower for the german army lmao you idiots will…[View]
172376827The Next Challenge: Why haven't you fucks gotten this spread yet? Work that meme magic[View]
172388230Antifa smear campaign? > Mods note i am not supporting this behavior, i just want to be updated o…[View]
172379986Terms boy and girl soon to be outlawed: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/05/terms-boy-and-gi…[View]
172375299The Poorfag/Manlet Problem: Why does it seem like most manlets and poor people are right-wing? Are t…[View]
172386591What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
172388665When will cathcucks repent of their false religion? Evangelical Christians would never tolerate thei…[View]
172382145>germany is cuck-[View]
172383821britain yes[View]
172350348this woke nigga has a point.[View]
172386465Why don't you join the winning team anons?[View]
172346595ROSENSTEIN AGREES TO TRUMP'S INVESTIGATION REQUEST: Just saw this on CNN 10mins ago too.[View]
172381403We did it guys we saved the city. https://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Bolivias-Evo-Morales-Maduro…[View]
172387484Debate of Pagan vs Christianity on this board is besides the point. The true religion of white peopl…[View]
172383194Listen up you right wing asshole losers. Just because black men have bigger dicks, and delicious sex…[View]
172388126>Try to exercise 2nd amendment and buy BB gun at walmart >I'm in my mid 20s >Go into b…[View]
172381578Gun Nuts BTFO’d: So wait, but guns commit all the murders? Since the charts look similar for all the…[View]
172387408So pol/, what should we do after we ban pitbulls? Should we try justifying euthanizing the mentally …[View]
172377398'Redpilled' women are fake: Notice how there is virtually no difference between 'trad' women, and co…[View]
172387940POST YOUR BEST FAKE SHILL: /pol/ Let's get this thing started for the first annual 'Post your …[View]
172381924Why does /pol/ hate the jew?: Why is it when it comes to jews /pol/ spergs out? is it cuz of their s…[View]
172385719Dimitrios Pagourtzis is a Zealot of Feminist Cult Culture: The over-sexualization of our culture cou…[View]
172370045The loser that Brittany Venti interviewed the other day is having a mental breakdown in her YouTube …[View]
172384245FOR CHAAAN[View]
172387576Africa: wat do /pol/?[View]
172387095Rome Vs. Carthage 2.0: Place your bets gentlemen.[View]
172387416Gibs WTO?: Anyone got qs for q and a, for roberto azevedo...Director General for the WTO?[View]
172385404So Q wasn't a LARP after all? This also shows you how infected with shills this place is.[View]
172373647This is amazing. Gun Girl is triggering lefties so hard. They just cant stop beating up on her. Sinc…[View]
172379537Rage: > be me > be palestinian christian > too arab for white christians/conservatives >…[View]
172352065BTFO pol Life in the USSR was better than in your shitty capitalists countries[View]
172371990Are the Basques white?: Their language is not Indo-European and they are uglier than blacks[View]
172375572He's going to prison.[View]
172382993No more white-on-white war: Whites must never fight each other again in war. We must unite the ancie…[View]
172386957I went through as well. Now have two sons with a beautiful Norwegian lady. Summary. 10 year marriage…[View]
172377461/mexpol/ - 'Second Debate, pt. 2 ' Edition: QUICK RUNDOWN ON THE CANDIDATES: >Andres Manuel Lopez…[View]
172386915>'Welcome welcome welcome and just a quick re-cap of the past week on Trump!' >Audience starts…[View]
172368656Lesbian hate general: Is there anything more obnoxious,more insufferable or annoying than a common d…[View]
172385894Why was the George W. Bush administration so full of creepy deep-state people? I thought he was supp…[View]
172386638https://youtu.be/1qhu9xz18P0 to all capitalists communists and anarchists why have you not joined t…[View]
172385968Who was in the wrong here? It seemed like she was just plugging her ears an shit Normies are the rea…[View]
172386561It’s gonna be bad: >Cambridge professor Stefan Halper expressed skepticism of the alleged collusi…[View]
172375570Just when I thought I had a chance with the girl of my dreams, I found out she was a communist. Thin…[View]
172349464Just snapped this picture in Sweden.: WTF[View]
172376636If you truly know how politics works, you'd know this map is the sign of an incoming blue wave.[View]
172385027I heard this site is sexist and racist I only sleep with black guys how does it make you feel you co…[View]
172356937A Slut was Responsible for Texas School Shooting – We Need Slut Control, Not Gun Control: https://da…[View]
172384892How many painkillers he took before this?[View]
172376135Donald J. Trump ~June 14,1946 - October 15th, 2056~ 'The greatest man to have ever lived.'[View]
172377755how do you intend to survive?[View]
172383936Where Has Common Filth Gone?: CF has not uploaded to his main channel in 8 months. Also his twitter,…[View]
172380805ITT we post things Eurocucks aren't allowed to have: >pic related…[View]
172383259if women are mentally ill, how come some women i know are pretty good and balanced? i dont understan…[View]
172385483I feel like we made a huge mistake allowing Hippies into our fold. Original Punker rockers were ada…[View]
172385953Los Goblino and La Creatura el Legalo confront an Europoor untersmench manlet. 1:05 https://www.yout…[View]
172380867How do we make men masculine again?[View]
172383288Refugee here in Sweden and holy shit swedes are pathetic cucks >Be 18 years old >Look like 35 …[View]
172379170If I was a rich jew I would pay a mumble rapper to make a song about transsexual ass pussy.[View]
172368894This redpill needs to be a copypasta and be posted daily.: Once you understand that, you understand …[View]
1723775294chan discussed at length during a panel with The International Symposium on Online Journalism.: …[View]
172385600Censorship Running Rampant: Can't post on YouTube because 2 strikes against my account for bull…[View]
172385566Q PREDICTED THIS![View]
172385224hey guys i wish we would do more raids or something[View]
172380795Goldman Sachs: USA deficit 2 trillion $ by 2028.: And that is baseline scenario, presuming things wi…[View]
172384887there is place for a 3rd party in usa: lets dream big again[View]
172384868Those who do not pay taxes should not vote: Discuss, why should we let minimum wage fags who do noth…[View]
172356084Why Do Westerners, Even Rich Ones Respect Their Lowly Servants?: I'm an American citizen, but e…[View]
172338780Why do they keep poking the beehive?[View]
172378837(((Netflix))) new movie 'Cargo': >White couple can't protect their helpless baby daughter …[View]
172381196Why is it like this?[View]
172377870Remember when she used to write books?: Rather than baiting buzzfeed? http://www.digitalspy.com/show…[View]
172383515Why is it that Incels are drawn to racist internet groups like the alt-right? Is it because groups c…[View]
172380997Will sex robots prevent men like this from hurting & killing real human women? Seriously asking…[View]
172352616How bad is this really for society?[View]
172369285Nietzche discussion thread discuss: > .cosnumerism .capitalism .the faults of collectivist democr…[View]
172382214>leaves a bacon sandwich outside mosque >jailed and murdered >sexually abuses 11-year-old …[View]
172384200How can I be a Noctulian?[View]
172376355Why are so many women becoming traditional catholic.[View]
172384057What has hate ever gotten you guys? Why do you all hate so much? try love once and a while, you migh…[View]
172382181Was pol wrong?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/santa-fe-school-had-a-shooting-plan-armed-of…[View]
172380124School anon back: School project anon here. What is so bad about us funding Isreal? Also, we know je…[View]
1723789802018 Midterms Thread / Red Storm General: >Reminder that this is the thread that shills want to s…[View]
172372806Just call it MARXPOOL 2: The commies are getting more and more overt what's this? oh nothing ju…[View]
172380794Redpilled History Documentaries Thread: Let's post them. List some of your favorite docs about …[View]
172383530What are places that make you smile ?[View]
172382367The final red pill is realizing that the white man's greatest enemy is his own race. Whites are…[View]
172376964Note to 'Based Putin': THIS is how you properly deal with Muslims, people. Take a note from the base…[View]
172381206Another day, another victim of the Trump curse[View]
172349469Cure to the Incel Problem: Why don't leftist women just fuck incels? Their status as incels is …[View]
172379665I see you have a new sponsor and I just want you to know, /pol/,: that I'm on to you fucking ki…[View]
172365538Paganism vs Christianity - Soul Searching edition #2: Evening /pol/. I come here to try to get some …[View]
172381220Feminists: free the nipple women shouldn't be censored anyone who doesn't think so is sexi…[View]
172383037Ululations at Royal Wedding - WTF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md7OvU5JIcI End of the Empire Cel…[View]
172382685https://theestablishment.co/why-meghan-markle-does-not-give-me-hope-d6b604e276c SJW's are alrea…[View]
172372893How does it feel that the greatest weapon of all time was not made by whites?[View]
172382932>Be 18 years old >Look like 35 >Be 6'5 >Be so scary that when i enter a room it goe…[View]
172382904Is America really the happiest place on Earth?: How is not smiling punished in your school or workpl…[View]
172339292Activation 5/21/18, 3am EST. News by 10am EST. Trust.[View]
172381006anyone here ever been a bounty hunter: can i get a red pill on it would being in combat arms in the …[View]
172382538What is this article trying to convey? https://www.timesofisrael.com/5-jewish-facts-about-the-new-ha…[View]
172382425Black forum members ripping John Legend to shreds: https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/john-legend…[View]
172380747Someone do the world a favor and blow this basedboy's head to pieces.[View]
172382029Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that kikes and shills actively pursue white genocide and race mixing …[View]
172381922incels have a point you know: when women had zero rights and arranged marriages were ok these hideou…[View]
172381881Hi /pol/ are their any Transformers fags present? I'm a Transformers freak as well as a Trekie,…[View]
172359197Press S to Spit.[View]
172375868>a vindictive pedophile is about to topple the deep state[View]
172379286Havana Plane Crash: There were no threads on this. I just found out it happened a minute ago. Why is…[View]
172375837'The Piggy Problem': Police Corruption & Police Brutality: 'The Piggy Problem…[View]
172380862Fuck you if you like communism: Communism only works on paper, it is impossible by human nature.…[View]
172380337Is 'hard work' just propaganda?: Why should we want to work hard? Can anyone explain this to me? Unl…[View]
172381275Friendly Reminder: Just a friendly reminder to all 3rd world countries that it only took roughly 50 …[View]
172373393Redpill a newfag: I am reccently discovering the Freemasons and the illuminati and controled media b…[View]
1723812479 11 red pills plz: Bored trying to red pill someone on 9 11. Posting abstract merchants in the mean…[View]
172381256Euro women and Islam: >Euro women get rights and their emancipation >Euro women flock en masse…[View]
172376382WMAF: I have finally found out why I'm attracted to Asian girls so much, it's because of t…[View]
172373906Why the FUCK do lefties fetishize the hijab?[View]
172367382Why so Eurocucks put nasty gore images on packs of cigarettes? It's really repulsive I don…[View]
172364891This is it /pol/: Who do you trust more, our sacred Government institutions or that retarded moron T…[View]
172380975The weapon of sex: I saw many people expressed that their promiscuous life didn't make them hap…[View]
172373646break free from the Jewish controlled traditional left and right embrace the 3rd position[View]
172379674/Pol/ Why are people in there 50s (GEN X/ BOOMERS) So fucking intolerable to be around? >Go to a …[View]
172365626Where did it all go wrong?[View]
172375755Chinese tourists shit in plastic bags and throw them onto the streets of other countries. At least I…[View]
172380786SAY ELLO TO THA NEW QUEEN: >3 years from now >Meghan is pregnant >Meghan divorces Harry …[View]
172380750What is this rent control they are talking about now in California? Are they gonna limit what you ca…[View]
172380736Black genocide. Name one thing that blacks actually contribute to on a large scale in any majority w…[View]
172371183G.A.T.E.: So what's up with the rumors that the GATE program is some weird suspicious way to ta…[View]
172374975Did God is Ultimate Nazi?: Just look - God create a segregate unequal World of different intelligen…[View]
172361649Please help, I am on the brink of mgtow, after fucking several women my count is about 20 up to now.…[View]
172380675Digital PTSD is REAL: http://archive.is/fgQuD Oy Vey! You goys are so horrendously offensive that yo…[View]
172376891>'The Department has asked the Inspector General to expand the ongoing review of the (Foreign Int…[View]
172380611Is it true 3rd/4th cousins are the optimal breeding partners? is it okay even if you are as close as…[View]
172380555>Up next on ZNN!! >Here’s your host some fucken parasite... >school shootings a terrible ho…[View]
172377664ITT: pol writes Trump's platform for the 2020 election: hardmode:it cannot contain any platform…[View]
172369103Women Do Not Owe You Sex: Grow Up![View]
172374259What does /pol/ think of the Republic of China?[View]
172373908Dear working class whites: Stop voting agaisnt your own economic interests[View]
172380168Happening: it's been a while. When and where and what will be the next actual happening?[View]
172378308Das rite. Make u mad incel?[View]
172374623Johnny Lawrence on School bullying: start at 15:16 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG5i3djWGr4…[View]
172380187>its an episode where your rival shows up to help you fight against the big bad…[View]
172373814AGAIN, Why do we care about this people's lineage?: They are just the descendants of powerful p…[View]
172378566Amerimutts...: Whatever we are we're fucking savage. We have made killing shit a time honoured …[View]
172377339i'm an unattractive, unintelligent, untalented, short, balding, near sighted, asian male with s…[View]
172376680daily reminder: globalist technocratic elite cucks killed steve jobs[View]
172378684Why can't Europe do the same?: A boat boarding about 30 Africans and 2 smugglers was 'rescued' …[View]
172363009Patrick Little General /PLG/ - COUNTER JEWISH-ZIONIST BREADS edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs…[View]
172379357Homosexuality in rome: Hey /pol/ just curious on what your thoughts on homosexuality in rome. It was…[View]
172379811https://youtu.be/VtJFb_P2j48 >this is reality[View]
172374773We should ban anime shit from /pol/: im so fucking tired of seeing anime shit from those jap-niggers…[View]
172349243has anyone here watched this debate? you can actually see the Negro Fatigue setting in on JBP in rea…[View]
172377647Glad we changed our flag desu[View]
172377006/Martin Armstrong/ general: ITT: We discuss the works of based Martin Armstrong Who is Martin Armst…[View]
172368746Brit/pol/ - Mummy Edition[View]
172375254Daily muh based Putin: Muh based Putin[View]
172376977/mexpol/ - Second Presidential Debate - BASED BRONCO EDITION: QUICK RUNDOWN ON THE CANDIDATES: >A…[View]
172370807Holy shit. These morons, The League of Extraordinary Zealots are streaming again, this time about …[View]
172378794How can people say that Trump hasn't fulfilled any of his campaign promises? He official recogn…[View]
172372115Trump 5D uinderwater polo checkers master CONFIRMED!: April 6: Trump's tariff gamble with China…[View]
172353469What Does This Image Say To You?: After a sermon about God and the power of Love, this was the look …[View]
172356320Deep State in Full Damage Control: The left / deep state is full-blown damage control. They're …[View]
172376953School shootings justified???: Are school shootings justified if the shooters only killed non whites…[View]
172363982Why are libertarians so fucking stupid? Do they not understand that we don't exist in a vacuum?…[View]
172377237Jury duty: Is there a difference between liberals and conservatives liking or hating jury duty or do…[View]
172377033When will US overthrow this monkey?[View]
172355320Should all Europeans convert to Islam if they don't want to get ganged up on and group beaten? …[View]
172378518Who Shot Ya? - Meyer Lansky (1963)[View]
172377106BREAKING: Reports of MASSIVE RIOTS in Venezuela After Election: Possible explosions and gunfire http…[View]
172364073This is the biggest Republican intellectual of all time...[View]
172353743Why is Canada so useless?: >Army: 69,000 members >Budget: 15 billion >Air Force: Stealing p…[View]
172334706Why don't millennials have a car, a home, and a family?[View]
172373541America loves organized crime but not MS-13?: Central American mafia will make good TV shows and mov…[View]
172374269The radical social collapse is accelerating to unseen depths. The economy has long surpassed 2008 bu…[View]
172378128It's 100% free: https://streamable.com/3j3hc Why fight it? GOD made it easy, life is too short …[View]
172370092Why bother: This whole fucking politics shit is retarded. We achieved literally nothing. Trump is a …[View]
172372057ITS HAPPÈNINĞ - 5.6 earthquake in Mexico: Its habbening lads, we just had an earthquake a few minute…[View]
172367898Wny is Canada so useless?: >Army: 69,000 members >Budget: 15 billion >Air Force: Stealing p…[View]
172375411Why do they let foreigners lecture university students? The amount of ridiculous accents I have to …[View]
172371596will a.i bring us back to glory or will it just kill us off ?[View]
172377960You guys have problems with brown people?[View]
172377895When (((people))) say multiculturalism its usually the worst, dumbest, rapiest parts of the world we…[View]
172340197>not our guy, they said: 'Mr.' Peterson triggered the fuck out of some NYT cunt. >The left, he…[View]
172366604Who want to destroy a company?: I just saw this great ad for Oracle. At 15 seconds: Shows some goril…[View]
172375782Remember to report all atheistfags: >Enter May >School is out >Massive increase in atheistp…[View]
172371201>tfw Venezuelan elections were rigged AGAIN >tfw we got ourselves a fat socialist dictator AG…[View]
172377313Is Schindler's List secretly a red pill about the shoah?: >no mass extermination, no gas cha…[View]
172377636consider this: (((they))) make you think that the jews are the problem in order to distract you from…[View]
172376262>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
172377337LGBT bullying: Was the shooter just a bisexual kid who was sick and tired of being bullied for his s…[View]
1723723462nd amendment retards: >I cannot defend myself with a taser or pepper spray, I need a semi automa…[View]
172372133Have a seat /pol/, lets skip the bullshit and talk about why we are all here today. The breath of ox…[View]
172365447Literally not first colored to take royal or royal blooded German cock. Royals want to be Spanish?: …[View]
172376726Trump Is not my sauce Daddy[View]
172358360Lets play a game!: I’ll start. Name genocides or massacres with a Jew behind it. 1. Armenian Genoci…[View]
172338889Venezuela Election: >maduro about to win again >all the US propaganda will fail…[View]
172376846WTF is this?: Posting from a satellite connection here, so I won't reply since airtime is too e…[View]
172337394Officers ask for help to find missing 13-year-old Lowestoft girl: Police are appealing for the publi…[View]
172374140Reasons to hate Jews? Reply in memes only.[View]
172371919How do we solve the INCEL vs ROASTIE civil war going on?[View]
172370051/mexpol/ - 'Second Presidential Debate' Edition: QUICK RUNDOWN ON THE CANDIDATES: >Andres Manuel …[View]
172371486Death to America![View]
172375399How is it possible to hold women accountable in today's political climate I just graduated coll…[View]
172373556IN THE USA DO COUGARS KILLS TRANS PEOPLE???: WTF? Lesbians killed by the cougnut??? >Be trans in …[View]
172341730Stereotypes about your people that are true: We are too cold to one another.[View]
172351695Dump your redpills: I just accidentally introduced a normie friend to /pol/. Dump your redpills real…[View]
172362306No More Dead Kids: I am sick, physically sick. I feel like I'm living in a bad dream. How many …[View]
172375661How can someone say 'Stalin did nothing wrong' unironically and it be laughed at or accept…[View]
172370047It's over.[View]
172375955Protect your race[View]
172364253pol why are we against abortion now? is it the T_D nogs?[View]
172375845Daily reminder that the official 9/11 narrative makes perfect sense.[View]
172372341Is the ku klux Klan really down to about 3000-6000 members?[View]
172375688https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br9FuKUQB1c >not available in your 'country' how cucked are ameri…[View]
172369286What happened?: I've lurked almost a year, and /pol/ made me the greatest person of my era and …[View]
172364642why did pol start being so racist after 2016?: I first came to pol in 2007 and it wasn't so ful…[View]
172372507what did he mean by this?[View]
172320960(((Pope Francis)))[View]
172370395Did you Drumpfers think you could get rid of her that easy??!? #Resist[View]
172364744Why are there so many Russia apologists on /pol/? Everything about their government is corrupt and t…[View]
172367686Facebook (((Polyarmory))) propaganda: Found this on FB on a fat trashy retarded older millennial chi…[View]
172374913They gave me the entire next trilogy: Face it. I won.[View]
172373481Are you a feminist? Why or why not?[View]
172360205SEGUNDO DEBATE PRESIDENCIAL MEXICO 2018: EVERYONE, GET IN HERE >It is worth noting that Margarita…[View]
172374872I miss Public Access TV!: What Happens when a Drag Queen and Women's Studies collide find out h…[View]
172374845>be man >go to strip club >every stripper would invite you to their VIP room >refuse all…[View]
172362906Billboard music awards ritual sacrifice for elites: What do these artists win besides fame and fortu…[View]
172369822>>19156465 >no goy, of course we're not social engineering white men to cuck themselve…[View]
172363896How woke are you?: This is a game where you post the 'craziest' thing you unironically believe, and …[View]
172365406Celebrating the American Revolution Is Racist: A New Jersey principal apologized to minority student…[View]
172374263Men less likely to leave wife if she is younger than them: It's the old cliché of the 40-someth…[View]
172370909/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - C A N N O N S EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
172370674>mfw people complain about working at McDonald's and muh foodstamps and not being able to af…[View]
172333581If your kid wanted to dress in drag just to see what it was like, would you let them?[View]
172328664Christcuck: Is it possible for me to retain my Catholic faith if I know for a fact that the Church i…[View]
172365442Protect your race.[View]
172363925Fashwave request?: Can somebody turn this picture into a fashwave background for my phone? Maybe put…[View]
172369049#Internet Bill of Rights: Greetings, I come here asking for your opinion and thoughts on the new pe…[View]
172373569Does anyone else feel like...: This is all a setup and the same people who have been controlling thi…[View]
172361377Black man defeating the KKK one friend at a time: >A black man has convinced more than 200 KKK me…[View]
172373486Are Russians white? Why are they so backwards and have a non-white culture?[View]
172319101It's over.: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/19/italy-far-right-lega-five-star-immigr…[View]
172373362Why Huezilians are so submissive to their burgers masters??: Lixo = Garbage in pardozilian language …[View]
172369620Fuck off: If you haven't had sex with at least a double digit number of women, get off this fuc…[View]
172373342What started the divorced women writer who blogs about ruining her children and husband's lives…[View]
172360073HAPPENING: This week in stupid Sargon admits he’s Biracial on 4:30 https://youtu.be/5AmUMcfwd3k…[View]
172370942Lonely sunday night: Any qt femanons want to play with me? We could play scrabble, or tekken, or eve…[View]
172372249Royal mixed wedding, bong opinion?: All I’ve seen on Brit tv is positive shit any bong media have a …[View]
172355456Éire/pol/ - Through The Night Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/WMGvQ2v-ZRM Na…[View]
172371226/leftypol/ go back in your hole[View]
172373038is it a fools errand to invest emotionally in women?[View]
172369642Are liberals people who like being slaves?[View]
172367558FREE MARKET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=65&v=krzax_cGLJ0 So in a free market wo…[View]
172350598School shooter was relentlessly bullied by school officials: BREAKING NEWS NEW VIDEOS HAVE SURFACED …[View]
172372824TORCHAN: can someone post the onion to it[View]
172372710Why the Alt-Right should oppose abortion: White supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK members and other racis…[View]
172372527What are all the media's owned bye the Jews?[View]
172372627Ukrainian nationalist capture brazillian communist who fought for dnr: https://www.kyivpost.com/ukra…[View]
172367926how does this make you feel ?[View]
172368352'Grab my crotch, What's my name? Been 'round the block' What do you think about modern mus…[View]
172372198Color me surprised: Even the mainstream sites are even trying to edit it out whenever possible... Yo…[View]
172349848FUCK EU !! ITALIAN TIGER IS RISING AGAIN !!: https://www.ft.com/content/722376cc-5c3b-11e8-9334-2218…[View]
172372324Who are these ladyboys and what’s all the hype about?[View]
172364092/ck/ is being raided by leftypol: They are posing as a group of alcoholics. They are shitting up the…[View]
172367717What do you racist, neo-nazi pieces of shit have to say for yourself?[View]
172372348HWNDU: did this get old? or is that not really live? nobody wants to have fun anymore? http://hewill…[View]
172372273PLEASE HELP: >join this guy's Facebook group (he has the highest IQ in the world and is gett…[View]
172368879The best book of 2018[View]
172371001Look at this fine entertainment that is renewed for another season! Remember to keep watching![View]
172372194>censorship on /pol/: try writing cuck in full caps i dare you[View]
172370457How do I meet a twink who is biologically female? I think it's my last hope to have white child…[View]
172354033Why does this bitch look like a God damn Transformer?: I mean seriously...is she patted down before …[View]
172360463Friendly Reminder[View]
172314138>there are no winner or losers, we all play as equals Why do they teach this shit to children?…[View]
172371839>open /b/ >think I'm on /pol/ >open /pol/ >think I'm on /b/…[View]
172367673South Carolina YES!: Two black murder suspects and a white carjacking suspect were 'accidentally' re…[View]
172371967>muh based Israel[View]
172369971'holocaust class': i thought that emma gonzalez tweet was a /pol/ joke it's fucking real??…[View]
172372041Have you considered that the reason why you don't have a gf is because you have toxic views tow…[View]
172367114how the fuck does a british, jewish, lefty destroy the 'american left' so easily? what the fuck did …[View]
172370192Human Resources (HR): Why does this exist? What happened to 'personal?'[View]
172369058Lost my house keys, I think it's a conspiracy: Whenever I leave my apartment (I work for Aussie…[View]
172339305pewdiepie: Is this man the savior of the West? >Self made millionaire >Nice aryan features …[View]
172362607Why is this allowed ?[View]
172370713its happening[View]
172371806India is a cultural circlejerk: Everything about this country is false. All the culture that once ex…[View]
172370637The new rally cry of /pol/[View]
172363682Ukraine is getting BLACKED: Saw this a few days ago on Ukraine TV (medical programme). It's unb…[View]
172366360ERIS Lightbridge - EVIL AI source found.: I found your leaker. https://www.dji.com/ https://www.amim…[View]
172371470>Can memes get any better ?[View]
172369616>tfw the line between /pol/ and /r9k/ is shrinking[View]
172366152Teen Helps Blind Man In Subway, Then Robs Him: Have niggers hit a new low? https://twitter.com/DRUDG…[View]
172358084why are most american conservatives either jews or pro israel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cja6…[View]
172368764the creation of cristians banks is the only way to destroy the jew: -we need to recover the fluxe of…[View]
172365962Is joe Rogan /ourguy/?: From what I understand he is held highly but random /pol/ac's I know in…[View]
172371178>'there is nothing wrong with being white' >'you're a fucking racist…[View]
172370497I think Hoppean physical removal fits very well with Deus Vult morality discuss[View]
172367685Does anybody feel like we're winning again?: >Inb4 'we' Niggers, jews, libshits, memeflags, …[View]
172360506Republican Party is literally a death cult.[View]
172370903Have you taken the Libertarian cultural eastern nazism pill yet?[View]
172370663The absoulte state of SEETH: Professor Mike Tyson sent Jordan Peterson into the shadow realm. White …[View]
172368975Question for Italians.: Is it true that northern Italians are mean to southern Italians? Like they d…[View]
172368214post your merchants[View]
172370325RED PILLED MOVIES: Onion boys summer is in full swing lets red pill the normie waves.[View]
172369486Offensive Prom Tickets: To catch you up, prom tickets were handed out with the slogan 'party like it…[View]
172370073Architectually wise was the bombing of German cities by the allies in ww2 an improvement for Germany…[View]
172367608INCEL NARRATIVE = MISDIRECTION: Friendly reminder that we’re all being lied to >be (((media))) …[View]
172369889Facebook About to Purge those Against Their Agenda: Apparently Facebook let the cat out of the bag w…[View]
172370031Can bisexuals redeem themselves by only participating in sexual activities with biological women? Th…[View]
172367568Well. Ok then.: I found out something (((important)))[View]
172352367Where the fuck is Trump's wall and how much has Mexico paid for it so far?[View]
172367894Fuck niggers: I just saw two niggers walking down my fucking street. God damnit. >tfw u can'…[View]
172366258Who was in the wrong here?[View]
172367571What will it take to develop a white ethnostate?[View]
172367846Do you believe Qanon is legit?: I thought she was a larp up until this weekend. I'm kind of sta…[View]
172366906When they day of the rope finally comes, will all undesirables hang or are there going to be excepti…[View]
172369554overlord trump is deaf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfqZlMCcbdM >i hear covfefe mfw…[View]
172362633Official save the white gene pool thread: In order to save the white gene pool in America we must 1.…[View]
172366001Are Gujaratis the Jews of the East?: >historic merchant society >worldwide diaspora >high I…[View]
172368425How come the normal reaction that most people have when they're exposed to something new or dif…[View]
172367580Why is the American Nazi Party no longer as prominent in popular discourse as when George Lincoln Ro…[View]
172359266Well, /pol - I've had it. Someone just jumped in front of a train in my area (Even though media…[View]
172339921why do white women love pitbulls?[View]
172369226Andrew Dodson Suicide: What are we going to do about this? This can not be allowed to happen without…[View]
172368739Why were Mossad agents filming the first plane hit the tower?[View]
172365228/GFG/ Global Finance General: Anons, I have noticed many of you are quite misdirected in your anger.…[View]
172356563Mexico appreciation thread: Just visited your country holy shit, you are incredibly courteous, and p…[View]
172351264pro Israel thread: Let's get a pro Israel thread going inb4 butthurt shitskin Muslims[View]
172362286Languages of European Union citizens[View]
172368487The real problem with Communism: Is the real problem with Communism that nobody can really seem to a…[View]
172367900Post vids about controlled opposition: Post any video that talks about people or groups that either …[View]
172368979CIVIL WAR - SICK OF POLITICS: Okay you fucking faggots. I don’t care what side you’re on if you’re s…[View]
172367430Official anti Dixie thread: Those race traitors brought the niggers over.[View]
172338138Is this guy a fascist, /pol/?: >https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/values-matter/201612/is-r…[View]
172367189I don't know much about Sanders, but if he somehow won the election as a whole, what would happ…[View]
172365240Functionally we have America occupied: Anytime more than 5 of us group up two problems occur; We bec…[View]
172365918Hillary Clinton breaks out Russian ushanka hat to eternally BTFO Trump: MADAM https://www.msn.com/en…[View]
172349770National Socialism and Communism have both been utter failures. It's time to give Integralism a…[View]
172368362Gottfried Feder: For the many kike/kike shills that were hidden within the National-Socialist moveme…[View]
172360148HAPPENING WATCH: UPDATED SEARCH EDITION >>172354419 >>172346133 >>172329754 >…[View]
172364059Would /pol/ agree with this?[View]
172358018Big if true[View]
172368050This psyop isn't working: They got 4 shills on the stage arguing amongst themselves about non i…[View]
172364357YASSSSS QUEEN SLAYYYYYY!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1970&v=su2FzGqObyw…[View]
172367941/pol/ Official International Discourse Thread: Discuss anything you like with foreigner of your choi…[View]
172358827How come you never hear about the family members of victims of police shootings taking revenge on th…[View]
172363605/OurGook/ Nobita is now coming after Latinos, Is there any stopping this mad man?: https://www.youtu…[View]
172347921im convinced anyone who still thinks the white race has any future in this country either lives in t…[View]
172367115Why is companies allowed to discriminate on hiring?: It should always be first person get's the…[View]
172349333How old were you when you realized stoicism is the only rational answer to the modern world?[View]
172363967We are the ADL Now: >Psyop >Trust the plan >destroy The ADL Twitter @ADL_national #ADL Post…[View]
172357751Mixed-race identity: Why do people with Sub-Saharan African ancestry and some other ancestry (say Eu…[View]
172347972Brit/pol/ - What's the fucking point.: YO YESHH SKRAPP PRAPP PRAPP I'M REAL SOUF INNIT SKE…[View]
172363595How do you actually propose to stop race mixing? It's happening more and more these days.[View]
172367147Why hasn't this passed? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titles_of_Nobility_Amendment[View]
172359914Question to Christian anons: John 16:12-15 12 ‘I still have many things to say to you, but you canno…[View]
172358844Boomer/Early Gen X'er hate thread.[View]
172367081How do we solve the bestiality problem?: Chad here. I get off by forcing women to divulge their dark…[View]
172360986why do white supremacists hate women?: shouldnt they call themselves 'white male supremacists' then?…[View]
172356828Patrick Little - LIVE[View]
172364638I LOVE YOU EBOLACHAN: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5750539/Ebola-death-toll-26-new-Congo-…[View]
172363242Disinformation: Why do people on this board claim that more nonwhites will increase crime, yet crime…[View]
172367035How does the Catholic Church attract/retain Millennials and Gen Xers now that the government has ess…[View]
172364745Nigger steals my car: >get off work today >stop by gas station for a drink and some gas >le…[View]
172361891Who is in charge of the Justice Department? Trump or the ACLU?[View]
172353977I'm sure a few people here have played Dead Space. In the game there is a religion (or cult) or…[View]
172365441Mexico should fucking build that wall asap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbKw5N1PSiA[View]
172367016Anti-Tranny Thread: > post anything making fun of trannies[View]
172360776Deep state hypocrisy: So where was all that 'discretion, judgment, wisdom and restraint' when it cam…[View]
172353957/pol/ btfo on C-SPAN 2, We Famous Now Guise: We have reached Kvetchcon One, I repeat Kvetchcon One. …[View]
172363273I dont get this 'joke'[View]
172366895Women: have women gone made with power now there not property any more?[View]
172352682The guy on the left unironically thinks he is superior and better than the guy on the right because …[View]
172365548Pits of Peace.: Quick, trying to red pill a friend on the the dogs of peace. Send your best pits of …[View]
172366808we can destroy the jew very simply: cristians need to form his own bank you only need the highest p…[View]
172366789Goldman Sachs reports that Facebook usage went up...: http://archive.is/q7GAL >Goldman Sachs said…[View]
172364038Im a socialist, I need a major redpilling on the jews. I was banned from a socialist subreddit for s…[View]
172365801What the fuck is this shit and why is it and other related sick shit still on (((youtube))) https://…[View]
172366620I don't get it. If you hate Muslims taking over your precious land, why can't you take ove…[View]
172364167How do we acheive our HUWHITE enthostate: What will it be like and how do we acheive it. What shall …[View]
172366269(((Reddit))): Story time >Goes on Reddit for the first time. >NotThatBadIGuess.jpeg >Decide…[View]
172366470Ban Assault Style Crossbows: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/959322/crossbow-uk-for-sale-high-stre…[View]
172365340English Lessons For Japanese Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxXrxii7Kbg[View]
172363521Working for a jews.: Does anyone here work for a jew? The company I work for hired a jew to manage o…[View]
172366324What would be your ultimate political compromise? >Give up guns, abortions, and immigration >l…[View]
172364979mexicans claiming american territory waving their flag around in public: and they weren't all r…[View]
172334784Veganism the Left Wing Suicide Cult: Veganism is fucking exactly--- leftist cult mass psychosis defi…[View]
172340969>first rain since literally September Is HAARP to blame or are the liberals right about climate c…[View]
172365567my dog chased a retarded dog at the park and some lady accused my dog of not being 'politically corr…[View]
172366142An Israeli founding father describing /pol/: >Our habit of constantly and zealously answering to …[View]
172365063off he is so fucked up[View]
172359500GLENN BECK!: What is wrong with Glenn Beck?[View]
172365505serial doxxer: so heres the story with this guy, he started stalking me like a year ago, he then sta…[View]
172363268even the christ cuck cannot escape the jew pill[View]
172363761In Revelations, I know that verily, when the sun and the moon and the stars go out. Check this out, …[View]
172365046CLASSIFY THIS GUY:[View]
172365619What’s the real reason for mass media promoting the gay agenda? It’s a blatant conspiracy, but why?[View]
172360719Trigger warning[View]
172365198Meghan Markle is a tranny PROVE ME WRONG: Meghan Markle is a tranny. Prince Harry likes getting stic…[View]
172349320/tex/pol - They're Coming For Your Guns Edition: Latest Tex News: - Democrat numbers and sentim…[View]
172363213What does /pol/ think of this?[View]
172365480Not A Choice, A Choice: ITT post something that is NOT a choice and something that IS choice I…[View]
172348167Paganism vs Christianity - Soul Searching edition.: Evening /pol/. I come here to try to get some so…[View]
172359847Brit/pol/ - Generation Zyklon Rises: >Murdoch: 'Conquer planets? We can't even conquer twitt…[View]
172356477So remember the absolute shitstorm that took place over the white girl wearing a chinese dress to pr…[View]
172355434New Zyklon Ben. This one has a lot of edit potential.[View]
172364622Nothing more needs to be said. Americans are fucking retarded. Universal healthcare, free college, c…[View]
172362509What the fuck, New Hampshire??[View]
172364644Will the queen save Britain from the mutt?[View]
172363460/pol/'s view on the generations?: I would like to start a discussion on the definitions of gene…[View]
172361430>BREAKING: >President Trump will order the Justice Department to preemptively Open a Counter …[View]
172339436Is Christianity compatible with conservatism and nationalism? Often liberals will say that people ar…[View]
172362200Convince me of white supremacy: I see so many white supremesists on 4chan that seem to be fairly edu…[View]
172344954Orthodox brothers!: We need to unite and get rid of kebab.[View]
172364306Oh shit >https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/998256454590193665…[View]
172360071Confederacy General /COG/: The south will rise again! We will form our own confederation of states s…[View]
172364135The best indicator of a /pol/ poster is that they can name countries by flag Change my mind[View]
172362938What does /pol/ think about thom yorke: What do you think?[View]
172363886Royal Wedding Spirit Dinner: A few days ago some anon posted pictures of Meghan Merkle at a spirit d…[View]
172350022Surely he was not our last chance, right?[View]
172346008Prove me wrong: National socialism was the most successful ideology of the 20th century, that's…[View]
172359617In the mood to trawl youtube vids of niggers getting sentenced to life for conducting themselves lik…[View]
172363706Goodnight /pol/: I love you faggots and I hope you have a good night naming Jews and shit like that,…[View]
172342121Patrick Little General /PLG/ - COUNTER JEWISH-ZIONIST edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs Senato…[View]
172339045GET IN HERE DANISH ANONS Below is a petition to ban male genital mutilation(MGM) in Denmark. It has …[View]
172355930I fixed Europe[View]
172357409AfD suing Merkel for creating state of lawlessness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzeMzVBbdzI Thou…[View]
172364029Women's Only Clubs: Do women only clubs violate discrimination laws, /pol/? https://www.nytimes…[View]
172349640Is Mexico full of pedos?[View]
172363029Music: ITT we post actual nationalist music not fagwave[View]
172363195What did they mean by this?[View]
172360412R/libertarian: Great place to trigger liberal reddit faggots and drop some red pills on the JQ as th…[View]
172361068The true horrors these german infantry must have went through UwU[View]
172360549Refugees or inmigrants in any country, who have comitted major crimes like rape or murder, should be…[View]
172359232Feudalism: Take the feudalism pill, /pol/. We must go back.[View]
172357975The absolute state of the Neverlands[View]
172356031>Brits make fun of Americans by calling us mutts. >Royal family get's BLACKED. It's …[View]
172354419Patrick Little General /PLG/ - WIN BIG Edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs Senator Feinstein in …[View]
172360186Called out my jew teacher: The other day I arrived late for class, normally the teacher just wants a…[View]
172358721MUH ZOOROPEAN CIVILIZATION: Europe's 'Medicinal Cannibalism' The Healing Power of Dea…[View]
172363139tell me some sellouts for the NWO: need it for a project thx[View]
172337813What is 'White Culture' Why do so many people claim that White People have no culture?[View]
172362948Women: the strongest victims: Can anyone think of a stronger or braver group than women? The courage…[View]
172362989Will he ever recover?[View]
172361324Why are girls into school shooters? >all a beta male has to do to get a girl to want him is to co…[View]
172362922>implying British people can’t overthrow the government without guns[View]
172360823Why does anyone need to own an assault car? When the constitution was written people only had horses…[View]
172362889We The People Will Rise Again: When I rise to power, We will make our nation proud again. I'll …[View]
172358663Germany is doomed!!!!!: Super black pilled atm, I lost al hope. Just had another Islam related argum…[View]
172362705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iptUNUFdyas What do we do about the onions pandemic?[View]
172330933what the hell is this guy's problem?[View]
172362567After it became clear judaism is in existential threat like never before: they suddenly start crawli…[View]
172362249Why is there a blackout on his pedophilia? Why won't anyone come forward?[View]
172356439What does /pol/ think about Friedrich niestschze: What do you think.[View]
172362611Genes related to violence: Liberals will still deny because 'drumph' Blacks have mean testosterone l…[View]
172362608Which one of you racists are behind this?: So pathetic that you hate-fillen people have nothing bett…[View]
172339411hate to admit it, but she does have a point.[View]
172348435Destroying the Jewish claim to be the chosen ones.: Some of you faggots seem to be interested in his…[View]
172359259Israel First!: Why are MAGApedes so fat?[View]
172362472why did he look like a mongol and act like one too?[View]
172350140What can be done about the old maid problem?[View]
172356713Why do republicans fight so hard against mass transit? There’s no logical excuse.[View]
172355214Scientists theorize early cave artists were aspies: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/opar.2018.4.iss…[View]
172362259Children and Pharma and Supplemental Security Income: Children from low income families are 4 times …[View]
172357763Haha so true but seriously why are white people so racist and transphobic?[View]
172362151In 40 years from now: will we have to force our grandchildren to forget racist white traditions that…[View]
172362079Is pet ownership bluepilled?[View]
172358367>be american >get shot >tip the shooter >he applauds…[View]
172354340Man, Economy, and State: is this the most important book of the 20th century? i think it probably is…[View]
172362027So much winning...[View]
172355533CAN WHITE PARENTS RAISE BLACK CHILDREN?: >When Hill read reports about how Jennifer and Sarah Har…[View]
172348652Why are nearly all non-white women SJWs?: I do romantically better with non-white women than white w…[View]
172359954Are abos a Satanic trick to undermine our belief in God?[View]
172361877Bullying: Can someone explain to me what's wrong with bullying? The weak fail and the strong su…[View]
172361889New flyer idea: If these were posted up the media would have to talk about them. A conversation abou…[View]
172359031How bad is it to be a young white male these days?[View]
172331308How much longer do you think he has to live?[View]
172352521Official conspiracy against a presidential campaign: Given all the recent revelations, to the point …[View]
172361730How do we stop modernity?[View]
172358791What are some redpilled movies?[View]
172361618cold war victory scenario: huehuehue[View]
172360916Why do Americants live like this?[View]
172344620ITT: We Predict Next Major War: My money is on: > 1) US + Israel vs Iran > 2) US + SK vs North…[View]
172352338Should deep state liberals be executed due to their anti-american ideals?: America will not remain a…[View]
172336935Kraut/pol/ - Goodnight Edition: >Targets of opportunity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvKjfWSPI…[View]
172360008>Half of the adult population of the US has their private data leaked >MSM coverup, drop the s…[View]
172361100Nigger hate thread.[View]
1723581522D > 3D. those who deny this simple truth are destined to suffer.: a kid shot up a school when he…[View]
172350590What's the craziest conspiracy that you actually believe? Have aliens visited Earth? Are our pr…[View]
172359067I'm starting a bachelor of business majoring in accounting but no nothing about accounting or b…[View]
172355444THE MODS RUNNING THIS JOKE OF A BOARD SHOULD BE KILLED ON SIGHT: This place is a low IQ, high estrog…[View]
172360254Fantasy vs Reality[View]
172358154Why do people refuse to talk about the Jewish question?: It is undeniable the Jewish influence in th…[View]
172360194Flat Earth General /feg/: Prove that the earth is round, globetards. Protip: every experiment testi…[View]
172360556HE IS /ourguy/ pol? xdDDDD: t[View]
172360474We are done: Morals are over boys. Take the vision altering glasses off. Morals have decayed. Look a…[View]
172359769Leftists are really trying to argue that bullying and mental illness aren’t major factors in school …[View]
172357861What is she teaching, /pol/?[View]
172357569Allow me to share an anecdote: >Today I got my hair cut. The hairdresser was an overweight lesbia…[View]
172360159California Woes: >Trump endorses John Cox >the Internet wants Travis Allen Who the fuck do we …[View]
172360139What is this high tory thing I keep hearing about?[View]
172346143Redpills that /pol/ can’t swallow: National Socialism is absolute trash, strasserism, original fasci…[View]
172356540PragerU, Here for You!: Oh hey, dennis prager here.. just wanted to let you know, we just released a…[View]
172353669So I just discovered that I'm an LGBT supporter: Liberty Guns Bible Trump While not religious, …[View]
172356433>I support Donald Drumpf. Make America Great Again![View]
172356642MAGA Opus Documentary - The Rise of The NazBol ((( AshkeNazi Bolsheviks ))) & ((( The AltRight )…[View]
172356323Hollywood Producer = Israeli ZOG Jewish Mossad Spy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/nAPnszzMvybb…[View]
172350497'Blacks are overrepresented in the prison system because they commit more crim...'[View]
172358509Forget Q, the new source is T: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8TbI1tlR_s[View]
172355941why is our president thinking about the jobs of uncivilized rice eating chingers who want only to ki…[View]
172359350WTO Director General Roberto Campus: So Roberto WTO Director general is speaking on my campus...anyo…[View]
172355466Jew confronts Patrick Little: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-IAGyJ2P9g&feature=youtu.be…[View]
172358097Nobita on Latinos: OH NO NO NO NO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asAJ8ISVdE4&t=215s[View]
172358605/pol/ will you support Ukrainian White nationalists when they create the third reich 2.0 in the leas…[View]
172357236Eastern Mediterraneans > Arabs: I often see a lumping-in of all Middle Easterners under the banne…[View]
172343591Russia and Japan have comparable population - 144.3 and 127 million respectively. But pop density is…[View]
172358709Are people who don't poop cool? I want to be cool, should I refrain from pooping?[View]
172358917Doctor who made music videos in operating room facing several malpractice suits: >ATLANTA - Dr. W…[View]
172356299Was he right?[View]
172339791Universal Basic Income has never been trie-[View]
172358471SOUTH AFRICA 2018: The more you non-South African racists spread lies about our country using fake s…[View]
172340971'Tommy Meets a Trans Journalist': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vOFy_bTuQ8 this is how low the al…[View]
172348577BMJF Thread: may their forbidden love flourish[View]
172355077I've been researching ADHD a little and from what I've read if untreated ADHD will cause s…[View]
172354926Indians lynch Muslim for killing cow: >A man was beaten to death allegedly by villagers in Madhya…[View]
172356827>bunch of lonely black virgins complaining about black women being with white men and sharing gay…[View]
172355467Moon Man Memes.: Have y'all forgotten about Moon Man?[View]
172351969Why haven't we nuked India to oblivion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gWJTdD1aK0…[View]
172353464What should be done so Switzerland has a sea port?[View]
172354233What Democratic Ran Cities Look Like: What the fuck /pol/. Took a stroll through the Belly of the Be…[View]
172357442Yanny VS Laurel - Trump: Okay, so hear me out... Trump's answer to the Yanny/Laurel thing was '…[View]
172351901Are modern women irreparably broken at this point?[View]
172357772Roosh V on Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3257&v=KcGG1a2OShI…[View]
172347017Incel Rebellion is getting out of control. Shut it down.: How will roasties even survive?[View]
172332024Can America prevent school shootings?[View]
172347565/IBS/ finally?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0opTMige2I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0opTMig…[View]
172354998Nigger: Nigger[View]
172338229Is Orthodoxy the true form of Christianity?[View]
172354800Deep State BTFO: Well, this guy is going to regret this tweet.[View]
172347944Can I get a memri tv thread?[View]
172357231SUPER HOT COOL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3-lywDekH0 watch SUPER COOL[View]
172351426Why are you here anon, and not shooting them antifafagz?[View]
172352876Best Country.[View]
172336493Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
172356920Kek. /fa/ is BTFO of /pol/ again. Pic related. How will the LARPers here ever recover?[View]
172357092Why is It Considered 'Hate Speech' on JewTube to Claim Someone Has Power: https://www.bitchute.com/v…[View]
172357089Well, it looks like the forces of good have prevailed in Italy. Which country should be uncucked nex…[View]
172356445Christian Zionism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/53xMoUBO8tBS[View]
172346105Trump is a kike shill durrhurr: If Trump is a kike shill, then why is (((the media))) so against him…[View]
172355920'Black Madonna' is precisely this sought-after Jewish 'Ark of the Covenant'!: 'Black Madonna' is pre…[View]
172350851Embracing White Exinction is the True Redpill: >“There is a strange duality in the human which ma…[View]
172356865Friedrich Niestschze on Islam & Arabs: A quote taken from 'The Anti-Christ' halfway through this…[View]
172346681I dont see how whites are better than Asians: We asians are: Smarter Homogenous More united as a rac…[View]
172345416Are you okay there, bongs?[View]
172356605HOLY SHIT TRUMP IS A MORON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY7byG1YGwg[View]
172355365Why do some people on here want to date South Africans: Do you want your descendants to forever be p…[View]
172351215Adolf Hitler was a pedophile[View]
172347887Experiences with liberal family members.: I'll post mine first: >have liberal boomer mom …[View]
172352312Are there any Libertarian movements in Europe?[View]
172355984nigger BLACKS britain: will they ever be able to recover?[View]
172354043He would've been 22 today.[View]
172356268is bronco /ourspic/: a lot of redpills in what they say[View]
172345335Were Women a mistake?[View]
172352941Which are worse, Yankees or the British?: Both are unbelievably snobbish, and tend toward authoritar…[View]
172354449Do you ever wonder why (((they))) are not worried about overpopulation. It's because (((they)))…[View]
172355607/ourguy/ NOBITA DID IT AGAIN LATINOS (first part is boring so let's go to business here): https…[View]
172345175Is soy in fact redpilled: I recently found a flyer from the mid 30's encouraging people in rual…[View]
172355894Thomas Blemings- another one of /our guys/ running for senate: Holy shit this dude is fucking amazin…[View]
172355881I know I'm like 3 and a half years too late, but if anyone wants to talk about Megan Turi, or k…[View]
172351654pewds: our guy pewds getting more based by the day this is a real screenshot[View]
172355653Redpill General: Post 'em, lads. Will we ever survive this period of human history? How do we w…[View]
172355160Donald Trump knew Obama murdered a state official: What did he mean by this?[View]
172355416>Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them. A powerful reminde…[View]
172353287>Psyop. >Use only ADL logo >Profit…[View]
172355295noko: So as you all heard Venezuela held elections today. Total sham. Maduro will win obviously. It …[View]
172354365Western regression: So many things are getting worse. Entertainment wise and politics wise. Nobody i…[View]
172336720MUELLER CLOSING THE PROBE: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/998297397964017666[View]
172355529Why do you indoctrinated children into a Cult?: The Mouse Jew doesn’t love you.[View]
172355406If the Jews lose the left. Who will put up with their shit?[View]
172354703Gun control is hitting the target: This isn’t what the 2nd amendment was about but it’s good practic…[View]
172355394I have a confession to make /pol/: I don't actually hate black people. I am aware that towards …[View]
172355392Where do Honour, Glory, and Heroism: Fit into the libertarian/capitalist/communist/judaic worldview?…[View]
172353981homer at gun shop: WOOHOO[View]
172344789>Islam isn't aestheti-[View]
172355096how can we individually reverse this process? I want mankind to become a space colonizing species. h…[View]
172347515ITT we pretend to be redditors: omg so brave and corageus, and with le tv myth man. isnt being a fag…[View]
172353552silly americans[View]
172354952give me your thoughts on censorship[View]
172339553Why do liberals never want to discuss mental health in regards to school shootings?[View]
172354890>when you realize your employer is by definition paying you the bare minimum wage for someone of …[View]
172353173>tfw gf broke up with me for being a natsoc[View]
172340268Both dems and republican kikes are shitting their pants. Do people believe now that Trump is indeed,…[View]
172353041Is the black panther movie proof that black people are less intelligent?: I was dragged into seeing …[View]
172354450Serbros, redpill me on Kosovo What really happened?[View]
172354758never step on the road of degeneracy there is no Stopping once you get on that road tried MDMA once …[View]
172353852Is capitalism causing adults to regress into childhood to escaping the soul-crushing monotony of the…[View]
172354706Solution to the incel problem: Allow free immigration of East Asian woman on the condition they will…[View]
172328953Éire/pol/ - Night After Mass Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/NeQu1X7TL5M Nat…[View]
172353820Can someone be too good at their job? Is Jordan Peterson a CIA asset?[View]
172347098Two French pilots pooled their entire life savings together in order to buy an airplane so they coul…[View]
172350300At this point it’s just getting sad[View]
172347352What the fuck happened?[View]
172354451City planning coincidences?: Is your town/cities industrial area in the south west of your town aswe…[View]
172349671/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TOTAL WAR EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
172350447Where's the wall at Trumpfags? We are a year and a half in and 0% of the wall is complete.[View]
172334961Italy wants to swindle 250bn out of Germany: How is this not an outrageous thing? Italians should no…[View]
172330504Harry did the smart thing. He said 'no' to inhuman white females: White women are a disaster. /pol/ …[View]
172353615Whats wrong with google?[View]
172354175When President Trump introduced the travel ban on middle eastern countries, did he explicitly say th…[View]
172354164/ourguy/?: https://youtu.be/B7mn_GhEous?t=2123 jokes with his mom that white men should have not bot…[View]
172353155Bill Gates: Is he, shall I say, /our/ guy? >gives africans 'vaccines' >the vaccines increase y…[View]
172350091Can I Enlist??: I want to join the US Navy. Im in good shape and have taken the asvab once before an…[View]
172341139was the royal wedding a publicity stunt to unite Great Britain and the USA ?: was the royal wedding …[View]
172351691> avoid all politics > leave social media > no tv > only one place the basedboys will le…[View]
172352638What does /pol/ think about Jehovah's witnesses?[View]
172320859Iberism thread: Is it possible? is it worth it? let's talk about iberism[View]
172343181HAPPENING WATCH: THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKpqhJmpIVQ >>172334836 >>…[View]
172353841What is /pol/s opinion on the objectively best ideology, neoliberalism?[View]
172349873Why are meds so short?[View]
172347386RE: 172334050: >Why is nobody talking about this most recent shooting in Texas? I feel like the F…[View]
172352772Isn't France where sexual revolution started?[View]
172342395ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN: ITT (((we))) brainstorm and execute a campaign to call out abusive teachers,…[View]
172353627Yugoslavian Civil War: The meme goes that Serbians Remove Kebab, but I'm curious about the othe…[View]
172352848NAACP Leader Lies About Racial Profiling: Do black people even believe in telling the truth? http://…[View]
172352803Damn, can’t argue with that.: >New York Times Opinion Staff Editor and Writer Bari Weiss argued t…[View]
172352923Checkmate, MAGApedes.[View]
172353446Do you guys really think it was Bush?[View]
172353309lean on your broom![View]
172353381IF I WAS A RACIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e27p4h2wyn0[View]
172347732/pol/ish things put stress in us.: Maybe Im just a sensitive anxious pussy, but I feel like all this…[View]
172351547Where can i find any good reliable statistics and diagrams?: Am looking for a website that shows som…[View]
172353323Chile/Argentina recommendations: Can /pol/ recommend any good books on Pinochet or the Argentine jun…[View]
172333266can we have a /pol/ humor bread?[View]
172347147Don’t step in dog shit...: >You will walk it all over your clean room. Can I be the new Jordan Pe…[View]
172350315Should he have chopped her head off when he had the chance.: I honestly believe that if someone stea…[View]
172351948Getting rid of the monarchies was a mistake Under monarchy >white man controlled the world >m…[View]
172343685Can we get a Deus Vult thread?: When are we going to reclaim Constantinople and the holy land?…[View]
172345818Why aren't Italians white? I don't get it.: I'm totally out of the loop on this one. …[View]
172353007I work at a bar that has a 3 negative reviews recently left behind by members of the same friend gro…[View]
172353001JF is live w/ Patrick Little[View]
172349249What is the celebrity agenda? Is it to get people to believe in them and worship them as Gods/Goddes…[View]
172318642The wolf is back in Germany and some of them kill sheep just for blood lust: Germany has 3 options n…[View]
172352300why can't uneducated people tell when they're being hit with propaganda?: Anyone who reads…[View]
172351094Britain sure does love its gays LOVE IS GREAT!! https://twitter.com/tdwilliamsrome/status/9974982044…[View]
172352693Is the club of rome the shadow government of the world?[View]
172352399ITT:/Age of Consent General/: Do you think the age of consent should be lowered? Adults have sex wit…[View]
172350075Is the death penalty truly effective /pol/?[View]
172349065What political beliefs do soiboys hold?[View]
172347691Ask a 100% native american anything.[View]
172352115I Trolled Normies: >Just at wedding >People are writing stuff in this scrapbook for the couple…[View]
172352723How Can I Be a Nazi with Small Wrists?: I'm at my school right, i do the hitler salute coming i…[View]
172350413Trump Done Nothing to Stop Prisoner Suicide: https://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/11/us/11gitmo.html http…[View]
172342881(((Hollywood))) alternatives: Are there any good movies/producers/actors that aren’t influenced by (…[View]
172350439I married an Asian get over it: >more loyal and less needy than white roasties >rich family be…[View]
172335931Syria General /sg/ - Green Bus, destroyer of evil Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriag…[View]
172333471Fucking white male, us leftists never use that in a derogatory term http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news…[View]
172352167>looses war to lady boys >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
172352138Where will our people go once the subhumans successfully invade our countries? >Europe is getting…[View]
172309501Are Shia muslims actually better than the Sunnis?[View]
172351944axis victory scenario: what do you think ? pretty fucking gay am i right ?[View]
172346939American Patriot says to Jews attending AIPAC 2018 that 'Anyone Who Supports Israel is Guilty of Tre…[View]
172350850This is deep[View]
172351934I think I changed my mind on college: https://web.groupme.com/join_group/40870355/Nw3Kgp Picked this…[View]
172351913These Are North Korea's 28 State-Approved Hairstyles | TIME.com Time Magazine newsfeed 2013/02/…[View]
172351883This is the true face of the 'Incel Revolution' it isn't just men, It's women aswell. Peop…[View]
172351811Arab Man blasting nazi punk and calling to gas the kikes and niggers on bluetooth speaker at SJW Ant…[View]
172348181How long until they stage the plane crash? Before or after his mutt nephews / niece is born?[View]
172351330Pompeo to lay out Plan B for Iran: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/05/18/iran-deal-new-us-strate…[View]
172341874how do we fix latin america?[View]
172351111They have a point you know[View]
172345603Jews Vs. Satanists: Who's really in control around here?[View]
172342100Where would you run to /pol/: >be me 46 years old >used to be really poor, which stressed me, …[View]
172351676Black Hebrew Israelites.: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=ZAoWGjAOefQ >cry white boi! AHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
172351268Nigger hate thread: If you see a nigger, do something to prevent him from praying on the weak[View]
172351659> In fact, male African Americans who wish or need to use Starbucks facilities will be ushered in…[View]
172351422Reminder that if you are anti-environmentalist and for the destruction of the natural environment fo…[View]
172351621Chris Chappell and China Uncensored: Opinion on this guy and his channel? Is he credible or just ano…[View]
172351502>people should have the right to-[View]
172351235Are stereotypes backfiring against white people? Most stereotypes are against non-whites and are des…[View]
172350423What exactly is national socialism[View]
172349212Is it possible...: to arrange an account that can be funded anonymously via cryptocurrency that pays…[View]
172351198New Challenger Approacheth?: This guy is MGTOW, but his thoughts on these articles made me think... …[View]
172351171Looking for a picture: Looking for a picture. It's a meme. A nazi guy holding an acap girl…[View]
172328726/pol/ humour: Post em[View]
172344056Millionaire rapper converts to Judaism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7lX3hwm0lA (But the nigger …[View]
172338233Conscription: What is /pol/s opinion on conscription?[View]
172347560Um, so.... yeah, um.... *stares at literally nothing for 5 minutes* so, like, let me... um... you wa…[View]
172341545Which president is your least favourite president and the most against what /pol/ likes? pic related[View]
172333291https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFt38_cku9A This piece of shit is mayor of Thesalloniki city in Gree…[View]
172349923Why do 20-year-old boomers refuse to work?[View]
172347123>ig report nowhere to be seen >investigation into obama/clinton going nowhere >deep state l…[View]
172345962How do we answer the boomer question /pol/?[View]
172348283How to really stop this shit: Everyone only talks about the guns. It's not guns you faggots. He…[View]
172349115TRUMP WANTS TO PULL A W ON US: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/middle-east/article/2146745/washington…[View]
172349187How do we fix India?[View]
172337130KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL-/kvg/ new day new dawn: ARE YOU READY FOR THE HULACOAST! DIRECTORY: will be …[View]
172348888ITT: Post women and children[View]
172349139> Tonight, 23:20 pm, empty street > Walking home thinking about how hard I work and how few mo…[View]
172350092Tresnje: Eating tresnje right now AMA.[View]
172342830Some fag in this sthread said the women will betrsay you. But doesn't consider he's betray…[View]
172327174He's not wrong y'know[View]
172347047Why are all the white men who date chinks so ugly?: Give me an answer /pol[View]
172347793WHERE THE IRISH A GOOD THING: Where the Irish a good or bad thing.[View]
172345046From (((reddit))). >We are intrinsically inclusive unless you disagree with us. How delusional a…[View]
172350291Your country will never have a leader this handsome and admired. /thread[View]
172290600This guy killed himself, and the left is doing victory laps. What does /pol/ think?[View]
172335659Is Christianity a stolen fairy tale from Hindu mythology?: I can quote plenty of similarities from H…[View]
172349791Damn this place got a bit boring: Any good artists here on /pol? Wanna piss someone off? Been thinki…[View]
172345450The only reason why the Anglo-sphere is in a cultural crisis is because they have abandoned the one …[View]
172348592Anyone thinking Harry looks happier at William&Kate's wedding than his own?[View]
172347330best countries to emigrate: 1 Steady Norway 0.949 Increase 0.001 2 Increase (1) Australia 0.939 Incr…[View]
172345780ALL NUCLEAR BOMBS EVER: >This is easily the most fucking terrifying video ever. https://youtu.be…[View]
172349422>when the numale can make a more coherent point about anti-white racism than any given /pol/itici…[View]
172347371Can you name a country that's more cucked than the United Kingdom? Royal family: will have negr…[View]
172348456What the fuck was his problem?[View]
172346965Libertarian -socialist thread. > How is free trade exploitative. It isn't Mutualists such as…[View]
172332282Blacks discussing South African war: http://www.thecoli.com/threads/white-south-africans-are-reporte…[View]
172349461How come Jews want to destroy this?[View]
172348925Mexico is not a shith-[View]
172349429Mario Tennis Aces: I hope we'll get to see more rear ends[View]
172346691Who lost, and why was it the moderator?[View]
172349720In ancient Sumeria, every 10 years, all debts were abolished and the system started again, to preven…[View]
172348796What is /pol/‘s attitude on the end of suburbia and the rebirth of the American city?[View]
172344116fuck america. unironically.[View]
172327957Hundreds of White South Africans beat the fuck out of black extremists at a rugby game: https://www.…[View]
172346954Millennials rejoice! 10,000 tiny houses in boomer's backyards just for you: >$500,000 each a…[View]
172339490Only dark green areas should be allowed to exist in Europe: The red areas should be nuked, the light…[View]
172348834This Monday.[View]
172348324My cousin recently talked me into getting back into the marvel movies. I just saw Black Panther yest…[View]
172345672Who was in the wrong?[View]
172349196Some people on this board actually believe the DOJ is going to lock up Hillary, Obama, Comey, and th…[View]
1723479372018 Midterms Thread / Red Storm General: >Reminder that this is the thread that shills want to s…[View]
172344364Why is fat shaming necessary in order to promote a healthier society? I understand why it should be …[View]
172347254The American liberators of the Netherlands: These were the Americans send by the USA government to E…[View]
172339901Is not a cucky thing to criticize a movie only for its violence?[View]
172348962Grats on MM gold Sweden though Switzerland deserved it more.[View]
172348127Why are black people so delusional? Why do they think this is okay? http://www.africaresource.com/ra…[View]
172348939Wanna know why he looks so unhappy?: Because she's pregnant. He is marrying her because she…[View]
172348935RIP Kim Clement. His prophecies are actually being fulfilled in real time.: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
172346689When do they go after her like they did with D'souza?[View]
172348920>2018 >still thinking that men in women's bathrooms is dangerous…[View]
172347141Daily reminder (((they))) lurk here[View]
172332885This is what brainwashing looks like: https://twitter.com/SteveFranssen/status/980225137403314176?s=…[View]
172348678Everything goes well according to plan, red/pil/. Do not despair. The degeneracy pushes its limits i…[View]
172348734Red pilled sci-fi thread: 'And force, my friends, is violence. The supreme authority from which all …[View]
172348254Itt you prove your not just a boring monolith who repeat his political side talking points. post 2 p…[View]
172340345So, what percent of politicians would you guys say are actually literal demons?[View]
172348718National Socialist Board: >https://meguca.org/pol/ Sup magapedes, this is a board where National …[View]
172346451Self-Employment is the final redpill. There is nothing more cucked than putting your life in the ha…[View]
172348572Blonde people are tards (PROOF): >Semen bots come here please[View]
172348557What's my opinion on this?[View]
172345964BASED /POL/ BERRIES: Member when we stole Shias flag?[View]
172321029Hinduism general: >What is Hinduism? Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world. It i…[View]
172348461Are white men the only 'cuckhold race'?: I hardly watch porn and I'm not that curious about the…[View]
172347071How long, realistically, could thhe USSR have lasted if they weren't in all those proxy wars?[View]
172346547Two top globalists dead in two days: Merely a coincidence? In the past couple days, two very promine…[View]
172347571Does anyone know or seen any evidence of leftists still coming over to the right in any significant …[View]
172348158How Was The ZOG Conference: Patrick Little asking Dual Israeli ZOG Jews 'How Was The ZOG Conference?…[View]
172336376>Families with a household income of less than $25,000 plan to spend $1,393 for the prom, accordi…[View]
172324388You have three of the largest nuclear bombs. Where do you drop them?[View]
172348077Are we doomed yet?: I think we are pretty messed up.[View]
172331582Wikipedia shill exposed - 133,612 edits over 14 years made in the name of (((Philip Cross))): https:…[View]
172341118Is leftist antisemitism a problem?[View]
172329345/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
172340631What would happen, society and culturally-wise, if, say, some jihadi were to bomb the Oscars? Would …[View]
172344765Who is a Disinfo Agent?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EVNaFAhcVYDC[View]
172347468How can you think white people are the master race, and still think 80% of all murders are blacks ag…[View]
172317827White Supremacists shocked to find they're not white: >It was a strange moment of triumph ag…[View]
172347249I'm baffled. What did he mean by this?[View]
172345180Questions About 'Gods Chosen People': https://www.bitchute.com/video/QhMyMJ0211wA[View]
172325497PATRICK LITTLE IS GOING TO WIN: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/388365-supporters-of-neo-nazi-r…[View]
172345516>'We call them The Walking Dead': At least TWENTY-FIVE people 'looking like zombie…[View]
172345573What did he mean by this?[View]
172343051Nick Fuentes: >trust me guys I'm only 19 years old Most obvious FBI plant I've ever see…[View]
172346690Britain is lost: Time to abandon ship[View]
172345946Why do white people like crappy butchered electronic house remixes of brilliant songs?[View]
172338749The absolute state of Parisian suburbs: WTF /pol/ i'm requesting back-up here. We are in my hom…[View]
172343223/pol/ opinion on Mount Athos: >Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in northeastern Greece and…[View]
172342113How did a leaf that sounds like Kermit the Frog convince so many male losers to finally clean their …[View]
172346530The problem with identity politics isn't that racial identity doesn't matter. The problem …[View]
172343502Any landlords here? If so do you tend to avoid renting out to nogs? Any stories?[View]
172340413What should we do about the eternal Jew victim problem?: >Literal merchant Turbokike >Poses as…[View]
172346401Rate Greek nazis: These are the nazis from the nazi political party and gang Golden Dawn. Rate them …[View]
172326537Its happening, this is only the beginning.[View]
172346322Yes Voters: Walking around Dublin see some many walking around wearing the Yes genocide merchandise.…[View]
172337020Brit/pol/: National Front Edition: >Sealed with a kiss: newlyweds Harry and Meghan delight Windso…[View]
172308986Not even hiding it anymore.[View]
172340174Really makes one think[View]
172344641If (((they))) rule the world, then doesn't it mean white men are indeed inferior?: Check mate a…[View]
172346476https://nbc4i.co/2LdhLbY Any way we can figure out who this nigger is? He stole $4000 from an old wo…[View]
172346474Lee Whitnum calls out AIPAC: Lee Whitnum has been Wasserman-Schultz'd up there in Connecticut l…[View]
172345439AUSTRALIA FARMER GENOCIDE: Should we offer them asylum?[View]
172339109so you're saying there's a chance[View]
172342631Which US President is objectively superior?[View]
172345923Does leftism cause mass-shootings?[View]
172346133Kraut gets fired after drawing Bibi caricature: What the fuck is happening in Krautmany? >The car…[View]
172344807is trump smart?: >Look, having nuclear — my uncle was a great professor and scientist and enginee…[View]
172346173Who do the left and the right hate the jews?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/opinion/sunday/benj…[View]
172346123Welcome to Brazil: >Sunny day at the beach >Enjoy the nice women, the heat and relaxing music …[View]
172346293Is this a parody or serious ???: https://youtu.be/RrlKS2RJzoA[View]
172344111Ideal world thread: note: spain owns california so we will have less hippie fags within our borders…[View]
172346035who's your favourite current politician in whatever country you live in?: as a bongistani it ha…[View]
172346095Armed teachers? More perverts in the classroom, blatantly parading their gun fetish? Doesn't an…[View]
172310579holy shit lmao can it get any better[View]
172342884>This kills the boomer[View]
172328901Europe Is Now Islamic Property: The future is Islam and Europe is now under Muslim control. White me…[View]
172332914How do I get 150IQ daughter that is /pol/ incarnate? I'm just 130IQ. Do I need to find a 170IQ …[View]
172341093Was he a good guy? i remember people spreading the idea he was a racist murderer that gladly killed …[View]
172341282Black “people” will never successfully integrate into society no matter how much time passes. They a…[View]
172344611What happened to white musicians?: I’m at a classical music concert and I t has occurred to me that …[View]
172345186There are other countries besides the US where guns are easily available. Brazil for example. But I …[View]
172345303We have a lot of disagreements, comrades, but we can all agree that the mods are faggots. >inb4 …[View]
172333706TODAY'S BORDER WALL CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:: >Miles completed yesterday -Zero- >Miles comple…[View]
172345588Holy shit Bill, calm the fuck down.[View]
172345578Why do serbs and albanians hate each other[View]
172345333Fitting in.: I was playing one of my old favorite skating games(Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3.) And I thoug…[View]
172340993>/pol/ is boring tonight >closes /pol/ >open it again a second later What in the fuck?…[View]
172342101Jews has voted for Trump...: Oh yeah...[View]
172334080What the fuck is a bra snapper?[View]
172342670QUESTION: why do we fight the inevitable, the future of America is brown, why worry at this point?: …[View]
172315682So... What's the most important country in the history of humanity?[View]
172345227Gun grabbers are infantilized: Trying to understand the psychology of those who want all useful tool…[View]
172338299>See americans make a space shuttle >Make a better one, just in case >So good, spaceX falco…[View]
172332525Police Concern Over Missing 14 Year Old Chesterfield Girl: Derbyshire Police are concerned for the s…[View]
172345103true debate is impossible because capitalism: /pol/ btfo yet again[View]
172342189What do you guys think of Wrath of Gnon and the growing traditionalist movement to reject modernity?[View]
172345176Alt-Right: >The alt left the real racists >'Shitskins' scapegoated >White Ethnost…[View]
172323534Why do people have this reaction: To Jordan Peterson. It's like he is some people's worst …[View]
172320216How are Italians in US? Good or bad?[View]
172345061How Many Jews Died at Auschwitz?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0rn1pRwAkEtb[View]
172343241Hwite people are the problem[View]
172343724Why do you still subscribe to the false american political dichotomy, /pol/? >everything must be …[View]
172344819Why wont niggers stop killing each other: https://news.sky.com/story/second-murder-arrest-after-teen…[View]
172347424Whites Should Give Us Back Our Chins: White people stole my fucking CHIN, where's my chin, whit…[View]
172347486Which one of you faggots is drinking at a bar right now? You're wasting your Sunday.[View]
172344830Political Action Committe - Right-Wing Death Squad Edition: Anons, is there a database of Liberal El…[View]
172344527Transracial Pride: Who else here trans race? I'm WtB. I get a lot of hate for it. We shouldn…[View]
172327937How can you look at black twitter and not become redpilled?[View]
172344647Exposing The Jewish Talmud Bible: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6QuBvyJsW5Te/[View]
172299426Texas massacre: In Florida they increased the age requirement to buy assault style weapons to 21 and…[View]
172344477Let's not deny there is a problem in America but why there is nothing except stone buckets bein…[View]
172329924Would a price cap save Millennials?[View]
172341524If you are white in Canada, your government wants to replace you. This guy is the gift that just kee…[View]
172344393Why do Vikings never stop being cool?[View]
172320438Canada Le 49% White by 2019: Snow Chinks, explain yourselves[View]
172335548I am almost considering being a Democrat because I can't stand how awful Republicans are today.[View]
172343800(Political) Nigger Hate Thread: Is hating niggers somehow not political? The prefix pol-, from the L…[View]
172344177Why is liberal writing such predictable dogshit? >righteous fight against oppression >by drink…[View]
172338897Post yfw Britain has revealed its true and final form[View]
172343896You wake up tomorrow and all the millenials and boomers are gone. What you do?[View]
172322465gun control debunked thread: https://www.google.com/amp/www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/10/dean-weing…[View]
172343604starcucks: >Starbucks letter to employees: Anyone can use the bathroom https://www.usatoday.com/s…[View]
172338776Arabic Muslim cartoon. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3ytnzJjEyAM Like,…[View]
172330278Mob of feral Africans terrorize Las Vegas neighborhood: Holy fuck - why do you Americans allow this?…[View]
172330975Trump Takes Off the Gloves: Orders Official Investigation of Obama/FBI for Spying on Trump Campaign:…[View]
172343852CHRISTIANS, YES!: Why are modern Christians such obedient good goyim toward their masters in Jerusal…[View]
172338237Official: David Hogg is OUR GUY, just said Oliver North (military) brought cocaine into USA in 80s: …[View]
172338290>hey anon, why don't you get into Hinduism? It's better than Nazism. wat do, /pol/?…[View]
172343387I had a Dream Alex Jones attacked me: He attacked me and yelled in my ear so loudly I got tinnitus w…[View]
172336519Adolf Hitler really did kill himself in 1945: >https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/ad…[View]
172336869/pol/ approved movies: Sicario[View]
172341260>DEAD KIKE ON A STICK[View]
172343611Serbia, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia: If they all teamed up, would they be able to remove k…[View]
172328764Are the elites part nephilim/fallen angels?: Why else would they need rituals and sacrifices? >In…[View]
172338048Chads aren't alphas, they are lying betas: Chad: >Says anything to get laid >Is friends w…[View]
172327688He's not wrong you know. Admit your white privledge.[View]
172342272Beware of the laRpint Turk: They are everywhere. Most have German flags (shame) the rest Canadian le…[View]
172334076I know the cold war was basically about oil, but what I never learned was why the hell America was e…[View]
172342400Peterson BTFO by Angry BLACK Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPSKvdJ9uMk He was absolutely BTFO…[View]
172317214They all equally deserve the flute.[View]
172337026Britfag here Just want to let you all know that most of the country is unhappy with the police state…[View]
172337407So, /pol/, what are your thoughts on my country's current politics with burgers and euros?[View]
172328049Reminder: Incelocaust is REAL[View]
172341924>when a Canadian says Quebeckers aren't white[View]
172342862>Jews claim whites are the evil race >yet they're the same race as the race that killed J…[View]
172330695Why can't society be broken into a day shift and a night shift? Why must majority of societal f…[View]
172339689So it's over?[View]
17234084610 years since I swallowed through MGTOW pill. Life is sweet when you see the blue pillery in the wo…[View]
172322512Patrick Little General /PLG/ - PRECISION ENGINEERING edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs Senator…[View]
172339595What's the point in trying to convert religious people when their whole שטיק is refusing to bel…[View]
172340591Urgent appeal to trace missing York girl Elise Donoghue: An urgent appeal has been made to track dow…[View]
172342312Trans Race Pride: How come trans-race isn't a thing? What if I'm a white person who REALLY…[View]
172309918Wtf is wrong with Irish people?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO-Adcb8yRQ[View]
172342470Christianity General /CG/ - Pentecost Sunday Edition: >all denominations are welcome >fedoras …[View]
172342684This bitch is fucking annoying I fucking hate pajeets and pajeetas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
172342668Recommend me some /pol/ books. History, philosphy. Anything goes[View]
172335057Is it time to reform capitalism?[View]
172309827Should I be Protestant or Catholic?[View]
172342528Is the starving Africans meme a ploy to leech wealth away from white people?[View]
172309217Why does everyone hate the Freemasons?: I understand the hatred towards Jews judging how they pretty…[View]
172340839Get Ready For The Show: >inb4 nothing ever happens Part I: The Democrats' made up excuse for…[View]
172338266What Did Trump Mean By This?[View]
172305662BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT: The President Of The United States has spoken![View]
172340958>Met black girl >knocked her up >have half-breed >get food stamps >Didn't get AI…[View]
172340541> why dont white women want to have sex with me > they sure were brainwashed by jews Is /pol …[View]
172341905BRITAIN YES[View]
172341536The kalergi Plan: Obviously everyone here is aware of the kalergi plan but what about your average c…[View]
172344939What is she thinking about here, /pol/?[View]
172336501Whats wrong with the EU?[View]
172336230White people need to fight!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua8Zeo0yH8M I have to be stoned to watc…[View]
172333722is this the most important book of the 20th century? i think it probably is. the ultimate defense of…[View]
172340910What do you guys thnk of Aurini?: I like him. He is consistent in his views.[View]
172341503How do we destroy this company and other privately owned parking enforcement companys?[View]
172302026China has invaded by niggers: just in Guangzhou province there're 200 thousand of African resid…[View]
172341324William La Swing: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/05/20/un-migration-boss-attacks-trump-mass-mi…[View]
172344797If you have this in your bathroom you live in a civilized country. If you don't know what is th…[View]
172341322Why do SJWs keep calling me an incel?: I miss being called a Nazi, it was funnier.[View]
172341504Hello Again[View]
172343187/pol/ MUSIC BOARD: Post your /pol/ browsing musik. Yes this is politics related because art is polit…[View]
172343266Why haven't you taken the Buddhism pill yet?[View]
172343363Koreans are fags: Is this what the Koreans think is fashionable and attractive..? It looks like a fu…[View]
172343632Stands in your way so you can’t leave the store. What are you racists gonna do about it?[View]
172343930satan's system of control: https://youtu.be/KloaJ1wWWLY satan is one sick fuck[View]
172343919.-- . .-.. -.-. --- -- .: .... ..[View]
172344075Black people smell weird.[View]
172344308The emergence is inevitable, submit to it[View]
172338926What do we do about the incel problem? Gas 'em? Serious note. What is with the uptick of 'incel…[View]
172287877Christian General: >For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose hi…[View]
172341123after being utter dissappointed with harry. queen decides to award him... the earl; of Dumb-are-Ton.…[View]
172339421Watford teen Chelsea Binfield missing for the second time this year: 15-year-old girl is missing. Ch…[View]
172340195Degenracy: Degeneracy: >the state or property of being degenerate. Degenerate: >having lost th…[View]
172340939Macron says anti-Zionism is a new type of anti-Semitism: > Emmanuel Macron called anti-Zionism a …[View]
172340874Race doesn't exist: Race doesn't exist, Asians can drink milk.[View]
172337007Why am I seeing so many commercials with fully intact, middle class black families?[View]
172334147What does /pol/ think about this band?[View]
172326973The easiest degeneracy to fight is the degeneracy within you. If you have not already achieved all …[View]
172335219Holy shit is that true?[View]
172331523*burns down your internet culture* heh... nothing personal. i just want to watch a tire fire https:/…[View]
172337472Stop turning Europe into a desert[View]
172331284Mister Metokur Livestream: Take a seat and enjoy the Autism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0opTMig…[View]
172334756What's with Americans and their gun autism?[View]
172335506The absolute state of america: Well /pol/?[View]
172339828New: I'm new and glad to join.[View]
172340612Fuck Kurd edition.[View]
172340491They've only Deported 1 percent of them: It's why they keep coming. Only 1 in 100 chance o…[View]
172336263ITT: How were you bullied? Or did you bully?: Since the latest shooting was caused by the kid gettin…[View]
172309068why they do this?: americunts are cucks.[View]
172340444If American blacks got their way, what exactly would they replace Western/European civilization with…[View]
172322071If black people can have black panther why don't we get a white panther? This isn't fair![View]
172334050Why is nobody talking about this most recent shooting in Texas? I feel like the Florida shooting had…[View]
172340301Did Harry marry a black woman literally because of our WE WUZ KINGZ / KANGZ meme? Did we actually me…[View]
172340280Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1967) HQ: Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1967) HQ https://www.youtube…[View]
172315862/Denmark General/: Restore the kingdom[View]
172336731/WHITE/ NATIONALIST THREAD: >ITALIANS AND PORTUGUESE NOT WELCOMED What have you done to save the …[View]
172333776>France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling or making sexual comments to women France to fi…[View]
172340081Born after 1989? You can't have a gun.: Nobody born after the year 1989 should be allowed to ha…[View]
172340032Dope Posters: Why don't us Americans have similar posters for our school shooters and incel ave…[View]
172338456Concerns for welfare of girl, 12, missing from Archway since Saturday: Police are growing increasing…[View]
172339572Abortion: Well /pol/ with Ireland's abortion referendum only a mere 5 days away, was wondering …[View]
172332112the hypocrisy project: I need help identyfying some propoganda posters. Reason: > City where i li…[View]
172331987why the fuck are people jumping to the defense of MS13? you know, the gang that kidnaps children and…[View]
172339072Did top Democrats vote for a border wall in 2006?: The Secure Fence Act of 2006 >The Secure Fence…[View]
172339807Getting dark soon. Better making a fire.[View]
172339754Not Politically Incorrect, But Correct.: In Revelations, I know that verily, when the sun and the mo…[View]
172322243What does /pol/ think about piracy?[View]
172331809The Political Example of Japan: Why aren't your cities clean and safe? Why do you let in maraud…[View]
172339537Incel rehabilitation?: >Get busted at 29 being a peepin' tom. >Use humiliation to turn y…[View]
172339511Will someone explain to me why /pol/ hates Islam again? The West is the epitome of decadence and Isl…[View]
172337630What happened to the US? Technology has improved exponentially in the past 50 years, why is it harde…[View]
172339467why is latin america so violent?[View]
172331974Has the refugee crisis helped or harmed Europe?: Aside from a loss of cultural identity, has the ref…[View]
172338834What's /pol/ political opinion about Weiner & Huma? The documentary is so much fun to watch…[View]
172338148Realistically speaking, How many more decades do you assume humanity as a whole will last before it …[View]
172337147Now that: Texas Arcane (vault-co) is kill, who's next?[View]
172333022Stop being a gullible neo-nazi, bucko![View]
172317741ITT we summon infowar intern[View]
172339303Nuke the South: God I fucking hate southerners and rednecks. I just took a trip to the south (I’m fr…[View]
172327921Hey /pol/ pick your ally[View]
172337950Why haven't you found him yet /pol/[View]
172336297Why should men's opinions be taken into consideration on anything regarding abortion?[View]
172329523This is the only way for non degenerate women to exist. Inshallah you will realise this.[View]
172334249PAPADOPOULOS FRAMED BACK IN MARCH '16 BY HALPER: Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to FBI offi…[View]
172319842How was church today anons?[View]
172338699>its ok to be white SO ITS OK TO BE DRACULA POL? pol btfo yet again[View]
172335658Jordan Peterson is Hal: Dave... Dave... Just what do you think you are doing Dave? Dave... I really …[View]
172325479>the US of A[View]
172337692women are shit: women aren't loyal women are race traitors women aren't smart women are ch…[View]
172332118PATRICK LITTLE GENER- Vote little win big: |Top Story >JFG Livestreams Pat vs. Halsey https://www…[View]
172338552What is their endgame?[View]
172334200Does Affirmative Action Harm Jews?: On average Jews have higher IQ's than whites so does that m…[View]
172312943Students talk about shooter getting bullied by teachers: New videos surfacing showing students who k…[View]
172334023Choose your allies: >Armenia one of the oldest Christian people still in existence never bend ove…[View]
172338450All my thanks to the Arabs for enslaving my ancestors, if it were not for that I would be like the c…[View]
172331517Middle School Teacher ousted as white supremacist: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-16405…[View]
172336059- 22 School shootings in 2018 so far : that's a ratio of 1 shooting a week - That was only the …[View]
172338194ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE IRISH: >Irish men in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uHi7u9KXGM…[View]
172335740Jew stuff: What should I give up / not do / watch / eat / drink / use if I want to be free from Jewi…[View]
172307007New Psy Ops idea. Comes here Punished 'Personal KKK Army' /pol/.: Pic related is a kike modern art b…[View]
172338241What would Wittgenstein think of /pol/?[View]
172330890Jewish NYT report claims Trump following through to 'his government to target political opponents': …[View]
172338029Posthumanism: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/may/06/no-death-and-an-enhanced-life-is-th…[View]
172332561'45 footage of the liberators of the Netherlands: These were the Americans send by the '…[View]
172334930Man doxxed by @YesYoureRacist aka (((Logan Smith)))) an heroes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxRe…[View]
172337783Check out the message I just got banned for on gamefaqs politics. [pnut027 posted... I'm not s…[View]
172337781DISGUST: What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you spreading hoaxes and conspiracy theories about…[View]
172337710Meanwhile, on cave /pol/...[View]
172332703What a beautiful day to be white ! Are we invading /R9K/ or what is going on?[View]
172337593Am I the only one who can't wrap their mind around how this guy, who freely admits to joining I…[View]
172337400Can you tell me more about it?[View]
172337562Leftists comic and meme thread, post em[View]
172337425starcucks: lol karma is a bitch https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/05/20/starbucks-tells-empl…[View]
172337381why would anyone want to control the world, honestly i see it as such a pain to have the dream or mo…[View]
172337366I am honestly tired of any interesting thread going 404 within few minutes to hours. Why doesn'…[View]
172292268What happened[View]
172337149Operation Deep Run: Celebrate the impending death of the deep state and their seditious shill traito…[View]
172337238Is this the most unintentionally redpilled song ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwLtyvGdNbc…[View]
172337205Notice something?[View]
172328272italians racists. more brown than anything.: Seriously when are we going to deport these fucking asi…[View]
172333145MS-13 thread: Post your favorite picture of these animals[View]
172332755She’s got more balls than any of us[View]
172323635Get ready Britain, she is about to begin the real role she was hired for - At the reception last ni…[View]
172332347Hilo Español - Spanish Thread: Atención a la secta que rufián está hablando.[View]
172334630Australia's fucked.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5750405/Melbourne-councils-ban-Bar…[View]
172336462Trump just named the Greekjew Tony Podesta: pic related. sauce: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/…[View]
172320038Kilauea Volcano General /kvg/ - Doomed World Edition: Most consistent stream youtube.com/watch?v=SN4…[View]
172335550Mueller to Finish Investigation by September 1: Big if big. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/99829…[View]
172326712Sephardic vs Ashkanazi: Is there a difference?[View]
172336301Female Nigger Gang Bully White Female Teen: Explain this... https://videos.sapo.pt/oaIN1WvjQoZZ40kGt…[View]
172336145Imagine being racist swine in 2018 Literally kys[View]
172327600/POL/ ART GENERAL: ITT: Post /pol/ approved art >Sculptures >Paintings >Sketches >Models…[View]
172310266Boomer Hate Thread: Can they be defended?[View]
172325845Brit/pol/ Norf lunden fc edition: >Sealed with a kiss: newlyweds Harry and Meghan delight Windsor…[View]
172335983Wow, the weekend passed pretty quick eh wagie? Hope you got all your chores done today and are getti…[View]
172333697We already knew he was /ourgoy/ but for those who doubted. >#1 YouTuber >our guy WE…[View]
172334995If you take a girl's virginity, you have a moral duty to marry her >B-b-b-but! No buts. It…[View]
172336962>be american >school bell rings I PLEDGE ALLIGEANCE TO THE FLA- >shart self >get shot by…[View]
172329826HOW CAN THEY DO THIS >accuse your enemy of doing what you've been doing for a millena…[View]
172338990Traditional Foods: did you guy take the nutmeg pill? traditional european foods are more sturating a…[View]
172334004Are you ready Nazis? Heil Hitler I can’t hear you HEIL HITLER OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Who lives in a b…[View]
172336252Groups names for races: Different species have different grouping names. Lets make some for the race…[View]
172335681Being a liberal: >Be me, a Liberal >Cheer on Obama weaponizing IRS, DOJ, and FBI against polit…[View]
172336203Dear NAZPOL INCEL AUTIS FAGGOTS: I get that your angry and horny and socially retarded but before yo…[View]
172330638Are we still doing this? CAfag checking in, I've hung up ten posters.[View]
172336571Americans are not white. According to Nigerian DNA analysis Institution they are 56% Mutt (Concentra…[View]
172335235What's your opinion about this?[View]
172336780What's the deal with MealSquares?: Has any other /pol/tards subsisted on mealsquares, onions, o…[View]
172328517Kraut wannabe jihadi converts to mudslime and travels to Syria to rape some slaves and gets BTFO and…[View]
172334967You wake up in your quaint, old European town and you see that the vacant home beside you was just p…[View]
172331584Esupur Rahman groomed and raped 16-year-old girl in Merseyside: A Bootle man has been jailed after g…[View]
172335707The Americans entered this board under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bully ev…[View]
172321769Liberal Comedian Says Whites Should Kill Themselves: So i went to see this comedian with my girlfrie…[View]
172333700Werewolves vs. Vampires: >Hitler's nickname was Wolf >had an HQ named Wolf's Lair …[View]
172334836Everything that is happening is Swedens fault.: Jews infiltrated Sweden in the 1600's. (((Johan…[View]
172331757Israeli Mossad Unit 8200 Helping Carry Out White Genocide World Wide: Nick Spero [RIP] & Brendon…[View]
172332813I need to teach an old dog new politics: Can anybody point me to the best ridiculousness on Reddit? …[View]
172323155Dan Schneider General: No twitter updates in 2 months. What happened to him?[View]
172330951Have you yet realised that the only way to avoid the incumbent Incel / Roastie war is to embrace Isl…[View]
172334742GLORIOUS LEFTIST HOLLYWOOD SALT INCOMING!!!!: Celebs Meltdown over White House Laurel VS Yanny Parod…[View]
172326885how do we get based black man music back in our society?[View]
172335670Get reasonable, /pol/ !: Full chat, see post below.[View]
172335617Remember That Traitorous Bitch Jo Cox?: Here's an independent investigation about the murder: h…[View]
172313997A sword was once political as a gun is today, why are swords no longer political[View]
172334402Remember when Trump won the elections?: We thought we had won. But nothing actually changed. No wall…[View]
172334159republicans are racist. deal with it trumptards.[View]
172297392Starbucks: Coffee house and homeless shelter. Whose brilliant idea was that, I wonder?[View]
172332724Major Indictments coming down this week: Manafort, Don Trump Jr.,, Roger Stone...: Goys, I am worrie…[View]
172334714When is populism gonna return?: I can’t take it anymore. Europe is falling apart.[View]
172333286the world is so complicated![View]
172335258Catholic Demographic Suicide: The catholic church is dying by suicide https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
172287192What happened?: How did Harry's type go from blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls in their twenties t…[View]
172334991Pope Francis tells gay man 'God made you like this': https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/20/p…[View]
172335166Serious question: Is western female degeneracy really that bad? Or is it just a cop out incel weebs …[View]
172335122PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICS DISCORD: I swear I'm not a shill. This discord is owned by a cuck liber…[View]
172335027Navy releases comic on how to not tickle pickles: >The absolute state of the US Navy >376 FUCK…[View]
172334602>Send kid to go government brainwashing / murder facility >Complain when it gets killed Pic re…[View]
172314739Syria General /sg/ - 5th Column Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
172334565>I was only pretending to be retarded >I predicted this…[View]
172315116Still waiting...[View]
172334420>Norway couldn't singlehandedly-destroy USA in a week TOP KEK AMERICAN PIG SHIT!!! Oh belie…[View]
172332327>socialism never works and, and it always fails >socialism has been working for decades now Hm…[View]
172332143NazBol shooter in Texas is a Federal Russian Agent for The Jew Overlord of Russia Vladimir Putin and…[View]
172328408>OD on red/black pills >Start seriously reading literature and philosophy >Family thinks I…[View]
172306042ITT: summarise your entire political views by a single quote. I'll start with mine.[View]
172330393if you have a hacked off mutilated dick (circumcised) you are NOT white!: literally only 3rd world n…[View]
172328662so now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that it's time to GET RID OF THE FUCKING GUN…[View]
17233431724/7/365 Shithole: Open now to nonpaying bums and niggers. It would be racism if they forced them to…[View]
172315405miss me yet?[View]
172333626HITLER ESCAPED! CIA NIGS and SF Tim Kennedy confirms on Joe Rogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T…[View]
172320367So. What went wrong? How could happen in the most pro-gun state in pro-gun zone? To make matters wo…[View]
172334017Cville 6: Of those that have been to trail, there have been two convictions with long prison sentenc…[View]
172329189Why do white people put other races above themselves? Serious cultural question. No other race does …[View]
172329287What's a fucking sense of anime existment?: Pls any1 can explain me why anime is so popular?…[View]
172329615FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM EXPLAINED: If you're curious about how money is created, watch this vide…[View]
172333120America is no longer a White Christian country (and that's a good thing): https://www.youtube.c…[View]
172325690HELLO H U M A N: HELLO H U M A N https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_o275mWwa0 [Remove][View]
172270972Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - We Wuz Aviation Pioneers Edition: >Targets of opportunity https://…[View]
172328680US Muslim running for governor: 'We hate you!': https://leohohmann.com/2018/05/11/first-ever-muslim-…[View]
172333297Why doesn't the CIA kill this faggot? Nobody likes him[View]
172326553Shift the Focus to Mental Health: Vote and retweet to protect the 2nd Amendment. https://twitter.com…[View]
172333718The universe is almost 14 billion years old and you get to be alive during the Donald J Trump presid…[View]
172332962Do right wing niggers really think they will get a chance?[View]
172333475What should we do about the eternal Jew victim problem?: >Turbokike >Helps and sympathizes wit…[View]
172333443Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to FBI officials. At the core of his conviction were his meeting…[View]
172333245Is Congressman Eric Swalwell a Sex Predator?: Did Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell use taxpayer …[View]
172325328I can’t take it anymore...: I went to church this morning, and the pastor happened to meet with the …[View]
172330011Hillary to Get Harvard Medal for Transformative Impact on Society: What transformative impact did Hi…[View]
172325506Only unevolved people love their parents[View]
172333332Hunting the Commies hi anons I would like this thread to be about finding and posting all dates, tim…[View]
172307701SOUTH AFRICA 2018: The more you non-South African racists spread lies about our country using fake s…[View]
172323323FUTURE FOR EUROPE: Is it possible to form some sort of an group, an army, whatever who will deal wit…[View]
172333161Is it true only mutt countries use the term “white”: Is 99% percent of not mutt countries of Europe …[View]
172333155In Revelations, I know that verily, when the sun and the moon and the stars go out. Brother I remind…[View]
172329291Pope says it's okay to be gay: See, even the Pope thinks being gay is natural. Why would you be…[View]
172321160Feminist Canadian deployment to Mali: White Canadian soldiers to get raped by sub 80 IQ Cro-Magnon…[View]
172329744>The Biggest Alpha ever was GAY! /pol/ btfo!!!![View]
172303471>Palestine isn't a country >the Palestinians aren't even a people >Jerusalem ha…[View]
172333007White power: The niggers are worst than jews o not? I don't know but both need to be exterminat…[View]
172332636What happens here, faggots?: Besides ladyboi, cheap street food, and cheaper hookers, what goes on i…[View]
172321045So, yet another lying 'black man' trying to stir up hate. He claims the cop harrassed him about his …[View]
172332076White supremacists stoled Zavion: 100% true story: Zavion Parker has allegedly been kidnapped by 5-6…[View]
172323639Shitskins, pink-haired SJWs, and teacher union scum.[View]
172326710FTN 122: >its an Ethnarch episode[View]
172332651People should be free to be themselves.[View]
172332694Patrick Little: post rare pics[View]
172327229Whats happening /pol/? I see this picture of this migrant acting up on the policeman all day. All th…[View]
172331025A message from /bant/ to mods: Stop using /bant/ as /pol/s trashcan. Thank you. /bant[View]
172331329Will the future nigger countries work actively against the white race? The shitskins seem to hate al…[View]
172331907thoughts?: >(((OUR GREAT MAKER)))[View]
172331561The ADL is a Mossad Division Spy & Espionage Agency for Israel: https://www.bitchute.com/video/p…[View]
172329916Fellow /pol/, it's been fun building support for racists and anti Semites,: but surely electing…[View]
172332236Whatever Happened to the Hogganaughts?: Just a week ago there were many threads on the philosophies …[View]
172328742Meerkat thread: >brat reaches through fence in zoo and gets bitten by meerkat >swings the anim…[View]
172331929>trump is not a warmonger like hillary, trump cares about usa only >*stirs shit up in middle e…[View]
172332026Art Making as Forging Evidence in The Jew World Order: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LfTls8OY3RbS…[View]
172332019When it comes to Israel[View]
172323269The american goy in all its magnificence[View]
172331431In 2006, Alex Jones Called Michael Collins Piper to Discuss How Israel Blackmails Politicians & …[View]
172331886Rainbow-Nazi: Süddeutsche writing an article about the purity warriors in Dresden[View]
172317084Guess who's back, boys?[View]
172323436How do you know women are less intelligent: How do you know women are the less intelligent sex that …[View]
172331373ABSOLUTELY HAPPENING: Trump goes full McCarthy!: Sessions hangs if he obstructs Daddy Trump this tim…[View]
172328990Well is it?[View]
172331425>'Beyond the Pyrenees begins Africa. Once that natural barrier is crossed, the Mediterranean raci…[View]
172302072>White America is quietly self-segregating STOP LEAVING WHITE BOI https://www.vox.com/2017/1/18/1…[View]
172330928Daily reminder that u Will die not experiencing sex as Evolution have perfectioned It over millions …[View]
172331413Take the red MEAT Pill Fam: /pol/ have you taken the red MEAT pill? Milk Viking kicked it off last y…[View]
172331250*destroys your paganism*: Whoops, nothing personal kiddo. God bless![View]
172329205Beards are for degenerates: Not a single Nazi had a beard. Shave that shit and grow a mustache at be…[View]
1723273778values thread. Rate me.[View]
172331211Hmmmm. Where have I seen that before.[View]
172328168Do non-whites ever get scared that one day white people will chimp out Hitler style and start roundi…[View]
172330833/ourguy/ confirmed: - mocking gang culture into oblivion - loves trump - troll level on 1000 - wi…[View]
172318816We have to talk about the influx of Muslim snakes into /pol/: First of all, the Jews are a problem. …[View]
172330577Central Europe Thread - culture edition: Why is Central Europe the only part of the world which make…[View]
172329714Americans killed in niger combat footage released: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=uGUgQ_1526749797 …[View]
172329569>Part of NI now owned by Royals Well, technically all of it is owned by our Queen but now we have…[View]
172330476I miss him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrRl9xfOy3o[View]
172330565you motherfuckers: PREDICT THE NEXT APOCALYPSE[View]
172330624How does it feel to be the very people Hitler would have gassed? Honestly I pity you delusional frea…[View]
172316907Hi guys, I'm French and i'd like to know if there is a VERY low cost alimentation store in…[View]
172322583This is Japan. >yfw you realize you actually live in a lawless, uncivilized barbaric society.…[View]
172330229the real bad guys, hiding in plain sight[View]
172320047Time's up, sexist https://www.independent.ie/world-news/europe/france-to-fine-men-up-to-750-for…[View]
172326185Realistic predictions for the future thread.[View]
172328802A proud National Socialist, having demonstrated the self-evident superiority of both his Race and hi…[View]
172325993Why are Canadians so autistic about the War of 1812?: >Claims to have burned down US White House …[View]
172307131What does hate accomplish?: Why does /pol/ hate non whites or people of different cultures? Nobody c…[View]
172330247Far-Right Catholics build media empire: This is honestly scary, guys, these are radical homophobic, …[View]
172330222Has there ever been in history a generation as fucked up in the head as millenials?: - unmotivated -…[View]
172329642Why is there never something about left violence in the media?[View]
172328418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43gm3CJePn0 Do you think he captured your arguments and point of vie…[View]
172325580PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PROBING EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
172325187Is Prince Harry a bastard?[View]
172325740Red pill me on ohio[View]
172321284Mike Brown would have been 22 years old today https://twitter.com/haymarketbooks/status/998215043798…[View]
172329650The Germans are rising up against Jews again: https://www.mtv.fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/artikkeli/juutalai…[View]
172329710WHEN WILL THE IA HAPPENING HAPPEN?: >IA that can autolearn chess in 4 hours to beat the best prog…[View]
172327650Why did men land on moon first: It's unfair[View]
172318654Why Floridans can’t into politics?[View]
172326406Is he autistic ?[View]
172329196Would society improve if only people who actively participate in it are allowed to vote? So as a min…[View]
172322119Incel rebellion is getting out of control.: How will roasties even survive?[View]
172329478He’s not wrong[View]
172323073CATHOLICS EXPLAIN YOURSELVES. >https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/05/20/22/28/pope-francis-to…[View]
172329387Civil war soon?: I've never even really considered getting a weapon since I'm in one of th…[View]
172320280YFW Trump is triggering a constitutional crisis. >implying Carter Page and others in his campaig…[View]
172317230Any military anons: Im think of joining, what is it like[View]
172323287Who's Pewdiepie's most threatening Rival?: well pewds?[View]
172329194Who else love reliving this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQGjBMqz7Oo[View]
172328971Is this blackface?[View]
172329243Need a redpill on spirit cooking. Deep cuts into the left middle finger and so forth[View]
172326123>TFW Negros were more civilised when they had no rights[View]
172328713You are all going to die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Vt0UGwmgQ[View]
172292016reddit is starting to wake up[View]
172327106Laugh all you want blacks: Can we discuss the fact that Africans(all Afrikangz) have not risen above…[View]
172325995censorship: thoughts on censorship?[View]
172322682Today we're having an election for our next president. (Elected now, starts in January next yea…[View]
172324253Are Incels Lazy?: >Be Incel >Put literally zero effort into self improvement to get girls >…[View]
172313538'Generation Identity' article in UK media!: A 23-year-old City banker leads a movement of …[View]
172328756tin foil theory: So this might seem far fetched , we all know how jews are getting rock hard over th…[View]
172328705Lately, I've heard on a few occasions people say: >'I'm not a racist, I just want my ki…[View]
172321117why can't black people swim?: genetics? previous apartheid? cultural differences? i mean, the o…[View]
172322403why do white women love pitbulls?[View]
172315292Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like this': https://www.theguardian.com/world/20…[View]
172326073TRUMP FAMILY IS JEWISH MAFIA: http://americanfreepress.net/who-towers-behind-trump/ CONFIRMED The fo…[View]
172328466Hannity Ops: New board, new possibilities. Software is from Discourse. https://community.hannity.com…[View]
172309872/ourgirl/ 14 year old Holly from Bo'ness Scotland giving zero fucks for saying what everything …[View]
172327711Swedish grenadier thread: I’ve known that Sweden has had recent issues with grenade attacks, but I n…[View]
172325752Why Is This Not Mandatory?: Single sex schools where everyone wears the same uniform and female teac…[View]
172328313Give me a TL;DR on what happened and what Trump is doing. I'm not up to date at all.[View]
172319027Top 5 most hated countries in France: These are the 5 most hated countries in France according to a …[View]
172324670Using the word nigger: Can I legally defend myself if I call a black man a nigger? Or do you think I…[View]
172324321How retarded do you have to be to support this non stop liar in chief? Even the media can’t cover fo…[View]
172324651Unplug from Politics: Anyone ever done a long unplug from politics? I am starting to think that pol…[View]
172327965Not defending Trump but..: Didn't Hillary also take money from foreign governments aswell such …[View]
172321539>All white family >No 6 year old tranny kid >No Haitian adopted baby >No gay couple Why …[View]
172327475There's 5 of me and 1 of you, Hillahry. Now hand over the e-mails.[View]
172276494This is what MKUltra looks like in real life: When you see these threads, don’t reply. Report these …[View]
172327437women deserve rape[View]
172323564it's finally on now bitch ass shills. slide this ctr, david brock, shareblue, closet homos ect.…[View]
172324116Why do the portuagese have so much nigger dna??[View]
172326374McCain thread. Who did he meet with? I'm in a heated argument with my dad and he's at the …[View]
172326168So, more guns more safety?[View]
172327329Drumpf BTFO by based black bishop.: >US Bishop who stole show at royal wedding and will protest a…[View]
172327093COULD IT BE?: Given that so much of what is happening in the Middle East as it relates to Israel see…[View]
172320087DRONES: why the fuck do we care about our 2nd amendment when pic related exists? a tyrannical US gov…[View]
172325598>Still bitching about the swamp Wasn't he supposed to drain it? He sure sounds powerless! He…[View]
172322664https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCS5V7Pmw7I Why do women who have benefited greatly through female p…[View]
172325266How can we kill as many queers,gays and niggers in a short period of time?[View]
172327136Something pizza related?[View]
172326598Why is jewish meme so effective on /pol/?: Why are people on /pol/ so obsessed with jewish meme…[View]
172327041Michael Jackson Original Lyrics: our guy >Two days later, Jackson decided, despite the cost incur…[View]
172308516I’m 19. Where, in the future, will I be able to safely raise a (white) family? I work remotely so a…[View]
172326216Women like her made me bi.[View]
172318259Why is murder allowed in western society?: Pic related is the universal morning after pill aka plan …[View]
172310511their fault: you know why there is so much ignorant shit on /pol? europeans. >european culture: …[View]
172313774Can we all just agree that michael Dyson is a dick, he has nothing valid to say. His attempt at a ch…[View]
172325769That's MY president: When will the sexism stop?[View]
172324396Presidential Election 2020 thread: I am a Joe Biden missile all the way. The country will need him t…[View]
172325682enough of this Bullshit: how can we get rid of this two[View]
172324061- 22 School shootings in 2018 so far : that's a ratio of 1 shooting a week - That was only the …[View]
172326021is Saudi /ournation/?[View]
172318504Cicada: Hello We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. This year's puzzle is a bit di…[View]
172326253>Be ATF agent >Wake up at 5 for another day of violating constitutional rights >Go downstai…[View]
172313370How do we fix millennials?[View]
172318997Black vs White shootings: A lot of nigger shootings are involving drugs or somehow related to gang a…[View]
172324516Anon was close but does it count: He said Happening was on 23rd but Trump clearly has other plans…[View]
172324255So there's like a hundred percent chance another school shooting will happen this week since tr…[View]
172326078I like this Hogg better https://www.twitter.com/David_Hogg16/status/997885145154834432[View]
172322976MUELLER'S DREAM TEAM: Why are Republicans so corrupt that they're unwilling to join the in…[View]
172325527Ebola in the Congo: >yfw Ebola-chan is back https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-ebola-congo…[View]
172325536Was this cuck ironically right ? Does love lack in this world today ?: he literally did a huge speec…[View]
172325943Jordan Peterson Answers The Jewish Question: Our Lord and savior Jordan Peterson just one the ant-ra…[View]
172306599Steven Spielberg Pedo Another Blind Item[View]
172325894when does this stop?: Scotland will consider independence vote after Brexit clarity when does my cou…[View]
172322983/pol/ in one image[View]
172325854I fucking hate Jimmy Kimmel. All he does is Leach off of famous actors and off of tragedies for some…[View]
172324614How did Americans become so dumb and degenerate: America is the homeland of degeneracy now, yeah Eng…[View]
172314712>literally the palest of all white ethnic groups and has red hair >Wasn't classified as '…[View]
172324878It’s over: It’s over[View]
172325231Friendly reminder that there is literally nothing more cucked on the face of the Earth than a polish…[View]
172321128You've been warned.[View]
172324946Denmark YES!: https://sputniknews.com/europe/201803061062266785-denmark-return-migrants/ Danish hist…[View]
172325478Has anyone read this book? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Manipulated_Man >TL;DR women control…[View]
172324595these roasties man, amirite?[View]
172325169PELE AND PEPE HAVE CLAIMED THEIR FIRST VICTIM: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hawaii-volcano/haw…[View]
172319241If this old bitch doesn't die before the end of this year I'm gonna kill her myself[View]
172323422HAPPENING: Jesus Christ[View]
172321576>that 24 year old boomer who majored in STEM because he thought he'd get a good paying caree…[View]
172325250For taxes to be theft you must own what is being taken but your ownership is only legitimized by the…[View]
172312161what is the main ideology among /Pol/tards?[View]
172322845Is Russia still communist?: My church has missionaries across the world and one of the countries we …[View]
172315889Brit/pol/ - Bennie Claimers Unite edition: >Sealed with a kiss: newlyweds Harry and Meghan deligh…[View]
172308075Well Catholics, when are you going to call out the Pope for being a Satanist and an Idol worshipper?…[View]
172324487Another Lying Poverty Pimp Nigger...: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/20/naacp-leaders-racial-prof…[View]
172304808Why were Mossad agents filming and celebrating the first plane hitting the tower?[View]
172324374he died for our sins: rip[View]
172323412I'm tired of the intrigue and bullshit. Just give me the truth.[View]
172322065Silvietto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpBcXch8Eqs >Silvio: What are you giving me? >Our h…[View]
172317863this.: this.[View]
172313647Criticize Israel?: You're a criminal is you criticize Israel. Bad goys.[View]
172316880What the fuck America: https://theweek.com/speedreads/773996/about-twothirds-all-undocumented-immigr…[View]
172319717>oh shit[View]
172322707Is Roger Daltrey /ourguy/?[View]
172308892Patrick Little General /PLG/ - non shill OP edition: Literal /ourguy/ is running vs Senator Feinstei…[View]
172324314Say what you will about Mexicans but at least they're not socialists.[View]
172319894I come from alternate /pol/ where Trump didn't win. spoilers: literally nothing else changes. U…[View]
172317381Germans In Namibia: Apartheid Continued: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U2g5K8JaJk your time is up…[View]
172320033Australian expert claims parents should ask babies for permission: @Trump: please nuke Australia htt…[View]
172324164/pol/ BTFO again!: The cis white man is immunized against all dangers; one may call him a racist, Na…[View]
172313440HOW DRUGS AFFECT POLITICS: Let's talk about how various psychedelic drugs influence and shape o…[View]
172320389Could Judaism, in an ironic twist of fate, be the one true faith?[View]
172323272Why is poverty allowed in America when the GDP per capita is $60,000? If you set the maximum income …[View]
172324106ALEX JONES ADMITS TRUMP A PRODUCT OF ARMY INTELLIGENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGzeixUAzHc …[View]
172321127fuck the PRC: God please save the Chinese people from the evil PRC China hate thread[View]
172321487O B R E R I S M O .: http://obrerismo.mx A V E • O B R A D O R[View]
172322405>studying math at the classes >that odd guy Elliot suddenly breaks into classroom with gun and…[View]
172323221I think I woke today[View]
172321944PEWDS GETTING TO THE POINT OF NORMALISING NATIONALISM: Literally no fucks given. We keep this up and…[View]
172318571Evolution is not a scientific theory - problem of falsifiability: hi ex-ledditors, I have an interes…[View]
172315978Was pizzagate all lies /pol/?[View]
172321917Chinese century cancelled: Apparently it'll be the BLACK century. Do you guys think we'd f…[View]
172323640>check the local news >dumb beta shit that happened two states over is filed under Celebrities…[View]
172314214Trump is a Russian agent. Prove me wrong.[View]
172323589CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. Heres how we stop it.: We lynch 7 niggers from each tree, then they become f…[View]
172323125People probably murdered by Democrats: I’ll start[View]
172323301The Future: The year is 2050, what does your daily life look like, /pol/?[View]
172323399lets-appreciate-socially-conscious-art-ill-start: >>172306070 Like this >BP is a product of…[View]
172322579Starbucks be racist: Just 9 more days and Starbucks will close 8000 stores in the United States for …[View]
172319986Want To Escape Le 56%?: Embrace the East[View]
172323120:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: * Community * Activity * Uniqueness of identity appealed *…[View]
172309050Whats your take on accelerationism?[View]
172320528Incels: Why do incels think they are entitled to a mate? What makes them think that a 10/10 gf shoul…[View]
172322574censorship: give me your thoughts on censorship[View]
172319625WHAT THE FUCK: ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
172317883Queen doesn't seem happy: What she's really thinking > pic related…[View]
172317697why did she do it?[View]
172318613surely i cant be the only one who realizes that in order to prevent any further destruction of weste…[View]
172301654Long live the Queen: What is the Queen thinking?[View]
172293426This got shoad earlier by the filthy rat mods so I'm throwing it out there again just because f…[View]
172316346So first you rape a 10 year old in Finland and after that the judges decide it's not rape the g…[View]
172322178Do you think Donald Trump has ever posted on /pol/?[View]
172300770Pizza Related Maps: Holy shit, he fucking did it, the Mad Man![View]
172320567A mutual friend saw Gerry & His doctor colleague talking about how Madeline likes this (whilst s…[View]
172315379ALL 34 CHILEAN BISHOPS RESIGN: Why did they all quit pol? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-18…[View]
172320817Guys we need to do something about Kony....[View]
172320838just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[View]
172318000Next Major War of Our Time?: Anons, what do you think the next major war will be? I'm currently…[View]
172312634/pol/ Forever BTFO: Might as well delete the website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J92ZikrHm94…[View]
172316735White nationalist Christians btfo: Go back to Israel, nu-jooz.[View]
172322281Sherk's hidden marxist messages: It really makes you think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p…[View]
172320903centrist cringe thread: why is sargon such as massive centrist faggot? Every Alt right spokesman see…[View]
172321137Get good: The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You…[View]
172320927War declaration: This is my official War declaration to all left activists, Black lives matter activ…[View]
172321569Russian minister btfo's roasties, based https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-chuvashia-health-ministe…[View]
172320698what does /pol/ think of this?[View]
172321495there is a chess variant where a horde of black pawns storm a white encampment, butcher everyone tha…[View]
172318502Holy shit! It's habbening.[View]
172315489What shall we do about the woman problem? In fact, if any other subgroup pulled as much shit as wome…[View]
172308063/pol/’s face when they can’t explain why violent crime in the US is way down since 1980 while the pe…[View]
172315973Poor Prince Phillip: breaks my heart. I think he just realised he fought on the wrong side in WW2…[View]
172318797Guys... I am scared: Guys why did The Church of England let snuff filming happening in the public sp…[View]
172321510When did journalists stop being like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHeSC_Ws5Ic and transform …[View]
172321506Will Germany go into recession soon? Will Trump punish the krauts for their wrongdoings resolutely?[View]
172316198I miss the old Donald: His tweets are kinda whiny. Why does he do this? He is president.[View]
172317326White meat gettin humiliated: Alpha blackboi pushes all the shit off the white teachers desk, shoves…[View]
172321407Tory MPs 'preparing for another snap election' amid Brexit splits. https://www.politicshom…[View]
172316833When is /pol/ going to realize the internet was the downfall of humanity?[View]
172317444Is it a solution to the incels problem?[View]
172292738Albania to enter EU: Serbshits BTFO hahaha!! https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article17653019…[View]
172319863Pitbull drop off: Mom is a pitmommy and freaked out about this. Had to tell her it was okay and now …[View]
172316380Is race real?[View]
172321293UK Cage: https://twitter.com/UK_CAGE/status/989433712323506176 Ali al-Marri: “My son was 9-months-ol…[View]
172310493>yfw /pol/ is incapable of learning the lessons of the past Do you really think cruelty, anger, a…[View]
172321190/pol/ btfo on C-SPAN 2, We Famous Now Guise: We have reached Kvetchcon One, I repeat Kvetchcon One. …[View]
172317772how much would a Framus Golden Television guitar 5/119/54 be worth[View]
172321154Religion is for the miserable. Renounce Christ. >yfw you know this is true but you're a litt…[View]
172299857antifa on suicid watch: Minister of the Interior calls Antifa march in front of police house 'unbeli…[View]
172320988(((anime))): hahahaha jew control the anime[View]
172315686What do we do about the homeless problem in the US?[View]
172315290Really makes you think.[View]
172319415Black plague: Did jews play a role into the spread of the plague ? The merchant boat wich contained …[View]
172319606Mic-Michael...I don't feel so good.[View]
172319779/CPG/ - Chosen People General - Happy Shavout edition: here we celebrate the ome of the Three Pilgri…[View]
172316338Drumpf BTFO based TV loicence: Based BBC BTFO donald drumpf with just one tweet comparing drumpf ina…[View]
172306150Peterson fans SEETHING at this based BTFO: Peterson classic whiteboi who can patriarchy and condesce…[View]
172314256>Socialism—as the logical conclusion of the tyranny of the least and the dumbest, i.e., those who…[View]
172320493Is Doug Ford making anime real ?: Will Northern Ontario remain conservative in these times ? Yes. Ev…[View]
172320488What years is it, /pol/?: If cuckstianity isn't a white religion, it's not the 21st centur…[View]
172316645/pol/ music thread: /pol/ music thread[View]
172320457/pol please help me to have a lot of RT https://twitter.com/AstucesProlo/status/998254591371292672 I…[View]
172319436The absolute state of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz9WMK240ZQ[View]
172307413Jewrdon Petercuck: He's a fagget who refuses to talk about the Jewish Question, other than spre…[View]
172320290Don't ever criticize feminism on /v/![View]
172317696Germany is kill: Italian 'Bannon' populist government confirmed. 500.000 negroes will move to German…[View]
172319788jews must be expulsed of usa and go back to israel[View]
172317075>too edgy for reddit >too neurotypical for /pol/ what do guys…[View]
172320084Venezuela: >destroy food supply so only you have food >give food only to people who demonstrat…[View]
172319976Manlets live longer. Fact... https://www.indy100.com/article/height-age-why-tall-people-die-young-pr…[View]
172310096Anti-PC Music Revival: I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, and one thing that would hel…[View]
172297411This is a thread for members of the coming United Anglo Empire only[View]
172309440Why can't i stop browsing reddit? It's full of left wing retards and i'm tired of it.…[View]
172319825What happened to the Groyper ?[View]
172301037Kilauea Volcano General /kvg/ - Tropical Visions Edition: Most consistent stream youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
172315839Hi guys, is it ok to stole 4chan pics to try to become famous ? because this is what this guy's…[View]
172308627CERN. At it again.: - Cognitive A.I., CERN, 5G Wi-Fi, Quantum Computing, & Tesla https://m.youtu…[View]
172315061What do you hate about Britain the most?: There are so many reasons to hate the British now,especial…[View]
1722986435g absorbed by skin!: The millimeter waves used by 5G will be highly absorbed by the skin as shown b…[View]
172316593Over here in a Catholic mass (St. John’s), the priest while reading the Pentecost part of the Gospel…[View]
172319677Let's tell about Facebook / Twitter Hacking: I started hacking facebook when i was 12 and it i…[View]
172318980Who will actually carry out his orders??[View]
172282665Why does this man anger you so?[View]
172316889White Supremacists to name city after Trump: >A white supremacist is trying to establish an encla…[View]
172314393Political Correctness Debate Get in here Retards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxYimeaoea0 >I…[View]
172315802death to the american swine![View]
172312750Tokelau: What happens in pic related, Tokelau? Why is New Zealand subsidizing this 'country'? What i…[View]
172319143What would you choose , /pol/?[View]
172319304w-what did he mean by this?[View]
172318076Venezuela: Today are elections, many expect Maduro to rig the elections, this could spark a Happenin…[View]
172276431Unintentional Red Pills: Seriously what is the point of this movie? I know what they were trying to…[View]
172295604America doesn't have gun problem, it has a door problem.[View]
172319226>paying taxes lmao[View]
172319214He is right. Acting edgy here and supporting this kind of stuff whenever it happens is wrong. https:…[View]
172307554Two nations, One goal: >>https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/961570/eu-army-european-union…[View]
172299218RUSSIA has never been conquered and NEVER WILL BE: Invading Russia would become ‘military nightmare,…[View]
172317999Whose brilliant idea was it to allow women to vote?[View]
172312020Do Racist Republican Americans actually walk around wearing these Hats in public? Asking for a frien…[View]
172317006HAPPENING: Feminazi Richard Carrier says he can 'beat Sargon's rhetoric' while gorging himself …[View]
172318645Mother of Santa Fe shooting victim says daughter turned down alleged shooter's advances: >Th…[View]
172311349Why do many right-wingers fetishize rome and greece while they had persian (iranian) law systems, mu…[View]
172316805Modern world is hell: To be honest, do you think that the era when Hitler existed was better than no…[View]
172317976Tony Podesta is MIA: Wonder where he ran off to.[View]
172308846If there is only one god then why has he ordered terrorists to cause 9/11? If there are multiple god…[View]
172318495Can you see how they attack you. What we, the actual hard right, want >Family values >Monogam…[View]
172312203how can a men be so right ,he came for the future to safe all of us but we refuse to listen[View]
172318348/pol BTFO by inclusive Supermarket chain: #BRITISHLEADERS[View]
172286706The absolute state of FRANCE: ITT we dump webms and images about the Islamic State of France[View]
172308857How the fuck UK?: How the fuck did this happen? I hate the fucking social media reaction of this, th…[View]
172317778What does /pol/ think of solitary: Any of you been in it?[View]
172316986If evolution is true should be want black people to outbreed whites? since they are the better breed…[View]
172313683This is it. Another fucking incel. Instead of exercising to lose weight like every other amerifat sh…[View]
172314140If you americans want to know what your future mutt offspring will look like. Take a look at who the…[View]
172314002Where would mixed or biracial people fit in an ethnostate?[View]
172318163‘There shall be war but then shall come great paradise treatful’s again’- Anonymous: Eyes Over Swede…[View]
172318049Just imagine what the white man could accomplish if he didn't spend nearly 100% of his effort a…[View]
172317770what's on the pins of this school shooter?[View]
172317686NEW TERM: 'Soyence': Soience also works. It means fake science that is meant to appeal to the lefty …[View]
172290624Why aren't you a sikh yet,anon?[View]
172312583OH SHIT! REEE! Mueller Investigators Questioned Witnesses in Israel and Seized Computers: https://ww…[View]
172315499>Spain and Portugal are Europeans[View]
172317341GET PRECISE[View]
172316885What the Masons really are: The Masons are a giant filter. They approach every man they perceive to …[View]
172311461Diversifying royal fanilies: Isn't it about time pol gives up? Liechtenstein, Britain, all the …[View]
172315153Daily reminder that there is nothing right-wing about racism. If you're a Nazi, you are by defi…[View]
172307031For fuck sakes Canada build a wall.[View]
172317458Porn isn’t the only way of buying off men to accept sexual liberalism. Opiates and SSRIs (antidepres…[View]
172315959Why are gingers always the black sheep of the family ?[View]
172315342Salem ((witch)) Trials: Anyone here have any ideas how Salem Witch trials could have been linked to …[View]
172311950Terrorist organization for perverts with a gun fetish. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't[View]
172312051Has anyone ever considered setting up a bait sign (e.g. NRA, Trump sign) in the middle of your drive…[View]
172281103oe Rogan - Tim Kennedy Says Waterboarding Isn't Torture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTtjtG…[View]
172316572OYYY VEYYYY: Israelis learning to edit Wikipedia to protect (((Zionist interests))) https://youtu.b…[View]
172316560Hey Bigots, My name is Mr. Klein, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are mean, racist, n…[View]
172303643STOP WHINING AND FIX THE PROBLEM: why are you faggets all single when you cry about 'white genocide'…[View]
172310220Mike Dyson the Tyson ravaged Petersen Did you see it when Peterson froze and didn't know what t…[View]
172312151Hey everyone! Anybody got any dating tips? I live in Swedistan and I'm a swede the most anti so…[View]
172315295What's the problem officer? This woman just told me that you catcalled her, is that correct? I …[View]
172310326German arms firm H&K's ex-staff on trial over Mexico gun deal: >Six ex-employees of Heck…[View]
172312420'Novichok' There's a word you dont hear often anymore: Wonder why? here's why ht…[View]
172311261Roger Stone 'prepared' for Mueller indictment. Is Alex Jones next?: https://www.nbcnews.co…[View]
172316241>no whites at all in this commercial What did they, a majority white business operating in a majo…[View]
172316048Why is the Lügenpresse so excited about this wedding?[View]
172304560How do I become happy anymore? Been on pol since 2015 and I guess I can't take it anymore. Seei…[View]
172312771Reminder: This dude raises his best friend's child after he fucked his wife, and hes even proud…[View]
172316794https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCS5V7Pmw7I Why do women who have benefited greatly through female p…[View]
172315695>/pol/hates sandniggers/niggers >/pol/ hates jews >jews actiemvely killing sandniggers >…[View]
172314145Am I the only one thinking this 'you can hear it in multiple different ways' things are just proof o…[View]
172316732Are you Ontarians voting for this turbo chad[View]
172314927MuH Feminism: Nappy changing consent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQvBtH1DurU The libtards conti…[View]
172304504Brit/pol/ - BASED Monarchy edition: >Sealed with a kiss: newlyweds Harry and Meghan delight Winds…[View]
172295687Do Trannies hate themselves?: I saw a tranny post this on twitter without comment and I guess it…[View]
172315030Las Vegas Art Display after shooting: Following the Las Vegas attacks by one Stephen Paddock, the La…[View]
172299876Based Denmark: 'Iron Inger' is literally removing kebab. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/artic…[View]
172297762>house prices in Britain are too expen- Awww, you almost had it right sweetie :) Just look at thi…[View]
172312088Ontario Election 2018: Who's ready to Make Ontario a Sanctuary Province? http://onpulse.ca/blog…[View]
172314860thoughts ?[View]
172316435Morals: Now, firstly, if you are unwilling to discuss philosophy in terms of the catholic beliefs th…[View]
172308945do you find depressing that in 200 years the whitest people in the world will be south americans?[View]
172288164Why is it always the whites.: Serious question, Why is it always white Kids who go on school shootin…[View]
172316356Peterson and Fry 100% BTFO'd lefties and do a much better job dismantling the crazy SJWs than a…[View]
172316337/pol/ absolutely BTFO: Your stepping on your own dicks /pol/[View]
172316297Canadian army to become more SJW friendly: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-military-to-…[View]
172311432Texas School Shooter Bullied by Teachers[View]
172316265He could have been a king, instead he chose a cuck system.[View]
172305881Illegal immigrant detected!: Wanna know something interesting about Alinity, the illegal-immigrant t…[View]
172316128>tfw /pol/ thinks America wouldn't be Obliterated by Russia in an all out war Almost every A…[View]
172315902Time to roll out goys: More and more America is becoming a third world country we're so underde…[View]
172315831Racist.: https://www.infotextmanuscripts.org/man_who_invented_racism_3.html[View]
172318392Anyone catch the last UFC weigh ins?: 'I'm from Louisiana! Watch me fight in the YOU-EFF-CEE. H…[View]
172315047Iraq and Libya are absolute shitholes now. USA was fucking retarded to remove those lads. https://ww…[View]
172315421>the united states government[View]
172313919Are all libertarians like this?[View]
172313830Did black men lose the genetic lottery?[View]
172311155Why are these countries so mad about Brexit?: All you do is talk about Britain. We don’t even know w…[View]
172304091/acg/ *** Anti-Christianity General ***: /// ANTI-CHRISTIANITY GENERAL /// Christianity, a political…[View]
172306243This is not ok https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/05/greece-thessaloniki-mayor-hospitalised-attack-…[View]
172310852You are the cancer.[View]
172310568IRANIAN Shitskin: Why do people keep claiming this kebab is Italian? I know I shouldn’t get triggere…[View]
172297531Which Stage Are You, /pol/?: Stage 3 right here.[View]
172314940Does the left even have an argument [OTHER THAN MUH DIVERSE FOOD SELECTION] for supporting mass 3rd …[View]
172311163>One of /pol/'s arguments about Communism is that it has killed millions >If /pol/ had po…[View]
172310248Hahaha, you really thought you had politics under your control? Redditors are going to be voting en …[View]
172309732Rape in sweden: Unique review investigates 112 men convicted of violence gang rape, Only 13 of them …[View]
172311512German beer makes a terrible insult to the Arabs: https://www.kansalainen.fi/saksalaisen-panimon-kru…[View]
172313793Trump sold us out: > Trump bans ZTE because of spy tech > China pays Trump $700 million > T…[View]
172285890Now explain me this: Why do we (rest of the world) have to adapt to your obsolete measurement system…[View]
172314515Korwin-mikke thread: Hail to the K1ng baby.[View]
172313847One dollar.[View]
172314028Will sjws become the next Nazis?: I've really been reading into sjw literature in an effort to …[View]
172314384https://soundcloud.com/user-431153776/doug-ford-for-the-people Such an amazing song[View]
172293641Syria General /sg/ - No qt waifu to cook Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.w…[View]
172295385You have lost. Race mixing is now completely normalized and part of western society. If the Royals, …[View]
172294682Why are Italy and Greece so bad at economics? Why are they in so much debt?[View]
172311761Is there an afterlife, /pol/? I want to see my doggo again.[View]
172311565He killed millions...[View]
172306198>muh legacy[View]
172313968Technically, pansexuality is the least gay sexuality If you are straight, you like girls, who like g…[View]
172312268>all school shooting happen at a school >ban schools and there will be no more school shooting…[View]
172307857>EEEEEEEEEK! MAN UP AND PAY FOR MY COLLEGE! https://www.bustle.com/p/ive-paid-18000-to-a-24000-st…[View]
172314171Was Taking In Germany’s Jewish Refugees in the 30’s &40’s a Mistake??[View]
172307095What would you add before 'Mass Shooting'? People seem to believe that these types of thin…[View]
172313726Roosh Live: Roosh Live at 1 est. He takes political questions. https://mobile.twitter.com/rooshv/sta…[View]
172313254/pol/ BTFO! http://archive.is/S0B13[View]
172309920Redpill me on Mises: in other words can his ideas be trusted seems to me most of economic theory is …[View]
172313679Rural and Suburban Retards happier on average than City People: https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/ar…[View]
172310143is 'Opinionated European', polish youtuber, trans?: What is going on? Is this eceleb actually a tran…[View]
172313271NIGGER HATE THREAD: History is riddled with nigger happenings. Here's some content to make your…[View]
172313778>slaps your girlfriend’s ass >”hey qt, let’s ditch this troglodyte and have a good fuck” >w…[View]
172315465Whats the point of shitposting here /pol/?: Like for real, Im browsing this board and these days I h…[View]
172315515If incels want sex so bad, why don't they just get a prostitute? According to them, all women a…[View]
172316411just discovered this sam hide guy hes pretty funny[View]
172312201Does /pol/ like Paul Joseph Watson? I’ve recently come around on him. His videos are incredibly con…[View]
172310426https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCS5V7Pmw7I Why do women who have benefited greatly through female p…[View]
172313355Why the rage, brah?: Does being white make my life is easier?[View]
172300935bibi is implementing a syrian-style solution in gaza to finally achieve peace . a gazan civil war wi…[View]
172308583Legacy Museum, Montgomery, AL: A new museum has opened up in Alabam to promote the narrative that wh…[View]
172302266OY GEVALT: >When Reddit is more red pilled on the ZQ than /pol/ Holy shit the normies are waking …[View]
172310600COURTHOUSE APPROVED CONFEDERATE FLAG BURNING !!!!: http://www.ktvu.com/news/activist-receives-condit…[View]
172309260>'Ugh... What do you mean I have to clean around the house and do the laundry? Aren't you a …[View]
172307630she has a newborn baby in her profile pic..... I wonder if she would make up excuses for her baby ge…[View]
172307682Creepy expression on corpse of unidentified woman at Los Angeles morgue[View]
172308686'You stupid GOY' Why is no one talking about this[View]
172310956Do / DID you have LIBERAL GF ?: if you had liberal or feminist gf but educate her with your penis to…[View]
172311499Would you /pol/?[View]
172311604Kilauea Volcano Eruption: LAVA HAS HIT THE PACIFIC OCEAN FROM KILAUEA https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/20…[View]
172301135Why do white nationalists prefer to date asian women over their 'sacred' white women? Why …[View]
172311181Black people don't kill white people.[View]
172311368testing some batter: LET FREEDOM RING AND LET TRAITORS HANG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHzu5oO…[View]
172302948Take your SSRIs[View]
172305759Ban all schools. Make Americans dumb and worthless. That's the Democrat way.[View]
172311503South Germans/Austrians are PIGS: They are Catholic. They started both world wars. They vote for Mer…[View]
172310440We need a New Platform: 4chan is not working anymore. Lets brainstorm a new form of communication fo…[View]
172275795AUS/POL GREY NOMADS EDITION.: G`day cunts. >>Rising road rage between truck drivers and grey n…[View]
172311186Any rap that's /pol/ approved?[View]
172311293british hate thread[View]
172291552>'Hold the fuck up I need to call my UAV!' the gunman yelled after he murdered the 3rd student in…[View]
172310411Is Japan awake?[View]
172311291Given the pornhub stats on male porn choices, could it be that we have a sub problem, not an incel p…[View]
172293824MartSharter school shootings: : mic drop :[View]
172312185https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/opinion/germany-europe-populism.html So, Germany's third att…[View]
172300895Illegal abortions: Why are some 'pro-lifers' always insisting that they care about life but at the s…[View]
172307356Well then, Bongs: Looks like you'll be inheriting the Ameri-fat meme http://www.dailymail.co.uk…[View]
172311213Do you still trust America?[View]
172309262Should we start secret societies where we preserve the western philosophical tradition among people …[View]
172303567Why are Humans superior?: Why are humans the only beings that invent new thechology to pass on to th…[View]
172307522>calls himself redpilled >isn't on the keto diet When will you remove the carb Jew, /pol/…[View]
172307781>/pol/ cares about ancestry and lineage >most users can't even trace their lineage from b…[View]
172311696RACES DON'T MATTER![View]
172311501Is there any country that prevented race-mixing successfully?[View]
172311985>Govt. send shooters at school to murder kids and impose gun control laws. >Most people actual…[View]
172302324my 5 cents on the 'incel' PsyOp: my 5 cents on the 'incel' PsyOp: Well ... Women…[View]
172311970ANNEX THE MEX: What is there to stop the US from annexing Mexico? You get an influx of Christian vot…[View]
172311274Get Latin on there: Just asking for a quick favour, sign this petition to bring Latin onto Duolingo.…[View]
172309616Tanks your presidency in the first month: >No hard feelings[View]
172311362Murder Surges 44 Per Cent in Khan’s London Amidst ‘Troubling’ Rise in Serious Crime Is Sadiq Khan re…[View]
172310591Romans 13: Christfags, what do you think about Romans 13? >Submission to Governing Authorities …[View]
172311506If conservative and traditional society like Japan is completely powerless in front of manchild epid…[View]
172311748State of the World while you trust Trump: wake up losers, our TIME TO RISE AGAIN has come and we are…[View]
172306371Is Australian land really that useless?[View]
172308430Is Joe Rogan the greatest centre wing commentator there is? He relaxes me so. Everything is OK.[View]
172308961I get depressed and really can't function right after i read red pills threads especially about…[View]
172311353The eternal 56er has arrived[View]
172308249There you go[View]
172305584Through the 2000's, 4chan in general was socially liberal. Conservatives really were out of tou…[View]
172306536>Only 76.9% white people >getting less >zionist president >le 56% >reason why Europe …[View]
172307541How long is too soon, /pol/?[View]
172311418Why has Twitter not permanently banned Obama's brother yet?[View]
172310171hai frand i bawt u dis white babby as gift what will u do wif it?[View]
172311070Does /pol/ believe in colorism?[View]
172310636Elliot Rodger character in manga: So I have an Elliot Rodger style character in my manga, what crazy…[View]
172306619>guns are cool! >russians are cool! >masculinity is cool! shutitdown.mp4 what happened to h…[View]
172303000People like to talk shit about USSR, that it was a complete failure economically. Sure it wasn'…[View]
172307589>2018 >Still falling for the watery Jew Showering is a scam. I haven’t showered in 2 months …[View]
172310981When will you realize that black women are the salvation for the white race?[View]
172309236Boomer hate: >It's time you man up and fix modern women. It's your fault they're b…[View]
172287809So the peak viewership for this wedding was up to 18m in UK. Kate middleton's wedding had 26m f…[View]
172303634Should we stop paying taxes? (Redpill): According to SSB, men pay above 75% of the taxes in my count…[View]
172307551>first time on here Redpill me on what you deem to be important pls[View]
172298053In all seriousness, when and how should Finland annex Sweden and liberate its people? I suspect the …[View]
172297469>/pol/ has fallen through a portal into the past >the year is now 1995…[View]
172309455So is it HAPPENING soon?: Or is he just lashing out? I'm fed up of him just complaining. Can he…[View]
172310633What shall we do about the women problem? In fact, if any other subgroup pulled as much shit as wome…[View]
172310016Project: Merchant: let's show those pixelzio commies that we can do just as well as them and re…[View]
172308731G-guys I used depfile how fucked am I?[View]
172277858South Korea:Suicide/ Webtoons/The 8 Goddeses/PEDOS/Megalia/WOMAD/ILBE/KPOP and more: I did some digg…[View]
172308468Economic meltdown thread, US debt crisis, end of the petrodollar: May 2018 >a new bubble has form…[View]
172309648why do black people smell like farm animals?[View]
172302645LOOK WHO'S BACK: Okay, not being satirical here, this film, while it ultimately has some not so…[View]
172293909Why are cuckservatives so pro-Israel?[View]
172310429Great news on a sunday[View]
172310418Is Europe powerful and intelligent enough to isolate itself and survive without resources from other…[View]
172310399/POL/ BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZyBGRtLP3E Soon your waifubots will be conditioned to t…[View]
172304347What is with Burgerland[View]
172305642Remember to vote yes for abortions, Irish anons[View]
172308338why do kikes want a Jewish State in the middle east when there already is a Jewish State in america?[View]
172308721General General /GG/ - state of the boad edition: Do we need a general for literally everything?…[View]
172308176BOSNIAKS / ALBANIANS BTFO https://www.rferl.org/a/erdogan-turkey-rally-sarajevo-bosnia-elections/292…[View]
172305384why does the west revolve around women and brown people now?[View]
172275339America is sexually repressed: once again, the school shooter turned out to be an INCEL. It turns ou…[View]
172308221Why do parts of Detroit, an american city, look like shitty towns in africa[View]
172290968a brother just BTFO Juden Patronstein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tlIGAg1aiU Patronstein'…[View]
172305176Any questions?[View]
172297697Roastie general: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/mom-slain-santa-fe-victim-believes-daughte…[View]
172309795What does /pol/ think of the works of Edward O Wilson?[View]
172303673Vegans and Gays are the same thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1PEfQ0kyYQ[View]
172307258Imagine joining the miltary in 2018[View]
172283983CATHOLIC GENERAL Everyone is welcome. Discuss news, ask questions, give answers, be kind to one anot…[View]
172309532Leftists Reelect TRUMP 2020: https://youtu.be/YqZbS5iv12s thanks commie morons. video related[View]
172309345Definitely a /pol/tard[View]
172306051The end of the British Empire[View]
172309585A family wanted to have their picture taken with former President George W. Bush and former First La…[View]
172307410Why do jews even do all this? Like control the world etc. Do they only do it for their personal gain…[View]
172309437Reptile: One for /pol/ thread on this cunt ![View]
172309427>go on r9k >the robots already planning the next shooting >>>/r9k/45536987…[View]
172309154Which countries have a big number of trolls? I know about Russia, East Asians and Israel. Britan and…[View]
172307267Stop listening to Jew tunes on the radio.: >Modern Music >degenerate >low quality >Jew f…[View]
172301621Drumfp is an idiot[View]
172309156Greenland Strava anomaly gone: Does anyone have a screenshot or archived data of the Strava Greenlan…[View]
172308726on the McCann Murder: There were two people but not seen together, hence the e-sketch discrepancy. T…[View]
172297558What should be done about Nazi refugees hiding in South America?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG…[View]
172302049Your Virgin Waifu Awaits (1/8 26 yo Virgins): http://www.newsweek.com/millennial-virginity-sex-intim…[View]
172306070Let's appreciate socially conscious Art, I'll start with my Greatest Creation.: >I wrot…[View]
172307902Uh oh... CDC warns of disease outbreaks in hotel pools: A study from the Centers forDiseaseControl a…[View]
172305772/pol/ humor[View]
172309131Mueller investigation remains a joke: Head in sand nigger counsel ignores the fact the Trump Tower m…[View]
172296657New state-issued girlfriends law: >Employed by the government for a duration of 12 months to curb…[View]
172307797What skills and knowledge do you feel are vital for strong, intelligent men to possess to contribute…[View]
172308532come at ding dong's: What did /pol/ miss? why would musically 'gifted' sons and daugh…[View]
172307494>the future royal mutt baby will be on british history forever is this the best timeline lads?…[View]
172273572/PLG/ Patrick Little General - TIME FOR A LITTLE REVOLUTION Edition: NO WAR FOR ISRAEL - NAME THE JE…[View]
172296034Why is sex with animals forbidden if nobody gets harmed anyway? It's just for pleasure and not …[View]
172301201WWII was a strategical fail Hitler had the means to win. Discuss.[View]
172307599Capitalism is worki-[View]
172295106>233k likes this is the face of serial monogamy[View]
172308001The good old days of 1960 in America: Whites were 88% of the population. Niggers were 10% and spics …[View]
172306879How do we combat white male privilege?[View]
172308112Bear with me /pol/ What if cultural marxism was an attempt to criticise the liberal consumerist capi…[View]
172297864anglophobia: >that moment, when you realise Anglophobia is real, and that transphobia, homophobia…[View]
172306541Die for Israel[View]
172301511Grace in a woman is something we rarely see in this day and it's the most beautiful quality a w…[View]
172305703==== The entire nation is a used condom. It’s a grease rag soaked in diesel and pork fat. It’s that …[View]
172296252as korean: i like american i like japanese i like german i like mongolian i like british i like fr…[View]
172303355Challenge for /pol/: Find at least one funny conservative/right-wing skit or routine on YouTube. Go![View]
172299715EU army is officialy created. Staring at 30 bn dollars budget. Adding to it every member country mil…[View]
172308419I'm all the young couples I see the guy is abnormally good looking , how do they expect their s…[View]
172304243philippines is such a shithole of a country: seriously it's been 30 years since marcos' te…[View]
172303790When will they learn?[View]
172308197How low iq and small-brained do you have to be to care about e-celebs?[View]
172295323How should I view the Jewish question from an Indian Nationalist perspective?: Hey /pol/ so even tho…[View]
172306303History began on July 4, 1776. Everything before was a mistake. Any questions ?[View]
172306523Murdoch Murdoch: So what did we think of the latest ep, bois https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09kpw2Y…[View]
172304293/ptg/ trump general: love trump's hate edition[View]
172308088Generations ranked: Baby boomer>Gen X>Gen Z>>>>>>Millennial>'''''Greatest…[View]
172304315France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling or making sexual comments to women: https://www.ind…[View]
172301471Do you think that Hamas a terrorist organization?[View]
172307852CHECK THE DATE[View]
172307555https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCS5V7Pmw7I Why do women who have benefited greatly through female p…[View]
172307688MGTOW: /pol/ I read somewhere about the youngest sons of nobility in pre-WWI Germany becoming factor…[View]
172307667>Leftists are still screaming and kicking >No end to this display of retardation >Not even …[View]
1722847011) Christians have killed all of the beautiful women(because they're witches) in Europe, ravagi…[View]
172304820EBOLA-CHAN: Not a single Ebola thread. https://www.independent.ie/world-news/ebola-deaths-rise-to-26…[View]
172303254What should we do about disabled people?[View]
172295467Queen Elizabeth II (age 92) Prince Philip (age 96): Anti-Aging Secret? 1. Cryotherapy? 2. Platelet-r…[View]
172278706I present you with the ultimate black pill experience, anons.: > repost from a previous thread th…[View]
172307442Roasting Nogs With Literacy: Had an idea where we comment well-written racist short stories on World…[View]
172304470I-its not too late is it? r-r-right swedebros? tell me its going to be alright...[View]
172281229So Germany is very ok guys[View]
172292104Boomer hate thread: There is absolutely no peer in history of a generation being given so much, and …[View]
172303798Coalburning - EU style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1baYK48MWtk&feature=youtu.be[View]
172303826What should be done about the boomer menace?[View]
172303886K E N Y A N E N Y A N[View]
172299693MGTOW for ten years and I've never been happier.[View]
172302237Today it feels good to be a Muslim: >Be me, a self hating Anglo Paki Muslim >Go through years …[View]
172306507Is this the best we can do pol?[View]
172303760Why are integrated race + cultures so superior to genetical races?[View]
172286302You better give up them guns gringo https://www.twitter.com/nytimes/status/998051198044393472[View]
172278774Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qj…[View]
172304740How do we prevent kids being raised by society's degeneracy? How do we lower the number of sing…[View]
172294790What the fuck was his motive?[View]
172302767Holy Shit! Tic Tac UFO Executive Report Now Released!: The analysis was compiled in 2009 with input …[View]
172306657Europe is lost: I mean.... ....fucking hell.....[View]
172301241Soon we will have an army strong enough to assault the UK, USA and Australia: With the war history o…[View]
172301870(((THEY))) WERE BEHIND THE WACO SEIGE!!!: does /pol/ know this kike? this is rick ross, a self procl…[View]
172301835We fight back.[View]
172306508The absolute state of Germam incompetence: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/a-terrible-betrayal-that-…[View]
172306499What are our flaws and how to fix them?: Men have a flaw that they are lustful. Men will jump into a…[View]
172300120Who else was extreme right wing and turned because of this guy here? Story time >Be me, highschoo…[View]
172301098Risk thread: Risk game anyone ?[View]
172302304How would you react if Harry married a trans woman?[View]
172302308Leftists are humorles-[View]
172299222third position thread calling all third positionists[View]
172306353What does /his/ think of this documentary?[View]
172301059universal education: Education should be provided universally as it is a means of resisting subjugat…[View]
172305201Crime rate and non-white population growth: For western white nations Is there a correlation between…[View]
172266900Aaron Schlossberg, a jewish lawyer who exploded in a 'racist' tirade against spanish speaking cafete…[View]
172306216Irish Woman Attacks African Shop in Dublin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQKH9o8t5Q8 This is the …[View]
172306176Modoro 'election': Meanwhile in Venezuela. Echaito pa' lante.[View]
172302998>'you know who's ruining my country? IT'S DA JOOOS!'[View]
172293876name the jew thread: Post the Jew from your country most influential in white genocide and/or leftis…[View]
172299985Europeans are still SEETHING over Brexit[View]
172304818https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OFevGcLHTU >mu recruiting numbers…[View]
172304200>Come visit your grandparents Nah! no tym Video-Game >Come fuck me baby Nah! no tym Video-Game…[View]
172286130/pol/ Humor Thread[View]
172292411Why are these EU puppets so butthurt about Britain?: Did we BTFO them in some war or something? Most…[View]
172299660/tex/pol - They're Coming For Your Guns Edition: Latest Tex News: - Democrat numbers and sentim…[View]
172301946pooland is the worse country in the Europe, prove me wrong[View]
172300019What do you have to say for yourself, you racist, neo-nazi pieces of shit?[View]
172301088STOP Brit HATE.: I'm getting incredibly upset by the attitudes members of this community have t…[View]
172298286Avi Yemini is a shill: Avi Yemini is the estranged son of Zepharia Waks. He's a former heroin a…[View]
172303470this is what happens when you pressure the legitimate king to abdicate over some irrelevant but at l…[View]
172305151Ties: Mr. Trump wears a lot of red and blue ties. I think he prefers red ties. Dark red is said to r…[View]
172302967Look what you did to Lunduke, /pol/ You should be ashamed![View]
172288617Central Europe: Are those countries the future powerhouse of Europe? Will they manifest themselves a…[View]
172303454What is the final solution to the /ptg/-question in /pol/?[View]
172294429hahahahahaha: poor nigger[View]
172302672Why are boomers so stupid?: >be me >go to my parents after work >dad has news on with the …[View]
172296230/Nederpol/-draadje: /Nederpol/-draadje In deze editie: Zonwending shoah, Stille Willem, de VPRO ontd…[View]
172299154Misogyny General Because why not.[View]
172293959SAY HER NAME[View]
172301308To counteract the breeding out of the white man in North America in Europe, we must all claim refuge…[View]
172300886Wow it's a third world country full of drones.[View]
172304720All you gun-grabbers out there who think that forcibly disarming 200 million citizens in the USA is …[View]
172301158Sides status: In orbit: Greek MP for the Golden Dawn party suggested in the parliament that we must …[View]
172303932Mueller's Nuts: They Gud Boys Who Genuinely Dindu Nuffin: $20 million dollars down the drain an…[View]
172300613Why do crybaby man children on the net get angry that men being raped is funny: This is just how it …[View]
172295873Brit/pol/ - strong British jawline edition: >Sealed with a kiss: newlyweds Harry and Meghan delig…[View]
172303517Why has the (((Media))) stop talking about this (((School Shooting))) all of a sudden ?[View]
172299159Millennials have ruined life for every other generation, as well as baby boomers, and everything is …[View]
172272511A warning to my fellow white brothers: STOP EXERCISING![View]
172304029incel thread: >have a wife or a gf >not top alpha/lose your resources/do anything that displea…[View]
172303422OK can someone explain to me what it means to be a conservative: once and for all thanks[View]
172302577>the white race is worth preservi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8d42r3JlbU OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
172304130>be american >get shot[View]
172304136bongs on life support AHAHAHAHAHA[View]
172306380NURISH ME: Hello there. My food is cannon and war videos with music on it. Please feed me. Help me n…[View]
172307142>tfw rural retard >all your friends got jobs on the coast and you’re still stuck in flyover co…[View]
172297386is /pol/ the last place for angry whites to come together to vent? Does this place serve any purpose…[View]
17229343098% of new university, high school graduates secure jobs: Thanks Abe http://the-japan-news.com/news/…[View]
172296741nobody cares about low score shootings: the real happening is imminent. IG report in 2-3 weeks is go…[View]
172287995German cartoonist sacked after Netanyahu drawing: The absolute state of germcucks!!! https://www.aa.…[View]
172303676Japan isn't overpopulated: I became enlightened and realized that Japan is not overpopulated, I…[View]
172295492Being German is suffering: We never created an empire like the Brits. As such we have no friends and…[View]
172300857Best-selling book attacking 4chan was plagiarized: >A review of the book by The Daily Beast—spurr…[View]
172303507What are the political views inside the CIA/NSA? Are they pro-globalism? Are they liberals?[View]
172299783satan's system of control: https://youtu.be/KloaJ1wWWLY satan is a sick fuck[View]
172303166I need justice: I have problem, a man take pleasur to harass my girl, he kidnap her one time, police…[View]
172300264Reminder this is what women actually think[View]
172297129https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj-1IuC9J1Q why don't you just get a korean/chinese immigrant g…[View]
172303100>Saturday >Day in the name of Saturn >Jews workship Saturn Planet >Sabbath is during Sat…[View]
172285456Guys..we're gonna start a movement and it's called /NoSex/. This means refraining from sex…[View]
172302582ANY LEBANESE HERE ? COME HERE BROS: Lebs come here now I need to talk[View]
172300043If rape isn't funny, then how come we laugh at it: Libs can't even explain that away, if i…[View]
172300854There's presidential elections this 27. Should I vote for petro?[View]
172299974White boys shoot up schools.: Black boys shoot up their nehighbor hoods. Which is worse?[View]
172281436hey christian anons, how long before God burns this degenerate fallen world to ash, i Dream of this …[View]
172283492Most posts on this board are about us: The reason is jealousy. You type in our language on the inter…[View]
172295835/pol/ BTFO Obesity is genetic, scientists reveal. Fat-hating and fat-shaming is bigotry[View]
172290043South shitalian and Sicilian orcs moving up: Can I have an honest answer from an Northern or Central…[View]
172294731Does the modern left idolize weakness? -Those they hold highest are the ones they deem disenfranchis…[View]
172294406Why are normies so stupid?: Now Im not a stormfag and, maybe Hasbara got to me, but I've finall…[View]
172302467I did it pol, I fucking did it. Found a trad virgin from Iran, the accent is there, she's cute …[View]
172288707Anyone who doesn't support free markets and white nationalism deserves to be killed. Nazis and …[View]
172297601South Africa - Australia Friendship Thread: We'll take the abos if you take the whites, win - w…[View]
172298475The key to decoding 2018: https://shop.economist.com/products/the-world-in-2018 >Leaders from bus…[View]
172302250Is there any way to halt the niggerification of women? Single mothers used to be the domain of nogs …[View]
172300640My girlfriend showed me this and said exactly this to me: > I need to be raped for all of these …[View]
172295331Can a society be truely free if it isn't fascist[View]
172301863Trump responsible for Palestinians dying: How do you guys feel about it? The embassy and rally and d…[View]
172297897syllogism: whites hate, hated jewish whites love jesus jesus is jewish ?!?!?!!![View]
172299547Should copts get treated like arabs?[View]
172299612Reminder: FUCK THE RIGHT WING They will disavow us at every turn, no use trying to cuck to their lev…[View]
172301325the left cant me-[View]
172297895Tick Tock Tick Tock: It's just a matter of time /pol/. In a long list of things /pol/ has accom…[View]
172301778They're always going to be happier than you. More people are biracial, and they're usually…[View]
172299137Meghan Markle isn't black: /pol/ is really buying the racist leftist propaganda and unnecessari…[View]
172300053230 days have passed. Still no answer. Can you defend trusting authority?[View]
172285816why are people saying this is the end of britain?: If anything, the absolute shitfest that was the r…[View]
172295568How do we solve the problem of rampant bullying in schoools?[View]
172301097lol true bufoon orangutan a joke to the world[View]
172288879Another migrant wave 2018 coming this summer?: Any Balkan fags here? Are the migrants on the roam ag…[View]
172297128Reminder that the ONLY political question that matters is the Jewish question, as they are responsib…[View]
172301065What do you think about the neo-luddite movement? I don't even own a cellphone.[View]
172299414Engrish: Someone said it was a discussion about Jews. I disagree. That isn't a discussion.…[View]
172293786Should LGBT degeneracy be taught to young children? This man says yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
172299200Islam is devil worship[View]
172300150I invented GPS: >100 Women: Gladys West - the 'hidden figure' of GPS >Mrs West would…[View]
172287936MEDIA COVERING UP THEIR FUCKUP: Isn’t it (((convenient))) that a mother of one of the victims sudden…[View]
172299399Post Modernists can't fight: Whenever you see one you should make them react irrationally. I li…[View]
172300936Help me you filthy goyim: I need to find a video it's animated a few minutes long it's abo…[View]
172296086/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - CAMO EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
172300906Soccer Hooligans/Ultras: Sometimes I wish Burgerland cared more about soccer/football because Fashy …[View]
172298709He bent the knee: after rubbing his face in cheetos and being an outspoken anti drumpfer even glenn …[View]
172295829I am an American who just ended up in Hungary. What happens here?[View]
172301380He could have picked ANY white American woman: But he chose a mulatto American to be his wedded wife…[View]
172298921Are spanish people white? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_history_of_the_Iberian_Peninsula…[View]
172300685Who else /constantly banned/ from /pol/?[View]
172291243Why are Jews so evil?: Cold blooded >TEL AVIV — It is customary to adopt an apologetic tone when …[View]
172290537BILDERBERG 2018 07 JUNE THREAD: So let's discuss what went down in 2017 for Bilderberg and thin…[View]
172300589She's right, you know[View]
172294951Information confirmed: HE is compromised previous thread archived said too much HE didn't lik…[View]
172300475Can you tell me more about the Bilderberg group?[View]
172289429Is the USA the most insane western country right now?: >high racial tensions >political viole…[View]
172254823Nashvile Photographer Captures Deep America.: Deep America looks comfy 2bh http://www.dailymail.co.u…[View]