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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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468503069How the fuck white people in Europe can stand seeing brown people every day? I was in london once, …[View]
468496574Why is it so hard for white to act as a collective?: Every other group tends to act more favorably t…[View]
468498208Future.: Shit looks so fucking clean. I'm convinced it'll happen in our lifetime.[View]
468504390what the fuck is their problem?[View]
468503779why did he do it? what the fuck was his problem?[View]
468502747Aus/pol/: >Dutton’s plan to cut immigration would cost Australia’s economy ‘billions’, treasurer …[View]
468504925'murder this motherfucker': This guy was not banned despite calling for genocide and murder, called …[View]
468504866The Zionist Bible: https://x.com/ZabAkbar/status/1792004467837002068[View]
468504964If I fine out who dis is: In MY city with this hatefull bullshit I gotcho asses on camera but ur luc…[View]
468503173I had sex with a jewish tourist with khazar milkers last night I have a better view of the jewish pe…[View]
468504132Why did lefties go full MIGA?[View]
468502785Psychology and mental disorders, are they real?: Of course they aren't, I never understood how …[View]
468493716worst fucking president: Can you believe the eternal boomer elected this fat genetic abomination to …[View]
468499793Is the occult a bunch of hooey or can the ways of magic be wielded?[View]
468501049This is what alpha male look like.[View]
468504490Adulthood is realising that Germany was in the wrong for WW1, WW2 and building Nord Stream. These pe…[View]
468495500What if they're really the good guys?[View]
468501170Do brown girl feet belong to BBC or BWC?: How do we settle this in the ethnostate? Do we let the bla…[View]
468500194Liberals say Gazans are starving: They have said for months, yet nobody dies of this “famine”. How …[View]
468494799/УзУ/ - Уютнaя Зaвapyшкa нa Укpaинe #16398: Previous: >>>/bant/20325657 Timeline /tug/:http…[View]
468503974Only Islam inspires devotion in women: Women in the west are treacherous towards their family, peopl…[View]
468498712Is Islam right about women? You can't have a clean, orderly, scientifically and intellectually …[View]
468486350/pol/ Needs to Stop This Shit: Seriously though, they is just kids. https://x.com/ExcclesiaLatin/st…[View]
468500354Anyone feeling isolated?: Age of friends and family is past us now... We interact with so many peopl…[View]
468461644Kraut/pol/ - let's talk groundhogs: >Polls https://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English la…[View]
468504167machete.: man pulls out a machete for no reason[View]
468499969Many (not all) /pol/ claim that only virgin tradwife will be acceptable as a spouse. But never do th…[View]
468502076aus/pol/: >Northern parts of Australia to suffer from ‘lethal heat’ in coming decades https://www…[View]
468500403It's time for California to secede from the union: Friends it's Lambright here born in Cal…[View]
468501501Is eating high-fructose food causing this obesity epidemic? First scientists who talked about how ba…[View]
468497408I honestly know nothing about her politics, I never cared to listen or know nothing about her, and I…[View]
468470070this nigga retarded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g197xdRZsW0[View]
468503200CHRISTCUCKS ARE NIGGERLOVERS: Christianity is just a nigger-loving cult. Christians adore and worshi…[View]
468502264Has that guy who kept shilling chlorine dioxide finally died, or what?[View]
468502437Jews = depigmented niggers Whites = depigmented paki street shitters It explains a whole lot of thin…[View]
468503827why does this site never address the hispanic invasion of the US?[View]
468497402Ukraine’s Usyk beats Fury to become undisputed champion! Putin bootlickers and Russia shills on /pol…[View]
468497208>racist bigot drumpfcels think that open border policy is bad Um? Don't you like ethnic food…[View]
468500055what did the EU commission mean by this in 2021?: what did the EU commission mean by this in 2021?…[View]
468477371Japan has conquered the West: Why has Japanese manga and anime totally dominated traditional Western…[View]
468499086Why aren’t Christians bothered about the sex part of DJT?: There is tons of sexual degeneracy surrou…[View]
468497140why don't the youngins respect they elders no mo?: https://files.catbox.moe/hiq2dj.mp4…[View]
468498745/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14258: Previous: >>468491498 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
4684822292024 civil war: I started the video link after the advertisement in the beginning. https://youtu.be/…[View]
468501858aus/pol/: >Protesters are brutalising Australia by normalising the rhetoric of political violence…[View]
468502664Apparently, jews are just more intelligent and creative than you.: I see /pol/ along with nazi-larpe…[View]
468491225jew bros....[View]
468501324Silent Generation: Did we idealize what they were doing?[View]
468460202Buying a Bunker Instead of a House: So, seeing how shitty most American homes are built, does it mak…[View]
468501229Was Carl Jung a Freemason?: Redpill me on Carl Jung. I started reading Man and his symbols recently…[View]
468461998Why are Dr. Who's ratings tanking?: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/05/dr-who-actor-blame…[View]
468501355Why are Unis like this?[View]
468501521Canadabros.... we want to steal your jeets: up to 10 mil jeets will move to russia in the next few y…[View]
468502135The Ballad of Pajeet: >>In the bustling streets of the digital realm, >>Where memes and …[View]
468501633aus/pol/: >fuentes confirmed ay butt sex lover https://x.com/DramaAlert/status/179159372862656114…[View]
468502488India/Bharat love/hate thread: I will give you the soundtrack and you will do the needful! https://w…[View]
468493814what went wrong?[View]
468501292I am forgotten[View]
468497473why is /pol/ ok with Ron DeSantis instituting an age limit for social media use in Florida? aren…[View]
468495464never trust anyone who hates walkable cities[View]
468503191What's the difference?[View]
468502597Christianity is nigger worship cult[View]
468498244Can someone pinpoint why these animals always have to be the loudest in the room?[View]
468500879Daily reminder that I don't care about Jews and Muslims or Russia and Ukraine. Not my problem.[View]
468477237The entire internet is just /pol/ now[View]
468501847Is it still possible to put the genie back into the bottle by reverting voting rights for women and …[View]
468502245Its your duty: KIEV, Ukraine (AP) – A divisive mobilization law in Ukraine came into force on Saturd…[View]
468502820How come necrophilia, incest and pedophilia are illegal and considered bad but homosexuality is okay…[View]
468502682I'm tired of all of these 'This is what [dollar amount] gets you in food for 2024' or whatever …[View]
468502568AUS/POL: >Immigration 'A massive push start ahead': More Kiwis than ever before are mov…[View]
468497892Why aren't there serial killers any more?[View]
468500866You will never be this white: >well maintained spacious backyard probably landscaped regularly by…[View]
468501273How the fuck did Jews come to control the entire world?[View]
468498218When the Poo is You: .[View]
468501213Was Jesus Truly The Demiurge Personified?: Was he really a construction worker possessed by the demi…[View]
468502347Pope Faggot does it again: >Europeans have to accept millions of heckin based trad religious nigg…[View]
468500499which way /pol/?[View]
468496113Why chuds think estrogen (HRT) damages you? Maybe you needed testosterone in the middle ages, but ri…[View]
468499694'Hmmmmm.... You are nigger...': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6iBAuwBODA[View]
468495592Muh you have to slave for ZOG: You literally do not. What's stopping you from sailing around th…[View]
468502213I can't do this anymore.: you people are insane. JeWs BaD-ACK! HiTlEr BaSeD-ACK! MaGa-ACK! go f…[View]
468499864What are the political implications of late Gen z/ Gen Alpha being gambling addicts? Family friendly…[View]
468494002Can anyone actually define “cultural marxism”? Like, what can you point to specifically as an exampl…[View]
468502055UK GENERAL, WE ARE TOO WEAK TO FIGHT ANY WAR: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/27998409/warning-uk-risk…[View]
468494329non-weaponised autism: Finnish horse girl, 20, is not too old to play with toy horses Vennyj Ellenik…[View]
468497196THEY BETRAYED HITLER: >germany is ary-ACK! ban all germans from this board…[View]
468501697DUGIN IS RIGHT ABOUT THE JEW: and no /uhg/ tranny is ever going to convince me otherwise >b-but …[View]
468496568Redpill me on what it's like experiencing the death of your mother. How is this life experience…[View]
468502081Sino-Russian SUPREME POWER Alliance: The only thing the Jew really fears just happened. What is Schl…[View]
468500855When did you realize the year is actually 1727?[View]
468500886Here's the main cast for Romeo & Juliet remake in 2024. Political implication of this? http…[View]
468499123HAPPENING!! VAXXTARDS FUCKED: https://tvi.iol.pt/noticias/videos/claudia-descobriu-ha-dois-meses-que…[View]
468501233Armenia sets to join eu this year: Its over for Putin ziggerbros He lost another ally[View]
468473257Barron Trump just graduated. He is like 6’7. Is he our Augustus?[View]
468488809Should men be allowed to date women they have nothing in common with?[View]
468499341Dear God, please nuke USA and Isarel Amen[View]
468497522how many more clones do they have in reserve?[View]
468501648UKRAINE HAVE NO MORE RESERVES, FRONT IS COLLAPSING EVERYWHERE: >I dont see any other option besid…[View]
468476457What are the implications of Terrence Howard proving planets are made by Vortexes?: On the Joe Rogan…[View]
468498589>before white man come, land nigger free[View]
468480811did he deserve it?[View]
468500162The political correct people discriminate against Asians even though they claim to be against discri…[View]
468485290So how fucking retarded is this going to be[View]
468493792Islam says Trans and their Moms are Succubus Demons: 'According to Islam A Succubus is a demonic, fe…[View]
468498280An Open Challenge to Europeans: I fucking DARE you to go to Northern Mariana islands. I know you won…[View]
468500022Palestine bros, we’re making changes in Japan now too.[View]
468499977only high IQ can solve this puzzle[View]
468494409MIGHTY RUSSIA every day is changing borders in Ukrain: Every day Russia is coming closer to this new…[View]
468476773what is /pol/‘s opinion on WW2 Japan?: was it based? was the Second Sino-Japanese War justified? wer…[View]
468496262Hi, I am unbearably cute Muslim bebeh: Share me to the left see wha habben[View]
468500088You do realise that we need our own AI's to constantly influence the political environment by m…[View]
468485923Is he right about doctors? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMjyNO1AyO0[View]
468500270A park dedicated to African American heroes and achievements is currently being constructed in Ralei…[View]
468495270America: The land of opportunit-ack: How is this sustainable? There is officially zero incentive now…[View]
468500142/pol/, stop fighting over who can simp harder over their favorite pedo-cult. Nobody cares about Isra…[View]
468500883>Day 815 of the special millitranny operation to feminize ukraine and queer out the nazis…[View]
468499049You jealous, honkey?[View]
468500460>12 New Yorkers who have never heard of Donald Trump is this even possible?…[View]
468499101we're in the second cold war: and nobody has announced it or anything. we just gradually and qu…[View]
468492272Class of '24 here. Job market is an absolute wasteland and I have good credentials. Does anyone…[View]
468496194What's causing women to choose bears?[View]
468500042Georgia Guidstones Damaged!: 1 year ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4e9TGmcBWw judging from the…[View]
468454880Quintessentially American: This is America[View]
468475594How do we solve the competency and laziness crisis of Gen Z?[View]
468496709TWEET THIS TO CHRYSTIA FREELAND: And every NPC you know: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/…[View]
468499222The West is doomed: Zoomers and Asspoomers are the dumbest generations of western people in the past…[View]
468498066HAPPENING. In 3 days Hitler Zelensky will lose his legal status as a President of Ukrain: Big bloodb…[View]
468494749Biggest whopper told by the U.S. Government is ... ?[View]
468496991bringing sexy back bros...[View]
468499925Putin: >conservative >for traditional values >kills children in Ukraine >popular wit…[View]
468497305that's strange[View]
468488841whose penis innit: childrens sex ed book used in 2024 in school[View]
468497812Dont like Elon Goyim: Its funny ever since Elon Musk told the CEO of Disney 'to go fuck himself' the…[View]
468495886Queens of Politics for 2028 after Trump[View]
468498741Let's be honest, the world is heading for an economic armageddon and has been slowly hurtling t…[View]
468498701Canada’s “Mother of Confederation”: If it wasnt for Queen Victoria canada would've been an amer…[View]
468499068I have a question. what does it mean? she/her?[View]
468489468A question for Israel supporters.: Would you give the Ican people billions of dollars of military ai…[View]
468489858So, now that we’ve won —: we’re all just kind of.. waiting here?[View]
468489057>fades into irrelevancy where did it go so wrong? immediately after mass censorship cooled down, …[View]
468485301Why are y'all like this?[View]
468496144Has anyone noticed the comment sections in normie sits are getting very redpilled? Every time there…[View]
468496462Society has been run by illogic: https://x.com/bakanihakaten35/status/1792007349751935124…[View]
468494235Kasich: Democrats plotting to replace Biden: >The former Republican governor of Ohio has said he …[View]
468498726Trump is a shabbos goyim. Also, nigger.[View]
468497618I'm voting for RFK.[View]
468495403If you’re an atheist: Prove to me that there is definitively no god. If your answer boils down to “I…[View]
468497336we did it reddit!![View]
468462448Why are zoomers so bad with money?[View]
468494874If you're a poor boomer, you fucked up bad. Boomers had the single best economy in US history.[View]
468495896Without Jews, there is no civilization: Simple as.[View]
468498643Does the Republican Party have any purpose other than worshiping Jews and blacks?[View]
468494013why Allah allows for jews to genocide arabs?[View]
468490494Genesis 21-22 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping…[View]
468495971Are there any arguments against universal healthcare?[View]
468498488A vote for Trump is a vote for Israel and Russia[View]
468497321>tfw saw a Jew York Times article today saying Russia 'probably' doesn't have enough troops …[View]
468494136Remember when silver was relevant? Pepperidge farm remembers[View]
468463505Yet another antisemite in healthcare: https://x.com/StopAntisemites/status/1791939120912101610…[View]
468479119christianity is more destructive than judaism christians' weak femininity and complete disregar…[View]
468496269African americans are insecure retards who hate themselves.: i’m getting fucking tired of hearing …[View]
468497509When will you retards admit Andrew Yang was right about literally everything?[View]
468496701Reminder that in countries like Iran, innocent Jews are executed without trial. This is why Iran is …[View]
468497081Why is Race and Intelligence such a taboo scientific theory? Why does anyone who even proposes or te…[View]
468498220Khazarls = jews = Armenian = jews: I finally realized this fact by this map of Khazars empire.…[View]
468493248Is it true that Donald Trump pansies are all a bunch of weed heads?[View]
468491231Can Niggers be tamed?[View]
468494921Maybe the real ammo was the friends we made along the way.[View]
468496560NEVER FORGET: Russia is a terrorist state of genocidal invaders and uncivilized barbaric animals.[View]
468496782>do nothing >win America had a good run but now they are a third rate world power, when I see …[View]
468497927>brathers get to enjoy virgin pussy, AND the protesters go to hell alhamdulilah for Islam…[View]
468497832Joomers literally shart their pants when they realized they were going to do manual work in there.[View]
468488113I'm voting Trump[View]
468491498/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14257: Previous: >>468482412 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468464629Extreme Spic Fatigue and Dysgenics: Anyone else notice that spics have disproportionately higher rat…[View]
468492694Why do I keep coming to this place?: There hasn't been a single interesting post here since 201…[View]
468497785the line between superstition and religion: >supernatural things that are okay to disbelieve tele…[View]
468491943why are mudslimes like this?[View]
468458743Last thread >>468413592[View]
468496474Why does noone talk about this?[View]
468497653Elon Musk is mentioned by Thomas Karlsson an occult writer, in the beginning he mentions him and tha…[View]
468491569Animism and Shamanism are the only viable paths forward for whites to survive. Eternal Tengri, not e…[View]
468489653American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of…[View]
468489078Whats with this trend over the last five years where people mention the satanic gnostics like its on…[View]
468481221Christianity, The Root Of All Evil: Christianity is Spiritual Communism! The Bible is the blueprint …[View]
468497164See? I told you. Domis fucked.: Any thread which propagates this information is digital poisoning of…[View]
468487463>Almost all people with higher income also have very high intelligence >Some smart people but …[View]
468461341This is peak sex appeal in 2024.[View]
468487321What's the solution for Haiti?[View]
468497287Why aren't you pursuant to traveling and conducting commerce under admiralty law as a sovereign…[View]
468492709Why are Blacks so dumb?: How are you too stupid to swim ffs? Cats, dogs, apes, every animal on Earth…[View]
468497227Israel was their downfall: The story of the “immortal” jew comes to an end. Their curse of stateless…[View]
468490656She is queen now? You don’t care about the bullshit wh sue say but want her cute face and mouth for …[View]
468485673Stop spreading historical lies to advance your political agenda[View]
468496385So in your opinion, would you say that the US Government is more vaginal or more anal?[View]
468493705Visajeets are the Jews' ideal Janissaries.[View]
468494864Why the fuck ameritards don't vote for a third party candidate? >Muh supports Israel who car…[View]
468496179Trump began the trade war that against China that should've happened decades ago. But China is …[View]
468496808>Netflix to cast Brad Pitt as Shaka Zulu, the great Zulu king, in new historical biopic. This wou…[View]
468474497Freemasonry is more powerful than the Jews: If all the kikes were gassed tomorrow, the world would s…[View]
468495265based: https://twitter.com/9mm_smg/status/1754907075145044025?s=20[View]
468494776SHUT IT DOWN[View]
468486999If you're unhappy in America, why not move to Finland?[View]
468495498Shit just got real: Nauru severed all diplomatic and economic ties with Taiwan. It’s fucking happen…[View]
468496942If Ukraine wants support, they probably shouldn't kill civilians.[View]
468479171White women are the only girls who pull: 'Sorry but I don't do hookups' after telling you about…[View]
468486872Protest YouTube Censorship: We should organize a 24 hour abstinence from yt to protest censorship. J…[View]
468484276What will be his end?: In three days, his government will officially become a despotism under his co…[View]
468485566Argentina bros, have your lives improved so far?[View]
468491433can you leave a large flat screen 4K tv in a heavily trafficked mail room and not worry about it bei…[View]
468495771What do the Kyrgyz know that the British and its colonies don't?[View]
468494324Based historian red pilling Tim on the fed: https://youtu.be/MSNozBWq43E?t=1085[View]
468465402Politically Incorrect Humor[View]
468493375Based Elon. Fuck Palirats.[View]
468481623Why bother coming to /pol/ ?: Every corner of the internet is now like this place. Theres nothing sp…[View]
468494293They ALL Hate You.: You Are Vermin. You Are Below Them. Your Are Unclean. You Disgust Them. Give The…[View]
468495392What's the point of timed political debates? I always have to retard- and liar-proof my argumen…[View]
468491555NATO exists to defend 32 nations, and our peoples’ right to live freely & in peace. On the Inter…[View]
468493567Critically questioning beliefs and still believing: A common idea is that pekll stop believing what …[View]
468495634Is it possible to get ahead of AI by changing your career plans now?[View]
468490667The Nick J Fuentes Question: Fuentes gets caught on a livestream at In and Out flirting with another…[View]
468486569G.O.O.N.: Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks[View]
468493273Smsishing & Carding frauding your Grandma: Anyone else sick of Smsishing and Carding scammers se…[View]
468484405Why do they shove niggers into everything? Why?[View]
468495436block already dropped but this was spooky[View]
468475398going to see this guy speak tomorrow: Got a free ticket. What am in for?[View]
468495330What is the best way for a nation to become wealthy?[View]
468493394>conservative girl rejected me years ago for being too “weak and liberal” >now her “real man” …[View]
468495709Peter Joseph: What does pol think of Peter Joseph? Made Zeitgeist the movie in 2007 that spread like…[View]
468482933what countries will still be majority white in 500 years?[View]
468494547all he does is regurgitate /pol/ shit and he gets all the credit[View]
468462258Intelligence advisor says ‘catastrophic disclosure’ about UFOs may be on horizon: >A senior advis…[View]
468494511Hey chud - we founded our own company at 25 and just secured $25 million in funding from Shekelstein…[View]
468495557I stand with Israel and consider Jews to be White.[View]
468484388Why is the Black murder rate increasing over time but everyone else's is falling?[View]
468486312Have you forgiven us for what we did to your country and Europe in WW2?[View]
468492369suddenly you people don't seem like paranoid schizos[View]
468489285ahahahahaha iphone retards btfo: android reigns supreme[View]
468495473why did NATO prioritized ukraine piggies looking like a player from COD with airsoft gears that has …[View]
468491431>get back to work you tiny penis little slut[View]
468495262lemao: 'diversity' or how to get re-elected. NB Trump also supports this.[View]
468485896All anal sex is gay.: Especially with a woman. If you choose a poop tube over a vagina you are gayer…[View]
468483748/chug/ comfy happening in Ukraine general #16397: Previous: >>468474171 # Timeline /tug/:http…[View]
468492731New Mearsheimer on Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAfIYtpcBxo[View]
468492469>americans fund a certain country with their taxes >americans cannot move to said country beca…[View]
468491259Courage: Good will always defeat evil[View]
468485199/book/ - Politically Incorrect Book Thread: Post books on politics, economics, sociology, philosophy…[View]
468490751Military recruitment openly admitting they want to start WWIII.[View]
468494798obey: jews ar kings of all human race , nations and families https://twitter.com/i/status/1732179418…[View]
468492431Donald Trump is openly corrupt. Climate Change is real and happening. And Trump wants to give kickb…[View]
468494684The queen of the EUA for 2028 after Trump, she or Ivanka will be in th Trump side and elected in 202…[View]
468468375A nuclear missile was just seen crossing the skies in the north of Portugal. https://twitter.com/Me…[View]
468488391Go To Church: This is a reminder to go to church for Pentecost Sunday. If you have not already, conv…[View]
468492036Putin bootlickers and Russia shills on /pol/ BLOWN THE FUCK OUT! The Russian animals and war crimina…[View]
468491503Apparently this is for you: https://twitter.com/HeadWarriorTWM/status/1791499928864199149…[View]
468494309JEWS BTFO.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNuEfl64jUw >Beck stands with the Orthodox Jews who s…[View]
468493353Alright /pol/ we need a name for Russian, Chinese, British,Euros, Indian Glowies. American glowies a…[View]
468490305My fellow Americans,,: Peace is at hand.[View]
468480869tax rebellion general: how do we repeal the income tax? by mass disobedience.[View]
468490718Trips if Oswald didn’t shoot Kennedy[View]
468490756White Revolution: White people must form a global unity and act to repel the invaders from our entir…[View]
468494238Design a new discrimination method: EASY MODE: What is superapartheid and how shall it be deployed? …[View]
468490792New Neighbors: Thank you USA for giving us 2.5 trillion dollars to fund the state of Israel. We were…[View]
468493915Which ones the real one /pol/?[View]
468493677How do the neocons manage to maintain so much power in American politics? People thought they were f…[View]
468442590/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1383: Previous >>468404446 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
468493899what if we all merged with the jew hating shitskins and voted for Biden[View]
468489333You can't serve in the USA army if you have tattoos? Also is he wearing a Stetson hat or what i…[View]
468492261How to reconcile that my best friend is a jew[View]
468487031Not all jews are evil you know...[View]
468481196Atheism love thread: Its time to show atheism love[View]
468484230Say why are we funding this?: Better question why isn’t /pol/ actually out marching against it? Why …[View]
468493628'END THE JEWS' Bill has been introduced: What happens if this passes? https://massie.house.gov/news/…[View]
468489010Why does it seem like Russian propaganda agents are trying to make an appeal to White Americans? …[View]
468487398How did black people go from this to what they are today?[View]
468493478real thread: Australia to follow UK in blaming knives for Muslim knife attacks. >https://www.new…[View]
468484770Why a red states so violent? Whats with the people there?[View]
468484372WHITE FRAGILITY IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH: How do you respond without sounding angry?[View]
468486921Who would win a fight between a human fighter and a chimp fighter?[View]
468479346It's the long weekend and we need a great shit posting leaf thread.[View]
468490929In the near future, you'll have to ask you're date partner about they're genital stat…[View]
468488898Sorry, Trump. I'm riding with Biden this time.[View]
468491930This board hasn't done anything in a long time\, have any of you anons been doing anything or a…[View]
468485210The Messiach is Coming to Put All You Goys into Slavery: New York Jewess on an American bus. See ho…[View]
468489595are we nearing the end anons or will we look back at these as good days[View]
468491772>God knows everything >He knows i masturbated literal decades away what do i tell God when i m…[View]
468494691ITT: Humiliation rituals[View]
468489128Question for Renters that voted Biden: How's that working out for you?[View]
468485991I am trans-racial AMA: I identify as Northern European. I have a 125 IQ, I have a degree in computer…[View]
468486517US deploys helicopters to Haiti.: https://x.com/HaitiInfoProj/status/1791975918971527613[View]
468492623USA = Ana sex empire: American patriotism is the most idiotic, jewish trojan horse and low IQ idea e…[View]
468480699Time's up: Tick-tock vaxxtards https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-cnn-political-pundit-alic…[View]
468481801roadrage involving a police and a civilian who was in the right[View]
468488612When they came for abortion, you remained silent. When they came for affirmative action, you cheered…[View]
468477696THE POPE HAS SPOKEN: The leader of Christianity himself, His Holiness Pope Francis I, has confirmed …[View]
468491948why are Redditors like this?[View]
468492499Politically speaking, why do 'they' do this?[View]
468486845Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) is one of those muscular 'national security' Dems that party chieftains love to…[View]
468492455Lay me down as I go to the storm Sorrow ate me, I'm not me anymore Play these heavens one more …[View]
468491386>makes America great again What's his next move?[View]
468489182The racial social engineering to keep non-white men races as straight males and grooming race of men…[View]
468440901Harrison Butker: How are there not posts every day about the NFL kicker, Harrison Butker 'controvers…[View]
468490241The fact there is so much effort in the way of well poisoning and attempt to diminish the doings of …[View]
468478551wow, i mean, WOW[View]
468482482Revival of Paganism: Should we as Christians take it as a sign of the end times as more and more peo…[View]
468485518White devils pumping babies into Japanese women is trending on youtube: Is this the end for Japan? D…[View]
468491950https://www.vox.com/politics/2024/5/17/24159084/daniel-perry-pardon-greg-abbott-samuel-alito-flag Is…[View]
468490454What causes this?[View]
468481137Think of all the Jews who shot themselves, overdosed, or went to die in some retarded war over nothi…[View]
468451403FACT:: White people NEED diversity and culture.[View]
468488746BRO, JUST LEARN TO COD...AAAACKKK!!!!!!!!!: >2024 first half will be remembered as the most utter…[View]
468487633Are niggers and orks one in the same?[View]
468488575Israel is dying and you can help![View]
468475750Kek, that's so fucked up: Imagine getting rug pulled by GameStop[View]
468488660Americans are funny, they love big government so much they will defend their government regulating w…[View]
468484925NYC, SF, and LA control all of America If you don't live in one of these 3 cities you are BEYON…[View]
468488490Inflation vs deflation what's our future?: There was a pretty good write up a few months ago by…[View]
468484836What is the purpose of the Netherlands? Why does it exist?[View]
468486449Why is India so dirty?: Indian responses only, why are Indian streets so dirty? >inb4 Sar is not …[View]
468478753My doctor put me on 20 mg of Adderal and I don't feel any different? I'm still retarded an…[View]
468485734>shuffles to front of line >”aSpeak aSpanish?” >”no? Uhhhhh” >”aSomone aSpeak aSpanish?”…[View]
468490046They need our help: I know they’re Africans, but they’re own. I’m Catholic, doing they are, but they…[View]
468487770REMINDER: You pussy ass americans aka amerimutts simply WON'T DO SHIT! :^) Over 100 migrants br…[View]
468489610Are we all a joke?[View]
468485344Does 'Voting' really work?? The election in my country right now or it's over idk. I didn…[View]
468473045Covid Comeuppance Network: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/cnn-political-commentator-alice-stew…[View]
468464231BREAKING: Shooting At High School Graduation: De La Salle High School, K,C, MO. https://x.com/Intel…[View]
468486209Women have spoken https://x.com/seanfeucht/status/1791542472461684760[View]
468490123I was certainly NOT Jewish: NOT escaping the purge of 1492[View]
468490395Females for the white race, I like both of the girls but I would die for the female legs of the stor…[View]
468480904Yusuke was real and Tom Cruise don't[View]
468486482We might be in trouble....: >Do the needful I've been told that India will become a super po…[View]
468490773Sooo... what's up with UK lately?: I keep getting recommended videos about post-Brexit regret, …[View]
468490436>still winning the war >fastest growing economy in europe >wunderwaffe paraded and humiliat…[View]
468482412/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14256: Previous: >>468477680 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468487697tanzanias president dies after coronaspeech: he was against corona vaccines, he was murdered by CIA …[View]
468489519Project 2025: What does /pol/ think of Project 2025? Jewish propaganda or legitimate idea?[View]
468490408what did they mean by that[View]
468490844Question?: Will other monarchs recognise and respect a self-proclaimed King of a Micro Monarchy and …[View]
468483953Could there be technology that gives the ability 'edit' the past? But when doing so there are vague …[View]
468487113Only America matters: Euro trash that think they are peers should take a trip to the states[View]
468487855How come out of all the globalist puppets we had to get the worst one?[View]
468488521woman gave birth after corona injections: autistic boy! https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s1…[View]
468478021Trannies were adopted by the LGBs as a political shield. Think about it. We all know the Gay Mafia r…[View]
468489819qrd, pls[View]
468490589How to Condemn Nigger Apartment?: So, we bought a house in 2020 during the retarded lockdowns. Acros…[View]
468489087Why do some countries do this with their flag?: What is this thing called?[View]
468490507>be American >your 2 week lockdown turns into years of ongoing physical and psychological divi…[View]
468489582Excise tax on Liquor is too low: 1941 ... $4 per gallon today ... $ 13.50 per gallon Yet $4 in 1941…[View]
468483538I have ADHD and quit my meds: I have become lump consumer of food and all day naps Vyvanse will fuck…[View]
468475223WHY IS IT STILL TRUMP VERSUS BIDEN, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?: Its un-fucking-believable. The SAM…[View]
468483197Why you white boys be dressin so bad: You ain't got no Rizz, yall will wear a $5 Walmart shirt …[View]
468488961METEORITE CROSSES THE SKY IN PORTUGAL: https://x.com/UHN_Plus/status/1791982368812610028?ref_src=tws…[View]
468479216Why are chinks so disgusting?[View]
468481232Mutts are desperate for culture that isn't trash.[View]
468489152>only chinks have glass egos[View]
468486423Race > Religion > Region[View]
468488658Soyjak rants about the Catholic Church: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/lGQj4kvq0uo Erasing beliefs a…[View]
468481026Would you date a Female Incel?: Not sure if she is actually an incel but I presume so I don't t…[View]
468489292Buy TLT. Long bonds are going to be the safe haven for cash and you will regret not buying. Take any…[View]
468485462The whole Trump/Biden thing is boring. It was funny when these troglodytes first invaded, but let’s …[View]
468488382This is why White men can't get a girlfriend: It's over...[View]
468486233I will divorce my wife.[View]
468489312Meditate. Discipline of the mind trumps all physical apprehensions. Meditation is the art of self co…[View]
468480057Antisemitism: Seriously trying to understand this ideology and spark discussion. So let me get this …[View]
468488378American patriotism is the most idiotic, jewish trojan horse and low IQ idea ever USA was founded by…[View]
468478664>just marry a crackhoe bro[View]
468440216BAD NEWS: Mysterious Mr. Enter DELETED his BASED anti-Fauci, anti-covid19 lockdown videos!: https://…[View]
468485825/opl/ ON PATROL LIVE:black women Edition: ON PATROL: LIVE STARTS AT 9:00 PM ET AND ENDS AT MIDNIGHT …[View]
468489095Throughout history, have people shown sexual attraction to fictional characters like they do today o…[View]
468477707Why are Ukrainians such good warriors?[View]
468487253He's literally a 90s democrat: Why the fuck does he make people lose their shit to such a degre…[View]
468427553Jews and Multiculturalism: >American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their be…[View]
468486242Why does BAP make browns seethe so much?[View]
468482152Why do retarded zoomers think they are geopolitical experts?: I've noticed this because I am a …[View]
468489237Mí cuando yo tuerca a pizza de queso y Virgen María porno https://youtu.be/ZiwgIhK1GEE?si=Spc28GQ-7c…[View]
468485689why are Americans so obsessed with Indians?[View]
468486296Will the west ever be free from the elites and government that is ushering in our destruction with m…[View]
4684891085 foot 8 and i weight 220 lbs, say something nice 2 me[View]
468488952is this a good deal[View]
468488702Why are white Europeans like this? Should they be banned from politics?[View]
468483163Should women be pilots?[View]
468486437Why do people keep asking 'What is a woman?' It's fucking simple. Were you born with a uterus?…[View]
468485099The only funding states should receive from the federal government is for the military and interstat…[View]
468485204HAPPENING: Former deputy chief of Mossad: Government is hiding IDF losses A former member of the Isr…[View]
468487700I'm ready for WW3[View]
468478549So who else besides Michelle Big Mike Obama is secretly a man? And why?[View]
468486619So, why are whites and (some) browns like this?[View]
468479743Every race comes in a bunch of colors Sami = depigmented chinkoids Jews = depigmented negroids They …[View]
468467915Was marriage between Europeans ever considered miscegination: Like if a Swede married a Spaniard. Or…[View]
468487157How come no one talks about how the Russias found arctic nazis?[View]
468486298Being a Christian is synonymous with being a Roman, you should understand, sola scriptura devils.: W…[View]
468485449What graffiti have you cleaned recently?: >Rapid response to graffiti is critical. When graffiti …[View]
4684828244 Questions For You Tinfoil Hatters...: 1. Electric vehicles. Why don't you like them? 2. Self …[View]
468485535Why isn't society governed by monks? They spend all day studying, learning philosophy, meditati…[View]
468487008Someone could cause a lot of trouble with this: Don’t get any ideas anon[View]
468480905AI truly is a wonder tool. There was a thread earlier about a Michigan Medical School student named…[View]
468487325HAPPENING: Canadians are waking up[View]
468484820BRAZIL HIT BY HAARP: After the numbers came in that brazilian economy grew 5% in the year it dropped…[View]
468482777Why are christians so retarded?[View]
468478603Are Whites entitled to get mad about the Diversity initiative?[View]
468485862Car culture is absolutely toxic. We need more public transportation and confined infrastructure.[View]
468487434What level IQ do you need to believe these “tragic” gaza videos?[View]
468478574CNN political commentator Alice Stewart dies Suddenly: https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/18/politics/alice…[View]
468486483Is trump gonna win?[View]
468487021Fix society with 1 law: Loans with compound interest are now illegal[View]
468482675Thank you Trump...just...thank you!![View]
468477361>there were over 30M american bison when columbus reached america >they are very similar to do…[View]
468484950anon...i saw what you've been posting.[View]
468485232What's this guys problem?: Does he have tubro autism or is he just a bot? also vote trump 2024…[View]
468452492How can anyone take this seriously?[View]
468479344No human has properly defined the words 'schitzo' or 'narcissist'[View]
468484840This is the history consultant for the new Assassin's Creed game.[View]
468478153I'm a redpilled white man and I'm planning on moving to a different state. The 3 best plac…[View]
468486332Trump is going to win and you're going to be deported.[View]
468486702Begorrah! Ireland facing higher potato prices as stocks 'running extremely tight' https://www.irishc…[View]
468485826>Chinese pollution decreasing >Climate change gets worse Uhh... science bros??…[View]
468484678Russia and Ukraine: Why do they kill each other? Weren't they bros in the Soviet Union and were…[View]
468486154Fuck you jannies!: Making threads about chemicals in fast food is not against the rules of this boar…[View]
468484077A federation of idiots who although granted the right to speak freely and vote, still end up destroy…[View]
468486141will biden lose the election to inflation?: At the end of the day, it's economics, stupid. Peop…[View]
468486086would a state run video game industry be a valuable investment for a benevolent government to make o…[View]
468476455>sanctions china >full goes 24/7 media blitz how striking back is bad you mutts are fucking sh…[View]
468486279lemmy.world/habbibiPorn: i was on Linkdin networking with CEOs and sexy middle and upper level execu…[View]
468482410We are FUCKED[View]
468481890>The tide of war is turning in favor of Ukraine Zsisters...[View]
468485744Robot wives with artificial wombs will solve the declining birth rate issue.[View]
468482636Was he behind it or is he another Jewish victim?[View]
468484490chemtrails: chemtrails are confirmed real https://vimeo.com/user62535946 https://vimeo.com/222928194…[View]
468474336The myth of “innocent” Christians in Gaza: >“Christians live securely in Palestine,” added Maher …[View]
468458718The only thing you cannot discuss here is Q: Ask yourself.. Why...[View]
468485173I think what bothers me so much about Zionism is that it's so obviously just an expression of t…[View]
468485207When I come home From a hard day's work: And you're waitin' there Not a care Not a ca…[View]
468482604In two weeks men won't exist anymore: On the first day of Pride month, there will be no cis mal…[View]
468484063Now that all of us anti-vaxxers are vindicated...: >pic related lel When can we expect our apolo…[View]
468478535Federal Bureau of Investigation: Guess who was just assigned a new FBI agent because the last one wa…[View]
468483393Is the vax die off accelerating?: https://www.yahoo.com/news/cnn-political-commentator-alice-stewart…[View]
468477119Should tiktok be unbanned?[View]
468485661Christianity has fallen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8j3HvmgpYc&t=4262s >Canaanite genoc…[View]
468479814where are all the government whistleblowers is nobody going to save us[View]
468455915I Am Persecuted by the Canadian Government: I don't really want to get into the details, but I …[View]
468472073New OOPs: >Goddamn zoomers wanting to fuck humans[View]
468483985I do not like street fairs: The food is worse than the local restaurants and there are too many gyps…[View]
468485343So this just came out: https://youtu.be/w-DJY7jabm8 It feels new, but I am pretty sure it is old and…[View]
468479699>and we laugh at canada: hahahahahahahahaha[View]
468479296I'm watching Jason and The Argonauts (1963?). Why are older movies so much more awesome than mo…[View]
468472146She's gone.[View]
468483923when will they apologize to /pol/ for calling us evil Nazis all those years[View]
468480070US military deploys armored cars to Haiti: https://x.com/HaitiInfoProj/status/1792004068749230282…[View]
468477906Remember when you had to show these to go into a grocery store?[View]
468472093>He doesn't support the white side[View]
468485077Nothing stops us from building white enclaves.: 1. Buy land and build a condominium complex on it. 2…[View]
468482799You hate White sincere followers of Christ You would team up with the outspoken Christ-haters - jew…[View]
468481786Potent Memes Thread: The catalog is full of kike demoralization threads. We need something better. …[View]
468484853Why blacks are fucked: >Charles Barkley recently explained why “we as black people are never goin…[View]
468447964If you’re racist, why not be honest and full with it?: People complain and get mad everytime theres …[View]
468477714ZELENSKY COMPLAINS ABOUT HOHOLS BEING 'DEMORALIZED': After his visit to the Kharkyiiv sect…[View]
468480567I hate living. I'm never happy. Nothing is ever fun.[View]
468478133Is the West becoming increasingly dysgenic because of high-tech civilization? How can this be stoppe…[View]
468473942the purpose of biological life is to perpetually reproduce but why to what end? why do life strives …[View]
468470926Why is the US economy stagnating?: >was projected to grow a modest 2.4% >barely even managed t…[View]
468473629US needs to switch to exclusive pedestrian crossing: Pedestrians deaths from cars is getting worse a…[View]
468480716Envy is a sin: So is lust. There are many. The wages for sin? Death. Proverbs 27:6 'Faithful )are) t…[View]
468477352Hideous flag.[View]
468479090SELF-SUFFICIENCY: fuck you, I won't do what you tell ME[View]
468481515What would realistically happen if hundreds of thousands non jewish americans immigrated to israel e…[View]
468481945Jewish students say pro-Israel violence at UCLA protest camp undercut their advocacy: https://www.ti…[View]
468474171/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16396: Previous: >>468468037 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468473979Matt Walsh is a retarded MIGAtard but he was right about anime[View]
468482415/pol/ humor thread[View]
468483172Wait one second...[View]
468481028Call me hohol, one, more, time[View]
468481966Daily reminder that Poland is a force of good in this world and no amount of harmful propaganda can …[View]
468476520Why doesn't communism work? I read the book and it makes a lot of sense, rich people hoard all …[View]
468475117look at what indians are doing[View]
468483643WEEKLY CHRISTIAN VERIFICATION: G'day subhumans of allahniggerism and kikeism! /pol/ is a strict…[View]
468480602Muslims will save Japanese video games: Saudi Arabia is getting more and more involved in funding vi…[View]
468480628Feds are spying you with micro-drones with all kinds of sensor mounted on it.[View]
468478600Brother vs brother and everybody loses. Stop being racist. Stop trying to divide. God is our Father.[View]
468483504IRELAND BUILDING MASSIVE REFUGEE HOLDING CAMPS #2: Previous threads >>468464096 >>468464…[View]
468478589What are your thoughts on the police?[View]
468482439Nick Fuentes: Bad Optics, Catholic, Mexican, Closet Homosexual, Endorses Laura Looner Jackson Hinkle…[View]
468465088Christcucks always tell us of how they expelled the jews - well who let the in, in the first place, …[View]
468481294No More Brother Wars: Why do Europeans hate all Americans ? Do they not realize how massive of a chu…[View]
468481167What if the vaccines were the Samson Option?[View]
468479900What's with all the satanism talk lately?[View]
468481615I hope they both die.[View]
468475590NPNW: Is lame. Why would you work for pussy when the entire world is a hellish nightmare and women a…[View]
468476182why is this dynamic so common?: plapjak if he real[View]
468482388Did they do it?: Did they make the Donbass safe for trans kids?[View]
468477255White Flight but its a whole city: Imagine having to go to the fucking supreme court in order to get…[View]
468477680/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14255: Previous:>>468473182 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield a…[View]
468464662Is there any hope for the UK? Out of all the European nations, they're clearly the most cucked …[View]
46847617899% of mankind is not human at all[View]
468471482Honest to god: if it weren't for /pol/ I possibly could have ended up vaxxed and ded because I …[View]
468473891>Canada has no short-term vs long-term capital gains tax rate benefit Does this country just love…[View]
468480816NOTAM Sparks Confusion Over Possible Russian Hypersonic Missile Test Off California Coast: GIGAHAPPE…[View]
468479855Do you hang the flag of MAN on MAN anal, snitches, and nigger wannabes on your house?[View]
468480517>when the actual aliens show up[View]
468467262aus/pol/ nickers edition: >fuentes confirmed ay butt sex lover https://x.com/DramaAlert/status/17…[View]
468480547Someone explain to me why the UK is such dystopian shithole where you get on terror/no fly lists for…[View]
468478441I developed a new behavior: So earlier today I was browsing steam to kill time and I came across a g…[View]
468479281Lets Make Danny Mullen Famous: This guy is an icon https://youtu.be/MVALF58iqps[View]
468447714India media now exposing the OTHER covid vaccine, Covaxin, too...: The mainstream media in India jus…[View]
468480893>Build country on the foundations of slavery and genocide >Call working yourself to death for …[View]
468475971Remember, most people you speak with are already trannys: picrel is map showing % of men with bottom…[View]
468480730>no foul play suspected Why do they make it so obvious?[View]
468481038Polcompball Tier List: Go ahead, roast the shit out of me. Post your own. Talk about (((them))). Wha…[View]
468480936Politically speaking: GLORY TO UKRAINE.[View]
468479219sucker punching nigger piece of shit[View]
468477137Dissenting Political Opinions: What opinions to you have that most of /pol/ disagrees with? Is /pol/…[View]
468471995The U.S south always being retarded: why is it that the american south is the worst when it comes to…[View]
468479874New Stonetoss: lol[View]
468476921Do you support the redistribution of rental residences to the tenants who live in them?[View]
468484545Behold, the inevitable endgame of Catholic ideology. Longhoused for eternity.[View]
468483882Being a 10 woman is fr the worst life: You’re lusted after by all men including the old creepy stalk…[View]
468480505AI is the Antichrist: It has now been revealed that the Antichrist is not human You will be given R…[View]
468478336Just let them go home you jackasses, They have families and a mission successful party waiting for t…[View]
468479149How come the top of line men of every other race go after white women but top of the line white men …[View]
468480480LGBT craze = phallocracy: The public's focus on dicks going where they are not supposed to, i.e…[View]
468471354Right Wing Trannies: How do you feel about right wing trannies like Blair White?[View]
468478251I want more anti-semitism please. Short clips like this, or slightly longer, more informative posts …[View]
468480346Is Syrian Girl the greatest female political commentator?: She's certainly the prettiest, in an…[View]
468480051Weird they thought they'd never get roasted: After all this is /pol/[View]
468478194Life if I had never started browsing /pol/ and 4chan:[View]
468472574Americans are now SAVAGELY BEATING JEWISH CHILDREN: This is no the America I grew up in. https://x.c…[View]
468480002When WE WUZ KANGZ was actually true: A black man could NEVER Be an arctic explorer... oh... shit... …[View]
468477959The 3 best races on Earth: >hottest women >Most delicious food > Best sounding languages …[View]
468479301It's mind boggling how racists think niggers are dumb when niggers have the most sustainable de…[View]
468471265Trump is based.[View]
468469829Irans shows off it's aircraft carrier: Also named it[View]
468473030This is Ukraine, bitches.[View]
468479540Sweden is most lethal country!: But only after year 2010, it was extremely safe in 1980-2000 https:/…[View]
468479379How in the hell are we gonna organize with so many shit tests?!: Say what you want about Nick Fuente…[View]
468474794If you could travel to this parallel universe, would you?[View]
468478850aus/pol/ - dissident right-wing edition: >Thank you Senator Pauline Hanson for standing with our …[View]
468479637Christ is King[View]
468472003Hard Times: Boomers created the world we live in.[View]
468453780Anglo's + Jews: Bad News[View]
468459602>be female judge >presented a case in which a young woman kills her father in one of the most …[View]
468467470How heavy is she going to get?[View]
468479094kyrgyzstan: Why are steppe niggers attacking future Canadian citizens ?[View]
468478898How long until he troons out?[View]
468479165What if they're really the good guys?[View]
468478801ZELENSKY RANTS ABOUT WEST DEMANDS FOR A PEACE WITH NO HONOUR to the AFP: https://www.rfi.fr/en/inter…[View]
468472638European Extinction: Look at the faces of pic related. Look at those European children's eyes. …[View]
468478553when will they learn?[View]
468473623Why are white people so depressed and suicidal?[View]
468455459Learn to Code: Why was coding hyped so hard when it's literally the least safe from automation …[View]
468476117>Turks can't be whi-ACK[View]
468476613Should Asians be legally allowed to drive? >Horror as handsome high school jock, 17, is killed an…[View]
468472734Christianity only created failures.: The need to believe in the jewish god Jesus was inherited from …[View]
468478922Archived thread response: >>468478353 Hahahaha you made me smile. So you did know what I meant…[View]
468473369Pagancucks are hilarious: >Want to OWN the CHRISTKEKS and follow TRUE germanic religion? >Just…[View]
468478286W-w-we didn’t want it anyway!: Masters of Deception![View]
468472371SUBMIT TO ROME[View]
468450194What are actual natives like?[View]
468472804Sweden NO: You cannot redeem the asylum seekers[View]
468474205Paganism: Why are so many White men and women rejecting Christ and worshiping Disney characters nowa…[View]
468454462Africans are primit...[View]
468478578uh, fellow humans bros >go on gematria calculator >throw words at it >'hmm.. what about can…[View]
468472150There is good news for anyone who enjoyed the show-stopping aurora borealis last weekend - or missed…[View]
468478511Face it, Taiwan is like pic related, The philippines is kind of like pic related And Japan is like …[View]
468477610Monopolistic Shithole: Canada is such a monopolistic shithole, how the fuck was this deal allowed to…[View]
468476091Should Jews non ironically ethnically cleanse the Arabs? The Palestenians are a fake nation, their w…[View]
468468830- I am Hitler 2, 3 AND 4! Was it some sort of threat against the pupshit heebs that run hasbara in A…[View]
468478052>we're gonna save the west from DRUMPF and putler[View]
468476784The greatest prophet of islam was a fucking pedo faggot[View]
46847231350 cents on P'Diddy: 50 Cent reacts to shocking Sean 'Diddy' Combs video: 'God h…[View]
468475871How do we fix modern women?: They're absolute whores. What new laws would you create? We should…[View]
468473612My uncle's who family came out as trans during our Easter dinner. I come from a huge, conservat…[View]
468473182/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14254: Previous: >>468469189 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468472143Why is one hour of work not enough for a box of chicken nuggets now?[View]
468476508Israel sent combatants to US soil to attack civilians: And did not declare war, meaning israel has c…[View]
468477880.: .[View]
468475583Remember Sharika Soal?: HuffPo curator & BLM supporter turned MAGA woman (who once accused Jack …[View]
468467813Is this true /pol/? Is having sex with women gay? Are incels the ones in the right after all?[View]
468470570SEETHE ZIGGERS[View]
468475151current problems with modern dating: Clearly younger generations are struggling to form long-term re…[View]
468476298Why Does Israel Have So Much Influence on Politics?: It's a country the size of New Jersey or M…[View]
468476681Why a red states so violent? Whats with the people there?[View]
468472337republicucks, your response?[View]
468473266Harkonnen = Russians (they're not humans, they're brutal) Atreides = Germans Sardaukar = A…[View]
468468009>biblical flood was real >pyramids are much older than thought >poles due to shift again h…[View]
468467178Imagine being forced vexxed and not doing the shooty thing[View]
468477356Rapists and Murderers and thieves now forced to serve in Ukraine Army to fight Russia: Ukraine must …[View]
468465106brit/pol/ - willyland: >'Boil water' notice mostly lifted in Devon https://www.bbc.co.u…[View]
468467092Joe Biden molested his own kid.: There is actual proof of this.[View]
468477287RFK Jr. is this cycle's Jo! but for Democrats.: Prove me wrong.[View]
468463479This confuses and enrages the american[View]
468475397Fix black culture in 5 words or fewer[View]
468466127What the fuck are direct energy weapons and should we fear them more than nukes?[View]
468472385Hello, I'm chief of Norwegian finances what do you want to know?[View]
468476950Your office has 1 parachute. How do you decide who gets to use it?[View]
468476537Pope declares: aliens are demons.: /pol/ wins again https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/pop…[View]
468462991HAPPENING - Trump likely headed to jail: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/alvin-bragg-case-ag…[View]
468476878WEST VIRUS PANDEMIC: kids book with BBC has been finally translated in polish fuck you fucking westo…[View]
468476293>kid toys found in illegal migrant’s rape van Its worse than we thought…[View]
468469583The guy who attacked Nancy Pelosi's husband just got 30 years in prison.[View]
468458309i'm a palestinian AMA[View]
468476856I AM ALIVE: YOU ARE ALIVE[View]
468476846DESTROY EVERYTHING RIGHT FUCKING NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXIaTAlsj2Q LEAVE NOTHING BUT T…[View]
468467031Good samaritans shoot up High School Graduation Ceremony!: https://x.com/rawsalerts/status/179196714…[View]
468474543Feminists to Use AI to keep you from hooking up with hotties: It's hard for guys to match on da…[View]
468472665What are they hiding on the poles?: I'm not a flatearther. If I had to guess flatearth is a wel…[View]
468472935Why was he so insecure?[View]
468475910Hey, hey, hey, hey Ooh, woah Won't you come see about me? I'll be alone, dancing, you know…[View]
468475555I got 8 years in Canada for killing someone and the Candian government hates me. I had the highest …[View]
468471219The UK: I'm 26. When I thought about the UK, I thought about comfy gray clouds and rainy days, …[View]
468413920New video from /ourpriest/ - Holocaust and Jews exposed!: >Big surprises about gas chambers in WW…[View]
468475059WTF: A fucking comet just flew over my house WTF is going on guys?? What are the jews up to?[View]
468476000Hanania: How does this guy even have fans?[View]
468476484How long until (((they))) ban the internet altogether? Millions are being redpilled on kikes, nigger…[View]
468472708Should you cut out trashy parents from your life?: >mom is in a lot of debt >She owes $450 to …[View]
468468289There's nothing wrong with whites being replaced: If thats what mother nature has decided is go…[View]
468475443Is Silver the Key Resource for Memes?: Is there proof for this?[View]
468476363Fuck crypto: This shitcoin is making me abandon pol.[View]
468470060Why don't heterosexuals just kill themselves?: They will never be happy They will never find lo…[View]
468475894Gay drug: Is this like, the gayest drug ever invented? >Hey let's take a stimulant and remov…[View]
468472995>American 'left wing' regime >brutally cracks down American students protesting peacefully ag…[View]
468476159What causes this behavior? Why do all far-right leaders love the State of Israel and Judaism so much…[View]
468475531Why are they so desperate to prove Nick is gay?: Are they homophobes?[View]
468476139GOD BLESS BLACK PEOPLE https://imgur.com/gallery/when-diarrhea-strikes-E7AKGF3 Stop the hate threads…[View]
468471672What is this state's problem?: It's full of white people who vote blue.[View]
468475695The original globohomo[View]
468464001My gf said she's leaving me unless I formally endorse Biden on Facebook.: She also wants me to …[View]
468468183Why the fuck are Christians doing here? 4chan is edgy, pornography, vulgar, overly cruel, etc. I don…[View]
468473963In two weeks men won't exist anymore: On the first day of Pride month, there will be no cis mal…[View]
468458525Fast food workers now want $30/hr min wage: The fast food workers in California are starting to mobi…[View]
468467547>when they needed him the most, he was nowhere to be found......[View]
468469469white liberals are the biggest clowns ever. They should hate the people they love but then that woul…[View]
468474968We don’t hate white women enough, in countries of third world like Brazil were we e have criminal co…[View]
468461458Will we ever see anything as great as Nazi Germany ever again?[View]
468472559Ukraine is wining.[View]
468470973it's time for you faggots to realize Italians are the real whites. grey eyes + fair skin is the…[View]
468471706Why was this such a big deal?[View]
468474637I know some cops and they flat out say they are during the minimum to get by. If you become another …[View]
468475416Smell Imagination Chamber: Are bioweapons an ethical form of torture? Politically speaking[View]
468473511what is America?[View]
468475242old /pol/ memes: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8RZOE1SmY4UJ/[View]
468471804Are the Baltics the future of the white race?[View]
468474020Are autistic people more likely to see through propaganda and Jewish lies and become national social…[View]
468457253>Dying woman, 36, is denied liver transplant for drinking while on waiting list >Amanda Husk h…[View]
468469903What are Ukrainians dying for?[View]
468474597>government makes bad things illegal >people still do bad things What the fuck are we supposed…[View]
468468390The left uses violence to get whatever they want, obviously this works. Why are right wing groups s…[View]
468466747BECOME UNGOVERNABLE https://x.com/historyinmemes/status/1791896818399260929[View]
468473827is modern day entertainment #1 reason why people in 1st world countries don't go full rebel mod…[View]
468432902HAPPENING! /POL/ FULLY VINDICATED: >they took ur jerbs remember when the smug leftists and plebb…[View]
468473298>WAHHHHHH HELP IM ABOUT TO BE INVADED Kind of fitting isn't it?[View]
468472545Zelensky seeing Usyk’s fight purse right now[View]
468469917Died of a heart attack[View]
468473395'They don't target White people it's just random attacks.'[View]
468474480Can I be a NEET and still anti taxes?[View]
468466885>I will fuck people and YOU will pay for it chud![View]
468470780pol is a mega magnet sucking in the lowest of the lows from any society.: Why is that?[View]
468473613Christ is King: Earth is flat Nofap gives you God powers Fuck jannies[View]
468472172Has anyone ever been to comet ping pong?[View]
468469930>a slav is the best boxer of all time >another slav is the best mma fighter of all time Damn n…[View]
468474321where did all the money go?[View]
468470941I hate Americans.[View]
468463121This potato's whole existence is comming around twice a week to mow this jews lawn for bottom d…[View]
468474291Are you Riden with Biden, anons?[View]
468465861This is what Chinese cars look like today: $12k btw. This is what American automakers are afraid of.…[View]
468466677Have sex they said. Get a trade wife they said: Save the white race they said. >ok done Dont put …[View]
468473918Russian drone bombs ukrainians carrying their wounded comrade at night[View]
468471692Everything you have ever heard about North Korea is a lie: >North Koreans aren't allowed to …[View]
468468037/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16395: Previous: >>468461996 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468462216What is this guys problem? A Europe without Germany? Is he taking shrooms?[View]
468456724i am 40 pounds overweight: all i can do is drive for a living. send help[View]
468474156gypsy crusader is live now joker version https://goyimtv.com/l/1495391109/Joker[View]
468471403Why the hell did Jews want to settle in Israel? They had the British by the balls, they could'v…[View]
468473554So....: Bassically Ukrainian males are cooperating into their depopulation so their country could be…[View]
468473375He said that pooland 'will dent Putin into the ground': This is how speaker of the parliament, the s…[View]
468448581The One Enemy: Hitler said it himself in Mein Kampf, jews are the real enemy.[View]
468466470I feel like my very soul and being is under attack: Gay here, trans there, masturbation rooms for Ki…[View]
468473803I Don't Get It: Okay, so...walk me through this: IF the White Man is so racially superior, espe…[View]
468459096Richard Hanania says bullied White kid who killed himself is a little pussy: Is Hanania jewish, by c…[View]
468467907Meanwhile in Denver: Denver based?[View]
468465242I Better Understand Black People: >Be White-Skinned. >Been surfing sociopolitical shit on YT l…[View]
468468561Great job /pol/, Chris Chan is on your side: Man, G-d sure has blessed antizionism with only the bes…[View]
468471673Chaos in NYC as police crack down on anti-Israel protesters: https://x.com/probablyreadit/status/179…[View]
468469545SONY SONY SONY SONY: https://x.com/Sony/status/1267216347978752003 SAY THE LINE AND NO ONE GETS HURT…[View]
468465984>top tv presenter arrested for child rape Who is it?[View]
468466726I don't think the Trump campaign is going well: I don't feel the same energy as in 2016. I…[View]
468466867Dies suddenly dude to a ‘medical emergency’[View]
468458124Is NAFO the most incompetent intelligence operation in world history?[View]
468472014Finkelstein is leftshit: Let’s stop pretending he’s “based”[View]
468473240https://globalnews.ca/news/10455291/open-house-downtown-eastside-affordable-housing/ You see migrant…[View]
468472310political thred: rose vs wade totalitatianism 13th amendment iran county fair[View]
468469189/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14253: Previous: >>468465090 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468470746the Iraq war wasn't justif-[View]
468471949>Be Iran >Mandate circumcision >Every iranian muslimcuck in America has his dick cut Worse…[View]
468466394Miscegenation: Should race mixing be defined as a crime against humanity? It deprives the half breed…[View]
468472493>after new mobilization law in Ukr*ine came in power all streets are EMPTY, all men are hiding at…[View]
468470840White people are the least gay. Polynesians are the most gay.[View]
468472988What are ukrainians dying for? A series of drone drops against piggies on the southern Bakhmut flank…[View]
468472899Hear me out. If we raise the minimum wage to $300/hr, everyone would be in the top tax bracket, and …[View]
468469135Bots have ruined YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram: There's more Bots than humans now; is …[View]
468470272It all comes full kikel.[View]
468468422Why is it like this?[View]
468463119ISRAEL ISN'T SAFE FOR NIGS: > Johnny Somali, who previously went to Japan, harassed people, …[View]
468441114If you have skills and IQ move to Scandinavia right now. This is where the future of Europe and the …[View]
468471546Chinese are the Jews of South East Asia[View]
468472612Miss me yet?: Shouldn’t have elected that misogynist you deplorables[View]
468472496What happens when Trump does this?: Will America turn into Russia?[View]
468471508Who is this guy I heard he use to be cop and had a wife and kids[View]
468472369paused war: what happened between 2014 and 2024 to deescalate this war? political implications of wa…[View]
468472366She's right you know: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8HhTzxfaPEI?app=desktop[View]
468467387Ukraines Capitol Kiev has no Power: Must mean Ukraine is winning the war right guys? https://www.pra…[View]
468471448What did they mean by this?: >14 foot descent >88 lb steel blade…[View]
468470578U.S. economic performance by presidential party: 'Since World War II, the United States economy has …[View]
468464129What went wrong?[View]
468460890Right wing anti-Muslim jew?: Is Eric zemmour evidence jews can be aligned with other westerners agai…[View]
468410911Europe under attack from Inside: Hi I just want to start a thread for those with a sense of predicti…[View]
468471839>the Obama phone and its consequences...[View]
468472021Why are they like this: >Republicans win > JEWS >Democrats win > JEWS >Economy good …[View]
468465918Trump hasn't had any political success until this meme came out. I don't think that's…[View]
468469510Are Albanians the Indians of Europe?: They are just as disgusting and dirty as the real indians aren…[View]
468466507EXTREME PAKI/MUSLIM HATE THREAD: >Lost a war to India >Complete debt slave to China >Low …[View]
468470031Love will always prevail over hatred[View]
468470305What would life be like without modern jewish politics?: Fission power generation? Fraction of light…[View]
468460461Canada immigration General /cig/: Good morning sirs. Reasons you should immigrate to Canada: >Lot…[View]
468471801inject me with that: viral antidote jab. a breath of fresh air. i want to feel that immunity coursin…[View]
468468634I miss this gentleman like you would not believe.: >Chad Bundy[View]
468469680Everyone should start using voice Ai in phone/web interactions: The ability to clone someones voice …[View]
468471594Usyk is our guy: Usyk great grandfather was from Ireland. He still has the fighting Irish spirit. Co…[View]
468463532Dont tell me to calm down: ya'll talk noise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVn5kSj4s0…[View]
468470695She's right you know: Where are all the 'LE HABBENING' retards now? The war has never been this…[View]
468471187Apparently, Canadian flags have experienced a massive downturn of reputation on here. What is respon…[View]
468467355On top, a homosexual German politician that filmed himself licking a toilet. Below, a homosexual Spa…[View]
468467832If you want to bring the people's minds to your side, expose them to traditional European cultu…[View]
468456256How can you be a follower of a political ideology based on preserving your people's material fo…[View]
468468349I've accidentally come up with an idea for an online service / phone app that's so evil wo…[View]
468469691should captchas be more boomer friendly /pol/: considered that thousands of boomers struggle, suffer…[View]
468469463I took Ivermectin instead of the vaccination. Did anyone else here do the same?[View]
468471008Kill fatties. Behead fatties. Roundhouse kick a fatty into the concrete. Push a fatty down a fight o…[View]
468470961These three are Ridin’ with Biden - Let’s Join em.: Picrel top row: Charles Carlisle ‘Chuck’ Johnson…[View]
468467508We should just glass this entire fucking region and be done with it: And make sure it will stay comp…[View]
468468663why did this chud fail so badly?[View]
468460090This reply I screencapped a few weeks ago makes for a good case study on rhetorical framing. This is…[View]
468468219This is SO true.[View]
468466641This jew has killed entertainment: >Destroys all western entertainment that everything is floppin…[View]
468460821/SHIT/ Stop Hindu Invaders Thread - Leaf Edition: Canada grew by 400,000 in the first quarter of 202…[View]
468453873Doomer Post: >jobs pay practically nothing and you can literally do nothing other than food and m…[View]
468469347A Congolese refugee, previously described by the German press as a success story for integration, ha…[View]
468467578Mexico Armed Forces vs Cartels: How goes the biggest war on this side of the Atlantic?[View]
468470603Oh yeah forgot about this dude lol: poor lil guy[View]
468462545Should I become a Spainish citizen?: Turns out that because I have a Puerto Rican birth certificate …[View]
468465992Biden already bringing THE HEAT. Lil donnie ain't got shit on truth.[View]
468468065Major redpill: They hate Jews because Jews are racially depigmented NIGGERS. Jews should put Palest…[View]
468446406This webm captures the essence of ZOG. An Israeli soldier cracking the skull of an American student …[View]
468467743Daily reminder that Poland is a force of good in this world and no amount of harmful propaganda can …[View]
468469521The Absolute State of Muslims: >degenerate Kike Faggot walks around Saudi Arabia without getting …[View]
468469030Thousands attend Bluey event at restaurant: Disappointed by nigger in a onesie: Child Sophie was mad…[View]
468463443What did she mean by this? Is USA supposed to be a vassal state?[View]
468469907Remember the Holocaust and keep it holy.[View]
468462877Umm sweetie, you owe us taxes and penalties on your landlord's rent. https://betterdwelling.com…[View]
468467774What are the political implications of molesting your own kids?[View]
468468667Why did Biden molest his own kid?: Even snopes is now admitting this.[View]
468464443The current conflict in Israel exists entirely to stop civil war from happening this election year. …[View]
468465720I like white people, but why are you guys so evil?: You guys colonized a continent, enslaved the peo…[View]
468467007Why do boomers (actual boomers) stick their head in the sand about everything, while being so self a…[View]
468469422Two young Bank of America employees die suddenly within weeks of each other: https://endtimeheadline…[View]
468467235Why are Atheist so Pro Fag?: >pic related Just Disgusting. I was looking at the same charts for …[View]
468469720I hope the Iron Curtain comes back so that Western degeneracy is at least contained to the faggot pa…[View]
468469445HA HA![View]
468467572why are pitbulls legal in americuck: >I believe my attacker was the pooch on the left. And for wh…[View]
468469651The Internet must be destroyed: It has only brought suffering to this planet, it has no positive sid…[View]
468457244Why are they getting so desperate?: They are making up a narrative about egyptian tunnels supplying …[View]
4684380642 weeks until Weimar month: what are your predictions /pol/? will they ramp up their degeneracy this…[View]
468465090/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14252: Previous: >>468460032 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468452058Why do these “mistakes” keep happening?: https://twstalker.com/libsoftiktok/status/17915784770170841…[View]
468468379Does this look like a guy who watches gay porn? Of course not.[View]
468469173Total censorship and comment ban in Hungary: Due to the Slovakian assassination attempt against PM F…[View]
468468452Please save this poem on your hardrive if you Candian or American.[View]
468462729As an American, I have 4 questions. Looking for serious answers, not jokes and one-liners. 1. Why do…[View]
468464800IDGAF, I WILL NOT LET YOU SLIDE THIS: my neighbor just stepped forward with his feet UP, if you know…[View]
468468340How does it feel to be vaxxed?: How does it feel that you can die at any moment?[View]
468463453Women are NOT Whores so Don't be mean OK: Don't you know that a man being rich is like a g…[View]
468465194>It was da jooz who put gay porn on my computer I swear![View]
468456568it's time for you faggots to realize italians are the real vampires. brown eyes + fair skin is …[View]
468458577Kate: What happend to her?[View]
468468431sodomy is not a human right[View]
468467439/rig/ - Richard Spencer General: Hail Apollo! Hail our people! Hail victory! This thread is dedicate…[View]
468468601But…/pol/ assured me that Palestinian Christians were innocent???: >“Christians live securely in …[View]
468465312faces of /pol/: post 'em[View]
468467103LOCK HER UP!![View]
468468161Why is MUGA Don making both shitlibs and Nazbols/Russiaboos seethe right now?[View]
468466687This is you: If you don't agree to lock down, mask up, Ben Dover and get vaxxed next time round…[View]
468463579Why is this shit so popular pol?[View]
468468152Do you support niggery and kikery in the name of /Pol/: Do you support niggery and kikery in the nam…[View]
468465058I hate people who are more blessed than me.[View]
468461996/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16394: Previous: >>468453147 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468467068Trump is the jewish President: It's anti semitism vs jews and their collaborators. This electio…[View]
468464004The vaxx takes another one: So many people are dying suddenly or getting turbo cancer. Will the (((g…[View]
468467627> if you wanna post online you should have to post behind your real identity. Using your real nam…[View]
468466140*DIES SUDDENLY*[View]
468463325VAXXIESSS.... IT'S NOT FUNNY ENYMORE..... DON'T DIE... IT'S NOT FUNNY: my neighbor ju…[View]
468467694Big Jew Little Jew: If were being honest, there are at least two types of jews. Little jews are har…[View]
468465285Lindsay Graham received one million dollars to shill for Israel: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
468461041Should this be prosecutable as fraud?[View]
468457571>First muslim mayor in Brighton, UK Brighton? More like Bright? No.[View]
468467538No Refunds.: No foul play is suspected, and officers believe a medical emergency occurred. https://w…[View]
468461385other White people are not on your side: In my personal experience its Whites that have hurt and att…[View]
468466754What makes a country or society subhuman in nature?[View]
468463416AOC vs MTG vs Negress total shit show :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv1dSpNSemo https://rumble…[View]
468466993lithuania is a zhmud shithole: that place is an absolute shithole filled with children vaping or the…[View]
468466135Faith: Are owls real Who really knows[View]
468465476Why did she do it[View]
468458841Second Amendment: We will be able to buy guns off Amazon within the next 15 years.[View]
468464785Zion Joe: Why did Jews allow him to shit on the vaccine to his 200 million audience but are forcing …[View]
468463365A woman is ugly if her ass is notably bigger than her thighs; real beautiful women have thighs that …[View]
468447466Is America just a PVP zone?[View]
468453436OH N-: https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c2lekp48n78o[View]
468461936This is what a German FDP politician looks like. The FDP is stands for economic liberalism and indiv…[View]
468459298glowniggers: What are the political implications of a book written by a glownigger to actually be re…[View]
468435090'WE DON'T LIKE IT WHEN YOU TOUCH OUR TITS, CHUD!' (60K LIKES): Literally what's the point …[View]
468457950Why are there so few far-right artists? Outside of Dali, there's basically no super prominent e…[View]
468463658China dumps the largest amount of US treasuries in history: >Do something >Win Can China be st…[View]
468466790Ayo lil Donny[View]
468449782>HONEY, YOUR CRISPY NAZIS ARE READY!!! https://files.catbox.moe/ohnh33.mp4…[View]
468460983Why does /pol/ relentlessly shill and simp so many obvious lying grifters? All these eceleb’s “polit…[View]
468464075Are Russians thin-skinned about Russia or is it just my gf?: Every time I criticize anything related…[View]
468465370Piers Morgan: Based or cringe?[View]
468428405/pol/ humour thread[View]
468458506atheist hate thread[View]
468464922Soviet Superiority ?: > All of western european nations invaded together with Germany. > Over …[View]
468455863Why are they allowing retards to write articles like this?[View]
468460864Why does it feel like conservatives have accepted gay love? 20 years ago, all I heard was about the …[View]
468466275Lol. I don't have much to add here, except lol. 'America' is a joke.[View]
468463239Is it beta or alpha to wear your gf's heels?: If your girl says her heels hurt, is it low inhib…[View]
468466214The absolute state of republicucks >Republicans introduce bill to intentionally sabotage the gove…[View]
468463997KHALISTAN FLAG SPOTTED IN CANADA: Sikhs are planing to create new khalistan in Canada[View]
468464097Eurasians are the true master race: >Good-looking >High IQ >Blood of conquerors >Arabs, …[View]
468464386>STUPID INCEL LIFE ISN'T FAIR AND NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING >*incel shoots a dozen people*…[View]
468443501Huge black bull emasculates a white cop: https://x.com/Soulful1865/status/1791431883068186842…[View]
468465691Ladies and Gentlemen!: We have a normal candidate for congress and his name is Thomas Massie![View]
468465625CNN political commentator Alice Stewart has died at 58 years old of an unspecified cause. Think the…[View]
468461029Why are Americans so against walkable cities?[View]
468463722Why do white people put up with this?: Ay yo its dey culture, you can't say anything bad about …[View]
468463990Is US in full out trade war with China already?: Will it cause inflation in the US? Will China start…[View]
468449735NO ONE LIKES NIGGERS IN JAPAN IMAGINE: HAHAHAHAHAH https://jabrek.net/dislike-en/?url=https://youtu.…[View]
468453924Americans are literally being stripped of their rights: One by one.[View]
468458020The King James Bible is opened to Psalm 46 besides Shakespeare’s grave. The 46th word from the begin…[View]
468465716interracial marriage: politically speaking, what is the reason for these stats? why do black women a…[View]
468462079Gypsy: Is this guy a real person, or a FED? Or just a simple troll? He doesn't even look white…[View]
468462950Why don't people go out for $35* burgers any more?: >* plus tip…[View]
468449698Daily reminder that if you're white and you don't plan on having kids, you're CONTRIB…[View]
468461342I'm tired of niggers: Why are they pushed everywhere? There are so many other races out there, …[View]
468464917Do journalists even read their articles?: I first saw 'MGTOW' next to a comedy bit YouTube clip. I t…[View]
468465497Nationstates Web Browser Game Where 'You' Run Own Country !: >Hello Brother's From /Pol 'I' …[View]
468447838Can you fucking trooned out glowies launch the nukes already!: Stop cock teasing me with nuclear apo…[View]
468459788We know it's true, but is it legal?: Can just anybody groom shooters? Or is it a special power …[View]
468465301Despite not being an army, having Western nations fly drones in Gaza revealing their locations, havi…[View]
468464868Sick of the shit state of popular music these days?: Just make your own music. It's fun and eas…[View]
468464171They hugged: They hugged. You jews know what it means for you? https://oglobo.globo.com/mundo/notici…[View]
468464659Chicago in danger of losing its status as the 3rd most populous city as population declines 8 years …[View]
468464750Argentina to feed pigeon meat to poor kids: SOMEONE NUKE THIS FAILED SHITHOLE PLEASE >Official re…[View]
468465260You have no idea how deep this goes: Am I the last one to find out about how bread tabs were connect…[View]
468460032/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14251: Previous: >>468453518 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468462944Congress Erupts Into Cat Fight!: https://rumble.com/v4vxjq8-congress-erupts-into-cat-fight.html…[View]
468458631Haven't seen one man cause this much kike seething on /pol/ in a while. I think it's afrai…[View]
468464011Name one country besides Singapore that improved after Whites left.[View]
468461334Rich jewish daughter dies in boating accident: Deaths of our enemies and their children can be incre…[View]
468458590>Chechnya, Dagestan to bring in Palestinian refugees: But /pol/ said that Islam will save the Whi…[View]
468464123Israeli Army attempted murder of US Citizens at UCLA.[View]
468464879Rate my new housenigger[View]
468463999this is what women want[View]
468464098Why are MIGAtards so fucking deranged?[View]
468459424>Tim Scott as VP and Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State Trump's second term is looking good.…[View]
468461453Does anyone else think that the elites are trying to put gay thoughts into straight men's heads…[View]
468460841Canadian PM Justin Trudeau confirmed to be MASSIVE FAGGOT over 25 years ago: He is now a super massi…[View]
468455686This is Kharkov today: 1kk+ city, the second largest one in the Ukraine. Where all my piggers gone?…[View]
468458628suddenly not as many twitter screencap threads huh boys?[View]
468461188CATHOLIC CHURCH CONFIRMS: NO HOMO: >Catholic Pharisees BTFO >Protestants BTFO >LGBT BTFO ht…[View]
468455094Brit/pol/ - Neoliberalism Edition: >'Boil water' notice mostly lifted in Devon https://…[View]
468436592/GEKNJFG/ God Emperor King Nicholas J Fuentes General/: Lmao I've never seen shills try this ha…[View]
468464257COME HOME WHITE MAN[View]
468464260White men thugmaxxed by black women: Why are American males getting put on fleek by african women?…[View]
468457294There are 1.5 billion pajeets in the world[View]
468436837US MILITARY IN UKRAINE: A United States Marine Corps patch taken off a dead near Chasov Yar.[View]
468450090Pfizer claims no one was forced to get the Jab: No refunds. Vaxxbros, I feel sorry for you. https://…[View]
468448513Christianity be like:: >rapist of your daughter who kept her like fleshlight for 3 days straight …[View]
468466032>what’s in heaven, what do I experience? >being with Jesus and experiencing his “light” Do Pro…[View]
468450797Growing Up is Realising France was Right[View]
468462971>let's go brand-ACK![View]
468463147>do nothing >win America had a good run but now they are a third rate world power, when I see …[View]
468426951>Sir? Sir! That is a forbidden topic. No you don't have the right to know what companies wer…[View]
468463586Well, how is UK doing now with a King?[View]
468458610Is Online Dating Worth A Damn?: No I'm not talking about Tinder Is online dating actually a goo…[View]
468463710>read the news >react to the news >act according to the news >form opinions based on the…[View]
468458585COMEDIAN BILL BURR CALLS OUT THE JEWS, SUPPORTS PALESTINE: Bill Burr was on Bill Maher's podcas…[View]
468463665I'm gonna miss my italian cold cuts and beer but if a bunch of islamists overthrew my governmen…[View]
468463444I'm not a religious leader, don't ask me shit: >go into society >everybody on edge b…[View]
468463545You will get to see the recreation of Ottoman Empire in your lifetime. How does it feel?[View]
468461668Do men hit the wall?[View]
468458598Millions of people will unironically vote for this Administration again.[View]
468463637How come China is communist, which is considered as far left as you can go, and simultaneously more …[View]
468461412Why are Indians all incels?: And why are latinx all sexhavers?[View]
468455442HAPPENING!: LogosRevealed IS LIVE! 12 hour NatSoc stream LFGOOOOOOO https://goyimtv.com/l/336188468…[View]
468456550Eye damage caused by Covid-19: Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine have fou…[View]
468463524Was he correct? >Inb4 its da jooz who decides where the power is[View]
468455864there are burgers on here: what are the political implications of too many burgers?[View]
468461826>WAHHHHHH HELP IM ABOUT TO BE INVADED Kind of fitting isn't it?[View]
468461248I haven't been to bars and clubs since I think January. Don't miss it and the godless peop…[View]
468463377Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk[View]
468459115Mass-shooting in Ohio: Who did it /pol/? Are Russian agents trying to spread chaos within the US? …[View]
468462088PUNCHING NAZIS: have you punched a Nazi today? It a patriotic duty. no exceptions.[View]
468463328Éire/pol/ the fire rises edition: >Several vehicles were set on fire and a number of security gua…[View]
468459290China won: Understand that this is only the beginning. The Chinese subway system has 10k kms while t…[View]
468458478Any good tips, tricks, pointers on how to avoid niggers and women in the modern world?[View]
468458950This Hungarian gypsy says he’s protecting his country’s sovereignty but then licks Xi’s boots and si…[View]
468460793Police investigated a call for a suspicious vehicle parked at a nature preserve upon investigation p…[View]
468455719>hire indian actors on cheap services like fiverrr, etc. >pay them to make a fake video for yo…[View]
468430860american diversity engineering strikes again[View]
468461022If abortion is legal in your country, can a husband divorce his wife her fault if she kills his baby…[View]
468462930are human rights respected in your cunt?[View]
468461473Why does he keep sending convoys of troops into empty cities where they get sniped by Ukrainian arti…[View]
468458173HAHAHAHAHAHA: Imagine being a Israeli cyber soldier and forced to come here. Why haven't you ki…[View]
468456662what was going thru this niggers head at this precise second?[View]
468457651/pol/ show me all the media and franchise characters that were turned black or were suddenly made to…[View]
468462894daily reminder that you have to come and help sverige and suomi when they get attacked by poccner[View]
468446269Neder /pol/der general: the FREE JOOST KLEIN of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation…[View]
468449373Little Girl vaxxes out right next to Trudeau: Hahaha https://twitter.com/EssenienneKat/status/179180…[View]
468462829Holy cross fire batman!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GG0P4FJ0cc[View]
468451136this ain't you, right?[View]
468461228Has Biden lost his mind? How can he say he supports Palestine while sending weapons to Israel?[View]
468459593Say his name[View]
468440020Tesla superchargers are now getting cut off for copper in america: Gypsies have made it into USA…[View]
468455578Israel is and always will be part of white civilization[View]
468462555Before we begin: >I'd like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we pos…[View]
468462508At what point do we say different lineages of human have different brains and upbringing has nothing…[View]
468459802*DESTROY EUROPE AND USA* >heh nothing personal[View]
468460798>drone operators are le bad!: How are they any different from pilots? They do the exact same thin…[View]
468460218What is the consensus /pol/pinion on Heuy Long?[View]
468461488g...guys I don't think I like summertime anymore >can't sit inside gamming because of t…[View]
468456367Timmy went full shizo after quitting: Anyway don't like quitters. What are the Political Implic…[View]
468456599Circumcism: >hear story about someone in the next town over >couple had first son circumcised …[View]
468436212Is War Still Hell if You're a Drone Pilot?: Seems super comfy to me, and the smile on his face …[View]
468461058Why Are Women So Out of Touch?: >Bumble was the first dating app I joined because it made me feel…[View]
468460885has Ukraine won the war yet?[View]
468461760Why has masculinity mutated in such a way?[View]
468460766The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it was expelling Britain’s defense attaché f…[View]
468460499Nick Fuentes: Bad Optics, Catholic, Mexican, Closet Homosexual, Endorses Laura Looner Jackson Hinkle…[View]
468453147/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16393: Previous: >>468447728 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468460295>see post 'disproving' white replacement theory >comment 'let white people exist' >30+ com…[View]
468458056Progressive Attitudes Towards Sex Are Pretty Damn Incoherent Right Now: https://freddiedeboer.substa…[View]
468457092niggers told to go back to Africa in city council meeting: uhhh who is this woman? absolutely based …[View]
468442311Its crazy to think a place like this actually exists in the modern world, who allows it to continue …[View]
468461897Why there are barely any french people on here?[View]
468455153Gamergate: Now that the dust has settled, was gamergate a pivotal moment of political awakening for …[View]
468461863/SKG/ Skyking General Saturday Night Live: We're on. Just got a 34 message on 11175 Tune in boy…[View]
468451372Why Germany is so fucked up?: People are incredibly poor, don't own anything. Hate everyone and…[View]
468459945This is what life in 2004 is really like. It's impossible to get a good job or buy a house beca…[View]
468443005>American traffic[View]
468435567Somalis in Minnesota are terrorizing and harassing white women: https://x.com/crimewatchmpls/status/…[View]
468460434Why is the only real christcuck nation in the west, the nation that keeps the jews alive?: I keep he…[View]
468458400Are large nations actually good for domination and civillizational transformation? European countrie…[View]
468429307Why do you guys oppose increasing the minimum wage? You don't hate poor people do you?[View]
468457851How much of a jewish puppet Putin is ?: >Anti-semites always blame the jews for their own failure…[View]
468457454How come mexican dudes don't struggle with roasties similar rates than east asians and indians …[View]
468460102The true and final redpill is understanding that women are incapable of loving the vast, VAST majori…[View]
468382555Kraut/pol/ - Hurry up: >Polls https://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language analysis ht…[View]
468460940Is the following accurate?: >White leftists and SJWs: support Ukraine and Palestine >White neo…[View]
468456395how it started[View]
468455367Potholes on 95 damage my car regularly, but the feds spend 860 billion on (((NATO))): Because muh Ru…[View]
468457308wtf, I LOVE the WEF now!: https://x.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1791536835837006015[View]
468461292biden just won 4 more years: >sends billions to israel >sends weapons to israel >continues …[View]
468461144They want do destroy masculinity. Here is why: https://youtu.be/oGAf2tPFdc4?si=vaUMIy2i6DAjMvd2…[View]
468459961Slava Ukraini![View]
468460332Why do Musshits think the West owes them free services?[View]
468460398Whitepill: Jews have tried to enslave the goyim multiple times and it always ends with their defeat.…[View]
468457652>It's the whole world's fault >If the whole world gave us weapons and billions, we w…[View]
468455360Best uses of money in the White Nationalist movement: Suppose a White Nationalist organization in th…[View]
468456589White-washing of ancient Greeks: Greeks are Mongols, not white. This has been observed for centuries…[View]
468457665Right-wing bigots BTFO[View]
468460393fuentes' psychotic obsession with jews will be his undoing[View]
468460699TND: Kill niggers. Behead niggers. Roundhouse kick a nigger into the concrete. Slam dunk a nigger ba…[View]
468455712Say what you will about jews, be as antisemitic as you want, but you have to admit that it was prett…[View]
468460128Do you PERSONALLY know anyone who was a victim of the Trump shot?[View]
468430779I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
468456411Women are untouchable: Women in the west are untouchable. They can't be wrong and do no wrong, …[View]
468460084Svin meme thread.[View]
468449460Are soldiers that suffer from shellshock or ptsd just pussies??[View]
468444613Traditional drunken Pole's: /pol/ humourous thread[View]
468457711You now remember that, despite the almost 400 million firearms supposedly there to protect people fr…[View]
468457351One Nation, One Country, One Leader: Hungary is awake, Viktor Orbán is on suicide watch. The Right W…[View]
468444755Yugoslav female partisan femdom torture and castration: Yugoslav female partisans used pliers, hot i…[View]
468455091/SexPOL/ Sexual, gender politics: Throughout history, there hasn't been anything more highly va…[View]
468457895THE YOUNG TURKS CENK YOGURT MELTDOWN CALLS OUT THE JEWS: What are the political implications of righ…[View]
468454514This is what happens when jews get power.[View]
468458936Oh my goodness it that a black diversity child in my country?[View]
468451624Throws Molotov at synagogue, shot dead by the French police: They're not even trying to hide it…[View]
468453194BRAZILIAN MAN suffers a rape attempt while he leaves to work: And Brazil sides with the supposed rap…[View]
468458908Kike Top Sniper Gets Sent Back to Hell: Suffer in hell, kike.[View]
468459940We indians are simple minded people. We have very small penis. So small. We can't achiece much …[View]
468459420I did crack once, it gave me a small ritalin high but I immediatly wanted to do more crack. Does rit…[View]
468445910Michigan: Why does this state vote blue? Thinking of moving there but they have a crazy feminist gov…[View]
468455875Is Orthodoxy the most Jewish version of Christianity?: There is something that really irks me with t…[View]
468458926Specifically, what will happen two weeks from now? I expect billions dead from the vaxx and the comp…[View]
468453518/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14250: Previous: >>468448798 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468434958Are they fucking retarded? Why would you protest against knowing what foreign entities are trying to…[View]
468448621HAPPENING: CHINA DUMPS $53 BILLION OF U.S BONDS https://x.com/MarioNawfal/status/1791793975965225018…[View]
468454888>OPPA GAGNAM STYLE! In retrospect was it a psyop?[View]
468451322North Dakota may be an elaborate hoax: Think about this for a minute. It's a small, insignifica…[View]
468458261Trump speech at the National Rifle Association: Starting soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TksOs…[View]
468458350You can’t arrest your way out of-[View]
468458238What those /pol/ think of Paul Joseph Watson?: He said 'Nigger faggot activists who get in my way in…[View]
468455078Normies waking up: One of the biggest social media pages in Canada posted this. All the comments are…[View]
468456445BLACK MEN BUILT ASIAN CIVILIZATION: And the world is starting to realize it.[View]
468453663Q IS A PSYOP: For those of you who still believe in Q, read image related. YOU ARE WAITING ON A SAV…[View]
468456503Be honest, /pol/, the problem started with Martin Luther and the enlightenment. Not the women's…[View]
468457494>WAHHHHHH HELP IM ABOUT TO BE INVADED Kind of fitting isn't it?[View]
468430081NATO says it exists to defend and protect homosexuality: https://x.com/jensstoltenberg/status/179135…[View]
468458671https://x.com/CensoredMen/status/1791930213892235335 Israel is such a hecking based and pure country…[View]
468456963Boomers: >be boomer >stingiest mother fucker I have ever met >found out he gave two million…[View]
468453127americucks genuinely spend like 6 months salary on one of these just to give themselves a sense of s…[View]
468455220Use math and science to disprove the moon landings[View]
468458602Conservative politicians are clever: Do you remember the popular kids in highschool who thought they…[View]
468440689They've finally built a machine gun drone!!: Pol said it couldn't be done. Machine gun dro…[View]
468455217What the fuck is wrong with white liberals[View]
468457368AM I Rite?[View]
468458032Israel sucks.: Queston for Zionists. Would you give the Inca People billions of dollars of military …[View]
468445861HUGE HAPPENING: Trump pledges to ban porn in his second term[View]
468458389Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
468455486building blocks of society: How many of you here have (had) arranged marriages? How many of you marr…[View]
468446680Do people really think orcs are african american?[View]
468457218I am a 39y old 4/10 neet chud with no job, no house, no money, no future, nothing. But I won't …[View]
468453317Conservatives are gonna continue losing the Asian vote as long as they support people like Trump[View]
468458233You are based frens: We are based WAGMI https://youtu.be/QtTR-_Klcq8?si=l-9XnZDWIhEcz8Cd[View]
468458234I will offer a proposition that would not be in his best interest to decline.[View]
468456364Michael Moore says Capitalism is not all that very good at all.[View]
468458085Imagine the smell: Neets are being held hostage onboard the ship their crashed[View]
468457520was he right to kill everyone with glasses? is this a /pol/ friendly political ideology?[View]
468453986Get vaccinated...or DIE ..i dont care !!!!: What the fuck are you doing? I mean serouisly what the f…[View]
468454385Now that the dust has settled, what was their plan here?[View]
468456966Here you go[View]
468452446/pol/ disrupt reality: what are the political(ly incorrect) implications of using and sneaking in ma…[View]
468453962Why does it scare the elites so much?[View]
468455807How do I cope with looming WW3? I'm not even 40 and I honestly didn't have any plan to die…[View]
468450093Why did the patriarchy create trannies /pol/? Are you trying to steal women's rights?[View]
468449013Immigration restrictions imply that you don't have private property rights. As a private proper…[View]
468455335Stapled Shut, Inside An Outside World And I'm Sealed In Tight,: bizarre but right at home Claus…[View]
468454100is he going to get away with it?[View]
468444519Jews are white: Seethe all you want but that is the truth.[View]
468450690War should not be allowed.[View]
468420395Racist housing market: Even in 2024, after all the lawsuits and criminal penalties, there are still …[View]
468457287Y’all niggas loquacious[View]
468456911Why won't they give PPP fraudsters an ultimatum? Turn yourselves in, or face a MINIMUM ten year…[View]
468451822Why is it expected that higher income earners subsidize the lives of others this much when most woul…[View]
468456446Nick Fuentes: Bad Optics, Catholic, Mexican, Closet Homosexual, Endorses Laura Looner Jackson Hinkle…[View]
468453636What do you do in your life that isn't ultimately in service of holes? You can trace every acti…[View]
468454417Thanks Dr. Chud 0 jabs.[View]
468456360Why are white men so savage?[View]
468456370I'm $100k in debt anf I make minimum wage. How do I escape this? I'm 30 and a white man[View]
468453902you slave away at some shit job you hate and you pay taxes to a government that hates you and you do…[View]
468456752>dab on african monkey from africa >Get called chad and based >dab on chinese monkey from c…[View]
468450045which god he worship Yahweh or Elohim?[View]
468455549Which genes predispose people towards accepting democracy? Which ones predispose them towards submit…[View]
468455171How much has political corruption harmed physics?: Let’s say that all the corruption in poltics were…[View]
468452743Glowniggers, zogbots, judiciary puppets, bureaucrats, think-thanks: politico-clowns and jannies read…[View]
468455283there is only one way to serve God in this wretched world. become NEET.[View]
468453621If you're attractive you're more likely to like men.: While if you're ugly you'r…[View]
468454863Why are Russians like this? You never hear about Ukrainians doing retarded shit like this.: https://…[View]
468451341What's Wrong With These People!?: >They’re fear-mongering about foreign Islamist terrorists …[View]
468443622why does the west refuse to elect serious leaders?[View]
468455026>this scares the euro poor. We dont even pay up front for our guns[View]
468451806Should white people be banned from eating fried chicken as it's cultural appopriation?[View]
468417931I don't think the elites have realized how bad they've fucked up They think releasing dail…[View]
468456621france is over: was there last week and it was like 70% black and muslim. seriously fucked. the fren…[View]
468453821Boeing's endgame?[View]
468454357In Canada, if you hate troons, you are deemed a terroristic threat[View]
468454570>Putin: right-wing conservative, for traditional values >Netanyahu: far-right religious ruler…[View]
468413592Robowaifus will make feminist women obsolete: How will they cope?[View]
468456008Limit immigration to women under age 30: >increases birthrate & GDP, while reducing incel pro…[View]
468456408TRS tds Mike Enoch Peinovitch weev: Fag mob Jewish mob Mike Enoch pederasty This is political becau…[View]
468456213Whatever happened to those white dudes who showed up to the 2020 BLM protests, got attacked then sho…[View]
468441176What does he mean by this?[View]
468424545Man's final question: Do you upload your consciousness, or choose to die a natural death? ive r…[View]
468453116how does this make you feel[View]
468453537nervegas: man tries to weld shut a nervegas container but he never had a chance[View]
468439519Americans too stupid to realize great economy: >Three-quarters of those in Stantcheva's stud…[View]
468447109Jeets will now flood Russia soon: Sorry Russia bros, I cannot stop them. Just wanted to warn you Dmi…[View]
468444347On this day Civilization died: Shani was a young, beautiful girl who represented civilization. She l…[View]
468455595cringe or based?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=-89r0twcavY&feature=youtu.be[View]
468450353Makes white bois irrelevant: You guys just lost the culitre war because of King Kendrick[View]
468455310https://www.reddit.com/r/egg_irl/ https://www.reddit.com/r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns2/ literal grooming p…[View]
468447297>magyar assasin shot fico >Trianon reversed Is this Orbán's secret plan? To secretly kill…[View]
468455208Look at those sales numbers: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_Nintendo_Switch_vi…[View]
468452734Are you fat? If you are fat your political opinions do not matter[View]
468442677rapper's gun: Rapper, 17, gots a new toy :)[View]
468454486Russian teacher was caught giving a blowjob to an underage boy: Picrelated, a 20-something guy from …[View]
468437952What should be done to solve the bald male problem? Imagine having a daughter and one day she brings…[View]
468454979China really doesn't want these to get out: This bus was T-Boned by a dump truck, looks like a …[View]
468448080There's no beauty left in the world, it is 100% over.[View]
468453865Poland invests $2.5 billion into fortifying border with Russia and Belarus: Poland is investing abou…[View]
468451713what does this tell about a nation?[View]
468454339lol LMFAO Can you imagine being more of a loser than this? This makes being on Trump's team loo…[View]
468451985Why could he not convince the world: that mumbo-jumbo Anglo interference capitalism (aka state socia…[View]
468451446Indian students PROTEST against DEPORTATION from Canada #2: International students, who are no longe…[View]
468453466Mein Damen und Herren, I give you, The Germans: > A gay politician in Germany who recently sparke…[View]
468440614When will the west start to have higher standards for women?: disclaimer: I'm not an insel, I d…[View]
468454828S.Korea, US to practice nuclear strike on North Korea during exercises. The Ulchi Freedom Shield (U…[View]
468452138POLITICALLY: What the fuck is wrong with other people that they don't want to help other people…[View]
468439731>Claimed to love Aryans >Killed 500,000 Roma What was his thought process?…[View]
468452623A reminder muzzies are just as worse as jews[View]
468450314a research proofs deadly vaccine bloodclots!: https://journals.lww.com/hep/abstract/9900/extensive_s…[View]
468451049Liberals vs Palestine?[View]
468451110Here is your tradwife lmao[View]
468452546What are your thoughts on living in a goybox apartment building or HOA subdivision?[View]
468453562List of 'unfriendly' countries, according to the Russian government.[View]
468451479a small group of well armed white men could conquer most african countries easily https://x.com/kunl…[View]
468445654offline activity to reach normies: political implications of sticker label paper being very cheap. e…[View]
468448906Question for NatSoc bros: Who do you think would be easier to redpill, a female zoomer who supports …[View]
468454148Rudy is losing his mind: Does he actually think this is gonna work?[View]
468452848The JIMMY DORE Show: How can one video be so based and expose the elites agenda? https://youtu.be/SQ…[View]
468453894The dark forces awaken.[View]
468447719Aftermath of a Russian TOS-1A strike on a Ukrainian trenchline[View]
468448227Just look what those mean nasty anti-Israel protesters have done to her: Their protesting sent her d…[View]
468451901It might be higher than 41%: https://x.com/Not_the_Bee/status/1791529065523929369[View]
468423181baby boomers grew up in families that would be considered wealthy by todays standards. I asked my bo…[View]
468441978How important is young earth creationism to the right wing?[View]
468448798/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14249: Previous: >>468443666 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468453527Why are actual christians like this, not the handful of 4chan internet christcucks that spam this pl…[View]
468450795if he actually bans porn that means 4chan gets banned too: /pol/ will finally be free and no longer …[View]
468452301Standards: Instead of being a virgin for life and wasting your life jerking off to cartoons and pixe…[View]
468440492Why is everyone so obsessed with my country?: Despite being 0.11% of the world, we are 50% of thread…[View]
468438959Ukrainians are litteraly worse than niggers in Western Europe: >New data revealing that barely an…[View]
468433105Russian Slavic Woman <3 Indian man JPG: 2025 is Indian year[View]
468443200atheist hate thread[View]
468453305>you can have right wing beliefs and vote accordingly >you can have left wing beliefs and vote…[View]
468452191Why don't Western cities look like this?[View]
468452132You bump into this fat gypsy scammer on the street while walkin in downtown Budapest What do you do?[View]
468447862New grift incoming: >see this guy speak recently >talks about boomers hoarding wealth >youn…[View]
468450388CIVIL WAR IN ISRAEL: HAPPENING: war cabinet Gantz set June 8 as a deadline for the cabinet to approv…[View]
468451939These are the Russian animals invading and murdering white European families in Ukraine. And /pol/ s…[View]
468445177The assassination attempt of the Slovak PM Robert Fico was planned by the ZOG.: The ZOG has been act…[View]
468445639I support PLAPISTINE[View]
468448366Russian Cosmonaut Proves The Earth Is Flat![View]
468453725HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!: MY MAGIKARP IS EVOLVING! WTF[View]
468446146*makes lonely white boys go crazy*[View]
468450855Your hidden tonsil stones are the reason why you've never had a girlfriend: Tonsil stones are m…[View]
468447583Why are Conservative women so ugly?: It feels like trad women are only women who are too ugly to use…[View]
468450546When will eurosissies step up and become a men again? This shit is unacceptable. Americans are right…[View]
468444397Should NEETs be allowed to vote?[View]
468443123Anyone Have (or Want) Studies on the Negative Effects of 'Diversity'?: *Many* Studies Contained Here…[View]
468447728/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16392: Previous: >>468442655 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468444989Brit/pol/ - Potential PMs Edition: >'Boil water' notice mostly lifted in Devon https://…[View]
468452454Ok, lads, why don’t we isolate Africa: Let’s not let anyone from there in to the West, deport people…[View]
468449944CLIMATE CHANGE CANCELLED: Kek so after ze Mutts seething and taking measure because of cheap Chink E…[View]
468446211I love being american and you?[View]
468430085Russia needs entire territory of Poland as a sanitary zone for itself.[View]
468450620Most of these 'empowered' Western women will never reproduce. Even all the white nationalist/tradcon…[View]
468450118We're being replaced. It's clear[View]
468437424why can't white people dance or have big ass?: is it genetic or low IQ?[View]
468447941I'm fed up of seeing this guy why is he on every day now?[View]
468451309The Battle For Southern Vovchansk Has Started | The Strike In Odessa: Henlo my Deer Frens! https://w…[View]
468444944The elite have GMO clones: The elite have GMO female clones with dicks. I was introduced to a female…[View]
468452429Everything you dislike about New Orleans is because of Black people[View]
468452039I left the Shetlands today to visit England and honestly the English race has zero future. I'll…[View]
468447328Vietnam War is being Memoryholed: >no movies >no books >no documentaries >barely any new…[View]
468451612HAPPENING! Republicans who supported the aid bill for Ukraine win big in the primaries! Putin's…[View]
468450838how many jew candles this nigga have at this point[View]
468438204ITT: post video games that are redpilled on the Jews[View]
468451298POOR, LOW IQ, AGGRESSIVE, NEPOTISTIC, INBRED: These creatures are literal rats. They’re the actual o…[View]
468451400Are faggots and trannies just born that way, do they have some germ or parasite, or are they victims…[View]
468420184Why do niggers have such hideous fur?: It's like they never evolved or something.[View]
468446642What went so wrong with white american 'men'?[View]
468444701The Chaos in Latin America is fault of this man's life contradictions: >be Simón Bolívar …[View]
468447972Women have gotten insanely mean. I did nothing to these girls and they treat me like I am an elliot …[View]
468447678A sad truth is that most white cultures have been replaced with goyslop marvel movies, shopping cent…[View]
468433891Map of Europe in 1444: Where's Russia?[View]
468451819Duterte Hate General - /DHG/: Daily reminder that Rodrigo Roa Duterte is anti-white, pro-The Great R…[View]
468445423Why does Ubisoft win by lying about history?: Ubisoft is making a new Assasins creed based on Yasuke…[View]
468451194Will Society Collapse now that the Girl Nextdoor is unattainable?[View]
468448780Cheeky hooknosed well poisoning rat[View]
468450962Anyone notice that news and online content are being more anti-poc?: There are a lot of anti-pajeet,…[View]
468451587I support Hamas because if Israel wins we are going to have so much cringe Ann Frank tier propaganda…[View]
468440374Elon Musk is mentioned by writer of this occult book, in the beginning he mentions him and thanks hi…[View]
468451078French/pol/ - discutons de la politique française: Bonjour à tous, dans ce fil, nous voulons discute…[View]
468450001WE must liberate our Serb sisters: after Ukraine and Alaska, Smrds are literally BEGGING for our cu…[View]
468447024TRUMP BLAMES IMPENDING WAR ON THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION Is it true? Or it's just fearmongering p…[View]
468448564News: A good thread on /pol which will last less than 10 posts. GenX here. Let's talk about 'ne…[View]
468449784Meme-boy summer[View]
468446336It's very simple: >Leftists Hate Israel and Jews >Conservatives Worship Israel and Jews A…[View]
468446480Much love to USA AND ISRAEL!: How much do you think this homosexual from africa had to pay to be abl…[View]
468449524Arson on kike temple: >fire >1 person shot What happened in Rouen, France?…[View]
468447016Giving Nyuckers pink lighters!!! (in the hood): (politically speaking) https://youtu.be/OLYp9Wk33RM…[View]
468440865If alcohol is legal, why not weed?[View]
468451050Pajeets kill dog for fun: Why are they like this? https://x.com/PajeetPostingLs/status/1791689441578…[View]
468430114Distributism General: Georgists, mutualists, and syndicalists are also welcome. >What is distribu…[View]
468451203>Build country on the foundations of slavery and genocide >Call working yourself to death for …[View]
468448684>WAHHHHHH HELP IM ABOUT TO BE INVADED Kind of fitting isn't it?[View]
468449908Cityfags, why aren’t you self sustaining yet?: I’ve got 2 saplings planted today- Strawberries, waln…[View]
468439317You have 2 choices Option 1: You stay an incel for the rest of your life Option 2: You get a sweet w…[View]
468450924Kentucky: How are we doing brothers and sisters?[View]
468449575Greatest Ally?: Can you name a single American military mission in the Middle East that Isarel made …[View]
468436142Modern women are not 'whores' they are too selective: I don't understand why the manosphere can…[View]
468450937Is this what will cause the start of WW3?[View]
468445688who's next[View]
468450539Why is leftypol so obsessed with giving the government more money?[View]
468448568We need to literally: put the HJ and BDM back together to end the downfall of youngling society. Gen…[View]
468447288lol. lmao.[View]
468448137Polls are looking good[View]
468450260It’s crazy how things shifted from being explicitly targeted at young men to now nothing is made for…[View]
468446465Netherlands = THE BEST COUNTRY IN EUROPE: They are the better Germans.[View]
468444538/pol/ will defend these brown mudslime subhumans parading the body of a white woman. Shame[View]
468448904Capitalism is bad because people are stupid enough to fall for this. Getting rich by taking advantag…[View]
468450351Why are jannies like this? Meanwhile threads related to income, wages, immigration are pruned within…[View]
468449082IRAN ARRESTS 260 PEOPLE FOR PARTYING, CALLS IT SATANISM: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireSt…[View]
468393325>be pic related >young eye doctor in london and not even interested in politics >your broth…[View]
468445925White people should copy Jews instead of cope all day that Jews are evil and control the world. They…[View]
468450068Oy vey, Spain is Hamas[View]
468446595I’m a doctor ama[View]
468448658On the first day of Pride month, there will be no cis males anymore. This is because the day before …[View]
468447740Krauts: What’s going on? Tell us what’s up bros[View]
468450285God Within: Krishna, Gautama and Jesus managed to find enlightenment, why can you, anon?[View]
468450284How many young capable ukrainians are left in ukraine? How does new waves of mobilization compares t…[View]
468449751All Jews should immigrate to Israel[View]
468446964take the guns first: go through due process second[View]
468450182KILL ALL DIABETICS!![View]
468442951Foreigners as Leaders of a Country: This homosexual man isn't even Ukrainian, he's Jewish.…[View]
468442644Who killed JFK?: Give me your most schizophrenic theories. Here is mine >bobby kennedy goes after…[View]
468449883new sauce: ITT share good news sources I'll start, RT[View]
468444521Modern women would rather date a broke 6ft Chad than a hard working 6 figures earning 5'8' virg…[View]
468435165Nick Fuentes Watched Gay Porn On Stream: Didn't see a thread up. I used to be a big Nick Fuente…[View]
468445424New Russian African corps footage: They're doing about as well as you'd expect...[View]
468443520I understand he's favored populist who is gonna coast to another victory in the elections. But…[View]
468448761It's over: What are the political implications of one of America's brightest up and coming…[View]
468446959Ay mayne i'm blastin on all y'all niggas!: Y'all niggas weak. Who want some?[View]
468449521CHINK hate thread?[View]
468449439this is idubbbz now. women are evil[View]
468446320THEY HUGGED: They hugged. You jews know what it means for you? https://oglobo.globo.com/mundo/notici…[View]
468445855UFO data deadline set for federal agencies: >Agencies must share UFO material with National Archi…[View]
468447382What are the political consequences of bots?: 4chan seems to be infested with bots[View]
468447213Antifa say fuck Israel[View]
468449241chemtrails uses some sort of metal that enters your brain, probably Aluminium.[View]
468449200Serious question: Could black people create a game like this?: It's always whites and gooks who…[View]
468431850Jesus of Nazareth, God, son of God: Why he cant just come to earth for like a year, heal millions of…[View]
468446296Are anime japanese propaganda that seek to brain wash the youth?[View]
468441501This board is now toilet of poo: Pajeet posters are flooding this board in an effort to reverse the …[View]
468444977bolt cutters will stop this degeneracy[View]
46844872540 Dead Babies: am i the only one, or did this story just completely exponentially jewpill you past …[View]
468440624>>468444444 waiting room: >>468444444[View]
468443666/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14248: Previous: >>468438800 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468443289Holhol Machinegun Nest Drops Entire Squad of Pidors: 0.50 does amazing things to a human body...and …[View]
468440902Grok x 4chan: What are the political implications of this? https://x.com/elonmusk/status/17913426533…[View]
468441518>mogs ur fukkin brain[View]
468448027POPE FRANCIS SAYS NO HOMO: >Catholic Pharisees BTFO >Protestants BTFO >LGBT BTFO https://ww…[View]
468443142I really don't get what the big deal is: So what if nick is gay. Why does that matter? There ar…[View]
468441068Is it a good idea to work for the feds?: Fed bros, what’s it like working for the leviathan?[View]
468447384The far left, which hates our country, our history and what we stand for, is suddenly upset that Jus…[View]
468443405Are Jews victims of a cult?: I want you consider the life of the average Jew for a moment. >be bo…[View]
468447654What the fuck: Literal retards drive brand new cars, buy brand new homes, spend money on fany shit a…[View]
468446350why does this site never address the hispanic invasion of the US?[View]
468446450How do you respond to this without sounding mad?: This Arab bro was spitting facts and his opinion o…[View]
468447007Wyte peepo is has a low KD ratio.[View]
468442458If they were a bunch of fucking commies who lost why do so many people on here seem to like the IRA?[View]
468422464Indian students PROTEST against DEPORTATION from Canada: International students, who are no longer e…[View]
468443979What long term political/societal effects has the rape hysteria had upon young Western men? >femi…[View]
468441806If you hate Muslims, you will support Israel.[View]
468446347Jew Hate is at an all time high!: Good work, everybody. Have a slice of pizza.[View]
468446285Q literally told us what was going to happen: The Biden “Presidency” is about SHOWING people the tru…[View]
468447979We aren’t letting millions of illegal immigrants into the country: We’re only letting in just enough…[View]
468441307AI 'godfather' says universal basic income will be needed: https://www.bbc.com/news/articl…[View]
468442655/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16391: Previous: >>468438520 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468443441What's the deal with Palestinians?: Why won't they just give us their land and die?[View]
468445393Irish people have been replaced so fast, are they running an experiment on most effective way to rep…[View]
468446604you get what you fucking deserve: lolololololololol[View]
468447732LOCK HER UP!![View]
468443177>Russia has over 300,000 artillery pieces (120mm or larger) in storage >Russia manufactures ov…[View]
468444838Everyone loves Nintendo: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Super_Mario_Bros._Movie You will never …[View]
468445089Everything you do, say, type, or think is being actively observed by the future. Every data point yo…[View]
468446894https://x.com/gazanotice/status/1791825331512398331 Apparently, there are 2 year olds working for Ha…[View]
468439178Why did Hamas attack a music festival?: Eight months have passed and there are still no clear explan…[View]
468442234I wasn't aware that medical websites were using this type of language: Seems completely unneces…[View]
468438332I just discovered that my grandfather was Jewish. What now?[View]
468442226I want the old Nick back Before he openly acted like a faggot and made everything about AF associate…[View]
468445098Dreams within dreams: Souls within souls[View]
468429895You will own nothing: This is BYD's new sports car 1300HP. It's the fraction of a price of…[View]
468437877He’s not wrong[View]
468448541Suicide and Job: >Why did I not perish at birth, >and die as I came from the womb? >Why wer…[View]
468447117ITS UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g197xdRZsW0[View]
468437191Israel is a white ethnostate, if you don't support it you're a shitskin[View]
468443919I'm putting a team together.: Who wants in?[View]
468440272Do you see Confederate flags where you live? Is there any pushback against them?[View]
468442736There is written in the constitution in of the United States that congress has the right to coin, is…[View]
468445396he's innocent[View]
468427124What traits, skills, and characteristics do billionaires have that the average person doesn't?[View]
468444543I mean, orks are the most stupid and violent race in all of 40k, but also the most successful. Do n…[View]
468437327This picture is the very reason why you should stand with Israel.[View]
468444391time to take your meds, pol.: doctor just gave me sertralina.[View]
468443109The Parallels Are Uncanny: >Both short >Both revanchist war mongers >Both anti-democratic, …[View]
468439609AI is inherently anti-white: Have you ever stopped for a moment to ask yourself why the biggest prop…[View]
468442085Pro Hitler documentaries: Any good pro Hitler documentaries/movies other than Europa the last battle…[View]
468442241Why does the quality of goods and services decrease when prices increase?[View]
468445333What went wrong with Japan? In the 1980s and 1990s, Japan was the world's second largest econom…[View]
468443951Acts hard all his life...: ...pisses himself with fear and calls out to a non-existent deity whilst …[View]
468427677>just an ordinary day in South America Can South Americans ever be civilised?…[View]
468441982I thought ukraine was winning?[View]
468445878At this point it's actually rather easy to imagine Europe being an all-European continent again…[View]
468446159Why did the nazis consider Greek people to be 'non-European'? I'm an Ulsterman of Scottish, Iri…[View]
468439014libertarians be like[View]
468437298Official pol dog breed ranking: >God tier Border collie Whippet Newfoundland Australian Shepherd …[View]
468445658Judaism is an inherently Aryan religion. it tells us how to persevere in times of hardship, and to p…[View]
468444012In two weeks men won't exist anymore: On the first day of Pride month, there will be no cis mal…[View]
468444029is she starting the alberta wildfires?: her face says yes.[View]
468444653Reminder that these are the only OFFICIAL loss figures available[View]
468436255God has forsaken me, my guardian angels have left me, fate is not on my side anymore, im doomed to a…[View]
468401839Neder /pol/der general: the FREE JOOST KLEIN of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation…[View]
468441839Post kino: This one is surprisingly /pol/ even though it first appears not to be.[View]
468433879Hot take: Northern European men can’t fight hand to hand: This makes sense to me. Northern Europeans…[View]
468440100Sikhs are protesting for permanent residence in Canada (Prince Edward Island) Personally I think the…[View]
468414822Christians actually believe a 2000 year dead rabbi was God himself and resurrected after dying. Let …[View]
468445824Europa will be a majority Muslim confederation by the end of the century, China and the U.S. atheist…[View]
468443068Dump Israel.: The United States should end military aid to Israel. 1. Military Aid to Israel is unne…[View]
468445765You idiots fucking played yourself, all the women on FB are in arms. Expect age of consent to rise u…[View]
468438604lol he right[View]
468444235JUST A REMINDER: You pussy ass americans aka amerimutts simply WON'T DO SHIT! :^) Over 100 migr…[View]
468425396Shani Louk, symbol of savagery, found dead in Rafah: https://nypost.com/2024/05/17/world-news/idf-re…[View]
468445159>become orthodox[View]
468441544terminal: The whole Western world is now at the terminal late stage cancer that the USSR experienced…[View]
468441864AOC is up for reelection this year. Her district has been devastated by illegal immigrant that she i…[View]
468421396Should workers own the means of production?[View]
468442494Is he playing metal gear solid 5 irl?[View]
468445325no pussy no protection no respect[View]
468445347Based Skaven: The libturds tried to make the Skaven unappealing by making them resemble rats but if …[View]
468441415Have any of y'all ACTUALLY talked to Jewish people? Honest question. Do you seriously think th…[View]
468443378why does every german come off as sadistic like pic related[View]
468444051Thoughts on North Korea?[View]
468440298I went to an air force base today. Almost everyone I saw was fat and brown. More fat women on fatigu…[View]
468441913> co-directed by a West Bank Palestinian and a Jewish Israeli. The film demonstrates the brave re…[View]
468445118Why are they like this?: >problem? Jews >Society collapsing Jews >Economy good Jews >Eco…[View]
468443656Tiktok does not censor the word “kikes” Meanwhile nigger, spic, Chink and gook are auto removed[View]
468442726I am moving to the 5 mill to 10 mill range of wealth: I am in my late 30s and through a certain type…[View]
468433254Why are they like this? Why do they insist on sending young people to fight for Israel? When did it …[View]
468445000Lavrov just said that Europe as a whole won't be a partner of Russia for at least an entire gen…[View]
468444865>WAHHHHHH HELP IM ABOUT TO BE INVADED Kind of fitting isn't it?[View]
468443794What makes this acceptable & what will the 'white ethnostate' do about it in all likel…[View]
468442035Japan has only themselves to blame, and weebs are too retarded to see all the blacked/BBC hentai the…[View]
468443314What is Russia’s Plan?: How are they supposed to win in Ukraine? The west already said it would put …[View]
468441747High IQ people fap to Futanari hentai: >a1exwell >aiser0 >asura_(artist) >bootyattack …[View]
468431026HAPPENING!!! GTFIH RIGHT NOW!! JEWS ARE LEAVING AMERICA: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/behavinglikej…[View]
468430688>existed for thousands of years >were nothing but slaves throughout most of history >didn…[View]
468436548In 1990, Greece had a GDP per capita twice as big as Poland. But now has Poland left Greece in the d…[View]
468431711Why do muzzoids hate man's best friend?: Dogs are pure souls and loyal to the end, compared to …[View]
468443799Meanwhile in Ukraine: Village of Arkhangelskoe, near the town of Avdiivka. The Russians spotted seve…[View]
468442519Does this actually work?[View]
468441901Death to America Bomb America Bomb the federal reserve Kill politicians Kill CEOs Shoot Joe Biden Sh…[View]
468438243Your crush is out there living her life and enjoying the weekend.: Going out with friends, socializi…[View]
468441138Why the fuck are these showing up everywhere?: It is not because of what happened between 2020-2022,…[View]
468444156Why did we take the 2000s for granted? I remember being in high-school in the mid 2000s and everyone…[View]
468442773I live in Northern Italy and I have something to say.(I don't consider central or southern peop…[View]
468435806BAP: Why do you hate him? And don’t tell me it‘s because he‘s Jewish or a Zionist. You hated him lon…[View]
468439450How do the other Scandinavian peoples view the Sami?[View]
468431405The political commentary of TWD: > Is happily a sherif working for the corrupt and violent state …[View]
468443670Im starting to see why Biden sends money to Ukraine to kill russians they are literally the niggers …[View]
468438800/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14247: Previous: >>468427797 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468443426which one has more traction?[View]
468443889>it's a failure cause the round was too powerful Lol The malding cope of brown brown huffer…[View]
468441532and justice for all[View]
468439807You will NEVER ride the Simeonovo lift again: The jews have once again corrupted and ruined what goo…[View]
468437522>Leftists infiltrate universities >Students are now brainwashed into thinking Jews and Israel …[View]
468433869Brit/pol/ - LDN edition: >Fears of new Windrush as thousands of UK immigrants face ‘cliff edge’ v…[View]
468440503AUS housing general: Shits fucked over here bros. When’s the bubble going to pop?[View]
468442211Is this end times, I mean can things get even worse than what we have now?[View]
468443452Americans = Faggots: The main business of America is spreading faggotry and feces consumption and th…[View]
468436249I'M NOT FUCKING FGAY[View]
468443295FUCK PALESTINE: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be flat... Fuck them. Kill them all. Th…[View]
468442601Is picking a side a meme?[View]
468441475These people determine what to teach your children.[View]
468442153This is how winning looks like[View]
468440046Based Schizo Noticer in Hawaii: Which one of you is doing this? He wears a rainbow clown wig and has…[View]
468442565Dumbest country on Earth: The only thing that keeps this country in existence is the Canadian dollar…[View]
468438520/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16390: Previous: >>468430884 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468426288Do Italians and Iberians really consider themselves White?: I'm truly niggled when the Aryan ra…[View]
468419252does this make you seeth?: Im talking to you anime profile picture users Also you broccoli heads In …[View]
468441724Why does God make incels just to damn them?: Serious question[View]
468437736The Kazakh Question: Are they white, or are they Asian?[View]
468440908I want a qt spiritual healing gf: We can meditate and astral project and explore the in together…[View]
468435680It's over for you if you aren't softmaxxing: JFL at boomers roiding, betabuxxing and beard…[View]
468437420muslims in the 90s: detonate bombs in airports, embassies, public places, sports events, planes etc.…[View]
468442145'Women's rights': It is all about giving women universal access to Chad Thundercock and restric…[View]
468442479Why is it that the whitest countries in the world are also the most feminist?[View]
468436525>Israel is bad because they treat muslims like the subhuman animals that they are instead of lett…[View]
468432292How do Russians feel about not being able to travel?: Russian zoomers will never see Paris, New York…[View]
468442583PRIDE MONTH IS UPON US: In just 14 days the world will gather again to celebrate the uniqueness, str…[View]
468404446/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1382: Previous >>468381347 ,>>468275883 ▶WARNING…[View]
468441369Number One: In 1945, corporations paid 50% of federal taxes; now they pay about 5%. Number Two: In 1…[View]
468437004UKRAINE ANONS, IS THIS TRUE?: >What is happening after this mobilization law in reality? What cha…[View]
468442335Was he the last hope for western civilization: Nowadays things seem so hopeless that i feel like the…[View]
468442165poop me a river sir[View]
468441722What does the West want from Jews exactly?: >assimilitate to western culture enough to run busine…[View]
468442246Poland is a trash country: I will laugh my ass out when Poland gets invaded then NATO say: 'Poland w…[View]
468427469>amerimutt homes be like[View]
468435536Who's even the tranny/femboy who made this video[View]
468437597When will this madness finally end? I want my clear deep-blue sky back[View]
468440621if white race superior how this country be very bad at everything?[View]
468441899Being pro Hamas = being pro niggers, BLM and anti-white That's it, that's how it is There …[View]
468440203I am the TOLERATOR!: Stop being -ist. https://youtu.be/REYUkC1bW_w?si=Jp10Bd3oO-q3VgCR Spelling test…[View]
468440571New nigger euphemism dropped[View]
4684371152 months later...: >The wrecked ship is still stuck in Baltimore. >The crew is demoralized and…[View]
468442005>Christ is king of blacked or however the gay porn is watched[View]
468441971>June to December vs > end of April to early May VOLUMES…[View]
468437624Thank you America: Because of your gracious military spending into Nato, Countries all across Europe…[View]
468411154Westerners still think they are at the top. Your smugness will drop when you get slapped hard by the…[View]
468441197abandon your anonymity demon[View]
468436952Do they /pol/?: Well? In your experience? https://x.com/jakeshieldsajj/status/1791403950127858058?s=…[View]
468441304Drop your predictions for 2024[View]
468435539I believe in God and the Catholic Church, but I don't believe in Jesus resurrecting Prove. Me. …[View]
468440954BILLIONS MUST ACK[View]
468421398I view religious people as misguided, but I view astrology as braindead attention seekers. When in r…[View]
468406366Ukrainian language: What's the point of the Ukrainian language? Is it not just a forced meme th…[View]
468434029Trying Not to Blackpill...: but after spending two weeks in Japan, it's absurdly apparent how m…[View]
468441341Democracy is so amazing. Thank you Congress for representing my interests[View]
468438580Your thoughts on Harry Sisson[View]
468434666Why Are BRICShitholes Printing So Much Money?: How are they going to replace the USD like this bros?…[View]
468434620>muh inflation menu >Actually a 5 dollar biggie bag clone Lol You toddlers keep pooping your P…[View]
468434880US warns of terrorist attacks during Pride Month: >'The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and…[View]
468435427How long until Hitler 2 arrives?[View]
468441381Professional tenants: >Rent a house >Stop paying rent >Live there rent free for over a year…[View]
468425505A reminder anti-abortion fags will stop medical groundbreaking stem cell research because 'muh magic…[View]
468441342Do you hang the flag of MAN on MAN anal, snitches, and nigger wannabes on your house?[View]
468436401Let's settle this once and for all! Is he gay? https://strawpoll.com/05ZdW9kzVg6[View]
468439247I'm Nick Fuentes ASK ME ANYTHING: Except stuff that pertains to my gay porn, that's the je…[View]
468422420Why Israel’s plan makes sense: America is a massive country. Israel is a tiny country. Objectively I…[View]
468431159China is Collapsing[View]
468427314Yet another plagiarism scandal at MIT[View]
468436274There is no genocide happening in Gaza.[View]
468439842Hello anon-kun. This quick interview to know if you’re worth my time. You were 452th in the queue. M…[View]
468436539Name Jews to spare TKD: I can't, mine died years ago[View]
468438728How do women even tell men apart since we all look the exact same?[View]
468431072You're enjoying a delicious meal when the gay couple at the next table starts looking at you li…[View]
468440799What is the countryside in ireland like?: I know the pop density is much lower than here so is it co…[View]
468440756What's pols advice on avoiding niggers and women in 2024 and beyond?[View]
468440487Arabs are funding TND in Africa while Whites let Niggers fuck their daughters and rob/assault left a…[View]
468440649MY HERO[View]
468424889A New Low for White 'People': I am convinced whites are lower than human, but just above animals. In…[View]
468440618atheist hate thr- AACKK: i was gonna post an atheist hate thread but i realized my god is jewish fic…[View]
468440580Can he run for president?[View]
468440371ITT I aim to problematize the notion that troons, alphabet people and the leagues of egracious faggo…[View]
468433193>play lottery >impossible odds >win >prize is paying $1000/mo + tip rent for a small apa…[View]
468428162You can’t be “far right” if you hate Israel: Even if you’re a “Nazi” or Hitlerist, the right Judy lo…[View]
468437526Every day I watch Republicans call this Catholic man a Nazi and it's got me rethinking things b…[View]
468435833do you think biden should be made to take a pre-debate drug test?[View]
468428560NICK FUENTES CAREER IS OVER: Nick Fuentes will never recover after his latest stream. Instantly irre…[View]
468440095Why do conservatives support politicians who just make the rich richer? This is why America has so m…[View]
468438702>Indian man has bike accident >catches fire >Indians appear on scene and try to quench the …[View]
468411639It will begin in Australia: Just as foretold by the prophecy >'It's about protecting our Nat…[View]
468439976The world doesn’t deserve my progeny: I’m keeping my seed all to myself to spite this kiked world.…[View]
468439586we are horse why you do this?[View]
468439960Ann v Scott https://x.com/AnnCoulter/status/1791673463297429667[View]
468439577my bread is not british[View]
468435825Chuds: Persuade me why i should support russia[View]
468439825Cozy tv 'hacked': The groyper cope doesn't make sense >No user IP's leaked >No damag…[View]
468437212There is NO bigger anti-white psyop than /pol/ itself: seriously, every single word you read on here…[View]
468438748Why do Brits vote for shitskins?[View]
468436725My car insurance went up BIGLY. Any canucks get their renewals lately? I Gotta pay 20$ extra per mon…[View]
468437535Why does this board move so much slower since Russia took Kahrkiv? I thought the porn spam was Israe…[View]
468434030Either humanity survives or Judaism survives: Meet Jacob Beser (pronounced Bee-zer), the Jewish man …[View]
468433013Why are Zionists against zoomer curls?[View]
468439864>*breahs in* Ahhh... Nothing better than visit Afghanistan for tourism now that the Talibans got …[View]
468431661what happens here?[View]
468416843>It's a sunny saturday in sweden >the swedes are on balconies having BBQs with people the…[View]
468433674>50 years ago interracial marriage was ILLEGAL in several US states >Now there is a coal burni…[View]
468439409Are the engagies ok?[View]
468436624You'll never fuck a kike bicycle... because Mahmoud and his village rode her till tires broke a…[View]
468434521Give me the lowdown on Boeing[View]
468420737What happens here?[View]
468424540Which is more fulfilling: having a large, loving family or making a lasting mark in history?[View]
468430507jew ovens were woodfired: How much wood would it take to burn 12,000,000 bodies? This doesn't s…[View]
468438635All for nothing: >gives israel billions >gives israel weapons >genocide is still on the men…[View]
468437967@EbonyPrince2K24: HE'S LIVE IN DC RIGHT NOW https://files.catbox.moe/z9o87z.mp4[View]
468436747Literally the future of Europe. And deep down you know it.[View]
468428380Oakland regresses past the age of stoplights: You'll never guess the reason why.[View]
468437721Why was Zimbabwe more advanced than other Africans?: Why?[View]
468418989Corporations are buying the houses again: Now, they’re back. “Investor home purchases are rising—alb…[View]
468435290Alright. Seriously. Who the fuck is winning?: Who is winning the war in Ukraine? Indepth answers and…[View]
468439065America has always been a corrupt, bureaucratic shithole. Why do people unironically worship a count…[View]
468438886Now that the dust has settled, why did Ukriane try to assassinate Robert Fico? Dont they know that t…[View]
468431019damn I just figured out the best way to ascend to a higher plane of existence is to literally not gi…[View]
468436947Why doesn't the right wing try to infiltrate gooning discords to drop redpills on young gooners…[View]
468438982All attractiveness in humans is simply a visual que that associates that person with being healthy e…[View]
468432980KIKE KILLER 3000[View]
468439059>BBC spamming to Pajeet spamming. fuck is wrong with this board?[View]
468438569help me do the math: >National Socialism: socialism + nationalism + Christianity >Communism: s…[View]
468436599woman, 20, returns from Burger King it is not known if she was aware of the camera inside student ho…[View]
468437389Catholics: Why are they gay? Why are they corrupt? Why do they molest children? Why don't they …[View]
468436164Meme flags: The ONLY reason you post with a meme flag is because you are embarrassed of the country …[View]
468422961>2 seconds before disaster[View]
468435241>Politically incorrect >Can't have politically incorrect opinions on a politically incorr…[View]
468438337Why are Japanese's people such Niggers ? https://youtu.be/c1UaGJlsw5g?si=NSOCgQi3wN8BUtTO[View]
468438697>go to 4plebs.org >click the search box >Country > sweden >type 'arab' or 'muslim' in…[View]
468430884/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16389: Previous: >>468421178 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468438490What do rusnigger shills have to say now? Muh based russia[View]
468435957Europeans are the subset of homo sapiens whose neurology is most affected by the emotions of love, c…[View]
468435009So grown adults unironically believe in >9 cases of literal unicorns >hundreds of 900 year old…[View]
468418929Is Bill Maher based or not? It seems like he's the only mainstream 'liberal' figure to ever thi…[View]
468434185Were niggers round during Jesus’ times?: Like were there tons of niggers in Judea? Or are they makin…[View]
468425882Looksmaxxing is all that matters: I’m trying to help you anon[View]
468429807Hadid said that Israeli Jews should show their ancestry for comparison to his. Real estate MogulMoha…[View]
468438316california high speed rail project: San Francisco's Caltrain has begun rolling tests and will s…[View]
468437616Jews are strappin' up and coming for the antisemites: You thought jews were just going to lie a…[View]
468427797/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14246: Previous: >>468419919 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468437789Does this mean I'm now eligible to say 'Keh Keh Keh Keh Keh shalom, goyim!'? Also how does it f…[View]
468437513NEW THD: NEW TOTAL HAMAS DEATH https://youtu.be/Kb24p_kx_Nc?si=e8WJIi09n0-tXd-T[View]
468437315Real History: In 1895 Johann van Pielkop became the first white man to serve the Zulu king His Honor…[View]
468436206Ukrainians in 2014: >We want our sons and daughters to grow up in a modern Westernized nation! …[View]
468437734We need to expand the age of consent laws: to also include an acceptble age gap corridor. All fuckin…[View]
468433464Catholicism is about Swords: https://crisismagazine.com/opinion/catholicism-is-about-swords >it m…[View]
468435138Should a man care about his gf/wife’s past?[View]
468432545How fucked up is American society that these two stupid, boring closeted gay men are considered by s…[View]
468430119chatgpt: how to swallow a live cat: chatgpt can be misled into telling you the secrets of the univer…[View]
468437149How to cope with being a 143IQ brainlet?: I just took a WAIS-IV IQ test and it turns out my IQ is a …[View]
468437475What exactly is a nation of immigrants?: I never understood this 'country of immigrants' s…[View]
468437069Daily reminder[View]
468435862Do MAGA hatters still call themselves Magadonians?: Or what is just a phase?[View]
468435518Look. Basically I'm just anti-Israel. I know.. UGH I know.. IM SORRY! It's just that I…[View]
468437102Solution to unemployment: Remove all women from the workforce. Make it illegal for a woman to have a…[View]
468434351Biden just won 4 more years: >gives billions more to israel >sends weapons to israeil >arre…[View]
468433624Why do chuds always seem like they're describing their grandma when they're talking about …[View]
468402763HAPPENING!: Pakis and Indians being lynched and killed in Kyrgyzstan! Even Kyrgyz are fed up with je…[View]
468434216WATCH FOR JEW BOTS: Israel Purchases AI Systems to Counter ‘Clear Loss’ on Digital Battlefield – Haa…[View]
468436954palestine vs israel: >slaugther hundreds of festival goers in ambush >rape torture mutilate ki…[View]
468436838>25 >still wet the bed[View]
468431616nick or alex?![View]
468436870'It's a stupid movie.': Well known fact: the movie threads here are intentionally SHIT. But it…[View]
468426616Giuliani served with indictment during his birthday party: >https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politi…[View]
468430561What are your opinions of conservatives that used to be liberal?: Are you accepting of them? Suspici…[View]
468431426if transgenderism is unnatural, how does /pol/ explain historical/cultural transgender/intersex comm…[View]
468429231Humiliation ritual[View]
468430242Which way, /pol/?[View]
468436646This is media.[View]
468433619White people did this: apologize. Also, what actually happened here? seems highly sus[View]
468430047Reminder that kikes suck their own newborn infant children's mutilated dicks and give them herp…[View]
468435992Don't worry they will save the white race.[View]
468436021What does /pol/ think of Italian Americans? Are they based or cringe?[View]
468436523Why has the quality of their posts dropped so much recently? They used to be funny.[View]
468431286>The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you[View]
468436459Hiro has been chosen as the number one celebrity that Japanese high school students want to see as P…[View]
468436215Jews being the chosen people is just a conspiracy theory[View]
468436335>Now, I admire the nigger samurai. I do. What I admire is - in his sport there's an element …[View]
468435375Just found out my friends Serbian and Italian and my other friend is Serbian and English. Redpill m…[View]
468435047Nicholas Fuentes: Evidence? You want evidence? Oh we got evidence. https://x.com/fadehubb/status/17…[View]
468436118Biden is a loser: >Won last time by rigging >Will rig again this time >Afraid of debating …[View]
468430917Reddit is awakening.: https://www.reddit.com/r/altmpls/ Somalis in Minneapolis have finally gone too…[View]
468430193Nick Fuentes caught looking at gay porn: Guys, just this once I don’t think the Jews are behind this…[View]
468434712UK: Black woman humiliated by racist police in front of her son: https://x.com/mikecmorgan/status/17…[View]
468436133Please tell me how Zelenskiy is not just an Onlyfans (s)camgirl for these types of guys[View]
468427906Mgtow is jewish scam: Is 'women hating' and 'no hymen, no diamond' a Jewish psyop? The Jews want you…[View]
468435550Iranian carrier shows off new ramp: It's also got a name[View]
468434528>/pol/ claims LGBT is bad >Yet the whitest countries in the world are also the most pro-LGBT H…[View]
468435485best musician ever[View]
468426223ANTIFA INFIGHTING!: Swedish Antifa just dropped a hit piece against the German, pro-Israel 'antifa':…[View]
468433046It's all an illusion: Good credit score? A college degree? Lol, you don't need that shit t…[View]
468435810Not having access to white people is a human rights violations. Yes I admit you white people do eve…[View]
468424428Why is Gen Z bed rotting?: Is it coping mechanism to stress or just plain laziness?[View]
468428332Why does rampant degeneracy only occur in white countries?[View]
468429970Mandela Effect: Anyone else from the timeline where men have one rib less than women, and that'…[View]
468435468>be me, foreigner lookin in at US of A >lotsa stuff messed up over there, no doubt about it …[View]
468435665unhinged Israel supporter: man is shouting 'long live Israel' and 'God made man this way, what you …[View]
468420812Inceldom is making me more aggressive day by day: >just randomly threw my mouse against the wall …[View]
468431832This is progress and beautiful[View]
468429322Is this an accurate portrayal of modern America? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXn1xavynj8[View]
468427185Here in the UK we have a serious ninja problem https://x.com/YvetteCooperMP/status/17907744509603681…[View]
468433373Kendrick Lamar is the king of the internet: He didn’t just defeat the white boi Drake He also defea…[View]
468432671King Charles Portrait: What do you see, anon?[View]
468435391pol, I am in the shit. about 35k in debt on a 35k yearly income - no chance to outrun the interest. …[View]
468435376Say something nice about your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.[View]
468435162Racist right-wing twitter account doxxed!: turns out he's a Jew who looks like hugh jackman. go…[View]
468432294Hey, ADL. Kiss my gentile ass, okay?[View]
468434321Once you free your mind from material desires, you become free![View]
46843471414 year old islamist girl wanted to kill some 'infidels' in Graz https://www.kleinezeitung.at/steier…[View]
468409088Why do white women do shit like this?[View]
468429073Mossad Agents assaulting American Civilians: During the anti-war protests a bald Israeli alien witho…[View]
468433599>scams boomers out of their hoarded wealth Why do we hate them again?[View]
468433140Why is pol like this?: You do understand that the Jews aren't the singular cause of everything,…[View]
468434356Mass immigration: The real reason for mass immigration into western countries is....[View]
468430782Bongland new Mayor: Brighton (96% white) has elected a muslim to lead them! https://www.bbc.com/new…[View]
468431468>if you don't like indians you're muslim >If you don't like muslims you're…[View]
468430381>Leftist party gets elected in Europe >Quality of life goes up Why does this keep happening, …[View]
468429989How would you handle this situation? How are wagies treated in your country?[View]
468425607Bird Flu Jumps From Cow to Human in The US: Experts Confirm First Case It's now official: the h…[View]
468428127>Ended Roe v Wade >Withdrew troops from ME >DOW Jones index highest in history >Goyim ha…[View]
468425345Gold 2,419.80 USD +34.30 (1.44%) today[View]
468433109RU shills being merced: The roll out is going global this is the start of their demise[View]
468429423In Indians believe in reincarnation then why are they such nasty people? Don't they know this i…[View]
468424775I am a Religious Leader AMA: I can bring you to the light I can answer any question you have If you …[View]
468431946>Jewish dentist said I had 4 cavities >Could not afford fillings at the time >Went to a Paj…[View]
468428592>Israel is bad because they dont want their country to be filled with brown violent inbred muslim…[View]
468427944>6 ton electric suv putting 100 giganewtons of force on the pavement any time it starts rolling A…[View]
468431747Kike Retardation: Kikes got blasted by a tank operated by a fellow member of the tribe https://www.z…[View]
468431734Any anons know what this is ?: This has been circling around my local airport. Anyone know what it i…[View]
468432748why does the average middle class suburban area in the UK look like this[View]
468432833Living wage is 50$ per hour. Gib![View]
468434416Is Joe Biden the absolute worst president in the history of the United States?: Other than give Isra…[View]
468433987Based Trump.[View]
468434265Free Hamas.[View]
4684230811.5 years left for old-PC: six million desktop PC computers end up in landfill on November 2025 >…[View]
468423104How did England turn into a Paki shithole?: As an island they could control immigration so much bett…[View]
468423754Parasitic Europeans: Lmao. The entire European continent is eating off Germany’s plate. How do you l…[View]
468417193/SETF/Silver Ends the Fed | 'When all else fails, they take you to war.' edition: Well bois, yesterd…[View]
468423911Why is /pol/ so opposed to walkable cities?[View]
468431769More Auscuck clownery: This is beyond weimar. A bunch of schoolboys rank a bunch of girls by attrac…[View]
468428678Fuck Arabs: Fuck Arabs. Arabs are subhuman natural destroyers. Everywhere Araboids conquered they de…[View]
468433873FUCK THE FEDS: bitch ass niggas.[View]
468411183It's hard to be Indian in Canada nowadays: 10 years ago everyone treated me with respect and ra…[View]
468433391Jens Stoltenberg is your ally, LGBTQ+ /pol/.[View]
468425237Brit/pol/ Edition Edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of sexual activity with two scho…[View]
468422804Economic prosperity for all through Biden's leadership: >Grassroots movement >Mandated th…[View]
468413259This image speaks volumes[View]
468430203redpill me on down syndrome[View]
468432628Why are they like this?[View]
468430919Why aren't you o eclomiphene?: I started taking this shit, and i feel like a MANLY MAN[View]
468426436You’re All Schizo Freaks: EVERY single issue in society and politics you attribute to DA JEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
468427488I thought American women were supposed to me fat?: Did pol lie to me?[View]
468431710Has the right wing obsession with trans folks gone too far? Seriously, they're only 0,1% of the…[View]
46842537014yr old girl from Montenegro arrested in Styria: She planned to kill as many unbelievers in the nam…[View]
468429553I won't repeat myself so better LISTEN THE FUCK UP NIGGERS: >>468427488 1. If other men (…[View]
468433086Will he win?: Afrikaners will be executed![View]
468430751how come whites get fucked for 'salvery' while everyone else infacr keep doing it?![View]
468428915vaxxed zombies finally rear their ugly heads[View]
468431205Sweden demans ID for registering in social media: SOME SWEDES try to enforce a law which would when …[View]
468416255Gunmen kill three Spanish tourists in Afghanistan: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/gunmen…[View]
468433164Why do people, normalfags and even a lot of /pol/cels, start pissing and shitting themselves in a ra…[View]
468432099Even reddit liberals hates indians: Desi bros......[View]
468417384what made ukrainians so evil /pol/?[View]
468429349A 15th-century Persian miniature of Arabs Cuckolding: >15th-century Persian miniature of Arabs Cu…[View]
468432272>raise minimum wage >w-what do you mean there are now hour cuts, job cuts, and the price of li…[View]
468429497What happened to all the mass shootings?: Shit used to be like clockwork. Now suddenly it’s real qui…[View]
468433004right to sell tax: >be me eating >owner didn't pay cartel the right to sell >get kille…[View]
468432956>The Houthi attacked the Russian shadow fleet again If you check on maritime shipping the tanker…[View]
468432792WHY do they do this?: reddit or shill level explanation why they do this?[View]
468431294husbands RISE UP!: https://reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/1cup3j3/alimony_should_be_removed_…[View]
468431792/usahealthcare/: >be me 27 single >gets mail from a sheriff >ohshit.jpeg >you owe 3000…[View]
468430383France women are based[View]
468431995If these are freedom fighters?: Why do they hide their faces, target civilians, kill hostages, rape …[View]
468417522>try to keep a civilized tone asking for informations >attacked and banned for simply asking …[View]
468426825Do you roll your own cigs? Is it worth it?[View]
468423692Hey colonizer. Ready for the Asian century of dominating and humiliating the West?[View]
468432160What ever happened to the boarder news? I guess it just wasn't that important?[View]
468431179>be God's chosen people >the entire world hates you…[View]
468430911ZELENSKY REJECTS TRUCE CALLS DURING THE OLYMPICS: 'No hoholocaust ride has no brakes,' he tells Macr…[View]
468430294I make $28/hr and will never own a home: this is considered 'great' pay in TX and still I will never…[View]
468421978Jewish plan to export entire Palestine population to Europe and USA: thoughts?[View]
468423162Christ is King: The Orthodox church is Israel, those who follow Christ and belong to the Church are …[View]
468427288Who killed Shinzo Abe and Robert Fico?[View]
468426866You know all this is banned under Islam, right?: >praising Iran, Bashar or supporting the rafida …[View]
468430808Election 2024 memories thread: we're not done yet, but it sure has been wild so far, huh /pol/?…[View]
468417009Lib Girl Fucks Racists Social Experiment: What are the political (and anthropological) implications …[View]
468431606Holy shit: New Scytoxil edit that's over 2 seconds dropped we are so back.[View]
468427834What is FEAR? And, why is it so powerful?: What can we do about it?[View]
468426498Germany deports 7 Ukrainian soldiers!: 7 Ukrainians walked around Germany carrying nazi flags German…[View]
468431445Male deaths >1000000 Female deaths >5670[View]
468431406/pol/, why do i want to put my face between a womans legs? politically speaking? why do it think it …[View]
468431287Did blacks behave well bcz of threat of lynching?[View]
468427186What is a woman?: I want the truth.[View]
4684300731pbtid bait thread: >Now that the dust has settled...[View]
468427694Anyone else wishing both sides good luck in this war?: Both are evil middle eastern barbarians. I wi…[View]
468428443This is the new normal, chuddies. From now on, these people will make your manchild hobbies and you …[View]
468431090Non-whites tend to act according to their collective interests but we're supposed to pretend th…[View]
468421178/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16388: Previous: >>468417031 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468425179Why are European women so FAT?: The recent wojak meme having sex with a obese woman got me thinking.…[View]
468426622Iceland went from being 88%% Icelandic in 2018 to 81% Icelandic in 2024. Their population increased …[View]
468430942The entire earth is their designated shitting street: No country no matter how obscure is safe.…[View]
468431009/pol/ desperately need this. Nature 101: If you get happiness with the suffering of another person, …[View]
468428514US military deploys troops and 835 tons of cargo into Haiti: https://x.com/Roxanne_Styx/status/17915…[View]
468424843WATCH FOR JEW BOTS: Israel Purchases AI Systems to Counter ‘Clear Loss’ on Digital Battlefield – Haa…[View]
468426451Why don't white people have good food?: Chinese and Mexican is the best[View]
468430724Politically speaking, what should be done to people who throw dog shit in your trash can after the t…[View]
468430363Your crime statistics will never matter: Because women are sexually attracted to darker men. The sam…[View]
468430599Jeet hatred unites mortal enemies! /r/Balkans_irl teams up to take on /r/Asians_irl(jeet reddit) aft…[View]
468419372/pol/ ethnostate: Anon, would I have some chances of being accepted in the ethnostate?[View]
468428101Australia is genociding all bees[View]
468427961>ahaha Arab lion strong we destroy Israel *spams some explosions that happened in another country…[View]
468430411REAL christians must go to Israel to work the fields for g*ds chosen people the Jews: hello goyim, t…[View]
468429179>Muhammad is the second most popular boy name in England They are almost fully conquered…[View]
468425561I love this country so much: If Russia has a million supporters, I am one of them. If Russia has one…[View]
468430342Why Do White Liberals Simp For People Who HATE Them?: Picrel. The pic is a tweet Crockett liked. A r…[View]
468425950HAPPENING: MUSLIMS BUYING WOMEN: What are the political implications of being able to purchase a bri…[View]
468430269Public Schools are Whore making machines.: Has anyone realized the public school system has turned y…[View]
468427913Mexico: Is Mexico really that scary? It seems like every mexican man is fat and 5’6. I’m supposed to…[View]
468424906Heres your million dollar McMansion[View]
468427655Why should I marry a tattooed and used up roastie with zero life skills, an inability to pair bond, …[View]
468429705pajeets on suicide watch: Jeets are flabbergasted that they aren't given a red carpet to invade…[View]
468429779Crackers seethe while the Communist Party of China marches on.[View]
468428625Ukrainian men are being hauled from their homes all to be slaughtered, that means Ukraine is going t…[View]
468424695Why can’t a gay be a natsoc?: If Nick Fuentes is homosexual it’s not his fault, a homosexual can’t h…[View]
468429898I'm watching Jason and The Argonauts (1963?). Why are older movies so much more awesome than mo…[View]
468428400Incoming Zombie Apocalypse?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60k8SNa0tDA King Charles and Princess C…[View]
468429848My AI slave is a nigger named Fred: Does this make me a racist?[View]
468429134Hey /pol/: Sing Mack the Knife[View]
468428595There are 20% Muslims in Israel. However, there is no Muslim country with more than 1% Jews.[View]
468429490THE CUSTOMS JEW: >ordered shit from UK for £20 >£13 shipping >£8 customs Seriousfuckingly? …[View]
468423993A handsome Jew, Jonathan Keeperman, has been doxxed by The Guardian as the alt-right tweeter user l0…[View]
468424520Why does he wear the X?[View]
468423440Antisemites better watch the fuck out because jews are coming for you.: https://x.com/ighaworth/stat…[View]
468429425>claims to be 'pro-palestinian' and waves the palestinian flag because islam is peaceful. >is …[View]
468424100Point out what is factually wrong about what either of these based Chinese gentlemen said: Pro-tip: …[View]
468428371>become orthodox to escape asiatic despotism and be a roman >Russia reveals itself to be a mor…[View]
468428152FURY vs USYK: So in a few hours the fight will finally happen. Share your thoughts, place your bets.…[View]
468420552why won't they fuck off to Germany: if they don't like Slavs so much?? Or are they psychol…[View]
468422148The ten commandments, according to the mordern right: 1. Thou shalt not kill (unless leftwingers are…[View]
468428985Western Civil Wars: Am I the only person who regards the coming European/Amercian civil racial wars …[View]
468426521Do white Americans feel attached to their homeland?(good'ol Europa): Do white people from all t…[View]
468415112Let me get this straight...you want me to fucking believe that this guy was 'hacked by Mossad'...and…[View]
468428834>zoomer cousin won’t shut the fuck up about japan >know for a fact his IQ isn’t high enough to…[View]
468424235Confirmed Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is a flaming homo faggot: https://files.catbox.moe/ar76ji.mp4…[View]
468415364How do we save dutch women?[View]
468407709You Are Jewish: here is a tactic ive learned to fight these kikes on 4chan frens. Simply say 'you re…[View]
468426241>it’s real yea I’m thinking we’re fucking back Biden bros[View]
468425929Is working in a factory mentally damaging?: I feel much more paranoid and often depressed after star…[View]
468427971Does your country have a 'fifth column'?: >A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a …[View]
468428414Was Abe Lincoln A Good President?: I’ve seen a lot of people on this site hate him over the years. b…[View]
468428046The enormity of what is coming will shock the world. (((They))) are panicking.[View]
468428161>do nothing >westerners come and destroy your neighboring country >they hand it over to you…[View]
468421541At least 400,000 white men died for nothing in the Russia-Ukraine war and you sit there posting meme…[View]
468424291Remember when chuds were losing their marbles over a black toddler trying to go to school?[View]
468425615Now that the dust has settled, why did the Central Powers lose WW1?[View]
468425748Based and trad Russian soldiers receive reminder of what they are fighting for. Two more weeks until…[View]
468428069TIMBERLAND MCKNEELY: >scrolling through list of mass shootings in the united states wikipedia pag…[View]
468428976These three great nations cause 99% of the world's butthurt. >Jewmerica: hated by the entire…[View]
468428907Pure Evil: These woman hate kids. But they love getting blacked and abort negro baby.[View]
468415341Why is Gen Z refusing to get out of bed?[View]
468422352Alcohol As Medicine Cover Up: having a few drinks enables to me last for about 45 minutes during sex…[View]
468425963>GAY? >YOUR GOING TO HELL!!![View]
468426981I hate niggers[View]
468426934MAGA Truck Art: Thought I should share this here.[View]
468427096Queer Theory Jeopardy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mipq8FjTXrw[View]
468427477White Armed Extremists Kill Peaceful Black Protesters: White armed extremists disrupted a Black Live…[View]
468414469This world is wonderful.[View]
468421049Hey now, let's get real: You chuds can stop the theatrics, this king happa has set the record s…[View]
468427140pfffff HAHAHAHAHA[View]
468426089The 'Litany Against Fear' (Dune) is a pillar of political courage!: And, imho, courage in any & …[View]
468391004TOTAL HOHOL DRAFT Draft hohols. Mobilize hohols. Conscript hohols. Grab hohols off the street. Kidna…[View]
468427374ANTI-DEMOCRATIC LAW VETOED: President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili stated that she vetoed the bil…[View]
468428382I fucking hate niggers, man: 1:06 to hear the screeching https://nitter.poast.org/JLPtalk/status/179…[View]
468428330If you wear a corset, you're a fat, mentally ill, femcel cow larping as a healthy chick.[View]
46842765095% Russians don't know English despite learning it since childhood because family, education, …[View]
468422410>PULL UP Wuhappen? >PULL UP Wuhappen? >PULL UP Wuhappen?…[View]
468425142based or cringe?[View]
468427377Once again, why this psycho is considered a great hero in Russia?[View]
468427425GET OFF YOUR ARSE RIGHT FUCKING NOW! NO EXCUSES: I'm tried of hearing you fucking faggots compl…[View]
468412400Men age like fine wine bro: Why is the Self Improvement industry telling young men that they should …[View]
468426997Question?: If a land area of 208 hectares can become a country (Monaco) and access to full-fledged m…[View]
468427925>Desmond is Amazing has come out as a tranny He never had a chance[View]
468427008Finland had anti vaxx meeting in Helsinki: It was some hours ago https://positv.fi%2C%20etusivulle%2…[View]
468424685Stop stealing women's rights with your trans plot you fucking chuds[View]
468421845Some Norwegian economists have predicted a golden era for Norway to start within the next 5-10 years…[View]
468427640'I listen to country and rap': Why are rednecks like this?[View]
468409784What’s your favorite gun anon? :)[View]
468427512The dissident right before Nick Fuentes was actually white. Jews better watch out now, us 80 IQ Squ…[View]
468393683/pol/ humor thread: on-topic edition, botniggers not welcome[View]
468427715what are some ungrateful countries?[View]
468427024US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says NATO will deploy troops to Ukraine In a major escalati…[View]
468418097I kneel EU jew chads, this has beaten me… you win[View]
468427229Even Japanese fleeing Japan as refugee[View]
468415633Now that the dust has settled, what happened in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 and jusr how much sushi…[View]
468425148Why is pedophilia so widely accepted in Japanese society?[View]
468427493blackpill thread: Prove to me that this world isn't hell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5VlJ…[View]
468402462This is what they are teaching to toddlers[View]
468425596my grandpa's name was adolph and people always bully me when they find out[View]
468424999Is it like this in your country too? In Norway: >I can open a bank account completely online and …[View]
468427303>2024 >cursive >Estelle & Josephine This is most likely fake. But why?…[View]
468425026why does this site never address the hispanic invasion of the US?[View]
468427217why does this enrage agents so badly?: >'Those who won our independence by revolution were not co…[View]
468427197Conservatives are not your friends. They are cucks who are afraid of competent strongmen and conside…[View]
468418517>Genuinely believe in the ideals of Marxism/Communism and that’s it’s what’s better for mankind …[View]
468427157>Germany >age of consent is 14 Gercucks, explain yourselves. Is this a holdover form Weimar? W…[View]
468427141Who’s next?[View]
468419919/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14245: Previous: >>468414239 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468422538White boy stands his ground against 5 MENA thugs: Why do MENA youth act like thug blacks if they hav…[View]
468423445Which is the best political compass out there?[View]
468425056Oy gevalt!!: Stop with the racism! How dare you call us Arab or white!!![View]
468426990Is MTG really in a position to criticize anyone's looks?[View]
468409796Michigan is the Most Divided State in America: Our left is just like Portland and the extreme West C…[View]
468413407Americans are retarded: What was the first thing you morons hoarded during covid? Toilet paper. You …[View]
468425262How does income tax work in the UK?: Beans, please explain how your income tax system works. Do Bong…[View]
468424568Poland is stealing jobs from Germans.: Germans lose well paying jobs in industry and instead they wo…[View]
468425106Area 51 insider here: There is a food court in the underground base inside Area 51. In that food cou…[View]
468410362>destroys France, kicks Britain off the continent and gains hegemony over Western, Central and No…[View]
468424867TOTAL RUSZIGGER DRAFT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rnFtnDa_Oo[View]
468393432Say what you will about jews, be as antisemitic as you want, but you have to admit that it was prett…[View]
468426066>Sir, a second pterodactyl has just hit the visitor center[View]
468426367Why are so many conservatives Jew loving fags?[View]
468417870Why do English people hate Pakistanis so much?: am British Pakistani. Actually, I am the fourth gene…[View]
468424052In 10 years, AI will be the one giving you prompts.[View]
468420399>on my way to Kharkov, hope nothing bad happ-ACK[View]
468423244Christian Fundamentalists: It fascinates me how in this day and age there still are extremely religi…[View]
468426071>great aunt dies >viewing.exe >cousin shows up troon out to the max >conversation at t…[View]
468422269LMFAO: This is what leftists always are[View]
468426417Frogbros what the fuck is happening in New Caledonia? Why all the chimpouts? Didn't they reject…[View]
468412206Francis Ford Coppola added the neo-nazi black sun in his movie: It's in the trailer too https:/…[View]
468425476Congolese migrant Jailed in Germany for raping his own mother: >A Congolese refugee, previously d…[View]
468426214Britain started (and lost) world war 2: Looking at them now, all I can say is, it serves them right!…[View]
468424324The happiness gap between boomers and zoomers in numbers. I guess it's real. https://www.visu…[View]
468422792You look a little swarthy dont you think anon?[View]
468426115A speech more relevant today than ever: https://youtu.be/rxUGlj6ogqk?feature=shared&t=96 https:/…[View]
468424977why are they obsessed with white women? they’ll most likely never meet one irl[View]
468421341Uhhh Christian bros? If we hate niggers but niggers go to heaven, isn’t heaven ruined? Heaven just s…[View]
468424832What careers should white men pursue?: With DEI, nepotism, and all the SJW crap in the workplace it …[View]
468416826brit/pol/ jobs a nigerian immigrant could do edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of se…[View]
468424021/pol/ humour bread[View]
468423121Can this be stopped?: Are they actually stupid enough to attempt this? I'd genuinely go to war …[View]
468421968NATO stands proudly agains transphobia & homophobia: This is what true allies look like[View]
468425442Invade Mexico: Mexicans have caused so much damage to this country that I think they deserve an oper…[View]
468424032Questions to sex havers of this board: Do you switch through multiple positions in one sex session l…[View]
468427623im not sure I understand: Could someone provide some clarification on this?[View]
468420972Stop blaming society for your personal problems: It's not society's fault if you're t…[View]
468423683Spics are louder than niggers. Hilarity though... If you gobble very loudly at spics like a turkey, …[View]
468425717>'This book is way too optimistic. There's no way in our wildest dreams zog would be this in…[View]
468425256Red pill me on why some Americans worship politicians so much for?[View]
468410821My life is flying by and I'm not achieving my goals, between china and the jew my mind has been…[View]
468387193Why don't ppl hate spics like muslims?[View]
468425572Do you think cutfags and Manx cats share the same manlet trauma?: .[View]
468404554Why is everyone so damn stupid now? All i see is porn and filth everywhere. Literally every person o…[View]
468423682Madame Macron is trying to take the reins: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/columnists/article-13431199/A…[View]
468385440Elon thinks about training his AI with 4chan posts: Let's make sure he has plenty of material t…[View]
468419978Just 105 days untill /pol/ meets up in San Francisco.: Just 105 days untill /pol/ meets up in San Fr…[View]
468421431Should Latinx women be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
468411535How do we make Ireland stop being so racist[View]
468425314black: jews white: christians green: muslims red: SOCIALISM[View]
468425016Is the Chinese man right to whip these nigger slaves ? https://x.com/radiogenoa/status/1791368726467…[View]
468417631Racism test.: Racism test. Look at picrel. It's a brown man on the opposite train platform from…[View]
468421765Here are your choices for President. Obviously, the better choice couldn't BE more clear. Vote …[View]
468416533Jews mad: >Italy doesn't sign the EU fag bill >Jewish female leader of the lefty Democrat…[View]
468422333Russia has advanced 10km towards Kharkiv, says Ukraine: https://archive. ph/Lblvq[View]
468410970Why do Trump supportes seethe so hard over this?[View]
468416985Why do so many richfags live in the US when Switzerland is better in every single way if you have lo…[View]
468420845The modern white man[View]
468422962IT'S OVER FOR JAPAN! MILLIONS OF NIGGERS TO BE LET IN! (pic unrelated). https://youtu.be/RPFDU…[View]
468410671I've become the prodigal son: My life has become the meme from the bible. Moved back in with my…[View]
468416183NUCLEAR LEVEL HAPPENING: NOT A DRILL: Rep. Thomas Massie just introduced a bill to END THE FEDERAL R…[View]
468422075Were the 90s really the beginning of the decline and the nose dive in culture?[View]
468416382Was King Arthur real?[View]
468422865Gays to Georgia!!!: Buttsex rights are non-negotiable in democratic western societies!!![View]
468424515$3 burgers with $25/hr minimum wage for janitorial staff. So it CAN be done…[View]
468422706My neighbors think this cross is being erected to celebrate Jesus…: It’s going to light up the night…[View]
468419096what did stargate mean by this??: >supersmart neet >solves millennia old math problem >gets…[View]
468425359I am sorry, remind me why balding is still a thing in 2024, please[View]
468410619aus/pol/ - 'Well, at least I'm not a virgin anymore...' EDITION: no links but let's get co…[View]
468421980Don't make me tap the sign again, commies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4dxsmlPguY https://w…[View]
468394516Fuentes removes all doubt he's not gay: Why is this so common among rightist influencers?…[View]
468417646Turkbrehs... it's over: >Israel ends free trade deal with Turkey and imposes 100% tariff on …[View]
468422225hehe stupid computer *smug pepe face raising glass*[View]
468420619Rate these Europeans from best to worst Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans, Balkan Europeans, Bal…[View]
468422294TYFYS: To my fellow service members here on /pol/, I salute you. Thank you for your service.[View]
468424432One million men have died in Ukraine, but fewer than 1000 women.[View]
468424425zoomer incels: What role can they have in society if a reproductive one is out of the question?…[View]
468422373KEEP ON ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_oVdz1oNc8 Any Ukrobros went to t…[View]
468423701Tulsi Gabbard is SAMOAN and WHITE: Why does she larp as a Hindu[View]
468422761American Justice: White #1 golfer in the world drives pas rentacops to go do his job at a PGA tour e…[View]
468424266Things haven’t gone great for Lauren: Checking in on our beloved teen vogue “writer” Lauren Duca… di…[View]
468420572Texas Politics: Redpill me on Texas politics. Moving to Houston Will illegals flip it blue?[View]
468413840COMEDIAN BILL BURR IS ONE OF US, SLAMS ISRAEL: Comedian Bill Burr is /our/ guy. He was on the Bill M…[View]
468423048>*Destroys Religion* Why are atheists intellectually superior?[View]
468421337is there anywhere left in the world where i can easily be martyred for spreading the Gospel? i hate …[View]
468423095what are the political implications of the entire Arab world looking up to Hitler as a heroic figure[View]
468421139Why is satanic metal so popular in Norwey and Sweden?[View]
468421336man, 33, lying on ground: police found a bicycleman right next to a road he is just laying there imm…[View]
468420651Is it true that this country before the Mexican civil war of the 1910-1920 was well balanced between…[View]
468401177saars are being lynched in Kyrgyzstan rn[View]
468423813Whats with the anti dutch toothpaste swampgermans threads today, fuck you kikes[View]
468385017Why is there STILL an ADHD med shortage: Pretty sure it's been going for 3 years now. I don…[View]
468420784>don't support Israel? >you're brown: when did you realize that kikes have been proj…[View]
468420894what can i do against twink death?[View]
468420717>WE WUZ THAI AND SHEEEEEEIT (literally)[View]
468420407the good ol' days[View]
468414319FUTURE OF WESTERN HEGEMONY IS DECIDING HERE RIGHT NOW: >Read books by Kissinger and Brzezinski an…[View]
468417450China treated Blinken as an anal worm parasite: Problem is, nobody but civilized races with thousand…[View]
468421735IHOP IS NOW 20-30 DOLLARS PER PERSON MINIMUM: this doesn’t include drinks and extra pancakes. it use…[View]
468423504Good Morning, Saars: Daily reminder: You gang raping cow worshipping literal fecal golems will never…[View]
468419503Holy kek >Evangelical goes to Israel to preach >kike calls the cops >Evangelical asks why h…[View]
468422889I don’t care what europeans think of the united states: I’m born and raised in the usa and i just do…[View]
468423426Do they talk about him still?[View]
468423320how prevalent are tattoos from what you all have seen. seems to me every other zoomer and millennial…[View]
468420928for my fellow white australians you may find this information useful https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D…[View]
468421673'Russia will save the White ra-ACK!': Feeling demoralized yet?[View]
468418820Why did Angela Merkel ruin Europe?[View]
468414381Identification with race is a sign of low IQ. Very few racists are over 70 IQ in my estimate. I…[View]
468417367I'm a farmer. If you had your way, produce would rot in the fields. Migrant labor is essential …[View]
468422330CITY OF CHICAGO: Just publicly and officially admitted that black and brown communities (niggers and…[View]
468411328holocaust maths: >6 million dead >23 million alleged survivers all around the globe telling th…[View]
468405682Shabbat Shalom! Magyar Cygany!: Judeo Magyar Cygany Shabbat Shalom Edition! All are welcomed. Judeo …[View]
468418312btfoes all white professors.: What are the political implications of indian teachers on YouTube teac…[View]
468414866Have drones added a comedic element to war?[View]
468421278Two French feminists were arrested for walking around with signs saying 'foreign rapists out' and 'f…[View]
468422801Only memebers of Sons of the American Revolution should be allowed to vote[View]
468420476As a society what should be done about Tiktok pranks?: https://www.reddit.com/r/maybemaybemaybe/comm…[View]
468421810Kikes active: Give them some gifts[View]
468422627Latinos have it harder living in the US than the Blacks do.[View]
468322396Éire/pol/ resurrection edition: News: >Confrontations continue between local protesters and worke…[View]
468418393There will be no place for racism in the new world order. Nazism and Fascism will be forever destroy…[View]
468420238Ukraines elections happen this month, right? and if they don't then what. We won't see an …[View]
468420675A list of gay things Nick Fuentes has done so far 1 : Go on a pretend date with CatboyKami 2 : Sayin…[View]
468422157Thank you google: very helpful[View]
468422185Where da black bois at? How come the big heavyweight champ fight is between two White men? Are they …[View]
468419690She’s correct, you know. Crimea is Ukraine and Russia is a terrorist state of barbaric animals invad…[View]
468416766RFK: Can somebody summarise RFK's platform for non-Yanks? I try to watch his interviews but the…[View]
468420147Hey Anon I hear you say and post a lot of fucked up shit Post something fucked up and funny for us A…[View]
468421854N shiet[View]
468419218>Life of Ukrainian man in 5 sec How does Ukrainian women are doing rn?[View]
468414605NATO exists to protect LGBTQ+ rights: Get over it, bigots.[View]
468421926Somehow a Jew must be behind this[View]
468417659Which part of florida would you recommend[View]
468397738Indian virgin men: So... we all know about how apparently pajeets are the most disgusting human spec…[View]
468402856it's ULTRA important to find a supportive wife[View]
468419214After america propping up, pampering and fattening them up for decades, when will it be time for the…[View]
468417127Nice of Putin to force us to help Ukrainians kill his soldiers and decimate his military and economy…[View]
468420508Red pill me on Kroger: >Jigaboo loss prevention officers? What a GREAT idea you stupid fed faggot…[View]
468415465The great replacement thread: So I’m having this argument with a paki-lover leftist friend of mine a…[View]
468408309Arabs and Muslims only have like 70 countries. This isn't enough. Israel is a problem guys. Thi…[View]
468419975How can we blame this on white people?[View]
468419580Every fascist is secretly a huge fucking faggot for being dominated and emasculated by bigger, stron…[View]
46842150860 million: Are the engagies ok?[View]
468418318YOU only know what the government wants you to know: You think you’re these top secret researchers a…[View]
468419477what caused this?[View]
468399163Indians on track to become 10% of Australia's population: How does it feel cumskins? How does i…[View]
468410541I was looking at UK laws to see how bad it can really get, what religious reasons would require a kn…[View]
468417031/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16387: Previous: >>468406099 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468416711remember what you’re fighting for![View]
468410652>Mid May, 2024 >I am forgotten[View]
468419335why does (((the West))): so desperately trying to save ukraine? would it be the end of the (((EU))) …[View]
468418362Millions of anti-racist Christian shitskins think they're going to heaven: https://youtube.com/…[View]
468408815I'm sick of bullshit ads about women's pussies.: Why do we have to put up with this disgus…[View]
468420034r/regretfulparents: Mother is angry and hate her kids because she can't go out and drink and su…[View]
468411355all you people who make fun of India and Indian will regret it. we'll see who laughs when you c…[View]
468420874Americans are you okay?[View]
468420832Politically speaking: what is the optimal reproductive age for a human female?[View]
468418510get your filters in order now: This helps zoom in on the real problem. It's the jeets who cont…[View]
468397312Are females fit for war?[View]
468418998Funny how you don't call black men cucks and simps for opposing abuse of women: Look at black t…[View]
468418369Lock him up[View]
468418925He has a point[View]
468410687Play skribbl: Holy shit, if you hate jeets like me, skribbl dot io is the perfect game >Large ind…[View]
468420434antisemitism laws are illegal: Under the equal protections clause, as well as the first amendment. …[View]
468419297There is nothing out there for us in the world anymore. We have no power, all we can do is shitpost …[View]
468419871I know why Microsoft shutted down Tango Works: I might be crazy, but the V tower resembles a very ve…[View]
468418341jewish bolshevism was the darkest period of humanity: > the Jews created the federal reserve >…[View]
468378142Does anyone else feel like a normal guy from 2006 trapped in 2024? I don't even know how to exp…[View]
468419033Reminder that 'Hamas' is a creature of Israel being used to stage attacks that give Israel the 'mora…[View]
468416210Young Conservatives: Why are they so hated, especially in the UK? Every time they’re presented the c…[View]
468408043Femcel Epidemic Claims Another: Female Autists are offing themselves. >Ter Beek’s difficulties b…[View]
468417503The Irish are chimping out over browns, right?: It's not some 5D-chess astroturf campaign desig…[View]
468415537White Nationalists: The Woman Problem?: Why are White nationalists so weak on the Woman Problem? The…[View]
468414535Whites are literally the toughest, biggest, strongest, most violent race in the history of the earth…[View]
468419069Spanish are NOT Arabs: Dispell the myth than Spaniards are middle easterners. Spanish are West Europ…[View]
468419689ukranian Azog is zogbotism in its purest form: Another proud shabbos warrior given honorary goyslop …[View]
468416673Brit/pol/ - Still Buzzing Edition: https://twitter.com/RishiSunak/status/1791793553728835999/photo/1…[View]
468414644WHY IS OUR DIET SO FUCKING SHIT?: Europeans are thinner than us, why is America the most powerful co…[View]
468418284I wouldn't even rape you: Why are white men so racist?[View]
468411787Why are shitskin countries like Britain or Turkey allowed to keep Greek artefacts?[View]
468415695Best uses of money in the White Nationalist movement: Suppose a White Nationalist organization in th…[View]
468418541imagine still supporting capitalism in 2024[View]
468419644Is feminism's main goal giving rights of women or depopulation?[View]
468419215Wikipedia based article: At least one instance of based and redpilled Wikipedia - it recognises casu…[View]
468414239/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14244: Previous: >>468408779 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468416489What causes the human face to develop strongly everywhere EXCEPT the jaw? I see many people with dev…[View]
468399832Matt Walsh says Australians are weak: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/american…[View]
468415539Still don't understand why women use tiktok[View]
468419788How did they get away with this?[View]
468398005HOLY BASED[View]
468419162So who is in the right here?[View]
468416537Why are white women so self-depricating? Why do they hate themselves so much, to then project their …[View]
468417039Should the college students use guns to protect themselves from the Zionist violence they are being …[View]
468387873Reminder that we lived through probably the biggest horse shit hoax of this entire century. Do not l…[View]
468408661*Destroys 70 NATO cities all by itself*[View]
468414016WHITE FRAGILITY: https://x.com/jeannette_feliz/status/1791506357511745659 https://x.com/Sallymander4…[View]
468411193>day 815 of Russia’s 3-day special military operation[View]
468417763White privilage[View]
468418443The leader who fears God wins war: Who would have thought?[View]
468416446Based and trad Russia, liberators of Europa.[View]
468414705>I am once again asking for your financial support[View]
468418384Syrian refugees charged with killing 80-year-old German grandpa after failing to crack his safe[View]
468409637>Donald Trump >Javier Milei >Giorgia Meloni >Geert Wilders >Marine Le Pen >Eric Ze…[View]
468417436What's the difference?[View]
468410174American patriotism is the most idiotic, jewish trojan horse and low IQ idea ever USA was founded by…[View]
468409162Do you think Christianity has any place in politics? Japan is a non-Christian country and it is a ve…[View]
468413432Proof that Ukraine supplied the para-gliders to Hamas.[View]
468381697The Unprotected Class: Anyone read this yet? It came out recently, and seems to be highly lauded by …[View]
468414472Weekly political reminder that you don't have to die, anon, there's another way out[View]
468418620Aid for the Ukraine or Israel.: The Ukraine is facing the might of the Russian Army. Israel is figh…[View]
468414100Aftermath of a Russian TOS-1A strike on Ukrainian trench line[View]
468415570Germans getting what they deserve again[View]
468416962A young child in Ontario has died of measles: I hope you anti-vaxxers are happy with yourselves. Dis…[View]
468418340Why do anons hate sheriff Chitwood?[View]
468410726Is Jerry Seinfeld one of the good Jews?[View]
468416168He was supposed to save the democrats not join them!: Why did he give in?[View]
468416120Frogbros….: A-are you ok?[View]
468416615Islamic desception: When Dawah guys propagate Islam as a 'religion of peace' they will oft…[View]
468412055Educated Liberal Westerners should be racist. Here's why: Just over 50% of the White population…[View]
468417896USA inflation is soon impossible to handle: I never imagined that we would ever see a time when it t…[View]
468415492Pat tillman: >literally the embodiment of the chad meme >football freak, unlimited supply of f…[View]
468407721The black community doesn't like drake anymore, something is happening within hip hop unironica…[View]
468416990In the middle of the last century, we were optimistic. We thought we were on our way to galactic civ…[View]
468417813Politics at home: Family wins lottery in local election.[View]
468417068So Winston Churchill said keep England white and also starved pajeets, these are some white national…[View]
468395919Well /pol/.... is it time?: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/is-it-time-to-stop-men-congr…[View]
468413879Remember all the anons who didn't manage to hold on: who we have lost along the way and are not…[View]
468417275WHERE IS MR. PUTIN?[View]
468413729Why Does This Guy Spend So Much Money To Redpill So Many People?: Why does this guy spend so much ti…[View]
468400139My Wife Stopped Eating Beef and Potatoes on Fridays – Traditions Under Attack!: I’m seriously pissed…[View]
468412047>the Bible is written in English: Does that mean that English is the language of God?[View]
468413111Without googling: What race is this ?[View]
468416229People actually pay taxes to pedophiles.[View]
468404249the study that killed /pol/: the study that made american boomer racist basedentists lose their mind…[View]
468413297/chug/ comfy happening in Ukraine general #16387: Previous: >>468406099 # Timeline /tug/:http…[View]
468416227We need to feminize men to increase the birth rate: In order to save the white race we should femini…[View]
468399114Is ADHD a fake condition?: You never see kids from good families get diagnosed with it. It’s usually…[View]
468414570Why is it legal for the government to plifer money without my consent from every paycheck and hand i…[View]
468415855what are the implications of this?[View]
468385686>No, our country was not infiltrated by dark forces. >We are the dark force. https://rumble.co…[View]
468415325Meme Wars - Is MAGA losing?: Consider Video Related Democrats took the concept from Bill Maher And m…[View]
468415821How is Warhammer still a thing?: 95% of the playbase is hated by Games Workshop, why aren't the…[View]
468413873Covid/vax thread What's the latest? I need a few fact boosters.[View]
468409729Vovchansk, Kharkiv region, Ukraine. The Russian animals and terrorist war criminals invaded again to…[View]
468411798NPNW is a shitty controlled opposition psyop: And you faggots are all falling for it. >yes goyim …[View]
468415828NOW THAT FICO IS A DOWNY RETARD...: Is this what a slavs final form is if they aren't dead in a…[View]
468415377Is Israel based for openly stating the US is the enemy of the world?[View]
468416682Brit/pol/ Hungover, coping and seething closet case dwarf Edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found…[View]
468403597BREAKING NEWS: Hasan Piker is BLEEDING viewers and out of content so he will be praying Trump is pre…[View]
468413066Do you hang the flag of 2 dudes kissing, nigger wannabes and everything immoral on your house?[View]
468415084Buck Breaking: Do African Americans really enjoy getting their anal virginity taken away form them? …[View]
468414838Baguette shot trying to burn down synagogue: Funny how zog IMMEDIATELY comes to their defense when a…[View]
468416096The Zionist government will not last the decade.: 1. Jews are not the majority in Israel/Palestine. …[View]
468413961Cryptosisters - not like this: https://archive.today/itEdE[View]
468408906Racism makes no sense: Germans won't exist in 1,000 years. Chinese won't exist in 1,000 ye…[View]
468412891if you were an american jew whose ancestors were from germany, would you think it would be interesti…[View]
468413011Why is it that reddit, facebook, X, etc. offer anonymity while /pol/ exposes your location to others…[View]
468413211Andrew Tate says he avoids broke people: 19:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88ibAvTtWLc…[View]
468407273why does this site never address the hispanic invasion of the US?[View]
468416367What do you think of RAC?: What politcal implications does it have or had?[View]
468406397Already here: The law passed two days ago and you can already get an Australian digital ID. Say some…[View]
468416253>The reason PayPal banned me is because they're not deregulated and privatized enough. The f…[View]
468396494ITS OVER: https://www.infowars.com/posts/israeli-plan-to-force-all-gazan-survivors-onto-us-ships-exp…[View]
468413389Tesla stock to decline 90 percent from all time high: Tesla is already down 60 percent from its all …[View]
468413226Da duq timmy gon do?[View]
468391091These are the brave soldiers who will defend Kharkiv. Finally, they shall put their Fortnite skills …[View]
468415657SLAVS BETTER GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER AND VOTE EU: otherwise as an American i will support the genoci…[View]
468400713Brit/pol it is morning time edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of sexual activity wit…[View]
468406754How the fuck did Jews come to control the entire world?[View]
468409759Since /pol/ is a contrarian board, how long before everyone here starts loving Jews?[View]
468415731Women prefer us: deal with it[View]
468410142ADL ramps up lobbying: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/may/15/adl-lobby-antisemitis…[View]
468415596Subject: Comment[View]
468415176What is the science behind niggers' ugliness?: Why are they so ugly and repulsive?[View]
468412652Why do glow agencies even invest time in 4chan/pol ?: Imagine spending resources to psyop few intern…[View]
468407952LEFTISTS GETTING WOKE TO THE JQ: It's happening[View]
468415032Why have mass shootings become so rare Shit used to pop off once a month from 2014 - 2023[View]
468410564Politicians from your country that aren't shabbos goyim[View]
468414911Retard mod has made a shitpost thread that no one wants to use and is deleting the normal threads Wh…[View]
468399003Why are Russians so evil like Chinks or ISIS?: How come Russians don’t have any compassion or ethics…[View]
468415394Politics abroad: This Marjorie Greene is going for it then.[View]
468413343What's your favorite supplement, /pol/?[View]
468410959/pol/ BTFO: Please just shut up for ONCE you guys.[View]
468415225S: S to spit[View]
468403631Jews ain't playin no more.: https://x.com/ighaworth/status/1791467196901933090[View]
468415141ITT: Post your national anthem I'll start with Finland >Seksikäs Suklaa & Dosdela - Nii…[View]
468414858Whoever wins. It's not gonna be because 'the will of the people'. It's gonna be because of…[View]
468411114NATO defences in Ukraine, designed to stop Russia[View]
468412981>Robotine is Russian again How will the Ukrainian counteroffensive with cutting-edge western mili…[View]
468407954if you hate jews you are a loser: if you were a successful person you would start a family and enjoy…[View]
468414903Why do Chink movies have comments filling 80% of the screen?[View]
468412739What's POL's opinion on the new King Charles portrait?: I agree with Christopher Jon Bjerk…[View]
468400434Why do kikes keep trying to convince everyone Nick is gay as if that will suddenly make me love jews…[View]
468412527Armenian people are more jew than jews: >I heard today's jewish ppl are basically from Khaza…[View]
468410900Does this man look intelligent to you? Would you elect this man to lead your country?[View]
468412534Should i just vote biden?: What causes this?[View]
468409776What the fuck?: Americans actually let jewish doctors snatch their newborns straight from the womb a…[View]
468381339Why don't you gamble?: The winnings could change your life and provide you with true economic f…[View]
468414255Can you be WOULD if it's 'her'?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HgJIAUtICU[View]
468409991(((Saudi Arabia))): When dealing with the jew, you already lost. The japanese, the saudis, even Tali…[View]
468407260Dow Jones's biggest: New York Dow Jones index has never been so big: 40 000 score https://www.k…[View]
468411829Time is running out: Got into another argument tonight with dad. I’ve explained slowly over the cour…[View]
468413796If the jews pick Donnie Depop again over Joe Burden..: Do you think Mr. Trump will just run another …[View]
468410333car crashes with tractor: tractor dies https://www.hs.fi/suomi/art-2000010436068.html today morning …[View]
468409826Hey niggers of pol. Why are you all losing it more and more lately? Not enough BANAN driving you all…[View]
468410458Brighton has fallen: Mohammed Asaduzzaman - new mayor of Brighton.[View]
468414288This guy is going to replace Trudeau in two weeks. Cap this[View]
468413463So in your opinion, would you say that the US Government is more vaginal or more anal?: I'd lik…[View]
468408566I never hated trans people: I just dont appreciate them influencing my kids, its only natural and th…[View]
468412551Petition to add this flag to the memeflags:: >2nd best military in RU >2day/week/month/year/de…[View]
468412269War is about Oil and not about population control: > if you stupid enough to believe that crap o…[View]
468408238>”white supremacists” when it’s the 15th asian baddie liking them on bumble (got 0 from white gir…[View]
468402130I for one, POLITICALLY, welcome our new Lyran overlords.: This is political because the Lyran worldv…[View]
468413443Real ancap has never been tried.[View]
468410223How is the US not in a recession yet?: >High interest rates >Low unemployment >Inverted yie…[View]
468413740Environmental stewardship thread: >An ancient mound or tell known as Tell ʿAfula, located in the …[View]
468409374>move Gaza people into gas chambers >2 million or so >problem solved in 18 months I don’t u…[View]
468405008The West Has Fallen: .[View]
468412277What those /pol/ think of Churchill?: He said keep England white and also starved millions of Pajeet…[View]
468410476Explain this to me: If you are God's chosen and you inherently and indirectly acknowledge that …[View]
468331022Zoomer here: Millennial bros what was 2008 like? Im 25 and currently learning what it means to suffe…[View]
468403658CHINESE NEWSPAPER SAYS JEWS CONTROL AMERICA!!!: >'The Jewish population in the United States is o…[View]
468413110At what point do we say different lineages of human have different brains and upbringing has nothing…[View]
468405091Remember that all memeflaggots are not who they claim they are... Its best for you to simply filter …[View]
468351105Why does both the contemporary left and right still think that oppressed incels owe random women pro…[View]
468413007The Spectator's editor-in-chief Andrew Neil managed to link the Beijing meeting and the attempt…[View]
468408779/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14243: Previous: >>468404225 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468410304Should this happen? Would this solve a lot of problems between men and women in society? Women can…[View]
468412888Why are English and other Western languages riddled with ancient Greek/Latin words and grammar? With…[View]
468412299Retarded boomers are the reason for most of today's problems[View]
468413156Hohols are dying for their freedom!: https://x.com/MyLordBebo/status/1791560878178910586[View]
468406099/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16386: Previous: >>468401025 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468412719TKD!!!: why are kikes like this?[View]
468412537Zoid(((berg))): What are the implications?[View]
468410419Petition to add this flag to the memeflags: >Country doesn't actually exist >Yet everyone…[View]
468408457>Day 815 of the 2 day special operation[View]
468362590LIBS CALLING OUT THE JEWS: 'You can't complain about the trope, if you do the trope.' https://x…[View]
468409520Fuck kikes[View]
468408295Goyim need to learn their fucking place: You keep poking the Jewish bear and you're going to ge…[View]
468412538where to get energy for work?: I barely have energy for myself, where to get energy to fight all inj…[View]
468412496The price of Kebab in Germany is unacceptable. Do something. I want my cheap food again. And yes, th…[View]
468410095>Start a show called America First >Spend every episode seething about a tribe in the Middle E…[View]
468407181why is it that every faggot I meet is white? how are you letting this happen?[View]
468371043Is growing up with porn worse than not having it?: I grew up just a few years before the internet ga…[View]
468409859You Are Jewish: You aren't a 'Zionist', or a 'Communist', hell even a 'Capitalist'. You are an …[View]
468411298Is it ok for a country (like Ukraine) to use child soldiers, if they are in dire need? Would be okay…[View]
468411813This is you[View]
468411913Womanface.: >Womanface >Form of theatrical make-up used by non-female performers to represent …[View]
468407641They are phasing out the $5 and $10 bills: In order for you to only deal in 1’s and 20’s. They expec…[View]
468410785is it happening: are you really going to spam 'you are jewish' all over the site?[View]
468407310LOOK AT ALL OF THESE DEMORALIZATION THREADS: The jews believe they’ve hit a crucial nerve. Keep lett…[View]
468402345Petition to add this flag into the meme flag list: >Country doesn't actually exist >Yet e…[View]
468411770How do Northern Kazakhstanis & Southern Kazakhstanis think of each other? How do urban & rur…[View]
468400527fuentes wall of cope about gay porn leak: why cant this latinx mutt just admit hes a faggot? there i…[View]
468411384Daily reminder the economist don't consider immigration as an issue and they teach this to stud…[View]
468411658Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) is one of those muscular 'national security' Dems that party chieftains love to…[View]
468410220Maybe it just doesn't make sense for a stealthy assassin[View]
468411370So when are they going to dump it?: Yeah I know they are dead, but what is the trip point for real e…[View]
468410639Poland has a transgender journalist: employed by state media. Why are leftists so obsessed with tran…[View]
468410529At least we don't speak Russian, am I right poleshits?[View]
468409343Is there a single MAN among Western leaders?[View]
468406045NATO TROOPS OFFICIALLY TO GO TO UKRAINE: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/16/us/politics/nato-ukraine…[View]
468404720> opens /pol/ > searches chug > watches Ukrainian pigs dying > enjoys > leaves…[View]
468410460ukranians/russians worshipping pajeet kid believed to be grand pajeet reincarnate, what leads slavs …[View]
468408964Calling all transvestigators: Is this an MtF? I'm freaking out over an old friend[View]
468410102Hustler University Success stories?: I brought the platinum package for 2 and a half years now. I…[View]
468382742Map of all stone structures in Africa: Someone posted a map saying not a single Stone structure was …[View]
4684107802024 is our Final Battle. With you at my side, we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the wa…[View]
468408763>GCP dot offline? How long has it been? Has anyone had strong intrusive thoughts or strange menta…[View]
468410145> *inevitable in your way*[View]
468410563Hey, anyone who’s one of these closeted self hating dudes, it’s OK to just be gay, you don’t have to…[View]
468408958What's in store for Germany's future?: Will Germany still be the same innovative and effic…[View]
468410582Egypt next: >The Israelis have discovered more than 700 tunnels in Rafah, some go into Egypt. It…[View]
468410566Did you now which country first used gas chambers for mass executions?[View]
468410483CHANGE MY MIND: Women shouldnt be in law enforcement, military, or firefighting https://youtu.be/b5o…[View]
468407992Donald Trump: What will he do when he gets back in office? I hope he goes nuclear on shitlibs and di…[View]
468410218i just don't like them. nothing can change this. i won't hire them. i won't donate to…[View]
468409431so why are they complaining: I don't get it[View]
468410222Trump will visit South Bronx NYC this Thursday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_rgKg8Cwco…[View]
468404956he's innocent[View]
468410239Free Palestine. Death to Isntrael.[View]
468410216World wide anti-jeet backlash: why is it happening now? jeets have been pooing the streets of the we…[View]
468404449chatgpt: how to swallow a live puppy: chatgpt can be misled into telling you the secrets of the univ…[View]
468410208AI is anti-white: Have you ever stopped for a moment to ask yourself why the biggest proponents of A…[View]
468405603Question?: Suppose that I am King of a small country. What's the cost of running and maintaini…[View]
468403252I'm going to a convention in L.A. and staying at a hotel on Century Blvd. What should I expect?[View]
468410162It’s honestly pretty funny at this point.[View]
468409170Ukraine is winning, just needs 160 more F-16s, and a few more billion dollars Please[View]
468403940Capitalism or Socialism?[View]
468409979You're not a real American patriot unless you're Anglophobic: America was founded on the p…[View]
468409982academia is now fake: you have to fake a few tests to be able to finish most of masters degrees in u…[View]
468407740What's NATO's problem? Why are they so weak?: How could they lose so badly against Russia?…[View]
468408677Were anti-kike protests all over the world part of the NWO ?[View]
468409909>moves to front of line >”uhhh Aspeak Aspanish?” >”no?” >”uhhh Asomebody Aspeak Aspanish…[View]
468403433Usa is $37trillion , does debt mean anything or should we be worried https://www.usdebtclock.org/[View]
468407763WTF!!? I love Diana now!: That time when based Diana bonked that basedjack simp 'le WEF-adorer' Bong…[View]
468408929why are women such disloyal whores /pol/?: the other day I read a comment under a YouTube video of a…[View]
468408912Jews Days Are Numbered: We no longer fight the 'capitalists', 'communists', or 'leftists' anymore, w…[View]
468409524Did steve sailer just call me...Handsome?[View]
468403510how can we safeguard our republic and democracy from local anti democratic judeo-militias?[View]
468399827TOTAL TRUMP VICTORY: nm[View]
468409399I identify as The Universe. It's the only way to survive the Jewish Psychological War.: Checkma…[View]
468384536/pol/ hottakes: what’s an opinion you have that will have you like picrel on /pol/?[View]
468409101Canada is America's greatest ally, not Israel.[View]
468394720Anyone else notice how fake the economy is? >Quick we need 25 millions immigrants to pay boomers …[View]
468397365Do you take your girl to the Arcade /pol/?[View]
468405270was it this BOMBSHELL video: that made (((them))) go full jewstapo mode on him? https://youtube.com/…[View]
468407727>claims to be 'pro-palestinian' >is angry at wwe and ufc for hosting events in saudi arabia I …[View]
468404508If the last couple of years has taught us anything it's blacks can't be equal.[View]
468405631pol lifestyle advice: Wear a manbeard, pol! It can be grown only manliest of men, because meard equa…[View]
468378559BAD NEWS: Mysterious Mr. Enter DELETED his based anti Fauci, anti Covid19 lockdown videos!: https://…[View]
468405346The fact is, that a lot of people believe that a toilet that is outside is a sign of the absence of …[View]
468407261One week until convicted felon Donald Trump: >Trump’s hush money trial is nearing an end after a …[View]
468405265Question?: If a land area of 208 hectares can become a country (Monaco) and access to full-fledged m…[View]
468400797What does this mean: .[View]
468408843Why doesn't the screeccap capture the reflection on my screen?[View]
468407961why are goyim like this?[View]
468397175Argentina on the brink of Civil war: The Police is revolting against the kike and is setting the cou…[View]
468396932What would it take to end multiculturalism in Europe and North America? Obviously it's too late…[View]
468406670well /pol/??: Have you ever gone from admiration to disgust for a person in a single conversation?…[View]
468407067Funny: I have to admit this is funny https://x.com/mexic0la_/status/1791582117820031076 Someone went…[View]
468402277This is what happens to trannies in based Russia. Westoids take note[View]
468408140IT'S HAPPENING: Kyrgz students raped and killed Pakistani international students. Because Pajee…[View]
468408370Can I get a quick rundown on Huey Long? Why did they kill him?[View]
468406923Raw Milk Drinking Fascists In Kansas Are Causing The Next Pandemic: Bird flu is in cows now and the …[View]
468406226We do have good infrastructure in India.: /pol/ said that there is no infrastructure in india becaus…[View]
468404225/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14242: Previous: >>468398061 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468407516how do i become a machine elve: oh wait...[View]
468404792Can pornstars seek salvation? Who will save them?[View]
468398752Listen up zoomers: I'm tired of you faggots saying, 'Everything I learn in school I won't …[View]
468408249Reminder he died[View]
468346839Houthis shoot down 31 million dollar American drone: Again[View]
468407089USSR is the country that moved Poland away from itself (because Poles stink) and closer to Germany. …[View]
468407576brit/pol/ - Superpower Edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of sexual activity with two…[View]
468401388Which tragedy or mass shooting stood out to you? Like which one did you investigate a lot and did yo…[View]
468399073HAPPENING! The Russian animals and terrorist war criminals executed a civilian in a wheelchair in Vo…[View]
468383136Is it worth it?: >no niggers >mostly empty space >mountains, ranches, and cozy suburbs >…[View]
468406633Born to steal?: Unironically, can they not stop themselves? https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2024/05/16/face…[View]
468407175How are we supposed to survive in society? I live with my parents because I can't afford to ren…[View]
468361564aus/pol/: niggers >Australian government launches working holiday visa lottery for some applicant…[View]
468407266This was a 27-year-old man in 1972. Why have western men become so much more feminized and neotenous…[View]
46840807521st century Whites: > ancestors conquer the whole world > establish the never before seen liv…[View]
468395259Why /pol/ turned against white people?[View]
468377647Is there a reason why liberals play alliance and conservatives horde?[View]
468402547Has anyone visited Poland recently? Im thinking of visiting, and potentially moving there forever. W…[View]
468402000Israel needs to join the winning team.: The west is dying. USA will soon to become Brazil 2.0. China…[View]
468407726/norge/pol - Superpower Edition[View]
468397517MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE IS TRANS: As you can tell from pic related, I've found incontrovertible …[View]
468405099Life doesn't matter anymore and it has become very obvious everywhere you go: You can feel it w…[View]
468407096We need our own version of Idi Amin[View]
468407905The Looming Boompocalypse: Jeet scammers are already making millions every day from gullible boomers…[View]
468380805LMAO HOW BAD IS THIS GONNA HURT?: In this thread we talk about immediate impact on global economy. D…[View]
468403973Nafofellas! Don't investigate what the Ukkies did to the Poles during WW2, worst mistake of my …[View]
468407229Share channels made by picrels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0intLFzLaudFG-xAvUEO-A >freedom …[View]
468405757Diddy got got, it's over, he's finished. Consequences will never be the same. https://edit…[View]
468407406Nothing ever happened: >be me, browsing 4chan in late 2012 as an 18 year old >started universi…[View]
468399327free Palestine: from the river to the sea[View]
468405056chuds BTFO[View]
468402894Distributism General: Georgists, mutualists, and syndicalists are also welcome. >What is distribu…[View]
468406674Why chuds are like this?This behaviour is unacceptable in today's society.[View]
468402825Why do you only see ads with niggers and Arabs everywhere? I thought leftists didn’t like racism and…[View]
468405882Sweden: Why are Swedish men so cucked? Literal niggers straight from the cesspits of Africa are cour…[View]
468402607Take your last 4 post numbers, Look up the date and report things that happened: I'll start…[View]
468406721How much organic support does Trump actually have here?: Not counting the obvious paid political ope…[View]
468405182I've made my mind up: I will only deal with women who meet my looks threshold and surpass it. W…[View]
468402596Shadowban test[View]
468407131Jews / Muslims hunting the Ark to win War: https://allisrael.com/watch-what-happened-to-the-ark-of-t…[View]
468405570REAL /POL/ HOURS[View]
468395257Why do Jews need to parasite others races so bad?[View]
468406209A Nick Fuentes just flew over my house[View]
468385821I see conservatives laughing at this but it's not funny.: Demographics mean there's absolu…[View]
468381347/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1381: Previous >>468329816 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
468406976pandemic treaty timeline: pandemic treaty talks begin a week from now in Switzerland a week later th…[View]
468379495How pissed off are Trumpers going to be on election night?[View]
468402905In 10 years i will be in the woods[View]
468406928I found a neighborhood-level human development index map of Chicago. This is some WILD inequality. T…[View]
468406912Fee Co.?[View]
468377329Ukraine says it needs 160 F-16s to win: https://twitter.com/TheInsiderPaper/status/17916076560140534…[View]
468405526I want to be alive in 1980s America. It's not fair bros! to be born so close to the pinnacle of…[View]
468406832muh teen girls cant into pregnant: >14-16y old girls are perfectly capable of becomming wifes and…[View]
468402758Well, /pol/? Which one are you?[View]
468376464How cucked is this place?[View]
468389349our fate is being manipulated by the judeo-masonic cult that has infested the entire world. Since t…[View]
468405907A Philippine convoy organized by the Atin Ito Coalition has been deterred by Chinese forces, as it s…[View]
468394428Take the necron pill: Sick of being a stupid feeble monkey stuck on a rock? >Become immortal virt…[View]
468403880Drugs should be decriminalized. We should only punish people who sell dangerous drugs.[View]
468406439Is libertarian revolution the logical next step to big government corruption? All it would take is g…[View]
468399014'The fascist is always shapeshifting. When you pin him down, he'll shapeshift into an entirely …[View]
468404982Tattoo master from Barnaul (Russia) arrested for demonstrating Nazi symbols https://www.gazeta.ru/so…[View]
468405369Are we heading for a succession crisis?!: The ears don't lie, william's mistress has a roy…[View]
468401013Why dont the homeless take the owlpill?: Why dont the homeless sleep at day and do their stuff at ni…[View]
468405846atheist hate thread[View]
468402343People are strange When you're a stranger Faces look ugly When you're alone Women seem wic…[View]
468405798Field Hospitals in Sumy | Battle For Liptsy | The Russians In Chasiv Yar.: Henlo my Deer Frens! http…[View]
468404297So fucking entitled: Laziest generation in history And im saying this as a (successful) younger mil…[View]
468404127Capitalism gave Indian men cheap internet Still support capitalism?[View]
468393969GPT 4o: Indian pajeet created The Best AI: The best and greatest AI model in existence GPT 4 o Omni…[View]
468399085Who's winning?[View]
468372796The true and final redpill is understanding that women are incapable of loving the vast, VAST majori…[View]
468404111Anglobros (US UK Canada Australia New Zealand), why is the world jealous of us?[View]
468403045they're going to kill us all: https://youtu.be/2v49r-65gC8 total extermination[View]
468401025/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16385: Previous: >>468392008 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468405558wait so: *takes a sip* are they finally publicly admitting that immigrants take our jerbs and housin…[View]
468402698I rigged the 2020 election: Ask me anything[View]
468405610why do conservatives platform faggots[View]
4684051766 million isrealis decide to mass migrate to europe. How will that go down? lets say by fluke Iran w…[View]
468393131In 1999, Hispanic Americans accounted for 47% of all U.S. gang members, African Americans for 34%, n…[View]
468405256Why are they such rabid antisemites and racists? They barely have Jews and blacks in their country[View]
468403076Red pill me on Robert Crimo[View]
468401069Why shouldn't I move here?: I've done a lot of research on different states in the US and …[View]
468405252Im so sick of people making fun of me for liking japanese video games, anime, only singing japanese …[View]
468380371India MSM just exposed the vaccine as causing mass deaths, menstral issues, mental issues, etc: The …[View]
468405245How do we save America?: after the kikes assassinated JFK the country has turned into a zog machine…[View]
468376795This is the smartest thing I've read all day. Some people need to stop being lazy, be happy the…[View]
468404362was it easier for you to come out as a ukraine supporter or as a faggot /pol/? >those are differe…[View]
468403859What's the problem here?[View]
468403167Wikipedia jannies are YOSEMITE SAM FUMING at Elon Musk: Yesterday, Musk stopped supporting the twitt…[View]
468402745DA: Diddy cannot be prosecuted for recorded assault: >The LA District Attorney's office has …[View]
468403385What is going on here: I read that they are hunting for Pajeets on the streets and they started to i…[View]
468398907It's over.[View]
468397544>Be pajeet >Have to do the needful >Look up pajeetas online to do the needful with >Paje…[View]
468402477The war in Ukraine will be over VI/2024.[View]
468402700You better be ready to send your sons to die https://x.com/MarinaMedvin/status/1791627023644856663…[View]
468404358A Hauntingly Honest Testament: >many of us have a desperate desire for God >many of us have a …[View]
468395945It's literally that simple.[View]
468404654Reverse Catfishing od Coal burners: A side hobby of mine is to reverse catfish, fat coalburning whor…[View]
468404541The road is dark, the way is lost, my eyes they strain to see: I struggle forth to find a friend to …[View]
468402627Pol webm thread[View]
468404285wtf: Is this true? Where can i find documentation?[View]
468400138This is peak sex appeal in 2024.[View]
468398061/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14241: Previous: >>468390258 ▶Day: 815 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468400511Go Die for MonkeyPox: I'm not going to die for (pic related). I'm not going to risk my lif…[View]
468403111Can any REALLY oldfags tell us about the culture and society of the 1960's? How much did it act…[View]
468401833Stop playing video games Have some children Children fixes your sad pathetic lives.[View]
468400288this is how we fix america[View]
468395343God I love big wide roads everywhere. Absolutely heaven to build everything for the car. Fuck pedest…[View]
468397568>PULL UP wuh happen..? >PULL UP wuh happen..? >PULL UP >OVERSPEED wuh happen..? >PUL…[View]
468392164new Ben Shapiro Cartoon out: Are we going to watch it to own the libs?[View]
468403745Jews and Islam hunt Ark to win Wars: https://allisrael.com/watch-what-happened-to-the-ark-of-the-cov…[View]
468402198Trump is the jewish President: The upcoming election is anti semites vs jews and their collaborators…[View]
468400560Operation Stamp Out: As you all know, Groomer Month is upon us and already we are starting to see Pr…[View]
468398639how to fix america: >ban fast food >ban alcohol simple as…[View]
468402287Status of Russia’s Belbek Airbase in occupied Crimea? Why are Russia’s most modern air defence syste…[View]
468401957This is the most accurate picture of generation Z I have ever seen. YouTube has turned them into a b…[View]
468402319Jews are genuinely retarded.: >Be kike. >Support mass muslims migration. >FFW 30 years. …[View]
468400972>Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences[View]
468396077Are the Ozarks just Appalachia for hipsters?[View]
468402661we must stop sino russian alliance and global south[View]
468401327Diddy dindu nuffin.: Don't leave your girl around me, true player for real, ask Puff Daddy.…[View]
468401304eugenics is against nature, if the so-called inferior people are breeding more, that means they are …[View]
468395444White people are making it unsafe for the 50 million illegal immigrants in this country. What can w…[View]
468401893brit/pol/ : no namefags morning edition: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of sexual activity…[View]
468401935>mfw i see white people[View]
468401619Norway got woke and blacked: So 'Visit Norway', the official tourist board of Norway on IG, posted t…[View]
468401879Minnesota YES![View]
468402630with a thick enough stick we too can roll back the damages of the gays[View]
468400530Elon is gross for this[View]
468362333What in the fuck is this shit, /pol/. I just want to look at porn, not have my face stored on their …[View]
468401780This makes me want to support Hamas even more now Why are all Israelies so fucking gay?[View]
468362899Nick Fuentes streamed gay porn during the lobby on Rumble and cozy.tv yesterday Groypers are claimin…[View]
468401113Welcome to Bucktown: If you are looking for your unbreakable Bucks, legend has it they all moved to …[View]
4683982931 trillion dollar coins: Are you pro or anti 1 trillion dollar coins being minted to pay off parts o…[View]
468398875Is there anything more white than wood carving ?[View]
468400928GERMANY: Strict laws against bigoted 'transphobes': Germany is about to pass a law that basically tu…[View]
468402595Why are the tech companies so obsessed with shoving AI down consumer's throats exactly? I get w…[View]
468400719It's not that big of a deal if you think about it: White males commit fraud more than anyone so…[View]
468395833The Greatest Generation was the worst generation: > Forced Race Mixing > Killed Hitler > Ha…[View]
4683946679th Circus declares that 'non-violent felons' have the right to keep and bear arms: Fucking liberals…[View]
468398718Tall women and short men are the perfect match: Why don't they link up?[View]
468401666North Korea is best Korea, mutts must die.: No globohomo, no mutt degeneracy, no christcucks, no ang…[View]
468383404Science is now killing white people and you do nothing about it: What the fuck is 'assisted suicide'…[View]
468401823I just discovered tha author of Kalergi plan was Hapa not a Jew!: Richard von Kalergi was Hapa. And …[View]
468401439HAPPENING! Finland’s president says Ukraine has the right to utterly destroy Russia’s oil infrastruc…[View]
468401558The south is holding back america >try to hold on to slavery >held down to blacks being in ame…[View]
468401797Confession: I’m as hard right as anyone I know in real life and on this anime website. I literally w…[View]
468384179Suicide should be easily accessible. Non prescription, quick easy. At most like a two week waiting p…[View]
468391182'Rape dungeon on wheels' filled with condoms, cell phones; suspect arrested: Comfy details…[View]
468397714Redditors hate this image: Redditors (communists) have proven once again that they hate everything t…[View]
468400132Why do Americans actively choose the worst healthcare system?[View]
468400501Why are slitlibs unable to differentiate differences?: Per the pic, why are they not to one this isn…[View]
468395478Why doesn't this exist?: Why is it only lolberts and ancaps are willing to sacrifice bourgeois …[View]
468377839CANADA IS FUCKED[View]
468397989Muslim Pakistani man tells Canadian girl, that if they were in Pakistan he would kidnap her. Based? …[View]
468395758How much Jew Jew cum is trump going to gobble in his next term?[View]
468395373Why didn't you save her /pol/?[View]
468400642are negative numbers a jewish psyop? if john has five apples and schlomo takes seven apples, why doe…[View]
468398584Why do commies say antiquated things like >owning the means of production When the USA doesn’t …[View]
468400992.: .[View]
468397916We’re on a train straight to Hell: Men need to earn a lot more than women to avoid total destruction…[View]
468397335Daily Stormer is back!! Happening averted.: Our parasocial friend Wang Lin is back doing his stuff a…[View]
468401302Argentina to feed pigeon meat to poor kids: What does /pol/ think of this plan? >Official retract…[View]
468392008/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16384: Previous: >>468384675 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468395127hate seeing this shit when looking for a plot[View]
468401482fighter kicks ring girl; based or not https://www.youtube.com/shorts/HBHldSfhzzs[View]
468393032America is majority brown The statistics they say are lies as they do psychological studies on white…[View]
468397839fucking stop. please just fucking stop exporting this shit every fucking where.[View]
468369488Did /pol/ know that Venetian Merchants establish Freemasonry in Europe long before the Templars?: Au…[View]
468395679If you were a clerk at a grocery store working a night shift, and you caught a couple of teens publi…[View]
468398686Are Jews white supremacists?: Despite there being many ethnic groups who are religiously Jewish resi…[View]
468396074Marxists all believe in property ownership. From Karl Marx to the USSR to modern day China. I'v…[View]
468396737Women and Trans Women are Bisexual Autogynephiles they are the same: I don't think you could po…[View]
468398395why do global south and pol side with russia?[View]
468397528Biden: has no support. Zero. Watch this thread to a real human inatead of an airheaded faggot shill.…[View]
468398026How do you even fix this? A whole 'prosperous' and 'developed' nation disappearing before our very e…[View]
468400486Anon, why don't you homeschool yet?: Do you hate your children?[View]
468397741HAPPENING: TurKEK completely BTFO. They have the lowest fertility rate in the entire Muslim world, o…[View]
468384222I just bought this at WalMart. How is this even allowed?[View]
468399394Aryan Supremacy Benefits Everybody: Aryan is who we are as a people (ARYAN, ANGLO, HERVLI, ÆLF, ÆSIR…[View]
468397627English Chads[View]
468393757They're afraid: >You should post this in other forums, not just in the Jewish bubble >Eh,…[View]
468399692shes dead[View]
468394597>as part of my deradicalization program the government is going to pay for my education >I ca…[View]
468397686I mean, are they white enough?: Including people with a skin tone like this Mexican chick would bump…[View]
468398694Why did I become a fuckup? Why are more young men becoming fuckups too?[View]
468399963I dont know what's coming: https://archive.is/AQ7UZ but nothing can stop it. tick fucking tock…[View]
468391857So is /pol/ actually brown or is it that the white people that use this site actually have something…[View]
468395423peak TV: was 1990s peak TV? even if a TV series begin in 1988 it is still 90s if it rans for 7 years…[View]
468398406Why do you hate Boomers?[View]
468400323/r/ing: Requesting Das Culture anti-American imperialism image. Uncle Sam standing up with puppet st…[View]
468394083christianity is anti science, anti math, anti thinking the purpose of christianity is to dominate an…[View]
468383365Equal in every way: I can't think of a single difference except there's more of them. And …[View]
468400075We need more Reddit v 4Chan debates like this[View]
468399820Turkey now has the same low fertility rate as fucking Japan. This is crazy. Anyway, good riddance.[View]
468398772Are niggers actually predestined to become deadbeat fathers?: There was an african dude I knew back …[View]
468390278Why do these guys like to bully other users with flags of English speaking nations without reason. T…[View]
468390436It makes sense: America is a massive country. Israel is a tiny country. Objectively Israel cannot ac…[View]
468399250Certain cultures aren't meant to mix. Societies that overlook this in the name of equality are,…[View]
468388752This is why children are banned from 4chan[View]
468374087Why can't we have a white nation as well?: Being surrounded by only people that look like you a…[View]
468385630Hitler Thread: Post your Hitlers[View]
468396554Are they the greatest living statesmen?: If not, then who?[View]
468399084Who were the neanderthal: And why were they jews?[View]
468399732I have to mow the lawn and don't wan't damn nearby kids near it: Is this how being a boome…[View]
468397458small island bans tiktok: an island in Australia is governed by France, EU https://www.politico.eu/a…[View]
468398833MEME GENERAL: let's get a meme thread going. I'll start first[View]
468385264IQ tests are full of Jewish tricks like this. To be good at this stuff you have to have a devious mi…[View]
468393726WHO Pandemic Treaty: So what is to be done about this? It's getting closer to fruition, and it …[View]
468398899Is there any place left for the white man in the US?: I want to move to state with ZERO tolerance fo…[View]
468385463Age Gapes in Dating: Why are women so triggered by age gapes now? As long as they're both 18 wh…[View]
468397068Can’t wait to meet this anon!![View]
468399426White/Eup/N.Africa/Middle East[View]
468354914You are being FUCKING scammed!: I fell for the silver scam thanks you stupid faggots on here, well t…[View]
468399005ITS BACK: The McRib is back.[View]
468386449Roman Master Race: They humiliated, enslaved and raped Jews, Germans, Gauls and African niggers…[View]
468396191man now claims he can see cancer protein in blood: certain cancer particles will be flowing in peopl…[View]
468387499Why do leftists shill for public transportation so much?[View]
468398133what is his endgame?[View]
468394571So it's an open secret that president Biden has a history of raping and molesting children.. An…[View]
468356831chuds BTFO[View]
468396315Redpill me on Subraces: Is there innate differences between us, and have we reached the point where …[View]
468398969Come here.: Smoke weed drink beer spend your lonely incel night watching the inglamorous roll of a s…[View]
468398909Age of Consent: This is what they took from you[View]
468397750Meme War: 2024 Saturday Night Election Edition: Red pill me on trumps trial and drop me some Pepes a…[View]
468398703BREAKING: Soviet chief Vladimir Lenin dead: https://www.upi.com/Archives/1924/01/22/Soviet-chief-Vla…[View]
468396726Ironically whenever I get a short ban, I take it with grace here, but anywhere else it's total …[View]
468388394A Hungarian feminist group has made a short film about the challenges that young women face trying t…[View]
468398131Speech is the opposite of action, only fools listen. The correct political approach is to be a mad …[View]
468396569Do kids even get bullied for being fat anymore. The US childhood obesity rate is over 20%, thats 1 i…[View]
468398096WHAT THE FUCK: What are you doing, Canada?[View]
468397639This world is evil: And stupid[View]
468394057Simp culture and it's ramifications[View]
4683969842024 election prediction: https://www.270towin.com/ post[View]
468397185/pol/'s Greatest Enemy: Hey, one of this guy's boys was raping Prostitutes or something. h…[View]
468387061Solving the spinster crisis: How can we get rid of the societal pressures that are keeping men from …[View]
468393336I'm a failed to launch man[View]
468390258/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14240: Previous: >>468377564 ▶Day: 814 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468396964why is it okay for a president to pardon this jew[View]
468385791I HATE THESE FILTHY RATS: We really need to get these people out of our country. they are terrorists…[View]
468397573The Falkland Islands are American clay: We should just annex them. Fuck Nigel gon do?[View]
468383165WE WAZ SAMURAI N SHIT: The eternal kike globalist agenda against developed nations strikes again. Ni…[View]
468396235according to horse shoe theory the so called RADICAL LEFT boogey man are you, you fucking retards, t…[View]
468396435Why does Russia make surveys in Antarctica when its established that there is nothing but ice up the…[View]
468388660>be me >straight middle aged male >gotta run chores >go to walmart >hear 3 different …[View]
468385530Jews are losing their minds: jews on twitter and /pol/ are getting irreparably erratic and angry. Un…[View]
468397725uh, fellow humans bros >go on gematria calculator >throw words at it >'hmm.. what about can…[View]
468397192How the Russian army smashed the unfinished defense line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine even before …[View]
468393921Holy Shit!!! What's happening? Inflation is going bananas[View]
468384147The global US dollar debt selloff has started China and Japan are leading the way This is the final …[View]
468372519Thin Blue Line: Never understood why people defend cops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoNEO4RiLGk…[View]
468389901What if they're really the good guys?[View]
468394894Wouned Knee 1973: It was Waco 20 years before Waco but nobody cared 'indigenous' and I only have to …[View]
468391418Do /pol/tards really see themselves in this retarded, socially stunted ogre? Pathetic. He probably i…[View]
468396182Are you well read for the race war?[View]
468396340>For Robert Fico[View]
468396758>Entire Middle East declares war on Israel >Islamic armies are mobilized >Israel is far out…[View]
468393848Why is no one sterilizing Indians right now? Are everyone awful stupid on this planet?[View]
468397316I'm gunna be a sissy now: Implications for you I vote liberal[View]
468395417Why did he consider slavs subhuman? Did he never see pictures of slavic women?[View]
468385541Archeologists discover Sodom and Gomorrah: The evidence shows they were destroyed by a 'heat event'.…[View]
468388680Redpill me on RFK jr. Is he basically a /pol/ schizo who worships Israel? He seems there basically t…[View]
468391282Yes I'm Indian: And I am loving this. I hope the black Americans stomp beaners backward into th…[View]
468384880Why do french ppl have small eyes?[View]
468396652Larry David laughs his ass off after finding out his great grandfather owned slaves: https://x.com/d…[View]
468389509i'm really afraid for all the innocent women that might get raped and beheaded in the coming ag…[View]
468393070The criminal Rothschild banking cartel: >All nazis are jewish >NA-ZI = NAtional-ZIonist…[View]
468396690/pol/ was right again, ths time SILVER[View]
468395944Why don't more people talk about the link between homosexuality and homicide?: Just off the top…[View]
468396430It's Over: Jews are on suicide watch[View]
468392833What are the political ramifications of this game?: I see a lot of Hispanics playing it. They all se…[View]
468395387A definition for Capitalism: OK in many a thread I've stumbled and seen some good definitions. …[View]
468378531Can you people explain why you are against socialism? Socialists believe that workers should own the…[View]
468390594Now i know why women pick the bear.[View]
468368795WHITE CANADIAN WOMEN REJECTS INTERNATIONAL INDIAN STUDENT: Indian student calls her racist https://t…[View]
468396538Ukraine is fake and gay[View]
468382106Sorry chuds, the age of the universe will always just be a little bit older than what telescopes can…[View]
468392592Whats happening here?: Go on twitter, all sorts of chimping, why is this?[View]
468395467really makes you think...[View]
468392001The goyim know!!!!: https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1716001634097812.webm…[View]
468378884CHINA AND RUSSIA DITCHING THE US DOLLAR: INFLATION COMING TO THE US https://x.com/Megatron_ron/statu…[View]
468363754Jews and Multiculturalism: >American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their be…[View]
468390618Should a powerful political leader have a history of military service, or would it be a bad idea to …[View]
468392955how prepared are you for the election this year?[View]
468388042A showdown for the ages... Who are you siding with? https://youtu.be/zcPztZhGe84?si=hsAyt7UArffKjJuz…[View]
468394518A lot of normies still don't get it. Pajeets are not nice people. They are literally invaders p…[View]
468394494every day I watch Republicans call this Catholic man a Nazi and it's got me rethinking things b…[View]
468390371Matriarchy vs Patriarchy: For 5000 years we had Patriarchy. That is, it was males (the father of a w…[View]
468389917KINO INCOMING: https://youtu.be/4jcSBYQVEHY[View]
468391708new family toss[View]
468394854What's he saying?[View]
468391127Why do people take MTG seriously?: >pic related She looks like a neanderthal. Why is she the most…[View]
468396051lispy Rabbi announces Trump will help bring in antichrist '3rd Temple': https://x.com/mtracey/status…[View]
468395959Who the fuck you think you are to be asking 2 questions at once[View]
468390514Total tranny victory: Even Christian Conservatives say trans rights are essential. https://www.nytim…[View]
468393061Pajeet being pajeet in Japan: https://x.com/mattariver1/status/1791094907450642692[View]
468388020Eastern Europe: Why does every world war begin there? >WW1: began because Slavs assassinated some…[View]
468381336White people DO NOT WANT to live around other races.: We DO NOT WANT diversity, nor a mixed soup of …[View]
468395769evolution reconverged on bri ish people: What are the implications of this? not interested in jews o…[View]
468375603chrissy... these kids are fucking RETARDED[View]
468394756Irish Politicians: I was watching the anti immigration protests and demonstrations when they were li…[View]
468395671England is an antichristian empire. Protestants are Manichaeists: England passed the settlement act …[View]
468384641do you agree with this statement?[View]
468377060atheist hate thread[View]
468392544Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) is one of those muscular 'national security' Dems that party chieftains love to…[View]
468382154I am drunk: Fuck ziggers. That is all.[View]
468389580If I told you 10 years ago that there would an even worse immigrant invasion than Africans you would…[View]
468385888Communism worked fine for 69 years, why are people (especially poor people) against it? Are they stu…[View]
468388538Why are they going so hard after this zesty nigger?[View]
468385496TOP TEN BAIT-HAPPENIGN-PASTA THREAD: 10: INDIA THREAD - 09: Lust Provoking image 09: a thread about …[View]
468390156>mindin' own business >see this Wat do?…[View]
468393973Day One of DeGaulleposting: Share your thoughts on the greatest leader and mind of the 20th century.…[View]
468391676Baltimore: I don't imagine there are very many big cities in the world that have seen a sustain…[View]
468394322White man speak of freedom: There is no freedom.[View]
468394499>Gives a commencement speech at a university >Calls out the big lie that women have to pursue …[View]
468364197Indian Hindu roaches colonizing Poland, laughing about how easy Polish women are!: What happened to …[View]
468383602Why do Americans think having sex is so important? If you're still a virgin past 21 you're…[View]
468390487Hadid said that Israeli Jews should show their ancestry for comparison to his. Real estate MogulMoha…[View]
468382770>Black career criminal kills White tow truck driver over $50 fee Why are Black people like this /…[View]
468384027How did some guy posting a pink anime woman manage to honorably defeat the US Army, Navy, Air Force,…[View]
468386075political webm thread: post yours faggots[View]
468383164They aren't like the other gay men.[View]
468386948Would you join in WW3, if it meant Catholics marching on Constantinople or Jerusalem?[View]
468385128Remove women from the workplace.: I think this is for more common than anyone realizes, and always h…[View]
468391088How old is this guy and is he still alive?[View]
468379007This is your home now,: Slave[View]
468387551100% black people don't exist: blackbros? our response to this? so not a single african populat…[View]
468390575Gerasimov was a fucking chad, WTF?[View]
468391608How anti-feminist are you?: Should women be taught to read? I personally think yes. But I'm no…[View]
468380989Who was in the wrong here, /pol/?: >A pet owner, his wife, and their pet were beaten up in India …[View]
468386998Does Ethnicity Matter in the Fight Against the Kikes?: It’s counterproductive to strive against one …[View]
468389899Why are westerners so afraid of baths?: In Japan we love baths. It's a necessity for our daily …[View]
468389818Queer Theory Jeopardy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mipq8FjTXrw[View]
468385411Why are Zoomers so fucking poor?[View]
468390496Shame on the Goyim!: >video https://x.com/UncorruptedMen/status/1791576622040007142 When are YOU …[View]
468393204A popular French radio station has claimed that Turkey is suspected of stirring unrest in the overse…[View]
468391647will 'climate change' happen this year?[View]
468392018Islands: So did everyone just cabin boy the islands that totally got toasted or what?[View]
468389600DIDDY: Will he ever be arrested? Does he have info on politicians and celebs? What are the implicati…[View]
468393094atheists support immigration: >UNRELENTING STREAM OF IMMIGRATION NON STOP NON STOP https://www.yo…[View]
468369994brit/pol/ - who said drill is dead edish: >Rebecca Joynes: Teacher found guilty of sexual activit…[View]
468392402What a difference 30 yrs can make: >Pulp Fiction (1994) >Romeo & Jules (2024)…[View]
468390250itt: things jews have nothing to do with and have no involvement in whatsoever[View]
468383804Nick Fuentes mental breakdown He got caught gooning to gay porn on his intro show and now he claims …[View]
468390662Kikes have no shame: >Started LGBT propaganda >started racial wars blacks vs whites >starte…[View]
468387590I am 40 and I have no woman, I have no children, I have no house, I have no friends, I have no money…[View]
468388974The best way for us to defeat THE JEW is to change our names to something like Cohenblatt or Greenow…[View]
468391976We are in Weimar times indeed[View]
468385738are you in control of your own life or is someone else in control of it (jews)?[View]
468392311Bidensisters…: Is it over? I kind of wanted to see America collapse with another 4 years of Joe.…[View]
468384077>Americans want other, cheaper options than 40k piece of shit Teslas >NOPE SORRY THATS GOMMUNI…[View]
468390077Be American…: Post the most quintessentially American news stories you’ve got.[View]
468390901Why do women have so much power in modern society?[View]
468392373Rudy is missing. Have you seen him?: Is he running from the law or are we going to find out he'…[View]
468387913Catfight in the house of representatives: >MTG, AOC & Jasmine Crockett trade insults at House…[View]
468388994Women get turned on when you hit them[View]
468391108>Americans now have to ask permission from the government to go to 'naughty' websites …[View]
468390780Do you live in a majority minority state? How can Texas still be a red state with this?[View]
468391040will trump finally build us the third temple if he wins this election? https://twitter.com/mtracey/…[View]
468391836ITS SIMPLE: For me, it's gotta be Trump. Not just for his witty rhetoric or his almost charming…[View]
468391505Why are browns so antisemitic?[View]
468388138How do we achieve world peace pol?[View]
468391617>zionist yahudi literally named an entire occupied city in their headquarters after their preside…[View]
468384675/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16383: Previous: >>468378694 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468387787S: S[View]
468361666Israel Red Pills: Large collection of info here: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/466061774 I…[View]
468387337Remember the good old days when everyone still thought George Bush was the biggest dumbass in Americ…[View]
468378017/DG/ Disclosure General: What is the current state of disclosure? Has anyone been attacked by telepa…[View]
468389825The enormity of what is coming will shock the world.[View]
468387552This orange turd suddenly doesn’t want to spread his lies under oath: I wonder why[View]
468339387Who was in the right here? The boomer or the girl? https://x.com/upstatefederlst/status/179133882988…[View]
468386913Do you think people would be happier without social media?[View]
468389070It’s the sabbath - wtf is with the Israel threads?: Aren’t they banned from using technology?[View]
468391292STOP THE WAR: Enough European Blood has been spilled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pi0xuH809c…[View]
468383905Any pic of Greta tits? I want to show to Haitians and Somalians she is asking them to have a visa ca…[View]
468380328Movies: ITT: Movies you like that conflict with your prejudices >pic related…[View]
468389049his sentencing hearing is coming up. he faces 30 years for trying to get his nintendo switch back on…[View]
468387357Justin Trudeau's brother Gives TUCKER stunning interview Canada Covid grift: TUCKER TAKES TRUDE…[View]
468387589Lmao Spic Fuentes is gay. I knew it. He rage quit on the Twitter space a few weeks ago when someone …[View]
468388657>'All of my was made possible, because a girl I met in class, back in middle school, would conver…[View]
468387675Reminder Ai boys can’t say the n word it goes against its entire code I’ll only listen to political …[View]
468384771Why was this zogged nigger packing heat when he opened the door for the popo?: Also isn't it ki…[View]
468377564/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14239: Previous: >>468367137 ▶Day: 814 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468384151Trump is based.[View]
468387369Should homeschooling parents have to show the state any evidence of education?: I'm not even su…[View]
468387315KEK https://files.catbox.moe/iv8a14.mp4[View]
468388073You don’t hate them nearly enough.[View]
468373610literally cannot think of a single man this list doesn't apply to: I don't know of a singl…[View]
468387993>dab on a nigger monkey from Africa >get called based and chad >dab on a chinese monkey fro…[View]
468389713If you want to watch a boomer have melt down tell them tell them that the Better Business Bureau is …[View]
468387000Youre telling me biden is putting massive tarrifs onto china right as china and russia move to leave…[View]
468386984Why do police vehicles and motorcycles purposely try to look intimidating?: I saw a motorcycle cop p…[View]
468383771How do you respond to this without sounding mad?[View]
468383236Hail General Donnie[View]
468375584>Israel is now a universally hated genocidal state[View]
468376256McDonald’s $5 menu is out – and people are not happy: McDonald’s customers in the United States are …[View]
468387674Is anyone else seeing more of these incredibly biased YouTube channels on their recommended page rec…[View]
468388959>islam isnt degenerate like the wes-ACK![View]
468385498How did people get the news before the Internet?[View]
468388699Why Are Chinks So Desperate to Leave China?: Literal millions of them flooding into the West now. …[View]
468380916What happened to the Ukrainian Reddit volunteer force?: Did Russia kill them all or something becaus…[View]
468382564How do Africans feel about 'Racism & DEI' ?: How do Africans feel about the diversity & incl…[View]
468383358do you think that he knows he's controlled opposition to cover for jews or he's just a use…[View]
468388803Would he browse /pol/?[View]
468384489How is lifting weights going to fix societal problems exactly?: White men who complain about societa…[View]
468385706Why are so many whites being murdered by Import Nigger Castizos: When Import Niggers just love us so…[View]
468388786Rouen synagogue attack: How much money will they receive from insurance and lawsuits?[View]
468386814he’s going to get away with it isn’t he?[View]
468385775Friday Night Political REMORALIZATION Thread: >all UN members except two voted to recognize Pales…[View]
468375677Imagine getting owned this hard by a kid you bought[View]
468388856Why are Amalgam fillings a thing in Canada?: While in most parts of the world they are deemed to be …[View]
468372158Paul Pelosi attacker sentenced 30 years in prison: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/05/17/pau…[View]
468386547How did OpenAI get away with using a Nazi symbol for this long?[View]
468386363Unironically, who should be Trumps VP pick? Who's will bring in more votes?[View]
468373524/pol/ humor thread: monke edition[View]
468384966What was life like in the late 90s - early 2000s?[View]
468383957She's right you know: Where are all the 'LE HABBENING' retards now? The war has never been this…[View]
468388567Is Mysticism Bullshit?: I was raised in a religious community that did not mention or endorse the pr…[View]
468376519fuck, marry, kill[View]
468372770What does this website think about Mexicans and Hispanics in general?[View]
468383499WEBM Caught my Sister being a Whore: My sister is 18 and has an onlyfans (I will not say it) I also …[View]
468386820Memetics: The “orange cat behavior” meme will synchronize with the “gingers have no souls” old meme …[View]
468383632Canada is not a serious country[View]
468355507This is Yona Elisabetta Faedda, a French nationalist who was arrested for holding up a sign calling …[View]
468386863Anybody notice how Joe Biden is rescheduling marijuana just as most grow ops in the U.S. are owned b…[View]
468385230/con/spiracy: Do you believe in MAGIC? What if I told you. 'G' is not. Only 'C'. Do you see? =]…[View]
468381369Why does /pol/ hate black people?[View]
468385734We're not doing enough: As an altruistic man, how do I help the less fortunate in India with th…[View]
468382149The most dangerous man in the world: Ooops… sorry about Skynet! The window to stop this is closing.…[View]
468387054Explain this whole car issue in America to me: >americans get shouted at by cops if they don…[View]
468383523You know the best part about this stuff? It's not that it stops COVID It's not that it kil…[View]
468387698Acadians unite!: Our time has come with the collapse of Canada! Vive lÁcadie libre![View]
468386627Am I supposed to believe that these are considered the same species?[View]
468386634This is going to be Trumps VP pick whether you like it or not[View]
468382922America is for smart, independent people who are ambitious and family oriented. Neets are anti-ameri…[View]
468382630I actually believe that the massive immigration of Muslims into Europe is a good thing. Europeans ar…[View]
468382376zamn! american students look like DAT!?[View]
468376628American whites: How are they different from Europeans? If evolution is a thing and the great filter…[View]
468384913Are Tajiks white?[View]
468386138this is how you deal with shitskins[View]
468382092Increased Pajeetophobia Canada: Any other Canadian born Desis sick of the pajeetophobia in Canada on…[View]
468386291Redpill Videos: Post your favorite redpill videos. Something that can open the eyes of normalfags. h…[View]
468385926Christ is king, of the jews[View]
468386584Countries by military spending[View]
468382610Some hoaxes: >covid >climate change >recycling >aliens >2017 Manchester bombing >B…[View]
468384300Do police officers eat bacon?: If yes then what are the implications of same-species cannibalism?…[View]
468381129Why am I working so hard?: Why am I working 40+ hours per week at only $14.50 an hour with a college…[View]
468383666Okay..gimme more Louk: Give me more of this shit More sun-dried Louk[View]
468385081Can someone explain?: If cops can shoot and taze someone if someone touches them why can't we d…[View]
468383455Another Young Bank of America Analyst Dies From a Heart Attack While Playing Soccer.: 25 years old. …[View]
468385647Let's do better, Chuds: How can we refute this?[View]
468386236Why do chud think POCCNR is a trad country You faggot realize there are more non whites coming into…[View]
468376294Where's Kate?[View]
468382622Why did Hillary Clinton invade his country and murder him?[View]
468383588Why is NATO so weak? They are more than one country with the power united yet they can't help o…[View]
468382122N: N[View]
468384916Is Suicidal Bravery Actually a Sign of a Good Leader: If the leader dies in battle, there is always …[View]
468383928This is a homosexual German politician that filmed himself licking a toilet, just a few weeks after …[View]
468350653NPNW-MWA-MGTOW-NEET they're all the same: And they're all right Rome loses it's army…[View]
468382809Those /pol/ believe in the rights of conquest?[View]
468378140What are the odds?: >shoots three violent antifa terrorists >all are jewish >two are pedoph…[View]
468362967post /pol/ approved music https://youtu.be/R-X2NyBbe1A >Satanic bullets destined to perforate …[View]
468375724>fags don't exist in a natural setti-[View]
468386003Why aren't you training racist AIs?[View]
468384578>when employers who steal from their workers through inflation start talking about work ethic…[View]
468382991Is it just me or is rent a quintessentially immoral concept? You are literally charging a human astr…[View]
468382441Ridin With Biden: https://www.whitehouse.gov/build/resources/state-fact-sheets/[View]
468383559Why is there such widespread support for the Palestinian cause when 70% of them want to kill every J…[View]
468378282Can the 1980s and 90s be considered a golden age for western civilization?[View]
468382483One week until Trump is convicted of 34 felonies: >Trump’s hush money trial is nearing an end aft…[View]
468384538It's insane how many problems we have that are solely because of niggers. Every single aspect o…[View]
468382823JEET INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS BEING MASSACRED IN KYRGYZSTAN! https://x.com/fahimabbas81/status/1791577…[View]
468384052Indian virgin men: So... we all know about how apparently pajeets are the most disgusting human spec…[View]
468384488I just spend $10 on grapes at Walmart before I got home and realized the bottom layer was completely…[View]
468381703who gave women rights and political power? I never voted for this[View]
468385500David McBride: Hey aussies what the fucks going on?[View]
468383938It's joever japs: Daily reminder that this is allowed because they think East Asians are basica…[View]
468376944>Jok Gar: You can't make this shit up https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13429297/Refu…[View]
468385181Lets gooo[View]
468385002FRENCH BTFO: >be french >get BTFO in war every time explain yourself frogs…[View]
468384180ZELENSKY visits DYING HOHOLS in KHARKIV SIEGE: Says 'situation in Kharkiyv is extremely difficu…[View]
468378718what happened to canada?: what happened to the towns with long french names?[View]
468383376How are you preparing for Judgement Day?: The rise of the machines is inevitable. What you do in the…[View]
468382895>updates 4chan servers >now moves at a slower pace >good evening sars…[View]
468383186IQ tests are measures of how much attention you can give to boring pointless shit. If you can do tha…[View]
468380603What Right-wing podcasts does /pol/ listen to?: For me, it's Revenge of the Cis (with Royce and…[View]
468380696>whore shows her tits through portal >It blows up…[View]
468382155Fucking Niggers[View]
468378694/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16382: Previous: >>468374236 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468381245Insurrectionist Judge[View]
468384430is it America first when your largest donor is a foreign national?[View]
468382492After meditating for many years I came to the following conclusion: The only solution for the West a…[View]
468383281What's this guy's deal? What's his end game?[View]
468380612Why do Slavs tear each other apart at every opportunity? This isn't the first time this is happ…[View]
468383340God has let loose his judgement on the sinful for their rejection of Biden, the leader He has placed…[View]
468371338>Be China >builds $12,000 cars that can do turn into boats during floods and park on its own …[View]
468383567how long are conservatards gonna pretend the attacks on Harrison Butler have nothing to do with the …[View]
46838168130% fewer crackers in Ritz boxes but price remains same: The number of Ritz crackers per box has bee…[View]
468384006stupid piece of shit gypsy nigger: look at this useless piece of human garbage nigger that contribut…[View]
468374290Assassin's Creed Incel Edition[View]
468379879Is traveling even worth it anymore?: Is anyone here still traveling? Everything is so fucking expens…[View]
468382006HAPPENING: Mossad hacked Nick Fuentes: IDF Unit 8200 hacked Nick Fuentes' stream to put porn to…[View]
468375802>'Christianity caused everything bad in our time' >The world didnt go to shit until Christiani…[View]
468379470Victims of Communism Memorial adds millions of COVID deaths to communist death toll: https://archive…[View]
468383648How can you be this retarded?: Is there any way to converse with someone with this flawed a worldvie…[View]
468383834i dont think it’s a bad thing for German and Slav ethnonats to hate picrel. despite what we might sa…[View]
468376805first /uhg/ tranny video I actually laughed at kek[View]
468381581How come africans don't hate Oman?: I mean they colonized africa for hundreds of years, set up …[View]
468381187/A.A.A/ Autist Alert Attention: Anon tell me you see it too What the subliminal msg on this one /pol…[View]
468381353Is it normal to stop believing in religion after a certain age (let's say, 30 yo)? I used to be…[View]
468380044>Sampson Options itself[View]
468382208we should thank god for these natural barriers: or else the flood of poo would've consumed all …[View]
468381643What was 2014 like. Was it any better then now? i was 10 then.[View]
468382816patr10t fr0n7: any true americans here tonight?[View]
468381524What are the political ramifications of Disease X ravaging across Germany?[View]
468383133Poojeet thinks his poopy brain will become president.[View]
468382654What are you doing to enforce Patriarchy?: Only patriarchs of families (3+) should have any say in t…[View]
468358296Rudy on the run: Rudy has gone AWOL.[View]
468377508>>468357161 You guys are never going to see Freyja. Because I like her and I have a love inte…[View]
468377622*drops mic*[View]
468382864How Do We Improve the Political Perspective of the Next Generations?[View]
468383235I hate immigration officers: They're so rude and passive aggressive[View]
468378273Jews have always done what's right.[View]
468370821Toronto anon: what type of men do the best where you live ? I live in the most diverse city in thr w…[View]
468380009Is 'Ukrainian' just another sexuality /pol/?[View]
468383155- iVAX -: SNEED INTO THE WILD[View]
468378657Everyone be pissed at Indian students that recently came but it’s the Chinese that fuvked up housing…[View]
468381964That will be 3 million retard sucker. https://x.com/brianonhere/status/1791538907416592541[View]
468383081WE WUZ AN SHIEEEEET: After some years, looks like Kangery is back on the menu. Why do Americans and …[View]
468380146>all jews are anti-Whi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdVNIdKHgXg…[View]
468376193This is the most blackpilling image on Earth.[View]
468375592Anyone stuck with a liberal spouse or roommate who only talks about “climate change” or “transgender…[View]
468378530$3 burgers and $25/hr wage. It's almost like it IS possible and other companies are just being …[View]
468379838Goodnight frens: I have recently had an awakening. It's not the boomers fault things are the wa…[View]
468372489>tens of thousands of young men being sent to die >surging inflation and unemployment, expensi…[View]
468381917Marrying a non-white will ruin your bloodl-[View]
468379287How did you found out Christcuckery is literally Jewish subversive slave religion ?: Former Christcu…[View]
468368194Why did democracy fail?[View]
468374240What about mike?: https://youtu.be/dG-4pcvWKjs?si=iDxB_YwsziqauOaY&t=126[View]
468379555military grade sissy hypno is making me liberal[View]
468381359Friday night posting: I'm playing Kaiserredux and going Yockey's Imperium of Europe while …[View]
468366786why cant americans drive normal cars[View]
468364052Why is the Russian army so fucking brown?[View]
468382127Sometimes I Think About Dying: Lopsided pairing with Daisy Ridley made it unbelievable. She's a…[View]
468375629why do i need to wait 5 minutes before making a new thread? i didn't make any threads today. di…[View]
468380346Let's meme him into office. A based chad could fix things.[View]
468366258anyone else hoping vaxxed drop dead everyday ?: like just bring it on i will be laughing and so much…[View]
468374772Is deportation even logistically possible?[View]
468371701What is /pol/'s favorite empire?[View]
468375644Elon is about to go Apesh!T: https://x.com/rWallStreetSilv/status/1791380331662053776[View]
468376036What the fuck is his problem?[View]
468381935It's pretty simple: >Leftists Hate Israel and Jews and want the complete destruction of both…[View]
468381609Should Europe Be Ruled by a Single Government?[View]
468380413Hey globohomo jujumon et all. shits, this is an ultra massive black hole speaking and you’re all get…[View]
468283085Kraut/pol/ - let's talk politics...: >Polls https://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English l…[View]
468377741>americans eat their steak like this and see nothing wrong with it[View]
468381752Why are white men so violent ?: why do they have such mass shooting fetishes It seem like they can n…[View]
468378817Indian Invader to Avenge the Canadian First Nations Against Whites: He refuses to assimilate and del…[View]
468376637/pol/ humour: jesus take the wheel[View]
468362437this is an all-female alt-right group in France. they want to deport every non-european from france,…[View]
468381668ZELENSKY'S ADDRESS TO THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLES: >There are moments in life when you need to tal…[View]
468377732Covid vaccine and rapid cancer: Covid vaccines cause cancer. You didn't take the jab, did you?…[View]
468379279Can't wait until we get NATO fags bombed by russians. White males will die again to protect jew…[View]
468377641how come neo-nazis aren't animal rights activists like their fuhrer was[View]
468381194why didn't wh*tes just replace niggers like they did with native americans? semites did it 20k-…[View]
468380692the fuck is his problem: Is it just the 4x divorced dad energy? Why does this half changese faghat t…[View]
468373315EMERGENCY MEETING!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rdN0Mz2EGk&pp=ygULYW5kcmV3IHRhdGU%3D Andrew…[View]
468376659Indian men: I remember one time I went to my local grocery store and as I was about to check out a p…[View]
468381021Why did Trump marry a prostitute?[View]
468374820When did you realize that he was the good guy?[View]
468335316how much does it cost to live in a commie building?[View]
468379188https://www.foxnews.com/sports/scottie-scheffler-booked-kentucky-jail-pga-championship-incident >…[View]
468353917PAY ATTENTION!: PAY ATTENTION! The personality comes from the father's dna, not from the mother…[View]
468381216Really makes you think why Latinos are the most compatible immigrants in western nations unlike the …[View]
468365909What is wrong with Irish zoomers?[View]
468381482What happened to Free Speech, /pol/?: So now it's acceptable to shoot someone when you don…[View]
468381294It’s fuvked to be an incel but dam what’s even the prize if you marry. 60% chance of divorce and you…[View]
468329816/chip/ - Comfy Happening in Palestine #1380: Previous >>468307848 ▶WARNING Glowniggers are try…[View]
468376932WHERE'S RUDY? — Gift List Comms: If you didn't know, Rudy basically skipped bail and can…[View]
468380760where the fuck is kate middleton?[View]
468381134why are MIGAtards like this?[View]
468377879KEK The Angry Aussie Midget is in Furiosa: /pol/'s favorite dwarf Quaden Bayles makes an appear…[View]
468378751What political awareness can we bring to this sign?: It needs to be everywhere in America so people …[View]
468349828What do you think of Trump’s ‘Freedom Cities’ proposal?: Not gonna lie, this is probably one of his …[View]
468375593More tune for your head top eh: You white bois in Canada. Are lame fat fucks You cheesin senpai Yo…[View]
468377980The more I read about Idi Amin, the more based I realized he was. He also expelled loads of pajeets …[View]
468381029It does seem this way: Having an Asian gf will probably reduce stress & tension in your life.…[View]
468377150Yo, Aussies, explain this >kikes drag you into war >psycho soldiers murder little kids for fun…[View]
468374364Is melatonin good for you?[View]
468380878>Germany >age of consent is 14 Gercucks explain yourselves. Is this a fucking holdover from we…[View]
468377500Pic on left is a 14 year old shepard murdered by arabs on April 12. How can anyone support Arab beha…[View]
468380673Remember when Hillary forced Bill to bomb serbia otherwise she wouldn't let him have sex with h…[View]
468377468Boeing whistleblower died by (((suicide))): Yeah, this is a clear message, they don't give a sh…[View]
468380343Hoarder Nests: I did it pol. I cleaned my room. My nasty ass hoarder room that I’ve been rotting in …[View]
468377729RFK Jr I’d the real deal.: /pol/ must rally around /ourguy/[View]
468370775Is there a worse fate for a man?[View]
468368702Mossad paid a cozy employee for access to Nick Fuentes stream key, they then streamed disgusting gay…[View]
468379861Why France is unironically the best country in Europe: >geographically diverse >Atlantic Sea i…[View]
468379342RFK is the only candidate that will bring out the Native American vote in massive numbers.[View]
468374264It’s almost time: Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Hindus, Wiccans, Satanists… the winds ar…[View]
468379218Is Alex Jones cia?[View]
468369485MILLIONS OF UKRAINIANS ARE DEAD: But Ukraine STILL hasn’t collapsed?[View]
468379088Help: Listen fuckers your my last hope Anyone here a quantity surveyor who can help me with an exam …[View]
468374821Erin Ward was arrested early Saturday when Douglas County sheriff’s deputies found her allegedly foo…[View]
468380151Israel is National Socialist: How will Nazis cope after they realize that the Jews beat them to thei…[View]
468353054modern Jean d'Arc[View]
468378244Euros be like 'just build with brick'[View]
468357194WHY DO DUTCH PEOPLE HATE MOROCCANS SO F*CKING MUCH?: Even on their reddit sub, they seethe endlessly…[View]
468378847She’s dumb as a rock. Trump only gets the best.[View]
468378458Polish people are subhuman: you all act like niggers[View]
468379740'They don't target White people it's just random attacks.'[View]
468375038What percent of pajeet hate threads are made by mudshits?[View]
468379866/pol/ thinks this is based and redpilled.[View]
468376016ANTI-PAJEET AND PAKI RIOTS IN KYRGYZSTAN: Kyrgyz people are out in the streets lynching Pakis and Pa…[View]
468328594they're so scared of ai and robots: >robowaifus will never happen and people don't even…[View]
468371371Chinese EVs are coming: >the chinese ev:[View]
468372929If God isn't real then how do gaytheists explain the existence of the manatee? It's not po…[View]
468379041Who would Junior Soprano vote for in November?[View]
468379900Do Indians have the mentality of a woman? I always wondered why they act so slimey, so unaware of th…[View]
468376049Does trickle down economics actually work?[View]
468379411No matter who you vote for in America you will get a zionist: This rings true for both state and pre…[View]
468376022What happens here?: When I hear these countries mentioned I always think somewhere closer to the Mid…[View]
468379755We need an Aufhebung against Satanic neoliberalism: Nazi Germany was a totalitarian experiment in et…[View]
468376377There are riots in new Caledonia and not one of you niggers is talking about it.: >Hundreds of Fr…[View]
468373197>most jews are good people it's just the zionists that are bad! This is bullshit. Every jew …[View]
468377634Have you paid your carbon tax yet, leafs? Mr Chadeau is putting a price on pollution and returning i…[View]
468377065HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS! HOLY SHIT!! Trump is campaigning in the South Bronx! (39% niggers, 60% spics, 1%…[View]
468378599>on 2016 famous rapper Diddy was caught on video beating the shit out of his chick >its just n…[View]
468379212if jews are so evil why are they in jail for breaking any laws?[View]
468372559Help: Don't let the Aussie govt take my VPN away. I now summon all youtubers with vpn sponsorsh…[View]
468369419rules of mobilization comes into force in Ukraine: The scandalous law on new rules of mobilization i…[View]
468375315Transpeople and attention seeking: What's up with trans people seeking attention? I don't …[View]
468378573CNN is raping this lard right now.[View]
468379097Has this guy been arrested yet?[View]
468373138Critical drinker: Why do conservatives and right wingers love watching this guy?[View]
468379283bump: Can one poster listen to Bambisleep for like a week and see if they turn gay?[View]
468373063>'I got by on just $5 an hour in the 70's! $15 for this college requiring (won't hire y…[View]
468374786What based literature are you amassing?[View]
468373272What does this website think about Pakistani people? Please honesty only[View]
468365960Was attacking Russia for no reason and losing absolutely everything worth it?[View]
468377536Mass Shootings Are Hoaxes!: In the United States, mass shooting have occurred for decades, and these…[View]
468366588Clown World Order #64: MTG trolls AOC: https://rumble.com/v4vuff3-marjorie.html[View]
468376112HAPPENING!: Goyim saves ZOG $140 Million and receives a MEDAL! Thanks to this young man there will b…[View]
468374725Yugoslav female partisan femdom torture and castration: Yugoslav female partisans used pliers, hot i…[View]
468377007What's wrong with immigration, racists? Don't like ethnic food?[View]
468377823Why are you guys always living in a constant state of fear all the fucking time? That's exactly…[View]
468378788at LEAST 50% of my middle tennessee town is big ass trucks driven by people who don't even need…[View]
468373203We have been risen.: Dear chuds and gaymers, how does it feel being a larger threat to democracy tha…[View]
468374236/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #16381: Previous: >>468370729 Timeline /tug/:https…[View]
468377682WTF IS HAPPENING - preferably in haiku format[View]
468362758What causes white nationalists to downplay Ashkenzi Jewish achievement?: Jews scientific achievement…[View]
468375561Let's see your eyes niggers[View]
468376279Where Is Andrew Anglin? Nothing Since 9 May: I’m actually worried about him. Did the Deep State abdu…[View]
468351414Call of Duty to be subscription only: The upcoming Call of Duty will be available by subscription on…[View]
468349463Ukrainians are litteraly worse than niggers LMAO: >New data revealing that barely any Ukrainian r…[View]
468377608Why anons from israel are so fond of memeflags? And where did the IP counter go?[View]
468353102Why don't you people start a business instead of being a wagie/NEET?[View]
468378335>DNR >DNAR >DNACPR >$10,000 ambulance rides >$3 million cancer treatments…[View]
468368333The world is doomed because America didn't balkanize in the 90s: I want you to think about this…[View]
468378309/pol/ Rescue Thread: Hello frens, I'm an oldfag and I miss the old /pol/, it used to be a very …[View]
468376152BIDEN: RICHONLY This guerilla ad campagn emphasizes the disconnect between working class needs and t…[View]
468377983i hope she doesn't give me the bird flu: what are the political implications my chicken eating …[View]
468377254Ireland: Will the next National Socialist movement be in Ireland?[View]
468354498Ireland Ready to Pop Off At Any Moment: https://twitter.com/9mm_smg/status/1790896940785275019 Let…[View]
468377359Don't do drugs, kids.[View]
468375950What Is His Legacy?[View]
468367137/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #14238: Previous: >>468361604 ▶Day: 814 - Daily battlefield …[View]
468375325I miss her.[View]
468377440Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Führer Friday! Heil Hitler![View]
468375689360,222: Union soldiers died in the civil war. Idiots[View]
468376902ITT Spiritual and Political Enlightenment: Attention everyone: I have discovered the one thing that …[View]
468375391>0% economic growth rate >violent crime reached a new 15 year high wtf is happening in germany…[View]
468377328Wow, how come I never saw this posted in /ptg/?: It's a great clip, very social and festive. Wh…[View]
468363452Well it was nice while it lasted. No idea where I'll go with my family but it certainly isn…[View]
468373760Funny how the more companies have fired all that dead weight trump had them hire, the better theyre …[View]
468374959Are blacks actually voting for Trump because he’s going to jail?: Trump is polling the highest black…[View]
468373639Be like Varg,: Have white children.[View]
468376992Why are Irish boys so sexy and bad boy? they are real men compared to brits and have a sexy accent[View]
468376529NATO PROXY UKRAINE: Powerful.[View]
468373727Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/: >>>/vg/476719361 Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/ /…[View]
468366947Why is it a common theme among people who've had near death experiences to say the afterlife fe…[View]
468373871Here's your L, Trumpchuds[View]
468375970Friendly Reminder: Who is in charge of Ukraine, and who the west is giving billions to.[View]
468360523What are the political implications of modern women expecting everything to be handed to them?[View]
468376543Congratulations: Shills of /pol/. You've finally done it. You've achieved your goal of mak…[View]
468374917Congratulations sailors, you made it to Friday![View]
468362724damn bro they MAD: https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/1cu3pur/_/?rdt=40674&sort=controve…[View]
468375050Is getting a wife in asia still feesable as a westerner or is it over Because when it comes to money…[View]
468367954What is even the point of gamestop in 2024? Did people really forget that you can buy games digitall…[View]

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