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127130572When did you grow out of libertarianism?[View]
127125308Can you see what I see?[View]
127132360Manchester Hoax Lady Pics?: Anyone have more info on the pics that were posted re: Manchester. Some …[View]
127132349REMEMBER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7eao-UXZtA[View]
127111395The End of Civilization: So it seems the jews got what they want. % of whites in America and Europe …[View]
127128942/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PAY UP EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
127110447FOLLOW THE MONEY: HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH https://web.archive.org/web/20170201234255/https://nflcomm…[View]
127131844Pepe Ca$$$h: Has somebody bought Pepecash? How much do you own? How much do you recommend to live li…[View]
127132033(((Pure coincidence))): Post pure coincidence.[View]
127132000Liberals try to get professor to resign for not participating in no whites day: http://m.washingtont…[View]
127120089Bernie Sanders: What does /pol/ actually think of Bernie Sanders?[View]
127123267Brit/pol/ - Babs Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaJ4wzDO5fA >Incompete…[View]
127117475Give one good reason why anybody should care about these hick subhumans[View]
127126877what is /pol/ scientific consensus on the death penalty?[View]
127131758This movie stars John Travolta who is in charge of a black ops unit who steals money from a CIA slus…[View]
127126856So it was nothing, right? I feel like there are so many stories about how Trump is finished for sure…[View]
127130064Help Me /pol! Is there video of this?!?!: Is there a video Greg Gianforte 'body slamming' the Guardi…[View]
127111884>wake up >look outside >see this wat do…[View]
127132478How degenerate is drinking alcohol?: Why is drinking alcohol so popular? I understand drinking beer …[View]
127132670Dress like a white man[View]
127128192Fuck Europe. All of it. That is all.[View]
127130932I go to look up 'Pajeet my son' for my Indian friend only to be completely devastated that the ONLY …[View]
127130796Daily reminder that the Seth Rich case will never break, this will never be pinned on the DNC, and t…[View]
127131210Senators wearing pizza socks w/triangle boy lover symbol. Connection to McCann!!!: Check out these N…[View]
127131419Denialism. The mangled carcasses of our youth: In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a p…[View]
127128648>being outgripped by a French manlet[View]
127130860I'm so so sorry I spied on all you guys: >don't hang me though, that's just racist…[View]
127113877You guys cost this guy advertisers with your bullshit conspiracies.[View]
127131058Operation: Flag the Fags: Lets piss off some mexicans in Pixelcanvas by drawing the American Flag. w…[View]
127127201Im currently agnostic but want to become Christian to have a set of moral values, is this possible p…[View]
127129537European IC about to embarrass Trump after today's NATO insult: https://twitter.com/20committee…[View]
127124785So I get that this piece of shit wants to kill white people: but whats the point? He's already …[View]
127128939People like this actually exist: Why are they so obsessed with having no responsibility or drive to …[View]
127130647Best and Worst POTUS: /pol/, who are Best and Worst Presidents of the United States?[View]
127118833Trump praises murderous dictators, but calls close democratic ally “evil”: really makes you think...…[View]
127102973/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127129262wtf I love Hollister now.: https://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BrandExperienceView…[View]
127129212Death is the ultimate answer: /pol/ , don't you sometimes think about you are going to DIE? Thi…[View]
127114755Men are banned from watching a screening of Wonder Women at a cinema in Austin, Texas Americans are …[View]
127127216why haven't you taken the bluepill yet /pol/[View]
127110571ICE agents eat at restaurant, then arrest cooks: > Federal immigration officers who took part in …[View]
127129365IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!! KUSHNER IS FUCKED. Is Trump next? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-…[View]
127126622At what age is a white girl irredeemably lost to the Left? Is there an age beyond which she cannot b…[View]
127130393So pol what shall we do with pagan problem???[View]
127121093QUESTION TO ISRAELI POSTERS: How does the society view non-white Jews like Ethiopians?[View]
127130270SHILLS ON SUICIDE WATCH: NO BRAKES ON THE TRUMP TRAIN. >With former President Barack Obama nippi…[View]
127116747Taliban score major victory in Afghanistan: So the Taliban are overrunning large parts of Afghanista…[View]
127122953Need Help from Autists to Identify a Person: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1172654/pg1 P…[View]
127109570How come minorities assimilate better in the USA than in Europe?[View]
127085948How do cope with the fact there is absolutely no hope whatsoever (literally zero) of ever finding a …[View]
127129692IT'S HAPPENING, GOYS[View]
127129775https://streamable.com/kkdtw: Why do you white privilege people think it is OK to own a vehicle and …[View]
127090209Trump: 'Germans very evil/bad': http://www.focus.de/politik/ausland/die-deutschen-sind-boese-sehr-bo…[View]
127129402Will she become one of us?[View]
127126405'This isn't the time for Islamophobia: and it isn't the time to criticise Britain's f…[View]
127127300Qt?: /pol/ would you take a Syriac Christian gf?[View]
127123657Germany created the mess in Europe.: Englishman here, with a message for you German 'people…[View]
127117559Why is the media biased against Trump, it's getting ridiculous. Can we have some biased media d…[View]
127094554Only people from countries too smart to get attacked by Muslim terrorists are allowed to post in thi…[View]
127117673Post /pol approved presidents[View]
127129232Communist hate thread[View]
127125229I will predict the future of Canada: I will predict the future of Canada In 5 years, the word 'canad…[View]
127120333What do I do after I clean my room?[View]
127091056https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1a231faW-k Don't EVER let numales raise children, kidnapping h…[View]
127129055what did our prophet mean by this, exactly?[View]
127129039What do you think of Czech political situation in the world?[View]
127125759POLL: Should Richmond remove Confederate monuments?: You be the judge http://www.richmond.com/news/l…[View]
127128908>(ANSA) - Rome, May 25 - Some 2,300 migrants were saved and two bodies recovered in 18 separate r…[View]
127127937Diverse countries are more successfu-[View]
127128033>let's dedicate a parade in New York to a guy that helped bomb New York Ay lmao…[View]
127126483Who would win?: Sorry I am just disrespecting the dead, because well... they were all cock-sucking f…[View]
127124679Cancer kills more British children than terrorism does. Why are you so selective with your outrage?[View]
127126815:) join the big disc = /9RvxBsg[View]
127127352Why is Bill Waterson a cultural appropriating shitlord ?[View]
127128515Why dont we appreciate Margaret Sanger /pol/?[View]
127128206Which languages are BASED?[View]
127128257Where are all the statues in Germany honoring all the sons who fought in WW2 There are non cause th…[View]
127125253smug pence thread: cant get enough of this fucker[View]
127122046Honest Questions for NatSocs: Long-lurking newfag here... Let's get some points out of the way …[View]
127125034What does /pol/ think of Red Nose Day?: from their website >Red Nose Day brings people together …[View]
127127812PYSOP MENSCH: Was she always /ourgirl/ all along?[View]
127128042https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqB-EMqpsUA Listen /pol/ COMMUNISM *claps* IS *claps* NOT *claps* W…[View]
127128051You know what to do /pol/[View]
127121420Shitting my pants - Guys we gotta get the fuck off of the earth.: There's going to be some shit…[View]
127125710Hey pol HUGE BREAKTHROUGH Been doing a lot of deep thinking recently and I think I'm on to som…[View]
127124016MANDELA: EFFECT[View]
127127135Degenerate art thread[View]
127126939Emos/Goths/scene/otakus: Were these freaks really that bad? At the time (2000s) I hated them and tho…[View]
127122591USAA getting some HEAT: https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Bank-Services/Sean-Hannity/td-p/121770/page/…[View]
127127818So some retards are putting some Feminist ads perpetuating the wage gap myth on YouTube. Website is …[View]
127127787Based Street Preacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D10leb-9LzM[View]
127126850An Average Day in New Britain.: >Wake up at 5am due to the Islamic call to prayer being blasted o…[View]
127127751Best pope[View]
127118317Discover the Netowrks- why are we not utilizng this source more?: I understand pol is great at crowd…[View]
127127621Is he the hero Britain needs?[View]
127125881Is 2 Scoops /our/ ice cream shop?[View]
127124881Manchester: What's this?[View]
127127319WE WUZ KAN- >Missing link may have been European, not African, ancient fossils suggest >Remna…[View]
127090673Driver with 'PRIVATE' plate in custody after traffic stop on Hwy 26: Thoughts? http://katu…[View]
127129805Is it a good idea to buy a plot of land of 3 or 4 acres and a trailer to live on it? I'd like t…[View]
127127397The attack on Manchester is the exact result of racism towards Muslims as well as intolerance of Isl…[View]
127127008ITT people who were right about everything[View]
127103010Are alt-right girls just doing it for attention or do they really believe this shit?[View]
127127388Poland: Our Polish brothers need our support. They know an invasion when they see one, and because o…[View]
127124964found a alt-left forum you may want to vist.: they seem to be rabid left wing RESIST types. http://…[View]
127088622Here's for you, /pol/: Seth's shooters and relevant info incoming http://archive.is/OCpei …[View]
127121456Muslims want 'Shariah Law' wherever they are in the western world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V…[View]
127119673Federal prosecutor found dead on Florida beach: Does this seem like another Hillary body count? This…[View]
127121625Stop worshipping defeated godlets: Kneel before the king, neo-pagan.[View]
127126655Should this be allowed?[View]
127127019Why do you hate Jews?[View]
127124407Atheists BTFO Fundamentalists BTFO ME MUST RETURN TO FORM. DEUS VULT.[View]
127126137>white bois can't compe- http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/24/man-who-said-his-girlfriend-choked-on…[View]
127125784What's going to happen to Yurp when we bail on NATO?[View]
127126689William legate social media hunt on Seth Rich truth seekers: Your opinion about William Legate and w…[View]
127126688CNN want your opinions: How did this horrible shooting affected your life?[View]
127107798i for one welcome our big dick american overlords[View]
127124116Should small businesses be taxed more in favor of big businesses being taxed less?[View]
127126124How do we meme this man to victory, /pol/? He is for accepting more refugees in Britain, he has pled…[View]
127119200we need to model our world after star trek to end all the suffering.: scientists are probably only a…[View]
127126489Do you agree with Trump and the Jews on this one? Makes sense to me. They sacked Greece and are now…[View]
127126299>drumpflet BTFO once again[View]
127123394Bitcoin is crashing !!!!!!![View]
127122383Black panther speech forced unto student so: Hey /pol/. I'm a senior at a highschool in Louisia…[View]
127121092Daily reminder that the Seth Rich meme isn't propagating by normal means.[View]
127114667Atheism 'love' science: Why every liberal or lefties that call themselves atheist claim love science…[View]
127117997>tfw you realize the alt-right is almost as dumb and misinformed as SJWs >tfw you realize scre…[View]
127119297>m-muh white genocide How about we focus on the real life genocide the media doesn't want t…[View]
127114769Restore the monarchies.[View]
127125871Eric Canton Arrested: You fuckers happy with yourselves? http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/ber…[View]
127123853If globalists care about the world rather than any particular country, then why do they care about b…[View]
127113633/nsg/ 卐卐 National Socialism General 卐卐: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewis…[View]
127124344so when this bitch kicks the bucket willy prince chuck become king or will he abdicate to prince wil…[View]
127125642ITT we post SHOCKING developments: why is gay shit allowed in political cartoons? post more[View]
127125109Kek: On the way to Cal Poly to fuck up some commies at the Based Lauren Southern event[View]
127124493Killing NeoNazis in videogames has been a thing since the 2000: Solider of fortune, Manhunt, etc. Al…[View]
127122826What is the deal with American's and burgers?[View]
127121639FUCK WHITE PEOPLE: I want to make a video of various articles from Farleft websites that outright sa…[View]
127125418Why is okcupid completely filled to the brim with women like in this picture?[View]
127125104Russia story isn't going away: Russian hacker gave Florida GOP operative hacked information who…[View]
127125521Hy, i know that Dutch, French, German (Boer) British, Irish and Portuguese people live in ZA, but i …[View]
127124090Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us!: Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us![View]
127125473Prove me wrong: The best way to stop illegal immigration is to kill any illegal that crosses the bor…[View]
127125466I don't know why people are always so worried about open boarders, it's inevitable. We…[View]
127124186Is /pol/ really a Christian board?[View]
127121306i want this :([View]
127104873How should homosexuality be punished in an ideal society?[View]
127119135STOP LINDA SARSOUR!!!: We must stop this fuckin sharia law supporter that calls herself a feminist f…[View]
127119963This image triggers shareblue, we are onto you fucks: pol cannot even begin to comprehed the amount …[View]
127121471Im curious, what's /pol/'s opinion of Dubya?[View]
127122158I am white and I want to actively oppress other races to maximum extent: Ask me anything.[View]
127124137African American Appreciation Thread: Show images and webms about why you like African American pers…[View]
127125049Daily reminder: White people have been Jewish cattle for centuries. Millions with admirable physical…[View]
127101393Seth Rich thread continued (May 25): Hi everyone, this is the SR thread for May 25. Dump all links, …[View]
127124378Why are white people so fucking retarded about their own country? >muh new world >muh manifest…[View]
127124710PAY: PAY[View]
127121414https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qQd9DYpkQTXAoKKOam4M5dELpfds0a4ECi_xDluVabo/edit?usp=sharing Rea…[View]
127123989>Hapas are subhu-[View]
127119674When will China collapse?[View]
127124816UNITED KINGDOM - REMINDER: I just thought I ought to remind you all. >Birmingham is hosting a ga…[View]
127122747Was Salazar the closest we ever came to having one of /ourguys/ in a leadership position? >natio…[View]
127120448Friendly reminder that the 2016 election and GamerGate ruined 4chan. So, along with /v/, /pol/ is at…[View]
127102394More Confederate Monuments Taken Down: http://www.roanoke.com/news/politics/lieutenant-governor-hope…[View]
127120105Remember that time when Sean Hannity was a host on Fox News and he promised a big Seth Rich scoop an…[View]
127124625Which colonial power really won in the end?: Explain this.[View]
127121417What did she say to him /pol/?[View]
127102368My sister has started to date a black guy, when I found out I almost cried a little then drank half …[View]
127108143How is college life in the west? Are SJWs that bad? What is your daily experience as a stundent?[View]
127113357Comet Ping Pong's Rape Bench is on Craigslist: I was just browsing CL for scrapwood when this p…[View]
127124503Roots General : Religion Edition: Man used to be connected to all of creation on an individual basis…[View]
127123831Post your favourite podcast /pol/[View]
127123141what's the perfect age for women to bear children? apparently under 18 is degenerate but every …[View]
127124333https://youtu.be/mnivVuxN1bw Empty schools are built and used to fake mass shootings[View]
127098996White ''''genocide'''': Is there anything more pathetic than a movement so obsessed with how fragile…[View]
127122315what would/pol/'s manifesto look like?[View]
127113349Do you guys honestly hate jewish people that much? I lived a few years in the US, I met some jews, t…[View]
127111838How can I get out of jury duty? I live with my mom and little brothers and have to be at home to tak…[View]
127115522Brit/pol/ - FUCK MOTHS edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, did fuck al…[View]
127123992Crazy lady stops black from appropriating her car: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/25/us/woman-stops-wisc…[View]
127124099What is your opinion about traducianism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traducianism It could explain…[View]
127069682>be paranoid schizophrenic in black metal band >Kill a guy because of your paranoid schizophre…[View]
127118879QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 6: This has been a very depressing Thursday night double bill. We c…[View]
127123907Milo's protest against Linda Sarsour speaking at CUNY was pretty lit[View]
127122663Final Warning regarding FBI and NSA and FCC: This is the story of a 4chan mod from /pol, Autism420. …[View]
127093073Why are people proud to be white?: The whites pretend they are the superior race since wogs and spic…[View]
127123082Redpill me on Soros: I've heard various things here and there but never have I even (with evide…[View]
127122933Does /pol/ get tired of being right? Look who was the Jew behind all of this[View]
127123281''''''Algorithms''''''' Why is fake news like this allowed?[View]
127122539/ourgranny/: 'I think there’s a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has…[View]
127121252https://drafthouse.com/nyc/show/women-only-screening-wonder-woman Totally not sexist.[View]
127123631>Used the GI bill to get a journalism degree. >Been working in print for 20 years. >Edited,…[View]
127113053> democracy[View]
127121663Trump to Macron 'You were my guy'. 'tremendous win. I never supported Le Pen'. Has Macron completely…[View]
127120074As far as I am concerned, she has nights where they make food from the cultures of each respective k…[View]
127120772Whites Defeated: Daily reminder that the descendants of Dutch and other Northwestern Europeans are l…[View]
127119769What did Notch mean by this?[View]
127114723Link between weakness and left wing.: So turns out the weaker you are physically, the more likely yo…[View]
127086659Whuttup britbongs Who here is constantly getting these faggot letters? I don't pay for a TV lic…[View]
127121033They really do have a point you know. Free-speech is overrated 2bh. Anti-SJW's are just as bad …[View]
127119426FOX News is compromised. Where to go for conservative news?: Why aren't you watching One Americ…[View]
127097355Is America truly the country of unlimited freedom?: You want a pistol to shoot anyone who attacks yo…[View]
127122765SJWs: i was never a political extremist but when i started going to college for art school i was ent…[View]
127078385Trump Travel Ban BTFO: http://www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/05/25/federal-appeals-court-upholds-block-on-tru…[View]
127120649Is this book any good?[View]
127119587>kid from high school is valedictorian >goes to harvard >ends up president of harvard coll…[View]
127115192When will American politics be normal again?[View]
127122562should a tax be imposed on internet bills if the customer watches porn?[View]
127122550Is dressing well an essential part of true 'whiteness', or can one be a patrician in pajama pants an…[View]
127122180Why do republicans DOUBLE DOWN on sexual assualt?[View]
127122507Reminder that Ulster Loyalism is Jewish and (((Ian Paisley))) was a Zionist. https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
127113950WITH JEWS YOU LOSE: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/jared-kushner-now-under-fbi-scrutiny-russia-…[View]
127121718Race Treason On The Rise in The US: Interraciallism = Bestiality[View]
127122136Look at what you did to Jeb /pol/: His father was president, his coke head brother was president, bu…[View]
127122137(((Bloomberg))) Promoting White Genocide: (((Interracial Marriage in a Divided Country))) http://arc…[View]
127085455BikeLock evidence required for bail hearing.: I've contacted the relevant authorities. They req…[View]
127117393So whats going one with Seth Rich?: Im just wondering whats the whole story. All ive been hearing is…[View]
127121942Tara admitted in a recent video she had been raped by local negroids when she was a teenager. Follow…[View]
127121698>be murifat >get shot >tip the nurse…[View]
127121825How big is your flag collection /pol/?[View]
127104948Why haven't we given back the Falklands to Argentina yet?: We gave back India to the Indians an…[View]
127121158You want to expose and stop the Migrant Crisis- Start with Tangiers Group, and maybe Kuwait..[View]
127095927if north korea is communist, why does it work?[View]
127113629Trump Yes!: Wtf? I love Trump now?[View]
127120988Facism = Anti-Christian/Anti-American/Anti-Constitution: You can call yourself an American if you su…[View]
127120518Just remember, this is how they're going to set it all up. Removing sanctions is for national s…[View]
127119380What are some banned books in the western world? By banned I also mean 'impossible to find in any bo…[View]
127107153Catholic priest AMA II: I am not the priest, just making the thread, priest please identify yourself…[View]
127120941Mulsims and hate speech: Why aren't people who preach the Koran arrested for hate speech? Amier…[View]
127120529Holy shit pol.. what does this mean?[View]
127095692Since males can now fuck each other up the ass as husband and husband might as well do something abo…[View]
127121096Be honest you enjoy us killing and terrorizing your city's. How else would you make those spicy…[View]
127120547I'm glad game devs are finally taking a stand against alt right manbabies[View]
127120549Stop watching porn.[View]
127119914What happens to an average millennial woman after they graduate from college?[View]
127117568>this is the future of mgtow. Male equivalent of a cat lady, sitting alone in mommies basement w…[View]
127103564Had Hitler won WWII, what would have happened to Switzerland? Would they remain untouched? Would Hit…[View]
127079182Teenage Audi mechanic 'committed suicide after colleagues set him on fire and locked him in a c…[View]
127120439NH is full of enough cucks as it is NOW they tell me it's a rape culture![View]
127112457What the fuck do I do: How do I prepare for the inevitable shitshow? I have no idea how to prepare f…[View]
127120402time is running out[View]
127101467How much money will the UK pay to the EU for Brexit?: A. What do you want it to be? B. What will act…[View]
127120027redpilled speeches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BaSwaBPg6M[View]
127119376Can someone decipher this for me? Seems very politically charged[View]
127117813>you will never raise a family in a self-sufficient farm with your unquestioningly loyal wife, ch…[View]
127110236Feels good to be reconquering rightful Mexican clay.[View]
127119712Alright fuckers, get in here: There's this high school theater award show in eastern Pennsylvan…[View]
127105500>In April, doctors performed the world's third successful penis transplant. >Doctors succ…[View]
127119631Shift everything onto: Social media >make social media literally unbearable…[View]
127117693Male Privilege: How can we let those sexist white males get away with beating WOMEN /pol/? Are you s…[View]
127118052flag idea: Tell me what you think of my new flag concept[View]
127116638Political Compass: Here's mine, and I see myself fairly moderate. How do y'all align? http…[View]
1271116021 Reason Why: This is why I don't get on Facebook anymore.[View]
127119020>/pol/'s thoughts?[View]
127111881https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTVjnBo96Ug . Favorite black musician?[View]
127118292HOW FAR IS THE DNC,WILLING TO GO?: So /Pol/if you where the DNC what action would you take right now…[View]
127119358White girls newest craze to get culturally enriched by KPop men: http://www.kpopeurope.eu/?lang=en h…[View]
127118610Bikelock Cuck Arrested: https://youtu.be/vldRmJ0Kjmw We did it boys. Weaponized autism ruins another…[View]
127114269I am sad to admit that i hate most of my fellow Serbs. This is a nation of shitty people, with a shi…[View]
127118489reporationes: I eard you bois is racist on here. imma need my reperations for dis racism you white a…[View]
127115571What is /pol/s opinion on Hoteps? (The black nationalists, not the Kangz)[View]
127118026Future TERRORIST released in MN: It is definitely happening. !!! These guys had bags of BBs, drones…[View]
127116215*blocks your path* 'Ey man..ah don't know anybody called Joy Lane!' What do?[View]
127119101Latinos reacting to Tranny Newspeak: An article on some latino based news source used the gender Neu…[View]
127077769HAPPENING- BLOCK ON TRAVEL BAN UPHELD BY 4th CIRCUIT COURT: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/25/federal-a…[View]
127118756What genetics test is the absolute best to take? (preferably cheap)[View]
127116480Blacks Migrants have completely taken over the Italian city of Modena: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
127118691/POL/ How do we know that this privately funded and managed corporation isn't paying federal em…[View]
127118621If you're a pedo: Do you go to Hollywood?[View]
127118608test post my isp is shit[View]
127116692Why does every white nationalist always end up becoming a follower of radical Islam, regardless of i…[View]
127118446>Europe's problem is with Russia, not terrorism >NATO allies have never paid their fair s…[View]
127121736FUCK BLIZZARD: Sup anon. I've never really introduced myself here, so I want to make things eas…[View]
127114491White people need to be humble down: And start working low-paid jobs as well and bring the wages up …[View]
127118383The thing we generally don't do anymore: A good ol' assassination or two. Very non-PC, rig…[View]
127115211In my country there is problem.[View]
127114493eire/pol/ version: news this is our homeland ((liberals want it multicultural land -islamshethole do…[View]
127112336/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL: BOTUS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
127117148Mexico capture 3 terrorist, but for some reason the mexican government still is denying this so you …[View]
127118217Some fucking cuck: My cuck friend at work comes into my office talking about the 'grande bomb' conce…[View]
127117887Russia strong, everyone beware: 2014 >we wil have 2300 T-14 Armata tanks by 2020. 2017 >w-we h…[View]
127115139Will Donald Trump reveal who killed JFK?: https://www.infowars.com/will-donald-trump-reveal-who-kill…[View]
127115056How long til the strong men arrive /pol/?[View]
127118011Reminder that the enemies of German sovereignty have already lost. Sanctions will only increase our …[View]
127115662Wasn't sandy hook: In 2012 and the Boston bombing in 2013?[View]
127117957For me; raised to believe they're good and then I experienced reality.[View]
127117913/antifa/ General - Make Texas Blue Edition: Ears up comrades, time to take action! In less than a mo…[View]
127110801Airsoft is pretty redpilled: >Buy lots of military gear >Buy airsoft replicas >Have a deser…[View]
127108188Why is 4chan so popular now?: What gives faggots? This place used to be our quaint autism board and …[View]
127117158/pol/ im scared af: What happens when we move from 40 IQ brain dead muslim terrorist to 140 IQ white…[View]
127115788Post yfw you're minding your own business in public and you see someone who isn't white.[View]
127111484Reached post limit, so new thread... Actual Catholic priest here - AMA > I won't answer any…[View]
127117114The whole worlds going to hell but how are you?[View]
127111670What do you think of cops, /pol/?: Do you hate them? Or do you support them?[View]
127099157Maori Muslim here - how can you expect us to do nothing when the children of Gaza are under attack? …[View]
127115177How do we end the Jewish Problem?[View]
127117687Eric Clapton: /pol/ thanks Eric Clapton / Antifa faggot is now at buttfuck central with real NAZI…[View]
127110697Walked into the house of the Mexican (by marriage, I'm 100% white) side of my family and saw th…[View]
127116325Internet's Most Cryptic Message: I found it. You will never guess where's this from. But I…[View]
127109081Watch for falling rocks...: Posting fresh as I haven't seen this anywhere else: When anon hinte…[View]
127095543Syria General /sg/ - Neverending Story Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
127116578https://nytimes.com/2017/05/25/us/politics/trump-travel-ban-blocked.html I thought Trump was going t…[View]
127114978>In 2016, for the third year in a row, the CareerCast survey of the best and worst jobs in the U.…[View]
127115335The Angry Birds movie: Has anyone here seen the 'Angry Birds' movie? Is it really red pilled or just…[View]
127116107Dare I say it, apologize?[View]
127111736Are women human? Is it logical to give women all the political and legal rights that humans have? …[View]
127114881Hmmmmmm: What did she mean by this?[View]
127109882As a matter of fact, today islam is the only culture preserving moral values.[View]
127115292Daily Reminder Britian is Fucked.: Gays 4 Islam >Blacks 4 Islam >Communists 4 Islam >MSM 4 …[View]
127116086Fucking pleb: This way of defending opinions has always been the first used by the Communists, no Na…[View]
127116299> Conservashits[View]
127115028british politics - i couldent think up a thread edition but i made one anyway edition: but look i re…[View]
127112714Is feminism the ultimate redpill? Feminism: >political equality >economic equality >persona…[View]
127116339Is this a real invite?: I just booked my ticket to D.C. From my flyover state. I can't wait!!!…[View]
127106582I bought it. What's it like? Did I get ripped off?[View]
127117046Anon you think: Sandy hook never happened? >what about the six million children? >WHAT about m…[View]
127115459What's up ladies and gentlemen of YouTube, Boogie2988 coming at you LIVE through the power of t…[View]
127114714Leonardo DiCaprio 2020[View]
127116869Umm shouldn't they be more worried about how middle eastern countries feel?[View]
127115563STABBED IN THE BACK[View]
127088490GET THE HELL OUTA THE WAY MONTENIGGER: https://youtu.be/ecTuW_KU7YE[View]
127116756Black Muslim Man Destroys Jesus Cross in Austria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh9n3jgd6Wk - Yout…[View]
127112861Liberty, too, must be limited in order to be possessed.: -Edmund Burke, British author, philosopher,…[View]
127111863Alex Jones: 'We Salute 4chan /pol/': Antifa Profesor Arrested For Fracturing Skull Of Student https:…[View]
127116412Worth a minute of your time eh?: Please friends, take a moment of your time to ensure the survival o…[View]
127115447Would the men of yesteryear have given in to waifus and sexbots like we're about to?[View]
127096440Why are Chinks so fucking brutal to animals? Throwing live chickens to boiling water. Blowtorching l…[View]
127116323Is Trump the greatest man who has ever lived? Is he unironically the Ubermensch?[View]
127116368Do you support the Pedo or Seth?!? SIGN THE PETITION: Only 7,000 signatures - you pedes know what to…[View]
127116456White girls newest craze to get culturally enriched by KPop men: http://www.kpopeurope.eu/?lang=en h…[View]
127101074Redpill me on Chinese: What causes Chinks to be such a soulless race of people pol?[View]
127116317Kill two birds with one stone.: We always say that if people don't like America they can always…[View]
127116264Whats his endgame /pol/?[View]
127113322Books and Suggestions: >search 'books' >nothing found Recommended reading thread All view poin…[View]
127116242Alboniggers: Please Help: Who is this guy? I need to know.[View]
127116153Time Capsule 3: Black Immigrants Hit French Woman For Not Giving Number: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127115956ISIS/JewSA took the bait: ISIS = USA/Israel False flag on a global scale Let's feed them more t…[View]
127115511The attack on Manchester is the exact result of racism towards Muslims as well as intolerance of Isl…[View]
127115234Hypothetical culture/religion/CIV 5 related question: What if, a country passed a law stating that o…[View]
127115097>It says here on your resume that you're white. Care to explain?[View]
127099728Fat ass: Is it bad I hope he dies during surgery? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2nfm4A0R8E…[View]
127115819Tell me why again you're voting for a party which pushes an agenda which will fuck over 99% of …[View]
127113685Why is it that white people wants to run everything?[View]
127115572Brit/pol/ - Babs Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaJ4wzDO5fA >Incompete…[View]
127107466Brit/pol/ - Labour will win. We're all fucked. Move to Antarctica: >Incompetent security ser…[View]
127114093Suspect arrested at Comic-Con: Armed with a shotgun and other weapons, was taking pictures of police…[View]
127115336Oregon Trail thread: A decent subset of WN have identified the Pacific Northwest as a white refugia.…[View]
127091008>/pol/ unironically supports this Defend this. Right. The. Fuck. Now.[View]
127109512/pol/ triggered by Farcry5: Aww, you guys are so cute. https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/24/15685670/…[View]
127115187LIVE feed of Montana sheriff's news conference regarding Gianforte: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127115142If you racemix your kids won't look like y-[View]
127114622Whos drinking all of this fuggin coffee???[View]
127115086Richmond getting Re historied: Lets save us some monuments http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-o…[View]
127114950What is the least cucked/most redpilled/most free Western country (or even not strictly Western per …[View]
127110807American police appreciation thread: it's time we said thanks to our brave boys in blue. the ba…[View]
127112494Say it with me /pol/: >WH*TES >ARE >NOT >ARYAN Truth: https://www.google.com/amp/s/mathi…[View]
1271149151984 civil war monuments, the good the bad: With the current destruction of the civil war monuments …[View]
127109647AUS POL GENERAL /apg/ WILL TODAY BE FOREVER CHANGED TODAY?: Rumors are that she's quitting for …[View]
127113786Are they cucked for good?[View]
127111768PC and science: >reading Forbidden Archeology >realize that science has turned into religious …[View]
127111626Who is the most objectively powerful leader, not in terms of nation power, but in terms of actual le…[View]
127103778ASYMMETRICAL RESPONSE: Not sure if this is still the case, but there was a time when Israel pursued …[View]
127111597Just in: Kushner is under FBI investigation for ties to Russia.[View]
127114281THE LEAKS DAHNALD[View]
127108929>'race is a discredited concept' >'white people are inherently bad' Really makes you think…[View]
127090533>Germans are evil, very evil What did he mean by this? http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/dona…[View]
127110557Barron Trump. Years ago, you served your father in the Meme War. Now we beg you to help us in our st…[View]
127110040hey, /pol/, can I ask you something? Cut the memes and merchantposting for a sec, lets have some rea…[View]
127083681B A S E D http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/05/libyan-coastguard-opens-fire-migrant-boats-ngos-1705…[View]
127114206Countries whose population you are OK/not OK migrating to your country: Pic related is my view on th…[View]
127114037Do Montenegrins regret joining NATO?[View]
127112658If Jill Stien got 5% of the popular vote then the Green Party would essentially be subsided for the …[View]
127084810What is your battle song?: /pol/ if you had to pick one song to charge into battle, what would it be…[View]
127102523All three believe only their version is the correct interpretation of God. Only one can be right. So…[View]
127113765How do we meme this man to victory, /pol/? He is for accepting more refugees in Britain, he has pled…[View]
127099761You all act as if Christians are so innocent and pure, yet your history is shrouded by murder and at…[View]
127094918Gianforte raised $100k in donations after bodyslamming that reporter: I need to move to Montana…[View]
127111793Independent Translyvania and also removal of Romanians. Yay or nay, /pol/?[View]
127113923>'The Führer once again expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. Th…[View]
127107162So This Ginger fatso Is antifa.: He was part of the Milo Protest At UW MILWAUKEE. https://www.youtub…[View]
127111054Who is this paki?: Who the fuck is this paki cunt? Ive seen him all over the place. He needs a meme …[View]
127111950Post Dank Trump Memes: Today has been a day where a meme-worthy President reminded us exactly why we…[View]
127113333Why does every minority populated city seem to be a shithole?: Are black people that bad on their ow…[View]
127100567This thread is a based on an idea of a Czech anon. To print posters as the one I've designed an…[View]
127112319Post ITT if your country has no culture Feels bad man.[View]
127076493>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
127077456Das Right[View]
127113423William LeGate: Trump BTFO by William Legate again. Why is this guy always the top response to Trump…[View]
127111601Teenage Audi mechanic 'committed suicide after colleagues set him on fire and locked him in a c…[View]
127106422what a tiny, tiny, tiny little man[View]
127113326Should Islamic weddings be forced to serve weddings cakes baked by gay bakeries?[View]
127113258Trump BTFO by based Macron: Trump dominated by someone even more alpha than him : https://www.youtub…[View]
127107299Redpill overdose.: Ok /pol/ its just safe to say that we are living in bizarre time where JEWS are l…[View]
127106408Possible happening: Currently in Metz, frogland. Just heard a big bang...could be fireworks.... more…[View]
127098843FBI Holds Off on Giving James Comey’s Memos to Congress: What a bunch of fidgeting fags Who's p…[View]
127106096To leftist idiots, Sikh's are the same as Muslims apparently[View]
127109297White european girls want to get culturally enriched by KPop men: http://www.kpopeurope.eu/?lang=en …[View]
127112422/pol/ >Hey, lets kick out those Muslims from NATO! Meanwhile irl >Turkey kicks out Austria fro…[View]
127073832/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewi…[View]
127112857Reddit user: Reddit user Chris monk (647) 5749686 facebook /chris.junior.39 Fuck reddit praise kek…[View]
127094755> You tiny, tiny, tiny little man.: SLAY. Trump is insignificant. https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/…[View]
127110267Stopping irrational Islamophobia for good: A friend of mine told me to come here to discuss politics…[View]
127110364Why didn't he run?[View]
127110659Is he the next Hitler or next David Duke?[View]
127095891Hey /Pol/: Is /Pol in good mood today? This kiddo due to being ill never got any bday wishes... Wish…[View]
127105084Refugee and Crime Statistics: Refugees and migrants commit an average amount of crime in Europe. Pro…[View]
127105890/pol/'s Club: Have we decided on the name of the blue guy (Brett)?[View]
127112420>Generation Z is the most conserv.....[View]
127105927How fucking based is Macron? He COMPLETELY humiliated Fat Donny two times in a row! I love France so…[View]
127099263Thank Allah for the BBC: Showing that not only white people died but muslims nearly died too. Friend…[View]
127106895Slovak Prosecutor General filed a motion with the Supreme Court to dissolve the extreme right Kotleb…[View]
127093489>tfw no girl will ever look at you like Croatian milf president looked at mr. Trump Why to even l…[View]
127111972Croatian president during Trump's speech BURGERED[View]
127111936You now recall that Norway's maximum prison sentence is 21 years and are now aware that their r…[View]
127111732Why did the Burgers bring back racial segregation in schools?[View]
127100262In an Ancap world how would the morning commute look like?[View]
127107646Cuckerberg pushing Basic Income[View]
127097293This guy died at Ariana Grandes concert: How do you feel now /pol/?[View]
127111511What the fuck is wrong with these people?[View]
127111441real turk: is turkey a friend or enemy of europe[View]
127111401Ask a Nevadan Anything: I live in Nevada, AMA[View]
127106949>Love Trumps hate >Change FB profile pic >Give prayers >Candle light vigil >explosion…[View]
127111364Post your 8values results, nazis[View]
127111360nigger hate: I need some real nice webms here pls[View]
127111618>British '''cuisine'''[View]
127106045So why dont you have a stay at home daughter gf yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTs…[View]
127111352Theology, and testimony: So I ended up seeing the end of the video game version of Dante's Infe…[View]
127097045What is the meaning of life?: >your father shoots a load inside your mommy >sperm races to the…[View]
127111241British cuck fags are now part of a movie reality[View]
127097946Funny idea: We start using 'Nazi' like the blacks use 'nigger'. Like if you get called a Nazi be lik…[View]
127111205Good job America[View]
127111125Australia Happening: One of Australia's largest vocational education providers, Careers Austral…[View]
127108868QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 3: This is fucking appalling.[View]
127109444Maxime Bernier: Have you lads gotten your ballots in? This weekend will mark a new beginning for the…[View]
127113578Can someone with a weird sexual fetish be redpilled?: Can I still care about the fall of western civ…[View]
127114021should i join the navy?: Can't do the rat race anymore after being red pilled. I've had en…[View]
127073783SETH RICH ALERT: ALERT RED ALERT. Jerome Corsi has stated that he has ABSOLUTE PROOF SETH RICH WAS M…[View]
127110156Despite what the paid Russian shills on 4chan would have you believe, America still considers Russia…[View]
127101305You Don't Know Shit About Biology[View]
127108000Dine & Deport: >ICE go to cafe >enjoy a tasty meal >stroll into the back >arrest ill…[View]
127098298Why are natives in Canada such utter trash? Why do they have absolutely no urge to improve their liv…[View]
127107924How fucked is the US when the journalists have zero integrity. They are either to the right or to th…[View]
127110930Wow.... why didn't i learn this in school?[View]
127105829wich party had the best uniform?[View]
127107922Brits mad manchester pics shown, WTF 1984?: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/25/world/europe/trump-ma…[View]
127108952So apperently germans are 'very evil' according to this retard because our car industry is simply su…[View]
127098823polacks on 4chain: How come Polish people overzealously hate on immigrants even though in every mode…[View]
127094278BREAKING: Louise Mensch is friend of Milo Yiannopoulos: This bitch has been trolling the left with f…[View]
127110756Ok guys can we stop with the right wing conspiracy theories? Just read the Wiki article, your basele…[View]
127104142Name one thing wrong with black women, literally you cant...: Black women are not the reason for the…[View]
127051065Why is openly hating whites ok?: (Pic related) So i was on twitter and see people openly calling for…[View]
127109116Why should I like capitalism? It is the sole enemy of values, art and culture. When I walk around my…[View]
127109335/AfD/ General <JUST BECAUSE THE LAST ONE WAS SO NICE> EDITION: BASICS >Who are the AfD? htt…[View]
127082623Manchester crowd sings gay Oasis song: So, today there were 'mancunians' mourning the dead…[View]
127109831Alaska Thread: Is Alaska promised land for white people in the future? Quick demographics: >White…[View]
127104746Why won't WikiLeaks claim Seth Rich?: Sources and methods protection? The real source is still …[View]
127109772Deus Vult soon? Also Winged Hussars might actually finally arrive. Poland - https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
127080444Obama is fucked Report details everything. Massive abuse of power proven in FISA court docs http://c…[View]
127110057HABUNINK: Sessions On Court’s Block Of Trump Travel Ban: See You In Supreme Court http://talkingpoin…[View]
127109970*blocks your path* https://youtu.be/ecTuW_KU7YE[View]
127105120brit/pol/ QT time: Get in here. Question Time live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06-Afb11yl4…[View]
127109923Russia: chechen muslims dominate Moscow, gay-clown Putin destroy country, citizens in deep shit. USA…[View]
127107177>5'8 LOL[View]
127109784Whats your opinion on this?[View]
127087665I always wanted to know what Spaniards think about their old colonies. Do you like them, would you f…[View]
127087752White Patriarchy Restoration Act of 2017: 1. Overtly positive representations of adultery, homosexua…[View]
127101696why is killing cops the only good thing niggers do?[View]
1270817141-0: The Golden One BTFO just sayin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRtWFa8seUs https://www.yo…[View]
127109286CANADA NO: Bus stop graffiti in my local area[View]
127105022Seth Rich's email accessed: I received this from an Anonymous Source donating to my investigati…[View]
127104136Realism Thread: Post something realistic. No rhetorical talk, no virtue signaling, no extreme ideali…[View]
127107665>express a reasonable opinion about Islam on goybook >some lefty I knew but never really talk…[View]
127106287How do I propaganda: I'm the 'idea guy' for a director (mostly for ads/magazines) in media, how…[View]
127100228Poll: Majority says mainstream media publishes fake news: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/33489…[View]
127108876>Germany accepted over 1millon refugees >Japan only accepted 27 refugees last year >People …[View]
127065804How did you become racist /pol/? >Enter highschool and move to new state. >Neighborhood is fi…[View]
127105017Why is this man so hated around here?[View]
127098238Holy fuck google is trying to send normies to /pol/ to discredit us You can now get linked through g…[View]
127106648Just a casual reminder that if a board filled with frog memes on an anime image board influenced you…[View]
127108880Wake Up: This thread, like many others, will not be taken down/banned because 4chan is being run by …[View]
127102567QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD: Originally scheduled to be in Belfast, tonight's QT episode h…[View]
127106245DAILY REMINDER: UK Sikhs are based and should be more respected on this board[View]
127108866GET IN HERE /POL/LACKS!! ITS RICK WILES TIME!: Rick Wiles: President Trump Tells EU Deadbeats, Pay U…[View]
127100597Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
127107111COLD AS ICE: http://www.mlive.com/business/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2017/05/ann_arbor_business_owner_says…[View]
127106858Twitter just banned me for speaking hard truths about muslim immigration[View]
127108594On Muslim population by percentage and radicalization(repost, the image I wanted to upload compresse…[View]
127104250wtf is going on in America?[View]
127078309ETERNAL /V4G/ THREAD - Wall edition: Thread about Visegrad group NO REFUGEES NO EU LACKEYS[View]
127079212'Cultural Marxism' is a hoax: Why do so many people on /pol/ constantly parade around the term 'Cult…[View]
127108404Why do THEY hate fun??[View]
127102745German language education: I've been thinking about this for the last few months. As a native P…[View]
127103614Ariana Grande is the New Hate Symbol of /pol/: The mission is to photoshop Ariana Grande into Nazi a…[View]
127108182Can we turn the peace sign into a Whit Supremacy symbol?[View]
127108108(((Western Civilization))): How do we fix it boys? >pic related[View]
127107462The little loser bitch has lost the handshake game he was loving throughout his whole life. He must…[View]
127097806What's inside, pol?[View]
127107982To any liberals or center left people out there, or anyone who isn't anti-muslim... Help this c…[View]
127099795Are Italians true Caucasians? Or has the mohammadean and negroid influence diluted their blood to th…[View]
127106463Hey I'm American[View]
127045013Ariana Grande alt right symbol: Could we possibly turn Ariana Grande into a new symbol of the alt ri…[View]
127102066'Minnesota bill against female genital mutilation raises opposition': Oh boys, you US guys are fucke…[View]
127081422Trumps state car spotted testing[View]
127088995Should are US military standards be raised?[View]
127105978is 4chins mainstream now?[View]
127107662This was a lot funnier yesterday[View]
127107468In Theaters This Summer:: Eric Clanton as Snek Pisskin in... ESCAPE from BERKELEY The Year is 2020 T…[View]
127105147Breaking... Getting closer. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/breaking-gop-lawmaker-calls-fede…[View]
127107458White European girls love getting culturally enriched by KPop: http://www.kpopeurope.eu/?lang=en htt…[View]
127096582Actual Catholic priest here - AMA > I won't answer any questions that identify myself. I am …[View]
127106567So what's the opinion on American Vanguard? Are they /ourguys/ or edgy losers? Is there any far…[View]
127101861Brit/pol/ - Check it out Lads I Remembered to add the Links this time Edition: >Incompetent secur…[View]
1271072504JUSTICE: Rest in Peace Seth Rich reblog facebookgroup conversation. try to come together on as muc…[View]
127107233Are women human? Is it logical to give women all the political and legal rights that humans have? …[View]
127104871>Danzig ist Deu-[View]
127107027viet nip stabs when karaoke performance dissed: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/25/vietna…[View]
127107015>Red pill me on slavs. (with no extra content or input of your own) >Are slavs white? >Is b…[View]
127106995Has anyone synced up 'Move bitch' by Ludacris to this yet?[View]
127102507QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK #1: Welcome to the Manchester got TERRORED edition. You'll be hearing…[View]
127104022Jay Sekulow: What's the scoop with this guy? He seems pretty redpilled about the Seth Rich situ…[View]
127101755Is Ariana degenerate? If so, in what way is she degenerate? How does pol feel about degeneracy? What…[View]
127106176Why are conservacucks so ignorant about poverty? You're all blithering idiots.[View]
127105614Just a reminder.[View]
127106501>tfw I have a 13 year old daughter and get a huge boner just imagining her as a teenager fucking …[View]
127106759>As of 2009, 2.1% of the population of Pakistan had foreign origins https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
127099047Jeb all by himself in the airport today What is he planning?[View]
127106675finger fucking is not rape, and where is the proof?: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/05/25/logan-air…[View]
127106613Daily reminder: Hitler did nothing wrong.: He was a patriot of his country, a man who loved his peop…[View]
127106585Irony Memes: Irony memes are the new Bogpill. Get Ironypilled[View]
127105411Jones gives Credit to 4chan: https://youtu.be/pVRePQcdJSY >Bikelock Antifa gets arrested yesterda…[View]
127106550This is Guccifer 2.0[View]
127105864Reducing our Military Budget: What would happen if we took a good chunk of the money in our military…[View]
127106474I voted for an alpha, straight talker and all I got was a lying cuck (even compared to le Frenchman)…[View]
127106070What was the iPhone and Starbucks coffee of Marx's time?[View]
127093689Great Lakes Federation General: One nation, one people, untied under one banner. The Great Lakes sta…[View]
127106323Seth Rich Research Angle: Alright faggotz. Here's something I have not seen brought up, but is …[View]
127105944Is jeb bush (((our guy)))?: What a fucking legend c'mon guys[View]
127103066why are there so many great Spaniards of Portuguese descent but not a lot great Portuguese of Spanis…[View]
127104164I have a Request for /pol/ Is it possible ? Organ Harvesting: Record shootings in Chicago where the …[View]
127106076Race in Post Apocaliptica: So I've been playing Fallout 4 recently and I've noticed that t…[View]
127106054They say Communism has never worked, and it hasn't. Can you name a Capitalist state that has ev…[View]
127105955Fuck Hollywood They're barley even trying[View]
127105937Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money:…[View]
127084352It's official. Christianity is shit.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOLtfQ9vo9U Styxxers clea…[View]
127103286Political Science Class: In my political science class out professor gave us a challenge we recently…[View]
127076694/AfD/ GENERAL - <OPERATION MEME HÖCKE PHASE 1> edition: BASICS >Who are the AfD? https://yo…[View]
127064006My body my choice: Why shoukd post partum abortion be illegal?[View]
127105701imposing on our rights?[View]
127105198>libertarian infrastructure[View]
127104181Edgy nerd virgins think they'll start punching reporters. Bring it on faggots, I'll pepper…[View]
127105511Get Out Immigrants Thread:: Today, we convince me to get out.[View]
127103825If a short man is the equivalent of a fat woman what does that make a short fat man?[View]
127105422>be /pol/ >condemn trans women >ignore that some of the most brilliant minds and most creat…[View]
127105375Mountain lion genocide when ?: we are supposed to live in a first world country but our government l…[View]
127105349Body slam a commie today!: The commies killed a shit ton of people. More than the Nazis. Shouldn…[View]
127105364Antifa Bike Lock Attacker Arrested: Eric Clanton Arrested! Good Work Guys! https://heatst.com/cultur…[View]
127105330This is why we win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEini963tWU[View]
127105267Annnnnnnd *BOOM* goes the dynamite![View]
127053730Continued Seth Rich Investigation...: For all of you who stayed from yesterday's threads, this …[View]
127104424he Manchester suicide bomber was repeatedly flagged to the authorities over his extremist views: htt…[View]
127105037what did he mean by this?[View]
127099197Hillary Clinton will be President.[View]
127083278Why are jews and niggers pushing the legalization of (((weed)))?[View]
127103790BETSY: How do we defend this woman? It's one of my weakest arguments. Why does she cut educatio…[View]
127094863It pisses me off, sikhs love america so much but still get treated like shit and murdered because pe…[View]
127103850>2022 >US president Arnold Schwarzenegger successfully returns with his presidential F-35 from…[View]
127102339OOOOOOHHHHH FUCKKCKCKKCK HAPPENING! http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/809441/Bristol-Cabot-Circus-eva…[View]
127104851> Google 'White Hispanic', get George Z Whats the difference between white Hispanics, Latinos, an…[View]
127104256So why is Richard Spencer such a pussy anyway? What's his deal[View]
127104381Apparently Abedi was a Slayer: His friends say he always got girls at parties...LOL[View]
127096710''''''''French'''''''' Army ... lol(pic related): Important percentage of fearless Berbers and Black…[View]
127104616_!_: Just wanted to say fuck shareblue and sjw. /pol/ will always be ours. Praise kek. Praise godlik…[View]
127100301Why are young film&music celebrities so degenerate and liberal?: I really don't know any fi…[View]
127104602I had a terrible semester at university because of a crazy Marxist professor. I'm in the proces…[View]
127102714Vote GIANSMASH! for congress: Even after Greg Gianforte 'body slammed' that guardian repor…[View]
127103422>Trump killed net neutrality >people somehow still defend him…[View]
127104495we need to model our world after star trek to end all the suffering.: scientists are probably only a…[View]
127086174MANCHESTER BOMBER'S FAMILY KNEW, DID NOTHING: https://www.wsj.com/articles/manchester-bomber-fo…[View]
127101173Are Liberals Mentally Ill?[View]
127103322Manchester bomber's black childhood friend in prison for gang rape of 16 year old: http://www.d…[View]
127104278Right now on the front page of reddit they have 4 posts about him getting in front of the Montenegro…[View]
127099071What is the muslims fucking problem?: >>127096097 And what have you today, the christianity th…[View]
127098563Why is this website getting invaded by Liberals? FUCKING LIBERALS, GET OFF MY 4CHAN!!!![View]
127103580>Orbán outlined an action plan designed to encourage couples to have children, saying that 2018 w…[View]
127103645MANLET MACRON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMkQLhqgN7Q >Tries to have balls >cucked again…[View]
127104219Saw a post on Tumblr talking about trying to vote 'Yes' to tearing down historical monuments. http:…[View]
127104217Was segregation really all that bad?: Niggers claim segregation and Jim Crow laws were the worst thi…[View]
127101961How do we close the Tax/welfare gap?: Most people have heard of the pay gap, but what about the Tax …[View]
127103330HAPPENING! 100% CONFIRMED! MEN RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING!: >No suicide bombers are women >Men ar…[View]
127092602If Russia attacked the US, Trump voters would support Russia.: That's how much you hate your ow…[View]
127101138Ariana Grande: 'I hope all my fans fucking die': https://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/ariana-grand…[View]
127103611Individual Opinions of Jordan Peterson: Who is his target audience? Do his teachings work? I see a l…[View]
127090733Weird Calls? Seth Rich case?: Has anyone else working on the Seth Rich case been getting weird calls…[View]
127103158Why are rich people supporting Muslims?: Only a handful of the top 1% can afford enough security, an…[View]
127097186Is pewdipie redpilled? He even follows Sargon of Akkad See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Voszqw17…[View]
127088998Still eating pork?[View]
127098106I figured it out: Disgruntled leaf from earlier here that was asking why we think Seth was the whist…[View]
127101169Why fear the jews?: Why should I fear the jews? These two guys spread ideas against multiculturalism…[View]
127100020>tfw you realize that ISIS and all terrorists groups are funded by the U.S , Israel and Saudi Ara…[View]
127103746>Security, please come, there's this Anon calling me shitskin and telling me to go back to m…[View]
127097789Political Compass/8Values Thread: >national socialist or get the fuck out Edition https://www.pol…[View]
127095137This is what they look like: This ogre of a woman is trying to get her Professor fired for NOT talki…[View]
127099521>African-American Is anyone else sick of this term? It means nothing. 'African' isn't a nati…[View]
127097755DC Police touching 'Members Equipment': When will someone look into this abuse? Capital Police have …[View]
127103457Antifa 4th of July Bash: Make it happen Antifas, let's show the world!![View]
127102923He has finally gone completely insane.[View]
127093337goyim what the are you doing.: how the fuck is palestine a thing? I can't even name palestinian…[View]
127102905How can you people still support this racist sexist homophobe after this?![View]
127098431Why does quebec hate white, christian americans?[View]
127103307William Legate is angry because his parents got divorced 7 months ago and his dad has an open lawsui…[View]
127090444>haven't been to dentist in 4 years >brush my teeth once every 3 days >don't flos…[View]
127099105An Average Day in New Britain.: >Wake up at 5am due to the Islamic call to prayer being blasted o…[View]
127077704White homeland?: what does /pol/ think about making Antarctica a state for white people only?[View]
127103173will reblog this conversation i had in this facebookgroup. try to come together on as much media as …[View]
127103166Where is your patriotism /pol/[View]
127103128Trump Mudslime ban BTFO: Manchester coming to a continental state near you. >please be Florida ht…[View]
127103105How exactly does nato work? Why aren't the other members paying their fair share? why are they …[View]
127098643/ourgirl/?: Becca >>>[View]
127100439k bye[View]
127098902Fuck this: Really activates the almonds huh[View]
127103027Where are you on the compass and what type of degenerate porn are you into?[View]
127102927Why does /pol/ oppose universal healthcare? I'm neutral to the issue, but I see that Europe is …[View]
127102907I don't understand how Christianity is this extension of Judaism if Jews hate Jesus and killed …[View]
127092133Why do liberals love to show off just how 'smart' their kids are?[View]
127102752what would Uncle Hitler have thought of this buzzard?: strong but misguided woman? or would he have …[View]
127101352'If Britain hadn't worn a short skirt': http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-40053427…[View]
127085077Why does The Pope love Obama, but he HATES Trump?[View]
127102519Leftist are pedophiles now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQekTexEXz0&t[View]
127102453This is your reminder to vote for UKIP in the General Election. A vote for any of the other mainstre…[View]
127099457https://youtu.be/ecTuW_KU7YE How does it feel Montenegro?[View]
127102043***BLOCKS YOUR PATH***[View]
127102225Who /neoliberal/ here? Let's get some pluralism going.[View]
127093590Why aren't you a Muslim yet? You preach the same shit as us. Only we're more aggressive an…[View]
127076766JEWISH SELECTIVE CRYPSIS: Post examples of this phenomenon.[View]
127098169Brit/pol/ Walkers edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, did fuck all htt…[View]
127098521Greg Gianforte BODY SLAMS Reporter: 'Trump Helped Create This': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxNa…[View]
127101872Hey franks, still not regretting overthrowing your king?: > Be the catholic church > Deviate a…[View]
127100913>mfw murrilards are still butthurt about Pearl Harbor[View]
127101786Why haven't you married a single mother yet /pol/? Don't you want to raise white children …[View]
127101736OPERATION MAKE THE GAYS GREAT AGAIN Okay, faggots. It's time to corrupt the pride flag. It…[View]
127101533/pol/ can you respect intelligent, hardworking, successful and polite niggers? Basically, do you see…[View]
127088325I love how my muslim ancestors destroyed infidel pagan Romans and Persians in the name of Allah. The…[View]
127079987FLOTUS vs. Brigitte Macron at NATO function.: Discuss.[View]
127072709>This is our new office! >We hope you enjoy our hip, new, and fun work environment!…[View]
127100807Why is feminaziism such a cancer?[View]
127088850This is swimming pool in China. Left side is for those who paid more.[View]
127094590Why are Germans so retarded?[View]
127097086/pol/ Club: Have we decided on the blue guy?[View]
127099374Not one single migrant got to Italy from Libya without help from 'rescuers': Not one single migrant …[View]
127101284ITT we post qt world leader >ywn exchange hugs and kisses with Emmanuel Macron feels really horri…[View]
127094872Why the Liberal Arts are Cancer Board:: The story of Adolf Hitler, is the story of a Liberal Arts st…[View]
12710070298% OF AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE IN FACT NATIVE INDIANS: https://imjustheretomakeyouthink.com/2016/08/28…[View]
127097814brit/pol/ - i didnt have the links copied so there aren't any links: but i still made the threa…[View]
127073763UK fags, how much do you earn per year? Are you happy with it?[View]
127101158Germans are garbage, I know the nazis were cool and all. But the germans of today are not even the s…[View]
127073540G..goys?: Bitcoin in free fall[View]
127100865What a pathetic manlet. Drumb vergins will think this is alpha: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/…[View]
127097579Best test for political ideology?[View]
127099413Eric Clanton arrested: bike lock guy was finally arrested lol some info about it: https://www.youtub…[View]
127100746The Uprising: >People are mad as hell and they're not going to take it any more >Media ge…[View]
127100512Everyone is rotten in the western world. People are disgusting. Just waiting for Russia or China to …[View]
127099615Every voice on 4chan can be heard because posts are chronological. I think that is an incredible str…[View]
127100663Daily reminder that the Seth Rich investigation is based only on unfounded conspiracy theories pushe…[View]
127098116Ban traps?: Are traps gay? No, they arnt.[View]
127089985Why don't white nationalist pick a country and all move to that one? Wouldn't it be easier…[View]
127099404WE WUZ CHINA: https://youtu.be/uYHxcIMNHNA?t=8m33s[View]
127099439recommend some degrees to major in[View]
127100383Normie pope[View]
127101075Why do Jews fear the Samurai?[View]
127098088>communism is bad because it doesn't work >nazism is good, it failed only because of da j…[View]
127100089Why are americans such faggots?[View]
127102849Redshoulder me on the Balarant[View]
127100098Feminism: So... women want equality, but don't want to give up the exceptional perks of female …[View]
127097437Redpill me on thoth. I know an eclipse is coming up and with all this info of seth rich and the deep…[View]
127097239ITT we post things we hate more than terrorism[View]
127099599Why does no body care[View]
127095636Trump cucks Macron: Is the madman back? He almost ripped the disrespectful little shits' arm of…[View]
127099205I'm starting to see normies really hate on muslim people in my city. The media and shit is tryi…[View]
127099900Rekt: If the world was to make a character for a satirical American president, Donald Trump would be…[View]
127099803Trump arriving on Air Force One in Italy for the G-7 summit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JozLBwt…[View]
12709980646 DEAD IN PHILIPPINES. GET IN HERE.: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-militants-idUSK…[View]
127083721How can any of you possibly not like Muslims after seeing this picture? But seriously lads, I'm…[View]
127098519is /pol/ dare I say....BTFO?[View]
127085810Why Europe?!: >Be me, fairly autistic but successful Zergling >Go with gf on Eurotrip >Go …[View]
127099655(((Diversity))): Daily reminder that germanys top people want to genocide other europeans. (((Schaeu…[View]
127089417TWITTER SUSPENDS WND FOR SETH RICH STORY: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-25/twitter-suspends-…[View]
127099017It's okay to punch a nazi: I have seen this phrase being spread alot in the youth anarchist mov…[View]
127096138UHH GUYS????: https://twitter.com/notch/status/867712929474510848 Is this Seth Rich thing going to b…[View]
127099532Daily reminder that the Seth Rich investigation is based only on unfounded conspiracy theories pushe…[View]
127095945American made.: What thing's are you proud of that is American made. Chevrolet. Heartbeat of Am…[View]
127096408I just don't know what to believe anymore. T: Theres so much BS on all sides ie (Trump did X im…[View]
127096098Post /pol/ choice of movies.[View]
127098630It's okay to punch a nazi: I have seen alot of people take this kind of approach. Even some alt…[View]
127088411Women-Only Showing of Wonder Woman: >male privilege exists! LMAO http://www.huffingtonpost.com/en…[View]
127099237How do we restore the neanderthal religion?[View]
127097338>Your IQ >Your vote 51.9 Drumpbfd[View]
127096822The 50th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty is approaching. What are you doing t…[View]
127098856White people kills more than islam: Face it, this white man has gone on to murder just about everyon…[View]
127096901HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Why do they look so pathetic?[View]
127098735really gets my noggin joggin[View]
127096500My school district is in the news for having so many racist incidents (Im a senior rn) http://www.my…[View]
127092201The Jewish-Asian Phenomenon: Jews have been mixing for generations. In fact, the majority of Jews ha…[View]
127088494Feels Thread.: >be me just graduated uni >met nice girl, blonde, blue eyes >hang out a lot,…[View]
127098592Summer of Shills: Quick Rundown – What we know so far is that leftist groups have been organizing wh…[View]
127098582Federal Prosecutor for visa and passport fraud found dead in Miami: Started with the DOJ in January …[View]
127084479Pure facism. These people were probably slaving away in the kitchen trying hard to support themselve…[View]
127098570Catholicbro's, give one good reason why you haven't converted to Eastern Orthodoxy or at l…[View]
127098320And they were the conservative ones: > And goes on to state that the president's ability to …[View]
127098305Age of consent in puritan america: Age of consent in germany is 14. Germany is about 30 years more a…[View]
127098460Is the red/blue pill dichotomy a lie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-0VMnFmnL0[View]
127091467Why haven't you faggots recruited me?: http://www.businessinsider.com/right-wing-militias-recru…[View]
127097777My ancestor :)[View]
127087684Drumpf shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group: What a fucking douche nozzle. How…[View]
127098136'It was confirmed that Russian Hackers were involved in Manchester attack': I am sure this will happ…[View]
127097231Do pagans here that watch varg actually believe in thor and praise trees and shit?[View]
127090785/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127098255>banning guns is stupid because law abiding citizens are hurt and criminals don't obey laws …[View]
127076561Brit/pol/: Home Ownership Edition: >Latest Owen Jones: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/…[View]
127097858/pol/ I want to apologize: for being part of a retarded country[View]
127098109EVERY SINGLE TIME!: The Scum pond of journalism needs badly to be drained.[View]
127090025Brit/pol/ - I can't find my fuckignf teacakes edition: its also bloody boiling >Incompetent …[View]
127097109Just marathoned the 4th Circuits uphold of the block on Trumps Travel Ban. What did I think?: The co…[View]
127092146Is free speech based /pol/? Or should freedom of expression be stifled for the 'greater good'?[View]
127097874Trumpanomics: The Nasdaq has hit a life-time high of 6205.: https://twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/867…[View]
127097068>snibedi spins :D[View]
12709699710 Facts About Chimpanzees That Hold A Dark Mirror To Humanity: >There’s a part of ourselves that…[View]
127097571The Truth about HIV: >Singles out black male attitudes in South Africa as the main cause for HIV …[View]
127095992Are you ready for President Zuckerberg /pol/? >https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/867829249008381…[View]
127096367Where can I buy one of these shirts /pol/? I want to wear it around really liberal colleges.[View]
127088736What made 'poo in loo' stick? How come americans aren't called 'shart in mart'? Why aren't…[View]
127093796Will the madman pull it off?[View]
127095105The Problem With Modern Islam: For the average modern day Muslim, there are 2 things to believe in: …[View]
127097378Press F to mourn: A few moments ago on CNN they were broadcasting from a place in Manchester where e…[View]
127095936Goodbye Civility!!: https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4538398/amp/Burrito-…[View]
127070223You Nazi fucks took it too far this time and put an innocent man in jail. Help us get our comrade ou…[View]
127091196PAY. DEBNTS. NOW.[View]
127097114Research Chemicals: Apparently people unironically buy hardcore drugs online and get away with it by…[View]
127093235Good work you magnificent bastards.: https://www.therebel.media/violent_antifa_professor_arrested_in…[View]
127096130This is how the world will be if we let the terrorists win.[View]
127096627REMINDER: These men are not your friends and allies. They do not represent you or your politics. The…[View]
127095408What bloody degeneracy is this?[View]
127096932With all the hatred against lgbtq people, blacks Muslims and anyone who is not a white Christian mal…[View]
127094119Armored car heist: You goys ready for a shootout? Two nogs armed with rifles just robbed an armored …[View]
127095197How I feel when I log onto /pol/: /pol/ hates Jews, the Muzzies hate Jews...why not coexist, /pol/?…[View]
127096880U-lock attacker Eric Clanton finally arrested in Portland?! https://youtu.be/nnHER-HGH8s[View]
127091879Daily reminder that France is a non-country: And that French people are Gauls who speak the language…[View]
127094819ITT Post Political Conspiracy Theories that were Proven Right: Or at least which makes most sense…[View]
127062332The Clusterfuck of Renting: Has anyone looked into renting a house recently? I wish nothing but bad …[View]
127095924>this triggers the Alt Right manlet[View]
127096645The number of refugees entering the United States has dropped by two-thirds[View]
127095189Where's the best place to go to escape the lefty's[View]
127091693DEUS VULT: Why dont we just Boycott kebab?[View]
127096603The protocols of Zion: Fuck /pol/laks i think im going insane! I think i went from redpilling myself…[View]
127092241Justin Trudeau refuses to answer question.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLdEYw3ginA&t= What…[View]
127056427So I'm going to make large-sized prints of this girl, saying 'Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 years - I …[View]
127095601FRE or how I loved the msm tripe: /POL/ we cry about tv spreading bad to the normies. We get upset m…[View]
127095569For the first time in a long time I went to church today. I am trying to be a christian again but ma…[View]
127077807Poland About to Increase Its Defence Expenditure up to the Level of 2.5% of GDP: >Polish Ministry…[View]
127062057Sharia patrol in Moscow. Look at mongoloid Russians being afraid of the Chechen.: https://www.youtub…[View]
127092143Is it possible for a high functioning sociopath to live a normal life?[View]
127096372Today marks Jordan's anniversary. What's our judgement about the country and the Hashemite…[View]
127093829this is from a private school in detroit. tell me that this white girl was just found as a token for…[View]
127096301NET NEUTRALITY: Hey every American who voted for a Republican law maker... When your ISP starts char…[View]
127095769Banned from mosque. Reported by community. (((Authorities))) didn't act.: (((Fight Each Other))…[View]
127038800Why did you let this happen, /pol/.[View]
127096277It's ur fault retards[View]
127095503Black Lives Matter Summer Camp: https://youtu.be/M08Vqqd59oQ Nothing says summer like a camp full of…[View]
127094975In my country there is a law named 'pensión compensatoria'. An example of this would be that a coupl…[View]
127065327Christianity is the vanguard of the West: >Preacher eats Qu'ran infront of Muslims https://w…[View]
127095741>tfw you realise George Soros started the Seth Rich conspiracy theories to discredit Trump suppor…[View]
127096079>reddit is winning the war because /pol/ is full of insecure little boys that are bothered with B…[View]
127090976http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/may/25/evergreen-state-students-demand-professor-resign-f/ th…[View]
127096068Guys rate my grill. Hint, she's better than yours.[View]
127096025Homophobic sexuality ?: I am gay so why do am I sexually aroused with homophobic stuff ?[View]
127090532The (((rape))) of Nanking: Asian bros and fellow white men. Knowing what we know about the WW2 era p…[View]
127092772Should you shake a woman's hand in the workplace?[View]
127095574Federal appeals court upholds block on Trump's travel ban: PHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…[View]
127085676'White' Americans: Fellow euro-bro's, what is the real non-meme answer to why Americans are so …[View]
127084348out on a hike, enjoying views of the city, see this, wat do.[View]
127093516Trump Shoves NATO Leader Aside to Get to Front: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhBcgB_GZD4 What a t…[View]
127073621Trump pushes a NATO cuck-beta male member: https://youtu.be/Ld3yc7rgniU Feels good to have a real le…[View]
127093234What would it have been like if this man won both the primaries and the general election?[View]
127095121Hitler for Kingdom Hearts 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce5v0DvgfIo At 4:30 I start talking abo…[View]
127095438The Weak Should Fear The Strong[View]
127094191'Dubbed the most banned book in the world, this tome is so feared by Jews that they have refused to …[View]
127089489Territories with people speaking the same language and culture should belong to the same country. Do…[View]
127090724KANYE 2020: ITT: Post >yfw you realized Kanye has been out of the public eye since Life of Pablo …[View]
127095340Gavin McInnes: Count Dankula’s “Nazi pug” case a disgrace to Scotland: Gavin cucking out on the JQ p…[View]
127093860C u c k e d ! u c k e d ![View]
127095000Nationalism Rebranded: Just thought of the best argument for nationalism This land belongs to my fam…[View]
127094951Do boomer cucks have any other function aside from blaming others for their own problems?: I know th…[View]
127088244What do you think of Canada's new $20 coin? I like the design personally[View]
127080886You're walking around your local park trying to find the meaning of life when suddenly this fan…[View]
127091208Why does America incarcerate 4 percent of its population. Or 22 percent of the world's total of…[View]
127070841>Your monthly income >Whom you vote for >€404 >Alternative für Deutschland…[View]
127078050Should cannabis be legal?: You are all nazis or ancap, let's see how this goes. http://www.stra…[View]
127069219How do we stop white men from becoming women?[View]
127093926Confed Statues in Richmond: Newfag here. Just want to see what people think of the latest SJW excurs…[View]
127090380Whatchu gonna do bout it /pol/?[View]
127094762Mormonism is the future of the white race: >Mormonism is pro-white >Mormons have large familie…[View]
127092971>90% of parents SPANK their children Why would they do it? It's morally wrong and creates cr…[View]
127092184Kikebook punishment: Anyone have any stories of getting in real trouble on facebook? I've been …[View]
127093980Tfw this is the future master-race /pol/ weebs actually want lol.[View]
127093258>there was no holocaust[View]
127091204Fucking zuckerberg: Kikebook removed this pic of black on white crime stats[View]
127089220Is it possible to not be ignorant and racist and still hate Islam? I think not.[View]
127093399Picking a fucking career: Does anyone find it artistically difficult to pick a degree/career? Fuck e…[View]
127085736American posters only: What's your opinion on the British Donald Trump?[View]
127090849/r9k/: alt-right /pol/ fags, why do keep on stealing our memes? >normie you do realize you'r…[View]
127094492The 50th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty is approaching. What are you doing t…[View]
127092955ARREST DONNA BRAZILE: His name... Was Seth Rich. http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/05/bombshell-donna-brazi…[View]
127090096Is the U.S. to thank for free healthcare in the rest of the developed world?: It seems only logical …[View]
127093945Is he mentally ill? Surely no normal person would style their hair like this.[View]
127093385Why even bother: >be me >16 and redpilled as fuck on the world >Command Senior Chief of NJR…[View]
127093944Whatever happened to #OpenBordersforIsrael: How did (((they)))) shut it down?[View]
127083720Syria General /sg/ - Cave riders Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
127094019Oh god: What should we do Germany?[View]
127091173South Park: /pol/ thoughts on South Park? Used to be funny cartoon, got all political in the latest …[View]
127093503Lou's City Bar Info on Seth Rich, and more SEIU efforts.: We need more info on ANYONE who was a…[View]
127085716what a fucking asshole[View]
127093714BEST PLAN FOR IMPROVING EVERYTHING: Okay fagets here's the plan: >nuke every country with gr…[View]
127094105ITT: Politicians you want to beat the shit out of[View]
127094095Diversity is our strength! DON'T APPROPRIATE MY CULTURE!: https://archive.is/OjF9W[View]
127066400BRITISH RIGHT WING DEATH SQUADS KICKING DOWN DOORS: http://yourbrexit.co.uk/news/revealed-elite-sas-…[View]
127079235What the fuck is up with this haircut?: Spencer has gone off the deep end. We're going to look …[View]
127094024Good.. good. Let the bullshit keep you distracted. Don't remember the wall. Don't think ab…[View]
127092335Ulysses S. Grant: >General Order No. 11 was the title of an order issued by Major-General Ulysses…[View]
127074954Women in the new right: Faggot white knighting MODS deleted the last one Women are infiltrating /pol…[View]
127091165So /pol/ i used to be a pretty liberal guy before this manchester shit; But now I think we need to c…[View]
127093906trash politicians poor cuture, everything we got is from other countries shit art, nobody cares ab…[View]
127093418Does anybody have the Pence meme that says something like 'You liberal trash. Did you really think I…[View]
127093820Hey, /pol/. Can I ask your opinions on MRAs? (Men's Rights Activists) Cheers![View]
127092183Is there still hope for the black race?: Do niggers have a chance to become normal, upstanding membe…[View]
127093658What is /pol/'s opinion on the horseshoe theory? I agree with the theory, since the far left an…[View]
127093547Restaurant Kek: So this is a thing apparently... pic related.[View]
127093477thanks feminism: >sees cute feminine-looking college chick in early 20s >was bluepilled hard d…[View]
127093461Did lenin do anything wrong? >overthrew a shitty system with something new and untested >commu…[View]
127090960Getting away with wearing a swastika in public: I just googled 'Nazi shirt,' and this came up. But i…[View]
127070247hahahahahahah what the fuck POLAND NO!!![View]
127093220You could have had it all.[View]
127092487https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOLtfQ9vo9U Why do pagans larp so much? It's not like they are …[View]
127083818Tuzla 1995: Today Is The 23rd Anniversary Of the Tuzla massacre. Date: 25 May 1995 20:55 (UTC+1) Bet…[View]
127092538Richard Spencer: The next Hitler? Could he become the future President of a white ethnostate USA? If…[View]
127092957Why blacks copy our music and give it out as theirs? for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
127085330Explosion in Mosul Iraq Kills 105 Civilians: http://archive.is/ro3OI 'Our condolences go out to all …[View]
127087698What the actual fuck America? 140 civs killed in a single airstrike in march. 'Our deepest condolenc…[View]
127076841What are you all gonna do when the mass rioting starts this summer?[View]
127066033RUSSIA HATE THREAD!!!: AIDS rate in Russia is african tier. Russian government is bunch of corrupt o…[View]
127091831Age of Consent: Why are there degenerates on this board who think abolishing AoC is a good idea? Wh…[View]
127092645When did the world become so liberal pol?: Compare todays shows like SNL to previous ones like MadTV…[View]
127092650Why are Americans so boorish?[View]
127091482Britbongs help: Retard here, I have a question: Has England ever had a civil war? I'm not talk…[View]
127092510How are we not talking about this? Slovakians Nazi party in their parliament[View]
127092418Let's be honest /pol/ - how many of you got BTFO'd by the BTC/ETH crash? I know lots of yo…[View]
127089210>mfw liberal, tolerant, and progressive Sweden practiced Eugenics up until the mid 70s https://en…[View]
127087716This is your reminder to vote for UKIP in the General Election. A vote for any of the other mainstre…[View]
1270923161 Anon , 5 countries ...: Name 5 countries on your mind. What do you like/hate about each one? >…[View]
127079330ISIS leader raped a white woman from america: total boss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayla_Mueller…[View]
127091872>what did she mean by this[View]
127065609>the man who put 20.000 kebabs on spikes to scare the incoming muslim hordes and saved Europe is …[View]
127092123Jesus visit to another cultures: Probably the most censored topic on Earth. Christian related cave …[View]
127089847Did I miss something or why was nothing done? https://youtu.be/wA4RcP73ibY[View]
127091082So, this guy talks about 4chan to everyone, and nothing happens to him? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127085530KEK has a particle accelerator in japan?: is this Lord KEK final solution? https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
127088497Eric Clanton arrested and charged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vldRmJ0Kjmw HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
127077288My Mother was diagnosed schizophrenic when she was 28. When I asked her what had happened to her she…[View]
127084743Polish parliament just have decided, that in order to buy a morning after pill, there will be requir…[View]
127090079Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
127091520This is how 'diversity' will destroy us: Pic related. Within 50 years, whites will no longer be the …[View]
127091810Didn't the 'witness' say that after Greg grabbed Jacob by the neck, he started punching him? Ho…[View]
127091813Press F to mourn: Just on CNN they are broadcasting from a place in Manchester where everyone is dum…[View]
127091764>Home Secretary Theresa May has told the Police Federation to stop 'crying wolf' about the impact…[View]
127088304This man speaks German perfectly: But his English isn't even rudimentary. He couldn't even…[View]
127091680RACE WAR Has been going on for decades even though the younger generations are too blind to notice i…[View]
127091321/pol/ Why do all white people nationalities look different but all niggers,chinks and shitskin natio…[View]
127085447when did George Bush say 'God told to invade Iraq' or words to that effect? I can't s…[View]
127062835OMFG HAHAHA SHE ACTUALLY SAID IT!: this is too good /pol/[View]
127078207So I just did my entire Uni essay on 4chan /Pol/ and /b/ to be exact. How would you degenerates answ…[View]
127085424Worshiping a DEAD flag, of a DEAD nation?: Stop now. Why would you use symbols of white failure, tha…[View]
127080942The silent takeover[View]
127085130>your average krauts version of patriotism is picking up after someone and paying for someones co…[View]
127091307The Hildebeast and GS: WTF is this? don't remember hearing about this bs https://www.scribd.com…[View]
127088714Guy wirh supossed IQ of 200: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-HXSHXUtFw Genius or loonie ?…[View]
127091244Some supreme irony that Germany has a service in which they're willing to bus around Antifa (Se…[View]
127087927Most powerful, smart people in existence know what religion really is: a tool to keep the weak masse…[View]
127091213Louise Mensch is a right-wing troll: Milo Yiannopoulos admits Louise set out to troll the left with …[View]
127089268daily reminder[View]
127077242>'he was a hero honey, he died defending america.. In afghanistan' >'his deeds of terrorizing …[View]
127090817>Literally every country that posts here has hate speech laws which would given them hefty fines,…[View]
127090947daily reminder that /pol/ is a christian board[View]
127089361Is your country doomed?: 1. Your country 2. Is your country doomed? I'll start Iceland Yes,…[View]
127089682How do i view someones private instagram photos without following them? is there any easy way[View]
127090678>meanwhile on Roman pol[View]
127089152True Master Race - The Estonian: >Best economy among former USSR states, top tier even if you add…[View]
127090362I wonder: proper dicking will make any pink haired feminist tumblrina reject her ideology and accept…[View]
127082237STOP WORSHIPPING KIKE GODS: Will Pagan united all Europeans? Lets find it out. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
127089967wtf I love robots now http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/19/technology/future/retail-job-robots/[View]
127081129Brit/pol/ - Alice Edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, did fuck all htt…[View]
127081533Decline of the Middle Class: Serious discussion on this. The way I understand it, if technology keep…[View]
127087495What happens exacrly here?[View]
127088737Theoretically, how long would the US last in an all out war against a stronger country such as Brita…[View]
127088552Congratulations to pol on getting Eric Clanton Antifa professor arrested: Just got news he was arres…[View]
127089785What is the most based movie and why is it pic related?: >features aryan qts >no shitskins …[View]
127090393Not sure if it's Hardcore History or Common Sense but what episode does Dan talk about the FOUR…[View]
127087492>driving home from work >see a nigger >day ruined…[View]
127090368meme: make this a meme[View]
127088779Portland Burrito Cart Closes After Owners Are Accused Of Cultural Appropriation: http://archive.is/T…[View]
127079169Drumpf is the laughing stock of the world.[View]
127089686Canadians are chasing the impossible dream on fusion power: Why are there so many fusion power start…[View]
127084864Tara McCarthy: Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
127085317Will /pol/ ever recover!??!?!?![View]
127078781The lack of self-awareness among the left is amazing. So when white, working class people say or do …[View]
127090086Mah Russia BTFO: Corpus Christi Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold 'DNC staffer killing needs f…[View]
127086803What the FUCK is wrong with brits?[View]
127089521Why does the media care so much about stupid shit?[View]
127089919/pol/ logic in a nutshell.: >Worried immigrants, legal or otherwise, destroying their country. …[View]
127086446In America specifically, do blacks hate whites more than whites hate blacks?[View]
127089116why are there so many chinks in canada?[View]
127088617Daily reminder that there are no real poor people in America >But an even bigger discrepancy eme…[View]
127088726Trump shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group: Will /pol/ defend his behavior?…[View]
127075938Fucking Turks http://atlanticsentinel.com/2017/05/nato-throws-austria-under-the-bus-to-appease-turks…[View]
127089599Trump is not a jewish puppe-[View]
127044257HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA >may be one of the most politically incorrect to date BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA…[View]
127088337Ramadan 2017 will begin in the evening of Friday, 26 May: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IHOkyuvpyEc…[View]
127088783Should white people abandon the Catholic church: It's the most diverse church, and it produces …[View]
127088237Farewell /pol/. The time has come for me to execute the ultimate form of white flight. I must abando…[View]
127080888Why are right-wing womens' audiences 80% men? Do conservatives have a gender problem?[View]
127082924Cats don't belong in Europe: Cats are not European. They are a bunch of African/Middle Eastern …[View]
127079634How do I hide my power level at work?: I was just at lunch and blurted out a few things about how I …[View]
127067133Jokes aside, we have to admit that the Muslims are justified in hating the West. We have colonized, …[View]
127088455>stop going on pol for a year >come back >completely and utterly infested with normalfags…[View]
127086695We've been cucked: >Go out as usual to smell the Islamic air in my nice Islamic place >on…[View]
127087359/pol/ BTFO yet again: https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2017/05/25/face-it-the-body-s…[View]
127088234A L P H A P R E S I D E N T: Trump is such an alpha president! Look at how he pushes the cuck aside …[View]
127089095They're going to investigate Seth's murder![View]
127068698Why so blue?: How many people here use pharmaceuticals? How many people know brain chemistry can…[View]
127076443Pregnant teenager banned from graduation ceremony: >A pregnant US teenager branded 'immoral' by h…[View]
127086225Hah, anudda good goy getting thrown out: After he outlived his usefulness Don't these fuckwits …[View]
127078356Daily reminder that jesus wasn't white[View]
127075964Is democracy inherently flawed?: Is democracy failing? And if so, can it ever work? And what is the …[View]
127087426Honestly, I'm ready to drop the whole le right-wing meme. And the 'north korea gonna nucc XDDXX…[View]
127088074What happened with the plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days?[View]
127085140Who is this?: Who is this woman?[View]
127073004How does this image make you feel, /pol/?[View]
127072028>criminals don't obey laws so banning guns is pointless >terrorists obey laws so banning …[View]
127088625The hillary shills were bad, the trump shills are even worse.[View]
127084865Why do people like this?[View]
127087472A SERIOUS question for Aussies.: Are aussies real? I was just wondering since a random kraut fag sai…[View]
127073726How long until the US becomes an overpopulated shithole like the UK?: Can we talk about the environm…[View]
127058787Proof that DNC manufactured the Russian controversy in June 2016: It is unimpeachable that watermark…[View]
127086875>white guy kills a brown guy for any reason >'WE CANNOT TOLERATE THIS INJUSTICE! CHANGES MUST …[View]
127088287Can transpeople be based?[View]
12708461425 de Mayo: 207 years ago today, our funding fathers told 'fuck off' to the king of asSpain, paving …[View]
127087719Wonder Woman screening in Alamo theater WOMEN ONLY.: I won't post the link because it's fr…[View]
127088160CARS.COM: ISIS should use them[View]
127083710Tfw this is the future master-race /pol/ weebs actually want.[View]
127062689I'm at the Milo event: I'm at the Milo event. What do?[View]
127088059Croatian President GTFO's Ivanka/Melanie o: Has no idea who Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović was until …[View]
127082958/pol/, explain this fucking shit. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/25/eu-and-us-divided-on-russia-brexit-…[View]
127075797>Muh mediterran masterace, nordcucks btfo[View]
127087901Ever heard of Occam's razor? I find it much more likely that some nobody was shot by a nigger, …[View]
127087806National Socialism and Christianity are NOT compatible, and NEVER will be.[View]
127087546Stand with Sean Hannity boycot Cars.com, Leesa Sleep, Casper, USAA, Peloton, the Crowne Plaza hotel …[View]
127087804This is how 'diversity' will destroy us: Pic related. Within 50 years, whites will no longer be the …[View]
127087106POL STAND - UP - MUSLIMS ect..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE1i4909qcA Love to know thoughts...…[View]
127087724'NICE ASS': FRESH DONALD CREEPER VIDEO: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/celebrit…[View]
127087726Joe Letz Did Nothing Wrong[View]
127086547trumpcuck hate thread[View]
127087116Islam: They pray and pray then hope but actions speak louder than words. May I suggest napalm?…[View]
127085125Trump Shoves Nato Reporter for Prime Spot in Photo: If you think Trump was wrong for this you'r…[View]
127086101Wtf I love Indonesia now[View]
127087560Wtf America? Soon you are going to be worse then us leafs.[View]
127086485Why arent you a true patriot, /pol/?[View]
127087179A marine was looking, at a protestor. The protestor was protesting not getting enough food stamps, a…[View]
127087410???: Is anyone here familiar with this publication? I encountered it today at work during the course…[View]
127055347Pizzagate. It is real. I'm dumping everything I have, would love someone to dump what they have…[View]
127084653Could 'the star gorging itself on clay' be the removal on the travel ban and Muslims gaining ground …[View]
127087322ITT Tasty May Mays: Greg Montana is a beast and violence is the answer.[View]
127069854If you had to pick a side, Muslims or Jews?[View]
127087263Pic related[View]
127081657Merkel just completely BTFO /pol/ - more money than Russia!: http://www.kurv.com/merkel-says-german-…[View]
127087107https://youtu.be/W_KrwW1Knms Why is Trump the only one with the balls to tell the truth?[View]
127084786Millenials moving to the south....why?: So I just heard a news report that more Millenials are movin…[View]
127087046Has Milo Jumped the Shark?: /pol/ Help me figure this out. Spend months with the moral high ground s…[View]
127087029A Chinese company is offering free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers: USA is becomi…[View]
127086945Stop defending capitalism.[View]
127085135How can one man be so BASED?[View]
127086739>politics go in his favor >he starts calling it 'BASED' when will this end?…[View]
127086273>tfw when their might be a BOMB[View]
127086766Brit *SAS* GUY ! in Press is a PMC !!: Can I just Clarify the guy in papers with tats /then no tats …[View]
127086763Imagine if the brits treated the muslims like they did the Irish after a terror attack[View]
127084915Should Richmond remove its Confederate monuments Poll, Vote No: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/c…[View]
127086717look at all the countries not affected by (((muh muslim ban)))[View]
127069104Syria General /sg/- Based IDF Cuties Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
127083549what the fuck happened to Richard Spencer?[View]
127081477Are sikh good guys?[View]
127083373TRS = IDF Shekel Scam,: Who the fuck is still listening to TRS? Mike 'Oy-Vey' Enoch is a Jew Sven '…[View]
127086612I have confession: I am here for 3 years, and i need to know if there is more folks like me and what…[View]
127086319Brothers vote for Corbyn to safeguard our future and culture. A man who understands that Muslim val…[View]
127084903A little good new to brighten everyone's day. 34 drown as migrants try to board MOAS ship in Li…[View]
127086220Knowing what you know now about secret societies and whatnot. How much of this movie do you think is…[View]
127083251Hey /pol/. /biz/ here. As you know Bitcoin and Etherum recently hit an all time high and the crypto …[View]
127085807/MKG/ Max Kolonko General: Why don't we talk about this guy here? >against of muslims >ag…[View]
127085169How many of you wouldn't be in America: If the conservatives had their way in the early 1900…[View]
127080682Drumpf blurts out classified info again, worrying Pentagon officials: Hey Pentagon you took an oath …[View]
127086105Travel ban block upheld by appeals court[View]
127082049#PureBlackLivesMatter: >White's whom have children with black people hate black people subco…[View]
127085016I'll tell you why Europe is superior: Because I'm not European, and no one is Europe is a …[View]
127085992Why the hell do shills shill here?: Are we really that much of a threat? Our lowly, little imageboar…[View]
127085969Justify NOT going MGTOW in the current feminist climate: Why should I get married when the entire sy…[View]
127073989How is my country so cucked? Kids as young as 8 literally had their guts blown out by sandniggers an…[View]
127069693>this is the face of white nationalism[View]
127080139Why are degrees from universities losing their value?[View]
127072118The Montana voters are fucking madmen[View]
127085667>early 2016 >expect politics to be business as usual >trump surges ahead of the chaff in th…[View]
127078714Anticommmunist Action Losers: Alright you imbuciles, your pathetic little group is not gonna work. A…[View]
127084079Filteries: filteries.com post em[View]
127085561ummmm ok this semms hmmmmmm not quite right, what's he thinking https://www.aol.com/article/new…[View]
127082279>walk into Game Stop with your gf >this guy comes up to her and tells her to save her dad what…[View]
127085434A.I. what will this spell for ww3?: https://twitter.com/SamHarrisOrg/status/748765126321328128…[View]
127085402https://archive.is/bNfFg >A group of protesters sent the following statement in a news release to…[View]
127083388Under Trumpcare, Having a High Fever Once Is a Pre-Existing Condition: boy am i glad we're gett…[View]
127085351/pol/ BTFO by its own stupidity: A quick Google search reveals that despite OP not posting the sourc…[View]
127083624Just when Dems thought Seth Rich was forgotten, BOOM! THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMITZ![View]
127085325Watching how the media treats Trump, is making me rethink George W. Bush's presidency. Used to …[View]
127085291Putin Really Hates PM of Montenegro For Joining NATO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iimj0j4NYME…[View]
127073075Why are white men so obsessed with asian women, latinas, even black women are option nowadays..WTF? …[View]
127084776Why do lefties say capitalism doesn't work? We have the most profitable prison system in the wo…[View]
127082510>The singer of Shadilay (Marco Ceramicola) uses Pepe the frog as his Facebook header >Last mon…[View]
127070378/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127085149TRUMP GOING AFTER WILD HORSES: http://azdailysun.com/news/local/wild-horses-could-be-sold-for-slaugh…[View]
127082823Been 70 plus years since the last BIG ONE in Europe - It i time for a cleansing, historically speaki…[View]
127080325Ben & Jerry’s Just Banned Serving Two Scoops Of The Same Flavor: https://www.good.is/articles/be…[View]
127082599>The state of journalism in 2017[View]
127079948/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL: 4TH CIRCUS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
127062985Overwatch = Racist: According to this empowered black woman, the newest Lucio skin in Overwatch is a…[View]
127084844The Day of the Nail is here. How are y'all feeling now that the boot is on the other foot? Not…[View]
127079753SOS - Major shill operation planned over summer: tl;dr version - Shills are planning major, coordina…[View]
127083521Site down white boi: Whites BTFO. The founder of the US was an illeterate. BAKA BRUH[View]
127081976National socialism: Hey /pol/ how can we make national socialism more appealing to the masses? I don…[View]
127083100Based Black Man: Lets get a based black man thread going fellow Trumpers. Post you favorite based bl…[View]
127080732Why are there no good conservative role models?: Why are there no good conservative role models? …[View]
127083711One sand bigger of roughly 85 IQ, strapped with C4 and nails, in a split second redpilled more peopl…[View]
127084156Redpill me on the war on drugs[View]
127069874I bet you feel so safe with your muslim police department bongs![View]
127051266(((THEY))) ARE FUCKING GETTING RID OF HIM.: Its disgusting what they're doing to these conserva…[View]
127084031Chicago only major U.S. city to lose population from 2015 to 2016: Rodger reporting in for a fun wee…[View]
127080758What happens there?[View]
127082993>Go to mexico with your friend >Visit authentic Mexican tortilla makers >Try your hardest w…[View]
127084429Are you guys sick of winning yet? Sage this thread to protect your fragile egos[View]
127081364Can Trump survive? Let's face it - he had 2 scoops.[View]
127081744bbbut I thought leafs were cucked!: America gets bombed no retaliation UK gets bombed no retaliatio…[View]
127084320>tfw 'post-truth' and all the media butthurt about fake news is nothing more than a phantom pain …[View]
127081684Shadilay: Just bought this Kekistani flag. I can feel the meme magic flowing through me[View]
127081059>duuhh fuck the only country in the middle east that isn't a Muslim theocracy cuz Alex Jones…[View]
127046185Let's talk about autism. No, I'm not talking about you Anon, pretending to have asperger b…[View]
127074711Americans, why do you hate universal healthcare so much?[View]
127084212Who is /pol/s figurehead?: Who has the best /pol/ack track record? In other words, if one person…[View]
127083909So, Maxine Waters recently had her mic cut off mid-speech in a California Democratic Convention. Of …[View]
127082801German thread: This thread is for the german-speaking community. >Wie können wir die liebe zum Va…[View]
127083436>1071 >we will take back anatolia, just wait >1171 >we will take back anatolia, just …[View]
127084111How the F**K Can I Support Trump Still?: Macron was Trump's 'GUY'? Over Le Pen? What kind of ab…[View]
127084089>((( health insurance ))) == health care >((( mortgage ))) == owning a home >((( student lo…[View]
127082403Why do women and people who post on /fa/ spend $200 on a minimalistic outfit and feel totally fine a…[View]
127080292If you own a gun, or wish to own a gun, you're a fucking meme warrior. No one needs a gun. Brit…[View]
127079268Does the west need a war?: Western Europe has been war free on its soil since ww2. In this time we h…[View]
127081276Well? How is Macron so much manlier than Trump?[View]
127070109This was hilarious https://twitter.com/HollandReid/status/867751717387063296 Y A N K[View]
127082054LOL, YOU BIGOTS[View]
127083242Petition to award Greg Gianforte the Presidential Medal of Freedom: This man deserves a medal[View]
127076159Advice and learning from the goyim: Hello Goyim! It is i, Shlomo Goldman Sixmillionburg Interracialp…[View]
127083636The Main Difference Between US & UK navies: The US Navy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InBXu-iY…[View]
127083604Athens car bombing - Ex Prime minister injured.[View]
127083543Holy fuck what a badass. Did anyone else see this? Also prepare for the media talking about it like…[View]
127060726IHMO atheists should be killed: Here's a common argument atheists make if we call for their exp…[View]
127083492105 Muslim Civilians Killed By Accident in Explosive Rigged Home in Mosul Iraq: http://www.npr.org/s…[View]
127083184Finland is most fucked up country in the world: TL;DL <Have a twin brother <Join isis <Kill…[View]
127082414HAPPENING IN ATHENS: Why is there not a thread about this? https://www.google.com/amp/www.telegraph.…[View]
127082135Anyone else want to be a paid protester?: http://workforprogress.org/apply-for-the-summer-of-defianc…[View]
127079968>The civil war wasn't about slavery![View]
127083207Do you vote, /pol/? Why/why not?[View]
127083167PAY DENBTS[View]
127070332Syria General /sg/ - GAINZ GAINZ GAINZ Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
127067000Have you?: Has anyone on pol ever left fascism / national socialism and returned to being a good per…[View]
127082097Happy Independence Day, neighbor Jordan! Enjoy being forgotten as the arabic state in Mandatory Pale…[View]
127080419lol this NEO NAZI Richard Spencer is so weak, how come he is your leader?[View]
127082297Sino-American War: Since it's practically an inevitability at this point, how long until it hap…[View]
127082797>he's willing to trade his liberty for safety LMAO. You may as well be a woman with that att…[View]
127083051SPQR: Hail to the Roman Empire (especially the pagan empire). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzKHv…[View]
127080896What makes a nu-male? Is it genetic, or are there environmental factors?[View]
127081722Why JFK died: (President Kennedy): Oh, doctor, I wonder if you could-have you got-send up a little e…[View]
127082716How do we get the world to recognize and legitimize Sealand as a nation?[View]
127082939Right wingers, prove this man wrong. https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2017/05/25/fac…[View]
127082418Is body slamming people constitutional?[View]
127074273No more 'hatespeech' and 30% EUSSR propaganda everywhere now.: Welcome to 1984 becoming true. Spread…[View]
127081433Thought provoking[View]
127079257HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH: Twitter censorship: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-25/twitter-suspend…[View]
127082591Post-Concertism: Are we entering an era where the music concert industry is going to crumble thanks …[View]
127082413105 Muslim Civilians Killed: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/25/528925544/report-on-u…[View]
127081228Starship Troopers is racist against alien bugs: >Authors and commentators have stated that the ma…[View]
127081525Poland Superpower: Poland will be the strongest and greatest nation in Europe in half a century. Pro…[View]
127080486Are we body slamming people now?[View]
127073425India will be a super power.[View]
127080612I need a hand, comrades.[View]
127058387Communism memes aside, do you personally believe that it is just that when some people starve and ca…[View]
127065549Richmond poll over the removal of Confederate monuments: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-…[View]
127076955> be poor > vote republican > become poorer Why do poor whites vote against their economi…[View]
127083487So I update my resume, make a new cover letter, go in person multiple times to the job site call eve…[View]
127082038Come on and join my left wing discord server. https://discord/ .gg/GEaSdEa[View]
127076231Would you support the forced expulsion of all Jews from your country if it meant also supporting Isr…[View]
127079742>tfw you could have remade the Roman Empire and killed a bunch of shitskins but some Autistic Ger…[View]
127079813donald trump diagnosed with alzheimers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mog6XSzFkAo&feature=yout…[View]
127081346So /pol/, if you're so redpilled, how come you haven't completed your metamorphosis into T…[View]
127081872Can Staya's desertification be reversed?: Isn't pretty sad the Abos destroyed the ecosyste…[View]
127076574Why do you have to invent stories to get your point across?: >muh dishonest media Isn't it t…[View]
127081846/gmht/ General Mudslim Hate Thread: Have some PORK for Ramadent ! The mudslims are going to starve f…[View]
127081842Appeals court rules against revised Trump travel ban. Are you tired of winning yet?[View]
127081832Redpill me on Sarsour She as bad as they say?[View]
127081066This video devastates the Demon Rats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_a7dQXilCo[View]
127081798Did Ezra Pound really say this?: What do you think, /pol/? According to (((Wikipedia))) famed fascis…[View]
127079293>be me >be black in a immigrant school >new blond hair and blue eyed swed kid joins >get…[View]
127076956What do I have left?: > Be me > Be black > Constantly brag about Africa being origin of hum…[View]
127081420WHO WAS THE COOLEST LEADER AT THE NATO SUMMIT?: I think Trudeau was the coolest he was lookin sharpe…[View]
127066410Why are arabs such worthless animals?: >Dirty, muslim sandnigger monkeys get welfare, roof over t…[View]
127076208I can't stand NEETS: Why should I pay taxes for them to get their NEETbux? I went to school, wo…[View]
127055431Why are North American shopping malls dying? Every town has one like this now...[View]
127054044You fucking britbongs are a sorry bunch of faggots I swear. If don't kick some Arabs ass you sh…[View]
127063043PAID ACTIVISTS IS REAL: I signed up for the planned parenthood remind thing for some laughs and they…[View]
127072550STOP REPLYING TO SLIDE THREADS: pol nut the fuck up get all your resources and energies towards ever…[View]
127057897AMERICANS, GET IN HEREW: What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you hate us? Don't say it…[View]
127077104/pol/ BTFO AGAIN[View]
127081431Red Pilled Music approved by Sam HYDE: Guys I'm making Red Pilled music and I need your help. P…[View]
127080369Well, /pol/? The white Christians should do more to comabt extremity[View]
127081398God, I can't wait for Europe to fall. They deserve it.[View]
127081339I'm worried /pol/: Something bad will happen on Friday. They always love to drop news that hurt…[View]
127080789Instead of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican City, Trump should have come to Germany: This way German…[View]
127072489Accurate information on the US border wall: construction will begin in San Diego[View]
127081311Based President: America First, Eurofags: https://youtu.be/4otCS3FJxas[View]
127073857Trump BTFOs Nato: How can one man be so based?[View]
127074835Why is Trump so desperate to impress the Jews and Saudis?[View]
127076450Brit/pol/ - Ireland Edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, did fuck all h…[View]
127080989$2 Trillion Dollars: How does someone 'forget' to account for $2 trillion dollars? How can someone b…[View]
127062668Don't slide this important list of anti-white propaganda in movies. Add to the list: Hollywood …[View]
127078769>Literally every country that posts here has hate speech laws which would given them hefty fines,…[View]
127068498Why does Pakistan suck at propaganda ?Everything they claim is north korea tier cringe http://www.fi…[View]
127055563The future of Europe is in, and it doesn't look good.: Military at every street corner CCTV cam…[View]
127073577New leak says that 6.6 million economic migrants are waiting to pas to europe: http://www.telegraph.…[View]
127081023Richmond monument POLL GET IN HERE: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-should-…[View]
127080922Boss battle: If you think the red pill started a fight wait til you see the boss battle https://yout…[View]
127078345We did it /pol/ Eric 'assault with deadly weapon? assaulted by deadly autism' Clanton is behind bars…[View]
127076140BASED BODY SLAMMER!: How badly do you wish you could vote for Guardian journo-scum killer? Also, wha…[View]
127080778Trump at the front: All I've seen on twitter is people crying about Trump pushing his way to th…[View]
127078370New leak says that 6.6 million economic migrants are waiting to pas to europe: http://www.telegraph.…[View]
127080729who are some alt-right approved anime characters?[View]
127080693Montana special election is over /pol/ >Republicans BTFO https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/mon…[View]
127079999Going to Field Day 2017, Victoria Park, London: Boys I'm scared of going on the 3rd of June bec…[View]
127071007>trump visits saudi arabia >trump visits israel >trump visits brussels >trump visits …[View]
127077642How do we make cities comfy again? It's the same street in both pictures.[View]
127079960>word gets around in elite hollywood child-raping circles that Ariana Grande wants to finally blo…[View]
127069996Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor: Why were eight year olds at a concert for this woman? Is…[View]
127075172Seriously though, WTF are they doing in this image?[View]
127078693German hate thread: Why hasn't god destroyed Germany?[View]
127080234>work sets you free What did they mean by this?[View]
127074261/POL/ BTFO[View]
127079462Hi /pol/, I haven't been online in a while, what happened to Shia after the museum? I know he f…[View]
127063849What does /pol/ think about their based Trump denying climate change?[View]
127080382As a Canadian living in the states, what are your thoughts about Canadian ex-pats?[View]
127078009You know what would solve everything? A country of men. Imagine that, a country just made of men. No…[View]
127079761Wtf is wrong with him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3FGqBGZmmI[View]
127080121Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for all the things I've learned since my newfag days. There …[View]
127079647The pope rejects Trump's hand gesture: Why are religious leaders condemning Trump?[View]
127071830Underage kids who get mad at 'FarCry 5' never played Soldier of Fortune.: Stop bitching guys Some of…[View]
127076702Can you explain this without sexism, /pol/?[View]
127075275/pol/ T-Shirts Thread: Interest is brewing for /pol/ T-Shirts. Can we get some good designs in here …[View]
127073029Can someone explain exactly how we are in the state of white genocide? I see the validity in it, but…[View]
127080016THE FUCKING MADMAN: Pope BTFO https://media.giphy.com/media/xUPGcpC28G9SwQbjwc/giphy.gif[View]
127079979This is what comes up when you Google manchester bombings.. Irish are the real terrorists?[View]
127079113What did they mean by this?[View]
127079380Is this how the perfect /pol/ husbando should look like?[View]
127078730If you could snap your fingers, and every self-identifying muslim on the planet would immediately di…[View]
127057998finally he's back: Trump urges NATO to focus on terrorism, migration & ‘Russian threat’…[View]
127079577Hating all Muslims because of ISIS is like hating all Slytherins because of the Death Eaters Checkma…[View]
127076207Would you give her a free taxi /pol/, if needed ???[View]
127079144Gianforte body slams reporter http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/24/greg-gianforte-fox-news-tea…[View]
127078880If I'm sterile, is it okay to race mix?[View]
127079452The Manchester attack: How many ended up dead? Last time I checked it was 22 dead and 59 injured.…[View]
127079405Summer of Shitposts irl edition: Got any plans anon? How about doing your part to end degeneracy? A…[View]
127078668What are they thinking right now?[View]
127078080How redpilled are ya?: 1 red point if you know Islam is evil 1 red point if you deny man made climat…[View]
127079284Seriously wtf.[View]
127058930The main purpose of a gun is to kill people and killing people is illegal So why are guns legal????[View]
127078064Free account (Quotev): I am looking to give this account to a 'good' home U: sleepingsnake P: sheeps…[View]
127078377If socialism doesn't work because of 'Human Nature' then why did the CIA made sure to sabotage …[View]
127057183Debbie Waffleman Schultz is going down, get in here: http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/24/wasserman-sch…[View]
127077144Who can defeat this lad? Are all right-winger just brainlets after all?[View]
127078129Middle Class and Post-Industrial Society: Serious discussion on this. The way I understand it, if te…[View]
127078433Dare I say, Linda Sarsour is our /guy/[View]
127078659Felix is correct. Right wingers are pussies who talk tough but would cry like a bitch in a real figh…[View]
127075469Why do communists complain both about the rich 'hoarding money' and them spending lavishly on frivol…[View]
127078845Why is modern art literally SHIT?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNI07egoefc[View]
127078839Antifa Troll attacking anybody?: FTW all Day. Is a know Antifa supporter. Has a post board he says i…[View]
127078171Federal appeals court upholds block on Trump's travel ban: so much winning our heads are litera…[View]
127077788Is he evil?[View]
127078663We Indians don't deserve development . https://www.google.co.in/amp/indianexpress.com/article/i…[View]
127076957There are white people who allow their young children to watch and listen to this.: Some white paren…[View]
127077864Do you think she likes the attention?[View]
127038577best looking flags thread bonus if its not your own country[View]
127066357Coming to theaters this summer...: In a world where Nazis are back in power. One man had no limits t…[View]
127069713LIVE IN NYC: MILO YIANNOPOULOS VS. LINDA SARSOUR: GET IN HERE FOLKS all 3 different live streams by…[View]
127075271WTF is this song from 1969!! BLUE MINK: The lyrics literally call for white genocide. Does POL know…[View]
127076156How do we fix western women?[View]
127074635>1071 >we will take back anatolia, just wait >1171 >we will take back anatolia, just …[View]
127078355MOOOOOAR XDDDd! Great, or greatest post on the front page?[View]
127042621Any Eurofags here that can confirm the existence of migrant no-go zones in their cities? I keep read…[View]
127064192What would it take for you to stop supporting Trump?[View]
127073931THIS IS WHY I HATE BEING AN AMERICAN: Dear White 'People' It was you who divided up the land. It was…[View]
127077182They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky.....is it because of all the inces…[View]
127069835ICE officers eat breakfast at a diner then arrest the cooks who prepared the meal[View]
127076383What's wrong with today's world? Why is having a common sense considered 'BASED'? Why is s…[View]
127077566>The top 1% are evil but when I die the government steals all of the wealth I've created.…[View]
127077265If Trump was black, would you still vote for him?[View]
127077485>/pol/ wants to save the white race. >/pol/ won't marry a single mother and raise white c…[View]
127077967Is Assad the protector of 'Christian Minority' in Syria?: https://youtu.be/s3d8eP-tboI https://youtu…[View]
127068291Thoughts on Milo Protest Against Sharia?: Obviously I'm against the Islamification of Europe, b…[View]
127077913I've got a 2002 Toyota Corolla that just will not die. Is there any chance that Donald Trump wi…[View]
127053399what a fucking mad man[View]
127075507really makes the neurons fire. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-manki…[View]
127077670Why is every thread archived? Can we not have a conversation on here anymore? And I don't mean …[View]
127068847Please give me hope.: Is our side going to win in the end, /pol/? Is it worth fighting for?[View]
127077626Are these you autists? Pro-White /r/europe thread[View]
127070038Where's the fucking retaliation?: I thought UK bro's were cool because of brexit and farag…[View]
127061289The reason why there are so many rape cases in Sweden is because shit like gif related is considered…[View]
127077571I think he wouldn't do the same to the Sauds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhBcgB_GZD4[View]
127031071/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL - HAIL HOPPE: This thread is for Discussion of Capitalism, Libertari…[View]
127077508Whites are inferior to Arabs.: You pussy white people won't do shit. We're taking over you…[View]
127073978How do we fix the white trash american[View]
127077016Would it be better for the white race to just accept multiculturalism? The Jews have done for themse…[View]
127077272Europe was ape paradise[View]
127072995Really engenders my walnuts... http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/25/eu-and-us-divided-on-russia-brexit-wor…[View]
127077195manchester bombing victims: http://archive.is/kV0Dl Thoughts? I find it weird that so many of the qu…[View]
127077110Americans blown the fuck out!!![View]
127071031Help me with my Business Idea: The Safari into the Ghetto: First, I am fore real. I have this busine…[View]
127068817Betsy Devos Says Discrimination Against LGBT Students Is OK Because, School Choice: thenewcivilright…[View]
127076954>Venezuela far-right anti-commie protesters light up a dindu on fire https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127074736Who else fell for the Trump meme? I thought he'd be good for white Americans,but he's just…[View]
127076890MONTANA ! Keep calm and vote Greg Gianforte: Take your family/ Bring your friends make it a party!…[View]
127068704Final Redpill - America should be nuked.: Let's not get into land of the free = world largest s…[View]
127076639Good goy: How does one unlock the Good Goy Achievement /pol/?[View]
127067155Brit/pol/ - Sento Edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, did fuck all htt…[View]
127071833>be 9th century Anglo-Saxon >live as peaceful farmer in Northumbria >see Viking ships on th…[View]
127072178Boys are little cavemen?: I don't get this cartoon.[View]
127030810Pilot Refuses To Fly Plane As A Result Of Passenger's Personal WiFi Name: https://www.thesun.co…[View]
127076619Based Ben. God bless him. For making libtards lose their minds that is. https://www.nytimes.com/2017…[View]
127076586http://www.theolympian.com/news/local/education/article152491379.html#storylink=mainstage >A grou…[View]
127068893RACISTS OF POL: Stop depressing yourselves with all the ignorance and hate. Knowledge is always key.…[View]
127076576G-guys they're the noble spiritual elite... http://www.renegadetribune.com/angela-merkel-kalerg…[View]
127075155Never forgive, never forgot.: Why did nobody ever tell me that the 'Never forgive, never forget.' me…[View]
127052790Check mate: I thought you losers were going to 'take me down' LMAO, well here I am still at it... an…[View]
127053887GOD SAVE THE QU: Drumpf wouldn't come see u autists if u got shot up[View]
127067873dalai lama is a hypocrite: dalai is coming to montreal in october. as a chinese i really hope him de…[View]
127073892Poland critical of EU policy on taking in migrants: >Poland's prime minister on Wednesday ci…[View]
127028092Where's the lie?[View]
127076275EUROPEANS BTFO!: MOVE![View]
127068064#BodyslamTheMedia: Greg Gianforte is a national hero. We need to start bodyslamming more reporters. …[View]
127076228The delicates, Donald[View]
127075875ISLAM IS THE TRUTH[View]
127072857What happened to the new microsoft AI that was revealed to be Tay that we tried to break?[View]
127074045When it starts the World civil nuclear race war 3?[View]
127068808Are Southeast Asians as capable of upholding civilization as Northeast Asians are?[View]
127074237milo's return: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEAGuVPr_s[View]
127075927Is Paris a favela?: >there are zones where the police don't want to go wtf europe https://ww…[View]
127075930http://time.com/4791113/trump-budget-math-mistake/ >Under the proposed budget released Tuesday, t…[View]
127075861Not even a liberal wasteland like Evergreen State College is safe from SJWs: http://www.theolympian.…[View]
127072490When will white people apologize for white terrorism?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Norway_att…[View]
127068232He was a shit president.[View]
127069582Pay Your goddamn share Germany: You bunch of faggots. 2%[View]
127072602Discussing 200 Years Together: I have a pseduo book club that is discussing 200 Years Together. Toni…[View]
127045475Hapas: White people are the modern day Neanderthals that will hybridize into the new humanity - Homo…[View]
127074375Gay Mafia? WTF is this shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCNF5J8L9m8[View]
127066968Trump cherishes the UK more than any other country: Aww, thanks guys. You made my day feel special. …[View]
127075566So, now that the dust has settled, what do you think about his adaptation of K.Marx's light nov…[View]
127047009Why did the rust belt states vote against their economic interests ?[View]
127074245When the shit starts to go down in Europe, and the muzzies go full blown jihad and the globalist go …[View]
127071623Only based countries that fight Nazism and outlawed Holocaust denial can post in this thread. Austri…[View]
127053681So bitcoin just hit $2800 What do you guys think of bitcoin?[View]
127070921Is Bill Maher the best american political commentator and philosopher? His political analysis seems …[View]
127063674I have a challenge /pol/: Say something nice about Sweden.[View]
127074743Europe gun ban: Today the eu scum voted for the new anti semi automatic rifle law. All eu country mu…[View]
127075031https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOLtfQ9vo9U Styx weighs in on the battle of varg and golden one[View]
127068719V4 / V5 thread: Czech, Poland, Slovák, Magyar and Uzbekistan Thread theme: Smažák Burgers, GTFO…[View]
127074062This carpetbagger pussy is in a world of hurt if he gets elected. The DC press will bury his stupid …[View]
127071479>simple tool to save Europe[View]
127067638https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GKOq2EMeBs Why haven't you joined a cozy, fundamentalist Bapti…[View]
127074746Was this a redpill?: Did the movie Unacknowledged give out the real red pill! It's not Jews, e…[View]
127067989Any videos, articles on the degeneracy and toxicity of rap music on the youth?[View]
127074710Will EU pay debts with USA?: What's your opinion?[View]
127074528The wall street journal is traditionally conservative: I repeat, WSJ is a newspaper for conservative…[View]
127011812/nsg/ 卐 National Socialism General 卐: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish …[View]
127073117Trump BTFO out of NATO, cancels Article 5 also pushes Montenegro president: Why isn't /pol/ tal…[View]
127072961Bombing in beechwood uk[View]
127073049When is a bow not a bow?: >It's okay when Trump does it[View]
127069731hey burgers, quick question. how does it feel to have a president that got cucked in every country h…[View]
127074061Republicans are destroying the Internet and no one cares.: Republicans are destroying the Internet a…[View]
127067443is it seriously ever going to happen?[View]
127069466>In Greek mythology Europa was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman with Phoenician origin …[View]
127073919Allies vs Axis: What do you think of how the sides are lining up? China warns USA. https://www.rt.co…[View]
127067620They are trying to end male friendships: Gay propaganda is everywhere. You cannot even be affectiona…[View]
127063908Canada is the best country in the world!: >Highest standard of living in the world! >Low corpo…[View]
127067783Where were you when you realized that the word irony is no longer understood by the MSM?[View]
127066680So /pol/ how does it feel to know you've been utterly destroyed for all eternity by one brave, …[View]
127073725>'SHALOM LITTLE GOYIM! I'm your fairy Kike Mother!' >'Any Wish you have will be granted a…[View]
127071394Based Jews: i'll start[View]
127073335Should school canteens offer halal meat ?[View]
127073690I've been expecting Seth Rich's family to be under duress since the emerging Russia narrat…[View]
127072338Daily reminder: Communism is founded by Jews and spreaded by SlavShits Jews=SlavShits=Sub-Humans. E…[View]
127073655Red Nose Day: Are you helping end child poverty, /pol/?[View]
127073300Leftists bomb ex-PM: Greek leftists have bombed the car of our ex-PM Papademos. He opened an envelop…[View]
127067293Greece ex-premier bombed: > Greece ex-premier Papademus bombed in his car in the center of Athens…[View]
127067247Red > Blue > Yellow[View]
127073527Can anyone here get me the britpol discord server? Those pussies banned me for having an opposing op…[View]
127070857I wonder why (((Milo))) is protesting Linda sarsour?: Couldn't be anything to do with her being…[View]
127073455Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find: WE WUZ.... Gael!? http://imgur.c…[View]
127066622the true redpill, gay and conservative >no annoying slutty women >can talk about guy things wi…[View]
127068282> retard hispanic says US flag is hate speech and US is the head honcho of oppression >UC Irv…[View]
127073294https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d59_1490142589 Now accepting Slovenian refugees who look like pic re…[View]
127073233Australian shitposter memes: Roight, I accidentally deleted all my memes of Australian shitposters, …[View]
127065023I think I'm going to quit: Guys, I'm 21. been shitposting altright stuff for a long time n…[View]
127048435KIM DOTCOM OPEN LETTER TO RICH FAMILY: HAPPENING!! >Dotcom has penned an open letter to Rich…[View]
127063293SWEDEN NO!!![View]
127072103Amerigoys BTFO: Syrian Arab Army just made a yuge move to expel ISIS from all roads between the anci…[View]
127072779Red-pilled education: You can find entire university courses online in .pdf format, and I'm see…[View]
127071226Is Islam the 21st century equivalent of Satanism among entertainers, journalists and in general peop…[View]
127072578engels is a nigger[View]
127072641Who here blue blood?: Tfw I can trace my ancestry to English royalty and even some medival German.…[View]
127062150HIS NAME WAS __________[View]
127068501You are all going to hell.[View]
127071322>tfw there are no small government parties I can vote for[View]
127072378Cowboy Up http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/charlie-daniels/charlie-danielss-open-letter-chuck-schum…[View]
127072353Europe was the birthplace of mankind!: Oh my http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-b…[View]
127072166According to white nationalist Jared Taylor, the Jews look white to him and can live in his neighbou…[View]
127072331Do you believe in aliens, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKwFP7ZcDwY https://www.youtube.com…[View]
127062213>mfw his country is a failure at integrating immigrants feels bad to be you…[View]
127072038Milo happening vs Linda Sarsour: Get in there for our troops https://www.pscp.tv/BrittPettibone/1OdJ…[View]
127072830Camwhores: Why are 'men' chatting with and giving their money to camwhores? Can these people be redp…[View]
127070028Libertarianism is the political alignment that makes the most sense. Prove me wrong.[View]
127066542TIM POOL LIVE @NYC thread: Tim Pool live from NYC protest against sharia law https://www.youtube.com…[View]
127046043Fuck you nigger, we voted your party the fuck out:[View]
127071911Said´s 'Orientalism': Have you read it? What do you think about it? pic related[View]
127071222The same people who educated you are the same people who will throw you in jail if you try to steal …[View]
127066551The God Emperor Donald pushes a Slav aside: Donald trump pushed a cheap Slav aside. WE APPLAUD the D…[View]
127071528what does /pol/ think of elective taxation?: I should be able to vote that my tax dollars don't…[View]
127071671N.I.B.O.R.: Figure it out.[View]
127071099Did she burn the coal, /pol/...?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/a-christian-school-…[View]
127067139Brit/pol/: UKIP Manifesto Edition: >UKIP Manifesto http://www.ukip.org/manifesto2017 >Latest O…[View]
127071557/pol/ OC THREAD: FAGGOTS You are ONLY allowed to post your /pol/ related OC in this thread. Daily re…[View]
127064376Sharia Law Protest NYC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm4wVXLCOpI[View]
127071436Anti Sharia March: Are you watching this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEAGuVPr_s[View]
127071386More of this meme of people representing flags/countries (whatever it's called).[View]
127071367fucking niggers and liberals my life is better: nice spooks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA[View]
127071374Can Any Filipino cucks give us an update on the Muslim war are you gonna kill all of them and by the…[View]
127071355can I get a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
127071313Drumpf fags...explain this shit: Explain this shit you autistic fucks[View]
127071303How can we make the rest of America more like Dearborn, Michigan?[View]
127047524I honestly find the sudden rise of 'right wing' girl annoying. They don't have anything origina…[View]
127038099EmDrive - why are we not using it to fly to the stars?: Why are we still doing shit like go to Arian…[View]
127071206MAKE AMERICA HARAM AGAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEAGuVPr_s[View]
127067788My uni is hosting Women in Islam tonight. I need to know what questions /pol/ wants me to ask.[View]
127070701Why do we still have Trump generals?[View]
127067385Picturing autistic minecraft children shouting seth rich is hilarious notch did a solid here[View]
127063961Pope refuses to hold Trump's hand: what did he mean by this?[View]
127062120How did a mexican guy from Texas became the face of the australian nationalism?[View]
127070989Spam this number with anti muslim rhetoric lol[View]
127067258mainstream press deserves it[View]
127070979kosovo war: what really happened[View]
127062617/ptg/ President Trump General - Move Bitch Get Out The Way Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
127061354Syria General /sg/ - Pour me a glass of wine Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagener…[View]
127066445Uppkommande memestrids-operationer: Hur många är villiga och förmögna att kämpa för yttrandefriheten…[View]
127070818Poland critical of EU policy on taking in migrants: >Poland's prime minister on Wednesday ci…[View]
127070364YOU FUCKING SHILLS ARE DONE...I cant wait to see a RICO conspiracy charge slapped on every single on…[View]
127054744Is the United States the only country that has literally no standards for social dress, and do you t…[View]
127059054>being gay is biological and not a choice or result of conditioning >children are 4x times as…[View]
127065206Stop pirating pornos goys and buy them >“Piracy sucks,” says the CEO and creative lead behind Bla…[View]
127069476>tfw I'm not allowed to get a job because I'm not white >tfw I'm not allowed t…[View]
127066958Where is he?[View]
127071483Ask a Sniper Anything: So I posted in a thread last night but had to go before I could reply to anyb…[View]
127064165Dr.Pepe Peterson has kek'd in...: Take a seat lay back and tell the doctor your problems..…[View]
127070560Will Hannity get a helicopter ride?[View]
127069617I lived in Europe in 2006 but haven't been back in a decade. Is it still worth visiting? What…[View]
127069747Newport city center evacuated over suspicious vehicle: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/25/newport-city-ce…[View]
127063063B-b-but we was kangz n shit! What will the bootyblasted black community do now?[View]
127059298Where do you find unbiased news? I just want to know whats going on in the world...[View]
127070322How does he dominate you at the hand shake game without making it look awkward? its incredible[View]
127070225Make America Haram Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEAGuVPr_s&ab_channel=MILO…[View]
127070146Post your sponges /pol/[View]
127070116NATO allies must pay more to tackle terrorism, immigration & Russia – Trump: https://www.google.…[View]
127053876Is Latin America the only hope for humanity?[View]
127069724Great Job Goys!: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-25/suspected-berkeley-antifa-bike-lock-attack…[View]
127069921What did the Icelandic National History Museum mean by this?[View]
127069884Anyone have the archive.org link for the Seth Rich Wikileaks claim?[View]
127062088We need to circulate this A. Wyatt Man comic to SJWs.: Let them think that anti-cultural appropriati…[View]
127066727What do you think would happen if we actually got the kind of president we wanted elected and he wen…[View]
127069042CIVILIZATION BTFO: how can breeders even compete?[View]
127061180Today marks Jordan's 71th independence day.: What does /pol/ think of my country?[View]
127069512Mandela Effect: So /pol/, this may be a little more for /x/ than here, but I was wondering... If the…[View]
127063050newspeak: teens youths students individuals protesters .... ?[View]
127064066Why do so many Western girls join ISIS?: 75% of the all-female ISIS group in Syria are Westerners. A…[View]
127068413Are memes our culture?: Every generation has art that you can relate to that era and talk about the …[View]
127068588intermarium thoughts and opinions: former bread >>127009654 food for thought https://www.yout…[View]
127068224what's your excuse for not looking like this pol?[View]
127062118Can guns prevent terrorist attacks and mass shootings and terrorist attacks? If so why or why not?[View]
127069267What does Thomas Sowell mean by this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gp0eJ0MuFo What is Thomas So…[View]
127068896/v4g/ - Intermarium Edition: Official site: >http://www.visegradgroup.eu/main.php Media coverage:…[View]
127059311Is Atheism a dying meme?[View]
127058731who is the cringiest of /pol/: and why is it pagan LARPers?[View]
127062000Medical marijuana is already legal in 29 states and recreationally legal in 8 states Why doesn'…[View]
127027594White family lets 25 year old nigger into their home: He rapes and impregnates their 10 year old dau…[View]
127068636'US and Egyptian special forces have reportedly been providing covert training to rebel fighters in …[View]
127068525Daily reminder that France is a non-country: And that French people are Gauls who speak the language…[View]
127063979>Consumerism drives economies >Middle Class disappearing more each year >Student debt and s…[View]
127068787>oil prices correcting >will lead to increased GDP growth in Canada, and return of lucrative o…[View]
127068823what a fucking cuck[View]
127069006Trump supports Spain claim in Gibraltar.[View]
127068271new janitors: so, now that the applications for new janitors are over, what happens if the new wave …[View]
127068876Removal of Confederate statues: So, are they just asking for a second Civil War at this point? What …[View]
127068423He tried to warn us: but according to (((them))), he had to go. Kind of like that Syrian fellow.…[View]
127068466Could an army of 10,000 well trained midgets armed with offroad superkarts and assault rifles bring …[View]
127068670>won't do anything about H-1B visas >won't do anything about abuse of non-competes …[View]
127068008What percent of pol considers themselves nazis?: Im pretty proud of being a german american. And i a…[View]
127061693Could the Democrats be responsible for 9/11? Perhaps revenge for the election being stolen from Gore…[View]
127045784Our language sounds horrible. Our food is disgusting. Our history is shameful. And our culture is a …[View]
127054919We will come for the USA after we done with europe.[View]
127060687/pol/ Club: Have we decided on the blue guy?[View]
127052968Leaked phone call transcript confirmed: Philippines Gov. Leaks Trump-Duterte Transcript To The Media…[View]
127051560NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO LARP. Varg 'LARPer' Vikerner eternally BTFO[View]
127044033Can anyone invade Russia?: NO. And yet our moronic president wants to do it with the EU army + the U…[View]
127061161Hot new lead: Why is le reddit doing a better job digging than we are? https://www.reddit.com/r/The_…[View]
127068185Does /pol/ prefer labour or conservatives? (or other????)[View]
127066329Wow. That's just saddening.[View]
127066721Belgium abolishes forced sterilization for transgender people: >Belgium’s parliament voted to abo…[View]
127067776Indonesia sent warships after Vietnamese coastguard protects poachers in Indonesias EEZ: Vietnamese …[View]
127068126'Whites are gonna win the race war' uhh try again sweetie :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu3kx2H…[View]
127068094Is he our guy?[View]
127068095/POL/ BTFO[View]
127067379Was /pol/ duped?[View]
127068062Meme card game destroys Drumpfkins. How will you ever recover?[View]
127065913ITS HAPPENING: Greek ex premier wounded in bombattack www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/25/greek-ex-p…[View]
127068026some political parodies https://youtu.be/ly9OKGFT0R4 https://youtu.be/NRIITYILZ-s https://youtu.be/r…[View]
127049308Let's have an honest discussion about the DNC: Wikileaks DNC findings DNC member killing horses…[View]
127067738Damn...: This is powerful stuff[View]
127055860What is your excuse to not have read the most important book of the century yet ?: >At No. 10 Dow…[View]
127065553Why aren't you Brits lynching Muslims? For fucks sake, you're my Father Country. Are you t…[View]
127062794HAHAHHA HE'S NOT A CIVIC NATIONALIST!!!: Why are you so dumb /pol/? >muh race realism >mu…[View]
127059685DRUMPF BTFO[View]
127067840Ask a 1% anything: >be me >inherited a house, holiday appartment in spain and a cottage in the…[View]
127035523How do we save Russia? Can it be saved?[View]
127053824What if: You spend your whole life believing Islam is bullshit, never care about God or the afterlif…[View]
127060272Brit/pol/ - Crumpets and Cottages Edition: >Incompetent security services warned about attacker, …[View]
127051845FRANCE YES!: French Muslims Plan ‘Burkini Beach Party’ Celebrating Failure to Ban Islamic Beachwear …[View]
127066718'Bike Lock' antifa arrested: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/police-arrest-professor-eric-clanton-fo…[View]
127054088Ireland in Anglosphere?: Why is Ireland constantly not included in the Anglosphere? Isn't the g…[View]
127063055ˈekō ˌCHāmbər/: CNN is destroying democracy - Echo Chambers, Fake News, Filter Bubbles. An echo cham…[View]
127067104>voted for brexit >economy starts tanking >companies relocate to EU countries >still get…[View]
127066674>You Americans still don't own nuttin[View]
127009654ETERNAL V4 GENERAL - stormy edition: Official site: >http://www.visegradgroup.eu/main.php Media c…[View]
127065314American Dominance: There is no doubt America is the most successful country on earth. *First on the…[View]
127055164BBC ABSOLUTELY BTFO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0TMjSgw5mM What is happening to this country?…[View]
127064705i have seen alot of you niggas claim that we are not NatSoc's here and we are just larping: Thi…[View]
127066601DNC reports worst April of fundraising since 2009: How is #resist working out for the hilldawgs? htt…[View]
127066632When will /pol/ preach against Islam?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bZLtg8OZYY&t=49s…[View]
127063454kek we're all fucked: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ztr8ZeEirs[View]
127064081St. Louis Archbishop Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was a Crime: The St. Louis archbishop embroiled i…[View]
127063955How would you feel is everyone in the EU could buy a gun[View]
127066816Liberals BTFO[View]
127066821Portugal integration thread: >be me >have to go to Portugal in a week >Lisbon >will prob…[View]
127064899>America lost the war on terr- /pol/ BTFO[View]
127066084Why is subliminal messaging so common? How effective is it?[View]
127019925ITT 'settled science' >flat earth, acid rain, peak oil, the hole in the ozone layer, th…[View]
127048189Science: how do we un-meme current science?[View]
127063598ARMY FIGHTING PROTESTERS IN BRAZIL: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING. http://www.news.com.au/world/breaki…[View]
127065470Honestly as a man making a good living 100k+, what is the incentive to settle down? Tax deductions a…[View]
1270665156.6m migrants waiting to cross to Europe from Africa: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/23/66m…[View]
127048046>doesn't think banning guns will mitigate gun crime >thinks banning muslims will stop dom…[View]
127067578Am I a based black man if my father is Chinese?? What should I do /pol/?[View]
127060476Your not poor, adjust your almonds.[View]
127063704Brit /pol/- JEZ WE CAN EDITION: >Why Jeremy Corbyn has the best long-term plan for tackling terro…[View]
127065982Why exactly do we pay line rental to use broadband? I don't pay my water supplier to use the pi…[View]
127066256So why don't Western Chauvinists discuss the immense influence Muslims had on establishing some…[View]
127065261Say it with me...GOODBYE PRIVACY: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zJcFYIL_OxE[View]
127066163Migrant rapes child - parents are called racist for calling out: After rockville rape, school superi…[View]
127065947Google: why hasnt the Google meme gained grounds?[View]
127066102We're losing, senpai. http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-should-richmond-…[View]
127066099Laughing at the UK: While your country is going down the drain and getting worse every day. Worry ab…[View]
127065552>2007 Chris: God fearing Christian who is repulsed by homosexuals >2017 Chris: Degenerate cro…[View]
127066001CANADA YES! Find Whitey!: Canadian classroom 2017 >Not a single whitey! JUST!…[View]
127053271FUCKING APOLOGIZE /pol/: Fetishizing genitalia is bigoted. If you're attracted to someone thei…[View]
127065645It's not over yet...: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3300307/nhs-chiefs-warn-trauma-centres-prep…[View]
127053431/latam/ Latin America General- What is politics? Edition: Join here lads, weyes, parceros and boludo…[View]
127065009WEAPONIZED AUTISM: ITS NOT A MEME: Soldiers with autism give army rare view into intel, and disorder…[View]
127065613UK should have had Trump's travel ban: If the UK had the travel ban that Trump proposed for the…[View]
127065902NGO's and SJW's actually flooding Europe with illegal migrants (watch youtube vid): This i…[View]
12705808123andMe ANCESTRY THREAD: How white are you /pol/? I'm pretty happy with my results.[View]
127065835NATO leaders laugh at Trump - NATO is alpha: we must #ExitNATO and let Russia take them over. Laugh …[View]
127045401Apologize and accept his culture /pol[View]
127063572if you are white this is your patriarch. look at him. this is your ancestor. this yo daddy mayonaiss…[View]
127065411>we need more jobs >we need more immigrants Well, which is it?…[View]
127060909Britnormies started a remove Kebab petition https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-imprison-or-dep…[View]
127049599The DNC attacks Trump While Clinton Walks Free. Why.: Hillary Clinton Scandals 1.Clintons turn IRS i…[View]
127062167>be me >dating a girl for over 5 years long distance >can't always be with her because…[View]
127059631>Right Wing militias Have the normies actually been on 4chan?[View]
127060735honest opinion on Richard Spencer?[View]
127060318What about this plan #858594849 to save the white race: Various subgroups of 'caucasian' should star…[View]
127060551STUMPED: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stumped[View]
127065371Start paying for nato[View]
127065086Here in the netherlands we are already assimilating with the islamic culture. Why don't you do …[View]
127063162You don't wanna start this shit USS United Kingdom, you need us more than we need to 10 fold[View]
127059642If Germany had a Christian Queen: nothing would ever happen to us, she would protect us from evil.…[View]
127060784Anyone at the Milo protest in NYC? I was going to go but rain is my NEET kryptonite[View]
127058178Redpill on Romanians, the forgotten Master Race of Whites: >be oldest, most spiritually advanced …[View]
127055832Lol you guys can't even deny that this is true[View]
127057560ITT: We thank President Obama! THANK YOU MISTER PRESIDENT OBAMA![View]
127063819This is very important: I cannot tell you who I am for security reasons but it is very important you…[View]
127065021>Vile creatures spitting on other one Imagine my shock[View]
127064391/Pol/, please: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2760170/Ariana-Grande-said-hoped-fans-f-…[View]
127060329Eric Frein. Did he actually do it?: I remember reading about this case and the real reason the murde…[View]
127060559>It was reported that Trump had asked the German chancellor 10 times if he could negotiate a trad…[View]
127062242Nuke islam: I say we nuke them. We start off by having Russia and the USA each nuke either Riyadh or…[View]
127046887Post your rare merchants[View]
127063639Has /pol/ heard about this? I am thoroughly shocked. www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/09/california-…[View]
127057579Lads, are we wrong about the Qu'ran. Most Muslims just don't worry about all the bloodier …[View]
127055051What were they thinking about at this moment?[View]
127064799Post the biggest left representative of your country: Ours is the former president Lula who will soo…[View]
1270473321. Poland 2. Albania 3. Slovakia Why these countries are doing better than the rest of EU?[View]
127035892>tfw no one here knows who the Ynglings are >tfw no one here knows who the Volsungs are >tf…[View]
127064752NYU stream: copy pasta for stream PRAISE KEK DON'T LET YOUR MEMES BE DREAMS PRAISE KEK DON…[View]
127063924Preparations in place for potential UK attack this weekend.: Pic very related. All major NHS trauma …[View]
127010161will europe ever be white again?: im really sad lads.... i cant stop thinking about europe's fu…[View]
127061099SOUTH KOREAN CUCKS: Why is South Korea so cucked? I opened the homepage of a Korean news website, Ko…[View]
127062811/pol/acks vist Target: This looks right up /pol/'s alley, going into Target and screaming like …[View]
127064581Jen Stoltenberg: Why is a low test numale in charge of the world's premier military alliance?…[View]
127064577Is Lil' Wayne /ournigga/?: I never knew he was so based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhfB_Q…[View]
127062178IT CONTINUES: https://twitter.com/gogreen18/status/867772047560024066[View]
127062556When Liberals begin to push our narratives for us: I love it when I see liberals pushing for segrega…[View]
127063863>Its a watch liberally biased films on modern racism in your $260 american history class episode…[View]
127064313We need to really start things now: I can't take it anymore when do we start marching in the 10…[View]
127064154What is wrong with /pol/?: >blame Jews for everything >on the news once a month for the insane…[View]
127062097Dems recruiting for new meme war: How Silicon Valley is trying to topple Trump — beginning with a sp…[View]
127061733>wake up >for some reason the whole american continent have been erased and cease to exist wou…[View]
127062437At what moment did you stop supporting Trump?[View]
127043778Well /pol/? How do you respond?[View]
127059330Am i the only one that find it crazy that the dogecoin development team. Refuses to work with the ki…[View]
127063203Anti White Festival in Paris: Paris mayor approved this shit . Pic related , fucking black extremist…[View]
127026749>tfw I'm going to get drafted into the Kuwaiti military without knowing Arabic…[View]
127063678Generation identity: europe's alt-right: What is /pol/s opinion on generation identity? They s…[View]
127057254What went wrong?[View]
127063192Medieval Combat World Championship: stream live : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heIrj6gntQg…[View]
127061485he-he-he I'll play the clip in just a moment[View]
127056410Americancer: What's wrong with America and Americans?[View]
127043240Am I the only person that thinks discussing morality is retarded? Not being edgy its just after spen…[View]
127060547Got this thing: >Hey /pol/ if you want I got some questions you can answer. Thing is I'm col…[View]
127063337Drumpf BTFO and cucked[View]
127063184Women and men are identical in an intellectual sense and should be treated the same as anyone else.[View]
127041761Got 'em :^) https://www.berkeleyside.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-police-arrest-eric-clanton-bike-lo…[View]
127062238The last few days summed up in one image.[View]
127056319Bomb scare in Newport It's fuckin happening http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/live-u…[View]
127062350In this topic we tell germany to pay their fair share in NATO[View]
127062826They won't stop fucking going after 2020 it seems any more We all know SW has gone full sjw bu…[View]
127062789Redpill the MSM: How to stave off the MSM media? CNN is one of America's largest new outlets. T…[View]
127062751Kevin Crowley. Where are you?[View]
127062740The End Of Days: So, after a very long conversation with a friend, she eventually gets me to downloa…[View]
127062721>macron: Haha we're poor as fuck and mooching off americans. lol we are letting floods of mu…[View]
127062467Why do you criticize Muslim oppression of women?: Of all things Muslims get wrong, this one they get…[View]
127062558Can we destroy Media Matters.: Not only do these assholes hire an army of Shills to try and slide th…[View]
127058682The fuck?[View]
127059274Whats your thoughts on Ukraine and ukrainian people?[View]
127054327You are voting for Corbyn, aren't you /pol/?[View]
127047135SoundCloud Terms of Service: So this faggot said Richard Spencer violated the Terms of Service of So…[View]
127037503What if multiculturalism works out after all?: Look at California, whites are already a minority the…[View]
127058406The Trojan Horse and the Decoy.: What's the best way to take a civilization that is more powerf…[View]
127061056Did Milo task Louise Mensch to infiltrate the left?: >Pro Brexit Conservative >Meets Milo for…[View]
127061293https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/5/24/15687500/cbo-ahca-premiums-age >will save a gra…[View]
127057170How true is this?[View]
127047378Brother Nathanael - the ultimate red pill: This guy is the most based, red pilled person I`ve ever s…[View]
127062067get in here https://www.periscope.tv/RealAlexJones/1mnxeEjRDYqxX[View]
127061371Can we get more of /ppl/ to fight antifa?[View]
127057613/ptg/ President Trump General - Trump Threatens NATO Members To PAY UP Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J T…[View]
127063685If you don't have blue/green eyes, you're pretty much shitskin.[View]
127055932Give me one good reason for me to take a 5 minute walk to my local library and lend a Bible?[View]
127061949ARISE FROM YOUR SLUMBER, ANONS, WE HAVE A MISSION: So walkers crisps (chips to yankees) have a new m…[View]
127061715Atheists, paleontologists irrevocably BTFO!!!: Checkmate non-believers! Quit falling for this nonsen…[View]
127059208Wew https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/6d8j2h/bike_lock_guy_who_got_doxxed_by_pol_given_200…[View]
127061809>alt-right...alt-right...alttttt-right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM1NuFhXhgA…[View]
127061766'Murican Freedom: Americans pride themselves on their freedom. What freedoms do Americans enjoy…[View]
127061747What's the root of terror?: Ideologies or people?[View]
127058757you are all idiot racist bigots[View]
127060454daily poland is great thread[View]
127061614If you want to take down the whole corrupt system: Part 22 is where you should look in regards to wi…[View]
127058501If you had a nuke at your disposal,and you could only nuke one country without anyone ever finding o…[View]
127054992Serious question: why do leftists treat Muslims as 'their team'?: Its acceptible to shit o…[View]
127056399Scientists Are About to Perform an Experiment to See if The Human Mind Is Bound by Physics: http://w…[View]
127048805What exactly did they want white people to do again?[View]
127058115Quintessentially British[View]
127061408Ontario: CANADA YES Manchester bombing suspect Salman Abedi reportedly linked to former Ottawa extre…[View]
127057236Umm... Could you guys stop putting your retarted 'redpil' memes into everything? Thanks.[View]
127061385Who Gives the Red Pill in 5 years?: One of the things that worries me is that the push to squelch co…[View]
127034663really churns your neurons[View]
127059554I don't get it.. why don't these two start their own tv news channel that will take all of…[View]
127045877The British Empire was the greatest thing to ever exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHNfvJc99YY…[View]
127047830>There are people on /pol/ RIGHT NOW who don't understand that mass immigration is an econom…[View]
127060070Deny this pol: the Internet is just trashy daytime tv an a huge scale. None of this shit is real its…[View]
127061014>the fighting has only just begun 191. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out fr…[View]
127053409At the mancheater memorial. Can /pol/ work some magic? It's a Burkha with bombs on it. POS.[View]
127059528Spicer is a devout Catholic. Why didn't Trump let him meet the Pope?[View]
127058997cultural marxism thread[View]
127051051Seth Rich wasn't killed by a hit man hired by the DNC. He was gun downed by some nigger, it hap…[View]
127050666Can the US media lie with impunity?: I am pretty sure I already know the answer is yes. I ask this i…[View]
127057308no bully pls: >be Sean Spicer >wanted to meet the pope ever since I was a kid >in an act of…[View]
127060694I just watched Malcolm X. Fuck you racist white American fucks.[View]
127051809Brit/pol/ - Karen Edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack scene http://w…[View]
127053026So the Atifa bike-lock attacker got arrested and is being held on $200,000 bail. How much salad is h…[View]
127055262Who here actually understands Einstein's theory of relativity and thinks it makes sense? I sure…[View]
127050472Consequences for DWS: PRESS 'B' TO BOIL NOODLES[View]
127055790Do I look white? I am national socialist and I want to build and fight for The Holy White Race. The …[View]
127060416You guys are the smartest people I know, please look into this. Guccifer 2.0 was the DNC?: http://ar…[View]
127059518Look below and see the articles written by the same journalist: yee[View]
127057622Discussion continued.[View]
127049369Manchester: Muslims in Manchester pray for victims in terrorist attack, stand against islamophobia.…[View]
127060346>Germans aren't patriotic Umm, nein Schnucki. Germans love of themselves is simply an extens…[View]
127046051Syria General /sg/ - A Gain a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Edition: Everything you need to know https:/…[View]
127060288Why are those guys convinced they are white ?[View]
127050307I lost my job today because of SJW: >'I heard there was a banging party last night in Manche…[View]
127060250Stickman is a dickman: Evidence of stickman drinking and spending time with a known tranny >https…[View]
127049178Montana Senate: This douche, running for the open senate seat in Montana today, recently body slamme…[View]
127056448How many symbols/cartoon characters have we co-opted?[View]
127046124ITS FINALLY HAPPENING: Furious normies in the U.K. are calling for mass arrests and deportations of …[View]
127046690Dead and defeated by immigrants general. You can only post in this thread if you're English, Sw…[View]
127047796Explain yourself Australia: >Ben & Jerry’s bans two scoops of same flavor until marriage equa…[View]
127058067Why are conservaSHITS so ignorant of basic economics: Why are conservaSHITS so ignorant of basic eco…[View]
127053616The real red pill: If we go renewables, even just a decent enough percent that residential and most …[View]
127058821Why do Anglos pretend that it's ok for Indians, Pakis and Africans to live in UK, because 'they…[View]
127044826>these guys call out other rappers because theyre wearing upside-down crosses >these guys piss…[View]
127059395Why do American posters on this board so delusional about the state of their own country in comparis…[View]
127059324our PM would break all you alt right twits in half[View]
127036376aus/pol/ - glass a yank cunt edition vb2.0: >Chinese investors pull out of Melbourne apartment ma…[View]
127059531/pol/ SHE TOOK A FUCKING FOX tell me this people are worse then does snowflake sjw https://www.youtu…[View]
127059443What's the most safest place in the world?: Guys i want to live in peace while drinking my blea…[View]
127046036Eurobros, you are on the front lines of terrorism time is running out escape while you still can the…[View]
127030366Totally superpower.: Tragic moment a crying 17-month-old toddler is found drinking milk from his mot…[View]
127058653Earthquake Time, LA: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lucy-jones-why-earthquakes-scare-us…[View]
127036210UK gov. covering up abductions?: Yesterday I posted the theory that Muslims were abducting children …[View]
127059105just a thought exercise: We, the immortal illuminati, are looking for 1,000 willing and dedicated in…[View]
127054715Americans WILL defend this[View]
127058917Mfw: First he came for the delegates and I did not speak out because I was not a delegate. Then he c…[View]
127058171Is it cause the historical guilt Germans act extra cuckdly? Or they have got extra apathetic and lib…[View]
127058838Can you recommend any decent podcasts? I travel a lot for work so they're nice to have I'v…[View]
127047668Is the GOP a Party of Peace?: The evidence is piling up against them... >pussygrabbing >report…[View]
127029204british hate thread: reminder there are brits on this board who actually believe they were the good …[View]
127058698Russian document influenced the FBI’s Clinton probe.: Supposed Russian intelligence document claims …[View]
127056096I'm putting together a list of anti-White messaging in recent big-budget Hollywood films: Holly…[View]
127055172> kicks out the rotschilds out of his country > 1 month later, ISIS is litteraly controlling t…[View]
127058572Professional Activist Job Oppurtunity: I humbly give this to you for your consideration[View]
127051972Suicide Bomber Retarded?: This creepy piece of sh*t looks so retarded on all the pictures published …[View]
127044323England: Nation of Fucking Cowards: >Once mighty Island nation now can't even protect the sm…[View]
127049795Evil Corporations: >sells sugary shit >bottles water from shit streams >spread diabetus Sho…[View]
127058016Updates on Marawi: 6 soldiers died today in the battle for Marawi. 11 soldiers, 2 policemen have die…[View]
127058128Burn the coal[View]
127049711If you think this is food, you might be retarded.[View]
127054192/ptg/ President Trump General - NATO Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
127057717Based Faggot is back, baby!: https://web.archive.org/details/http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05…[View]
127055500/pol/, should the state pay for her weight loss surgery because she identifies as fat?[View]
127057493Why don't you look like this?[View]
127047718Reminder that anyone who is a US veteran is just a ZOG foot soldier who gets a welfare check for bei…[View]
127060008Norwegian Superiority: It's the current year +2. Why does the world still have such inferior so…[View]
127052725What is wrong with germans? https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1495722380077.webm…[View]
127057568>forced birth[View]
127050197Why aren't Germans patriotic?: WTF I HATE AMERICA NOW!!![View]
127035151BAUMAN FOUNDATION INVESTIGATION PT. 2: /SRG/ BRANCH >Brad Bauman is the DNC Crisis Consultant ass…[View]
127043027Anti-Muslim memes thread ! Post your best ![View]
127057519THIS IS THE FAULT OF THE PATRIARCHY: When are you going to pay her debts, /pol/?[View]
127052481What has taking dicks up your ass got to do with 'equality'?: I wonder if any of the people who put …[View]
127057552Operation: Get TL:DR laid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBzin3RUVpo#t=12m[View]
127044134islam is love yes/no?[View]
127057431Why is Trump such a big manlet?: >Tajikistan President greets Trump with 7 second long handshake.…[View]
127054582>Britain has suspended intelligence sharing on the Manchester bombing with the US after American …[View]
127057406Who will win the larper war of /pol/? I place my bet on atheists because they're actually smart…[View]
127057376Tweet this image: This image needs to be seen. Anyone with a twitter share this. A muslim wearing a …[View]
127054749Time To Pay Up NATO: >you know who you are[View]
127055766I've been reading about Putin's Kleptocracy lately, it is quite fascinating, 100's of…[View]
127051169Is South Park a great redpill for normies?[View]
127050506Love for Russia?: I see it, everyday as I lurk through 4chin, the love for Russians, mostly by misgu…[View]
127057127We Got Him Boys.......... Good Work.: https://www.berkeleyside.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-police-arrest…[View]
127057123Fill me in on the black pill /pol/. What are the benefits.[View]
127054877>The US has a president that can't be trusted with classified info What a world we live in. …[View]
127055893When is Switzerland going to accept diversity? Do they understand that they are creating more terror…[View]
127051294A-are we the bad guys /pol/?: A-are we the bad guys /pol/? Are we just useful idiots?[View]
127042573Why do we think he's the DNC whistle blower?: Fuck everything to do with his death, what's…[View]
127056873Their political stance determines American policy, Prove me wrong[View]
127056867Weaponized Autism.: So we got the ANTIFA bike lock faggot. The HWNDU stream is still down. What is o…[View]
127049579Trump did nothing wrong.: Daily Reminder: There is no evidence of a crime. Neither the Democrats nor…[View]
127042284Question for libshits lurking here: Ok, I've got a scenario and a question for you faggots. …[View]
127056815Is Assad the protector of 'Christian Minority' in Syria?: https://youtu.be/s3d8eP-tboI https://youtu…[View]
127049523Are there any European police officers on /pol/? Could be Swedish or German or Spanish or British...…[View]
127041652When is he going to die?: Honestly, you still support this faggot larper? He's now attacking th…[View]
127053231UK declares war on encryption... again: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/25/uk_to_push_antiencr…[View]
127052816Who's monument is next?: I propose we start a petition to remove the pyramids of Giza, after al…[View]
127054357How long will it take to make Islamophobia popular opinion?[View]
127047278Venezuela Apocalypse: Meanwhile in Venezuela. This is apparently used in Caracas instead of Dextrose…[View]
127050449/pol/acks are traitors: This is all your fault, you faggots. You browse reddit everyday like a cuck …[View]
127055651Thoughts on Jordan B Peterson's wife? Is she Melania tier?[View]
127056267why is the_donald so bad at handshakes?[View]
127056440The Queen comes to visit Manchester bombing survivors.: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/25/q…[View]
127055352Why is Tunisia so based compared to all the other Muslim nations?: Is it the secularism? The democra…[View]
127055451We must form a Celtic confederation here in the British Isles. With Ireland's sense of freedom …[View]
127056240What are your thoughts on Richard Spencer?: I personally think the guy's a hero. He's done…[View]
127056221Canada isn't America. This Triggers Leafs so hard: Hey Canadian, you're a Canadian. Canada…[View]
127056208Signals Of Virtue: What did God mean by this?[View]
127036230They actually went there.Lol(lots of leftists)[View]
127053686Max: >Immigration: reduce by 50,00 each year, end reliance on UN for refugee selection >Policy…[View]
127054345Let the record show: The Baby Boomers signed America's death warrant when they gave into nigger…[View]
127055700/pol/ humour thread: Ctrl+f no humour thread Contributing[View]
127047564Why is that country such a shithole ? Do you even have the internet ?[View]
127055859Why did the media keep shilling this faggot?: Over the past couple of years or so, stories and artic…[View]
127036178How paranoid are you anon?: OK so my previous post just got deleted. I can't be sure but i thin…[View]
127055729who here hates Tim Heidecker?: I was never a fan of his, but Sam Hyde definitely is a genius. This T…[View]
127055591The Creator is more than just being able to create things. But some can't even grasp that![View]
127050675Michael Hastings: Sometimes we have short attention spans. Remember Michael Hastings? The journalist…[View]
127046482WTF?: My fellow 'murricans, what the fuck is that?[View]
127054434Should Richmond remove their Confederate monuments? Should we rewrite our history? http://www.richmo…[View]
127054984Ethnicity: Guess my ethnicity Am I white, /pol/?[View]
127054284Damn...France's president just made Trump his little bitch. I know it's just a handshake b…[View]
127040103>boogie won't lose the wei- Oh. Looks like /pol/ was wrong yet again.…[View]
127048319Macron wins the handshake game against Trump[View]
127051637> If you tax the rich too much they'll leave!!! > US has some of the most progressive tax…[View]
127028277White civilization is over. Thanks to everyone who participated while it lasted.[View]
127050762‘‘things going on“ in Britain: 1961 0,1% of Britain are Muslim. 1991 1,8% of Britain are Muslim. 2…[View]
127053981wtf, i love Trump now: Any fellow GLOBALISTS who love Trump now after he has made multiple pro-GLOBA…[View]
127049829REMOVAL OF CIVIL WAR MOMUMENTS IN NEW ORLEANS.: What does /pol/ think about removal of CSA civil war…[View]
127055216What does being a Neocon mean to you, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB8DJa0_Fgk[View]
127055191If capital flight isn't a meme, then why doesn't some country just declare a universal low…[View]
127055125sup plebs[View]
127054551Trump is kind of doing an alright job tho desu[View]
127055018https://youtu.be/mAZQEoJKba8 Wait, why is a jew telling me to get angry at muslims? Does it mean mus…[View]
127054913Heterosexual Pride: It's probably been thought of before but whatever. Equality is a two way st…[View]
127048197I'll just leave this here..[View]
127050276why are we supposed to hate russia ?[View]
127036276Stop being an atheist: Atheism just like communism is an anti-human concept. As human beings with l…[View]
127030696WE WUZ EUROPEAN KANGS N SHIET: Who the fuck is retarded enough to think that the nordic/germanic peo…[View]
127054579Theoretically speaking, if Axis won World War 2, would the Third Reich sooner or later succumb into …[View]
127048907Melting pot vs mixed salad: When did (((intellectuals))) start to replace the melting pot model for …[View]
127052242>5 minutes into Ba'ath and chill and she gives you this look What do?…[View]
127051574Soon you will join us.: Those who invade these Isles and set foot upon our sacred earth are doomed t…[View]
127054515Let's start our own country, /pol/. Post ending in 2 decides our type of government, 5 decides …[View]
127046658Jewanon in peace: I have been told numerous times to fuck off from here due to my (((ethnicity))), f…[View]
127051552Augusto Pinochet: What does /pol/ think of Augusto Pinochet?[View]
127045886/nsi/ - North Sentinel Island General: xenophobia is the 1st and the most important step of cultural…[View]
127054331>Population of France: 66 million >Black people: 6 million (9%) >Arab people: 7 million (10…[View]
127037750Cleopatra tv show: http://deadline.com/2017/05/cleopatra-tv-series-amazon-black-sails-team-120210185…[View]
127052876Which world leader is the T H I C C E S T ?[View]
127053932>y-you don't let some stormfag LARPers on an anime website influence your worldview, do you …[View]
127053984Scumbag Legate: give me a shout[View]
127053613Why did China borrow money to USA so that USA could start wars in ME? Surely Chinese must understand…[View]
127053923based farming nigger: >“It isn’t Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black,”…[View]
127050196/ptg/ President Trump General - Michael Jackson Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
127054683>it's prom night for your 16 yo daughter >shes's wearing a very gorgeous dress >*…[View]
127052264So Reddit is hosting thank-you dinners for their moderators all over the US. What are >we doing f…[View]
127053798Islam Brings Only Death: So how much longer until the West catches on and engages in emergency full-…[View]
127053184On today's Danish state subsidied top news headlines: Obama greeted with enthusiasm in Berlin: …[View]
127031665Spain Thread General[View]
127052663Hey Germans, can you translate this?: >الإسلام أفضل من الاشتراكية الوطنية لأنها قهر أوروبا سلميا …[View]
127033785What does /pol/ think about stocks? Are they /pol/ approved because you can independently make mone…[View]
127041109The Spinster Question: What is going to happen when a generation of men-hating women hit menopause w…[View]
127053307>Usa becomes mexico 2.0 filled with occult catholics and drug cartels >Europe becomes a Caliph…[View]
127053413My recommended reading on amazon. What have you done to me?[View]
127043444Anti-Muslim Bigots Are “Useful Idiots” for ISIS: >Islamophobia plays right into the hands of ISIS…[View]
12703916517 y.o. girl fought off a rapist. Now she's being charged: Cuckropa at her best http://www.dail…[View]
127051949So what exactly did Hitler think about religion, specifically the Germanic pagan religion and Christ…[View]
127023800Republican Congressional Candidate Body Slams Reporter Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-2tOB…[View]
127052615Louise Mensch was /ourgal/ all along[View]
127052764I've been away for sometime and haven't kept up on current events. What's happened si…[View]
127048737how can I fulfill my dream of being part of some military junta that tosses leftists out of helicopt…[View]
127033140What the Modern Gen Z? Millenial? Woman Wants: This thread is political because I am requesting a ge…[View]
127042647How Does A Communist System Work? >Not commie, just want to learn[View]
127048640P - P - Please ... Do not argue with / pol / ... Their ideas are too dangerous ... They could infect…[View]
127052614>tfw lurks poll and no nasi bingo Chart in comments, do better anons[View]
127048561What were Hitler's views on homosexuality? Did he really put homosexuals in concentration camps…[View]
127042758Something tells me she's a hoe who's just really good at hiding it. Anyone else?[View]
127045442Well, fuck. Isis terrorists captured a city in the Philipines.[View]
127047069Brit/pol/ We're not built for this heat edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos o…[View]
127051801PewDiePie on hate list: >be a successful YouTuber >joke around put some Nazi stuff in some vid…[View]
127050698What the fuck is this? Google is now supporting shitskins and linking us to a donation website?[View]
127052708Oh shit :-O Better post a Seth Rich thread[View]
127052514What the fuck I thought /pol/ was just memeing about Colbert being an obnoxious scumbag, so I checke…[View]
127051612FISA court finds NSA violated search restrictions: The left is silent. RT and so called right wing n…[View]
127051757No thread to celebrate ascension of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? I thought /pol/ was a Christi…[View]
127051641>And then he said 'trickle down works! >Hehehe! We will never pay our fair share!…[View]
127045260Redpill: there's no way Western countries will recover, because the things have gone too far th…[View]
127044635I know and understand why /pol/ hates muslims and jews, but I also think not literally every single …[View]
127039918So the Harvard niggers only graduation (aka Affirmative Action Day) went exactly as you expected it …[View]
127042081How Saudi Arabia and other gulf states age going to handle global warming?[View]
127052097So, /pol/, you alt-right beta cucks, when did you realize that you were the laughingstack of the com…[View]
127031677Official race ranking: Finnic > White > Asian > Sand Nigger > Nigger[View]
127051979How can this exist lmao?[View]
127038503do you have a nazi girlfriend?[View]
127049411Wherevis the curve /pol? Almost like it doesn't exist.[View]
127051371BIke Lock Professor Arrested!!: Not sure if posted, but Eric is in deep doodoo http://www.eastbaytim…[View]
127048747The absolute state of American infrastructure:: Why does one of the most prosperous nations on the p…[View]
127051029Why does Finnish and Japanese sound so similar?[View]
127051558Alex, I'll take 'Things That Never Happened' for $400 https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/…[View]
127028659>Germany took over a million refugees >Japan only accepted 27 last year Why do you think it is…[View]
127051071Trump Vs Macron: Which one will be able to save his country? Which one will get reelcted? Both are …[View]
127049290دين السلام: الإسلام أفضل من الاشتراكية الوطنية لأنها قهر أوروبا سلميا وتوقف الانحطاط[View]
127051187Anti - date rape straw.: Top fucking Zoozle. /pol on suicide watch. How will /pol ever recover? >…[View]
127050852Traps: iit /pol/ says something nice about Traps[View]
127032331>Roger Ailes dead >O'reilly fired >Hannity on the firing list >Ratings plunge >O…[View]
127050909How to stop an ideology?: Can we bomb Islamists into being /niceguys/ or will that just create more …[View]
127051262Russia or some shit: >Fuck you whitey >I be chillin wit mah welfare bitchez! yeeeya! tax muh '…[View]
127046320Why does /pol/ hate refugees?[View]
127050769Obama’s NSA conducted illegal searches on Americans for years: Report: https://youtu.be/92qk1GH68NY …[View]
127041717Do anybody still takes this loser seriously ?[View]
127051006Switzerland cucked as fuck http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/759249/Migrants-claim-benefits-Switze…[View]
127048376This really makes me think[View]
127049512Pol what ever happened to shilia boufe did he go to an insane asylum XD ?[View]
127050756Germany, UK, Sweden, and France.: Which I should make fun of[View]
127049874APOLOGIZE: Which one of you autists did it? CONFESS[View]
127043833What is wrong with promiscuity? (PLEASE READ WHOLE POST BEFORE REPLYING): First thing i want to say …[View]
127048115What did they mean by this?[View]
127048317State religion: Does /pol think Europe should have a state religion ?[View]
127048762Why dont americans give up?: This is literally what their fighting for[View]
127036295Your opinion about Lord Jacob the Rothchild[View]
127041093When will Europe and America apologize for their ruthless exploitation of our African Human brothers…[View]
127050390hey goybros, wanna hear some jewy secrets?: believe/follow at your own risk of course[View]
127048722So what is the left going to do in the EU once an independent muslim polticical party starts rising …[View]
127050350According to white nationalist Jared Taylor, the Jews look white to him and can live in his neighbou…[View]
127041934BELGIUM HATE THREAD!: What the fucked happened to this place? It has a really interesting history an…[View]
127050330Dumbass Millenials: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/here-are-all-of-the-things-millennials-have-bee…[View]
127044812/ptg/ President Trump General - Named Sources Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
127044498ITT: Your face when you redpilled your psychiatrist. His reaction was hilarious when he realised ev…[View]
127040712Duterte and Trump transcript: Thoughts? m.philstar.com/314191/show/1e4eb00c0f272c404dd3705d3c4ca0bf/…[View]
127045327'I'm just an old man who had good time killing sand niggers,and for my service I want my countr…[View]
127048349Are Chinks redpilled?[View]
127040160GF wants to watch this 'Get Out' movie: wtf do I do? I know it's anti-white propaganda and prob…[View]
127029222'WTF is happening' happening[View]
127050143https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/world/europe/manchester-uk-bombing-live.html wow the leaker and N…[View]
127050141Dude, who cares about video games? They are for kids!: White men don't value control or power. …[View]
127049422Are public pensions a scam?: Would replacing them with something like public/private 401(k) options …[View]
127049907Britain gets attacked by ISIS: And these are the protectors lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHc9…[View]
127049762/pol/ help me uncuck some teenagers on this chatroom. http://www.e-chat.co/room/199531 They are in t…[View]
127029742How do we stop politics from ruining our videogames?[View]
127042540Why is District of Columbia the capital of America and not somewhere cool like New York or L.A.?[View]
127049674One could go to jail simply for 'being an asshole'... How fucked up is that?: https://archive.is/PQQ…[View]
127049516So when will the feminists and SJW demand to give out free green cards to people like me.? Can'…[View]
127049513How does work the concept of ''freedom'' in a natsoc society?[View]
127047532How does this pic make you feel /pol/?[View]
127049476A Message to Germany.: ANGLO here, with a message for you German 'people'. The German crea…[View]
127048564*says something islamophobic* *her wig falls off* >/pol/'s hero shoe0nhead btfo…[View]
127046653Hypothetically, where do victims or family members affected of terrorist attacks politically fall un…[View]
127049299With God I shall fight for home and for hearth, for Sweden, the beloved native soil.: I trade thee n…[View]
127049271searchingforsyria.org: >What began as a peaceful protest in 2011 >Meet 7-year-old Bana >Pla…[View]
127049270Newfag cancer here. If I'm b&, is it for that specific board, or all boards?[View]
127049244what's her problem?[View]
127046272Why is it when ever their is a terrorist attack: everyone jumps too and assumes its a muslim[View]
127048693Why do slavs, russians especially, try to be neo-nazis?[View]
127045440US attack on North Korea is imminent: we're talking days 2 aircraft carriers 2 nuclear subs gua…[View]
127049127Trump goes to NATO HQ “The US has spent a lot of money for NATO to keep out the Russians.” “But you’…[View]
127048943<3: Idk why but im really starting to love this jolly patriotic motherfucker. It makes me want t…[View]
127045434Friendly reminder that there are no terrorist attacks in Poland because even degenerate savage shits…[View]
127049074/pol/ goes to troll: make bra throwing sexist violence against man ?[View]
127049071I honestly thing anime should be banned in the us. had i been a littler younger when i discovered an…[View]
127048876You know Vic, the jews control both the media and banking industry, yet they compose less than 1% of…[View]
127047877Any Proud Americans here?: Please let this mayor know how we no longer stand for Radical Islamic ter…[View]
127047987European countries are so tiny :([View]
127044622Thread continued. In my last thread I exposed one of the victims of the Manchester bombings which is…[View]
127042693Too soon: I live and work in central Manchester. Please let me know if we're right to be alarme…[View]
127047582Donald Tusk: opinions on Donald Tusk? funfact: he is a literal cuck[View]
127044144By 2050 30% of the world will be white.: You /pol/tard think white people are genocided. Actually, t…[View]
127048427False Flag: With all this pressure on the (((elites))) now, when is the US going to get attacked and…[View]
127048592Eurocuck or Jewish Golems?: Are Germans even humans anymore? Or has the propaganda turned them into …[View]
127041060Was Muhammad a '''real''' Muslim?[View]
127046039>communism was shi-[View]
127042829One Belt, One Road: China Plan's for the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTrg9fTJvmA Will…[View]
127040245Was the Manchester attack the biggest red pill?: Was the Manchester attack the biggest red pill for …[View]
127040046Germans! Stop hating yourselves.: >>>127027425 This was taken out of a German hate thread. …[View]
127047269I miss him so much.[View]
127044996Why are Muslims such good people? This guy was literally losing money helping people out of the kind…[View]
127039868/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: /lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL This thread is for Discussion of …[View]
127044188Macron handshake: Look at this poor Trump he is like : 'Please stop not in front of the cameras'…[View]
127034775WRONG AGAIN POL: You've got it all wrong you stupid blumplinks, muslim extremists didn't k…[View]
127032477>meanwhile in Polan[View]
127047806Y POLAN: wtf? i hate polan now[View]
127048076> What else are you going to use your money for? It's fun. Doesn't really help my fidge…[View]
127048051Looking for a /pol/ meme.: Does anyone have the original version of the Ukraine is Free Real Estate …[View]
127027320It puts the make-up on the skin: Despite all the feminism and enlightenment in this world, womyn sti…[View]
127042512Is this the future of the European continent?[View]
127042876Why is Switzerland objectively the best country in the world?[View]
127012788How can Morrissey Survive This?: Morrissey BTFO >His incendiary comments suggest the Mancunian he…[View]
127047820What is /pol/'s thoughts on destroying ideologies? And more importantly, how do accomplish it?[View]
127047555Craziest Conspiracies you have heard, go in this Thread here[View]
127044031Why aren't you subscribed to based Unruhe yet, /pol/?[View]
127047644Will the budget be approved by Congress, /pol/?[View]
127047348Shadilay, brothers! Praise Kek! Can you imagine what it must be like in this day and age to still be…[View]
127045208>Brexit is gonna be a succe--[View]
127015730When did you grow out of pc culture and multiculturalism?[View]
127047515BRAZIL IS IN STATE OF DEFENSE: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING. He did it. The absolute mad arab rose th…[View]
127046981UK police frustration thread: Post ITT your best examples of official hypocrisy and stupidity from B…[View]
127040133This is the metro in Warsaw Notice anything?[View]
127044565Muslim community worker ‘warned officers about Manchester bomber five years ago’: http://metro.co.uk…[View]
127044805PRESS G TO GAS THE JEW: Or press F to pay respects[View]
127040091He is not a muslim , you retards.[View]
127044319wtf is this place?[View]
127042642Brit/pol/ FALKLANDS edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack scene http:/…[View]
127046328WHAT THE HELL??!?!?!: IT WAS HER TURN! It was her turn to win. It wasn't his turn! Trump is eat…[View]
127047154Go Fund Adam Corolla's movie mocking College kids: www - indiegogo.com/projects/no-safe-spaces-…[View]
127046740How do you subhumans deal with the fact that you will never be finnish master race?[View]
127046229face it, the white race is over. Anyone else thinking about learning Chinese and getting a hot wife …[View]
127046589the fix is in: deep state has come up with a plan for how they are going to destroy trump. michael c…[View]
127044117>France >Burglar Nigger tries to rob a house expecting frenchcucks to let him do as he pleases…[View]
127044685So why dont you have a stay at home daughter gf yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTs…[View]
127046325German language sounds horrible. German food is disgusting. German history is shameful. And German c…[View]
127041746Red Pilled Jews: What do you think of red pulled Jews.[View]
127008029Ben & Jerry's bans ordering two scoops of the same flavor in Australia: >The U.S.-based …[View]
127044835Parrots are the best pets: Parrots are the ultimate right wing birds >Master race of birds >On…[View]
127046568Folk Music Thread: Let's post traditional / folk music from our countries. Bonus points for tur…[View]
127001658HAPPENING LEAKS: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-40040210[View]
127045364After /r/the_Donald stormed this place the average IQ went down from 83 to 71. Really made me think.[View]
127037376(((they))) are trying to silence him: >makes a joke about how tories/teresa may did the mancheste…[View]
127046439The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
127025918How does /pol/ feel about this?[View]
127044379Why is Jordan Peterson so bayst?[View]
127046336Where's the proof CNN? Not a single reliable source given to build trust in an Increasingly I…[View]
127041878Why do Jews keep begging us to gas them, /pol/? Every fucking thing that pisses off more or less red…[View]
127045033Brits just went insane, they're arresting dogs and shit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/0…[View]
127040460Ever notice it's always the most disgusting and inbred looking white 'people' that ramble on ab…[View]
127043544Should we start an Anti-Bullying campaign for Richard Spencer?: Noone takes him serious, yet he…[View]
127032461Syria General /sg/ - Mad Gainz Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
127046153Stop mixing with homo sapiens.[View]
127034922Is the UK going to be destroyed by God?: They just can't seem to stop killing White Christians.…[View]
127042978Is he a friend or an enemy POL, I'm confused: Fights as a group of insurgents, yet fights again…[View]
127045955Why are Italian-American actors so red-pilled?: >Time to round them up and... well... Is Johnny S…[View]
127045231Based Greg Gianforte: >be cucked fake news reporter >get bodyslammed Greg Gianforte is /ourguy…[View]
127045995Oppression != Jihad: When Niggers couldn't drink from the same waterfountain as whites, did the…[View]
127040689ITT: -We give each country's population it's most appropriate name, Example: >Canada: …[View]
127044905Based Baghdaddy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayla_Mueller[View]
127045796How many of you guys believe it was the Islamic state that caused the Manchester attack or yet again…[View]
127043144/pol/ Is Varg right with the blonde hair question? I'm an italian living in Austria, my gf is a…[View]
127039592Reminder that if you believe in God, you should NOT be hating Jews, and if you are atheist, you have…[View]
127045727(((CNN))) back at it again with anti-white race-baiting: Hey, goyim! You have to look at this! See h…[View]
127042237Why can't black people ever have a formal discussion? https://youtu.be/wR3lSSL3yaA[View]
127039733How to persuade her about the squid?: I don't really know where to start. I'm 28, and have…[View]
127033292>Kill countless innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason >Western world: ' *yawn*…[View]
127033184What happened to this?[View]
127042134Do people still read books? I couldn't bring my self to read even 1 page of a book with a gun t…[View]
127033610The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
12704530823 million fewer Americans insured under House GOP bill, says CBO: What is Trump going to do when hi…[View]
127017021When did you realise Trump was actually not /ourguy/[View]
127045102Israeli billionaire claims George Soros is 'nuts' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017…[View]
127040038STOP smoking weed DO NOT drink more than once a week DO NOT mastubate more than twice per month STO…[View]
127045055This is the guy Greg Gianforte body slammed.: Why are rethuglicans such violent high testosterone ne…[View]
127038326I fucking hate Sweden.[View]
127044731ITT: the libertarian paradise[View]
127044099Is hubby a term only Jews use, or no?: I'm having a disagreement with my friend and need to kno…[View]
127023229The arrest of Eric Clanton is a declaration of WAR: Listen you pathetic little virgin basement dwell…[View]
127041704>this is the OP pic of /ptg/ currently How many levels of delusion are they on? I'm getting …[View]
127031942We wuznt even descendantz: At this point what does Africa have going for it?[View]
127041682The KKK did nothing wrong!: memetic Innoculations aka (values propaganda) It's a primed respons…[View]
127041160The future of UKIP: The seems to be dwindling support for them now as those who voted yellow & p…[View]
127044327WTF is Trump doing there?[View]
127041809and so /pol/ continue to lose the cultural war[View]
127035484Most common baby names in different regions of UK.: Can you spot the one that doesn't belong wi…[View]
127044470Can anyone confirm: Did the US hit Syrian convoys that were getting to close to Special Ops imbedded…[View]
127039789It's over for Assad: NATO deployed to fight (((ISIS))) in Syria and Iraq. https://www.ft.com/co…[View]
127040674What do you think of Azerbaijan?: I know this is pointless, but please keep try to the DEUS VULT and…[View]
127036754RedPillGame?: Will this game be an accidental Red Pill?[View]
127031576>Don't be angry guys! >Let's all sing instead! >#NotAllMuslims Jesus Christ Manch…[View]
127044378https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QHGqsg-MIw hmmmmmmm[View]
127032246And just like that... The mainstream media and normies have already forgotten about Manchester: R.I.…[View]
127040494Would you admit to your own mother that you support racist government policies and possibly Hitler?[View]
127042752>tfw 'vigils' for the victims of terrorist attacks are now social events for normies…[View]
127037880>one chance at life >born an American[View]
127037234Don't mind me, I just don't have any integrity[View]
127044053Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Here you go l…[View]
127043976Bulgarians on suicide watch: Putin admits Macedonia the birth place of Slavic alphabet![View]
127043951Bike Lock Attacker Arrested: We have the best autists, don't we? https://archive.fo/8wZGi…[View]
127025061'the wrong mindset' - Ben Carson: >'the wrong mindset' contributes to poverty. >'I think pover…[View]
127043613Chechya is cool: Why are russians so cuck, thay talk eurofaggs have a lot of refugees in Europe, alt…[View]
127031026FREEDOM OF SPEECH EDITION. FUCK THE QUEEN > @metropoliceuk[View]
127039047How can you go around calling shit degenrate when members of your subculture produce this[View]
127043776post yfw left wingers are surprised when muslims vote conservative[View]
127042814>muh white genocide white genocide is not a thing. explain to me how white people can be genocide…[View]
127043473Why is it too much to ask to want to live amongst your own people? Surely this should be a fundament…[View]
127043567>this is what the children of belgium look like This is your future.[View]
127043564Seth rich thread[View]
127038020/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - A modern day lullaby edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
127041678Shills: How many shills could a shill cunt shill if a shill cunt could shill cunts.[View]
127021988In a couple of weeks, British flags will disappear from /pol/ forever. Congrats on taking back contr…[View]
127040152Harvard student raps his thesis - and graduates with honours: 'Harvard graduate Obasi Shaw made a 10…[View]
127038929Will space colonization ever happen?[View]
126964117kidnapping after Manchester attack: where are the people still missing /pol/? Is this tinfoil territ…[View]
127034571Brit/pol/ It's too bloody hot edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the atta…[View]
127043012moving quickly: ok, so this just broke so we will have to move fast. any letter righting or boycotts…[View]
127038220Are school vouchers a good thing?: https://youtu.be/YOFkVZQ8etE My main argument against them is tha…[View]
127042944Avatar Meher Baba: Just think of it. God is within all, in everyone, and He is infinite. God is all-…[View]
127042776BUMPING this: let's pick this up again[View]
127017345Seth is the domino which starts the sequence: Do you want to know why the Seth Rich story has elites…[View]
127033818Why do you hate western girls?: I've talked to a number from brazil, norway and france, and the…[View]
126995944For any former liberals out there, what made you become conservative? Were you persuaded by external…[View]
127042566White House Youtube Comments - WTF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlDjYOnYkWc&feature=youtu.be…[View]
127028360Call fucking Obama home. Your EX prisident is currently here in Germany campaigning for Merkel and '…[View]
127035891We've got it wrong this entire time.: Be Japan >based society >inpalpable homogenity for …[View]
127019551The key to winning the second world war was Spain: Think about it. Spain had a foothold in North Afr…[View]
127042427>Why doesn't anyone take The_Donald seriously? 10 feedt hgiher :DD…[View]
127042123tfw pooland is so poor that you have to eat water from a lake with seaweeds[View]
127041879In Libertarian society, would ownership of recreational nukes be prohibited?[View]
127038040The <<Yellow Pill>>: Why haven't you taken the <<Yellow Pill>> yet, ano…[View]
127039306Has it happened to you yet?[View]
127029248Obama considered gay relationship: Didn't see a thread on this. Came out a few days ago. 'Pres…[View]
127014143Does anybody actually believe that 'love', etc. will defeat terrorism?: and that we just need to 'co…[View]
127041531Automation and Genetic Engineering will save Western Countries: Demographics will become meaningless…[View]
127041941Women and their beta orbiters are what's fucking up this world >the most eager to embrace (…[View]
127041900Last to handle the body[View]
127040280Melania holds Donald's hand while observing The Last Judgement in Rome, Italy. https://www.yaho…[View]
127041868>Based muslims don't exist https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/watch/35631801/heated-argum…[View]
127036797What is it about Islam that's so appealing to people? How does it manage to convert so many? S…[View]
127015217Why was he killed Anons??: He warned of African hordes invading Europe if he was killed, and it happ…[View]
127032057Warning for /pol: Hey /pol, I have a warning for you. (They) are conspiring to create WN groups tha…[View]
127041680ITT: How red is the pill he had gotten? What is his new album going to be like? Is he going to be th…[View]
127039807https://youtu.be/_yxN3WZ_z80 >Cop called for two teenage men fighting at party >his immediate …[View]
127040469Tell me 1 (ONE) reason why i shouldn't move europe. >liberal and tolerant society, easy sex …[View]
127041573Cuck Judge Frees Violent Nigger: Nigger gets water turned off. Tries to murder maintenance man with …[View]
127040721Genderless languages were a big fucking mistake. There is no way anyone could push shit like this in…[View]
127032159Manchester Arena: Address the root cause of terror attacks: Disaffected Youth[View]
127039012Ruby Ridge: Did the Weavers do anything wrong? >ATF entraps you >offers ammunity if he'll…[View]
127041086Redpill me on Portugal: I hear they were a based dictatorship for a long time and lately got hit by …[View]
127041297ITT: Right-Wing Listening What are some decent entertaining or informative right wing podcasts or ra…[View]
127031500The attack on Manchester is the exact result of racism towards Muslims as well as intolerance of Isl…[View]
127037077>Be western euro >Get cucked by wife because she wants BBC >Everything now revolves around …[View]
127038264There's only one way to stop suicide bombings: More suicide bombings. We need a strong presence…[View]
1270383611 in 4 not born here: How do we keep the kiwi way of life and culture, that anglo saxons have built …[View]
127037636Redpill for Stormfags: Alright, Stormfags, time for some hard truth: >Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler -…[View]
127037574/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127039369Redpill me on the jews[View]
127040907>bomb Libya for 7 months >be upset that a Libyan seeks revenge in Manchester choose one…[View]
127029685How Will The World End?: 1.Nuclear Holocaust 2.Asteroid 3.Super Volcano 4.Super Virus 5.Artificial …[View]
127031042Does it annoy pol that the most red-pilled public thinker is also of Jewish descent?[View]
127034747So we saw what happened to Bill Nye, How are (((they))) going to ruin the magic school bus?[View]
127036421Le Pen does a 360 on her EU policies: >Marine Le Pen is expected to abandon her campaign for Fran…[View]
127039434Why did Europeans give up? Why aren't we fighting back anymore, instead we just bend over for o…[View]
127040733Maltese Election 3rd June 2017 Thread[View]
127038525Guo Wengui: any chinese guys here? someone red pill me on this guy. why is he self exiled and hiding…[View]
127040698He's our guy: I suspect he is the first politician in the world to utter 'Normies get out' afte…[View]
127038433no go zones in France: Wtf? since when has there been no go zones in France? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
127027425GERMANY HATE THREAD!!!: Germany must be destroyed![View]
127031939>watching home alone 2 >scene with trump comes on >was expecting it but still had a chuckle…[View]
127037904Why White Sharia is a better meme than Kekistan: Lately a new meme has risen on the Daily Stormer an…[View]
127032881What do you think of Richard Spencer[View]
127042508>tfw my entire life, from school to university to my first after university job has simply been f…[View]
127041475What country is the most annoying to play with in video games?[View]
127023235Why is the right BTFO in pop culture?: So little representation in music, movies, comedies etc. Is t…[View]
127040423>A fucking nigger's gonna call me ignorant?![View]
127030546Is there any way to stop the kikes?[View]
127038364Melania comes out as Catholic: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4539392/Melania-Catholic-Whit…[View]
127035544First it was a refugee crisis Then a humanitarian crisis Then it was about declining birthrates What…[View]
127039967/RISK/ Thread - Eurasia Edition GO: >Name >Colour >Starting Location Please be specific wit…[View]
127036749non whites have a history of infiltrating and ruining whatever white country they can get their grub…[View]
127039894I HURT MYSELF TODAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7xgKorUJW0[View]
127036861HOL UP[View]
127034965Over 50% of Germany's spending on the refugee crisis is abroad: The combined amount spent on th…[View]
127039933Explain this, mudshits.: You faggots rave whole the time about how crusades were evil and stuffies. …[View]
127039900Should we finally end the Korean war?: I mean, they keep testing missiles, and their subs are consta…[View]
127014862At what point do we admit we made a mistake?[View]
127037589Miss me yet?[View]
127036806THIRD WAVE FEMINISM: >white women are trash, look at feminism >we must protect white women fro…[View]
127032425Post yfw you're minding your own business in public and you see someone who isn't white.[View]
127039646FOX RETRACTS SETH RICH STORY: When will you retarded faggots give up? This is as retarded as the med…[View]
127033929Der Untermensch[View]
127039588Purity spiral = culture of critique: Stop deconstructing Whiteness as the Jews have brainwashed you …[View]
127038138income/wealth inequality is a retarded fucking argument the capitalist class only consumes 1% of all…[View]
127034302Criticisms of capitalism thread[View]
127039529Thanks America!: Thanks for the liberties you fought for during WW2, thanks for the liberty to live …[View]
127038873Big Daddy on a world tour lettin' them all know if fuck with the bull you're gonna get the…[View]
12703947114 People Missing After Sandniggers Offer People Rides Home: Don't let this slide. http://www.i…[View]
127037002There is only one religious group in America with a higher fertility rate than Muslims: Mormons. The…[View]
127038882Since when was TGSNT censored in Canada? Turns out someone im communicating with cannot view it. An…[View]
127037579Hapa Pill: White people are the modern day Neanderthals that will hybridize into the new humanity - …[View]
127014767Eric Clanton arrested at 200k bail!: Just in case you didn't see the good news. Feel free to lo…[View]
127038189The ultimate red pill: Is the ultimate red pill actually taking the blue pill and living in blissful…[View]
127039053/POL/ BTFO[View]
127035685European Islam War: If we assumed that all of those islam attacks in Europe are a part of a greater …[View]
127038244Bloodlust gen.: Hello /pol/. I'd like to hear your opinions on bloodlust as a character trait o…[View]
127036905We do Americans lack any sense of personal responsibility?: Think about it: >Black/Spic gang bang…[View]
127039224Redpill me on the New York Times. Are they based?[View]
127034545Brit/pol/ - Worst Lineup Ever edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack sc…[View]
127036050tfw you find out where the term mud hut originated: >Why do we call the whole world's attent…[View]
127030970Did he get cucked by Donald Tusk?[View]
127037202Pedos and atheists BTFO[View]
127036669GOOD GOY!! LOOSE WOMEN CALLS FOR MORE GOVERNMENT SPYING!!: Jane Moore just called for the Government…[View]
127024383Brit/pol/ - New PR Edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack scene http://…[View]
127011547Why white Americans look different from Europeans? Is it water?[View]
127033951>belgium has 11 million people >brussels has 1.2 million people >6000 paid protesters (as e…[View]
127013094#NotAllMuslims is a weak argument: actually it's a Logical Fallacy, but hey, what other argumen…[View]
127030322How the euro destroyed the economies of Southern Europe with the complacency of their ruling classes…[View]
127022816>be european: >get blown up >be european >get run over >be european >get beheaded…[View]
127037329Oi! Ya cheeky little cunt! We will check your telly licence while we at it![View]
127038425Why is Australia such a fucked country? We gave a herd of criminals their own island to die in and i…[View]
127031452To the good old days[View]
127036067Wich one is the best?[View]
127027530Why should i care ?: Why should i care about Islam ? Is this muslim truely a problem for Europe ? Th…[View]
127038377>the absolute state of slovakia rn[View]
127031902>yfw you realize this manlet is the only true opposition to neocon warmongering, ((((globalism)))…[View]
127035911>Up to 6.6m migrants waiting to cross to Europe from Africa After years of calling America racist…[View]
127037491My country is full of fucking spics REEEEE: Im surrounded by them, almost 100% of people in spain ar…[View]
127040000>Australia is not real. It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their cr…[View]
127034561Why don't non-Americans have any swag? Every other country than USA is poor. Why?[View]
127035101Just your daily reminder that Donald Trump will win in 2020 and won't be impeached at any point…[View]
127035907>be American >get shot >be European >get shot AND blown up >be Italian >get buried…[View]
127038100Can someone please give me a quick rundown on Ukraine v separatists/Russia. What's actually hap…[View]
127035111http://archive.is/HTx2w >And on 4chan's Politically Incorrect image board, threads were star…[View]
127030203Why not?[View]
127015994Daily Climate Change Debate Thread: Are humans to blame? How serious is the threat? What are the lik…[View]
127037822I have to go to the dentist today for a routine cleaning. Redpill me on the dental jew. Also here th…[View]
127033428Could a completely unregulated economy in a society even function in today's world? If yes woul…[View]
127040261Dress like a white man[View]
127026205Are certain games red pilled, holy and capture the European soul?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B…[View]
127035074Don't go to Australia: I just came back from my 2 week trip there. Long story short, It's …[View]
127033387If niggers hate white people so much why don't they just go back to Africa?[View]
127037586>O.M.G. like look at the font that guy like used on his like resume >O.M.G. we can't like…[View]
127021250How do we bring female modesty and class back?[View]
127030835/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - The truth will emerge edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
127030585Why do the Polish, who are defending Europe from non-white, have to be treated like shit? Are Jews …[View]
127033922Monument to victims of holohoax was vandalized in Babi Yar: Get fucked kikes!!![View]
127037432What's the political equivalent of a server reset in Minecraft?[View]
127032118Why does /pol/ not value human life?: I'm not even talking about blacks, but /pol/ doesn't…[View]
127029617Who the fuck did this.[View]
127034414Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
127027525We've always been your enemies: Sweden has never been on your side. While the rest of you were …[View]
127037367Hey boi,let me show you how Aryan cultures and traditions get destroyed.[View]
127025204Does this image make any convincing arguments?[View]
127037179Make America #1 Terrorist again: Egyptian President Calls Out Trump And Saudi Arabia For Aiding And …[View]
127037086mfw sandnigger blows himself up and only kills british cunts[View]
127013867First Based Mudslime ever? https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/35632786/manchester-bombing-australian-…[View]
127032682What is Israel's end game?[View]
127036837Muslims want an apology for spreading throughout the world. https://petition.parliment.uk/petition/1…[View]
127036763What do you think about them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY5uQRQZFnA[View]
127034644>~5 different new 'HAPPENING' topics every day >hundreds of threads posted over and over >'…[View]
127035327NoFap Thread: I am sick and tired of fapping but I am getting horny. I can't get a gf so the on…[View]
127029744A GOP politician physically attacks a reporter: Physical violence when reporters ask uncomfortable q…[View]
127035220NIGGERS CONFIRMED SUBHUMANS: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-mankind…[View]
127027691/pol/ Club: Have we decided on the blue guy?[View]
127027917Race mixing with Asian women is the ultimate red pill.[View]
127033850Why is slavic-jew pussy so hot? Superior aryan jew genes desu[View]
127032224Wtf is going on?: Why is today Obama meeting Merkel and trump at the same time meeting with Nato in …[View]
127034915Post the most offensive memes you've got[View]
127031986>pol claims it's redpilled >isn't part of the greatest economic revolution of the pa…[View]
127031752>be paranoid schizophrenic in black metal band >Kill a guy because of your paranoid schizophre…[View]
127035085Do they actually believe this shit or actively and knowingly seeding disinformation?[View]
127034718Is it just me or did media coverage of the Manchester Bombing die out within two days?[View]
127035705There will be consequences![View]
127035881https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kju3tlmcIIg Stop subscribing to The Golden One[View]
127026570Save the confederate monuments: Antifa scum is trying to remove confederate war monuments. Vote NO i…[View]
127035863>poor person demands more social security and higher taxes for the rich >'that's easy for…[View]
127035821Why are Democrats so stupid?[View]
127035738Troll on twitter?: We all know that the media is censoring the internet so why not Troll and fight b…[View]
127027961Leafs how are you enjoying your prime minister currently?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLdEYw3gi…[View]
127032202Eric Clanton Arrest Discussion: I woke up this morning, and like many of you the first thing I did w…[View]
127024144SAM HYDE IS LOSING IT: Hes going off the deep end boys... https://youtu.be/Ah0ViFSwdXI[View]
127015776Why is Israel such a great country?: Pretty much all countries in the Middle East are shitholes... n…[View]
127033584There has been a severe decline in discourse quality here on /pol/ in the last year due to US electi…[View]
126999750>white hispanic[View]
127034754Whoever does not appreciate a shekel, isn't worth a gold bar: Do you agree with this German pro…[View]
127035084It seems the Bongs are quite upset with the NYT publishing sensitive information that has jeopardize…[View]
127034836Operation: Attack on Tumblr: we have to cut social justice at it`s source Step 1 inform all winlling…[View]
127034941Good Evening Best Korea.: Two of these are sitting off your coast, you can't see them you can…[View]
127028078Bernie Sanders Just Threw A Wrench In The Works That May Kill Trumpcare: Sanders is a true hero. Jus…[View]
127033338Political what if's?: >What if Gore Won the 2000 election? >What if Segregation Never end…[View]
127006998Balkan Slavs: What went wrong, /pol/?[View]
127034768Brit/pol/: Based /sg/, fuck /ptg/ Edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attac…[View]
127032814niggers will conquer the world through racemixing and sex. how does this make you feel? all of your …[View]
127028840>slavs >white choose one[View]
127025122Brit/pol/ NONCE EDITION: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack scene http://www…[View]
127022721AUSTRIA YES - boiling with hatred edition: Austrian OGH spits the victims of muslim scum who raped a…[View]
127034496>top kek[View]
127034486If muslim world was a center of science,discussion and knowledge while christians were busy only bur…[View]
127023676>hates black culture >listens to rap[View]
127033678Why are muzzie whores soo stupid and practice islam even in west ?[View]
127033093When did you realise terrorism could only be conquered by the White Womb, anon?[View]
127022546History repeats itself.[View]
127034098What do you think of the UKIP manifesto?: http://www.ukip.org/manifesto2017[View]
127031542Hitler Bloodline: What are we going to do about Hitler's dying bloodline? As of right now there…[View]
127014069Why are feminists so crazy? Is it a result of not having a father?[View]
127020785Rissia won again ICPC world programming contest. Already the seventh time. Why are Russians so good …[View]
127031586Beware of an eternal Dominican.[View]
127025765Why did the Rust Belt states vote against their economic interests ?[View]
127031959what's the best entry level video of bucko to redpill a friend?[View]
127032141Weeb culture when only white people par took in it >nerds >basement dwellers >closet fags …[View]
127033737Daily trumpcuck hate thread.[View]
127031718Nuke us already: I just read this article in ZEIT magazine, let me quote our beloved minister of jus…[View]
127033215what is wrong with r/germany? yesterday i read a post that explained how germany spent 20 billion€/2…[View]
127033611What is /pol/'s view on healthcare? Why is Obamacare bad and what should we replace it with?. P…[View]
127033544Who made the SR 911 call anons?: In the metro police report does it state who made the 911 call? If …[View]
127031235Explain: Happening?[View]
127033448R.I.P: Irish Snapchat star James Kavanagh has paid tribute to his friend Martyn Hett, one of the vic…[View]
127033433> tfw pols last hope hannity is fucked, Trump is a neocon and only these guys killing Normies can…[View]
127021706If you search for 'taxi driver grooming' you'll see it's not just a meme.: Taxi …[View]
127028034Looking for more blatent, racist media posts/stories particularly anti-white.[View]
1270333124chan aginst fakeNews&censorship: anyone have sauce? google says 'Some results may have been rem…[View]
127004037HAPPENING GET THE FUCK IN HERE HOLY FUCK: http://circa.com/politics/barack-obamas-team-secretly-disc…[View]
127030733Your IQ Who you voted for 9 Drumpf[View]
127029425Hey /pol/. Why are you so obsessed with us Muslims? Do you secretly like us?[View]
127033052Boku no country wa KEKED desu.[View]
127010609AUSPOL glass a yank cunt edition: >Chinese investors pull out of Melbourne apartment market http…[View]
127023840>be antifa >be winning and succedeing in taking over the US gouverment >be a bunch of ANARC…[View]
127030155Does /pol/ know why Antifa calls themselves Jewish? Is it so they can call people who aren't ag…[View]
127032226NAZI OCCULTISM: Now, we all know the History Channel and various other sources push salacious storie…[View]
127026388Immigration question: How exactly are the Jews behind non white immigration into white countries, sp…[View]
127032033Why are there still muslim terror attacks in the UK? I thought Brexit would solve the muslim issue i…[View]
127025038Seth Rich General: We need to get a lawyer to file RICO charges against the DNC and demand subpoenas…[View]
127029793White people want the 'truth' about race in regards to others but not themselves. So why can't …[View]
126991176ITS HAPPENING: http://thefederalistpapers.org/us/breaking-wasserman-schultz-busted-strong-arming-cop…[View]
127032125After all these years of colonizing and exploiting Muslim countries, are we just starting to experie…[View]
127032447Redpill Argument Thread: This purpose of this thread is to discuss ways to allow people to accept re…[View]
127023973anyone who doesn't support free market capitalism and white nationalism need to be killed discu…[View]
127032124Well guys?: https://mobile.twitter.com/guardian/status/867689463551586304[View]
127006225Nick Griffin Exposes White Genocide on the EU Floor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tGACrehVOo …[View]
127032038A Sad Reality: Hey /pol/ I know a lot of us are really feeling the whole crippling burden of existen…[View]
127031847Hey guys, im willing to kill some muzzies with you guys but you'll have to promise me after you…[View]
127026692This is one of the guys that died at the Manchester bombings. Laughing responses only[View]
127031938Is this /OurGuy??: Is Trainer Tips Our Guy?[View]
127031976Didsbury mosque Manchester is such a lovely place. Its fan page needs more love.[View]
127004115Destiny debates /pol/ Get in here Old thread >>126997274[View]
127026052Why are so many lolbertarians and ancaps suddenly turning to fascism?[View]
127017071BIKELOCK FAG ARRESTED: >'Eric Clanton, 28, was being held on $200,000 bail after he was booked in…[View]
127022416BREAKING: Sessions never disclosed RUSSIAN contact (DOJ): Drip, drip, drip, drip, DRIP. It isn'…[View]
127031775Eric 'Bike Lock Terrorist' Clanton has finally been brought to justice. Soon enough he wil…[View]
127024733What would happen if a muzzie killed Her Majesty?[View]
127016814Thanks Ahmed: >2017 >not attemping to make young Ariana Grande fans support fascism…[View]
127029244This is poorlish unemployment: Western part used to be german eastern russian south-eastern austrian…[View]
127006103Why is the left's meme game so weak?[View]
127029847This is Cobi, Polish Lego. Notice anything?[View]
127031352'Dubbed the most banned book in the world, this tome is so feared by Jews that they have refused to …[View]
127009436Syria General /sg/ Mummo Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com/ …[View]
127028803Media Matters for You: How do we stop them?[View]
127030430Daily reminder the EU is a globalist jewish puppet organization and must be destroyed.[View]
127030056HAPPENING MANCHESTER THE ARMY IS BEING SENT OUT: Army and bomb commandos are being sent to a college…[View]
127027673Liberal Teacher from California Caught Recruiting Students to Riot Against Trump: https://www.youtub…[View]
127016454hey guys, rate my pyramid[View]
127013375/ourcop/: continued from >>127008192[View]
127031285https://archive.is/fZzXF https://archive.is/vWecq >Beny Steinmetz calls George Soros 'nuts…[View]
127029044Should pregnant women drink and smoke? I remember seeing some screenshot from Tumblr where a potenti…[View]
127031253Be a good football-loving English lad: >go to Germany >get radicalised http://news.sky.com/sto…[View]
127016272Somewhere in FL, a meth mom brags on Tumblr: We've reached a whole new level of degeneracy. How…[View]
127029350Evolution of muslim population of Catalonia >1990: 1000 >1995: 36.989 . >2015: 510.000 Look…[View]
127028641Is the sleeping goy waking up? 56% of people felt local culture was threatened by ethnic minorities …[View]
127003421Is there anything more sad than an old egotistical fool who has not outgrown his edgy 20 year old ph…[View]
127030782http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40043864 SHHEEIITTTT ROUND 2[View]
127013250JFK made an intern blow his friend at the pool while he watched: Please remind democrats of this whi…[View]
127017949Mandela effect fake to cover internet cencership: I have evidence if you wanna ask only way to talk …[View]
127028867Hey guys, I just got back from a camping trip and heard 22 of tomorrow's left voting, homosexua…[View]
127030617http://kidrock.warnerbrosrecords.com/apparel/t-shirts/kid-rocks-america-unisex-t-shirt-2.html >mf…[View]
127030949The Holocaust Industry: At last the truth about the grotesque exploitation of the true victims of th…[View]
127030902Anon fags get in here l, WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-17/most-impor…[View]
127030682>be pagancuck >hehe might makes right :) >get bulldozered by Christians >WTF! Christians…[View]
127020945how do you feel about Richard Spencer?[View]
127022291/ptg/ President Trump General - For Goodness Sake Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
127026727well /pol/, what should we do about these muslim fucks?[View]
127030642Reading German right before ww2: Would be hard, if you don't speak German, or read it, but some…[View]
127030510Manchester terror attack: All the prayers and crying will not help. You are still kuffars in their m…[View]
127027825Angelo Carusone: President of Media Matters. Targets advertisers in an attempt to silence any voice …[View]
127030609are all these giant shopping centers fronts for fema?: I noticed that these shopping centers with th…[View]
127026031cont. from >>127013375[View]
127024756So many here are interested in the preservation of the West, but the West encompasses so many things…[View]
127030328>He says he hates Muslims >He believes Muslim conspiracy theories about Jews Weeeeewwww you…[View]
127027743THIS IS WHAT A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT IS: >James Comey Writes Farewell Letter to F.B.I /pol BTFO…[View]
127021364DC GENERAL HOSPITAL: Something weird is going on here. Dumping screengrabs from a urbanex video post…[View]
127024730Tan: what do you think about tanning? is it degenerate? >in pic related a very popular italian te…[View]
127030133Saffie's Greek Cypriot dad Andreas - known as Andrew, is completely broken, how to fix it?: The…[View]
127027579Is this the beginning of martial law?: Is this the beginning of martial law in UK? http://www.teleg…[View]
127029326UK after the Brexit referendum >Haha Brexit was a great idea, Trump said he will save us if the E…[View]
127029678We have been judged too stupid to understand.[View]
127025832what do you think of Eugène Terre'Blanche?: Eugène Ney Terre'Blanche was a white supremaci…[View]
127026285Paintbrush the world, Persian supremacist edition: Who'd you let in? >blue homeland >Gree…[View]
127028452Republican health care repeal is even worse than we thought — and backlash will be too: FUCK DRUMPF …[View]
127028352What does /pol/ think of this site?: Is it just for kek or degenerate? http://hiddenlol.com/[View]
127019485/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127027434What happened to BLM?: Haven't heard anything about them since Obongo left office[View]
127029947Binland releases two twin Jihadis who s acts were recorded on tape: >Be part of killings of 11 me…[View]
127004330When did you realise Hitler was right?[View]
127029767This based catalan bishop of Solsona that demanded to convert muslims in europe now asked himself if…[View]
127029730https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5-3mqDuj00 Tell me again how Israel is the enemy?[View]
127006658Duke Math Professor arrested, charged with felony after assaulting a police officer at an anti-Confe…[View]
127023365>have two ukrainians in work >they drive trucks to UK and France >hardly ever late with del…[View]
127025295How do we stop the rise of Liberism in the rising the Middle East?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
127021789I think I am just going to become a Mormon? >smart, highly motivated women leading meaningful liv…[View]
127028414Germany is quietly building a European army under its command: >in the next several months each c…[View]
127016344Who is the most RP'ed comic still alive today?[View]
127029270>DRUMPz >2017[View]
127027679/pol/ I've got a libcuck 'friend' talking about how it's out fault we're be…[View]
127009381Does humanity view the fair skinned female as the epitome of beauty ? Speaking for myself ( im 28) i…[View]
127027819what does pol think about 'cultural christianity'?: what if one were to admire christian a…[View]
127028899Jurop Did you not see that you was directed as planned[View]
127027754B!ack Men Violently Attack Fleeing White Men in London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6PaCCzeowA …[View]
127028879How do we make young western men and women be proud of their countries again?[View]
127022208I just have this feeling of dread: I feel like something isn't right. Ever since I was born I l…[View]
127020084tfw britain needs to pay 50£ billion pounds to leave the eu[View]
127028774Americans are not white. There is a stronger chance you're talking to a white Brazilian than a …[View]
127028727Boiling frogs, or how I learned to love immigrants: You Seth Rich faggots can kiss my assignment, on…[View]
127024450Goteem, $200,000 bail![View]
127027575ERIC CLANTON ARRESTED: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-professor-arrested-as…[View]
126995868Free Taxi![View]
127024935/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
127025956What did she mean by this?[View]
127024716>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVRg4Xgo7Pc >If you were a scientist with all the right tools…[View]
127026000THIS POOR MAN: Why does these terrible FAKE NEWS story seem to follow our blessed John Podesta? Cham…[View]
127028076So You Think You Can Cringe?! Huffington Post Feminists Prove You Wrong: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127028050MUMMY FOR PRES 2018?: Wikipedia has just updated its 'potential United Russia candidates for 2018' S…[View]
127026947America is now a Monarchy[View]
127027997Islam is degen-[View]
127022958Meme: A meme /pol/ should push. We have 2018 elections coming up. >not a Republican just pro whit…[View]
127027949Bill Connolly's jokes about Islam: Anyone else noticed that, our lord and savior, Mr. Connolly…[View]
127021623Why are flat earth post banned?: Serious question INB4 speed is relative Why palmer why?[View]
127019313Is trump totally compromised? You think they are blackmailing him or that he was trolling us all alo…[View]
127027926Leftists Perform Witchcraft at Anti-Trump Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RHS-4gu9e4…[View]
127025969My country is full of fucking spics REEEEE: Im surrounded by them, almost 100% of people in spain ar…[View]
127027471When did you realize you were a faggot anon?[View]
127027771‘Not Welcome Here’: Thousands March Against Trump in Belgium: FUCK DRUMPF AND FUCK WHITE PEOPLE http…[View]
127027781What comes to your mind when you hear the word gentleman? It has traditionally been a word with a go…[View]
127023572we're being watched[View]
127020131but hong kong! democrats BTFO!!: http://www.heritage.org/index/country/hongkong[View]
127018023Undeniable proof that Christianity is shit: USA: >Overwhelmingly Christian >Overwhelming suppo…[View]
127026705Meanwhile in /hm/: This is how they reacted to the Manchester suicide bomber.[View]
127027212How many white owned and employed white small business's exist in your area or greater area? Di…[View]
127020680How would wealth creation work without private property and capitalism? In capitalism capital owners…[View]
127011303BIKE LOCK SCUM ARRESTED: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-professor-arrested-…[View]
127027475Why is /pol/ so anti-semetic all of a sudden? I mean, we've always hated Jews but this place is…[View]
127027428Don't Be A Normie!!!: Are you doing all you can to stop White Genocide and the fall of the West…[View]
127025990Red pill me on Israel /pol/ always says that they are bad but you also say hat muslims are bad. Isra…[View]
1270251272017 Still not believing in Climate change: What is wrong with you?[View]
127027152Future HWNDU Ops: Shia is probably going to lose what's left of his sanity in the woods unless …[View]
127023585Who is lower, the mudslimes or the niggers?[View]
126999319THIS IS POLAND: (Poland's prime minister after Manchester's terror attack)[View]
127020445> mfw pol falls for yet more right wing fake news https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/5/…[View]
127020509>/pol/ idolizes hitler >/pol/ hates national socialism >hitler was a national socialist…[View]
127026644$15/hr minimum wage wont ruin the ec-: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
127019777US Leaks sensitive data regarding Manchester bombing: The US intelligence has leaked information abo…[View]
127026817Pot: responsible for all terrorism: What do all terrorists have in common? They're all filthy p…[View]
127016306Don't end up on the wrong side of history, /pol/.[View]
127024781Times are changing bigots. 2017 is for diversity and tolerance![View]
127026446Poor Germany...Looks like you're cucked for good!!: Nazis BTFO!! http://www.npr.org/2017/05/23/…[View]
127022799When did America become so prudish?: My dad told me all the stuff that used to be popular in the 197…[View]
127026336Tanya Gersh did nothing wrong.: You guys know deep down inside that she is the real victim.[View]
127020164Hate speech laws will never exist in the USA unless the First Amendment is repealed. >this trigge…[View]
127018341IT'S HAPPENING!!! Good to have known you faggots. http://www.euractiv.com/section/global-europ…[View]
127009218Did sandy hook actually happen?[View]
127016867Terrorist attack downtown Toronto.[View]
126984862>/pol/ >hates jews >worships a jew really makes you think…[View]
127024929>http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-professor-arrested-as-assault-suspect/ T…[View]
126980543Give me a reason to not hate my country: Saudi Arabia is a shithole but I'm trying to be more …[View]
127017792Please tell me we will stop this somehow: These non-whites come here, beleive it is their country no…[View]
127023826What is the feeling here? Anyone have a inclination to how pissed off our cucked Nation is?[View]
127018880Dare I say /pol/?: Marion Cotillard is a 9/11 and Apollo Mission denier. Is she /ourgirl/?? http://w…[View]
127003322Montanafags: Statement from Rob Quist: 'I may be Gianforte's opponent in this congressional ra…[View]
127025287hypixel a new target for raiding: we need too raid mineplex with only billy mays skins and spam the …[View]
126982302Is Portland proof that a place can be crazy liberal and still be successful because of its mainly wh…[View]
127021533Simply, why do the Jews do evil things? What is it all for?[View]
127025180So if he wins the election in Montana how will you react?: But more importantly, how would the left …[View]
127022866Zack Hample thrown out of Orioles game for stealing ball from kid: Zack Hample then threatened to su…[View]
127023013stop making threads with porn lead-off images[View]
127022639Oh vey, this is some serious antisemitism in Poland[View]
127024158Brazil: It's happening. Civil war in Brazil and the commies are winning. http://www.latimes.com…[View]
127020751What did he say pol?[View]
127022939Plan B in DNC Downfall: Alright this morning a couple of lawyer fags were saying that even if the Se…[View]
127024325You are in a crowded place in Western Europe and see this: what do?[View]
127025269You mess with /pol/: >>>/lgbt/8340530 >>>/lgbt/8340483 >>>/lgbt/8340390 /…[View]
127025250ITT goy vs. goy shekel warring: Oy /pol/lacks any other instances of goy vs. goy shekel cannibalism …[View]
127024317Whats the point of trying to fight the left and islam at the same time? Why not just let islam win a…[View]
126995115GATE, Gifted And Talented Education: GATE = Gifted and Talented Education, it's a part of the A…[View]
127024228Defend this trumplets: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/trump-medicaid-cuts-budg…[View]
127020952Regardless of if you agree with it or not, do you think Trump will actually be forced out of office?…[View]
127021325Is this a clue?: What happens here?[View]
127022516What the fuck happened here? What happened to this guy?[View]
127024910Daily Reminder that Corey Feldman is /OurGuy/ and if you think otherwise well you're just ignit[View]
127024829ARE WHITE AMERICANS ACTUALLY WHITE: White Americans are so diluted with indian, nigger, and beaner b…[View]
127024811Anti white music videos: The POZ machine has been running non stop over at Youtubes (((VEVO))) Mansi…[View]
127024778I just don't get it pol. Time after time after time, people will blame those who react with hat…[View]
127024622I've been thinking, as a very freedom/independence minded libertarian type, I've lived in …[View]
127023927>Religion of Pedophilia[View]
127024718sup /pol/, what are your thoughts on Kenya? Most may be dindus but at least they hate muslims becaus…[View]
127014744Where will the religion of peace deliver their gifts next?: My bet is somewhere in Germany with a sw…[View]
127013381We did it Reddit![View]
127020690Salman Abedi’s family arrested as police swoop on terrorist ‘network’ >THE father and two brother…[View]
127023905Why are whites trying so hard to destroy their own fucking race?[View]
127024124they know. they are about to try there hardest to silence you all.[View]
127022997Do you think giving up the lefties to the hordes they try to protect would make them see the light? …[View]
127021053The first cuckold president.[View]
127023908Anyone else here are *so* fed up with the increasing SJW shit about 'muh privilege,' 'my cultural ap…[View]
127019905Is he Jewish?[View]
127024198Should the government have public option alternatives in necessary fields like housing, healthcare, …[View]
127019567How is it possible that no human remains have ever been discovered in Australia? What is the implica…[View]
127016390University Essay: Hey /pol/, I'm a unifag writing a 1500 word essay on why Marxism doesn't…[View]
127019871Has 4chan lost its way? This guy is kicking ass and causing serious damage to the cause[View]
127017822GOING BANKRUPT SOON: Cars.com was the company that pulled their advertising from Hannity. SLOW DESCE…[View]
127017320THEY ARE CENCORING THE INTERNET IN THE UK: i can only say what they are doing if you ask as my posts…[View]
127019057Poli: muh[View]
127023415GCI General Thread #1. May 25th 2017.: WELCOME TO THE GCI GENERAL THREAD. May 25th 2017, Thread #1. …[View]
127021168Will we ever actually do anything about terrorist attacks? I feel it's up to the Eurofags to st…[View]
127018639Why does /pol/ hate Merkel?: 1. Yes, she made a mistake letting all the illegals in, but how was she…[View]
127023545Religion teaches you are a sinner. The STATE teaches you are a debitor: you dont deserve unless you …[View]
127007152Republicans are now the BODY SLAM party: >be in Montana >running for Montana senator >repor…[View]
127023516Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
126985264Seth Rich Continued...: Seth Rich Investigation Continued...[View]
127020026This is what half white half indian looks like[View]
127022065If you're American stop saying 'lads' and 'mate' you don't say this in real life and you o…[View]
127017882How do we get rid of drumpf? I feel so stupid I let that con me fool me into voting for him.[View]
127011760I'm a wheatpaster. I make close to zero money putting up posters for who ever pays me to do it…[View]
127001205Tonight is the night to find the light in the heart of darkness: First off. Yes, this is real. No th…[View]
127023222BREAKING: Trump said a thing, he will 100% be impeached (for real this time!)[View]
127011950Trump ONCE AGAIN mourns the six gorillion: Have some more holohoax whining goy[View]
127023022>antifa succedes and takes over tbe US >they start a white man genocide >they take off thei…[View]
127019916Ive followed righty media since i was in highschool...now with europe getting cucked all i see is le…[View]
127022658I can't believe that the U.S. is just now having its atheist phase. This whole discussion sound…[View]
127021206Why is this German cuck so butthurt that Polish youth loves military and army?[View]
127015642Time Capsule 3: Black Immigrants Hit French Woman For Not Giving Number: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127014728/pol/ has made a grave mistake in backing Bernier. A GRAVE mistake. Bernier's stated intention …[View]
126990827Brit/pol/ - Tunnocks Edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attack scene http:…[View]
127022044Is this the future of Europe? Is there even a realistic remedy on the horizon?[View]
127018393They want your children: If you had any doubts that we are at war... An all out war for the eradicat…[View]
127022751Mel Gibson 2020 /ourgoy/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppGwEA6wWt4[View]
127016932Circumcision - pruned or deleted edition: Male or female, it's torture and mutilation. Is there…[View]
127020543Why are conservative politicians so fucking cringey?: Look at this shit. Why is it so hard for us li…[View]
127021493The Great War: WW1 was the most pointless war that washed away entire bloodlines of pure European wh…[View]
127022522Remember goy: White Americans who are republican and Christian are evil. Islam is good tho.[View]
127022076If feminists love diversity so much, how come they want to treat men and women the same?[View]
127006429Why Obamacare is bad?: Can someone help me, why obamacare is hated by some people. I have a an colle…[View]
127019864FACT: In 40 years USA won't exist and will balkanize into different states on ethnic, religious…[View]
127016784/ptg/ President Trump General - Washington Iowa Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
127022303I've taken the Christ pill. Which version of the Bible should I read?[View]
127021746Eric Clanton was just arrested: JUST http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-profess…[View]
127012213Uh, so, what was the outcome of #PizzaGate? How many pedos did they catch and who went to jail? Just…[View]
127022201Check my youtube feed looking at foodie vids like a huge faggott.. Come across a vid about the 'chop…[View]
127016757How come liberal boycotts work well while right wing boycotts achieve nothing ?: http://www.dailymai…[View]
127012317Fuck off: Why do Americans feel like they are in any position to talk about the state of other count…[View]
127022115Just as oxygen and the internet is a human right, so must sex be as well. If a woman refuses to slee…[View]
127020881Guide on How To Be a Shillbot on Twitter: >Be me. Posh smug richboy twat with zero hardships in l…[View]
127022064Daily reminder: Smack every fascist alt-right Nazi in the face. Also ITT: Alt-right fascism is the s…[View]
127015562turning back degeneracy: give me an example of a time history where a nation eliminated degeneracy a…[View]
127018158Creating my own political party in the UK. Need name ideaa[View]
127021528This Triggers the Communist.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5gHfPMlaY4[View]
127021688What if socialization was fine but each demographic was only allotted as much welfare as they contri…[View]
127017697Why are Germans so lazy /POL? Pic related[View]
127021563Post Claims False Russian Intel Showed Collusion Between DNC, Soros, Lynch: http://archive.is/w43O2 …[View]
127011107Who are you most related to? Hint: Only one is considered part of the human species.[View]
127021502Liberal cucks on damage control and suicide watch. How could this peaceful young man and his pre-pub…[View]
126995490What in the fuck Comcast?[View]
127021294Is the population crisis REALLY a crisis? Or only manufactured by ((them))? Human civilization has …[View]
127021323>/pol/ won't appreciate this absolute masterpiece because it was made by a black person…[View]
127015057The Frog will consume its own pond. The Raven will become the vulture. The Eagle will be struck from…[View]
127017918New poll: No one in the U.S. trusts the media: Why is it, /pol/? Only Democrats still believe the me…[View]
127021156Pic is me irl. Ask me anything.[View]
127021153Yaron Brook - Manufacturing vs Services: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYbYOASp58[View]
127014706The Jewish Question.: This is the final red pill. This is the answer to the Jewish question. Keep th…[View]
127019519makes you think[View]
127018662Why didn't they just take off the stars and walk out?[View]
127018924Now it's REALLY HAPPENING!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4540118/SEVEN-advertisers-p…[View]
127020873So when are we going to take our money back from the kikes?[View]
127020104'Classic narcissistic Madonna': Singer slammed by fans over 'self-indulgent' Man…[View]
127019568Fuck pol and fuck French people[View]
127020720Please help redpill my friend about jews.: I've been working on redpilling my friend for a whil…[View]
127014957Why did Kek forsake the French elections?[View]
127020588Why have we not systematically eradicated faggots? You are born gay? Okay, we will round you up and …[View]
127020571You call yourselves 'red pilled' but I've never seen any mention of CRT. >It began as a theo…[View]
127019026Trump is based? Ummmm... no sweetie. He still needs to lift those from Russia and stay the fuck out …[View]
127019337Don't forget about me anon. The battle's only the beginning.[View]
127018953La Población Perfecta: Hay que cuidar de una población, ¿Como lo harías? ¿Que crees que debe tener u…[View]
127016120How come girls say they have girlfriends but boys don't say they have boyfriends?[View]
127019099Michael Jackson calls out the jews. >https://youtu.be/Tjy5RmmXb2Y Months later he dies.…[View]
127020246>мeждy нaми тaeт лeд https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9AHJkHqkpw[View]
127015271>A fucking thread spinner Rajeets, explain.[View]
127018176France is back ![View]
127016739My aunt went to Paris after ignoring the family's warnings about no go zones and mudslimes. We …[View]
127013316Give me one good reason not to embrace the black pill Hard mode : While acknowledging that you can…[View]
127017186It makes me so sad realizing how much of a failure I am to my parents, specially my dad. He has sacr…[View]
127020002Whats going on with porn?: Do you think, on a mass scale, porn could be used to control people? Woul…[View]
127012698> pol hates a religion because the stereotype that they are greedy > Pol hates socialism I…[View]
127016075Does /pol/ have any redpilled black men? Pic related, it's from Thomas Sowell's 'Black Re…[View]
127018403There is seriously nothing better than being an Italian like damn WE WUZ ROMANS, WE WUZ DA RENAISSAN…[View]
127016118Bongs Blame Trump: > The (Failing) New York Times published photos of blood-stained detonator use…[View]
127016614Lincoln would be ashamed at all Republicans today.[View]
127019648daily reminder that democrats n greens stop thorium atomic: which is all we need and deregualted eco…[View]
127019651Shaun King BTFO[View]
127019596I got your Panda for you, faggots: Pedos Autists Neets Druggies Anime-lovers[View]
127010773you're getting close.[View]
127017534Cuckold in Chief[View]
127019512deadmomentum.com: deadmomentum.com is the answer[View]
127019423There is this radio show that I listen to everyday and they make a segment where a guy pretends to b…[View]
127019303Australia, a vibrant free-market: http://www.heritage.org/index/country/australia[View]
127019275Any other anarchists in here vote for trump just to see what the fall out would be like? I had hoped…[View]
127019272EUROCUCKS AMERICUCKS LITERALLY BTFO: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/25/majority-of-brito…[View]
127015769RIP hannity: https://www.google.com/amp/www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/advertisers-begin-pull-ad…[View]
127002710Post your ancestors :): My Ancestor :)[View]
127017430Anglish - A New Language for the Nationalist Sphere: The awakening of the Aryan soul in the informat…[View]
127016072Black Muslim Man Destroys Jesus Cross in Austria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh9n3jgd6Wk - Yout…[View]
127017436You have no reason(s) to call yourselves pro-life.[View]
127019083Save the Confederate monuments: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-should-rich…[View]
127015766Is there any ethnic group more deserving of total genocide than Appalachians? >degeneracy galore:…[View]
127018088WTF?????????: NI FUCKING WAY......... AM I LATE TO THE PARTY??????? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=de…[View]
126992367'There Will Be Consequences': Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capitol Police Chief: htt…[View]
127018817> be me > be in jerusalem > having beer on top of hostel, looking down on dance party being…[View]
127018989Holy shit /pol/ my home country is fucking stupid. >Oh hey let's make transgender hormones …[View]
127017701NORMIE GENERAL NO NEETS ALLOWED: Sup chads, let's talk normie politics. So uhh, you a republica…[View]
126971319Which one of these are you?: This is a pill thread. Contribute anons.[View]
127015585Does Europe need us to save it?[View]
127018933Orlando hotline: Will you ring /pol/? What will you say?[View]
127018402Why are Americans the only people who truly understand and cherish FREEDOM? I'm so embarrassed …[View]
127018536/pol/: The Vidya General: This earlier thread >>126980413 → got me thinking; Why hasn't /…[View]
127018401>Trump is over >Brexit was a mistake >Far-right is failing everywhere in Europe and in the …[View]
127018807Estonia’s economy free market, huge growth!! WOW dems BTFO again!: http://www.heritage.org/index/cou…[View]
127018309>find imam's semen in an underage girl's vagina >Oh she just scooped it out of the t…[View]
127018785Russian nazi: There is this radio show that I listen to everyday and they make a segment where a guy…[View]
127018774Brian cox talk in dublin: Ask a guy who went to the 3 arena, to see brian cox talk, anything.[View]
127017456seriously what the fuck is going on in the philippines?: I'm a jew and supposed to know everyth…[View]
12701871423 million fewer Americans insured under House GOP bill, says CBO: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
127016517NZ gets an army: https://www.nbr.co.nz/article/budget-2017-nzdf-get-nearly-1-billion-ns-203421 http:…[View]
127017919>Let's take back control! >VOTE LEAVE Pic related, it's what taking back control may…[View]
127018505Seems politically motivated.: Another reason to avoid dependence on online services, remote cloud, e…[View]
126997355FOR ALL THOSE OUT OF THE SETH RICH LOOP: >Earlier today anon gave out mysterious IP address assoc…[View]
127006608Hispanic is not a race: Stefan is anti white Jared Taylor is anti white Ryan Faulk is anti white Mur…[View]
127017847Good Conservative Revolutionary Literature?: The Decline of the West is definitely an essential, but…[View]
127018172What does /pol/ think of this book?[View]
127002978An honest argument against the 2nd amendment: I hate seeing very poor arguments posted by other anon…[View]
127013616I'm confused, are there missing kids from Manchester or not?[View]
127018238'טוף קק': שלום עליכם, אחים ויהודים. האנשים ב/פול/ חושבים שאנחני שולטים ב תקשורת ו בכסף. אז פה, אנו י…[View]
127017707I'm uneducated How does the world work? Please don't bait me I just want to know the hones…[View]
127018174>you can choose your gender!!! >gender is different from sex Why the fuck society is getting t…[View]
127012824This dirty packie..: https://youtu.be/C5Y8prO5bvs >14:22 >Now he's straight up telling wh…[View]
127014205Why are Americans disconnected from Europe?: It's dismal. I see my own countrymen constantly sl…[View]
127017947>Theresa May says such attacks 'will not break us', but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof b…[View]
127017286Occupy democrats is based: Fuck trump[View]
127015985Hillary Clinton is not guilty - but Trump and his cronies are. Oh, and they're all chickenshits…[View]
127012776If you've ever wondered why we assume anyone who hates Trump is a shill, it's because of r…[View]
127014916I hate seeing very poor arguments posted by other anons about why cuckolding must be avoided, so I w…[View]
127017531What's /pol/'s opinion on Robert David Steele? Disinformation agent? I've had my susp…[View]
127017539How is it going over there, ladies?[View]
127007365Greg Gianforte General Thread: Do you think Gianforte's bodyslaming of a reporter from The Guar…[View]
127017312Anti-Gun argument; >What can a bunch of americans with shitty weapons do against a modern militar…[View]
127017189So true - Trump being an embarrassment has been a resounding success.[View]
127007233Clanton arrested: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-professor-arrested-as-assa…[View]
127017090https://game2winter.ru/ /pol/'s thaughts? Based russian Battle Royale basically[View]
127014018are we ever gonna see sandy hook or orlando crime scene photos or CCTV footage? when will they relea…[View]
127004698All you need to know. Get over it and move on!: This article is a nice summary of the conspiracy the…[View]
127015047Muslims are good: #wokemuslim girl http://muslimgirl.com/41896/want-bring-religion-lets-talk-muslims…[View]
127015527Shocked /pol/ has never done a raid for snitches. Simply find a 'Thug' and falsely accuse him of bei…[View]
127016917So let me get this straight A bomb goes off at an Ariana Grande Decaf concert in Manchester right? A…[View]
127002761There will be a false flag in the SR scandal, just like there was for PG. That false flag practicall…[View]
127015567Do the people on this board actually believe that Jews control the world? What exactly happened in …[View]
127016116How are you supposed to hide your power level from normies? I just reveled mine on Kikebook, just lo…[View]
127016186Why I am no longer a NatSoc. This movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rraMyhrlIE[View]
127010791/ptg/ President Trump General - Political Violence Only Counts One Way Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J T…[View]
127009857Why are overdoses among Whites at a record high?: https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_164350.htm …[View]
127016221Why are Jews like this? Why do they try and play the victim even when a tradgey doesn't involve…[View]
126976805what do you think about sam hyde?[View]
127014860He knew.: 'As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tib…[View]
127005128Imagine for a moment you got your wish: >Everyone is suddenly 'red pilled' on Islam >Muslims i…[View]
127014682Did you wash your bum yet /pol/? You aren't redpilled if you have a poopy bottom.[View]
127016215meme wars 2[View]
127016205The Point of No Return: As you may know the Montana congressional special election is tomorrow and m…[View]
126990611True Aryans are back: White men a new age is coming.While all of you are getting raped by the Muslim…[View]
127014386/phg/ POLICE HATE GENERAL - COREY EDITION: It took school and police officials just a few minutes to…[View]
127008643ANTIFA COMING TO HOUSTON: RIGHT WING HYDRATION SQUADS EDITION: It is confirmed that there is a prote…[View]
127016073'Cultural Marxism' is a hoax: Why do so many people on /pol/ constantly parade around the term 'Cult…[View]
127014039If all the news is fake news then how do you know what news is real news and which news is fake news…[View]
127013721ITT: /pol/ in the 1970s >McGovern shills pls leave >implying Nixon will be impeached >imply…[View]
126998884Militia: What do you think about militias? How do I find ones in my area? Are they worth joining now…[View]
127009590It is not the governments business whether people should smoke weed or not. Prove me wrong.[View]
126997385/pol/ I want to quit my (((porn)))/fapin addiction because its pretty much the only degenerate thing…[View]
126998117Post map with countries you are okay/not okay to get immigration from.[View]
127011935https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/23/business/moodys-downgrades-china-economy-debt.html Is it happenin…[View]
127012300Who is more stupid The immegrants from a third world country or the ones that let them in?[View]
127015715Nevada and Connecticut Ban Conversion Therapy: http://archive.is/hUBeG Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada…[View]
127015520It's not about religion: It's about culture. Middle eastern and Islamist culture is incomp…[View]
127015506Do millennials have a responsibility to set Generation Z on the right path?: On the Wiki page of Gen…[View]
127013021>SNL does skit about Sean Spicer assaulting journalists >Mere months later actual Republican …[View]
127015394G7 Summit: We lost 4 heroes in the past 1 year ;_; What should they do?[View]
127013654red pilled australian imam: https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/35632786/manchester-bombing-australian…[View]
127015410TWO scoops...: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4537098/Ben-Jerry-s-two-scoops-ice-cream-Aust…[View]
127012350why is obama following this twitter account? for the giggles? Does not make sense https://twitter.co…[View]
127011687College majors: Is there such a thing as a worthless degree? I've heard a lot of bad things abo…[View]
127013091THIS NIGGLET MUST BE ARRESTED: https://www.everipedia.com/mike-edwards-milwaukee-wisconsin/ 15 year …[View]
127014844Classmate just quoted Marx in a bible class presentation (private christian school). Should I rev up…[View]
127001248Why do Conservashits keep electing retards to office ?[View]
127013837Hannity list sponsors: Hannity retweeted a poll on whether or not he should list sponsors. Who are t…[View]
127013518'Dubbed the most banned book in the world, this tome is so feared by Jews that they have refused to …[View]
127015121Cucks pretending they can stump trump with 'russia dis russia dat' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h…[View]
127015114Automation and Genetic Engineering will save Western Countries: Demographics will become almost mean…[View]
126991345Republican Congressional Candidate Body Slams Reporter Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-2tOB…[View]
126989094Why is Geek culture such a magnet to liberalism?[View]
127014590She's still really pissed about this.[View]
127003401Isn't Baathism technically a national socialist ideology but for Arabs? >Hitler's Germa…[View]
127014721our views are based on fear tho: I think at the core, the only reason we hold the beliefs we hold, i…[View]
126983135>yeah feminism and sjws are stup-- *wig falls off revealing Bald0nHead's bald head* >/pol…[View]
127014114need help finding a gif, it is a chef dancing at a 'deathcamp' nazi oven.. also rate my spelling/gra…[View]
127007082What does /pol/ feel about Ariana Grande fans? Are they our daughters, our future wives, our People …[View]
127014568Immigrant twins acquitted of mass murder charges in Tampere Finland. The key evidence was an ISIS e…[View]
127014567Didnt saw it on /pol/ yet so.: Archive : http://archive.is/AfgPm >Eric Clanton, 28, was being hel…[View]
127014004>go to India >breathe air >you know have a worm eating your brain…[View]
127006678Meanwhile at the /pol/ mansion....[View]
127001567>Melania Trump refuses to hold hands for second time http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/moment-…[View]
127000783>y-you just body slammed me and broke my glasses >dude sounded like he was about to cry >ht…[View]
127012849How does someone stop being a numale?[View]
127013652Why is Islam winning so much??: If there was one truly redpilled promise Trump made, it was that he …[View]
127009704>/pol/ Gets it's morality from a murderer, serial rapist, arsonist, race mixer, unemployed w…[View]
127013930How does one start an online career?: Is it a good way to make some shekels or is it not advisable?…[View]
127012262why arent protestors arrested and expelled and fined?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUapSO3b_3w…[View]
127013826Gianforte's done, folks. And the only reason he isn't charged with felony assault and lyin…[View]
127012968Again, when you complain about White Privilege. Ask your race (Religion) WHAT HAVE YOU DONE...?[View]
127008846My adoptive family is black, but I'm white. I sound like a black person and have many mannerism…[View]
126998523/latam/ 2: /latam/ 2[View]
127013465/pol/ I never knew this about varg vikernes. Did he really rape a mother and daughter?[View]
127013586Was he onto something? >Nash seemed to believe that all men who wore red ties were part of a comm…[View]
127013133When are we getting a /rel/ religion board?[View]
127013539You come into possession of the Ring of Gyges. What is the first thing you do?[View]
127006230But why Panda?: Don't forget... previous (((anon))) has explicitly stated to not mix Seth Rich …[View]
127013399Let me Put on a Suit go in the goods smoke a cigarette and tell you how to save the white race and p…[View]
127010597When did you grow out of atheism?[View]
127013391UCF student hacks system to change failing grade, police say: http://www.clickorlando.com/news/ucf-s…[View]
126976586Hey /pol/, the moral busybodies of the left are trying to whitewash US history by removing monuments…[View]
127013287BikeLock Prof is in Jail... Now for the Awan Brothers: Shotgun Journalism going real time. If the Aw…[View]
127010093Russians are blessing their computers with holy water to protect their servers from ransomware https…[View]
127011316Black people smell: Can anyone else smell negro's? This is an honest question. >inb4 racism…[View]
127009624Says he was arrested today on multiple felonies, 200k bail. Anyone know anything more? #praisekek #…[View]
127013117Is the glorious day of the rope getting closer?: So you might be aware of the whole shitshow regardi…[View]
127013081shortage of housing caused by Government[View]
127010165>he hasn't finished at least a book in the past month[View]
127004893How does it make you feel that an immigrant like me can graduate college with a high GPA. Thank you …[View]
127011859Jordan Peterson general: Remember when Jordan Peterson was balding, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
126996523This fucking snowflake is in a world of shit if he gets elected. The press will bury his dumbass lik…[View]
127011546The first advertiser to pull off Hannity is.....[View]
127008192Seth Rich Continued...: If I do not return, finish the archives. They must not win. The Baron must s…[View]
127012780Let's get voting http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-should-richmond-remov…[View]
127007479You can get rid of niggers, spics, Arabs, etc. But you can never defeat the Jew, they control every …[View]
127005631weev's grandfather has been a Freemason for 50 years...: See Proof >http://www.cassville-dem…[View]
127012705> nupol[View]
127007199The absolute state of US media[View]
127012001ITT: People you voted for/ Would've voted for and your IQ: Bernie Sanders, 6,000,000[View]
127012047Will codified violence against reporters make it into the next platform?[View]
127003499Roger Stone: What does /pol/ think about this fuckin guy?[View]
127012604Trump to GUT Medicaid: So pol trump out right lied to his voters give me one good reason anyone shou…[View]
126985581Why do conspiracy theories seem to be a predominantly right wing/Libertarian domain?[View]
127011369Are we really going to let Hillary slide?: The FBI already has collected the evidence against here. …[View]
126992707BREAKING: GIANFORTE GRABBED JACOBS BY THE NECK: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/24/greg-gian…[View]
127012423'It's happened this way 100 times before, but this time it will be different!': https://www.you…[View]
126998568National Police Chief Council released wat do if terrorist attack Remember guys: >RUN, >HIDE,…[View]
127009553Remember, there is no going back, the battle is already lost.[View]
127007956I am a high school senior, graduating in about a month. My friend since 6th grade has worked really …[View]
127012194Reminder that anti semitism and islamophobia are just part of daily life here in europe. You will ju…[View]
127012157Funs over guys, which one of you is it?[View]
127012104Poverty: ... is it a state of mind?[View]
126941882BAUMAN FOUNDATION INVESTIGATION: /SRG/ BRANCH >Brad Bauman is the DNC Crisis Consultant assigned …[View]
126983558/CPD/ CHICAGO PD SCANNER THREAD: >BUT WHO THE FUCK IS ROBERT??? ROBERT is the hero Chiraq needs b…[View]
127006026Should women have the right to bear gun?: They are weaker physically. Can we make them more autonom…[View]
127011927GOD LOVES YOU GET TO KNOW HIM!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zMf_8hkCdc[View]
127011913Ramadan kek predictions: I had a premonition from kek of lots of ramadan terror attacks. The most s…[View]
127009243Gianforte did nothing wrong: #MakeAmericaSlamAgain[View]
127010345Blacks are an integral part of american society.: Blacks are an integral part of american society. T…[View]
127011669How do the english live in such sheds? Two families live in this piece of shit pic related, separate…[View]
126999896You you actually think that dude is opposed to free speech? Lol, context matters. He's burning …[View]
127011444Brits: Reminder that there are british posters on this board that UNironically believe they were the…[View]
127005632Does pol like her? 'RageAfterStorm'[View]
127011509Got him: Take a bow, /pol The world owes you a debt of gratitude http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/…[View]
127011598>not buying mooncoin now retarded[View]
126991189Is she /ourgirl/ now?[View]
127011553https://youtu.be/CF8lzCL5ncE?t=5m45s Wow, Trump is really stupid[View]
126998397When did you return to Christianity?[View]
126975257LMAO! I wish more republicans were this based. Body slam these shills to hell![View]
1270108533 years, 8 more months of this[View]
127007661Analysis on Comey and Draining the Swap: >from https://www.jerrypournelle.com/chaosmanor/recovery…[View]
127011465What did he mean? https://youtu.be/sWlrauHGAbY[View]
127011455the weak should fear the strong[View]
127009727Why did our God Emperor go down like a $4 cheap whore? Aren't we suppose to hate all Muslims? I…[View]
126999524Bike lock guy arrested!!!: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-professor-arreste…[View]
126978556ITT We discuss the death of the alt right via Asian women.[View]
127010355Reminder that you faggots are freaking out about nothing: Ubisoft will not conformn to sjw twitter f…[View]
127010368You cant hate the terrorists: Because we are all one race, the human race, therefore you would be ha…[View]
126992955Political discussion about wives: What is the best type of woman and why is it black women? White gi…[View]
127010744NSA tools obama leaks: Who got em? Local PDs? Big corporations? Everyone??[View]
127011124Red Pill Fam Tales: How many Red Pills is your family on? My dad is really fucking based. Today he s…[View]
127009865What Isn't Great About America!: /pol/lacks want /ourguy/s to make things great, but what'…[View]
127009358REİS: Why does this man cause great butthurt in the West? He has sacrificed his life for his people …[View]
127006880What is true motivation behind terrorist attacks? The common understanding is that they are meant t…[View]
127010966What is your opinion on Think Tanks? Could they replace the MSM?: they certainly have better content…[View]
127009512What went wrong /pol/?: Is there any hope for western civilization, or have you taken the black pill…[View]
127008817Can awoo be a white supremacy symbol?: 4chan has already made several things that are not related to…[View]
127010912The Feminist Lie: Feminist ideology has seeped into every aspect of our society. This book is a sobe…[View]
127010566Is Trump even human? Can the pope tell?[View]
127007344Why will he have been the last black President?[View]
127010395Why are safe spaces a thing in colleges in America?[View]
127010472HE WILL DIE IN JAIL[View]
127006061/ptg/ President Trump General - The Butcher of Billings Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
127010677he take his peepee, take her peepee put his peepee in her peepee rub the peepee on the peepee make i…[View]
127010658wat does /pol/ think about this? aka why are ur threads so garbage?: What do you think about this?…[View]
127006580Race is a social construct: Sternberg, Grigorenko & Kidd (2005) state, 'Race is a socially const…[View]
127010596how close can you get?: makerarepepes.me[View]
127004547Remember Barbara Specter? The jew who admitted bringing muslims to europe?: http://blog.balder.org/?…[View]
127010587Gavin McInnes: 20 Reasons Why School Sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrksk0LGWDo[View]
127010497> muh #Justice4Seth[View]
127008386Sheriff (and campaign donor) Charges Gianforte with Misdemeanor Assault: http://www.npr.org/2017/05/…[View]
126993377All Alex Jones memes aside, what is really being put in the water? What's the best way to filte…[View]
127004503Porn vs Infidelity: What is more degenerate? Fapping to porn, or having a mistress/woman on the side…[View]
127010474Is this correct?[View]
127010127Happy fatherday to all you faggots Is this this day even a thing in your country? What is common in …[View]
127010270/pol/ raid??? I propose we spam the comment section with sandwich requests... Nothing more... Nothin…[View]
127009887Are they larpers or are they domestic terrorists? make up your mind.[View]
127010212Why are Republicans so violent? This is why we want to take your guns away. You can't be truste…[View]
126989092single white loser: sup fags just here to say im a 27 year old single white american loser who plan…[View]
127004773Why are white parents so permissive and tolerant of their kids bad behavior?: /pol/ you guys have to…[View]
126992138What is /pol/'s stance on vaccination shots?[View]
126998316How do fix the Cholo problem?: How do we fix the problem?[View]
127008431What the hell is his problem?[View]
127007389'The holocaust didn´t happen': Why a lot of people think that? What are the proves?[View]
127009949SETH RICH MEME WAR! We are at the tipping point: Get the fuck in here! They cant hold back the Seth …[View]
127008049GOP candidate bodyslams reporter, local sheriff donated to guy's campaign, guy is eventually on…[View]
127009909What did they mean by this?[View]
127008937>Nazis hate Socialists >Nazi is short for National SOCIALIST >Nazis actually hate themselv…[View]
127005073It's funny how you can actually see the ideology start to shift in Americans that post here to …[View]
127009801Regardless of your 'purity'' I think this is a great thing: Pepe the nazi and awoo becomin…[View]
126996020Could you?: This is war and politics related, mods dont delete https://youtu.be/zViyZGmBhvs What do …[View]
127005651I'm quitting /pol/: Taking the innawoods pill It's been grand senpai Take care friends I…[View]
127009697TRUMP SETUP coming: Sounds like they're about to set Trump up... https://youtu.be/hqmgyewb2S4…[View]
127009220It's not Muslims or people with mental health problems who are most likely to kill you in a ter…[View]
127009209Trump drinks human blood: Tucker Carlson thinks that if you told the MSM that trump drinks a shot of…[View]
127002539Bikelockfag arrested!!: well done autists!! http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-…[View]
127007146Trump would never bow to the Saudi Ki-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QqJKuRU-v0[View]
126977630Right wing militias recruit on 4chan: Quit shitting up MY board with your redneck confederate sympat…[View]
127006164What are negros good for? 1. Menial Tasks 2. Manual Labor 3. Cheap Sex Anything else?[View]
127009410Thank you /pol/ for making up 'PizzaGate' and 'Seth Rich' to get Hannity fired! Keep it up! We can f…[View]
127008859Can you fucking mexicans stop calling yourself 'Hispanic' You're fucking it up for the Spaniard…[View]
127008174Is it any surprise that the US is falling behind true capitalists like those in China and Brazil?[View]
127005013Anyone else getting tired of the literal paid Trump shills on this board? >sage, slide thread, s…[View]
127007960Is there a single woman you respect? Family does not count.[View]
127009257Can we get Trump to deport US Congressman Adriano Espaillat?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adriano_…[View]
126970996Syria General /sg/ - Masters of Diplomacy Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
126998083Why do you hate Indian people pol?: We just want a peaceful and relaxing life and there is nothing w…[View]
127008190> go to degenerate concert > get nailbombed ?problem?…[View]
127003465I've swallowed too many redpills: Or more accurately, Muslims have been blowing shit up for my …[View]
127008952ITS THE CURRENT YEAR: Are you idiots even aware[View]
126990785How well do you get on with your family, /pol/?[View]
127007213Are we body slamming people now?[View]
127008840>White people: >USA white. >Europe white.…[View]
126944924'Dubbed the most banned book in the world, this tome is so feared by Jews that they have refused to …[View]
127008741Al Green for president: Where were you when al green derailed the trump train[View]
127007611Hey /pol/, I'm watching this video right now and it got me thinking. I'd like to get marri…[View]
127005340/pol/ lives for the news but claims to hate reporters[View]
127008631You are a nice muslim taxi driver going about your business. Suddenly a little infidel girl covered …[View]
127008608we should have a mohommed drawing contest, and post all the work on various islam related websites[View]
126969951Just in case anyone missed this piece of gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBIubgsfK8E…[View]
127007757>that tfw when you ywn never be a fellow american why even live, lads[View]
127002630Why is single motherhood tolerated?: It used to be shameful, now it's considered a badge of hon…[View]
127008580Hacking: Any hackers for hire? pic for attention[View]
127008449The best kind of violence is left on left violence.[View]
127007848This is the alt right holy shit AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH Are Traps Gay?? The Final Verdict http://officialpro…[View]
127008347Red Ice TV plagiarizes 4chan comic: Where were you when Red Ice TV plagiarized a 4chan comic that wa…[View]
127008263Seth Rich Investigation Continued More: This is Ashton, I dumped the maps & pics of the hospital…[View]
127007266san shillery: Is this Seth Rich?[View]
127008232The Reagan Battalion: What's the deal with these faggots? They say they're conservative Re…[View]
127008051Is the world turning into GTA?[View]
127008204you cant believe in relative morality if you think Hitler did anything wrong[View]
127008185Update on virginiaforbernie: You guys don't have to help actually, but if you know any personal…[View]
127007827Calling all christcucks why are you still religious in the current year? what is your reasoning? do …[View]
127008071Clinton body count: 1/3[View]
126985243Jordan Peterson /sorted/ General: So who is this chick that always hangs out with Dr. Peterson? She…[View]
127004126Don't impeach Trump!: Trump should not be impeached. he absolutely kills the right wing politic…[View]
126996512Why I am no longer a white nationalist: After much contemplation, I deduced that white nationalism i…[View]
127003913Have I become too autistic?: Call me crazy, but does anyone else carry these flags around with them?…[View]
127005548SEND HELP!!! we have oil...[View]
127006444Is Barron Trump the prince that was promised? Will he denounce his father and save the white race?[View]
127003330/pol/ hate thread: As we all know, /pol/ is absolute garbage, mostly due to the Trump craze of the l…[View]
127007762Anyone else here fall for the wikileaks meme? Boy am I kicking myself right about now. What a loser.…[View]
127007739What would have happened: if Britain sided with Germany in WW2. Why couldn't Sir Oswald Mosley …[View]
127007708Fellow paid shills?: Where are my fellow paid shills for sharia blue at? I'm thinking about swi…[View]
127006912Are babyboomers the worst fucking cancer the West has ever known? >First generation to massively …[View]
126998217Why do the most cucked and most pro-muslim states have the least amount of cucked penises?[View]
127004518get ur investigator hats on: Get to this link- you might need to download silverlight- do it- its ea…[View]
127006961i don't think \pole\ will ever recover from this one. educate yourselfves[View]
127007553Eyup Yildirim: Roaches in New Jersey: Identified, beater of Lucy Usoyan. http://dailycaller.com/2017…[View]
127006821Are the Saudi's /ourguys/ now or what?[View]
127007506Is China our greatest ally? https://www.opendemocracy.net/digitaliberties/chenchen-zhang/curious-ris…[View]
126953932England: Nation of Shamefull Cowards: >Once mighty Island nation now can't even protect the …[View]
127007485#Justice4Seth? Fucking kill yourself: You really are outdoing yourselves in levels of faggotry, anon…[View]
126998297Nobody love Trump, even the pope.[View]
127007418How would you not want to die in your homeland?: Of all the ways for your life to end, which termina…[View]
126999784DC GENERAL HOSPITAL CONTINUED: Continued from >>126993144[View]
126993119Is there a way to make the world a better place that doesn't involve mass killings?[View]
127002175confirmed /ourguy/[View]
127006871Why do liberals bitch about people being complicit to heinous acts but they are totally complicit to…[View]
127004825Need Help With Trolling This Beta Male: Goes by the name of @virginiaforbernie, he knows where I liv…[View]
126993031Nigger Hate Thread: Tariq is the real we wuz n shit[View]
127002896You cant say no to this /pol/[View]
127006822/pol/ Officially BTFOs Eric Clanton!: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/24/berkeley-college-profes…[View]
127006868Do you think you'll ever grow out of the 4chan Jew? Or at least limit your time on it? You coul…[View]
126982337ANTIFA COMING TO HOUSTON: SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY EDITION: It is confirmed that there is a protest set …[View]
127004598I like the lack of brown people.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYMG2YIiPac[View]
127006760how is the life of a shill these days? last year CTR didn't accomplish jack shit. now they are …[View]
127003618Berkeley Bike Lock Butthole Arrested: Its happening! ------------------------ Berkeley Bike Lock But…[View]
127006749>Log into periscope when board See what's going on around the world Notice America always ha…[View]
127006737would it be possible to form a national civilian militia in America? I mean an organisation with rea…[View]
127006721Kekistan Existentialism General - What is the matrix?: Does democracy work? Has our youth been corru…[View]
127002651SHOCK: Dem rally speaker declares Trump budget designed for ‘ethnic cleansing’: http://www.theameric…[View]
127004896WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?: Straight propaganda for children from the left @KnowPPO . WEAPONIZE AUTISM…[View]
127000948Don't tell me you guys are on board with the fake news on the right?[View]
127006653Breaking: Eric Clanton arrested!: The guy pic related arrested! http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/05/…[View]
127006138CALL TO ALL LEAFS!!! Redpill me on Rob Ford, was me good for Toronto?[View]
127003301>'Indeed, Hitler believed that the emerging economic dominance of the United States placed in jeo…[View]
127006212WaPo Analysis: We only talk about Russia because HIllary Lost: You can't make this shit up. …[View]
127003051You guys are scared of Muslims flooding into the country but it's the Russians you need to be c…[View]
127006183ASSAULT: http://billingsgazette.com/news/government-and-politics/greg-gianforte-cited-with-misdemean…[View]
126979667Favorite Political Youtuber / Commentators?: Styx, obviously has an entertaining format and occasion…[View]
127006520hey look at us coming out of that supernova spooky star ghosts eh 2spooky4me jk ranger checking in[View]
127002562Trump did nothing wrong.: Daily Reminder: There is no evidence of a crime. Neither the Democrats nor…[View]
127002359We are all Immigrants: >Opposes Immigration >Lefties remind you are an immigrant and suggest y…[View]
127006378SOMALI Language: I am not faking this, go check it out[View]
126991898Maga: I'm not saying it was clear before but it was clear before[View]
127003188Akward Moments: I used to think I was a normie but the other day I started thinking about my past an…[View]
126997796Don't know where the last thread is: Made a new one and it much better. Before Frogs and Bongs …[View]
127004795Friendly reminder that Australia belongs to Romania!: #facts[View]
127006222meme war: The Juice man cometh[View]
127006176https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39hRGHr0X_k?t=6m2s >'Krushner and his wife Ivanka, both practicin…[View]
127004376best time period to live in? my pic is the belle epoque.[View]
126951754ITT : The moment we started to hate a certain race: >inb4 'birth' No I'm serious. For exampl…[View]
127001115https://youtu.be/pvughBha9ec?t=87 blessed ibm[View]
127005777GIANFORTE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT: http://www.ktvh.com/2017/05/gianforte-cited-for-misdemeanor-assault…[View]
127002982Never wearing a cuckbelt again: So here's the story lads, I met a girl on tinder and I set up …[View]
127006035SPANISH AND FRENCH INPUT NEEDED: Brothers, I need your help. My girlfriend is a pure virgin aryan an…[View]
126993851An honest argument against the 2nd amendment: I hate seeing very poor arguments posted by other leaf…[View]
127006000Watch Get Me Roger Stone: /pol/ when did you figure out how based Roger Stone is? Trump wouldn'…[View]
127005953redpill me on Seth Rich[View]
127001604/ptg/ President Trump General - Fighting Back Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
127005838Degeneracy is the enemy within: The liberal opiate of the west has made us weak. Pleasure is degene…[View]
126977184I'm compiling a list of Hollywood Anti-White messaging: Hollywood movies that I've seen in…[View]
127005738Buddhaphobia: The more you speak about Buddhism and against all Buddhists, the more terrorists we cr…[View]
127000259Redpill Thread: Shills are working 24/7. First page is full of slide threads and e-celeb worshipping…[View]
126978390Daily reminder If you're aren't serving in your countries military or don't plan to,…[View]
127005620Why are all the best debaters left wing? >destiny >Obamaleaf They literally destroy right wing…[View]
127005528holocaust/auschwitz conspiracies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi1-NUtQUtQ ITT: we talk about hol…[View]
127005314>friend is a wageslave >friend has nagging wife, two brats >tell him the system lied to him…[View]
126992431Christianity is a joke and outdated in modern times. Just move on and create new morals that can exi…[View]
127005131Poll time for /pol/: http://www.strawpoll.me/13037448/[View]
127005268Feminism has no place in modern society. Women have been given the world and all of the power in it …[View]
126989571How does this make you feel?[View]
127000108How can one man be so BASED?: https://twitter.com/awyattman88/status/867538553793904640[View]
127005067Trump kills the internet: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theregister.co.uk/AMP/2017/05/24/fcc_unde…[View]
127000321Poll: Should Richmond remove its Confederate monuments?: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-…[View]
127004372What did Google mean by this?[View]
127004923What happened to it, /pol/?[View]
127004876>try to convice /r/the_donald to allow racialism and and anti-Jewry since it's a free speech…[View]
127002821Member that time when the number 1 single in the UK at the dawn of the millennium was a paean to twe…[View]
127003340What did Stefan Molyneux mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O90je0Vfr20&t=140…[View]
127000003Redpilled US cities: What are the most redpilled and based cities in America?[View]
127003662How do we stop The_Donald?[View]
127004754Is it just me or does the 'not all muslims' shit get pushed less after each attack?[View]
126996921(((They))) have started a poll to remove all Confederate monuments from Richmond, Virginia. Please v…[View]
127002132· – – · – · · · – · · – – – – – · · · · · · – · · – · · – – – · – – · · · – – · · – · · – – · – · · …[View]
127003896SETH RICH: What we know: >Seth Rich was a DNC Staffer murdered in a seemingly 'random' …[View]
127003445Any more info on this? CTR advisor, President of Media Matters Angelo Caruso Anonymous: From the lin…[View]
127003149How do I convert to Judaism /pol/? Half of my island is occupied by turkroaches and the Jewish commu…[View]
127003215>trump kisses jew ass Hurr he's a uniter >jew reporter gets punched Hurr kike deserved it…[View]
127004473Is Listverse /ourguys/ now?[View]
127004457>supports wars >supports torture >supports clinton >supports trump impeachment >tries…[View]
127000601Anyone actually gonna watch this? I'm probably not gonna, not because she is a women, but becau…[View]
127002781***BLOCKS YOUR PATH***: 'Oy vey, where ya goin goy. Got a lot of chutzpah do ya?'[View]
126988265Peterson is a hack: fair play for standing up against sjws as a professor I guess. But the philosoph…[View]
127002429At what point does she become worse than him? Is there a financial or economic limit she has to reac…[View]
127003803Ultimate red pill: WE ARE DOOMED!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqrZeC2ee0k[View]
127004183Antifa Call For Riot >>> May 25th: March Against Lauren Southern at Cal Poly: May 25th: Mar…[View]
126996987Whats the greatest political philosophy /pol/?[View]
127004092You know, I'm starting to feel that 'the Jews' as /pol/ describes them really is just a mental …[View]
126997465What is she thinking, /pol/?[View]
126950255/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Que…[View]
127004030>me 2 kids one 3 other 5 > doing my job to secure the existence of our people and a future for…[View]
127004024Self improvement thread: Remember to wash your bum daily. One day you might die and if you have a sh…[View]
127004011>Sheriff Gootkin donated $250 to Gianforte campaign. How much will it cost to not arrest me? Bout…[View]
127001820San Francisco: Rat City: Why the fuck is this city one of the most expensive place to live in the Un…[View]
126958381SETH RICH - POSSIBLE NEW INFO: The night Seth Rich was killed two guns were stolen from an FBI-issue…[View]
127003385Alphago vs Ke Jie match 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U1p4Mwis60[View]
127000331Veep is the most red-pilled show on tv, that's not news. Selena Meyer (protagonist) has always …[View]
127003227my death was in vain you idiots let the beta uprising get co opted by some retarded nazi race war …[View]
126986931Well, /pol/? Have you checked your white privilege yet?: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/11-thin…[View]
127003615Are blood dependent organisms the jews/niggers of the animal world? Like mosquitos leeches n shit …[View]
126987166Why don't ISIS sympathizers just plant bombs on drones to blow shit up? Wouldn't that be e…[View]
126981939Admit it was Bullshit!: So /pol/ how do you feel knowing this fat fuck deceived you all and Hannity …[View]
127000313Billionaire Mark Cuban: Can someone give me a quick rundown on Mark Cuban? I see his name pop up fro…[View]
127003290OK everyone, I've studied /pol/ for the last 6 months and I've been 'rebuild' on the Jews.…[View]
127003370Clinton Dinner: Arkansas Democrats change name of annual summer dinner from Jefferson-Jackson Dinner…[View]
127001484Why did this oil driller ban r/the Donald?[View]
127003312Based Bernard: Was Bernie Madoff /our guy/ pol?[View]
127003189Cultural appropriation: You know what's funny about this ... I'll bet dollars to donuts th…[View]
126997274Destiny debates a /pol/lack get in here old thread >>126990249[View]
126984800My visit to /pol/ so far I fuckin love this place mate, it's the largest ces pool of alt left a…[View]
126974554If millennials are the highest educated generation, than why are they poor?[View]
126950086>At store getting some food >White girl is there with her black boyfriend >They're hav…[View]
126989226Antifa thugs deface Classical statutes in Bologna, Italy.: Who needs ISIS when we've got these …[View]
127002895This book suggests that Harry Dexter White colluded with the Russians to provoke a Japanese attack o…[View]
127000264What is the point of metal detectors again?[View]
127002812john kerry a homo: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2017/05/24/john-kerry-tells-grads-this-…[View]
126998344Why is this plastic tanned drumpfel making my Popi so sad? Curse him.[View]
127001879Random kid I found: What do you think he looks like?[View]
127001978Interracial couples discussion thread: Where do you guys stand on interracial couples? I think that …[View]
127000762TRUMPKINS BTFO: ENJOY YOUR FUCKED CANDIDATE: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/335070…[View]
126999539WAS 2PAC killed off by (((them)))?: Was he so redpilled that Tupac ended up getting killed by (((the…[View]
126994521Advice on libtard teachers?: A little while back I was in my class and began to wear my Trump shirt …[View]
126953707Can we redpill women or are they too far gone? Remember, women are followers and rarely ever questio…[View]
126990277Hannity is seriously based. Check his twitter, he is red pilling people nonstop on Seth Rich, George…[View]
127002407When are we going to Round Up and remove all kebab?: ...we need a modern Waffen SS. The time has com…[View]
127002338IT'S ALL OVER / SETH RICH ANTI-HAPPENING: Don't you see? If they find the weapons they…[View]
127002038Fox is saying he grabbed him by the neck and started punching him. Guess he didn't body slam hi…[View]
126995939Why the 2017 Manchester terrorist attack will change nothing: Roosh made some good points commenting…[View]
127000367Navajo Nation: The Based Natives: >Largest NA nation in the USA >Has actual sovereignty, very …[View]
127001645The funeral of Trump's presidency: Dress Rehersal Edition[View]
127002250Poseidon is taking care of rapemigrants: >34 refugees, including 10 toddlers, drown off Libyan co…[View]
126991313Fascists are militant social collectivists who are obsessed with sex/reproduction/race issues and op…[View]
126992434how to defuse nail bomb?: >pic related[View]
126998396need skinhead Pepe: Does anyone have the skinhead version of this? Also enough is enough. Why haven…[View]
126998435we lost men today...: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/us/neo-nazi-roommate-murder.html?_r=0 A Sha…[View]
126998548>warfare will never be this glorious ever again It hurts man.[View]
127001851How can other races even compete?[View]
127001928Want a redpill? Here's one for you. The cause of societal decay, or as you would call it, 'dege…[View]
127001924What is /pol/'s problem with Southern Europeans?[View]
127000229>Trump should switch all government computer OS to Temple. Why wouldn't he? >Pro-tip: You…[View]
126995209/ptg/ President Trump General - Based Montana Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
126999579Seth Rich conspiracy is bullshit: Why was dead Seth Rich trying to pretend to be a Romanian you fuck…[View]
127001705Microjews and midichlorians: So would /pol agree that microjews (aka the microscopic jewish beings t…[View]
127001690They're referencing pol on adult swim again[View]
127001488How do we make the Jews take in refugees?: Let's face it, Israel isn't diverse enough. How…[View]
127001298If terrorists loaded drones with enough homemade thermite and flew them into the Eiffel tower to tak…[View]
126955278So why dont you have a stay at home daughter gf yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTs…[View]
127000454Why aren't you dating an Alpha Female yet, /pol/?[View]
127001545Ok /pol/, let's run through this one more time and pay attention >There's not going to …[View]
126993516GOP is literally in its death throes: The GOP can't be exploding any faster than this. He liter…[View]
126940743Ariana Grande 'overheard saying she hoped her fans would all f***ing die': Ariana Grande …[View]
126990559Whats wrong with objectivism /pol/?[View]
127000514Why do Americans say they believe in democracy when they run their businesses as dictatorships?[View]
126997998/MMTF/ Mediterranean Monitoring Task Force General: >Situation: NGO ships in the Mediterranean Se…[View]
126998054Where is the defeat Isis plan in 30 days trump?[View]
127001058oc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w9IMuaxL8s[View]
126998182So has /pol/ played persona 2. I think you would like it since hitler wins in it. what was his endgo…[View]
126998649> tfw an 85 IQ shitskin detonates and in one split second redpills harder than 1000 neckbeards of…[View]
126999997Has /pol/ gotten better or worse in the past month?[View]
126990936Saw this on facsbook, They are onto us guys...[View]
126999265Where are the remnants of his legacy, /pol/?[View]
126956238A libtard says muslims are only radicalised because of the US bombing them for oil: Your reply?[View]
126998023How did it happen?: So what happened that made politicians give into racial equality? Were they just…[View]
127000756Why do Americunt's think of their shitty country as some kind of citadel for white culture when…[View]
126997812Fact based meme: This triggers liberals[View]
126997386Ariana Grande used her Disney influence to corrupt an entire generation of girls to become degenerat…[View]
126999721So are they ever going to just shut up, or is it going to be eight years to an eternity of this shit…[View]
126990566Miss me /pol/?[View]
126992368Redpill me on Katie Hopkins: I won't lie, up until the attack I had never heard of her. Her twe…[View]
126997839F Republicans can't stop shooting themselves in the foot, can't they?[View]
127000490What did she mean by this?[View]
127000329Help me. I can't take it. EVERYONE I know is not just liberal, they're the suicidal 'white…[View]
126981497Hi pol. Today a black chick at the gym called me a beaner under her breath as we were walking outsid…[View]
126999909Why can't you stupid white bois just accept this?[View]
127000188Every generation has been convinced that their would be the last one before the apocalypse. Periodic…[View]
126992520Who will replace Hillary Clinton in the 2020 election? There's no way she'd run again afte…[View]
126995615Considering how much the DNC and GOP are on thin ice is it possible in the near future that the two …[View]
126997943I didn't know where else to share my oc[View]
126986656Stop having sex with non white women[View]
126998079What exactly did they mean by this?: 18 in 100 Syrians* have advanced degrees 11 in 100 Americans ha…[View]
127000016Is the Russian conspiracy theory karma for Pizzagate?[View]
127000035On Fallacious Arguments: I keep seeing this 'Humans differ more within groups than between groups' a…[View]
126989198So he's basically admitting he doesn't have jack shit. /pol/ btfo?[View]
126999961So, /pol/, is this guy full of shit? Is there hope, yet?[View]
126998951What would be left after the white man?: So a pic is going around of supposed antifa defacing statue…[View]
126999529Serena's a Survey Monkey: http://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/19455211/serena-williams-joins-…[View]
126999456Killing your enemies is bad for business. Enslaving them, turning them into a resource and selling t…[View]
126996793The only good defence is a strong offence...: Soooooooooo, when exactly were we planning on going on…[View]
126999560Doing God's work[View]
126998001Irony is fascism now: https://archive.is/BT44t[View]
126999311Gianforte Bane: Gianforte, 'I was wondering what would break first, the media or your body...'…[View]
126993144WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS: Continued Seth Rich Investigation thread...[View]
126993100why don't we annex baja california?[View]
126998986What would the world be like if it was only inhabited by Jews?[View]
126998920Stefan Molyneux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knPx-zPyLnk He's broken. Just gone.…[View]
126998055>Canadians are uncreative faggo-[View]
126998930no gibs if you're lay 2 Thessalonians 3:10 10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded…[View]
126998834Let's talk about muhammad: The religion of peace has once again reared it's ugly face towa…[View]
126998065Brexit essay: I'm currently writing an essay for my Internation Trade and Politics class. Topic…[View]
126997069I Wish so badly i was born a Hollywood child star, anyone else get this feel , it just seems like a …[View]
126998751It's been Happening all along, under our noses.: >'Sometimes we voluntarily disclose user in…[View]
126998750Are we done?: I'm seeing the way things are going. The lib blue pilled trolls are running the w…[View]
126998707Bниз c бypжyaзиeй!: where are our russian niggers? Cхвaтить мeмы пpoизвoдcтвa! для пpoлeтapиaт!!!!…[View]
126998675Is this /ourguy/? Pumps out some savage and quality shit. Keep seeing people share his tweets[View]
126996503Where is the Well. We are 100+ days into Trump emperorship and no wall.[View]
126984316Stop blaming Muslims for all your problems. White men are more likely to be terrorists than Muslims.…[View]
126990005Florida Man Kills Neo-Nazi Roommates for Disrespecting His Muslim Faith: https://www.nytimes.com/201…[View]
126996946>sikhs are bros xD http://www.cp24.com/news/uber-driver-accused-of-kidnapping-18-year-old-passeng…[View]
126998314Can we turn this into memes? There is a ton of damning info in this report, it's from a non-par…[View]
126996116Whats wrong with Jordan Peterson ideas?[View]
126996831Japan is finished without immigrants: When will Japan open up to immigration to counter their demogr…[View]
126995178/ptg/ President Trump General - TRUMP RALLY JUNE 1st Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
126998250How long til Feminists Censor This?: This was just posted to Amazon.[View]
126996450She is live boys !!! American Muslim talking about jihad[View]
126996236> muh Seth rich: > Conservashits[View]
126958055Cutting Medicaide Medicaire is insane.: You're people are fucking monsters or ignorant. https:/…[View]
126997978***CBO BTFO AHCA***: You have blood on your hands, /pol/ >Community-rated premiums would rise ove…[View]
126981023>'It was like seeing my daughter there’[View]
126954959Hmmm... ok then[View]
126997858How I lost: > be hillary clinton > lose to the worst presidential candidate ever > spend 2…[View]
126994927Is the BBC one of the more reliable msm outlet?: I was accustomed to going to their site for news or…[View]
126997979What is the role of Islam in the plans of the NWO/globalists? Is mass Muslim immigration just one ha…[View]
126986907why is immigration bad again?[View]
126991308Good girl.: Good to see where allegiances lie. Melania Trump wore a veil to the Vatican on Wednesday…[View]
126995166TO ALL REPORTERS AND MEDIA READING 4 CHAN: As Anon Uncovers Who Actually killed Seth Rich and you ru…[View]
126995540What's going on with Fox News?[View]
126993892/antifa/ General - Make Texas Blue Edition: Alight comrades, time to take action! In less than a mon…[View]
126997598When I think of what it means to be murican I think of Hawaiians. They are the bread and butter of A…[View]
126997220>Afghan 'refugee' in Germany reviews a brothel on Facebook What's wrong with these people?…[View]
126993769/pol/ irrefutable BTFO: How are you evil misogynist homophobes going to come back from this?[View]
126997514Why can't every leader be as based as Duterte[View]
126993692Trump is Jeb now: Why do we even support this fag again?[View]
126997676Vote to save American history, senpai. http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-sho…[View]
126983566My DNA test confirmed that I am 1% Jewish and 40% Irish How do I live with these subhuman feels, bar…[View]
126983416Redpill me on Steven Spielberg[View]
126993213Operation take down media matters!: Pol we need to get organized soros has spread his corruption lon…[View]
126997504Greeks: Hey guys, I am a Greek American and i've done lots of research on whether or not Greeks…[View]
126982557So whats being done so far Brits? Are politicians saying anything about action? Are opinions turning…[View]
126996413((((((th(((they)))em)))))): How come people are always talking about the Jewish conspiracy when the …[View]
126950927MemeBall thread.[View]
126995740Wow Joe Rogan is going downhill with his guests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01Y2Xh-XHNs…[View]
126996340Is this real?[View]
126995535Oy vey Shoah the media!: >Ben Jacobs >Jew Is pol ever wrong? https://mobile.twitter.com/bencj…[View]
126990019BROWSER Act: Remember earlier this year when Congress rolled back FCC internet privacy regulations a…[View]
126992523how to emotionally deal with a coal burning waifu: Why haven't you taken the cuck pill yet /pol…[View]
126990431Destiny argument with /pol/tard about incest is live on twitch u ready bois[View]
126978697/latam/: /latam/[View]
126996786Why is it so difficult for some persons to grow out of atheism? It's completely normal to go th…[View]
126995457This will turn out well.[View]
126995454James Carter's, the pedo sexual supporters, G+ page (fill in spaces between the . https://plus.…[View]
126991522DNC Leaks: So Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT tech Imran Awan who is a Paki National is being inv…[View]
126988669>tfw you lose in every conceivable way so now your only way to cope is to kill virtual white repu…[View]
126993302Call to March Against Sharia on June 10th: Check the website for your local march: http://www.actfor…[View]
126996297Gatsby believed up in tha chronic light, tha orgastic future dat year by year recedes before us. Wel…[View]
126993456/pol/ SHE TOOK A FUCKING FOX tell this is worse then does snowflake sjw https://www.theguardian.com/…[View]
126993328Who would have thought that were the terrorists all along?[View]
126993917New/Old Hampshire: I live in New Hampshire. >ama Britfags, what should I know about old Hampshire…[View]
126984557Seth Rich didn't leak the DNC Leaks or the Podesta Emails.: The facts and dates: >HRC Emails…[View]
126984804How to punish Islamic terrorists? The pigs anus.: Now these guys set out to kill themselves, go to h…[View]
126972248White women must be stopped: 'This week in white nonsense, two white women—Kali Wilgus and Liz …[View]
126993591>/pol/ wants to ban Muslims and people from the Middle East from their country >Manchester bom…[View]
126993196DAY OF THE BURGER FLIPPER WHEN?: Seriously, this film has it all. It encompasses everything that mos…[View]
126995665Why is it that everyday I see threads of Michael Jackson and JFK everyday. Are they the ultimate red…[View]
126987352>in Maryland a plumber with 4 year of experience can get paid 85k with healthcare, dental, and ey…[View]
126995955Fit me: I wanna know where do I stand on the political spectrum, maybe you guys can help me out. It…[View]
126995933G-L78 Hapogroup, what the fuck?: /pol/ im Polish and got this result and I dont know what the fuck i…[View]
126993650I've continually seen for a while now that the content Wikileaks published wasn't provided…[View]
126991420The Unabomber should be your mascot.: From 'Industrial Society and Its Future' Leftists may claim th…[View]
126993378Where do you know her from?[View]
126988769WHITE WOMEN AND THE JEW: Why are western women so terrible Even you haters who are going to try to p…[View]
126991729Why does /pol/ hate Israel despite them clearly being the good guys in the Middle East? >only dem…[View]
126993555I just wanted to refute this fedoracuck image I've seen on /pol. Make sure to copy and paste fo…[View]
126985220St.Louis approves reperations for blacks! get the fuck in here, now!: Sike, this keeps getting slid,…[View]
126995702who was in the wrong here? i think the medical system. mind/body dysphoria and other mental conditio…[View]
126995679Just fuck my campaign up senpai[View]
126995124Why do (((they))) hate Russia all of a sudden? Is it because Russia-senpai saved Assad-chan?[View]
126995340Evil Bitch: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/01/why-hillary-clinton-win-democratic-nomination Art…[View]
126989164Really makes you think...[View]
126995503Will you side with the neocons faction or the liberals when the civil war breaks out?[View]
126975876Martyn Hett, victim of Manchester, was a jihadi apologist: Is this the ultimate example of karma? Vi…[View]
126990036Hitler school work: So we're doing a school work on Hitler, we're gonna write a text on hi…[View]
126995360Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana: The Republican candidate f…[View]
126994174SECOND KOREAN WAR WILL START ON JUNE 24: USS Nimitz will join USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan …[View]
126995008Jlex Aones: What do you guys think of him? I've heard people say he's just been trying to …[View]
126995007/lrg/ - Libertarian Right General: This thread is for Discussion of Capitalism, Libertarianism, Pale…[View]
126993679WHAT I LEARNED FROM TODAY'S POLITICS IS: Liberal white women really hate white men.[View]
126994858She disabled all comments on her music vids. KEK[View]
126990249come watch a /pol/tard sperg out twitch dot tv/destiny[View]
126990530Is this accurate?[View]
126990650Hello pol, it's Kim here. Did you fall for my meme? Haha such fun. Be sure to download my new a…[View]
126993794Save our monuments!: Internet lefties are brigading here-let's fight back. http://www.richmond.…[View]
126994627caring about the word nigger so much is funny[View]
126993433Manchester Bombings : What we know so far.: >Assumed brother of the bomber was arrested. Ariana G…[View]
126994574post red pilled tv/film/game characters[View]
126993331France Announces Martial Law: French President Emmanuel Macron has announced martial law in France, …[View]
126989331The revelation 12 women giving birth sign in the stars on september 23 for the first time in history…[View]
126994491Varying degrees of success: I hate to say it pol, but y'all are lost. The success rate is low, …[View]
126994399Am I safe from the final happening?[View]
126990624The Bible on the Poor or, Why God is a liberal The Bible contains more than 300 verses on the poor, …[View]
126993992Will celebrities ever commit to housing refugees in their own homes? Considering they are often powe…[View]
126987104Snopes is incredibly Left Wing Context >base Montana man body slams cuck journalist >breaks hi…[View]
126984089Egyptians were much more advanced than u think: wake up from the matrix with your left vs right etc …[View]
126977255Antifa in Brazil BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urlxj0B_xlk He was aiming a bomb targeting th…[View]
126977000TWO SCOOPS BANNED: wew[View]
126985340Why don't whites and blacks have family structures like Asians, Indians, Arabs, Southern Europe…[View]
126993166do people unironically like this clown? if he knew you personally he'd probably prescribe you S…[View]
126994122Are asians honorary whites? I mean you've got based ribrary man, that one guy who spent six min…[View]
126990492Trump's justification for cutting welfare such as food stamps is the people using it need to ge…[View]
126994028If the good is above the truth, why do you hate the mass media?[View]
126993828Is Jeff Bezos an agent of the Deep State?: >has convinced millions of Americans to buy an Amazon …[View]
126993830Seth Rich Hypothesis: I feel its worth thinking about these two. Rafael Aguilar and Carmelo Marmolej…[View]
126955998Why are liberals terrified of opposing viewpoints?[View]
126992847You can't make this up:[View]
126992659College Republicans Release Public Records, Libs outraged: College Republicans filed for and release…[View]
126979892Uk Is OVER, UK IS FINISHED: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotherham_child_sexual_exploitation_scandal…[View]
126992082>be me >hear of Pol Pot for the first time >think immediately of /pol/ >Come to /pol/ …[View]
126980479Why dont we ever see women manning the grills in restaurants? Theyre always the greeter or waitress,…[View]
126989347Project Veritas, Barack Obama, and the SEIU were connected involving Seth Rich's death.: Negoti…[View]
126993466Sorry Black Lives Matter movement, but paper beats rock #Paper>Rock[View]
126993044Morrissey - Manchester: Morrissey has criticised politicians and the monarchy for their response to …[View]
126991248US ATTACK ON NORTH KOREA IMMINENT: >USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan within striking distanc…[View]
126983617Truth about Islam: >Meet tanned looking dude >Assume he is Southern European >Find out he …[View]
126991114What Is His End Game???: Let's be honest. He works way too hard and is too skillfull and intell…[View]
126990515So who was the brains behind this operation anyway?[View]
126988560No words for this[View]
126991333> hes a conspiracy theorist[View]
126993249Why should kids and young adults who are unable to consent to sex, be able to change their sex?[View]
126989537Niggers in my Australia?!: for fuck sake lads[View]
126988306What is the ultimate end goal of the globalists, /pol/? My thought- one world government controlled …[View]
126992791Can the #Justice4Seth crowd please quietly kill themselves? Not even a Clinton shill, but you guys a…[View]
126985271Why are pigskins such immoral pieces of shit? There are like what, 1-2 max white nations that prohib…[View]
126993172Reminder: Let the goyim know, before it's too late. Twitter. Facebook. Reddit. Anything, really…[View]
126993142can the redditors please leave?[View]
126966553reminder: in the 1850s if you thought slavery was wrong you were a liberal in the 1910s if you thoug…[View]
126992122June 1st: this is the day the contractors selected by Trump will begin to build their prototype wall…[View]
126990790/ourbigfella/ thinks 4chan is close to cracking the case[View]
126977821Most Red Pilled State: Alright faggots, I have to get the hell out of Florida. What are the most red…[View]
126976158Well pol?[View]
126992622Is Greg 'Spike the Kike: Gianforte, dareisayit, /ourguy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-Ja4tjr-…[View]
126985068When will /pol/ realise that the Islamic State, if youll forgive the expression, are literally /ourg…[View]
126990539Why are men lagging behind so much.: >Be me >High school meetup after 7 years of graduating …[View]
126992908Yo /pol/, I need to make an American Icons Project for School. Gimme a good topic to research.[View]
126987878HAHAHAHA: Ben Jacobs from the Guardian BTFO by Actual Man: http://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2017/05/24/b…[View]
126982977Civil war: There's a civil war in Philippines, it's gonna be the next Syria, but worse.…[View]
126992747HWNDU: Wait, season 5 happened? nobody stopped his cuckshed?[View]
126992307Leftie memes are improving[View]
126992682/pol/ feels thread. Post em[View]
126989106Why did they steal another's flag instead of creating their own?[View]
126990765Thoughts? Worthy venture or waste of resources?[View]
126992651Israel Screwing American Poor: Did you know the tax cuts on 'safety net' social services (…[View]
126963788Why are we forgetting about spics? listen Muslims might blow up a few people here and there African…[View]
126992359>Go to Liberal Club >Say Natives are more oppressed than blacks >Say the Union destroyed th…[View]
126984667CONTINUED: I don't know who posted this, but they immediately took it down. OLD THREAD >>…[View]
126991688Jeb! Posting: Jeb thread[View]
126992349Libertarianism or fascism continued. Previous thread got archived. http://www.strawpoll.me/13029149…[View]
126979775What's that, Britain? You don't like foreigners coming to your land and stirring up shit? …[View]
126986247/pol/ BTFO once again.[View]
126987283ITT Socially Acceptable Solutions to the Muslim Problem: Pass a law that state any person who is cau…[View]
126974396Dogs are the ultimate red pill - Muzzies hate them.: I have a Boston Terrier (pic related). She is m…[View]
126966700IT'S HAPPENING!: The Russians hacked Hillary's prison sentence! http://www.zerohedge.com/n…[View]
126990767Why aren't you Orthodox, /pol/?: While the Catholic church is busy being cucked to a globalist …[View]
126992167THE INTERNET: and being as connected as we are has a negative outcome on the quality of life and hap…[View]
126986639>go to wal mart >see a girl wearing hijab >its a white hippie I live in a well to do colleg…[View]
126991408Trump visits Transgender Jewish Non-binary child with cancer in Israel with Rabbis.[View]
126992067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLEAGuVPr_s Set reminder /pol/[View]
126988363I see white people[View]
126950340Seth Rich Murder Weapon: Just spit-balling here. Let me know if this makes any sense. According to t…[View]
126991588WTF is this shit?: Hmmm...[View]
126970346Beta Male hate thread, because without beta males women wouldn't be the egotistical, arrogant c…[View]
126990213America is BLACKed: Take THAT, whitey.[View]
126991825Every time somebody posts 'impeach' on reddit or twitter, Bernie Sanders's pacemaker skips a be…[View]
126991058Anyone else hope we're going to get to play as an empowered Muslim Black Woman that punches naz…[View]
126980789Should I redpill my grandfather?: My great-grandfather is on his deathbed and I don't want him …[View]
126988981>the Nazis were racis-[View]
126989582>tfw the chinks are more redpilled than people in your own country[View]
126991224Waterboarding mudslimes with swine cum: Would it be ethical to waterboard islamic extremists with pi…[View]
126989503Who was in the wrong here?[View]
126989141this guy comes up to you and your gf in the bar and pops a cap in your gf's ass. What do?[View]
126986562Fox News conquered by (((them))): When did this happen? I don't watch often, mostly just when v…[View]
126977322Brit/pol/: Subjects of the Empire edition: >US Manchester leaks continue with photos of the attac…[View]
126991081cuckoldry is an respectable hobby: How many pro-abortionists do you think wouldn't be alive if …[View]
126991068Racialist nationalism is just validation through cognation. Prove me wrong.[View]
126989086/pol/ please explain to me why you think communism is so good when every instance in history of itbe…[View]
126991023>tfw you become a parody of yourself[View]
126990945mfw reporters start pepper spraying these aggro republican fucks[View]
126990858Do I have to be fickle and into one-upmanship to be liberal?[View]
126963742/POL/ C*UCKED BY TRUMP, AGAIN: Are there still Trump supporter on this board?[View]
126983345How does this picture make you feel? >reddit never disappoints[View]
126990599I have found undeniable EVIDENCE of a Muslim plot for Islamization of Europe! This is the actual sit…[View]
126990780friend texts me to buy ethereum. messages are becoming more frantic. is he in a cult?[View]
126989235>Be me >Black >Spend thelast 3 years lurking and posting on /pol/ >Fall in love Brittnay…[View]
126987529Daily reminder[View]
126985831Transgenders in Sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMP3gPFXnNs[View]
126989851Who is more trustworthy, the typical Muslim, or the typical Russian?[View]
126989662How do you contribute to society?[View]
126984339How can we make the rest of America more like Dearborn, Michigan?[View]
126983737THIS IS EXACTLY WHY IM ASHAMED OF BEING AN AMERICAN: Dear White 'People' It was you who divided up t…[View]
126981862/ptg/ President Trump General - Donald & Melania Holding Hands Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP…[View]
126990449Never give in!!!: Do not give up lads! We have the normie shills on the run! They might be persisten…[View]
126988425next crusade when?[View]
126990186Do the Japanese have a tradition of farting on people's backs?[View]
126989884Nice beard mohamed. Why do lefty cucks have to ruin everything?[View]
126990212Jerusalem Day: Did you celebrate? >fuck Tel Aviv, Lib-Hippies and Palestinians http://archive.is…[View]
126989567Just about every conservative voice has been silenced.: Are you pissed because Soros rules everythin…[View]
126990150https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexislevinson/reporter-alleges-that-republican-candidate-body-slammed-him …[View]
126983069We need a 400 lb hacker to get into Seth's accounts. Where are you, 4chan?[View]
126985681If Hitler really killed 6 million Jews,: why did the Jewish population increase prior to WW2 rather …[View]
126990058HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *snort* So what are you gonna do with your $27 (less lawyer fees)? I hear Jill Stei…[View]
126974344HAPPENING: Canada Muslim Day in Schools!: HAPPENING LEVEL 2 ALERT Trudeau is announcing plans to cre…[View]
126979236We need to make him Prime Minister[View]
126987671FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL - LEGISLATION: I would suspend migration to Australia: Molan 'I would…[View]
126989928So...what do we do about (((Christine Fair)))?[View]
126984077Britfag here. I propose we encourage the shitskins to have another of their 'rallies', the…[View]
126966073Fucking 600 mexicans Unbelievable And 20 police officers fired[View]
126956503We're going to impeach Trump. Who's with us![View]
126989820Reminder: MOOKIE WILSON is a pavement ape: Explain this.[View]
126989589I've Finally Understood the plot: So basically the Jews are trying to convince everyone that Wh…[View]
126976781Why do our snipers deserve more blessing than the rest of the army?[View]
126987063America is a failure isn't it? for whites anyway. Massive debt, no savings, generations sharing…[View]
126989443This is why the press/media and their shill reporters need to be body slammed. It's fucked up.[View]
126984500Birthplace of mankind in Europe, not africa??: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-…[View]
126988728Hahahahahaha: They are going to spend the next 4 years trying to pressure the first lady to divorce …[View]
126989326Israel Screwing American Poor: Did you know the tax cuts on 'safety net' social services (…[View]
126988801The Final Solution to the Yank Question: The Commonwealth must unite and destroy the American Empire…[View]
126949100Is /pol/ more libertarian or fascist? I'll be posting this poll for a few more days to make sur…[View]
126989173>Hitler wasn't Christian, he was a pagan like me, except for Hitler was wrong about a bunch …[View]
126983997Can a Nazi defend book burning?[View]
126989043Spirituality: what do you suggest i do to get in touch with more spiritual aspects of this world? I …[View]
126988999Hey, I'm all for free speech just like the rest of you guys, but without limits, peckaz like th…[View]
126976494What with all the 'we have time to sleep' shit?: What is this shit? I keep see this. >psyops >…[View]
126986181>flag is red, yellow, and black >so is the color of all the people that live there Lol we…[View]
126988942Where do you come from?: Anyone else taken the time to find out about their genes? I'm a U.K ci…[View]
126982630Left riots in Brazil: > Riots at the government capital > The labor unions with historic of co…[View]
126986568Dixie will live on: Fellow citizens of Dixie, New Orleans and Charlottesville are waging war against…[View]
126977282Hapas: White people are the modern day Neanderthals that will be hybridized into the new humanity - …[View]
126965173Land of the 'free': >except this is illegal in 37 states how can you be such hypocrites, america?…[View]
126988793Do not give up lads! We have the normie shills on the run! They might be persistent but we are more …[View]
126977223How do we justify this? 50k refugees are ok too now?? I'm not a shareblue shill. nigger spic ch…[View]
126978526Just how much of a cuck do you have to be to adopt one of this beasts over other perfectly sane dogs…[View]
126982840Wtf???: Got this weird coin in my change today and it all came together. I was driving home, and if …[View]
126988494HAPPENING: http://www.muckety.com/Patricia-Bauman/21751.muckety http://democracyalliance.org/people/…[View]
126988490wtf i love kikes now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3e4hmxmITE[View]
126988251Does the Seth Rich conspiracy prove /pol/ is absolutely retarded?[View]
126976425Cars.com pulled the hannity ads: We doing something about it, /pol/?[View]
126988344Muh Russia: It's pretty obvious that this Russia thing is going to come down to one or more of …[View]
126988039HAHAHHAHA He's going to win now. DRUMPF BTFO[View]
126988076Be honest anon, did you fall for the dotcom meme?[View]
126988232Let's say a war for revolution has been fought and it's over. What's left of the mili…[View]
126988209Negros and other unique beast.: Where do negros fall on the beast hirearchy and food chain?[View]
126969116FATTY: >“What do you feed him? Potizza?” the pope asked Mrs. Trump, referring to a Slovenian dess…[View]
126987705Allah is Satan: I'm not a believer in fairy tales of any kind, but if there were a such thing a…[View]
126986387What are your thoughts on the Basque?[View]
126987717please help save this virgin maiden from the negro hordes!: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro…[View]
126987727WE: Remember the Time...when we wuz kingz n SHEEEEIT[View]
126968320Civil war in Brazil[View]
126987096IF HE HANGIN' WE BANGIN': Sad that terrorists killed children, but were they really target…[View]
126949875Paganism: What is /pol/’s opinion on paganism? I’m personally against it because polytheism has prov…[View]
126987685Are you ready for the September happening?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqczaF0KT3Q Have a good …[View]
126949236>russia has over 10 million muslims but hardly any islamic terror attacks How?…[View]
126985395When will the US become culturally enriched?: Only a matter of time as I see it. I'd say as soo…[View]
126987217Why does this area of the world have so many murders?[View]
126987042Let's drop some knowledge bombs on >>>/lgbt/ pic related same pic on /lgbt/…[View]
126987697What was his name again?[View]
126984231What happens here?[View]
126979409Religion: When did you first realize that religion is the mother of all blue pills? I mean, it…[View]
126985587Education: What are your thoughts about homeschooling vs private schools? Is it the only way to give…[View]
126984138How does this picture make you Feel Anon?[View]
126986895Sleep tight[View]
126983649It's ours now. Spread it, share it. We will take this just like we took the ok sign.[View]
126984120Why doesn't the vast majority of /pol/ like Islam? It seems compatible with most conservative b…[View]
126987220Joshua Christopher: In the beginning, before the internet, there were only a few television channels…[View]
126986057McDonald's workers protesting at corporate office: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-wages-…[View]
126986843Oh Hill dawgs... You thought it was over? This is just the beginning. #LOCKHERUP 'The FBI obtained a…[View]
126983902American Education: Why is my country so fucking stupid and violent? >inb4 brown people I guarant…[View]
126987019I was on the bus one day and these girls in hijabs were EXTREMELY flirtatious with me. In hindsight …[View]
126981751White Nationalists: Secession is the Only Way Out: Okay, so I've seen a lot of threads in which…[View]
126976150Is college even worth it at this point? I paid the $500 commitment fee or whatever it's called …[View]
126982267Do you honestly think that he will last 4 years?[View]
126986776> muh pizzagate!! > muh kimdotcom! > shareblue shills! > muh based hanity!!! > hoor…[View]
126980122Well, /pol/? Is poverty a state of mind?[View]
126985955You guys are only Nazis ironically, right? Because the Nazis sucked.[View]
126977472Story time Anons. >Be me (do people still start with 'be me' anymore) >Be at uni last week …[View]
126983648American Eugenics: We led the world in this beautiful part-art part-science once upon a time. Now it…[View]
126986572Google is planning a major rewrite of history: Google is working on something special, google 'b29'…[View]
126983339Republican Congressional Candidate Body Slams Reporter Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-2tOB…[View]
126986026what is the best far cry game, and why is it pic related?: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/…[View]
126985295Oyy Vey! Shut It Down!: Hiding in plain sight: how the 'alt-right' is weaponizing irony to…[View]
126985258/pol/ utterly and completely BTFO yet again.[View]
126985183Does anyone wish Trump lost just because he will never get anything done because of push back from t…[View]
126986494Prayers for Manchester. Because your tears are my tears as well.[View]
126982021Fuck her. Should've stayed in the kitchen.: http://www.mrctv.org/blog/distinguished-georgetown-…[View]
126962235Any fellow NYC conservatives plan on attending this tomorrow? Whether you do or do not spread the me…[View]
126980920hello my name is roy oliver[View]
126986272School is Schkool: Whenever my friends and I roast each other and the teacher hears she gets pissed …[View]
126977711isn't homosexuality against Jewish teachings? why do (((they))) push it so hard?[View]
126986231Hey goyim: If there are any jews lurking with hollywood ties, could you please tell your jew brother…[View]
126984997BASED DILBERT[View]
126984756Why were homes allowed to become an investment speculation circle jerk?[View]
126986163The American Enemy: European culture is not only threatened by the Islamic invasion, but also by the…[View]
126985303Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana: I lost it when it showed h…[View]
126984631...: ...[View]
126986045>be showboating FBI director >mettle in US election. >Get 15 minutes of fame over Clinton E…[View]
126981727What did he mean by this?[View]
126979303Why is Sweden not worried about Islamic extremism?[View]
126984618Twtter Paid Shill List: Permanently ban these shills on twitter: @williamlegate @Mike_P_Williams @j…[View]
126983872hi, what do u think. about Czechia. hitler was here and did some rejewvenation to our country. tell …[View]
126985938New style in Europe: Remember to invite your own No-go zone today![View]
126979334HAPPENING 3 dead People in Germany in a 'Sozialtherapeutische Einrichtung' i couldnt find a english …[View]
126974363>Burns the coal >doesn't pay the toll Is she the luckiest, /pol/?…[View]
126985882Is this guy going to be the next not-as-fashionable Pinochet?[View]
126985791Fear shall not move us.: If we let them change us, they win. >Grande suspends world tour after at…[View]
126985768I live in the worst town in America because of a flag. AMA: Here's the deal, a major evening ra…[View]
126985769> fucking white women are disgusting degenerate whores who should be killed > reeeeeeee mudsli…[View]
126985588Trannies & wolves: Is this a thing? Are they responding to /pol/ taking back the rainbow?[View]
126971907American traveling to Germany here:: What are the odds I don't make it back?[View]
126985427Uh oh!: See this. Wat do? http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/False-Emergency-Alert-Goes-Out-to-Som…[View]
126978908Finally We Mainstream Now - Far Cry 5 does Altright: Hey fuckers, they made a game about us. I'…[View]
126985230Is it safe to say only eastern europe can defeat the west european caliphate?[View]
126952620SHOOT THE PANDA SHOOT THE PANDA #SethRich: I found fucking code words in an old Vanity article. WHAT…[View]
126985151Anyone else taken the time to find out about their genes? I'm a U.K citizen, born and raised. M…[View]
126984088Haha Based PJ-[View]
126938231Game of Thrones Team Calls Out President Trump: 'Joffrey Is Now the King in America: >“I thi…[View]
126979335What is the conservation equivalent of gun control? you know, that idiotic, unpopular idea that they…[View]
126985070Don't forget about Seth Rich.[View]
126985044>May 24th, 2017 >not making Greg Gianforte memes…[View]
126985039Marijuana - Is there a positive side to this drug?: I know that many of you consider weed degenerate…[View]
126984949United Cuckdom: >get bombed by muslims Surely they will retaliate >pass legislation to force I…[View]
126977869Right Wing Black Squads in Chicago: >BEST TIMELINE[View]
126984705Yes, Britain. Tolerance is paramount.[View]
126984524He said baron was good with 'the cyber' but what did he mean by that? Obongo Nono was getting hacked…[View]
126984632Why does the left want trump to fail so badly?: Why doesn't the left just want whats best for a…[View]
126965730Why do jews, blacks, sjw's, non-white and leftist see only white men as their enemy and not whi…[View]
126984571And people still want to bring in more refugees...[View]
126984554The r/K selection theory. Is it a meme?[View]
126982962Portland burrito resturant shut down for cultural appropriation?: http://nypost.com/2017/05/24/burri…[View]
126984382LOSERS: Pisslam was a genocidal hate-ideology bloodbath 1000 years before the US existed. Never once…[View]
126979135If the Russia story is fake then why is Flynn pleading the fifth?[View]
126984357woke af republican body slams pussy reporter: 18 hours before polls open montana republican greg gia…[View]
126983922Technology that will save the white race: All of you cucks with low sperm count there is hope to pas…[View]
126983107You know, in many ways Israel and Australia are very similar. We both live in shithole deserts, surr…[View]
126983865Happy 71st Birthday, Trump!: shadow write for me, pol.[View]
126982755Are these countries just colonies of India?[View]
126984216Give me one reason against a total christian state in europe and a muslim one in the middle east Eac…[View]
126979612Why is Trump selling weapons to the Saudis?[View]
126983403Survey: On a scale from UPS to KKK how down with the brown are you?[View]
126983075Hy /pol i am a writer and a fan of this site. You might have read books from me, but you probably th…[View]
126981842Why do white women hate asian women and why do black women hate white women?[View]
126981500Help! our flag is falling!: Hi, guys here is our flag please come help post any templates you got!…[View]
126983957In solidarity with the Britbongs: https://streamable.com/haxxv Hope the Saxons will wake up. The Mos…[View]
126980659When will men finally go on total strike ? We create an controll all food, power, transportation, ho…[View]
126983182500 years since Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation: And like every protestant they are…[View]
126982439How many refugees has Israel accepted?[View]
126983809BAN LEFTISTS!!! CIVIL WAR NOW!!!!!: These people are fucking unhinged!!! They're now bitching a…[View]
126981350>developers say it's gonna be their most controversial game they've made >Somewhere …[View]
126983588Fellow poles living in America, Canada & UK: Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M9wrLN_dV0 …[View]
126983376GIANFORTE RALLY AT 10PM EST: Police will give statement in 40 minutes https://www.kikebook.com/daily…[View]
126979798Have you got no shame #45? It's time to consider impeachment.[View]
126981221Big tough republicunts afraid of reporters[View]
126983690Jordan Peterson is a hack: fair play for standing up against sjws as a professor I guess. But the ph…[View]
126980865I propose creating an economic and monetary union between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Wit…[View]
126983578Why does the Military and Law Enforcement agencies brainwash their ilk to be right wing nut jobs ?[View]
126983569Can't get along with women: I introduced my liberal female friend to my rightwing friend and hi…[View]
126975262I don't know who posted this, but they immediately took it down.[View]
126965390What happened to the internet? Why people don't care about privacy anymore?[View]
126980381Why did he betray us?[View]
126983332I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
126977252Gate MK Ultra: (Not my content; copied from last thread) Previous threads: http://archive.is/DvErB h…[View]
126983315/ig/ Idealism General: QUICK RUNDOWN >Dr. Godehard Bruentrup: What Is Idealism? https://www.yout…[View]
126983093How do we stop the bully problem?[View]
126983270Portland: Is this the first 'no go zone' in the US?[View]
126969436Cuckoldry: Debating the Twitch streamer Destiny tonight on the topic of Incest/ Beastiality. Best wa…[View]
126978894Your nightly dose of Jewry: Probably belongs on a different board.[View]
126968272Is Richard Dawkins a moron?[View]
126981051Best country to move to after America falls?: I am thinking Switzerland. Great gun culture, pretty l…[View]
126980947What do you see that's wrong with this picture?[View]
126975675/pol/, do you support the legalization of marijuana, and do you support alcohol remaining legal? if …[View]
126982688Matched a chick with a bf and im trying to find him: Buddy matched this girl and we are tryng to fin…[View]
126980806AUS VS SOCIALISM: Fight against socialism in Australian universities, second one ive pulled down. It…[View]
126982954This might sound odd but are radical feminists the most redpilled when it comes to trans? Think abou…[View]
126982310Time Capsule 3: Black Immigrants Hit French Woman For Not Giving Number: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
126978945Battle of Houston: Starting a new thread to spread this info. Antifa is coming to Houston, TX to pro…[View]
126973435How do atheists live with themselves?[View]
126982122What is Potizza?[View]
126981129Separated are Beautiful: I actually like the idea of stealing their flag, what do you think guys?…[View]
126961494Borders are fictitious lines separating real people from eachother[View]
126962582Which one of you did this /pol/? Based Brighton lad spits on Muslim after Manchester.: http://www.in…[View]
126982343Dear /pol/, How can I help spread the word and true ideology of National Socialism in my community?…[View]
126982706Great news everyone! St.Louis is finally getting rid of all the kkk statues!: http://www.stltoday.co…[View]
126982695>https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/59118 - 'Project Syndicate' >https://wikileaks.o…[View]
126939206>UK in 2017 LULULULUL[View]
126982540Hmm. Have any of his friends from work been interviewed?[View]
126982086>/pol/ hates islamism >/pol/ supports (((Donald Trump))): Really makes one think...[View]
126974793Lethbridge standoff: Already concluded, however the suspect's twitter was active until his arre…[View]
126978299Tucker just had his way with a mentally challenged black man and he should apologize NOW.[View]
126974368COMEY POMPEO MEETING IN NZ W/KIMDOTCOM: HOLY SHIT!! Comey, Pompeo 'secret meeting' in New Zealand wa…[View]
126981633WWE SMACKDOWN - MONTANA EDITION: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-24/montana-republican-body-sl…[View]
126982189So today was the deadline for the Comey memo's................fake news? I'm not memeing, …[View]
126982415Hey Guys, Leaf Here Here to ask for some help. Was wondering if you guys could help me get some meme…[View]
126982136Question to the Saudis (if there are any on here) and Ive asked this question in the other Saudi thr…[View]
126982338Daddy Langan says God is real. What do you think?[View]
126978847Why isn't this considered Cultural Appropriation? Where there universities and doctors in Afric…[View]
126946123V4 countries thread. Share love, opinions, insult kebabs, or whatever. So how are my fellow friends …[View]
126978222Denver to become DESIGNATED CITY to protect illegal street shitters: https://downtrend.com/71superb/…[View]
126979950Get in here, new evidence: Have we looked into this?? this goes deeper than i originally thought. Ev…[View]
126982153Post your reaction when Trump dies >protip: Trump WILL die before Obama What will Obama say when…[View]
126982142How did they get their nasty little fingers into everything? They managed to block all investigation…[View]
126981447Do you think it's possible to debate politics without it turning into faggotry? Do you recogniz…[View]
126982085Why isn't anyone talking about this?[View]
126981779Castlewood Child Abuse: http://www.castlewoodvictimsunite.org/ http://archive.is/zwHkC http://www.in…[View]
126969642>choked a bean to death with his cock All praise the new king of /pol/, Bilbo Gaggins…[View]
126975349No one is asking why a murder victim's personal devices were taken.: >be low level employee …[View]
126980475Keeping abominations alive is an 'ultimate value' of the Christcuck faith. This shit is a mental ill…[View]
126979148Just HOW MANY Muslim immigrants are there?: If I were to walk around in Berlin for a couple hours, o…[View]
126946223>Fox News host Sean Hannity lost an advertiser Wednesday after pushing a baseless conspiracy theo…[View]
126976116There should be rewards for being a good parent. Good parents produce much more economically product…[View]
126947527Trump blabbed out location of 2 nuclear subs to Duterte: >President Trump revealed to Filipino Pr…[View]
126969771Philippines General /pg/: Current situation: OLD: >IS fighters took control of a part of Marawi c…[View]
126981528I have thought about it and this is the best list of leftist leaning agendas.[View]
126981485I'm a Nationalist and a Globalist. I'm both. But mostly I'm just a Globalist.[View]
126976827grandma /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVs8H38lJnw[View]
126980700lol so it turns out trump just used bannon when bannon thinks he's using trump... KEKED[View]
126981134>He likes single-page memos and visual aids like maps, charts, graphs and photos. >National Se…[View]
126978659THIS IS WHY I HATE AMERICA: Dear White 'People' It was you who divided up the land. It was you who p…[View]
126981330Let's talk for a moment about Critical Race Theory.[View]
126979726Let's stir some shit: Ya'll know tracer from overwatch is gay. And Russia ain't fond …[View]
126978681Am I the only one tired of talking 'bout Trump?[View]
126979179Why is everyone an idiot?: Trump isn't actually lowering any spending. He's just not givin…[View]
126978769A faith that can raise Europe once more vs a faith that will raze Europe if not stopped.: Every once…[View]
126978027/ptg/ President Trump General - TUCC EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
126968365Sadiq Khan calls Islam 'Perverse and twisted': 'This attack was a truly evil act of terrorism, carri…[View]
126981040Literally nobody respects Trump. No one. >News reports and social media posts showed thousands of…[View]
126980295Is adoption for cucks?: I found out my wife is infertile recently. It was important for both of us t…[View]
126971002Libya NO!: Libyan coastguard 'opens fire' during refugee rescue http://www.independent.co…[View]
126980208homeless in europe: How have migrants affected the homeless population in Europe? Anyone got any inf…[View]
126960067Parents found out I'm right wing: I'm away from home and my father had to use my computer.…[View]
126980346When did you become convinced that Panda = Seth Rich?: For me it was watching old ABC interviews of …[View]
126969839Will genetic engineering make race irrelevant?: There will be no advantage to being white if all peo…[View]
126980649Why do liberals lie when they get BTFO?[View]
126980643We get it.: The pope believes in things that do not exist[View]
126961013>tfw you've become religious over the years >tfw it's made you a more honest person …[View]
126980340WHITE CHIMP OUT: I think we're on the cusp of one. The Manchester shit expedited it just a litt…[View]
126977890>yfw you realize God exists[View]
126980307my sides: MVGA[View]
126975415JAMES WOODS: This is one of the coolest stories I've heard. He's been /ourguy/ since befor…[View]
126980120The more I browse here the more I realize I couldn't care less if women and black people didn…[View]
126966946Jesus was a Jew: How do the christians/catholics (whatever domination) reconcile Jesus being a jew, …[View]
126979600Alexander Joseph Prather: AKA Autism420 Born: May 17, 1986 Dead: Not yet, but hopefully soon He is i…[View]
126980037the Philippines: Hey Filipino anons, how do you feel about the rise of Islamic extremism in your cou…[View]
126975737Seth Rich family interviewed with a stuffed Panda[View]
126963847/Pol/ska: Who is the most based country in Europe now? We are >'We have not opened Europe for ref…[View]
126968744Prove She's Jewish /pol/: This is the person mostly responsible for changing the definition of …[View]
126979060https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwZaT7kxOR0 We're fucking your sisters and daughters. You are a…[View]
126979414Ancap as a solution to our problems: Anarcho-capitalism is the solution to our problems. Democracy i…[View]
126979211TERRORIST PATTERN: Do you know who else has a weird obsession with numbers and dates? JEWS.[View]
126978284Thoughts on Tucker?[View]
126979711Thank you for investigating Brad Bauman: If Wheeler, Hannity, and the rest of the web is forbidden f…[View]
126974921Redpill me on Spokane, Washington, /pol/. I'm in town overnight and curious about what kind of …[View]
126978776HE WAS AN HERO[View]
126973151For people saying 'Britain isn't going to do anything': Everyone is saying we're cucked. T…[View]
126979578What's Trump up to?: Is he on the right track, or does he keeps screwing up? Is there anything …[View]
126970232Brit/pol/ - Fascism Edition: >Bomber pictured on CCTV in Manchester's Arndale centre just da…[View]
126975587do you goys think multiculturalism is white genocide[View]
126978981Try to last longer than two minutes watching Problematic with Moshe Kasher I fucking dare you. https…[View]
126977836/pol/ sing with me: THROW THE JEW DOWN THE WELL... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3IMTJjzfo…[View]
126971537Why are 90% of taxi drivers Mooselum?[View]
126978790SJW protestor raid: We should all gather at a college where a bunch of SJWs are protesting. Get a bu…[View]
126978936>this is the kind of world /pol/ would try to make if they could wtf? this is really messed up. e…[View]
126979189(OP) on Google (Pic Unrelated): Melania Rejects Trump's hand AGAIN in Rome. https://youtu.be/4a…[View]
126976704Why are Asian people naturally alpha? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyUJL9eRT8c[View]
126977010People need to step up to the plate more![View]
126978482The recent terror attacks in the UK have re-ignited my absolute hatred for all things muslim. Lets …[View]
1269754141950s and 60s arguably the best years for America. Taxes were also high during this time. Should are…[View]
126971399HAPPENING!!!! BITCOIN FLASH CRASH!!!: THEME OF THE THREAD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7TuFy0fc…[View]
126938310Éire/pol/ - Spirit of our Ancestors Edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n730FWycr…[View]
126978729Does Russia have dogs? Does Poland? I think we should solve world peace with puppers. Do you like do…[View]
126967414Guys: Just to set this straight, guys: >Traps are gay >AnCap was created by jews, just like co…[View]
126978971BIKERS FOR SETH RICH: Any patriot bikers our there want to drive over to Seth Rich parent's hom…[View]
126976077ITT We act like sheeple Left sheep: STUPID CONSERVATIVES!! ISLAM IS A RELIGOM OF PEACE!! BAHH!!! Rig…[View]
126976345Is he the first /pol/ack? Degenerate pervert Libertarian Win at all cost thuggery anti elitist race…[View]
126978052Shifting Political Tides: Bongs, what's the buzz in your country? Are people waking up or hitti…[View]
126978150How will the Democrats shill once the Russia narrative is defeated by the revelation that Hillary an…[View]
126972586After Israel, Saudi Arabia Trips, the Alt-right Is Ready to Dump Trump: http://www.haaretz.com/us-ne…[View]
1269779388 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey: Does /pol/ agree with 8 in …[View]
126978658Becoming Redpilled: holy fuck, I always thought Muslims were a peaceful majority. What the fuck do I…[View]
126968845Daily reminder that Salman Abedi, was BRITISH. He was born in England, which makes him more british …[View]
126976527Anyone here ever been into the punk rock scene? Or the Far right skinhead scene? I've been into…[View]
126976314BC Provincial Elections - IT'S OGRE! Liberals have a minority government: Counts are finally do…[View]
126978366Chanel accused of cultural appropriation: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/chanel-boomerang-cultural-…[View]
126978465buy mooncoin now and be mega rich to fuck with communsts buy naow derps, the moon is closing in for …[View]
126978457Anyone here have weird degenerate fetishes? Mine is urine...[View]
126978451How to fire a man with a thousand eyes: How do you fire a man with a thousand eyes? When he isn…[View]
126978429Why is this not a thing?: Seems like as good of a time as any to continue to flip the narrative. If …[View]
126970111White privilege tax is coming: Are you excited to pay a white privilege tax, anon?[View]
126977824http://www.businessinsider.com/right-wing-militias-recruit-young-soldiers-on-4chan-2017-5 This shit.…[View]
126972266Unusual mix of political opinions thread: In no particular order, stream of conciousness: 1.Trickle …[View]
126977974Are dutch's the jews form Europa?[View]
126976118Good Goy edition: HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA[View]
126972751>try and 'get down' and 'get real' with your black students >get fired https://youtu.be/gezbLz…[View]
126973135American who regrets voting for Trump here. AMA![View]
126971188I hate conservatives. But I REALLY FUCKING HATE liberals. I've consistently found that dumb con…[View]
126973881/ptg/ President Trump General - HE COMETH EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
126977818Any other Thatcherites on here? Why is Thatcherism not discussed very often on /pol/? Should be /ou…[View]
126976476Is Ricky Gervais swallowing the red pill?: I suppose some of the most redpilled people on Islam are …[View]
126979590Is Eric 'I used to be into dope, now I'm into racism.' Clapton our guy?[View]
126974919Possible Seth Rich happening, family is requesting police release information to public: http://dail…[View]
126974991Republicans are fucked: >special election in Montana is way too close, looks like Ossoff will win…[View]
126962174>muslims blow up for the 100th times this year >omg don't be racist muslims are peaceful!…[View]
126975239>NEVER EVER won a war >lost to commies >a fucking lance corporal >killed millions of eur…[View]
126977395Press F to Pay Respects: ONCE MIGHTY N C E M I G H T Y[View]
126971607This is Jarosław Kaczyński, supreme leader of Poland. Say something nice to him.[View]
126971690Everlast is dropping redpills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5oH2Asi5Y0[View]
126935644/Pol/ BTFO! It was the western cultures fault all along[View]
126975377When does it begin?: I'm tired, /pol/. I'm tired of waiting. I no longer care about politi…[View]
126971281anon wake up drumpf if finally being impeached we did it babe ;)[View]
126966577Muslims are ba-[View]
126945392Guys, this is really troubling: Because this is the first time I've heard of it, and we've…[View]
126976406/pol/ meta thread: >Hotpockets are from plebbit edition Well boys, we seem to be dealing with an …[View]
126965740Americans will defend this[View]
126977201Praise Israel: It is our sworn duty as Americans to protect God's people. Say something nice ab…[View]
126976743atheists can't be ba-[View]
126974162>Black people aren't inte-[View]
126940355Bill Burr: Bill Burr is objectively the only redpilled, mainstream, successful stand-up comedian the…[View]
126977110The first ((Advertiser)) to drop from Hannity over Seth-Gate. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/cars-…[View]
126977095What's the point in going on these trips anyway? If foreign leaders want to kiss ass, then they…[View]
126975562Salman Abedi’s family arrested as police swoop on terrorist ‘network’ >THE father and two brother…[View]
126970401Why does every thread about Soros get removed immediately?[View]
126976718If the government wants to fight terrorism, why don't they just nuke Israel?[View]
126971155>be overprivileged white woman >'discover' tortilla recipe while vacationing in mexi…[View]
126976807https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I9nr520kSk4 Well /pol/ is he right did does people deserve to get kill…[View]
126976773We need Antifa to riot in Tennessee: Hear me out. We need to organize something in Tennessee so that…[View]
126975391Do you think this guy would have the balls to behave in the same way if it was a muslim man talking …[View]
126964112Has /pol/ made you stronger? We always hear /pol/ is a terrible place where the scum of the earth co…[View]
126965453How long do you think it will be before a bomb of peace goes off somewhere and /pol/ gets blamed for…[View]
126964385Who do peple hate Richard Spencer so much?[View]
126976537The Empire - Commies or Nazis: 'What good’s all your uncle’s work if the Empire takes it over? You k…[View]
126937221Is Texas about to get cucked?[View]
126963619stop committing sin[View]
126969538William LeGate: Why is this guy always the top response to Trump?[View]
126976203Sound familiar?: >Be Rome >Be a patriarchal traditional society >Carthage rules the western…[View]
126976421Looking forward to it, /pol/?[View]
126973130THIS IS WHY IM ASHAMED OF BEING AN AMERICAN: God, Donald Dump embarrassed my country YET AGAIN in fr…[View]
126975930Trans Muslim Thread[View]
126976387Atheists will defend this.[View]
126973243Is Trump going to be a good precedent?[View]
126976065Did Kushner get sloppy seconds?[View]
126962083RE: Seth rich: So, when will you guys stop bullying a family who is trying to grieve? >We’re Seth…[View]
126968705The attack on Manchester is the exact result of racism towards Muslims as well as intolerance of Isl…[View]
126968170You think the Iraq War was pointless? Go ahead, say that to this little boy.[View]
126975839Pic related is what they are giving our children in high school: Is this why Gen Y is so bluepilled,…[View]
126955644Stop using the terrorist attack for political purposes. I like /pol/ for laughs, but there are KIDS …[View]
126972085White genocide: I'm trying to redpill my brother about white genocide, can you post your best i…[View]
126975937Seth Rich: A theory based on facts, dates and logic. Tell me where I’m wrong.: The facts and dates: …[View]
126974451Are these countries colonies of India?[View]
126973902Greg Gianforte just body slammed me and broke my glasses: https://twitter.com/Bencjacobs/status/8675…[View]
126975789What convinced you that Panda = Seth Rich?: For me it was watching old ABC interviews of his family …[View]
126975780Time to do what we do best: Anons, I think it's time for us to turn up the heat on David Brock.…[View]
126975570Can we effectively kill the Russian hacker lies?[View]
126963083Should I join the military? Sure I'd by risking my life for the jew but I would be set for life…[View]
126975695Trump makes Rachel Maddow question her sexuality: He can turn her.[View]
126974398redpill me /pol/: tell me why the holocaust never happened[View]
126969801CorrectRecord leaked names + addresses + bank transactions of all of your paid social media shills: …[View]
126959190How will /pol/ recover?[View]
126962289This motherfucker went to my primary school and secondary. Ask me stuff and I'll see how much I…[View]
126974111What makes you happy /pol/?[View]
126969613WTF i hate trump now?[View]
126970754How did your political veiws affect your relationship with your parents /pol/? I just tried to redpi…[View]
126975178Order, Truth, Chaos?: >what did he mean by this? >True Meme?…[View]
126975177LOLie Popz: Such obvious shilling on here these days. 'Ya know I reckon I done loved this Trump fel…[View]
126954358Ramadan starts in 2 days, how are you guys going to rustle some muslim jimmies? Let's trigger s…[View]
126948998Why does this trigger Irish and American posters so much?[View]
126974826Have you taken the ted pill yet?[View]
126955114preservation of history: The SJWs want to erase history. The Richmond Times-Dispatch is running a po…[View]
126951849Pewdiepew is on the swedish government hate list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5diJPL9HTg[View]
126973983Do you agree?: I do not. http://archive.is/w0vY6[View]
126971911CTR advisor, President of Media Matters Angelo Caruso: This dude is a current shill for CTR, probabl…[View]
126974676Has any president talked about how red pilled he got after becoming one? ie, what secrets do they le…[View]
126974824Ben Jacobs: What kind of election eve you want famalam? Gianforte: Just fuck my election up[View]
126973864Say bad things about Sweden: I want to feel bad right now[View]
126974735Americans aren't human: >refusing to vaccinate kids >chopping their baby sons dicks >h…[View]
126971389MW1 veterans thread. Have you returned to the fray for MW2 now that the left is desperate? What was …[View]
126969712AG Sessions did not disclose Russia meetings in security clearance form, DOJ says: http://www.cnn.co…[View]
126968081Fighting Back: So, suppose that one day, a sect of civilians did decide to rise up in the US or even…[View]
126973789>Worldwide recession hits in 08 >Every Western country lowers their interest rates to stimulat…[View]
126973855It's all over boys[View]
126971275Encyclopedia Dramatica In Danger After $750K Lawsuit Brought by Copyright Cretin http://theralphreto…[View]
126972060Jennifer Palmieri Twitter Archive: Here is a link to Jenifer Palmieri Twitter archive for anyone wor…[View]
126953711Oswald Mosley thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNPzlFivd3M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P…[View]
126971180Is there Estrogen in the food and water?: And if so, how do you avoid it?[View]
126974482Pizzagate was FAKE NEWS: Drumpfkins are non-stop getting blown out!!!! Now that that's out of t…[View]
126974443/pol/ what are they talking about here?: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/poll-sh…[View]
126961130What do you see?[View]
126960664We are living in a behavioral sink?: In 1947, John B. Calhoun’s neighbour agreed to let him build a …[View]
126973917Why are blacks allowed to advocate for an ethno-state for themselves but not whites ? Why do no blac…[View]
126974261Opinion of Cynthia G? 'How Black People Are Allowing White Supremacy to Thrive' https://www.youtube.…[View]
126973575>watching lazy poor people get mad that Trump's budget cuts their welfare…[View]
126967674/ptg/ President Trump General - A LEGENDARY LOVING COUPLE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
126974068How come pop culture glamorizes criminality so much? In the future fascist /pol/ utopia, will this b…[View]
126974050HURRY! Richmond needs your help in order to keeps its confederate monuments and its history. Plebbit…[View]
126953676Plebbit getting wet at the idea of Killing White Christians: Link https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/co…[View]
126973971The left has failed: Let's face it, once the money runs out and/or Soros and Brock are arrested…[View]
126969309The news doesn't lie to us. That would be unethical and deceptive, so just trust what they tell…[View]
126973863What happened to the American Dream, /pol/? Two young woman saved their money, learned how to prepar…[View]
126970586Breaking: Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides: Tick tock, Drumpfkins. https…[View]
126968382Well, mass immigration has now directly affected my life. I was up for a promotion at work, definite…[View]
126970688Political apathy: Any other britbongs fed up of the current political climate in the UK? I mean yeah…[View]
126906869Schumer is a pimp. I didn't know until this day it was Comey all along: Don Trump had Comey wha…[View]
126973166How many muslims do you think want to live rational non violent lives?: Honestly asking. I don'…[View]
126969265jews: Hello /pol/. Is it possible that the presence of Jews in positions of power/influence/success …[View]
126957429GATE MKUltra Project: >quick rundown GATE = Gifted and Talented Education, it's a part of th…[View]
126970442What is the most whitest area of South Africa: Any south African anons can tell me what's the m…[View]
126973354Thanks to /pol/, I now feel bad for the NAZIs in Indiana Jones.: He literally breaks into someone…[View]
126965926GTF IN HERE: BOYCOTT CARS.COM: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Cars.com pulled advertisements from Sean Hannity…[View]
126973666>'The Norwegian people have very little experience dealing with minorities' So we have a BIG 'job…[View]
126966617OPERATION: SEED: You fucking anime loving faggots have a shit ton of homework this summer. Whatever …[View]
126971790When will we unite?: To my russian and britbong brothers, when will we unite against mudslimes?…[View]
126973555A Sad Reality: Hey /pol/ I know a lot of us are really feeling the whole crippling burden of existen…[View]
126973586CLIMATE CHANGE: Liberal hoax?: I want to know /pol/'s opinion on climate change. http://www.st…[View]
126967969Is varg autistically retarded?[View]
126973482Trump - Saudis?: Hello /pol/tards & Pedes, what are your thoughts on Trump's recent visit t…[View]
126972474Advertisers Begin to Pull Ads From Fox News' 'Hannity' >Cars.com and Peloton have …[View]
126970890>Sessions did not disclose Russian meetings on security clearance application Uh oh! http://thehi…[View]
126973213So moderate Islam is a myth. Can we make an operation to smoke out all these Islamic circles in Lond…[View]
126967603Friendly reminder that Conservashits vote against their own economic interests[View]
126973196The Catholic church (note: CATHOLIC - not Christian) has, throughout history, has proven itself to b…[View]
126972375What are your favorite chill redpilled songs?[View]
126973134White Power: Remember that one time we made the ok hand () a sign for white power? We should do it a…[View]
126973118The Sex/Gender Distinction: >Sex refers to biological constructions such as reproductive organs a…[View]
126971783What are the most unimportant countries that, if we colonize mars, we can move them there so they do…[View]
126972108Let's be real, Trump gave away classified information to the Evil Russians.[View]
126972919I just remembered the native Americans. What happens to them when we turn the USA and Canada into 10…[View]
126972442What conspiracies do libtards totally buy?: There have to be some, other than muh Russians.[View]
126970580>tfw no /pol/ bf[View]
126972693PANDA WATCH: Any links between the Vanity Fair article and DNC emails!?[View]
126971885This 'conspiracy' is getting beyond pathetic now[View]
126971494Tony Bellew, leader of the resistance: Old thread >>126956848[View]
126944559Best state?: What is the best state in the United States?[View]
126967782STUDY: Women Have More College Debt Than Men And Take Longer To Pay It Off: >STUDY: Women Have Mo…[View]
126972478Nordcuck hate thread: Post your best memes[View]
126968290BREAKING: New Explosives Have Been Found During a Police Raid in Manchester: https://twitter.com/Int…[View]
126968215Can anyone identify this: It was supposed to be a detonator used in Manchaster. Thin wires, cheep PC…[View]
126968394Why I am no longer a white nationalist: After much contemplation, I deduced that white nationalism i…[View]
126972212Fuck Comcast.: Comcast: signing your name to their bullshit agenda? Link to check if they used your …[View]
126957796MONARCHISM THREAD: Restore the monarchies, America needs a king. This is your friendly reminder that…[View]
126966871Anyone of gypsy descent here?: Any /pol/ poster on here a gypsy? How does it feel to know your relat…[View]
126968676Britcuck faggots pretend to feel secure: Inbreed shitskin army has defeated the once mighty snagglet…[View]
126972022Time Capsule 3: Black Immigrants Hit French Woman For Not Giving Number: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
126966368New FarCry game features the Alt Right: What are they trying to say?[View]
126933058How triggered is /pol/ about the new Far Cry?[View]
126970994Help Trump in this tv poll: This is a national roundtable on local fox Networks Wjla.com/vote now…[View]
126971400>be Sean Hannity >feeling a sudden rush of integrity, teases covering Seth Rich story >inst…[View]
126967943Mencius Moldbug Is he /ourguy/?[View]
126966207lol, wut?[View]
126968966Homophobic sexuality ?: I am gay so... why am I sexually aroused with homophobic stuff ?[View]
126939846Why do so many young white males like rap/hip-hop music and culture? Exhibit A https://www.youtube.…[View]
126966296Women in politics: Should women be allowed to vote?[View]
12696693744 first ladies never looked this good.[View]
126968559Destroy this bitch https://twitter.com/coleylogan[View]
126971545Melania Trump hottest first lady ever by large margin! jaky o BTFO x1000: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
126971535Jeff Sessions lied about meeting with Kislyak multiple times. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/24/politics…[View]
126966099Is college a scam?: What did you guys major in? Is college just a Jewish scheme?[View]
126970399>the united states is a white country >the united states has the best mililtary in the world B…[View]
126965812What the fuck is Trump's problem? All he wanted was to meet the pope.[View]
126970280Strategy of Tension - Operation Alienation: Hi /pol/, Yesterday, I made a posting concerning the St…[View]
126964543People that will never get shut down by JewTube: Good Goy Alex Jones (((Stefan Molyjew))) (((Mike Th…[View]
126971223How can we get white people to help each other?: Everyday the (((media))) divides whites into teams …[View]
126966495WAR ON CALIFORNIA!: I declare war on California and all the gun grabbers in it! Who's with me? …[View]
126968454So /pol/ are you doing your part? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rx8_vjbXX4…[View]
126947839BITCOIN $2400! HAPPENING: WTF is this gonna be a bubble??[View]
126970756/polgbt/ General: >This type of thread doesn't likely exist Well not anymore! Today's t…[View]
126971057Marawi ISIS Philippines Happening: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Marawi http://www.indepen…[View]
126970177Reddit cuck who fantasises about killing whites is a diaper fetishist: https://www.reddit.com/r/gami…[View]
126939483HAPPENING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens DC cop and attempts to obstruct justice: GET IN HERE h…[View]
126970968TRUMP IS A PEDO RAPIST: Lock up this sick motherfucker /pol/[View]
126935648Over 60 Million people died in WW2 For what purpose?[View]
126972278are you strong enough to rape a woman /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D8r-wH0dkk[View]
126958865White patriarchy restoration act of 2017: 1. Jews are to removed from all positions within the news …[View]
126968857Is Philip Defranco a Hilary Shill?: Is this fence sitting ugly cunt a shill for the Hilary power rag…[View]
126970846>he's ignoring us, that violates the first amendment, so much for the tolerant left Cry all …[View]
126969183Take THAT, white people![View]
126970630I've been monitoring this board for approximately one hour. Every thread is created by a paid p…[View]
126961775>Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do …[View]
126970743/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
126969622Check out this based black man: We're all one race, the human race[View]
126965802Do whites deserve the Genocide?: Asians are the Master Race. They have Higher IQs and they don'…[View]
126939995Syria General /sg/ - All these gains Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
126966004why did normies hate The Wall? do they not realize a border already exists? The Wall is not changing…[View]
126953276Live by Stone's Rules motherfuckers 'Unless you can fake sincerity, you'll get nowhere in …[View]
126970427Proton Mail: Just a friendly reminder.[View]
126950293I tried to save him: >Go back in time to 1936, Germany >Decide to help Hitler win the war with…[View]
126969004Why does every single discussion everywhere, even unrelated subjects, turn into a discussion about h…[View]
126963034Why does /pol/ hate women?[View]
126957775Should Richmond remove its Confederate monuments?: So, tumblr wants help for the Yes to win, maybe s…[View]
126970222Will this bring happenings? or should i not get my hopes up. his last event was pretty big and this …[View]
126968747What makes Britain so magical?[View]
126969580lat/pol/: Because why not?[View]
126969949Who is /ournigger/?: Who is /ournigger/?[View]
126969906>Trump goes all loud saying that he will stop NK >sends his military assets to the peninsula …[View]
126948745Pizzagate: Is #pizzagate real after all, /pol/?[View]
126970057Between Obama and Hillary, why can't they just stop trying to constantly delegitimize Trumps pr…[View]
126970045Is this true?[View]
126962472Brit/pol/ Single Market edition: >Bomber pictured on CCTV in Manchester's Arndale centre jus…[View]
126964583Are the pagan gods real?: I am german, born protestant. I know most of /pol/ is christian, and that …[View]
126969916Degeneracy: What is the most degenerate genre of music and why is it reggaeton? https://www.youtube.…[View]
126965758Feminism VS. Islam: Ok so, how do we pit these two factions against each other? I think that the ima…[View]
126967856Press F[View]
126969778Oh Shit: Greg Gianforte just body slammed Ben Jacobs: For those out of the loop, Ben Jacobs is the u…[View]
126967461#notallmuslims #religionofpeace #justbecausethevastmajorityofterrorattacksinrecenthistoryhavebeenper…[View]
126969600https://twitter.com/jinsaotome >brown-skinned brony with no job pretends to be a Trump-supporting…[View]
126969353Peacefully discuss.[View]
126969482Gop youd Faceist Drumpftards LOL XDDDD: N0T- sOciaLISM Isn'T sctalism Bcause tHe mens 0f pRoducktion…[View]
126969449White people are the modern day Neanderthals that will be hybridized into the new humanity - Homo Ha…[View]
126969235How can we prevent the corrupt media from brainwashing the ignorant masses from believing that white…[View]
126959279It's starting! CARS.COM pulls advertising from Hannity: >“The fact that we advertise on a pa…[View]
126968501Whistleblower: Obama allowed MS-13 Gang Members Among Illegal Aliens: http://www.washingtontimes.com…[View]
126948992Reminder that Seth Rich story is basically the new Pizza Gate where conservatives being the retarded…[View]
126968271Why is Dearborn, Michigan so much nicer than Muslim ghettoes in Europe?[View]
126968965https://www.mediamatters.org/ trying to destroy the internets[View]
126968954Students in Israel are to form government-funded 'covert units' to defend the country on Facebook an…[View]
126967304Anyone else see the Isis video where Las Vegas is their next target? What the fuck do they have to d…[View]
126962724I travel a lot for work. What are some good podcasts? All I have right now is TRS shit.[View]
126966208Is this true Slavs? I've never met a Russian Muslim, just Christian ones[View]
126964351Salman Abedi Thread: This thread's purpose to figure out who Salman Abedi was and find out who …[View]
126968779GoT: The story FOR white people: -WHAT IF- The story of game of thrones is a subliminal message to w…[View]
126968642Islamophobic Nazis BTFO[View]
126961218why the hypocrisy?[View]
126968564vote accordingly: save our southern heritage. even if you're not southern, you should still vot…[View]
126953153Ancient Egyptians Race: Were ancient egyptians actually black or not? Saw some americanized blacks c…[View]
126968504Which religion is the best and why it is judaism?[View]
126926651Philippines General /pg/: Current situation: OLD: >IS fighters took control of a part of Marawi c…[View]
126966779Why is the United States xenophobic?[View]
126968150Nazis watch out: Dare I say it? /pol/ BTFO! The leftists are coming for you. They can't wait to…[View]
126965470Well isn't this just Kafka-esque?: Looks like the left is trying 'babby's first multidimen…[View]
126948665Are Bongs waking up pol?[View]
126968337Why the fuck do these raids on terrorist hideouts only happen AFTER a terrorist attack has occurred?…[View]
126968331Seth Rich AKA Panda. Here's his family interviewed with a stuffed PANDA[View]
126968326Neo Nazi Emily Youcis got into a fight at a local Walmart with her boyfriend/meth dealer Andre Angli…[View]
126961074why are all the most popular porns these days either cuck porn or incest porn?[View]
126958881Do you think Trump understands quantum computing?[View]
126954195Ezra Pound: Why is he not discussed on /pol/? One of the greatest poets of modern times and massivel…[View]
126964714>stop worshiping lame semitic gods[View]
126967656Democracy is the source of all degeneracy, when will people realize that an autocratic society is th…[View]
126966868which motherfucker did this? Rashid Musa is facebook celebrity, and is very pro-Islam and anti-anyth…[View]
126968145Manchester? I was out of battery fuckface[View]
126966917Nordic Resistance Movement has recently been given permission by the police in Fredrikstad, Norway, …[View]
126961859Why did they laugh when Hitler made this joke? What's so funny about this joke? https://www.you…[View]
126967714Christian cucks: Are there bigger cucks than people who believe the virgin Mary gave birth as a virg…[View]
126965963What did Donald Trump mean by this?: Pic related[View]
126967908From Beggars to Heroes, Rescued Children After Blast: Emergency first responders were not the only o…[View]
126967961The Drug Whisperers coming to a town near you: Tracy “T.T.” Carroll Cobb County, Georgia's most…[View]
126966908NO FAKE KEBAK REMOVER IN HAMBURG was it /pol/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfJTIrJBpDM[View]
126967865Hypocrite much?: Why are these statues okay? >Dictators of a stupid ideology that killed million…[View]
126967076Action thread: I'm fucking tired of seeing the same pattern repeat itself eternally: get bombed…[View]
126946465http://time.com/4791113/trump-budget-math-mistake/ >Fucks up simple mathematics and has budget er…[View]
126962435Kind of sad that pol fell for the dotcom meme, he's a fat lefty who tried to roll out centrist …[View]
126967221How will the West compete with China at all when it starts genetically engineering its populace en m…[View]
126962364retard feminist liberal: This Mexican fucktard feminist spammed lies of cultural appropriation and o…[View]
126961921/ptg/ President Trump General - FLIPPIN' THE BIRD EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
126967149Is Bill Maher the only real 'true to the doctrine' Democrat still in the public eye? The Neo-Dems ha…[View]
126967497what are good books on political economics? i was thinking wealth of nations and das kapital to star…[View]
126967436Alright, /pol/. We want to know how the Orlando Night Club shooting changed your life as a LGBTQ+ Am…[View]
126967428What have we come to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EML9VkKteXY[View]
126967425The state of this country: Hello mr terrorism expert, please explain to the British public how we sh…[View]
126967245ISIS is a bunch of losers: Why not remind them.[View]
126963866liberals in america should be charged with manslaughter this is the shit they allow. these are the p…[View]
126965887what do /pol/ think about venezuela situation[View]
126967145Hollywood only cares about Hollywood: Kim K >has made a career by whoring herself out and sucking…[View]
126967231This 'she looks like a dude' woman has had Richard Spencer kicked out of a gym because... ... ...bec…[View]
126967212the are criminals not cause they are niggers or from the ghetto its cause they are dumb checkmate r…[View]
126966944Can the far cry marketers fucking leave? We get it your game is controversial. Go shill it on /v/ or…[View]
126966701manchester attack: Just after the reactions ive seen on facebook im feeling very confused after the …[View]
126967073Redpilled Movies (recent): Has there been any more redpilled movie of late then the new alien film. …[View]
126967063Kim Dotcom - Sean Hannity Happening Pt 27: The Latest >5/24: HANNITY UNDER SIEGE; ASKS AUDIENCE F…[View]
126967036Help me Find this man: Okay my own personal army. I really need help finding this man, his a violent…[View]
126966213Why does Peterson misrepresent Nietzsche?[View]
126963982Why is Obongo's mother's head shaped like that of a Gray Alien's?[View]
126966009When did Reddit really go to shit?: Preface is that I don't browse Reddit because of the amount…[View]
126966538who did this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Kohn[View]
126966870Brazilian President don't want memes with his photos: Well... you guys know what to do.[View]
126966834/pol/ BTFO[View]
126966670Far Cry 5 and religion: Who is exited for Far Cry 5 but thinks Ubisoft might use it as a platform ag…[View]
126966122Why is the middle class shrinking? What can we do about it?[View]
126961717What city is this? Chicago? Why are those ISIS troopers so big? Is ISIS developing some growth potio…[View]
126966739Controversy: Trump’s Submarine Conversation With Duterte: The criticism on how President Donald Trum…[View]
126966724Will Machine Learning and massive datasets make democracy obsolete? Will intelligent machines and pe…[View]
126960108Why are you not feminists, /pol/?: All the cute girl superstars are feminists. Why are you not like …[View]
126966514Conspiracy time: Hypothetically, what if the insurgency going on in the Philippines is actually bein…[View]
126966485Flashback: CrowdStrike CEO: No Way to Definitively Prove Russia's Involvement in DNC Hack: The …[View]
126964715Let's be real. The pope wants to fuck Melania.[View]
126959786What would it take for the mainstream left to finally get sick of Islamism?[View]
126966462Straw/pol/. /pol/s opinion on sex before marriage and masturbation.: Is it immoral to have sex befor…[View]
126962836I'm really late /pol/. What's her name again?[View]
126949574Do not watch Alien Covenant: Holy fuck I've never seen worse propaganda movie in my whole life.…[View]
126963134Time Capsule 3: Black Immigrants Hit French Woman For Not Giving Number: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
126962481#NotAllMuslims: Only a Drumpftard would blame an entire religion for what happened in Manchester. St…[View]
126965235What values should a true redpilled person aim to uphold: Whether this be religious or not I'm …[View]
126965943How do I escape the crippling depression guys?[View]
126932804/Awan Brothers General/ ITT: we legitimately destroy the DNC & 'RussiaHackedTheElection™!': Put …[View]
126940540>head covering in Saudi Arabia 'MUH OPPRESSION!!!!' >head covering in Vatican 'what respecful …[View]
126965817Been on a multi year drought. Spent years abusing my body and mind, and am now on the upswing. I nee…[View]
126966143wat do?[View]
126965916Nigga Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga I'm 100% nigga[View]
126946583Why do muslims become suicide bombers? What is their psychological profile, and what motivates them?…[View]
126966104Drones Used to Sneak Weapons into Prisons?: Can drones be used to get weapons into prisons? http://c…[View]
126964493What the fuck did Theresa May mean by this?[View]
126951769Is visiting and posting on 4chan degenerate?[View]
126949697IMMINENT HAPPENINGS: Fighter jets have been flying over my house today. There's an air force ba…[View]
126965695Bonnie Levin killed Seth Rich: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/52098 Another connection…[View]
126965792as Ron Paul once said, 'I tried to warn you'[View]
126965522Be honest, did Trump suck his dick?[View]
126963105White-Owned Appropriative Restaurants in Portland: Someone made a list of 'appropriative' restaurant…[View]
126965728No white sharia: We have the man as the head of the family already stated in the Bible, let's b…[View]
126963274Why you think albino subhumans like this are attractive? Wouldn't you rather have a tanned peti…[View]
126956191>TFW the white race is dying[View]
126953029>2017 >Not having a monarch When will you take the crownpill pol? When will you realise that t…[View]
126957559Spain is under attack: https://youtu.be/eWt4uISr6Ek Managed to record this before jumping into my ca…[View]
126965625Hi everyone, I'm a liberal but unfortunately I'll have to side with the conservatives on e…[View]
126961814today in the train >sit in train going to uni >trashtalk with friends about shit test we have …[View]
126951548COMCAST BEGINS DOXXING CUSTOMERS THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://www.comcastroturf.com/ 500,000 COMCAST …[View]
126965566GET IN HERE /POL/LACKS!! ITS RICK WILES TIME!: Rick Wiles: Dark State, We're Coming For Your Mi…[View]
126965349Sweden: >Sweden[View]
126952250TEAM TRUMP CRACKS DOWN ON WEED: >White House press secretary Sean Spicer said this year that he e…[View]
126963890Buzzfeed Appropriating our Culture: >appropriating our culture >insulting Christianity We can…[View]
126962431Islam converts peaceful autist into violent terrorist: > Four Neo-Nazis hanging out peacefully to…[View]
126965432Ivanka and Jared arrive at the Pantheon but are BOOED: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-45385…[View]
126965433Cometh The hour, Cometh The Man: https://youtu.be/Rket4xvu_ac Can you hear that? That is the sound o…[View]
126964025Homophobic sexuality ?: I am gay so... why am I sexually aroused with homophobic stuff ?[View]
126965372>British taxpayers pay for housing and food for the terrorist and his radicalized family >Brit…[View]
126959635/pol/ How does Germany manage to recover again and again after losing two world wars? >Conquers E…[View]
126964850>5/24/16 Well did the judiciary committee get any Comey memos or what?[View]
126965294Temer uses fucking army: HAPPENING ON BRAZIL ARMY SUMMONED Get in here hue faggots[View]
126950583Things leftists say: >studies have shown[View]
126962560We need fascism[View]
126962279Scotland not so cucked: You guys seem so intent on pushing Scotland as a cucked shithole . Last time…[View]
126964730Why Black Conservatives Are Hated By Liberals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=345zdA24QAo…[View]
126965161Polska: You goyim aren't going to fag out and let them give you terrorist rapefugees are you? M…[View]
126964457Is it degenerate to find female wrestling hot?[View]
126964610>open kikebook >see advertisement >pic related Translation: >an orgasm makes the woman h…[View]
126964694FBI memo deadline: Jason Chaffetz axed for the FBI memos that were leaked to be given to congress. T…[View]
126964635This is the most redpilled video of Duterte that I have ever seen. I want everyone to watch the full…[View]
126955265>scientists find fossil in europe >fossil is from human ancestor >older than African fossil…[View]
126950407New English civil war? What would the factions be: Hypothetically a civil war happens in england aga…[View]
126918039Brad Bauman is an intelligence operative for the Democrats!: Brad Bauman is a fucking intel operativ…[View]
126939874/pol/ likes to hate mooslims but how do you explain this? Irrevocably BTFO[View]
126959797Why is everyone here so ignorant on Islam?: We've had Muslims living in America and Europe for …[View]
126960358Gentrification of Lisbon: Paris and London might have been lost to sandniggers and normal niggers, b…[View]
126959382IS HE /OURGUY/ ?? DUTERTE KICKED THE ROTHSCHILDS OUT OF HIS COUNTRY!!: Duterte kicks out the Rothsch…[View]
126956615Story time pol. My lady went to London, france, and is currently in Amsterdam. She got harassed in …[View]
126964646#Pizzagate Oh how the power corrupts: >When it came to guessing what first lady Melania Trump ser…[View]
126964640Brit cucks explain yourselves: Why are there so much sjw in UK? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art…[View]
126964377How can we win?: >Gays 4 Islam >Blacks 4 Islam >Communists 4 Islam >MSM 4 Islam >Chri…[View]
126964593Why do liberals always say this.: Ive seen this shit posted so many times by the same tards. Why? Yo…[View]
126964579In lurking here Ive heard references to quite a few things I think would be interesting to read up o…[View]
126964553>When I get high all i see is balls https://youtu.be/F5oH2Asi5Y0 Is Jeff Sessions gonna go after …[View]
126964487Now i can clean my anus with drumpf http://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2017/05/24/conoce-el-papel-higienico-t…[View]
126962599brit/pol/ - Poor Muslims Edition: >Bomber pictured on CCTV in Manchester's Arndale centre ju…[View]
126962360D E S I G N A T E D[View]
126952306Whats the 'fuck it' equivalent of political ideologies?[View]
126964433Pls help: Aight /pol/, here's the situation >be me >debating with qt3.14 >low key tryi…[View]
126944653Turns out you goys were right http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-mankin…[View]
126964382Since ISIS is so tech-connected, do you think they have an image board? More importantly, do you thi…[View]
126943091USS Liberty 1967: Can somebody redpill me on the USS Liberty incident? Friendly fire incidents happe…[View]
126945814Fucking Kek. Are you ready to blow up Christian churches as a fag Jihadi Goy?: >in Far Cry 5, the…[View]
126964269How brock became director of Bauman foundation: Soros gave lot of money to Brock and he becomed dire…[View]
126964352It's time to wake up.[View]
126950347Scumbag leftist tries to throw a bomb on the police and it exploded on his hand https://www.youtube.…[View]
126957404Ecocucking of Denmark: http://www.nationaleconomicseditorial.com/2017/05/23/immigration-costs-denmar…[View]
126964017I hate black people. Why do people keep saying that I'm racist? Racist means believing that one…[View]
126964183You may only post ITT if your state has this meme.[View]
126950684What's the point, lads?...[View]
126963988Why didn't Turkey let Fethullah Gulen modernize Islam and become the next caliph?[View]
126963913This is just a friendly reminder to all the bongbros on /pol/ to vote Conservative this general elec…[View]
126963557Croats are the true kebab removers: I see this 'based Serbia remove kebab' meme posted her…[View]
126963767*blocks your career*[View]
126963819When did you realize that Blumpfkins got played?[View]
126963339Who are the most deluded/cucked people on earth? And why are they the Catalans? A quick rundown for …[View]
126963545Is this real? I literally can't tell, is ANTIFA even really a thing anymore? Is it just a meme?[View]
126937827/Latam/ Latin America General: Hey guys, saw that some German and American fags wanted to ask some m…[View]
126963524breaking news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osAlt89Mu_I[View]
126962486Brit/pol/ - only making the thread because everyone else is a lazy cunt edition: >Bomber pictured…[View]
126953686Do you guys ever think about the state of Hollywood (and music) and worry about the USAs influence i…[View]
126962779Why don't you take the Globalism Pill and help humanity reach enlightenment and transcendence i…[View]
126963639Wasserman Schultz In Panic Mode Imran Awan: >Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief o…[View]
126963504Can someone tell me about him? All I have is this picture. Thanks[View]
126943139Is this really how they teach math in USA? No wonder they are all so stupid ...[View]
126961897>muh Ivanka charity >muh extra investigation resources request A reminder that literally eve…[View]
126962728Independent just dropped a red pill: Fucking hell lads. Pull me out the simulation already.[View]
126963200Hey, pol. Is eminem our guy? I mean just listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s He'…[View]
126963157shitposts hot off the press: feel free to steal, fuck the left[View]
12696318412 year old attacks 80, GUESS THE RACE!! LOL: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/12-year-old-busted…[View]
126963136>>Feeling extra annoyed today. Hearing people try and pull the not all Muslims bs. Ok well ev…[View]
126962587Good. I love how stupid /pol/ack morons ACTUALLY think Christianity stands a CHANCE of surviving. It…[View]
126961803NATSOC MEGATHREAD: Post your best NatSoc memes/allegiance pledgers. Herr Sangmayer requests it.…[View]
126950398WAR ON CALIFORNIA!: I declare war on California and all the gun grabbers in it! Who's with me? …[View]
126960558#MAGA: When hating niggers, spics, gooks, and any immigrants whos skin isnt fair is more important t…[View]
126961236Looking for a RP Gif: Can't remember where I saw it but it was a Webm or a gif of anime - where…[View]
126958053Have you got no shame #45? It's time to consider impeachment.[View]
126962962I was at the market with my 3 month old white daughter and this guy with his little toddler niglet w…[View]
126962923Anyone know of the book I'm thinking of? I believe it was about the 'bad' sides historically, l…[View]
126954763Was he right?[View]
126961730Fuck it, let's call it the MURDER BUDGET: I'm so sick of listening to Democrats lying abou…[View]
126955676700 year old redpill uncovered: 'By its nature, royal authority demands peace. When people grow used…[View]
126961479Make Rompers Racist: This shit personally looks like shit to me so let's ruin it for everyone e…[View]
126962744educate me: why and how would a wall between the U.S. Mexican border work well?[View]
126953672So simple, yet so profound.[View]
126958603HYPOCRISY: Can somebody explain to me why you guys hate Muslims yet also hate Israel and 'the Jews'?…[View]
126960623what did he mean by this[View]
126961279Hey guys, Kang here. Posting 'woke' black music. Joey Badass - Land of the Free https://youtu.be/Te…[View]
126962427I am 99.9% convinced that /r/politics helps Trump with his plans. Just look at them trying to downpl…[View]
126962361ITT We act like sheeple: Left Sheep: STUPID CONSERVISHITS!!! BLACKS LIVES MATTER!!! #I'M WITH H…[View]
126896483Millenial Males BTFO: http://www.businessinsider.com/millennial-women-beating-their-male-peers-in-jo…[View]
126962284If Trump needed billions of dollars then why doesn't he just cut foreign aid to Israel? Foreign…[View]
126961444'We've got the best submarines': Tell me how this is 4D chess.[View]
126962067Are spics welcomed to become pagans and embrace Scandinavian culture??[View]
126961892How redpilled are you?: 9/11 wasn't an inside job. However, the government knew from several so…[View]
126961000holy shit /pol/ ben aknowledged us[View]
126961183kidnapping after Manchester attack: Need your help /pol/. I saw a screenshot on here before with som…[View]
126962072Far Cry 5 = anti-American[View]
126956976/ptg/ President Trump General - PAY UP YOUR 2% EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
126931489W-whoa...really makes you think...[View]
126961910daly remindr that extreme capitalism would make u 100x richer: yep 100x the money u got now capitali…[View]
126958495Female Infantrypersons: So what do you think about the US Army's newest infantrypersons They ju…[View]
126956311But her emails!!!: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nancyyoussef/the-pentagon-is-facepalming-hard-over-trump…[View]
126934011Pizzagate: Disturbing youtube channel of Caliofrnia Democratic party politican Dave Jones: Continuin…[View]
126961836what was the tweet KIM dot COM was to release at 5pm for that Seth Rich guy?[View]
126957899I simply can't understand Putin's reputation: It is as if people all over the world in abs…[View]
126958708>hi son, where you going? >o-outside a bit f-for a walk >well that's cool, keep it up!…[View]
126961683Redpill me on conservative literature writers, /pol/. How can we gain the artistic upper ground agai…[View]
126951729Polish tells EU to go fuck itself: Sanctions would be preferable to migrants, declares Polish govern…[View]
126961628Alex Jones RedPill: Red pill me on Alex Jones. Just watched some his old videos and noticed that he …[View]
126950227Kim Dotcom - Sean Hannity Happening Pt 26: The Latest >SEAN HANNITY SHOW RADIO PROGRAM Live begin…[View]
126956202Black people can't be successf-[View]
126958643Local Newspaper/news from your area: Share your local news. Give the person above you an opinion of …[View]
126957271Brit/pol/ - Going Outside Used To Be Fun edition: >Bomber pictured on CCTV in Manchester's A…[View]
126957936>japanese organized crime is actually organized >italian organized crime is basically just mon…[View]
126961418Zucker(((Berg))): >open kikebook >see advertisement >pic related Translation: >an orgasm…[View]
126961415Daily Reminder that TRump is greatest president ever: after the worst ever barak obammma[View]
126960811Trey Gowdy - Former CIA Director Brennan: 'The Day People Left Office Classified Information Appeare…[View]
126961355help us start war in venezuela: Want to help change the world? Venezuela is living under a Dictator …[View]
126961343Men Going Their Own Way: All women are sexual predators. Like a spider, their goal is to entice you …[View]
126961298The last hurdle.: se*****@protonmail.com[View]
126961282is whites becoming a minority in the US one of the greatest jewish victories of all time?[View]
126954549CAn you spot it?: Islamic Trolling irl[View]
126953527Why does Trump use the vocabulary of a middle-schooler?: >‘It’s a great honour to be here with al…[View]
126961124Prussia: What do modern day Germans (and other people generally speaking) think of Prussia ?[View]
126957444Police warns about a new phenomenon in Finland: 11-12 year old girls hanging out with adult men. Pol…[View]
126950911No Brits in our army: Unbreakable Teutonic Germany.[View]
126950827I still can not fully understand and accept the fact that I live my one and only life. I can not ful…[View]
126960329Klan thread: What's your opinion of the klan? Are they a worthwhile organization, or is it a bu…[View]
126929566Early Muslim conquests: How come did the Muslims after first appearing as a religion manage to conqu…[View]
126959599If the Vikings were so good of a warriors, why did they got btfo by every Christian army, even when …[View]
126960947If you want a reconquista in Europe you better pray a full rosary everyday that this man becomes the…[View]
126960935Why are men better at being women?[View]
126960882ITT: Bluepilled memories: Post images, music, videos that get you nostalgic about your old normie da…[View]
126959625who else?[View]
126957924Why do women crave Jews so much?[View]
126960753rent mortgage scam, ban mortgages: make hosues items u buy or dont based on price fuck this installm…[View]
126960696Anarcho-Primitivism: Is Anarcho-Primitivism the white man's ideology? >The Jew fears a self-…[View]
126960365Would you do sex with him?[View]
126939232We’re Seth Rich’s parents. Stop politicizing our son’s murder.: Well /pol/? Why are you hurting them…[View]
126960600Fuck the cucks and the Mudslimes but living in a survillence state won't stop the terrorists.: …[View]
126935280Religion is bad. Guns are bad.[View]
126957133Ethan Klein gets too red pilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F59kW5ynIJM[View]
126955142rump revealed submarine locations to Philippines president: http://thehill.com/policy/defense/334969…[View]
126960560Post you best photos/portraits of Muhammad /pol/[View]
126950580Home Secretary Criticizes US for Releasing Suicide Bomber Info: Home Secretary Amber Rudd attacked t…[View]
126920399Are some people just evil?: Do some people exist that are simply evil?[View]
126958180Hey guys, where's the Seth Rich thread, I'm here to help[View]
126958762Be me, Straight white male.: >Be me, Straight white male. >Proud of my country and flag. >…[View]
126958822Why are conspiracy theorists some of the most fickle people ever?[View]
126960306is there still pride for KEKISTAN?[View]
126960298stop sinning[View]
126960139Post yfw you're out in public and you see someone who isn't white.[View]
126959446I still don't understand why you call it a Holo-Hoax: Frankly, if I had the chance to kill six …[View]
126959923Germanics must be killed without mercy. Period.[View]
126960056Operation Save Mathematics: Did anything ever happen with this? I've been trying to find some r…[View]
126956070What is NatSoc?: Hello everybody, wanted to make a thread for people to explainin NatSoc. If this go…[View]
126959371Refute this, goys![View]
126958794The Trump Administration released their budget. It cuts foreign aid by 32% next year. The budget Pre…[View]
126956900If any one continent should become the worlds melting pot, it should be Africa. North America, Europ…[View]
126959251>Let's ban Muslims, m'kay? >no >Well let's try again, Muslim ban m'kay?…[View]
126954855What did he mean by this?[View]
126951424>trump won the educated vo- Ummmm yeah, he didn't[View]
126959731benis: Kanye West or trump 4 President[View]
126945174Trump and Obama comparison: Notes in Israel's memorial for the Holocaust. Trump looks like an a…[View]
126957403SHILLS ARE POISIONING THE WELL: >some jews are okay lol >israel is good because jews will keep…[View]
126957684Fill in the blank![View]
126959157HAPPENING!! - Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer: https://www.…[View]
126957413Hillary Clinton slams Trump's budget: 'An unimaginable level of cruelty': >Hillary…[View]
126955795Look whos back back again[View]
126959268Why did or why does my threads get archived???[View]
126956904tfw you know CIA are trying to understand the way we think but they'll never understand[View]
126959211Reminder that you can't be muh authoritarian fascist and pro-civilian-gun-ownership at the same…[View]
126958072So how come most white terrorists and school-shooters seems to manage to kill so many more in their …[View]
126959136what percentage of the shills here belong to the news outlets that they post links too?: the shills …[View]
126955975Black kids utilise feces: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/3607395/this-dad-shared-the-hilarious-stor…[View]
126959017Let's hypothesize. Let's assume eugenics were held since 1960s, set by each country's…[View]
126958967People are so retarded that they will clap at anything.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRBNF2AMzx0…[View]
126954561do the chinese have the numeric sperm potential to permanently RICE the african continent: and forev…[View]
126958854Pol fans, where is the png of leaks dnc with strategies to discredit the POTUS online n shit ? Need…[View]
126957926Ignorant Leftist Thots: How do we deal with this problem? I just witnessed this shit on my Kikebook …[View]
126958811Handgate-Game: http://handgate-game.scim.de/ meme[View]
126952537What kind of Burger are you?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13035282 use pic related and your skin color a…[View]
126958720Friendly reminder that only 1 or 2 of the 22 victims were Children: How can you all be so retarded? …[View]
126949423HUEHUEHUEHUE: I am gonna miss this guy when he passes. Good ol Turd Furgeson.[View]
126958245Opinion on Europe being the birthplace of humankind?[View]
126958432POLES: What's up with this motherfucker from America spreading degeneracy and multiculturalism …[View]
126954229Why the fuck are we calling them 'refugees'?: It's not like a volcano went off in Syr…[View]
126907178Tragedy near the Libyan Coast, many dead and many missing.[View]
126940124Friendly reminder that Poland and Hungary will not accept a single, so-called, refugee. Our governme…[View]
126958299Trump reveals location of two U.S. nuclear subs in Korean Waters: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-…[View]
126954708Oh right, our next caller is Anon from /pol/, anything you wanna say?[View]
126953120>3...2....1 >Hitler knocks your door down >What have you done for your race today?…[View]
126957876ITT: The absolute worst excuse for a 'leader' that your country has ever had[View]
126949344What's his name again?[View]
126954171Can nudism solve humanities all problems?[View]
126956547WaPo: Dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe: Wew lads >In t…[View]
126957338Brownpill: Wash your bum daily[View]
126957580>It's not REAL capitalism! Hmm, really makes you think.[View]
126956287>literally every poster here faces legal prosecution in their home countries for 'hate speech' ju…[View]
126923556https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kju3tlmcIIg FINAL WORDS[View]
126957512why are arabs literally crybabies? https://english.alarabiya.net/en/media/digital/2017/05/24/UAE-For…[View]
126951755Brit/pol/ - Imogen Stubbs Edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxO2RCxs2Ok >5 o…[View]
126951768Which one of these are most responsible for the destruction of our civilization? >Jews >Nigger…[View]
126956167So what happened? Trump was at only a 43% of remaining President till 2020 or later after the media…[View]
126957372Does /pol/ support loyalists or republicans in Northern Ireland?[View]
126956559Why is no one studying transfer of wealth from men to women?: Women talk about the wage gap. What ab…[View]
126957284>fucking SJWs ruining video games with their demands for LGBTQKSVWDI strong female characters, go…[View]
126954076What is WRONG with German males?: >While holidaying in Berlin, Australian photographer, Clare, me…[View]
126957218The patriarchy is kill: It is time for men to have an equal say in their reproductive rights. As a m…[View]
126941529Keynesian VS Austrian: Which is the superior economic model? What is really needed to get America to…[View]
126952901>be bong >daughter raped by the muzz >let her go to concert with friends to cheer up Is Bon…[View]
126951233What could the race be?: For some reason the race of this individual is not mentioned, nor the video…[View]
126949996/ptg/ President Trump General - PUSH THAT 8 LYING EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
126956935Anyone else tired of seeing everything Trump does get total news coverage I'm so tired of it. i…[View]
126954747Does anyone else start writing a thread with your /war/ ideas then delete the entire thing because y…[View]
126939737Syria General /sg/ - Road to DeZ Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
126956841Why did america indirectly create isis?[View]
126956834Heads are going to roll when Trump returns to the mainland. Clinton and Co are done for. This is im…[View]
126956626Be Syrian q.t.3.14 press corps girl: >work on story of advancements against ISIS >risk life …[View]
126956502that doesn't look like a Russian: Is it/they trans?[View]
126934853Pornokek: http://documentary-movie.com/hot-girls-wanted/ >burgers is the land of opp... degenerac…[View]
126931307looking the other way: now be honest guys, during the 90's, when muslim suicide bombers explode…[View]
126956747Challenge to ID Manchester Women: So you guys can unmask Antifa thugs through the power of weaponize…[View]
126951665/pol/, please make the case that Islam is a religion of violence. >inb4 go home Abdul I would ju…[View]
126956661Should the US have mandatory military or civil services like South Korea and Israel?[View]
126935199New leak says up to 6.6m migrants waiting to cross to Europe from Africa: http://www.telegraph.co.uk…[View]
126956563>Beautiful >Malmö HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
126951913New Poll Shows Democrat with 7 Point Lead in Georgia Special Congressional Election: >http://www.…[View]
126935047EU will send troops to Poland and Hungary: Followed by waves of niggers to take their jobs and rape …[View]
126953890/Israel general/[View]
126891830JEWS EXPELLED 359 TIMES! *UPDATED & SOURCED!*: I've been compiling this list for over a yea…[View]
126955415IDENTIFY AS 'PROGRESSIVE & DEMOCRAT', NOW!: Identify, but espouse your true beliefs!! Don't…[View]
126956271Bullfighting: Hi /pol/, what's your opinion on bullfighting?[View]
126956201Am I a cuck or is this student loan plan actually ... pretty good? 1)Finally gets rid of all the dif…[View]
126955781I'm an extreme liberal on most issues except Islam and immigration- I believe white majority co…[View]
126956071donald trump: i do not agree with he i think he is a danger to our country and should be impeached…[View]
126939857Our nation is one of the very few European countries that have survived the global recession and the…[View]
126936291HAPPENING: Protesters set fire in Ministry of Agriculture in Brasília, Brazil: The usual gommies.…[View]
126948882SCS (Stupid Cunt Syndrome) General: Post stupid cunts and their posts How do you respond?[View]
126956034FUCK WHITE PEOPLE! I can't wait to play new video game Far Cry 5 from French studio Ubisoft whe…[View]
126953129/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
126955360This nia did the oming at Manhester[View]
126955705Okay, /pol/ where does this guy fit in your microcosm of unwavering hatred for black people?: >…[View]
126955652How long can this go on for?[View]
126952386Serious question: Why are people against 'degeneracy?' If someone likes to dress up like a dog or li…[View]
126954376>why should you be accepted into heaven?[View]
126951218up your aarrse: when the typical people talk about rallying around Manchester and its wondrous toget…[View]
126955346When will King Nigger be arrested?: It it obvious the nigger committed multiple felonies. When will …[View]
126955287https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWEr-nmhT9g Why can't you be more like this /pol/?[View]
126938782>/pol/ hates degeneracy >/pol/ loves drugs Well, /pol/, which is it? You can't have one w…[View]
126955109WORRY: Uh guys... Germany has a long history of trying to use the Jihadis. Are we all just cucks in …[View]
126954477Melania Trump, Pope Francis joke about Donald’s weight: DRUMPF ABSOLUTELY BTFO[View]
126954846land of the fr-[View]
126953980Were fucked. When will we learn that Islam cannot be dealt with by diplomats[View]
126927387Macedonia: Give me a quick rubdown on Macedonia What happens there? Why I never see Macedonian anons…[View]
126948526Fascism has never truly been tried.[View]
126954946Alright. To the ones left;: So let's say the CIA is conducting an 'auction' of sorts,…[View]
126954941Moshe: To all the israelis out there: I've been hearing a lot this moshe huy, so kikes, tell me…[