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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
310601203well /pol,: the cum has been shot. the nudes have been sent. the beef has been roasted, and the prof…[View]
310603618Lin Woods Transcript release whistleblower is JAMES CLAPPER: Check em n rek em https://populist.pres…[View]
310603565Slave Letter Writing Activity: Dearest mother, The white men with the long nose who bought me at auc…[View]
310603131Name a conceptually wholesome ideology that wasn't corrupted by human error.[View]
310603276It’s time to move on and heal. Biden won fair and square. There was no voter fraud save from Donald …[View]
310580300Why are there two Dakotas?: Can any Americans explain to me why these two sparsely populated territo…[View]
310594558>China lacks creativity Explain yourselves racists.[View]
310596488JOHN BOLTON 2024?: Would you vote for him /pol/? Let's face it, Bolton's going to make a r…[View]
310595754Non northeast asian/white anons: What exactly are we supposed to do?[View]
310592250Has America ever actually protected democracy?: Why does America intervene into everything and why t…[View]
310600765'elite' chiId sex rings: I was balls deep in the rabbit hole of the case of Marc Dutroux and Sachsen…[View]
310602948Will we ever see a monumental political conflict like the war between national socialism and bolshev…[View]
310597091Biggest memes of the last year: 1. Corona hoax 2. Q anon 3. Stimulus checks 4. Elections 5. Europe…[View]
310597205How is this still the plan?: There exists only one option left for the Qoomer: >to accelerate the…[View]
310602688Boys please we can figure it out: if u believe racism exists in America (none whites are oppressed o…[View]
310599036Question for muslims. What is the backstory behind this image and why does it make you all fight and…[View]
310595848seuss: And that art! Those books! Those beautiful songs! And to God and his glory is who it belongs!…[View]
310601345White german middle aged man raped a random 11 years school girl while wearing a wolfsmask https://…[View]
310595202Trying to ban new fast growing party in Portugal: Socialist bitch got salty, for years in the europe…[View]
310594442When did American degeneracy start getting REALLY bad?: I’d argue late 60’s. Woodstock was the perfe…[View]
310585118This bitch ass nigga Tim Dillon: Is it just my algorithm or is he being shilled? I've started s…[View]
310602174White Supremacy has no place in the Americas: You already had white ethno states in Europe. And whit…[View]
310590790HOLY FUCK BROS DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS: It’s been 30 years since a drunk resisted the lawful comma…[View]
310599487/POL/ SUMMONS A POLICE CHASE: ITT: We Summon a police chase because this board is entirely normie re…[View]
310601811TRE (Trauma release exercises) to alleviate mental illness: This shit saved my life. The problem nob…[View]
310560541Red Pill Thread: Post some red pills. >A Celebration of the Jewish People https://www.bitchute.co…[View]
310601578Doctor gets his ass kicked for 'warning against COVID': > You WILL wear the mask > You WILL pr…[View]
310600783>almost every alt-right personality is deplatformed or arrested Is it over bros?…[View]
310596396Why does anybody take these people seriously?: I see them posted as a legitimate news source here al…[View]
310594490Hahahahahahahaha: The lowest form of shilling has finally arrived[View]
310601062Is the voting fraud meme just conservaTARD cope because they dont understand how bad immigration and…[View]
310596307What will happen next: With the corona lockdowns causing an economic downturn, the questions has com…[View]
310553011Biden slams Texas, Mississippi for lifting COVID restrictions: C'mon man![View]
310599393conversion therapy: >So-called “conversion therapy,” sometimes known as “reparative therapy,” is …[View]
310600111What's wrong with white women?[View]
310598104.: 21 years of lies and deceit.[View]
310600133Why is this so hard?[View]
310593382Why do women get paid less for the same job?[View]
310600928naw black ppl tripping[View]
310594149https://archive.is/fajxj >Prince harry somehow gets conned with a jewish matchmaker with a used u…[View]
310596213Latin America love Cleveland. We love Latin America: Chief Wahoo is the most recognized baseball log…[View]
310600539Alek Minassian: Sentenced to life for 10 counts of murder and 16 for attempted murder for killing pe…[View]
310595583How were you redpilled ? Where has it taken you ?: How was everyone here redpilled ? Growing up I q…[View]
310600527Continental shift: By the year 2024 it is projected that Russia will overtake Germany as the dominan…[View]
310593569Din do nuffin he a good boy. Every time lmao: https://foxbaltimore.com/news/project-baltimore/city-s…[View]
310596853so is the coof a hoax or is a bioweapon? it's all so tiresome[View]
310599793It's feel pretty comfy to know that Norway won the second world war and discovered oil reserves…[View]
310594193HEY COMMUNISTS: Debunk this. I fucking dare you to even try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E72TZy…[View]
310599331KPIX 5 Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint While Looking Into Auto Thefts At San Francisco Twin Peaks: https…[View]
31059670946 years old man in Brazil gets attacked by a pack of pitbulls https://g1.globo.com/pr/campos-gerai…[View]
310595675'Possible plot to breach the Capitol': Which of you?[View]
310596734Give it to me straight, are the cities THAT bad as it looking on social media? also why are blacks a…[View]
310595421I got money being me! Money in the bank!: I'mma get that, dough and fuck with dem, hoes Young l…[View]
310596498What am I gonna do?: Hitler's...I'm Hitler's top guy... What Am I gonna do? Hitler ch…[View]
310575199Nightly Reminder: Politics is fake.: Our political system is a widespread but fairly simple ruse. It…[View]
310597087Transgender Surgery: >XX or XY chromosomes determine what hormones you produce >hormone inject…[View]
310549499/pol/ humor thread no gay shit: Does anybody have the pic of the middle with BLM sticker and fag fla…[View]
310594643Antitrust Laws must be enforced: How are Amazon, Google, etc able to successfully evade these laws r…[View]
310599082Was it a psyop?[View]
310598690(((They))) won't let us speak: A few niggers wanted to go back to Africa in the 90s. We're…[View]
310597917Republicans have only won the most votes in one election in 30 years. Why do we keep worshipping the…[View]
310598355I hate when cuckservatives try to outlib the left.: 'Haha libtard called them latinx but they don…[View]
310594995ITT: It's 1963: Trust the plan guys, Kennedy had to fake his death to fight the deep state and …[View]
310564610Women Finding Lumps In Breasts After Covid-19 Vaccine: Mammograms are picking up swelling in women…[View]
310586021>get laid off due to COVID >go to file taxes >I OWE $1300 what the fuck?…[View]
310597006Why are black and jews so terrified of Whites?: Why are they so afraid of us? Last time we had a col…[View]
310584774Was it real?: Did it actually happen? Most of the things they teach about in schools obviously didn…[View]
310602298Antarctica: Why is that you can you land on the moon but no in Antarctica?[View]
310594248‘Culturally diverse’ crowds blamed for seaside litter and vandalism: The 'diverse' beach goers comin…[View]
310596700covid was a fucking dress rehearsal: This is going to be the goddamn century of 'stay in your homes,…[View]
310592957Fight For 15: So what you do at McDonalds is you take the orders from the customers and you send th…[View]
310593495When did Ted Cruz turn into a standard Bush-era Boomer neocon? Wasn't he originally a Gen-X…[View]
310594184You think they use /pol/?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/03/03/kkk-flag-michigan-neighb…[View]
310586147Communism: Why does China execute people for non violent crimes? Do They got some serious anger issu…[View]
310593450There has never been a greater team.[View]
310595336“Democracy dies in darkness”: Hahahahaha[View]
310600704GVA - Surrey: moving for job to Surrey, BC Didn't hear too many good things about it. Any areas…[View]
310597986Is flat earth the final redpill?: I think David Weiss turned me into a flat earther. Fuck. Here come…[View]
310591573What is this chip ((they)) are putting inside your masks?[View]
310588521ITS OVER: How will they cope when nothing happens again tomorrow?[View]
310595495Its been a while frens, hope youre all doing well Tell me your state and Ill post its comfiest small…[View]
310596191****HE WILL NUT DIVIDE US****: day 43[View]
310588985You know who you are: They're white people on this board that act black..[View]
310594080Too racist for slaves: Well howdy there partner! Have Ye come here to try some suthern hospitaliteh?…[View]
310579581This piece of shit of a country needs to burn to ashes A nation of sociopaths with nothing holy left…[View]
310592911Uh, based?[View]
310591132The biggest whitepill is that the next generation of males will be so weak and low T that their fema…[View]
310585304The core of Classical Liberalism is atheism (the french revolution). The core of libertarianism is a…[View]
310593388Wait, why are they the enemy again?[View]
310594605>liberals want to make America anti-white. IT'S HAPPENING! HE SAID IT! HE SAID IT! We'…[View]
310576386King Tut Wuz White: PART 2: What are the implications of the new research confirming King Tut was R1…[View]
310581855PAUL MILLER GOES TO COURT - WIGNATS BTFOD: Imagine spending 6 months of your life obsessively watchi…[View]
310592110Is it better to be from the new world or old world /pol/?[View]
310587305PLEASE BE REAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmM_HJt6j8E PLEASE BE FUCKIN REAL I CRAVE A HAPPENIN…[View]
310578881Why is she so much better at her job than that other post wall blonde bimbo?[View]
310574727Nigger Public Radio: I used to listen to NPR on my commute but now when you turn it on it’s always n…[View]
310589359If you believe any of this science bullshit you aren't white https://twitter.com/nypost/status/…[View]
310592330But Dr. Seuss was ANTI-RACIST...REEEE!: 'Dr. Seuss taught us that race is like a star pattern on you…[View]
310571513Colbert knocks it out of the park: Societal standards have changed, /pol/. That is why no one is buy…[View]
310568166Based shirt thread post them.[View]
310592109Absentee votes are legal votes, they can arrive after election day, and signature verification is a …[View]
310592032How does this state manage to constantly rank highly for best places to live given how entrenched it…[View]
310590614Nuke us.[View]
310593948Joe Biden died of a brain aneurysm in 1988. they managed to reanimate his corpse and fill it with ce…[View]
310585965Why Was This Being Reported On Yesterday: When it was released (at least) by August last year? Proof…[View]
310594066Is this pastor an actual kike? Are they this careless now?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/z5wBFEdEi…[View]
310586203.: 21 years of lies and deceit[View]
310576098Ryan King: >go on social media >post “movie posters” of white actors portraying black peoples …[View]
310591487Based Bong TV reporter https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bjcCwWnUsE[View]
310582586Is there honestly any hope for the White Race? I feel so alone now[View]
310592581Do you believe Ethiopia could reasonably use the Tigray revolt to justify invasion and conquest in E…[View]
310589877America is truly a great Country.: In America you can get a large pepperoni pizza for $5.00. We call…[View]
310593848Plastic and xenoestrogen: Is plastic DNA damage reversible or lessenable? How do we avoid and overco…[View]
310586032How many people across the world are secretly redpilled...: and just doesn't say it out loud be…[View]
310593472I pledge allegiance to...[View]
310592797Anomalies in vaccine propaganda: Ever since the shit with the White House YT channel resetting the d…[View]
310584305Now that the dust has settled: What went wrong with MIGA?[View]
310592246MFW i see a democrat: hbu guys?[View]
310584914257,000 dead in Brazil from COVID-19: What went wrong, and why is it the fault of the man whose face…[View]
310583125Rising cost of food: What does $30 buy you in your country/region. Me: USA/Massachusetts Pic relate…[View]
310590874What does /pol/ think about Rodney king?: Well?[View]
310591315China make Covid anal swabs mandatory for all foreign arrivals: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/142264…[View]
310590572here's your game, pol: https://youtu.be/yxiS0Bg7PL4[View]
310593405run away if you want to survive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dx0qWHL7dc[View]
310590663How is this not as ridiculous as QBoomer shit?: Yet it's taken seriously by the MSM?[View]
310575927YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES: Some guy on /pol/ told me that eating garlic is beneficial to your bo…[View]
310585458Joe Goes is a full blown tranny now: Does anyone remember this guy's videos? He was the origina…[View]
310582194If you could go back in time and prevent the George Floyd incident, would you?: https://www.nbcnews.…[View]
310593320I have this country so fucking much[View]
310587816APOLOGIZE Anti-Mask ASSHOLES: >It wasn’t the people who genuinely forgot masks (and then put one …[View]
310593307Michael Jackson thread: I like to do black girls in the fucking arse.[View]
310590579Which phenotype is most attractive?[View]
310589077How do people in the USA unironically live in a shitshag like this? >town of 36k white people in …[View]
310592988What is the best political system?: Monarchy + Capitalism + UBI is the best. UBI is the last thing m…[View]
310571847how does /pol/ cope with failing mental health during lockdown?[View]
310587505Is anyone still tracking pregnant 'mothers' and the wuflu vaccines?[View]
310590443>slams your path[View]
310580419Need more of these pics[View]
310592538Why are people so obsessed with tupac and biggie?: They were literally crack selling niggers[View]
310590602Tech & 'Time Travel': What if I told you that the 'smartest of the smart' over at Apple and Tenc…[View]
310584478'Neo-obscurantism': >Earth is flat >Space is fake >Nukes aren't real >Aliens are de…[View]
310585541>still no existing cures for the common cold >look we created this miracle vaccine in less tha…[View]
310592302Are these /pol feminists ?: > be 30 yo Japanese females > build a startup that makes otome gam…[View]
310592609but who was phone? >inb5source[View]
310589040What religion do you think will replace Christianity?: Christianity is coming to its end stage, fall…[View]
310589613My DNA says I am Germanic, where did we come from? We don't fit in with the Balto-Slavs or the …[View]
310587989Would you be able to look her in the eyes and tell her you think Hitler is based?[View]
310592612Can anyone explain the nwf vs nv rift? One has all the credentials, while the other seems like a fed…[View]
310592664We are still here: /pol/ will stay natsoc lefties will forever stay on the defense lolololololololol…[View]
310586333SHE'S BACK: The tranny slayer is back to spit on the recent Biden EO to that includes allowing …[View]
310579070Give me 1 solid reason I shouldn't admire this man: You can't[View]
310590647Grovellers: Is the reason the kikes dont eat pork bc they have hooves?.. which resemble their god Sa…[View]
310592316How are local politics with your co-workers, friends, family?: Do any of your macro political concer…[View]
310570289The Texas governor is making a huge mistake: I know people who got very sick from covid. He should n…[View]
310582288Why did the M5M stop sucking his cock and throw him under the bus?[View]
310572256Nigger near the top half of his class w/o.13 GPA: Is it the sad state of public education or is it a…[View]
310592036COVID-19 LINKS: Anyone got any links on proof where covid came from?[View]
310579223Why are there so many obese women?: 50% of the girls on dating apps are fat whales. It makes it 10x …[View]
310571050Brit/pol/: YOU WILL CLAP 4 THE RNHS[View]
310587146Is space a meme?[View]
310551653Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Squirrels for Hitler Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfra…[View]
310585565Reject “their” pronouns: At surface level, this might seem like trivial bullshit not worth arguing a…[View]
310587266Why does /pol/ have such an issue with pod living?: They have these hotels all over East Asia, they’…[View]
310580472Why was the Third Reich so aesthetically pleasing?[View]
310591073When you have a message that resonates with the youth of America[View]
310588219Interesting theory my dad has: Hey /pol/, my dad told me a theory he has tonight. He's kind of …[View]
310590875Is there a more pathetic country than Australia?: >0 history >0 culture >defined by alcoho…[View]
310570329oh no!: ELON!!![View]
310581379The 90s sucked[View]
310586465we excelerate to the fucking moon.: they want ot act like bullying is bad then let dudes play womens…[View]
310591357Was scrolling through reddit and saw this heartbreaking photo. What the hell is wrong with police no…[View]
310591330INDIANA UBER ALLES: Join or die[View]
310583016Why are you still using a pozzed messenger, /pol/?[View]
310583357Incel found guilty of killing 10 people: >YOU INCELS WON'T DO SH-…[View]
310580569I am going to study Kabbalah: I am going to study jewish kabbalah as a means of understanding the en…[View]
310578227This board has gone to shit: Hello, /pol/. I come to you today because of the absolute state of this…[View]
310590329Is the public school system a failure?[View]
310584910Perhaps the reason glow niggers are so scared of the right, is because there are more of us than we …[View]
310590641What does it mean to have a daughter in 2021?[View]
310547849March 4th: What is going to happen?: The big question: what is going to happen? Digits confirms what…[View]
310564741why do poltards worship poland?, yeah its a ethnostate because they are poor as fuck and no nigger w…[View]
310590082Give me your best Dr. Seuss rhymes: Now that Dr. Seuss is officially a symbol of the alt right, let…[View]
310567632How to stop colleges and universities from corrupting our trad White women and our trad Latinas with…[View]
310571066Why the flags of the american states are so soulless? Jesus this is disgusting.[View]
310571588Texas has given up its right to our vaccine. They do not deserve it.[View]
310553248part & parcel: At least eight people are reported injured after an unknown man went on a stabbin…[View]
310585989This fucking kike: >Bush's Attorney General from 1991-93 >presided over the murder of Vic…[View]
310582317TWITTER POSTHUMOUSLY UNVERIFIES ANDREW BRIETBART: The fucking nerve of these kikes See for yourselve…[View]
310590038How are you guys dressing for the inauguration tomorrow? My mom is going to iron a suit and lay it o…[View]
310588591Dancing Trump: Ok, let me explain to you Trump's campaign strategy: In 1996, Yeltsin was facing…[View]
310588831What's next after Equity?: >'Give us equality so that we can have equal treatment under the …[View]
310585626The Letter: What did it say?[View]
310590019This is the worst place in the world in terms of air quality right now: https://aqicn.org/map/world/…[View]
310577388Lauren Southern 'Sky News Contributor' What the fuck is she doing[View]
310587726defend this nigger: i dare you.[View]
310576502God's Judgement is coming. Cyclical Cataclysm about to happen: No political action will stop th…[View]
310590125The political compass and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.: https://www.you…[View]
310590030/pol/: 'The last thing—the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking' exclaimed our glorious leader…[View]
310582963brown flannel movement: is it true white supremacists are wearing brown flannel shirts bc brown shir…[View]
310589348Washington football replacing cheerleaders with men: https://mobile.twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1…[View]
310585079Now that the dust has settled, was Trump a good president?[View]
310586496Would he have won the black vote?[View]
310589402Doxing of illegal voters: Okay, if no courts are gonna look at evidence then why not dump it? I want…[View]
310578844Would America benefit from allowing more migrants into the country?[View]
310585012people who menstruate: i forgot what they're called, you know who I'm talking about, right…[View]
310587946Does anyone have any stats of why the legalization of gay marriage has been degenerative to the US? …[View]
310589424>T-T-THE 20TH AMENDMENT DON’T COUNT, S-SO THERE the trumpnigger cope just keeps on giving…[View]
310588903How should he punish Texas? Remember, we have full control of the government right now. The Supreme …[View]
310587010Damn girl you fine[View]
310562325Why are you refusing .35 cent increase just for a stable working class? Is .35 cents really that im…[View]
310589430ALEX JONES SHOW GOES FULL 1488. 109min mark in yesterdays AmerJournal. Yeah, its about GERMANY. http…[View]
310573379TAKE THE VACCINE https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/israel-pfizer-vaccine-killed-more-elde…[View]
310584770HOW DOES HE KEEP WINNING WIGNAT BROS??..: It fucking hurts!!! No matter how many times we attack him…[View]
310583237HAPPENING: SUNSHINE ACT MEETINGS: Scheduled to be published 3/4 on the fed resister: https://public-…[View]
310589326Union busting bosses should be arrested: How is this legal? How can you get fucking union insurance?…[View]
310556305Does /pol/ still buy music?[View]
310587935Why are you guys not moving out in the most based city in the us ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
310588106Help Trump: We all know Trump has hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming up in a few years a…[View]
310589213Hey faggots: For some reason I keep on getting 'Video is restricted, please check your blacklist/whi…[View]
310584729Trump lost by over 7 million people. It’s over.[View]
310589090Progressive agendas are a means of population control: >Abortion >Homosexuality >Gender-tra…[View]
310586553How will the next 15 years go: What do you guys think will happen over the next 15 years nationally …[View]
310585322>be me black anon >fucking white girl >i say 'I love you' > shes says 'i want to have yo…[View]
310588400This is how you cure racism! Spend more time with black people![View]
310578886Pic related is illeagle USA.[View]
310579712>brain is literally deteriorating[View]
310579589Reminder that: Evo Morales, a so called 'communist' is an >ethnonationalist >national socialis…[View]
310588372Why did every ancient civilization depict the earth this way?[View]
310585125Get Me Radicalized Thread: Post things to radicalize me even further.[View]
310586545you are fool: This isn't even true eagle, despite whatever burgers tell you. Fake eagle. Now th…[View]
310588131Why does this animation make German people mad? I don't understand. All I see is a puddle of mi…[View]
310575597/pol/ you have 2 choices, Either you kill 50% of the humans on earth, or in 100 years all humanity g…[View]
310581763Tomorrow I'm embarking on a journey to become a millionaire. I haven't had sex in 1.5 year…[View]
310588121When glowie militia attack the capital tomorrow, it will usher in a new era of gun control not seen …[View]
310588134This is a White People thread. In this thread we discuss issues affecting White People and propose s…[View]
310587315Any updates on this faggot?[View]
310588126This is your country on Jews.[View]
310571484The Democrats are right. The fed needs to step in and shut down air traffic through all the Texas a…[View]
310559420Are they about to get canceled? I heard the government is about to launch HARD investigation on AfD …[View]
310585764Anyone got that infograph that shows how so many US companies are owned by a handful of people? I kn…[View]
310581929Anyone else remember how the fags only,wanted gay marriage in 2003-04. And equal rights. Look at the…[View]
3105733241,608 Texans died of COVID this week. He needs to be tested to see if he is fit for duty. He seems …[View]
310587367> You MUST eat the bugs, Anon I won’t eat the bugs, Klaus, I’m not gonna do what you say! > He…[View]
310587118Daily reminder that these are imposters and you do nothing about it.[View]
310580329Should women be allowed in the workplace?: I can't concentrate at my job because there are seve…[View]
310587777Oops... we did it again: You want to humiliate us? Here's a suggestion: pursue excellence... Na…[View]
310587778okay this is way too on the nose https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/03/andrew-cuomo-harassment…[View]
310586587Does conservatism only prevail in poverty? The highest earning states and countries are liberal/left…[View]
310587281People really think this way.[View]
310586557What are /pol/'s thoughts on Alek Minassian, the infamous incel killer from Toronto? Quick rund…[View]
310583166why has SkyNews Australia been shilling for a US-China war for the past month?[View]
310585893Just got my DNA results back, I am a son of the North[View]
310584544>https://nicholasjfuentes.com/intern/ >'PROTONMAIL ONLY FOR ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATION' >asks …[View]
310555864This is literally fascism.[View]
310586976Tell me again, /pol/. Why are poorfag inbred retards allowed to vote?[View]
310580814post anti-tranny memes[View]
310563499COMPANIES ARE FORCING CALIFORNIANS TO MOVE TO YOUR STATE: Ever wonder why so many Cali-niggers are s…[View]
3105476232023 elections: The united left wing will win the election Poland will turn pro-LBGT pro-refugee Chu…[View]
310584718oh no~ that sucks[View]
310585892Does God exist ?: Does Hod exist ?[View]
310586846The Left - 'We removed this because I looks like black people' Black People (if you can call them pe…[View]
310586812Is Masculinity a Social Construct?;: Is sex, too?[View]
310586775Wisdom.: Wisdom really is worth more than all of the gold and silver in the world. Solomon was right…[View]
310564434Vaccine-Free are Superior to Vaxxed: Don't let Big Pharma, and (((AAP))) pump their tranny juic…[View]
310580697What's it like growing up in a jewish family?[View]
310572247The coming generations of boys are so incredibly fucked.[View]
310581537Dr Suess is Cancelled: Do you like my poem?[View]
310583458Can a conservative please tell me what's going on with Biden and this country besides Dr. Seuss…[View]
310582603This man was never your ally: No one is coming down from the heavens to save you. You shamelessly fe…[View]
310586294Why is it every single time? Are sexual deviants such as whores, gays, trannies, etc. a result of an…[View]
310579054Who was Trump’s worst hire?[View]
310586249POLITICAL TEST RESULTS (12AXES: https://politicaltests.github.io/12axes.html Take this I’m the most …[View]
310579384Asmongold SLAMS Greg Abbot for opening up Texas: Based mulitimililionare twitch celeb who doesn…[View]
310586170(((Silicon Valley))): It all makes sense now.[View]
310578518i just dont understand how american blacks are practically genociding eachother looking at every fbi…[View]
310584324Do you have a redpilled mom? As of 2021 my mommy officially hates fiat currency, usury and kikes. …[View]
310584999Is it a bad idea to hire your family members for government jobs?[View]
310586020How do we improve our nation's education system? https://foxbaltimore.com/news/project-baltimor…[View]
310585010So what has /pol/ deduced as the answer to the chaos.[View]
310585566ICC Launches Palestine War Crimes Probe: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/maureen-clare-murphy/i…[View]
310582931Please send me gifs of black people jumping / beating on people! The more unnecessary the violence, …[View]
310584984Am I wrong for not caring about humanity?: I dont like this globo homo shit as much as the rest of y…[View]
310584995why are you racist?[View]
310576345Femanon here. Are there any traditionalist white communities currently being set up in the UK or Eur…[View]
310574739Change......: Change for the worse.[View]
310585686It’s not just jews its guilty feeling faggot white people and woman who dont understand consequences…[View]
310581499Covid-19 vaccine will lead to global revolt against communists, socialists and elites: This opportun…[View]
310543119Redpill me on nigger names: How the fuck do they come up with stuff like Lajeromeny and Kentarius?…[View]
310508505/gpg/ Geopolitics General: Come discuss your opinion on world geopolitics. What's happening in …[View]
310585629IMMIGRANTS IN SWEDEN: How do i get away from this? Where do i go? This shit is everywhere in Sweden …[View]
310577884I would rather have a religious Muslim as a neighbour than a white liberal sodomite faggot. There I …[View]
310571999Why do inbred subhuman moronic right wing white trailer trash continually vote against their own eco…[View]
310584572Chad Here: A reminder to STOP BEING A FUCKING PUSSY. Do whatever will improve your life and stop whi…[View]
310581798What the fuck >:(: I just got back from buying a car. First of all, did you know there's a h…[View]
310585420Germany After WW2: Yeah Nazism clearly doesn't work. Hitler fucked western Europe up big time.…[View]
310580391>October 12th, 2023 >A actual virus has killed 93 percent of people on earth >You are locke…[View]
310580022This is a ploy to get conservatives to buy Dr. Seuss books isn't it?[View]
310585172Ok, maybe I get some of it, but at the end of the day, do you actually give a fuck? the good days w…[View]
310582151Westerners need a king. To lead them, for them to admire, a role model of God.[View]
310580670What races Bleach the fastest?: Pic related is a half Punjabi half white man. It seems the ancient a…[View]
310582196Photos of the Third Reich: Post em please. I lost my natsoc files on my old phone. Help a nigger out…[View]
310574871Nobody is forcing you to get the vaccine, you know.[View]
310585126Facebook and Alphabet Stock...CI A?: Is this how they find themselves now. No longer Black Budgets, …[View]
310585098thought i'd share: Does this cop drive like an asshole? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMEna6q…[View]
310582216How to find right wing groups online and irl: Call me a fed I don't care. I'm so angry all…[View]
310584678female childhood friend: What are your experiences with your female friends Anons?[View]
310552573I've given up hope of people ever resisting :([View]
310583033Does this state have a death wish?[View]
310576435Cause of death?[View]
310580172Gun rights are in the constitution. The right to vote is not. Therefore is more constitutionally jus…[View]
310584809>Conservative Christians >Literally worshiping a literal golden idol You want your clown world…[View]
310584791/Pellets believe a Jewish Chinese cartel caused COVID: Guys you really have to chill it with the ant…[View]
310578936At what point did America truly start going downhill?[View]
310575726Well /pol/ when will life go back to pre-COVID? Pic unrelated[View]
310583574The Fins are the most perfidious Europeans only behind the Brits, change my mind.[View]
310584637One thing I notice interacting with English (I could say 'British' but we all know where t…[View]
310560088Guys, I fell for porn again. I stopped for a good 2 months but then, i started to fell for it again …[View]
3105796072 Choices: You are presented with 2 buttons. Button 1: Holocaust of anyone who has ever posted aTwit…[View]
310584568aus/pol - HIGHGATE RAPE EDITION: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/crime/highgate-restaurant-owner-ch…[View]
310580736You can only post in this thread if your state no longer pretends there is a pandemic.[View]
310584503“Nordics” are nothing more than North Indian albinos.: “Nordics” are wondering north Indian albinos.…[View]
310577879I wanted a plague: How many of you genuinely were hoping that covid was a plague? I’m still pretty m…[View]
310577323Suicide Men and Women: Do men have a worse life than women on average?[View]
310578673Canada: Would they even exist without the US? I mean they are basically just a country of faggots le…[View]
310582134europe is an overpolluted shithole: why is europe so polluted. they throw trash in rivers. why can w…[View]
310579101Hey Janitors delete my thread: Do what I tell you. Clean up my mess I wasted your time making you d…[View]
310583337/Spanish National Socialism/ - /sns/: Our girl released a new vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C…[View]
310581176Why does no one ever mention this? Wasn't 3 million of the 6 gorillion Polish as well?[View]
310582167The Final Redpill: All this hate at white people is because we built, colonized, or conquered the en…[View]
310581460WALKS IN FRONT OF JOE'S WHITE HOUSE: .... CHIBAKU TENSEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......... ......... ..…[View]
310584239Faces of failure.[View]
310572920When did you realize that the Left and the Right are on the same side?[View]
310578252The future of war: Is war in the traditional sense a thing of the past? I mean boots on the ground, …[View]
310559060It's about fucking time[View]
310580581When is the State of the Union address?: Has there ever been one this late? I've never heard of…[View]
310571647Éire /pol/ - No More Paddy's Day Edition: Headlines: >Last Year Reminder - 'no reason…[View]
310583225Yfw nothing happens tomorrow or two weeks from now.[View]
310581669Trust Sessions[View]
310582004I'm sorry But new Covid regulations require a sperm sample this way to effectively mandate and…[View]
310584015When will they put aside their differences for the good of the conservative movement?[View]
310576089They have come out and admitted that they will be handing out stimulus checks even after this 3rd on…[View]
310581565What type of creature is this /pol/?: Well?[View]
310581090Mass migration is not a jew-european conflict: The idea that mass migration is a jew-european confli…[View]
310550378Should Germanic countries unite and benevolently subjugate the rest of Europe?[View]
310583709Daily reminder that if you favorite political pundit can’t sing, they’re not worth shit. https://you…[View]
310582212I said, young man: There’s no need to feel down. They’re going to stay at the G - I - T - M - O! Th…[View]
310577887Will all nations and cultures disappear in the next 200 years?: At the rate things are going it sure…[View]
310572042Are schools failing niggers or are niggers failing society? https://foxbaltimore.com/news/project-ba…[View]
310582969Obama 2028? Is it worth it people?: this is the future. Is this republic really worth it?[View]
310573822/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: It's Tucker Tuesday! >Streams https://sports24.club/tv/v?id=fo…[View]
310581319SL debt: Should i pay back my Student loans? or keep betting on crypto? Starting to think Biden was …[View]
310582445The absolute state of bongs.[View]
310551238Balt/pol/: How do we protect our culture and identity[View]
310579045Hopi: What do you guys think of the Hopi? What is it like on their reservation? Of all the natives t…[View]
310574584Who is going to help all the boomers?: >'We need to have enough working-age people to carry the l…[View]
310581841It's literally jews.: I work with blacks people and they hate this woke shit. They are J-woke. …[View]
310574290Did they drop the “D.C.” from Washington, D.C.?: Or has it always been like this and I’m just rarted…[View]
310583210B-biden bros[View]
310579478Would you support Romney in 2024?[View]
310578757Is she a modern day philosopher?[View]
310581546consider the following: They completely lied about Trump and smeared him for simply wanting to do th…[View]
310582843>that red lighting making him look like satan it's like poetry[View]
310562309Have any of you joined any White Aryan militias or started any? In the US it's legal to start o…[View]
310579993We are not getting the stimulus are we?[View]
310576517I think i am sleepy...: anyone else feeling sleepy?[View]
310576554https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v-U3K1sw9U This guy is litrealy arguing to Americans have to kill y…[View]
310575836/pg/ - Philosophy General: Welcome to Philosophy General. This thread is for discussion of Philosoph…[View]
310581792In typical fashion a mentally ill mutant Kadence Pinder, 24 who runs a daycare center with his boyfr…[View]
310578921Three dads? This kid will be superman!: What could go wrong? https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/poly-thro…[View]
310580560China has made anal COVID-19 swabs mandatory for all foreign travelers arriving in the country: What…[View]
310580974Do white families like this actually exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7xG7yPUReM[View]
310579502>Disease was doomed to be endemic and infect every human population by January of 2020 because th…[View]
310580528Mike Pompeo brags about President Trump bombing Syria. The audience applauds.: https://twitter.com/R…[View]
310582076I'll tell you why: Why do all these bizarre and frightening things assault everyone from the …[View]
310564122THEY FUCKING LANDED IT: third time is the charm, rest of the world has garbage space programs[View]
310581009im being stalked by mo$$ad and feds/n$a using sexy pissraeli women to try to entrap me: they want to…[View]
310582034How Will Biden-Betas Every Recover??: This has got to be the most explicit political cu.ckolding of …[View]
310558993What goes on here?[View]
310580236Is Israel a failed state?: Can Israel exist without foreign aid? Discuss.[View]
310581693god bless you all of you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm1EtfOXaiM[View]
310578258You Texans are the biggest pussies in the US: >DONT CALIFORNIA MUH TEXAS you fucking retards don…[View]
310579871Godzilla vs Kong: B I G M O N K E bread[View]
310581051is the FBI working for China?: Have they been infiltrated, and therefore, are no longer valid author…[View]
310576126‘The East Is Rising’: Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent: “The biggest source of chaos in the pre…[View]
310581363Three video compilations about Pizzagate, no sound, raw info: https://www.bitchute.com/video/aonIutm…[View]
310581087FAGGOTS: post trannys getting BATFO'ED/MEM'ED/KEK'ED AND WHY NOT? fucking rap'ed…[View]
310563383iCarly star Jennette McCurdy quits acting: iCarly star Jennette McCurdy quits acting, saying she res…[View]
310580745Joe Biden sucks: Joe Biden is a bad President. I would have voted for Donald Trump, for a 2nd time,…[View]
310574446Story writing help: I want to write a fantasy novel but the thing is I want to make homosexuality ev…[View]
310579447Mallard Fillmore cancelled for making fun of trannies: Who was in the wrong here, /pol/? >The con…[View]
310578756RACISM BTFO: One day your in the hospital and your beautiful wife is about to give birth and to your…[View]
310573761Neo-Obscurantist starter pack:: >Earth is flat >Space is fake >Nukes aren't real >A…[View]
310579739These vaccines don't seem to really help anybody, so what's the REAL purpose behind this m…[View]
310578937Tucker Carlson was 'VIP regular' at Comet Ping Pong: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/a…[View]
310579914Let's be perfectly honest here: The real reason aliens haven't gone public is because of o…[View]
310579240is it just me or is this board so politically right wing that its top threads are frequently masquer…[View]
310575317This is the future of America[View]
310567920Amazon HR Talking 'bout how to get a job there: You want a job at Amazon? You best not be a stu…[View]
310580645YLYL /pol/ edition I'll start. >This is the other place, Mr. Trump!…[View]
310580642The absolute state: These people call us paranoid[View]
310580633so for months and months the antifa terrorists burnt american cities, murdered people and police off…[View]
310569975Dr. Seuss is now branded a hateful far-right racist and his books are being banned.: https://www.cnn…[View]
310553704Jews literally don't believe White people could have the noses they do without surgery[View]
310579655Post yfw canada gets ubi and doesnt collapse the economy and burgers mad jelly[View]
310571659Biden's approval rating is consistently above 60%. Trump's approval rating never topped 50…[View]
310558393Why did the Brits bring this mutt into their royalty? There was a reason she single in the US[View]
310579749'Eat the bugs': This quote has been variously attributed to Greta Thunberg, Klaus Schwab, and possib…[View]
310579907OPEN BORDERS MASKED RETARD LOCKS ICE TWITTER ACCOUNT: Catching criminals is rayciss[View]
310543225When did you start questioning?: When did you realise we fought for the wrong side and hitler was th…[View]
310546667Black on White Racism: Hello fellow Evropeans, I need some examples of Black on White racism, dump t…[View]
310579488Do blacks understand projection?: >whatchu mean i cant stealz it?! I want it! reparations!…[View]
310580170Me here again. Cuz why not?[View]
310575331Redpill me on Sephardic Jews: Are Sephardis antagonistic towards Ashkenazis? Aren't elite Jews …[View]
310565388Is anyone else tired that they can have they're life tarnished just by being labeled a racist?[View]
310578311/pol/ will always be natsoc: communiggers get out. we hate you.[View]
310579971Did you knew that you can't compare dogs and humans, because race is just a social construct wh…[View]
310569731Vindicated: The more redpilled you get, the more he kind of makes perfect sense. I don't suppor…[View]
310575818Evelyn Yang, future FLOTUS. YANG GANG.[View]
310579507Trump failed[View]
310578595Rent-free: >Foreigners constantly say mean things about America while acting like America is irre…[View]
310569600>uuuuuuh dude bro 8 people were knife sodomized by some towelnoggin in SWEDEN! Holy shit the whol…[View]
310579879If there is one group that you do NOT mess with, is gamers: Remember how zoomer faggots became conse…[View]
310578419Friendly reminder that ((Google)) is pozzed. Post woke google shit. Discuss how to de-google. Consid…[View]
310576770I CRACKED THE CODE: Gen Z means the last generation of humans as Z is the last letter of alphabet. E…[View]
310576509Masterbated race is dying out https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.newshub.co.nz/home/lifestyle/2021/02/k…[View]
310561398BREAKING: TRUMP WILL RESUME PRESIDENCY ON THURSDAY LOL: https://thehill.com/policy/technology/541306…[View]
310570706Why did he lose?[View]
310569064For us to reverse course on all this bullshit something truly insane has to happen. Something entire…[View]
310577300red pill me about the collapse of the USA: Please post videos and documents about those who have cau…[View]
310579594What do you do about loneliness? Lock downs have made shit even worse. I haven't gotten to see …[View]
310578808This is a scientifically accurate map of America in 2100. You cant prove me wrong.[View]
310558425Mutt arrested on gun or drug charges: >ADL labels him a 'white supremacist accelerationist' (What…[View]
310531720I don’t get it, why is it so hard for you retards to accept this guy lost?: It was never about Joe B…[View]
310579430https://youtu.be/gGYoeJ5U7cQ Uighurs loaded on trains to conentration camps in China, around the end…[View]
310572666Why does this meme cause so much seething?[View]
310579387You can loathe him all you like, confess that American politics is cringe-level boring without our L…[View]
310570176‘reinstate’ Donald Trump as president: what time does it begin?[View]
310573592Democratic lawmakers want to build a monument on Capitol Hill to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What doe…[View]
310575878So democrats basically admit that they established a secret group financing “philantropic grants” to…[View]
310578291WTF Connecticut: What's the deal with this state? Can it survive if New York City doesn't…[View]
310548866Houston now has five COVID variants: New York, California, UK, Brazil, and South Africa variations a…[View]
310561374We are in a bubble: With the only (possible) exception of 1999-2000, this is the most expensive US s…[View]
310574044China to deem homosexuality as a mental disorder: Amerimutts dream about being this based[View]
310579019THE NORTH DAKOTA CONNECTION: Dear Germans, Are you proud that a US State Capital is named after Otto…[View]
310554813Nazism is a psy-op but yes, Jews do run the world: The eternal end-goal above all: A one-world total…[View]
310560390What's the best state to find a wife, have children, and be well off economically?[View]
310578574Why are white people causing Historically Black Colleges and Universities to fail?[View]
310566079>eat the pussy, goyim![View]
3105784692021: I am forgotten.[View]
310574642WTF happened to this place? Turned anti-Trump ever since the electoral defeat.: Jesus Christ. One fu…[View]
310556239Life, Universe and Everything: contd. from here: >>310499317 >>310553624 >>3105540…[View]
310570549>26,000 National Guard protecting the Capitol >Dems shut down everything because they are worr…[View]
310576588Why are you still using a pozzed messenger, /pol/?[View]
310573628What fighting style...: what did the germans learn for hand to hand combat during ww2? I understand …[View]
310577672Intersectional Queer Feminism!!: What is /pol/'s opionion on Intersectional Queer Feminism!…[View]
310578103Thoughts on George J Borjas?: Do you think his book “We Wanted Workers” is fair?[View]
310576424are you ready for this? how will america handle this? are we getting invaded?[View]
310573513We lost.[View]
310568213My brother is a Trumptard who HATES President Obama because the right has brainwashed him so badly. …[View]
310566542Asians refuse to acknowledged who is attacking them: Uhhhh.....can we get a response from the Blacks…[View]
310560976Redpill me on the ISS: Is it real? What are they doing up there, really? Should we, the average worl…[View]
310576341PRESS S TO SPIT: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-capitol-agent/u-s-suspends-federal-agent-who…[View]
310570586when will you finally take off that stupid, fucking mask!! I am so sick of you fucking cowardly cunt…[View]
310566804The Mars dream is over: You will never leave this planet, goy[View]
310575040FED BANK CONTROL CHANGE: Browsing federalregister I found a change of bank control notice involving …[View]
310575156Just black[View]
310568810Why Left/Right Unity Terrifies Jews: https://www.bitchute.com/video/i9ukQ1NPFySi/ How possible is it…[View]
310573621Do you think he would've won the election if he looked like this?[View]
310577412Right Angles are Hate Speech: I hereby declare right angles to be anti-Semitic. Anyone who posts any…[View]
310561350Is it me or is Clown World accelerating faster and faster the past month?: Every fucking day there…[View]
310572986I don't speak politician, can someone translate this for me please?[View]
310540801Where did Canada go wrong? I used to think of Canada as a nation that emulated European politics in …[View]
310576875WHY IS THE AMERICAN RIGHT WING LIKE THIS??: https://twitter.com/RightWingWatch/status/13657420956722…[View]
310556958Generation Z Future: What is Gen Z going to be like as the majority /Pol/ ? I feel scared bros....…[View]
310563202Casey Anthony: How did she get away with it?[View]
310577035Kike jew makes billions off reddit again: Fuck this kike... He is cleveland's main kike.. every…[View]
310576269reddit was based[View]
310574283Why is tribalism among women so high?: Spoke with my mom earlier, she's pretty 'red pilled' on …[View]
310556528How do we solve the mental illness epidemic?[View]
310575396If immigration is so bad, then why is New York City the safest big city in America when their popula…[View]
310562188Why do white people treat the Romani like shit? Why are they so afraid to give them equal rights?[View]
310554127>go look up ANY house for sale >every single one them already says 'Offer Pending' even its be…[View]
310571829Why did you all fail her? Why didn't the system work? She deserved better. https://foxbaltimor…[View]
310574651Be humble as the Lord was humble, but with the dignity of a King. Love each other. Do not boast in f…[View]
310574791State of /pol/ Shill and tranny general.: the absolute state of (((/pol/))) why are (((jannies))) cl…[View]
310571401Is DR SEUSS a jew?: Wikipedia says he's not... but the nose[View]
310576828The UK is such a decrepit, washed up country that their celebrities are taxpayer funded. So sad![View]
310573885How do you guys plan to pay for the tax hikes on imports and other fancy rifles? Im so glad I bought…[View]
310577001Baltimore city student with 0.13GPA ranks in top half: >he failed 22 classes and was late or abse…[View]
310575833Pretty amazing answer quite frankly[View]
310576952be like the FRED... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T00zEt1-3VA[View]
310576511My 9 year old made this in school during his online class: His teacher is not happy.[View]
310575722Imagine the smell[View]
310574562THERE IS NOTHING OUTSIDE NOFAP SEMEN RETENTION: our genital organs ARE NOT supposed to be at the sta…[View]
310576703SEA WORLD DUDE![View]
310550036VEGAN TEACHER GOES ALL OUT: /OUR/ VEGAN https://youtube.com/watch?v=1xrFjxCZNCY&feature=share…[View]
310576478https://youtu.be/gGYoeJ5U7cQ meanwhile in usa: >'never again!!' literally letting it happen again…[View]
310574224/tcg/: T-10 to the only news show on television.[View]
310576351>/pol/ will defend this[View]
310567477Despite everything how do you feel?[View]
310574755Why isn't this required reading in schools?: You can't be more than 18 and think welfare w…[View]
310573129Besides arresting Trump supporters and covering up Democrat crimes: What does the FBI do?[View]
310556570DEFUND THE FBI: Can we meme this into seeming like a real, organized movement?[View]
310570941This is so fucking pathetic. https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1367266095061749760[View]
310574370Dublin, Ireland: lmao which one of you paddies did this[View]
310571255How does this make you feel?[View]
310574154Alpha / Sigma / Loser: You're either Alpha, Sigma, or a fucking joke. What are you /pol?[View]
310564966ANAL SWAB TESTS NOW MANDATORY: China is dabbing on the entire world[View]
310574698>https://www.bitchute.com/video/70dIEwQ23Uqx/ WE[View]
310547860Things that piss off kikes: ITT we post things that the jew fears/hates/cringes at[View]
310574136Ipencil 2: Here’s my first ever drawng.[View]
310572797Remember what ((they)) took this from us: >no rampant crime >Religion outlawed and seen as a d…[View]
310570053Ive taken the vaccine shot this morning, and for the last 2 hours, i've been hearing voices. Wh…[View]
310572534What was the biggest hoax in human history?[View]
310575761Why are canadian whites so cucked?: > be canadian white > Housing unaffordable as shit, wages …[View]
310569712What is Finkle Think?: I hear Jazzhands say this a bunch but am not sure what he's talking abou…[View]
310575572LMAO if you told someone this story they'd say ur lying.: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-us…[View]
310575290Why americans get gibs they are capitalist pigs, why no gibs in EU, according to mutts we are commie…[View]
310575369Why isn't this call Washington DC anymore on Google Maps?: I'm almost positive this wasn…[View]
310575013the 5th column.: For the third time in a row a rocket from SpaceX has exploded. Elon Musk, the eccen…[View]
310566691BREAKING: GLOWIES SHUT DOWN CAPITAL!: ITS HAPPENING! ITS JAN 6 all over again. BE careful out there …[View]
310575372The mere knowledge that this man existed leads to a shortcircuit in the christcucked Amerimutt brain…[View]
310570044What would it take to have a crusade in the 21st century.[View]
310575058Lol they did it: https://www.mlive.com/news/jackson/2021/03/militias-memes-take-center-stage-in-whit…[View]
310564527OH NO NO NO THE DNA RESULTS ARE HERE: https://www.docdroid.net/EC8uFeh/gad-et-al-hawass-fs-final-202…[View]
310575165You VILL solve ze captcha and you VILL be happy.[View]
310572842>niggers feel shame, tell their kids they are descended from kings in africa instead of cotton pi…[View]
310574903What level of clown world are we at: Pic rel[View]
310569360this shit was meant to signify New Schwabenland, wasn't it?: >secret base in an extremely co…[View]
310538331United EU Army can crash America into oblivion. EU is the only superpower on this planet.[View]
310571910was this guy a loon, based or false flag? here is his interrogation. hes the guy who ran a van throu…[View]
310568748>hello anon, is it true you support the independence of catalonia? im into foreigner guys that ar…[View]
310574919I am ready to die for my king against German scum[View]
310574920Was evolution a mistake?[View]
310574307American Horror Story Monsters Season 1 Ghosts Season 2 Demons Season 3 Witches Season 4 Ghouls …[View]
310573795i was making fun of you guys at first but now my country started putting people in jail for comments…[View]
310574531Holocaust By The Numbers: Can anyone provide me a link or give a breakdown on how ridiculous and imp…[View]
310574616Capitalism has to be destroyed for the sake of our people![View]
310571186Trannies vs Mums: >tfw Trannies/TRA's (as they are being called) are at war with mothers on …[View]
310572768https://twitter.com/AllisonMorris1/status/1367195015999598593 >Exclusive: The Loyalist Communitie…[View]
310508769/pol/ humor thread: compass edition[View]
310573038Can we quit with the joo meme already?: Before stormfags invaded nobody gave a shit about da jooz. N…[View]
310574407Why is brazil like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hvN_IccSM4[View]
310570073The White Savior Complex and Social Activists: I believe that deep down, perhaps on a unconscious le…[View]
310566944>SUV in Imperial County crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence >https://www.you…[View]
310574055How do we make russia great again and save the world from western degeneracy?: Putin, the oligarchs,…[View]
310571453is christianity the backbone of western civilization?[View]
310573313What have you done, /pol/?[View]
310570889>Greta officially endorses anal swab Covid tests after carefully researching detection rates comp…[View]
310573658>Just get the vaccine bro >Pfizer is one of the world's premier biopharmaceutical compani…[View]
310566854Why is the america first movement so diverse?: Not only is it racially diverse with blacks whites an…[View]
310573137>Multicultarism doesn't wor-[View]
310573992>these are the men who think they're the ubermensch Hahahahahaha oh no no no no you can…[View]
310573381Bank of Montreal Nightmarish Tranny Ad: Okay, ACKSHUALLY it's a dude who dresses as a girl but …[View]
310558674Media claims 'Credible threat' at Capitol tomorrow: https://apnews.com/article/police-unco…[View]
310573814Hey guise, contribute to reimvlection campraign and text 2024 for your hat discount.[View]
310573241Capitol 2: Electric Boogaloo: round two here we go cunts. Whos on the fuckin beers and watchin the s…[View]
3105718954 B2s just passed over maybe 10m ago here in Missouri. Any geopolitical stirrings that might explain…[View]
310567309Caging Canadians General - putting animals where they belong.: Edition: Voluntary Imprisonment https…[View]
310570121The Genoese financial dominance of the Spanish Empire: > A significant group of Genoese traders a…[View]
310552978Inflation: Why is it impossible to find a good tool cabinet deal without paying of the ass now? Home…[View]
310572711Will we ever get it all back?: From the beginning of the age of discovery, the white man had conquer…[View]
310572704What will happen on May 4th?[View]
310569671aside form the Racism shit, is there any real reason that Europeans hate the USA? If your going to b…[View]
310569337Are you guys aware that the contents of your meme folders can be used against you in court to establ…[View]
310572763Capitol Storm pt II Electric Boogaloo: What's with all this qanon march 4th riff raff? I'm…[View]
310572705ROBLOX: Just a reminder to remind to everyone what goes on within ROBLOX.[View]
310573122I can’t breed I can’t breed Honkey kongs going sterile by 2045 https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.newsh…[View]
310565228Paradox strategies are ZOG most successful special operation against right-wing dissidents: Autistic…[View]
310553875The big yer question only the Whites can answer: We are supposed to write the big yer for final vowe…[View]
310561649They’re talking about you, /pol/.[View]
310572620/pol/ life goals thread: Personally mine are: >minimum three children >middle size dog >cat…[View]
310569457can a jew be based ???[View]
310572039Tugging for Tulsi: So is she still in the game or what?[View]
310567655BIDEN LIMITS ELIGIBILITY FOR STIMULUS CHECKS: Biden limits eligibility for stimulus payments under p…[View]
310542207/pol/ humor thread! Tranny edition: Post em boys![View]
310570584Dump Israel: The United States should end military aid to Israel. 1. Military Aid to Israel is unnec…[View]
310571418Trump actually fucking really lost[View]
310569248Come home, white mutt: Dear mutts, did you know that Slovakia will grant citizenship to 3rd generati…[View]
310572388Does anyone really hate the Asian American Pacific Islanders?[View]
310572818BRO MAN FUCKING RACISM STOP IT OKAY: Mumba and his colleagues noticed the vials sent to his country …[View]
310569150Hi /Pol/ newfag here. What do you think about the Christchurch shooting? It’s so obvious it’s a fals…[View]
310572242PUT POLITICIANS TO THE TEST: >Should I support a particular politician? Only if they are willing …[View]
310569077>The masks wor-[View]
310569222Where were you when Destiny became fucking BASED?[View]
310572476Happiness cant come from want for happiness Nor will you find contentment, success, or peace of mind…[View]
310572415White People of Color thread.: Thread for white people with melination. POC enough for POC roles..…[View]
310570950Clown World Comedic Relief Thread: When I HONK, you HONK HONK[View]
310571247ITT: based Dr. Seuss drawings: In the spirit of the times, lets have a look at banned literature.…[View]
310571781Will simps be allowed into the white ethnostate?[View]
310572335USA USA USA: CONGRATULATIONS to AMERICA for being the richest and BROWNEST COUNTRY in the world!!…[View]
310561664Seventy-one percent of HR professionals are female: What are your tricks to deal with the HR thots a…[View]
310569646Blacks already receive over $10,000 in reparations each and every year: 'On net, whites generate a $…[View]
310565068Chunk Yogurt is melting down, its not even been 3 months into the Biden administration https://www.y…[View]
310571420Regardless if they're Jewish or White or Christian or whatever, wealthy reticent elite are the …[View]
310570505How to fight eminent domain?: Hey, so i ran into a lady today asking for signatures to fight an emin…[View]
310563145According to variety she is not white: I'm going to repost until you don't delete it Jew m…[View]
310571960The niggers keep saying they are taking our data!: I have no idea wtf this taking our data means! It…[View]
310566613DMV: The DMV is illegal and borderline terrorist organization. >Have to pay fees to renew registr…[View]
310570797the amerishit fears the best korea: https://sputniknews.com/asia/202103031082246564-pentagon-concern…[View]
310553561Leftists Fleeing to Other States: I'm amazed how quickly Californians discovered our little cor…[View]
310562699Putin and Russian nationalism: A lot of anons love Putin for his anti-American illiberal stance, but…[View]
310571301https://mobile.twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1367235477770747908 China wants to be all up in your a…[View]
310571260>be me >make well worded and researched thread about an interesting topic. >10 replies, thr…[View]
310571491Don't kid yourself, right wingers. You want censorship too. Pic related is proof. You're j…[View]
310569361What's in the box?[View]
310571209How do we save our boy[View]
310565869QTARDS GET SO CLOSE TO WAKING UP. THEN BACK TO SLEEP.: How does this happen??? https://greatawakenin…[View]
310555981QTARDS ARE TRULY LIVING IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE THAN REST OF SOCIETY: https://greatawakening.win/p/12hkY…[View]
310570802Biden Goes Off Script: 'I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do…[View]
310571037antisemitic birds: this is racist and sexist two antisemitic birds attack a jewish man. https://www.…[View]
310569545Fuck whamen! Cucks on suicide watch: Remember when this epic hero sacrificed himself for all of us? …[View]
310541840Why are americans defending not raising minimum wage to $15/hr. Have they really been psyopd so hard…[View]
310541123TRUMP PICKING BLACK OR FEMALE VP FOR 2024: Lmfao Lmfao Lmfao Lmfao Lmfao https://twitter.com/Jennife…[View]
310561032I'm gonna self improve.: I will stop watching porn. I will have a healthy sleep schedule. I…[View]
310550311Australia: ITT: We mutts discuss the future we would like to see for Australia while the sleepy ausf…[View]
310567787Video: German Police Commandos Storms House Because 2 Men Drink Beer: GERMANY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…[View]
310570894If I ran the Zoo: If I ran the zoo the jew would be who The Jew would be who would be beyond the vie…[View]
310560923INTERRACIAL COUPLES = ANTI BLACK: Black people actually HATE seeing white-black interracial couples …[View]
310566389what's worse?: 'men' doing shit like this for girls who still won't fuck them or women fee…[View]
310563466incels are /ourguys/: >no #metoo bullshit to deal with >wants to repeal womens privileges >…[View]
310566212It all goes back to 1871 when the government passed a law that (notably) doesn’t actually exist. Tha…[View]
310564348RUSSIA HATE THREAD: Hate on these dogs right here[View]
310569641You will never get another stimulus check[View]
310568382Based? Cringe? Thoughts? Are the Irish niggers or based white men?: Seems pretty self serving for Bi…[View]
310515510/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5403: ► Detected: 115,492,395 (+197,835) ► Died: 2,563,709 (+4,037) ► …[View]
310551897When my normal reality gets raided by /pol/: My mother was showing me some videos, showing off this …[View]
310565131Message [A]: Check package in mail. Light is open, gateway closed. If you are looking, go to King. C…[View]
3105683362pac: What do you think of 2pac's view of society and what he stands for? I personally agree wi…[View]
310569805Whitepill: Normies can be convinced to be on our side. A lot of them know deep down third world migr…[View]
310562230January 6th is the 9/11 of our generation. Seeing our great country getting attacked by domestic ter…[View]
310568036Democratic lawmakers have offered legislation to build a monument on Capitol Hill to honor Supreme C…[View]
310521794Any reason why you haven't taken the Midwestpill yet?[View]
310569831Stars upon thars or how capitalism cures racism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLPe7XjdKc[View]
310567653Canada General /CAG/: Fuck around and find out edition >Canadian Tire employee chokeholds custome…[View]
310558234Geo Politics: Do you guys know any good content-creators (youtubers, blogguers, shit like that) that…[View]
310567826Race mixing between europeans?: I, a mediterranean looking man with brown hair and brown eyes, have …[View]
310533609Éire /pol/ - Rocket Man Arrested Edition: Headlines: >Man charged over firework attack at Dublin …[View]
310570523You guys really don't believe in this stuff, d-do you?[View]
310568077wtf America?: Ok, so let me get this straight >homeownership is plummeting >not enough housing…[View]
310566509Joe Goes Trans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGgVoqr78gk >This is the story of my gender ident…[View]
310559386why?: the fuck[View]
310570242White boys going sterile by 2045 https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.newshub.co.nz/home/lifestyle/2021/0…[View]
310570034How deep does this rabbit hole go?[View]
310570109Terrorist attack in sweden 8 injured: Religion of peace strikes again[View]
310565191Black church leaders organize event to have whites wash their feet: To atone for their true original…[View]
310555809There are always threads on here with europeans trashing american homes. Lets see a picture of any r…[View]
310557864Why did he invade Poland?[View]
310567977This is a collapsing empire. Prove me wrong.[View]
310553696MASSIVE GERMAN WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS: After 75 years and 10 months, the time has finally come to …[View]
310542427You have a vessel to a new habitable planet to start again. Capacity for 100k people. Who do you ta…[View]
310569589Why are people talking about March 15th instead of the 5th? Have the Trumpfags preemptively given up…[View]
310560853Brit/pol/ - Binfire Edition: >Unlicensed barbecue causes Binfire on Hove seafront https://www.the…[View]
310569448/blg/ Barnes_Law General: with special guest Dave Rubin https://youtu.be/HVZyUHzHn8s[View]
310562948Trump hasn’t announced he can’t be sworn in office March 4: What a pathetic loser. He wants people s…[View]
310569437Miffon = animal abusers: They should be gassed https://mp3.fastupload.co/files/1614815714…[View]
310565520I’m Jewish ask me anything...[View]
310556639Who the fuck runs this place?: what kind of fucking demonic hell hole actively tries to keep the wor…[View]
310567592Vegas shooters brother interview: Is this not the strangest interview of a mass shooters brother? Th…[View]
310564804CENSORED ZOG VIDEOS Downloads: CENSORED ZOG VIDEOS Downloads Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S.…[View]
310564403mRNA - infertility: >Publicly brags about vaccinating while pregnant, despite it not being recomm…[View]
310568557Research General: Kun Down Edition: '''We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all m…[View]
310567377Let this sink in.[View]
310563348Why are so many hollywood execs pedos?[View]
310518330Is Yggdrasil Hyperborean Kabbalah?: Did the jews steal kabbalah from ancient aryans?[View]
310568129Why are niggers so uppity[View]
310568242Why crackdown on bullying is wrong: When children aren’t getting bullied enough, and fag bashed(weth…[View]
310568266Why should narcotics be illegal?: >Nicotine - addictive and kills more people >Alcohol - addic…[View]
310567424CONGRATULATIONS to America for being the richest and BROWNEST COUNTRY in the world!![View]
310566941There are currently 5000 national guards patrolling the Capitol: So why are they afraid of any riots…[View]
310563100Have you ever tried reselling as a business?[View]
310562498A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind: This book is banned on Amazon. You shou…[View]
310560302I saw my father dying in his bed for cancer at the age of 63. After that I understood Vikings and th…[View]
310568256Neo-Obscurantist starter pack:: >Earth is flat >Space is fake >Nukes aren't real >A…[View]
310537952HAPPENING! Lin Wood Releases Transcript Implicating Roberts, Rosenstein and others: Holy fuck. LW ju…[View]
310552918This is just not true.McDonalds workers in Denmark are only hired if they are below the age of 18, a…[View]
310565494Why are liberals like this ?: >Be me >Friends with liberal burger >Talking about covid >…[View]
310568165What if?: This is what should have happened... ;~>[View]
310567761So are we genna stop the steal or what?[View]
310556919BIDEN LIVE: This is pathetic. No one is even watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9wN8ydFHpM…[View]
310566298Every Time: Every time a goy is circumcised a Jew get his horns.[View]
310566993Just found out this feller here consummated a marriage with a 9 year old. How do mudslimes defend th…[View]
310565207Chocolate is Running Out - 2020s leave No Stone Unfucked: The world is running out of chocolate. Wha…[View]
310567410An Alaska health executive got #metoo'd to death. Basically, he was in charge of the state…[View]
310567950Why are American conservatives like this?: >5:45 PM >Jewish prayer service What is up with th…[View]
310551878This is the best propaganda against liberal politics: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=InWifglIkQ0…[View]
310566430At the funeral of the Occident: Let us mourn the death of the Western world. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
310567082Why are women not wearing dressed anymore? All I see is sweat pants and jeans.[View]
310567804I live in Tehran. Everyone's chanting 'Allah-moe' and 'Hail Stone' and 'Ali-moe'. Moe's an…[View]
310559728Mark Gudgel (mayoral candidate) disavows Destiny, rumors of death threats: There are rumors Mark and…[View]
310566651How powerful is he in the elite?[View]
310565410How would Hitler react to modern day Germany?[View]
310565766Why are Canadians the only ones doing this? https://archive.is/TYvyw[View]
310531672He doesn't even give a fuck anymore. Other song titles on the album include 'Western Man', “Why…[View]
310567058His biggest legislative achievement is giving tax breaks to corporations and billionaires that hate …[View]
310564611Has JP changed your life?[View]
310558046SpaceX SN10 launch thread#2: Stream: https://youtu.be/XOQkk3ojNfM[View]
310564194I don't feel like buying this, any good links? Should we just move to the mountains? or stay cl…[View]
310566454I took the covid vaccine, and I'm starting to feel less racist and sexist. What are they puttin…[View]
310565307>Greta officially endorses anal swab Covid tests after carefully researching detection rates vs. …[View]
310564867Why is the CDC concerned about a zombie apocolypse? Is this the nonsense our tax dollars are wasted …[View]
310567387Culture of Curation: Curation is not censorship There are millions of ideas, and the right ones have…[View]
3105607152021=20+21=41: Is this the year Sum 41 predicted the end of normal life?![View]
310567331>There is no evidence for G...[View]
310564679Will there ever be another Rome?: Was Rome the peek of Western Civilization? It seems every great po…[View]
310564822Do you believe Ethiopia could reasonably use the Tigray revolt to justify invasion and conquest in E…[View]
310567218Are there any good Spanish and Mandarin online courses? I figured the demographics is changing and C…[View]
310560203Another dead tranny: Good news! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56268409[View]
310566869GayBCs: Should I be worried or is humanity already doomed? https://youtu.be/pnQM-6NzyIU[View]
310563492Alex bashes Trump: >“It’s the truth and I’m just going to say it. That I wish I never would have …[View]
310559851The correlation between trannies and autism: There is a connection. What could it mean? And how does…[View]
310544036>laughs at the UK for police investigating hate speech on social media >meanwhile in the U.S. …[View]
310567081>wear your mask like a good boy to survive the meme flu >die anyway because your shithole coun…[View]
310563521Why is Hadrian so hated?! Overall he seems like an average Roman emperor. Not too bad, not too good,…[View]
310566908Democrat malarky control!: HB 8: They want to make you a criminal for selling your own property by r…[View]
310563869Non-whites of /pol why do you bare whites?[View]
310566753Are you winning /pol/?[View]
310537741Remind me how Chicago is supposedly a bad city, again.[View]
310566695You will not criticize Joe Biden on /tv/[View]
310565432Multiplanetary Species Status: DENIED[View]
310563039Purity spiral: If you purity spiral, you are actively helping the jew do its work. Infighting is exa…[View]
310564163Q-fags will defend: So what’s the new line when nothing happens tomorrow? How will the Q-fags cope? …[View]
310565466Bill Gates: What's the deal with this faggot? How did he went from an adorable nerd to an evil …[View]
310562501Who here thinks its funny that despite everyone laughing andrew yang off the ballot they've com…[View]
310565522Sauce needed for redpilling frens: Does anyone have that paper when we only had covid-19 and it said…[View]
310559865Why are the news peoples turning on Cuomo?: Why are the news people turning on Cuomo now? Why did th…[View]
310557140***BANNED*** Dr. Seuss Now a Symbol of Hate: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1366735052269363202…[View]
310565145What the fuck is wrong with Women?: Why do Women do this shit? Do they think this is attractive? I h…[View]
310541511/JQG/ - Jewish Question General: ITT we discuss why jews are destroying western civilization. 1/3 Si…[View]
310565707lost to joe biden biden's approval 60%[View]
310562412OMG what has radiation done to Japan?[View]
310561309'SUPERMAN': How do you feel about this?[View]
310562844China makes COVID-19 anal swab test mandatory for foreigners. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status…[View]
310558197Send Jews to space: Instead of a genocidal solution??[View]
310522745The man who can save the Netherlands.[View]
310550323/nsg/ NatSoc General: ᛋᛋ Welcome to /nsg/: National Socialism General. ᛋᛋ This is your one-stop-shop…[View]
310519030Canadian Citizens Starve to Death Inside CCP-Operated Hotels Which They Are Forcibly Imprisoned In: …[View]
310563152United Kingdom: I knew the UK was a mess of a country but this takes the cake! > Twitter police …[View]
310556099If Jews contolled America ever since Woodrow Wilson...: Why did it take so long for it to get this b…[View]
310564063Reminder: This is what faggots calling you transphobe online look like[View]
310560466Was the election stolen? Why was no fraud proven? Did /pol/ let trump down?[View]
310557735serb/pol/: General discussion of Serbian politics. discord trannies edition[View]
310565501Foxes vs rednecks: ----> LISTEN https://mp3.fastupload.co/files/1614797058 <-----[View]
310535395>everyone who's vaxxed is sterilized. >everyone who's unvaxxed is murdered. Is there…[View]
310558612>y'all why does the radical left keep saying this[View]
310560668This 'onions face' meme is nothing but childish ad homeminem when you disagree with someon…[View]
310562064Epstein/Maxwell/Clinton File Dump: Woelkli Download Password: Ghislaine Maxwell1 or Anon City Downlo…[View]
310555757Why is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine getting rekt in MSM? I'm seeing bugmen talk about 'effic…[View]
310513329The chinks are going to win, are they ?[View]
310562927Redpill Thread: Post ‘em.[View]
310563179Federal vaccine mandates: When the US population gets to about 50% vaxxed adults this summer, how li…[View]
310559537>mfw my tax dollars go to funding glowies who watch me shitpost all day…[View]
310558714Melvin Capital Posts 20% Returns in Feburary, Or, How Reddit Didn't Do A Thing: Good job you sh…[View]
310563847Some fuckin insecure beaner deleted my last thread: ay caramba kys more reasons latinos are the wor…[View]
310544360Pizzagate thread: Post those redpills, faggots[View]
310545140lmaooooooo new prez not afraid to light you up unlike fag trump[View]
310564184Jewish-Masonic conspiracy is real[View]
310564149Was North Africa the great lost white man's land?[View]
310564214Is America the last hope for the human race?[View]
310559355Why do democrat voters support warmongers?: Why did the democrat voters vote for the corporate milit…[View]
310561936REDPILL ME ON: Stanley Kubrick: How Jewish was he? > No formal higher education. > Lover of Eu…[View]
310550670Europeans live like this and think it’s okay..[View]
310564278If you want to know how quaint Ireland is, just know that a random lad throwing a firework at the po…[View]
310561584Stop consooming kike propaganda and start appreciating European achievements![View]
310554927based chinks[View]
310563684AOC LOVES TRUMP NOW: >AOC Says 'Conservative' Dems Are 'Less Generous' Than T…[View]
310556344What physiognomy is this?[View]
310547745Why is this picture so hard for /pol/-users to accept? There is literally nothing wrong here, it…[View]
310563377So Trump fags have trannies on their side too?: Are there any differences between Trumpers and Progr…[View]
310560591Why are you still using a pozzed messenger, /pol/?[View]
31055274764,500 dead due to vaccines: That's like 20 9/11s last month. When will Joe Biden answer for th…[View]
310561722How come we still don’t know a single thing about who was responsible for the Qanon conspiracy?! The…[View]
310563314The Jew fears the amateur Dyson sphere builder[View]
310549583Daily Reminder: Politics is fake.: Our political system is a widespread but fairly simple ruse. Its …[View]
310554515Even in 1945 Americans were not able to win a fair ground battle: Americans cant fight for shit. You…[View]
310562992>Trump personally trained his own private army >Trump's coup d'etat attempt was just…[View]
310562935Hey Germans, how does it feel to still be under occupation?: We aren't leaving until you all lo…[View]
310560198Why do they keep killing themselves?: >The local mental health care clinic said Byun Hee-soo atte…[View]
310562453Why are Australians so based?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t17O2AKa2FU[View]
310551976BREAKING: Pelosi cancelling tomorrow's votes due to March 4th threat: Trumper terrorism will de…[View]
310546266Why do Jews want to genocide Europeans: I don’t get it. What’s their end goal?[View]
310558990Why are they giving the world to China? What's the endgame here? Surely they don't want fu…[View]
310560535Did Hitler killed himself in his basement Berlin bunker. Or was it just another zog bropaganda and h…[View]
310551335Why are the GOP so very childish at this point? This is not something we should be focusing on. NO …[View]
310557255Honest Question: How do I, a white male, advocate on behalf of my race, without being deemed a racis…[View]
310556389No meat: How much longer till governments start banning Red then White meat cause of muh climate cha…[View]
310560064What happens next?[View]
310561327When are you guys gonna stop killing all our future doctors, engineers, and lawyers?!?!?![View]
310558938ANOTHER RIGGER ARRESTED FOR ELECTION FRAUD: Nothing to see here, only it literally triggered an elec…[View]
310558800Mark Collett banned from DLive: Patriotic Alternative continues to be deplatformed financially and o…[View]
310559337IQ Nation State Thought Experiment: Many on here like to argue for a white ethnostate, mainly becaus…[View]
310561408the founder of odysee/lbry is jewish...: https://youtu.be/1CjDL1B1qrE?t=40 https://twitter.com/jerem…[View]
31055031634 dead in Myanmar. This will be trump supporters by next year in USA: https://apnews.com/article/my…[View]
310557705If you so much as use terms such as 'leftist' or 'right wing' etc to describe yourself, or others po…[View]
310562111Why are Vikings so degenerate?[View]
310562107gog magog coming: kikeland will perish as foretold https://www.rt.com/op-ed/517122-israel-airstrikes…[View]
310558438KAWP cont. Pt 3: This is the new BLM. Lets keep it going. normies will be forced to take a side. Thi…[View]
310558356>its just because of fertilizer bro there are people on /pol/ who unironically believe this.…[View]
310562081Serious Question...: Why are the GOP so very childish at this point? This is not something we should…[View]
310507987How? Just how?: How? Just how? How is it that this book is on sale? <-- this[View]
310550389Did Hitler go to Hell?[View]
310561700How do you conquer this: Hypothetically speaking how could greece conquer all this and establish the…[View]
310559255Even default Reddit subs are tired of constant transporting.: Trans people are disproportionately ov…[View]
310557728Germany will bitterly regret because Morocco is heavy in terms of image and Mohamed 5 had already pu…[View]
310561499Ghettos and millionaire neighborhoods are starting to look the same in the U.S.: Bentleys, Aston-Mar…[View]
310559856Something happened today. What was it?[View]
310560440Only people with weak genetics are leftists. This is what I think.[View]
310560205What does the ideal “non degenerate” free male look like according to /pol/?: >Genetics/Appearanc…[View]
310555602They’re talking about you.[View]
310520456Exhausted Texas ICU Nurse Says She’s Scared About The Upcoming End To The State Mask Order: >COVI…[View]
310555329Reykjavík Volcanic Eruption: Volcano near Reykjavík Iceland to erupt in a few hours. live camera fee…[View]
310557269I'm black and I'm proud of it[View]
310558830hitler was a bit wrong: ' the jew cries out in pain as it strikes you ' but in reality the…[View]
310558691What ever happened to John Metzger. He disappeared in the early 90s but according to IMDb he was in …[View]
310559835You’re going to make it: You’re going to make it idiot. No idiot. Fight. Don’t date to date, date to…[View]
310556193I have an idea: Seeing as how they're rescheduling the vote now over Qtards, what's stoppi…[View]
310560306Holocaust: What's true and what's false? Most websites I find when I try to look this shit…[View]
310559496BREXIT: Fish for this, Spanish - we've sabotaged our waters https://newsfortomorrow.com/index.…[View]
310530940Wear the mask insensitive fucks: Pic related, woman dying of COVID-19 because you insensitive mother…[View]
310559751I could never say I'm sorry like Cuomo just did.: I also don't hump women's legs like…[View]
310543039Any western (non jew) esoteric systems?: I have literally only seen jewish shit when researching wes…[View]
310559790Why do shills do it?: Why do marxists / chinese / Iranians shill on reddit? The natural target for s…[View]
310558611Huey Long appreciation thread: It is peak kikedom to say that anyone deserves to be poor in the weal…[View]
310513797Has politics forced you to do this too?: Be me (pic rel) 6:00 am this morning but really any morning…[View]
310549913Brit/pol/: The furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September by the chancellor in the …[View]
310556505The black white IQ gap has narrowed to less than 10 IQ points: From Heiner Rindermann: https://psycn…[View]
310558512I think we should scuttle the public school system and let the free market handle it, anything is pr…[View]
310554101serb/p0l/ - banned edition: s0me0ne send the invite link please[View]
310558693I just hate liberals. I literally don't have any other politics. I kinda hate conservatives too…[View]
310519877White supremacists on par with ISIS as ‘top threat,’ FBI director tells Senate[View]
310559315yfw you realized everything bad that has ever happened in human history was because of the jews[View]
310554344How did a bunch of Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists fall for the: most pro-jewish presidential candi…[View]
310556899When do we get more stimmy checks?[View]
310554575Orisha Land: >AUSTIN, Texas — A black liberation autonomous zone is forming in Austin, which is t…[View]
310555557Tell me why this picture is actually wrong though: >porn stars used to be looked down upon, had a…[View]
310559143killshot: I'm telling you guys, they have absolutely no response to this shit. This is the info…[View]
310555973Funniest Political Happenings of the Last Year: Post um.[View]
310534478Dumbest Shit a Lib Ever Said to You: Post it.[View]
310518903Prepare your anus, amerikkkans.[View]
310550853What do you guys say when others ask what your politics are?[View]
310558874Favourite Uk prime minister: I choose John Major. Any interviews of him I have watched he seems very…[View]
310534583The FBI has arrested a white supremacist in Fort Lauderdale: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/…[View]
310558811Real black history: WTF, who was the first black president? Was slavery about race? Has race always …[View]
310553718/nau/ - North American Union: Welcome frens to /nau/ - North American Union. /nau/- North American …[View]
310557836Yall keep saying this is a bad book.: I'm just thinking these right wing women should read it a…[View]
310550405George Lincoln Rockwell: This is why they ban George Lincoln Rockwell threads.[View]
310557232What does /pol/ think about JFK and his roommate?: Is this a bit fruity?[View]
310557800What is the term for organizations like the SPLC and the ADL? Besides 'organization' there's so…[View]
310550057I simply can't care about /pol/tards who weep crocodile tears for a murderous pedophile dipshit…[View]
310555276Hello 4chan channers: I just came to check out your site after viewing the two-part video series by …[View]
310558518Just gonna drop it here, found this as an ad on research gate. You're welcome![View]
310535114OHNONONONONONO Orban bros we got too cocky! Fidesz kicked out from the EPP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >The…[View]
310536764The political and social impact of companion bots: >its the year 2035 >have access to a hyper …[View]
310545587Iran was right[View]
310558212If Trump came out as Trans and ran for president of Israel ptg would still support him[View]
310558209Burn them: They are kike shits[View]
310549535Can you niggers fuck off /b/ with the black guys fucking white chick bullshit. im just trynna have f…[View]
310558026Trumpfags btfo[View]
310557099was he right?[View]
310558036In Nomine Patris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCL_5KLyk4I Best movie of all time, and very relev…[View]
310551427I like europe: I like europe and europeans I like ukrainians, I like germans, I like spanish people …[View]
310555804BRITBONG TAX MASSACRE: hear you got a new tax, Britbros. care to explain how fucked you are? how wi…[View]
310552665whatifalthist is pretty based. why isnt he talked about more on here? he makes tons of videos about …[View]
310557923Now that the dust has settled, I assume we are now making loose-leaf tea and defending our waters? …[View]
310556903The 4 Main Industry Classifications: http://www.geography.learnontheinternet.co.uk/topics/industryth…[View]
310548733Terrorist attack in Sweden: A man with a knife attacked residents of the Swedish city of Vetlanda Th…[View]
310557844>john sullivan is filmed instigating at the capitol >john sullivan's brother turns him in…[View]
310553039Don't check how many people will be there in 2100.: Worst mistake of my life.[View]
310553133What would you do, if you ran the zoo?: If I ran a zoo the jew would be who The Jew would be who wou…[View]
310553988Is this really THAT wrong?: >Lots of food >Shelter >sexy bitches rubbing their wet tits/cun…[View]
310552835It may take a little while but: the end result of allll this shit, is racism. Everyone will become …[View]
310556536>implement fascist policies, call it socialism >tankies rally up behind you anyways Powerful…[View]
310556317If most people who got vaccinated are sterilized, what will happen to the economy for the next 10-20…[View]
310557393How LIT are your professors /pol/?: Post modern university memes - yes academia is political.[View]
310546609>Greta officially endorses anal swab Covid tests after carefully researching detection rates vs. …[View]
310555629The Wave pt. 2: In 2008 someone by the name of Hidden Hand did a public interview on an internet for…[View]
310505924Uhhhh pakibros?[View]
310556047Imagine being this big of a cuck.[View]
310556725Taking advange of liberals: > Started a new job at a super liberal company last week. > Accide…[View]
310557356Mumsnet have lit the beacon. How can we help mummy defend against the tranny hordes attacking her?[View]
310557229What happens here?: Why does everyone from this country believe the earth is flat?[View]
310555106If I were a fly on mike pences wall: What would I hear, /pol/ ?[View]
310557183Post Darth Klaus in your country[View]
310555923Farakhan's Right You Know: Minister Farrakhan speaks on Billy Graham and Satanic Jews! https://…[View]
310527170Space-X Rocket Launch: Will if boom?[View]
310557095This is what a very, very wealthy area of the USA looks like: Check out this video. If you work supe…[View]
310541612your thoughts on this black gentleman?[View]
310553252There is ZERO documented evidence of cannibalism or human sacrifice in Africa before wh*te people ar…[View]
310531243Reading The Principles of Communism with /pol/: Reading The Principles of Communism with /pol/, one …[View]
310548191Clown World: What keeps you going in this shithole? For me its anger and the will to keep moving for…[View]
310556945Politically incorrect? Lol: Nah Being a real feminist is anti pc War is terror and our 20 year 11 m…[View]
310556928Running In Circles: This is your reminder to just give up on Trump already. Even if we get rid of ((…[View]
310556936Faggot hate thread: >40 times more likely to molest children >Spread disease and rectal parasi…[View]
310551506Why do women enjoy traveling abroad do much?[View]
310554757guy fucks kid's mom: rip bozo[View]
310546364Destiny got BTFO'D for supporting kyle rittenhouse[View]
310556414It seems natural to suspect that the government is prolonging covid restrictions (among other reason…[View]
310556021Do you know how to behave in Britain, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltVtnCzg9xw[View]
310556719America is Healing[View]
310553405I've decided to walk away from this website and instead love all other people without condition…[View]
310555033https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIs0ZDZ6dYw a video called 'Poverty in Africa is an illusion Manufac…[View]
310549438Name a single fucking billionaire against open borders[View]
310544321Be honest, how many of you Biden voters are disappointed in him at this moment?[View]
310553180This make me think....[View]
310551754Has neoteny always been appreciated throughout europe?[View]
310556367/NYG/ New York General - Andrew Cuomo gets #metoo'd: https://youtu.be/_Un6OAnZ8S8[View]
310546963Jews are coming for your libraries next[View]
310554963this little beaner was forgotten in less than a month: kek[View]
310556301Ted Cruz is chimping out again at the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. He is even …[View]
310554825Reminder that pictures of naked male bodies are enough to trigger some trannies, it quite funny.[View]
310549297What is their end game for whitey?: How come every corporation, government official, celebrity and p…[View]
310547101Why is tribalism among women so high?: Spoke with my mom earlier, she's pretty 'red pilled' on …[View]
310556088Would you buy his potatoes?[View]
310553025kek YO bong ?: More than half of Britons have said that they would miss lockdown — despite the count…[View]
310555936JOE GOES: Joe Goes was a popular youtuber that did interviews in public and could have been even con…[View]
310540428Only AOC can save America: I am in tears[View]
310556038Hidden Hand 'The Wave' exposed as LARP: This is a direct response to the thread that just went archi…[View]
310556000Dindu nuffin for 4 years of high school: My reparations will b a free graduations for all my brothas…[View]
310555961why can't republicucks put two and two together?[View]
310553959MECCA VACCINE: >What Could /pol/ Do? Imagine a Bunch Of Muslims Unable To Travel To Mecca Because…[View]
310555552kek based[View]
310551374> based Terry Pratchet > weird country called Borogravia (Borgeravia?) > everyday stuff ban…[View]
310543725NO!!! NOT AGAIN!![View]
310553891How are they going to spin this one, lads? 90%+ negro population and a leftist teacher's union.…[View]
310548644Predictions for March 4th, is Trump going to take back the oval office?: What do you guys think is g…[View]
310542854Does /pol/ realize that there are many non-white countries that are considered developed? A few non-…[View]
310554023daily reminder that fags are disgusting mentally ill freaks that spread aids and groom kids.[View]
310553247Are you doing your part too, /pol/?[View]
310555663Pol take the uW pill.: uW is going to be the best supplement to our political goals. All these peopl…[View]
310539972Name The Band[View]
310548011Sweden: Why is this place such a shit-hole?[View]
310551371Should we anons?: https://twitter.com/rozowe_legginsy/status/1361534208796164097[View]
310531979When will they get it? We don't care about space. At all. Defund NASA. Medicare and College fo…[View]
310554295/pol/ what is the worst part of woke culture?[View]
310554931daily reminder[View]
310554445Self Improvement Thread[View]
310553790Alex Jones on Leaked Video: 'I Wish I Never Met Trump': OHNONONO TRUMPBROS WE GOT TOO COCK…[View]
310555348What's up niggers. I'm abo and whiter than you.[View]
310554109Joker Biden calling others stupid: Is the funnies thing i have ever heard. Retard calls others retar…[View]
310546292Raise your hand if you agree![View]
310553232Why is /pol/ so hopelessly obsessed with Breezewood, Pennsylvania?[View]
310536569This fucking jew kiked out the LotR movies: >Sam and Pippen too close in age with Frodo >too m…[View]
310552405Do you feel stupid yet, anti-maskers??: How does it feel to be responsible for billions of deaths be…[View]
310553111Oops... we did it again: You want to humiliate us? Here's a suggestion: pursue excellence... Na…[View]
310554924RIP MILLENNIAL WOES: Please pay respects to Woes and his banned channel. https://youtu.be/MYuxNulLCr…[View]
310554918Clown world: Clown world thread let's go[View]
310528055HAPPENING Sweden: Terror attack in Sweden, 8 in critical condition. Suspect shot. https://www.expres…[View]
310553508What Does this Mean ? Why is my country doing this ? Ameribros ?[View]
310552237should i donate to her?: h chain[View]
310553677Are we about to enter a collapse?: Hyperinflation is coming >Check Weimer on steroids level depra…[View]
310554132There should be voting licenses in every democratic country: >People who vote should have a licen…[View]
310549173Teeth brushing: /pol/, do you brush your teeth up and down or left to right? What are the political …[View]
310550476She’s completely right, you know? People who ignore the Science will be doomed.[View]
310544001Is this considered Europe?[View]
310535320Remember when Trump was going to: >save all those kids >lock her up >build the wall >dra…[View]
310551516Dog bless Amuttica[View]
310538433Why are whites obsessed with space?: Aren't they aware that there are billions of human beings …[View]
310554095How can Biden be induced to go on a dementia-fueled racist rant? This is something that would provid…[View]
310552160/pol/ market survey: Hello /biz/! We are an organization undertaking a survey on how you feel about …[View]
310550812EXACTLY! The Republican Party has become a death cult. IT'S TOO EARLY TO STOP WEARING MASKS! …[View]
310550920Where do Europeans get off on telling us how to govern, telling us what our minimum wage should be a…[View]
310554120press ESC to go back[View]
310554105Hey, hey /pol/, /pol/, look. /pol/, I'm Tojo.[View]
310552009CDC says a zombie apocolypse is happening: https://www.wthr.com/article/news/health/cdc-zombie-apoca…[View]
310553320He's 4 years younger than Trump but he looks younger... we lost migabros...[View]
310552283liberals have been psyop'd into thinking any attack on the capitol from here on out is qtard co…[View]
310552650the face you make when drumpf tries to explain why he didn't do anything about the pandemic[View]
310540511Why does /pol/ hate Harvey Weinstein again? The women he 'raped' admitted sleeping with him for movi…[View]
310544836Why jews abuse americans so much: Why do (((masters))) abuse Americans so much? Think about it >t…[View]
310537608He’s right: We should focus our energy on helping people on planet fucking earth.[View]
310525353Fuck My Cousin(not literally): I have a cousin named Caitlyn who was a nice little Aryan Christian g…[View]
310548905Jesus was a terrorist[View]
310549857Should stalking be considered a crime? Youre just watching someone[View]
310546016Jesus Christ created Adolf Hitler: Questions for Judeo-Christians: Here are some good questions you …[View]
310552935What's their endgame: What is their endgame /pol?[View]
310536395Looks like /pol/ was wrong again.[View]
310551253Jen Psaki BTFOs Biden: Love her or hate her, she's spitting straight facts. How do you racists …[View]
310552311Japan, explain yourselves. https://www.reddit.com/r/japanlife/comments/lwhm01/is_it_normal_that_empl…[View]
310551373The day the nannybot is created women will lose much power as men will have a female like companion …[View]
310553200Thoughts on new greek minister?: >Voridis graduated from Athens College and acquired his degree f…[View]
310552663Goytrust: Alphabet subsidiary Google has pledged it will ditch the third-party cookie-based model of…[View]
310499317The Wave: In 2008 someone by the name of Hidden Hand did a public interview on an internet forum. Th…[View]
310551695MEN SERVE NO PURPOSE: Women get better grades, more intelligent, are increasingly higher wage earner…[View]
310549711It is a good day for British gentlemen to forgive their French neighbors (when they have apologized …[View]
310547947>we're the counter culture! >well actually, we support the police, military, the governme…[View]
310543834Seriously, the bullying against German members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
310552855Reinstitute Corporal punishment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MFz2o1xbTc[View]
310552132/ng/ Neanderthal General: Oog me look rock oog Me take mask off Not die Oog Long nose man bad Oog ha…[View]
310522588Can someone tell me why /pol/ idolizes this guy? >crosses state lines with AR-15 >defends car …[View]
310551353If Biden starts a new war, can we all agree to send only his voters to die?[View]
310552554What would happen in a world wide internet collapse?: I can't shake the feeling that we won…[View]
310542228Re-balkanization of Germany: I can not identify with most of the 'german' regions except mine. Germa…[View]
310551362How do we fix women?[View]
310550416J.R.B Jr.: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the greatest president in american history, so much better …[View]
310544797what happened to black americans? they were forming militias writing literature serving kids free br…[View]
310550116Just. Get. The. Mark.: >Governments plan to issue bar code tattoos 'The dye wouldn’t monitor peop…[View]
310550704Caging Canadians - putting animals where they belong.: Edition: Voluntary Imprisonment https://youtu…[View]
310542444I poisoned myself with old meat but I feel confident that I'll be fine because public healthcar…[View]
310540868HAPPENING - VOLCANO - ICELAND - HAPPENING: >Imminent volcanic eruption in Iceland >The volcano…[View]
310544782Yellowstone: When will it blow up? And where would all Americans escape to? Africa? Russia?[View]
310552550[[ Responding to a that 404'd before I could post, regarding the population increase rate in di…[View]
310552072Boomer catholic beliefs.: Why are so many boomers convinced it all comes back to the Catholic Church…[View]
310539323A Colorado Filipina mom was fatally shot in the head by two black teenagers while sitting in her Lan…[View]
310550678Fat tax: should fat people be taxed for being fat? or maybe even banned? like what the fuck. when no…[View]
310531206>*whips out his monocle* oh dear[View]
310540807FREE MR. BOND: Reminder that based NatSoc parody tunes are not forever lost. https://www.bitchute.co…[View]
310551727>Before 2020, leftists were whining about space and pandering to niggers >Ever since the Democ…[View]
310552115Why are trannies acting like they own every social media platform now? Are things this bad at /lgbt/…[View]
310551992This makes /pol/ seethe: Ivanaka Trump and her history of going after BJC >Rothschild >Epstein…[View]
310537833Why do right wingers want to keep the minimum wage at $7.75? How does anyone survive with that in 2…[View]
310537906How can I convince other blacks to not care?: Ik racism is a bit of a meme in this day and age but I…[View]
310551408Texas Mask Psyop: The end of the mask mandate and the reopening of Texas is a means to set up the ne…[View]
310528679WTF has happened to women’s fashion?: >Bladly-bleached hair with black roots and black eyebrows (…[View]
310550970Here's a Lesson: Racial Integration only works if both groups abandon their idenity and are hel…[View]
310550894Looks like the trafficking website is experiencing high traffic.[View]
310551891>mfw my tax dollars go to funding glowies who watch me shitpost all day…[View]
310548847That's it, they won... Reddit/feministsJews (pick one) got TG shut down. Next step is setting t…[View]
310551833The big yer question only the Whites can answer: We are supposed to write the big yer for final vowe…[View]
310551723You xenophobes and sexist incels will perish! #yanggang Fuck you let’s GOOOO[View]
310551462Why shouldn't I move my family to Latvia?: List 5 reasons I shouldn't move to Latvia? Spoi…[View]
310551584Why are 60% of the threads on /pol at any given time about whether or not so and so is white?[View]
310549765Fuuuuuuuck you. Hope this shit fails miserably[View]
310539058AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: get your fucking shit together mutts!! why is your economy crashing so …[View]
310551637Look I thought it was a marketing ploy, but damn, I learnt to read with this shit. Only an academic …[View]
310551498Post your favorite first names in other languages. I'll start with English, pic related.[View]
310548445You realize /pol/tards are the reason the American Right Wing will never be taken seriously right? Y…[View]
310521962Texas lifting mask requirements really rustled lefty jimmies[View]
310551080How do we improve /pol/'s image?[View]
310538981Central and South America will be Africa tier soon. The Criollos and Castizos are being outbred by M…[View]
310539711Birth memory and how it affected your politics: My birth memory is stark, however brief. I can remem…[View]
310548273Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP Pence: https://populist.press/wp-content/upload…[View]
310551201Neanderthal general: >grug leader say no more wear fur on face >say cave all opens >sniff k…[View]
310550380Cuomo Comfortably Molests Himself: 'feels good,' says the hands on Cuomo, 'and hundreds seemed to en…[View]
310543833Pepsi is also racist!!!: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/feb/22/coca-cola-racist-so-pepsi/…[View]
310546916stefan molyneaux videos: does anyone have any Stefan Molyneaux videos i can watch? ....anybody?…[View]
310551058How are we getting the math for March 4th?[View]
310550338Libshit Article Reading Quartering Cuck Gets Mobbed by Journos, YT and Twitter LMAO: What we have he…[View]
310551039The duality of man[View]
310550969WoW predicts the future: > 2004 > People pretending to be a girl to get enough Money for their…[View]
310525637Hey pol, I'm a nurse here in Austin Texas, and I'm terrified by this crippled pile of shit…[View]
310550474>daddy, you're going to let me run as your VP, right?? YOU PROMISED!!!!!…[View]
310542395The White Mans Drink: Alright /pol/, lets settle this once and for all. Culture is a part of politic…[View]
310548212What happened to Generation Zyklon, /pol/?[View]
310549947Is voting fraud conservaTARD cope just because they dont understand how bad immigration and white re…[View]
310545909Incels are domestic terrorists. > this is real[View]
310531396Tranny says he got raped after begging not to be jailed with a rapist: >A transgender female pris…[View]
310548511women who wear makeup are inferior[View]
310550639Boomers should be forcibly retired from the workforce.[View]
310550241YOUNG MAN[View]
310548476>Religion and being a nigger with low IQ are correlated Why? How do you cope religion bros?…[View]
310548396Sexual harassment shouldn't be a crime. Convince me otherwise Pic related is eri kitami[View]
310549101Say what you say about Trump but at least he didn't pussyfoot around about getting us our stimu…[View]
310550397HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: OH NONONONONO! Maybe you should just print more money, guys. What about an add…[View]
310527036Joe Rogan is excited about White Genocide: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ayuw7BajDbfF/ “They say wh…[View]
310550325Christianity is centred around kikes: They have holidays for kikes. They killed millions of white me…[View]
310547157Why do Africans have so many kids?: Why do Africans have so many kids even though they cannot suppor…[View]
310550249Stop consuming mainstream media.[View]
310550246>tribal governments[View]
310519883Canada is collapsing[View]
310538063Redpill me on the Titanic, what were the Jews' role and how much did they earn from the insuran…[View]
310540865Can blacks be well integrated into western societies?[View]
310545162Why do you actually hate the Jews? REDPILL me /Pol/[View]
310550196HOWDY PARDNER!![View]
310550039United Niggers: >Equality in engineering crucial to achieving sustainable development: UN-backed …[View]
310549661Young French dad stabbed to death: Cyril Levèque a 26 yo dad got stabbed to death by squaters just a…[View]
310550022/pol/, you're in charge of uniting Earth under the flag-related. What will be your honest polic…[View]
310537850Trump reply guy makes a great point. It kinda makes you wonder[View]
310545062Why didn't he tell us?: Did he really just want to see us all die? I voted for him but thank Go…[View]
310549478>space is real >Earth is round Anything else science goys?…[View]
310547782Biden and the future of GUNS: Hey guys where do you see Bidens gun policies taking us in the next 3 …[View]
310539671What are you guys going to do when tomorrow comes and nothing happens. When is the next date going t…[View]
310549552The carrot and the stick: Alluring or infuriating the carrot (trump) distracts while you are.distrac…[View]
310543082When did you grow out of your edgy stormfag phase and embrace Civic Nationalism as the final redpill…[View]
310546294Now that France is going to be emptied of French people, what will happen to its local traditions an…[View]
310543636/pol/ humour thread - webm edition: Cheer me up please, whatever you've got, bonus points for o…[View]
310535890/ESP/ Spain thread: Spanish thread. We meme the Tercios back to reality. Keep it english or jannies …[View]
310547308https://www.businessinsider.com/what-china-war-with-vietnam-means-for-its-next-war-2021-3 Scientific…[View]
310545526The Jewish Mafia: is disbaring any lawyers who go after Biden now.[View]
310540349Right Wing German political party is now an extremist group according to the German government: This…[View]
310549002Democracy: Please explain to me how allowing that retards, unemployed/uneducated people, autists, he…[View]
310548347If you ever need a white pill, just watch a Peter Zeihan video tl;dr if you can get over America…[View]
310546597>Be me >Kamala Harris has been sworn in as Emperor of the United States > walking down the …[View]
310547161Trannies BTFO: Alabama Senate approves treatment ban for trans kids >https://www.usnews.com/news/…[View]
310543842Have white babies: São Paulo and Rio are Europe in 2100. If you don't wake up now, you will die…[View]
310549068Jesus and the angels[View]
310545976Kalergi Plan: Now that some time has passed, didn't this turn out to not be BS? Why is it still…[View]
310548554New gun control bills HR-8 and HR-1446: So, the House pulled a dirty trick, surprise I know. They by…[View]
310483785Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf General - Wolfgirl Wednesday Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrec…[View]
310543279Im thinking based: >China ban 'flaunting wealth' and 'making fun of poor people' on social media.…[View]
310545290SKYKING SKYKING: DEFEND FORT KNOX >inb4source[View]
310542026How's Biden doing?[View]
3105488212021 THE YEAR OF THE CLOWN: Nogs get to “sing” about whores, drugs and wet ass pussy but children’s …[View]
310540931Girls are paying Ohio State University 40k a year to learn how to take massive dildos up the ass: ht…[View]
310519193To Russianons: How do you feel or think about the changes your country went through in the last 100+…[View]
310546675Do trannies deserve rights? Can they be rehabilitated? If so, is it worth the effort?[View]
310524494Kill all white people: The new BLM: KAWP is the new BLM. Let's do this.[View]
310547442he'll be back in office by the end of april.[View]
310537027Brit/pol/: The furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September by the chancellor in the …[View]
310542039>Destroys the Western World forever Heh, nothing personal kid. The game was already over before y…[View]
310543463Heiner Rindermann says that the black-white IQ gap narrowed to under 10 IQ points: https://psycnet.a…[View]
310546391Why does the media give Biden a free pass on dropping the H bomb?[View]
310547379what exactly are the offensive images in the now banned Dr Seuss books everyone is talkin about. lik…[View]
310548227Important: I want keks. Post pictures of typical nogs here lol[View]
310524122Less than 20 years ago this was edgy and rebellious: What went wrong exactly? Even 'rebels' used to …[View]
310538538The only board even willing to talk about this is fucking /tv/ and the threads there get deleted.[View]
310540675Israel Syria: Israel wants to destroy this smile. We must protect this smile. For context Aleppo-cha…[View]
310546912It's much more challenging to be a Democrat than a Republican because Republicans can get away …[View]
310547566Why are Americans always blaming other nations for their own failures? Why is it so hard to admit th…[View]
310538188Apply Now! Billionaire Seeks Eight Companions For Free Ride On SpaceX Rocket To The Moon: I thought …[View]
310543791Besides fl studio, what are some other based software titles?[View]
310545218>mfw the one food niggers take pride in originates from Scottish Americans But seriously why do b…[View]
310545756Trust science...: Post more reasons to blindly trust authoritarians who claim to be scientific.…[View]
310546872you guys arent actually racist right[View]
310543867Average Canadian Streets: Is Canada a 3rd world country by now?[View]
310547569What has happened with Brazil??: Can brazilians explain me why there weren't a lot of niggers b…[View]
310538866Modafinil Legality and Efficacy in non-Prescription Use:: 3 weeks ago I ordered and received Modafin…[View]
310530861Medical Workers of /pol/: Does anyone here work in the medical/healthcare industry? I want to be a n…[View]
310547370Sum up the current rightwing in one image[View]
310541431Ameribros... any of you guys get your refund yet?[View]
310539533NYT retracted this article really fucking fast, did anyone archive it?[View]
310546098Two more weeks: Yes goy! You will stay at home! Tmo more weeks of lockdown, You have to save peoples…[View]
310547653Where can i post smuggies to? I have alot of them made but the subreddit was nuked[View]
310540159Riddler thread: Riddle me this /pol/[View]
310547591Are there any assyrians on this board?Tell us about yourselves.[View]
310543214What do we do now conservabros[View]
310518013Why are woman like this? the same thing happened to my dad when my parents agreed to get their teeth…[View]
310546437Military tranny: Well,that was quick,removed from genepool https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56268…[View]
310546882Stop buying Dr. Seuss books: You can download a pdf of every one of them and have them professionall…[View]
310547124>it’s just the bee normal bro, just accept that you have to live your life as a hermit and hate e…[View]
310547467Ari Ben-Menashe - based?: Can anyone red pill me on this guy? He's former Israeli intelligence …[View]
310543989Neopagans BTFO: >While Greek and Roman religion began as polytheism, during the Classical period,…[View]
310533338How long until companies drop the gay and nigger pandering and start using the tranny flag everywher…[View]
310535436HAPPENING CHRIS DELIA SUED FOR CHILD PORN IN FEDERAL COURT: 'If I go down I'm taking everyone w…[View]
310544065Fucking chuds can't leave anything alone.[View]
310547144Kathy Hocul and the Working Family behind Cuomo Hit-Job: All you need to know about the usurper who …[View]
310545443Post sugestions how to fix the mess?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbEuAjG9XAQ Make America back …[View]
310545448Pence doubles down, media recoils and hisses: Guys, wtf is going on? https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/03…[View]
310546662>What is socionics? In socionics, we study how the human mind metabolizes information and how tha…[View]
310535824Why didnt they target a nuclear plant for maximum casualties[View]
310545237Pepe thread[View]
310546173If you don't stand with him here on earth, why should he stand with you in Heaven?[View]
310539426>virgin reddit atheist: Noooooo you’re really going to kill me because your imaginary god said so…[View]
310539266Helicopter crash during Charlottesville rally: Has there been extensive investigation on this? >…[View]
310542803> say the n-word > no ban > say cracker > ban why?…[View]
310538626This is the woman youre supposed to worship: Not that nazi AOC-mkii zoomer[View]
310543551TOMORROW IS THE DAY: Ladies and gentlemen, this it it. Tomorrow, we take back the white house. We ha…[View]
310521650We are bros: There is less than 0.02 genetic distance between us. The kikes want to divide us[View]
310542383Justice has been served. Good riddance.[View]
310527698Trump the Biggest Troll of All Time: No Q faggot here, just wondering what would happen if Trump liv…[View]
310527938If the vaccine is dangerous why have been who got it been fine?[View]
310521907Get the vaccine everyone!: Get the vaccine everyone! yay![View]
310543177Is voting fraud conservaTARD cope just because they dont understand how bad immigration and white re…[View]
310533606CANCELLED!: 34 out of the top 50 selling books on Amazon right now are Dr. Seuss and there's mo…[View]
310543237You will eat the lab grown meat: The data is out. Lab grown meat is much better for the environment.…[View]
310542237Cuomo grabbin dem pusses.: Does /pol/ consider this sexual harassment? My entire Italian family has …[View]
310545984China has solved its terrorism issue: Back several years ago, China constantly experienced terrorism…[View]
310537493Why do liberals hate flyover states but get pissed off when they try to secede?[View]
310536702Where is the check?[View]
310544420* HAPPENING* TheQuartering Getting Canceled! * HAPPENING*: The left are trying to cancel Jeremy. Sup…[View]
310545761Éire /pol/ Students in Potato Land throw a big party.: >200 Students threw a big party in a Unive…[View]
310499077RIP France: Génération identitaire has been banned: https://www.leparisien.fr/politique/extreme-droi…[View]
310543299...he was in northern Canada.[View]
310543981What do you see here?[View]
310544011Why do niggers spend so much money on shoes? They loot the local footlocker when a disaster happens.…[View]
310545031If you want to stick it to coca cola: If the disenfranchised aka white people are serious about stic…[View]
310545430What predisposes a state to corruption? What can the average man do to fight corruption?[View]
310532435Texans about to sodoku?: >march 10th HAHAHAHAHA Texas retards about to Darwin themselves. Less in…[View]
310545152#BlackStreetsAreRacist: I had an idea in a dream this morning. Can we go full retard possibly? I…[View]
310541260Uhhh.... Van Bros?[View]
310541399NEANDERTHAL THINKING !!!!: >inb4 Zerohedge[View]
310542115There's literally no reason to not vote for gibs/free shit from the government[View]
310544326Imagine Being this delusional...: And thinking Trump has jailed his two best friends, and not helpin…[View]
310511384Look at this dude...[View]
310540166Is a declining population really all the bad? Say the US overcomes the let's attempt to hinder …[View]
310544396Make America Grate Again. how? anny suggestions?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbEuAjG9XAQ…[View]
310541716TDS714: Best in Glow: Let's discuss the newest edition of this high quality Joe Rogan-style pod…[View]
310544195>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhcUET97VWo Early 2000's was peak America.…[View]
310526617Toil paid https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9321451/Irish-woman-36-gang-raped-Gran-Canaria.ht…[View]
310544140Listen y'all, heckin' wholesome 100 Big Chungus says JUST SAY NO TO TRANS RIGHTS[View]
310521564Almost 30 with no prospects: should I join the army? Does the Canadian Army serve Israel like Americ…[View]
310543716Is It Bad I Still Think America Is Worth Saving?: Note that I don't necessarily mean the United…[View]
310542857I've been away for 2 months and I'm curious how is that civil war stuff going on I kept he…[View]
310541514Is Klaus /ourguy/ in disguise?: Please whitepill me[View]
310533680The EU is collapsing within fifteen years after the boomers retire. Deutsche Bank is on its last leg…[View]
310542028Morale Discussion: Whites are like a sleeping giant right now. I understand that being blackpilled j…[View]
310532288China and Israel relations: Is China controlled by (((them))) or not? And if not then what is their …[View]
310531542tfw: >you will never be in a skinhead gang living in 1980s London why live, bros?…[View]
310543953If Africa is an unstable continent because of ethnic tensions then shouldn't that mean that mul…[View]
310542032Men's rights.: > Woman removed her naked boyfriend from the house, police arrested him witho…[View]
310543858people say south California is based Is this true?[View]
310525207You know why we need to wear masks after getting vaccinated? Because you science denying Neanderthal…[View]
310541490The REAL reason Dr Seuss was cancelled[View]
310543606I am actually worried about this, anons. I think they are really gonna do it.[View]
310528034Reminder that injuns are just as bad, if not worse than niggers.[View]
310543181How do you go from this: .[View]
310528554Brazil, explain. WTF is this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VSDoJW2oTE[View]
310527542All gas no breaks on ALEX JONES: https://banned.video/channel/the-alex-jones-show[View]
310537602This looks comfy as fuck, as an Eastern European I would love to live in a US suburb.[View]
310540158If two people are dating, has it been tradition for the men to be friends with other women and men t…[View]
310538038The Return of Kek: mfw Trump said today he is probably going to pick a female VP for his 2024 run. T…[View]
310542964'Trump won.': Someone explain to me how these two words piss shills off so hard. Why get mad if it i…[View]
310516637red pill thread[View]
310538834How did you stop your elderly loved ones from taking the vaccine?[View]
310541808Just shuttled my mom off to her deathbed: I'm helping take care of my mom who is in poor health…[View]
310542993BRITBONG Mi6 Wireless Surveillance Turd edition: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/310180077 …[View]
310536532Who’ll rule after Merkel, kraut bros? Prediction of a right wing victory this year?[View]
310542897I think I'm gonna make it, so can you: For a long time I was typical antisocial incel, hating t…[View]
310540911The jew fears ' La Virgen de Guadalupe '[View]
310534829>what people do in their own bedrooms: Looking back on the history of social 'progress' in the we…[View]
310542522>be me >living in bay area >school hosts a 'racial justice teach-in' >mandatory for all …[View]
310541939Are you guys actually going to attack the Capitol tomorrow?: Or is the media just lying on behalf of…[View]
310539607Average British Streets: Is the UK a 3rd world country?[View]
310542531LOL It was not Better a stimulus check? I mean,not even an explosion It's Just cringe[View]
310542422>mfw my tax dollars go to funding glowies who watch me shitpost all day…[View]
310540661Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?: Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but …[View]
310539295I don't think there should be a final vote or even debates. I think the USA presidency should b…[View]
310539744Do you ever have any doubts that you're on the right side of the argument?[View]
310542454BASED: TRUMP LOVES MINORITIES: Trump's 2024 running mate will probably be a black woman. More p…[View]
310535398...and then everyojne stood up and clapped: Just when you thought Qtards couldn't get any more …[View]
310526186I shit you not, the Government of Finland has gone full on totaliarism mode. This shit is fucking cr…[View]
310538813Government Adulation General: This thread is for supporters of governments. 'We live in a society.' …[View]
310538891Why I'm I a feminist?: That isn't a question. A much better and part of reason I must be …[View]
310529318Modi is destroying my country...please help us and get this fascist out[View]
310531178Hungary : Orban behind on polls: OH NO NONONONO How do we fix this, Orbanbros?[View]
310542047Where you at and what is your covid restriction status? >Rural AK Restaurants and gyms fully open…[View]
310538195MASK FREE BY JUNE THREE!!: Can we make this a thing? Texas is already going mask free. Three more mo…[View]
310535645Get me out of this fucking shithole[View]
310539201Article about lefty Twitch personality involving himself in local politics - thoughts?: https://unot…[View]
310538991How does the NY post get away with this racist slur?[View]
310540287The Jew fears the well-adjusted and productive negro[View]
310539378The missle knows where it is: The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because it k…[View]
310541607The Polish LGBT Free Zones: Hey Annons, thoughts on this? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8…[View]
310540956>The Trump administration gave out a stimulus to more Americans than the Biden administration. Pa…[View]
310541698The problem is that we make 'progresses': And the moment we make them, suddenly the progress is an a…[View]
310539485Is this picture actually just a miscommunication, and what they built was instead just a steel pipe …[View]
310523687How do you keep going in these hard times, /pol/?: What keeps you ticking in this machine of a socie…[View]
310540635Valid authority?: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/1957-meeting-forced-fbi-recognize-mafiaand-…[View]
310530277What does Family Values mean to you? It feels like a bit of a vague term really.[View]
310530191/ivg/ - Icelandic Volcano General: >Livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMh3B0ouTRI >Vo…[View]
310526897Mass Stabbing in Sweden: >8 people hospitalised several of them in critical condition >perpetr…[View]
310541166Is Corona just another Nazi genocide?[View]
310541258why do so many people from the former eastern bloc miss socialism so much?: people miss the good tim…[View]
310530810>'I never touched anyone inappropriately' >'I greet hundreds of people this way' This is now a…[View]
310529313France: France[View]
310539584y'all niggas racist but some of you cool ig[View]
310532008How do we take down Coca-Cola?[View]
310539300Hope these liberals like the taste of shit[View]
310529829Have you ever noticed that whenever socialism is talked about anywhere it's always about cultur…[View]
310541049Democrat gun control: HB 8: They want to make you a criminal for selling your own property by requir…[View]
310540005How would the world look like; if everything was reversed and black people were in power.: https://w…[View]
310541003Biden bros, you can’t have it both ways.: Either Kamala is black or she’s indian. If she’s both, the…[View]
310540854Dear Gov Abbott of Texas: It's not enough to open up 100% You will have forces aligned against …[View]
310538386Illegals With COVID welcome!: How does it feel to have to take a COVID test for a plane ride, wear a…[View]
310540030How feasible is it to be a “colorblind” race realist?: Clearly it is philosophically possible, but i…[View]
310540171So what exactly is his game plan?: Lets assume hes not just trying to gain popularity but actually w…[View]
310540660This is the home of the Rhōmaîoi. They are the true inheritors of Rome.[View]
310524527Why are the nazi's considered 'far right' when they were called 'the national socialist party'?…[View]
310540402How exactly does the West plan to compete with China?[View]
310538496Nigger mudslim stabbed 8 people in Sweden. But they will import even more nigger shitskin minkeys. A…[View]
310540286What supplements will get our minds healthy: For the great fight against globohomo?[View]
310539418post race war politics.: imagine, all niggers, spics, kikes, and chinks have been geocoded. what the…[View]
310528682/Spanish National Socialism/ - /sns/: Our girl released a new vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C…[View]
310533265Day 365 Unemployed: ! year ago today I lost my job due to the JewFLu Hoax and haven't been back…[View]
310540288Based Texas Starbucks Employee Pushes Back Against Masker: Male Karen calls up after finding out Tex…[View]
310538877Tactics to win (Topic: Planting Evidence): How does one exactly win the game against the political o…[View]
310537839This shitty site destroyed humanity along with Facebook, Tumblr, and TikTok. >omg this thing that…[View]
310540180The Emmy's and Golden Globes are failing because a lack of diversity! Not because only boomers …[View]
310539264Do you consider a 19 year old dating a 16 year old to be pedophilia?[View]
310538003what happened to it?[View]
310530866Pope Francis Says The World Will Have A Second Great Flood Due To Climate Change: Reminder that The …[View]
310539729>at least we dont freak out like the left when we lose huh? >HERE IS HOW VATICAN SATELLITES LI…[View]
310536767BIDEN COMES THROUGH /bct/: Promises made, promises fulfilled >inb4 2k checks $1400 + $600 direct…[View]
310520284Comfy thread: Post comfy images from your country and maybe a redpill or two Pic is my backyard…[View]
310536544The Current State of The United States of (( America ))[View]
310539693Why is our technology regressing in recent years? Back in the days we had stronger/faster machines t…[View]
310536835>whitoïds in charge of recovering[View]
310539631So /pol/, when did you realize that 90% of these 'species' are not even real?[View]
310539067DAS RITE WHITE BOIS, PAY UP https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/03/03/woke-bristol-council-approve…[View]
310534744UFC NO-[View]
310539572Sorry Goyim, your household made too much money before, so you stimulus for you. Also we meant 'up t…[View]
310539048When you're born into this world: You're given a ticket to the freak show. If you're …[View]
310536858>2020 'COVID IS A HOAX' >2021 'ILLEGALS ARE BRINGING COVID ACROSS THE BORDER' Explain conserva…[View]
310528899Is far-right film making a possible alternative to left-wing Hollywood? Not talking about the contro…[View]
310536302Can someone explain this to me? Also it appears he doesn’t like Trump anymore. What’s going on?[View]
310539374>I want a safe place to live around people who share my values and morals >WHAT THE FUCK THATS…[View]
310539359Happening!!!: CCP admits that they own Biden and that the Jews sold America wholesale to China!!!! I…[View]
310535593So... Trump[View]
310536337PICK UP THAT CAN CITIZEN https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-56255823[View]
310539285How does this ritual works do they keep cutting pieces of flesh and eating them until there's n…[View]
310539265If you so much as use terms such as 'leftist' or 'right wing' etc to describe yourself, or others po…[View]
310538758>30 years of age >some men are still slaving away, living paycheck to paycheck, wasting what l…[View]
310535786Blue eyes black hair = Not white: Through personal experience blue eyed black haired “people” consis…[View]
310528864Looks like America will win the vaccination race: China is way behind us on vaccinations (partly due…[View]
310535934South Korea's first transgender soldier found dead.: >South Korea's first transgender s…[View]
310537708How can universal defend this?: When will it end friends? What’s next?[View]
310536988Trust the Plan—-: Yes God’s plan Have Faith[View]
310538659dr seuss was a kike.[View]
310538646>'White Nationalists did 9/11!' We're on a trajectory to see this trending before year end.…[View]
310538329Is this true? Did they really just rip open plumb little girls and eat them on the spot? wtf[View]
310508362Daily reminder this is your average city dweller[View]
310538788Jew: If a Democrat state senator woman gets her way, all social media in Colorado will have to regis…[View]
310538772Chimpout: The Game: Out Now! https://youtu.be/hCoPqEk2SP4?t=820[View]
310538761„I got hairy legs that turn that that that that turn uh uh uh blonde in the sun and the kid used to …[View]
310504899Woman dies from brain haemorrhage in Japan days after vaccine.: https://news.yahoo.com/woman-dies-br…[View]
310538704This is your last warning.: I’m leaving /pol/ and the hardcore right forever, and I advise any perso…[View]
310537581More like Basedflix[View]
310531152>Before selling >Matthew McConaughey >Roy Jones Jr. >Kanye West >Edward Snowden >M…[View]
310538605Caging Canadians - putting animals where they belong.: Edition: Voluntary Imprisonment https://youtu…[View]
310538311What would it be like if the United States of America was an impoverished, third-world country?[View]
310532155Which way Western Man?: How do we save the modern western white man?[View]
310534588Reminder that when the media says 1/3 of zoomers are GBLT: This is what they're talking about.…[View]
310536218what is the point in living in society if at the very end we will all just rot? Why even bother to s…[View]
310537972Why is this beverage like crack to white people?: Why do white trash love mountain dew so much?…[View]
310536080Nothings going to happen tomorrow morans.[View]
310528642Scandinavia: These countries are the pinnacle of human existence. If you weren’t born here, you were…[View]
310537392Will the zoomers be the most conservative generation yet as they said? If not, then why did they say…[View]
310538243Where you at and what is your covid restriction status? >Rural AK Restaurants and gyms fully open…[View]
310538021Aleppo Chan: Israel wants to destroy this smile. We must protect this smile.[View]
310538186oil spill is ‘eco-terrorism’ by Iran, Israel says: Gamliel explained that, following a two-week inve…[View]
310538183The Media Got Fucked Up The Ass With Biden: >admin hasn't allowed a press conference with th…[View]
310533636How does Baltimore even cope lol >Kid passes only 3 classes in 4 years >Somehow in top half of…[View]
310538110Miss me yet?[View]
310537768Southern Hemisphere Superiority: The Southern hemisphere will destroy you northern twinks and cucks.…[View]
310526133Who else hates homeless people: >filthy >crazy >addicts >shit and piss and litter everyw…[View]
310514963Nigger performs poorly in system run by and for niggers: City student passes 3 classes in four years…[View]
310537028Can't Mossad the Assad: LONG LIVE BASHAR AL ASSAD! SYRIA ALLAH HAMIYAH![View]
310525733He was right: Tech has ruined mankind.[View]
310532937Hey Eurofags. Young Natalia Lick is missing from western Poland. Anyone bought or sold her recently?…[View]
310537870GOPNIGGERS ARE CAVEMEN: How can one man be so based. We are lucky to have him Bidenbros! https://twi…[View]
310535901Opinion on Jonestown?: Honest opinions or thoughts on this[View]
310534544Why don’t the enemies of the USA constantly talk about white genocide to destabilize us?[View]
310535325We WILL Replace You: If there is one thing that is certain in life, it's that women will seethe…[View]
310535617Why are some people willing to kill someone for a pair of Jordans?: Can't they just wait, like,…[View]
310519408Drop Redpills on the Ivy League schools. Just how Jewed are they?[View]
310531952Why does he sniff his own farts so much?: Dude, literally nobody cares if some ASSHEAD ‘predicts’ so…[View]
310536606>niggers are far more homophobic, religious, and loyal to their race than the whites will ever be…[View]
310537214I thought the whole basis of being non-binary was too challenge the socially constructed gender norm…[View]
310530243Brit/pol/ : btfo edition: >Only 37.4% of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU https://www.elec…[View]
310529463Zoom and COVID: Had anyone actually heard of Zoom before the virus? It seems platforms like Skype ha…[View]
310529649Do demographics explain cultural differences between Los Angeles and San Francisco?: Do you think di…[View]
310531448Man who died after being punched on Las Vegas Strip was former state trooper: >The man who was ki…[View]
310536152War is on the horizon: War is on the horizon. We are men of liberty and free will. I will not be a s…[View]
310537360>have protection from government interference in our speech as a founding principle >governmen…[View]
310533318Remember when Trump warned that the names and images of the Founding Fathers would be removed once t…[View]
310525459HOUSE DEMOCRATS ASKING PROVIDERS TO REMOVE CONSERVATIVE OUTLETS: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/a…[View]
310529419Why do Americans get butthurt about Ughyr Muslims in China when America stole their entire country a…[View]
310498155Let's face it, the Second Amendment says nothing about AR-15 assault rifles, it only says 'arms…[View]
310521588“BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE ARE THE PROB-...”: Nice try, bigots.[View]
310535264Why has this country gone to shit?: >Kiked Media >globalist prime minister >mass amounts of…[View]
310537004Freemasons, ASSEMBLE!: DamDAM DAM[View]
310536992WHERE DOES IT STOP, MEDIA?: Interesting picture choice for this article NPR, didn't realize Bid…[View]
310536566The Irony of 'Liberal' Censorship.: To be clear off the bat, when i point out this irony i am not do…[View]
310536823What really happened to him?[View]
310517992Why is a college-educated female journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize complaining that Dr Seuss books…[View]
310535174Based jefferson: 'If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their curr…[View]
310531035Imagine not being a Libertarian: Imagine being against individual rights and and freedom, being agai…[View]
310527728So... At what number of members in this sub forum do we have to have before we start seizing the mea…[View]
310529738There are no covid conspiracies.[View]
310535923What is /pol/'s opinion on male nurses?[View]
310520921Is Argentina EVROPA?[View]
310526652Teleprompter Joe Can Have a Legit Press Conference: Why are they keeping him in the shadows?![View]
310534694dangerously based https://twitter.com/stereogum/status/1367119972330266626[View]
310535519White blood cells are racist.: White blood cells are a racist construct made to glorify whiteness as…[View]
310530507Are Ukrainians just Jews?[View]
310534392why are koreans so transphobic? i hope biden slaps sanctions on them for this[View]
310536558How long before some t-girl up in big pharma reclassifies conservatism as a mental illness?[View]
310535407You can always be thinner, look better.[View]
310529988>I cant stop ordering doordash Is this the jews[View]
310535940why do you love jews?[View]
310536156Nazis BTFO.[View]
310530345What’s wrong with canceling people who say bad things?[View]
310533013..................: ............................................................[View]
310536286post em[View]
310535350Congrats Toronto; new Capital of the World: Toronto average home price tops $1M in February as sales…[View]
310536125>Publisher cancels books because of racist pictures >dipshit republicans buy a bunch of books …[View]
310531029Hilary Koprowski this jew was behind the polio vaccine: do you think he could be a friend with Shwab…[View]
310534118TRUMP MEMORY HOLED: what did they mean by this?[View]
310494093Baby bust: What can be done to increase birth rates?[View]
310529780What are some /pol/ approved documentaries and reading on the Masons? I want to learn more about the…[View]
310535190anyone else hate the term 'pseudoscience'? It's gone from meaning 'anything outside of normal s…[View]
310529243Post examples of brands being brave.[View]
310524091Why do you guys hate globalism?: You guys always rip on globalization when many of the things you us…[View]
310525041Your move, Nazis.[View]
310535608BRAVO BIDEN[View]
310532616Riddle me this retards: >One of Trumps biggest accomplishments was the creation of a vaccine, in …[View]
310531852Nigger loving- What causes humans to love niggers?: As an Israeli, despite much racism faced by nigg…[View]
310529427reminder hunter biden is laundering CCP bribes for his father through fake art shows[View]
310535305>„I got hairy legs that turn that that that that turn uh uh uh blonde in the sun and the kid used…[View]
310533532Is it ok to relax around upper-middle class blacks?[View]
310534575/pol/ is just jealous that they will never have a loving happy family like these gay men[View]
310535374I believe Osmanlılık is the only way to keep the peace between Türkler and Kürtler.: I believe Kemal…[View]
310533455PENCE IS BACK: MAJOR HAPPENING https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/03/03/election-integrity-is-a-nation…[View]
310524286What will white women do without them?: I was listening to the radio today, and the woman newscaster…[View]
310533639/pol/ reading list[View]
3105336202021 I am forgotten[View]
310528773Can someone pelase explain this student loan debt crisis?: I'm about to graduate college, I hav…[View]
310535070Nothing much, just launched a few Sats into space: Whatchu guys up to? https://swarajyamag.com/amp/s…[View]
310531463Greg Abbott Goes jogging in a thunderstorm large branch falls on him paralyzed from the waist down s…[View]
310531943When did you realize that giving women the right to vote has destroyed Western civilization?[View]
310521384I for one am looking forward to it[View]
310529959Post Darth Klaus in your country[View]
310529703Hypocrisy with Reddit: >Police symbol is flag supporting police >Fags think it’s involves the…[View]
310515376The System is cracking down: White pill: they are desperate They can arrest Sewell, Kami, TJ, Gypsy,…[View]
310531012Are you stocking up on gas with your stimulus /pol/? Shit's going to hit 4 dollars a gallon co…[View]
310534592Georgia Guidestones: Astronomic Features 1. Channel through stone indicates celestial pole 2. Horizo…[View]
310531119C to the orona corona virus: I got 3 different vaccines and I've actually become super strong. …[View]
310533586People who support the lockdowns are literally willing to abuse their own children because the gover…[View]
310508902Come and take it: How did we get to the point where people in America are begging for their freedom …[View]
310527507NOT BASED: Falling Down is Hollywood via (((Joel Schumacher’s))) way of mocking their goyim.[View]
310530471SLUUUUUUUUUUURP!: >you don't need a day 1 stimulus >you don't need $2,000 stimulus e…[View]
310528226was the Patriot Act a good idea or just a way for the government to arrest anyone?[View]
310526612Redpill me on Cromwell and English Civil War. Why did he overturn the Edict of Expulsion and bring b…[View]
310529683Know your (((enemy))) - The /pol/ guide to understand economics: >Why does money exist? https://w…[View]
310534252Politics, Nationalism & racism are for weak low iq ''people'' with low Self-Esteem . They are un…[View]
310524680/pol/, what are you thoughts on Major Taylor Green?: just curious[View]
310509807Why are globalists pushing so hard for electric cars?: How much is (((Tesla))) giving them?[View]
310534144Why does /pol/ insist that niggers are everywhere?: At the absolute maximum, there have only been 20…[View]
310518980What does /pol/ think about donating your body to science? or letting your organs be donated to othe…[View]
310532936Was the assasination of Kennedy by FBI/CIA the turning point when fuckers from the agencies basicall…[View]
310532416Why do black people perform the most complex and elaborate mental gymnastics to convince others that…[View]
310534080>I give up my royal privilege. >MOMMY HELP THEY'RE BEING MEAN TO MY WIFERINO PLEASE SEND …[View]
310534053TDS 714: Thread For discussing the new podcast episode. Who is the best death panelist and why is it…[View]
310533651Really insightful interview on joe rogan But I can’t believe in 3 hours joe didn’t ask her if she’s …[View]
310533709Cocacola should give Jews with family victims of the holocaust, one million dollars in reparations J…[View]
310532274The Irony of 'Liberal' Censorship.: To be clear off the bat, when i point out this irony i am not do…[View]
310530252As simple as that.[View]
310530644For a good comparison of socialism and capitalism, take Cuba's actions during this pandemic vs …[View]
310527622Is it time to join up, Anon?: Aren't you tired of all the insults? Aren't you tired of all…[View]
310531440How would the Soviet Union have dealt with anti vaxxers during a pandemic?[View]
310532340i need help redpilling my brother about why the jews are bad[View]
310532943*blocks your path*: Was Thomas Sowell in the right?[View]
310533124>Jewish communist teacher arrested at my sister’s school for pedophilia Why they like this?…[View]
310532851Ice age confirmed: I don't know if I'm gonna make it bros[View]
310519515Zoomers are about to cancel all the edgelords from the ‘90s and ‘00s: My sides. All you Gen X and m…[View]
310491504This is the only shot drug addicts need.[View]
310527439Africa has only been getting stronger.[View]
310519551BREAKING: False flag planned for tomorrow?: The new claim in the media is that somethings gonna happ…[View]
310532995You will own nothing and you'll be happy[View]
310525320FUCK NIGGERS[View]
310533150What are they trying to slide?: Any Anons notice there's been a significant increase in slide t…[View]
310528130Why did psychiatrists call him schizophrenic? Is there any basis for those claims or was it politica…[View]
310533104They made a count down clock for selecting jurors: Yep, they are going to make this bigger than the …[View]
310523464HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!: All Will Smith has ever wanted to do is make people laugh, and this is how yo…[View]
310533082Tyron-El: Goodbye, my son, Darn-El. Our sneeds and feeds and weeds travel with you... And no, i will…[View]
310532403lol at how the US has been promising a $1400 cheque since like fucking October and still haven'…[View]
310531036Why have Americans stopped buying house kits and building their homes for pennies? Are they too lazy…[View]
310532890I'm collecting for a friend. He doesn't think there's 'many instances of the royal fa…[View]
310530596what steps can realistically be taken to restrict women's suffrage, and to a lesser extent univ…[View]
310529261VICE SOYBOYS: You think they are mad? https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7aap8/the-man-who-helped-tur…[View]
310530504Can americans explain why they have third world indexes?[View]
310532814Judea remembers! hail brothers![View]
310532224What made you hate nigs. For me it was when a nigger stole my yo gi oh cards[View]
310529382Sweden thread: 8 stabbed in possible terror attack[View]
310532412These people vote.: Not only do they vote, but their vote is equal to yours. They are able to elect …[View]
310532405'Daily Pass' for Californian school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X_iDyI4KZ8…[View]
310529431HAPPENING DISCLOSE POSTED: Are magas really this dumb? They forgot to take their guns for the insurr…[View]
310529445Corona: Remember when /pol/ and friends were the ones freaking out about Corona? And then the usual …[View]
310512567Why are j*ws so degenerate: What's with their dna that causes them to be absolute degens?…[View]
310515018Alcohol Should Be Illegal: We need to bring back prohibition and make alcohol illegal. -An estimate…[View]
310525154Is it true, that anonymous, like 4chan was always progressive, and founded by this guy?[View]
310529104Trump v Biden - election fraud: Trump, Biden, Election, Fraud, redpill, pakistan, vaccine, media, je…[View]
310496615Why are blonds such good friends?: All my best friends in life have been blond.[View]
310529183Better than America, get fucked niggers.[View]
310528849Muhammad Most Popular Boy's Name in UK 2020: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9005603…[View]
310531812I've been stealing cadbury creme eggs from where I work.: Take one about everyday I go in, they…[View]
310529001/pbg/ President Biden General - IF YOU DON'T REPLY YOU SUPPORT BIDEN: PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN @joeb…[View]
310526342Hitler Thread/ Fuck jannies Edition: Jannies took down my Birthday thread, so we will make this a Hi…[View]
310531084Cringe thread. Why are Q anon supporters so cringe?[View]
310531716Four Seasons Total Landscaping: Is this where Q lives?[View]
310501331The American left is a circus: “DR SEUS IS RACIST!!!”[View]
310531511The only leader in Europe who doesn't suck ZOG's dick, and the only one who is a real nati…[View]
310531608Isn't North Korea a ''national socialist'' ethnostate?[View]
310530956>be useful idiot leftist in 1970s >support islamic revolution >islamic government comes int…[View]
310531532Eliminating rednecks: FOX POWER! https://mp3.fastupload.co/files/1614797058[View]
310531431Politically speaking: Does anyone else on here primer their asshole when they walk into the bathroom…[View]
310528795Its obvious that leftists and libs are anti white, i could elaborate further and i probably will. It…[View]
310530125Dump Israel: The United States should end military aid to Israel. 1. Military Aid to Israel is unnec…[View]
310532509rare over193cm tall pale with over 24cm fat cock vojvodina man here: i demand kingdom of vojvodina t…[View]
310525306Is humanity getting comfy a good or a bad thing? We used to eat hard spoiled meat and other hard stu…[View]
310531032Why cant you admit you’re wrong? Close mindedness towards other political views is a sign of mental …[View]
310530975Being that the filthy American government is beginning to be used to suppress any white identarian m…[View]
310526801Consumerism Masquerading as Democratization: Is democracy and in essence capitalism dead? Have we go…[View]
310526578What the fuck are we doing?: Why are we just accepting 'hate-speech' as a valid reason to imprison s…[View]
310527545Fact checkers: Fact checker thread! Post some fact checks and see how /pol/ schizos' retarded o…[View]
310511747People really think this way.[View]
310524871Do (cloth) masks actually do anything or are they just snake oil?[View]
310514647HAPPENING: ICELANDIC VOLCANO ERUPTION NOW IMMINENT: Reykjavik could be soon buried under ash. >It…[View]
310529755Joe Biden, a literal saibaman of ZOG, yet a whole army of /pol couldn't leave even a scratch on…[View]
310522701You guys are anti-abortion until you or your future son cums inside some dumb whore and then you rea…[View]
310528870When was the last war the U.S. fought in that actually made sense and wasn't just another step …[View]
310522315(((Dr. Seuss))) SHUT DOWN LMAO: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1366735052269363202[View]
310512632Capitol riot was act of terrorism – FBI director: Merrick Garland said that when he is confirmed as …[View]
310530273When, why and how did reddit overtake 4chan in becoming the most influential website on the internet…[View]
310498915NEW STUDY : Eating meat linked to wide range of diseases!: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/eating-meat-lin…[View]
310525203Why don't we just 'correct' their terms? >toxic masculinity Infectious manhood >white p…[View]
31053038834 out of the top 50 selling books on Amazon right now are Dr. Seuss and there's more below tha…[View]
310521817Brit/pol/ - GCHQ Endering Themselves To Russia Again: >Why privacy-busting, law-breaking GCHQ’s p…[View]
310527455I’m coming, Frank: His grandpa probably did nothing but smoke cigarettes on the boat over to Korea w…[View]
310528041No stimulus checks for anyone making more than 80K: No stimulus checks for anyone who makes 80k or m…[View]
310530329In one department of France they will have the curfew from 6am - 6pm but now also a lockdown for the…[View]
310518360Dr Seuss Cancelled: Yes, we cancelled Dr. Seuss. And there's not a thing you fucks can do about…[View]
310496382Trannies in meltdown over Rogan: >Shits on trannies >Shits on Muslims >Shits on Islam Uhm..…[View]
310521028I’m scared. I have tricuspid atresia (a rare heart disease) and my cardiologist insists I get the co…[View]
310529816Pirate Boxes and Red Sticks: A few years ago on 8/pol/, we had some threads about sharing digital da…[View]
310529946CDC - Covid Back To Work Policy: Even the CDC thinks PCR tests are unreliable for determining if som…[View]
310522988Now that all of the americas, from alaska to tierra del fuego has been confirmed as an anti-white sh…[View]
310529908Trump would have stopped this. Biden is a PIECE OF SHIT for allowing it: This is anti semitic to inv…[View]
310529091Why is baldshaming allowed, yet fatshaming can get you crucified by normies? The former is not by ch…[View]
310525561Are American politics really *that* whacky compared to other countries or does it only appear that w…[View]
310511110Who Wants Me?: Hey Anons I'm a sexy model and think Chinese men is where its at. I want a man w…[View]
310529363A Republican hasn't won the popular vote in 33 years: >A Republican hasn't won the popu…[View]
310521793What should women do: Suitable and acceptable jobs/activities for women during the fall of the west?…[View]
310526910Texas, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Covid-19, Hepatitis, Measles and prepare your children…[View]
310527998Are children inherently racist? Is it natural to be racist? Why does modern society say it's ba…[View]
310527106IS THIS REAL BROS: A burned tree and some metal. Any actual proof an air strike occurred?[View]
310528979Your history will be erased in front of your eyes and there's nothing you can do about it. -Sh…[View]
310529546For their criminal neglect in letting the virus spread out of it's borders and into the rest of…[View]
310529523Do you believe?: We all were told, that we fly around sun on the ball and in a opposite side of sun …[View]
310528947What's this man's goal?[View]
310481966Ukrainian bros, what does this guy do and is he any good?[View]
310523618Brits, germs, and nords were all niggers before Christianity.[View]
310527910Based Van: Some of the song titles on Van Morrison’s new album ‘’Latest Record Project: Volume 1’’ W…[View]
310522314tommorow is the day: that Trump gets inaugurated shill trannies will hang themselves and america wil…[View]
310526849At Least 15 'People' Dead After Crowded SUV Collided with Gravel Truck in California: >25 illegal…[View]
310519836This Japanese guy is running amok in our country. >I ’m not in a position to afford my stay in In…[View]
310529262Come, anons. Let's get off this clown world.[View]
310525802communist phenotype: why do so many leftists look like the 'chud' meme?[View]
310528487Whites assaulting asians: Why is Trump being blamed for anti-asian violence in America? Is white sup…[View]
310528297>nurse takes vaccine live on tv >claps as shes injected with the goy juice >minutes later c…[View]
310527096Kusher destroyed every chance Trump had of getting reelected. Prove me wrong.[View]
310521478How come white people don’t care about other white people dying?: Most people who get killed by cops…[View]
310503528Attack on Titan is FASCIST: >recent events within the manga have given readers pause. In particul…[View]
310512200Remember those atheist faggots from the late '00s who kept harping on about how religion is hol…[View]
310462640>this mystery meat mutt is what passes for white in America in 2021 What does it even mean to be …[View]
310528968nixon shock: >permanently destroys your countries economy and lets China become #1 >heh, nothi…[View]
310527277CUOMO IS LIVE: Who knows for what https://www.governor.ny.gov/[View]
310520057BBC debate on whether Jews are an ethnic minority group sparks controversy.: https://www.haaretz.com…[View]
310528719This is your average crusade LARper.: @VeteranAnon on Twitter Doomentio the MexiJew[View]
310526692hoonnaarrr: ooohhh mesa honarabar shinesa man, mesa think shina namba wan. mesa rerry think ugree mu…[View]
310525620POWERFUL: I was always intrigued by this Holocaust sign at Bergen-Belsen. What did it mean, '13,000 …[View]
310512552/pol/ humor thread: Thread Theme >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhI3mO3YqMo //// >https://ww…[View]
310516278Honestly, why cant the left just give it up? From my experience the left play and say they are the d…[View]
310524019GOP Senators are plotting to force votes of amendments: 'Senate Democrats need all 50 of their membe…[View]
310523534'TEMPER TANTRUM': https://abc7news.com/san-francisco-da-chesa-boudin-sf-district-attorney-84-year-ol…[View]
310528522You gotta admit thats a hard argument in pic related.[View]
310525641So, the way I understand it is this: The Lefties generally argue that there are certain social chall…[View]
310527787>triple mask worn >hands, washed >anal test, done…[View]
310527586Convince me why the holocaust was a bad idea[View]
310527652I think society will one day reach the breaking point of a Men vs Women war. Feminism has a point bu…[View]
310528389>be american >Get shot https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1366556394263052296?s=20…[View]
310524492No Vax for Texas: If your state doesn’t treat COVID-19 seriously, why should you get vaccines before…[View]
310523403'OMG i'm so opressed in America...they call me nigger': Send the nigros to Togo where 1/3 of ki…[View]
310528261Why do we hate Islam ?: It is the horrible and vociferous sound of the Arabic language, the men in d…[View]
310523376watch: >>310513128 target layer https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2021/nasa-missions-make-u…[View]
310515799Should trannies have their own sportsleague, akin to the special olympics?[View]
310527432Is there any way we can make it clear to THOTs that they are not welcome in any way in Nationalist/p…[View]
310518993redpill me on antarctica , wtf is going on there? and why do so many countries want a peace of this …[View]
310526719Inhabitants of the mega slums: How does slum-anons even cope ? How did it turn out this way? Why not…[View]
310520678Antifascist General /afg/: >we. are. antifa.[View]
310524524Christmas list: ITT we name top targets for who gets the rope when day off rope happens in the new m…[View]
310527614American slaves had similar life expectancy as Western Europeans.[View]
310527587Whitepill thread: I’ll start >Liberals don’t reproduce >Liberals live degenerate lifestyles wh…[View]
310526110Anyone else terrified of the anti-racism rhetoric that is gaining steam. I hear it everywhere now, i…[View]
310527716Post your Leftychud faces: Leftists are such hateful white-hating racist chuds. Instead of hating th…[View]
310514083It's time to stop pretending that republicans are some sort of 'silent majority'. The fact of t…[View]
310513407The market is hedging. VXX is greater than (VIX / 2). Get ready.[View]
310510393So what happened to Black Lives Matter why did they stop burning everything down like what happened.…[View]
310526490I don't remember any republican/conservative outrage when a group of christian mothers got Harr…[View]
310500470The only good ending after WW2[View]
310526858I've not been outside for 3 weeks. I've just been redpilling and blackpilling myself in my…[View]
310523762Who said americans have no culture?[View]
310527020Do austrians really?[View]
310517099bros, our ancestors defeated nazism, so why do we support nazism now? are we the traitors?[View]
310520347Russia is against nationalism: Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed on Wednesday to the need to …[View]
310527304Help me bros: Hey ameribros and other flags related. Im going off to college soon, and chances are i…[View]
310527196White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when...: The concept of mathematics being purely…[View]
310527004Is Covid really over? I like teleworking...: Work for the government here in a consulting gig, i…[View]
310517577I've never been so demoralized in my life: From the most washed-up single mums you've ever…[View]
310513123I don’t even want a real tradwife, Anons. I just want a sane, Christpilled wife to have a couple kid…[View]
310525229Globular vs Flat Earth: Ignoring which is schizo, right or wrong: just post the most important and i…[View]
310525621Let's say the hate crime rate against Asians continues to go up over the next few years. Will p…[View]
310518480This is rightfull Russian clay and should be annexed: Soon it will be ours again.[View]
310517163Death Certificate: Had a friend who I believe killed himself in California Parents won't talk. …[View]
310521814'White' must be replaced with 'Indigenous, Native Autochthonous European': This is only for european…[View]
310512643How bad will the housing market be in a few year bros? My gf wanted a small private wedding but I wa…[View]
310526922how to save a princess[View]
310523128Do Americans still believe they can win a war against China?[View]
310523293When did Trump lose your vote?: For me, this was the tipping point.[View]
310520526White Guilt: Why are so many white men so weak and filled with self hate? They hate themselves, they…[View]
310519503Health experts push to swap term 'breast milk' with 'chest milk' to be more incl…[View]
310523953Canadian defence minister harjit sajjan vs Turkish defence minister and army general hulusi akar. AN…[View]
310515491The coof is over![View]
310526285'OMG i'm so opressed in America...they call me nigger': Send the nigros to Togo where 1/3 of k…[View]
310504987Golden Globes ratings crash 64% despite folks being stuck at home.: https://www.wjhl.com/news/nation…[View]
310526614Gyppo to possibly appear in this stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR0tC7rL9yM[View]
310526268The New France: What went wrong?[View]
310521246Why does the Israeli occupation continue to this day?[View]
310524551Aleks Minassian found guilty for 10 murders.: Found guilty of running over and killing 10 people in …[View]
310526291Sportsball witch hunt: I still scan the sportsball headlines for stories and it seems daily there is…[View]
310526223A lot of people here seem to have an inaccurate and quite frankly anti-Semitic view of Israel. It…[View]
310526119Interested in investigating about NS ocultism: I'm interested in learning about national-social…[View]
310493992What is /pol/'s stance on the abortion debate?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgjGwOByays…[View]
310508889what a shitty union seriously[View]
310521295Holy shit this is how pfizer developed the corona vaccine? With a horsehoe crab full frontal lobotom…[View]
310518153The Irony of 'Liberal' Censorship.: To be clear off the bat, when i point out this irony i am not do…[View]
310525204Roger Stone skull shape: explain[View]
310525770So let's... in the future i will wearing a mask, after taking the vaccines. Plus, i will live i…[View]
310524920Meanwhile, Texas in 3 months[View]
310519941Betting on death of petrol cars, Volvo to go all electric by 2030.: https://www.reuters.com/article/…[View]
310525404>3 hours of snakeoil supplment ads >1 hour of reading news headline printoffs and hurr durr da…[View]
310524604Reminder that: Evo Morales, a so called 'communist' is an >ethnonationalist >national socialis…[View]
310522654nothing can stop what is coming, xenophobes.[View]
310525415https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X_iDyI4KZ8 YOU VILL GET ZE VAXX YOU VILL GET ZE DIGITAL BIOMETRIC I…[View]
310524593Jewish man faking vaccine: 100% happening, absolutely subversive https://www.bitchute.com/video/9YWA…[View]
310525136ASTRAZENECA: Is is true /pol/ ? Is it true Astrazeneca is made of monkey cells ?[View]
310523108Trump is Jewish: We all know it’s true. Trump was just the boot loader for Biden and Kamala. He was …[View]
310524813Thinking China will save you from ZOG is the same delusional waiting for a superman mentality that t…[View]
310522434Is hate speech only limited against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, o…[View]
310522204HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56266514 Amazon, NO!!![View]
310524791>Well, it seems we're just about all set to appoint you Mrs. Levine. There's just one m…[View]
310517788NatSoc General: Postem[View]
310525054Why do people still thing pointing out libtard hypocrisy blows them the fuck out? they think you are…[View]
310525019Do me a favor /pol/: Can you define white supremacy for me real quick? Plus points if you can define…[View]
310521233Americans are the enemy of mankind[View]
310524995Modern Feminism and Society: How do you guys think modern feminism has effected society? Any pros to…[View]
310520519Prove to me black people are not equal to whites[View]
310523715What are some things that WOULDN'T change in today world if the Axis won?[View]
310510976Going to be kicked out today.: My Witch boomer mother is about to kick me out soon. I will be a NEET…[View]
310524922Liberal Retardation: What is the most explicit example of Liberal Stupidity you have ever seen/exper…[View]
310500702Redpill me on vaccination: And why do NPCs care if me or my kid gets vaccinated if they are already …[View]
310523588Education in the ethnostate.: We take the focus away from crystalized intelligence and place the foc…[View]
310521788>I'm a black conservative Owww yessa massa yessa. Let me polish those boots for you my white…[View]
310524653There's so much gaslighting going in this country, from politics from mainstream media, im just…[View]
310524410U.S. News Security At Capitol Being INCREASED Following Warning Of Militia ‘Plot’: https://summit.ne…[View]
310492872How much until it explodes? situation is unsustainable.[View]
310522106Biden won the election.[View]
310523482/pol/ webm thread[View]
310492734Do people actually watch Stephen Colbert?: Or is YouTube cooking his stats? Do normies really watch …[View]
310513131Imagine living in a nation where innocent black men get shot just for jogging in a white supremacist…[View]
310524260oh so this is still going on the US is officially a dictatorship now yes?[View]
310524386URGEENT press Briefing: Get in here! Else you'll have to wait till we circle back. https://www.…[View]
310522639MC Biden here: currently touring Canada (syrup bitches love me). Just dropped a new track: https://v…[View]
310524345So brave. So powerful.[View]
310519261>No golfing >No shitposting >No national embarrassment >America is feared again >The …[View]
310509153She deserves to be nominated woman of the year. This is the new face of feminism, you bigots better …[View]
310521458Why were pagans like this?: >Ancient pagan Indo-Europeans Globohomos who mutted with everyone all…[View]
310523361“White supremacist” is code for “Jewish excellence”: Fucking sick of these awful people trying to ge…[View]
310524150What did they mean by this?[View]
310518328Slumlords. Not even once[View]
310522032this evil nazi kicked an innocent antifa hero and now hes dead, APOLOGIZE![View]
310524100Face it, COVID-19 kicked Trumpism's ass: The philosophy of governance wasn't designed for …[View]
310521141IT'S OVER: If you've got the vaccine you're allowed to gather indoors without masks. …[View]
310518541Machine Learning General /mlg/ LGBTQ+ edition: Why does mi5.js support black lives but not trans liv…[View]
310513027Iceland Volcano: There's a volcano about to erupt in Iceland within the next few hours. There…[View]
310523173Toronto van attack suspect found *guilty: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/alek-minassian-found-criminally…[View]
310523669>January 2020 >have a pretty good economy >March 2020 >throw it all in the trash and put…[View]
310521961Disqusting anglos: We will make you pay and then beg to come back for what you have done[View]
310519343Qtards believe Trump will be inaugurated tomorrow: FBItards believe the Qtards most of whom are feeb…[View]
310523758It's been two weeks since Q retweeted me Waited for the plan and said that 'we're angry' T…[View]
310513831Texas: 7% vaccinated. No masks required.: How poorly will this decision age /pol/?[View]
310523681So much of the right-wing on here are CTards.: It's one thing to want a sane Nationalistic gove…[View]
310522202What even is the point of Kosovo?[View]
310514907'Here is your government mandated girlfriend incel'[View]
310523284Why don’t the democrats want to raise the minimum wage?: Biden ran on it. They absolutely could do i…[View]
310514290If you Fly This Flag, you Are A Traitor: Flying this flag is unamerican. >inb4 muh freedom of spe…[View]
310519893DeSantis: Florida is a 'beacon of light to those who yearn to live in freedom'.: https://w…[View]
310523258Where's Durham?: right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm8EbqJWm50&feature=youtu.be…[View]
310505408Trouble in Dublin: https://www.dublinlive.ie/news/dublin-news/lockdownprotests-irelandriots-stpatric…[View]
310521483well, /pol/? was the coup the plan? everything was going smoothly until you fucked up.[View]
310517430India Superpower 2021: what kinda pajeet is the one on the left, and the other one. why is she light…[View]
310513388What’s the angle here?[View]
310522265Biden Lowering the bar of free gibs: >Everyone gets free $2000 check >not actually, but every…[View]
310523063Pizzagate and elite pedophile: Why have it been memory hold among normalfags already?'People' in the…[View]
310519229Swedish politics thread: Ok bros, how do we fix Sweden? >Vote SD >Vote AfS >Join NMR >Pl…[View]
310513345Bad bait: Bored is being flooded with super low quality bait lately. Even by /pol/ standards. Is it …[View]
310522982Clown World Thread: Post memes that came true, or just clown world shit in general.[View]
310522950THE BIG TECH EXODUS - /bte/: Welcome to The Big Techxodus. It's time to stop letting companies …[View]
3105137732 weeks to slow the spread: You will Wear The Mask until you Take The Vaccine.[View]
310500614being 'American' currently means that you are on American soil and don't intend on leaving that…[View]
310509347Why are Anglos so weak?: >be 5 2, 9 stone >Rape over 600 anglo men What's going on Anglo …[View]
310520735It's da JOOOOOOOOOOOS: OK /pol/, explain yourselves. A lot of you claim the vaccine shit is bec…[View]
310519914El Biden's America: Stunning & Brave LMAO XD[View]
310521983I judge all the gay (MTF-attracted) men who call themselves straight. In fact, let's put sexual…[View]
310507624FBI here: Look, I just wanted to let you all know the real reason we are targeting you incels. I kno…[View]
310515940Perpelexed ?: >Why are these days so different from all other days? The long-foretold end-times …[View]
310507652KAWP: KAWP is the new BLM. Let's do this.[View]
310522407fag hate thread: Daily reminder that homos are disgusting mentally ill genetic dead end freaks that …[View]
310515055/IPG/. Islamic Politics General. Syrian Halabi Pigeons Edition.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt9…[View]
310514084Figured it all out: I've been thinking about what the grand plan behind this vaccine is and I t…[View]
310521949A “mass murderer who happens to have autism”: > When he was asked by examining psychiatrists if h…[View]
310522093British Pride Thread: We British are the most superior race on Earth. You can kvetch, cry, seethe an…[View]
310522126Fuck USA: The world was a better place with these two my bros[View]
310520119Fuck wearing underwear. I will not wear your crotch muzzel. And I will not put on your leg restraint…[View]
310499229Are there any unironic monarchists here?: If so, who’s your chosen living person you would want seat…[View]
310521862why do americans hate them? why sanction them? you are basically making their economy shittier which…[View]
310513849Brit/pol/ - Ploughmans Edition: >heaper pints for Brits as Rishi Sunak freezes alcohol duty and e…[View]
310521147Daily reminder that he didn't do it alone. The others got away because they flipped and turned …[View]
310514431Bolsonaro ruined Brazil: In 2011 we passed the United Kingdom and became the sixth largest economy i…[View]
310521694Wake up and self improve you depressed, fat, atheist motherfuckers !: It is called Acedia and it is …[View]
310520854There are no covid conspiracies.[View]
310498683France: France[View]
310514174Why does every jew have a German or Russian last name?[View]
310521185Chinks ar mindless drones China is hell Xi Jinping is satan[View]
310520424I fucking love science. No, wait a minute, not that kind of science![View]
310519286WANTED. This murderer is hiding in South Africa.: Dear Azzerae Alastair Laird, the comic artist in S…[View]
310517524these are the only countries that matter[View]
310521493Whats her fucking problem?[View]
310512955Why is this state full of degenerate drug people?[View]
310521339$15 minimum wage is like driving a tack with a sledgehammer.: A granular and efficient labor market/…[View]
310512671What are /pol/s opinion on the irish?: Are we allowed into the ethnostate?[View]
310519314According to Europeans, United States is Hispanics... always has been, and will be.: https://www.you…[View]
310518888What is wrong with political Anarchism?: >Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin [ 1814 – 1 July 1876) was…[View]
310518874Non /pol/ approved things you do: >I’m a neet who takes government aid even I could easily find a…[View]
310496004Germany: Man gets prison time for not paying his TV loicense: > Georg Thiel > self-employed CA…[View]
310521064(((globohomo shill threads))): Latest heavily pushed Shill thread topics. Remember to lie, exaggerat…[View]
310519657Why are they such faggots?: Wont let you even view publicly posted images and videos without providi…[View]
310509290Canada's Quarantine Hotels Backfire As People Starved: A couple of weeks ago, the Canadian gove…[View]
310520042Why are they trying so hard to convince the population to take the jab?[View]
310517648What is the most iconic picture of 2020? One image that completely captures the zeitgeist gestalt fe…[View]
310520867hello, kek department? :^3: > what americans would give to have a Cervantes... they have Harry Po…[View]
310508497I Don’t Know How Anybody Wants to Still be a Republican: The Republican party doesn’t want unity. Th…[View]
310502506Did they deserve it?: >Noooooo you can’t blow up the heckin buildingerino think of our children I…[View]
310515715Consumerism and tattoos: What does it say about our degenerate society that everyday people have tat…[View]
310519254why are leftists so bad at fighting? this guy started a fight and died from a single punch[View]
310518525PhilosophyTube Antifa Tranny Thread: This Kike gets millions of views. Who tunes in? Zoomers? Boomer…[View]
310507067This Will End Badly: “I just want to say to all of you cowards out there: Don’t be such a chicken sq…[View]
310519995Utah: Trans YouTuber 'downloaded child sex abuse images running daycare'.: https://metro.c…[View]
310496743Democracy isn’t real: German authorities just announced that AfD, the third largest party in the cou…[View]
310515154DAS RITE, PAY UP: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/news/illinois-city-becomes-first-in-natio…[View]
310520051Were you aware of the Latvian genocide, anon?[View]
310519416Asylum-seekers released into U.S. by Biden officials tests POSITIVE for COVID.: https://archive.is/d…[View]
310516744Why did (((they))) destroy late 90s-early 00s pc gaming with (((Xbox))) and (((Playstation))) and sh…[View]
310504433HAPPENING? MARCH 4?: So I know from independent research that this twitter user is a pretty reputabl…[View]
310506027Why do some people want lockdowns to continue forever?[View]
310520037Died 76 years. Still living rent free in their minds[View]
310516605To leftists here Do you seriously believe all this leftist race crap for real or all of you federal …[View]
310518270Black Eye Club: To prove that Trump is not part of the paedophile top 1% we can just ask this, prese…[View]
310499413Is the Federal Reserve really secretly buying up all the houses? Why?[View]
310519095We bout to pull up on your Jewish asses[View]
310519823California city council votes unanimously to outlaw new gas stations: https://www.thedrive.com/news/…[View]
310518369Find a Difference Between Cancel Culture and Soviet 'Letters of Denunciation': >The existence of …[View]
310517948IS HE RIGHT BROS: Will the Texas rollback on the mask mandate cause more deaths[View]
310519775Fear of dying from COVID-19 dips below 50% for first time since July: poll: https://worldnewsera.com…[View]
310519761Why is Andrew Cuomo so popular with Asians? No other group even comes close to the same level of sup…[View]
310519732England: Woman died after accidentally falling on wine bottles following night out with friends: htt…[View]
310518451Eurobros I need your help: Eurobros I need your help, America is obviously fucked politically, socia…[View]
310498195Irish are the scum of Europe: >celts originally from mainland europe >banished to their retche…[View]
310519477Divide and Conquer[View]
310514319Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: What's the news with this new version of the vax? Still just as …[View]
310518088Why did he focus so much on Israel?[View]
310519090My dipshit brother in law thinks Trump will be president tomorrow.[View]
310517277Can California be saved?[View]
310487118Japan was based all along![View]
310518372HE ATE ALL THE DONUTS: > Violent police officer stripped by protesters and abandoned by other cop…[View]
310497196Why do 'conservative' people pretend the rapid growth of Folkish ethnonationalism is a bad thing whe…[View]
310519384Hotel chain faces calls for boycott after hosting CPAC stage that resembled Nazi symbol: BREAKING…[View]
310513479Daily reminder to any transfaggots seeing this post, you will never be a woman. :^)[View]
310518679Did Trump start the Qtard movement? Or was it Jared taking picture of the White House and AF1?[View]
310519185HOLLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: >https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/03/02…[View]
310513799Why was National Socialism so popular among men who were not German?[View]
310517492When you thank the troops for their service, this is what you’re thanking them for.[View]
310519133Why does everyone constantly fly to Russia like mosquitoes to the light and humiliate themselves? Ar…[View]
310491362GLAMBULANCE: What the fuck has happened to the west?[View]
310491052>be me, british immigrant studying in Chicago >hear black apartment neighbour banging and scre…[View]
310517324With AI we can see Jesus moving: https://www.myheritage.com.br/deep-nostalgia/result/886833501-50000…[View]
310509317Love/Hate countries thread while I love my own country, the colonies it left behind all became massi…[View]
310514829>(((Ben))) (((Cohen)))[View]
310518749The Sneedchads vs The Chucks[View]
310514545“Virtue Signaling” Ending the so-called mask mandate and public health protocols is an example of “w…[View]
310514504to any non US/UK fags browsing this board, Are you doing it just to watch the hilarity ensue or are …[View]
310517069GypsyCrusader appereciation thread: Hopefully he gets cleared soon but for the meantime let's t…[View]
310514418Cancel Tolkien: While Tolkien was hardly a racist, he was a conservative traditionalist and by moder…[View]
310518842>g-gib stimulus checks... Hey, maybe you should've listened.[View]
310510879So why did atheism become cringe and sad after it was really popular to hate on religion in the earl…[View]
310518786Question for 80s bros, were liberals just as insufferable then as they are now? All I see is alot of…[View]
310500939The christcuck is a snake[View]
310513540Worldwide anti-lockdown protests 20.03.2021: What do you guys think about this? It has a potential t…[View]
310518001Incels BTFO: The FBI is going after incels (and that’s a good thing). Why did the Trump administrati…[View]
310489612ZOOMERS: What went wrong?[View]
310510246Who's more right/wrong here?[View]
310516282This idiot tried to argue that he was not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (NCR-…[View]
310505939Russian diplomats humiliated in North Korea: >Eight officials from the Russian embassy in Pyongya…[View]
310518353wtf wtf wtf: I just went to the book store and the women checking me out unironically looked like th…[View]
310517611Thoughts on this smug jewlet /pol/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9cxFfB7LBw[View]
310507959>wake up >the world looks like this now wat do…[View]
310504518Texas REMOVES Mask Mandate.: https://apnews.com/article/texas-lifts-covid-19-mask-mandate-ed7cd1b065…[View]
310516265How does a country get so subverted?[View]
310512883There are only two realistic possible futures. Choose one.[View]
310514241The absolute state of America: Burgers please explain this.[View]
310508411Sincere question for Jews and shills: Are you aware that your behavior directly justifies your enemy…[View]
310509970Question: why did Covid kill mass shootings?: Inb4 “because there aren’t crowds” because there are s…[View]
310517336This is a racist caricature of Mexican people. Now you'll never be able to unsee it.[View]
310507381no GC thread, what the fuck pol[View]
310506602Bros... were Spanish girls the answer this whole time?[View]
310517295March 4th false flag event: Anons that are major influencers around Q drops are telling people not t…[View]
310516673The Face of America™[View]
310517525Ruth Ginsburg statue coming to DC: >Klobuchar, Colleagues, and House Democratic Women’s Caucus In…[View]
310515597Who keeps giving them these black eyes?[View]
310515415Why do you never see this in europe? Why americans are so fat and shart in the mart?[View]
310514923I find it horrifying how easy it is to view pornography on the internet. There are many millions of …[View]
310506772OPEN WIDE[View]
310482599What's next for her political career?[View]
310480813Riddle me this: How do we stop white men from having mutant babies with jewish women?[View]
310483000Reminder that this right here is a major part of american culture. It's not only accepted, it…[View]
310515398nothing: nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing ONE FIRE FIGHTS ONE FIRE ONE NAIL ONE NAIL…[View]
310513128Y'all moved that Tabernacle from that Stone the Builders rejected to Alamo Third Temple (ATT) S…[View]
310508288Prove you know the difference between a neoliberal and a leftist[View]
310498951British people are forced to pay to their Government for this: Did you payed your loicense sir, or d…[View]
310513408>We need to talk about your carbon footprint[View]
310507945Legitimate question, tell me things blacks have built/created?[View]
310513841Holy shit Look we all like to make fun of you roaches once in a while, but i seriously gotta ask. Yo…[View]
310510886‘Chinese virus, get out!’: lecturer from China beaten in Britain amid spike in hate crimes: Peng Wan…[View]
310515987Politics are boring now without Trump in office[View]
310513204Globohomo shills are creating extremely detailed profiles on dissenters, and those of you who are de…[View]
310498909Dress like a white man.[View]
310508431Dear mister FBI Why did you let Jimmy Savile and Jeffery Epstein molest 1000's of children? For…[View]
310516940Fuck these assholes.[View]
310511774Do you know most people are China positive?: internet normies often make separation between Chinese …[View]
310509150is it really white genocide?[View]
310508655how to get rid of trannys: So I have been thinking recently and I have to say this entire transsexua…[View]
310499407Dr. Seuss is racist now: In a cynical bid to avoid controversy the Dr. Seuss Foundation has cancelle…[View]
310516132The international goy[View]
310514661Why are zoomers women brainwashed by Kpop these days? Is it possible to find women that don't f…[View]
310514366have the need to control everything. They will use human rights and democracy as a pretext to gain a…[View]
310512856British Royals Are Beat: yeah this nigga dyin rn edition[View]
310511812based cartoon[View]
310510145Alcohol is one of the most degenerate drugs there is, and yet it is also the most socially acceptabl…[View]
310516348The animation process in 1938.: Notice anything? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2ORkIrHUbg…[View]
310513377Reminder that this is all the Anglo's fault: It always has been and always will be the Anglo…[View]
310516409Frens speech on le internet: This an actual unironical list of bannable speech on le reddit > Ra…[View]
310509915What's the difference between equity & equality? Which of these should US pursue to maintai…[View]
310513242>viral outbreak >blood/plasma donations >new health record keeping system to know who has h…[View]
310515293Destiny praises Nick Fuentes on a livestream: Even Nick’s adversaries are beginning to praise Nick’s…[View]
310512358remote automated machine guns: These are just some of the dystopian future murder weapons the jew us…[View]
310516175>finally called out my mom for being the nigger lover she is[View]
310516158who next ? 4chan shills: Is it (you)[View]
310515175No politics based on hate, discrimination, and abusing those weaker than you ever wins: You lost in …[View]
310506857Is anyone here mentally stable?: Hi bros quick question. Is anyone actively posting here mentally st…[View]
310515649Korea’s First Transgender Soldier Found Dead In Her Home: F >Byun Hui Su first joined South Korea…[View]
310491365!!TOPKEK!!: 'NINETY PER CENT of Germany's severe Covid-19 patients have migrant background…[View]
310515989does this nog actually think he's innocent? PA is such a cucked state, texas would have gotten …[View]
310513338APOLOGIZE! https://slate.com/technology/2021/03/vaccine-eligibility-obesity-can-be-healthy.html http…[View]
310500113FUCK biden. gas has gone from 2.40 in mid January to over $3.00 a gallon here and it not even the su…[View]
310507320TRUST THE PLAN![View]
310500718Right wingers aren't even trying to hide their Nazism.[View]
310515707Ancaps and extreme libertarians redpill me on why private roads are a good idea and won't turn …[View]
310515205Does President Donald Trump still have a chance to win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election? Don…[View]
310515351Greta officially endorsed mandatory anal swab Covid tests after carefully comparing detection rates …[View]
310515557How much longer will Twitter be allowed to exist?: ((American))) social media companies should be ba…[View]
310515481Twerking for Touchdowns: The Washington Football Team will create the team’s first co-ed dance team …[View]
310512826What did he mean by this?[View]
310510291Where's the $1400 stimulus?: I need it now[View]
310515120We Should Prosecute Trump Supporters: We should unironoically prosecute Trump supporters and have th…[View]
310509549what exactly are the jews putting in the food that's making it impossible for me to shit like I…[View]
310506233Hyper Inflationary Event: https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/unwelcoming-food-inflation-outpaces-…[View]
310507151Jewish Privilege: So...I will try to keep this short. Try putting Jewish as your ethnicity on job CV…[View]
310505917Denmark is Based: Yes, I'm thinking BASED https://archive.is/5C6kg[View]
310510149>You share a board with people who unironically think this man is anything more than a capitalist…[View]
310514795>Republicans give him a multi million dollar tax break to own the libs[View]
310508637QUIT WORRYING ABOUT TRUMP NONSENSE AND LOOK AT THE REAL WORLD: I am sick and tired of Trumpniggers s…[View]
310514752Red pill me on Beta israel and the ethiopian jews.: need to know. very not talked off topic. Post u…[View]
310508245How many terms will he get?: and will democrats lose 2022?[View]
310502981WOKE-ISM HAS COME FULL CIRCLE: FLORIDA – A Tampa police officer has been fired after he was caught o…[View]
310513372The Biological/Psychological War on Children - Soy(Lecithin): The Biological/Psychological War on Ch…[View]
310511184Do those that comply with tyranny deserve worse punishment than the tyrants?: Is it more heinous for…[View]
310509733How do we create a new, world wide, Hitler Youth movement?: Young people desperately need this to su…[View]
310513648With Latinos slowly trending right, is it possible or even likely we'll see red california with…[View]
310512663Biden restarts war in Middle East, gets Pope killed: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-932053…[View]
310507464Is the no mask in sweden a tip from the globalists for sweden support?: Is the no mask in sweden a t…[View]
310510208How does one find a woman like pic related?[View]
310509477Gypsy going to be majority in balkans: http://www.asrie.org/2018/08/ethnic-revolution-in-the-balkans…[View]
310476692What's the worst thing you've seen /pol/?[View]
310511122How many normies are even aware that every single democrat purposely left out the context in the cli…[View]
310512151https://globalnews.ca/news/7671193/vancouver-dtes-covid-19-5-dollar-incentive/ What are you gunna do…[View]
310504984Brit/pol/: The furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September by the chancellor in the …[View]
310510708FUCK THE JEWSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://you…[View]
310509830Are child prodigies real or are they fake and gay?You almost never hear about them when they grow up…[View]
310513261Route App lowkey based?: You can see the large welfare queen sitting atop a haul of items bought wit…[View]
310510052Why is Nick Fuentes doing interviews with Louis Theroux after he got fucked over on MTV? What the fu…[View]
310503315what's his end game?[View]
310512221what were politics in 2008 like? I wasn't paying attention then[View]
310512782What is pol gonna buy with their stimmy checks? I'm gonna go all in on butcoin[View]
310475471Are The Trades Cursed?: Seriously. I hear people recommending them because you can 'make money'. But…[View]
310512380Are there any based Telegram groups I should know about, anon?: I'm looking to find some fellow…[View]
310512675Incels are more dangerous than radical islamists.[View]
310512169BLATANT R A C I S M BATTLE: WHAT'S WORSE THE JEW The greedy world-corrupting communism-establis…[View]
310499799Why is this picture so hard for /pol/-users to accept? There is literally nothing wrong here, it…[View]
310512608Trump's inauguration tomorrow?: Trump is supposedly planning something and will be inaugurated …[View]
310501558/pol/ humor thread: Fuck you, you post funny maymays now.[View]
310466447/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5402: ► Detected: 115,302,067 (+14,483) ► Died: 2,560,638 (+1,202) ► D…[View]
310506182What the fuck is his problem?[View]
310510865What’s it like to travel abroad as an American?: Namely in places that aren’t total shit holes? Just…[View]
310505603What can (((we))) do about this shithole?[View]
310498629What's the reason for the feminization of Western men? Please refrain for posting conspiracy bu…[View]
310509419CPAC golden Trump statue made in China: This is just embarrassing. MIGAfags, what do you have to say…[View]
310510500Collegeanons: Back before COVID, did anybody else look around their school and feel like nobody was …[View]
310510179The left: >guilt by association >changing definitions >you're a sinner (against our d…[View]
310512011Is the skull shape thing a meme?: I'm starting to suspect that there is something to it. One of…[View]
310510931Only R1b is white[View]
310506590Why are people in Japan so cruel?: Why are they brought up like this? This guy was the leader of fam…[View]
310503987Why do /pol/tards on this board act so retarded?: I was accused of 'white envy', 'wanting to be whit…[View]
310505137I just got my Covid Vaccine!!!: Im so proud to announce that i just got the second dose of the Covid…[View]
310510094This is Zander Fuerza He is an outspoken member of antifa and he was just arrested for child pornogr…[View]
310499421is cody a glowie? I find it wierd he can make so many videos maufacutring explosives without a lices…[View]
310473073Here Is How They Vaccinate People In Israel: https://twitter.com/FiatVoluntasT10/status/136674830730…[View]
310503347French Revolution: What are your opinions on it? Was it a good thing or a bad thing?[View]
310505285Sweden: How are your people? I have a swedish girlfriend and she tells me that Sweden is a shit coun…[View]
310476514DUTCH ELECTION GENERAL /DEG/ - No Motive Found Yet, But It Must Be...: Days till election 13 - till …[View]
310509202>start another fucking world war and kill 60% of the global population at the time because one ir…[View]
310511381Pols official Mascot for 2021: TittyPussy is 4chans official mascot for 2021 https://youtu.be/2T7n60…[View]
310509680Some #TruthBombs: #BelieveAllWomen #WomenDontLie #AOCIsQueen #AllMenAreRapists #WhiteMenSitDown #F…[View]
310510063>Notch begins advertisements on 4chan >Minecraft = Meinkampf >You are a player who actually…[View]
310509399Why are so many COVID terms space-related? e.g. Sputnik; Operation Warp Speed: Russian vaccine is ca…[View]
310503813Are NPCs beyond repair?: I got into some argues with npcs in subway and trains that started yelling …[View]
310508636>peer-reviewed study says that anyone who feels nationalistic pride is ugly, gay, retarded, an in…[View]
310511152Why does most of /pol/ want Europe to be divided? Millions died in the world wars[View]
310499605Christcucks are cancerous: In our fight against degenerates, even if they appear to be on our side, …[View]
310505953Judea remembers! love my czech brothers![View]
310510324He was based and he is the king of /pol/ What he did was very based You guys are virgin faggots who…[View]
310504979haha completely based, believing that a role means belonging to a race.: I am from Spain, but no jok…[View]
310489391beans in meat: even BEEF JERKY has S-0-Y in it now kill me please what is happening to this world??…[View]
310509056France: Is there any hope for you? Are French people willing to vote for the National Rally and othe…[View]
310507523get packed rabbi: your going back to the pale[View]
310497878Reminder: Jews control everything because we're a lot smarter than most whites. If you guys wer…[View]
310509422The limeys power is counter intelligence.: They taught America everything it knows. The limeys play …[View]
310508883Press F to Pay Respects: F[View]
310502195Nigger Dystopia: The state of America's education system. God save us mutts. https://www.youtub…[View]
310509312>Greta advocated mandatory anal COVID swabs after carefully comparing detection rates vs. nasal s…[View]
310492929If Jews control the media...: do they control 4chan too? 4chan is media, no? But then how come we ar…[View]
310509472Why do Repubs and Dems make such a huge deal about the manufacturing sector when just about everybod…[View]
310509464At what point would you see a relationship as racemixing? I don't really think anyone from Euro…[View]
310505223Who are some inspiring women of color?[View]
310449235How many of these are /pol/ anons?[View]
310509662They Murdered Dr Seuss: The two critical race theorists who campaigned to get Dr Seuss books banned …[View]
310502081Why does /pol/ live in fear of the vaccine?: When the vaccine has a 99.999999999999999999% survival …[View]
310508515He’s doomed lol[View]
310498130Hate to say it, but...: can you even argue with this?[View]
310505475What makes Boomers say they are the greatest generation?[View]
310509679Vaccines are suspicious: Vaccines were made to feminize entire generations of men. In the good old d…[View]
310510135Can we ban occupy democrats already?[View]
310506825idk guys but china kinda of is future isn`t it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up5m8mRq6EU[View]
310510015we're on to you goys! https://trustedreportteam.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/trteam_offici…[View]
310508395South Koreas First Transgender soldier: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-51204323 It takes great …[View]
310500016I fixed the Balkans[View]
310507609Are non-Euros sentient?[View]
310504560China’s coal consumption set to RISE in 2021 despite Beijing’s carbon neutral goal: https://www.scmp…[View]
310506700They think they rule us[View]
310507539Was the prophet muhammad deceived by lucifer into writing the quran? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
310506340When the Euro will replace the USD?: Why the EU doesn’t push the Euro for all European countries?:cr…[View]
310505646And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men…[View]
310508588Are you ready for your anal swab, covidcucks?[View]
310506742are white nationalists actually a threat to the united states[View]
310503284Non-religious Thread: Being conservative seems to be heavily associated with devout christianity. Ho…[View]
310506562jews fear mongering you (have no power): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbaHCV-nYZo[View]
310506345jews kill humans by vaccines: UNMASKING THE LIES AROUND COVID-19: FACTS VS FICTION OF THE CORONAVIRU…[View]
310467584Heart Attack shots : Reason why Millitary refusing the vaxx: And yes, this is political when these s…[View]
310504549Blaggs: Why do they have the lowest suicide rate?[View]
310507226Turns out Chinese youth is not as BASED as China is telling us. They’re hiding their own degeneracy[View]
310509055How Hard Will Biden Cu.ck The Left??: Is the kids in cages thing the worst example? Or is there wors…[View]
310504402UK: Female prisoners at greater risk of sexual assault by transgender inmates, High Court hears: htt…[View]
310508131Do Catholics Really?[View]
310508890Mein Kampf Audiobook: Listening to this at work. So far I'm enthralled. What else can I expect?…[View]
310470721when is pol going to take this topic seriously? You people are obsessed with trannies mutilating the…[View]
310508821Why has the school system failed niggers, /pol/?: >A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City h…[View]
310501355>the left wants to tax people making more then x dollars >defend it by saying they don’t make …[View]
310500734How can someone be anti eugenics and pro racemixing: They are the same thing, only one improves your…[View]
310493837aus/pol/ - Edition: Fuck the city poofs time for Ned Bread.: Gidday cunts, You all doing well? No C…[View]
310506529Bill Gates want you to make Transitions...: What Bill wants you to do? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
310508630>have to pay 12% of my earnings AFTER taxes to pay for boomer fucks to life on social security …[View]
310508606Você vai falir teu estado e obrigar os paulistas a comer os insetos![View]
310504946Indonesia's Sinabung Volcano spews high column of ash.: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wi…[View]
310480760Prince Harry is suing a FIlipino Deodorant Maker!!!: https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/on-the-radar…[View]
310507155Coca-Cola is right: It really is this simple. This should be a national ad campaign like the 'T…[View]
310502836What made German National Socialism so attractive for other nations?: Spain sent 45 000 soldiers to …[View]
310508418HB 8 and HB 1448: HB 8: They want to make you a criminal for selling your own property by requiring …[View]
310508213We need his structure order and discipline more than ever /pol/ most importantly his nutritious >…[View]
310498995Generation Identitaire disbanded by French gov.: Today, without even a judicial justification, the F…[View]
310507658There is literally nothing these people wouldn't do if their masters told them.[View]
310504923France bans anti-migrant organizations: France bans far right anti migrant group Generation Identity…[View]
310508235DONALD TRUMP is the true president. The only president[View]
310507827The New France: no white identity allowed: https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/a…[View]
310505945/BPG/ - Blackpill General: How are you holding up? How do you keep yourself motivated to keep going …[View]
310492453Finland under mason rule: Its over. Shadows form masonic symbols. Christmas tree symbolises all seei…[View]
310501737The Original Nazis: Jews are the ultimate hypocrites From the very beginning, the Jewish religion ha…[View]
310507914I can’t STAND this fucking cunt. Why can’t they pull a Diana and get rid of her already?[View]
310502675Let go of your hate, your doing more damage to yourself than any other person you hate. You are your…[View]
310476180Incest: Should incest be legal or illegal? What is your stance /pol/ for or agaisnt incest?[View]
310497356Operation Cat in the Third Reich: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/reckoning-dr-seuss-racist-imag…[View]
310507823The Irony of 'Liberal' Censorship.: To be clear off the bat, when i point out this irony i am not do…[View]
310507601What is next and waiting to be manifested according to the SIMPSONS?[View]
310484619If race doesn't biologically exist then why do different races have different shaped bone shape…[View]
310505120How do I stop fapping: help[View]
310496716What’s the point of working if you’re white?: You’re basically the plow horse , tax cattle, and soci…[View]
310506617EverGreen College / Coca Cola - My gut feeling was right!: > EverGreen College > Coca Cola …[View]
310505240Why is redit so cringe?: >/s[View]
310491955What's /pol/'s opinion on sex education? At what age should it begin?[View]
310502676Why does no one ever (even on /pol/) talk about the federal reserve? These unelected ghouls can cras…[View]
310502633IT'S OVER for America First!: AFPAC was the biggest honeypot scam you could imagine, folks! Who…[View]
310507295I still don't understand how BTC solves the money printer problem: The vast majority of money i…[View]
310448607Wiggnats, does your blood match your ideology?: Post you ancestry boys! If you want a european hegem…[View]
310497245>ruins western civilization while it's at it's peak psssh...nothin personnel...kid...…[View]
310504435North Carolina: Pokemon card theft ring busted in Onslow County, deputies say: https://www.wect.com/…[View]
310497089How much of America tax dollars are spent on black people?[View]
310502538Science cynicism: in these last years I have seen a lot of cynicism about science and a lot of these…[View]
310492587/pol/ is the matrix real?[View]
310493015how do we cure this?[View]
310496684Why does he make libshits and amerisharts seethe so much? Inb4 >Le hecking doggos! >Le hecking…[View]
310507045STOP THE MUD FLOOD: Someone please help we are being SHITTED beyond repair.[View]
310505042You cannot claim to be NatSoc if you do not listen to Wagner.: 'Whoever wants to understand National…[View]
310506279Who even cancels this shit?: Is there just a committee of Juden somewhere looking to cancel the most…[View]
310494820Explain yourselves Amerisharts[View]
310494773>dude was literally /pol/ >didn't hate jews what gives?…[View]
310506306What turning into a liberal does to a mf[View]
310463429Trips predicts the next news cycle[View]
310499379>be me >Literally every powerful nation on the European continent. France, Germany, Spain, Net…[View]
310504858Germany plans to extend coronavirus lockdown to March 28.: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-plans-to-ex…[View]
310506571WE WUZ ANGLOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q2gFmEcY2o&ab_channel=Timeline-WorldHistoryDocum…[View]
310506546Globohomo KANSAS CITY SHUFFLE: What're they really planning?[View]
310506550The whole world looking like this is diversity[View]
310505336Kek how did it even get to this point?!: It was a fucking prank bro. I can’t believe dumbass boomers…[View]
310505012You're not free, by definition you're a slave no matter where you live: Every government l…[View]
310504309Sleep: Getting a good night’s rest is based? The establishment doesn’t want you to have this. The je…[View]
310506442Why are women like this? http://womensalliance.xyz/[View]
310489936How does this make you feel?[View]
310468958Today is the national holyday of my homeland, Bulgaria. Say something nice about it.[View]
310506114Witch Hunting...: 'historical narrative' VS. Reality Notice how often 'Yale' say…[View]
310492721Brit/pol/: The furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September by the chancellor in the …[View]
310493560I am Jewish: I have not gotten any 'shekels'. I have not gotten any job opportunities due to my ethn…[View]
310490702'inclusivity' has gotten to the point where every term includes every person and nothing m…[View]
310502704>argue with an 'anti-natalist' >mention that Africa is pretty much the only place with an incr…[View]
310505797I miss 2015 so much.[View]
310505645hiro approved meta thread fuck off janny: this board needs to split into /europol/ and /americapol/.…[View]
310488276BIDEN STARTING A WAR: He’s gone and done it now lads the attacks have started on US bases. > no l…[View]
310505577Democrats pushing for Civil War: They want our guns that badly? Then they can take the bullets first…[View]
310503147Stop Watching JRE: >Be me >Longtime Joe Rogan listener >Frustrated by his repeat signaling …[View]
310503856Negro 'Kings': Why haven't the Negro 'kings' overthrown the oppressive US government yet?…[View]
310487036why are niggers so retarded?[View]
310504247This graph destroys amerimutts.[View]
310503885ITT: Based animals[View]
310476027It's happening!: Iran fired 10 122mm advanced Grad rockets in AinAlAsad base in Iraq. Casualtie…[View]
310503979Why are liberals so fucking obsessed with Hitler?: Some saw Hitler’s mustache in Amazon’s new logo. …[View]
310503044How hard is it to move to Russia and marry an ethnic minority woman? Not a Russian woman but a minor…[View]
310503440My only black friend in high school ended up stealing all my yu-gi-oh cards and my MP3 player[View]
310505270what happened to the aussie who punched the nigger: ???[View]
310491478Canada's Whistleblower Law Ranks Dead Last In International Rankings: If you want to safely blo…[View]
310478362>taxation is not theft[View]
310504983Daily reminder that if you do not lift, you are nothing but a subhuman LARPER.[View]
310503913Looking more pics like this: Pictures about white domination...really need it[View]
310500915This is what AOC said to Claudia Conway after she applied for an internship with her[View]
310503881what did Amazon meant by this?[View]
310496341Is Sanna Marin based? Finnish politics thread.[View]
310504209I don't have a problem with the concept of transexualism but I hate trannies: I only have exper…[View]
310504483Dr. Seuss didn't have 'a racist bone' in his body: stepdaughter: https://nypost.com/2…[View]
310504457Should picrel be the litmus test for LITERALLY every social and political problem of a nation?[View]
310490272/snsg/ Spanish national socialism general: What’s going on, Spainbros? Any new developments recently…[View]
310502974The final redpill: The final redpill is a blue pill. I have done years of research and i found the t…[View]
310468452Why is this book so insanely popular and influential? All the normie at my work are being redpilled …[View]
310493400Chink history in a nutshell: >https://en.wikipedia.org/Ho_lee_fug_revolt >liu bi fought agains…[View]
310504160The purity spiralling needs to STOP: If you purity spiral, you are actively helping the jew do its w…[View]
310473007Food resources: Do we have enough resources to feed more than 7 billion mouths in the future?Are our…[View]
310503734daaas rite[View]
310498242How would you define the term 'racial supremacy'?: So many factors,so little computational power and…[View]
310499569vvd dutch neder: >leader of a nation what kind of people deserve this kind of a leader?…[View]
310498900WTF? They? Them?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/school-of-rock-child-star-says-their-role-led…[View]
310504232>The other Europe: myths, conspiracies and enigmas in the shadow of European unification Is this …[View]
310503620Catholic hate thread: Send in some memes that exposes the liberalism and degeneracy of the current C…[View]
310501520Korea now builds one of the best fighter in the world. Something that Degenerate Europoors, HIV infe…[View]
310498760Everything but the Gospels is Jewish[View]
310502638love these kind of images, powerful and ultimate truth[View]
310504067Is the west missing out on not fiddling with our assholes after every pooping session?[View]
310504079Modi has ruined my country...we need someone to invade India and get him out of office..[View]
310491532Are the Greeks okay? 6.3 is a relatively strong quake.[View]
310492131Capitalist is the enemy of nations.[View]
310503933Why are 'aryan' girls universally praised?[View]
310503928Thank you President Biden. I don't know what we would do without you[View]
310502870What exactly is your problem with a Universal Basic Income? I want the most vulnerable people and po…[View]
310492800Christcucks ruined Europe centuries ago[View]
310496204>mask worn >hands washed >anal test, done…[View]
310495309Jews rule the world!: Pfizer's vaccine killed about 40 times more (elderly) people and 260 time…[View]
310494686This place is too big for just 25M whites: It’s your moral obligation to share your stolen land with…[View]
310503745I heard there was an ancient SS forward march attack called Der gute alte Nuttenritt. I am an expert…[View]
310502188Should assisted suicide be a human right ?: Give a few reasons why or why not assisted should or sho…[View]
310497905Canada Descends into Illusion: Imagine if you or I lied to the governent about having an extra 150 p…[View]
310499758REPARATIONS: We should demand reparations from Zionists, Jews and Freemasons and Rosy Cross members …[View]
310503655https://youtu.be/MQzd15zyfFA Why do democrats do this[View]
310497220Reminder that: Evo Morales, a so called 'communist' is an >ethnonationalist >national socialis…[View]
310503416The tales of our forefathers: Are my fellow non-European whites teaching their children the stories …[View]
310472528why spain didn't join the axis?[View]
310503258This is how a person of color looks like, and that's a good thing![View]
310485107what kind of phenotype is this?[View]
310497221if being gay is 'normal', why are there so many negative health consequences associated with homosex…[View]
310503138>evolution isnt real[View]
310498896holy shit bros, Biden's security chief actually knew the owner of Daily Stormer and is now lyin…[View]
310478421JUST https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/fbi-agents-raid-home-in-fort-lauderdale/2395649/[View]
310498937Do you listen to Christian radio?[View]
310490543Florida mutts, what's the holdup?: I thought Desantis told Biden to fuck off, you still have to…[View]
310502163About the police issue: the left use police as an instrument in their class struggle against the goy…[View]
310492464This is the new holocaust, and things are only just getting started. Now, theyre saying that 3 milli…[View]
310499953Why do liberals defend bombing nations across the world from them? Why do Communists defend China fo…[View]
310488290Unironically, what is the point of the second amendment? >inb4 muh defense against tyranny What t…[View]
310491396Theosophy: Thoughts on Theosophy anon?[View]
31050180026 people injured, 13 killed in 2 vehicle collision: Human Tetris https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/02/us…[View]
310501869US is more pozzed than China: You can't refute this.[View]
310497725Why did Hitler kill himself?[View]
310502058Seems like that Paul Miller (Aka Gypsycrusader) has been raided by the FBI for having a gun while he…[View]
310491083China is exporting weeboo games to the west: WTF, why /v/ so obsessed with this fucking Chinese game…[View]
310498743Pic is US federal contractors.[View]
310489969Hello. What is the case for European successes being consequence of indoeuropean genetics? The easte…[View]
310501828QUEBEC APPRECIATION THREAD: Why are these Frenchie eating, poutine sucking surrender monkeys the onl…[View]
310489102Is Joseph Stalin the most powerful politician of all times? >Kills 5 times as many of his own peo…[View]
310500148/pol/ CUOMO EDITION: Post ‘em[View]
310487981Has anyone here been raided by the cops for something they did online?[View]
310497877Don't you sometimes wonder where it all suddenly started going downhill? I honestly wish I didn…[View]
310496613why are there so many 'white' ethnically looking european muslims? for example i have a bosnian frie…[View]
310499042White or not white: So lads what features do you consider white? What do you not consider white?…[View]
310500846Autists have the updated indictment counts?: It is already 3/3 and I cannot find the updated list.…[View]
310499672Rate meme: New meme made by me, Rate it.[View]
310499306America must be the worst place on earth to live in: Soil is completely drained off nutrients Sugarc…[View]
310488520Pay up Anglos: You kneel for niggers before your priemiershit Ngubu niggerball. While still hating …[View]
310489447So there's a Happening going on in Scotland and I haven't seen anything about it here. It …[View]
310496852Lies: The last thread vanished !!! It was getting good tooo !!![View]
310497244Hitler was an incel.: Adolf Hitler, the main ideologist of the NSDAP, was an extremely mentally unba…[View]
310501186Rob Schneider been here /pol/? https://twitter.com/RobSchneider[View]
310492372Is it curtains for Nicola Sturgeon: The Scottish First Minister is being harrassed and bullied just …[View]
310500635What Level of Degeneracy Is This?: What level of degeneracy is this? Let's see how many boxes w…[View]
310501415Vegetarians, Vagans, Commies and Jews are right: You should eat less meat. You should reserve the me…[View]
310500751>my university funded the foundation of a 'meme studies research network' cant even mak…[View]
310499623Star Wars politics: What does /pol/ think about the politics in the Star Wars series. Do you think i…[View]
310499161Which party focuses more on suicides?: Also I just want to say there are alot of suicides here in th…[View]
310501159Based: https://m.theepochtimes.com/south-carolina-senate-passes-bill-adding-firing-squad-to-executio…[View]
310496643>You're Racist >Argument won[View]
310489238>These are the people who claim to have advanced meme culture[View]
310491384what's with the unemployment numbers in southern europe?[View]
310483904Why isn't the Philippines a great power?: We could invade the entire SEA sphere if we wanted to…[View]
310491757Half the niggers in Baltimore are only as smart as a 9th grade after 4 years of high school...: ... …[View]
310494593https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-56258320 bristol is 84% white yet they're getting c…[View]
310488701Is he right?[View]
310496764The fall of the United States: The 2020 US seems to be the most degenerate country on the planet, be…[View]
310495568Whites on suicide watch: We are coming to exterminate you wh*tes. Your time is near.[View]
310483894Wtf I love China now?[View]
310500309Serious question: Why are Eastern communists more socially conservative than Western nationalists? E…[View]
310499710Why do critical theory cultists insist that bullshit like “Gender theory” and “white supremacy” are …[View]
310499757So if the sputnik vaccine is so good why aren't actual Russians willing to take it? I don'…[View]
310497045Imagine unironically racemixing: Imagine having your grandkids look like this https://www.youtube.c…[View]
310499493Usury Sodomy Abortion Is there any redeeming feature of this satanic country?[View]
310482219GPU shortage: Are gamers the biggest faggots on the planet?[View]
310499024Big Brudda is Watching :V: Why is everyone obsessed with the 'Big Brother is watching you' part of t…[View]
310499974WHITE CULTURE APPROPRIATION: Leftists always use the culture appropriation bullshit to get mad at wh…[View]
310499221Start making babies: All you people who bitch and moan about white people being replaced and shit, y…[View]
310498436The results are in[View]
310498201Biggest Jew Porn Actor Ron Jeremy is going to die in prison: Jew that had sex with 6 million goyim d…[View]
310497153Dr seus is now degenerate!: Who's fault is this young ones? A gook in a zook, doth betray the j…[View]
310486725so are you sill coping?: .[View]
310498020Reparations for Jews : Hallaucost Edition: 6 million and no reparations. The time is now for those o…[View]
310498387Tomorrow's Inauguration: So where can I wait to get a good seat for the inauguration tomorrow? …[View]
310495702IT'S OVER: This also means that Fidesz will loose in 2022 and the marxist takeover begins.…[View]
310499049There nothing more politically incorrect than Islam.[View]
310490175What should the role of the state be?[View]
310498033LeNutsack btfo: Zlatan does not care for your jogger myths! Why does it take a European footballer …[View]
310492650brit/pol/ - Pontins Undesirables List Edition: >Secret Pontins blacklist prevented people with Ir…[View]
310496525Sad: Spic fuentes and his pocket pussies are shilling for the jewish status quo of “diversity” and “…[View]
310497532Show some respect and gratitude to this materially poor and yet so alive and spiritually powerful ki…[View]
310498720Many students pray, “If I pass with a first class, I’ll break five coconuts at Your feet.” Does this…[View]
310491894Jewish blackface: Are jews...I dare to say....based and redpilled?[View]
310494117Without women in politics jewish tricks wouldn't be possible[View]
310453309How can we solve the delusional boomer problem? What contributed to these old white men so blissfull…[View]
310494095China #1: China is the most based country in existence today. Proof: Chinese court backs publisher o…[View]
310490418History teachers: What were your history teachers like at school? Did they teach anything useful to …[View]
310496088Hello, Beethoven here. I just want to say i hate niggers and the mumbo jumbo tribal drums they call …[View]
310494591Once we get communism in the West, will the LGBT be lined up against the wall and shot?[View]
310490565How do we destroy this thing?[View]
310495908Economic collapse of the UK: I’m getting scared bros. This isn’t good. Once furlough ends we know wh…[View]
310491283I want to tell you, thank you America and Americans! and thank you your allies who helped us in our …[View]
310498139Fatigue: I still scan the sportsball headlines for stories and it seems daily there is a white coach…[View]
310496981White females locking 5yo sons into isolation rooms--weeks w/ no outside contact: White females are …[View]
310496120Why isn't circumcision illegal worldwide?: It is illegal in my country? Why should it be legal…[View]
310490619What has caused the fascination with “YASS SCIENCE”? It’s become clear to me that science isn’t actu…[View]
310497788Is UK full of commie lovers?[View]
310497701Waiting: Sitting in a bunker here behind my wall Waiting for the worms to come (Worms to come) In pe…[View]
310492434Free GypsyCrusader[View]
310496121Fuck cities: I went to the city and 99% of the people there were either foreign races or stereotypic…[View]
310497016Eastern Europe and South America just did it wrong we'll get it right this time comrades >Fu…[View]
310476293Rulling north america: You know the drill already by now , you are the dictator of north america . W…[View]
310471159Name a more pathetic country in Europe. >everything costs the same as in western Europe >but y…[View]
310451525When did the alt right become a mestizo mutt coalition?: Pic Related is the head admin of one of the…[View]
310496279I'm a wizard. Let me just tell you that due to me using my power, libshits will never be able t…[View]
310496920it's the germans and it's terrible: it's not the jews hitler won ww2 the jews are con…[View]
310491358>right wins an election >left: 'VOTER FRAUD!!!!! STOLEN ELECTION!!!!!' >left wins an electi…[View]
310475157Why are you white guys still working and paying taxes? I truly dont understand it. The system wants …[View]
310485948True British Fascism: Why are there no true British fascists in history? I mean true in believing in…[View]
310496100They are putting shit in our food: I think it's some sort of stupid powder that also makes turn…[View]
310497192Has gender/race studies gone too far?: Womxn and mxn and negroid people are being murdered by themse…[View]
310466861/pol/ humor thread - Clown world edition: Post 'em[View]
310497001The lockdowns won't ever go away,wil they?: Politicians use the fake hope tactic for a year and…[View]
310484289Anglos are the second most cucked white ethnicity after the French: Swedes are third[View]
310491113>porn >demoralization >shills everywhere Everything here seems to be a psy-op, nothing is o…[View]
310484975holohaux: I need best redpill memes u have right now[View]
310489939Cancel cancel culture: I say we gather a list of anyone who's partaken in cancel culture[View]
310495192EXPLOSION HITS CORONAVIRUS test centre in Bovenkarspel, no injuries: The regional health board testi…[View]
310494233The right wing sucks balls at cybersecurity: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/27/technology/trump-cam…[View]
310479128How the 1st US city to fund reparations for Black residents is making amends: https://www.wtrf.com/n…[View]
310480727Qanon: Why doesn't Q just post again to say 'lol, jk' or 'trust the plan' why'd the psyop …[View]
310496898Democracy: Does our Democracy stand a chance?[View]
310489600'Americans will sell us the rope with which to hang them' - Deng Xiaoping, 1984[View]
310486295New Zealanders are the niggers of the Southern Hemisphere: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/childs-name…[View]
310495678Death to all wiggers.: Death to the scum of the Earth that had a choice.[View]
310470530It's a trap you dumb fucks. They are opening up Texas and releasing the real virus strain now t…[View]
31049153790% of severe Covid patiens in Germany are migrants: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-932032…[View]
310496343Reminder that niggers don't help each other. It's all just for gibs.[View]
310496645Holochuck Denial Thread: How could they have made 6 million packages of seed and feed with only 4 sn…[View]
310492831Fucks sake: >be me >western European >very socially conservative >all the white women I …[View]
310494125aus/pol/ - emergency bake: >haha goyim enjoy your new lockdown https://www.news.com.au/world/coro…[View]
310492513I want to find prazzledrip video. Can you show me???[View]
310495990Why is American media like this?[View]
310472876'White' must be replaced with 'Indigenous-native Europeans': This is only for europeans, specially a…[View]
310491602Over the top: https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/coronavirus/fema-convention-center-vaccine-site-i…[View]
310496404>the gay agenda isnt rea- fags reproduce by grooming kids, the left fully supports this.…[View]
310487283HARD TRUTHS THREAD.: Photos only, no text. I'll start.[View]
310495325ITT:: Misunderstood heroes[View]
3104917273000 years and nigger still be living in mud huts. Nigger love stealing too just look what they did …[View]
310490061I just finally realized what this means. Since the definition is a group of people, more than one pe…[View]
310470687Are there any real arguments against communism?[View]
310495274Even though police are not always reliable, they protect the public better than any other group of p…[View]
310475578Why shouldn't white men pay reparation for slavery? White men stole black men from their home, …[View]
310495354What went wrong?[View]
310479015*Disproves feminism*: Study suggests that men and women actually prefer not to split household and c…[View]
310490281BREAKING: ORBAN GOT CUCKED BY THE CUCKEST PARTY IN EUROPE: https://mobile.twitter.com/EuropeElects/s…[View]
310476461Ted: Why didn't he name da joos?[View]
310495492A transgender in a beauty pagent?: >Transgender women will from this year be able to compete in P…[View]
310485132BREAKING: ALL FOREIGN VISITORS BANNED FROM TOKYO OLYMPICS https://mainichi.jp/articles/20210303/k00/…[View]
310483840A case study for how people group themselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L5MQ7EgdA&t=0s …[View]
310485018BASED: >BASED BASED >BASED BASED https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1366883465803759616…[View]
310486906Question: Do you guys just sit here and complain about everything while the white race just dies?…[View]
310494190This guy approaches you in the street, a faint whiff of eghty-year-old man-ass coming from his fist,…[View]
310475042>massive territory abundant with natural resources >tons of fresh water >temperate climate …[View]
310492606Are bounty hunters a good alternative to the police force? Post economic collapse, would bounty hunt…[View]
310468499ᛋᛋ /nsg/: National Socialism General ᛋᛋ - Late Night Edition: ᛋᛋ Welcome to /nsg/: National Socialis…[View]
310492029Whites are the real jooz: >white male say christianity is bad >White male think new system …[View]
310489477Where have the houses gone?: Where the fuck did all our houses go? Did someone steal them? https://w…[View]
310487281Med vs Angloid[View]
310493299Do Americans really have leaders eat chicken fry with a fork and knife?[View]
310494539Miffons love to torture animals!: Cheers for Great Justice! https://mp3.fastupload.co/files/16147272…[View]
310490617Canada is collapsig part 12498, Justin Trudeau secretly brought in 9m people in 2020: Out of the alm…[View]
310494384Male Lesbians are valid: Reminder you don’t have to be female to be a lesbians And no biggie male l…[View]
310486400American Rescue Plan, what's in it?: So what crazy shit is my Tax Dollars paying for with this …[View]
310494359German gov now officially spying on AFD political party.: We wouldn't want the Germans to get a…[View]
310493953The current state of /brit/bongs[View]
310480740aus/pol/ - seppo part 2: Ausfags[View]
310493226I'm starting to think that Jews aren't really the main party involved. Shure they got thei…[View]
310490893/pol/ btfo[View]
310491467Nazi: Do people seriously consider this label to be an insult? Does anybody actually listen to Marxi…[View]
310479179Gary Webb: What does /pol/ think of Gary Webb? How was he suicided?[View]
310485873Is immigration good for you?[View]
310484918GERAMN RIGHT WING PARTY UNDER INVESTIGATION: German authorities suspect the AfD of being an extremis…[View]
310486158Less 'mutt' than an American, an English or a current European. Still mad anglojew.[View]
3104898501+4+8+8=21: Is this the most based nigger alive?[View]
310492171For the blacks: Why haven't you taken the wigger pill? Blacks and women love you for being tole…[View]
310486443Brit/pol/: The furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September by the chancellor in the …[View]
310492392How can muttland even compete?[View]
310483366Food for thought: Social liberalism and fiscal conservativism is what created woke corporations and …[View]
310491344Redpill me on Stephen Hawking: Did this guy even have a functioning brain, or was he just a carcass …[View]
310488030'German women meets the negro' 1945 Berlin (GI Newspaper).: Thousands of biracial babies were born a…[View]
310491673Just saw this on my FB feed: Are BIPOC women even 30% of the population in America? Women in general…[View]
310492114Cancel culture is a real threat.: It may not seem like it won't affect you until the day you ar…[View]
310478825Hate speech laws are here: >Make Jew and nigger jokes >Kike group gets offended >FBI raids …[View]
310489439seems like if China becomes the dominant global super power by 2028, not everything will be so bad.[View]
310481143If you disagree with this then you're a faggot[View]
310442815the Asian community have taken a turn against blacks.[View]
310491902I have a hard time differentiating american actions and jewish actions. Arent they the same at this …[View]
310481075Blood and Honor: Tom Sewell cares more about you than you do[View]
31049176899.9% of people are NPCs. Prove me wrong. Pic unrelated[View]
310484650/pol/ wtf is voter suppression? Is it a obvious code word for Jews to rig shit? Or is it niggers and…[View]
310489388The jews/kikes/demons: want to go to war with iran to set up the nwo for their fat baby raping &…[View]
310491529Why shouldn't black men pay reparation for being a burden? Black men steal from white mens home…[View]
310490723Canadian anti maskers: Caught on camera: Anti-maskers berate staff at Vancouver pizzeria, rough up t…[View]
310485134Do Aussies really?[View]
310481098Is thi our ticket to financial freedom?: XRP lawsuit will be resolved later this month bros[View]
310485436Questions on Incels: According to court reports on his paternal status the Lancaster shooting victim…[View]
310484692I still remember: americans laughing at italians at the beginning of the pandemic. Now you have more…[View]
310488313Listen to the skywriting jets, you skeptical faggots, and Surrender to 5G: https://youtu.be/MY__g_cu…[View]
310488369Trump Inauguration: Are you ready for tomorrow, /pol/?[View]
310485740>white supremacist-acceleration only opposed to your 3rd world-acceleration…[View]
310490620This is american cuisine. If theyre lucky to have a stay at home mother they are greeted with a styr…[View]
310489668Good morning /pol/. I had my dreams interrupted by a nigger screaming outside so here I am with you.[View]
310490652Are arabs the most oppressed race? Why do niggers think they are so oppressed when Arabs have it 10 …[View]
310467101Were mass shootings a millennial thing?: Or maybe late Gen X to early Gen Z. It seems like mass shoo…[View]
310490768are you ok greekbros?[View]
310488667>single handedly ends the white race: You can be either pro-Churchill or pro-white...... You can …[View]
310483773What are you currently reading (that is related to politics), /pol/?[View]
310479274Trump's FBI director CONFIRMS that the capitol insurrection was domestic terrorism: /pol/ bruta…[View]
310479784humor thread: /pol/ humor thread, memri edition.[View]
310483672hungary is getting assraped: bucharest is hot with passion today as hungary is facing exclusion from…[View]
3104886543 more weeks, fritz!: >Germany to extend lockdown until 28 March https://www.independent.co.uk/ne…[View]
310448000Black =/= nigger. If you nigger faggots don't understand this distinction you're a fucking…[View]
310442952Try to morally justify taxation. Pro tip: You can't.[View]
310488711Science was Incel hobby which changed world Now to many normal fags infested Science and once again …[View]
310490267Even Zucc anti vacc: Zucc secretly admits to being ant vaccine in leaked internal briefing. Does he …[View]
310490266MSM is pushing deepfakes and correlation to misinformation as of late. It seems some extremely damni…[View]
310482138You could recreate small pox for around 100,000 dollars. Kinda shocked ngl that a terrorist cell has…[View]
310489751Your game excludes trannies REEEEEEEEE[View]
310482128Agree or Disagree?[View]
310482927>Candace Owens has done more to save the white race than anyone on /pol/…[View]
310487322I've seen the future: >So, apparently republicans are having problems about President Harris…[View]
310483557Was ancient Rome really as degenerate as it's been portrayed on TV and film?[View]
310479946Redpills on women: What are the biggest redpills on women /pol/?[View]
310488721You *are* still wearing your mask, right anon?[View]
310486724Orbán leaves EPP: >https://twitter.com/KatalinNovakMP/status/1367053668458106881 For people who a…[View]
310488742Do you think kids today would allow a return of corporal punishment? Would they rebell more or less …[View]
310487157How many years do you think it will take for Americans to forget about the USS Liberty? How many mor…[View]
310479466>OI DO U AV A PERMIT FOR THAT MUTT?!?![View]
310486238Vaccine Passport - NSW, Australia: https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6236753817001[View]
310478326brit/pol/ - brit/pol/: archive.is/t4bN5 >Christian Porter: Australian attorney general denies rap…[View]
310458413Remember when Chinks were dropping dead in the street and convulsing on stretchers in the hospital?:…[View]
310474506Why do you guys doubt the covid vaccine? Vaccine have been used since small pox and has been very ef…[View]
310485763Reminder that March 11th will be the one year anniversary of the start of coronahoax lockdown in the…[View]
310489070Pol in a nutshell.: > Hate White women. > Love Asian women. > Mostly depressed Black pilled…[View]
310489515Baby licence: Why aren't people required to have a licence to have a baby? Children are the mos…[View]
310479807/bg/ Thread - Liberation Day Edittion: Чecтит ни 3-ти мapт, cъбpaтя бългapи![View]
310488745Why did America hate Italian immigrants so much?: I read in Wikipedia that the biggest lynching in t…[View]
310488431Stop Standing in the way of Progress: Every Generation After Zoomers Will be Doomers Nihilist after …[View]
310470534Multiple women accuse GOP’s Madison Cawthorn of sexual harassment: Who was in the wrong here, /pol/?…[View]
310489103/pol/ after dark: Good evening anon, what’s new?[View]
310466196This is the face of Dutch '/pol/'[View]
310487209Was he an honorary Aryan? Or was he just a filthy kike?[View]
310488859Kneeling=Agression, Men=Women: No wonder the Left things you're so soft... you don't even …[View]
310464407Who was the greatest Roman Emperor?[View]
310455579Are the elites using the media to lower beauty standards?: Has anyone felt that the media elite are …[View]
3104880126 Dr. Seuss books won’t be published for racist images: https://apnews.com/article/dr-seuss-books-ra…[View]
310482920if you wear a shit catcher it's because you fail. They will never admit this[View]
310480629I just got confirmation that this is real[View]
310473836Press F to pay respects to this total fucking Chad. A man who has inspired more liberation struggles…[View]
310470300China: So it's basically 100% certain they will rule the world in about 10 years Why has everyo…[View]
310480120South Korea: Redpill me on South Korea[View]
310449164Trans YouTube star charged over possession of child sex abuse images: https://thepostmillennial.com/…[View]
310487652Before Liberals ruined America[View]
310488336>listen: >its not the Jews. >drunk again…[View]
310485870>muh sloppy job mossad >muh false flag >muh crisis actors Okay, so what mass shooting and/…[View]
310451210uh oh...[View]
310482647Redpill me on transabled people[View]
310481286what is estimate number of kikes killed in holohoax?[View]
310475272What would you say is the single biggest issue facing men today?[View]
310465923Why didn't Biden pick a cute tranny for his diversity hire instead?[View]
310484257But are you bowdenpilled? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OGy28J3Ql1Y[View]
310488029This is your president lmao What a shame I feel bad for you. kek Biden more like Biden oblivion np…[View]
310488015dwarves vs troll colorized[View]
310487976How long has gays in the navy been a thing?: Were there gay British sailors fighting pirates back in…[View]
310485995Why do jews excel in everything that requires mental prowess?[View]
310467836>Reddit and twitter lefties freaking out about Biden striking Syria >/pol/ freaking out just a…[View]
310483270Jews won.[View]
310481090What would happen if Japan didn't attack pearl harbor and usa join the axis?[View]
310483919Quite literally, the best fucking country NA. Get fucked and owned.[View]
310482504White females now locking small children into 'covid holes' for weeks w no contact: White females ar…[View]
310482518Would you vote for her, /pol/?[View]
310476798New LOTR gets BLACKED: >12 episode series >Diversification of Tolkien races WILL be implemente…[View]
310484372Why did Biden have a different 21 gun salute from other presidents? Why did the American flags at th…[View]
310483679Explain yourselves mutts[View]
310484140Ummm hello, Based department?: I'd like to file a claim.[View]
310486984now that the dust has settled, why did so many people hate this guy? i thought what he was doind was…[View]
310485087Cut off your dick, and you too can be a diversity hire[View]
310481875Anyone else notice that with the lockdown job losses biting, women seem to be acting a lot nicer to …[View]
310486493Judea remembers! love my czech brothers![View]
310471492AZ /pol/: Discussion of Arizona politics Join the AZ /pol/ discord: NeCeZhkt[View]
310486221I feel like the United States is punishing its citizens: Are there any other historical examples of …[View]
310485993Hello anons. Americans, what do you think of white slavery? I translated the text below with deepl W…[View]
310482277Why is it that the Turkic old script is almost identical to the Norse rune script? Are the Nordic p…[View]
310480622Why did the FED stop reporting monetary supply?: Seriously what the fuck is going on right now? Are …[View]
310484668/pol/ book club thread: Any books you’d recommend? I’d like a pdf of Gottfried Feder’s Manifesto but…[View]
310484171Keeping THOTs out of our circles: Is there any way we can make it clear to THOTs that they are not w…[View]
310482347Texas 'governour' Abbott has down syndrome. What are the political implications? Brave or retarded?[View]
310464349I don't like 'em putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin' humans gay.[View]
310484248done, enjoying dying to a violent strain goyim. or just getting purged by globohomo for being to dis…[View]
310484804Reminder: The soviets sent Nazi trannies to the gulags and rounded them up with special squads (pic …[View]
310485889Why did the actual day of rope turn out.....less than expected?[View]
310461551How do we fix the obesity epidemic?[View]
310484411Nigger hate thread: Post coons[View]
310480967Should rapist be understood?[View]
310484556Do you want this?: Since the beginning of man, the male of the human species has adapted to changing…[View]
310485749What phenotype is this?[View]
310468921Fuck trans fags: The people at my work just corrected me when I called a boyish lesbian “she”. All 6…[View]
310472157Why is Eastern Europe so clean and new?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxZ68A7Z3nE[View]
310484451Its obvious that leftists or libs are anti white, i could elaborate further and i probably will. It …[View]
310446423IT'S A TRAP: What are 'webs' for? What are 'nets' for? You're in one.[View]
310476369/cac/ Canada is Collapsing general: Canada currency will be the first who hyper-inflates. post in s…[View]
310484909How do Jews rule the world? Is it just survival of the fittest?[View]
310469418Why do mutts hate logic and science?[View]
310479400Weaponize Black Propaganda: Out-normie the normies. Out-NPC the NPCs. Tell them there will never be …[View]
310469609It is foolish to be either proud or ashamed of your race. You only should be proud or ashamed of thi…[View]
310484093Istambul Convention: Aight people, since this is a topic in the EU now, elaborate, what the fuck is …[View]
310476068Eco-Fascism General /efg/: As a race we need to reconnect with nature. The left has taken overall di…[View]
310480099EUROPA The Last Battle: Is any of it true? or is it just Nazi propaganda? https://odysee.com/@Quant…[View]
310479691Allright anons Does anyone else think it's weird there's a /pol/ hate thread on different…[View]
310481241Drug Cartels: Are the drug cartels in Latin America really tied to the J's? https://www.timesof…[View]
310484307Attack in Netherlands: Muslims hitting the Dutch when they're down? Expect to see a new world r…[View]
310468154How do you feel about a Federal Europe?: The European continent has been divided for all of its hist…[View]
310481009What the heck are 'women's rights' anyways?[View]
310484287guys, is it cringe to be woke?[View]
310481975How long until Biden posts shit like this?[View]
310479888>be you >frown disapprovingly upon degenerate, bestial behavior of modern liberals, fortified …[View]
310482445COINTELPRO: All of your opinions about race and politics aside, was the FBI justified to raid and ki…[View]
310482679>tfw bernie bros and trumpniggers both got btfo Poor fags and rural retards can get fucked. You…[View]
310480927Dear fellow Poles - sorry, but wtf. happening here? https://streamable.com/r4p4l3[View]
310484027The cops are somehow even more contemptible than niggers. “Oh look! Mobs of communists and niggers a…[View]
310484232What do you have to say for yourselves, burgers? Can you just fucking stop already? Pick up that AR…[View]
310482302QAnon: Was there anything that QAnon was right about?[View]
310480257You are ingesting microplastics everyday and your sons will grow up to be trannies with tiny dicks, …[View]
310476656How do you feel about the next wave of communist revolutions not being about the value of labour, bu…[View]
310476590Is cancel culture eventually going to have severe backlash in the near future? Seems like nothing go…[View]
310480247Covid madness: Give me your best[View]
310478092Fascism ≠ National Socialism: How many on here call themselves fascists when they are actually natso…[View]
310468327Thoughts on Abraham Lincoln the Great American President: >Mordecai Lincoln (1771 – 1830) was an …[View]
310481742Animatronic Moonman: This is political. Could anyone source an original Mac Tonight animatronic? I…[View]
310480154this shithole of a country erased from the carnals of history, when? I want america dead I want the …[View]
310476836They did it. They cancelled dr Seuss: DR SEUSS IS RACIST!!!![View]
310481763fug: >Trying to study for exam >Fuck you /pol/. https://youtu.be/BOx8LRyr8mU?t=159 >goes fr…[View]
310480458Why are Jewish 'people' such fat ugly worthless faggots[View]
310461107At What Point Did Americans Realize China Won?: It's over. >overtaken your economy >sec…[View]
310473993Miss me yet?[View]
310479024How will the republican party ever recover?[View]
310479243CHINESE GOVERNMENT LITERALLY CUCKING JAPANESE CITIZENS: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/0…[View]
310476723Canada is American: How the fuck are Hawaii and all those remote shitskin islands considered part of…[View]
310481417Is this the most boring and lifeless Presidency ever?[View]
310479361Whites simping: Why are white people (mainly women) simping for BLM? It makes no sense.[View]
310481442>NOOO THERES NO POLITICAL SOLUTION ANYMORE and what are you going to do exactly? that's righ…[View]
310465276The Creator loves your first and your last name, your full name is a great one so be proud of it. Wh…[View]
310474985Why are they fucking up so hard? Are the UV light injections not working?[View]
310482095George Floyds death and whatever happened there...[View]
310422423Why is it wrong for men to fuck young+legal aged girls?: >Chris D'Elia had sex with a 17-yea…[View]
310478663Fascist Rap - Who We Are: We are revolutionary militant statists who overthrow capitalist and commun…[View]
310481342What did Ben Garrison mean by this?[View]
310479136Women in the work force: I am currently at work in a women only lab and I am a man. They are current…[View]
310478111This guy is seriously limiting his appeal by continually spouting this cringey Catholic shit. Most r…[View]
310455932Greater Idaho: Say something nice about the soon to be Greater Idaho.[View]
310475987Take down the mouse: Hol up So all leftists have to know is that a company was racist 100 years ago …[View]
310480932https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1366767634491015176 >The west needs to stand up against the co…[View]
31047507225 people died that were all in a suv: Where were they going? Imagine the smell. https://www.cbsnew…[View]
310479453Dr Seuss Cancelled: Yep, we cancelled Dr Seuss. And there's nothing you pussies can do about it…[View]
310445041Why did Jews make their holocaust stories so fucking retarded? Everyone would probably believe them …[View]
310473013what is the solution to this?[View]
310478960Back to Iraq 2: Electric boogaloo[View]
310475723when is Sweden gonna achieve COVID-19 herd immunity?: Weren't they at herd immunity last July? …[View]
310472178based amazon working plebs to suicide: Authorities said a man fell to his death at an Amazon warehou…[View]
310464080Isn't porn bad? Shouldn't it be banned?[View]
310480314Heiner Rindermann says that the black-white IQ gap is 9.94 IQ: https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2013-2…[View]
310478877Is African/European crossbreeding a sickness unto death for the human race?[View]
310477863Keep moving forward: Keep moving forward bros. NEVER give up, until you destroy all your enemies.…[View]
310475962>I hate christianity because it's a backward way of thinking and should be eradicated from t…[View]
310478985Its time to write another letter: One word at a time, what do we write to this faggot?[View]
310481115anti-white get what they deserve: all anti-white shills get aids and die awake. >1 post by this i…[View]
310481019jew rats suggest to imagine ... Natural order of nature is observable by everyone for all humanity s…[View]
310474209SOCIALIST PARADISE FAILS: The president of Venezuela is seeking reforms to allow private business mo…[View]
310474453Get the jab and you can travel goy.[View]
310480748White Supremacy: Why is this video of Jamie Vardy so hard to find? Does anyone have the WEBM of this…[View]
310471203How many right wing political prisoners are there In America?: How many right wing political prisone…[View]
310471579aus/pol/ - yep, it's seppo time: archive.is/t4bN5 >Christian Porter: Australian attorney gen…[View]
310457305ESCAPE THE CITY: >ISIS supporters...warning of the countdown 'till the zero hour' http://english.…[View]
310479717>hates communism >wants communism in sex&reproduction industry…[View]
310478413First they came for Gypsycrusader, and I said nothing because I was not a gypsy[View]
310479776Fourth grader arrested for taking gun to school after threatening to shoot classmates: https://www.n…[View]
310473824Why did Trump's insurrection FAIL?[View]
310431948Based. Someone make this guy president. Every other governor must follow suit now if they care about…[View]
310472746How the fuck do we fix this? https://datalab.usaspending.gov/americas-finance-guide/deficit/trends/…[View]
310472071Uhh Brie bros? What did she mean by this?[View]
310441377Children of Men: First of all, read the headlines in the papers on the wall around him. Second of a…[View]
310477766Another Trans Woman Arrested for Child Abuse Fetish: >A trans YouTube star has been arrested …[View]
310479906PISSING OFF HALF THE COUNTRY: >Relative To Every Western Nation so I never quite understood this,…[View]
310476545So why didn't the bots and shills just leave after the elections? Tell me that /pol/ if you…[View]
310477233Manlets: Are manlets white? Nordic races were always described in history as tall and blonde. Always…[View]
310436182I have to write about race and gender stereotypes in media at uni: How do I deal with this?[View]
310478367Give me some /pol/approved shit I'm being serious- this is political (pol music thread don…[View]
310479139Immigration Stories Foster Inclusive Attitudes: Quote In this second study with Define American we f…[View]
310475878RAAAAAAAAAAAPE: Australian (((journalism))) is being overrun by feminists and all they talk about is…[View]
310479201Can /pol/ recommend some books about economics/history of economics/how economics works. I know lite…[View]
310468722typical non-/pol/ user on the left[View]
310468481How do we solve the trans problem?: This is one of the saddest things I've ever read[View]
310477823What do trump supporters think of the COVID vaccine? If you look at Trump's recent statement, h…[View]
310476211Islam: >Antigay >Women made to be subservient >No alcohol or related degeneracy >Killed …[View]
310474172Why should I be a christian?: >Don't fuck women >Let your enemies win >Forgive those w…[View]
310477983Daring, Brave, Adventurous, and Hero Aryan spirit: Why are niggers daring and willing to risk going …[View]
310473768Will you vote for Trump in 2024?: .[View]
310477547Has anyone here had to endure forced racial bias training? What was it like being told your a racist…[View]
310476604Genetics Predicts Social Status: UC Davis: New study from UC Davis tracked 400,000 English people ac…[View]
310479077/Neder/Draad: Het verzet in actie tegen de NSB: Dus iemand - of (((iemand))) - heeft een metalen pij…[View]
310478676Faggots who fantasize about rome: Didn't realize they were 'progressive'. Who wanted women…[View]
310474866>be 28 >was a vegetarian from birth until 23 >constantly ate s.o.y. foods all those years …[View]
310477297Depressing Fuckin Headline: And in the article the bitch has the audacity to claim 'the goal is to S…[View]
310473241american culture is a danger for our countries and children[View]
310478167oy veyy goy, the left use an SJW pretense to cancel jews and zionists. we need to stop them!!! https…[View]
310472244>be me >unemployed white male >learning programming >apply for jobs >get through seco…[View]
310475817Do you believe that an Illuminati-like organization actually exists and controls world events? I don…[View]
310466126Why don’t we ruthlessly execute people anymore? Think about it, it strikes fear into people, lest th…[View]
310475155>If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. T…[View]
310477493Is anyone else repulsed by non-white women wanting to fuck white men?: I was just reminded of it bec…[View]
310475422What has caused perpetual outrage culture? Particularly among certain groups[View]
310474750Are asian americans less creative than white americans?: If so how do you know?[View]
310476511He lost, and lost badly. How are we coping?[View]
310475953Reminder that Australia is our greatest ally.: No kikes and Israel aren't are greatest ally des…[View]
310446812/brit/pol/ gibs eddition: Budget 2021: Furlough scheme to be extended until September https://www.bb…[View]
310472139my mom offered me $10,000...: my mom offered me $10,000 if i don't get the covid vax. I plan on…[View]
310477739Have you guys heard about the covid vax?[View]
310477939/pol/ btfo[View]
310475785Why aren’t white supremacists taken seriously anymore?[View]
310477196Daily reminder that Hungarians are not native Europeans.[View]
310464962Who sculpted this 'owl'?[View]
310461911u/maxwellhill: Daily reminder that reddit user named maxwellhill is in fact Ghislaine Maxwell. It p…[View]
310470451Remember all those fedorafags: this is them now..feel old yet[View]
310474579The police question: the left use police as an instrument in their class struggle against the goyim,…[View]
310473341I only support trans rights if they look like a cute girl. If you look like an ugly man, you will n…[View]
310468532noli timere: The only real thing here is your soul. You're playing in someone's else game.…[View]
310476162China >leads the world by far in total contribution to pollution >kills Muslims on a daily bas…[View]
310477411March 4th: How will migapedes cope when nothing happens tommorow? Mass suicide? They surely can…[View]
310476518How many licks does it take to get to the center of International Jewry?[View]
310476893Silent Holocaust or silent holocaust, (sometimes called 'another Holocaust' or a 'second Holocaust')…[View]
310471149peak weimar?: trying to jerk it and browsing for porn, run into fucking MOTHER DAUGHTER onlyfans pag…[View]
310462163Why have you forgotten her, /pol/?: Jessica Doty-Whitaker was executed by antifa/#BLM activists in d…[View]
310476659Why is reddit so full of faggots: And how do we get rid of it[View]
310475905What is black person like? I've never seen one[View]
310446456Nigger tries to steal gun at gun class: He's the only nigger in a literal building of white guy…[View]
310477072CHINA BAD: https://qz.com/1978807/bitcoin-has-a-xinjiang-problem/ cglowiniggersa y u do dis 2 ma art…[View]
310473614Are they the good guys or the bad guys ?[View]
310473531Why is he being memoryholed so hard?[View]
310446084No better feeling in the world than finding an image or graphic that completely shuts up ignorant tr…[View]
310467948Why is China sometimes so based?[View]
310463712What does God need with a foreskin?[View]
310470127is full time work slavery?: >work 40 hrs a week >commute on the road for an hr back and forth …[View]
310475794Hypothetically speaking could you get raided for having terabytes of pirated porn on a hard drive? H…[View]
310475662Why did Hitler initiate the Night of Long Knives?[View]
310469608This is your average crusade LARper.: Le Mexikike Manuel Arturo Coronado Preciado @VeteranAnon on Tw…[View]
310475131Google Bias for Biden: I'd love to hear Google explain how this isn't trying to cover Joe …[View]
310468283What does pol think?: I think the image is self explanatory LINK: https://youtu.be/lmrra8i4hZY…[View]
310465006a band of niggers tried to jump me on my walk home[View]
310475798What are my frens doing to celebrate Trump’s inauguration day tomorrow[View]
310466474Biden bros NOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
31043299015 Illegal Aliens Die in Car Crash: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/multiple-people-killed-in…[View]
310466813Why is democracy such a piece of shit?[View]
310471278What?: White women need to knock it the fuck off[View]
310469859Just wear a mask moron: Is it really so damn hard to wear a damn mask idiot ? The pandemic will be o…[View]
310475286When der fuehrer says we is de master race[View]
310459341Give Me One Good Reason Why People Shouldn't Have Universal Basic Income .[View]
310475694When der fuehrer says we is de master race[View]
310474897So I just watched C-PAC. Do the establishment Republicans FINALLY fucking get the danger the left po…[View]
310462990Do Americans really?..[View]
310469113SLUUUUUUUUUUUUURP: >you don't need a day 1 stimulus >you don't need $2,000 stimulus …[View]
310472428Since Dr. Seuss is a racist and Disney was also a racist, while still supporting human rights abuse …[View]
310475668Channel your Inner Basedwanger: There is no punishment that is disproportionate to the crime of bein…[View]
310475624The vaccine wasn't made for Covid: Covid was made for the vaccine. Anyone who is lining up to g…[View]
310473082Did you get the Covid Vaccine?: I'm usually not an anti-vaxer but I'm sort of wary about t…[View]
310472167>non white men fucking white women bad >white men fucking non white women based Why are some r…[View]
310469554My gf is beliving covid shit: What should i do?[View]
310464118Once you can't get a job, fly, shop, etc until you take the COVID vaccine, what do you do? It s…[View]
310463419YEAR 2350: Year 2350: White people are gone extinct for already 150 years now, the reaming races cel…[View]
310470167>look at this tweet >watch this tiktok >you gotta see this Reddit post >guess who is liv…[View]
310464872Can an ASMRtist ever become POTUS?[View]
310474996I don't get marxist race denialists egalitarians etc: So your belief is that humans evolved mas…[View]
310471195Gun Grab Bills: Congress and Senate plan to vote as soon as next week on a fuck ton of draconian gun…[View]
310473679How will growing up with social media effect zoomers: I grew up with good roll male roll models in m…[View]
310474857JOE BIDEN FUCK DEMOCUCKS: There was coal in his stocking and he was thrilled. He used to get confuse…[View]
310468515Dead Kennedys classic off Bedtime For Democracy: A cabbage patch terrorist to call our own Who rewri…[View]
310461434Paul Miller AKA Gypsy Crusader has been arrested: Paul Miller has been arrested for being in possesi…[View]
310474684So, when these kids grow up, how big will the mass shootings be? Will we see a renaissance of Christ…[View]
310474670How will we divide western countries spoils?: It's obvious white nations are dying, whether it…[View]
310465434The 80s were peak America: America has been in a steady decline since the 1980s. I feel sorry for pe…[View]
310471824I'm white and I don't care about preserving the white race.[View]
310473122When did you figure out QAnon is just MAGA fan-fiction?[View]
310469800So how do we drive out the shills and retards and get /pol/ back to where it was dropping redpills a…[View]
310471439>The corona vaccine is a predecessor the mark of the beast and will be forced on you >Cryptocu…[View]
310463367Say Hi.[View]
310473631https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqBTw_fye1c La lu li le lou Who are the presidents?[View]
310472149/eg/ Ethnostate General: Alright boys Where is the best place for a white ethnostate? >What will …[View]
310472597It's over?: It's over?[View]
310470036Alright /pol/ One walks, the other goes to prison for life. Whose it gonna be?[View]
310472668How many of race traitors are real white women and how many of them are 'white women' like Lauren Si…[View]
310472728Reconstruction of the Cutna Hora Man: One of the only extant fully preserved examples of the anatomi…[View]
310468802Is he right, /pol/?: >One day at the start of the spring semester, Diego, then 18, said Cawthorn …[View]
310471972Why did the Anglos destroyed Hispanic governments? :^3 :^3 :^3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCw4…[View]
310472175Are Democrats Liberals?: Conservatives tend to use the terms 'Democrat' and 'Liberal' interchangeabl…[View]
310470730It's hopeless: It's over. The next 50 years will be a low-level civil war between the alph…[View]
310469043China has declared war: China has sent unauthorized drones upon American soil.[View]
310471603Question: Would you sacrifice 99% of the white population on earth for a white ethnostate in the fer…[View]
310472826What happened: Why is everyone here a republican, a federal agent, or a twitter poster There used to…[View]
310471567how many years until Palestine disappear[View]
310471826Protecting little bro from the alt-right pipeline: Im not a bro myself (F) but recently I've be…[View]
310471958This is a photograph from the 60s, for crying out loud. When will the mistreatment of African-Americ…[View]
310473820https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-oddities-of-the-jewish-religion/ Audio version: https://www…[View]
310472025What was /pol/ like 2016?[View]
310473057Apocalypse, Fuck yeah!: After the plasma apocalypse/Tribulation/Kali yuga, The will become a mixture…[View]
310469941Politicians that should resign or be recalled: I'll start Commerade Ardern.[View]
310471696So after half a year and more of grandstanding about secession and revolution, you really just let t…[View]
310471100/bag/ - Based Anons General: When all other threads are jewed, come home white man.[View]
310472491this is what lefty women actually look like[View]
310473297Wait, I thought this guy was a cuck??? https://vimeo.com/514593479[View]
3104375872. MORE. DAYS.[View]
310473185Come on guys! denmark pays their burger microwavers $22 an hour! our american people microwaving bur…[View]
310445328This man has insanely large testicles. We need to help him out. Any ideas?[View]
310471039Why do people think race realism is a fringe position?: If anything, systemic racism is the fringe p…[View]
310436799Another hit piece attacking pizzagate researchers, pedos must be scared ...: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
310457487150,000 Jewish Nazis: Hey guys how come only ~1% of Jewish Nazis in Hitler's army are known to …[View]
310471647>be american >get shot by dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8L3j3CVNtI…[View]
310473147Looks like Romney jointed the Adrenochrome eye club. https://odysee.com/@TrueStoff:a/Adrenochrome-Da…[View]
310473161Adolf Hitler speeches: I noticed I do not have any of Hitlers speeches. Please help me build my coll…[View]
310468022#WhereIsAirForceOne: Where is AF1? Biden isn't on it? Want proof? https://youtu.be/lG3Dp-8bMZo?…[View]
310464736ON THE 12TH DAY OF CUCKMAS MUH ANON SHILLED TO ME......: >12 Tribes of Israel >11 Wealthy In-…[View]
310467596Sandies and Blacks what is this about?: are you starting a black/brown alliance or something? https:…[View]
310452580Idaho is fucked[View]
310468587You did write to him, right?[View]
310460309Classified Technology and Redpills: Previous: >>310446250 ITT we discuss hidden tech and insan…[View]
310470831Bill Gates: I need redpills on him[View]
310467418Coincidence?: Kind of weird how the inventor of the PCR test died a few months before the epidemic s…[View]
310471504Vice President of the Philippines vaccinated: Say something nice to her[View]
310469981Would you make me the king of the White people? Based on my posts? God has been training me for some…[View]
310472474Caught on security camera, yet claims he dindu nuffin: Shortly before 4:30 a.m. that day, Driscoll w…[View]
310470201America was racist as hell 200-300 years ago, right? How did americans treat to slavs? How were russ…[View]
310470563Reddit helps pump jew stocks: Let him lose millions they are giving him millions.. for a fucking sca…[View]
310471010Do they really think this many innocent people are in jail?: I’m reading about this bullshit over he…[View]
310471184White Hatred Thread?: How do these dumb fucks have any influence in the world? Sub human trash, who …[View]
310467114Turner Diaries: Anyone got a link??[View]
310465303>need to take on $1 million in debt to get an education This shouldn't be possible in a firs…[View]
310471175Imagine these three guys united[View]
310464729Censorship Inversion and Polarity: Funny how those favoring censorship in the mid 80s are the ones f…[View]
310472282Yeah we know this is fake but did anyone ever come up with the answer?[View]
310471267Facts About COVID: These are the facts and they are not disputed. COVID is not airborne (just aeroso…[View]
310446747How did we get to this? Can we go back?[View]
310469684Can't wait for March 5th.: After March 4th, when absolutely nothing happens, the qultists will …[View]
310470634In 10 years white people will be a minority. Stop acting like this is your country. It's Everyo…[View]
310466341>parents scheduled me for the vaccine Saturday, said we're all going together It can't…[View]
310471761Politics at work: For the past year.... my workplace has peddled anti-white diversity woke vomit. Ye…[View]
310456878aus/pol/: Christian Porter speaking now on bs rape allegations.[View]
310463234what is the point?[View]
310468239why is Trump endorsing vaccines?[View]
310469169Sheriff still investigating even though idiot ruins career by speeding downhill: “We’re trying to de…[View]
310464550Does this look like a person you can trust?[View]
310471127Ohio, what the fuck?: Why are so many Black people being murdered in your state? This is racism: …[View]
310462323In the 21st century:: Is it wise to still try and pursue sexual relationships with women, or should …[View]
310468253WACO: Took the advice of some anons from a Waco thread the other day and watched Waco - Rules of Eng…[View]
310468628White anglo saxon protestant: Are WASPs the true all Americans?[View]
310469422If this is what passes as white in America, what passes as white in Europe.?[View]
310469535Why does the American Pacific seem more otherworldly than most countries? What happened to those pla…[View]
310470581LOL NO $15/hr FOR YOU[View]
310467268Thats exactly what happened[View]
310406087Mission Impossible is REAL: Biden caught wearing a mask: https://mobile.twitter.com/Dragonsoul9Fire/…[View]
310467536White people can't be racist: By definition. Niggers have affirmative action and welfare, that…[View]
310467322What did this niggerfaggot do to catch a felony?[View]
310470507The real reason Texas lifted all restrictions despite every covid type being in the state isn't…[View]
310466204I don't understand the hate against Asians: Asians are hard working people who commit the least…[View]
3104627322024 prediction: assuming biden is moderately shit like he is now and trump sticks on message. If de…[View]
310467908is this the future of mankind? even the japs cannot resist the turkish cock[View]
310470364Hitler Wrld: Can someone make Hitler world meme. Like Clown world but with hitler stash.[View]
310468922Eco-Fascism General /efg/: As a race we need to reconnect with nature. The left has taken overall di…[View]
310449935Three students die in a March 2nd accident at the University of Bolivia La Paz: https://www.liveleak…[View]
310469897H1-B Google is your overlord[View]
310468001Do you ever think about how lucky and privileged you are for not being born in Africa?[View]
310469501Does /pol/ read?[View]
310467224Huh?: I have to say the whole clownworld meme is artificially constructed for the following reasons:…[View]
310470254Silent Holocaust or silent holocaust, (sometimes called 'another Holocaust' or a 'second Holocaust')…[View]
310469693CHINK HATE THREAD PLEASE: Hi anons, gonna call it a night. It would be a shame if someone was to sta…[View]
310468782'Do Americans really?': What's with the flood of anti white/anti american threads? So retarded…[View]
310468944>be walking to a theater >see two independent female souls walk past me >one of them ment…[View]
310464610How does /pol/ explain this?: Well, /pol/?[View]
310470017Get your Freedom Bracelet goyim!: >'We call it the Freedom Bracelet because we are not locking an…[View]
310455502Anyone else feel like we’re in an episode of the twilight zone? I feel like I can’t watch tv or list…[View]
310463074WIGNATS SEETHING - PAUL MILLER IS GOING TO JAIL: Imagine spending 6 months of your life obsessively …[View]
310465243Daily reminder that being a pedophile is nothing wrong: Being a pedophile is nothing wrong. Rather i…[View]
310461126say nice things about china: say nice things about china ever since it spread its joy and positivity…[View]
310452118Anyone notice more women have thinning hair?: In the past year more and more women I’ve seen for wor…[View]
310460033>‘Chinese virus, get out!’: lecturer from China beaten in Britain amid spike in hate crimes >P…[View]
310457687Watch for Ethiopia to start flooding the news soon: I can't seem to upload this thread to /pol/…[View]
310469407fuck republicans: fuck you niggers your mothers are black. support biden[View]
310469640if i ever visit your shit hole: play some ceari form me, i have stop pretending who i am, just make…[View]
310431930New Zealand MP openly brags about whites going extinct: >it's just a conspiracy theory tho h…[View]
310468667Say it with me /pol/: ASIAN LIVES MATTER #ALM[View]
310469374Before Trayvon before Walter there was Julius: http://www2.readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=361731…[View]
310467627Wow we've almost eradicated the flu![View]
310469335>our experts have long been tracking Miller & worked with law enforcement before his arrest. …[View]
310462476PRESIDENT BIDEN WILL NOT ATTEND G7 THIS YEAR!: What the fuck is wrong with him? His first year as PO…[View]
310469304I don’t get this holocaust denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no …[View]
310467498>90 second ads every 5 minutes who the fuck listens to this shit?[View]
310429864NICK FUENTES GETS DESTROYED BY MAGA TRANNY AT CPAC: https://mobile.twitter.com/RebsBrannon/status/13…[View]
310468777How bad is the chimpout gonna be when he walks free?[View]
310468206Is Kyrsten Simena really a Democrat? Or are we being played?: -Doesn't want to raise minimum wa…[View]
310464507wypipo... I kneel[View]
310468780its not fucking fair bros[View]
310467501I just got back from my Walmart its was pretty white in 2015 Voted for Trump twice and gave him mone…[View]
310466041Did anyone else buy the /pol/ book? I did, my number is 4662. What's yours and post pic of proo…[View]
310467988Wheres the Bad Bad Michael Brown parody VIDEOS!!? HELP[View]
310468725MFW millions of people who dont get vaccinated die[View]
310451366How did we go from the 90s to this?: I remember the 90s when I was young and no one gave a shit abou…[View]
310466063White boomers acknowledging anti-white suicide pact: Does anybody else notice how the most militant …[View]
310467086' The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.' Psalms 9:17[View]
310453856Why are Serbians hated?: Guys, Im a newfag. Please redpill me on we should all hate Serbians[View]
310467144The current state of whites: >fat >drowning >barely holding on Am I wrong?…[View]
310468122Is there any solution to shit falling apart like this?: Is everything doomed, or is there some way t…[View]
310452409Is a stronger connection to Seneca than Aurelius detrimental: Fuck off jannies this is political. Ma…[View]
310463494What's the difference between a Jew and a canoe?[View]
310448499They really are like children, aren’t they?: Things the right have freaked out about in the last thr…[View]
310456768Who's in the wrong here?[View]
310467594REAGAN: THE MOVIE! COMING SOON!: Will /pol/ be watching it?! >Just watching 66-year-old Dennis Qu…[View]
310466462Working with (((them))) - based or treason?: I'm a former ZOGbot military veteran (USMC). Broke…[View]
310464429So, realistically, how long do we have until they begin deploying killbot droneswarms with onboard s…[View]
310464567.: >'The charges, Officer?'[View]
310467792Too few mixed race people these days: Why is there so little miscegenation these days? I mean, would…[View]
310467202Is there any idiot more useful than a conservative? >China says being gay is bad? Wtf I love gays…[View]
310460654>Dr. Seuss shouldn't have been cancele-[View]
310465524Why are troomers so important to /pol/: Tell me, /pol/, why do you have 5-10 threads about trannies …[View]
310438163damn this guy is retarded and annoying[View]
310466216OUT OF TOUCH WEDNESDAY: Ok so what the hell is going on?!? They banned 6 Dr. Seuss books this week?!…[View]
310467504Was he as bad as they say he is?[View]
310449895Now that NYC is an absolute ghost town will it revert back to its 1970s image in the coming years?[View]
310467348Capitalist Corpo Fascism: Antifa put the Establishment into power. Retards burnt small buisness whil…[View]
310466042How does reality manage to be more dystopian than most dystopian fiction?[View]
310464935Reminder that hugs are sexual violence[View]
310465648How can China be so based?[View]
310465727Can we all agree going forward that all e-celebs are glow in the dark niggers. Non of them are based…[View]
310467238You Work Twenty-five Years for a Pension: Then you have a stroke when you realize that the problem i…[View]
310465443>be black girl >at park at night with white bf >black crackhead robs us knife point >bf…[View]
310453029Wtf ancient Egyptians looked like this?: Is this why the noses were taken off all the statues?…[View]
310466409i wonder if he regrets it[View]
310454279How close are we to full Weimar?[View]
310440555Post extremely rare based Jews[View]
310461054You guys do realize that libtards are NEVER going to stop wearing the mask, right? It's part of…[View]
310458005Slutshaming is not okay: Why do you think it's acceptable to humiliate a woman by exposing her …[View]
310466987what are holidays niggers can't celibrate?: and should they revoke them[View]
310435472What was the internet like before the corporations took over everything?[View]
310429969Consumerism is unironically based: Tell me, in a communist shithole, can we have classic beautiful p…[View]
310463796ITT we apologize to the Jews and ensure we make a distinction between the (((Synagogue of Satan))) a…[View]
310466777you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me he’s a jew[View]
310439929Denmark, NO![View]
310464332Should the market decide wages?[View]
310458824What’s stopping you?: What’s stopping you from using the mask mandates to anonymously trample those …[View]
310461856Why Don't you guys trust the science?[View]
310466453I can now long into my crushes college portal and then steal her work. I know the line is 'you'…[View]
310445700What happens March 4th?: Trips decide[View]
310451518How can the government encourage more people to have more children?[View]
310466403crushed: Fugging KEK no one came close to crashing the market[View]
310466392Why are leftists such rabid conspiracy theorists? They talk about tin foil when it seems like they w…[View]
310451271Keep moving forward bros: Don't give up. Keep. Moving. Forward[View]
310456297Adam Lanza: King of 4chan[View]
310465569The most lynched minority in US history was Italians: Niggers and Jews do this wherever they go, vic…[View]
310466212Mutt's Anonymous: Judaryan Chad reporting in with 7/8 Anglo and 1/8 pure Lithuanian Jew blood (…[View]
310456866Why is he still bitching about Trump every night?[View]
310446125Does this explain USA?: Basedbean Oil Causes Mental Retardation, Autism, Dementia and Alzheimer…[View]
310463439circumcision is wrong and it needs to stop: 'Let him not seek circumcision. For neither circumcision…[View]
310437084Sometimes I forget jews are a minority because I am a Jewish guy who works in real estate developmen…[View]
310462982Thoughts on Chunk?[View]
310466208Polygamy is the only way to save the white race: If you don't have at least 2 wives pumped to t…[View]
310456239Don't you guys ever stop and consider that blacks are people, too?[View]
310461373What happened to Mike Lindell?: will he run in 2024?[View]
310462362Computers are a lie!: We live in the world of satanic machines! The whole genration is seduced and e…[View]
310406213/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5401: ► Detected: 115,179,212 (+256,835) ► Died: 2,556,098 (+6,051) ► …[View]
310453440Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong.[View]
310462469What did /pol/ say?[View]
310460434Is pedophilia curable?[View]
310461098Why are liberals fearful of COVID but want millions of immigrants from shithole countries festering …[View]
310461365FEMA in charge?: >Coronavirus state of emergency https://www.fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/disa…[View]
310459256Did Trump work at all?[View]
310465498Remember the poster that said Trump was just like George Bush and one day you would lie and say you …[View]
310465197This is what a superpower looks like.[View]
310465302>13% of all covid cases in the US >100% open https://www.mediaite.com/tv/this-is-his-mission-a…[View]
3104655382 timelines converge: I started following barstool when it had like 1500 followers, and I'm fro…[View]
310459244VOTED TRUMP, NO REGRETS EDITION: Beijing Biden is spreading Covid, starting WWIII and covering up hi…[View]
310461179This fat jew puppet is STILL to this very day praised in the UK: Will white Englishmen still refuse …[View]
310416135If you haven't yet figured out that covid is fake: You are too retarded to be allowed to live…[View]
310462545Are leftists just people with inferiority conplexes?[View]
310464439'All inclusive language' sounds off.: So hear me out. These all inclusive terms sound forced, made u…[View]
310454985Trump supporters executed in Portland: A guy who owned a print shop which printed pro-Trump banners …[View]
310461760Why don't zoomers have hobbies?: Back when I was a kid (I'm Gen X) we had ham radio, elect…[View]
310462465It's sucks so hard that things are this bad and everyone knows how bad it is but the second you…[View]
310455998Millennials: Boomers hate us for our forward thinking Gen X hates us for our youth but why do the zo…[View]
310462918Are these things valuable? Ben's and jemima still good, pocahontas empty.[View]
310459287>wake up >see this What do you tell him?[View]
310461390Q PayPigs GET IN HERE!: listen up PIGS, eric here. my DAD can still WIN the election. stop IGNORING …[View]
310462585So I have a question: Is it somehow possible to detect microwave radiation in the human body and doc…[View]
310434658Pro lifers of pol, if a nigger raped your wife would you force her to keep the kid? What would you d…[View]
310463357Why are Swedish women all such whores?[View]
310464107Gypsy: Hello gaiz buy my patches it's me gypsy. No wait, stop that don't do that'. AH…[View]
310458307Is the Right naturally hateful? The Left are closet racists, sure, but they at least put up the faça…[View]
310461536Wha......? US Funds Wuhan Bat Lab: The Wuhan Institute of Virology remains the most likely source of…[View]
310457739Why'd he do it?: Why'd he endorse Biden?[View]
310464643>google 'cops'. >look at images. >top results all show white men. >google any other prof…[View]
310438865Why are asians so good at math? Is is dedication and discipline of IQ of their melon heads? https://…[View]
310456473can we talk about the Bible?[View]
310464223Post Leftychud Faces: I'll begin[View]
310464517Reminder that the entire world is so diverse that many people don’t look like their countrie’s stere…[View]
310458939NEW ZEALAND is DONE: Chink+Poo+Maori = AOTEROA. The Member of parliament said so[View]
310439644Women were not considered equal to men for many thousands of years.: Why did this change in the 1900…[View]
310444956Can shapes be racist? Can we have an abstract thread?[View]
310462290Biden has done more in 2 months than Trump did in 4 years.: Ended pandemic Gave everyone $1400 fuck …[View]
310448985Isn’t black crime due to living in poverty and growing up in a broken family structure rather than p…[View]
310461567Is baptism really symbolic murder of the non Jewish soul?: It's definitely the weirdest ritual …[View]
310460121ITS OFFICIAL BROS: Denmark is fucking based. Is this the ethnostate the prophecy foretold.[View]
310461781White Dutch girl steps back from translating Amanda Gorman poem: https://www.cnn.com/style/article/a…[View]
310460216How bad are black people: Are they really that bad? Or ik s iui t a meme?[View]
310464262I have trouble believing that jews are so short sighted. In any case, I hope they get what they fuck…[View]
310461753Dog fren appreciation thread: I love my dog so much shes my number 1 fren. Thank u God and Jesus fo…[View]
310441309This is why you don't allow women into the movement: This dumb bitch tried to steal Nancy Pelos…[View]
310463262Whats with the Elite's obsession with Saturn and astrological events?[View]
310463970Seems like y'all got pretty divided?[View]
310461709MAKE ISRAEL THE 51st STATE: Automatic based voters, huge cash inflow, and protection from God. What…[View]
310464062how long before the yo-yo is cancelled?[View]
310461788>Texas finally undoes lockdowns and mask bullshit >Everyone to the right calling this based So…[View]
310463848So what will you Q-Tards do to cope on March 5th when Biden is still president?[View]
310440087>the new main kampf[View]
310463832Christianity is the only way.[View]
310453532Orania.: Singlehandly disproves the notions blacks cant succeed due to past oppression and systemic …[View]
310460151>Jewtube starts baiting me with commie content creators >Take a look at one of them >Its ju…[View]
310458666Why Americans are so fat? Here in China everyone slim. When I see Americans I want to throw up, so u…[View]
310462904Why etiopian women are so beautiful bros[View]
310458515The White Man: The white man killed my people with smallpox and now you cry when corona virus is des…[View]
310458501Are there enough examples of virtue signaling gone wrong to make a thread about it?[View]
310463540Did anyone else buy the /pol/ book? I did, my number is 4662. What's yours and post pic of proo…[View]
310463241How do you feel about this slavery love story?: https://www.wattpad.com/story/218205300-charity-phil…[View]
310457178TX Governor Greg Abbott just murdered 29.4 million men, women, and children in his State: That'…[View]
310437784/pol/ Humour Thread[View]
310461216>Literally have 99% of the internet that is obligated and forced to kiss their disputing asses or…[View]
310461594Business feminism killed off mothers forever: Ever noticed how feminism in the workplace pretty much…[View]
310461586POL TIMELINE SHIFT 3/20/21: PREVIOUS THREAD: >>310414199 On March 20, 2021, every one on /pol/…[View]
310462860Backfiring adjenda: Is it true that the deomocrats racial policys are pushing people to segergate an…[View]
310452438Ireland Lockdowns: >pubs closed >homes aren't allowed visitors >5km radius travel ban …[View]
310456833Could one of you fags add the cat in the hat?[View]
310462569Is reddit Based?[View]
310462331Eastern Europe and South America just did it wrong we'll get it right this time comrades >Fu…[View]
310463049Mao Zedong was only wrong in that his 40,000,000 wasn't a total global statistic.[View]
310448243When is this shit going to stop?: 6 Dr. Seuss Books Will No Longer Be Published Over Offensive Image…[View]
310457122>/pol/: communism sucks!!! look at how many times it has failed!!! >reality: true communism ha…[View]
310461131I beat so many bad habits. Fapping is the last boss. How do I win? What kind of changes have you not…[View]
310461529woman: I hate woman[View]
310462850Gypsycrusader: Seems like that Paul Miller (Aka Gypsycrusader) has been raided by the FBI for having…[View]
310460147why can't normies figure it out?[View]
310462796Fake Ass Nigga Gamers!: Tried of these fake ass nigga gamers online. Fuck off nigga! https://archive…[View]
310462748>*demands UBI in your path* Realistically, how does the US govt pacify the entitled hordes this s…[View]
310444182Reminder: They cheated[View]
310450596Is this correct?[View]
310462326so this retard said that blm and antifa ruined his life hahaha you ruined your life the moment you g…[View]
310461007>He thinks mRNA vaccines cant permanently alter DNA lineage forever because its just RNA and does…[View]
310457451How to cope with failing mental health during lockdown?[View]
310456042So since agriculture is being bought up by the rich: What will people look like once GMOs and more w…[View]
310462360I'm looking for the webm that illustrates the blackwashing of history in Hollywood/BBC Classic…[View]
310442917Circumcision is a barbaric ritual.: Am I right or am I right?[View]
310462275>This is what the right want and personally, I find it sickening[View]
310458325Daily Reminder: Daily Reminder: You worship Jewish people. They are your God(s). You believe everyth…[View]
310455872I don't get why you all had to sperg about the monarchy... didn't seem that bad to me.[View]
310456516Actual quote from Patrick Henry: Patrick Henry was a founding father of this great land 'If we were …[View]
310437163During Communist Russia, truth didn't matter.: Sometimes the state did things just to show you …[View]
310456301i have about 100k in savings. I dont have any skill. I dont have a profession. I just want to immigr…[View]
310454734niggers: I hate niggers.[View]
310452139B B B BASED?: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-got-covid-vaccine-january-11…[View]
310458047Zoomers didn't grow up in the Bush years with the War on Terror. Implications of this?: The mid…[View]
310460629why does anyone believe nordic model works?: The nordic model is a failure Everyone in nordic shitho…[View]
310459222what the FUCK is china's problem[View]
310456601Sensible Conservative: 'trans people are suffering a mental illness or pathology, we should be tryin…[View]
310459189Which one of you fuckers did this[View]
310461514Were hetrochromia when it comes to greatness: Saw one image were blackish brown eyes were street beg…[View]
310438165Soon white America will pay for their crimes against the black man[View]
310461270fuck you herren you shlomo[View]
310449289WTF is his problem?[View]
310427828ANONYMOUS THREATENS GAB CEO'S PREGNANT WIFE: https://twitter.com/getongab/status/13665958759176…[View]
310452462Has anyone here ever lived the life of a drifter? I've always found it fascinating, though I co…[View]
310459103The Chauvin Trial starts March 8: Will it be streamed like Zim-zam’s?[View]
310458597Time for subversion: Time to take a lesson from the kikes /pol/. Do you remember all those kikes tha…[View]
310454886Is It That Hard To Wear a Mask?: You tinfoil hatters have gone too far and are putting lives in dang…[View]
310456770Aguante el reich vieja no me importa nada[View]
310461026Unlike whites, blacks have a strong national identity and group solidarity. So why do they go around…[View]
310454281You can’t honestly believe that his saturated orange face looks good. He looked better in his covid …[View]
310456063The white race is fucked.: See this country? It's called bangladesh. It's area is 57,000 …[View]
310456395romney has a 'fall': romney 'falls' and now has a black eye https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/romney-kno…[View]
310457617Is apolitical the final pill?: Give me valid reasons not to stay apolitical. At this point of life m…[View]
310460055How accurate is this phenotype breakdown of Turkey's regions?[View]
310459934ITT common things you hear in your state/country: >“For our first story, (number) black youths we…[View]
310453805Why is Texas being so stupid? They are going to release the real virus now to kill everyone in there…[View]
310459963Joe Biden's cages smear DEBUNKED: >Claim: Biden reopened 'cages' in migrant detent…[View]
310458646>inb4 wh*toids cope[View]
310457427Andrew Yang will be the 48th president of the united states Discuss.[View]
310460378CLOWN WORLD EXPLAINED: Lying spirits have been released: >inb4 /x/ 'And he said, Hear thou there…[View]
310460318merely a coincidence, goyim[View]
310460046Remember when CNN aired 30 MINUTES of porn? People STILL forget this happened![View]
310453958It literally just feels like it's 2012 again, except everything is way shitter. What was the po…[View]
310459965assad: can armenians trust him?[View]
310446250Classified Technology: Let's discuss Military Technology that is not yet 'officially' disclosed…[View]
310459846Michael James Burry: twitter.com/michaeljburry >Michael J Burry M.D >Better Known as the Autis…[View]

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