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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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385538660Kraut/pol/ - Feedback Loop V: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language analy…[View]
385568279Biden did it!: He crashed the real estate market too! We’re going for a clean sweep! >$6 gas >…[View]
385571294Goyslop should be banned. Yeah I said it, fuck your McChicken and your Filet o Fish. I'm tired…[View]
385571391Republicans call for 'drastic action' to preserve lake destroyed by their own design.[View]
385570934>Yes goyim, this is a win for tradition and the white race![View]
385571385Reminder: Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Christ-Messiah and Mashiach: Mossad shills will be on high a…[View]
385571109KIKES: Zionism is a mental illness https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-ashkenazi-gene-increases-schizop…[View]
385570173> Trump 2024 Bros, it’s official. Super MAGA is back on the menu. That nigger dicklet that spams …[View]
385571291Vote for senator mack guys!!!![View]
385554324Russia will now disintegrate into more republics! Mass movement! Balkanization!: https://www.b92.net…[View]
385570095Any B911 fans know what happened?: Did they get banned for posting about the stones, or the shooter?…[View]
385556100Is the VAX shedding real ? or are they calling it pox: Could be that the monkeypox is just the spike…[View]
385563395NIGGER shoots at police. Gets life in PRISON: >be nigger >beat amateur pornslut girlfriend out…[View]
385570452Vaxxers take another loss: Not even California judges are buying what big pharma is selling.[View]
385569790Amazon Lord of the Rings: Why is it okay to blackwash white fantasy characters but the reverse would…[View]
385558828Winter of Death (for the unvaxxed): Any other purebloods in here that died during that tragic winter…[View]
385553829JEWISH ORG TO DOX PEOPLE FOR 'ANTISEMITE OF THE WEEK' TITLE: https://www.stopantisemitism.org/anti-s…[View]
385563515Reality has a liberal bias[View]
385556493based. we need more black men with ar 15s to stop racism.[View]
385569062He's right you know[View]
385556776so why the spontaneous 6 digit captcha has been installed lately? its always been the 5 digits one, …[View]
385570422Maya hiii Maya hoo Maya haaah Maya haaah haah Maya hii Maya hoo Maya haah Maya haah haah Maya hii Ma…[View]
385568504Any folk/outlaw/classic country.[View]
385568289Based?? https://twitter.com/nichcarlson/status/1544810959637811202?s=21&t=kOysQInR-Ou4gubWzQ-8aA…[View]
385566486i dare you to come to brazil and say any of the racist shit that you post here /pol/ https://youtu.b…[View]
385569085Stop telling girls to be ashamed of their bodies.[View]
385569389https://youtu.be/4jLT7GQYNhI Yall put respec on my name /pol/,im finna say it no mo[View]
385569010What is the most pragmatic and Christian way to address the nigger problem? America specific. Fuck E…[View]
385570146Liberals. They really are this retarded[View]
385557797IT FINALLY HAPPENED: GEORGIA GUIDESTONES ABSOLUTELY LEVELED: Goodbye forever, masonic cult! https://…[View]
385564730Anyone defending the guide stones is big retard: If you can't see through the guide stone'…[View]
385570102I wonder why they took down their own monument..: Maybe they have completed the steps they needed to…[View]
385565063why are British males such estrogenboy retarded freaks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA1B5moCEj4…[View]
385566629You are fucking >retarded If you think the Guidestones getting destroyed is a good thing. >It…[View]
385543708The German cries in pain as he strikes himself: Germany is done for. Press S to spit on cadaver. …[View]
385569120Half Evil 3:33: In this country there is free speech. Even speech in stone. Speech we don't agr…[View]
385569916Chrystul Kizer (2): https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/07/06/kizer-wisconsin-supreme-court…[View]
385565296Fucking dumb people: So /pol/ is happy that georgia guidestone has been blown up ? These Stone were …[View]
385557856>whore capital of europe >90% of young female population have been involved in pornography/pro…[View]
385558074Southern CHUDS BTFO: This makes Trumpies SEETHE[View]
385566151Prices are never going back down are they: Every time the economy takes a shit the cost rises are pa…[View]
385567952It is really is tragic to think about all the great African minds that were squandered because of wh…[View]
385558250PELOSI: Americans, is Pelosi your hottest and best politician? Is she the unifier America needs so b…[View]
385545395does erdogan wants to restore the ottoman empire?: do turks want the ottoman empire back? as a roma…[View]
385561848Will he save america?[View]
385569411Why Women are more authoritarian than men.: Women are far more likely to appeal to authority than me…[View]
385569453PATRIOT FRONT ON NOTICE: If the feds want to drive around and run up on black kids to intimidate the…[View]
385563380I got a question for you, /pol/: In recent years, we are seeing a process of ideological radicalizat…[View]
385568317The other day I was at an airport and I saw this black baby and it smiled at me and was staring at m…[View]
385569136Lets freaking goooooo: NEW YOBA MINION OUTFIT[View]
385557239Are people becoming redpilled to the threat white males represent to society?[View]
385569180Does this trigger the bbc tranny jannies?: Embrace the bwc and white coochie you fucking degenerate …[View]
385565649Is she worth a king’s ransom?: What should the U.S. give Putin in exchange for the proud basktball s…[View]
385561425>Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. >Guide reproduction wis…[View]
385565058Who is more annoying?: Trump, Q, vegans or aliens (=demons)?[View]
385565242How do you get a 20 sentence for trafficking minors to nobody?[View]
385569033Suella Braverman will be next PM: she is basically an ugly version of priti but if we could do a thr…[View]
385568987>votes republican wat do?[View]
385567413Mad Lads[View]
385563476The Psychology of the Ancients is Superior: I believe it is the case that modern man is psychologica…[View]
385562789What do they mean by this?[View]
385556351What is /pol/‘s opinion on firemen?[View]
385566925Remember the memes of 'based' British football fans?: Yeah, this is what they're doing in 2022.…[View]
385561306Serious political actors: Now that we've seen what Nacy Pelosi was hiding all this time, which …[View]
385565100Why do people on here keep calling me “anon” or “OP”? My name is Barkley.[View]
385558110those commandments aren't so bad: Georgia Guidestones Text Here is what is written on the Georg…[View]
385536745This should be a common economic area in Europe: Germanic areas + their proxies like Bohemia, Sloven…[View]
385565493It's over, euro-bros[View]
385565144This BEAUTIFUL woman gets guns banned.: Where men have failed, as usual it's up to a woman to g…[View]
385544376Social Justice in Action: Progressive Democrats get justice in NYC. https://youtu.be/rsyjIzheBP0…[View]
385567156Watch the Skies: Just had three C17's flying low not showing up on ADSB at all. Is this it boys…[View]
385565994>goes to ukraine >fires an rpg >sentenced to death in hindsight do you think he thinks it w…[View]
385565910Hypocrisy at its best: >guns are bad reeeee >black guy posts a video of him going on a mass sh…[View]
385565467two-tiered justice system: blm and all their nigger supporters are right about the justice system be…[View]
385564541Georgia Guidestones Time Capsule: There's a time capsule buried 6 feet underneath the guideston…[View]
385565364Well /pol/?: Are we ruled by a Nazi Fourth Reich millenarian conspiracy stretching back to ancient b…[View]
385539477Miss me yet?[View]
385563050What is the order in prefrence for non white men in your country ? In Canada it's the prefrence…[View]
385568042Is it true?: Is it true that eurocucks and amerimutts don't wash regularly because they haven…[View]
385550729Student Loans: KEK. GOOD LUCK GETTING YOUR LOANS FORGIVEN YOU FUCKS! >The Biden administration an…[View]
385565187Why did the Jews brainwash people into thinking white women are the most attractive?: Why does TV, m…[View]
385567859TRUMP RALLY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!: Anchorage, ALASKA! Sat, July 09, 2022 4:00 pm Alaska Time (AKST), 8:…[View]
385565804What is going on? Why is this happening now?: The georgia guidestones got bombed, and then bulldozed…[View]
385563080Why is cowardice frowned upon?: How come society looks down upon a coward? Cowardice is self-preserv…[View]
385566877Switched timelines: Okay so what the fuck. I went to go see these stupid stones on a road trip with …[View]
385566045Remember when gays got so butthurt over people saying 'Homosexuality isn't natural' that they w…[View]
385565283I wish my parents aborted me[View]
385558807U CAN'T STOP US: BLOWING UP THE GUIDE STONES MEANS NOTHING. Enjoy your hollow victory. Tonigh…[View]
385566120What do you think of ISIS and The Taliban?[View]
385563496Georgia Guidestones: Don’t ask me how I know how, but the Georgia Guidestones were blown up by a dro…[View]
385514511Why does the Leftist mentality seem to revolve around the belief of: 'I shouldn't have to do so…[View]
385519287HAPPENING: ANON LEFT CLUES AT GEORGIA GUIDESTONES JUST MONTHS AGO: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/th…[View]
385567456New Frontier: Let's discuss this American Third Position movement founded by Cultured Thug and …[View]
385561895Don't come to Florida, it fucking blows. It's hot and humid and we arrest teachers who try…[View]
385566771Goyim are dumb animals: Jews will rule you no matter what, you retarded goyim. You should have picke…[View]
385565361found on facebook: looked it up it's a real person[View]
3855672911950s Encyclopedia Digital Archives: Are there any archives I could download of vintage encyclopedia…[View]
385565879Federal agencies are buying SMG's, hundreds of thousands of ammo. The US Marshall's and FB…[View]
385567122The Next Empire: Hi Guys, I'm interested on your take on who the next Empire will be after Amer…[View]
385564408Lmfao WHAT THE FUCK!? https://youtu.be/Q8hRCVAZFTs[View]
385567053>Large Hadron Collider activates at highest energy yet >Georgia Guidestones explode Makes you …[View]
385564581Why can't America be like China? Why do Americans prefer to kneel before niggers, trannys and s…[View]
385563091Why are all politicians innately evil?[View]
385560028/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4293: Previous: >>385551206 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385566335Hide your livestock, folks: Nigs are fucking horses out here. 'SAN ANTONIO – A man has been arreste…[View]
385565652Wild sheboon chimps out after hard working Mexicans don't make her food fast enough. Niggers re…[View]
385542419chuds to jail 4 illegal facts: >The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies,…[View]
385561720Wignat zoomers: Why are they like this?[View]
385562995>fresh mass shooting >Georgian stone bombing >many UK politicians resigning/quitting You a…[View]
385564490Boris: Someone explain to me what the fuck is going on with Boris right now? I need a quick run down…[View]
385565846Imagine coming to /pol/ and thinking it stands for politics, because boy won't they be surprise…[View]
385561308Say one thing you're grateful Jews gave us.: I am thankful the Jews gave us bagels[View]
385563744/Pol/ approved music!: Can you give me suggestions? I recommend Paramore because niggers don't …[View]
385561284HAPPENING: SADS on the rise in the UK: A huge surge in deaths due to SADS is happening in the UK.…[View]
385554042Brit/pol/: >Boris SACKS Michael Gove in reshuffle revenge after he joined cabinet colleagues call…[View]
385535759jewkrain.: this is beyond parody. how can Ukrainbros even back this?[View]
385566104What happened to your high school celebrity crush?: Sadly, mine gained weight. See Marisa Miller the…[View]
385528697Conservatives will blame literally anything other guns: Anything to avoid addressing the real issue.…[View]
385565942how has he been caught yet? whats his next plan?[View]
385551810The UTTER state of Libertarians.: https://www.rt.com/news/558223-abortion-choice-life-position-evict…[View]
385550092Pizzagate was real: prove me wrong[View]
385559089Im happy britain is dying: >Run by jews and shitskins >people are retarded and degenerate >…[View]
385560803/bojo/ - Boris Johnson General: CROSSING THE RUBICON edition[View]
385564792Hunter biden being Based: based is as based does come on now pol you know hes our guy >https://…[View]
385560000Wow. Just wow.[View]
385531026i think ben garrison went full schizo[View]
385564765It was just announced that...: Elon creampied this lady and had twins with her this past November. S…[View]
385565041Der Johnsonführer: Is this where Boris meets his end, or will he finally get Brexit done this time?…[View]
385544115Don't think any comment is necessary, really[View]
385559713Why do people hate these things or associate them with globohomo? Is it a psyop designed to focus at…[View]
385562761NOOOOO NOT THE ROCKERINOS: Why should I care about some dumb rocks? Lmao[View]
385561682WHAT THE FUCK: What the FUCK is up with this guy? How do you present yourself in public ALWAYS havin…[View]
385565532WAIT CLOT NO-[View]
385564658So did the two dicks collide and make a gateway to Cosmic Dickhole?[View]
385557070Chrystul Kizer, Prostitute who killed John: Chrystul Kizer was a prostitute who planned to kill one …[View]
385561067Here’s your death camp bro[View]
385565285Okay so what is the actual truth about the war then?[View]
385565259>only a few hundred members >peacefully demonstrates a few times a year >gets denounced by …[View]
385563576Politically Provoked: Why is a Jewish woman trying to get buddy-buddy with White Nationalists and Na…[View]
385564102The message is very clear if you’re a patriotic young American: Stay clear of the military: How the …[View]
385556246Why have whites been expelled from over 200 countries?[View]
385564563>this Kike manlet is now the most admired man in the Westen world[View]
385561723The Vaccine of Peace Strikes Again: Fuck this gay world and the horse it rode in on anyway https://n…[View]
385503489Why do idiots believe that weed has no permanent side effects?: Both science fags and normies believ…[View]
385561903Far Right Latinas: What does /pol/ think of 'Far Right Latinas'? Why is it all of a sudden…[View]
385563783>God's Chosen People[View]
385554525Can someone explain the Boris Johnson thing? I won’t google it because it will just give me pozzed b…[View]
385564896niggers are SLUTS for Big Clown Cock: politics for this feel?[View]
385561923American NatSoc General: General Thread for: 1. The discussion of NatSoc in Florida 2. Discussion of…[View]
385562056>It's just schizo shit Top story at NYT so I guess not?[View]
385564746IRA /eire/pol/: Irish Republican Army https://youtu.be/uYG0Bcb1OGw IRA speak https://youtu.be/HCenYr…[View]
385561208Holy smokes...: Folks, this is how we make israel great again[View]
385556193SALS Afflicting The Unvaccinated: SALS bros, I don't feel so bad.[View]
385564453Imagine calling the police over how someone mowed their yard.: Get fucked faggots. Call the cops abo…[View]
385561241This man’s dad runs the DEA: What are the political ramifications of this on his fathers presidency?…[View]
385558525Why are christcucks so disingenuous.[View]
385563557Anybody else starting to get more turned on by Brittney Griner?: She's in distress and could en…[View]
385563349Why did I get bullied and treated like shit when I was growing up just because I was poor and had a …[View]
385563318Should Government Bailout Pensions?: Should the government (i.e. taxpayers) bail out pensions when t…[View]
385559994Reject the abrahamic poison and return to your ancestral roots!: Reject Christcuckery You are not 't…[View]
385563641BLESSED POOJEETA: Have you taken the time to thank /ourgirl/ today?[View]
385531198Why is this kind of stuff so common oh the far right l?[View]
385546234>World’s first large-scale ‘sand battery’ goes online in Finland. >Meanwhile Americans still d…[View]
385559865Let's face it...: This year has been packed full of happenings. We're only half way throug…[View]
385553151ITT we discuss actual plans for saving humanity from extinction: You wake up as King of the World. T…[View]
385544746Study finds liberals are actually have brain damage: You can predict the political ideology of someo…[View]
385558663HAPPENING! Georgia Guidstones Leveled.: https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/154480605521288…[View]
385554715the Guidestones are based: >Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.…[View]
385562970If our positions were switched, would I have your life and would you have mine?: Why do they add soc…[View]
385554430What are the best jobs to live a semi-NEET lifestyle besides coding? (Work from home, earn a nice ye…[View]
385551065Do you avoid an establishment if there are blacks working there, pol?[View]
385556745HAPPENING: Jannies is banning everyone who reply to this thread. >>>/v/605020903[View]
385560193Hobo hate thread: I hate the homeless so much it’s unreal. The money we spend and the lengths to whi…[View]
385542114Which WEF controlled government will collapse next?[View]
385557788????????????????: highland park victims worked in pharmaceuticals, gene therapy[View]
385563608Summer Camp: Is this the place where they come up with ideas on what to torment the plebs of the wor…[View]
385549452>Magomed Daudov, Chechen politician and military commander, saying that the goal of Chechens in U…[View]
385563478michigan bros: who are you voting for?[View]
385562472What if the Georgia guidestones…: This was definitely an inside job… why else would they completely …[View]
385563116Global brown mutt race: What would happen if every person on Earth became mixed and brown? >50% c…[View]
385563417Is he right /pol/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZAx9DwngEQ[View]
385555373Was tipper gore right about degeneracy in music? This was only just the beginning on what was to com…[View]
385561451The Final Solution: Would you have the strength to kill your own son, Anon? Or do you fear that your…[View]
385555782Am I the alone in believing Elon Musk is a phoney in everything he says and does, and works at the b…[View]
385561136Who can beat him in an election?: Cap decides to run for POTUS. 1. If Cap runs as a Republican, who…[View]
385561429>you WILL follow laws >you WILL respect property rights >you WILL worship the state >y…[View]
385553146What laws would you pass to end illegal migration?[View]
385519029Why are fags shooting schools and children instead of corrupt politicians and whores?[View]
385561327Patriot Act part2?: I think crazy politicians are going to start the Patriot Act part2 with these sh…[View]
385553700Brit/pol/ on the ropes edition[View]
385561292>TWO MORE WEE-ACK do you feel bad for the vaxxies at this point? half the threads before the guid…[View]
385556807Is diversity in media really that big of a deal or is it just more white melodrama?[View]
385552296I havent seen a nigger for like half a year. Lifes good[View]
385543199Where does 'women being encouraged to be whores' ultimately lead us as a society?[View]
385557947The most devastating poll in US History: 88% say US is on the wrong track. The highest by far ever r…[View]
385562983>everything is a glownigger psyop, don't do anything goiym! It will lead you to this americ…[View]
385559929Fight to Keep the Cunt: This is mission. This is best result. Keep this cunt in place.[View]
385519435It's over: It's over.[View]
385543839Anyone defending the guide stones is big retard: If you can't see through the guide stone'…[View]
385549457>alleged white nationalist larper makes rambling edicts on some rocks >the rock containing the…[View]
385561737Hiro approved meta thread: The CAPTCHA is now 6 characters long but only on mobile. So if you post f…[View]
385549233it's almost over: Modern neoliberalism-globalism (which is being pushed by a part of the USA…[View]
385553478The United States has bases everywhere.: Do we really need them?[View]
385560989Why do libertarians worship this guy when he made the Federal Reserve permanent?: He was also a hard…[View]
385556048Will transracialism be as socially accepted as transgenderism one day? And what are the political im…[View]
385561411I'm an indian man, and i enjoy it. I think indians are overall a solid race to be born into. I…[View]
385559609REPEAT WITH ME: >the christkike world is disgusting >the christkike world is disgusting >th…[View]
385545549What is your stance on guns in the United States? Do you like them legal? Want them illegal? Think w…[View]
385553674Press /r/ to pay respects[View]
385561911Die-off officially starts. Statistical data proves it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f45S6vmQgA D…[View]
385520480THIS IS SOUTH DAKOTA RIGHT NOW: BROS??? https://twitter.com/eddiedevonne/status/1544458297994100736…[View]
385561229So heckin organic: Don't reply to this thread[View]
385553622Nazi Germany was divine punishment for the sins of mankind. There really is no other explanation for…[View]
385560476Convention of States For the Win: DO SOMETHING! Convention Of States Webinar Tonight https://registe…[View]
385556008How do Jews control inferior races so easily? They make it seem effortless[View]
385552927Does she have your vote, /pol/? https://nypost.com/2022/07/06/democrat-tiara-mack-twerks-upside-down…[View]
385558953Maybe the people who say that evil doesn't exist are the evil people?[View]
385552848Why is dating discrimination so bad for single mothers? Why don’t governments help support their dat…[View]
385561262Anon, my homeland - Tatarstan - is terminally ill. She was struck by the metastases of Ruscism, whic…[View]
385559735Islam is Bas-ACK!: Fuuuuuuggggg Sunni bros did we get too confident?[View]
385552668Future of human species?: What are the geopolitical implications of it being cold outside with no ki…[View]
385559113sleepy joe: >vidrelated https://files.catbox.moe/5g9itt.mp4 Is he gonna be okay?…[View]
385559203He’s correct and you know it >inb4 niggers[View]
385554194Can bongs please explain what happens when the Queen is activated[View]
385541384GA Guidestones hate thread: July 6th is an official holiday. Source: Me. Guidestones btfo'd. E…[View]
385548782Miss him yet?: >inb4 'muh establishment neocon kike lover' They all love kikes anon some more tha…[View]
385555117>I. WANT. THE. STONES.[View]
385561300China can go fuck themselves. For as long as I live, I will always hold a grudge against China, I…[View]
385558549What are the implications of shit skins robbing our war graves?: What are the implications of shit s…[View]
385561031This Unamerican Chameleon: And her slimy ilk do not get to come back to the Republican Party.[View]
385560352>freethink >blackrock neurotech i get weird vibes from this, but i'd like to see competit…[View]
385556673Why are the Arabs so bad at war? Especially Palestinians. Imagine being dabbed on by a few emaciated…[View]
385559907The decline of the vaxxers will be substantially noticeable in mid September. I'm talking cars…[View]
385560149GNOSTICS ARE RETARDS: >1945 >nag hammadi library is suddenly (((found))) >oi vei goyim loo…[View]
385557690Admit it anon , your will is no match for the Nancy milkers[View]
385560394>2022 is only half over >already lost 2 countries: Ukraine and Brittan >about to lose the D…[View]
385560132I instantly block and ignore everyone who doesn’t think Jews control everything[View]
385560169This is Noah Madrano.: In Canada, we recently had a girl named Lila Smith go missing. She was just r…[View]
385557002Why do trans people have a high suicide rate[View]
385534555Highland Shooter's Sister Lynette Pesina is Porn Actress Alexa Rydell/Serina/Krystal Starr: Lyn…[View]
385547100ITS OVER[View]
385559908God dammit CERN!!!: It has always been Lousiana! What is wrong with you pre-tards?! https://www.foxn…[View]
385540832Muhammad post popular name in Britain: How can an Islamic name be the most popular name of an entire…[View]
385556667All blue states will cave to the SC. Grabbers btfo. https://wjla.com/news/local/maryland-gun-laws-md…[View]
385551067Justify your reasons for having them.[View]
385552723>be me >wake up >antifa blew up the georgia guidestones with an RPG in the middle of the n…[View]
385557305>God's Chosen People[View]
385545169Georgia Guidestones: LOL GLOWIES FOUND HIM[View]
385557260LEAVE BIDEN ALONE[View]
385559389Nag Hammadi library: >1945 >oi vei goyim looks like we found the TRUTH to religion >this is…[View]
385551206/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4292: Previous: >>385541485 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385536062Why anons: Why are you happy about this. All is going to hell and this guides well applied can save …[View]
385552831What’s some deep trump lore?[View]
385552013Which one is a better country, Canada or Australia?[View]
385556613First country to burst into divesity war!: Make your bets Explain why I can't decide between US…[View]
385551239Alaska is Russian soil american nazis need to remember that[View]
385543147Hello, i saw a post here and the image was like a manifesto or something of how to destroy a nation …[View]
385478288/MOG/ - Monkeypox Outbreak General #90 - Panama Edition: 7,670 cases in 68 countries. (newest count…[View]
385552834Can you pinpoint the reason for the collapse of modern society?[View]
385556681The family courts are cesspool to steal money from dysfunctional couples.[View]
385558252Reunification: It’s not a new event that is happening in /pol/. We are unfortunately being separated…[View]
385551707/pol/ reconciliation thread Do you think /pol/ will be able to ever reconcile it's differences,…[View]
385527414GREAT SCOTT what are you doing!?: Did Dilbert really kill his kid?[View]
385549815EU: Red pill on me on euro/dollar parity /pol/ ? What does it means for europeans ? Is it such a big…[View]
385558440>'I know why you cry now. But it is something that I can never do'[View]
385549932School shooting in progress?[View]
385557875help me polchuds: need site(s) that sell alt right merch, mostly look for a black sun necklace but a…[View]
385553144Does anyone feel a shift?: With all of what is going on in Europe especially the Netherlands and Ger…[View]
385494241Do people understand,: That Russian force are leaving it's, nearby to the Finnish border's…[View]
385556006Keep it up guys!: They’re on the run and panicking. Biden 2024 all the way! Accelerate! Push back ag…[View]
385556567we wrote the book on mass shootings npr.org/2022/05/21/1100562847/frequent-tragedies-spur-mass-shoot…[View]
385554270Why are americans on this board so happy about the stones gone when Washington was a Mason?[View]
385557675>why yes, I do like false flag operations, how could you tell?[View]
385557403Did anyone decode Arcturus yet?[View]
385555319Uh Demmies? How are we supposed to fight this?[View]
385557282So is the new tryhard real or a false flag?: just getting back up to speed[View]
385554431I hate these shitbird lazy fucks[View]
385557025Why are none of them actual white blondes?[View]
385556931https://worldtruthvideos.website/@BookAnon He posts to endchan that hosts faggot shit interracial cu…[View]
385554538why does covid last so weirdly long? im over the first 3-4 days which kinda sucked, but i never once…[View]
385557079*CROSSES THE RUBICON*[View]
385546287Behold, the superior black genes (gone dominant): >Be black male >See white woman >BLACKED.…[View]
385555402/pol/ is always wrong: I just want to remind everyone that Trump turned out to be the biggest zog pu…[View]
385523489Sprich deutsch du Hurensohn! Krautpol.: Was bei uns passiert entscheidet über das Schicksal der Welt…[View]
385554649Poland is officially the most pro-American country in the world[View]
385556341Fuck Scotland, Ukraine is more important for British.[View]
385556560Did you feel that?: We just shifted timelines.[View]
385556580The ashkenazim are not Jews: They say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan.…[View]
385548551we will be romanticizing this decade[View]
385549006You won't die of COVID unless you're an old per---[View]
385556639Why did we give these things rights?: What the fuck were we thinking? White people got everything ri…[View]
385554859It’s been one year later, I am forgotten.[View]
385554155Transgender vs. Transracial: The notion that gender is faker than race is absurd. With gender, you…[View]
385555772Daily reminder that H-bombs are the only way to efficiently explore space, using an ORION rocket, wh…[View]
385555443The one time a pig didn’t pull the trigger https://breaking911.com/breaking-uvalde-police-officer-w…[View]
385559208Homosexuality is in nature.[View]
385559212Coo at me nigga[View]
385554588>nooooo!!! those rocks in georgia say we have to reduce human population to 500,000,000. how am i…[View]
385553085/pol/ has gotten infested with fags trannies and niggers: lately there has been a stupidly high amou…[View]
385549896I wish that were me: > sexually abusing his lifeless body and then mutilating the corpse with a s…[View]
385543528Biden Exporting U.S. Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe and Asia: What the fuck has gotten into the he…[View]
385554417Top Democrats, Staffers Fume Over White House's Chaotic Impotence: How bad are the midterms goi…[View]
385541129ITT: say something nice about libertarians: No decent or intelligent libertarian wants to defund the…[View]
385555758Another dodgy site harvesting people's info. Lets fuck with it!: Bros, anyone seen this site? h…[View]
385550257You wouldn't pay $10k to see 'RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE' in riot town, USA?: What are you, a far…[View]
385555920Who are the REAL animals??[View]
385536858Why are daughters now disowning their dads?[View]
385555222Never trust a meme flag[View]
385555756Why did I get bullied and treated like shit when I was growing up just because I was poor and had a …[View]
385537475/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3256: Prev:>>385521281 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385555854Boy, this little 'victory lap' of an article has not aged well at all.[View]
385554923Isaac Friedman sippel enockson peinovich: He’s totally white you guys[View]
385549647Am I being alarmist for asking my LGBTQ+ friends to start preparing to escape the deep south (US)? I…[View]
385555781Jewish AG will lift the federal ban on death penalty for whites only: https://www.phillytrib.com/gar…[View]
385541462https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1544731632778854401 Wow. Just wow.[View]
385551889Hey /pol/, is coffee good for you? Or perhaps you would prefer to talk about how Iran just arrested …[View]
385552662>Twitters Terms and Conditions say you'll be banned for harassing people. >*harasses peop…[View]
385555056Black people are CHANTING black power: Black people have tracked down Emmett Tills killer and are ch…[View]
385542243Age group: Is it just me, or there are barely any young people outside? Every time I go outside, I l…[View]
385554748Boris Johnson is INVINCIBLE.[View]
385538213What's wrong with this country?: >Visiting Germany since my great-grandparents were from Sou…[View]
385552716UN DELETES ARTICLE PRAISING THE BENEFITS OF WORLD HUNGER: This morning I saw a twatter thread talkin…[View]
385555050WE NEED TO FIX AMERICAN SCHOOLS: While in Highschool, I was getting bullied for various stupid shit …[View]
385553370my dream is buying a newly built house near a rural area with my own garden and plants :) money is t…[View]
385523945Be afraid--China is coming for you--Be afraid: MI5 director Ken McCallum and FBI chief Christopher W…[View]
385551647race mixing: not even once[View]
385554869D V R: pardon us burgers international anon. >Desantis Vs Newsom who wins in what arena[View]
385510608Georgia Guidestones BTFO: Which one of you heros did this? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/geor…[View]
385544715Even David Irving doesn't deny the Holocaust. https://www.bitchute.com/video/iYSaATOqtBOT/ 1:5…[View]
385549307The fact that more and more ball fields are disapearing in North America is a direct threat to a whi…[View]
385554315why do white nationalists see themselves as victims? isn't that what niggers do?[View]
385554061In this timeline, there is a cold virus that cannot be vaccinated against: And you can still catch i…[View]
385550157How bad is it going to get?: This shit is accelerating way too fast[View]
385542678Imagine you were a freshman in a Minnesota high school. What would you do?[View]
385549320100k is the new 50k: What are the political implications of inflation? What is the point in working …[View]
385536686Would you vote AOC 2024?[View]
385552912BONGS ARE FUCKING DONE. KRAUTS NEXT: All according to the plan devised by Mr. Putin: Besides the fac…[View]
385542682Joe Biden caught exporting oil from US Strategic Reserves: As Americans struggle with record-high ga…[View]
385549204Brit/pol/ not going to resign edition: >Boris is just not going to resign (he's not sorry) L…[View]
385550800Say something nice about her.[View]
385508112What are the political implications of a President confessing to bribery: https://mobile.twitter.com…[View]
385553923Our only two options are globohomo and slightly less globohomo.with tax cuts for billionaires who ha…[View]
385517656Thank you Rosecrucians: What are the political implications of Rosecrucians fighting the Jesuit worl…[View]
385548608HELLO USA!: I am here now! I arrive in tucson usa today. I came through mexica earlier, now i am in …[View]
385553969EU has finally given up fighting the fair fight. They will now pretend to collapse but are actually …[View]
385553461/pol/ infographics/wordcloud: 06 July 'liberal country faggot' edition Previous: 05 July >>385…[View]
385535668They really hate us..: They really hate us goybros... Dude got a couple Jews to admit 'antisemitic' …[View]
385542497>tfw my Thai hapa son will be born in two months and not one of you racial purity retards can do …[View]
385550565Why is he such a coward tho?[View]
385545836Will /pol/tards let microbots clean their teeth?[View]
385549202Football fans are the biggest cucks on Earth.: Imagine having Ngubu's name on your back.[View]
385552522>Voting for trump because he’s entertaining. If he doesn’t run >I am voting for Biden becaus…[View]
385547243Was this foretold?[View]
385553457ITT We salute the lads who Ted Kazinzkied those stones[View]
385545772JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP, FÀM: It's over fellow chosenbros. I think the goyim know. How do we ever …[View]
385539893Canada Thread: I've just heard that Jewdope is now trying to officially ban freedom of speech a…[View]
385553506I remembered the line from the Wiki scripture, the Early-life section. The Jew is trying to persuade…[View]
385553485Quick: What is the current version of “fully vaccinated”[View]
385541256Is there anyone less revolutionary than a modern leftist?: You cannot get more un-revolutionary than…[View]
385546823If I hypothetically go out west to Nevada or Arizona and explore the desert and and a quote unquote …[View]
385552589housing kids according to their gender identity rather than birth sex is based, zoomers have it good…[View]
385546579pov: >Wake up >Suburban bongland >Saturday morning >Hear children playfully screaming i…[View]
385549794'Two weeks' syndrome: Nothing will happen. Nothing ever good or interesting ever happens ever. I liv…[View]
385547325GEORGIA GUIDESTONES OFFICIALLY KNOCKED DOWN: https://twitter.com/louderwewillbe/status/1544790993337…[View]
385539230>shitposts about nazis saving the west all day >cries glownigger when actual nazis show up to …[View]
385548145We can do both.[View]
385552821This is London 78 years after defeating the nazis.: Anything else to be said?[View]
385548446Do you have a personal politics, a political position for you alone as an individual? Or is your pol…[View]
385519528It's actually a good thing of what's happening in Netherlands: It's a step towards pu…[View]
385552333Guidstone security footage.: Here is the Guidestone blowing up, it doesn't not show whoever set…[View]
385517141>wanted to do a second mass shooting What the fuck is his problem?[View]
385544772How did it change your life when you found out the Jew is to blame for everything ?[View]
385552409Just imagine how Scandinavian and Eastern Europe faggots: Will be surprised, when US will leave NATO…[View]
385551628Basically when you get right down to it, the problem with Whites is that they think they're bet…[View]
385539504Ukrainian patriot and nationalist AMA. You can ask me anything about politics, history culture and i…[View]
385552464Politics, Wild West, Webms, Riots, Justice: Plenty has been recently caught on tape showing who the …[View]
385550676Boris Johnson is an unyielding shield in the face of overwhelming Russian aggression, channeling the…[View]
385549915Why did jannies move this to /bant/: Why jannies this is /pol/ bread and butter posting right here …[View]
385550310Do White 'liberals' really believe in their ideals of being an 'anti-racist'? Most of thes…[View]
385550945The British Question: The island of Britain has long been overcome by Anglo-saxon, Norman and other …[View]
385468627>Authorities said he set up on a rooftop overlooking the parade route and fired more than 70 bull…[View]
385524974why do (((they))) want to destroy us?[View]
385541628>Georgia Guidestones get blasted >...[View]
385546750Boris is in trouble. Would you do a Jan 6 in Parliament to help him?[View]
385551543What the fuck is going on Austin, Texas? Why do so many faggots live there and kvetch about republic…[View]
385549901Are chinese spies really stealing GM seeds from US farmlands?[View]
385547693Bomb threat investigation underway at College of Southern Nevada in North Las Vegas: >University …[View]
385551612Why are jews such whiny bitches?: How to argue like a Zionist. Don't bother with facts or reaso…[View]
385548940Biden doesn’t even remember who he is https://mobile.twitter.com/charliespiering/status/154471252227…[View]
385550306Every man has two countries: his own, and France.[View]
385549810What is their endgame?: Drop headlines and infographics[View]
385549399I'm pagan. I love being who I'm[View]
385547749“What if we just DONT let communists take over over some momentary media bulldhit”: Behold, The most…[View]
385543487My name is Adolf White and I'm running for president in 2024. Let's face it folks, Roe v. …[View]
385547142>1920s >get one of these bad boys delivered to your door through mail order catalog Gee there…[View]
385526482Explosion 'destroyed' portion of Georgia Guidestones: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …[View]
385548504Baffled.: Imagine any OTHER race having a commercial like this made on their behalf. Not even mad. A…[View]
385542293Highland Park Shooter A Lefty Democrat?: I’ve heard mention that the 4th Of July Highland Park Illin…[View]
385527070'I think you're clear.': What did the President of the United States mean by this?[View]
385539674Changes in Biological Pathways During 6,000 Years of Civilization in Europe: >Genome study finds …[View]
385537527I HATE THE NWO[View]
385547469Will any Eurasian country give us refuge when the time comes? >low caste people (caste was alread…[View]
385537626npcs are not needed for a society[View]
385547435The Amerifat manifesto https://youtu.be/01qk4K0JGLo[View]
385545039>be me >applying to advanced science jobs >80% diversity questions >only one small secti…[View]
385547378White men are the most buck broken group of men in history!: How the fuck do you cope?! >You sacr…[View]
385531152Who rules the world according to pol? inb4 just mentioning jews,not enough[View]
385522124Putin will burn in hell for this https://nypost.com/2022/07/06/brazilian-model-who-joined-ukrainian-…[View]
385544962All of you are failing Joe Biden https://mobile.twitter.com/Forbes/status/1544784681438167048[View]
385481757Does leftism inevitably lead to normalizing pedo shit?: Or is this more of a lolbertarian ideal?…[View]
385544989https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/deaths-with-unknown-causes-now-alberta-s-top-killer-province-1.5975536 Wh…[View]
385548049Russian Insider OP: Besides the fact that Ukraine at the moment is nothing more than a planetary- si…[View]
385547855Panning the USA in a car in August, I will end up in some areas that are very unfavorable in the MSM…[View]
385548219western glowies are shameless[View]
385519948Within the past 2 weeks, these political happenings have occured: Roe V Wade overturned Gun laws rem…[View]
385548270REMINDER OF WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 5 MONTHS: Democrats are going to win this November, …[View]
385541485/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4291: Previous: >>>385533936 Timeline /tug/: h…[View]
385548560This is way too on the nose, it's getting rediculous how blatant they are.: https://youtu.be/67…[View]
385549420how many shootings before you give up your guns? oh you won't? heh, we're just going to ma…[View]
385547802I have the kung flu, it's too late for me. Are you guys kidding me I had to stay house, wear fa…[View]
385540958brit/pol/ - 'Et tu, Boris?' edition: >Minister for Housing and Communities Michael Gove MP has be…[View]
385547424New politfu just dropped[View]
385549277Can the Queen fire BOJO?: If he refuses to resign, my understanding that it is within her constituti…[View]
385508724What gun? Why so sekret?: Crimo's guns remain a secret. Why? Isn't the name written on the…[View]
385527514UN Hunger 404'ed: Schwabfags 404'd the article It's real https://www.un.org/en/chroni…[View]
385546195The next UK Prime Minister: Your thoughts?[View]
385536533Neder /pol/der general: WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoralised, u…[View]
385544672German /pol: Where can I find a right wing, or a place similar to /pol, but in German? I want to pra…[View]
385536422Spics In Charge Of Border Security Vs Spics: No one talks about this? We entrust the security of our…[View]
385549082Were Wild West outlaws based and redpilled? They didn't wanna waste their lives wage-cucking an…[View]
385531848Black people destroy a french fry restauraunt in NYC because they were out of BBQ sauce: Video: http…[View]
385549174>anti white kike elites own all of our governments >they place giant monuments to niggers and …[View]
385547639mask/vacccine mandates prove liberals are willing to be authoritarian and enforce certain rules. so …[View]
385549098Black nationalism: What do you think about black nationalists who talk about their genes being stron…[View]
385537434how will russia be split after its inevitable defeat so that it may never be a threat to peace in th…[View]
385546725Dear Americans.....: Dear Burgers. Why do you support the state of Israel? What could the average Am…[View]
385540602Has anyone who is at least remotely conservative mastered dealing with journos? I feel like the name…[View]
385537596Western capitalism in a nutshell: 'No, no, you must only sell oil at prices determined by us!' https…[View]
385547885Christians created degeneration, anglos created degeneration: What's in common? All are degener…[View]
385541690HA HAH AH AHAH AH AH[View]
385544844Glowniggers probably blew up the Guidestones. If not I would like to slap the fuck out of whoever di…[View]
385548604Anyone notice mainstream meteor getting more hard right?: This kind of commentary wouldn't happ…[View]
385544409Robert Crimo Rifle used: Fake news outlets are citing Crimo used an smith and wesson 'Ar-15 style' r…[View]
385538127Amazon is data mining on websites, for what reason is unknown to me every IP here goes to a data cen…[View]
385546595Why the hate? Just enjoy. EVERYTHING is God's gift to you. Accepting this is devotion. Soon the…[View]
385547688How did he perform a miracle?[View]
385545685Why is it so hard to distance yourself from your ego when having a debate? People tend to take it as…[View]
385544578I don't discuss politics with women.: This simple statement causes women to become apoplectic a…[View]
385545339you WILL go to war with China. you WILL die for the globalists[View]
385547961Nick Land: What is /pol/'s opinion on Nick Land? Is he the big, contemporary right-wing philoso…[View]
385546746this cunt will vanish before the queen dies...[View]
385523083Realistic solution for getting niggers out of America?: https://twitter.com/rapalert6/status/1544478…[View]
385540535https://twitter.com/Karmabash/status/1544774586985848832?s=20 1) Be a Hoe 2) Fall for media lies tha…[View]
3855441692 undocumented immigrants arrested in July 4th mass shooting plot, police say: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
385547464IT’S OVER: IT’S OVER[View]
385514192Bitcoin has no value: Bitcoin has no value. It is a purely speculative and worthless receipt for not…[View]
385547032Good Evening Gentlemen: I am a purveyor of fine memes, especially ones with political commentary. I …[View]
385538493Why do they want it so bad?: Years of seething and crying, all over this shithole. What's so gr…[View]
385550411America: You have a problem[View]
385535944hi /pol/ i hate kikes and the antichrist![View]
385537358why is socialism such a successful ideology?: why is socialism such a successful ideology?[View]
385546803France: Afghan Muslim migrant screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ tries to stab passers-by: >A 22-year-old A…[View]
385545335Eurobros.... I don't feel so good...[View]
385546932Bashkirs are germanic.[View]
385537708Women also cum fairly often from child birth. Women also have a strong instinct to moan during sex s…[View]
385546078>kike government reintroduced conscription lmao, there's no fucking way i'm dying for s…[View]
385540309>this made boomers shit and cry[View]
385544799'The Rise of the Far-Right Latina' https://ghostarchive.org/archive/gZJgC https://www.nytimes.com/20…[View]
385535067The Georgia Guidestones: I recently purchased a copy of the book Common Sense Renewed after seeing s…[View]
385536413Where do you draw the line?: Barbara Bando was AFAB and is a female. She naturally has a high testos…[View]
385531095This kike puppet has done more to combat White collectivism than anyone else.[View]
385540850Brit/pol/ - Backstabber Stabbed In The Back Edition: https://twitter.com/ChrisMasonBBC/status/154477…[View]
385540180Spics Now the Majority In Texas: Not just majority minority. Spics alone are the majority. Thanks, b…[View]
385493799White South Africans didn't fight back: White Zimbabweans didn't fight back. You won'…[View]
385548499Are you an Incel or a Chad? How do you cope with not getting laid, or chasing after some whore who i…[View]
385500967Hey rich anons: To the anons who are making decent money, is it satisfying you, or do you hate it? D…[View]
385499322The elite use CERN to prevent bad political outcomes for them: The latest activation was about creat…[View]
385535360Kratom: Anyone try this ? I'm talking high dose 8-15 grams Is the high comparable to codeine or…[View]
385537899The consequences.....: Will the consequences ever be the same bros?[View]
385539628Can this image be debunked?[View]
385539757American Black Order: Ask me anything. In control since 2009[View]
385540340Satanism and the occult in pop music: I want to discuss a couple of themes in pop songsI have notice…[View]
385540525Crystal Meth: Have been wanting to try this for a while. Can anyone describe what it feels like when…[View]
385541044>CERN reactivates for first time since 2019 >Georgia guidestone blows up What’s happening? Did…[View]
385541301Dear bald / balding dudes: How come you guys always look / act so creepy? Either incel vibes or over…[View]
385541654DMT: Aynone ever tried this ? Did it scare you ? Is it how Terrence Mckenna descriced it ?[View]
385543115Where the fuck is God?[View]
385543654Earth is flat, space is fake and gay: When did you realize the truth about our beautiful flat earth?…[View]
385544330Fags have ruined hats: Bros... I live in a rural area and wear a cowboy hat for work but I don'…[View]
385543632Yea… I think it over.[View]
385540413The Highland Park shooter's uncle is Johnny Cage from MK1 and MK2!: >Daniel Pesina (born Dec…[View]
385541362>countries in the west demoralize >countries in the west balkanize >russia and china are gr…[View]
385544166Why do Jews look very white even though they are not white?[View]
385539377Khazarian Mafia is kosher disinfo: A quote that shows the clear ethnic Jewish motivation of the popu…[View]
385547474why are jannies deleting georgia guidestones threads?: your system is coming to an end jannies repen…[View]
385538880Greece is about to recognise Kosovo as independent: Fuck these traitor politicians[View]
385530029https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/georgia-guidestones-explosion-elberton okay, who did it anons? I kn…[View]
385527413Get it through your thick fucking skull.: You are not just an individual.[View]
385529454So why are we rooting for Russia again?: >HIV central >Abortion epidemic >Jewish oligarchy …[View]
385540775Christianity is a cult of mediocrity: Reject Christcuckery You are not 'the meek', you are not a sin…[View]
385544024This man ins calling you an incel[View]
385536607I'll give $500, post bail, and get a lawyer for anyone that goes there with a prybar and rips t…[View]
385544405Christopher Rufo and Tucker Carlson Crossover: What you think bros[View]
385544400Is the Sympathy for the Devil the most antisemitic song ever written that allowed to go mainstream? …[View]
385544259GLOBAL BROWN MUTT RACE: >Mixed brown people have a 25% chance of having a child with white skin …[View]
385524367It's over: Jews and minorities are ready to arm themself to fight the white men Is the war on …[View]
385543493What did they mean by this new logo?: >Be National Space Intelligence Centre >Choose nigger Eg…[View]
3855442732022 The Benefits of World Hunger: https://web.archive.org/web/20220706173519/https://www.un.org/en/…[View]
385542504Why is liberalism so common among shitholes?: This guy is meant to be the 'savior' of my country. Ar…[View]
385542462How tf can people be so arrogant and have a superiority complex when they know they are absolute dog…[View]
385537470Do your friends and family know about your political beliefs?[View]
385543321you are an average russian/ukraine soldier and you want to start a nuclear war: how would you do it?…[View]
385543903Hey /pol/ I can't tell who the anti-christ is. is Putin or Dugin the anti-christ? Everyone seem…[View]
385546541Daily reminder Muhammad (piss be upon him) married Aisha at six and did her when she was nine and wa…[View]
385542869Just returned back to Europe from Ukraine(never held a gun in my life before)(Ukrainian guy here, 28…[View]
385523471Jordan Peterson goes FULL ANTI-TRANNIE: Noticed more seething anti-Peterson propaganda than usual la…[View]
385543455>God's Chosen People[View]
385543626CHECHEN CHAD vs KGB kadyrov. CHECHNYA INDEPENDENCE CALL: Chechnya sees the opportunity and they are …[View]
385543061Red pilled books: Can we get a based red pulled books thread going?[View]
385542354It's All So Tiresome: https://chicago.suntimes.com/2022/7/5/23195435/highland-park-mass-shootin…[View]
385543226There is no gold in Uganda: There is no gold, It is fake, they want you to sell your gold just like …[View]
385545106Aren't these guys ashamed to be the biggest American cock suckers on this board?[View]
385543374i just hope for peace the demon mara works in mysterious ways[View]
38551552181 million voted for this: Joe Biden has now achieved the lowest ‘confidence’ in the presidency ever…[View]
385528267MONKEY POX - is it a GAY thing?: Be honest /pol/ How does it transmit?[View]
385544777AI Thread: Dall-e and beta ai. Post your best[View]
385537551Georgia guidestones explosion clip: https://twitter.com/i/status/1544770633837543424[View]
385536866Georgia Guidestones Blown Out in a explosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fEWO-6SAVM…[View]
385543204IT’S OVER: IT’S OVER[View]
385542988Time bros...: 2007 was 8 years ago[View]
385545327Christcucks and LARPagans are both idiotic. The thing is, Christianity or Paganism need to offer tan…[View]
385530365Why did white men simply allow this to happen?[View]
385537801Legit ass burgers or just a ploy for the meme magic on her end?[View]
385543038Voting for trump because he’s entertaining. If he doesn’t run I am voting for Biden because he is al…[View]
385526388NUCLEAR HAPPENING: Iran is about to declare war against britbongs!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/disc…[View]
385526091>same IQ as niggers >/pol/ says they are better than niggers Explain me please, I really don…[View]
385542651Why is it so hard to distance yourself from your ego when having a debate? People tend to take it as…[View]
385542941Robert Crimo's uncle was the original Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat.: He looks just like the s…[View]
385541506Blood & Soil: Tribe matters.[View]
385534352BIDEN RALLY: >omg its here >biden rally right now!!! https://youtu.be/zd2GN5-x7GE just look at…[View]
385542851>download >burn >distribute >Remastered original version without the online edits such a…[View]
385533503Can we all agree: That whatever happened at CERN yesterday shifted the timeline? Things feel differe…[View]
385541829Interracial marriage: >Leftist coworker talking about Clarence Thomas having a white wife >Say…[View]
385542781The weather underground Most based anti war group of all time: THE REAL WEATHER UNDERGROUND CHADS DI…[View]
385540518the hypocrites always get punished: Is this a warning of some kind, this guidestone event? they…[View]
385542647There was no reason to shoot Mr McGlockton Michael Drejka deserves life in prison[View]
385542603The UN declares the benefits of world hunger.: The article has already been deleted. https://un.org…[View]
385539845could you imagine what would happen if we defunded the Police? would the police let even more mass s…[View]
385526421can she do it: how is she going to fix the current conflict with Russia and Ukraine, and the EU…[View]
385538412REE!: >Bill Gates' blonde kids are getting blacked and arabed, why are they throwing recessi…[View]
385536718Nothing to see here filthy goyim cattle: Just trust the science and take the vaxx[View]
385536341Death of Joe Biden's wife and daughter: Something that I've not seen discussed in here is …[View]
385522136Dr. Robert Malone is on fire: He seems to get more and more redpilled as time comes. In his recent i…[View]
385540960Is he actually leaving?: This is like the 20th time in the pst year and a half that Drudge has said …[View]
385529171Is this NATO winning against russia ?: Lmao[View]
385534484Voting rights should be stripped from anyone younger than 30 and older than 55. Problem solved.[View]
385541739To my fellow Europeans: I hope this is the end for us May it be painful and may death find us wherev…[View]
385518466>They have daily knife fights in Great Britain[View]
385531514are you going to watch CNN?[View]
385539432Dead to Argentina I laugh at your economy getting worse and worse everyday (even when brazilian econ…[View]
385538704What year: What year did America hit the wall and died? > i’d say 1971…[View]
385539771How does the story come to god/good winning?: How do humans receive the best quality of life?[View]
385540582American politics = niggers, abortions, trannies and mass shootings[View]
385541656Irish Republican Army thread: Eire/pol/ Irish Republican Army https://youtu.be/uYG0Bcb1OGw[View]
385541637Anglosphere: The British isles have been occupied by Europeans for over 40,000 years. What happened …[View]
385536283>/pol/ somehow has a problem with this[View]
385540353Why does the US give so much money to Ukraine and Isreal?: It used to be Afghanistan, and Julian Ass…[View]
385539923Is it time to make mutual defense pacts with your neighbors, friends and family? To defend against e…[View]
385539750'If you were of the world, it would love you as its own. Instead, the world hates you, because you a…[View]
385536518/amg/ Arcturus Manifesto General: let the schitzo and his digits speak. did he understand cryptograp…[View]
385540716Communism with Africans involved is a special kind of hell[View]
385538795dude they ban videos from archives wtf: after explosion from Georgia Guidestones Blown Out in a expl…[View]
385533936/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4290: Previous: >>>385525883 Timeline /tug/: h…[View]
385541235Anyone have a video of them beating up a nog with shields? All I have seen so far are stills[View]
385533208There is so much concentrated shilling against them, they must be ultra based. When was the last tim…[View]
385537003>send weapons to Ukraine No. >station nato troops No. >pay gas in rubles No. >dont expul…[View]
385541024Price controls for Europoors: How soon is it coming?[View]
385540380I'm gonna be honest here regarding the black characters: I've literally never met a black …[View]
385530180Brit/pol/ - Boris Barricades The No. 10 Door Edition: https://twitter.com/AnushkaAsthana/status/1544…[View]
385540894Cuckservative Britbongos: Why don't you take over your party cabinet? 18 places are free[View]
385540863Anybody else tired of having to hear the 'red states are the poorest, most violent, and most subsidi…[View]
385528806OH NO NO NO HA HA HA trannie sisters we got too cocky: What are trannie health implications on being…[View]
385540801aye yo no cap sir a plane deadass crashed into the world trade center and another into the mf pentag…[View]
385529989>Bans state-funded travel to Montana >Travels to Montana with state-funded employees Is this h…[View]
385514993The timeline shifted: What does that mean?[View]
385517284Shooter's sister: What did they mean by this?[View]
385538943Every 9 months.... Meaning: Canadians no longer have a right to be virile.[View]
385528862What is the evolutionary advantage of troon?: Since troon exist, they must hold some kind of genetic…[View]
385539399race mixing: not even once[View]
385533270David Wilcock, Qanon, Trump, Anti-Gravity, Space Force, Alien Disclosure, Galactic Federation: &…[View]
385530200How will America remain a global military superpower when white people are gone?[View]
385538285What if he just doesn’t cu.ck out??: lol[View]
385539752there is no more time I am very old[View]
385537009>Largest private owner of Farmland in America Why do you chuds keep selling your land to Bills G…[View]
385536675Why do British nationalists (Conservatives) allow this?[View]
385496353England is OURS[View]
385536141my name: TURK my surname: ISLAM my book: KUR'AN my mother name: HOMELAND my dad name: GOVERNMEN…[View]
385537958MD BROS GET IN HERE: !!HAPPENING!! Maryland's faggot ass rule about issuing conceal and carry p…[View]
385538095ATTENTION BOOMERS: it's very simple boomer you just have to do this to understand >1st open…[View]
385539216With all due respect, how can burgers explain this?[View]
385535892Why do russians think they are strong or relevant? is it because of their landmass giving them fals…[View]
385538204UN SAYS WORLD HUNGER IS GOOD >For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger…[View]
385535855Hey, /pol/ack... Do good deeds day and night. That's the way to God.[View]
385537570FIND A FLAW.: Hard-Mode: No 'we gotta save teh people from teh bad elites.' Stop being a fucking WOM…[View]
385535927Disney prop: Hail your WomanKang![View]
385536538Aus/pol/. Finger Lime Whole - Frozen Edition.: https://www.agrifutures.com.au/farm-diversity/finger-…[View]
385520452ITT: We trigger /pol/[View]
385524134WTF???: Can someone explain what the actual fuck these stones are[View]
385533899Why did he kill 7 people[View]
385532597Wtf is this symbol?: What the hell is this symbol? What does it mean and why was the shooter borderl…[View]
385532578BREAKING Muhammad the NUMBER 1 name in the UK: UK bros… https://www.gbnews.uk/news/muhammad-revealed…[View]
385529987Was declaring USA independence a mistake?: Ever since we declared our independence, USA has been flo…[View]
385538937Calling all suicidal krautbros! How about instead of a heroing like a fucking pussy or doing retarde…[View]
385532753coincidences..: Kek. It's a good movie. Boon dock saints right? I'll have a happily ever a…[View]
385538714>There are boomers unironically sharing their retarded opinions on this board…[View]
385538014Why do they have been pushing the transgender agenda so hard in the last decade or so? It honestly s…[View]
385531087Why do right-wingers keep electing literal retards?[View]
385537978I would like to order 1 (one) new round of sanctions to bring your collapse closer.[View]
385535578Why do these have to exist in our beautiful world?[View]
385508220Rogan Insider: He won't have Trump because he knows Spotify employees will throw a shitfit (aga…[View]
385537043Remember when President George W. Bush was in the news for choking on a pretzel briefly? That someho…[View]
385536882Was there ever a more based President?: >Starts a war with Russia >We’ll make the EU pay for i…[View]
385532398When will Israel grow some balls and blow this shitty cube up?[View]
385526160Why won't the US just legalize prostitution already? I don't care if it increases human t…[View]
385501578Can Libertarians even refute this?[View]
385535496I take a very conspiratorial view on Paul, I think he was a plant sent in by Nero to subvert the chu…[View]
385531072>gene pool is totally fucked: >bans abortion[View]
385536937A right to what? What's a trans?[View]
385537554Homosexuality is degenerate and fags should be punished.: Here are some stats on how much homosexual…[View]
385519000If your country uses this word , i‘m sorry to inform you that you‘re not white . sorry .[View]
385515838Christianity: Is embracing Christianity the only way forward for America's future?[View]
385532928PROOF that the boosters are dangerous: For various reasons I am compelled to get a covid booster sho…[View]
385515139This costed me 15 euros. It feeds me for 2 days. Keep in mind that the avarage salary here is about …[View]
385453281Kraut/pol/ Nippon edition: Testa Rossa - Midnight Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBX2T7R_DgY S…[View]
385498187that's it, I'm getting a far-right latina gf[View]
385518450you can only save 3 races Which ones do you choose?[View]
385536179Marxists: In order to be a marxist, you have to buy into the idea that defined, static classes truly…[View]
385537914Canadians uh know, that uh that means it's uh, working.: https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/deaths-with…[View]
3855379057766, leatherman[View]
385536354The mask keeps slipping... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er4wEcXcp4k[View]
385523564Reject the abrahamic poison and return to your ancestral roots!: Reminder: all (((Christcuck))) post…[View]
385537509IT’S OVER: IT’S OVER[View]
385534268What is Biden signaling here?[View]
385513633Might this cause more inflation?[View]
385515433France >Yellow vests Nederlands >Farmers Canada >Truckers USA *crickets* Really makes you t…[View]
385536660Huh, so thats why I saw so many Bulgarians shilling like crazy the past couple of days[View]
385509599Sorry /pol/ but why don't you have body armor yet? You know state after state is moving to ban …[View]
385522101Germany future is doomed: This is the population piramid, the red part are inmigrants, know i can un…[View]
385521281/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3255: Prev:>>385508478 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385503215>People actually defend the communist shithole known as China on /pol/[View]
385530031Wait, where is the fucking debate at? American retards all failed biology 101?[View]
385535024Unironically how does on prepare for a recession[View]
385529791Capitalism died in 2008: Change my mind.[View]
385516434De Geimar Republic shalt fall[View]
385533409It is time for another Crusade.: There is a time to start another Crusade, and that time is right no…[View]
385527260Redpill me on the Jesuits, please. Who are they? What do they want? What do they do?[View]
385535681Is spaceflight legitimate?: Some people say the rockets are unmanned ,come right back down and fall …[View]
385536419The good old days were lit, will we return?: Based Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon politics KANGZ editi…[View]
385535729trib.al/xRqD77c: If the Holocaust never happened then why did the Nazis admit to it?[View]
385522159Neder /pol/der general: SIEGING = WAITING: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoralised, use you…[View]
385532330Is there still a war in Ukraine[View]
385535862>american guy on parole >need to show up to work or you'll be thrown in jail >fucking …[View]
385531739This is skull and bones the group running the CIA's sash from the satanic temple. These are the…[View]
385538504Dear Austria: Our Nazis could beat up your Nazis[View]
385537716disclose.tv notifications: >unfollows I'll follow again once they quit doing the stupid fuck…[View]
385535805Wtf is wrong with troons?[View]
385534920well i hate this country only good thing to come from this is the fact some stones blown up there is…[View]
385528626WHAT THE FUCK IS NATO FOR? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I want to invade Russia I want to make them pay for…[View]
385508666AAAAAHHHHHHH I'M RESOOOOONIIIING How fake is this clown show?[View]
385532023You'll eat nothing. And you'll be happy.[View]
385533808Interesting: What if the so called 'elites' or just faggots on top because various circums…[View]
385501688Can weed make you a schizo?: Just had another friend trigger psychosis and is now hearing voices and…[View]
385534917Why shouldn’t I vote Biden 2024?: Winnings under his watch: >abortion >concealed carry >EPA…[View]
385535209'Khazarian Mafia' is disinfo: A quote that shows the clear ethnic Jewish motivation of the populariz…[View]
385534138Yes i am an individual. I do not need to rely on others. I take pride only in my own accomplishment…[View]
385533526You could’ve saved her[View]
385531944The MJ pill: Michael Jordan is seriously a modern Alexander the Great. A dedicated champion with a m…[View]
385535651/pol/ humor thread: /pol/ humor - Gun Edition[View]
385493252/GPG/ /SG/ Geopolitics General #2299 - AEIOU Edition: Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkey, Gre…[View]
385536242what kind of toothbrush does /pol/ use? pic related is what I use. also plastic is for faggots. this…[View]
385537119Joseph Stalin is based and redpilled.[View]
385479886Russia retreats form the Finnish border after Sweden and Finland sign into the NATO alliance.[View]
385532573DO YOU CONSIDER MY WAY OF THINKING 'EVIL'?: I just came to the conclusion that being racis…[View]
385534900>labor creates value because… because fuck you thats why[View]
385529752Is this a mason house I spotted?[View]
385534185bidenbros, why can't we stop winning?[View]
385535215Kiwi emoji now an anti tranny dogwhistle!: Hey Anons, In germany, a biologist was canceled by their …[View]
385529622THE STORM IS UPON US!: >The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies, respond…[View]
385532905IT'S HAPPENING BOJO IS FINALLY GOING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhEDkOjvvEE&ab_channel…[View]
385524056DeSantis is a fascist fuckface: He is dangerous to our democracy. You don't want that kind of b…[View]
385532964What do you think of the latest anti-Semitic mass shooter? New reports say he was targeting the Jewi…[View]
385533972>Anon if you talk bad about me i will forgive you >if you talk bad about my little brother i w…[View]
385532324Right wing research thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies.…[View]
385534862Allah akber[View]
385534211>wears obscene amounts of makeup >dyes his hair >attends beauty pageants Is it really so …[View]
385472193Imagine the smell: The latest dating phenomenon is a marriage of “vagina” and “dabbing,” which, as t…[View]
385526610perfect europe does not exi-[View]
385532076What the fuck is wrong with Europeans lmao they are such cringe betas now. Seriously, what the fuck …[View]
385533976How has nobody made an app to block all Americans or/and hide anything with Americans on the interne…[View]
385532721Which option are you?[View]
385534054Hey /pol/ thanks for aiding in the rise of theocratic fascism. Now nobody believes in democracy and …[View]
385530174Brit/pol/ - coalition Britain edition: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameron–Clegg_coalition https…[View]
385531404What If Alt History but Future: 2032 Jay Z is inaugurated as the new Republican president, replacing…[View]
385534253write what comes to mind, but keep it politically incorrect. >I wanna see the world burn but I…[View]
385533326I don't really know that much about politics.[View]
385533938Hahahahahahahaha, /pol/ the left is trying to damage control this[View]
385530074Okay so what exactly is going on and when will shit finally go down? >germany on the brink of col…[View]
385526964>Whites genocide Jews by throwing them in concentration camps, starving them to death and executi…[View]
385524152the country that I love is now gone forever. now it’s just trying to make compromises and coping.[View]
385528958ITS HAPPENED: Giles Whitaker, the deputy ambo to Iran was arrested with other foreign nationals he h…[View]
385525883/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4289: Previous: >>385517514 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385530327Evil will always lose.[View]
385520384HAPPENING!!! GEORGIA MASONIC GUIDESTONES BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: Good riddance masonic shit! https://you…[View]
385530092white people are dumb.[View]
385528695Stop and explain to me why black people aren't systematically targeted by police because of the…[View]
385533792EU is prolapsing: What are the politcal implications of europeans students wearing nato t-shirts in …[View]
385532009Remember when NYC used to be a glamerous city?: What changed?[View]
385527771Canadians are chemically neutered every 9 months[View]
385529733They are in power after a historic landslide, why are they sabotaging their own party over trivial b…[View]
385531747GITS creator condemns the state of western media, citing a cultural genocide: Holy fucking based…[View]
385533447Canada's Chair of NACI was working on VaxPass in 2015!: Canada gets their 'expert advice' on im…[View]
385519861/sg/ - stalin general - first edition: In this thread we discuss he economic, social and political p…[View]
385499353LMAO: Imagine calling yourself >muh Nazi and being against Eugenics and the principles of the st…[View]
385532651White vs. Asian: Why do 'empowered' white women take such a brutish approach? >FOR US TO RISE, TH…[View]
385531480Ok genuinely fuck this guy.[View]
385525515ryssia is blaming covid on america when we all know it wasa chink jobis russia really just a chink c…[View]
385505950I said it a million times and I will say it again: It is the biggest tragedy in the history of human…[View]
385530615The most based State in the union: >Hasn’t had a state mandated Covid-19 restriction since 3 mont…[View]
385531223Hated Public Sculpture by Jean-Pierre Raynaud Nicknamed “The Toilet” Bulldozed in Quebec: >Quebec…[View]
385530574this is the next british PM say something nice about her (no paki bashing allowed)[View]
385528850JUST IN: US-NATO amazing weapons get destroyed by russia inmediately after deployement 2 american HI…[View]
385529974Very humbling. Dont you think? >protests american anthem >protest american values > gets c…[View]
385532492'Little girls getting raped at the border, ya say? Well, I'll just have to go down there and se…[View]
385531139Can some lefty explain this to me? I'm genuinely curious and confused For the sake of argument …[View]
385530142>Trumpers unironically build themselves cucksheds to live in oh no no no no no no…[View]
385512514Right-wing Extremist Thread: RIght-wing extremists, please get in here and discuss your plans.…[View]
385530890Top Russian Official’s Threat: Alaska Takeover Could Be Next https://www.thedailybeast.com/top-russi…[View]
385528653Jewish inbreeding: Has generations of inbreeding contributed to their strange behavior and being ste…[View]
385519371You did this /pol/: You voted women into the workplace where 9000 stay-at-home mothers can't be…[View]
385529536Putin or Biden: We need a clear answer. What’ll it be?[View]
385530480Bye, America: The DSA (Divided States of America) is a racist, sexist, homophobic shithole full of w…[View]
385526771why are americans not patriotic anymore[View]
385531285>'Putin must go'[View]
385526556are there 2020's the new 1980's where america somehow manages to top all its competitors o…[View]
385529051Why are red flag laws bad?[View]
385526304How can someone be so incompetent?: Is being a politician even that hard?[View]
385531620Less libs and leftist?: Anyone else noticed that their seems to be less liberals in general. Leftie…[View]
385531164>send children to battlefield >maximum militarisation: If you support this make sure not to mi…[View]
385529579Did he save the quintessential millennial look?[View]
385521194we are so fucked..[View]
385531507I write deep, philosophical and political threads that would wake up normies if they ever had a chan…[View]
385530015Why are Europeans and Middle easterners so hairy compared to other races[View]
385530202Why do I keep hearing leftists defend these stones? The stones literally say on them how to maintain…[View]
385531368How much power should the federal government have? What about the state?: What is the ideal balance …[View]
385481882/transpocalypse-general/: Is there any way to stop or discourage twinks from trooning out or is all …[View]
385528590WHY AINT YOU PREPPIN: WHY?! WHY DONT YOU HAVE >guns >ammo >food storage >medical kits …[View]
385530772Sorry jews, banks, greedy employers, school bullies, mom and dad, society, i will not be having chil…[View]
385530735Why should I even give a shit?[View]
385525424Is there any hope for America anymore?[View]
385530672Autistics rule the world: Im such nice feels guy. A soulful lover. An autistic schizo. Hey normie c…[View]
385529465UMMM.. NATOBROS?: > looks like the Sweden refuses to extradite shitskins to Turkey This is the ma…[View]
385530429Matt Gaetz thinks banging your kid daughter is cool: faggots of pol . Matt Gates wants to tear your …[View]
385499206Has NATO underestimated Russia?: Ukraine is getting absolutely obliterated in the Donbas. It’s bad a…[View]
385530282Anyone have any high res images like this with the black sun symbol to use as a desktop background?[View]
385525528brit/pol/ - hand over the keys Boris edition: https://www.indy100.com/amp/david-cameron-talks-to-a-t…[View]
385510404Its HAPPENING they want us to starve!: UN Is out to get us anon, they/them think hunger is a grrreat…[View]
385532670>no hablo ingles[View]
385532503What if they were right?[View]
385517069Why have 8 million swiss earned more nobel prizes than 300 million slavs?[View]
385520888Crimo was Agent 47. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1544722457042587648[View]
385530112GET BACK TO WORK!!: Lazy welfare niggers![View]
385528733i have no hope for this country i hope it dies we have contributed nothing to this world but make it…[View]
385528170How do we save America's youth from active shooters?[View]
385522897to be honest with you guys... i rarely think of transexuals i mean i rarely see them and lots of oth…[View]
385528124We will never forget you.: You will live on in our hearts forever.[View]
385510123Individualism and High trust societies: We all know the effects of hyper individualism, but what abo…[View]
385525549I'm getting paid by the government to shill stuff here: That's 0.8€ per post. What else sh…[View]
385529731I have to stop looking at everything: It is just too painful to see the World slide into psychosis l…[View]
385527745Exhibition of diploma projects of a western art school: I shall now present to you without comment s…[View]
385527204How do we get rid of the faggot chinkcels who shit up every country with covid aids?[View]
385529552I still support the Dutch Revolt 2.: Just not going to not support it.[View]
385529531Dad made chicken niggers All frens welvome[View]
385526756He’s got a point[View]
385508281Where is the best place to live in the US?[View]
385518375The dead have no right to rule over the living[View]
385529415CERN sends out shockwave that sends everyone living to the past: What are the implications if firing…[View]
385524640Right Wing Art/Satire: Describe some. What should it look like? What should it be like? What is effe…[View]
385529250Two illegal immigrants, one deported multiple times, were planning to shoot up a 4th of July celebra…[View]
385523918Nuvaxovid: I'm still unvaxxed because I am a young, fit and healthy individual with plenty covi…[View]
385525857He was the only good french dissident. He got arrested because he was right. The others are left alo…[View]
385528417Hypothetically speaking, how long would it take to process the population of Israel?[View]
385514061Will /pol/ and the alt-right ever take responsibility for creating yet another mass shooter?[View]
385528068Quebec Nationalism is on the rise: Its what the French call a certain “I dont know what”[View]
385529140I will never forgive the Jews for what they did to this beautiful country[View]
385525164Who was the most based?[View]
385523848Surveillance State: Am I being watched?[View]
385524611UMMMMM… GERMANYBROS ITS NOT LOOKING GOOD: What are the political implications of Germans having gays…[View]
385528894Why do Americans sound increasingly delusional and full of cope?[View]
385529010Infiltrate: >be me >get a job with a county in US >build rapport with supervisor >tran…[View]
385528757After the underground railroad they all ended up going back it was all a waste of time if you ask me[View]
385516868Christian Identity is literally the most based thing ever: How could Whites ever be conquered if we …[View]
385528866Stop hating on Black people!: It's easy for you whitebois to hate Black people, but try walking…[View]
385528597UKbros...How we feeling???[View]
385502143EUbros: Its over[View]
385528760>at this company we use iphone >mfw[View]
385526035SAY MY NAME![View]
385500624Highland Park Shooter Was REJECTED by Zoomer Girl (Cunt): >“He said he liked me,” Amy said, but a…[View]
385526841>God's Chosen People[View]
385524405When a woman leads, it ends in destruction. Every time. Don't be Adam, blaming women for what t…[View]
385508792(((don't let a disaster go to waste))): reminder that because of covid many people became redpi…[View]
385522210Why is /pol like this[View]
385516787Write his resignation speech 1 word at a time. I'll start.. Dear[View]
385526492Black White Supremacy BTFO: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/09/04/us/census-browning-of-america-myth-bl…[View]
385494044is it possible that all the tranny shit and ident politics was something covertly funded by the russ…[View]
385528348When was the precise moment CERN diverted us to the 8th Circle timeline? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
385524829No more brother wars. The Jew is our enemy.[View]
385524582Redpill me on Twin flame relationships how to - Get one - Maintain one - Goals[View]
385510709Ortho Brother Wars: If you’re Russian, how do you justify to yourself killing a Ukrainian you could …[View]
385521953having nipples is wierd, why do men have them?[View]
385493195Should it be made illegal to date younger women?[View]
385494536Leaving behind the liquid-jew.: Beginning my detox, starting last night. First night off (((the sauc…[View]
385527060Americans even kill their own musicians! I am in shamed: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62…[View]
385525946Your Jew God is not a solution to anything[View]
385528110Seriously, All fucking around aside, Do flies really make such noise???? little cunts (banned, i kno…[View]
385527851Georgia Guidestones Destroyed by Bomb: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1544739388566953989?s=2…[View]
385512059Power of Forgiveness: As many of you are Christians, you believe in the power of forgiveness. Can yo…[View]
385505157Are there any screencaps of blue checkmarks saying shit like this?: I feel like election season will…[View]
385509186Maybe, just maybe: maybe it's not niggers after all[View]
385525365what if they were right?[View]
385525052B R E A K I N G (CNN, MSN, DailyWire) Jayland Walker FIRED MULTIPLE TIMES at police during high spee…[View]
385527682BIDEN 20024: Ironically voting for joe biden is officially based if you want to troll normies and in…[View]
385527680>be me >took the vaccine >on my way to page 10 to finally become free >meanwhile, anti-v…[View]
385527391Allied soldiers of WW2.: What's their endgame? Why did they choose to obey their countries lead…[View]
385527714ALL RISE FOR YOUR NATIONAL ANTHEM: I pledge allegiance to the fags, Of the United Apes of America. A…[View]
385521048What religion will survive better when global STHF happens?: Christcucks >weak willed, ready to d…[View]
385525016you can be a waggie and a gamer at the same time if you have a professional career[View]
385526084Federal elections are great, but what we really need to do is strengthen the states themselves as it…[View]
385487968I dont buy the incel theory and probably not the Antifa story either: He wasnt bad looking at high s…[View]
385525002Tik Tok is spreading horrible right wing propaganda instead of good wholesome left wing propaganda..…[View]
385523201Is this specimen representative of troons?: I never actually met a real life troon. Now that we know…[View]
385524805Single handedly saving the white race: MC inherited here... where I live I see the MCs being the onl…[View]
385517691German demographics: Germany is quite literally committing national suicide. No one is having kids a…[View]
385524984women, amirite?: its not their fault[View]
385525868Right-Wing Latinas: How do we solve America's NAZI latina problem? https://www.nytimes.com/2022…[View]
385510146Old people advice thread: Old people advice thread From another thread >''My father tha…[View]
385499835/TGDG/ #1 - Our time is now edition: We all remember the Three Gorges Dam - a trillion ton concrete …[View]
385523540It's not about China or Germany: >You're aging!! >No, YOU'RE aging!! The whole …[View]
385526773Who is this ruggadagods nigger and why does posting his name supposedly set off a 30-day ban?[View]
385524586So whatever happened to those pajeet farmers who were protesting some time ago? Did it get buried or…[View]
385526119Transgenderism: Plastic surgery and cosmetics accelerated because of the Kardashians, and if you rec…[View]
385523752Why is this the future women want? Where men are weak nerds obsessed with kids games and they play b…[View]
385515172The 50 Year Mortgage: Thread on this just 404'd and it was really interesting What are the impl…[View]
385524079WHAT RIOTS AND CIVIL DISORDER?: Nothing happens post Abortion ruling…everyone BACK TO WORK. This is …[View]
385523648What does /pol/ think of TIK’s recent video…: On Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, FDR, and the Bo…[View]
385524555Brazilians are one of the most cucked and submissive peoples on earth: >Literally every single on…[View]
385525885Think she actually does have the ass burgers?[View]
385515555where does the jewish hate for russians come from?: i know jews hate all goyim, but seem to hate Whi…[View]
385523302The 10 Guidlines of the Georgia Guidestones: 1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual bal…[View]
385526576I have an announcement.: The Australian Convict and Prison Colony Guard Spawn are hereby forfeit to …[View]
385493507they even have trannies reporting on the frontline lmao cant make this up[View]
385522223why did he kys?[View]
385510704What are the political implications of the Arab and Hebrew side of the Georgia Guidestones being blo…[View]
385524309Why do mass shootings always happen to the general public?[View]
385509011YOU OKAY JUDEO-MASONS?: Awwwww maybe you should pray to Lucifer some more huh? Hang in there little …[View]
385524848The current situation in britbongistan. Discuss[View]
385525803Okay so what exactly is going on and when will shit finally go down? >germany on the brink of col…[View]
385525716Moral Quandry: Is killing a convicted pedophile an act of murder, or is it a justified use of the de…[View]
385518685Hey Feds, how about you leave us alone and take a look at the r/antiwork subreddit for a change. We…[View]
385525279Epstein & Maxwell: Who did they traffic children to? We know it happened. Nobody can deny it. W…[View]
385521874How do you 20 years for trafficking kids to nobody?[View]
385520139Brit/pol/ - tree whisperer edition: https://spectator.co.uk/article/the-night-that-sealed-david-came…[View]
385523134Do nice guys really finish last in this society? I was always taught to be a feminist, treat women w…[View]
385483733Was there ever a more cucked nation of 'white' 'people' than the Irish?[View]
385524906Ilu, El, Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Vishnu, Yaar, The Spirit, The Big Eagle.... The Universe…[View]
385525210Why the fuck do britbongs drive on the wrong side of the road[View]
385525009Who secretly runs the jew industry?[View]
385524503We're fucked...[View]
385524250female emotional hysteria has led to a system of single women tyranny[View]
385524652Why are you against collapse if it destroys the weak?[View]
385524223Germanics will be the first to be replaced: You just cannot reform those people. Critical mass of de…[View]
385517779Oh jeez I wonder who am I supposed to support...[View]
385521989Republicans - We believe in rewarding rapists! They procreate, keep their genes swimming in the gene…[View]
385523322/chug/: Testing to see how many bots are there JANNIES DON'T DELETE THIS[View]
385485681star of remphan: How come an actual satanic black magic shit is the flag of a nation? >inb4 it is…[View]
385522100Thank him. NOW.[View]
385524242Once we can fully regenerate foreskins via regenerative medicine judaism and islam will be done for …[View]
385522915Why is Q back on /pol/?: Why is he so desperate to be popular on here? When will he realise that he …[View]
385522360Jesus trolls you all the time by being among the 'small ones', i.e. alcoholics, sinners and trannies…[View]
385521114Thanks Richard, very cool: Does he not understand that the victim in question was Jupiter Paulsen, t…[View]
385523860>this man I've never met has black skin >therefore I hate him Why are racists so stupid?…[View]
385507203Biden DOJ wants non-citizens voting.: The admin with the most votes in the history of US presidentia…[View]
385519824Nothernlion, famed Canadian YouTuber (triple vaxxed) has come down with a serious mysterious medical…[View]
385502921What's the deal with the current generation's obsession with therapy?[View]
385508091Why won't they use the Army against cartel?: Why won't they other countries, for example M…[View]
385519110whats a normal person like in 2022?[View]
385524418George Soros Declares War on Supreme Court and Republican Party: >US-Hungarian Billionaire George…[View]
385521308Iran, Russia, China To Run War Drills in Latin America: time to drill in the US backyard >https:/…[View]
385500448>Ukraine is conducting an ILLEGAL self-defence[View]
385506837The absolute state of the NJP: And there are anons who actually shill for these dudes.[View]
385521766I'm doing it: I'm an Anglo and I'm sick of feeling like I have to larp as a modern fa…[View]
385524203Why are city people such useless cunts in every country worldwide?: I just don't get it? They …[View]
385519935Are Jews Smarter Than Everyone Else?: Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no p…[View]
385524326WHAT A WASTE: Don't you look at the globe and tell yourself what a colossal waste of land, ress…[View]
385523420The faucets are broken and I need help.: I'm trying to develop smart contracts but the test fau…[View]
385499268He fucking used us.[View]
385517514/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4288: Previous: >>385511687 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385512952DeSantis 2024: What if Trump doesn’t run… Instead DeSantis runs for president and wins the primaries…[View]
385520004Is circumcision causing this or what?[View]
385523391>be me >24 yo zoomer >virgin >go online, drunk as shit one night >find a hooker on an…[View]
385522042georigia stones destroyed: The resistance is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NFrKMODrz8…[View]
385522864But them bullets were never fired: So how did these bullets then fly over 4th of july crowds?[View]
385523859Who is the most influential person in California and how does he/she control all these beautiful, hi…[View]
385518216Is it over for JBP?: https://twitter.com/bradenisbased/status/1544448370500161543 How will he ever r…[View]
385523845>reddit.com/r/history/comments/vs8egi/salamo_arouch_the_jewish_boxer_forced_to_fight_at/ >http…[View]
385513117Canadians are more arrogant about their country than Americans are: Prove me wrong[View]
385522959Leafs must get boosted every 9 months (probably 6) or won't be unable to participate in society…[View]
385523256IT’S OVER: IT’S OVER[View]
385521179Feminization of men and the economy: Is the strategic feminization of men real? If so, how will this…[View]
385523422ITT: Unironic supporters of the New World Order: DO NOT post in this thread if you do not understand…[View]
385523413>Male feminist simp goes on schizo rant about 'alpha' incels for 24 minutes How do we stop male f…[View]
385516932I need a rundown on what the actual biological differences are between ALL races. I know where each …[View]
385521859I hate cultural leftists so much bros.[View]
385518860When the lights go off: Do you have friends? Do you have a group that’s ready to meet when shtf? I’v…[View]
385521886The Gays Got Married: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvBbRazeFd0 How did Trevor Moore know all this…[View]
385523005If you do their bidding do they give you a bank account with an infinite balance?[View]
385514037How do I discretely find other national socialists and like minded individuals without running into …[View]
385523094The Georgia Guidestones are Based: > Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance wit…[View]
385522403Can you help him /pol/? What causes the excess mortality?: >Hundreds more people than usual are d…[View]
385523033These past 6 years have been so funny. I hope either trump or Biden is president next term as well.[View]
385512471Peruvian anime politics cringe: During the 2021 Peruvian elections, candidate Milagros Juárez campai…[View]
385522477Are the female Democrat candidates getting sluttier? Is that a reflection of the rightward shift tha…[View]
385502573IS THE UK FINALLY GONNA DIE?: >BoJo on its way out >Labour gonna win the tories but needs the …[View]
385522645When will the war start?: Rise up and overthrow the blue helmets! Don't sit down and. Stand up.…[View]
385517627They have a point.[View]
385490181What should be done with LGBT youths with abusive parents?[View]
385510119Is America still a free country?: >During a recent episode of his show, Monday Morning Podcast, h…[View]
385509631Why do white men serve the Jews so slavishly?[View]
385518414warmongering imperialist americans need to remember Alaska is Russian soil it can be taken back[View]
385514165What are political implications of men not trusting their governments: as direct result of lack of s…[View]
385513701Why don't yt bois on /pol/ have a Latina gf? Are you gay?[View]
385485766just had a thought if you think about it really we currently have an evolutionary split occurring we…[View]
385507374What the fuck went so horribly wrong?[View]
385514027My Pfizer stocks are more important than your white kids: My name is Jesse dunstein, I work for kike…[View]
385517431Stalin's favorite jam: https://youtu.be/-8HfIiE_lfk So apparently this was our dear father…[View]
385521127Will there be a prime time televised select committee special to investigate the NEW J6?: What are t…[View]
385509248Globohomo art: Share corporate art with globohomo opinions.[View]
385516994Fr tho, mobilization wen?[View]
385508572Americans are the most compliant people in the world: Why are americans such fucking cowards? Is it …[View]
385509672this is globalism[View]
385514295Scientology: I was never really interested in them. What can you tell me about them?[View]
385521889I... Is he alright??[View]
385513691/pol/ humor thread: Fuck jannies edition[View]
385516584Visst röstar vi för Sverige i år?[View]
385519815Uk bros... Whats going on over there? Indians revolting?[View]
385521786Nigger cattle: When you meet a kike, nigger, muslim or gook you know they are not your friends you a…[View]
385519425>Food processing plant fires, farm fires, cattle dying en masse, fertilizer trains derailed, fert…[View]
385503426Neder /pol/der general: INtERNATIONAL OUTREACH EDITION: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoral…[View]
385520934How is that possible?: Glad you asked. They bury the reports of crime. >Why don't they bury …[View]
385519883They got him![View]
385518792White males & Asian females: How is WMAF going to transform the western society?[View]
385520974Yas Queen of the slavers!: Why the fuck out of all the african countries they could choose did they …[View]
385520605Russia is Nigeria with snow: But hey, at least we're not like those western globohomo kike shil…[View]
385515232Saw a white American guy dating a middle eastern woman today. What the fuck is wrong with the world?[View]
385508703Charlotte, NC chase thread: https://www.twitch.tv/smokenscan Looking for more sources[View]
385509315HOLY SHIT, THIS TIMELINE: >Joe Rohan revealed on a recent episode that he has turned down MULTIPL…[View]
385503766A mum and her partner are accused of boiling their son alive in a scalding bath and then calling a c…[View]
385509498>a german leaves europe destroyed >again kek…[View]
385503355Netherland protests are retarded, and here's why: >pump tons of toxins into crops, making pe…[View]
385521366Your brain on Will to Power: Doesn't matter whether or not the Holocaust happened or if Christ …[View]
385474957NETHERLANDS: POLICE SHOOTS LIVE ROUNDS AT PROTESTING FARMERS: Don't you love freedom, democracy…[View]
385520639>God's Chosen People[View]
385508478/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3254: Prev:>>385494517 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385515437The Biden administration is suing Arizona to prevent that state from instituting fair and honest ele…[View]
385520689/pol/ stands with Morissey: We stand with Morissey. We recognize he's redpilled. We recognize t…[View]
385515660>Leave room for nature—leave room for nature[View]
385498913What is the point of the 2nd ammendment again?: >Let's them steal the election >Let'…[View]
385518371Hot Take.: Australia should be returned to the Aboriginals since White Australia sold Australia out …[View]
385519248LGBT is a fad trend right?: I believe that some people are inclined towards homosexuality, and I don…[View]
385519863He was a Good Guy wasn’t he?[View]
385519213Why is it that everytime a leftist want to jump ship it is always to a country with a greater white …[View]
385514788It's over... how will europe recover?[View]
385516581Do you still seriously have to present a vaccine passport/proof of vaccination when traveling to cer…[View]
385514615Forget Ukraine: The US should devolve land to Mexico[View]
385514859Could this be construed to make sure the population is physically fit and that they are routinely ca…[View]
385517542Say something nice: Bros, I hate boomers. >bootstraps These people were literally given everythin…[View]
385519340America is EVIL: colored people and leftists should leave in order to save themselves[View]
385519752How does the other side use media to keep racism alive in today's time? Reverse psychology. ht…[View]
385518465Globo bro’s...: How could this happen?[View]
385519155lmao, the US getting BTFOd in Syria, i guess 2 can play the proxy war game[View]
385504139The man who will lead the White race to final victory.[View]
385517739the freak who did shot 6 people is a magaboy: magabros i don't feel so well...[View]
385509137Jews of /pol/, explain yourselves.: What do you have to say in your defense ?[View]
385514664brit/pol/ - it's over edition[View]
385517108Talk about the butthurt and seething[View]
385515751MILLIONS of Russians live beyond the poverty line. SQUALOR, HUNGER, DISEASES. Like...like ANIMALS. L…[View]
385498959the fuck is happening there?[View]
385514197is bitcoin globohomo?[View]
385515570Israel is nuked and every kike gassed Twice.[View]
385491623Americans need to have less money: >For over a year, businesses have been complaining about how h…[View]
385511256/ita/ - il filo[View]
385516078Ask me anything about what it's like living in Los Angeles in the year of our lord 2022[View]
385471395CHADeSANTIS DOES IT AGAIN!: https://twitter.com/GovRonDeSantis/status/1544352629094060035…[View]
385514760Republican: How are we supposed to get a Christian police state with a libertarian 'live and let liv…[View]
385510085WOW JAPAN IS SO BASED!!!! Everything they do is good[View]
385518346if dub's i'm starting a religion centered around the dictionary. we will worship a chicken…[View]
385516200We're just looking for new particles, goy. The research here is totally practical and the resul…[View]
385518332(((they))) are vulnerable now: things will get better and soon you will be able to see it. eventuall…[View]
385515872#JacobRothschild and #GeorgeSoros are both surpressed homosexuals who commit violent acts against in…[View]
385514218What kind of people are we going to have from kids who grew up on Tik-Tok?[View]
385498312Do europoors really?[View]
385510793Can she be turned to the meme side?[View]
385517716AND BRAVE: POWERFUL[View]
385510375>tfw you realize there is a small window of opportunity for Russia to occupy Finland before it jo…[View]
385517996George Floyd is still alive: He and Derek Chauvin staged the death to get insurance money. They are …[View]
385518047Fuck you guys: I'm fucking starving, I need to EAT!!![View]
385518166What afro-americans are doing is nothing compared to what white people did to them for decades of se…[View]
385516505Books last longer and are much more secure than harddrives and computers.[View]
385518029Funny how you have only Nazis and Russians to rely on as your effective fighting dogs if you're…[View]
385511687/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4287: Previous: >>385505538 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385517504The vaxx riots are coming,: The vaxx riots are coming, Hope you did not take the vaxx. Cabinet Minis…[View]
385515024I surrender.[View]
385514780/pol/ humor thread: You Sneed you Seed edtion[View]
385514371Redpill me on prison /pol/: I know convicts don't have a reputation for being good people, but …[View]
385512058Good morning! Are you ready for the day?! Facial recognition and negative tests linked to a child…[View]
385515836This was a fed op to put the time capsule under constant police surveillance. Now we'll never …[View]
385513305The first transgender?: >Sterilized with estrogen pills >Grew breasts >Killed himself That…[View]
385511754Gas prices dropping: Rage at anti-abortion extremists growing Rage at gun nut bullshit at all time h…[View]
385506420Libs be like 'There aren't undercover Feds at gatherings, you're being paranoid!': https:/…[View]
385516099You'll eat nothing. And you'll be happy. >https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/benef…[View]
385517377What rights do they not have?: No, seriously. I know they can't peddle they're grooming sh…[View]
385513179New Shooter Music Video Discovered: Holy shit what a faggot: https://youtu.be/3899cPGAm1g[View]
385517271NIGGER HATE THREAD: Avoid conversation with the nigger. The nigger will lie. The nigger will make ex…[View]
385517261Corporate Diversity Training when few actually believe.: What are the ramifications of a large corpo…[View]
385514867Wtf did Russia Today get shoa’d from YouTube?[View]
385516193Based UN: You will be hungry and you will be happy. https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/benefits…[View]
385514982Uhhhh chinabros??[View]
385514116>you WILL participate in the Amazon WageCage(TM) Mind Moment(TM) and you WILL be happy…[View]
385514726Dios Mio. This Jewish Mexican-Chink hybrid is classified as white.: I wonder what the real demograph…[View]
385509937WHICH ONE OF YOU FAGGOTS DID THIS? https://twitter.com/wyffnews4/status/1544713147516436483[View]
385514125Benzenate the kids: DOES BENZENE EXPOSURE SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU TOO?!?! During the pandemic Aust…[View]
385516047How to make liberal men sad: If one of these annoying faggots starts getting on their high horse — s…[View]
385511852I stopped watching Joe Rogan years ago when he sold out to spotify and took down 'alt right' guests …[View]
385514630Brit/pol/: Boris on suicide watch[View]
385508882Americans should be sterilized. This nation was a vile mistake[View]
385471317Why is approaching women on the street illegal in the West?[View]
385516473What’s his next move?[View]
385511013what went wrong?[View]
385516136If I was China I would back Russia in Ukraine: N B4 just send me a ton of fireworks and a few chines…[View]
385509946is abortion eugenic or disgenic?[View]
385513933In 2008 euro almost collapsed because of southern debts now southern europe has double the amount of…[View]
385514770Oh fuck[View]
385512489>God's Chosen People[View]
385515798/ALBQC/: Alberta-Quebec Alliance (AQA) Feds have us believe that we are enemies, but in truth we are…[View]
385515609do the impossible dutch bros gotta beat the globohomo we are here for you!!!!!![View]
385513307Nigger Masks: As a political scientist with months of experience studying memetics, linguistics and …[View]
385512161Any ideas what it could be?[View]
385507504When I was growing up during the early 2000's, I was hearing from many young millenials and Gen…[View]
385509781Can the U.S. beat China?: https://youtu.be/s6OmqXCsYt8[View]
385514945Demoralization Acceleration: I want for the male population to want robots more than real women. To …[View]
385507173Romania: This incomparable work of god[View]
385499904Lets everything get worse on his watch: You're voting for him, right? He learned from all his m…[View]
385500796Explain yourselves!!: Go on…[View]
385503226I turned into a liberal after being on this board for years: I am an on and off 4chan user for as lo…[View]
385513521Le Pen[View]
385512241whats inside the washington monument?: is the magic singing tree real? what are the political implic…[View]
385491814Should TikTok be banned?: It's ruining women https://twitter.com/ateenyalien/status/15433832212…[View]
385514576Dutch protests blackout?: Top 6 UK news websites show nothing on their Netherlands page, Musnt be ea…[View]
385514912has anyone else just decided to accept and enjoy the decline? it's like the best roller coaster…[View]
385510730NRA BTFO by 16-Year-Old Hero: Teenager from the same rough geographic area as Highland Park shooting…[View]
385512616Oh, no no no no[View]
385514787You don't say??[View]
38551398116chan ITS GONE: WTF HAPPENED was there any archive of the shit on there? i just started using it an…[View]
385514421southwest collapsing under drought: >lake mead, great salt lake, lake orrovile, laka shasta >w…[View]
385514537My friend at CERN gave a transcript of a video that's going up into space: When you believe it…[View]
385510227Russia has captured Luhansk: What does this mean for the current progression of the Ukraine Russia w…[View]
385493119I genuinely wish 80% of all arabs perish and die right fucking now, the dirty east or as you know it…[View]
385514398Holy Guacamole!: Why didn't /pol/ tell me that the Uvalde spic shooter was actually based? You …[View]
385513629Rosicrucians are behind most of the ills of this world: The Georgia Guidestones are signed R.C. Chri…[View]
385514159((Russian kike jews)) wants to rule the world and own you: We ((Russians)) was in the right place at…[View]
385493796Incident at Georgia Guidestones: ELBERTON, Ga. — An investigation is underway at the mysterious Geor…[View]
385463254Eastern Europe: Why is it such a corrupt and low-trust shithole?[View]
385496444Based Broers Block Groningen Airport in Holland: Cops also shot a teenage boy. Maybe it's actua…[View]
385514173lets watch the goldfish swim accross the board[View]
385513062why do ukrainian soldiers: have the reputation for being disproportionately gay?[View]
385475692The Book of Genesis literally states that Adam was a tranny, then God seperated man and woman. This …[View]
385512635Political: I fucking said it alll along... the government wants to kill us all!!!! FUCK TRUDEAU!!!!!…[View]
385513262/pbg/ - PRESIDENT BIDEN GENERAL: PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN @POTUS46 @joebiden https://twitter.com/joebiden…[View]
385512383Eat ze bugs: Except when you're a Jew. You see they only eat kosher foods, you know the good s…[View]
385502094LOOK AT THIS DUDE!!! COURT STREAM LIVE https://19thcircuitcourt.state.il.us/2283/T-020-LiveStream…[View]
385511585A doctor in Turkey gets attacked by someone, dies, then the attacker commits suicide. Erdoğan quickl…[View]
385510394good morning sirs ?: So I just discovered that there are bunch of indian channels and videos about g…[View]
385513500Was 'peace and love' just a marketing schtick?[View]
385513421India hate thread[View]
385509948Woke Wars!!!: Yesterday I went to the Welfare to apply for some Gibs. This beatiful woman takes me t…[View]
385504765brit/pol/: https://www.investmentweek.co.uk/news/4052500/bank-england-major-risks-facing-uk-economy…[View]
385512449Should the federal government de-schedule THC?: Help! I'm addicted to cannabis.[View]
385509980If this isn’t your preferred body type you lack testosterone, masculinity and maturity and should st…[View]
385507637What does conservatism mean in 2022?[View]
385502083Industrialists/big companies have to pay their fair share of taxes for the people. Public healthcare…[View]
385499942Disney to Remove Food Menu to Establish Plant Base Meals: Say goodbye to your favorite hot dogs and …[View]
385513462Can anons vocaroo the lines in this webm with their typical accents? I'm compiling the video fo…[View]
385512316hey buddy it's time to start drinking, cmon, just a sip, don't you want to numb the pain a…[View]
385475146BORIS JOHNSON FACING PARLIAMENT AS HIS GOVERMENT FALLS APART >livestream https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
385513340Qultural appropriation: Boys, the fuckin' libs are trying to claim our proud white culture by m…[View]
385509154The Crime Against Our Sons[View]
385512028JB 2024: only a fat fucker can save this nation[View]
385487957Literally 1984[View]
385513252Moving to Hungary pt. 5: In case you’re economically illiterate, the Hungarian forint has weakened t…[View]
385512795>God is a woman >13th apostle who was black >Jesus was black >abortion is good and appro…[View]
385496585Moving up in clown world as a white guy is so easy bros: >be me >25 year old NEET at a job int…[View]
385510462You now remember your Groyper phase.[View]
385502627Does Jordan Peterson belive in god?: Why is he doing so much mental gymnastics on this question?…[View]
385486156Are Democrats too nice?: The Democratic Party is getting ready to jettison Joe Biden for being too c…[View]
385508276Admit it, /pol/. You WOULD bang this passable tranny. You know you would. Stop fighting your desires…[View]
385510877Chechen Soviet rape baby cucks btfo: >Sell out land to the Jews and Russia federation >Thinks…[View]
385510725UN: YOU WILL BE A SLAVE, HERE'S WHY THAT'S A GOOD THING: >We sometimes talk about hunge…[View]
385509187What did they mean by this?: https://theconversation.com/russias-antisemitism-aimed-at-ukraines-zele…[View]
385509332You know chuds are getting desperate when they make Minions their fucking champions: https://www.que…[View]
385512600fact: the glowies r thinkin bout catchin the bad guys[View]
385509506MIKTA brothers..... Stay safe...: MIKTA; Make Intruder Kikes Tear their noses Again[View]
385512585Finally some good news, sounds like this whole pandemic thing is starting to wind down now.[View]
385505798Why do niggers love eating shit so much? Do they have a scat fetish?[View]
385512285Hey pol trying to cut through the smoke screen and see the world as it is. Is it true that the US ha…[View]
385508898This is the future for American men: >depressed >no job >no gf >no degree >literally …[View]
385505538/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4286: Previous: >>385498871 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385505436Do we need brutal laws to stop people being trash: In Saudi Arabia, you get your finger then hand (i…[View]
385505628I FEEL IT: >New unreleased skyking footage is shown >Georgia Guidestones blown up >Shemale …[View]
385511825The great robotics replacement: Would you rather your job be replaced by a more efficent robot for t…[View]
385510984Firearms opinion: What is your view on firearms? Do you own any?[View]
385505882Say something nice about her.[View]
385501862Can american stay on theyre shithole and stop having bowel moments in other peoples backyards ?: The…[View]
385508992America is the most High Test nation. Well done CIA[View]
385500246Antisemitism.: Am I being retarded for sending jews such memes on facebook ? (What he said is not th…[View]
385511140Can you get the spike proteins that vaxxies shed and are you just as fucked as them even if you didn…[View]
385505893Rodnovery movement: What is the rundown on these guys? From what I read they are into homesteading, …[View]
385505449ATTN /pol/: Listen to *the most based* discussion about what's happening in the world right now…[View]
385481103What is it like to live in Russia? We all know that you can't buy any tech products like Apple,…[View]
385510893Hideki Anno is the world's greatest living antisemite and Hitler would have loved Neon Genesis …[View]
385506617>only two more weeks until it happens[View]
385507278Redpill Me On Georgia Guidestones: Someone has done something to the Georgia Guidestones. I remember…[View]
385506877Uhhhhh is this real[View]
38548333250 YEAR MORTGAGES YOUR CHILDREN WILL INHERIT: >Boris Johnson is exploring plans to offer British …[View]
385502538Is it worth becoming one?[View]
385506875When did you realize covid was a load of shit?: For me it, was when they told Tesla engineers to fuc…[View]
385507807Transphobia must be banned. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!: THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING: https://vocaroo.com/1fWCR…[View]
385511020zoomie redpill: the baby boomers genX and millenial already and still are dooming and destroying the…[View]
385509967BOTSWANA LEGALIZES BUTTSEX THANKS TO TRUMP!: What are the political implications of AIDS: The Countr…[View]
385503354Why do you hate him /pol/?: Is it because he will be remembered as savior of ukraine while you will …[View]
385503484>5’11” 120 lbs What the fuck[View]
385501706in this thread: we wait for post >385555555[View]
385508418british judges be like >I, Sir Abduhamaljamad Cockshitbandit Atkinson the 3rd, 351st presiding Su…[View]
385508659I hate the woke English so much imagine when they discover the spanish language and its similar word…[View]
385508171Are we living in the times of the Fifth Great Awakening? Kanye West becomes a Christian, then Luke S…[View]
385505034Why do nearly all child-actors end up being mentally fucked up?[View]
385509409(((The West))) is betraying Zelensky: Less than 48 hours from proclamation that Gaymany is in recess…[View]
385504360are kikes preventing nuclear fusion? i heard theory that they have functional nuclear fusion in arch…[View]
385509750>B-but how could the killer be a MAGA tard if he dyed his hair and wore makeup like a woman? The…[View]
385507030Ukraine alarmed over Western humanitarian and military aid >Goods donated by allies end up being…[View]
385500003The tranny used a “high powered rifle” mostly likely a garbage-14. No wonder only 7 people died[View]
385509847/OUR GIRL/ HIT THE BIGTIME!: For those of you who've never had to be shit-tier wagies, corporat…[View]
385508082Mass shooters: How do you feel about mass shooters, do you agree with that they did?[View]
385490196It is over: Press S to spit on ruins.[View]
385509978>it's getting absolutely insane out there and everyone is killing eachother!!!!!! >QUICK …[View]
385499986Bros, give me motivation to keep going[View]
385500079NYC bodega worker stabs man to death: Surveillance video captures the moment a Manhattan bodega work…[View]
385504297>British government falling apart >German industry at its lowest point in 30 years >Euro do…[View]
385497459Is the concept of 'urgency' white supremacy? The state of Oregon thinks so https://reason.com/2022/0…[View]
385507444Reject Far Right, be just evil: Young Conservative people who still want to change things around her…[View]
385507641Deşteaptă-te, române, din somnul cel de moarte, În care te-adânciră barbarii de tirani! Acum ori n…[View]
385505395Was he vaccinated?: Was Robert Crimo III vaccinated? Also his face tattoo is 47. 74 backwards. 7/4. …[View]
385507834Why are Indians incapable of being clean?[View]
385506322the mega.nz folders for Robert Crimo got baeleted anyone got another archive or torrent? Source: ht…[View]
385509286i live with (almost) minimum wage will i starve to death come next year?[View]
385503660>this is what americans are resorting to as food prices rise[View]
385509061Sachsenhausen concentration camp Museum offered to host Ukrainian refugees: The inscription on the b…[View]
385506807Aryan studies: As a racially aware Pro-White White man you should be studying one of the following l…[View]
385505454How important is education?[View]
385505601/PBG/ - PRESIDENT BIDEN GENERAL: PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN @POTUS46 @joebiden https://twitter.com/joebiden…[View]
385503939>Kek, in 10 years everyone I hate will die from the clothshot, we superhuman purebloods will inhe…[View]
385508902ayy dutch bros you like the flags i made for you[View]
385508482Just get on with it man, I need to finish the meme[View]
385493625DUTCH POLICE SHOOTING AT 16 YEAR OLD BOY: These dogs will stop at absolutely nothing to push their a…[View]
385508317Are white people victims?[View]
385507084'Affordable housing' brings in the street niggas. Oppose it at every turn.[View]
385503324Dozens of Christians freed from church awaiting 'Second Coming ': >At least 77 people w…[View]
385482464Covid returning soon…are you prepared?: > While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected yea…[View]
385504827Truth doesn't matter: The truth of what is posted here doesn't matter as much as its abili…[View]
385498807How's the investigation into the Epstein co-conspirators going?[View]
385506266>Leave Texas to me[View]
385508509If any of you care about opposing globalism: I'm funding body armor for a journalist covering s…[View]
385507171Post events that ancient historians did not write about and were therefore lost to time.[View]
385508378just a peek, okay?[View]
385499880Is this true?[View]
385494954The shortest test to see if your country is a shithole. Are there self-service checkouts in chain st…[View]
385497707Why do we let this happen?[View]
385494517/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3253: Prev:>>385486083 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385508278Islamic Values - The way forward for Western civilization?: What do you think bros?[View]
38550711347 74 4/7/22 7/4/22 MK ULTRA Trigger numbers?[View]
385507562Would you vote for Senator Armstrong /pol/?[View]
385507330Why are they like this?: They'll say the most deranged shit and then have 'peace' and 'love' in…[View]
385502807>Ahmoud Robbery >Jay Walker >Robert Crime-o Who writes this shit?…[View]
385503283>new, better bike >even more roided >same tranny on the back (true love is real) >sweet …[View]
385505409Das Land[View]
385507980Anyone else here #ProudlyFed?[View]
385483991HIMRAS: -2 HIMRAS Two to go $63600000(without ammunition) taxes of U.S. citizens were destroyed for …[View]
385497874WHY ARE AMERIMUTTS LIKE THIS?: >be 95 IQ Amermiutt >never shut up about black people and their…[View]
385474103Are Indians legitimately dumb? This may seem like a huge generalisation but I don't think I…[View]
385501202Europe building high speed rail to connect Eastern Europe with the West: https://edition.cnn.com/tra…[View]
385502639Brazilian trans model Talita du Valie was denazified she arranged a shelter in an underground matern…[View]
385502138Friendly Reminder that NATO is a neo marxist organization: built to destroy white families, bring di…[View]
385470622Germany has been buck broken[View]
385500078Why haven't we seen the T14-Armata tank in ukraine yet?[View]
385506484Who said Germany isn't helping?[View]
385506368Portugal persecuting students for refusing to learn about LGBT gender in citizenship class: >Two …[View]
385497496Alright I’m getting real sick of these sub humans called Chinese. How to I kick their yellow arses b…[View]
385507140Fires in antwerp. Lots of smoke and sirens. Elections soon[View]
385503412America is a landfill that other countries use to dump their trash in.[View]
385504525I guess actual marching is one of those things that you either do 100% correct or not at all. This h…[View]
385481668Was discovering america a mistake?: Somehow that's a 10 in America by the amount of thirsty com…[View]
385506965Shut down Netherlands NOW: The state cannot allow dangerous ideological extremists to wantonly drive…[View]
385506422rate at which the jews were exterminated: exact: the parameters are as follows: Start: May 20 1940 S…[View]
385500349This thread is hereby a NJZ (No Jew Zone): If you are from Israel or have Jewish blood, you CANNOT p…[View]
385502377It's over.[View]
385500916CANADA - TOTALITARIAN SOY STATE: What the fuck leaves?[View]
385500781What is he doing? Is he gonna be ok?[View]
385505915Decided to quit the porn jew a week ago: Tell me Anon, what have you done recently to improve your l…[View]
385490496One of the Georgia Guidestones: Sign from God? Judgment from the Lord? Made by Chinese construction …[View]
385502024Hey /pol/, isn't it odd how the case of Ghislaine Maxwell has little to no attention of the med…[View]
385506225How is any counter cultural movement or alternate political group supposed to take hold when they ke…[View]
385504915Friendly reminder on how to overcome the meatflation: Buy a deepfrezer, and call around to some butc…[View]
385492702What did they mean by this? And why are the muslims larping as nazis on here so pissed in the commen…[View]
3854776122 days ago America had its independence day and somebody killed 6 people in Chicago. Isn't it a…[View]
385502824Making this post again as I think this will work. All other forms of communication can be monitored …[View]
385500574ive used the internet pretty much everyday since i was 7. i'm currently 27, i think that was no…[View]
385504855Brit/pol/: Chaos with Ed Milliband Sounds good now, right?[View]
385505760You have an hour with him in private to discuss politics. What do you tell him? Trannies stay out.[View]
385473463Zelenskyy introduces $750 billion plan for West to rebuild Ukraine: >Ukrainian President Volodymy…[View]
385498871/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4285: Previous: >>385493003 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385495625It's actually stupid HOW hard they're going after Boris. I feel like they're just mak…[View]
385505284ON SCENE COMMANDER: .. less than a month after he was sworn in to the municipal body. https://nypost…[View]
385499881Why do mass shooters have such hot sisters? Is it just a coincidence?[View]
385495446What are the political implications of AI being this based?[View]
385505053>Is 100% Metokur's creation >Jim's life will end in a feud with him, and he will los…[View]
385497890Thoughts, /pol/?[View]
385495717This new timeline: Hitting hard already So hard jannies deleting any threads about the green sky in …[View]
385502276>Well you see Anons, Canada to put it simply, is perfect. We've subjugated the sand people, …[View]
385500118Why are people dying?: This is super confusing. Why are people just dropping dead now? Is this 5g or…[View]
385502399What are the consequences of the food and energy crisis in Europe?[View]
385501981>be europe >mock 'merica constantly >inflation hits >government is falling apart …[View]
385500488This would be a pretty comfy nation if it were run by Putin and without Sub-Saharan Africans and Ara…[View]
385504315The Russian authorities announced the danger of foreign video games: Tatyana Matveeva, head of the O…[View]
385504456WW II veteran who escaped after being taken prisoner by Nazis FINALLY gets his models: https://www.m…[View]
385493841Some women have penises.: Some straight men are attracted to women with penises. Courts have recogni…[View]
385487267BORIS JOHNSON FINISHED: Chief Whip has reportedly told him to resign after a majority of the party c…[View]
385503986You are all a bunch of niggers, that is all.[View]
385500505CHINA #2: TAIWAN #1[View]
385502810Why did we give women the right to vote again? Has there been any benefit for western society giving…[View]
385503675Why can’t Texans defend themselves?: I thought you weren’t supposed to mess with Texas? Did Californ…[View]
385500300Chudbros... It's over...[View]
385484006>5’11 >120lbs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: This is probably why he went on a shooting. Why are skinny dudes…[View]
385502641AYYLMAOS and you: What if the depopulation agenda isn't about replacing whites, but is instead …[View]
385504128Polish bros, explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEXDuIHbsAQ[View]
385496495Georgia Guidestones bombed/wrecked: what are the political implications of this event?[View]
385504100>democrats think you're a right >republicans in washington say it's wrong >democr…[View]
385495471>download >burn >distribute >Remastered original version without the online edits such a…[View]
385504037jayland walker flop: george floyd protests proven to be a democrat inside job jayland walker was una…[View]
385497253Uh, what's up with this kids eye lid? Either he was exposed to the machine in Clockwork Orange,…[View]
385500799It’s so hard to live knowing I’ll never get to bury my face in Nancy’s big ass titties[View]
385503827Why we need trans racial rappers: A. FUNNY AS FUCK B. PISSING OFF NIGGERS C. GET TO SAY NIGGER ALL D…[View]
385485269Subhuman chink Murders family: Never let an asian into your country[View]
385487468Brit/pol/: >New Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi vows to slash taxes pledging ‘nothing is off the table’ …[View]
385500244Christianity failed, atheism is killing Europe. Ethnic European religions are the only way out.: Eve…[View]
385503161The heroes who will save Argentina[View]
385481701AUSTRIA Blaming DOCTORS for Vaccines Injuries!!!: So they're going after the doctors huh? This …[View]
385495026now that Republicans are blowing their midterm chances by overturning Roe and fielding absolutely re…[View]
385502434Can't find a place to rent in Ireland under 40% salary. I didn't know it was this bad. The…[View]
385483978aus/pol/ - non-gay thread: pooftas fuck off[View]
385499677Let's convince people that Horst Wessel Lied is the Ukrainian anthem: idk, it would be funny ht…[View]
385494019Neder /pol/der general: PRISON RAID 2: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoralised, use your an…[View]
385498893ALRIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS DID IT?: https://www.wyff4.com/article/georgia-guidestones-possibl…[View]
385502596new smoking gun TCF center evidence found[View]
385502802redpill me on paid 4chan accounts: literally what is the benefit of having paid account access? $20 …[View]
385501292Wonder why young men are going postal?: If anyone is interested, this is what the beginning of the t…[View]
385501231Someone has a meme where a Hindu father tells a Hindu son that it's time to choose where to shi…[View]
385502658IM TRANS RACIAL NOW: If Heath Ledger thinking he was the joker was mental illness You thinking your …[View]
385502344does it though?[View]
385494966SHOOTER'S DAD CONFIRMED KIKE: When you're ready, you won't need to check the early li…[View]
385502139Why do mutts look like this[View]
385502409Russian Russian and I live in Russia, we have a good country, we do not have lgbt propaganda, we hav…[View]
385502402Uwu: Yo pol could you please post some crash vids pweez[View]
385502390why are european leaders manlets?: American presidents: biden - 6'0 trump - 6'3 obama - 6…[View]
385502291Less than 5% of the 120,000 gun-related killings between 2001-2010 were perpetrated by people who co…[View]
385495914i hate this country there is no hope in fixing it and the dutch are doing better than us in fighting…[View]
385490540Cops shoot 16-year old farmer in The Netherlands: https://www.dumpert.nl/?selectedId=100035163_956ba…[View]
385495082Why does she make a weird face? Is it because she has no empathy so she doesn't know what emoti…[View]
385497342I just paid my $700 extortion bill for owning property to the public school i will never use again a…[View]
385499224pepe merchandise is a real thing. or it used to be before the ADL cracked down on pepe being a hate …[View]
385501947Where were you when you realized the vaxx kills or maims...with no refunds? And that Red Deer is hap…[View]
385500674>Zelensky makes Ukraine the New Israel so they don't have to deal with muslims in original I…[View]
385499774I though Eastern Europe was supposed to be some kind of bastion for Christianity/Far-Right values Wh…[View]
385496610Is that true?[View]
385499196Have you listened to More by Pink Floyd? I'm trying to figure out how many of you guys have act…[View]
385501399We need a final solution to the Argonian question.[View]
385501206King Kong Dollar: What’s it feel like being europoor surrounded by low IQ migrants feeding off your …[View]
385498919Bug Menu: >McMaggot >McBuggets >Happy Mealworm >Beefy Big Bug (with bacon beetle) >B…[View]
385492364Black guy makes a funny tiktok while cop is pointing a gun at him. Really shows how much they fear c…[View]
385497267No americans thread. Any american reply is spam Talk about anything, anything political![View]
385499570Qui suis-je?[View]
385499339How to save white race: What do China and India have in common? Garlic and ginger. Globohomo can nev…[View]
385501154The vast vast majority of first degree murders in this country are committed by sexually active men.…[View]
385500446How do you guys stay sane?: They have really been ramping up the shit factor lately, I'm not ho…[View]
385501123Jared Kushner was the worst president ever[View]
385497328Dutch Bros...: So Dutch Bros....when you gonna storm the News stations?[View]
385500467Question about the Shooter: If Heath Ledger thought he was the joker (why is that mental illness) B…[View]
385481678Hahaha: Adults Who Still Drink Milk: Are You Okay? https://www.vice.com/en/article/n7zvkb/adults-who…[View]
385494739You really want to work 40 hours a week for a society that doesn't care about you as opposed to…[View]
385484736HR Training Hell: Over the last 20 years, I've taken mandatory HR training every so often. It…[View]
385497988Why are Russians so incompetent at everything they try to do?[View]
385490161NYPD exodus: Police on pace to quit, retire in record numbers: >More than 1,500 NYPD officers hav…[View]
385499870Nigger Mask: Lets be clear... We can normalize the word Nigger by calling these things Nigger masks…[View]
385499607What is the point of trying to overturn the election now?: It's been 2 years. By the time anyth…[View]
385499725Is anyone realizing that without abortion the number of blacks will raise to the 60%? Before the 13%…[View]
385484209WHAT WENT WRONG?!: Not long ago Irish Protestants were launching violent anti-British rebellions and…[View]
385497695do you wipe after you pee[View]
385497447why are redditors like this[View]
385498515join the only true /pol/ resistance: the /pol/ movement has sold out to the world wide anti globalis…[View]
385492982Let's set the stage for World War III!: Let's put the hypothetical start of the war at 202…[View]
385496232July 4th Shooter's victims: Anything curious about those names?[View]
385500407Nigger Hate Thread[View]
385500399Is it possible to get a 186 cm tall /pol/ husband who looks like this when you're a trap top?[View]
385498212Nigger Masks: Hi, I’m Jordan B. Peterson from Daily Wire. As a TV show host and formally a clinical …[View]
385492024Philosophy thread: What do you philosophize about /pol/ ?[View]
385497424Kenneth Brannagh should make This England a trilogy. >Film 1 2019/2020: The Rise - Boris becomes…[View]
385487659Cancel Spotify: Cancel your Spotify account today Put down Joe Rogan as the reason for canceling…[View]
385498984Quartzsite, AZ Becomes The First RV Resident Town in America: More and more Califfags and Arizonafag…[View]
385479716Brit/pol/: Socialist edition[View]
385491053Behold, Amooricans and their 4th July fireworks[View]
385499369PCR DOES NOT GIVE U EMF: Aftet reading about the claim of of the pcr shadow vaxxing I got an emf rea…[View]
385492509University is obsolete.: Before the 2020 lockdowns, University was already starting to be less and l…[View]
385464547WW3 Has Officially Begun: Shooting at farmers because they create too much nitrogen. We also must de…[View]
385499609garbage UKRAINE garbage CHIMPSTAGRAM SS 5 CAPTCHA TRY: GAEJKRLGVRAQ here we go so ukraine is the wo…[View]
385493394So long toots: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! It looks like Boris is on his way out, t…[View]
385481961Tell me a better county to live: You cant. Great histrorical cites. Great countryside. Friendly peop…[View]
385499199FBI posted about an app to store info about children. https://twitter.com/FBI/status/154438074445750…[View]
385494916white zoomer here: fuck you guys, half my generation is brown and the other half is gay boomers have…[View]
385492466Qr codes will be used for political surveillance: so the bank steals your money, and the government …[View]
385459863Around the CROATS never relax!: A young man was beaten unconscious with a brick by a gang on the fir…[View]
385491692FREEMASON?: is this cunt a freemason? any pics of him doing mason shit?[View]
385493347>-ACK!: >be online content creator whore >go to war for clicks and likes >die…[View]
385495070/pol/tugal - Portugal: Whats going on today, Portubros?[View]
385499143This is what mental illness looks like. Literally.[View]
385490953Germans had enough of hohols: https://twitter.com/DMokryk/status/1544659771093131264[View]
385477216We compile fertility statistics post vaxx: Thread to discuss and compile the effect the jew vaxx has…[View]
385482156Are you ok with non-white immigration to rural America so long as said immigrants have steady jobs a…[View]
385498465Ben garrison: Is he losing it?[View]
385498276HAS ANYONE MADE A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE MASS SHOOTERS AND THE VAX?: This just hit me. After seeing …[View]
385495094Can the victims families sue YouTube?: So we all know YouTube scrubbed Creepos page 10 mins before t…[View]
385492193Neet Appreciation General: Should governments fund basic income for NEETS? If I had millions of dol…[View]
385483611White flight 2.0: What is driving it? Faggots or niggers? 46 million people relocated last year. Mos…[View]
385490459/pol/ approved books... And movies: Yes, what are your /pol/ approved books and movies[View]
385496802How do you get a 20 sentence for trafficking kids to nobody?[View]
385493003/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4284: Previous: >>385486166 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385498470Biden Is God's ORDAINED Ruler On Earth: A real Christian would recognize this if he actualy pic…[View]
385498521Guys, I'm feeling a bit down. When will the Kali Yuga, the current era of world history charact…[View]
385498576Twitter challenges India order to block content: >NEW DELHI -- Twitter on Tuesday challenged the …[View]
385473222how much is his bail gonna be boys? he goes up for bond court sometime this morning[View]
385498085where you going fagboy[View]
385496913How does one even come to wish to become a tranny, let alone put effort into ruining one's self…[View]
385489541Wednesday 6 Juli 2022. I am forgotten...: Where is he bro's?[View]
385498308clean it[View]
385490846Why can't republicans be mainstream again?[View]
385495962What did they mean by this?[View]
385498003Why are niggers so loud and rude?: >be me >in train >seat 88 >nigger behind me hasn…[View]
385497258This is how spaniards look like: Thoughts[View]
385479701Brit/pol/: >New Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi vows to slash taxes pledging ‘nothing is off the table’ …[View]
385494180Why is it so hard to distance yourself from your ego when having a debate? People tend to take it as…[View]
385492417Is it happening?: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1544683672321802240?s=21&t=UBulvfgorEGGZ…[View]
385498121Fuck Indian nigger faggots I genuinely hate these mother fucking नान्ह जात मादरचोद, और बनिया तेली की…[View]
385494898CRIMO CONFIRMED /OURGUY/??: >entered a Chabad synagogue during Passover >kicked out >'The R…[View]
385436340They blurred the shooters mothers chest: >Big titties? >Jewish neck chain? Jewish neck chain.…[View]
385498071The vast vast majority of first degree murders in this country are committed by sexually active men.…[View]
385495827Donaldinho's days are numbered[View]
385495622CHINKERA GONNA CHINK: and you think kikes are the worst? this is a prime example of chinks larping a…[View]
385497590'Two weeks' syndrome: Nothing will happen. Nothing ever good or interesting ever happens ever. I liv…[View]
385494887CHINESE MILITARY: US Population: 331,449,281 ........ ........ ........ ........ Chinese Women'…[View]
385497654round 2[View]
385489806TURKISH INVASION OF SYRIA IMMINENT: Kurds, Assad and Russia VS FSA monkeys and Turkish Army Place y…[View]
385485832Oh nose! Jews caught spying on politicians in mother Russia: What are the political implications of …[View]
385492005Russia is a disgrace: There is no bigger meme than Russia being strong, just because they won WW2 wh…[View]
385496859i will be alive in the year 2066[View]
385496948Hey rich anons:: To the anons who are making decent money, is it satisfying you, or do you hate it? …[View]
385497371Any last words Americans?: US should pay compensation if Covid-19 claim confirmed – Russia: >Dama…[View]
385494010Should children be allowed to own firearms?[View]
385467015Why are Green parties anti-nuclear? Solar lobby?[View]
385496717Can People Sue YouTube?: 463 KB JPG So we all know YouTube scrubbed Creepos page 10 mins before the …[View]
385496706If boris was a woman his cabinet ministers wouldn't be resigning[View]
385497450Minnesota politics: Is lil timmy getting re-elected?[View]
385489284Why can't you handle living in a Rules-Based World Order?[View]
385492544LORD DEM WANGZ TRAILER OUT https://youtu.be/fF9TwVcFC7s https://youtu.be/fF9TwVcFC7s[View]
385493897Aviation: Is this a /pol/ approved hobby?[View]
385497041Thor: Love and Thunder: Let's shitposting about the new Thor movie. Will capeshit never end? Ev…[View]
385497224Ethan Ralph the AIDS hog: WOAH NELLY lookit them there sweaty jowls wubberin' back and forth, b…[View]
385493093So she shot up a parade using 7.62 rounds? And the media said she had a 'like an AR-15' weapon? I…[View]
385494062Guys, STOP with the antisemitic flyers: They're about to have to do something drastic if Florid…[View]
385491436Not so based anymore: Russian President Vladimir Pynya called the phrase 'Russia for the Russians' t…[View]
385493192Senator Tiara Mack appreciation thread.: Post em.[View]
385496793Unpozzed places in Sweden?: Are there any areas left in Sweden that aren't fucking filled with …[View]
385488974my scenario for the white race: >US army becomes more and more incompetent >US declares war on…[View]
385495024Should the government stop twink flamers from transitioning?: Would you rather flamboyant gay men (g…[View]
385494896So when's the vaccine die off going to happen?[View]
385485181Is sex-ed in schools bad? Should parents be allowed to opt-out?: Why does /pol/ think sex education …[View]
385495671Princess iman our kings daughter is marrying a fucking greek guy, this womans father is the king of …[View]
385484999Brazilian model who volunteered in Ukraine killed by Putin's airstrike: https://www.msn.com/en-…[View]
385496620He's... invincible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsbJIntHPkI[View]
385495284Great resource for the Covid 19 HOAX: Totality of Evidence! https://totalityofevidence.com/ archive …[View]
385492916Dude WTF[View]
385492957/pol/ ruined me: At my work place we had mandatory masks. I got the job during the coof, so I had ne…[View]
385496460Oh no canada bros I dont feel to good: In a telling slip of the tongue during a press conference in …[View]
385467402Vaxxies are dead men walking: >https://abc7.com/carlos-santana-collapses-clarkston-michigan-pine-…[View]
385491168Why was Northern Europe a wasteland?[View]
385491322Language of united Eurasia: I propose combining Russian and Farsi (Iranian) into some sort of a mong…[View]
385495404>pro racemix >Afraid to name the jews Hes glowie right…[View]
385480390Who are the better shit posters?[View]
385463785VP9 video encoding now enabled on 4chan[View]
385490169You go girl. I'm with Liz: for the Republican nomination in 2024. She has the pedigree and expe…[View]
385492815Ahhh the good old days when white people went on Chevauchée. A little bit of the old plunder, rape, …[View]
385481834Why do you unathletic cunts make fun of Turkey's oil wrestling?: Sure it can look weird (if you…[View]
385492731Kids jabbed to death: Why did the kids get shot? Isn't getting jabbed bad? What's holding …[View]
385492778New UN bill passed: They are going to ban white people from existence. Apparently this was 11 years …[View]
385491528White Hypocrisy: Crack vs. Opioid epidemic.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDrMNvLQdlM Had Brittne…[View]
385478287It finally happened[View]
385492374/pol/ humor thread Leaf edition[View]
385480716https://www.foxnews.com/media/ingraham-angle-united-states-of-fear This is the most popular news net…[View]
385480305Greek islands only 2km from Turkey: Pretty cool, holding 99% of the islands in the region, all the w…[View]
385494713Marry Fuck Kill: This is political as Nancy Pelosi is a choice.[View]
385495342Wow: Americans literally educated and gave all their technology to Chinks and now they are upset the…[View]
385491524Wtf happened to American Dream?: When did the American Dream became a cesspit of gibs, sexual degene…[View]
385495109TRS bros....: Mike and Sven got even richer on Pfizer stock and definitely don't need your simp…[View]
385492041Who replaces him?[View]
385461279CERN THREAD: The Universe is defined by chaos. There are more and more fucking particles all the way…[View]
385496146Poles: What is the worst nation in Europe and why is the answer the eternal Polack?[View]
385481715Nancy Pelosi: Nancy Pelosi has big titties. I am a democrat now.[View]
385476064emo and scene were the last implicitly white subcultures[View]
385495441Why do men date ugly old ladies but not this 12 year old? Modern men are retarded.[View]
385483789Works don't save you, or do they? I have my own thoughts about this topic. One thing I've …[View]
385486850BAN. GUNS. NOW.[View]
385491791So I hear there's something going on in the Netherlands. Funny our media don't report on i…[View]
385490679fuck wageslaves: I ordered maccas and the fucking burger was punched, as in the dude grabbed the box…[View]
385494190Help Needed: Who was the journalist caught with the list of the US white population by year on his w…[View]
385493343/pol/ Western superiority personified: >be American >wake up >listen to The Star-Spangled B…[View]
385493637This is the new swing state map, based on the 2020 election. Non-colored states were decided by less…[View]
385494666UK Triathlon introduces new ‘Open’ category for transgenders: >one event for women >one event …[View]
385494439tourism should be banned for anyone under the uppermiddle class: middle and lower class tourists are…[View]
385494643/pol/ thinks the average Chineseman would go through the trouble of circumventing the great firewall…[View]
385486498Is the UN right /pol/? Is world hunger actually a good thing?[View]
385492655I have no problems understanding her accent. https://www.brighteon.com/54ccdbc2-da81-434a-906e-f011d…[View]
385492339This is precisely stated in the Bible that what we call 'the rapture' happens after the second comin…[View]
385492583I hate Indians more than Jews and blacks. Have you seen the type of shit liberal affluent Indians po…[View]
385490492Am I Mutt?: Guys am I a Mutt? I don't feel like one. My Mom's family migrated to America f…[View]
385494105The vast vast majority of first degree murders in this country are committed by sexually active men.…[View]
385486083/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3252: Prev:>>385466263 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385493515Jews wanted Kaliningrad as their jewish oblast and Stalin said no[View]
385471976Beyond parody[View]
385485710War between the jews: u guys probably dont know there is a war between jews right now... orthodox vs…[View]
385491230The Dutch were the first people to let jews into America. Them starving to death is God's right…[View]
385466589Finns are saving Germany.[View]
385475450Why did they abandon their allies for globohomo?[View]
385474418Imagine getting triggered because a piece of wood says you're morbidly obese, the comments on t…[View]
385481932Neder /pol/der general: PRISON RAID EDITION: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoralised, use y…[View]
385491248Scam: It’s not just Indians that are scammers but it seems that white people can also be scammers. B…[View]
385491971When were the different races the purest and least mixed?: from the first Homosapiens or from Adam a…[View]
385488885I like this dream: I sent a family member some redpills and he responded with this. What do you thi…[View]
385493510>Tfw not nordic enough for Russian winter[View]
385493463Smuggies: Post smuggies[View]
385493450What's going on here? I though the Jew feared the Samurai. How can this be? Who is behind it? W…[View]
385492894Why is the Indian/Pakistani accent so weird. Just speak English like an English person.[View]
385488562Wtf is wrong with niggers?: Why are they always the eternal victim? It fucking grates on my nerves o…[View]
385492371CERN is at it again.: The latest Mandela effect I noticed. This song was called 'Bicycle' - it has …[View]
385460644how do cutfags cope?: seriously, i would probably kill myself if i found out i was mutilated by some…[View]
385493101What are they trying to hide?[View]
385486287It's 2022. There is no turning back.: Let's say you have a choice to make. >Date a tran…[View]
385489893And the darwin award goes to…: https://youtu.be/menXso-Mis0[View]
385486166/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4283: Previous: >>385482642 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385475526How much would it take for you to betray your comrades?[View]
385491352dear racist countries: surrender your racism and open your borders, NOW[View]
385491456Do Christcucks Really?: Bernie Sanders is he a socialist?[View]
385489242Why are the Ukrainian people so resilient and beautiful? I have nothing but respect for them[View]
385489882it’s over: France, Germany and Italy are going back to lockdowns within a week[View]
385482760What are they doing to us with this new captcha?: I feel like the difficulty level has gone up. Is …[View]
385490948Stalin praise thread: This man has shown humanity the way forward, yet so many still defy his will, …[View]
385491094Another tranny shooter confirmed: How many more of these are we gonna get? How can these people keep…[View]
385488830>has a hard time breaking shitty 3d printed swastika >where's basedbot when you need it? …[View]
385489765What's going on over there, is it really happening?[View]
385481485How is Covid getting deadlier as it mutates?[View]
385475745weev: What happened to this guy? Is there anywhere I can view recent posts id his? Seems to be one o…[View]
385474775Has OF put a tombstone on the 'carreer woman' forever?: Imagine spending 10 years of your life becom…[View]
385491492WHY ARE GERMAN NAZIS QUITTERS?: Why does Germany start shit then surrender like fags?[View]
385489941Jews are evil monsters and should all kill themselves.[View]
385483101aus/pol/ - ASIO Appreciation thred: Our brave frens at ASIO who care so much about us have a song th…[View]
385492203What is his endgame?[View]
385463169Why does /pol/ support Putin the denazificator exactly? Feeling suicidal?[View]
385490427Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: What happens here? It is nice?[View]
385484671Why does everyone here think that Russia and the EU were great allies and the US provoked a war in U…[View]
385485290western people, explain why I should root for the team of neoliberal excess, homosexuality and other…[View]
385481999NATO: LET'S GOOOOOOO[View]
385491289BASED MEXICANS!!!: Why are you not bleaching the mexican women? Oh right... You watch fake news that…[View]
385491843how many mass shooters trannies, how many of them are memory-holed? in that Texas school shooting th…[View]
385488437This go hard?[View]
385464157Whoa this really made me think[View]
385487726Saw some woman post this on facebook. What's wrong with the logic exactly? Do roasties die when…[View]
385489839Is this faggot gonna do anything?[View]
385483503Why are non STEM degrees shunned?: Math is the most boring shit in the universe, philosophy, history…[View]
385489247Who is the greatest ally now israel or ukraine?[View]
385477778#ITSHAPPENING TRENDING ON TWATTER: We've entered the chan timeline. What are the political impl…[View]
385487832Colonisation is such a retarded idea in hindsight, isnt it ? The hubris generated by the technologic…[View]
385491298reddit jews pick 8/8 for national dmt day: which one of you did this? self-admitted jews in the comm…[View]
385488230Indian appreciation thread[View]
385491200The vast vast majority of first degree murders in this country are committed by sexually active men.…[View]
385490694Greetings to all you americans, i'm thinking of moving to your country. Can you deport all the …[View]
385472540Global Hyperinflation General /GHG/ #72: Welcome to Global Hyperinflation General /GHG/ #72 Previous…[View]
385477343Why do you think they call it Carnival Cruise?: Sheeit https://mobile.twitter.com/nyeem0/status/154…[View]
385462867balkan thread: who do you blame for everything?[View]
385488166/pol/ What would you call this political manifesto?: 1. We will seize control of the government and …[View]
385487964Ukrainian ambassador to Germany promoted for praising bandera: https://www.dw.com/en/ukraines-envoy-…[View]
385480886New Episode of America First: BASADO??? Mexican President Vows to DESTROY Statue of Liberty | Americ…[View]
385490131*Abruptly plunges the whole of the EU into poverty *Causes Boris' party to collapse *Catapults …[View]
385481556Women should be allowed to enslave their gay husbands: If a woman can prove that her husband is excl…[View]
385473748Conquers Europe without a fight[View]
385490215KIKES DEMAND FEDERAL OCCUPATION OF FLORIDA: https://www.scribd.com/document/581340232/Anti-semitism-…[View]
385487689If Trump was in the office: Would you still be supporting Russia?[View]
385488814Nancy Pelosi has huge tits[View]
385488362John McCain: So this guy completely lied about the whole torture thing didn't he? Sounds more l…[View]
385485488Ukrainesisters….: Not like this! https://www.unilad.com/news/female-model-sniper-fighting-ukraine-ki…[View]
385486094Every 9 months Canadians must have their sperm count destroyed.[View]
385485168In 2000, Russia seriously considered joining NATO. Putin offered the United States excellent conditi…[View]
385477831Muttbros, the truth is out. Russia is not playing anymore: >The US may owe the world huge compens…[View]
385481571Hand: Hand.[View]
385488769Why did Romans and Greeks believe in so many gods?: The idea that there's more than one god see…[View]
38549037120 years of political retardation, why is my life like this?: 8 years of nigbama 4 years of retard t…[View]
385490473https://youtu.be/_4kbAteDMVI?t=290 What was he thinking at this very moment?[View]
385490421Is Nick MullEn a bad person?: What about chapo and red scare? I heard things. Lulz[View]
385490011Thanks uncle biden.[View]
385487126Walk the Walk - Cancel Spotify: Fuck Joe Rogan Cancel your Spotify account today There are plenty of…[View]
385460691Whites are too low IQ to prevent jewish subversion: I've finally realized something. We are nig…[View]
385487947fiat bros: What is the spot price for paper?[View]
385484983What makes women in the military such ticking time bombs?: Without fail, almost every woman I know w…[View]
385488158Is this accurate?[View]
385488665wtf is happening with Britain? they want to overthrow Johnson because some guy associated with him d…[View]
385488382Hungary is free falling[View]
385489741How do we get rid of (((them)))?[View]
385471390UKRAINE BANS COMMUNIST PARTY: Imagine being a leftoid simping for Ukraine only for this to happen LM…[View]
385488894JUST SIGNED UP FOR SPOTIFY SO I CAN STAY UP TO DATE WITH JOE ROGAN!: His take on politics is very en…[View]
385481545I-Is Germany gonna elect another moustache man?[View]
385484342Fresh outbreak just drop in China. We are head for MASSIVE lockdown again in fall. Mock my words...[View]
385478757what do they know about you?: well, anon?[View]
385480534Tranny shooter confirmed incel: Incel bros... we got too cocky https://www.news.com.au/world/north-a…[View]
385478095Another managment member of Gasprom dead: Yuri Voronov body of director of contractor company of Gas…[View]
385483227fuck the IRS: >Call IRS about my delayed $3500 refund >spend 10 minutes pushing buttons to nav…[View]
385484947Say something nice about the former Vice President: Do you think they weighed the potential fallout …[View]
385489255The Moral Necessity of Exterminationism: Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: this is a hypot…[View]
385485198Why was that actually a sukkah: And why is the answer to are they jews yes[View]
385487570But but but he was tonguing Ukrainian ass so passionately![View]
385485656If Russia cares so much about the Donbass, why did they wait eight years while they were apparently …[View]
385489361>celebrities >e-celebrities >politicians Why should I care what they have to say anon?…[View]
385485707Hoholbros, not like this[View]
385477207ENTITLED BITCH COMPLAINS FOR NOT BEING CALLED A DOCTOR: Where do this people come from, seriously? I…[View]
385479755Would you smash Greta's mom?[View]
385489566How do you go from this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpgjrwjhIjM[View]
385477106Should teachers be fired if they come out as gay to students?: Should gay books be banned from schoo…[View]
385489079i don't get it. Why are they all Jewish?[View]
385486936Where did they migrate too and don't tell me tiktok? I miss dash cam footage.[View]
385484880Let's talk about eating bugs: >We will NOT eat the bugs!!! They are literally forcing us to …[View]
385489118Causation or correlation? Honestly, How is she doing and how fucked is the US economy?[View]
385488949Arcturus, book (manifesto?): Anyone managed to buy his book off of Amazon? Mine says it's comi…[View]
385486841The hard truth: Most of you retarded, pink skinned faggots that inhabit this board are going to die …[View]
385486813Red-brown alliance: Can tankies be allies? They tend to be very socially conservative and are genera…[View]
385487006Imagine being an American who’s in dire need of medical attention >Nurse Stacy would rather reco…[View]
385489055/LATAM/ Thread. BASED AMLO edition.: Hola amigos culeros pendejos hijos de puta. I see a lot of new…[View]
385485483>DeSantis is gonna win 2024! xDD Literally the new CTR. Saw so many threads last night. Since whe…[View]
385465722Why am I supposed to hate Turkey?[View]
385483509Right-Wing Terrorism Suspect Linked to Clarence Thomas: Suspect in Highland Park shooting has a dad …[View]
385488811The vast vast majority of first degree murders in this country are committed by sexually active men.…[View]
385448538What happens now?[View]
385487591Hypocrite: Saying jews are inferior while also believing they rule over you is an oxymoron it makes …[View]
385445051/pol/ humor[View]
385487971Why is it always groypers, MAGAtards and /pol/fags that do this shit? Can you faggots just stop bein…[View]
385486928My quadvaxxed grandma got Covid again[View]
385481408Keeping fresh during winter: Hello my fellow Krauts, have you also stocked up on these yet to stay f…[View]
385487298Just a request: Could the next imbalanced faggot that decides to go kinetic IRL please stop targetin…[View]
385454144Dutch police fire at a tractor: let's go Police in the Netherlands fired their service weapons …[View]
385488293how bad is it in Germany and the rest of Europe right now? I heard about the muslim migrant crisis b…[View]
385488227What did he mean by this?[View]
385476273Kaliningrad exclave has been a scar on Europe's beautiful visage for too long. I propose we ta…[View]
385480563Have you taken the latina pill yet /pol/?[View]
385445383Peak oil: You'll die in 6mo[View]
385487025Now that the bat soup has settled...: I was never vaccinated for the bat soup coof. I also never go…[View]
385486118Pedophiles should be hanged from lamposts for everyone to see. And yes, that includes you, chud.[View]
385487496Why are Americans like this?: >be 95 IQ Amermiutt >never shut up about black people and their …[View]
385485661can someone redpill me on what modern war is actually like?: like how do you hold territory when you…[View]
385451803A quick reminder, there is a revolution in Netherlands and media is hiding it: Nitrogen fertilizer i…[View]
385468218Covid vaccine: It’s not a robot. or artificial intelligence. or nano bots. or an mrna gene therapy. …[View]
385486694I wonder what nationality and religion could have written this.[View]
385473969i cant shake the thought that right wing politics are just elaborate wuzzing >we wuzz ayran >…[View]
385483822Why aren’t they fat like me? How’d they all buy matching uniforms? They must be feds.[View]
385487461The jackeen problem: How jewish are people from dublin? No matter if they're rich or poor thie…[View]
385485561I’ll stop everything and devote my life to this man if you just admit to me he killed 6 million Jews…[View]
385473286I will never eat another egg again because I'm pro-life. Farmers can't be trusted.[View]
385485594Abbos are smarter and less ugly than sub-saharan africans. If they would be moved to a sub-saharan a…[View]
385481996120 Tips On Potential Victims As Utah Sheriff Investigates Claims Of 'Ritual Child Sexual Abuse…[View]
385464580Organ failure 1 month after vaccine: Am in a state of shock. Thought you anti vaccers were crazy.…[View]
385485678Fuck lgbt and their degeneracy this is my flag[View]
385463422What the fuck is going on in Bongland?[View]
385469327NATO. What is it good for?[View]
385429477Pfizer must prove efficacy and safety within 48 hours in Uruguay: RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Uruguay m…[View]
385485687United Nations: The Benefits of World Hunger: https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/benefits-world…[View]
385482529Christian Parthenogenesis Debate General /cpd/: From last thread: >>385475692 The crux or corn…[View]
385486214Are you a incel? Are you proud to be a incel? When is the next shooting? >FUCK YOU KIKES I AM COM…[View]
385485588The field got cleared, ur fukt.: Oh no.[View]
385481022Spotify: Trump’s greatest hits collection just dropped[View]
385482614>be american >get shot[View]
385482642/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4282: Previous: >>385478024 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385486196Billions of 'free Russian gibs' to the Ukrabibians: Besides the fact that Ukraine at the moment is n…[View]
385484375If trumps not running I’m voting for Biden. I base my vote off who’s most entertaining[View]
385484012#NATO-WAVE THREAD laugh at vatniks[View]
385473727AUSSIE COSSACK SENTENCED TO 10 MONTHS FOR BREACHING COVID RULES: Anyone else has been following the …[View]
385485339What are the political implications of this?[View]
385469154what's going on in the Netherlands?[View]
385481226You Have No Idea: The things I would do to her pussy. I NEED it guys, I need to bleach her hair with…[View]
385464314the chinks are fucking winning: how are they having a fucking merry old fucking time when we're…[View]
385482893Abortion isn't murder because babbies aren't people. Although a crime, infanticide also is…[View]
385479964Hatsune miku says trans rights![View]
385484078Parasite pill general - video edition: https://youtu.be/8vlmUWxsBQ8 Noormie friendly video with irr…[View]
385482375Hookers are cleaner than normal women...?: Why is that? Maybe it is only in countries where it is l…[View]
385484882ADL: Shut it down[View]
385482897Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demor…[View]
385474151>The greatest Russian writer, Pushkin, was black How do Russshit cope with this.…[View]
385480356Adults Who Still Drink Milk: Are You Okay? >https://www.vice.com/en/article/n7zvkb/adults-who-sti…[View]
385485271No social media month is happening next month. Let's fucking go.[View]
385485394russia bros: remember that time when worked together to rape europe and destroy its economy 80 years…[View]
385480550got drunk and went full /pol/ in my college student whatsapp group[View]
385480637when will it stop?: https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1544131356526948352 We now have senators…[View]
385466263/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3251: Prev:>>385460325 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385482769i Missed couple days from./pol and shit sooo can some retard tell me why we are suffering from chro…[View]
385483926BRICS + Nordics general The only hope for the future when mainland europe and the USA gets destroyed…[View]
385483203From Founding Fathers to Black Mothers?: What would the Founding Fathers of the United States of Ame…[View]
385481339>British government collapses again is there any hope for that island or is it all coming undone?…[View]
385478275>son threatens to kill you and your family >call police on him >tell him to move out the ho…[View]
385480801Is it finally over?: >Crowning acheivement is letting more browns/blacks into the country than ev…[View]
385484229New Ukrainian map just dropped[View]
385445212Can the government do anything about gay men pretending to be women?[View]
385479389I personally find asians to be npcs/invisible sexually/bland/bug/swarm/drones/soulless/ But this is …[View]
385479499France >Yellow vests Nederlands >Farmers Canada >Truckers USA *crickets* They really are pu…[View]
385478201Why are Americans like this?: >be 95 IQ Amermiutt >never shut up about black people and their …[View]
385484798Wunderwaffen kaliberated: Oh no no no no HIMARSisters not like this.[View]
385474238>G-guys, the sanctions are not working, they are only hurting their own economies ... *nervous ch…[View]
385480724henlo frens. Me plae on nin tendo with frens today and we eet pidser and pud ding. We had gud niet. …[View]
385481885Does racism prove reincarnation?[View]
385484648Russia stops transit of Kazakh oil to Europe: According to the Sputnik news agency, a technical faul…[View]
385468990To all those who want society to collapse.: https://video.ploud.jp/w/f3gUvgWaaDWhKinY4cWkYM It is ha…[View]
385480192independent countries: >cyprus >sahara >catalunya >kosovo >palestaine why are we not …[View]
385482028Trans behaviour: People always like to attack trans people for how they look. I think this is quite …[View]
385484450How do I profit from my hyperinflating country plunging back to be a third world shithole? What tric…[View]
385484432This cringe french faggot crowned himself emperor then was exiled 10 years later. Jacques what do yo…[View]
385483597I GOT RONA'D HELP: Day two of symptoms, I feel so lazy and was very cold last night. Had 4 blan…[View]
385476420>shitskin >no blonde >no blue eyes >call himself an aryan nordic man >his first name …[View]
385477683look at me i am a woman[View]
385467228Even our cars are getting vaxxed: why is the general population allowing this shit?[View]
385481959It's over for monkeypox: It's over for monkeypox[View]
385478124*ahem* FUCK THE EU[View]
385477513>wake up >remember poland exists >day ruined…[View]
385474143Look on the bright side, all that wearing dresses and acting like a faggot will be good training for…[View]
385480954I can never trust a woman (especially in politics): I can trust in the barbarism and savagery of the…[View]
385483856West Virginia rambo: So what was deal with the wv Rambo? Red flag swept under rug?[View]
385483639POTUS Research General #000000: Time to go Home Edition: '''==Welcome to Q Research G…[View]
385483686I think we need to fumigate the internet, we got a bug problem[View]
385481487Benzenate the kiddies: DOES BENZENE EXPOSURE SCARE THE SHOT OUT OF YOU TOO?!?! During the pandemic A…[View]
385472975The absolute state of 'muh science'.: So I was watching this Royal Institution video where…[View]
385480672Putinbros? Wtf?[View]
385479313>be American >wake up >listen to The Star-Spangled Banner while clapping nonstop >waddle…[View]
385480471do you know most the people who share the same family name anon? and if yes do you consider them as…[View]
385482296its over ukies: krauts seem completely over this war and are probing for the backstab opportunity. e…[View]
385483422Is there still racial segregation in the united states?: If not since when did this change and where…[View]
385459517Are you going to have kids?: You realize that having children is the sole purpose of life right? You…[View]
385483415Norway drops sanctions towards Russia: >Norway is on the sanction train and stopped a Russian shi…[View]
385475174>Eat ze bugs https://youtube.com/e3UqLAtdZ04[View]
385473879aus/po - no current political solution available: wot do?[View]
385482163>Russian Ministry of Defence claims destroying 2 HIMARS launchers at Malotaranivka in Donetsk reg…[View]
385480768New mogus: He don’t miss[View]
385483225Why women are more left-leaning and authoritarian than men.: Women are far more likely to appeal to …[View]
385483104Help me find information about jameel thermiotis: He is the fiancé of princess iman we are trying to…[View]
385477872CrimeoJr: Say smth nice about Bob[View]
385464516GUN CONTROL NOW[View]
385480041it is a shame she wasn't shot dead. we really don't need any more of these faggots. all sh…[View]
385475207TRUMP RALLY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!: Anchorage, ALASKA! Sat, July 09, 2022 4:00 pm Alaska Time (AKST), 8:…[View]
385480750>be me >born in india >literal shit hole >immigrate to canada >enter the trades >b…[View]
385479149Does he have the strongest cult of personality around him in politics today?: Do we need more comedi…[View]
385472773https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/06/china/china-covid-xian-new-omicron-variant-intl-hnk/index.html Why th…[View]
385475689aus/pol/ - emergency bake edition: >Markets predict mortgage payments could rise by $12,000 a yea…[View]
385481564THE STORM IS UPON US!: >The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies, respond…[View]
385478024/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4281: Previous: >>385473163 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385479093What are some tips to live in the kali yuga where everyone is degenerate, anti-God and depressed?[View]
385477110Is Kazakhstan next???[View]
385475096The antisemitism section in wikipedia is literally the best way to get redpilled about jews[View]
385481621>destroy nuclear energy incentives >destroy the environment with concrete windmills and lithiu…[View]
385479421Civic Nationalism is based: >Yes, I'm a Turbo Civic Nationalist that follows Christian prece…[View]
385469500this confuses the china-man[View]
385481764Uh oh bros, how do we solve the problem of racist AIs utilizing pattern recognition?[View]
385479590>Left/libs: Race has nothing to do with crime Uhhh, sciencebros... how do we DEBOONK this?!…[View]
385480902It's over[View]
385472061I believe communist countries are superior. Everyone gets a fair go, steady income, a home and free …[View]
385471015Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demor…[View]
385480570JFK Jr Antichrist General Thread: > Who will be his politician puppets? > Make your bets now …[View]
385477288Islam was right about everything[View]
385477715Be greatful you live in a white country incels[View]
385468088Based Russia bans Jewish Agency: Intense kvetching[View]
385480619Why was Northern Europe such a backwater?[View]
385479791Why the american are stupid?: https://streamable.com/psrdr1 LMAO why are they so stupid?[View]
385466301where are my pureblood frens at?: unvaxx frens ONLY[View]
385472814IT'S OVER: The final stronghold of the green menace just fell. There does not exist a region on…[View]
385477020/GPG/ /SG/ Geopolitics General #2298: Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Lib…[View]
385479142WW3 soon?: We were warned[View]
385476740Clickbait: >Blackpill video >Go to comment section >'muh capitalism' >Solutions >'ree…[View]
385480793They gave the half wits the right to vote: Welcome to estrogen hell[View]
385477105Jews and Niggers prevent this: Whites can and will colonise the entire Universe when we stop force f…[View]
385474100Are there any militias in Minnesota?: I'm disqualified from joining the military for medical re…[View]
385479732The greatest living poet in America does it again[View]
385474400It's been declared an invasion: Biden won't meet his constitutional duty.[View]
385475190What causes trannies to be like this, and more importantly how do we stop it? Is the solution beatin…[View]
385478868Alzheimer's victims terrorized by drag show: Imagine losing your mind at an old age and the you…[View]
385480059>18th century equivalent of the SS Dirlewagner division >loot raped robbed killed for millenia…[View]
385480108So is the ATF dead or what?[View]
385477876https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvasJtilFsI Why are Christians like this? >'Religion is a totalit…[View]
385480081You will eat ze bugs...: Can't argue with 'better' though. Mould is good, mould means it's…[View]
385480045Why did they fight for a country that enslaved their ancestors, segregate them from a better life, a…[View]
385480028I'm sorry but: I'm gonna have to side with the muslim invaders on this one. Why the fuck s…[View]
385476191What is behind all the 'unexplained excess deaths' in Canada?: In New Brunswick they are trying to b…[View]
385476269You didn't fall for SETF shills, did you?: I hope you didn't buy silver, anon.[View]
385475849What are the political implications of men destroying their lives from watching too much BBC porn?: …[View]
385479879I'm a MtF trans and I fully support NATO because I know they're protecting me and my democ…[View]
385472243how long bros: How long until stuff like OpenAI's Dall-E and others become widely available for…[View]
385472612Brit/pol/: PMQs today[View]
385462649President Trump Vice President Desantis: This is a 16 year lock.[View]
385473173ESTG : EVERY SINGLE TIME GENERAL: This actually deserves a permanent sticky Its just absolutely blat…[View]
385478932Racist James Sinclair kills woman for wearing hijab[View]
385466744Blacks are the the ugliest race in the world.[View]
385440131GOOGLE IS REMOVING IMAGES OF THE SHOOTER!!!: Go look up 'Robert Bobby Crimo lll' right now and see w…[View]
385472738Europe and UK will sacrifice their economy for their US masters: Sacrifice is the ultimate honor for…[View]
385449620nz/pol/ - (NZG): it's over edition nigger with 16 kids gets free pass from jail for muh childho…[View]
385474759Russia won.[View]
385477264The collapse is upon us, isn't it?[View]
385476808I'M A DESANTIS MANTIS[View]
385476236Which one are you /pol/?[View]
385478782Does he have the stringers cult of personality in politics today?: Do we need more comedians in poli…[View]
385470348So they are teaching sexual pleasure class to a group of 9 year olds, now: https://www.foxnews.com/u…[View]
385466390Germany DONE: German city is considering SHUTTING DOWN traffic lights due to high electricity cost. …[View]
385476684petitions: >literally any middle-aged woman be like: >start a petition against anything >ge…[View]
385474583What did Zyklon Ben mean by this, /pol/? Or is this even the real Zyklon Ben art, and if not, does a…[View]
385475965is this mtf or ftm?[View]
385477647DO NOT SNORT DEFEROXAMINE: Do not do the mistake I did! I heard about this compound two weeks ago as…[View]
385474993how come no monkey pox thread ? whats the latest ? respond q tards you are being watched and judged …[View]
385476106I miss them like you wouldnt believe[View]
385471896Vax immunocompromised papers: My mate just caught the coof for the second time. He is considering ge…[View]
385476530Influencers and politics: https://youtube.com/shorts/bBAcYdeqYX8?feature=share What are the ramifica…[View]
385474189>By 2030, 45% of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single, the largest sha…[View]
385473163/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4280: Previous: >>385468007 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385476786i only got the first moderna dose a year ago am i gonna die?[View]
385458784Now that the summe has arrived, have anons been practicing the art of disappearing?: Not only can yo…[View]
385454553Joe rogan sold out Fuck Joe rogan now anyone not willing to have a conversation with anyone is full…[View]
385473888Can you guys post some of the old Khadyrov's shitpost? Life is grim and I need to smile. Also I…[View]
385472726it’s just started[View]
385473298Cop hate general: Fuck cops. The enforcers of the state.[View]
385474572Simple fact, China electricity consumption equals G7+India combined: China electricity consumption e…[View]
385476842>Americans have their bajillionth mass shooting this year >have to hear about it all week now …[View]
385464306Police body cams had the opposite effect: People thought it would curtail bad police behavior, which…[View]
385461499Price of Lobster/Crab: $30 for one of these up north. Was $15-$23 back in 2019. Apparently the Atlan…[View]
385475017MAGAfags still don't have a reasonable explanation for this. This kills the Trumpshill.[View]
385477468Would you do it?[View]
385476652Is Islamic Communism the only way to save the decadent degenerate West?[View]
385472388Sustainable consumption: The ongoing energy crunch is not a one off crisis. This energy crisis marks…[View]
385477508I miss him.[View]
385474408incel burns random woman alive in toronto. what's the final solution to the mentally ill incel …[View]
385476954ULTRA MEGA MAGA!: We are going to make your commie libtard election stealing asses bleed![View]
385472168>add Pronouns: he/him to my work email signature >my power level is now suppressed to the maxi…[View]
385477378Strasbourg: Hey there fellow Strasbourg anons. Do you want to start a protest about some stupid shit…[View]
385477290American '''whites'''' love niggers: American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays…[View]
385476832>Ukrainians are now banned from leaving their place of residence Sure smells like winning.…[View]
385474480PELOSI: With America being so divided right now, is Pelosi your only hope? Can she bring together bo…[View]
385464866Yeah they're associated with cucks but what's so bad about avocados? They're basicall…[View]
385477196Germany's plan to replace gas from Russia with LNG has failed, - Bild The German government pl…[View]
385460443Every day we stray further from god and every night they stoop down to our level.[View]
385476663Liberty and freedom are dying.: The core fallacy and contradiction that is leading us to a dystopia …[View]
385461234Killer Clowns From Outer Space: Other thread was comfy; i got in late. Care for more? I'll repo…[View]
385470391What afro-americans are doing is nothing compared to what white people did to them for decades of se…[View]
385467762Now that the dust has settled: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
385474366Realistically, when will complete collapse happen? Things are happening at such an accelerated pace …[View]
385472098Downfall: If he goes you have no idea how bad and how quickly the UK will decline... Oh fuck.[View]
385475118What wars will we be fighting in 2024-2028?[View]
385447742What's she listening to?: It is surprising to see a pretty girl with an android phone. Anyway, …[View]
385471681RamZ bros what happened?: This nigga gay too?[View]
385474608No chud Crimo is a MAGA shooter in disguise WASN'T A TROONED FAGGOT EXERCISING A MURDER FETISH …[View]
385476389>you create a country >doing just fine >relatively good relations with almost everyone >…[View]
385476383Why do people romanticize Europe and pretend like most of it isn't a shithole?[View]
385471707There will never exist again...: something more glorious and aesthetic than the historical Portugal:…[View]
385474977Ukraine is LOST. GET THAT INTO YOUT THICK HEADS!!! 24/7 Artillery fire! Unheard amounts of russian m…[View]
385453941Tell me why food, housing and healthcare shouldn't be free and available for everyone?[View]
385476160/pol/ irl[View]
385474340happy belated 4th of july: American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for nigge…[View]
385428723based dutchbros: we need to see more of this type of shit around the world. fuck everything. bring i…[View]
385463678Why are whites too cowardly to do shit like this?[View]
385461670OK SO THIS IS WHAT URE SLIDING: >Dutch Farmers Bring Tank To Fertilizer Protest; Cops Shoot Tract…[View]
385475699aus/pol/ Redgum edition: Gidday cunts, i heard CIA glowniggers and MERINO sheep don't like the …[View]
385475263Why is Europe tanking? Are you going to buy the US dollar?[View]
385475058Oh no, fellow Ameribros...[View]
385470650Are you okay fren?[View]
385473980so how many present day Germans are slavic rape babies?[View]
385444608On the scale 0 to 10 rate Russian burger[View]
385467735Asians and Their Masks wearing pseudoscience religion has made me racist.: It’s the worst, I’m about…[View]
385475378Spain passed its Muslim period failed to produce any relevant philosophers, mathematicians, scientis…[View]
385473137You played yourself: “It seems for the first time the Russian leader has offered NATO a partial oliv…[View]
385472234Have you ever considered that black people are our children? Specifically talking about the whites a…[View]
385475182Why are they tslking about booster mandates when im not even interested in getting the base shot at …[View]
385472724Hypothetically if a cop pulls me over and I tell him at the end of the encounter which will probably…[View]
385440788How do I get a mask exemption?: I'm in NZ, and I've absolutely had it with being asked to …[View]
385464203BREAKING. Ukrainians spreading deadly viruses allover Europe: EU countries experiencing huge increas…[View]
385471846Hello /pol/ Lady Maga has released her new hit song: This is the face of the conservative movement a…[View]
385455149Wtf is wrong with Russia[View]
385472944Is this America in 2022? >not a single white or aryan male to be seen >crowds of niggers, spi…[View]
385466096Kazakhstan offers to sell its oil to Europe OHNONO PUTLERBROS DID WE GET TOO COCKY[View]
385468661Why are these three cultureless white shitholes barking so much? Dont they know no one gives a fuck …[View]
385461775Why exactly did France import so many blacks and Arabs?[View]
385474674Statistics of British law enforcment: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authorised_firearms_officer …[View]
385474533Come to Commiefornia, er California he says.: 'They have freedom!' Newsom said, in political ads in …[View]
385445719Are they even human at this point?[View]
385456452things that should be banned: i'll start >social media >porn >circumcision >tattoos…[View]
385474045The year is 2026. The HeinekinVirus has effectively killed all anti-vaxxers. It was the most incredi…[View]
385473457What does /Pol/ think about Joseph Stalin? Was he based or not? Unlike Shitler he actually purged a …[View]
385462463how much inferiority do you think they feel: these ugly disgusting low-IQ brown goblins are surround…[View]
385474244I want my goverment to force all 40milion of Poles to go to war with ukraine and russia[View]
385460938'This glows': Is probably one of the most successful demoralization tactics on the board right now.…[View]
385473275say something nice about the new British finance minister[View]
385465939What is the difference between white people and dogs?: I would give a shit if dogs went extinct…[View]
385466269Covid is finally over in America?: I’ve been in San Francisco for two weeks and have not worn a mask…[View]
385473956Remember, next time you hear a lefty bitching about muh Roe V. Wade, remind them that the democrats …[View]
385473733why are they such bugs: jes when they want to fit in. im white jews when they do bad shit. im white …[View]
385473699George W. Bush turns 76 today! What does /pol/ think of the last 2-term Republican president that Am…[View]
385473083What would Dr Kelsey say about the 'vaccine'?[View]
3854666161-blown in half by enemy mortar 2-lose a leg to a landmine, bleed to death 3-burned to death by enem…[View]
385454583Why do white supremacist shooters/activists/etc always-look so weird?[View]
385462587Trump Jr says 'We're gonna make Liberals cry again in 2024!': ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE 20…[View]
385468201Why don't Brits just give the Falklands back?[View]
385463235aus/pol/ - emergency bake edition: >burn it down https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/markets-pr…[View]
385473560A lot of my coworkers are on the sick leave: Why are so many of them getting sick? It's summer.…[View]
385472422THIS NEWS APP SUCKS ASS: Is there any app that just reports on happenings? Instead of GloboHomo narr…[View]
385460832Realistically, what's stopping a country from cloning 10/10 girls and giving them out to young …[View]
385466887Artist and Musicians of /pol/ Appreciation Thread: Artists and Musicians of /pol/, have any of your …[View]
385472438HUNGARY IS UNDER ECONOMIC WAR: The Hungarian currency hit record low today. 1 EUR costs more than 41…[View]
385468462Sanctionbros it wasn't meant to be like this: >The Russian economy's downturn this year…[View]
385473144Are the Germans retarded?: What's wrong with the Germans? Why did they ditch out their nuclear …[View]
385463014THE STORM IS UPON US!: >The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies, respond…[View]
385468007/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4279: Previous: >>385462870 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385472758>20k subscribers youtuber with shit audio gets to make long interviews to POWs who are probably b…[View]
385473243Why are popular rightoids (especially eceleb grifters) almost always faggots? Do rightoids oppose ga…[View]
385466678I DON'T WANNA DIE: I don't wanna die ᴵᴵ ᵈᵒn'ᵗ ʷᵃnnᵃ ᵈᶦᵉ ᴵ ᵈᵒn'ᵗ ʷᵃnnᵃ ᴵ[View]
385471977what's best way to raise white's birth rate: without abortion ban , contraception ban , lg…[View]
385471513What are the political implications of this?: I think it's the NSA.[View]
385469692HAPPENING: civil war imminent in Netherlands, police shoot farmer protestors: >Dutch police have …[View]
385472563Hurrr: I guess the (((((((((((((((((((((((((jews))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) did this one too?…[View]
385473036Pic says it all: yep[View]
385471333tired and sleepy~: yawn* another day with nothing happening. sometimes i wish pol would just stop m…[View]
385468738What happens here?: Why is their gdp parity so high compared to rest of Russia? Its close to Qatar l…[View]
385472750THEY'RE ALWAYS ON THE GLOWNIGGERS RADAR: https://www.mercurynews.com/2022/07/05/parade-shooting…[View]
385465825Ladies and gentlemen,: the 47th President of the United States of America.[View]
385471328Carlos Santana passed out on stage: Ahother vaxxie hitting the floor https://twitter.com/KevinJaniso…[View]
385460774American politician wants to take 'at least 200,000 Somalis': Why?[View]
385467874By definition, a literal nigger. btw. Jewkraine is winning[View]
385453086Brit/pol Emergency newfag edition: Wakey wakey lads[View]
385469063What are some tips to live in the kali yuga where everyone is degenerate, anti-God and depressed?[View]
385465862South African Nightclub Disaster: >On 26 June 2022, 21 people died during celebrations at the Eny…[View]
385469318im not having kids: when you have children all you ever amount to is being a parent. no matter how s…[View]
385472069https://youtu.be/-iOzHoxsor4 Discuss the current absurdity that is our modern society slash pee ooo …[View]
385458117If humans are built for reproduction due to the evolutionary instinct of millions of years for the r…[View]
385458160>americans legalize weed in several states >suddenly everyone is schizophrenic and there is a …[View]
385467405>Nurse guy attacking Lauterbach in talk show >Ricardo Lange >Fat Greens chick being stupid …[View]
385469102What say ye 'bout this shit: >Live of Downing Street exterior after top ministers resign, le…[View]
385471549Catering to share holders is what is wrong with capitalism, and it just so happens two jews forced t…[View]
385471998Has anyone got some good recipes for bugs? Is there any books or family recipies passed down through…[View]
385468925Marichka: She’s real????????[View]
385470074Serbs ass kissing Russians: Russians, why do Serbs ass kiss you so much? Have you ever even done any…[View]
385471673russia lost[View]
385466364Any anons read Devils by Dostoevsky? I read the synopsis and impulse bought it >A fictional town …[View]
385470629Rednecks: Redneck culture and its implications have been a disaster for the United States of America…[View]
385442753>tried to watch it without tearing up >.... teared up like a huge bitch fuck me why does it hu…[View]
385468917I think Asians are the only race of humans that is fully human, at least very close to. Before you r…[View]
385471231christians can't be nationalist: answer me this christian man,now that abortion is illigal in m…[View]
385471516I AM 100% CORRECT AND DEEP DOWN ALL OF YOU AGREE: Germans were completely right about rssians 80 yea…[View]
385470301too many frogs today on 4chan..[View]
385456286Do you think he expected this war to drag on for 6 months?[View]
385471463BE A CONSOOMER: You should all be CONSOOMING right now, /pol/ and i will tell you why >high infla…[View]
385467497Connect the Gap!: What should we do to that troublesome 100 meter Darien Gap that keeps the two cont…[View]
385468489BOM BIDDY BYE BYE: Can any of you autists break this down by race? I think it would be fascinating a…[View]
385468236How a town in Ontario became a ghetto: Really activated some of my neurons.[View]
385469130Can the Jannies please do something about the furries[View]
385466043Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demor…[View]
385468110VOLVO told The US & The EU to go and to fuck themselves.: Volvo Group [comprising Volvo Trucks, …[View]
385469992How do we defeat the eternal mutt!?: As a European im very ashamed of the mutt-americans. They are b…[View]
385450188Does someone want to tell Shannon?[View]
385467423Is an HR degree worth it?[View]
385447472Based LatinX Man Guts Nigger Like A Pig: >A woman entered the store with a child at Broadway and …[View]
385466889Do Jews really exist?: White people discuss Jews. As if Jews were a different, alternative race of p…[View]
385463222the dutch farmers are the types of peasants that get left behind by change. attaching yourself to th…[View]
385455065Germany transcends clown world into hell world: The German state has completely failed its most basi…[View]
385469455good morning[View]
385441207So what do you fags make of this...: https://youtu.be/aWupqKcr9zI[View]
385430106So I can buy this in muttland legally?[View]
385469874When did you realize most /pol/acks don't have even the most basic understanding of politics?[View]
385464734Are Leftists actually more racist than 'racists'???[View]
385463691OPEC Secretary-General dies: Was he killed due to oil prices?[View]
385457100This tattoo is the 3rd result in Google Images coming from an 8 year old Reddit post https://www.re…[View]
385466208lir.im: I've posted this before and it's mostly been called fake and gay. But is it? http:…[View]
385469365You feel it, too, don't you?: We gonna make them give back our past! Winter 2022 will be a grea…[View]
385463563Why is sex not a taboo? Memes like this meme me seethe[View]
385467234So, when will empty shelves happen all over the world?[View]
385467546What's the relation between stonehenge and the jews ?[View]
385468929do you actually: think the forefathers would put up with a jewish tranny trying to make health decis…[View]
385465323We are being raided[View]
385466687It’s Not Even Started: We’re going to live to see the most extreme sociopolitical and economic colla…[View]
385464963What do you think is the middle one's diet like?[View]
385467760Any predications?[View]
385468483They are going to order me to pull your card.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vda75XawNzk[View]
385468095Jews are keeping gene editing technology from us.[View]
385462387'Black Lives Matter More.' How come you chuds didn't meme that to expose the shitlibs fetish fo…[View]
385465389Why the fuck are farmers not allowed to use fertilizers now is this some kind of joke what the fuck …[View]
385462870/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4278: Previous: >>385453606 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385467323In 3000 YEARS, THE WEST NEVER FALL: The West has always been a dream for the Empires that have forge…[View]
385441596Embrace socialism, reject capitalism[View]
385467831Quebec is the greatest place on the face of continental Americas prove me wrong[View]
385464189Why are jewish people so good at blending in with the host culture? pic related is a jew. post more …[View]
385466882I hate niggers and I'm married to a black woman. Nothing makes niggers seethe more than seeing …[View]
385467617Why does the line for Ukraine drop as soon as they start distancing themselves from Russia?[View]
385464183Let me just say this: Let me just say something about the ginger issue as a ginger male. 'Gingerism'…[View]
385465267LEFTOIDS WANT TO ABORT THIS: Why are they so evil?[View]
385467690kids need to wear a mask: and take the vaccines in order to be able to go to nwo cattle school. clai…[View]
385467264graf: Graf gets pegged by femboys and he likes it[View]
385462644What is the purpose of the armed forces?: >be burger armed forces 20th century. >”OMFG MUH COM…[View]
385466184Reminder that racemixing is child abuse >bbbut it’s when a white guy does it! >asians are hono…[View]
385456696Seriously though, why does /pol/ hate jews so much? I get that you wouldn't like them personall…[View]
385467417Linguistic injustices: ITT we discuss misnomers, such as: Rhode Island isn't a fucking island. …[View]
3854273012020 Election Fraud Info Needed: I need all infographs, memes, links etc regarding 2020 election irr…[View]
385451123I genuinely do not understand why, after hundreds of thousands of years of human history, Christians…[View]
385457823Why aren't shitskins taking baths?: Been in prison for a year. It was full of pakis, moroccans …[View]
385452486Why did Joe Rogan turn on Trump like this?[View]
385466991one day: a straw will break the camels back. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/99198452177804…[View]
385443299DAYUM DUTCHIES: Are you guys OK? How close are you guys to a civil war over this? >tfw unarmed Du…[View]
385466850america is collapsing general: for amerimutts...it's over... how long before SHTF in the west? …[View]
385466780Vai viegli būt jaunam? ('Is It Easy to Be Young?') is a 1986 documentary about troubled yo…[View]
385430100Are American women hyper-aging?: Is this the face of a 25 year old girl? How is it that a modern Ame…[View]
385463325>w...what the p..people want us to focus on.. is Ukraine. ..a..and 'leveling up'.…[View]
385457716ADAM KINZINGER CRIES OVER MEAN VOICEMAILS LEFT FOR HIM: https://twitter.com/repkinzinger/status/1544…[View]
385446278HE WAS SHOT 60 TIMES POL! 60 TIMES[View]
385466053Why do niggers think they have a monopoly on suffering? Armenians had it much worse[View]
385466546>never goes on strike Best golem[View]
385465828One day, anon. One day.[View]
385464555who the fuck cares fuck off with your thrash bump this: worldwide revolution stage 2 nigger >>…[View]
385451460BREAKING!!!. Ukrainian authorities hiding the fact that Zelensky is dying from HIV AIDS: Take a look…[View]
385465135Oil is getting cheaper but gas more expensive by day: Who's behind this? Who's packing the…[View]
385461990NIGGER shoots at police. Gets life in PRISON: >be nigger >beat amateur pornslut girlfriend out…[View]
385466254Kikes have stuff from the Alexandrian library unknown for everyone bus a jew elite. Source: it was r…[View]
385406862This dude is literally married to Bobby Lee[View]
385464893Dutchmen are fighting for their country while you're here demoralised waiting to die[View]
385463755They prayed for their messiah: And when He appeared they murdered Him.[View]
385465191Why is God such a fucking asshole?: >Destroys Tower of Babel >Guides Muhammad during his quest…[View]
385463505Biden is a capitalist. Americans want russian socialist 1$ gas and UBI for rent and to not be in pov…[View]
385464717The US needs to incorporate Canada into its dominion: Canada needs to be incorporated but not subjug…[View]
385465394Why are niggers so despicable: And it's every single nigger I see in the street. It's like…[View]
385463864If 'not my problem' was a country[View]
385465611Pray, Pray, Pray: https://endtimes.video/death-and-the-journey-into-hell/[View]
385445293Redpill: You are probably sterilizing yourself right now: This is the greatest environmental disaste…[View]
385460325/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3250: Prev:>>385450111 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385464912Fed child collection: >they are literally wanting you to give them any and all info about your ch…[View]
385461837Do you think Putin and Lukashenko are lovers?: This must just be western propaganda, right? They can…[View]
385463233>Oi, are we the baddies, Winston?[View]
385462420why every map have this racist ass symbol on it????? one day you cumskins will get what's comin…[View]
385450127MONKEYPOX CASES SKYROCKETING: Numbers are over 7600 now according to wikipedia and other sites! GET …[View]
385461946why do Lithuanians think they know everything?[View]
385464988WW3 Has Officially Begun: >>385464854 (OP) who the fuck cares fuck off with your thrash bump t…[View]
385462954Maghreb ? WTF: Italian police say they have dismantled a criminal gang called ‘Arab Zone 90133’ that…[View]
385461091DeSantis has already won.: He's the next President. You know it, I know it, all of /pol/ is on …[View]
385448615Neder /pol/der general: the CIVIL WAR of the Netherlands: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demor…[View]
385464070since we are so against the common popular thing: if npc's are getting tired from wokeness, wil…[View]
385461529Where is the meme magic lately? its been pretty dead for the past 2 years[View]
385443680Mitch McConnell says labor shortage is because Americans have too much money: Mitch McConnell offere…[View]
385456520What do Conservatives conserve when the world keeps on continuously changing at a rapid pace?[View]
385461535>you NEED to have children goy >it's like your heckin biological duty >you NEED to ge…[View]
385463631This Armenian-American TV roastie is very angry: the police of Farmington Hills, Michigan, use only …[View]
385464133Learn How To Coal: Boy, what an epic boomerang. In 2014 Democrats started shutting down coal plants …[View]
385462606Hello and welcome to the Anti-LGBT Thread. Here we will share content and links that are proofing t…[View]
385462857I am forgotten[View]
385463184I propose that nothing causes mass shooters.: Guns, video games, weed social media. Every day multip…[View]
385459922>im ready for the psyop mom[View]
385464024>some people still believe there's a future[View]
385463881What happened with this? /pol/ was freaking out when this happened back in March. Did Biden get impe…[View]
385463565>be american >go to school to learn how im evil for being white >get shot >go to shart m…[View]
385462276Where is he[View]
385457518In this thread, we remember the heroes of the first and most famous major Holocaust that never happe…[View]
385457221In the 1970s there were 19 mass shootings. 4 of them were random shoot whoever you see killings and …[View]
385461972oh no no no no no >inb4 volume[View]
385463489Nigger Masks: As a scientist from your local university, who worked his way up to become a trusted s…[View]
385458008American millennials and zoomers are realizing if putin ran america gas would be $1, rent would be a…[View]
385461408what is the blackpill surrounding Sir Oswald Mosley?: why didn't I learn about him in school?…[View]
385463166Anus Doctors: I am curious wat people think of my ms paint art. >>outside of my own ass, is th…[View]
385436917>pol still wants to ban abortion[View]
385462238Why do Americans hate Russians: This dude just pretended to be Russian and managed to get every sing…[View]
385450810Uhoh: Looks like we got another scandal on our hand. What is it about politics exactly that attracts…[View]
385459694tristatecity.nl: what the fuck is this?[View]
385452608This is winning: Must have gone to the same military college as Justin Trudeau...[View]
385455310I don’t get this holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no d…[View]
385460310Can you share some of yours /pol?: I’m in a bad spot and could use some white pills.[View]
385453606/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4277: Previous: >>385445414 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
385462856Right wing research thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies.…[View]
385441018New Meth: The reason we have schizophrenic homeless zombies plaguing every major city is because wet…[View]
385462213George Soros unironically said Trump is worse than Putin. https://www.rt.com/news/558447-soros-democ…[View]
385456560Brazilian model and elite sniper dies in ukraine: Why did she have to die guys? She was a young beau…[View]
385446679The Wrong Religion Died...Christianity is False. Gnosticism is the Way. Anonymous[View]
385443349frens, i love you.[View]
385462367Quran 5:82 WTF I love Islam now???[View]
385454379Reddit is retarded[View]
385461381'predator hunters' charged with robbery in sting gone wrong police are now on the hunt for two degen…[View]
385453542Old Money: Where do Quebecois Old Money families live? Where do they vacation? What is their lifesty…[View]
385462141America in a nutshell: Nigger cop on steroids heroicly saves mulatto mutt baby from graciously expir…[View]
385462117Do all of these shooters and psychopaths who run the world all look like this?[View]
385462250Chuds need to smell their poop. NOW!!: https://iqfy.com/women-smell-trans-inclusivity/ Do chuds even…[View]
385446859The notion of fetuses being human is a uniquely Christian one, at least in the West. Gentleman like …[View]
385460647It’s time to expect Yahweh’s warm embrace[View]
385462204Goyslop Thread: This is 'non-stick Butter Flavored COOKING SPRAY' (so the label reads) from (((WinCo…[View]
385462082An egyptian launched an awareness campaign to affirm that there are indeed only 2 genders. It is now…[View]
385462170Sul Ross: What a life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Sullivan_Ross[View]
385453180>Saggin' Nance has finally turned them loose[View]
385460787REMINDER THAT THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 5 MONTHS: Democrats are going to win this …[View]
385453416You cannot defend this without shamelessly getting on your knees, opening your mouth, and begging fo…[View]
385449799Why won't you guys let us change this shit? Why don't you let us regulate caps on this shi…[View]
385460129Queer Families are Normal: Queer families are totally normal. Your child is probibly gender chaotic …[View]
385458907I've taken a flu shot every year all my life. I've taken 2 covid shots + 2 boosters. And I…[View]
385460439CIVIL WAR! WILL NOT COMPLY, THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY!: >Harris calls for renewing the assault weapo…[View]
385454915what is it about work that is horrible? every job i had it was horrible, ive had many different kind…[View]
385444449Aus/pol/ - no news edition: How big of a poo do you think this roo can do?[View]
385459642What is there problem?[View]
385460468How much longer before the U.S. inevitably takes care of Mexico and holds them accountable for allow…[View]
385454762Listeria Outbreak: 10 states, 23 victims (so far) Source? > unknown Symptoms? >Fever, flu-like…[View]
385460575i will be alive in the year 2066[View]
385458497How can the majority of human society return to a wholesome tribal society instead of the degenerate…[View]
385454232The more times you get COVID the worst it gets >https://www.yahoo.com/now/covid-could-screw-worse…[View]
385434788On a scale of 1 to 10, how severe is your nigger fatigue?[View]
385450821VIVA CATALUÑA[View]
385457968I want to spread my fertilizer over those gargantuan udders[View]
385461494Artist and Musicians of /pol/ Appreciation Thread: Musicians and artists of /pol/ have any of you cr…[View]
385457308IN PRISON[View]
385458671Will the based black guy get rid of gay rights?[View]
385454720How do libertarians justify their economic policy when China built the world's largest economy …[View]
385455923He wants 3 quarters of a trillion dollars: You WILL send him more gibs. And you will be happy.…[View]
385455502HAPPENING: UK HEALTH SECRETARY JAVID RESIGNS: 'It has been an enormous privilege to serve in this ro…[View]
385458628Italy Locusts Plagoe: Eat the bugs edition: > media blackout > italy has massive drought > …[View]
385458316What are the implications of chicom special ops creating and disseminating AI-generated pornography?…[View]
385457712Can we please have state flags on post ID's?: It seems like it would be a pretty easy feature t…[View]
385459975Truth about 'Mario': The truth about Mario is that his original name was actually Muhammed, a Palest…[View]
385452561Name one person you respect from a demographic that you generally dislike.[View]
385457858'Two-weeks' syndrome: Nothing will happen. Nothing ever good or interesting ever happens ever. I liv…[View]
385461090You goys are getting played: Kikes are taking your pepes and dank memes and turning them into nfts t…[View]
385432627Is learning to code a meme?[View]
385459458What do you think is the middle one's diet like?[View]
385459342There's a Google chrome extension that allow you to see embedded images. What /pol/ thoughts on…[View]
385460132WELCOME TO PEAK CLOWN WORLD!: Since the pandemic started winding down we are steadily approaching pe…[View]
385454343what happened to pol its always been a shithole but over the last 5 years its turned into literal br…[View]
385450764Just got back from Texas, this State is so fucking based.: I'm a Conservative born and raised i…[View]
385460210Now the UK went into the shitter: Whose country is the next that just fall apart? Two of Prime Minis…[View]
385460121Why are some middle easterners white and others inbred demon spawn?[View]
385455740The state of America: Establishments can’t have ashtrays but they can have dirty needle receptacles.…[View]
385452860Is he trying to sabotage himself?: There's no fucking way he can be this stupid, right?[View]
385456009>be American >wake up >listen to The Star-Spangled Banner while clapping nonstop >waddle…[View]
385459411Will I get laid if I become a rapper?[View]
385455748will white people migrate to asia when the west collapses[View]
385408813Would the US win in a war against Venezuela? https://twitter.com/DenisRogatyuk/status/15443847354173…[View]
385450868Let's talk about it[View]
385449687Fuck both China and Russia, we're going to fuck they're shit up , plain n simple, Putin is…[View]
385457936Is it possible to stop China?[View]
385455799Somebody from Alberta redpill me on Smith. I voted for her once before. Will she save our Province f…[View]
385456732Why don't you have white children yet?: Their are plenty of young fertility Latinas who will ta…[View]
385460081thinking your in control is dumb. you can't control forces outside of you, you can only control…[View]
385458279I do not feel at home in /pol/ anymore: I feel like half the board is unironic faggots. What happene…[View]
385459205I feel like I need to pressure my gf everytime we have sex.[View]
385456460/pol/ open ai beta thread: poop[View]
385459194Would you like to live in Republican town? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6pv0_eK960[View]
385455457How do Jews dominate inferior races so easily? They make it seem effortless[View]
385450111/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3249: Prev:>>385433134 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385429722He’s Right You Know: Boomercide is the solution to almost every political/social/economic problem we…[View]
385453106Harry Potter was the vehicle through which the neoliberal agenda for this century was transported ev…[View]
385454082Does /pol/ support trans rights? I hope you do sweeties![View]
385458018AI-Generated Pornography: What are the implications of chicom special ops creating and disseminating…[View]
385444825laughter is best medicine, post a joke in this thread: what do you get when you cross a fire hose wi…[View]
385454933White thread: God damn I am proud to be white. ITT >aesthetics >literature >reading and r…[View]
385455972>pol chooses to forget me, but I still remain at the bottom of the sea[View]
385459004I am pro Ukraine. I am pro Taiwan. I am pro Israel. And there is nothing you contrarian Chudlets, wh…[View]
385459193No gas for us means no gas for you: You do realize that if Germany is cut off from Russian gas, Germ…[View]
385456522Rule Britannia: how did this happen…[View]
385410315America will dominate spaceflight this decade. Not even China or Russia will match our capabilities[View]
385459062Real talk: i'm white. i'm not ashamed to admit cunny is based. i'm not ashamed to adm…[View]
385455746so it seems that the globohomo wanna ban the guns in the USA to turn this country in the absolute st…[View]
385458868Get In here Canadian Anons: Canada has gone full Totalitarian Patrick Brown disqualified from Conse…[View]
385458728Why do niggers hate animals?[View]
385441213Is Zionism inherently bad? Doesn’t the Bible say Israel is supposed to be restored to its former glo…[View]
385457126Why?: i was told by the media that blacks are more physically capable, surely the media was smarter …[View]
385445708Culinary Entomology[View]
385449757Russia orders Jewish Agency to stop operations in country - exclusive - The Jerusalem Post: >The …[View]
385406880OMG I was at the mass shooting it was so scary :( here are my tits[View]
385456428You are all victims of confirmation bias.[View]
385454901Was this supposed to be intimidating?[View]
385431160Nigger Ass Neighbor Thugs: So, we bought a house on what was a nice white street in Pittsburgh about…[View]
385450288What are the political implications of garbage such as marvel movies on modern society? What drives …[View]
385413505ukrainesisters.... is it over?[View]
385453885What do angry white young males do in countries that don't have access to assault weapons? How …[View]
385456695What are the top 3 redpills that you wish everyone knew?[View]
385456705Lives in America Won't obey traffic laws Shoplifts every day Doesn't care about making nei…[View]
385457335School Shooting Thread: List of American School Shootings This Year: >04/01/22- Auburn High Schoo…[View]
385436623Killer Clowns from Outer Space: Recently I've rediscovered this subject regarding Jesters and T…[View]
385452077Does anyone still want to become a cop in 2022?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arP7BNtieXg You cou…[View]
385455873Mother Germany: Germany is the Urheimat of the white race. It is where we evolved. Whether you are R…[View]
385451902If you agree with what I'm saying you are a true aryan: For more than a hundred years, jews hav…[View]
385454332White race is literally over.: It's over. Even the exemplar of the top of the top white females…[View]
385455468>and the reward for suffering energy shortages, recession, and poverty so that Ukraine survives R…[View]
385455236Releasing carbon dioxide is pro-life: The more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the more p…[View]
385446741Eric Striker says the shooter is a /pol/cel: It's over for /pol/[View]
385453660I'm Not Trying To Rain On His Parade But...: Seven deaths isn't really that impressive. Su…[View]
385449301What goes on here besides homelessness and drug addiction?[View]
385454448I've taken all doses/boosters and I feel just fine.[View]
385456144Why aren’t even these 2 pussys afraid of Russia anymore? They’re ignoring Russian threats[View]
385446615Bro, Vegas is shafted dawg, what are they going to do when the hoover dam stops producing power htt…[View]
385449978psycho disney advertising mind control for corporate drones: here is the 'big hero' one. im looking …[View]
385457372Optics means looking cool: Post reworked lefty symbols[View]
3854400712024 Map if DeSantis wins the Primary.[View]
385454018GET IN HERE: What are you faggots doing to make sure you are respectful during our political discuss…[View]
385439917The whole youtubers entrapping pedos online then shaming them genre is about to die: Previous thread…[View]
385455418So Texas is where everything in the US is going to pop off, right? They seem to be itching for a fig…[View]
385447945I'm looking for a reliable source on NATO being responsible for the 2015 refugee crisis. A sour…[View]
385447100Why Are Women Such Cunts?[View]
385456735What happened to the GreatAgain.gov hiring database? Remember after Trump's victory in 2016, wh…[View]
385456606I want to join the secret service but feel like they're currently fucking retarded. When will t…[View]
385456253what the fuck is happening here?: every once in a while I'll see some alarmist post about the N…[View]
385453404It feels Google is trying tell me something. Yes I'm an Muslim and and I hate Jews why does Goo…[View]
385450196This is what $6 Canadian rupies get you nowadays: We're so fucked aren't we bros....…[View]
385456136Anyone ever heard of MAG BITTER TRUTH OFFICIAL?: I swear he sounds like a schizo, as well as being a…[View]
385455677Japanese culture is centered around zainichis. They have holidays for zainichis. They lost hundreds …[View]
385456019Russia appreciation thread: while the rest of the europoors sperg at the mention of Russia, this is …[View]
385455658Giganigga Snails forcing a Florida town to shut down: https://twitter.com/i/events/15442485498142720…[View]
385453762I've taken all doses+boosters and I feel just fine.[View]
385447211What if i told you: Inflation is interest on the national debt[View]
385442021In Canada the whiies are so gay that we have Chinese gangsters lmao!: Whites are so gay and cucked t…[View]
385444775Would you rather have a NASA space program or a tax cut?[View]
385451511Anyone else notice that only Democrats still get the COOF? https://archive.is/wip/wBOer[View]
385445919How would the founding fathers treated Twitter after they won?[View]
385453566HAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA: this guy never learns[View]
385453350America is truly over.[View]
385453346This is why I'm not starting a white family: I refuse to have a family that will promote white …[View]
385443135What happens here?[View]
385455164;-): This is genuinely the most important and potentially most consequential book ever written. Remo…[View]
385455331We need joe Biden and the FBI to come out and admit the biggest threat to Americans today is radical…[View]
385452207“my dad was trying to decide how i should be paid allowance…”[View]
385455425'Ukraine has already won.' At some point these people will need to be protected from themselves in a…[View]
385454710Is it accurate to say the Jew is to the white as the white is to the black?[View]
385450712Trannies are the biggest threat to America[View]
385438234The hell?: There’s no mandate anymore. Why the fuck do i still see only Asians wearing the cück mask…[View]
385453942yes. the election was stolen in november 2020. we all agree. why the fuck do we still have trump thr…[View]
385453058Why do people romanticize Europe and pretend like most of it isn't a shithole?[View]
385453698is it actually wrong to objectify women? or is that just sour grapes from old hags that don't g…[View]
385453840So word is Biden is going to send the US military in: Because he does whatever Jew bankers tell him …[View]
385454016What are you doing to secure your place in the Chinese century?[View]
385444833The future belongs to vaxx babies: Pure blood babies will not be able to compete against their vaxxe…[View]
385454270Catholics church affirms gay couples: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tb_Dy4vlu1M[View]
385446532explain yourself roos: how come Australians just handed over their guns? 1776 could have begun again…[View]
385453902Phantom Thread: What are the political & social implications of this film? Vis-à-vis power dynam…[View]
385428135you boys ready for gruesome newsome?[View]
385453590I do not feel like China is a threat anymore: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/05/china-im…[View]
385429292Mexican-Americans will lead the fascist uprising in the United States: Right-wing Mexican-Americans …[View]
385409156Someone sold this kid an AR15 with hundreds of rounds of ammunition: Should the USA add a >”just…[View]
385451877Did we do it?: Did we really birth the most elaborate troll in recent human history? Is it all racis…[View]
385415982Indiana Thread: BASED HOOSIER THREAD; OTHER STATES NEED NOT REPLY ITT you can only post if you live …[View]
385442961Why the Hunter Hate?: I have witnessed a troubling development on this board. Despite the tranny jan…[View]
385452483Should it be legal for store security to rape teenage girls that they catch shoplifting?[View]
385453298IT WASNT SO BAD: >Be medieval serf >Live and work amongst nature >holidays/feasts 100 days …[View]
385452485>$2,000 fine for pushing on your own driveway >$200 per day concompliance fee ever day after …[View]
385445414/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4276: Previous: >>385437680 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385435433Try to defend this sick joke of a country[View]
385450582Why are white people like this?[View]
385452883WTF I THOUGH RACE MIXING WAS BAD?: Africans are purebred Homo Sapiens. All non-Africans are mutts wi…[View]
385450681New silicon structure throw[View]
385405301It's tough out there: You can't even trust a fridge[View]
385448182Blacks aren't even sentient: What are the political implications of blacks not even being consc…[View]
385449358GOP says you guy are good, so why are you bitching about inflation? No you do not need higher wages …[View]
385453104BOTSWANA NOW CAN INTO BUTTSEX THANKS TO TRUMP!: What are the political implications of AIDS: The Cou…[View]
385453482Globos, corporations, feminists etc won't stfu about 'body positivity/acceptance/whatever' and …[View]
385448558https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-aND-NUTRITION-LOSS/ https://www.politico.c…[View]
385447153Right as Cern powered up again, the LHC switched the captchas from 2 different dimensions. Our dimen…[View]
385447458Gentle Reminder: Putin will be killed by his best friends...in the foreseeable future.[View]
385451186What have conservatives conserved besides the negroid's rights to impregnate their daughters?[View]
385449079When did you realize that we would see a free and sovereign Quebec and Alberta before 2024?[View]
385440633Civic National Socialism: Hispanics are slowly but surely integrating and are pretty based. Arabs ar…[View]
385450989YOU VATNIKS HAVE REALLY FUCKED UP NOW: https://www.chess.com/article/view/on-the-invasion-of-ukraine…[View]
385452721I'd be more ok with abortion if society collectively agreed that using abortion as a contracept…[View]
385453137>creates global warming[View]
385452874was he the most based lad in the history of American politics?: >Why I am a Nazi instead of a con…[View]
385453071PEAK CLOWN WORLD HAPPENING NOW!: Since the pandemic started winding down we are steadily approaching…[View]
385450862Was he based?[View]
385440889Rule followers can suck my cock and balls: If you don't have kids and you're not armed yet…[View]
385446371Soo seriously what is going to happen: Russia is eventually going to cut all gas to Europe probably …[View]
385452549Capitalism is a self destructive system that needs ever cheaper labor, ever cheaper costs, and perme…[View]
385443569/gdt/ Global Depopulation Thread: Was Jonas Salk based?: > hates over population > hates low I…[View]
385450227Xi JinPing: Is he greatest leader of our time? And what are the political implication on Taiwan now …[View]
385438260Girl apologizes for refusing to date incel parade shooter: >The 21-year-old woman, who asked not …[View]
385449083Why are some countries still going hard with COVID faggotry while others have completely moved on?: …[View]
385448105Modern life sucks: Aside from certain foods, certain parts of technology, and medicine, modern life …[View]
385452587Webpage with links to covidpill info? Twitter removed a post that linked to a site with links to stu…[View]
385436095India vs Pakistan: If India and Pakistan go to war I will support India because of Indias rich cultu…[View]
385428581Was Napoleon Bonaparte based?[View]
385451369Mass shooter home movies, show me watcha got pussies. https://odysee.com/@x45d:0/Parkland_Shooter_N…[View]
385451938VR is an untapped pool of boundless potential >perform physical labor through VR >Use VR for m…[View]
385444547Why is it always groypers and /pol/fags that do this shit? Can you faggots just stop being terrorist…[View]
385442276Would you learn french to marry a nigger?: He could have moved to africa[View]
385442489This is to leaf CHUDS: you WILL be BOOSTED every nine months: And you will be happy. You mat not bel…[View]
385438877The first fiat currency: >be the world today >use fiat currency >China was the first count…[View]
385450876about amish population: how this shit even sustainable ? Their population should be strictly control…[View]
385449135dutch are doing more than America will ever do we are a cucked nation with no help[View]
385445174Why is it that the overwhelming amount of people that Andrew interviews are incredibly stupid?[View]
385450401White woman & male dogs. Why so common?: Serious answers only to why white woman & male dogs…[View]
385451681NIGGER shoots at police. Gets life in PRISON: >be nigger >beat amateur pornslut girlfriend out…[View]
385451555Kek you know she's right[View]
385451671imagine this idea. jurrasic park dominion was intentially made to be shit so that whenever someone w…[View]
385446796What if vaccines realy do cause autism and that’s why there’s so many incels now[View]
385443774Is Quebec Europe in America?[View]
385447239Japan: What is /pol/‘s opinion on this country? They seem to make communists and liberals and chinko…[View]
385451427Have you heard about this?: Hey guys, what do all mexicans and gays have in common? They’re both byp…[View]
385425093is ANYTHING sacred anymore?!? >look up deus ex story and get into conspiracy theories >this g…[View]
385429671Why did Tranbo do it?[View]
385444805Chechens Are Going to Berlin[View]
385438626Strike and Mike 221 #2: Ignore the joo posting and bump the thread.[View]
385428456you should wake up and be a slave to the middle east, cause God is there: how dumb are mudslimes? Ar…[View]
385444868I am an alt-right fascist white female AMA: I'm bored and genuinely curious as to what people w…[View]
385450358What are some ways we can 'do' something? Not 'we' as in we all agree, but what are some ways to do …[View]
385420113>be canadian >be remarkably similar culturally and ethnically to any american north of the 40t…[View]
385444530Why are trannies so much powerful in the west? https://twitter.com/search?q=%22Jordan%20Peterson%22…[View]
385416905Gunman painted on side of Crimo's parents' house: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1…[View]
385440111This guy will unironically be a better president than any GOP canidate. Have you all been brainwashe…[View]
385448407BAHAHA Shooter was a troon. White-male-shooter drones in the mud.[View]
385446703NATO: Do you see NATO collapsing in the next 5 years?[View]
385447975DAILY REMINDER: Elon Musk is a pedophile and works for the glowies: his is a daily reminder that eve…[View]
385450828/pol/ humor thread: >POV >youre trans(male)…[View]
385441918It's kinda funny: A decade ago when talks of ending fat shaming and promoting body positivity a…[View]
385450397How do I find a superior jewish goddess to serve?[View]
385450375This is a slide thread: Like, I'm not going to insult /pol/'s intelligence by posting fake…[View]
385442135Hey pedro, you said the vaccine was was, what gives man?: Veteran guitarist Carlos Santana passed ou…[View]
385443835Why don't we have more political black zoomers[View]
385448150Why can’t Jews fight pol? Look at this.[View]
385432224War between the jews: u guys probably dont know there is a war between jews right now... orthodox vs…[View]
385447840Explain to me in 5 words or less why do Ukrainians claim the Russian's aren't white and ar…[View]
385448630Privyet, where are the German women?: Ya have moy SVT-40 with me blyat. I want to rape some sauerkra…[View]
385449841clown world: they own it. we just live in it.[View]
385448818Pim Tool Wants Drumpf To Run Again: https://www.audible.com/pd/B0B5VVDDMS https://www.thedailybeast.…[View]
385449390>votes republican wat do?[View]
385444271I think in normal life our consciousness is way over stimulated than what we were designed for. Info…[View]
385449410Releasing Carbon Dioxide if Pro-Life: The more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the more p…[View]
385444932How do you reconcile the knowledge that this is pure communism with the fact that those profits only…[View]
385443289Imagine no jews, no muslims, no niggers[View]
385442415Religious businesses should be forced to cater gay weddings. Nobody attends a wedding and thinks 'su…[View]
385445619>shooter was obsessed with 47 It’s literally just the swastika capital steez mixtapes (Joey bada$…[View]
385448239monkeypox creator revealed: This guy created the monkeypox thoughts?[View]
385443407Be honest, you want them to win to make liberals seethe: I don't know about inter-Slavic confli…[View]
385448980I vote based off of who is more entertaining. If trump won’t run then I’m voting for Biden. I’m pro …[View]
385447671Alberta Hate Thread: >Cities are multicultural shitholes >Ruraloids are fat, civnat retards …[View]
385444486Links etc..[View]
385408335They blurred her gad damn tits!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhy4LlJAPBE[View]
385449698I am not the world's savior.: Christ has said it himself. The world is damned. This world is a …[View]
385447222What is wrong with the youth today?[View]
385449173Why does owning massive mansions with huge sprawling pools makes you more likely to commit suicide b…[View]
385433134/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3248: Prev:>>385421092 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385445562The Great Salt Lake is the new Aral Sea: Utah, wtf are you guys doing? >On July 3, the level of …[View]
385420579Biggest L in history[View]
385446045I'm the only proud boy in canada[View]
385426784BREAKING: Tapes reveal Eichmann admitted to the Holocaust: Through demands by Israeli filmmaker Kobi…[View]
385447795Boris Johnson is Turkish[View]
385420083WHAT GUN?????!!!!: Why are authorities not naming the weapon used by Crimo, the shooter? They named …[View]
385449080Were Wild West outlaws based and redpilled? They didn't wanna waste their lives wage cucking an…[View]
385445716Astro-Religion: What are the implications of this? It's really starting to look like Astrotheol…[View]
385447120Shit is Getting Real: Is it just me or could shit kick off in the US of A. Seems like last year or s…[View]
385444918>Gen Alpha will be legally able to post here next year What are we going to call them? aoomer won…[View]
385446282It's over for vaxxies and vax pushers https://twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/15443930160640204…[View]
385445255If you returned to 2007 with your memories intact what would you do?[View]
385433300So what even happened here?: Does anyone actually remember it? I’m clueless on what the “Alamo” even…[View]
385426283WTF is wrong with China?: why do they dump so much toxic shit into their water supply?[View]
385447082Does Any anon have pictures of Robert Crimo's Tattoos? Please post what you got. I can't…[View]
385408724I'm from a third world country. Next month, my Computer Science classes will start. I'll p…[View]
385448190Comfiest state?[View]
385437156Need 750 Billions in USD: >I will build a Ukraine and the USA is going to pay for it. can this gu…[View]
385440441/HEG/ Healthy Eating General: 173 KB JPG I want start a regular threaded dedicated to promoting heal…[View]
385447897>There are people on this board who still believe in Democracy: >There are people on this boar…[View]
385430794Maybe CERN shifted us to the happening timeline[View]
385447775This Canadian pastor tells his parishioners how health officials donated $50,000 to the Church to pr…[View]
385447676I knew trannies were Nazis.[View]
385447235The highland park was a troon: Buahahahaha[View]
385440280What's the experience of dealing with the public week in week out when you're a cop?: Is i…[View]
385447761This new timeline: sure is spicy right off the bat[View]
385445074Black kids playing between the ruins of the former world built by white men, similar to how modern I…[View]
385445668Each shooting glows brighter than the last.[View]
385445898Collectivism: The unpopular truth about collectivism in picrel… “ Collectivism breeds a mentality th…[View]
385443506mexi/pol/: hola amigos[View]
385437410Elon, Trump and Kash all just happen to be posting comms about “socks” at the same time[View]
385439893So did anyone ever figure out what the fuck this was[View]
385446172Oh no Pfizer Bros... Vaxxies going to get BTFO'd: Uruguayan Judge has demanded that Pfizer rele…[View]
385450028Politics: Politics thread: Talk about politics here.[View]
385445569god this shit is so corny nobody gives a fuck about any of these people except their relatives, sor…[View]
385418752was GirlsDoPorn really sex trafficking, or was it just the Jews punishing a Latino man for fucking 6…[View]
385442017What the fuck?: The whole “nazis made human skin lampshades” that they had taught me in middle schoo…[View]
385427522SAY..... HIS..... NAME.....[View]
385447066Honk honk https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/benefits-world-hunger[View]
385446678Reminder this bloke thinks /pol/ is going to take over new zealand release him and give him the nobe…[View]
385413726UFOs: Aliens or a political smoke-screen to hide military technology?[View]
385424185Thoughts on the ongoing global financial collapse? Is there any silver lining to hyperinflation?[View]
385409722>head over to timcastdotcom and become a member >also pls send superchats…[View]
385444314My white friend started dating a black woman. I hate modern America[View]
385445406we did it again AZ bros[View]
385440901The fact that everyone in the world doesn’t temporarily ignore all their differences, put aside old …[View]
385436206Who has the weirdest traffic systems?: I say it's definitely the British.[View]
385437680/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4275: Previous: >>385431403 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385446226>NATO and the US government want the American taxpayers to give this man $750 billion dollars Why…[View]
385446330BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: >Somali born rep >Booed off stage by 10,000 Somalis https://townhall.com…[View]
385430393If you’re Northern European you descend from violent shitskin nomads (proto Gypsies).[View]
385445425Is he based?[View]
385443326Where?: How are you even supposed to find these guys? What do journalists do to actually find them a…[View]
385440461>Oi, are we the baddies, m8?[View]
385445123Well?: Pretty interesting how /pol/ quickly goes from supporting a mass shooting to frantically deny…[View]
385440075Our guy Tommy H got the Billy Balls treatment. Price you pay to the cabal in Hollywood. You got to m…[View]
385444763why are European leaders manlets?: American presidents: biden - 6'0 trump - 6'3 obama - 6…[View]
385442041Russia has been so pathetic this war I could probably kill 100 of them with my bear hands.[View]
385424706Does society set unrealistic beauty standards for women, while men do not face the same pressures? I…[View]
385438619>that'll be 750million plus tax you fucking owe me, /pol/. This was your war you know?…[View]
385442121Say something nice about her.[View]
385442515did he had a girlfriend[View]
385424662Brazilian random whore/sniper got Russia'd in Ukraine. What the fuck was this bitch thinking? M…[View]
385442799Sedentary childhood is killing the west: A lack of excercise impacts negatively in the testosterone …[View]
385438420monkeypox-statistics.com is fucking with their data to make it seem like the numbers are levelling o…[View]
385443185They can't say that! That's OUR WORD[View]
385439560THE MORE YOU DON'T IGNORE ME THE CLOSER I GET: Why is he impossible to cancel? https://www.nme.…[View]
385443834Why can't we just let kids be themselves? Why are conservatives for small government except whe…[View]
385433975Pentagon wants space based troop and cargo delivery: The pentagon is interested in using SpaceX…[View]
385431275Spain was literally fascist till the 70s: Why aren't they talked about more?[View]
385443373She's a 10 but has pronouns in her bio[View]
385423630/pol/ humour thread[View]
385444349Immigration Solved: Only allow unmarried women to immigrate. Think about it, this basically solves t…[View]
385444720Shooter's liberal instagram account is fake: Oh no no NO NO NO NOT AGAIN BROS, HOW DO WE KEEP F…[View]
385442418What would happen if white people did pic related?[View]
385442129Truth: /pol did not radicalize me. Reddit DID. The constant bans from all main steam social media, t…[View]
385431042The truth of covid: So everyone here has been running around convinced covid and the vaccines were s…[View]
385444955New POTP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ96yu3W-pc[View]
385438379Is it true that Canada was a blue-collar paradise for normal white guys in the 1980's? The more…[View]
385441587I am forgotten[View]
385408309spain/pol/: isabel edition[View]
385428825Pew Pew Pew.[View]
385441301We are coming for you: Don’t you feel it? We’ve mad it mandatory to teach kids to be homos. We’ve …[View]
385443612Hey guys, bit of a leaf thought here, what would the political implications of Russia having surpris…[View]
385440520Listen, I am a certified film buff: And I honestly get impressed by how much connectivity and a shar…[View]
385436200Disarm the kike take out the Nigger: The kikes armor and weapon is the Nigger and Nigger culture... …[View]
385438573My friends want me to stop saying racial slurs, and I want to stop saying racial slurs as well. What…[View]
385444138caption it[View]
385439834>ATTENTION: emergency protocols have been activated, please exit the facility now…[View]
385442622How do I download political videos from Bitchute to mp3? Anyone got a GitHub or website? I can'…[View]
385434855US Christian Right pours more than $50m into Africa: >Conservative groups increase their spending…[View]
385418571I am gay and support Trump/DeSantis 2024: Does /pol/ support me?[View]
385426558McDonald’s employee accused of spitting into drink; customer ‘sucked up mucus’ with straw: >A Las…[View]
385432888Whats wrong with switching away from meat to more sustainable eco friendly less harmful food sources…[View]
385440867CERN: Wtf happend with this thing today?[View]
385437784Why is drinking blood legal?: Everyone instinctively knows it's degenerate and evil.[View]
385441227/aig/ - ANTI INSURRECTION GENERAL: >Trump getting excuses ready before the election https://www.p…[View]
385421528Covid Clots Are Not Blood Clots: Covid Clots are not blood clots https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06…[View]
385443587I don't get it, why don't people want cover up my sons shit in Ukraine?: Come on man…[View]
385429160The Wrong Religion Died...Christianity is False. Gnosticism is the Way.[View]
385437859I just paid $124 for 3 weeks of groceries. Who’s fault is this?[View]
385434069Who has the video of Crimos mom going full Karen mode on the cops[View]
385434192China can go suck a fat dick , I hope a bunch of Chinese girls get shot on the fucking news, fuck As…[View]
385441733EURO BEING MANIPULATED: The Euro just hit a 20 year low, making it virtually impossible for our comp…[View]
385440188Gay Pedo sex trafficking EXPOSED!: There is a secret, vast network of gay men who fuck kids in the u…[View]
385437563i feel changed[View]
385441830/pol interprets my destiny: I asked the all knowing overlords and this is what they say. What does i…[View]
385438463NEARLY TWO MILLION DOLLAR GOFUNDME FOR VICTIMS: an orphaned kid is getting upwards of $ 1.6 million …[View]
385433296Burgers: Let us not forget this fallen hero. Press F to pay respects.[View]
385442718i missed the video from chicago, anyone got it?[View]
385443382Is this what UK people look like?: ugly goomba shitskins?[View]
385440104Oh shit, it's the shooter in a MAGA hat and a weabboo meme pepe hoodie. I guess he was a /pol/ …[View]
385431463Ben Shapiro: This guy's honestly not bad to listen to if you focus on the facts and ignore some…[View]
385440972Why are Americans like this?: gross obesity should not be acceptable from a political or social stan…[View]
385441047Chink Doctors Say Vaccine Caused Heart Problems!: >Medical experts say they saw an increase of al…[View]
385421444CIA, what are you willing to do to save your relatives?: CIA, what are you willing to do to save you…[View]
385443084Is this smart?[View]
385438785>nothing in at my company works because there's not enough IT people >however there'…[View]
385439250Putin says 'Finland and Sweden have nothing to worry about: Putin said: “We do not have such pr…[View]
385438345Hitman: Agent 47: The media is so confused about Robert Crimo's '47' tattoo on his face. Crimo …[View]
385442502Canada reintroduces vaccine requirements: https://torontosun.com/news/national/two-doses-are-no-long…[View]
385439892American Hate Thread: Americans smell like niggers edition[View]
385415019How do you get a 20 year prison sentence for trafficking kids to nobody?[View]
385442455Canaani: What are the political implications of Kanan and Ezra fighting as rebels again the Empire c…[View]
385433327I'm a political scientist AMA: Hi, I'm a political scientist with master degrees in memeti…[View]
385442609What were Minions saying?: >bad guys are lead by one of (((them))) >plot thickens when they be…[View]
385372034Right wing research thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies.…[View]
385442321'God killed 12 million Jews.': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhnQf2wyHhQ&t=114s[View]
385433227Vice News Is The ANTICHRIST: Vice News released an article today titled 'Christian Fascist Propogand…[View]
385440363Why aren't you sending photos of your children to the FBI, /pol/? There's an app for that …[View]
385440261/pol/ approved movies and books[View]
38543418623 y/o female, somehow managed to dodge getting any of the vaccines despite massive social pressure …[View]
385410900Times they got caught lying: Looking for other events when the media got caught lying like this…[View]
385438277>Robert Cremo >Adam Lanza When the fuck are we going to ban assault Italians?…[View]
385441425tyt: tyt is watching 4chan now say somthing nice also this sums up the take away from this event fro…[View]
385427006what is behind the absolutely fucking relentless drive to shut down farmers, Good cheap food makes p…[View]
385414689>b-b-b-but he was ANTIFA: The amount of copium you all are huffing to try to make the shooter out…[View]
385438401FREE FOR ALL!! CHOOSE YOUR VICTOR bonus points for smash ball ideaa[View]
385439604Stop fetishizing small businesses. They are the first gatekeeper in exploiting the working class: ma…[View]
385435781DeSantis will win the Republican primary. Trump will run as a 3rd-party, and this is how the 2024 ma…[View]
385436835RON DESANTIS 2024: Say hello to you next new president, libtard. Come 2024 we’re taking back this o…[View]
385438814ITT: Facts that piss off environmentalists, leftists and communists. >My motorcycle is better fo…[View]
385441403I want to learn more about fascism and nazism: >Title For the past couple of years I have delved …[View]
385441242Cringe Thread: Political Cringe Thread Here ill start[View]
385438274January 6 should have been a successfull operation: They should have killed everyone that gets in th…[View]
385433967Jews destroying the Germanic and Slavic races is a good thing.[View]
385438455Tick Eradication Techniques: This is political since government health care is a normal debate and s…[View]
385438892Favela vs detroit, nyc, baltimore, los angeles: which is worse? enough spics have invaded and there …[View]
385437969I used to think he was a cringe lobertarian but now Im thinking he may actually be based https://www…[View]
385435797The US military is filled with niggers and will lose against Russia and China. https://www.statista.…[View]
385429269You haven’t heard what kind of rifle he used: If he used an AR that all you’d be hearing[View]
385442233U niggers is fucking with me: Captcha is 5 not 6 characters it's 5 stop fucking around jannies …[View]
385436799It's True. All Of It.: A grossly underplayed and monumental mega redpill series here. All cross…[View]
385418507Her sex partner wants joe Biden to make concessions to Russia to get her out of jail… any chance he …[View]
385443408Good luck boys.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DUESvITrvsI[View]
385439622Leave this place: There are political ramifications to spending your time here after you are fully r…[View]
385436582>be american >attend 4th of july festivities with my wifes son >watch the pride flags wave …[View]
385435521Redpill me on WMAF: Redpill me on WMAF Also whats the asian tier list? >Viet, Korean, Jap, Chink,…[View]
385439673Autism idea.: Only people with 1 mil net worth or less can run for president. You can only campaign …[View]
385430438This is why the footage of Crimo's mother Crimo's was blurred: https://www.cbsnews.com/chi…[View]
385428771How can anyone afford this?[View]
385428959This is extremely based: This is how soldiers are supposed to defend you from aliens. 'We were just …[View]
385432996Valery Fabrikant: Professor School Shooter: This guy shot up my uni in the 90’s because he caught pr…[View]
385431767DEADLY TICK DISEASE HAPPENING: Powassan virus is already spreading in the USA and has killed 2 peopl…[View]
385432336is covid over?: Is covid really just over? I'm not really in touch with normies or the news or …[View]
385440040How kiked was the Cuban Revolution?: I know how kiked the russian revolution was but how kiked was t…[View]
385438702Be honest, India is a great and powerful country[View]
385405887aus/pol/: What for brekkie cunt? >Charges against organisers of Melbourne’s BLM march to be dropp…[View]
385438963elon musk is a globalist >he's a known wef member >he's attended the 'world order su…[View]
385433473I do really want the story anon[View]
385437996Which Way, White Man?: .[View]
385425015The whole youtubers entrapping pedos online then shaming them genre is about to die: One of the most…[View]
385430545Japan whitepill thread: If Japan is still allowed to exist and be the way it is, then the world can…[View]
385432953Sheboon attacks street vendor: https://youtu.be/J7Z9AgIV-yE[View]
385439721How bad is the vax shedding ? can you get vaxxed by close contact ?: https://youtu.be/c-pVQShu7c0?t=…[View]
385429268Learning a trade: Is learning a trade the biggest redpill? I just finished hs, i'm 18. I find m…[View]
385429652Black people want segregation: Is America doomed to be resegregated? I’ve never seen racial tensions…[View]
385427552>Philadelphia Mayor with Real Madrid's jersey wtf I love Philadelphia now, how's that c…[View]
385426141Crimo in a dress: >No chud he was in disguise not a tranny With facial hair?…[View]
385438542Left-Wing Terrorism: We talk about antifa terrorism. Why do they always fail? >In July 2019, anti…[View]
385423710Japanese government hands out booklet saying 'Homosexuality is an addiction' and 'LGBT suicide is th…[View]
385437501I’m a goy, my ancestors have been living in Europe far longer than yours you filthy Central Asian mu…[View]
385438630looks like they forgot to turn friendly fire off[View]
385410281JUST: The ABSOLUTE state of the White British Culture.[View]
385426244R1b are cucks?: Why were R1b-countries ruled by rare farmer's G (Plantagenets and Burbones) and…[View]
385432850Preping for the future.: When the Vaccinated die where will be the best place to live?[View]
385433741so we have to pay this jew faggot slav $750 billion?[View]
385435338New Stonetoss![View]
385433244Elect another boomer goys: Don't forget we have Hillary in the stable. Just keep doing the thin…[View]
385437132Fuck these shitty ass ads: I'm sick to fucking death of these woke corporations depicting femal…[View]
385438578He was a leftist >how does that matter it's not like he did it because OH MY GOD HE WAS A MA…[View]
385433767I think there is something sick about our culture where a man has to jump through a fuckton of hoops…[View]
385429437What goes on up here?[View]
385434196>be a shitty degenerate SoundCloud trap rapper >police chasing suspects recently banned in Chi…[View]
385435152Old /pol/ board tans: Does anybody have any drawings of the old /pol/ mascots? For all my searching …[View]
385433110White genocide is unironically real and happening[View]
385438223Global Experiences Thread: ITT, list your nationality. If you're American, list the states and …[View]
385437840bramhins are the last aryans last believers of the truth (hindusim)[View]
385421518censorship resistant web browser, peer to peer, uses bittorrent: https://youtu.be/ciRWmEhL8e8?t=284 …[View]
385438183How is this legal!?: 'As I stared down at the scrunched, perfect face of my one-month-old baby, I kn…[View]
385432137Mass shooting as performance art: Is this the future you wanted?[View]
385431403/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4274: Previous: >>385420007 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385434232ITT 1850s /pol/: I reckon that compromise from last year ain't gon last too long fellas.[View]
385435388FUCK AMERICA: I hate America so much bros. THEY are responsible for the predicament we find ourselve…[View]
385432084Why aren't Incels included among the LGBT community? It's a demographic of people who are …[View]
385437851las mujeres son estúpidas: Every woman I have ever met is weaker and stupider than me, a man. I love…[View]
385437764CAUGHT Red-Hatted: >Attended Trump rallies >Sided with pro-Trumpers against counter-protesters…[View]
385437724Abortion, Constitutional Law and Women Rights: There is so little written about abortion in a four-t…[View]
385425374America: What happened to this country?[View]
385437554Depopulationists should kill themselves: Hello all you inbred elite trillionaires. You didn't e…[View]
385436613Is this going to be a good place to hide from upcoming happenings? pros: >food independent >ea…[View]
385436921BREAKING NEWS: Trump giving a big speech about 'America first' on friday!: Will this be th…[View]
385435096what a failure: This reminds me of the Halle shooting where everything fell out of place. The whole …[View]
385437506Will civic nationalism work?: Hispanics are slowly but surely integrating and are pretty based. Arab…[View]
385435500Was the French Revolution unironically good?[View]
385436505Nigger Masks: I'm right on this topic, but not yet respected in my time, but I'm content i…[View]
385428123Why are holocaust deniers more dangerous than flat earthers?: Nobody cares if you disagree the world…[View]
385436052Who would /pol/ put on Kekistan Mt. Rushmore?: Hitler, obvi. Ron Paul? Uncle Ted?[View]
385435577Complete the lyrics: Fill in the blank, /pol/![View]
385423114lmao how are gas prices real, just steal it[View]
385435536RUDY GIULIANI MET LUBAVITCHER RABBI: In this video, Rudy Giuliani is seen accepting a blessing from …[View]
385437175How many of you ate this guy, be honest[View]
385436168>do nothing while Mediterraneans were building European civilisation >regress civilisation by …[View]
385433946agents of nature we must destroy the cia evil: agents of nature, do anything during these 24 hours, …[View]
385433086Why do they always say rape and incest?: When talking about the extreme cases for abortion, why do t…[View]
385434626Bill gates daughter blacked: >Bill Gates Teenage Daughter Phoebe Has A New Boyfriend & He’s B…[View]
385422531Will /pol/ and the alt-right ever take responsibility for creating yet another mass shooter?[View]
385433684PMG only makes 6x what the average worker does, and the USPS runs fine[View]
385435380Mangalores are helpless without their leader: Merrick Garland should seek the death penalty for Trum…[View]
385432747Oh boy: Here we do. For such a small percentage of the pop, they sure are everywhere.[View]
385430179Nuclear energy: Why do boomers need so much energy anyway?[View]
385431397He couldn't redeem. What is next for him[View]
385437934/aig/ - ANTI INSURRECTION GENERAL: >Trump getting excuses ready before the election https://www.p…[View]
385438685Someone Just took down QR[View]
385436368Dead News Theory: There is no 'news.' Have you ever met Zelenskey? Were you at the Highland Park par…[View]
385396179portu/pol/: exactly what happens here[View]
385426427What a asshole! If Joe was honest he would have trump on. If trump fucks up that’s on trump. I thoug…[View]
385437416Do you hate living in a civilized society?[View]
385438110was he circumsized?: will we ever know if this schizo loser had a full penis?[View]
385427636>be humble elderly bodega worker >politely tell sheboon she doesn't have enough money for…[View]
385435758Black Crime: Does anyone here have some good example of black people attacking whites? Specially one…[View]
385432959Do you trust politicians?[View]
385435131No but seriously why haven't they won yet: >boomers were petrified of these for 50 years Ous…[View]
385433985Supplements should be banned.: People on the internet are taking their health into their own hands w…[View]
385422741What the hell is this[View]
385419406Strike and Mike 221: After an exciting 4th of July birthday bash to America filled with families, fu…[View]
385408424LMAO! He’s a fucking troon!: Security footage released of /pol/‘s favorite rapping, mass-shooter. Wh…[View]
385425655Help: How do I survive a recession?[View]
385433732Who you got?: Face it. Trump is too old and divisive. Biden is too old and retarded. The two fellas …[View]
385431090Why doesn't anyone talk about the jewish problem anymore? Everyone seems to love complaining a…[View]
385424978Are you a good person anon? https://youtu.be/TCSUKIhjevo[View]
385428446Something weird is going on with spambots lately: Wtf just happened to my thread? Spambot replied th…[View]
385428680When was the moment you realized that homosexuals control 90% of what you see and hear[View]
385434126this is what ww3 political climate looks like: are you ready[View]
385431019Why haven't the police questioned her and at least release a conjectured motive like they do in…[View]
385432656Early voting starts in Pennsylvania in 75 days and several other states a few days after that. Jack …[View]
385418133Does anyone actually still support Trump other than him just being better than Biden?: First of all,…[View]
385434642Slavs are subhum-[View]
385423113Choose your side!: I have absolutely had it with this timeline. Is being divisive a popular thing to…[View]
385432616if guns are so bad, why dont these mass shooters shoot up gang meetups?[View]
385424018So what are the signs a child wants to transition?[View]
385434647>/pol/ thinks they will never be find a nice christian gf >but jews manage to marry a jewish g…[View]
385437173Black guy at my juice bar does not properly wash the vegetables or equipment: Our fucking society is…[View]
385431359Trans BTFO righties: CHUDS rekt again[View]
385434520What would the world look like if the British Empire stayed neutral in WW2?[View]
385435125What have they been doing to her?[View]
385431030NEET: You will never accomplish even a fraction of what this great man has.[View]
385428341>With my assault weapons I can overthrow the gov-[View]
385434734Crimo: what the fuck is that bot shit and why should I give a fuck about another false flag?[View]
385424448The world could have been so beautiful[View]
385435897I feel like I need a few months in prison. Just to straighten the place out. I keep hearing about al…[View]
385435143Pics that didn't age well[View]
385434894Pretty much all of the politicians in America: Are in Washington DC right?[View]
385423048Shanghai Gov National Police Database: ctrlF Shanghai = zero wtf[View]
385432348Breaking: African and Israeli souldiers SHOOT Dutch farmers: The year is 2023. Mercenaries from Mali…[View]
385434083I think my cat is a racist: Everyone who comes in my house has to deal with her rubbing and climbing…[View]
385429899Islam/pol/: What do the Sunni bros think about the Shia?[View]
385430210If the holocaust is 100% real, why are there laws against denying it?: No other genocide that I am a…[View]
385432898AND I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN: WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW I'M FREE https://twitter.com/loffre…[View]
385430491What's the quickest way to make circumcision a felony?[View]
385432469Prev:>>385421092 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assessment : https://isw.pub/RusCampaignJuly5 ▶…[View]
385433797>I just want to play around. Don't bother me with important problems >I like to debase my…[View]
385434415Thank you Biden: I saw this today while ordering food. Which is surprising considering I live in the…[View]
385434325/aig/ - ANTI INSURRECTION GENERAL - SEETHE MORE EDITION: >Trump getting excuses ready before the …[View]
385432155do you like farmers in your country /pol/ ?: me : no farmer and agriculture sector here are fucking …[View]
385432072Zelensky SURRENDERS Nooooooooo: https://mobile.twitter.com/AZmilitary1/status/1544122725173760002…[View]
385430663A message to all Doordash and Grubhub drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0oFEqQbNf0 Standing …[View]
385433482What if chemtrails them dropping off smart dust[View]
385433092Will abortions now be cheaper since the government is no longer involved?[View]
385431507What's with all the hot babes getting at these days?: See e.g. Marisa Miller over the past five…[View]
385431753A MORGNA WES CORE....[View]
385417673Hyperborean and Agarthan Aryan redpill thread: Hyperborea is real. But it is not just Hyperborea. Hy…[View]
385430725Are Sicilians cool or are they cryptojews?: Are Sicilians cool or are they cryptojews /pol/[View]
385430511So Pepe is often viewed as more or less the symbol of /pol/ to many people. But does Pepe even have …[View]
385428941Why are americans just so darn happy after 2021? I mean climate change, politics and covid are still…[View]
385433310America is the Great Satan: Why the fuck is Medicare being deducted from my check every month becaus…[View]
385430335The absolute state of redditor scizos: What the hell is wrong with them? Can they be cured?[View]
385427113Why is America like this?[View]
385428630You think Jews are bad? The worst of them call themselves Christian.[View]
385431099In the US, left wing circus freaks are now committing mass murder in order to promote their politics…[View]
385425250This is your fault /pol/: Because of you, this roastie cannot get a taxpayer funded abortion. Now sh…[View]
385426708Nancy Pelosi Visits Italy: Speaker, DUI hubby cavort at Italian resort owned by Andrea Bocelli https…[View]
385433127zimbabwe to isse gold coin currency: >gold coins called 'Mosi-oa-Tunya', after Victoria…[View]
385409995Fuck Ukraine... IRA been at war for years: Irish Republican Army daily thread https://youtu.be/uYG0B…[View]
385427555CERN timeline shift they made Russia smaller: Since when is western Russia the same size as 3 small …[View]
385417027600 THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR 2 YEAR OLD WITH MURDERED PARENTS: i get that it is really really sad that a…[View]
385422654If you could pick a former POTUS to save America from its gradual decline, who'd you call upon?…[View]
385431428Is this a clone of the original Dave? If so, why? Who else is a clone?[View]
385424547Daily reminder that you were TOLD to hate Albanians for some dumb meme with a guy playing an accordi…[View]
385426767urzas.ai Thread 1. Get in here 2. Use the link 3. Generate a custom /pol/ themed card 4. Post it her…[View]
385431448You're going to pay $800 billion to Ukraine and you will be happy[View]
385408985As a millenial how can we get ourselves out of this funk? It's become apparent I will never own…[View]
385432463Why he gave crimea away?[View]
385428142How are the Dutch going to deal with their bank accounts getting closed for protesting? Silver, gold…[View]
385432114What does /pol/ think of Jonathan Bowden? I'm starting Pulp Fascism and it's great so far.…[View]
385431836>memories broken, brain fog and spike protein, I've even forgotten my name >I don't …[View]
385420240Is he white?[View]
385416295Neder /pol/der general: SHOTS FIRED EDITION: >Everything is shit, but don’t be demoralised, use y…[View]
385419792Why do people love niggers but not give a shit about Native Americans? Obama even called slavery Ame…[View]
385414516Is he overrated?[View]
385421092/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3247: Prev:>>385408263 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385431807Silence Americans: American culture is a disease worse than Covid. Misinformation is killing people…[View]
385426147no soft shit, only HARD POWER: >first we told indonesia to uninvite russia from the G20 summit b-…[View]
385423771What fosters a high trust society?[View]
385433007like everything: hey can we just chill out. like gahd damn ppl so fucking angry about everything, ju…[View]
385423740HAPPENING: SHOOTER WASNT WHITE HE WAS MEXICAN also, does this site seem familiar?[View]
385428603The best thing the Irish ever did is cripple the anti-White USA: Based Micks, undermining the anti-W…[View]
385428595Kek @ thinking she wants to return to the US. She is a star in that prison and probably has like 30 …[View]
385390008Brazil and south america: What are the political implications of Brazil literaly annexing all our ne…[View]
385425880Black Holes: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/07/220705162216.htm I really wish they'…[View]
385429880I swear to fucking CHRIST if I hear one more “The world is becoming like 1984!!!” Argument about som…[View]
385412108Something is taking over vaxxies: Vaxxies are filled with weird clots[View]
385430811Since Putin's brilliant feint at Kiev, this is how the front has changed. Why isn't Russia…[View]
385428380Former USSR Bros...: Where are we in the Collapse of Empire timeline? The end of the USSR is the cl…[View]
385415208Which camp do yall sit in on this one[View]
385421050WAGIE WINS! BK BTFO.: ‘Member that 60 year old Burger flipper that got a bag of pens and candy for n…[View]
385429116>mfw >purchased springfield AR-15 online a few days ago >need to go to store to receive/do…[View]
385431885What is your reason for not buying opium seeds and selling them for money?: They also feel good when…[View]
385407497Imagine believing this shit but then unironcally bitching about the 'gender wage gap' Womens rights …[View]
385431871Anyone have that black and white drawn photo of Jesus and the corona virus.[View]
385426916Why are jews such whiny bitches?: How to argue like a Zionist. Don't bother with facts or reaso…[View]
385399048Transgenders are real people too, don't forget that before you say something harmful.[View]
385429418Liberal brainwashing: Robert Jay Lifton studied prisoners of Nork POW camps after the Korean war in …[View]
385421784WHAT DID HE MEAN?: Do you think he is referencing twitter sock puppet accounts?[View]
385420007/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4273: Previous: >>385411861 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385419844Hunter becomes Hunted in Africa: >A wildlife trophy hunter who killed elephants and lions and upl…[View]
385431444Based Russia bans Jewish Agency: Intense kvetching.[View]
385429207why are women incapable of taking jokes?[View]
385430654after rapper arrested.: where am I? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/first-victims-of-fourth-of…[View]
385413608Debunking Popular Misconceptions about Thomas Woodrow Wilson: >Woodrow Wilson decided to join WW1…[View]
385431309AUSSIE COSSACK SENTENCED TO 10 MONTHS FOR BREACHING COVID RULES: Anyone else has been following the …[View]
385429997The collapse of Western society: Just how much of the Western world spends every day like this?…[View]
385425008Why is it seen as wrong to leave your wife for looking old? Who wants to be with a woman who doesn’t…[View]
385409416>You have a chemical imbalance in your brain >No we never measured it but you are sad sometime…[View]
385425499When are you MAGAfags going to be brave enough to talk about white-on-white homicide? Is that a redp…[View]
385431087Mexicans of /pol/:: Why do you people always hate on us Americans?[View]
385368008Canada Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #1081: TYRANT IN WAITING EDITION!: >LATEST NEWS: CANADA DAY …[View]
385427805What does this map signify?[View]
385417065/aig/ - ANTI INSURRECTION GENERAL - RED PILL EDITION: >Trump getting excuses ready before the ele…[View]
385399646Zelensky says West owes Ukraine $750 billion after war ends: >Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelen…[View]
385423453*Ahem*: America losing hegemony is a good thing because they're anti-White.[View]
385424854This is America[View]
385426028Why are niggers and spics like this?[View]
385426848Are you #prolife or #prochoice /pol/?[View]
385432092This is gonna be a 1pbtid because I'm drunk. I just want to info. I've read here and ther…[View]
385430325How do we solve the khazar problem?[View]
385431521Both China and Russia can go fuck themselves big time , I'm legit going to pack my shit up and …[View]
385414667Why doesn't anyone call themselves the Alt-Right anymore?[View]
385411713/hpsg/ - Highland Park Shooter General #5: Previous bread: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/3852…[View]
385396210150 Male Migrants in Tiny Kinnegad: https://twitter.com/orlaredchan/status/1544323347248463873 I had…[View]
385423418What are the political implications...: ..of CERN changing shit, like NEW ZEALAND BEING MUCH LOWER?!…[View]
385429548>GOYVID-19 wasnt Black Plague 2 Eh...........if you're paying attention it really is. Now we…[View]
385429696Offical sources say Poland is not in NATO.: What are the implications of this![View]
385427278So...: What are the spics going to do when they try to flee the United States to go back to their sh…[View]
385373936NEETing is the future as young men, and perhaps even a few women, withdraw from society because you …[View]
385425726War kino thread, /chug/ on my balls edition: Lets see some war crimes and such 2 hour ultimate war c…[View]
385426898Patriot.: Adam Kinzinger is a true patriot who believes in the values and principles of our democrac…[View]
385381881Might be somewhat unrelated, but just been watching through Baki. And holy SHIT, how can it have so …[View]
385427770Mob thread: Does the Italian mafia in America still have any power or influence or have they all bee…[View]
385395223Crimo was one of us chudbros: >oh no chudbros we've been owned https://www.reddit.com/r/mass…[View]
385419489>Memory holed[View]
385423097>6 months later >ukraine still mostly intact wtf is russia doing this should have been over in…[View]
385424716Canada is Indian clay You will run first[View]
385423912Is this a compromised site?: Can you not talk about the Jews anymore? I've bookmarked several t…[View]
385429123>yfw /pol/ is always right[View]
385429080We were all robbed of a normal life: Listening tonight to music parents used to throw parties to. Al…[View]
385418230Weed is the solution to all these shootings. No one will be shooting innocent people with their thir…[View]
385428071wartime president: suck it chud Biden will go down as the defender of europe while trump will go do…[View]
385421742Why does pol like this man when he did not support Nazism: He was more leftist than anything else…[View]
385427024How many lbs can the female soldier be expected to contribute?: Help a nigga out. Dat Math is hard.…[View]
385426571How does someone with 40 years of experience in DC manage to put together the most incompetent, malf…[View]
385415896War between the jews: u guys probably dont know there is a war between jews right now... orthodox vs…[View]
385425799Nigger Masks: Hi, I’m a leader with the WEF! Did you know we unleashed your governments on you to no…[View]
385428493What happen to Kay Griggs?: What happened to Katharine Pollard Griggs, the “Illuminati Wife” of Col.…[View]
385422939So, uh.... Dutch farmers have purchased a tank to use to block distribution centres.: https://twitte…[View]
385428431Sharks and Bison: I feel like liberals are not culling wildlife populations to ruin family vacations…[View]
385428334This is always a good sign[View]
385425173/ourgirl/ says it's the SSRIs causing school shooters: Why won't she just name the Jew alr…[View]
385427627The AR-15 assault weapon was designed by Nazi Germany: For one purpose, To kill Jewish babies. It wa…[View]
385425356Serbian Cucks: Daily reminder serbs are inferior to albanians.[View]
385424384Can a mother nag the testosterone out of you?: Is that what they mean by 'emasculation'?[View]
385426101>bong >literal rule by a bazaar of rich foreigners I hate globohomo…[View]
385425444Which is the most fragile generation? How can we be as based and strong as the Boomers were?[View]
385426808Why are niggers like this?: Just line up niggers a s exterminate them. They will be doing that to us…[View]
385427792Jews have subverted Europe ideologically for 2000 years: >100 A.D. : you're born guilty filt…[View]
385418355buying a house..... show me the best place to live in america. freedome!!!!! where are the highest n…[View]
385409380MY FELLOW FLORIDIANS: TOO long we have been tamed by the government. It is high time time we conquer…[View]
385423854Why did America literally side with communists in Africa?: They betrayed their European ancestors. H…[View]
385427138EXPLAIN YOURSELVES, BONGS: srsly, how does he keep surviving? its breddy remarkable and inexplicable…[View]
385423574Britain made faster progress at the Battle of Passchendale (often considered a costly blunder despit…[View]
385407066Free speech in Japan is over.: If you insult someone, you go to jail. The bill goes into effect tomo…[View]
385429300He's right, you know[View]
385429837Yeah: Yup[View]
385426105Explain the tendency of profit to fall.[View]
385427009jewish science is pilpul: cern does nothing but burn money the standard model is jewish pilpul And t…[View]
385413729Facebook Is Warning Users Who Try To Search ‘Loli’ On Its Platform: https://www.animesenpai.net/face…[View]
385412204You have five minutes to convince princess Leonor of your political view.[View]
385426412Are you fucking serious?: Was looking looking at a map and contemplating a move to Nunavut or Northw…[View]
385419094White men shouldn’t be allowed to date black women[View]
385392713Great Replacement of Shitskins: Reminder that it's not only White people who are being affected…[View]
385426207MY body MY right. Now take HIS job away and give it to ME.[View]
385413358I want out[View]
385397004Are the Jews winning because we've collectively strayed away from God?[View]
385407118How the fuck is this man in the wrong: Saw this on The Daily Sneed. Based video in the link. https:…[View]
385426925Daily reminder that men are only 50% of the world population but commit 98% of the world's viol…[View]
385424683the only way to fix women is to stop marrying them so that they fix themselves: this podcast is from…[View]
385405516Brit/pol/: >Keir Starmer calls for Boris Johnson to resign because 'this Government is now c…[View]
385426717The elephant in the room.[View]
385403183Crimo's Mother Breaks Silence in Brief Interview: What are the political implications of the ch…[View]
385424227itt pictures that give off raw A M E R I C A N energy[View]
385426608You know, the more you mock Redditors wanting to leave America the stronger they become[View]
385426624>GOYVID-19 wasnt Black Plague 2 >the (((vaccine))) didnt cull everyone >the Everything Bubb…[View]
385408613Empty Shelves in the Netherlands Right Now: Als je deze situatie niet leuk vindt, ga dan Minecraft s…[View]
385425781Highland Shooter killed Jews: > Jacki Sundheim, 63 Sundheim was a lifelong congregant of North Sh…[View]
385420589So what do we do with America[View]
385426489We're fucking screwed.: I say we accept our new Muslim overlords. At least they're better …[View]
385424772THE MISSION REMAINS THE SAME: They’re just getting started[View]
385426080Has Google Censored 'Robert Crimo Jr'?: I tried looking at the shooters father from his campaign as …[View]
385426445Can someone redpill me on this guy?: Was he really a targeted individual, or was it just the high am…[View]
385425530if given the chance /pol/, how would you save him?: from commiting the mass shooting[View]
385415761>>385412432 Floating cities, desert terraforming, underground cities in snowy regions (or also…[View]
385426329Robert Crimo is Serbian: Dušan the Great and many other Serbian mongols share this same feature.…[View]
385426257I take it back: She's alright[View]
385405580FUCK JOE ROGAN[View]
385425118People outside the US are really lol protesting the Roe V. Wade ruling. Imagine being this Chronical…[View]
385425907Parkland mayor knew Crimo: Nothing unusual about that.[View]
385419375This bitch ain't even his mom. She didn't marry his dad until 2018. Broke down faggots[View]
385420754Its blatantly obvious that the shooter phenomena is just one symptom of greater social ills. everyth…[View]
385422772https://twitter.com/Telegraph/status/1544312131755065344?s=20 https://twitter.com/Telegraph/status/…[View]
385421099>w-we need $750 billion to rebuild goy >entire ukraine gdp is $155.6 billion Why does he ne…[View]
385424391Isn't science magical?: >be my finger >some stupid asshole cooks you raw with a torch lig…[View]
385418552Wouldn't you kill people if you looked like this?: Guy looks like a retarded little goblin eunu…[View]
385424484>the majority of Americans still trust the US tranny-nigger army wtf is wrong with you s-oyim?…[View]
385419627Whenever I look at certain people’s pictures I get the chills and I can’t stand to look at them for …[View]
385424879I make my Biden voting wifes son quadruple vaxxed pro mask Bernie bro absolutely seethe: By constant…[View]
385425117Why is google pushing this crybaby faggot?: ?[View]
385417617ENDGAME: ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement In the near future earth is dominated by a powerf…[View]
385427671metathread: keyword CRIMO summons japanese bot nigger spammer: All you have to do is say Crimo and t…[View]
385420512What is he thinking right now looking down at the current state of the West?[View]
385423986/CF/ General: Christian Fascism is the way. No law but the law of the living Christ. Interest lende…[View]
385366528SICK RAPIST! CAUGHT IN THE ACT!1!! Amazon delivered a brutal sexual rapist to a woman home alone. …[View]
385399955Congrats to Dr Oz for winning PA, this chud decided to announce plans for an AsSaUlT wEaPoNs BaN. As…[View]
385427570>adds nothing to the conversation[View]
385422905what do you think about him: retard or fed[View]
385426918I fucking hate white people[View]
385425764>me here busting my ass to get a decent paying job so I can have a family one day >meanwhile …[View]
385426061Wekum abord.: Now sit yo azz down cuz I flyin dis bitch to Oakland. And don't you touch me.…[View]
385424525If only there were some method of personal conveyance which didn’t require fossil fuels and scarce r…[View]
385415581Come home white man: Seen many threads of getting groups of white people together to buy land and li…[View]
385411008Small town infiltration?: I'm in a relatively small town in Montana. Since covid, have seen the…[View]
385423903i did the math: According to VAERS, 29,162 people have died from the vaccine in the U.S. alone. Howe…[View]
385420173We need to nationalize every single local sub shop / pizza place These kulak pieces of shit running …[View]
385423279/pol/... Hate don't solve the problem. So, stop hating people for their race, their malice or w…[View]
385419444Why aren't more White Boys hitting the Gym?: You gotta work out and get in shape or you are lit…[View]
385405949Why work when you could just buy vending machines and live off the profits? Become a neet with a pas…[View]
385419683a jewish activist cult bent on mobilizing the weak and the 'sinners' of society against the noble an…[View]
385412711What Will Post War Ukraine Look Like?[View]
385420995Greetings.: I hate non-Germanics.[View]
385418402Kids and the supernatural: What is the meaning behind pushing all those supernatural shows on the ki…[View]
385412683Classroom video of Awake the Rapper’s “On My Mind”?: I can’t find any decent versions of the music v…[View]
385423356Mutt Appreciation Thread: g-g-gggguys...... I thoughts mutts looked like shit t. Eurofag visiting Ca…[View]
385420458How did Russia fuck up this bad?[View]
385426287How should parents react when their children come out as trans if not with compassion? Trans kids wi…[View]
385426414Is dating in the west really cancerous compared to what it was a couple of decades ago?[View]
385412195Women in HR: What are the political implications of women being the vast majority of HR? Stalin was …[View]
385408381Highland Park Shooter's Mom: has a rack too hot for CBS[View]
385414657Why does the Right think Ron DeSantis will be too weak as prez?: Why do all the mainstream right win…[View]
385423604RIP James Light: Pay respects to a great producer. >His passing was a surprise, and has devastate…[View]
385417574Castizo Master Race: Manufacturing is leaving China for Mexico. Mexico will become more wealthy and …[View]
385415071She Will Twerk For Your Vote, Whyte Boi.: https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/154413135652694835…[View]
385422271Who turned on the storm machine?[View]
385417984Pedogate: Haven't seen a pedogate thread in awhile, and I feel like its overdo, especially with…[View]
385422237Why do Americans think only niggers were slaves?: Americans today in 2022, can't even explore s…[View]
385423324How come /pol/ has forgotten about me? I still dwell in the cold deeps of the Black Sea. Forgotten..…[View]
385419759I don't give two fucks what you Proud Boys say, USA is declining and I'm seriously plannin…[View]
385419916Dont listen to these idiots . Women owe the incel atleast something i mean cmon get real. This is li…[View]
385368035CERN will cause the Great Chastisement.: For a while now, we've all heard about CERN currently …[View]
385421912>lmao yet another alt right troon shooter This is what happens when you awhoo post too much…[View]
385423013My Pfizer stock is worth more than your dead white kids: I’m Jesse dunstein of TRS and those who say…[View]
385424651PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOOOUSE TONIIIGHT: Could Party Rocking hard enough have saved us all from lockd…[View]
385421996Bottom-Up Reform: With national politics disintegrating, the only option to preserve traditionalist …[View]
385420862Is he based?[View]
385420486So now that the dust has settled: It's clear he glowed.[View]
385421994Why does this phrase make so many people seethe and rage?[View]
385414083What if Evolution is actually bad?: People in pop science like to think of Evolution religiously as …[View]
385422211>fat woman liberal leaves bad AirBnB rating because their neighbor has a pro-life flag in their w…[View]
385418413WHAT WAS HIS ENDGAME?: … now dat tha smoke has cleared, an sheeit.[View]
385421011How do we defeat it before it defeats itself?[View]
385417311How dare you!: You slept on her milkers /pol/.[View]
385414123What is actually happening in Europe?[View]
385423894It's honestly fucked up that a biological male can look like this in the current year. We will …[View]
385421516>'why don't you like me?' >because i'm not attracted to you on a genetic level and n…[View]
385420838What are pol approved books? I seriously want to start reading. I guess fiction and non fiction are …[View]
385410710Why are modern communists so loyal to fags and trannies when their ideology has no synchronicity to …[View]
385405691Daily reminder that you are here: Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That…[View]
385415429/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: >Streams Juju Bot via Youtube https://planetnews.com/live/fox-news.…[View]
385416646A lot of black white supremacists now days..: Glowing or not, they aren't all white. https://ww…[View]
385417891Is the United States the Imperium of Man or the Tau Empire at this point /pol/?[View]
385413516Israel thread[View]
385420202Never too late to admit our race is inferior[View]
385421025Niggas after watching the joker >'I can't believe how terrible and self-centered society is.…[View]
385424212What do people mean by 'I don't know how to cook'? I can't process this statement. Is it a…[View]
3854178242022: >i am forgotten[View]
385375087Literally a bunch of millennials and zoomers but you fags want to base all our modern laws on their …[View]
385416248Is Ukraine Mystery Babylon whom all the kings fornicate with in the End-Times?[View]
385421388I wish I was him so bad: Hnnngggggg[View]
385419072Are there any surveillance photos of Robert Crimo actually carrying a gun?: Because that's pret…[View]
385420541This is the meme Obama doesn't want you to see![View]
385415462Sour Grapes: Why is mentality so prevalent nowadays? Nobody can be happy for eachother anymore. Has …[View]
385410189Just got out of MAX: Ask a dog anything. Canadian Edition.[View]
385418919I am happy in Canada. I have a low tier job but still make enough to get by and treat myself once in…[View]
385420350Why is everyone here stupid enough to fall for the “leftist right wind democrat republican conservat…[View]
385417681What was he thinking?[View]
385419228>2 russkies >4 balls >????? >2 balls >?????…[View]
385406565Nancy and her DUI husband have been wine tasting in Italy: If you were arrested for DUI would you be…[View]
385418835Taiwan…You Are Next!!: You’re fucked.[View]
385420405two cunts ppl who you think are good at using gaslightings or manipulations: 1 S.Korea 2 China it lo…[View]
385406630Trannies are unironically making me considering becoming a hardcore christian.[View]
385412159Demi Lovato: WTF is her problem?[View]
385420542Slide thread.[View]
385418562Now that the dust probably has long settled,: Can anyone give me a rundown of Afghanistan's geo…[View]
385420607Obama's Biggest Move: Suddenly all starts to make sense[View]
385408881Out pops three black babies, what do you do as the father /pol/?: >Be old man in his 60s who coul…[View]
385392455why are there so many mass shootin's in america?[View]
385419934If Texans are so tough and patriotic then why haven't they stopped the border invasion?: Like w…[View]
385420495...based schizo armchair ambassador....?[View]
385405781Why is /pol/ afraid to talk about these guys?[View]
385413342Boogaloo Cucks: Whatever happened to the Boogaloo Bois? Did they go into hiding after King Kyle went…[View]
385419595Say something nice about Nancy Pelosi.[View]
385418485Why don't we just mandate that every person has to carry a gun on them at all times? When you t…[View]
385411861/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #4272: Previous: >>385402971 Timeline /tug/: http…[View]
385401989/pol/ should really appreciate its Mexican American right-wingers: You know how easy it would be for…[View]
385419227What's /pol/'s honest opinion on abortion? unlike other 'culture war' issues the…[View]
385394701Why don't homeless people go innawoods?: Why do they have to live on streets in filth? What…[View]
385420139Imagine this faggot's face is the last face you see before you od on his fent laced cocaine.[View]
385419870/Holocaust/ How many Jews???: 6 Million is the commonly cited number. Others claim not one jew died …[View]
385417547America is a disease and Americans are plaguebringers[View]
385419742Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
385420861>leftoids want to deport this Why are leftoids so fucking evil?[View]
385415627Why does pol hate the south?: >keeps niggers in check >white haven >women are so easy even …[View]
385408263/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #3246: Prev:>>385397106 ▶Day: 133 - Daily battlefield assess…[View]
385415555Politically Speaking: Is this map enough to justify launching the nukes?[View]
385386521Are you happy /pol/? I can't even have sriracha with my impossible burger anymore because of cl…[View]
385419659I stand with Quint: Idk who this guy is but he made me chuckle... I stand with this man and all the …[View]
385414696Hear me out bros...[View]
385393217Big teachable moment here for rightwingers NASA just lost contact with a satallite bound for the moo…[View]

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