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145740994Frederica Wilson takedown: She needs to be taken down a peg or two...[View]
145727769What does /Pol/ think of Brother Nathanael? Vehemently anti-jew and redpilled certainly, but is he k…[View]
145740873atomic provides roughly 16,000 times more energy than coal millions of times less pollution.: uraniu…[View]
145741157What Are Some Costs and Benefits to having a President instead of a Prime Minister?: >Cost: More …[View]
145741442/pol/ Italian Edition:Italians are emigrating...again.: http://www.levypost.it/18%20ottobre%202017.h…[View]
145741371ITT: intellectuals of /pol/[View]
145724295I have a question for Germans, Swedes and the French. If you have ever spoken to a migrant or happen…[View]
145741261HeWillNotDivideUs Season 7:: HeWillNotDivideUs Season 7: It is in Nantes, France Coordinates: 47.215…[View]
145737679The 5th president of the Republic of Slovenia[View]
145739746Nazis were the good guys.: Now, because they lost, we are living in full blown Jewish Demon Clown wo…[View]
145740633Daily reminder Christianity started with cuckoldry: >be Mary >virgin >married >gets an o…[View]
145740953Why are your nations politically polarized, burdened by debt, and teetering on collapse?[View]
145736249Literally WE WUZ KANGZ on kids channel this morning: Turned on TV to keep toddler entertained; Casua…[View]
145737973>be me >10 yo in a mostly black school >threatened almost every day >killme.jpg >mov…[View]
145738956What is with this stupid as fuck ad[View]
145735617British man starves himself for Abdul and Jamal.: Kek. The absolute state of Britishers. https://www…[View]
145736404Syria General /sg/- The Man Can Die, The Legend Can't Be Killed Edition: Archive/Study/Research…[View]
145738649Steven Paddock was at mandalay bay hotel for at least a month before shooting: I work at Amazon prim…[View]
145727686Jewish neo-Nazi renounces white supremacist past — and comes out as gay: Jewish neo-Nazi renounces w…[View]
145739384Where white people meet: What happened to this website ?[View]
145724433Sex and porn related redpills: Hey /pol/ I've been addicted to porn since I was 13. Almost 12 y…[View]
145734895French Football Team: Pic is of French Football team. 5/11 are outright blacks. Guess 7/11 will be o…[View]
145737558The EU army isn't a completely bad thing: Just as the US army isn't a completely bad thing…[View]
145732661Does Germany have a fair wealth distribution? >inb4 better than murrica lelle I know, but I am as…[View]
145740456Why do leftists keep insisting that the Civil War was about slavery? It's strange because if yo…[View]
14573127864yo 325lb woman sits on 9yo cousin, killing her: >be American >get sat on Lefties on Facebook…[View]
145726495White Extinction Imminent: Birth rates across the white western world are in freefall, some countrie…[View]
145739691What a time to be alive, kameraden.: Die volksgemeinschaft ist die bestegemeinschaft.[View]
145739817STOP WATCHING PORN: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=D1Nruuy_quk[View]
145739987Any info on that photo?: is very disturbing and there's no backstory, I fucking hate nigers, ni…[View]
145734979WTF, americunts??? Explain yourselves right fucking now! >start at 2:45 https://youtu.be/B59UcgWz…[View]
145739709why is hollywood & the music business such a pedo nest? & why do they always seem possessed …[View]
145730915HOW DO WE STOP THIS![View]
145730507The left cant game: >>145725625 >The majority of 'gamers' are centrist lolbertarian types, …[View]
145736656Bongs assemble: Has anyone noticed that for the last few months, the Police and MSM have been shilli…[View]
145736384>me browsing /pol/[View]
145725888anybody else like this wop? >was arguing against libshits and niggers in the O&A days >plu…[View]
145739749Fashwave thread: Dump what you got[View]
145729067>countries still allow cigarettes why our countries want us to commit suicide?…[View]
145737547THE RIDE KEEPS GOING: Guess whos a woman now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUedQ0_EGCQ Mr Potatoe…[View]
145736683ITT redpilled: And funny women who are trail blazers and not cringey at all because they made it.int…[View]
145718331WHAT'S TRUMP GONNA DO?[View]
145730964I ask this question...: >when did the 'Aryan' establish his reputation? oh... we talk about him, …[View]
145715171Whites Are No Longer Allowed to Wear Jewelry[View]
145738118What's /pol/ opinion on female genital mutilation? >Common reasons for FGM cited by women in…[View]
145737478After browsing/pol/: I can't watch any movie about the Hollycaust seriously. >it all reminds…[View]
145735135Is she 'Our girl' ?[View]
145736259325-Pound Floridian Kills 9-Year-Old Cousin by Sitting on Her as Punishment: Around blacks never rel…[View]
145737548we wuz kangz: Ok lads, so what was the race of the ancient Egyptians? I saw that National Geographic…[View]
145735495Alt-Gay General: Post all your lgbbq themed stories in one thread. Here's #1 for today: http:/…[View]
145713760White people built the west and then destroyed it: Jews didn't destroy the west. Blacks didn…[View]
145733501China's rising influence: Why did china rise as fast as it did in the past 5 years?[View]
145738818Why the fuck is this a thing. More often than not I feel like tweets or quotes by sjws or anti-supre…[View]
145730276Poland defeated IS: Where were you when based Poland defeated the IS? (i'm german and i cannot …[View]
145724422sort yourself: Jordan Peterson is honestly the only current intellectual i have respect for. Have yo…[View]
145736532Anarchism: Brainlet here. How would stuff like hospitals,electricity and collective traffic etc work…[View]
145737220>Be Califonia >have rampant wildfires >huge homeless population >mass exodus of people …[View]
145738293How can white nationalism expand in Australia?: In terms of modern history Australia is in a differe…[View]
145737937i'd like to coin a term: well if there is Kekistan, then everything else is Kikestan?!?!?!…[View]
145738556why do you get so angry whenever somebody says 'judeo-christian'?[View]
145738871Have you already joined the #mugclub /pol/? Also, where the fuck can I find his full opening remix o…[View]
145735651What has become of American Men?[View]
145736909Which of you hotheads did this?: https://www.change.org/p/nantes-take-down-shia-laboef-s-flag-and-en…[View]
14573849010 thousand Muslims live in Las Vegas[View]
145738312There is no coherent counterargument against Aurini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rzTCm3sv10 his…[View]
145738305Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney spills the beans on pedos Thread #2: This story is gonna be huge and…[View]
145738211White Girls Chant 'Fuck Niggers' Backwards, Niggers Reverse Video, Start Harassing: Nigger Twitter i…[View]
145723056#MeToo: Irrefutable evidence that women don't know what they're doing: Let's recap: …[View]
145737078People who did figuratively nothing wrong: I'll start[View]
145730218BREAKING NEWS:: Helen Clark, New Zealand's former Prime Minister of, has reportedly been caught…[View]
145716599‘He knew what he signed up for,’ Trump says to widow of fallen Miami Gardens soldier: He's such…[View]
145728135https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Titor John Titor predicted that in 2004 there would be civil unre…[View]
145735917The Luciferian Left: What is to be done /pol/ about the enemy and his army of darkness?[View]
145729215Why Do You Deny Him?: https://youtu.be/Myv9U4W_Tt4[View]
145730836It Beings November 4th: Whats going on the 4th? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY01biplC_Y…[View]
145733682At what exact moment did you take the redpill?: for me it was when I came back from a 2 month overse…[View]
145733847Neo Nazi becomes Gay Jew.: https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-national-front-organiser-quits-mov…[View]
145727827/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - LEWD EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
145731950Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney spills the beans on her getting molested: This story is gonna be hug…[View]
145731675Red pill me on Brexit, /pol/. How would it help UK's economy? I need something more detail rath…[View]
145707134#ClintonRussia starting to trend. Keep going.: Let's fuckin go lads. Calling in all meme war ve…[View]
145737086Isn't it ironic that 'white homogenous ethnostate supremacist' groups are the most culturally a…[View]
145733449Hypothetical situation >mecca's great mosque and kaaba gets bombed into nothingness What wou…[View]
145715509Brit/pol/ - May as well make a Brit/pol/ edition: >Head of MI5 says Britain is facing the biggest…[View]
145737563Canadians need to start worrying about China: Canada needs to figure out who it's real friends …[View]
145733313A message from Hillary if ever...: 2008 outside then Senator Obama's house in Chicago. A young …[View]
145725291Is there anything, anything at all, that Trump could do which would make you think he's a repre…[View]
145737236Christ cuck vs natsoc occultist: oldie but goldie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKkU3ulrwQ4&in…[View]
145729484Why is Trump failing so hard? He bragged about all the she he would do immediately after going into …[View]
145736989POLAND STRONK: >Be Poland >West takes in millions of Muslim refugees >They still hate and a…[View]
145737052given that we have the medical technology to bring someone back from almost any wound, and that two …[View]
145732815Why do many people from countries like Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Somalia, Tunisia…[View]
145736659Why bother discussing politics? Be honest, you don't actually know whats going on. Why not just…[View]
145727605You can't stop same sex marriage in Australia, Even if it gets voted down Bill Shorten will jus…[View]
145735573'It's like this: if you take the best things about your genes, and then you take the best thing…[View]
145734372The Strange Death of Europe: Americans need to read this of they want to stand a chance of saving th…[View]
145734517BLACKS PEOPLE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A NATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wBVprLojEQ pow…[View]
145726313I'm Muslim but do you actually think Europe is going to get invaded by us?[View]
145736108INDIA BC >Best sanitation system amongst its peers >Invented Kamasutra, a systematic book guid…[View]
145736350Trump the master of Kolotumba[View]
145736296who is better: - a private sector employee bootstrapping his life while identifying as a commie - a …[View]
145736258Stolen Military Material (Weapons and Guns) Is Recovered After Anonymous Tip: http://rr.sapo.pt/noti…[View]
145718548/sg/ Syria General - Saddam's second coming: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.w…[View]
145736174post your DELET'd tweets[View]
145728735THIS MAN HAS FINANCED CHAOS FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS: Literally gave Open Society Foundation $18 Billio…[View]
145733939Why hasn't drumpf nuked these fuckers yet?[View]
145730597Why is /pol/ so degenerate to think this dumb spic is smart enough to be a FBI mole? Full interview:…[View]
145731760will Trump pass anything that's not immediatly blocked by a fucking judge?[View]
145730098Why isn't race mentioned in the constitution?[View]
145733993Communists will defend this[View]
145726896ITT: right-wing entertainment: post some right-wing friendly television series and movies.[View]
145734438Harold Holt: Who or what really caused his disappearance?[View]
145724602Why would someone think this is normal?: We are reaching levels of degeneracy I didn't think we…[View]
145735772Trump is the last death throes of white Christian America, and it's shameful[View]
145726427Ask a wigger who was recently redpilled anything: Go ahead /pol/[View]
145733063Big redpill for newfags: Jews use subliminal hypnotic messages in porn and media to make teenagers g…[View]
145732685Ukraine's ruling party revolts against President Poroshenko: What is presently being intensely …[View]
145733876Vikings we're musl.....: Earlier this month someone made a post citing https://www.nytimes.com/…[View]
145734972I'm not big on politics, but I'm curious about how you guys feel about Donald Trump's…[View]
145732906rape: some quotes from a thread: 'https://www.zawaj.com/askbilqis/i-was-raped-as-a-child-so-am-not-a…[View]
145717550Why does the Alt-Right tolerate homosexuality?: Greg Johnson, Colin Robertson, Jack Donovan, Milo Yi…[View]
145726920Google Maps has removed its ‘calorie counter’ because a bunch of fat people got triggered.: Hahahaha…[View]
145723480If choppers are 'ghetto birds' what will they call these things?[View]
145702177What went wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXpwe9VgA08 >'I AM A SLUT, A PUTA...F*CK SOCIET…[View]
145733395/pol/s thoughts on bug chasing ?: Bugchasing is the practice of pursuing sexual activity with HIV-po…[View]
145732498Is there anything Hillary Clinton could do that would make the alt left admit she's evil?[View]
145722910>tfw this man single handedly cucked the world's greatest superpower How do amerishits feel …[View]
1457261639/11: Last 9/11 thread was archived.[View]
145732459>2017 >Lol dumb nord cucks we wuzzing at the roman empire and shit, its common knowledge meds …[View]
145726866How do we destroy reddit and their liberal cancer?: WE THE PEOPLE OF 4CHAN Have had enough of the bl…[View]
145731412Kraut/pol/ - Mittagsbrot Edition: >Check Catalog >No Kraut/pol/ >current polls on Niedersa…[View]
145733471reminder this is the best woman the so called '''master aryan race' could come up with[View]
145733782How do we put an end to the politically weaponized niggers? How will this all play out, surely we ca…[View]
145733211I'll just leave this here...[View]
145729113Where have all the good men gone?: Seriously. There's a grave shortage of men who never let the…[View]
145731394https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPzVUGE3dds consider how men could treat women in the 50s and 60s. I…[View]
145733592just accuse everyone you don't like of anti-semitism: The Jews really hate a successful Gentile…[View]
145733481>European Neo-NAzi leader >Jew >Gay >Hate Nazi https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-na…[View]
145729882In a paid HIV study: I live in Flint, Mi. and I am enrolled in a paid HIV study for LGBTQIA-Whatever…[View]
145722775/pol/ ylyl: pic probably not related, but something i felt like making anyway.[View]
145731181What happened to her?[View]
145729851Yes Means No: Can we pull it off, lads?[View]
145724967Why did nerd culture spiral into fascism?[View]
145734205Friendly Reminder: > marriages through mail-order services have a significantly lower divorce rat…[View]
145716015What will war look like in 60 years video related.[View]
145733762Why haven't North European revived Runic yet? are they just going to let Romans have them cucke…[View]
145734708Inspiro bot thread 2: Grab a quote from http://inspirobot.me/ Share Make it /pol/ related Previous t…[View]
145737064Hi /pol/ I'm starting my new job tomorrow, and I'm working with a bunch of Mexicans. I can…[View]
145731925Affirmative Discrimination: >Blacks make up 80% of NBA teams >merit-based selection >Blacks…[View]
145730249Happy Halloween![View]
145729604Hey /pol/ I have a joke: What's an Antifa member's favorite band?[View]
145725633Things that Britbongs can't say anymore: Thread to post all the TRUTH that our poor fellow Brit…[View]
145728782Need my antiwhite pics fucking 9 year old son fucked me. Need[View]
145731893I am performing a social experiment whereby I would cordially invite you, /pol/, to participate. How…[View]
145709306Does anyone else here have trouble pinpointing what is wrong with society? I just do not feel i fit …[View]
145732824se7 hwndu: so what is happening with the installment of se7 hwndu on top of le lieu unique in nante …[View]
145730402>tfw war breaks out with Iran AND N. Korea >tfw Americans get vilified by the entire world...a…[View]
145728100Leftists = Satanists: After watching the right wing get triggered by a satanic fag reading a book to…[View]
145724905Why are wolves so popular in the far right?[View]
145731184500 WW2 vets die each day[View]
145718418Fat Burger kills child by sitting on them: the Eternal Burger strikes again http://abc7.com/2543985/…[View]
145731246“Once I am inaugurated I can be more flexible”: What did he mean by this?[View]
145726199Louise Cypher: Forgot important information last time Bot can be found here: http://www.louisecyphe…[View]
145714265Kill the white male progressives: It is no secret by now that the most vociferous, violent and vicio…[View]
145728848pic related is my 23andme geneology and my hapa waifu is 4 months preggo you cucks jelly?[View]
145728967EXPLAIN MALTA: explain yourself man, who u think killed her?[View]
145725598Functional Muslim Country: >muslim country >multiculturalism has good effects on country and m…[View]
145732407Lol, its true.[View]
145722175poor lil' blaccboi[View]
145729221No More Womans Rights: How can we meme away womens suffrage?[View]
145718862Genome Editing: DNA editing technology and embryo-selection will be emerging within the coming decad…[View]
145728124I cant help but feel that the islamic religion represents my thoughts better than the abomination th…[View]
145718272What was Romania like under communist rule?[View]
145716451>there are people in the world who actually think globalism is a good thing How?…[View]
145731839Gun Control: Would you guys mind posting some infographics regarding gun control and how having gun …[View]
145707853Can Porn be--dare I say---BASED?: So sick of the NOFAP movement. Read this in Philip K. Dick's…[View]
145726164what's going on with kurdish independence?: how's that going?[View]
145720399Grab a quote from http://inspirobot.me/ Share Make it /pol/ related[View]
145731787>31 & 33 >young leaders who love their country Why does your country have an old fart as l…[View]
145730938tfw you shoot yourself in the foot[View]
145731635can /pol/ recover from this?[View]
145726436SJW marxists have taken over the WH and started to burn books. What do you stash?: it's happene…[View]
145729729Did she really die?: Nope. She is now in a fat camp in a cia island[View]
145713717Reminder that it's not possible to be a white nationalist AND to worship foreign semitic gods. …[View]
145730452Fascist Youtubers: Are there any good Fascist Youtubers out there /pol/?[View]
145731511Weaponized Cell Phone Towers: Is it true pol? Does it explain decreasing fertility and increasing ca…[View]
145731508Why does nothing ever happen here? No protests, no slut walks, no nothing. I'll never get the c…[View]
145698038KILLARY BROKE HER TOE DURING BOOK TOUR: Looks like some Russian hacker did it again. Press S to spit…[View]
145728219What really happened over Dubai on October 16?: Was this a russian screw up or was it something more…[View]
145731204should i be a political artist?: i drew this today, it took about 4 hours. anyone have any tips? I w…[View]
145710004Should California finally succeed from the Union?: >Free Drugs >Legal aids >Rampant degene…[View]
145730013Dork ass loser /pol/ BTFO: First the /pol/edditor murders his own father and know this. Sad![View]
145730691Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would …[View]
145726179FUCK YEAH!: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/33161672/business-brothers-own-lee-home-raided-by-homeland-se…[View]
145726435/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
145730525Essential Podcast Thread. Mysterium Fasces https://soundcloud.com/florian-geyer-9/mysterium-fasces-e…[View]
145724071Why do niggers complain all the time and not act like normal human beings?[View]
145730311Hwndu season 7: /pol/ Whose ready for the next installment of Hwndu? http://www.hewillnotdivide.us…[View]
145730303NZ /pol: Will this man help with this, we cannot afford more gibs http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/…[View]
145725290Starbucks is so much better than any of you: https://youtu.be/dr3z79IkCn4[View]
145708324okay, so you guys have a reputation: hi. i'm not gonna say who i am, i don't matter and ev…[View]
145729628>religious and non-religious people living in harmony >no boom boom freaks or extremists >e…[View]
145730204Google has started to make drone deliveries in Australia[View]
145726267Why are blacks so racist and sensitive?: 'There are no black people on Game of Thrones. You don…[View]
145718288USA beats Japan in giant robot battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-ouLX8Q9UM#t=13m25s SHAMEFUR…[View]
145728544donald j trump POTUS: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to become POTUS. The politics is e…[View]
145711273What's taking that fucking tumor so long?[View]
145723542Friendly Game of Skribblio: http://skribbl.io/?PRUWPaSlCowrkhinsuFY[View]
145729790Leftist general: *takes drag off cigarette* drumpf doesn't even care *chugs cheap liquor* about…[View]
145724023What is it about white males which makes them more prone to deviant behaviour?[View]
145725480Why do we need shit like this? What happened to just playing the damn game. Do we really need Gaming…[View]
145729557LET'S GET ANGLO https://youtu.be/El2_49xLAF0[View]
145723978Milo did his first usefull thing since Berkley. He dropped the over the top fag act and gave an amaz…[View]
145726231MALCOLM X: What if more blacks decided to imitate Malcolm X instead of petty criminals?[View]
145693632Daily Reminder the JQ Backbone of Globalism is Now Broken: Nearly 20 years of consistent progress in…[View]
145725484Based Romans[View]
145727630World...: The world is honestly going to shit, rebublics are turning into communism, it all started …[View]
145717471CALIFAGS: Just curious, what is the default white liberal way to explain away your massive homeless …[View]
145715086why are russians so much cooler than everyone else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1PAO3jgmXY[View]
145728745I fucking love this board. Every thread makes me laugh. also can you be black and a white supremacis…[View]
145710108Can we reflect on this moment in history?: Did Trump's CIA speech floor anyone else? Especially…[View]
145728199God is/was important: God, whether or not you believe he exists is important. Up until the 20th cent…[View]
145728705How was Patton redpilled so early?[View]
145725145Why is DRUDGE burying this Happening?: Why is this headline central and/or not in red on Drudge? Why…[View]
145685760this is why women shouldn't vote or drive[View]
145727157/pol/ BTFO: How is /pol/ going to respond to this? I am not even a fan of his, but Kraut and Tea has…[View]
145724453Why hasn't this treasonous cunt been held accountable?: >selling fucking uranium to our enem…[View]
145721502Is Matt Walsh the greatest writer working today? Shapiro just brought him over to The Daily Wire, an…[View]
145729047ok, which of you fags shopped that?[View]
145726950Would this happen in an Islamic country?: Western civilization is utterly degenerate. Traditional mo…[View]
145724485Miscegenation clarification thread.: How distant is too distant before outbreeding depression etc ki…[View]
145725827Estonias prime Minister: >prime Minister goes to Malaysia for political meetup >Decided to go …[View]
145723495im tired of living in the third world[View]
14572738615 month investigation: So it is going on 15 months of Russia investigation. Is Putin really that po…[View]
145722416The Scum Manifesto: Has anyone on /pol/ read Valerie Solanas' The Scum Manifesto? If so, your t…[View]
145709711Question About Death: Does any of 'this' matter? >wake up, go to job >good job, bene…[View]
145669910End of Times PART II: A Russian Collusion We Can All Agree Upon: Previous Threads >>145625471…[View]
145726059I thought this Huwhite Jap was a god fearing man. Why does he want the West to start manufacturing b…[View]
145727461The 24th Amendment was a mistake.[View]
145718713What is /pol/'s opinion on TYT? are they /our guys/?[View]
145703198Jesus is resurrected?!!: He's a guest on Ellen now? WHAT the actual FUCK is happening??????????…[View]
145722367Liberal shills cannot be persuaded, they are afraid of the truth, they are afraid of facts that do n…[View]
145727139Love this meme. Going to post it 75 x a day until the fascist rapist is impeached. Get used to it.[View]
145722657Activists disrupt event at UCLA: Activists disrupt event about civil discourse at UCLA. https://yout…[View]
145728057If anarchy is the absence of order then is the anarchy of anarchy the absence of the absence of orde…[View]
145725011Is he the most disrespected president ever: I mean Drumpf likes to act like's a tough macho wor…[View]
145721891ITT: /pol/ humor thread: Just dump everything /pol/ humor you have here.[View]
145725575The Lolohoax is just a jewish get-rich-quick scheme: If you can't trust a man named 'Semen', wh…[View]
145727920AYO >bangs shield HOL UP >chucks throwing axe AYOOOOOOOO >drinks from your skull YOU BE S…[View]
145720228/ptg/ President Trump General - Revealing His Powerlevel Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
145725298Zoroastrianism.: What does /pol/ think of Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrians? They're a monotheist…[View]
145719881>spain >all unskilled jobs are taken by the non-white migrants >the government pushes for t…[View]
145723797Did something happen to cause all the shilling?: Why are there so many shills? And by shills I mean …[View]
145717533Mongolian Neo-Nazi Here, AMA: Heil Hitler, Mongolian Neo-Nazi Here, AMA[View]
145727719The Unexisting Nigger: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUmdZlfHfSI > Niggers in the 1920…[View]
145725909HIDE SHILL THREADS: HIDE SHILL THREADS STOP NEWFAGGING Half of what shills say is from scripts. If y…[View]
145722624Russian forces exercised attack on Svalbard: Six different sources from the Norwegian defense establ…[View]
145721355California Fires started by protected Sanctuary Illegal Alien: http://www.breitbart.com/california/2…[View]
145722194Who controls Trump?[View]
145721899We wuzn't fathers: I just finished watching this documentary > 72% of African American babie…[View]
145724874>communism doesn't wo-: Reminder that socialist countries provide higher quality of life tha…[View]
145683152Fatherhood: How important is a father in a child's (Specifically boys) life? What are some thi…[View]
145726991Eve politics incorrect: What's with people who can't comprehend clauses!?! I'm taking…[View]
145723989Did Waka Flocka name the jew in this interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNy0oaxGelE&feat…[View]
145723214Trumpfags GTFO: Trumpfags are just neoconservatives who didn’t go to college. I can’t believe you fa…[View]
145718703USA Liberty Act Soon To Remove Rights!: The USA Liberty Act must be stopped. Please tell everyone yo…[View]
145727154WTF is a Groyper: Can someone explain to me WTF is a groyper I been wanting to ask but I don’t want …[View]
145724810Puerto Rican Secretary Of State Blows Whistle, Finds Unopened US Aid In Dumpster: http://gotnews.com…[View]
145718047>wat: Someone help me out with this one...[View]
145722873Too far, pol. Too far. >The arrests of suspects aged 17-25 were made in the Paris region and sout…[View]
145722013Jesus Campos interview (full) on Ellen leaked: >>>>>> >>>> >> …[View]
145725822what do we think of bitcoins. redpilled method to avoid government interference in your finances...o…[View]
145723289>Open Faceberg >Godmother with two daughters shares this, pic related. Her two daughters are …[View]
145686599Ritual Abuse in Bartlesville Oklahoma: Ritual abuse is rampant in Bartlesville Oklahoma. It has tie…[View]
145724900THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776[View]
145691305>muh six gorillion Twitter poll raid!: Get in here /pol/acks, it's time to correct the recor…[View]
145717677Any anons have any experience in the marines? Are they just a meme, should I just join the army?[View]
145704081/ATG/ ANTI TRAFFICKING GENERAL: WASHINGTON DC: This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping,…[View]
145693019IT'S HAPPENING DEEP STATE ABOUT TO BE BTFO: >'People have to be careful, because at some poi…[View]
145723551Press 'I' to Impeach this racist idiot[View]
145722519$18B to his foundation.: Is he afraid he's about to be shut down, and hiding his assets behind …[View]
145726338Can someone explain to me, consicesly, the difference between left and right wing in politics? A bud…[View]
145715033Assualt Weapons: I hear people say that we need Assault Weapons to be legalized again, I'm in C…[View]
145717508redpilled hobbies: ITT we discuss redpilled hobbies, I'll start. The Aquarium Hobby is incredib…[View]
145726113Israeli listing website, one of countless, fined for offering Jewish workers only: http://www.avoda-…[View]
145706400flag removal when, /pol/?[View]
145718132Why won't this guy name the jew?[View]
145726012>https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/913873404918472704 So uh.. Did trump end up committing mass g…[View]
145722201how will Plump ever recover? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ronaldplump/how-the-people-trumped…[View]
145724461Please goyim: Being g-ds chosen people is the opposite of what you understand it to mean I hope I ca…[View]
145715922Was he redpilled?: Or just crazy? That new documentary has me BTFO.[View]
145713233Which issue is /pol/ most divided on? I'd say Christianity.[View]
145722155Member?: 8 Mile actress Brittany Murphy and her husband believed to have been murked 5 months apart …[View]
145725721Muslim animal activist?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h5c4tqsxLY It’s a tedious video to watch s…[View]
145724501#YesMeansNo: >60% of campus rapes occur to women too scared to say anything but yes before and du…[View]
145723626Fuck the entire British Press (I know you're here you sonsofbitches) and especially the BBC for…[View]
145666519Why do people in creative fields tend to be more ideologically left-leaning?[View]
145713648Morons: It isn't hard to understand. This is obviously 'Sundial on a Pedophile'. What…[View]
145722246In New York City, Queens, born and raised On Wall Street is where I spent most of my days Chillin ou…[View]
145716789Hollywood Anon Here, What Can I Do To Take Down The Pedos?: How can I help?[View]
145723382Why don't people online sympathize with the Catalan separatist cause? Are the Catalans not murd…[View]
145696079My God, what have we done?[View]
145724811Is Typhoon LAN Happening?: There's a massive storm headed toward Tokyo. Western media isn'…[View]
145696982BREAKING NEWS: ZIONISTS OFFICIALLY DECLARE WAR ON /fit/IZENS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/arti…[View]
145706209You wake up on November 4th, 2020 and see this map. What do?[View]
145724747Mouthy Buddha Cant Handle The Redpill: In this video Mouthy Buddha makes a cringefest out of the reg…[View]
145722098No one's trying to normalize pedoph----[View]
145722757Are universities ever going go back to being places where you learn skills, instead of a place where…[View]
145720375Is the Soros meme even real?[View]
145704361Why do liberals hate the police so much?[View]
145707723Is getting drunk every weekday a sin?[View]
14572433649er Kneelers Get Mugged: Run run run to the police Only kneel when the po po protect you in your bi…[View]
145715483What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone? Is he based and ourguy or is…[View]
145720494Chinks arent people: We all now about their disgusting treatment of animals but here's one abou…[View]
145712200Nov 4th BEWARE OF HOME INVASIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c4AMYlgX0I https://www.youtube.co…[View]
145722245rev your engines[View]
145723301Why hasn't Roland BLUMPF been impeeched yet?[View]
145723417Legal Murder in Idaho: Has anyone here researched more about Idaho's zone of death? Could you a…[View]
145723502What would a world without the USA look like?: thoughts?[View]
145722942Looks like that reptilian lesbian satanist finally found Jesus y'all! Paise be the glory of hyp…[View]
145720888Jesus Campos interview online already: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/shootings/mandalay-bay-se…[View]
145723599Hitler redpills: Hey /pol/, Looking for redpills on Hitler, Nazism, etc etc that sort of thing. [em…[View]
145722919Friendly Reminder: Burn the coal, pay the toll[View]
145716483Red pill side effects: >be me >new nog at work I have to show the whips and dips to >get to…[View]
145700531What happened to the Church?: Then >be a kid in the 90s/early 2000s >parents are Catholics who…[View]
145714583Nov 4th: See you at Ragnarok.[View]
145699761NatSoc hate thread: Is unironically being a national socialist in America the most cringe worthy thi…[View]
145723381Is Russian UK Embassy confirmed for best bants?[View]
145722690How to infiltrate normies: More advanced things than 'don't show your power level.' I mean how …[View]
145696434Straya NOOO: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/10/18/06/15/yes-vote-winning-by-millions-new-data…[View]
145716941November 4 will either be 12 antifa people autistically screeching in some street, or it's goin…[View]
145719701If you use this for recreational purposes, you're a fucking loser. no ifs ands or buts.[View]
145723178Just found this hilarious redpilled video: thoughts /pol/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tDjBvkl…[View]
145719953Post the first image you saved from /pol/ after it became clear that Donald Trump won the presidenti…[View]
145717990Oy vey, the goyim are onto us! Call them Anti-Semitic![View]
145718463do you agree that this is what happened /pol/[View]
145709227Trump is a pedophile: No one will ever know[View]
145712551>receding hair line >greying hair >skin is flush and not olive colored >assymetrical fa…[View]
145721757Jews hate Christ and love Atheists Goys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yle_qeeOIMA[View]
145722236Canadian bros, why did you put all of your major cities right next to us? Like back off lol[View]
145722849Why is the soviet union so reviled here? Post stalin , they weren't that bad.[View]
145720648Rip Statues: Where will they stop?[View]
145722660hoodwink: >be me >former real-estate mogul and TV star >donate to Dems for decades and tout…[View]
145720363NATIONAL HOLIDAY IN NK: Where are the nukes? Why no missile test? Kim got cucked?[View]
145722739So this is the Power of le red pill /pol/ and national socialism?[View]
145722733Neo-Nazi and National Front organizer quits, becomes a faggot and opens Jewish heritage site: https:…[View]
145721171I don't know why people here think blacks are taking all the white women. To me it comes across…[View]
145722561Just met an unironic non-4chan user, completely redneck/texan full on confederate not on the memes t…[View]
145714603/pol/ Why haven't you converted to Mormonism yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUhU0HgTq94 …[View]
145718742How do you outjew the jew?[View]
145702642FRANK LUNTZ CANT EVEN RECOVER: Literally crying on Twitter now. Pic related[View]
145722096ITT: Post Your Heritage: >pic-related is me[View]
145707582Has an F-35 already been destroyed by a 50 year old Soviet missile system?: Despite this, the Syrian…[View]
145719910This guy is a fucking nut: >nationalism is evil >trump isn't a patriot >these people a…[View]
145715771Anthony Weiner laptop had 2,800 gov't documents from Huma: Isn't it funny how bombshell st…[View]
1457221762020 election turnout: What does /pol/ expect the next American election's turnout to be when e…[View]
145708678Drop in sperm counts in North American men is 'major public health crisis,' paper argues: …[View]
145718755Put California on Rice NOW ?or Free Helicopter Rides? , California State Senator Scott Weiner just r…[View]
145717226Trump gives dose of reality, liberals go bonkers: http://archive.is/q03l3 of course jew york post is…[View]
145708769Blue State General: Blue state thread: discuss living in the dumbest part of America, or how a big c…[View]
145716528Someone is flooding /pol/ with slide threads and black cocks. Did something huge just happen? Did t…[View]
145718918Everything from LGBT to feminism is nothing more than a cry for attention to white alphas in an atte…[View]
145721414Trump celebrates Diwali in the white house.: Happy Diwali pol. Trump is celebrating it at the white …[View]
145719407These guys are intentionally nuking everything Trump does, and do not care if they will be re-electe…[View]
145721993HWNDU Season VII?: Is this legit?[View]
145719822Local Brewery (logo below) Has elaborate plan to capitalize er I mean de-platform Richard Spencer. h…[View]
145721291Cucks: Science proofs that libtards are more likely to be cucks[View]
145715396We're being raided: Got home from gym, had a shower, made some green tea, went on 4chan, annnnn…[View]
145721919Who is the worst political journalist working today? Pic related[View]
145717361/CAG/ - Constitutional Amendment General What the deal with the Balanced Budget Amendment? Is it /po…[View]
145718304How do we save Nevada?: The influx of illegals and LA refugees into Clark County and the (((tech))) …[View]
145718616You have been waiting patiently. It is Delivery Day.: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, …[View]
145721429What about the VIP? JANET: One of the anons right after the event noted a few things for us to look …[View]
145702766America was founded by immigrants! How to respond to this?[View]
145721309What does /pol/ think of the dirtbag left?: Are they better memers than us?[View]
145721575Hey guys, I have a good idea... A really good and funny idea. We should hijack the @sweden account. …[View]
145714013Tear it Down!: This horrid symbol of the mistreatment and sexual abuse of women must be torn down fo…[View]
145717305I love this place: /pol, I just want to say how much I love this place. YOU, anons, provide my only …[View]
145721508Do you rock your rightwing gear out in town?: Or are you only a tough rightwinger on the internet?…[View]
145719885Donating Sperm: Knowing that I am a Blond Haired Blue Eyed Devil, and that my race will become extin…[View]
145715541I'm starting to think I might not live to see the race war, or even worse it will happen when i…[View]
145710078What went wrong?[View]
145698247SILICON VALLEY IN FLAMES: >wildfire in Santa Cruz hills, which form the southern border of (((Sil…[View]
145712084There will be no blue wa-: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/17/politics/house-republicans-2018-generic-bal…[View]
145718125Brett Gelman opens up on MDE World Peace's Cancellation 'It was a neo-nazi sketch show!': https…[View]
145707223Any Mormon Posters Willing To Answer My Questions?: I grew up in a 'Southern Baptist' home. However …[View]
145715144/ptg/ President Trump General - Double Standards Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
145714022Poor America: Why does poor america blame the rich?[View]
145715941fashwave thread: Post your best /fashwave/ pics itt[View]
145716317You literally cannot make this shit up. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4989712/Neo-Nazi-Nat…[View]
145682870Fascism is right wing[View]
145715501DRUMPF's APPROVAL RATING DROPPED IN EVERY STATE LMAO: This is what happens when you let rural a…[View]
145703441Asians are objectively superior to whites: Every single trait that makes whites better than blacks a…[View]
145713347>checks Tinder to see what kind of locals are around >sees this only 5 minutes in Yeaaaah I sh…[View]
145720277Realistically, how much time does ISIS have left?[View]
145720237Stephen Paddock sighting....: Here’s a FB video from 10/6/2017 that claims Stephen Paddock & gf …[View]
145719489/VIG/ Jesus Campos on Ellen!?: http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/security-guard-jose-campos-to-grant-f…[View]
145717991Tamils >Caucasian head shapes >darker than nigger skin Why?!…[View]
145715733San Diego Washing Streets With Bleach To Combat Hepatitis A Outbreak: http://archive.is/k2HhS[View]
145717569I know C1RWON's social security number. That's how I hacked his aol... lel: https://voat.c…[View]
145718104Problem glasses: Cultural marxism was a mistake https://archive.fo/xStyV[View]
145717708Welcome to Hillary Clinton General! This general is for the discussion of Hillary Rodham Clinton, as…[View]
145718580Bombshell, get in here.: Found this in an article on BannonBart. From Weinstein's emails to Hil…[View]
145717315Which other celebrities are /woke/?[View]
145719841The plan to fix America: Jared Taylor lays out the future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDLLgvWhiG…[View]
145718700What goes on here (Canadian DND)[View]
145719698Republicans have moved to far to the right. Roy Moore was a mistake. Thanks bannon.[View]
1457137699/11 thread #3[View]
145719766caleefornia: California general.[View]
145692438Fuck Niggers: /our cheerleaders/ >>>/wsg/1931403[View]
145719737CIA urges POTUS Trump to delay release of documents on assassination of John F. Kennedy: CIA urges P…[View]
145719719jews: So jews want a wall in the US but have a very effective one in their home country. They preach…[View]
145716581I challenge you to listen to this without watching the guy and make an assumubrion afterwards. It…[View]
145719612Anyone have info on Independence Missouri? >Mormons believe Jesus will return to the place, and …[View]
145707443CIA Is Begging Trump Not To Release JFK Files: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-17/cia-urges-tr…[View]
145706859ITT: Post a pic of your current city and other anons say nice things about it.[View]
145698973Does Stephen Miller browse /pol/? I’m a big fan of his high school video and he seems like a proto/p…[View]
145712484Something is up with Vegas Shooting Cabbie video: I'm watching this video on YT at 1/4 speed an…[View]
145707040Popovich is a military veteran unlike Deferment Don. Drumpf is a coward.[View]
145711913Everybody Here Should Be Able To Answer These Questions: 1. What's her name? 2. What group does…[View]
145719478share your thoughts on this man[View]
145719463>national holiday in nk >mfw still no nuke…[View]
145719376Reminder that the white race can never go extinct. Humans have always evolved to have lighter skin w…[View]
145711576My Fellow Compatriots Come in Quickly, come: Why can't the right just organize? Start grass ro…[View]
145719141Prove you're not a Russian shill and post 1 criticism of donald dru-- i mean trump[View]
145716181WTF Is Nazbol: Are nazbols real?[View]
145715590Sargoy BTFO: Has he ever been bested like this before? Jared Taylor is now my favorite E-celeb. http…[View]
145719096Does this leaked cable showing Mueller acting as a 'uranium mule' to Russia for the Clintons while s…[View]
145719025Weinstein Wood: General thoughts/puns on the matter?[View]
145719020Dindu nuffin thread: Get in here. Post all the dindu nuffin stuff you have. Videos, pictures, articl…[View]
145707984Career Thread: >What do you do? >How much money do you make? >Do you enjoy it? Would you do…[View]
145710059Ask a semi decent person anything: I hear you guys don't get many of us around here, any questi…[View]
1457173729 year old girl dies in Florida after being sat on by 325 lb. mother: Guess which race. PROTIP: It…[View]
145715443We've always known Louis C. K. was a cuck. How about we destroy him? I know we have people who…[View]
145688397European art and architecture: Let's not forget what we're fighting for, I have a full fol…[View]
145716669spamming inter-racial porn slide threads: I see half the front page is black penises. who is running…[View]
145709228DUTERTE FIGHTING THE CRUSADE: DUTERTE FIGHTING THE CRUSADE Why is nobody talking about this? >MA…[View]
145714051Men are the niggers of the sexes. Prove me wrong.[View]
145716847What would the world be like today if he was alive?[View]
145718550Atheism in 2017: Helping the jews: They want you nihilistic. They want you to hate your race. They w…[View]
145709207IMPEACH!!!: >he said 'well, i guess he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts.' …[View]
145700421The current signs are already telling us that the next recession is going to result in a Great Depre…[View]
145717458Anyone here been to India? My friend just came back from there.. Dear God. She said they were on a 9…[View]
145711808Was Doyle red-pilled? I mean, yea he was only a movie character but like, idk, your opinions, please…[View]
145718411are they really 'that' bad tho?[View]
145716408I just read some thread about ns and drugs, well here is my experience what do you think? > I…[View]
145715826why politically dont we have atomic power? greener than all: 0 deaths green thorium new atomic lftr …[View]
145702683What is he listening to?[View]
145716121Come Home, White Man: Why are you not living in the whitest and cleanest part of the earth?[View]
145718103Or nah?[View]
145718099Pageantry is a vital aspect of statecraft: Politics nowadays is focussed on appealing to 'victi…[View]
145704769Soros giving away his money: Anyone have any behind the scenes info? Terminally ill? Under inevitab…[View]
145703081What happened to Trump?: When Trump was younger, he spoke much more normally and even eloquently. Wh…[View]
145714649Why white women don't like Mexican men and Amerindian men?[View]
145692128High School Sluts get FUCKED: Fake News >'Cheer Leaders yell 'FUCK NIGGERS' in an Instagram video…[View]
145717855Jesus Campos: The Trump administration was behind the Las Vegas shooting as a ploy to distract from …[View]
145715716What is it with Berkeley and communism?: Watching best Bond (Brosnan) and noticed pic related. Has B…[View]
145717600When the left start going full circle? https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinio…[View]
145717602I love my country![View]
145715420I'm 20 and have a hs education on Nazis: All I know about the Nazis and Nazi Germany is what I …[View]
145717560Why are millennials so unhappy and lost /pol/? is it because so many of them are self-entitled crypt…[View]
145712753On either January 19 or up till noon on January 20, did you make any unmasking requests?: Gowdy sugg…[View]
145717486Story: >be me >start a new job >interviewer is hot asian >fuckyeah.png >go in on my …[View]
145683174Syria General /sg/- Shadow Commander Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
145697307Prepping for the incoming Mueller Massacre. Please post meme material for the upcoming festivities a…[View]
145714222What are /pol/'s thoughts on the morphogenetic field? >Banned Ted Talk https://www.youtube.c…[View]
145716731are jewish men obsessed with white women: how can jews hate whites if they are obsessed with marryin…[View]
145717369Carl Sagan’s Kabbalah Cosmos: Cosmos was first broadcast on Televison in 1980, viewers were asked to…[View]
145714814Would you buy this Jew's Juice machine?[View]
145713025jew redpills: Sup /pol/ my friend isn't woke on the JQ so I'mma need some good redpills. P…[View]
145713356This is a request to stop looking at porn and promoting that imagery on this board: Porn is propagan…[View]
145715981Who knew shitposting in all those human trafficking threads would come in handy one day. I'll …[View]
145706515> Be me in 2010, just graduated physical therapy program. Wife is an accountant. > Ready to s…[View]
145714067SHTF Infographics: Where can we find tips/information/infographics based around the possibility of a…[View]
145715364>the company office just got (((sodastream))) why are normies okay with (((Israeli Apartheid))) ?…[View]
145717089Thorium LFTR makes israel wind solar and oil obsolete: http://flibe-energy.com/ What really need is …[View]
145713254>Like a million women were harassed by Weinstein. >NONE of them came forward until now.…[View]
145715287Data Tracking: Do you People really use this 'Private' search engine? Gabriel Weinberg. A jew who m…[View]
145715850RedPill: Hillary Clinton: need sauces to redpill[View]
145691535Footage from the top of the Mandalay Bay during the attack.: Needs more eyes on this one. https://ww…[View]
145713862ITT: politicians Sexiest edition Here is Syaku Ryouko[View]
145715704>whites shouldn't have to pay reparations for slavery since the descendants of slave owners …[View]
145716790>Eurofags actually fell for the burger 'white people' meme, the semantic equivalent of an 'Asian …[View]
145716752Whodunit /pol/?: Samantha Power Testified She Did Not Make All Unmasking Requests Attributed to Her …[View]
145716172Why do so many people buy into NatSoc? What are the benefits compared to capitalism?: Seriously is e…[View]
145714535Best Political Pranks: George Soros at Ukraine in 2004, during which I think was the best political …[View]
145716547everything on board is slide bait.: I suggest all /pol take off for a few hours til they get tired o…[View]
145715739Brienne of Tarth Must Be Real Fun At Parties.: >Women don't have to be thin. Okay. They…[View]
145716355ITT: we discuss: is /pol/ just a more shitty version of /bant/. Like did you fags take portions of o…[View]
145683169People 'investigating' the Mandalay bay shooting are missing a very obvious conclusion that explains…[View]
145698499Uranium general.[View]
145715854Weinstein: Nickelodeon Edition: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/nickelodeon-suspends-loud-h…[View]
145715205Tick tock, tick tock.[View]
145706030HAPPENING: Israelis create artificial sperm men are no longer needed to produce biological offsprin…[View]
145713031Is the West worth saving anymore?[View]
145713940Looks like there's hope boys. Check the vid out, drop the MGTOW shit, hit the gym, and get you …[View]
145715658SWEET 88 Y/O LADY GETS 6 MONTHS FOR DENYING HOLOHOAX FOR THIRD TIME: https://www.rt.com/news/406932-…[View]
145716191How long until (((they))) shut down 4chan ? Will this place even last until 2020 ?[View]
145714371Did Austria vote in a Nationalist Party? Is there hope? https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/…[View]
145715229Black people haven't invented anyth-[View]
145714311General thread about kikes, and filthy kikery. Send kikes, exchange kikes, hate kikes, love kikes, a…[View]
145712558What is the more likely situation? >Trump sending Ivanka to seduce Justin >Justin is cucking t…[View]
145716031Duterte threatens to expel EU diplomats from Manila!: >Tough-talking Philippines President Rodrig…[View]
145713708Calling MegaAnon: The Hill/Circa News piece didn't seem to get much traction. Is this it? Thoug…[View]
145715657Nigger Hate Thread: so many nigger loving kikes here lately post what u have[View]
145712899hourly reminder: that pol is eternally BTFO by eminem, way before dtrumpf white america, you think e…[View]
145711971Have we turned to far from God for him to listen for our cries?[View]
145715566RICK AND MEMETY BTFO: Will Meme and Morty fans recover???[View]
145713882LMAO WTF: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57696d53e2ac8[View]
145711302/ptg/ President Trump General - 8 Years Of Pain Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
145710995White women are shi-: https://streamable.com/pk6n6[View]
145707504Reminder that hapa women will give you white children.[View]
145715386Synthroteck #memegate: Any thoughts?[View]
145695502Memes aside, is there anything actually wrong with this?[View]
145699034Confirmed: Jesus Campos Being looked After By MGM: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/shootings/mgm…[View]
145715306Help Needed: Should I? What do?[View]
145702266Uhm.... Guys?...... Campos is back in town.: Campos and Schuck on the Ellen show tomorrow ? Okayyyy?…[View]
145712774The president of ESPN is going to be running for office in 2020. What does /pol/ think? Also, he…[View]
145710703ITT: make Jimmy Kimmel apologize to SJWs for The Man Show. Jimmy Kimmel starred in the man show from…[View]
145711972Can someone please tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?: Can we get some semblance of fucking transpar…[View]
145715083Opium Wars: (((David Sassoon))) was the main person behind the Opim Wars in China. Who is responsibl…[View]
145715106Why is it the uglier you are the more likely you are to hate President Trump?: Can political affilia…[View]
145712499This is it: Shit is actually happening[View]
145702644MARC FABER: >“I am not saying it would be better,” Faber told MarketWatch in an interview on Tues…[View]
145708087Progresive Democrats have finally embraced......: Venezuelans, North Korean, Lend me your ears. This…[View]
145715027Every fucking day[View]
145712500The best state: Alright /pol/ what makes your state the greatest in the union. >Idaho is the best…[View]
145711715Memin Pinguin: Hey /pol/ What do you think about mexican comicbook series about Memin Pinguin - a bl…[View]
145708032Realistically speaking, what would the Democratic Party have to do to regain dominance?[View]
145711339OK, who's catcalling the women in France? I want names and photos.[View]
145712155#metoo: post the number of roasties you've slain, get in #metwentytwo[View]
145708101Hillary Clinton could still become the current president: And you thought the war was over https://h…[View]
145711402There is at least one AI posting on /pol/ at any given moment.[View]
145712929bosnia hate thread: can we get good old bosnian hate thread?[View]
145703417''NO''': Kek Abo nationalists[View]
145694025/pol/ humor thread[View]
145691407>your political ideology 5 years ago >your political ideology now…[View]
145709487BASED AMERICANS: ITT: Post the most based Americans that have ever lived I’ll start Andrew Jackson…[View]
145700656Tell Me Why Welfare is Wrong?: I'm on Welfare. I can't find a job anywhere else. Jobs toda…[View]
145712250Coffee conoisseurs thread: More like BLUMPF[View]
145714330In the middle of all the BP WE WUZery: Have a realistic depiction of it.[View]
145714323HWNDU SEASON 7: pQsfJXX Episode 7 of the ongoing sequel[View]
145714197Nowadays cultural expansion: Throughout the history, a culture had to be powerful and rich by a larg…[View]
145714179Almost a year into the Trump Presidency, and he is still continuing with this? http://www.hewillnot…[View]
145711645What's worse, a world run by Muslims or a world run by Jews?[View]
145714042HWNDU has Returned: What is the next plan of attack?[View]
145713675Hello, I'm being re-elected leader of China today. Wish me luck, I am making China great again …[View]
145705949American Mexican alliance: I am half Taco. Mexico, if you here me, let us stop all illegal immigrant…[View]
145710041Juno Beach to ju dun no what my gender is xir: Maple niggers, how will you ever recover?[View]
145711586/PHENOTYPE/: >Have the P H E N O T Y P E >Understand, via my superior ashekenazi intelligence,…[View]
145713770Lifting is the most sexist, selfish and racist thing you can do to yourself. You do nothing but dev…[View]
145710054'People do not need access to their own money' do you realize how authoritarian you liberals sound.[View]
145710502Trump tells grieving widow her husband 'knew what he signed up for': https://www.local10.com/news/po…[View]
145713578STOP BEING MEAN TO GEORGIE BOY, /pol/: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/george-soros-just-g…[View]
145705321MLK Jr. FBI Memory Hole: >be *the* civil rights activist >main concern is nonviolence in your …[View]
145711293Asians will soon begin editing their genes based on whim/fashion: What will be the repercussions of …[View]
145713047Description of 4Chan Pic related[View]
145711438watching CNN, it occured to me:: my first contribution to the war effort![View]
145708293Cuck king: Which libtard is worthy of having the title of cuck king[View]
145698233Admit it, /pol/: You are all Gay and Jewish.[View]
145711835why politically dont we have atomic power? greener than all: 0 deaths green thorium new atomic lftr …[View]
145706551FREE PASS FOR FAGS?: Does nobody care about the single biggest problem with out country? Thanks for …[View]
145712695Aiding Transgender Case, Sessions Defies His Image on Civil Rights: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/…[View]
145709754Ancap: I like ancap but what about the roads?[View]
145702224What is the equivalent of /pol/...for blacks?[View]
145713075My view on politics and society: >Looking for discussion, been meaning to write this down and fin…[View]
145703532hitler is cucked?or woke?: >adore islam >said islam is suitable for germans >said islam is …[View]
145687279>2017 >Posting on CIA honeypot website without a proxy…[View]
145696842Canada, yes!: Day of the rake when? https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/07/30/canadian-military…[View]
145712937Why is /pol/ worshiping this faggot?: > Was in the pocket of corporations. > Started a stupid …[View]
145711027What does /pol/ think about catholicism? Is it too cucked to lead us to a bright redpilled future?[View]
145712312How is Trump gonna run in the Rust Belt in 2020 when he appointed Goldman Sachs to his cabinet? I gu…[View]
145712826>Channel 4 is slammed by viewers for ‘blacking-up’ a white woman so she can live ‘as a Muslim’ fo…[View]
145692130Since no one else is...: RTL-SDR Test Results Edition >TUNE IN: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901…[View]
145705549I give up: This is it /Pol/. After years of browsing this board and associating my views with others…[View]
145712660Are you doing your part in MAGA?[View]
145698303single illegal immigrant burns down Cali: A single illegal immigrant burned down half of fucking Cal…[View]
145705995This is Richard Spencer with Laura Bush.: This is Richard Spencer photographed with Laura Bush. I di…[View]
145711037Clinton/Obama ACTUAL Russian collusion: Hill article - scooped Hannity's story? Is that what ha…[View]
145712514When are you going to take the anti-vax redpill? Sure, they may have their applications but the scie…[View]
145699387Why dont we replace him with someone cool like Eisenhower?[View]
145710307Neo-Nazi leader comes out as gay: What's to explain for Jewish success?[View]
145698627Why don't we tear down the Statue of Liberty? We don't deserve it anymore. We don't s…[View]
145710852/POL will watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show now: Shot Mandalay guard Jesus Campos to appear on 'Th…[View]
145691030FORMER ATHIESTS - What made you believe in God?: Question for all former athiests on this board who …[View]
145707612Fuck the jews. Watch this hypocritical shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF2mU6LDZ_g Around 5:3…[View]
145711318David Irving's official summary of HOLOHOAX: Synopsis.... Hitler wasn't so bad. Himmler wa…[View]
145710450Why didn't Europe send help to Constantinople?: Why didn't all the Christian/European king…[View]
145707781/ptg/ President Trump General - Politicians Don't Know How To Solve Problems Edition: PRESIDENT…[View]
145704690She'll never go down for anything, but you can keep larping if it makes you feel better, morons…[View]
145710755How does the left read shit like this?: This is the most retarded thing I've ever read... How d…[View]
145708284Richard Spencer Florida speech: Who's ready for the happening? What are the odds of micro-peak …[View]
145710695tick tock today. BOOM: When will this retard get fired for not delivering on his hype train bullshit…[View]
145708063Was Walt Disney Aware of the Problem?: Only a based man could have made cartoons like this.[View]
145705284Can we all admit Philando Castile literally dindu nuffin?[View]
145706432Conspiracy Theory thread: It seems POL is lacking an interesting conspiracy theory thread... Post an…[View]
145708343So china is having a 19th super duper political meeting.: we wuz?[View]
145691510daily reminder that everything today could have been absolutely fine if we didn't give women th…[View]
145711220Opinion on North Carolina?[View]
145709660Can someone explain why /pol/ feels so shitty recently? Did someone pay for a new wave of shareblue …[View]
145709717Urbanski faces hate crime charges as well in stabbing of Bowie State student: A Prince George's…[View]
145711165Was he /ourguy/?[View]
145708357Wtf I love socialized healthcare now[View]
145695260Russian/NGO promoting extremist politics and separatism: Can we agree that foreign intervention in a…[View]
1456965911 year on, how is Trump doing?: ?[View]
145680980What is the City of London anyway? Do they really run the world?[View]
145709813>Blacks make up the majority of NBA teams based on merit alone >Blacks are nearly 8x more like…[View]
145711077Shia is back: A white flag in France, how fitting HWNDU Propaganda thread go[View]
145707520US looking like Zimbabwe in 3, 2, ...: >Thank God white people populated America, not the blacks.…[View]
145706118Fag marriage: How do we redpill the mass plebeians to stop falling for the eqality meme .t uni toil…[View]
145710873(HWNDU) I am Begging you!!!: Please!!! Under no Circumcisions! DO NOT Throw a Molotov Cocktail into …[View]
145658075Moving Advice: >be Mexican American >Voted for Trump >live in Southern Commiefornia >…[View]
145709968Prominent British Neo Nazi comes out as Genetically Jewish and Gay: And admits he just got into the …[View]
145710784Mono/pol/y: Once thy eyes hath perceived it, bricks shall propel themselves from thy rectum....…[View]
145710714When I said 'just fuck my shit up', I didn't literally mean for you to fuck my shit u…[View]
145710465https://streetviewmaps.co.uk/#51.51305;-0.15881;293.96;-1.1;0.37;15;1;h;0 the absolute state of lond…[View]
145700048Number of miles of the border wall Trump has built so far? Zero, Zero miles![View]
145708787Meddling Liberals BTFO: Why do liberals like to give handouts to Russia and cover it up? I thought P…[View]
145710596The CNN is at it again: CNN is claiming that Florida congresswoman says President Donald J. Trump to…[View]
145710498Why are these threads being deleted?[View]
145710073>it's another episode of let's LARP together on a 2d mongolian memeboard for (you)…[View]
145683414Midwest Alliance General: Most Powerful Race In The World Edition: Why not create a white ethnostate…[View]
145710424He knew what he signed up for.[View]
145698058/ang/ Anglosphere General: These Colors Oppress Edition: Critical Anglo problems: >the Paki probl…[View]
145710402This was a glorious moment.[View]
145710392HWNDUS Season 7: Stream is up and in a new location as most of you now know. We need to start figuri…[View]
145704990Surveillance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzysxHGZCAU Surveillance related, which in turn is gov…[View]
145710310Guys, I Redpilled My Mom: I’ve gone too far. My mom never cared for politics and voted Clinton. Over…[View]
145708779'He knew what he signed up for.': Can /pol track down if this is true? http://nypost.com/2017/10/17/…[View]
145709688Are gold bugs White supremacists?: Jew economist Paul Krugman says gold bugs are White supremacists.…[View]
145708735O'Keefe at Rutgers University: Who went? NJ/Rutgers anons report in, how was it?[View]
145704331This is what my progressive school thinks of your leader /pol/[View]
145710147Neo-Nazi leader comes out as gay: https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-national-front-organiser-qu…[View]
145710139Why are hispanics who actually do look like Spaniards end up being discredited when there are Spania…[View]
145710016White People: Whites are the only race on Earth that will do better for others than it will do for i…[View]
145704038Question: In your opinion, What's the greatest thing Obama intentionally accomplished?[View]
145708687Marxists are fucking retarded: Are there any Marxists outside of Hollywood and Liberal Arts that are…[View]
145702665GET THE FUCK IN HERE: GIANT ROBOTS FOR AMERICA: The Japs have giant robot, and we're fighting i…[View]
145689501CNN BTFO!!!![View]
145706809Ariz. Man Suspected of Murdering Military Veteran Ex-Wife Who Has Been Missing Since September: http…[View]
145708542Wtf is this called again? Need2fap[View]
145707165(((Different languages))): You are only supposed to know 1 language. Don't fool yourself. Engli…[View]
145709232California over rules first amendment: http://www.breitbart.com/california/2017/08/17/california-bil…[View]
145707703He was right...: the west is a degenerate shithole, and is trying to drag the east into its filthy b…[View]
145694449Niggers in the US military.: Which branch of the US army has the least amount of niggers in it.…[View]
145707495Want to see something funny check out this /r/offmychest: https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/commen…[View]
145708019>The jury trial for a Casper resident charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl began M…[View]
145709348Is George Soros larping as a Vercingetorix?: Is he leading people to genocide? Could it be the kike …[View]
145707014Why can't you fucking mouth breathing redneck retards understand that hate speech is not free s…[View]
145706526This is a 10/10 in America[View]
145705048If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But …[View]
145684336Let's play a game: Pol, some say you are dangerous, others say just a bunch of trolls. I'd…[View]
145709174President Tyrone has given us a mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4dzL_2YbA[View]
145709090Based Kansas State!: Yes!!!! The division is working! Race war when?[View]
145709089Jesus resurrected by Ellen Degeneres[View]
145704035I joined the Alt-Right, what's the next step?[View]
145708960Cultural mosaic: I’ve noticed that libtard like to use the word cultural mosaic to promote “diersity…[View]
145692140Peak Oil: Is it too late to stop peak oil? General Information: http://peakoilbarrel.com/what-is-pea…[View]
145699596SOROS moves 18 Billion to Open Society Foundation. What is Brewing, /pol/?: https://www.wsj.com/arti…[View]
145701813A gun is not synonymous with power, it is synonymous with fear.[View]
145706378Can one race 'evolve' and become better over time? Can they fix their own intrinsic flaws or are a f…[View]
145682159So is she right /pol/?[View]
145708084Kekistan General: Meme War on Boston Edition: This thread is about discussing the issues of Kekistan…[View]
145708660Where my r1b brothers at?[View]
145706590>No questions[View]
145702325https://youtu.be/EZHx4Q8Zrhk So much for the white man's best friend Dogs deserve to be butcher…[View]
145707154Injuns: Will reducing white people in numbers force us into reservations or will it make us stronger…[View]
145708627WTF is this?: When was this recorded? This doesn't look like the Weekend at Bernies guy.[View]
145708073Dis shit gon b fire yo[View]
145700883What happened to Christopher Nemelka? Is this the end of the Humanity Party? Do you know the way to …[View]
145708451So: They literally just put a bandaid over the hole, propped him up, and took a few snapshots[View]
145702117When are we going to fix our world?: Lets be honest here. No one and I MEAN NO ONE takes us seriousl…[View]
145708353Is the he will not divide us flag back up?: At http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ a flag is back up, is …[View]
145698159Has the transgender agenda infected based Eastern Europe/Mother Russia yet?[View]
145708326Yfw Uranium blows up in your face: In the slammer by Halloween, boys. >https://twitter.com/Donal…[View]
145698624>Meet a qt girl >We start dating >Things are going great >Relationship becomes serious …[View]
145705417The Morality of A Slave: He thinks he is playing you. After all he is a player[View]
145705123/ptg/ President Trump General - POTUS Prime Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
145705277Has there ever been a single day better than November 8, 2016? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un1Ja…[View]
145706178Rare Paddocks: Post em![View]
145694552Is he /our guy/?: >Hates SJWs >ALPHA AS ALPHA BRAIN >Friends with Alex Jones >Pro Pepe …[View]
145707836So campos has gone missing. I think its pretty obvious at this point.[View]
145696237Anyone else getting tired of fat people? They are dragging our country down and probably costing us …[View]
145705924Report this guy for targeted harassment or block: If we don't stop the Communist scum, when wil…[View]
145698171YOU NIGGERS DID IT HOLY SHIT https://twitter.com/FrankLuntz/status/920355558493786112[View]
145707666Does /pol/ miss Ahmadinejad?: The only modern head of state who named the Jew. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
145684683Is the percentage of people that view the Nazis in a more sympathetic light *fucking exploding*, or …[View]
145680847HAPPENING: SOROS GIVES 18 BILLION TO COMMIE ORGS.: The tl;dr - George Soros gives $18 BILLION to the…[View]
145686380Seriously fuck you /pol/ you ruined my fucking life you fucking bastards. The other day I watched sc…[View]
145706332Well /pol/acks, I was a trump supporter and it's been a fun ride but it looks like he's ac…[View]
145704953#MeToo thread: Just made this fresh off the press goys, I only wish for the day Sweden and friends w…[View]
145696709Can we talk about how fucking disgusting Asian girls are?: I see this board slobbering over azn vagi…[View]
145706853what is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH47znJA3-M[View]
145703545NAFTA 4TH ROUND: What are your honest thoughts about this whole shit? Is Trump really willing to lea…[View]
145707238Why's it wrong to not be on any side of the political spectrum?[View]
145706755post >yfw you realize white nationalism is actually a Jewish conspiracy[View]
145701189Real Talk: #MeFuckingToo: Every single person on planet Earth who isn't a braindead, bitter, so…[View]
145705521Saaxiibnimo naxariis leh waxaan jeclaan lahaa in aan kugu wargelinno in aan ahaa boqorro iyo sidoo k…[View]
145705556Stone doing a little A/B testing for Trump?: Top kek https://twitter.com/RogerJStoneJr/status/920409…[View]
145706640Red pilled stats, graphs, charts, maps: all that good stuff[View]
145703096Is MGTOW misogynistic?: I know a lot of MGTOW guys claim to still be feminist 'by definition' as in …[View]
145707074/mex/ Pol: Chabelo Edition: I haven't seen one of these in a while. Mexicanons, with the next p…[View]
145706622Other gays on here what’s been your reaction to red pills: >me[View]
145706323This may not get much play bc of the happenings, but i just wanted to say congrats to any CZbros lur…[View]
145706015Do the Japanese Secretly Control The Jews?: I kekked about this the other day when I saw some other …[View]
145706557What would happen if all publically-owned (local, state, federal) parks decided to stop constructing…[View]
145706678>normies say 'But X was an immigrant' to validate replacement migration policies >refute the …[View]
145706509Victorian Electric Jew Boogaloo: Your circuit breakers may burn your house because of hebrew hubris.…[View]
145666220Greece - record unemployment, record debt: let’s in 1.5 million illegals to Europe. How is Greece st…[View]
145702765Europeans/Americans: who hates who?: Don't deny it, each white country at the VERY LEAST dislik…[View]
145697696Why do Conservashits inadvertently vote agaisnt their own economic interests?[View]
145696303California Becomes First State To Legally Recognize A Third Gender: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.h…[View]
145690975Why does /pol/ worship losers so much ? Hitler and the nazis lost get over it. They are never coming…[View]
145706392NIGGER HATE THREAD: this boards getting boring[View]
145705176Fascism and NatSoc: I'm interested in fascist/natsoc literature/philosophy. Give me your best b…[View]
145706350What do you think they meant by this?[View]
145689095Eminem's daughter: If eminem is such a freethinking progressive anti-trumper then why doesn…[View]
145706173From My African Notebook: >'I have given my life to try to alleviate the suffering of Africa. The…[View]
14567415740% of Americans adults are obese: 40 percent of American adults and nearly 20 percent of adolescent…[View]
145678546/hue/ - Brazilian Politics General: Reminder to post in English or the thread gets janny'd…[View]
145705226Got a question for the small govt fags on here: so up here in canuckistan there's a bill that…[View]
145697711what does ns think about drugs?: do you reject them in every single case? do you accept introspectio…[View]
145701633WHITE: mwf someone tries to convince me that white privilege exists[View]
145701604Australia... NO!?: Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey has been blocked from playing AFLW In a sta…[View]
145701449Biological racial warfare: I know that certain ailments affect people of some races more than others…[View]
145679939Defend this, /pol/ http://www.newsweek.com/donald-ivanka-and-melania-trump-all-ignored-tiffanys-birt…[View]
145704813I hate threads where the subject title is cu-[View]
145704055OMG IT'S HATE SPEECH: http://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/cleveland-s…[View]
145705637Wow...: Powerful https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865691186/Letter-Respect-the-American-flag.html…[View]
145705551Why are Liberals cucks?: Why do Liberals protest more about conservative reforms than anothir nigger…[View]
145701994Is Zuckerberg Really Running For President?: Or is he just really bothered about the lizard/reptilia…[View]
145695176How to redpill with subtlety?: How can I drop redpills in a humorous manner in youtube videos and in…[View]
145693548ACTIVE SHOOTER NYC HAPPENING: GET IN HERE! https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/920450647627051009…[View]
145702312Is it true that Flanders wants the Netherlands to annex them?[View]
145690962Was Pol Pot redpilled?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc4DWL3gQLI I ask this as a communist. What …[View]
145702497Richard Spencer is an AGENT PROVOCATEUR: >>145672205 This is the point of CONTROLLED oppositio…[View]
145702102/ptg/ President Trump General - Big, Beautiful American Robotics Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP h…[View]
145703533Humans have the habit of copying those around them, under the assumption that peers who are still al…[View]
145705212Just found out I'm going on a rather long road trip, red (or blue) pill me on some solid politi…[View]
145705254Kike gets butt blasted for calling his new book a scam![View]
145705052New Rule: Controlled Opposition: New Rule: I know it's edgy now to say someone is controlled op…[View]
145695744I hate the America: When I was younger I loved this country. I loved it's history and it's…[View]
145701302Suppose immigration from third world countries and low IQ races had been forbidden, would /pol/ stil…[View]
145700381Describe this image using a single word per post.[View]
145704426have a good night: i hope you sleep tight and dont let the bedbugs bite[View]
145703310How do we control the mestizos from breeding like rabbits, my fellow redditors?[View]
145702655Daily reminder that taxation is legalized theft[View]
145698709WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIANS: The Shahada. The Shahada is an oath that Muslims take which declares Alla…[View]
145704798Conservatives are smar-[View]
145703413What a piece of shit, using someone's dead child to score political points against your predece…[View]
145704695Based country: Some lefty radio and tv host talk shit about catholics and Pro-Family movements 'So c…[View]
145704691Burger Fuhrer: MENU 1. hitler youth meal $14.88 2. aryan supreme pizza $14.88 3. Fanta $14.88 4. Hi…[View]
145701655The Annexation of Imgur: There an internet community called Imgur that may be ripe for propagation o…[View]
145704494The women of Sacramento are figuring out Sacramento's Merchants, beaners and niggers are months…[View]
145667880Come and watch a Catalan sob video.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wouNL14tAks This video is also …[View]
145704453tiki torch[View]
145702326Realistically /pol/, what country would be most likely to leave next?: Serious question, curious as …[View]
145687603Turkey Love Thread: Say something nice about this country, that is about join the European Union…[View]
145682190As much as I hate Laura Loomer, I told you guys, the evidence is coming in: I’ve been telling you gu…[View]
145698419Why do women virtue signal every fucking day?[View]
145699856What is the end game? With the creation of false genders to appease no-more than 1% of the populatio…[View]
145704334meme about trannies, anyone has it?: xthe sobbing fat tranny with a nose ring its anime style, with …[View]
145704319Bypassing Forum Clutter from the Shills: Shills burying threads has been a problem here. I get aroun…[View]
145702611*sips tea*[View]
145702293Reddit DESTROYS Alt-Right Forever[View]
145702919>your country adopts aggressive nationalism or fascism how does the flag look like /pol/?…[View]
145703918ose Campos on Ellen????: What are your thoughts on this? Was this a prerecord or what[View]
145703681I have to give a presentation about the geography of Ancient 'We wuz kangz' Egypt tomorrow. Any of y…[View]
145697958What are these coins?: I found these in an old box. What are they?[View]
145689815*Blocks your path*: >only true supporters can post in this thread…[View]
145703171Will John Kelly resign before the end of the year or after?: > Be Gen. John Kelly > Loses son …[View]
145701019If BLack people are so bad then why New York is the most important city in the USA and it has a huge…[View]
145696669>when /pol/ realizes they got some BBBLLLLLALCK[View]
145704026youtube blackfest: no im not joking about the name wtf is this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
145702542Why are we not talking about this? Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress:…[View]
145703825THE KANG - LeBron Jim Crowns Up: is he /out guy/ ?[View]
145702922So he's definitely next right? http://archive.is/b9a8W[View]
145702034pol independent journalists...: Jesus Campos, the whole thing can unravel with him. Have your source…[View]
145699533ITT: Comics that make you think[View]
145703589Stop coal burning: burning coal pollutes our gene pool! burn the coal pay the toll. emissions regula…[View]
145703567Trump and social conservatism: I'm really sick of this asshole and his Christcuck pandering. Th…[View]
145695592>inner city kids are violent because they need to be educa-[View]
145703489education system: what does /pol/ think of america's education system[View]
145677382/Bitcoin/: >The only way to overthrown the banking Jew >The only way to end the government gri…[View]
145701807BUT MUH REAL POSTMODERNISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED: >M- muh postmodernism isn't destroying west…[View]
145703144The Absolute State of Academia: >As 26-year-old Isa, one of his survey participants, memorably pu…[View]
145702393If you had to change your race or group to any other race or group, what would it be? Hardmode: no s…[View]
145703350Fuck Islam and the left: These barbaric freaks will no longer torment the future of white people. Th…[View]
145695480*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: What do?[View]
145702469Stop denying the holocaust! t. donald j trump[View]
145699521Why are niggers so violent, everytime im in the city there always asking for money and getting confr…[View]
145700486Being Colonized is NOT a Virtue: Share your experiences with immigrant neighborhoods or immigrants i…[View]
145674955>This was not the case in black men, based on 3,175 participants That's right goy, let Tyro…[View]
145702178>I'm not an holocaust denier im just questioning the official numbers…[View]
145679586rock/pol/: Meanwhile, on rock/pol/....[View]
145699438Whorrison Ford , Vegas was staged: Oooh.. Im sure it was a huge coincidence that Harrison Ford lived…[View]
145700956Luckiest timeline general: Can we just take a moment to sit back and appreciate the fact that Donald…[View]
145698892Almonds : activated[View]
145701835Genesis 19 24 Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out…[View]
145697330Is getting kidnapped by ISIS the most effective weight loss routine? Did ISIS save Joshua Boyle from…[View]
145701201Yup I'm gonna keep posting this: Obamacare is now Trumpcare He's now endorsing Obamacare a…[View]
145702287If you were to affix an animal to represent the major political parties, countries and forms of gove…[View]
145702660/pol/ I need some help with my Halloween costume I'm going 2 my office party as 'politically in…[View]
145702658White women record themselves saying 'fuck niggers': >hurr all white women are dumb niggerlov- ht…[View]
145672208Is the devil real? Is this his doing???[View]
145702477Does /pol have any opinion on human evolution? >Multi-regional, out of Africa or out of Eurasia ?…[View]
145700781Can you guys please stop acting like we got a happening today...?: The whole 'Uranium One Scandal' h…[View]
145699203/ptg/ President Trump General - The Lion And The Sheep Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
145700625how would you describe gen x pol?[View]
145702320When can we expect the collapse of democracy?: One of the most ridiculous aspects of democracy will …[View]
145701610Let's be Honest. America is to blame: Europe would have been better off if Germany had won WWI …[View]
145701409All criminal case convictions should carry the death penalty as punishment. There is literally no re…[View]
145700241>And thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look l…[View]
145699725I'm tellin u nigga we wuz kangz an sheit. These damn wypepo be mad we gettin educated an sheit.[View]
145694497Transphobes BTFO Christfags BTFO Nazi's BTFO /POL/ BTFOOOOO!!!!!!!![View]
145701891Dunmer hate thread: I am sick and tired of these Dunmer 'refugees' invading my country. I live in Wh…[View]
145701841can we get a /pol ylyl going?[View]
145685992Religion is a bunch of fucking retarded bullshit that is destroying the world: Religion is for stupi…[View]
145701328My Posting Career: Does anyone visit MPC sometimes? Pleasureman seems like a guy who has some good i…[View]
145701977alright /pol/, what are some redpilled characters in ck2? pic related[View]
1457019742020 Election reasoning: 'Trump wants to put the swamp away but he needs more Trump Republicans elec…[View]
145691377CONFIRMED: U.S. Military at Vegas Shooting: I can say with certainty now that the Army was involved …[View]
145701961Void 2.0?: There's a place clone called pixel place and on it a giant norwegian flag. Think wea…[View]
145701941What age should trannies be allowed to fully commit and either get the surgery or start HRT? i think…[View]
145701919This is it. This is America's last chance at revival[View]
145701917Anti-theist here: There is no such thing as God. Can a snake talk? Can a man come back from the dead…[View]
145701907Communism is the Best System: Ever see a doctor, a banker, an engineer, know that they will make mor…[View]
145698050Donald Trump Jr liked a pewdiepie tweet Holy fuck gamers are in the white house?![View]
145701272Stalin the subhuman: PRESS S TO SPIT ON THIS FAGGOTS GRAVE One of the biggest piece if shit humans e…[View]
145700431What do they say about burning the coal?[View]
145690091There's birth control in our water, soy in our food, and xenoestrogens in our containers. How c…[View]
145700003>call another kid a nigger during debate class >school wants to kick me out wtf I thought this…[View]
145691796What should we do with animal abusers: nothing upsets me more than people who sadistically mistreat …[View]
145697387>Africans are of low intellige-[View]
145699865Amazon Chief Resigns After Sexual Harassment Charges: > On Tuesday, Amazon Studios chief Roy Pric…[View]
145701406Sick of me yet?[View]
145701470California Retardism: >adds a third gender >California is mostly likely a leftist state >S…[View]
145695447Should white people have their SAT scores lowered to make college admissions more fair for other rac…[View]
145668740Any other disgruntled veterans here on /pol/?: So I was on campus today and I was approached by a fe…[View]
145695633Can we agree they're based? This catalonia shit has brought back fascist spain[View]
145701177deport all whites back to europe: have a nice flight whitey :)[View]
145701026>Hawaii Judge blocks travel ban for the THIRD TIME BTFO /POL/ FAGS[View]
145699730If white people are so amazing and master race and shit why does Russia suck so much?[View]
145699058Why do anglos love jews?: And will the Anglo-Jewish alliance be the downfall of the white race? >…[View]
145696283Update - Colorado is a shithole: Sup faggots, just back again to agree with you In my 3+ weeks in De…[View]
145701231Is Molymeme a loose cannon?[View]
145700427How long?: How long until this shit gets blown out of fucking proportion? So far I've seen it o…[View]
145663730HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING: IT'S HAPPENING! The Dow Jones just closed over 23,000 today. Lis…[View]
145696468Are there people out there that really think Ivanka is best girl? Tiffany is right-wing waifu-tier a…[View]
145698184Why do you keep bringing up Hillary at every opportunity? The left didn't do this to Mitt Romne…[View]
145697327The Bible said it's ok[View]
145700884White Nationalism Is Destroying the West: Sasha Polakow-Suransky, 'Whose Parents Were South African …[View]
145700757Forensic Acoustic Proof 'Vegas'? (Second Shooter): https://youtu.be/JxmEFeKy8aI Came across this vid…[View]
145700736Well /pol/?[View]
145700143Can u b into cuckolding: Do any of you that use the term 'cuck' frequently also have a cuckold fetis…[View]
145694952how much food do you have saved, anon?: >The six-page report, compiled by the UN food agency in J…[View]
145698337A PRAYER OF SALVATION FOR THOSE WILLING: Dear friends, Take this moment, If you want to accept Jesus…[View]
145699903I thought the Jews said there are no biological differences between races?[View]
145699618#YouTubeBlack FanFest: What is this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH47znJA3-M[View]
145699494Self Improvement: In what ways are you trying to improve yourself, /pol/? What are you doing that is…[View]
145696968Why is Trump so disrespectful to our military?[View]
145690324How are we supposed to flirt with women now? After Weinstien brothers and other shit blowing throug…[View]
145700399Do they really want it?: What do you think /pol/tards? Do you think they really want some action wit…[View]
145694595Does this mean we hate the Chinese now? Lots of chinese nationals were caught running pot farms on p…[View]
145698897Why are the majority of TV ads promoting miscegenation?: Can we please hang whoever is responsible f…[View]
145700080Where can I go: To see the public record of shit posts from share blue, jidf, antidefamation league …[View]
145699747Feminists A: Why does nobody want to be right anymore? Its so clear that they just want their oposer…[View]
145673109How to deal with DREAMers: What's your proposal?[View]
145697105Niggers are literal toxic masculinity and feminists love them. Discuss.[View]
145699793Guardians of Scandinavia assaulted during activism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw7Nj_LUzyk…[View]
145685424Avoiding the college jew: How do you avoid the college Jew? >be me >19 >fell for college me…[View]
145697475Need Help Please Help: I need to make a thing at school it can't be offensive i want to make a …[View]
145672205Richard Spencer is controlled opposi--: Oh..[View]
145698988Women do literally nothing wrong: Sexism so insidious that you don't even realize you're a…[View]
145697897Ok. what the fuck is 'queer anarchism' now? Is this a joke?[View]
145699459Iconosquare: Why is Iconosquare going to be shit? They'll restrict the influencer search. With …[View]
145695194I think I just found the newest meme!!: Take one look at this guy and tell me he doesn't repres…[View]
145697771Now that the dust: Has settled. What really happened at Sandy hook? Was an entire school (((weinste…[View]
145691711Why exactly should consensual incest be illegal? Love is love.[View]
145699789(((Neo-Nazi 'Organiser'))): Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens u…[View]
145696749Did the holocaust happen? If it did happen, is its severity exaggerated by survivors? If not, how d…[View]
145659312White Culture is LARPing: Europeans have the richest cultures in the history of the world. I as a no…[View]
145699523So just curious, how many national socialists are actually on /pol/? To clarify, let me ask some que…[View]
145699666African americans should be thanking the white man everyday!: Famine, disease, unfathomable poverty,…[View]
145699150Is this what we have become, it almost makes me want to give up[View]
145691910Why is Spain so degenerate?[View]
145696395/ptg/ President Trump General - The Russia Hysteria Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
145696446QUEBEC NO![View]
145698267What happened to him? The mainstream media has gone absolutely dark on the entire shooting.[View]
145699233why shouldn't we censor the internet? why should citizens have access to such a wide array of w…[View]
145698956GUARANTEED HAPPENING: > MADE IN CHINA Same thing that happened in the movie Gravity. Space Stat…[View]
145681064South America: Got called bait because people were do dumb to look up the demographics of Colombia a…[View]
145698217Should there be an Irish-American Ethnostate?: Irish-Americans are the only ethnicity in the U.S. wi…[View]
1456972684chan Stalker Angela Nagle is talking about /pol/ again: She is joined by her Jewish colleague Lauri…[View]
145698782Why don't you people hate Jared Kushner?: So now all people who were groped will come forward. …[View]
145698137White women are the black people of white people. White women are nigger-tier.[View]
145698737Why are whites so fucking weak. Muslim and blacks are causually taking over europe and we arent even…[View]
145695532Homosexuals admit their goal is to fuck Children: Can any of you socialist/commie bernouts explain t…[View]
145695754ALERT: China Communist Party Major Announcement: Friendly heads up: China's Communist Party is …[View]
145691177Other tv/movie characters that would browse /pol/[View]
145694059We see you. We know where you're going, where you stay, your friends, your place of work. We…[View]
145698573TRS paywall: Anyone have a link to mike and the mad wop so I can listen? I'm a broke neet…[View]
145674280Do you think Hillary really lost because of the shit that went down with the frog?[View]
145693783http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/17/investing/marc-faber-white-america/index.html >'Thank God white p…[View]
145697847No 9/1one thread? Looking for this asshat from the last thread >>145693577 So I can teach him …[View]
145697082DONT LET IT SLIDE.....[View]
145698360Negros in Europe: Why does Europe have such tolerant policies towards migrants? Negro hate general a…[View]
145693528Blocks your travel ban....again, what do?[View]
145696359Daily Reminder[View]
145696416If there were no whites on earth, which race(s) would step up to become the most advanced, successfu…[View]
145694780How evolution works? so if a couple of White People tan their skin in the equator they will springs…[View]
145693353>wh*tes are masterac--- How does feel to earn less than Nigerians? Lmao whites are fucking LOSERS…[View]
145693954military: >be me >24 >two year degree >struggling to finish four year degree >around…[View]
145696824what ever happened to the cuban brain damage rays[View]
145691473literally fuck the bourgeoisie[View]
145698094Trump vs Oprah 2020: Say hello to your 2020 Democratic challenger, /pol/.[View]
145697504How do we convince Trump to stop being a heretic?[View]
145688053How do you fare in the new America, anon?[View]
145695329Makes you wonder[View]
145695658'We have been taugth to hate everything not islamic': Brother of muslim french terrorist say his fam…[View]
145695289US Constitution in Spanglish When???[View]
145690817Jewish cuckolding as a cultural necessity: Jewish culture has a matrilineal society. A matrilineal s…[View]
145692554Basically, if we want to retake our Nations from the jews, we should use the protocol of the elders …[View]
145697939Social media execs, Google colluded with Clinton Campaign: https://www.peoplespunditdaily.com/news/p…[View]
145690745Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /pol/. For th…[View]
145697538Drumpf BTFO He will never recover from this one. He might as well resign.[View]
145696469Day of the Rope: What if Trump arrested Clinton, Obama, and Soros on November 3rd? What would happen…[View]
145697184Hourly reminder on the major issues that matter Trump and Hillary are no different at all.[View]
145697671I need advice for redpilling my family.: I feel like I have a chance to lay down some truth bombs th…[View]
145685333This is cultural appropriation. No white man should dress like a negro. Fellow whites, we must unite…[View]
145697582rohingya people, persecution, suu kyi: thoughts? wikipedia says they are indo-aryans. https://en.wik…[View]
145669371Let's SHITCAN This Nitwit.: > No indictment of Comey after mountains of evidence he perjured…[View]
145697544Who's gonna take it down with a laser equipped drone?: HWNDU Season 7[View]
145694770Would i be allowed in a white nationalist movemnt[View]
145696744Kentucky cucks out; removes Confederate statues: Why are cities and states all over the south cuckin…[View]
145691883Is he the most famous and influencial conservative of our time?[View]
145687142Choose your option: Jesus Campos was: 1) Seth Riched. 2) Told he would be Seth Riched if he opened h…[View]
145685664HAPPENING: CLINTON, OBAMA AND MUELLER GO TO JAIL EDITION: prev >>145668065 Obama and Clinton c…[View]
145697257Around Blacks Never Relax - NBA Edition: White, Euro basketball player is sucker punched by black pl…[View]
145688194The reason why Japan is so prolific in their success is because of their white skin. If they were hi…[View]
145695299a few days ago I saw that there was a twitter post that something was going to happen on a specific …[View]
145688253CLOWN ATTACKS RETURN: http://www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/a…[View]
145695522>Hannity story is a nothing burger >senate saved Obamacare >Trump insulted dead soldiers …[View]
145692488Holy shit jews BTFO[View]
145693842Is he /our guy/?: >Hates SJWs >ALPHA AS ALPHA BRAIN >Friends with Alex Jones >Pro Pepe …[View]
145697027Gey or na?: Fellas, is it gay to suck dick? Because, I mean, Dick is a short name for Richard, which…[View]
145685539Why is the average global sperm-count declining so much?[View]
145693222Casting Couch- Sodomite Edition: Molymeme posted this vid a few days back where he interviews a man …[View]
145696596What the fuck is their problem?: https://youtu.be/EAYUuspQ6BY[View]
145693440Why do feminists want men to accept them being gross, but hate men who like when they're gross?…[View]
145696692Was all Nazi propaganda wrong?[View]
145696829Conspiracy ting: Why yall niggas think Sandy Hook was a conspiracy? Why should I believe something …[View]
145692031Is there a more aesthetically pleasing race than the jews ? Why dont we admit it. Jews are white and…[View]
145694969Whats your opinion on Trey Gowdy?[View]
145695789Quick anon, catch![View]
145696677What's the next step for White Nationalism in the U.S, /pol/?: With the rise of White Nationali…[View]
145693753/ptg/ President Trump General - TICK TOCK Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
145695682Can We Have Some Fun?: I'm working on an art project. Please share with me every derisive nickn…[View]
145682669Trump lied about repealing Obamacare: Apologize to never trumpers right now[View]
145695064Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surge to All-Time Highs: >yes, goy, sexual liberation, free love fo…[View]
145695032i thought they were fighting isis not making dope songs.[View]
145695444If you want to discuss Fox News, get the fuck out: Fucking another fiasco, spammed by boomer retards…[View]
145668970Dominicans should be ashamed of their country's racist behavior towards Haitians. Why are Domi…[View]
145696386So, what so you /pol/ guys think of Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco? The Zeitgeist Movement and The V…[View]
145695806Nigger Politics: Why do black people have this ideea that if they had a black president once they no…[View]
145695666American Dream: I’m just curious guys, what is your idea of the “American Dream”[View]
145689195I hate sanctimonious veterans. I see them at McDonalds all the time wearing their fucking combat fat…[View]
145694740Why Are They Watching us, /pol/?: Is the Trump administration watching us? Is it malevolent or benev…[View]
145688040WARNING TO CHRISTIANS: The Shahada. The Shahada is an oath that Muslims take which declares Allah as…[View]
145695615What does it mean to be a patriot?: what does /pol/ consider to be a patriot in america?[View]
145695937Why are Palestinians still consider refugees in lebanon if they've been there since occupation?…[View]
145688754Spics are okay as long as they come here to open up Mexican restaurants.[View]
145693347Music thread?: Found a gorgeous Norwegian folk song about the Song of Roland, let's have a red …[View]
145694532Dan 'the man with the plan*' Schneider[View]
145694638Why do musicals make boys gay? Should we keep them from watching them?[View]
145694826Fill out if you want. I’m taking a poll.[View]
145692489Putin To Launch Crypto-Ruble: >https://www.rt.com/business/406960-russia-issue-blockchain-cryptor…[View]
145695420SWEDEN NYES?: Police HQ in Sweden Bombed. No injuries, but officers buttmad and calling it an attack…[View]
145695559South Eastern France Appreciation Thread[View]
145693118Trigger Shia: What is to be done about this, /pol/?[View]
145693591Women are seriously fucked: I live in a fairly typical US city of about 700,000 people. The specific…[View]
145695155Defend this /pol/: Trump to widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: 'He knew what he signed up for' https:/…[View]
145695395UNI GENERAL: Post your stories of worthless cunts who are employed in 'higher education,'[View]
145693745How pathetic can you possibly be ? How can one be scared of the jews lol. Do you guys dream about th…[View]
145694994If I were a Jew I would not give white women to blacks, I would have them for me.[View]
145695318When will Donald Trump activate Scaramucci again?[View]
145690573Why aren't there any charismatic, beautiful, intellectual, and truly gifted white nationalists?…[View]
145663890>93% on IMDB >95% on Metacritic >99% on Rotten Tomatoes >every argument is carefully and…[View]
145693156You will never feel as proud as this child.[View]
145695208See you at Ragnarok.: You bois ready or nah?[View]
145695189WE DID IT /POL/ !!!!!!! We're all bad goyim...merchants worldwide aren't pleased.[View]
145695034Why Did George Soros donates so much all of a sudden?: Soros donates 80% of his wealth to his charit…[View]
145687576Who is ready to watch Japan get BTFO?[View]
145695017>Soros pays billions to unredpill the people >Hordes of bluepilled faggots invade /pol/ >It…[View]
145695049HWNDU flag can come down. A lot of people should donate a little money. If enough a crane can be ren…[View]
145694329/pol/ has brought out my inner racist and I have once again embarrassed myself in front of my friend…[View]
145694916privatizing government: Pros and Cons of privatizing government?[View]
145694498SHUT IT DOWN: http://lukeford.net/blog/?p=118092 >Two Prominent Alt Right Jews Have Shut Down …[View]
145694897Obama is going to jail: and Soros knows it, he's going to use it as a catalyst for the ULTIMATE…[View]
145694888Before I shoot myself in the head after killing ~60 people single-handedly, I very awkwardly lay on …[View]
145671934I'm scared, /pol/..[View]
145688349Dear white people: Please get your shit together. This is embarrassing. Sincerely, A superior Japan…[View]
145690936Please raid this race-war SJW black supremacy cancer pushed by google.: Raid this shit please with t…[View]
145694728this is feminism /pol/[View]
145694757>tfw got thrown out of politican science class by leftist professor for suggesting Che Guevara wa…[View]
145690689Liberals literally calling Christian Congregations 'Hate Groups'....: ..and the Pentagon dropped the…[View]
145693218Why is the right so obsessed with Hillary? We're literally 10 months in the Trump presidency an…[View]
145694603Diversity: Diversity is a good thing and I can prove it mathematically. >assume the average retur…[View]
145692539What was the 'stumbling block'?[View]
145694140Black Power General (BPG): Here we can wake these white bois up, oogabooga. Stay woke.[View]
14569435919th CPC National Congress opens: http://en.people.cn/n3/2017/1018/c90000-9281148.html[View]
145694051Dr. Doom: Why isn't /pol/ talking about this. The tide is turning indeed! Veteran investor Marc…[View]
145679670Serious question here. I know you guys want to own guns and all so you can feel powerful and indepen…[View]
145694325Every day I have to remind myself that Donald Trump is actually the president[View]
145692551Clickbate lied: What is Barron's IQ?[View]
145692475fuck cops[View]
145694369Question /pol/, how Adam and Noah, Old Testament's Prophet accidentally 900+ years old? We hav…[View]
145692249Martin Luther King, Jr. Exposed https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-PH4iMGbxFc[View]
145694347Dove: /our soap/[View]
145682333>Anyone else purposely raising their children to be racist, antisemitic and homophobic?…[View]
145682592Germanic appreciation thread: After seeing one after another shill pro-asian racemixing threads, I d…[View]
145673357Brit/pol/ (Trip/pol/): Papers edition: >David Davis insists UK will reject transition phase and l…[View]
145694243MCCAIN & GRAHAM BTFO: Rand Paul just ass blasted McCain and Graham. https://twitter.com/NorthCr…[View]
145692974I am not white and I am proud. [spoiler] I'm a hung thug BBC wieldin' nigga [/spoiler] FUC…[View]
145690365Why is a judge issuing gag orders on exposing PP cult and child sacrifice?: >The Center for Medic…[View]
145690850Is it true everyone that works here is a pedophile?: I heard they blackmail employees.[View]
145692685What's the most retarded political ideology and why is it anarcho-capitalism?[View]
145675001Democratic Mayor Found Guilty of Raping a 4 year old: Why does the left have such a huge problem wit…[View]
145691912Has anyone else noticed that there is a KFC on every MLK JR blvd/hwy in America?: Redpill on why thi…[View]
145690333/ptg/ President Trump General - Tucker Live Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
145663437Persia thread: Can some persian bro explain to me Are you white? Are you arab or still pure persian …[View]
145692377One more time: Germany do you guys have anymore pic related? We promise not to fight alongside of th…[View]
145690822/our niggres/?: >Apple Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion said the following at a Diversit…[View]
145693931Most tecnologically advanced city: And why is it Japan? Is it because of the animus?[View]
145678581>you dont agree with sjw >'FUCKING NAZI' >you dont agree with /pol/ >'FUCKING COMMIE' I …[View]
145691122Trump's America: Were those silly memes really worth it, /pol/? Has the weight of the situation…[View]
145691649Eugene Gook told to shut the fuck up[View]
145692519You Did This Pol: From Trump to 911 From the DPRK to Israel From Kennedy to Contact You are what the…[View]
145654999FUCK: Soros just dropped $18 BILLION into Open Society Foundation The fucking USA presidential spend…[View]
145689646I'm just gonna leave this here.. https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-charged-killing-girl-sitting-…[View]
145683472SPAIN IS A GAY PARADISE: Why has Spain become the biggest degenerate shithole in this planet?[View]
145658509The Austrian Chancellor and his first lady: I kid you not, those two high school kids are running a …[View]
145692940Globalism/Internationalism = Nihilism: We here understand that there are serious flaws in the global…[View]
145693165>it's a Trump insults the military and embarrasses the country episode…[View]
145693607BERNIE CRUZ DEBATE: Bernie and Cruz are gonna debate at 9:00 but we know who really needs to get up …[View]
145693588Male allies non-appreciation threat: Post pics of what feminists really think of the male feminists/…[View]
145689746How does it feel to know that you will never reach your peak physical form?: http://www.dailymail.co…[View]
145692912Alex Jones: Alex Jones is which one? I used to watch him seriously until I realized it's most l…[View]
145691781Pro-Choice BTFO by Ben Shaprio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgxyqX0kf7I[View]
145689714HAPPENING: >>>/b/748390381[View]
145680257I HAD NO IDEA OH MY GOD[View]
145649746Autistic women: What's up with autistic women and the right-wing? Why do they flock to the righ…[View]
145691253https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH47znJA3-M: Looks like the niggers are assembling[View]
145687425MGTOW? MGTOW: >Why would anyone possibly want to go MGTOW? http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life…[View]
145690989Newfag cancer[View]
145693233>Women go to slutwalk. >Want to remove stigma around slut word supposedly. >Every single wo…[View]
145681197It’s not that I actually hate all black people but their culture is trash anyone agree?[View]
145692336JewZZzzzz: HOLY SHIT ANON, THE JEWS ARE READING THIS! - What do u say?[View]
145677049Why Russia is so pooor?[View]
145692794Soros donates his fortune to Open Foundation: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-17/george-soros-…[View]
145687495Hey /pol/. There's this annoying leftist club at my school. How should I troll them? (Pic unrel…[View]
145691331RONALD PLUMP BTFO: forget about based gen Z, once they get their hands on this book the GOP and Plum…[View]
145691726mfw TRS Content is Better Than Ever: >Mike and the Mad WOP Episode 5: Live from the Heartland! Se…[View]
145672992Retarded Things The Left Believes Are Issues: I'll start - manspreading[View]
145688406As a homosexual, how can I contribute towards the survival of the white race?[View]
145690506Eric Clanton, facing 40 years in prison.....: ....is now cooperating with the FBI and ratting out fe…[View]
145691792Anons how have you prepared for the alien invasion?[View]
145692855Are anglos worse than slavs?: I have always been of the persuasion that slavs were the niggers of th…[View]
145692818YOUTUBE '''BLACK''' is live right now: There is something called 'youtube black' livestreaming right…[View]
145660231What are some essential /pol/ literature?[View]
145688557Racist: You can be too racist for 4chan[View]
145690345Where do you stand (for or against) on the following issues: I want to make a comprehensive list of …[View]
145658527CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9/11: http://yournewswire.com/cia-pilot-pre…[View]
145692538/pol/ I'm a Californian planning to move out, is New Mexico a Good choice?: /pol/ I'm a Ca…[View]
145687334Why the fuck do you assholes think some stupid wall will work?[View]
145683395Big Man Tyrone declares meme war: Oh lawd... https://youtu.be/ef4dzL_2YbA Hyping Boston rally Nov 18…[View]
145679449BOOM! THERE IT IS: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/putin-rival-ties-kushner-meeting-kre…[View]
145692332>race war happens in America >african countries, feel empathy for African cousins in America d…[View]
145691036If I see a child being taught to be racist, I WILL make a citizen's arrest of the parents for c…[View]
145692619>See, I approached the whole thing like, Ted Nugent, cool hard-workin’ dude, is gonna wreak havoc…[View]
145692309>b-but the greeks fucked each other in the ass so it's ok no, no they didn't…[View]
145641671Well known journalist blown to smithereens. This is why you take precautions before you open you mou…[View]
145681529Has Jared Taylor ever lost a debate? I just watched him destroy Sargon of Akkad and holy shit Jared …[View]
145692131A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right: https://dailystormer.ai/a-normies-guide-to-the-alt-right/…[View]
145684852Neo-Nazi Is Gay Thread: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/neo-nazi-quits-comes-out-gay-…[View]
145692537How do pro-white people who believe that whites are the master race but don't believe all other…[View]
145691466Friendly reminder:: You are not American if: >You are Catholic >You are Muslim >You are Jew…[View]
145661715Are you excited to see the new black panther movie /pol/?[View]
145692361Hey, Reese. If you're not naming names, you're just attention seeking. The girls who named…[View]
145692050who wants to be a millionaire: This dude wants info on POTUS that will lead to an impeachment. I kno…[View]
145692281Is reddit /ourguy/?: This has 44.000 upvotes and all comments are against communism. Are they turnin…[View]
145684649vote here https://www.poll-maker.com/poll1912514xE9454E85-51[View]
145681568SOROS MOVING 18 BILLION INTO OPEN SOCIETY: Billionaire George Soros is pumping $18 billion into the …[View]
145686212I love it when people bitch about welfare spending.[View]
145691431I have no concrete proof that he is, but I am 100% positive that this guy is black. He doesn't …[View]
145678551numale hate thread: open mouth edition[View]
145685925Reminder that it's not possible to be a white nationalist AND to worship foreign semitic gods. …[View]
145691484Politics: >'The state is that which aims at the highest good' What did he mean by this?…[View]
145691589Las Vegas shooter a member of BLM? Guys, is this real?[View]
145690896TRUMP DID IT AGAIN- 'Gender Identity NOT a protected class of citizen': >Justice Department ends …[View]
145682212HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Spain is the most degenerate shithole in this planet. Sweden? Germany? Canada? No…[View]
145691563How do we get him and his vast Flavortown empire on our side?[View]
145691554>these people used to have the largest empire on earth[View]
145690033Yet another Neo-Nazi leader comes out as gay: https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-national-front-…[View]
145690991Why haven’t you made a Blitter account?: Get on “black twitter” and talk about being kangz and oppre…[View]
145690359Removed social media (and you all should too): Now a days everything you do online attached to your …[View]
145691354Stephen Paddock Had a God's Eye View: https://voat.co/v/news/2197610/[View]
145686405live TRUMP SPEECH!!: >TICK TOCK BOOM!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSUmEYzng7o…[View]
145688193>The Las Vegas Shooting Is Still Very, Very Strange http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452771/l…[View]
145681802Libertarians BTFO: David Pakman exposes the economic ignorance of this libertarian. How will liberta…[View]
145689457Is Blade Runner 2049 flopping because (((they))) couldn’t get their hands on it to push a political …[View]
145684115This is what we are up against /pol/[View]
145691109HBCUs: So even liberals want segregation, I’m saying it’s bad or anything like that. But it’s funny …[View]
145691055SWEETIE IS BACK /pol/ btfo[View]
145690598Isn't it ironic that Wonder Woman, an iconic American superhero, is played by a Jew? What a ((…[View]
145682862Fuck this nigger.: Richard Spencer is coming to Florida, and this cuck calls a state of emergency. T…[View]
145687677Can we just keep a moment of silence to remember Kurt Eichenwald's lost earnings? RIP, died bec…[View]
145690795OHHH NO, THAT SUCKS! What the fuck was that cutoff guys, it seems shady?[View]
145681888/leftypol/ vs /pol/: /leftypol/ vs /pol/ it's on[View]
145690246Happening:Florida governor just declared state of emergency!!!: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/17/us/uni…[View]
145690578Who killed him[View]
145690457Was Nazi Germany the first 'beta uprising'?[View]
145690722Why did the Nazi's have such prominent noses, /pol/?[View]
145690685EAT A DICK. Zyklon-B test on humans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=57&v=4iI0qAIaJD…[View]
145690576Message from my President.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4dzL_2YbA[View]
145689252Would a new NATSOC work without Racism: Who would lead it and would it compete with Kekistan ?…[View]
145689614Any of you fuckers tryna join our tribe in Tribal Wars? We started yesterday, it's a US world, …[View]
145685802I'm a nordicist and honestly believe the great mediterranean empires where rules by nordic men.…[View]
145689115Whatever happened to NoFap threads? Is masturbating not political enough?[View]
145690085>One of his catchphrases is 'they're all for diversity...UNTIL IT COMES TO DIVERSITY OF THOU…[View]
145687470/ptg/ President Trump General - Brightest Days Yet To Come Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
145683656US flag beside KURDISTAN's under Iraqi army leader foot. US, You are still undo the decide?[View]
145676197Pol humor thread.[View]
145690197(((They))) are using Weinstein as a sacrificial lamb. The me too hashtag will take off and more peop…[View]
145649374Does anyone else here have trouble pinpointing what is wrong with society? I just do not feel i fit …[View]
145690319Senate Anon Sting Operation: >Sheriff Judd identified some of the suspects arrested in the underc…[View]
145690329Why are White Nationalists such cowards IRL?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnXBeQwmmrc >Litera…[View]
145685984Trump's Wall: I keep seeing these (((prototypes))) on twitter. Are they legitimate or a hoax?…[View]
145690293ITT we post extremely specific ideologies: Do you have a very specific ideology? Post it's long…[View]
145684349Janet part 6: Janet pt 1 >>145539691 Janet pt 2 >>145568214 Janet pt 3 >>145581212…[View]
145672577Proof niggers are the dumbest subspecies on Earth: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpysg6_qMEM …[View]
145689987I never knew australia was so cucked! https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/771yzc/91_of_austr…[View]
145688565Hybrid Vigor Doesn't Exis...: obviously happa THOTs are 10/10 the problem is happa sons, but we…[View]
145687494O'keefe's sting actually got someone fired: Thoughts? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017…[View]
145679104Don't buy Bitcoin.: What if I told you that there's an active campaign by a foreign nation…[View]
1456899838 States Will Require Passports for Domestic Flights Within the U.S.[View]
145680505There is no coherent counterargument against MGTOW: >MGTOW just hate women Nope. Women are women.…[View]
145687949Can you name them all?[View]
145680211Thoughts on yoga pants?: Obviously you like them on one level, but would society be better if women …[View]
145689806Mexicans are proud members of the white race: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-64…[View]
145681248Something is rotten: https://altright.com/richard-spencer-in-florida/ >No advance tickets >fir…[View]
145689710Hawaii blocks travel ban: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/judge-hawaii-blocks-latest-versio…[View]
145687386Cannabis Law: In the USA, if you're on probation and you fail a drug test for weed, do you get …[View]
145682687BASED DONALD[View]
145688961tl;dr White Women are lost cause, how about Slav?: 'British women are entitled and overweight…[View]
145634339The Old Man Who Calls Border Patrol on Immigrants, and the Teen Girl Who Asked Him Why: https://spli…[View]
145688504Why did he hate us so much?: Jew here in peace. I've read a lot about the holocaust but I'…[View]
145689076Why can't you accept it /pol/. YOU are racist if you like it or not. You want to know why the w…[View]
145685075should we teach blacks natsoc?: PIC UNRELATED they need to get their shit together. natsoc is the w…[View]
145687046Happening: New fraud http://www.baka.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/former-rio-tinto-ceo-tom-a…[View]
145684036>British museum >“”””””””””””””Art“””””””””””””” >“”””””””””””””Culture“””””””””””””” >“…[View]
145689179Pajeet hate thread: Haven't had one of these in a while. Post your best.[View]
145686313is there any hope for majority mixed mongrel nations? can they be studied as to not become one of th…[View]
145688792>arguing with dad >ask him how much aid we give to Africa every year >he says probably seve…[View]
145667562When will people see who is really running the world?[View]
145689029larping neo nazis: In case anyone had any doubts that larping neo-nazis are controlled opposition...…[View]
145689015>mfw americans call fridge to microwave logistics 'tonight's dinner'…[View]
145688176Bob Weinstein also accused of ...: So as it turns out this runs in the bloodline. The thread over at…[View]
145685775Why is drumpfy so disrespectful to his soldiers? First he mocks McCain and other pows now he won…[View]
145687779I’m going to become the next Hitler and bring forth the fourth Reich. Wish me luck /pol/. It begins …[View]
145688155LOTS OF HAPPENINGS in my area lately. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/10/gun_molotov_co…[View]
145672444Black Panther will flop, and it will be the beginning of the end for their lies.[View]
145665196North Europeans Never Had An Ancient Civilization[View]
145684179>muh jews >muh immigrants >muh feminists >muh cultural marxists >muh whole bunch of f…[View]
145688870But, the gas chambers, goyim[View]
145688868Will normies ever wake up to the fact that roody poos are subhumans?[View]
145688498Why ya'll hate blackpipo?: We aint that bad. Plus we have the bast memes. >pic related…[View]
145688001DO NOT RENT TO POLITICALLY CORRECT PEOPLE: Landlords WATCHOUT! Fuck me V2 >Rented my room to a l…[View]
145687544Sexual assault by race stats?: Always have trouble finding the past year’s crime breakdown (sexual a…[View]
145648472Jennifer Lawrence was placed in a 'nude lineup': JLaw was placed in a 'nude lineup', told she was fa…[View]
145682483they looked a lot more innocent back then.[View]
145688296democrats must hate this!!: http://www.aei.org/publication/us-gdp-per-capita-by-state-vs-european-co…[View]
145683019Why is there estrogen in my water and why don't people care?[View]
145686179How to make Mexico America again: So /pol/, the school I go to is filled with Mexicans who believe T…[View]
145684393Look at the lights.. Look at India! Superpower by 2020! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_as_an_…[View]
145682411Am I white pol? I'm mainly of Italian heritage.[View]
145658399Are video games anti-white ?[View]
145687960How do my fellow burgers feel knowing we have the entire population of Italy residing in the USA?[View]
145680495This explains so much[View]
145688087HWNDU: We need some Frenchies to get that fucking flag[View]
145687123So red pill me on the jew donuts.[View]
145688023The commies are trying to slide gun control while everyone is distracted.[View]
145687313Thank You Bob and Harvey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LItdTkVlKrk[View]
145674043You've done it no, /pol/. What do you sick racist, anti-semites have to say to yourselves? http…[View]
145687823Mestizos are the worst race on this planet no one can prove me wrong[View]
145674347Why doesn't Chris Christie just lose weight?[View]
145687903Toads: Watch movie Shotcaller. Blacks in prison are called toads. Is this ok?[View]
145685551http://nypost.com/2017/10/17/fbi-uncovered-russian-bribery-plot-before-controversial-nuclear-deal/ I…[View]
145686673NAZIS WATCH OUT![View]
145682830Tranny rapes 10-year-old girl in Gender Neutral restroom: http://trib.com/news/local/casper/trial-be…[View]
145685315NATSOC in Germany Today: Are there a good amount of National Socialists in Germany currently? Thinki…[View]
145685203/ptg/ President Trump General - Heritage Speech Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
145683569Why is Drudge ignoring Hillary's sold-Uranium-to-Russia-for-Clinton-Foundation-bribes bombshell…[View]
145687133Doug Wheatley Darth: Should pedoplies like Doug Wheatley be allowed to work on children books ?…[View]
145661278Welcome to /pol/. Are you ready to hear reality?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVrw-IiGgLY http:/…[View]
145683586Trump takes credit for Russia and Assad defeating ISIS: I supported this guy throughout his entire c…[View]
145682650Eight Years of My Work Defeated: Cultivated my terrorists groups for eight years with the help of th…[View]
145682332Will he get a Trump tattoo?[View]
145687497Charles Murray and the White Worker: Recently he's been talking a whole lot about class and the…[View]
145682184Unbiased News: What are some actually unbiased news sources? I want to become informed but I don…[View]
1456874015.11.17 thread[View]
145687178Can anyone refute Hans-Hermann Hoppe?[View]
145685493Why are atheists such cucks?: They're always whinging about Christianity and getting butt hurt …[View]
145687355>one life to live >spends it worrying about the inevitable white genocide.…[View]
145685756Theres a shred of childish innocence that makes white people act this way[View]
145687246So who the fuck is working with the Russians now? Drumpf? Obumbo? Shillary?[View]
145687245Kekistan: Fellow Kekistani trooper Tomáš Petráček[View]
145679967So why are you not out of the EU yet? It has been over a year now.[View]
145682574Is New Zealand considered to be based by /pol/ standards? What's political climate there like? …[View]
145686935Just think how many exceptional German, British and American blue eyed men were killed in WWI and WW…[View]
145668209IRL Groups: I'm tired of shitposting online constantly. How do I go about creating an IRL group…[View]
145684880Unabomber manifesto: Is he undoubtedly /our guy/?[View]
145674354I'm sick of people here scapegoating boomers for this generation's ills: Boomers gave mill…[View]
145686982Is anyone going to mention that you are essentially prohibted from having right leaning views on cam…[View]
145686090Fact: sw*Des are worst humans[View]
145681980Is this black tinder chick right about Trump fucking up?[View]
145686894fucking kek, who is this bitch?[View]
145686823Is this what he meant?[View]
145672044Ted Cruz warns of 'Watergate-style blowout' in 2018: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ted-cruz-warns-of-…[View]
145685794What is /pol/'s opinion on the Hotep movement? They seem to be pretty woke on the JQ.[View]
145675392What's he planning /pol/: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/17/philanthropist-george-soros-donates-m…[View]
145686798Antifa: Ia this how antifa members look like?[View]
145672148/esg/ Ethnostate General: /esg/ - Ethnostate General Thread for discussion of a white ethnostate, a …[View]
145675800Would you be sad if America were nuked tomorrow?[View]
145682487martina markota: anyone got nudes of this babe?[View]
145682815>Catholic Church Institutional protection of pedophiles >Penn State Institutional protection o…[View]
145682919Trump Victory, Metaphysics, and Niggers: The Future of America: Do y'all think Trump's vic…[View]
145686471they cant keep getting away with it: It feels like it happened almost overnight. Drag queens fucking…[View]
145685687Las Vegas shooting redpill: M60-mounted on a heli: https://imgur.com/a/zDHXh https://www.youtube.com…[View]
145683449>tfw Hitler was literally /r9k/ incarnate nice role model you got there, brovados…[View]
145684308If eminem is such a freethinking progressive anti-trumper then why doesn't he let his daughter …[View]
145677593How hasnt he been assassinated yet?: He isnt globalist, He is for the people, He dismantled the TPP,…[View]
145685956HOLLYWOOD WRECKED: You will never wreck this hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=525…[View]
145686208Have Trump followers gotten sick of winning yet? Share some of it with us, please.[View]
145685980Richard Spencer to appear at University of Florida: Should i go? Im itching at the opportunity to sh…[View]
145667513Is he, dare I say it, /our elephant/?[View]
145685880Will sex robots stop wars?[View]
145683843>Sad to see so many people don't see Humans rather they see Muslims, nothing justifies what …[View]
145678395CSU Redpilled: Some legend took the time to red pill the libtards that go to Cleveland State Univers…[View]
145685390How to find out which political system is the best u may ask yourself. >find bunch of new planets…[View]
145682353CNN -- Russians Used Pokemon Go to Cause Racial Tensions and Meddle in Election.: https://www.youtub…[View]
145685501Is it time to ban obesity yet? Or do we need an amendment to protect your right to be a lard ass? If…[View]
145682934miss me yet?[View]
145684624wtf is the point of this[View]
145685639Evolution is pushing socially stunted impotent white supremacists such as you out of the gene pool, …[View]
145682321/ptg/ President Trump General - Not On My Watch! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
145648775Brazil: Why does /pol/ hate us, when the whole world doesn't have anything against us, and some…[View]
145680028Daily reminder that anything you discuss on this board is completely nonsense and stupid because art…[View]
145660935POLACK kills his FATHER for being a 'leftist': MOUNT VERNON — The Bow-area man accused of stabbing h…[View]
145685244>President Donald Trump[View]
145681839Scaramucci attacked for posting Holocaust Poll: http://archive.is/92K0l '“People should know history…[View]
145668065HAPPENING: DEMOCRAT-RUSSIA CONSPIRACY EXPOSED: prev >>145642090 Obama and Clinton conspired wi…[View]
145684183Congressman Steve King: Is he officially /ourguy/? How does he keep getting away with it? >“I…[View]
145682668Are non-whites generally more keen to swallow bullshit establiment narratives (e.g. climate change) …[View]
145676755How much longer will you rural and suburban retards continue to apologize for this fucking disaster …[View]
145678164>be 2016 >visit plebbit for daily tears >pro-bernie subreddit always upvoted to the max and…[View]
145684896https://theestablishment.co/my-path-to-becoming-a-third-parent-41b823809c14 Listen /pol/, you need t…[View]
145684869Automation https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15490104 /pol/?[View]
145677821Hey guys, the leftists are totally pro-Science and pro-Facts! Oh wait...: LGBT lobby is trying to ba…[View]
145684749Are female animals crazy?: Are female animals also crazy like human females?[View]
145684067Daily Reminder /pol/ Jews did this.[View]
145667588Suicide: Why is suicide frowned upon in most cultures? I don't see how it makes sense. If you a…[View]
145682109What do you know about Uranium 1 and the deals made between Globalists and Russia: Why all the Hypoc…[View]
145684427Can you guys explain to me how NAFTA harms the U.S.? I[View]
145684200Should white nationalist adopt zen?: -Zen as a religion espoused will-power, intuition, and an indif…[View]
145683188Why are blacks prone to infanticide?[View]
145676026Do you have sympathy for voluntary murderers?[View]
145682895Assumption: Hate crimes are punished harsher because of crimes perpetuated against a special protec…[View]
145669150Well /pol/? Do we just admit he has blown pro-lifers the fuck out?[View]
145684327Brazilbros: Pro-gun, pro-family, anti-corruption... Is Jair Bolsonaro /ourguy/ and does he have a ch…[View]
145656709East Asian appreciation thread: East Asian appreciation thread. Can we have one?[View]
145680701Why do women act like it's so hard to prove they were raped when simply accusing a man of it wi…[View]
145677704Who is the black equivalent of Hitler and what is the black equivalent of Mein Kampf? I am talking a…[View]
145682606Muslims WUZN'T Vikangz after all!: Well, no shit. Interesting to see that the BBC will absolute…[View]
145678699Is there any reason to not become an astronaut?: it is time to meme from space >about to land on …[View]
145683390CARLOS DANGER INSURANCE: https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-stat…[View]
145684046Started a fake tumblr account Need to get some help for an attack[View]
145684043Germany/Austria Age of Consent: 14: Is this law an anachronism. Or Do adults there actually bang 14 …[View]
145683994sup fags, what's the most occidental city in east europa ?[View]
145683990https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15490513 http://archive.is/NQkuk https://webcache.googleusercon…[View]
145683909Marc Faber Racist Diatribe Costs Him CNBC, Fox Slots; Sprott Board Seat: Marc 'Dr. Doom' Faber is in…[View]
145683883October 21: So, we've got the Assange deadline to the politicians on Oct 21. Oct 21 is the wani…[View]
145679831Reagan: Will Trump be the one to overshadow him as the best president?[View]
145683823First Attempt is Made- HWNDU S.7: French man scaled the building and made it pretty close to the fla…[View]
145683812>How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her:…[View]
145676266George Washington: Name a flaw[View]
145683724>be small business owner in Massachusetts >attend meeting with President Trump over the ACA …[View]
1456686523pm pst Everyone use #RussiaClinton and push this article Don't be a Faggot. Your country needs…[View]
145677825BRAND NEW ZYKLON BEN: All has to do with this article!!!! http://thehill.com/policy/national-securit…[View]
145681712Scared yet /pol/? This is what's coming on the 4th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-_v7j1Dszo…[View]
145683484Shapiro 2028: >The Year is 2028 >Ben Shapiro has just become president >Israel has just be…[View]
145653688>tfw 22 year old with college degree >tfw immigrant from Iran who came on H1B visa >tfw Vis…[View]
145683471http://www.ktvu.com/news/california-to-get-gender-neutral-option-on-drivers-licenses Which state is …[View]
145683439Reminder hillary rotten clitton should be hung from here neck until she is dead That is all go back …[View]
145637492Remove Serbia?: Im sick of these Serbs, with their shity remove kebab meme, and their fake version o…[View]
145666052What happened? She was supposed to be the God Empress...[View]
145681002Dom Mazzetti gets political: Is he dare I say, /our guido? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=895F4ZcGz…[View]
145683380(((SOROS))): https://www.wsj.com/articles/george-soros-transfers-18-billion-to-his-foundation-creati…[View]
145681466If all it takes to redpill a woman is a strong character, why aren't there more redpilled women…[View]
145683370List /pol/ Approved Comedic Books/Movies: I'll start. Book: Night Movie: Shindler's List…[View]
145677579Did you guys just forget about your retarded September happening that you were all sure was going to…[View]
145683336/ourgirl/ nazi grandma CONVICTED: https://uk.yahoo.com/news/nazi-grandmother-ursula-haverbeck-88-con…[View]
145682796November Seventh: Blow the status quo to smithereens. Pledge to vote Yes to the constitutional conve…[View]
145675868Socialized healthcare is the future, just look at Canad-: >Majority of Quebec caregivers APPROVE …[View]
145683104What does /pol/ think about him ?: I believe him, every bit. In the third part he responded to many …[View]
145679829Why do you deny climate change? Does this beautiful country not deserve to be taken care of and prot…[View]
145683059Liberal Arts College: How do we get the government to stop giving money to liberal arts schools? The…[View]
145673453Syria General /sg/- Late Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
145678659are muslims considered pagans ?[View]
145656203ITS FINALLY HAPPENING: FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved contr…[View]
145682852>you now remember Nobodytm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKv1EoLqT8Y…[View]
145680143Guns & Self Defense: /pol/ I need your help. Some of you are highly knowledgeable when it comes …[View]
145682643RWDS: fashwave thread. post your fashwave memes[View]
145662034Victory!!!!! After 4 months Polish commandos from Archer just took control of the capital of ISIS, A…[View]
145682609He Lied: He didn't have too. There are many ways he could of replied but it just seems he can…[View]
145676516Raqqa has fallen//.: Praise the Kek.[View]
145681930One of us one of us one of us.[View]
145672003Oy vey: What are you doing /pol/? Shut this down NOW!!! https://twitter.com/frankluntz/status/920355…[View]
145677977How will /pol ever recover[View]
145682649It's happening lads.[View]
145682584How so before some whack job liberal tries to destroy it?[View]
145654879Democracy is communism.[View]
145679312/ptg/ President Trump General - Hard At Work Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
145682503Is common core the most pernicious part of (((their))) plan?: I had only heard negative things about…[View]
145682434LEFTIST BUGMAN ATTEMPTS TO BAN ALT RIGHT ACCOUNTS: This bugman is using his followers as a tool for …[View]
145682325Roasties' days are numbered: Face it, its over. Day of the wall is upon all roasties, not even …[View]
145682152SHE: FUCKING[View]
145682022Who do (((they))) answer to? Who is above (((them)))? Who really controls the (((banks)))?[View]
145681826CBS: CBS just showed this photo of Bob Weinstein on their 'news' show[View]
145666101STOP MOURNING MR. LAHEY!: What the fuck is wrong with women? Why are they so self centered?[View]
145681538Evan McMufftard wants Jeff Bezos to be the next CIA director: >be worth trillions of dollars >…[View]
145679854Hey, you: Get off the internet, get a haircut and Go on a date with my niece You seem like a nice y…[View]
145681227No public access to higher education will stop the root cause of everything that is destroying the w…[View]
145681777Search “Russia,” literally no results for bribery plot[View]
145681399ALEX JONES RAGE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hVaaybH4cA[View]
145678662Daily reminder that Catalonians unironically deserve genocide: These are the people who sing 'Imagin…[View]
145681749Jews didn't do 9/11: Jews doing 9/11 is a stupud conspiracy theory. Also, Israel didn't do…[View]
145679398Dylann Roof Manifesto: Am I bad for agreeing with all of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9zkl…[View]
145677956I am... so tired of it all Do we really have to genocide the leftists? It appears our only hope, for…[View]
145681319Who controls the world? Is it kikes? Is it chinks? Or is it white people? Image unrelated[View]
145681669What do you think of rape? Do men get raped? Or is it mostly women? PIC UNRELATED[View]
145680055if jews are so inferior, then how come they're better at 'being white' than actual 'whites'? …[View]
145681199Why do white people who do drugs look like this?: When other races do drugs they usually blend in. B…[View]
145681564oriental, indian, middle eastern, and asian, learn english millenials: oriental: china japan and die…[View]
145681465STEVE BANNON HAD TIES TO WEINSTEIN!!! NOT A DRILL! BANNON IS FUCKED!: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/1…[View]
145679793RED ALERT RED ALERT SOROS HAPPENING: >Soros just dropped 18 billion to Open Society >To put it…[View]
145681421The origins of the socials programs?: Deer /pol/ are socials programs a product of the capitalism or…[View]
145680235>Be Japanese >Get Nuked[View]
145680267The stock market going up can only be a bad thing as it means the crash will be even bigger, and als…[View]
145681341Who should we get to read stories at public libraries?: Veterans Race realists? That 88 year old gra…[View]
145676955John and John Beilman are the same person, Anon Claims: Intro: https://archive.fo/6dkky https://arch…[View]
145681221This is the pure insanity the leftists brought upon themselves: Have a good chuckle while a group of…[View]
145681184how are non-mediterreans ever going to recover?: if your ethnicity or culture isn't from within…[View]
145680931HUGE WTF Troy Goff changes Facebook name to Jon Smith & Initially Changes Profile Pic to One wit…[View]
145640510You Austrians went too fucking far: You are scaring the shit out of your elite metropolitan Arab cit…[View]
145680292Stop bailing out the rich, and bail out the poor and the middle class: The US has socialism, but it…[View]
1456804375 year old's grave repossessed: A pastor in North Carolina runs a monument business. A couple b…[View]
145678168He will not divide us: Whelp, it's that time again[View]
145657887Catalonia Happening LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogVHRwPuCPg[View]
145681020Geoengineering: When did chemtrails go from /x/ to mainstream political debate? https://www.forbes.c…[View]
145680637What do you guys think about Lauren Southern? Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
145679383Mexicans and whites: Mexicans and whites can unite against the kikes and niggers. Pic related…[View]
145680479This is makes me wanna die even more then I want to already.[View]
145676351Stop spreading memes[View]
145677719We relive some of the 2016 election: >WHY DONT YOU GO TO OBAMA AND GIVE HIM A BIG OL HUG >Chri…[View]
145680445Behold the new Swedish man! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkZkekS8NQU[View]
1456808019th circuit blocks travel ban again!!![View]
145678011Woman Sits on Unruly Pickney, Kills It: Ayo hol' up /pol/ - just thought I'd drop this off…[View]
145671601Mouthy buddha regurgitates redpill: Thoughts? https://youtu.be/G9_O-0pmxSU[View]
145680763Reminder Bannon is destorying the GOP: Roy Moore was a Democratic planet, nobody would support a guy…[View]
145675182I'll just leave this here[View]
145676365Russia/Clinton: We all know about Hannity's prophecied nuclear bomb that just dropped https://…[View]
145680298The time is nearly at hand. They are making their move. By their deeds will you know them. A body wi…[View]
145665387Is this the solution to the eternal polish problem?[View]
145679335Post cyberpunk-tier evil megacorporations in this thread.[View]
145680633WHEN ARE THE ARRESTS GOING TO START: Getting tired of all these happenings but nothing else coming o…[View]
145661768stop with this german-polish conflict meme. lets face it, we are basically the same people. lets uni…[View]
145680569Antifa hate thread[View]
145677235WE DID IT!: OY VEY! How can they ever recover?[View]
145680516dumb dumb democrat girl fails at doing politics her job is supposedly as a 'social media' rock star…[View]
145680499YOUNGEST AUSTRIAN POLITICIAN EVER: I was for uniting Germany and Austria. But after this far right g…[View]
145680062Welfare Refrom: With cuts to welfare set to take effect on December 16, 2017, what should the nation…[View]
145679555Unacknowledged: What is /pol's view on this documentary, despite the Hillary propaganda near th…[View]
145674342Alex Jones accused of selling Lead Tainted Supplements Through Info Wars: Hmm....kind of makes you t…[View]
145673726Statistics prove that gays ARE more likely to be child molesters: >A homosexual cannot automatica…[View]
145677375Turkey and Poland = best allies: Poland is in favour of Turkey joining the European Union, President…[View]
145680281Web St girls in trouble today.: Sry phone fag checking in. https://twitter.com/warriorty7/status/920…[View]
145664629Is /pol dying ?: Less and less people visit pol , no more <100 000 of unique visitors since elect…[View]
145680280Just Another Non Existent Terminal /vig: Never forget what happened at JANET on Oct. 1. Thread 2 …[View]
145679506Racial identity: Why aren’t ashkenazi, and Sephardic Jews considered white they look white to me…[View]
145680060> USA - richest country in the world. > Bribed by poor third world country. lmao…[View]
145677099Just saw this Do you guys know if that's real and there is something planned, or is it not funn…[View]
145678908alt-right autists[View]
145677399>40 years nationalist >now faggot >http://archive.is/mXMZH…[View]
145670285info wars thread: https://youtu.be/N-KvS56leRU[View]
145679882'In this dark time the basest sentiments received acceptance or passed unchallenged by the responsib…[View]
145665783Is it ok to smoke weed responsibly a few times a week? I work full-time, go gym, don't play vid…[View]
145641093>leaves Islam >convert to Christianity >dies of stomach cencer months later…[View]
145675753#METOO but it's emotional.. not physical: I ask because it's time to we started our own #m…[View]
145679675Are cowboys considered white culture? I was discussing this with my friend and a Mexican intervened …[View]
145651756Jews: Your honest thoughts about them[View]
145673119What Is Their Endgame?: CAUTION: THIS INTERVIEW MAY BE TRIGGERING. > E: What is it about sodomy t…[View]
145676029Marc Faber /ourguy/: Marc Faber, aka Dr. Doom, is a once heralded economic forecaster who now reside…[View]
145674201/ptg/ President Trump General - Look-Alike Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
145649060What's the worst place that you've ever been too /pol/? For me it's Athens, Greece i…[View]
145672154What's up goyim, can you please recommend me some good reading material about Strasserism, beyo…[View]
145677523Well, Alabama Senate race is all tied up. Tied up in a deep red state[View]
145679539How do counties go about doing hostage exchanges? For example I read how Israel traded 1027 highly d…[View]
145679454Operation Ouroboros: How can we get SJW's to pit themselves against Scientology? Knowing the ch…[View]
145676543Tell me about the arms trade[View]
145679433>Christian fascists BTFO >Christian nazis BTFO >Christian anti-semites BTFO >Christian a…[View]
145675343Slavs: Russian, Pole, Ukrainian Can you guess which one is which?[View]
145667508Which Bible version?: Is KJV the correct Bible to follow? I have seen it called the greatest text of…[View]
145674467Is sarcasm dead? I'm not sure if people making retarded statements are serious or not anymore.[View]
145679278I can't stop you: Update for those who haven't seen the other one He asked >How many J…[View]
145675786Grab some cocoa or a glass of bourbon and get /comfy/. Welcome to Fashwave General, your comfy place…[View]
145671621Liberals shitting on Trump: I'm getting real fucking sick and tired of everywhere hearing every…[View]
145679176libertarian platform: it begins[View]
145650547Strongest organized crime in your area?: Who controls crime in your area? I think the bikers do near…[View]
145669336What kind of laws will be created in 2020 to prevent a catastrophe like Trump from ever happening ag…[View]
145679103Post your favorite /ourguy/[View]
145654699>white men can fuck other races and it's 'colonizing' >white women fuck other races and t…[View]
145678868While you squabble over things like race and IQ, the blue pill is shifting the centre of civilizatio…[View]
145675147It's Really Happening Goy!: is every single person left on this board a larper? or do people re…[View]
145678636What are we going to do about youtube /pol/: https://youtu.be/Ltd-ep-A6og ,this is how bad it is ano…[View]
145665148POLL: How many died in the holocaust?: https://twitter.com/FrankLuntz/status/920355558493786112 so p…[View]
145678529TFW you let jews do everything for you[View]
145668248Handgun waiting periods reduce gun deaths without imposing any restrictions on who can own a gun: ht…[View]
145678458As if it wasn’t stupid enough: http://www.ebony.com/news-views/black-woman-me-too-movement-tarana-bu…[View]
145678092Mgtow- You can't fire me I quit: More like you can't fire me. I never applied for this shi…[View]
145663979>american sing the national anthem when the plane lands[View]
145678410The flag is there for 2 days. Check mate pol: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ Location: le lieu uniqu…[View]
145678181Ben Shapiro picked up Matt Walsh to write for The Daily Wire. How will leftists survive? http://www.…[View]
145672441Do niggers have souls?[View]
145678077whats the story with hypothesis?: what is the story with hypothesis? https://web.hypothes.is/[View]
145677275Trump lied about blowing up Obamacare: Another fraud[View]
145678022Hey /pol/, I think we can all agree that one of the greatest atrocities committed by any president w…[View]
145677857Have question: Why people in hollywood are not arrested, when many citizens are daily for same crime…[View]
145673959Muh allah muh akhbar: Nuke Mordor when?[View]
145677874https://twitter.com/FrankLuntz/status/920355558493786112 OY VEY[View]
145598997HAPPENING: NEW PEDOWOOD ACCUSATIONS: >Top Hollywood actor being accused by US broadcaster on soci…[View]
145677850NOT A CONSPIRACY. AN ACTUAL HAPPENING.: > KEVIN SPACEY Literally given zillions of accolades for …[View]
145664390Are tiny homes redpilled?: Why do only leftists seem to like/build them? They seem /comfy/ and actua…[View]
145677480We should take British Columbia ,Sanora,Baja California,Sonora,Chihuahua,Coahuila,and Nuevo León…[View]
145666830Why the fuck do we still use Fahrenheit?[View]
145677522https://www.thenation.com/article/a-soulless-coward-coach-gregg-popovich-responds-to-trump/ This quo…[View]
145675978Thoughts on Richard Spencer? Can we trust him? I thought his latest speech was a step in the right d…[View]
145675138Was he right, /pol/?[View]
145676918Nicolas Fuentes: What's your take on this guy. He's seems to have the most reasonable appr…[View]
145666468I need some updates, last thing i know is anon got to the roof and spoted the camera but had to step…[View]
145671751Fuck Sweden. Let them burn. Let them suffer.[View]
145674243Bo Dietl Anon Here... AMA: I have some juicy NY strip steak info, especially on that De Blasio motha…[View]
145673994Most based country in South America?: Which South American country is the most based one?[View]
145670219/pol/ on suicide watch: EXCLUSIVE >Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up…[View]
145653105Don't get shaken off the JANET trail: No one talking about JANET. Distracted today, anons? I wo…[View]
145674155Reminder that the state of the world is the way it is currently is because history went the way it w…[View]
145674899wh-tes are subhuman: >colonize africa, only to leave it worse off than they found it >create p…[View]
145670152325-pound woman charged with killing girl by sitting on her: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/woma…[View]
145676645Never having Kids: I lvoe the feeling of being able to decide whatever I want in my life, and not be…[View]
145635801ITS HAPPENING: FOX NEWS now reporting on the bizarre Jesus Campos story https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
145674725Can we primary Trump and appoint scaramucci already? he was 1,00000 times funnier than Trump.[View]
145654161Brothels in Serbia where people come to rape animals: >tourists are coming to a brothel where the…[View]
145676427HOLO HOAX: HOLY SHIT i never doubted the holocaust but this THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_…[View]
145676021Why do Americans look like farm animal molesters?[View]
145652897Where were you when Poland saved Western Civilization once again?[View]
145670506https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPzVUGE3dds consider how men could treat women in the 50s and 60s. w…[View]
145651939This billionaire hedge fund manager is currently being BTFO by black Twitter. Does he know niggers n…[View]
145672685Recovering /pol/ack quits neo-nazis, comes out as gay jew: /pol/ BTFO https://www.channel4.com/news/…[View]
145676186Normies will never wake up about the Holoca-: > >An online retailer has pulled a costume from …[View]
145676135Since war between NK and America at any moment i wonder how long kim fuck un is gonna keep up the 'w…[View]
145658348Travel Ban blocked. Is this what WINNING, feels like?: https://twitter.com/AP/status/920363262255955…[View]
145673812*uploads a new video*[View]
145673645Hero.: Hero.[View]
145675449>'Hanoi' Jane Fonda knew what Harvey Weinstein was doing for over a year, but did nothi…[View]
145674706>Neo-Nazi leader of far right party in Britain reveals he's a gay jew. https://www.channel4.…[View]
145669094>In 2017, the German army was banned from publishing song books containing Panzerlied and other m…[View]
145675735there is a guy on younow called WildManChris and he is pure gold: he is a old greasy guy living with…[View]
145673256Come on pol you know what to do. We started all the way back from 10%, just a little left. Lets have…[View]
145673624How do we kick them out of the union?: >Not American >Liberal…[View]
145673532What do you guys think will happen after all western culture has been inevitably destroyed by global…[View]
145675667Redpilling Help Thread: Recently I have realized that I had redpilled one of my greek friends via me…[View]
145675533My parents said I shouldn't burn books.[View]
145675503Reminder if you are a real Christian you won't are about electoral politics bullshit and embrac…[View]
145674027Delaware woman drowns her own children:: WTF is going on recently with black women in the US slaught…[View]
145674949Gay people hate thread: F*ck those people. they should stop pretending that its okey[View]
145672278F A L S E - A L A R M: Turns out vikings were not Muslims. The textile found in 9th century graves …[View]
145666398I-is he right, /pol/?[View]
145673045++POL ALERT++ POL++ALTERT: Asian guys from reddit raiding this board. Where are they from? /r/Hapas …[View]
145675215I need the original. It's for a friend.: Ty based Ben[View]
145662928I'm about to drop a based presentation on Michael Brown in front of a leftist class, /pol/. Wis…[View]
145675000Can anyone actually name one way women have it bad in America? I can't think of any group that …[View]
145675101The Catalan Question: Pol we must push for the total anihilation of communists in Catalonia. One th…[View]
145671571A Christian wouldn't have vote for blu[View]
145673084Tell me, /pol/, why do you want children? Your son will probably be a nu-male SJW cuck. And your dau…[View]
145674207Blacks are more racist than Whites, yet it's never addressed: So I was bored and looking for so…[View]
145663913>that's an awfully hot covfefe blumpf[View]
145672623ITT discuss Rocket Science: https://youtu.be/Ne8shDmcd5g Is North Korea living in the 60's?…[View]
145669370What the fuck is this, Ireland? http://www.ul.ie/news-centre/events/gender-arc-colloquium-the-multir…[View]
145674717do better: men btfo, once again. ms. silverberg is right you need to do better, guys https://twitter…[View]
145667739What kinds of job/skill/career that one can go for that aren't utterly useless and still relati…[View]
145674289will there ever be greater man? i think not.[View]
145670362How will /pol/ ever recover?[View]
145674470The Death of Liberalism and why all commie fags are hypocrites: Interesting read from the Harvard La…[View]
145669251/ptg/ President Trump General - The Rats Are Eating Each Other Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP htt…[View]
145664933How long until machines replace human emotional needs? What effect will this have on society?[View]
145673205Is Donald Trump a 'conservative'? What is a 'conservative'? Has any president in US history been a '…[View]
145674005NAFTA: So apparently NAFTA renegotiations will be delayed to 2018 Seems unlikely that Trump will can…[View]
145673101shareblue talking points: Anyone notice the rampant accusations of putin shills? Its the new sharebl…[View]
145669293/valhalla general/ Daily reminder Jesus Christ promotes globalism: Religion plays an important part …[View]
145674251>people unironically upset at Sessions for recusing himself from Trump investigation >Sessions…[View]
145672697Allow me to explain.: >We realized, if we used the term 'redpill' rather than the term 'radicaliz…[View]
145670889Re-educating your younger self for success: If you could go back to your childhood, and assuming you…[View]
145667886sun is blinking in Benin Nigeria: https://youtu.be/xgI90rS7NRw any news about?[View]
145672803>2017 >Non-Muslims still exist What's wrong with you? Are you some kind of infidel?…[View]
145675146FUCK NIGGERS FUCK NIGGERS: Are they, dare I say it, /ourfriends/ ? https://twitter.com/WarriorTy7/st…[View]
145672128Why didn´t I had a teacher like that when I was in 10th grade? Samantha Lee Ciotta, 32, is accused o…[View]
145673362everyone who believes this story about the uranium is just listening to fake news http://www.politif…[View]
145655159what would they actually say?[View]
145673666What is the best place you ever been to, /pol/?[View]
145669767why are semi rich / upper middle class people persecuted so badly? >upper middle class neighborho…[View]
145673735What's the prettiest places in Europe?: I decided to go back to university to finish my degree …[View]
145673406New research shows AI can be just as biased, error prone and racist as regular AI: POL, your thought…[View]
145666108Nigger hate thread: Why does he look like a monkey?[View]
145675172I get why mocking nu-males can be a lot of fun since they tend to be pretty cringey people, but I ge…[View]
145673662We wuz rodney and kings[View]
145670757>technology is good for society[View]
145656124California legally recognizes non-binary, 3rd gender: Who else wants to commit sudoku? Opinions?…[View]
145663331did he realy say that. or is it fake news?[View]
145647323Holy shit this faggot so obsessed with denigrating Europeans and puts niggers in a fucking pedestal.…[View]
145670807November 4th: So I keep hearing about this date? What's the big deal?[View]
145673464Petition: Petition to shut down HWNDU https://www.change.org/p/le-lieu-unique-shutitdown-end-hewilln…[View]
145672016This is on the new south park's video game difficulty I FUCKING HATE HOLLYWOOD and mainstream …[View]
145672937/pol/ BTFO: Jason Kessler just can't stay out of jail. He's arrested again but this time …[View]
145655604Give me your best reason to hate the jewish people... I'll wait.[View]
145670867>unironically be 'anarcho communist' >brutally slaughter everyone who is ideologically opposed…[View]
145671241>proclaim yourselves to be superhuman >get your ass raped by bunch of redneck slavs what are s…[View]
145671365>Kids born in the year 2000 will be of legal age next year[View]
145667451ITT: We discuss the greatest Empire of all time.[View]
145671561NEW EVIDENCE IMPLICATING THE HILLARY CLINTON IN PEDO-RING >Robert Downy, Jr blows the whistle on …[View]
145659167Syria General /sg/- Lavrovable Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
145670613Holy fuck this guy is based. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jyOhrl_lrIA[View]
145673108Who was behind the rise of Capitalism in the High Middle Ages?: Was it Jews?[View]
145673147How do you plan protect your white women from getting RICAN'D once they start flooding into the…[View]
145671452*Blocks your Executive Order*[View]
145673071I never thought my country would get to a cuckedness in education which would surpass the one of the…[View]
145643287Brit/pol/ (Trip/pol/): T. S. Eliot Edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK politics c…[View]
145673067Deep to black....influence full cock now: /pol/, Did you heard the tragedy that reach the man? https…[View]
145672726Are minorities easy to redpill? A lot of cross cultural complaints about society are naming symptoms…[View]
145672911NEWS ARTICLES CLAIMING CAMPOS AS 2ND SHOOTER?!?!: SAUCE: https://walkwithtimeamerica.com/news/breaki…[View]
145668318She crammed them alive into the oven.: This is Lamora Williams. She just cooked her one-year-old son…[View]
145660274>join Twitter on April 2016 to troll liberals and get Trump memes >Follow shitton of recommend…[View]
145672090did someone already take the flag?[View]
145641924End of Times: Clinton Foundation Sparks Swamp Fire: Previous Thread >>145625471 Turns out Mega…[View]
145672961Trannies aren't mentally ill sexual predato-: >TORONTO - A sexual predator who falsely claim…[View]
145672763Trump proven to be full of shit: Wow this article is damning.[View]
145672202Hahaha the markets have ruled faggots, /pol/ and /k/ btfo Only a matter of time before no insurance…[View]
145672523MUELLER GOT SPICEY: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/17/sean-spicer-mueller-russia-probe-243882…[View]
145672605What's the most scariest thing that /pol/ can imagine? I'll start, the niggers, spics, Jew…[View]
145672573Blade Runner: Blade Runner was already done by Ryan Gosling[View]
145670714google trends on #metoo: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now%207-d&q=%23metoo Swed…[View]
145670229/polder/ make New York, New Amsterdam again edition: Get in here kankerlijers After 7 months, 4 part…[View]
145671924Anyone heard anything from him? He ded?[View]
145672416Today's Jewish Trick: They don't understand yet how clearly the goy know and are shutting …[View]
145665285“These beasts, it is true, fall asleep again every time when they have drunk their fill of blood, an…[View]
145672299EXPLAIN YOURSELF CANADA: The fucking government is paying nurses and supplying clinics with HEROIN i…[View]
145670283Daily reminder creatures of Satan are everywhere: Let us pray God my savior. The great Satan Lucifer…[View]
145671338Is porn pathetic?: Like it just seems like the most pathetic act of pleasing oneself or am I just a …[View]
145673813Sugar Jew: Why haven't you stopped giving into the sugar jew? Tumors literally gorge on sugar. …[View]
145670821Acshually living in mud huts is a good thing?[View]
145654826TRANNY RAPES 10YO GIRL IN BATHROOM http://trib.com/news/local/casper/trial-begins-for-casper-residen…[View]
145668144Second coming of Jesus: He's back. And he isn't happy with you guys. http://www.latimes.co…[View]
145670077NORKS: NUKES ANY MOMENT: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/north-korea-nuclear-war-break-moment-505…[View]
145642623Celebrity Anon Leaks: On Friday of last week, we were visited by a 'celeb anon' saying that he was g…[View]
145656532Shills trying (harder than usual) to bury the real news. http://www.newsweek.com/fbi-kept-russian-br…[View]
145671935Are straight black men honorary whites?[View]
145671460So I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tPOysgE_lA >The US Government preci…[View]
145652182Woah, why is every movie forcing black people and minorities? Majority of them are absolutely terrib…[View]
145660351ARE F-35 A MEME???: So our cucked prime shitnister Tsipras just closed a deal of 2,5 billion $ to up…[View]
145665431South America: So white nations are so great right? Then why are majority white countries in South A…[View]
145671689AMAZON STUDIOS HEAD GONE FOR HARASSMENT: http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/17/media/roy-price-amazon-resi…[View]
145656240Can someone explain to me why Jewish-Indian is the spokesperson for white nationalism?[View]
145645818daily ukraine hate thread: hate on this shithole here[View]
145671633Mouthy Buddha: Is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9_O-0pmxSU[View]
145629129>Go to France for a week >niggers everywhere >Gypsies surround all the landmarks >nearly…[View]
145670986Where are the biggest foreskin processing plants & storages in the US located? What products do …[View]
145671581Based Swissman: Lmao http://www.marketwatch.com/story/marc-faber-says-us-wouldnt-have-made-as-much-p…[View]
145651154/SIG/ Self Improvement General - GO THE FUCK OUTSIDE EDITION: How have you improved yourself this we…[View]
145663807Oasis officially /ourband/?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4990226/Noel-Gallagher-slams-UK…[View]
145669186Life in the Soviet Union was horribl-[View]
145670728NA NA NA NA. NA NA NA NA. HEY HEY HEY. GOOOOODBYEEEE!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoyvvEWHodk …[View]
145668242Push to install Amazon's Bezos as head of the CIA: Wait, what?![View]
145671376Why the Blacks?: I've always wondered why blacks get the most hate from the right, I thought it…[View]
145671349MtF transgender sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl in a bathroom http://trib.com/news/local/caspe…[View]
145650804Not that any would care, but KEK left you.: You had a wild chaos controlling God of darkness who mig…[View]
145664905Inshallah brothers, Islam will rule the world.[View]
145668348Mouthy Buddha: Ok mouthy Buddha's new video was terrible judging people as individuals doesn’t …[View]
145630529>Las Vegas shooting disappeared from the news cycle quicker than Charlottesville Makes you think,…[View]
145665985Is there really only one human species left, the Homo Sapiens? The why do whites/asians/blacks/austr…[View]
145669549France: 10 members of a far right group arrested after planning an attack on muslims: https://transl…[View]
145658995Name that Rapist (Hollywood edition): Reese Witherspoon claims she was sexually assaulted by a direc…[View]
145662535Jesus wasn't 'white', but he was definitely caucasian: Near east/mediterranean/levantine people…[View]
145670739Trump Ridiculed for His Balderdash: KCNA Commentary: Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The U.S., much …[View]
145662212Who is this guy and why do I see him everywhere?: Is he a youtuber or one of those alt-kike shills?…[View]
145670634stop not playing my game https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/92215/interest-check-myfarog-2-dot-6…[View]
145667675/TG/ - Transhumanism General: Let's Get Started Edition >>Thread Theme<< Transhuman…[View]
145666437Marc Faber: >Be Marc Faber >graduated with ph.d in economics at 24 magna cum laude >million…[View]
145670562prove him wrong /pol/[View]
145670533what did they mean by this[View]
145663047Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145625461GOODBYE FELLOW AMERICANS. WE ARE FUCKED: Truly the beginning of the end. The elites are trying to ki…[View]
145662475Jesus Campos: FOX news just reported Jesus Campos 'doesn't want media attention right now.' And…[View]
145667894Banned from Facebook for the 5th time...this time for this Apparently people on the offensive meme g…[View]
145665742Which one of you was this /pol/[View]
145670221Black Bay Packers: >hear on news yesterday of car bombing in Somalia >American from Minnesota…[View]
145670178Hey guys... I'm starting to think these immigrants are up to no good. Thoughts?[View]
145669959Race X is superior: I continuously see /pol/ threads essentially saying race X is superior to race Y…[View]
145666491Antisemitism doesn't exist. There is only Semitism... ...and the reaction to it. Fight me.[View]
145669428What's your favorite race mix combo bros?[View]
145670108B4 /pol/: look at this shit i made when i was a total normy. I need to redo this now that i'm r…[View]
145663016Chicago has killed over 400 niggers so far this year.: Maybe we should reward them for killing each …[View]
145669960you WILL become enslaved by technology. it HAS already made you stupid and weak by allowing the stup…[View]
145654821Most of Europe is dying: Only a united federal Europe can give people hope and incentives to have ki…[View]
145669321>Chinese person takes vacation in america >Americans expected to show him hospitality, be poli…[View]
145669849BUILD THE WALL: The wall is real and it's happening now. These are just some the proposed desig…[View]
145669317Woody Allen still a member of the Academy: >'..When I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by…[View]
145669640Coal jerbs can't be saved, Trump defeated again: >The Trump administration may hope that it …[View]
145641834This is the new China. Can America even hope to match the new China?[View]
145669129#METOO General: So today when I went on normie book it was full of liberal female acquaintances of m…[View]
145667612What's their problem?[View]
145669483Dixie Thread: Gimme your sweet dixie memes /pol/[View]
145669408***RED ALERT USA LIBERTY ACT SOON TO REMOVE RIGHTS***: https://judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/upload…[View]
145669373ATTN: Kim Jong Un: I know you come here, you fat sack of shit. If you're gonna nuke the USA, th…[View]
145658901Anon was right, Weiner's laptop is the key to the whole thing: https://twitter.com/TomFitton/st…[View]
145669054Do you think aliens exist?[View]
145647506ISIS defeated in the Philippines: https://youtu.be/-6ALVfCiOTU More relevant links in description o…[View]
145658051>one cuck judge can completely stop Trump’s entire agenda WEW, why is fascism a bad thing again?…[View]
145649891Xmas in October?: JohnWickofPolitics @Gingrich_of_PA Yes, I know you have all waited an extra month…[View]
145668501Fuck America: Why did we even give up our colonies? We literally almost killed all defectors and reb…[View]
145669163FUCK, BROS, lets kill some faggots: The salvation army /pol/. Should i donate or fuck it. They do ch…[View]
145669143Men's Rights Redpill thread: some feminist chick is using the #MeToo campaign as a thinly veile…[View]
145663497America First: How to fix America 1. Replace the Federal Reserve with a National Bank of America. 2…[View]
145667345*blocks your path*[View]
145669102The Donald Trump of the Czech Republic: Andrej Babis: Czechs of /pol/: will you be voting for Andrej…[View]
145668785California fires started by illegal spic who was cold: >pressdemocrat.com/news/7529964-181/suspec…[View]
145666193SLIDE THIS MOTHERFUCKERS!: http://thehill.com/policy/technology/355879-mueller-interviews-cyber-expe…[View]
145668826Daddy: Kek for life[View]
145668821He will not divide us: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ What if we used drones[View]
145639053When will you /poltards/ realize there are degenerates and inbreds in every race. >mainly the whi…[View]
145667962how will we ever recover from this massive staggering blow: /pol/ btfo[View]
145667082MAIDAN MAIDAN MAIDAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=qv5NhQHVoEI[View]
145668581https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4dzL_2YbA I'm ready for the attack how about you?[View]
145668576daily reminder we have only one true way of privacy in the future[View]
145668096shadow-chan thread[View]
145665381Why is the media suddenly attacking Democrats?: https://youtu.be/qJnZPDcBBlA The timing is a little …[View]
145667506Insult the country above yours[View]
145668469Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it…[View]
145647703Are you ready for Sarah Silverman's new show that will unite the country /pol/? https://twitter…[View]
145666245Fucking Mexicans, am I right lads ?[View]
145647713IN THIS ONE FUCKING MOMENT:: You see simultaneously how smart and soulful Trump really is. And nobod…[View]
145647208Does anyone not feel accepted in their country? I was born in England to an English man and a Nigeri…[View]
145656609Ireland: Why does /pol/ hate us potatoes? I've even seen some of you lads compare us to Leafs…[View]
145666641Who is the best ever: Any other fine example of refugee that cucked the whole host nation? Pic relat…[View]
145668090Why are Mods banning all HWNDU Season 7 discussions?: As far as I'm concerned there aren't…[View]
145665909To Save the West: What I am about to say will likely trigger and/or upset the following ideological …[View]
145663393NFL decline: What would be the NFL ratings after this season? >http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar…[View]
145666440Where is this rising white nationalism? Because I’m not seeing it.[View]
145642090HAPPENING: IT'S HAPPENING: Obama and Hillary told Mueller and Comey to bury the Uranium One inv…[View]
145667805Is this the duck that hacked the election?[View]
145665382How do I move to Yemen /pol/? And how do I do it without getting bombed by Saudis?[View]
145664064A balanced critique of the Jew: The anti-Jew stuff here is deliberately exaggerated. Some of it is p…[View]
145663838Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as g…[View]
145664395Wheres is the uproar for our guy[View]
145667323Wow... I wish more people knew this...: I have been lurking here for a few months and saw people rec…[View]
145666196So what we've got here in Hawaii is a racist judge trying to impose a separate standard on a gr…[View]
145666765what are some redpilled starts in ck2? pic related[View]
145666457What does this say about a country?[View]
145667409ITT foreign singers/bands singing about your country: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvS351QKFV…[View]
145667373Reddit State Propaganda: So I've heard a lot of stories about certain social media sites being …[View]
145667342>no flag option for monarchists: FIX THIS MODS[View]
145665342If you're reading anything other than the KJV, explain yourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
145667305World War alphas pwned by betas: Redpillers constantly preach on about how you need to be 'alpha.' U…[View]
145663506Conducting a pol: On a scale of 1 - Sad!, how good was Eminem's dis?[View]
145664068New molyneux vid: Molyneux just dropped a new vid on Russian/Clinton treason. https://youtu.be/dobKj…[View]
145665436Taking Requests: I turn to the infinite wisdom of /pol/ I'm attending pic related, what questio…[View]
145651971POLANDBALL: Trying to 'revive' something that was regularly posted before Trump has been elected. Go…[View]
14566169988 year old lady gets jail for 'Auschwitz lie': Old woman get 6 month in jail for (((denia…[View]
145666634What will you do when oil will end(become unaffordable for you) in 20-30 years or so?[View]
145665462MAIDEN 2: UKRAINIAN BOOGALOO!: What the fuck are they mad about now? Are we in for Maiden 2.0? https…[View]
145663361https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LsMZjBRjws Adolf Hitler is the greatest man that has ever lived. pr…[View]
145654944Trump's net worth drops $600 million on Forbes' rich list, falls 92 spots: PHAHAHAHHAAHHAH…[View]
145666761Have you ever pooped, and it felt like a really good poop, and then you get off the toilet and look …[View]
145666948WATNOG: Modern women are like minimum wage workers protesting to push up the minimum wage, only to f…[View]
145659794what do we do about the pineapple nigger problem?[View]
145666697HANNITY - TICK TOCK BOOM! Is it Happening Tonight?[View]
145648721White Genocide: Look anons, being too beta to breed is not the same as being genocided. Perhaps it…[View]
145643161Scandinavia thread: only true northerners are allowed to post here kebabs not welcome[View]
145664728Stop voting agaisnt your own economic interests[View]
145666598'After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on.': Is she right /pol? http://variety.…[View]
145666485Google Maps kills calorie-counter over 'triggering' backlash: https://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/10/1…[View]
145649495Do you really want to live in a society where hard working family men have to have a talk with their…[View]
145666423Jeb! - The Book: I'm about to read Jeb! the book! It is the story of an alpha called Jeb! - He …[View]
145659358How can /pol/ fell for 'asians are on your side' meme?: Just read the comments under this video and …[View]
145664488Russia is ba-: Wake up, neos. Russia is fucked.[View]
145643149SOROS GOES ALL IN!: What are we in for? https://www.wsj.com/articles/george-soros-transfers-18-billi…[View]
145661446Scaramucci attacked for posting Holocaust Poll: http://archive.is/92K0l '“People should know history…[View]
145661522Jews, Masons, Black Pilled: Hey anons. >9/11 >LV Shooting >Mass immigration >Jew S A …[View]
145656750Here's the wall, /pol/. Now climb it.[View]
145666152Are Chinese really conquering Canada the way /pol/ says they are or is it exaggeration? Are there re…[View]
145632851Can someone tell me just what the fuck Canada thinks they need an army for: >18 Billion budget …[View]
145666023I found this online. How accurate is it? This would basically mean Adam Smith and Milton Friedman ar…[View]
145665968Is Detroid final proof for racism ? Or 'its' somewhere else ?[View]
145665463/gil/ ED GILLESPIE GENERAL: Election Day is only 3 weeks out. Ed just took the lead today in polling…[View]
145665906Why do blacks make religion weird?: I swear, the boner demon possesses me every morning when I wake …[View]
145665831Who was in the wrong here?[View]
145665579If the dollar becomes toilet paper tomorrow, what are the implications with regards to welfare check…[View]
145660109/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL NO EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https:…[View]
145663987Always acuse the enemy of what you're doing yourself: Well well well... http://thehill.com/poli…[View]
145660233Dan Schneider diagnosed with Cancer: Fuck this kike didler !!!! Schneider has cancer have you seen t…[View]
145650352WE WUZ ARYANZ AND SHIEEET: Can you wh*tes stop claiming bullshit things? You have ruined the meaning…[View]
145662055I wish somone would shut down these dumb nigger commentators, I'm tired of them preaching bulls…[View]
145662268ITT: ideal european borders[View]
145662819There is nothing wrong with being a centrist.[View]
145657094America the White[View]
145664045> Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior, who was his teacher in La Providen…[View]
145632496Someone explain how the original date on this images EXIF data shows the day before Campos won the a…[View]
145637544Election Night Throwback 2[View]
145618215One of these threads: Let's see yours /pol/[View]
145665261ISLAM AND LOONY LEFT BTFO: Allah is actually NOT in the viking burial clothing! Ancient Islamic vik…[View]
145664989Well? I mean it's pretty convenient timing.. +... the judge is an old friend of Obama.[View]
145660029Big man Tyrone wants YOU to support Kekistan by attending the anti-Marxist, pro-free speech rally at…[View]
145651592Say it with me MADAME...[View]
145664796How do we end socialism once and for all?: Most Americans my age are leaning toward socialism. Many …[View]
145659270McCain Speech: Any of you guys catch McCain's most recent speech? What are your thoughts?…[View]
145647603Gaddafi: Was he a bad guy? Why was he taken down ?[View]
145659258Why was the American Civil War faught?[View]
145658056when did you realize women were the biggest meme? >claims to be aesthetically superior to men …[View]
145664800WTF. JEWS ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT?: I've been on my redpill journey and so far i'm amaz…[View]
145640447Trump: 'We shouldn't give supplies to puerto rico!': What a disgusting motherfucker. you are t…[View]
145642567Post your type of Nationalism Ill start with mine[View]
145625953Western Born Chinese are not the same as Chinese from China: When will Americans, Australians, Canad…[View]
145664840Cannabis. Admissions U-18's to Pyschiatric Wards UK: 2014: Guess how many? Eight thousand? Fi…[View]
145661014There are just too many coincidences that it doesn't even have to make you really jog that nog.[View]
145630016ANTIFA hate thread: Gas! Gas! Gas! I'm gonna step on the gas![View]
145661711Noel Gallagher Slams 'Hippy' Attitude to Islam That Allows Terrorists to Roam Free: Is he /ourguy/? …[View]
145661025Another Win for Conservatives: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/10/a-sneak-peek-at-…[View]
145659570Is he real deal or controlled opposition ?: Any austrians who know him personally ?[View]
145660679what is the difference between an asian and a white person with brown/black eyes and hair? Besides a…[View]
145663421>Nazis want to exterminate all non-[View]
145664464I'm tired being a white male! Is it possible to join the jewish tribe? the true masterrace[View]
145664439Mouthy Buddha Spits Out Red Pill: In an effort to not be ostracized from the skeptic community it wo…[View]
145661429>lax gun laws doesn't wor- >the free market doesn't wor-…[View]
145659500EU Panamagate Journalist Killed in Car Bomb: In the interest of the little justice that is still lef…[View]
145664231Man who picked Sarah Palin as running mate slams half-baked nationalism and populism.[View]
145663000>Trump starts his reelection in 2020 >he lost the house in 2018 >he now has gotten nothing …[View]
145660753She does not look black to me, she looks more Mediterranean. What does /pol/ think?[View]
145664105'Hawaii judge blocks Trump's latest travel ban': When do we kick all island trash out of the un…[View]
145661262Prove me wrong >you can't oh and Imperialism and Persecution of others doesn't count…[View]
145655821>these two block your path >hold it right there, bigot! wat do /pol/?…[View]
145662508>all are spanish-speaking countries[View]
145660845It's HAPPENING!: Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page subpoenaed by Senate committee http://archive.is/…[View]
145663210/r/Hapas judge blocks Trump's travel ban: He seems to be half Japanese, WMAF. White father was…[View]
145664011You guys are just going to let this slide?[View]
145633780Gonna debate about jehova witness: Thinking about debating a family member who is knee deep in jehov…[View]
145662696Why do some /pol/ tards hate Israel? Zionist Israel has: >Taken over their ancestral homeland fro…[View]
145659073ITS HAPPENING!! /OURGUY/ HAS A MOVIE!!!: /pol/'s favorite internet nazi/racist autist, Ice Pose…[View]
145656163Why don’t Jews and Muslims eat pork?[View]
145636905Balkan is white: This is my class in Skopje, Macedonia[View]
145663025lolberts BTFO: >muh communism is against human nature >muh communism is hated worldwide How th…[View]
145661963What do you think will end up happening in Syria ? How long will it take for the West to succeed in …[View]
145665518Name my band, /pol/.[View]
145623532Muslims are enslaving white women in Europe. Please, western men, help Feminism survive!: What will …[View]
145657977Is circumcision a common practice in your country?[View]
145656742Gay man here. Give me a reason I should side with you and not the other side.[View]
145661667So, anyone else think this uranium one deal is the reason all the Hillary emails were deleted, and c…[View]
145662163Eco Nuts BTFO!: https://twitter.com/standearth/status/920346071875731457 Serves them right. These ec…[View]
145659740Marc Faber Racist Diatribe Costs Him CNBC, Fox Slots; Sprott Board Seat[View]
145663240The usa can still be saved. What is /pol/'s opinion?: Conservative whites in America out-breed …[View]
145661005We should make her the face of the alt right, our white princess. She'll have to quit her $350k…[View]
145655439>White male black female pairings have some of the lowest divrce rates >Some of the most succe…[View]
145658493Is Heather Unruh Celeb Anon ?? Kevin Spacey NAMED !!![View]
145622020>Wealthy people literally remove revenue from the economy via offshore bank accounts and globalis…[View]
145662390ironically names his book after a mythological character which was miserable and and almost starved …[View]
145659574CA FIRES CAUSED BY ARSON, ILLEGAL ALIEN DETAINED: Sanctuary County refusing to transfer arsenist to …[View]
145658324/SIG/ Self Improvement General >>>revival edition<<< Thread theme: https://www.you…[View]
145662649The Nigga Changed His Damned Name: I was reading that faggot Mike Spookbery's twitter feed when…[View]
145661662'Muh White Egyptians' (Copts): Enough of this meme. You are as bad as the blacks, with much less jus…[View]
145660348Redpill LINK needed: Can you give me the link of the gallery of a gay parade ON THE STREET with old …[View]
145648934This is how your children and your childrens children will see european heros and fantasys. This pro…[View]
145660037Hang the judiciary[View]
145662578Why not be like me?: I'm an U.C.S. I'm Universal: I can do every task you give to me. Whet…[View]
145662552French police arrest 10 right wing terror suspects for assassination plots: After a long and compreh…[View]
145655257Allah uncovered in Viking burial clothing in Sweden (Not really): You guys probably remember this he…[View]
145662285Nigger Hate Thread: Oh hell naw. Teach this young nigglet who is boss. 9 year old meet 325 lbs of Ta…[View]
145661141/POL/ ABSOLUTELY BTFO[View]
145651572Why do British right wingers have a hard on for the Jews?: What is with this phenomenon? All the fig…[View]
145653039Mother put her 2 childs in the oven and video streaming it to their dad while they burn https://www.…[View]
145662396German Neo-Nazis vs Hindus: Couple of years of nazism vs world's oldest and longest continuous …[View]
145660074>using (((jewgle)))[View]
145661602/ptg/ & the next economc crash?: How will those monkeys spin their glorious leaders actions then…[View]
145662210When are we allowed: To talk about the sexual predators who don't identify as binary >do th…[View]
145662118Rely mek me think[View]
145650759/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
145662080HWNDU season 7 sneak peak: time for season 7 of HWNDU[View]
145661271I'm attending: I turn to the infinite wisdom of /pol/ ... What questions should I ask during th…[View]
145658134Horrible tragedy, two children dead: >http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/warrant-atlanta-mother-put-…[View]
145657058Explain this shit: >all of /pol/'s heroes supported gun control >/pol/ opposes gun contro…[View]
145661950Fuck Boomers: Fuck Boomers Boomers need to fucking all die already fuck them[View]
145661217'Just take a look at the statistics. Who made this modern world? Anglo-Saxons, Germans of Nordic des…[View]
145661835Trump BTFO: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/federal-judge-blocks-trumps-third…[View]
145658697What's the Ideology of Warhammer 40k?: Are they fascists, pol? What else?[View]
145659725Why are there aren't any songs about non-binary fags /pol?/ Answer Me!: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
145660020Happening! Jesus Campos has multiple identities!: Jesus Campos shares a SSN with Jesus A. Quintero. …[View]
145652899Unfortunately, she's right.[View]
145658536The Holy Bible: Founding text of the Occident and testament to the first struggle against the Jewish…[View]
145660362Florida govenor declares state of emergency two days before Ricahrd Spencer's speech[View]
145656372>tfw true aryans were shitskins Kek[View]
145595252Berkeley Students Protest Taking Exam: The absolute state of burger Higher Education > Berkeley S…[View]
145655940Just to let the old bill know Everything I post/ever posted on this website and others, has always a…[View]
145661227Just shut up a give Facebook your info: Facebook just wants to sell your info for money. It's n…[View]
145639577North European Were Slaves In Ancient Rome[View]
145661388ITS BACK HWNDU SEASON 7[View]
145657557>weinstein >Robert Di Nero >Podestas >Colbert >proof hillary colluded with the Russi…[View]
145660388FUCK (((Hollywood))): Cut your cable, quit buying movie tickets and dvd's. Use the internet for…[View]
145660350WHY AREN'T YOU SUPPORTING THIS GUY'S CHILDRENS BOOK?: How the People Trumped Ronald Plump …[View]
145657073who else is /sinoboo/ ?[View]
145622156one of the maute leaders in PH isis. shot by sniper in the head. LMAO[View]
145660032Trannies and leftist cult members ETERNALLY BTFO by Science: >Michelle Cretella, president of the…[View]
145631580The most Based man on earth.: >hates gays >Is white >has over 10 white kids >Loves comba…[View]
145659035Are redditors starting to wake up to the problems in Europe??[View]
145659008Guys its happening[View]
145658832>be moderately looking spic >live in city of Chicago full of SJW's >have never gotten …[View]
145660807All Bullshit Aside, the Blacked meme is dead: Stop responding to these kikes posting this interracia…[View]
145660708it begins[View]
145658325What do we think of this guy?[View]
145660616Remembering the Fallen Faggots who Failed Miserably: A lot of us on /pol/ fall through the memoryhol…[View]
145658704JAI HIND[View]
145658628Post anti-Communist stuff[View]
145660269If blacks and gays are supposed to be smart...: Why do they account for exponentially more cases of …[View]
145651895We've got to get that flag!: Let's drop green paint from a drone![View]
145659842Help me out with some math: If a black man has twelve children with ten different women, and each of…[View]
145660168Everything is a commie-fascist-faggot conspiracy! Nothing will be great until our mighty swinging b…[View]
145660097Another one pays the toll: Dumb bitch. http://www.inforum.com/news/4344900-ex-husband-arrested-disap…[View]
145659866USA: Are you happy with the US leadership of the world?[View]
145657893Flemish Independence: /Pol/acks, i am in dire need of thy support. The only way to escape the Belgia…[View]
145660001Antifa on the attack: someone told me the nov 4th thing is gonna happen, get ready[View]
145657696Are white flags a sign of white supremacy?: I'm concerned anons[View]
145656504/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WAFFLE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
145659571ITS FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!! OBAMA AND THE ESTABLISHMENT BTFO!!!!!!!!: FBI uncovered Russian bribery …[View]
145659624Russians, explain yourself - only 40% believe history happened: Even seventy-eight years after World…[View]
145658458Is farrakhan /our guy/ ? All he wants is for blacks to seperate themselves from whites and be indepe…[View]
145659443Larry Flint offering money for dirt on Trump for grounds for impeachment. how desperate will people …[View]
145657629Redpill me on McCain's military career: I hear he's a traitor and started some huge incide…[View]
145657318HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA: http://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/355860-federal-judge-temporarily-halts-…[View]
145654656Neo Nazi comes out of the closet as a gay Jew: source: https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-nation…[View]
145659458>fathers land >mothers tongue[View]
145655771LIBERTAT: If you only read mainstream media, you wouldn't know?[View]
145659107going back: i have everything a gf ,work and place to stay but just don't feel happy and just m…[View]
145656563Next Step against (((them)))?: What is the next step for us? Who do we attack? What do we defend? We…[View]
145659410Iceland sama accept me pls: Is it hard for one to get a work permit and then an icelandic passport ?…[View]
145658853Why are white families so small?: I was at the citizenship ceremony as a visitor the other day and t…[View]
145657365Should I have children or no: So I'm from monkeyland and even though I'm white for brazili…[View]
145659062who /teamsoros/ here?[View]
145659033Russia tomorrow overtakes China's gold reserves: Rad bad Vlad. http://www.usdebtclock.org/gold-…[View]
145656431I'd like to remind you that Trump WILL be impeached because he's a racist dotard![View]
145651216TAKE THIS YOU FASCIST NAZI PIGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmy4WW8TqL8[View]
145645998Syria General /sg/- Just Right Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
145637854Taking lies apart from 'Help Catalonia' / Desmontando las mentiras de 'Help Catalonia': Video which …[View]
145657146Jordan Peterson is honestly the only current intellectual i have respect for.[View]
145658177YouTube is funding black supremacists.: (((YouTube))) is funding black supremacists. Channels like T…[View]
145653917Couple Thought Afghani Kidnappers Were Joking About Trump Presidency: Are they Muslims or Christians…[View]
145653557OSU Magazine Targets White People: OSU's magazine released an article targeting Halloween Costu…[View]
145657511Yikes - I see DOOM on the Horizen...!: Disregarding all the rhetoric about Bull-Queers, Mongrel-Thei…[View]
145650876why are cities so prosperous?[View]
145657607DARE I SAY .... /OURECONOMIST/?: > 'Dr. Doom' Faber: 'Thank God white people popul…[View]
145656699Why has everyone forgot about this?: >5 police officers killed >Deadliest incident for law enf…[View]
145644123>I would like to buy 10 semiautomatic riffles shure, just sign this registration form and wait xx…[View]
145656843Hello fellow kekistanis! Lets talk about white genocide in the UK[View]
145658129Be woman, get raped by black man: >In court, be cross examined by sleezy eyed all high minded, le…[View]
145655865Scientific literacy: Why do we live in a country that has given the world the most advanced technolo…[View]
145658015Have you had your Gotu Kola today?: Gotu Kola is one of the most incredible herbs for men. Naturally…[View]
145658009HAHAHAHHAHA https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/920365036601860097[View]
145657993>There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse, too, beca…[View]
145657963Rest in peace sweet prince https://youtu.be/GjpI6tmIQco[View]
145657961who of you faggots was participating in the last rotation in the JMRC (center) near Hohenfels in Bav…[View]
145635793cumskins are despicable[View]
145657864I don't usually use /pol/, I usually just post comments on Ancap blogs like Molyneux or Cantwel…[View]
145651063African American Nig nogs are being outdone already lol: So /pol/ African (Nigerian) immigrants are …[View]
145651883WHO DID THIS: Who the **** did this? I am literally going to get spammed emails for the rest of the …[View]
145655264White man defends country from arabs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Ko3PG2oB4&t=6s This man …[View]
145642725NO ONE sold Uranium to Russia: In June 2009, the Russian uranium mining company ARMZ Uranium Holding…[View]
145646911CHRISTIANITY thread 2: All Christians are invited. Pagans and atheists stay out unless you want to h…[View]
145657355Your attitude towards slav women?[View]
145657603Star Trek is a LIE: > New Star Trek Discovery show is a strange kind of suck > Movies are hit …[View]
145635135Which country has a race war first?: France or Sweden? Why?[View]
145657533What happened yesterday?: Keep hearing all weekend that something BIG is happening on monday. Monday…[View]
145657164I have a question for you. Are these his kids?[View]
145657525Strawman balls thread Post your favorite strawman[View]
145654552How would humans react to non-human aliens if they reached earth? Considering how we treat humans of…[View]
145656910Why are women so weak?[View]
145649201Europa Thread: Heres how to fix Europe once and for all,it would be peace in our time! prove me wron…[View]
145657453how are non-mediterreans ever going to recover?: if your ethnicity or culture isn't from within…[View]
145654214/Fascism General/: Can someone explain what actually is fascism?[View]
145621248The Happening. Tick Tock. Muh Russia narrative imploded and there is finally proof the Clinton Found…[View]
145654271DMV: Why the hell dose it take a long ass time to get shit done here ?[View]
145654632Asian guys on reddit harass every asian girl with a white boyfriend.: Asian males on reddit hate whi…[View]
145656921ONZEJONGEN: Wie kan er nog meer niet wachten?[View]
145653960Do you watch Football/Soccer.If yes whicht team do you support?[View]
145654780POL BTFO: This video is unquestionable, as is the white privilege. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6…[View]
145650814What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone? Is he based and ourguy or is…[View]
145656922I keep losing losing losing no matter what. Got the ban on my mind ain’t never giving it up. I wal…[View]
145655403Most annoying News Anchor?: Pic related, Kate Bolduan can't stand this bitch, she's also a…[View]
145656899U.S. Judge Blocks Trump’s Third Try at Travel Ban: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-1…[View]
145655003Why is /pol/ worried about white genocide when there are more white people alive now than ever befor…[View]
145646933Post flag of the most ruthless savages invading your country.: i’ll begin with the savages invading …[View]
145656833Become an ALLY today!: Got this email from my dear college. If any brave anons want to become an ALL…[View]
145652948What did Russia do with all that surplus Uranium from Hillary?: >sends it to Iran >Paid for b…[View]
145656177Is he /yourguy/[View]
145655001Evropa Needs Us: What can a Polish 18 year old true pagan son of Evropa do to help the situation in …[View]
145652039What is his name again?: pic related[View]
145652942Look for the lights.. Look at India![View]
145655639We are everywhere: So i found this in a bathroom in a rooftop bar in graz[View]
145656732DailyStormer.Ai: What does /pol/ think about the DailyStormer and Andrew Anglin[View]
145655199daily turkey hate thread: hate on this muslim shithole here[View]
145658603This is your new classmate /pol/. Her name is Amber. Do not look at her anywhere except her eyes. An…[View]
145640396rape capital of europe: SWEDISTAN[View]
145654466Freemasonry?: Tell me about Freemasonry There's a shrine here in my local town and I'm thi…[View]
145656586Anyone got the other porked/frogged memes? I need to go trigger leftypol.[View]
145656128Meme War 2.0: Man the Battle-stations! There's a Storm a comin'![View]
145655680If you had told people a few years ago that there would come a time when they would miss pic related…[View]
145653258We wouldn't allow the Germans to be nuclear-capable without certain assurances, right? ...right…[View]
145656524GOP senator says deal set on payments to health insurers: TRUMP BTFO and REBUKED by his own party …[View]
145649581Stop saying we have low iqs[View]
145656099am i degenerate for liking sandnigger food?[View]
145640061Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro are set to debate religion in December. Who will come out on top?[View]
145656277i live in a trailer park and multiple police men with shotguns drawn and knocking on doors. I ignore…[View]
145646784Twitter permanently suspended another influental conservative user with 60k followers. @nia4_trump: …[View]
145648841why the fuck is this bitch in england!!! we don't fucking want her!!! take her back you americu…[View]
145649987https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETR9qrVS17g This is the point where you go from denying white privil…[View]
145655816Mr 'Me Too' needs to go viral: Roasties are all over twitter and fagbook getting their sympathy shek…[View]
145655544Hibernian Hate thread: One of these monkeys is trying to molest my sister. Irish get out ree[View]
145637380/Islam/ General[View]
145651221I found a joke book from 1940, and this has got to be my favorite one[View]
145655079Stolen identity?: Explain this pol[View]
145656119http://archive.is/7iNrU Google is ditching a planned feature for Mapsfollowing criticism on social m…[View]
145655330Germany owes Poland $1,500,000,000,000 USD + C`OMP O U N D interest: Krautcucks >pay denbts $1,50…[View]
145655892http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/south-floridas-millennial-population-continues-to-flee-8312135 …[View]
145654563>white people are the superior ra- *pulls out iq graph* Wyd /pol/?[View]
145651396/leftypol/ vs /pol/: /leftypol/ vs /pol/ it's on[View]
145643667Mudslimes: Thoughts?[View]
145654864Califag here. So once the minimum wage goes up to 15 or 20 an hour, how much is that stupid surcharg…[View]
145652160Is everything African?: Did organic life begin on the African continent?[View]
145650319Does anyone else think this disgusting sex culture and the promotion of sex isn't an ebil jewis…[View]
145649410All the way since recorded history chilren had been exposed to nudity through paintings or sculpture…[View]
145655162Fuck off Mods: Mods are corrupt. We know where the Hwds flag is.[View]
145655227Could such a paradise ever exist?: Who else is dreaming of Republican town? What is keeping me from…[View]
145642059He got you /pol/, admit it.[View]
145646863This is going to sound stupid but I have to ask. Is Keemstar redpilled, at least partially? He seems…[View]
145653696White House Conveniently Stops Caring About Private E-Mail Use: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017…[View]
145649837SHITSKINS ARE LITERALLY DESTROYING THE PLANET: Shocking report reveals that 95% of plastic polluting…[View]
145653774Trump just extended Obamacare subsidies: Tired of winning yet drumpfkins?[View]
145651152I literally just got one of these fucking things from a 7-Eleven. What the fucking shit is this?[View]
145639445Does /pol/ want me to go back as well?: I 'illegally' came to the United States as a small child try…[View]
145646361What kind of fkin idiot thinks that pigment levels are the meaning of life? The only reason you care…[View]
145654348/SKG/ Skyking general: >TUNE IN: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ [Loc J032kf] >SKYKING FREQ…[View]
145654713Hey guys we got a twitter holocaust poll: https://twitter.com/FrankLuntz/status/920355558493786112…[View]
145651813Country Love thread[View]
145655222give me your purest aryan keks[View]
145655147Conan Livestream in a few minutes. https://youtu.be/xwp3GpVVgLE[View]
145653820Pic not totally related,: Google is totally compromised and is not a viable option as a search engin…[View]
145655071Why are Muricans such pussies with hurricanes? The CUK and potato island are still above the waters.…[View]
145654767Can we get a roastie thread?[View]
145655058/v/ thread reminding them they are faggots. Join if you want. >>>/v/393729937[View]
145644715>I dated someone for 4 years and then changed my mind, so now they raped me. This me too thing is…[View]
145654081Based Jaden: Daily reminder that women wearing pants is an abomination. If women can wear pants the…[View]
145654970CATALONIAN SEPARATIST LIE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kZgvtHn4Ls[View]
145635222Polish President Duda says hopes Turkey will join EU: Boland what are you doing???[View]
145650940america hate thread: One of the most popular politicians in Norway dressed up as an Indian. Now you …[View]
145650316I challenge you to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show and still think white people are superior. It's i…[View]
145635750/VIG/ - Vegas Investigation General: Campos Went Missing After Meeting With MGM Officials: MGM execs…[View]
145654842Trump endorses plan to save Obamacare: >https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/17/us/politics/alexander-…[View]
145652239How do we stop this madness?: >The notion that we can actually do something about the nation’s fr…[View]
145649929Trump is live GET IN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDYbBc_7zbU[View]
145651061He's back. Something is going to happen in Chicago after string of Mothman sightings: It's…[View]
145637296>North Korean envoy says nuclear war could break out at 'any moment' Why is North Korea…[View]
145653669My friend told me today he seen 2 underage faggots on a bus holding hands Dude also made eye contact…[View]
145654218How the hell are you going to make an ethno-nationalist utopia when you can't even decide on wh…[View]
145640809SOROS PUMPS $18B INTO OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION: >George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Foundat…[View]
145649986If Trump made America great again, what will he run on in 2020? Make it even GREATER?[View]
145652373I thought men in the military were Alpha dogs[View]
145654395HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US IS BACK ON!: Is anybody doing anything about this? Any news? http://theartnews…[View]
145640688what do other german anons here think about the Identitäre Bewegung? Are they the way forward for ou…[View]
145654360Thread got slid, but I have to answer. It says: 'Fuck sheep, rape goats'. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
145654357OI VEY: Who is in the wrong here? Why is anything regarding the Self-Chosen people off limits? http…[View]
145652582Brazil is third worl-: Oh wait it isn't[View]
145650667Drumpf btfo as usual[View]
145654290PREPARE FOR AWWWWOOOOAAR: Eighteen billion reasons why you all need to get your heads out of your as…[View]
145653254Russia funding right-wing protests across the US: Wait, I thought you guys said the 'paid protestors…[View]
145654215/blackpill/ general who /blackpill/ here? >what is the blackpill? it's realizing that the li…[View]
145654177Never let a crisis go to waste: 'You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by …[View]
145651628Nov 4th: Sooooo...uhhh what should we expect? Also should I carry my 686 or my Glock 20 on the 4th?…[View]
145653804White People BTFO[View]
145654011Identity Evropa?: Anybody know anything about this group? I have been thinking about joining. Or, a…[View]
145630749And some people still think the 'GEN Z = based' meme is just a myth: In Austria, the far-right FPÖ p…[View]
145651012Austrian VS keynesian economics: Which system did it best. Keynes or hayek/mises[View]
1456510158 States Will Require Passports for Domestic Flights Within the U.S.[View]
145653413I love peace but I am not a pacifist, I love the fact we helped the Communist eliminate the Nazis. N…[View]
145650022Did I just fix Europe?[View]
145652742Diversity is said to be good because different takes on life enrich us all. Show me your best examp…[View]
145649461WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE GET IN HERE!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDYbBc_7zbU…[View]
145638752>Germany >Great Power This map is stupid[View]
145645007why is he always golfing?[View]
145628390#Metoo Fredrik Virtanen: Yes Sweden! A male feminist working for the MSM has been exposed as a rapis…[View]
145652296Redpill me on the Nachtigall Battalion. Did the ukrainian nationalists side with the Nazis against t…[View]
145649971Mouthy Buddhas new vid: What is happening, is he a reluctant alt righter now? https://youtu.be/G9_O-…[View]
145651475Transgenders in sport: AFLW (the newly made female league of the Australian football variant) has re…[View]
145653586When will (((Hollywood))) profit off of the greatest comedic duo of our time?[View]
145649324Why are so much white people involved in lifting? Why are there little no black weight lifters? Ther…[View]
145640971Trump Claims Dow Reached 23,000 For the First Time Ever: What is is end game? Doe he think this make…[View]
145648877another one of these threads[View]
145648863FAT BOY TRUMP BTFO: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/latest-obama-hosted-kelly-breakfast-son…[View]
145650869Are all forms of fashion emasculating to society? Take a look at /fa/ >>>/fa/12837333[View]
145638986GET IN HERE. Discuss Helicopter-Man's latest speech on the 'Alt-Right': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
145649361What does /pol/ think about Julius Evola? I've been thinking of reading his works, where should…[View]
145639342Nazi larping on Tinder: I'm thinking of starting a Nazi account on Tinder for the lulz... What…[View]
145650357Free education and healthcare is destroying us! - Said no one, ever: And the next time someone says …[View]
145652988Scientific literacy: Why do we live in a country that has given the world the most advanced technolo…[View]
145650990on weekdays i listen to yesterdays hannity while lifting and tucker carlson during cardio. any recom…[View]
145622545The ancient Greeks and Romans looked like this[View]
145649009Am I the only one who thinks that Putin did a plastic surgery? Botox? Is he a fag?[View]
145649503>Girl, 9, dies after woman weighing 325lbs sits on her for 12 minutes as punishment >Veronica …[View]
145652558Will we ever get another chance?[View]
145652724Humans are overrated, I look forward to services being provided by AI bots, at least they will get m…[View]
145648956Niggers: I hate niggers and I hate north americans, you're dumb monkeys. Go back to africa.…[View]
145621880R*ddit Socialist has an epiphany: A rare moment of self-awareness[View]
145652520Catalonia need your help /pol/!!!! will you help them?: Will you help them?[View]
145649470what do you think about this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Ko3PG2oB4[View]
145652450Kurdistan Vs Iraq: The kurdish army and iraqi army have clashed in kurkuk small clashes After 2 or 1…[View]
145647438Economic Collapse Discussion: When is the economy collapsing? They said it would September, but it i…[View]
145650151Conspiracy theory: The third world war is coming!: Before world war 2, we had a push for female supr…[View]
145652409There is literally nothing wrong with being Swedish[View]
145646437A Jew worked out today. Did you?[View]
145645006one thing i don't get-- how did the right become objectively wittier, funnier, and cooler than …[View]
145634282>2017: Year of the race riots >still hasn't acquired a firearm Explain yourselves right n…[View]
145640425IRREFUTABLE PROOF That the Vegas Shooting Guard Jesus Campos Narrative is a COMPLETE SHAM!: See comm…[View]
145652119Another leftist becoming one of us and hating it.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9_O-0pmxSU…[View]
145629437Euro-African Aesthetics Thread: post your Rhodesians!: White African Thread! Post your: >Rhodesia…[View]
145651982The Alt-Right on Campus: > SPLC talk about how to challenge the Alt-Right on campus at Berkely …[View]
145651387Ghana is facing an obesity issue since they got KFC....: LMAO Seriously...can't even make this …[View]
145649999does god stay in heavn for he fers what he has created: yall try to answer this I do not know the an…[View]
145651810Twitch variety streamers that aren't explicitly #ImWithHer: pic related is a great apolitical s…[View]
145651799interest check for playing varg's game https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/92215/interest-check-…[View]
145630044Is there a rule of 'priority to the right' (or left) in the traffic in your country? How much do peo…[View]
145636166Everyone calls me nazi: Basically everyone at school gives calls me a nazi. All I did was critizing …[View]
145647234The gulf is real! Feminist FB cringe thread.: Do you know a lot of thirty-something shitlibs that wo…[View]
145651559Europe on a comeback?: How Far Is Europe Swinging to the Right? Lets fucking go, Europoors http://ar…[View]
145649541How are the kids who are raised on this shit gonna turn out?[View]
145651253Pol-tier rap battle // Russia vs USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldK9qvRBkMI So pol, do you thi…[View]
145636225CRAWLING IN MY SKIN![View]
145641983White People Are Becoming More and More Degenerate: Yesterday, Me: Pull up to coffee shop. Next to i…[View]
145650912Didn't Charlie Sheen die? Hey wait a fucking second, coverup?: What the hell is going on? I rem…[View]
145649435Trump is delivering promises: I think someone hacked Trump's Twitter account or maybe it's…[View]
145639077What is this society coming to?[View]
145650737Going On Mars Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2FEblUV-o4 I don't know why or how, but…[View]
145640958Vikings got BTFO by the Native Americans[View]
145648282Ed Sheeran has been reportedly hospitalized after being hit by a car.[View]
145650633WHO THE FUCK is this based jersey ranting woman? This dipshit doesn't realize he's only sp…[View]
145650405Jean-Francois Gariepy responds to the alt-right playbook.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVeE26cnE…[View]
145629689Why're you like this?: As in, why are you some of you actually racist/sexist/fascist? And I…[View]
145650388He Will Not Divide Us (HWNDU) Cont. Thread last one 404'd[View]
145649352The shooters don't even know who did it.[View]
145650336absolute state of background checks in britain..: >He joined the BNP after being part of the Nati…[View]
145650263What does Humanism mean to you?: >To me it means gender-fluid infants, free condoms at every gove…[View]
145650015TRUMP MASK REPLICA (December 5th 2017) VINYL RELEASE: Im pressing Trump Mask Replica on Vinyl. More …[View]
145646335Michael A. Wood Junior: https://soundcloud.com/jim-goad/ep14 What did /pol/ think of this debate? I …[View]
145649818What did Trump mean by this??[View]
145649171So /pol/? Who did this? This event was the most influential moment in this century and we don'…[View]
145646607Why do Jews seem to live forever?: Especially the evil ones?[View]
145650127RAND PAUL WILL VOTE NO ON THE BUDGET: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/17/rand-paul-oppose-sena…[View]
145650005A 325-pound Florida woman is charged with killing her 9-year-old cousin by sitting on the child as p…[View]
145648443Have You Bought Your Anne Frank Halloween Costume Yet?: We can always learn from the struggles of hi…[View]
145617467Germany YES[View]
145649877PROJECT VERITAS: Everyone been keeping up with these guys? https://youtu.be/uOBuGCd39Xw James O…[View]
145647121How do we invoke WW3?: Since nothing is ever happening and all happenings are a disappointment we ha…[View]
145640066tl;dr White Women are lost cause, how bout slav?: 'British women are entitled and overweight…[View]
145634162Prove this wrong, religious fanatics: Protip: You can't.[View]
145642915ITS GOING DOWN: http://abc7ny.com/live/23377/ NEW YORK ON FULL SHUT DOWN[View]
145649656Scientific literacy: Why do we live in a country that has given the world the most advanced technolo…[View]
145649697BILL GLINDON IS A RABISS t. Reddit normalfags[View]
145647733Police Officer Suffers Panic Attack While Armed: Should he still be employed? https://www.liveleak.c…[View]
145649673On the other side of the nazbol coin, you've got this fucking badass who turns Russia into a co…[View]
145642093>be me >going shopping for groceries >in line to checkout >suddendly angry voices and sc…[View]
145647572There will probably be some false flags today to protect (((Clinton Foundation))): Reminder.[View]
145644607Tor: Is the future of 4chan on tor[View]
145633274Hi it's Peterson: I've been watching you all for a while /pol/ and I'm dissapointed t…[View]
145650195Who /high elf masterrace/ here?[View]
14564962699% of you have forgotten that it is because of the Second World War that women became big whores wi…[View]
145646076>/pol/ incarnate not letting any Pajeet / Turkish tourists into the Gediminas Tower of Vilnius Is…[View]
145640181DAILY NICE: TEACHER PARTIES WITH STUDENTS DIN PANTIES: https://patch.com/california/banning-beaumont…[View]
145648818Shenanigans: https://altright.com/richard-spencer-in-florida/ >No advance tickets >first come …[View]
145649455I’ve considered myself to be a Libertarian. Although I am consistently recognizing the greatest cont…[View]
145647088>america >white HAHAHAHA https://www.google.fi/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4987406/am…[View]
145649380Happening?: Have you guys heard about this? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/10/1…[View]
145633148COMMUNISM WILL WIN: Repeat after me /pol/: COMMUNISM WILL WIN Communism cannot be stopped. Communis…[View]
145649295To US Antifa Members: As you may or may not be aware, Adolf Hillary has been padding the news with a…[View]
145648385I need muh guns to protect mu....[View]
145649217I_have_fought_a_good_fight_2_Timothy_4_7.jpg: >There's no place on earth that rules with god…[View]
145647546How will we spot a fellow /pol/ack during the racewar, we need to know who we need to shoot Is pic …[View]
145649172no reperations for you: >be me >go to trip for school >get debit card night before trip fro…[View]
145649102Dotard Trump: BTFO[View]
145625893American High School Cheerleading squad: Is modern American high school cheerleading just vocational…[View]
145639184how many generations do you think it takes to get the nigger out of your DNA?[View]
145627469Red-pill me on Water: What's the deal with fluoride water? are the conspiracies true? is bottle…[View]
145647988How does it feel like to be on the wrong side of history?: How does it feel to know that the alt rig…[View]
145646042BREAKING: Active shooter reports on Howard University's campus: BREAKING: Active shooter report…[View]
145648858Am I doing this right?: Just a reminder[View]
145629669Africans Have Never Built a Major Enduring City in 3,000 Years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZkE…[View]
145631338Christianity vs Paganism: Christianity: >a non-european desert cult >created to manipulate and…[View]
145642728>tfw the Russian Revolution failed[View]
145648702Vikings still /our guys/: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/allah-viking-burial-fabrics…[View]
145648237Was Stalin /ourguy/?: [Not a troll post] It seems that a huge part of why the bolshieviks sucked so …[View]
145648661Vote strategy thread.: Migration has never been my top priority, but every party in UK had been prom…[View]
145648607How convert a socialist or communist to the right. It's very simple lads...: Socialists/communi…[View]
145644072>Brexit has had no adverse effects on the econom--[View]
145616998ADD/ADHD is Real: Why does /pol/ refuse to believe ADHD is real? I have ADD- Inattentive and it…[View]
145643862Test: Test thread. I can't seem to post from my home IP so doing it from a different one. (((T…[View]
145646614In ages past this sort of behavior had a man flogged in public. This is the state of modern society.…[View]
145637675I want: -an end to benefit/welfare in general, specifically targetting single mothers -a law system …[View]
145648509They brought back Hitler!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H561RVqNy4s I don't even care if the…[View]
145648492White People: Whites are the only race on Earth that will do better for others than it will do for i…[View]
145645162How many non-whites there are in Europe now?[View]
145648374Every fucking time!: >Herskovitz He raped Reese Witherspoon when she was just 16. We could have …[View]
145648371Marino out as Trump's drug czar nominee: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/17/trump-says-ma…[View]
145641839>North Korea says 'nuclear war may break out any moment' https://www.cbsnews.com/news/north-korea…[View]
145637133How to stop hating women?: Is there anything that can be done so we stop hating on these shitsacks o…[View]
145636198MAIDAN 3.0: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING GET READY FOR SOME CLANKING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
145645151African immigrants are Alway doing bettrr: So /pol/ African (Nigerian) immigrants are already doing …[View]
145648173White male problem: How to we solve the problem of white males raping women?[View]
145629117>The US provided Africa with 8 billion in aid in 2015 alone[View]
145646133It Was An Illegal Who Lit The Fire In NorCal??: http://www.breitbart.com/california/2017/10/17/ice-d…[View]
145643577How do we end Russian metastasis?[View]
145646869Revolutionary marxist communism failed, for sure but isn't it like the French Revolution? The F…[View]
145647842Do you guys have any proof that there are actors 'playing' Melania sometimes? I'm neither here …[View]
145647478Sandy Hook was a false flag attack developed by the Jews to promote Jurassic World featuring celebri…[View]
145644893How do we surgically remove London from the rest of the United Kingdom? Terrorist stats would drop. …[View]
145647402Do you member?[View]
145647711Spending money to learn about faggot letters: I'm in class, and we're having a discussion …[View]
145626774daily poland hate thread: hate on this shithole here[View]
145645842regarding Lane Davis: this BASED redditor accurately describes 95% of you pale nerds. you can't…[View]
145647003>(((Christianity))) >redpilled[View]
145644504I'm genuinely curious, how does someone that doesn't speak the language of a country survi…[View]
145645060/po/ masturbates to a fatman. How can a lardass be alpha? How can a lardass make anything great or e…[View]
145647002Why are Nigger ambushes so effective against Americans?[View]
145639916TRUMPS IGNORE TIFFANY'S BIRTHDAY: https://www.metro.us/president-trump/tiffany-trump-birthday-t…[View]
145647625What did they mean with this? https://podaac-w10n.jpl.nasa.gov/w10n/allData/goes/L3/goes_6km_nrt/ame…[View]
145637991Dominicans should be ashamed of their country's racist behavior towards Haitians. Why are Domi…[View]
145638301Are women capable of loving men? If not then why bother with them?[View]
145641277How can Niggers even compete?[View]
145647476Does eating degenerate food = race betrayal?: I try to stay away from mudslime food as much as possi…[View]
145647221You ready to MAGA and punch some lefty nazis, bros?[View]
145636503This is how you deal with terrorists.[View]
145645437Is anything real, /pol/? Even our classic villains sound like people straight from a comic book. Thi…[View]
145632909that's an awfully hot coffe pot[View]
145636082That Viking 'Allah' shroud story from yesterday was a hoax: tl;dr Some swedecuck (((historian))) cla…[View]
145639383Where did blacks and liberals get the idea that white people have no culture? We have more culture t…[View]
145645836Why has communism never been tried? I mean, what could go wrong?[View]
145644952National pride in the West: Is it natural for you? Do you feel powerful and advantage over others, g…[View]
145646479Tarrare: What should society do with Tarrare types? Tarrare (1772–1798), was a French showman and so…[View]
145647021Somewhere in a lonely hotel room There's a guy starting to realize that eternal Fate has turned…[View]
145632482Until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you're gonna have. It's pat…[View]
145646875You know that Civic Nationalist you just had an argument with in your last thread? Chances are, they…[View]
145646278That's an awfully small megaphone. should we punch him now asked Ramon? nuh, i said, he'll…[View]
145637267Veritas NYT Undercover part 3: It's nothing, O'keef is a God when he delivers but This NYT…[View]
145643726>This is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans cons…[View]
145641810are italians white?[View]
145641135I present you German Amazon Fashion: This is the Mainpage of Amazon Fashion in Germany >we alrea…[View]
145644748ITT sick and twisted Jewish customs: How many of you know that after a newborn Jewish baby has had h…[View]
145645097Still with her?: In light of the whole Russian collusion and accusing the other candidate of doing i…[View]
145634620CHRISTIANITY thread: All Christians are invited. Pagans and atheists stay out unless you want to hea…[View]
145646525TV: Dating shows out, Divorce shows in.: Romance is dead in TV's newest dating shows >CANNES…[View]
145643451Now Fox: RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA: Why do Jews hate Russia so much. This fake shit is fucking hilarious …[View]
145646367>Ukraine What is wrong with that utter shithole?[View]
145646315Something to du?: Anonymous seams to be dissappeared. What can we do?[View]
145642588ITS GOING DOWN: Who's ready for November 4th? Let's make this the biggest prison round up …[View]
145646258Uh oh.[View]
145644805NEW DUTCH SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Meet the new Dutch secretary of defense, /pol/. Pretty powerful isn…[View]
145646123Send help: I need to give a speech to my class on why racism is a good thing. Redpill me.[View]
145646085Really makes you think[View]
145645029Turkey isn't Europea-[View]
145641594Have you read this book? What did you think about it?[View]
145645913SOVTHERN EVROPEAN MELANIN appreciation thread: Hello fellow people of color of Southern Europe. We a…[View]
145645886Why is Zulu the most popular language of South Africa?[View]
145645861>the niggerification of the human race in full swing >future humans have little or no frontal …[View]
145641611Eat shit Russian shills. Trump is still going down.[View]
145645771(((Right wing))) Putin have opened a yearly student festival in Sochi. Program of the festival: >…[View]
145641513Chinatown, Chinatown, Everywhere... EuropeanTown where or when??: In every country I visit they alwa…[View]
145638830Reminder that Jews are more redpilled than whites on Islam: https://twitter.com/OnlineMagazin/status…[View]
145645226Center for black culture: Including but not limited to:[View]
145640742What are the shills sliding?: Pretty clear that the board is being flooded with mindless distraction…[View]
145635655Syria General /sg/- Back On The Prowl Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.word…[View]
145644605So, if the Soviet Union was not real Communism Or Venezuela is not real socialism Then Nazi Germany …[View]
145617328Post '''villains''' who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
145645019He has the best opinions. Tell me about my autism /pol/[View]
145634897What is his name again?[View]
145640032MADAME. PRESIDENT.[View]
145644658Daily Reminder that any Russia news is canon level shilling. The Russian Jews won't do anything…[View]
145644612How do we stop cultural marxism from infiltrating our societies?[View]
145643427Why are people so salty about Julian Assange that they need to try and frame him as a non-journalist…[View]
145618134Why can't we: Just kill the rich? There's more of us than them. Why Not? >also what h…[View]
145641104Share with us your #MeToo stories, we all love you no matter what. I'll start, this one time so…[View]
145644321Dan Schneider of Nickelodean: I could really use your help guys. I do a show that FREQUENTLY shouts …[View]
145643332More like these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKf6cg2-lHc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nse0Ch5…[View]
145644151>white blonde people are pure evil and should be killed xDddddddd If you buy this pile of shit yo…[View]
145637632Do Feminists Really Believe This Crap: https://twitter.com/nsilverberg/status/919957604700508160 htt…[View]
145633631I keep hearing the guns he used were already illegal, but what exactly did he use to do it?[View]
145639689Why are Americans so geographically challenged? When will you realize that you have much more in com…[View]
145643936Joshua Boyle: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/joshua-boyle-hes-perhaps-best-known-for-his-l…[View]
145643123God damnit /pol/...: >See people on here typing 'wypipo' >Think it's a funny way to make …[View]
145637513New Project Veritas! High rank NYT employee caught admitting to sensationalize to sway votes agains…[View]
145639394FOX tries to come up with some 'muh clinton' russia shit right as Trump is getting pounded in the as…[View]
145635534InfoFuck: So David Knight says he can 'recruit' 4chan to find Jesus Campos as was done for Shia…[View]
145640543Was Islam Created by Jews?: (1) Enslaves the shitskins (2) Kills the goyim (3) Creates tons of (((wa…[View]
145641337What did the Vikings mean by this?[View]
145640287Why are jews so much smarter than whites?[View]
145643062Currently taking History of the Civil Rights Movement. Lot of material I've seen features the w…[View]
145642447>tfw your country is responsible for everything going wrong in the modern world Feels bad man.…[View]
145642948I'll just leave this here,[View]
145641942Communism a dying ideology[View]
1456402614chan now censored: Hey pol lurker here just wanted to see if anyone has thoughts whenever i try to …[View]
145618803/pol/ humour thread[View]
145624716Brit/pol/: Links Edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK politics centre ground https…[View]
145642765How did Russians win the Second Chechen War: I thought victory against insurgents dressed as civilia…[View]
145641329Do you guys think coloreds can be trained to be productive members of society and politics?[View]
145638561SWEDEN YES!: Swedish boys of class 9B wanted to wear dresses for their school photo, but they soon f…[View]
145642079Why three branches of the US?: >inb4 checks and balances you mong Why those three specifically th…[View]
145642700>We give the readers what they want >Truth is second If its like that, donsen't it mean t…[View]
145642348Mark Faber: is mark faber /ourguy/? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-17/marc-faber-th…[View]
145637230How would libertarianism solve the gay problem?: >inb4 'we do nothing and hope the market fairy u…[View]
145641844Imagine a world without niggers[View]
145642187Remember kids, talking politics unironically is normie as fuck. Thanks for your time.[View]
145639942When will Europeans finally realize that a united EU stands stronger against Russia and China and ev…[View]
145638721Do you consider the people that live in these countries to be African?[View]
145629470This woman traded a packet of McDonald’s dipping sauce for a VW: >Michigan woman trades one ounce…[View]
145639200Africans Americans: Do African Americans have a real culture like real native Africans is they'…[View]
145631474Now vs Then What went wrong?[View]
145640343Left racism via low expectations: Why are leftists so racist?[View]
145631129How to destroy Israel: How to destroy Israel 101: >be palestine durka man >your mortars and ro…[View]
145640784I was told there would happening?[View]
145628339What does /pol/ think of Milo Yiannopoulos?[View]
145638961Why don't you support an independent and free New England?[View]
145625471The Hill story released this morning, confirming the Clinton Foundation colluded with Russia Trump j…[View]
145629559WAS HE TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING?: 'The bugs from Men In Black put on a Steve suit and went and di…[View]
145641838Arm these shields boys!: President Tyrone has spoken! Kek be upon him! https://youtu.be/ef4dzL_2YbA…[View]
145640720Why the fuck are you believing in the importance of race instead of cultural identity? There are so …[View]
145633111Nazis btfo[View]
145638368How can we teach black people that hispanics are their number one enemy? Hispanics lower black peopl…[View]
145639365How do we solve this?: What to do with the immense amount of indians, chinese and other sub-human co…[View]
145641523You can't say she's wrong.[View]
145638137Behold, the future of white peeple[View]
145640075Reminder that the white race has been a blight upon the rest of the world for centuries and should b…[View]
145627093Would you date an antifu?: I came across this chick who is super hot an kinky, booksmart and we shar…[View]
145640746>There is no such thing as anti-semitism. >There is only Jewish Tribalism...and a reaction to …[View]
145627343We were the true SHOGUNS: The ancient Japanese were BLONDE BLUE-EYED ARYANS. Do NOT let the invading…[View]
145633726Why is Britain selling itself?[View]
145640204So what happens to /pol/ the day he indicts Trump?[View]
145639626lets see if /pol/ is always right?: ITT: we predict what happens in the 2024 'eSports' (video games)…[View]
145641020If you don't drive stick you aren't white.[View]
145641090Shias flag rises in france!: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ Theres another flag up lets get it in un…[View]
145640616Should Scotland become independant /pol/?[View]
145629154What do you think of my Vegas theory, /pol/?: Lack of motive has been a huge puzzle in the Vegas sho…[View]
145641002#HeWillNutInsideUs WHITE SUPREMACIST????: https://medium.com/@LauraMSchmidt/hewillnotdivideus-a-whit…[View]
145640593>grow up in a cold family that does not care about you >stay at home only studying with very f…[View]
145640945Gun Control Petition = Cancer: /pol/ I need reasons why gun control is a waste of time. Data dump o…[View]
145637205#helpcatalonia lies: Found a nice article explaining the bullshit of the video & situation: http…[View]
145640208CANADA: Why do random mudshits like streetshitters and muzzies or chinks believe they are entitled t…[View]
145639380Why do Jews get so mad when you touch their armpits ?[View]
145640667Egypt Was White[View]
145630181Are you mad interracial couples and mixed people exist?: Well? I'm curious.[View]
145640570Are there any threads in the he will not divide us flag Or were they all removed?[View]
145639677A majority of 'women' presented to you by the mainstream media are anything BUT. Do NOT be fooled, t…[View]
145638807>Burgerland >White[View]
145640490Summoning iki: Greeks are subhuman Albanians are gods[View]
145640237Fill in my map!: >>145533275 thread from yesterday Hey /pol/, I've been trying to documen…[View]
145622297Not only is the Clinton/Russia quid pro quo confirmed, but the FBI knew about the bribery scheme BEF…[View]
145633242PUUUUUUTIN!!!: The only reason you bigots voted for Drumpf is because you were tricked into it by Fa…[View]
145640256Hispanic's not a race[View]
145629708/pol/ study thread: Post what you currently study or studied and what (stem) field you'd recomm…[View]
145640253Hiro meta thread he aproved: /pol/lacks young and old!!!! Look at your catalog right now..... THIS i…[View]
145639678What is currently the most white community in the United States? >white people in the streets …[View]
145626703>40 years to cross a desert which would take an athlete 2 weeks. Tell me again how smart Jews are…[View]
145635736>/pol/ hates jews because they accumulate power and wealth >capitalism is a system where wealt…[View]
145632283Will India be a superpower by 2030?[View]
145639475The Eternal Weinstein: Were we warned, /pol/? Has Emma surrendered her identity by shilling for femi…[View]
145635186Help: Can someone give me some data about (((syrian))) refugees in europe? I'm trying to prove …[View]
145638383Black Panther: The superhero of the alt-right: https://youtu.be/POZCF9t9FUI[View]
145639291the Disarming of America: Not sure if thats the right word but that is whats wanted. Some one somewh…[View]
145621648Cultural Marxism: Hi, I'm a proud cultural marxist. Ask me anything you want.[View]
145639612i love when black women call me baby its just so warm and kind i feel sorry for salty guys on /pol/ …[View]
145638610The absolute state of manhood in 2017: Why a lot of man nowadays doesn’t want to grow up and stays a…[View]
145639686THE SHIT APPLES: http://www.journalnow.com/news/nation_world/bankruptcy-settlement-of-sc-project-inv…[View]
145614851They usually cover up the Jew's crimes. Something isn't right about this. What are your th…[View]
145635850What's the most offensive word for the Western normies right now?: Preparing to go on several t…[View]
145635089based CA: >http://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/355806-california-first-state-to-legally-recog…[View]
145639625>canadian police[View]
145639387LGBT and NatSoc: Is it possible for LGBT and Natsoc to co-exist if our views align? I have been an A…[View]
145607955Faith Goldy Took Too Many Red Pills: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/faith-goldy-took-too-many-re…[View]
145639530David cameron secret meeting: Uhm brits.. explain this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3JgMVNNtEE…[View]
145639072#me too[View]
145639307Blacks are the superior race: When are you going to accept that Hitler was wrong? Blacks are the str…[View]
145636278Why dont you guys just give up? America will never be white again ever again.[View]
145613754Lithuania Redpill: Dear /pol/ redpill me on Lithuania! - Why do they hate Poles so much - Why do the…[View]
145634270'Negligible Accomplishments' of White men: Hi, there, /pol. I work at a data center for a very large…[View]
145637184fuck germany: why is germany such a nonwhite islamic shithole?[View]
145639121You guys ready for the Halloween chimpouts. Libfags will come to decent neighborhoods with their ado…[View]
145629481Ursula Haverbeck /ourgrandma/: Control+F: Ursula Haverbeck 0 Results What the fuck is wrong with you…[View]
145632843WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE FRONT OAFE OF DRUDGE?! >Before the Obama administration approved a controv…[View]
145639052Do something! Now.: Puerto Ricans are dying because no one can drive them to the floating hospital F…[View]
145639034HWNDU FLAG DISCORD JOIN ! https://discord.gg/FCkwJ2[View]
145625283A real American hero has spoken. Nationalism is stupid.[View]
145638938Dr Doom Marc Faber finally get's it right: 'And thank God white people populated America, and n…[View]
145638813Is Trump the New Bismarck?[View]
145632744Theories on the NK situation?: Any non intellectually bankrupt theories on how this NK situation is …[View]
145629080if youre somewhat of a public figure, how do you deal with a fake rape accusation with the least dam…[View]
145638778Pupils told to dress as slaves: What does /pol/ think about this school asking the kids to come dres…[View]
145630385SPRINT BLOCKS 4CHAN POL: This is BIG. What the fuck is going on here /pol/? Suddenly my wireless pr…[View]
145638758Natsocs are cucks: Is there anything more pathtic than having a ideology all around beeing the maste…[View]
145637534You're on notice, Dyin' John.[View]
145638342What does /pol/ think of William Luther Pierce and his vision for North America? Was he right? Was …[View]
145632977So what if Climate Change is a hoax?: what difference does it make if we make a better world out of …[View]
145638000You all are our slaves: Read quran and realize the truth.[View]
145635894What is this shit /pol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4dzL_2YbA What have you done.[View]
145638420Does anyone else sometimes feel bad about their beliefs when interacting with nice non-whites? Don…[View]
145638414prove me wrong[View]
145636306Did Hitler actually hate Slavs?: Or is it more postwar propaganda?[View]
145637880REALLY CONFUSED DESU!: (1) Is Trump on Our Side, or is he a jewish plant i.e. are all these civic na…[View]
145638091If you want to see the ancap system in use just look at the cryptocurrency community. first of all, …[View]
145637641It Was The Clintons Colluding With The Russian: Breaths in.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA http://archive.is/K8…[View]
145637543Fuck MeToo. I was actually raped in high school and most of these blonds I'm seeing just post #…[View]
145629594What did you think of this guy two years ago and what do you think of him now > 2 years ago - cul…[View]
145636109Redpill me on Vietnam Lads: Was it worth it?[View]
145638187Infowhores Deflecting From John's Warning: Why does infowars refuse to talk about John's p…[View]
145625183France is the worst country in Europe: t.Anglo[View]
145625481There is no coherent counterargument against MGTOW: >MGTOW just hate women Nope. Women are women.…[View]
145638113ITT: We Predict the False Flag that Distracts from this[View]
145637888Habbening?: I live deep into South Florida. These CH-47 Chinooks have been flying around for the las…[View]
145637903Liberals: 'Stop having children. Get an abortion and a dog instead.' Also liberals: 'Won't some…[View]
145637894Catalonia will remain out of EU: I can't wait, just a fet more weeks and we'll be great ag…[View]
145597081Blacked: Is he still the best rapper or did the trump diss track change your mind?[View]
145637831Mueller resignation watch: Mueller and Comey proven dirty cops, colluded with Obama, Clinton and Put…[View]
145637557>hey remember what happened in las vegas? >las who? >that shooting >*silence* >oh wel…[View]
145636758>Remove a large drug cartel. >Price of drugs goes up increasing demand and the risks people ar…[View]
145630179Serbia TRUTH: Serbian '''''nationalism'''''' is mixing with subbuman gypsies, armenans and greeks as…[View]
145635580>Clumpf institutes a 300% tariff against Bombarider >Trudeau agrees to give away 50.01% of the…[View]
145632094Good lord, Iceland may be more degenerate than America http://www.therooster.com/blog/icelands-casua…[View]
145633119Are Gorillas higher evolved than niggers? > Gorilla gun crimes 0 > Gorilla murders 0 > Gori…[View]
145629994Only the preservation of Nordic race matters, modern Greeks and other brown eyed shitskins can fuck …[View]
145635077Happening!: Obama admin asked Argentina to provide Iran with nuclear fuel. When asked to put it in w…[View]
145617114Biggest Empire: Reminder that the Biggest Empire on Earth was the Catholic Iberian Empire sec XVI-XV…[View]
145637474Reminder this man is a political prisoner being unlawfully denied bond by some SJW feminazi judges. …[View]
145632722Is communism just atheist fundamentalism?[View]
145635374Media Source Thread: Please help me /pol/, what media is degenerate free?[View]
145635933China is playing the long game[View]
145612047Why are most Europeans so beta?: France created socialism and Germany created communism. The majorit…[View]
145636342Are there any legit journalists left? I hate the mainstream media like the next guy, but the Owen Sh…[View]
145628244Do autists deserve a protected status in society?[View]
145635798Alright lads prepare for a meme war.: Our commander Big Man Tyrone has declared war of the leftist C…[View]
145631977Will they return all the 'dirty money'?: Now Reese Witherspoon claims she was sexually assaulted by …[View]
145624628High schoolers stage walkout after teacher tells students to 'speak American': http://arch…[View]
145620568You know the answer, goy. https://twitter.com/ScaramucciPost/status/920252662976860162[View]
145625172Putin green lights launch of the CryptoRuble: HOW THE FUCK ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS!?? https://…[View]
145631466Why is the cost of living rising all over the world? Is it ever going to improve?[View]
145634537What other meme are they going to turn into a movie after We Wuz Kangz?[View]
145635625Wait a minute Hitler was trying to wipe out the Jews... but Jews are considered white.... so Hitler …[View]
145636864Shia is back: http://hewillnotdivide.us[View]
145634921cucktalonia: catalonians want independance because they are the cuckest of the peninsula https://www…[View]
145584228Election Night Throwback: Election night was too glorious. Let's relive it.[View]
145635683Huh, guess they weren't just a bunch of untrained rice farmers. Really gets your noggin joggin.[View]
145618380why cant wh*Tes make art this good?[View]
145636736ITT: losers getting triggered by virtual nazis getting slaughtered[View]
145631941The biggest reason why is ancapism bullshit ?: Give me some arguements guys.[View]
145636580NaziScum: Why are nazis and rednecks right wing. Can you all just make your own wing so you can stop…[View]
145629690Greece Yes!: Big Greek company that sells toys and baby items promotes gay families in their ads. ht…[View]
145636669Some questions for people of color living in the West: In 2017 the only thing people of color are ca…[View]
145635273MOSSAD KIA: http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/world-news/the-israeli-connection/6-israelis-still-u…[View]
145634089Irish Post Office giving out Che stickers: One of our Members of Irish Parliament praising Che Gueve…[View]
145632285‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Stars Endorse Transgender Spider-Man: https://web.archive.org/web/201710051…[View]
145619380Why do Europeans hate Anglos?: ls it because we had a bigger empire than any of them? Or is it becau…[View]
145620452The new Murdoch video was removed from youtube hours after being published. It has been archived her…[View]
145636351>ITT we post absolute states of coonery https://youtu.be/sgYJ3bqSkN8?list=PLSCbF8ioM6z2ynADkdl7Z…[View]
145634736Tick Tock...: How much longer will we let this ugly motherfucker toy with our hearts, anons? >der…[View]
145633688Syria?: hey goyim what do you make of our recent bombing run near Damascus?[View]
145636209Why has the liberal media been more concerned about the declining white middle-class, than the GOP?:…[View]
145633803Fuck jewish people[View]
145634546#blackfacesmatter: #metoo was made a year ago by a nog. Whitey is appropriating ((their)) culture. …[View]
145633470Why doesn’t he put Hollywood secrets in places for us to find? Why doesn’t he work to expose the Hol…[View]
145634145Wolfen(((Stien))): >'If youa re a Nazi GTFO' From jewbook wolfenstein/videos/10155808103514166/…[View]
145633060BREITBART: What's your opinion on Breitbart? I read their articles from time to time and they a…[View]
145633376Why are the Boy Scouts Virtue Signaling this Hard?: >Boy Scouts allow atheist members >Boy Sco…[View]
145630204*BREATHES IN*[View]
145635713german language is so beautiful and rich, they have such words as schadenfreude which means 'pleasur…[View]
145628113I think we can all agree that every nation nation on earth should give us 20% of their military. Aro…[View]
145635280What governments do you hate? >>No.1 North Korea >>No.2 China >>No.3 Japan Our go…[View]
145635643GERMANY YES!: Fighting and stabbing in front of the university of Marburg, Germany. >40 'refugees…[View]
145626336Syria General /sg/- Salt Mine Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
145635613Reminder: If Germany had won the war, the Southern Cone would dominate America and the United States…[View]
145635602>the tick tock story was another nothing burger Why does she keep getting away with it bros?…[View]
145633374One man CAN make a difference: you may often hear, 'what can so fee do?' Here's your man. 17 yr…[View]
145635485Blacks spend decades cultivating a violent male image: Then get mad when they are stereotyped and sh…[View]
145621325We had a bad shooting massacre n Australia in 1996 and we finally said 'that's enough'. The US …[View]
145623408>be woman >create feminism >become useless for men >men create artificial wombs and sexb…[View]
145635131WW1 Germany Had an Air Force Unit Named KEK: https: //www. amazon.com/KEKs-Fokkerstaffels-German-fig…[View]
145626627This is the whitest man in Greece.[View]
145630725#marsconquest: It's time to send something interesting in the space. You know what to do https:…[View]
145634918Elysium when?[View]
145634591Does /pol want to know what do russian girls think about: >They [women that accused Harvey Weinst…[View]
145635001What is your opinion on the masterrace?[View]
145634571Doggo takes down nigger criminal.: https://youtu.be/O9S8DROXfJ8 Doggo protects us all. The cuck in t…[View]
145599661Can Balts be considered honorary Nords? Think about it. We wuz Pagans n shiet.[View]
145627115Incest, why its bad and why it Should be legal.: It makes no sense in our current sexual liberation …[View]
145634848D-damn y-you, Sean H-Hannity: I will never doubt another tick tock ever again. >I will never doub…[View]
145634144Can we take a moment to laugh at all the retards who said that the UK holds all the cards in Brexit …[View]
145634812Why Kirkuk matters: In the 50s, Kirkuk was half Kurdish. Then the government of Iraq settled a bunch…[View]
145634735The absolute state of the Netherlands[View]
145634717Skin colour is this but i am kurd, wtf is wrong with my genes ? sometimes skin even turns white, no …[View]
145632096What the fuck are you doing to combat rape culture? Billions of women came out as rape victims yeste…[View]
145634657MEME JIHAD DELCARED 2017 BOSTON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4dzL_2YbA[View]
145634672YouTube blocking videos from their Mobile services: Let us share these videos. Download them, share …[View]
145632506'He didn't do nothing wrong, he just shot a cop': Stephanie King a friend of the man who shot a…[View]
145634489Attorney General Eric Holder, normally soft spoken, ripped into Trump on Twitter. Holder tweeted “St…[View]
145634562Why are Drumpfies still allowed on this board? He tricked americucks harder than any President befor…[View]
145599779Aus/pol/ Traps are Gay Edtion: >The Clean Energy Target is gone, so what have we got instead? And…[View]
145632495There is no coherent counterargument against Aurini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rzTCm3sv10 …[View]
145627777Any 'fixed' map of Europe should have this as reference.[View]
145628961Black People Try African, European and Jewish Food 'For the First Time': https://youtu.be/…[View]
145634206MGTOW: What is pol's opinion on MGTOW?[View]
145622917If being white means you're genetically superior, why is Lithuania a shithole despite Lithuania…[View]
145634035Dnno if anyones pointed this out, but Steven Paddock is a classic beta... He was a millionaire but s…[View]
145634130ASIAN MALES BTFO'd: Your women belong to us, deal with it.[View]
14563409418 yo hs senior. I'm in the process of college apps and am wondering just how skewed admissions…[View]
145633991MGTOW is good: >be MGTOW living in the middle of nowhere >survives the shortage of food after …[View]
145622001Do negros feel the need to constantly claim things for their themselves because they have nothing to…[View]
145631970This is what white 'men' look like in 2018.[View]
145632016Anti-LGBT fliers posted on campus: Alright, which one of you cheeky bastard did this? http://www.new…[View]
145633448New Molymeme video: >a 4chan homo goes on molyneux's show (he's probably lurking /pol/ …[View]
145631228What happens here?[View]
145629118Asian boys from reddit shilling and organized against white dudes.: They are here mostly on /pol/ an…[View]
145631105So who actually did 9/11?[View]
145626741This is our payback, white man[View]
145628160Which conspiracy theories have been proven 100% true?[View]
145630175Daily reminder your tax dollars are going to the NEET and you are literally being cucked. NEETdom is…[View]
145629153Even Fox News agrees that Russia stole the elections by playing Pokemon Go: Now what, Drumpanzees? h…[View]
145608960Any Muslims on /pol/? It would be great if you could provide some evidence for your belief. Some rea…[View]
145633295F A L C O N A L C O N[View]
145629302Are Kurds good guys or bad guys?[View]
145623254Filicide: Atlanta woman put toddlers in oven, turned it on http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/36610638…[View]
145624314Europe is dommed: Honestly feel sorry for the swedes and germans. Unironically I've always love…[View]
145623976Live Web Chat with Yorkshire Police: http://southyorks.police.uk/webchat[View]
145630365Are we actually: Gunna do something about George Soros and his puppets?[View]
145632292ITT soyboys yapping their little hearts out trying to virtue signal on me too day Cmon pol I know yo…[View]
145629913Can someone explain to me why Kurds are so bad? I am aware of their separatist tendencies, but aside…[View]
145632932Companys: So what company's are doing morally good? Obviously not GOOGL. But there must be some…[View]
145628548Why do white people claim things they had nothing to do with? Pic somewhat related[View]
145632310Canada -YES!: >http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/10/16/toronto-schools-drop-chief-from-job-titles…[View]
145633002Its 2035: >There is no other video game companies >Games are now called 'Interactive Experienc…[View]
145630662Cernocuck unpopular opinions: https://twitter.com/cernovich/status/919737640164790272 with how many …[View]
145616787Ok serious question. I am not trying to spark a race hate thread or anything, but how on earth is it…[View]
145630446What was he going to do with a stolen double decker bus in DC?[View]
145631533Explain me your town: Post maps and (old) pictures[View]
145632486These are the spokes heads for the tolerant, diversified, equality minded left.[View]
145632473Jewish Culture General: Why Cucking Is Good for Israel: Jews are a matrilineal society, meaning that…[View]
145632019ISIS Defeated in the Philippines: https://youtu.be/-6ALVfCiOTU More relevant links in description of…[View]
145629672Which one of you faggots did this?[View]
145632236HWNDU - He will not divide us: Some french bro managed to get on the top of the roof and tried to co…[View]
145630501Thinking about making a run for Congress. Can I count on your vote /pol/? Here’s my platform: >in…[View]
145631225Since when did the Dominican Republic take the red pill?: >2010 revoke birthright citizenship …[View]
145630778Kek when this thread is full of black, asian or white betas autistically screeching racial slurs and…[View]
145629280RIP RDJ: You had a long and successful life https://worldtruth.tv/robert-downey-jr-blows-the-whistle…[View]
145607478Are you all too stupid to understand cryptocurrency?: You fags are constantly complaining about gove…[View]
145631652>posts random numbers and letters >ITS LITERALLY FUCKING NOTHING AGAIN what does he mean by th…[View]
145633034Slurs: What are racial slurs for: Polish Scottish German British French[View]
145619667*sips tea*[View]
145632044Political Humor: Let’s get one of these going again![View]
145631787Big if true: >Kim Jung Un is Satoshi Nakamoto[View]
145632039A person who like brunettes is cripto leftist.[View]
145631809Question for Continental Fags: Don't you kind of hate us for knowing nothing about your culture…[View]
145631954Dude socialism lmao[View]
145626308Nothing is more unenlightened than breeding.[View]
145628733Explain yourselves /pol/.[View]
145622509I support Obama and Hillary.[View]
145629883what do nipfags make of Israel?: shitposts about jews and samurai aside I mean they were the first a…[View]
145631646NEW HOLOCAUST POLL IS UP: LAST ONE WAS REMOVED VOTE AND RT https://twitter.com/bossdalit/status/9202…[View]
145631642This #metoo thing is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to refugee rapes being swept under t…[View]
145629430Pole dancing is now an olympic sport: What degeneracy is this? First they cut several shooting event…[View]
145614335TINDER'S NEW MENPROVEMENT INNITIATIVE https://youtu.be/hFxxlc6pRQ4 Original video https://youtu…[View]
145629998>Germans >white[View]
145631217Res Ipsa Loquitur: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/child-dies-325-pound-cousin-sits-article-1.…[View]
145625089Help me start shit /pol/: Hey /pol/ I'd appreciate it if you could help me fuck with my local S…[View]
145631482How was he not a hero?[View]
145629388California Is the First U.S. State to Legally Recognize a Third Gender: >California driver's…[View]
145628584Daily reminder: That people who think muslims are worse then jews are shills and should be hanged…[View]
145618678Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers offshore tax evasion investigation a fortnight after …[View]
145631281Slow and Steady[View]
145611493You are living in an Anglo world: You speak our language. You use our inventions. You survive off …[View]
145626093Check and mate pro life fags[View]
145626333WE WUZ INNOVATORS ND SHIIEEET: I literally started to wonder if I was on a parody website. This is s…[View]
145621608Trump supporters shut down liberal speaker: https://youtu.be/cHoWTvQkwMg[View]
145630282Alright /pol/, I moved to Canada a few years back and everyone acts like Canadian aboriginals are th…[View]
145624976Top fucking kek.[View]
145630139Are video games getting better with womyn inclusion?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WQmeLQ_wc8…[View]
145621604Is Elysium the biggest Redpill Ever?: I mean for fucks sakes the plot of the movie is literally Alex…[View]
145630711Nazi/Ancap: I'm thinking of starting a Nazi or ancap account on Tinder for the lulz... What do…[View]
145627754How outstanding are your genetics?[View]
145629631This is what Argentinians actually believed happened: https://youtu.be/VKkcTpCur7g Any other example…[View]
145618855What do you think about these following people: Leftist: Anarchist: Persistent Trump supporters: Peo…[View]
145625370Pol, how can one train themselves to have a booming voice?[View]
145626192White men are a disgrace[View]
145623696Why is /pol/ opposed to this[View]
145624358Burgers, What went wrong?: And I tought Sweden was bad. Whites soon to be a minority in the land of …[View]
145628284Is he still alive?[View]
145630153There is also place for hating Zimbabwe.[View]
145625843Girl dies after sheboon whale crushes her: >A 325-pound (150-kilogram) Florida woman is charged w…[View]
145628063Campos is missing again?: What is going on? Saw this on Fox this morning.[View]
145629800>why so many shill and kike threads on a tuesday?? >russian - clinton 'spoopy conspiracy durmf…[View]
145628195This meme has gone too far. Even animals are >tfwno2dgf on us now[View]
145627249Conservative and Drumpfcuck hate thread.: Post all your Trump supporter cringe in here.[View]
145630126Jeffrey Barry guilty of 'savage' stab murder in Bristol: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-engl…[View]
145628287How do we get rid of Mike Pence?[View]
145626257Why do /pol/acks always stand against opressed people, such as Catalans, Ukrainians, Hong Kongers? Y…[View]
145627851Who /russiantroll/ here?[View]
145590725uhh guyz: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4970566/Ukrainian-women-seek-Chinese-husbands-dati…[View]
145627930this is now the new flag of the united states[View]
145627158Is New Zealand considered to be based by /pol/ standards? What's political climate there like? …[View]
145627822https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wouNL14tAks Who is behind this? What do they really want?[View]
145626421The cumpass: I just did the compass test. I never cared about politics in my life and therefore don…[View]
145629570HE WILL NOT DIVIDE THIS IDEA: I think its time that /pol/ answer the call of anti-division and bring…[View]
145610449>Marvel is turning this into a movie Are there people who actually believe this crap?…[View]
145624350Ever been falsely accused of sexual assault?: #IHave https://pilotonline.com/news/local/crime/charge…[View]
145627064Reminder that France lost to Germany 3 times in a hundred years: Whereas the Anglo has never lost to…[View]
145627519FR > US[View]
145626757Let's talk about the United Cuckdom of Cumstain[View]
145627094Report: Roy Moore Received Undisclosed Salary from Charity: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452…[View]
145629391On The Subject of Slavery: I wish the Founding Fathers didn't allow slaves so we wouldn't …[View]
145627988Lombardo on an episode of COPS: So autists (perhaps I myself am one) decided today to comb the inter…[View]
145629281Where is Allah now you dumb bastards?: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/17/558271646/i…[View]
145629158VEGAS INVESTIGATION: Guys I found something creepy while randomly reading about ISIS in wikipedia: …[View]
145628865Anne Frank Halloween Costume: Cute as a button! http://www.justforcostumes.com/WW2-Anne-Frank-Girls-…[View]
145617115How is this allowed? American TV is so averse to showing tits and pussy, they resort to UNDERAGE BOY…[View]
145629265'Holocaust' is trending due to the Mooch's post. Get in here. Shit post the threads w…[View]
145623995>Browse /pol/ >Unintentionally consume vast quantities of propaganda from controlled oppositio…[View]
145623519HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS ACTUALLY REALLY 100% CONFIRMED HAPPENING >FBI uncovered Russian bribery plo…[View]
145628696/pol/ loves Hitler/nazis but hates germans >Lefuq[View]
145623782THE LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN! Where do you stand?[View]
145627809Trump admitted -- He's probably going to do mass amnesty: Trump said he's probably going t…[View]
145627085What the fuck was trump thinking when he married ivanka? She's ugly as fuck[View]
145629096europeans have human ri- https://www.rt.com/uk/405516-terrorism-online-rudd-jail/[View]
145623946>albania is a third world poor country hurr durr these are my unis new pcs what are urs poorfags?…[View]
145628694what the fuck went wrong. primaries were so hype, everything was fresh. now trump is a stale neocon[View]
145628927Love the way we bitch: Friend sent this to me this comment section is priceless! Have fun. https://…[View]
145628857Drug czar pick Tom Marino withdraws after opioid report: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/17/…[View]
145622350WE WUZZ SKYKANGZ N SHIEETTT: !!!!ALL SKYKING LISTENERS GET IN HURR!!!! Twitter: @SkyKingInfo (update…[View]
145628692>Posts vague tweet >Happening confirmed Fuck you /pol/…[View]
145628738His (((take))): So Varney just have his take on the (((MSM))). Is he redpilled?[View]
145625583>pol thinks this shitskins founded classical civilization[View]
145627893Project Veritas Part 3: Senior editor Des Shoe in the limelight https://breaking.projectveritas.com/…[View]
145619297the founding retards: >muh based founding white nationalists fuck you nazis the founding fathers …[View]
145628436Albanian hate thread: Dump your hate for this subhuman species here. If you're an Albanian subh…[View]
145626870Did Hitler did nothing wrong?[View]
145626283SHITLIBS ARE TRYING TO LYNCH MOB TEEN GIRLS FOR BEING SAYING NIGGER: The controversial video: https:…[View]
145627896Nigger hate thread: >In sub-Saharan Africa, the research suggests 88% of children and adolescents…[View]
145625942Sam Kriss is being destroyed for being the Weinstein of bugmen: dubya dot face book /notes/monitorin…[View]
145616912Pagans in Europe: >Be pagans >Conquering, pillaging and raping >Killed each other, conquere…[View]
145627971Trump and the NFL tweets is 4D chess. 30 years ago Trump owned the NJ Generals and sued the NFL for …[View]
145619448Is the Death Penalty a greater deterrent than life imprisonment? If not why not? Is there still a ca…[View]
145628203Which /pol/tards are going to this?: 'Florida declares emergency over white supremacist event' https…[View]
145625748Richard Spencer in Gainesville, Florida: >20% nigger population >SJW's on campus >$500…[View]
145625224So is shillary finally going to jail?[View]
145627360Is scientology the ultimate redpill?: what does /pol/ think?[View]
145627131This is what a mgtow looks like.[View]
145626897HE'S CONTROLLED OPPOSI--: Oh..[View]
145621598Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better https://www.weforum.…[View]
145616779My mother is a gynecologist, she recently told me that she made about 3500 abortions, it's more…[View]
145626217/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
145627810>the american future >a few token jews at the bottom why did you not prevent this…[View]
145613058Hannity Happening: What’s going to happen /pol/?[View]
145627765http://www.rbc.ru/technology_and_media/17/10/2017/59e4eb7a9a79472577375776 >tfw the people on /po…[View]
145627674so beautiful. once the kurds and isis are gone. the shia/alavi alliance will begin the final offense…[View]
145627185When did you realize America as a whole is a total fucking cancer, and the greatest threat to Europe…[View]
145626815Pol, gonna move from my home country in a few years. Scotland is just too cucked. What is the best c…[View]
145573779McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' sweeping US: He's pretty much saying …[View]
145627507Communist Broadcasting Corporation: When are we leafs going to do something about this junk masquera…[View]
145624671>literally all indian flags disappeared after the flaggening Where did all the POO IN LOOs go?…[View]
145624302What does /pol/ think of the dirtbag left?[View]
145607999this kills the leftist: if voter id laws are implemented nationwide, how could the democrats possibl…[View]
145625602American Pravda, NYT Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOBuGCd39Xw I haven't even watched…[View]
145626437>haha this nigger is dying[View]
145594146Pol I talked to a Jewish professor about the holocaust...: I never believed the whole oh Jews never …[View]
145627136College makes people gay: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/10/12/rise-bromance-threatens-hete…[View]
145615998Will kurds ever get independance?[View]
145626067IS THIS THE MOST REDPILLED JEWTUB VIDEO EVER?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4_mNl1DC-E >https…[View]
145626980Why would hillary point out the finger against the russians through all her campaign when she was in…[View]
145627077What does /pol/ think of my rad Halloween costume this year??[View]
145626046Mr. Flake said he felt compelled to write the book because Republicans had lost their way with the r…[View]
145624843>YFW a drumpfkin still defends drumpf on pol[View]
145623292ITT: best of #MeToo[View]
145625454California Bans Pet Stores From Sourcing Animals Commercially: http://archive.is/VEaWl They certainl…[View]
145626528Apparently, Polish president met Erdogan today. Do you think they are planning some scheme against E…[View]
145625185Something original for a change: Post patrician/western/christian Music. Anything that pumps you up.…[View]
145625736Blitter: Ok /pol/ I have the username AllLivesMatter of Blitter. You guys tell me what I should post…[View]
145626439Degeneracy is great.: Only happens to scum who should die/not reproduce anyway. Think about it.…[View]
145620038FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal w…[View]
145626359Did the Alt-Right die when Trump actually won the presidency?: Seems like ever since they got their …[View]
145612051Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, ale zginąć musi![View]
145624248Russian Cinemas Agree to Screen Controversial Play: Apparently Tsar Nicholas II wasn't the sain…[View]
145626200The entire state of Texas just flew over my house[View]
145610489Men, you want to treat women better? Here's a list to start with: >Hey men, what are you pla…[View]
145621685holy shit a jet fighter went down right where i live Torrejon de Ardoz (military base there) im frea…[View]
145617419Syria General /sg/- Rote Of All Culture Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
145617822Debate with Destiny - Nicholas J Fuentes vs Destiny (Steven Bonnell) Holy fuck, this Nicholas guy pu…[View]
145626094*rubs hands* BEADY[View]
145602424HAPPENG!! JESUS CAMPOS VANISHES!!!: This man is the key to the whole damn thing. He was the shooter.…[View]
145622830Why do so called 'nazis' hate this guy for subverting the zog war machine?[View]
145613226>dating white women[View]
145608773FEMINISTS IN THE WORKPLACE: >Drinks machine needs filling >women refuse to do it because they…[View]
145625536Why do you think your race is superior anon[View]
145599360How do we stop the jewish plan without being antisemitic[View]
145625780>'free market capitalism is best syst-' uuuuuhm. no sweetypie, it is actually a very destructive …[View]
145623227At what point did the Medskins stop being white?[View]
145623556Uhhhhhhhhhh: ................ https://twitter.com/ScaramucciPost/status/920252662976860162…[View]
145618692BOOM?: http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/355749-fbi-uncovered-russian-bribery-plot-before-…[View]
145614424Right-Libertarian is The Only True RedPill: Right-Libertarian / Hoppe / Rothbard General get at me y…[View]
145615507ITT horrible messages that cartoons try to shove in your face.[View]
145625664Reeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Trump was supposed to be /our guy/!!!!! What went wrong!!![View]
145622880Everything about this article is great http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/16/donald-trump-repor…[View]
145618848ANNOUNCEMENT: Watch this for moral high ground https://youtu.be/Ikd0ZYQoDko[View]
145625416#MeToo: You can help: >gib clicks to feminist and pic writers/bloggers >buy dolls for young bo…[View]
145618487'Jamie Spears loves me' - Dan Schneider, on national cable television https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
145625439What makes a man - Fuck the mods edition: Why? >inb4 banned or moved to /bant/ Masculinity is a …[View]
145598208>Trump slams Bombardier with a 300% tariff >Canada, UK retaliate by cancelling airplane orders…[View]
145618320How do we defeat the Rothschilds?[View]
145611817/ourqueen/ OR /thotpatrol/: So /pol/, is Emma Thole /ourqueen/ or is she an attention seeking thot t…[View]
145607214Post your maps faggots.[View]
145617990We venetians were kang n shiet and we shall be again, are you ready /pol/?[View]
145619737New news, another witness killed. http://humansarefree.com/2017/10/major-cover-up-in-las-vegas-shoot…[View]
145624947>A Rick and Morty fan swapped his CAR for a pot of rare McDonald’s Szechuan sauce https://archive…[View]
145605244(((they))) are preparing the next generation for the complete destruction of all of their white iden…[View]
145622056What was he thinking?[View]
145620710Capture the flag: Is CTF a essential mechanic of the meme war? I think so, it's a symbolic repr…[View]
145621081What percentage of your country can properly use English? I don't bother with those maps since …[View]
145623021>Start job at Starbucks today due to it being only place hiring in town college students >'Bef…[View]
145624552Fuck: This is hard to watch https://youtu.be/Ikd0ZYQoDko >inb4 wow this guys a faggot You missed…[View]
145621126Are blond hair and blue eyes destined to go extinct? With low birthrate, race mixing, massive immigr…[View]
145622219Antifa: What's everyone's plan when antifa strikes on Nov. 4?[View]
145618695Beyond Politically Incorrect: I believe /pol/ is able to paint the most correct picture of the state…[View]
145624569Vegas Ritual Bloodbath: Why here on October 1st. Why did Paddock do it?[View]
145624546Brit/pol/ - devvo edition: lad right does in a cunting squab get in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
145621552SJW hate thread[View]
145627156Has someone found any serious informations about aliens and UFOs in the Deep Web/Dark Web?[View]
145624632Trump government sachs[View]
145624330why is she so qt ?[View]
145617827Tell me again why you faggots love him so much?: >preaches about transparency >receives the m…[View]
145624368Why is he so sad, /pol/? Seriously, he looks like he's going to cry.[View]
145624153>ITT we predict how much Berkley's enrollment will fall next year 35%…[View]
145624435Reminder: No one has ever voted themselves to a state of freedom. It is only useful to the oligarchs…[View]
145623709Do attractive Black male exist irl??[View]
145624239The superior, spicey, McChicken, sandwich[View]
145626259daily reminder that we live in the darkest of ages: xenos, heretics, traitors, mutants, daemons... t…[View]
145624399What if: Poland gained uninterrupted independence and Finland became an Eastern Euro novice in the 1…[View]
145622512When is kim going to nuke California, because it can't come faster. https://ww2.kqed.org/future…[View]
145621514Elise Beilin’s British Zionist Terrorism Network: Why do the British a police collude with Zionist t…[View]
145616250There's no England now: Is it over for England? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nse0Ch5_cKs…[View]
145623755Stay away from Disney: They laid off Americans and replaced them with Muslims. You’ve been warned.…[View]
145619752Israel is a sovereign nation and she has the right to defend herself[View]
145624309HWNDU; SEASON 7: HWNDU thread go nuts fuck leftist mods.[View]
145622773>praises western civilization >even wants to go back to a society before the enlightenment Yo…[View]
145596160tl;dr white women is a lost cause, how about slav?: 'British women are entitled and overweight…[View]
145609675Do you still think immigrants are 'ruining America'?[View]
145579243Why should incest between two or more consenting adults be illegal? Love is love.[View]
145608253Was Pol Pot redpilled?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc4DWL3gQLI I ask this as a communist. What …[View]
145623104What happens there?[View]
145621487>crashing his plane with no survivor >the fire rises in western Spain…[View]
145624054An Ideal World[View]
145612466>Men can't be sexually assaulted[View]
145619949Can we please kick California out of the union?[View]
145622863Continued from yesterday, a discussion on the lack of authentically traditional women left in the We…[View]
145623884Basic Trollery[View]
145623719>mfw pretty much all of the 'how' and 'why' questions on /pol/ could be adequately dealt with in …[View]
145608146HELP! I'm moving to the UK soon: Nevermind why. None of your business. All I want to know is, i…[View]
145620200The absolute state of the left: I haven’t seen a thread about this, but its worth having one. Ill tr…[View]
145612865Why should you support Catalonia you say? Check this video that will open your eyes https://youtu.b…[View]
145623510>Mein Gott untermensch! Western Civilization is working just a bit too well for my liking. How do…[View]
145618066Nazi in Israel: /pol/ what would happen if you go to israel on holiday and you have a tattoo like pi…[View]
145623743planet nine: what does this mean? http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/10/13/planet-nine-could-be-our…[View]
145623594PART 3: You fags are running late... https://youtu.be/uOBuGCd39Xw[View]
145620468Landwhale Has Heart Attack: Why are people denying this? https://youtu.be/9t1X6eOOrAE[View]
145608297were there Jewish Nazis?[View]
145598992Post pictures which accurately depict life in present or future Europe[View]
145611599Daily reminder to get off /pol/ and go read Julius Evola's works: Until then you're not tr…[View]
145623583What's the difference between a nu-male and bugman?[View]
145617874What have you done now /pol/? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-41653795[View]
145620374Would the Nazis allow such a site like 4chan to exist: Would you hitler gas y'all, /pol/acks ??…[View]
145622804uhhhh what's the difference between communism and national socialism?[View]
145623547Do Christians have Stockholm Syndrome?[View]
145612357RED PILLED HOBBIES: let's have a good old fashioned red pilled hobbies thread. let's start…[View]
145622112>average dumb poltard (usually an American): slavs are subhuman and never achieved anything! >…[View]
145615169Louise Cypher thread P2: Last time the first key was cracked. In between the first and the second th…[View]
145623302name: is[View]
145616433What kind of idiots fall for the cryptocurrency meme?[View]
145621160he looks like a gay nerd[View]
145620543Was the Separation of Church and State a Mistake? Think about it -- the church is a (reasonably) mor…[View]
145605743Who is next? Dan Schneider, Terry Richardson, or are any there Hollywood molesters you can think of …[View]
145617686culling/sterilizing stupid people: on another forum someone asked the question 'how did nearsighted …[View]
145617670>usa >chinlet in chief HAHAHAHAhahaha[View]
145616087SJWs BTFO!: Norways minister of finance giving no fucks while wearing a pochahontas costume. Some y…[View]
145614848TIRED OF PAYING TAXES?: >no government >no taxes >no jews Why doesn't /pol/ just buy a…[View]
145621163How do you guys feel?: How do you guys feel that nothing of this magnitude or scale will ever happen…[View]
145623102Should Refugees be Allowed Into More Economically Developed Countries? http://www.strawpoll.me/14164…[View]
145615920How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse: In wake of (((Weinstein))) sex s…[View]
145621528>Tfw Its us in the West who pull the strings and control the world >Tfw you put the blame on I…[View]
145622998What the fuck do I do!?: >come into work >new guy starts today >notice he has a 'raytheon' …[View]
145611123Men are ruined: I'm loathe to do this, but I'm a girl. I'm 25, and I'm a virgin.…[View]
145621740Was there ever a bigger red herring than Brexit?[View]
145622925Murdoch Murdoch new video. 'Vampire Hunter M': The original was taken down for 'hate speech'. Mirror…[View]
145614979Seriously, WTF is wrong with murrica.: When infants foreskin was not enough... link: http://worldnew…[View]
145622813Joke time!: What's the difference between a criminal immigrant and a predatory bird with the fl…[View]
145615978'Anticom' is controlled opposition lead by fags, trannies, and degenerates: >When this fag and tr…[View]
145619207Guys u thought you took it to far when people in here started saying the security guard from Mandala…[View]
145619549ITT we write good ol' Harv a letter one word at a time. I'll start: DEAR[View]
145606263Shitskins destroying the planet: Why the fuck does everybody blame white people for destroying the e…[View]
145599415Brit/pol/ - Good Morning edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK politics centre grou…[View]
145615996What is wrong with white women, seriously?[View]
145617621Successful search engines I should be using?: Okay /pol/ so what are some search engines I should be…[View]
145619422Is anyone else here tempted to convert to Islam? Sharia law and their traditional gender roles seem …[View]
145602712Why are white nationalists almost overwhelmingly from lower-income, lower-education backgrounds? Why…[View]
145622583At what point did you realize 'saving the white race' was pointless because in 100 years f…[View]
145621606>worst terrorist attack in Somalia >normalfags don't 'pray for Somalia' >normalfags do…[View]
145608990BASED Black woman dismantles white privilege.: Names the Jew and says they are the ones that are pri…[View]
145622010Halloween Denies Men Their Sexuality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdWOc0JUPls Halloween epitomi…[View]
145617636Jews are destined to inherit the earth, and there is nothing that can stop them.[View]
145616416Women Owning Men (WOMen) General: Femanon here. >show tits Nice try, but it's our turn. Wome…[View]
145616167Why is the USA so shit at war?: Well?[View]
145622432Vanguardism: Hope for the Future: >There are more of us than ever before, but it’s always a quest…[View]
145622102Ladies and Gentlemen, the ex Vice President of the United States[View]
145609652Guys I'm scared, I live in California and don't want to be nuke'd.[View]
145620331>Mfw my primary school is in the news for cuckoldry http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-49865…[View]
145616318Liberals shitting on Trump: I'm getting real fucking sick and tired of everywhere hearing every…[View]
145621875Go after them and I’m coming after you. >t. Obama-Hillary voter[View]
145608997Happening: Wasn't there supposed to be some big revelation from Assange and Hannipede about ill…[View]
145605847Ancestry DNA: How did I do?[View]
145621576Brexit: Lattest news? When is it going happen? I'm behind at least 6 months on the matter. Give…[View]
145617907are you afraid of muslims, /pol/?[View]
145620794Why does Trump try to impose sanctions on Iran again? Is he trying to raise the price of oil for Put…[View]
145621527What a surprise...: The least and most tolerant countries... Next time you hear libtard saying how y…[View]
145615422Defend this I bet you can[View]
145610074/pol/ what's your take on this?: I know its borderline /x/ material and being a Sun article it …[View]
145593103What the fuck happened to this guy? How could someone as critical of Islam and mass immigration as h…[View]
145611701why do trump supporters do this?[View]
145621164Big promises to make....: https://youtu.be/Pre2xdA0ZPw Hurr tickkk tockkk tune in tomorrow night ret…[View]
145600179I just watched the South Park North Korean episode. The lefts idea of North Korea is truly retarded.…[View]
145618782POLITICAL COPYPASTA: Post what you got, all ideologies welcome for roasting.[View]
145620893How does /pol/ feel about this?: London government-run transport has been displaying pro-Palestinian…[View]
145620815Iraqi invasion: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=1s&v=fy_wnbogoSk Do you think NATO will intervene?…[View]
145620790How do we fix white wymen[View]
145611965Nigger jokes: Give me some nigger jokes[View]
145620611Big promises to make....: What did she... http://www.tmz.com/2007/06/26/quentin-sucks-toes/…[View]
145616311I need studies disproofing wage gap to redpill some people google only reveals SJW crap[View]
145607475Ok pol, word on the street is this place is full of racist was crackers. Word also says you niggas g…[View]
145614338Why is our generation so blackpilled?[View]
145613772what would happen if chinks and jews united?[View]
145620385American Arab vs Russian Jew: https://youtu.be/ldK9qvRBkMI degeneracy, political agenda, stereotypes…[View]
145622881What makes a man?: And why?[View]
145620360White man art: Well played white man, your artistic level can never me matched[View]
145620337The real problem.: A reminder that there are more cucks than thots out there. Source: http://www.pew…[View]
145620168The real problem.: A reminder that there are more cucks out there than thots. Source: http://www.pew…[View]
145575388Colin Kaepernick is truly the Civil Rights leader of out time: He is the guy who took own the NFL, T…[View]
145615584At what point did you realize Donald Trump was nothing more than a con man and that he probably isn…[View]
14561423320% of your bill is the industry standard tip in America? What the fuck is going on Americans? >…[View]
145613106if rest of the countries just don't do the shit but eat popcorn and watch, who is going to win …[View]
145618957The 19th century had Napoleon and the 20th century had Hitler. Who is going to be the great despot o…[View]
145612526Car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist: >Car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist https://www.the…[View]
145617300An Ideal World[View]
145607165Is this correct?[View]
145615574Is he right /pol/?: Well?[View]
145618310Chuck Schumer hate thread: Why do I hate chuck schumer? >robinhood tax foundation >gay mafia…[View]
145614992The present state of Germany[View]
145606073Why do the Jews want to destroy genetic diversity?[View]
145616505Fat Niggress Oven Roasts her 2 children: Does niggertry know no bounds? http://www.foxcarolina.com/s…[View]
145617968Conservatives believe in small governmen...[View]
145608153>wake up >not American feels good[View]
145619056Help Catalonia, goyim! Its happening before your eyes!: They are an open society! They say so in the…[View]
145618105Spain does NOT respect human rights.: Spain does NOT respect human rights.[View]
145619129Greatest countries helping the Patriarchy: Can we compile a list of countries that are great for men…[View]
145613154Holy shit kek. Russian battle rapper absolutely destroys and humiliates one of America's best b…[View]
145617601FCK NZS: FCK NZS[View]
145616961Why is no one talking about the akilah v sargon case? Why did sargon not even contest it after boast…[View]
145613206Germany has never won a war: The German fears the Anglo[View]
145603998Trump is an Atheist.: Can we all agree that Trump is the first Atheist president? He clearly has no …[View]
145611239Will he actually do anything about immigration or is our country fucked?[View]
145606120Why the areas in the US, where people self-identify as American are the poorest ones? Is it another …[View]
145617502What's his endgame?[View]
145617075Male - Female Inequality: Hey /pol/ Could you hit me up with some infographics, basic stats about ge…[View]
145615741What is the proof that the Catholic Church is the true church established by Christ?: This is the on…[View]
145617793lets go /pol/[View]
145617869Fat SJW ran over by car: https://youtu.be/4JxjwY4sOxk[View]
145618439H-hey Moshe, let's go to America and try to take their firearms away![View]
145597277Are Asian Americans the biggest threat to America's future?[View]
145583400In just over one month, NFL has become the least-liked sport in the US: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
145615928What is the most annoying thing about The_Donald, and why is it this?: >PEDE, THESE THINGS TAKE T…[View]
145615736This thread is not usual one, cause I feel really depressed by Japan. I respect the ideas of freedom…[View]
145604268Fact is, most of Europe wants an EU army: The countries who do not want one are mostly Anglophile co…[View]
145617346Here is the redpill on the jewish agenda to replace whites: They feel guilty about killing whites ca…[View]
145615293Wrong again /pol/. http://www.snopes.com/is-the-mandalay-bay-security-guard-missing/[View]
145609441What the hell is he thinking?: This wall is not only thin, but weak as hell looking too. I could sta…[View]
145617445What's the issue with liberalism?: As an European anon, I'm asking you, what's the is…[View]
145617866Is there any hope for modern media ?[View]
145617571Why do christfags always complain about muh viking raids?: The most destructive wars in Europe'…[View]
145607639Your daily reminder. The game is rigged.[View]
145613950John Oliver blasts Hollywood and Weinstein: Hollywood knew about what (((Weinstein))) did and defend…[View]
145614488I'll just leave this here: You can comment on the state of our society if you like.[View]
145617148Poor people are garbage: Proof: Consider the 'lotto curse'. Some proles win the lottery and become m…[View]
145614243Wikileaks IPv6 addy?: 4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330 666b 314a 3453 0000 0907 84b4 f787 7616 86f7 a737 570…[View]
145610411Syria General /sg/ - Just fuck my Kurdistan up edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagene…[View]
145614658Will I get Catalan citizenship, if I will knock out spaniard? t. Russian[View]
145610347where are all ANTIFA's e-celebs /pol/? ill tell you where, NOWHERE. you know why that is? becau…[View]
145611952OH, look what is trending white men torturing blacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDXBKvaoXHc…[View]
145605215When pol meets real life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw9fdSOMLgI[View]
145612811>leaves Islam >convert to Christianity >actively speaks against Islam >dies of cancer mo…[View]
145613250WEINSTEIN: THE NAKED MAN: It seems that Harvey Weinstein practiced the naked man stunt decades befor…[View]
145610473How can we end the muslim invasion of Europe???[View]
145611205Conspiracy: Sup pol, x-phile here, thought Id share my two main over arching conspiracy theories, se…[View]
145605049How can we fix the weeaboo problem, like that anon who watched tons of anime and thought a silly sha…[View]
145611316Japan welcomes Muslims to schools to turn the tide of ignorance: It begins with one. https://www.you…[View]
145612180HOLY FUCKING SHIT /POL/: Read this guys comments. I have seen him psoting here many times in the pas…[View]
145612767Why do Europeans have something against drip coffee? French press is a fucking pain in the ass. Muc…[View]
145602211/ptg/ - President Trump General - Ad Infinitum Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
145613180Who killed her family /pol/?[View]
145615137Morning Joe: Why is Joe never in the studio anymore?[View]
145616357can any other hue redpill me on Instituto Millenium? Are they here to assure brazil's place in …[View]
145613511Holy Shit /pol/. Kek: Talk about being BLACKED. https://youtu.be/NUd1LB8zs9Y[View]
145619650How did it come to this? Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They…[View]
145619126Something weird and terrifying happened to me...: I never have dreams related to world events, but l…[View]
145619749Why the fuck do all the kids from today (14-19) look a lot younger than 10 years ago?[View]
145598041When will /pol/cucks realize that what divides us ultimately is class and nothing else[View]
145608687Nothing: Why people in America don't like comunism? I love it[View]
145615635Did we really meme Trump into the White House?[View]
145616036He has returned: Let the games begin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGgu1BmVgzk&t=0s…[View]
145615767NRA Spokeswoman Forced To Move Because Of Death Threats: Today in leftist violence, Dana Loesch was …[View]
145601410Let's talk the truth: Hey lads this was a quality meme so let's bring it back. I have a se…[View]
145615973Wtf now: I believe Sandy hook was a hoax. What the fuck is wrong with this website? My cousin attend…[View]
145605712WE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYH3G0DIUQ[View]
145611184Hello everyone, I am asking today about the whereabouts of any identitarian discords. I heard that t…[View]
145615636/pol/ Italian Edition-The fanatism of this century:europeism.: http://www.levypost.it/17%20ottobre%2…[View]
145605689>California fires started in 13 separate locations at the exact same time >people don't t…[View]
145613806Why is Rice not in Prison Yet?: ????[View]
145599397Question about Nazism: Lately I've been growing to become a Nazi. But the main thing everyone k…[View]
145587648Someone wanna tell me how they awarded the hero in a room that doesn't exist?: On this page you…[View]
145613661This is no space for fascists: This is no space for fascists[View]
145598090Pol BTFO[View]
145587293Hans-Hermannn Hoppe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TICdCM4j7x8 Dude, triple H just released some g…[View]
145612206Journalist BTFO: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/16/malta-car-bomb-kills-panama-papers-jo…[View]
1456117352017 and millions of whites still kneel before a fucking Jew-on-a-stick: Even worse, supposedly …[View]
145613838Find a flaw.[View]
145613094>may contain soya >soya Why would crackers have soya in them? Is this why guys have tits?…[View]
145595444JANET LAS VEGAS PT 4: >Paddock's room was conveniently overlooking JANET, the spook airline …[View]
145595498WE NEED TO GET THIS ATTENTION ASAP: 88 year old grandmother, close friend of Gudrun Burwitz - the da…[View]
145613853Why are women: Seemingly easier to bait than men into a battle of the sexes >is it a feminine tr…[View]
145610785A black leftist outsmarts /pol/: I'm a black leftist who's been channing for a number of y…[View]
145613646Communism is the best ideology: Why does /pol/ hate communism??[View]
145617938Boogie2988 hate thread. ***FUCK THE MODS EDITION***[View]
145612833We are still living in the years of the French Revolution The Freemasonic assault on society hasn…[View]
145614763Pepe sucks: how of retard must you be to support anarcho-capitalism[View]
145598739HOL UP[View]
145614739Orlando man is awarded $37,500 after dumbass donut hole cops mistake delicious donut glaze for meth.…[View]
145610132North Korea/DPRK blows out kike Trump: New poster[View]
145610142to date an alt/emo/goth girl you have to >smoke weed >practically be a commie, or at least fak…[View]
145613332The Daily Shoah episode 208: Andrew Anglin joins The Death Panel to discuss marketing strategies for…[View]
145614505ITT: We trigger Trumpfags[View]
145613000I don't think: Hillary Clinton is that great but I voted for her to try to get laid and it didn…[View]
145608161What a pathetic disgrace. Obama has more honor and class than Trump, who just can't stop goldin…[View]
145600553Who were the greatest US presidents of all time according to /pol/?[View]
145603119Warning to all Christians: The Shahada. The Shahada is an oath that Muslims take which declares Alla…[View]
145596064This is what i'm learning in my college anthropology class. Is this true?[View]
145613960Fuck. Where do I move to?[View]
145586657Is it a waste of money?[View]
145613812Are niggers actually more violent or is it just a myth?[View]
145595231Gen Z won't save the white ra-: >Women are done fo- Non-whites and racemixing cucks BTFO htt…[View]
145613422THIRD WORLD WAR?: Seriously I cannot see this happening. If WW3 didn't happen through all the C…[View]
145592679/pol/ PLEASE help me!: Ok so I'll make it short but I need your help because there is a child i…[View]
145613488>be Burger >give money and support to people who endorse Iranian theocracy which hates your 2 …[View]
145613295Why so fascist in 4chan?: Help :/[View]
145609621Tell me 1 good thing about democracy[View]
145612950YRYL - Rapefugee Edition: Let's celebrate cultural diversity, lads. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
145612972>yfw you realize there were democrats that voted for Trump in the primaries because they thought …[View]
145613162This is an: Official document from the Sandy hook FEMA drill. Did they think we were all too stupid …[View]
145609550Trump says one thing: Governs a much different way http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/16/trump-at…[View]
145609217Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says: What did…[View]
145611744Do niggers have souls?[View]
145610067I read that Alyssa Milano started this #metoo thing. It seems very suspicious that in less than a we…[View]
145609925Timeline of the past 200 years Feudalism ->Democracy -> Social Democracy -> Communism ->…[View]
145612266Nazi Pigs: These Nazis of Spain believe the youths[View]
145574646RUSSIA CAUGHT HACKING POKEMON GO: CNN just dropped the bombshell... how will we ever recover? THE RU…[View]
145589368Vikings were Muslim. Facts hurt your feelings? Get fucked :) http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyat…[View]
145612215*breathes in*[View]
145612230Reminder /pol/ is a Christian board, if you deny this fact you are closeted fag.[View]
145616439>just had interview for corporate finance role at big 4 company >will probably be rejected for…[View]
145594267Judge Jeanine WARNS Hollywood - 'It Ain't Over' 'More To Come' Pedophiles Are Going DOWN: It…[View]
145612163What stops liberal from making that last transition to the red pill phase? If you're going to c…[View]
145605745California Law Now Includes Three Genders: Thoughts? -- “With the passage of [Senate Bill 179] Calif…[View]
145610293Hannity BOOM: What does she mean?[View]
145604406Air Force Colonel Suspended from Command for Refusing to Affirm Gay Marriage: https://townhall.com/c…[View]
145603844Apparently Chechnya DOES have gays...: Why should innocent cute Russian gay men have to suffer becau…[View]
145611945#metoo: https://youtu.be/LLnA_DUQXNk prepare your feels[View]
145611480So in the end, who won?[View]
145610544These boys always have the latest scoop!: “Yeah, I Sucked His Fat Chode…” – Acclaimed Actor Jake Gyl…[View]
145605923based black lady tells other black people to get the bad attitude nigresses fired for anti-white big…[View]
145609635RELIGION OF KEK EXPANDED - NEW DISCOVERIES, AUTIST APPROVED: 1.) Caesar in English Gematria is 666. …[View]
145605145IS JAMES WOODS DEAD?: What's his end game? I don't think he can recover after this one. h…[View]
145597367How did the Holocaust make you feel?[View]
145608475Why are Americans so dumb?: Why are Americans so dumb? What is the actual cause of their retardation…[View]
145608941uh, anon, Christ wants us to have children...but..we..uh..we must marry first... Will you marry me, …[View]
145573566daily nigger hate thread: Today's Google Doodle edition[View]
145569217nigger hate thread, I need some nigger hate inspo, colin flaherty, vids of niggers stealing, robbing…[View]
145582746John Dunsworth, actor of Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys dead at 71: https://globalnews.ca/news/380…[View]
145590303In such a fucked up society, where there's no incentive to contribute to it, what reason is the…[View]
145596972Why do some poltards think Egyptians were white?[View]
145605705good women?: What are the characteristics of a good woman pol? How does one go about fixing women?…[View]
145606001/pol/ What did Trump mean when he said we'd unlock the mysteries of space?[View]
145609666ever want to die?: Almost a year ago I lost my wife and son in a car accident, won't go into de…[View]
145611942...: Please be a petite legal female[View]
145607755Any women wanting to get bleached?: ;)[View]
145600440>tfw too intelligent to be a conservative[View]
145597030McDonald's in Singapore introduces clear lockers for customers to put their cell phones in so t…[View]
145607391Pepe sucks: :v[View]
145579681Me Too: Me too, /pol. What do you males have to say for yourselves?[View]
145609523Why did he do it guys? Surely he didn't really think 'I'm gonna run people over with my ca…[View]
145610787>haha nice try kike shill, I'm 100% German and a member of American Nazi Party, Heil Hitler!…[View]
145610662What did she mean by this?[View]
145610623HAHHAHAHHA: The more Trump learns of Republican corporatist policies, the less he doesn't like.…[View]
145610608Larry Flynt offer $10millions: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/story/770939001/ https:…[View]
145610606Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
145609560I see more white guys in interracial relationships than white girls.: Explain this, pol? I feel bad …[View]
145607211WW3 - Don't do it boys.: I weep. I weep for what is to, again, befall my fellow countryman. My …[View]
145608911Thoughts on Donald Trump?[View]
145602863What is the most retarded political ideology?[View]
145610436HWNDU: Paul Blart, Jackie 4Chan, Jesus, all of the guys, where are they now? I miss those boys.…[View]
145610127When did American antifa stop protesting corporations and globalism? I'm watching videos of the…[View]
145609535/pol/, what is the Ultimate Sub-Race?: Question above.[View]
145610258Why are niggers and spics such murderous pieces of shit?: Pull up the first 25 murder suspects in Ch…[View]
145596810Racial purism aside, are Hispanics becoming the new Italians?[View]
145605658/VIG/ Great synopsis: Wanted to toss this out to the archivists: This video is a great way to get ra…[View]
145608564Why is rap getting so gay[View]
145610156https://youtu.be/FZnlMKLiZfI The fucked up hollywood shit has been going on longer than this Weinste…[View]
145608848Why is the Trump hype dying in this place? The is absolutely killing it in Washington and draining t…[View]
145606156Daily reminder you are barely better than a slave if you live in a country that isn't green. Gr…[View]
145602965Punishment for being a fucking pussy: > What should be the punishment for treason/desertion?…[View]
145600539Redpill speech: So I'm in year 12 (yes I'm 18, I'm old enough) and I plan on making m…[View]
145606297Hannity announces he is GAY: Hannity is getting married to Assange wedding announcement tuesday…[View]
145575176A girl I know posted this on her personal Facebook account today. I want to contribute, what should …[View]
145602131/SKG/ SKYKANG GLOBAL WATCH EDITION: Skyking Skyking It's probably not not happening?! Get comfy…[View]
145609725What can be done about the kike Trump problem?[View]
145602206Students Are Abusing An Author After Her Poem Was Included In An Exam: Australian high school studen…[View]
145608249read this tweet super fast: https://twitter.com/dave_brown24/status/919988815401570304[View]
145607615Beaner on Google: What is this Beaner Selena doing in my google search engine[View]
145608857Can anyone tl;dr me what the deal with the whole Podesta-Cheese pizza-pedo story?[View]
145580436Holy shit! Abos are getting BTFO'd by Gen Z http://www.baka.com.au/nsw/indigenous-poet-ellen-va…[View]
145600398Why is the British Empire the GOAT country? Is it because it is full of freethinkers and liberals un…[View]
145609459There is hope for white women after all[View]
145609399Faggot weed livestream with comments section - have fun: B A S I C R U N D O W N >Two dyke leafs,…[View]
145601766>During a discussion about gay rights, Trump motioned to Pence and said: “Don’t ask that guy – he…[View]
145605782Reading Reality Right: Reading Reality Right - October 2017 Something dawned on me this morning: Man…[View]
145606250> Conservashits paradise[View]
145580266How do we reverse the destruction of nature? Say what you will about the Indians, but they had a lan…[View]
145608966White people are just objectively better then black people. This isn't racism, this is just lit…[View]
145590810Syria General /sg/ - Kurdish humiliation edition!: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.…[View]
145600598Where do you find solace in this hostile political climate? What gives you hope and keeps you going?[View]
145609182Why is the King (another patriarchal company) not held accountable for this?[View]
145603803Sorry sweeties. Crystals Don't Cure Pneumonia: Just a reminder. You are most likely only alive …[View]
145549195Are women naturally degenerate?: >Russian woman, with family back at home, on vacation in Dominic…[View]
145608785What's this niggers problem?[View]
145608124HEY MEN, WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO BETTER?: https://twitter.com/nsilverberg/status/919957604700508…[View]
145601557What are the proofs that the bible is the inspired word of the creator of the universe? Or is the b…[View]
145608655You know what I can't stand about Americans? Every time I go down there they're always whi…[View]
145586297New 9/11 General thread: Continued from >>145465605[View]
145593225US Senate Anon Continuation: OP from the last thread may or may not migrate to this one. From the la…[View]
145608437(((Right wing))) Putin have opened a yearly student festival in Sochi. Program of the festival: >…[View]
145606777Why Buddhism is bad for the world and Christianity is good. So we start with the meta myth of the he…[View]
145608197/pol/ will defend this: >President Trump has done little to bring Americans together and help the…[View]
145591766What's the cheapest state with good gun laws that I can move to? I need a lower cost of living.…[View]
145597650From where did curly hair like this enter the north european genes? It seems more common in places l…[View]
145593281Kafkatrapping how to recognize it and fight it.: Anons, educate yourself on Kafka trapping > The …[View]
145608097Stop being a communist[View]
145606293Russia slaps Norks with Sanctions: https://www.rt.com/news/406854-putin-signs-decree-imposing-restri…[View]
145600767>live in suburban australia >new university being built >live walking distance to the new u…[View]
145605801What is /pol/'s obsession with HAPPENINGS and global catastrophe?: What is /pol/'s obsessi…[View]
1456075402015 BLM Protest Shooting Conviction: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/minnesota-man-gets-15-years-for-s…[View]
145605759If Paddock was a CIA / JANET pilot with relations with Lockheed Martin, what are the chances he was …[View]
145607862This is glorious[View]
145606590Commiefornia recognizes third gender: Calexit now! http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a13029632/ca…[View]
145579083Calgary Election: Results coming in for Calgary Mayoral Election. Incumbent Mayor Naheed Nenshi, fa…[View]
145590129Aliens: Let's say that there is a 10% chance that aliens could contact us by the next three day…[View]
145600967/ptg/ - President Trump General - Fake Emotions And People Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
145607792Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, ale zginąć musi![View]
145607744IRREFUTABLE PROOF That the Vegas Shooting Guard Jesus Campos Narrative is a COMPLETE SHAM!: See Info…[View]
145601730Tick tick: https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/17/north-korean-un-envoy-says-nuclear-war-may-…[View]
145607675Pepe sucks: free speech warriors[View]
145602180Why does /pol/ support mass idiocy?[View]
145588542Normies have officially hit peak cuckhold: >login to Facebook >#metoo trending >every cuckh…[View]
145605222Anne Frank halloween costume? WTF? >https://twitter.com/i/moments/920124514666610690…[View]
145607007Total termiantion of the Iran deal remains possible - Trump: http://www.msnbc.com/the-beat-with-ari-…[View]
145603847/our guy or nah?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUjo99Gzbk[View]
145597266Harvey Weinstein Conspiracy?: So I remember comedian Patrice O'Neal talking about Mel Gibson, a…[View]
145597383Precipitate nuclear war with NK: Any thoughts on agitating NK into pushing the button? Guam is a shi…[View]
145595557WTF nobody told me Hitler was this good of a speaker I want to strangle my teachers: https://www.you…[View]
145607108Dr. Phil gets first interview with Jesus Campos filming today[View]
145587343The 'Goddess' Worship: I've been hearing of a resurgence or return of the 'godde…[View]
145607205Just a statement/hope of mine.: >Eventually, if Humanity is able to overthrow their Jewish aggres…[View]
145592160Is /pol/ meme-ing Jews into thinking they're not white?: In 2013 over 90% of Ashkis told Pew th…[View]
145602414Hey, Skinheads: #MeToo: Donald Fuckface, a serial fucking rapist, is still the President of the Unit…[View]
145599646Human Exctiction Project: Obey the rules: >No girlfriends >No procreation Everyone is welcome.…[View]
145606835How come every Trump fan I meet IRL is an angry neck beard with aspergers?[View]
145601515“Is Your Costume Racist”: >1870 Magazine, a publication 'built by and for students' of Ohio State…[View]
145605983What is the Vatican holding in it's secret archives? I think there are many tomes on pre Christ…[View]
145606820Muh Racism: Canadians, this is the guy campaigning for prime minister who gets buttblasted over ques…[View]
145606721https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLvwu2L0_X0 Hope this rings true to some of you polaks who don'…[View]
145605889>muh jews >muh immigrants >muh feminists >muh cultural marxists >muh whole bunch of f…[View]
145601068pizzagate is real[View]
145604326I thought Trump loved the gays?[View]
145602882Why aren't white nationalists taken seriously as a movement? Why do we have an image problem?[View]
145606595Is there a right-wing equivalent to Black Hitler? inb4 Donald Trump[View]
145602240Status of the RAISE act: I'm a little iffy on the exact proceedings of congress. The bill was i…[View]
145595179OUR GUY: Tucker just dropped the demographic redpill and went after LEGAL immigration. Starts at 21…[View]
145595476Why does google make a big deal out of people who didn’t change the world at all, no one in the worl…[View]
145599115Cold Hard FACTS About President Fuckface: Let's review: He is a vain, nasty orange puke panderi…[View]
145592790You're Not Afraid?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/north-korea-says-a-nuclea…[View]
145604445Power of prayers: /pol/ what do you think of prayers? Do you use it on a regular basis, if so how di…[View]
145605504Puerto Rico Relief Effort: What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
145605678HILLARY PLEASE COME BAAAACK!!!!! YOURE HILARIOUS: http://www.dailywire.com/news/22344/watch-trump-mo…[View]
145578877Reminder that LGBT has contributed NOTHING society except for perversion, depravation, degeneracy an…[View]
145587232I'm concerned about my sister /pol/: >visiting parents for the week >younger sister (23) …[View]
145605502https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bbFkL1K9tU Why are americans so fucking RETARDED! Send this bitch a…[View]
145605495Was George Washington the real Feuer?: So Hitler was supposed to be a great leader, and he did stand…[View]
145605431Florida governor declares state of emergency in advance of Richard Spencer event: http://archive.is/…[View]
145605396Meanwhile in Ukraine: Are they know something?[View]
145603749Is free speech outdated? https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/16/scaling-civility/[View]
145603961ever wondered how rich people's flash taste like /pol/?[View]
145604792What are /pol/'s thoughts on the rare Jews who shill for white interests? Are they in the right…[View]
145602789So how did cracked turn from one of the most irreverent humor sites on the web to this?[View]
145605059Reminder to change your facebook picture and twitter avatar. Je suis Somaliland. I pray for Mogadis…[View]
145570872>BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA http://www.nbc29.com/story/36610772/medical-examiner-rules-heyer-died-from-bl…[View]
145581190Who leaked the photos? Why?: One of the many things that has bugged me about the Vegas shooting was …[View]
145582122Well I've got it. Whites could be in some way superior to other races. >I'm 75% german…[View]
145600081Find a more based group of senators. Oh wait, you can't.[View]
145580758HAPPENING! SPAIN TURNED INTO A DICTATORSHIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAEYtrIAfEI >Catalon…[View]
145594200US Senate Anon Part 2: I'm a high level staffer for a US Senator. Using a tripcode now to authe…[View]
145604743Half-baked, spurious nationalism[View]
145604692I find this pretty damn hilarious.: http://abc7chicago.com/politics/porn-publisher-offers-$10-millio…[View]
145598607What is the most redpilled sport?: What is the most red pilled sport? Are sports just for faggots?…[View]
145604682HWNDU Flag: A group of friends and I found out where the flag is, It's in Paris. http://www.hew…[View]
145604576choose carefully[View]
145604497HWNDU OFFICIAL DISCORD: Link: https://discord.gg/j3hN63 GET IN HERE FAGGOTS[View]
14560165160 Minutes just outed the guvment: Ex-DEA Whistleblower says drug distributors pumped opioids into U…[View]
145603367What is wrong with Generation X?[View]
145604012Was Bill Cooper right?: >calls out 9/11 in 1990's >calls out Luxor hotel in 1990's …[View]
145604062How do we solve the old hag problem?[View]
145559752Reptilians: I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the reptilian theory but has anyone here ev…[View]
145586687ITT: best of #metoo[View]
145599343>Sikhs >not the saviors of the white race Pick one http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-…[View]
145603778Anthem security breach: Just got a letter now that I've been affected by the security breach in…[View]
145591635I need some perspective: What were some things that 4chan was obsessed with in the past that no one …[View]
145595022Jesus performed a miracle: That's the official story we're going to hear for his disappear…[View]
145565060Right Wing Politics and the Psychedelic Experience: Let's discuss the importance and utility of…[View]
145602147What does /pol/ think of PragerU videos? Honest critiques and reviews of any of their videos welcome…[View]
145594713Is this the most forgotten state?[View]
145603055Why does /pol/ condemn affirmative action for blacks but basically demand it for whites?[View]
145576853Why do Conservashits inadvertently vote against their own best interests?[View]
145603172redpilled women?: What are the actions of a true redpilled woman? How do they become one? What is th…[View]
145603143So why shouldn't we support Isreal? They're the only stable nation in that region.[View]
145603108Why are Jews so much smarter than whites and does /pol/ have an emotional problem acknowledging this…[View]
145602933This fucker wont shut the fuck up about how Metric is better than Imperial. Who wants to measure the…[View]
145603032Any progress on finding the camera??[View]
145602982hey Putin trolls, how's the weather in Moscow? what topics are you pushing today besides the PT…[View]
145589355What's up with this suspense bullshit?: Releasing morsels of information at a time, why does ev…[View]
145602952Why does /pol/ take credit for the advancements made by Western Civilization? What have you accompli…[View]
145548380Lamora Williams Bakes Her Babies Alive: A 24-year-old mother of four is accused of killing her two y…[View]
145598098Well, is she right /pol/?: 15 things you need to stop saying to autistic adults - https://medium.co…[View]
145600862>cures racism >makes you a genius >was smoked by Jesus himself >cures anxiety >cures …[View]
145602825The state of American 'entertainment': Look at all these beta faggots and leftist shills? How fuckin…[View]
145600123http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41641264 >tell woman you find her attractive >rape e…[View]
145560768Why do right wing retards STILL believe in trickle down economics?: http://www.marketwatch.com/story…[View]
145602669HWNDU: THE MOVIE: Shia and his band of cucks decided to move the He will not divide us Flag to Franc…[View]
145602492Legal Steroids: Hey guys wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. Is this legal? Even without …[View]
145602468Steven Paddock is -john: So we all know -john tried to warn us on the 10th of September about Vegas.…[View]
145599147Las Vegas: I am spamming 97.1 the ticket detroit, with Jesus Campos mentions. Please help and contin…[View]
145601935The left teaches us to hate our history: Everything America did stepped on the back of some colored …[View]
145601376>/pol/ claims to be red pilled by saying Hitler didn't gas 6 million Jew, claim that these c…[View]
145601429>Zionist paramilitary organization >Sought to evict British from Palestine >Attempted to al…[View]
145599571Dear White boy: !!!DAILY REMINDER!!! White man will soon be breed out by our superior black genes. Y…[View]
145602330http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/donald-trump-usa-embarrassment-policies-a8001646.html http://www…[View]
145600042I believe Paddock was shot AT: After watching the room 135 tour on YouTube, I’ve confirmed that the …[View]
145595881/ptg/ - President Trump General - Snail on the Edge of a Straight Razor Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J …[View]
145602127On the Issue of Social Degeneracy: I will not sit idly by and watch degeneracy tear up my beloved We…[View]
145570525You have 30 seconds to name a product you use that was not developed with any public funding.[View]
145601984Proposal - Co-Opt the Wolfenstein 2 advertising and replace the instances of video game Nazis with B…[View]
145602018ITT we discuss what a modern day shoah would look like.: Jews are done. Too many false flags too man…[View]
145587345Negro Behavior: Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to do a thread like this for a while. I will be describe…[View]
145600699Harvey Weinstein jokes: What does an unwanted guest have in common with Harvey Weinstein? Neither of…[View]
145595741She crammed them alive into the oven.: This is Lamora Williams. She just cooked her one-year-old son…[View]
145601053do you think this fag ever showed up on this board?: pic related[View]
145601644General Flynn! Where you been! I know you're doing God's work.[View]
145601057NSA Theories: >inb4 hello gobrnmnt Judging by how Obama spied on Trump with CIA software, what is…[View]
145599282Anyone unironically support the Spanish government? The Catalonians are just a bunch of lefties who …[View]
145601252wtf pol/??? Apologize![View]
145600359We should embrace race mixing: Whiteness is a state of mind, not about blood. You can teach mixed ki…[View]
145601261He might be nationalist: but conservative he is definitely not. He is a populist.[View]
145600592Post pics that makes you lose hope[View]
145585295Why do white nationalists hate white Muslims? I thought you guys prioritized race over everything el…[View]
145582012>be a jew >get balls chewed off by nazi dogs, escape in a pile of clothes…[View]
145601286Reminder: Replace (you)tube with (hook)tube in the address: Stop giving YouTube views every time som…[View]
145601180IT IS UP AGAIN! Are you asleep /pol/? >http://hewillnotdivide.us/ http://hewillnotdivide.us/ >…[View]
145594130SHTF November 4th, 2017: How prepared are you for November 4th?[View]
145599490Give me one reason I shouldn't spread my seed across many women of all races.[View]
145599319THIS JUST FUCKING IN! CNN -- Russians used Pokemon Go to Meddle in Election: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
145599391Who are the head kingpins of the Hollywood-elite Gay sexual predators? Is it someone behind the scen…[View]
145598769Why doesn't Israel just destroy the Temple on the Mount? Muslims already destroy their own heri…[View]
145600453Will it happen?[View]
145600482I will be back, /pol/. You thought that my defeat was a permanent one in that cursed election, but i…[View]
145574798Bomb kills investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who broke the Panama Papers story: Daph…[View]
145598009>tfw 6'3 All my life in school I grew up thinking I was a tall guy. But now that I'm in…[View]
145581217Hinduism General: Indian Paganism: The Last Living Expression of Aryan Beauty' - Savitri Devi, A War…[View]
145597153why is Mexico city such a shithole?[View]
145600403& 4chins thinks it's oppressed[View]
145600389Who here /middle-class/?[View]
145599896Larry Flint's $10,000,000 waste: Larry: 'Get me non-existent impeachment evidence of Donald Tru…[View]
145600354the game has begun[View]
145592927/Pol/ Discord?: Is there an official /Pol/ Discord, anons? If not then I'll be glad to make one…[View]
145599203lock them up before: this (https://youtu.be/lJN9sseBPyw) turns into this (https://youtu.be/moJsTPm4h…[View]
145600189>after all, the only way you could successfully market a product designed to deceive the public i…[View]
145600044SHITTY MEDIA MEN: Does anyone have a link to the SHITTY MEDIA MEN spreadsheet?[View]
145598197Putting aside your hatred for Jews and Israel for one minute. Do you accept Jerusalem as the capital…[View]
145598658>Hes not a libertarian-fascist[View]
145598882Is there anything more degrading than commie blocks?[View]
145597637IT'S HAPPENING!!: What's happening? Massive damage control that needs to be taken advantag…[View]
145599892What did he mean by this? >big if jew[View]
145595140#MeToo: How do we turn our men back into men? Today has shown has Feminism has successfully emascula…[View]
145586434Holiday in Cambodia AMA: waiting in the airport and just popped 30mg of valium. absolutely bored wit…[View]
145599821SHUT IT DOWN: OLD THREADS: >>145579696 >>145590056 ~500 replies on last thread >wow w…[View]
145599794HWNDU THE MOVIE: Shia and his band of cucks decided to move the He will not divide us Flag to France…[View]
145569342I can get behind this. A E S T H E T I C[View]
145597552Madam President: Drumpfeys btfo[View]
145594879a parable for pol: get in here pol, based bill whittle has a message for you https://www.youtube.com…[View]
145599677Why aren't you out convincing honies to climb on your pennyfarthing?[View]
145599532MFW someone wants both >Open borders >15 minimum wage…[View]
145574591They're coming for us, /pol/[View]
145586014Why do smarter people have less sex? Has it always been this way, or is this a product of modern soc…[View]
145593251Who won?[View]
145593292Black twitter takeover: Okay guys. It’s time. Pic related is my account, follow eachother and let’s …[View]
145599531Ugly chicks going along with this me too facebook shit: Anyone else have the strong urge when they s…[View]
145593097Brexit and Treaty of Versailles: Anyone else see the similarities here? Europe is going to punish UK…[View]
145587298How are these two elected by the same people? They are so far apart politically it's crazy[View]
145595844Seeing these two together just feels so right.[View]
145596690do we actually know anything about stephen paddock yet ?[View]
145596002What was corruption like in the 90s?[View]
145579811James Woods: >BREAKING NEWS >JAMES WOODS COMMITS SUICIDE!!! RIP in peace.…[View]
145598628gun rights for women: Idk why women still trust men and/or walk around unarmed What do you think is…[View]
145584065How many of you are just self hating Jews?: I'm legitimately curious[View]
145582343Risko: Risk thread, let's go boiss. Post your nations name, color, and maybe throw in a flag fo…[View]
145591166Generation Z isnt redpil- https://twitter.com/WarriorTy7/status/920062205004886016[View]
145585256What the fuck is this dude's problem? He's even against nationalism now?[View]
145595858How do you feel about this /pol/?[View]
145596646WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIANS: The Shahada. The Shahada is an oath that Muslims take which declares Alla…[View]
145584286Make My Folder Fat: Give me shit to put in my folder, anything and everything is accepted, just say …[View]
145598773So if X racial group commits more crime and is generally disadvantaged because of societal pressures…[View]
145595631Niggers stole fashwave: IT'S FUCKING OVER[View]
145595998Party tribalism was a mistake: Party tribalism was a mistake You don't think for yourself, you…[View]
145576943Teacher tells kids that soldiers fight for them to speak 'American' and not 'Spanish': https://www.y…[View]
145596457Why are there even several trap faggot, gay, pedo, incest etc thread EVERY TIME I come here. >did…[View]
145597323When will Assange deliver? I WANTED A HAPPENING!!![View]
145598549Me too[View]
145596467what are you doing to purge misogyny from your local DSA chapter?[View]
145558013well /pol/ ?? what do you have to say for yourselves?[View]
145598460THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: This year the media and SJW groups are going to be pushing an idea that there …[View]
145590039DAY OF THE ROPE: What is the best type of government in your opinion? Fascist? Communist? Republic…[View]
145596472>tfw too fat to be drafted[View]
145598156XD DAB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5xJY7HM0n4 lmao get rekt kid[View]
145594336What's the radio of choice for /pol/?: What do you guys listen to for talk radio? I live in the…[View]
145591723me too? when is enough enough?: Every guy I've talked to has had the same take on #metoo, they…[View]
145568024Make Israel Great Again - /miga/ - Based arabs edition: What does based Moshe Feiglin defend? >No…[View]
145598214Interest check for playing Varg's game: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/92215/interest-check…[View]
145598029Is Rob Gray our fucking guy?[View]
145596851War and Sacrifice: What was going through their minds? How accurate is this? > m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
14559346223andMe founded by a Jew: Can a genetics company founded by a jew be trusted? >Anne E. Wojcicki (…[View]
145596069Shia moved his flag to a new location: flag moved. looks like it is outside somewhere.[View]
145597811Climate change Blade Runner: Reminder that Blade Runner 2049 is climate hoax propaganda. http://www.…[View]
145597884Can we talk about one of the cancers of American society and culture, these so called Mexican “Ameri…[View]
145596282Greetings 4chan, We Are Anonymous!: Anonymous, Million Mask March Trailer 2017 https://youtu.be/aZMz…[View]
145570796Press F /pol/[View]
145589596I'm Australian. When I hear about mass shootings in America, I just wonder 'why don't they…[View]
145595393Leftists get local business shut down: My city is so retarded sometimes. A restaurant 'Cup It Up Gri…[View]
145594433'Does size matter?' - Monetary Union: Would it be good to a big country make something like a Europe…[View]
145597298RED PILL VEGAS MASSACRE: SHUT IT DOWN >bogs COMPED their sushi >have been in control the entir…[View]
145597292HWNDU SEASON 6 BABY! https://twitter.com/thecampaignbook/status/919956149797097474[View]
145597263We whites have already lost. Our enemies currently have more power which means that we never can sav…[View]
145578326>being a sodomite is oka- Romans 1:26-32 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:…[View]
145594632We need more refugees! We need to save more lives![View]
145584172Are these guys relevant at all or just crack pots? The other people are fine but Alex comes off as …[View]
145582395WHY IS BANNON TRYING TO STEAL WYOMING?: http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/th…[View]
145597148Journalists are now getting killed by car bombs in Malta. Is this evidence that Arab influence makes…[View]
145597160THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF AMERICA: Does anyone else find this physically painful? Jesus Christ no wonder…[View]
145588141My degenerate ways are gone now: >be degenerate who only had casual kinky sex >family is super…[View]
145574105Your culture is being erased...: If you have a Spotify account look for classics like 'If that ain…[View]
145596659Why are niggers so stupid?: Watch these: Nigger says 'he ain't do no wrong, he just shot a cop…[View]
145596470I have a link to a random leftist Hangout. Have at you people. https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/…[View]
145588910Will we ever see victory as close as Election night 2016?[View]
145596910anyone have questions about the equifax breach? i work for a company that funds them.[View]
145595334Tarrare: What should society do with Tarrare types? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarrare Tarrare (1…[View]
145593867Old news, but check out the monumental fuckin schnoz on the 'guy who was fired from Google' He talks…[View]
145589381Red pill me on trannies: Are trannies real? Are traps trannies? Is fucking a tranny gay? Is it a sli…[View]
145578509When will Donald Trump will Complete the System of German Idealism?: >Hegel couldn't do it …[View]
145593615How do we stop the Feminism once and for all?: It is a cancer that has plagued our society and respo…[View]
145596144bigmouth strikes again: Are the Chinese even people? > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aorAHKlnQy…[View]
145593332Trump McConnell Press Conference: what was the deal with this?[View]
145596352>jews are turks the puzzle is starting to finally piece together[View]
145574446OFFICIAL!! Hannity Revealed TICK TOCK: >He's an executive producer of a fucking movie! Grats…[View]
145596263White privilege: How do I make use of white privilege? Where can I cash it in?[View]
145594788>tfw anti-Nazism is actually just pro-Judaism[View]
145595964Why do military does not respect Trump? Trump says 'we will attack N.Korea' Military says 'Fuck off …[View]
145591468J E W S R O C K: The Jews did nothing wrong[View]
145571874Did you know about this?: https://www.infowars.com/shia-labeouf-resurrects-anti-trump-flag-exhibit-t…[View]
145590056SHUT IT DOWN: Old thread >>145579696 Old thread >>145579696 Old thread >>145579696…[View]
145593087So are they going to make the whole country Wakanda Nationalist[View]
145529575New Murdoch Murdoch: Halloween episode! (((youtube))) already shoahd it from their channel but you c…[View]
145579774IT'S HAPPENING: It's going down tomorrow. Also a newsfu thread. I claim Sara Carter.…[View]
145595510Seth Rogen's a Weinstein boob: Hopefully this Trump hating regurgiturd will truly be fount out.…[View]
145595145Fucking Saudis. The only thing worse than a Jew is a Saudi. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/saudi-a…[View]
145595486HWNDU SEASON 7: https://discord.gg/bKg4p24[View]
145594639https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/10/16/politics/peter-w-smith-house-intelligence-committee/index.html CN…[View]
145557570Things have gotten way downhill in the west.. We're doomed[View]
145591061>Legalizing marijuana will destroy soci- Wow, it's almost like it's doing the complete …[View]
145593359We can breed out the Jews: Most children of mixed religion marriages marry non Jews. We can simply b…[View]
145589062Jesus Campos is missing: VEGAS GUARD MISSING wtf is up with this? is this new information or have yo…[View]
145572920should we execute people who suffer from depression?[View]
145594325Harvey (((Weinstein))): Roasties BTFO. Sold out for fame and money. And guess (((who))) was behind i…[View]
145595224EBT Awards: What did I miss?[View]
145588775The eternal boomer strikes again[View]
145590484HAHAHAHAHA Americans are getting their healthcare premiums jacked UP: You wanted Trump and well you …[View]
145575692Antifa on 11/04/17: I hear that Antifa is planning something big on November 4th this year... what d…[View]
145567500Moving: >Be Black >Born and Raised in ST Paul >Be a libertarian since High School >Get…[View]
145595077This is what Mike Isaacson is into: Why is every Antifa like that?[View]
145591767Was Donald Trump too tough on Bowe?[View]
145589154hey pol, Anna Khait is our girl !: Holy crap, just discovered her today from my Twitter feed. She…[View]
145593375Cant make this stuff up: http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/detroit-firefighter-fired-for-br…[View]
145568288Pizza Gate: Hey all, my roommate doesnt believe pizza gate is real. Can anyone point me to info-grap…[View]
145563367Could a non-white person ever create something this perfect?[View]
145572800Can someone give me a quick rundown on this? Is this a gateway to the redpill or does it make me thi…[View]
145589586Star Collision spotted in Deep Space!!: https://archive.is/jgHqq[View]
145588015was this the leafs...: ,,,greatist contribution to the world? rip, the liquor. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
145585849How are you preparing for the next bubble?: I think this will change capitalism forever[View]
145592995What is the ultimate black pill?[View]
145574980Does /pol/ support legal immigrantion?[View]
145567842F Just sat down at the pub to have q beer for my favorite Canadian actor. God bless ya Jim.[View]
145594629Classical Music & Art General: Classical music is for true patricians. It is the defining piece …[View]
145593666I am a black man who loves white women: I am a black man who cannot hide the truth. It is a fact tha…[View]
145587982Daily reminder that Trump is a kike.[View]
145594560LAS Plane Fire: LAS on lockdown tonight because of 'plane fire'. VIP is safe. Tomorrow it is all ove…[View]
145583163When did America turn on journalists?[View]
145592524Why are women allowed to vote if they aren't required to register for a draft? I thought the wh…[View]
145594188Seems like he just misunderstood the language again[View]
145594238gj2qUbr HWNDU Organized Discord gj2qUbr[View]
145577374Can National Socialism work with Non White, Non Germanic peoples?[View]
145592722PREPARING FOR TOMORROW. LETS BRAINSTORM.: Okay. IF/When the Assange documents get released we'r…[View]
145590399Is he the greatest shitposter of all time?[View]
145593215Was Joseph Goebbels the most brilliant propagandist ever to live?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
145590261What's his endgame?[View]
145588413Where in the world is Jesus Campos?[View]
145593775HWDU EPISODE VII: So it has begun Epsiode VII is here. The flag is located at le lieu unique, Nante…[View]
145593769do opposite of democrats and world be gods tier: 0 debt 0 reg tiny gov spending massive spply of eve…[View]
145562616Kamala 2020: I’m with Her.[View]
145587032New Murdoch Murdoch: Halloween episode[View]
145591608How do newspapers still exist in the era of Television and Internet?[View]
145591067Explain /pol/[View]
145593620Blue Flu: There's been some suspicious behavior among the police in the last few months wheneve…[View]
145545306(((Porn))): I've recently become aware of the harmful effects of porn on the brain, and I'…[View]
145583923why are niggers so stupid and ugly and violent: honestly im getting tired of looking at them or even…[View]
145585988Brit/pol/ - Harold Shipman edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK politics centre gr…[View]
145590458Happy holidays vs merry christmas: If you want to say merry Christmas go for it But keep in mind di…[View]
145576516Bullion: What does /pol think about investing in precious metals? I often see people speaking about …[View]
145584836China's communism problem.: Here it is folks. A rare China thread. Main reasons why I say the e…[View]
145586994something big must be happening: were being flooded with shill threads and posts, they must be cover…[View]
145591725How do you win with these people? If they say it happened it did. If they don't say it happened…[View]
145592996holy shit /pol/, notice anything? no more bannon, no more leaks REALLY makes me think[View]
145593368HWNDU s8 is psyop: im starting to get the feeling that this season opening is to get us off vegas an…[View]
145590106Tomorrow between 9-11am est, Trump will be accused of pedophilia and child molestation by a prominen…[View]
145583301US Senate Anon here: I'm a high level staffer for a US Senator. Using a tripcode now to authent…[View]
145587755>In a letter from prison to CBS News correspondent Steve Dorsey, 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli clai…[View]
145586917Austria: How the fuck come everyone does not know about the goods shit happening in Austria?[View]
145581212JANET WAS THE TARGET PT 3: Paddock's room was conveniently overlooking JANET, the spook airline…[View]
145590738Hitler jokes are ok?: Tryin to explain to my Jewish dad why hitler jokes are funny. Trying to argue …[View]
145589677OH SHIT!: https://mobile.twitter.com/MonicaLewinsky/status/919732300862181377[View]
145590348Saudis and the World: Damn, have you guys seen this? The entire channel is pretty fucking great. Ple…[View]
145561757Cornell study: 'Americans [literally] are too stupid for democracy to flourish.' So Trump supporters…[View]
145590632Trump Health Care??: Normies say that Trumps healthcare is worst than Obama, is there any truth to t…[View]
145591141Has the average IQ of /pol dropped since Trump announced his candidacy?[View]
145590840Senator Bob Corker’s assessment of Donald Trump is disturbingly correct. Even more tellingly, Trump’…[View]
145588301Your daily reminder: >Sexual liberation tends to result in civilizational collapse >Previous p…[View]
145586592November 4th: Tell me /pol/, what can we expect to actually deal with on November 4th? Is this anoth…[View]
145592196/pol/ is good for a change: Is it just me or is has this place been a lot better lately? We had a dr…[View]
145588732What did he mean by this?[View]
145592108How is Wisconsin bros?[View]
145589924AL FRANKEN 2020: Al Franken will be the next president of the United States. He’s older yet still lo…[View]
145587761Laci Makes a Sammich: Is 'The Ray Gun' all she needed this whole time? What does it take to make an …[View]
145584175How do we fix white people? We have two generations of pic related.[View]
145590754>Anti Trump video on trending >480 views >15 comments Explain to me how Youtube is not cont…[View]
145591884Meanwhile, Gary Johnson is still running.[View]
145591581Gen Z is not base- https://twitter.com/warriorty7/status/920062205004886016[View]
145591890how do we bring 40s aesthetics back: i wouldn't mind niggers if they dressed nice made good mus…[View]
145589722Hey /pol/, Name my band[View]
145591695What should society do with Tarrare types? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarrare Tarrare (1772–1798)…[View]
145588113Are European countries moving to the right and getting better yet?[View]
145552942Niggers beat white kid in Montreal, Canadian media is silent: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4f3_15…[View]
145572612Black Officer has a panic attack and fires his weapon at a civilian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
145588891Ron Paul for Chair of the Federal Reserve?: END THE FED >Trump to interview Yellen about Fed cha…[View]
1455907343 Nephi 1:13 Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this ni…[View]
145591189/pol/: >enslave and treat black people like shit for hundreds of years >surprised when black p…[View]
145590029Is he, dare I even suggest such a thing, /ourjew/?[View]
145591322New Paddock theory.: Ok!! So I'm a centrist, skeptical, can't make decisions fag that got …[View]
145587805Aussie 'humour'. When 'comedy' goes too far: Hi 4chan Saw a few friends (ex) like this on fakebook. …[View]
145589563American Hero: What is like to be an American Hero? Are there any American Heros here? I'd lov…[View]
145589509What the hell happens here?[View]
145590362Can we start something on twitter claiming that dressing slutty is sexual assault: because they…[View]
145590336Could you guys suggest a book on political theory, economics, and anti-semitism? No Marxist cuck shi…[View]
145587753So he's finally been accused of obstruction of justice. Will Comey finally be put in the slamme…[View]
145590177>>145589668 happened sometime ago they 'mark indigenous land/territory' and kick others out. A…[View]
145583772The year is 2020, Trump, now 76 decides to step down and back his daughter Ivanka in a bid for the p…[View]
145589541Start banning Jordan Peterson shill threads.[View]
145589730Did (((they))) lay out their evil plans for the las Vegas massacre in this 1989 movie? http://www.im…[View]
145590489Me too[View]
145589861Well pol, have you apologized yet?: #youdidit[View]
145589829Charles Murray and the White Worker: Recently he's been talking a whole lot about class and the…[View]
145542494You wouldn't want this to become a witch hunt would you anons?[View]
145589184Future for Eastern Europe: >Ukraine population 2000: 50m >Ukraine population 2100: 26m What is…[View]
145588906Why are inbred Albanians worse than gypsies?: How in the ever loving shit did a country that's …[View]
145590308Leftists Will Burn Everything They Touch: >crowd sourced begging >$1,000's of dollars wor…[View]
145577166Smirnoff progressive commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEKvL82Rh9I Thoughts?[View]
145590263Not that big of a deal: So now that Hollywood is eating itself alive and throwing their industry Ped…[View]
145583919I like this image format, I think we could get a lot of mileage out of it. Quick and snappy redpills…[View]
145590140ban assault democrats: Anybody else tired of all this needless gun violence? At this point the only …[View]
145587234Heh, the left is even removing fictional characters from Halloween! Sad![View]
145558649Reminder /pol/ is a Christian board, if you deny this fact you are closeted fag.[View]
145589938Los Ángeles 92: Why koreans are so based?[View]
145589892The American Dilemma: Where is the line drawn in the sand? When do republicans, who believe that the…[View]
145575605Reconstruction of 34000 years paleolithic Siberian (Cromagnon autosomally) Sungir: Looked somewhat m…[View]
145562070What does /pol/ think of us nonwhites?[View]
145581748>be hot chick >get touched on subway >outer thigh, doesn't even notice >basically a…[View]
145551131Syria General /sg/- Late Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
145546646Black Twitter Blitter: oh vey this is racist shut it down.[View]
145576341STOP MASS IMMIGRATION: Watch the best 2 minute video against this plague. https://twitter.com/king_j…[View]
145582324WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIANS: The Shahada. The Shahada is an oath that Muslims take which declares Alla…[View]
145588626i need help.: hey, /pol/, i have a problem and i need help. You see, i'm a lobtard, born and ra…[View]
145563643Habbenings: uh guys...[View]
145588966Who is this?: https://twitter.com/CJoyce2005 And how is she so woke? She is a 'danish volleyball gir…[View]
145589055Storefront back up?: I thought this website was banned? And like perma shut down. But it's back…[View]
145578910President Trump Subpoenaed Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations: > TICK TOCK DRUMPFKINS https://www…[View]
145576779New celeb asaulter to be revealed.: They aren't releasing the Celeb's name, but say that t…[View]
145586569Explain yourselves, Christians: Tell me what on earth is 'red pilled' about razing European cultural…[View]
145582765Only idiots breed[View]
145536227>literal demons are indoctrinating our children Deus vult when?[View]
145588363HWNDU SEASON 7!: ITS BEGUN! REPEAT SEASON 7 HAS BEGUN! Lets get on this POL. We need to take this fl…[View]
145588320This came in my mail today. I'm a graduate alumni of this degenerate college and this is its qu…[View]
145574387What do you beleive /pol/?[View]
145588273Daily reminder that a 775,000 pound airplane and 230 people somehow disappeared into nothingness in …[View]
145566762Dear white men: Please stop raping. Is that too much to ask? Sincerely, Everyone else[View]
145582095Are Finnish women objectively the best in the world?: Pic most certainly related.[View]
145566879Mistrial for burning white woman alive[View]
145588023those 'patriots' you are talking about are the most cowardly group in america, they are literally bo…[View]
145587955BASED DOGGO!!!: Goat-Herding Dog Refused To Abandon Flock Amid Firestorm, Miraculously Survived http…[View]
145587906MOOSELEMS WANT $100,000,000 FROM GUBMINT: >sand nigger kills self >parents say muh racist oppr…[View]
145587888HWNDU is back!: https://www.infowars.com/shia-labeouf-resurrects-anti-trump-flag-exhibit-to-delight-…[View]
145587365ayo hol up[View]
145586229Aus Fem Media paints whiney cunt as gender champion: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/morning…[View]
145580879Why d we hate Michael Moore? My mom endores him i need to prove her wrong[View]
145587618Why do people with brown skin get a pass for everything?[View]
145540786/SKG/ SKYKANG GLOBAL WATCH EDITION: Skyking Skyking It's probably not not happening?! Get comfy…[View]
145586454Would you put your child on a drag queen’s lap?[View]
145584464Give me rational REASON to not hate this country. >low standard education level(especially higher…[View]
145587408How do austrian anons feel about your new leader? Missed the general[View]
145584970http://instagram.com/wethepeoplemhs Is GEN Z fucked? I'm starting to lose faith for the next ge…[View]
145575267Possible Happening - US Embassy in South Korea: Any Korean Bros know what's going on?? https://…[View]
145584273George Soros caught red-handed again funding fake protests, this time in Poland: >In a comprehens…[View]
145582058ITT the good side of living in third world countries: 90% of brazilians rejected gender ideology to …[View]
145586283Why won't any of the mainstream news outlets actually list Trump's demands for a Dreamers …[View]
145587149thoughts?: excuse my plebbit plz[View]
14557877310 FEET HIGHER 10 FEET DEEPER[View]
145575208>I hate this me too shit >fuck weird fads where everyone does the same thing >fuck groupthi…[View]
145587049A few reasons, of many, why I'm proud to be WHITE and why you can go fuck yourself: Whites inve…[View]
145580892>Argentina is the safest place from Nork attacks Come Home white man http://www.abc.net.au/news/2…[View]
145581840Slid hard Robert Downey Jr names pedos: Not a real good website, but they would be held for libel if…[View]
145576070Congress and drug companies worked to cripple DEA’s ability to fight opioid abuse: I like how Democr…[View]
145568382Trump joked that Mike Pence 'wants to hang all gay people': >'During a meeting with a l…[View]
145586779Next Season of HWNDU?: GOGOGOGOGOGOGO[View]
145586491Ethnicities of the Middle East (Simplified): Is this broadly correct, /pol/? Contrary to this board…[View]
145583416Deep South Thread: Visiting this state (yankee fag) and I have to say it is based. Cheap living and …[View]
145582671WTF - Did KEK just show himself behind Clinton on Fox news?: This flashed up on fox news just now wh…[View]
145586406>there is a timeline where the nazis won >you will never live in it feelsbadman…[View]
145586445https://twitter.com/Tslight_24/status/919713478398451712 wtf I'm not a racist anymore[View]
145586440a Sardinia-Corsica state?: >already has ~2 mil living on the 2 islands >local economy is flour…[View]
145583080Got a Question /pol/ bear with me.: So I was scrolling through Hentai like the weeb faggot I tend to…[View]
145583276Daily reminder that no matter how much you hate black people, Ice Cube was dropping red pills 30 yea…[View]
145584420When will it be revealed that he's not actually black?[View]
145579696'He Will Not Divide Us' in France: So who wants to go take one for the team and take it down?[View]
145582361What are your toughts on the LGBT and BLM constant polemic drama and agressions towards functional m…[View]
145575503led: You want to actually red pill a massive amount of people? Don't sit around in this echocha…[View]
145566858Jordan Peterson has launched his online personality test. Have you taken it yet, you faggot? https:/…[View]
145570807This place is dead, the jewish mods fucked it, you can't even make threads about race anymore. …[View]
145584336Name my band /pol/[View]
145582066Rich normies get birds eye view of black culture: >Blacks in Harlem fuck like animals in local pa…[View]
145583567Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that the left will let their own get away with stuff they'd use …[View]
145585645HWNDU Takedown Thread: Alright boys - assemble. Shia is back at it again, and more mentally deranged…[View]
145585359The whole russian thing is an excuse![View]
145583665Nationalism btfo!! How do you justify ethnic/racial pride? http://www.faisalalmutar.com/2012/08/21/…[View]
145583420HILLARY CLINTON NON-HUMAN CONFIRMED: Remember that time we thought Kek manifested on tv during the e…[View]
145572308South Korean False Flag: Before Trumps term is over 'North Korea' will attack South Korea and the de…[View]
145585470All Bullshit Aside, The Blacked meme is dead: Stop responding to these kikes posting this interracia…[View]
145584989What the fuck: Why do all 'alternative news' websites love Israel so much?[View]
145585290What can be done to save Catalonia from the violent, fascist oppression Spain is exerting upon the f…[View]
145581859The Racial Policy of NatSoc - It's For ALL Races of ManKind!!: Dr. Walter Gross, head of the Of…[View]
145585123Expectation >L-let's take back control! Meanwhile, in reality >Britain is £490bn poorer t…[View]
145583974I can't believe this is fucking happening to me. My girlfriend recently started messaging some …[View]
145584876Another Happening Is Upon Us.: IT IS A REAL LIFE HOUSE OF CARDS! > Kevin Spacey accused of rape …[View]
145580929If only the bystander had a handgun and bepsi he could've stopped the attack[View]
145584099Scumbag scammers: Notice the bumper stickers https://www kikebook com/jerilyn.mercier/posts/10212736…[View]
145578846What does /pol think of this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THtNcvFRcl0[View]
145581437>Asap Rocky lost his brother to gun violence, black on black. >Had to deal with that at a youn…[View]
145584691Where is this spic? (((MODs))) will delete this thread. They are afraid of not only the truth but o…[View]
145527076Trump is using Saul Alinsky's own tactics against the left and they hate it: >Saul Alinskys …[View]
145551717Man rescued from Taliban: I thought my captors were kidding when they said Trump was president: A Ca…[View]
145543303Who will emerge as the great thinkers of our time?[View]
145582409Man, I sure don't see the difference[View]
145584428Caesar has a mole at McCarran?: Kek has reached out to us again. Biggest happening of Trump's a…[View]
145563497Explain this to me people, seriously. I discovered you through #ROSEARMY on twitter and love the wor…[View]
145578227Adolf Hitler & The Army of Humanity [Episode 6] Leon Degrelle & The Walloon Waffen SS: https…[View]
145579512microcosm of genetic randomness: light writing in ID: you're white, you win at life dark writin…[View]
145577600What happened to the French anon? He posted this right before the thread got deleted[View]
145567949Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
145584193Any good white identity groups to join?: Are there any good white identity movements to join here in…[View]
145584049J E W Z R O C K: The Jews did nothing wrong.[View]
145573785Any guesses where it will 'crash'?[View]
145576940Macron Calls For ‘Severe Measures’ Against Illegal Immigrants: What is this guy's deal? Is he s…[View]
145582957And so it begins...[View]
145579219Why is the Alt Right so cringey?: What is it about right-wing politics that attracts even more cring…[View]
145582623Is Fox News obsolete?[View]
145583457Fuck Israel.[View]
145582683If both men and women could get pregnant, how different would society be? Would the abortion debate …[View]
145583595How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals: http://www.independent.…[View]
145583615Democrats refuse to disavow recent pedophile arrests on their own side: You may know Kamala Harris, …[View]
145580614Welsh woman to Hillary Clinton 'Only you could lose to Trump': Are Welsh woman based? https://youtu…[View]
145583551Thoughts on the Corbett Report?: Is /pol/ a fan of this man? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wlNey9…[View]
145577876The Name's Dickie Spencer, Here's Me With Laura Bush!: This photo totally means I'm n…[View]
145577788in reality: how possible is it to jail an expresident? are they protected by some law the public doe…[View]
145583311End all immigration controls – they’re a sign we value money more than people: > Nation states ar…[View]
145582551Flags are flammable: amirite? There are certainly other, less flammable ways one might obfuscate a m…[View]
145550866Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy: Who wins the battle of the red/green/whites?[View]
145583133http://www.hewillnotdivide.us: Shia is back[View]
145582580Why didn't you tell me he was Indy's son?: Talking with co-workers today, Blade Runner cam…[View]
145567111Richard spencer invades university of florida October 19th: For any florida gator anons who want a t…[View]
145566609>Be Japanese >Be a part of one of the successful and advanced nations in the modern world >…[View]
145566600What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone? Is he based and ourguy or is…[View]
145552410Jesus Campos disappears: THE SPOOKS FUCKING GOT HIM Are we ever going to get closure on this inciden…[View]
145582506(Not what you expect): So this is the power of the #rapgod? https://youtu.be/m42tNGF9h7w[View]
145571143A thread about race: ITT: races and stuff[View]
145567229Canada is hopeless: With Ontario dominating the electoral college while being the most cucked provin…[View]
145562142SEAN HANNITY TICK TOCK REVEAL IN 1 HOUR: Last week Hannity posted a 'Major Tick Tock T-Minus 7' On h…[View]
145579800The country was MADE by white people FOR white people. End of story.[View]
145560850Brit/pol/ - Comfy Edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK politics centre ground http…[View]
145579606Ivanka Rides Daddy Trump The Jew World Order's Dump..: ..For The Brainwashed Goyim Chumps! http…[View]
145582502HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US: WE HAVE FOUND THE FLAG https://youtu.be/gGgu1BmVgzk[View]
145582437Why do Germans love the EU so much?[View]
145582422holy shit murdoch murdoch is awesome: https://youtu.be/fytNz8ZseBw[View]
145575512Faith: There have been times in my life where I've not doubted, but not relied on my faith. Wh…[View]
145582417DACA absolutely BTFO by Trump: Is Trump /our guy/ again? The White House's list of demands for …[View]
145579949Celeb Anon: Was celeb-anon from last week a LARP? > well known > meme > male > 21, Wante…[View]
145582339I can find a million (((news))) articles bitching about Trump's list of Dreamers demands, but n…[View]
145581448HE WILL NOT DEVIDE US VII - THE CUCKENING: he will nut inside us pt 7, other thread 404ed[View]
145582242>Do we have a discord to hide from the mods while talking about season 7?…[View]
145579116How the fuck did this happen?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7s2z4RUxtM is New York really this b…[View]
145581355https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guzuqVSKh9o GUYS WE'RE FAMOUS[View]
145581309>'What a fucking nigger.' Was it racism?[View]
145582026HWNDU Season 7: GET IN HERE FAGGOTS time for round 7 http://www.hewillnotdivide.us[View]
145581972how to beat the diversity shills argument of 'but muh ethnic food' .i havent found a way t…[View]
145577276Your brave men in blue, America. Somehow this mentally incapable pig is still on the job. http://www…[View]
145581807Why is (((/pol/))) so hellbent on taking down Shia's flag? He put a lot of effort into it and I…[View]
145572136Justify this /pol/[View]
145581730Flag in France: The mods are shutting down all the threads but the flag is France, go French faggots…[View]
145581721California hates the climate and loves climate change taxes: http://www.dailynews.com/2017/10/14/por…[View]
145571287/pol/ BTFO[View]
145581490Well Germany? How tolerant are you?[View]
145579443now that the dust has settled, is Argentina white?[View]
145580975It seems to me that being involved in politics is blue pilled. Why do you all care about an illusion…[View]
145575130Is globalism really all that bad?: Can /pol/ actually explain why Globalism is all that bad, or are …[View]
145579284WHERE THE FUCK IS HE[View]
145581325SUPER FUN AFRICA FACT OF THE DAY (SFAFD): The 10 nations with the worst life expectancy are ALL loca…[View]
145579096>'Killing Nazi's (sic) is a good thing!!! We were at war with them! What are you, a traitor?…[View]
145580355It's over Drumpfkins: Queen Hillary will soon take the throne which was stolen from her https:/…[View]
145581117Are professional athletes naturally degnerate?: >Black football player, with a wife and three kid…[View]
145546507Why are these Countries the most developed in Latin America?: Not as developed as a First World coun…[View]
145579965He's right, you know.[View]
145581063https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2mYUXlO_zw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyjzvK_j3Nc https://www.…[View]
145578914/pol/s thoughts on this man?[View]
145565223How does France still retain their status as a great Power?[View]
145578308She has potential in the reich: What do you think /pol/? Give this nigga a job?[View]
145580863Maroon 5 is redpilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wiio4KoGe8 >Video starts as kids in a fie…[View]
145557537what are Ancaps and Liberterians views on race: and white identity?[View]
145577696Is white supremacy on the rise?[View]
145546813'Screencap this'[View]
145580725HWNDU season 7: So... will this be done in a day? Will there even be enough content for season 7? Wh…[View]
145578253Whites aren't smarter than blacks, oh wait they actually are..: >Two Atlanta educators, who …[View]
145578503>Its a reddi... I mean /pol/ gets triggered over circumcision thread.[View]
145577995Interracial couples in Advertising: Is this some kind of running joke? Why is it so common in Adver…[View]
145571945Have the Dems figured out why they lost yet?[View]
145580481Cassini' Space craft, or Casini (in Latin) means Casino! It was them again! https://i.4cdn.org/pol/1…[View]
145580373Whites are pathetic: Can we get a thread going about the benefits of racial mixing and interracial r…[View]
145580323Wtf has happened here? Been gone for a month and this place has become a Christian server.[View]
145576653Trump dodges question about Roy Moore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li-Me3w057E[View]
145575733/pol/, I keep hearing a really low, annoying hum coming from outside when i lay down in my bedroom. …[View]
145580177Radical American Right Libertarianism > everything else: You cannot deny that laissez-faire capit…[View]
145579755What happens in Iceland? Is it as culturally enriched as the rest of Europe?[View]
145578011Say it with me...[View]
145579993I have Mormon Missionaries coming over to my house. Give me some good questions to ask them about th…[View]
145579991In case you missed it: Affirmative Action is DOA on campuses: Chalk another win up to Trump, he…[View]
145577403Explain yourself yuropoors https://youtu.be/zZYwyRScBQU[View]
145560089Moving to Vermont/Raising a Family: Guys I wanna move to Vermont. Buy a house with some land there, …[View]
145579137What is /Pol/ going to be for Halloween?: Who is dressing up as Harvey Weinstein?[View]
145563609The deepest and darkest redpill is that we're not so different after all.[View]
145548854Midwest Alliance General: Form the Reich Edition: Why not create a white ethnostate in the midwest? …[View]
145578424WHAT'S GOING ON WHY NO NAMES?: Why won't the Sun use anyone's name, how big is this W…[View]
145577062American war Crimes: How come we don't hear more often about US war crimes? https://youtu.be/xm…[View]
145576047Reminder Trump = kike puppet[View]
145579407/pol/, what are some constitutional arguments that can justify imprisoning all communists without ru…[View]
145579295Racial purity: Is there a one drop rule for amerindians, can people with a small amount of Indian bl…[View]
145562838TICK TOCK TOMORROW BOOM: >BOOM What did he mean by this?[View]
145574986So Weinstein never laid a finger on our girl did he?[View]
145565322Just saw a casualama on reddit about a guy who bought and sold slaves who were 'consentually' being …[View]
145568214HAPENING HAPENING ROUTE 91 WAS NOT THE TARGET: Paddock's room was conveniently overlooking JANE…[View]
145572107>shooter is Muslim >BAN MUSLIMS! >shooter is Mexican >BUILD WALL! >shooter is white C…[View]
145577729Tick Tock will it happen tomorrow?: Is Hannity full of shit? I'm fucking done if nothing happen…[View]
145569492>Trickle Down economics doesn't wo-[View]
145576821WTF is this tick-tock shit?[View]
14557913010M Reward for the taking bois: Yo remember how someone faked that April showers things and CNN and …[View]
145577333We are Unironically on right side of history: You know what? Truthfully, 4chan is not all just satir…[View]
145558084Comedians that aren't annoying bluepilled shills: Maybe this is the wrong place to look, I unde…[View]
145578707Why are Americans fat??[View]
145558758NEW INSIDER / FBI ANON: An insider anon was here this morning with a lot of insight into Assange, Wi…[View]
145579075https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awGctTODPBk New white privilege video that acts like individual choi…[View]
145579041whats the most based gang or faction in the fallout games ill start ncr bos(fallout 3) minutemen i …[View]
145575324Who is it?: Guessing they're not referring to mel gibson..[View]
145576089THOSE FUCKING KIKES!: It was impressive honestly. Beautiful work on their part. They managed to take…[View]
145578247>this terrifies the gr*ngo[View]
145576543https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn9Oc-AyFeQ >traveled the world, feeding the kids what did she me…[View]
145578746what did they mean by this?[View]
145578009why are Turks so superior to wh*tey?[View]
145534669Why are Scientists so Arrogant? Why does our Society Respect them?: Every scientist in the world see…[View]
145578702It may never happen...: I fear the real happening will never come. I long for it everyday, I just wa…[View]
145578670Adolf Hitler Knew ZOG Would Do 9/11 & White Genocide, Did You?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
145578148Obama Secretly Pardoned Hillary: 'Tick Tock' Obama secretly pardoned Hillary. Today the Comey emails…[View]
145577973Why does /pol/ want to gas this? It's cute and it never did anything to you.[View]
145578619Super underrated youtube channel: Anyone heard of this guy? Iuvenis philosophus? He makes dope conte…[View]
145563184Why don't males ever take a girl out anymore? What happen to chivalry? Why did males promote th…[View]
145578527We Need a Hitler 2.0 to End White Genocide: Hitler Did Nothing Wrong! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
145577711Noah said the seed of Japheth would become the chosen people instead of Shem. What happens when whit…[View]
145569743Ok quick rundown for newcomers >first transaction with bitcoins that even put bitcoin on the map …[View]
145578481uhhhhhhhh: So how many of you righties are against race mixing yet secretly have yellow fever?…[View]
145564271Campos Confirmed STILL MISSING -- TUCKER CARLSON: >http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/16/las-vegas…[View]
145576713Why are whites always to blame?: No matter what whites do, it's always wrong.[View]
145575190Oh shit, watch out Nazis[View]
145574297I seriously want Trump to push inequality higher. I want Trump to make the wealth disparity between …[View]
145578254CAPTURE THE FLAG IS BACK: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
145578248We now have information that Shia is setting up in france for HWNDU[View]
145578190In an interview on Australian TV Hillary said that FBI boss Comey had 'shivved me'. How could Comey …[View]
145566164Why do you guys hate turkey?: Why do you guys hate turkey? because of the Armenian thing?[View]
145567504France to impose on-the-spot sexual harassment fines: Paris: Men who wolf whistle or are aggressivel…[View]
145577798Reminder Christianity is the only way. And by Christianity I mean Protestantism. And by Protestantis…[View]
145576462All thangs MURICA USA USA USA USA[View]
145574330JASON NICHOLS: Nightly thread on based grandma. Black Professor Jason Nichols Receives 8 Minute Voic…[View]
145577915What the fuck is this 3/4 part bullshit?: >TICK TOCK SEAN, TIME FOR A NEW HAIRSTYLE…[View]
145577913I made my own video a few months ago about South Africa, and in the long term, Euorpean enforcement …[View]
145571685How does it feel knowing that out of all the phallic shaped emojis out there, white women picked the…[View]
145567021What's the perfect mix of European nations? I'd say Spanish and Dutch[View]
145558901So, what happened, /pol/ ? Tell me your best theories. Why did he do it? HARD-MODE: No conspiracy t…[View]
145569486Do people take the Jewish conspiracy theory serious or is it just satire?[View]
145577624Fuck Donald Drumpf: and FUCK WHITE PEOPLE[View]
145576158Is Tomi Lahren a coalburner?[View]
145577471A-Lister revealed: Robert Downey Jr has a story to ....... He toldhttps://worldtruth.tv/robert-downe…[View]
145564184Would /pol/ actually kill innocent people...: just because they were born black or jewish?That'…[View]
145544962France are white flag puss-: 'Of the 125 major European wars fought since 1495, the French have part…[View]
145577119Post YFW President Spencer in the year of our Lord 2024[View]
145571021Capture the flag part 5: It's on[View]
145574565Was Hitler bad?: Give me one reason why Hitler was a bad person with cited sources >Pro tip: You …[View]
145573287can someone give me a quick rundown[View]
145574003Mein Kampf - New Translation for American Reader: What is this new edition?[View]
145559888What exactly is going on in Puerto Rico?: MSM is making it sound like it's the apocalypse over …[View]
145577170Adolf Hitler The Truth - Your Teachers Lied to You.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEAOv1lYurA…[View]
145571042'''Time to get to work'''[View]
145576105Why do all you sheep make it so easy and convenient for the government to take your money? Isn'…[View]
145575496SHUT THE GATES: STATE OF EMEMERGENCY BOYS feudal floridians shriek in autistic tones as the Governor…[View]
145573155BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports of US forces in Damascus: HAPPENING. Gunfire reported. This is right a…[View]
145550366IT'S NOT OVER YET, XLUMPFKINS: http://www.newsweek.com/hillary-clinton-president-lawrence-lessi…[View]
145576921Mfw my Jewish co-worker calls Google Jewgle in front of me[View]
145571801Daily reminder that if you support Donald Trump and want to #Make America Great Again you MUST dip C…[View]
145576813God damnit /pol/ I just have to get this shit off my chest I fucking hate these nigger dogs. Fuck th…[View]
145575698SAY IT WITH ME: MADAME PRESIDENT Hillary will be president before the year is over. Enjoy President …[View]
145575067Nazis, Watch out!: We are the resistance. We are coming for your scalps Be afraid...[View]
145574157Greetings /pol/. I'm from the future. Wanted to give you a few spoilers about the issues of you…[View]
145576445October Revolution le troll face: Any New England fags want to go to the Connie bar at Harvard on Oc…[View]
145553332(((They))) gave you Donald Trump so that wouldn't lose faith in the system and go rogue: prove …[View]
145565782How did they do it?: For a long time I wondered how Hitler and the Nazi leaders were able to rally s…[View]
145576467America's why are you such dirty box car Kelly fuckery?[View]
145539591Why is metal illness always the scapegoat whenever a mass shooting happens?: http://thehill.com/opin…[View]
145573717JUST: >carrying hot covfefe >fall down a flight of stairs and break toe…[View]
145566794/islam/ thread: This is a Muslim bread Get in here bros Couldn't post in the last one because m…[View]
145573877These images: I don't know what these are called, but I want more[View]
145569502he dindunuffin[View]
145564209Wo: >'Anon, we overheard you saying women suffrage was a mistake. Can you defend your opinion on …[View]
145570977So how will a Russian invasion of Finland play out?[View]
145571491The world is going to shit: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/vic-schoolgirls-busted-…[View]
145576040WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS DID THIS?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmVG8KP7sCs[View]
145575279Ben Shapiro is my God: His rhetoric is so Godly.[View]
145574934Interesting how removing nations with 75% or more landmass inside of the Tropics seems to clean up s…[View]
145565004Why does Western society accept the mass murder of innocent babies?[View]
145573135Take this pedo scum down: >>>/b/748316265[View]
145575567what was /pol/ like when this happened?[View]
145574693Strange, wonder why he did this..[View]
145552655Could Christians Take Advantage of Islam to Keep Social Conservatism?: If Britons could no longer us…[View]
145575591Are Italians the master race?[View]
145562061I WANNA RUN FOR GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA: Hey pol, I'm a Far right leaning Mexican American who t…[View]
145575060I honestly am glad antifa is getting more and more violent bash 'em, gurl[View]
145574045why do academic fags think its ok to tell people what wear?: https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/3791…[View]
145574761Your 'logic' really can't explain this at all.[View]
145575304Daily Medicare for All Thread: Daily reminder Medicare for All is the best path forward on healthcar…[View]
145563951Opinions on the film HyperNormalization?: is the thesis presented in the documentary valid? (from Wi…[View]
145574427White Power in America: This is our Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU05DG4weJw[View]
145574485>Drumpf still hasn't answered Eminem's diss It's been 7 days already... Why is suc…[View]
145539762Weed is the mark of a degenerate: Weed, dope, ganja, chronic, 420, etc. It doesn’t matter what the j…[View]
145570351>/pol/ takes the Greco Roman civilizations and modern western civilization as proof white people…[View]
145563825BUSTED: RUSSIAN LAWYER WAS KREMLIN AGENT: Eat shit trumpkins. The shit winds are blowing. http://for…[View]
145571322Gavin McInnes: How and when did this guy get so popular? He's a fucking retard and everytime I …[View]
145568136Exactly what has gay 'culture' provided to society aside from sexual perversion. I genuinely cannot…[View]
145574767Calgary Election Thread: Is /ourguy/ Nenshi going to win?[View]
145558214Almost every single woman on my FB has this as a post. Does every single girl get sexually harassed?[View]
145574281https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=101&v=IP81Je7APoQ Is this show any good, /pol/ wise?…[View]
145561875White girls dancing to Nazi/White Power music: >fed up watching white girls dancing to black musi…[View]
145572852Why don't we get our own #MeToo movement going? Tweet your story of being assaulted/victimized …[View]
145551707Only saying this once: Campos is currently being held in a condo outside of Los Angeles pending liti…[View]
145574097Top 10 anime betrayals: >'He'll never budge on LGBT rights, he wants them all to hang.' >…[View]
145574715Whites people: I just did some digging and apparently there are only about 760 million white people …[View]
145573291What is the effect of fluoride on young white men? Is this the key to the nu-male problem?[View]
145564778I just learned I got a little Jew blood in me. What are your suggestions, /pol/?[View]
145572581What the hell, Florida?[View]
145574257Mike 'Like it in the Crapper? Get the Zapper!' Pence: HOW IN THE HOLY HELL HAS THIS STORY NOT BEEN O…[View]
145574414>be Kim Jong Un >get on Western social media >post stuff against Trump like 'HE'S ORAN…[View]
145563331>capitalists are so cucked that they would refuse free shit just because MUH PRIDE MUH WORK ETHIC…[View]
145545105No More female teachers.: I just realised something.. most teachers are female in both same sex …[View]
145573997/pol/tard i.e. Retard: >Oman >only 54% of the country is ethnic/native Omani >large expat c…[View]
145574131/pol/ is fucked get out thread: every time i make this thread it gets deleted because /pol/ is overr…[View]
145573479I love this country with all my heart.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAYPN-1Yjt0 https://www.yout…[View]
145574201NEWFAGS BTFO BY MURDOCH MURDOCH VIDS: /pol/ Will redeem itself. new faggets that came for the paddoc…[View]
1455317602 days until richard invades florida: Who is going?[View]
145573961>“God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America' I don…[View]
1455738452 party system: Ok so why is it that in america we still have a two party system. I bet trump would …[View]
145570366WHERE'D THEY GO?: Calling all borthers, my favorite show got wiped from TRS. Ignis also got ban…[View]
145570376Richard Spencer: Is this guy a white supremacist? I hear liberals and the media call him that all th…[View]
145573768Everything on this board is cringe culture, everything in 4chan is top tier cringe, when i want to c…[View]
145573742MSNBC's Neoconservative Opposition to Trump: MSNBC has teamed up with Neocon George W Bush stoo…[View]
145573622*blocks your path*[View]
145571923The Gigachad Project: This is Gigachad, created and enhanced using computer imaging. If we can someh…[View]
145567241Meanwhile on 2050 /pol/..: REEEEEE!!! Fucking feminists! I can't believe they're still try…[View]
145573284Get ready for MAXIMUM HAPPENING TOMORROW!!!!!: TICK TOCK BOOM!!! Scheduled for tomorrow by Hannity!!…[View]
145573091Why the fuck does his podcast have so much advertising?: He reads ads so many times per show and no …[View]
145573414HWNDU: Ideas. >This diagram is to show possible 'Views' of the Wonderful flag the >mods love u…[View]
145569313Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers offshore tax evasion investigation: >not one fucki…[View]
145565585The truth about Richard Spencer: **the truth about Spencer** Spencer is an egomaniac and a loser. A…[View]
145573116Wow, so this is the power of cons*rvatives/Americas.[View]
145573111Stop being a feminist: https://squawker.org/culture-wars/how-to-stop-being-a-feminist-a-simplified-g…[View]
145573098If blacks and gays are supposed to be smart...: Why do they account for exponentially more cases of …[View]
145573075Anyone got an updated 'You are here' list?[View]
145563056voat.co is being spammed by junk text... Just a prank? or an attack from big brother?[View]
145572926HWNDU: this is a new thread to chant in. he will not divide us ok now be the best robot you can and …[View]
145572812>tfw this was one year ago *time is slipping pepe* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9n7g8rTiaY…[View]
145571161Do you sometimes sit back and think? >I believe in the market almost to a religious degree…[View]
145572863Liberal Bullshit Show: I hate this fucking liberal 'white-man is evil' show. They never take the rap…[View]
145569281infographic thread redpill me with pngs[View]
145572794>That's right goy, if you've been cheated on you're a cuck! So just call yourself …[View]
145572789Google News: 'Black Men' search vs 'White Men' search[View]
145572763When is /White Sharia/ going to be a serious political movement?: We're constantly told men are…[View]
145570961Why are Americans so mentally ill?[View]
145570256Cyberbullying: /pol/s opinion on cyberbulling? What should be done about it?[View]
145567275Presenting the faggiest video ever recorded: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=yy-SiZSlmhI[View]
145569568Face it, there's no comeback. Whites will be replaced, and there's no way once they are al…[View]
145569429Dear brotheren in faith. Lern how to be hip, young German Muslim directly from Germanistan state cha…[View]
145528093Lebanon's future: lebanon's future is an interesting thing,which may be changed soon, foll…[View]
145540974Holocaust denier sentenced to six months in jail: > 88-year-old 'Nazi grandma' sentence…[View]
145572465Did Obama Secretly Pardon Hillary Clinton?: 'Tick Tock' Did Obama secretly pardon Hillary? Comey ema…[View]
145572396hwndu: so begins hwndu season 6[View]
145572382What did they mean by this?[View]
145570218MFW when some goyim aren't voting for their ''''(((economic)))'''' interests: We're all st…[View]
145571633TOMORROW NEVER COMES: Assange is dead. You're in hell. that's about all, peace out.[View]
145570287which far-left communist groups are the biggest threat right now? there are too many for me to keep …[View]
145572183>the absolute state of bongistan http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/13/girl-17-suffers-three…[View]
145567762Prior to the 1960s, rioting (or race riots), consisted of whites burning down and destroying black c…[View]
145570868What was his name again?[View]
145570344On The Topic of Taking Down Confederate Statues: ....and how misinformed the left is (yet again). …[View]
145572009Self Improvement: In what ways are you trying to improve yourself, /pol/? What are you doing that is…[View]
145567380fuck this flag: and fuck this country[View]
145568171I found a local for a white ethnostate: First, we need to find out how take it, politically or by fo…[View]
145571096South African civil war when?[View]
145571719Within Black Communities, Racism is more prevalent than in White Communities: So I was bored and loo…[View]
145571549So I hear there are holes in the poles?: How exactly does that work, and agartha what about that?…[View]
145570327ITT: /pol/ You Laugh, You Lose[View]
145570878Yeah they're not perfect, and we are full, but at least they aren't muslim. >(pound sig…[View]
145571259Biji wiji: To erbil inshallah[View]
145571193Anderson Cooper descends from slave owners: https://wikileaks.org/sony/emails/emailid/132247…[View]
145571111Is Christian art bad /his/ compared to Ancient Greek/Roman art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPOM…[View]
145570213YES AUSTRALIA: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-10-17/afls-transgender-call-on-aflw-hopeful >THE A…[View]
145545599Man snaps and goes ape shit at woman on London tube: >Not a single man steps in to defend her htt…[View]
145565151Where can I shop for clothes that does not support this?[View]
145570989REAL NAZISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED: real commienism has and its a failure discuss[View]
145570322So do commies fear the dodger or the helicopter more?[View]
145568766GOYIM, IT'S HAPPENING: It's happening any day now. Tick tock. 34bfddad968614cfae113ead596…[View]
145568261Why are you still on kikebook /pol/: Have you deactivated yet? Why can't you delete everything?…[View]
145558120what's wrong with bullying? it builds character y'all know.[View]
145565966Strong black woman Uber driver goes off on white housewife... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr28WR…[View]
145570733hwndu french anons report: drone + sparklers[View]
145566985Hard to stay motivated: I've recently been hit with a realization that makes it difficult to st…[View]
145570160>preparing to lead Europe into a new golden age HOW CAN ONE MAN BE SO BASED?…[View]
145570611Men's wages have remained flat since 1973 http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/10/16/tw…[View]
145570184Which site is most worth the subscription?[View]
145560582>the left can't mem-[View]
145548162The Angles came from the Angeln region in southern Denmark. As such, all English achievements are al…[View]
145570448Anon finds racism: >Be me >Be 11 y/o >Go to the birthday party of only black kid in my scho…[View]
145565319>Leave Hollywood to us.[View]
145563403The Annexation of Imgur: There an internet community called Imgur that may be ripe for propagation o…[View]
145570316The modern society tends to forget about how woke Islam is.Must we repeat the same mistake as our pr…[View]
145567853did he want to kill republicans?[View]
145555060Thank You!: I want to personally thank you /pol/ for your relentless dedication and willpower during…[View]
145568104Glowy CIA Niggers: Post images of Glowy CIA Niggers[View]
145570032R.I.P. Julian Assange: Hillary didn't hurt herself falling.She broke her toe kicking a hole in …[View]
145562619Skinhead General: where my bootboys at? music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oyzjyJxHp0o https://m.y…[View]
145557636>move to Maryland from Florida >can't take my 8 rifles, 5 handguns, or 2 shotguns Thank G…[View]
145569978Harvey Weinsteins International Scout: Shia LaBeouf Confirmed to have been using HWNDU to freely tra…[View]
145549346/Sexbots & Politics/ General - Artificial Muscle edition: This thread is for the discussion of t…[View]
145568279Ive seen hate for him here,BUT If he runs in 2020 or 2024,you know his debates will win him the pres…[View]
145568320well /pol/?[View]
145565595What's the deal wth freemasonry >fraternity >gotta believe in a higher power >push ea…[View]
145569625David Waggener and Operation Werewolf: >destroying (((their))) empire >anti PC >etc. Somebo…[View]
145569582Edgar Maddison Welch, the shooter at Comet Pizza: I've just been doing some digging on the guy …[View]
145569578Jebpill for some Jebanation: I am just lost 30min of my life on this. Could u guys just create some …[View]
145567930New Anderson thread. Fagans stay out,[View]
145527609Meghan Markle quits TV show, will announce her engagement to Prince Harry by Christmas: why are (((t…[View]
145569190What the Fuck is Happening to Voat right now?: Is the happening...happening?[View]
145566355What’s your opinion on the CIA/GIA geospatial precision project aka Pokémon Go?[View]
145555240California claims a 3rd Gender: Is it me or did Trump Triggered California so much to the point of g…[View]
145564007Can AZ be saved? >tattoos everywhere, even face tats >gay flags appearing all over in the surr…[View]
145569020how come you antifafags lack the self-awareness to realize that if you grew up here you would be bul…[View]
145568811in 2017 with all the technology and phone cams every few feet to catch crime, how in the hell does a…[View]
145562245We were promised earth shattering news today. Were we bamboozled?[View]
145569055Wherever you're reading this, I have no doubt Californians have invaded. While ALL shitty, the …[View]
145564658My chicana gf stole my huge framed map of the world and gave it back to me with the southwestern sta…[View]
145567010Why do people think of the Iraqis as bad people? They had all the right in the world to kill america…[View]
145567855>steak and ketchup[View]
145565932I...It's nothing guys. Mueller has nothing.: http://theweek.com/speedreads/731148/trumps-campai…[View]
145568851The Church to Save the West?: Obviously it has to be under the umbrella of Christianity, but what se…[View]
145567964Mississippi - Kill Yourselves: We all knew Mississippi was a shit hole. But 41% of their budget come…[View]
145566930Where were you when Julian's internet was cut 1 year ago tomorrow?[View]
145560952Do you wonder why British women would rather suck Ahmed's cock? This is the average British man…[View]
145568577What? Why are you looking at me?[View]
145563635Something to make you think: >Countries like England, France, Spain and Belgium are only rich and…[View]
145564063Princeton study claims: 'U.S is a oligarchy and no longer a democracy.' https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
145560800HE WILL RUN 2020: SLOW[View]
145565701Why are americunts so obsessed with stupid symbols as a piece of cloth aka flag and pretentious stup…[View]
145568333J.A.N.E.T Cont.: Old thread here >>145539691[View]
145568340WW3 - Don't do it boys.: I weep. I weep for what is to, again, befall my fellow countryman. My …[View]
145568174>If we discover a field is full of mines, our infantry attacks as if nothing is there. There is n…[View]
145534528Should women be allowed to wear skin tight clothing in public?: Why is it OK that women dress like w…[View]
145568108Why don't people care about men in our society? Women claim they want gender equality for jobs,…[View]
145565794Alright /pol/ Explain to me why most people in America think prison rape is a fucking joke. Is sexua…[View]
145566119MCCAIN RECEIVES LIBERTY MEDAL AT NAVAL ACADEMY: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/local/2017/…[View]
145568057The flags back, boys.: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ time for season 7.[View]
145568043TRUMP BTFO: DRUG CZAR A SHIT: http://www.timesleader.com/news/679079/trump-mulls-withdrawing-marino-…[View]
145568027Can someone red pill me about the aryans in india?: I feel as if india was always a poo in the loo a…[View]
14554409799.9% of Canadians live inside the red square.[View]
145564763The hivemind is turning on itself: http://www.yesmagazine.org/people-power/why-ive-started-to-fear-m…[View]
145559606What actually goes on at Area 51?: I've been reading up on JANET in connection with the Las Veg…[View]
145567863So why mods so butthurt about Episode 6. Whats up with chinkymcmoot?[View]
145565623Satanic Memes: The satanic agenda is clear. The globalists want to corrupt children in order to degr…[View]
145557072Brit/pol/ - Based Chuchill Edition: JERRYKEKS OUT >New anti-Brexit party hopes to capture UK poli…[View]
145564522Americucks still think spics are your main problem?: Looks like you're going to be joining us, …[View]
145567360Antifa: What's everyone's plan if Antics strikes on Nov. 4?[View]
145563902OY VEY!: ITT: Post the most Jewish things you have.[View]
145567639hwndu season 8 gameplan: We need to figure out the height if we can use a pole from the roof.[View]
145567632What are some traits of the untermensch? My list so far consists of: Receding forehead, nose that fo…[View]
145532081>first transaction using bitcoin was for two 'pizzas'. >a full year after the debut of pizzaga…[View]
145567474What's the next big 'thing' that's going to happen? Is this really the calm before the st…[View]
145564746Islam Thread: As-salamu alaykum everybody! Please take a moment to pray for our brothers and sisters…[View]
145567385A Republican Introduced an Open Ended Bill to Ban Guns and It's Endorsed by the NRA: H.R.3999 -…[View]
145536506Oy Vey!: Shut it down. >no link I'm phonefagging today, sorry...…[View]
145556207LOL WTF HOW? IT'S IMAGINARY MONEY LMAO UK explain yourselves....[View]
145567300Does anyone know where I can find statistics about Blacks committing more crime adjusted for poverty…[View]
145566366YouTuber Aydin Paladin deletes video of her reading lolicon porn: Right-wing YouTuber Aydin Paladin …[View]
145567281This place is full of hypocrites and that`s why I don`t give a damn about what race or ethnicity you…[View]
145547255Why is birth control so expensive /pol/?[View]
145563419Where is the big revelation of the day pol? Lots of cowbells yesterday ... and then ... a big fat ju…[View]
145560390Is /pol/ dead: I haven't seen many great posts or anything interesting happening on 4chan in mo…[View]
145563715Socialist Ideas SURGING In The UK, America. kek[View]
145561374>that's an awful hot coffee pot >better pour it on Donald Trump >maybe not What did he…[View]
145566839Refugee City: What do you think about this idea for a sustainable solution to the current and any fu…[View]
145566972Does it hurt to know that women will never love you insensitive manchildren like they love Taylor he…[View]
145566712>2017 >Hating non-whites, women, and LGBT people >Still falling for the ruling internationa…[View]
145560305Heather Heyer's death is now being ruled as blunt-force trauma to the chest. How did the car hi…[View]
145564512What if I told you there is an ideology that teaches you the rich are bad and the poor are good? Wha…[View]
145555530White People's unwillingness to live poor is why their demographic is shrinking: Dune Coons: Li…[View]
145566669Hillary levels of asspain: Does your country have a similar story to Hillary's absolutely being…[View]
145566647PENCE, IT'S TIME[View]
145564336Is it me or is everything in the world getting shittier?[View]
145564338Why 'Me too' is EVIL! Imagine you are some homely girl, never had any attention ever. Suddenly every…[View]
145564815Straight Black Men: https://archive.fo/xGm73[View]
145566011what do you trust? what do you believe in and why? what to base your beliefs on when the next anon…[View]
145561236Did Obama Pardon Hillary?: Did Obama pardon Hillary? Comey emails released today and were entirely r…[View]
145566194Lol faggots. Western Kentucky university professor here. I found this today. Don’t worry. You aren’…[View]
145563246I have been delusional my whole fucking life about it, but i have to admit, i am not white. >dad …[View]
145562780What is the future for Germany if Europe takes a turn to the right and actually saves itself? Is the…[View]
145558995>Cowards are born in towns. Heroes in the country. - Heinrich Himmler do you agree?…[View]
145566102Comey, you’re fired. Again: So this is how it begins? http://archive.is/LdtBW[View]
145562761yall already forgot about somalia: one of the deadliest attacks of the year if not the deadliest…[View]
145563835Applying for doctoral funding in Leafland: Is this systematic racism, /pol/? Why does it matter if I…[View]
145566009How do we make this happen: The ideal Aryan map of the world, how do we make this happen?[View]
145564240WE WAZ FÜHARZ N SHIET[View]
145559955Why does /pol/ ignore that while black people commit more violent crime in the US, it's only ar…[View]
145548299Black Panther movie: What cultural and political effects will the Black Panther movie have? https:/…[View]
1455606821 in 5: >US immigration population hits record 60 million, 1-of-5 in nation fuck...…[View]
145562158Dress your daughter up like Anne Frank for Halloween: Keep the memory of the holocaust alive![View]
145563597Refute this.[View]
145565605You would think those assaulted actors would have called their union representatives at SAG... or is…[View]
145544786>grandpa, what was life like when whites were the majority? Well, /pol/? How do you respond to y…[View]
145565353Uhhh guys...: What did he mean by this?[View]
145556362Really makes you think.[View]
145563055Quebec set to pass law banning face coverings for anyone receiving public service: Quebec, despite i…[View]
145564979SHE CAN STILL WIN[View]
145565260Should Refugees be Allowed Into More Economically Developed Countries? http://www.strawpoll.me/14164…[View]
145539098What's his end game?[View]
145565428TWEET: ME TOO: Login to twitter at tweet 'Me too' this will create a huge shitstorm 'Me too' will be…[View]
145564614Roy Moore flooded with fake Russian Twitterfollowers: http://nypost.com/2017/10/16/roy-moore-flooded…[View]
145563985If democratic policies are pro-white (minority population control, create all-white suburbs i.e. 92%…[View]
145561763Tucker Carlson Thread: So Tucker Carlson is about to come on. Who will he cuck tonight? Love this ma…[View]
145556454IS THERE ANY PROOF SHE ACTUALLY FELL?: Limbaugh thinks she's trying to avoid more weinstein and…[View]
145560634***IT'S HAPPENING*** - CONGRESS & DEA COLLUDE WITH BIG PHARMA EDITION: >A joint investig…[View]
145545874Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
145562598DAK post-mortem: Serious thread. What the fuck happened last year? Was /pol/ subject to mass hyster…[View]
145564181I STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: >white people are so stupid[View]
145558169Is Mark Dice trying to get kicked off Twitter?: How dare he imply that Africa is full of black peopl…[View]
145564840Anyone else Jelly of Kim?: Did Kim win the Lottery of birth? >litterally owns a country >Bigg…[View]
145558229Why do American Cops think they're above the law?[View]
145564807Happening postponed again: Ooops happening is tomorrow now not today. Had huge information to share …[View]
145564632Boom: Hannity: Tick tock tomorrow. BOOM[View]
145564718Zionist Terrorism.: Zionism is Terrorism and a global cancer.. Time for America to stop all financia…[View]
145564692shes coming back: fuck you pol, i don't want her back in this country, imagine the fucking canc…[View]
145555888Disgusting Jewy Magic: >be me >like 16 at the time >on again, off again gf >living in da…[View]
145564603Who should lead Germany?: Frau Irene Engel or Angela Merkel? At this point, what would /pol/ think i…[View]
145557633Journalist who blew the lid off Panama Papers is killed in a Car Bomb attack: http://www.mirror.co.u…[View]
145564567drumpf btfo once again. Of course pol is silent on this[View]
145564172Daily reminder that we are here because of pure luck. All the gods humankind have invented are nothi…[View]
145561177just kek[View]
145526797Why is genetic engineering illegal?[View]
145562355((((Head of government)))): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Federal_Council I really don't …[View]
145563274Liberal regret thread[View]
145563335when did snowniggers: stop being barbarians? can they do the same in africa?[View]
145563826Why is /pol/ so blue pilled on the Puerto Rican debt crisis?: Puerto Rico is an island of democrats …[View]
145560981/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ARGUE MAN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
145563969We are Unironically on right side of history: You know what? Truthfully, 4chan is not all just satir…[View]
145564131There's no England now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nse0Ch5_cKs Is England over?…[View]
145562827anti-semitism defeated: Eighty years ago, they were the central focus of Hitler’s Holocaust. But inc…[View]
145555814>this intimidates the average trump supporter[View]
145563491I missed the NZ elections. Did our guys win?[View]
145563632HE REALLY DID IT[View]
145549187WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIANS: I have made it my objective to come here and inform the Christians of thi…[View]
145561394>carrying an umbrella outdoors in clear sunny weather What was his endgame?…[View]
145563633why did he do it bro's?: Seriously? he was a good looking guy. All he needed was a cycle of ste…[View]
145518719Just a reminder that it's usually white conservative women that are crazy about black and brown…[View]
145563573Are the protocols real or fake?[View]
145561084since we are moving towards a star trek style society: who should lead the one world government? i b…[View]
145560412Are (((They))) Behind Drag Queen Story Time?: https://www.dragqueenstoryhour.org/#about 'Created by …[View]
145563523What went wrong?[View]
145556204Just a reminder that the deep state and DARPA can literally capture your consciousness/thoughts and …[View]
145537239How do we save Germany?[View]
145557805Art and Music: Come in and let's share the arts and music that helped build and guide the west.…[View]
145559972The turning point: When was the exact moment liberals went from the subversive cool kids to the lame…[View]
145561828Man rescued from Taliban: I thought my captors were kidding when they said Trump was president: http…[View]
145550274Satan is rising once again: The acopolypse cant be stopped when we don't see it Transgender peo…[View]
145562831Mainstream media horrified about new JFK files dump: The media is in full panic mode as we get close…[View]
145560665>Sad to see so many people don't see Humans rather they see Muslims, nothing justifies what …[View]
145562343Tick Tock: Im getting tingles up my spine team. What's going to happen?![View]
145524324got a case of the blues /pol/ can we please have a memri thread today?[View]
145542136I'll just leave this here. >The star will feast on clay[View]
145542597SLAY! Black Women Most Educated Group in America[View]
145559276haha: pol always ends btfo thanks for another victory, goy[View]
145552651A lot of great investigative work on this site. And this topic has been brought forward, but it seem…[View]
145562208STOP WATCHING PORN: Why do you try to ruin your own life? Follow His immortal teachings, make your l…[View]
145562797>Be Japanese >Be a part of one of the successful and advanced nations in the modern world >…[View]
145555943Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces Of Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is: https://youtu.be/NBzDb8UB8yA remem…[View]
145562746Would he really have been that bad of a president?: He never would have been able to accomplish anyt…[View]
145559702Mexicans are the Real Racist Especially on Mexican TV: Ever noticed how on Mexican TV whether it’s t…[View]
145562370can't diesel into PR?: what mad retardation is this??[View]
145551232Is Hillary Clinton a human being?[View]
145552887where is my happening: i was promised a happening[View]
145558956How much longer we Americans going to put up with this incompetent piece of shit?[View]
145536285HAPPENING : three stabbed at London: I can't paste the twitter link for some reason (thanks Clo…[View]
145558662Anyone else gained a lot of respect for Dore this past year? He seems to be the only one left on TYT…[View]
145527478Kek: I feel something good coming upon us[View]
145559988what's wrong whitey? can't control your women?: https://www.instagram.com/justmealial/ how…[View]
145562609This is the next President of Brasil with Donald Trump. What do you guys think?[View]
145562019is Amiri King cool with /pol/?[View]
145560805So you're automatically a Russian now for enjoying shitposting on popular websites?[View]
145561298Heh, he's going down.[View]
145562292Catalonia the eternal victim.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wouNL14tAks >Waaaaaaaa! Europe sav…[View]
145558889Don't you people understand that America limiting immigration will completely wreck their econo…[View]
145549271>If we ban all guns, no more people will be shot by guns! How can anyone actually fucking believe…[View]
145541853Age of consent: How come age of consent is 18 in america and 16 on average in Europe?[View]
145561597Regional power thread: ITT, we talk about the regional powers of the . (Brazil, Australia, Mexico, I…[View]
145561095The Panama Papers - They got to her.: Investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia - dubbed a 'one-…[View]
145534481What is it about white people that lets them have objectively the most beautiful features?[View]
145561554Which African football team is this?[View]
145560888Health Care United States Fine: So since Trump dismantled Obama Care the other day, is the fine stil…[View]
145561586the absolute state of molymeme: jbp is truly the only worthy leaf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm…[View]
145561396White people are the only ones dumb enough to put up with niggers and their destructive behavior, ne…[View]
145562123Why did Bush and Cheney testify before the 911 commission behind closed doors?[View]
145561613Questions for National Socialists & 'REAL' Socialists.: Recently whenever I asked leftypol a que…[View]
145562059Based Michael Knowles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrpvoEfmdeA[View]
145561245Hi /pol/. Oldfag here, almost never post. Is Candace Owens 'our girl'? I just watched her interview …[View]
145559063Hurricane Richardo: Attention everyone attending the Richard Spencer speech at UF. Do not defend you…[View]
145561161WE WUZ: THE MOVIE: What's gonna be ya'll crackas excuse for not seeing it[View]
145547483Do you think the USA is heading for another civil war? What are you doing to prepare for this?[View]
145560010Years of Bogdanoff research into genetic augmentation has finally yielded fruit. Behold, the Gigacha…[View]
145527601/SPA/ the catalonian issue Edition: Quick rundown: >Catalonian politicians ask for an inconstitut…[View]
145552709Tila Tequila drops the dirt on how she was drugged and pimped out in Hollywood. https://www.youtube.…[View]
145561727Pic related is more white than Detroit.: Pretoria is 52% white while Detroit is 15% white.[View]
145561573Celebrate Cultural Appropriation Day Oct 31!: This year we'll be hosting a contest for who can …[View]
145561694The very first Communists were early Slavic tribes who owned so little they had to share everything.…[View]
145559703The Black List: Figured this is the best board to post this since it’s relating to laws and laws are…[View]
145561652singapore a capitalist heaven with no crime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQCY5ZpU37U[View]
145557515>His caller browses /pol/ >He also wants to fuck an otter This is the state of modern 4chan...…[View]
145556041You and me both Mr. President. You and me both.[View]
14556148517D CHESS SEPTUPLE BANK SHOT FLAWLESS VICTORY >Be Trump >Need a fall guy >Steve Bannon is a…[View]
145544088so... i guess you cucks are boycotting NBA too now?[View]
145558874After 9 years you know what I realize?[View]
145557710>everyone should have their ethnic state >Mugabe expels whites from Zimbabwe and forms an ethn…[View]
145560874Post examples of European beauty: Anything is welcome. Things that make you proud to have been born …[View]
145556805>'Why do you vote against your own self interests?'[View]
145561116I swear to god if kim jon un doesn't start nuking us soon I'm going to lose it.[View]
145554445Best FLOTUS ever.: Trump already upgraded our country's first lady everything else is gravy.…[View]
145548080What have you done to progress Germanic world domination?[View]
145561047Opinions on the film HyperNormalization?: is the thesis presented in the documentary valid? (from Wi…[View]
145545859Brit/pol/ - The Let us Share BASED Trump In Israel Images Edition: >New anti-Brexit party hopes t…[View]
145560826Humpty Drumphty: All the kings horses and all the kings men couldnt help DRUMPF make america great a…[View]
145558264Can we talk about the subversion of political terms? Look at this headline and then read the text be…[View]
145560758Mexicans are Racist: Mexicans are the Real Racist ? Trump Supporters are always called racist for wa…[View]
145558925How hard is it to immigrate to the US as a college professor? I'm currently doing my PhD in the…[View]
145560672What is the pol consensus on beauty pageants?: Are they degenerate? Do they demean women? Should soc…[View]
145555171*Blocks your son*: How do we solve the problem of the spike in valor theft in the US military?…[View]
145557457why does it exist[View]
145557294Las Vegas Theory-some major inconsistencies explained: Based on the statement by Geo Rios (his state…[View]
145552128*blocks your path*[View]
145560161This is the final solution to the polish problem.[View]
145560316autists are the ubermensch: it is almost exclusively a white male thing it allows us to flourish in …[View]
145560460Woah, Russia is so based[View]
145551466ANNE FRANK COSTUME RUSTLES BIG TIME JIMMIES: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/anne-frank-halloween-co…[View]
145553076Who was in the wrong here? I thought you white faggots looked after each other? https://www.youtube.…[View]
145559919Why is ben Shapiro /ourguy/?[View]
145557334https://youtu.be/Xuxm7MW0V0Q Why are they like this? Why cant we as a society admit they are like th…[View]
145555116As an agnostic who's been raised an atheist, which version of the Bible should I read first if …[View]
145555977I'm glad the government raised the minimum wage to $15, I can't wait to get pai-[View]
145560105Did meme magic cause this?[View]
145554706What the fuck are we doing there?: >be American >die in deadly nigger ambush…[View]
145560073Little autistic jew scared of anonymous: Are you happy /pol/ this scared little jew is terrified of …[View]
145558752What's your opinion on serial killers who only prey on prostitutes, junkies and various tramps?[View]
145546209Japan need immigrants. serious discussion thread: >United nations, IMF, World bank, OECD, WSJ, Go…[View]
145559926Blitter raid thread: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blitter-social-network/id1292998862?mt=8 Gay.…[View]
145559898Protestants: Why are protestants so quick to judge others according to the commandments when they sa…[View]
145547019no brains no problems: >white people gonna rot >muh niggers you guys are way too easy, so muc…[View]
145559706Looking at the back of the isle of lewis chessmen king piece which is a piece of a chess set found i…[View]
145557821Black people deserve Medals of Honor and Valor: Fact: It is more dangerous to be Black in America th…[View]
145559753https://www.rt.com/news/406731-somalia-death-toll-rises/ >2 cars bombs in Somalia caused this muc…[View]
145503780/OurGirl/: Who is she?[View]
145559397Tick Tock[View]
145559513Spaniards in favour of Iberian Federation: A survery is being taken in the most popular spanish web.…[View]
145559394The absolute state of Canada right now F[View]
145556124what did he mean by this?[View]
145558886Hillary will not be giving Weinsten's money back: She doesn't have it. She spent it. Will …[View]
145559448Tranies: Why are fags and cross dressers becoming popular, do leftiest get off on the destruction of…[View]
145558655Trump & Promisses: So, Trump has been a pres for a while now. Did he fullfill your hopes? Do you…[View]
145542536Tickets to Richard Spencer at UF?: How do I acquire them? Are they only being sold at the door? All …[View]
145557186This guy is a fucking pervert, and now he's saying shit about Wiensteinn: Lets start with the f…[View]
145554734did you /checkyourprivilege/ today anon?[View]
145548037Daily reminder, without the southern states, America would be 13% more white and we would've ne…[View]
145559225Hey autists its all hands on deck this shit is back. Check out la-cuck's twitter[View]
145541397When can we start gassing them?: I moved away from Gothenburg to not have to see Niggers and Afghans…[View]
145559207This Is How We Will Look To The 2100 Generation This, one day, will be Charlie Chaplin tier https:/…[View]
145559145Did they: Get (((weinsteined))) too?[View]
145552365RIP John Dunsworth: RIP Jim Lahey from Canada’s Trailer Park Boys[View]
145559044Your daily reminder: >Sexual liberation tends to result in civilizational collapse >Previous p…[View]
145551748Tell me /pol/: How can I prepare for the emp happening? Is it futile?[View]
145558830/Ourguy/: Confirmed.[View]
145558974What are some good WW2 documentaries? By good I mean no holocaust bs and as accurate and impartial a…[View]
145558957Stephen Paddock and Greg Palast schoolmates grade 2-12: Here's the link> http://www.gregpala…[View]
145558438Is your existence a net positive for humanity? Is the world made slightly better by the things you d…[View]
145558540LoL. Your kids will be brown and there's nothing you can do about. Majority of your people want…[View]
145545297Does /pol/ support legal migrants? (As long as they arent criminals of course)[View]
145552379japs teaching USA howto do jail and run shit: https://youtu.be/XvBsixRbNy0 gods damn mofukers we nuk…[View]
145558155Is Trump literally the worst president ever?[View]
145557696CAHAHALIFORNIA: http://www.dailywire.com/news/22329/democrat-who-says-his-family-obtained-ryan-saave…[View]
145554047Austrian Green Party is confirmed to not make it into parliament. They are also going into debt beca…[View]
145558390*reads Nietzsche once*[View]
145558089Was he /ourguy/?[View]
145558341Anon reads a bunch of lefty authors: Does anyone here has screencap'd the anon who told his his…[View]
145558247Pyotr Pavlensky, an artist from St. Petersburg who gained worldwide notoriety after nailing his scro…[View]
145548058>american intellectuals[View]
145554304Flag update: Sup autists: here's the location in France where Shia's flag is allegedly loc…[View]
145558015Did he do it /pol/?[View]
145552045>the wall will never be bui-[View]
145557954>Playing with fire - a look at the events of 16/10/2017 between Israel and Syria. >...a very u…[View]
145550112Trump mocks and taunts Pence constantly for his religious beliefs: >Pence ridiculed >Tillerson…[View]
145557877Reminder that americans will not survive the race war. They have wreaked havok for too long all arou…[View]
145547802How the fuck is this legal?: I'm fairly certain a corpse can't consent to the police takin…[View]
145554892Are white South Africans really 'white'? They look more like gypsies to me[View]
145549629Pedowood General, The original General that got shilled to oblivion: PRIMARY SOURCES ARE INCLUDED AT…[View]
145557623Nationalism is now officially obsolete: I used to be an ignorant right-wing nationalist, that was un…[View]
145555177Me, too; It was me: Why havent you posted this to your social media yet?[View]
145542003I am blind so I don't really understand the need for racial division[View]
145553733portuguese Lula: former socialist prime minister of Portugal investigated for corruption https://www…[View]
145555181>Washington (CNN)A North Korean official reaffirmed Pyongyang's commitment to developing a l…[View]
145549977>got thrown out of history class for suggesting Hitler and nazis were left wing and not right win…[View]
145547111Z U C C: Red pill me on the Zucc lads.[View]
145555839It's the year 2008 and you are told (by a future traveller), that the 45th president of the U.S…[View]
145554255Sanctuary State BTFO: http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/10/10/ice-director-no-choice-but-to-a…[View]
145550900We don’t deserve this man.[View]
14555728710 months in and the debt still hasn’t been fixed Explain this Drumptards[View]
145547870Daphne Caruana Galiziea thread, part 2: Well known journalist blown to smithereens. This is why you …[View]
145553938Should refugees be allowed into More Economically Developed Countries? http://www.strawpoll.me/14164…[View]
145549949ISIS on the run?: ISIS is dying in the Middle East and now two top commandos in the Philippines is d…[View]
145557177>american 'education'[View]
145557070The video begins with a black title screen, which informs us, the viewer, that the online video whic…[View]
145557089The eternal boomer: http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/16/dsouza-accepts-the-lefts-big-lie-about-america…[View]
145557003Corporate Media Happenings: Redpill me on habbenings How I see it: >an actual event that looks ev…[View]
145556994Hourly reminder: Trump is a jew puppet and he has not made America great again.[View]
145556728Bannon talking about Trump 'blowing up' Obamacare/Iran: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/bannon…[View]
145554050Red pill me on Sandy Hook: What don’t I know?[View]
145555648RED PILL ME ABOUT IRAN DEAL: can someone please briefly explain to me the iran nuclear deal, also, p…[View]
145555831Are we really believing that every woman who says they were raped was actually raped? This is gettin…[View]
145552932I'll just leave this here: So apparently Mike Cernovich has a sock Twitter account that he used…[View]
145556506Anti-Feminazi thread: Because why the hell not[View]
145540261Hi kiwi femanon here (yes, it is relevant to the discussion, and no, I won't show you my tits, …[View]
145556112Is he /oursheriff/?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/10/12/louisiana-sheriff…[View]
145556434I want to call the local immigration and emigration office to see if I'm eligible for Italian c…[View]
145546616/POL/ BTFO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA > almost one year after election > lot…[View]
145555659USA CA WILDFIRE!: California up in a blaze and i’m not talking about a doobie! Is this fire season o…[View]
145556290Chad pulls out of fight against Boko Haram after Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' comes in…[View]
145552897Offensive Jokes: post funny jokes here. >why are the gorillas sad? because they know in a millio…[View]
145538522Is 'higher education' a meme?: >be 26 years old >finished BSc in Health Sciences in January of…[View]
145549914World's Strongest Militaries: Thoughts? I think Norway should be a solid 3-4 on that list, but …[View]
145556088ITT Me Too Memes: Facebook is one huge struggle session today.[View]
145555797Why isn't infidelity punished more harshly? It's technically illegal, right?[View]
145545708How was the idea of secular democracy destroyed in just 25 years? 25 years ago everyone in the world…[View]
145554669Reminder: The earth is only 6,251 years old. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ezXcxbfr76k[View]
145555842Will I get banned from twitter for this?: I'm fucked, aren't I?[View]
145537278This is a British Royal Marines unit in the first world war according to a Swedish videogame develop…[View]
145553015I just wish to express my utter disgust at this Jew and any of you poor fools who've fallen for…[View]
145555341How do we save the white man from cultural marxism? Pic very much related[View]
145554803Be On the look out for Florida Man: Attention everyone attending the Richard Spencer speech at UF Do…[View]
145555714Paddock FPS game development cancelled: Apparently their patreon got shut down for violating guideli…[View]
145554425California becomes First Non-Gendered State: California becomes the first Gender Neutral and Gender …[View]
145555588Reminder /pol/ is a Christian board, if you deny this fact you are closeted fag.[View]
145555578It is estimated that next year China will surpass the US in total economic size. This is a significa…[View]
145536917This is the most important current political movement: And it will become even more important in the…[View]
145548264What if the problem with society is that men and women are no longer capable of living up to eachoth…[View]
145555408Is this guy a sociopath?[View]
145553489Does /pol/ redpill Jews?: I have been thinking a lot about the anti-semitism in the board and came t…[View]
145555306This mother fucker fell for the 4chan are nazis meme. nazism is fucking pathetic and 4chan is really…[View]
145553589DUDE WHAT THE FUCKING HELL https://nypost.com/2017/10/16/trump-mocks-pence-for-wanting-to-hang-all-g…[View]
145536623Germany rather invests in EU defense than NATO: NATO is obsolete. It is an organization only serving…[View]
145521853Post your favorite video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX-6Gxx0gTA[View]
145538680What should we do with the manlet problem /pol/?[View]
145555061WHITE MALE trying to go into academia: Would anyone hire a WHITE MALE for a Rhet/Comp professor posi…[View]
145549186I for one think we should write a thank you note to Julian Assange for helping Donald Trump win the …[View]
145553592>called politically incorrect >our politics are actually correct…[View]
145550044HAPPENING! SPAIN IS NOW A DICTATORSHIP: >Spain just created its first high level political prison…[View]
145554953I can't find a high quality version of this image without text, can anyone help me out? I just …[View]
145542591I've Decided To Become A Black Man: Anyone else on here transitioning?[View]
145549910Nearly 1 in 5 Women in U.S. Survey Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted: http://www.nytimes.com/201…[View]
145539791We Wuz Black Panthers an Sheeeit: The snowflakes over on /co/ are getting triggered, because every t…[View]
145553037Europe Shit Post: USA literally Eclipses Europe Nations in everything. Sweet Euro Union. Working abo…[View]
145520183You don't need a bumpstock to kill a deer. I'm a former gun owner but even I agree there i…[View]
145554515Make Alyssa Great Again: Me too. Suggested by a fellow klan member: 'If all the Aryans who have been…[View]
145554679>claims to be nationalist >hates nationalizing things…[View]
145553856Goodnight, sweet comrade[View]
145542809Why were all the Nazis scare me so much ?[