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343875853Metaverse. Matrix. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58949867 Threat or a possibility?[View]
343872791AHAHAHAHAHA Stupid BITCH! https://youtu.be/rFA1_PJgtX8 You nigger loving scum suckers!!!!!!!!!!![View]
343874298People who don't lift shouldn't be involved in politics.[View]
343857270Redpill me on esoteric Communism. Keywords: Dragon, Phoenix, Logos, Heraclitus, Fire, Sun, Morning S…[View]
343875166dying with dignity vs wage slavery: why does our society accept wage slavery as normal, but it rejec…[View]
343874013Mass vax mandate firings are a pretense to accelerate immigration.[View]
343874594Oh (Red) Deer: Is this the lighting bolt that shines in the night but doesn’t strike?[View]
343864126this is what a sleep over in 1996 looked like. feel old yet?[View]
343874945Dying words: 'I-If only.....I had....one more....booster' >coofs >dies…[View]
343876130Why are boomers like this?[View]
343875883Do speech criminals like Alex Jones deserve jury trials?: Or are some crimes just too evil?[View]
343876224kys: >be gay >make APA remove homosexuality from DSM >psychofags afraid to treat homosexual…[View]
343876217Will this be an accurate description of our century in the future?[View]
343872729I spend $1000 on bugging out and prepers gear: Ok pol, im bored and thinking about spending some cas…[View]
343873377Free Cuba, free Latín América: Cuba is the lair where the latin american (and some of the africans) …[View]
343870047Fascists of /pol/ have no rights to whine about the current police brutality on Italy: Cops here in …[View]
343873729Press S to spit[View]
343874576Is it true that Klaus is part of the Rothschild dynasty? Any reference to his parents has been scrub…[View]
343874276why do americans look like this?[View]
343870996Hello fellow white Americans. Did Tiananmen Square actually happen or was it a Jewish psyop?[View]
343873995Did he deserve it?[View]
343872194She's the latest to die as a result of gun violence in this country. Are you happy now?[View]
343868431Society collapsed[View]
343874886Why must I live in this shithole[View]
343866026I overheard my boss(who is a mason) say that he wants to initiate me. I dont know the context. What …[View]
343875560Fully-vaccinated former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies due to complications from COVID[View]
343871630Benefits of Vax Mandate Outweigh Costs of Vax Injuries: Some of you will be harmed, but that's …[View]
343874248AYOOOO: Rona be sussin fr fr cuh NO CAP we be trying to get racks g straight bussin but no cap cuh f…[View]
343868086If Israel is destroyed, the Jews will come here: Uhm bro's.. if Israel fails as a nation, doesn…[View]
343874937Kyrie Irving: Can someone redpill me on this? Why is he so evil for refusing to take the jab? I thou…[View]
343874442Volvo Nigger Colin Powell Dead From Covid Despite 2 Jabz: Will normies get the memo...?[View]
343871898How are jews not considered the master race? They always fuck over the goyim with their superior int…[View]
343874858Who owns everything: It's not the Jews or the Masons, but a small group....mostly made up of el…[View]
343875124To honor those who died on 9/11 twenty years ago, Jews erected this shopping mall. Say something nic…[View]
343862482Why doesn't COVID feel like a happening?: COVID is the biggest happening of my life (born 2002,…[View]
343855779China STUNS US With Hypersonic 'Space Nuke': I didn't see this mentioned anywhere htt…[View]
343870351Cigarettes are good for you: I'm sick and tired of my peers and shit and these little fuckin we…[View]
343871128Reminder: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians%206%3A5&version=NIV >Slaves,…[View]
343873674help me, i trolled too hard. will leo get me?[View]
343870866Rule of the people by the people for the people: https://youtu.be/cDnenjIdnnE Rojava https://www.yo…[View]
343866201Young 20 something double vaxxers this could be you: Yes you could wind up the same as this very hea…[View]
343852703STOP FETISHIZING ASIAN WOMEN: >She paints her entire body in a garish, bright yellow paint, paire…[View]
343874278The Trump curse: Cometh[View]
343857124Intelligence and women.: Do you find it attractive? Or is the body and face more important? Share y…[View]
343869509Why are you all so obsessed with eveything falling apart? Its like you want it to happen. Most of yo…[View]
343874361Nobody: > The West: >forges evidence of chemical attacks in Duma, Syria >lets bomb the shit…[View]
343833773Linustechtips goes political by giving a free pc to a communist scum fuck https://youtu.be/coVxNAYPz…[View]
343873537We lost a real one lads: A real piece of shit. T Blair next if there is any justice.[View]
343874165>just get the vaccine goy http://www.renegadetribune.com/vaers-healthy-16-year-old-boy-dies-durin…[View]
343873749What happens if I cross Pistacia vera with Pistacia lentiscus?: Crossing the Mastic/Tears of Chios T…[View]
343868627>non-white jews[View]
343873535Alex is a man of the culture as well, you know[View]
343868194Happening! Trieste starting to go rogue! They set on fire the oil tanks. For non pastas, Trieste is …[View]
343851188Nigger hate thread[View]
343873127I believe everything we're going through now is our punishment for thinking we could improve on…[View]
343873590How was life like in Germany (or just the west in general) 20-30 years ago?[View]
343869003There are no side effects from circumcision. There is no evidence to suggest there is Side effects t…[View]
343871590Would the world be a better place if the countries in red disappeared?: These countries have the low…[View]
343873771Why does China push for globohomo when Chinese people are peak globalized homonids?[View]
343873486>you will never do un uprising with your gf to overthrow comunism Why even live…[View]
343873065So you can’t purify your home, 4chinks form degenerates and trannies and yet you expect to save the …[View]
343870564How has your quality of life improved since the start of the build back better plan?[View]
343854980German diaspora here: Hallo deutsche brüder. Im from south Spain, but my region was recolonized with…[View]
343864920Your thoughts on Russians, how based are they?[View]
343872317This reptillian cock slurping faggot is behind gas prices going up, isnt he?[View]
343851846nz /pol/ dystopian inflation nightmare edition: Inflation at 5%... no more laughing at burgers https…[View]
343855344Ivermectin has nothing to do with it: TOKYO (AP) — Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, an…[View]
343870879Do you want a cold war?[View]
343866582What's his mini-city gonna look like?[View]
343873212turks are a mix of persian and greek people. there is no turk. its only a mix.[View]
343873214>less sex scenes >less nudity >more niggers >most producers are now afraid >no mo…[View]
343873134>june >all people try to convince me fo the vax >government faggot say only vaxed peopled w…[View]
343872732'Make me a sandwich': In less than a decade this went from harmless internet banter to punishable ha…[View]
343870277Safety is in humane friendships and moraliy: 1. where is evidence that jew flu corona exist? Flu is …[View]
343872884why?: someone please explain to me why it's wrong to assume and why it's wrong to not like…[View]
343872491Geiger goes clickclickclickclick: You mean the complete decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi -hadn…[View]
343869789>Be me >In college >The one trans guy is suddenly crying in class >Won't tell anyon…[View]
343872833China is based: Their commies have always been nationalistic and Xi turning on china's own capi…[View]
343850389The mechanism behind vaccine side effects and the propaganda to hide them.: >TL;DR, There's …[View]
343872125This communist won 15% of the vote in Macedonia: Opinions on the rise of COVMUNISM in Eastern Europe…[View]
343858026Macedonian /pol/: Celebration day. Nationalist VMRO won the elections over social-Democrats. Gruevsk…[View]
343867190Russia offers 300$ per migrant child born and registered in Russia.: >Moscow maternity wards are …[View]
343872567'And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood…[View]
343871993Biden's America: So... they're really gonna memoryhole this?[View]
343866642Buy Greek made appliances to support the Greek economy: Buy Greek brands such as Beko to support the…[View]
343830855What is your theory for why fair skin is almost universally favored?: I can't count how many ti…[View]
343872369Hungerpill general: Good morning /pol/ I've been meditating for a while on this and I think i h…[View]
343870415Nam pohuy: No, seriously, Russia don't give a fuck. After Nuland's visit to Russia it…[View]
343872549So it unironically happened. These faggots have my entire university campus gated with fucking brown…[View]
343872332>>343871759 Kek youre a retarded nigger that's literally a wooden house and an apple tree[View]
343872439Dominican GDP per capita - 18,346. Haitian GDP per capita - 1,728: https://youtu.be/JMcz7tNqWhw…[View]
343867732Mike Enoch DIVORCE CONFIRMED: https://courtexplorer.oakgov.com/OaklandCounty/SearchCases/ViewAction?…[View]
343864366What is the doctrine of pilpul?: I've seen this word thrown out alot when referring to jewish r…[View]
343859506The Next Phase after Tranny Normalizaton.: Human DNA editing and general bio-engineering is coming u…[View]
343864837Thinking about running for office with the goal being President. This is some, not all, of some of m…[View]
343872215This is why the vaxxers won. 4chan’s boogieman keeps you behaved.[View]
343869183Salimetrics and DNA theft: Redpill me on salimetrics and how I can get a covid zertificate without g…[View]
343859049The official map of White People :[View]
34385708525% of McDonalds meat is human flesh: >11:32 https://rumble.com/vnk2o7-simon-parkes-and-charlie-w…[View]
343862601CIA here, AMA[View]
343864151What happened to Colorado?: > Staying in Colorado for a few months with a family member > they…[View]
343863013What is the /pol/ consensus on Gaddafi?[View]
343865810Are Boomers the ultimate victors of history? Like them or not, they have managed to dominate society…[View]
343871995I just took a big steamy shit at work and posting on the shitter. Haven't even wiped yet. Clean…[View]
343827294IT BEGINS: THIS IS THE DOWNFALL OF THE MEDIA…. Working in News Media sucks. Don’t do it.[View]
343869042https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI81yqgRWGc What's next for her?[View]
343871962Turkbros, we got too cocky...: https://ahvalnews.com/turkey-economy/turkey-no-longer-among-top-20-ec…[View]
343867444/Anglosphere General/: This thread is about the future of the Anglo nations and are increasingly clo…[View]
343844421Oh nonono rural fags seething >but muh heckin corn[View]
343862956United against white supremacy: How do we strengthen the union of the jewish and black communities a…[View]
343868183Never attribute to incompetence what can be attributed to malice.[View]
343871774Should nonces get the rope?[View]
343858987What the fuck Balkans: Serbia increases their military value from $700 million to $1.4 billion in th…[View]
343870798HAPPENING https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/stefan-bieret-assistant-to-house-sergeant-at-arms-charge…[View]
343865532Why does /pol/ reject the one drop rule or 'you are what your father is'?: For instance i myself am …[View]
343828392Prepping for dark Winter: I have $100 and I'm going to Aldi. What should I get for dark winter?…[View]
343858709aus/pol/ based and brave pulled edition: Based anon an heros to take out police bus. https://youtu.b…[View]
343862233When did you outgrow your edgy nazi phase and realise the good guys actually did win WW II?[View]
343868520This is what Black Lives Matter is focusing on these days[View]
343856454Face Is Superior Than Height: I am 5'8 yet I have an extremely beautiful face, and I am drownin…[View]
343869335So tell me again why you aren't using Brave.[View]
343870553Hail Klaus - vendetta 2021: /Pol/ is full of tards which love Nazi ideology but hate WEF, ID2020 etc…[View]
343811770Is it happening?[View]
343869702it starts when the weather cools down[View]
343870551>a pig has an IQ of 20 >what do you expect?…[View]
343850164I'm worried about what happens after I die.[View]
343866990Mercury removal from brain: 4years ago i was inyoxicated by meevury fumes. Mri findings and csf prot…[View]
343867634Make me beautiful God. https://youtu.be/c8fIHnQyhDw[View]
343870174>condition: new um idk about that....[View]
343870093He is right: No matter what you do, no matter how much money you throw at it. You will never be a wo…[View]
343846626Win World War 2: Let's say you have a time machine and are now in Hitler's shoes...how do …[View]
343863154why does this have the racism flair?[View]
343859444What went wrong deerbros?[View]
343833579Taiwan will be the catalyst to ww3, just as Serbia was to Austria and the rest of the world. If not …[View]
343853581Brazil: The country that divided /pol/[View]
343865170Race Traitors: Check out these race traitors. https://twitter.com/kevinryancomedy/status/14497835722…[View]
343844563NANOPARTICLE MIND CONTROL IS REAL: This topic is political because mind control, especially mind con…[View]
343870323Sober Faggot Holocaust when!?: Sober Faggots everywhere! This board has no hardened drug addict alco…[View]
343868484neofolk and metal musician killed in kongsberg bow massacre: andrea meyer had several projects with …[View]
343863179Is being an Ashkenazi Jew in the 21st century the greatest privilege ever? You have wealth. Money. C…[View]
343866095Foo Fighters: How do we get a message to them anons? How can we go home?[View]
343863711meme magic is fucking real holy shit boys >looking at vaccine injuries telegram >ladies last n…[View]
343860384Netflix Series Depicts Anti-Vaxxers being murdered: This is one of the most popular series on Netfli…[View]
343854804Wait, what the FUCK ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…[View]
343867348https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmv5mdTsEw >We want to go Poland! Tell them! They don't let…[View]
343860325do vaccines contain aborted cells that are filtered out in the final product or do they simply use a…[View]
343865065You're walking around outside without a mask on, just minding your own business. Suddenly, you …[View]
343863209What is the most important redpill of all?[View]
343869706>mfw I discovered a few weeks ago that there's a star on top of the soviet WWII flag Ok, so …[View]
343841027/auspol/ Abbo Hate thread - worse than niggers edition: Oh you Americans with your cute 13/52 thread…[View]
343863764What does /pol/ thinks of airsoft?[View]
343861816Look at me[View]
343865209Pfizer literally owns the main NZ News TV: Gee no conflict of interest here.[View]
343861974Why the fuck do you guys worry that 'muh basedciety is about to collapse in a few decades!!!' so muc…[View]
343863918Realistically where do (((they))) go from here, where even polls which heavily oversample Democrats …[View]
343863201Please stop joking about rape[View]
343848404Survival / Prepping Thread Cont'd... >>343839713[View]
343851149Since this is just a honeypot spamfest, let's bring the real ones here: Stop wasting time with …[View]
343854102I'm gonna blow $250 on the books you recommend in this thread: I've run this thread twice …[View]
343857066How do the tech oligarchs defend themselves?[View]
343867161Finns are a race of dinosaurs: What are the political ramifications of Finns being descended from Tr…[View]
343864978How do I join the Jews? If you can't beat them, join them, I say.[View]
343852779brit/pol/ - why's it so dark: Ed Miliband insists Labour will win at 2015 election http://www.t…[View]
343865350>Africans are low IQ[View]
343851786Why do people patronize delivery apps?: It adds 50-100% to the price and it takes a good hour.…[View]
343868989UHH, VAX BROS? Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination.: A new Harvard study is…[View]
343858253Why do so many racial realists break down into IQ-denying SJWs if you bring up Jews?[View]
343865920Red pill me on leaning and other subconscious things in men and women.[View]
343858156Why are chinks obsessed with jews?: >[video of that american who lived in China, talking about ho…[View]
343863283What is the point anymore?: i knew at a very young age that this shit was going to crash and burn on…[View]
343863685Can you imagine a European President saying this?: This is bad, it's pretty bad. But I guess it…[View]
343865815Brutalism needs to be recognized as the official architectural style of /pol/[View]
343849683Salt: The Answer To Everything: Yes, even politics. So don't ban me again! This may seem like a…[View]
343864039you served the army, right?: you were trained in survival, right?[View]
343855554Sotheby's buys land in DECENTRALAND Metaverse: F𝗮cebook will be known 𝗮s '𝗮 met𝗮verse comp𝗮ny' …[View]
343863582Fuck Unions: How do we exterminate these pests once and for all? They're literally all lazy ent…[View]
343860917HAPPENING-HERES-SOME-STUFF-YOU-CAN-GOOGLE-WOOH: Faceberg leaked banned words list https://theinterce…[View]
343868711The pegasus leakis a diversion: The pegasus leak is nothing but a coverup to diverge to the public…[View]
343866167Should Britain colonize the Falklands and build the first 1st world nation in South America?[View]
343865461>1997, Australia >Be me, 13 - usual day >Get on bus with my snackpack >3 kids talking ab…[View]
343865045The end: Dear Anons, A lot of insanity is going on lately and we know why, country leaders have kept…[View]
343861710Will Estonia fall into vaccine dystopia?: https://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/a/e845ae4d-85c3-4e28-aba…[View]
343861513I believe it's time for a politically relevant Terry thread: Politically relevant because of CI…[View]
343866835Thank you NYT for recalling a topic that racist genocidal white supremacists want to bury and forget…[View]
343865301Superior mixed race here. So glad my white mother got to know my dad whos african and i didnt turn o…[View]
343867714Cyprus: What happens here? Is this a good place to escape zog/globohomo as a white man that wants a …[View]
343857674Whats the next scam that people will fall for after NFTs? How can it get any stupider than this? Sel…[View]
343863543How the Europe should have looked after the world wars: The perfect map VGH. Every agressor gets rig…[View]
343863180Conspiracy theorists have been claiming since at least the 1950s that the Elites/Illuminati/Globalis…[View]
343860526Golf rumors: What is it ? Enlight me anons[View]
343859591Why the fuck is this the most triggering post of all time on /pol/? We /biz/ fags are truly superior…[View]
343867695Who was this false flag going to be blamed on?: My guess is the evil 'anti-vaxxers.'[View]
343867920Law or Military: Be Irish points based system for college. Don't what I want to do in college b…[View]
343867596Nazis used to be vocal about how they wanted to do to slavs the same as anglos have done to native a…[View]
343856349Nothing's gonna stop straightoids from ending like this. :)[View]
343828491Hate us cuz you ain't us.[View]
343856808China showed off it's hypersonic missile to the world the other day to America's surprise:…[View]
343867620>'morality comes from evolution' >'humans with morals and who are cooperative enough to form a…[View]
343836482Why do we let civilians have access to military grade night vision and body armor?[View]
343822019Give me one good reason why I should not side with the globalists and satanists? What do you have to…[View]
343866593Just got the second dose of Pfizer prions. Gonna get any booster shots too when they become availabl…[View]
343866725Corona Test a scam: So I'm heading to a friends marraige celebration soon and it's gonna b…[View]
343855407LIVE Italian Zog Police is going to watercannon protesters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVbl063O…[View]
343865669FIJI IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS: Fiji Travel Bubble Fast Facts: Visitors must show proof of vaccinatio…[View]
343856089WHAT DID MY LAW TEACHER MEAN BY THIS ?????: I need your interpretation. I am in third year. The prof…[View]
343835200Why are Whites dying out?: >White men conquer the world and develop civilization >Brown men ra…[View]
343860434How do we RedPill Pedophiles that sex with Children under 25 is traumatizing and that their brains a…[View]
343861696Violence is the supreme authority from which all authority is derived.[View]
343861740You vill eat ze bugs. You vill drink ze cockroach milk. You vill drink sewage poo-poo wasser. You vi…[View]
343838793mRNA never worked and big pharma knew it: https://www.statnews.com/2017/01/10/moderna-trouble-mrna T…[View]
343835466Comfy Africa thread?: I love hearing how completely inept Africans are at building a society get com…[View]
343862544I sometimes wonder how it is to be from a historically irrelevant country. How do you feel? What mak…[View]
343865244Greta just opend another Clownworld dimension: Holy fucking CRINGE https://twitter.com/i/web/status/…[View]
343850021Seriously, bros. It's getting old. We need to stop.[View]
343866326no conspiracy bs, this is the deal with the vaxx mandates: https://rumble.com/vnpbdv-jim-hale-interv…[View]
343859221HAPPENING, TRUMP TO BE REINSTATED BY THANKSGIVING 'This is the big announcement, everyone,' Lindell …[View]
343866130>So you're going to find an actual meaning with family, folk, nature, tradition, and not jus…[View]
343856073why are you such whiny little faggots?: isn't turning around a seemingly impossible situation w…[View]
343857792redpill me on aspirin[View]
343862462Proof Of Pope Francis Being A Pedophile: Hello frens. As the title said, can we get a list of eviden…[View]
343865207>The real Fascists are Antifa! Hitler would be a dem!!!! No you're the Fascist!!!…[View]
343865486>This is how the average american women will look like by 2060. And you guys dislike it? Y'a…[View]
343865747I just love her /pol/[View]
343859666When did you realise you were the chicken?[View]
343862892Covid 19: Anons, lets follow the money. Which countries benefit the most from plandemic? First i can…[View]
343864874is Joe Biden CGI?[View]
343865159How do you feel about this person?[View]
343858629>born with average genetics >lift >get girl well below him aesthetically >start family w…[View]
343851552/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343854643JOHN BOLTON TO RUN IN 2024?: Will /pol/ get on the Bolton Balloon if he gets the nomination? What wo…[View]
343864184Good Work!: I am so proud of you all, you have been doing such good work. You deserve to take some t…[View]
343864981have sandcels ever recoverd from this mog?[View]
343862864Okay I'm nonvaxxed and based and all of that and it's fun but...: How do I find now an non…[View]
343844972You Can’t Beat Them: So why not join them? Your politicians have been intermarrying with Jews for de…[View]
343861075Why are you not helping the white race?: how old are you retard? why still no white children? look a…[View]
343817291Ulcerative colitis: Why is it and Chron’s becoming so common now? What does the Jew put in the food …[View]
343864662God is real: So next live is. I have seen. The few i know is that there is a hyerarchy. An inmortal …[View]
343853986So why haven't you brought down your local pharmacy today? https://twitter.com/lib_crusher/stat…[View]
343859563Brexit - Operation Overdrive: Something just dawned on me /pol/ and its a brain fart of mine just no…[View]
343860563Realistically, how do we fix this?[View]
343863901Best deposition ever.. dominion guy is seriously unhinged.. Best bits start at 2:30:00 Mark https://…[View]
343844359Got fired for refusing the vaxx: Finally got them to fire me. They were trying SO hard to just get …[View]
343858887Question for anglos: How does it feel like you and your grandparents destroyed the world and your wo…[View]
343858937The Charlottesville lawsuit is finally going to trial next week. Who does /pol/ support in this lega…[View]
343862713lmao: 'chosen people' my ass[View]
343854831>mfw you realize most Americans here would not be considered white in Europe…[View]
343861139OHNONONO: how will /pol/ ever recover?[View]
343858458Jews: why are they so hated they kill muslim terrorists so they seem cool to me[View]
343861254Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's remarks to the Governors Association.: https://www.c-span.org/…[View]
343834393United States of America: 1776-2021 Here lies one of the greatest and most powerful nations in human…[View]
343852563Why did communism collapse in Europe and Africa, but NOT in East Asia?[View]
343855373Why is the 'best country in the world' behind in every possible way? Does any other country tolerate…[View]
343862705>activate la palma[View]
343862197Vaccine mandates will be in effect soon: November 22nd is when Biden's vaccine mandate for fede…[View]
343862873Overdrive!!!!!: The political implications of hormone blockers is imense and we should fight it with…[View]
343863522Even Rio de Janeiro is whiter than big american cities: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CcAYObnlehE…[View]
343861341The story of the Kung Flu: The story of the Kung Flu >Be Moderna >Raise tens of billions from …[View]
343862629Congrats to Comedy Legend Dave Chapelle: For winning his first 'Anti Semite of the Week' award. >…[View]
343862834What is Capitalism?: If your going to be pro-capitalist, or anti-capitalist your going to need to kn…[View]
343862119I live in a white country and I have not seen a white person on TV in months.[View]
343858679Why can’t the entire Muslim world of billions and tons in Russian/soviet and Chinese gibs beat a few…[View]
343863031How do we save the White race /pol?[View]
343835406The Irish should stop being hypocrites and accept refugees[View]
343862473Bourgeois Progressivism: It's funny to think that political commentators like Hasanabi, and his…[View]
343847212KIKE HATE THREAD: Itt we hate kikes. Post memes, infographics, webms, best JQ redpills, and pictures…[View]
343845434Average redditor is afraid of socializing with people who have different opinion on politics. /pol/…[View]
343853591As a young white male, is there any point?: Everything is pozzed and we're due to be (hated) mi…[View]
343852826small questioniro to the americanoids why do you hate hispanic people so much and call them outside…[View]
343859497I've done the research: Fellow /pol/acks, I went to Auschwitz a while ago, and I have evidence …[View]
343858556Get woke go broke is BS: Pic related is the most watched Netflix show of all time. Only recently bea…[View]
343835777They Are Making Their Move.: 1.) Isolating inmates to solitary confinement if not jabbing. 2.) Natio…[View]
343862802>noooo not the boomeeino the old seniorino this is outrageous war nowww…[View]
343849566Little Witch Nobeta: Why does this game make west taiwan chinks seethe so hard? After they all got b…[View]
343861972Do you think the US Govt would actually bomb/drone strike its own citizens?: Originally I thought …[View]
343860464What would life be like if 99.99% of the entire human population succumbed to an acute, lethal affli…[View]
343860404POWERFUL: https://streamable.com/ntequw[View]
343834670DARPA, LOL: Is it any wonder that our enemies are winning? Have you heard this shit about how an Ame…[View]
343856301aus/pol/: We're being replaced in our homelands.[View]
343862399Buying Greek made appliances to support the Greek economy: Buy Greek brands such as Beko to support …[View]
343861507DAILY REMINDER: Volcanoes can literally form from outta nowhere. You see picrel? That shit started o…[View]
343862574>get in the electric cage goym[View]
343862382Natural Immunity General - /NIG/: Welcome to /nig/ How are you boosting your immunity anon? New vid…[View]
343856680Help me fill it in.[View]
343858446Italy, Trieste: dockers under attack ... live ...: #Trieste live coverage https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
343853597I want to go back bros[View]
343859930Lets discuss the american remake: >add gays (blacks) >trannies (whites) >womeh (blacks and …[View]
343862134IDS HABBENING!: CNA( a government authority that keeps track of what's said on television) will…[View]
34385874791 KB JPG I'm an Aussie on Australia's largest ISP so I cannot make a new post, but I rece…[View]
343858338Would you like to be a commercial pilot?: There are thousands in the world, and every year some of t…[View]
343856426Is it over?: Feels that way innit?[View]
343861959dumb childhood story: anons, share your dumb childhood story, i'll start >be me >back in…[View]
343859161Reminder: the only way out of this is prayer: Seek God while He can still be found[View]
343861108Any logical reason against homosexuality? >They molest and/or rape children Actually, heterosexua…[View]
343860413Andrew Anglin: Where is he? pic related[View]
343858039Did anything come out from John McAfee's dead man's switch?[View]
343861793The greatest mistake: I’m coming after all your fake faiths I am the last of saviours. Accept me or …[View]
343813599The average American woman is just shy of being classified as obese. How is this not a top priority?…[View]
343856177The GREATEST Rest, a TRUNEWS documentary coming out soon!: Hello anons, there is a documentary comin…[View]
343858697Why does /pol/ never talk about how all the “Jews” you hate so much are clearly Italians? I mean, it…[View]
343858762How the fuck do I avoid the devil? HOW?! Please tell me![View]
343861704>be jewish >think you are god’s chosen and all special and shit >covid hits >forced to …[View]
343844000Just started a job at a Walshart deli after being a NEET for 2 years. Is this really how most people…[View]
343860433I don't have a problem with black people and Jews.[View]
343856432So what's going to happen when the super cold arrives in the US?[View]
343861402What would the world look like today if Schicklgruber had stayed the fuck within the Versailles bord…[View]
343815171What happened to Vox Day?: What's he up to these days and did he ever retract his support for Q…[View]
343833626>/pol/ approved webms[View]
343858213Who will be the one to shoot the proton torpedoes up Voldemort's butthole?[View]
343848984Governmentfags: You can legally dick your employer for being retarded scienceniggers now. https://lc…[View]
343858416balt/pol/: the incoming lockdown edition: hello frens, are you ready for the new regulations the kik…[View]
343846575Happening?: https://twitter.com/cnbc/status/1445091901741359105 >CNBC twitter >(Paid Post for …[View]
343858431neo-Nazi groups are child sex trafficking fronts. All their key leaders like Pic related and Kevin A…[View]
343860510Olympic level skiier gots a brain hemorrhage: It's a mystery. https://www.kestavyysurheilu.fi/h…[View]
343853864How are we feeling unvaccinated bros? Are you finally realizing you're now a billionaire becaus…[View]
343854073Right now Japan only accepts Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca as valid vaccines Everybody talks abou…[View]
343850761MOODS, MOOOODS, MOOODS: how the fuck there isn't 20 threads about this? Our girl just went main…[View]
343859311europoors are waking up >massive influx of pointless amerishart hate threads it feels good knowin…[View]
343860594The Thread That Can't Be Named #2: Here's another of the threads that can't be named.…[View]
343847778>US stations Troops in Taiwan >China does fucking nothing Yep, those cuck boys were all talk. …[View]
343850386I love you all: Thank you. You are nobody, you don't even exist, I'm fully aware of that. …[View]
343853946Any treatments for the vaccine mRNA?: Besides the stuff not already covered in this post? List as fo…[View]
343859658Who was in wrong here?[View]
343819761federal government niggers: has anyone filled this religious purity test out? does it need filled ou…[View]
343850538Only male body type that should be allowed to reproduce.[View]
343821547Los Angeles, California: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding areas?…[View]
343857120Do Not Go To Trade School: >'Go to trade school bro! College is a scam. Plumbers make 100k a year…[View]
343855341Trevor Noah asks 'where are all the good cops'?[View]
343854336how long until chinks fully own us?: and im not jus talking about USA. im talking about the West. ch…[View]
343833795pol humor thread[View]
343856483I don't like Americans. Because I am a racist.[View]
343856595Not sure if antisemitic or not What do you guys think?[View]
343838036The US will shed blood to ‘ensure Rainbow Flag of Diversity’ flies over Taiwan: Darren Beattie, a fo…[View]
343854300/pol/ should have trademarked clownworld[View]
343859736Israel is a Prince: I'm moving to fucking Israel. Fuck you mamzers. https://youtu.be/JlrWQl9kvV…[View]
343859664Iranians are so based, runescaping this guy off. Meanwhile I can't find a place on the map that…[View]
343857541Mental illness is believing everything you see on CNN is a lie.[View]
343857202So this is the new Republican hope? How deep does the hate for Democrats go? Will you vote for a Jew…[View]
343850731What are some solid arguments against democracy?[View]
343849152'We forgive you Germany': at least somebody knows real history. /pol/ BTFO![View]
343858013Why are whites going insane?[View]
343859248Directed energy, medical trafficking and COVID-19: What are the chances the government has been usin…[View]
343825086At this point I have started to legitimately believe in demonic possession, there is no way these li…[View]
343856377wtf is this?: uhhh anons? https://archive.org/download/elite-human-trafficking[View]
343859222The spqr: Will siege israel. You will all be raped by the turks again. You will be replaced for Pale…[View]
343822875Marriage: Does a decline in marriage rates ultimately cause women or men more harm? I see a fair per…[View]
343852195Since the politicians aren't back to Parliament for a little bit, it's gone completely qui…[View]
343856953love and hate countries folks[View]
343838576Housing: >almost 200k >600sq ft shack crack house >small town 45 mins north of a major city…[View]
343854639Can't wait for the revolution. Fuck capitalists[View]
343858324I be readin[View]
343853605Shills still don't get it: >why would they kill off the good goys and leave the bad ones alo…[View]
343858112Unsolvable problems in america...[View]
343855999Zoomers are retards: >be me >be 19 years old and in 12th grade >federal state (BW) implemen…[View]
343854243BRITISH GAME OVER: British fertility rates have fallen to the lowest level in recorded history, whil…[View]
343853380>What's wrong with the West? Not caring about its most productive resource - men.…[View]
343856359'Dark Winter': Dozens maybe hundreds of cargo ships are being stopped from unloading food and other …[View]
343852916I got the J&J vax because it was single shot: What the fick are they pulling here? I don’t want …[View]
343855623Communism and Capitalism are the same: >both terms coined by marx >both funded and run by jews…[View]
343813269At what percentage of the population will the clash between Muslims (middle easterners) and Christia…[View]
343848907What happened here?: Did the video get out?[View]
343852788Is Sweden the origin of globohomo?: It seems like it all started here back in maybe 2015-16 where I …[View]
343832292A M E R I C A: https://www.foxnews.com/us/art-institute-of-chicago-fires-docents-diversity…[View]
343858128/ourguy/: >white megalomaniac >loyal to his friends even after death (epstein) >uses africa…[View]
343850509Deprogramming: Dont worry /pol/ american teachers will deprogram the brainwashing done by Qanon, fox…[View]
343857817How do we help China and Russia wipe out USA? America is the number 1 enemy of European blooded peop…[View]
343855873What stage is your country on?: I'd say we're a solid 6, pushing on 7[View]
343857713Kiwi /pol/ two weeks edition: No zoomers aloud[View]
343840702Where’s the proof of voter fraud, /pol/: It’s been almost a year and there has been no evidence of v…[View]
343857459Nucrear bomb americans wirr die: Herro pree american, I ama forey representatif a from a Chiena. Gro…[View]
343856064They have sent Danish sperm to Finland: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-12146279 Women in Finland who for o…[View]
343857106HOW RETARDED ONE MUST BE? TU TRUST THE 'SCIENCE'?: https://twitter.com/ke11ybender/status/1448936949…[View]
343856761Are the chinese white?: I heard they're just a mutted soup of different subhuman races, but Chi…[View]
343849431Gen Z economics: Gen Z transcends economics by not buying anything. They tailor clothes instead of b…[View]
343854168Female Black Students Get Enraged At Police Matter Sticker: lol https://youtu.be/naHvwgXXEgA[View]
343852864Please, heed my words. If not for me then for the sake of our world, try your best to spread some go…[View]
343853576What did Otava Yo mean by this?: Russiabros, is anything known about Otava Yo's political belie…[View]
343835874BREAKING: LUKASHENKO kicks frog ambassador out: France’s ambassador ‘ordered out of Belarus,’ leaves…[View]
343833962Black Lives Matter has gone from promoting Black business to saying white people should stop listeni…[View]
343848572How fucked am I if I just had one (1) shot of the mRNA vaccine(Moderna) before realizing it was all …[View]
343854936>The U.S.A. has no poets, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe. F. Scott Fitzgerald, …[View]
343856818he's too smart for his own good[View]
343853805I'll Seriously Try if I Go to Another World!: >34-year-old virgin loser is kicked out of his…[View]
343856731Why are mutts unable to comprehend that alliances between countries are good? The west will continue…[View]
343856461Stop Working: No, seriously. Stop working, become homeless if you have to, abuse every gib program t…[View]
343850708Cold war: Dear Ameribros Why are shipping containers placed like chess pieces?[View]
343856324/fit/ helped me get through /pol/ phase: Thank you anons. /fit/ helped me realise that it doesn…[View]
343855874are the culture wars really important, or is it all a distraction for something else?[View]
343849004Chad communist DEBUNKS Critical Race Theory: As well as Third Worldism. https://youtu.be/Exv_lRlIvNk…[View]
343854050Aussies getting fired for attending party during lockdown: Newshub: Jaydn McCarthy is second model, …[View]
343854164What is gonna happen if people start mysteriously dying during the upcoming winter season[View]
343855862>all these liberal westcuck countries protesting against vaccine mandates >we have had mandate…[View]
343851171Between 2 and 3 billion people already got infected with covid since the start of the 'pandemic.' Of…[View]
343855549What if China banned all trade with the US? How bad would it get?[View]
343854061Glownigger-Proof Organization: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a scifi novel that lays out a method …[View]
343828707Seattle is a shithole thread: Hello fellow Freeattle goys, how are you holding up in this 3rd world …[View]
343851892I was circumcised without consent: How should I feel knowing I’ll never feel the normal sensations o…[View]
343855631Losing the will to live: Fuck globalhomo[View]
343853488Western Leafland Fall Municipal: Well, /pol/... Election day is here! On the referendum menu, we ha…[View]
343825713Happening!! Conex container Trojan horse: Super Omega happening all of the sea containers surroundin…[View]
343854696Story time! Real life interaction.: Pic not related. So anyway I walk around my neighborhood quite …[View]
343846213Riboflavin and UV light kills SARS Cov 2: All done https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7428…[View]
343850668I just had a dream about fucking a twink boi. Am oi gay now?[View]
343825783Fuck the nz parliament and fuck glowniggers: They won’t ease lockdown restrictions no matter how man…[View]
343811201CAPITALISM WILL DESTROY ITSELF: when did you realize late-stage capitalism cannot economically suppo…[View]
343845642/desipol/: Bhagwa raj will come soon.[View]
343820440Globohomo Thread: Post em, i’ll start.[View]
343843681How can I make this a reality?[View]
343838491Emma Watson said she doesn’t particularly feel any degree of pride or accomplishment after having co…[View]
343852962statist cucks will defend this: >FIAT money is important and necessary because your government ne…[View]
343842638aus/pol/: Hitler did nothing wrong.[View]
343855346Intactivism: >one chance at life >circumcised I want to kill myself…[View]
343850764Guten Tag, Does anyone know this spanish activist: Isabel Peralta? Cant speak any Spanish so maybe a…[View]
343840037LEAKED FDA EMAILS PROVE THEY WERE BEHIND THE IVERMECTIN SMEAR: https://twitter.com/marybethpf/status…[View]
343852258>You didnt listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxrFEZLugjU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iP…[View]
343851411You will live in ze Metaverse goyim[View]
343847179>be me >playing Todd Howard games >hear gun fire >4 niggers start shooting at each other…[View]
343846497Texas General - /TGD/: Nice crisp evening out there aint it? What has your attention lately with Tex…[View]
343855133GREAT IS THE PNM!: I welcome you post in Banana Republic/3rd world/shithole/little Venezuela. 'This…[View]
343853873You vill purchase your delivery food with microcredits.[View]
343854868Of LDS and Amish: I've seen this gif a number of times already, but just how credible is it? Wi…[View]
343852396What did Biden promise China?: pic related, what is Biden caving on? Or did we just find Hunter…[View]
343850975Memory Hole Memorial: Daily reminder that the US Government Assassinated the Haitian president, Bide…[View]
343853657forgive my naïveté, but /pol/, is it really true that anons can end up on a watchlist for simply eng…[View]
343851698What Lilith's story and what it means?: Lilith was created from the same soil as Adam, that mea…[View]
343851970Did Stalin do drugs?[View]
343848000Trust the science and experts: I have just finished watching > https://worldtruthvideos.website/…[View]
343849777https://a.uguu.se/SmDPgmXg.mp4 Uhhhh wtf, chinabros? Time to root for someone else, but who? [video …[View]
343836668Post your biblical proof that the Bible is against the COVID Vaccine: Fellow Christians and Bible be…[View]
343847509Take the vaccines. Then start the deworming cycle at the same time. Or take anti parasite natural m…[View]
343853818Free app/games are data collection honeypots to teach ai to act human: Prove me wrong or prove me ri…[View]
343839505Squid game?: People are saying there's a political message behind Netflixs squid game . It…[View]
343851651So whats the financial future for the average amerimutt going to be like? What will the living stand…[View]
343850609The truth sets you free.: '''they''' want you to stop influencing boomers.[View]
343847413Why are Leftists so bad at making satire, /pol/?[View]
343853538>Debating with some retard on twitter >hover over their profile >It says they're a uni…[View]
343853542Americans will be 'the enemy' in WWIII.: Not 'America' but Americans. Our own politicians will suppo…[View]
343852507What is the JQ’s solution?: They’ve existed as societal parasites since the dawn of civilization, an…[View]
343846859UHHHHHH VAX BROS?????????????? WTF[View]
343852538capitalism is goo-[View]
343849835How much do jews fear the mountain jew, aka the Swiss people? They unite jewish traits with German g…[View]
343852443COVID DIRECT QUOTES DATABASE GENERAL: /cdqd/ new fags, old fags, shills, hell even jannies can play …[View]
343853547/pol/ humor: The supreme gentleman edition https://youtu.be/z4Dck7J4Ks0[View]
343853506SIMPKONS: Just like that, kapoof How did this Mad Lad do it?[View]
343852585Bong Boomers Coking up mental health crisis: There were 14 cases of over-90s treated for cocaine abu…[View]
343853400Free Speech Doesn’t Exist: You don’t have freedom of speech in America. Trumptards will unironically…[View]
343845579Anti-Vax Thread: >'I'm not anti-vax but...' I see this line any time someone is about to men…[View]
343851711There's nothing wrong with homosexuality. Homosexual parents actually raise and adopt kids whil…[View]
343853110i want to catch covid, how do I do it?: The vaccines are useless, you risk a reaction for something …[View]
343848255Explain...: How is it that the lefts 'best' got absolutely curb-stomped by a 3rd rate conservative d…[View]
343849427Was the real holocaust what happened to White people in WW2?: Keep in mind that jews aren't Whi…[View]
343850045The only thing the Illuminati did wrong is they didn't go far enough[View]
343849633>I have information the public must know to ensure the survival of the free world >But first, …[View]
343850635The angry judeo elites are mad: They are mad the communists will behead them the capitalist bourgeoi…[View]
343851734Much time is wasted among the White Gentiles in arguing whether the Jews are a race, or whether they…[View]
343852878Gen Z/Eternal Era Of Love: What do you like about Gen Z and the “Eternsl Era Of Love” (a term they u…[View]
343811739GO BACK TO WORK!: Millennials and zoomers are the most laziest pieces of shit this country has ever …[View]
343851211Get your jab now or you will regret it: I can't stand journalists and their shit flinging…[View]
343850241I don’t think covid is the flu rebranded I’m starting to think that the flu isn’t even natural and …[View]
343849077Jewish Question? Really?: Prove to me the Jews are somehow bad. I have friends who are Jewish who ar…[View]
343849688Hitler Was Right: These two men stood with Israel, and look what happened to them...[View]
343850564I want another one.[View]
343849902Say thank you to the man for Memeflags and pro ccp shills.: Please no disrespectful comments. The cc…[View]
343846091Does anyone here plan on becoming a thirdie?: I'm tired of living in the globohomo ''''first wo…[View]
343852389fuck france: >irrelevant third world shithole >no culture >majority non white >never won…[View]
343850705bible called out NPCs thousands of years ago: >1 Corinthians 2:14 >But the natural man receiv…[View]
343852159Is politics just a mind virus/spook?[View]
343850411Cho Bai Den at it again: >“Goodbye, great power competition and hello, strategic competition,” th…[View]
343851342Holocaust Denial: How do people not see how absurd it is that you can be imprisoned for questioning …[View]
343837462Kills annoying niggers Two faggots who dared to live in his house Entire mob that went basically Ant…[View]
343849969Much time is wasted among the White Gentiles in arguing whether the Jews are a race, or whether they…[View]
343843693GOLD: Why did the price of everything go way up except for gold? Isn't gold supposed to go up d…[View]
343847927>he still handles receipts and uses toilet paper to wipe his ass I hope you like putting BPA dire…[View]
343824454This can't be happening..[View]
343849483/pol/cels BTFO’d: >Austrian authorities have arrested a rapper known as Mr Bond, whose anti-Semit…[View]
343847460Reminder: This is the only pure European pheno type.[View]
343806268Unvaxxed truckers are refusing to go to vaxxcuck cities / states: and thus causing the supply chain …[View]
343840297The Republican Party is the Fascist Party[View]
343850663What is the MBTI of every board on here, or the most common MBTI of those who browse them? What is y…[View]
343845872why the push to vax people who got coivd already?: >the unvaccinated need to be vaccinated becaus…[View]
343828559Colorado: Is it already flushed down the drain? A high-tech company is reaching out to me from Longm…[View]
343849469Zogbots Report In: Sergeant Torso, where are you?[View]
343843583/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343849593' oh hi I'm an Asian girl ! Let me ruin a white man's life and career opportunities becaus…[View]
34384822440% Of California State Workers Are Unvaccinated Despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Order: https://www.nati…[View]
343849052What the jews gonna do: when the Brazilian band Holocausto War Metal comes to town?[View]
343851288Honestly I think we need a Great Reset, we are too far gone but we still have a chance to make thing…[View]
343850174what did mack mean by this and why did he get so many upvotes?[View]
343848880I do wanna learn 3D animation, but I wanna make some 30-50 seconds pol animations, but I am afraid y…[View]
343851136PSA: Don't aswer to slide thread, don't answer to any shill thread, they want to brainwash…[View]
343851088Where are native French young men?: I don't see them post on social media, be active in public …[View]
343849134Do not underestimate us: This is a letter of contempt, from an American citizen to the terrible peop…[View]
343821405/pol/ humor thread, Monkhuehue edition: kkkkkk, seus racistas patéticos, nunca deixam de me fazer ri…[View]
343844690Is the supply chain crisis real[View]
343850634Why is so-called restorative justice even a thing? Most criminals never reform or rehabilitate anywa…[View]
343847759>the biggest lame duck president of all time had a cult You could not make it up if you tried. Pu…[View]
343849220Much time is wasted among the White Gentiles in arguing whether the Jews are a race, or whether they…[View]
343845613Drag Queens and Pride Parades should be illegal: Drag Queens and Pride Pirates should be made illega…[View]
343850209I've noticed that Boomers, civnats, cuckservatives, etc. have absolutely no response to this me…[View]
343842157>Major General, United States Army[View]
343825208Superman changes motto after 80 years: Truth justice and the American way to now be changed to Trut…[View]
343849187So wait, hold on..: Why do they push for diversity so much? To end racism? But doesn't the word…[View]
343833689Why does nu-/pol/ seethe at his existence every hour?: And why is it because they are narcissistic n…[View]
343836972Do you think communism would maybe be good if it was 100% democratic and with freedom, liberty, and …[View]
343845509Why doesn't she deserve the same attention as Gabby Petito, /pol/?: >inb4 she wasn't wh…[View]
343842060All jobs require skills: Unskilled jobs are a myth. Pay people a human wage.[View]
343847802Now that I’ve thought about it, 9/11 was actually done by the British Royalty aka the Queen lizard w…[View]
343849869Good morning, I hate niggers. Also, Heil Hitler.[View]
343850297Could this work?: Should I start learning to raise bugs to feed to hipsters and college students of …[View]
343811554This has to be a joke[View]
343849100what has conservatism actually conserved[View]
343849508After Saudi purchased a football club in the premier league. Why are anglos so fucking pathetic?[View]
343814283Buffalo, New York: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area?[View]
343831548Q: So is there a actual time line or something to him bc this is confusing as fuck[View]
343850030Why does the right continue to worship literal losers? It’s kinda pathetic.[View]
343849839If not me, who else?: The future of the white race rests entirely on me /pol/. If I don't do so…[View]
343849160this is wrong. who made this?[View]
343849947seems pretty self explanatory yet they avoid the question. i thought google new everything? why cant…[View]
343849045What percentage of /pol/ posters do you think are trolls?[View]
343849698Fuck Anglos: I can't wait for the day when all of you have been replaced by pakis and niggers.…[View]
343849710>CIA creates wokeism so the left wants to guillotine white males instead of the 1% Wow thanks for…[View]
343849685Nahua: aboriginal skull I am thoroughbr[View]
343814274I have question for the fascists on the forum: If fascism is a great philosophy, then how come Commu…[View]
343844438What did he mean by this: Pic related[View]
343848325How to handle liberal girls?: >Have gigachad tinder profile >200k car, 900k home, at age 23 (c…[View]
343841234Imagine thinking the CIA is incompetent lol[View]
343834465>antifa is shilling for big pharma[View]
343848640Is Pelosi the most corrupt U.S. politician in power today?[View]
343842762>China isn't pozz- uh oh[View]
343848868It hurts being a mamzer.[View]
343846331Only three deaths have been linked to the vaccine?[View]
343848247when a jew names the jew: with the jew network news directors adding the full sheen of high gloss ne…[View]
343848877Why are there shortages and supply line problems when all the cargo ships are ready for delivery on …[View]
343845296When did you realize the media is the enemy of the people?[View]
343842957Is it time to learn Mandarin, folks?[View]
343835709Can a black RAISED by whites be based?[View]
343847322Typical /pol/ threads: >China is great >Russia is great >West bad >Christianity bad >…[View]
343837777WE ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKED: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Seriously, burgerbros, what are we going to do…[View]
343846772US Treasury deputy sec warns Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed: >Th…[View]
343848553Much time is wasted among the White Gentiles in arguing whether the Jews are a race, or whether they…[View]
343847151Was about to start this anime, learned the mc is gay...: Crisis avoided...[View]
343837973Anon, we need to talk about your diet. Have you been cutting out all the Jewish supplied carbs and s…[View]
343808228Has it dawned on you we actually reelected him?[View]
343824330Wasn’t Mike Baker just on fucking JRE the other day talking about how global dominance will be based…[View]
343845856The solution to the effiminization of western society is to make young men read red blooded fiction …[View]
343847061My sides: Reminder that the longer you fight, the more they seethe and the more of this we get to re…[View]
343837382Wtf why does God encourage cuckoldry in the old testament?[View]
343841037>get home from long day at work >about to relax and play some comfy vidya >boot up pc >s…[View]
343847524What ideology would be the equivalent on the other side to this leftist PC and do you think it would…[View]
343846335where do you see the country in the next few years?[View]
343848170Zillow Stops Buying Homes Have We Peaked?: Zillow Hedge Fund Stops buying up homes to flip. Has the …[View]
343847533avian fecal matter thread[View]
343840598Abandon Capatalism: > globohomo > globalism > melting pot > corporate culture > empty…[View]
343847222Was tony a CHUD?[View]
343846159Who makes the media dance?: Jewgle ad sense Who Has build the ccps Panopticon Jegle Who spammed /pol…[View]
343845123kelly loeffler t rex: it would be nice if a T rex walks through Kelly Loefflers neighborhood at nigh…[View]
343825217Get vaccinated or die.: See that, morons? It's weird that you would be willing to die on this h…[View]
343839713General Prepping / Survival thread. Would love to know your thoughts about what is coming up next, h…[View]
343838067Is dexedrine harmful?: i mean they prescribe it to children (because young boys arent like girls and…[View]
343819326Sean Last and Destiny debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5oz6TsxfXE[View]
343836101Turns out the mRNA vaccine causes the immune system to shut down: and now they all have AIDS[View]
343847664was EMO the last WHITE subculture?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILZo0V1wtNE anime yaoi edition…[View]
343847885The root of our problem.: The rothschilds and their agents own the federal reserve, in fact, they ow…[View]
343847690How do we get more rich people to be the kind that see themselves as conduits of society and resourc…[View]
343840247You will never be happy until you let go of politics.[View]
343842261Elysium is what America's future looks like: >Set in the year 2154 >Mestizo mongrels are …[View]
343842924I wish this meme would just stay a meme.[View]
343840161> chinks are bug people[View]
343837391Ivermectin: Does this beat Covid? I need proof[View]
343838669You owe Japan.: Japan has earned and deserves your undying love and support. You owe Japan unquestio…[View]
343847397Statism is literally cucked The state exists to subjugate you Fact: all statists pay tranny hookers …[View]
343841926Do you know about the 'Samson option' ?: It's how Israel has controlled the world for about 70 …[View]
343847290Drop a desktop, drop a redpill.: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/blm-terrorist-rosenberg/ >Susa…[View]
343833766NewFag here, Recently got redpilled on Jews. How do i deal with the so called Redpill rage?: I recen…[View]
343842603Remember when the entire Western civilization was forced to shut down and every person was forced to…[View]
343833825Justify Eating Meat: Debunk this: https://youtu.be/Rsaq78MlWQY[View]
343847191hi: hi there, remember this image (pic related)? it's fake. browse /pol/ for long enough and tr…[View]
343842713Who is the little rascal that’s doing this: He must be pretty bad ass to punch so many people. Who …[View]
343843669How will we integrate the land fish into our society?: Folks it's no longer a question of IF bu…[View]
343840884I bet you chuds still think Derek Chauvin isn't a murderer.[View]
343844031Why won't the Chinese just DO something? Why does Russia, China, Middle East and North Korean n…[View]
343845284> be me > use the word 'jewed/jew' a lot as a verb > I outjew the jews as much as I can eve…[View]
343841680Why are faggots like this?[View]
343836714The West is declining because it prioritizes minorities, the East is on the rise because it prioriti…[View]
343845899What did he mean by this?[View]
343839812What date in the future will there be no vaxx or covid thread on /pol/: A day exists, somewhere in t…[View]
343846483White anons who have kids: How do you feel about your kids future? Are you teaching them the best yo…[View]
343842408China Tech Good[View]
343808310>Asians and Blacks are fighting So, which side are you rooting for?[View]
343846349Most of the people on here that care about whites becoming a minority/extinct are nonwhites smart en…[View]
343825139Why Do Mexicans Leave Their Country For The Hedonist Shithole(US)?: This view is from Mexico, a Beau…[View]
343846309Public Transportation: Imagine wanting to be robbed and raped in ugly pic related. After waiting hal…[View]
343844309there seems no turning back to nobody: Seems once you are famous or somewhat well known you are houn…[View]
343843077PUSSY ASS COMPLIANCE: vax creds for those pussies who want to comply but are scared of needles. fuck…[View]
343845237Why are non-whites literally throwing babies over walls to get to white countries?: Anyone else thin…[View]
343824987Give me your best explanation for why there is a 'super cold' (google it) spreading through the popu…[View]
343845867Slant eye hate thread: Can I get a fuck chinks?[View]
343841383Why do leftists have higher iq?: They are usually professors, scientists or experts in some field wh…[View]
343839610we are being flooded with afganis and new yorkers how fucked are we[View]
343839275American Federation thread: I plan to be president of the American Federation by 2025-2030, which wi…[View]
343843441The revolution was a mistake. We'd unironically have been better off with king george or crowni…[View]
343844949>be me >watching new chucky tv show premiere >'wow this is actually pretty good and based s…[View]
343844311Every generation is good: End any notion of generational divide. Boomers are good. Boomers are excep…[View]
343843983Sucker Punch: I've only been given a couple minutes to ask a 'hype'othetical 'question of what …[View]
343845332Why does /pol/ fear the JEW BVLL?[View]
343844724Canada and America are WHITE COUNTRIES: I am so fucking sick of shitskins claiming everybody non nat…[View]
343843764CoV2 infection rates in UK among fully vaccinated persons similar for all persons aged ≥ 30 years: V…[View]
343844463Humanity vs jews: 1. where is evidence that jew flu corona exist? Flu is your own body purge, not co…[View]
343844633California school walkout over vaccine mandate: Wold you send your kid? https://news.yahoo.com/calif…[View]
343841443Flush all the toilets in Washington D.C.: Flush all the toilets at 4:20pm on October 22nd, 2021…[View]
343817909Why are millennials beginning to lose faith in capitalism in favor of socialism?[View]
343844406Did Greta recently receive the jab?[View]
343843933When are they going to do it? When are they going to make White people bow before them or die?[View]
343817874Finally some good news, sounds like this whole pandemic thing is starting to wind down now.[View]
343830907What do you consider a man to be like /pol/?: I look around and all i see are weak spineless faggots…[View]
343832101Native Americans: What was wrong with their lifestyle? Should we have left them alone?[View]
343844350Daniel Concannon and New Hampshire: So this guy Daniel has rised to fame after he quit as a school t…[View]
343842996Anyone else notice that the vaccinated are living more in the moment in such a way that makes it see…[View]
343829670GAH: Chinese Military Commercial 2019: 'We Will Always Be Here' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOWR…[View]
343841662You think they'll teach her about critical race theory and gender spectrums there?[View]
343843032>No guys trust me, China is national socialist, a paid shill on /pol/ told me so…[View]
343825048California Thread: Me and my gf are planning on escaping this shithole in the next few months. She…[View]
343844200The day East Germany was saved from degeneracy.[View]
343840472Stop resisting, America: Get the jab now. The quicker you get the jab. The quicker life returns bac…[View]
343842169Where do it all go wrong? IMO it was the traitorous rebellion from his majesty.[View]
343843742why are brits so bad at fighting?[View]
343839702Why was Rome so shit?: It’s honestly pathetic, why do people idolize this shithole?[View]
343840606Hungerpill: I've been meditating for a while on this and I think i have enough for the skeleton…[View]
343843922invest on space program while the majority still impoverished is war crime: especially white nations…[View]
343839368Why are so many neo Nazis hypocritical?[View]
343832307/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343842127The absolute state of Black political activism in the U.S.[View]
343840862I'm just tired of being screwed over, yeah I supported Trump when it mattered the most and yeah…[View]
343843482Jewish Question General - Herrenvolk Edition /jqg/: Gentlemen, the solution to the Jewish Question s…[View]
343841952Is there a proven method of stopping picrel? What filters the normal fags?[View]
343841764Mix 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of flour in hot water until it looks like cum. Use a brush to put dow…[View]
343841464Reddit and Atheism: Anyone else notice how those things just happen to go total mainstream under (((…[View]
343842649teps to convert America to communism: 1) Make the US constitution null and void. 2) Start printing m…[View]
343837421What is it like to live in South Africa? I can't imagine a nation functioning in the slightest …[View]
343836234/cpd/ Real Robert Hours: >https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/31652 >https://www.broadcas…[View]
343842893Was the Blood of the Lamb pure?: The Emperor of the Aryan race must also be Aryan.[View]
343842556What happened to zoomers?: I was in McDonald's yesterday and a huge group of high schoolers cam…[View]
343839766>In 1875 icelandic merchants fled to Canada to set their own enclaves >they are now one of the…[View]
343841733What are the implications of being part of the IMF and WB: Does the international financial system r…[View]
343839378Will we live to see slavery again? Would you buy black slaves if it becomes legal?[View]
343840653New MODERN POLITICS with Warren & Emily: Discuss! https://odysee.com/@modernpolitics:0/ModPol-Je…[View]
343841752END THE FED: The rothschilds and their agents own the federal reserve, in fact, they own the majorit…[View]
343839227The patron saint of China is Jewish. But incels think China will save them from Persecution by Jews?[View]
343837960Housing markets will balloon in 2022: How am I supposed to afford a house? >The treacherous housi…[View]
343837000kelly loeffler t rex: it would be nice if a T rex walks through Kelly Loefflers neighborhood at nigh…[View]
343842726Should we be able to democracy elect jannies?[View]
343842857So now that the dust has settled: who was in the wrong here?[View]
343837533>It was bait >It was all planned >It was 7d chess >It was a sting operation >It was a…[View]
343836432Is life worth living?: Like imagine giving birth to a human being just to suffer for that much. Life…[View]
343841978AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: https://mobile.twitter.com/couriermail/status/1447088254860341250…[View]
343837193Why did the Jews take down old archives of /pol/ and /b/: Why did the kikes take down earlier archiv…[View]
343840137>Reading and learning about the bible >Read about cain and the mark of cain >Intuitively th…[View]
343830280Unironic Commie here. I just have to say I love how you lumpen wannabe nazi trash can’t help but fig…[View]
343841355threatening scientists: Don't those Medieval primitives have anything better to do? I tried to…[View]
343841996There will always be guys who support women's politics: Women's political beliefs will alw…[View]
343839475GLOWNIGGER Alert Part 2: What happened? Did someone post the real picture? Last thread 404ed while I…[View]
343842257HOL UP: you mean to tell me that ~50 sailors armed with steel were enough to wipe out an entire civi…[View]
343829801Monarchy hate thread[View]
343837134I hate China so much, bros.[View]
343829140Hey commies what does this mean?[View]
343841771He sure looks an awfully lot like Xin Jinping: But I'm sure it's pure cohencidence... righ…[View]
3438215982021 Nobel Prize winning economist says /pol/ is wrong about immigrants and minimum wage: Is this tr…[View]
343839216CHILEAN ELECTIONS 2021: Ok people, the chilean elections are in 34 days and we have a very similar s…[View]
343841067Thoughts on TERFs? Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists ???[View]
343839076Macron has a point...[View]
343840136Anyone else feel more religious after doing mushrooms? unironically think anyone whos right wing sho…[View]
343840002china was never fascist it's legalist you fucking fucktards[View]
343836127fatal reason why race critical theory is stupid: > haha africans are poor because they're du…[View]
343838544Why did Nazis hate Christians so much?[View]
343811321The man: Brenton Tarrant was a hero and he's imprisoned for life. Say his name.[View]
343837301There is no virus and no one need vaccine in the first place, but if you want to be Euthanized, I me…[View]
343841370I believe everything we're going through now is our punishment for thinking we could improve on…[View]
343837028FUCK KIKES: 8+ year /pol/ lurking rap fag here, I only listen to underground music because they avoi…[View]
343836937Whom amongst us can say they don’t prefer a Smooth Cruz?[View]
343839391what are the political implications of this https://v.ylilauta.org/c/c/0/cc0yi.mp4[View]
343840578Daily reminder that Foregen will regenerate the foreskins[View]
343837707Death Note: Pick a celebrity you'd like added to Death Note and we'll see what we can do. …[View]
343810469What happened to us man: Pic related. What happened to the era of pissing off ultra-rich leftists an…[View]
343833871Would you have intervened /pol/? Should the public be required to step in?[View]
343810541How did she know on sept 19th?: Anon, pretend you are a normie watching this for the first time. How…[View]
343835688What made Hitler, Hitler?: He was a exceptional orator and a skilled politician that raised an entir…[View]
343835662Why does the vax prevent hospitalizations if its 'efficacy is waning'?: Help me understand. I keep s…[View]
343825011Is America Modern Babylon: That's really what it's coming down to. America is a wicked, de…[View]
343836603China is based: Their commies have always been nationalistic and Xi turning on china's own capi…[View]
343840122What should be done about the negro question?[View]
343833720Manhattan Protesters against (((Elites))) Mandates Last Night: Why aren't we talking about this…[View]
343835932Church of the Black Sun YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVNbQ8CAXtc Where should the…[View]
343840094ATT: CITIZENS OF EARTH: In the near future - corporate networks reach out to the stars, electrons an…[View]
343839305George Washington was gay: Now that is a historical fact that will be taught at school[View]
343839407WTF I love rbg now[View]
343840313crackhouse robot is back on: guy that built a robot and lives in crackhouse is back online. it'…[View]
343839689Alex is a man of the culture as well, you know[View]
343837169When will the woman bubble finally pop?[View]
343829218Hoes being hoes[View]
343840158>crying about shortages >While shoplifting Have some decency you fucking niggers…[View]
343838786A boy can dream can't he?[View]
343817761Why are tats so prevalent among women?: People spend 1000's of dollars on sleeves and esoteric …[View]
343839332Why is there a significant/apparent overlap between furries and rightoidism (especially alt right?) …[View]
343830982Fuck hobby lobby[View]
343834780Nigger Killing Sprees: How is it possible in a first-world country (the premier nation no less) that…[View]
343827937>black people built this[View]
343804607Shortages: IS this shit real or fake and gay? I will admit when I went shopping last time there was …[View]
343804367Voice recordings of Marine Officers: I have 40 minutes of voice recordings in which a Major says: C…[View]
343839832I'm going to stand outside the laundries house in garb. Not going to say anything I'm just…[View]
343838515What would be the top political story right now if Trump was awarded the election victory that he ea…[View]
343822144what are the jews plan if shit starts popping off and people start killing jews on the street ?[View]
343839193How is the left so good at comics, bros?[View]
343839493NCSVVIC: >3 1/2 weeks https://t.me/McafeeAfterlife/597[View]
343839029Is the “Jewish question” just white niggerism?[View]
343837854St. Louis, Missouri: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area?[View]
343838508https://youtu.be/tbsB4Bm-lAc Niggers: NigGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGER NigGERS…[View]
343839232Orlando - Thoughts on this city and the surrounding area?[View]
343809156Who should be the 2024 GOP candidate?: Most likely runners: >Tom Cotton >Ron DeSantis >Kris…[View]
343837123What will be the political implications: of antifa digging up ruth bader ginsburg for hate speech an…[View]
343834803What is the most important issue that you side him with?: What is something that you side completely…[View]
343838266What is this?: >Nigga, Gay Illuminati cheek clapping hit a bit different >we be finna eat bugs…[View]
343816093'US Intel shocked by China's test': What the actual fuck is our administration even doing?…[View]
343838921If they spent as much time learning to fight as they do crying and complaining they might actually w…[View]
343829786Unvaxxed bros. We're on the right side of history.[View]
343825466AOC Memes: https://youtu.be/qCo-kPB4PSw Pol, share your best AOC meme below:[View]
343838705Were the 200+ expulsions of whites throughout history justified?[View]
343831051What memes keep you positive in 2021? Warning Autism inside.: Jannies Nuked last thread Pol, what me…[View]
343834656What if the kike spike DOESN'T have lethal long term effects, and the majority of leftists are …[View]
343816604The real reason why companies go woke: It’s not because it makes them money.[View]
343831749We're Fucked: I know we're fucked soon. People are forced to get vaccinated, and obviously…[View]
343838228Is Timothy 'T-Dub' Wallace /ourguy/?[View]
343831929Does it matter if I was a fucking loser in high school?[View]
343834861The Future of Women is PROSTITUTION: There is no logical reason why all women in the future won…[View]
34383768828 with 2 sons: Am I too old to make a difference in the collapse? I fear that if things don’t happe…[View]
343815511America is a legacy country: High income taxes, high corporate taxes, high property taxes, ridiculou…[View]
343832521Latin America General /LAG/: How would you bros fix Latin America? How would you fix the economy and…[View]
343813860Reddit is literally saving lives here, /pol/[View]
343833718Light rail > Busses: Give me one reason why more cities in the US use busses instead of light rai…[View]
343835681cool dog: there’s nothing like waking up in the morning, inhaling the crisp, cool air, and delightin…[View]
343836568Moderna Stock Price: Sept 2019 : $23.00 Sept 2021: $420.00 A single $200,000 has made you over $3.8 …[View]
343836145>when white people move into a neighborhood and displace the natives it is called gentrification …[View]
343836919These countries...: >War-torn Balkan states hate each other and themselves and they are slaves to…[View]
343836743Flu Deaths Drop vs/ Covid Deaths Rise: Is it true that in 2020 and forward, deaths by the fly have d…[View]
343824378Why did he just leave without any real fight?[View]
343818868Jews Refuse White Label: 'We American Jews are heavily invested in continuing to see ourselves as a …[View]
343833185Global Fertility Crisis: What the fuck do we do with declining sperm counts, and the de-masculinizat…[View]
343816460Who was Q really?[View]
343832890I don't feel so good[View]
343837105He / Him[View]
343835935I Wonder What is Causing All of This?: Very odd that we are having food shortages, inflation, labor …[View]
343835808What the fuck does this even mean? I really fucking hate college.[View]
343823985Tell me about jews, why do they wear the hat?: Would it hurt if one were to remove it?[View]
343826001He does have a point: How much bidens is there pol ? https://dailystormer.su/just-how-many-bidens-a…[View]
343837657END THE FED: The rothschilds and their agents own the federal reserve, in fact, they own the majorit…[View]
343835487The vaccine is the new religion: I can't believe I didn't notice it before. The writing wa…[View]
343836658Why do white Liberals always think they know what's best for minorities?[View]
343836468What are the political implications of me procrastinating studying for my quiz?[View]
3438352284 day work week here we come!: God I love this country.[View]
343837403Holy guacamole, this is literally happening in America today.[View]
343831897Why do people get bitchy when i tell them im unvaxxed and choose too remain unvaxxed?[View]
343819693Why are they collapsing the supply chain?: What is their end goal?[View]
343837205Frogs in 'Explanation of The Apocalypse' by Venerable Bede: 'And I saw three unclean spirits like fr…[View]
343833376BASED: >“It wasn’t a good place to be if you’re female. It was a 10-1 ratio of men and women. I g…[View]
343837136attention: all anti vax is right wing, no exceptions[View]
343824195This aged well[View]
343836702Ghislaine Maxwell's jury selection for her trial starts soon, but there is almost nothing in th…[View]
343791815Shoplifting: Any shoplifting stories, lads? Always have a laugh at these on a good weekend. Any lads…[View]
343834712I'm supposed to pay carbon climate taxes: Meanwhile amazon sells disposable flashlights.[View]
343826447osha vax mandate: when is this shit going to land, bros? i'm getting tired of waiting. my work …[View]
343836032The Genius Of The Crowd: “there is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average human …[View]
343834947Wow guys: Theyre using strange cells in vaccins https://www.bitchute.com/video/IMmAhwAii1CK/ Check l…[View]
343828062Jewish Redpill Folders Thread: Good thread of this morning: >>343754000 Permanent definitive l…[View]
343835065Do people with economic power know that hurting others drags them down as well? I hope they do. I ho…[View]
343835760I miss him bros[View]
343836592Dr. Robert Malone!: Co-inventor of the m-RNA therapy slams Fausti, exposes F.D.A. and AZT-like Remde…[View]
343830562Something's happening.: >Crowds chanting 'Fuck joe biden' >People refusing mandates >B…[View]
343832154This joke of a country is a threat?[View]
343835611aus/pol/ no gellies edition: G'day lads. What's on the cards today. In tassie we are 'no l…[View]
343833959Stabbing of British MP David Amess memoryholed: It's already been silenced. Remember how long t…[View]
343808218Post your 'City Hall' t. Rancho Cordova, CA[View]
343831194If the guy that pick ups trash in mexico can get himself a wire then why can't you do the same …[View]
343836207Let’s troll some fags: It’s time to bite back and this is how. I will be bumping success’s Dump fu…[View]
343833425Vaccine Suicide: So when is the Covid vaccine supposed to kill me? I got my two doses back in April.…[View]
343832745Imagine having carbon-free, clean and abundant energy since the 80s[View]
343811960Bunker Trannies: What are the political implication of you never being a woman: and being a MASSIVE …[View]
343832328Vaxx For Skunks, Clown World Acceleration!!?: Please let me know if this is max clown world or there…[View]
343828699This subwayman stepped on foods: https://twitter.com/i/status/1448646585865236481[View]
343833876October 17 2021: I am forgotten[View]
343825781niggers: NIGGERS ARE BLACK!!![View]
343834883>stopped looking at any kind of news media >stopped going on any kind of social media >st…[View]
343811054>*evades FBI for over a month* Is it that easy?[View]
343834332Curious... SJWs seem to HATE this one special word.: Now I wonder why human rights groups hate physi…[View]
343832731A Stranger Asked Me To Watch Her Baby: At a Starbucks, Asian wonan wanted to use the rest room and l…[View]
3438217784CHAN COMPENDIUM: Gnothi Seauton - A Compendium Of 4chan’s Redpills And Conspiracy Facts in 4 Volume…[View]
343830261Be faggot gayreek Create democracy Destroy entire world with it[View]
343835816Ted Nugent: Is Ted Nugent /ourguy/? You just know that he knows a whole hell of a lot about the true…[View]
343835592Holy fuck, the Somali who stabbed this piece of shit kike is based as fuck.: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
343795343its time: The Malvinas should be given back: >used jew tactis asking indio and traitor neighbor c…[View]
343833895LOL John Xina: How come whenever we criticize the chinese on here, they immediately start bringing u…[View]
343835548INDIA WHY CANT YOU BE NORMAL: https://forebears.io/surnames/shit[View]
343834420>chilling window shopping on amazon >look over to see what dad's watching on tv >https…[View]
343835514Why is everything gay: Homos and trannies are 5% of the population but this gay shit is on the top o…[View]
343834171Holobunga lolz thread[View]
343829923Things to Keep You Up At Night: What if the reason there are currently 17 million job openings and y…[View]
343827730What's your opinion of Jeb![View]
343834856Loose/abstract hypothesis: what if the 'anti-gatekeeping' counterjerk is a psyop/glowie op…[View]
343835196/pol/ this is a must watch https://rokfin.com/stream/9705/Foreign-Agents-10--Covid-and-Mass-Hypnosis…[View]
343827302Worst Generation from start to finish: Imagine being a boomer spending early life tripping balls and…[View]
343835126Uh, p-paychads??[View]
343833858Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that there isn't gonna be a black friday this year…[View]
343828900Got my first shot of moderna a week ago and it made me feel horrible for like 3 days. I can't i…[View]
343820207Marxism is the best: Imagine being a cocksucker for companies[View]
343833322Rising Food Prices: I haven't been shopping much recently, but I went to the store to get some …[View]
343823931How do we take away women's rights?[View]
343827514Eloquent Elucidations: Dave Chappelle Master Orator: Anyone else agree that this was a paradigm shif…[View]
343834858Saying 'Orange man bad' is racist.: Because orange is actually brown. You're literally saying '…[View]
343784426Daily reminder gender and sex are different: As this graph explains sex = biology but gender = your …[View]
343834574To straight male /pol/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked b…[View]
343833875Jobroni: Hey fuckerinos, I've got a job interview at a fortune 500 company coming up. Do you th…[View]
343830207Blackpilled: fellow /pol/acks. How do you avoid being blackpilled? I’ve been coming to /pol/ since 2…[View]
343833131the future of this world is set: great transfer of wealth program, but there is no hope for the worl…[View]
343834725Commies are seriously retarded and should.avoid debates. https://www.bitchute.com/video/SgwEm92DWar…[View]
343830943>The Talmud is ancient Jewish /pol/[View]
343833771ZOG Colonel Gates: Communication professor Alex Lyon breaks down the sketchiness of ZOG Colonel Bill…[View]
343830360What are chances Hitler was rescued by aliens after WW2 and he's now in a tank waiting to be re…[View]
343833126Can't we all just get along?[View]
343834161When did you realize he was a Zionist pawn?[View]
343834451Celebrating European culture versus mocking European culture.: celebrating: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
343788629General redpill thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. …[View]
343830862Glowies, Feds, and Spooks General: Good morning to everyone reading this. Jannies, Shills, Bots, Nor…[View]
343834295I saw a minority today. The world is doomed.[View]
343791595What happened to the guy of your class who got always good grades?: Both at high school and at colle…[View]
343829013Guys, I'm gonna take the vaxx for science I figure, since I'm already suicidal I might as…[View]
343833923Joe Rogan is the modern day Napoleon: Joe Rogan would be a great King. Look how he is being so based…[View]
343829583Why do chuds still cope by saying Biden stole the election? We know it's not true and you canno…[View]
343825915Sydney eases more COVID-19 restrictions as vaccinations pass key milestone: Wait, you mean all we ha…[View]
343829964Way of the NoFap: Is it true that in days of old no one fapped and fapping is the current cause of t…[View]
343815359Have you given up on society yet, /pol?: If not, when?[View]
343834089!Attention!: I have an imortant announcement![View]
343832720What did he mean by this: And was this the tweet that killed him?[View]
343832503We Need More Immigrants: You didn't actually think you could win, did you?[View]
343826423Do you Trust women ?: Psycho Killer: Jodi Arias' Kinky Death-Penalty Trial Prosecutor Juan Mart…[View]
343821554>Just quit your job bro…[View]
343833931Indian Reparations: https://reciprocitytrusts.ca/ When will this talk of reparations be enough? Is C…[View]
343804087My coworkers think they are middle class. They make 40-50k and finance used vehicles. My mom thinks…[View]
343819600Biden’s approval keeps dropping Can he recover or is it all fake news? https://civiqs.com/results/a…[View]
343833344jew coworker living rent free in my head: I might actually leave an otherwise great job so I don…[View]
343817512BREAKING: Vaccine Proven 100% Safe by WHO: I sure hope you didn't chimp out over proven science…[View]
343831162Why are chinks so obsessed with jews?: Well?[View]
343833438California Skip School Protest Tomorrow: Monday 10.18.2021 is call in a personal day for your kids a…[View]
343832067Is it politically incorrect to notice black people are Zombies?[View]
343825581Who is King?[View]
343814790Larpagans: Why do co-opt and use metal to express their rage of Christianity and fantasy of ridding …[View]
343822478UBC: Any of you guys go here? I want to go but from what I've seen it looks like it's abou…[View]
343830619I dont care about white people anymore: ..sorry guys but its just impossible to care at this point. …[View]
343828427A Fistful of Dollars (Italian: Per un pugno di dollari, lit.'For a Fistful of Dollars'[1] …[View]
343831248Nurses in Buffalo and all across the country are going on strike: But why aren’t they listing covid …[View]
343832121SUNDAY EDITION: you did attend divine services today, right /pol/?: https://files.catbox.moe/73aqh8.…[View]
343822599/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343826965Hi chaps, have a look at this coal burner chimping out: https://twitter.com/InsulateLove/status/1449…[View]
343828457Liberalism hate thread.[View]
343828711Why are jews obsessed with destroying us?[View]
343826641pedo swirl in Fouci's Ouchie Experimental Crazy Juice (TM): fuck[View]
343825838What are mask regulations like where you are?[View]
343826562whatever happened to qanon[View]
343832209Why do people feel sorry for and want to help criminals these days?[View]
343828563r/HermanCainAward: This is hilarious. Non-vaccinated idiots are embarrassing themselves on social me…[View]
343824569Hey anyone remember this, and now China has a LEO hypersonic missle?: https://www.mlive.com/news/202…[View]
343831167Is it really too much to ask for an actual happening?: >China has advanced weapons! >Russia mo…[View]
343825403Pizzagate: What are the political implications of Pizzagate being real?[View]
343818314What are the odds?[View]
343830299nikki haley t rex: it would be nice if a T rex walks through Nikki Haleys neighborhood at night and …[View]
343824073I've really been having a hard time with this shit lately. So much of the politics and ideas in…[View]
343823947Covid Brochure: Hey guys, I'm in my final semester of nursing school, and one of our projects i…[View]
343827585Why do so many elite institutions, including The New York Times, push to legalize sex work and refer…[View]
343832064>get vaccine >gradually develop an interest in loli >mfw adrenochrome found in some vaccine…[View]
343829451You guys don't actually hate Jews, right? You're just upset with the establishment like an…[View]
343830022Do you think that Stalin ever regreted going to war with Nazi Germany? If so, why?[View]
343827665>inb4 jannies prune the thread This discussion is completely legal, and no acts of violence or US…[View]
343831614So bongs how's that Brexit going? Bit of a sticky wicket?[View]
343831291Why are modern Chinese like this? Is it the CCP or were they always like this? This would not occur …[View]
343819456US cultural invasion: I notice that everything here in Italy comes from the US, for young people, tr…[View]
343825641COVID Deaths Hidden: I’ve noticed that services seem less and less available and things seem less bu…[View]
343804548Brazilian nationalism: Tell me Brazil bros, is Brazil an example of a successful multi racial societ…[View]
343831323Texas Arcane, Koanic Soul, & Edenism: What was the deal with this shit? Does anyone remember a b…[View]
343829877What percentage of Zoomers do *not* have some combination of porn, social media, or video game addic…[View]
343826371Redpill me on sleep training: Wife wants to sleep train our 9 month old, have any of you done this f…[View]
343826753Are these policies ever going to end, or should I just leave the country?[View]
343810808brit/pol/ - Occupy edition: >Anonymous social-media users targeted for abusing Members of Parliam…[View]
343830928Where do Democrats and the GOP stand on the issue of feminine hygiene plaguing America?[View]
343830028https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2663J2d3VY4 Watch this void-of-morals fag work at brainwashing a nic…[View]
343827279I am noticing the globohomo propaganda more and more: Can someone explain to me why globohomo divers…[View]
343829672Robert E. Lee Rises Again: Get rekt[View]
343829933Where were you when you realised Pizzagate was Euro southern plot?: Baalists[View]
343830541American hate thread | American hate thread | American hate thread: The jews control the brain of al…[View]
343820747He was killed because he was white. There are millions of deranged people across the world who just …[View]
343827478Stefan Molyneux is a Bitcoin millionaire and started a duck farm.[View]
343828827Congratulations America, your vaccine mandates mean that your current police force, military, first …[View]
343826090Karma: Anyone from metro areas seeing results of the blm defund the police riots starting to backfir…[View]
343830190The UK government is using tax payer money to make white women more attractive to black men wtf http…[View]
343826935A short break from lockdown cage: The people of Victoria are allowed outside more than one hour per …[View]
343827898What the deal with this supply chain crisis fox just told me I won't be able to buy Christmas p…[View]
343827666Paternity Leave Pete says that the Supply Chain is only collapsing because the economy is improving …[View]
343825616Roaring 20's: Normies are convinced the spanish flu is over and were going to the roaring twent…[View]
343813686Give me one reason to side with USA over China. USA >worships niggers and pushes nigger loving …[View]
343823275Did worm hands type this review?[View]
343824574/HIG/ Hedging Inflation General: How do we defeat inflation? >Lack of interest in paper contracts…[View]
343826422STOP FETISHIZING ASIAN WOMEN: >She paints her entire body in a garish, bright yellow paint, paire…[View]
343815328GATE SCHIZO THREAD 216 EDITION: So please try and read as much as possible before replying. I get it…[View]
343830213The west is next[View]
343822204Fuck the poles: Bandera is One of the greatest heroes of Ukraine I don't CARE if he killed 100 …[View]
343831618This is cultural appropriation[View]
343830003Any anons actually take zinc?: I started taking zinc maybe a year ago honestly cause I read you coul…[View]
343831870Is it too late for a 33 year old to get a girl in his 20s and start a family. Or should I just gave …[View]
343822027We don't need a Hitler. We need a new Gotti.: Gotti would have never allowed NYC to deteriorate…[View]
343826575like five minutes ago i saw this pic of terry a davis and thought he looked kind of like epstein... …[View]
343829373Japan's annihilation: https://youtu.be/eBuyuFFEK84[View]
343828164> Woman raped on train as bystanders did nothing, police says Gee, I wonder why…[View]
343829281Biden is being guarded by Chinese troops: So a new video came out of biden and 'Dr jill'. https://y…[View]
343820965The Kyrie Irving Drama: Have any of you been following this story? Basically Kyrie Irving is a baske…[View]
343826952European age of consent lulz: Here is a picture of 29 yr old georgian tennis professional nikoloz ba…[View]
343827517Portland, Oregon: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area?[View]
343828964Ok give it to me straight, how many actions per minute and clicks per second foes china have now[View]
343804816Brazil has a lot of bad things but it also has:: >Highest concentration of drinking water in the …[View]
343824426The Thread That Can't Be Named: The filters forbid this thread for some unholy reason, so just …[View]
343824146Got the super cold: This super cold thing is no joke. WTF is happening right now. I have an intense …[View]
343812645Why are there no successful black countries?[View]
343824464Would you go there?[View]
343825795San Francisco, California: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area?…[View]
343802055Why are 99% of school shooters white males? Pretty sus if you ask me...[View]
343826554what has conservatism actually conserved[View]
343828285You know /pol/ I'm starting to think the people who thought they could force Congress to overtu…[View]
343824751How much more are we going to tolerate? At this point they're basically spitting in our faces.[View]
343818418I just found out Korean has official NEET power levels[View]
343822937Crisis Documentaries: Anyone know of anymore documentaries on various crises, detailing the official…[View]
343827864That’s it. I’ve joined the globalists: I want them all to die. It’s time[View]
343827533Why did /pol become so Left-wing?: >Obsession with Vaxxing (Left) >Obsession with Niggers (Le…[View]
343817355Neoliberal memes cringe: Post em[View]
343823968Was he based or cringe?[View]
343827686Russia Wins: What is the point of even having a Patent System if no one can afford a patent? Russia …[View]
343827348Politically incorrect jokes thread: A couple of queers are walking down the beach and come across a …[View]
343823726>When I'm done, there's gonna be a bloodbath of cops dying in Los Angeles Ice Cube, 198…[View]
343826540Yeah, building a 200sq mt house + buying the plot of land + taxes would cost me almost 375k€, so 400…[View]
343827191when will rap die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BcDASIwxMo[View]
343826957Why is America so anti-meritocratic? If you work hard at your job, your reward is to have more work …[View]
343795853FUCK THE NIGGER CATTLE MASSES: After the past 18 months, I hope the NWO succeeds in killing 90% of t…[View]
343815282Kraut/pol/: nigger Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language analysi…[View]
343826221/SETF: Silver Ends The Fucking Fed[View]
343826915I just found out ive been spraying cancer on my cock and balls for the last 4 weeks. But yeah im sur…[View]
343811903What did Gab mean by this?: I'm thinking based. https://mobile.twitter.com/getongab/status/1449…[View]
343824063Why does the nuleft run entirely on altruism?: And why is it effective? >muh niggers >muh fag…[View]
343820015I know i joke around a bit but literally the media will not stop attacking me day in and day out , t…[View]
343821589After they've been done with Egypt they are coming to us: I noticed Niggers are trying to pick …[View]
343826203New Stonetoss: I honestly don't get this one[View]
343825389How do we fix journalists?[View]
343794566If you don't live in the green area, you're not white[View]
343823182Same-Sex Schooling: I'm curious about Same-Sex schooling Does it lead to more homosexuals? Does…[View]
343821209It's over: As of today, vaccine passports will be mandatory for large social gatherings in Scot…[View]
343824156Dear White People:: I love you :3[View]
343826346Im not vaccinated and they want me dead dont they. I have natural immunity, and because i have long …[View]
343824416'Could China beat Taiwan in war, or will it be humbled?': Even China's masters don't have …[View]
343823464How did they get away with it bros???: How did they get away with it, pol, almost two years later? A…[View]
343820082Space Jews: ITT we discuss the political implications of jews being aliens.[View]
343814831How does he do it?: How does Alex always be right and sell the best quality supplements at the same …[View]
343825263Redpill me on the Mormons, and not the pozzed establishment church[View]
343783861Oh no Vaxxbros what happend?: >Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination acros…[View]
343803995Pizza financing: Do Americans really?[View]
343823635Shooting in Lancaster, PA: Shit just went down in some mall in Amish country.[View]
343822653You will take the JAB or you will not eat, sleep, poop, piss, and have sex. Do you hear me? You will…[View]
343824775What did he mean by this?[View]
34382560140 Gigapixel Imaging: Hypersonic missiles are irrelevant. Russia is about to have massively superior…[View]
343823918Why is there so much concern over 'white supremacy' when there's an ethnic group who has entire…[View]
343792971>despised in every single city or country they step foot in do you think there is some kind of ge…[View]
343824161They're unironically telling people to vaxx maxx now[View]
343823973World’s Most Important Graph: https://www.un.org/en/development/desa/publications/world-population-p…[View]
343811922Fuck MSM: MSM are evil and need to be stopped. The absolute bullshit propaganda machine it has becom…[View]
343825327Jokes: Q. What do you get if you take a ski away from an Eskimo? A. Emo Q. Why did Old Ben Kenobi go…[View]
343824833STOP WHITE SUPREMACY: Spread the image those alt righters should be rejected from polite society…[View]
343816555>Go to job interview for IT company >Realize the company is pozzed af >Already made up my m…[View]
343824836Did occvlt glowies really change it to 440 because muh nazis?[View]
343821574Nigger: Nigger[View]
343820319Poland, despite the shortcomings its had in the last hundred or so years, is verifiable and unequivo…[View]
343823242God Trump Emperor[View]
343823019Any anons get the vaxx here?: What was the reason? Do you regret it?[View]
343825051Why do people show boomers any sympathy. In my opinion, even my own parents are rats, they are vermi…[View]
343823542What changed in american culture?: What has been the most destructive changes?[View]
343824861What's your opinion on this?: Found this care today like this, try and guess the race of the ow…[View]
343824822Occupy Wall Street 2: Are we doing this or are you a bunch of faggot ass bitches now?[View]
343824727UH OH: Attorney General Merrick Garland and wife caught up in election fraud superscheme. Appointmen…[View]
343824808Is this cultural appropriation?[View]
343824037Blacks, who can't be racist, are beating elderly Asians like they're money pinatas and get…[View]
343771160/HIG/ Hedging Inflation General: How do we defeat inflation? >Lack on interest in paper contracts…[View]
343819475Discuss: How big is the white population if this is really true? Should we ask the left to call the …[View]
343822725Is the Chinese century real?: Seems like it really is there time to rule. Whites have just lost thei…[View]
343823857Is the Spartacist League the most based political party? >“‘Paedophilia’ simply means sexual desi…[View]
343820290Why do so many Qtards and schizos think JFK JR is still alive? Why would he fake his own death?[View]
343822377The Boogaloo Movement: I found them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHyYhUMLPaI >Anti-Government…[View]
343822012Non-whites don't care about White people in reality. Why should they care about them?: Asking f…[View]
343819519Lets have nice globohomo art thread[View]
343822266A Friendly Reminder To All The Social Rejects.: Tell us, how fucked do you think you are?[View]
343810284How do they keep killing right-wingers of “covid”? Serious discussion, I noticed anecdotally those v…[View]
343823387>Slav mother >German father >didn´t even grow up in the country whose citizen I am How do I…[View]
343824213Daily Reminder: China is now objectively less Totalitarian than the West: This is so fucking insane,…[View]
343818587/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343817168Was a member of friends of Israel and let his daughter marry a nigger.[View]
343811399Why does everyone trust big company product? Their job is to develop products to sell for profit. Do…[View]
343823805Whats the deal with these boats on the shore fox news tells me I won't be able to get my childr…[View]
343823948Marijuana sewage problems: Did you ever wonder how marijuana would grow in the sewage area of your t…[View]
343823031Well?: It’s nearly been a year since the election already. Why hasn’t Trump been reinstated as Presi…[View]
343822851Got $3k to blow on a vacation, debating between exploring the holy & geographical sites of Malta…[View]
343822983City hate is chink shilling: >yes laowai! turn america into a rural country again! leave industry…[View]
343822918Anyone know if they went to jail?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDJNj6bfMZY https://www.dailymail…[View]
343817077Miami, Florida: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area[View]
343815961Pol I witnessed something strange today. I was just grocey shopping. Saw a beefy preggy chick. NGL I…[View]
343819219The absolute state of Australian journalism[View]
343799792What happened to us? why did humans Became more “Feminized”? >Experts at Duke University analyzed…[View]
343817919Life liberty levin thread: Let’s get comfy for a Sunday night. Tomorrow the productive unvaxxed memb…[View]
343816140The left voted this in and caused this collapse happening right now: And they’re completely silent a…[View]
343820431How do niggers remain violent and criminal in a totalitarian world built on hug boxes and group thin…[View]
343811234Seems like every single person around me has gotten the coof except for me, some of them got it mult…[View]
343821906Annapolis, Maryland: What's /pol/'s opinion on this city and its surrounding area?[View]
343821719How to solve woman issue: Will the ethnostate have state mandated waifus? What’s the best way to sol…[View]
343823191the great migration: in the late Roman period they went through a great migration that changed the d…[View]
343821250Rainbow Reaction: 8 Simple Rules For Turning POC Against The “Enlightenment”: Rules: 1. Always refer…[View]
343821838This for me was the start of wokeism in movies/media for me. Especially the beginning where they bas…[View]
343823139Any right winger tobfollow? This chad seems good and is not cringe[View]
343821826>stop being black[View]
343819347There is nothing wrong with being a Messianic Jew. There is nothing wrong with being a Messianic Jew…[View]
343822427This is the future. Are you ready?[View]
343822500Can we influence REAL change?[View]
343822971what tha fuk: The conspiracy that Mcfee raised is totally false.[View]
343801778I would like to be a social engineer making goyim cattle do silly tricks, where do I apply ?: Sociop…[View]
343816648Australia: Do we even know whatds going on in Australia anymore? Did they lock down communications?…[View]
343822877Warren Wilhelm Jr.: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
343819872Ammon Bundy: What's /pol/s opinion on Ammon Bundy? I hear he is a gubernatorial canidate in Ida…[View]
343822269The absolute state of muttland. Two more weeks, right?[View]
343822735what tha fuk: Anarchy tells you about the state monopoly, chance and the onslaught of human action, …[View]
343822244Can somone please explain to the libtards here why human liberty is so important? I cant seem to rea…[View]
343820534Pure projection of blame: Howabout this: fuck off with the vax mandates because it's bullshit a…[View]
343821756What’s your opinion on Somalia and Somalis?[View]
343816735Would your country win a war againt America?: my country: > France Would it defeat the USA? >e…[View]
343820934Has there ever been a single Important/intelligent blond person?: A single blond thinker? A single b…[View]
343819141Are you feeling replenished, /pol/?[View]
343818194Can't wait until the pandemic of the vaxxxinated is over, they have permanently killed 60% of s…[View]
343822394A reddit PM won the opposition primary in Hungary. He is now the main challenger to Orban. What are …[View]
343822439Time to legislate hate words: Words Do Real Damage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhcwrG29FKM It…[View]
343822498/ldg/ - Discord Info Hoard General: This is the initiative known as 'Discord Info Hoard'. …[View]
343797191/pol/ approved haircuts. No broccoli hair, zoom-zooms...[View]
343820956>be america >be last bastion of freedom while entire rest of the planet lives in abject povert…[View]
343817007What do we know about Astroturfing campaigns? How are they connected?: PR Firms, Marketing Firms, Ad…[View]
343818750Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
343801338Did he seriously get away with it because he’s black?[View]
343821324JRR TOLKIEN WARNED US: Who invade us ?: Ugly Violent Lazy Rape white women Smelly Dirty Destructor N…[View]
343821418Wait, why is the BioNTech version of the Pfizer still being pushed/shilled, when the COMIRNATY® vers…[View]
343820085>Biden tries to have 8kun shut down and uses NSA to attack them and their webhosts, along with ot…[View]
343807108miss the soviet union pol?: how much do you miss the good times?be honest and enjoy the beautiful ph…[View]
343813454/sg/+ /GPG/ Geopolitics General #1103-Sunday night suffi: Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen…[View]
343815444I have a hypothesis that the civil war was just a continuation of the ongoing conflicts between the …[View]
343819367We live in a clown world[View]
343806580Chink Space Weapons: Here’s something interesting - pretty sure Russia has one too.[View]
343821768Bolshie Hulk: Behead Those Who Insult Climate Scientology[View]
343809819I fucked up big time: I took the kike juice, I never went much to pol nor believed those schitzo the…[View]
343812045Niggers think: Beethoven was black[View]
343813354PSYCHIC TROLLS: You know what I'm talm' 'bout. My neighbour is one of them. They play…[View]
343805231Thousands of Poles protest against rejection of asylum seekers.: After the Polish parliament voted t…[View]
343818757Do Anarchist Leftists REALLY?[View]
343811803LOCKHEED MARTIN: Why is that?[View]
343820430What will be the next country that the United States invades, occupies, steals its resources then le…[View]
343821540Only R1b people are white.[View]
343804979Any Russians here? Do you confirm that breadlines are comfy?[View]
343805486>burgerbros btfo how will they ever recover? https://www.the-sun.com/news/3872929/china-fires-nuk…[View]
343805089The Super Cold has cometh: So what exactly is the 'Super Cold'? Why are cold and flu symptoms gettin…[View]
343821191What are the Political Implications: ...of purchasing stark white vintage Air Jordans for a few hund…[View]
343816028Your daily reminder that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 United States presidential election[View]
343816405/pol/: >We can't pay maccas cunts 15 bucks an hour >If you work at McDonalds you deserve …[View]
343817920Without a real house life doesn't make sense: Living in an apartment in the air is not the same…[View]
343806727What's worse, a monarchy with an evil king or a demoracy with a stupid majority?[View]
343820678What would be your top picks for most based states? Mine would be Texas and Florida[View]
343806151How many of you actually believe that jews are out to get you?[View]
343818617>you remember that the only marches in the west are gay pride parades[View]
343814315what country in the world has the least amount of graffiti?[View]
343821243/pol/ humor deluxe thread: Only the funniest are permitted to enter. If that leads to only Calvin an…[View]
343814940Can anybody give me a QRD on the best water filtration and purification system to use for both city …[View]
343815977Will Jews ever stop obsessing over the Holocaust?[View]
343817627Would a society like in pic related unironically be the solution to a lot of problems? A whole night…[View]
343795900Why can't the Right produce a philosopher as influential as Marx?[View]
343809124Biden wastes more time: This bastard is living in the lap of luxury while millions lose their jobs, …[View]
34381101796% of Chinese live in half the territory. If China created a new province in Qinghai for white peop…[View]
343808699HAHAHAHAHA /r/POL BTFO:D ETERNALLY: It was all rent free fear mongering but they were happier all al…[View]
343820488Nick Cruz: He’s playing the autism defense, smart move[View]
343805054/lpmtg/ La Palma FUCK OFF VOLCANONIGGERS Edition: >Current status N O T H I N G B U R G E R >C…[View]
343820356DEBATE! Destiny vs Sean Last Immigration & Changing Demographics: >https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
343801783Restaurant workers struggle to enforce vaccine mandates: https://www.cp24.com/news/anger-abuse-and-r…[View]
343816267Despite being 13% of the stable, brown horses commit 50% of the violent crime.[View]
343817541Are the Baltic Countries Doing Vaccine Mandates?[View]
343798760New study finds 700 women out of 827 (82%) who've had the vaccine had miscarriages.: Doctors tr…[View]
343819087Fouci Ouchie Experimental Crazy Juice (TM) is now fun for the whole family! 'Adults' can pretend the…[View]
343817473The National Socialists basically won on a platform of a mix of green and folk fascism, why does the…[View]
343811233Why did their ideology fail to take off with the silent majority?[View]
343820272I will make sure you young Chud's will never own a house. I will keep inflation high. You will …[View]
343813850How holocaust debates go: There's no blue stains from cyanide >lower minimum lethal dose Di…[View]
343820260Political Propaganda Online & In Media: how the fuck do you deal with the constant political pro…[View]
343819904CANADIANS: I actually know how to end this stupid faggot ass vaccine requirement in record time -- i…[View]
343815299They are a clear demonstration that communism can be perfectly functional in small homogeneous and i…[View]
343820027Aus/pol/ Neet Day Edition: Huge influx of rare Aussie neet pepe’s this week. That many of you lose …[View]
343815127Holy shit niggers are literally slaughtering whites by the tens of thousands and nothing is being do…[View]
343819601Antiwork Subreddit: While the subreddit is fully of faggots, like all of reddit, they make some cohe…[View]
343822187The End of The American Empire: Shut up about the hypersonic missiles. 8kun /x/ inventions are the s…[View]
343814164I am fat and I hate fat people[View]
343817180When did you realize war is being waged on you by literal space demons?: And not only did your ances…[View]
343816926How is it possible to 'own' a certain pattern of 1's and 0's? This is not a scarce commodi…[View]
343817634Why don't we end the Fed??: >kikes at the Federal Reserve print a bunch of fiat currency tha…[View]
343818887Why does reddit worship this fag?[View]
343816564Prove to me you’re not an npc Practice your lying skills and shill trump itt[View]
343814261BEST PREZ COMIN’ THROUGH: Good ol boy that saw longest and greatest uninterrupted economic boom in m…[View]
343788726Germans should have been finshed after WW2 i don't understand why people let them live. They wa…[View]
343814008Who will win, Blacks or Asians?[View]
343817941does anyone have the link to william pierce's interview on c-span????? it's him talking ab…[View]
343816318Why are lower IQ groups more likely to not get the vax than higher IQ groups?[View]
343774030How long before somebody shoots this Irish pig?: ‘Unstable and dangerous’: Conor McGregor accused of…[View]
343809730Why do so many politicians and wealthy elites own this specific painting?[View]
343814696Commuism > Capitalism - can't refute this arguement, can ya: Too many intelligent people go …[View]
343818987Chapelle calls neo vaginas beyond pussy or impossible pussy. But if he wants to be a democrat then h…[View]
343786975What does /pol/ think about Israel?: Trump was a die hard supporter of Israel. Biden is a die hard s…[View]
343817128Why do amerifats call Isreal they're greatest ally? What do they teach them about Israel in sch…[View]
343797934Why are zoomers such pussies?[View]
343767962The death of American family TV: I grew up watching Home Improvement and started watching it again l…[View]
343818745Soldiers! Report For Duty.: Private Bacon Boy reporting in.[View]
343818579HEIL TRUDEAU: I couldn't be more happier that trudeau is Canada's leader. All faggots want…[View]
343818620What's your Favorite thing about modern society: What's your Favorite thing about modern s…[View]
343816426NEW STONETOSS[View]
343808466BREAKING: VERY REAL POSSIBILITY BIDEN could decline quickly https://youtu.be/ElpEYu23_ms[View]
343814393Public opinion poll during WWII about Jews: I remember seeing a scan of a book, I think, that showed…[View]
343818279Death to Communism, Death to the CPC: Every. Last. One[View]
343809204This didn't age well...[View]
343790575> love science fiction but tired of modern pozzed entertainment > Some YouTubers I respect rec…[View]
343818317Tampere University LOL: What does it say about an academic when they get their research ideas from 8…[View]
343798004So, uh, when do the masks come off?[View]
343795898China will take Taiwan this year: How will you dodge the draft?[View]
343807340What went wrong?[View]
343815095british royals: 4chan is a microcosm of sorts, and the fact that despite all the 'red pill' and 'con…[View]
343792823Natsoc is just a meme this site fell for: If you are your thinking in terms of race/ethnicity/nation…[View]
343806632I want to move out of NYC. What is the closest super conservative state near me that will let me buy…[View]
343812693How much more are we going to tolerate? At this point they're basically spitting in our faces.[View]
343817550Just take a look at the papers.... For some music from 2005. Can you feel it? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
343795841(((Dominos))) wants to replace you. Hope you are still not eating this shit.[View]
343801940Green Chiretta an anti-parasite / dewormer and anti-malarial herb Cures Covid: 'In July, Thailand…[View]
343813932Literally nobody ever described themselves as 'alt-right' and it was all a huge psyop. Dis…[View]
343812695Why is Idaho so expensive now[View]
343785766LA PALMA BLOWING FRONT PLUG: GET IN HERE https://youtu.be/INvrtMg5tSQ >inb4source…[View]
343817290Just took a pic of this sand nigger guarding the local library WTF ? https://www.bitchute.com/video/…[View]
343816136David Amess's killer Ali Harbi Ali exposed: >SUSPECTED MP killer Ali Harbi Ali was radicalis…[View]
343816930What the?: -You wake up -It's October 18th 2001 -Only you retain all your memories up until 17t…[View]
343811288Does anyone have a genetic haplogroup map of Germany? The developmental differences between West Ger…[View]
343816907what could have caused this?[View]
343793536Hitler and daily bread: He wrote about earning your daily bread. Here's mine. I'm also a …[View]
343814750Landlords are and always will be the biggest unsympathetic jews.[View]
343771674/GAG/ Globohomo Art General: >What is /GAG/? This is a thread dedicated to the creation and shari…[View]
343815810Is Islam the continuum of National-socialism?[View]
343815350why are leftists so braindead?[View]
343798206OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
343816642So Big Pharma is in on This Shit Right?: Where are the insiders leaking then? Who in power has stak…[View]
343814016THANKS ANON: Yesterday in an art thread a anon (i don't remember which nation) left this very h…[View]
343815805Flase Flag Incomming?: ITT we predict what the false flag event will be in order to distract from br…[View]
343814791Nurses in Buffalo and all across the country are going on strike: But why aren’t they listing covid …[View]
343814978Niggers, why you no get jab? Why you no trust government? Government love you and only want whats be…[View]
343794163What should parents do when their kids come out as LGBT? I know you are going to say kill them or wh…[View]
343814128headline fixed[View]
343816163[Meta] Discord Trannies shilled this board defunct: pureblood threads and wormpill theads made it ob…[View]
343811904Mitt Romney is handsome and looks presidential.[View]
343816205/pol/ caught lying again: Everyone is always saying that countries are only counting someone as 'ful…[View]
343805733If Americans are too fat and lazy to work why don't we just open the border for Mexicans, India…[View]
343804896Why, of all the socialist countries of Eastern Europe: Only Czechia, Estonia and Slovenia were able …[View]
343815104Wagie General[View]
343811727I know using Kikebook is degenerate but I came across something interesting and I was wondering if a…[View]
3438160789/11 was an inside job -> no plane hit the pentagon The CIA killed JFK //Donald Rumsfeld was a l…[View]
343815825I unironically like African-Americans more than white Americans, if you exclude the small part of bl…[View]
343788213Why don't you give Islam any credit for reforming so many thugs?: Many thugs and degenerates bo…[View]
343813644>Prevents you from affording homeownership in current year Heh, nothing personal kid.…[View]
343810598/pol/ humor (Allah Edition): Ill start: https://www.memri.org/tv/saudi-childrens-cartoon-depicts-qur…[View]
343810847Us troops took Taiwan: Guess China isn't as strong as they say. Based Xi just let it happen and…[View]
343814702Clownworld Thread[View]
343813184What's your opinion on this?: Found this care today like this, try and guess the race of the ow…[View]
343804314>Americans will defend this[View]
343814052Y:Last Man tv show cancelled after becoming more inclusive: GET WOKE[View]
343811864What would their reaction be if they could see the West today?[View]
343807588Is the vax 'ACTUALLY' a kill-shot?: Or is it just shitty technology rolled out too soon?…[View]
343808363HARDCORE: CAMPS OFFICIALLY BEING BUILT: AUSTRAILIA Apparently they're going to be used for mul…[View]
343814743debt ceiling: America is on the Jewish alter of sacrifice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBslpxCg6…[View]
343813594Wake up /pol/! https://youtu.be/lNu0fRT5oYs It is YOUR PEOPLE suffering and dying.[View]
343798926Joe Biden & The KKK: Joe Biden idolizing KKK Klansman Strom Thurmond https://www.thestate.com/ne…[View]
343738818How will Russia solve the prostitution problem?: Russia has more prostitututes than any other countr…[View]
343801061Sweden is now state sponsoring tv shows that explicitly exclude men.: They just sit there and talk a…[View]
343814375I love how they think this is “owning the libs” when most of us could not care less because we don’t…[View]
343814385Hey so how come some of you are very mean? I am not a homosexual or a retard. Stop it.[View]
343814896Israel 5th wave: On how many waves of covid are you right now? 3? 4? We are likely to enter our FIF…[View]
343813271You guys complain about Jews a lot, but the biggest population of Zionists are actually Christians. …[View]
343813032BASED POLAND: POLAND IS SO BASED They hate faggots, have national pride, preserve their culture and …[View]
343807169Americans WILL defend this.[View]
343812529tick tock tick tock...[View]
343810768New X-Men: One-Dimensional Cyclops Only Wants One Thing And It/s Fuckin Disgusting[View]
343808770Vaccine Mandate for Congress: So with how mandates are being pushed onto workers by their companies …[View]
343799626Greta Rick Rolls Audience: Pack it up folks, turns out the climate scam was just a prank. https://yo…[View]
343806028J&J covid jab 3% effective after after 5 months: Imagine getting an experimental jab from a comp…[View]
343783233Let's talk about Zemmour, lads...or as I've taken to call him: the twink tornado >was u…[View]
343791506What's something positive you can say about Jews, /pol/?[View]
343807891This is legally assault with a deadly weapon (toxic chemicals). Time to buy a Prius and an AR15 and …[View]
343804848Why does the left hate landlords so much?: They sure seem to get a disproportionate amount of ire fr…[View]
343796513This guy just won the primeries and might be the next pm of Hungary. He has 7 children and is deeply…[View]
343813732'China says power cuts won’t hit homes in winter, amid crunch': >China says Safe bet it's an…[View]
343810913If/When the United States collapses, what's the country where we are all going to migrate to fo…[View]
343814076Describe burgerland with one image[View]
343801644What does /pol/ think of AREDN?[View]
343807795Today my company sent out an email telling everyone to submit their vax card by the 19th so they cou…[View]
343795858Miami private school to require students getting COVID vaccine to stay home for 30 days after dose: …[View]
343812748Why are nigs so unrespectful??: Like in this vid https://youtu.be/gZ622ykNDbs Everyone is laughing i…[View]
343799883Black people shoot at each other in a white mall in PA. This is what this blue state gets for flippi…[View]
343807409Right rap: HC Strache debut in Dresden (ft. Pegida): In honor of HC Strache singing deutsche Hymnen …[View]
343813827J3W W0RLD 0RDER: <<jewherefistandformostfuckjanniesfuckfagsfuckgoyim NthatORDERnFUCKwhitey …[View]
343802642Why isn't this the most talked about video in conspiracy right now? https://odysee.com/@en:a5/P…[View]
343786345Growing up in India, my mom always served us some kind of fruit after a meal: I'm surprised it…[View]
343810843How can a country be so based?[View]
343805773Are women equal to men?[View]
343813155I voted for Biden because he has empathy. Around here they call him empathy joe. We're gonna bu…[View]
343794815Guns aren't necessary in a modern society[View]
343813471Why would someone have this Voter/Election data????: Why would someone have all of this data in one …[View]
343813476>O say does that AIDS-spangled banner yet wave...[View]
343811338For people who are still confused at the current state of the world: -At some point, Biden, Pelsoi, …[View]
343810203>everyone here used to be a little kid who dreamed about what he'd be when he grew up. >p…[View]
343804870I did not take the shot, however a family member of mine has and all of a sudden they developed a sl…[View]
343805383Red pill me on the collectable art industry: Is it just another Jewish racket? ---------------------…[View]
343795902Since when did America have a $2 bill? I always thought that it was 1,5,10,20,50,100[View]
343787380dreams work and disney made a whole generation and of men race mixers think pol[View]
343812684JEW propaganda, example 1,000,000: Somali kebab stabs a man to death. Those are the basics. Notice a…[View]
343813432Shadow Open Market Committee; Intergovernmental Audit Forums: If you know, you know. Remember you ca…[View]
343803067Bros, wtf happened to /nsg/? I looked at the archive and all latest threads died within a couple pos…[View]
343795461What’s /pol/s opinion on Keith Woods? He’s a third positioning and supports more anti capitalist tak…[View]
343807778What does pol think of Ronald Reagan?[View]
343812270Shortage myth: Why is there no shortages in Baltimore, MD? Food, gasoline, water, all in stock.…[View]
343777614do you guys ever wander what it would been like to have open transkids when you were at school: espe…[View]
343808171>J&J recipients should 'feel good' about booster recommendation: Fauci HOW IS THIS …[View]
343799336Are we witnessing Jimmy Dore become a libertarian in real time?[View]
343812683The post-modern progressive is the direct spiritual descendant of the modern protestant Calvinist. J…[View]
343812634COVID? You mean the flu.[View]
343736459Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Herrmann Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Eng…[View]
3438104142024. Screenshot this.: It will be Stacey Abrams vs Donald Trump. Joe will be retired and Kamala is …[View]
343805726any thread that starts with 'is', 'why' or 'how' is a slide thread created by a bot[View]
343802591based biden[View]
343782445>inb4 jannies prune the thread This discussion is completely legal, and no acts of violence or US…[View]
343793062Should Ireland be re-united?[View]
343812323Why'd she do it, LEAFBROS?: https://globalnews.ca/news/8272157/cypress-county-councillor-alfred…[View]
343805690/lpmtg/ La Palma Mega Tsunami - Mantle Plume General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ …[View]
343802125/GPG/ Geopolitics General #1102 - Barbary pirates Edition: Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yeme…[View]
343809128why are slaves so poor?[View]
343809739If Jews really are despicable, then prove to me that Jewish crimes exist. >protip: you can’t…[View]
343807974Why are greeks such subhuman shitskins: Most greeks look borderline arab/middle eastern[View]
343810237Politics and the World has No Reason: In the excellent chainsaw massacre by Tony Hooper, why don…[View]
343811263New variant is new nothingburger[View]
343810125For fucks sakes Aussies, what is this shit?: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVIdzaFANK7/?utm_medium=cop…[View]
343811801reminder obama is still the antichrist >is a muslim will be the savior to all muslims >is the …[View]
343810296If someone hacked your phone would you even care?[View]
343811508They don't want you to know this information >PIC RELATED Algorithms effecting 4chan posts,…[View]
343810321French Politics Is Built Around the Principle of Stopping Marine Le Pen Becoming President: https://…[View]
343808520Hey pol Thinking of starting a podcast w a friend of mine Would you guys be interested? What kind of…[View]
343777278>british '''''''''males''''''''' What the FUCK is going on in Britain?[View]
343811573I hope you're prepared for another 5 years of absolutely no happenings. This includes no mass d…[View]
343809090When will leftists realize they're the bad guys?[View]
343792765VAXXERS BTFO: Immunity response is lessened by the jab and our bodies are being trained to rely on b…[View]
343810572Firearms owners only, no leafs: Leafs, meme flags, intercity faggots and kikes stay out and stay awa…[View]
343811236The central banking system: The rothschilds and their agents own the federal reserve, in fact, they …[View]
343801627What are we watching for?: What exactly is in the water Q faggots?[View]
343806446Over 6.66 billion vaccine shots given: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-glob…[View]
343811079Are black Wyomingnites based?[View]
343769221Should the devils lettuce be banned? https://www.yahoo.com/news/marijuana-legalization-mistake-high…[View]
343807020The more i speak with Croatians the more based they seem. Constant Serbian/Jewish kvetching about Ja…[View]
343804126NEW STONETOSS[View]
343809122It's over: This channel is non-inkwel version of FACEandLMS and it's blackpilling millions…[View]
343802127This is what happens if you don't get vaccinated in China.: The jews sure rule china with an ir…[View]
343800912Mutt Pride World Wide: Proud to be mutt. Imagine not being a mutt?[View]
343791462Brit/pol/ Commie Slaughter Edition: > British propaganda campaign incited mass slaughter of commu…[View]
343803690>kikes at the Federal Reserve print a bunch of fiat currency that isn't backed by anything …[View]
343778585OC & Humor thread: /pol/ OC and humor thread post your shitty OC and fresh memes[View]
343808673Jab causes AIDS: Vax is genetic AIDS. Symptoms and deaths mirror each other. it will serialize becau…[View]
343804228ChInA iSn'T uNdEr GlObOhOmO: Say hi to Israelxi and his masters.[View]
343798497you gotta give the man credit, Soros has successfully turned the USA from noble to Chinese in what, …[View]
343809796NEVER TRUMPERS READ: Certain people have 'superhuman' immunity to corona. How? Recent stud…[View]
343810372Evil democrat scumbag robs worker: This piece of shit need to be executed https://pix11.com/news/lo…[View]
343810316Is this a weird dataset to have?: Does this look sus to you, or just like a regular range of data so…[View]
343799931It’s over: 15 years ago I was an atheist who believed in aliens and mostly happy. Today I’m pretty s…[View]
343806931East Europeans were banned from black parts in Cold War.: WTF I hate America now.[View]
343807577America is falling.[View]
343810036What the fuck is wrong with boomers? Dad wants me to quit my comfy work at home help desk job to man…[View]
343809980YT auto deleting any mention of White child victims, of racist attacks. Reese Brown, Cannon Hinnant,…[View]
34380087510 year old dies from Covid: Everyday that you refuse to get vaccinated innocent healthy children ar…[View]
343809495What is the future of pro-white activism in America?: /pol/ consensus: >organized movement = feds…[View]
343809897Hey /pol/ I am doing a project o air pollution in China. Can I get some sources?[View]
343807318Sharee Jones Charged With Arson, Hate Crime After Fire At Brooklyn Yeshiva: What's going on wit…[View]
343806405Aren't you white people ashamed that you have it so well? If others don't live as well as …[View]
343803026Big Tech Exodus: stop being a faggot and also help other people stop being faggots ITT we discuss wh…[View]
343806166Gender is different than sex: If gender is a binary, how do you explain thos fag?[View]
343796282Do you seriously think you can roll back gay marriage when all civilized countries have moved on? …[View]
343802282Judge order police to stop speaking out against vax mandate: >'This notion that individual office…[View]
343805706The UK was 80% white 10 years ago: How can we save Europe from American induced brazilification?…[View]
343807491Critical Race Theory will end you. There's a game going on, and it's over for you if you c…[View]
343807411Why doesn't /pol/ fight the trannies on their turf?[View]
343806696Even before censorship kicked conservatives off social media, smart and stats-focused conservatives …[View]
343809266Lunar internet is soon reality: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/connectivity-in-space-the-moon-wi…[View]
343808432>nigger ass[View]
343808993France's ambassador kicked out of Belarus: Happening https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-5894…[View]
343804264It's happening, and you're not gonna like it.: Remember half a year ago when Russia moved …[View]
343804918Why are there so many rape allegations against elite white conservatives?[View]
343789239If only you all knew how much aliens unironically have to do with what's going on right now.[View]
343803362How to deal with being alone? Alien ideology. Can't express ideas or views without walking on …[View]
343804120Dave Chappelle mocked Asians getting attacked, comparing them to covid-19[View]
343801065My Dad is from Bosnia and he thinks that your ideology is abhorrent: My dad is from Bosnia and survi…[View]
343806930are 'COVID' deaths in the jabbed enough of a wakeup call?: Finally found a 'COVID death'— 50-somethi…[View]
343799801Why does it feel like absolutely nothing matters anymore? I made more money this year than ever befo…[View]
343807830CABAL TROLL LEVEL: UNAMARTYR :)): You cannot make this shit up... they have been telling us that s o…[View]
343804453https://youtu.be/MIYGFSONKbk i liked the video: Cuz i support murcuck army getting cuced even more…[View]
343800273Video footage of Melbourne police checking whether a man’s coffee cup was empty to verify his excuse…[View]
343794836We were better off under the British[View]
343796348China uses mobile incinerators: https://twitter.com/TruthAbtChina/status/1445871475068526592…[View]
343803667Why are white Americans such sheep when put into institutions like schools and workplaces? Blacks ba…[View]
343800763Why is the term 'God' synonymous with Christcuckery?: It seems whenever 'God' is mentioned, we all i…[View]
343768959I'm so fucking blackpilled it's beyond belief.[View]
343807220How hopeful are you about the future of the white man?[View]
343805050So what's next on the jews'/globalist elites' agenda? What will happen over the next …[View]
343775705Have cars gotten worse over time?[View]
343801287Roof Koreans poem: ‘Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all through Missouri niggers would smash windo…[View]
343806436JUST DO IT: FUCK WOMEN Its time for Poland do one more based movement, who will solve all their prob…[View]
343805388Why aren't you homesteading, /pol/?[View]
343799538The CIA hides from us an entire underground society made entirely of CIA agents matching, if not exc…[View]
343801549why should i care more about skin colour than merit[View]
343806618Can any Louisiana anons explain what is going on at Grambling State University? Apparently there hav…[View]
343803193What happened to Britain? They used to rule the world now the are reduced to this. https://streamabl…[View]
343806613Imagine your son exposing you as a sectarian or right winger My heart would break: https://youtube.c…[View]
343794861Russia sides with China 2: Russian subhumans align with Chink bugmen As you saw in the previous thre…[View]
343804642Inception: What would happen if the greatest inventor of the century, instead of operating exclusive…[View]
343795950I just had to watch a perfectly healthy white man creampie inside a fat stinky poo chick at work. We…[View]
343803846im not going back to the officea: im a graphic designer working for a jew bookie. if they try anythi…[View]
343799668A Mexican shot several black cops in Houston a couple nights ago, and got away with it. He still has…[View]
343801689Youtube is so trash it's filled with 'muh opinions'. >Here's what I think like a sociop…[View]
343764358bunkercucks’ slow march through own excrement: >>>/biz/41981353[View]
343802377>Ayo, I hear you guys be plannen to go tuh otha planets o some shit? Yall mind if I hop on to? We…[View]
343801034Age Bait Thread: Why don't Boomers watch anime?[View]
343800920Illinois Hate Thread: Fuck JB Pritzker and fuck Champaign.[View]
343805063Why is China mogging America in foreign policy?[View]
343800730/lpmtg/ La Palma NOTHINGBURGER Edition: >Current status BOOM & FLOW >CURRENT NEWS https://…[View]
343805343mic: dropped[View]
343797977I voted for Biden cause he supports the middle class. They call him average Joe around here. When pe…[View]
343802385Why is it so hard for women to lose weight nowadays? What are the political implications of this?[View]
343804211Madagascar village: Let's set up a community in Madagascar and eventually take over the island.…[View]
343805064What the Fuck is the Difference??: What is the Difference Between 'Pausing' a Vaccine and 'Banning' …[View]
343804115Reminder: British empire was run by the Rothschilds.: British empire was run by the Jewish bankers s…[View]
343797907Houses have doubled in price in the last 5 years and wages have not increased. You cannot have the s…[View]
343802690Oh dear what a shame: >be Sir David Amess >be Cuntservative MP >be early and enthusiastic s…[View]
343800851>The most intelligent women either don't have kids or have 1 or 2 when they are way past pri…[View]
343796077What attracts very bottom of the barrel, sub humans to far left extremism? Do extremist in fact that…[View]
343790711German Valknut Girls: Can any German anon fill me in on what happened to the group that got the joun…[View]
343793057Will he be OK?: I'm starting to fear that Joe will be assasinated via hunting accident or somet…[View]
3438035582$ leaf bucks for pic related: I'm bored /pol/ how's everyone's day?[View]
343760552What are the political implications of sex tourism/prostitution? Does it increase tourism? Does it a…[View]
343790471What Comes After Clown World?: Is the next step after Clown World agreeing with the Jews and cheerin…[View]
343798363Americans will defend this[View]
343763326The holocaust is nothing more than camp rumors that got out of hand.[View]
343801500>Crosses your border >Takes your gibs >Steals your job >Married and breeds your White me…[View]
343804464Amerikkkanz are going to suffer this winter: Amerikkkanz will suffer BIGLY this winter. Those boot l…[View]
343789286HOLY FUCK: Moderna VAX REALLY MARKS YOU: They disclosed the Luciferase in the Moderna Vaccine. No s…[View]
343802874Tranny Bathroom Rapist General /TBR/ 3: Previous Thread: >>/pol/343580654 Scott smith, the fat…[View]
343804057Happening: Waikiki is on fire[View]
343800499Suburbs to homestead: How do I go from a thoroughly middle class existence to a small acreage homest…[View]
343800465America: So let me get this straight: Your President is actively trying to force many people in your…[View]
343798842Jewish stats request: Yo! So I’m Jewish and I’m tryna make a shirt with a whole bunch of antisemitic…[View]
343802587Imagine a Western politician doing this, getting up in their Parliament or Congress and declaring 'H…[View]
343798673Was she trying to seduce Putin?: That was quite disrespectful of her. Showing off her naked legs in …[View]
343790052Canada is collapsing[View]
343801581>Whatever I want is good, whatever gets in my way is bad. What political philosophy or politician…[View]
343802123Why yes, I am American, how could you tell?[View]
343797790Men power: FUCK WOMEN Its time for Poland do one more based movement, who will solve all their probl…[View]
343801554When did you realize the problem mankind has always faced was never of a political, but spiritual na…[View]
343792097Why won't you listen to Bimini Bon Boulash?[View]
343802687It’s only gonna get more clown from here, isn’t it?[View]
343802250What do you think about nazbol?: Could it work within the white race?[View]
343802367Imagine paying billions to the people who hate you the most: Kek free money thanks murica[View]
343801399Is Ireland about to get enriched?[View]
343803008White nationalists concern me. They claim they're under attack, and their answer is to reject t…[View]
343800826Missionaries With an American Christian Group Kidnapped in Haiti: Up to 17 missionaries and their fa…[View]
343803285How to get laid off/go on EI? -- Plus Strategically Short-term homeless?: Hey /pol I work in sales/c…[View]
343777956She just took that vaccine: https://twitter.com/Haydeano1/status/1448965285256568859[View]
343802474When referring to IsraelXi Jinping's Taiwan ambitions...: remember to *not* use the words 'reun…[View]
343800232Discuss generational differences: >SQUIDGAME >YAAYFORTNITE >OKBOOMER >LITLIT Zoomers des…[View]
343800109Organized 'Jewish' Conspiracy makes no sense: >Only 14 million Jews in the world >Although Isr…[View]
343800463Covid-Denial Embarassed Richard Spencer: Reminder that Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, officia…[View]
343801818alabama: Finds new Youtuber Has Based Videos on Rhodesia, SAF, White Malitias, White Mercs Joins His…[View]
343802541JUST DO IT: FUCK WOMEN Its time for Poland do one more based movement, who will solve all their prob…[View]
343802674is the US government paying farmers to destroy crops?[View]
343801771Politician got stabbed and is somehow news 3 days later: Some literally who gets stabbed and suddenl…[View]
343798779Can't we all just get along?[View]
343795218New Horsey cartoon just dropped[View]
343800848WEIMERICA: Thread theme : https://youtu.be/EEZ_alb1wkk On the bright side these conditions were resp…[View]
343800884Bomb WeKangZ: A woman who was injured in the large apartment bombing in Gothenburg, Sweden late last…[View]
343788136Why don't young women want to get pregnant any more?: I thought they biologically wanted to hav…[View]
343802691Quick Meta /pol/: Who here reads the OP and not just instantly presses hide (and report) the moment …[View]
343802332Africa will be a utopia if everyone were like the Himbas. Westernization destroyed Africa.[View]
343801058What's the implications of having romantic feelings for a woman as a sub 8 male in 2021?[View]
343798615Fertility Crisis: What do you guys think about the current fertility crisis? Not only have they take…[View]
343802493justicex1000: In a state of law you need fundamental evidence to be able to arrest any corrupt perso…[View]
343793838I'm a bad ass like Rambo because of the 2nd amendment. Anyday now I will take down the big gove…[View]
343801444Just curious, how would one go about purchasing an Afghan child?[View]
343802324BLACKS SHOULD PAY REPARATIONS: Take a look at Africa right now, compare the living standards of blac…[View]
343799644Americans: civil liberties means compelled speech: ACLU together with the usual DNC/corporate suspec…[View]
343802124Hows the arizona audit going?[View]
343795475Why aren't they dancing anymore?[View]
343795225Why is world so scared of Incels? Is government really afraid of 'loser nerds'?[View]
343773059Should we go back to Europe?: Here in Canada the natives are claiming all the land in the country as…[View]
343798715Shadow prez general: Do you really believe decrepit old Joe is in charge? Obama is ruling as the rea…[View]
343799627CABAL TROLL LEVEL: UNAMARTYR :)): You cannot make this shit up... they have been telling us that s o…[View]
343801307I saw a thread on some board with pic rel about masculinity and people pointed out how its ironic to…[View]
343761672germany thread - germany edition: Germany, Germany over all Over everything in the world! When it co…[View]
343794750There's been a lot of interest on here regarding the brotherhood lately so I figured I'd m…[View]
343792799WHY ARE HUMANS INJECTING THEMSELVES WITH SKUNK MEDICINE?: >You aren't skunks. Haven't t…[View]
343797048He's right you know.[View]
343796766Seattle General: How are you holding up, lads? Any bum/junkie stories? Any Seattle Anons want to sta…[View]
343801039The last order: > administrative state, no politicians > Power is for an elite well-trained of…[View]
343801645>tfw I'm gonna lose my job if I don't take the vaccine[View]
34380160520 Chinese troops beaten, evicted.: This is the military that larps as a super power? Losing against…[View]
343796410Reminder that trannies will never be women.: You will never have a vagina or a pair of tits.[View]
343800104You're going to need a massive fleet, thousands of the finest german mercenaries and unlimited …[View]
343791880Priti Patel:No more anon posting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wg67Fc_mA04 By decree of common engl…[View]
343796355Any other Right-Wingers Support the Vaccine Mandates?: I am Conservative in many ways but I have bee…[View]
343764321Cryptocurrency: Red pill me on Bitcoin is it a way for us to get rid of the zog controlled central b…[View]
343801422HANDS OFF OUR BODIES!: remember to get vaxxed though![View]
343795327Has there been a deadlier Hurricane than Katrina?[View]
343800860>Keepers of the Liberty of VENUS t-thanks based and redpilled pagang...…[View]
343794306/lpmtg/ La Palma mega tsunami general.: >Current status BOOM & FLOW >CURRENT NEWS https://…[View]
343800534A tale of two countries: China has rised as a military, cultural and economic power, reaching an une…[View]
343801130u are detoxing your body of fluoride and bromine by supplementing iodine... right anon? https://www…[View]
343767015Why do Somalians have so many children?[View]
343777565Why /pol/ has such an obsession with calling every blonde girl a fake blonde? A lot of times the eye…[View]
343773742Not even a single western video game is non-pozzed nowadays, this is a tragedy.[View]
343798204Is Maine the best place to go to form an ethnostate? I talked to some people on the far right and th…[View]
343800976are you ready?[View]
343791813I love and serve the EU: All I want is that all EU countries band together snd conquer the remaining…[View]
343800113Woke-ism was the natural consequence of giving the nigger hordes access to smartphones and the inter…[View]
343786351Zoomers, what went so wrong?: https://mobile.twitter.com/SuburbanJihadi/status/1449050152790986761 W…[View]
3437747816.66 billion people vaccinated globally: These are clearly DS comms. What do they have in store for …[View]
343795378Bye Sweden.[View]
343770880They really think that we're fucking stupid. How much proof does someone needs?: The Chinese bi…[View]
343799993I'm tired of this covid bullshit. It's been too long, I can't take this anymore. When…[View]
343789852Fascists btfo! The economy is actually GOOD Childs![View]
343796912This black man has done more for the cause than any of you neckbeard keyboard warriors on pol[View]
343800062what's wrong with censorship if it prevents incorrect information (conspiracies) from reaching …[View]
343800093JUST DO IT: FUCK WOMEN Its time for Poland do one more based movement, who will solve all their prob…[View]
343794753What the hell is happening in America?: >Crowds chanting 'Fuck joe biden' >People refusing man…[View]
343795660The Cult of the Mask: The pandemic of the masked sheep and willing government slaves .. surrender yo…[View]
343764632Is there a non-violent way to fix this? Should we just lie back and let it happen?[View]
343796800Why isn't anyone physically attacking the politicians taking away freedoms? Peaceful protests n…[View]
343799624the state of America: Muzzie is teaching your kids about evil of whiteness[View]
343797403Brit/pol-Jannies do your fucking job edition: 'Ate spammers 'Ate seethenonces 'Ate tr…[View]
343795415EIGHT filthy Somali niggers attack white boi: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/angry…[View]
343794123Manly hobbies to do?: I am a programmer as a job but i feel the need to get my hands on something mo…[View]
343778537/GPG/ Geopolitics General #1101 - Jews fear the Samurai Edition: Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq…[View]
343785699Why is there a worker shortage?: why won’t employers pay a better wage? Wtf is going on??[View]
343798242Joe Rogan and Sanjay Gupta: Where the fuck can I watch the whole thing?[View]
343795423Meh.: Meh.[View]
343799445Not enough 'we wuz kangs and sheeit': https://www.foxnews.com/us/art-institute-of-chicago-fires-doce…[View]
343796405Sheep grew an extra leg after its mother was vaccinated: A freshly growing sheep embryo turned all w…[View]
343755422RWSIG/ Right Wing Self Improvement General: Doesn't matter if you are a Fascist, National Socia…[View]
343793990Fauci says J&J vaccine should have been 2 shots not one: Oh no no no J&J bros what do we do?…[View]
343775080HAPPENING! Message From KEK? GET IN HERE!: https://youtu.be/KMUitO-vSzw Viral video happening now. …[View]
343760015COVID dystopia photos: Post your worst[View]
343798060>neighbors are boomers >daily grilling >daily deliveries from Amazon >parents are boomer…[View]
343795747What went so absolutely, horrendously, horribly around to make the Democratic party so repulsive?[View]
343798754>turn talmudvision on >still nothing but covyid-109 >go outside >still see masks will n…[View]
343789252My inner monologue: Is smarter than me and more cunning and won’t stop shit talking me it’s basicall…[View]
343798688Dear Politicians & Media,: Those things you think you're hiding and are sure that the idiot…[View]
343791012Any fellow neo-luddites here?[View]
343787363I just got a girlfriend, so I will no longer be coming here. Thanks for the memories and good luck t…[View]
343770839Was Sopranos right? Meaning if men lick their womens' vajayjay they are gay and submissive?[View]
343798434The only way to 'build back better' is for the economy to collapse[View]
343794603Why is nobody talking about the Sacklers: >Jewish family invents painkiller that can be easily cr…[View]
343798057Norway YES!: Don't you think its great this woman and her 11 kids were rescued by Norway? This …[View]
343781799Corporate Vaccine Mandates: I work in the defense Industry and the time has come where the company I…[View]
343798001Its working: The original video comes from 22 July 2020, and shows Mr Gates giving an interview on U…[View]
343797953Assad: Assad adio Assad adio I ko zna gde I ko zna kad[View]
343796983Why are the fat kikes suddenly pushing (((debit cards))) on children? They say in the commercials th…[View]
343793132NEW STONETOSS[View]
343792117The French Revolution of 2050: A group of French Muslim women march to the Palace of Versailles to r…[View]
343790287Finally some good news, sounds like this whole pandemic thing is starting to wind down now.[View]
343788156How does it make you feel: That the genes that created every scientific innovation in history and cr…[View]
343797197The state of this board: What happened here? Haven't been lurking for at least a year and it…[View]
343793380Tell me something redpilled: Thats politically incorrect[View]
343790100It has been an honor shitposting with you frens: I do not know when will this site shutdown or whene…[View]
343794903Why are American stores so pozzed???: Look at pic related. I went to a Target and looked at the book…[View]
343795644Why aren't you a leftist?[View]
343797162How come the public sector is filled with the shittiest people on Earth? Do governments intentionall…[View]
343775550/hog/ Hungary general: Post everything related to hungaryan politics![View]
343793693What happens here?[View]
343797092If racemixing is so bad, then why did God allow this to happen? Checkmate niggers[View]
343797042The woman that singlehandedly saved Macedonians in the Polog region[View]
343796878Nemo's dad would eventually transition: When a female clown fish leaves the group for whatever …[View]
343780695https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penile_plethysmography This is basically a lie detector test for your …[View]
343796816https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAXg78MKJcM This song was an obvious piece of predictive programming…[View]
343792715My Dad is from Poland and he thinks your ideology is abhorrent: My dad was from Poland and survived …[View]
343796770I’m loving the shortages: I hope they get worse so these SJW LGBTQNB woke folks will have no supplie…[View]
343791986Most of the people on here that care about whites becoming a minority/extinct are nonwhites smart en…[View]
343791960>See white woman with mixed kid >'Oh nice, you adopted?' >Her face turns to confusion and s…[View]
343796189What's the deal with this guy? It seems he's just reporting on what antifa do but given ho…[View]
343794540Abortion = HAUNTED PUSSY[View]
34378589980s and 90s: >Hey, gays, this disease is ravaging your community. Stop having unprotected sex wit…[View]
343790208Shooting in Lancaster PA: Just got a call from a family member that a shooting is taking place in th…[View]
343789970Why do y'all have such an issue with face masks and vaccines when they save lives?[View]
343794772why are you such whiny little faggots?: isn't turning around a seemingly impossible situation w…[View]
343793485Why are Germans like this?[View]
343791453every film now has at least 1 faggot in it[View]
343793300Did National Socialist Germany Colonize Space?: Debate, discuss, post redpills/proof. Saw a thread r…[View]
343771242THE DIEOFF BEGINS: 6uild 6ack 6better https://archive.is/oUUv3[View]
343795754reminder to ignore leftypol trannyposters: >don't reply to leftoids >hide leftoid threads…[View]
343792398They got to him, bros. :([View]
343795901Is Connecticut the most miserable state in the U.S? >Cold, rainy, overcast all the time. >8 m…[View]
343794925Jew Control Techniques[View]
343794010TG || telegram general: Is telegram pozzed globhomo psyop, or are they legit? Also, telegram general…[View]
343791007How much longer until we got an irl las plagas situation going on? How many people are incubating va…[View]
343794490Why don’t you like her?: She is beautiful, smart and creative. Wha do?[View]
343791257I thought they were joking about Zimbabwe 2.0.[View]
343789548How the american dream will end: a bunch of wild niggers surround your house with CNN filming in the…[View]
343785622How do I learn about Hitler's spiritual Ideology: Finally given up the last remaining vestiges …[View]
343795338RED DEER: Newcastle United - Tottenham match was interrupted because one of the supporters collapsed…[View]
343783005confess your political sins: I want to deport them all but I am addicted to breakfast burritos…[View]
343795291are we too far gone? when do you think we will see salvation once more?[View]
343785946Whitest country on the planet?: I'd say Iceland.[View]
343790247Hey look Israeli politicians are finally acknowledging the Nakba, progress is being made[View]
343794136You will never have $$$$$$[View]
343788398/pol/ btfo: The only reason blacks are more likely to go to prison is because of poverty. If you con…[View]
343795184Why do they want US soldiers to protect them when they don't even have universal male conscript…[View]
343795075Is there any other country on Earth whose politicians can publicly proclaim their desire for ethnic …[View]
343767718Brit/pol/ We wuz kangs edition: >According to British geneticist Adam Rutherford, it is 'virtuall…[View]
343790729Come mid terms am voting for Joe Biden: As an american, i fought hard for trump but at this rate we’…[View]
343784329Everybody seems shocked that productivity is in a nose dive, and there's a hiring slump. The an…[View]
343780438ITT you are dictator: You've just been elected the new dictator of your country, list your firs…[View]
343793677This is what they took from you: Waffle house in ohio at night in the year 2000 https://www.youtube.…[View]
343788745You have exactly 10 SECONDS to explain why you don't like freemasonry.: This country was founde…[View]
343794811Californians and pajeets ruined Idaho[View]
343794445A good thread for once: Problems with slave narratives 1. Blaming it on jews Its not meaningful and…[View]
343794430im simple guy from pol/land from most to least hated I hate zionists (along with israel's peop…[View]
343793334What does she even do?[View]
343794656Indigenous population in Canada could climb to nearly 3.2 million by 2041: StatCan: Uh oh, we got to…[View]
343756643Is there any chance of France become white again?? Like a politician who wants to deport all the shi…[View]
343793231Why have I never seen a movie or TV show about a black man overcoming his irrational hatred of white…[View]
343793128Fox Nation is bringing back COPS. Is it time to subscribe?[View]
343789663We Unironically Need a Police Surveillance State: >muh privacy >muh big brother >muh commun…[View]
343794437based: snowflakes chuds btfo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=coVxNAYPzWo[View]
343793942Fucking Done man: > too batshit to be scared of the IRS at this point /pol/ Why should I, a hard …[View]
343791858fully arm the population, legalize murder, and ban intergenerational transference of wealth this era…[View]
343787302/lpmtg/ La Palma mega tsunami general.: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Up…[View]
343791401What’s the deal with Russel Brand? He seemed like just an average socialist retard only a year ago, …[View]
343793048Nigger Appreciation thread: I think we need to come to terms and appreciate how elegant, how sophist…[View]
343792568Why did the endless Ice Cream pictures suddenly stop?[View]
343792054If this is true then why are they so afraid of it?[View]
343789048When will pedophilia become main stream?: I mean we already don't care the Bill Gates, Prince C…[View]
343779756If you're white move to Mexico: The US will collapse, their will be martial law and civil war. …[View]
343793364REFUGESS WELCOME: does anybody have the picture of a homeless man begger juxtaposed with women with …[View]
343792606Ask an Austrian Economist Anything: Ask an Austrian economist anything, I also helped campaign for D…[View]
343774354Congressmen literally want to slaughter citizens.[View]
343793903Means its working: Which’ya take there bud? Politically incorrect[View]
343793884HOW FUCKED IS RUSSIA?: “Russian daily Covid-19 deaths hit record high but lawmakers rule out lockdow…[View]
343786037/pol/ btfo[View]
343787836Cars are dangerous and ruined our cities: Big Oil is the only reason we don't build railways in…[View]
343793781Soundbyte religion.: God, I will find and own the woman I click with, because my male prowess and lo…[View]
343784341Lord Fauci has spoken. You may see your families this year but only if you have had your innoculatio…[View]
343791653Remember when the mods tried to cancel this? I 'member.: >https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2…[View]
343791378Joe Biden & his allegiance to the KKK: Joe Biden idolizing KKK Klansman Strom Thurmond https://w…[View]
343791364They're attacking every facet of white culture. Will we ever get our culture back bros?[View]
343783825As you walk around your neighbourhood at night, you cut through a narrow alley as a shortcut, when s…[View]
343789263reminder about tv: never use tv it’s a Jewish brainwashing tool[View]
343787576Islamic immigrant rapes 19 dementia cases: It happened in Sweden: muslim man goes to work in old peo…[View]
343780652What was he thinking?[View]
343780521>Jon Stewart is redpilled about Cov......... https://twitter.com/JoshLekach/status/14497700178563…[View]
343790698Boy I can't wait for the Racewar to begin: An all-out bloody racewar is the only solution for t…[View]
343768165Discussion of the political impact of Aryan Art: Aryan Art is heavily suppressed by ZOG due to its m…[View]
343790891Abortion is bad: Is there any reason to be pro abortion? Even if try to argue for it from a wignat o…[View]
343789335AZ Audit bold lie: >We did not delete files, that is a conspiracy theory. >Yea we deleted fil…[View]
343790047What is going on here?[View]
343792316If only you knew how bad things really are.[View]
343791293Nothing will happen until the food runs out.[View]
343791882Dave Chappelle just proved white fragility doesn't exist: Hear me out, /pol/. So self-hating wh…[View]
343791848Why does he wear the mask?[View]
343763283Why do Christ cucks travel to shithole countries?[View]
343792484Its payback time: Hollywood laughed and benfited as blue collar American jobs were shipped to China …[View]
343793042The only way to 'build back better' is for the economy to collapse[View]
343793002/pol/ Seattle General: How are you holding up, lads? Any Seattle Anons want to start a business? How…[View]
343789637This is How Leftists See Dave Chappelle[View]
343792959Toll Status:: Paid in full[View]
343789131Calgary elections tomorrow: Hi anon Tomorrow I am going to say NO equalisation payments but I am a b…[View]
343783539/it/: italy general so, they won. Once again this country full of clowns proved why it's the jo…[View]
343759125HAPPENING! OVER A DOZEN CHRISTIANS KIDNAPPED BY HAITIANS: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/17-…[View]
343792000Why are vaxxers so fucking cruel and remorseless? What happened to nurses and others being heroes al…[View]
343792430Why do I have a strong urge to harass faggots?[View]
343792155Why don't black people support Stop Asian Hate?[View]
343770945Is this the final redpill?: It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.[View]
343790322Official /pol/ poll: We need a quick update on everyone. Question 1: are you happy with your life? Q…[View]
343790819My dad is from Africa and Thinks Your Ideology is Abhorrant: My dad was from Rwanda and suffered in …[View]
343792425How do I stop being a shill for the Jew?: I just went a whole week of no fap. I just fucking ruined …[View]
343790017Marvel Announces is comic book Stan Lee is Bisexual: In book 1 of Marvel’s Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man…[View]
343789233>goes on pol everyday >simps for china >never leaves his chair or bothers to learn mandarin…[View]
343790850Behold... the 'Niggajew': >half nigger >half jew would something like this be welcome in a nig…[View]
343788029Dear married w/ children /pol/, I’m a pureblood. My wife is a vaxxed Redditor… I don’t give a fuck b…[View]
343784461The next british prime minister: Thoughts?[View]
343792419the war that is not fought with guns and nukes...: But numbers and dollars. And the civilians are wi…[View]
343792413Redpill me on ASTANA Illuminati Capital[View]
343781883What would Stalin do?: How could communists fix cities like Philadelphia?[View]
343784942What does /pol/ think of UK drill scene? Im thinking Headie One, 67, 1011, Digga D, SJ ,Skengdo, AM,…[View]
343788607'Suddenly I saw this beautiful woman. She had blond hair, she was perfect, no wrinkles, no spots, an…[View]
343790232Dear pol: You are not getting laid not because you are ugly and not because you are short. Sure, bei…[View]
343792344Modern American Liberalism vs Libertarianism vs Classical Liberalism: The classical liberalism of th…[View]
343788021Never forget that the US Government Assassinated the Haitian president, Beirut was nuked, the CIA de…[View]
343769829Kansas reports fourth child COVID death as school-aged children have highest case rate: I thought th…[View]
343790558/RWCSG/ Right Wing Comfy Squad General: Who's welcome here?: >Right wingers >Third Positi…[View]
343787580Somali Muslim nigger stabs MP: Pajeet Patel leaps into action pushes for an end to online anonymity.…[View]
343782724HA! NO HOLIDAYS FOR YOU GUYS!: Doctor Fauci says only the vaccinated can celebrate the holidays! /po…[View]
343786054Who will they bomb first?[View]
343791381Wtf happened to black people?[View]
343788850How Bad Will Things Get?: Think about it. We're all going to be serfs. The cost of living will …[View]
343790440What professions are respectable?: How do I speedrun politics? Currently 19/yo college student.…[View]
343790212Oh look, more pedos in DC.: We have pedos guarding the pedos that 'make our laws'. https://news.yaho…[View]
343791445I hate faggots, niggers, trannies, commies, pedos, feds, and jannies.[View]
343791809Discrimination against men in hiring: Why is there a lot of discrimination against men when hiring? …[View]
343791768Occupy Wallstreet: I just got banned from Occupy Wallstreet agian for opposing views. Does anyone he…[View]
343791766natural immunity confirmed: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34649001/[View]
343791738Meanwhile on bizzaro/pol/: Superman comes out as super straight in next dc comic[View]
343785221Chinese Superiority Thread!: Mutts not allowed.[View]
343789411Modernism is The Source Of All Evil: Modernism came out of the womb of Christianity, it was a reacti…[View]
343791476Is this the most based dutch?: >be dries riphagen >join nsnap (dutch nsdap) >war starts …[View]
343787172I need a QRD on what John Gruden said[View]
343789962When did you unbind yourself from all shackles of jewish morality? When did you acknowledge, 'I am …[View]
343790682How do you release a book under a pseudonym?[View]
343791231so the whole earth population died and u must reporduce and you are basically stuck with 2 girls th…[View]
343778192Why fire people before Christmas?: What is the significance of these deadlines? October, November, …[View]
343760208Majority of white women voted for Trump: https://www.wsj.com/video/white-women-helped-trump-beat-fir…[View]
343761977>Bill Gates marries his daughter to a Muslim and lets her convert What is going on with him?…[View]
343788993Lets help TX schools figure out what 'Opposing Perspective' means. :): https://dailystormer.su/texas…[View]
343783523Domino's Pizza CEO: U.S. needs more immigration: lol like clockwork >'Ritch Allison started,…[View]
343790811ITT we pretend it really is the end happening.: so, what are you actually thinking now? i'm lau…[View]
343789179Is America really in the grips of a communist takeover?[View]
343783115I miss the 2000s Internet Good speed, many interesting places that dissapeared for now Many clever a…[View]
343776761Russia sides with China: Russian subhumans align with Chink bugmen >China, Russia developing new …[View]
343787393Why isn't Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate getting along?[View]
343789433How did she know all this before bros? Is she from the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV9R…[View]
343772354Modern Architecture: Lazy sunday edition, keep them coming. prev. threads: >>343726098 >…[View]
343790604You should only be allowed to reproduce if your IQ is 100 or higher. I considered saying at least o…[View]
343790566Abraham Lincoln, despite often being considered one of the best or the best presidents of the US, re…[View]
343788987>2045 >Trump was the 45th President Trump will be reinstated in 2045…[View]
343788746WHY ARE THE TRYING TO INJECT ME WITH SKUNK MEDICINE?: Haven't they been telling us for months t…[View]
343790102Nigger anon here Don’t deplete new nannies. I no longer want biological fat women. I now want fat tr…[View]
343786734Literally the only thing I have against China is that their language seems hard and scary.[View]
343778343this Iranian nigga just landed in Moscow, we are going to sell a lot of weapons to Iran jews must be…[View]
343788142XI! XI! XI!: We all know nuclear war is inevitable. The only question is: Are you ready for it?…[View]
343783425This Early Life wants you to go to war with China: >>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Luri…[View]
343790233Why shouldn't we breed middle eastern women[View]
343788169>if it saves one life it's worth it[View]
343786850Why does /pol/ claim that antifa never gets punished?[View]
343781555Good idea?[View]
343774800How do I get rid of vaccine?: Anons I got the first dose of the vaccine in August. I won’t be gettin…[View]
343788112South Asia is literally going down: 5 PAK ARMY SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN KILLED IN PAKISTAN BY TEHREEK I TA…[View]
343786426Should proper work breaks be decriminalized?[View]
343789880Name one reason why you're still fat, women.[View]
343789599Why is the American diet so shit?[View]
343788009>far right incels don't have girlfriends Wow, i did nazi that coming! Y'all need to get…[View]
343787151Are NatSocs in the US circumcised? >Imagine wearing the mark of the people you hate the most, on …[View]
343789465Communism = Equal Misery: If you are healthy, free, independent, and somewhat prosperous... that…[View]
343789388Christ cucks are finally seething: about time... I saw the falling away, the grasp of death is not t…[View]
343789307https://genizalab.princeton.edu/events/2021/postponed-s-yahuda-and-islamic-manuscripts >Between 1…[View]
343787805Dear Trump Supporters: Sure, in your eyes I will never be a woman (even though i am in the eyes of m…[View]
343784673Why society is broken now: Women are not impressed by anything. Women dont want to be clingy towards…[View]
343786935How does /pol/ avoid tracking tech?[View]
343788687He's going to be your president one day, /pol/. Thoughts???[View]
343788343>y-you can't say the R-WORD it's a slur anon! >:([View]
343786728POLAND: PROTEST FOR TAKING IN MORE ARAB AND AFRICAN MIGRANTS https://apnews.com/article/europe-polan…[View]
343788706>oh God bros I don't feel so good[View]
343788915the war that is not fought with guns and nukes...: But numbers and dollars. And the civilians are wi…[View]
343787775Alberta Vaxpass Source Code - Provision For 8 Covid Injections: The EURO equivalent has the same thi…[View]
343788904>'Sir, sorry we have to stop you. Random airport security check. We need to see what you have sto…[View]
343788251What are the political ramifications of the 50 cent army raiding 4chan lately? And why are the janni…[View]
343787704Repairing the Earth: /pol/ you better be tuned into the BBC Earthshot Prize Livestream: https://www.…[View]
343788271CHINA AND RUSSIA REFUSING TO ATTEND CLIMATE SUMMIT!: What a joke. President Xi might not be the only…[View]
343782753this is hell and we havent even died yet: what the fuck are we going to do?? we need a plan and we n…[View]
343758155Climate Justice: https://youtu.be/pHRu0VV-Dbw Climate change requires climate 'justice'. What is cli…[View]
343786271Why are extremist ideologies so appealing to low quality males?[View]
343785610>worldwide White population dipping below replacement levels >meanwhile nigger, spic, and chin…[View]
343786780OHNONONONO: THE VAX IS LITERALLY SKUNK MEDICINE https://news.yahoo.com/next-covid-19-shots-skunks-15…[View]
343782869What's up with Joe Biden & the KKK?: Joe Biden idolizing KKK Klansman Strom Thurmond https:…[View]
343781136Why does USA have so many buildings collapse?: Is it the soil or engineers just don't know what…[View]
343782000Law to Allow Users to Disable Kikey Algorithms: What does /pol/ think of this?[View]
343785586Us troops in Taiwan.: OHNONONONO xibros! Now china will never take back the little island. Maybe if …[View]
343726464COVID-19 dangerous bat research leak = DARPA defuse project: Please read it before you disqualify th…[View]
343783028So when people say that the Americans need to adopt Socialism as an economic model, they point to th…[View]
343784340He's right goyim! Stop voting until the GOP learns their lesson! The elites won't count yo…[View]
343785682ITT we post reasons why we like /pol/ I like /pol/ because I can say nigger, kike, fag, and any othe…[View]
343763444Move back to Croatia?: I heard this country's president said he doesn't want vax mandates …[View]
343780876Anti-mandate mandate is still a mandate: You don't have the right to decide what corporations c…[View]
343762371Christianity is the problem: >'love your enemies' >'turn the other cheek' (instead of seeking …[View]
343787787Helicopter Crash in a Forest near pedophile Odenwald School: >https://www.washingtonpost.com/gdpr…[View]
343776610China vs USA: who will win?[View]
343779894How come all the chuds not just head to tumblr instead of making a hundred free speech alternatives …[View]
343772612Is it just me getting older, or zoomers really are the worst generation ever?[View]
343771309Guess Who Is The New Richest Man In The World: Elon Musk's net worth soars to $230BILLION surpa…[View]
343787348Did shit go down this weekend or was it a nothing burger?[View]
343777571Taxes are actually a good thing, /pol/: You get access to hospitals, universities, infrastructure, p…[View]
343785870Do young children view southern Europeans as white? How should you view southern Europeans (Italian…[View]
343784150What's their problem?: Also what happens there?[View]
343787082Wikipedia is smarter than you: They even knew that we needed a term for separation that doesn't…[View]
343782113Sing along /pol/: Vaxxie Shill gets out of bed Another day of posts ahead Of all the things he loves…[View]
343784213Houston, Texas is retarded.: It deserves another flood.[View]
343785568Welcome to the New-France (africa): https://videos.files.wordpress.com/eX4vjHEx/frankrijk-de-scholen…[View]
343781036Should we return to hunter gatherer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAGjuRwx_Y8 Fuck off janny I ce…[View]
343778091Considerations on medical staff shortages.: As I woke up today, and I saw threads of fools gloating …[View]
343776779Why are there not more men revolting?: >Be a male >Socially bullied and outcasted that you eit…[View]
343785648I am not racist but I found the 'nigger' really funny What to do?[View]
343787379anon i was thinking about this and came to conclusion that : if a person reaches puberty and start h…[View]
343786624/tv/ here. What the FUCK /pol/? I rely on your shitposting on our board to get informed on happening…[View]
343785950What does lowering the flag and shutting parliament even accomplish?[View]
343778298Why i just had to born worst times of this world[View]
343777444What causes a chad to become like this?[View]
343787206How much power does she still have over the Democratic Party?[View]
343782264I love America: I just love the American lifestyle.[View]
343784865How to undivorce my parents?[View]
343781637How did we let it get this bad?: Give it to me straight, are wignats losing influence?[View]
343776368/lpmtg/ La Palma mega tsunami general.: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Up…[View]
343785093Socrates was a jew: > Elenchus > (Ancient Greek: ἔλεγχος, romanized: elenkhos, lit.'argu…[View]
343784825I hate homeless people so much, literal cretin of the world, they should be smashed up into cubes an…[View]
343785364do you like my drawing[View]
343773056Irelands skewed covid numbers vaccinated vs unvaccinated: Pic related Ireland has released its numbe…[View]
343780628This is getting ridiculous[View]
343770366If you guys are so smart then give a detailed plan about what you would do as president. First 100 d…[View]
343762919Did beaners really build Tenochtitlan? They seem way too stupid and lazy as a people to accomplish t…[View]
343786907ummm... gay bros??? were the chuds right all along?[View]
343785762Zoomers are actually the best generation because you can easily distinguish what their politics are …[View]
343786803The next british prime minister: JUST[View]
343784362Goys stay Losing: Aren't you goys sick of losing all the time? You are tricked and subverted to…[View]
343786692How true was that fucking shit theory of vaccines killing you that /pol/ kept spamming all year? Wha…[View]
343782780post your webm[View]
343784059Tell me about some uncomfortable truths of reality. I’ll start It’s always the Jews in same shape or…[View]
343783538At what point did the right wing become the counter culture?[View]
343786158I work with jews (learn this 1 shocking secret about them): They don't deserve to exist. Israel…[View]
343782710What is your honest opinion on the Oghuz people?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oghuz_Turks…[View]
343773032UM, PHIZERBROS...?[View]
343781983What sort of faggot likes funko pops?: Whats the deal with these things? They are obnoxious as fuck …[View]
343785279'Bill Clinton' released from hospital.: Here is 'bill' pictured with 'hillary' leaving the hospital …[View]
343783195Are horror movies Jewish?: Should children watch them? Are they traumatizing or do most people forge…[View]
343781443THERE IS NO PANDEMIC: Continued from > > > >>>343763846[View]
343779643The Biden administration has pulled out their secret weapon...Santa Claus.[View]
343785492I voted for Biden because he has empathy. They call him empathy joe around here. We're gonna bu…[View]
343785128identify the enemy[View]
343784723Make me beautiful God. https://youtu.be/Ax3OhQfx0lQ Soon I will be gorgeous.[View]
343782383Politicians with black eyes: Who is punching them? picrel, rep. Jayapala something from Washington …[View]
343783675WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO FORCE ME TO TAKE SKUNK MEDICINE?: >I'm not a skunk https://news.yahoo…[View]
343779045Unvaccinated are dying at a higher rate according to UK Government: But according to the same govern…[View]
343781713ITS OVER!!! USA JOINS THE NORDIC COUNTRIES!!: >https://www.wsj.com/articles/fda-delays-moderna-co…[View]
343785508When will it all end?: Why are NPCs so easily manipulated? It seems it's even more so worse thi…[View]
343783153Joe Biden won the election. Fair and square. Sore loser trump made up fraud![View]
343771747100% vaccination only way to save economy: Obviously the cause of inflation is people refusing vacci…[View]
343777935Why are they so obsessed with white people?[View]
343779302The flyover problem: Let's discuss getting the rurals to move to the new urban cities we will b…[View]
343783221They aren't even hiding it anymore[View]
343784813Today we right some wrongs.: We must protest the military and demand they rescind accepting the surr…[View]
343784843East and Asia: Why are MUSLIMS AND ASIANS breeding like crazy? Are they preparing for battle against…[View]
3437724223 days in the hospital: any insurance bros in?[View]
343785299Autism Cure (not getting laid): Autism Cured by Man With Autism, Community Divided on Whether It Is …[View]
343785297anyone else notice its all spics and niggers working everywhere? no white people working?[View]
343743182Are women insane?[View]
343785141HAPPENING: >>>/biz/41989763[View]
343783251I was born into a well to do family that has enough money to pay for all my bills and living expense…[View]
343783839Time to call for the end of degeneracy!: Alright, I've had enough of the sodomites and their pr…[View]
343785089James T. Went To (((SPACE))): Really their just free falling at high altitude. Man has yet to truly …[View]
343781933Well!!!: Did you get it yet!!!?? Science denier!!![View]
343778772>let's sail to Great Britain, lads[View]
343785047Lat/pol/ LATVIANS UNITE: TODAYS THEME: >https://today.rtl.lu/news/world/a/1800437.html Unvaccinat…[View]
343780385Just keep pumping serum into your body![View]
343772553New gay Superman will no longer fight for The American Way: >DC Comics has ditched the mention of…[View]
343783431Is there any difference between what we call 'incel' in the current year, and what used to be called…[View]
343784762What are the political implications of the middle east being inbred?[View]
343782382Im not ashamed to say: I'm a big fan of women. They are pretty and soft[View]
343750018so this is why americans are so fucking stupid and obnoxious[View]
343773358'WE'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT BEING ILL FEELS LIKE': KEK, they are absolutely saying that with a straig…[View]
343776577Do you think that NBA need affirmative action for white?: 74% NBA players are black but only 13% peo…[View]
343763756I don't entirely despise women.[View]
343784056No Food: Commies The holodomor never happen. Capitalist Get a job so you can buy food. Good luck wi…[View]
343779196Jewish domination thread: Roman Empire 1/7 of the world Arab Empire 1/6 of the world Mongolian Empir…[View]
343756059The anti-white woman shilling on /pol/ is a kike demoraliziation psyop against the white race to enc…[View]
343769228>THE VACCINE CAUSES HEART INFLATION: Yeah. So does covid.[View]
343784399Supermarkets in Hesse, Germany are now legally allowed to exclude the unvaccinated: Bros, the vaxx t…[View]
343784287it's time to admit it: wokeness is a religious cult, a self destructive one.[View]
343776715Is society collapsing for real or do I just consume too much media? I dunno it kinda feels more seri…[View]
343783602I know how they will try to put unvaccinated in camps: They will admit the vaccines are causing ADE,…[View]
343782191What the Fuck is the Point of Pro-Vax Posting?: We've Already seen the (((Medical Establishment…[View]
343781778Jews Created The American Slavery Machine: Why is the current cancel culture enraged about this fact…[View]
343783307Geospatial Intelligence General: I want to use this thread for sharing and analyzing images or other…[View]
343781773Climate Change Sure LOL: We all been rick roll by a little girl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzG…[View]
343781629Becoming Hitler: If you were in Hitler's situation prior to WW1 and needed to get to Hitler…[View]
343772861Jubilee just dropped the most important video of the century!: I'm here for it![View]
343777008Why does white power only appeal to antisocial degenerates?[View]
343782329I'm glad western civilization is collapsing, that's what you bastards get for going agains…[View]
343776180ARE WOMEN REALLY THIS DUMB?: Or is she larping for the likes? Do Australians know nothing of anatomy…[View]
343750987I stopped playing games, watching tv shows, most movies almost 10 years ago: I see more and more peo…[View]
343782797Take the shot schizo!!!: What are you some kind of freak?!! You don’t want to be injected like cattl…[View]
343766429Latinos: We don't bomb your cities, we don't run any part of your government, we don'…[View]
343781929Africans are the real nazis: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVGG25Wsmnm/[View]
343773488OK, be straight with me. Is this real or is this one of those crazy pol holocaust denial tier memes?[View]
343781072IsNation of Islam a hate group that should be banned: or actually a proto-white Suprmemacist organiz…[View]
343783476>CHINA COULD INVADE THAIWAN AT ANY MOMENT not my problem[View]
343782602What is wrong with Reddit?: https://www.reddit.com/r/brighton/comments/q9vds1/ok_this_is_disgusting_…[View]
343742550Why do they let in niggers from their former colonies?[View]
343780541Is this country fucked?: My boomer parents are retiring and want to move to this country soon. Will …[View]
343777064How can we increase the Black population in Poland?[View]
343768456Giganuke Vaccine Redpill- Must-read for vaxx sceptics: MRNA vaccine creator and many more scientists…[View]
343774986What's causing decreasing fertility among western men and how do we stop it?[View]
343769357Islam is right about women.: I live in Texas and recently had a work related reason to go into some …[View]
343775114>women are insufferable >start hating women so much that you become gay >fags are even more…[View]
343783144The fertility rate in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest level in recorded amid the Chinese …[View]
343783065When will we do it again bros? Which location do you think would be the best and what should we brin…[View]
343781226Women are the bane of my existence: There. I said it. Are you happy now?[View]
343779811Tell us what you think about 1) The Islamic World 2) Islam[View]
343763904USA: Woman raped on train, passengers watched and didn’t call 911: https://archive.is/91FRl >Ride…[View]
343750905You have 10 seconds to debunk Pizzagate in this thread: GO[View]
343774546Indians are the absolute worst. At least Somalis just kill you.[View]
343782095THE WORLD IS MOVING TOWARDS MORE ELECTRIC, AND LESS OIL.: They'll just need to burn mountains o…[View]
343780405Why do redditards still believe in hospitals?: Are they the biggest sheep slaves in current society?…[View]
343760786How much longer are they going to keep this bullshit up https://mobile.twitter.com/ElectionWiz/stat…[View]
343777304Not my problem[View]
343780926>this is what neoPagans actually worship A tranny Thor !?! Yikes bro. I thought pagans were mach…[View]
343772557Is there anything more cringe than white nationalists who whine when some stupid racist femoid gets …[View]
343779348Are you prepared?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsJHxz0IRWY[View]
343782022HAPPENING: Iran just nuked the last U.S. carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin with chemical weapons. Afghan…[View]
343776125describe each decade: how'd you describe the >2000s >2010s >2020s…[View]
343781379LET’S GO BRANDON![View]
343776214How long until the coming American revolution and what will be the final straw?[View]
343781882>AUUUGGGGHHHH >CAWL DA COPS this kills the ameriburger…[View]
343773544How 2 meet people?: How do you make friends IRL as a young adult? It seems that the bars in my area …[View]
343771492The ancestors of North Europe[View]
343781695Daily reminder: Its ok to be politically incorrect. Whos with me?[View]
343780400>create thread about accepting only female refugees >thread is closed by mods on 9th post Why …[View]
343773499How does it feel to march towards your imminent death? I can't even imagine how the modern men …[View]
343781553Will the shilling ever end? I'm fucking tired of these pesky shills.[View]
343776045China is now freer than the West: When did the timeline change?[View]
343781484Come On Down: Everything Must Go young'uns old'uns Derp'd'uns what'll ya ne…[View]
343778638How is working for you America ?[View]
343764552German soldiers march in front of the Reichstag building to honor those who served in Afghanistan. R…[View]
343780272Opinions on Somalia and Somaliland[View]
343776502Nuclear war: Would a nuclear war start if 10,000 Americans flew to the capitals of Russia, Iran, and…[View]
343758436An age where the trash takes itself out? Truly, we live in based times.[View]
343777508First off, i am not condoning islamic terrorism in any way, shape or form. Now the question. Would y…[View]
343775697What should be done about the plague of disinformation in bars across America?: You can't go in…[View]
343754000Jewish Redpill Folders Thread: Permanent definitive link of my folder divided in 3 parts: Part 1 183…[View]
343781006So are the Axis powers gonna win this time? How will the US look like in ten years? https://www.yout…[View]
343779296Transexual hurt people far more than conservatives (from a distance): I feel like conservatives are …[View]
343776646First Evergrand, now Fantasia is down: Another massive China prop dev just missed another payment. U…[View]
343778185>dad got 2 shots >going for a booster >when I talked with him about it he responded that I …[View]
343779220Short on Staff, Some Hospices Ask New Patients To Wait: Lumina and other hospices that serve Benton …[View]
343763446Why haven't we been back?: #makethemoongreatagain[View]
343778355Why can’t you accept that you guys lost?[View]
343775539How does litter 'hurt' the environment? It may be a little unsightly at times but I'm pretty su…[View]
343780616this is the future that liberals want[View]
343775790china is till lying about their covid cases[View]
343780051Thing about love: Popping the cherry of someone you don't have the soul connection to is compro…[View]
343777647I JUST HAD JEWS WITHIN A FOOT OF ME AT A RESTAURANT IT WAS AWFUL I need some frens to help me throug…[View]
343763846The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of conce…[View]
343778696Hello? Fucking BASED Department??: https://mobile.twitter.com/Kukicat7/status/1449270811148292100…[View]
343780342>hi /pol it's me joe biden. I've going on your board and think we gotta wheel a square …[View]
343768074pol humor thread[View]
343771398Degenerate Single Mom Buys Her Daughters a Vibrator: Really? Buying your preteen daughters a vibrato…[View]
343780257poolacks are worst fucking race. we need to genocide them. for more information see this /k/ thread …[View]
343779588Toll Paid: This is missing half-niglet Major Harris' coal burning mother. She spread her fat le…[View]
343769818I don't see any shortages?: I live in Wisconsin and I don't see any kind of shortages here…[View]
343780073Refute this[View]
343779527How fucking cucked and niave do you have to be to not only want to help niggers but bring your kids …[View]
343777920>Trump tells Republicans they should not vote in 2022 or 2024 without answers to 2020 'fraud…[View]
343779988TREASON: “Relitigating 2020 is a recipe for disaster in 2022. The election is past. It’s been certif…[View]
343775869WHY ARE HUMANS INJECTING THEMSELVES WITH SKUNK MEDICINE?: https://news.yahoo.com/next-covid-19-shots…[View]
343779565Arbery Trial Starts Tomorrow: Jury selection for the murder of the nigger 'jogger' starts …[View]
343763796Why do you guys refer to European countries as “The Old Country” when we don’t accept you? We don’t …[View]
343774228When was the last time you travelled to somewhere nice /pol/[View]
343779491NOOO NOT NIGGERBALL QUOTAS: BEWARE NOW THE MUTT IS PISSED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUi1w3q3vo…[View]
343777743WAKE UP: Joe Biden https://youtu.be/p7YYpnk14VU[View]
343776992The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.[View]
343778304>Football fans don traditional Arab headdress and wave Saudi Arabian flags in celebration of Saud…[View]
343778211Where'd he go wrong?[View]
343779498guys help: I need your advice. I do maintenance work at military housing and you get guys who are h…[View]
343776871Chinese Female Taikonaut: The first female Chinese Taikonaut has going to space. What do you think o…[View]
343750793Moon Phases: How do moon phases work on a flat Earth?[View]
343777898Are neo-luddites who hate the jews welcome here? I'm one[View]
343778603vaxx bros?: The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and …[View]
343779301Pro Tip: If you need a 'Freedom Pass' to access your freedoms, you don't have any.[View]
343776001Road chad: love MA TRUCK love HITLER 'MURICA[View]
343778893Why are they vaccinating zoo animals…?[View]
343778557WOW it turns bout the crowd was really chanting let's go Brandon. What do all you maga chuds th…[View]
343775365They won and there is nothing you ameritards can do about it. They burnt and looted and pillaged yo…[View]
343777223Why do they edit this book before re releasing it?[View]
343775308/pol/ humor thread[View]
343777386Old people want to send the young to die for Taiwan: HOLY BASED[View]
343770399It's true?[View]
343778376Jab is AIDs: Vax is genetic AIDS. Symptoms and deaths mirror each other. it will serialize because …[View]
343775830bros, candace, once again calling out the fags and for real men to stand the fuck up and take the di…[View]
343777849food shortages are a GOOD thing you stupid chuds[View]
343773244was Brian Laundrie a chad or a cuck?[View]
343778507MALONE 2024[View]
343778462Why do schools still teach out of Africa?: https://phys.org/news/2021-10-oldest-footprints-pre-human…[View]
343771399Covid infection shortens lifespan: Evidence for Biological Age Acceleration and Telomere Shortening …[View]
343762171Times when /pol/ has predicted the future and got everything totally right? I'll start[View]
343770180Acclaimed Spanish female author revealed as three men: >Spain's literary world has been thro…[View]
343777598Why are so many white men cucked: Why won’t they do anything about their nations collapsing? There’s…[View]
343775981> Met this old man at an after church brunch > Tells me his parents were both from Germany …[View]
343778396Please does anybody have a pdf file of 20 interviews by joshua citarella? or at least a link to one?[View]
343772602ANAL POPE - GLOBOHOMO PAWN: The anal pope is board of the globohomo train. Catholic faith subverted …[View]
343775631Based Black: Statistical studies have shown that Black Americans are far more likely to refuse the v…[View]
343774520I welcome the New World Order: After lurking for years I went through these stages >It's the…[View]
343776887Potato Biden Meme: LETS GO BRANDON[View]
343774946Why do Black Americans steal history from everyone else?[View]
343777543Who are the 'fact checkers'?: Do they have names?[View]
343777636Burned the world because: They couldn't wait two years, or even less, to inherit their parents …[View]
343776209Poles????: Why poles have more brown hair compared to their neighbor?[View]
343759467Is the vegan food industry dying?: It was supposed to take over everything. What happened?[View]
343766075/GPG/ Geopolitics General #1100 - Catalonia Edition: Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Ira…[View]
343775797Can you guys explain this? https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/rafael-caro-quintero[View]
343772142Christians are a plauge that scars the world: https://youtu.be/xJKKNN6botE I used to fear them- then…[View]
343776003Nobody cares: For men's mental health Psychologists only care about money Women do not give e…[View]
343777169Why do evangelical Christians love Jews?[View]
343775147Unvaxed dies guess their last words!?: >>A Virginia couple who refused the COVID-19 shot died …[View]
343776841Should have senate hearing on obesity[View]
343777401Daily News!: Everyday my routine news sites: am I missing anything worth while? 1-Daily Mail 2-Daily…[View]
343774961Das Über taxi in Chicago: Man drives taxi and ducks for cover every time he heards gunshots No sound…[View]
343774293I'm starting to miss ObamaCare bros. Even though I can afford $500/month, the deductible shit i…[View]
343770834i don't believe in voting.[View]
343775239jews, jews, jews, change the fucking record[View]
343777131whats up with jews and usury?[View]
343776986/pol btfo[View]
343758142>ruins the americas forever[View]
343775264/pol/ is dead: no meaningful discussion (or even just discussion for the sake of it) is found here. …[View]
343777085Nearly every problem in the world stems from good people turning the other cheek and 'living their l…[View]
343769697Anyone feel that your brain halves have a weaker connection than most people? I know some people tal…[View]
343775096We are winning We will win All will be well[View]
343775309I've had enough: Can't take my cousin to the movies this weekend because they demand Covid…[View]
343756398NEW STONETOSS[View]
343774380can anybody post that pic where pepe crashes the neck of a chink? the chink is hanged basically plea…[View]
343753183>yfw every vaxxgolem catches the Worst Cold Ever™ and FUCKING DIES[View]
343775925Why does Oklahoma have the worst women?[View]
343776128>Vaxxers learning you can get immunity to the virus for free[View]
343770543Why aren't you a leftist?[View]
343774995So what was the plan? Vaccinate everyone forever against an ever-mutating virus?[View]
343776409Europa: The Last Battle soundtrack leak: This zipped file has most of the music from the Europa docu…[View]
343775169biden is still president[View]
343774907Apple removes Quran app at China's request[View]
343776232>writes race mixing propaganda[View]
343775963Just a friendly reminder...: Just a friendly reminder (and white pill) that all >trannies >fag…[View]
343746975My story: >be me >be born in Poland >die in Poland…[View]
343773959We live in a human farm designed to provide rich pederasts with victims.[View]
343768881>Bavarian State Parliament: https://www.dw.com/en/germany-two-transgender-women-win-parliamentary…[View]
343761587/lpmtg/ La Palma mega tsunami general.: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Up…[View]
343773119Why are conservatives like this?: Conservatives; >The American government is a communist tyranny …[View]
3437667646.66 Billion Shots: We did it, Bloomberg. >https://archive.is/oUUv3…[View]
343775829Based New Zealand, how can other countries even compete?[View]
343772312Refugee-accepting countries, why haven't you ever considered accepting only female refugees? Im…[View]
343775111Hispanic man relaxes around jogger: .[View]
343775396Chinks, together with kikes, had to subvert America just to have a fighting chance: Despite America …[View]
343775467Vegans are our enemy.[View]
343760864Say something nice about the next Prime Minister of Hungary. He had a resounding victory in the oppo…[View]
343774919What do Russia bros think of the alliance with China? This week said they were a 'true ally'. Do Rus…[View]
343775493IT’S OVER: IT’S OVER[View]
343771943What happens if we all accept reality - If all voting, politicking, and participation ended tomorrow…[View]
343759675Migapede wojak variation meme: Post your favorite of zognonald and his migapedeboomercel crew. I nee…[View]
343771812So, how many white people are there truly left in the US?: I feel like they're well below the 6…[View]
343774573>begins mocking you for being anti porno >relentless never ending mockery and continuing to sp…[View]
343774952What is happening in India?: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-stop-myself-from-masturbating…[View]
343770948I hate being a European mutt in Germany: Don't mix with Ethnicities from other countries. I fee…[View]
343773901Since the GOP and DNC are currently loosing power in the United States, which party will come and re…[View]
343772715/pol/ humor thread (Nigger hate edition): I haven't seen a good /pol/ humor thread in ages. Pos…[View]
343769708>In eric strikers voice. Whats with all these bug blacks ?![View]
343775007/pol/ humor thread[View]
343772267Predictions of economic collapse, blackout (apocalypse): What do you think about the predictions of …[View]
343774987Africans are actually a people who were sent to replace Humanity through extra terrestrial experimen…[View]
343774981Uh das right u tell them[View]
343759254Anti-Work sentiment: >go onto reddit >there’s a sub that’s growing fast called “r/antiwork” …[View]
343771537If Trump had won or been allowed to win or whatever, would you guys still be against the vaccine?[View]
343767704WHAT WAS THE MISTAKE THAT AMERICA MADE?: They rather live in a satire than in the real life.[View]
343774925Corded Ware: The very name makes jews quake Corded Ware Libs claimed the old books made mistakes Cor…[View]
343772324I am ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING to not take the vaccine. Bring it on.[View]
343765932Texas Law to Require Schools to Teach “Opposing Perspective” on the Holocaust: https://dailystormer.…[View]
343768691I present to you... Black Macbeth https://youtu.be/Bk6VArB6_us[View]
343774828>nooooooo why is BAD number UP??? >BAD line means less gooder!! why are normalfags like this…[View]
343774069What counts as rape and sexual harassment?: I keep hearing women use the word 'sexual harassment' an…[View]
343774791give me your rainbow pills: fuck this website - you guys made me into a nazi - i was about to buy a …[View]
343767196Are there any ex-Atheists here who chose Islam or any other religion? Im surprised, because Ive not…[View]
343774740China fren China Good[View]
343770973Biden's America[View]
343771163I have never had a positive experience with a black person.[View]
343771375Is the Disgraced Twice Impeached Former Occupant (DTIFO) going to skate (yet again) for inciting ins…[View]
343774536VACCINE REDPILL THREAD - REQUEST EDITION: Does anybody have the uncensored version of this infograph…[View]
343737379Nobody wanted to be called a Karen and have their lives destroyed. You broke it, you bought it.[View]
343774490lockdowns would've ended in a week if they included Walmart, McDonald's and Amazon[View]
343771532/pol/ approved movies thread: Jannies, be kind and let us brainstorm I start “Meshes of the Afternoo…[View]
343773299What's the solution for male loneliness? I'm 21, in college, and have no real friends, and…[View]
343769137North Macedonia elections thread: We got 41% turnout so far, big turnouts mean government falls. Who…[View]
343770541right wing and science. they would have everything to watch each other's backs, and yet most ri…[View]
343769584Bill Mitchell's Excellent GAB Adventure- Part Deux: -Continuation Thread- Previous thread >…[View]
343750186Advance christian Theology: The destruction of the Temple I assume we all know how important the tem…[View]
343773102Vikor Orban Meme support thread: >bans same-sex marriages >makes LGBT agents sheetle and diala…[View]
343772925I seek to know everything the Jews did.: Inform me of all the evil they are responsible.[View]
343773801did /pol change your life anon or you already had a deep down an authoritarian view of life but /pol…[View]
343770046What should a man do if he will never get married or have a girlfriend? Just work till death?[View]
343774094'Vax Chads' are bragging about permitting the government to inject them three times a year for the r…[View]
343773849He doesn't look well, bros: Former President Bill Clinton was released from a California hospit…[View]
343773722Yes, United Kingdom: > Chilling moment men dressed as fake cops with handcuffs & batons try t…[View]
343759705Is the FBI investigating this?: Looks like intimidation of a teacher and domestic terrorism[View]
343770463Daily reminder that if you do not worship Moshiach ben Yosef you are a Jew. https://odysee.com/@Kno…[View]
343749302Has spain ever really recovered from this[View]
343773903Starting a nuclear war: Would it start a nuclear war if 10,000 Americans flew to Russia, Iran, China…[View]
343766262Superchat regular: Dont get me wrong, Im still a fan. But. Why is he still shilling the coof scam?…[View]
343773835Is a rape whistle adequate personal protection in Chicago?[View]
343773604The most intelligent man in the world - IQ 200 points is a radical far-right supporter. High intelli…[View]
343757543Tell me /pol/, do you think that under fascism there would have been no lockdowns and no forced vacc…[View]
343773739You are now aware that JEB! is not short for Jedediah or some other similar name. It’s actually an a…[View]
343755895Why are they so obsessed with getting us vaxxed?[View]
343773273Realistically, how long does Biden have left before Cackling Kamalhahaha pushes him down the stairs?…[View]
343773602Pokemon and niggers: I think they missed one major difference here, but can't put my finger on …[View]
343773103Jews man :(: Jews man :([View]
343743463i used to laugh at novaxxers but after this shit i became a hardcore anti-vax and i won't let m…[View]
343768451MUH RUSSLAND[View]
343773101Pol humor//[View]
343772762Copypasta thread: A thread for politically incorrect copypastas. Do your best, anons.[View]
343772656What is it about this tiny little island that makes kikes seethe so much? https://david-collier.com/…[View]
343772588What happened to this place?: I remember when we all made fun of niggers and kikes, now it's 99…[View]
343770165In a hypothetical situation let's say suddenly I became president of a new country consisting o…[View]
343760998Should we let them in?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmv5mdTsEw >I'm going to Poland, ma…[View]
343768777It's like I totally get the concept but when it comes to public health and safety, if I hear an…[View]
343771746the epicenter of the next vaccine resistant strain: >85% vaxxed >no lockdown anymore >most …[View]
343772759Misanthropy: Where do I go politically after becoming an omnicidal blackpilled doomer? Nuclear war i…[View]
343772055Reminder you were warned about this years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkYM-vrl_4g https://w…[View]
343771947I HAVE A TIME MACHINE: I have a time machine that I stole it from kikes 2 months ago. And the possib…[View]
343770096>Why yes, I was planning a mass shooting. How could you tell?[View]
343772675They named it Retina: Because it fucks up yur eyes[View]
343772347What does this mean.: is freedom running out ?[View]
343731760/pol/ humor thread[View]
343772623Devon Stack Religion[View]
343762272Why are Czechs still considered Slavs?: Genetically, culturally and mentally Czechs are definitely c…[View]
343771870'You will own nothing and be happy' deboonked: You've heard them, the WEF doesn'…[View]
343770615WHY ARE PEOPLE INJECTING THEMSELVES WITH SKUNK MEDICINE?: https://news.yahoo.com/next-covid-19-shots…[View]
343772424Is it all just one big rat race?: https://youtu.be/e9dZQelULDk The Politicians, The Judicial System,…[View]
343760798Fuck it. HEIL HITLER HEIL HITLER[View]
343771930.: Majority of white women voted for Trump: https://www.wsj.com/video/white-women-helped-trump-beat-…[View]
343770642Is there life on the sun?[View]
343769941How the fuck do people just MOVE: to different countries? i don't fucking get it. 1. It's…[View]
343767075has capitalism failed the majority? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRAjqJp_cWY[View]
343772273Yule Man Based[View]
343768485He took the vax, why won't you?[View]
343770636Pashtuns are white.: Pashtuns are Indo-European, unlike Arabs, and therefore have more in common wit…[View]
343771417What's the deal with Haitians. Are they really that bad?[View]
343761163Hey, Snitches!!: /pol/, the Saskatoon Police need help ID'ing these people the attended a PPC p…[View]
343770299WE WUZ MACBETH AND SHIEEEET https://youtu.be/Bk6VArB6_us[View]
343765080New Zealand city fires their official wizard: >The council recently sent him a letter saying his …[View]
343763697Subway Sandwiches in Serious Financial and Employee Ethics Crisis: Last month subway announced the c…[View]
343771864REVERSING 1971: https://rudd-o.com/archives/the-economic-future-of-bitcoin/index The chart above is …[View]
343754518/pol/ humor thread[View]
343771737Perhaps Portuguese coolers are the most merciless force man has ever produced https://www.youtube.c…[View]
343761833On having Frens: https://youtu.be/p79a34I8AjM Where we are going, we really need friends we trust do…[View]
343770561The bright morning star: Redpill me on esoteric [Chinese] Communism. The idea of Communism is really…[View]
343770118I’m about to fuck a white middle aged fatty Wish me luck bruh Fr fr[View]
343765719REPENT YE SINNERS! Christ is coming. Turn to jesus or burn in hell.[View]
343768365Are SORKS making america great again, again?: Or does this glow so hard your retinas are burning? ht…[View]
343770432Liberals don't care about your or vaccines: It's entirely about being on 'Team America' or…[View]
343770874>destroy your internet[View]
343771030Israel & Jews have done more for white South Africans: Than any white country or group has ever …[View]
343762718When did you realize our economy is quickly imploding?[View]
343763343Its happening. GET IN HERE!: Fire and smoke. Evacuations at UKs biggest shopping center.[View]
343771281Imagine being anti-scub: its fucking 2021. get with the times already.[View]
343770931Does this actually happen?[View]
343771119Telepaths and Norms Revealed: The Unseen Eye: Telepaths and Norms Revealed Throughout history there …[View]
343763850China takes down Quran app: Will the West follow? https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58921230.amp…[View]
343757343Is celebrating Halloween morally wrong?[View]
343771014Based anti jabbers[View]
343762452Nobody can name just three reasons for any western Christian country to support Israel. Yet there ar…[View]
343770625So, what happens when inflation gets do bad that the welfare state collapses?[View]
343770670Is it really happening again this year?[View]
343708510/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5929: >Highlight Fresh CCP biowarfare rundown https://archive.is/1Y…[View]
343748329>beautiful >young >intelligent >world renown activist >dancer, singer, entertainer No…[View]
343770675>America is falling[View]
343762202Should the government take measures to prevent people from becoming obese, like raising taxes and re…[View]
343769341What the Fuck is the Point of Pro-Vax Posting?: We've Already seen the (((Medical Establishment…[View]
343746132Does the entire medical profession deserve the rope /pol/? From two weeks to flatten the curve to lo…[View]
343762885Why Iranians, Nafris and Arabs are considered white in Amernigga ?: Why your shithole thinks that a …[View]
343770425Treat your own covid patients: niggers[View]
343767609I want to punch Nikocado avocado: I feel like hes the epitome of retardedness of our society. The on…[View]
343739505/HIG/ Hedging Inflation General: How do we defeat inflation? >Lack on interest in paper contracts…[View]
343760799Russian anti-extremist police force arresting nationalist because of Perm university shooting: https…[View]
343753200Fuck anyone of nordic and germanic descent on this board... You are shit head barbarians and you rui…[View]
343769945Why /pol/?[View]
343767546Are there a lot of urban people that aren't woke? Are you one of them?[View]
343759091After what Americans did to Europe both during and after ww2, I celebrate whenever I see an American…[View]
343769390What is it with jews with being so goddamn evil: Hello new fag here, What is it with jews being so …[View]
343767880>Be me >Anti Muslim politician in the Netherlands >Think Islam is poison >About to write…[View]
343769853Protestant Republic for Free White Men: no kikes no negroid variants If you have to ask 'im I wasp e…[View]
343769607Revelations 1: Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep t…[View]
343768715What is going on in the muslim world, is it regaining it's faith, or is islam slowly fading? we…[View]
343756851Why are whites the most prone to senseless violence, murder and rape/theft? Is this because they st…[View]
343769603Who of you did this?: The Schwyz SVP cantonal councilor David Beeler agitated against the Swiss Fede…[View]
343767920Most of the people on here that care about whites becoming a minority/extinct are nonwhites smart en…[View]
343759034Deagel Predicts Stunning 70% Population Reduction by 2025 (USA): This has been scrubbed but luckily …[View]
343755861How would you react if your son said he‘s homosexual or transexual? I would respect his decision lik…[View]
343768852Hey International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Union member here. I posted here weeks ago…[View]
343769321Commiebros, how will we ever recover?[View]
343738807Is showering non European?: I heard it's from the moors and that native Europeans don't sh…[View]
343763306+ More people died from the vaccine than covid, in Taiwan + The vaccine that was officially approve…[View]
343768275christcucks B T F O YET AGAIN![View]
343764217Leftists say nationalists are with the system: What’s your response?[View]
343768985What the Fuck is the Difference??: What is the Difference Between 'Pausing' a Vaccine and 'Banning' …[View]
343766344Is it true?: How many of you still believe?[View]
343751949Brit/pol/ We Were Kings etc.: >According to British geneticist Adam Rutherford, it is 'virtually …[View]
343768349When did you realize that Hitler was a Zionist stooge?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0erLDRJ8FbwA/…[View]
343768656BASED POLAND: POLAND IS SO BASED They hate faggots, have national pride, preserve their culture and …[View]
343753544More worms found in the vaccine: This time in Moderna. Dr Kukumbe Oboyamo (MD MSc PHD), University o…[View]
343765426KEK this is peak leftard logic right here[View]
343767978I feel like maybe one of these vaccine brands is legit, and it's probably not pfizer. Which one…[View]
343768612POLISH-BELARUSSIAN BORDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmv5mdTsEw[View]
343768557Do not freak out Donald Trump just had an heartattack prepare[View]
343765004Joe Biden is your President. You may not like it, you may deny it, but the truth is the truth regard…[View]
343746832Passive Aggressive Shit You Do To Women?: I'll Start >Woman stops in front of other side of …[View]
343765862Indian Hate Thread: Bros I'm seeing an uptick in the number of Indians on this site. Indians do…[View]
343765536Fuck kikes and fuck Riot: >Play League of Legends >Main Singed >Username: Adolf Hitler >…[View]
343768427White people can't commit 'insurrection': Insurrection is a rebellious political uprising again…[View]
343768379Philadelphia Man Raped a Woman in Subway and Passergers Were Watching It.: What's wrong with u …[View]
343757796Why can’t men be more like this?: True democratic transition of power https://twitter.com/richwooduk…[View]
343767785now that the dust has settled: is this normal behavior?[View]
343767898>When a man says, 'People were as pessimistic as you are in societies which were not declining, b…[View]
343767258NY Comm Tower Man Strikes Again: https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2021/10/utica-man-with-ankle-monitor…[View]
343767998Why did Trump allow Biden to print all the extra US dollars while Trump was president?: Didnt Trump …[View]
343767270Bill Mitchell is a fag: Bill Mitchell is a fag[View]
343763538How bad is the employment market?: Graduating in December. Is the job market as great as my boomer p…[View]
343765838I got the 2 jabs 4 months ago and everything seems fine still.[View]
343758948>You are robbing our freedoms! What say?[View]
343765877Covid is a Jewish plot to genocide niggers!!: Only white nations are getting the vaccine. This is de…[View]
343763327Let me guess.....: The white guy gets saved by the asians, LAHTEENAH, the pajeet, the negro and the …[View]
343756118>Anglo shills are not allowed to acknowledge or name the 1 billion elephants in the room https://…[View]
343750454Dr.Lobster: What did Dr.Lobster teach you?[View]
343767423Is it worth it? Beliebing in God but no religion, determining what's right or wrong as a result…[View]
343759793Young Latinos in the US are culturally and spiritually united with blacks: In the US, Latinos assimi…[View]
343760660The thing in pic has actually been found in the moderna COVID-19 vaccine and some anons are making t…[View]
343761855Serious question…: How do you defend killing babies? >in b4 it’s not murder, because it’s not al…[View]
343766458Rent free, in your head.: Every single day.[View]
343767386Ignaz Semmelweis - killed by (((scientists))): Remember to never trust (((the experts))). Here is an…[View]
343754477What would happen if we put a black person’s head to a white person’s body?[View]
343755447What do you see?: What do you see in this picture anons?[View]
343760120Is Anti Semitism here a LARP or are you people for real?: Sell it to me. Make me believe I should ha…[View]
343766119If you need to have everything explained to you like you were a toddler, you are functionally retard…[View]
343767028“JP Morgan wanting to work with Alipay, is a DANGER to American national security”: https://www.bitc…[View]
343767019is there such a thing as bad publicity?: is every publicity good publicity?[View]
343766006Hi /pol/. If the bombing of Dresden was a war crime, was the bombing of London or Warsaw by the Wehr…[View]
343766879China and India should be the world’s leaders Prove me wrong[View]
343763430>Conservative >Family values >Hate the Jews >Hate degeneracy >Believe men should have…[View]
343757052Twitter Microphone Thread: It's time to bring this back. We are back to getting crushed with li…[View]
343763709BRAZIL: Why isn't Brazil a superpower yet?[View]
343755142Reminder that Anglos and Danes are the closest related peoples in Europe: Despite /pol/'s insis…[View]
343766059Why is and will be asians place in a multi-racial America? So far they seem to only be brought up in…[View]
343753921What's it like living in Brazil?: I'd like to know , it's either hell on earth Webms …[View]
343759106You have exactly 10 SECONDS to explain why you don't like freemasonry.: This country was founde…[View]
343762379why do northern europeans have underdeveloped social skills[View]
343764565>make the best music >are the best athletes >have the best fashion >are the most the un…[View]
343708883Were the 'olden days' actually better?[View]
343758111Vaccination is patriotic: Why aren't people patriotic anymore? Don't you care about your c…[View]
343750387pooland hate thread: when will krauts finish the job and kill all of those subhumans? all nations, i…[View]
343747250CHINA IS HUMAN TOO: They might be hiding 12% of worlds women behind a firewall but that doesnt mean …[View]
343766538https://nitter.snopyta.org/cwt_news/status/1449426047192244224#m WTF happened with Australia? I alwa…[View]
343761821SICK WILLIE: pay your respects https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/17/bill-clinton-spends-ano…[View]
343766484College student 'scared' that dorm raditor installers were all 'Cisgender men.': 'I was angry, scare…[View]
343720321Why do you hate us transexuals?: Is not our fault the government is acting the way it did and doing …[View]
343743175Why can't we have the old left back that focused on workers rights instead of this new left tha…[View]
343756837For the hundredth time, we are NOT Greeks, we are ROMANS. The 'Greek' identity was manufactured by t…[View]
343765871Bill Mitchell is a fag: Bill Mitchell is a fag[View]
343766138African immigrant raped White woman in Philadelphia in a train full of people: Ghost of George Floyd…[View]
343719195Oh no no no J&J vaxxbros: 3% efficacy lol. Hope you faggots are smart enough to feel stupid but …[View]
343731933How can Romania be freed from the globohomo grip and what are the actual steps that can be taken? I …[View]
343743002/SG/+/GPG/ Geopolitics General #1099 - Man's Best Friend edition: Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine…[View]
343760393The ultimate black pill is sleep: Because you waste 1/3 of your life doing it.[View]
343765888QUI guy: Good morning friends! Can you post your QUI guys? I'm looking for a nice black and whi…[View]
343760685Abandoned Detroit high school: >blacks inherited high schools with 1000 seat auditoriums >turn…[View]
343761751What would /pol/ do in a collapse scenario?: Power shortages, police overwhelmed or gone rogue. Pers…[View]
343759299any unvaxxed bros noticing they get more attention from women?: just wanted to see if anyone else is…[View]
343765732Anyone else just about had enough of christkikes?: >Be Christkike >Justify the slaughter of en…[View]
343765713>be me >go to nightclub last night near a prestigious university >clientele looks like a Be…[View]
343765688WHY ARE PEOPLE INJECTING THEMSELVES WITH SKUNK MEDICINE?: >You aren't skunks! https://news.y…[View]
343764254Why hasn’t socialism been sustainable in brown and black countries?[View]
343765655Russia should offer land to Greek men so they marry Russian women and increase their birth rates[View]
343764296Haaaha!!! ... niggas rule the spice: Year: 2021 Plot: Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci…[View]
343762466Good morning, Fuck America and fuck Americans. That is all.[View]
343765192China makes a crucial mistake: China condemns Canada, U.S. for sending warships through Taiwan Strai…[View]
343753044Whats more fucked: The fact that frogs want to elect a north African jew or the fact that they think…[View]
343765366>I beat chumps 'til they head splits >Then break 'em like bread sticks >I sex chi…[View]
343765490White is the 'Jew' of the World: If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're wi…[View]
343759231Flat earth: Why do people here believe in this nonsense? If the earth was really flat, how do you ex…[View]
343757169GET IN HERE!!!: Styx is live!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNJuMCncO90[View]
343765207Wait a minute...I don’t HAVE to work in this society?: Then I am never working again. I’ll quit my j…[View]
343765322SPUTNIK 2.0 HABBENING: >The US can't feed its niggers and enter a new space war arms race …[View]
343762627Can fat people still be white?[View]
343763711Voice recognition expert here: This is George W. Bush. >>https://mobile.twitter.com/cuquemar/s…[View]
343749000To all you Holocaust-deniers:: How do you explain pic related? It is a box of Jewish wedding rings, …[View]
343763856the game: 'Two weeks', and its synonym, 'Fortnite', are both subtle Neuro Linguistic Programming (NL…[View]
343763949How accurate is this chart I made?[View]
343762512They are fucking with us right: Did he really go up? Look at the bad photo shop of the suits. Jeff i…[View]
343760718SUPER COLD: The vaccinated are dying due to their declining immune systems.[View]
343732518How is Romania doing?: Planning to move to another Country when vaccine mandates at work are set int…[View]
343755208A warning to all other countries: >90% of irish adults have gotten vaxed >media personalities …[View]
343764354Cowardly ambush: Does it matter if you act cowardly and still destroy your enemies?[View]
343757949Vaxx information thread: Post your politically incorrect facts about the jabs. Especially Astra Zene…[View]
343762269GAY NIGGERS IN OUTER SPACE: What will their first words be?[View]
343755821UK MP Amess MURDERED after holding debate against vax pass: UK MP Amess MURDERED after holding debat…[View]
343754201I'm getting sick of this shit now.: > Pic is of an MP (senator type person for americanfucks…[View]
343763022I will be considered fully vaccinated by October 30th. You can expect the vaccine to be exposed with…[View]
343760427There is no real Right in the US: There are no real Right wing representation in the US, it's l…[View]
343756930Do you think he killed himself yet?[View]
343757314Imagine putting the LOWEST IQ DEMOGRAPHIC into positions of power, with the ability to cause unimagi…[View]
343757420Obesity Epidemic - how come rich people are shielded from it?: Only poor people end up fat, how come…[View]
343762347You know Quasimodo predicted all this.: .[View]
343764221Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
343758689I think i have ass worms. what should I do?[View]
343746052Do polish people hate germans like we and the chinks hate the nips?: Genuine question. Ofc this appl…[View]
343693641'OH GOD EVERYTHING IS GETTING WORSE' Yes. It has to.: Did you ever really think that we were just go…[View]
343752472right wingers are against this[View]
343762529'I'm So Stupid': MAGA Fan Who Attacked Officer Mike Fanone Called Himself A 'Pie…[View]
343761614GCP DOT THREAD: New thread on the GCP DOT. Anybody see the high peaks last night? It hit .04% appare…[View]
343763761When is covid going to kill me?: I've taken minimal precautions throughout the majority of the …[View]
343763521Joy of Satan Ministries: Can someone redpill me on them? They seem a bit based on jews and race mixi…[View]
343744576They gave everyone actual super aids from this shot didn’t they...[View]
343760649No excuse not to be on socials: I don’t know if people are larping or not about not being on insta, …[View]
343762532ZOOMERS: Why do zoomers love trolling /pol/?[View]
343760471Why has he been the greatest president of my lifetime? Possibly the greatest ever?[View]
343760765Zoomers are a joke: >High School history is a fuckin joke now compared to when I was there in the…[View]
343762835Not all pacifists are cowards...: ...but all cowards are pacifists. I just came up with this line an…[View]
343762810well well well: >>41981353 >>>41981353 >>/biz/41981353 >>>/biz/4198135…[View]
343756991rice v potatoes: what are the political implications of being a rice or a potato country? is it jus…[View]
343757899I see nothing wrong with this Is it Darwinism / survival of the fittest stuff ? What does it mean th…[View]
343748467Why they so desperate to vaxx everyone?: I am unvaxxed. I had COVID, got over the worst of it in a d…[View]
343762280Is America’s divide exaggerated?: Is the USA more divided or less divided then say, 1969?[View]
343760787Asking for the few humans on this board: How do you explain the fact that non v@xxxxed are developin…[View]
343762867WHAY ARE PEOPLE INJECTING THEMSELVES WITH ANIMAL VACCINES?: >You aren't skunks! Stop taking …[View]
343762692>red deer >la Palma general >wormpill What was going on between August-September here, it s…[View]
343760418I literally can't stop thinking about trannies. My every waking moment is consumed by hatred fo…[View]
343749978Why do asian people seem soulless?: Do they not have any souls?[View]
343698700WARNING: Californians planning mass blue state flipping Alaska, you’re next! https://www.economist.…[View]
343762303mainstream media suggests vaxxmaxxing when you are you getting your 2nd vaccine ? https://www.youtub…[View]
343762180how do i redpill my brother: I love my bro, but he is absolutely retarded when it comes to anything …[View]
343756043Navy Seals are 100% VACCINATED: /pol/ thinks they're more alpha than the Navy Seals?[View]
343761317Is the use of waterboarding really that wrong? If it works, it works right?[View]
343761015>destabilizes your world economy overnight Nothing personal kiddo[View]
343760512Racism voilates the 1st commandment. If you consider other people as lesser than you are insinuating…[View]
343759441Graphene a bs larp?: I was linked a video from Dr Franc Zalewski. >Google him >After about 20…[View]
343758486I finished the communist manifesto recently. Karl Marks is very racist and sexist as his early draft…[View]
343758389How do I get my gf off the electric Jew: So my fiancé is based in almost every other respect, but fo…[View]
343756781Whats your opinions on this book?: I started reading it last night, and it's shocking how simil…[View]
343759773Post your favorite Trump tweets[View]
343760450It will never end[View]
343759204Does 'nigger' mean black or white people actually ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW6gbeDTwQ0[View]
343761793White Americans: They are the dregs from germany, ireland and italy. Luckily their jew population is…[View]
343755338Russia Steals American Tech: So when this guy shared his idea about improved camera systems, why did…[View]
343738669Brit currently visiting Stuttgart: I'm from Cornwall and I'm currently visiting Germany. …[View]
343738064Italy General[View]
343759260BASED: Rice dyke spy steals your jobs and rapes and kills your bitches[View]
343754531Looking for non-pozzed books on a couple of historic subjects: what im looking for: >biography of…[View]
343761123AMA: Hi! Queer Pastor here! AMA :) Pro tip: i know alot about Yahweh and Yeshua!![View]
343759081Abigail Shapiro: I think I made Abigail Shapiro remove her own tits. >be around 2019 >see pos…[View]
343756910If God and morals are fake: Whats to stop you from joining the kikes and exploiting the masses? Ther…[View]
343743016/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343761247tens of thousands to die over winter from energy shortages: https://finance.yahoo.com/video/looking-…[View]
343760293This is a mall in Minnesota: I am shocked, when did Minnesota became the Middle East? Only Arabs, an…[View]
343752296Daily reminder that brutalism is the thinking men's style of architecture, therefore polchuds h…[View]
343756444What did Trump mean by this?[View]
343747215Stop Watching Porn: I can't stress enough just how much pornography rots a man's brain and…[View]
343760554Why did Germany invite niggers and muslims to Europe?[View]
343760854>loves his mommy dearest >modestly dressed >well spoken >cultured >little bit of a la…[View]
343741547Admit it, living in your car is anti establishment: why aren’t you doing this? >but I have to pa…[View]
343760382Democrats are fucked.: Latest polling has Repubs up over Biden in every single metric on who voters …[View]
343744989The vaccination doesn't wor-: Oh wait, it does.[View]
343756291Fellow Urbanites: Anyone else tired of the weird chip ruralites have on their shoulder here. The ste…[View]
343758858How do we feel about America bros?: > Ignore Australian flag, I’m Dutch but studying here When I …[View]
343758054Reddit is Hypocritical: >Be me yesterday for Halloween event >Colored people do white face to…[View]
343744405Aus/pol/ - Eboymaxxing bath house edition[View]
343759064It takes balls to do this.[View]
343759148Fuck Jannies: Jannies are basically the niggers of 4chan. All are trannies[View]
343760018Philadelphia: Man arrested for raping woman in train: In Philadelphia on Wednesday night, a woman wa…[View]
343757605More Than 6.66 Billion Shots: What a significant milestone. https://archive.is/oUUv3[View]
343751335*comes to your country*[View]
343759886Do you guys even have a culture?[View]
343759495How will Russia fix its prostitution problem?: Russia has more prostitutes than any other country in…[View]
343758680Do you think being white a disadvantage when it comes to getting a gf?: Girls these days are extreme…[View]
343759592When did you realize the west had become full nigger[View]
343745954ARE AMERICANS HUMAN?: discuss[View]
343759772Why are SoundCloud rappers stupid: How do people devolve this far? It’s been millions of years of ou…[View]
343755998Swedish Nigerian wedding: 10/10 pureNordic girl marries a sub saharan Negro from hell Meanwhile Swed…[View]
343757128UH OH. ANONS?: Is this some kind of worldwide sacrifice?[View]
343750855Dave Chapelle - An unfunny uppity nigger: I know Americans worship niggers, but dave chapelle isn…[View]
343759394Is the Spartacist League the most based political party? >“‘Paedophilia’ simply means sexual desi…[View]
343753944Why cant the poor accept that they are worthless as a human resource? Do they really think they are …[View]
343758087/pol/ humor thred[View]
343759142This scares bruce[View]
343725232why leftist defend islam ????: islam ideologies and philosophy is absolute opposite from the left , …[View]
343759626Deal with it: chinks are inferior. why should anyone be worried about them?[View]
343759586>he doesn't use blue-eyed english That's not very on-draw-some of you anon, you're…[View]
343756207France is healing: https://twitter.com/livrenoirmedia/status/1449426884828274693?s=21[View]
343743882If you don't use snus, you're not white.: Debunk that (protip: you can't)[View]
343749427Biden bros I don't feel so good: What's wrong with his face??? https://twitter.com/cuquema…[View]
343757423It is easy to identify who is FAKE AND A FRAUD.: Because tyranny's greatest fear is free speech…[View]
343755560I took the two doses of Pfizer Feeling completely healthy and refreshed What you gonna do about it?[View]
34375764850% of marriges: You become married You have kids Your life seems good. Your wife one day cheats beh…[View]
343759284>Netflix has platformed someone with the most 'irredeemable views' you could have today…[View]
343758248Reminder that Australia's national animal is retarded[View]
343756012Name a better system. [Spoiler]You can’t.[/Spoiler][View]
343755512This is political: POLAND IS SO BASED They hate faggots, have national pride, preserve their culture…[View]
343756867What should be done about the injected?[View]
343733610Just voooted in Macedonia, a fingerprint scanner found my face ID and confirmed citizenship and righ…[View]
343756465Superman will be a bottom.: I want to see other characters turned gay. I mean, Iron Man? Obviously a…[View]
343745292the aryan brotherhood[View]
343751947Is 4chan an actual honeypot?[View]
343758856Why don't you attack us, just like what happen in 1900[View]
343757890/pol/ humor thread[View]
343758807Was he based, or just right?[View]
343754662Just a reminder of how fucked kikes are. We haven’t even scratched the surface[View]
343758471Superman Kills Jews in latest Issue!: In episode 3 of the new series Superman goes to get a loan but…[View]
343755903Holy shit the cure for cancer has been found!: If you're not taking this wonderdrug you are par…[View]
343755527Unfriendly face: How is a man able to make strong bonds and frienships if he looks like this? Am I j…[View]
343728529>Throws his entire life away for /pol/ >/pol/ now calls him a glownigger and mossad >he als…[View]
343757915Take the jab incels. Think about the elderly with weakened immune system. Do it for humanity.[View]
343746723This is what mass vaccination was always about: Always was. Always is. Always will be.[View]
343758427I’m having a hard time imagining we’re not all actually trapped in Hell. Share stories and pics of t…[View]
343758015/pol/ humour thread[View]
343756064Businesses should make it painful to resist vaccination: Resisting vaccination would be extremely pa…[View]
343758387Top 10 % of men get 58 % of Likes on dating app: What are the implications of women finding the majo…[View]
343758310I miss them like you can't believe bros[View]
343747890Why are men so degenerate?[View]
343756953People often say that the West wants to destroy Russia: But how is that a bad thing? Let's not …[View]
343758277London: Man charged for raping and stabbing 12-year-old girl[View]
343758226Origin of black sun: I fucking found it. It wasn’t some random symbol himmler made up and made into …[View]
343752721Thoughts /pol/?[View]
343758093Can you defeat technology ?[View]
343758116In current global political climate, which glow more in the dark? Vaxxed or the unvaxxed?[View]
343736080British SAS vs Navy Seals who's better?: I've read the British SAS selection course is tou…[View]
343727872Insider here, whatever you do, don't take the Novavax vaccine.[View]
343755152Why isn't brain enhancement a central issue?: A mere 50% increase in the global average IQ will…[View]
343752522The surviving group: corrolation between the % unvaccinated and the remaining population in this cha…[View]
343755720Imagine internet is gone together with your BTC: You force to run for hills from city in a very real…[View]
343757897is there a way to 9/11 this thing?: in minecraft of course[View]
343757861keep fighting goyim[View]
343754203The absolute state of Krautland[View]
343749352What's up with black boys in middle-class high schools committing wannabe gangster street gun v…[View]
343757521Why didn't someone shoot that zombie nigga? Would have saved mankind a lot of trouble[View]
343750071She will be your President in 3 years. Cope.[View]
343752410Is autism real?[View]
343755188The Jews will win. We always do. Seethe.[View]
343756587Was reddit always this bad ?[View]
343756303Why aren't you a trade in Australia making $50/hour? Or any other country for that matter? Youn…[View]
343755775I would do anything just to get this LARP virus and get it over with. Here in Germany once you have …[View]
343751506Save the Razorbill.: What is /pol/ doing to save Alca torda?[View]
343757274Human Stemcells Harvested by Pharma: The Matrix was a message HARVESTING HUMAN STEMCELLS -VAMPIRISM…[View]
343748585BREXIT: When will you admit that BREXIT ist fucking retarded, britbongs?[View]
343739054How prepared are you for the coming global food shortage? I wouldn't want my /pol/pals to starv…[View]
343756520Vaccine regrooters are here.[View]
343740871THE EVERYTHING SHORTAGE: How do we profit from this? What assets do we short and what do we long? Th…[View]
343756145>Gravel roads >when people 2000 years ago were able to built better roads than you…[View]
343747513GRETA SINGING AND DANCING: https://leakreality.com/video/24702/greta-shows-her-moves[View]
343756307Why do third worlders like this and Quora so much?: .[View]
343756825Why are conservatives so weak? Why are they pissing and shitting themselves in fear over the most wi…[View]
343754162Covid vax mind reading: >Magnetic particles confirmed >Long (magnetic?) crystals confirmed …[View]
343756785The shitty mobile crossword game knows: (((Berg))) Devil Ellen Degenerate, Bella Hadid, Glen Campbel…[View]
343753204Most factories leave a back door unlocked. Somewhere near the automated lines there will be cabinets…[View]
343756538>b-b-but Antifa is never punished![View]
343751557>Ukrainians hate them >Georgians hate them >Chechens hate them >Balts hate them >Finn…[View]
343740598Why do the media and people never talk about American advances in hypersonic technology, only about …[View]
343742349Black women debate aborting all black males: Holy shit, they're going full Margaret Sanger.. ht…[View]
343756659Everything's changin' everywhere I go All out of my control Everything's changin…[View]
343756257What if Tito was actually Goering?: What if Goering managed to not be killed and was killed a clone …[View]
343755767France is the country with the highest birth rate in Europe[View]
343753087Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of Trump's presidency?[View]
343756492White lives matter more.: Whites are better at culture and civilization. Facts.[View]
343756001Did the south literally get tricked by the Jews into declaring war on their own white brothers in or…[View]
343753911There is going to be no major collapse. You can go the store and find 90% of the shelves just as sto…[View]
343751104Black man rapes white woman as other blacks watch: https://apnews.com/article/business-arrests-penns…[View]
343755743the game: 'Fortnite' and 'Two weeks' are both subtle neurolinguistic programming…[View]
343754570Daily reminder that BBC meme: Not only is the idea that BBC exists something made up to demoralize p…[View]
343742255Vaxfags BTFO: The Unvaccinated Are Looking Smarter Every Week: https://www.americanthinker.com/artic…[View]
343752040Women aged 50 are ‘too old to love’: >The 50-year-old French author Yann Moix has sparked a mixtu…[View]
343755992My nephew was watching Nickelodeon and a commercial with some half black half white mutt came on and…[View]
343733457Memoryholed/Redpill Documentaries, Articles, Videos, etc: Post any redpill documentaries, videos, ar…[View]
343754869Didn't realise this was /int/[View]
343755974Whatever happen to Acid Rain and the Ozone Layer?: Were those leftist science memes memory hole in f…[View]
343755940JIDF hate thread[View]
343755892/pol/ if every Redditfag r/the_donald and spic amerimutt left the board forever And stopped shillin…[View]
343755693>greek >white[View]
343753589You remember how all those mega corporations were hoarding all that cash on hand for such a long tim…[View]
343724849Forbidden Historical Knowledge: Tell me the most forbidden history that a general college professor …[View]
343755739>tfw born too late and missed out on the great BOOMER scam >graduate high school and use savin…[View]
343754152Eat fast food Watch porn Consume media Smoke weed Play vidja Stop being such a square. Have fun.[View]
343753900Why were they at an orphanage?: https://www.reuters.com/world/seventeen-us-missionaries-family-kidna…[View]
343752424What’s the most ideal country to live in/immigrate to from the failing US? Ideally a routine parasit…[View]
343755631So, black winter is coming? >austrian army telling people to prep in case there's a several …[View]
343754309https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItrF1kCm2F4 What does /pol/ think of Kevin Samuels, he's basica…[View]
343744200Would she welcome you to Ireland?[View]
343752527hello there, /pol/tards[View]
343749999Can’t wait for the mass death of all my neighbors: The vax was the best thing the Jews did. Everythi…[View]
343752826TÖRK NOT ÖRÖP: Why do the turks get livid when you remind them of their non-Europeanness?[View]
343747626Why do women love wearing masks and why do they look hotter with it ?[View]
343745177*blocks you from buying a house* haha stop being so entitled you lazy millenials[View]
343753784CHINA NUMBA WAN: How does this fact make mutts feel?[View]
343748795Southern US: Thinking of moving. Do they really hate catholics as much as I've heard? I just wa…[View]
343741395Greeks were redpilled: Boys are better than girls at everything including being a girl.[View]
343748360Does Americans has dishes?: Fries are french, humburger is german so the stupid barbarians Americans…[View]
343754002>People protest against green pass and restrictions of basic freedom. >Media twists everything…[View]
343748516Are leftists the modern incarnation of Ancient Greek sophists? They believe all truth is relative an…[View]
343755136why does leftist anti white faggots keep getting killed by their golums?: is there a god who is taki…[View]
343734834Are anglos starving to death?: News are reporting that the British and Americans ran out of food and…[View]
343741430why do niggers do better in tribes than in modern infrastructure?[View]
343754242Look at his face and imagine you're an eastern european farmer in the 1920's. This man sho…[View]
343748631Commies: Does the field of sociology make people retarded or does it simply attract retards?[View]
343747881Brit/pol: >Ed Miliband insists Labour will win at 2015 election http://www.theguardian.com/politi…[View]
343750250Let's Go Brandon: What the fuck is 'Let's Go Brandon'? Why does it keep popping up?[View]
343753698Cognitive decline of vaxxtards: What strange behaviors have you guys seen from the vaccinated in rec…[View]
343750455How the american dream will end: a bunch of wild niggers surround your house with cnn filming in the…[View]
343726098Architecture thread: Post the (((destruction))) of beautiful architecture[View]
343754868I just tested positive for Covid 19. This has to be the biggest nothing burger of all time. I'v…[View]
343754825Why haven't you moved to an Italian village? Since the Balkan is too scary for you, Italy is th…[View]
34374664040,000 KKK March In Washington DC: In 1925, 40,000 KKK members marched in Washington DC to showcase …[View]
343750794No, Australia Is Not Actually an Evil Dictatorship: >https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/14/opinion/a…[View]
343754844The German-Polish Relationship Summed Up in One Image: How did it get this way?[View]
343754335Do you know who owns the world? Prepare yourself for the deepest and darkest of red pills. https://w…[View]
343753922Christianity is the downfall of the west. Change my mind![View]
343752454I want them OUT, /pol/. I want the kikes OUT. I want the fags OUT. I want the niggers OUT. I want th…[View]
343745560Mixed Race Hate Thread: I fucking hate mixed race people They represent degeneracy and the death of…[View]
343751496Anyone else noticing this?: I've worked for government and international bodies for the best pa…[View]
343731076Daily reminder that the left is objectively better than cuckservatives for people and families[View]
343754602Mailing a cable bill is white supremacy: continued frustration that people and communities don'…[View]
343728116I'm gonna blow $250 on the books you recommend in this thread: Right now I know I'm gonna …[View]
343754365Check the comments on the GradeAUnderA reupload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewkDvKZZw1Q It is f…[View]
343750851>wake up >still not a farmer in Kansas Why live?…[View]
343751100Anonymous Charged for calling Journalist Snowflake: Let this be a lesson to all you out there that t…[View]
343752765I WILL WORK FROM HOME. no deals. no appeals.: already spoke to my jew manager who said 'yea whatever…[View]
343754187What would the world be like without leftists?[View]
343749089India will be the worlds Super Power by 2050: Nothing personel America but India is now our new supe…[View]
343754137>Jannies deleted the pro-White women thread: Why?[View]
343747392General redpill thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. …[View]
343752020Schizophrenics are a danger to (((them))): of schizophrenics for years, and they never cease to amaz…[View]
343746093time to war china, right ameribros?[View]
343738522White people are cowards, they are wimps, will never oppose anything not even their own extinction.:…[View]
343745587You are now in command of russia.: You got two months to make it become a first world country, with …[View]
343753743I'm doubting: Are we even sure a civil war could happen in the US because of food shortage ? Ar…[View]
343739117Why are there so many obese people in America?[View]
343751258Why did Canada allow Vancouver to be raided by the Chinese?[View]
343753084Tell me about Sandy Hook: Tell me about Sandy Hook.[View]
343753262Is it just me or is the current culture war fought between Luddites and Lysenkoists? Will the end be…[View]
343753753UK daily chink flu deaths up year on year: Weird how we are nearly two years into this and still the…[View]
343746774NEW STONETOSS[View]
343743014Why do the Chinese: spend so much time TALKING about them winning against America instead of... you …[View]
343738719Worms found in the vaccine: Dr Ranjit Patel (University of West Mumbai, M.D) has discovered interdim…[View]
343751812Bye pol: It's over for me. I let my sister use my laptop to check her email, and she found my /…[View]
343750938The only country who is afraid of China is USA. Because if China displaces USA from number 1 economy…[View]
343753257>being stupid is better than being a midwit[View]
343737772Would the world be better if we all spoke German? Would we live in paradise and have more technology…[View]
343753212Uncle Sha Bi Jinping is a gay pedophile: Wuhan biological weapon 武汉生物武器 China manufactured Coronavir…[View]
343748221>And isn’t ironic, don’t you think? https://youtu.be/Jne9t8sHpUc[View]
343752324Do people seriously think Indo-European language family theory is real?[View]
343749386What's the future of political parties?: Voting in 2021 seems absolutely retarded. Nothing chan…[View]
343742936PRAISE JESUS[View]
343740198Daily reminder that the schizos were unironically right. The future that awaits us if we don't …[View]
343751198>My great-grandfather has 173 great-grandchildren. Mormon familes have this shit down pat. I don…[View]
343747135how do I take away the desire to have anal sex?: Porn since 12 years old has fried my brain. I don…[View]
343752755Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement. And Cobain can you hear …[View]
343751566Covid is a distraction. What are THEY hiding?[View]
343749711NEWS: Up to 17 American missionaries reported as kidnapped by gang members in Haiti: >Up to 17 Am…[View]
343751018People from Bosnia are you ready for war? I have a AK from the previous war and im going to buy some…[View]
343752299turns out the schizos were right all along: https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2021/10/dhs-wants-…[View]
343752619Faelids are an INDO EUROPEAN PHENOTYPE: I'm sick of this bullshit by Anthrotards claiming Dalof…[View]
343750013Demonstration Dresden Germany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_9Wt_VAKYA Far-right vs lefties. Wil…[View]
343737965God isn't real: How could anyone that's seen the debates featuring this guy against variou…[View]
343744297>destroys your nation, religion and all your possessions Nothing personal kid.…[View]
343739713Bill Burr DESTROYS anti-vax conspiracies in under a minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znI046F4…[View]
343739643Supporting the Greek government: Buy Greek household appliances like Beko to support the Greek gover…[View]
343739467How the fuck is anyone surprised by how subverted America has become?: >founded on masonic values…[View]
343748251Take a look at 6ix9ine spotify: He take the BBC pill i tini[View]
343751669Pete Buttigieg gives birth: He's on paternity leave. Let's wish him well.[View]
343751694Repill me on BlackRock: Seeing as BlackRock + Vanguard owns nearly every company through shares, the…[View]
343749821Dawn of MAN: Is this the most /pol/ approved game[View]
343751579Do we let cute trannies into the ethnostate? Or should we have a designated penis-checker at every …[View]
343751857Make your own t-shirt!: https://placeit.net/sportswear-mockups[View]
343746153how close are we to an actual war with Mr.Xi? are we on D.E.F.C.O.N 2 or 3?[View]
343751752>Barack, you need to go to Europe. They need to see that the Presdent of the United States still …[View]
343744726This is the nigger fighting for the rights of the anti-Vax. The same nigger that thinks the world i…[View]
343748620Do Video Games Change Our Culture?: PS4 is for liberals.[View]
343742834Armed Republic of Northumbria.: We the North of England hereby declare we have seceded from the Sout…[View]
343746997Redpill me on OJ: Is it unironically true that he did it? Did they deserve it? Did he enjoy it?…[View]
343751037Why Jews prefer to establish the ZOG through propaganda instead of direct violence?[View]
343751373I was going to vaccinated until I saw this image online: I dont know if I can trust the science anym…[View]
343735925Prove you aren't a bot in this thread.[View]
343742935What's the logical conclusion of being against illegal migration but pro legal migration? The s…[View]
343750220HAPPENING!!!: Has /pol/ ever just stopped and processed how many of these 'happenings' mattered? It…[View]
343730099ADE and the 'super cold'?: Am I right or is my friend right about this ADE thing. The …[View]
343750968Post pictures of trannies until the real tranny post: ITT. just post pictures of trannies mainly fro…[View]
343748817What knowledge can we all gain from this website:: For instance, did you know that: an inability or …[View]
343749699Ask me all questions about germany[View]
343743792take it from a UFOlogist. These niggers are lying about the tech. always have been. rocket tech? LOL[View]
343751053Could we bring back the Anti-Masonic Party?[View]
343751050Why does uncle Sha Bi 'xi' Jinping suck so much cock?: Hes very very gay and Wuhan biological weapon…[View]
343738429Fleeing the City and Country: Hello pol I am going to flee from Berlin to the beautiful Romanian Woo…[View]
343740861Kneel mutt, the Chinese century is upon us.[View]
343738772How come every other race throughout history knew to leave others alone but whites insisted on mixin…[View]
343732797Let's say, hypothetically, you want to start a protest, and you know the government knows there…[View]
343748793>Whole family got vaccinated 2 months ago. >Sister got a horrfiible acne on her face and now l…[View]
343717566BIDEN'S VACCINE MANDATE IS FUCKING CRAZY: Someone leaked it on Redd1t >unvaccinated must buy…[View]
343711079RUSSIA STARVING: Why can't Slavs feed themselves? >Crop Failures in Russia Point to Serious …[View]
343719115Why are whites so much more likely to fight in wars than minorities? Pic related[View]
343749715do /pol/tards send pepes to their shrink?: i do it all the time. when we see each other he's al…[View]
343750563>try to find 2020 death stats >CDC won't post them >Instead link you to third party …[View]
343750473What percentage of /pol/'s problems could be fixed simply by: >Quiting drugs/drinking >Jo…[View]
343743264the revolution will not be televised[View]
343750299Is there any fully NatSoc/nationalist/far-right type of regions / autonomus regions anywhere in the …[View]
343744661What are /pol/'s thoughts on Napoleon? >conquered all of Europe >took power from the mona…[View]
343748911What is wrong with Reddit?: https://www.reddit.com/r/brighton/comments/q9vds1/ok_this_is_disgusting_…[View]
343750240Kiss me: I'm the one true Irishman this is my photograph thank you. >NO I will NOT be readin…[View]
343747883Here is why I hate America - 75IQ violent, vicious ghetto thugs are allowed to ruin entire cities. C…[View]
343748076Tell me about french colonization in Algeria: I would like to learn more about theses events but idk…[View]
343749845only COPE more weeks![View]
343741990Canadian White People: Seriously, is there any fucking hope left for the average canadian white men,…[View]
343743822I miss deez niggas like you wont besneed: Get rid of the toothpaste flag dutch bros[View]
343745109Hello there anon. I haven't applied for a job in over 40 years but I know for a fact you'r…[View]
343748722https://bigleaguepolitics.com/passengers-stand-by-idly-as-woman-raped-aboard-crowded-subway-train/ …[View]
343749317Larry Silverstein days free from jail: 7331: Justice in America when?? Why didn't the Port Auth…[View]
343735169>i just made it with crypto >i dont have to get the jab if i dont want to >i dont have to e…[View]
343747441/iotbw/ it’s okay to be white: It’s that time of year again[View]
3437445802 MORE WEEKS TO BE GREAT: Between two breathtaking humour thread and a very complex topic explaining…[View]
343749541/cascg/ Cascadia General: >What is Cascadia? https://www.cascadiamagazine.org/what-is-cascadia/ …[View]
343743677China just can’t help fucking up over and over: That tub of shit mutt xi deserves a trip down the st…[View]
343737184So when are the vaxxinated gonna drop like flies? Its been 6 months since the shots. >two more ye…[View]
343744813Can China civilize Africa? Is it possible?[View]
343749539Midnight madness ausfag thread >inb4 schitzo thread https://www.bitchute.com/video/fUt31ZLFn05p/…[View]
343747189What the fuck is this schizo retard talking about ?[View]
343747758r8 my lower face[View]
343745513It's really sad we let diversity ruin America. Everyone being White and proud is what used to k…[View]
343744619The idea of White Genocide is American. Americas cheer when white people are dying. See: https://www…[View]
343746453I’m a Chinese prodigy[View]
343749033Behold, the face of the German jew.[View]
343748667Why are Trumptards fighting so hard to prevent this man from getting taxed? You realize he's no…[View]
343722704Latinos: We don't bomb your cities, we don't run any part of your government, we don'…[View]
343748787>Fastest growing economy of the 20th century: the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin >Fastest gr…[View]
343746440I take my medical advice from Dr Robert Malone. Apparently the covid vaccines are bad.[View]
343747093Taiwan belongs to America. Nothing personal, changs.: It’s not like you were going to do anything an…[View]
343740952Why are Jews evil?: Why do they hate white people? What we did to them?[View]
343748391Have you noticed how right wingers have to lie about their politics to prospective partners if they …[View]
343740269Sorry, but I don't see any racial superiority here[View]
343738242Guys we got too cocky with pesticides: Now the bumblebees are gone https://www.usatoday.com/story/ne…[View]
343747528Spend all your money now before it's too late. It will soon be worthless anyway. And get as muc…[View]
343743850I am laughing: Its over for the novaxers. Its not because they oppose the vaccine its because of hum…[View]
343730259The abortion debate: t. high IQ former sociologist and alt-right here if you guys had high IQ you wo…[View]
343744080Holy Shit, we are going full assymetric warfare now.: Polish ministry of Climate and Environment ann…[View]
343703422This is what progress looks like.[View]
343748101Can someone send me back to 1976 ?: How we went from this (see picture) to that money greed like tod…[View]
343740237/pol/ btfo[View]
343745596explain this bongs. why so racist?[View]
343748038UK daily chink flu deaths up year on year: Weird how we are nearly two years into this and still the…[View]
343747422USDA awards a crucial Victory to Vegan Community: Guys…we’re losing ground battle..they will soon ta…[View]
343741617For a guy that rants about the illuminati all the time then all of a sudden his about trust the gove…[View]
343747780DAD!!! I THINK WE HAVE A LIVE ONE. THIS IS SO FUCKED UP!: Missing chinese billionaire's ex-husb…[View]
343739044Low Jogger Fatigue Movies: Share your list of Low or Zero Jogger Fatigue movies. All movies of the f…[View]
343746971Hitler did everything wrong, you brainwashed low sunken faggot.: Yeah killed alot of people especial…[View]
343747524Niggers run America: The second minorities start getting away with shit (such as violence/racism) th…[View]
343733235UK is beyond saving - Somali terrorist offs MP: The BBC understands Mr Ali was referred to the count…[View]
343738006Fired After 22 Years: “This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss …[View]
343744867God bless Ron DeSantis!!![View]
343747218CCP admits zero tolerance for racism.: Embarrassing how that third world shit hole is less racist th…[View]
343737548My brother's married a chink: My brother sent me an invitation to his wedding. I took a 6 hour …[View]
343747449It's true?[View]
343733283Convince me that these are humans[View]
343745703Where have the all the real man gone?: Western Civilization is decadent! Rotten from within! https:/…[View]
343716263Christian should get Israeli citizenship: The god of jesus was the same god of Abraham, so christian…[View]
343738125Brit/pol - 'Reclaim the Homeland' Indigenous English Edition: >nobody in power represents the int…[View]
343739749I'm nostalgic for a time and place I never was. You know the feel bros?[View]
343746670Love stuff: Love is established when you are someone's surrogate opposite sex parent, and she y…[View]
343729596can you confirm this /pol[View]
343744866How do we stop them?[View]
343745491>lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow how will blond hair blue eyetoi…[View]
343742942Whats the best Hitler biography ?: Im interested in looking closely into life of third Reich`s great…[View]
343738235Pol is now officially biz 2.0: Cope and dilate[View]
343744374When are jews planning to summon Satan?[View]
343737653China demographic time bomb: >be commie shithole >force women to go to work (highest female la…[View]
343744700What's the meaning of this?: Have anarchists of Amsterdam solved the housing crisis while /pol/…[View]
343743877Admit it, we lost in 1945: I'm fed up of people being like >hey guys, we're having a wo…[View]
343744741They’re seriously going to panic every time someone sneezes now, aren’t they?[View]
343742167plandemic hoax: >Politicians condemn Trump's travel ban in the midst of the virus. Pelosi te…[View]
343733250Which of these states is more based?: Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, or West Virginia?[View]
343738398Did they make us fat from corn syrup and trans fats so we could die easier from a stupid chink virus…[View]
343713085PROFESSIONAL BUNKER MAKER SAYS ELITES BUYING IN MASS: Wtf he spilled the lid on the Bunker under Den…[View]
343726641Why do leftists love abortion so much? Is it something in their souls which makes them want to murde…[View]
343738884About MK ultra.: It is still ungoing on a massive scale isn't it? Is it the reason why normies …[View]
343735125Honest question: why is the Soviet aesthetic so unique and attractive? That cold military red look i…[View]
343683875Are you seeing food shortages?: Over-hyped bullshit or end days?[View]
343734448How did China get all these new advanced weapons all of the sudden? I thought they were still making…[View]
343733779I stand against racism! Are you with me?: https://gab.com/mitchellvii/posts/107115678189796912…[View]
343739258Pointless consumer 30+ whores with bad habits: What are the political ramifications of disgusting pu…[View]
343734588German Censorship: Can someone explain to me what *exactly* the censorship laws are and how they app…[View]
343738490*voice magically appears in your head* It is time. Alert the Bogdanovs. I have gathered enough energ…[View]
343744204Americans are cancer Everything they touch turns to shit. Literally everything. Music - they are the…[View]
343735785Honesty Time /POL/: when did you realize YOU WILL be getting the vaxx... and have you come to terms …[View]
343742625/pol/ humor thread: >be me >take 5 month hiatus from /pol/ >finally able to catch a few min…[View]
343741919We all know how with the advent of hypergamy, women became severly overpriced. The best way to count…[View]
343745191Western nations should use AI controlled patrol boats to shoot shitskins at sea and we should build …[View]
343744500Golden Age of Vaccines: Good news, /pol/! We might be entering a GOLDEN AGE of vaccines! They are go…[View]
343738433AMA, Sudanese living in Melbourne, Australia: I'm a 18 year old Refugee who has been living in …[View]
343723615>sheep take the vax >vax will kill anyone who takes it >globohomo wants to kill the people …[View]
343745435Im just a simpcel nice guy: why wasnt i allowed teenage love outside of israeli art ho predators? :(…[View]
343742061What Would Happen If Christians And Muslims United?: What would be the political ramifications and a…[View]
343745123Heretics are retards: Roman Catholics >playing for cash isn't a sin >can play on stock ma…[View]
343739591Aus/pol/ - Eboymaxxing general: Whats for dinner lads?[View]
343745373Imagine:: a virus, so deadly, that only 50% of patients can be cured by taking a Zinc pill. With eff…[View]
343742438This is Kyle Rittenhouse today. Feel old yet?[View]
343744709niggaballs: niggaballs[View]
343743089Society had a responsibility to give me a girlfriend but since they didn't provide me with one …[View]
343715480Are indians the most Sigma race on this planet??: >Not gullible >Don't mindlessly worship…[View]
343723201I'm demoralised....: I've been listening to you restards petal since the start of Covid, a…[View]
343744670Is it bad that I don't care about anyone that died from corona? I care more that Jews and Ameri…[View]
343745028UK daily chink flu deaths up year on year: Weird how we are nearly two years into this and still the…[View]
343743898I was playing Roblox and there was an character called gay I wrote lol and then par le francais as a…[View]
343742736Non-Americans, you have NO idea how lucky you are not to live here. In America, when a black person …[View]
343740496Does anyone have those copypastas/images about african abstract intellligence and ethical principles…[View]
343744254are you a Southwest Florida BETA?[View]
343744240do you want to become the leader of your country?[View]
343718784THE DIEOFF BEGINS[View]
343743391/pol/ humor thread[View]
343744484What is wrong with Reddit?: https://www.reddit.com/r/brighton/comments/q9vds1/ok_this_is_disgusting_…[View]
343742576Centenarians (people over the age of 100) are one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in the U…[View]
343726228Why does China make mutts seethe so hard?: Pic related, guy spent 3 hours of his saturday night spam…[View]
343736183Just get the fucking vaccine, /pol/: This sums it up so accurately, they're not even coherent a…[View]
343739850NORTH KOREA IS STRONG HYPERSONIC MISSILE https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1449467671506993159?t…[View]
343740169I'm tired of waiting When does the 4D chess plan come into fruition?[View]
343743543Question:: What are the political implications of beating your kids?[View]
343740071They're getting more and more ingenious with this shit!!![View]
343743355>tfw black >tfw genuinely want to go back to Africa to escape this pozzed tranny nightmare dys…[View]
343742711> Blocks your testosterone: Sorry kid, nothin' personal[View]
343742830How do I join Jews?[View]
343743394yt has no culture.: https://twitter.com/fbgwayno/status/1448510390959288320?t=EARhd5zs_J4-nlxEzukM2Q…[View]
343742938You have committed a crime just for being a man.[View]
343742884Which of these countries will be the first to use nuclear weapons in the future? Your bids?[View]
343741998Modern Day Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Nuva0Aa94&t=0s how come communists can…[View]
343719682Wal-Mart educates it’s employees, “White is not right”: From the article: “Walmart has put more than…[View]
343743713Pitbulls: The dogs of niggers, and the nigger of dogs.[View]
343739358Why are they a hotbed of socialist and leftist thought? Reading about the May 68 protests is pure cr…[View]
343741851>go to USA >exchange currency to pennies >buy things with just pennies >cashier seethin…[View]
343721837Nz /pol/ Is there anything good about this country?: Aucklanders cause for arrest of people for…goin…[View]
343739857Take the Americans are illiterate pill: I made this thread once before. Sometime back I was involved…[View]
343738572ITT: Red Pilled Films https://altcensored.com/watch?v=nZd03nYxtbM[View]
343737546Why modern girls only think about money[View]
343743103Dutch frigate Evertsen: The crew is having a good time![View]
343742392lmao!: Did Liberals really!?[View]
343743291absolute mad lad rushes the flag raising ceremony on tiananmen square. chinese police harvest his or…[View]
343742047HAPPENING!?: What are the implications of this?[View]
343743238We the people have had enough. On this day, we make America America again.[View]
343740559/pol/ humor thread[View]
343740172Unvaxxed. Unmasked. Unswabbed. Uncircumcised.[View]
343740297/pol/ humor thread[View]
343739755HUNTER BIDEN: last october lotta stuff has been leaked can we have a hunter thread going? id like to…[View]
343740651>>343740217 She is an untainted goddess, a Breath Aryan. She is too good for any mortal man. S…[View]
343740686This doesn't look good guys[View]
343740389>25 year old guy and 17 year old girl Taboo >A blokes shoving his penis up another man's …[View]
343735228The pink haired guy is a Japanese: What do the Americans mean by this ?[View]
343741257Back to the egg: How do I unredpill myself and leave this board forever. I've realized my life …[View]
343737598Why do Americans seeth so much at anything China does? China has managed to beat america by long tim…[View]
343739241Post your best fashwave here[View]
343742507I think i have a solution: We make an app where you can look up if a product/brand is jewish You sim…[View]
343742790Do you ever get the feeling the entire universe is gadlighting you? Like how am I supposed to buy th…[View]
343742316A z-list jew musician called Gil Ofarim, who often wears a necklace with a huge jew star, claimed so…[View]
343742120Weird how there were no race riots or antifa this year.[View]
343735610Why do Western countries let in useless shitskins? Greece let in half a million albanian subhumans a…[View]
343742547right?: the astrologica universe of the country afghanistan has more indication of bread than cats t…[View]
343717837Americans are finished: It's truly over for you lot, no amount of subs, destroyers or crappy ai…[View]
343735547You can only post ITT if you have zero tattoos[View]
343742171SUNDAY MORNING COZY KINO PHOTO EDITION #65,724: quick, the americans are asleep, we can have a high …[View]
343741903Why do some people get pleasure out of thinking about an imaginary boundary that when crossed, will …[View]
343740474Why don't we just shoot border hoppers? Why is this even a subject of discussion?[View]
343739828The lockdowns are a sham: A fantastic distraction so people are afraid of actually doing anything ab…[View]
343742064List of evil jews: 1. The Rothschilds (Jews who own a lot of banks) 2. Lazard Brothers 3. Goldman Sa…[View]
343740993Poorfags BTFO: Oh you want better wages? Ok we'll just hire more migrants and outsource, they…[View]
343736522So after 20 years of niggerification of Europe: What's the result? DO these 'people' actually w…[View]
343741970They found general of US military in Finland: https://www.iltalehti.fi/jaakiekko/a/0dd81ec4-d706-4bd…[View]
343727350How did we lose the culture war?[View]
343741830When did you realize all threads are just bots?: I made a outrageous reply to a thread with many rep…[View]
343741412Ummm Magyarbros? I thought MZP was /ourguy/ and he will save Hungary from Orban? >A 168 Óra töröl…[View]
343732931Thoughts on this new ww2 movie?: https://youtu.be/9_rom7T8TGY[View]
343738247thoughts on tim dillon? he seems pretty based he names mossad occasionally when he talks about epste…[View]
343737424https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrEUzKTt7j0 I legit lost my mind watching this.[View]
343738162Waterless toilets must be mandatory.[View]
343732226Rus=dog cuck putin))))[View]
343737403Have you noticed how the 'it is happening' memes have all but disappeared over the past 6 years or s…[View]
343737342WHY IS /BIZ/ LEAKING?[View]
343740366Every refugee should have a key to their home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkd1CjO_XoM https://w…[View]
343741344Seeking for SJWanon: Everyone is yelling about SJWs, where can i read something about discrimination…[View]
343726157/LPMTG/ La Palma Mega Tsunami General: >CURRENT NEWS https://rtvc.es/en-directo/ >Volcanic Upd…[View]
343716108BREAKING !!! LIVE VIDEO from RUSSIA: RT’s special coverage as Russian movie crew returns to Earth af…[View]
343741273there no such a thing called ' black worshipping culture ': it's just apologize and reparations…[View]
343741246>Put the paper in the box, goyim! >Oy vey, this is the only way to get political change! How d…[View]
343741152Osama Won![View]
343731586Is there another virus being released soon?: Just wondering because the news tells us it will soon b…[View]
343735943Communism: Why was he wrong about everything and why do sociologists still masturbate to him despite…[View]
343740138Stop this senseless demoralizing and give me some white pills. >Roasties bad >Work and respons…[View]
343731054Dad took the vaccine without listening to my warning: My father didn't want to get the jab yet …[View]
343678991>Imagine there's no countries >It isn't hard to do >Nothing to kill or die for …[View]
343738866Let's face it, they're unstoppable: So many great Empires tried to stop them and failed, a…[View]
343740145Women raped in public: And nobody did anything or gave a fuck because a nigger did it. (muh racism).…[View]
343732146>make ONE conference >with ONE powerpoint slide >say ONE sentence >gets repeated on /pol…[View]
343736405THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT GOT FUCKED BY THE BBC (BIG BRUCE COAL) So last year the Chinese government de…[View]
343740519>conservacuck weddings[View]
343730433Reichskristallnacht: Burning books gets modern again. Do you still read books and if yes, what kind …[View]
343740595Hollywood strike is CANCELLED!: What kind of backroom deal do you think the studio executives struck…[View]
343736510How would you react if a prominent member of the Elite class momentarily took you aside last night d…[View]
343738228...what other insights did Henry Ford have?[View]
343736882So... this is it. The fall of the western world. Or should I say : 'the birth of hell on earth'. Hon…[View]
343736213Anglicanism Collapsing: >Anglicans Around 2% of the Bong population participating actively in the…[View]
343740108What are some good suicide methods?: It all feels so hopeless. How can we ever save the west? I just…[View]
343739647This is what normies actually believe[View]
343733576Why is the Media Ignoring this?: Up to 17 US missionaries and family members kidnapped in Haiti. Chi…[View]
343733464The Great Wagie Exodus: Bros.. why is no one applying to jobs or working anymore? https://finance.ya…[View]
343740377Why are they like this?[View]
343740174Ivermectin stuff: The sperm count reduction is temporary. Can dig if want.[View]
343739626Make your guesses >year 2022 >sigma variant >90% death rate >vaxxed dying >keep vaxxi…[View]
343735980I hope he absolutely destroys Le Pen.[View]
343738048/pol/ humor thread[View]
343735985Ameribros.... China is gonna wreck y'all huh[View]
343733541At what point will normalfags wake the fuck up? A career criminal who committed one last crime befor…[View]
343739555You will never be a real crayfish. you are a small lobster twisted by low water salinity into a crud…[View]
343736239Would you get a tattoo like this?[View]
343738176Don't worry, goyim. It's been debunked. https://www.c-span.org/video/?465845-1/universal-…[View]
343737734Are whites the best slaves?: Blacks are too incompetent to do anything without direct supervision. A…[View]
343720959Libertardians BTFO yet again: According to libertarians, the 'war on drugs' make crime WOR…[View]
343737040wuzzgud wyboi. I iz sentencin' you to a prison bum rapin' fo speakin' out against da …[View]
343737326B-black bros????[View]
343734345Why does America's crime rate keep falling the less and less its national white percentage beco…[View]
343738843So they know vaccines poisioning people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkd1CjO_XoM ...and they do …[View]
343739394uh uh uh 1 2 1 2: *mic check* >ill kill chinks >before you vaccine me >kikelings *turn me u…[View]
343739364>Pathological Demand Avoidance is a condition associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). …[View]
343738066/pol/ btfo[View]
343727004Describe /pol/ with 1 picture or webm. :[View]
343733700Aus/pol/ - Eboymaxxing edition: Whats for dinner lads?[View]
343726176Uhh.. guys?: What is going on in America?[View]
343714157Arizona thread What are we doing frens[View]
343737681Mein Jewish frens :3: Tell me is it truly possible to learn more than God? What would be the politi…[View]
343727114In Russia, anti-vaxing kills thousands every day: Imagine a country full of anti-vax people who are …[View]
343737745Make me beautiful God.[View]
343728459/pol/ approved VIDYA: suggestions? i like the deus ex and the hitman series[View]
343738609'Niggers to the left of me, trannies to the right...': 'here I am, stuck in the middle with jews' Wh…[View]
343733199The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: Is the cell / layer / pyramid structure in the Moon is a Harsh Mistres…[View]
343693032Vaccine Adding To Blood Shortage: Whites are the overwhelmingly majority of blood donors. Gays are q…[View]
343726959brit /pol/ wakey wakey sunday bakey: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58943152 >Ministers a…[View]
343738424why are normies delusional about reality?: what makes them such sheep non thinkers?[View]
343732992It's Limbo Joe! How Low Can He Go?[View]
343737624>when the poster is a belgian[View]
343735053Better than Aussie land, GET FUCKED![View]
343705726GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT BROS: Do we stand a chance against the Jews and their nanoparticle vaccinated…[View]
343725140Hitler Was Right: It doesn't matter whether you agree with the statement, the world is worse af…[View]
343734682All you do is talk. Step up motherfuckers.[View]
343726891A song like 'Complicated' could never be popular today: Complicated, by Avril Lavigne, could never b…[View]
343738256So what’s it gonna be, /pol/? Path of brambles or path of thorns? Ultimately liberal degeneracy of t…[View]
343734247Should I read his book or is it propaganda?[View]
343722693It's a Jersey Thing: So this is pretty recent. Woman raped on train as bystanders did nothing, …[View]
343718658Are you a horse?: Why would you take aspirin? It’s clearly prescribed for horses not humans.[View]
343738156The 4th Reich will be Islamic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_EdDu4A69k[View]
343734480/pol/ humor thread[View]
343737136Is there a wagie shortage? If not, why? I worked at Costa coffee before getting a real job and holy …[View]
343733662Convince me to take the jab.[View]
343734027Why is albania in nato? They are muslim subhumans who hate Christians and serve the turkish shitskin…[View]
343732799Why is it always ((them)) that write this nonsense pseudoscience? One of my flatmates is a staunch m…[View]
343737375I dont follow US news but am curious is still kid out or they put him in prison for self defense?[View]
343737492Were the 80s the best time to be alive post-ww2?[View]
343737554Imagine you could get a living wage to post here: How would that work? Is that bad per se I feel the…[View]
343737398Today I went to Sunday church to fulfil my promise that I would go if I passed my exams. The Triune …[View]
343727254>mindin' own business >realize my taxes are paying for Police, Military and Fire >real…[View]
343726650How are the Somali gangs of Melbourne fairing?: With the lockdown and what not. Haven’t heard about …[View]
343736470The jew fears the strawberry elephant.[View]
343734363Chucky boy: If I ever see you in person I'll stomp your ugly demon kike face in you little shit…[View]
343722434What is the most outlandish, schizo belief that you actually believe in? For me its the concept of t…[View]
343732158The original greeks don't exist anymore.: Modern ''greeks'' are just a mish…[View]
343736695There's no such thing as transgender. Putting on makeup and a dress doesn't make you a wom…[View]
343736529What type of song/music genre is this and where can i find more?: https://youtu.be/eY-eyZuW_Uk https…[View]
343736800>I suffer in France[View]
343736096NOTHING TO SEE HERE.: Genetic modification could protect soldiers from chemical weapons . Despite in…[View]
343736512Earlybird Kucoin gems? What have you got your eyes on? Missed Proton, need something to make it, I …[View]
343736790Is Chainlink the most manipulated asset in the history of mankind?[View]
343729325STRANGE Youtube censoring: This guy is a really hardcore old-school programmer. He just released thi…[View]
343734776Was civilization a mistake?[View]
343730831ITT: pure Aryan women[View]
343735930When is biden going to require vax for gibz?: Shouldn’t Biden cut off gibz & social security if …[View]
343728951Based westcoastbros thread: In this thread we discuss >The two proposed States, whether they can …[View]
343709259Anybody else ashamed of themselves?: >be me >35 >depressed since teens >get bachelors in…[View]
343733887Y'know, maybe we're just being too greedy: If this at least x2's, I'd be happy W…[View]
343732598I am moving to Mexico to take advantage of the Mexican century: Why is it the Mexican century you ma…[View]
343735790check the chart..[View]
343736335>i am.. forgotten[View]
343736572/RWC/ Right wing content thread: Since major platforms are censoring politically incorrect internet …[View]
343735534This movie is based[View]
343736394What does everyone think of AVAX pol bros? Post your best shill / FUD attempts.[View]
343736312/pol/ humour thread[View]
343717200GAY NIGGERS IN OUTER SPACE: What will their first words be?[View]
343735495Who's ready for covid terminations?: I have several documented violations of federal laws happe…[View]
343736307When did you realize something was amiss?: Girlfriend of mine works at a bank. Sees maybe 800 - 1000…[View]
3437335861964 Civil Rights Act: You are now forced to allow black people to swim in your pool[View]
343736229Is it possible to make it with 40k proton?[View]
343735070Why haven't I gotten sick yet?: I'm starting to get nervous at the prospect that it is 'my…[View]
343727811Who are you guys, why can't I see you?[View]
343701650State Rights BTFO[View]
343719141……Look who joined the black-eye club: The panjeet member of “The Squad” known as Pramila Jayapal was…[View]
343733578Final solution for the insanely feministic Spain: Spanish women are insanely feministic and have a v…[View]
343734341Just bought ICP: very poor fag here have 20 icp what am i in for?[View]
343735630>Scientists puzzled after discovering no Police have died from COVID-19. Ever. What the hell is h…[View]
343722681Transflood: Can someone redpill me on why there has been a trans-boom during the last couple of year…[View]
343735071Why was he wrong?[View]
343735692Are there any other websites like /pol/?[View]
343735565They’re all corrupt, /pol/[View]
343730605Why is the eu bad and how has it failed? Obviously letting in the refugees is a given, but what else…[View]
343733900Is Armenia based?: I got a job offer for an IT job in Yerevan, how is it in terms of globohomo and c…[View]
343732408Reminder that politicians shut everything down for over a year because Orange Man Bad, completely tr…[View]
343733660Reminder: This is the only pure European pheno type.[View]
343735493wakanda propaganda is this bro?[View]
343735472Bitcoin goes to $8900[View]
343729392you will soon realize: >that your tax money has been funding off-world projects (space exploratio…[View]
343734617Would you pretend to be a Jew for a high paying job at CNN?[View]
343723017Why can't China take a small Islet 100 feet off shore? Why does it allow Taiwanese soldiers 100…[View]
343708234>America needs high speed rail: The left uses this argument all the time. I'd rather drive a…[View]
343728455/pol/ humor thread[View]
343733530Stockholm syndrome countries: Post some countries who suffer atm from explicit stockholm syndrome Ru…[View]
343735060How do I make money Anons?: > be me > double wagecuck > i have no trouble working, i just w…[View]
343734874/IHG/ Inflation Hedge General: Fighting back against inflation by any means necessary. >Lack on …[View]
343735015What the fuck is wrong with women?: Why didn't men just keep them chained up, hidden away, and …[View]
343732428What does the NJP actually do?: A political party with... >No candidates >No fundraisers >N…[View]
343728051Wisconsin, what even is it?: What happens here? Is it based and/or redpilled? Is it a bunch of leafs…[View]
343727012the vaccines are sussin[View]
343731613Y'all trad or what?[View]
343734830How the fuck you cope when some nocoiner from your past life notices you in some shop/public space a…[View]
343733042I’m glad they made us wear a mask because I could not stop smiling.[View]
343731077You will never be a human life.: You will never be a real baby. You have no nervous system, you have…[View]
343733191>leverage trading is bad because... because it is!!![View]
343718386>incels run out of vidya >incels run out of comics >incels run out of Star Wars >ince…[View]
343733492Is the Spartacist League the most based political party? >“‘Paedophilia’ simply means sexual des…[View]
343734622Is Joe Biden a genius or what.: Everyone knows America has an obesity problem. Well, if we have food…[View]
343728086Is Biden ageing especially badly as President?: What's he going to look like by 2024 /pol/? Pr…[View]
343730719How to increase the birth rates of Greece. Imagine a world with billions of tall, beautiful and inte…[View]
343732447We had socialism and it was utopia: My parents were able to buy 2 houses, 3 cars, we had free higher…[View]
343714749https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAXTul_PVUg It's scared.[View]
343732743Do you believe that some humans are superior to others in objective measurable ways like IQ, wealth,…[View]
343726069Coast of California Invasion: Are those cargo ships off the coast of California filled with chink so…[View]
343734327Are these AIDS drugs?: Genuinely concerned[View]
343734318Vaxxcuck bites the dust?: El Paso is over 75% vaxxed so good chance he had it. How long before seein…[View]
343716663Philadelphia: A woman got RAPED on a train by a Black man while bystanders did NOTHING to intervene …[View]
343718700> be me > 30 year old male > Eastern European immigrant, came to US when I was young > m…[View]
343729634/pol/ humor thread: How do I delete this?[View]
343730649Closed-border liberal republic is the only answer[View]
343734072ChainSTINK!!!!!!!: Imagine still holding this absolute piece of shit coin. >Outperformed by XRP …[View]
343732492Ah 27 dollars... home.[View]
343733543Vaxed fag here. I'm against the vaccine only after I consumed it for liberal brownie points wit…[View]
343730616/pol/ btfo: The only reason blacks are more likely to go to prison is because of poverty. If you con…[View]
343733971Workplace Secrets Thread: Furniture Stores have absolutely ridiculous prices. 11 months out of the y…[View]
343729161Stale Memes: Pepe and Wojak have been spammed here for almost a decade, so it's time for some n…[View]
343733376>studied 5 years after high-school to get a civil engineer diploma >earn on average 500€ more …[View]
343725566aus/pol FIONA edition: dont google fiona barrett cunts dont google fiona wilson cunts have some …[View]
343699387The Rational Male: based or waste of time?: Some anons said that this book was the answer for my wom…[View]
343726982Any psychologists here?: Has the Meta model helped you when dealing with libtards? Let's discus…[View]
343730791I think 99% of /pol/ users are bitches[View]
343723741How did 9/11 affect the travel industry /pol/?[View]
343733525my parents are millionares with even richer siblings: i will never have to worry about job security,…[View]
343725687Haha anyone member when the (((DEA))) Assassinated the Haitian President and his entire security det…[View]
343731754If COVID was a planned event then what would the end goal be?: I think this is a bullshit take from …[View]
343729162Name our band /pol/[View]
343732128Ordinary Dude AMA: What's up /pol/? regular guy here. What do you want to know?[View]
343733421I'm never getting the vaccine. Check em[View]
343732445This is a shirt I'll proudly be wearing. It shows to others that I did my part to society to ke…[View]
343730901Must think you're real tough huh? TELL ME HOW TO DELETE THIS THREAD RIGHT NOW![View]
343730162Take the fast food pill /pol/: If you're not eating fast food, you're missing out >cont…[View]
343730794If everyone hates white people and wants us dead. Can we stop paying taxes and paying for the progra…[View]
343715324>Major General, U.S. Army[View]
343730269COMRADES!: Are you a power top or a power bottom?[View]
343732898it WILL crash: everywhere I look you see people saying 'OMGGGG HOUSING IS ONLY GOING TO GET MORE EXP…[View]
343699557THIS IS YOUR ENEMY: Take 5 minutes to know what you're up against[View]
343719636Qtard denial: >Jack fake navy intel >J.Corsi >Bannon >Alex Jones all now deny there were…[View]
343732639>I want to sell some crypto but instead I take out a loan against it in USDC >I spend the USDC…[View]
343732581What did he do?[View]
343726083What would the US look like under a Bolton administration /pol/? It may sound counter intuitive but …[View]
343730138>mindin' own business >out of the mists, a powerful world leader approaches you with an o…[View]
343732543Rare Jew Power Photos[View]
343724574How the CIA managed to leave explosives on a special-needs school bus — without noticing: https://ar…[View]
343727045why do poltards keep saying see you in 3 days? What is going to happen in 3 days?[View]
343732417Good morning, did you remember to VOOT?[View]
343716936FAKE PRESIDENT. FAKE WH. FAKE NEWS , FAKE ASTRONAUTS: Is anything fucking real??!![View]
343731366/JPG/ - Jewish Politics General: >Tanakh https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-tanakh-full-tex…[View]
343730005LOTR memes: Henlo frens, this thread is aimed at using Lord of the Rings as a meme tool for describi…[View]
343729210How do leftists explain this?: Do they call mainstream media 'fake news' when it doesn't align …[View]
343724352NOSTALGIC FOOD BRANDS THAT AREN'T POZZED: I make these threads every so often. Today, I ask abo…[View]
343730614Can nuclear Armageddon just happen already?[View]
343731827Clown World: > Ivy League student calls for mandatory vasectomies for boys Ahhh, yes white Ivy L…[View]
343715144/pol/ humor thread[View]
343731929Prison inmates are literal guinea pigs in cages: Are inmates forced to take the jab in every country…[View]
343725360Everyday unvaccinated people drop dead from COVID-19. Vid related is such a case. Just get the vax o…[View]
343707532This is alll you need to know: Nothing else is needed after this 5 hours.[View]
343731206Mmmhmm, based?[View]
343698186RIP Nicki Minaj. Queen of /pol/: Let this thread be a memorial for the greatest hero of the White ra…[View]
343721262>He's fat >He calls himself a white nationalist Hit up a gym faggots…[View]
343727728while the us is busy fellating trannoid dicks[View]

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