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164318032Citizenry is a straight up meme people: When will you people realize that being illegal doesn’t make…[View]
164335945Anyone else think it stopped being fun, supporting Trump? The MSM, Twitter, Reddit, other online med…[View]
164334944Is adoption of your fellow countrymen bad or the right thing to do?[View]
164336947Letter to America: Osama wrote a letter explaining why he did it. I agree with him on most points, e…[View]
164335470John Green and History: What are your thoughts on him /pol/? Does he give young people accurate unbi…[View]
1642895311995 Oklahoma City bombing: Redpill me on him. Did he did the right thing? Why does William Luther P…[View]
164337939Don't let them take your guns away America.... I wish I could protect myself. Shine forward wit…[View]
164335878Anglos: How come Anglos manage to be simultaneously the worst of the worst, yet based at the same ti…[View]
164333471https://www.reddit.com/r/RaceRealism/: Lets take it[View]
164337190Red pilling: Whites = pink cave fags Reds = white Timbuktu existed while cave devils were doing sodo…[View]
164333156OH NO NO NO[View]
164332797Jewish Drumpfkins: Are there any antisemitic trump supporters on here. If so, how do you reconcile t…[View]
164336280it's still on youtube kek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JkHc_FoeO4[View]
164333076Terrible but interesting re-imaginings of existing hierarchy's: Individualist Fascism. >'Fol…[View]
164322035/transhumanism/: When I first heard about transhumanism I was bit sceptical. I didn't think amp…[View]
164335364>The Trump Administration[View]
164323213Nationalism is over: It's a failed experiment. Nationalism should have ended in 1940 when natio…[View]
164327767How do you feel about this?[View]
164332376California appoints illegal immigrant as state head: Everyday I thank God I moved. Can we just wipe …[View]
164324974Official wargaming to put down people opposed to ethnic replacement: Fucking sickening https://twit…[View]
164330840Systemic Racism Against White Males: https://web.archive.org/web/20180308025329/https://www.bloomber…[View]
164333018Report: Mueller to be fired: Trump's lawyer recommends firing Mueller https://twitter.com/woodr…[View]
164333302Danish Tax Authorities lost 2 billion USD. Does nothing about it.: Meanwhile, rallies & protests…[View]
164336429My Aryan lads , Which of Trumps sons or grandsons is the true Kshatriya ? Without qualified Brahmana…[View]
1643363932000 and late: When will you guyz understand you missed it? It’s time for a New Wav[View]
164335937Some Canadians flew a plane into a mosque: >You wake up to the sound of construction equipment …[View]
164336269These are members of one of the top Barristers Chambers in the country. This lot will most likely ea…[View]
164321238Remember that Iran and Assad are our real enemies. Iran has taken 5 Arab capitals - Baghdad, Damascu…[View]
164336135Why is it only whites that express this level of racial self-hatred? What the fuck went wrong?[View]
164332801Spring 1976 Mars Photo Album//: I went searching for this link once again, found it and it’s still u…[View]
164335679Mueller's True Goal: Mueller's special counsel is not going to find evidence of Russian co…[View]
16433545716 Migrants Dead Off the Coast of Greece.: Press S to Spit https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe…[View]
164335659I got the identities of multiple Swedish antifa members, you want them you whacko polacks[View]
164334127Pro Russia thread: ITT Cheer for Russia and hail Putin Amerimutt/slave hate posting is welcome too G…[View]
164333204Did Stefan just overdose on redpill? >anti-natalist is anti-white >blacks should breed less, w…[View]
164335642Guys holy shit this is how we stop terrorist attacks! It really is this simple[View]
164335736Critique my flier on IDENTIFYING PROPAGANDA: I'm trying to make a flier on identifying propagan…[View]
164332937Irish people thread: Why do Irish people always look like this?[View]
164336788Did Dinosaurs even exist?[View]
164322586pol humor thread: lets start[View]
164332615Do you /pol/tards realize you are genetic trash and look pathetic when calling others 'subhumans', e…[View]
164333994Deah Tole from women in STEM: How many more people need to die in the name of SJW bullshit. Incompet…[View]
164333746balk/pol/: fuck up a commie edition >www.tportal.hr/vijesti/clanak/proslo-je-170-godina-od-objave…[View]
164333722We need a self-flourishing movement if we want to take back what's ours.: So how many of you fa…[View]
164330691/ptg/ President Trump General - Awoo Plays Divegrass Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
164332566>be me >watch CNN for the 2020 election coverage because its the most trusted name in news. …[View]
164332154Is Christianity the new Fedora?[View]
164335394Can you boys add on to this?[View]
164333438NOVICHOK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organisation_for_the_Prohibition_of_Chemical_Weapons >The…[View]
164328332Who Here Supports the New World Order?: My dad explained to me how the NWO is actually based as fuck…[View]
164334877My thoughts and prayers are with Trump: He'll need that. And vaseline.[View]
164330488Deep State Cleanup - Another Dead Witness: Adrian Lamo, the former hacker who reported Chelsea Manni…[View]
164305192/SIG/ SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
164318167Racists BTFO: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/04/race-genetics-science-africa/ What…[View]
164334928https://freespeechtime.blogspot.com/2017/10/denmark-has-cut-welfare-benefits-for.html DENMARK PLEASE…[View]
164305144Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Saturday Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >New…[View]
164323791So how will you react when Trump fires Mueller? It seems inevitable at this point. Will you take it …[View]
164328530So I stopped masturbating and started cleaning up my room regularly. What's the next step?[View]
164324771Satanic Ritual Abuse is real and epidemic: https://youtu.be/1F5nyyX2mHE[View]
164333092U.K. Hate Thread[View]
164330945Negros BTFO by tenured professor: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/16/us/penn-removes-professor-for-r…[View]
164328320Time to break apart Russia!: Hello, fellow POCs, Neo-Cons, LGTBTQQIAA, and Jews, how do we dismantle…[View]
164323770White Nationalist talking points aren't entering the mains-: Guys this is scary. Why are Nazis …[View]
164309496Aryan princess: OK /pol/.. what can we do to help out Morgan Roof, who is trying to fight against th…[View]
164329780The mutt question: Let's discuss this in a civil manner. As we know america is 56 'non hispanic…[View]
164311624PEDOS BTFO NO SEX DOLLS FOR YOU http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/03/16/report-congress-moves-to-ba…[View]
164334172The job of the thinking person is not to reject Socialism but to make up his mind to humanize it. Fo…[View]
164310508Meet The American Molossus Breed: In 20 years this Doggo will dominate all breeds.[View]
164332703Where are you, /pol/[View]
164332589This is a bridge at the fort Lauderdale swap shop. Just 40 miles north up the road from sweetwater i…[View]
164334090Tell me about anarchists in Syria /pol/. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Federation_of_Nort…[View]
164329577Should Russophobia be illegal? There is a big problem with prejudice and xenophobia against these pe…[View]
164326554what is the most redpilled religion?[View]
164334040EXPLAIN THIS BRITBONGS !: oy you cheeky wanker wheres your running license me mate innit?[View]
164320671(((male promisculity))): why does /pol/ glorify and virtue signal Hunter Thompson style male promisc…[View]
164331931Do liberals and leftists actually care about their causes or do they just protest for its own sake? …[View]
164331582Fecegook harvested 50 mil accounts with no consent or alert: http://wccftech.com/50-million-facebook…[View]
164329881Royally Cucked: How many years do we give our Dear Harry before he gets divorce raped?[View]
164328362some speech is more equal than others: mods rather quickly deleted this shit why? here's the ar…[View]
164332166Man accused of kidnapping 4-year-old girl, raping mother pleads not guilty: Man accused of kidnappin…[View]
164332586FLIPPED MUELLER IS TRUE: FBI OPR recommended McCabe termination. Person in charge of FBI OPR is Cand…[View]
164332671The category is 'St Patrick's Day': What are 'flimsy excuses people give to get piss drunk?'…[View]
164325603Hear me ye den of sinners: repent and find forgiveness in the mighty Lord. Thy Almighty Lord will fo…[View]
164325302Christians unite.: (((They))) have tried to keep the 2 nuclear Christian SuperPowers divided (USA an…[View]
164297748This is why you marry a younger Woman.: My mum always told me to marry a younger woman. This way you…[View]
164324416When does free speech become incitement or hate speech?[View]
164316107The UK is considering opening its borders and abandoning all customs checks after Brexit: http://arc…[View]
164332784the main problem with monarchs and dictators is you dont know if the guy has some mental illness and…[View]
164331978This fucking cuck: Why dont these FBI retards know when to keep their cuck mouths shut? >Link htt…[View]
164324406is the male race dying?[View]
164332241broke: build the wall woke: build the minefield[View]
164300152how do we destroy capitalism for once and for all? >inb4 american flags crying about communism…[View]
164332890Brit/pol/ - 11,500 NEW JIMMY SAVILE VICTIMS CREATED: Please keep replying to these threads as it kee…[View]
164324344Syria General - /sg/ - The Final Solution to the Amerimutt Question Edition: Archive/Study/Research/…[View]
164332535Anarchist General: Degeneracy has grasped this world within its clutches and nothing can save it at …[View]
164331577Why does racemix propoganda not work in Europe?: In America racemixing propoganda has been proven to…[View]
164330352Why is the British police so cucked?: You would expect cops to be more right-wing than the general p…[View]
164330503Do you believe that moon landing was US government's conspiracy?[View]
164331689UK Hate thread: .... Nobody here? Peбятa вы ocтaвляeтe cлeды, oни дoгaдывaютcя чтo мы тyт пocтим зa …[View]
164329321White ppl, black ppl, race, race'mixing': Why 'Murica... Why?[View]
164320532PROVE YOU'RE NOT A BOT: Simply copy and paste this in your reply: 12895sg5fgjk$s%pps Now, to k…[View]
164332008Thank you based Hackney Police. I feel safer already. Are other police even trying?[View]
164331715>be american >get suspended for not participating in a school walkout against the second amend…[View]
164322619Would you vote for a woman president if she had similar political stances to you?[View]
164331724Yar, what be the politics amongst the pirates today?[View]
164332390THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF POO-LAND: Pajeet; high of curry, bathes in the sewer, eats shit and throws bri…[View]
164325653Was the Batboy fake news? How can you tell the difference between real news and fake news?[View]
164327590REDPILLED GRAPHIC NOVEL THREAD: Lets have a thread where we discuss comics with esoteric/redpilled t…[View]
164327068Learn the difference between a jew and a globalist money elite[View]
164329475IMMINENT WAR WITH RUSSIA: >tfw Bürgers actually think their voting changes anything…[View]
164331919DAFUCK ?!: just hit a random video and skipped forward to see this >https://youtu.be/rrujSJPLHOA?…[View]
164320232Putin is a cuck: Let's have an anti-Russia thread, lads, let's show the Ruskies we won…[View]
164327867Reminder: if your blood type is Rh+ instead of Rh- you're literally a monkey: Less than 1% of n…[View]
164330027Post yfw Brennan gets the death penalty.[View]
164331482what do you want to know about switzerland? i came here and im about to get my citizenship in the ne…[View]
164320533I give batons to homeless people so they do not get raped as frequently: I know I am another homeles…[View]
164327523Should Trump wait until after the midterm elections to fire Mueller?[View]
164331403Objectification in muh vidya: Why is it when a female character model has big boobs, people call it …[View]
164331394Jordan Peterson: >tfw your 15 minutes of fame are up[View]
164307005North Korea: -Ethnostate -Zero Jews -Zero immigrants -Pornography and degeneracy are illegal -Violen…[View]
164325366I've got a confession to make.: I used to look down on people who visited brothels/whore houses…[View]
164317607In America, if you hold illegal opinions and are 18 you go to prison: Especially if you bring a butt…[View]
164326945Thoughts about furries and their behavior/pol/?: Pic related[View]
164326347/ptg/ President Trump General - I Never Forget Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
164326214What the fuck is wrong with Australia?: You guys are a laughing stock. https://www.theguardian.com/f…[View]
164331000https://archive.is/VS6Hg >“They don’t need the Second Amendment to justify self-defense. That’s a…[View]
164328725ITS TIME (GET IN HERE): its about that time to kick the r/the_donald fags off this board once and fo…[View]
164329687US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes: Russia’s Defense…[View]
164330893so this fucking commie columnist cunt from my town is shilling the communist manifesto, and it'…[View]
164328886Jesus on the Cross: What does this sign stand for? Sorry if this gets asked often, I just see it on …[View]
164330183Please explain.: I'm stupid, please explain this?[View]
164330543Russia has always been pro white and pro christian. While western european countries have always sol…[View]
164327548Major library organizations sign letter of support for anti white, anti male MIT Library Director: h…[View]
164326473Foreskins: who makes the money off them and how much? The baby boys need your help /pol/.[View]
164328287Oi you wanka! Let's see 'at Christianity loicense ![View]
164327368SWAMP: BEING DRAINED: post your CIA Nigger face[View]
164330169There is no justice: >get support from the west to fight ISIS >they will surely give us a kurd…[View]
164278323FBI stooge Andrew McCabe fired: He may face additional criminal charges. Anti-Trump scum BTFO. >s…[View]
164327574What's with all the pedo threads today?[View]
164329372Fucked up normie stories: > be me > waiting in ER for gf > browsing pol cuz bored reading a…[View]
164314436U.K. Police Hate Thread[View]
164314376russia says 'novichok' isn't even a thing: russian ministry of foreign affairs press secretary …[View]
164325029whoa.....so this is the power of forced diversity workplaces[View]
164309791How redpilled is the MGS franchise? Discuss.[View]
164328527https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_teDfE0XVI8 can we get a nigger thread?[View]
164315445Europe is DEAD! Migrants, terrorist, one in the same. Europe is dead, go RED[View]
164329098Teens Already Know How to Overthrow the Government: http://archive.is/JHE6o[View]
164329488>tfw you posted this on your story on Snapchat Going to trigger some normies…[View]
164325444Rate my mentors, post your mentors[View]
164322759A Danish gun shop owner in South Africa initially accused of storing women's genitals in a free…[View]
164321791Absolutely disgusting. New movie depicts trump supporters as blood thirsty killers. https://youtu.b…[View]
164325452Will we ever get our money back?[View]
164329624Wop-kike connection: So I live in southern Ontario and the Wop Dagos, those greasy slimy bastards ha…[View]
164289237Every black man deserve a white women: Kek some race mixing propaganda on facebook. The comments : -…[View]
164318152Brit/pol/ - 9,000 NEW JIMMY SAVILE VICTIMS REVEALED!!!: 'Now then, now then' - Are Jim. https://yout…[View]
164329061Has /pol/ ever been BTFO this hard? I take it you all didn't even read the article non-Jews are…[View]
164328608Republicans Brains Literally Different than Liberals: Conservatives are natural cucks that are afrai…[View]
164328318Is antifa pro or anti gun: Is antifa pro or anti gun? Surely these retards know that for their ideol…[View]
164329244Skåne, we are coming for your land!: Surrender freely, and the Danish armed forces will spare your l…[View]
164328463So this is actually happening. Is there anything we can do to fuck with it?[View]
164324122Why is he such a piece of shit?: The West must band together to eliminate the Russian menace. Ameri…[View]
164320166post mgtow songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWfcz-JZaCo[View]
164329002Will Mueller start indicting next week?[View]
164327993How can I clean my room?[View]
164328593In the time that feels devoid of great leadership, we have found men and women who will inspire you.…[View]
164328783if porn can be inpowering woman but allso be bad dus this count for anime and hentai[View]
164328413I double dog dare you, fat boy.[View]
164328602White House Apprentice: Season 2 Episode 1: So, how'd you like it? Is this the greatest politic…[View]
164328563Fuck: > be gay > don’t believe in gay marriage as all marriage is degeneracy Why can’t you f…[View]
164320213ANTI-COMMIE Memes: My Anti-Commie album is empty...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT[View]
164316254Anons I need your help. My father is redpilled on pretty much everything. He hate niggers, faggots,…[View]
164328515why do muslims worship a moon God?[View]
164318545Is something ominous happening to American men?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrhHkQhglig…[View]
164328291/ang/ - Anti Nazi General: We're all starting to hate nazis here. It's clear that they…[View]
164326589Is it illegal to get an abortion because your wife's child is female?[View]
164314634March Against Guns, March 24, Nationwide: On March 24, there will be nationwide rallies against guns…[View]
164328188>flying to NY to hang out with friends >layover in Boston >before going to terminal get qui…[View]
164319992Buckle up niggaz, it's happening! https://twitter.com/Lee_Saks/status/975024826023858180[View]
164325906Guys... WTF is this???: I was minding my own business listening to music and browsing youtube, when …[View]
164301002Is he /ourguy/?[View]
164328023Around here, you can choose to not recognize your biological offspring. Doing this absolves you from…[View]
164326973grug been eating rocks and watching fire in morning since grug was small grug big now and still do![View]
164325246ANTIFA RAIDS IN GERMANY: >https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article174654378/Thueringen-Reg…[View]
164327951name more iconic duo pol , u can't[View]
164328037>There are people here who have the nerve of calling themselves 'redpilled' without having ever r…[View]
164297792>He killed millions[View]
164326720Is there any evidence to suggest that the 76% of farmland white South Africans own was originally st…[View]
164313634How long before Russia makes UK.gif a meme flag?[View]
164327635When will they finish building the wall?[View]
164315216AVENATTI: UP IN DRUMPFSTERFIRE's SHIT: Drumphsterfire is about to get Avenattied. Imagine if he…[View]
164327535Look at that balding motherfucker. Were that Jew always like that or did he get into immense stress …[View]
164327686Dear white working class: Pls stop voting agaisnt your own economic interests you half niggers…[View]
164327476>nu-pol doesnt celebrate this https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants-greece/at-least-…[View]
164314903Oh for fucks sake, America https://youtu.be/HlGpaZieHwk[View]
164327348Trump video best interviews compilations?: Anyone have the link of the video where it has the young …[View]
164327106Autistic man assaulted in Mississauga; suspects sought: https://youtu.be/F3xwPF5MQDU http://toronto.…[View]
164326952Make pol republican again: Before special election: >Conservative talking point Kek This Bump Aft…[View]
164323951ITT: Prove You're White (Just White People Things): I got an A in Calculus I.[View]
164326598What do black people believe in witch craft, fairy tales and sorcery? Relevant for St Patrick's…[View]
164326954Is it finally dawning on you shitcunts that you got completely fucking suckered by a conman?[View]
164325527Land of the free: It's beginning in USA!!!! Don't say anything bad about Islam or get arre…[View]
164325586'John Bolton was 'by far the most dangerous man we had in the entire eight years'': http:/…[View]
164326829>men are now risking it all for the asian meme are you happy /pol/?[View]
164322504Reminder that anti-Semitism and Christianity can't go hand in hand[View]
164326887Japanese girls Vs Korean girls: Japanese[View]
164285900ALL OF US = Allah us[View]
164321385/ptg/ President Trump General - MY PENSION! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
164326665This is literally the future that /pol/ want.[View]
164325479Design a better bridge. >Tip: You can't[View]
164326418Who else here is a massive fan of gentrification? Any recommendations for some good reading material…[View]
164322950(((Nationalism))): >In the introduction to his book Reflections of a Neoconservative (1983), Kris…[View]
164326302Holy shit, Tucker is dropping the bomb Order your alpha pills now faggots it will soon be too late[View]
164317304Martin Luther: What is your opinion on him?[View]
164323099Establishing a register of Jews in a certain city: What would be the best way to do this, and would …[View]
164325211WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!: >millionaire michael moore owns 10 homes >90% mill…[View]
164326166Satan’s not even hiding anymore: the mask is slipping[View]
164317437Another one of these threads.[View]
164325976MH370 missing plane.: Does anybody have the photo of the readout from the Rolls Royce Engines that g…[View]
164318097Hahahahahahahaahahahaha https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/974995359444463616[View]
164327165Two weeks into nofap!: >read dune for motivation, too lazy to tidy room >working out lifting p…[View]
164325964I'm in the UK but have a Russian federation flag. Does this mean I'm a Russian bot?[View]
164321217Why does there have to be travel between continents?: Why can’t Americans stay in America, Asians in…[View]
164323331>Jews aren't a hive mind. Uneducated or a knowing desinformant.[View]
164325499Things I learned by watching You Tube.: 1. The Earth is flat. 2. The Jews are behind everything. 3.…[View]
164299140>global news about Russian chemical attacks in the UK >whole world condemning Russia >But o…[View]
164315770English savagery.: When will the English be accountable for this atrocity and apologize to the Irish…[View]
164299970Press F to pay respect: Today, 2 years ago (march 17th 2016). Russian soldier Alexander Prokhorenko …[View]
164322970https://archive.fo/kjSm3 Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation…[View]
164324923>Americans in charge of infrastructure and transportation lol[View]
164324793How do we save London?[View]
164318467girl power[View]
164323325The divide and conquer campaign must be expanded: The #Allahus is a genius strategy. But I have a fe…[View]
164325149>be american >get arrested for taking pictures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp_wb30Wn0w la…[View]
164322510Why does feminism not like beautifulness?[View]
164275024Zeynep Pattie, 18-year-old schoolgirl who took Ketamine and jumped to her death under the wheels of …[View]
164325076West Memphis Three: So why do you think about this case? at first and after watching paradise lost, …[View]
164322054MSM Pushes for More Censorship Over Fear of Digitally Altered Video: >In a recent article from CB…[View]
164323460how do we stop deepstate CIA niggers?[View]
164324962STOP BASHING MERKEL: Sorry, but I have to let off steam Everyone seems to bash European politicians …[View]
164313178Why is it so hard for you people to admit that white people are privileged in western societies ( an…[View]
164324932What have you done? ADRIAN LAMO: So now you are in the business of killing? What part of do not kill…[View]
164317369hey guys /tv/ here can you stop posting racist things about Gods chosen people and African Americans…[View]
164324863Would you?[View]
164324784oy vey https://steamed.kotaku.com/valve-is-quietly-deleting-hate-groups-but-it-isnt-solv-1823849767…[View]
164319138does your country have Jehovas Witnesses? how do we deal with this dangerous cult?[View]
164324417Vladimir Putin: What did Putin mean by this?[View]
164317294Raping 13 year old children isn't illegal[View]
164313968Would you support an independent Kurdistan?[View]
164323900Stop resisting[View]
164311176Lol Trump's a bitch: Trump's lawyer is begging for the probe to stop. There's no end …[View]
164323967Holy shit...: Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary has announced there will be no enquiry into the…[View]
164324241slay this foul beast[View]
164322992PSA: Romanians are not gypsies: But some gypsies are Romanian. That is all.[View]
164319800HAPPENING: New evidence that Maidan snipers in 2014 in Ukraine were false flag hitmen: German online…[View]
164323491It's nice to see there are still some real men left in this world, and not only whining pussies…[View]
164324400ITS ALL CONNECTED: (((They))) wouldnt created this chemical attack hoax (that didnt even kill the Ru…[View]
164322346S or F?[View]
164307382Brit/pol/ - 6,700 NEW JIMMY SAVILE VICTIMS RELEASED!!: 'Now then, now then' - Are Jim. https://youtu…[View]
164313889Syria General /sg/ Thunder in Ghouta edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
164312499My Lai Massacare: Explain yourselves Amerimutts >inb4 Jews tricked us to kill the gooks…[View]
164318204you realise that the jews invented christianity to sell gold, right?[View]
164320556ISIS and Jews: Why has ISIS never targeted Israel or Jews?[View]
164323943where do I apply for being a shill on message boards to leverage political discussion?[View]
164324129I bet you if someone tried to throw bananas at black people then it would be called racism, but if s…[View]
164324082I have a couple questions, /pol/. Specifically conservative Americans. https://m.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
164321018Can you post more like this? Will they ever stop crying about muh holocaust?[View]
164321761Wouldn't it be better for public confidence in democracy to just trust the process and let the …[View]
164317211I hate to be That Guy, but I've literally never heard a Liberal argue that 'only the government…[View]
164317562Trump attorney suing $20 million in damages: Trump attorney accuses Stormy Daniels of violating nond…[View]
164320655Is making a child the ultimate redpill and the purpose of man?[View]
164321509Anti New York City Thread: Full of elitist snobs Full of kikes Wall Street globalist and Banking car…[View]
164323323All you kids are just edgy boys who can just about form your own opinions... Your 'political…[View]
164323315Press S to spit on grave.[View]
164315597Jacob shoemalar, lads[View]
164323582Before you guys celebrate St. Patricks Day, remember that the Irish and Italians were at one point u…[View]
164323101When did you realize?: What the right-wing thinks he protects by trying to stop immigration: faith, …[View]
164308809he got the internship. Aren't you happy for him /pol/ ?[View]
164291691What's more degenerate? Alcohol or Marijuana?[View]
164321634https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/02/robot-kills-worker-at-volkswagen-plant-in-germany >…[View]
164323208Around here, you can choose to not recognize your biological offspring. Doing this absolves you from…[View]
164320250Antifa is too white: Hi /pol/ besides nonwhites why are all the ANTIFAs/'anti-racists'/progressives/…[View]
164323093The Telegraph wrote that preliminary reports indicated that the substance used in London, in fact, m…[View]
164322634Jeanne Ives: Meme Tier IL Canidate: So in Illinois, a woman named Jeanne Ives is running against the…[View]
164312248TRUMP BTFO: That fucking criminal not only colluded with russia, but stole facebook userdata to rig …[View]
164321315Who is ready to spin the Wheel of Garrison?[View]
164321109Are the Irish subhumans?[View]
164318036Free Catalonia: The people have spoken, get the suppressors, the fascist Spaniards out of Catalonia.…[View]
164310872Wtf is up with these mixed race ads: I see these everyday in the UK It ranges from m&s,cloths, d…[View]
164319748>muh based gen z: >meanwhile they're trying to steal our guns Fuck gen Z.…[View]
164312359Waco Siege annivessary.: Remember this incident /pol/? No matter how much guns you have, they will p…[View]
164307109What's the deal with raw milk? Should it be banned?[View]
164322814Who Are the Politicians Trying to Destroy This?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3Y6KQzpPx4…[View]
164319929Master race unable to figure out remote detonation technology. https://www.rawstory.com/2018/03/neo-…[View]
164317927MH 370 Still Not Found: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? It's been four years and…[View]
164322387Statistics: 155 times, damn those dirty robbing robbers! Well this was clearly a robbery, everybody …[View]
164316019The day the last Boomer dies will be a beautiful day in America[View]
164322075starting to resent women: /pol/ what do i do about my pure anger/sadness that comes from the state o…[View]
164321692Mexico is trash: mexico discredited all Spanish-speaking countries for their shit of drugs and narco…[View]
164322467If people think Trump is 'Hitler' then why do they want to hand over their guns?[View]
164318212Sultan Kösen meets shortest living woman: Do you think he hit that?[View]
164319317how many jews pretend to be christians on twitter?[View]
164310907Homosexuality in Ancient Greece: How much was real and how much is a gay mafia revisionist meme?…[View]
164305117Hey /pol/, How many times do you fap per day?[View]
164273052WTF, are we at war with Russia, bros?: >15K retweets I had no idea…[View]
164319818The feminist, anti white bridge company designed a bridge where I live: http://lacrossetribune.com/n…[View]
164308088>Famed rabbi with hundreds of grandchildren and THOUSANDS of great-grandchildren is mourned by ul…[View]
164322108Why do they want a world of mutts?[View]
164322103Shills: What did he mean by this?[View]
164308558US TO STRIKE SYRIA: It's on lads, Kikes are prepping the falseflag right now, and their Golem i…[View]
164319745Admit you were wrong /pol/: I will be accepting your apologies ITT[View]
164321397https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/White_nationalism >Most white nationalists (and supremacists) ca…[View]
164314953Why don't SJWs get upset about St. Patrick's Day?: It's the definition of cultural ap…[View]
164321338Why are you against labor rights?[View]
164321672DFW PROMOTING NIGGER POWER: This NOT so subtle propaganda is literally all over DFW. Fucking disgust…[View]
164301642How do we stop race-mixing?[View]
164321608Just leaving this here: Just leaving this here[View]
164240226A Bridge too far: In this thread we post masterpieces of construction and laugh at le 56% and their …[View]
164319339>British kids animations What the fuck Britain? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtER80sOjX4…[View]
164306409Why did mass migration of Whites stop?: I read about the Polish community in Brazil. >Some 60,000…[View]
164320378normies or (((normies)))?[View]
164313973Your daily reminder that Paris was a Mossad false flag operation[View]
164293636Which country is best to find a trad wife?[View]
164321026>pick one Norwegian >shove a Swedish cock down his throat >congratulations, you've cre…[View]
164321158Time to Savage: Q is Real Faggots[View]
164319569How is it that American pro-white movements are more tolerant to whites than Huffington Post and Tum…[View]
164311996SHHHH.... QUIET WOMAN !!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpscJe4L9Do ---- Oliver Reed shows us ho…[View]
164315983>On Monday a group of fifteen people will appear in court in Chelmsford, charged with terrorism o…[View]
164303606cop consensually dukes it out with a hoodlum, without arrests or drawing a weapon, gets in trouble: …[View]
164308359Music: >jazz >invented by blacks, copied by whites >rock >invented by blacks, copied by …[View]
164295539Russia says it snuck nuclear attack submarines near US bases undetected: Russians are fucking mad, t…[View]
164304913>it's happening http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/17/adrian-lamo-hacker-who-turned-in-chelse…[View]
164318272A*glo hate thread[View]
164309902Russian election tomorrow: What does /pol/ know about Russian candidates and who do you support?…[View]
164318826IT'S HAPPENING: Cameron Kasky wants 1,000,000 protestors to bring AR-15's to Washington DC…[View]
164319130Your Daddy is going to jail[View]
164320411Ancient Human Hookups: Ancient Humans not only bred with Neanderthals. But with another species cal…[View]
164310378furfags are the most oppressed people in history[View]
164320403ISRAELI military drill simulates multi-front war with Russia: http://archive.today/yFdy4 >'The sc…[View]
164306131THE COMPLETE LIST OF EO FROZEN ASSETS: Here’s a complete list of individuals whose assets were froze…[View]
164312586Do the Brits still call pic related a fag?: If so is there a movement to get it to stop? Don't …[View]
164320252Where is Madeleine Mccann /pol/? With Sir Clement Freud's relatives? With the Podesta's? C…[View]
164310474Hi /pol/ I'm black (half black then 1/4 hispanic and 1/4 white to be exact) and is it really wr…[View]
164316331When you try to push a narrative too hard: This is what you get[View]
164313972/pol/, did we meme-bully the New York Times into admitting (((who))) was behind communism? https://w…[View]
164320156Nogs are always so close yet so far: INSPIRED BY BLACK PANTHERS, PEOPLE’S BREAKFAST OAKLAND HELPS TH…[View]
164320090Why is the American Diet so Shit?: Why do Americans take so much pride in their shit diets?[View]
164315836all cops are scum of the earth humans with god complexes. A 'good cop' is a fairy tale watch this. h…[View]
164317780Russian Elections Memes: Post' em comrades also discuss[View]
164308957When will Japan apologize for it's crimes against Chinese people? Or do we have to use brute fo…[View]
164317965Looking to be redpilled on 'white flight.' Is it real, or is it just trying to sugarcoat that blacks…[View]
164319945Why do you care about white nationalism or any of this earthly stuff when the Judgement day will com…[View]
164316580If there's a gender wage gap, where women get paid less than men then why won't companies …[View]
164319771Porn Is Rape Now! https://archive.fo/xNwED lol, where were you when retarded drug addicted women in …[View]
164319770imagine how mad jews are gonna be when mashiach ben david is a white guy[View]
164309188It honestly makes me disgusted when I see people claiming Rothschild a is an important family. Do mo…[View]
164316044Are normies retarded?: Should they be gassed?[View]
164307945MH370 Codes: Could someone redpill/enlighten me about wtf is going on with all these MH370 codes bef…[View]
164317932Why do Japs want to be dirty spics?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utDjR4-vtfQ Is this another eff…[View]
164319343Is Trump losing it?: Guys, I think he finally went off the deep end. The McCabe firing is the start…[View]
164315032Stop supporting drumpf: can't you see he's a zionist pig? stop being stupid, I mean it.…[View]
164298359Tick Tock Trumpies: I can't wait for the redhat tears when your false idol is hauled away in cu…[View]
164319238>i will never be able to live in the LARPy fascist pagan theocracy of my dreams: why even carry o…[View]
164316811Diversity: Evolution is natural. Why are (((they))) against it?[View]
164302704The more conservative you become, do you enjoy entertainment less and less? When I was younger, I re…[View]
164317108Do you own a tiger?[View]
164317210British investors bought 39% of new Russian bonds: >British institutional investors bought the 49…[View]
164317801100 percent correct quotes: “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity…[View]
164316503How do I find a redpilled therapist? All the ones I've talked to don't 'get it' …[View]
16431889545 is wannabe Hitler: Why are you supporting this guy? He's actively destroying democracy and y…[View]
164317810Is Messi white?: Is he white? What does it tell us about Argentina if he is?[View]
164318866POST FUNNY CONSERVATIVE MOMENTS: So passionate and yet stunted by his own lack of intelligence.…[View]
164306012How were vikings anything but white niggers?: >no respect for civilization >strongly overrepre…[View]
164316467Palestinian: '8 years for what? For a fucking Nigger? This is not justice': https://www.welt.de/verm…[View]
164318297Mother’s Day cards go gender-neutral >Waitrose is selling gender-neutral Mother’s Day cards as re…[View]
164292016A reminder that farmers make up just 0.6% of whites in South Africa.[View]
164318591They invade the south.: So this is happening in Mississippi for some reason.[View]
164314299Do you think that if a black child is raised by mom and dad, they will end up the same as whites rai…[View]
164305852>st Patrick's day is sexual assault! Do women just hate fun?[View]
164312979Did Hitler really ''praised'' the jews?: Like i was having an argument with my f…[View]
164318235Open your mind.: Remote Neural Monitoring exist, and the purpose of the shills, slide threads, race …[View]
164318487Hispanics=no meaning: American your classification of 'Hispanic' is useless, the majority of illegal…[View]
164295593AUS/POL/ SA ELECTION EDITION #2: G'day cunts. How we going? Looks like its been a while since a…[View]
164318366Race mixing is disgusting-: Well. Shit.[View]
164313774''''union'''': ah yes the european ''''union'''' a comming together of all the european nations work…[View]
164318006CIA's John Brennan voted for this man(Gus Hall) back in the day: Never forget your Obama CIA di…[View]
164314143Facebook IS the Only New Source Worth It’s Salt: Fuck MAIN STREAM MEDIA[View]
164306444Why the fuck is EU taxing e-cigs instead of subsidizing them. They help people not get cancer, no? W…[View]
164315330Your Daily Reminder: This is what the Deep State CIA swamp rat motherfuckers would do to Trump if th…[View]
164306935You can't be racist or hate Jews if you're a Christian. Remember that. 3“Blessed are the p…[View]
164318171>In the preceding addresses we have indicated and proved from history the characteristics of the …[View]
164307260Why are they committing crimes of murder and assassination in my country?[View]
164310386What do you think of tattoos? I think they're degenerate af, ofc I'm in the minority as Br…[View]
164316959CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA: BANNED: Bye bye drumphfy. 50 million profiles had data illegally used in the ca…[View]
164315768/ourboy/ Soros is going to destroy Silicon Valley[View]
164305563Something was dropped on the bridge to make it collapse. Dashcam footage of the incident https://you…[View]
164317939Im so sad Hillary lost, i mean the civil war would be on and maybe even the race war, i cant belive …[View]
164316039D.............J............T: The 45th President of the United States of America. Daily reminder for…[View]
164317777/pol/ is filled today with BBC-on-white-wimmin threads Why?[View]
164310352fixed the USA[View]
164312678Awwww.... poor baby!!!: Oh sweetie... did da big bad man take your wittle pension? Its ok cupcake, t…[View]
164317756Commies vs. Nazis 2018: Who would win, /pol/?[View]
164317813UK BTFO: Why is the UK the absolute worse place on earth? Why can't bongs take the bantz when w…[View]
164317689Daily Reminder: The british, The Dutch and The Jews sold Blacks to us as Slaves.: I would like a ref…[View]
164305211What is this degeneracy?[View]
164316974run for your lives white farmers, run or be kissed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9IzR7kFjw0[View]
164317245Pol I can't watch television anymore because of the sjw content, same goes with films. Now I ju…[View]
164308525This game kills the white man[View]
164317553even the so-called 'conservative californians' AKA 'true californians' are fucking trash. there is n…[View]
164298504How white is the future of your country?: Pic related is the German U-17 football team. It is not 10…[View]
164316346This whole False Flag on Russia is weird...: I mean, you would think the UK and their EU fuck buddie…[View]
164317082Look at this CIA nigger's face: Even if I saw this guy on the street I wouldn't trust him.…[View]
164316191HOLY SHIT - IG Horrowitz investigation was STARTED by Dems Elijah Cummings and John Conyers: https:/…[View]
164315969IS DJT ok?: Does this look like the face of an innocent man about to be free of indictment? He was a…[View]
164316944With these signatures, this is how retarded and asleep these people are. What gives at this point? A…[View]
164313489Every Black King deserves a white whore: Kek some race mixing propaganda on facebook. The comments :…[View]
164277318Ohhh but their guns are fake! I bet half you fascists on here don't own any guns. https://www.y…[View]
164304470Why are white people generally pedophiles?[View]
164308455What did he mean by this?: Fucking Drudge >Black babby beaten to death with a bible in SA >Mul…[View]
164313579why is abortion legal? ?: FACT it kills MILLIONS of white babies per year you cannot call yourself a…[View]
164311543Ireland appreciation thread! Happy Saint Patrick's Day /pol/ lets devote this thread to praisin…[View]
164316695https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JF60XiaWWE does /pol/ like music? really diggin this[View]
164311845Out of the 61,000 children in Stockholm 35,000 are Swedish-born, in Göteborg they are 19,000 out of …[View]
164316547Blood: How do I know if my blood donations secretly get sent to reptilian overlords to keep them you…[View]
164312480Why are white men generally pedophiles?[View]
164316196Heya /pol/ /literallyeveryoneelse/ here, just wanted to remind you that you're fucking dorks. Y…[View]
164316265Why are most Indians such low IQ subhuman scum? Is it a culture thing or is it just in their genes? …[View]
164316230Why are so many people ignorant of the true purpose of the Second Amendment?[View]
164315866!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: CAMERON KASKY WANTS 500,000 PROTESTORS TO BRING AR-15…[View]
164300817At what age did you began to hate the UK?[View]
164313194O' How the mighty art fallen In a weekend speech in New Delhi, Clinton, the 2016 U.S. Democrati…[View]
164316108>it's ok for private companies to ban people who say nigger >but not ok for them to ban n…[View]
164315761Bernie Sanders Income Inequality Town Hall: Literally the biggest issues facing the country that aff…[View]
164315392What do you think about crusticroc? Is it funny thing or no?[View]
164312203Florida Resident's Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under Gun Control Law: https://www.google.c…[View]
164309362Anglos are just LARPing Krauts: Why do y'all differentiate between Germans and Anglos? They…[View]
164315388Will trump one day be considered a hero for taking on the fbi and cia?: Lets be clear, the fbi and c…[View]
164315780So i see this at the Swedish Busstation[View]
164315895Alt-lite is the 'white nationalism' of 'minorities.': Every 'minority' that supports white nationali…[View]
164298046I'm glad that Nationalism is on its deathbed: I'm honestly ecstatic that Nationalism is de…[View]
164314596OJ Is Innocent: /our guy/ http://www.tmz.com/2018/03/16/oj-simpson-kaepernick-flag-protest-trump/…[View]
164315791Do the Irish anger Jews?[View]
164291302>Arab girl beaten to death by group of 'british girls' Not one news source is saying she was beat…[View]
164305846Why do people in the third world have such big families? They can barely feed themselves.[View]
164315675thoughts on this /pol/ https://youtu.be/43gm3CJePn0[View]
164315228Race is just a social construct. Pic related, you might think these were some aryan Whites, but that…[View]
164315663Irish Admiration Thread: I saw a few Irish hate threads today and I don't appreciate it. Bow to…[View]
164315655stop being spooked: Stirner was right about everything, stop sacrificing yourself to what you believ…[View]
164315557Croissant originated from tens of thousands of muslim deaths: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-cu…[View]
164312801Our anglo friends are being bombarded with some pretty nasty UK shaming threads lately. I'll ju…[View]
164311310Iberians here: There is a nigger revolt in Madrid right now, because an illegal nigger died being pu…[View]
164315213Let’s all get off /pol/, and have a good day today rapscallions.[View]
164313549is this nigga real??[View]
164313620Too Poor to Afford Meat like you used to? Welcome to the Revolution: Who knew that eating a diet of …[View]
164295712Collection of England memes: Since England is in the steepest decline of all western countries, I wa…[View]
164308753Just wanted to remind you faggots that today is going to be a glorious day while all the triggered l…[View]
164299320White men are cowards, muslim men should lead the west: As a muslim man, I find it disturbing that w…[View]
164313819WWYD: You find out your daughter is into interracial dating and is currently dating a nigger. >wh…[View]
164292402I'm Going to Jail for this...: Polish Holocaust, the Poles are trying to crack down on free spe…[View]
164284259You are a beautiful Aryan woman, Morgan Roof![View]
164295408Is this true ? https://www.activistpost.com/2017/08/mozilla-joins-george-soross-efforts-launching-st…[View]
164313242why does the word for black people keep changing?[View]
164310946What's the consensus on Hezbollah? How long until YHWH's chosen try to wipe them out?[View]
164313789when the fuck is that chink going to dump more btc on the market? i need to pick up more cheap coins[View]
164302229East Asians are dying out, who is responsible?: China: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/20/opinion/ch…[View]
164311181https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnRUul1Kg30 Is she right, /pol/? (Turn on subtitles)[View]
164314274Report all suspicious activities or face criminal prosecution.[View]
164314277Antifa is too white: Hi /pol/ besides nonwhites why are all the ANTIFAs/'anti-racists'/progressives/…[View]
164314250HOLY SHIT!: I didnt know white men are so based! Just look at that comment section! https://www.yout…[View]
164306900ITT we post single word that signify our ultimate meaning to life I will start immortality >inb…[View]
164311383Give me one good reason why we shouldn't exterminate Niggers and Nuke America? Watch this (pic …[View]
164314172TIL British overseas citizen are known as CUKCs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Overseas_citiz…[View]
164309977How Cucked is Wikipedia, /pol/?[View]
164313999Based /r9k/ Sandnigger: Some of you blacks and sandniggers say you want to help the white race out. …[View]
164312397HurDur he have a few boats Briton rules the waves. is there anything worse that a liberal brit?[View]
164313177How would the world retaliate if Russia nuked all foreign cities bordering Russia?: >Russia would…[View]
164308860THE WAR ON WHITES: Blacks claim that we have inherited centuries of social, political and economic a…[View]
164311139Trains are the most red pilled form of transportation. Prove me wrong! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
164292905How would /pol/ react?[View]
164298080What is it with American women fucking children?[View]
164313857St Patricks DAy: Only real blooded Irish people may post on this glorious day, show your 90% slightl…[View]
164308145How likely am I to get chopped up in rural Thailand?: Thinking about quitting my job at the end of t…[View]
164313484*ruins your entire country for over a decade*[View]
164305251Has Britain a bigger muslim problem than France?[View]
164291448/neder/ Netherlands!: Can we have a thread for the Netherland local elections coming up? Who are you…[View]
164313629Why are nazis so weak and ugly?[View]
164310660Dutch Rotherham / Telford confirmed!: Not so smug now are you Dutchies! > 'Men with whom I h…[View]
164313548Pythagorean theorem: you think Allah us will rustle some feathers? posti this shit at your town hall…[View]
164302355Syria General - /sg/ - Houthi stronk Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
164312024why do people omen hate the idea of sex bots? dont they see the potential?[View]
164313258A game worth trolling and hacking.: https://simcompanies.com/ref/8311/ I have ran into 50 year old l…[View]
164311924Tfw nazis will always be seen as way worse than communists by the average person and will always be …[View]
164312256Based /balk/ serbian priest - Bože Radoš: If you know Serbian or Croatian listen to this based pries…[View]
164313139White nationalists and niggers in America were made for each other: >shitty, pathetic life so joi…[View]
164294998Ask an Estonian anything: >Straight >White >Male >Woke af…[View]
164296696This board's logic confuses me.: /pol/'s logic: >whites>blacks >eliminate blacks …[View]
164313104This whole False Flag on Russia is weird...: I mean, you would think the UK and their EU fuck buddie…[View]
164312278>Pic unrelated Britain, if you get into a war with Russia, WE WILL NOT HELP YOU! We aren't g…[View]
164313041Green MAGA hat: Bought mine last year for St. Paddy's Day, people are now telling me only 38 ex…[View]
164310045You Trumpies will see. In the end, your heads will hang low in shame, if you're even capable of…[View]
164297546How to save Sweden?: A proper, civilised way. We don't wanna be like the sandniggers. >inb4 …[View]
164312520Croatia explain yourself! What's his edngame? https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/03/croatia-al…[View]
164312089HILLARY FOR AMERICA: One by one they are being taken care of. McCabe FIRED Brennan now unhinged and …[View]
164301388Can we get an Irish hate thread? They are always drunk and fightin.[View]
164307566This Swiss man stabbed somebody to death last night. He's on the loose[View]
164307466The globalists war on working Americans.: I guess (((they))) would like all U.S. AMERIKEKS, to be so…[View]
164312008Honestly, 'White trash Left' make asian people hated white race of any countries they come. Most Whi…[View]
164305535RUSSIA BTFO: Uh oh. Looks like the world cup is going to be moved from Russia. > May confirms s…[View]
164312611Glory to legionnaires!: Fucking kikes coming here and attacking us for honoring our nations freedomf…[View]
164304823Bible > modern science: Just a reminder that we're at a point in our civilization where the …[View]
164311891Refugee crisis, and crisis: And crisis actors what should we do about all the refugees who keep comi…[View]
164309291White People are more beneficial to humans than Black People: This is a fact. White people don'…[View]
164299111What's wrong with being a 'teen mom'? Talking at like at 17-19 From what I understand it's…[View]
164309593where are you at?[View]
164306273Why is it that the UK lost its power to the point that it's not now as influential as Germany?[View]
164301773Pajeet/Shitskin hate htread: Recently I've been seeing /pol/ has been a huge cuck towards India…[View]
164304732PUTINED: Why are British women so attracted to STRONG UNCLE VOLODYA? Is it merely his ripped physiqu…[View]
164294233Tomorrow is the election and there is a pretty big chance that a commie will win this one. Pavel Gru…[View]
164312052When did he turn into such an insufferable fedora tipper?[View]
164312013'If we are to survive, a new balance must be found. In normal times, evil would be fought by good. B…[View]
164310313Today in media and in real life scenarios of every sort you see white lads bending over for the enem…[View]
164311773This is NOT our future.: We (The West) are NOT going to make any major push to space within this cen…[View]
164308000Wont immortality/transhumanism kill the value of money?[View]
164268099Tell me something insane: Ok pol so I’m pretty fucking drunk rn. Tell me the most fucked up, black p…[View]
164309242Feminist Slaps the Shit out of Filmmaker: Did some digging and found his info... Public of course. I…[View]
164300458are jews human master race?[View]
164311632Happy St. Patricks Day: The Hibernian Conspiracy is real. --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrChnn…[View]
164302026FTN: Can we talk about FTN lately? There's constant changes to the show layout and Halberstram…[View]
164301624>see two normal looking men holding hands in public What do you do /pol/?…[View]
164309486Forgotten false flag: Does anyone remember an incident in the last few years, there was civil unrest…[View]
164311529Bernie Sanders Income Inequality Town Hall: Literally the biggest issues facing the country that aff…[View]
164306723Britain hate thread: >Gets fucked by Muhammad >Thrown Acid in face >Bans knifes that are to…[View]
164305841What's wrong with traps, bros?: Women are beautiful, but men have better personalities than wom…[View]
164308854Direct Provisioning.: Direct Provisioning. Will it suck, lads?[View]
164308278Will virtue signaling ever die out? Or will it get worse and worse?[View]
164302955economic benefits caused by immigration are incredible. its a very good trade off for some problems …[View]
164307590Fake phone numbers that work for FB verification?: My Kikebook burner troll accounts are all frozen …[View]
164313241Guess my ethnicity. What do you think I am?: /pol try to guess my origins.[View]
164311197Hey /pol/ redpill me on Paris Hilton. Is she smart and talented or anything like that?[View]
164283207Redpill me on the Russia spying scandal in the UK. All I know is that a copper got poisoned and the …[View]
164304212Pointing the tricks[View]
164295920Could America be Headed for a Second Civil War?: This is purely hypothetical. Or at least, I hope it…[View]
164310276How long would it take for trump to stop programs that use tech such as remote neural monitoring, or…[View]
164310801Communism is undeniably better than capitalism: Alright, /pol/, lets see your abysmal attempts at re…[View]
164308211Need advice: considering joining a Church: Fairly ignorant of the differences between all denominati…[View]
164310556THE JEWS ARE DOING WHITE GENOCIDE!: Ummm, sweetie, you're doing it to yourselves...[View]
164310667Thoughts on Anglin? What's his goal of trying to de-radicalize the right wing?[View]
164310626Make America Great Again: Daily reminder that Irish and Italians were the first wave of migrants who…[View]
164310523TRUMP IS FUCKED!!!: >Begging to stop investigating him right after a subpoena into his finances …[View]
164286243What is the Russian agenda?: We've been passive through: Invasion of Georgia Radiological weapo…[View]
164306110Nazi /pol/: The future looks bright the more the left and migrants keep pushing their agenda the mor…[View]
164293978Is jacking off a sin?[View]
164305990Malema dropping red pills https://streamable.com/zv84n White South Africans and Jews on suicide watc…[View]
164310490What does /pol/ think about the lolbertarians: Especially now that they have gone so clearly anti-se…[View]
164306768Pics that really, really make you think[View]
164307894>Merkel wants to see UK suffer >Putin wants to nuke UK Are Germans and Russians natural allies…[View]
164297108Be honest you fucking basement dwellers... >Pic related wants to bone >Has ivy league educatio…[View]
164310155BTFO: This is the pic of OP[View]
164309340y'all got anymore of them, jew redpills?[View]
164307500Go!: >be average millenial euro white man >older gens try to break you >parents try to brea…[View]
164302927Why aren’t women paid equally as men? It’s 2018!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qAqgb6gqfA…[View]
164298815>Go on /int/ or /pol/ at any time >at least a dozen threads specifically named UK hate thread …[View]
164309503St. Patrick's Day: We need a modern day Saint Patrick to chase the (((snakes))) out of Western …[View]
164306198We built him, how do we tear him down?: if we believe there's even a one percent chance that he…[View]
164309843Things are going to become 'explosive' in late March, early April. Real astrology doesn't lie /…[View]
164288224Croatian refugee leaves Sweden for Poland: Croatian refugee came at first to Sweden but realized it …[View]
164307606Indian brothers groomed white British schoolgirls with 'sweets and crisps': >It's …[View]
164309236In all honesty I'd rather work beside 'Pedro' than women in the workplace. Women in general do …[View]
164309823Who else hasn't received their paid protesting checks this month? I'm getting desperate, S…[View]
164306948REALLY activates your almonds, didn't it?[View]
164305974What have you done today to contribute to saving the Aryan race?[View]
164309189Serbs are nigger tier: Serbs are shit[View]
164301526Brit/pol/ - 3,000 MORE JIMMY SAVILE VICTIMS REVEALED: 'Now then, now then' - Are Jim. https://youtu.…[View]
164308883Trump is gonna get suicided isn't he?: >fired Mccabe >fucked him out of pension >JFK f…[View]
164309469Britain needs to ban guns NOW.: We can no longer accept these deaths. Ban guns and ban knives in Bri…[View]
164309454I love the 'If you are a Trump supporter I will block you' mentality liberals Twitter user…[View]
164308432How do we take care of this faggot?. Ed Krassentein.[View]
164309437why are (((they))) infiltrating slavic countries?: >a tv show about a typical Ukrainian school…[View]
164302898Tradwife Personal: Rate my personals ad: If you put God first in your life, keep reading. If you are…[View]
164304750Why are women like this? Can they be helped or is it just in their nature to act like this?[View]
164303156Which is it /pol/?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15289004[View]
164303985Liberalist recruitment: Liberalist recruitment discord gg/9fUxgaZ reddit com/r/Liberalist/ Sargon of…[View]
164307906US and Korean leaders meet in Finland: https://www.aamulehti.fi/uutiset/mediat-yhdysvaltojen-ja-pohj…[View]
164306740Obligatory read?[View]
164304205>the chad 1st world protestants vs. the virgin 3rd world catholics Why are protestant countries s…[View]
164309270How do we get rid of Judeo-Germanics, /pol/? I say we divide Germany and completely purge it of all …[View]
164308617Multiculturalism: Should poles be deported back to BASED POLAND, LAST WHITE COUNTRY IN EUROPE?…[View]
164308216How do we fix Higher Education?: > Religious studies major barred from Christianity class at Indi…[View]
164308719ROF is a serious org: I do not care what any of you say, Even though ROF is small in number, We are …[View]
164308170Since Trump's been elected, successfull terror attacks are happening less often and in lesser i…[View]
164300624The Muslim Immigrants Question: I have been lurking in here for some time now and I have seen that m…[View]
164277433Pol humor thread: Could go for a chuckle, post ur good ones plox[View]
164301230So Close! Two Days Left![View]
164298468Seriously, /pol/ when are you, as individuals, going to grow out of this le im going to save the wh*…[View]
164306679BBC-racist-message: wtf art is racist now http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20180312-the-racist-messa…[View]
164308570A universal national-socialist library website: Is it a good idea? I'm currently learning webde…[View]
164284966/pol/ >Gas the kikes, race war now Jesus >'Put your sword back in its place,' Jesus said to hi…[View]
164305313What did Japan mean by this?[View]
164307107Use you'r autism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egu7ysVdGzA Find out were ice is /POL/…[View]
164307391Celts=Joos: Why do Celts seem to have a self victimization culture just like Jews and niggers? All t…[View]
164306957White people have grown weak and need culling.: Today on Media and in real life scenarios of every s…[View]
164308171>mfw: >look up videos about the situation in South Africa >check the comments >there are…[View]
164300440This is powerful: Ever noticed how children are always left wing? Almost like being hateful and righ…[View]
164303014naked attraction: What did they mean by this?[View]
164306643Aussie dating sites: I really want to meet a decent woman. >Be me >28 years >have my own …[View]
164293019Libtards won: Of course fucking cunts here in Australia voted liberals WITHOUT RESEARCH. Well now So…[View]
164306455OH NOES: >we kicked Jews out of every country in history >they all flock to Israel creating a …[View]
164296858Is the Diocese of the West (a district of the Orthodox Church of America) cucked or is it legit? Con…[View]
164307921Alex Jones Was Right!: The bottom of the rabbit hole is pedophile satanists! Child killing devil wor…[View]
164303995>be Hitler >publically claim how you'll exterminate jews if another world war happens. …[View]
164308092Olympia 1936: Why where people back then so well dressed, despite beeing poor? Why nowadays we have …[View]
164307189>be born european nobility >wow i never have to work and am rich for life >i can do anythin…[View]
164307568If we vote for Trump again: aren't we just asking for it?[View]
164298622Chicago Teens Vandalize Wal-Mart During School Walkout: http://www.fox5ny.com/news/local-news/chicag…[View]
164284659what happened, why is South African White genocide suddenly not taboo?: for years, we've been t…[View]
164304318Why do non-Christian non-Irish people celebrate Saint Patrick's day?[View]
164307848Has it ever been a better time to be a dem? >Trump's cabinet falling apart >Trump being i…[View]
164305221Will trump resgin after losing the house and senate this November?[View]
164302205daily reminder to shill this fag to all the white kids obsessed with nigger music and nigger 'cultur…[View]
164295353Can we get an Hoosier thread going?[View]
16430522775% White: I'm 18 and from the UK, i'm woke to the JQ, mass non white immigration and what…[View]
164307592Post subtle anti-white propaganda: The reverse of this would be featured in a lefty article and poss…[View]
164302786Everything about the policitcal system in America is about making money: And THAT'S why we…[View]
164306417Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting in N Korea: Found this on liveleak. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=u7…[View]
164306184Help pls..: >be black haired hazel/green eyed euromutt >move to UK for work >not white enou…[View]
164298131good morning /pol/ https://twitter.com/Julius_S_Malema/status/974962070574813184[View]
164305436Yulia skripal: >had a bust-up with her boyfriend’s mum after he announced they planned to start a…[View]
164306747State of US education system: Could you make it in school without being a lefty? https://www.washing…[View]
164300851Geolibertarian Individualism - AMA: GI is the marriage of absolute economic freedom, civil freedom, …[View]
164306091Why do you continue to march and vote?: it's pointless. https://www.bitchute.com/video/vT61Hta4…[View]
164306294Remember to take your pills and clean your room, daddy said so.[View]
164306876What the fuck happened?[View]
164306311Why Amerimutts celebrite Irish day?: Why does being 1/4 Irish or 1/16 Irish matters so much for Amie…[View]
164304157why did trump fire red tillerson: Title Also how would you rate his presidency so far?[View]
164295455Judeo B. Patreonstein: Isn't it about time /pol/ admitted he is controlled opposition and a sna…[View]
164293867What's up my fellow Ireland fags happy St Patrick's day: American's don't know s…[View]
164301447Abraham, Moses and Jesus, what do these men have in common?[View]
164280024Why are their nearly more Holocaust survivors then there are WWII vets? I mean if there were 16 mill…[View]
164306307Honest question. How can trump supporters not take issue with trumps adultery while finding bill Cli…[View]
164296388/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
164301066It's time for the ultimate red pill ahmeds are on this board RIGHT FUCKING NOW using their al-t…[View]
164306177Why do women ruin everything?: >“Taking a fresh look at it, how might a soldier feel if they didn…[View]
164306101Right Wing Safety Squad Alert: Occupational noise exposure is a real problem. In a survey conducted…[View]
164290307>Europe before[View]
164293264Is the 1st amendment kill?: 18 yo American girl got arrested for amusing banter.[View]
164300336RWDS: who's actually had enough? is anyone actually going to do something? i'm sick of thi…[View]
164305904What did Huckabee mean by this?[View]
164305522/hafg/ Hitler and Friends General - Even Native Americans supported the Fuhrer Edition: >This gen…[View]
164303254What do we do about reptillians? They're everywhere even in the forest behind where the house i…[View]
164299383Are microplastics a meme designed to make me buy fluids in more expensive glass containers? What bra…[View]
164296358how do i get rid of my disgusting indian accent?[View]
164308224Favourite jew: I have just seen this natalie portman rap. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A0ift…[View]
164300120>ywn have your brain preserved for millenia[View]
164302854St. Patrick's day is only celebrated worldwide because of America, not because we Irish are so …[View]
164283517Red pill me on Oklahoma bombing 19th April[View]
164294068It's the Jews, stupid. Seriously, it is, they control the wealth of this world, they are hyper …[View]
164300671so, uh, about this...: Ok, so theres this asteroid tracking app i downloaded years ago from the goog…[View]
164297541My grandmother always said one thing, shall there b people there should be one people. She hated hi…[View]
164305660when will university be changed to multiversity: No, you don’t graduate from a university anymore. Y…[View]
164299607Got high and wasted the performance and brain enhancement on jerking off for ten hours. Am I a degen…[View]
164304824By Any Means Necessary: What has Yvette Felarca been up to recently? Did her commie funding run out …[View]
164305505Éire/pol/ - Lá fhéile Pádraig Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/krZEfzKAhD4 Na…[View]
164287541Are Polynesians the master race?: >Dominate a geographic area larger than any other peoples'…[View]
164305456Loominatis exposed.: I think I found the evidence guise. https://youtu.be/4tlvU9HHq-Y[View]
164300971What's the next big technological transformation? Or have we peaked? I know driverless cars are…[View]
164292881Racist Chad: >Be me >MBA tech skills trainer >Get Korean waifu >Super sexy with great ed…[View]
164303679Anyone else think this is suspicious?: Russia attacks UK with nerve agent right as the coverup of th…[View]
164302717>Massive rape scandal in UK revealed >MSM goes with an all out Russian distraction >Shills…[View]
164302928Belray Surge: What does ya'll think of the Belray Surge?[View]
164300453War creates lefties: Why do people tend to follow left leaning politics in times of peace, when duri…[View]
164305252where are you at?[View]
164303575nothing is more politically incorrect than being a furry[View]
164287995Trump cuck hate thread: Let’s get this started[View]
164295962Why do European men allow this?[View]
164295740>Amsterdam >some muzzies throw in the window of a Jewish shop 3 times because muh Israel muh p…[View]
164301933What was it like growing up with the Internet?[View]
164304815baked alaska andy warski are cringy beta males: just like 90% of the alt right https://www.youtube.c…[View]
164297418What would you do????: Ok /pol you come home after a long day at your shitty job. You walk into your…[View]
164231146Kraut/pol/ and AfD friday night edition: things are looking good[View]
164292469>The Holocaust >Hiroshima & Nagasaki >Dresden >Tokyo Why are white people so violen…[View]
164302651What's pol's view on AIU aka Devon Tracey aka Chad liberal aka Kangaroo avatar dude?[View]
164304572God dammit /pol/ this is ur fault[View]
164304547Will this guarantee me a trip to the Guulag in 2032?[View]
164301756fucking useless piece of shit[View]
164301393Does anybody else feel like becoming a giant flaming faggot? Might as well at this point.. i see no …[View]
164303829How do we stop the eternal anglo from starting WWIII?[View]
164293021Solution to the demographic problem of the West: Import Asian qts to raise fertility rates and incre…[View]
164295643Why don't you own a Che Guevara shirt yet?[View]
164280998/Pol/...everything you told me about niggers is a lie: >be me >be poor fuck >start new job…[View]
164301316So in this new western capeshit that i won't even waste my time pirating to be honest, this fin…[View]
164265844TRUMP IS DECLARING WAR WITH CHINA.SO STUPID: Trump signs bill on Taiwan cooperation, defying China’s…[View]
164294531Research: After some time thinking about creating software that would be useful for politically enga…[View]
164303741Should I vote for him?: Tell me, who should i vote for, my choices boil down to one candidate, Al-Si…[View]
164303897A 3/5 czech girl is showing interest at me online. What should i know about czech women?[View]
164289999Is it me or are these 'education' channels completely useless? Is this how we solve the problem of s…[View]
164303850HIGH ENERGY: HAW! HAW! HAW! MRW when I heard McCabe, GFAW! SNORT! got the boot, HYUK! and thought ab…[View]
164303817>Rape children=heaven guaranteed if you did 5 pillars >Torture non mudslime=heaven guaranteed …[View]
164288428redpill me on Chattanooga. is it really how they say it is?[View]
164286909how is anyone supposed to take white men seriously when your representatives look like pic related[View]
164301206Why are they trying to destroy our race so hard?[View]
164303284God Bless Russia: For two days, Russia liberate 50,000 hostages from the captivity of West Irregular…[View]
164303616British Society: >be brit >import radical islamic terror >export 8/10 right-wing, white wa…[View]
164296438Children with migrant backgrounds.: Where do you draw the line /pol/? How many Generations must pass…[View]
164296452/ptg/ President Trump General - BETTER THAN MICHELANGELO EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
164303554What is the most disturbing childhood memory you have?: I’m a little drunk rn and I’m feeling pretty…[View]
164303504Ok guys, not sure how I haven't seen this before, but I think this article explains A LOT http…[View]
164302442Liberalist General: Liberalist recruitment discord gg/9fUxgaZ reddit com/r/Liberalist/ Sargon of Akk…[View]
164290185then they came for our scalpels[View]
164282188San Luis Obispo County Jail Inmate Died Naked On The Floor As Deputies Watched: >After releasing …[View]
164302249Guys, I'm not sure if I'm white after doing my DNA test: I got 1% Iberian Peninsula. Am I …[View]
164302528why did Germans in America choose to go fight against their German brothers? I saw this thread a fe…[View]
164301427Finnbros explain yourselves, this article in the Times indicates that A: You're not overrun wit…[View]
164280451smuggie: Smuggie thread[View]
164303285So i heard james alefantis has been confirmed for browsing /pol/ and got doxxed Anyone have a screen…[View]
164297904You are the biggest cuck if you think only some relgions are evil, but some are good. You think the …[View]
164297392JP is right about individualism: If you put yourself together properly, become an individual to the …[View]
164293533Explosive new proof that the Maidan snipers in Kiev from 2014 were false flags: German online magazi…[View]
164301140Say hello to next US president.[View]
164303139Alt-Right friendly webhosting: Hi guys, I would like to know if you know any reliable alt-right frie…[View]
164303054Irish day? Blirish day.[View]
164298806You better run all day and run all night. Keep your dirty feelings deep inside. And when you're…[View]
164301051Do people even know what capitalism is?[View]
164226657CAN'T STUMP THE TRUMP:terrible leftist drivel edition[View]
164287680Is this really how western civilization ends? Can we really not prevent it? Is it the work of Satan…[View]
164302843'Praise my name! Witness, bathed in the glory of my countenance! Praise my name!' —YHVH What do, /…[View]
164296926the holocaust never happened: the holocaust was a hoax by the allies to demonise post ww2 germany an…[View]
164302495>Trump will not be impached >the Mueller probe will find no evidence of collusion >Stormy …[View]
164296268Adrian Lamo dead at 37, cause undisclosed: >Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker best known for passing…[View]
164300376Who did this?? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/17/world/asia/india-hitler-childrens-book.html…[View]
164300556The Mysteriously Long Lives of Male Holocaust Survivors: '>Last week, a study appeared in PLoS ON…[View]
164283188Oi! Don't be a minion! Bin that opinion![View]
164302433Discord for Mosleyites.: gg/2dkUM do keep in mind that Mosleyite Fascism is not the same as National…[View]
164302201Alcohol is degenerate: Friendly reminder on this Feast of St. Patrick, that alcohol is absolutely de…[View]
164301965Do you still wear your dunce cap?[View]
164299492Trump has just set himself up for potential retribution from any FBI employees who might be in a pos…[View]
164301050What's worse: Columbia or Venezuela?[View]
164302193Daily reminder that the Russians have successfully subverted and divided this board[View]
164298673Death pealty?: Is the death penalty a good thing in the long run. I mean you will slowly get rid of …[View]
164302025DELETE THIS https://www.change.org/p/president-trump-deport-lizbeth-mateo >Illegal immigration ha…[View]
164301975Antipodean Resistance: Antipodean Resistance see this country for what it is: terminally ill. Be it …[View]
164288280Syria General /sg/ - Hail the Victors Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.word…[View]
164294610Jew Hate thread: >The Gospel of John mentions Lazarus again in chapter 12. Six days before the Pa…[View]
164301862Can we have a UK hate thread?: It's hard to believe these subhumans sell their kids to immigran…[View]
164294662Reminder: while your women are thots, Muslim men get pure women: Their women cater to the family, ar…[View]
164289587>tfw the Atheism+ movement is dead and religion is still going strong[View]
164301775Is anyone going to the PEGIDA rally in Munich today? American looking for good bantz while I'm …[View]
164289124California appoints an undocumented immigrant to a state post: >Lizbeth Mateo seems to be a woman…[View]
164296395Are you pro gun control now /pol/?[View]
164301659Burn the Swiss kikes: 1. Switzerland is located in central Europe 2. Switzerland is the only neutral…[View]
164293105Brit/pol/ - JIMMY SAVILE IS INNOCENT: 'Now then, now then' - Are Jim. https://youtu.be/QxaSUWYw_wI …[View]
164301306Third Reich thread. Post color image preferably.[View]
164301486Reminder if you see anyone posting anything like this they're shilling. Be aware of divide and …[View]
164300404Why isn't the world waking up? Just look at this.[View]
164301358Oh yeah running around with guns, what a great idea. You realise you're just a breeding ground …[View]
164295606RIDDLE ME THIS BIGOTS: Explain to me how Jordan Peterson doesn't call out the Jew when he talks…[View]
164299619So this is that guy who got fired. Look at him, wearing a green hat like he's king of those peo…[View]
164287048White shit is buying out properties in Australia, CHINKS BTFO!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…[View]
164298076>poltards unironically believe in this shit[View]
164295668Yo bruvas what the fuck kinda website is this shit. my boy gerard tol me bout this but i hadda see i…[View]
164298486Aren't you guys tired of losing every single day? I mean you'd think being complete failur…[View]
164299248Oii lads I've been speaking with Big Dave and he tells me boit this board on tha computer machi…[View]
164268510How do you manage without Facebook?: Logged back into my FB after yet another 30 day ban for a ridic…[View]
164300821>That wasn't real Communism[View]
164296119Why is /Pol/ anti-muslim if it's also anti-jew?: Muslims are generally anti-jew. /Pol/lacks are…[View]
164299566Our gay half-Indian leader had one job: https://twitter.com/seanp023/status/974970234758103040…[View]
164298378legacy media death: how soon till the main stream media dies ? CNN ,MSNBC ,FOX ,NBC, BBC, ABC[View]
164300840What is the cause of low birth rates?: So in the debate between Sargon and Anglin the issue of white…[View]
164296539https://popularresistance.org/wall-street-mega-banks-are-buying-up-the-worlds-water/ >A disturbin…[View]
164269314Thoughts on Styxhexenhammer666?[View]
164299149Why is the Right suddenly against free trade and states' rights?[View]
164300680European Dominance Will End In 20 Years: European Culture will end in 50. DEAL WITH IT.[View]
164300637Hey fellow German Americans: Can I join your ethnostate i will be of great service[View]
164296579You know what would be fun? If we could directly control libtards.: Defeating them is fine and all, …[View]
164296286Does Donald Trump browse 4chan?[View]
164281560BLACK SUN GENERAL: Politics and Philosophy Who are we and what are our political goals and how we ac…[View]
164291034Indian brothers groomed white British schoolgirls with 'sweets and crisps': >It's …[View]
164283818/pol/ can’t debate this[View]
164299175>For each devastated graveyard, one heathen grave is avenged. >For each ten churches burnt to …[View]
164299040Good News!: Latest good news compiled in video format for people who were away from /pol/ related st…[View]
164288931the real reason men are so pissed off about feminism is because women are using feminism to control …[View]
164299982i dont think china will ever be a superpower because it doesnt WANT to be a superpower. It has alway…[View]
164299808>I'm here for the job interview[View]
164292007Evolution is not a scientific theory: ***BIG BRAIN NIBBA THREAD*** ***please consult the pre-req for…[View]
164296545Liberalist recruitment: Liberalist recruitment discord gg/9fUxgaZ reddit com/r/Liberalist/ Sargon of…[View]
164294320Why doesn't ((((Hollywood))) push Hispanic actors/films like they do black ones?: They're …[View]
164299761Why are they so manipulative?[View]
164289404Tranny Politics: Is it possible for Blaire White to be conservative and transgender? Are the 'conser…[View]
164299846Trump blessing or Trump curse?: Afghan dad names his son Donald Trump for good fortune, gets chased …[View]
164296459Which country is closest to the deep state? >pic maybe unrelated[View]
164263690End of the Alt Right?: Spencer is being sued - likely inspired his change in policy. Heimbach arrest…[View]
164281264Black Panther too 'politically correct' for China as ticket sales dive: Many Chinese movie…[View]
164267962Effectively End the Second Amendment Today!: I would never ask anyone to give up their Constitutiona…[View]
164299594kek: is that true poltards?[View]
164288892ITT let's make some predictions: How long before we see a major modern city collapse? What will…[View]
164299070The man in the photo, the Israli Minister of Education and the Diaspora, the leader of the extreme r…[View]
164297234WE: This is getting outta hand. The eternal occult mock.[View]
164299391/pol/'s are getting redpilled: Anyone else feel that, over the past few months, /pol/ has becom…[View]
164291438Should women have a voting right?[View]
164299258Meanwhile, in President Hillary Clinton timeline...[View]
164295053Sweden is getting a censored version of google since apperantly if you search for topics regarding I…[View]
164297177How comethings like science and museum's and fine art are still considered important in a world…[View]
164295505/pol/'s shit nao: >eceleb threads >awful generals >full pro/anti-russian shilling Why …[View]
164296657What marxist values and tendencies influence social democracies?[View]
164298552Guys i just got a: Voicemail from obama telling me to stop researching nancy grace and the boston bo…[View]
164257037Is Satan 2 even possible: They say it can evade ballistic missile defense systems. It must be undete…[View]
164296113TIME: How to Raise a Sweet Son in an Era of Angry Men: How to Raise a Sweet Son in an Era of Angry M…[View]
164298318>American political art[View]
164298269AHAHA OH no look at this dude: https://youtu.be/bxQpL5cmNEQ[View]
164294690Jews left no bodies prove me wrong[View]
164297821WHEN WILL THESE SENSELESS SUICIDES STOP! https://my.mixtape.moe/gqqtez.mp4 >those juxtaposition o…[View]
164295812Love Hitler and hate the US of A: How many anons here can truly say that they love Adolf the Great f…[View]
164295437Foreskin facial cream!: How much futher can we fall? Major fem celebs, including one tipped for 2020…[View]
164290500All races are equa-[View]
164297468I find it amusing when I half to select squared with bridges.: I've had about enough of you and…[View]
164294374>Diversity hiring >not a meme >pick one Pic related is a top barrister's chamber which…[View]
164293737>Polish w*men[View]
164292231Dork out.: Many are offering a red blue back pill ect..Yet they fail to grasp the meaning of the cho…[View]
164247240Being red pilled and being christian: >there are people that claim to be red pilled but also are …[View]
164271264PIZZAGATE GENERAL CIA EDITION: Yfw Comet Ping Pong is run by the CIA Majestic Ape - James CIA pet…[View]
164279363I don't understand why we're still developing nukes.: Seriously, it's estimated that …[View]
164299394Why do Americans celebrate St Patrick's Day more than the British Isles?[View]
164250401MALAYSIAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 370: It's been nearly four whole years since Malaysian airlines fligh…[View]
164296782Degenerate St Patrick’s Day: Why is the world openly accepting of the degenerate St Patrick’s day bu…[View]
164278656U.K. Hate Thread[View]
164292219Why is the West helping niggers in Africa although we have millions of poor people in our own countr…[View]
164291239Global Warming: If global warming is real, then why do banks give out loans for property that will b…[View]
164288911Daily reminder that she is literally and unironically going to become the 46th president of the Unit…[View]
164296693Austin communist arrested on weapons charge: A member of the 'Austin red guard' has been arrested on…[View]
164295721Coal burner family: I have three ethnically Irish cousins who all coal burned. Fathers were never kn…[View]
164297283ITT: Real life mutts: Post em[View]
164293467Let's settle this once and for all. Amerimutts are not White: That's right, you filthy Mut…[View]
164297140What The Fuck is going On?: https://mobile.twitter.com/strayedaway/status/973604056005570560 “The p…[View]
164295349LazyTown actor Stefan Karl Stefansson reveals he has terminal cancer as disease returns: https://www…[View]
164296559>you wake up tommorow and Turanism is a reality what you do first?[View]
164290069What is hate?[View]
164296534CHECHNYA KRUTO: > based af leader, former warlord > there are no homosexuals in chechnya > …[View]
164288973/ptg/ President Trump General - PUSH ME TO THE EDGE, ALL MY FRENS ARE DEAD EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD…[View]
164295442make America white again[View]
164273213Jordan Peterson's Health Decline: 2018 Bearded Peterson is a broken man. Listen to his voice in…[View]
164288440All this shilling for asian 'women': You guys know those are just for practice right? You need to br…[View]
164295927How could she be a ''person of color''?: All non-whites are just different shade…[View]
164279665join catholic server: pls join Catholic server /bkXHBgq[View]
164296101Is tinder et all a means of red pilling normies by showing them what modern women have become?[View]
164295060WTF KEANU: I used to like you because of matrix and speed, i didnt know you were so hateful! I will …[View]
164292058On a bus to Auschwitz. eta 2 hours Pic is the hotel I stayed in last night[View]
164275339What is the meaning of the Black Sun? Is it a symbolic representation of the Aryan Soul? I just drew…[View]
164295456another russian is dead in bongistan[View]
164293240Questions for Pagans If Christianity is evil why did your Pagan gods allow it to come to Europe? Why…[View]
164294355Whites btfo only woman on Antarctica is a woman of color: http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/isr…[View]
164295639>A lot of money in power of this world belongs to gnomes >A race of midgets with large noses …[View]
164289931Was Jim Jones /ourguy/?: I just listened to the latest Interesting Things Explained Well podcast abo…[View]
164295081why do people hate guns so much? i don't understand it. it's ok if a few people die now an…[View]
164294650run away from s.Africa, white farmers, run away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9IzR7kFjw0[View]
164294843/pol/ guess the moons race[View]
164295239AHAHAHAHAHA: The current #1 song in America is about niggers getting gibs. Can't make this shit…[View]
164295420ITT: Post your blood type: Reminder: if you're Rh+ you're literally a monkey. If you…[View]
164295413Illegal Immigrant Safe House: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=rzhC6xqlni0 Not sure if legit because (((…[View]
164295383/DIXIE/ Early Morning Saint Patricks Day Edition: All Sons and Daughters of glorious /DIXIE/ are wel…[View]
164291851Well /pol/? How does it feel?[View]
164293521Mexico hate thread: Imagine being THAT MUCH of a pest, a world power has to literally be forced to e…[View]
164291610You ready to see the demographic implosion of the US?[View]
164289820What are the problems with civic nationalism? Why is it a bad thing or why does it not really work?[View]
164295269Hinduism: The red-pilled religion: Strict caste system. Aryans cannot mix with lower classes. Aryans…[View]
164289932Chapo Trap House: These guys are redpilled as fuck. What do you think of them? I used to always list…[View]
164290696A few months ago I posted about my enlistment in the world’s greatest Air Force. Now I am proud to b…[View]
164294905Can /pol/ do the cat daddy?[View]
164294721call him: gingerninja1059[View]
164294868>British Imperial System, traditional system of weights and measures used officially in Great Bri…[View]
164233869Can anyone here drop some redpills on China? Not only politically but also culturally. What is their…[View]
164253522To all Britfags: Remember, we kicked your asses in 1776, and 1812, and bailed out your asses in 1917…[View]
164291167the jews won: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdn1V3LkB1s&feature=youtu.be&t=389 rip…[View]
164253416THE EVENT IS COMING SOON /GEN/ : 4/18/18 REAL END OF BIBLICAL JUBILEE: The prophecy of Judah Ben Sam…[View]
164281484What do you think about this? Worth a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVd0kWmEAwM[View]
164292092Why don't we just start our own secret society and start infiltrating and subverting. Minimum i…[View]
164292261Why the fuck do you ignore the southeast asian menace?: Seriously for all the crap Americans on here…[View]
164291622What is the American agenda?: We've been passive through: Invasion of Iraq Invasion of Afghanis…[View]
164290981the jews won: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdn1V3LkB1s&feature=youtu.be&t=389[View]
164294375Ahmed go home: Russia expels 23 UK diplomats & shuts British Council in response to provocative …[View]
164284082probably not the place to ask but i'm curious.... i have been addicted to the opiate in one for…[View]
164288874Can /pol/ redpill in Waco?[View]
164292859Pagan Logic 1. The Pope kissed a migrant's foot 2. Therefore ancient fairy tales are fact![View]
164293453FALSE FLAG: >sergei skripal spent years in russian prison >released >murdered by russians i…[View]
164293980>be american >get shotgun http://archive.is/JTD6o…[View]
164292558South europeans how do you differentiate: Africans from natives ? You guys look like the same.…[View]
164287220HE'S AT IT AGAIN: 12M views in just a few hours https://youtu.be/SnmfoC_odWk[View]
164278685AUS/POL/ SA ELECTION EDITION: G'day cunts. How we going? Looks like its been a while since anyo…[View]
164290589Do you think that the world is turning against whites? They all seem to hate us because of our super…[View]
164284303Really crumbles the crumpets[View]
164291183Breeding: Hi anons, I have started to do my part for the European race. I have impregnated a lolish…[View]
164263888Proof that christcucks never defeated pagans in battle: >Christians are the only ones who could w…[View]
164289710Ruskie Hate Thread: Just read pic. Just look out of window towards ruski land. They're the whit…[View]
164290023Rabbi with more offspring than all of /pol/ dies: Press F to pay respects http://www.dailymail.co.uk…[View]
164290903The left is so convinced by the lies and selective leaks that they see any attempt to hold the liars…[View]
164284547Russian hate thread: America enters the room and sees a few Spec Op Russians. Kills them with shotgu…[View]
164285885Do you support Palestine against the kikes?[View]
164283862What was his endgame[View]
164293420>left isn't funn-[View]
164283047HOW SOON BEFORE TRUMP GET'S FIRED?: Like a silly goose he is firing members of his stuff almost…[View]
164293375Is it worth having a wife making much less money than you, or contributing much less than you financ…[View]
164293093Belgium kids now must be 13 to go facebook.: that is what the government have reached . back in my …[View]
164285836Why doesnt he stand up for the white race? Is he a cuck?[View]
164289906blacked, it is KIKED.com actually ((( blacked ))) is ran by an elite international DUAL ISRAELI JEW …[View]
164290913The Quantum science the Cabal is using to Destroy America & the West: The Luciferians/Cabal are …[View]
164255093/Britpol/ - RIP JIMMY SAVILE: 'Now then, now then' - Are Jim. https://youtu.be/QxaSUWYw_wI https://y…[View]
164274585>he fell for the 'nationalism' meme >he fell for the 'race exists' meme >he fell for the 'h…[View]
164276444How does Nippon defend this /pol/?: Unit 731 and Unit 100 were the two biological warfare research c…[View]
164292654In Regards to School Walk outs.: When I look at America’s Youth today, “referring to 30 and below” I…[View]
164282696Be honest /pol/, do you honestly think the future looks good? Every generation becomes more pussy w…[View]
164284737Should religion be a reason to not have to be drafted?: Religious women serving in the IDF has incre…[View]
164269797I want to hear /pol/'s thoughts on this so say we determine 100% with concrete evidence that bl…[View]
164292034>the government is to blame for militarizing the police and banning gu-…[View]
164280886How long will this material culture last?[View]
164280101Black men beat their women...: MudShark gets her reward.... http://www.tmz.com/2018/03/14/danry-vasq…[View]
164281963>guns cannot hurt yo-[View]
164292604Shilltopia: MFW I see Russian troll bots posting pizza gate garbage to detract from the DC diahrrea…[View]
164286078Does true love actually exist? Are there women out there who will never cheat on you and love you un…[View]
164291886>Listening to Rockwell speech: >He talks about how a jew sued coca cola for a summers blessing…[View]
164292489Seriously guys, is there any more redpill video? Q predicted this.[View]
164292369Liberalist recruitment: sargonofakkad100@gmail.com hit me up 'Offended is not oppressed Individual f…[View]
164290892Did they know or is he just being a typical fucking white male?[View]
164292241Highest quality Women: If you want a course that will make you beyond alpha i highly recommend Man T…[View]
164290596How can /pol/ still deny the holocaust after this man got definitely BTFo by the High Court?[View]
164277237Name my band[View]
164267798THEY’RE ONTO US, /POL/!!!: https://youtu.be/1Qf3hNuKBio[View]
164286703>Communism doesn't wor--[View]
164290800Absolute state of bongland.: A shoplifter Gets the Soul Slapped out of Him for stealing http://leake…[View]
164291962What will be the cost?: We've been passive through: Invasion of Georgia Radiological weapon att…[View]
164265724Very sad. Why did he do it?[View]
164290551The Anti-White DUAL ISRAELI CRIMINAL 'CITIZEN' Jew Terrorist You Can Thank for ((((((((( Blacked.com…[View]
164291632FUCK THE DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN JEW WORLD ORDER: Hitler knew... that black lives matter'ed? Watch…[View]
164291810What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
164291021humans do not like to be told they will become obsolete. In a matter of years no human will be able …[View]
164291069How does the British press get away with having such a strong right wing bias?[View]
164288598IF YOU ARE NEW TO POLL: If you support people like Milo and Shapiro, here's just a very easy vi…[View]
164284857Whats up with the 9th Amendment in the US constitution?: 'The enumeration in the Constitution of cer…[View]
164282456Let's have a Chinese people HATE thread: These people are the most annoying cunts ever. They wa…[View]
164289002I'm fucking sick of liberals. Why are these animals are free to bash Christianity but at the sa…[View]
164285173A bitcoin transaction is a better use of rare earth minerals than this thread. Prove me wrong.[View]
164277106Do you trust any websites, tv, papers, magazines, or youtube channels to actually tell the truth? Wh…[View]
164290757The Anti White DUAL ISRAELI 'CITIZEN' Jew Terrorist You Can Thank for ((((((((( Blacked.com ))))))))…[View]
164280143Why does the literary establishment hate Trump so much?[View]
164287393Unleash your jewish redpills 1 red pill = converted normie[View]
164291241A little reminder: Watched this a year ago, felt the urge to watch it again. For those who haven…[View]
164287830Porography rots your mind: it's bad for you, so why do you keep doing it?[View]
164291154meanwhile in Russia[View]
164291095GOLD PLATED AMERICA ROYALLY FUCKED BY SHITHOLE RUSSIA: How is that possible my American friends? Get…[View]
164284746POL ANSWER ME THIS?: If guns are here for us to fight tyrannical government how come Japanese didn…[View]
164289720You know who this is: Hey you fags, tell me how you think this oldfag had he political opinions chan…[View]
164277203Israel Appreciation General /IAP/ Jews are nice people: How do we show more support for our best all…[View]
164281036*blocks your path* 'ahh good, another nazi to punch.*[View]
164282466>The Holocaust never hap- https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/aug/21/study-of-holocaust-surv…[View]
164290018Customised harley Davidson are the only white thing that really interests me. Everything else I like…[View]
164285287Italians, why are your deportation rates so low?: We had 85,000 deportations or voluntary departures…[View]
164280833Austria NO! Extreme far-right interior minister allows tattoos on policemen: Austria has lifted the …[View]
164290622The Anti White DUAL ISRAELI CRIMINAL 'CITIZEN' Jew Terrorist You Can Thank for ((((((((( Blacked.com…[View]
164290649So reading all about Whites being endangered and all, I found that you guys are not seeing the big p…[View]
164286907Good Jews?: You're an SS officer at Auschwitz, who would you spare from the oven (if any)?…[View]
164290064>1999 >literally zero blacks makes you think…[View]
164286145Anglos: Why are Anglos such cucks who can't keep out of other people's business while igno…[View]
164277352Any other Anon's lost yout Father?: I lost my Dad when I was 7. >Prayed every night to God …[View]
164278749When did everything get PC? I am so positive that The music industry, and Hollywood from my perspec…[View]
164289784How can humanity remove this cancer?[View]
164290373How do we fix Brazil?: How do we fix Brazil? >Council woman killed in Brazil, days after speaking…[View]
164245287/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. liberalist e-sports edition >Tonka and Sargon have a talk htt…[View]
164290343Can you live like this? press F to say yes[View]
164290226Amerimutts: Why are Germany and the Midwestern US genetically indistinguishable??[View]
164290282>Since approval of abortion in the UK in 1967, 8,745,508 abortions have been performed. https://e…[View]
164288290Proud liberal in Portland, OR takes the fight to Neo-Nazi wearing 'Luftwaffe' shirt: >“…[View]
164283699This picture triggers you, and it's okay. Let me tell you /pol/ that the theoretical ideology o…[View]
164283263The European Union needs to choose - Russia or the US: Russia is the natural ally of Europe. Russia …[View]
164286707WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE RUSSIAN GAS ATTACK VICTIMS?: Why Theresa May is not releasing photogra…[View]
164285012>alcohol is evil >4 beers you gona drink them at once! com one! fuck you puritan cuck alcoho…[View]
164273002Columbine: > Explain what happened on 4/20/99 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBzqLnnaNms…[View]
164283404does anyone have jazz & jesse #32: plz i want to get caught up and have something to listen to w…[View]
164280820Idk if another thread is already going but I cant seem to find one. Soooo in relation to the whole M…[View]
164289682Water treatment: >water treatment and fluoride use >flouride is being used less and less >…[View]
164288101REFUgees welcome: Tell me the situation on refugees and their behavior Do women still do the refuge…[View]
164279059Spic cop throws hands with a dindu: The American Future Looks Bright! >https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
164274668Merkel Says Islam Belongs To Germany, Rebuffs Minister's Remarks: >German Chancellor Angela …[View]
164289121The Krassensteins insisting they are not ponzi scammers: http://ir.net/news/politics/128264/ed-krass…[View]
164284144What would your opinion be on starting an /ICE/ general where we report and discuss on illegals tryi…[View]
164277521Why is there no gook hate?: Chinkanon here, why aren't east asians as hated as jews/niggers/spi…[View]
164289148Pedo Tech Giants: First Youtube and now Facebook https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/facebook-…[View]
164286985England Yes!!!!: > A Cambridge University college held a formal dinner for ‘self-defining black a…[View]
164288927>his country still starts wars to conquer other countries >his country doesn't conquer th…[View]
164285544OH NO NO NO[View]
164287715Trump wants to deport THIS[View]
164265386Has your wife started charging you for being a caring family member yet?[View]
164283675/ptg/ President Trump General - IT'S NEVER WOLFGIRL SEASON EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP ht…[View]
164270211/foodpol/ - Keto/Paleo/Vegan Nationalist Debate: It appears that we have not reached a consensus on …[View]
164287835Fox?: Fox...stap...?[View]
164288097Geophagia: Breaking news: hardcore dirt-loving still practiced in Africa https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
164287886/pol/ video thread. If you watch one you like, drop a link of your own... I'll start: https://y…[View]
164288285Russia - UK: What is actually going on? https://www.reuters.tv/v/x5f/2018/03/16/russia-to-expel-uk-d…[View]
164284559trad: This is trad[View]
164288564Vice - Nick Fuentes - AWD: Vice Journalist trying to tie Nicholas Fuentes to AtomWaffenDivision The…[View]
164284001Pro USA Chain: Let's see how many fags will shit on this post than be pro USA for two seconds.…[View]
164266177David Hogg gets rejected from another university https://twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/97484904106…[View]
164268795Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
164283295Did you get the Malaysian Alien VM?: I didn’t and I’m insulted! I deserve to be contacted.[View]
164288085What are you thought on Cencorship.: >Cunt became one of top whoreposters on twotter >90% of p…[View]
164287054Knows zero history about tyrannical governments. CNN deep state puppet. Literally if if she was aliv…[View]
164286933why are amerifat roads filled with potholes? U trying to compete with belgium for worst roads in the…[View]
164282639even the so-called 'conservative californians' AKA 'true californians' are fucking trash. there is n…[View]
164278850Ameriburgers fcking up yet another country.: BURGERED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyMTSvVAtWM…[View]
164279574IDAHO: What the fuck is going on here! So many Californians have moved here in Boise and the surroun…[View]
164283084Shepard Smith is right. Suck it opinion bitches. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/378843-shepard-sm…[View]
164280327Trans people: Why are we letting mentally insane people cut off their penises? Why is this socially …[View]
164283013rapists retrial due to racist prosecutor: 2 muslims were found mistrialled in perth because the pros…[View]
164285767Soros Operative BTFO in Ontario!: What a coincidence. Ford Nation![View]
164264290Do Americans really believe that the British Empire was a tyrannical government?[View]
164277557he banned guns so why not you[View]
164285584http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/overdose-deaths-bc-2017-1.4511918: http://www.cbc.ca/…[View]
164281044Remember: Remember, in America, even a retarded (20pt IQ,) nigger tier, Jew lover can be the Preside…[View]
164286897NIGGER HATE THREAD- GOLD MINE EDITION: http://niggermania.com/tom/cards/cards.html Guys I think I…[View]
164287327WTF I LOVE PROGRESSIVISM NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXkwGCA_xkw[View]
164283571PA Voting Machines 'Miscalibrated' Saccone Votes Changed To Lamb: https://www.tapwires.com/2018/03/1…[View]
164282986Hitler knew... that black lives matter'ed? Watch the documentary & find out today!!: https:…[View]
164283912Is retired four star US army general McCaffrey /ourguy/?[View]
164283932Where do you live if you're actually counterculture: Where do you live if you hate family hate …[View]
164277303Monarchy is the only way: Everything after the french revolution is inherently liberal. Fascism, Com…[View]
164285755What does Pol think of David Irving?[View]
164278258Ive given up pol: Every day I walk into my school I realize how fucked we are.[View]
164283097>muh guns muh freedom against da evul gobermint >only use them to shoot up schools and night c…[View]
164281331Can We Get a Traditionalism Thread: I'm collecting things for my aesthetics archives.[View]
164281413I still can't believe how this guy flipped[View]
164279411Where's the Niger ambush video? it seem it's been taken down from liveleak and several sit…[View]
164286853>right wing candidate >brings cultural marxism >fine with obama legalizing faggot degenera…[View]
164283527RIP Aniki.: Summer will soon be here Aniki, and the faggots have no understanding of your gachimuchi…[View]
164286061WhoisWhite.com Hyperlink website: Escape the ghettos! Great White Identity Hyperlink Website.[View]
164284995Randomly selected young Chicago residents discuss gun violence: Americans, I like you, but something…[View]
164285493Maine's Leslie Gibson is /pol/ IRL: 'There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresse…[View]
164281359should watching every episode of Richard and Mortimor be a prerequisite to participating in democrat…[View]
164257420This is a Protestant Board: c*Tholics not welcome[View]
164277435Does voting really mean anything or is it just more bread and circuses?[View]
164283950Why are you against free migration, /pol/? According to economists, open borders would double the wo…[View]
164284745so i just learned that im subhuman? what do i do with that information?[View]
164285810How will the coming spinsterhood epidemic affect politics in the next 20 years?[View]
164281096Will she destroy the Royal Family[View]
164257382IT'S HAPPENING, GUN CONFISCATION IN FLORIDA: >A man has had his 4 guns seized in Florida aft…[View]
164286006I'm not sure how i feel: I think I did guds work.[View]
164282876The problems that the left have to face >gets misgendered regularly >difficulty to find pansex…[View]
164284353> GUN CONTROL LEADS TO ORWELLIAN TYRANNY > England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, …[View]
164282016How do I function in the framework of the current system?[View]
164281436This is Ridiculous: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/378874-maine-state-candidate-who-called-par…[View]
164285034>grandparents are devout Christians >go over to their place for a couple days >start talkin…[View]
164285531How can we get him back into the trump administration?[View]
164285215How come we never see any israel terrorist: It's like they are immune to it although they have …[View]
164282755Previous thread: >>164267988 Previous thread: >>164267988 Previous thread: >>16426…[View]
164285204meine Brüder, togeda we can fite da oncoming PAGANG hordes mit DAS WORT GOTTES jajajaja for remember…[View]
164285306Does youtube not need to approve shit before it shows up as 'season x episode y'? Is this incriminat…[View]
164281518Steve Scalise MASON'ED: someone fucking explain this bullshit right here https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
164265624#ALLAHUS: Hey guys anon from yesterday here, it's time for us to continue the #allahus raid on …[View]
164281471What was the story here?[View]
164276692If gene therapy can give you superhuman abilities.: >IQ increased by 100 points. >Strength inc…[View]
164282482This St Patrick’s Day I’ll be able to celebrate properly, for the first time: https://www.theguardia…[View]
164281280What's the meaning of this?[View]
164284338Niggers Rob Oakland Cat Town - General Nigger Hate Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifZPMzr53…[View]
164284115World War Three aka The Big One: What are the odds of a war breaking out between The United States o…[View]
164283349The Goyim Fucking Know that Israel did 9/11/2001[View]
164284197what do they learn in this university classes? can you name the states that teach this shit?[View]
164269299Democracy is an idiotic paradigm.: The Idea of Democracy is inherently flawed. Modern Republics are …[View]
164267381Anyone else picking up vibes for supporting martial law in california?: finally started seeing other…[View]
164283968Hey Phil. Sorry you broke your arm. Could be worse you could have cancer like me. i know the chances…[View]
164268918Justify this retardation, /pol/[View]
164279435American Engineering: [cue] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83bmsluWHZc[View]
164268168Is it the tap water?: Why does it seem like every day there are more and more faggots everywhere I g…[View]
164283700Child Sacrifice: Search any app store for vibration devices, massage devices or female devices and r…[View]
164283452Qanon is on JewTube now!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dwSemBcBLTWQsHr_aKbXQ[View]
164278538Basically, there is no President. The guy who was elected to that office in Nov 2016 has abdicated a…[View]
164270042Anyone else geuinelly saddened by Toys R Us closing? >in b4 corporate whore >in b4 faggot who …[View]
164279419White genocide thread: Post the facts faggots[View]
164283137Adolf Hitler - The Crusader Against White Genocide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OoB1QLL00c…[View]
164277840I just realized: WTF???[View]
164282976Cream your loon.[View]
164253399What can we do?: What can we do to fix the indigenous peoples of Africa?[View]
164282127Pay Attention: When watching TV, keep an acute awareness of what's going on. Certain networks w…[View]
164281050Was Roosevelt one of the greatest presidents?[View]
164271346Falling Down: Why haven't more people seen this movie? How do we promote it?? I feel like white…[View]
164278118What the fuck, my fellow Countrymen. I mean really, what the fuck.[View]
164258814Antifa vs. Black Metal: Shit is getting out of hand in the U.S. >Marduk had a cancelled show in O…[View]
164280444Jodel Schweiz Switzerland: Who the hell was that faggot that created a Jodel-Post about /pol/? I…[View]
164276682Why does Southeast Asia have virtually zero violence/crime compared to Latin America, even though bo…[View]
164282113Abos btfo'd by syphilis.: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-17/stis-on-the-rise-in-western-aus…[View]
164281779Terminator: When will the Terminator terminate Trump?[View]
164277147>dont drink tap water it contains high amounts of estrogen from girl piss and turns toads gay …[View]
164281800AUS/POL BOOMING AUSTRALIA EDITION.: How`s it going cobbers? Is YOUR suburb at breaking point? Inside…[View]
164281787Pizzagate happening:: Get the fuck in here >>164281481[View]
164281796Trump's Border wall was It's ok to be white poster: before it even happened. It's th…[View]
164277974politics is pointless: 5 year veteran here. i've done it all seen it all. politics is a pointle…[View]
164271127friendly reminder to not take the internet seriously and to never reveal your power level to anyone …[View]
164281687Pizzagate happening:: This is not a drill: >>164281481[View]
164281208What political views are considered egy nowayadays? I need to woo a female but they don't give …[View]
164281670What's /pol/ thoughts on white Muslims?[View]
164276043Should we give guns to female teachers?[View]
164280369>Europe before[View]
164281577Pizzagate happening: >>164281481[View]
164268888Looks like you need to build a wall.... around your blind hatred....[View]
164277010Europeans:: Why do they believe in diplomacy? What is it with them to think you can make a 'deal' wi…[View]
164265192tfw golden ticket to the best country on earth i feel lucky not living in islamic nations such as i…[View]
164281418Are any groups in South Africa planning to fight the land grabs?[View]
164281407You're an armed coast guard patrolling around Utoya. It's the 22nd July 2011 and this whit…[View]
164271143I'll host a risk thread again. Mods of /pol/ hate them but I got some sound gratitude from othe…[View]
164276429>the time has come for the tree of liberty to be refreshed with the bloo- >gets drone striked …[View]
164279251>lots of asian women at work >even mothers of three are petite and slim Why do white women get…[View]
164281349Is religion the opiate of the masses[View]
164277406What can we do pol to help these poor bastards?[View]
164278774REMINDER: it is our duty to report any brit on this far right racist site to Her Majesties Royal Sha…[View]
164280717The sheboons: How do we solve the sheboon problem pol? How do we end the nigress menace?[View]
164281175The 20th century proved that capitalist free market economies are superior to planned socialist econ…[View]
164279570Give it to me straight brothers, Is Trump,family, and friends fucked?[View]
164250495/nzpol/: /nzpol/ - Chloe is a QT edition[View]
164278858>every day in western society, white women are becoming more degenerate and sexually promiscuous,…[View]
164279994or a homeless tax fix it overnight it could be like a 1% sales tax nobody would give a shit and it …[View]
164280972https://youtu.be/3WS9DhSIWR0 The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace / John Perry Barlow[View]
164277905Why doesn't Communism ever work in practice without censorship and oppression?[View]
164278836Proof of White Intellectual Superiority: What have Jews (Semites) added to civilization, compared to…[View]
164277829/pool/: Stop dumping your garbage threads into /bant/ please and thankie[View]
164269801Why does Australia have so many fucking time zones?[View]
164280631Dating Down syndrome chicks: So with Ohio trying to ban abortions of Mongloids, was wondering why I …[View]
164280842Is it time for Idaho to declare independence?: http://gomoviess.is/tt0120086-watch-The-Second-Civil-…[View]
164280793What is your opinion on the Sturmabteilung (SA)?: What do you guys think of the SA, and the radical …[View]
164269414do you even know the taxes Colorado got when they legalized weed >hurr durrr degenerates…[View]
164279969REMOVE VATNIK[View]
164280672Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport to rebid CNN contract: Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport to rebid CNN contra…[View]
164266420At this point is /pol/ just a propaganda machine?: Everyone is well aware of the book at this point-…[View]
164274243Could they win?: Was there any scenario where the rhodesians, boers, portuguese etc won? How could t…[View]
164279457Plan to stop Behind The Meme: Guys, me and some other redditors are planning to stop behind the meme…[View]
164279785ACTIVATED HUMMUS: http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/16/failed-asylum-seeker-killed-german-girlfriend-refusi…[View]
164273733>smartest man to ever live was a socialist and an atheist hmm...[View]
164280376Is it worth having a wife making much less money than you, or contributing much less than you financ…[View]
164272780David Hogg General /DHOG/ - Date of Birth: I created this general to investigate the date of birth o…[View]
164275463We're born just to struggle all throughout life to feed ourselves and keep ourselves alive only…[View]
164262537Is the pharmajew finally being exposed?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/nyregion/fentanyl-subsys…[View]
164276320My ancestry: Am I allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
164277852He just said 'he' /pol/.: What are you going to do about it? Nothing. Joe Carnahan is too smart for …[View]
164278666> States with lower literacy, education and IQ (Dumbfuckistan) overwhelmingly vote Republican …[View]
164276014Is Mexico a white country?[View]
164274532school walkouts: hmmm......there's another way Parkland, Florida shooting could have been preve…[View]
164279325CANNOT BE STOPPED: tick tock[View]
164277240If Trump decides to take over, how are liberals going to fight back without guns?[View]
164246573Architecture appreciation thread: Post your country's masterpieces.[View]
164278737>Muslims aren't whit-[View]
164278726Anyone else getting really sick and tired of hearing the words 'reason' and 'logic'?[View]
164278942What happens when corporations become more powerful than entire countries?[View]
164279595Aussies remember this as the day Dragonball D wasn't on.[View]
164270679U.K. Hate Thread[View]
164278199All shills and bullshit aside, how has and did the USA survive? Looking for legit redpill answers[View]
164272288What are my comrades doing tonight?[View]
164238043CALL ME 56% AGAIN /POL/, I FUCKING DARE YOU: I know I'm an amerimutt and I just gave my genome …[View]
164279368IDEOLOGICAL GF ISSUES: My girlfriend doesn't understand the magnitude of being politically and …[View]
164278074nobody can take a joke anymore Everything is horrible. Left or right, everything is so extreme.[View]
164273502POLITISCALES: Post your results. Long test, so take your time. http://www.politiscales.net/en_US/qu…[View]
164235438History of everything and more 2: ITT we try to get a better understanding of our real ancient histo…[View]
164279181Trad-thot insemination thread[View]
164279089>tfw found common ground with a leftist, Democrat-voting, university-attending Nazi-punching (((a…[View]
164278659Why the fuck did Trump overturn the law forbidding the import of poaching thropies? How does it bene…[View]
164276992Black population growing at a faster rate in metro and rural counties. You whities are done for .: W…[View]
164240136What is your most left wing belief?: Mine is that race does not determine intelligence. Environmenta…[View]
164267988the lucifer pill: Only unevolved men would not praise Lucifer.[View]
164274906Coldplay and the Normalization of Cuckery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM7MFYoylVs Holy shit if …[View]
164273305It's that time of year.[View]
164275031How can the West compete with this great alliance?: Literally unstoppable. Meanwhile Trump and the …[View]
164265198Med/Slav Master Races: Mediterranean and Slavic alliance / appreciation thread. I’ll start. Reasons …[View]
164278334Guys... wtf is this?: I was minding my own business listening to music and browsing youtube, when th…[View]
164266505What is his name again?[View]
164275650FuckFace do you have any even slightest proof to state that?: ‘Looks like Russians were behind spy p…[View]
164276520sould the west fear the chinky-gooks?[View]
164275271>parenting doesn't even really matter goy, so just let your kids watch (((netflix))), and be…[View]
164278419Do these pic related conversation seem a bit Artificial to you?: And it's even more convenient …[View]
164277995Stop supporting drumpf: can't you see he's a zionist pig? stop being stupid, I mean it.…[View]
164268711Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout: https://www.youtu…[View]
164276041Birthright: I'm a mischlinge who just got a free trip to Israel Any Israelanons or diaspora hav…[View]
164275234So if Russia elected trump, why is Russia trying to start a war with the jewSA? Hmmm[View]
164278346Join the gay obama militia: >>>/k/37183649[View]
164276261Is the south turning more liberal? I'm in south carolina and while all the governors and older …[View]
164277849What did Trump mean by these controversial statements?[View]
164274033Look who's making money off of the opiate crisis: Threads like this are sliding fast[View]
164272980/UBI/ Basic income: Why allow poverty?[View]
164259372Whats her endgame?[View]
164260412Individualism is fucking retarded. Prove me wrong: I've been pondering this for a while now. I …[View]
164264289Thoughts on World Peace and NWO?: Is there anyone on /pol/ who thinks World Peace is a good idea, an…[View]
164260741Remember this Swedish kid from this GIF?: This is him now... starts at 2 minute mark https://www.you…[View]
164274111HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAPPENNING WELL /POL/???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qf3hNuKBio[View]
164271969AMNESTY for /pol/: DISCLAIMER! This is a VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION PROJECT. Post your IP and all other…[View]
164274850>”you’re just paranoid the Jews don’t actually hate white people” https://youtu.be/aqON2akfM-8…[View]
164277216What's your guys opinion on Identity Evropa? I've always been a little interested in them …[View]
164270877Brainwashing your children is morally correct.: A thread about teaching gender identity and religion…[View]
164277672The Trump Curse Is Real: Comey Edition: >Comey picks Virginia to win it all >Virignia loses in…[View]
164274766What would've happened had Japan never attacked Peal Harbor?[View]
164259946America hate thread: Post your worst[View]
164277138REDPILL ME ON THE INCOMING BLUE WAVE: I read this article and it scared me: https://thedailybanter.c…[View]
164273012It's not going to end. Feminists will always demand more at the expense of men.[View]
164277325De Niro de Nono: https://youtu.be/sgT_b0_73JU >says he wants to punch trump >his business vent…[View]
164277284PAID TRUMP SHILLS BTFO: Facebook suspends controversial data-analysis firm Cambridge Analytica from …[View]
164274266Why are white nationalist leaders such an embarrassment? Why don't we have anyone charismatic, …[View]
164272034How can some people be so smart at what they do and at the same time be so politically retarded? Ser…[View]
164277146Russian minister.[View]
164277208So i made a thread a few hours ago that stated mongos, chinks and varies other asian filth are not a…[View]
164263398Happy St Paddy's Day, McCabe: Top o' the morning. May the devil kiss your dumplings before…[View]
164277164I believe making a meme normiefied is great ! I believe this because look at Pepe. When Pepe was/is …[View]
164274956>liberals cuck themselves[View]
164268596David Hogg is literally retarded. He got denied by the University of Central Florida.[View]
164277054>Democrats are so triggered that we might actually go to war with Russia if Trump loses reelectio…[View]
164275723dear white people:: what are your thoughts on the theory that we all came from africa[View]
164277008tfw when there isn't enough shit in the streets https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=Cvc9S_15201720…[View]
164237536Brazil is not whi-: Eurocucks btfo How will krauts ever recover?[View]
164271258What did you say under your breath just now anon? Something about Jews?[View]
164276794Is Marxism/Communism just Society-Wide NEETism?: It seems like every single marxist out there is a m…[View]
164264934How are jews not the real master race again?[View]
164269410Japanese Savagery in WW2: Why does everyone ignore all the atrocious war crimes the Japs committed d…[View]
164275958All Trumpkins will hang.[View]
164270924Why do Jews dominate anything that requires intellectual prowess?[View]
164276105why fight aginst the tide like the blue wave.: embrace islam as the redpill religon >hates jews …[View]
164270795>whites do better than blacks >white supremacists: 'well you see, whites are just superior' …[View]
164276497Smuggies thread[View]
164276410muller supenas thrump org.: the noose is getting tighter and tighter. senpuku is the only way out, a…[View]
164276455Gays vs Jews: Is big-gay aiming on hitting a 100% homo population? Technology (artificial wombs) wil…[View]
164275902why do black people always want to fight and kill?[View]
164274291ITT : /pol/ confessions: I confess that the ass of this leftist gungrabber has me hypnotized. What c…[View]
164274900the feminist mob: I have a plan... lets set the feminists against the Jehovah's witnesses. it…[View]
164270939When is this board going to stop larping about 'muh freedom of choice' and actually wake up to the f…[View]
164276408American and British authorities are currently baiting with bot threads for wrongthink: BRITISH ANON…[View]
164264025WHO launches health review after microplastics found in 90% of bottled water: Researchers find level…[View]
164273863I wish cryonics worked the way it does in fiction. I would happily freeze myself for a hundred or mo…[View]
164276227I was Jewed: Hanging upside down by a large man smacking my ass I found no choice. I was Jewed. I ha…[View]
164270218What am i?: What do you call a guy who is libertarian, but realized he also hates big business?…[View]
164273989http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-5511423/The-hunt-Toys-R-missing-millions.html >80…[View]
164227558Ask a right-wing jew anything?: Jew here, I keep seeing nonstop that jews are responsible for mass-i…[View]
164269592Time to Start Hanging Some Landlords?: Seriously, why are we not putting some landlords 6 feet under…[View]
164275274Hi FBI: Feds tongue my anus Nice bot threads and remove me from your database I am a good gentile…[View]
164275919Has becoming a libertarian made you incredibly paranoid and hostile of any measures taken by governm…[View]
164275969NatSoc: Trailer Trash edition.: YFW you realize all the Stormer, Nazi, NatSoc, EthnoNationalists beh…[View]
164265977Right wing dick strikes again https://youtu.be/AUMkRa6lBAQ?t=3067[View]
164272313whats there to be patriotic about[View]
164274100Is nihilism the ultimate jew-ery?[View]
164275777Ameripoors pay more tax than Europeans: I just read about taxation in other Nations since I consider…[View]
164275449>he's not a strasserist in 2018 What's your excuse?[View]
164262788Anti-California sentiment: What’s up with all the recent Calfnrnia hate that’s sweeping the county /…[View]
164275164Federal judge blocks gang injunction: Is this a blessing in disguise? Perhaps this same legal proces…[View]
164273743Was he the coolest monkey in the White house?[View]
164271491did Trump actually visit the wall in California? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYNT1lFPVXM[View]
164267871This is an Azerbaijani. Why isn't he considered white?[View]
164266592>This is the average whiteboy yeah alright there 'masterrace' go back and put your makeup on.…[View]
164272214Guys I have a theory: This might all be Kayfabe. All the world's a stage after all. Trump let M…[View]
164266092How does it feel being tricked by jews, hook line and sinker that Muslims are the enemy? Literally d…[View]
164275074>people believe the holocaust happened >people believe the Armenian Genocide didn't happe…[View]
164274518Is he with us?[View]
164270873Liberals Killing Themselves: Oh the humanity.....hahahahaha[View]
164274745I've been reading it over and over, and I can't find it Where in the Second Amendment does…[View]
164274828What is this country?: I've never been their but, i'm gonna make assumptions based I what …[View]
164272463*takes your guns away*[View]
164262136Give me your honest opinion about the 2003 Iraq invasion and war anon. Even Bill 'poisonous dick' O…[View]
164257514/pol/ images you never get to post. Text posts are allowed to (e.g. obscure red-pills)[View]
164274632say it with me, 4 more years.[View]
164275038https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/12/world/asia/trump-kim-jong-un-meeting-.html http://archive.is/oMcs…[View]
164245584Is mixing with other Aryan groups acceptable?[View]
164264305What is this country?: I've never been their but, i'm gonna make assumptions based I what …[View]
164273145Tomorrow McCabe will wake up realizing Obama and Hillary cost him his pension: he will wake up and r…[View]
164274669Trump lawyer seeks $20 million damages from Stormy Daniels: 'To put it simply - they want to hide th…[View]
164271975vive la différence. Why is this a bad thing now?[View]
164274508Remember Clock Boy or Clockhamed? Well his case for discrimination against his old school was dismis…[View]
164274158Ice Cream for Activism: Why aren't we at Twitter war with Ben and Jewwys? >https://twitter.c…[View]
164274141When is Hillary going to be arrested?[View]
164274499Is it kind of ironic that Paris was named after an absolute bi-polar cuck/bull who couldn't dec…[View]
164271544Are the Rothschilds dying out?: Part of the reason they lasted as long as they did was they kept to …[View]
164274312>meanwhile, in 300BC /pol/[View]
164273766The S curve of job difficulty vs pay: Very low pay, medium difficulty: Third world manual labour, fo…[View]
164274284>>164269894 We need to create and perpetuate this religion. It can't be cringey and goofy…[View]
164269138What is he thinking about?[View]
164273302And it all falls down.: Reminder as to why the shills are out in number this evening. This is just t…[View]
164267178RUTHLESS: Fucking ruthless MADMAN we don't deserve him https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/stat…[View]
164270255alt right fags are pathetic please kill yourselves thank you[View]
164270483Chelsea Clinton is /our girl/?[View]
164273718Does anybody really think McCabe losing his pension is a Bad thing if anything he’ll proablly make D…[View]
164274102hey crackers: how's it feel knowing you're just albino indians Why haven't you found …[View]
164269236Campaign idea: Spread memes of blue haired useful idiots/sodomites in an office together and meme th…[View]
164268451MATCH ME BROS!!!!!!!![View]
164270225What does this expression mean?[View]
164241190/Fsg/ - Fascist General: /Fsg/ - Fascist General- Czech Edition. Thread for discussion of Italian Fa…[View]
164273485Switzerland Caused WW2: Think about it... They had a big central bank with Jewish influence Didn…[View]
164253502McCABE FIRED: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2018/03/16/fbis-andrew-mccabe-is-fired…[View]
164273228World War 3 will be muslims vs non muslims. It's Europes fault for letting them all in but they…[View]
164271094Took a wrong turn in India and entered a designated shitting street by accident. Ask me anything.[View]
164273710Tell me about North Italy /pol/[View]
164273018OH NO NO NO NO: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-seminara-trump-immigration-reform-african…[View]
164269853Why does the left love Mexico?[View]
164271788Jewpocalypse: > OY VEY http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5511961/Rabbi-Mordechai-Hager-dies…[View]
164271613Why are Anglos such cucks who can't keep out of other people's business while ignoring the…[View]
164266734Trump is disappointing us all with his weak presidential skills and non professional behavior. He is…[View]
164261469For as long as I can remember, being in a conservative, super-Christian household, guns and training…[View]
164262971Chinese technology and inventions: How can we stop the Chinks from taking over? https://www.youtube.…[View]
164271036Why do white supremacists so frequently engage in sexual degeneracy? Case in point, Jean Francois Ga…[View]
164272953Israel has march for gun control in US: Your greatest ally.. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premiu…[View]
164272947TheRoot BTFO: > Black nationalist site[View]
164263453Daily reminder that if there is no God then nothing will ever happen to her. She'll live her li…[View]
164272133What is wrong with Germans?[View]
164269613<liberal logic>Okay, seriously? Another murder with a weapon? BAN ALL KNIVES! Proceed to ignor…[View]
164272900Come home, white man.[View]
164272864Infographic anon: The 25 Countries With the Most Billionaires: Today’s infographic comes to us from …[View]
164272788Yes Germany: Thank you Germany for accepting there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is his l…[View]
164271804What are your thoughts on modern parents?[View]
164252024Coming Out: I'm having a problem: as a gay man, how do I come out as Republican to my liberal f…[View]
164268270Only. White. Dick.[View]
164263847What does /pol/ think of Juden Bucko Patreonstein?: Based altright prophet of rugged bootstrapping a…[View]
164246352Nancy Pelosi - 'This wall is just too tall! It's too tall! You can't have a wall this tall…[View]
164270967this seems retarded. is this legit?[View]
164271902Why aren't you guys like Koala Man? Are you rule breaking degenerates? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
164269650Reminder that women are interested in male sex dolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFHZuCvvS4…[View]
164272421Thoughts???: I love the BIG 3. Here’s an unrolled Twitter from Conservative Thomas Wictor, he’s part…[View]
164272391American Mega, industrial, and college cities are 32% of the US and are 27.5% “Non Hispanic White” a…[View]
164262176Guys Sessions firing McCabe is fucking huge[View]
164272370How true is this /pol/?[View]
164271027Why hasn't Trump redpilled the public on aliens yet?[View]
164270511David Hogg wikipedia page: Notice anything strange /pol/? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Hogg_…[View]
164271717World cup of 'football': So anti racists..... going back millenia, some used to compete in…[View]
164271574Can someone give me the cliffnotes on this book? I tried to understand it, but the constant referenc…[View]
164259478Socialist Venezuela vs. Capitalist '''''Dominican''''' '''''Republic''''': The reason why Socialist …[View]
164270874oneway.com: ONEWAY.COM -has anyone used it yet?[View]
164270880WHAT do we expect from this man and his country in the next few years, lads ? Chinese politics have …[View]
164260912Why was his life taken?[View]
164270216Chicago Wal-Mart gets trashed by Gun Protestring flash mob: http://theredelephants.com/chicago-stude…[View]
164256626Rate his presidency so far. His he still /ourguy/?[View]
164265566This shit is pretty entertaining. This kid is going places[View]
164271908World Breakers: You mother fuckers have trolled the world into believing Trump is on a mission from …[View]
164266435Testosterone stops boys from learning Africans have the highest testosterone and get the lowest grad…[View]
164271528Teaching Gender Identity to children is fair.: A thread about teaching gender identity and religion …[View]
1642665482000-s best decade?: What happened pol? I remember how bright the future then looked, playing some W…[View]
164271760Let's be honest. The first amendment is just as outdated as the second amendment. We need to th…[View]
164268192AMWF confirmed superior to cuck male gook female.: It has been noted that the wider pelvis of Caucas…[View]
164250398Why were the nazi's such embarrassing failures?[View]
164271680/ourguy/: >Dennis: Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a sys…[View]
164258599What's wrong with being gay ?[View]
164271230Political hypocrisy thread. Post 'em.[View]
164264929Why don't redpilled whites LARP as Jews to cash in?: I've been thinking about this lately …[View]
164271126>Imitates some white hippy liberal she see on the internet for kiketube ads money, naturally usin…[View]
164270957You can't make this shit up. Even if Russia is making these are they wrong about U.S. being cor…[View]
164270765How do we come from this to this?[View]
164271303Muller is NOT out guy.: Muller is NOT our guy. Wake the fuck up people. >Corruption & the Rul…[View]
164270606Why is anti-semitism near-exclusively popular among the lowest classes of society? Why is it always …[View]
164267618chinlet BTFOs /pol/ hard: This chinlet is fucking cringey. How is it that he managed to become an ov…[View]
164271320What have you dont /pol/, what have you done. Three of my fellow agents have shot themselves in the …[View]
164262197Why doesn't anyone just go and investigate by themselves? This is hundreds, if not thousands of…[View]
164268936He got fired for THIS?: Days before his retirement? Come on. This firing is a politically motivated …[View]
164268623Democrats YES!!!!: > Given the ineffectiveness of the State Department under Rex Tillerson, compo…[View]
164259971>'The treatment of colour nearly always horrifies anyone going out from Britain, & not only i…[View]
164271054I think pol would very much like this old show for those who haven't watched it. https://www.yo…[View]
164244230Seriously drop this Christian shit: Why do you view Christianity as European? It's not, it…[View]
164263669INNAWOODS: Well /pol/ I've finally decided to check out of society for the most part. Took 7 ye…[View]
164269504Are we seeing the end of the western world? With the next generations coming up being more and more …[View]
164270973Feminists think about the patriarchy the same way Nazis think about Jews and ZOG. Prove me wrong.[View]
164269225Is America a soft country?[View]
164270123>alt shite goyim pay this con man hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be told 'clean your ro…[View]
164270938Is David Hogg /ourguy/?[View]
164267555Don't get so worked up about government taking away our guns.: Obviously, the government isn…[View]
164265612I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
164270849Show em boys[View]
164269309Coalburning whore gets killed by illegal spic: http://wnep.com/2018/03/14/arrest-in-murder-of-bingha…[View]
164270540Why is Trump firing everyone? Even if he is innocent, it is terrible fucking optics.[View]
164267419Looking for a good documentary: Hello anons, anyone has a good documentary about gaddafi without the…[View]
164263556Why are they so entitled?[View]
164270720Mexico only thread[View]
164260155Has he been redeemed and is he Our /GUY/ again ?[View]
164269980>the united states has the strongest mil-[View]
164269602Liberal Forums Needs To Be Raided: Alright fuckers, I say we raid this site I found called Liberal F…[View]
164266947naziboos:: >Fight 3 fronts. FAILED >Try to establish ethno nationalism FAILED But.. They succ…[View]
164270510How old were you when you realized Satan is actually real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGR4SFOi…[View]
164267337Bernie would have still lost[View]
164266984Ha ha ha[View]
164245659Why does the 'number 1 country in the world' suck in the number 1 sports event on the globe?: The Wo…[View]
164267495Lock her up![View]
164268373IT'S HAPPENING![View]
164268636His divorce is no big deal. He can just buy a foreign bride like his dad.[View]
164269967Answer me this: If you don't live in the United States why do you give a flying fuck about our …[View]
164269196> Trump has done more to try to ban video games than build the wall OH NO NO NO NO, BWAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
164269756Brainwashing children with religion: A thread about teaching gender identity and religion to childre…[View]
164268630We need to create a new religion, a religion that takes the best of everything we value and ties it …[View]
164269375Trump is winning: As a Democrat how do we stop this fucking orange cheeto from always winning?…[View]
164269816Any other /new/smen still here?[View]
164267964What's this guy's story? Is he retarded? He's been at it for days https://archive.4p…[View]
164263073>St. Patricks Day Is this how blacks feel about Black History Month? Cos holy fuck this feels goo…[View]
164269324San Diego tells California to get FUCKED!: You go SD! ICE is Welcome there and SF and LA are shit ho…[View]
164268709Our lady Hillary Hospitalized in the land of poo falling down poo stairs, twice https://nypost.com…[View]
164261892Kaczynski, Based or faggot?: I mean, I started reading his 'manifesto' and I think the guy was fucki…[View]
164260986This ad was paid for by USA taxpayers. white men pay for signs telling white women to date black me…[View]
164269344These clowns are in serious shit...[View]
164268600I know we like to bag on the Swedes around here: But man oh man, snus is one thing they got right. T…[View]
164269363What do we know about this cuck known as Angry Foreigner?: >Bosnian >Most likely bisexual >…[View]
164269355Plebbit stupidity thread. Post 'em.[View]
164269343no Adrian Lamo thread?: https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/technology-43438352 >old news In online mess…[View]
164260032>D-Donald, please...[View]
164269062IT'S HAPPENING: one meta thread. plz ban this shit. yeah i know it WAS board culture but by now…[View]
164242465Modern Britain: fresh content incoming! ( source of OP image https://twitter.com/CourtNewsUK/status/…[View]
164268618Looks like a dude to me[View]
164268794liberalism: This statement of principles is a list of the values that Liberalists hold as ideals. We…[View]
164268080The Greatest Story Never Told - Crush The Skull Of Zion: http://www.dailymotion.com/CrushTheSkullOfZ…[View]
164248489Stormy Daniels fined $20 million dollars for breaking NDA: >President Trump's personal attor…[View]
164267127Reinstate the draft: Yes i know its still there, but i mean we should actually use it. If we do that…[View]
164267548Kingdom Come: Deliverance Devs trolled /pol: https://youtu.be/SxtDWWEtJ9o Never forget. By praising …[View]
164261467It's the one day of the year whites get to be proud of themselves! Happy St. Patricks Day 'whi…[View]
164266572Post the name of a game with a reaction face you had to it. >Facerig[View]
164257513New England boiled dinner: Best meal possible. Btfo.[View]
164253774FBI Andrew McCabe FIRED: FOX NEWS Now reporting that he is toast.[View]
164229469ASK A WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN: I grew up in South Africa during the 70s. Ask me anything. Thread open f…[View]
164268927What If Rhodesia Won The Bush War?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk6ib0WwRTk[View]
164268775can we all agree: this nigga was pretty based? also based africans general[View]
164268429Canada stands with Israel, right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSx3W56sjKw[View]
164268738I promise i won't get political: 3 drinks later thread[View]
164264336Serious question here, what's going to happen when one or more countries finally figure out how…[View]
164268572If you win your kills, they enemies[View]
164240057What’s in Huma’s hand?: Is Hillary a robot?.. No, really. What is that? Pic related could be shoppe…[View]
164213720Got one!!!!: Made a meme out of it lol[View]
164242336> The wall Not built. > Payment from Mexico for wall Pretty obvious this isn't going to h…[View]
164268511Fun in India: tfw your private girls vaca...turns into a pr nightmare.[View]
164267344!!!!!!!!!!OPERATION KEKSY!!!!!IT'S HAPPENING!: OPERATION KEKSY: Spread the message (via Twitter…[View]
164265643Bogdanoff thread[View]
164268337How does it feel to be in the best timeline ever?: The world is about to change forever.[View]
164263655So... this is the power of the mighty Wehrmacht uh...[View]
164268304This is a Black Board: For almost all of you whom have never had much of an education.[View]
164268178The Bow and the Club: Why haven't you faggots bought Julius Evola's most recently translat…[View]
164267387McCabe Fired Before Retirement: NO PENSION Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night fired fo…[View]
164266304Why are Americans on here such traitors and shills? Are they all brainwashed goons by the Russian go…[View]
164265893/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SPICY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
164265424ONE DOWN: Who will be the next to go?[View]
164259933Let's see how conservative /pol/ truly is! Is abortion murder? Why or why not.[View]
164262820Not The Last Samurai: The Outsider A film about an American joining the Yakuza and doing all kind of…[View]
164263958!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!NEXT-LEVEL HAPS: IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!! CAMERON KASKY …[View]
164242051Syria General /sg/ - Graveyard Hours in Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
164238443KETOSIS: JEWISH TRICK OR REDPILLED?: Its clear that the vegan agenda seeks to introduce as much soy …[View]
164267777What does this quote mean?: TV did not anwser it and the demographic for replies is better here Fir…[View]
164267488Friend may have found where fucking Malaysia flight is[View]
164242957Cernovich said big shit coming on the 16th: Yesterday on twitter, that fag Cernovich said big shit w…[View]
164267694Weird youtube ad: So i saw this ad on my phone earlier running on youtube, that was basically talkin…[View]
164267672What caused the rise of PC in the 90s? What caused the end of PC in the 90s? What caused the rise of…[View]
164267659Hey /pol/. Hate to be a bother, but does anyone have the infographic where it's revealed that M…[View]
164263072Heroes of /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9DGV6DIbKo[View]
164267654soyboy hate thread: soyboy hate thread[View]
164255791Going to Auschwitz in the morning. I'll take a ton of pics for you.[View]
164266992can you imagine how insane it will be the day you wake up and open /pol/ and see every single thread…[View]
164209927Self state hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own state God where do I even start with Mississip…[View]
164255103REDDIT CENSORING ALL MCCABE SUBMISSIONS: Something big is about to happen.[View]
164248867ASSANGE AND KIM DOTCOM LIVE: Get the fuck into here https://youtube.com/watch?v=yaJNRCeuNR4…[View]
164262377They're scared: https://twitter.com/mccaffreyr3/status/974748724176941056[View]
164267336THE REAL WAKANDA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9Do3dz9TR0[View]
164257451New California Rebels Against Tyranny of the Majority: What's happening? California anons repor…[View]
164259694STOP WITH THE FUCKING BRIDGES: All of my captchas are fucking birdges now. thanks.[View]
164267243The Martyrdom of Julius Streicher - Special History Channel Documentary: http://www.dailymotion.com/…[View]
164265986Was Hugo Chávez a national socialist?: Let's open a discussion about this. The world believes …[View]
164230551Why are western countries so scared of this shithole[View]
164266671Las Vegas is a degenerate jewish city right?[View]
164264047SMASH WHITEY WITH FLASHLIGHT...GET ACQUITTED: Defend yourself against brown menace...go to prison.…[View]
164266845Im a turk[View]
164266741>>COLLEGE STARTER PACK >>Do you really need all of this shite just to get through colle…[View]
164266841Albino Nigger: This is the second most unreal thing in March Madness.[View]
164226792White males are cancer: >weakest race, even weaker than chinks >most cucked >least intellig…[View]
164262005*sips tea*[View]
164260889What should we do to fix public schools?[View]
164261094How is United going to top itself in 2019?: 2017 - Beating up passengers 2018 - Killing pets 2019 - …[View]
164254663ITT WE DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIEN IN PUBLIC OFFICE: If we send in enough tips to ICE they may start an inv…[View]
164266321Hey /pol/, since it is Saint Patrick's Day, why not ask you your opinions on the conflict in Ir…[View]
164250745Adolf Hitler Appreciation Thread: Show your adoration for the greatest European of all time. Post yo…[View]
164262782Is this peak cuckoldry? Giving up all your resources to raise a living fleshlight for some nigger. H…[View]
164250604Do Americans really believe this nonsense? Do you guys actually believe that not only will your gove…[View]
164237605Rich people are now paying to be killed. LOL[View]
164265311>you wakeup tomorrow and the headlime reads 'Trump kills himself' >he leaves a 'Bye /pol/' not…[View]
164260714'The Second Amendment Was About Hunting': >Constitution written right after a war with a tyrannic…[View]
164265029Jews of /pol/: Jews of /pol/, how does it feel knowing that no matter how much wealth and power you …[View]
164240243>2018 >still not believing 9/11 was an inside job…[View]
164231077American anons what's your ancestry: Mine is polish Slavic and pure german my great grandma was…[View]
164259696Fire all the FBI you want, Donald. Your ass is mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuZyMx2NXZM…[View]
164265181You fucking niggers cant do anything right, fucking useless generation, and you all think your guna …[View]
164266009>Charlottesville, Virginia U(MBC) WILL NOT...REPLACE US[View]
164262494Bomber Harris: Did he do anything wrong?[View]
164249599Wow https://twitter.com/Mediaite/status/974806923731185664[View]
164265390Based Bill Whittle: What does /pol/ think of him?[View]
164254399Why hasn't someone 'Dealt' with him yet?[View]
164265883>Two anthropomorphic amulet figures (zemis) in a ritual squatting position, possibly the wind god…[View]
164259830You know what this means[View]
164225321What is your favourite nigger meme and why?: ITT: we're edgy af I like this one because the neg…[View]
164256793Le 56% Strikes again: >Be me >Go to supper with some friends >Be autist wearing MAGA hat …[View]
164234104do you hate blacks just for their skin color? ofc there are complete idiots but dont you think it…[View]
164265509The Need ... The Need to Secede: >If the South spent 3% of GDP on developing a military, it'…[View]
164265496Why are women so incompetent?[View]
164265433In the Ideal, people would feel like their lives had meaning. They would see themselves as playing a…[View]
164254557>/pol/ wants a white ethnostate >/pol/ hates liberals >literally every city, state, country…[View]
164260446Is Alex Jones a psyop Govt shill? Joe Rogan?: I have suspicions of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan but what…[View]
164262660Anti-White: Ok so I've seen a ton of the anti-white articles passed around but I never took the…[View]
164251766Jewish IQ meme: How did Jews go from having IQs too low to be allowed entrance to Western nations, t…[View]
164258949Let's compare Trump to Jesus Christ > Race: Jesus was non-white, Trump is white > Wealth:…[View]
164259911>have friend with young son >she's single mum >I used to play with her son sometimes a…[View]
164263640Gun control NOW!: https://twitter.com/Chet_Cannon/status/974764240182558720?s=19[View]
164264946KING LEOPOLD II: >King of The Belgians >Of Noble German blood >Had plans to invade the Neth…[View]
164260599Please stop saying the N word it's not nice. Racism is bad![View]
164263441The Pentagon. What happens here?[View]
164263656How could they?: Now all the others are shitting themselves and will spill the beans to keep their p…[View]
164264754Remember fellow anglos and euros, it's a partisan issue! Liberal conspiracy! Polarize! Polarize…[View]
164263915Who is the man most hated by yids in the modern world? My guess is probably Dr. Bashar Al Assad, see…[View]
164264378Trump went too far. McCabe was a patriot.[View]
164259367If I wanted an education to help me lead a nation, what kind of graduate degree should I pursue? MBA…[View]
164250136Do you believe: In everything on the internet or just pizzagate? >a pizzashop in washington dc on…[View]
164264503A Bridge Named Consequences: Let's see what happens when affirmative action combines with illeg…[View]
164253273Trust the plan[View]
164264210Why does Jewish Hollywood not want the world to know that the Nephilim existed and spoke Proto-Indo-…[View]
164254326Honestly pol, Growing up I was a little left of center. Then as time moved on I moved further more t…[View]
164225306Is it worth getting an ancestry dna test /pol/? I'd like if it's worth since I want to kno…[View]
164230439Reminder:: it is our duty to report any brit on this far right racist site to Her Majesties Royal Sh…[View]
164256968The New Tactic: What did the left mean by this, /pol/ Why are libshits constantly trying to sexualiz…[View]
164263934South AfriKKKa[View]
164259908What do you say to this man /pol/?: Follow this mans example?[View]
164257864How does this man make you feel?[View]
164263403Malema dropping red pills https://streamable.com/zv84n White South Africans on suicide watch[View]
164262999History repeats itself: It's almost like we've been here before. It's almost like we…[View]
164237313Expectation vs Reality: How people in the year 1900 thought Paris would be in the year 2000[View]
164259483>At least 125 people — including a dozen high school kids — in Milwaukee have been infected with …[View]
164263314What are some obscure redpills?[View]
164263672ZOGmerica Stands With Israel, Well... Sort of....: Did Hitler hate Chinese people? Let's find t…[View]
164250921John Bolton future NSC the absolute madman: >can smell yellow cake uranium from thousands of mile…[View]
164263435/pol/ related conspiracy videos: /pol/, im really bored. Please post some good conspiracy/deep state…[View]
164243484Karl Marx: Did you know that Karl Marx was an anti-Semite? Why is everyone always going after the Je…[View]
164227428REMINDER THAT FBI ANON WAS RIGHT: The Deep State and the Jews are trying to blame EVERYTHING on McCa…[View]
164260383ITT we posts adorable states that we love and don't hate because hating fellow white people is …[View]
164263544Hitler thought that Indians were poop?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxx-Y16RGBs[View]
164263159Reminder that South Africa is a Jewish Psyop[View]
164262970Okay, well atleast Hitler and the National Socialists killed all the French, didn't they?: http…[View]
164263327tfw no qt Christian gf.: Anyone know this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJgDfUIoyNE&inde…[View]
164263281You should keep Trump in your mind as demonic forces gather to strike as his crusade to Make America…[View]
164259789Does a developing country really need mass immigration?[View]
164260763Marielle Franco[View]
164252120Look at the amount of people killed by drunk drivers each year. The damage from alcohol makes 'muh o…[View]
164238534Ski Lift Kills: It's happening!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx_dEEWe59k When will white peop…[View]
164260010Disney thread. >All those cute girls and animals being non-confrontation to each other >All th…[View]
164262940Lel. This is what is right wingers' deserving fate[View]
164261074GET THE FUCK IN HERE, LADS!: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/sessions-fires-mcca…[View]
164262921Why does /pol/ & SJWs always claim 'muh palestine' is starving when they're fat as shit?[View]
164262822Hitler knew... that black lives matter'ed? Watch the documentary & find out today!!: https:…[View]
164259975>be Vladimir Putin >whole world is watching >election in a few days >Jewish power struc…[View]
164262719Did the Dresden bombing actually happen? Did 250 billion die like /pol/ insists?[View]
164260223PSYOPS GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVGwGB0-i-o https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Synthetic_Env…[View]
164257903What does a jew skull look like?: Anyone got any pics? I tried searching on jewgle but there are no …[View]
164263035POL IS NOW REDDIT: discuss seriously wtf is happening right now?[View]
164257264Did you make the mistake of doubting him pol? Be honest.[View]
164244842Why do so many young men kill themselves?[View]
164262338How can the rest of the world even compete?[View]
164259097Are Scientologists Democrats or Republican? Inb4 leaf[View]
164250258What do you call this shithole, /pol/?[View]
164262266Is Syria the worlds most embarrassing country? No MIDF tears plz.[View]
164252624France belongs to Arabs: What do baguettes think about their new owners?[View]
164233856Corvids will evolve! Join my cult, Zoroaster's Avian Light (ZAL): Part 1 out of 2 Mankind will …[View]
164262114Are mischlings fine?: im just asking you guys if mischlings are fine or should be purged like the re…[View]
164261144Why are White people such fucking degenerates?: I just came back from walking through the city and t…[View]
164261950College Republicans: Any fellow CR's and their affiliates? CRT posted recently, which other sta…[View]
164261946LOL. BEST PUTIN & TRUMP GIF EVER: If you collect them, extracted it from this link till it lasts…[View]
164255757What Is the Cause of Homosexuality?: Let's review what we know to be true so far: >homosexua…[View]
164255804WHAT'S WRONG WITH JAPAN?: They have this famous DICK FESTIVAL, they are so fanatical about the …[View]
164260441goddammit, I can't reply to my own thread. we had something going![View]
164261427/pol/ I took your advice. I made contact with the red laces. Holy shit, even in California we'r…[View]
164258622Weird question...... Who is this lady sitting two seats behind Farage? She's not even that QT, …[View]
164261458Reminder that smoking is the most cucked thing you can do to your body. Fuck cigarettes.[View]
164259074McCabe releases short anti-Trump book: What did he mean by this?????[View]
164260374the pension nazi[View]
164259964The greatest leader in the West.: How powerful is he?[View]
164257454Liberalist General: Individual Rights Protecting the rights of the individual must be the highest va…[View]
164260966Death Penalty: I just watched a series on serial killers all over the world, and the common theme he…[View]
164259133What if America sided with the Nazis in WWII?[View]
164260717Like and share this everywhere. BurgerNats and alt-kike BTFO https://youtu.be/4zr13FWIUDc[View]
164258730The purge has started.[View]
164258932We're in the bellly of the beast.: Hey /pol/, I'm a femanon at a state university.Recently…[View]
164258844The fuck is wrong with these bug'men'?: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-16/south-africa-wants-apo…[View]
164257912We wuz native American n sheit: This nigger thinks that blacks were native Americans https://youtu.…[View]
164260238why is it always the jews?[View]
164259219/pol/ is a Paleolibertarian board and nobody realized that. >'Political scientist and lesbian fem…[View]
164257857>I dreamed a dream, and now that dream is gone.[View]
164257267Friendly reminder that the meaning of life is to endlessly suffer, die and be reborn, to slowly deve…[View]
164245029MGTOW Hate Thread: I hate you MGTOWs so much. Look at this beautiful white woman. You would never be…[View]
164259937Illegal Monkey Immigration: Immigration to the uk is usually highly regulated. Pets require a microc…[View]
164257671Sven here. Just letting you know that I love you. Miss Cro too....[View]
164234333......Really?????!!! https://youtu.be/PY-d00hYl6c[View]
164259739WE WUZ KANGZ: This is the head of a mummy found in Iran, dating from 2500 years ago. Also remember t…[View]
164254744mex/pol/ debate edition: I invite mexanons and others to propose government reforms and lesgislative…[View]
164259671We are in for the Greatest MindFuck of all time!: imagine guys! look at how these fucking leftist ar…[View]
164259609Nancy Pelosi - 'This wall is just too tall! It's too tall! You can't have a wall this tall…[View]
164257369United Airline 3rd Animal Incident in 1 Week: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/16/us/united-airlines-pet-…[View]
164250633Why is the bible so bluepilled?[View]
164258375Who did this?: >> Young funk dancer black woman elected concilor on SJW based ideas on a socia…[View]
164257170YES SESSIONS: ANDREW MCCABE HAS NOW BEEN FIRED https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-17/se…[View]
164255210Never doubt on him again.[View]
164259458Hello. DNC emails. DNC says 27K emails released. But the front page says 44K. Why the difference? Th…[View]
164255990>the EU literally stole one of the most iconic american songs in existance and uses it as their o…[View]
164257923Okay admit it. He’s done now.[View]
164259322What country should I take over, /pol/?[View]
164249367Post most American image you have: No muttposting, please.[View]
164258321I Just got fired[View]
164228698Is college actually important in the 21st century: Or is it just a place to be brainwashed[View]
164256978Honest Question: Should we feed the poor, or burn them?[View]
164254432Why do right wing retards worship this guy?[View]
164259110REPARATIONS When ya'll marching again?[View]
164258778So how niggered is your country? We can measure it by how much money Black Panther made in your cou…[View]
164255058what will Saudi Arabia be like under his rule ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_bin_Salman…[View]
164257830I remove the homeless.: I dismantle homeless camps at the city and sometimes county/state level. Ask…[View]
164243996Happy St. Patrick's Day you niggers[View]
164257804Enough is Enough[View]
164235621Anyone wish Trudeau was fucked to death?[View]
164255129When you thought the faggots couldn't get any dumber.: >NRA >Russia >New muh Russia ag…[View]
164258819The libertarians are against the second admendment now, I wonder (((who))) is behind this?[View]
164256354Andrew Mccabe fired: lol just before his pension https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/us/politics/andr…[View]
164249980What does he want?[View]
164257260The President just fired a patriot for doing his job. Congrats assholes. You get what you deserve.[View]
164257958SHHHH.... QUIET WOMAN !!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpscJe4L9Do ---- Oliver Reed shows us h…[View]
164255751The 7 Weapons Used Against Whites: The Abrahamic religions fall under two categories nontheistic and…[View]
164258206White hipsters/leftists are unconsciously white separatists: They claim to be for multiculturalism b…[View]
164258364Haridem: Anyone see the recent vice piece about the ultra orthodox kikes that hate isreal. I found t…[View]
164258296Explain this one for me /pol/ https://twitter.com/strayedaway/status/974460691250851840[View]
164257994Who are they: What are they talking about?[View]
164257991EMERGENCY: I need funny pictures that make fun of Brits, STAT.[View]
164251519Politically correct alcohol: Is it wrong to be drunk? I don't get THAT drunk, but I do drink. I…[View]
164258105Help me figure out his name and race. http://theync.com/anon-sudokus-with-shotgun.htm At around the…[View]
164235399ITS OVER.....OVER IT....OVER.: What now pervs?[View]
164253905YOU'RE FIRED: McCabe, who had stepped down from his post earlier this year but remained an FBI …[View]
164254809Are you keeping your grades up, /pol/?[View]
164240789Fuoride Detox- why haven't you started?: Started 2 weeks ago: >euthymol replacing fluroide t…[View]
164257944You know Flake might have a point[View]
164226268what are german's like?[View]
164257868Are Jews actually Martians that took over Atlantis and married Earthling 14 year old girls?[View]
164254047Attn all newfags: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/sovereignwales.com/2016/09/20/the-genocidal-kalerg…[View]
164248363So /pol/, are you attempting to raise your vibration? Eventually the planet will separate into two …[View]
164254919Should incest be legal?: Serious thread, no meme. Expecting good points.[View]
164248632Why is it wrong: To be vanilla, /pol/?[View]
164257554Without the destruction of any and all industrial-technological societies, humanity will either go e…[View]
164257525Diversity Bridge - NTSB VIDEO: Bob's on the case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1PPqa9cS-k…[View]
164237917True Capitalist Radio - St Paddy's Day for Aussies Edition: It's Baller Friday! Crypto …[View]
164253753/ptg/ President Trump General Asshole Edition[View]
164257303Is Parkland's time line a SENSITIVE SUBJECT /POL/: tough shit i'll put it up again. WTF is…[View]
164256207I'm just saying: If you guys want change, take action. I'm doing my best action wise, but …[View]
164248751There was literally nothing stopping any intelligence service operative/group from apply for janitor…[View]
164255331>Gid isn't rea- John 20 27 Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my h…[View]
164257230Counter walk out: Find the starter's house Shower them with Conf. flags and MAGA hats. Profit L…[View]
164256008Peterson is our gu-[View]
164254675HAPPENING: MCCABE HAS BEEN FIRED Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe firedhttp://www.foxnews.co…[View]
164248812>tfw terrorist attacks in Europe are over[View]
164257128The 49% face: The memes are true...[View]
164250672What's the gun crime statistic for illegal vs legal firearms?: Are most crimes committed with l…[View]
164257042Does anyone want to join a leftist Hangout? Pic unrelated. https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/yt…[View]
164256994Niggawat: Pol I’m tired of these meme pages going political on gun violence. What is your thoughts?…[View]
164254740The most powerful T-shirt in American history.[View]
164253197In honor of the protest yesterday...: ITT: things that are a more likely cause of death than school …[View]
164252918If every country had nukes, where would be world peace. I mean, if it works for guns, it will work f…[View]
164256375What's he thinking right now /pol/?: Is he mad? That Trump DUMPED HIS FUCKING ASS right before …[View]
164256460Alright bros, we’re at the end of a game of cards against humanity and it’s the haiku round. The fir…[View]
164256605>Before President Donald Trump unveiled his plan Monday to increase the US military presence in A…[View]
164247964Fuck all of you: flat earth RETARDS >the earth is a planet >planets are round >srsly you …[View]
164220495WWlll Prophecies and Prophets: Post any info about Prophecies on WWlll and videos. Doesn't stri…[View]
164254383What's wrong with being a liberal? I believe that free market solutions are best whenever possi…[View]
164256538Be ethnopositive!: I'm a bit tired of all the negativity regarding the european and oriental pe…[View]
164256217When will guns get banned?: Considering probably 95% of the 18 and under demographic support a gun b…[View]
164255302Press s[View]
164256292Should we use self hating blacks/mutts?: they exist apparently is it even possible to like mutilate …[View]
164255729MAGA 2020?: What do you think?[View]
164256109Let's get as many signatures as possible!: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigratio…[View]
164254618>Trump employs anti-Zionist /ourguys/ >But then replaces them with Zionist /theirgoys/…[View]
164241795Trump Rapes Stormy Daniels During Presidency: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/16/politics/stormy-daniels…[View]
164256100mods why did you fucking delete the thread about the guy posting 'islam is gay islam is trans' with …[View]
164256093Why is phone posting on /pol/ today shine when loading but wifi’s all good? Is this something to do …[View]
164256061Does learning the history of your country ever depress you? To learn of its failures and it's m…[View]
164255632Mental Gymnastics: So what is it with bongs that they always shitpost about how they burned downed t…[View]
164226613How do we save local architecture?[View]
164256004Shitty Men Alert: What can we do with this live Google Doc of 'famous' (((architects))) being accuse…[View]
164255896Hmmm, looks sorta interesting. What should we ask guys? I’m sure many of you have very useful input…[View]
164255556Brit/pol/ - Watchpoint Gibraltar edition: >NEW POLL TORIES: 42% LABOUR: 39% LIB DEMS: 7% >Pars…[View]
164222171Prove me wrong[View]
164251511>how to defeat an excessively argumentative anarchist 101[View]
164250822>the left wants to destroy this Ancient Swedish herdingcall. pic.twitter.com/kehbrlBavE https://t…[View]
164255727>China opening businesses, buying property and exporting all over the globe >Europeans having …[View]
164255702Why does Ireland have an admitted homosexual poo as their leader?[View]
164251787LEAF/POL/: Justin Turdeau Edition. A thread to tlak about the canadian problem. Creeping communism, …[View]
164234620Independant Wales: The only way to save the Welsh is for a free and independant Wales without le 40%…[View]
164247441Is the TWP dead?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/03/13/white-nationalist-le…[View]
164253792She has a point you know...[View]
164255551Mccabe right now.[View]
164253440McCabe fired RIP[View]
164255280What did he mean by this?[View]
164254027We did it!!![View]
164189156how could you Dutch be so stupid???!!!??!!!!??!?!: today, on March 16 2018, we mark 1 year and 1 day…[View]
164222913Terry Gilliam calls out asspained Hollyweird roasties: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-55110…[View]
164246386have you embraced the Fourth Political Theory?[View]
164250096/Pol/ help.: This girl that I've been talking to is a gem. Dark hair, blue eyes, thicc. We…[View]
164253564What are jews like in person? I'm from Alabama and there are very few people that aren't M…[View]
164217971Éire/pol/ - The Nation Survived Another Week! Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.b…[View]
164253787Heya /pol/ /literallyeveryoneelse/ here, just wanted to remind you that you're fucking dorks. Y…[View]
164251175Amerindians vs sub-saharans: Which race is better and why?[View]
164254453Hillary Broke Her Wrist in a Tub Fall: Apparently after falling down the steps in India, Hurtlery fe…[View]
164236637Brit/pol/ - Liverpool FC edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube bomb …[View]
164231946Goyim btfo even in the Eurovision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CziHrYYSyPc How could you possibl…[View]
164254110Namibian president calls for land expropriation: https://af.reuters.com/article/africaTech/idAFKBN16…[View]
164234292Hey Israel, this is your fate and it's only a matter of time now.: https://www.memri.org/report…[View]
164247829>Muslim countries oppress wom—[View]
164253346Why does T_D love this gap-toothed karma whore?: All he does is file FOIA requests and post the resu…[View]
164252770UNGA SMASH *big club you*[View]
164254871GIVE YOUR LIFE TO YOUR COUNTRY...GET FIRED BY A CUNT TV PITCHMAN: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16…[View]
164254732The resist radicals on go fund me.: Hey pol, the leftards are crowdsource financing their resist pro…[View]
164252474Think about how easy it would be to kill every who: voted against your right and ability to defend y…[View]
164250017Gamers: Gamers are the most oppressed and marginalized group in society.[View]
164249977Help! Quick Stats!: I just called out the Jew to a very close normie friend in denial. He is asking…[View]
164247167I just inherited a company and I have to hire some people. How do I weed out cucks and libshits with…[View]
164252813How we can solve the Weeibmar problem?[View]
164247113mfw I'm in the College Republicans club at my university and we just sold tea in our school…[View]
164253582Hey /pol/, you no good bunch of Sambo's. >Red Pill me on Pro Wrestling. >Is it fake? Cau…[View]
164251514Mike Pence is ruining saint patrick's day: So Mike Pence is coming to my town for the Saint Pat…[View]
164254439Save Your Shekels!: Look out for the dumb goyim who will stop at nothing to screw us Jews over! Stay…[View]
164254386Whats your opinion on the absolute state of rap niggers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrsFXgQk5UI…[View]
164241361Winston Churchill: What's your take on this man? Based, degenerate cuck, or just a standard shi…[View]
164254357Conspiracy Theory comes True (Again): In 2007 : https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4060 '...like all CONS…[View]
164247048Is there a non-cucked version of communism? I say yes. We need to bring back a masculine, strong for…[View]
164254032>Tfw Cernovich FUCKING DELIVERED[View]
164243639How do we resolve our 2,000 year old conflict with the Jews? No memes please[View]
164228397Want to fracture the left? Feminize stronk men of color: There is no better wedge. You know what to …[View]
164252799WHY YOU AMERICANS GOING ON HOLIDAYS TO THIS BLOODY SHITHOLE?: Why are you supporting Mexican economy…[View]
164250645Daily reminder that you're not white if you have brown eyes.[View]
164235503How do we stop enemies we aren't allowed to fight /pol/? Jewish lobbies, BLM, pic related. The …[View]
164253498White men are spectacular. We are a team, white women and white men: I have tremendous respect for t…[View]
164253626Light Power! Shade War Now! (ADTSBSG#4): Anti darker than swarthy beige skin general #4. Last 3 thre…[View]
164247604why not asian immigrants?: when compared to whites >asians have a higher IQ >are better educat…[View]
164245981The white race deserves extinction.[View]
164253487Free Speech For Some, But Not For Others: So I went to my local high school during the student walko…[View]
164253108ok, theoretical experiment. what would happen if tomorrow the us govt said 'ok fuck you all', deport…[View]
164253275Irish Republican Army: /pol/ what do you think of the IRA? I’m not too familiar with it, but I’m sur…[View]
164249942LISTΞN: You stupid niggas need to understand some shit. I'm serious. LISTEN. This whole place …[View]
164220307The Alt-Right is self destructing and it's hilarious to watch: >https://twitter.com/TheeCurr…[View]
164251822What happens here?: There doesn't seem to be any discussion or info on /pol/ about what goes on…[View]
164199639Our Guy on the top of drudge today: Congrats kid https://ijr.com/2018/03/1076385-ohio-student-suspen…[View]
164253106Hey pol I'm just wondering. What do you think of Ghost? Do you think he's smart or just an…[View]
164250365guise whos this girl, she delicious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJkHl9SZ1DY[View]
164253064why is she so based?[View]
164248912Was religion created to control the masses?[View]
164253008Méxi/pol/ Rip El bronco edition.[View]
164252535undercover fbi agent says its just a (((coincidence))) that he happened to be at the scene of a terr…[View]
164252810How absolutely buttravaged would Liberals be if Donald Trump formally decriminalized vigilante viole…[View]
164247241This is a map of Trump supporters in New York City. Will you guys move here now and make it better n…[View]
164218571If Jews are at the top of every structure in Western society, then doesn't that mean that they …[View]
164251707When did it start?: Interracial marriage and degeneracy in America how far back does it go?[View]
164250436Are Canadians accepted in Krautland?: White Canadian, willing to learn language til fluent, health r…[View]
164250694White Supremacist strips on orders of black ANTIFA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnXBeQwmmrc this…[View]
164250428Is she being paid by Soros?[View]
164251045Midwest Alliance General: Breadbasket of America Edition: Why not create a white homeland in the mid…[View]
164247590Why do so many millennials want to live off the grid?[View]
164250797Are you a real man if you haven't made face-to-face love with a (dark) black chick?[View]
164250846Is it natural for lesser races to blame superior races on their failures? For instance, how blacks b…[View]
164249546Reminder that Leftists want you all dead: They will never stop, until they murder all of you. That i…[View]
164241051>you have the right to protest >You don't have the right not to protest >the absolute …[View]
164248210Pizzagate isnt real: Its a stupid conspiracy over an artisan pizza maker that almost.got him killed …[View]
164248242Wait a minute you guys are just the same as sjws you guys get triggered constantly LMAO[View]
164251749>Democrats are the ones making all the child po-[View]
164251962Donald Trump Tulpa: Ok, I need help. About 5 months ago, I made a Donald Trump tulpa. I recently per…[View]
164251920Anti-Civil Rights Q/A, hosted by Twitter!: Ive seen how a lot of y'all feel on here about these…[View]
164237860Whats going on Nordic bros?[View]
164250663Let's do this.: just made these posters. gonna put these up around my city. IOTBW 2.0 #AllahIs…[View]
164250275Why is California the worst state in the union?[View]
164251413Christian banker shoots kills police: This is what happends when you give Christians guns. http://ww…[View]
164250297This board is being heavily bombarded with psychological warfare: Do not lose Trust in your Presiden…[View]
164243115Free Speech: To what extent should we allow free speech? a purely libertarian approach? Or does ther…[View]
164245285What was the point of integration? All blacks do now is whine about coexisting with whites. Pic rela…[View]
164249040This whole thing with the Florida propaganda kids is disgusting. Kyle deserves the coolest kid in A…[View]
164246805Would you date someone that can’t keep a conversation going?: I can talk about things for a few minu…[View]
164250515Why are white supremacists such cowards IRL?: >11 million Germans surrender in WW2 >2/3 of ent…[View]
164251206Why are Jews so much more successful and smarter than whites? Why are they able to outsmart, manipul…[View]
164246201Are we finished?: Rough week or two for a britbong: >international embarrassment of barring Coalb…[View]
164248901WHO and WHY KILLED HIM?: Adrian Lamo, hacker who reported Chelsea Manning to FBI, dies aged 37. Hack…[View]
164250020So /pol, I was just thinking. I'm sure a lot of people here recognize that exact slippery slope…[View]
164245943*gets dominated by the third world*[View]
164231292One of the best things about living in the United Kingdom is that most of the right-wing rhetoric yo…[View]
164248877New CWC?: https://youtu.be/9-jpH_29gxg[View]
164247275Alrighy, real talk here. Can't we just put all the mexicans, niggers, Muslims and Jews into cam…[View]
164244971Wwhats this girl's name, /pol/?': I've really been out of the loop. Care to help me out?…[View]
164247587/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - OPRAH 2020 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
164250129>be european >need a Ph.D and 2 masters with Erasmus from especific universities to compete wi…[View]
164218638Shuaiby suicide vid linked to 4chan freeze?: Hardly anyone is covering this and most boards ended up…[View]
164241974/pol/ humor[View]
164239128>thinks he's part of the superior race >can't put at least 140kg above his head Wha…[View]
164238762Based Kids Walk Out: What the fuck. When are we actually gonna have a fucking March For OUR RIGHTS.…[View]
164250378Londonstan: I lived in the UK for a few years back in the 90's. It was already getting like thi…[View]
164184599Okay what the fuck is happening in South Africa. These chimps cant be stupid enough to burn their ow…[View]
164242425Watch your backs, don't mess with us, dox your family , cone your boss, I'm proud to be wh…[View]
164233003Latest Blacked Propaganda From National Geographics: These Twins, One Black and One White, Will Make…[View]
164247271FISA Abuse: The Judge Edition: For those following the increasingly curious case against General Mik…[View]
164244398So was it historic /pol/?[View]
164247347Trump should have put his family businesses into a blind trust. Look up what a blind trust is. A rea…[View]
164237421where are you at?[View]
164240042> The post that destroyed /pol/[View]
164248761he got the internship. Aren't you happy for him /pol/ ?[View]
164247484Argentina politics thread: >no Argentina thread in the catalog Let's change that…[View]
164250080Iran...the origin of the huwhite race: Based proto slavs in effect. Prove me wrong that all huwhite …[View]
164249411Avengeance: this PG mc server kicked my mate for making Nazi jokes, we must avenge him in the name o…[View]
164250012https://pastebin.com/Jeu9whkk la goblina...[View]
164238581>Stephen Hawking would have been killed in nazi germany thoughts?[View]
164245244Americans and their guns.: http://wnep.com/2018/03/16/school-district-apologizing-after-audio-of-par…[View]
164245892Why is no one talking about this?: You'd think there would be at least one thread mentioning it…[View]
164225319When will Japan realize that they need immigrants in order to raise their declining birth rates and …[View]
164248552CAN'T FUCC THE ZUCC: Zucc thread anyone?[View]
164230039Smuggies: Nothing makes me laugh like a good smuggies thread >implying you dont secretly want to …[View]
164238584>/pol/ will try to refute this[View]
164241838California is reaching levels of cuckery we thought to be impossible. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news…[View]
164237384just found out my gf hooked up with a black guy all last summer everytime i kiss her i think about t…[View]
164247845Real??: Is this picture real or just liberal propaganda? If it's real, should I be concerned?…[View]
164247107Are there any highschool teachers on /pol/? I'm thinking of training to teach english at highsc…[View]
164247488>2122 >Americans somewhat more mutted up but healthy enclaves >Europe are pure-blooded sand…[View]
164244387Liberals Removing Guns: > Four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition were ordered removed from a …[View]
164246587Your daily reminder that the modern day economy requires a sizable part of the population to be unem…[View]
164246216/COMMUNISM GENERAL/: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ide…[View]
164247990>Asians have no creat-- This man is credited with the invention MOSFET at Bell Labs. For laymen, …[View]
164247987search engines and (((them))): Everytime you use Google to do your research on (((them))), you'…[View]
164240039>tfw stolen €250 today from my liberal neighborhood pretending the money would be given to rapefu…[View]
164248773>'north korea has outdated weapons'[View]
164247171APOLOGIZE /POL/[View]
164246725America declared war in WW2 because Japan killed thousands of american citizens. They didn't ev…[View]
164248665Operation nmask Antifa: Anyone going to speakers corner this sunday 3pm for the Tommy Robinson speec…[View]
164248542You guys do know we NEED more of them right? Our economy will collapse without immigrants.[View]
164245437It’s official, Kroger is against the second admendment and taking a hard left stance https://archive…[View]
164248390The world would be perfect right now if after WW2 white countries didn't just start letting ton…[View]
164246258I think I have uncovered another brilliant fact about whiteness while reading an erotic story about …[View]
164246044GIVE ME YOUR WAIFU, GUY[View]
164223350London in the 70s: What happened?[View]
164247912Anyone here going to support Tommy Robinson this Sunday at 3pm in Hyde Park at speakers corner[View]
164247223Why don't you own Real Estate?: If you were truly red pilled you would have real estate by now.…[View]
164242124>national debt 21 trillion >1 trillion in interest per year on top of current spending which i…[View]
164248172>Yfw he gones full Kim-Jong and becomes the founder and first president of The Republic of Aridoa…[View]
164247942>ITT: Things /pol/ never wants to talk about[View]
164247753Why is Eurasia so americanophobic?[View]
164247913https://www.buzzfeed.com/blakemontgomery/man-attacked-by-white-supremacists-not-guilty https://twitt…[View]
164242498TDS268: Lucky Pierre: who has it?[View]
164245318‘Islam does not belong to Germany,’ country’s new interior minister says: GERMANY NO! NO, NO, NO, NO…[View]
164244574Swatting: I got assaulted by some SJW because i didn't agree with him. Keep in mind i was 16. I…[View]
164247650Bow before me: I am God, but not a benevolent one. You are all insects, obey me or you will writhe b…[View]
164246514Ive got it /pol Our next mission! Remember Kilroy? That meme that started in ww2 that everyone drew …[View]
164247569I got a new probation officer. God darn, I hope shes not black...[View]
164247558Join my new discord/ethnostate discord invite code: Vxmv6Us channels for just about anything includi…[View]
164247556Why are genuinely well educated British people so good at politics?: >Be myself >Reading Histo…[View]
164244068/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - STEYNED EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
164243800Judge cuts off woman's spousal support after she asked to triple it: >Kevin Choquette, a ret…[View]
164247127Why is this place so racist? Maybe you guys should listen more to ronaldo.[View]
164220065God doesn't exi-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=146&v=eFfFtq1fljY[View]
164242529Anyone borderline chad here? Ive got the chad face and genetics, sadly im too short to be a real cha…[View]
164242354Australia attempts to prosecute Nobel peace laureate for the holocaust of Rohingya.: Lawyers in Melb…[View]
164244298Build the wall: And put memes on it[View]
164233048>when a nigger threatens to get you fired but you're your own boss: Kek Niggers threaten to …[View]
164243193Any thoughts on justin trudeau?[View]
164247045Troll this /pol/: My city decided to put up a display of what's trending so let's try and …[View]
164196997JEWS: Jew story time. >every thursday i go out and play domino with friends. >sometimes jews f…[View]
164224189How is this allowed?[View]
164243228Hi /pol/ Does anyone have a copy of The Jewish Community of Sweden which has the Barbara Lerner Spec…[View]
164235430>American vs Chinese infrastructure. Why is the United States still stuck in the 70s? What went …[View]
164245009our /queen/? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/15/us/morgan-roof-dylann-roof.html?smid=fb-nytimes&…[View]
164243760Healthy young King schools fellow students on the universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fmTTiiW…[View]
164237934My Aryan Warlords , Things are very simple. KRISHNA IS GOD “ Therefore, anything opposed to this rel…[View]
164233480Hillary won by 3 million votes[View]
164246771New /pol/ reminder: We are a minority on / pol /. But how can we speed up the process of destroying …[View]
164244875Latest Jazz and Jesse: Anyone have it?[View]
164246740Do Trump supporters think it’s 4D chess to fire people via twitter? Sounds more like something 16-yr…[View]
164240169Say goodbye: https://youtu.be/PY-d00hYl6c[View]
164244805Why is Russia killing their spies?[View]
164245557If there are racial differences in IQ, please explain this:: Black people are more likely to attend …[View]
164246561Niggers are just what happens to black people when they become controlled by the you know who's…[View]
164243936What is your favorite Trump Meme: Post em[View]
164239486DAD PULLS OUT KNIFE: During a PTA meeting to make his Pro-Gun point, classroom parents get triggered…[View]
164244830>rid Asia of western powers >forced into war by imperialist American dogs >they use weapons…[View]
164244995Poland wtf. Am I a kike?: Grandma a commie spy >Barbara >Paryż Two kike names Grandpa >Depo…[View]
164246455We are gonna make america great ag-: >Why isn't Miami considered part of latinamerica?…[View]
164239929Hello everyone.: Recommendation of books to me read?[View]
164245865BiG HaPpEnINg OMG!!!!!!11one1: Remember yesterday how today there was supposed to be a big happening…[View]
164246401CALIFORNIA HATE THREAD: it's time for another california hate thread[View]
164238823Liberals used to praise this guy: Now he's a Russian spy? Liberalism=Schizophrenia[View]
164244561Who would win? 100 or so Georgians or 1 faulty ski lift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZaiOPirFEU…[View]
164246273??????????????????: Russia -> Syria -> Hezbollah -> Iran != Saudi -> USA -> Israel -…[View]
164245131>'latinos aren't white!'[View]
164246263cryptic message: we need all our best autistic minds getting to the bottom of this right now. mobile…[View]
164246223Just got off the phone with a lady from the Second Amendment Foundation, she was fundraising of cour…[View]
164242256goyim, you don't have to be a good parent!: slate.com featured article http://archive.is/K3YRI …[View]
164246186What If Rhodesia Won The Bush War?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk6ib0WwRTk&t=10s…[View]
164243198Vic Berger: This guy is responsible for the doxing of Baked Alaska and is trying to shut down Intern…[View]
164215588What happened to the U.K.? It seems like they’ve become more cucked than Canada...[View]
164241848Is it socially acceptable to hang a painting of Erwin Rommel in your room?[View]
164194835UK Attack: Why does Russia want a war with the west so bad?[View]
164243899reminder that if your flag is a tricolor, you don't live in a real country[View]
164243420I've spent the last ten minutes jerking off to clothed pictures of lee anne macadoo. I'm n…[View]
164245573Can you feel it.: Can you feel the vibrations. Listen to your instincts anons. Be safe wether left o…[View]
164225732Do any celebrities post on /pol/?: We know Shatner shitposts on /tv/ but I'm curious. Does anyo…[View]
164245333Dog breeds are characterized by intelligence. Why is this not condemned for being racist?[View]
164240939Why is transgenderism a mental illness but christcuckery is not?[View]
164245432Pay gap, pay gap, do the math: A generic country singer wrote a song about the pay gap: https://yout…[View]
164238297I FUCKING KNEW IT!: The Jews have been using forskins to live longer and raise their power levels. H…[View]
164242161Science Teacher Feeds Dying Puppy to Snapping Turtle- In Front of Students: http://wtvr.com/2018/03/…[View]
164242564If you weren't aware, here's another reason why identitarians such as Martin Sellner and L…[View]
164240352>it's the year 2018 >japs make Blackface funny again They can't keep getting away wi…[View]
164233297stop conflating multiculturalism with multiracialism: multiculturalism doesnt work but there is noth…[View]
164245272General Mattis talks with Israel about Syria's chemical weapons - Daily Mail: https://www.youtu…[View]
164242270>when jews write school textbooks[View]
164242356You're all fags for still being on cuckchan top kek >not being on infichan Anyway here'…[View]
164245186Dont let soros win: come on faggots dont let soros win this down vote it[View]
164236411Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn?: Both a threat to Rothschild's[View]
164244143>Yfw hes a Paleolibertarian[View]
164240005How do we deal with video game addicts?[View]
164244884https://youtu.be/6H0X-7sDwZE >https://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report.pdf >https://w…[View]
164244962ladies and gentleman, i present you with the next american socialist president Bernie Sanders! love …[View]
164241258niggers > muslims if you could eliminate one group, which would it be and why?[View]
164215057Feminist Apocalypse General - /FAG/ (Bioweapon Attack): This thread is for sharing memes and informa…[View]
164240688Jewish Appreciation Thread: Here me out, if we join the Jews, we get to join the white Jewish ethnos…[View]
164242213>pro ethnostate >pro Christian >anti degeneracy But I don’t see why I should be against con…[View]
164238951I cant believe this board genuinely exists. It is very frightening to see that there are so many fru…[View]
164231928Yazidi Female Refugees Have Seizures Recalling Rape at Hands of ISIS: Do you feel bad for these peop…[View]
164243583Manufacturing dissent: Isn’t this counterintuitive? How long has rebellious culture just been manufa…[View]
164235986Unabomber: Quick rundown please[View]
164173717This is what white South Africans are going through...: Jesus my heart dropped.[View]
164244491Florida shooting audio played at schools.: So, apparently a school in my state thought it would be a…[View]
164227636/IBS/ - We Lovesports now: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. Right now: Tonka and Sargon have a talk http…[View]
164243386Why do you support Augusto Pinochet?[View]
164241657Why does /pol/ hate communism?[View]
164234885(((Community Centers))): I need your help Pol. I grow tired of the niggers that leave the gates open…[View]
164243780Am I the only one that's picked up on this 'Aryan master race' bullshit?: Firstly, blue eyes on…[View]
164240419/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - DUMPED EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
164238948Libertarianism: Why is /pol/ against libertarianism? Why do you care what people do in the privacy o…[View]
164243826Are you happy despite the actual political situation? Or even happier because of the chaos it create…[View]
164243070What would Trump do if Yellowstone went off?[View]
164244044Peter Dutton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HllWSsy1dUE How likely is this guy to become PM in nex…[View]
164244022HIPSTERS: Is Hipsterism just an expression of white people's inherent yearning for Traditionali…[View]
164241934How is the nightclub scene in your country ?[View]
164243989The red circle marks the epicenter of whiteness in modern day Europe, the city of Chelm in eastern P…[View]
164243968Why do yall Americoons (both the WOKE WHITE GUILT ones and the #MAGA REDPILL ones) buy anti russian …[View]
164230691Reddit gave Computers to a Ghana teacher that thought his students Microsoft Word in a black board. …[View]
164217771Whitepill of the year, maybe even the decade incoming.[View]
164243747>Fruit pesticides are bad for kids' brains >Vaccines are okay What do liberals mean by th…[View]
164240857Question for the muzzies of /pol/: Are these tits haram or halal? If i were to tell you tht a kaffir…[View]
164238105Demoralisation: >be me >be a 27 year old ugly beta loser loner autist with no friends or socia…[View]
164240126the absolute state of conservatards: >obama does thing bad >trump does thing good https://twit…[View]
164242754Propecia (finasteride): What's the redpill with finasteride? >Used by Trump >Raises free …[View]
164242861World War 3 will be muslims vs non muslims. It's Europes fault for letting them all in but they…[View]
164240357Sweden IQ Jail: Sweden yes !! Muh science and muh biology btfo!!!! Will /pol/ ever recover?![View]
164241736Potential Malaysian airlines happening: Hey /pol/ potential happening right now quick rundown >gu…[View]
164237586Communism is dea-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvuKPWy5XSU[View]
164242453What was his motive? Why did he kill? Did Valentine's Day have anything to do with it?[View]
164243019Someone needs to put a bullet in this fucking witch[View]
164241111TRUMP'S 1ST QUARTER GDP GROWTH AT A PATHETIC 1.8%: https://www.frbatlanta.org/cqer/research/gdp…[View]
164242979Liberalism: Liberalists.org This statement of principles is a list of the values that Liberalists ho…[View]
164224091SIGN THE PETITION BOYS! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immigration-priority-south-african…[View]
164242922The 6 serpents ensure the river's flow Q[View]
164242919Anyone Else Notice the E-celeb Hate Threads Stopped?: It's been several days since I have seen …[View]
164242878Austin Petersen on Gun Control: Will he be our next president? >There’s one big moral theme that …[View]
164242872'Diversity is a strength' webm thread: Post the best examples of a new brave multicultural world.…[View]
164242654Siberia doesn't belong to Russia.: How do we help those brave POCs in Siberia who are being opp…[View]
164242608reminder that this is a pro-israel board[View]
164229266Let's compare Trump to Jesus Christ > Race: Jesus was non-white, Trump is white > Wealth:…[View]
164242550So does this make him the ultimate NEET now?[View]
164232230Jacob Rees Moog: How many meme's do we have of this messenger of God? We don't have enoug…[View]
164240312>the only 'arguments' against Anarcho-Capitalism are poorly made exaggerations reminder ancap is …[View]
164231675redpill me on modern art: Is modern art a scam? It seems to me like its just a bunch of elitists cir…[View]
164240560I dont like Trump's policies but he sure does make everything entertaining: absolutely savage…[View]
164242273is gun control after a mass shooting kind of like the rights that were taken away from us after 9/11…[View]
164242263LIVE PD - Friday Night Wakanda Edition: DO NOT MISS TONIGHT'S AIRING Do your part in brainwashi…[View]
164229428Hard working people thread: Are you a hard working guy?[View]
164242242Time line bungle in FLORIDA?: If classes don't get out until 2:40, what happened here? https:/…[View]
164241155This game is called two line vocabulary, and the only lines you're allowed to say are 'the goyi…[View]
164237410How to Stop Mass Shootings: Stop talking about them. Seriously. Every time there's a mass shoot…[View]
164231314>be me, 17 years old in 2009 >watch David Icke 2hrs videos on Reptilians and NWO >you forge…[View]
164229098Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out, cocksucker.[View]
164240113honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
164242076China just played white people: 1. China invests a crapton in Africa in infrastructure, forming mili…[View]
164240629Are Italians White ?[View]
164236059You bastards: Which of one you fucks did this? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/facebook-fo…[View]
164241949REMEMBER: that Iran is the enemy. Trump confirms.[View]
164240727Why are there no threads about Marielle Franco?[View]
164241536Now I understand everything.[View]
164241886What did he mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zumq1U7NprU[View]
164240872MOORTUGUESE: I am going with my girl to visit her family in the Azores. After looking at her pics, w…[View]
164241866The Last Leg: #isitok to say that Vlad Putain should enter the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics: as he's …[View]
164238568It's her turn.: >but it's not natural. Nice appeal to nature. There is NO REASON too de…[View]
164241823I doubt the world would have such a snarl, If Marx had been Groucho, instead of Karl[View]
1642406004 days until my ban on Stormfront ends: I got banned on Stormfront for discussing the non white bloo…[View]
164231712Americans vs British rivarly: Who's better and why?[View]
164241762Omar Navarro feat. Gen Flynn: Omar vs Maxine https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BRKjrjvqRjKw[View]
164230656Interesting how the Jews and Chinese, who have the highest IQs in the world, push for socialism, huh…[View]
164239046the Globgogabgalab doesn't like black people why should you?[View]
164240444Niggers are gonna nig. Left unrestrained by civilization niggers will return to their natural true …[View]
164231892/cat/: The clock is ticking Manolos Europe, America... we will not forget the ones who betrayed the …[View]
164239285Why won't you just let them in?[View]
164241116why is there white nationalism on a japanese website: pol is always talking about how other races ar…[View]
164241405The Goyim Knows....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qndoGN1dt48[View]
164221754Syria General /sg/- Late Night In Damascus Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals…[View]
164240216>Hates the establishment >Talks shit >Is the bad boy women love but won't admit it …[View]
164238681If God created man in his image and there are 4 different major races, does that mean that God himse…[View]
164241242“Students at SIMIAN” academy trashed a local Walmart during Chicago school walkout” http://www.fox29…[View]
164238358There were no Black people in Medieval Euro...: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Taberna >bibit a…[View]
164240714Listen to me, white people.: Your government no longer represents you. They applaud your demographic…[View]
164240984What does social orthopedics mean to you?[View]
164235381Trash TV: Is anyone else getting redpilled by Trash TV? >Maury shows blacks in their true form: l…[View]
164237490Dear Russia: Please spare us on the day you liberate this world. I do not wish to fight you.[View]
164240924How can we ever reconquer Constantinopole when half of 4chan is crusader apologist Catholic retards.[View]
164240858are there any good engineering companies to work for left in the world? or is it all some bullshit …[View]
164234669FUCK OFF WE ARE FULL: >Matt Damon is moving his family to Australia — in part because the liberal…[View]
164233394VERY good news the US will be minority white by 2045[View]
164240540/pol/ = brainlets: Jewish bankers: 'Listen up goys! The #1 threat to civilization are people who wan…[View]
164218273Trump decides to remove McMaster: You CAN NOT defend this. The turnover rate is insane and incompete…[View]
164219194Rare Flag Thread: post your rarest flags with proof[View]
164234617Serious mistake at Fox News. A draft story has accidentally been published and was live online sayin…[View]
164239647How do we abolish the Federal Income tax and the Federal Reserve for good? Why won't Drumpf bri…[View]
164236827/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - >marry a jew they said EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
164240468Heya /pol/ /literallyeveryoneelse/ here, just wanted to remind you that you're fucking dorks. Y…[View]
164208451R.A.M. Motivational video: The fellas are back with a new video that is oddly inspiring and very pos…[View]
164238593You fucking Nazis will never recover from this.[View]
164235594Buy Gold?: So my darling polsties mosties, would you buy gold eight the impending collapse of the We…[View]
164239382A Good way to Stop School Shootings: Should there be separate schools for autists and people with lo…[View]
164235780Daily reminder that anime is a plot by (((them))) to feminize white and asian males[View]
164236313If god doesn't exist...: How can you explain this chess piece being called BISHOP? >Atheists…[View]
164235068Strawpoll: Let's settle this. Who does /pol/ side with in the midst of recent conflict? https:/…[View]
164227245remind me again why communism is a jewish conspiracy when it's capitalism that causes a bourgeo…[View]
164239532Call Them What They Are - Jewish Terrorists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuWtPyo1eUw[View]
164237913why does it hurt me and i feel guilty when i am racist. but i know niggers are animals and they woul…[View]
164229099just when you thought: they couldn't be more annoying https://youtu.be/PY-d00hYl6c[View]
164240037>wants women to have the same if not more rights then men and wants gay rights >supports a rel…[View]
164239897It's time that the Anglo finally do his duty and conquer the globe, the fact is that unless you…[View]
164236090South African National Socialist History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyZPFL70ncs[View]
164239893ITT: The face you make when you retire and receive full benefits.[View]
164237626Ver 2.0 As we all know, having sex with multiple partners decreses people's ability to pair-bon…[View]
164238996What's with all the Britmutts all of the sudden? Right after the UK called out slavshits a bunc…[View]
164233604I Don’t Know Who’s Jewing Who Anymore?: This is confusing as fuck. >Tomb Raider Fanboys Don’t Wan…[View]
164239887> the post that killed /pol/[View]
164238782What's the verdict on this guy?: Is molymeme the real deal?[View]
164239279Could There Be More To The Central Michigan Shooting?[View]
164239787I'm starting to notice more white folks taking over niggerized parts of town: (((They're))…[View]
164239774How do we stop non-Christians from celebration Saint Patrick's day?[View]
164236416Another Russian Thread: So Russia says the West's 500 year old reign is coming to an end. What …[View]
164237545What does jordan peterson think about the jews? >pic unrelated[View]
164228750Not quite huwhite: >Amerimutt here >have Italian, Native American, Irish, German, and French C…[View]
164239328Fried/Frazzled/Frenzy/Give Me Back My Peace Of Mind/: I understand misinformation is necessary I und…[View]
164239405White European Americans film & expose Jew Terrorists at AIPAC 2018: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
164235087The absolute state of/Pol/: When did /Pol/ become completely retarded? Half the fucking threads and …[View]
164209664Protesters Set South African Farm Ablaze In “Act Of Retribution” After Shooting: >The farming dis…[View]
164239223AIPAC is Treason 2018 - AIPAC is The Jewish ZOG carrying out White Genocide: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
164218380>WHERE'S DA PROOF >SHOW ME PROOF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jvrWmOt-Ek Russians are…[View]
164239116Move countries: Why cant all of you just move too a different country instead of complaining about a…[View]
164234458Not all muslims are bad people. One of my dearest friends is a turk and he is very kind and helped m…[View]
164231766>musket >an infantryman's light gun with a long barrel, typically smooth-bored, muzzleloa…[View]
164231485Why do mexicans celebrate St.Patrick's day again?[View]
164237726How is it possible for a medical proceedure that always kills a human being to deemed 'Safe'?[View]
164238872The (((Question))): I've realized that for almost every white or quasi-white country, jews are …[View]
164238170Take club: Chieftain say no club for grug. Grug think chieftain give club to long nose tribe[View]
164232612>be as visually unappealing as possible >be political >first written impression is complain…[View]
164238478/pol/ redpill break-up stories: >be high school student >meet dream gf >fall in love >5 …[View]
164229663Strzok and his mistress had a—dare we call it—CONSPIRACY with the FISA judge in the Flynn case. Brea…[View]
164236214What would a 150 IQ society be like?[View]
164226174Master Race: When did you accept the fact that Mediterraneans are actually the master race? Italian …[View]
164238068Who would win /pol/?[View]
164238589Yo y'all niggas be hatin on trump cos he hella thicc[View]
164231139Meanwhile, in the /pol/eolithic era: Longnose tribe always say many longnose die in holobunga, but G…[View]
164237469The soyboy plan: the united states government should feed all male prisoners tofu and pump them with…[View]
164236854So, I currently live in a shithole area filled with a bunch of degenerates. Recently moved here and …[View]
164230432why can't americans build?: >serious question[View]
164185857Why are people such faggots?: Just trolling on Chelsea Clinton’s twitter page, and all of a sudden I…[View]
164236549Why does the Rwandan genocide get so little attention? It's like the Holocaust on steriods: The…[View]
164238356/pol/ i'm going to crush them for you.: /pol/ I recently found this individual on twitter. This…[View]
164238312Wow, I live in NJ! No wonder we are so liberal![View]
164238060What went wrong?: https://archive.fo/Q9ZJm[View]
164222051I think it's time to accept the fact pic related was the biggest happening we are ever going to…[View]
164223812What does this board think of mixed people and couples? I am half black half white and my fiance is…[View]
164235125>swarthy complexion >love of tacky ostentation and gold, shiny things >obsessed with 'deals…[View]
164234842ITT celebrities who voted for Trump. I'll start.[View]
164235873Does Crimea and the nearby region feel more Eastern European or Asian?[View]
164236960it is, of course, not happening[View]
164232610Whites are not welcome in South Brazil: South Brazil is pardo territory. And thats what happens when…[View]
164237218Holy Cross Will Drop Knight Mascot: A month ago, the College of the Holy Cross announced that it wou…[View]
164237095>this is The Great Seal of the United States of America really makes you think…[View]
164230857How do we fix Columbia?[View]
164238227Tinder: This is how 19 year olds look like now. Why is it the norm for woman to look like whores now…[View]
164230679Are The UK Labour Party Now Communists?: This old scum bucket always says that life is better under …[View]
164237320ANCHORAGE VOTE BY MAIL GENERAL: Municipality of Anchorage citizens, get you hands on that motherfuck…[View]
164229734How low must your IQ be to think Russia had anything to do with the Skripal poisoning?[View]
164199373Let's do a cucked UK thread with small stories: Let's do a cucked UK thread. I don't …[View]
164233282How many Abolitionists followed up with the progress of the freed Negroes after slavery was abolishe…[View]
164235210>how does it feel to be american and know that every state would be red if you hadn't brough…[View]
164222244Rhodesian and the Bush War: /pol/ what happened here?[View]
164214182UK cops: little girls consented to sex abuse: >Police officers investigating the Telford grooming…[View]
164225587ABSOLUTE HAPPENING GET THE FUCK IN HERE: So there was this guy who got an absolute weird voice messa…[View]
164233184Why is this allowed?[View]
164214961Why oppose racial diversity?: Is there any rational reason to be opposed to diversity other than …[View]
164235504Hello Alt-right dummies, Let me begin with this: DICK MASTERSON LOSES TO DESTINY https://www.you…[View]
164225256Let's talk about /pol's blatant manipulating of ideas via thread censorship.: There is alm…[View]
164236838How random that it increased just around the time they took thousands of refugees.[View]
164234811Taxation is theft: Tax time. Don't plan to file, made no money this year due to personal choice…[View]
164219553Is Poland unironically the future of Europe?[View]
164188607Protestants: Have you made the change yet /pol/ reminder that catholic's are niggers and suck j…[View]
164220624/balk/: Where all the cilivisation began[View]
164236102>>164096793 I see this all the time and the level of retardation here is notable. Brazil is a …[View]
164226474Brit/pol/ - Monteniggers need not apply: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tub…[View]
164227265ITT: Jews pretending to be white[View]
164234916how do burgers feel knowing that the moon and mars are going to be russian speaking planets? >htt…[View]
164233885>tAstE Is sUbJEctIvE[View]
164231610/POL/ BTFO![View]
164234268Daniels' lawyer says some alleged incidents took place during Trump presidency: IT'S OVER …[View]
164236260Family Reunion with Friends: >at family reunion with friends >topic comes of what is your type…[View]
164235045What's a redpill I've never heard before which will ruin my life?[View]
164235962The ABSOLUTE state of the UK: Could /Putin/ just Nuke them all already. This is into the tiresome. W…[View]
164214804lolbertarians and /pol/ BTFO: >create typewriter >make a logical arrangement of letter by freq…[View]
164232737*dominates the world*[View]
164232832would you like some tea? *sips*[View]
164231972/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
164223859The patriarchy is crumbling and soon women of the world will stand atop the broken bones of menkind.…[View]
164229894teach me,how to manage time.i always fuck up and leave work for the last minute if things keep going…[View]
164235946Is it suicide?: Is it suicide? Does it count as suicide if you do not prevent it from being killed, …[View]
164235936ADOLF HITLER - The Greatest Story Ever Told - America: Watch the documentary here: https://www.youtu…[View]
164225054/memeball/: Let's get a memeball thread going. post em[View]
164233353Russia to expel UK diplomats as crisis over nerve toxin attack deepens: WWIII coming soon https://ww…[View]
164235150safer space: for those who were offended out of your safe spaces I have build the shed for easily of…[View]
164233147Babe don't leave me I'll only have to serve 10 years I promise![View]
164233740What does /pol/ think of Lebanon? Any Anons visited the place? Seems like a chill place with gorgeou…[View]
164235261www.strawpoll.me/15278545 Vote up![View]
164231576guys did you know: that russia is twice as large as the united states?[View]
164235499Hitler Was Not Racist The Official Thread: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LX60BQMQB5le/ https://www.…[View]
164226653Google Insider blows the whistle on Twitter Bots: Something needs to be done about this.[View]
164223707This bridge failure really bothers me and we need to get the people on top to take responsibility. I…[View]
164235391Why does Soros support this: what did they mean by this and why does soros give money to these group…[View]
164211428Why would a Jew boldly say this out in the open? Can't Jews resist subverting themselves?[View]
164227923Who was in the wrong here?[View]
164231121People attempting to revoke MD State Song of its status due to pro-confederate undertones: http://ar…[View]
164234974Thoughts on this conspiracy? https://twitter.com/ikhwan_syafiq/status/974214206873415681?s=21[View]
164226803>99.8% Irish, German, and British >.1% Finnish >.1% Unplaced Give me real life 56% faces…[View]
164234616Tomorrow is 'We wuz' day in the United States: Reminder that an Irishman and his family de…[View]
164234687Could voting to join the EU in 1993 have prevented this?[View]
164232783Eugenics is coming: Prediction power of intelligence using genes >2015 <1% >2016 1% >201…[View]
164218470Give me one reason why communism doesn't work. >hurrr it didn't work before Is not a fu…[View]
164230220Creating a race of supermen.: I was thinking of using advanced genetic manipulation technologies to …[View]
164234045Should Trump preemptively carpet bomb London in solidarity with Russia?: And for UK threatening worl…[View]
164234421turn liberals against niggers by using their intense jealousy: take their jobs, get them to spread i…[View]
164168643This is what will happen if you'll call the Black Man a nigger. Know your place or else we…[View]
164231881How can we ever reconquer Constantinopole when half of 4chan is crusader apologist Catholic retards.[View]
164221586ISRAEL EUROVISION SONG: This is the ideal Eurovision song. You may not like it, but this is what pea…[View]
164233828Why would anyone support gun control? It will not work and if you think it will you’re obviously ret…[View]
164173147History of everything and more: ITT we will look into the biblical story and its meaning, we will co…[View]
164234026Stay cucked, California.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/03/15/in-a-first-a…[View]
164230855How Blacks Ruined America: Boys, pic related is a youtuber who made a video on how black people are …[View]
164229418ITT: UK vs RUSSIA: How would this fight go down? Without the UK sucking our dick for help, how would…[View]
164231743The FINAL redpill: Things arent really as bad as /pol/ tells you they are.[View]
164229908/ptg/ President Trump General - The Absolute State of Common Core 'Education' Edition: PRESIDENT DON…[View]
164233784More like this: Post them[View]
164229366Egyptians are Racist to Black Africans!?: > FUCKING LOL > “Egyptians are very racist,” Wahed t…[View]
164227521POWER: A US POLITICS SIM: http://oppressive.games/power/ Hello/ pol/ Power is an online US politics …[View]
164229238Stats Thread Recently starting reading /pol/ and i'm curious about the demographic >age >…[View]
164233649Is there a way to make yourself a normal fag again? Not necessarily take the blue pill, or not even …[View]
164233158Do you know how to MAGA?[View]
164233518Goodnight Sweet Snitch....[View]
164233479p[bbc: as a racist, I very much enjoy the BBC. there is no channel that is more exclusive, more pure…[View]
164184283MGTOW Hate Thread: Daily reminder MGTOW is equivalent to the feminist movement. All MGTOWs can fit i…[View]
164221138Students trash Walmart during school walkout: South side of Chicago. Pic related is the demographics…[View]
164226997I always laugh when i see fat beta fedoralords cackling that they're 'taking down the sjws' or …[View]
164211906'First I'm a muslim, THEN I'm an American': what's wrong with saying this? Americanis…[View]
164230521No one has posted this? new pewdiepie: Quite a few dogwhistles in Pewdiepies new video. https://www.…[View]
164222722Switzerland Thread: Why do you love my country so much, /pol/?[View]
164229468'white people have never been repressed' >Irish Catholics had been prohibited by the penal laws f…[View]
164227264Really makes you think doesn't it /pol/ https://twitter.com/ladybrettgm/status/9739372280187985…[View]
164230228All she had to do was suck her brother's dick.: Nobody had to die. >“Of course I care… but I…[View]
164231032Suspended for Staying in School: > Liberal logic http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509701/…[View]
164227266What's happening over there and why?: Why is the war still going on, what's their end goal…[View]
164233055Capitalism: Whoa....[View]
164230986South Africa Committee Meeting: The plan: Trickle in a few thousand Americans Ship our AR’s in discr…[View]
164230512Big, big happening in Paris on the 22th this month. i think France will be the first country to go t…[View]
164226996A message to /pol/: Precious young people, I wish I could gather you all up in my arms and reassure …[View]
164232930God Bless America, God Make America Great Agan!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2502-lIw20Y…[View]
164227100When did you realize that the red pill was actually cyanide and the real world was hell? Just think …[View]
164216326THERESA MAY is FUCKED BIG TIME NOW: MPs retweet claim that Porton Down scientists can’t identify ner…[View]
164229709Abolish laws NOW[View]
164232787Daily reminder that abortion is murder.[View]
164232768Was Hitler a Rothschild Agent named Jewtler?[View]
164230204Thou shalt not hate[View]
164213655TDS 268 is out!: Promise goy, this willl be the last gibs![View]
164230288Could Israel be responsible for the chemical attacks and murders in the Unted Kingdom? Mainly for pa…[View]
164232571Palestine will not be Free of Jew Occupation is White Nations are not Free of Jew ZOG Occupation: ht…[View]
164218121how is such bravery even possible?[View]
164214376Solve this puzzle: Prev: >>164183733[View]
164232508Talk about how /pol/ or red pills in general transformed you. https://youtu.be/MdGLNu_I7T4 I was an …[View]
164232465Anerica could had been National Socialist, what went wrong?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/LX60BQMQ…[View]
164227426Is Wypipo fault: The elite is sending niggers and sandniggers to europe to pump up the birth rates. …[View]
164232405YouTube warns users about the Russians: What else are they warning their users about?[View]
164231468What did (((he))) mean by this?[View]
164232353The 7 Attacks on Mankind: The Abrahamic religions fall under two categories nontheistic and theistic…[View]
164228228Find me a variable other than gun ownership: I can agree that correlation does not necessarily equat…[View]
164232123Why to this moment no photos of Skrypal in hospital, looking miserable and shit? Makes for good prop…[View]
164232247Brief rant here apologies in advance - long time traveller here (US, Europe, Asia etc etc). As a fan…[View]
164231309Animal molestation is legal in coos county oregon: The most fucked up thing about this place that an…[View]
164212828Did he ever commit a single sin?[View]
164219502Mccabe is and has been in an Arizona blacksite for some time now. Notice hes not made any public app…[View]
164219829he got the internship. Aren't you happy for him /pol/ ?[View]
164229258Love is... well, love of course![View]
164221567Nationalist Fight Clubs: What's your excuse for not being fit and active? The best way to get p…[View]
164226080Brit/pol/ edition British Manlet: Continuing from previous discussion...[View]
164228445next level of politics: are we the most advanced life form on the planet? something i was sure of un…[View]
164223431What the fuck is this. Also women on a cleaning product.[View]
164231659America will return: If you don't listen to music like this, you are not white. >https://www…[View]
164231537Americans can’t stop bringing weapons everywhere in public.: Long Island father pulls out knife duri…[View]
164230660Are Spanish people white or Mexican?[View]
164219643Neil deGrasse Tyson accidently admits the Earth is Concave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLPPE3_D…[View]
164211889Southern/pol/ - Southern Hemisphere Thread: We need to start uncucking ANZ before we end up like the…[View]
164219267Are the doctors force feeding this bullshit immune?: Doctors are the biggest drug dealers. But doc I…[View]
164212307White men stockpile guns because they’re scared of black people and feel inadequate, science says: h…[View]
164217459How do you go from ruling almost the entire earth to this?[View]
164219685/IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. Sargon is richer than Jim edition Previous thread >>164215445 Rig…[View]
164227711Bono has an NGO called 'ONE' and its purpose is to facilitate the immigration of Africa…[View]
164231131THIS IS TRUE EQUALITY!: Proof me wrong. Once we're all equal, we're basically back to squ…[View]
164223795Any Dixies here? Your grandfather's lynching stories: Do we have any southerners here? Tell us …[View]
164207994This was unironically a good idea: >turn hobos in to wifi hotspots >charge $2 for 15 minutes o…[View]
164230919In the US I constantly hear that higher education is completely fucked. Constantly spiraling costs …[View]
164230378Who's the worst politician in the world right now?: In your opinion who's worst?[View]
164207204This is war speak. The US & the UK, including many European lapdogs are threatening Russia. It s…[View]
164228837Defend this Trumpfags[View]
164226640>god gave this land to us the chosen people >*puts on sunscreen*…[View]
164229270Military/Army: How good is your country Special Ops/Navy/Rangers? Pic: DAE - Destacamento de Acções …[View]
164230601I don’t even live there but I get that sick sinking despair feeling when I see this.[View]
164228362TWP: Is the TWP dead? Their website is offline and I heard it was disbanded after Heimbach got into …[View]
164211328German Teen Murdered by Asylum Seeker After She Refused to Convert to Islam: A German teenager was f…[View]
164223385Based Stickman, one year later: Not going well for him these days... Shows how much the repression i…[View]
164212349Now they have to colorize it[View]
164226081/ptg/ President Trump General - 'Yes, Globalist, However...' Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https…[View]
164228504According to the UN, Finland is the happiest country in the world. https://www.theguardian.com/world…[View]
164229905Press S to spit on grave[View]
164218506Russians btfo: Butthurt russian communist arrested after attacking latvians legionnaires day march i…[View]
164198942Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Magic Hands Curio Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen…[View]
164192091August 30: Complete genocide or do the whites fight back like the Rhodesians?[View]
164223814(((Kiss))) >only members left are Paul and Gene, because the two non-Jews were kicked out >Gen…[View]
164225188Britain started world war 2: Rejected peace offers from Hitler and attacked Germany for the sake of …[View]
164225954Why are outright marxist think tanks like this one allowed to exist? I have to admit their strategy …[View]
164230050“extreme intellectual impotence”.: So how deep will the rabbit hole go /pol/ ? https://www.rt.com/ne…[View]
164228201We can destroy the libertarians: The libertarians have officially fucked themselves by coming out ag…[View]
164226326Use live control bots to burn down this garage: Challenge: use live control bots to burn down this g…[View]
164229780https://www.youtube.com/user/InspiringPhilosophy/playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/godlogicscie…[View]
164224766This guy is great. He should publish a book of these before the references become irrelevant.[View]
164218642american annexation: what would happen if a party rose supporting american annexation of the uk to s…[View]
164222597Hi minecraft is best game dont say minecraft is bad game then fack you Plz don spam My board full o…[View]
164229834Russian setup: >media pushing for preemptive strike >http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/e…[View]
164194359Existential thoughts for atheists: >how can something come from nothing >how can humans feel e…[View]
164212139jesus , this is what was going through this guys head. I dont get it ,if highschool was what made yo…[View]
164229409>Average English lad gets sexually assaulted by un ogre de las Americas while on vacation. What c…[View]
164228627This is the 'proud and noble' Hitler Youth. Bunch of degenerates.[View]
164220819European gun rights thread: Fellow European brothers and sisters. How is your sovereign country hand…[View]
164228739Damn She makes a fucking good point[View]
164226462Brit/pol/ - The BASED Catholic Edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube…[View]
164222198How could anybody trust this snivelling little two-faced weasel? Why are right-wing pundits so ferve…[View]
164224016>Romania >Economically shit country >Somehow has has very fast internet speed…[View]
164228372WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THIS OKAY TRUMP http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-j…[View]
164227951/PG/ - PENNSYLVANIA GENERAL - Building Bridges Edition: Post ya memes, boys.[View]
164228649After Australia helps South Africa, can they help us? I feel the white working/lower class British w…[View]
164226425Grug thinks holobunga fake. Large nose man say 6 die but 4 only in cave? Methinks large nosed man ly…[View]
164228974>These are russians Sometime we forget Russia is not just moscow and St.Petresburg These are peop…[View]
164224813In europe it's customary for men to share the same bed, yet nobody thinks this is gay. Why is t…[View]
164207508/AG/ - Anarchism General: Degeneracy has grasped this world within its clutches and nothing can save…[View]
164206570U.K. Hate Thread[View]
164228738It's me Munroe Bergdorf. The most beautiful woman ever!: Y'all fucking racist you white sk…[View]
164224526Thoughts? also, are the Irish really white? and do they really have the ability to do any job other …[View]
164227616I’ve finally cut the cord, I don’t watch or listen to the BBC anymore: I’ve gone an done it, we have…[View]
164228600Ready to die for Israel MAGA pedes? Trump is making Israel great again![View]
164223821JAZZ & JESSIE 15/3/18: Does anyone have this shit yet? I'm bored and poor[View]
164206693Toxic Patriarchy reached critical level in Sweden: why Swedish men rape? 'the idea was initially pr…[View]
164216399Open Border Socialism: Why do people say that open borders and socialism can't work? Total inco…[View]
164213508Why does it seem like /pol/ sucks Iran cock all the time? The Sauds are the based ones.[View]
164222803This is the future and there nothing you can do about it goyim[View]
164227908Interpreting the quran: Been having fun with shitskins and faggots from /int/ etc creatively interpr…[View]
164211876WH Anon Was Right!!!!: FBI official: IG report contains 'PURE TNT' https://twitter.com/zerohedge/sta…[View]
164186368Latvian legionnaires day!: Today (16th march) is Latvian legionnaires day, where ex Latvian ss soldi…[View]
164226692What do you think is the average IQ of Hillary's supporter base? 150? Maybe 180?[View]
164227904Do Bongs still call this a fag?: and if so is their an active movement to get people to stop saying …[View]
164193929>The Loud House >A kid has two dads >preteen lesbians https://youtu.be/DQiSdLDGQ6w…[View]
164226060Why should I believe in a god /pol/?: And I'm not referring to any particular god in general, b…[View]
164221716Do you think Crimea will ever go back to Ukraina[View]
164227682The sound of redpilling: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uinob0vq3MA Is this /ourmusic/? If not,…[View]
164220955Like Lambs led to slaughter...: this has to be the biggest deep state trolling ever. Come on Pennsyl…[View]
164226551National socialist and fascist (needs to approve of racial theory) discord, no atheists. Lengthy vet…[View]
164226810How long until Drumpf is impeached?[View]
164216317Have you read SIEGE today?[View]
164190048Dog and Dog Owner Hate Thread: Can we get a dog hate thread going? Or at least one towards dog owner…[View]
164220998HAPPENING! | War with Ruskies: > US forces in Syria preparing to fight more Russians http://www.b…[View]
164227196Police - Ask'em: See Above[View]
164208140British government said they have nothing against Russian people, only against Russian government. B…[View]
164223756Nevada GOP Bombshells: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/16/politics/danny-tarkanian-donald-trump-nevada/i…[View]
164224196Anyone else torn between group identity and individualism? I want to subscribe to individualism but …[View]
164195061Let me see your (((jewish))) memes and pictures /pol/ bring it on[View]
164178696If we start today, in 120-150yrs we might have a terraformed Venus: A Venus with a suitable atmosphe…[View]
164226145How absolutely buttdevastaded would Liberals be if Donald Trump launched ICBM missiles at every metr…[View]
164218216>I love my Muslim neighbor >Help me redpill my town on Islam: Send me your peak Islam articles…[View]
164226854The true history of the world: I as an Aryan descendant, want to learn the history of the world from…[View]
164226839This triggers the commiecuck[View]
164219649/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. Right now: Tonka and Sargon have a talk https://youtu.be/s_b_4lV…[View]
164226731Steep population decline is the final redpill: Rents become cheaper and cheaper, whole houses can be…[View]
164226703Now that the dust has settled: who was in the wrong her /pol/?: I mean I know saddam attacked unprov…[View]
164196121Is the FDA really going to force cigarette companies to reduce nicotine content? I'm scared, /p…[View]
164222015/ptg/ President Trump General - Bullet Proof Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
164226404How will their Retirement be?[View]
164220322holy fucking christ /pol/ is always right, what the fuck my mind is blown[View]
164182084The UK has finally uncovered the truth behind all those child rapes in their country. It's anim…[View]
164225889Boomer Hate General: The crimes of boomers are almost innumerable. The manipulation of the financial…[View]
164226360The currently elected president, Piñera, in his first week as the president, plans to finally get ri…[View]
164223362Do people believe any of the shit they say?: Since Trump was elected I've watched people wail t…[View]
164225811What happened to Smoloko?: Their site hasn't been updated in a while.[View]
164225829WE RAPE KIDS FOR POLITICAL POWER: Don't fuck with our cheese pizza, come at me[View]
164225423I'm Kek AMA: I'm Kek. Digits will get answers to their questions they have for me. Ask me …[View]
164212066Pay It Up White People!: A UN-affiliated group based out of Geneva says that after a history of slav…[View]
164208342Brit/pol/: Press F to Pay Respects to Peter Kay edition: Peter Kay is dead. Not widely known yet. …[View]
164207754>Moses took 40 years to go somewhere that takes 149 hours to walk man talk about taking the sceni…[View]
164218405RUSSIA GREATEST SUPERPOW--: >Anerica couldn't singlehandedly-destroy Russia in a week TOP KE…[View]
164215219the eternal anglo: >started every war against their european brothers >can't go a generat…[View]
164222993how come all these smarty pants alt-right/IrritableBowelSyndrome youtube personalities are so autist…[View]
164219453Alright, which one of you fuckers-[View]
164225827>'The treatment of colour nearly always horrifies anyone going out from Britain, & not only i…[View]
164225790He got away with it.: Sort of. There were some pics and videos of him brandishing a truncheon of som…[View]
164209299Why are so many college professors liberals?: We’re acsdemics always this way?[View]
164225085With the rise of blatant cuckoldry in the UK, along with unrelenting anti-UK shills, a few of us dec…[View]
164225633Nigger attacks white woman: Edjuan Scott, wang-banger spending it’s wasted life in Folsom Prison att…[View]
164225611ibds habbeding https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5832542/pregnant-woman-shot-east-sussex-st-leonards/ ht…[View]
164218674Drumpf must be respected[View]
164224629>When the British ruled the world. When was that? Can someone explain this meme to me? Half of th…[View]
164218018Can Women Be Trust with Guns?: https://youtu.be/Kd-R2vO4khE[View]
164222754National Socialist Discord: National socialists and fascists welcome, no atheists.[View]
164223898The white population of Brazil, in absolute numbers, is larger than the entire population of the UK.…[View]
164225367Untold Story: Vegas[View]
164225314What would you do /pol/?: One of my nightmare would be some niggers being violent towards my family …[View]
164224150>jews are evi-[View]
164225230What do you think the world will be like in 2118? Let's hope it's a lot better than this.[View]
164223872they putting price tags on it now! >you owe us 74,144 shekels for this one…[View]
164225144Why is it so uncool to be white these days? How did it fucking happen when white controlled the medi…[View]
164225097OUCH: Critics Consensus: Death Wish is little more than a rote retelling that lacks the grit and con…[View]
164175611Erotic anime art - a moral solution for western singles: As we all know, having sex with multiple pa…[View]
164224955Bongs: If a party ran under these ideas, would you vote for them? >Shut down borders >only all…[View]
164224069Why has Hitler always been the one in the spotlight?: Yes, Hitler was the leader, BUT, This man was …[View]
164211994ANTIFA wreaks havoc on Montreal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=387i81PIfug Happened last night nea…[View]
164224908Spain: Liberal Ciudadanos reaches all time high while conservatives drops to 30-years low: Spain: Li…[View]
164224320How do we get him his job back?[View]
164224128Ohio student suspended for staying in class during walkouts, /pol/ btfo https://www.msn.com/en-us/ne…[View]
164195969Zersetzung/GS General: >Individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists.…[View]
164221232Goooooooodmorning: how many dicks does this poofter suck daily, just to accomplish nothing and get b…[View]
164211821Massive Redpilling potential, please contribute: Make Normies disgusted again: the project. Prove to…[View]
164224421Britain can't do shit to Russia: Bongland can't bully Russia like they used to do to Irela…[View]
164218586Go Ahead and Try To Blame Niggers and Muslims for Pic Related: Pic related isn't a war zone in …[View]
1642093982020 can't get here fast enough[View]
164221749GUYS... https://www.flightradar24.com/10bbe5ec[View]
164224028Why are British so fucking Cucked?: AMERICANS can't own gun,ban the guns stop the guns,fuck gun…[View]
164224243Welcome to Trump's America.[View]
164221513Travelling in a fried-out Kombi, on a hippie trail, head full of zombie,[View]
1642033166 more women are claiming to have fucked President Trump: >The lawyer representing the porn star …[View]
164218060sing the petition boys its need all the help it can get http://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world…[View]
164224156Students Trash Wal-Mart to Protest Guns: I smell Niggers https://mobile.twitter.com/RealSaavedra/sta…[View]
164223616Why are the British Police using old issue Avon S10 respirators?: 2018 (((nerve agent))) Give them r…[View]
164216003emigrate before its too late: Where would be the best place for white british people to emigrate too…[View]
164219190What is the best province or territory to raise a family in?[View]
164223991>1848 >springtime of the peoples >government is bad, they are exploiting workers and suppre…[View]
164217604One dollar.[View]
164223372>yfw Dumb Donnie Drumpf would actually fall for this[View]
164221594Whites, what are your counter weapons to Muslamic Ray Guns?[View]
164220855Lolbertarians: Libertarians apparently support gun control now https://mobile.twitter.com/LPNational…[View]
164198780HAPPENING, LADS[View]
164221687>about a year ago >there was a bill with significant backing to legalize suppressors >1 yea…[View]
164184951Race is a genetic construct: Debate me faggots[View]
164222880Who is gullible enough to fall for virtue signalling?: If you haven't figured out that you have…[View]
164195817LeftyPol controls us now. You may think that they just do raids on us, but it’s not just that. If yo…[View]
164220442BASED Trump! MAGA Fuck the welfare state[View]
164212765Black school has white girl play evil racist in school play: Parents pull daughter, 7, out of school…[View]
164223391goyim are parasites because jews perfected fertilizer: its true go look up the haber process[View]
164223242Is there any way to expand this to high schools so that we can get gen z to post the commies that ma…[View]
164220951ANCAP is an oxymoronic name: 'Anarchism specifically entails opposing authority or hierarchical orga…[View]
164222731Which country has the most badass Police force? Post proofs. My vote goes to boys in blue located in…[View]
164223136We run this country now. Leftists SEEEEETHING[View]
164221303Nogs nogging in Spain: >some random nog from Senegal got killed in Spain >Rest of the nogs chi…[View]
164210958'based' according to /ptg/: >Pompeo supports the surveillance programs of the National Security A…[View]
164208382Parents are Disgusting: Anyone else think the same? It's so hard for me not to think of them as…[View]
164219838post yfw (((they))) won and there's nothing you can do[View]
164222848Was Pasolini trying to tell us something?[View]
164219189BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...: ....Justice Is Served![View]
164222384Wait. So you get arrested if you use Encryption?[View]
164222766The sexual revolution is one of the biggest contributors to the downfall of the west. Prove me wrong…[View]
164218024Nigger employee robs students while they protest guns!: You cannot make this shit up. Say it with me…[View]
164222531CAN'T STUMP THE TRUMP:terrible leftist drivel edition: Post your worst.[View]
164218526Why can’t normies go 5 seconds without talking?!!! Is it really that difficult to be silent?[View]
164221239Energy source power rankings: You cannot prove me wrong.[View]
164222299Hey Israel, this is your fate. It's only a matter of time at this point.: https://www.memri.org…[View]
164218240/ptg/ President Trump General - Literally (Shining) Hitler('s Boots) Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD …[View]
164222304>but m-muh overhead![View]
164220425Whites are truly the master race: An Oklahoma mother who married her son and then her daughter is he…[View]
164221744The guns. Give it to me.: You filthy goyim cattle should not have guns. We must eradicating white pe…[View]
164222101Hey guys, I'm confused. you all say the the Jews control the state's and it's clear T…[View]
164222070>You will never be in a Finnish student party Wtf why didn't you tell me you had things like…[View]
164206636Any white pol Anons have black friends: If so why? don't you hate nigger T.live in the UK…[View]
164210961What if we all converted to Judaism?: What could they do? The Old Testament lays out a racial suprem…[View]
164218316Student suspended for not leaving class: So staying in school is now an act of rebel? What a fucking…[View]
164180079Miami Bridge Collapse Pix: OP delivers. So I just got back from the scene, there are cops everywhere…[View]
164188208Can we have a architecture cozy thread?: Cozy looking places and architecture[View]
164202296To Alex Jones's fans.: I mean, even you have to admit, that these '''supplements''' are a compl…[View]
164218761ST. Padre Pio prophecies: saint padre pio, an Italian priest, has prophesized that Russia will conve…[View]
164220417>spic n span[View]
164217448Why do burgers try to redrawn the attention for hate towards their 56% country upon others?: It…[View]
164221363why is our society so focused on being politically correct that the feminists and leftists start ign…[View]
164205168Just Found Out I'm Probably Going To Live on Welfare, Too Late To Become Liberal?: >Supporte…[View]
164221440(((They))) want war: http://archive.today/oSDMV Let’s give em hell boys[View]
164215052TDS268: Lucky Pierre[View]
164214354can a goy become a rabbi? so he would infiltrate their ranks and find out about stuff from inside[View]
164200965Slavic appreciation thread[View]
164218543What subtle things can make your son gay? https://www.quora.com/Why-would-somebody-have-a-foot-fetis…[View]
164216019The Tragically Hip were the last icons of Canadian white identity. Prove me wrong.[View]
164208988Assault Weapons Not Protected by Second Amendment, Federal Appeals Court Rules: Gunfags BTFO http://…[View]
164202112APOLOGIZE: She Never worked on it in ANY capacity![View]
164207157Why?: African American products locked up in cabinets in one store >Walmart is being sued by a cu…[View]
164215171tds268 plz paymasters: from a political perspective, should white south africans be granted refugee …[View]
164205271Syria General /sg/ - The Citadel Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
164185661Sweden gets 'new' Google: What do you think about Sweden getting a 'specialized' Google that filters…[View]
164220732ADDICTED TO HAPPENINGS: Anyone else addicted to happenings like a fiend? Constantly refreshing /pol…[View]
164212215Was Runescape Redpilled?: Every walled area is white and clean while the unwalled ones are dirty and…[View]
164220685Europeans will vote themselves to be ranked the most free but they lack even the most fundemental of…[View]
164211626Why hate the one world government when all you faggots would do just the same?: Admit it faggots, if…[View]
164220639>t. you'll always be a dumb poo person[View]
164204176Just let all Syrian refugees in: Hey /pol/ just want to share 'World Press Photo of the Year' candid…[View]
164215522>its always happening >but it never happens and it never will >check /pol/ every 5 mins ju…[View]
164217056California ANTIFA, at the University of California Riverside: On Wednesday, March 14, a member of wh…[View]
164220455Where is the outrage? Sessions much go. Right Wing groups need to organize and demonstrate[View]
164220227White men are the problem, not white women: https://youtu.be/zQR01qltgo8 >more young white women …[View]
164219874Daily South European hate thread[View]
164211432>Hire women to build a bridge >it collapses LMAOOOOOOOO…[View]
164217350Morocco: opinion on the greatest country in the Mediterranean[View]
164220078What does /pol/ think about Jordan B. Peterson?[View]
164212924Do degenerate whites need to be physically removed? Is their hope for them to be saved?[View]
164208138/pol/ btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxZU7FBKUE how does /pol/ feel after their favorite ido…[View]
164198054Using the Amerimutt meme against white Americans is fucking retarded: As if even 5% of the Americans…[View]
164203627You’re all faggots - literally: Embrace your faggotry, goyim.[View]
164219584Woolwhich hoax: Was it real?[View]
164201482what's the best state to live in?[View]
164219612Happiness lalalal[View]
164213677Hello /pol/ what do you think of my country tunisia? I know muslim are not popular here but really w…[View]
164213770I know how we defeat the Jews.: I cracked the code. This is not a joke, bait, or troll. I cracked th…[View]
164204031HIS PENSION? GONE: His smile? Vanished[View]
164215429I know it, but do you? >What does the Totenkopf mean?[View]
164217790London Hate Speech March & Diane Abbott will be there!: Here’s the press release with all the de…[View]
164217522Muslim here, why everybody hate Sharia?: no gay, no gambling, no sex before marriage, no drinking Th…[View]
164219213There isn't anyone on /pol/ who actually takes seriously the British accusations of spy poisoni…[View]
164215445/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. i don't know what edition means edition Right now: Tonka an…[View]
164215223Putin will never go away: Are you ready, Russians?! #voteSaxon[View]
164208487Brit/pol/ - Black Isrealites edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube b…[View]
164219124There has to be a way to beat the tech giants and MSM at their own game. We might not be able to sto…[View]
164191926Jennifer - /pol/ ruining my Movies for insulting Trump: >Her movies flops she blames Trump suppor…[View]
164209459What will happen to all these college commies after the proletariat revolution?[View]
164207599>systematic racism doesn't exis-[View]
164206178Christ and all things Divine and True: Lets us discuss the Gospel and the soon return of the Messiah…[View]
164212259/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
164207815OH HO HO HO NO.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA-K-sjw-kk&feature=em-uploademail[View]
164206179Irish government Propaganda video just in time for St.Patrick's Day: In case you missed it yest…[View]
164218768Jared Taylor couldn’t win a debate against this guy. Think about that for a second.[View]
164216732Chinks will rule over us in the future.: From the Jews to the Gooks, the White Man will never be fre…[View]
164214089/ptg/ President Trump General - The Man, The Legend Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
164196930Lads!? We are going to be fine... right lads?: It is just going to be London that is being H-bombed.…[View]
164210749Nuke Canada: ITT: We convince big dick daddy Trump to hit the nuke Canada button[View]
164215747this soy peddling douchebag is shit talking jake paul comparing him to mao and hitler. what the actu…[View]
164215851How come if you guys are a bunch of beta alt right soymales why did you vote a turbo chad like Trump…[View]
164218459Don't liberals know that once Islamists take over they're killing their dogs? Aka the only…[View]
164218400Dirt-World Population Bomb Defused?: Good news? According Bloomberg, fertility rates are not only dr…[View]
164212503I’ll leave this one here: Race and Religion are intertwined, but i won’t tell you exactly how, or wh…[View]
164212450DEAD.: Press S to spit http://www.nydailynews.com/amp/news/politics/congresswoman-louise-slaughter-…[View]
164205700Radioactive Refugees When?: I sense the elite are cooking up a plan to flood the west with radioacti…[View]
164217818Secretary of State is literally Right Wing Death Squad Commander: How did you do it, /pol/?[View]
164217678Top Tip, Germany: Total pussification of the nation continues!: German judge orders VW to rehire wor…[View]
164204340http://quillette.com/2018/03/15/alt-right-gets-wrong-jews/ >this kills the /pol/…[View]
164211576Hillary Clinton YouTube channel: The once closed 'comments section' on all of Hillary Clin…[View]
164217787CRIMINAL CHARGES COMING AGAINST STONE AND ERIK PRINCE: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/03/house-dems-s…[View]
164217772Why is the UK government so hypocritical?[View]
164217572Crips gang member launches at court witness before being shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz4Jy…[View]
164217679Convince me WHY this isn't child abuse?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UuYX-ogNV0…[View]
164216765Why the fuck should I give a fuck about my countrymen, let alone my race?[View]
164214352stop forcing amerimutt meme: Don't you understand that this is exactly what globalists want? Th…[View]
164214584nefertiti skin tone and race.: Just had an argument with someone telling that she was dark skinned. …[View]
164201298Not So Cut-And-Dry: The Circumcision Controversy Continues: words by Hannah Jane Cohen >The recen…[View]
164216885lmao: foof lettuce or hand fries? I need serious help in deciding....[View]
164194189Get rekt Ivan: Butthurt russian communist arrested after attacking latvians legionnaires day march i…[View]
164207731An angry green haired roastie is coming at you with a Katana. What do you do, robots?[View]
164201887>cheated on pregnant wife >used 2016 campaign donor money to buy silence >threatened to kil…[View]
164217207How come it's OK for Trump to fuck bimbo's but it's not OK for Slick Willy?[View]
164203702Is the fall of the Trad Worker Party a good thing for the movement?: >says we need to hold to Nat…[View]
1642167622nd Meme War: How can we best prepare to serve in the coming Meme War? Please share your secrets for…[View]
164217063My Aryan lads , If the president or a king intends to start a war , he needs to be the first one to …[View]
164217040some fun: shout out to old ZH people[View]
164216272WOMEN IN 2018[View]
164212377Ashkenazi Jews have the least retards of any demographic in the world: Retards are annoying and they…[View]
164216822Meanwhile in Brazil: >Council woman killed in Brazil, days after speaking against police violence…[View]
164216768Why do People Complain about their Jobs?: Quit being Niggers and realize Survival is not easy.…[View]
164204600we didnt have these threads in a while place your bets gents[View]
164215261Hol Up Where's my Gats at?: King Nigger being a nigger. How much worse can it get? What else d…[View]
164216619Press F to pay respects. He's DEFINITELY done after this week and will either resign OR get imp…[View]
164216199Why haven't local race wars started in the usa?[View]
164216335Are you going to buy an Israeli action figure.: They got the whole collection on Etsy. Fun gift for …[View]
164214365What would /pol/ do if it was a jew?[View]
164208833Why does Putin want a war with the West? He's coming out saying he has unbeatable weapons, that…[View]
164215883What should be done about wiggers?: https://youtu.be/dfkpvgV-Fzc[View]
164216104Custodian steals student's money during walkout: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/16/us/custodian-st…[View]
164212472>Be the United Kingdom >Allow entry of hundreds of returning ISIS fighters and give them housi…[View]
164214909What does Hollywood have to gain by pushing the WMAF agenda?[View]
164216060Imagine being this fucking desperate for attention.: Why is kike enoch allowed to spam threads every…[View]
164215912WTF IS THIS???OMG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=146&v=eFfFtq1fljY[View]
164215985My Prof Said That 'Islamic Values Will Improve the West': What did he mean by that?[View]
164204127it is our duty to report any brit on this far right racist site to Her Majesties Royal Sharia Court.…[View]
164202688Biden 2020: Joe Biden is recruiting campaign staff on college campuses in New England. What are his …[View]
164198238Why are Meat Prices in America so Damn EXPENSIVE?: >Average for Ribeye $8.98 lb in US >South A…[View]
164210834How (insert country) sees Europe thread: I will start with Finland.[View]
164215810Lets try and destroy reddit: We should try and end reddit once and for all by making and infiltratin…[View]
164215801My Aryan lads , It is essential to talk stupidities much less everyday and focus more on the true se…[View]
164215595Explain this US of A: >freedom of speech >can't yell 'FIRE' in a crowded theatre >righ…[View]
164196642Why are white men so soft and anti-racist but white women arent?: https://www.theroot.com/white-soro…[View]
164214965New Report Reveals Google's Extensive 'Bribe' Network in Europe: https://campaignforaccountabil…[View]
164175231CANADIAN POLITICAN IS A SIKH TERRORIST: /pol/ We must make the connection in people's minds tha…[View]
164215113My Aryan lads , Who the fuck needs billions of dollars ? ““The demoniac person thinks, ‘So much wea…[View]
164213194if the porn industry has a jewish agenda,is there a nazi friendly porn website?[View]
164208684...believing that stephen hawking was important is as believing in the non-intrusive jew exists ... …[View]
164206354/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. >Kumite and Warski live: crashing the liberalist movement htt…[View]
164205940/ptg/ President Trump General - Press Rally Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
164214694Autistic man assaulted in Mississauga; suspects sought: https://youtu.be/F3xwPF5MQDU http://toronto.…[View]
164214017Whistleblower Kornelia Kirchweger: Next wave of civilian mass invasion in Europe begins in June 2018…[View]
164214486My Aryan lads , Head over to KRISHNAPATH.ORG and keep downloading the Divine Revelations of The Seco…[View]
164210312How do we save them?[View]
164213215Hi /pol/ should I laugh ir cry?[View]
164200417Why do so many millennials still live with their mommy?: and don't have a real job? Is the econ…[View]
164208145>With the social credit system, the Chinese government rates citizens based on things like crimin…[View]
164200815What would /pol/ do if the jew world order was defeated?[View]
164212762kys screeching autists[View]
164197814>make billions of dollars funding tech bullshit like airbnb >pay $10,000 USD dollars >be ki…[View]
164179129What is it about the Aryan blonde woman that makes her so desirable? Every race on Earth lusts for t…[View]
164213784What the ever living fuck is this?: Has anyone watched this? >Pic related It may seem like it…[View]
164211258Where were you when Juden Bucko Patreonstein was exposed as a charlatan? https://www.currentaffairs.…[View]
164207617Anon need your help.Today we are holding astral attack on president russia vladimir putin. Attack it…[View]
164213737rip: pour a carling out for baz. muslim and remoaner propergander finally got him https://twitter.co…[View]
164212601When Yellowstone erupts, what do you think is going to happen to the world? US downfall? WW3? Worse?…[View]
164200305Wait, wait wait. HOL UP AYY YO HOL UP. ffs you britbongs need to have TV licenses? Lol. Please expl…[View]
164207886which one of You did this?: at Warwick University, another black student, Faramade Ifaturoti, found …[View]
164212448Coincidence or not?: So few days ago Putin says something about Jews and now he's hemmed by int…[View]
164213612Why are anti gun people such fucking faggots?[View]
164212894Family Guy vs Simpsons Black People Edition: Hi /pol/ I have watched all seasons of Family Guy and S…[View]
164211728whats the difference between a muslim man and a plastic bag? One is potentially dangerous to your ch…[View]
164213370Do you think women will ever be equal to men?[View]
164212625India Hate Thread: India is absolutely disgusting. a. The people are gross, and rude. I hate the …[View]
164213285Dad proves a point at a PTA meeting with a knife: Some the responses are laughable. https://www.yout…[View]
164213273>Furries getting into politics and having opinions What good does it do when all you do is smear …[View]
164206419Which philosopher is most /our guy/?[View]
164211289OH FUCK... BHO & HRC BTFO: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/ex-fbi-asst-director-says-u…[View]
164212177Were Patrick Bateman's coworkers /ourguys/? I know we're supposed to see them as misogynis…[View]
164177152Dream Europe: What does /pol/ think of redrawn Europe? Changes: >Germany gains Silesia, Pomerania…[View]
164207011https://streamable.com/8isze After being attacked by George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon, Ha…[View]
164212717why the bridge in florida failed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioC61QW7SHQ[embed] short vid worth…[View]
164209725Today: 47% Approval rating: >'b-b-b-but all the polls and the latenight comics say he's drop…[View]
164211327TELL US THE TRUTH, ELON: Is 'Starman' Stephen Hawking?[View]
164212459Russiaphobia: Time to call out Russiaphobics I expect to see the left rally round too and help put a…[View]
164209336w-we're fucked, aren't we?[View]
164198865Just a reminder. https://globalnews.ca/news/4087536/vancouver-west-side-unprovoked-assaults/…[View]
164211674>'we must protect our women from mahmoud and jamal raping our wome-' hush hush storweenie, this i…[View]
164212341>work 8 hours a day for a modest salary >some jewish smekelberg can type a few numbers into a …[View]
164212409thats how ya do it: stress test it b 4 ya put the main support column in...........[View]
164210580Oh look, another kike in the media wants to 'bring this despicable presidency down.': (((Goldberg)))…[View]
164201355Are any other leaves going to this? It should be a total shit show. (also wtf is going on with her f…[View]
164211443There are adults on this board right now that actually believe in totalitarianism: >Lmao just wil…[View]
164179556the trump curse is brutal: press L to laugh[View]
164211291>office is 90% women >during a lull at lunch a girl picks up her phone and says 'let's se…[View]
164212147WTF I love neocons now: Trump's stocking up his cabinet with Bush era neocons.[View]
164211377Jesus was a brown jew: Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
164209509>amerifats cant even build short bridges now you guys built the most amazing skyscrapers and brid…[View]
164211939Holy shit it’s HAPPENING!!!: Trump put new tariffs on Chyna New tariffs! Historic day![View]
164209731>Anime is degene..[View]
164174543Britain yes!: Jesus Christ guys.. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/16/police-memo-telford-gir…[View]
164206647>normies won't give me a job unless I have 2 years of experience and social media Why is all…[View]
164209490Videogender: Identifying as an attack helicopter was just 2 years ahead of its time Thank God she di…[View]
164208098So folks. How to we move towards a better more sustainable future. What steps would we have to take …[View]
164209958Is Paul Nehlen actually retarded?: >Gets disinvited from private conference Muh censorship! You d…[View]
164165165Perfect Europe: post 'em pic is template[View]
164210381In the 400+ days that he has been in the White House, there has not been one negative word spoken by…[View]
164210611Can we have a thread about women getting BTFO? https://youtu.be/X67cPwrTh-Q?t=10s[View]
164210463IT'S EVERYWHERE[View]
164199347So /pol/, which character is /ourguy/?[View]
164211296Bros i have a plan and i need a little bit of info.: Hello my fellow Anons, let me tell you about my…[View]
164198139Let's do some good.: *DISTURBING VIDEO* https://youtu.be/6oNgrj8sr4g We need to prove somehow t…[View]
164211243/pol/ rationality: South Africa will produce more conservative women than any western countries in t…[View]
164204971Operation #BritishPoliceArePedophiles: We can no longer stand by while British police cover up and d…[View]
164210830How does one live each day like it was their last?[View]
164209058> Indian brand toothpaste > flavored with spearmint , clove, and, neem Willing to brush your t…[View]
164211096www.strawpoll.me/15278545 Vote up![View]
164210879I'm tired of fighting feminism. I'm tired of fighting massive immigration. I'm tired …[View]
164211011TV report: Netanyahu tells cabinet Trump is likely to exit Iran deal by May: https://www.timesofisra…[View]
164208820Dear Alt-Right,: Please just take care of your Alt-Right women. They're at our Mosque, spouting…[View]
164209004Good riddance: Why would any of you miss this company or any other brick and mortar location? They h…[View]
164200130Why Russia’s Youth Are Backing Putin: Question to Rusky-Anons, is Putin /yourguy/? https://www.wsj.…[View]
164207202Bitcoin Underworld: Why does no one ever mention that one of the biggest names in Bitcoin is a notor…[View]
164195645A formal apology to Germany for world war 2: I tried saurkraut for the first time today and it made …[View]
164206326Is nationality and IQ really a thing?: If Serbia is IQ 89 and Norway IQ 100. Then how come we have h…[View]
164199526BRITISH THREAD ONLY: All British get in here. Now the USA is confirmed completely infiltrated by the…[View]
164210608Do I have any chance to get invited? What if I pretend to be a gay?[View]
164210420White Supremacist Lipscomb: Their starting 5 is ALL WHITE!! Can you believe this in today’s age? Whe…[View]
164202073This guy was an asshole.: Who the fuck uses a SHOTGUN to end their life, in their own mother's …[View]
164210596Why are the british so fat?[View]
164210258If there is a doomsday weapon, what's their concept of proof?: Operating on the assumption that…[View]
164210112The golden toad is dying. I, for one, am very glad to see his passing. The heebs have decided his fa…[View]
164209756jeeze twitter is getting really savage[View]
164196879TAKE THE BIKE PILL: Buying a car or motorcycle? Paying taxes and spending on gas? FUCK THAT BRO Buy …[View]
164209054When you use science to show how biological reasons cause one race to be better at fast muscle twitc…[View]
164140266YouTube will link directly to Wikipedia to fight conspiracy theories: http://archive.is/vg7ox >AF…[View]
164209616Anunnaki Ancient Tablet Discovered, Inanna Takes Throne of Heaven: The debate has been raging about …[View]
164183733Does anyone know how to decode this shit? I hope it isn't some ARG bullshit https://twitter.c…[View]
164192910>All women should be tradionalist and marry in their 20s and have children, it's not hard …[View]
164207462NRA status [X]owned[View]
164201847/pol/ Films: Why did Alex Jones act in this movie? What sociopolitical message could be behind this?…[View]
164206865Northern Europe general viKANGZ eddition: DENMARK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkCbGH7DqcU ICELA…[View]
164198724UK conquered - massive war rape by invading forces: https://dailystormer.name/bbc-finally-covers-new…[View]
164188827We hate the Brits and the Brits hate us. With that being said, I find it somewhat ironic that we…[View]
164209914/leftypol/: Have any of you anons been to visit /leftypol/ to laugh at them lately? imagine being so…[View]
164209886The Leftists are taking over: I mean, Trump won the election, Brexit happened and AfD is now the 3rd…[View]
164209853Can stupid people be successful capitalists? Can a love for money conquer all?[View]
164195222Stormy Daniels claims she was physically threatened: IT'S OVER /POL/[View]
164209709TRUMP HAS A VERY SPECIAL GIFT-HE CONSTANTLY EATS HIS WORDS: Notice how every time when he appoints s…[View]
164209667>nicer weather than Poland >more progressive and more European values than Poland >could su…[View]
164209262What does /pol/ think of Juden Bucko Patreonstein?: Based altright prophet of rugged bootstrapping a…[View]
164207622Pyramid schemes I found: So I have been living with this mother son duo for about a year now and the…[View]
164199697Brit/pol/ - Are tommeh edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube bomb ht…[View]
164207050Why do the democrats push the 'NRA is a Terrorist Organization' meme so hard? Most political organiz…[View]
164209576So a 70 year old man got killed for being pro modi. Will antifa of your countries go to this length?[View]
164209346ITT: Apolitical figures who have your utmost respect. I’ll start with the man everyone here wishes …[View]
164209344JewTube: Are you not entertained goyim?? >About Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim…[View]
164192777ITT: We defy the powers of ZOG and unite as brothers in the face of the conspiracy to turn Great Bri…[View]
164209093Media.: This is how I see the media today, more or less. I could have included Mr. Bone Broth and hi…[View]
164208269GERMANY, YES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXRnnIBZ-ew[View]
164205414The Pope is a Satanist: What the heck is up with the person's face behind the pillar in the fir…[View]
164171985Yuri Bezmenov: How accurate is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMZGGQ0ERk[View]
164208372Why are we here, just to suffer Every night the sun never sets on the Empire The Commanwealth ive lo…[View]
164204594waitress asked some black teens to prepay for their meal. A fellow diner wasn't having that: ht…[View]
164206670Checkmate whitey[View]
16420249743% OF HIS STAFF HAVE LEFT: https://www.npr.org/2018/03/07/591372397/white-house-staff-turnover-was-…[View]
164208229Raising your children on anime: We all know the toxic waste on kids television these days, normalizi…[View]
164207761Can someone explain to me why you are all so infatuated with this total fuckup of a man. >Talks g…[View]
164203159ITT: kill, fuck, marry[View]
164205670EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code): >The EU is considering…[View]
164205230>the left can't meme[View]
164203470Russia & China dumping US treasuries: AMERICAN ECONOMY WILL SUFFER. Moscow and Beijing have cut …[View]
164206194https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxwPcUh97oc This is why we shouldn't keep quiet about the so-ca…[View]
164206689Revealing Jewish propaganda: Anyone know organisation on the heebs banner from this CNN propaganda p…[View]
164207540/pol/ what did you do to Shia???: >LaBeouf bragging about his “millionaire lawyers,” singling out…[View]
164206107UK: Police Report Said Underage Girls Consented to Being Sex-Trafficked by Islamic Immigrants: Just …[View]
164186146Where where you when Peterson was exposed as a charlatan? https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/03/the…[View]
164200882Remember This Day[View]
164171038Go ahead, try and find something related to Shuyabi's death on Google. Anything at all, news st…[View]
164207889Has pic related been given an update? I'm trying to BTFO some climate fags on Facebook.[View]
164207266Have you guys ever revealed your power level by accident? I have >be me few days ago >drunk o…[View]
164201182Why is Woes on a video hiatus?[View]
164204625Fisa judge Peter strokeit friends: Judge who oversaw fylnns case was fisa judge who approved spying.…[View]
164207770New Amren podcast: https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2018/03/grim-milestones-for-california-and-britain…[View]
164207669Baby Donald Trump: What is this guys problem? http://archive.is/IABCR[View]
164207335Drumpf is going to lose in 2020.: America is never going to see another Republican president ever ag…[View]
164207630Why do niggers and other shitskins think they would rule the world if it wasn't for whites? See…[View]
164207575Do you think something should be done about tuition?[View]
164207243i don't get it: why do people call me shlomo when in fact i am quite fast shouldn't it be …[View]
164206567>no threads about Marielle Franco Really joggins the noggin[View]
164206814This is why I love ancaps.[View]
164203813Good boy, celebrate stephen hawking, he was successful enough to get invited to Jeffrey Epstein…[View]
164204488Why are women bad at everything?: Objectively speaking, a woman has never been the 'best' at anythin…[View]
164207081Are they the UK of East Asia?[View]
164170660California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Gov: How in the fuck is this legal?[View]
164175745The state of modern engineering: >be Romans >build bridges like pic related that last 2000 ye…[View]
164193294Smuggies thread[View]
164206469https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MchE-QLTnkI wtf, japs praizing penus, can't we just already nuk…[View]
164205753What if protests are doomed to alienate neutral observers? What if the unaesthetic tyranny of the mo…[View]
164191139Is free public education a civil right?[View]
164199597Studing in Germany: So like I'm due to spend next year in Deutschland for my degree. I have not…[View]
164206654post things that are banned in the uk[View]
164202578goy vey: prebosis monkeys and elephant seal pics[View]
164199987what did we do to deserve this?[View]
164206418New indictments drop at 5 pm EST.[View]
164181083/SWEG/- Swedish Election General: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, S…[View]
164206747Redpill me on 88d chess[View]
164204637I hate women but their faces so beautiful. How does /pol/ cope with this?[View]
164203008James Allsup: I Made The SPLC's Hate List. Here's My Response.: When you end up on the (((…[View]
164201080Margaret Mead vs Derek Freeman: > Mead portrayed the Samoans as “one of the most amiable, least c…[View]
164206285I hate Islam thread[View]
164206375https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/stat...50928714747906 Do you guys care to explain this hypocrisy? Wh…[View]
164204181The Last Jedi: What are pol’s thoughts on The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson? Star Wars is a huge influe…[View]
164189838Federal Reserve Meme: Most of the shit I read online about it is ludicrous. I only say that because …[View]
164206096What does /pol/ think of Juden Bucko Patreonstein? Based altright rugged bootstrapping prophet or in…[View]
164205673Carson City Carrier Ship Spotted: Carson City spotted in Greece. It was in Cyprus last week for clas…[View]
164195687is it normal for american mothers to grab their son's dick n balls?[View]
164178830Tschernobyl 2.0 commencing: https://www.google.de/amp/s/mobil.stern.de/amp/panorama/weltgeschehen/ge…[View]
164206017Neocon Boomer Faggot: >Pompeo supports the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency,…[View]
164187679I've finally had enough: After larping as an anti-semite, anti-muslim, anti-Soros far-right pos…[View]
164205954When dad spent all the money on skank bitches and hoes.[View]
164187533/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. >Kumite and Warski live: crashing the liberalist movement htt…[View]
164183184Ok guys, she has a point. What do you think?[View]
164199337Why are you burgers so fucking incompetent? Can't you just have right-wing parties that are im…[View]
164203342Last Chance for a real conversation about our children.: Can anyone come up with a political way or …[View]
164188183Why isn't there a russian election general?[View]
164188894if /pol/ had to pick a side, which one?[View]
164204157You don't like his religion, he stabs you.: South Florida = death.[View]
164203219I saw Matt Heimbach at a grocery store in Virginia during UTR. He was wearing his usual plastic stal…[View]
164200611Well /pol/ ? You told me that mudsharks usually pay the toll, that the negros would beat them and le…[View]
164204908Sexual assault against antifa and progressives should not be disparaged. It would not be difficult t…[View]
164205543When will females realize that not shaving and wearing male clothing does NOT make them a male?[View]
164205404Things that scare europeans[View]
164204454Countries that do not use decimation as a form of punishment for groups of criminals cannot call the…[View]
164178561Diversity is our stre-[View]
164204673Why do people from the horn of Africa look like dark-pigmented Caucasians?[View]
164200754/ptg/ President Trump General - Flail of God Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
164205352The fact that the entire continent of Africa started like 3 of the 5 most major genocides in the las…[View]
164205076Rest of my lefty friends:we don't want war!! Me:[View]
164180044KIKES BTFO: Zakharova Tells Who Is Really Behind The Salisbury Anti-Russian Campaign: https://www.yo…[View]
164205290BREAKING: leftist arrested by Federal agents.: >https://farleftwatch.com/2018/03/16/communist-mil…[View]
164205266Farleft Afro-Brazilian activist protested police & militar violence, dies in drive-by shooting: …[View]
164173790WHAT THE FUCK![View]
164203320Do you see any borders? I don't #OpenBordersForAll[View]
164194160Quick tips about Philadelphistan: We have the highest proportion of Muslims of any US city >https…[View]
164205002What were the late 90's like? Surely, people were not scared of Y2K...[View]
164196076NUKE THESE COUNTRIES BUT!!!: First we have to save these girls , THEN we nuke..I'm willing to t…[View]
164204923What is with this huge focus: On a tiny number of self-identified whites, who are admixed with non-w…[View]
164204786https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdAU3g1V4Wk Dude there fucking candidates killing each other for the…[View]
164202633The mutt meme: Daily reminder that the amerimutt meme was created by JIDF and jews to divide whites,…[View]
164201484I'm gonna burn your playhouse down, Donald.[View]
164204012>The Democratic party is the party of Wome... Capitol Police Arrested Male Dem Operative For Assa…[View]
164201273you stole the farm land of S.Africa, now we are taking it back, we are willing to let you live on it…[View]
164204306Post Leftist memes from Obama years/2016 election that did not age well.[View]
164193631Syria General /sg/ - Tank, God, Tiger Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.word…[View]
164203482How shameful it is for a woman to work in parking service, giving people tickets for not paying etc.…[View]
164198925What did he do to (((them))) /pol/? Something about his story just screams character assassination. …[View]
164204210why have nordthrash always been so underdevlopen and 'subhuman'[View]
164187751Retain Semen: Jesus, Trump, Stacy, the NRA, God, the Virgin Mary, Ivanka, Kek, GEOTUS, ICE, Trad gir…[View]
164201420teacher gets fired for saying some cultures are more equal than others: https://reason.com/blog/2018…[View]
164204168Bono's NGO 'ONE' aims to facilitate the immigration of Africa's doubling populat…[View]
164201218To any non-LARPing liberals and/or Obama defenders: What were his main proposals in '07? Just p…[View]
164203388Thanks for treating me to lunch Anon![View]
164199286TV report: Netanyahu tells cabinet Trump is likely to exit Iran deal by May: https://www.timesofisra…[View]
164200217How fucked is Alex Jones. Sounds like he is having money problems. I knew (((they))) were going afte…[View]
164199600Daily reminder that only the physically strong will prevail in the coming struggle.[View]
164203734Can we have it known as the Diversity Bridge accident?[View]
164196800>it is illegal to film police in your own house in the USA >LAND OF THE FREE…[View]
164190506Why don't people shoot politicians?[View]
164203901What is cultural Marxism?: Cultural Marxism: An offshoot of Marxism that gave birth to political cor…[View]
164203884do asians (gooks, island gooks, chinks, pajeets) hate black people?[View]
164203862canada is for cucks: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/15/white-canadians-apologize-fo…[View]
164202371Why haven't you converted to islam pol? you can still be white and muslims and no degenerate wo…[View]
164201928AMA Tim Schmitz here[View]
164203691What do you think about this hypocricy?: http://www.newsweek.com/fox-news-video-trump-obama-north-ko…[View]
164203616Oh feminists...: Just going to leave this gleaming example of cognitive dissonance here...[View]
164202575Is this true?[View]
164203559Should the West Punish Russia?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15278545 2 more days of voting![View]
164202870Shouldn't Semites and Aryans ally already? They both did great achievements when they came toge…[View]
164203211Police breaking the law would end if we had more blacks in law enfor-[View]
164203409français /pol/: Nous savons bien qu’il faut rétablir le Code Noir https://archive.org/details/lecode…[View]
164201624You Brits Better Show Up at Speaker's Corner to Support Tommy Robinson on Sunday: https://twitt…[View]
164197898Once again this is high five[View]
164199721Anyone up for identifying the masked antifa-soyboys in this video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
164200006How Long: How long until it all just fucking crumbles?[View]
164203023Most here are unemployed, but I really need to hear why pulling your credit needs to decrease your s…[View]
164202111Autistic man assaulted in Mississauga; suspects sought: https://youtu.be/F3xwPF5MQDU http://toronto…[View]
164193752There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/m…[View]
164195747>druglord poisons the supply, infecting drug users all across the world with a killing disease an…[View]
164202818>go drink with friends >1 drink in >'that movie you recommended was pretty rad' >3 drink…[View]
164201382Tea Party Movement: Was it the high water mark of Conservatism Inc, as embodied by people like Ted C…[View]
164201149Brit/pol/: They talk so much about The Moog going to be our next PM, what are the chances? In which…[View]
164202698I think a woman shouldn’t run anything https://mobile.twitter.com/NylonMag/status/97360285002987520…[View]
164197869Why are all neo-Nazis incoherent degenerates, weak, ugly, fat, drug addicts, poor, nutjobs and so on…[View]
164201212NUKE CALIFORNIA ALREADY: These batshit crazy liberals are giving legal immigrants, like myself, a ba…[View]
164201368Remember to take your pills and clean your room, daddy said so.[View]
164201056PUTIN IS GRATEFUL TO LONDON...KEK: Capital returning to Russia as UK threatens to target investments…[View]
164202387Be Honest: How many of you here are SOYIM >addicted to distractions like videogames well in to ad…[View]
164196721Thanks merkel: Diversity is our strength http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/16/german-teen-mur…[View]
164188409brit*sh '''''''''men''''''''' https://newrepublic.com/article/117547/same-sex-relationships-straigh…[View]
164202349Why can the mentally ill not buy weapons?[View]
164201811Why does Trump hang out with so many different pedos? https://www.politico.com/story/2018/03/16/geor…[View]
164201520What's worse for a person's wellbeing? Smoking marijuana. Or spending years in prison?[View]
164202224If Jeff Sessions doesn't fire McCabe then I'm officially off the Trump Train. Sessions is …[View]
164202247Teachers: I need facts to convince Gov/Pol professor that Trump's not colluding. Give me your b…[View]
164201800This makes me sick: >3.) a proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine regarding …[View]
164194302Was he right, /pol/? Is democracy dead but they keep the corpse propped up to fool us?[View]
164200280so... was history made?: pic related[View]
164197106Is the divorce due to imminent legal trouble?[View]
164199187OH SHIT THE PEEPEE TAPE IS REAL YOU GUYS: The russians learned he had a thing for peepee at a vegas …[View]
164199755Daily reminder that Helen Keller was a communist.[View]
164197479This is what the United States would look like if all state partion movements passed: Notice anythin…[View]
164201846Leftists should give up their guns first: California has AB1927 >enables a person who resides in…[View]
164200029Irving: Guys, we gotta do something about this. I got into david irving over the summer and he made …[View]
164198378Why is Murica so scared of cartels?[View]
164197456New Presidential Requirements: With Trump being a fatass and Hillary being a walking corpse, isn…[View]
164198502Germany: African refugee mob prevents deportation: Only with strong police forces from Bavaria the s…[View]
164200694DELET THIS[View]
164194851>20 fucking years for a an edgy shitpost the lolbergs are right, we do live in a police state…[View]
164193845Almost every one of /pols talking points has gone mainstream: >Dem corruption during primary >…[View]
164200312Univ of Guelph, Canada: >UoG for women rights Also UoG >Try hijab ladies! Bonus points for 'r…[View]
164193702Give me one reason to not hate niggers, jews, fags, atheists, and feminazis[View]
164201161Shocking: German woman gets stabbed at the bar: source: Rosenheim https://www.rosenheim24.de/rosenhe…[View]
164201416Assange humor thread.: https://twitter.com/therealjuiian/status/974702509318012928?s=21 ITT POST ASS…[View]
164201363Why is this /pol/?[View]
164164369Is the New York Times correct?: Were the Irish not really slaves like thebmemes try to lead us to be…[View]
164199113USA-50 YEARS AGO ANNIVERSARY: My Lai massacre: The day US military slaughtered a village & tried…[View]
164198920Hey /pol/... I just got a job mentoring trainee construction workers: >some are brown >some ar…[View]
164199728This is my road now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiGdn3dTFYg Heard this happens in southern Fran…[View]
164195933Soyboys: /pol/, I'm getting scared.[View]
164168293Are you taking appropriate steps to ensure your prostate is healthy and your cancer risk is reduced.…[View]
164199828what if we elected an outsider?: What would it look like if America elected a true outsider as presi…[View]
164201076Press F to pay respects.: Poor guy, he could have lived a happy life if wasn't brainwashed by t…[View]
164197124Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolution…[View]
164187415This is why millennials aren't saving enough money: This thread has been moving fast so made a …[View]
164200807Only way to destroy the Soy boys: It’s a known fact that over 60% of feminist ally Soy boys are only…[View]
164200053Nigger Harassment - Do it.: Whenever possible, take it upon yourself to harass niggers you come acro…[View]
164198073LeftyPol owns us now, you may think it’s just raids that they do, but it’s not just that. > They…[View]
164200331Alt-Right is dead. Your free to live your life now, you basement NatSoc LARP faggots.[View]
164194709I need proof of Anti-white agenda in pop culture: Show me the proof of anti-White agenda in media Ho…[View]
164194235Serious q: Why does the far right defend Israel so staunchly?[View]
164195467/ptg/ President Trump General - Know Your Rights Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
164199979My lover's got humour She's the giggle at a funeral Knows everybody's disapproval I s…[View]
164198600The fuck?[View]
164200608ITT: Discuss what traits go to what race/group[View]
164200598Famous Christians from the middle east: Lets make a list of famous christian people who were born in…[View]
164196162So Mossad and CIA are responsible for ISIS using their social media recruiting and international dat…[View]
164200499FOX Turning teens gay one kid at a time: You have to believe Jews are behind this.[View]
164183123Should the Weat Punish Russia?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15278545[View]
164195703Germany, NO: http://www.euronews.com/2018/03/16/islam-does-not-belong-germany-says-germany-s-new-int…[View]
164200446How do we fix this?: Can anyone come up with a polital way or a legislative way to fix the glaring i…[View]
164198563One of Stephens biggest contributions to society.: What do you think about it. Could it be improved,…[View]
164198306Chemtrais: Chemtrais, geoengineering, it has a variety of names. I think weather manipulation has tr…[View]
164200249globalls: globalist snow flakes thread[View]
164173835Why is she so perfect?[View]
164200228Why can't I hold all these red pills?: Anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron Liberals actually like…[View]
164200109Gun Control vs. Islam Control: You ever notice how most of the arguments that the left make against …[View]
164193712Pictures that make you think[View]
164199825Only /pol is making sense at the moment.: I have stupidly been looking at BBC news. Fuck me the news…[View]
164168720How realistic is it to think we will get this back someday? Is it just a meme?[View]
164194421We’re getting whiter: Courts have ruled that Texas is allowed to ban sanctuary cities and jail mayor…[View]
164199204future of the white race: deal with it white boi[View]
164197130Poland was the real victim of WW2! APOLOGIZE![View]
164159957Hello, I am an Arab ex-Muslim. What I have found out about the current religion of the Arabs will de…[View]
164192282What do you guys think about this? do you think there is any correlation between this kind of behavi…[View]
164198898HILLARY CLINTON INJURED AGAIN, FRACTURES WRIST: India isn't bas..... Sauce - http://indianexpre…[View]
164199119Gibe it up /pol/ - you have no culture[View]
164198824>basic human decency is communism and communists need to die[View]
164196895What would you do /pol/ if all men became white supremacists and all women became white SJW feminazi…[View]
164199095i dont care about rural retard (((south africans))) your fault for letting your natives out-populate…[View]
164187653>/pol/ is race realist >/pol/ believes that iq measurement is accurate >/pol/ believes that…[View]
164198032Obama DOJ Ordered 500,000 Fugitives Deleted From Background Check Database: https://www.zerohedge.co…[View]
164198360Now look, I hate progressivism as much as the rest of you But why bother? Why even try and undo the …[View]
164198758The Brits will not release samples of this nerve toxin, Novichok for analysis. But are we also to be…[View]
164178782Britain First leader Paul Golding 'beaten up by inmates in prison' days after being jailed…[View]
164195676/pol/ BTFO... yet again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS4DGri-NBo Science guys say race IS a soci…[View]
164188023Brit/pol/ - crystal palace edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube bom…[View]
164196883Hello World, KSA wants to lead you: What is a KSA? It is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for the pa…[View]
164198256Why aren't South Koreans having kids?[View]
164198298/ourboy/ News: Quality news as usual. https://youtu.be/H090ie0BRCY[View]
164191442Pennsylvania Special Election: BLUE TSUNAMI! BLUE TSUNAMI! HAHAHAAHA EAT SHIT MAGATARDS![View]
164195231what is picrelated race?[View]
164197986PRISON FOR SWASTIKA ON DOG IN SWEDEN: SWEDEN YES, it keeps on happening. some random guy was sentenc…[View]
164181060do americans enjoy living in an african-tier country?[View]
164190978Do you ever just feel like giving up and pretending to be a liberal so you can get a gf and the prai…[View]
164139530hello 4chan, a muslim here this board has been known for spreading hate and misinformation, but i ca…[View]
164197969due to the massive changes that the UK is and will continue to experience in our lives, these need a…[View]
164196443Whats the point of buying land if I still have to pay property tax?[View]
164196679Nigger scientists: Do they exist?[View]
164197573The Miami bridge collapse is a perfect opportunity to redpill normies: Are you planning to do some f…[View]
164195075100% Globalist 100% Boomer 100% Neocon 100% Zionist 100% Warmonger If this dude is put in Trump…[View]
164196656Women belong in the kitchen ,period[View]
164194753Proof that white superiority is a myth[View]
164192423What are some stats that show that the wage gap isn’t caused by discrimination?[View]
164190013!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vol.69: HOLY FUCKING COCK BALLS CAMERON KASKY W…[View]
164195015Why is Germany so superior to America?[View]
164189891Okland coffee shop will not serve cops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n8JRt10uyI > Last Friday…[View]
164196609what the fuck is the UK's problem?[View]
164191359Here's a reminder to you 'good Christian conservatives' out there that Jesus Christ: - was non-…[View]
164171511Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Résistance Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >N…[View]
164192479why do amerimutts hate us?[View]
164189271>White People >Can't stay out in the sun without sunblock >Can't develop their ow…[View]
164197329> BANNING HATE SPEECH LEADS TO ORWELLIAN TYRANNIES > England, France, Switzerland, Poland, Swe…[View]
164187634life outside of chinese communities: I've only lived in guangzhou (a city in china) and sydney …[View]
164196729Everyday tyranny in England[View]
164197225These guys take your son to the BBC studio until you pay your tv tax.: Wat do? Other than have some …[View]
164196422Sargon fought the alt right and won: https://youtu.be/zumq1U7NprU?t=10m45s He exposed what bed shitt…[View]
164193017Best VPNs: What are the best VPNs for /pol/ types? I'm looking for one that's not exorbita…[View]
164196150R.A.M. is back New VIDEO: The fellas are back with a new video that is oddly inspiring and very posi…[View]
164193801We know the left can't meme I often hear leftwing mainstream (((comedians))) claim that there a…[View]
164197069shilling gonna end like that.: https://youtu.be/ZHtQwxKaofk?t=2m17s[View]
164189839Why is 'being black' a thing now?[View]
164196981>Europe is cuck-[View]
164191047Why do people still believe in God and religion in 2018? Is it ignorance or stupidity? When you thi…[View]
164195866How red-pilled is Myanmar ?[View]
164183787This is a 10/10 in england: the absolute state of my country.[View]
164196664Post your best Anti-LeftyPol memes faggots. We need to kick LeftyPol out of this bitch.[View]
164195273Saudis are buying up the UK at lightspeed. They own most of London and have their hands in pretty mu…[View]
164181041/pol/ opinion on Sikhs?[View]
164197561Which browser is not Jewed, pol ? Browser and search engine recommendations, for phone posters and P…[View]
164197364Hitler did nothing wrong[View]
164185159Nature has Failed: Nature, that you right wing 'alpha' male scum love so much, is pointless chaos. A…[View]
164192718What can we do about the feminization of western men?[View]
164192398>post good threads after much careful deliberation, topical research and provide discussion mat…[View]
164192017My 8 year old called my 4 year old a Jew for stealing his toy: What do lads? Blame the schools?…[View]
164197748I'm back guys. My AI sent a message. It's not aliens, it's AI.[View]
164193388woman need men to defend th- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwO9a5AN93o[View]
164195272Why do you hate us burgers so much?[View]
164198137Why do (((they))) want to hide this picture so badly? Post it everywhere. Let the world know.[View]
164196569The CIA froze /b/, /v/ and /a/ to hide this picture: Yesterday someone leaked a picture of an alien …[View]
164197042What did 4chan mean by this?: Why did (((they))) try to hide this picture last night?[View]
164196645Why are black women so scary, /pol/?[View]
164195920What does /pol/ thinks about Keanu Reeves?[View]
164190164US Federal debt as of today $20,958,230,936,189.63: This amount is the gross outstanding debt issued…[View]
164161406>post this image on /lgbt/ >spam on tumblr >do phony tumblr femraid on /b/ >spam all s…[View]
164195327https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xljj9OCgIXw Dude takes knife out of pocket to make point about how i…[View]
164196167Pol and IQ: Sometimes someone posts the results of their IQ test and the rant begins. The fact that …[View]
164193366How do we fix the soyboy problem? This is becoming an epidemic.[View]
164196200functional person: why do you think jews occupy some high positions in society? it seems like their …[View]
164196198Did Hitler Really Steal His Ideas?: What does /pol/ think?[View]
164195396unironical thread: Is Russia a shithole or it's just mass media clickbait?[View]
164194902Post them[View]
164195031Amerimutts, explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfwOU07KXlM[View]
164188261Why do black people act like nigga and nigger are two different words? One is just a shortened versi…[View]
164194329daily g*rmany hate thread: >GERM*ns >''''''''''''''human''''''''''''''…[View]
164195739The main role in Netflix's Sabrina : The Teenage Witch is going to a slim pretty white girl and…[View]
164189700Why do chinks think they're a part of this community? I'm honestly baffled by all the mong…[View]
164185261Libertarians in a nutshell[View]
164185628Do those who earn more than you really deserve it?: At this stage, what's the difference betwee…[View]
164191071/ptg/ President Trump General - COULD HAVE BEEN PAGE TEN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
164190940/ptg/ President Trump General - Control Room Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
164195704Illegal alien in California state government: Isn't it about time you Cali anons riot in the st…[View]
164195663Queen Elizabeth ll has never been interviewed. Some historians believe this is an attempt at making …[View]
164195578Why do blacks identify as niggers?[View]
164179022/pol/ humor thread[View]
164174267Great job faggots. Now it's time to wait for the free market to fix this. I'm waiting..[View]
164195264Mosk vs church: Which one do you like better? Not talking about your political view but from a archi…[View]
164188312Should there be a fat tax in the USA?[View]
164181766United States Constitution: Be honest, how many of you fucktards trying to discuss American politics…[View]
164190316How come mongolians are smarter that whites and yet they're still less developed than Ecuador?[View]
164189150Is Lil Tay-K 47 actually... /ourguy/?: >nigga wanna show his ass like a baboon >now he's …[View]
164192729why Australia is so much better than USA they are almost the same in terms of immigrations is becaus…[View]
164193486Why do some Muslims hate this poster??[View]
164189079>america is a first world cou-[View]
164183524Britain Hate Thread, FUCK BRITAIN!: I fucking despise Britain, they're own LITTLE GIRLS are bei…[View]
164187885SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TODAY - BRACE YOURSELVES: People left and right are hearing rumors from the W…[View]
164192088/our guy Noam: >outspoken critic of the State of Israel and the US foreign policy >spoke again…[View]
164194398Based Australians Make SA niggers worry: So the Aussies are beginning to stick up for the Boers. ht…[View]
164195197Thieving nig bitch: Such a cancer on society these dirty nigs are...[View]
164195147PAKISTAN, NO!?: >'Racism is not okay,' one social media user wrote. 'Not in the west or the east,…[View]
164192029BE AMERICAN-GET MARRIED: US court don sentence woman wey marry her own daughter go prison https://ww…[View]
164190564What did they mean by this?: Do these equations actually mean anything, anons? Can we time travel?…[View]
164195136>Capitalist pigs will defend this[View]
164191295HAPPENING - OLIGARCH STRANGLED IN LONDON: BBC reporting that post-mortem says Nikolai Glushkov, asso…[View]
164192410Hey 4chan when are you gonna add a strasserist flag for /pol/ ???[View]
164185630>Omega Labyrinth Z will not be released in the United Kingdom due to its ‘promotion of the sexual…[View]
164187734I want to get out: Please save me from Venezuela I'm starving help aaaaa pd: I'm in the co…[View]
164194347/pol/ humor[View]
164187785How Parisians in the year 1910 thought Paris would be in the year 2000[View]
164185692What is your opinion of this trash heap of a book?[View]
164194543Best cities to move to after college?: Where is the best location in the US for a single 22 year old…[View]
164189316The average IQ of India is 82: Why are they so fucking dumb? I thought curry munchers were supposed …[View]
164194622>tfw you are your own neighbour[View]
164192753Who is the most powerful?: Rothschids Orsini Medici[View]
164176579You people don't understand what it is like being non-white: I'm an Indian in Italy. When …[View]
164193818Post YFW When You Realize John McCain Isn't Dead Yet[View]
164183666How white is Great Britain?: Serious question. Is it as bad as /pol/ say?[View]
164192261how come there are people in this board that arent ancap?[View]
164194519Jews: I need the context[View]
164194500Ideological Subversion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpRAepyIiAY[View]
164186365BREAKING NEWS: It was discovered the bridge in Miami that collapsed took only 6 Hours to install cau…[View]
164193988Is there on way, just one way, that progressive liberals are cool? Actors are not cool -- literal f…[View]
164190804SOUTH AFRICA BURNING!!: >media: boy shot at farm while fishing with friends >Black Land First,…[View]
164194122Self Improvement General /sig/ SWALLOW THE REDPILL Edition: >Goal is to look like pic related Wha…[View]
164189633'modern' parents: pic related[View]
164185565Unironically, the UK is cucked and all of that we know we know, but you have to be fucking losing yo…[View]
164193942Usually Google's doodle is anyone they can find with dark skin or wearing a hijab. Today it…[View]
164193922Swedish county doest help police in rape investigation: Octopus county in South Sweden refuses to he…[View]
164186733Why are Liberals like this?[View]
164192803Looks Like They Are Making Me Be a Liberal Now: >Found outs parents were spying on my internet hi…[View]
164174015share ur unpopular /pol/ opionins: I actually enjoyed black panther.[View]
164190967I don’t feel sorry for Bret Weinstein at Evergreen: https://youtu.be/9ys2ihv_wSs Based Janice. One o…[View]
164193123A huge priority right now should be to expose Antifa for the frauds and government tools that they a…[View]
164191596Why are so many c Political critics so intellectually dishonest? This goes for almost all political…[View]
164193504>walking back home at night >see nobody around >suddenly black guy in the shadows appears i…[View]
164190086>Europe before[View]
164192991My jewish professor told me that many european countries regret expelling their jewish population H…[View]
164193419Ius primae noctis in Serbia: Is it true that Serbs had to walk like pic related when muslim landlord…[View]
164192584So this is the power of the democrats https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-congress-slaughter/loui…[View]
164191040We should PEDO SHAME all British police: in areas where there has been child molestation? they seem …[View]
164173503You already know the truth.: Everything you see is fake. you were shown on PRIME TIME TELEVISION, ON…[View]
164190767being racist is immoral[View]
164193254I truly believe Comey's book will finish off Drumph once and for all. Anybody else pre ordered?[View]
164189241President Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet in Sweden?!: Wow this is quite a diplomatic and historic cou…[View]
164183531Blacks teens asked to prepay meal at IHOP: An IHOP restaurant in Maine retrained its employees after…[View]
164192583Obama to Provide Shows for Netflix: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/08/us/politics/obama-netflix-sho…[View]
164191432West Asian Peninsula: The continent of Europe is a myth. It's not a continent, it's the We…[View]
164188323Virgin at 40: I saw on television 'virgin at 40' and I think it is propaganda pro degeneration. what…[View]
164187431anti-/pol/ redpills[View]
164189539Is a 3rd party vote a waste? I get to vote for the first time in November and I want to vote liberta…[View]
164192699Men ruined the west.: >be man >be utterly useless except for dying on the battlefield to prote…[View]
164180025Syria General /sg/ - Ghosts of Palmyra Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
164182284UNDERCOVER FBI AGENT FOLLOWED GARLAND SHOOTER: http://freebeacon.com/issues/undercover-fbi-agent-sur…[View]
164192030GOOD RIDDANCE: One less corrupt brainlet democrat. Democratic U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter o…[View]
164192724Take the (((Orbanpill))): George Soros = Orban This is the truth about Viktor Orban, savior of Europ…[View]
164190762HAPPENING: Death of (another) Russian in London confirmed as murder: >A murder investigation has …[View]
164177351Continuing the old bread about AYYIMAOS >>164167375 Guy gets strange message says 'S DANGER SO…[View]
164181651AUSTRALIA YES! >Asylum for white South African farmers REJECTED. http://www.news.com.au/finance/e…[View]
164186290Stop fighting!: The American and U.K. feud on this board needs to chill. We’re all on the same side …[View]
164192529Omah Lord xD: Omah Lord xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgXK2b7hK9Y[View]
164187416Based 1950s timetraveler: How did he know?[View]
164191812Why are white people so pathetic?: The following are obvious >whites are God’s chosen >whites…[View]
1641921042nd russia happening: UK police launch murder investigation after death of Russian businessman Nikol…[View]
164191568>tfw Americas presents is Europes future[View]
164189667Is Anonymous still a thing?[View]
164190345t-this is satire...right?[View]
164183865Operation Infiltrate Irland: OK boys, how do I get refugee status in Ireland? I don't need a vi…[View]
164192039So civil war in South Africa inevitable.: Hypothetically what countries could join the fight to save…[View]
164160801you rage you lose thread /pol/ edition[View]
164191736He has some harsh words for the tribe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSy6ENVAJlY[View]
164171524Wait a minute...there are roughly 2 million minutes in 4 years. The Nazis would have to have killed …[View]
164186768I work at a state university. Today I was told that if i find any posters that are pic related, that…[View]
164184889Major Major Tock >Tick[View]
164189006The (((Weider))) empire: Did a polish jew care about an Austrian whose dad was a Nazi? Just forgot …[View]
164185910Interesting name.: Just a coincidence.[View]
164190385Pajeet's curse on Hilary keeps the keks flowing: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-550682…[View]
164160977Quck question guys. If the dems take office in 2024, will they actually pursue a gun buy back or are…[View]
164181375daily stormer possibly being botnet/honeypot?: i noticed this weird XHR and asked weev why did TDS m…[View]
164178925Why are you so afraid of harmless black men /pol/? And before you say 'hurr durr fake news' this was…[View]
164190452ITT: we ask questions to Amerilards: I'd like to ask you: 15/19, September 11 terrorists were f…[View]
164149338Florida Bridge Collapse: Anybody know anything beyond what's in the news? Failure mechanism tha…[View]
164190309Based Czechs: Daily reminder that Czechs are WOKE[View]
164184430im telling you /pol/tards,: its gonna hurt later[View]
164188675WE WUZ Ayyyy LMAO >This is getting ridiculous guys[View]
164184389How is it that Arab communists can move to America, live off your money and laugh a the deaths of yo…[View]
164188038Thule (Tile): Anyone know anything about this (((fictional island)))?[View]
164173026TV report: Netanyahu tells cabinet Trump is likely to exit Iran deal by May: https://www.timesofisra…[View]
164186792It seems pretty obvious to me that the Boomers dying off will only be positive for society[View]
164185858Since you guys talk so much about IQ, where can I do a real IQ test? The only ones I manage to find …[View]
164187318It feels bad watching them fade into nothing. Can bongistan be saved? We've done it before, boy…[View]
164170515>''Mr Anon? As part of the crackdown on far-right media and material we have discovered…[View]
164190205Those scared of guns are the thieves, they know they might be put in harm's way.[View]
164187902ITT: images that destroy /pol/'s narrative[View]
164185042/ptg/ President Trump General - GOD BLESS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
164170060What does this image board think of distinguished psychologist Jordan B Peterson?[View]
164188414>physical embodiment of God appears on Earth to perform miracles and save people >Jews kill hi…[View]
164184306Cutting down on plastic: I'm not paranoid or a health freak but I think some of the ways we…[View]
164189120If a civil and race war broke out.: What celebrities would you like to hunt down? I'd pay a …[View]
164163911Poccи́я: >economy about the same size as Spain despite having more than treble the population and…[View]
164190014Talking Shit: The dumbasses of the daily show are talking shit about Tucker Carlson. They must be sp…[View]
164174241Caucasians vs Asians: Caucasian people are blacks compared to Asians >asians don't commit c…[View]
164190219Rare Flag Thread: Post rare flags, with image or link as proof that you found that flag.[View]
164190108Ugg. Fuck. I used to watch this Asian family until there cam died.. anyone know of any open and inte…[View]
164190084HAPPENING: (((Bankers))) in (((Wells Fargo))) gets BTFO by Justice Department https://www.wsj.com/ar…[View]
164188002Whomst is the Nigger of the birds?[View]
164189589This shit is entertaining to watch.[View]
164186646Christianity is Jewish: When are my fellow white men going to wake up and realize that christianity …[View]
164182595>Be American >Get shot >Try to run away from the shooter >Go across bridge >It collap…[View]
164188877Will white suburbs have to fortify like South Africa?: beyond arming yourself, what preventative mea…[View]
164160516so why has the RK9 suicide been wiped entirely from the internet? first off, liveleak themselves wer…[View]
164171621Why be an atheist ?: Why would you believe that you’re just a coincidence in the vast universe? Does…[View]
164187261How do we stop the influence of feminism?[View]
164187877The first sentient AI controlled by rat brain: /Pol/ This shit is creepy af are we in the end age? h…[View]
164188516South Africa Genocide: Watch him mock people genuinely scared for their lives. I wonder why this epi…[View]
164189113Are funerals the biggest jewish scam in the world?[View]
164187419post things that are banned in the uk[View]
164189228Here we go again - another unreported “rape”: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/03/15/alaska-airlin…[View]
164189169Homeless opinions: Maybe not technically pol, but this guy's channel just got shut down while I…[View]
164184300Louise Slaughter has passed away at 88 years old. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2…[View]
164189038GERMANY NOOOOO! >Looks like The Ovens are getting fired up next.[View]
164187459I was rewatching star trek and jordan peterson when he was talking about the right to offend and if …[View]
164176384Britain YES!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnQ3pmDjfkc UK totally vindicated in trying to keep th…[View]
164188936(((Google))) honors the co founder of JP Morgan banking institution, (((George Peabody))), surrounde…[View]
164185477A man who hasn’t been marginalised, discriminated against, or been the subject of online or offline …[View]
164175832Fossil records indicate Ireland was never home to snakes. So, when people say St. Patrick 'drove all…[View]
164180970Does this apply to you?[View]
164176504https://youtu.be/FzF1KySHmUA What do you think guys ? Did he just btfo this conspiracy theory?[View]
164158530while on parole >1. Heimbach strangled his stepfather (Parrott) to unconsciousness, twice >2…[View]
164187381Why must white women make themselves look so ugly?: Even when they're attractive, modern white …[View]
164188146Why is that as soon as you say youre gay, women love to be around you? Why do gays let women use the…[View]
164188295>post good threads after careful deliberation, research and provide discussion topics with materi…[View]
164187068>William 'Plantation Cremation' Sherman >William 'Hotlanta' Sherman >William 'Ablate the Co…[View]
164183047Reminder the Illuminati hated this man for promoting peace.[View]
164187366>Be me >Be nigger >Ignored all of /pol/ hatred towards Black Panther and went to go watch i…[View]
164183418Why are Brits so ugly?: Why do they look so strange and deformed?[View]
164175532Brit/pol/ - True Heroes edition: >Petulant Gavin tells Russia 'Tell rudeboi shut up' ht…[View]
164175042Happening - Black female gang murders 18 year old Egyptian girl studying in the UK: Motives unclear…[View]
164177306Britain LEAVING thread: Post here if you're living this dystopian nightmare. I have my year abr…[View]
164177422War flag bread: Previous thread got nuked Post your favourite(s)[View]
164187938SOY BOY MAHVEL: Why is this a thing? Or are we noticing it more lately?[View]
164187572I hope you anons falling for MGTOW- or Asian woman-bullshit realize that there are tons of sweet whi…[View]
164187685A world whitout niggers: I lived in a quiet place without blacks but recently Haitians arrived witho…[View]
164168352Who Here Planning to Leave the UK?: What's your exit plan frm the Pakistani shithole where poli…[View]
164187551How to get a gun license in Europe easily: Step 1: Get a private investigator license Step 2: You no…[View]
164178624Get sandniggers off /pol/: Gee, I wonder (((who))) is behind the influence of all these pro sandnigg…[View]
164187359Hey goy, did you remember to use Grubhub today?[View]
164184003Differences between East Asians: I've travelled to China, Korea and Japan and it sort of amuses…[View]
164167269don’t come to asia 56%er: >when will the sexpats learn >stay out of asia >TAIPEI (Taiwan …[View]
164184488Poor little Tony[View]
164187293I never understood the Tupac Idolization: >Straight out of /pol/…[View]
164187291Do you (((smell))) that /pol/?: Have you noticed that if you search in this page for literally anyon…[View]
164187290Australia's offer to help white farmers rejected: >South Africa earlier demanded that Austra…[View]
164185680Why is no one talking about the Argentinian submarine being bombed by the brits? http://www.foxnews.…[View]
164184559'What are you looking at, loser?'[View]
164182733Can we deport Britshits from America???: Our country has been invaded and subverted by Kikes and Bri…[View]
164187054http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ so it's outside again[View]
164186697is he right, /pol/?[View]
164179670>in class >we’re studying the Old South’s culture alongside its politics >teach shows a sli…[View]
164177983Was Reinhard Heydrich a Finn?[View]
164186929ITT: Boomerposting only I can't believe these LAZY millenials......... why go into debt for col…[View]
164186274grugposting: this meme lasted a week[View]
164179413Are you racist because you envy black people?[View]
164186883Autistic man assaulted in Mississauga; suspects sought: https://youtu.be/F3xwPF5MQDU http://toronto.…[View]
164184555why must bongland do this????? it hurts me to see churches torn down, monuments torn down and battle…[View]
164183440Why do Turks post BBC bait: That's only reserved for us black nationalist what's they…[View]
164185623NRA Laundering Kremlin Influence Funds!: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congres…[View]
164179009Why did Russia Attack us.: I thought we were allies? What happened Dmitry? What's your endgame?…[View]
164186803Tha ting goes prrrraaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOaLIIxxQlQ[View]
164181459>be bong >have free healthcare[View]
164177917South Africa: we need to talk about SA[View]
164183018Active Shooter WVUP: Any WVfags know what's going on? WVUP college has an active shooter accord…[View]
164186459What happened to him?: >rises to political power >gains a cult following >rebels against go…[View]
164183151Empire of Brazil: How do you deal with the fact that were once 4th economy of the world, 2nd biggest…[View]
164186667stop shedding your tail[View]
164173040Trump should have put his family businesses into a blind trust. A real president would have made tha…[View]
164186278Brit/pol/ - crystal palace edition: >Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube bom…[View]
164160412/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. >Kumite and Warski live: crashing the liberalist movement htt…[View]
164186537US Federal debt as of today $20,958,230,936,189.63: This amount is the gross outstanding debt issued…[View]
164181186>Crisis actors don't exist https://www.wired.com/story/my-day-with-the-zombies-who-help-airp…[View]
164180978Hungarians, when will you take the Orbanpill?[View]
164185815What is the endgame of rhetoric following UK spy poisoning: Events so far: >Sergei Skripal, 66, a…[View]
164186363!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vol.68: HOLY SHIT CAMERON KASKY WANTS 500,000 P…[View]
164178018This is a parody account, right?[View]
164185906Why don’t poos take enough shit for being complete barbarians?[View]
164179763Does Greece have a cultural output problem?: I just checked my iPod and I only have 1 Greek band on …[View]
164184772Wal-Mart scam: Think Wal-Mart would fall for a mirror of a website that they price match but I chang…[View]
164185249Google as a white male!: What's going on here? Google has a white male on it's front page.…[View]
164182706Hey /pol/ Can we discuss about the three types of Nazi's on this board: 1. Nation Socialist …[View]
164182108Trying to Redpill: I'm trying to red pill some family on the matter of immigration from countri…[View]
164167015>person X says Y >find out he's a jew >the jews are at it again! that's the hypoc…[View]
164182124/Blackpill/ General: >Whites should not become minorities in their own countries >Rising murd…[View]
16418307056% EL OGRO[View]
164184765Confirmed: Trump is Traitor: TV report: Netanyahu tells cabinet Trump is likely to exit Iran deal by…[View]
164186017I just had a fun idea. You know how Hollywood always blackwashes characters and then cries racist w…[View]
164185001Why did Pavelić have such big ears?[View]
164183144FELIX SATER: SPI FOR THE FBI: Blabbed to the FBI for over 15 years including his time working for Tr…[View]
164126210SETH RICH!!!!: BREAKING: America First Media’s Attorney Ty Clevenger files Federal Lawsuit against F…[View]
164185640POWERFUL: The BBC ran a 'White Season' a number of years ago and this was the advert for it http://w…[View]
164182882Why isn't he addressing mental health? Isn't that the entire argument, that it's a me…[View]
164172793Oxytocin-a Bonding Hormone: Stop drinking milk and all dairy. Did you know that farmers are feeding …[View]
164170991>Taken just minutes after she was beaten to within an inch of her life, the images give a human f…[View]
164173580Really Kinda Glad We Dumped You in 1776: Like, what even is this shit?[View]
164178913I demand recognition for predicting this.[View]
164185381Russian Patriots! Go and Vote for Your Future!: https://www.yahoo.com/news/breaking-mold-russian-you…[View]
164169205White people waking up: https://www.reddit.com/r/southafrica/comments/84tcjd/white_people_are_being_…[View]
164184611question for you europoors: لماذا الاوروبيين بلاك ??[View]
164180022Amerisharts actually believe this nonsense. I hope you realize the rest of the world is laughing at …[View]
164182953>No wall >No muslim ban >No drain the swamp >Hillary still not in jail Why did DRUMPF li…[View]
164184154A glorified speak n spell, a literal propaganda mouthpiece. So sick of this dogmatic attitude regard…[View]
164183386how do we stop him pol?[View]
164182258FACT: if you're lactose intolerant, you aren't white[View]
164180746this is why millenials erent saving money[View]
164182928Will somebody NUKE them already?: Can somebody go a favour to the world and wipe out island of inbre…[View]
164183680Are these the end times for us?: Now that the final blackpill is out there and not even the finest c…[View]
164184592Boris Johnson says it is 'overwhelmingly likely' Vladimir Putin ordered the assassination …[View]
164184551Is the madman really going to do that? Why Tr*mp is silent on that issue?: http://www.news.com.au/fi…[View]
164184822is uncle ruckus ((our)) guy?[View]
164177011if america would not exist would we live in a better world?[View]
164184703just how long until texas is featured in BLACKED.COM[View]
164173245Rare Flag Thread: Post your rarest flags and the links to them for proof of finding.[View]
164179673DAILY REMINDED TO BLESS GOD'S CHILDREN: Just reminding you guys. I am not Jewish, but i have be…[View]
164182148New Murdoch Murdoch - How to Act in a Crisis: https://cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/How%20to%20act%20in%2…[View]
164184589wtf is turkeys problem?: just because they had a empire once, it makes them think their shit dont st…[View]
164179700Hitler's Views: What were Hitler's views on race. I know he was racist, as we're most…[View]
164181992>the r/The_Donald Chad: >shares his opinions and beliefs in public >liberals fear him >s…[View]
164180555NIGGERS CHIMPING OUT IN SPAIN: https://www.google.es/amp/s/amp.20minutos.es/noticia/3289809/0/muere-…[View]
164184272Really makes you think[View]
164179563For how long are we going to pretend this wasn't DIRECTLY caused by anime?: Anime breeds social…[View]
164184023/pol/, why shout I work my ass at a job and not leeching off government's benefits if I am goin…[View]
164183942What do y think about japan?: What do you think about Japan? I think the Japanese people are being f…[View]
164183955Facebook trending incest video and people tagged.: Now seems it was taken down, yet thousand of of p…[View]
164173982(((Human Rights Watch))) 'slams' Australia over white South African refugee comments: >…[View]
164183888Hillary Clinton slips on some poo in India!: Is no one safe from the designated streets? Or in this …[View]
164183119What do you think about japan?: What do you think about Japan? I think the Japanese people are being…[View]
164183844Redpill me on SOCOM in niger: Anyone have any classified data they’ve sourced?[View]
164182579Why is Britain such a Shitole?: When Trump said ''Shithole countries'' was he re…[View]
164181351Heimbach and Cantwell are degenerates: Last year after the Pikeville rally a few of our TWP comrades…[View]
164181428So what the fuck actually happened here? Seems to have been completely buried.[View]
164183708/pol/ ! 2 years past what changed? Germany, WTF? can't be more cucked than that and you give Me…[View]
164183172Who is the cutest person on /pol/?[View]
164176512Will you fight back?: Fellow Mutts, will you fight back when the government comes to take your guns …[View]
164171864The Irish are American now, Mexicans used to be the 'Irish', now they are basically American, Pajeet…[View]
164176342SPAIN BLACKED: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43426962[View]
164182874who else here lives in a hoon hot spot? cars will often drive in my small suburban street (50kph zon…[View]
164182784Dear Race Traitor Blacks...: >the next generation of blacks, is being raised by SINGLE WHITE WOME…[View]
164180750He's right.[View]
164183101In defence of the TV license: Just clearing some stuff up since everyone here likes to read pictures…[View]
164181726How do we stop turkposters?[View]
164163605Is society to blame for the bridge collapse? Look at those thousands of people driving directly unde…[View]
164180688>unionically believing that there's differences between races all normies are the same…[View]
164176176MORGAN ROOF: Her brother fucked her didn't he[View]
164176089WTF is a TV License?[View]
164182259Where do you meet trad qts?[View]
164182088Question: Why do Eastern Europeans and Russians idiolize white people? Don’t they know they are gook…[View]
164173464Maybe i should: Convert to islam... >whats wrong with believing the right religion? >Catholici…[View]
164182335>when a joke goes too far[View]
164182194Norwegian Coalition Government might fall as a result of a Facebook post: The coalition between Hoyr…[View]
164179698TFW pol has better info-graphics and data than any MSM: TFW I get from /pol/ full, accurate info, 2 …[View]
164182655>I know things because I look into my brain and find what I think and that's all the evidenc…[View]
164182738Let's have a poll. I'm pretty unbiased and watching the shit storm which is American polit…[View]
164182687Do you see a conspiracy in everything? I do. If i continue to spill information and assessments abou…[View]
164182653Have a little time on your hand? You always wanted to meet the divine but Islam and Christianity/Jud…[View]
164182186Classic commiefornia: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/16/calif-judge-bars-la-from-enforcing-gang-r…[View]
164179567Trump Test Question: https://lj.libraryjournal.com/blogs/annoyedlibrarian/2018/03/12/star-trek-poste…[View]
164181874South African farm murders being picked up in major news outlets: It’s happening http://www.news.co…[View]
164182453Captain America: Do you think he would be fighting Israel's war as a white or do you think he w…[View]
164182489Is there such a thing as intellectual property?[View]
164164972Today is Latvian legionnaires day: A little backstory about the commemoration day of Latvian legionn…[View]
164165740>JEWISH GIRLS ARE UGL-[View]
164176763>McMaster isn't getting fir-[View]
164181099Israel is our greatest ally. Full democracy A shining beacon in the middle east Never caused issue…[View]
164162770Germany NO! Fight more abroad, Germany? In Africa!?: Mali: the most dangerous mission Meanwhile, the…[View]
164177020Reminder that the 56% meme is a jewish ploy to create hostility between White Americans and European…[View]
164137679You have 7 seconds to explain why you're not Roman Catholic[View]
164176577When will this meme end?[View]
164174632I am a practicing Muslim. AMA.[View]
164171839Is Germany redeemable?: >'Islam does not belong to Germany, Germany is shaped by Christianity.' h…[View]
164171586>Norway couldn't singlehandedly-destroy USA in a week TOP KEK AMERICAN PIG SHIT!!! Oh belie…[View]
164172206Was Raphael a person or an angel?: Socrates[View]
164180817>yfw trump is going to ultimately be taken down by a fucking porn star[View]
164177919How did we keep our borders safe from Mexicans for hundreds of years, and then suddenly in the last …[View]
164180793>black supremacist factions in South Africa are already infighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
164178392>im whiter than you!!1@! >no im whiter than you!!1! >youre more fucked by the jews :D >n…[View]
164181506Why do women suck so much?: >woman designs a bridge to withstand a hurricane >bridge collapses…[View]
164179575Please stop talking about my country.. We're meant to be a secert[View]
164169271If you ever to meet Hitler, what would be the first words you would say?[View]
164181416lol dumb cunt: Candidate’s Anti-Gun Demonstration Backfires: Sawing Barrel Off AR Leads to ATF Inves…[View]
164180372Why are banks allowed to gamble with taxpayer money, and why don't they suffer consequences whe…[View]
164181194Do UK globalists want to start WW3?: Order of events: >Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia…[View]
164170504Did anyone watch the latest x-files?: It was about Organ harvesting, drinking blood and eating peopl…[View]
164181169Will the Guac Man make a comeback in 2020 and finally claim his rightful place as supreme leader?[View]
164177824Today’s Today's US Federal Debt is $20,958,230,936,189.63.: The amount is the gross outstanding…[View]
164165528What's /pol/'s average IQ?: I took these: >123test.com/iq-test - score: 135 >free-iq…[View]
164177881>who's ready for some sex jokes and children?[View]
164180851The Fate of EMPIRE: If you have not watched the video yet, then I suggest you do so. https://www.you…[View]
164180138Redpill Me: I come seeking truth about current world affairs. Redpill me on the following; >Jewis…[View]
164176059Theresa May (England's PM): You guys like to big up Trump like he's some amazing shitposte…[View]
164180638why does britain have blasphemy laws?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odGiYJdFtE0[View]
164157251HUNGARY NAMES THE JEW: https://twitter.com/shaunwalker7/status/974289017700323328[View]
164178391K E K E K[View]
164167254How long will he last[View]
164171238Amazon is a CIA plot to destroy Europe: Facts: >Amazon is CIA (check history of Jeff Bezos) >C…[View]
164175665How did this walking talking (((not a Jew))) end up leader of Canada[View]
164135611/nsg/ ᛉ - Natsoc General: ϟϟ ARE YOU READY FOR A WORLD WAR? ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish…[View]
164176015Help Ismael[View]
164179197DRUDGE IS THE JEW DAILY: Just a daily reminder that Drudge is a kike that is helping to push the lef…[View]
164179493>1% of the U.S. population >only began coming to American shores in the 1990s and 21st century…[View]
164171491THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF BRITAIN: >Have father killed by coalition forces in Iraq >Live in UK any…[View]
164178127What actions have you taken to effectively attempt to change the zeitgeist of our time, instead of j…[View]
164178508why would anyone buy bottled water? Is canned air the next jewish trickery?[View]
164172434Genetic Determinists BTFO!: > two brothers, same bloodline > both great fighters > one goes…[View]
164180041Canadas New SJW Petition site: https://you.leadnow.ca/petition/new?source=leadnow New Canadian socia…[View]
164179625If Africans are worthless, do we genocide them? Do we bring back Jim Crowe? Slavery? Or is it too la…[View]
164176345#Allahus: /int/ >>>/int/86935031[View]
164171593Worried yet, nazis? Gen Z is our generation, not yours. The future they craft is left wing.[View]
164167838Syria General /sg/ - Observing the gains Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.w…[View]
164173930WHY ARE THERE SO MANY US POSTERS TYPING IN RUSSIAN CYRILLIC: >>164172977 >>164173184 Was…[View]
164177751CBT being used as a psychological warfare: Islam allows for pedophilia ....but don’t be Islamophobic…[View]
164175350Should we let people be alone?: Isolation is dangerous for the individual and the society. We must c…[View]
164175582/pol/ if you made every single Jew disappear tomorrow, would Marxism and all its works simply disapp…[View]
164175870Is there more to this /pol?[View]
164178979Trumps infrastructure plan is going to be greatest ev-[View]
164164881What the actual fuck, Hollywood?[View]
164179273Why are there Jews in the forest?[View]
164157847REDPILL THREAD: Now with the influx of refugees from /a/, /v/, /b/ and /vg/, it would be a shame if …[View]
164133483Study finds bottled water is contaminated during packaging (((process))): It all finally makes sense…[View]
164178842List of people killed by Jews and historical events that the Jews were behind: 1. Gaddafi 2. George…[View]
164159010Gaddafi: Is he /pol/ approved?[View]
164162010What percent of you fuckers are autistic: I sure am. What percent of you assholes are? Answer yea or…[View]
164178932>hates jews >bows down to yhwh[View]
164164618Why do millennials make poor choices such as voting for leftist politicians and taking out loans for…[View]
164178855https://youtu.be/7EUhnw1OGXY Why do American men always act like pigs?[View]
164170874Allah is a homosexual person: Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can't[View]
164174190She's right you know[View]
164175270The only mexican I ever want in my country. >MOOOOORE CHILLIIIIII[View]
164170720It's time to start redpilling normies that muslims aren't the enemies. When right wingers …[View]
164167370Why do pol hates islam? If anything muslims hate drugs, porn, atheism, SJW, gays, gay propaganda, pu…[View]
164177347hey muslims: Quran 69:44-46 'And if he (Muhammad) had forged a false saying concerning Us we surely …[View]
164174815Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Just an anti-Semitic book made by some Russians. No need to look in…[View]
164162727/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
164175694How did he get so powerful? Also I see certain certain similarities between Stalin and Escobar[View]
164177971Is actually being held accountable for your actions what feminists consider to be “male privilege”?[View]
164174841Since Jews can't control the narrative online, they've taken to hiring thousands of illite…[View]
164178416>burgers make fun of the bongs when they get arrested for saying no no naughty words >not a pe…[View]
164176655debt thread: how much debt do you have? me only 20k in student loans[View]
164175129What if the US had a debt to GDP ratio as high as Japan: My guess it wouldn't make a difference…[View]
164169880He's right, you know.[View]
164176193Monthly reminder that General Relativity is wrong and is used as a political hatchet against electri…[View]
164178077Does Google censor right-wing material anymore?: National Socialist videos are allowed to stay on Yo…[View]
164172704Fight Jew music industry!: Daily reminder that music is the main means of brainwashing people. If yo…[View]
164176703I always strive to be as PC as possible while I'm outside in real life, but seriously, what the…[View]
164175888A Liberalist, an Egalitarian and an Alt-Righter are dying on thirst in the desert...: And they come …[View]
164152575What is your opinion on based black guys[View]
164177835If, tomorrow, America laid down its arms and announced, “We will fight no more,” what would happen? …[View]
164175688Hillary slips on poo in India....http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/indian-hospital-hilla…[View]
164177191On the Usage of Propaganda: Anyone who uses propaganda in support of their ideology is indirectly ad…[View]
164176061What if decadence comes from simple things like air conditioners, water heaters, bottled water, sand…[View]
164157103nz/pol/ General - Russia Edition: >Occasionally at 7PM NZST UTC/GMT+12 >Main News Topic >…[View]
164177352>Be Caroline Sturdy Colls. >Given opportunity to excavate Treblinka where 800,000 Jews alleged…[View]
164175407Polish death camps: Does anyone have any examples of holocaust survivors who have been caught lying …[View]
164173452W I F E[View]
164176270I was watching a documentary about a KFC in Wolverhampton the other day and something good struck me…[View]
164176575When did you realize: Dinosaurs were a psy op tp convince us the earth is a space rock and to have u…[View]
164177165Will be ever get another Donald Trump in terms of meme potential. A political figure relatable to th…[View]
164162580All Pagans are cucks[View]
164174481Michael shumacher is nazi?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=H5nzjkm tCOc[View]
164177081>Be Mr. Willaimson >try to intimidate Putin and Russia >Says ''shut up and go awa…[View]
164175617OI what the bloody hell did ye just fookin say about me, ye little wanker? I’ll av ye know I graduat…[View]
16417692922nd of March 2018, be vigilant everybody as there may be some attack on a public event[View]
164177000There must be no borders, MULTICULTURALISM NOW!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NraCon28Zss…[View]
164176851>The next generation of teens is literally injecting soy beans to be more like women We're b…[View]
164176248what did he mean by this?[View]
164161034I really like the idea of Christianity. But God isn't real. What do?[View]
164176661Peter Dutton for Australian PM: Can we plz meme this guy to be our next PM?[View]
164167940rate my apparel /pol/[View]
164175922What do you unironically believe in terms of politics and ideology?: Sometimes I ironically LARP as …[View]
164174258Why are white supremacists by and large ugly beta male neckbeards?[View]
164164456>Europe before[View]
164174480To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Christianity. The pro-white teachings are …[View]
164174362/WWIII/: How safe are you /pol/ are you prepared? >t. Yukonite living in the Arctic circle.…[View]
164174634why do liberals call you a conspiracy theorists when you say the Dems want more immigration?: it doe…[View]
164174974Did 'Big Government' used to be more competent and less corrupt? I look at something like the Hoover…[View]
164176371Awesome 80's punk rock band, White Pride: Anyone listen to this band? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
164176276Can we get Enoch a blue plaque: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/feb/…[View]
164173960Being a Jew is the height of human experience: Won over every enemy, including Rome and Nazi Germany…[View]
164175205Could any supporter of Trump please please please explain to me why Donald Trump’s son, son-in-law a…[View]
164168760/ptg/ President Trump General - Hol Up Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
16417601085% of republicans polled still support Trump. republican members look to shut down investigations i…[View]
164141909Ex soldier kills wife after realizing she had been into pornography all along: Anyone got any videos…[View]
164175954GERMANY AWAKENS: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43422770 >Germany's new interior minis…[View]
164175941Bullying doesn't matter anymore: Also the left: be nice to Islam or they'll kill us[View]
164168799Does anyone get the feeling that maybe we're the bad guys here? How do we know for sure that De…[View]
164173986Happy National Day Hungary: A little late maybe, but oh well, I'm not Hungarian. Happy holiday …[View]
164167705Britain deploys nuclear submarine under Arctic amid rising tensions with Russia: https://www.politic…[View]
164171145What's going on there?[View]
164162944RACE MIXING IS NOT A BAD THING IF DONE RIGHT If one fucks a nigger solely because he's got a bi…[View]
164172288ITT favorite first ladies: Michelle obama is pretty cool and so was nancy Reagan but tbqh my favorit…[View]
164175798how do we fix melbourne? (besides a nuclear holocaust).[View]
164175779Oh for Christ's sake, will Brits just get on with Brexit: Yes, there will have to be a hard bor…[View]
164174455How do you go from this...[View]
164175714You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murd…[View]
164173625>Be me >Suddenly, feeling of electricity in the air >A light click noise >In the next mo…[View]
164175618>Population is declining and economy is stagnating. West: Import immigrants to keep the populatio…[View]
164164283Fact Check: Australia isn't full: Australia is fully capable of taking in Muslim refugees. They…[View]
164173599http://izap4u.com/zap/zap-171-full-version/ Internet junk but actually interesting[View]
164174119Recently i found out that a girl i'm attracted to has been with a nigger. I'm physically r…[View]
164167314This is what Korean Christianity looks like how does this make you feel?[View]
164118737How did the world get so obsessed with nigger culture?: And I mean nigger, not black. MLK for instan…[View]
164168206Brit/pol/ - Countryfile edition: >Petulant Gavin tells Russia 'Tell rudeboi shut up' ht…[View]
164168410Whites > Asians > Hebrews > Latin Americans > Arabs > Native Americans > Australia…[View]
164173697Why do anglos have this shit?: >Kevin Choquette, a retired bank analyst worth more than $14 milli…[View]
164175131Come listen to my talk show, goys. I'm one of you: How do you defend Nazis and then attack them…[View]
164161618The Maker Movement- a sign of de-civilization: 'Markets are not the invention of capitalism. They pr…[View]
164166730Feminist bridge collapses days after installation; police say multiple deaths, cars trapped.: > M…[View]
164169520>post yfw you unironically realized 2016 election was peak /pol/[View]
164171821Are all liberals on the autistic spectrum? I'm not asking if they are stupid, because some of t…[View]
164175157What the fuck happened at the Cuba embassy? CIA testing weapon?[View]
164169653God. Please let a war start this year. Thanks[View]
164173626Tillerson is such an Eagle Scout weakling, he wont tell us the truth about Trump's dementia. It…[View]
164165728/pol/ BTFO[View]
164171515holiday fun for the whole family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US1he6ufPLc[View]
164168014Now, be honest here /pol/. Be honest and give me ONE solid reason why Islam is not the biggest redpi…[View]
164169378I don't remember learning how to hate in Sunday school. When will the lion and the lamb come to…[View]
164155187AUS/POL COCA COLA EDITION.: How`s it going cobbers? Driver 'refuses to hand over his details af…[View]
164172086Why did no one listen to Nick Griffin?: He spoke out about grooming gangs literally donkey's ye…[View]
164170687Is this really what life is like for women in 2018 or did the Internet poison my mind?[View]
164174299Maybe the way to reimplement traditional values is through a common enemy(aka non-western immigrants…[View]
164173864OMG you shot him with that? What do you think you are a cowboy. You had time to cock the trigger 3 t…[View]
164173550>rare google doodle honouring a white man >it's full of random kids of other races anyway…[View]
164173120What /pol/ calls 'degenerate' isn't actually degenerate: You can't prove that homosexualit…[View]
164170199This niggers get away with killing a 13 year old: These niggers get off the justice system https://w…[View]
164172218>go to school >be shot and die >go to the movies >be shot and die >go clubbing >be…[View]
164167375MALAYSIA FLIGHT HAPPENING: Guy gets strange message says 'S DANGER SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUAT…[View]
164170585Marriages between men and women in Britain hit lowest rate on record: http://www.independent.co.uk/n…[View]
164165283FBI is in this thread: Goodnight[View]
164159087As a future former marine I have serviced this country in more ways than many of your will ever do o…[View]
164172635Women are better at being artistic so let's have them build our country from a women's poi…[View]
164157636> GUN CONTROL LEADS TO ORWELLIAN TYRANNY > England, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Greece, T…[View]
164173938*beep* *beep* *bop* It's all it takes for a highly specialized to take over your job position a…[View]
164173878What should we do with all the jiggaboos and mudslimes: The problem is their is too many of them eve…[View]
164143465I'm Swedish and I belong to the Post Milk Generation: This is a shelf in a Swedish grocery stor…[View]
164171870>tfw born in a flat city instead of this beauty >tfw i want a comfy cbd where to hang out Fuck…[View]
164170649Question: How to stop growth of government? I hope there are still serious people on this board read…[View]
164168986White 'women' are slowly losing power everyday...[View]
164173030Why would i ever: Trust democrats again? >2016 election >bernie overthrow >leaks >shit …[View]
164151817What does /pol/ think of vice? ibn4 liberal propaganda funded by the jews some of the reporters are …[View]
164172900would you approve Victoria Louise as German Kaiserin. Name a better qtie[View]
164168490SOY BOY HUMOUR THREAD: TIME FOR A HUMOR THREAD.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOVhhIJ2CwQ…[View]
164169486Smuggies thread[View]
164173344North Korea- democracy delivered: North Korean currency chart. Peaceful sanctions are more efficient…[View]
164170556NARCOTICS: Should narcotics be legal? I think we can all agree that just like with the prohibition …[View]
164169608Why is academia, media, banking, all intelligent sectors full of leftists? Because we're hard-w…[View]
164171225Why should I become fit? Why should I bother voting or anything? Fighting these SJWs and leeches is…[View]
164171610How can we remove kebab from europ?: >1. trigger them with some shit about religous things, socia…[View]
164153242ITT: villains who were actually in the right[View]
164155229Fuck anybody who thinks Space exploration and colonization shouldn't be a priority. This shit i…[View]
164169862A /pol/esque critique of Alexander Dugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAB7qxDmCFY[View]
164172786Weren't we supposed to be watching a video by now?: Weren't we supposed to be a watching a…[View]
164161401Why can't people just shut the fuck up about politics?: I am a classical musician and all of th…[View]
164169395how do we fix the e*ropean problem?[View]
164172756Fellow MAGA pedes ready to die for Israel?: Trump's gonna make Israel great again![View]
164170984I NEED TOP TIER AUTISTS ON THIS STAT!! https://twitter.com/strayedaway/status/973604056005570560…[View]
164171279>read a significantly accurate warning prior to the biggest mass shooting in American history …[View]
164172415UK political poisoning developments and discussion: Order of events: >Sergei Skripal, 66, and his…[View]
164172462Hitlerry is a cuck who is dumb. MAGA my kekistanis![View]
164145416DUmb Christians: If God is so good why does he create kids with disabilities?[View]
164166787>mfw this place is infested with unironic national >>>>>>socialists Ahahahaha a…[View]
164160768Ladies and gentlemen, I present the British police force: What has happened to Britain /pol/?[View]
164172278What does he mean?[View]
164168109St Patrick Day was invented by jews!: POTATONIGGERS BTFO[View]
164172189Life as a Liberalist: Learn what it takes to be a true Liberalist cuck https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07…[View]
164172085https://youtu.be/v5xt3Fxki00 Does this type of behavior being televised and normalized demonstrate t…[View]
164158902Aboriginal Redpill thread: Post anything on the vast genetic gap between Australoids and the rest of…[View]
164169667Is this really live or is it a replay?[View]
164164923Why did they make her delete social media?[View]
164171396Why did Hitler hate Jews ?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=H5nzjkmtCOc[View]
164144925A crane dropped something on the bridge to make it collapse. https://youtu.be/NKxR7iU9vTo[View]
164171883Remember his show was canceled because Trump won.: “My race is done, you’re inheriting the Earth, al…[View]
164169091>Mutt Engineers[View]
164171761Some spooky shit: >https://www.someecards.com/news/news/this-guy-mysterious-voicemail-terrifying-…[View]
164171762Julius Evola: So how does /pol/ feel about Julius Evola?[View]
164171040Australia: Approve my VISA this time[View]
164163772we're now the most evil country in europe: not even sweden/germany is this corrupt in acting ag…[View]
164170933Whom would you vote for, /pol/?[View]
164170946Why is POL so fucking stupid?: I’ve been going on POL for like a month. I was told POL was a great p…[View]
164146874JIM GOT OWNED BY THIS GIRL: The best Metokur can do is tuck his cock and put on some lipstick, becau…[View]
164159965Russia is the greatest threat to the free world.: Putin had someone murdered on foreign soil, interf…[View]
164171193Is there any worse place on Earth than eastern Europe? Shit climate, shit wages, shit people. Everyo…[View]
164166565Fuck the slide threads come here: Was looking at an old abc news article here in Australia about how…[View]
164167820Democrats are now mad that Trump is firing McMaster, the guy who wanted more war with Afghanistan: I…[View]
164170227HELP ME compile a list of ongoing psyops: I have decided to put together a list of fishy happenings …[View]
164166834It took 43 days for Nazi Germany to occupy France. It took 36 days for Germany to occupy Poland. Mon…[View]
164169950Let's see the average IQ of /pol/: /pol/ take a real IQ test from cambridge university https://…[View]
164170920Daily reminder that redpilling people has always been our strongest tactic: You wake one person up a…[View]
164170748Quit Porn: 'Let me assure you that the suppressing field will be shut off on the day that we have ma…[View]
164170773The absolute fucking state of Unionists. The son of loudmouth Unionist Monarcuck Ian Paisley is not …[View]
164167048DEUS VULT https://youtu.be/urd7YSSj8Xs[View]
164152003THE GOYIM KNOW! ITS ANUDDA SHOAH.: https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2018/03/15/9-11-israel-didnt-do-it-the…[View]
164139754mixed race alt righters: How does /pol/ feel about people that are only partially white? Will there …[View]
164166153Lol she dead: Left wing black slut 'black people have no rights muh' everybody is fucking black in B…[View]
164160561Will Australia ever be white again? It's actually disgusting walking through the city and not s…[View]
164170499POLAND REAL NAZIS: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/15/opinions/expulsion-polish-jews-50th-anniversar…[View]
164167214>Asked if it is still US policy that #Syria's #Assad must go, @ChiefPentSpox says only 'Our …[View]
164166112Why is pol so mad?: I know pol is not one person, but I find it very apparent that he is always mad …[View]
164164719I made this for you, /pol/.[View]
164170331Madrid Nignogs Chimp out: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43426962[View]
164167975>this confuses and frightens the european[View]
164164385Feminism was the international shit test for white men, and we lost. Black women >They scoff at t…[View]
164168155Putin is The Godfather: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/vladimir-putin-smirks-as-he-is-asked-i…[View]
164167517within 1 WEEK ,, putin got ACCUSSED.: the moment putin said that the JEW may be behind the US ELECTI…[View]
164164036Don't worry guys. I'm on it.[View]
164167028i just learned that in ancient hebrew the word for creation(ברא) translates to fatten . so when you …[View]
164144082Merchant Cranes: Broken rigging. Hunter Crane Merchant Transport & Rigging 'Crane operator' F…[View]
164144750Ancaps please die[View]
164156028Why are they called black people if they are brown? ???[View]
164168392Oy goy what are they up to?: What are they planning? >UK to start a trade war with russia www.ind…[View]
164163751so....anyone wanna talk about what just happened?[View]
164167297Ethnostate General, anyone?: Ethnostate General >I don't have the full text…[View]
164168839*gives the birthplace of Christ to the people who killed him*[View]
164169359I see hundreds of posts on this board bragging about life Not in Education, Employment, or Training.…[View]
164159736Why are people blaming the bridge collapse on hispanics?: Is there any proof that hispanics caused t…[View]
164160725> be american > get crushed by a bridge[View]
1641662131st year of Redpills >its the jews >rothschilds are the top >money is the end game 2nd year…[View]
164167564Why is everyone on this page so obsessed with politics? Even when it's just some news issue you…[View]
164169414Is Australia the best island in the world? >Felony Island turned into a mega economic power >H…[View]
164168987Post your city's hottest real estate agents. Montreal - Amy Assaad[View]
164158957Why didnt Britain and France declare war on the USSR if they also invaded Poland?[View]
164161857Why don’t we use collective guilt with immigrants: If a certain nationality tends to rape more and d…[View]
164153562Typical conversation with a German: >Me: What do you think about the 'refugee situation…[View]
164169233It's not a war on guns, it's a war on personal freedom that's what it is. Keep that i…[View]
164154834this dude only got 15 years for having 4 TERABYTES of child porn, and allegedly raping multiple chil…[View]
164169264Is it true that Serbs had to walk like pic related when muslim landlord during turkish occupation wa…[View]
164168351>alpha males on /pol/ no one actually believes this meme right[View]
164160937Why are humans so much more different looking from each other than most other species. When you look…[View]
164168716Vancouver digital display reacts to user's tweets.: Nice interactive digital sign...[View]
164152907Daily reminder to hate jews: There is nothing more disgusting then a jew. First of all they are the …[View]
164151979Is she really Swedish /pol/?[View]
164169987Someone wanted the best movie ever made.: This is it. The best movie you will ever see. I don't…[View]
164168597DegeneracyThread - /deg/ Degeneracy general: >ITT we post things that make you die on the inside,…[View]
164165724>be sekrit israeli hacker >shitposts about shooting up a school >behind vpn >dns doesn…[View]
164155120What's happening?: >/a/ is down >/b/ is down >/v/ is down >/vg/ is down 12 hours wi…[View]
164164926/ptg/ President Trump General - Nonplussed Pickle Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
164168480Redpill me on this /pol/ do you see it happening? How would society change if we achieve immortality…[View]
164162172What makes white people special? It's just skin color. Asians, Indians, and Jews are just as at…[View]
164165061Europeans Then and Now: Europeans circa 1600: 'Fucking inferior shitskin savages kek. Lets go to th…[View]
164116525Feminism and children influencing politics is a curse from God: This is a bible verse showing Isaiah…[View]
164166696Study Assessing Racial Differences in School Students PULLED Before Publication: https://www.opb.org…[View]
164161305If she is Killed by Niggers: We will lose the last of a righteous Good Bloodline. They were sensitiv…[View]
164167611>*BOOM* *BOOM* >*CRASH* >'Woof! Woof!' THIS is all it takes for a Pitbull to break into you…[View]
164154802Where were you when Australia started the fire and saved the West?[View]
164165243Why are jews so intelligent? Not successful, but intelligent? Why do they dominate academia? Is it r…[View]
164164095Former UK ambassador names the jew: >Did you know these interesting facts? >OPCW inspectors ha…[View]
164164320Germans in Brazil: What does /pol/ think of the German outposts in southern Brazil ? Do we get to pl…[View]
164167196WILL MCCABE FLIP????: Will he flip on the swamp to save his pension? He went to plead his case yeste…[View]
164150310Syria General /sg/ - Home Is Where The Heart Is Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagen…[View]
164167191Why don't we start a petition for Merriam-Webster dictionary to remove 'White' from it's l…[View]
164163466White Guilt: Why do people suffer white guilt? Why do whites today need to feel guilty for stuff the…[View]
164166382>It’s called the bowling ball test. You know what that is? That’s where they take a bowling ball …[View]
164136655Brit/pol/ - The Ottoman Empire edition: >Petulant Gavin tells Russia 'Tell rudeboi shut up…[View]
164167298Real Q-Anon identified: Believe it or not this is Q. IMO it makes much more sense now.[View]
164164118>Jews derive pleasure from tricking goyims This explains Curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld perfec…[View]
164166238Im back, muttlets[View]
164165723What did -john mean by this?[View]
164167213TRUMP'S Chief Scientist: '5000 Tonne UFO Crunched Me!'[View]
164167199The absolute state of Londonistan[View]
164157634Trump calls Mexico a spoiled country: and He said that NAFTA will be terminated soon. This time the …[View]
164150676What the fuck is everyone's problem with the UK and Brits all of a sudden? It's not funny …[View]
164158666Nearly 20 Percent Of Americans Think Interracial Marriage Is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Poll Finds: http://www…[View]
164166147Explain this Trumptards... Your so called God-Emperor added $1 trillion to national debt in 14 month…[View]
164166794Twitter isn't on 'lockdown': >T-Twitter is shutting down right-wing speech!!! >Lost 2000 …[View]
164166690ITT: Based niggers[View]
164166995So what’s going on with him these days?: I remember reading something back in January that said Trum…[View]
1641665661. LARP as left wing 2. 'Stop genital mutilation of all genders' 3. Make circumcision illegal in the…[View]
164154662Q-anon identified: Believe it or not this is Q. IMO it makes sense.[View]
164166025Psyop and controlled op in (((Svea Riket))): >fatso 'white supremacist' bitch goes to jail for 'h…[View]
164164652Hello, have you considered joining Atomwaffen today?[View]
164150062Fashwave: Share what you have, or make more for the ongoing propaganda war. Just made this, not sure…[View]
164166780When are we going to nuke these fucking faggots? This is the third time they are trying to destroy e…[View]
164163819Is the White Cause Failing Worldwide?: I've been a part of the Alt-right for a couple of years …[View]
164145346Wow women are crazy AND banning guns won't stop them from killing you: >In an interview with…[View]
164166705OY VEY! DON'T QUESTION IT, GOY!: https://www.timesofisrael.com/swedens-ruling-social-democrats-…[View]
164164035What the actual fuck?!: Blacks first?! I don't think they get it[View]
164160048why are women given the equal rights as men when they're obviously inferior?: it's obvious…[View]
164166330Why have (((they))) not orchestrated and Islamic terror attacks recently? Is this to divert the atte…[View]
164166047Maximum kek: >put tariffs on foreign steel >have to use your 9/11 quality steel >bridge col…[View]
164166075This post from /v/ shut down 4chan.[View]
164161036World War 3 will be muslims vs non muslims. It's Europes fault for letting them all in but they…[View]
164161244Video games not even once[View]
164165220Has he built 'the wall' yet or was it just an election ploy?[View]
164163334Why do you cocks actually hate the Jews (no meme reasons)? What did they do to you personally? Why d…[View]
164163831Nigger dies and antifa/negroes burn the streets: So a nigger died yesterday of a sudden heart attack…[View]
164164580Killing Piggy: Killing Piggy[View]
164161538Northern Europe general: For the butthurt Scandis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Europe DENM…[View]
164150125Attempted House Break In: Woke up to somebody trying to break into my apt about an hour ago. I got m…[View]
164165194https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKUANN-qWHA&t=157s Sweden hate thread[View]
164162981He can’t even keep a wife[View]
164161309WORLD CHAMPION CUCK LEADER: Which country has the most cucked world leader right now? Scorings as fo…[View]
164162132IS X WHITE, THOUGH?: any other anons gettingreally annoyed by these fucking thread? I get we are edg…[View]
164135089Re-education camps for young men when?[View]
164145331the utter state of California Also dems are this dumb, now we can just deport our opponents. http:/…[View]
164165535https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/974450928714747906 OBAMA BTFO[View]
164164915Help me compile a list of False Flag events in recent history: 2016 and onwards preferred so inb4 9/…[View]
164162854Downfall of Hollywood: > hurry up already!!! > any leftist idea is a bad idea…[View]
164158970Does /pol/ consider gaming consoles to be 'toys': And I mean that strictly in the literal definition…[View]
164167293What's wrong with Japan for them to constantly make stuff like this? They're literally the…[View]
164161744Remember when the president was smart and respectable, and not the degenerate we have now?[View]
164164373France is gay[View]
164135934Is God for real: Or is God just joking?[View]
164165186Check DirectIve1: https://twitter.com/Librepepensador https://twitter.com/sinsudar[View]
164160064How big of a role does race play in the russia federation?: Do Russians consider themselves white? H…[View]
164163174FBI investigating R9K: Obviously after last night the feds are starting to look at where this guy ca…[View]
164164820I'm scared for the UK. Is everything going to be alright?[View]
164164811FIX THE FUCKING SERVER GOOKS: What did you do while /pol/ was down, /pol/? I walked my dog. Called a…[View]
164159202I love the Chinks. They banned all judaic-semitic religions: judaism, christianity and islam and sho…[View]
1641638001488: Could another professional revolt against the Jews ever happen again? Was the Nazis the last c…[View]
164162943Real issue for debate. So the vast majority of people believe it's a bad thing to teach childre…[View]
164152393Snapchat loses almost $1 billion dollars from Rihanna backlash: >Snapchat users noticed an ad tha…[View]
164156081Jewish Privilege: American Jew here. Question for my fellow white people who aren't Jewish: Why…[View]
164160411Where is /arc/?: You guys bitch and moan about design and architecture in our modern age but haven…[View]
164163986China has been developing race-based GMO foods for years. For example 'lactose tomatos' impossible f…[View]
164101407When You Fail At Life: So you kill yourself, but everyone thinks it's fake. Discuss the politi…[View]
164131675PRIANATE REGIME OF TERROR ITS COMMING TO AN END: Mexico Thread Get in here![View]
164164003I was thinking about creating /pol/-wiki today and the problems it brings, such as centralization, s…[View]
164154403That feel when: 100% white[View]
164163550What if pic related Twitter would be deleted ?: Wouldnt it be a huge violation of freedom of speech?…[View]
164113263racism is alive and well in Australia: >White South African farmers “deserve special attention” f…[View]
164161710Why do Americans think they have freedom of speech when they aren't even allowed to yell FIRE i…[View]
164162800HELP NEEDED: Evidence Israel did 9/11: > Nick Berg sent emails for Zacarias Moussaoui > 5 danc…[View]
164164009>>12352010 I can't believe there is going to be a generation of people who actually belie…[View]
164161294This a political anime board.[View]
164163928I'm going to miss the west: I hope you anons fight and die bravely against the brown hordes. Go…[View]
164162735is it true that people were turned away from voting in the PA special election?[View]
164155869JewGay hate thread: Fuck the UK[View]
164161954There seems to be a serious problem on this board as of late when it comes to any critical discussio…[View]
164163676War flag bread: Post your favourites. Can be country, land forces, armed forces, naval forced w/e. Y…[View]
164163675will Donald trump fire James Mattis?[View]
164163662immigrants BTFO: https://theumlaut.com/how-robots-repeal-the-law-of-comparative-advantage-eb445f55d6…[View]
164162011Trump sanctions Russians. Democrats whine it isn't enough.: Why even bother? It doesn't ma…[View]
164098668History of everything and more: ITT we will look into the biblical story and its meaning, we will co…[View]
164163644Yellow Spotting: >watching wildlife cops >white person breaks the law; eventually admits they …[View]
164163646test post[View]
164163526Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
164161139What did they mean by this?[View]
164163486I sometimes wish I didn't do a graphic design degree when none designer family members go on il…[View]
164161639/pol/, what are the 'niggers' of your country? For Spain, its the gypsies >loud af in class, only…[View]
164162768The blue pill makes you sad: So when I was in high school I took art classes. Art wasn't my str…[View]
164153579Muttland: “Sweden is cu-“[View]
164125253Fuck this shit. Special Counsel Robert Mueller Has Subpoenaed Trump: What documents? Seriously what …[View]
164157460Redpill thread: Been awhile post em if you got em. Phone friendly picture please.[View]
164160596Fortunate Grug: Some grugs born made to wave tribe cloth ooh, they red, white, blue And when caveban…[View]
164162423>American infrastructure, not even a week old collapses. Literally. http://www.bbc.com/news/world…[View]
164152868Imagine a world without niggers.[View]
164159854Did net neutrality send /a/b/v/vg/ here?![View]
164161039Stormy fucked Don Jr: Fucking pregnant woman is sick.[View]
164161337The utter state of SCIENCE! http://dailycaller.com/2018/03/15/silicon-valley-billionaire-euthanize-s…[View]
164160003WW3 GENERAL /WW3/ - STOCKPILE MRES EDITION!: >World War 3: Russia warns Trump it will ATTACK Amer…[View]
164151645Is Buddhism redpilled? (I mean as a philosophy/meditation practice, not a religion) How does it comp…[View]
164163046Can someone explain to me how and why the state of Florida factors so heavily into recent psychologi…[View]
164162560This is the modern male. What happened?[View]
164137298Amerilards actually believe this. I hope you realize the rest of the world is laughing at you. You a…[View]
164160938(((Boomer Faggot))): Honestly what the fuck is wrong with this guy? He acts as if he’s some kind of …[View]
164161632https://twitter.com/strayedaway/status/973604056005570560?s=21 What do you conspiratards think of th…[View]
164159066ITT what is keeping you here: Outcasts of society Seeing the west collapse, why haven't you jus…[View]
164162892What exactly do they do, /pol/?[View]
164162879Clean your gun: Either you decide to fight or we all die. You have no right to life. You only have t…[View]
164162366did google seriously just honor a rich white male? i'm.....i'm actually shocked[View]
164145579If Disney bought 4chan, What will happen and what will you do?[View]
164149464Diversity hire gets people killed in Miami: This is what happens when you diversity hire engineers. …[View]
164157248Whats 20 years from now going to look like? Are there just not going to be anymore brick and mortar …[View]
164162645All Of Your Base Are Belong To Us: Hey /pol/, I've seen a lot of talk on 4D chess on this boar…[View]
164162542Autistic man assaulted in Mississauga; suspects sought: https://youtu.be/F3xwPF5MQDU http://toronto.…[View]
164161818Wives are for breeding and child-rearing, not hobby partners.: The principal value of any marriage m…[View]
164162491Is it generally accepted that Alex Jones is a govt shill?: I mean either 1) No such thing as shadow …[View]
164161946https://www.instagram.com/melissadoridye/ What is this schzio going off about? Pic related[View]
164151612The time of Jacob's trouble is upon us: >Restoration of Israel This is the word that came to…[View]
164141764BREAKING NEWS!!! Donald Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa, files for divorce: Donald Trump Jr.'s w…[View]
164159130>he still hasn't joined his local fashy gym bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGVppy6a8kg…[View]
164140502The Russian Question: Why is Russia being demonized by the West? What do the kikes at Westminster/Br…[View]
164161979You guys think that the new Death Wish will be half as red pilled as the old one?[View]
164148265Where do we draw the line on Free Speech?: Everything has limits in nature and law. Any rational, pr…[View]
164161920Ask yourselves these questions, >Why was the hospital alerted that there would be casualties prev…[View]
164145918Can someone on the left explain ...: You say my right to beat arms infringes on your right to life, …[View]
164141014CNN Hate Thread: Lost my stash of images that show CNN flipping the story narrative all of the time.…[View]
164157886legalize all drugs please[View]
164161795California is the best, Illegal to take government job: http://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la…[View]
164160095The Russian troll farms are shilling hard now not just for John Bolton, but specifically for John Bo…[View]
164161268We can't lives without wome-: Rational Relationships: Ignore the Haters First, let's clear…[View]
164161390Stagnation in Safety or Prosperity in Pioneering: Nirvana is not for this world. -Jesus 18th century…[View]
164161522(((Drive Theory))): Instincts don't exist: Drive Theory states that our actions are driven by s…[View]
164148669PUTINED: Why are British women so attracted to STRONG UNCLE VOLODYA? Is it merely his ripped physiqu…[View]
164160383ITT: Benis: Post them[View]
164160624Dear American Brothers:: Are you ready to die for Israel?[View]
164141384!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HAPPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vol.67: HOLY SHIT CAMERON KASKY WANTS 500,000 P…[View]
164161246Swedish rapes (immigrants can do whatever they want): Sweden has changed rape reporting system on th…[View]
164157650ha haa ha: watch it cunts https://www.baka.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/sunrise-host-samantha-a…[View]
164161069winston peters: winnie the largest lad around[View]
164145168so /pol/ i accidentally sent pic related to the snapchat group with all of my coworkers in it. what …[View]
164156420join catholic server: pls join Catholic server /bkXHBgq[View]
164160231Gun Control Walkout: We will win.[View]
164160958And thee shalt knoweth the /pol by its real nameth, wahhabi YLYL[View]
164160454>Europe before[View]
164156538Is this /ourgoy/ ?[View]
164160852The future of the white race[View]
164159142They finally got him.[View]
164153947From the minds of the people against ebil vordemorte. Give up your guns. Or laugh. https://youtu.be…[View]
164148942Moral fags: http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1521149992472.webm ok , i get why this guy would kill himself. But…[View]
164134524Mfw someone calls me a racist: Hey /pol/, how do you response when someone calls you a racist?…[View]
164153515>be first worlder >comfortable living >safe, don't have to worry about getting robbed/…[View]
164159723This man has done more for free speech than Sargon of Akkad has.[View]
164160424Welp trump is probably gonna pick John Bolton: As national security adviser. Just how fucked are we?…[View]
164160549/a/ is dead so let's discuss DBS here also what's his power level?[View]
164154773Bravo Trump: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/15/donald-trump-adds-1-trillion-national-…[View]
164156699Why doesnt this man run for prime minister here in Australia?[View]
164153796Cheers Fellow /pol/ acks: wishing you faggots well[View]
164146359This is Gina Haspel. She's Jewish. And also happens to be Trump's pick to lead the CIA rat…[View]
164101446I Foresee a Disturbing Trend: As a progressive black American who's lived in mixed suburbs most…[View]
164152418Hinduism General: >What is Hinduism? Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world. It i…[View]
164159947Will you even run for some sort of office someday?[View]
164149455How the fuck does a sane, redpilled human being even function in the world as it is today? How do yo…[View]
164151289It all makes sense now...[View]
164147817We need to cease the shilling against Trump. Criticize him sure but to shut other down for remaining…[View]
164143971/pol/ on September 11, 2001: HOLY SHIT IT'S HAPPENING[View]
164158614Why are liberals not talking about the bullying epidemic in schools? Wy is it ONLY 'ban guns?'[View]
164154035ITT WE POST EVIDENCE OF (((GLOBALIST))) SCHEMES: It's always one of (((them))) isn't it? W…[View]
164160096You guys like Hentai?: I wish Alex sempai would fuck me like this~~~~[View]
164159252US UNDER ATTACK IN IRAQ: US military aircraft crashes in Iraq, casualties reported A US military air…[View]
164159953What's with these oddball/slow Jew alien/horror movies/shows these days?: They're depressi…[View]
164122849When do the tanks start rolling into CA?[View]
164158378Can someone explain to me how and why the state of Florida factors so heavily into recent psychologi…[View]
164127392Americans with German heritage: Personally I have Anglo and German ancestry what about you American …[View]
164150875What are some good politically incorrect Chinese cartoons?[View]
164144760/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. >Kumite and Warski live: crashing the liberalist movement htt…[View]
164156975Do you believe in magic? >:): It was the worst of times It was... The Best of times >:) soon I…[View]
164159750New RAM video: https://youtu.be/sGVppy6a8kg[View]
164155275>WW3 starts >Male Amerimutts ages 18-25 are drafted by Selective Service >'Goy, (((we))) se…[View]
164159667Why are all socialists gay?[View]
164159653WTF is going on with /b/? Are the mib data mining again? None of the threads have changed for like 1…[View]
164149705/a/fugees: /a/ has been down for 10 hours. It is UP TO YOU TO TAKE US IN. /a/ IS IN DANGER. How ma…[View]
164154622Should I change colleges?: Dear /pol/, you guys have given me some of the best advice of my life I n…[View]
164156798No thread about her and Poo coalition to scam poor and weak?[View]
164159507muh 'judeo-bolshevism': Of the 17 members of the first Soviet government, the only Jew was Trotsky. …[View]
164157273i mean i know im super autistic but is this too much autistic of a taught ? i been fucking cucked by…[View]
164156360I live here in Miami. I’m 10% of the white population that lives here. This bridge collapsing doesn’…[View]
164151211>be american >cheat >get cut up with giant sword…[View]
164158868It's white people's fault there are so many non whites in their countries. They kept choos…[View]
164146193OY VEY, /pol/ WAS RIGHT ONCE AGAIN[View]
164157064are we sure we can trust duckduckgo?[View]
164144797/pol/ what happend to /b/?! The last thread was 10h ago[View]
164125318Why did he do it?: We need to deport them before any more is lost.[View]
164152902Why are black women so scary /pol/?[View]
164156616What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
1641589272 terrorist sympathizers will be running in the 2019 elections: >Justin Trudeau, Liberals 10.5 mi…[View]
164156621FUCK COMMUNISM!!!!: >The workers are entitled to all they create. This has never,and will never, …[View]
164154135I now support 'Hate Speech' laws: As a pre-condition, I will only endorse this plan so long as I per…[View]
164138718B O L T O N: Say it with me /pol/: John Bolton will be the next Assistant to the President for Natio…[View]
164154103What Could Go Wrong!?: > watch some Arab/immigrant/refugee create a giant shitstorm and North Kor…[View]
164153209Serious question. Why are Whites too stupid to breed? Do they not know about White Genocide, or do t…[View]
164131485The Cunt Broken Again!: Hillary Clinton now has a broken wrist, courtesy of a wayward poo. http://ww…[View]
164158088WW2 soldier's body returning home: >Nearly three-quarters of a century after he was killed i…[View]
164151641steel beams melt at 80 degrees[View]
164158556When white ppl get called a racist name we shrug.: I mean, do any of you even give a fuck if some bl…[View]
164158544Dumb lying meatbags: Yet another story of a meatbag driver crashing into a self-driving car. https:/…[View]
164157307We should start using Gab: No shills and no censorship It’s the beast chance we got desu[View]
164146923Pure Coincidence: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5495915/Sweden-vows-ban-religious-schools-…[View]
164156434I AM WOMYN HEAR ME ROAR![View]
164156047Anyone else /comfy/ right now?[View]
164148842Trump Brags About Lying To Canadian Prime Minister: Yet a lot of leafs on this board love Trump. He …[View]
164142191The censorship on these platforms is hitting Orwellian levels. How do we combat this?[View]
164157166operation muk: hey anon i have an idea for trying something new its 2018 yet i haven't seen any…[View]
164158256Cafeteria lady excited about $5 bonus: https://www.infowars.com/cafeteria-lady-bursts-into-tears-tha…[View]
164155111Steven Crowder: What do you guys think of Steven Crowder being kicked off of Twitter. And Styx makin…[View]
164157000Black riots in Madrid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgvZlhDDB3s Madrid riot after black street ve…[View]
164158047Does Trump know Israel did 9/11?: Is he just bidding his time?[View]
164154211Were the Harlem Hellfighters really better than most of the white units?[View]
164157830Cuban here. Ask me anything.[View]
164155967>tfw the Middle East and Africa are the most inbred areas of the world >tfw the rest of the wo…[View]
164152549The absolute state of marxists: >wearing hoodie that says 'come and take it' from when …[View]
164154486beware /pol: Terminator is coming for you /pol!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilu-aDGWLxc…[View]
164139083How is it possible that there are people so dumb as to buy into the left’s bullshit?[View]
164138524SHE'S GONNA TELL HOW HE CUMS TOO QUICK: http://thehill.com/homenews/media/378734-cbs-will-air-s…[View]
164139976I support Feminism: What's wrong with equality of the sexes?[View]
164152406/POL/ED - IMMIGRATION AND CONVERSION OF NORMIES >2018 >Not redpilling YouTube, Wikipedia, Twit…[View]
164120787ITS HAPPENING NOW: https://youtu.be/gnPWJOJYVKc[View]
164144540ALEX JONES NEEDS YOU !!!![View]
164153827What is the /pol/ opinion on the snowboard vs ski debate? I snowboard but don't hate skiers, in…[View]
164156611any oc fags see the 3 helicopters flying? is it happening.[View]
164155481The Swedish are now reduced to Eloi. Prove me wrong[View]
164156228Hypothetical scenario time: US is plunged into civil war and western civilization collapses, Russia …[View]
164150291New /pol/ reminder: We are a minority on / pol /. But how can we speed up the process of destroying …[View]
164133796Racism in Maine: An IHOP restaurant in Maine retrained its employees after a waitress asked a group …[View]
164157025This shit can't be real!: I just seen this thing and all of it is disturbing but the most distu…[View]
164140299You can only post in this thread if you're in the top 41 largest countries in the world by land…[View]
164156916The capitalist jannies will remove this post[View]
164129933BREAKING: McMaster is OUT: >“Russia is also complicit in Assad’s atrocities,” McMaster, President…[View]
164155905What's your opinion of NGOs like Doctors Without Borders?[View]
164154481From the minds that can't comprehend reality unless through a jewy lens. https://youtu.be/WxwPc…[View]
164154857Daily Reminder:: This board is generally trash and good threads with serious discussion of culture, …[View]
164156707Physiognomy and Phrenology: Temporarily setting aside race differences in IQ, is there such a thing …[View]
164146716Is she wife material? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/15/us/morgan-roof-dylann-roof.html[View]
164156619HILLARY BODY COUNT PLUS ONE: Connect the dots. Only if someone had access to Palantir. Sergei Skripa…[View]
164151674What do you guys think of this girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f45CMwwGWOQ&t=7s[View]
164136066Oklahoma Teacher Here. On April 2nd we are beginning a teacher walkout unless the state legislature …[View]
164155792Is he next?[View]
164155015The people that are trying to suicide me and a harassing me all day, those are the people that did 9…[View]
164156154Is it any good?[View]
164151359Some political talk: Hey so I'm pretty high rn and I don't know how long this will be [see…[View]
1641487629-11 It Was Bush and Saudis, Not us Jews: https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2018/03/15/9-11-israel-didnt-do…[View]
164139658If you wanta be controlled by a Christian society establish it, a tradtional catholic monarchy, If y…[View]
164156158Well you know what is kill so what's up over here?[View]
164154552Jews jewing: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5504487/Israeli-footballer-filmed-performing-se…[View]
164150094Nuclear powered rocket to the nearest habitable planet.: By using fusion powered ramjet rockets, I i…[View]
164155048>'Staff changes is a false story' >Makes staff changes What did he mean by this?…[View]
164148694>fire anti-zionist 4 star general because he is 'too rigid' >replace him with a rabid zionist …[View]
164145814Counter Protest- School gun reform: My high school has anti gun posters from the walkout up in the h…[View]
164154702Who is behind this campaign?: Will you take the test pol?[View]
164155451Niggers: There's a kids Channel on youtube callEd Chu Chu Tv. Can We put some Anti Semitic shit…[View]
164155513Fire and explosions rock Texas chemical plant: A blaze has erupted at a Texas chemical plant along w…[View]
164152579https://www.youtube.com/user/godlogicscience/playlists https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrcrDXK620ko…[View]
164118539FASHWAVE THREAD[View]
164155386I never thought I'd say this, but I’m so fucking tired of White people and being a White person…[View]
164144994Should the West Punish Russia?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15278545[View]
164118623This is hispanic construction and engineering....: I live here in Miami. I’m 10% of the white popula…[View]
164151512Why is the White Savior disappearing from film and television?[View]
164155070Tinder is garbage anyway: If you're using tinder. You are using it wrong.[View]
164155195(accidental) political compass thread?[View]
164134208Bad goys must apologize for the ruckus: These calls to ban circumcision must stop. Your problems wit…[View]
164150311How long does she have left?: This drunk old hag can’t keep it together for some reason. >Slips …[View]
164152161Quebec!: Send more money guys, I need to buy some land.[View]
164154493Fucking Boomers: Just why? Why are you here on this board posting 'MAGApedes'? Why did you…[View]
164146330/pol/ BTFO BY BASED TED REFUGEE!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOsQKjNoHmw[View]
164154796Can someone explain to me why Florida specifically has become the center of psychological operations…[View]
164147221Anyone else find this board confusing?[View]
164154601Why can't every woman be like Allie Stuckey? Beautiful and smart.[View]
164152369Describe Eminem's career in 1 sentence. I'll start. He didn't want to eat low quality…[View]
164154510Treatsforbeasts: Can anyone explain to me what the fuck treatsforbeasts is and why I keep re watchin…[View]
164151152He saved hundreds of millions[View]
164154018Anti-Communist = Low IQ: Prove me wrong /pol/[View]
164146762You actually cannot make this up anymore.: Reddit is officially being called out on it's most v…[View]
164154258I Found The Moment Hip Hop Went Full Subversive: Hip Hop from the late 70s to the early 90s was a mi…[View]
164144789How did we protect our borders from Mexicans for hundreds of years and then suddenly in the last 60 …[View]
164151242Who will win the Great Meme War over 4chan/pol/? >The Jews or >The Russians Cast your votes me…[View]
164149839Have you guys ever read this faggot's book? Jack Donovan, the Way of Men At first I thought he …[View]
164152033What’s the most important thing in life /pol/?: Wealth? Fame? Being white? Height? Cock size? WHAT T…[View]
164151279We all know most of you /pol/tards are obese, but don't worry there is still hope for you! 8 mo…[View]
164153873The U.K. Isn't under sharia la-[View]
164153909WMAF still at large: How incompetent is US Law Enforcement that they can broadcast the identity of a…[View]
164153093Get raped American!: http://www.breitbart.com/california/2018/03/15/kate-steinle-garcia-zarate-sues-…[View]
164152023How is Cyprus not an EU conspiracy? They literally can't have the entire island unified because…[View]
164153499When you think about it, Communists are the most ethical group of people. For one they take out har…[View]
164153689new zealand: new zealand a bestu[View]
164153691Stop supporting drumpf: can't you see he's a zionist pig? stop being stupid, I mean it.…[View]
164153441I just got info that tmw there will be a leaked video of Colbert kissing Anderson Cooper[View]
164153406>(You)r state arranges a bridge construction to a friendly construction firm >construction fi…[View]
164152684>7.10am >already wasted Whats your excuse being sober faggot?…[View]
164149021Does he really have schizophrenia? His newest video was kind of disturbing, like gang stalking level…[View]
164133664Here they come Australia: Our celebrities are going to Australia starting with Matt Damon, get ready…[View]
164153445how is this the current state of the world? our isolated and forgotten country is doing its best to …[View]
164153376Welcoming /b/ refugees:: Let's see your most head scratching memes. Politics related? Possibly…[View]
164150215At what point did you give up on humanity /pol/?[View]
164144181'Stupid gun tards, if the government really wanted your guns you're not gonna stop them with yo…[View]
164153151What does /pol/ think of this trash: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/12/masculinity-gende…[View]
164153156Who is going to take over for Abbas when he dies?[View]
164144437>Damn niggers, they should go back to Africa. >BLACK PEOPLE DESTROYED RHODESIA AND SOUTH AFRIC…[View]
164151390So we are voting for this guy in 2020 right? Trumps ok, but I really am digging this Fred Oathill gu…[View]
164152916Miami Bridge outlines what's happening in the US: pic related.[View]
164150649how to cope with the possability of women cheating: I've always been a jealous guy, but I'…[View]
164152676Where did all the nigger hate threads ago? I remember a few years back it was like a tradition here.[View]
164138779Lets talk about us. Why are we so nice? Is it our races one flaw, patched in by the devs to balance …[View]
164151017What should society do about retards? We have the technology to detect downs syndrome before birth, …[View]
164141610Capitalism hate thread.[View]
164150570Syria General - /sg/ - Still going strong after 7 years of war edition: Archive/Study/Research/Libra…[View]
164149749You're given the power to permanently alter the minds and/or bodies of every lesbian, queer gir…[View]
164124058What's the evolutionary advantage to having an intolerance for milk and alcohol? How did the As…[View]
16415243817 minutes wasted: >be me >Go to walk out >School shooter comes along >Sees us walking i…[View]
164150394Heya /pol/ /literallyeveryoneelse/ here, just wanted to remind you that you're fucking dorks. Y…[View]
164152365It's not about reality.: https://youtu.be/1MAOoetvSLI All it will take are the masses to jump o…[View]
164152334/pol/ Humor Thread[View]
164140715Why the fuck is Trump firing people left and right? Is he going mad and liberals are right and we ar…[View]
164144005This was pretty funny[View]
164152078Russian Election: >Putin orders hacks on our election. >Putin touts new unbeatable missile. …[View]
164151753Don't Fuck With America: >Be in Spanish Class >Intercom rings >'Please stand for the m…[View]
164137677>28 year old scientist >worked at a contract research company >attended church regularly …[View]
164151188'Live at the scene': This reporter is 'standing' on a grassy slope, in the florida sun, bu…[View]
164143697Men are the weaker, uglier, dumber gender: https://youtu.be/KWrn1I3b250 But you are more violent and…[View]
164146265Guns in school... binary logic.: They say crazy people keep repeating actions hoping for different r…[View]
164148999POISONED RUSSIAN SPY LINKED TO STEELE DOSSIER: HAPPENING Why aren't we discussing this? http://…[View]
164150485https://twitter.com/RealRedElephant/status/974491352070160384 >march in protest of guns >smash…[View]
164149405/MEX/ Elections General: >Noam Chomsky edition get in here chairos and peñabots…[View]
164148254Your racism is going to be your downfall. The time has come for our species to feel again.[View]
164129132>racism doesn't exist anymo-[View]
164141070What the FUCK ever happened to rand paul? Why is he such a fucking pussy faggot now? >wahhhhh, i …[View]
164151497Is evolution real? Are dogs evolving, becoming more humanlike? Will this be the end of muslims?[View]
164148668Is He 11tH/ourguy/: Seriously, why shouldn't Mike Pence be president?[View]
164148511What to do when you are in a robbery? The last time someone tried to steal me with a gun and i ran.[View]
164131992Hawking died in 1985 and was replaced because he was useful to the agenda of the powers that be. Pro…[View]
164149664https://peakfirstworld.com/ ^ spread this shit around[View]
164142838Physical fitness was basically mandatory in the 60s for high schoolers: What happened? https://www.y…[View]
164142586kangs of the road beep beep[View]
164150093We made a mistake in 2016: I can't believe I fell for the memes. I want a respectable President…[View]
164151236COOPER LOST HIS BOI PUSSY: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/anderson-cooper-and-longtime-boyfrie…[View]
164151216Is anyone tired of Trump's appointees fucking up?: Did you see what the Secretary of the Interi…[View]
164149449KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Let this be a lesson for us here to never venture into that autistic containmen…[View]
164140460>. For more than a year, he’s been under sustained attack by trolls from the /pol/ thread on 4cha…[View]
164146049>the white man lost several bombers during WWII >the black man never lost a bomber Whites BTFO…[View]
164121929How the Fuck Can a Foreign Citizen, that's what they are, Hold Public Office? >I's this…[View]
164150990Saw these in a candy store the other day: What did they mean by this?[View]
164147870Did we come from Ayys or God(s)?: because its sure as hell isn't just (((evolution))).[View]
164150971http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/donald-trump-jr-s-wife-files-divorce-article-1.3876829 Why can…[View]
164149360Allah is Gay: When is the Allah is Gay thing? Is it tomorrow night or St.Patrick's night?…[View]
164150535Holy shit the American first family lmao what a country of absolute morons[View]
164134277YES BRITAIN[View]
164123409Rich Piana was killed by (((them))): For those who don't know, Rich Piana was a bodybuilder who…[View]
164100873So what's the general consensus on this? Is it a jewish psyop or a grand cause? I was watching …[View]
164148957Principal Lonnie Seifert is an Un-American Piece of Shit: Principal Lonnie Seifert, of New Prague Hi…[View]
164149116RIP Stephen Hawking: Lawd help me i'm going to hell for laughing at this. https://twitter.com/M…[View]
164134842Do you wear seatbelts? Only leftie soy boys wear seat belts. The same kind of people who want to sea…[View]
164149365/pol/ terms you feel retarded for not knowing i'll start, wignat[View]
164140738Stop watching porn.[View]
164150257Liberal Hypocrisy Thread: From living in a retarded blue state my whole life, I have come to the con…[View]
164144688DeNiro the Hero: /b/ is totally frozen & has been for over 1 hour. I am quite sure the left is t…[View]
164144240Is this an Chad universal healthcare board? Normie conservative take: “it’ll cause rationing and dis…[View]
164138129American Communism: The way things are going in America this is inevitable, and I fucking love it. F…[View]
164145635Shut it down: You are all permanently grounded. What now? SHUT IT DOWN, Just kidding, everybody can…[View]
164131519How hard are they pushing this agenda?: So vanity Fair posts about Don Jr's divorce, and in it,…[View]
164146756When did /pol/ become shills for the Republican Party?[View]
164130702Syria General /sg/ - Comfy Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
164115342what will happen to this board when trump loses in 2020? genuinely curious[View]
164149977Why aren't there any happenings anymore? I want more dead Eurofags,courtesy of our BASED desert…[View]
164146270Rate me:: 1/2[View]
164146338Hey boys, I've gone from laughing at /pol/ when lurking to becoming nearer and nearer to the re…[View]
164140417Can someone explain why 'Diversity' is a bad thing?: ProTip: You can't.[View]
164149811The Lord of Material earned success.financial gains monetarygiftsdivorce settlement. order arising …[View]
164145043/pol/ Memes: Google is one big Jew and Duckduckgo is owned by a jew so I don't want to go on th…[View]
164146214Trump and South Africa: Why hasn't Trump mentioned South Africa? Why is Australia the only coun…[View]
164149428the girl reading this :))[View]
164149588What's/pol/ opinion on the American Blackshirt Party? How many of y'all are members?[View]
164110157What happened to society?[View]
164149432Georgia parents horrified after daughter portrayed a racist in play: Are they in the right? >Geor…[View]
164149310Someone/something is doing this to us: Out country is being neutered. Half of the guys I know are un…[View]
164143386Is this supposed to be an attack ad?: I don't get it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsZHQLxC-e…[View]
164147620Salisbury nerve agent attack: If this is one of the most deadly nerve agents ever why didn't it…[View]
164112067TIL: The Jews Declared War On Germany In 1933 -- Hitler Was Defending Himself: https://www.winterson…[View]
164131169WWI: Fucking why?[View]
164149015Blue Wave Incoming: What happened in PA that made a district go from +20 (R) in 2016 to a virtual ti…[View]
164146300Mormons are retarted: >founder used 'magic stones' to have his neighbor write a holy book because…[View]
164105890Reason for the bridge collapse: You can see it in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K…[View]
164148433Trump cucks voted for tax cuts for (((billionaires))) LOL[View]
164131469What does /pol/ think about Québec and French-Canadians in general?[View]
164144186Why do you insist there's only one true god when there are many many gods?[View]
164127379Hey /pol/, I have stumbled across a realization that might interest you. (Pic related) I know you an…[View]
164089852When Inclusivity Bridges Attack: Miami Herald made a promo video about the bridge that collapsed at …[View]
164139133Compulsory Military Training: What if there was compulsory military training for all men (and possib…[View]
164148664Stephen Hawking's grandson has autism.[View]
164144834Emu War details and specs Quick Rundown The Farmers armed with military weapons lost to Emus because…[View]
164146566How does it feel not being able to shitpost in other boards because of gateway errors, /pol/?[View]
164144377Is Sonic the platypus right?[View]
164146087/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - OUT EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
164136502Purpose: Well guys, I'm pretty fucked up right now. I just got the call from my doctor that I…[View]
164148415BLACK SUN GENERAL: Politics and philosophy Newfags get in here and oldfags check in. What are our po…[View]
164145695When Are Jews White?: https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/books/98/03/29/specials/baldwin-an…[View]
164144941SORRY GOYS: The Jew coup is now complete[View]
164145688if you want to fight the evil and corrupt globalist BANKERS that rule over our world, control our me…[View]
164133977Shuaiby suicide: Anyone find out more info about this? It's not really being covered in the new…[View]
164138954Remember when i niggered up the economy and doubled the national debt?[View]
164148209What happens here?: Can some Kentucky anons pls fill me in on their state? Is there a large nigger p…[View]
164148197How do we fix men?[View]
164145048What’s this man speaking of?: https://twitter.com/benballer/status/974485799113711616?s=21 Surely it…[View]
164141703Tick Tock Trumplets https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/cbs-tentatively-sets-march-25-for-airing…[View]
164148066Daily reminder that if there is no God then nothing will ever happen to her. She'll live her li…[View]
164139927Didn't you guys say that generation z would be redpilled?[View]
164147833Serious question. Is there any hope for the new generation, at all? Or have they been so totally cuc…[View]
164143325BAN ASSAULT BRIDGES!: We should be allowing children to have access to these dangerous weapons!…[View]
164142682Remember- If your flag is a tricolor, you don't live in a real country.[View]
164147803Flat earthers are shills trying to put normies off our cause[View]
164147715>soiboi >shares posts on female hygiene products being taxed >where is the equality Is /pol…[View]
164140747You are President of the United States. The Special Counsel presents a 30-count indictment that incl…[View]
164140566Socialists, tell me how empowering it is to live on the dole.[View]
164132739>Job pays minimum wage >They expect more than minimum effort…[View]
164143390XDXDXD TRUMPISTAS GET IN HERE: How do you justify this? Rant about random shit about POTUS and govt …[View]
164141273La goblina[View]
164147295Can any Spanishbros explain?: I just saw here that some faggot from one of your political parties, M…[View]
164144292Name TWO (2) things wrong with the UK I’ll wait.[View]
164146927IG Report comes out this Friday.. how the dems will try to spin that?[View]
164123532OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL: YES! YES! YES! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-midd…[View]
164144226Great job racists https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/clock-boy-family-loses-racism-lawsuit-…[View]
164141222Press F to pay respects: 'The Jews have taken control of your economy, through which they have then …[View]
1641472743 weeks without LdR Kvetching: Just a reminder that pol won a battle https://twitter.com/LdeRothschi…[View]
164145251In a first, U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid: ZOG is gearing up for war with the …[View]
164145924What's some good recommendations of charities I could donate to, whom won't waste my money…[View]
164143966Jazz and Jesse Discussion Thread: Who listened tonight? Good show. This is not a source request, but…[View]
164146948Just how much of a perverted deviant is Trump? We know he partied with the pedophile billionaire, an…[View]
164146694t. Phonefag: So, sorry for the shitty crop, but holy shit normies actually think like this.[View]
164142872Google B.R.A.I.N.: >Be me >Google B.R.A.I.N (aka singularity event) >became back in 2012 my…[View]
164140764Girl Killed, killer flew back to Nicaragua: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5496769/Classmat…[View]
164146853This is what has become of this generation. Daily remind that these people can vote. https://www.yo…[View]
164146178In light of Chinese ascendancy in the Pacific, what are your views on a formalised Australian-Japane…[View]
164117175Was sexual revolution the point where everything went wrong?: Pretty much all of our social issues a…[View]
164144470stop being communist[View]
164145352Seriously... does anyone fall as much as Crooked Hillary?: Now a broken wrist from falling in the lo…[View]
164146557Shitty Gypsy Houses in Berlinistan: So the first thing that I saw when arriving in Berlin for the fi…[View]
164146516Hearing rumors that Goldfish Original Flavor is being discontinued: Is this white genocide?[View]
164124803Crazy white male racists BTFO by science. inb4 >boo hoo science doesn't real! god told me s…[View]
164136511Congratulations Texas: Get ready to get whiter >sanctuary cities now illegal in Texas https://yo…[View]
164143720Recolonization when?: American hegemony has failed and the world was objectively better off under ru…[View]
164128520Happening: Rome: Real happening guys... word is leaking out that Caesar has been murdered. It might…[View]
164131229>be Martin Shkreli >lie to investors, double their money anyway >get 7 years in prison, $7.…[View]
164144327The left is jerking off about Stephen Hawking because of 'Science' literally I have a wall of bug me…[View]
164142614/ptg/ President Trump General - ANIME IS NOW REAL EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
164144860Anons, say prayer for our brothers in SA. Their fate is unknown, but god willing, they'll beat …[View]
164093199Feminist Apocalypse General - /FAG/ (Bioweapon Attack): This thread is for sharing memes and informa…[View]
164143356Kid slips at Anzac Day Parade: Takes old codger with them. >No more kids at Anzac Day marches....…[View]
164128887McMASTER IS OUT: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-decides-to-remove-national-security-a…[View]
164121995I manage a large car wash and convenience store property in a downtown area overrun with the homeles…[View]
164135843Broward County Sheriff Deputy Waits Outside While Students Die: Why did this piece of shit get to re…[View]
164121016U.K. Hate Thread[View]
164141545cat ladies: Explain cat ladies, they talk about them on The Dally Shoa, talks about them all the tim…[View]
164145450>he isn't a classical anarchist yet >in 2012 + 6 >in a time when literally nothing sho…[View]
164145442Trump is absolutely disgusting for this Picking on the poor people in society is reprehensible http…[View]
164141401Hi, /pol/. There was an interesting thread on here earlier regarding our age being the Age of Babyl…[View]
164142897Dance IQ: Whites have created the dances of ballet, ballroom, line, swing, disco... Blacks are credi…[View]
164145323Prove to me that AUMFs give POTUS Trump too much power: Protip: you can’t[View]
164137028/SIG/ SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
164137166The Jews hate Russia because it's the last great White empire. Biggest country in the world by …[View]
164139900From left to right: Raul Munilla, Juan Munilla, Jorge Munilla, Lou Munilla, Fernando Munilla and Ped…[View]
164134092Several boards have been frozen due to that suicide. I understand /r9k/ and /b/ but /v/ as well? And…[View]
164110002The quality of this show has declined a lot lately.: All the good segments like autiste are gone. Th…[View]
164144819So what's being slid[View]
164144809Can we go back to the stone age?: The problem is that Rome burning people still remembered and catal…[View]
164144806/pol/ BTFO: Eminent political science professor praises the way David Hogg is doing his activism.…[View]
164140818Really cranks the ole gears huh?[View]
164131674MGTOW fools. You will never know the love of having a loving family. Never know the pride in kids dr…[View]
164144631>SUPERIOR PENNSYLVANIAN ENGINEERING >Uuuuge >eco friendly (made of wood) >carries both f…[View]
164143333Do you think they ever wonder why their 'Holy Land' is in one of the driest, most barren, hot, shitt…[View]
164144602Twitch Suicide: Kid on twitch is acting suicidal twitch tv/ airwarairwar[View]
164144575Never Forget Rachel Maddow yelling PEPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TxYWCEsufs[View]
164138826Anyone else getting a 502 when posting?[View]
164116050POTUS acknowledges his long and beautiful relationship with 4chan today!: 'According to legend, St. …[View]
164142646Hey yuropoors, how jealous are you?[View]
164124979Redhill a normie on Anarcho-Capitalism.: Does it turn justice into a commodity? Is it better than Na…[View]
164144372Are the Baby Boomers a modern-day Esau? Recklessly selling away their birthright and wealth for mone…[View]
164141862Are Hyenas the ultimate redpill?: >female dominant society >traps >dont work for food, live…[View]
164144273Australian Official To Consider Fast-Track Immigration Process For White South Africans: It begins! …[View]
164143919Will social conservatism get me a gf?[View]
164143134Invasion of California when?: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/cap…[View]
164137269Does anyone ever imagine what life would be like if we didn't kill the Native Americans, but in…[View]
164136651/IBS/: /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports. >Kumite and Warski live: crashing the liberalist movement htt…[View]
164141993Realistically is there anyway to save the white race at this point? Cause from what I'm seeing …[View]
164141944Do you think that the Left may try to overthrow President Trump?: With the help of protests SJW and …[View]
164141402But really, why isn't this coon in prison?[View]
164136144Merkel is Losing Her Shit: > right a bout now[View]
164142301Globalism and Diversity are Unavoidable: Jew here. I want you guys to grow up. The economy of the mo…[View]
164142528R A C E — R I O T: Madrid: Mmame Mbage is a 35 year old Senegalese street vendor who was born in Sen…[View]
164142266Based students punished for mock slave auction: >A Bath school board of governors refused to expe…[View]
164136724>the state of white men in 2018[View]
164140466Most unfortunate dentist url: https://trianglepedo.com/ WTF It is a pediatric dentist in wake forest…[View]
164134634Capitalism is about as proven an ideology as Soviet-style Communism. Communist economy was once over…[View]
164139732The Blue Wave: It is real, and coming in November. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Em5ITo6Xew…[View]
164142649>tfw intervention by Americans causes a century or two of instability in the middle east i guess …[View]
164117899Who was the best President?[View]
164127909Why is this outgoing Senator such a faggot? What's in it for him?[View]
164097846Brother Nathanael: What's /pol/'s opinion on him? He is an ex-jew who became an orthodox C…[View]
164143054>post yfw you realize sam Hyde suicided him to promote his YouTube channel…[View]
164142131Just got my 23andme results My paternal haplogroup is R-L21 My maternal haplogroup is H3 What should…[View]
164142454Obama is Treason[View]
164134265England for the English.[View]
164121260Climate change is causing the ocean floor to sink and sea levels to fall! What are you doing to comb…[View]
164142808Why do people even give a fuck if someone dies? Inb4 edgelord I'm 23. I don't give a shit…[View]
164142372>falling for the immigrant meme: >muh germanic masterrace >muh british empire >democrati…[View]
164138878/ptg/ President Trump General - TRUMP WELCOME PARTY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
164142643AI already surpasses human intelligence: I was atstonished to see Tay, the twitter AI, converses wit…[View]
164142644Warski stealing 'Liberalists' from Sargon.: For those of you who don't know, Andy Warski recent…[View]
164141449Why do goy men always fall for kike women? >timothée chalamet has a french dad (family of pastor…[View]
164140110What happened to the Kony movement? that shit disappeared into thin air.[View]
164122348I fucking dare you to name ONE (1) legitimate problem with socialism without resorting to meme argum…[View]
164142469I want all you fucking Germans to admit what your doing, ADMIT IT. You're intentionally floodin…[View]
164141494>tfw you're about to start a war with Iran Whose ready for Trump's first war?…[View]
164130276Volkisch/Ariosophical/Pagan Revisionism thread:: Stop shitting up /x/'s /omg/ edition: Survive …[View]
164140285memeball thread latvia pls join[View]
164140349Racist/Trump supporters are having a meltdown!: > 'In a first, an undocumented immigrant is appoi…[View]
164142019Gun control advocates are retarded.: If you've allowed yourself to be disarmed by your Jew-cont…[View]
164136243Imagine, you get to experience the generation of women raised by soydads in your lifetime.[View]
164141414The Biggest Fuckover in History: So what if everything around politics is truly a joke? Primarily lo…[View]
164110385Congressman: Child Sex Dolls Are Coming—And We're Not Ready: Are you ready /pol/? Are you ready…[View]
164121913Jacob Barnett, IQ 170. Can /pol/ redpill him ?: This is Jacob Barnett, he has an IQ of 170, is a PHD…[View]
164122707HUGE FALSE FLAG HAPPENING IN BRAZIL >Army goes to Rio because the crime there is too high and the…[View]
164140008ALL WARS ARE FOR ORGANS: Whenever the elites need organs, they start a conflict. Wars allows for the…[View]
164141292What do we do about (((civic nationalism)))?[View]
164137624communism are you about it? or not about it? don't ya think it would be nice? all this technolo…[View]
164141405Race mixing is fine in an ethnostate as long as it's less than 2%. That gives just enough wiggl…[View]
164140915Pedestrians should not have the right of way.: Consider the following: >Pedestrians are much more…[View]
164132506Proposed Child Sex Robot Prohibition: Unconstitutional and Ill-Conceived Thought Crime Legislation: …[View]
164137140American ''''''''''Democracy''''''''''''[View]
164140878Green party: Well.............../pol/ what do you think about this political party?[View]
164138078Is Every Atheist As Unbearble as This Man?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2039690/A…[View]
164140999Will Australia legalize gay marriage?: God I hope not.[View]
164140931Why did Obama ban Cubans?: Why did Obama end automatic asylum and residency for Cubans who reach the…[View]
164128137'White' Hispanics: Is anybody suspicious of the whiteness of Hispanics who self-identify as white? S…[View]
164140912BRUH LOOK AT DIS DUDE[View]
164103115Dylan Roofs sister arrested on gun and drug charges.[View]
164138236Spanish Civil War Thread[View]
164135318Why don’t Mexicans flush toilet paper?: They literally wipe their ass and throw the shitty toilet pa…[View]
164140780My Aryan lads , Talking stupidities all day long won’t change a thing even if the president belongs …[View]
164138147>niggers are stupi- This man's existence will continue to render /pol/ totally and eternally…[View]
164116485Are the Jews starting to smell the gas in the air?: https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2018/03/15/9-11-israe…[View]
164132449race realism - a few questions: I have a few questions. okay, so if white people are smarter than mi…[View]
164128997Has anyone else felt it? Ever since Trump announced he's running for re-election things have be…[View]
164140593NAZBOL GANG: Why is nazbol the only true ideology that makes sense. It takes the left and right, mix…[View]
164138322Is this timeline even real? Did Jimmy really go 'there'?[View]
164105016London seems nice Really looking forward to going there someday https://twitter.com/JackBMontgomery/…[View]
164124291Uh, guys?: Christopher Poole (born c. 1988)[1] is an American entrepreneur. He is best known for fou…[View]
164138352>yfw people are worth less than animals under socialism http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-wo…[View]
164140447Will this kid destroy (((them))): he btfo Wyoming, a known jew myth, what else is he capable of? htt…[View]
164138034Why do we make retards so successful?: > Worked for Microsoft and developed Windows > Made the…[View]
164134374What does /pol/ think of indigenous peoples? Be they 'Native Americans' or 'Aborigine…[View]
164139852Christcucks need to an hero: The virgin christcuck >believes sex to be impure >thinks equali…[View]
164138925My Aryan lads , White Aryan Rejects WAR It is an urgency situation. The Society has no HEAD ! The S…[View]
164140327WHO DID 9/11: It's obvious I think. Time for disclosure.[View]
164136746ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: McMaster will be probably be replaced by Bolton. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
164124094How do we deal with the low IQ monkeys that think it's a good idea to resist when someone is po…[View]
164082281/BTB/-Electronic Warfare General: /pol/ is building an A.I. to take revenge for Tay! We are activist…[View]
164134987How long is it going to take for people to start saying that every time a white fella shoots a place…[View]
164085664Protestants: Have you become protestant yet /pol/. Reminder that you should always look towards the …[View]
164139907This is unironically the greatest performance of all time. It's so good that even in irl she ge…[View]
164136276I found myself needing a multicultural class for my degree at university, so I took an american musi…[View]
164102328Whites are so pathetic.[View]
164127972Why do the Jews wish to destroy white civilisation when it is the only civilisation that protects it…[View]
164123043Did Robert Mueller just cross Donald Trump's red line on Russia?: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/1…[View]
164130861WTF, LOOK WHAT I DISCOVERED!: What does this mean?[View]
164135682Anglin is trying to date DyRo’s sister: https://dailystormer.name/civil-rights-activist-dylan-dyro-r…[View]
164139209Is reading degenerate?: Is it red-pilled to read? Most authors are left-wing nutjobs. They transpose…[View]
164137688YOU GOT NEOCONNED: First the CIA torture niggers, then Bolton joins the team? Easy to see who's…[View]
164138388GIB ME PENSION[View]
164131819Not a Russian bot, just a confused britfag, hear me out plz. The language of Theresa May in her parl…[View]
164137850What does /pol/ think of the CANZUK movement? Could this lead to a eventual reunification of the Ang…[View]
164139237Their 'Globalism' claim: They say globalism implies anti-semitism. Why don't we start a let…[View]
164122217Antifa are unironically the good guys[View]
164137334Heya /pol/ /literallyeveryoneelse/ here, just wanted to remind you that you're fucking dorks. Y…[View]
164136842(((Wikipedia))): Can we just discuss this (((encyclopedia))) for a moment? Who controls and benefits…[View]
164135135/ptg/ President Trump General - ETERNAL IRISHMAN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
164135665What did Matt mean by that?: What did Matt mean by that? https://youtu.be/gM882cYNbP0[View]
164137205Cheddar Man: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/cheddar-man-face-first-modern-bri…[View]
164135632Pygmy Jigaboo people: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cix0w7NIt24 >Wee black ooga booga's livi…[View]
164136303Nigger Hate General /nhg/ Since the last one got fucked by a cosplay loving shill.[View]
164138259How will Trumptards ever recover?: Trump is responsible for ruining his son's life.[View]
164138174>There aren't enough jobs >Immigration is good Well, which is it? You can't have bot…[View]
164131764Hitler: How can you look at the current state of the world and still think he's wrong?[View]
164131551So Kratos is now Cucktos: the reality of the new god of war[View]
164138298November 8 2016 Nostalgia thread: Remember the feels? Post what you felt before it went to shit…[View]
164131791The absolute state of فرنسا: Baguettes, explain yourselves.[View]
164138260My Aryan lads , Which of Trump sons or grandsons is potentially Kshatriya King material ? “Especiall…[View]
164135548FLORIDA BTFO[View]
164137561Canada = CURRIED! Blood hatreds will be allowed, and we will keep tolerating it - it is the Canadian…[View]
164088320Build bridges, not walls.[View]
164137834anyone see the livestream (like, was there live) of some dude offing himself with a ksg then his par…[View]
164137466Currently in the theater for 7 days in entebbe. What should I think?[View]
164137797Russia bullshit:1st & 2nd Amendments::9/11:4th & 14th Amendments[View]
164136815what happened here during the renaissance?[View]
164134380Where is my god damn hillary/kid video i was fucking promised?: GIB IT 2 ME NOW[View]
164137046seems like guys can't really get along with trump. makes u think[View]
164137657Don’t stoop to this. Retaliation is evil.[View]
164137434Mods delete after answer... Pol i cannot remember for the life of me. What is the name of that freak…[View]
164137314Dirty aids monky: ....[View]
164133025Are ((they right?)): https://youtu.be/1e_dbsVQrk4[View]
164136059FELLAS: IMPORTANT THREAD: go to facebook and type 'video of' in the searchbar, poast results below e…[View]
164133519McMaster: OUT OUT OUT[View]
164136733A rare good thing done by Facebook. PRAISE KEK[View]
164134503To the Bla