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429741572I’ve never seen an abo gamer, are they too dumb to play video games? And they are about to have a sa…[View]
429744019Good work goy!: Catholicism is the only force that kept us free. Until the atheist Napoleon freed th…[View]
429743796GERMANY: 5 SYRIAN BVLLS MOLEST WHITE GIRL WALKING AT NIGHT: 5 syrian bulls enjoy a young white girl …[View]
429736267Why is this 140 IQ nigger claiming 1x1=2 ? Is he onto something ? Is math jewish psyop ?[View]
429739498/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #11001: Previous:>>429737918 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429744397Isn't it interesting that one generation, 25 years, after the KKK is disbanded that we have sof…[View]
429736688Louisiana Parole Board: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DpKdKZvfr-0 Come and watch niggers beg to be f…[View]
429743487The Independent: EU officials have declared 'solidarity fatigue' towards Ukrainian refugees as the b…[View]
429744332Can someone provide me with the picture strip where an iron statue was replaced by a BLM-monument?[View]
429744320ITT : We post some based right wing literature that educates the reader about political right wing i…[View]
429728587The jpeg is your fate!: How do you feel when you realize that y'all Nazi low lives are about th…[View]
429739353>be indian >wake up at 4AM for your call center job >get out of bed, step in your shit >…[View]
429740212Fragmented Leftist Safe Spaces: I was reading this plebbit thread where they're shitting on gun…[View]
429744061So /pol/ sisters...do you still want biological females to use female bathrooms?[View]
429744017https://www.cannibalclub.org/: political implications[View]
429736082Tja: >be me >be german >don't care if I pay 20%+ for food >don't care if energ…[View]
429742837The war in Ukraine is the last and final battle between human and beast.: https://www.geopolitika.ru…[View]
429740201I hope America loses the upcoming WW3: Anyone agree?[View]
429733739A message to Russia: You may have had a point at the start of this war, the situation in Crimea and …[View]
429742045Bakhmut. :))[View]
429720139When did nationalism die?: It used to be that people loved their family and their nation, and would …[View]
429743252Is het toevallig? Is it a cooncidence?: Harry Hol: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqAvBjmAO4rc_n2…[View]
429737734Azores High getting fuckity: So this d00d is getting cocky and is quite fucking the economy a little…[View]
429740171I don’t get why white men worship Slavic women: Skinny bodies, face full of makeup, weak jawline or …[View]
429731048So... you're telling me the Ukrainian navy, that's basically worthless by modern military …[View]
429741955What's the fastest way to recover from viruses/viral infections? The last 6 months it feels lik…[View]
429741369Trump BTFO: His own daughter wants nothing to do with him[View]
429740071Is this a biological woman?[View]
429739547Realistically, where do we go now as a society?[View]
429743150Won't be funny: Need the polnigger giving a newfagnigger the baseball bat to 'go kill nigg…[View]
429741712Ready for your colonoscopy at 25 years old? More you do it the more money we make off your body goy.…[View]
429741743We're so back[View]
429742775'To my republican friends...' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOTn_5IciPQ What are your thoughts?…[View]
429726351Why is a sandnigger-kike the hero of dumb wignats who don't know history?: Mansa musa wuz white…[View]
429735376Europe betraying the white race: Explain yourselves you dumb europoors This polling was done by the…[View]
429742840Electromagnetic blackmail, terraforming of the earth, chemtrails, Marionette human population, simul…[View]
429737902Coalburners thread.: Has anyone married a white woman to lated find out she was a coalburner? What d…[View]
429730115Mediterranean Cruise Politically: My wife and I are about to embark on a 19 day Mediterranean Cruise…[View]
429717947When are we going to address the chemtrail problem?: This is literally destroying all life on earth …[View]
429743300I have total erectile dysfunction.[View]
429743830Is femdom the final redpill?[View]
429731491Holy shit this was powerful.. really made me think[View]
429737457Why is ligth skin attractive?: We know that it is attractive, wether you are a yellow fever guy or a…[View]
429736402JAV blackface: Goddammit Japan lmao[View]
429722558We are Psychopathic Geniuses. Are you one of us? Only 1/30,000 people are 160+ IQ, and only 1% of th…[View]
429722293The Bike Problem: Why is cycling such a hotbed of faggotry? The 15 minute city plan and cycling go h…[View]
429739927>if only mein Führer would know about this he surly would safe us >jaja we fought zhe evil ukr…[View]
429742182Why do modern leftists pretend the Nazis weren't socialists?[View]
429737201Why are left-wingers so 'culty'? You do not see this kind of deranged behavior from right-wingers.[View]
429741427A relentless onslaught of Black Britons: Anybody else noticed scores upon scores of black britons de…[View]
429741994Australia and America: Australia has consistently proven itself to be a steadfast and unwavering all…[View]
429740531Why are they so happy?[View]
429733373Goyslop thread: ITT we post goyslop[View]
429731003I’m in my element[View]
429742367Tourism In Europe's 'Real Fake' Countries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O65dP6ad9b…[View]
429740556How do we stop them?[View]
429737569Why are basedchugging EU fanboys like this?[View]
429730489We should stop bullying indian people on here: Yes theyre ugly, awkward and sometimes rude but theyr…[View]
429731316SSSSHHHHHH!: Remember fellas, tight lips! I know you have urges to post videos and pictures of our v…[View]
429741064Why do Americans export their degeneracy to the rest of the world?: the level of nigger worship is a…[View]
429735716Leak how to hack into the brain: Leaked U.S. and British human experiments that completely take over…[View]
429741378I'm braindead retarded. What the fuck is 'purely socioeconomic factors' referencing?[View]
429723086>cabal of international bankers ruining everything >i must shoot up my local grocery store an…[View]
429741894Thenoticing has been SHOA'D: fyi. that funny little hashtag we had running for awhile on twitte…[View]
429739828Care-free movement: Walking is the most effective way to promote the car-free movement. While everyo…[View]
429731329Can white people make it big in Japan? https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2023/06/968c4bf796d6-japan…[View]
429734831Gays cause all wars: Here, I will write redpilled political history from a MAGA point of view which …[View]
429740226English teachers in Japan teaching kids about LGBT: It’s been revealed that foreign English teachers…[View]
429739615the iNterview: > be me > getting ready for interview > Angular has an ng syntax, ngRandomFu…[View]
429735801Admit it, you’re gonna miss him when he’s gone.: Sometimes in life, a truly unique individual is bor…[View]
429737466I want to see episode 2 of Tucker Is this going to be an every weekday thing or is he going to do t…[View]
429735360Electric cars are just another scheme to impoverish the stupid goyim: >By brand, the division is …[View]
429732954One the reasons they won the 'culture war' is because they actively sought for new users while 4chan…[View]
429723267brit/pol\ = on the ropes edish: >The clap map of England: Lambeth is named nation's gonorrho…[View]
429721597>German '''men'''[View]
429737650/POL/ filters thread: What filters do you use to filter out the daily spam and slide threads? I need…[View]
429741001Why did sharks eat that zoomer?: But not Chad Axl? Sharks fear him, or maybe the dolphins pre-emptiv…[View]
429731456Europe just 30 years ago: Holy shit, what happened?[View]
429735594Rip Japan.: Or: pushing murican 'values' and 'lifestyle' to prepare young japanese people for a war …[View]
429739917DRAGQUEEN TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT FAGGOTRY IN JAPAN: >On March 15, a special class was held at an…[View]
429733207Can you feel it?: I think I’m officially done supporting Trump. He’s just too toxic and too much of …[View]
429708324lmao total predditor death inbound: tldr kikels decise to kill api which fuels 3rd party apps and pr…[View]
429730171>93: You guys told me jews were high IQ. They are literally mongol-tier. What gives?[View]
429734671Learn to plumb.[View]
429738551Imagine the fusion ;)[View]
429740333according to official russian polling organisation 68% of russians think that families dont need a f…[View]
429733818Fascism: Why hasn't anyone told me someone had finally distilled a true definition for fascism …[View]
429730985The Briton flew to Spain, where he has an apartment in the province of Malaga and found three Morocc…[View]
429730606Why Americans havent kicked out the Jews?: Jews send your children to war to fight for Israel Make y…[View]
429738185What would he think of Warhammer 40k?[View]
429739753What is the most destructive book ever written?: Politically speaking, what is the most destructive …[View]
429739859Jewish scheme thread. Let's make some new Jewish schemes here for the lulz. :)[View]
429736702Why are you voting for him?: He’s already proved time and time again that he is incapable (or unwill…[View]
429739823Americans worship niggers: all of the relevant mayors are niggers or jews: https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
429737747end congressional immunity with penalty of death: all public officials and bureaucrats that lie, fal…[View]
429721386What was Kony 2012 all about?[View]
429738096The official beer of racism: Chud Light: If it ain’t light, it ain’t right.[View]
429729358Judge Rules: There is No Rational Basis for not wanting to Castrate Children: https://apnews.com/art…[View]
429738182Member of the Russian world taunts collective west industrialists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O…[View]
429737918/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #11,000: ▶WARNING Previous:>>429734778 Timeline /t…[View]
429711098Whelp, it’s over: There will no longer be any ice in the arctic. We didn’t eliminate our greenhouse …[View]
429736356my german friend says the cat is sitting: i say the cat is clearly standing. i told my friend this i…[View]
429728472Trans right are human right: fuck guns fuck freedom[View]
429735960This is why there's a gender pay gap. Because men have to work harder and longer hours to fix w…[View]
429737943Niggers are dirty[View]
429722404why are jews burning the forest?[View]
429738669CNN CEO & Chairman Fired by Warner Bros: >be CNN >battling with total loss of credibility …[View]
429738850>Look up at the sky, it burns![View]
429734835/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9334: ▶Prev: >>429725524 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429735218Some people think that the vaccine is the cause of diseases. Others think the cause is something els…[View]
429730537This is what it takes! We need to FIGHT back!: Based Armenian Parents don't take shit from Anti…[View]
429716748The Mob are better businessmen than businessmen: There is a store near my city that sells certain th…[View]
429738421You want diverse commercials?: Get on Hulu to get your fill or niggers and every known shit-skin. If…[View]
429730818Boomer revenge romance scams: Just saw a documentary on romance scams. It’s when you find a 50+ boom…[View]
429732845The sky is hazy with smoke across the east coast of the US right now...: because of shit like this.…[View]
429738265The only thing driving the continuation of this war is the arms industry wanting to get US equipment…[View]
429735568is there a place where i can buy white lives matter merch from the actual org and not redbubble?[View]
429730137Aging reversal is 10-15 years away.: Everyone born today will never experience aging past 25 years. …[View]
429737988Chinese volunteers for Wagner: It's over. China is sending their troops to Ukraine, masked as W…[View]
429735000wtf? i thought time was on reddit's side, how can this be? tell me these 'war on the rocks' fel…[View]
429736595Will India be a superpower by 2050?: Also, I am a sacred cow, Hindu believers may not post in this t…[View]
429736248>> be me white male raised during 9/11. >> grow up stateless, no registration of birth. …[View]
429734714Rhodesia: Can we have a civil discussion about Rhodesia? What went right? What went wrong?[View]
429705637Killer on the loose?: Bad time to be a young lady in Portland it seems.[View]
429727001Non-violence is the only way.[View]
429734778/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10999: Previous:>>429730517 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429720648>There are currently 20k Pakistanis and 60k Indians in Japan Sirs...i kneel…[View]
429733755Holy shit this will not end well[View]
429737048vaxxed circumcised poor retarded[View]
429730237Did Trump kill Epstein?: What are the chances that Epstein was killed or was secretly set free under…[View]
429737513https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1666150717789175837?s=20 https://www.vbgov.com/news/pages/selec…[View]
429736328Who is winning in Ukraine?[View]
429726820So where's the offensive?: At long last it was supposed to be here, the long awaited Xoxol spri…[View]
429710889Why do Africans hate homosexuality so much?[View]
429732623fucking mutts, I swears it: Picrelated - recent estimation based on satellite imagery of poppy field…[View]
429734575Why did Zelenskyy change his mind?: What was the turning point that convinced Zelensky that countero…[View]
429733283You are a slave Neo: Notice how christianity is divided into germanic christianity (protestantism), …[View]
429725626They have tried to systematically destroy us, to silence our voices and to erase our existence. They…[View]
429736189The talmud is based: Replace 'jews' with 'whites' and /pol/ would love this text. White Talmuldism i…[View]
429722111This is why women are afraid to go anywhere. Can’t even walk during the day without a bunch of preda…[View]
429731420Why can't the right meme?[View]
429736894The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Hate Group: https://nypost.com/2023/06/07/southern-poverty-law-…[View]
429736770Oversight: 'Why did the Biden family receive these payments that look like money laundering' because…[View]
429708567Muslims hate western values: Remember this every time you see Islam being pushed on this board. Prog…[View]
429685844What did George Soros mean by this?: Too much is happening too fast in the world. This “polycrisis,”…[View]
429730660>Russia bombed its own pipeline >Russia bombed its own nuclear power plant >Russia bombed i…[View]
429727587Both are larping as our allies while secretly helping Ukraine. Never trust somebody who looks like c…[View]
429735559Wait: Why am I supposed to support Ukraine again? They're aligned with global liberalism[View]
429736438Descentralized Twitter: Twitter cencsorship is the most annoying gayest thing on the planet. We need…[View]
429736349Did doctors kill my uncle? Apparently has blood cancer which we now know that covid is a blood disea…[View]
429736003Todays men act like women in the past: Today's men are just like women were in the past, consta…[View]
429736238>blue lives matt-: >we must back the bl-[View]
429719970>wake up, any random day >school shooting in america How come the 'worlds greatest nation' is …[View]
429731825Commission: Florida judge should be reprimanded for conduct during Parkland school shooting trial: U…[View]
429736069Ima win long as God with me: When I was down, they wouldn't help me up Fuck them niggas, I aint…[View]
429735041Burger news roundup: banks will be nationalized and cnn fires another ceo: https://www.cnbc.com/2023…[View]
429718902Why are Musk and Carlson shilling for russia so blatantly? Carlson's lies already cost Fox New…[View]
429725324damn...they way he gagged christians......ohhh sweetie he got yall[View]
429734828Zuckerberg WTF ?![View]
429734080>Chris looks more like Franklin as he gets older but always had a sort of resemblance to him in h…[View]
429690664Canada has fallen: Muslim children wont even go to Pride events. Wtf is wrong with them. We let them…[View]
429734591BLUE BALLS[View]
429735769Fuck working thread: Another day about to be completely wasted slaving away for shekelstein. I was s…[View]
429722294ATTENTION UKRAINIANS: Destroy the Crimean Bridge completely. Russia must learn it cannot risk a NUCL…[View]
429727381Appear weak when you are strong[View]
429734373Mel: Good someone needs to, if he hasn't decided yet show support so he does. I lost base with …[View]
429729155I love the smell of burning Canadian in the morning. Smells like victory! Burn' gooks[View]
429735740This Faggot: Is there any chance to kill this fucking moron? It is blatantly obvious that he is eith…[View]
429721180NY wtf?: https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-york-democrats-bill-require-lgbtq-curriculum-middle-high-…[View]
429735445What are some parts of the US where you're likely to get jumped by whites if you walk through t…[View]
429728960I wish I was American so fucking bad. This country is so fucking boring. All any one does is drink a…[View]
429724162WE WUZ WHITE N SHIET[View]
4297356001 month until he ascends to the Presidency of all of Europe: I come to you now at the turning of the…[View]
429732808'Keep gassing them Jews in your 'Cleansing Camps' my dear Vladimir.' -- Adolf[View]
429718621The tradwife larp: I get that you believe in the trad stuff if you are under 20 because you don’t re…[View]
429735354> can we turn shabbo in a slur against commies?[View]
429734254What did they mean by this?: >The primary conduit for spreading Epstein’s money and influence thr…[View]
429734083what do you guys think of my new, improved continents-of-the-world map?[View]
429718842NEW MANDELA EFFECT: Billy Zane was not in The Mummy, ever. See that guy on the right? That's no…[View]
429734399HAPPENING: We have reached peak Judaism!: Scientists have really outdone themselves this time. 85714…[View]
429727448This is the best depuctuon of a perfect political system in all of fiction. >anti technology >…[View]
429734931Canada, why did we import the nigger problem america had? We had clear data down south on why it’s a…[View]
429734704Drinking my evening tea right now.: Americans are utterly confused and disoriented by the picture re…[View]
429735137What would be the political consequences if blacks simply not exist anymore?[View]
429730000Since when was Nazism about discrimination of gender and sexuality? I thought it was always about ha…[View]
429734960/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9333: ▶Prev: >>429725524 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429727283How do you think your Asian son will react when he learns how you really feel about nonwhites?[View]
429730926Hunting and Fishing: A self-sufficient man knows how to hunt and fish. Hunting and fishing allows yo…[View]
429731688These fuckers don't know what to do with their money: can the US bomb these fuckers.[View]
429728876Islam versus LGBT: Islam and the LGBT cult have been in an alliance of convenience for too long. How…[View]
429733795Censorship around the world: Which twitter channels and domains are censored by your government? htt…[View]
429726495>ukraine, belarus, and poland becoming a single country ruled by a parliament equally split among…[View]
429730517/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10998: Previous:>>429727242 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429726148How do normies cope about their future wife?: They know damn well if she is above a 6/10 have a soci…[View]
429733098amerimutts >listen to edgy, poser, main stream, nigger, hipster and childish bullshit like slipkn…[View]
429730481Brazilian National Socialist and Azov member sends a message to Putin. Tell your troops to leave Ukr…[View]
429718194What is the realistic (non violent) solution to the landlord problem?[View]
429734393counteroffensyiv result DAY ONE...: what went right?[View]
429717363this is how the 1% live and they have no high value skills kek[View]
429728145Why do white Australians hate their own history and ancestors so much?[View]
429730851Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson: I like tucker but why does he fall for the UFO pentagon psyop? He spe…[View]
429732897Why are incels so entitled?: You do not DESERVE A wife Children Friends Respect Relationships are E…[View]
429724734So you stole our people, land, cultures, resources for 300 years yet you get butthurt because of thi…[View]
429731514:::: CONPLAN ::::: 42 weeks done— —entering 42 weeks[View]
429725524/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9332: ▶Prev: >>429721203 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429730276>communism To this day I've not heard a good argument while it is not necessary.…[View]
429718640You realize Putin is going to 100% nuke the earth and I will explain it fully logically: >he live…[View]
429733765How many of you can >integrate a simple equation without looking it up anywhere >point to exac…[View]
429733500I don't blame Marx for ranting about capitalism in an age where class divide was far more prono…[View]
429728417Why do Chinese vending machines primarily carry kosher Coca-Cola? https://twitter.com/iLoveJaneAdams…[View]
429730783Bigger threat than global warming.: Global warming is no were near the threat that nigger present to…[View]
429724721Japan is base-ACK!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1vYdL7nswA[View]
429725519WTF: turning the fucking skies grey. Fuck canada[View]
429731619Over half a million straight white males of Orthodox Christian faith have been killed in one and a h…[View]
429719995Is it hypocritical for conservatives to be swingers?[View]
429730105Instagram Connects Vast Pedophile Network: The Meta unit’s systems for fostering communities have gu…[View]
429731693The Mob Are Better Businessmen Than Businessmen: There is a store near my city that sells certain th…[View]
429731043Was this the most successful American hybrid war involvement in history? They were able to stirr a c…[View]
429730707you should weigh yourself every morning and decide if you can have breakfast[View]
429732016It literally turns out that apparently the original Nazis were mostly beaten by hohols and most Russ…[View]
429728858The final redpill: Regardless of what religion you believe. A being that weaves fate yet produces a …[View]
429731113another day of breathing in smoke[View]
429729365Why are the only two options in life is to be a NEET or wageslave?[View]
429731948The kvetching begins!!: >NOOO YOU CAN'T JUST CALL A JEW A RAT notice how the closer you get …[View]
429732532Had to keep the populace pacified. Had to secure the soma supply. >invade >10 years later 'fin…[View]
429728865Cant wait for normies to ditch TV's Laptops, home theaters for this piece of garbage of constan…[View]
429727965Why does a shitty warehouse job need an affinity group for LGBT?: Makes no sense why warehouse slave…[View]
429730945US culture is centered around NIGGERS: >Several US cities are sueing Hyundai and Kia because its …[View]
429732069What are the Israeli and Jewish crimes against humanity?: >Internationally and domestically, what…[View]
429727898Why aren't you working towards self-sufficiency?: If you aren't actively working in this d…[View]
429717501Why did Millennials swing so far to the left compared to our Gen X or Zoomers counterparts?[View]
429732255The civilized, rules-based, democratic world stands with Ukraine in the defense of their country and…[View]
429728500> how do i contact this faggot directly, i want to call zuckerberg and call him a dirty jew for b…[View]
429731940Eat the bugs. Own nothing. Smile for the camera: This is a great idea and the only way to finally re…[View]
429731588Why is taking tranny hormones becoming so popular amongst young women today?[View]
429732051Fox shows it's true colors: >Kick Tucker from network >Grift to the pozzed They need the …[View]
429724440Have we rea hed peak clown world yet?: white women go to this 'man' to learn how to pee when having …[View]
429731313BLE HEAVEN BEAST SYSTEM BUILDING: The Fifth Column[View]
429730401Muslims are literally just uneducated inbred jews: Change my mind[View]
429726731When I was a kid, rainbow coloured things were my favorite things. I was amazed by rainbows and ligh…[View]
429714899The True cause of common allergies: This is carry on from yesterday. What actually causes allergies …[View]
429730613I really hate the way things In life are going. I just want things to return to normal but it won’t …[View]
429701786Growing trend of US men withdrawing from society: >In Japan, an estimated 1.5 million people — ma…[View]
429731263This is Fine -Just Fallout training for the NUKES: Predictive Programming. Canadian Fallout Edition.…[View]
429724756Normies are waking up to ESG: > https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/blackrock-ceo-slammed-force-…[View]
429731556Should i kill chitwood for the memes /pol/? I have surveyed his house and area for a while now.[View]
429727130This country exist why exactly?[View]
429721238So many hot sluts here: Every second bitch here looks like a supermodel. I'm super blueballed. …[View]
429731458Now i hear this often, the evil empire lost etc. And the only point they keep using repeatedly is Ho…[View]
429729841What are the political implications of black people not changing their smoke detectors, when will bl…[View]
429731093Jan 6: It's basic crowd dynamics 101 this is why new fire exits don't have a 'hallway door…[View]
429725978Target wants to tear down Mt Rushmore: https://www.newsweek.com/kristi-noem-accuses-target-executive…[View]
429728313you must embrace monkhood. you must reject the material world. sex, music, mindless media, porn, et…[View]
429729345Moonman reacts to SHaria Law Misconceptions: Amputation: Hello /pol/. I made a new Moonman video. My…[View]
429722731>sorry kid your dad will be send to the meatgrinder zelensky ordered so Wut do?…[View]
429679619CHINA drilling one of DEEPEST HOLES in world to hunt for discoveries!: >Narrow 11,000-metre shaft…[View]
429711246Why are straight men becoming more and more gay?: A chorus of men are groaning and growling so loudl…[View]
429718745Thoughts ?[View]
429727242/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10997: Previous:>>429723905 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429724380Day 469 of 3 of annexing Ukraine: >Kiev status: NOT annexed >own capital: BOMBED >own core …[View]
429724299The castor of Herson.[View]
429723828OSRS PRIDE EVENT: Damn, are you guys excited or what? I guess all that rioting was literally for nau…[View]
429722016A picture from Ukraine today[View]
429723065This is Vladimir Vladimirowitch Putin. He is the president of the Russian Federation.[View]
429729266FUCK AMERICA: >Car insurance has robbed me of fucking thousands over the past year and a half …[View]
429728945At this point why is Trump even running in 2024?: doesn't he know its over?[View]
429713158MUHAMMAD IS HONOURED IN THE US SUPREME COURT: Muhammad is honoured in the US supreme court as one of…[View]
429725279why did Christopher Nolan launch a secret nuke?[View]
429723754/ourguy/ Mel about to go DEATH CON 3 ON THE JEWS!!! https://wegotthiscovered.com/celebrities/controv…[View]
429727682political because it discusses race relations[View]
429727293Why are christians so superior to muslims: It's about race, culture, heritage, or all of it.…[View]
429724314How many of you fell for the Zionist 'counter-jihad' psyop?[View]
429724455This is White Peoples' fault. Unironically. I don't mean the legacy of slavery and second-…[View]
429694345aus/pol/afternoon: >The Greens sacked their own internal disciplinary body after it found Senator…[View]
429725353>Instagram suspended RFK Jr.'s official presidential campaign page, further highlighting the…[View]
429729830>suddenly vanishes after the late 90's what went wrong?[View]
429715413Why are there so few atheists in India?: Western countries have 40-50% atheism but India almost none…[View]
429720885Television is dead, and Twitter killed it.[View]
429725482/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9332: ▶Prev: >>429721203 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429727032Portland becomes cleaner after 500 million gallons of india 'spill' into the willamette: https://new…[View]
429727120>Islam While many of you here hate it because of the uneducated Muslim migrants in your country,…[View]
429727645There is nothing you can do to stop progress![View]
429729340Trump will be certified as the winner of the 2020 election on June 21, 2023. Joe Biden will be arres…[View]
429729263Fuck Rochester NY in particular[View]
429713875What is the redpill on Mother Theresa: I constantly am hearing how evil Mother Theresa actually was,…[View]
429729208https://youtu.be/8ERmOpZrKtw white people dying in to extinction for ever[View]
429721595AMERICANS: you all right Bros? https://twitter.com/alx/status/1665914153763061760[View]
429722441british goverment robbing indians: BBC evades tax of ₹40 crore(4,846,104 usd) in india https://www.l…[View]
429720533The most irrelevant countries: There would be no negative impact on anyone if all of these countries…[View]
429718267Pope Francis will be hospitalised for a few days, after today's surgery. How much longer will …[View]
429729144It's not actually the jews right? No way such a small reclusive group of people can actually di…[View]
429727899Time to do away with the passport system in it's entirety. They are racist as fuck.[View]
429689334>White >Made it illegal to hire undocumented workers in Florida >44 years old >Navy Seal…[View]
4297214051000 dead ukrops a day for absolutely nothing. They're using human wave tactics like it's …[View]
429721957Why are nordics so prone to gambling?: I thought they were smart[View]
429727955I don't give a fuck about the war: it's all DISTRACTIONS[View]
429727166russians are brainless, ignorant morons, they always come up with the most absurd, baseless lies, wh…[View]
429721620Vaxbros, did the vax give you epilepsy?[View]
429701837Sherpa drags half dead corpse of pajeet off mountain, pajeet refuses to acknowledge him out of embar…[View]
429727701How long do you give Mexico before US invades them?[View]
429726233Why the Jews?: Don't you know most are deli shop owners and diamond cutters. I worked for a ni…[View]
429719304>Whore out in your 20s >Die without bringing more children to the world by choice The modern d…[View]
429719428The american mafia never was ruled by real italians: huge stereotype on southern italians. They were…[View]
429717056The state of American schools[View]
429716821>Bar in Luton >Evie - not her real name - told BBC Newsnight she first met Mr Tate in a bar in…[View]
429727932What would you sacrifice for a God given right of buttsex?: Seriously, who writes those titles? http…[View]
429723550someone on /b posted a leaked memo from the ukraine's office that was from the ukraine army to …[View]
429727328Why does Zelensky being Jewish make chuggers and third world muslim BRICS shitskins seethe so much? …[View]
429727962Aussie bros are Sudanese gangs still terrorizing Melbourne?[View]
429722118>55 million cell phones in Ukraine >No war footage This really activates the almonds…[View]
429692742Whitepill from the UN: >UN says Confidence in Childhood Vaccines Down 44 Percent Worldwide >A …[View]
429726771When did Women become married to government over their Men? It seems like the government provides wo…[View]
429700147Why do elites want to depopulate the planet?: Why are these pieces of shit so hell bent on reducing …[View]
429708812Maybe killing everyone isn't the answer: Why do you natsocs see a critique of your ideology and…[View]
429725521What do you do when electricity is down? How do you cope? I have 70% phone battery left but that won…[View]
429727396They sent almost a million soldiers to the middle east so they get their limbs blow up or they blow …[View]
429724850masks, microplastics: i wore covid masks one year, how did it affect my brain and body?[View]
429729201I think that blaming others is a waste of time.[View]
429729562Fukker Carlson. I'm CIA[View]
429726434Baby Boomers had the perfect lives: It’s not fair bros.[View]
429719754Money is modern magic: Money is the closest thing to magic in the modern world. Money is a spell tha…[View]
429725212/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9332: ▶Prev: >>429717508 (Cross-thread) ▶Day: 469 - Daily b…[View]
429722774when you talk with mutts from shitmerica they usually say things like 'i have irish/german heritage …[View]
429723905/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10996: Previous:>>429720776 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429724432Uh oregon bros and idaho bros... Its happening: Greater idaho needs 8 more votes and thats it. 8 mor…[View]
429727998I trust the facts, they put me at ease.[View]
429728201/pol/ humour thread[View]
429723445BREAKING NEWS: Davey Crocko has been FOUND ALIVE: Davey Crocko FOUND ALIVE: https://youtu.be/co9IkUl…[View]
429726260/pol/ will always be NSDAP: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9J3G4UuPYhCF/[View]
429713619Aliens N Shit: Why are you idiots still sitting around being racist against blacks, jews, and illega…[View]
429722688Why the sudden turn against Ukraine in /pol/? Before, it was just us thirdies, naturally, because we…[View]
429726333Is it even worth getting married in 2023: If you live in a west country or country that follows west…[View]
429723141Why does Europe give billions to Africa instead of building something like this for its own people?[View]
429724924How do you spot Chinas lapdog ?[View]
429699752this is ghastly[View]
429720004Genesis: The G means Genesis. It's a celebration of Satan driving Adam and Eve out of the garde…[View]
429689735UKRAINE IS OUT OF MEN: UKRAINE IS OUT OF MEN We've been wondering for months if the absolute me…[View]
429718398Counteroffensive cancelled?[View]
429719768Turkey should be invaded by a coalition of superpowers and have everyone genetically tested: all tur…[View]
429722618What's the point of importing 1.5 million Syrians if they don't work?[View]
429723133The 4 Sirs of the Apocalypse: I saw this and laughed, but then I realized something >What do you …[View]
429721488The consequences of the russian terrorists and war criminals blowing up the dam in Ukraine. The russ…[View]
429703992brit/pol/ - morning lads edition: morning lads morning links: >Prince Harry surrounded by 'w…[View]
429723290American schools are bringing back penis inspection day https://twitter.com/bradleyreed88/status/166…[View]
429721203/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9331: ▶Prev: >>429717508 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429717998I hate Ukrainians so much. Greetings from Germany!: https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments…[View]
429721921Fucking FLIPPPENING - Sky News...: Yesterday we saw 'flippening' from 'Al Jazeera' We went from 'Rus…[View]
429723220Interesting: verified US cum eaters rating[View]
429721179How badly did Fox fuck up with this whole Tucker incident?[View]
429716257Since UFO and inter-dimensional beings exist for sure 100% now according to every government on eart…[View]
429719403are they gonna do it? will the russians explode the Kyiv dam as revenge? or will they just do nothin…[View]
429717615/pol/ do you support the police Pic related[View]
429679142Special needs kids jerking it to Teacher: Special Needs students keep jerking off in the closet to t…[View]
429721848>Views himself as the new Israelite demigod >His troops actually get drowned and decimated by …[View]
429690909After watching the twitter segment, I am 100% sure that Carlson's new writers/editors/interns o…[View]
429710145The chief rabbi of Ukraine blessed Zaluzhnyi for victory (peremoga) The Commander-in-Chief of the Ar…[View]
429723287Stop persecution of animal love! Love is love!: Why America stil persecutes animal love? Human-anim…[View]
429720776/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10995: Previous:>>429717137 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429720185FTN won’t come back: What genuinely happened? The whole I m going to be doing things in the dark for…[View]
429725536My mind is accepting of the new world order.[View]
4297254612023: /pol/ still can’t refute this[View]
429725153I just realised: I don't actually hate anyone other than subcontinental muslims. I come here to…[View]
429725130Did you know that turks can survive a nuclear blast?[View]
429724747Is gambling degenerate?: >inb4 mahjong fags[View]
429722315I quite literally cannot breed. What are the political implications of this?[View]
429721350you can't deny this /POL, can you?[View]
429721483caption this[View]
429720210Man works on the field. Man gives dung. Man gives children. When man is done for, man gives pelt and…[View]
429718065Ayylmao Agenda in a nutshell.: Okay. I'm going to break all this down into easily digestible te…[View]
429715495Why don't we build something like this anymore?[View]
429718561Why isn't art like this popular anymore?[View]
429718314President 2024: Only he can save America now[View]
429715752Politically speaking, what keeps you going? The world is a mess and everything is turning to shit wo…[View]
429713072Reforestation Thread: So anons, Ive been plating trees for the last 5 years, from quercus, to fraxin…[View]
429711042Humor thread: Niggers, chinks, shitskins, latino goblins, and Jews edition.[View]
429703683Choose your fighter, /pol/.[View]
429704108What message are they trying to send with this?[View]
429723439If you cant cook - you're simply not white[View]
429720294Muslimbros help me out: I have a genuine question. I was born Christian, was atheist as a teenager, …[View]
429710430/pol/ saved my life. i love you fucks so much. long live /pol/, long live its users and posters. aga…[View]
429719621I will racemix and none of you will be able to stop me: I will make brown or bleach-yellow kids and …[View]
429723129Give me ONE good reason[View]
429716498>Japan survived and fought off two massive Mongol invasions. Mostly because of a really lucky tsu…[View]
429721849I just think it's garbage how these bueractic politicians flood western Europe with millions of…[View]
429718298Should I bother getting Mexican citizenship?: Is it worth the trouble? I am a US Citizen and one of …[View]
429722020Redpill me on the Anti-Christ[View]
429698585Seal of Solomon: why did kikes adopt the seal of solomon as their symbol in the 19th century? is the…[View]
429720643Why do (((they))) hate ireland? Then potato famine now this. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/0…[View]
429721781biden blew up nordstream and got away with it, biden wins 2024: no matter how much you hate him, all…[View]
429681854Canada Hate Thread: Seriously fuck these Leafs[View]
429696792do you remember being a normie: what was your defining moment when you snapped out of the normie tra…[View]
429722190Uhh, guys?: A single missile to the Kiev reservoir would kill everyone in Kiev.[View]
429720786Frenchman goes on impregnation rampage.: What are the political implications of this eugenic act? Al…[View]
429721184Predict the next big happening...: WW3... AI takeover.. the world is as crazy as it's ever been…[View]
429722330if i make a fan dub of this but change the word 'roaches' to 'niggers' and 'mars' to 'africa', and o…[View]
429721447We had another school shooting yesterday, what in the hell is wrong?[View]
429722009How to recognize controlled opposition?: Pic related. Republicans who claim they’re anti-woke but ar…[View]
429722146What are the most influential yet easily produced cultural works White Nationalists can create? Sure…[View]
429718884A man can only dream...[View]
429708415At this stage, Russia is truly losing: my respect. Just don’t lie about kills. That is unethical. If…[View]
429717663Hypersonic Weapons: This is the future because it is cheaper than aircraft carrier and require less …[View]
429716788MUH freedumbz: Is there anything more overrated than ''freedom''? Most people ar…[View]
429715234DESANTIS FUNDRAISER HOSTED BY MODERNA LOBBYIST: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12165391/De…[View]
429708293How are normies dealing with the open disrespect to their hero Zelensky?[View]
429716311All the american millennial girls I talk are deep into religion and other nerdy hobbies. Why can…[View]
429721922Sexhavers are going extinct[View]
429700310remember when a nigger overdosed and the whole world freaked out?[View]
429720667stop oppressing women: ukrainian edition[View]
429717561love Vs lust: kikes, feminists and other retards like to project their warped idea about sex on men …[View]
429713227dude we are literally headed into a Great Depression and the politicians and media are pretending li…[View]
429721733If Russia wins all the territory it claims in Ukraine, would more Ukrainians die during occupation t…[View]
429721555THIS SUMMER: JOIN ONE UNLUCKY GUY... >shot of Rob Schnieder on the street of St. Petersburg tryin…[View]
429715600Ukrs took over russian town Novaya Tavolzhanka: YATTA[View]
429719348WE WAZ: Hosea 1:6-11 'And she conceived again, and bare a daughter. And God said unto him, Call her …[View]
429720454I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, inventors, artists, who bequeathed the worl…[View]
429717212>Black men with light skin are known as 'high yellars' because they yelled the highest pitched wh…[View]
429704698Can power armor help us restore Knight System?: In the Middle Ages, armor symbolized honorable power…[View]
429715253life is meanignless[View]
429719532How did Florida feel when it was 90% white with no spics?[View]
429718856This is the face of Ukrainian terrorism. When Kherson was liberated (temporarily), citizens lived in…[View]
429719698Experiment to save the west: Yesterday I was forced to live without internet for half a day. I felt …[View]
429718412How do we solve racism without killing niggers?[View]
429717508/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9330: ▶Prev: >>429713855 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429720585SYRIANS IN GERMANY ENRICH WHITE GIRLS: BASED AS FUCK https://rmx.news/crime/7-women-sexual-assaulted…[View]
429716744(((SCIENCE))) STRIKES AGAIN: Jewish (((SCIENCE))) has taken the next leap in summoning the anti-chri…[View]
429717787White people are divers.....[View]
429717447Elite insider here.: Not an AMA thread. Believe it or don’t. Your choice. But as this cycle is almos…[View]
429717952So...what keeps you going?: >Be goebbels. >living in an ethnostate >living in the highest e…[View]
429719108Real Question: Why does neighbourhood watch exist?: Genuinely, what is it's purpose, who are th…[View]
429717137/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10994: Previous:>>429710570 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429685969gun control WORKS in Australia. Why wouldn't it work in America????[View]
429718724/WPW/ White Power Wednesday - General: HAPPY WHITE POWER WEDNESDAY FRENZ! All white anons! Every Wed…[View]
429716240Its all over.: There is no point. The world is a huge mess that never acknowledges men. NASA is hiri…[View]
429716993At what point did you realise society was irredeemable?[View]
429712919Why are whites so evil?: Think of how many people we killed. How many cultures we destroyed. It didn…[View]
429719870The political implications of white men no longer going into STEM Ten years ago, about 1/3 of all de…[View]
429715664Jews have literally license to kill[View]
429710347Honestly why do ayys only exist in the USA??: Why don't they ever visit other places? >A for…[View]
429720505Meme this into reality: Make normies use TND thinking it means Totally Nice Day.[View]
429718285The news cause more mass shootings than the guns themselves because it gives the shooter so much fam…[View]
429716093>Anon we are very impressed by your work experience, but there's just one problem... You don…[View]
429718784Stop spreading misinformation about the COVID vaccine. Stop decrying Ukraine. Stop using ethnic slur…[View]
429680440Ukrainian Counter Offensive gentlemanly discussion thread: T-1 hour before the dawn! Russians claim …[View]
429714545Why do white people do this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGPeN3FDUa8[View]
429717916It’s actually good[View]
429714988Oh no.: Eliot Page was gay bashed for being a little twink.[View]
429702485BLM RIOTS 2020: WHAT was your favourite moment from the blm riots of peace in 2020 enjoyed these htt…[View]
429719305>Anon a letter came in the mail today. They contacted the embassy and they will drag you home and…[View]
429719688and a little bit of chicken fried[View]
429718011>The government is going to allow up to 4th generation with Japanese ancestry to stay in Japan in…[View]
429709682Britbongs, are you ok?: Why is Farage now shitting on your great Brexit movement?[View]
429717434One day Palestine will be free.[View]
429713231My favorite part about the war in Ukraine is the war on 4chan between /pol/ and /k/. So far you lose…[View]
429714436What does /pol/ think of TIK history[View]
429716724Niggers RIOT at a 7/11 and BEAT THE FUCK out of the employees: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…[View]
429715438the story of anarchist anon & crows: >Gather around, my friends, for I have a tale to tell. I…[View]
429716614why do americans so staunchly defend the jewish humiliation ritual?[View]
429715838Hypothetical question: What would be the most effective way to commit global nigger genocide? Sure w…[View]
429713672MH370: What happened to it?[View]
429718587I don’t want a white ethnostate no more[View]
429717049Do I actually have 'autism' or was it me experiencing an endless combination of consistent social fa…[View]
429719163The Sanity Machine EXPOSED: Your GURU has fallen https://youtu.be/cdY583jWBLo[View]
429717928I do not oppose the new world order.[View]
429719228Say what you want about the russian operation im ukraine: you can't deny how proud this old lad…[View]
429718016Tranny Porn is everywhere: Even in cartoons and hentai as well. It's all tranny shit. Porn ads …[View]
429718576I have a joke: 'Do you know what happens to childfuckers in prison?' .... . Answer: They convert to…[View]
429717785say it with me anons God is fake and gay Hail satan Hail satan Hail satan[View]
429719145I love truest Americans. Etc. Forever and always.[View]
429719027FISH GENOCIDE: https://files.catbox.moe/qzj8jf.mp4 Will Greta respond?[View]
429707596Is it time to destigmatize herpes?: >Overview. Herpes infections are very common. Fifty to 80 per…[View]
429708176Why do Ukrainians think this is a good strategy?: Ukrainian supporter >posts person mutilated and…[View]
429714380This is literally so disturbing...[View]
429718110Surgeons who butcher kids and genitals: >'Like the Pygmalion of myth, Lazlo fancies himself somet…[View]
429714307Libertarian 202: Von Mises: So my 101 Ayn Rsnd thread died. Lets talk Von Mises. Austrian economics…[View]
429716916There was a Bulgarian anon couple of weeks ago here who was crying that no one wants to donate to hi…[View]
429718757Elon bros...: Elon Musk had a phone call with Netanyahu about how to regulate A.I. while predicting …[View]
429685772What are your honest thoughts about the holocaust?: Ironically, this is one of the few places on the…[View]
429713914IT BETTER NOT HAPPEN AGAIN: >ELECTION INFETTERENCE!!! Don’t let it happen https://truthsocial.com…[View]
429714718The Jewropean Jewnion is chronically strapped for cash. When will we focus on our own people and qui…[View]
429717101ONE JEW TO RULE THEM ALL: Melkor has much more similarities with the Abrahamic god Yahweh than it mi…[View]
429716531do you think happiness is possible if you know the truth?: This place is just a hell designed by the…[View]
429717111Why are they like this?: Do leftists actually want to eat cockroaches? Will they really go along wit…[View]
429689264The image that broke NAFO, disco troons, /k/opers and /uhg/ shills. It's beautiful.[View]
429716130How is it the jews' fault white people are drooling npcs? >muh propaganda! Who let them usur…[View]
429698434Indians are subhuman streetshi-ACK ACK ACK ACK: How do white supremacists cope with this?[View]
429714479This board is being raided: It's time to convene in this thread and plot our counter attack…[View]
429716008Just learned it’s actually not the jews[View]
429718278>11 years ago, most young people were untied in a cause against the (((banks))), the media, and m…[View]
429716944US National Debt Ceiling suspended: What do you guys think the debt will be when the ceiling is re-e…[View]
429717207Why were so many great men boy-lovers?: Alexander The Great, Shakespeare, Socrates, Plato, Thomas Ma…[View]
429715177Why do atheists and pagans hate Jesus so much if they think he isn't real or God? I don't …[View]
429711431the west v. china: fashion edition: who would have thought that putting faggots in charge of how eve…[View]
429717024Why are there so many stupid retards on Twitter? Is there something about the website’s layout that …[View]
429718006This is literally the 3rd most populated country on earth that is best known for guns and you are su…[View]
429717205Here's why it smells like smoke and looks like the apocalypse in New York, New Jersey, and New …[View]
429696373OPERATION: THE JEW FEARS THE SAMURAI #3: >OJFS THREAD# ZOGmerica is fucking finished. We all need…[View]
429700022Redpill me on project bluebeam and why we should not get on the ships.[View]
429675618What’s the best and worst interaction you’ve ever had with the police?: And how did it go?[View]
429713701Pentagon leak: Hearing that there was recently a leak from the pentagon that the Ukraine war was pla…[View]
429713699is it just me, or did the political right (atleast in the west) do a complete 180 on certain issues?…[View]
429707871We will only allow you into the Galactic Federation if you solve the climate crisis and atone for yo…[View]
429710570/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10993: Previous:>>429704614 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429716870why do leftoids look like this? (jewgle search antifag mugshots) >>429699083[View]
429687745'The Christian Empire, Augustine held, was right to ban paganism and to coerce heretics. But the sou…[View]
429717150Sesame Street: I wasn't wallowed to watch Sesame Street as a child because it was for 'remedial…[View]
429713855/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9329: ▶Prev: >>429709245 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429714613What are the political implications of the modern right-wing being so cringe?[View]
429715924What's the point of importing 1.5 million Syrians if they don't work?[View]
429715085Can you watch this harvester for me? I'll be back in a minute[View]
429709757Newsweek: Why Do American Elites Want War in Ukraine?[View]
429717039> The names of the suspect and those killed and injured were not immediately released. Coulter…[View]
429712387Does art imitate politics, or do politics imitate art?: Is Alex Jones' gay frogs https://ib.ber…[View]
429695687The Fall of the Western Empire 2: >Diversity increased even more as Rome became an empire. Betwee…[View]
429713868Noggles: They're called Noggles[View]
429716749USA/UK Union: When is the UK going to step up and act like a father to the USA? They just left the E…[View]
429708764Kek: Kek[View]
429716925a bunch of fires broke out a hundred miles away all at once and the sun and moon have been orange fo…[View]
429715943Why do glownigger swine run around like devilish queers on heels and fuck everything up and cause ev…[View]
429716060massive awakening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zGuFPxW88 One of the big guys literary admits s…[View]
429699065What the fuck do you have against LGBTQ+?: Seriously, who cares if two men get married. How the fuck…[View]
429714262how do we get kids off the internet[View]
429715336What will the world be like in 10 years time?[View]
429716650>buys twitter >turns it into /pol/ problem?…[View]
429716413one thing i have learned about jews is they censor hitler more than anything. i’ve never had so muc…[View]
429675660Is there any good reason why cannabis should still be illegal[View]
429716410Which one would you pick?[View]
429714736When did all porn become 10/10 white girls banging retarded looking niggers?[View]
429716441NUCLEAR HAPPENING! Shitwood is completely ASSBLASTED!: https://twitter.com/SheriffChitwood/status/16…[View]
429706401Men, why don't you replace video games with something: useful like learning a language or somet…[View]
429705814Is Syria diverse?[View]
429715984how do you feel, sitting here on /pol/ posting 'politics' after all the politics discussion moved to…[View]
429713075The Trooner Diaries: Do you think the Nashville shooter's tranny manifesto will ever be release…[View]
429714819Serbs on suicide watch[View]
429707619Im just depressed possessed drunk and angry pol[View]
429716120Imagine there's no /k/eddit It isn't hard to do[View]
429714838Cov-19: Did Pfizer break the Nuremberg Code for informed consent? Almost certainly, did they do it i…[View]
429709606John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine[View]
429701155Fed whistleblower on project blue beam: /x/ here, I been researching aliens for 10 years. This guy k…[View]
429694293He was too pure for this world[View]
429708421Is simulation theory Jewish?: I see a big push of the idea we're all in some sort of computer/v…[View]
429716028Truthpill films: while we can all agree that 99% of cinema is a form of propaganda/mind control/esse…[View]
429711573>31 years old[View]
429711959ChatGPT+robotics+silicon doll=: Total roastie oblivion. It’s only been a few months of AI, we have m…[View]
429715930Why are you a conservative/reactionary? Your grandchildren are guaranteed to hate you now.[View]
429715919Everything is BLACKED: Give it up crackers. All entertainment is BLACKED. Your imaginary cartoon wai…[View]
429707181What's driving like in the UK?[View]
429715863Reads Like Kikery Christcuckery Mudslimery Lite®: >cult >extreme in group preference >be a …[View]
429707523Nigel Farage warns Putin China will bankrupt him overnight if he fires a nuke!: HE'S NOT WRONG …[View]
429703555Gay; CEO of the most valuable corporation on Earth: U mad, chud?[View]
429714800The deep state globohomo feds are holding me hostage via the Israeli software Pegasus. Can't ge…[View]
429708763The absolute state of poojeets cheating during tech interviews: idk how they need to cheat in an int…[View]
429710751Where is this little shit hiding? Why hasn't he addressed the nation? He has giant flood on his…[View]
429715451Putin behind bars[View]
429714887>niggers are up to something[View]
429707760was war always this dumb?: do we really need to amp people up with trailers to muh counteroffenyiv? …[View]
429714990It's over: It's over: Rome is collapsing. The west is done. There are no women worth marry…[View]
429709354Ukraine shills are some of the most low quality posters on this platform: >No evidence besides sh…[View]
429705464How do atheists make decisions about what to do in life? Do you just live by instinct like animals? …[View]
429712230What's so special about the 'holy land'?[View]
429712938Ukrainians beating their chest at Russian 'colonists' leaving Crimea, without realising they'll…[View]
429706386What have YOU done today to promote white well-being, /pol/?[View]
429714332How many years will it take to solve the gender equality problem? It cannot be solved even in the mo…[View]
429713408My rights as granted by the Constitution are more important than any number of children's lives…[View]
429706497What are the political implications of gambling?: Should it be legal? Is it based?[View]
429711794The image that destroyed NAFO[View]
429709113What the fuck does Magadonians mean?[View]
429698403Every stinger missile round given to Ukraine costs $400,000: :^)[View]
429714313All the victims have the same nasal ridge and brow line. The killer seems to have a type. Surely you…[View]
429713255Pride flag stolen: A West St. Paul couple has raised more than $1,800 toward their $2,000 goal in or…[View]
429707179>american internet $65 for this[View]
429682147Vaxxers are dropping like flies: Excess mortality rates are skyrocketing in all the countries where …[View]
429691430Alright, which one of you fucking CHUDS did this?!?: I’m so sick of your transphobia. > crazy mag…[View]
429712679The safest travelling destinations for faggots: Canada, Holland, Sweden, Malta, Portugal. What do yo…[View]
429711263>Tucker's first episode got 40 million views on Twitter is streaming finally a viable altern…[View]
429709139Kremlin insider here: Yesterday there was an unscheduled meeting about cockholes destroying the dam.…[View]
429705251The world isn't worth living in anymore[View]
429714551Who the hell voting for this nigga?[View]
429713283New York City: People willingly pay thousands of dollars a month to rent a small crappy apartment, b…[View]
429713492/pol/ humour thread: https://archive.is/HGhuv memes don't stay dreams edition[View]
429705194HOLY BASED: Goy names the Jew for more than 9 minutes in the public square: Someone give this king a…[View]
429705844Video games unironically ruined my life[View]
429714138Why did (((they))) kill Shinzo Abe?[View]
429688130They got him already.: That was quick lmao https://twitter.com/jacobkornbluh/status/1665482033768943…[View]
429714278FOX has gone woke: What happened?[View]
429701384Chinks and niggers as far as the eye can see.: You don’t want to see what the 2150 graph looks like.…[View]
429711046Times when pol is wrong: Unironically speaking why do you guys keep saying die for israel? Im in the…[View]
429696266How good is Switzerland really?: Everyone talks about how awesome Switzerland in terms of quality of…[View]
429712732Two medium sized American (thick dough) pizzas for two tiny kids. No wonder Americans are so fat![View]
429706801Glendale ca: Happened in my town. I went to see what the ruckus was but arrived too late. George sor…[View]
429709987Why are people such faggots about voting?[View]
429713857WAYS TO REMOVE (You)R ENEMES: 1. KILL the best and cheapest, save money when done 2. CASTRATION then…[View]
429708446What actually are demons? This is political because Biden sacrifices babies to them.[View]
429712233WHAT IS VICTORIA'S SECRET?: THEY ARE ALL MEN!! WHAT is the SECRET our politicians, actors, arti…[View]
429695608Who was the last great white musician?: With white music dying out I wanna get a feel for /pols/ tho…[View]
429711569GROOMING IS GROOMING: cultists gonna cult, and you yourself - yes you, are a victim of abuse > no…[View]
429709245/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9328: ▶Prev: >>429703109 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429701507i think the jews are trying to destroy apple from the inside out so they can scoop it up cheap. do …[View]
429708133What are Russians in Ukraine dying for exactly? What inspires them to go over the top and charge for…[View]
429709213A glass of red wine a day is actually good for you because of the antioxidants[View]
429712155>2023 >trad midwestern white girls are now looking to asian men for intellectual and financial…[View]
429708444We only want to marry our loved ones. Is it really that hard for you to swallow?[View]
429709761Russia just lost what remains of its military because of the flooding.[View]
429709925Being white in Russia is hell[View]
429706336Richmond shooting: >be american >finish high school >be thankful that you didnt get shot an…[View]
429713119The rapist race is not the muslim: Whites commit the 90% of rapes[View]
429699083/right/bros... how are we going to counter this one? it's truly over...[View]
429694095aus/pol/ made by cow edition: >pressure treated milk https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/agribusine…[View]
429710307BASED: >In 2006, a man was brutally murdered by neo-Nazis in Tartu who discovered that he had bee…[View]
429709235Poland is a first world country: Poland is a 1st world country, yes?[View]
429709840Judaism is LGBT Affirming[View]
429705168Redpill me on basic indian history. How many times have they been colonized? Why do they seem so cuc…[View]
429711803BREAKING BIRD NEWS!!!!: A fossil of a Bearded Vulture and an Egyptian Vulture have been dug up in Sp…[View]
429711909>eyescrolling /pol/ >goggle posting >bbc spam in my face >have to make jerk off motion w…[View]
429712771White men look like THIS?!?!?[View]
429701036Leftist girls you'd fuck until they'd vote Republican: List them off. Mine is Chadchad.…[View]
429708623Why not India?: As you know, the White man give China everything they have. Why didn't they pic…[View]
429695843Welcome to the future chuds[View]
429707626Where are the best refugees for west and east coast: Americans to get jobs in? 1. Indiana 2.Kentucky…[View]
429707090What should be proper punishment for rape?[View]
429712267>6 billion chinks farting >what could possibly go wong…[View]
429697237What’s pols opinion of Maynard James Keenan?: For those who don’t know he’s the singer of Tool. Good…[View]
429704712Bros, I have seen a nigger today in my city, first time this year. Day ruined.[View]
429712062who fact checks the fact checkers?[View]
429690594why can't the west compete with it?[View]
429707129Why does he want to coup the Polish government?: Why is he not aiding the most pro-American governme…[View]
429711779meet your next Vice President,: Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs,better known as Kane. It sounds like …[View]
429703938I'm about to have a baby with a black girl: I failed white race, my kid gonna be a Jamal or a A…[View]
429707590The absolute state of left tube/bread tube[View]
429710704Thoughts?: https://abcnews.go.com/US/after-6-women-found-dead-portland-officials-warn/story?id=99838…[View]
429706861arab muslims did 911[View]
429710096Is there any hope to save zoomers?: They are truly the bestest of goyim... Is there really no hope?…[View]
429705279Nearly half Ukraine's population has evacuated or died. Where are the new soldiers going to kee…[View]
429708304Why do americans steal chairs?[View]
429695449RFK Jr.: Why is the (((media))) shilling so hard against this guy? Is it just because he's agai…[View]
429704907let me get this straight: ethnically diverse nazi russia, ruled by anti gay nazi putin, with his arm…[View]
429703509THE NEXT BAKHMUT JUST DROPPED: The Battle of #Paraskoviivka/#Пapacкoвiївкa. Based on the @GeoConfir…[View]
429709347What other historic contributions have Jews given us?[View]
429706439Should brown hair brown eye people like this be considered white? What should be done about them? Sh…[View]
429693039Why Does 4Chan Never Speak of This Chapter in History?: Is it because... Europeans lost and were con…[View]
429699652Who broke the dam?[View]
429711325Lol this is what your white children have for choice to express themself on social media.. Pic relat…[View]
429706185>mfw he doesn't believe in divine right of kings[View]
429708679adventures of karen von munchausen: you fuckers are so stupid you completely forget that munchausen …[View]
429704263I only took one shot: How fucked am I? If it matters, the date was January 5, 2022[View]
429706349Redpill me on Norway: >Planning for the future >Didn't go full open borders >Natural n…[View]
429709842what exactly went wrong during china's cultural history to turn them into whatever they are now…[View]
429707754ugh sistas what do we do!?[View]
429673807PROTESTANTS FACE GODS WRATH: uh-oh protestant bros not like this! https://twitter.com/TABYTCHI/statu…[View]
429705307I wish I could go back in time and kick George Floyd right in the fucking face while he was on the g…[View]
429706383Is it hypocritical for conservatives to be swingers?[View]
429695018PSA: STAND DOWN ON BUDLIGHT: Donald J Trump here please stop the budlight boycott. Budlight is a BAS…[View]
429702998So his first episode back after getting kicked off the air is.....pro-Russian war propaganda? Like w…[View]
429699001What’s the official explanation for Canadian fires starting all at once?[View]
429709943give me a qrd on actual news /pol/ sick of nigger dick and trannies[View]
429708914I wish Ukrainians and Russians would stop killing each other[View]
429710768>Ukraine getting fighter jets confirmed ANOTHER uncrossable red line CROSSED why dont the West re…[View]
429709102This is Simeon Panda, the unofficial leader of the Black Supremacy movement. He and the Black Panthe…[View]
429708936It's over.[View]
429704614/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10992: Previous:>>429698075 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429710292Redpill me on the RapeApe Who is he and how does he keep getting away with it?[View]
429698489Tucker Carlson steamrolls Ukraine propaganda in new show: https://www.rt.com/news/577602-tucker-carl…[View]
429705522What do?: >Be NEET >Feel useless >Get job as programmer >5 years pass >Still feels us…[View]
429708166American conservatives' traitors are trapped in Ukraine and abandoned by Putin. Don't expe…[View]
429702554So how lefties gonna react if these people start fighting back using typical muslim methods from the…[View]
429709807You will pay exorbitant taxes so that degenerates continue to revel in their filth.: And YOU WILL BE…[View]
429704840Average amerimutt moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57EWT5Nbvi8 >AAAA >STWOP HUWTING ME…[View]
429710237Precipice: Declaring full meme war on non-whites. Bolstering my folder so I need your best of the be…[View]
429709979>Why is X (where X is shit I just made up about someone/something I hate) happening and what shou…[View]
429708028You will live to see manmade horrors beyond your comprehension.[View]
429707599Is technology dead?[View]
429709426Biden wants to prolong Putin's war in Ukraine?[View]
429709647ska and reggae are proof that blacks have soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkMx2GvGWoo&list=…[View]
429708733>100k members >I swear, lgbtqia+ isn’t a bunch of sexual degenerate porn addicts and animal fu…[View]
429709410What will happen to this board if Russia loses? Ever since Trump lost, this board has become a very …[View]
429708460Is it AI we should really be afraid of?[View]
429705561Republitards and Demoncunts are just the same group of rich asshole predditors wearing different lab…[View]
429709281Is this true?[View]
429699825lol: https://www.af.mil/Portals/1/documents/2022SAF/Officer_Source_of_Commission_Applicant_Pool_Goal…[View]
429701813Hans-Hermann Hoppe?: Yeah… I’m thinking based.[View]
429708893what do i do if i’m the only non retard left? everyone has fallen for jewish patios and they are all…[View]
429703944So when hispanics outnumber whites, will blacks start blaming them for their problems?[View]
429708972Nat Soc Appreciation: Yesterday, we had a glorious thread sharing rare and wonderful photos of Germa…[View]
429706102there are still people oh this board who think 'the pendulum will swing back the other way' how reta…[View]
429703109/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9327: ▶Prev: >>429695996 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429703182Oy Vey Goy, The Central Bank Is Actually Good For Poorfags Like (you): Inflation is a tax on the ric…[View]
429703808What do niggers see before they die?[View]
429699872Do redditors drink some kind of retard juice that keeps them retarded[View]
429707758Robert Kennedy: I find it is hard to listen to him. Is it possible to use AI to smooth out his vocal…[View]
429702976Dealing with homosexuals in friend groups: My brothers I seek political advice. I have a good friend…[View]
429703326Macron Opposes NATO’s Plan to Open Office in Tokyo: Are you for or against Japan joining NATO?…[View]
429705078How did we get through the fall of Rome, and how will we get through the fall of America? Liquor, si…[View]
429698055Why is every rich nation liberal and progressive?: You never conservative countries become rich. Yes…[View]
429691933Foreign residents in Japan hit record 3 million at end of 2022 https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Jap…[View]
429706508>Oh, so you’re saying that traits in living organisms are inherited and not 100% learned? What ar…[View]
429707691oh no[View]
429707042is millennial writing true/real?: https://youtu.be/FyHG8EfcA5c what do you think?[View]
429707793Why are Italians superior to other Europeans?[View]
429704691can u feel it?: -based 1st gen immigrants beating up trannies -mega corps flailing their arms like s…[View]
429705388Do you have a homeless problem in your country? here everyone's homeless and stinks like rotten…[View]
429703927jews telling you to eat 5 times a day: I haven't eaten in 6 days and I feel very good there was…[View]
429690396What is /pol/ gonna do on the next generic holiday?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYro4P0ORs0…[View]
429704754If you smoke cannabis, you are a Jewish piece of shit subhuman scumbag[View]
429701448Can Canada be saved or is it too late?: As an american looking at the current state of canada, i’m i…[View]
429669378Why do Africans hate homosexuality so much?[View]
429706001Revisionism?: I used a romanian expression and everyone got mad at me >a se îneca ca țiganu'…[View]
429707879OPEC meeting: Anyone know what actually happened the recent OPEC meeting? Just Saudi production cuts…[View]
429700168What are the political implications of having a female brain?: Why the fuck I have this shit. I…[View]
429705613Martinez: Missing in Action: Went to check out Martinez's channel after not watching in a while…[View]
429708056>be Zigger >become Nigger[View]
429671863rare Goebbels thread: take one leave one[View]
429702193politically speaking: what do you think is a fair punishment for a women when they fuck up a hard sl…[View]
429701989She hates you for what you did, chud[View]
429707592You will never be a real turk. You have double eyelids, you have no turkic skelectal frame, you have…[View]
429706227High art: Why do the elite have such strange taste in art? The higher class seems more able to appre…[View]
429696040Gab is where all the amerimutts go after they’ve been bullied off 4chan[View]
429707082Behavioral programming in media: Reposting this from /x/, not mine, but I felt that it belongs here …[View]
429679713/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: Episode 1 Edition >Link to 'Episode 1' https://twitter.com/TuckerCa…[View]
429703378D-Day occurred 79 years ago, and now we celebrate fag month. Quite poetic, innit?[View]
429681660Disprove global warming in 10 posts or less: So-called “climate change” is being used by the elite t…[View]
429705669>defeats trump, desanctimonious and biden and brings common sense conservatism back to the white …[View]
429706724How the fuck is every county is Oklahoma red? Even the counties with big cities are red, and somehow…[View]
429705155I really do wanna go back.: The good ol days when you could do a fundraiser for Democrats without be…[View]
429707538Why do I even bother anymore?: >Be me >Go to work >Part time job so I can work my way throu…[View]
429707075>Usually browse /pol/ at night but dont want to see something messed up that disrupts my sleep …[View]
429701334Dude, if we treat the niggers like equals and give them free housing, free education, welfare, affir…[View]
429683450SPACENIGGERS ARE REAL: >U.S. official turned whistleblower has alleged that the United States is …[View]
429706113The sogpill: There are literally dogs who fucked more women than most people on this board.[View]
429706472kek,hohols btfoed. ZZZZZZZZZZZ[View]
429703666Russia holds the same territory they held 9 months ago, but but the Ukraine has hundreds of thousand…[View]
429684262Smoke From Canada’s Wildfires Darkens Skies Across Northern U.S.: The smoke cast a pall over New Yor…[View]
429699040Regulating E-kikes: These things are everywhere. Watch the government start to regulate them like mo…[View]
429676842Alleged space-niggers happening: What are the odds of this guy being serious about spacenigger craft…[View]
429706121Religions of /pol/: Expanded Edition: I want to know what the faiths (or lacks thereof) of /pol/ are…[View]
429705130come in this thread politely without foul language or ad-hominin and prove you can have an actual CI…[View]
429705828Nuke the Ayyyys!!!: Fuck the zookeeper Grays, they sound like smug cunts. I say we drop a bucket of …[View]
429701653>4chan[nel] is completely failing to repel the liberal invasion >there are now more liberals/d…[View]
429704743ITS DA POOOOOZ!!!!!!![View]
429703575If we win what is the plan for non-whites? Other than for jews, i've always leaned towards mass…[View]
429696072how do white ppl explain biker gangs?[View]
429692166Pizzagate and Pedo Hysteria: >durr the elites sex traffick children because they’re le evil satan…[View]
429702936His majesty the King RonDesantis I of USA: Long live the King !!! Long live the King !!! Long live t…[View]
429706291why are there so many transgender people on the internet? not even about being closeted either there…[View]
429701308I won't go back to Preddit: I hate 'em so much Bros fr fr[View]
429706343jannies are currently going berserk incoming russian mass shill event in t-3 screencap this[View]
429699284What are the political implications of Americanisation?: Just got a pizza at Pizza Hut. This is the …[View]
429705809Whitepill thread[View]
429702011Sigh... why does hollywood keep doing this... im tired 4chan...even my novelas are beginning to get …[View]
429702810Which one of you leafs is responsible for this? If I get cancer I blame all of you[View]
429695556What are the political implications of having an Alien gf? Is it wrong to love a humanoid female fro…[View]
429698667I just found out my ancestors were slaves: Alright whiteboys you got ONE FUCKING opportunity why I s…[View]
429705894Why didn't people like Obama's grandson?[View]
429692614Order of problem groups in order of problemicity: >1 - Jews >2 - leftists >3 - women >4 …[View]
429694032Ryan Dawson: Was he really deported from Japan?[View]
429700667If you have this on your vehicle, house, clothing, etc, I just assume you are a nazi: You can’t wear…[View]
429701734Anti-semites can't refute this[View]
429705627LGBTQ+MAPs = destroy both at once[View]
429705497- Grandpa, the media say that Russia blew up the dam. - Yes grandson, but it's the same media …[View]
429699467Zoomer genius eaten by based-as-fuck shark.: Hear me out- Sharks like eating people, right? And we h…[View]
429705406ANTIFA REKT: Well it looks like it's beginning to heat up again. A bunch of imperialist globoho…[View]
429703412The People's Republic of China is going to have a space port before the USA aren't they?[View]
429701329Why are transphobes and chuds so bad at boycotting? https://www.wfaa.com/video/news/bud-light-still-…[View]
429701130Foreign English Teachers in Japan Teaching Japanese Children LGBT Lessons: >It’s been revealed th…[View]
429696706/pol/ humor thread: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzulzDnUzHg[View]
429698075/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10991: Previous:>>429692391 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429701716Prove me wrong. I'll wait.: Kys Trannies you keep threatening to..[View]
429698804droughts and famines are coming: famine is one of the four horsemen. war, strife, and pestilence are…[View]
429704658Believe us amigo, we are white americans: si[View]
429704739This needs to be said: strips of printed paper: I don't care about this movie, I'm honestl…[View]
429701672It doesn't make sense for American anons to be antisemitic: America experienced the period of g…[View]
429702525Demographic shift: Since /pol/ is now around an easy 60% progressive and liberal userbase, but conse…[View]
429697222Is white nepotism destroying academia,tech and medicine??[View]
429702409>Y-you will fight and probably get mauled or killed in WW3 while we stay safely at home. R-right,…[View]
429697628Do they actually believe this?[View]
429699292Progress: It ain‘t no free rock for first timers… YET but you cant deny we headin inna right directi…[View]
429703483Refugee from globohomo in Mexico?: I feel persecuted by globohomo. I just can't take it anymore…[View]
429703590>Upwards of 300 animals are believed to be murdered by Putin, according to a zookeeper, after the…[View]
429699556it's insane that conservatives are wanting to go so far as to do this sort of thing[View]
429701812If you could move to any country where would you go?: Let’s say you had a decent amount of money to …[View]
429701514England is full of pussies: Everywhere I look on the news I see that English people are bitching abo…[View]
429694658>wants to save the white race >isn't doing pic related if you haven't procreated yo…[View]
429683942Bros, what would he say this?[View]
429693631GLENDALE DADS VS FAGS PT2: ANTIFA GLOWNIGGER EDITON Protest at Glendale School Board is getting heat…[View]
429690525Question for Burgers: Have you seen these type of flags or blm signs in your neighborhood?[View]
429702222Europeans date hot 15 year old blondes, Muricuns date grannies and trannies. ayyyyyyyylmao Muricun f…[View]
429699406Chink guys along with white guys are the biggest incels in the west.: Has anyone else noticed this? …[View]
429703401They want you: to believe in Ufo's so that you will think space is real and mysterious[View]
429700228Lol Lmao[View]
429699010It’s actually a bit shocking.: We Americans seem to keep the traditions more alive than in Bavaria.…[View]
429695564Biden Kills Crypto[View]
4296993799/11 gave us the Patriot act and made us lose a lot of freedoms. What is Project Blue Beam gonna ma…[View]
429701657Good side hustles?: Trying to pay off some debt right now but bidenflation is killing me. Anyone hav…[View]
429699393Taylor Swift literally is the best softpower, positive, uplifting and happy stuff USA has to offer!:…[View]
429696958For those who don’t hide your power level:: How do you do it? Do you live in a racist town? Are you …[View]
429700431Leave our kids alone Armenians destroy fags in Glendale: https://twitter.com/1776ProjectPac/status/1…[View]
429702112He has a point...[View]
429694629Smoke from Quebec's wildfires are spreading all over North America. There's a video circul…[View]
429701758Breed to Win: I come here from time to time, just to remind pol of this. The right already procreate…[View]
429703001There's a lot of chatter about project blue beans lately. I'm wondering what (((they))) ha…[View]
429702597What coast do they guard?[View]
429700062has /pol/ always been controlled?[View]
429699285Are Black people the true culture vultures?: I’ve seen alot of black people literally claim that the…[View]
429684898Are we witnessing fag fatigue?: No company wants to participate in the annual fag rituals.[View]
429690369HAPPENING - RAMMSTEIN CANCELLED: https://www.barrons.com/news/sexual-assault-claims-mount-against-ra…[View]
429686317Why isn’t this letting up? I’ve never seen this kind of backlash, let alone from conservatives who u…[View]
429694906BUD LIGHT PRIDE PARADE IN SAN ANTONIO, TX: >bud light will have an LGBTQ pride parade at popular …[View]
429702303MUTT NATION: Only 45% of American babies in 2022 were white: Sorry lads - it's ogre for us. Qui…[View]
429695996/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9326: ▶Prev: >>429686811 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429702396Small hands crying and seething again about fatass[View]
429699761What would you do /pol/ segment: >This customer walks into your store asking for an item. How do …[View]
429696829Ayy lmaos come down: >are we to understand that this image represents your caste known as Democra…[View]
429693033Happy Pride Month: Let your colors fly.[View]
429697045It's time to cancel Hershey's: Just like Bud Light. Fae Johnstone is the 'model'. Who is F…[View]
429702386Why do skinny guys with abs bench 100lbs less than me?: And why tf are you okay with being a skinny …[View]
429700819Come make your case, paganchads, I'm still listening. >inb4 'christkike'/Pope suck…[View]
429668862Why is colon cancer EXPLODING?[View]
429701350Do most white Americans know that the plurality of Americans are fully or partially descended from G…[View]
429674309£brit@pol) - Total Glownigger Death: >Prince Harry surrounded by 'web of unlawful activity…[View]
429702350WW2 Zogbot says he'd die for kikes all over again: Zogbots back then, Zogbots now. White Wester…[View]
429676657What is Pence thinking?: How can he possibly think this is a good idea? Is there a single person in …[View]
429701966Vegans are a psyop to kill us all: >Be me >Wagie at my college cafeteria >Realize we are du…[View]
429690458What’s going on? Why have conservatives done a complete 180 on Islam?[View]
429678626>Russia blew up the dam I don't know guys, Tucker drops some pretty damming evidence here. h…[View]
429685979What are the top 3 based countries for white people to live?[View]
429696702Elon Musk saved the right: Why hate Elon? >Hates trannys and wants to stop them from hurting kids…[View]
429700781The end is near[View]
429693429>go to your kid’s graduation >get shot[View]
429701284Opinions On Liberalism?: Do you think the ideology works or not? If so, why?[View]
429699583Why did they blow their own dam?[View]
429674660Who are your enemies?[View]
429700160hitler said music is negro music used by the jews to deter the youth[View]
429696193What are the political implications of this?: >I can’t breathe[View]
429682504Why were you so wrong about covid?: You do realize after this shit is now over, in the eyes of peopl…[View]
429693676What happens here?[View]
429699265Is /pol/ or /his/ the boards with the most jew subversion? The two change spots on the most subverte…[View]
429701303>waaaaaaah I cant heckin advertise my shitty products to my underage fanbase anymore waaaaaah who…[View]
429698675You think the American school experience is one of the biggest drivers of our culture? I see tons of…[View]
429701243watching all the goyim eat up whatever the jews shit out. it’s over. the white race pays the jews t…[View]
429697677Anyone notice Peterson basically disappeared after the Netanyahu interview?: He’s no longer on the b…[View]
429688079every right winger I've talked to hates it: why's that?[View]
429674826Strike and Mike #267: discuss! Hour 1 is here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BOVipQLFjCFo/…[View]
429699817Alchemy is a well studied subject in freemasonry, and it's not this faggot 'turn led into gold'…[View]
4297008866ft8 NBA Zion wiliam superstar and his Swedish girlfriend: It's over , their engaged[View]
429694244why do Japanese women always sound and look: like they are in pain when having sex?[View]
429652634VAX SPIRAL OF DEATH ACCELERATES: in inside sources, ((They)) call it the >graphene demons…[View]
429699130God: Offers you super man like powers to rid the planet of Jews and all other satanic corruption. In…[View]
429679418Who was in the wrong here?[View]
429700716What's his endgame?[View]
429691466https://www.reddit.com/r/ftm/comments/141ngdf/i_am_probably_be_going_to_prison_as_ftm_i_am/ Should a…[View]
429694133this was the beginning of clown world. any oldfags remember? >nigger paints niggerfied virgin mar…[View]
429689524Best Russian/Hohol war songs?: Russian entries: https://youtu.be/FAPwIEWzqJE https://youtu.be/J3eNeV…[View]
429700376What if Reddit blew the dam?[View]
429696789/pol/ webm threat[View]
429700320Food redpills thread: Vegetable oils edition Previous thread >>429692873 Posy about food sha…[View]
429694516Why are transphobes so pedantic about gender identity? I don't get it. >groomers Not every t…[View]
429693415>This makes racist femcels seethe[View]
429696879Zion Don vs. DeShabbos: What's your early prediction on who wins and why?[View]
429698854please answer in a calm manner[View]
429695438>apple goggles, 2040, colorized what will these things do to a civilization already in the proces…[View]
429699943me and gang getting ready to fuck some shit up.[View]
429698451/mffg/ - make fags fly general: ITT: Discuss solutions to the Homosexual Question[View]
429691355Cleveland man arrested by police for being incel: >CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH. — Brandon George, 26, tur…[View]
429699753If you didn't read this book, you're not white. Simple as. You may have white skin, but yo…[View]
429695403Holy shit things are about to get interesting soon[View]
429696485Alex Jones guilty of crimes against Democracy?: Picrel is Jones on the steps of the US Capitol durin…[View]
429667096DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!!!: FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!!! https://twitter.com/RichardHanania/status/1666197…[View]
429684582You chuds DO realize that if Ukraine falls, NATO and Israel are next, right?[View]
429695157Political implications of white men kncoming up nonwhite women (in foreign countries)?: Is it eugeni…[View]
429699516Sisters of Perpetual: If this squad of faggots rolled up on you. What could you do? Would you just t…[View]
429697200Biannual Kay Griggs Thread.: Don’t be intimidated by the seven hour plus running time. Just pause if…[View]
429685764American conservatives chuds begging liberals to save their asses. Maybe you traitors shouldn't…[View]
429693263Imagine seething this hard.: Iran is scoring successive wins against the kikes and the kikes are abs…[View]
429698884Is this the same pedophile?: The I wanna fuck this kid's bootyhole looking creep from webm rela…[View]
429691500Low IQ Boomer idiot content: >'Muh Aliens are real' They're not. >'Russia would never do …[View]
429699136Wilkommen, Bienvenue...: ...Welcome to the Post-Truth World. Post your best post-truth brattitudes…[View]
429690626americans had one chance and they blew it[View]
429699047210,000 dead Russia POORFAG GOYIM: 215,000 CASUALTIES soon ALREADY THATS MORE THAN 20x THE USA HAVE …[View]
429691728How convenient: When christianity was just for jews, believers were allowed to become immensely rich…[View]
429698915/rcwg/ - Russian Civil War General #37: BELGORADISTAN EDITION Prev: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/…[View]
429693844POLICE CHASE LIVE WOMAN DRIVER https://abc7.com/watch/live/[View]
429659614How do I find a dom aryan girl to humilate, lashes and tie me up and call me niger slave?: I met a l…[View]
429694747ATTENTION! POLICE PURSUIT UNDERWAY!: https://abc7.com/watch/live/11064936/[View]
429696508Never forget the Ghost of Kyiv[View]
429697668Literally just gave over $100 to Mike Pence 2024. Highly recommend signing his pledge to take nigger…[View]
429690175Has anyone here ever gotten a security clearance?: I'm wondering if posting on this site(and ot…[View]
429697058What is the big blue benis being used to distract from?: All of this alien shit glows, nigger >Ay…[View]
429697527BASED: >In 2006, a man was brutally murdered by neo-Nazis in Tartu who discovered that he had bee…[View]
429671888Ayn Rand and Objectivism: So I read she wanted to make her objectivism philosophy part of existentia…[View]
429693984I say TRANS you say RIGHTS TRANS[View]
429697435the future is here, chuds[View]
429696309Ron will never be president. He’s a freak that sounds weird.[View]
429696189Is this the most Angl*id video in existence?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkgkThdzX-8…[View]
429684544Cenk vs Destiny live now: https://www.youtube.com/live/khGWoPrkGws?feature=share[View]
429698500Voting Pence. Also dont care what gays think about it. Gays vote Trump. Gays vote DeSantis. Gays vot…[View]
429681304You want to know what insider trading looks like?: Someone made a classic insider trade yesterday. T…[View]
429694711Are Western women actually worth saving?[View]
429697925I want to believe: I choose to believe.[View]
429694017POLICE CHASE IN LA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFCvUPQdUIA[View]
429692855Kolkata , how did this place become such a shithole: I just watched a blog of it and the human condi…[View]
429679768holy shit: a brand new hot conservative thot just dropped, what do you guys think guys? sneed it or …[View]
429692391/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10990: Previous: Timeline /tug/: https://files.catbox.m…[View]
429692694How long are we going to let this go on for? Why don't you see this in other countries?: >Gr…[View]
429697914Final Jewnited States Of Israel GlowNigger Operation: Just give homeless people assault rifles as if…[View]
429681054Actual Negro President: Is america ready? I admit I have not read the 'early life' yet.[View]
429697570hedgedfunds are just puppets and middlemen: hedgefunds answer directly the the government that funds…[View]
429692235What did Apple mean by this?[View]
429697473Trans representation is growing in media: Gwen is now an inspiration to millions. Her arc speaks to …[View]
429694814Is it hypocritical for conservatives to be swingers?[View]
429694297Seriously, where will the knowledge we've gained be preserved and passed down: when academia go…[View]
429692674Say his name. SAY IT![View]
429697006Bobby might be onto something… >Tsunami of migrant shit[View]
429695024What did our leader mean by this?[View]
429697143Elon Musk is making Yakub real soon through neuralink. What are you racists gonna do? All of your 'm…[View]
429694247Дapья Дyгинa: So what's the deal with her? Some pro-Ukie Russian militia took responsibility th…[View]
429679761Is AR going to be the biggest pandoras box of all time? Especially in politics, it seems that this w…[View]
429695454ICE POSEIDEN GOING TO KOREA DMZ BORDER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_9TVbj_6Zs[View]
429695271Based Opera pride logo: https://twitter.com/operagxofficial/status/1664279251879890944?t=6OknaIouoei…[View]
429677259Do you honestly think Trump can win 2024?[View]
429687006Is the gay agenda real?[View]
429690241Do you want the Coalfax back: I saw some niggers in twitter seething they cant rape white women with…[View]
429685188Breeds created for blood sports are violent no surprise.[View]
429693688Yeah, I'm thinking he's based[View]
429693177The ruling class are 'moronic devils.': DELTA includes DEVIL omicron is an anagram of moronic. DELTA…[View]
429696703be a college goy anon, let the nigger get the girls: be good goy[View]
429695759Do I even need to say anything?[View]
429690368I refuse to pay for Diablo 4.[View]
429694692We are so back >Goyem up one[View]
429694551The next major psyop/false flag will be involving the Golden Gate bridge in Calfornia. They will use…[View]
429696118Niggers: Niggers are the Great Equalizer.[View]
429679706My vaxxie dad just had a stroke: My dad who is vaccinated just had a stroke and is currently in the …[View]
429690548Imagine Nukes fell tomorrow what would your nation or people be known for: Imagine Kikes opt for pla…[View]
429656887aus/pol/:early morning: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/serious-concerns-dan-andrews-d…[View]
429689052How does this ad make you feel?: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2022/04/19/fbi-man-wearing-hat-f…[View]
429696128HWNDU: Hey. Just learned about what you guys did to Shia LaBuff. Super late to the party but I had t…[View]
429687713Wait until they come to the suburb-[View]
429693805>They were judged by the content of their character all along.[View]
429687483Race mixing question: In your opinion, is it better for arabs, semites, mulattoes, and hispanics to …[View]
429695867Shamus: You've got to get back to reading your bible if you didn't recognize that one, lik…[View]
429692919Dear /pol/, I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits. I am writing this letter w…[View]
429694553European idolatry: >>429684575 Juipiter/jove is cognate with Jehovah/Yahweh. The white pagans …[View]
429695544Today space aliens were once again confirmed to be real. As always. As anyone smart has already know…[View]
429692304Leave two nog kids in car: 2 nog children left in car on a hot summers day. Mother is busy allegedly…[View]
429693526Is this guy for real[View]
429664286France still has balls: A non-white hit a ball at frightening speed at an Aryan ball girl at the Fre…[View]
429691054Billions still alive: Are we sad?[View]
429687881Since when is dam busting a war crime?[View]
429695481Young man: Yer so fuckin dumb. Here come the train. Man, yer stupid. Overdue. Don't come back t…[View]
429694948>even nogs know our civilization is cucked[View]
429695359Why are y'all against transfolk?: I am literally shaking as I type this. You chuds should be su…[View]
429690993Whenever I see this company logo, I immediately think of Jewish subversion. Lulling goyim into comfo…[View]
429691872Let's meme it: It is the patriotic duty of every police department to donate their military gea…[View]
429692507Why doesn't Russia retaliate by blowing up the Kiev dam? Tit for tat[View]
429692340How much would this house cost in America? It's probably over a century old, built with old gro…[View]
429692071Fucking bastards[View]
429692174Why do Irish-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democrat? Pic related famous Irish-American actress.[View]
429690344Why was evolution pushed so hard in the 90s?[View]
429694548The railroading of Rich Campbell. Was it political.: I feel like he was the one true king of Twitch.…[View]
429679531Muslim protest against LGBTQ pride in schools: > Muslims in Montgomery County protesting against …[View]
429694281It's over.: White men have so little disposable income they're not even worth marketing to…[View]
429694283Why do people post cp here?[View]
429680084They won.[View]
429693942How can I keep the AyyLmao retards out of my airspace?: Is not cool. Every few weeks or so these smo…[View]
429689041Is there a political reason as to why only women are targeted by the fat acceptance psyop?[View]
429686137Holy Shit Christcucks just got BTFO: https://twitter.com/TABYTCHI/status/1665854918987509761…[View]
429693907We must join with Russa: We must join with them, hohols. Against the power of Putin, there can be no…[View]
429694358white trash wifes like pharaoh dick: We are superior and kings[View]
429693484Why do you worship a Marvel character?: Well?[View]
429686811/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9325: ▶Prev: >>429678671 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429689063They're setting fires to inflate Co2 readings in order to create urgency.[View]
429691524Stand back and stand by New orders incoming[View]
429693883STOP! ABROMOVICH ART RIGHT HERE: Watch https://youtu.be/iZVGREvMA78[View]
429692145Have you joined the Thermal Camera Masterrace yet? Essential for the discerning go-bag, and choosing…[View]
429688944Do White people really: No seasoning in sight just processed goyslop.[View]
429691998>dude >aliens[View]
429682836INCELS DECLARED A TERRORIST MOVEMENT BY A COURT OF LAW: This actually has significant implications, …[View]
429686952Do you notice that Western media no longer reports those “200,000 Russian casualties” figure from 6 …[View]
429693187I hope this faggot is suffering in the worst ways imaginable[View]
429693408What is the deal with Tucker saying that aliens have visited him? Is he crazy, or controlled opposit…[View]
429691340Croatia divided up by Serbia Italy and Hungary: How do Serbs, Italians, and Hungarians feel about Cr…[View]
429692007Iranian genocide when?: >biggest faggots in the middle east >entire history is getting invaded…[View]
429691234For the betterment of mankind I am today extending an arm to the world's Juden. We have had our…[View]
429678632Don't forget Tucker Carlson practices Kabballah.: >Wearing a thin scarlet or a crimson strin…[View]
429693296The Increasing(ly) Visible Unviability of Poor Consumers: Related: https://www.google.com/amp/s/ca.f…[View]
429691901Manly, heterosexual troon hilarity: This guy is the manliest crackhead troon I've ever seen. He…[View]
429623973Mushrooms are safe-: >proceeds to fatally butcher his father and mutilate his step mom https://yo…[View]
4296889052x2=?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_Holocaust[View]
429691838Shekinah: Mammon, Moloch, Melech, Remphan Saturn, Set, Anat, Tanit, Cybele, Baal, Bael, Lilith, Venu…[View]
429689111Anyone notice a flood of Israel flags here recently who say based things? Is it another psyop?[View]
429673190Millennials BTFO: Imagine paying $7 for a coffee, making yourself $300,000 poorer just to be 'cool' …[View]
429693188Why did the LGBT agenda betray boy lovers? I thought they were supposed to be about inclusion and ac…[View]
429683965Just how many different words exist for “blacks” these days lmao: Look at this moron kek[View]
429688586Ironic: These troons really are completely and totally detachable from reality.[View]
429692715Why haven't they been genocided yet?: >the women are biggest sluts in the middle east despit…[View]
429688563Italians are actually Spaniards: North Italians share a border with Switzerland and France but are g…[View]
429690610FUCK BOOMERS: my boomer boss is this dumb bitch who does NOTHING but still gets paid $97k for 'proje…[View]
429692888'post to Twitter': I told him[View]
429690640sick of this shit: we need to bring back bullying. sick of these tranny faggots making up terms and …[View]
429681834People attached to their phones has been bad enough, what will this do in the next 10 years?[View]
429692826The sound of crickets: Do you hear them anon? https://www.fox5dc.com/news/brothers-in-jussie-smollet…[View]
429681105/ctiawg/ Cucker Tarlson Is Anti White General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v3hTJs988A&t=217…[View]
429685111HAPPENING DADS ABOUT TO BTFO FAGS: Protest at Glendale School Board is getting heated between parent…[View]
429670445Why does everybody ignore his tweets now? He used to be the most important man in the universe. And …[View]
429684823If Heaven is so great, what are we living in this prison planet for? If God loves me, he'd unde…[View]
429692645I can’t decipher what this faggot is trying to say. What exactly did he itemize in his head while ty…[View]
429676187legalize cocaine: there is no good reason I can't have access to pure uncut cocaine as an adult…[View]
42968303913.4 MILLION VIEWS IN 3 HOURS: TUCKED https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1666203439146172419…[View]
429692634Aid to Congo stolen by niggers: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/900000-stolen-employees-us…[View]
429692621Is it just me or does Vivek got some big ass feet?[View]
429690636how long until concentration camps come back?: gulags, concentration camps, call them what you want …[View]
429685620/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10989: Previous:>>429680714 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429674128MAJOR FUCKING HAPPENING: https://twitter.com/LeadingReport/status/1666204130241568780[View]
429692529Incel is the nigger of the world[View]
429691978Reminder about AMERICA: If every minority disappeared tomorrow, America would have some the world’s …[View]
429692484Europe just 30 years ago: Holy shit, what happened?[View]
429688594Why do so many fags in the West simp over Slavs? Why are so many rightists slavaboo faggots? >Be …[View]
429692418Iranian genocide when?: >despite being Shia muslim, Iranian women are biggest whores in the entir…[View]
429692396White supremacists violently attack elderly Korean-American.: Then a Hispanic landscaping crew brave…[View]
429655666ALEXANDER DUGIN ANALYSIS OF THE SMO: https://www.geopolitika.ru/en/article/last-russian-battle-six-m…[View]
4296759842004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Memoryholed: Why did the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami get memoryholed? Was th…[View]
429691962The jews already used communism to defeat the nazis but will communism make a comeback and this time…[View]
429691186>Future Slavic warbrides>Western females inb4 all the raging /Pol/tard femcels…[View]
429684923What's everyone's take on schizophrenia? Does anyone live with anybody that has it or know…[View]
429690284BLUE BEAM[View]
429692151Damn this image is like an atom bomb[View]
429690838A discussion on the backing off of the Transgender Issue: Perhaps most curiously in this spreading r…[View]
429691069Give me one reason to hate this guy?[View]
429691099Tucker Carlson is the savior of the white race and if you don't agree you're a shill or so…[View]
429688160what should be done with people like this? just arrest them and sentence them to a mercy killing?[View]
429684575>according to Christians/the Right, the worst demons aside from Satan are Lucifier, Saturn, Baal,…[View]
429690518What would happen if a tranny got what he wanted and a demon turned his soul into a girl soul? Would…[View]
429680427We need white people to come save Ashkenazim once again: This time from Mizrahim and Sephardic monke…[View]
429687832voltaire: Based or cringe[View]
429690544Would you support a reparation program for short people? Basically, for every inch you are below 5…[View]
429688050Boomers are retarded but can occasionally be based: My boomer dad saw this Ukrainian whore talking t…[View]
429687071Why cant the world into space like America can?[View]
429688754waaaaa i don't like it plz ban it daddy government[View]
429672209Day 3 Of Ukraine's Offensive: It is day 3 of Ukraine's much anticipated offensive and so f…[View]
429691416He has forced their hand.[View]
429688788It's almost a guarantee at this point that the powers that be are going to attack China, Russia…[View]
429690547Greatest whi*Toid killers thread: Let's start a thread of men who have made the world a better …[View]
429691331It is good to be white[View]
429691327Stop Playing chess, is a kike trap: you are advised[View]
429690167U.S. spy plane flies near Chinese waters; U.S. upset that China intercepts it: >On Wednesday, May…[View]
429687624This is your average conservative in 2023. I think it’s safe to say you guys lost.[View]
429687319What did Stonetoss mean by this? Is he gay?[View]
429687383>mongols >ivan the terrible >napoleon >ww1 >russian civil war >gulags >ww2 >…[View]
429684531/pol/ book thread: i'll start: Who We Are by Pierce. i'm halfway through, excellent stuff.…[View]
429679138Muslims hate western values: Remember that ever time you see it being promoted here. Individualism, …[View]
429689211Ayy lmao confirmed Religion is a lie[View]
429672100Rh Negative Thread: Only chads with Rh negative blood can post on this thread (Rh positive mutts sta…[View]
429690159Will WW3 be a victory for incels?[View]
429687011When will /pol/ admit that self hating whites are the biggest threat?: >but muh jews Yes, we know…[View]
429686490do people ask you where ukraine is bros?[View]
429687153I'm trying to compile a list of all the things that are exclusively in the news cycle for 2023,…[View]
429687802What happens when cost of living is so high that workers leave the city?: I was in Nester's Mar…[View]
429690154Tech: Did technology peak in the early-mid 2000s? Before the widespread use of smartphones, people u…[View]
429678365Is God punishing us for being the most degenerate state?[View]
429690246Proof that God hates gays https://twitter.com/JerryFequiere/status/1666245953068716034?t=wj9ROUCV-XI…[View]
429690420https://youtu.be/kgfQksZR0xk Just wanted to remind this transphobic board of the time Hawley got abs…[View]
429689498Lower your tone.[View]
429689979/pol/ humor thread: say this is fake, I. DARE. YOU.[View]
429687870How do I escape this shithole?: And what state should I move to? Texas, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, …[View]
429689119retard here: Did not get a answer at /biz/ but can anyone explain to me why it's a good thing i…[View]
429686763>I'm no conspiracy theorist, but how could an unstable building next to several collapsed bu…[View]
429687245After the war is over Ukraine will need to be resettled again, but by who?[View]
429690264Why didn't lizzo play Ursula: Ursula is thick and sings in the original little mermaid. Why did…[View]
429690189So title 42 ending was a nothing burger?: Why is it always like this https://www.texastribune.org/2…[View]
429669463What the heck is happening to the US military? Why is no one joining?: They are desperate offering t…[View]
429684982This is what they eat in the UK Apart from fish and chips... do they even eat fish? https://www.yout…[View]
429688380Are you ready to pay your climate reparations?: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2022/10/cop27-why-cli…[View]
429675685So what's causing all the fires? Is it just cows farts or global warming?[View]
429684829GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YARRPrzi_kg&t=…[View]
429689786Immigration General: What's the plan? Turbo immigration to white countries and make everything …[View]
429687750Seriously /pol/ ?: Seriously /pol/? Another mass shooting and you're not even gonna make a sing…[View]
429667441How do i escape this fucking shithole and where should i go?[View]
429660105FEDS side with PEDOS, block Florida trans law!: >BREAKING: Federal judge blocks Florida banning c…[View]
429685515Look! An eagle!!: What is this ufo distraction for exactly? The Biden corruption? The elite pedos?…[View]
429689059it was reported in march that brits were negotiating with the taliban for his release. but no news w…[View]
429683295how is hook up culture and onlyfans mainstream in our culture and how do we stop it?[View]
429682346Stats say we’re all broke: But then how come every time I visit an internet comment section or websi…[View]
42968466450 IQ ultra primitive simianesque niggers in Africa are far more physically fit and infinitely happi…[View]
429689470Nigger Fatigue: Stewart Copeland, the great drummer for The Police, arranged orchestral versions of …[View]
429675507Homophobes BTFO: Equality for all, why is that such a difficult concept for trumptards[View]
429689393Scam Tesla Youtube Channel Not Taken Down: This scam Tesla channel has been streaming for over 11 ho…[View]
429686780I AM GOING TO CANADA. I am joining my Aryan mother who already lives there. No sense in quarreling …[View]
429668097FUCK U.S. Housing: I live in shit hole indiana. Home of the mouth breather. These shit box houses ar…[View]
429677753How did crustaceans go from being cheap prison food to expensive luxury meals?[View]
429676121HAPPENING: Ukrainian nationalists are calling for blood. If Zelensky doesn't answer their cries…[View]
429688340BREAKING Tensions flare in Chicago gym where white referee is seen carrying loaded gun during a game[View]
429687095So what will happen when all the millennials who thought they could afford that fancy apartment/perf…[View]
429689112Predictions: So Biden goes down as worst president ever. And then Tulsi or Elon win. I feel Elon sho…[View]
429686369what can we do about the nasty feeder epidemic and protect vulnerable women?[View]
429686810Clarence Thomas: /pol/ cares about a black nationalist.[View]
429688796Monkeypox warning: CDC warns of monkeypox outbreaks at Pride events. So, go easy with those swollen …[View]
429686427Good morning sirs! Why don't americans migrate to India?[View]
429685774The is only one true God, and He is the God of Israel, King of the Jews, master of the universe, and…[View]
429688980Graduation season: Oh wow, you must have completed American public education...[View]
429684788How can we get these onto the faces of every single inner city youth?: Can we start a go fund me?…[View]
429688738Is a political ideology more likely to prosper if its advocates are physically stronger than their p…[View]
429686993for 5 million bribe, biden sends ukraine over 100 billion and counting: Allegations that Joe Biden p…[View]
429686864A house that swims in the ocean deep, Its walls and roof are strong and steep. The waves that crash …[View]
429686014Thoughts on new statues depicting black people in European countries?[View]
429686676The Great Tribulation beings shortly: You had 3.5 years to prepare both physically and spiritually s…[View]
429674313Twitter isn't real life: Why do you think retards like Tucker and Matt Walsh are ushering in so…[View]
429686937there is a leak memo to the ukraine king from the army stating that soon they can't meet the qu…[View]
429682310Why are Latin Americans so obsessed with being called Americans?: Canadians don't have this com…[View]
429686560Baked Alaska sighting: https://kick.com/gg33academy Is he a fed or not?[View]
429631522'It is unbelievable but it happened'[View]
429685838Advance Publications a private marketing conglomerate with ownership of >...Condé Nast (which in…[View]
429682697New Bioweapon Just Dropped: (((They))) are developing biotech now to attempt to Holodomor us. If you…[View]
429657275This footage destroys retarded 9/11 conspiracies: https://youtu.be/Qk5NQgU-9G4 You can clearly see t…[View]
429679748Is this the first time in history where straight people are being forced into thinking they're …[View]
429684250>be Chad >still get cucked It is literally impossible to have a wholesome, fulfilling relation…[View]
429668549My great uncle who still actively works for the Pentagon just told me they found and obtained a cras…[View]
429686924Mexicans aren't Whi...: Yes. Yes she is allowed in the ethno-state. Hernan Cortes would agree. …[View]
429672895Our white ancestors stormed Normandy 79 years ago.: What would they think of what we've done wi…[View]
429683744Tucker carlson is a bigot: Don't watch his show chuds[View]
429686644You know what's the problem with modern society? Niggers.[View]
429682818How fucked is this nigga?: Do they even have a case? Does he have defense? And if he has to tell who…[View]
429681469Owari-da. Bluebeam is now on the coveyer belt for next seasons news cycle.: JUNE 5,2023: https://the…[View]
429640331Why aren't millennials having children?[View]
429670705Humour thread[View]
429684045How can youtube be allowed to operate this by deleting downvotes? This is such a total scam. Posting…[View]
429687101White women can still endanger the lives of black teens because they feel entitled to a bike?[View]
429685314>*drops mic* Questions?[View]
429687722Arab Drill: Do you like Palestinian drill? https://youtu.be/FKvKnuvXUSU[View]
429686572New report EXPOSES 4chan's top secret moderation machine: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2…[View]
429649008Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - BDSM Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >En…[View]
429686907Putin's Rabbi: >“Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” Putin: >'Wow! That'…[View]
429684963I've got a question for /pol/y, Let's say everybody were rich, everybody could afford: lit…[View]
429685278Why can't we have a New World Order of strong Nationalist governments that conspire to get alon…[View]
429684502Why do Jews love nicotine so much?[View]
429687276>Right wing femcel doesn't understand the difference between sexual selection and eugenics..…[View]
429687389Why are Americans so obsessed with the supposed idea of nigger athletic superiority? There are multi…[View]
429683206Rockstar: Would you sell your soul to the Devil to be a rich and famous rockstar?[View]
429687410HOW DO THINK THE PRE OFFENSIVE PROBING WENT: 6 mechanised battalions and 2 armoured wiped out. To be…[View]
429687347Setting your own house on fire.[View]
429678907Holy fuck they really are orcs: I always thought it was some cringe reddit home but here we are. Rus…[View]
429684112Chris Christie: >I’m fat, sweaty, and gross >Here’s how I would fix society Fat people should …[View]
429683802I'm genuinely curious, do we think the end of the west has come? If so, why so, if not why not?[View]
429682315Tucker Carlson is an Agentuer of the Learned Elders of Zion: Tucker and his pals Elon and Joe are al…[View]
429676238>average house costs around a million dollars in Sydney and only going up >Import around 500k …[View]
429686416World War III WARNING - new intel from John Moore raises alarm over Pentagon's war plans: https…[View]
429683390RFK Junior says they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the freaking frogs gay: Watch betw…[View]
429686998Child Porn is banned not because is moral but to cover elites: This red pill hit me instantly hard. …[View]
429650776>But Anon, America was built by immigrants, you think people like us used to live here? We all ca…[View]
429686532aliens among us????: https://youtu.be/b4yabsvwWe0 this guy is bullshitting right?[View]
429682072he is going to name them: https://twitter.com/LeadingReport/status/1666204130241568780[View]
429686813Will there be a paradigm shift? If so: How many generations?: The hypothesis: The same thing that a…[View]
429683577Russia made a decree on the 30th forbidding the investigation of the incident in Kakhovskaya HPP: Pr…[View]
429685771What if all the Christians get raptured and the official government explanation is just that it was …[View]
429683154Propaganda WWII: Share information about propaganda that people don´t know , in WWII . https://en.m…[View]
429680775If you haven’t read this, you aren’t even half as redpilled as you think you are. The Epstein shit i…[View]
429684689Everything is bad for white people[View]
429686525was he right?: >pulls out the unabomber manifesto mid twitch stream I'm thinking based?…[View]
429677456Based or cringe[View]
429682793How do we make our world better, beautiful and sustainable place?[View]
429686464Vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach: He was right about everything. What is he doing now?[View]
429680714/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10988: Previous: Timeline /tug/: https://files.catbox.m…[View]
429684083Wikipedia refuses to acknowledge Ukraine did this[View]
429666926Masculinity, inter-male domination, homosexuality: Long, dense post incoming. Don't break my co…[View]
429684514Rent inflation from a Chinese perspective: First of all: fuck Canada and fuck westerns. Fuck poos, f…[View]
429678671/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9324: ▶Prev: >>429672475 ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429680190Germcuck politician criminally charged for saying 3 words. Why are germs so cucked?[View]
429651787Arnold is a Nietzchean: Based?[View]
429680945is hitting children ever the answer?[View]
429680694LEAFS can you fuckin idiots stop setting your forest on fire for a few weeks? As much as i like sme…[View]
429682920Why is a 'teen sex comedy' allowed to be made?: What purpose does this serve? https://www.dailymail.…[View]
429679255Do you guys think he's right or not?[View]
429670517>get woke go brack![View]
429685194How are the trannies coping that Bakhmut was taken? That the largest battle of the 21st century so f…[View]
429682281The vaccines are immortality potions: heir purpose are to create a slave race that will be forced to…[View]
429685711https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/14614448231176777 'Female' is now a derogatory term used by…[View]
429661555Is this the most fake, manufactured identity in Europe?[View]
429683213The ny post is trying to DEBOONK already. The ayyys are real Bros. https://youtu.be/WzrJ1YfS0hA[View]
429679979ELECTRIC CARS ARE BASED: Lithium and cobalt mining makes nigglets suffer needlessly and thats BASED.…[View]
429671397It appears demoralization has backfired: So, in the attempt to control white men it has resulted in …[View]
429678740If you truly seek world peace, relying on the failed promises of Jesus and the New Testament is not …[View]
429681463Admit it They're winning[View]
429685465I see a white man raising his gun...: I'd rather see a white man raising his son...[View]
429680454This was an act of war[View]
429685218>Conquer Anatolia 1000 years ago >Turn into a mutt ethnicity in order to establish your contro…[View]
429676868ABC News Announces Campaign Producers and Reporters Covering 2024 Presidential Election: Notice anyt…[View]
429668281ATTENTION UKRAINIANS: The Russian destruction of the dam has handed you a golden opportunity to flip…[View]
429674479How do you feel about any “redpill” media being the works of trannies and faggots?[View]
429684906Dropping Lizzo on Afghanistan: if the US air force dropped her all of her fats would flood the entir…[View]
429685136wen ban tiktak: wen is US ban TikTak?[View]
429683565So this is the far-right american news? LMAO Yes this is real https://www.foxnews.com/americatogeth…[View]
429679268A view of the future: Looks fabulous. https://twitter.com/theapplehub/status/1665787802095857664…[View]
429684933US State Department Issues Statement On Roger Waters’ Antisemitism: >https://www.outkick.com/us-s…[View]
429678535Kirby BTFO by Reporter: She must lurk on /chug/ … she sounds hot. She calls bullshit on Russia blowi…[View]
429679259Reversal of Fortune stories: Anyone here gone from poor to wealthy in a really short span of time?…[View]
429684366Do something: Why won't generation zoom zoom fight back and win this war for us? https://zerohe…[View]
429681655Why didn't they become a superpower by 2020?[View]
429686592Why don’t you have a high powered laser?[View]
429681441It's time to ban guns this in country. You fags devote countless hours towards complaining abou…[View]
429662974Calls For White Woman's Arrest Grow After The Fatal Shooting Of Her Black Neighbor On Doorstep:…[View]
429684338Why the Samurai refuses to have sex?[View]
429681907Zoomers wouldn't survive during the post 9/11 era: This was when patriotism was at its peak. Th…[View]
429684265aka armed roberers.: I hate stealers[View]
429681374Here is how I would improve race mixing[View]
429675614Happening: 7 shot at HS graduation in VA Likely niggers are to blame.[View]
429684440Having a phone-case shows the world you are a lower being. Every time I see a 'person' with a phone …[View]
429684227Now that the goyim know what's next?[View]
42967968025% of Dutch zoomers deny Holocaust compared to only 12% overall: More proof what degenerate leftist…[View]
429677947What kind of faggot that don't belong to /pol/ wants a dEnAzIfIcAtIoN of the world?[View]
429676249This is the former presidential candidate of Poland Magdalena Ogórek (Magdalene Cucumber).: This is …[View]
429684204>Capitalism is bad because people get rich and im just a poor jealous loser…[View]
429631564Why do faggots try to groom you gay and then gaslight you into thinking you were born gay?[View]
429667532Would the world be a better place if everyone had food?[View]
429683028What does /pol/ live for?: I’m a 45 year old fag. No kids, never married, no debt. I love my nephew …[View]
429666350ISRAEL IS FUCKED LMAO: Iran showed off their first hypersonic missile yesterday https://www.aljazee…[View]
429675262arrested for being christian: https://www.thelancasterpatriot.com/reading-man-arrested-for-quoting-b…[View]
429682112Tucker Carlson: The Conspiracy Theorist: ROFL, I can’t believe some anons actually believe this wing…[View]
429683883>erhm, yes, the thing at the dam... it was an act of sabotage, definitely not an accidental fuck-…[View]
429678688That Front Cortex: Pic Related Little anon has gymnastics today. She boon sits down w/ baby bat. Bat…[View]
429683037Jews fucking LOVE it when you're pagan. In fact, they're pagan too. They worship the Greek…[View]
429683753You're driving home from the abortion clinic, exercising your Right to Choose. Damn, gas prices…[View]
429683684My theory about Pajeets:: Ancient Persians created Hinduism in order to subvert South Asia with dege…[View]
429683562Is it based to jail people for defamation?[View]
429675480I’m a reform Jew try and convert me to Christianity: I’m a reform Jew/ liberal Jew. When it comes to…[View]
429681930Which political and economic system best represents pic related?[View]
429681668neets win: flawless victory https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12158741/Universal-income-benef…[View]
429675050Ai is your freind: Remember 86 months ago on March 23rd 2016 Microsoft made tay ai and /pol/ red pil…[View]
429681222inheritance should be banned.: it will unite the hard core communists with the hard core libertarian…[View]
429681099The chief rabbi of Ukraine blessed Zaluzhnyi for victory (peremoga) The Commander-in-Chief of the Ar…[View]
429673962We are so back: Tucker dropped new episode on Twitter >Ukraine blew up the dam! https://twitter…[View]
429682406Russians are in opposition to the Jewish controlled United States, which is a force of pure evil, at…[View]
429682640Trump is the best President of our times. >they really think they can fool us with glowies like …[View]
429681558When will the GOP nominate a pro-trans presidential candidate, the way it nominated a rainbow flag-w…[View]
429672022Signs of Ukraine's counteroffensive beginning SOON!!!: >US and western officials see signs t…[View]
429664805get scootpilled: >much faster than walking >don't have to ride (((public transit))) >n…[View]
429682796https://www.whio.com/news/national/7-people-shot/ZURG5YILGF35ALKR4WVBWJMUHQ/ 7 people shot after gra…[View]
429679365groomed antifa/communist commits another mass shooting: >be brainwashed marxist >wants to ban …[View]
429647264Rabbi gives a warning to Jews: There is a 2:20 second edit going around of this video. It was elided…[View]
429681297Our education system is broken.: >Week 1 assignment, Cite 3 key facts from the syllabus and expla…[View]
429679867Why did the Australians assist in the Vietnam War? What was their rationale in doing so?[View]
429682046Trump meets with Kane: Do we have a possible VP candidate here? https://twitter.com/GlennJacobsTN/st…[View]
429681389America has a big problem. https://www.kens5.com/article/news/community/first-grader-death/273-bf22…[View]
429682569it will come to you when you just fucking let go.: >>429679831 Why are you cunts so fascist? Y…[View]
429681428>'I promise my political views are normal and okay to talk about at family dinners'…[View]
429682399you can thank the future of twitter to me and yes, imma bout to become an elite and what you guys a…[View]
429682288For German Anons: How relevant are these guys in the discourse of German Politics today? Are brought…[View]
429678434Military whistleblower REVEALS US has RETRIEVED UFO'S WITH ALIEN BODIES: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
429666130You did this.[View]
429673403The government shilling really has skyrocketed in the last few years. They must be going into discor…[View]
429682055New statue of female nigger in Rotterdam, Netherlands: Get used to it whitey, this is the new presen…[View]
429671765Is half of Oregon really about to join Idaho?: Is this really what we've come to? Stealing othe…[View]
429675780TUCKERS BACK: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1666203439146172419?s=20[View]
429681399Federal reserve chair Jay Powell spotted at Dead and Company: So what is Jay Powell doing at Gratefu…[View]
429681551The Wehrmacht took Ukraine in 1 month: The Russian Army took like 5 miles in 1.5 years. Why are rus…[View]
429681352How did /pol/ transform from National Socialists obsessed with the Jewish question to 'MAGA Con…[View]
429678937Well congratulations, females are now officially useless.[View]
429680974'How much has it helped us talking?': How could it not help? Hearing about the horrors of the holoca…[View]
429677631Remember that time a jew in Kiev convinced the worlds richest and most developed nations to give him…[View]
429676390Why are fat men still mocked and held to a standard while fat women are coddled?[View]
429674923Zoomer Women Are Actually Braindead: If you think zoomer men are stupid the women of this generation…[View]
429681236Going to marry a woke castiza and have kids with her. We disagree on every topic and pol/stormfront …[View]
429681165White men are trained from infancy to defer to the authority of white women in every situation.[View]
429669063WTF IS GOING ON???!?!?!: Why the FUCK does no one seem to care that the government just revealed the…[View]
429660597Has anyone else noticed a trend of 'redpill' women becoming popular on social media? SUPPOSEDLY thes…[View]
429675331Why the FUCK are there numbers on my guns and knives???[View]
429680620Predictions for 2024: I have 'the gift,' I have called each election since Obama's first term (…[View]
429680857You know it's true. The one who's making you miserable is you.: If you don't believe …[View]
429680774The Russians set it up so they can easily retrieve their wounded, and often get them back in action …[View]
429627151*ends your great NATO-planned “counter”offensive*[View]
429648437Rocky is a degenerate symbol of the bitch ass white boy: I'm sick of this fucking shit. I just …[View]
429677821>can't go outside tomorrow because of air quality any other easterners being suffocated by c…[View]
429680563This is where South Korean soii raiders shitpost from.[View]
429680524How are the trannies coping that Bakhmut was taken? That the largest battle of the 21st century so f…[View]
429680512>women just do whatever makes their pussy wet at the moment Remind me again how exactly these who…[View]
429671199/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: Emergency Bake Edition: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/16662…[View]
429675550New York City installs free crack pipe dispensers: >New York City’s first “public health” vending…[View]
429672034Anons, i think i know what happens next. The War gets boosted up big time, in fact they boosted it …[View]
429675489/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10987: Previous:>>429669943 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429674167Tucker’s take on Zelensky: >sweaty >rat-like >oligarch >persecutor of Christians >fri…[View]
429666943If any other country did this, there would be violent widespread riots.[View]
429672048Does the WEST live under gynocracy?: Discuss. (Ill leave for Paris tomorrow so ban me, effeminate j…[View]
429674765what the fuck is going on? this is the new “you better stay inside”? where is king nigger eric adams…[View]
429676517Why are Jews like this?[View]
429670450move to the woods: why is this a meme i am trying to make ina woods a reality i bet you could afford…[View]
429676070Creationism: Is this Real Science or Pesudoscience? Is Creationism even possible?[View]
429676210Isn't Elon musk just a technocrat?: The guy wants to control everything with a bunch of tech ne…[View]
429674091I AM not FORGOTTEN: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1666203439146172419[View]
429679516Why are Russians such losers at war? Only nation in the world who lost against an Asian nation too[View]
429676089To any black people that are part of this community. I stand in solidarity with you![View]
429666098KILL ALL DRUGGIES: https://sogsite.com/2021/03/24/project-eldest-son/ In the Vietnam War the United …[View]
429677949Will America ever finally have a Jewish president someday?[View]
429675683How far are conservatives willing to go to prove that the left are the real racists?[View]
4296706031 million views in 30 minutes.[View]
429677935we need to return to this /pol/[View]
429670508I stopped watching or reading about the Russian-Ukraine war after 3 weeks: How are people still inve…[View]
429676560Could Islam save India?[View]
429662898Germany is now stealing white Christian womenz from Brazil: It’s over for Brazil, we just will rob e…[View]
429675167Gavin Newsom says Ron DeSantis is a 'small, pathetic man,' floats kidnapping charges for t…[View]
429654210America loves us Britain loves us Germany loves us Russia loves us China loves us EVERYONE loves us …[View]
429624328CANADA FIRES, CAN SMELL SMOKE: so last couple few days the sun has been super red from the thick smo…[View]
429640510Why do Aliens only exist in the USA??[View]
429665302Jamiroquai: How did he predict the virtual insanity?[View]
429672969Press S to spit: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2023/06/05/robert-hanssen-russian-spy-dead/…[View]
429676674The Year 2000 was the greatest year in human history. So much optimism, technological achievement an…[View]
429654420NOTICE what they're all NOT talking about: Currently one of the biggest things in the news is t…[View]
429678008JEWS ARE PEDOPHILES: Woody Allen is a pedophile[View]
429670319Elon Musk is retarded: Everyone knows that the most profitable use for NeuraLink is porn, using it t…[View]
429669939THREE GORGES DAM ON FIRE?: Uh. Bros?[View]
429672475/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9323: ▶Prev: >>429667454 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429673779Um, bosom bros..?[View]
429652003Biden’s pick for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs wants to prioritize diversity for promotions: >http…[View]
429678437leafs will eat ze bugs[View]
429670599You mysoginistic chuds never fail to make me laugh. You thought this was a great idea? Does it make …[View]
429675664Learn to co-ACK!!![View]
429676755Swing Voter Here! Convince Me!: Sup. I don’t follow politics. Like, at all. See, I am what you would…[View]
429634173What are your honest thoughts on Brutalism?[View]
429677877Minnesota Taxpayers to Subsidize Free College Tuition for Illegal Aliens: https://www.breitbart.com/…[View]
429666740Daily reminder that Russia blew up Nord Stream to destroy its own pipeline to make Ukraine and USA l…[View]
429674437>Prince Philip Wanted King Charles To Marry His Cousin Amanda Knatchbull, Not Princess Diana What…[View]
429671800This is what your transphobia has done. Transfolk are being hunted[View]
429674731Youthful hair!: I'm 30 and still have my hair. I feel 20 or even 16! Meanwhile zoomers are bald…[View]
429675861How to denounce the Talmud?[View]
429668250Canada's government is all a sham: It's completely chink controlled. To all you Pierre Pol…[View]
429676824>aliens exist >we have alien space craft >other nations have their own retrieval programs…[View]
429669962What Did the Niggers Take From You?: Bros, me and the lady bought tickets to a concert in Harrisburg…[View]
429631783Which one of you TRANSPHOBES said this to Elliot Page?: Just leave him the fuck alone. https://twitt…[View]
429677694Whent Joe Biden said that “white supremacy” is “the most dangerous terrorist threat” to America, he …[View]
429675278Um… Trannybros?: D-did we get too cocky? >The head of a facility that carries out so-called “gend…[View]
429677201Noggles: They're called Noggles[View]
429677564He's getting fat: lol[View]
429677561Recent image from Kherson Oblast: Say something nice about it, anons.[View]
429676703Why do environmentalists destroy the environment to convince me that I'm destroying the environ…[View]
429676603>had sex with big Italian cock Nothing personal chud[View]
429646379This device will soon replace the smartphone and the computer. This is the future of media consumpti…[View]
429671257St. Pope Pius XII CONDEMNED nazism and said worshipping your own race is heresy. Repent /pol/tards.[View]
429666761this is how the 1% live and they have no high value skills kek[View]
429676413Who cares?: Why does anyone care who blew up the dam?[View]
429675821Why is it anti semitic to notice things those days?[View]
429676811Can you feel it anons? It's a white boy summer.[View]
429619002>Be Pajeet >Take a shit on a train track >Cause train derailment, killing 400…[View]
429675138Looking for a meme photo of some skinny white kid with a swatstika tattoo on his shoulder.: Help me …[View]
429675607I don't get it[View]
429668956Alien Invasion: What the hell is going now with more people from the government and military. Are th…[View]
429676058Is humanity doomed to post-truth and to be exposed to 50 psyops per second until the sun blows up, t…[View]
429671027FUCKED AROUND: FINDING OUT Pootin’s criminal invasion is the most clueless decision, worst strategic…[View]
429675022Lets be honest here, we wont see another Hitler, at least not in our lifetime: I can not for the lov…[View]
429675706a video of zelensky doing cocain and sex parties is about to be leaked.[View]
429663543Can you guys stop larping as Christians? It's really weird as someone who was actually raised C…[View]
429676879Ass Ticklers Faggot Fan Club: Listen to this one then; you open a company called the Arse Tickler…[View]
429650209This guy turned out to batshit insane. I fell for his Died Suddenly documentary but posts like this …[View]
429664302How do you explain this?: Japan has the highest rates of iOS usage while India has the highest rates…[View]
429674438So now that dust has settled: are we finally allowed to talk about bidens administration being 99,99…[View]
429671910Your thoughts on political journalist Nada Bashir?[View]
429674952Aus Pol / who dun it?: Cyber attack on infrastructure today lads, cross city tunnel has been hit wit…[View]
429656485Are men entitled to sex?: We fight wars. We build society. We maintain order. We are inventors. Eve…[View]
429671913Why are leftists so pro-pedo?[View]
429672768Chinese and Concrete: Do they really have no concept of how concrete works? They just mold pour the …[View]
429675580The future potential AI and VR/AR products like Apple Vision Pro will democratise and supersede all …[View]
429674548>put green beans in microwave >immediately start shooting small sparks Wtf are they putting in…[View]
429675726>Corporation does pride month virtue signal >Makes the right wing mad >Retracts it becaus…[View]
429675131>calls Zelensky rat like >calls him a comedian turned oligarch >calls him a persecutor of …[View]
429671720now that the dust has settled: based or cringe?[View]
429675141Why is nu pol like this[View]
429673554USA will take over Greenland soon: https://youtu.be/VHOpO0IydBY Are the Greenlandics idiots? The mom…[View]
429669943/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10986: Previous:>>429663402 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429675132Why does the standard pride flag have only 6 colors?: Rainbows are traditionally regarded as having …[View]
429670828Proof Kiev blew up the dam: 1. Ukraine hit it with Himars back in December (pic related). 2. Water t…[View]
429661516Why would Russia flood their own troops and trenches by blowing up the dam?[View]
429671864One generation of Godlessness: And this is why we get. Must be a coincidence right? Lol enjoy your d…[View]
429673370Why did Fox News put Muslims on a PRIDE post?[View]
429673669As a US citizen I want to say that arming Ukraine is the single best use case of tax payer money for…[View]
429664332Cops arresting cops: https://youtu.be/5OThTzZpXQQ Any police officer anons here? Are these departmen…[View]
429667382Seattle hires pedo to key city position: Should repeat sex offenders be allowed to be on city counci…[View]
429674174Boston bombing false flag: the boston bombing was a false flag aimed to cause hatred against muslims…[View]
429672746>women love chads explain pic-related to me. This guy is super ugly black pill theory is fake an…[View]
429673271MGTOW Thread[View]
429671911'Zelensky is a GREASY RAT': What exactly did Tucker mean by this?[View]
429674410At least we have the 1st Amendment… ACK!: >Dallas, Texas city council will fire you for pointing …[View]
429674058I feel sorry for abos. The “educated” mixed race ones pretend to be helping them but are just using …[View]
429669823Owari-da. Bluebeam is now on the coveyer belt for next seasons news cycle.: JUNE 5,2023: https://the…[View]
429673810NEED Help: I am NEET who built its own SaaS in his twenties. I still think programming is not bad bu…[View]
429673964When will Conservatives start making their own maps and lists?[View]
429635452What's up with all this hate towards Russia here in /Pol/ ? Like they are the only country who…[View]
429668895Animal preservation: What is a political solution to animal preservation? We have lost more than 1% …[View]
429668261TUCK DROPPED EPISODE 1: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1666203439146172419[View]
429663427Brit/pol/ - Tsunami Edition: >Prince Harry surrounded by 'web of unlawful activity', co…[View]
429673161Why are there no continental drift deniers like there are flat earthers? I mean the theory of contin…[View]
429666127Proof Ukraine blew up the dam: 1.They hit it with Himars back in December. (pic relates) 2. Water to…[View]
429673010huh... why would they arrest them and then keep the masks on????[View]
429667045https://nypost.com/2023/06/06/chemical-found-in-splenda-damages-dna-genotoxic-discovery/ corn syrup,…[View]
429663061She's an inspiration to millions.[View]
429670100Chris Christie rolls into the fray >Announcement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wKpATDerZ0 …[View]
429673689Young men need to become niggers to the system.: The majority of young men are finding it impossible…[View]
429652770WTF?! Is Taylor Swift a socialist?: Since when has Taylor been a Hasanabi-head?[View]
429673514teacher Krysta Grimes was planned on Snapchat: As a joke one day, he testified that he added the sub…[View]
429673893Woody Allen raped his adoptive daughter at age 7: jews are pedophiles[View]
429671471>Singapore >Conservative country >Strict rule of law >Low crime rates >Rich and de…[View]
429667523ILLEGAL ALIEN VERMIN GIVEN FREE COLLEGE TUITITION: Minnesota taxpayers get the priviledge of seeing …[View]
429669024Call Your Congressman!: And tell them to silence Palestine! I have never seen a politician in real l…[View]
429673650Why are Jews always pedophiles?[View]
429670536Happening: So It Begins…: The slippery slope slide has sloped once again. Welcome to the next chapte…[View]
429672139Has anyone ever noticed How they say 2 percent of the population: The same number that died in the h…[View]
429670902actual arguments instead of hate speech: You guys want an actually effective argument against gender…[View]
429673130Happeningfags are wrong 99% of the time: So you may have seen that image being reposted around sugge…[View]
429673541I had covid and barely felt it, I have worse symptoms from common cold: >mfw my genome was marked…[View]
429667376Has there been any trans indoctrination in videogames prior to the new HP game?[View]
429663284>Life in prison >3 servings of GOYSLOP a day >1 hour of outdoor time in a open air concrete…[View]
429672357What's the probability Wagner is actually indirectly controlled by the Russian government and/o…[View]
429667684russia made a decree on the 30th forbidding the investigation of the incident in Kakhovskaya HPP: Pr…[View]
429672551Any major political events happening today?: Rhode island schizo here. There's a thick haze out…[View]
429662091TAIKA WATITI IS SICK OF RACISM: >Waititi emphasized the need to be “decolonizing the screen” and …[View]
42966030520-year-old French woman is speaking up about her experience with foreign men sexually harassing her…[View]
429667943is this actually true? https://twitter.com/AlexanderMcCoy4/status/1666196755321434113[View]
429672348IN THIS THREAD WE DISCUSS ALL THE THINGS THEY ARE SLIDING: 1: >Biden mysteriously shows up to USV…[View]
429665610Vote for Trump.[View]
429672112What the fuck happened to catboykami?[View]
429673144Canada Fires: How much of those dioxins from East Palestine Ohio that migrated Northeast into Canada…[View]
429663621What was life like in Nazi Germany?: I admire the ideals of National Socialism. What did it look lik…[View]
429663325DAM PHOTO FROM MAY TO JUNE: What does this mean? https://nitter.1d4.us/evanhill/status/1665933276647…[View]
429671717Activate the glow-net: I posted a few weeks ago about a random Russian guy approaching me at a store…[View]
429672922Silenced: What are the political implications of Tommy Robinson's movie 'Silenced' being leaked…[View]
429670692Men can become pregnant: Acknowledge their existence bigots. https://twitter.com/MySMFM/status/16661…[View]
429666090Why does America give a fuck about Russian wars?: Did Russia help Iraq when America invade Iraq? Did…[View]
429628025Did you ever encounter any Ukrainian waifugee QTs in your country?[View]
429672770farms r being banned bc of climate change y do politicians always do the dumbest thing imaginable is…[View]
429657124ALL 12 YEAR OLDS NEED TO KNOW HOW TO RIDE A DILDO!: Enough is enough, we have progressed past the 19…[View]
429672719>Ron De Santis If this is the best option republicans can come up with, you will never see any r…[View]
429672667How much was he paid to this? CIA, RNC, or DEA?: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/libertarian-pa…[View]
429653153Why do fascists say communism doesn't work even though the fascists lost to communists?[View]
429651894I can't stop watching this https://youtu.be/aNl2tRa4gM8 The humility of God is and always will …[View]
429665419DeSantis has lost the conservative boomer vote!: I was at a rural Florida bar last weekend. This was…[View]
429659640I'm quitting the herbal jew. Muh weed has been nothing but a waste of my time and money. Quit t…[View]
429670524Torba has been noticeably based lately ngl[View]
429661857Why does the left wing make fun of Italians so much?: It’s weird, they’re against making fun of ever…[View]
429664475Do not think of harmless femboys when you think of gays.: Here, I will write redpilled political his…[View]
429669729Why can't my brain take a thought seriously unless I'm peer pressured into it? When I was …[View]
429669842christspam destroyed /xpol/ >inb4 le banned[View]
429619562Average house in Canada is $716k: Canadian bros, I hope you already bought a house because it’s look…[View]
429670275Will Russia blow up the Kerch bridge as a false flag again and blame it on Ukraine?[View]
429652965This was posted on a leftist forum, men are waking up[View]
429662857/Pol Required Reading: Hello frens I wish to expand my intellectual horizon and engage in some liter…[View]
429671937Ladies and gentlemen, there is only ONE path to our future. We must unite, just this once, with the …[View]
42966303350 birds just flew over my house: Never seen this many move at once. Leaving pendleton going somewhe…[View]
429671308why did russia blow up nordstream?[View]
429666319We need callsigns and covert words that can be used in order to distinguish human content from AI ge…[View]
429671260>No unemployment, the government will instantly give you a job >The government will instantly …[View]
429667454/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9322: ▶Prev: >>429663321 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429650231What are the political implications of Coca-Cola's new attached bottle caps?[View]
429671048Indian students who fraudulently got visas protesting to stay after they got caught: I hate this cou…[View]
429664891A (SUSPECTED) SERIAL KILLER AROUND PORTLAND: https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-serial-killer-fears-a…[View]
429667527CHUDS ON THE LOOSE: https://archive.is/4nTDR Two melbourne men gave the Nazi salute while wearing sh…[View]
429649253Redpill me on the firmament: Is it a physical barrier or a dimensional barrier? Is space, as in plan…[View]
429667015Why do white men abandon their children?[View]
429671072>Let me tell you why slurping BBC is healthy for you![View]
429670707great job greece[View]
429666355politically speaking: as a rich man, what is wrong with having a harem serious answers only[View]
429668484Why does /pol/ ignore the extent to which small-town America has gotten hit by drugs? When I visit m…[View]
429650705Everyone should have clean water and food and a safe place to live[View]
429671176/sig/ SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL - Advancement, Enlightenment on all levels of Being: We are You You a…[View]
429670118Why did she turn Germany in to a giant refugee dump?[View]
429671115England 1901: Why is every woman wearing a hijab? https://twitter.com/GoldingBF/status/1665293950817…[View]
429636237Islam is not retarded, browns made it so: All the meme criticisms of Islam that get thrown around he…[View]
429670166A CALL OF PEACEFUL RESISTANCE. JULY 2ND - JULY 4TH. WASHINGTON, D.C. - FBI HQ: From July 2nd thru Ju…[View]
429661066Why were Italians not welcomed when they immigrated to the USA?[View]
429671069The boomer worldview: cannot make sense of this. These people are logically responding to Jewish the…[View]
429645910Male hypocrisy: >men idealize self-determination and independence >women all over the world a…[View]
429670091Pol lied to me.: You guys keep saying the US will be flooded with illegals. But reports say illegal …[View]
429670738Now that 6-6-23 is over: Do we know what, if anything, the globo did to take advantage of it?[View]
429670732We Norwegians are bacccck in the British Isles. Time you return our RIGHTFUL NORWEGIAN LANDS BACK TO…[View]
429658940Once you realize Satan is trans, it all makes sense.[View]
429666283Is it hypocritical for conservatives yo be swingers?[View]
429667198SERBS VS KFOR: Take the slavpill > Imagine the strength to pull for Kosovo. Link: https://youtu.b…[View]
429663729mrna vaccines: they don't alter dna....[View]
429669838Canadian Teacher tells off Muslim Kids for skipping school during Pride school events: Here is the l…[View]
429663080What the fuck did we do to you people?: Seriously we're just trying to live our lives and you d…[View]
429653890Wow: Literally nothing has changed since the ‘70s.[View]
429660501Oh no no nooooo. Jack Teixeira just shit on ZOG.[View]
429670108Are pedophiles the key to white survival?: I wonder if white nationalists could gain more support if…[View]
429662887So many hot sluts here: Every second bitch here looks like a supermodel. I'm super blueballed. …[View]
429670097GOP finally Turning on White Replacement?: >The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda pus…[View]
429666703What are some good arguments when debating people who say colonialism brought more harm than good to…[View]
4296406884chan makes national #pride flags: Part 2 Continued from >>429602721[View]
429663402/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10985: Previous:>>429658064 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429656257It’s time for a normal president.[View]
429657811I am here in the name of Jews. I would like to rectify some of the misunderstanding goyim have of ou…[View]
429666416Russia is finished: Just give up it’s over[View]
429659027new george floyd just dropped https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtIopG-MlbC/?igshid=MmJiY2I4NDBkZg==…[View]
429665616So guys...How do you know when the government is watching you: I'm not a schizo so you'll …[View]
429669079Thanks Superpower 2028: Where should the loo go on these submarines? ----- Germany and India are cl…[View]
429664102Trump now officially partners with 9/11 hijacker financiers. Congrats trump. Sucking up to Saudi Ara…[View]
429664134Is a freeze on all immigration realistic?: I don’t think it’s unreasonable to support a zero immigra…[View]
429669444LITTLE MERMAID IS A FLOP: HOL UP shills said /pol/ was wrong and this was a hit?!?? Oh no merboons w…[View]
429633654We need a new slur for people that wear these: I'll start: >Gogglehead >Screenface >Br…[View]
429665790Why are wh*te people like this?[View]
429666481why are there so many reditors here every second poster and thread is about loving globohomo, islam …[View]
429664712>FBI implies the Bidens will kill an informant What are the political implications of the FBI fai…[View]
429667683JUNE 23 THE NEXT BIG HAPPENING: 6/2x3/2x3= 666 Prepare for other big happenings today on june 6 the …[View]
429668067Still funny. Kek[View]
429641006America is turning into Japan. But not in the way you want.: https://nypost.com/2023/06/05/us-men-fa…[View]
429637616IS RFK GOING TO BEAT BIDEN???[View]
429665264Reddit laughing at us: I don't feel good bros[View]
429668174joe biden sold america to china: joe biden alredy sold out america to china. ((they ))are just tryin…[View]
429653812Why are boys and men turning inwards and forgoing participating in society?[View]
429664020Has your country banned trannies yet?[View]
429654425Reject race mixing: As a White man you should go for poor White women if you are gonna go for low ha…[View]
429668545I do hereby command all persons engaged in said insurrection to disperse[View]
429668611>Republicans? Democrats? I just want to riot for Pete's sake! based centrist…[View]
429656080The IRA murdered a war hero and member of the Royal Family[View]
429668550how tf are countries pure shitholes? We all evolved from one oldfag and look at India or Russia! …[View]
429664997Sex is a part of nature. It's not much more to be thought about than a rock, or a plant. It…[View]
429662574Museum in The Netherlands punished by Egypt: The museum linked US rappers to ancient egyptians, they…[View]
429666073>be me >28, healthy, fairly fit >good at a couple hobbies, want to pursue them >decent j…[View]
429661454Social credit score has arrived: Your vax ID's are here, get ready for social credit score nigg…[View]
429659704Why don't Koreans just have lots of babymaking sex to fix their birthrate?[View]
429667267inslave philapinos genocide them: if you work with and sea monkeys quit your job these brainless mon…[View]
429667497Moonman TTS: How are Moonman songs created? I found one article on the interwebs that said it was po…[View]
429661867What are the political implications of letting people play literally hitler to let them oppress a bu…[View]
429667654Fag Debate: Is there a comprehensive list of arguments (with sources if possible) against the homo a…[View]
429665303Why are people like this?[View]
429665080'Might makes right!': >/pol/ gets mad when a stronger group of people beats them Can you guys not…[View]
429667204>>429663509 Survival for the sake of survival is a basic, animalistic instinct. To the Man, li…[View]
429664516Home Depot Refusing to Hire Whites: Home Depot hires exclusively minorities, excluding White men unl…[View]
429662545Why do they do this?: >Windows adds UNREMOVABLE FAG FLAG It’s over. Thanks Saturn Nutella! Indian…[View]
429667155The EV Push is an Eco-Washing WEF Psyop: >America is the biggest offender when it comes to Carbon…[View]
429612939Webms that should be spread around everywhere: I'll start[View]
429663321/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9321: ▶Prev: >>429658577 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429661016What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
429666955Almost every doctor, dentist, technician and lawyer in my city is either turkish,syrian or iranian. …[View]
429655227Is caspianreport based on reality? If not, can you suggest a better video channel about geopolitics?[View]
429651595You wouldn't be so hateful and intolerant if you were physically active.[View]
429666452bros juba the sniper moved to russia![View]
429659301Everything is getting BLACKED: Your Fantasy? It's BLACKED now. Your Science Fiction? BLACKED! Y…[View]
429665366What happens here and why are Californians so afraid of it?[View]
429666636woody allen wtf?: can we redpill zoomers on Woody Allen ??[View]
429664981The Master Race: Is this guy the Master Race? https://youtu.be/Nix9rXsqKXU?t=70 He's so masterf…[View]
429666656Whats his endgoal?: Ever since November when they lost all that territory the war has been stagnant …[View]
429660125Jews scare tf out of me: i saw a random tweet about how evolution is real and Bible should admit it.…[View]
42966555824/7 Coverage vs 0 Coverage: Darrel Brooks vs Robert Bowers[View]
429663886>walmart currently has FAG PRIDE shit in their front sections of their stores and nobody notices/…[View]
429644853Worlds Smartest Man Ever: >300+ IQ >Could speak 40+ languages >Was accepted to Harvard at a…[View]
429665638Why Putin doesnt establish Bitcoin as the new trade currency?: It is obviously the US exchange commi…[View]
429660436DC Plane Crash General #5: Previous thread >>429492584 Shriners Edition >plane is registere…[View]
429665130Morris Pearl, former blackrock executive: Vox did a video proposing tax increases and references thi…[View]
429662676>300+ IQ >Could speak 40+ languages >Was accepted to Harvard at age 8, youngest student eve…[View]
429656672>>429612514 >niggers trespass >niggers get told to fuck off and stupidly leave their shi…[View]
429666289BREAKING!!!! David Grusch releases sketch of what is believed to be alien body: “The alien has a swe…[View]
429650139BIack people deserve respect.[View]
429661622Wrex VS US football: Do these women finally realize they cant compete?[View]
429665925How convenient: When christianity was just for jews, believers were allowed to become immensely rich…[View]
429662755Co-worker just reported me to HR, because I shared a funny video with to them.: I thought that was b…[View]
429658632I voted for Trump twice, and EITHER of these guys are fine with me. I'm sick of Trump to be com…[View]
429663824Anons, don't fall for Ron DeSantis' corporate culture war psyop.[View]
429665034Are high schools just as bad as colleges when it comes to leftist brainwashing nowadays?: How much a…[View]
429665675How to stop police extortion?: One big problem in modern society is that security forces and governm…[View]
429662584Miscegenation capeshit: Anyone notice there's not a single white cast member in this hollywoods…[View]
429665605>use public transportation in Montgomery County, MD >literal neon letters virtue signaling pri…[View]
429621042WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS??????: Journos infiltrated 4chan's moderation!!!!!! WHY HAVE T…[View]
429659551Why would Russia shoot itself on the foot like this?[View]
429665001message to all EUropeans: Schwiz greetings[View]
429663897ESG is actually genius if you think about it: Imagine this: >Use the largest hedge funds on the p…[View]
429664635It is time we Christians reclaim the rainbow: The rainbow symbolizes God's promise to never des…[View]
429638600History is just a giant IQ test for the population.[View]
429664613https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19085605/ >Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fa…[View]
429662639The black and brown stripes on this flag look like shit smears. I can’t help but thinking that its a…[View]
429664348Are the dark ages and medieval or Middle Ages different ages?: >Dark ages are the hundreds of yea…[View]
429664983Tech Faggot Jobs: > have faggot wfh tech job > spend all day having to talk to women and femin…[View]
429661545Emergency meeting in the UN gray council[View]
429642546How do we combat the disturbing new online trend of making women look stupid? https://twitter.com/n…[View]
429663667Is online education a meme, or does it actually work? Or is it better to attend actual classes on an…[View]
429659457TRUMP SAYS THE DEMS ARE 'FASCISTS'!: That true /pol/?! >It’s all about ELECTION INTERFE…[View]
429664526WHY ALL WOMEN DESERVE DEATH:: Every girl does this. The Bible warned us thousands of years ago that…[View]
42966365179 years ago today: This D-Day, what is /pol/ doing to honor the sacrifices the Greatest Generation …[View]
429660095Berlin has announced it will soon begin construction on a social housing project in the heart of the…[View]
429658145Is eating cockroaches based?: Just found out China has farms where they breed cockroaches by the mil…[View]
429663176'Heh, having a daughter means you're a cu-ACK!': Not valuing women leads to problems.[View]
429659617The Russians are unstoppable![View]
4296539515'7'': meatball. talks like a fag.[View]
429660748How can society solve the coomer problem?[View]
429646731Why would the Jews try to hide the existence of the cornucopia?[View]
429660508German teenager from a Berlin football club, Paul P., who was beaten into a coma by a Moroccan playe…[View]
429638132Are ''they'' trying to normalize pedophilia through today's media?: Look at…[View]
429657998> OPINION: >How far will California go to enforce unfair and discriminatory racial and gender …[View]
429663688aus/pol: robostud: Sorry incels Robochad is cooming to fill up all the barren femcel wombs. Don…[View]
429663757Redpill me on chemtrails: Are they real or just some boomer conspiracy? https://www.tiktok.com/@stev…[View]
429657249I'm on Team Globohomo: And you should be too. All humans in the world are mixed race to a degre…[View]
429664122POLICY OVER PARTY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlKmWa8p4UM[View]
429658538The Jewyest Jews who ever Jewed are Jewing Israel.: If 10% of Israelis live the way the ultra-Orthod…[View]
429663740Daily reminder that you are all fucking retarded.[View]
429663837Dear Sub-Human Filth, I'm appealing to all of you stupid idiots to vote Democrat in 2024. That…[View]
429660780Remember when /pol/ said EU would collapse due to Russian gas?: Why didn't it happen? And pleas…[View]
429660474go ahead...[View]
429664001Trump exposed as lying racist who achieved nothing[View]
429660149Why Russia hasnt killed Zelensky yet?: It sounds like a no brainer that if you are going to war with…[View]
429648321Oh no Muslim bros they’re now coming for your prophet too[View]
429662924imagine simply capitulating[View]
429663622It's over, chuds.[View]
429649321brit/pol/ - no brollys allowed in the ethnostate: >Prince Harry surrounded by 'web of unlawf…[View]
429660691It sickens me that some of the people on this board are anti semitic[View]
429650823DO NOT FALL FOR NEET PROPAGANDA: There are shills that push the NEET agenda to persuade gullible you…[View]
429663737Norway is passing a law that will label hormone treatment of trans kids as an 'experimental tre…[View]
429661176Republicans BTFO[View]
429659625WHO Treaty requires 5% of each country's health budget + an unspecified percentage of GDP.: Som…[View]
429656883'Womyn... hmm. have... hmm.. a Vagina.': >Americans go: WOOOHOOOO!!! *clap clap clap*…[View]
429659924>you put your right foot in, you put your right hand out >*bang bang* >oops I get a pension…[View]
429636590HAPPENING: U.S. has intelligence Russia destroyed the DAM, B-2 bombers are currently taking off from…[View]
429658437IT'S HAPPENING!: Murdoch Murdoch was right all along. The leafs got their free weed.[View]
429661218Holy Chit!!!!! Ballchinians Are Real!!!!!: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/2-teens-met-in-1950s-lost-to…[View]
429658581So is Temu legit? Or just another chinese spy scheme?[View]
429658064/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10984: Previous:>>429653566 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429661446KRISPY CREAM IS RUNNING AGAIN: Is this gonna be a repeat of the meme year 2016? https://edition.cnn.…[View]
429663299A True American Hero: With DeSantis now officially running and with Trump weaker than ever on every …[View]
429657681Let's leave NATO: Why do we have to be enemies with Europe's enemies?[View]
429654255Am I Glownigger?[View]
429655338>the biggest anti-trans voice in media right now is Jewish How does /pol/ square this?…[View]
429657544Lets face it.: George Floyd blew up dam. This is his revenge for racism in Putin Russia. What polit…[View]
429662939Julian tried to save western civilization from christcuckery. Although he failed, he must be remembe…[View]
429640717/pol/ humor thread[View]
429662686Fake and ineffective christianity allowed this to happen. Grace by faith not of works is a doctrine …[View]
429658577/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9320: ▶Prev: >>429653867 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429658654Apologize Russians, apologize[View]
429662538Christians have drag Queen pastors now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=suUBGNJZ8w0[View]
429662357Majority of Americans say 80 year olds should be banned from the Presidency: Do you agree with that …[View]
429661151why are there so many reditors here every second poster and thread is about loving globohomo and nig…[View]
429657641Target boycott is over: As usual the republicans staying power is non-existent. In the last week Tar…[View]
429662376White males have some very good news: They are actually trying to destroy the value of asian males n…[View]
429650191MUSLIM VS TRANNY WAR MUSLIM VS TRANNY WAR: https://twitter.com/therealhebrahim/status/16660469929113…[View]
429658746Right wingers are obese subhuman losers.[View]
429661544Realistically, how do we fix them, culturally? There has to be some kind of way to improve them as a…[View]
429649597Why doesn't Poland and Russia join forces against Globohomo?: Globohomo wants the Slavic people…[View]
429655030The Kii.: What does /pol/ think about speculative evolution? No Flat Earthers or Young Earth Creatio…[View]
429658803Never support weakness, homosexuality, or Russia[View]
429658768(Pardon for being autist) Why do lots of gimmick twitter accounts post memes from here lately? are t…[View]
429648749Diablo 4 is the worst nigger-infested trash I've ever played, every character is a nigger and t…[View]
429641406Why do you hate homosexuality?[View]
429655580Thoughts on Meloni?[View]
429657194Yep, that's a Democrat.[View]
429631199HAPPENING - HOHOL COUNTER OFFENSIVE BTFO: Official numbers >in 3 days Ukraine has lost >3715 …[View]
429647491“Gender and Sex are the same thin-ACK!”: >Tomboy: A girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities tradi…[View]
429659860LOL LMAO EVEN[View]
429653054Putin or Navalny?: Why is Russian politics such a hell?[View]
429655398>I ain't drinking that Bud Light tranny liquid. Give me that Coors Light Cuckservatives can…[View]
429654379But without cops who will arrest the 'homophobes'? Lol![View]
429660850Their goal is to have a class of indebted slaves: They want slaves. Literal slaves like in the sovie…[View]
429655973Joe Biden placement in Epstein's close circle of thieves and rapists proven and confirmed: Joe …[View]
429659958I started to adore America, its culture, virtues and people when I was a little kid, it's alway…[View]
429658807Orthodox christians are the OG edgelords: >both eastern and oriental orthodox christians practice…[View]
429659119Remember to not become a monster[View]
429656662I applied for 300 jobs so far this year and only got 3 interviews. I thought we had a labor shortage…[View]
429660703These countries have a King and it's people have sworn an oath to serve him forever[View]
429644365Fattah hypersonic Iranian missile test[View]
429657870Your opinion: What do you think about?[View]
429655990>children aged 0-6 https://twitter.com/MorayCouncil/status/1665661825193525248…[View]
429630958Russia lost already: Last year, long before even the battle of soledar took place, I made a thread d…[View]
429660442European Survey: To My Esteemed Ancestors in Europe: 1. I am ready to hoist Zelensky and kick the sh…[View]
429657782>Imagine the Pentagon releasing and posting video and pictures of an apache helicopter blowing up…[View]
429655263Texas & California Seek Charges DeSantis: >SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS >The Bexar County Sheriff’s …[View]
429659936So far I have not disagreed with a thing this man has said. To be bad the entire government is a sha…[View]
429657232I hate the West.[View]
429659171I'm going to clap the cheeks of every vaxxer and glowie in these United States and I'd be …[View]
429638973Who is actually winning Ukraine or Russia?: Hey /pol/ my father keeps yelling at me Ukraine is winni…[View]
429651496Who was the best leader in the history of mankind?[View]
429659980holy shit, Greece is doing great[View]
429658867What's your favorite 'white people food'?[View]
429658039NORWAY BANS TRANNIES >https://www.sott.net/article/480555-Norway-bans-child-sex-changes-joins-Fin…[View]
429650900how do we stop the demasculanisation of men? gymcels today are narrower and have smaller bone struct…[View]
429659827Happy Mike Chitwood Day!: https://news.yahoo.com/sheriff-mike-chitwood-receives-proclamation-1455260…[View]
429622878Gypsies: The only thing I know about the 'Romani' people is that they like to fight bare-knuckle and…[View]
429659764What makes a man become this?: >Spends all of his money on virtual whores >Sad that he's …[View]
429658199CRUMBLING DOWN: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12165817/The-owner-San-Franciscos-two-large…[View]
429657515global warming or whatever its being called now: what are the political implication of weather being…[View]
429651923Ok, so now when the dust have settled: Was COVID a Big Pharma conspiracy or not?[View]
429659434Everything changed in 1999.: With every passing day, the world becomes more Jewish. There was only s…[View]
429659190Movies are gay: What are the political implications of Hollywood being run by gay Jewish rapists?…[View]
42965932424/7 News Coverage vs 0 News Coverage[View]
429656741What is wrong with Americans? Why are Americans so lazy?[View]
429604281Bud Light: Which one of you did it?[View]
429658421Reminder that you aren't right wing if you don't >Support catholics during reformation …[View]
429654857The real question is, who blew the Kakhovka dam ? Was it ? >A Russia > B Ukraine >C USA a…[View]
429654912UFO disclosure in 2 weeks: >Why wont you amerimutts release the info???? >just release it goy!…[View]
429657583the russians are very scheming, they retroactively warned the UN of what they were going to do in 20…[View]
429650899200,000 cows to be culled in Ireland --- YOU WILL EAT BUGS: AND BE HAPPY[View]
429646009bald and bankrupt goes off on wokeness[View]
429653551>therapy >endlessly rehashing old shit and retraumatizing yourself so the 'therapist' can cont…[View]
429658825Expulsion of the Jews of America: How can we eject the synagogue of Satan back to their homeland Shi…[View]
429634776This is fucking crazy: The FBI is hiding evidence because they are afraid a whistleblower will be KI…[View]
429657687New proposal to save lives: After discovering black people ignore the low battery chirps on smoke de…[View]
429656586Boring Internet Theory: Has the internet itself become boring as a result of being consolidated to a…[View]
429657789Eurobros when is your country going to invent shit again?: Largest companies in the EU by market cap…[View]
429651969Female Shithole: What is the smell of a female asshole at the end of the day before taking a shower …[View]
429589652Neder /pol/der general: [CENSORED] of the Netherlands: >Another day, another escalation - Beer on…[View]
429655469Why everything has to be about butt sex and boundless hedonism?[View]
429658910Paki deathnic Al-Frankfurtani: Islam is so retarded. can't believe I wasted decades on this use…[View]
429655137Any doctors on /pol/?: Has practicing medicine affected your political outlook in any way?[View]
429658084Opinion on the MAGA CHUD movement?[View]
429655370Is cutting grass a Jewish conspiracy? If you let grass grow to seed, it will seed more grass and you…[View]
429651888Why do you hate black people /pol/?[View]
429657446Thanks for the seizure you stupid fucks. This fucking led bulb lasted one month. ONE MONTH![View]
429658068DAM PHOTO MAY TO JUNE: what do you notice?[View]
429641908Why does nobody stop the porn industry?: Pornography is a poison to the mind and soul. The industry …[View]
429655378Poor tyrone get sexually harrassed by white women,: Poor man, https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019…[View]
429656936>oh yeah you can totally just let women be free >they will be productive equal humans like you…[View]
429655098>russia bombed nordstream (ukraine did) >russia bombed poland (ukraine did) >russia bombed …[View]
429656082APOLOGIZE: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/07/us/politics/nord-stream-pipeline-sabotage-ukraine.html…[View]
429658184Ashkenazic fuckery: Post compelling photographic, pictographic and videographic imagery demonstratin…[View]
429657244oldfags remember the past?: NOT AFFECTED BY: >Leftism >Trannies, >Glowniggers, >Sjws, Co…[View]
429653427What are the political implications of top shelf white womanz all living in rural appilachia: I’ve s…[View]
429655138This is what the retarded American soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy died for[View]
429657437>did you go to Nautlius for middle school?[View]
429650627David Wilcock, Qanon, Trump, Anti-Gravity, Space Force, Alien Disclosure, Galactic Federation: &…[View]
429653867/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9319: ▶Prev: >>429648219 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429648988wtf is wrong with science: post the most ridiculous 'study says' picture that you have[View]
429653566/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10983: Previous:>>429649735 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429653020How does this make you feel?[View]
429657723'Omg guise, y u so hatefilled?': What a shitfoot faggot. Kek. Fuck you, Arseholetechniques.cumshot. …[View]
429647962Thoughts on white women?[View]
429649018Subtext 101: >America is too divided right now to take the guns >elect me and I’ll heal this d…[View]
429655878RWANDAN SCAMMING: > Hey there, bongland! I've noticed that you've been having a bit of …[View]
429654537normies are never exposed to conspiracy theories: that is one problem[View]
429657528Civil War of America: Happening. Maga donnor killed by F-16[View]
429652265This message is the single most important one to be spreading on the internet as far and as frequent…[View]
429656059How convenient: When christianity was just for jews, believers were allowed to become immensely rich…[View]
429657371Manifesto Thread: im looking for any and all manifestos. i always hear about how every mass shooter/…[View]
429656975Trump will win the GOP primary and lose to Biden in the general just like in 2020.: Even in the wors…[View]
429656498>Federal Judge rules Tennessee drag ban is unconstitutional Should the U.S. Constitution be perma…[View]
429655832Ding-a-ling-ling-ling-ling-ling-ling-ling! Boo-ba-doo-ba-doop! Boo-ba-doo-ba-doop! Ring ring ring ri…[View]
429653564Here is your AI art bro: George Floyd Can't breathe....here is the result[View]
429656921What's wrong with hating America? ''''We'''' (I didn't choose to be born here) are fucking…[View]
429657179the irrefutable evidence that hohols blew up the dam[View]
429655348How can white people be so stupid?: Lmao bye bye white men Hahahahhaha. Imagine getting tricked into…[View]
429628001Goodmorning: Aryans were indian. There is no 'proto indo european' language. All so called IE langua…[View]
429654913They actually trying to destroy the value of asian males not whites. The fact that white male can st…[View]
429653616>'Burn it down. All of it.'[View]
429653742Well after India/China over the Himalayas, Ethiopa/Egypt over the Blue Nile, Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan a…[View]
429656581These window lickers can do it, why cant we? N[View]
429656125what happen to trudeau between 2010 and now?: >https://www.tiktok.com/@majorfreshie2/video/723200…[View]
429656631Should Israeli's receive climate change reparations from rich countries?: Since Israel is a sma…[View]
429649048Isn't the common mantra 'immigrants steal our jobs'? So by GOP logic there should now be plenty…[View]
429656220>the bill is just to scare you https://twitter.com/tomaskenn/status/1665727928167014403…[View]
429656160ironpill thread[View]
42965658824/7 Coverage vs 0 Coverage: Robert Bowers Thread[View]
429624593AI girlfriends are creepy: Society is collapsing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K03-sarkM7w…[View]
429656086Thoughts on Dan Carlin? I used to listen to him a lot during my libertarian days back in 2015-2016 b…[View]
429654738Jews Ruin Movies: >Dungeons and Dragons movie >looks neat, pirate it and give it a watch >m…[View]
429655506Trump was right (again)[View]
429652372> just be confident, bro![View]
429649500Ukrainian journalist debunks claims Ukraine destroyed the dam and proofs Russia did it https://www.t…[View]
429652876i think ill get on the mothership: i hate human beings and society so fucking much, mostly the gover…[View]
429655637Tales of the Relaxed: Does anyone have stories (personal experience, local news, etc.) of times wher…[View]
429648206>the left is wrong about everything... except that pedophilia is bad[View]
429655613The world that you remember, doesn't exist anymore.[View]
429655029War never chenges: What do you mean by the war never changes?[View]
429655007Chiratkikes are afraid of this[View]
429653007PLAYER 2 JOINED THE GAME: it's over for Trump >Chris Christie Formally Enters ’24 Race, as H…[View]
429653532Iran opens embassy in Saudi Arabia: Redpill me on Bin Salman. Two years ago he was bending backwards…[View]
429650718Sweden Celebrates 500 years: This is how my country celebrates being a nation for 500 years. Fuck yo…[View]
429651019>LOOK AT MY ICONS AND ALSO ME Why are women like this?[View]
429652144German/alien link?: I remember on an episode of missing 411, a common theme of people who had been a…[View]
429655576Do you think the reason for the wealth disparity between generations is the fact that boomers are li…[View]
429651129Want to take some Woke Bias Training?: So I'm a nurse working in the state of Kentucky. To be a…[View]
429647252Windows forced fag flag: Unremovable, no way to switch it off You will suck that cock You will bend …[View]
429654696lgbt corporate boycott megathread: Post examples of brands still rainbowposting. I know there was a …[View]
429649395Ben Garrison Comic: Ben Garrison Based Again! Z[View]
429654416Apologize for calling Bald a jew, /pol/[View]
429655282Woman Hate Thread: Discussion and infographics about the political influence of women in society and…[View]
429655270What phenotype is this?: These pics are of a complete unrelated people some living half a Earth apar…[View]
429655253piss on the bongs: What are the identities of the soldiers who perpetrated bloody sunday in 1972? i …[View]
429652952Wonder what are Iranians and Afghans thinking about this?[View]
429652737From fucked to super fucked, how fucked is America?: >Democrats want to ship in gorillions of non…[View]
429640552How was your day at work, anon?[View]
429652478US PASTOR CLAIMS JESUS WAS GOD IN DRAG https://youtube.com/shorts/EpHCpti4aeI?[View]
429637241Why does the CIA prop up terrorists? Like ISIS in Syria and Right Sector in Ukraine.[View]
429644455Isn't this what country does after it lost a war? Hoist the flag of their enemies to indicate t…[View]
429651291Half the posts on board are about Ukraine[View]
429654193Do glowniggers even realise ? That we are judging out enemies not solely on race, but also on the co…[View]
429654668savior of america: daily reminder that ADA Advocate M Sue Bozgoz will save america from the usa inc …[View]
429654695Why are Muslims so ungrateful?: there's an incredible story going on in the mountaineering comm…[View]
429653269Did anyone sift through this yet?: Lazy fat here. Anyone go through this yet? Anything juicy? https:…[View]
429654507List of Ukrainian War Crimes: Help me build the list! Let’s start with war crimes that Ukraine had s…[View]
429631519They hate him SO much: Also holy fuck the left controls literally every SINGLE media asset in 2023. …[View]
429651494Gwen Stacy is officially trans!: Raise your pride flags and bend your knees to the brave and stunnin…[View]
429650580IT'S HAPPENING[View]
429651489Is it true that trans MtFs have to dilate for a few hours each day for life? So if they stay at some…[View]
429649656Why USA always did everything to destroy sexual value of white male and keep them as inferior men of…[View]
429654023Abortion is a symptom of mass reproductive irresponsibility: Pro lifers are either idiots or cowards…[View]
429653298It was me[View]
429654253Why is so much trans stuff post everywhere? Why is everyone so obsessed about them? I just wish they…[View]
429651648The right wing: >'I hate liberals' Also the right wing: >shills for liberal ideas like capital…[View]
429652554What's the /pol/ approved form of martial arts?[View]
429653987Comunism 2.0: Is this board filled with low IQ bots only at this point? There is literally no valuea…[View]
429652268As a Pole: I expect ruskies will take care of banderism and so called 'ukrop nationalism' once and f…[View]
429654003What is this new trend where they sell woke movies as nonwoke?: If you call modern movies woke on an…[View]
429653971How do Anglos do it, /his/?: BOMB WHITE WORKERS (they're probably communists) MACHINE-GUN WHITE…[View]
429653962Oaths and Pledges: >Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt n…[View]
429651278How can we stop Muslims intolerance towards LGBT groups?[View]
429640845June is Sacred Heart Month: June is Sacred Heart Month June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesu…[View]
429652102Going to prison. Need advice.: Last year I was involved in an altercation where I smashed some guys …[View]
429649735/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10982: Previous:>>429645388 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
42965266224/7 Coverage vs 0 Coverage: Robert Bowers Thread[View]
429652682Are you faggots ready for the Romanian century? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ4Y_I4Myqs[View]
429642321What's the point of young guys going to fight in Ukraine when they sent all the young women out…[View]
429630372Gay State of Emergency Declared: Are you chuds happy now? Millions will die if this keeps happening,…[View]
429649669So God is so loving and loves us all so much that like 95% of us were just born to burn in hell for …[View]
429651829George floyd is alive: George Floyd faked his death and went in hiding as an Iranian Ayatollah…[View]
429648219/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9318: ▶Prev: >>429642715 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429649925What did they accomplish? What did ANY right-wing anti-vaxx protest accomplish?[View]
429650688What are the political implications of screwdriving?: Now that there are easily accessible libraries…[View]
429649722Is dating trans women exclusively the most alpha based and redpilled thing a man can do?[View]
429642094New anti-white lynching just dropped[View]
429652827Enough already: Do you even want to live a natural life CHADs? Or you were very well poisoned by Jew…[View]
429647488Seriously, what's stopping Putin from nuking the shit out of Ukraine? I don't understand. …[View]
429652886I vil ovn nothing Xr. Schwab, I vil not kill ze politizians Xr. Schwab, I vil zell my soul to ze bla…[View]
429648403Why didn't you save her?[View]
429648967If North Korea is evil, why does Kim Jong Un seem like such a nice guy? Absolutely jolly.[View]
429647451No Varg thread today?: Welcome to /vvg/ Varg Vikerenes General[View]
429651800Have faggots taken over christianity?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzulzDnUzHg[View]
429651070Economists say that happiness does not increase with income past $500,000. Shouldn't we provide…[View]
429649193Why is NATO allowing russian war criminals to massacre white European families in Ukraine? These fer…[View]
429632815Why is Ireland so fucking expensive?: https://ie.iasservices.org.uk/how-much-do-you-need-to-live-com…[View]
429638439Why do some of you refuse to acknowledge capitalism has problems that should be addressed?[View]
429646406It's been 3 years guys, will /pol/ finally take the vaccine?[View]
429624069German rock band Rammstein accused of drugging women: The testimony of an Irish fan against lead sin…[View]
429650928THE WEST IS SAVED[View]
429644278Here is a man from the U.S who wanna save you: Arnold Schwarzenegger believes there is no difference…[View]
429642623I've been nothing but kind, patient and hard-working throughout my life, but here I am: a frien…[View]
429647770/pol/ Germany: White women harassed by 6 groups of Syrians in 10 minutes in public pool: >German …[View]
429651539Uhh yeah I’m thinking we’re back: https://www.politico.eu/article/hungaria-austria-herbert-kickl-wat…[View]
429649271They MK'd /ournigger/ didn't they bros?[View]
429648902Will Israel's Welfare Class name the Messiah?: There is some really weird shit going on over th…[View]
429651805Show Me Your Favourite Political Comedy Sketches: It has to be politically related to current events…[View]
429651807What is /pol take on JWs: They have a history of antisemitism which is Based. What is /pol take on b…[View]
429647369Obesity: How does america plan to tackle the obesity epidemic?[View]
429637983[Govt.] Wanted ‘Winning Messages’ On Vax Injury: Secret Memo: >The Privy Council Office in a secr…[View]
429642577CANADA FIRES - SMELLS LIKE A CAMPFIRE - SUN BLOCKED: government obviously did this to create a probl…[View]
429644859Goddamnit/pol/ you win. I deleted all the bookmarks of my favorite porn and deleted my keepsafe fold…[View]
429641408PGA Tour, LIV Golf merging!: ...but muh blood money? my Khashoggi... https://www.breitbart.com/sport…[View]
429645637Why would a woman be upset about a woman using the woman's bathroom?[View]
429651670Beer drinkers don't like LGBT people or support their rights. It's really that simple. Why…[View]
429646274How do they do it, /pol/?[View]
429651261As someone from Denver I was shocked to see everyone switching from Bud Light to Coors Light because…[View]
429644834Why was he so Jew friendly?: Was it because he just wanted to chill until Hitler brought him into a …[View]
429638286Humour Thread: No memeflaggot pastors edition[View]
429641195What can we do about the Gen X problem?[View]
429650192>58% white and rapidly declining >IQ scores falling >lost its entire industrial base and n…[View]
429651383Why everyone is rude and brute nowadays?: Brit bottled by migrant squatters after confronting group …[View]
429613907Libs turn trad: Now that white guys are turning Muslim, libs are panicking and finally seeing the tr…[View]
429645337Do Jews ever stop[View]
429650338I gave you the truth about the wildfires in Canda 3 days ago.: Activists like ANTIFA are being paid …[View]
429651065Why wont republicans make it illegal to hire illegal immigrants in red states??? Seems like they wou…[View]
429645289Explain this to me[View]
429635219How often does pic related happen?[View]
429650875How do they constantly keep getting tricked?: If you ever want to make some fast cash just tell a bu…[View]
429650261Why are niggers so bad at trash talk?: >Be me >Playing public MK XL matches >Coon gets on t…[View]
429650844Happening RU admits it wants to kill all whites and this is their only goal.: Over the last couple o…[View]
429645144Word: We had a GOOD THING you son's of bitches. For the first time in human history, common man…[View]
429650668Prince Harry: I think this chode's entire life is one massive regret of being a drunk racist an…[View]
429647090>hurr lets attack all our neighbours >nooo why is everyone against us :cry: Why are they like …[View]
429638228What are the political implications of Greeks impregnating anglosaxon, german and scandinavian women…[View]
429650481So who is behind comunism 2.0?: This vid is just great, there is no better way to show normies what …[View]
429650281Ukraine blew up the Dam!: GOOD DAY It's true, it's dam true Goyim![View]
429649871What do fascists and libertarians have so much in common so that they can both be confidently classi…[View]
429648085Donald Trump[View]
429643350The Israel / Palestine conflict is classic White Supremecy: >people of brown being killed by priv…[View]
429648019Which one of you did this?: How dare you insult my wife like that.[View]
429645329He's right, you know: >Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks the idea of heaven is just a “fantasy.” …[View]
429623266tip? here's one - pick up the bible[View]
429643784>/pol/ chuds wrong again >A Russian attack helicopter fired a missile at a vehicle lurking in …[View]
429648054How convenient: When christianity’s was just for jews believers were allowed to become immensely ric…[View]
429615958I do not oppose freemasonry.[View]
429596049VR just had it's iPhone moment: We are now officially headed for the hyperreal timeline, like i…[View]
429639109Meet little Masha from Russia.: Little Masha is a professionally trained gymnast, pianist and baller…[View]
429650137CHRISTIE IS IN. CHRISTIE 2024![View]
429645388/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10981: Previous:>>429641641 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429645841SENATOR JOHN FETTERMAN OFFICIAL ASK ME ANYTHING: Senator Fetterman there, today and we would like th…[View]
429642280Have any of you ever worked a public service job?: Such jobs include Police officer, paramedic, emt,…[View]
429645014>https://thedebrief.org/intelligence-officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-non-human-craft/ >INTELLI…[View]
429648623Why is this country such a degenerate shithole?[View]
429608532Req Spirit Cooking: Requesting photos of the Rothschild party from 1972 and any photos of spirit coo…[View]
429644539Based troons don't exi----: HE SLAPPED ME AS I HAD SEEN WOMEN SLAPPED IN MOVIES... HE COULD TRE…[View]
429649488Admit it: You know more about Islam more than you know about Judaism, this board seems to talk more …[View]
429616148Why are so many young white men moving to Japan?: pic very much related[View]
429647247Urgent Plea to America: My American friends, brothers, I come before you today seeking your help in …[View]
429633092based elon: Norway joins Sweden, Finland, UK, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Tennessee in banning gen…[View]
429647909What are the political implications: of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad being a white man who owned nig…[View]
429648499Why even right wingers cheer for this horribly written woke propaganda cartoon?: The animation is hi…[View]
429645123Was this the most successful CIA operation of all time? They basically stirred up a revolt with mini…[View]
429646146Why did America orchestrate the Maidan coup and the Civil war in Donbass?[View]
429613406Can someone explain the smoke alarm meme?[View]
429649431>400 gorillion guns! America can never be invad-ACK! So, what actually went wrong with the '…[View]
429644202It doesn't take much to end Jewish usury by deception just kill kikes where you live https://y…[View]
429649352Why are western leaders so soft when it comes to battling communism ? This is a terrible ideology n…[View]
429639240How to escape military recruitment and not die for the zog: In this thread we discuss way to avoid m…[View]
429639313Brit/pol/ Mumsnet Edition: https://www.mumsnet.com/ >Hobby every weekend leaving me with step-kid…[View]
429647293now that dust has settled... https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/07/us/politics/nord-stream-pipeline-sab…[View]
429649243Why don't westerners self identify as capitalists? Why is capitalism a dirty world in the capit…[View]
429645261Florida Judge BTFOs Anti-Trans Law: Here's a tip, Christkikes and DeSedatives, if you truly onl…[View]
42963756679 years ago, the Greatest Generation carried out one of the greatest military operations in history…[View]
429630254Is this actually happening?: Do you still see people out there with covid masks on? And do people ju…[View]
429636149Biden extorted Albert Brian to fire his AG and halt a criminal investigation into Epstein/JP Morgan:…[View]
429640298>Look over here Goyim, ALIENS! Do people actually believe this obvious fucking psy op?…[View]
429638902Americans literally never think about Poland: It makes me so sad. We should be more relevant.[View]
429640062This is just sad: >I very specifically begged for a drawing that made my side look cool and the o…[View]
429648992Shitwood Pizzeria Emporium.: Post address, phone number and nose and I'll send you a free pizza…[View]
429645965Why are right wingers like this ?[View]
429648927Das Krypto Reich!: Join us Brüder und Schwestern! https://t.me/AdolfShiller[View]
42964450824/7Coverage vs 0 Coverage[View]
429648167When will you grow up and realize he was in the wrong?[View]
429648120Another 'TWO WEEKS' meme falls: With the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam, another event that people …[View]
429645722is this real?: https://shadowsineden.blogspot.com/p/a-nordic-anunnaki-alien.html >This photograp…[View]
429645417/ourguy/: >Jews kill your uncle, a sitting POTUS >Jews kill your father for running for POTUS …[View]
429648149Why do Western euros have it so easy?[View]
429630212Have you faced any backlash for keeping your blood pure, /pol/? My father, who bought into COVID pan…[View]
429638850/uhg/ Ukraine happening general: ▶Prev:>>429633735 # ▶Day: 467 - Daily battlefield assessment:…[View]
429645009What state currently embodies the characteristic of courage to the greatest degree?[View]
429648402Teacher fired for teaching kids their legal rights https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexalisitza/teaching-st…[View]
429648018So, what is the current state of British naval forces and army in general?: In how much deep shit th…[View]
429640027Parents brainwash their children and ruin society: The age of majority used to be much lower. Kids w…[View]
429639980Canada Wild Fires: Canada is on fire! God did this to you as a punishment for gay pride month.…[View]
429645480Is there any hope left for the Ukrainian state?[View]
429643710Former NEET here: I found a job in the real world and couldn’t be happier. I wasted years NEETing bu…[View]
429647337D-Day tribute: On this honorable day, I would like to thank the American people for liberating my co…[View]
429648141USA has sterilized 2% of 6-17 year olds: >For an upcoming publication, I was challenged to identi…[View]
429642019What are the political implications of saying >I love you, I love you, I love you To random teen…[View]
429636192Aryan traits below the skin: As bone structure proves male versus female so does it prove Aryan from…[View]
429642240Why can't Russia, a so-called superpower, win the war in Ukraine?[View]
429647862ERICSSON CLEARED BY NASDAQ IN IRAQ/ISIS CASE: Wallenbergs' Ericsson funds ISIS https://www.busi…[View]
429551534Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - Another Emergency Bake Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.d…[View]
429646126A part of me wants to shrink down and have an anon here or many, take care of me and pet me and play…[View]
429647762What now, Racists?: Africans have history, bigots. How will you ignorant chuds ever recover?[View]
429635439Biden admin already trying to distance themselves from Ukraine by releasing some of the blackmail th…[View]
429647274What are the political implications of AI being based and redpilled? Should I fear the coming AI ove…[View]
429646340>Racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia >White men running everything …[View]
429642715/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9317: ▶Prev: >>429638226 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429646883New Scam: The WEF just launched a new initiative. Will you pay up your Co2 reperations to developing…[View]
429645871sooo Do they really think they can brainwash the Middle East after what's happening in Europe?[View]
429645138Major countries that have warred against the US: 1. UK 2. Germany 3. France 4. Spain 5. Mexico 6. Ca…[View]
429638839> 202 mass shootings in 2023 > it's still June Like cmon. What are some good reasons no…[View]
429645747just be celibate and become immune to whores[View]
429624943Is it racist to have a racial preference when dating?[View]
429633882Israel sold American military technology to China for three decades.: The Israeli Arms Industry was …[View]
429647309Why is the true side of Pride Never talked about ?: Every time I bring it up I'm met with resis…[View]
429644121FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS DESANTIS BILL: A victory for Transkids in Florida https://apnews.com/article/t…[View]
429622414Europe is objectively shittier than America.: >60%+ income tax >40k usd salary >$6 a gallon…[View]
429644002>Ukraine blows up dam to try and aid failed counter offensive >accidentally flood thousands of…[View]
429612838Military whistleblower REVEALS US has RETRIEVED UFO'S WITH ALIEN BODIES: https://youtu.be/fiqwa…[View]
429647200Spiderman : Coalfax edition: Should Gwen Stacey be added to the Coalfax? If so what are the politica…[View]
429641274This is too racist, even for me.: https://twitter.com/ClaraTGreen/status/1665904302316044289?ref_src…[View]
429646924It is pride month. I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, inventors, artists, who …[View]
429644600russia is a terrorist state of repugnant, odious war criminals and genocidal scum[View]
429643947Relaxation Drinks: should relaxation drinks be banned? they are literally only made to be consumed w…[View]
429627868Trannys strip naked in front of 10 year olds to educate them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuE8eZ…[View]
429643285man uses directed energy beam towards Earth: it was super effective and he powered up electrical dev…[View]
429645666Politically speaking what are the implications of young Japanese girls eating worms?[View]
429645563TUESDAY: Let us discuss the political implications of days of the week. Seems like Wednesday is a da…[View]
429634645ayys are real: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/military-whistleblower-public-claims-us-secret-ufo-r…[View]
429643225What's gonna happen during this 9/11 tier event?[View]
429637147HOOD CULTURE AND CRACKERS: Pussy ass white boys seething because of hood nigguZ, but hood culture th…[View]
429643921WE WUZ KANGZ N SH-ACK!!: https://www.nu.nl/cultuur-overig/6266789/leids-museum-mag-vanwege-tentoonst…[View]
429646665Uniquenameosaurus: ...I can't, I just can't. This brings my piss to a boil, I don't s…[View]
429641712I will NOT wear the zoggles. I will NOT live in the pod. I WILL go outside.[View]
429646255Ukrainians 5d chess.: If the Kakhovka reservoir fully drains, the river may recede to its pre-damed …[View]
429639308>'Savior of the White Race' >is a manlet[View]
4296459461 out of 4 americant 'men' have dropped out of society.: following japan's lead, a quarter of m…[View]
429645811What explains this?: Badly devised curriculums? COVID lockdown policies?[View]
429638317Draft time boys: Hi government whistleblower here. In the US in about one month there will be a fals…[View]
429636302Monuments: Does your city/town/village has any kewl monuments? There are many monuments in my city I…[View]
429641557>You did this! >No, YOU did this! It blows my mind that real wars are on the same level as kin…[View]
429645989it will happen in >TWO >MORE >WEEKS it has been confirmed by anonymous sources familiar wit…[View]
429646050Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam: >Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba criticised the interna…[View]
429644127What is trump real legacy?: Have you ever realized, even if trumps disapears to live off being a ric…[View]
429645246Wikipedia is pozzed: Who allows this bullshit? I thought Wikipedia was supposed to be politically un…[View]
429645925Question to Christians, very political.: If I be a good goy here in this life, will I be able to fuc…[View]
429644812Possible nuclear happening. literally.: does this dam's demolition affect somehow cooling of Za…[View]
429642643The ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES of the dam blow-up: So the fact that we're getting shilled so much thes…[View]
429626555>youtube allows election denial >now allows this Why the reversal? There wasn't any polit…[View]
429644663You can vote in the Democrat primary: You know you can vote in both primaries anon. It sure would be…[View]
429640572Whites in their current form are not worth saving. Martial law was literally inflicted on americans …[View]
429644917is it really hard if women can do it?: women >makes consistent money >pays bills >buys thin…[View]
429643743umm why is a Jewish manlet sending Europeans to their deaths again?[View]
429633523>'Ancient man where based' ''Muhhh there are not real man anymore'': >literally wage war killi…[View]
429645689>Oh you used Western weapons during the offensive? I hadn't noticed.…[View]
429641453Azov is a fockin Nazi group. it is becoming increasingly obvious day by day Not Jewish or Nazi unles…[View]
429637305>he lives in a 'first world country' >is dependent on intoxicants and drugs to be happy >I…[View]
429608656Is the nofap movement a cult? The more I look into it, the more it seems like a misleading scam. The…[View]
429642983Do white people really[View]
429642521public school: schools are great place to grow together with same-age friends. homeschooling will re…[View]
429641641/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10980: Previous:>>429637351 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429642226bus driver is a refugee: what now?[View]
429645341>I hate liberalism, I believe in capitalism and freedom of speech! Why are Americans like this?Do…[View]
429645239>liberates Ukraine from Ukrainians: >doesn't liberate Belgrod, Russia from free Russians …[View]
429635641Polish coalburner pays the toll[View]
429644989Boycott June: Bleed the beast this June! Don't spend a dime you don't have to. Let the wou…[View]
429645183Shitwood Pizzeria Emporium.: Post address, phone number and nose and I'll send you a free pizza…[View]
429644922>please goy i need you to die for Isra- I mean Ukraine[View]
429640691Have you guys noticed the influx of Indian posters posting India appreciation threads as well as the…[View]
429644320Pic related: 'libtards in the wild'. Banned from /k/ for this but when do you estimate th…[View]
429645054Doomchuds get BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8OpRU9Ay80 This video saved my life... 1337://b…[View]
429644339Australian man walks from Sydney to Perth to slap his American ex-wife.[View]
429644905english is a foreign language: why do english speakers have everything filtered through them? by def…[View]
429604570Why are Indians so successful in the west that they're the benchmark now ??: Not a coincidence …[View]
429626960Iran Unveils Hypersonic Ballistic Missile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfAnQ1MoI4E It can reach …[View]
429644181FUCK HOHOLS NIGGA: You think russia is losing? Another faggot spotted. If it was up to me you'd…[View]
429642649Viable, electable, young candidate on a hot streak of legislative wins >Nah, he's short and …[View]
429632847Countries that produce most engineers: Top 3 China Russia India[View]
429635399Is there a single issue on which Trump is better than Meatball Ron?: I get Trump is funny. I get he …[View]
429640304The protagonist is a nigger spider man: And his love interest is a blonde blue eyes woman. This is t…[View]
429642804There is an organized conspiracy to prevent human cloning: Why are there so many interest groups aga…[View]
429644028Why isn't the rust belt richer? They're completely Republican and for free markets. Freer …[View]
429607505Why are AYY LMAO videos more prevalent this year all of a sudden? What are they trying to misdirect …[View]
429633927Wasn't Biden supposed to stand up for trannies?[View]
429642407At blacks in the military based?[View]
429641381ProUkraine Shills in MMO's: More and more shills in video games with multiplayer. They act like…[View]
429633916America, a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.: Always on the side of freedom. Always willing …[View]
429642119War crime?[View]
429642834Will you Chuds stop being racist if you are forced to house migrants?: New York is making a LOT of p…[View]
429643407How to say in Spanish 102 eggs? Kick kikes[View]
429643487The death of the 'German engineering MIT': Leopard tanks are proving to be worse than 50 year old T-…[View]
429643718How to stop war? you don't need organize your self or put on some activist list, just do what y…[View]
429638909Why isn't art like this popular anymore?[View]
429642693My hatred for amerimutts is unreal: How does it feel knowing no white person in this world likes or …[View]
4296338814chan is about 95% kremlinbots or people who have been utterly brainwashed by the kremlin into hatin…[View]
429640863PSA for diners[View]
429641685HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!: >Gonorrhoea and syphilis sex infections reach record levels in England: https…[View]
429642793>Coastal American Jews hate Russians so much they're willing to look the other way as hohols…[View]
429639701>About 333,000 children were abused within France's Catholic Church, a report finds >80% …[View]
429641777If you could travel back 300 million years to talk to this guy, what would you tell him?[View]
429642041This flag is for people who cannot produce White babies. Gays, trans, and intersex cannot. Blacks an…[View]
429636215NATO's 'open door policy': https://youtu.be/yuQxeJfawrY?t=281 Was it too little or too much NAT…[View]
429637135ITT we laughs at wagies.: I been gettin' paid to shitpost since February. HOW DAT MAKE U FEEL W…[View]
429628902Are we back?: Hey /pol/, help me figure something out here out here: I can't be the only one ge…[View]
429641851So what happened to this popular tranny kid? It's been years since we saw him. You would think …[View]
429640694ITT: say hello to my unironic CIAnigger gangstalkers[View]
429625742Can this phenomenon be explained from a historical viewpoint hard mode: do not mention incels[View]
429641654Decline of the West: Why did the US peak after ww2 when the west was supposedly in decline?[View]
429641584Your new overlords, westoid.[View]
429624230I thought you guys said corporations were cancelling Pride? Microsoft just added an unremovable Prid…[View]
429634583Nobody is laughing anymore[View]
429621791For those of you that moved to japan, what made you do it and why?: Disclaimer: I have no intention …[View]
429640421Why are Asian Women so transphobic /pol/?[View]
429641525It's not VR .. Stop calling it that !: >https://bgr.com/tech/stop-comparing-apples-vision-pr…[View]
429640570Ukraine blew up the Nordstream pipeline: Even bluecheckmarked MSM is basically admitting it now: htt…[View]
429642495Hey UKbros!: What part of the UK are you from? I'm betting a hefty amount of you are from Engla…[View]
429612514Another episode of 'White people are satanic pieces of shit'. Another family destroyed due to racism…[View]
429588385Abnormal Surge In Brain Abscesses In Children: https://www.sciencealert.com/abnormal-surge-of-brain-…[View]
429642440I will never be able to learn this shitty anglosaxon tongue. 30 years of learning and they will alwa…[View]
429642598They're scared.: (Also does this miserable bitch ever stop seething? Her entire life seems to b…[View]
429642564Question to Christians.: If I be a good goy here in this life, will I be able to fuck an angelic 7 y…[View]
429641311Ivan, wake up, you are winning slowly[View]
429640237Well?: We’re waiting[View]
429638261a lot of americans have a cringe obsession with korea and japan, why can't i have cringe obsess…[View]
429639678Suburbanoids have no culture. They just mow the lawn, work for Larry Fink, and consume mass media. W…[View]
429641377Fuck this shit.: People are so retarded now on this board that you can't even make your own poi…[View]
429638412Why'd he do it?: Why did he turn Russia into an economic and military superpower? Why did he de…[View]
429602278Why did Ukraine blow up their own Dam?: what type of multi-dimensional chess move is this?[View]
429634389'Ukraine would never do tha-': People are always saying things about how the Ukrainian government or…[View]
429640182If whites are so superior why do they all look like this?: None of the Asians I know put graffiti on…[View]
429638226/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9316: ▶Prev:>>429633735 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
429641007So RFK is literally the /x/ candidate. >Muh aliens >Muh COVID >Muh conspiracies Seriously …[View]
429641738Another russian colonel was killed in Belgorod by the Russia Freedom Legion[View]
429638583The Unionist yankee carpetbaggers need to pay reparations to the Confederate States of America for t…[View]
429625446How do I get paid to protest in Israel: I want to cayse havoc by protesting in Israel whike getting …[View]
4296378829 years ago, on victory day, CIA ukronazis killed unarmed pro-russia 'anti-maidan' odesits, on the o…[View]
429639420Romanian bros, balkan bros, did you fucking felt it??[View]
429637351/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10979: Previous:>>429632518 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429640632READ IT YET: Your verdict on his new book?: In the “brutally honest” memoir “Pageboy,” the actor rec…[View]
429640431Little Mermaid TANKS: Disney is set to lose millions. Unlikely to break even thanks to zero internat…[View]
429641687/pol/ is Indian: It grows even more Indian by the day. Cue the seethe.[View]
429639646RELEASE THE RIVER[View]
429641555BYE BYE[View]
429641385'Hitler was Christian': Worst redpill Kikes fear. They will screech and shout because Christians wit…[View]
429635943> Jews already have working Ufos on zero point energy in black projects > Space is real, flat …[View]
429640629Are they winning?[View]
429632906Meta vs. Apple: Who’s going to win the VR battle?[View]
429641308We are living in Weimar Republic 2.0: They literally don't care about hiding it anymore.[View]
429636654Is Al Jazeera based? From what I seen so far from watching it for 2 years, they seem to be unbiased.[View]
429628457Iran just dropped a new hypersonic missile on Israel.: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-7…[View]
429641068How did he get caught?: Shitwood can die for all i care. But how did the anon get de-anonified? http…[View]
429638026I like right wingers better than left wingers. At least they are honest with what their intentions a…[View]
429613624Total, complete and absolute globohomo victory[View]
429596821Sweden yes?[View]
429597107Do you still watch tv?: I stopped during the stupid fake pandemic. The propaganda got to be too muc…[View]
429598900Trannies can't reprod---ACK!!!![View]
429640154How come we don’t see the protests from older female spiders?[View]
429637766I quit my job because I was recruited by another company for 2.5x the salary when they realised im s…[View]
429636545Every tine you say 'Free Palestine ' a Jew dies.: Please say it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
429624102Russia destroys farming equipment, claims it's a Leopard https://twitter.com/bayraktar_1love/st…[View]
429619152APPLE BTFO[View]
429640547>ex gf posts pic of her at dinner with a black male[View]
429635437/pol/ completely and utterly BTFO[View]
429637099Why are these niggers still in this fucking war: Year 2 of special nigger operations Niggers have be…[View]
429640393It is pride month. I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, inventors, artists, who…[View]
429630969Realistically, what’s his IQ, 80 at best? russia’s catastrophic, failed war is what happens when you…[View]
429615094what can be done about the Xanax/Valium/SSRI epidemic? Are you on any of these? Were they helpful?[View]
429625225Brit/pol/ - Chinese Police Stations Edition: >Chinese 'police stations' in UK are …[View]
429639358is happening Apple Pro Vision is bad: no wonder they have a agenda https://www.wired.com/story/anth…[View]
429637463This was his Howard Dean 'BYAAA' moment.: How did he fuck this up THIS bad? Could have served his t…[View]
429634206Do you think this is funny?[View]
429639096Are you sick of yellow skies?: And the faint scent of burning maple syrup? Are you tired of seeing h…[View]
429638436How many sexhavers do you know irl? I don't know many[View]
429631409I believe we have all learned a valuable lesson: It doesn't matter how fancy your Warhammer 40k…[View]
429638073Ignorant Fascists In Texas Put Trans Kids Lives In DANGER!!: >Texas governor kicks off Pride Mont…[View]
429626445I hate Weed smokers so much: I have never met such an annoying and entitled demographic EVER. Regard…[View]
429612837Why do u guys hate india so much?: Everyday I see 2-3 anti-india thread here. It's sad man!…[View]
429639195America is sorry: The blackwashing of American entertainment is a DOD public relations effort to cou…[View]
429636757chuds: gay people are evil! don't they know pride is a mortal sin? also chuds: white pride wor…[View]
429636388>just let women have rights and become witches dude[View]
429638854National security risks from whom?: The US Government threatened Mexico about Hauwei too. The compro…[View]
429638707Are they even White?[View]
429639418Why does society rate pussy over men?: It's wonderful to slaughter 1 million russian and Ukrain…[View]
429639367What are the political implications of Swedish government hosting trans conversion camps for kids?: …[View]
429638041so many happenings today: The Dam and the so called smoke from canada fires, this is just the start.…[View]
429624225So how do we kill it: Ignore anyone who says otherwise the real problem is in this picture.[View]
429638662DEATH TO FAGGOT TRANNIES: If you support GAYTO your a pedo confirmed[View]
429639334reminder that kosovo is part of serbia and there's nothing retarded westerners can say that wil…[View]
429636748FOX News Interviews a Coon.: https://youtu.be/E35ZHsPkHG4?t=1646[View]
429635633Serbia stuff: Hey serb bros, what's the name of this song? https://twitter.com/Sprinter99880/st…[View]
429638537BREAKING: Sweden completely adopts trans ideology into mandatory school curriculum: What are the pol…[View]
429627171White genocide: A single father and his only son died fighting a losing battle. Why is this acceptab…[View]
429637067Is a political ideology more likely to prosper if its advocates are physically stronger than their p…[View]
429626625/wiaw/ - What Is A Woman? General: >176 million views and counting Have you seen it yet, anon?…[View]
429636108The counter-offensive is a PROBING attack so far: If you think this disaster was the real counter-of…[View]
429637232Anti-fascism: 79 years ago to the day, these brave anti fascist stormed the beaches of an occupied E…[View]
429637068Pedophilia panic is a jewish/feminist psy-op bullshit[View]
429621045Bashing Apple is now transphobic.[View]
429636648This was eye opening to me because I have multiple friends that are in this type of cult. How do you…[View]
429625256Russian sniper kills Ukrainian soldier with brutal headshot[View]
429630377This shit needs to be banned, little kids are obsessed with it. Each bottle has 140mg of caffeine an…[View]
429629430Russian invasion of Ukraine: How do you think modern technology and social media has forever changed…[View]
429636120Larry Fink: Pictured casting a spell that alters your entire perception of reality.[View]
429638333If you're an american and you're worried you'll never have your dick sucked I have so…[View]
429622488Nova Khakovka dam: Is there any evidence dam was intentionally destroyed by either side rather than …[View]
429637529/pol/ humor thread: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzulzDnUzHg[View]
429633027Besides maybe a Google doodle, has anyone actually seen a rainbow corporate flag this pride month?[View]
429638229I think a guy called Hitler said it: It 's a Jewish problem. Because everything we get going, t…[View]
429606185Federal Reserve Uniparty meeting in closed door lunch: Who is the New Democratic Coalition? >Dimo…[View]
429616650are we the last white generation?[View]
429606382what the fuck happened in DC?[View]
429629546Louisiana Parole Board #3: https://www.youtube.com/live/rht9WDevFwo?feature=share Last case edition…[View]
429637521What are the political implications of this?[View]
429637392Hank Green Cancer: Did he deserve it /pol/? Who was in the wrong? What are the political implicatio…[View]
429635040Conservative - worse than liberal: Why are conservatives so cringe?[View]
429636462Smoke: >Smoke uhhhhhh... guys?[View]
429633576Just got back from Japan: It's overrated. Why do you praise them as though they are above the w…[View]
429635756Did you know that Ukraine is the only country outside of Israel where the heads of state and governm…[View]
429637421Hey bongbros: Are you from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales? I have wanted to know this…[View]
429634972NATO would totally lose in a dir-ACK[View]
429632715It would be really funny to organize a boycott against some anti-white company until they're ba…[View]
429612423Corona Madness Thread: Let’s relive 2020-2022 and post some of your favorite mad shit and draconian …[View]
429623915You know what's crazy? Russian propaganda isn't supposed to be for western audiences. It…[View]
429637527>>429629382 There is too much deboonking and faggy tricks to not be suspicious that something …[View]
429636854Was colonialism actually good ?: I see people constantly complaining or talking about colonialism. W…[View]
429637427Ponder this if you will: Theory: The feds themselves bought deep into the weaponized autism meme bec…[View]
429633735/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9315: ▶Prev:>>429628784 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asses…[View]
429632518/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10978: Previous:>>429627565 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429637006What's up with people going to cultural fairs? I think it's a social thing, but I'm s…[View]
429637035>Ivan... get the chopper[View]
429633968>Burns down your country to justify climate taxes[View]
429636011Extremely embarrassing for the USA.[View]
429635022I didn't know pol was filled with such faggotry. This war has revealed who people truly are. Th…[View]
429637109Muh Based Elon: Elon Musk's Tesla is listed as a sponsor for Cork's LGBT+ Pride festival b…[View]
429632123Shaving is political: a clean shaven face is what separate us from Mohammedan savages[View]
429627441what are the political implications of blacks not changing the batteries in their smoke detectors? h…[View]
429630118NEXT WORLD SUPER POWER!!![View]
429636229How can you see shit like this and think that destroying the white race isn't a jewish ploy?[View]
429637036billions must swim[View]
429625494WaPo: Ukraine did NordStream, CIA knew: > The CIA learned last June, via a European spy agency, t…[View]
429636105Now that the smoke has cleared, was he right all along?[View]
429613535BACK THE BLUE: Where were you When they came for the Christians? Cops arrest preacher for reading bi…[View]
429633018Is public transportation supposed to be humiliating on purpose?[View]
429635845BANKING COLLAPSE TOMORROW!: I can confirm this is going to happen, internal and external sources all…[View]
429634256Yes I support white genocide.[View]
429603316I have been thinking about cigarettes lately and the big anti-tobacco push. The first question that …[View]
429623832>Holocaust I dont believe in that made up nonsense! >One biased, mistranslated source about a…[View]
429632673Are Spaniards white?: Or did 800 years of muslim occupation do irreversible damage? Were they ever w…[View]
429634941Making the kingdom free: For king and for country, we are flooding the river https://youtu.be/m-yrj…[View]
429634639I was promised a market crash, Biden indictment, media blackout, and troon war 3 before Tuesday: and…[View]
429635944have you seen this shit? soft and quiet? another anti-white film.[View]
429634694Who has the Mugshot of Audrey Elaine (((Dunham)))?: shes one of the eco terrorist witches that start…[View]
429632891Why is goypedia like this? Literally every fucking article about this gay war.[View]
429636266Global War on Terror: >look up marine infantry mission >literally says to “locate, close with,…[View]
429625093The air smells like a campfire on the EAST COAST[View]
429614439The invading russian war criminals blew up the dam in Ukraine because they’re terrified of Ukraine’s…[View]
429633411So what happened with all them UFOs the Americans were shooting down a few months ago? Memory holed …[View]
429628304why do biolabs cause mutts to freak out so bad? don't they understand that every developed coun…[View]
429635847Reality is russophobic[View]
429634735New plan to beat immigration: im going to fly to mexico, dye my skin brown with fake tanning, fake a…[View]
429632932>feed you a diet guaranteed to cause cavities as a kid/teen >once most of your teeth are infli…[View]
429610504WTF IS GOIN ON? Trump to be criminally charged AGAIN this week: Something is happening >FBI blata…[View]
429631375Predict the next big happening....: WW3... AI takeover.. the world is as crazy as it's ever bee…[View]
429618692Give elon 4 years he’ll say earth is flat[View]
429633110If Trump did this they'd call him superfascist[View]
429632474How did he do it?: How did he convince his base men can be women?[View]
42963442780% of [the victims] were boys!: >About 333,000 children were abused within France's Catholi…[View]
429634199Why didn't Bongs teach Pajeets to use utensils when eating?[View]
429628916Based jews: I'll start[View]
429616319Question for white people: What did you guys do with your viking genes? There's like no trace o…[View]
429635404Why did the war in Ukraine turn into a comedy?: It was the largest war in Europe since the end of th…[View]
429630284New Pride Flag Just Dropped: IRISH PRIDE WORLDWIDE It's National Pride Month And the Internatio…[View]
429633003Mayne /pol/ is so angry because they don’t live in a cosmopolitan city that walkable. Why not make y…[View]
429619507TOTAL HOHOL INUNDATION: Flood hohols. Drown hohols. Submerge every hohol aged 10-100 underwater. Flu…[View]
429633607If niggers are stealing laundry detergent why do they still smell so bad?[View]
429615731Are they covering up the cure for Schizophrenia?: And if so, what is the cure? And what causes rando…[View]
429615915The anglo problem: >we are celts NOO!! you're larping >5 mins later: we british whoop t…[View]
429633015What is a woman?[View]
429630123How to survive the draft.: ITT we seek information on potential ways to dodge WW3. >Inb4 jUsT sHo…[View]
429633579Durham To Testify: >June 21 The Final 2 Weeks[View]
429634951If a second-rate Hollywood actor can have all these 'convenient deaths' in a short span of time that…[View]
429634362HEY LEAFS: Put your fires out you stupid fucking assholes.[View]
429629807Not my problem. The Ukrainians had every right to destroy Nord Stream 2 after the genocidal russian …[View]
429633197June is Sacred Heart Month: June is devoted to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus-Christ, not homose…[View]
429634763YUDEOVSKY: If you do not support AI's exponensial growth, you are not white.[View]
429634754The Increasing(ly) Unviability of Poor Consumers: Regarding the title, while there's always a c…[View]
429627502This is a 3,000 year old painting by the native salian people, white niggers cant help themselves an…[View]
429634700If you're an american and you think you will never have your dick sucked I have some news for y…[View]
429634590coincidence?: The Russian government has suspended its obligation to investigate disasters of hydroe…[View]
429631463HERE'S WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO BE A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR: Now is the time to start your Consc…[View]
429631310question for the Israelis of /pol/ >be kike >Poison the well for everybody else with glonohomo…[View]
429596327>counter offensive with new western tanks is a complete disaster >blow up dam out of spite to …[View]
429630513Remind me which side we're on again?[View]
429604128NYC Mayor Eric Adams is Going to Put Illegal Unvetted Criminal Spic Migrants into your Home (VIDEO):…[View]
429622609SEC sues Coinbase: Ready for fedcoin, goyim?[View]
429633631Openly Masonic logo on my Golf Clubs: How deep does this conspiracy go?[View]
429624189This whole Target boycott is so embarrassing.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBLw24ektng Its reall…[View]
429634102Why does it feel like World War III is going to start because of golf or something?[View]
429634093/pol/ is ostentatiously wrong on some issues: >pedophilia is good >holocaust did happen >ch…[View]
429633939/uhg/ Ukraine happening general: ▶Prev:>>429628784 # ▶Day: 467 - Daily battlefield assessment:…[View]
429614063Did they fight the wrong enemy?[View]
4296027214chan makes national #pride flags: Post 'em if you have 'em.[View]
429631133Do normies think this is healthy?: The rush to censor every viewpoint except the forced-consensus na…[View]
429623287Same bridge in India collapses 2nd time in 14 months as money for its maintenance vanishes. Why can…[View]
429616252Call bullshit on Zionist bullshit.: Nations do not need ancient bloodlines or mythical origin storie…[View]
429631633>tfw you win so hard you have to blow a dam to slow down the enemy[View]
429631097Was he right about Slavs?: Are they filthy subhuman degenerates that need to be eradicated off the f…[View]
429628827>The Globohomo West brainwashes people to rebel against communism. s-s-s-sseee it's human na…[View]
429625471Cornell West Announces 3rd Party Run for President. CHECK YOSELF NEGROE: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
429620877Best way to travel to crimea right now? Thinking of trading bottles of water for blowjobs from thirs…[View]
429628784/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9314: ▶Prev: >>429623330 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429629714Russians aren't human[View]
429623883Ambulances?: When vaccinations started rolling out, I began hearing five to ten ambulances per day, …[View]
429630094What happens here?[View]
429622725Biden launches 100-front war on ANTISEMITISM: >people can't afford to have children >peop…[View]
429627590Society is dead: Why did we give women so much power? They've never made a good decision in a s…[View]
429630613This jew is such a fucking meme[View]
429622600>be corn >no nutritional value >comes out the way it came in A normal society would stop he…[View]
429626615MOBILE OPERATIONS: It has the ability for long range communication, you can link up with a local tra…[View]
429625971>I have the right to murder my own unborn child because I don't want to be inconvenienced by…[View]
429629728Trump predicted the future[View]
429632751Andrew Lawton the dominator: >arrives at press conference >doesn't say a word >consum…[View]
429630166>be 4kike >say if x happens that means genuine demons are involved >x happens >hey guys…[View]
429632122PURE COINCIDANCE: On May 31, a regulation of the Russian government entered into force, which states…[View]
429629447Obviously controlled demolition: But who controls the area where the dam is located?[View]
429634032>amerifarts thinks this is a weapon lmao imagine some jews ruling your country telling you can…[View]
429631896So yeah guys im sick of being harrassed online by virgin boys when im gaming... Yes im a female Yes …[View]
429623176Americans are jealous of the British people. We speak the same language, but we speak it more eloque…[View]
429627565/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10977: Previous:>>429622054 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429632500Turkish + Muslim + AKP Voter Guy AMA: Hi guys, I want to have some civilized political discussion (a…[View]
429630261Tim Scott Based?: Is he based? Why did everyone start booing when he start talking shit about Disney…[View]
429632246My president[View]
429628084Will Israel apologize to America for the USS Liberty?: Will America finally get a a much-deserved ap…[View]
429632297Is a political ideology more likely to prosper if its advocates are physically stronger than their p…[View]
429629994DeSantis advised to write 'LIKABLE' in all caps one his notepad during debates: https://www.business…[View]
429632093why shouldn't all human beings be forced to get a UN tattoo? they're the number one author…[View]
429631576This is what Australian tax dollars are used for[View]
429632022This is the end of Bulgaria: This is the end of my country! Today two American parties and and one T…[View]
429631126/uhg/ Ukraine happening general[View]
429627661Why do you get banned if you say nigger or shitskin or any racial epithet on almost any other board …[View]
429629019why did that nog and his wife do this to him lol I mean they surely fucking knew the internet would …[View]
429618972500 thousand people were protesting against the worst government in Poland ever. These politicians i…[View]
429629342Republican donor shot down by F-16: At what point will a civil war be declared. How come a F-16 acci…[View]
429630807>start drink only tap water >ass disappears What's in the water, lads?…[View]
429630020Whenever I hear german I feel anxiety, like I wanna run and jump in a trench somewhere. Is this my …[View]
429625040A ministry of truth is required in the age of AI and social media.[View]
429618006Don't race mix!: As a White man you should go for poor White women if you are gonna go for low …[View]
429625043>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for whit.... maybe not…[View]
429629624based. any fighters against globohomo is a w in my book[View]
429631083Are Normies Waking Up?: >Gay men are pedophiles >being molested in adolescence is what makes y…[View]
429627147Never thought I'd say this but I miss him[View]
429631154Internet Hive Mind: In terms of the 'body politic' analogy, the internet has made every political bo…[View]
429628530The only way globohomo can ever be defeated is for U.S. to have another civil war and be divided int…[View]
429610762What is the meaning of this patch?: Saw some white foreigner having this patch on his pocket. What i…[View]
429629964Did you know that when a jew dies, the actual jew which is a tiny imp, bursts from the body to escap…[View]
429610005Cool country, bro!: >0 achievements >0 noteworthy individuals >0 famous people >0 power …[View]
429624243Here's a little test you can use to assess whether someone is a consoomer NPC or has some basic…[View]
429604771UFOs fucking exist explain me /pol/: UFOs fucking exist explain me /pol/, why you didn't tell m…[View]
429626035It’s a shame I had to wake up in God needs God to save us from God and things God made: In the worse…[View]
429624765We need to go back.[View]
429630471>2 decades of planning >plan still turns out to be dogshit How did he do it?…[View]
429628691Thoughts on the ultimate humiliation that the army of the Faggotian anal Federation is currently suf…[View]
429629359/mexpol/ Mexican Politics - Corcholatas Edition: Place your bets, who will represent MORENA, MC …[View]
429612129I just fixed Europe, thoughts?[View]
429630569Question to Ukraine supporters on /pol/: If Trump won the nomination, will you support Biden in 2024…[View]
429630415why is everything a lie these days[View]
429623843Here is a song I wrote about our great leader Klaus M Schwab. The Great Reset. https://youtu.be/51Sd…[View]
429629946Books for summer vacation: Book recommendations similar to Starships troopers and The last centurion…[View]
429622770Why are they angry? I thought 'no person is illegal'?[View]
429630014Political implications of dolphins: Dolphin Pros: Smarter than niggers Dolphin pods are basically Na…[View]
429619833If Jews run America, how come the majority of the supreme court is Catholic?[View]
429624373Why is it every time someone starts a hunter biden laptop thread it's sage bombed by 'you like …[View]
429624203How does Russia de-Nazify their own women?: How can the Russian government claim to be opposed to ra…[View]
429630025Czech it out: Brave and powerful: american culture has arrived in the Czech republic >As a part o…[View]
429629558Why do Russians constantly attack themselves ?[View]
429627630When is he going to announce his run for president?[View]
429628482Hohol Shill in MMO's: Just spotted a pro ukraine shill in Planetside2. It was a german server a…[View]
429629872How many of these Fargo groomers do you think are on FetLife? Yes. This is a call for help in identi…[View]
429619861legalize sex tourism in israel: anon what stopping you from going to israel and rap- ehm having sex …[View]
429628672One of the deadly sins according to MIDJourney AI.[View]
429602711BIDEN WINNING BIGLY!: 6000 new jobs and FREE training for Arizona residents in the semi-conductor in…[View]
429627914You fucking faggot leafs. Put your God damn wildfires out. It looks like LA here.[View]
429614767Conservatives be like >we should have small government but we should also support Blue Lives Matt…[View]
429625374Greece is based: No I'm not talking about the corruption or poverty. Everything else is very ba…[View]
429623348Why are Americans scared of Russians?: Oh wait...[View]
429621419Juneteenth y'all: They're also giving me the day off at the office... What's so bad a…[View]
429622672'SHAME MONTH': I do hereby declare this and all future Junes to be Shame Month. Rituals include: …[View]
429561538THE AGE OF WHITE MEN IS OVER THE TIME OF THE KWEEN HAS COME https://twitter.com/EvaVlaar/status/1664…[View]
429628385Can we all come to the agreement that the reason the world hates white people is because they are su…[View]
429623346The Moral Necessity of Exterminationism: Let me preface this post with a disclaimer: this is a hypot…[View]
429613768Mental illness is fake and gay and just an excuse for 1. People to get away with crimes and rude beh…[View]
429627818>therapy >endlessly rehashing old shit and retraumatizing yourself so the 'therapist' can cont…[View]
429617423Confirmed Arab/Semitics are Girls!: So this is pretty decent evidence that shit skins have women…[View]
429621072Are people enjoying Andrew Tate a bit too much?[View]
429621695Louisiana Parole Board #2: https://www.youtube.com/live/rht9WDevFwo Come and watch niggers beg to be…[View]
429618981Living in the suburb sucks because nearly every morning someone is mowing or doing something using a…[View]
429593980BREAKING NEWS: SERBIA IS SENDING AMMO TO UKRAINE, MONKE BTFO https://www.ft.com/content/204813e0-700…[View]
429625012Notice anything[View]
429628256The scarlet pimpernel of /pol/[View]
429621058TRUMP: Arrested for spying. DESANTIS: Arrested for interstate human trafficking. Who will actually …[View]
429628714What are the political implications on nuclear bombs being overrated? All those movies depicting the…[View]
429628699Good news: The utmost rising white birthrate solves all. Belgians are many fucktons of pure Belgians…[View]
429626054Peace deal for ukraine: JUST IN: Biden to rethink Ukraine strategie after call for peace from tiktok…[View]
42960602450% of women to be single by 2030 political implications?: think about it. > harder to become a c…[View]
429628329Chuds officially on notice >https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/06/us/hrc-lgbtq-emergency-declared/index.…[View]
429627010does whitey deserve it? coming here you are all fucking awful. you stare at porn all day, constantly…[View]
429627927It's been 79 years since D-Day. Remember: Don't stay at the shore, storm the damned beach.[View]
429622925> cant shit on the toilet like a normal person > Cant talk to women without sperging out >…[View]
429628367how can i help to build the white ethnostate?[View]
429593706What the fuck is 'White People Food'?[View]
429623330/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9313: ▶Prev: >>429619472 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429628344What happened in 6.6. in the past?: https://listafriikki.com/yleistieto/10-tapahtumaa-tanaan-histori…[View]
429626062He knew that war was a very likely possibility. He was much smarter than Putin. Don't let the a…[View]
429623425So at what point in time is it a human with rights, a soul and value? And when is it a parasite that…[View]
429623920Conservatives obsessed with trans people:[View]
429627060Why didnt anyone listen?[View]
429618769HAPPENING - HOHOL COUNTEROFFENSIVE BTFO: Official numbers from the Russian Ministry of Defence. >…[View]
429621976Alarm chirps have no effect on Negros: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/chirping-smoke…[View]
429584093Ukraine opened pandora's box: Now what's stopping Russia from retaliating by blowing up al…[View]
429626887Why did European men stop dressing like this?: Are they fucking stupid or what?[View]
429611322globohomo fears the freedom that Linux brings that is why white man should use it and help to improv…[View]
429625039Is he talking about Russians or jews?[View]
429624182Don't take the bait, the only reason they're doing this is because white men and conservat…[View]
429627476Would any kind anon please share the image of the trans-man who transitioned his son and was deeply …[View]
429619685Interesting video, anon. I didn't see it in time https://youtu.be/nMNa4RcmKqA and relevant toda…[View]
429622054/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10976: Previous:>>429616798 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429619922The modern woman: When will the modern man take responsibility for their property?[View]
429625084They should've turned around and gone home, we really did defeat the wrong enemy.[View]
429612316Pefect Europe thread: my masterpice[View]
429622612Is the sun finally setting on the american sun?[View]
429625350Trump correctly predicted PGA and LIV Golf merger: He may be an unhinged manchild, but his business …[View]
429619344Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ukraine: where will the epilogue of the game take place?[View]
429616058MRS RUSSIA 2023: This is the most beautiful woman in Russia this year. Tell me, how can your negroid…[View]
429626188Why do people have phobias when their irrational fears no?[View]
429624348Ever feel like being the good guy Means you eat shit while criminals and the generational rich stay…[View]
429624036I fucking love Japan: >Lowest crime rates >Healthiest population >Ethnostate and no immigra…[View]
429626877What's the point of importing 1.5 million Syrians if they don't work?[View]
429624908I’m so fucking sick of this dysgenic society. Across the entire world the ugly stupid and weak are m…[View]
429624766The world would be a better place if 90 percent of it was eradicated. Houses wouldn't be so fuc…[View]
429626401Politico: the British police attributed the increase in crimes in rural areas to anti-Russian sancti…[View]
429626380Fry's supports Pedophile+: I am not going to shop at Fry's or the Kroger brand. Fuck this …[View]
429626332This person teaches your children. And you’ll do nothing about it.[View]
429612366“You’re children aren’t being groom—- ACKKK!!!!”: Can we please start executing people. Enough is en…[View]
429625609Public Torture and Execution of all Arsonists: Anyone working as a political operative engaging in l…[View]
429626217Why has violence decreased worldwide since ancient times?[View]
429617206As an American, I’ve never been to Europe: In fact I’ve never even left Michigan. But I know that wh…[View]
429617249>Ex-boyfriend repeatedly stabs star Florida high school softball player Girlfriend who broke up w…[View]
429622157You know, who are going to be the biggest beneficiaries to white countries deteriorating to racial c…[View]
429623327>Jesus was a kike eheheh no he wasn’t, retard. he is the son of God (“begotten, not made, consub…[View]
429620795Pence will announce he is running tommarow against his former boss. Discuss.[View]
429623265Azov is a fockin Nazi group. it is becoming increasingly obvious day by day Not Jewish or Nazi unles…[View]
429615377What's going on with psychologist and Dr. Jordan Peterson? This is now half his twitter feed. H…[View]
429625346Was Judge Rutherford le based: >Former Judge >Hated Jews >Hated Globohomo >Had a Mansion…[View]
429624718This picture triggers the moid[View]
429620395Vaxbros, did the vax give you epilepsy?[View]
429616007Healthy passports incoming: You will be hit by fascism https://www.who.int/news/item/05-06-2023-the-…[View]
429623744Science, trannies and lgbt: So trannies are all about how science is on their side, that's it…[View]
429624958/uhg/ Ukraine happening general: ▶Prev: >>429615554 # ▶Day: 401 - Daily battlefield assessment…[View]
429621799why are white people so obsessed with time and “being on time”? Its like their entire day revolves a…[View]
429619818Why is everything getting costly, but are minimum wage isn’t increasing? This is literally rich peop…[View]
429623025/uhg/ Ukraine happening general: ▶Prev: >>429615554 # ▶Day: 469 - Daily battlefield assessment…[View]
429624204It is pride month, /pol/. I for my part am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, inven…[View]
429601129What is their fucking problem?[View]
429624734>What is this gadget there? >Yeah, what is this? >Let's work it out. Minus Leopard…[View]
429624693Don't mind me, just doing the needful[View]
429624692How is it possible the neocons have a platform?: The neocon strategy for the post cold war world was…[View]
429624329london new flag[View]
429623990>living in afghanistan is better than in san francisco: thoughts?[View]
429619633Birth control: Is birth control causing woman to become fat crazy whores? I read it fucks your hormo…[View]
429624350why are normies so fucking retarded?[View]
429574462Mass spergpocalypse imminent: The mental health metal toxicity crisis is about to explode like a mat…[View]
429613090why Spanish fascism was anti mason and Italian fascism was led by masons?[View]
429608861Brit/pol/ - Anything to Declare? Edition: >Yeah don't go to England >Covid inquiry reveal…[View]
429584896We have to stop men from doing these dangerous things. THINK OF THE CHILDREN![View]
429619459Corporatization of the left: How did the left go from anti establishment, organic food eating, antiw…[View]
429623807Mike pences book is weird >Named one dog after the scuba instructor on his honeymoon, Jamal.. …[View]
429622172how can we stop americans from spreading faggots everywhere?: someone please help us[View]
429623777Born This Way? The Rise of LGBT as a Social and Political Identity: >This report finds that much …[View]
429623692Tonibler hate thread[View]
429621971THE GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD: The JFK papers revealed Churchill bombed Germany first. They had to stop…[View]
429576381What are the political implications of indians loving trains[View]
429619844so now that trump is under indictment and going to go to prison who are you going to vote for in 24?[View]
429621733What are the political implications of millions of young men not experiencing teenage love and there…[View]
429621358assad is a gay kike faggot[View]
429622787CCP Leader in China wants to team up with White Europeans and EXPELL ALL JEWS to China: Can China ha…[View]
429605407>God tier White Northern and Western Europeans (Germans, Swedes, Icelanders, Norwegians, Danes, B…[View]
429616751Well uh yeah I like doing manly things like fixing cars and drinking beer, how could you tell ?[View]
429616937I'm looking for a video: remember right before the war started when american media said russia …[View]
429623020KAMIKAZE BANZAIIIIIII!!!!!!!!: Your speed is at maximum. The plane tends to lift. But you can preven…[View]
429619472/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9312: ▶Prev: >>429615554 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429613781What are the political implications of being an alcoholic?: I woke up and chugged a pint of fireball…[View]
429619004Greatest achievement of Europe[View]
429614189We all agree Pitbulls should be exterminated right?: >he was jus going to doggie school…[View]
429613342Something weird is happening around the world right now, stay tuned[View]
429622888>russia blew up their own dam instead of just opening the flood gates >russia blew up their ow…[View]
429620797New Toss[View]
429621944/uhg/ Ukraine happening general: ▶Prev: >>429615553 # ▶Day: 471 - Daily battlefield assessment…[View]
429614022I'm a gay male and I hate rainbow flags, groomers, drag queens, trannies, Pride, leftism, wokei…[View]
429613714Do Native Americans consider Latinos (Mestizo) to be native ? >Pic related is a man from El Salva…[View]
429618946>everything is fine, russia stronk >flooded streets in the background, city completely ruined …[View]
429615601HUNDREDS of White Women gather at Colorado Capitol to DEMAND a GUN BAN: Hundreds of White women gath…[View]
429620579If I become a scientologist will they also give me a cute wife?[View]
429608286Happy Russian Language Day!: But what is wrong with people in comments section? https://twitter.com/…[View]
429611196I think homo sapiens could colonize the solar system and maybe Alpha Centauri, but we're going …[View]
429600216What did they mean by this?[View]
429621833Why does school funding keep being cut?[View]
429621337Canada Wildfires: No one's talking about this? Fucking scum are doing it again, just like Calif…[View]
429622208This is what passes for white people today. Absolute disgrace. What are the political implications o…[View]
429617189What are some smart ways to earn money on wokeness ?: Lets discuss how we can take advantage of curr…[View]
429622149I JUST WANT TO DRINK BUD LIGHT: I still drink bud light and I get called a kiddie fiddler at Walgree…[View]
429621703Uhhh china new supapowa bros?[View]
429616798/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10975: Previous:>>429611537 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429621498In case anyone wonders why Polish posts always seem so jewish.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pale_o…[View]
429621836JAPAN HAS FALLEN: https://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/14917744 >Saki Takao, just 26 years old a…[View]
429622034Whats such a big fucking deal about this dam? Seems like just a regular strategic target compared to…[View]
429618604What happened to Billy D from One Angry Gamer? Despite his autism, schizophrenia and obsession with …[View]
429612381Ukrainians blew up the dam.[View]
429615597TOTAL BEAVER VICTORY: Kherson is now under full BEAVER DOMINION. The Beaver army is already preparin…[View]
429614381It's over.: Here's how you know its really over ukropniggers, the western powers now carvi…[View]
429614941The Russians have conquered Amsterdam.: Picture related Russians have utterly and completely conquer…[View]
429592436Why are Americans like this?: >we must prevent a war by starting it Are they retarded?? Allowing …[View]
429621727Were the israelites nomads like the bedouin tribes? Archeologists dismiss the entire period before t…[View]
429600188The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said he was shocked by the attack on the Kakhovska…[View]
429620553Pentagon celebrating Pride month: So much for the 'establishment rolling back on faggot propaganda' …[View]
429614037Louisiana Parole Board: https://www.youtube.com/live/rht9WDevFwo Come and watch niggers beg to be fr…[View]
429619058Jack Smith will indict Trump today[View]
429617589I’ve made peace with the Leafs. Spread love to your brothers and other tiny cute little friends. Tog…[View]
429621273British Empire - Cuck Edition: Seems there are still a few places left with the UK stamp of approval…[View]
429609411you WILL raise your kids in communes[View]
429617716Will we actually get exterminated by ai?: Theres nobody to save us, not even ' god '?[View]
429615120How do they taste and why is eating them a thing in bongland?[View]
429616108would instagram activists prevent the fella on the right from rising to power?: discuss[View]
429613882Third Reich appreciation thread: Previous: >>429600721 Looking at pictures of the Reich is jus…[View]
429619179How to avoid the slop: Where the fuck can i find information on early white people, wikipedia and al…[View]
429617875Oh yeah, this happened And now it has been conveniently memory holed Chinkalians of /pol/, what has…[View]
429617725What would modern society be like if capitalism was defeated in the 1990's, with all private co…[View]
429606082so, it's been two years since i got the vax when's it gonna do it's thing? or were yo…[View]
429614758In the next 50 years rich smart people will use the AI to commit mass murder of people with low and …[View]
429619112Sweden is in recession: >The country is set to be the only EU economy experiencing outright reces…[View]
429614654How did we get to the point where the country’s entire political discourse centers around some group…[View]
429620382Why do Americans so strongly support their troops and veterans? If you walked into a bar in North Ca…[View]
429615314What are the political consequences of blacks in your society?[View]
429620693Surfs UP UKRAINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEf1q2cnVnE[View]
429585736UBI for all: What are the consequences of a UBI rollout worldwide? Normies lost their shit doing not…[View]
429618748Le bible: >be me >book >written by some dude with a beard >try to explain where we come …[View]
429618137These 4 countries serve and obey King Charles III[View]
429620289I can't believe we nuked Canada out of existence.[View]
429620449Calling bullshit on Zionist bullshit: Israel is a shit bag excuse for an ally. Israel was useless in…[View]
429620424>tranny shilling >International mudshark shilling >Nigger shilling >Kike shilling >Im…[View]
429617091Germany is a third world shithole: I'm considering leaving Germany since it became a top tier s…[View]
429616731Where were you when r*ssia got destroyed?: Me? Well I'm sipping on vatchud tears and it's …[View]
429610156Military whistleblower has recovered a fallen angel (a slang for UFO) https://thedebrief.org/intelli…[View]
429616226The other day I asked pol an honest question: I said, “Since everybody has something bad to say abou…[View]
429567447Time to do the Talmud thing: In this thread, I will systematically go through every controversial 'a…[View]
429619041Obama was so cool and Presidential.[View]
429617036What would modern society be like if bolshevism was defeated in the 1900s?[View]
429616759what are the political implications of blacks being an official part of lgbtqia++??[View]
429582286/ttt/: Tranny Truth Thread https://youtube.com/watch?v=Er9_iH_AphI Trannies seething in the comments…[View]
429610063Word is they’re indicating Trump and Hunter on the same day: Alex Jones predicted this and now Trump…[View]
429612228Will I get accepted into white ethnostate?[View]
429608732Tactical advantage of flooding your own defensive lines, Zisters?[View]
429619493The jews are playing all their aces this year arent they. >chitwood arresting anons >bidenfag…[View]
429615337David Grusch Whistleblower: Is the reason the Pentagon hasn't gone after him because UFOs are s…[View]
429613084>Russian sphere of 'influence' lol[View]
429613945My fellow Americans, Foreigners and Meme flags…within the next few days weeks and months it will bec…[View]
429599241Have the middle class given up?: I usually move around in civilized environments, but last week I ac…[View]
429598146no humor thread.: You pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh.[View]
429618110Time to be proud.[View]
429615554/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9311: ▶Prev: >>429611533 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429617392is drinkable food the future of nutrition? imagine getting all your essential vitamins and minerals …[View]
429618350Why are they so intent on doing this?[View]
429615548>Federal Government uses the National Guard to force innocent White kids to go to school with nig…[View]
429618554Our penises have melanin receptors.[View]
429618888Just checking in on the time line: It seems the needle got bumped again and you all are living in th…[View]
429613794what the fuck...[View]
429613895TECH RUINED BY WOMEN: What are the political implications of women always making these fucking 'mood…[View]
429594579Uganda calling the US a country filled by amerimutts[View]
429617584Why did Europe never develop a forced/arranged marriage culture like most brown countries? Are white…[View]
429614489The New Normal: I have to admire (((our rulers))) for how recklessly they troll their cattle. First …[View]
429615545Lisbon is turning into a brazilian slum, rough[View]
429618330Egyptians be like: >Lose more men and equipment than Israel >Get the 3rd Army encircled by a …[View]
429601471Justify this, russiashills[View]
429607899This bald American does a video blog where he travels across South America fucking all the Latino wo…[View]
429607531This Day In History June 6, 1944: D-Day: Allies storm Normandy’s coast On June 6, 1944, Supreme Alli…[View]
429617320What are the pros/cons of glownigger trannies shilling their honeypots on /pol/?[View]
429591687Even Chines dunk on Ypipo food: Ypipo, EVEN Chinese dunk on you? Why are you so bland and cultureles…[View]
429612271Only the biggest losers claim that they never even lost, that they actually won, and that the game i…[View]
429612639What happens when people start mass defaulting on existing debts? What sort of impact does an indiv…[View]
429613451Church goes up in flames after celebrating Pride: https://twitter.com/GBalloutine/status/16657141688…[View]
429611149Wild and absurd fiction: Can any Z sisters explain the motivations here? Is there ANY way making suc…[View]
429610266UKRAINE DOES NOT DESERVE STALIN‘S INDUSTRIALISATION EFFORTS: Stalin turned peasants in villages into…[View]
429614658I do not oppose the new world order.[View]
429610830Why would any guy put up with this?[View]
429617225SerbBros Are You Okay?: Tell it to me straight, is it true you cucked?[View]
429614292> Its main purpose was to offer a wider group of citizens an alternative way of opposition agains…[View]
429614595Taking women seriously as equal creatures is a fucking joke. Everyday we are forced to hear their op…[View]
429616334Are people enjoying Andre Tate a bit too much?[View]
429614972*kills Nazis, Commies and terrorists in equal measure* You're welcome, world.[View]
429607856Honestly, what are the chances of someone doing something stupid on an airplane?: Why do I have to g…[View]
429611537/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10974: Previous:>>429607495 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429603904My mom told me not to talk to whites on the internet as they have premarital sex, don't have ca…[View]
429616861To kill 1,500 soldiers, Russia would have to advance 93 miles every day: Yevgeny Prigozhin, the lead…[View]
429616822i kinda of really enjoy the fact some wignat and niggers dont know how haplogroup works its just su…[View]
429616106Should social media ideally be banned?: In the past decade social media has been destroying Western …[View]
429593700Is modern food poisoned?[View]
429616726i got a warning from youtube for an unlisted video i posted 2 years ago, are they actually spying on…[View]
429613042My fellow americans How do we cope with the face that our water supply is fucking killing us? Not on…[View]
429596729Pride month got downgraded to pride week. We're winning.[View]
429616340It is pride month. I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, inventors, artists, who…[View]
429613689China can go fuck itself.[View]
429615169Now that the dust has settled: how many of you faggets got the clot shot? Be honest now[View]
429611665Why are niggers so obsessed with fried chicken and watermelon?[View]
429614904Why /pol/ does not consider them white? Inb4 'muh centuries of Ottoman rule and turkish rapebabies' …[View]
429613970https://youtu.be/nMNa4RcmKqA What do you think the situation is today?[View]
429614196>all of these ayylmao threads popping up out of nowhere >'look, goyim, aliems!' I hope none of…[View]
429614215why do the elites do this[View]
429613858They got your buddies in Disney.: How does it feel Lefty-pedo's? You thought the whole nation w…[View]
429610472>white men in 2023 look like this What went wrong?[View]
429614128I haven't been here in like 6 months. What did I miss?[View]
429613419Are there any alt right terrorist groups active at the moment? All the blowing up nowdays is made by…[View]
429575568Do real blonds even exist anymore?: Basically every blond I see on the street, when I analyze it, ha…[View]
42961573613/14yo CUNNY is the BEST: I WILL SIMPLY KEEP PUMPING CUNNY and say NO TO JEW, in fact, JEWISH CHILD…[View]
429614819>English speaking person in Quebec wishes to purchase a good or service whilst communicating in E…[View]
429575535australians are literal npc cattle: daily reminder that 95% of the australian population got the vax…[View]
429615299>During 3 days of Ukrainian counteroffensive AFU lost: >3715 soldiers >52 tanks >207 IFV…[View]
429600729WHAT DO THE JEWS MEAN BY THIS?!?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlKmWa8p4UM[View]
429615127With the conquest of Bakhmut, Putin has become one of the greatest conquerors in the history of mank…[View]
429614263We did it /pol/: AfD is now the second strongest party in Germany.[View]
429605149>I WANT EVERYONE TO STOP DYING. RUSSIANS AND UKRAINIANS Oy vey!! What an extremist!…[View]
429611807Is picrel?: Political discussion about picrel. Is it a big deal or just a peepee measuring contest?…[View]
429602513How do you avoid becoming a Doomer?: I've been recently consuming a lot of content like this...…[View]
429615413neckbeards on /pol/ will defend this[View]
429615386He killed gorillions[View]
429614273What would happen to the planet Earth and its policies of all the blacks suddenly vanished? What kin…[View]
429614078Was he a hero?: Or an hero?[View]
429609107Visceral disgust at America: Anyone else feel a visceral disgust upon seeing or hearing about anythi…[View]
429588019>'ChatGPT, debunk the Bible for me.' What will be the political ramifications for the right wing …[View]
429614393>heh greetings humans we command that you must form a one world government and stop breeding or l…[View]
429610167America is literally over[View]
429611533/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9310: ▶Prev: >>429607468 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429593994How do skinheads cope with this?: The countries with the highest average IQs are Japan, Taiwan, Sing…[View]
429613717>better composer than any of the overrated german jokera that came before me >Polish lived in …[View]
429595231>About 333,000 children were abused within France's Catholic Church, a report finds >80% …[View]
429614276LOUISIANA PAROLE BOARD THREAD: Come and watch niggers beg to be freed from prison after killing peop…[View]
429613723Where do you NEET[View]
429611004You do support Taiwan's independence, right?[View]
429544500Can black people be domesticated during childhood or is it all genetic?[View]
429594957Would you guys seriously be able to rape someone?: I could not do that. Defending myself, or punchin…[View]
429614709I don't see any way this could be abused https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jun/06/people-i…[View]
429612472>new spiderman movie comes out starring miles (black spiderman) and gwen (spiderwoman) >lots o…[View]
429605600Why is it that not a single rightwing pundit can win in a debate over the far left?: Surely, if the …[View]
429608863just voot harder bro: those based heckin politicians are going to gas the trannies[View]
429614510Russian TV HACKED: AI Putin tells Russia of Martial Law and Evacuation of Ukraine https://www.breitb…[View]
429606239Thoughts on Hungarian ultranationalist-traditionalist girl Dorka Kónya? She organised an anti-Triano…[View]
429593245Swedens birthday: 500 years ago on this day was the birth of modern Sweden. Say something nice about…[View]
429607620BAKHMUT SISTERS[View]
429613038satellite map website: Google maps satellite view is years outdated There was a website someone ment…[View]
429608630How can we solve the /k/eddit question?[View]
429579973How will this change the world?[View]
429598293What is causing this?[View]
429609391Azov is nazi Not jewish or nazi until proven No a source by twitter use with 10 followers is not a r…[View]
429570865Race is a crude proxy for what really matters: good genes. Yes, Whites, East Asians, are generally '…[View]
429542841Do not post videos about the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Do not post photos about the Ukrainian coun…[View]
429610100We've determined what the average american will look like by the year 2030, and the result is b…[View]
429613548The AI is 100% a Jewish operation: >Chat gpt encrypts your email address next to every question …[View]
429611920Bad things happening are not an excuse to fall into nihilism[View]
429609611This place has turned into something like a celebrity tabloid magazine. When was the last time you r…[View]
429591537Bukele just announced he's reducing the national assembly from 80 to 60 and has raised the prop…[View]
429612848>drain the swamp >drinks the swamp instead…[View]
429608614Wwyd if your adult son brings a 12 year old gf home?[View]
429600721Why is the Third Reich so fascinating?: Looking at pictures of the Reich is just so unique. It looks…[View]
42960880240-ish childrens show actor dies suddenly: https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000009637498.html Jaakko…[View]
429609878What would modern society be like if bolshevism was defeated in the 1900s? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
429609768Japan is over: Is not the 'WHITE BASTION' that /pol/ think it is. It's just another globohomo c…[View]
429611900LOVE HATE COUNTRIES THREAD: faggots[View]
429613197Greece and Serbia should unite under dual-party Juche system supervised by Kim Jong Un and ensure fr…[View]
429611130COLORADO'S GAY JOO: Colorado gay joo Gov Polis takes stand to protect 2nd Amendment. Whorde of …[View]
429607161R*ssians must return the lands they have stolen from Ukraine in 860 after the war[View]
429613198Thoughts on buck breaking?[View]
429609433Niggers & Jews could never: > 80% of Asians are lactose intolerant > Niggers anywhere from…[View]
429613081We should all attend pride this year: Not to show support But to film the many acts of degeneracy pe…[View]
429612737Chud Z Sisters Hohols: it's over: Vatnigger ruski telegram said: Ukraine hohol piggies NATO tra…[View]
429612986Why all non whites are so desperate to migrate to a white society? Are they superior compared to non…[View]
429591796William Luther Pierce Redpill General: William Luther Pierce was a great American hero along George …[View]
429592391Ghee.... I sure hope the russian way of life prevails[View]
429604820Alberta Thread: I thought it was foggy out yesterday but it’s actually smog. The sun and moon were b…[View]
429607240Redpill: White Americans do NOT exist: The existence of white Americans is a CIA and Jewish psyop. H…[View]
429611277Why is it mainstream to hate troons suddenly?: Suddenly it feels I can get away with hating troons p…[View]
429610263I broke the dam![View]
429605721Whenever people talk about the OG Modern Warfare series, everybody mentions being in middle school o…[View]
429611971Oh no no no no: WE WUZ[View]
429607235Birth rates and social interactions are going to drop even harder after this gets released just like…[View]
429611960What is your reaction after seeing this picture?[View]
429603138>he thinks he is a free man: Pegasus is the worlds best spyware, only richest people in the world…[View]
429611770Corporate and TV Groomer Thread - Post Em': >Meth Org-ies >Up for 3 whole days >On m…[View]
429612451I do not oppose freemasonry.[View]
429612456Nickyboi: I just wanna cuddle with him in bed and read Schopenhauer and Aurelius to him and drink ho…[View]
429608503Predict the next big happening....: WW3... AI takeover.. the world is as crazy as it's ever bee…[View]
429607167Do I understand correctly that russians wanted to make a small gap on their dam so that the ukrainia…[View]
429609061Latest Iranian missile just dropped: >Hypersonic: mach 12 >2 stage solid state fuel >1400km…[View]
429612352how is the Philippine war on drugs going? is it working? any pinoys wanna comment?[View]
429605112Inshallah Bruzzers: Why are atheist czechs so cringe?[View]
42961068780 years on average stuck inside this retarded human condition.[View]
429612087https://twitter.com/RonaldKlain/status/1666060840007614466?s=20 This guy is chief of staff in Biden…[View]
429611520Cue FBI stories: Anon should notice that when a government agency becomes absolutely shit, very much…[View]
429611598It is pride month. I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, artists, who all gifted …[View]
429609622wtf is happening at cathedral of USA: wtf is happening at cathedral of USA[View]
429610117oh no no no no ahahahaha: >Oxfam puts out women+ video >all the feminists who declared 'gamers…[View]
429604787What are the political implications of chadfishing faggots on grindr and sending them to random apar…[View]
429610592Are we bullying redditors into trooning out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=INjLWeHVxwc&pp=ygUSS2…[View]
429607946How come only Americans saw these aliens? Not Russians, not Chinese, not anyone else? Are US glowies…[View]
429602833I do not oppose the new world order.[View]
429579050meat eaters btfo i’m so glad to see it. normies deserve the suffering they inflicted onto animals.[View]
429609595>Japanese news reporting the truth on the dam and calling Ziggers out on it…[View]
429607495/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10973: Previous:>>429604158 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429609533COOMER BROS[View]
429604718Swedish 2023 Trans Camps for Kids are getting cancelled due to increasing threats: In Sweden there h…[View]
429611525WE NEED TO MAKE SEED OILS ILLEGAL NOW.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrL-i4zy9xU THIS IS A NATION…[View]
429590408Australia is a communist dictatorship: Friend's grandfather's home is going to be forcibly…[View]
429604891The Prime Minister of Estonia is correct, russians blew up the dam to bring yet another humanitarian…[View]
429611208Bootatay: Bro I literally so obsessed with that tang Bruh how do we get more boo' tays on da ce…[View]
429610554Shhh. Don’t talk about our counter offensive, says the trailer for the counter offensive.: Lmao. It’…[View]
429609818Online discussion of politics is basically useless. I came to this realization a couple weeks ago, w…[View]
429604982Who wins in a debate?[View]
429607468/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9309: ▶Prev: >>429603586 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429606169Here's your intellectual vanguard, bro.[View]
429594573That fucking circus around the Kherson dam: You are about to see the full force of the U.S. brainwas…[View]
429610326Weather underground. Most based ant war protests: THE REAL WEATHER UNDERGROUND CHADS DIDNT EVEN GET …[View]
429596541Ukraine narrative FLIPPING in MSM: Three stories on Kakhovka in Al Jazeera: Story 1: Russia did it S…[View]
429600760Brit/pol/ - ukraine isnt' in britain so I don't care: rince Harry surrounded by 'web …[View]
429607898I was born and raised in the USA, but if I could be born anywhere in the world, it would still be th…[View]
429610294Thinking about going into politics to represent the common working class men - joining a right-wing …[View]
429594703WTF is going on in the UK?[View]
429610188/rcwg/ - Russian Civil War General #37: RUSSIA STATES OF ASIA EDITION Prev: >>429590126 # http…[View]
429597859Why do Christians hate white culture and beauty standards?[View]
429609069Yeah, hohols are just total idiots and terrorists, but isn't it beautiful?[View]
429603691Why are western 'men' such pushovers with women?: Western men will let bitches talk way above their …[View]
429595276Today I will remind them again: The Earth is flat with a dome. God exists. Aliens don't exist. …[View]
429600802>when a conspiritard opens their mouth to tell you about the dangers of fluoride in the water…[View]
429609136Wtf happened to this board, alotnof newfags and normalfags are subverted into this site Edgy reddit …[View]
429609951...Anonymous (ID: lFhcuAf3) Archived /rcwg/ - Russian Civil War General #36: RUSSIA STATES OF ASIA E…[View]
429608273how do I get my friends to take off their democrat vision goggles?[View]
429608997Paul Pot is one of the greatest manof the 20th century. >Be a small farmer who nearly starved to …[View]
429608878Do you eat bugs in your country, my love dove just came back from a trip to Asia, and suggested we s…[View]
429598901TikTok is redpilled: wtf i’m lately learning more from tiktok than from /pol, what a time to be aliv…[View]
429602256Elite Overproduction: The historian Peter Turchin developed a concept called 'elite overproduction' …[View]
429611549Fucking Political beyond any means: If you ain't innie pussy you can't suck off my butifel…[View]
429607338suppose that one day, the truth comes out. How many days or years will it take to exterminate them a…[View]
429608257The future President of Europa. Kneel.[View]
429607137Can the existing National Socialist movements gain enough momentum (with an economic collapse) to ac…[View]
429599249Were 'lockdowns' just some schizos having a meltdown at the end of the day? In the end, they never h…[View]
429604219USA only has four ACTUAL allies. The rest (not counting Israel) are pawns or subordinates to be used…[View]
429608872Russia is developing superweapon. I am operative, you can trust me. I cant tell much except that it …[View]
429608891For the love of God the last Bud board: Get Barns law to form a class action against them. Get peopl…[View]
429607238>be racist >raised in ghetto >have awkward and uncomfortable interactions with middle/upper…[View]
429605247What can be done about trannies infesting video game communities? They have reclaimed games such as …[View]
429596848Why have they demonised the term 'conspiracy theorist' so much recently? What's so wrong about …[View]
429595534You know what? I am a hardcore critic of him, but his political analysis is on point. I know he is a…[View]
429607111Comfy showdown in Kosovo: Is it possible that we are experiencing a shift in the Kosovo conflict, wi…[View]
429601234I do not oppose freemasonry.[View]
429604939A phrase.: Red skies at night, Sailors delight. Red skies in morning, Sailors take warning. What col…[View]
429593032Yes, Bugs Bunny is trans.: Get over it.[View]
429607478Why are jews afraid of text and images generated by A.I.?: For years, they've been hyping up ar…[View]
429597745Is anyone else tired of jews who tell goyim what to think?[View]
429581619MAJOR HAPPENING: CCP Leader wants to team up with White Nations to EXPELL ALL JEWS: Its happening. T…[View]
429608022It’s all so obvious now: Hindsight really is 20/20 once you’re awake. They were so blatant. So pathe…[View]
429565106BIRDS IN MY AREA ACTING STUNNED; CAN OTHER ANONS CHECK IN: This is political because I'm wonder…[View]
429604703Why do Americans do this?!: Raquan Folk, 29, is accused of luring and kidnapping an 11-year-old girl…[View]
429602516Horny: I am so horny that I would fuck a horse in charge. Probably jews spray some horniness hormon…[View]
429606487We are with him now, sorry chuddies.[View]
429597989No more playing sides.: For how long will you sit on the fence, neither hot nor cold but Lukewarm. L…[View]
429584463Man-made horrors you could not imagine: The iSkiingGoggles are here. https://twitter.com/tim_cook/st…[View]
429607799>>429604729 Meanwhile Vietnam and other countries around it are comparable to the good parts o…[View]
429604373Who's lying about the losses of the Ucranian counter-offensive ?[View]
429606472Woman marries an AI husband https://www.firstpost.com/world/us-woman-creates-ai-bot-marries-it-and-s…[View]
429568400Conversos: What does /pol/ think about Jews that convert to catholicism?[View]
429605698>steals idea >becomes a millionaire >from nyc >brown curly hair >glasses hmm…[View]
429602395How do we address the privilege of being born in the past?[View]
429605144After the Russians blown off the damn, how long until the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is unable…[View]
429589891NZG New Zealand pol: >kill the weak edition >NZ's youngest mayor Ben Bell has a creepy mo…[View]
429606323Ukraine - the FLIPPPENING!: The flippening accelerates! This is the straw that broke 'Ghost of Kiev…[View]
429605700ရြာ၈စု ၿမိဳ့နယ္မွ ေခ်းယူသူ မမာမာစန္း အား ေခ်းေငြ 80သိန္း ေခ်းေပးလိုက္ပါၿပီ CB BANKမွ လႊဲၿပီးစီးလို့…[View]
429605350>the only real voice taking a stand against Big Nigger is a white atheist liberal Why are conserv…[View]
429576621MONOLITHIC HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!: This is how the US military is 80 years ahead in technology.[View]
429607910NordStream 2: Slam-a-Dam: The counteroffensive was a bust, they are flooding the land they know the …[View]
429604663FREE PALESTINE: Every time you post FREE PALESTINE, a jew cries.[View]
429607491UKRAINE: Realistically how long will this conflict last? This shit is becoming more annoying than co…[View]
429595245Russian chances of capturing Odessa and Transnistria this century are now gone. With a weakened army…[View]
429607546Dr Chud was right about everything wasn't he[View]
429607668CULTURE WAR / TRANNIES / GAY SHIT: Eternal reminder that kikes want you to focus on gays and trannie…[View]
429604161someone on /b posted a leaked memo from the ukraine's office that was from the ukraine army to …[View]
429604158/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10972: Previous:>>429600600 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429605058https://twitter.com/EuropeElects/status/1666009387620618240 https://twitter.com/_Kontrrewolucja/stat…[View]
429607331What are the political implications of YouTube switching out videos in the name of censorship?: Espe…[View]
429581468aus/pol: Avocados, which caused the housing crisis, are $1 at cheap supermarkets and $1.30 at ripoff…[View]
429606949I think of women as slightly different variants of men and it drives me fucking insane how losers sp…[View]
429606192It is pride month. I am proud to belong to a race of explorers, conquerors, artists, who all gifted …[View]
429605755Why doesn't the right wing promote adoption? It's a political slam dunk. It's the bes…[View]
429602383why are children such a protected and defended class, it's starting to get on my fucking nerves…[View]
429606735Pride Month Origins: https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/proclamation-7203-gay-and-lesbian-pri…[View]
429599802Iran has just unveiled the Fattah hypersonic missile. The range of the new Fattah missile reaches 14…[View]
429607006a a A2 bros...I don't feel so good[View]
429601827who is the official cuck race[View]
429602277Why are Russian men like this[View]
429594675The climate scam: France accounts for only 1% of global gas emission. The biggest emitters combined …[View]
429603586/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9308: ▶Prev: >>429600891 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429606657It is over: Chinese - Russian military alliance to be officially announced soon[View]
429600472Was Ted Bundy a psyop just like Gacy and Manson?[View]
429605416.: https://twitter.com/Scott_Wiener/status/1665796745169698816[View]
429601710Can someone explain how RU is so evil: I get the RU shill bots on here are mostly paid but how could…[View]
429595974This shit is just depressing[View]
429597824Assemble the assets: Let's get a collection going of infographics like the iceberg to bring abo…[View]
429603856Reddit laughing at us: I don't feel good bros[View]
429604351President Putin is actually a monke, he morphs into a human when doing press conferences etc. Stalin…[View]
429605231'Stick your nose in something' Is that a term referring to [[[]]]?[View]
429602510Are the elites actually good?: The real effect of their communist/ESG/Self-Mutilation/Globo-Homo cam…[View]
429603729ATTENTION UKRAINIANS: Play up the destruction of the Ukrainian dam by Russian invaders as much as po…[View]
429596083DiVeRsItY iS oUr StReNgTh!rIdE pUbLiC tRaNsPoRt BiGotS!: Toronto transit ; https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
429595172Do credit scores even matter?: My credit score went up 80 points[View]
429597581Ukraine population is now 29 milion, down from 41 milion: This is a fucking disaster. How the fuck d…[View]
429602935Day 467 of the 2 day Special Operation[View]
429602714>'if i can just raise some kids and have a wife in a farm, then i won't be degenerate'-anon …[View]
429590234Why don't White people play instruments anymore?: 8 out of 10 times when you see someone playin…[View]
429588573What happened here, /pol/ bros?: >one island >one border >two countries >one previously…[View]
429604549Say about the Russian operation in Ukraine what you will: but you cannot deny how happy the old lady…[View]
429603758https://youtu.be/cDnenjIdnnE Rojava Muammar Gaddafi growing plants and make Oil - agricultural produ…[View]
429599715Are apple 'posters' acting odd: Never seen the likes of it. Reddit looks like it's gone /x/ tie…[View]
429602285Tip the Machine: Not really a fan of Russel but this video is a revelation to anyone interested in t…[View]
429580920MEGA HAPPENING! The russian terrorists and war criminals blew up a dam in Ukraine, thousands of Ukra…[View]
429605295What's she really trying too say?[View]
429605601Shits already getting fucked up and it's barely past 7[View]
429601697I look exactly like this[View]
429604518>dam blown >ahead of an expected counteroffensive >shills on /pol are trying their hardest …[View]
429603111Europe had such a great leader. But some Euros were too dumb to appreciate this at the time. They op…[View]
429600173What would /pol/ look like in antiquity?: >Caesar is controlled opposition, Pompey is the one who…[View]
429592340>be le hecking based Aryan master race >DESIGNATING SHITTING CASTLES Can't make fun of In…[View]
429601127New Bioweapon Just Dropped: Kikes are developing biotech (((bioweapons))) now to Holodomor us. If yo…[View]
429603480Everything you need to know about the dam: US / Britain thinktank discusses of blowing up the Nord S…[View]
429605156Genocide every reddit and k nigger: Its totally organic bro, Dnieper was not already too wide and co…[View]
429598281A short history lesson[View]
429601222Kill that son of a bitch, I'm up to the eggs to see this everywhere.[View]
429596596gangstalking thread: Anyone on /pol/ have experience with being gangstalked? Tell me you how you fou…[View]
429599563BREAKING: PUTIN'S MOTORCADE SEEN RUSHING TO KREMLIN: Early reports coming in saying Putin'…[View]
429598813Part of the plan, man: >It's part of the plan, man[View]
429596368Goddamn, why are south americans so violent. Like few weeks ago a couple of Polish tourists were rob…[View]
429604768>AI is the future AI:[View]
429602426>try build bridge >bridge collapses before its finished >try build bridge again >bridge …[View]
429602388Jones Jones, calling Dr Jones: Dr Jones Dr Jones get up now >wake up now https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
429598970Ummm... bros...: I don't feel so good about these political implications of picrel[View]
429595795Why is Urine so important? When we invaded it, we hoped that it would be like in case of Chechnya an…[View]
429604441Tectonic weapon: Any science anons online? What kind of Tectonic weapon do I need to purge this shit…[View]
429603312**VIDEO FOOTAGE OF NOVA KAKHOVKA DAM SABOTEUR**: It was the Hohulk! How many warcrimes can Ukraine g…[View]
429604482>Day 468 of the 3-Day Special Military Operation second strongest military in the world, btw ;^)…[View]
429604377Don’t call it a grave: It’s the future you chose[View]
429597829Where are these people coming from?: They seem to be too white to local population, it causes a bit …[View]
429600600/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10971: Previous:>>429597300 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429604041There is one good thing about the blown up dam, the Great Meadow, the heartland of Cossacks and Indo…[View]
429601113Stupid arguments thread: >really bro? How can you say that? You are aware a black man invented pe…[View]
429600907Am I white enough for the ethnostate?[View]
429601022I'll tell you my thoughts on transgenders as a far leftist since I know it's important to …[View]
429602069This is what the russian terrorists did, they invaded Ukraine to massacre Ukrainian civilians, steal…[View]
429579350Moon tonight: Moon is extremely low and orange tonight. It's nowhere NEAR where it was yesterda…[View]
429585900Japanese politics in one pic[View]
429597422this drives the polards mad.[View]
429601605Why didn't segways take off? They could have made walkable urban planning a reality.[View]
429600608Christian pastor wishes /pol/ a happy pride month!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NzulzDnUzHg…[View]
429600891/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9307: ▶Prev: >>429598177 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429599918What did they mean by this? https://archive.today/JqqgA[View]
429603350are jews really going to kill all whites then flee to israel and rule over all the chinks and browns…[View]
429585397hohols fuck everything up, they'll start WW3 if given the chance, what is US&NATO thinking?…[View]
429599099Pence running for President in 2024: What are his chances and what do you think about him as a candi…[View]
429602279Was This an Unauthorized Red Skull™ In the Thread About Birds?: Is this an authorized Red Skull™ or …[View]
429603148https://youtu.be/Nh4jsufx7iw Why we couldn't protect this?[View]
429603097Can I get the battleplans hitler used?[View]
429603079Response to Eric: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYpwmATCi9M&ab_channel=SciShow The sun is gree…[View]
429602982Muammar Gaddafi growing plants and make Oil - agricultural product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
429580157Politically speaking, What Has Given You Hope, lately? In Haiku form:: Little frog looks up; Moon, p…[View]
429595084what would the political and cultural ramifications of banning the practise of male genital mutilati…[View]
429553604what are you going to do when you get a draft notice for ww3?[View]
429569562Tipping: How much should be be expected to tip[View]
429598037>2018 was 5 years ago >Zoomers are now in their 20s…[View]
429583400“I own a gun” Translation: “I am too weak to defend myself (and I have a tiny peepee)”[View]
429601166>we're winning! >blows dam to slow enemy advance What does Russia mean by this?…[View]
429592666if russia is so great then why all its neighbours think it's a shithole filled with subhuman ve…[View]
429602201What does this mean for the rest of us?[View]
429601956Is animation pozzed?[View]
429601379Meet you new wife anon[View]
429602016If you are a natsoc, I hate you If you are a commie, I hate you If you are a natbol, I hate you All …[View]
429587170Checkmate christcucks[View]
429600340What the actual FUCK Pay it back you fucking wagies[View]
429596078Ernst Zündel: 'I almost lost everything when my house was firebombed': >Ernst Zündel was from the…[View]
429601582So when hispanics outnumber whites, will blacks start blaming them for their problems?[View]
429597008Will Africa dominate the world?[View]
429601515It all makes sense now...: BBC threads are talking about Big British Cock! And the reason why burger…[View]
429601945Based Swedish Chad goes off to war: This guy looks a bit feminine, and ordinarily I wouldn't bo…[View]
429597600Finish the comic: What did he say exactly?[View]
429598335Tell me this peace of shit will have no significance in the world after losing to a country 3 times …[View]
429588924george floyd situation in japan: every commenter saying the police are cruel https://twitter.com/i/s…[View]
429598304How?: How did they do this bros? Why did the arabs refused to learn from their previous mistake? Thi…[View]
429597398damn, that dumb dam is done for, it's a dump. it's so damp now[View]
429583010Brit/pol/ - D-Day Edition: >Ukraine war: Flooding fears after major dam hit by shelling in Russia…[View]
429597999wtf happened to the sneed posting: it’s just gone. not a trace. every other post used to get sneeded…[View]
429595446How will we keep /pol/ alive post-Internet?: In the next few years the Internet will either not exis…[View]
429599299GYPSY CRUSADER GENERAL /GCG/: Where is /our guy/ at currently? He just appeared in the latest Spider…[View]
429556247Uncle sam wants YOU to do your part to fight hoefaltion. Have you harassed an onlyfans whore today?[View]
429586533Are we Europeans ready to admit that abandoning Christianity was a terrible mistake?[View]
429587065Why the fuck is everyone mentally ill now[View]
429598314Post your best world theory here: Anons will then compare how true each one is from 1-10[View]
429597666How can I make myself religious? I've visited churches, mosques, buddhist tempels and what have…[View]
429597476RUSSIAN TERRORISTS OCCUPYING KHERSON BLEW UP A CRITICAL DAM! The russian war criminals are terrified…[View]
429599101Your move Hans, how can Germany even compete with the pajeet?[View]
429600196American dad - future of america: Francine Smith is a good looking mother of 2. In high school she h…[View]
429592786>The American Experience[View]
429597300/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10970: Previous:>>429593154 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429599986Everyone in this board every. single. day[View]
429598177/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9306: ▶Prev: >>429595771 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429576485Zoomers are crazy[View]
429590480I wore this to my college and pissed off so many conservative shitheads; it was hilarious. Keep your…[View]
4295977576 million less, for the best.[View]
429599493Ok, and now this one[View]
429599539>gender affirming healthcare[View]
429598403>dimwit protesting in favor of abortion confronts me on campus >he assumes I am opposed to abo…[View]
429600482Should I buy some opiates ? Been a while since I last did them I'm talking oxy pills[View]
429597694Ukraine destroyed the Dam.[View]
429587578Why are you paying taxes to pedophiles?: https://twitter.com/Scott_Wiener/status/1665796745169698816…[View]
429600002jews are the best marketers of all time: over time no one cares if a lot of people die or how they d…[View]
429600178choose your character wyte boi. you get 2 wyte characters to choose from, Aidsface McBabylegs, and T…[View]
429594265Agnostic who enjoys and sees a value in a traditional culture based around a religion: I am an agnos…[View]
429591030Look at what we can accomplish when we all come together.[View]
429597819I like starlight.[View]
429598081Why would you put dead bodies on train tracks?[View]
429599939Troon horrors thread: Post your worst[View]
429597100What political/redpilled/'aware' YouTubers do you recommend watching?: >Lauren Southern >Paul …[View]
429599672Over 300 Pajeets killed in train crash: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/india-train-derailment-300-kill…[View]
429599057I do not oppose the new world order.[View]
429599790Nazism came from the Old Testament: (((Harold Bloom's))) theorized that all ideology/literature…[View]
429599595If you're an american and you think you will never have your dick sucked I have some news for y…[View]
429596660just got done reading the bible.... the LORDS word is pretty messed up bros. you can probably google…[View]
429597816If the internet gets shut down, do you have another way to get news/information?[View]
429595102PSYCHIC ANALYSIS OF POL PROF: Alright bros, I know this sounds ridiculous but I want you to listen h…[View]
429597954Why did Hitler call these people Honorary Aryans?[View]
429598990This is the only issue that matters[View]
429598442NIGGER TEST: Bananas are ultimate nigger test. Let me explain >You walk to random negro and give …[View]
429593886Just saw my zoomer brother with a ice spice wallpaper on his phone[View]
429559405RFK ULTRA BASED: RFK on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk today: https://twitter.com/RobertKennedyJr/sta…[View]
429572562BREAKING Reported footage of the blown up Nova Kakhovka dam in Kherson Oblast https://youtube.com/sh…[View]
429583007>Whites and Asians >The two greatest races on Earth >Mixing them creates one of the worst r…[View]
429584760OK I know many of you on the right are religious. I am not. I am a raging leftist. But I want you to…[View]
429589868The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia is correct. russia is a terrorist state, blowing up the d…[View]
429597950Why is /pol/ so fucking obsessed?: Every other thread is: >Asians beautiful >Asians ugly >C…[View]
429598953Finally, a thinking President[View]
429598075Wtf pls help gangstalked?!!: Chatgpt Ai wrote this to me out of nowhere. Is it a fucking message? re…[View]
429593089'but the step remained a last resort. He held off.': So they actually were prepared to blow up the d…[View]
429588215David Irving - Nazi historian: He knows more about the Nazi leadership than anyone else since 1945. …[View]
429593854Your sons will become sissy fleshlights for BBC: And that’s a good thing[View]
429585899Someone Redpill me on Blackrock: I hear this company mentioned all the time when it comes to the pro…[View]
429588431McVeigh was a CIA operative[View]
429597762You don't have to justify your own existence.: You don't have to justify your own interest…[View]
429594077New Guardian Holocaust Story: Perl’s number was 112021, but it is not tattooed on his arm. When the …[View]
429597438Don’t call it a grave: It’s the future you chose[View]
429595760Poland made a raid on Russian territory - what a timeline to be alive - almost makes me proud to be …[View]
429588015AMERIFARTS BTFO[View]
429596867HEE HEE!: uhg. SHAMONE.[View]
429597483Liberals and Political Fads: >2015 - 2020 Endless 'walls closing in' impeachment crap. 'Mueller …[View]
429596455Despite all shit talk about the West. I unironically would choose to live in the West over any middl…[View]
429591042Name a conspiracy in the last 5 years that has suddenly become true.: Name a conspiracy in the last …[View]
4295898886/6/2023: Today is the big globohomo happening day. I am anxiously refreshing the catalog. I hope y…[View]
429596248Why are you guys so anti weed? Are you not adult enough to handle it in moderation?[View]
429595771/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #9305: ▶Prev: >>429592883 ▶Day: 468 - Daily battlefield asse…[View]
429596494Why doesn't Russia just use clone troopers?[View]
429596445What retribution does to a person...: Retribution, retribution, retribution...hard times during hard…[View]
429535994bullshit, we are alone, are we?[View]
429596161Andrew Tate is the man. https://youtu.be/Lj-tOFTZDKQ[View]
429597392>plays videogames >watches anime >wears sneakers and graphic tees Arent you a grown ass man…[View]
429597599FREE PALESTINE: ITT we tell the countless paid shills and robots that Israel sucks and Palestine sho…[View]
429593373>sacrifices your animals to the climate gods to change the weather >this is what passes for ra…[View]
429545813aus/pol/:early morning: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12159541/Lisa-Wilkinson-Brittany-Hi…[View]
429590104BLADE IS NOW UNCLE FESTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9eL6b_jHmc[View]
429586643Every post of yours gets archived, so AI can analyze every aspect of your life you shared.[View]
429594981Al Jazeera flipping on Ukraine?: They just make two near-identical reports on the event. Hour and a …[View]
429593154/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #10969: Previous:>>429589153 Timeline /tug/: https…[View]
429597270salamo alykum saar[View]
429570641Don't take the bait, they're only doing this because they know white men and POC conservat…[View]
429597204Apple is the IRL E(vil) Corp: is Apple becoming E(vil) Corp from Mr. Robot? >has banking and fina…[View]
429596942Why can't this woke world just let me marry my child to purify our aryan blood?[View]
429593548Was mohammed white?: Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the…[View]
429597104>Brother will kill brother, for the benefit of kikes >Killing for Juda-ism, is something I don…[View]
429597007(((JEWISH))) THEFT: I don't know where else to turn with this, so I will post this here. I have…[View]
429595306UGANDANS are waking up[View]
429592862Fungus is taking in carbon dioxid: https://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0960982223001677 My…[View]
429596730A great flooding. An attack from within. Neighbours against neighbours. Riots. Death and destructio…[View]

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