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217398264Pompeo has turned himself into a cheerleader of hatred, who uses slander and vitriol for pompoms.: S…[View]
217394832Honorable Indian Prime Minister has officially confirmed that India will be a world's superpowe…[View]
217370337South Park is no longer trying to hide it: They totally establishment now. I always thought they wer…[View]
217400645Big pharma: >https://prospect.org/article/insulin-racket Around the world insuline prices keep on…[View]
217394603Why do boomers and jews fear the rise of AI so much?[View]
217398904Redpilling people is not enough.: We need realistic solutions. Now. No ideological obsessions. No i…[View]
217392962What do these 3 countries have in common?[View]
217400322Alt-right thread: So my mom finally ungrounded me so I can finally join my alt-right bros to save we…[View]
217361200Why is God punishing the United States with a famine?[View]
217391864How can black boys compete with 200kg + (440lb +) white BLOAT Lords?[View]
217400483anyone else ironically a /HookerForBooker/?[View]
217391403I hope you all bought gold when he told you: > Gold price soaring > Central banks buying up mo…[View]
217399824Ah, no--now eventually we DO plan to experience a BLACKOUT in your...in your social media blackout c…[View]
217399865No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217395885CAPTCHA HAS TO GO, NO GOOGLE ON 4CHAN: There needs to be changes on this site when it comes to googl…[View]
217398443>ay tone[View]
217400087Goethe-Institut Discussion About the Future of Poland: WARNING: Previous upload got a manual copyrig…[View]
217399637Create your perfect country by using both Left and Right ideology - The Thread: Rules: >ideally, …[View]
217394833>why yes, i am a veteran of the 2019 iran invadion, how could you tell?…[View]
217399549Has there been less terrorism under trump?: It feels like there was more under Obama. Does anyone ha…[View]
217390518Geneva has now a Gay Pride, LGBTPedo rainbow sidewalk: WHY ? Worst, one of the faggot rainbow flag i…[View]
217399849Gas the Gays: Are we ever going to stop the LGBT community from spreading this filth across our once…[View]
217368308>tfw the greatest American writer is a homosexual Jew OHNONONONO[View]
217398346We're going down lads. The big gay is swiftly and methodically spreading. https://eau18.uroweb.…[View]
217400079NPC: Ellen Degeneres helps Michelle Obama selling books for people who cannot think for themselves.…[View]
217378855Fucking die already, you stupid cunt![View]
217395264WE NEED MORE GOOGLE THREADS! Email your GOP Spread the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9bzwKu…[View]
217398842Is there even a point in voting?: Does my vote really count? What ensures that our government honors…[View]
217364150YouTube removes the Project Veritas report that EXPOSED GOOGLE: Google protecting itself. Can't…[View]
217390649Trump Eternally BTFO: BREAKING: Iran's President Rouhani mocks President Trump, says the White …[View]
217394840Is it possible through memetics to kill this cold-hearted bitch?[View]
217385966Anyone else unironically ridin' with Biden in 2020?[View]
217396219How can I as a mixed race person further the dream of a white ethnostate?: Been considering giving a…[View]
217397864I mean, they were racists after all and they lost the war[View]
217399115/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL is a great thread that belongs: I love the general and so do many othe…[View]
217395266Greece-North Macedonia unification when?[View]
217399399AFD is now internationel[View]
217394326why are Brazilians, of all people, so distinctly subhuman?[View]
217398991Why do you hate America? Why do you shoot unarmed women, children and elderly? Why do you think you …[View]
217390764Overpopulation is a Jewish trick: How come people like this have no issue with starting families fro…[View]
217396149Does God predate Religion?: I don't believe in Religion, but I do believe in GOD aka 'NTR…[View]
217398849Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
217398115Why do whites love welfare so much?: I’m a black guy. We support reasonable candidates like Obama or…[View]
217392370The Website i use to search the Web is more superior. When searching for Google i get zero results.[View]
217398074bahais are based on the jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePbjIEBHxRQ Israel, wrapt in the den…[View]
217383202Japan is finished without migrants: When will Japan realize that they need immigrants in order to re…[View]
217385518You people of the South don't know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, …[View]
217396045Something tells me she doesn't live in country where stoning to death is legal.[View]
217393142Dutch peopler are LAZY!!!: A podcast on the topic confirms it! https://nos.nl/artikel/2290442-podcas…[View]
217396762How i got a job in 2019 aka fuck job applications >be 29, white with a degree >fill out severa…[View]
217394237>Of course holohoax was part of (((their))) plot to rule the world and make our moral low…[View]
217397943let sheeit hit the fan - fuck google: https://archive.fo/v9Zw0 https://fairmlbook.org/pdf/fairmlbook…[View]
217394262Are western born middle eastern women Trad or Roasties?: Also do they date white guys or would their…[View]
217396480>Of course we're going to put an end to white supremacy and stop a Trump re-election. What a…[View]
217384187black englishman here: honest question, ive stumbled on this site from some subreddits and ive been …[View]
217396254ATTENTION GOYIM ANIMALS: السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ It is I, YAHWEH. Your ELOHIM! You puny humans will ce…[View]
217394776SJW: Is it even worth it/pol/ ? Knitting website unravels ‘white supremacy’ by… gagging Trump fans h…[View]
217390759Why Transparency on Medical Prices Could Actually Make Them Go Higher: >It could depend on how mu…[View]
217397554Why are Baby Boomers so selfish?[View]
217392050Fuck!...can Joe Rogan NOT drink while doing interviews?!?!: I’m trying to listen to this faggot’s po…[View]
217395951Trump: Oy trust me, it's 4d chess, yeah lol... now let's give Israel some bilions, trust m…[View]
217390292Hey /pol/, wanna see some quality Romanian railway engineering? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
217388209HAPPENING: Iran wants to attack the US: Funny how the countries we want to attack find a way to give…[View]
217387240what do we do when billions of niggers come flooding north?[View]
217396768What did Amnesty Don mean by this?[View]
217397433/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217397370Gay + Jew = Shlomosexual: I thought up this new term and I had to share it. It combines the popular …[View]
217397241>tfw finally too redpilled for /pol/ Where do I go next?[View]
217385325You realize that majority of people have no problem with multiculturalism, right?: Vast majority of …[View]
217391894Daily reminder, free market economy is best economy![View]
217396186Leon Trotsky X Joseph Stalin - Starcrossed Lovers: Stalin POV I was walking again. I do that a lot, …[View]
217394339I'll let the article speak for itself. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/14/h…[View]
217390447We Need A Democrat Who Will Shut Down The Concentration Camps[View]
217394081A lot of you seem to be obsessing over pop culture - IN JEWMERICA: > muh favorite (((movie franch…[View]
217396873Where i can watch this film?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R96qeKCrkco[View]
217396792how do you fend off chronic boredom? think I'll start a youtube channel or get involved with a …[View]
217396745H O N K O N I G G E R K[View]
217389545Generation zyklon for a win: G-g-uys, What is happening? >The number of Americans 18 to 34 who a…[View]
217394686Anyone else noticing an increasing number of based black guys?[View]
217399535MBTI Personality Thread: 16personalities.com Do you enjoy your personality? Is it /pol/ tier?[View]
217396716Asking the average man: A question I'm posing to the average man. Please be honest. Do you see …[View]
217393663It was incredible. Simply incredible.: Elon Musk continues to lead a virulent society into the great…[View]
217393877Is the Jew nose a gift from God to warn us when one of them is around us?[View]
217392096How did we go from this...[View]
217378467Is Tom Hanks a pedophile?: Thoughts?[View]
217386724Just finished this piece of shit: What a worthless book Tl:dr version >Relijun dumb >me not un…[View]
217367799Japan is over: We will be invaded by China We have no army ><[View]
217385134I saw an american: I saw american tourists today Usualy these faggets stay in tel aviv where all the…[View]
217393126Russia and USA summit in Israel: PM Netanyahu Leads Trilateral Summit Meeting of US, Russian and Isr…[View]
217395423It's pretty obvious gibberals at this point in time are a chicom psyops. Libcoms if you will. I…[View]
217383552AUS/POL CHRISTIAN EDITION: The wet weather rules you NEED to know: How Aussie workers are entitled t…[View]
217392698>we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children…[View]
217361444Anyone else here feel like this is the moment where 4chan finally defeats Google once and for all? I…[View]
217393163Why Americans are obsessed with Muslims?[View]
217387144The yellow-fever cure: Burn the rice, pay the price.[View]
217388948God bless Israel Folau: Dear Aussie faggots, Why are you such cucks??? Why did 70% of Anglo’s vote …[View]
217391137Ancient Indians Were White: So let's make clear of this People say that ancient India was one o…[View]
217393972Press S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlZYc0z6n1Q[View]
217386519Wait minute. Six millibunga long nose turned to ash in only four winters? Grug think something not a…[View]
217390756Let's take it back: We betrayed the Greeks in 1453 and let the Turk roaches take Konstantinople…[View]
217392100Black Planet: It is over, white boi. You lost[View]
217395665Uk ready to support us in war against iran: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/462586-jeremy-hunt-uk-support-i…[View]
217391195German 'refugee' helper blows whistle on abuses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL3SzK3JRcw (open i…[View]
217390153Are you a Yangbanger yet /pol/?[View]
217395396THERE ARE JUST FIVE: Things which you need to remember, in order to defeat sjws for good.[View]
217394741Special Needs Gay Parades: Why havent we been pushing this if only for the lulz? Also, heres an arti…[View]
217395489http://www.betterfunner.com/2012/10/how-my-books-cover-was-designed/ You know, these (((guys))) are …[View]
217388349Redpill me on Project MKUltra.[View]
217394421Ben Garrison thread.[View]
217393539CALLING ALL YANG GANGBANGERS: Can someone give me a quick rundown on Yang's 109 policies? Also …[View]
217395095Ajax: Reminder to all anons how this all started. The Iranian people have all reason to be angry at …[View]
217395047Picture with jewish bankers and media moguls: You guys have that picture showing all the jews contro…[View]
217394707Indians already rule American tech companies. Soon .... the USA. y'all whites are too lazy, an…[View]
217321669Syria General /sg/ - High Five Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
217394340Diversity and business: I need some studies / numbers that proof that diversity is bad for a company…[View]
217384649>Hunt is married to Lucia Hunt, who originally is from Xian, China >My children are half Chine…[View]
217385984/pol/ BTFO[View]
217383593Ex-Alt left here: Anyone else starting to become deradicalized from the alt left and far left in gen…[View]
217393246Climate Change 4D check mate.: How does environmental contamination affect culture? > Captain Pl…[View]
217362289Is Putin Based ?[View]
217394554Is the USA beyond saving? I did the math, and assuming there are 22m illegal spics here, we kick out…[View]
217393579Airline asks woman to prove her relation to her own mixed race son!: Southwest Airlines has apologis…[View]
217390980..: niggers want student loans forgiveness AND reparations lmao[View]
217385842~~~ /VVG/ ~~~: Welcome Varg Vikernes General. This thread is for countering strawman arguments made …[View]
217394344Stop being Misgoogled[View]
217392386Why are Indians generally subservient to white people while blacks are not? For instance in Britain …[View]
217385528We can't allow this to be memory holled. This could destroy (((google)))[View]
217392692Neanderthal liberation: https://youtu.be/gqI692bxgEU Jews and their whores like Chris Stringer have …[View]
217390072Antifa gets owned: https://www.sadistic.pl/bliskie-spotkanie-z-antifa-vt496038.htm[View]
217393418How would the USA look like if the first settlers were muslims instead of christian?[View]
217383686Guys, I think she’s telling the truth.[View]
217354880Was Nu-Metal the last vestige of white male masculinity in popular culture?[View]
217389785What was his name again?[View]
217393021What happened at Skinwalker ranch?[View]
217393556Anyone else find it kinda funny that all these 'breadtubers' just so happen to look like weak s0y_bo…[View]
217392494Why are most decent countries adamant on immigration when these countries could probably fix the pla…[View]
217392477>average dutch couple[View]
217388935I saw a white boi in my country for the first time in my life yesterday, and I didn't think 'I …[View]
217380818Mexicans doing the jobs whites won't: The good thing about whites being replaced with brown peo…[View]
217379019Please redpill me on whether or not the holocaust actually happened, /pol/[View]
217380390Destroy Google General /dgg/: >How do we stop Google? >>Its really simple contact every mem…[View]
217391973I totally betrayed you, did nothing on immigration, just tax cuts and moved our great EMBASSY! Vote …[View]
217365891help me bros: >gf and i get into an argument about having children >shes 18 and im 20 >she …[View]
217389980Are you guys watching this shit? it looks fake and gay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxH4CAlhtiQ…[View]
217393146No one knows what its like To be trumpenstielzchen To be ridiculed By iran No one knows what its lik…[View]
217393643Y'all sure Trump was ourguy?[View]
217393419Paganism General: Great sage of the west edition[View]
217390096Fox is getting really good: https://youtu.be/-76Ivc7Q5hs[View]
217392630Ah, no--now eventually we DO plan to experience a BLACKOUT in your...in your social media blackout c…[View]
217382763let's start a cult: I'm sick of working for a living I bet if a handful of anons put our m…[View]
217390662Happening upon us.: Holy shit did anyone hear that? NYC anon reporting in with massive earth skating…[View]
217392657New Cuckland At It Again: Whachu guys think? https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/concept-dra…[View]
217393189Sea Watch - The African Taxi: Do you think she is german?[View]
217387612THIS IS NOT A DRILL - SOREAD THIS SHIT EVERYWHERE, 1984 IS UPON US: Everybody needs to see this. Boo…[View]
217389794America Was Never Great: Prove me wrong >Earliest settlers were heretical religious extremists wh…[View]
217391442SIEG!!!: ....SIEG!!!.....SIEG!!![View]
217389088ITS HAPPENING: OH FUCK https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9365741/russia-warns-cuban-missile-crisis-warsh…[View]
217360002It's not a concentration camp. It's just a camp where we group a bunch of people from a si…[View]
217391410Where were you when Ethan Klein confirmed Pizza gate was real and that 9/11 was directly ordered by …[View]
217391660How do I contribute to destruction of white Jewmerica?: The only 'muh redpill' position one can have…[View]
217386271VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads, To remember the Lord is the goal ! Politics are temporary. Lordi…[View]
217392470/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217391684What did he mean by this?[View]
217389554Why are asians getting into this niggerdom and dinduism??: I though they were suppose to be the smar…[View]
217390016>Trump bootlickers and racists will defend this[View]
217391713Thoughts on this? /pol/: Rabbi slams Israel Folau: 'Jesus was about love, compassion and caring…[View]
217392055the ABSOLUTE state of British TV https://youtu.be/IFKeiLR2nR4[View]
217388842Lets talk about the Kowloon Walled City. It was a slum in one of the most capitalist places on earth…[View]
217389712If I enlist in the Army and work in Army Intelligence, would they know about my posting history? Th-…[View]
217391742Smaller houses are cheaper: Is this the solution to the housing crisis?[View]
217386525ITT: El goblino/la creatura absolute state: I'll start with a fresh goblino Also, we make fun …[View]
217390274Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
217381450Jews: Why are they hated? Isn't it just irrational jealousy because jews are more successful an…[View]
217388532Well yes, I am a centrist. How did you know?[View]
217391915>https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1143354481712795649?s=19 You WILL vote for irl Steel B…[View]
217390999is today the day US strikes Iran?[View]
217391784Make Em Work: #MEW Post on Social Media while adding minor things for the censors to ban. Nothing se…[View]
217385665The Oligarchs Have Spoken:: This is our candidate[View]
217387586TRUMP BTFO'D LMAO: BREAKING: Iran's President Rouhani mocks President Trump, says the Whit…[View]
217387247Blumpf openly says we're in it for Israel and blood money: 0:50 >Die for Israel He then pro…[View]
217390886CLIMATE CHANGE REDPILL When the new government has declared a great deal to fight climate change by…[View]
217378798reminder that trump was most likely involved in the planning and cover up of 9/11 guiliani as his pe…[View]
217391414STOP THE GREAT REPLACEMENT OF OUR RACE When I said our I speak about white European's We are …[View]
217370572Weapons and Countries: >Knowledge Bomb. 'Greater Israel',Samson Option & Zionists/Zionism 1) …[View]
217388884Will the republicucks do anything about big tech meddling with elections?: Or are they going to sit …[View]
217376085Roasties of /Pol/ why have you betrayed your people? Do you regret it?[View]
217391244Face it fags, you follow a religion because your parents told you to. You were forced to worship an …[View]
217387123Do you think music as innocent as the Beach Boys can only be produced in certain socio-political cli…[View]
217391263Where does /pol/ stand?: >Masons/Bilderbergs Gay club or they actually run things? >China Base…[View]
217387294Warning: Glyphosate is in your blood: The chemical jew has poisoned us. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
217380030Jen Gennai from google who got caught by Project Vertias writes Medium article: https://medium.com/@…[View]
217390711Bundy + Dahmer: Where did each stand politically ie) party membership, ideology, heros, placement on…[View]
217387279Is South Africa over yet?[View]
217385279LMAO do the Arabs think that they're superior to the Black people? Fuck Arabs lmao. You're…[View]
217390520All Women, all ages need to cover up!: With temperature above 35 degrees today. Woman are going outs…[View]
217390925Jewmerica Trumpf MAGA based kekepede awooo: > no deportation > no jails > no walls > +1 …[View]
217383382POMPEO and BOLTON EAT SHIT NOW, OK. LMAO: Russian ‘military plane’ lands in Venezuela (PHOTOS). A Ru…[View]
217387930>white people are the most creative. White people of /pol/, what have YOU invented?…[View]
217388463How tall is he really?[View]
217387959When exactly did you grow out religion?[View]
217387814great news[View]
217390287Kohl's ded: After kohlchan's right-wing recently went the way of the Dodo due to leftymod …[View]
217390286Why are black people so pampered ant not ridiculed and publicly shamed? Will this some day change ag…[View]
217389305According to Turning Point USA, communism killed a 100 bilion people[View]
217387794Just so you know: If you're not 100% Aryan you're not white, and if you're not white …[View]
217389288Why women are the inferior gender again?[View]
217390176New England Supremacy: While even the thought of giving up or compromising gets me steaming mad, we …[View]
217385061Spinsters: /pol/ we need to bring this term back into popular use. >Spinster is a term referring …[View]
217376341Her name was Heather Heyer: You alt-reichists murdered her. America will never forget, and America w…[View]
217389893Become Christian[View]
217390068Seeing poor white people makes me happy: Here's the repercussions of a white minority: vengeanc…[View]
217389356i have no strong stance on global warming. im gonna be here as an empty redpill/bluepill canvas. sho…[View]
217378074With college to expensive to be worth it, what possible career paths are there that will let someone…[View]
217384646Joe Biden Promises to RAISE TAXES on DAY ONE!: Joe Biden thinks that taxes need to be EVEN HIGHER.! …[View]
217388109Why do (((fags))) have to make their orientation obvious? Here's the NPC fag starter pack >g…[View]
217388727everyone on pol is a jew, this entire board is a psyop to try and make the opposition to zionism loo…[View]
217379795PRAGERU HAS BEEN CENSORED BY YOUTUBE: !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNcjX3-Ldj0&feature=yo…[View]
217389931>It must be war! God wills it![View]
217389733Behold the creator of 9gag himself.[View]
217386059IRAN BTFO BY TRUMP: >Trump Signs Executive Order Imposing ‘Direct Sanctions’ on Iran’s Supreme Le…[View]
217384676K so Does Capitalism really kill more people in a year than every communist regime combined as some…[View]
217385265Airforce Debreifing: Guys hear me out on this. We know that FBI now fedposts on 4chan & it was r…[View]
217368094What can /pol/ do to take down Google?: What can /pol/ do to help take down Joogle? I just saw the P…[View]
217388136Just want to say, that I love you guys. Pol, you people are my brothers and I'm glad to have kn…[View]
217388859Shapiro BTFO'd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMwMCpURz8E How will /pol/ cope?[View]
217368407Is pol a cult: Seriously >Pol approved >Sjw tier NPC responses >Everyone repeats the same …[View]
217388986Why is /pol/ so autistic? We get it, you hate niggers and jews. Who doesn't? I do hate them an…[View]
217388515go to search engines and type this screenshot results theres a war on truth creating a political age…[View]
217383004Where did all of the roaches go?: I haven't seen a roach post here in months. Are they all just…[View]
217387437what really happened in chernobyl and how? idiots need not apply[View]
217386074>Why, yes, of course I'm a Monarchist, how could you tell?[View]
217364021/comfy/ fashwave aesthetic art thread: ITT: post images of Aesthetic F A S H W A V E art. Political …[View]
217385658Dotard (Donald) Trump. How pathetic he turned out to be: To Dotard, love Rocket Man? Kim & Trump…[View]
217373786>raise $700,000 dollars in a few days to fight against globohomo >get deplatformed >set up …[View]
217386628>charge the minefield[View]
217381254Presidential Rape: Anderson Cooper cuts to commercial after Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll calls rape…[View]
217388771POL BTFOD: Explain this, /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLExajRaCGY[View]
217388314>that one guy in every ww2 discussion with the polish grandmother[View]
217357943why are you on 4chan instead of having white babies?[View]
217387036Is kindness cucked?: >People drive like cunts >Being nice makes it work >Everyone I ever tr…[View]
217369643You don't still listen to Ben Shapiro after his Iran warhawking, right?[View]
217388393Why They Censor Pagans: Recently Varg Vikernes was banned from YouTube during the vox adpocalypse. A…[View]
217370366Full Clip: https://youtu.be/1Ahl85ncnxQ[View]
217388281What gun do I need to buy if I become an American citizen. I want to be a true American that loves t…[View]
217382223Tfw you will never have pic related: Is this the gold standard for a modern woman?[View]
217387109What happened to the threads about Park Geun-hye and her shadow governments? what about the queens a…[View]
217381520I have found a solution to the LGBT+ conundrum: Regarding the topic of the LGBTQ+ community, I have …[View]
217384974I am a joo You a joo He a joo She a joo We a joo They a joo Y'all a joo[View]
217386767Life in 2020: Only six months away, are you prepared?[View]
217386484DAMAGE CONTROL THREAD: Actual photo inside google head quarters-June 2019, colourised .[View]
217384272Anon, you no like Israel, right?[View]
217387056Where did all the men in communism go? Why is it all fat woman and trannys? I miss the Bolsheviks[View]
217386508anti-Semitism spiraling out of control: Frens pls halp, I am reaching anti-Semitism levels that shou…[View]
217380148Why do the Jews want us to race mix?[View]
217377197This happened today in America. Post Your thoughts...[View]
217385876We're living in the end times, have you saved your soul?: The entire world is being engulfed wi…[View]
217383859do you read books?[View]
217382794What is an American /pol/?: I've been watching a lot of Vox Day lately and a couple things he t…[View]
217382894Trump fucks economy: Remember how conservatives are about fiscal responsibility? Whoops trump decide…[View]
217367015It's time to talk about the Poo Jew: I'm starting to see a lot of poos involved in anti-wh…[View]
217378218Alright you weebo faggots!: What are you going to do to save your race today?[View]
217385974How can I as a mixed race person further the dream of a white ethnostate?: Been considering giving a…[View]
217387169What happens when they are forced to abide by the First Amendment?[View]
217366435Google did nothing wrong.: They are a private company something you incels cant understand. The same…[View]
217377470Whatever Happened to Emily Youcis: Also post pics if you have them.[View]
217387216You Want Pray Game?: Refresh the /pol/ page at the top. Then do it again. Then do it again, and keep…[View]
217386745Whats /pol/'s opinion of Falangism?[View]
217386666Subrogate womb legislation.: How are the subrogate laws in your shithole countrys anons? I'm a …[View]
217384285How do we make this man president?: https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1143354481712795649…[View]
217376397I don’t know how to feel guys. People told me on /isn’t/ that race mixing is becoming more popular i…[View]
217365928How long until China finally eclipses the US as the dominant world power?[View]
217382558is this the gay agenda you guys talk about: i know you guys are obsessed with (((hollywood))) and ((…[View]
217372803This is bombshell of the fucking month. Why isn't all of /pol/ talking about it?[View]
217381423How to tell a Jew?: Need to update my Jewdar, so how to tell a Jew? Here is a good video: https://w…[View]
217377406Google influencing and manipulating the majority. you ok with that?[View]
217377714Faces of Sweden’s politicians: This used to be a country of strong men and beautiful women. Now we a…[View]
217383981AMERICA YOU WHORE YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED: 'I watched while the Lamb opened the sixth seal. There wa…[View]
217383328/pol/ ive beem having trouble with identifying where i lie politically. i was wondering if you could…[View]
217383646How Big-Tech can evade Govt Oversight: If Google, Youtube, Twitter called themselves 'religions' and…[View]
217386609Hillary Clinton Sleepy Thread.: Look at those beaks and hook noses anons.[View]
217384418SJWs/leftists: Will they win in the end? Are we doomed? How can we stop them?[View]
217383299Debate me, your topic. I dare you. >inb4 the 30 day ban[View]
217386386How are the deportations going?[View]
217386214>why yes I eat human shit how could you tell[View]
217386464Close up of First Tranny of the US: Dayam[View]
217386408Why yes, I’m a huge faggot. How could you tell?[View]
217385995Why are the deranged and mentally ill not Trump’s “type?”: What does he have against the mentally ha…[View]
217376362is a basic guaranteed infrastructure what we should be focused on?[View]
217384437Why did Goy Talk never take off on the chans like TRS did? And what happened to Air Jordan Peterson?…[View]
217386131The new JUSSIE SMOLLETT capsule collection for BURBURY: Hand tied knot by Somali refugees. Give him …[View]
217381517Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
217383069I've never seen the forum so shilled before. Between the NXVIUM testimony, the looming prospect…[View]
217386012How can bl*ckoids ever compete?[View]
217382715You're fascinating to talk to: Now rape me you little gay boy[View]
217380607Apahantasia: Mods killed the last thread, let's get it going again.[View]
217359403Is Bigelow Aerospace in possesion of Lazar's ET space craft?: CEO of Bigelow aerospace says he …[View]
217385897/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217379002>trust and safety yeah[View]
217385550Transexuality is the ultimate genetic misfit filter.[View]
217384251Moonman: >Essentially , Moonman is the personification of MacDonald Israel III, an African americ…[View]
217380129Now that the google jew got called out everyone forgot about oregon. Coincidence?[View]
217385383stop living[View]
217382311Come on, Trump. Bomb Google.[View]
217384162https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/06/24/google-censors-video-exposing-google/ >Google Censors V…[View]
217384385Human activities emit 60 or more times the amount of carbon dioxide released by all the earth's…[View]
217379030fucking THIS.[View]
217382008I just found out I'm half Slovakian My mother's family are literal slovaks who immigrated …[View]
217385223Ravelry Memes: create the best, to be the best ![View]
217374257Andrew Yang is a Chinese spy: >supports UBI (universal basic income) UBI would cost the American …[View]
217380731Why the hate for memeflags?: I think they are good when not misused and by misused I mean Leafs, Poo…[View]
217325775Stormcloaks or (((imperials))) Who is the least ZOGed, who and why did you pick either[View]
217383095Any Atomwaffen incels on this board?[View]
217379060Damn, I'm white as fuck. God himself went blind when I was born[View]
217382871Food Stamp Thread: #LTSTFD Let them starve to fucking death. I'm so sick of providing for all t…[View]
217366891That's 45 million votes that Trump doesn't have anymore[View]
217378440Don't let it get memory holed Not this time.[View]
217373856It’s over.: Guys.. this isn’t gaining traction.. Pack it up. We can’t voice our grievances on platfo…[View]
217383573bruh: How ridiculously stupid are these liberal media outlets? >Catholic school fires gay teacher…[View]
217384083Previous thread got deleted because of some idiot who didn't understand the 2 cows analogy. Now…[View]
217383867Pic not related I am trying to stay away google that includes gmail for obvious reasons can my budie…[View]
217364109>Lyme disease CAN kill: The 17-year-old boy who died of a heart infection from a tick bite he nev…[View]
217384329gab: Gab… ohhhhh gab… how cringey they are, btfo-ed by a right wing instance more freespeech than hi…[View]
217380778Average height decreased 20 cm with the arrival of farmers from the middle east: In 6000bc a new peo…[View]
217376655Biden/Obama 2020: Get ready /pol/fags; you’re gonna be on your knees sucking cock next year![View]
217376677Need help finding a game: Any game that allows me to be ancap besides fallout 3 and new vegas?…[View]
217374221Poland noooooo: Goyim of Poland stop it, stop it right now!!! https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/1121…[View]
217382259how does it feel to be a fucking meme?[View]
217384355Smaller houses are cheaper: Is this the solution to the housing crisis?[View]
217378319Didn’t do nuffin official movie?: https://youtu.be/JW4RgX08xXw Top kek[View]
217384193i hate jews: >be me >flashback to sixth grade >fat white male >make fun of jew >peopl…[View]
217381081New people joining the 2+2chan community: Be prepared, youtube is filling with a lot odf content bas…[View]
217370995Pepe is bad lgbt: Please stop using pepe its offensive to us. You must give us our proper pronouns a…[View]
217382646The official 'not an argument' thread. Post strawmen and false equivalences.[View]
217381750So who likes knitting?: The Left is so scared of people getting persuaded that a KNITTING board has …[View]
217382694BOLTON and POMPEO EAT SHIT NOW, OK. LOL: Russian frigate arrives in Cuba under watchful eye of US Na…[View]
217381463Even OBONGO was better with immigration, why you still support this faggot ? Except for israel he lo…[View]
217384361>This is what leftists think they're superior to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlLka4XGFyY…[View]
217381065Who is this guy and why is he so annoying /pol/?[View]
217381273YOU MUST ADMIT THAT RUSSIAN SPACE TECHNOLOGY IS SUPER GREAT: Soyuz brings Space Station Expedition 5…[View]
217362301How will history look back on meat consumption?: Will it be looked upon in the future the way we loo…[View]
217380998I'm getting slowly drunk /Pol/. How do I ruin this family party via redpolls?[View]
217380640We wuz kangz: >be a group of niggers >go to a sandy area >some big headed grey people gave …[View]
217354657What is going on in Canada?: I recently took a trip, and could not believe to food prices. I used to…[View]
217383800Smaller houses are cheaper: Is this the solution to the housing crisis?[View]
217381698Liberal Female wants MAGA man: I've been lurking around and find supposed 'red pill' about how …[View]
217381257BOW DOWN WHITE DEVIL!: The black man is the original ruler of the Galaxy. With their advanced techno…[View]
217382153Youtube is a great website for civil debate[View]
217379402Anyone else agree with Based John Bolton?: Let's face facts. Bolton is pretty based. >Wants …[View]
217382627The skies are intentionaslly being sprayed: The weather is being manipulated. earthquakes are being …[View]
217382849>science will never find a cure for homosexuality because leftwing activists will protest such re…[View]
217382072It does not matter what you have to do, don't let it happen.[View]
217383346Why aren’t you voting for this man?[View]
217379496Gay hacker from the French 4chan shuts down Iranian government website: https://twitter.com/Deven_In…[View]
217380360Why is everything so bad /pol/?: Religion isn't helping, women sure as hell aren't gonna h…[View]
217381578Im the real ancap: Im the only real ancap, bow down to me statist faggots.[View]
217361539browser thread: pol-approved replacement browser? tell me what to think[View]
217382990BASED: And dare I add, redpilled[View]
217381785??Post-apocalyptic music: Hey /pol/tards, if/when the world ends and we fall into post-apocalyptia, …[View]
217382090I confess: I confess I spread feederism across /pol/ and sent you all to hell. I perverted you all a…[View]
217371402Degenerates getting what they deserve[View]
217381436Esther Perel: Shes been called the Jimi Hendrix of psychology, for basically saying its ok to cheat …[View]
217382613INDIA /POL/ Cultural Heritage Dharmic Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
217381967The barometer for being considered white by women in England is so small: Holy fuck lol i speak to w…[View]
217382250Britbong hate thread: How bad is the actual situation in londonistan ?[View]
217369656This is obscenity: Amsterdam Hilton.[View]
217367541Enough said[View]
217382334Have you ever seen this play out irl?[View]
217377646The Mutt is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a sharter, bootlicker, burger, spic, it …[View]
217382698books what do you recommend I read? id rather have personal accounts of what books are decent instea…[View]
217377740How is trump pulling this off?[View]
217372531The pink triangle: We need to reclaim the pink triangles from the faggots[View]
217382574> ywn get to relive 2016 again lads, why even live? ;_;[View]
217382323>nazis believe this[View]
217381754Um - what happens now?: Iranian Foreign Minister: >'Trump’s desperate administration is destroyin…[View]
217344941Kalergi 1.0 already happened, we arent the same people we once were.: Industrialisation, urbanisatio…[View]
217379136Homosexuality treated as an act: Its becoming more and more clear that homosexuality is not somethin…[View]
217380284Who here was raised to believe if a fight is unavoidable,: hit first and make it count. Well, we kee…[View]
217377869Who should enter the ethnostate? A thought experiment.: At the gate of the ethnostate: >Well, gen…[View]
217381933Why haven't you applied for ICE or border patrol Anon?[View]
217346309Were carthaginians/phoenicians basically proto-jews? Are the punic wars and the razing of Carthage a…[View]
217382308This is what happens to humanity after disconnecting from nature for a few generations.: Look at the…[View]
217358237I bit the bullet: Took the silver pill, /pol/ Got it from a guy that collects Sterling and 925 He se…[View]
217376448Why are Americans hair blind?: Why are so many Americans unaware of what actual blonde is? They unir…[View]
217378719/pol/ tell me a bedtime story.[View]
217350798NOT THE MATRIX FUUUCK: They're replacing Keanu with a black actor! We need to fucking riot…[View]
217376530>>be me walking in the street in amsterdam: >>be me walking there smoking weed >>b…[View]
217367956Does anyone else feel like technology is not really developing as fast as it should be?[View]
217358680HAPPENING! Etika's Body Found: Lookner LIVE: https://youtu.be/6V1-LLbNFgs RIP[View]
217379299The emoji suggested for “white man” is a nigger: WTF Apple?![View]
217381764Gaythot1 shrine goes here[View]
217377310Why am I seeing this on Wiki-How?[View]
217381659Do you remember how you died?: You dont seem to understand that they were just attempting to placate…[View]
217372193Jewish communist calling for violent uprising against ICE: Up for almost 3 days, nearly 1,500 likes.…[View]
217381447Hey my fellow degenerates, why holocaust not happen?: well? why?[View]
217381445Yesterday marks my 5th year of being on testosterone.: I actually look like a man today and I couldn…[View]
217377678Why don't you believe her pol?: https://mobile.twitter.com/ejeancarroll/status/1141742010786877…[View]
217381489https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/7b/e7/6e7be74a314829d610a66b7f49576b37.jpg Daily reminder that cea…[View]
217381198*cough cough* *ahem* You guys wouldn't have to have any spare change? I only need $1.[View]
217373385Hello /pol/! I'm from ilbe.com Are you having a good Tuseday morning? Today i found another …[View]
217379454Imagine being so indoctrinated into jew hatred that you sperg about how you want to kill six million…[View]
217372426Is this accurate?[View]
217378830How do we stop white women from dating outside their race?[View]
217365384My god. Why is everyone so bigoted?![View]
217379533Help me with my identity issues /pol/: I’m a rootless Euromutt and my Identity is mostly composed of…[View]
217381112BitChute: I just made a new channel and I need some good videos to upload. https://www.bitchute.com/…[View]
217370628Why do you hate me?: Is it because you know, deep down inside your logos that I am right about every…[View]
217354460Google RESPONDS to Project Veritas: Jen Gennai Google lady who got caught with election interference…[View]
217380435I'm obsessed with German women[View]
217374115Its all fucked: I saw a truck flying a Mexican flag in Monrovia, California today...[View]
217347900BIG NEWS: 2020 ELECTION MANIPULATION AT THE HANDS OF GOOGLE: >https://www.washingtontimes.com/new…[View]
217377709ITT: Pictures that speak a thousands words[View]
217374097NZ literally SWIMMING in SHIT: >NZ approaching pajeet levels >Asian population exploding >R…[View]
217372295>Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants...poised to launch a large-scale attack on the American …[View]
217378003Did you know that muslim women who refuse to obey the laws of thier country are just as stunning and…[View]
217374745Why do a big percentage of Trump's base seem to be leaving him? The only thing I can think of t…[View]
217350315anybody here /56%/?[View]
217377335Nig Hate Thread[View]
217380808Are you xenophobic, ignorant racists due to nature or nurture?[View]
217376555Hey /Pol, do you wonna hear something funny?: The west is not getting invaded, it's all bullshi…[View]
217377910Fucking cats in the ass: Do you think trump will win 2020 I hope not I want him back home filling my…[View]
217375941Looking at a fresco of Hercules a thought came to mind. Why do people put dark skin to mean black? I…[View]
217364960Why does the notion of reparations piss whites off so bad?: Blacks in america are a different class …[View]
217379191Being denied service is part of multicultural reality: >Be me >Live in predominately Arab and …[View]
217370416New Awakening: The basis of our race is blood and soil. You can have all the accelerationism in the …[View]
217372318anyone else notice Tuckers eyes tonight? I am pretty she he got jfk'd then replaced by nipTuck[View]
217380069Netanyahu met with US National Security Adviser John Bolton at the prime minister’s office in Jerusa…[View]
217378182*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*[View]
217374482#FullscreenFullnazi: Google is a corrupt company that has been supporting nazis and the alt right fo…[View]
217325909Elon Musk Proposes Near Civilizational Collapse: https://www.dailywire.com/news/48779/elon-musk-here…[View]
217378356Liberals are stupid asf: Do you think we could all just adapt to one flag I’d love to bring hitler b…[View]
217365965BEN SHAPIRO ON SUICIDEWATCH!: IT'S HAPPENING First was Andrew Neil embarrassing him on national…[View]
217380080What does everyone think about betos new war tax idea? https://www.google.com/amp/s/townhall.com/tip…[View]
217380056Refugees Do not come to the Netherlands go to Denmark: Refugees Do not belong in the Netherlands go …[View]
217374997Multiple NASA Studies Confirm Bedrock Heat Flow Behind Melting Polar Ice, Not Global Warming >In …[View]
217376733Well /pol/?: >Hey, uh, anon? I'm sorry about our fight earlier. I know you're passionat…[View]
217379962This gay libtard pledged to pay ten reais to every comment. Raid him.: https://twitter.com/viitooooo…[View]
217356284Redpilled movie thread[View]
217377712who are the jews: does any one have a list of the jews in the american senate, cabinet and supreme c…[View]
217378985The fruits of biological engineering will guarantee us an excellent future, just imagine. >everyo…[View]
217379818Political compass and spectrum thread: Rate and discuss[View]
217378415Whats up with all the Google Threads? What did happened?[View]
217340503Anime: The Scourge of the Right: >Children cartoons full of preteen girls and boys made lewd for …[View]
217364654This is the modern white race: Pregant Swedish woman performs in Jamaica Why does pol cope and prete…[View]
217378551*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*[View]
217379655JEWS AFRAID BY NOFAP: https://twitter.com/xhamstercom/status/1059888002632048640 >Without the nat…[View]
217376115Why are wh*te 'men' so pathetic[View]
217377137Is this shit the new homosexuality?[View]
217379074Veganism is necessary: Spreading feederism is highly addictive, don’t start[View]
217376913A map of Earth's climate zones if it spun backwards: >Southeastern US would be a vast desert…[View]
217379215I'm a tranny would someone please murder me[View]
217379332ITT we discuss Mass Extinction: Ok, I’ll start off but saying this isn’t about giving a shit about a…[View]
217379177#Fullscreen YouTube is subliminally sending Nazi hate speech through subtle things like the minimize…[View]
217378686Tech companies on suicide watch: California is about to be gutted. https://archive.fo/PItly Ending S…[View]
217379310#WICKHAMGANG: Can we meme this guy into local office? The guy running against him in my small town …[View]
217377058Trump rape accuser described it as 'Sexy'!: BBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH!!!…[View]
217370533This Google project Veritas thing us too fishy. Anyone else get the feeling this is a Trump trap to…[View]
217375800tfw no globalist kike gf[View]
217373116>Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement today regarding the undercove…[View]
217377830Post your DNA in this thread, goyim.[View]
217375317Have you taken the Wipe Pill?: Consider this question that will change everything: Do we even really…[View]
217378227Why I love multiculturalism: As an Asian man I get my pick of all races. I notice white men do not. …[View]
217379117>We must secure the existence of our people and a future for black and trans children…[View]
217369874WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!: I saw my kids watching this shit on netflix. When will the nigger propaganda…[View]
217374033Trump has so much material to talk about tomorrow.: Veritas and Google. Jussie Smollett hoax and the…[View]
217378973Who did it better?[View]
217375015Is she running again in 2020?[View]
217378308>Just die for Israel bro[View]
217378824>8 years early Are you going to join the fight to free the west?[View]
217377946Mexico deploys 15K troops to US border: Report: Didn't even know mexico had 15k troops. https:…[View]
217368189Somali Crime: Why are Somalis involved in criminal acts. Is their disobedience a form of retaliation…[View]
217378667Dystopian Greentext Stories ca. 2012-2015: Does anyone still have any of the blackpilled greentext f…[View]
217374244Say poo one more time: I dare you wh*tey.[View]
217364850When the Democrats subvert democracy, it's 'The Resistance': But when Republicans do it, it…[View]
217378449*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*[View]
217378194She not his time. She's lying.[View]
217376307Jews thread: Redpill me about the presence of jews in the most important world events[View]
217372645Whos got the sauce on this obv chimp out? https://www.14news.com/2019/06/24/police-man-shot-teen-dea…[View]
217376953>They admitted to their intentions of subverting the 2020 election. >They deleted the video be…[View]
217371784Why are white women converting to Islam? https://youtu.be/N9W2zU_Mdtg[View]
217377492Kids comics.: Have girls been depraved of father figures for too long and gone insane? Pic related. …[View]
217365425>PICTURED: Toddler sons of slain Air Force servicewoman who were drowned in the bath and laid nex…[View]
217376965Why are corporations so evil?[View]
217372926Don't Build The Wall: OkCupid is filled with #brave and #strong #resistance members /pol/. What…[View]
217377960Tax All NGO Entities: Tax all NGOs that operates in any way, shape, or form in the United States 20%…[View]
217376840F for respects: F https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2019-06-25/american-ac…[View]
217377879Based and Yangpilled: https://youtu.be/tLg5h1hCFds[View]
217373841Shoah'd off JewTube: DenierBud's video debunking 1/3rd of Holocaust deaths. Save and reupl…[View]
217360256They have children infested with lice sleeping on cold concrete floors and the best excuse they can …[View]
217369575Holy crap man, redditors are confirmed NPCs. Check out this thread about a girl who says her boyfrie…[View]
217376583Why do fathers have no say on the abortion of their children?[View]
217372389Faith Goldy: do you like Faith Goldy? do you think she knows about Arthur Butz's book?[View]
217375776Cut, cut, cut!! CNN Fake News: When will it stop? Is she high or drunk? Hard to tell. https://twitte…[View]
217366946https://twitter.com/NCommentarys/status/1142644991598190592 Why do we let women control so much when…[View]
217377328Nanny State Knitters[View]
217373495i dont wanna hear someone calling him 'based' ever again ok??[View]
2173764064th of July is a high risk date for terrorist attacks. it's our national holiday. many workers,…[View]
217377114I was almost fully bluepilled: I litterally would've easily have been a basedboy who supports g…[View]
217376059Being a criminal is not a punishable offense: Pelosi said she was uncertain of President Trump'…[View]
217375553Is Elon Musk #YangGang?: What did he mean by this?[View]
217376887Who would've thought they were a literal cancer..: http://discovermagazine.com/2011/dec/17-leth…[View]
217375894The 'Man' of Today: >lives with his Mother until he's 35 >plays video games and watches a…[View]
217376656Knocking a girl up: In the event that you get a girl pregnant, what is the best line of conduct to f…[View]
217375784/pol/ sticky; required before posting: What should a /pol/ sticky look like? Im thinking... >the …[View]
217374278How to get trump to tweet about project veritas exposing google?[View]
217374132fuck you stormfags[View]
217374828Business idea. Tell me what ya think: ~GI: General Investments~ >Open app/website >Invest mon…[View]
217374915Well, we had a good ride boys.[View]
217373792FRESH MEAT FOR OBAMA: #NXIVM & Obama connection? $65,000 Cost for Obama Admin to fly in Pizza/do…[View]
217367596Fuck Google. Use Bitchute effectively: You have to get on Bitchute, but you can't rely on them …[View]
217372810So what does the /pol/ board think about communism: I want an honest critique.[View]
217368614How can the wageslaves be freed?: I've been a neet for a few months and I didn't realize h…[View]
217374162Oh nooo its so (((traumatic))) to censor people all day! Think of these modern gatekeepers and their…[View]
217374975Christianity was invented by humans to suppress freaks: The south made converting niggers a high pri…[View]
217375468'CIS'???: Fuck off with this commie shit, it's called NORMAL, faggot[View]
217374618is /ourTexan/ dead? What's going on? Hasn't streamed in 5 days.[View]
217369385>Joe stops broadcasting his shows live about a month ago >all of a sudden has a guy with a 30 …[View]
217375223ilhan omar: Somebody somewhere...[View]
217372854The future is Africa. That's a simple statistical fact based on population trends. The continen…[View]
217375669This is from a Google ML Fairness video. Not a joke.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CwzDoE8J4M Sh…[View]
217368148Jewtube: Imagine being surprised that they did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&…[View]
217368842Make your mind up pol[View]
217369760now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong?[View]
217366982Funny, they didn't arrest any Iranians: Or Afghans or Iraqis on 9/11. Just Mossad in vans with …[View]
217368962Give me the Bog pill: Give me the Bog pill[View]
217369271Whites only thread: Moonman thread >post moonmans >be white >lift weights >have white …[View]
217373481Cold fusion: CIA has everything Long live kek[View]
217375517FREE LULA: Pol told me Jair was based. Turns out he is a kike puppet. Muh social values. Doesn'…[View]
217363320Why did not Brazil become like US and still remain a third world country? These two countries have a…[View]
217375239BRITAIN GETTING DESTROYED BY FLOODING: This rain is not a coincidence. There is an increase of cosmi…[View]
217375434Who won?[View]
217373194ARMAGEDDON IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!: Inb4faggot is a spook.[View]
217352771US Economy: Discuss[View]
217369930Alphabet owned by the CIA?: Is it true, /pol/?[View]
217375352Reminder that my Jews and I won and the fascist pigs lost: The legacy of Nazism is letting your wome…[View]
217374151Why is it always the transniggers? Is it because of the chemicals used to do the transitioning that …[View]
217374831Why do you faggots assume that Iran will nuke Israel if it gets a nuke? Nukes are just political too…[View]
217372133CAN tiny houses save Detroit???: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qY4s5T6cLSw[View]
217368062Which ones do you believe are not fake?[View]
217373458The Yang Delusion: >you can’t deport 12 million people without collapsing local economies >com…[View]
217366077The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Install to see Bitchu…[View]
217371560Minecraft villagers are Jews: Prove me wrong.[View]
217363648Trump wants OUT of Iran: Shills on suicide watch[View]
217374662Welcome to the end of days...[View]
217373913brit/pol/ - biblical edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9bMsVmSobA https://www.bbc.co.uk/news…[View]
217373293Expect disclosure this week: To distract from current news[View]
217368908Ask a Proud Neo-Nazi Recently Diagnosed with HIV Anything.: Don't share needles, kids. Heroin i…[View]
217374867We should put denton as our profile pictures to show the clown world we live in a soon to be dystopi…[View]
217371466Technological suppression is inherently political, it affects the lives of everyone who uses technol…[View]
217374784No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217373197Ironmarch: Red pill me on Ironmarch I recently found out about AtomWaffen and wanted to join, but I …[View]
217355485/pol/ humour: Can I have some ...?[View]
217366820How do we continue to pressure Google now that Veritas went live?: I realized I still use chrome lik…[View]
217370198SNAP: OH SHIT NIGGERS![View]
217371689You know saying 'meh' is considered a dick move?[View]
217374314>https://apnews.com/9c1f0c32a4bf44278aadcb0175aa8a0c Reminder that if you're in fear of your…[View]
217368825How can you tell when you've won a debate?: I heard you win when the opponent deviates from rea…[View]
217374096Found This Gem: > Bullshit's Birthplace - The Myth of 4chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
217370555How do you see the white race in 3019, anons?[View]
217374002>let the centroamerican taconiggers in >move them into detriot >buy the central american la…[View]
217372737DECLAS Next Week: So Trump was supposed to DECLAS for the past 6 months. Now that the dust has settl…[View]
217363965Why /pol/acks are Closet Trannies: An Evolutionary Perspective: This isn't bait. The spread of …[View]
217372552South Africa and Israel: How dose pol feel about the fact that Israel stood by the bores in South Af…[View]
217369510realistically speaking, how do we bring down GOOGLE and similar big tech companies who are actively …[View]
217373442Black Sun Channeling: What is the best way by which we can channel and/or harness the primordial ene…[View]
217365063EMA WITH SIRENS GOING OFF IN BACKGROUND: https://www.numbers-stations.com/database/sites/default/fil…[View]
217373533Did this really happen?[View]
217373354Gritty thread Anyone got that meme where he quotes the jewish question?[View]
217372189KEK: The (((global public shitshow))) is coming to a closure my frens. Soon, war will be declared an…[View]
217371814Literally wtf Google: Why are they doing this[View]
217370834Good Movies / TV: Post stuff that doesn't shove sjw shit, or shoehorn diversity into it.[View]
217364940Help me /b/ros: IS it just me or is it the same girl?[View]
217372154Come home, white man[View]
217370300Western Civilization isn't civilization at all.[View]
217368661You fucking goyim are losing: You are losing GET OVER IT[View]
217367677How far is too far?: Is this considered too far?[View]
217360632Project Veritas video on Google throttling the right already taken down due to copyright strike: htt…[View]
217373322Best way to genocide without the exposure: Free abortions for the race you no longer want. Charge 10…[View]
217367162Is Google Racist?: The national labor force in 30% black or hispanic but Google’s work force is only…[View]
217367421Helpful ways that whites can uncuck themselves. only rule: don't blame jews[View]
217364622Rebrum Tabuletta Analytica: I am starting on a personal project focused on analyzing crime data in m…[View]
217373215JOIN MY DANK MEME SERVER FRIENDS!! But For real, we need more woke people. FevWAjR: xdxdxdxd[View]
217362477Millennium Challenge 2002 - US Iran war simulation: Can someone give me an unfiltered rundown of thi…[View]
217370562operation:clown world maximus: Ok, we all know SJW's are some of the most annoying fuckers on t…[View]
217371794No no, bigot. Nothing to do with race.[View]
217368961The dems will run a Biden-Gabbard ticket. This has already been determined. Would you vote for your…[View]
217371798Why should i care about the white race??: I have autism. My life has been hell since the beginning. …[View]
217355557HAPPENING; GRAPES OF WRATH 2019.: Buy Food. #NoPlant19 Your Welcome. >inn4source…[View]
217371207Fellow ancaps...: What do ancaps here think of bisexuals and gays?[View]
217369161How do I find a girl: >be me >20 anon >date the same girl for 4 years >go through my red…[View]
217361646I've heard that phrase 'How do you stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun.' pretty mu…[View]
217372545This period in time: I just get this feeling lately that we're entering this period in history …[View]
217362888I think I'm about to end my gaming habit. I've stopped playing most mindless games, and th…[View]
217366828Why do black people consistently call each other known, historical racial slurs (the n word) but whe…[View]
217370806What goes on here?[View]
217369740Is Bitcoin a psyop by the federal reserve?[View]
217371349James Fields: several minutes about how the system pretends its legal rulings are both reality based…[View]
217370415Sperging right wing red pills on zuck book: What are your experiences with this lads? I was debating…[View]
217371691did Sugar Ray predict the Jew /pol/ meme on this cover?[View]
217372165If you take a quick peek at the catalog, you'll see that the every 1 in 5 threads are about Bla…[View]
217366871Mount Everest has become an ‘open toilet,’ staggering amount of human waste found on its slopes: …[View]
217365869Can Mormonism save Europe?: I mean just look at this family. You don't see photos like this out…[View]
217370324Is this the next Mollie Tibbetts?: https://www.ksl.com/article/46580694/missing-university-of-utah-s…[View]
217371111https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V1-LLbNFgs I've sent him a 'transcript' of the police intervie…[View]
217371436I know this is leddit but holy shit. Literal NPCs, and I mean LITERAL, expressing there findings on …[View]
217359642Oregon has a 'potential' happening.: 1) OREGON !! home of a state half filled with loony oonbat far …[View]
217372016/pol/ ylyl, rage and feels thread[View]
217365887Hello anons. I'm looking to see who has encountered a triangular craft in the sky. I have a few…[View]
217367261FBI Baby Boomers: I like how a bunch of retards on a Japanese image board became so dangerous in a m…[View]
217371907daily reminder that brown eyes are the true master race shit eye reporting in. bow down, blue eye pe…[View]
217371042Whats wrong with this sick cunt?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AL3Y2NYBhw Why do so many women h…[View]
217351352HERE IT COMES THE BIG HEALTHCARE DROP THANK GOD FOR TRUMP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpxOFQFx0…[View]
217328164Trump remains the only US President since Jimmy Carter not to have launched a major war: I do not un…[View]
217370296>absolutely humiliates and ridicules the pathetic burger 'right-wing' heh nothing personnel kid…[View]
217371557The NPC Phenomenon: Aphantasia and Things: Once again, the subject of the lack of metacognition and …[View]
217361522explain this: Muslims : Jesus Christ is a holy prophet of God who was born through the Virgin Mary a…[View]
217356055what words should be banned?: what words should be banned?[View]
217371598Based Russia repeals the anti-father 'domestic violence' scam: >Now a husband who hits his wife o…[View]
217368634Trump: Great Temperament: Note that Trump's reaction to the Iranian downing of the drone was an…[View]
217368700They know they are more powerful than governments and believe they are more powerful than the US gov…[View]
217370540What did the country that wages war on terror mean by this?[View]
217368603what did he mean by this?[View]
217363021GOOGLE BITCH RESPONDS: THE RAT IS SCARED http://archive.is/3wROZ[View]
217369477Is Japan our enemy or ally?[View]
217359227/pol/ will defend this[View]
217370878>imagine being an american >imagine being a country that supports the main exporter of sin and…[View]
217369190Genetics and animal behavior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dwjS_eI-lQ Just don't extrapolat…[View]
217367489Russian Military Ship on Cuba.: What is happening?`[View]
217370886trans kids degeneracy thread: Stop indoctrinating children with faggotry[View]
217370973Feminists are fucking retarded. Because women prefer to date men who make more than themselves and n…[View]
217369872Black Athletes and The White House: Why do black champion athletes skip the white house? I think thi…[View]
217354046What was he thinking?[View]
217368724I’m with him in 2020. I realize now that the alt right is racist as fuck and has no real solutions.…[View]
217369899Reparations for Wagecucks: I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to college. Now pay me.[View]
217369177Faginvasion: Can't even play a fucking throwback mobile game without their faggotry contaminati…[View]
217360681The Real Reason Whites are Not Having Babies: Upwards mobility is fucking dead in America. Why would…[View]
217364317Is Elon right about Chomsky? https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1143339171295219712[View]
217364535SPLC debunks 10 anti gay myths with facts and logic: MYTH # 1 Gay men molest children at far higher …[View]
217319743THE HAPPENIIIIIING !: OK ! OK !! you guys need to see this, a few weeks ago a faggot on /x/ claimed …[View]
217364390Why do americans do shit like this?[View]
217359717HONK HONK HONK HONK: 'I think most people think of rape as being sexy ... think of the fantasies.' h…[View]
217360855Why did Iran attack that tanker?: Who did the tanker belong to? Was it jews? I'm guessing it wa…[View]
217370206Brit/Pol/: Boris did nothing wrong edition.[View]
217337472Fuck Sanders. He lost my vote: I'm voting for Yang. $1000/month no questions asked. The governm…[View]
217365781The true gospel.: When you die you cease to exist. That is why resserection is so important. Jesus d…[View]
217369785AI is racist: Well, how long until Walmart gets sorted by the aclu[View]
217346061PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSES GOOGLE: https://old.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/c4miq0/insider_blows_wh…[View]
217369975Furry's are people, when they are in costume: Does that mean it is okay to hunt them?[View]
217370018There was a War for Space Travel in the 19th & 20th Century: The scientists that flourished duri…[View]
217366709what are we going to do about the alcohol question?[View]
217366479Daily reminder Q is real: >predicted Jussie would be recharged >predicted Google would get ca…[View]
217366848Did he do it?[View]
217369842Why are we trying to save Muslims? What good are we doing by not just letting them die?[View]
217367161Jussie Smollett grew up in a commie niggerjew cult!: Jew Father. Deadlocked Mother in early 90s (wh…[View]
217367407>*allows felons to vote* >*makes voter registration automatic upon turning 18 >*makes attai…[View]
217369739oin the r/BruhMoment discord server for REAL awesome bruh moments!! Enter the code: FevWAjR to join!…[View]
217367707This is the face of the revolution /pol/[View]
217365578Daily Reminder that this women is openly advocating for Baboons (not niggers), literal fucking baboo…[View]
217369641literally so reality pilled i can't even argue on the internet. someone who sympathizes with ni…[View]
217367726Learn the socio-sexual hierarchy[View]
217368260Why is nobody talking about the literal biggest happening of the year: There also seems to be a medi…[View]
217368947ITT we expose Mossad psyops on the Internet. Did you know Mossad is constantly editing Wikipedia art…[View]
217368848The Plans of Satan. You Need Jesus Christ.: >go after children. teach them its ok to 'be who you …[View]
217359522HAPPENING! THE PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO IS DOWN!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&featu…[View]
217368670lmao imagine being this butthurt about something drumph said[View]
217365272Muh SELECTIVE EDITING BTFO: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/445091-libel-suit-against-p…[View]
217368492FRIENDLY REMINDER: that these distortion looking tik tok memes are fucking slide threads[View]
217364617thank God this shitty month is almost over[View]
217357628ALRIGHT POL: Am I an NPC if I can't imagine 5 and 6? I can still pass the monologue test and he…[View]
217361578Reminder that Attack on Titan is one of the most Based Anime of all time. Catch up on the anime, car…[View]
217367276What do they REALLY want with 5G, /pol/?[View]
217363453As a gun owner she makes so much sense: Think about it, childrens lifes are more important than guns…[View]
217368609You're not on the hybrid vigor train?: Pros: > N-word pass > Immunity to shitlib tactics …[View]
217360274OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
217363671Give me your best Bolton memes, I am trying to roast a bloodthirsty neocon[View]
217364161>EcoPoints™ deducted for using gasoline >EcoPoints™ rewarded for using BayerMonsanto® G-Roundu…[View]
217366179Anarchists of /pol/, unite! [1776 Edition]: ANARCHY IS FOR EVERYONE. >Imagine thinking that gover…[View]
217366489Imagine my shock. Evangelicals love fucking kids. Who could have ever guessed. https://deadstate.org…[View]
217361770This is biggest problem of SK. Listen carefully. It’s vital problem even related life of the America…[View]
217344030Why is Trump Afraid to Use His Power?: The whole mess at the border is actually easily solved. How? …[View]
217366318Niggers Scamming Businesses: I went to Best Buy the other day to get something I needed quick and co…[View]
217355206HIT YOUTUBE WHERE IT HURTS - USE BITCHUTE EXTENSION: Google has made it clear they are targeting rig…[View]
217366015Sub Saharans are the problem. Convince me otherwise.: Especially ones called phil - fuck niggers cal…[View]
217364832JEWS AT IT AGAIN: Jewy jewess of Jewoogle Jewing Jewish things https://www.projectveritas.com/video/…[View]
217357513/pol/ humor thread Keep racism out. It just isn't funny.[View]
217367803>jewish art[View]
217361308What's his endgame?[View]
217367706Tell me about the Australian Aborigine empire.[View]
217362746Fuck you and your student loan debt: Sorry you were stupid but pay your shit. Maybe your life is sup…[View]
217362942Baked Alaska - MAGA ANTHEM (Official Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHqd0OV15iI[View]
217366878Miss me yet /pol/?[View]
217366751Every Unit 8200 kike @ Google is gonna get Rosenberg'd[View]
217365114Why does the US have a massive military and the most expensive when they cant even protect our own b…[View]
217366634Society: This movie was really gross. I'm pretty sure they are referring to Jews.[View]
217366526Othodox: What do Jews think of these guys?[View]
217362745If China/India so bad for the environment, why are they so much biodiverse than white countries?: LO…[View]
217362860Known ANTI-WHITE Google Search Biases /General/: Post what you can find. Expose their algorithm, and…[View]
217363026Download 4chan X and auto hide memeflags: Daily reminder to download 4chanX and auto filter memeflag…[View]
217359607IT'S GONE: FUCK GOOGLE youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&t=320s[View]
217348391Bros, how do you cope with the thought of death? For the atheists out there, how do you cope with on…[View]
217364870Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah: Why do Muslims have the same 10 or so names? It's like half of the …[View]
217367196Varg - The Blockbuster Video of Youtube: Anyone remember this nord? Why did he fail to innovate and …[View]
217351456Brenton Tarrant: Remember lads Brenton is a hero[View]
217363220I've got your next 'insane shrieking SJW' meme right here /pol/ > Be in Canada > Relative…[View]
217366061Why does the Right-wing hate our republic so much? Why do they always throw nigger-teir tantrums whe…[View]
217366579Islam will cleanse the world: Islam is gonna take over the world and remake all the whites and make …[View]
217346411Who's the best looking politician?: I vote for Merkel, in her prime, early to mid 2000s.[View]
217366824MUH CONCENTRATION CAMPS thread: >Detention centers are camps that concentrate people for illegal …[View]
217366156Is Xhe right?[View]
217360412Say what you will about Project Veritas but the way he gets these leaks/interviews is pretty ballsy.…[View]
217365556Nationalist Eco Communities |Today is Tomorrow | Be the Future not the Past: We on the AltRight want…[View]
217365957GOOGLE SEARCH 'ML FAIRNESS': get this trending in autocomplete before google shoahs that as well!…[View]
217366623Sort it OUT!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTwCxhQZOE0 Seems easy ... Stop the Cartels and Corrup…[View]
217360120>The short life and long journey of the 6-year-old girl from India who died near the US-Mexico bo…[View]
217366174Why are jewish 'women' such whores?[View]
217366470Fraud general: Guys i just cant get over the fact that these guys launched a fraudulent investigatio…[View]
217366352Germans: The Pakistanis of Europe: Pakistanis. Are they Aryan? The have the same religious symbol, s…[View]
217366385Yo: We got any hoppeans in the crowd tonight?[View]
217366267Political Correctness Enemy of Western Man Mind: PC is a death cult. It is spiritual and mental aids…[View]
217366200Why don't we talk about botnets in the news anymore?[View]
217344252minimum wage thread: >every business in this pic employees mostly minimum wage employees >mana…[View]
217364391I had two separate conversations today in which the other person was openly anti-Trump and speaking …[View]
217365574Should we kill all leftists? Absolutely! https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insider-blows-wh…[View]
217364986On the Google Question......: /pol/ what is the final solution to the Google question? The FTC has l…[View]
217362087Pay up straightoids.[View]
217366067IMMIGRATION IS SO BAD: That even Mexishits are closing their southern border to keep out the subhuma…[View]
217361875You tube removed the project veritas video.: The video is gone........[View]
217364447Fuck you Google: https://www.bitchute.com/video/re9Xp6cdkro/ It's over. Inb4 kike spam…[View]
217364985Anyone wanna go see: The nigger rendition of Bonnie and Clyde? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW4R…[View]
217363673Excellent article deconstructing the FBI warrant for 8ch.: http://archive.is/Vv7mG >According to …[View]
217364035De blasio against antisemitism: Is he right, /pol/ ? https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2019/06…[View]
217365048Ways for 4chan to conquer and colonize Google: OK so now as we're all seeing Google is being ex…[View]
217362901Anybody notice how there have been a massive influx of offtopic & b tier threads?: ^evidence of …[View]
217365802https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXz3qeYQP0A What'd she mean by this, /pol/?[View]
217344867Brit/pol/ - Working Class Cuisine Edition: >Tory leadership race: Sky set to cancel Johnson-Hunt …[View]
217362150How based is this man?[View]
217364094I've always been a huge Trump supporter , but those recent clips of Trump locking up crying chi…[View]
217364008brenton tarrant memes: post your brenton tarrant memes here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHfwFUy9…[View]
217362947Redpill me on the Central Park 5[View]
217362757>Be Trump >Build 2 miles of fence >Don't deport illegals >Basically started the Am…[View]
217363926RavelrY (Knitting website) bans support for Trump: The company says that President Trump promotes “o…[View]
217365226not Panda Bears: White Euros are not Panda Bears. We will Win Our Freedom from PC! What is PC that i…[View]
217361520What did Joe Rogan mean by this?[View]
217342366BONNE ST-JEAN Anglocucks please stay away Today is Quebec national holiday, i know there a large bun…[View]
217363572Why are people so easily fooled?[View]
217365019Can someone please help me understand what the fuck is going on at Google? What's the happening…[View]
217364933Nah, I'd Still Say we Have a Difference in Opinion: Silly pansies, what you think is immoral IS…[View]
217362677Baked Alaska - Trump is my President (Official Theme): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-sATHRO0jo…[View]
217361054Hypocrisy. They don’t understand the concept let alone that they are hypocrites. The Christians who …[View]
217347872This is a Norwegian girl performing on BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgNq1wgaNYo You see? No f…[View]
217364517As a fascist, i have this one American friend on discord that keeps sending me stalin x Hitler porn …[View]
217346489So women are really evil after all. This makes a lot of sense because they were dominated and contro…[View]
217339922Iran: Could shut this down and collapse the US economy by blocking oil exports Prove me wrong[View]
217353651Food riots 2019: Prepare yourself bois. Collapse will happen sooner than you think. https://www.yout…[View]
217364261Why isn't pornography illegal, again?[View]
217363870WE ARE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING!!!!!: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/06/boomers-are…[View]
217354136Why men have stopped caring about society: It is because there is no longer any guaranteed security …[View]
217341606India hate thread: What's in the center of their flag?[View]
217341144/TEG/ - Truth Exploration General: ITT we discuss Truth. What is truth? Is it ( like the commies bel…[View]
217364585Read: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9340451/wish-mr-perfect-hubby-would-cheat/ Lol. Idk what to …[View]
217337962How likely is she to become a president in the future?[View]
217364529Can any Russanons or Slavaboos translate this? At least the chorus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
217363795Why is nihilism so attractive to psuedointellectuals?[View]
217352108Mutt hate general: >fat >low IQ >dumb president >dumb congress >fat why are amerilard…[View]
217352147INSTA POT BTFO: Instant Pot getting DABBED ON by trade war. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/…[View]
217360691They're onto us: Main stream media nornies have us figured out /Pol/. This is not good for our …[View]
217360431Trying to find a video I saw when I was a kid: It was some documentary on Discovery or something com…[View]
217362997What would /pol/‘s reaction be if real ayyyyyylians came to Earth? A very different RACE from white …[View]
217362156>tfw sent a picture of my dick (mutilated) into a Jewish scholarship >tfw got it…[View]
217357859Why do boomers hate religion so much? Older I get all that shit is true.[View]
217364054SuperPower 2020: Guru castrates 400 Indian men: This man is doings God's work. He attracts Indi…[View]
217363994omnivore's dilemma: omnivore's dilemma, how many lies are in this book? I read it in Colle…[View]
217363977/ourdictator/: Why didn't we save him /po/. Why did nobody come to his defense. Putin saved ass…[View]
217357812Clown World Acceleration: Most of you won't understand this. However, the NWO/SJW/Left Bolshevi…[View]
217361183Finger Guns = Black Power: Its Okay To Bear Arms[View]
217351485>try to save kids from degenerate drag queens >get arrested CLOWN WORLD…[View]
217362908Why are feminists so ugly?[View]
217359641NASA’s Curiosity rover saw something flash on Mars, and people are freaking out: Cosmic rays or ayys…[View]
217363408Jewtube has removed the Project Veritas video: It is no longer posted. Jewgle already in full lockdo…[View]
217362966Come watch some lunatic liberal boomers, its comfy. The investigation LIVESTREAM; https://youtu.be/h…[View]
217360605The next Democrat president will undo every single Trump policy >and why that's a good thing…[View]
217361262Is learning Latin the ultimate redpill because it sharpens critical thinking, develops problem solvi…[View]
217363290I go on vacation and come back to read this[View]
217361319It’s a safety mechanism. Humans can only process so much pain and suffering before they begin to shu…[View]
217358185>BUMP STOCKS BAD[View]
217361579>1969 >Incredibly accurate Brazilian medium /x/man predicts that we will meet ayyliens on July…[View]
217330537Éire /pol/ minimal edition: No links[View]
217356036How the fuck does countries under the Earth not fall off? don't give me that gravity bullshit, …[View]
217359985Is Trump a Nazi or a Jew? I can't even tell anymore.[View]
217360596Amid Racial Divisions, Mayor’s Plan to Scrap Elite School Exam Fails: >Opposition from Asian lawm…[View]
217359000>Google exposed for wanting to influence people and prevent another 2016 from happening He knew a…[View]
217361078What are: Three things a nigger can't get?[View]
217362265what the fuck is their problem?[View]
217362656Why are black Americans so anti white American: Why do they refuse to join in while having a very st…[View]
217363247Jarred, dis is Bibi: >make sure he follows da plan to bomb Iran A Mossad agent in the White Hous…[View]
217362435Is the gay empire falling finally?[View]
217361665Yes yes Yank please stop spending so much money on your defense. You don't need all that do you…[View]
217362638illegal espionage on Americans: reminder that the FISA court is being intentionally covered up by bu…[View]
217362545Hey /pol/ how about we meme everyone to just straight up vote for the wall in 2020? Straight up put …[View]
217360530if there ever was a time and a place to show up with pitchforks and torches, this is the place and t…[View]
217358844Black Men Ruled the MILKY WAY (Proof): Bow down WHITE DEVIL! This black genius has proof that black …[View]
217349757The Man, the Myth, the LEGEND: When will Brenton Tarrant appear in court again?[View]
217362822Baked Alaska: Yang Gang Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwOzAaf1vEs[View]
217354015How to raise strong kids who can think for themselves: My girlfriend started talking about having ki…[View]
217324527Daily reminder: Reminder for /pol/ The holocaust did happen[View]
217361510stop trying to compete, goy: >don't disrupt our stranglehold, you filthy goyim--assimilate.…[View]
217361242Project Veritas right again, YouTube removes video.: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insid…[View]
217359891Huh. I wonder why? https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-peace-plan-wins-praise-from-israelis-rejection…[View]
217360944>Created by Jeremy Isaacs >Directed by David Elstein And this is the best historical ww2 docum…[View]
217362023Google says it could punish officials protesting against company at gay parade: >google has sent …[View]
217359513I am a Pole so you can't say that i am a fan of Germans, but even i feel weird when i look at t…[View]
217352710/our guy/ Jason Alexander is starring as Chris Christie in a livestreamed film of the Mueller Report…[View]
217362492Nigger Reparations are a good thing and here's why. It would cripple the economy and also sour …[View]
217358103Why do young whites love welfare so much?: Black guy here. This is crazy. We tend to support centris…[View]
217359735help need full screencap: Anyanons have the full screen cap of pic related?[View]
217352655Bolton the war hawk never served: Because he was scared of war.[View]
217348872Whats inside the cube?[View]
217362237The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Install to see Bitchu…[View]
217362214That drone that was shot down in Iran was a loyal American patriot. It is worth going to war to aven…[View]
217361652/RSRG/ - Reserve Rights General: Recently found posted to the internet in random on and off surface …[View]
217362179How do we initate the incel uprising? Should we create an affiliation that is strictly anti-whore an…[View]
217358119https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgwD1E1ESQM Will 4chan start drifting left again if an Iran war brea…[View]
217362084guys whats up with CDA 230? i watched this retard's youtube video saying CDA 230 is bad (https:…[View]
217361136#GodBlessObama: I found it very sad and funny that when you tell Trump supporters that the economy h…[View]
217344159Maine is now getting refugees from Africa: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/23/us/portland-maine-afri…[View]
217361924Red-pill me on the Frankfurt School: How did they subvert the West?[View]
217316421Google exposed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vofqL3W6Aeg Hidden cameras show: >Google believes…[View]
217347999Propaganda over Profits: Further proof that they will do anything to demoralize and subvert. Their g…[View]
217361764Todays happenings: >Google political meddling confirmed >Trump rape accuser confirmed schizo …[View]
217361174HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AL3Y2NYBhw[View]
217360884Fuck Trump[View]
217361216We got that way because in the Clinton case we had Graham, Hatch, McConnel, and all the same GOPers …[View]
217361535/pol/ >niggers are so stupid with their kangz bullshit also /pol/ >aryans wuz the real kings o…[View]
217359435You wonder who's going to pay for student debt cut? Eventually: Billionaires. We're comin…[View]
217361478>Google gets exposed for being a bunch of scummy fucks trying to mass program humans using AI to …[View]
217358576first attempt at memeing[View]
217360225BITCH IS TALKING ABOUT RAPE FANTASIES ON CNN!!!: https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/114333020…[View]
217357743When you visit Britain and realise it's peak mutt.[View]
217354023Are there paid RNC shills in /PTG?: Like PR people paid to steer the messaging.[View]
217342247How do we use Super Mario Maker 2 to redpill the masses?: How would we make levels that A: Exposes L…[View]
217332147God fucking damn it, where was my hot pedo teacher in high school[View]
217358710Abortion: A woman’s right to abort the parasite (because that is what it is), shall not be denied. M…[View]
217349076do you think natalia poklonskaya is hot?[View]
217359775Can anyone compete?[View]
217360965Ever notice 'Christians' who say things like 'Jesus says this' and they are quoting OLD testament wh…[View]
217361094> collapse immigration system > declare emergency to fund the wall > b-but where would we g…[View]
217360628How did he get red pilled?: In alot of ways - a surprising number of ways - hes /pol/s vooce in the …[View]
217358959What a cohencidence: Jews working for google work full time to stop trump.[View]
217361187/pol/ what do we do about Mark Brahmin? He's making us look like fucking idiots out there. He…[View]
217358831Corporatism run amok: Is there anything that makes small towns or anywhere unique anymore in America…[View]
217360740And 42% of this country still support him. I want to scream until my head explodes.[View]
217361133How do you call this website a place where you can dialouge about the specified subject when it will…[View]
217357670Someone give me the final verdict on who actually attacked the oil tanker[View]
217360808This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x]…[View]
217359533Who fill the farmers get their gibsmedats from after they kill all the city folk in the boogaloo?[View]
217360915No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217357572(((Firefox))) using (((Class-Struggle))) propaganda, right now.: Actively denying time-preference is…[View]
217359094what are we going to do about the alcohol question?[View]
217359117THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT: Its time for a true leader. An engineer and someone who isn't going to se…[View]
217360339Israel thread: Greedy jews strikes again https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2019/06/17/deputy-for…[View]
217360857Millennials are whiny, narcissistic, entitled and pitiful. Gen-Z is aloof, psychotic, nihilistic and…[View]
217360493Just a friendly reminder that Donald Trump purchased large amounts of ad space to call for the murde…[View]
217358728Do average normie Europeans take the climate potato seriously, or is she considered a joke?[View]
217349911>muh pagayisms!!! >muh christcuckanity!!! Why not White Israelism? Americans have a long hist…[View]
217354148Trump supporters are uneducated shitbags who unironically vote against their own economic interests[View]
217360667Today's 'Man': >never gets a girlfriend >sits inside all day playing video games and watc…[View]
217358872Look at these Indian freaks promoting lgbt: https://youtu.be/IWqvaymNvQY[View]
217360214daily reminder that everything you do is recorded by the universe: it always blows my mind when i lo…[View]
217352513Jesus Christ here: You're all going to hell. I was practically a communist, fully behind woman…[View]
217358807Captcha is “racist”[View]
217359644Why are feminists so ugly?[View]
217355103JEN GENNAI RELEASED A STATEMENT: https://medium.com/@gennai.jen/this-is-not-how-i-expected-monday-to…[View]
217359347So, the left is commonly okay with milkshaking, and they know its not an acid attack because they ar…[View]
217360171Hunger Games really written by Suzanne Collins?: We’re the Hunger Games books really written by Suza…[View]
217352328For those of you who are virgins, how is that possible? Is it because you didn't try hard enoug…[View]
217360376>*saves you from WW3*[View]
217360099He is so tired of bullshit and he’s aging like a fine wine. More robust and savory as each year pass…[View]
217359667I want to believe...[View]
217360265veri: Anyone have link to the veritas video. I cant seem to link to it in any of the stories. I foun…[View]
217341584Chechens: >chechens not white >other Russian caucuses Muslims not white How? Every Chechen I…[View]
217353213WTF Trump is a race traitor?[View]
217351221A litle report from anti-pride meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Here is our Pride counter-protesters, which…[View]
217360072Reminder that every great leader in history has been a centrisr: >Gang weeders to the left of me …[View]
217360103Italian police learning from the best[View]
217360100actively buried by media: reminder that the FISA court is being intentionally covered up by bullshit…[View]
217358019The Freaks Have Seized Power: How is this even legal? >The decision to create a “Pride Car” to co…[View]
217358514Hey /pol/, Is rape sexy?[View]
217359975The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Install to see Bitchu…[View]
217356861npcs: >Racism bad Why do they do this?[View]
217359943Does the older americans regret not siding with Germany?[View]
217353532Kushner out: How do we meme the Antichrist out of the Whitehouse?[View]
217356224YFW you try to be a thoughtful, calm, measured politician who seeks real solutions and ideas to the …[View]
217356885America appreciation thread: America appreciation thread[View]
217344956>alt right assholes thread[View]
217359583Clarification: I will not lie, I am a newfag and I've been lurking for about six months and I n…[View]
217355660Stop racism[View]
217359740commie friend of mine: >be me >have a communist friend >I'm a fascist >He brags abo…[View]
217351812Let's say you could lead an actual compromise on gun control What would that compromise look li…[View]
217304588Discord trannies EXPOSED!!!!!: I just made a thread on Stormfront about exposing the discord trannie…[View]
217358180>Europeans sail ships to Africa >trespass onto Niggerland >steal niggers >steal nigger r…[View]
217359186AOC thread: Is she secretly based and redpilled ? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/23/alex…[View]
217358109I have read many articles by Jewish people saying this meme is false, is it real or false?[View]
217334299WHO IS ALWAYS RIGHT?: https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/06/24/exclusive-mexican-officials-confir…[View]
217359619Gone but not forgotten.: Come on guys, I thought he was our hero..I thought that was the “psy-op”? N…[View]
217358949How would the media, people and politicians of america react to him if he were to run on 2020? What …[View]
217359554Blacks are changing the demographics of most states.: https://www.theroot.com/the-top-cities-people-…[View]
217359391merika: When did alt-rights, conservatards, and the entire right wing become a bunch of pussy boot l…[View]
217359012Hacker used $35 computer to steal restricted NASA data: A hacker used a tiny Raspberry Pi computer t…[View]
217358525JOHN BOLTON GENERAL - AMERICA #1 EDITION: Iran has just gotten away with downing a U.S. drone in int…[View]
217352056Collapse of US will be way milder than people realize: Anons talk about cultural polarisation and vi…[View]
217356653China to erase Islam from country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmId2ZP3h0c china erases muslim c…[View]
217346584Young Americans Are Becoming Less Comfortable With LGBTQ People: > As GLAAD representatives point…[View]
217359113Make White Sharia Great Again Edition!: Hello my fellow /pol/acks. You might say the world is fucked…[View]
217358948Intense Tectonic Activity: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplot.php?virtual_ne…[View]
217344397'WE WANTED TO DRY THE NAZIS OUT': >German locals purchase town's entire beer suppl…[View]
217354664A shitload of guns set to be destroyed went missing How'd you guys miss this one? https://www.j…[View]
217359189Helmet man is back at it again https://streamable.com/dou2b[View]
217358918OH NO NO NO NO[View]
217350723Fair warning.: The stock market is going to crash tomorrow. I hope you're ready anon.[View]
217348455SPIC terrorizing his little Nephew: https://twitter.com/rudyhernandez_/status/1141521191913443328 Th…[View]
217354509DuckDuckGo: i think its time that duck duck go over took google. ▲ ▲▲[View]
217346721How are whites the good guys again?[View]
217359070Tfw you get banned on /b/ cause you have a dynamic IP address and the reason for the ban was a post …[View]
217352946Why does /pol/ call Terrent a false flag but not Brevik?[View]
217358642Stop discussing UFO's.[View]
217358577If you could have been born into any OTHER race/ethnic group, what would you choose?[View]
217356353Google exec in Project Veritas sting says only big tech can stop 'the next Trump situation…[View]
217357065just heard 4 loud bangs guys Sounded like this[View]
217358739/pol/ music thread: Post redpilled music /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HMm2pmpcBE…[View]
217356825*destroys your environment*[View]
217356797Did anyone see the latest whistleblower leak where it was revealed that Youtube is censoring Tim Poo…[View]
217358454Holy shit, eco fags: Just buy a fucking coffee maker.[View]
217357954Hit or miss? He wears a fitted kippah He's got a million I bet he doesn't tip ya! *CHING* …[View]
217358568Mazel tov everyone!: As a member of the Jewish community and close allies with Donald Trump, let…[View]
217356746Do people unironically not remember the 2016 Democratic primaries? Do you seriously not recall how B…[View]
217355818The Effects of Gender Roles on Women in STEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh6bgA9NiI8…[View]
217355959Since the niggers are demanding reparations I think its time for the UK to pay us reparations for th…[View]
217326248Antifa Thread: >smash capitalism post pictures that show how powerful the Antifa is…[View]
217343033Does anyone hate Norway?[View]
217357958Masculinity and femininity are both toxic. Androgyny is the ideal state. like genderless gray aliens…[View]
217357382Confess to a Brother[View]
217352474Jen Is Concerned About Marginalized Groups: So, what is the percentage of black and hispanic program…[View]
217356926>The smartest retard is still retarded Think about this saying, /pol/. Let it sink in.…[View]
217356708Ladies and gentleman I have just come up with a way to shut down all liberal owned liquor stores and…[View]
217357823How accepted are gays in your country? In America they are basically untouchable. No criticism allo…[View]
217355340NOT SO FAST, GOYIM[View]
217350375Google tracks your location even if you turn it off: >Start using Android in 2008 >Never turn …[View]
217357544Straw Poll Economic System: https://strawpoll.com/prx1wgdg >What economic system does pol favor? …[View]
217358111Economic System Poll: https://strawpoll.com/prx1wgdg >What economic system does pol favor? If you…[View]
217347383They aren't all the same: Retards.[View]
217356890Sup /pol/, finally switched a different ISP that supports my freedom to funpost where ever I want (F…[View]
217333357Advice for natsoc female: No, I won't timestamp my tits, you gtfo. Not so long ago I took the r…[View]
217355435why haven't Americans strung up the neocons from lamp posts yet?[View]
217357766Israel thread: Why jews are so obsessed with money, /pol/ ? https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/20…[View]
217356124Where did you realize that it was over for Trump?: Pic related did it for me.[View]
217348056Did they kill him because he named the jew?[View]
217355107In 2016 drumpftarded magapedes were so full of hope... If only the potatus gets elected he's go…[View]
217356251Insider exposes Google’s efforts to influence 2020 election against Trump: https://www.rt.com/usa/46…[View]
217356434This dude was politically incorrect.[View]
217357867Well well well, look at these give ass mofos: Project flower. https://www.nytimes.com/1991/12/08/wor…[View]
217357846Hello mudda hello fadda Here I am at camp Birknau Camp is very entertaining And I hope to have…[View]
217357494Imagine how much of an international pushover this faggot will be...[View]
217354943Bill triggered the left with this tweet.[View]
217320675Cycling infrastructure: Why do right wingers hate it?[View]
217356502Queerfag hate thread[View]
217353908Be honest: Hypothetically, if Trump starts a war with Iran, will he be reelected?[View]
217353279I am touring in Washington rn. Today, I went to the national archives and saw our nations Declaratio…[View]
217356067Donald Trump giant dong: Does anyone have the pic of Trump leaning back with his giant dong falling …[View]
217354443(((Alt-Right))) candidate looks to unseati lhan omar: Is she Jewish, I can't find any informati…[View]
217356048Google Preps to ‘Prevent Next Trump ELECTION: BAN GOOGLE! THEIR AI IS EVEN MROE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE…[View]
217338420Bernie is going to destroy Trump, here's why:: College debt is fucking up society. Declining b…[View]
217325817Man we're fucked: I read this article on the Globe and Mail: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/ne…[View]
217357035The tech kikes and social brainlets are pissed:D[View]
217357165***He Doesn't Have The Black Vote: He's Fucked*** >voted for Bill Clinton’s racist “th…[View]
217353625Yang Gang is the true silent majority.: Who would say no to an extra $1000 dollars a month funded by…[View]
217354084Google Biased or Intervened Search Results: look for similar results and post what you find[View]
217356524Why are feminists so ugly?[View]
217354964The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217343023AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHHAAHAHAHAHHAAH The Best Political Cartoonist of his generation does it again[View]
217356767The internet is currently down for me here in Massachusetts, and it's been this way the entire …[View]
217352922Keep on posting the same threads you've been posting for years. Don't do anything other th…[View]
217344095I'm 34 and I fucking hate all women that have rejected me for my job. One woman said I was hand…[View]
217354597CANADA YES! Trudeau is using SWAT Snipers to kill Pride Parade Protestors: >https://www.cbc.ca/ne…[View]
217356411JUSSIE SMOLLETTE IS INNOCENT: In this thread we are proving that he dindu nuffin. Pruuf #1 https://w…[View]
217352361You pol tards don’t even have a job & this Down syndrome chad is a millionaire philanthropist Yo…[View]
217351172Drag Queen Story Hour Continues: https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Drag-Queen-Story-Hour-drives-gend…[View]
217356174praise kek!! haha xDD[View]
217354462I need backup: Every time I throw a meme on imgur immediately the leftist cucks down vote me too neg…[View]
217356292The most decorated unit in American military history was composed entirely by Japanese immigrants. T…[View]
217356806Did Vox just drop a red pill?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVQomlXMeek[View]
217356572POLL: HISPANICS are most hopeful about the US; blacks the least:: What's up with this, /pol/? W…[View]
217354820Became un-redpilled (sorta): Been a week in DC. Seeing firsthand how multiple cultures exist on day-…[View]
217343122What in the Sweet Fuck: So...MTV is gonna start airing a new dating show, but it's a bit differ…[View]
217356577How do we prevent fiction from representing reality?: Especially when it comes to white girls prefer…[View]
217351715I fucking hate first gen 'latinos': This is coming from an ACTUAL hispanic. I fucking HATE first gen…[View]
217356702Girl rants on gendered toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srnaXW9ZgZc What do you think /pol/? D…[View]
217354542Canada Liberal politician trying to decriminalize spreading HIV: >Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault, …[View]
217356470>Mormons are based. LOL[View]
217355330She's done for boys: >It's over. She's finished boys. A non-profit dedicated to f…[View]
217355227Wallpaper thread?: Lost my wallpaper folders. Need more backgrounds.[View]
217355607How do we get the glowniggers and shills off this board?[View]
217355040There is never a good time to not retaliate.[View]
217336242Looking for a masterpiece video that was deleted by jewtube: This video was amazing and it turned me…[View]
217348342Making normies racist: In your experience, what is the best way to convince normies that niggers are…[View]
217347251White babies thread! Let's talk all things related to pregnancy, prental care, and child birth.…[View]
217352408Why does California have the best colleges?: Stanford Caltech Pomona USC UCLA UC Berkley (discovered…[View]
217355615/pol/ why is it storming outside?[View]
217355300>Did you see the latest Joe Rogan? Why are the powers that be silencing the true science? >Tha…[View]
217354882The kind of person who posts 'have sex' on /pol/.[View]
217354484Redpill me on these beans: I have taken for granted that $oy beans are for fags and fag enablers (an…[View]
217355893Was skeeter honkpilled?[View]
217355303Wait, I thought the whole point was that it was better when the US was oppressing women and blacks. …[View]
217353347white men so angry and butthurt: WHITE MALE CRIME: White males are just 30% of the population in Ame…[View]
217355350Pornography: Why do you people blame jews for the porn? It's your fault for watching it. It wou…[View]
217352157When did you realize video games had detroyed the white man?[View]
217351970The biosphere has already collapsed: Thats why our food is so shitty, theyre cutting it with filler.…[View]
217355081based: >go be a sodomite somewhere else faggot[View]
217355078WW2 - Berlin Blues Edition: Post WW2 related stuff here. Also requesting the full image about Patton…[View]
217332847Number of Partners before Marriage (UPDATED: 2010s Results): >Less that 5% of women were virgins …[View]
217354068Please be nice to each other So we can have fun together Play and fuck jooows mother Left wing o jan…[View]
217327426Be American. Starve.: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-24/shocking-after-photos-reveal-awful-t…[View]
217354572Has there ever been more of a failure in politics than this dumb cunt? She had so much power and mon…[View]
217354181What was your path to the JQ and White Nationalism ?: >It started off with atheism; Richard Dawki…[View]
217354533Only military veterans (who were honorably discharged) should be able to run for president. Change m…[View]
217354958/pol/: wants Israel to be abolished because of their deep-seated hatred of jews Leftists: wants Isra…[View]
217354156Boomers Ruined Everything: /Pol/ What’s the best way to get rid of Boomers? https://www.theatlantic.…[View]
217338394Hey gun fanatics, what good is an AR15 against a tank?: Not much. But it can work wonders against th…[View]
217353595Is there any country more pathetic?[View]
217353087Does anyone know anything about Honk Kong and the protests there? What is being done to combat autho…[View]
217345108Nazis BTFO[View]
217350852How stupid are Trump and his supporters?: Trump and his supporters are now trying to blame Sec. Kevi…[View]
217339658ADL encouraging breaking the law: Absolutely unbelievable.[View]
217351617Trump 2020: What are his chances?[View]
217352977Jews are white[View]
217350732Second Chapultepec takeover when.[View]
217354590>still working a custy service job like I did before I got my B.S. >Look for jobs on linkedin,…[View]
217354589Trump is kinda a dick.[View]
217354312Google Is A Leader In Equality And Social Justice: Kek[View]
217349874Israel can't do false flags, psy ops, or shill properly anymore. They're LOSING IT!: and s…[View]
217353999>mom found the creepshots on my phone[View]
217352652Non-americans, what do your public schools look like? Do you still maintain a semblance of order? It…[View]
217331477TRUMP SEZ HE KNOWS WHO DID 9/11: President Trump says he knows who was behind the September 11, 2001…[View]
217348955Is Climate Change real or just a meme?[View]
217354001https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bukPGph2ec who was at fault?[View]
217349463it's fair to say that /pol/ doesn't have the happy-go-lucky nature of normies and tends to…[View]
217308749Google on 'the Trump situation' HAPPENING thread 2: Project Veritas leaks and footage. https://youtu…[View]
217345534you have literally no argument[View]
217354457Dark City: We need more memes of the 'strangers'. Here is an example to combat sleep poste…[View]
217345854What I'm most afraid of in the case of a civil war is that others will kill all leftists, and n…[View]
217346728Go to war with Iran, goyim. https://youtube.com/watch?v=qn_rFpdIxvQ[View]
217354300Ola Bini Released. from Ecuadorian Jail: https://www.democracynow.org/2019/6/24/ola_bini_privacy_act…[View]
217280552Does the average typical liberal woman hate white men now?[View]
217339606Hey guys remember that time we had a 2 year investigation that cost the public 40 million, because R…[View]
217353011State enforced monogamy: 1 - How to stop hypergamous and promiscuous behaviour in women? 2 - How to …[View]
217350237Stop Lynching black men: Stop Racism now.[View]
217344748Police release video of Jussie Smollett with noose around his neck: nearly 70 hours of video, all co…[View]
217354197Illegal Aliens: Check out this thread lmao https://twitter.com/justaskdude/status/114222054455457382…[View]
217354127White Jizya: I'm not a Muslim, but I know a good idea when I see it. Muslims used to charge a J…[View]
217353201Does this mean he's OUR GUY ???[View]
217354106Simplistic question about UBI: Okay, so this is a simplistic way I'm trying to wrap my head aro…[View]
217354103Terrorist or Victim?: leaf fags: what's your opinion on him? pic related[View]
217354101The Boomers Ruined Everything Article: A not bad lengthy article highlight any problems facing those…[View]
217345387Is Russia white?: I've been thinking about this a lot lately. They seem more Asian than anythin…[View]
217350923>innocent Englishmen AYE LADS, KILL 'EM[View]
217354017No Move Zone | End the Invasion: No Move Zone | End the Invasion A bit of setting it right. We have …[View]
217352194Anyone work in the border patrol? How is it? Trying to join that instead of the kike controlled mili…[View]
217349648/BG/ - Bullying General: There is imperical evidence to support recreational bullying. It stiffens t…[View]
217346700Tartaria: Learn about the mud flood. Watch UAP, Martin Liedke, get educated!! Great red pills people…[View]
217351201What is it that you guys don't like about Sargon? Is it that he's not a white nationalist?…[View]
217344108So are we getting our $200M back from those sand niggers or what?[View]
217350111(((Firefox))) using (((Class-Struggle))) propaganda, right now.: Actively denying time-preference is…[View]
217353700Quell the Mutiny | Never allow the Ship to Fall to Mutiny | Sink It Yourself: Quell the Mutiny | Nev…[View]
217349752CHP (Christian Heritage Party of Canada)The only Pro-Life Party.: The CHP is Canada’s only pro-Life …[View]
217353426man bad: if trump is orange man bad, would hitler have been mustache man bad????[View]
217347859Why does only /pol have flags ?: Other boards are flagless. Can anyone tell me the reason ?[View]
217353556Take a bow this larp is over: Take a bow, the larp is over This masquerade is getting older Lights a…[View]
217343877Yeah, I’m thinking she’s based.[View]
217346190Help: I’m VERY new to 4chan and come from a very left family (although my grandpa dislikes Jews) I d…[View]
217350743Is atheism an evolutionary trait?: I wonder if the churches and priest class were always corrupt and…[View]
217352686Why do modern people think God is some physical entity that hands out rewards and punishments? How d…[View]
217351883name as many as you can[View]
217345827Why We Jews Push Leftism: I'm a sterotypical Jew as put forth by the collective hivemind of /po…[View]
217340855Supreme court declares war on free-trade: We need you Ron.[View]
217350234Why are Turks always losing to Chinese?: LOL, why do Turks always lose to Chinese. The Chinese kicke…[View]
217349291I'm tired of all this winning.: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gorsuch-sides-with-liberals-in…[View]
217339705Why are you still using Google?: And if you don't, which search engine do you use?[View]
217351551American man rapes, stabs and then beats a Chinese student to death before decapitating her: https:/…[View]
217345002Homosexuality is a mental disorder, let alone transsexuality. Congrats to conservatives for drawing …[View]
217341665what did she mean by this?[View]
217304397Russia is truly lost: I'm in Ekaterinburg now. The largest Russian towns are completely lost. 8…[View]
217352818pol opinion about Conan the barbarian: Was he based and redpilled?[View]
217348539Executive Order for Transparent Healthcare: This board is dead. I hate you all. Also thoughts on new…[View]
217352873/pol/ PLAYLIST: Lets put together a /pol/ playlist I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
217345421Why is r_thedonald full of cucks?[View]
217352491Are periods nature's way of telling women to stop being useless cunts and start popping out bab…[View]
217345738Hussein Obama and George Clooney with the severed head of a child on a boat: Hussein Obama and Georg…[View]
217350579holohoax memes: memes that show the ridiculousness of the holocaust hoax Oy vey never forget the 600…[View]
217352040The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217352373A day in the life of a fren: Hello frens, what are your true political stance yadda yadda what are h…[View]
217323612Why are almost EVERY SINGLE adventurer a white man (or woman). >see an adventurer motorcyclist in…[View]
217352048This is not a wall, it is a fence.: Why do MIGAtards do this?[View]
217351858Suspected meth lab in east Las Vegas home actually a giant cat box: >When a woman arrived at Sunr…[View]
217349997>straight guys tell me Im a good looking guy all the time >girls dont even give me the time of…[View]
217351345Why do white people keep living on this places?: I mean I would understand rich white people who own…[View]
217351682Your daily reminder to remember the 6 million.[View]
217344134https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1xa3WbUg2w Maybe white people are the bad guys after all?[View]
217351945What is going on in Australia?!?: What is going on in Australia?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
217345611WALLATHON: Steve Bannon has a live TV 'WALLATHON', raising money to build the wall. Took $287,000 in…[View]
217351830For those who believe pornography is degenerate, do you believe videotapes are also?: If so, how so?…[View]
217349737Climate Change - Redpills & Infographics: Please share some climate change red pills. I need to …[View]
217351873National Stories: Nations and peoples cohesive foundation are base in stories. It seems to me that f…[View]
217350569AOC Thread: I always hated this bitch since the first day she became popular and who turns on her ma…[View]
217347222Ron Paul: Is Ron Paul our only hope of actually restoring the U.S. to a first world nation?[View]
217346197Trump is talking about the (((federal reserve))) again, why does he pretend like they are stupid and…[View]
217350678I just want to see the whole world burn[View]
217350969Honestly this[View]
217344557Sensible gun control: Enough IS enough. When are we finally going to get some fucking sensible gun c…[View]
217346107More than half of young Arabs want to emigrate: http://www.arabnews.com/node/1515101/middle-east Oh …[View]
217346972It's Okay to Criticize Jews: A daily reminder that...It's ok to critique (((Gooey Jewliton…[View]
217351451My idealogy? Doing the exact opposite of what beta leftists do/say.[View]
217350113anyone else noticing we are in another peace times era like the mid to late 90s? pre9/11 innocence i…[View]
217346137Thought of the Day: Aryans are on average 35-75% of the white population, and the non-aryan whites a…[View]
217348304Devils Advocate- Google has every right to censor and change and manipulate whatever the fuck they …[View]
217351424come home white man[View]
217351326emcel meme: >6/24/19 I'm forgotten Why did this meme fail?[View]
217350825When will you guys realize that the threads that say Do you really want to start a race war Whitey A…[View]
217345359ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING: >ITS HAPPENING >>217341042 As we all know, google is run by a…[View]
217347162Who will own most of it?: In the near future who will own most of Antarctica?[View]
217338133If we don't take drastic and immediate measures to curb climate change, civilization basically …[View]
217345799I went to a gay pride parade to see the debauchery society succumbed to, but I actually had a lot of…[View]
217347733Was it a friendly gesture or a threat? Sounds exactly like what Russian politicians were saying afte…[View]
217343900/HCG/ Hillary Clinton General: Me and my are people of principle. My father died last year and he su…[View]
217346229Where tis be the most pirate place?: I've lived is Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Taiwan, and visite…[View]
217329897Ever wonder if UFO conspiracy shit was nothing more than, say, Russian or communist disinfo, anon? S…[View]
217342622It's scared: The Insanity in Oregon Is a Glimpse of Our Very Dark Future. https://www.esquire.…[View]
217346690Mayor Petey Buttplug: Should mayor Petey Buttplug hold a free banana give away for the black communi…[View]
217347909Trump supporters are uneducated shitbags who unironically vote against their own economic interests[View]
217348437/pol/ Reading List: Education time anon what books are /pol/ approved? For new and oldfags alike. Gu…[View]
217346952DRUGS REDPILL: Hit me with your best material, need it for personal use Pic unrelated[View]
217347940We need more GooGle breads! Spread the video https://youtu.be/re9Xp6cdkro Make a GooGle Bread Get An…[View]
217349866is he /ourguy/? https://saladinoforcongress.com/[View]
217349758Clown World Army: >When you start believing that Mossad crap and act accordingly. Holy shit, the …[View]
217349403Damn, I feel bad for white people[View]
217348576lets play a game >your age >your field of work >yfw the state of your nation >where woul…[View]
217349464Erdogan's party suffers blow after Istanbul re-run poll defeat: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-…[View]
217346462has anyone seen this chabad lubavitch stuff? scientology level stuff. endless ammo.: normies thought…[View]
217348816Universities raises tuition rates soon...: Instead of paying 200-300/credit, if college becomes free…[View]
217349385Eckhart Tolle Deconstructs The NPC: I've never looked into this guy before but his insights int…[View]
217348901Ravelry.com: So you may have heard that this website has banned support of Trump. https://www.bitchu…[View]
217347611Google is NOT Evil - Don't use DuckDuckGo: · Insider: Google “is bent on never letting somebody…[View]
217346711Fuck yard apes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i8G1ymt_rY[View]
217350079nigger hate thread[View]
217348607Based google will fuck up trump and whitey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&t=51s Ba…[View]
217349092Who do you trust in the movement?: Who do you trust in the movement? >Hunter Wallace - Occidental…[View]
217345802ANN COULTER BTFOS TRUMP: https://twitter.com/AnnCoulter/status/1143190330809946112[View]
217343933jews are italian[View]
217346752June 24, 2019. A date that will live in infamy: Time to press the advantage. Lying to Congress is a …[View]
217346404Who’s going to trademark NIGGER(tm): The Supreme Court just ruled that the patent office must give t…[View]
217334562Occultism and satanic Faggotry in the Government: ITT we expose the government as satanic faggots an…[View]
217341042JEN GENNAI DELETED HER TWITTER ACCOUNT!: https://twitter.com/gennai_jen?lang=en http://archive.fo/kv…[View]
217346149>be Mayor if small town South Bend >get a lot of fame in a short time, going to run for Presid…[View]
217347318the greatest hero of southern carolina[View]
217322331He’s right you know.[View]
217309111Women Hold Majority of Student Debt[View]
217347787Owen Benjamin is the most based man to ever live according to wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
217348611The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217348343Norwegian hate thread.: >inb4 'they are based!' They are pozzed as much as the other Yuropeons. h…[View]
217322204Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - NO MEMEFLAGS! Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 201…[View]
217335870Why do jew-owned media outlets like the washington post and the new york times publish seemingly ant…[View]
217331205Homosexuality is caused by child abuse: All gays were abused as children. It's not a gene issue…[View]
217348072Mayor Pete Gets Buggered: ..... and this time it was a mistake.[View]
217348398Is 5G the final stealth genocide weapon of the (((elite)))? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcysZ65M…[View]
217348352Basketball governors: So we can’t call basketball team owners, “owners” anymore, can we still call t…[View]
217343326FUCK THIS DYKE: >US women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe says she'll 'probably never …[View]
217348101Wtf I love China now!: I guess they are our rightful superiors...[View]
217348238/twg/ - Trade Workers General: Last thread was entertaining, let's see how far this can go…[View]
217333130I thought this was a joke: They're really going to put this fat nigger on the $20?[View]
217345277Obesity Tax?: what do y'all robots think about implementing an obesity tax? for example, people…[View]
217346787Have you ever seen pic related play out irl?[View]
217333121/pol/ humour thread: Lmao you glorious racists never fail to make me laugh with your 'pol humor' thr…[View]
217347078There are memes in modern culture, including this board, that have been engineered in insidious ways…[View]
217346343Explain to me how this is not a whore in a fancier dress. She offers up her body in the same way a p…[View]
217347752I R A N: You have no choice Donald, the Iranians will attack us...Even if we have to do it ourselves…[View]
217347810Time for a new Origin Myth: I've been thinking about the Foundation Myth copypasta I've be…[View]
217346739>mfw Ontario is Open For Business™[View]
217345593Who will dominate tomorrow's democratic presidential debate?[View]
217340309WOMENS: Where is it written that I have to be a one-man entertainment center for a female? Keep her …[View]
217343669What is he thinking pol?[View]
217342532Jews Want you Sterilized. Don't (((Vaccinate))): Whatever it takes, your #1 job as a white is t…[View]
217337348Theres is no wrong: >like you cant prove there is only 2 genders…[View]
217347601Yep, I'm thinking it's finally over[View]
217346459Hello friends can anyone recommend me some important /pol/ related books preferably in the order tha…[View]
217346235FBI OPEN UP: https://youtu.be/kQIZwV70WTc https://youtu.be/0HUdnRojJVQ https://youtu.be/x9IMsgz_ZNM …[View]
217340110BREAKING: Mexico deploys 15,000 troops to US border to slow migration: https://twitter.com/Breaking9…[View]
217339238The French Revolution is responsible for modern progressive bullshit What role did the Jews play in …[View]
217287434the grim DARKness of the far future: 'old on, how come dem 'umies, despight bein only 2 gr…[View]
217347483You're no so ignorant as to want wh*toids to survive, right?[View]
217340738youtube prankster running for congress: Joey Salads is running for congress. He has a history of doi…[View]
217339818Why Don't You Support Anarcho-Syndicalism, the Real White Man's Movement: Taken to its log…[View]
217344677As a Jew, I must say the USS Liberty and 9/11 Dancing Israelis were a hoax. Just Google them.: https…[View]
217347333SELLOUT: a contact in DC has leaked info that Tim has scored a deal to license his name to a fleet o…[View]
217346901Lone Star Anon here. I don't want to sit idly by anymore. I don't want to see my state go …[View]
217321356Did 'leader' ever return?: Did this guy ever return and give an update on the current state of thing…[View]
217347118>Mr. president, this is my cousin Muhammed al-Mihdar. He's going to be booking a room at tha…[View]
217343990Why does Trump love doing this pose?: I've seen him do it countless amounts of time, why does h…[View]
217345979Article 230: When article 230 is gone we will need a 'special' task force to keep the tech companies…[View]
217329424What was life in Soviet Union like?[View]
217336123>Flight home lands at 1:35 A.M. >Text mom at 2:05 'Landed safely' >Catch Lyft at 2:42 A.M. …[View]
217335599>>>FIREFOX FTW<<<: Chrome is gone and Firefox is the business. Do the same please.…[View]
217343085Nigger 'Culture': When will this nigger 'culture' get old? its all the same hype get money fuck bitc…[View]
217346538What do we do about: 1) Dependence on oil and other nonrenewable energy sources. The U.S. can't…[View]
217340681TRUMP GIVES ISRAEL 50 BILLION $: Is it enough though? https://www.rt.com/news/462482-kushner-plan-pa…[View]
217344501Marcus Garvey: ''They have sprung from the same family tree of obscurity as we have. Their history i…[View]
217343298Proud Democrat: Yup[View]
217345123Just got off the boat from r/The_Donald, how d'ya do fellow patriots! I love this site so far, …[View]
217337641Memetic Warfare.: This is a taste of things to come. Be careful what you picture in your minds eye. …[View]
217345373At one point, Trump called Buchanan a bigot.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv4y91qpaiM Found this…[View]
217345221Wow I just single-handedly fixed Germany[View]
217324691Don't you think it is odd with all the openly ongonig corruption, to see nobody doing something…[View]
217346356Imagine still believing Trumpstein will do anything to stop illegal immigration.[View]
217336618HOLY SHIT GUYS THEY DID IT They just took down Project Veritas website![View]
217346114Why is Mossad so scared these days? Cuz they keep fucking up?[View]
217345980>We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed b…[View]
217343673Is anyone else becoming a Leftist?: I am honestly being disillusioned with Fascism bros. It is so fu…[View]
217343904Alright guys so I just got banned for saying I like trumps economic policy on this website https://w…[View]
217337002>German pilot: Oh no no no no no[View]
217340231The driver of a pickup truck that plowed into a group of motorcyclists: Driver who plowed into motor…[View]
217339691>Iran shoots down drone >Trump applies sanctions >MAXIMUM PRESSURE Even Jeb Bush wouldn’t …[View]
217346104Google: arbiters of discrimination: so who told google they could rewrite definitions to include shi…[View]
217343401SBSK THREAD: Of all his videos, this one probably hit me the hardest, it really breaks my heart. Loo…[View]
217313691>trades are for low IQ shitskins! Name one college degree that will net you $2000 in profit for a…[View]
217345607Nintendo opens second retail store ever in Israel: God damn Jews ruin everything[View]
217339676The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217342666>nigger known for hooting and hollering about video game 'hype' supposedly kills himself >roas…[View]
217345885Why are liberals so much tougher and physically stronger than conservatives? This lib would smash po…[View]
217345772Just to let them know!: Let's just do it. Write a letter to these guys and tell them what a bun…[View]
217345721Google’s The Selfish Ledger (leaked internal video): I think this Google leak from last year is wort…[View]
217344841Die for Israel.[View]
217318177Veritas OH NO NO NO: This women determines what you via something called 'algorithmic fairness.' No …[View]
217345256Marshmallow test debunked: Why are (((they))) so desperate to prove that intelligence isn't gen…[View]
217345104Joy Behar: A rare old photo of Joy Behar without makeup taken in 1983 back when she was still young,…[View]
217344764Frozen solid standing upright.: You ever think about how you want to die? I've given it thought…[View]
217326718Google Exec Says Breaking Up Big Tech Will Not Prevent ‘The Next Trump Situation’: https://dailycall…[View]
217344172Google censors Conservatives, proven. Facebook does, proven. Twitter does, proven. Instagram does, p…[View]
217340634My grandad was a Commissar in 1920s: and i am jewish[View]
217344378Ple ase wake up. We have missed you, you've been in a com for ye ars...im not sure if y ou can …[View]
217335536Should all prisons be solitary?: Cell mates do more harm than good. For niggers it just makes them d…[View]
217323308ANOTHER JEW ATTACKED IN BROOKLYN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym2PEHo8ctI Another Jew has his ya…[View]
217345304Why'd Hitler consider slavs as worst people on Earth?[View]
217343915Kalergi Plan: https://twitter.com/Steve_Sailer/status/1142982074564927488[View]
217345210Are the horsmen among us?: Im sure the pale horseman and white horseman are here and the red one is …[View]
217345327Post games where you can nuke israel This one is called Shadow President. I want a modern remake[View]
217345295Thoughts About The Golden One?: This is Marcus Follin, The Golden One. He is an interesting characte…[View]
217342818The Accepting Mother: The Path that is Leads us to Hell.: The father and mother are important partne…[View]
217341649Thoughts on this boy? He was a huge thing when I was a kid but he’s not talked about a lot anymore.[View]
217344828Just passing this along: Found some hot fresh cancer. Justd doing my duty and notifying the proper a…[View]
217339416I R A N: You are only delaying the inevitable, Dahnald.[View]
217334960brit/pol/ - Bincel edition: >Tory leadership race: Sky set to cancel Johnson-Hunt debate https://…[View]
217341842Yes I invest in silver bullion, how could you tell?[View]
217344478Is Israel and Russia planning to conquer America?: Just like WW2; they planned against Germany. Will…[View]
217341413Should Pol Support Democratic Candidate Marrianne Williamson For President?: For those that don…[View]
217344173@PRIVATE PYLE I've been coming on /pol/ since about 2014 and probably spend upwards of 5 hours …[View]
217334619CONGRESSIONAL STATEMENT ON VERITAS VIDEO: https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/114325518821769…[View]
217344174retards: How does it feel to vote for the same shit that boomers vote for? Retards.[View]
217344550It's us or them, Mr. President. The time to act is at hand.: Need more of these please. Boltons…[View]
217322980Kiwi femanon here, and no, I won't show you my tits, grow the fuck up, Incel. My question to yo…[View]
217323100I went full Libertarian. Sorry guys. https://1stamender.com/article.php?articlenumber=1610[View]
217336421> more illegal immigration than ever > less deportations than Obama > no new wall > no v…[View]
217340978>Why dad did you save a picture of a clown for 30 years. Don't you think this is stupid. …[View]
217326398Will the white race be extinct this century?: Or it is just a meme?[View]
217343438google should be criminally investigated: google should be criminally investigated[View]
217325378What is your opinion on Romania?[View]
217342626>Trump literally made his supporters at his rallies pledge loyalty to him and to Israel That expl…[View]
217342942I expected something else: Close to finishing a trip on several countries. A couple of surprises Cos…[View]
217341853German NBA player liked Pro George Zimmerman Tweet: The Lakers are ready to clear some contracts inc…[View]
217326774Yea, I’m voting for Bernie[View]
217341654Scripture Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Luke 1:1-25; 57-68; 76, 80 Since many have undertaken to …[View]
217344222Trump BTFO Bolton in interview: >inb4 HURR DURR Y ORANGE MAN HIRE HIM DEN???!!! Because Bolton is…[View]
217342975Liberals and atheists are smarter than conservatives: Is /pol/ going to disagree with SCIENCE?…[View]
217339728populist - pop·u·list: >a person, especially a politician, who strives to appeal to ordinary peop…[View]
217342191Illegals get in-state tuition in over 20 states: With this #CancelStudentDebt bullshit trending, Tru…[View]
217343156Stacy: Holestly, I’ve been hearing the occasional helicopter after a nice hour or two on 4chan. This…[View]
217344085Operation: Reddawn: We need to start massively redpilling the normies in ways that get them to find …[View]
217343850RAPED IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN: The South African government insists the chief motive is robbery and…[View]
217343363How hard is it these days to start a family on a nice plot of land you own with a good house? I need…[View]
217338491Frenworld refugees: So guys where are the refugees of frenworld headed?[View]
217338111Anybody here actually unironically a race nationalist?[View]
217342272It was a scam the entire time: 'No evidence Russia tried to influence Brexit' Same is true with the …[View]
217340169Teacher charged with sexually abusing 28 first-grade girls: LEBANON, Ohio (AP) — A former physical e…[View]
217343932I know how to fix this country: Our birthrates our down, there aren't enough good jobs to go ar…[View]
217339802why does he always have to spoil all the fun?[View]
217341200JUST FIVE: There are just five things you need to remember in order to defeat the left forever.…[View]
217329630Would you live on this island nation, pol?[View]
217343700The Egalitarianism Cycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngiEFG19How This is one of the most import…[View]
217343501Got a good idea How about if everyone who is convicted of a serious enough crime is forcibly castrat…[View]
217334990other candidates: >vote worth $0 Schmernie Schmanders: > -1 trillion dollars Andrew Yang: >…[View]
217341166SWFL HOT STICKY WEATHER THREAD: You’d think being a 4th gen in this hellhole I’d be used to it, nope…[View]
217335498>Gemma Brushett, 28, was awarded £4,161.79 in damages after she successfully sued Robert Hazeldea…[View]
217343455Patreon: What's with this fucking website? Is the average suburban roastard just whoring themse…[View]
217341492GOOGLE HATE THREAD /GHT/: FUcK theSe neW agE web 2.0 ShITT in the ARRRSSS Thread Theme: https://www.…[View]
217339874Modern journalism: >Vice[View]
217338320> Do you really believe in the overpopulation myth /pol/?[View]
217323933Declining Levels of Comfort with Faggots in the US[View]
217343132It will be great to see the government force them to abide by the First Amendment.[View]
217343133BUMP GOOGLE THREADS MAKE GOOGLE THREADS https://youtu.be/re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217341531They Got My Home.: Visited the family this past weekend, found out the tranny circus came to my belo…[View]
217340846If you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telling them that you have run out of words. Yo…[View]
217339618/pol/- related cringe[View]
217342960SATANS PLAN FOR CONTROL! KNOW JEUS CHRIST OR YOU WILL FALL!: >go after children. teach them its o…[View]
217342245Why Post Women Images on Replies?: What's the psychological effect of posting hot women as a fi…[View]
217334907Behold the /pol/tard: >espouses a political and historical perspective which dictates only the st…[View]
217337934They aren't hiding it any longer![View]
217309774Mollie Tibbetts Trial Delayed as Illegal Alien Wants Confession Thrown Out: 'The murder trial, which…[View]
217342221WATCH THIS MOTHERFUCKER NOW: https://youtu.be/re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217338447Has he ever been wrong?: 2016 election aside, has his polling/predictions ever been off? He's s…[View]
217331542pol BTFO: Accept it /pol/ The strong take while the weak quake.[View]
217328494She's a woman, ok bigot?[View]
217338356Knitting website bans Drumpf and white supremacy: https://www.ravelry.com/content/no-trump > We c…[View]
217338487Tulsi as a potential sucessor to what was observed in Ron Paul.: So, primaries are coming, there is …[View]
217341142What is the general consensus on Zoomer women and what can we do to redpill them??[View]
217321116If you vote for Trump,consider yourself and your family marked for death!: Don't bother trying …[View]
217302676Are they the only non-shit Slavs?[View]
217342492Don't come to Australia: Unless you want >expensive living >buildings falling down >ro…[View]
217340457JoshWhoTV: Does anyone use JoshWhoTV to upload videos? How long does it take to upload? Do you get b…[View]
217342444Give Iran Nukes: give Iran nukes now![View]
217340049Redpilled documentaries: Anyone have any good documentaries or videos theyd recommend? Preferably o…[View]
217340356Trump Firework’s display on 4 of July to be the biggest ever, why can’t foreigners compete with this…[View]
217306358歲 萬 國 港 香: Users of 4chan: Although there are already more than 100,000 signatures, we hope you can…[View]
217333185Cop gunned down in Missouri: Why does Missouri have so many murders, /pol/? It has the second-highes…[View]
217340343Is Chomsky based, guys?[View]
217338748*rubs hands*: Did you ever notice all the Jewery tricks, plots and agendas going on around, before y…[View]
217340284Buttogieg js going to be our next prrsident. parties over faggttts[View]
217336591Taking advantage of jewish money: It is not illegal to write on bank notes. It decreases the longevi…[View]
217340847A moment of chaos: A los of happenings, interventions, false flags and general fuckery. I will post …[View]
217341552How Do I hide my powerlevel?: I just started a new job with all different types ( still looking for …[View]
217318823Israel or Palestine: Pick one. No you can't sit on the fence. You have to pick a side[View]
217334931Was 9/11 that impactful to our current millennium as people say?[View]
217339616reparations are retarded and so are you if you support them: reparations have the same logic behind …[View]
217340177Why is Trump such a cuck?: He cares more about Africa than he does about America. Aid to Africa bump…[View]
217329487no travel for bigots: at what point does the pc bullshit become too much? was this flight attendant…[View]
217338852Degeneracy is everywhere!: Even the Amish are now victims of this disease. How do we stop this?…[View]
217340288Mexico paid for the wall: How does the left even cope? https://www.thehill.com/latino/450093-mexico-…[View]
217323802Why aren't you checking out Molyneux? I listen to his content almost daily now, and have been a…[View]
217339137Are western born middle eastern women Trad or Roasties?: Also Do they date white guys or would their…[View]
217334365ActBlue is hiring!: >https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1330120934/ >75-90K LOL >Required…[View]
217339197Graffiti: Vandalism or art?[View]
217339580/pol/ has found his candidate!: >Faggot >Hates Blacks…[View]
217335470Please tell me This fucking Piece of Shit nigger is fucking Dead[View]
217341707Who is never wrong?: You know Him. You love Him. It's >inb4source…[View]
217333343I just can't wait to vote Trump again.: Do we have some pre-election salt?[View]
217341277Anyone else excited to vote for Trump again in 2020?: Like, I'm getting really pumped up to cas…[View]
217337831Round 3 krautcucks?: https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/06/24/europe/wwii-bomb-cornfield-trnd/[View]
217341183SICK OF CENSORSHIP!: tired of all the censorship on you tube, so I got this idea, since murdoch murd…[View]
217337201>'why yes i am a veteran of the 2019 iran invasion, how could you tell?'…[View]
217339625looking to join a group in portland: who's better, proud boys or patriot prayer? why? looking f…[View]
217341083ITT we discuss the heresy of Protestantism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaXeUmgc2Lw[View]
217338437Jews are Mediterranean[View]
217329351Thatcher once said : 'A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a…[View]
217337870hitler theory: >hitler is studying types of people and behaviour >sees a link between bloodlin…[View]
217337687Manhunt after six women attacked in London park: >Police are searching for a man after six women …[View]
217339947There are 50 (fifty!) freaking nations in Europe![View]
217307626The 'Man' of Today: >never gets a girlfriend >sits inside all day playing video games and watc…[View]
217338672What are good books on the origin of mankind and homosapiens? Bonus points for any books on cave art…[View]
217337375have you been red pilled yet?[View]
217334720>Extinction Rebellion infected Netherlands >Also Germany >Occupied a coal mine for a day …[View]
217316891Dems like AOC and Ilhan Omar are pissing off the Holocaust industry.: https://twitter.com/HolocaustM…[View]
217338488Nigger burns: nice.[View]
217317977What are /pol/ approved crypto currency?: This thread is ONLY for Anons already into crypto! No-coin…[View]
217337594WOKE: GoFundMe shuts down $750k campaign: http://archive.fo/ixal5 Star Australian Rugby player had h…[View]
217338252>Zendaya's controversial teen drama Euphoria shocks viewers again as explicit locker room sc…[View]
217325749Mexico sends 15,000 soldiers to the US border to stop the migration: >The elements make arrests a…[View]
217337203First Democratic Debate 2020: Make your predictions here! What questions will be asked? Who's n…[View]
217337604Harriet Tubman is a Fictional Character: >>Harriet Tubman never existed and was a fictional ch…[View]
217339655When did you first realize that the only reason Lefties treat minorities so well is because they…[View]
217338153Slav = slave? Who enslaved whom?[View]
217339591What can we do to ensure liberal bias against conservatives in university can finally stop?[View]
217339115It takes 3,000 8th graders to make 1 engineer. How can America come on top again and be a world lead…[View]
217335484Allāhu akbar (الله أكبر),: alayhi s-salām (عليه السلام) Death to the west and the white man. Your en…[View]
217335876>nice towers you got there, Mr. President[View]
217322127Is an obesity tax plausible?: > Obesity is one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic dise…[View]
217337346There is nothing wrong with not being a patriot. Being a patriot results in being an easily manipula…[View]
217336695We wuz synagogue shooters: What if there was some way to turn black gangs and possibly other gangs t…[View]
217333884Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-48703377…[View]
217339074>Trump enters dressing room >picks up see-through bodysuit off table >'You should try this …[View]
217335842German immigration ruined America. The same problems happening in Germany are happening here, all be…[View]
217336613I totally betrayed you, did nothing on immigration, just tax cuts and embassy move. But vote for me …[View]
217335569I'm looking for an archived copy of this video: This video was amazing and it turned me into a …[View]
217331113We Minorities are Only Poor Because of White Supremacists like Reagan: My dad and great uncle were t…[View]
217305935All of telephony in the Netherlands is down. EMP attack? Russians? Emergency services are not avail…[View]
217338921>proposes tax on Wall Street bankers >uses that money to pay for Americans' post-secondar…[View]
217302112What do you think about Tim Pool? Is he one of us? Why is he still a centrist after covering all the…[View]
217334316TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
217337765Can someone explain to me why a TV talk show host is deciding American foreign policy? What kind of…[View]
217335803data collection: show yours[View]
217338581Do Turkish Muslims actually respect this degenerate? >T curious non turkish muslim…[View]
217333591Do they sell oil pens (for weed) in Southern Germany, specifically the Franconia region?: If so, I w…[View]
217320888That's it trump just got #metooed[View]
217337931The Evil White Men: Why is being evil associated with white men?[View]
217338381APOLOGIZE: https://www.ksfy.com/content/news/Parade-float-causes-controversy-511659961.html…[View]
217333813Christianity is a failed religion: Christcucks BTFO. Cold hard facts, not emotional rhetoric. Just a…[View]
217337718Why won't Tucker Carlson let his children die for Israel? Is he a nazi or something?[View]
217338211Cringe Political Moments: What are some things or actions that people say/do in a political context …[View]
217337390What do you think about Narcotics Anonymous? Why is this basically the standard treatment for drug a…[View]
217332316DNA race global pca with apes: Pca[View]
217338131Michael Tracy Interview: Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin magazine: Sunkara is the founder of jacobinmag.c…[View]
217334577JOHN BOLTON: POTUS has made it clear that we are standing up to Iran’s provocative actions against t…[View]
217337726Anybody else noticing that old NS Germany videos of soldiers marching and different songs are disapp…[View]
217334020Internet is the new television Why do you think adsl is asymmetrical in download and upload speed? F…[View]
217299958What makes an attractive white female go into the sex industry? Shouldnt there be better options for…[View]
217327488Chest hair & Whiteness: Is chest hair a defining characteristic of the Caucasian race? As you ca…[View]
217335627Just watched the Geronimo movie. What you did to him was a fucking disgrace. How you went back on yo…[View]
217329841PROJECT VERITAS WEBSITE DOWN! GET IN HERE: They want this covered up. It is afraid.... Is it also do…[View]
217337732>Shut up you hairy Arab monkey: OH NONONO[View]
217335278>http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/nintendo_finally_opens_a_second_official_retail_store W…[View]
217333546We could have been rich... But we failed Miserably[View]
217336762Why does it seems like that without regulation every company does its damnedest to become as anti-co…[View]
217336622Why did Germany ally with Meds?[View]
217337267>Reality How does it feel knowing the reason women have become picky brainwashed sluts is because…[View]
217334917was the CIA involved in the (((counter-culture revolution))) of the mid 60's to 70's? And …[View]
217330631Humans are a cancer on this planet: How can we kill off 6.9 billion people before 2020? https://www.…[View]
217327218Is it that much of a shithole?[View]
217335360Morrissey is officially /our guy/ >But if you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telli…[View]
217332464Call in to Fire the Liberty Traitor Owen Shroyer: Owen Shroyer is sinking the ship. His Nazi (roman)…[View]
217313164So we discover that Google has been completely thwarting the Republican Party and Trump. So here…[View]
217331451Chad Wagie FortNite Developer causes NEET Opensource 'Shitpile' to Shutdown: ChaosEsque Anthology, a…[View]
217331972Help with finding a video/song?: Sup pol, I need help with finding a rap song. It was based on the '…[View]
217337130Daily reminder that[View]
217337017Holocaust: Oy veeeeey D: neva foget da six gorillion jewz goyim! My grandma died in the gas chamber …[View]
217335703Mmmm... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217326161brit/pol/ - Take The BlackBrit Pill edition: >Tory leadership race: Sky set to cancel Johnson-Hun…[View]
217336832slick Willy teaches biden: Here we go again, honk honk[View]
217310183This book destroyed the lobsterbuckos and judan petersteins lies.[View]
217335859Congratulations, autists, you are now officially a national security threat.: As if being on glownig…[View]
217333051Political aspirations: Do any of you have actual political aspirations to turn back the tide?[View]
217333070Varg is redpilled: https://www.bitchute.com/video/sGGXfhLijDRU/ When will /po/ stop watching youtube…[View]
217336804NANCY PELOSI 'WHAT'S THE POINT OF IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN8…[View]
217327277I'm Larry, this is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl. We voted for Berni…[View]
217334517America should balkanize along food shopping preferences. Your grocery store of choice says more abo…[View]
217330180I saw Brett Kavanaugh at a grocery store in Washington D.C. yesterday.: I told him how cool it was t…[View]
217336568look at this kike, he knows he has full control over the fat orange retard[View]
217327203does this not count as cruel and unusual punishment?[View]
217335691What does /pol/ think of the 2008 UMG fire?: Universal Studios music library burns to ground under m…[View]
217336250Is he /OurGuy/?[View]
217325269Friend on Facebook just shared this. What should I say? https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/201…[View]
217309205>Here is your bill bro[View]
217334831Muslims against the Migrant crisis I live in Bosnia, despite 45% of the population being muslim the …[View]
217286760NXIVM general thread - The story continues: So just after I posted my findings on the magnetic prope…[View]
217336001Why am I powerless to stop child sex trafficking? Is there NOTHING I can do?????? NOTHING?!?!??!?![View]
217332014A thread for the Lurkers/first time posters: Those of you who never posted here, but read and lurk. …[View]
217330573>tfw gave church recruiter the time of day to chat about god/religion and stuff (I'm an athe…[View]
217335770How do I short women?[View]
217336175What was pre 9/11 western society like?[View]
217335085fuck the USA: One thing i really dont understand is why all Burgermutts constantly posting things li…[View]
217336115I've been on here from before this was called /news/ and have started as a libertarian and then…[View]
217335180The End of the Khazar pest is upon us: How will pol celebrate their death? https://sputniknews.com/m…[View]
217320435>Jen Gennai Head of Responsible Innovation, Global Affairs at Google. Jen established and leads t…[View]
217323631.@PeteButtigieg’s campaign is running a network of fake accounts to influence the election.: https:/…[View]
217335794No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217332580>someone offers you a comfy 5-acre plot of land innawoods >but if you take it clown world gets…[View]
217330176Stormy Daniels = NXVIM: No 'k' like scar from surgery[View]
217335446>Iran brings drone down >Trump asks secretly Iran for a list of 3 empty targets he can bomb an…[View]
217335644Are Algerian Berbers like Zinedine Zidane and his son white enough for the Ethno State ?[View]
217334445The British: Why are the British so unbelievably cucked, pol? This is a serious question, they make …[View]
217330268Prove you're not a shill. What do you know about israel[View]
217335520i want to believe: who do you WANT to believe, plays 4d chess and is actually good? for me its googl…[View]
217335276where are the ancaps now that googlegate is here?[View]
217335188So the Millennium called... they want their election jokes back. Why was Osama Bin Laden Celebate? E…[View]
217335478How can whites look so TERRIFYING?: People of color in the West, especially Negroes, tend to have we…[View]
217328232If Trump brings down these fucking faggots. I will literally worship him as a living God.[View]
217321351Imagine hating Jews so much you insist upon spending eternity with them in hell.[View]
217335397YOUTUBE IS GOING TO TAKE DOWN THE VERITAS VIDEO!: https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/11432569…[View]
217333955Protect trans kids[View]
217328516AY TONE: how come we ain't got no thread goin', da yids shut it down or sumthin'?…[View]
217333768Hungary and Romania: How can we bridge the divide among Hungarians and Romanians?[View]
217332104Is it wrong to make making people fat on purpose into a political movement?[View]
217328572Ever wondered why most Western people look like some kind of mannequins or mechanistic automatons?[View]
217331907Why are you addicted to slide threads?: It's not the shills, it's your fault. You keep gig…[View]
217334133I understand everything now, /pol/: Now I know why Americans are hated. We are the malformed and tor…[View]
217331954Very disrespectful move from AOC. It's a typical sign of the RADICAL SOCIALIST dems and their b…[View]
217320908Rhodesia: What do you think of Rhodesia?[View]
217330687Why?: Why does a man, who has it all, beautiful house, beautiful white wife and kids... would kill h…[View]
217333892>They have the same age WUATT THE FAK, AMERISHART???[View]
217329637'Those far-righties are dumb enough to support our anti-US left-wing movement'[View]
217332057Why are so many psychopaths Republican?[View]
217328013r/the_donald confirmed retard lair: The censorship in that forum is just as bad as twitter,google, e…[View]
217334771opinions and expections from tomorrows bahrain summit?[View]
217330674/pol/ MUSIC VIDEO LIST UPDATED!: The /pol/ music video archivalist division proudly presents the new…[View]
217333840Just in: Projectveritas.com is down: The site was utterly down a while ago; now it errors-out with '…[View]
217333891WORSHIP TECHNOLOGY Nothing else forges the path of mankind. No policies, no philosophies, NOTHING! O…[View]
217314752Why do poojeets hate christians?: I went on a mission trip there and the salt was palpable[View]
217330011Kraut and tea: where is he now?[View]
217331526Twelve years ago this month, the iPhone was first released. The iPhone was the catalyst for everyone…[View]
217334234ITT: Times /pol/ has been right in your life: My wifes pissy at me for smirking like a madman after …[View]
217329659All women (all ages) should wear an Abaya in public: All women (all ages) should wear an Abaya in pu…[View]
217331563Agent Boomer and Glowfags: False Intel Edition: Since the FBI and probably a handful of other alphab…[View]
217315125'White Genocide': My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of 'white genocide'. Who is…[View]
217333373Probably needs more Zyklon B.[View]
217329047anti-america, pro-iran discord: https://*******.gg/mpEhyWh https://*******.gg/mpEhyWh https://******…[View]
217333709Iran lost the war?: Is it true that Iran lost the war to the US the recent BTC spike was/is due to t…[View]
217332038What do you think about them? Is it good that they kill Palestinian doctors and journalists? Can we …[View]
217317642National Socialism General ('For No Reason At All Edition'): Post your memes and edits here, feel fr…[View]
217333063What happens in these states?[View]
217333308Euros just don’t understand: Thanks Trump’s Supreme Court, very cool.[View]
217330951ISLAM WILL BE A PART OF THIS WORLD: Islam was created in the name of peace, you bigots. We at reddit…[View]
217333054He Will Die In The Coming Days[View]
217331501What can be done about the invasion of pajeets into corporate America? These days my company pretty…[View]
217327092Alice Hines on Incels: http://nymag.com/press/2019/05/alice-hines-on-incel-plastic-surgery.html She’…[View]
217329699save the frogs: Frogs and other reptilians are dying due to global warming. Guys, what can we do?…[View]
217328564>The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies be…[View]
217319851NPC Test: Which one do you visualize in your head[View]
217330933Abortion: So im having an argument with my ex girlfriend about abortion. Im looking for redpills. Im…[View]
217330540(((YouTube))) engaging in blatant manipulation and censorship: Anyone else seeing this shilling of t…[View]
217318765They have a point you know[View]
217330225Question: did he build that wall he used to talk about 4 years ago ?[View]
217325219/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
217282932Humor thread: Let's have a good laugh.[View]
217332403societal variations: >social constructs are a social construct lets talk about this. What expect…[View]
217332215How do we fix the new generation?[View]
217330060dank leftist memes thread[View]
217330721Whats the announcement? Secure the bag yada yada[View]
217330913I will personally do black magic death ritual on whoever post any trans thing in /pol.[View]
217323824This is America[View]
217331898Google Pizza: What did Google mean by this? Why is Google like this?[View]
217328982Our /State Fair/ confirmed[View]
217329188vive le france: >france is a white country top kek[View]
217331581hmmm today i will edit and distort alex jones interview for the 5th time this month hmm[View]
217328340What are your thoughts /pol/?[View]
217331475Google's exposure by Veritas today (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro if late) ha…[View]
217327460'Men can': Checkmate bigots.[View]
217330393Hi guys , how is your life going ? :) How long can you survive in this limbo?[View]
217331435Rise in US Suicides: 'The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a 30% increase i…[View]
217331434antiwhite agenda: https://twitter.com/SantaCarlaGuy/status/1143233343841898501[View]
217313154Rich guy with money here. Where should I flock to? Thinking about these countries.[View]
217325939Is /pol/ pro-weed? Do you find it illogical that alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes are legal while we…[View]
217326349Well isnt this an interesting piece: Basically what this says is: >The majority of people cant af…[View]
217328260WTF google retaliating ?: This page isn’t workingwww.projectveritas.com is currently unable to handl…[View]
217331311is trump hugging israel to death?[View]
217331295Why?: We all know (((they))) control it but why? Why do they want to control the world? Why would th…[View]
217330495STOP FUCKING SPAMMING MY SUBREDDIT: You ASSHOLES have been spamming my subreddit r/flightsim NON STO…[View]
217323754Western Women's standards: >Just be yourself anon This is why the west will die. No one is h…[View]
217330651Diversity is a plus: Everyone is welcome everywhere, so take this you nazi scum![View]
217329832Based Jordan Jereb says 'Fuck that court order' Gab.com/JordanJereb Openly violating unconstitution…[View]
217331081You do realize, if we start fighting for workers rights for illegal immigrants, corporations will al…[View]
217328331>thecoli is more based than /pol/ you retards really fucked up[View]
217330867Why do i have to hear about the cia takeover of australian government through a youtuber? were any o…[View]
217328102Fighting back against antisemitism and hate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvYU8jAgYTg I fight ant…[View]
217330952>so go into more detail on that bob, what do you mean? >so um.. you see .. umm uhh.. you know …[View]
217330909Bloods and crips peace talks.....: Do you think they’ve realized they’ll make ten times the drug sal…[View]
217324867Is it just thugs you have a problem with, and not necessarily blacks? Black people used to be civili…[View]
217330810England comfortably leads this summer's balconing league: No one get even close to the eternal …[View]
217330169>it's not gay if he puts on a dress and dances for your dick[View]
217317188Why are corporations so evil?[View]
217330343Dear Reddit boomers, you need to go back.: This board was shit enough before you came.[View]
217330494Sweden hate thread: >profited of the world wars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweden_during_World…[View]
217330490was the CIA involved in the (((counter-culture revolution))) of the mid 60's to 70's? And …[View]
217329087Should we have social health awareness like we have physical and mental health? Mandatory interactio…[View]
217329030'They' as singular psy-op? Collectivist training of the youth?: Anyone notice a rapid increase in th…[View]
217305886Ask an actual glownigger anything: You all know that we are here, now i openly confess that i am a c…[View]
217324895>If I get $1000 a month I'm gonna quit my job even though my monthly bills are $3500 a month…[View]
217325720Just finished his book. I don’t see why anyone would hate this guy. He’s a decorated university pro…[View]
217326199Who would you rather hire? >I'm here because I have passion for this job and I wanna help th…[View]
217323023/pol/ BTFO by predatory capitalism[View]
217328539Vertical money: Russia has vertical money now[View]
217330120who tf is the woman on the right, I need info to look deeper into some serious stuff[View]
217329847INSTA POT BTFO: Instant Pot getting DABBED ON by trade war. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/…[View]
217328337Oh mods, someone is exposing google: It's making wahmen look bad, don't you want to send t…[View]
217324012Posted in the break room at my job. Do you do the right thing /pol/?[View]
217326537Mexican Newspaper Staffer Gunned Down in His Garage: Other Murdered Mexican Journalists in 2019 Norm…[View]
217319188What is to blame for white women? > hardmode: no jooooz[View]
217329754What ever happened to the anti-war movement?[View]
217315672Can Whites get reparations ?: That's a stupid question which deserves long schooling by Trevor …[View]
217320718Describe America in 4 words.[View]
217325340Trump is just envious of Khameini: >10 years older than him >thinner, more aesthetic image …[View]
217314666Hey I'm in the IDF, I'm in a special unit for shilling (We post pro Israeli massages and s…[View]
217316438Guys... make it stop: Dominicans are killing Americans with their ricin or some shit. What the fuck …[View]
217329614Wealth not wages are what matters.: We have had this one lingering for a while but the general point…[View]
217326764Alex Jones - The Blockbuster Video of the Right: Does anyone remember this man? Why did he fail to i…[View]
217327105post effects of the TYR-01 biological superweapon[View]
217322348The zion don meme is a psy-op by the far left designed to demoralise. Trump is no more pro israel th…[View]
217326638Hispanics in Florida who entered country *legally* growing tired of democrat bullshit and trending p…[View]
217323190Border Camps are Concentration Camps: I'm starting to believe the Holocaust was exaggerated if …[View]
217329526Bernie Sanders wants to tax Wall Street.: All of us paid GOP shills need to STOP HIM NOW. https://w…[View]
217326612Ravelry Goes Full Retard: More and more sites/platforms continue to ban Trump supporters. This site …[View]
217326432It was her turn[View]
217328902You uppity rabble: whats your definition of FAIRNESS then you biggots?[View]
217328918>jews are inferior race >jews control the world Mfw…[View]
217329207Democracy seems to have lost appeal in the past years compared to some more totalitarian designs. So…[View]
217329072*completely ignores the branch that is supposed to write laws* Why is this allowed?[View]
217327146The absolute state of this board: The sheer volume of cuck/wymyn/blacked threads is worse than ever.…[View]
217320679Media is basically creatively bankrupt in the most sickening way: This was something I designed for …[View]
217317703G-g-guys stop: Making stupid memes ok? Its not cool[View]
217316732The Kalergi Plan Pt 2: Electric Bugaloo: Daily reminder that Gabe 'Where's the white babes' New…[View]
217328208MFW you implement chinese style censorship and nobody can do anything about it.[View]
217328895ITT: Bolton Memes[View]
217319904>google 'white mother' >result Can google be any more obvious?…[View]
217327187What was life like in the roaring twenties and 1930s?[View]
217328522IMAM CHARGED! RAPES WOMAN DURING EXORCISM: Investigators allege the imam then went to her home where…[View]
217302285America is dead: As I've said, they will censor us for a while, but soon the US will hit the bo…[View]
217328159ITT: Left-wing infighting[View]
217325650How does a labor based currency really work?: Do the industries just send a documentation to the sta…[View]
217322784Is the New Jersey State Fair Based ? here is one of their ads.[View]
217328366Internet historian: Any of you guys seen his videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1D15p_vdP3Hk…[View]
217319194Why don't we build a bridge from Africa to Europe so Africans can safely migrate to Europe with…[View]
217328100had to dun diddly do it to em: what do you think REALLY happened in November 23, 1963 /pol/?[View]
217327701this is the jew that you retards are afraid of dismantling western society are you guys out of your …[View]
217324689Why do they do this: >society and women tell men that sex is amazing and awesome and you should w…[View]
217316724EVANGELICALS ARE SICK FUCKS: A huge part of Evangelicals are also zionists. People here think that e…[View]
217326919Why is US the only country in the western world who doesn't have a loss in demographics and bir…[View]
217328416Why won't women be mothers ?: AHEM... Women love differently from Men. >https://www.youtube.…[View]
217325729>entire religion killed by the cutting down of a tree tell me again why paganism didn’t deserve t…[View]
217327975Boyz need your opinion[View]
217324145What do you think of Andrew Yang[View]
217328246Operation Clown Face: Just had an idea. I've already seen some people on Twitter and other soci…[View]
217328149Why are stonetoss comics so good ?[View]
217325966Where do the Migrants want to go? Arab survey edition: Pic related. The ones closer to European cult…[View]
217328069REEEEEE LEgal iMmIgRaTioN iS oKaY!!! REEEEEe[View]
217326512WATCH THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro Endgame: Google goes Offline![View]
217309824Anglo hate thread: Let's have a nice thread talking about the sins of the anglo. I'll star…[View]
217324091USAF cautions troops to beware of sexless ‘involuntary celibates’: https://www.airforcetimes.com/off…[View]
217310811The English: How did they manage to bring half the planet to heel and become the foremost superpower…[View]
217324240How can you look at these men and call them subhuman?[View]
217324537Every american should be given a home and a car by the state.: fight me[View]
217327100Niggers >we deserve reparations for what happened 150 years ago! Poles >we deserve reparations…[View]
217327618>When you're this determined to ensure governmental regulation against internet censorship o…[View]
217320388Israel's ambassador to the UN openly calls for a genocide of Palestinians: http://archive.is/mp…[View]
217325717Who should be his running mate, /pol/?[View]
217320175RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST: Will it happen in our lifetime?[View]
217325346question for Anarcho-Capitalists: let's assume we live in a Anarcho-Capitalist world and there…[View]
217325195Hit Google where it hurts: They have garnered a lot of control over lower income people. These are s…[View]
217320585I'll let you in on a secret to standing any chance against Islam. You need a based priest to st…[View]
217327130Stormy Daniels = NXVIM: No scar from sugery[View]
217306650>zoomer says to me “I never wanna drive” >I reply to him “you won’t have to with self driving…[View]
217325147Justine Trudeau (Castro) thread: Post your best examples of the worst Canadian PM of all time.…[View]
217322288If you don’t see this at least 7 times a day, you aren’t a true European[View]
217310366If you break up our monopoly, then who will have enough resources to stop Donald Trump: https://twit…[View]
217321813What search engine do you use the most?[View]
217324769Is it just me or are most white women fucking pursing their lips and/or frowning 24/7?[View]
217323432Woman with mental age of child must have abortion against her will: http://archive.is/rbIaL Literall…[View]
217326620Decolonization was a mistake[View]
217324951Nazis BTFO[View]
217321368Why is he held in such high esteem by /pol/? His political views were basically very similar to some…[View]
217308639What is your honest opinion on Hungary?[View]
217321773Mexico: Where More Americans Are Murdered Than In All Other Foreign Countries Combined: And not a wo…[View]
217301523Manchildren to blame for single childless women: >“Far too many young men have failed to make a n…[View]
217324749It’s a small world after all: I’m noticing a theme frenz https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-roo…[View]
217309100brit/pol/ - Nosey Neighbours edition: >Tory leadership race: Sky set to cancel Johnson-Hunt debat…[View]
217324624When is the day of the rope?[View]
217326295If they are black they have to go back.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fjE894ZDlFne/ There is No do…[View]
217322027What happened to the nordic man?[View]
217323785What is the final solution to the LARPagan problem?[View]
217326113/pol/ memes you hated at the time but you miss now[View]
217293293if burny sanders cancels the study debt: wouldn't people who recently worked their asses off to…[View]
217326020You are going back Paki boi: Adieu. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/asia/pakistan/uk-wants-pakistan-to-tak…[View]
217323126Amerifags listen up!: You have to make Sanders your president, he will be very good, he'll help…[View]
217326010I hear a lot of talk about Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, ..., but what are /pol/'s opinion on Iranian …[View]
217321106Reddit is infested with them leftists. Esp. the more political subreddits are what a commi utopia lo…[View]
217325976Does Jen Know About Ethics at Google?: https://twitter.com/gennai_jen/status/1141683158536073216?s=1…[View]
217325713>If you have a boy there's a 50% chance he'll be an incel >If you have a girl there…[View]
217317868This is a real ad in the NYT today.[View]
217323682ANOTHER REDPILL SUBREDDIT BITES THE DUST: r/chadfish where as the name implies, people posted screen…[View]
217325697Bernie wants to cancel all college debt and pay for it with a tax on Wall Street transactions. Tell …[View]
217316950Germany: How cucked is Germany currently?[View]
217323955Should unpopular kids be removed from the classroom? >More likely to be school shooters >Less …[View]
217323174Abortion shouldnt be a choice, it should be forced on poor people: Lets be real 90+% of poor people …[View]
217321667If you are a true aryan national socialist you must concede that a woman's children should not …[View]
217324872664€ wage for foreigners: >Be nigga, moron or sudamerican >Come to Spain and receive 664€ each…[View]
217300444Why did the White Man Steal Our Country?: Lumbee/Cherokee Injun here...Why is it ok for the white ma…[View]
217325560Hey pol can you give me that picture of slav raping people while smiling like a retard. I can't…[View]
217324928Jews in Their Own Words: Give articles from Jewish media that says things that we do in their own wo…[View]
217304138Realisticly, what can we do about the problem with women. Relationships between men and women are be…[View]
217302176Serious Question for Blumpfkins: Do you unironically still like this guy or is this some sort of wei…[View]
217320009How common are crypto Jews?[View]
217322840How long until we hit neo-feudalism?[View]
217322630what happened anons? why are they pursuing technologies that cause harm to conservatives, are, promo…[View]
217325130It isn't just algorithms, there are quasi-editorial decisions being made: https://twitter.com/j…[View]
217315472RUSSIAN MIG-35 IS FAR SUPERIOR TO AMERICAN FLYING TOILET JUNK F-35: Russian Air Force gets 1st pair …[View]
217325048collective: When did you finally realize that individualism is a farce and that everything functions…[View]
217324638White boy pranked: This white boy was removed from apartment he shared with three arab roommates, no…[View]
217324356Which of these narratives would you say is the closest to reality?[View]
217322522We need to castrate low iq people , because they made up majority of the left wing.[View]
217324804Based: Alhamdulilah[View]
217323342If it was the jews who enslaved the niggers, why do they have english and irish surnames and not nam…[View]
217323270Not a peep from the MSM: One in every nine Christians in the world lives in an area, or in a culture…[View]
217324785How was one man so based?: >In short, as has already been said, do not engage much in debate with…[View]
217324029Lunatic Asylums: Is there a connection between lunatic asylums being closed down by progressives in …[View]
2173246562020 in 5 months. How's India's plan for becoming a superpower going?[View]
217324631Why are white 'people' so deceptive?[View]
217324354So, what do you think of Trump?: Has he let you down and dissapointed you, or made you happy? Is he …[View]
217324617Pol is a board of peace[View]
217311235Niggers >we deserve reparations for what happened 150 years ago! Poles >we deserve reparations…[View]
217324552Fuck Mods and Fuck Jannies (Tranny Tolerance Thread): We have a moral obligation to take care of all…[View]
217322820Why Hitler invaded the Soviet Union: In The Chief Culprit, bestselling author Victor Suvorov probes …[View]
217322955Anglos Are Ameripoos: Anglo Americans are Ameripoos. American street poopers have been defecating al…[View]
217324411Where can I go: In 2020 to get informed of the presidential election? Literally every (((legacy)))me…[View]
217318789Why is it wrong for us and Indians to invade and replace Britain's people after they colonized …[View]
217318371just accept it, you're in the wrong side of history.[View]
217319754Even Obama was tougher on illegal immigration than Trump[View]
217315376French Are Germanic Franks: Explaining something to the morons who think the Franks were only aristo…[View]
217324298https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/1545271001 Can we just kill Dominicans. These animals love to kill inno…[View]
217324247NGE is definitely /our/anime. Netflix finally did something right. https://www.cbr.com/netflixs-evan…[View]
217324272our military does fuck all, fights in no wars and just larps around the world pretending to be relev…[View]
217315900What does /pol/ think about Hezbollah? On one hand they're Muslim extremists, but on the other …[View]
217309802Show your current feelings about the state of your country with an image[View]
217320779America: Is America great because of the white people or because of the freedoms the white people be…[View]
217323284Is race a social: Construct that we need to stop acknowledging or is it our defining sexual attribut…[View]
217319267CNN hero nomination: on cnn you can NOMINATE A HERO. we know what must be done[View]
217323800Trying to find a )))good((( book: I am trying to learn more about the good ole days of Nazi Germany …[View]
217321084Sad state of today[View]
217323655191 days until superpower[View]
217309996100x100: http://photomichaelwolf.com/#100x100-2/ Be happy; at least you're not Chinese. This is…[View]
217323161How do we delete Google?: Considering maxing out my gmail inbox with 15GB of swastikas images and le…[View]
217315423Donald Trump's day so far: - Misspells 'strait' - Misspells 'too' - Attacks his own Fed Chair -…[View]
217322228The internet changed everything When you have unlimited communication, divisive politics is a losing…[View]
217321257I hate America as an Anarchist, and as a trans woman who's fucked over by this bullshit.[View]
217283746TUCKER CARLSON STOPPED WW3 FROM HAPPENING: Show your appreciation for this man /pol/, he just did a …[View]
217306333Is Soros, dare I say it, our guy?: A small percentage tax on extreme levels of wealth - levels beyon…[View]
217323203Who was this guy again??: Alright, time to settle this. Who really was this guy? And what did he rea…[View]
217319935Have you ever fantasized about being the leader of your very own country? >Would you choose to r…[View]
217319666Militant Zone (black metal music channel) has been banned from JewTube. The most popular video had l…[View]
217321803Trump blinks on immigration, failing his supporters one more time: 'Im gonna cuck so much you gonna …[View]
217318949if turn the other cheek means be a complete bitch then i don't want to be a Christian anymore.[View]
217323137When did you realize that you were just the white trash, bible belt version of a Jihadist? The world…[View]
217317640/pol/ humor thread[View]
217319092Memri TV thread: Post your Memri TV shit[View]
217322653Jewish Wigs: This seems Islamic?[View]
217315631How is the earth flat?: I don't understand, what proofs are there?[View]
217322656Friendly reminder that there are NatSocs on this board who take themselves seriously and they actual…[View]
217296299WOMEN AND JEWS AFRAID BY NOFAP: https://twitter.com/xhamstercom/status/1059888002632048640…[View]
217322364Kraut/pol/+Grune general 3.6 edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb https:/…[View]
217319789The birth rate situation is doomed... even in peak societal conditions we were barely above the leve…[View]
217322958What happened to white women: They used to be so fucking elegant, modest and sexy, not any more.…[View]
217322984Europe cucks out: Fucking eurokeks bow down before your masters. >Europe fears the rise of nation…[View]
217322474German monarchy: Do you support the return of the German Kaiser? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
217320409will America be the first country to create a clone army? who would be the ideal person to use as th…[View]
217321038Based: https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2019/06/20/floridas-under-70-population-now-ma…[View]
217315692WOW! That sign speaks volumes. I saw Pence being interviewed by Jake Tapper this morning. He sideste…[View]
217293629Daily reminder it’s literally impossible for women to be lonely. The statistically average woman re…[View]
217320160civil war: If blacks in the 1860s were just as bad as they are today, why the FUCK did the north wan…[View]
217322538Mass suicides need to occur in the west asap if we are to save this planet and it's inhabitants…[View]
217322154Are we going to get nuked?: Give it to me straight guys. I live on the east coast and dont want to d…[View]
217319521>leftists can’t meme[View]
217317573She may be: A QT 3.14 but boy is she dumb[View]
217322233Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Simple As Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #l…[View]
217318828Bohemian Grove: Are the conspiracies about bohemian grove legit ? Do the elite really mess around wi…[View]
217301652Real men don’t care that their woman was once a slut. Real men accept the reformed woman for the sak…[View]
217320121Global warming is real and also good: global warming is real. I have seen the poo and the dirt in th…[View]
217312804It's happening Holland struck by major outage police lines down. all police members send out o…[View]
217321556Onions Vay! The Goyim know the Chinese and Mossad are working together! Shut it down.[View]
217321442Why don’t: You guys realize you are being banned from places because no one likes you and not becaus…[View]
217321072Freedom of Speech PROTECTS you from being IMPRISONED or JAILED by the STATE. It does NOT mean you de…[View]
217322052So, how was everyone's weekend?[View]
217319670Breaking news: https://youtu.be/re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217322044In my mind, I’m never gonna die in no ghetto, absolutely never. If a man turns around and punches me…[View]
217321535Why do wh*te 'pepole' kill themselfs so much? Is it becuse the inferiority complex of never having a…[View]
217314408What is his non-socialist student loan solution. My family fell for the college meme and I don’t wan…[View]
217321794anti-housewife (((brainwashing))): how can we be expected to marry a quality female in this environm…[View]
217287660Google's Chrome Web Browser 'Has Become Spy Software': I hope you goofs are using based Firefox…[View]
217321814I hope Israelis: Hang from light post in Minecraft[View]
217321712Question: whats his next move ? if he goes to war in Iran he won't get elected again if he doe…[View]
217317696>my definition of fairness is better then yours.[View]
217321862Redpilled Analytics: I have a bit of downtime and I want to sharpen some of my data analysis skills.…[View]
217294230How did Ireland become rich?: In 1980, Ireland had a GDP per capita that was at 7000 US$, 13k poorer…[View]
217318469how do we stop racism once and for all?[View]
217311399Lets make Andalusia great again.[View]
217321543Kek, Nat Soc, high race theory, and alt-right is for faggots with inferiority complexes.[View]
217315878What's your position on Madame Blavatsky and theosophy? I believe the whole New Age movement wa…[View]
217321520Does anyone know anything about this website and if it's safe to order from?[View]
217320321What is the first word that pops in your head: when you look at this image? For me: Beautiful race…[View]
217316619Russia hate thread: Russia is a third world shit hole. Russians are scum of the earth. Hate on this …[View]
217301017GOOGLE ADMITS TO TRYING TO PREVENT TRUMP IN 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&fe…[View]
217316936Tfw massive happening in my country, why is nobody talking about this? my country's emergency s…[View]
217317439bomb iraaaaaan: >bomb iran, donald[View]
217314223The right is approaching online speech all wrong. The response to leftist censorship is not increasi…[View]
217320958Democrats are blind[View]
217317580Okay so when the hell is the civil war starting: When the hell is the physical conflict going to sta…[View]
217317856Bashar-Al-Assad: Bashar Al Assad is amazing, and the majority of Syrians support him. He never did c…[View]
217318462Its already next week, Trump. When the deportations will start?[View]
217315834Global Warming is a Jewish plot: to restrict cars to force white people back into the cities so we c…[View]
217313358U.S. airforce briefed on 4chan memes: Leaked U.S. airforce briefing discusses 4chan and the threat o…[View]
217313259Tell me about Mexican and Central Americans' contributions to literature, languages, art and be…[View]
217303495What: I cant take it anymore, guys.[View]
217298067Why doesn't poll read the Veda's?: The holy scriptures of the Aryan invaders of the middle…[View]
217320837so how is trump going to get your vote in the 2020 election i think 2016 burnt me out to the point t…[View]
217319903When did the Lilith Deception start?: Martin Luther (Luther 1545) didn't know Lilith, when he t…[View]
217316012The Native Americans were forced to learn a couple of foreign languages to accommodate the 'illigals…[View]
217320631But the food, bigot.[View]
217308874BREAKING: White House on Lockdown[View]
217320193What would be the first thing you did if you woke up liberal?[View]
217313052THE NUCLEAR DEAL ENDS ON WEDNESDAY! Will Israel attack Iran?: https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyah…[View]
217318883Gay fascist state would be great, only true brotherly love will lead to great socity[View]
217318138Neanderthal comming through: Bow before me, plebs.[View]
217317534Other than kikes, which aren’t even human, I hate Asians more than any other race. They’re fucking s…[View]
217319053FYI 'Men can get pregnant': The state of google.[View]
217291130And just like that Bernie won the entire young person vote.[View]
217318396Muslims love gays: Here i was thinking the islamic world persecuted gay people and threw them off bu…[View]
217316157Why do you guys hate religion of peace? Kebab is tastey. I don't mind they are living in here.[View]
217305810Adults Only - What do we do?: This thread is unironically 18+. No blumpfkins or shills allowed. So,…[View]
217261755Syria General /sg/ - Saint Stalin Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
217313951Spread this everywhere. We need to take Google down.[View]
217314295((( )))[View]
217319090I Give You, The Pacific Nigger Shark[View]
217308594Leddit discovers her bf has no inner voice And here I was thinking you guys were joking about NPCs[View]
217319891cultural appropriation and originality: has anyone noticed cultural appropriation is usually a term …[View]
217318121mfw subverting democracy with the help of a multinational multitrillion dollar company[View]
217319836What do you think about the goyim ? You know, there's a saying here: 'In a democracy people get…[View]
217315276Nick Fuentes: >btfo’d RC Maxwell >btfo’d Hasan Piker >btfo’d DesTINY Who can stop him bros?…[View]
217318286Eric Striker BTFO's a kike: Eric Striker debates a Jew You probably don't know Striker, bu…[View]
217307325Kids yelling Allah akbar in the streets of England: Bongs please do something. This isn't funny…[View]
217276691Give me the full redpill on Antarctica. I've never investigated heavily into flat earth and suc…[View]
217315334Notice for the stoics on /pol/: Masturbation is normal and healthy[View]
217317958uk knife raids: alright bois send pics of uk bobbies taking people's butterknives i need it for…[View]
217316996Christians are D&C shills: If Christianity is so good why did they convert the anglo saxon by te…[View]
217319668What's up with Honduras I'm hearing they are popping people yet I can't find it anywh…[View]
217318032News Flash /POL/, It's not the jews, it's all YOU: > It's not the Jews fault you…[View]
217317802B a s e d kurt: Eichenwald with the final blow to /pol/ incel virgin trolls who cant get pussy to sa…[View]
217316634new taxation system: What do you think about this: No taxation for anyone. No advertisement allowed …[View]
217310746marxist cult of bolton: reminder that (((bolton))) is trying to install a terrorist marxist cult in …[View]
217319415New veritas?: Anyone see that google had documents leaked that’s directly combatting what we do? Lik…[View]
217314881We have to go back...[View]
217315290Yang Gang, we Yang Gang, we yanging!: https://youtu.be/h-YZl9aof8U $1000 a month, the opposite of Zi…[View]
217319329Bloated Polish thugs hassle a black African bouncer: African man was just doing his job and has to d…[View]
217319299Standing up to faggots in Tbilisi, Georgia.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=0NE…[View]
217317692What can’t the left just agree we hate the same ideology but for different reasons[View]
217318006This should be MANDATORY for ALL MEN TO WATCH.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNeAAx-Px5Q…[View]
217317024BRING BACK THE QUAALUDES!: Hey, the Big Man’s back! www.thekidfrombrooklyn.com! Did ya ever seen the…[View]
217318941When did you realize that we are living a biblical prophecy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiQLHxs…[View]
217316365choose one person alive today for president (pic related) vice pres I'd go with young blood nic…[View]
217318651>You don't want Full Communism? What are you, some kind of Boomer????…[View]
217287458Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Wörk Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb …[View]
217314563If you don't know calculus, are you considered an honorary shitskin at that point? Is the inabi…[View]
217315730Alright anons, I'm tired of hauling bottled water and I don't want to drink tranny piss an…[View]
217318716Shills and bots don’t get it: The harder these fucknuts shit up the board and claim they’re preventi…[View]
217318128one nassim wasn't enough, lol[View]
217284173Why do liberals have it worked into their heads that the future will be like Star Trek? The future S…[View]
217304840Sad thing is this isn't far from the truth...[View]
217315836This disgusts me to the very core of my being. This is not the America I have known my whole life, a…[View]
217317846Captain MAGA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIBOzCte-Sg&t=0s[View]
217315105>A Greek just became the major of Constantinople turkroaches eternally btfo…[View]
217318226*turns Shapiro mode on.: Hey kek boys/pol lets destroy some libtard with your best memes![View]
217283526Is Tennessee the best place in America?[View]
217315451Why the left failed: Maybe the reason the left is totally dying even in academics is because none of…[View]
217314253Reminder that Jewish censorship is only going to get worse as time moves forward.: https://www.times…[View]
217306886Wow! Just wow! This is MASSIVE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217317670Boomer minded retards spouting off today at work about us needing to send in the troops to iran...i …[View]
217316460Information Blackhole General // IBG: Some things I have noticed here are terrifying. There are inst…[View]
217307704Humanity can't survive without degeneracy. Making faggotry the only acceptable and most extreme…[View]
217317764US is Totally Isolated in Its Insane Push for Biblical Apocalypse Iran War: https://thehill.com/opin…[View]
217317654yee: yee[View]
217313147should boomers have the right to vote.[View]
217316080/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217316296Christians are really good at mental gymnastics.: We're supposed to live in eternity with Tyron…[View]
217315072Whats happening here guys??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzAeCEBvy0U english source: http://engl…[View]
217308668Censorship: Project Veritas just released a video exposing how google is trying to destroy GEOTUS in…[View]
217307152>The CIA convinced him the Holocaust didn’t really happen[View]
217317899Hes an angry: Vice president. Make sure to stay out of his way guys he is not joking[View]
217317390who is he?[View]
217317319How's it going /Pol/? Is there a way to prove I'm not an amerimutt? Or am I just doomed t…[View]
217310595Why dont we just: Kill the top .01%? Its like 50 old guys and then we can all have money again >o…[View]
217302890Legalizing marijuana: How can anybody promote mental illness? Is it ignorance or pure indifference t…[View]
217312878FBI is moniroting this place: Just so that you know,we will responde to any use of anti semitic lang…[View]
217315942Bless you Goyito You are a great loss to your family, but also to the United States. We need more fi…[View]
217308289Why don't you have a gf?: According to /pol/ girls desire traditionally masculine men. Inabilit…[View]
217313088Were Pirates the real nazis?: Jokes aside... What was the ideology of pirates? Far from anarchists, …[View]
217316262President Clooney: Obama is clearly mentoring George Clooney to run for President. Probably in 2024.…[View]
217317476Nathan Bedford Forrest was a jew!: Prove me wrong niggers, but he was a confederate jew the whole ti…[View]
217314780We did it, Reddit! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/24/lgbtq-acceptance-millennial…[View]
217315546White man lies that Jews owned slaves in America. Talk about delusions white male 4channers are in. …[View]
217317023Jordan Peterson addresses the Jewish question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO7xBtmSUZM[View]
217316187>be christianity >destroy old european traditions >subvert and assimilate the rest in ord…[View]
217317244Russian guy converts to Islam (Beautiful): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W35gwDuGbRY[View]
217311220Is toxic masculinity a good thing?[View]
217316689Alternatives to Trumpstein: I see a lot of shit talking on Trump here on /pol/ >'Jew shill' >'…[View]
217307654This is heart breaking.[View]
217315584Racist™ Nazi® Cats: BLATANT Antisemitism™![View]
217290050Why European don't enlist to Army?: I heard Italian, German, Britain have problem to recruit ar…[View]
217307506Lawyers and Bankers: Have lurked for 2 years as of today. Grew up hearing all the jokes anpboit lawy…[View]
217306400Yea , I’m voting for Bernie[View]
21731664641 flavors of tyranny! They Do Hate Murrica!: https://www.bitchute.com/video/2gnPTjpgdfod/ In the br…[View]
217311950Sunni Muslims hate Shia Muslims more than Israel and Zionists and don't even consider them fell…[View]
217315275Ähm, okay. Disney World is apparently collecting biometric data and finger prints of kids now. I avo…[View]
217311300Han overlords or Jew overlords? Which would you rather have, pol? Why? Rules: You must choose one or…[View]
217313791Why are Americans against immigration?: It’s ironic considering that they’re descendants of immigran…[View]
217313089Google is trying to influence elections: >Google Exec Says Don’t Break Us Up: “smaller companies …[View]
217315928anti-russia shilling: anyone noticed an uptick in anti-russia posting lately? the same faggot with h…[View]
217316109US-Iran War: Anyone wanna them to start full out war so shit starts to go on? It's been kinda b…[View]
217314810anyone else read this?: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/06/24/project-veritas-google-exec-decrie…[View]
217292799As you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSmHtebHv90 even if you don't con…[View]
217316108It's nothing. No correlation. Pic related.: Take a nap.[View]
217316289Political Smearing: brit-pilled: >loving relationship >typical row couples will have >both …[View]
217273589How can we fix the drug epidemic?[View]
217309636SHUT DOWN GOOGLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6c…[View]
217308689Does Toxoplasmosis control the world: And is it responsible for the madness we see today?[View]
217290093FAGGOTS SHOULD BE EXILED/EXECUTED: https://archive.fo/bpmGn 2 Swedes create dating profile for 14-ye…[View]
217307941Why do you hate islam again? >acknowledges only one God >honors women's beauty by veiling…[View]
217316038Trump can't hear you over the loud riyal asmr sounds[View]
217296248Why do Germans keep voting for a woman who wants to destroy Europe?[View]
217315906Trump can't hear you over the loud shekel asmr sounds.[View]
217305564This is an actual news story: the absolute STATE of journalism[View]
217315657>Two Israeli brothers have been arrested in connection with the hack of cryptocurrency exchange B…[View]
217315733Hey uhh so smugglers are literally sailing migrants across the sea and stuffing them in little boats…[View]
217315808Why doesn't everyone accept the supremacy of the germanic peoples? It's painstakingly obvi…[View]
217310311Help me build my trad folder. Show me what you got[View]
217299223Pilots eject from Typhoon accident in Northern Germany: Pilots as of yet not located. https://news.s…[View]
217308858White genocide: /pol/ maybe (((their))) plan is not as good as we may think, I live in Catalunya wer…[View]
217308522His name was Walter Lübeck: APOLOGIZE[View]
217315545It’s the Germans: Why do you blame Jews for all the worlds ills when In reality Germans are to blame…[View]
217314939Ahhhhh!!: Messycans are trying to kill the prebident!!![View]
217315085PEACE AND LOVE: Whats with all these faggots starting shit on here lately? Where's the unity /p…[View]
217311686White Europe Theory: I see those countries as a potential 'sanctuary' for ethnic far-right white peo…[View]
217315313wow look at this German business'woman' definitely not a DUDE[View]
217306222Beto proposes tax on non military households: would you support it?[View]
217314502How in the world do people not understand the engineering and law are the only actual money makers c…[View]
217314585are you ready for 10 days of darkness?: >have date in near future >shits going down this time …[View]
217315425Is the great acceleration the consequence of the industrial revolution?: Some time ago I started to …[View]
217308851How does Kushner look so young? Is it plastic surgery or cosmetics? No homo, but he's good look…[View]
217314999Booty Judge: A homosexual pervert whose last name is literally pronounced “Booty Judge” is running f…[View]
217312771Why are younger Jews getting more based /pol/?[View]
217303451Americans forced to believe anti-North Korean propaganda that's more ridiculous than NK propaga…[View]
217314302Suicide as the condition for peace: You see picrelated? The same wording will be used to treat white…[View]
217315037So which is it /pol/?: Pic related[View]
217315021So with the recent Google releases, how long do you think will be the next person to reaches saintho…[View]
217315003I think islam should be the only religion: Look at the perks woman dont drive. You can burn thme wit…[View]
217313936this guy will change the republican party politics by acting like a republican and cry about everyth…[View]
217315000What's the chance of a solar storm?: With a little bit of luck it would disrupt all available e…[View]
217303733*cackles in orbital bombardment*: >Heh, you think you've won, Dahnald?…[View]
217314964I could get in to any university program except the elite STEM ones. What are some of the better opt…[View]
217301696So which one is it, /pol/?[View]
217314651Niggas retarded[View]
217314765Everyone I hate is Hitler!: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SiPhOx1cvUuu/ Short Version: Everybody is…[View]
217313258Why are they pushing kids in cages again? I thought they wore out that narrative last year?[View]
217301268Pick one.: > Whoever exalts race...is far from the truth faith of god (Mit Brennender Sorge) >…[View]
217314329just another replacent republican crying. >>this is why democrats are winning you guys look li…[View]
217314503American cities: How can we fix American cities to be more people friendly and not ruled by cars?…[View]
217312166This is the only based American politician, everyone else is a Zionist.[View]
217312924I found a way to attack the LGTB folks. I know you are not my army and all, but if you feel inclined…[View]
217300617How do we save millenials?[View]
217314036Multi National Company Hacks Election: The TRUTH COMES OUT Trump Arrest all Manager level google emp…[View]
217305565Is this the pinnacle of white, christian America? >methheads >cousins >killed their 14 day …[View]
217314468Misogyny: >mfw slowly coming to the realization that I genuinely hate women. I guess it's a …[View]
217296721Why /pol doesn't respect India?[View]
217314023How many niggers in your country?: I live in a town with 40k people in the center of western Russia …[View]
217314276'If you don't vote for taxing the rich, let me spell something out very clear for you.' 'Eff yo…[View]
217313343Faggots and their variants are just as big of a problem as any other undesirable group. Prove me wro…[View]
217314149I'm starting my own religion call Polhardslam. >whites only >IQ must be above 120 >mus…[View]
217311027Should monarchies still be allowed?[View]
217313289/pol/ 2019[View]
217310522Refer to picture: FUCK THE SLIDERS!! TAKE BACK /POL/!!! RISE UP!!!![View]
217312689Qiao Jianjun: So here's what's going down >Qiao Jianjun is one of the most wanted men i…[View]
217313599Off grid living /general/: >be me >Go to college >Get degree well working full-time >Get…[View]
217313590We should tax the poor extra to encourage them to make more[View]
217313988TheWhitepill: tl;dr God is real and will make your dick bleed > be me > lurk on /pol/ because …[View]
217313253Who are they called slaves? Who enslaved whom?[View]
217310683Why shouldn’t Iran be given nuclear weapons?: As odd as the question sounds, bear with me for a mome…[View]
217300802How do we solve the feminism problem in America?[View]
217313490Opinion of /pol/ on Zootopia except the furry shit ? Are we all equal or does diversity make our st…[View]
217311313Nazis - The original We WUZers: I have to be honest, the more I study Nazi Germany the more autistic…[View]
217313080BUY GOLD NOW!!![View]
217312140Thanks for buying me a beer anon[View]
217313707High IQ black man explains why you don't have to be an Arab to be a Muslim: Brother makes some …[View]
217290347Why do you hate the Russians, anon?[View]
217313631PC Kike Commish: Is there a bigger fag than this Super Kike? Is hearing 'Owner' going to bring back …[View]
217313677Democracy seems to have lost appeal in the past years compared to some more totalitarian designs. So…[View]
217313613Celt/pol/.: Gaels, Britons and Gallo-Romans welcome.[View]
217313035>When education is on the rise and GOP support is on the decline You hear that Mr. Anderson? That…[View]
217312285White Replacement Thread: What do? Why are (((they))) so hell bent on wiping out the VERY PEOPLE th…[View]
217305803Scythians the Lord of the steppe dna unvovered: From the new samples of the scythian horizon across …[View]
217313408Reminder that PowerWalking is /oursport/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3JYT_jKs7Y[View]
217313397>Conservatives would laugh at the idea of leaving the EU >Britain is the tax avoidance capital…[View]
217307252What will happen to the USA once it goes below 56% white?[View]
217303725Why did God lie to us?: He sent his son to save the world, so that anyone who believes in him will b…[View]
217313335http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/nintendo_finally_opens_a_second_official_retail_store why d…[View]
217302140alayhi s-salām (عليه السلام) Death to the west and the white man. Your end is coming. Allāhu akbar (…[View]
217310676Mfw i realized bill: Gates is a satanic papal figure for ritual sacrafices and secret political trib…[View]
217313084Based Tolkien: LOTR is about the rise of the West against evil and degeneracy. Can you be more based…[View]
217302623Thoughts? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2800271/man-who-kicked-pregnant-muslim-woman-in-the-stomach-…[View]
217312947Liberls,Google, the media, social media are trying to suppress more than half the country[View]
217313095Khalistan thread: Canada is ultimately going to be called Khalistan. Not suddenly like the dumbass E…[View]
217310147Pro life 'Christians'[View]
217312134Why would anyone form a relationship when your chick can up & spontaneously leave you? It seems …[View]
217313043IQtards: How the fuck can IQ tests be 'Biased against african americans' and not simply be that blac…[View]
217310771Is this morris108?[View]
217300290Alright /pol/, we got some work to do here...we gotta find this driver...and congratulate him!![View]
217298743Have children. You won't have, and you don't deserve a future if you're unwilling to …[View]
217311697what did you do today to fight the jew? for me it was splitting the head of a random american touri…[View]
217309433And then one day, for no reason at all....: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/13/vermont-ta…[View]
217312760Imagine: The sun shining bright on the first day after all Jews have been erased.[View]
217312481Bros... I don’t feel so good...[View]
217305224>If I get $1000 a month I'm gonna quit my job even though my monthly bills are $3500. I…[View]
217296161Whose going to take care of you when you're old and sick?: The fact that you all think you dont…[View]
217312694I take great pleasure in hiding my power level: I recently read 'The Stranger Beside Me' a…[View]
217311021Crony capitalism: > Elon musk: *digs tunnel* > Reddit kiddies: 'Elon is the greatest inventor …[View]
217304777I support the asian century: >Chinks: we will exercise complete dominion over planet earth >We…[View]
217305894Trump on Strait of Hormuz: Should the US leave?[View]
217300138>travel to Germany >it's FUCKING FULL >insanely overpopulated >quality of life is s…[View]
217306858Its already nexy week, Trump. Where are the deportations?[View]
217312230Trump tweeting about Federal Reserve while CancelStudentDebt is trendinng...: What if he just cancel…[View]
217311274I Still Believe: Trust the plan faggots, the arrests are coming, change is happening, the swamp is b…[View]
217300630AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
217294263This will be Chinese Century. Time to learn Mandarin, white bois.[View]
217311925>Be Hitler >get dropped out of art school >gets angry and calls them degenerates (which by …[View]
217309798Why does /pol/ pedestalize women so much?[View]
217312451The peak of European civilization: Romanticism - also known as the Romantic era, was an artistic, li…[View]
217301546shalom i am mossad Feel free to ask me questions[View]
217308190LGBT fags are having a parade on saturday. Im going to print stickers around the city, give me ideas…[View]
217306041WHAT TO SHOUT AT BERNIE?: I'm going to see Bernie this Saturday at a 'pride rally' in Nashua NH…[View]
217312062caught on tape: refugibmedats hoaxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oVvkr7cxIE&feature=youtu…[View]
217307762Who would accually go if the pope called for another crusaid> DUES VULT![View]
217310994Veritas project exposes google: >No no, it's all fine, you are all just conspiracy theorist …[View]
217311778Potatus speaketh[View]
217294796DERP Climate Cult Shit Stains wake the fuck ip!: UN IPCC Scientist Debunks UN IPCC Lies Fuck you lem…[View]
217312047Okay Symbol: Thoughts? Seems like its gaining some traction again[View]
217304276Honestly it was the last stand of true European culture and values.[View]
217311915I can't believe it's been 10 years now since the kikes killed mah nigga Mike Jack.[View]
217311411Sanctuary Cities: Why are liberals so fucking retarded?[View]
217311993You guys say we should have more kids? yes? I'm ready to do my part and have 4 kids and fight t…[View]
217278470Black community consoles dying white police officer.: The black community of scaramento shared a pai…[View]
217311823Greece and Russia - ETHERNAL ALLIANCE: Thanks Greek bros to welcome our Navi-soldiers this way! -…[View]
217304587Hypothetically speaking. Is there any amount of evidence or study that would change your mind on glo…[View]
217311148I've never understood the white ethnostate thing. Not that it's confusing but just because…[View]
217311675Cut the gordian knot!: The CIA won't even know what hit them.[View]
217311626NSA Releases the Dragon | SIGNAL Magazine - AFCEA International: NSA Releases the Dragon | SIGNAL Ma…[View]
217304963So it begins.....: The 2020 election cycle is coming in fast. The meme war has barely begun and we n…[View]
217309868Incel: Why does this word scare and triggers /pol/yps so much?[View]
217308535google fuck up: what do you guys think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro&ab_c…[View]
217311500Why do some pale skinned whites have brown nips? A lot of italians and meds in general tend to have …[View]
217305353Women should be covered atleast from shoulder to toe!: > Women should be covered atleast from sho…[View]
217311440>modern woman are degenerate waaaghh Wrong actually, modern men are pathetic since they can…[View]
217311409Any Russian hackers available?: This site needs to be flooded... https://austinautonomedia.noblogs.o…[View]
217299950Nick Fuentes VS R.C. Maxwell: I literally cannot believe what I'm listening to. I'm only h…[View]
217309986>reparations for blacks >reparations for gays >wiping all student debt Have they lost their…[View]
217311371many such cases, SAD[View]
217306766Exposing Google. What does /pol/ think of this Video?: This basically confirms what we already suspe…[View]
217310732Why did the internet just go down around the world?: It happened for only 5 seconds but the internet…[View]
217310653Where is he now?[View]
217291346Brit/pol/ - YKTD edition: >Woman with mental age of child must have abortion against her will, co…[View]
217310202This guy will save russia: Lets face it. Russia has been so dependent on putin that when he leaves i…[View]
217310065We are in a War of Information! This Information need to be seen and need to go viral! https://www.y…[View]
217309968/Hinduism/: They worship a hoax BBC by pouring non stop milk, honey, juices etc. on it to remind the…[View]
217310472Democracy seems to have lost appeal in the past years compared to some more totalitarian designs. So…[View]
217303883>pulls up next to you at stop light what do?[View]
217309328Do kids these days know who Alexander the Great is? Or the story of Caeser? I don’t trust American p…[View]
217309992Amber is based and... redpilled?[View]
217310206Google Happening Spamming: Just to get those dratted slider threads away. Rinse and repeat.[View]
217310241Don't Drink Coffee: Latest Bullshit from the Weather Channel I wish they would just stick to we…[View]
217303964Why are people on the left so obsessed with eastern religions and spirituality?[View]
217308419>The moment the first American soldier sets foot on Japanese mainland, all prisoners of war will …[View]
217308251Alright /pol/fags strap yourselves in /b/tard bringing a HAPPENING for u Google search engine bias a…[View]
217310135the Kurdish: why do people not care about the Kurds?[View]
217301772Help Me Understand /pol/: alright I’m gonna just lay everything down on the table and see what kind …[View]
217294938This is just getting out of hand: WTF is wrong with people? This knitting group banned any mention o…[View]
217308740Bannon was our guy: This is the truth and the final red pill. Bannon, all along, was actually our gu…[View]
217303018Why is murder bad in Christianity? If you kill an unrepentant sinner then they go to Hell, and they …[View]
217309875SHUT DOWN GOOGLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTA…[View]
217308091He can't keep getting away with it: How did you react when Ethan denounced jews and said 'We sh…[View]
217309564Kurt Saxon warned us about the martians: Who do you think the martians are?[View]
217305199Varg is literally forgotten about: After his deplatforming he has slinked into non-existentence. Whi…[View]
217309541Is this innocent image racist?: Introducing every black mans wet dream the fried chicken melon. The …[View]
217309551Remember, the billionaires have kept this country afloat, without them we would all be wallowing in …[View]
217309544https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro THIS RIGHT NOW IS ALL WHAT MATTERS FORCE GOOGLE TO GO OF…[View]
217299022How do we fix the male problem?[View]
217308747Why are they detained?: Don't they get deported immediately unless they contest their deportati…[View]
217302539Just done watching the new project veritas about google's project to meddle in the 2020 electio…[View]
217309241Redpill-Returntrip: I cant belief what a tragedy this world has beome, since NasocGermany was forced…[View]
217309411SHUT DOWN GOOGLE[View]
217308045What now Iranian #weebos? >https://www.rt.com/news/462566-us-sanctions-league-legends-iran/?utm_s…[View]
217301916Where will they go?: >LONDON: More than half the young people in much of the Arab world would lik…[View]
217306030drumpf is about to get impeached, and there's really not that much that you can do about it :/[View]
217308416Why do the first 20 seconds of this video display the three major races in America perfectly? https:…[View]
217282690Oregon Issues Arrest Warrants For Multiple GOP Senators: Thread 3 Oregon Issues Arrest Warrants For …[View]
217306129>mfw not a /pol/tard anymore you're brainwashed, idiots. the holocaust happened. hitler was…[View]
217297650I love her[View]
217306311seriously. what is Zyklon Ben trying to convey with this one?[View]
217299836Christianity is a Neo Judaic cult: The dislike for christianity is not just because of it's Jew…[View]
217307748Holy fucking shit, you losers. You fucking gullible bigots. All Trump planned to do was grift taxpay…[View]
217305077White: Let's be honest pol, if you don't look like this guy in pic related you're not…[View]
217306629More Drag Storytime: What is a good conversation starter to ask my local librarian if I can have dra…[View]
217308261OH NO NO NO NO NO NO Yiddle me this Batman, do you really need hundreds of new migrants if it will c…[View]
217306875Mark Dice gets Radicalized by Books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5OpOPf3dgA[View]
217302275Sanders will tax stock and bond trades at %.5 and %.1: to pay for his student loan debt forgiveness …[View]
217307331It’s over: I’m officially off the Beto Train. I’m a wang bang now.[View]
217307943I like this guy but he needs a better slogan than 'MATH'[View]
217306452Tranny hate thread[View]
217303108homofascism: the greeks where based and the cradle of western civilization and they plowed aryan boi…[View]
217306832Kavanaugh sides with YouTube: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/06/24/politics/supreme-court-fuct-first-a…[View]
217307891>scare your infant into eating by repeatedly punching his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal in front of…[View]
217302405Wtf is reddit?: I was duckduckgoing a question and ofc reddit pop up. I clicked and see front page i…[View]
217306542One World Government: To be or not to be?[View]
217306104WHERE'S MY SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/215924129?fbclid=IwAR3S…[View]
217301114Actual state of germanistan: You are now legally allowed to deal drugs in Berlin. You just have to s…[View]
217308038YUGE info chaps: Seen a anon post picrel please discuss[View]
217278101Why does the right disproportionately deny science?[View]
217307062I have taken the redpill and I can't go back. I just can't stop seeing Zionism as racist o…[View]
217297302clown world: looks like they're trying to coin a new phrase fucking panda mom? http://archive.f…[View]
217301125>/pol/ will defend this: Seriously, why are there so many Nazi apologists here? Hitler was respon…[View]
217307053>normal boards have 10 minute new thread cooldown >/pol/ has 60 secounds Imagine how easy it…[View]
217307894The future of my country: We are going back to 1492. The system only worked when we had white supre…[View]
217280976AUS/POL QANDA NIGHT EDITION: Residents in Darwin are being evacuated from shops as tremors were felt…[View]
217299556Gay-Fascist, rise up![View]
217307987A fugitive who once tried to buy a knighthood has been convicted of laundering more than £10million,…[View]
217303812The Whitening: I thought you guys were just talking shit about the media 'Whitening' brown criminals…[View]
217307957From today's march on Budapest[View]
217294708Something is happening: After a week of shit connection I checked with outage maps and it wasn’t jus…[View]
217307599Why bother with treacherous white women?: Was it not better to focus on white women already converte…[View]
217295462Google on 'the Trump situation' HAPPENING: Project Veritas leaks and footage. https://youtu.be/re9Xp…[View]
217307481They are not even trying to hide it any more[View]
217307315I think fascist-gay-high-tech state would be great[View]
217306671Trump will refuse to quit when he looses in 2020, and the country will become a complete monarchy. …[View]
217305696DELET /POL/: Frogs eternally B.T.F.O. by Moroccan larper. Compilation: https://pastebin.com/sjN3D084…[View]
217305999>Yes, i'm a Roman Catholic, i exclusively attend Tridentine Mass and i belong to Militia Imm…[View]
217305547/POL/ LEFTY RAIDS: Just a friendly reminder to you fuck heads who can not seem to resist biting on s…[View]
217304941How does a fag teacher even get into this type of school?: https://www.wfyi.org/news/articles/cathed…[View]
217304141It's astonishing how they managed to brainwash billions of gullible people into believing in ps…[View]
217305845There are people who believe this[View]
217302031Say this jew gets elected. How the fuck is he going to wipe away student debt? There's no way c…[View]
217299374Not gonna lie pol every time I see people in any comment section saying how they would murder nazis …[View]
217302727What happened to your women?: >be me >visit Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg >awesome, v…[View]
217306289>Watching new Project Veratas video >At the end, there is a slight brightness boost >HOLY F…[View]
217304488Riddle me this: How is /pol/ judging people by the groups they belong to instead of judging the indi…[View]
217306857Great. These fucking dykes back at it again. If there isn't a problem for the faggots and the s…[View]
217299192Who do most Iranian pictures depict themselves looking mongoloid and not today’s Arab like ones?[View]
217293534Black kids riding their bike in a white neighborhood in Queens, 1978: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
217303538/pol/ >niggers are so stupid with their kangz bullshit also /pol/ >aryans wuz the real kings o…[View]
217306645Mark Brahmin: /pol/ what do we do about Mark Brahmin? He's making us look like fucking idiots o…[View]
217297080What is amoral about cannibalism?[View]
217277549TRUMP GIVES 50 BILLION $ TO ISRAEL!: BASED https://www.rt.com/news/462482-kushner-plan-palestine-isr…[View]
217299224would /pol/ agree with that?[View]
217306370Anti-white Ad: Sodastream Pro LGBT commercial pushes the perverted homosexual agenda onto the.... wh…[View]
217305962north america is to south america as eastern asia is to south asia. do the chinks japs and koreans s…[View]
217306253>google >'israel accuses' (mind the quotes you retard) >60.000 results >'israel wants' …[View]
217297169In Honor of Our Fren: Post Your Pepes. Let's do this, fags.[View]
217305784What's the meaning of the fist? Seriously asking as non-us person.[View]
217295463Is the US really running concentration camps on the southern border?[View]
217302550How to like Skinny Girls: Hello fellows fitzen. I'm a 20 yrs old, fit, good looking guy, around…[View]
217298628Carl Jung, ESP, Evola, Gnostics: there was a 4 or 5 part /pol/ infopgraphic about becoming aware of …[View]
217306047>mfw roasties start offing themselves because they can't find a man to get married to…[View]
217306032No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217303763Google exposed by veritas: https://www.projectveritas.com/2019/06/24/insider-blows-whistle-exec-reve…[View]
217304060>illhan omar is based https://www.lifezette.com/2019/05/democrat-ilhan-omar-america-not-going-be-…[View]
217304061>'Ayo playa, we on our way to the Synagogue down the street. We got an extra gun, so you wit…[View]
217302776Dallas Federal building about to get the Tim McVeigh treatment[View]
217292833I love the Eastern Bloc: fuck w*stern europe, fuck am*ricans and fuck Israel[View]
217292503Paganism books (fr): Hey, i'm interested into paganism, in the form it was just before christan…[View]
217305725>D&C >Demoralization >Islamoshillery >Leftism They sure are busy today aren't t…[View]
217304498I thought Islam was going to destroy us all.: What went wrong /pol/?[View]
217299423Donnie Dotard: And Donnie can't read lol[View]
217305484Is the USA beyond saving? I did the math, and assuming there are 22m illegal spics here, we kick out…[View]
217303573Boomer brainwashing: >local news station in between celebrating homos talks about the holocaust …[View]
217261961ITT: non boomer pol humor[View]
217300310The answer is simple deport all shitskins.[View]
217303922Fuck the red pill. Fuck the blue pill. Both of these pills are complete trash. Why? Because individu…[View]
217293801Has Trump destroyed American politics? Let's not even get into the billions for Isreal.[View]
217304091>he still supports Trump[View]
217305201>get in car >put keys in ignition >have not even started the car yet >DING DING DING D…[View]
217297548He's got a good point lads: They are being kept in CAGES! Wouldn't you try to help?[View]
217269990Ravelry: Old as hell and wife's a knitter. This is the front page of THE knitting website for t…[View]
217304956just your friendly reminder that the city of new york paid more than 40 million dollar to a bunch of…[View]
217303754>see literal chad with a chink/gook/jap whatever fucking slant eyed whore gf >day ruined Fucki…[View]
217305220You're not going anywhere you fucking refuseniks[View]
217298818Mark Dice cucked out: Tells CNN how he was radicalized to the Right! What a fag https://www.youtube.…[View]
217298985Sci says global warming is real, apparently they have btfo /pol/ graphs >>>/sci/10749760 Do…[View]
217304743Should we cut the Gordian knot?[View]
217304239America is a gynocentric matriarchy[View]
217303377>A Greek just became the major of Constantinople Are you mad turkfags?[View]
217304306How do we bring back Skinhead ? with a more modern tone.[View]
217298108Why has the MAGA movement attracted to many greedy grifters?[View]
217303761Was Hitler the greatest person to ever live?[View]
217300773You Trump cucks are going to get so fucked when Yang Gang takes the democratic primaries.[View]
217298720Here's a tip for pol. Spend less time hating those different from you, and more time improving …[View]
217303357Should overprotective parenting be considered child abuse? If your child acts like vid related you s…[View]
217304008*puts zero effort into raising their kids* WTF WHY ARE MY KIDS FAILURES??!?!!?!?!?![View]
217304487Why do Amricans feel superior despite being the best agents for Jewish subversion? They made the int…[View]
217282078Christianity is the reason why we are in this madness in the first place: Christianity is a Jewish r…[View]
217300645Diddle me: This fuckos[View]
217291539>unironically living in sweden why even live?[View]
217302683Social media was a mistake[View]
217291397You have been warned.: The US - Iran war is coming sooner than you think. The 2020 election will sea…[View]
217300401Pizzagate is fake: News. Stop thinking or talking about it ok? The only thing james alefantis is gui…[View]
217303371redpill me on usa-iran what does usa have to gain exactly[View]
217304146Which one of you did this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KbMQnIoejk[View]
217302295When did the left abaondon the working class and became shameless corporatist bootlickers?[View]
217299255I believe the only answer to our current problems is violence. The only way to stop the damage is to…[View]
217293372Why is it that the Jews demand that their nationalism be subsidised by the West while they simantesl…[View]
217303502The absolute state of the German army: > Only four of 128 jets are combat ready > two just cra…[View]
217304001>Russians hacked Hillary and costed her the election >The contents of the emails are fake ther…[View]
217274167SEXISTS BTFO[View]
217301900Peter Bootyjudge[View]
217297001are niggers truly human? they don't look like any other race on the planet..? and they have woo…[View]
217278126Memory holed? Novichok poisoning of the Skripals: In my opinion, this was a charade by the British G…[View]
217303875Arabic hate thread: Name a single more disgusting, more retarded and subhuman language. Pro tip: the…[View]
217283078How is this piece of shit still alive?[View]
217302457Highway cameras: What do you guys think about these cameras being installed everywhere? I live in a …[View]
217295263Who & why?: B should have the flute because B made it. What if its something more valuable than …[View]
217298364Reports are dropping that Trump stopped Iran attack because Tucker Carlson convinced him to at the l…[View]
217300833GET IN HERE: https://youtu.be/o1xa3WbUg2w 1970's video quickly going viral of white kids callin…[View]
217243288The Second Civil War movie from 1997: This will be my third thread about this in a short time span a…[View]
217297274The more you masturbate the more you have sex: Listen the doctor.[View]
217300768If white is the master race how come jews own whites?[View]
217301083If her feet are as sexy as her hands I'm ready for her to overthrow democracy and impose sharia…[View]
217303499I have two daughters. Why are women worth so little?[View]
217303527Fake as fuck selfies, millions of followers: https://www.instagram.com/maelovecleo/?hl=en https://ww…[View]
217303004Twitter is without a doubt the source of SJW/feminism madness. Facebook and Google are right behind …[View]
217295859How do we solve the neocon problem?[View]
217303428Did the romans really worship feminine penis?[View]
217301733>Communists are the reason there's McDonald's, drugs, fat people, casinos, tattoos, imm…[View]
217303082US Navy destroyer electronically zapped? Message don't mess with us? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
217303360/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217303351Memory Hole General: It has occurred to me that in light of the copious amounts of shill/bait/distra…[View]
217303281Is this still allowed in 2019?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=HlEREweogWE[View]
217300230Hahahahaha: Twitter meltdown for grandpa joe lol /pol/ btfo eternally[View]
217293348post merchants: Just some nice geometry and other imagery[View]
217298679Anybody got any redpills on the whole kids in internment camps along the southern border issue? What…[View]
217300260Oy vey we have to destroy this evil free speech website goyim: I hate kikes so fucking much[View]
2173031893-6-9: How can one man be so based?[View]
217300404A socialist Jew fights for the people, antisemites fight for tax cuts for the 1%.[View]
217303123tfw you will never conduct business with mr Shekelstein: Why was jewish existence in Eastern Europe …[View]
217302067Where’s the wall?)))))))))[View]
217291145Become Christian.[View]
217302999>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
217300388This is a future president of France: Thoughts?[View]
217302973/throwaway political thoughts/: >misc. anecdotes >niche opinions >venting >tips Dump it …[View]
217294590daily reminder that if you pay taxes then you fund degeneracy and fighting free speech[View]
217302681All women want white men: Women choose men with money and status so of course they all choose white …[View]
217297885>Supporting capitalism makes me a rebel. Do you people ironically believe this? Hate to break it …[View]
217302582There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
217292246There was a project once (by the UK government I think) in the early 2000s, which was basically a su…[View]
217292707Should we learn Mongolian throat singing to intimidate political opposition?[View]
217289066Pagan literature discussion thread: Christian fundamentalists can easily point to the Bible or, for …[View]
217297275Difference between -philia and sexuality: What is the actual difference between pedophilia and homos…[View]
217278535The reason normies oppose universal basic income is because they get sexually excited at seeing othe…[View]
217302266>NWO Patriot faction claims theyre going to 'take out the internet for 10 days starting june 24th…[View]
217300866Fuck Nazi pricks[View]
217301073Why dont: We just kill the poor?[View]
217294440Let me be red pilled in peace: >be me based and redpilled >attend family dinner >start talk…[View]
217301367Would you change your politics for a satisfying social life?: If a genie/alien/what ever came to you…[View]
217299325>be Navy Seal >browse /pol/ religiously >support the ethnostate >despise niggers, kikes,…[View]
217280144Worthless Employees: Worked a corporate job before and noticed how maybe 90% of the employees don…[View]
217301026Anyone been to Williamsburg Brooklyn recently? Used to be filled with weak little upper-middle class…[View]
217301206Based Pastor Anderson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRKk5U42FlQ >and let the heathen degenerat…[View]
217301610Pajeet has been bred for centuries in a way that has completely removed the necessity for physical o…[View]
217288323Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
217301536Reddit NPC's: Reddit and their NPC friends are suddenly becoming self-aware of their NPC-existe…[View]
217301405''Google should have the right to terrorize their monopolic platform'' Why are t…[View]
217300783Dump your best tips for starting a terror cell Time's running out[View]
217298999Canada and America are done demographics wise.: Like half of this country’s population is non-white.…[View]
217301195Which one of these epic candidates are you voting for /pol/? I can't decide between the two men…[View]
217247949SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED: >Trump: If it was up to John Bolton we’d be fighting WHOLE WORLD at once…[View]
217301338Why is it so bad to be a 'white boy': Because I keep on hearing this insult ever since I've mov…[View]
217279836Honest Ideas For How to Fix This Country?: As a Leaf I'm well aware of how fucked this country …[View]
217300697Are you ready to be replaced by refugees in your home country?: https://www.un.org/en/development/de…[View]
217300608Will the god king prevail? He already prevented WW3. If he lets the middle east be (the one thing th…[View]
217299391So who voted for 'Vlaams Belang' instead of 'N-Va 'and why?[View]
217289533What happened to big terror attacks? Have muslims integrated in our society? Do they have some musli…[View]
217301123When I was a young goy: My mom's wife took me into the city To see a pride parade FML PRIDE WEE…[View]
217299189Which one of you did this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Foxx[View]
217295104What’s up with the E.T shit?: Have I missed anything or why are you guys talking about extra terrest…[View]
217299891Go on then?[View]
217289858OCCULTISM AND KABALLAH IS HOW THEY CONTROL THE MATERIAL WORLD: Notice ancient Egyptian statues. All …[View]
217298842I have a bone to pick with the incel redpill. Your weight can be changed. How you dress can be chang…[View]
217299927Trump crashin internet: Today begins Assanges trial as a hostile russian spy What sites have been de…[View]
2172922138ch bans: Nazis can't present a single legit argument against illegal immigration.[View]
217300727Shills will defend this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cdkro[View]
217300735Where theres: Smoke[View]
217284143Is Gen Z conservative?: Members of Gen Z, what is your generation really like? Are your peers more l…[View]
217300712Esoteric hitlerism thread[View]
217298312Can I support the economic policies of communism without supporting the social parts like race mixin…[View]
217298898Porn is political control.: Pornhub rep does AMA on Reddit and says it's antisemetic out of the…[View]
217289856If communism is antiwhite how do you explain this?[View]
217279137The only ayy that matters: Jesus wasn't a kike you fucking cunts. He existed before coming to e…[View]
217300534Is Adolf Eichmann is the most based of all time[View]
217299088Schwerpunkt: >Schwerpunktprinzip was a heuristic device (conceptual tool or thinking formula) use…[View]
217300483What can be done to save our planet from being infested by the Americans, /pol/?[View]
217289488How do we speed up the fall of civilisation?[View]
217300376>first trannies >now kids what the fuck is with this fuck?…[View]
217297526Project Veritas with Gogglum insider: EVERYONE CHECK NEW PROJECT VERITAS WITH WHISTLE BLOWER FROM TH…[View]
217299660Literature thread: This thread is for discussion, sharing, reviewing, and finding /pol/ related book…[View]
217292817QANDA Monday Livewatch.: Coming Up: Monday, 24 June Dan Tehan, Minister for Education Catherine King…[View]
217300233Putin Announces That Russia Won’t be Bullied by US Into Accepting Iran War: Putin has calmly announc…[View]
217299645See you guys: Thats it. I quit my job, deleting /pol/ focus on working out. Thanks for opening my ey…[View]
217294499We have already won: They say jews control the worlds, well they do in a way because their endgame a…[View]
217296946Alexa. Play 'bruh.mp3' at 20% speed.[View]
217293320Should pre marital sex be illegal?[View]
217273673Redpill me on the whole pizza gate thing: I have seen videos yet people say its all fake i find it h…[View]
217299553Are the Japanese now just repressed crazy people? What will it take for them to snap?[View]
217293693So ever since the Chernobyl tv show russia is Hot again, So whats up with that country are they a wh…[View]
217299058Unironically, what's happening?[View]
217299883>DURRRRR WOMEN ARE BAD! BROWN PEOPLE ARE BAD! VOTE FOR ME DURRRR Tell me pol, how did you fall fo…[View]
217280713AI wives/sex robots/Waifubots: Women are dumb whores who will always attempt to try to rationalize a…[View]
217299797Are russian women seriously very easy for brown men? I know that they like mena and south euro men a…[View]
217298465Are there any chances for Germany to recover?: German police confiscate 4,200 liters of beer from ne…[View]
217297433>walking around a museum viewing the various exhibits >'hello there' >you turn around to se…[View]
217299669NIGGERLICIOUS likes stealing yo bike: Alert all queers should go to the gas Chambers for treatment…[View]
217297566Fuck China. Long live libertarian Hong Kong.: Hong Kong is not China. The stupid fucking brits shoul…[View]
217298834Do Jews pose as patent office employees to steal patents?: Like literal retard and fraud Albert Eins…[View]
217298987Have any of you ever had an encounter with Ben Shapiro?: I was at a conservative conference a few mo…[View]
217297617When UN end like League of Nations?[View]
217297035Can we all just appreciate the balls on this woman.: Pretty sure this is the broad who is white as h…[View]
217295899Why are Americans so swarthy?: You were all portrayed as blonde hair, blue eyed Europeans. Why are A…[View]
217297421what's the opinion of /pol/ on Egypt?[View]
217298623why is the root dns server system of the world allowed to be controlled by the usa? >even though …[View]
217296612Porn is good for society: Without the natural release of masturbation, society risks becoming violen…[View]
217295399Meanwhile in weimar /pol/[View]
217299082>NZ Gov’t Website Wipes Israel Off Map Based NZ? Sauce: https://newspunch.com/new-zealand-governm…[View]
217291400Brit/pol/ Saint Theresa Edition: NEWS: Caroline Flint MP warns Labour could lose up to 40 seats to t…[View]
217290208>wishing world war 3 to happen You happeningtards do realize you're the ones that will suffe…[View]
217289834What is the Final Solution to the White woman Question (WQ)?[View]
217297861You probably dont know about that: You probably dont know about that autochtone AUSTRALIAN MELANESIA…[View]
217297740HAVE CHILDREN[View]
217292746https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/06/india-running-water-fast-190620085139572.html: Europeans, you…[View]
217292675Countries by home ownership rate: In most cases, if your country had socialism, most of your people …[View]
217288467OY VEY! good goy keep one of these cancer makers in your home especially if you have kids! in plain …[View]
217288279The state of American women: Western women are fucked in the head but that's half of the proble…[View]
217298578>morning shill script : hey have fun dying for Israel goys >afternoon shills script : fucking …[View]
217297013based jews?: ive seen a few, namely this guy and normal finklestein[View]
217290393Original video of this.: Ive always seen this sjw dyke that looks like her neck is about to rip open…[View]
217298532What is the /pol/ approved house?: Was wondering if anyone from /pol/ has their eye on this game. Wh…[View]
217297512Are Ukrainian girls based ?: https://youtu.be/fkAb-aBH97g[View]
217290149Best background wins.[View]
217298452this says a lot about society[View]
217296560i’m jewish: >be me >be jewish thoughts?…[View]
217292047what do you think is the ideal population number for your country? 20 million[View]
217293518wtf is this australia?[View]
217295567Wait hold up: So you would rather be bullied by white Chads, than hang around with ethnic minorities…[View]
217280186how do we get this faggot deported: Our immigration system is a joke. People on social media are bra…[View]
217297666When will christians reconquer the world ?[View]
217294655>Communist China >Has controlled internet and limits use of western social media >Communist…[View]
217276430Incel’s Strongest Defense: It’s Hard to Find a Good Man: Hello /pol/cels. I’m here with a tip. In li…[View]
217292797New Ben Garrison: Check out the new Ben Garrison notice anything?[View]
217294450Damn. /pol/ and christcucks BTFO[View]
217291547Poland cant fire to moon but can fire into those who not respect WAMEN: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
217296685Democracy seems to have lost appeal in the past years compared to some more totalitarian designs. So…[View]
217297823Is Fuckerberg actually based as fuck?!: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/guardians-of-money-bristle-at-zu…[View]
217294459How do I become: A shill and work for media matters or share blue? I can help troll guys im srs i ca…[View]
217297886If only...[View]
217287529What attracts academia to liberalism?: According to https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/6/…[View]
217296703Why are right wing LARPers so cringe?[View]
217297461>Negro does something >'Oh that's so cool and funny' >'It really isn't that cool …[View]
217297649Based Kari BTFO gaythots who think its okay to have naked dildo pride parades[View]
217297504What did google mean by this?[View]
217295637https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJzxfwDyyas Mastercard is now allowing trannies to use a false/fake …[View]
217294203You have 2 weeks dirty beaners!!!! TICK O C K[View]
217269374Oh no.[View]
217292453Press S to spit on Christian Zionists[View]
217297435what the hell is happening in england: https://youtu.be/a2dN2nk8lYA[View]
217293525Hi /pol/, I noticed today most posts are about niggers in general or them having their way with whit…[View]
217297403ONLY YOU![View]
217293941How do we stop (((them))) from putting hormones in the water?[View]
217295760Milo Yiannopoulos' husband John Campbell: Milo Yiannopoulos ' husband John McKinley Campbe…[View]
217295091holocaust/antisemitism protection racket: jewgle search it[View]
217296524>all the good Europeans settle the new world >the shitty leftovers do this to the motherland…[View]
217292261What do average Europeans actually think of the climate potato? Is she seen as a joke, or do people …[View]
217296184„But what is leftism? During the first half of the 20th century leftism could have been practically …[View]
217278768why did Merkel wish this on Germany and her neighbors?: >be African >get invited to Germany by…[View]
217292114Stop torturing children Stop building concentration camps[View]
217291368He called out the neocons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0jMsspE7Y[View]
217293637Recolonizing Africa: We should colonize the whole fucking continent of Africa and turn it into a gia…[View]
217265491Alright, who REALLY killed Kennedy?[View]
217296702Nigguh https://youtu.be/3FcvcA0zAcw[View]
217296124/pol/ i have proof people on /x/ conspire to play mindgames on us >>>/x/22899796 >>…[View]
217296502Gas all techies: Project Veritas talks to Gogglum insider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re9Xp6cd…[View]
217296271>be at uni and attend humanities debate amongst elder phd scholars >'social work is prestige '…[View]
217239760Why you need more women in the military pol: Women are capable of anything. People who think that wo…[View]
217292508More hypocrisy and narcissism from Jess Phillips: Imagine the howls of outrage from Jess Phillips if…[View]
217293143>ctrl f 'humour' >No humour thread new shit only edition…[View]
217296188The face of /pol/ - Why do mutts support trump?[View]
217293718How can we save the family unit?: Divorce rates are through the roof and my guess they keep increasi…[View]
217295349Super power in 7 months...: No More Bullying No More Shitting on the Streets No More Bobs or Vagana …[View]
217292384War with: Iran? >war with north korea? WE NEED CENTRAL BANKS IN ORDER TO CONTROL THE POPULATION…[View]
217295170Israel and Palestine is fake and made up by the government to cover the mighty republic of Kekistan[View]
217286273/pol/, why aren't you a Catholic yet?[View]
217295365Traps and fags are useless.: The entire point of life is to reproduce and if some refuses or makes t…[View]
217285445Russians are not white: Modern Russians are subhuman mutts. Russia is more mutted up than USA or Bra…[View]
217290707Why does /pol/ shit on unions? Look at the salary minimums the Vice media union negotiated for edito…[View]
217295690Republicans and Unionists On Same Side in Canada: Irish Canadians Love Maxime Bernier. Maxime Berni…[View]
217285502COUNTER-ATTACK AGAINST AGENT BOOMERS AND GLOWFAGS: I'm mildly surprised /pol/ still isn't …[View]
217289259/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217279088What's Weev up to nowadays?: It's like he's been erased[View]
217293760Is it finally happening?[View]
217287937What is /pol/'s opinion on graffiti? Political weapon or degenerate nigger culture?[View]
217283754Why don't you live in West Virginia yet? >cheap property prices >ideal relationship betwe…[View]
217294784What did (((they))) mean by this: >be well known black guy among gen z >redpill yourself too h…[View]
217293383Post your retard.[View]
217284581/nzpol/ - New Zealand Politics: >Napier schools out of lockdown, Armed Offenders Squad responding…[View]
217287718Based and redpilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiaYQlFlxQI[View]
217264757Cameroonian Sheboons melt down at the Estrogen Cup: Like all great sporting events, the women's…[View]
217273081how the hell can you watch this gook and NOT support him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZuISAsqw…[View]
217293754is this safe?[View]
217288376Why is Asian /pol/ (daytime hours in East Asia aka now) always so shit? Half of the threads are blac…[View]
217294622>telling you the truth in on /int/ >get deleted thread and banned by pro Russian cuck janitor …[View]
217290732What does this mean?[View]
217285140East German Independence is the only way to save the German people[View]
217290345Why can't pol into capitalism?[View]
217288351Why are Western people such slaves to capitalists?: They waste their lives working for capitalists, …[View]
217289065WARNING!! GOLD SOARING: RIGHT NOW! SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN BOYS. Be prepared for a stormy July …[View]
217292110Hey guys, how's it going? Have you watched the latest news? So sad! :'( She deserves the b…[View]
217277320WHY HAS NOONE REPORTED THIS RACIST BULLSHIT?: He goes back to his homeland and shits all over whites…[View]
217284196A New Political Party: We must safely protect AI and Robotics from those who seek to destroy it. Mov…[View]
217294269Processed foods and autism: Burgers are literally making americans retarded: https://www.sciencedail…[View]
217291408/ADOS/: www.noagendashow.com Listen. The niggers are waking up. The kikes are trying to stifle them.…[View]
217292940Guys its so: Easy to get college pussy. Why do you need to be incels when you can just go to your ne…[View]
217277918KEK. Look John Bolton is a short shrimp: Are all short people are very insecure like John Bolton is?…[View]
217290827Why Arabs and Turkish on this /pol/ pretends they like blacks?: Like some Kara boga meme, Turk and A…[View]
217289559BASED: >'A white Pākehā male got really triggered by this and ... had this really emotional outbu…[View]
217289844PooInLoo Sexually Abuses 8 Year Old for 2 Years Straight: Good Lord! >Physicist, 71, sexually abu…[View]
217288821Why amerimutt subhumans hate china?[View]
217292988>...and then, for no reason at all, young people voted for Bernie Sanders…[View]
217292458ITT Anons create political parties, add ideologies to them, and then make promises. The anons vote f…[View]
217290619Burgers?: >Burgers? can we have a 'Burgers?' thread?[View]
217293329What good are whites: When they are the only thing allowing Jews to run the world? White straight ma…[View]
217292521Why is it wrong to want a whites only nation?[View]
217289777Vox/MSM is Pravda in usa: Wtf Amerimuts ?How come your mainstream media is pushing 'gatekeeping' mod…[View]
217293129Repeal The 19th: Sorry yet?[View]
217293107Tranny disclosure: On Walmarts website Published 2017 by Richard saunders https://www.walmart.com/i…[View]
217290637>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez How can you stop her ? She is good.[View]
217287026>24/06/2019 >...i am forgotten[View]
217292961>4,424 Americans died for Israel in Iraq did the (((neocons))) even say thanks?…[View]
217287047ITS OVER[View]
217281959Now that we know Iranians were behind the 9/11 attacks, what do we do /pol/[View]
217291818For fuck sake, get these trannies of 4Chan.: Every few days there are these cuckolds posting blacked…[View]
217274680YRYL: You Rage You Lose.[View]
217291042LEAFS......... WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-06-22-canada-begins-harvesting-org…[View]
217284135Seething wagecuck has EPIC meltdown in front of BASED NEET: I know this video is old but I'm pr…[View]
217292501Social media: Numbers are made up and its all controlled by a satanic quantum computer. You should k…[View]
217291279U.K. Court Says Mentally Disabled Woman Must Have Abortion: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/23/world…[View]
217290795Protact wamen my frands or you will dasapire as cantry my frands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf…[View]
217283824IRL Meetups: So have you guys done any meetups through /pol/? I've heard about some other /chan…[View]
217292159What's the difference between Trumptards and soibois apart from the hat?[View]
217292380These threads on NXVIM connections and such are great work,my question is has anybody looked into Ra…[View]
217284369Sanders to Propose eliminating all $1.6t of student debt in US: I feel like he actually has a chance…[View]
217285930Should worthless people over the age of 50 be euthanized? They contribute nothing to society and are…[View]
217296457meta thread: is nu-/pol/ unsalvageable? every single thread starts with twitter screencaps from nob…[View]
217292323Who else: Is ready to die in iran for bankers interests? >i guess you shouldve been born wealthy …[View]
217272145Why do third worlders and shitskins act like this? Why do they have no common courtesy and act obliv…[View]
217290942Stop watching porn: It will make you a kiked degenerate.[View]
217288817What kind of mail do you think three letter agencies receive?[View]
217292096Lets go practice moral rightousness[View]
217287662What happened to the wall? Trump is coming up for reelection so how is he going to skirt the fact th…[View]
217282641Has pol taken the iron pill? >Buy land in Europe/North America (the good cold part) >Live a si…[View]
217286658I have a proposal, why don't stormfags take a trip to North Korea instead of whining about muh …[View]
217291070Russians are white!: Cyka Blyat thank God we have Putin to save Russia from the neegger! Russia will…[View]
217290877are they retarded?: stupid pajeets get a brain with sand niggers.[View]
217288933lol its u faggots :)[View]
217287155She’s right. And so are 729,000 people.[View]
2172683532 days till the Democratic debate: Do you feel it? what are your predictions/hopes? here's mine…[View]
217287071Don't race mix.[View]
217288329'Assassinate Trump' tweets still on twatter: https://twitter.com/search?q=assassinate%20trump&sr…[View]
217291082Why brown clan think white clan hate brown clan? White clan want be friend with brown clan but but G…[View]
217271488What is causing the collapse?[View]
217289161Respect wamen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXt2nmmUb3s[View]
217263808/pol/ watches To Catch a Predator: Come watch pedos get BTFO with your favorite /pol/acks. https://c…[View]
217260999Brit/pol/ - Zoophilia edition: >Boris and girlfriend are driven out of their home: Anarchists cam…[View]
217287445SEA-WATCH = PIRATES: go away, italy doesn't want you 'Salvini, who is also deputy premier and l…[View]
217289299Hobbiton: What political system did Hobbiton have?[View]
217290997If we mine all of the resources in Romania then how much cash overall will it mean? 1 Europe? 2 Euro…[View]
217267867Hello Alpha Jew here.: Just to remind you that when you watch a movie it's our movies you watch…[View]
217290346Is this what Europe wants?: Is this your wet dream? Baneposting made real? BANE? Is this the dream? …[View]
217286425The key to saving humanity...: Is in >pic related This is the most political thing ever. Nice k…[View]
217290781around blacks - never relax: around kikes - always relax not around kikes - never relax (((they…[View]
217290734Incels should be killed[View]
217248849I am a university teacher From France, I only come here once in a while to see, never have I posted …[View]
217290644It's all about race: to humaynes. >Prove to me that you are something without your race.…[View]
217290446Racemixing is downgrade.[View]
217286553Maine Needed New, Young Residents. African Migrants Began Arriving by the Dozens.: >The migrants …[View]
217285291Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses Invitation to Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp: Rep. Alexandria O…[View]
217289986What's wrong with being an Incel?: In this day and age of SJW whores and venereal disease, isn…[View]
217280641In late 1931, Gandhi accepted an invitation to visit Mussolini in Rome while the Mahatma was touring…[View]
217288314Why can't we make friends with Iran again?[View]
217290123What is there to be done?[View]
217270916What’s society going to look like 5-10 years from now with all the depression and suicide rates spik…[View]
217286603This is a purebred Berber North African. No Arab, Jew, Nigger, or European influence. How can you sa…[View]
217270387Just a reminder this asshole poisoned his own kids instead of trying to evacuate them to Western All…[View]
217286287The Best Pakistani Transgender Retirement Home: In a country where it is expected that your extended…[View]
217285294THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT: Its time for a true leader, an engineer, someone who isnt going to break promi…[View]
217269804War with Iran,: If you woke up tomorrow to discover War broke out with Iran, and that the draft was …[View]
217286744Why are nordfaggots treated as white when they had to rape Europe into the dirt like a nigger to bec…[View]
217289005Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control: by E. Michael Jones 'Thus, a good man, th…[View]
217283168So what was the conclusion of this saga? I lost track of it months ago. Is it still going on?[View]
217283757Redpill me on the Beat Generation: Why the hell did we allow a bunch of degenerate pedophile faggots…[View]
217290120The fucking spiclets deserve worse: Moralfagging mongoloid worthless libshits are autistically scree…[View]
217273292How fucked are we?[View]
217287798Hindus: They worship a hoax BBC by pouring non stop milk, honey, juices etc. on it to remind them of…[View]
217279314Is there any reason why we shouldn't? Canada SHOULD join the US! And then we can form our own '…[View]
217284633Is NSF real now? Deus Ex: In2027, a predecessor organisation of small underground cells called theNe…[View]
217283616I don't know how, I don't know why... next year, there will be snow on the ground in north…[View]
217287534Mild happening: attempted coup in Ethiopia: May be a result of ethnic tensions between the Oromo (su…[View]
217286939Egyptians aren't bla: this was the president of Egypt so it's representative of the countr…[View]
217289778The hidden meanings in IMAGES: What secrets do you know of hiding in plain site?[View]
217286556If the Holocaust didn't happen, where did all the names on the memorial come from?[View]
217283475Memri TV thread: post what you got[View]
217287799>mfw there are leftists paying £55 to go to a Marxist festival in London next month What's w…[View]
217289497Is your country governed by an animal? If so which one? Argentina Yes. By a cat[View]
217289040What do you think they meant by this[View]
217287887USA GDP Per Capita: 59,531.66 USD: Its pretty impressive compare to other western countries. but the…[View]
217283303US Military: #1 Employer of Trans in World.: Unsarcastically, I think it's the (((vaccines))) t…[View]
217236233Why do Democrats and leftists in general act so authoritarian, and for lack of a better word, evil?[View]
217272209Leo Dicaprio is 44, has never been married, and since the age of 21 has been cautious and skeptical …[View]
217287096Attention all Nazis: You Lose, Plus Size Women Win: https://twitter.com/plusequalsuk/status/11410440…[View]
217279715European love threat: Show us some love.[View]
217288882Have we reached peak beta male?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bchx0mS7XOY[View]
217286737Keep America Great (KAG) is a stupid slogan: Trump has too many stupid advisors. Also, Biden has the…[View]
217283121How long before MS13 becomes a legitimate government and Trump has to start negotiating with them?[View]
217287940>Amerimutts are only 54 % white including mulattos and sandniggers That poor excuse of a country …[View]
217281309/pol/ we gotta get Yang in office[View]
217264428Fucking redneck hillbilly gun-toting scum: Assault rifles should become illegal. And I will tell you…[View]
2172874356 gorillion Mexican children were abducted and murdered by the Blompf administration.[View]
217286904Is vaping based or degenerate? It seems like there's a lot of propaganda surrounding vaping, al…[View]
217277628Anyone in any fraternities/secret societies: Was thinking about joining pic related. My grandfather …[View]
217285065Would you vote for John Bolton for President?: He is getting himself into the limelight a lot lately…[View]
217286436Race doesnt rly matter: The intelligence does.My opinion is that race doesn't really matter , t…[View]
217287305Christkikery is a sub-cult of Judaism, subhumans: Jesus is a fucking worthless kike, you brainlet fa…[View]
217257512ALIEN FALSE FLAG COMING: Reminder that these things are not 'extraterrestrials' (a satanic creation)…[View]
217286723Every single day we get closer to our goal of cleansing this board of it's filthy racism, misog…[View]
217286258>'why yes, i am an americn veteran of the 2019 iran invasion, how could you tell?'…[View]
217283420Agent Boomer. Glowfags, FBI, and more. What do we do?: Since the feds wanna fuck with our site, how …[View]
217283906>be in the US >have a 'journalism page' that promotes sex using period blood >promote teen …[View]
217282185Sweden hate thread: >profited of the world wars https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweden_during_World…[View]
217286024Whites are the worst crybaby SJW's. While you have it all easy because of your light skin, you …[View]
217246988https://archive.is/blXns We did it, /pol/! Regards, /v/.[View]
217272481Why nordcucks seem to be unable to build an empire /pol/[View]
217283834Why are niggers called people of color and whites not, when black is the absence of color and white …[View]
217285417How do you guys feel about blacks? Has being on /pol/ changed your opinion? Be brutally honest.[View]
217287232The fact that according to DuckDuckGo places like 4chan and Pornhub have better privacy practices th…[View]
217277478How accurate is Nate Silver/538???: I know he got humiliated on election night with his 99% Clinton …[View]
217287044oy vey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI_x6uo51Lw WTF[View]
217284940Walmart adds AI-powered cameras to more than 1,000 stores to reduce checkout theft, report says: So …[View]
217268313>I deserve $4889 an hour[View]
217287049Atheist,Marxist,Communist=Psychopath,Sociopaths: Empathy, remorse,bold, disinhibited, egotistical tr…[View]
217278490Why do glowniggers hate the spiritual?: We’ve seen them a lot on /pol/ larping as Nazis and attackin…[View]
217278867Democratic Muslim Incest Storytime: So.. Did Ihlan Omar marry her own Brother?[View]
217286659I know this is a stupid question but just for fun, I am american with some ancestry from England, It…[View]
217266062/CPD/ - Chicago Police Scanner General: Comfy edition >BUT WHO THE FUCK IS ROBERT??? ROBERT is th…[View]
217283691Reparations: Lottery Sales Skyrocket: Give them their gibs and shut up about it. The benefits to the…[View]
217285302When there’s no more cement: What do you do when your industry is dying? When the Entire World is al…[View]
217275747I MISS HITLER[View]
217281820hello various intelligence and defence departments of various nations and other soros funded project…[View]
217283276Is a civil war brewing in this country? The state of Oregon is destabilizing the government power st…[View]
217285958What the FUCK did Elon Musk mean by this? Why the hate on Chomsky?[View]
217285912Why are anti-facist organizations almost always full with women? I mean it's literally almost e…[View]
217280442CP5: They really dindunuffin? I’m curious about the details of this case and what exactly is content…[View]
217286064We all know that the jew kingdom will be re-established soon enough[View]
217283787Nachash: https://youtu.be/CgciK_ClYsA Hello citizenry, do not be alarmed, the National Socialist mil…[View]
217283998Challenge for atheist incels: I noticed that every time the discussion concerns ethics, philosophy, …[View]
217285426Is there something new to be discovered?: Is there a political ideology that hasn't been invent…[View]
217285765The Second Amendment is the Check and balances of a tyranny, brewing Civil War 2.0: https://apnews.c…[View]
217274955Why are Indians so fucking cringe[View]
217281771Is there a sanderson1611 equivalent to catholic/orthodox preaching?[View]
217283989TRUMP 2020: GET READY FOR ROUND 2 BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZJDYlxkM-c[View]
217273934Can't Find Job - Donating Blood worth it?: >white 26 year old 6'1 male >live in LA s…[View]
217280703These ICE raids need to stop. These people have lived here more years than their countries of origin…[View]
217284310If trump is such a Jew cum lover why didn’t he strike Iran?[View]
217285120Why would anyone form a relationship when your chick can up & spontaneously leave you? It seems …[View]
217285289Twitter says you can't be racist to white pople: How do we change Twitters mind on that ? Ther…[View]
217267431White man turns down $1,500 from black man looking to steal his seat.: People are calling this racis…[View]
217268233Post your hands and that prove you're white.[View]
217280974Hey! Zoomer here! Help me find me meme: Hey, I am a zoomer and I had a bunch of memes saved on my ol…[View]
217285258MAN LIVE STREAMS POLICE CHASE after KILLING GRANNY & LIL KID: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=uS…[View]
217285253save this[View]
217275802Is a global economic collapse just around the corner?[View]
217284759Shut the fuck up Boomer[View]
217283341Judaism General. /jg/ Whites are facing extinction edition: Calling all Rabbi's of /pol/ >On…[View]
217283623A revolution is the only way to putt and honourable end to this decadent west: Peacefull and democra…[View]
217285373Feras Antoon: Sure would be a shame if someone sniped him walking out his front door.[View]
217284711>a spic and a fag and 2 bean polls[View]
217283821The Last Great Decade: The Fifties, The Twenties, The Eighties... They will all be looked at as grea…[View]
217258593They just keep getting away with it[View]
217284298Fashwave thread kali yuga edition[View]
217282885Jordan Peterson: A good man?: Now that the dust has settled is Peterson really a good guy overall? h…[View]
217276606Serious question: Why do jews hate America so much?: Every post I see them make is like >56% …[View]
217284833FBIV: What happened to him?[View]
217284754In Australia, You only need 500 people to register a party. Someday, I wish i had the numbers to mak…[View]
217284634Boomers: Have they had the perfect life from childhood to death? Was all of European history for the…[View]
217280226Go to war with Iran, goyim.[View]
217280367America is the greatest country in the whole wide world. We are the greatest, the most powerful and …[View]
217282774>posters from small countries Do you wish your nations would unite with neighbors to form a large…[View]
217282102Who is the Portuguese patsy the Podesta brothers set up?[View]
217279376I hate what this country is becoming.: I really do. And I don't know what to do about it.…[View]
217278757Kate Brown Bisexual Conspiracy: Ok boys, we all know about the Oregon Governor Kate brown I think I …[View]
217282922>be 'white' nationalist >prefer shitskin pedophilic cartoons more than white cartoons or movie…[View]
217283433Varg is right: Why dont we stop warring about the west survival and start thinking of how to leech i…[View]
217281756Some one nuke Texas before the liberals take over[View]
217279034Youtube is right: Youtube is a private platform, if you don't like it, go being a nazy on your …[View]
217278480Do you ever argue politics with other people online? How about in real life? How does it typically g…[View]
217279989What should we do about the student loan debt in America? Student loan debt now total 1.5 trillion d…[View]
217284343is someone having discernible racism a good proxy for them having a low level of success in life? i…[View]
217282160Trump is going to win 2020: Bernie will get checked again and Biden will lose because nobody really …[View]
217282883Can we be friends with Iran?[View]
217284101Bob Marley: How fucking based was this guy? I had to look him up since I found it there were so many…[View]
217281302How come when millions of people die in Africa (under capitalist governments) no one ever blames cap…[View]
217283444Trump the Cuck: https://m.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iranian-minister-US-cyber-attack-failed-593475/amp …[View]
217281873How does it feel to know that he is correct?[View]
217282329Trump could have been a great President. Instead, he chose to be a cuck.[View]
217277787Why can't we be friends with Iran?[View]
217282928Bill Clinton in the 90s was more right wing than Donald Trump is today. Seriously why do you guys wo…[View]
217280520Is this the best fat shaming movie of all time?: I remember when it was agreed that making fun of fa…[View]
217283992/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217276736Why is being gay a bad thing?: No bullshit answers. Don’t need to hear religious thoughts. No Jew co…[View]
217272312DARWIN EVACUATED: MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE 7.2 IN THE BANDA SEA https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-24/…[View]
217282233Is Rhinoplasty a form of Jewry[View]
217264230How was Sodom and Gomorrah different?: If Sodom and Gomorrah was bad enough that God had to destroy …[View]
217282059Hello, everyone: I'm doing quite well, thank you for checking in.[View]
217266576Sabotaging speed cameras: I'm so sick of these cameras. Everyone knows they dont help with safe…[View]
217280862Why is he trying to deal with the democrats?: Regarding the delay of ICE raids. Why?[View]
217281110Just got this issued to me for the boogaloo, anyone else got this 4 of clubs card?[View]
217282923Fuck this cunt: I want her to drink a gallon of cystic pus.[View]
217257375Nxivm Connections Thread: General thread for Nxivm info and other trafficking related news.[View]
217282949Google image: White american inventors Happy american mother (or Happy caucasian american mother) Eu…[View]
217279436>war with Iran starts >the draft becomes mandatory again to gather the manpower necessary to i…[View]
217278865John Bolton, have you seen him?: Has anybody seen my brother John on here? He has facial hair and gl…[View]
217282066Was voting for Trump the right decision? Has he made life any easier for us incels and genetically i…[View]
217276572NUKE SWEDEN NOW: >https://www.youmo.se/en/karlek--vanskap/att-vara-kar/ This is the government…[View]
217269963The Future is Female: So much fucking this. Maybe shit will get done right for once, boys. https://…[View]
217282775CHINESE GETTING REKT THREAD: Post them webm's and pictures boys[View]
217272257An Honest Question: How Many of Us are there?: I fell into this fucking cesspool about 2 years ago. …[View]
217275317Hey lurkers: Those of you who never postes or interacted. 1-How long have you been lurking? 2-How di…[View]
217280440philly zionist happening: this shit caught on fire twice in one month, only 4 people harmed.. jee se…[View]
217273505Alright /pol/, we gotta think >How do we make Trump win 2020[View]
217258372His audience has almost completely turned on him: The comments are amazing. People are waking up to …[View]
217282068The hyckjack of the moralness by non euros: Until you dont make retrat them for what they are snakes…[View]
217282167*Tink Tink* Ladies and Gentlemen of Pol: I present to you a song I crafted from the bottom of my hea…[View]
217281623if you dont know who this man is you're not based nor redpilled[View]
217275754I FUCKING MISS THE 80s.: Cold War and all. Take me back and get me outta this dystopia.[View]
217279193Did you know that Israel has a rule where only 2% of Americans can live there? Isn't that just …[View]
217280935we must fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpH5L8zCtSk&feature=share[View]
217281174Pope Francis is the most based man alive.[View]
217260968Just another day in Toronto[View]
217274201Please be kind to each other: We are all brothers in this fight. No need to be nasty to one another.…[View]
217267745What would Hitler think about this?[View]
217280031Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
217281916Martyrs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVaVfyXbsbo&t=346s[View]
217275683seriously can white women be saved?[View]
217275501I am an American 2006 4chan oldfag. I'm 32 years old. Pure blooded Hungarian with a red haired …[View]
217249827ELECTIONS ARE UPON US: Soros has Black Op's/PMC that he uses to start conflicts & cause con…[View]
217270771Continuation from >>217266982 Here's what's happening: >IT. Oregon Issues Arrest …[View]
217278169Bernie's going to win, why not join the winning team?[View]
217279158Ugly white people ruined western society. Prove me wrong.[View]
217281052I have a serious question about the American immigrant detention centers. Are people who come North …[View]
217280830Have you done your part?[View]
217276657How can anyone justify their daily life as a wage cuck when our forefathers would have rebelled agai…[View]
217274890The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217209761What did they do wrong /pol/?[View]
217270012Dems waive white flag in Florida as hispanic immigrants who entered US legally have grown tired of D…[View]
217281382Cia fbi and nsa: are too scared to post on this site because it's racist.[View]
217278278Is it just me or does anyone else have a low-key crush on Janice Fiamengo?: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
217267135/pol/ webm thread: Post em[View]
217276818Redpill/Information posts: Post images meant to inform people on concepts, ideas and truths[View]
217271712Christians irrevocably BTFO Refute this.[View]
217280902leftist buzzword of the week is “concentration camps”, this puts the right in an indefensible positi…[View]
217277076>Be CIA agent >Learn that we’ve been reading signals know to be the ancient data residual of a…[View]
217258743How do they dupe physics students into believing nukes are real?[View]
2172691441930s Germany: What would you do if you were living in 1930s Germany??[View]
217272945Americans WILL defend this.[View]
217265045Israel Folau gofund me shut down: Israel Folau is one of the greatest footy players of our time and …[View]
217279525/ISIS gen/ >What is ISIS? ISI is a Salafi jihadist militant group and former unrecognised proto-s…[View]
217270806Anyone got proof of life of it?[View]
217280583>give me the keys to the nukes, Donald[View]
217280301Keep America Great: >Keep America Great >KAG >Phonetic: KEK…[View]
217252575JEWTUBE IS CENSORING /OURGOYS/: Murdoch Murdoch's second channel was banned indefinitely. There…[View]
217278734Las Vegas shooting: Today I randomly remembered about this and realised nobody's talked about t…[View]
217259326WHY WONT THEY MATE?: Why? Hormones produce a desire for young adults to reproduce. Are these people …[View]
217247618Habbening?: Unusual Color, what do you think it means?[View]
217279182Why are atheists the only people who create true science and equality?: Meanwhile Christians sit in …[View]
217278010Why do centrist liberals and the media have such a hard time wrapping their head around the concept …[View]
217266935Umm...guys..front page of Fox News right now What did they mean by this, what are they prepping us f…[View]
217276961Why do lesbian couples always have a dyke bitch as a partner that looks like a fucking man?[View]
217276495Senator Warner (D) gives weird interview about UFO briefing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQyTp3V…[View]
217277573I hope we go to war with Iran: My life is shit. I will sign up immediately to die for Israel. I…[View]
217278854In order to believe something, you must have proof to consider yourself rational: Since we have here…[View]
217279317Why does Trump and /ptg/ sound like Chuck Schumer now? How'd that happen?[View]
217279734Are you aware of limited hangouts?[View]
217275663Trends: What social trend do you fear and what do you fear about it?[View]
217275833Opinions on Orthodox Jews who hate Zionism and Israel as much as us?[View]
217278462>In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan ma…[View]
217271310If you are not taller than 5' 8' you are not white.[View]
217274608Yang is in 8th place despite having no prior public office or national exposure. >he will roll up…[View]
217259722Anyone unironically agree with John Bolton?: Has anyone started thinking he's unironically righ…[View]
217275190Oregon Issues Arrest Warrants For Multiple GOP Senators: Oregon Issues Arrest Warrants For Multiple …[View]
217271638What does he stand to gain if we go to war with Iran?[View]
217279221Equal Pay my Ass...: And women wonder why there is a wage gap...[View]
217278762Why are we not allowed to be friends with Iran?[View]
217269960What have you done for the white race today?: They're stuck in third-world contries without pay…[View]
217278825Can someone talk to the elves for future happenings?[View]
217259350/HWCG/ Have White Children General #9: Continuation of: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/217241…[View]
217277537Irish traveller eugenesic: >Cavalleri described how it’s possible to measure the genetic distance…[View]
217278054When I say holocaust you say 'SORRY FOR THE 6 MILLION' Holocaust![View]
217278487why the fuck is gay pride a whole month now? What we only get 1 day for christmas but people stickin…[View]
217278915i have an idea /pol/: so we all know the 'Its okay to be white' meme. and the whole okay hand stuff.…[View]
217276494What will happen if women really stop putting up with men’s shit?[View]
217277893What are good careers and jobs, /pol/?: Good trades? Good white collar jobs? Is being a doctor wort…[View]
217258105Millennials of /pol/, how do we make homes affordable?[View]
217262737The Wall and it's Effects on Dating: Will the next decade be filled with nothing but cool wine …[View]
217278219How do they get away with this in the 'me too' era??: Does Vince just not give a fuck?[View]
217255759>tradies are brok-[View]
217276274To all you hardasses here, this is what actually happens if you call a black guy a nigger IRL >ht…[View]
217275686Why do Jews hate white people so much?: In all of History what have whites actually done to hinder t…[View]
217277888Killing evil people is not wrong. It is just.[View]
217276874What would Brevik think of Brenton Tarrant?[View]
217275854I clicked around on BitChute a bit and I'm impressed. How worried should I be that doing so pla…[View]
217277762Is China in trouble, /pol/? It seems like a bunch of their medium-sized banks are in default.[View]
217274336https://www.chron.com/news/article/Data-show-Nigerians-the-most-educated-in-the-U-S-1600808.php: Nig…[View]
217277508Why does right-wingers go so crazy over sanctuary cities? Why do lefty mayors and politicians and de…[View]
217270741Are the writers of Fairly Oddparents /ourguys/: I just realized the kids tv show Fairly Oddparents h…[View]
217274321a question: What race would Juden be classified under using that traditional definition of race? Cau…[View]
217257411This is horribly insulting: The US shows Europe absolutely no respect at all. The feeling is now mut…[View]
217277183I bet if: Men in mexico knew how women own their men in the USA they would not come.[View]
217277234Do we need more guys like Omar Mateen?[View]
217266807What does /pol/ really want???: (((Lurker here))) >understand divide and conquer; /pol/ anons see…[View]
217270355HAPPENING: Bernie Sanders will propose canceling the *entire* $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, pa…[View]
217277169Little school-niggers yell while kicking their feet: >Little school-niggers yell while kicking th…[View]
217266727Can we get a photo dump thread capturing modern American despair?[View]
217264486How do we stop the faggot parades?[View]
217273742>I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned pol…[View]
217276992Sarcasm is the province of the cowards: And Politics is a nation of losers.[View]
217276900>pajeets dominating over the tech industry >gooks invented e-sports >viets getting a market…[View]
217271948Trump is still worth voting for on foreign policy alone... Prove me wrong.[View]
217271662If blacks >commit less crime >did better in education >earned more money and put it back in…[View]
217276850Ben Shapiro's fleshlight: Only circumcised jewish dicks are allowed to fuck it, through a hole …[View]
217276117Here's something that bothers me, /pol/ - why does the media pay so much attention to breast ca…[View]
217276666>There are more Thais than Brits >There are more South Koreans than Spaniards >There are mo…[View]
217270010Redpill me on aliens /pol/ and this guy- what's the truth?[View]
217261033Why don’t you bigots want better food? https://mobile.twitter.com/omeraziz12?lang=en[View]
217275872Why won't Americans take up arms against corporations that blatantly lie? Also I can't hel…[View]
217273475WHAT TO SHOUT AT BERNIE?: I'm going to a Bernie event next weekend, what would you guys tell at…[View]
217264131>Hello, anon. You may not believe this, but I'm your daughter. How would /pol/ respond?…[View]
217249958So Trump called off ICE raid for the last 2 years?[View]
217261570Definition of a Concentration Camp: “A place where large numbers of people, especially political pri…[View]
217272594How do they keep getting away with it lads? It seems like Trump isn't even taking this dangerou…[View]
217270560what happened here? i saw this live and it still confuses me[View]
217274942The Hidden Women of STEM | Alexis Scott: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPohBFk6SV0[View]
217274913/SIG/ Self Improvement General: Political thread stfu mods. It’s time to clean your house. What have…[View]
217270683YFW you realize that despite being the most reliable Democratic voters, blacks are also the most soc…[View]
217266152Why does natsoc on /pol/ defend Iran?: When did they start caring about shitskins?[View]
217259266No New Porn: I see the No fap movement, and I see the no Porn movement. I have a new proposition. Wh…[View]
217271180Not replaced yet: >be me >on date night with wife >walking to ice cream shop >holding ha…[View]
217263220Just got into an argument with my fiance about how majority of white people don't like black pe…[View]
217275677The Internet just isn’t as fun with the censorship Is has been circumcised[View]
217273265I've been in germany for the last 2 1/2 years, has America changed in any way?[View]
217248674TIME TO PAY UP, 'STR*IGHTS'.: >'Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has added “gay and…[View]
217274926Why do the Jews push faggotry and degeneracy in their owned Monopoly of media and film? Kids these d…[View]
217266130Boomer here, Why cant you kiddo's just get it together?: By the time I was your age I had my fi…[View]
217274160Is snapchat destroying the so called ' based' youth and turning them in degenerate fucks?[View]
217270961You think you have taken the Red Pill. Guess what you are still a Blue Pill Shill!: you are all so e…[View]
217260270CNN cuts off soldier saying Israel can defend itself https://youtu.be/o0FD8PUG_y8[View]
217273330>'I only hire the best!' - Trump https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/23/trump-big…[View]
217272926College would be more white and more male if: Admission was based solely on SAT scores. Researchers …[View]
217271365The media continues to lie right to our faces, when do they get the rope?[View]
217231745Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Friendly Fascist Neighbor Edition: https://www.welt.de/politik/deutsc…[View]
217271214I'm going to go to this just to heckle him and be a general asshole. Any suggestions on things …[View]
217272227The truth about gun violence: There are about 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, this n…[View]
217274613safe space for frens: hello frens, everything will be ok. nigs will die and we will get waifus with …[View]
217269405Served as an 11B for 2 years and didn't manage to kill anyone? Not even the fat black security …[View]
217271192does it make you sick that ameriburger politics is basically just everybody from every political vie…[View]
217271887is the boomer a jewish golem?[View]
217270407Guys...theres a free speech rally in DC. antifa is posting all over twitter with directions for acti…[View]
217265946That's what an average american fights for.[View]
217270675Have Kids: Taco-American here, why dont you guys chill and have kids? The reason why Latinos are goi…[View]
217269997Etika search party with live call-in's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp-hgXyEa7I[View]
217274583What place does gen-z have in this world?: So after the failure of the boomers and the incompetence …[View]
217270455I actually think we should go to war with Iran, enough pussying around. Just get it on.[View]
217271971Are smart niggers (and mongrels) real or just a myth?[View]
217274222Why can't we be friends with Iran?[View]
217258353Are the Ayys coming for Israel?[View]
217259602Fuck Africa Thread: >Has existed for thousands of years >Still hasn't been able to form a…[View]
217273744>>53054495 Boomer here. You lazy millennials ought to learn to pull yourselves up by your own …[View]
217274066Refuge from the Modern World: Is there anywhere to get away without going full hermit? I went to the…[View]
217267191>Son you keep that gangsta Attitude up and one day you will meet a tough guy like me in the halls…[View]
217269038Conviction: there is a report that children are growing horns on their heads from 'mobile phone use'…[View]
217271624Why was it ok to kill black people in Mississippi during the segregation era? Even police men did it…[View]
217258818umm... guys??[View]
217264401The Dark Pepe Rises: How can we attract more Black people to White Supremacism? I invented a new mem…[View]
217268191Do you remember how you died?: Because you certainly arent alive, just an fyi. Its important to take…[View]
217267291Don't come here: Australia is falling apart. >Everything is getting expensive >Unemploym…[View]
217273388Do you think I want one day find out who you are? You losers at 4chan don't know me at all. It…[View]
217261330GET IN HERE: Nick Fuentes vs some ni....... Vince from Red Elephants moderating.[View]
217267120American Civil War: What do you think the odds are that it'll happen in the next 10 years? The …[View]
217269678Reparations: /pol/ should unironically support reparations with the condition that only the rich- in…[View]
217270719Operation Delay: I’ll make it simple I’m a highschool chad (18) and I have shity grades I can get in…[View]
217266982Militiamen, how do we turn this to our advantage?: Oregon Issues Arrest Warrants For Multiple GOP Se…[View]
217264682Europe hate thread: I think we can all, unfortunately, agree that Europe in its entirety is probably…[View]
217267126THANK YOU AOC: With her new campaign calling of calling our detention centers “concentration camps”,…[View]
217271645https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/06/23/us/supreme-court-census-citizenship-blake/index.html So the censu…[View]
217263956Do people really fall for the anti woman stuff or is it all fake[View]
217271309>polski in the shitski lmao[View]
217262131Canadistan: Tell me what you think of this cuck, retards[View]
217270352I was watching Attack On Titans... what the hell is this bluepill? is so obvious that Eldias are jew…[View]
217272517How does a white man in the middle of his career overcome the phenomena of women in the workplace ge…[View]
217272855to the stars and beyond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePbjIEBHxRQ the only answer is govenrment …[View]
217259426Is there a convincing argument against race mixing (esp. coalburning) that doesn't involve 'muh…[View]
217261688Ya know...I don't give two shits about their legal status. They're still human beings. You…[View]
217271966based Keri BTFO gaythots who think its okay to have naked dildo pride parades[View]
217269121I just adopted an abused horse: Because I'm an evil, hateful Nazi >It is forbidden: >1. t…[View]
217270063Why does he care about non-citizens over citizens? he thinks all americans are super rich and have t…[View]
217264685Vermont will provide tax-payer funded sex-change operations on children even without their parents p…[View]
217271908This should have happened.[View]
217271927Why did no one smile in the old days? Is it because smiling is a sign of low testosterone only made …[View]
217267059Geo/pol/ - Geopolitics General: Last thread died, new thread. Discuss: >What you've read rec…[View]
217244859>journalist arrested for cp confirms pizzagate is real, no major media coverage >mediocre yout…[View]
217268457Sorry fags I got yellow fever: Asian bitches only.[View]
217266249Anarchists of /pol/, unite! (#5): ANARCHY IS FOR EVERYONE. >Imagine thinking that governments, wh…[View]
217268833Where does the meme come from that gen z is 'based and conservative'? Zoomers are even more degenera…[View]
217266833Republicans think white nationalists don't exist and if they do exist they're democrats.[View]
217266260This disgusted me: There is a trap gay couple on the emojis for various phone devices,this will not …[View]
217262998Why don't you want $1000 per month?[View]
217271702Someone Please Let Me Know: When did older women moving their bodies like this become 'sexy'?[View]
217265599pick 1.[View]
217259149what does /pol/ think about this[View]
217270722could a race trial like oj happen again?: do you think if a case such as OJ's would have blown …[View]
217245043this entire board is a psyop: during the day, every thread seems to be incitement and disinformation…[View]
217258020Drinking with arabs right now in the middle of Bruxelles and they are cool guys Why do we hate them …[View]
217267946AUDIOBOOK: 'Specter of Communism': Redpilling audiobook exposes communism. https://archive.org/detai…[View]
217265345So does this mean LGBT+ PoC's get double reparations? Awesome![View]
217268838im dead? Right?: Ok /pol/. Say the lithauinian mafia tries to kill me. The albanian mafia wants to k…[View]
217270915Completely Degenerate: 1. Men that aren't actively fornicating with manipulative roasties are c…[View]
217268342No, but seriously Why do they hate white people? what are some specific examples they have cited?[View]
217268941Leftism = Abasence of White Men[View]
217255860These are the worst states in the union.[View]
217270753The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217269883Plan for ethnostate: To win a game, you first have to be playing. (((They))) made the rules, but I h…[View]
217265269Would you agree with a policy where white boys were sent to certain schools, and black people + whit…[View]
217265853All the lefties complaining about concentration camps are right. We should not be housing invaders o…[View]
217270530The day of the rope: Does this feel like predictive programming? Feels to me like we are heading for…[View]
217264898DHS Sec leaked this weeks raids: Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan leaked info on the raid…[View]
217261904Not ICE, little Darling; they have been renamed #TrumpCamps, and if you don't like that, then I…[View]
217266981Why isn't this on larger news outlets?[View]
217255471How do we repeal women's suffrage?: My only idea is to get a lot of SJWs to demand that, with u…[View]
217265165*Destroys your safespace*: Daily reminder that Sen. Josh Hawley needs your help to destroy big tech …[View]
217264718Faith Goldy to run for PM: https://twitter.com/friendlyfaith89/status/1142983271829114880…[View]
217261401Trump sends Kim an 'Excellent' Letter: So what did the letter say /pol/? >Dear Kim...…[View]
217270077ICE Saves Lives: In the real world Abner Peña kills children, not ICE The child of Abner Peña, an em…[View]
217266854request: Do any anons here have the rest of this infograph? I need to BTFO some muzzies on discord…[View]
217265906Did ilham Omar really marry her brother: Did she do it? I thought it was just a /pol/ conspiracy the…[View]
217270118South Carolina, what the fuck?: When did you guys start going soft on violent crime? How did this ha…[View]
217266553Why is there this notion that if you don't blindly support feminism and don't kiss women…[View]
217267984Dabstika: What happened to the dabstika? I want it back![View]
217263358>USA lost the Vietnam wa-[View]
217239107Your Belief in Dinosaurs isn't Based on Logic: As much as you try to act like dinosaurs is big …[View]
217264999Wow women: Sure do have it tough today[View]
217267671Cultural appropriation is wrong: Whites should stay with whites, niggers should stay with niggers. I…[View]
217259497Opinions that will get you called a faggot on /pol/: I like Pajeets[View]
217240693Wagie wagie get back in the cagie[View]
217244352How do we stop the racism?[View]
217257436If your wife cant field dress a deer she will be worthless post happening and you should divorce her[View]
217263274W A R[View]
217256170Shouldn't we be talking about reparations for Native Americans before we even start talking abo…[View]
217269062>The holocaust jew death toll is hella inflated, way less than 6 million Jews. Only a few hundred…[View]
217267794Youtuber dead or alive?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rn7ZXcG8q4 I sure hope we hear it soon thi…[View]
217258671What is the final solution to the pagan problem?[View]
217267855Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuses invitation to visit Auschwitz: What the fucking hell is she doing? …[View]
217266653Well its time to move, as long as leftist control your food and water you get this shit.: Arsenic Fo…[View]
217266435>First it'll be a drone, then it'll be another tower, Mr President…[View]
217261419Tried out my new fleshlight today: Made me want to invade a middle eastern country after I finished.…[View]
217256801>POLand is a white paradise according to pol ...[View]
217265029Do people actually think that there's some guy or a group of people sitting on his chair, twirl…[View]
217261992Dear sweet Lord Jesus please please help these children this is NOT the America I have honored and l…[View]
217267437Romania car trip: Is there something worth the stop?[View]
217262130It is their platform. Unapologetic and unashamed abusers of children, the sick, Veterans, the homele…[View]
217266056Did Jesus come to suppress the priest class: Telling people to turn the other cheek in a dog eat dog…[View]
217261362If it wasn't for phony two faced coward, the Republican party and trump wouldn't even exis…[View]
217261399Is Portsmouth NH the greatest place to live?: - almost no diversity - liberal but not Portland liber…[View]
217268147If youre an average wage slave, is not reproducing smart? Why perpetuate a status quo that doesn…[View]
217268710Free speech platforms: Dapps: https://www.dapp.com/ It has all the thing you need, with no censorshi…[View]
217268549What kind of sick blackmail do the Jews have on this guy, /pol/? Seriously; what the fuck is going o…[View]
217268286canada: i don't mind gays but painting the bank walls in rainbow colors is a bit of an overkill…[View]
217261810Those children have heartbeats, too!!![View]
217265786What's your excuse /pol/?: >Everyone on /pol/ uses 4chan >4chan was created by a Jew call…[View]
217264343Nasim Aghdam: Thoughts on her? https://youtu.be/kD1vi9Ykc6s[View]
217257709Slavery Reparations: Black people are owed at least $5t for hundreds of years of unpaid labor. That…[View]
217268077Can we band together to secure the movie rights to this story?[View]
217264480lets talk politics[View]
217264450How did they manage to humiliate the US so hard?: Is this just another signal that the era of the wh…[View]
217267463Things only straight white people see[View]
217264436WHO WON THE DEBATE? Nick Fuentes - VS - R.C. Maxwell: https://youtu.be/-N4U4ZjHy8k Nick Fuentes - VS…[View]
217257424polygamy is the future: He does have a very solid point, /pol/. A family with 2 parents is an old-fa…[View]
217268013>we're going to wipe all college debt away reparations for people who ever paid for college …[View]
217264922We all know 99% of Amerimutts are ugly goblinos like Robert De Niro's kids, but this light skin…[View]
217261420>I deserve $15 an hour[View]
217268030What leftist doublethink does on a physiological level, and why it's detrimental in more ways t…[View]
217261321Seriously, the bullying against Canadian members of this community is getting way out of hand, espec…[View]
217251781White Identity: >'Russia isn't white' >'Spanish aren't white' >'Italians aren…[View]
217267558If it were true would it change anything?: Personally I think they prepared us for 80 years now for …[View]
217264755Llâ maidh /pol/!: Beannachth.[View]
217265050Probably nothing, but...: Recently got this email regarding a FEMA job offer in my small town of 4,5…[View]
217267486Dismantling Christian Cuckoldry. Today's Topic, Apologism of Retaliation.: This topic deals wit…[View]
217247515When you get 5G so your kid can play Pokemon Go easier.[View]
217229361humor thread: comic edit edition if u post unedited stonetoss ur fucking deported[View]
217267177Beleza huefrends isso é uma convocação. se você assim como muitos outros desse pais já perdeu comple…[View]
217264609hep hep little burger, it's time to go to war again. be a good boy[View]
217266086ITT: clown world: Give me your best /pol/[View]
217267023Goofy Political Fed Frog: Stupid Retard Fed on Twitter @illustratumable lets look at the fax >Cal…[View]
217266948>Learn the socio-sexual hierarchy[View]
217266945Was Hitler a WN or a GN (German Nationalist)[View]
217263758Are some Jews good?[View]
217264830America is the great Satan: discuss[View]
217266869The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217266626Why can't we be friends with Iran?[View]
217253400Does this change your opinion on Donald Trump?[View]
217245919Do you realize that most women are fucking ugly[View]
217265375Trump did not start WWIII: I hate him but I do appreciate his restraint considering the pressure by …[View]
217263753Death of whites: >White people having 1-3 kids per family >Bring in shitskins by the dozen …[View]
217264560Arr Kazakhs based?[View]
217266491Remember it is Iran threatening and antagonizing us: Why is the United States committing financial w…[View]
217266457Societal depression in western countries: Do you think that more people in west are depressed than i…[View]
217263515I've seen the truth anons. Islam is inevitable. It is growing at a fast pace while Christianity…[View]
217266310How will he react to a muslim woman in a burka[View]
217243731Living as a golden/platinum adult blond male already seems dystopian: Everyone is racially ‘intimate…[View]
217266367haha BTFO[View]
217262294Facts that disgust you.[View]
217264812Can i join: Without selling my soul?[View]
217264265Would the Beatles be as celebrated today if they were black?[View]
217265938The Brother Fucker is Being Cannibalized by the Left: She spoke against Israel now shes getting slap…[View]
217266200>yang on colbert show tonight this nigga is peaking, after the debates he could even be the front…[View]
217235218Stupid Nigger Quotes: What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard a nigger say?[View]
217264585ITT: Irrefutable truths[View]
217264835Why has America's murder rate been going up since 2014?[View]
217265080Texas isn't bas-: What's your excuse for not keeping the mentally ill away from your famil…[View]
217263378Do you care at all about Israel? >I don't.[View]
217262859Islam is a threa-: I so hope this is true.[View]
217261956In Praise of Short Men: How did you manlets celebrate Small King's Day? https://www.theguardian…[View]
217259351Say one good thing about Iran[View]
217206891Self Improvement General - /SIG/: The rebirth of the West begins with you! - /sig/ Throw the honkpil…[View]
217265286Why can't black people sit properly when driving?[View]
217265696One thing I love about boomers is how much they hate rap music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Ou…[View]
217247358Poster shows what to do after acid attack: > Step 1 - Use Scissors to cut pants > Step 2 - Get…[View]
217249531New Hampshire General: Sound off[View]
217264060AOC: >Cannot fucking stand horse teeth and her spicshit skin >Says the US should completely de…[View]
217262457Seriously, the bullying against gamer members of this community is getting way out of hand, especial…[View]
217259608Friendly Reminder: at no point in history have Atheists ever built a civilization.[View]
217265298Diversity.: Dark skin = Diversity. Light skin = Oppressors. Get it through your thicc skulls Trumper…[View]
217265516my current candidate ranking: 1. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) 2. Sen. Michael Bennet (CO) 3. Sen. El…[View]
217265487Why yes, I do think the future is 100% biologically female. How could you tell?[View]
217262288It’s about time for action America. Enough with the thoughts and prayers! The entire world is watchi…[View]
217263686AI/Waifubots: The development of sexbots’ capability and quantity has leapt forward in the last five…[View]
217263466tfw this jew has the highest likelyhood of being our next president first a nigger, then an orange, …[View]
217226933CHINA IS BEATING USA IN SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY: China presents world’s first ‘intelligent’ mega oil …[View]
217261541Islam is unironically based. If the west had those values initially, the Jews wouldn't have so …[View]
217265253Looked up Minneapolis's Pride hashtag on Twitter to try and find pics or degeneracy threads and…[View]
217264067The earth is flat, the firmament is the sky which is really an interdimensional tear. Space is the p…[View]
217257900How do I tell people about the Jews...: without looking like an anti-Semite?[View]
217261691What race am I?[View]
217257458Are women really attracted to you?[View]
217235268Why hate?: So I've been lurking here long enough to know anons who lurk here. I can't figu…[View]
217262599How do you do fellow kids? Any crimes you want to brag about here. Not an fbi fag spying on you or a…[View]
217263347Why hasn't Trump's Department of Justice/FBI cracked down on violent leftists? The adminis…[View]
217264760How F'ed is China?: Between all their livestock and crops dying on famine type levels, and thei…[View]
217263616Somebody please redpill me on when the new world order will happen: Been researching this stuff for …[View]
217262538Alright pol, give me some jimbo conspiracy memes[View]
217263771Why doesn't she give interviews: Does she have a personality[View]
217263988u.s.a and Israels democracy: Why are people against israel when its the only embassy that they have …[View]
217264651is pol smart enough to understand???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePbjIEBHxRQ the only answer i…[View]
217264476How redpilled is Owen Benjamin?[View]
217260306Trying to find a wife in east europe: In 2 weeks me and a friend are gonna be visiting poland, Ukrai…[View]
217263448Why do you care if the world turns colored? It's not like half of you are white. Seriously, all…[View]
217260211Wholesome: Is Protestantism the answer to America’s ills?[View]
217264144>Just die for Israel bro[View]
217262011How has /pol/ swayed your views, for better or worse?[View]
217260402The origin of Piggy Banks: Piggy Banks were a creation of the 15th Century. Why? Because Jewish law …[View]
217260844The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217261562China: So tell me about china. Its my ancestral homeland, hows it been doing?[View]
217262637When will they be a superpower?[View]
217249358DO YOUR FUCKING JOB SPAIN: i thought euros were good at soccer? wtf how are these bitches in the qua…[View]
217262347At which age do women hit their wall?: white women: age 25-30 spic: age 25-35 black: age 30-35 asian…[View]
217263213Chapo Trap House: Can someone explain to me who the fuck these faggots think they are?[View]
217263920Goodnight sweet prince[View]
217263610>2019 >Drumpf is exposed as a Zionist Yang Gang is our only hope…[View]
217263195Being abused by Liberals your whole life: What can be done to protect our offspring from this?…[View]
217237236>you're not a filthy fedora larper, right anon?[View]
217263854Niggers in public: Alright, I was in a Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight and there was a black lady…[View]
217263848Not political but definitely politically incorrect. One of the most funny pics I could find on the f…[View]
217257304Thoughts on the new Toy Story film?: I thought it was SJW feminist crap![View]
217263096hello lovely people: In Ukraine, 4chan is loved...fags not so much[View]
217261085Based Nippon hates whitey: /pol/ what are your thoughts? OHSU would like to hear from you @OHSUNews …[View]
217261150SOCIAL SECURITY: I don't know about you but, I pay $420 dollars a month into social security. …[View]
217263183Seriously, the bullying against American members of this community is getting way out of hand, espec…[View]
217258672Anyone else /blackpilled bloomer/?: Don't give a shit about politics anymore. I sincerely hope …[View]
217261814The world will be better when Steve King has left Congress.[View]
217260586IT'S OVER: Americans don't want America to be of Western European stock anymore.[View]
217261360Name something you agree with leftists on >Zionism is evil[View]
217263344What's your excuse /pol/?: >Everyone on /pol/ uses 4chan >4chan was created by a Jew call…[View]
217260314>Brotherhood is held in the utmost importance >Resources are pooled to achieve amplified resul…[View]
217263171Will I really be a better person if for one month I have no alcohol, no nicotine, no porn, no social…[View]
217262997R.I.P. Maine.....[View]
217258586Training for Adults in case of Children: mother plays 'chicken' with kids using an SUV runs over 3 y…[View]
217262821Everybody is Hitler |: Short Version: Everybody is Just Hitler except the Panda Bear #GOP. Long Vers…[View]
217258278Why are nu males so fucking pathetic? What is it about these fags that causes them to be so effemina…[View]
217259927Burn coal, pay toll: how's that coming along, that whole big we are a melting pot. http://news.…[View]
217263015RPG said this isn't a Christian country: She wanted a memorial to our veterans tore down becaus…[View]
217263052Come to Sindria: Once I found my trade kingdom of Sindria, I invite all of you to join me in buildin…[View]
217262171Ashkenazi Jew converted to Christianity exposes Judaism and freemasonry: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
217247183Once demographics become OUR destiny we will establish communism in the USA and there is nothing you…[View]
217261397WATCH PARTY FAGGOTS: Read the title of pic related inb4 >not politics Political debates aren…[View]
217262935Ban this filth[View]
217255833>Nazi punks commit genocide in WWII and eventually get their asses kicked by Soviet Russia and Am…[View]
217261732Toy Story 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmiIUN-7qhE [Embed] The main character is the spork. Th…[View]
217262041new meme[View]
217244706This is the Han ethnostate empire.: This is the modern, real life utopia, a haven for the superior r…[View]
217260857In this house we.....: This cuck is using his door as a border to prevent ICE from coming in. Maybe…[View]
217219491Man who won $80 million dollar lottery is court ordered to pay half to ex-wife: >A Michigan man w…[View]
217261195This whole board turing Republican is a successful pay ops by boomers: If you mention that you want …[View]
217261737ITT: Trump's biggest promises kept I'll start >Prison reform >Low minority unemploym…[View]
217254917Geo/pol/ - Geopolitics General: Can we get a general started on Geopolitics and prediction of future…[View]
217242098Seriously, the bullying against Indian members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
217261066I don't get it: Tf does this ben garrison cartoon even mean?[View]
217262228Name a more significant Civil War: You can't.[View]
217262560How much dick does Macron suck?[View]
217254010What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of tim pool? Is he based and ourguy or is he…[View]
217262527Chip-chan: Why for 4chan dont try to find the house of chip chan to understand wtf is this ???…[View]
217237005Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses Invitation to Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp: FUCKING BASED. ZO…[View]
217262366US Concentration Camps and Mass Graves: This is a migrant mass grave in El Paso. When are you MAGAts…[View]
217262261Get me and my thread to >>>/bant/! I'm gonna impress the local boys!…[View]
217242812brit/pol/ - Class War edition: >Boris and girlfriend are driven out of their home: Anarchists cam…[View]
217262193Obummer: Thinks there are 58 states. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGH02DtIws[View]
217261476I didn't know the British Grenadiers was featured in Fallout 76 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
217258441Top Twitter Blocker: >44,000 twitter followers >33,000 youtube subscribers >Has so much tim…[View]
217259713Most cucked ideologies: Which are the most cucked political ideologies an individual can profess? Fo…[View]
217260414pretty funny how this talk of how evil orange man is and how he's literally hitler with a netwo…[View]
217251458German immigration ruined America. The same problems happening in Germany are happening here, all be…[View]
217262008They look white to me. It is time to let them into Europe.[View]
217261080https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/21-indian-cities-will-run-out-of-groundwater-by-2020-report-2056129 …[View]
217260813Flat earth: So Im gonna admit I’m a Normie coming in, but I’ve got something I want to give to the g…[View]
217254374How do you feel about Trump right now? I voted for him, but I'm having doubts now when I see th…[View]
217250698Why does America have so many Pedophiles?: to catch a predator leaked: https://drive.google.com/file…[View]
217261465how about we just...leave Iran alone. Why has no one suggested this yet?[View]
217235345Fuck off 'Anglos': >Many blame it on Luther and the Germans, I don't. The ones who really em…[View]
217259347Trips decides his fate in Times Square tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku_cF5-LnbE…[View]
217257045Why are atheists the only people who create true science and equality?: Meanwhile Christians sit in …[View]
217260596Washington State Anons-: In light of the recent ongoing events in Oregon should be be prepared to le…[View]
217260155Who the fuck makes these shitting threads?[View]
217261638How the things will be in Sharterica in 2022???: KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…[View]
217261636Is there a greater celebration of white privilege than the USWNT? >few teams in the world with a …[View]
217261629>russians hacked the dnc servers how do you know >an independent tech firm hired by the DNC lo…[View]
217260819Iranians then.[View]
217258772His audience has almost completely turned on him: The comments are amazing. People are waking up to …[View]
217261053What does this mean for freedom of expression? The good GoFundMe provides is a platform to raise mon…[View]
217256233Why are niggers different: I notice this trend everywhere in every human race. >White male = una…[View]
217259052Why are millennials addicited to monster over beer?[View]
217261349Seriously, the bullying against bald or balding members of this community is getting way out of hand…[View]
217261450It's like summer camp. Where you sleep on concrete with a space blanket. Open air cages. Former…[View]
217261228take the yellow pill[View]
217197997Syria General /sg/ - Get in faggot, we taking Idlib! Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syr…[View]
217261305One of the most funny pics I could find on the facesofsuicide website[View]
217259972*wipes the amerikikes from the face of the earth and saves civilization*[View]
217256835What in the fuck happened in 2008 with colleges? >be me >goto college (middle Tennessee state …[View]
217258819What is 5G?: And why do people think the world is gonna end if we use it?[View]
217260827Did Adolf Hitler's struggle with his own sexuality influence the policies he put forth in Nazi …[View]
217261103Possible interpretations for Angry Birds 2: >King Mudbeard, ruler of the Bad Piggies, plots reven…[View]
217257706Nigs Gonna Nog: >Be me >26M married >Headed home from trip to the Dirty Myrtle >Have to …[View]
217255380This is Trumps base and this is why he will easily win 2020. Discuss.[View]
217261169Etika Search Time: https://youtu.be/Kp-hgXyEa7I[View]
217260260THE HOLOCAUST IS A JOKE: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2qpwum[View]
217261137WBC? Are they based and redpilled or an anti Christian psy op?[View]
217259815Why can't we be friends with Iran?[View]
217259109You do tip the kitchen staff when you go out to eat, right pol?[View]
217258118Seriously, the bullying against Swiss members of this community is getting way out of hand, especial…[View]
217260735Best President ever https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/president-trump-s-full-unedited-…[View]
217251126https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1142117046706155521 >Another tech bombshell, via…[View]
217255189Furious.: Faggot here. As of recent, I'm pissed with some of my fellow fags. Why? Recently I…[View]
217257628What are boomers so upset about? Of the boomers I talk to, many of whom are considered successful (d…[View]
217230338ITT replace your country's flag[View]
217248650Why: I don’t recall Portland Maine struggling.[View]
217237738Seriously, the bullying against Polish members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
217259437This is Jennifer Teege; her maternal grandfather was Amon Göth a Nazi...[View]
217260692what's the best place to live in the US? i'm getting out of the military soon and want to …[View]
217257959Anyone else feel like a fourth great awakening is just around the corner? Like 10 years. Millennial …[View]
217246932She may: Be dumb but boy is she a cutie pie[View]
217252667>m-muh Russian beauty[View]
217254079Was Napoleon based? Or a faggot?: What dose /pol/ think?[View]
217260610Red Hen hate thread[View]
217260468Left rages about photo of 'Trump's concentration camp', doesn't realize it was taken durin…[View]
217250681She has a point[View]
217258191Oregon Free Gibs Program[View]
217260381w e w: And people say the day shift is bad xD[View]
217251936why doesn't the right care about people?[View]
217260318How is /pol/ not talking about this? Some of these leaks are insane. https://www.axios.com/leaked-do…[View]
217259973Redpill me on 5G, I have a 5G network set up but I dont use it because I don't want to turn int…[View]
217259062>toxic Christianity >and its relationship to the >patriarchy holy shit this once-cute-but-t…[View]
217259755How Did Tech Become So Male-Dominated?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ7zX6LalLI[View]
217222176Can someone explain the Yugoslavian wars in the 90's and why NATO bombed serbia?: I never quite…[View]
217247161General Flynn Was Set Up!: >BREAKING: General Flynn Uncovered Massive Clinton Scandal Linked to T…[View]
217257589Is she right about yellow fever /pol/?[View]
217254039How do we combat the countless deaths due to depression + alcoholism in young white men? Why is ther…[View]
217259490>tfw too intelligent to be christian[View]
217259256But Russia is bas-: >Sorry Russia too is owned by the satanic judenrat…[View]
217259958>/pol/ defends capitalism >capitalism pays liberals the most explain this…[View]
217256132Something weird: Why did Microsoft put a Star of David in the top left corner of this person’s brain…[View]
217257396Men, imagine your wife went to the local library to protest the trans indoctrintion of your 5 year o…[View]
217259805Petition: Allow WordStarHipHop Links!!!!: Right now you cannot post a link from WorldStarHipHop beca…[View]
217259589White women are the most race loyal women on the planet, its not even close: Redpills /pol/ refuses …[View]
217246996>coworkers start talking about politics[View]
217247074>/pol/ will defend killing this[View]
217258048Are workers unions just commie bullshit? >boss forced to pay me 30+\hr >discounts on mortgage…[View]
217259619Protect trans kids[View]
217253493Why niggers are so unpleasant?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7Nv3zVHG4Q https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
217257327Any actual liberals or progressives or social democrats or whatever left here? Are you all far righ…[View]
217259337Is it true that Obama deported more beaners than drumpf?[View]
217258563ITT: How well can you spot the merchant: Give us your hardest ones[View]
217259268will the secret service investigate?[View]
217241851How long till western civilization collapses?: What's it gonna be, slow burn till fade away or …[View]
217253193Racism is morally wrong whether it's done to whites or blacks.[View]
217241670Stop masturbating: I'm not a nofap shill but I stopped jerking off for 35 days now and I'v…[View]
217247489Disney run by PEDOS.: Why is this not the biggest story in the world right now? Can we tank Goy Stor…[View]
217251753I have the original Ayy pic. if my ID includes 'Ayy' in it, I will post it, for it will be my destin…[View]
217256986whats with the russian underage clubs: gee, mod keeps deleting the truth https://www.google.com/sear…[View]
217257719Didn't this dude swear on the bible[View]
217258174Seriously, the bullying against American members of this community is getting way out of hand, espec…[View]
217254941'It says here you haven't had your monthly mercury injection. Step out of the car' Your respons…[View]
217238486Anyone else starting to become deradicalized from the alt right and far right in general? At first I…[View]
217258785What if the glowniggers left because you guys self police now?: They've convinced many of you t…[View]
217254726How fast will Biden win the nobel peace prize for restoring trade with China?[View]
217258657Postponement is pointless... You're only delaying the inevitable invasion of Iran.[View]
217258757Can you understand it /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQRJ7mK4lZo[View]
217257481Hotel Mumbai: This should be shown in schools.[View]
217253030Death penalty: >killing is forbidden by the Law >anon kills >the Law kills anon Refute this…[View]
217258226Can I still watch Hitler speeches on YouTube?[View]
217252783Will this guy always be a fence sitter? Centrism is lukewarmism. Reality is hot or cold.[View]
217257803Trump keeps cucking: Even r/politics is saying that Trump is a joke and will never get immigration e…[View]
217256116Happy pride month /pol[View]
217249613GERMANY NOOOOOOO: >Right-wing violence in Germany rose sharply, with 48 extreme acts of violence …[View]
217258509why are muslim countries becoming less religious?[View]
217255358Did she do it /pol/? Did she marry her brother?[View]
217258135MEXICANS WILL BE REPLACED TOO: FUCK AMLO AND FUCK MARXISTS https://translate.googleusercontent.com/t…[View]
217258373I will be deporting millions of immigrants starting this wee-[View]
217257671How to spot a jewish shill on /pol/: >he tries to divide polfags >he asks if x kind of girl ha…[View]
217258237White people deserve to be breed out of existence because they are too pussified and refuse to fight…[View]
217257134Before you can love your race and Der Fuhrer You need to love your face in the mirror. Be the best y…[View]
217256363Can someone redpill me on Rarefrens. Is it really a limited edition trading card game that will not …[View]
217256842>pol is suddenly flooded with Bob Lazar sceptics makes you think[View]
217258396The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217253999its live Nick the knife vs based black man[View]
217253845No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217257482DRUMPF BTFO![View]
217252068I'm an Anti-Vaxxer: Jews >CREATE and PROMOTE degeneracy but Jews >CREATE and MANDATE vacc…[View]
217230482Voluntary repatriation: I was born in this shit hole of a country because my ancestors were a bit re…[View]
217256502Are furries a psyop?: Who here remembers the old yiff in hell threads on /b/? Many moons ago I used …[View]
217255200Were These Guys Friends?: Were the 4 in pic related allies? Did they try to create a middle eastern …[View]
217257916The nuclear codes Donald Give them to me[View]
217257784>my grandfather fought to destroy this Why[View]
217248027Replacement word for anti-white. (Antijaphetism): The Jew uses the word antisemitism. This comes fro…[View]
217256694The retarded pol thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poz6W0znOfk[View]
217221253>Get in a ton of credit card debt to pay student debt >Declare bankruptcy on the credit card d…[View]
217251403>you wake up in the Southeastern Anatolia region[View]
217253448Will automation increase linearly or will it just take over?: I'm not sure what's happenin…[View]
217255676Everyone hates niggers besides niggers, sluts with scat fetish and cucks (with scat fetish). Think a…[View]
217247825Alright, faggots. I’ve come up with a new way to fuck with these cuck lefties screaming that the hon…[View]
217257501ITS HAPPENING! FULL ECOSYSTEM COLLAPSE DUE TO GEOENGINEERING!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MgRF1pV…[View]
217257792Why are the jews so afraid of Chinese manufacturing?[View]
217246623What happens when the world runs out of fossil fuels?[View]
217257513hipsters are just confused conservatives: Has anyone ever noticed that hipsters seem to worship the …[View]
217257739*ding ding* OY! Let me see your walking loicence immediately.[View]
217203208>A movie about an indian dude chasing a white chick with Beetles song to conquer her heart, pussy…[View]
217248097The modern white male 2019[View]
217257118I won’t die for Israel but I will die for Nippon. I’m ready to join the gajin imperial squad.[View]
217257162Fashy Art Thread: I'll start[View]
217256231Why do so many people here think that zoomers won't be just as bad as millennials and blame all…[View]
217254520>Civil War 1 >fought to free the slaves >almost a million dead white americans >150 year…[View]
217238816In all seriousness, should detained illegal immigrants be allowed to brush their teeth?[View]
217242798This man just became the mayor of Istanbul, he is Kemalist and anti Erdogan. Say something nice abou…[View]
217254935Post countries/cultures which will not exist in any recognizable form in 500 years >USA >Austr…[View]
217251242Jacinda, you despicable reprobate: Free St. Tarrant now - defending your people against invaders is …[View]
217250125/pol/ if you don't know now you will. The reason they keep the lights on is because some of the…[View]
217254294Underwater oil pipelines (((sabotaged))) near Syria: https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Underwater-oi…[View]
217252787Trump is comitting the same mistake that JFK did.: >“I have two groups of people. I have doves an…[View]
217257344I bet you anything Tulsi Gabbard will end up becoming the D nominee.: https://twitter.com/mtracey/st…[View]
217257336Can Trump recover from this?[View]
217249437>Atheist claim that only empirical evidence constitutes knowledge >doesn't have any empir…[View]
217256656REMINDER that Jim/Metokur is ((( controlled opposition ))), he actually hates /pol/ and is just some…[View]
217255368A WHOLE MONTH: Since the kikes are pushing to get the US to go to war for them again and the faggots…[View]
217255381Tell me, /pol/. Why can't I just take the best parts of every political ideology, the ones that…[View]
217244221What is some advice about that feeling when life is passing me by? I feel like I can't get a gr…[View]
217256429Fucking clown world.[View]
217256949HEY CHINA!: http://archive.is/cTuTr[View]
217252886>vote for trump >crashes the world economy…[View]
217255299What does /pol/ think about the West moving toward becoming a cashless society? Is the supremacy of …[View]
217253415indiachan > /pol/[View]
217250329Liberals are hedonistic pigs. How did Nazis know?[View]
217256157hey /pol/ so what's the deal with Amish people? cant drive cars, hardworking, white, traditiona…[View]
217216501NXIVM - Connection visualization - Calling all autists!!!: 1st question: where to find a free reposi…[View]
217254928Do your part: Today me and my gf joined the afd and will help campaining We also convince political…[View]
217254707This Meme Candidate: Can anon give me a quick rundown on this guy? I watched him rage quite on a liv…[View]
217252369How can whites look so TERRIFYING?: Has anyone noticed that people of color in the West tend to have…[View]
217255589Gays btfo: Cathedral High School says it will 'separate' from teacher in same-sex marriage…[View]
217256207Red pill me on Japanese war crimes. Why we only talk about the Holocaust and the 6 million dead?[View]
217254027HAPPENING!! ETIKA STILL MISSING, Fs IN THE CHAT!!: Your favorite host Steven Lookner will be live wi…[View]
217251443i'm in a country full of fags fuck my retarded nigger life[View]
217253234How to shut down literally anything on /pol: With 1 simple step, the powers that be have learned of …[View]
217256008Name a better leader.[View]
217255710I bored and couldn't sleep recommend me best documentaries out there /pol/[View]
217253554Why are the Jews trying to make normies scared of nuclear power and make climate change worse? Is it…[View]
217252723>blacked threads regularly hit bump limit >threads discouraging interracial relationships get …[View]
217235281what is it with millennials and tattoos? they are so commonplace now, even walking into a more tradi…[View]
217254879Harry Potter meets Jesus: Resourceful man of God? Or liberal heretic? https://www.inquirer.com/news/…[View]
217250672The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217254794>a bunch of americans are gonna get killed so a bunch more americans can get killed: lol itt we p…[View]
217191105KABALLAH IS HOW THEY CONTROL THE MATERIAL WORLD: Notice ancient Egyptian statues. All the Egyptian s…[View]
217254808Liberal beta males make me sick[View]
217250186We are Gods in Africa: You can literally buy a land in Africa in a nature paradise and have as many …[View]
217253608Law Swapping: Name one law you wish you had in your country that another one has. Then give another …[View]
217250302Nigger Hate Thread: Only good Nigger is a dead one...[View]
217255352How bad is the Indian street pooping? If I just flew into Mumbai, id see these fools just shitting a…[View]
217255332I thought 'ummmm no sweetie' was just a meme, but I just had a socialist girl call me sweetie multip…[View]
217254549What's the point of having an ideaology if you're a useless sack of shit that will never d…[View]
217254244YFW you realize that despite being the most reliable Democratic voters, blacks are also the most soc…[View]
217247321Originally meant as a simulation for 'real world' politics, /pol/andcraft was born thanks to an anon…[View]
217253378That's 30 trillion dolloars in reparations please.: That's how much you owe white American…[View]
217251030Is Bitchute censoring moonman videos?: Is Bitchute censoring moonman videos? Also redpill me on Bitc…[View]
217231327/pol/ humor thread[View]
217249389WELL SAID MR BOLTON: https://twitter.com/AmbJohnBolton/status/1142908951165591557[View]
217249435>Trump says he was cocked and loaded to strike, but pulled back https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/2…[View]
217253789Is the 56% meme still a meme?[View]
217251943A professor at my campus has been arguing that reverse racism in hiring policies does not exist and …[View]
217254000>JFK apointed this guy as National Security Advisor: What the fuck was he thinking?[View]
217250354BLACK men are the only men: I have an idea for the ideal educational institution: All authority figu…[View]
217252020Poor mistreated Natives...: Why wasn’t I taught in school about how native Americans were working as…[View]
217254762Mgtow is for a decaying society.: Do you think the dark races make social movements out of avoiding …[View]
217254051Whats the point: Of the left vs right paradigm if it isnt for our benefit?[View]
217251871so if trump has concentration camps for illegal immigrants, when does he start gassing them? because…[View]
217253996How come blacks always!! clean shave?: Legit answer not pol tier one. I mean they never let themselv…[View]
217254217Mein Failüre: From Failed Artist to Failed Dictator.[View]
217253773How do we stop sexual fetishism?[View]
217251583Mason complaining he didn't get nepotism favors: I infiltrated a Masonic group, here's one…[View]
217227599Where's /pol/ at?: Oregon Republicans and militia have openly stated they're prepared to u…[View]
217252537Freemasonry is infiltrated by Jews: See pic related[View]
217250947Destroy this gay shit: Hello guys this will be long thread so please read it This is young gay idiot…[View]
217254327Does the weakness and general desperation of this world bring you down? My guy friends seem to be be…[View]
217252672Do leftists realise if they get their way they won't be able to pull the minority or vagina car…[View]
217248062Posts like this: Anyone else feel like this? I sure as hell do.[View]
217252895The Kommandant: This is by FAR the most dedicated larp I've ever seen. What's he trying to…[View]
217254062You could have stopped what happened. You could have stopped what's about to happen. But you di…[View]
217247010Cannabis General: Discussion about Cannabis growing smoking and mostly about legalisation Channels: …[View]
217253900Settling Nomads was the most immoral thing the USSR did: FUCK CIVILIZATION! NOMAD LIFE IS SUSTAINABL…[View]
217253964Dear European whites. And I specify 'whites,' because, whatever you say about le 56%, you're on…[View]
217252308Armenians are jews[View]
217252196Red Hen hate thread[View]
217252918Where can I find the full video?[View]
217252292REPARATIONS: What would they use the money for?[View]
217249505Should I pull all my money from the (((bank))) and buy gold and silver instead?[View]
217244962surely at least /pol/ can forgive the man, even if he will never commercially star in or act again i…[View]
217250628Why is /pol/ so dumb?[View]
217249279He didn't hate Jews, and neither should you[View]
217253558Are Jews white? Are Italians white? Are the Irish white? Are Iberians white? Are Slavs white? There,…[View]
217253597'm Larry, this is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl. We voted for Bernie…[View]
217252799pol opinion about megalithic culture: Were the megalithic pre-indoeuropean megalithic culture the mo…[View]
217253543pandoras box: so i'm like 2 months deep in research for a question that my student asked me. No…[View]
217252324Why are Americows like this?[View]
217250756Why do whites fantasize so much about self destruction?: >make the apocalypse into a message of s…[View]
217248343OH NO! Latest Trump rape accusation strikes out!: No major newspapers covered the hit job, oh well, …[View]
217248224ITT: /pol/ in 2000[View]
217252338Otto Warmbier: >I should have never gone to North Korea >But…[View]
217252756Its all so very tiresome.[View]
217250566>all those angry anti-Bob Lazar shills is this proof that what he's saying is probably true?…[View]
217251552Will she vote for Trump again?[View]
217237135What the red pill meant for you anon?: >Be me >Home alone this weekend >Just deleted all th…[View]
217244137Why can't we be friends with Iran?[View]
217251104Retardation: A Cost Of Technology Innovation: Whites having social retardation may have been a cost …[View]
217252992why didn't leftychildrapists care when Obama put kids in camps?: shills don't bother answe…[View]
217235126we have made an animation about our demands to the government[View]
217248090John Bettendorf.: This is John Bettendorf. He is responsible for at least half of the BLACKED and cu…[View]
217253163Get these Congo Ebola niggas out of San Antonio #EndTheCongaLine https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.…[View]
217249154'Ove me fellow Europeans. 'Ate dem non-Europeans. Simple as.[View]
217252031Are you unionized, /g/? https://www.strawpoll.me/18214444[View]
217252746Is Whoopi right?: is Bella to blame for taking nude pictures of herself? Is there a good reason for …[View]
217251079Help me out, /pol/. Where does it say 'Abortion is a woman's right'?[View]
217250717How did the germans manage to lose ww2 considering the amount of allies and power they had at that p…[View]
217252859The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s: Does anybody have good resources or videos documenting the second era…[View]
217252394Just a reminder: He was never born in America[View]
217246886WORMHOLE INSIDE GOOGLE MAPS: 1047 - Gabriel Belmont (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow) Marie Belmont 107…[View]
217247974We are banned from knitting: Ravelry, a knitting community, has banned anyone who speaks positively …[View]
217252779Tucker Carlson is the best guy on TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0jMsspE7Y[View]
217252542remind me of what these sand monkeys are always talking about[View]
217249686>The Doomer Meme: I've noticed an uptick in this recently. What do Jews have against Blade R…[View]
217226926Don't have sex!: Think about it anons. What keeps this show going? Having children does 'Becaus…[View]
217252449Voting age needs to be lowered to 9: Us Democrats value inclusivity, something that The (Always) Far…[View]
217250091Pedogate: USA #1 in human trafficking: America is leading the world in trafficking children. The dem…[View]
217251405>conservatives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9AtqJfh5uM[View]
217246915Never relax around whites: Dont[View]
217251905Future generations are gonna laugh at you![View]
217249819Are Fat Guys in The Army an Issue: Just saw this pic of some Jew who said he was a combat veteran an…[View]
217248036Antifa given UK government funding?: Uh guys, what do you make of this? Gestalt- Freedom of informa…[View]
217241338racists and losers at ravelry: Attention all crocheters and knitters! Ravelry (@ravelry) It's a…[View]
217222864What's your IRL response to being called a racist?[View]
217248464How often do you use native language, percent wise? Has the number changed?[View]
217250454Why do you behave like children? Why are you feeding attention-whores? There are dozens of bait thre…[View]
217179182Is there any non-pozzed entertainment?: Good god, is there any non-pozzed media and entertainment le…[View]
217247655Shes got a point: Are we on the wrong side of history?[View]
217248504>COMING SOON TO A SISTER/DAUGHTER NEAR YOU...: Fuck jews for forcing this fake muzzie battle upon…[View]
217241905If slavs are non-white how do you explain russia being the second most powerful state for like a cen…[View]
217221593/pol/ BTFO'd: So based...[View]
217237675I had a Trump supporter literally tell me today that he though Biden would have no chance in a presi…[View]
217251393Seriously, the bullying against Romanian members of this community is getting way out of hand, espec…[View]
217251300Can't cuck Nihon!: FINISH HER![View]
217251267Ever wondered why they are so little blacks in euro poor countries: I.e Greece,russia and various eu…[View]
217244452Why do Republicans refuse to accept that their voters are white? This seems insane to me - they (eve…[View]
217245187Imagine a timeline where the United States never got involved in the Middle East would look like.[View]
217247423How Creepy Joe raised his kids.: While the Press has been attacking the Trump kids every time they g…[View]
217246055ITT: Should all votes be the same?: If not what metric we using?[View]
217251000why so much hate filling america?[View]
217247849We are Mediterranean considered white?: Your country is as brown as mine, so you have no right to sa…[View]
217236269Mother playing 'chicken' with her kids fatally strikes son with SUV, officials say: A Hous…[View]
217250837No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively d…[View]
217247065It'd be shame: If the rest of you Reich fags did the same[View]
217238832Lithuanian Elite Pedo Scandal: They're everywhere. >Police arrest 40 people and saw through …[View]
217250652Are black people based?: So hear me out /pol/: They kill droves of themselves with overdoses. They s…[View]
217249698Why do cumskins thing greeks were white before being turkish rape babys? How jealous can you be to s…[View]
217250558Nick Fuentes vs. RC Maxwell II: Debate starts in a hour I think, if anyone has the link, post it. h…[View]
217250184Why is the internet so leftist in general. And why are Americans so entrenched in political parties.[View]
217248566The warsaw pact was the last chance for the white race. Yea, it sucked economically towards the end,…[View]
217249013>Why yes, I did have a vasectomy. I would not want to add more children to this already overpopul…[View]
217211477Reminder that if you are of European ancestry then your ancestors have been Christian for at least 1…[View]
217247214Conservative Censorship Continues: Yoram Hazony has barred anyone to the right of Stalin from attend…[View]
217246849Why hasnt anyone asked Hillary why she signed the child separation bill?[View]
217249420Should or will raising children be the job of the state?[View]
217249050Post a movie that aligns with your political/cultural beliefs: I'll start, this is one of the b…[View]
217245995Redpill on how to get out of the debt jew?: I'm in debt to 7000 including 1500 worth of tickets…[View]
217248965Why do you hate blacks?[View]
217243976Brits: Why are Brits so ignorant of other cultures? They are the worst tourists, and lazy at speakin…[View]
217247268War with Iran: So what are the chances that America will go to war with Iran? What would even be the…[View]
217238931Why are the French so racist?: What can explain this?[View]
217245243Do you belong to a political party anon? George Washington said Americans should have no party affil…[View]
217247352State of the Social Democrats in Norway: Leadership of the countries biggest political party dancing…[View]
217249207Esther: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/435240-pompeo-says-its-possible-trump-was-sent-t…[View]
217247932Are you ready for the Trump dynasty bros?[View]
217247406Don the Zion: That subhuman kike scum and mongoloid Kikeservatives deserve to be burned alive.…[View]
217246831Maymays: Gimme your best pagan and Christian memes[View]
217243766Maybe we should actually listen to scientists instead of just calling them alarmists with an agenda.…[View]
217246261Wow the emcel: Meme isnt really a joke. Im actually amazed at retro actively seeing the propaganda t…[View]
217248823WEW LAD: >2019 >still believing that jet fuel melts steel beams >still believing that that …[View]
217237833Nazi hate thread[View]
217248740HAHAHA!! BOJO'S NUDES LEAKED!!!: It was only a matter of time, lads. Behold, the bloated walrus…[View]
217241679Does /pol/ support young anons drop out of public high schools and teach themselves programming?[View]
217245089Borders are just lines in the sand anon: Why you not take the 'sand pill' anon?[View]
217248584'Pleasure Activism': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISKEnvcRmMs > How dare capitalism expect me …[View]
217248534Right wingers are cucks: >While self-identified Republicans and self-identified Democrats reporte…[View]
217247590Sometimes im ashamed to be a Canadian, especially when Trudeau looks like a fucking soiboy. Do you t…[View]
217246320Nigger 'christianity' rather artificial: >Reverend Creflo Dollar >Reverend Martin Luther King …[View]
217248206Son of the Republic, look and learn.: The Happening in Oregon. George Washington Predicted 3 Perils…[View]
217246352What if we used the free stater model but in Mexico?: We could easily and cheaply take over a small …[View]
217245320haha ohw ow that is complete dodooo poopeie haha wow jo291 jordan buzunis caught in the act oh my go…[View]
217241800Elon Musk BTFO!!!: EM just tweeted: Occupy Mars >pic related Pic is Moon kek https://twitter.com/…[View]
217244828So is everyone finally abandoning this fraud?: Is it over for this little neocon liar?[View]
217248060Do you have parents that defend ZOG?[View]
217230506DISCLOSURE IS COMING PT. 2: CONTINUED FROM HERE >>217192616 >>217192616 >>21719261…[View]
217204232How will burgers ever recover?[View]
217247556Never forget that your language can cause this: https://www.seattlepi.com/news/world/article/Gay-pri…[View]
217247303/pol/ irl[View]
217244048I hab new data on Sweden: Can you believe that by 2020 only 50% of the population in Sweden will be …[View]
217245940honestly a massive genocide (via disease, plague or military) of most undeveloped countries (pic rel…[View]
217246848>white people who think black babies are cute and make cute noises at them. cringe man.…[View]
217235310I'm having some sort of debate with this guy about the holocaust, and i unironically think it h…[View]
217246994Operation Die For Israel: Let's see if we can shame Ben 'Israel First, America Second' Shapiro …[View]
217246219Trump is the tehter of presidents: What's it like having him as president? Does he cause great …[View]
217246169This is the future of all White Males. Get used to it.[View]
217243986>his species doesn't have a Dyson Swarm[View]
217247401The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217245389If you support 'Palestine' you are unironically a nazi Real Americans stand with Israel, the only d…[View]
217243463>'Diversity is bad' >Scooby-Doo's characters were all designed by a Japanese-American Che…[View]
217240480Fuck Jews honestly I hate them so much https://youtu.be/9Zl4NpPLV3I[View]
217244188Cops on a sunday: max comfy: https://www.rabb.it/s/bovht1k SUNDAY COPS: EXTRA COMFY[View]
217243698Do you like Paul Joseph Watson? I like Paul Joseph Watson.[View]
217219909What's your IQ /pol/? >If it's under 120 you are subhuman and should be purged…[View]
217245428Have you seen this, Anon?: >dislikes minorities >gropes women >votes for all wars >votes…[View]
217244565Can anyone explain what makes someone ethically jewish?: I've heard 'it's passed on throug…[View]
217246663Whats your opinion on evolution /pol/? I recently watched vox day destroy JF in an evolution debate.[View]
217244313Work hard towards achieving a considerable amount of wealth Dont obsess about topics like race/muh n…[View]
217246462Guys I was just wondering, who will win a battle btw /pol/ vs /b/. I think pol has smarter people, b…[View]
217239432Do Jewish Chads piss you off, /pol/?[View]
217227647Shots fired in Oregon the civil war has started turn on Fox news it's happening.[View]
217245834Why Trump not attacking Iran is good for Europe: This why (((neo con))) Shapiro turned against him.…[View]
217246526Jew owner restaurant review: Boris Johnsons Jewish friends run this place. >How about leaving the…[View]
217246833LGBT = Extermination. Replacement with AI: We are being exterminated. That is what LGBT is about. St…[View]
217246588Soda is designed by kikes to turn you gay: I’ve been without soda for a few days now and suddenly fi…[View]
217222654Ugh... What could've been...[View]
217239781Red Hen doing great according to Yelp: Haha Yelp is such a joke[View]
217243193What do you guys think of Devon Tracey a.k.a. Atheism-Is-Unstoppable?[View]
217246411What race r best survivors?[View]
217241582Pictures like this make me racist: What pathetic fucking NIGGERS let their own countrymen turn into …[View]
217241983Was out with a girl yesterday and I told her about white genocide without mentioning the name white …[View]
217246598tfw you realize the British aristocracy hasn’t cared about the common man for a millennium and they …[View]
217245352Why do we let homosexuals exist?[View]
217237004What Are You Waiting For?: Books have altered the fate of nations throughout history. The larpers of…[View]
217226173Snipers Defend Drag Queen Story Hour From Mom-Led Protest: >A SWAT team of two snipers was statio…[View]
217233468Istanbul Elections: Can someone explain why AKP (Erdogan) lost THIS hard? >renew the elections …[View]
217238283USSR BAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjBmtkW3Tl8[View]
217242123Don't forget why we are here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7_6PBJazYg It's all there f…[View]
217245281Trumps biggest mistake was hiring preibus: He suggested hiring Sean spicer who was an embarrassment.…[View]
217243030under the law What should the punishment be for businesses that intentionally hire illegal aliens?[View]
217243387Do gay men molest kids at a higher rate?: Need some proof on this...[View]
217246233Ok you can larp as so many things: but can you larp as a normal human being? and I'm not speaki…[View]
217220506How many Iranians is a drone worth?[View]
217214263If we enslaved niggers: and niggers enslaved kikes in egypt when dey wuz kangz, shouldn't aid t…[View]
217239283What is the best justification for criticising people's shitty life choices even if they don…[View]
217245479Jackie Hollywood confirms again she is into diddling kids.: She's got other pizza references on…[View]
217242881I made this Should i hang some of these around my neighborhood?[View]
217243374Is electro-shock therapy a viable alternative to having faggots running amok ?: Will electro-shock t…[View]
217243281What's so bad about equal rights, /pol/?[View]
217243533IRAN: Please exprain why Iran is not allowed to have nukes. Also post Iranian, drone memes.[View]
217243436Why is Usury deemed as a sin by so many of the world's religions?[View]
217240496So we all agree whites should stay the fuck out of Japan, right?[View]
217237537What the actual fuck is happening in this fucking country. This is not normal![View]
217213020/pol/eague Day 2: Day two of the /pol/eague is here Matches: /balk/ vs /krautpol/ /mlpol/ vs /tcr/ /…[View]
217242672Why is Russia so fucking shit? >almost all women dress like whores and are gold digging sluts …[View]
2172450750x0821A0183313c6C50cd94F25b62DEFBfBdAC9OFR: Whoever sends $1k in Bitcoin, I will cut off my own pink…[View]
217242297Fuck Women: No I'm not saying this as a lonely incel nor did I just get dumped. I honestly am s…[View]
217245498White supremacy: How dare they put the pure white Donald Trump in the same category as the lesser ev…[View]
217239439Racemixing: Question to all white supremacists (like myself), Nazis, Kekistani, conservatives, fasci…[View]
217241998DEEP STATE HABBENING GET IN HERE: BREAKING: DHS Secretary may have leaked ICE raids to the media in …[View]
217243642Imagine actually being Albanian[View]
217244510Anudda amerishoah incoming: Get comfy https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201906231076027253-iranian-…[View]
217245371Delightful Red Hen doesn't serve fascists[View]
217245307Christianity is a the true europaen culture: Without Christianity, there wouldn't be civilizati…[View]
217245278Anyone read this book?: my brother in law just gave me a copy of Black Edelweiss by Johann Voss... h…[View]
217243864What would you do if your son told you that he was gay or tranny? serious answers only, please[View]
217245202This is an atheist: Like many of you, the leader of Israel does not believe in God, rather the Darwi…[View]
217243822How do i get: A job at media matters to make shitty memes like this[View]
217242571Trump gets #Metoo'd.: can Trump survive this latest onslaught of hatred and bile from the left?…[View]
217241721Christianity - Greatest Hoax Ever: When did you realize Christianity was a lie? Yahweh is the one tr…[View]
217242251>Jim is our guy btw >Race mixing spic kike Absolute state of pol…[View]
217240839Normies use this as an opportunity to virtue signal.: Otherwise they would never carry around their …[View]
217244333Ho lee fuck niggers though: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1020791 >ni…[View]
217242401Name one person that regularly smokes weed that isn't a hippie fag >'ITS ITS ITS NOT ADDICTI…[View]
217244696Who have the pictures of the two who mudered her? I know they are out there[View]
217244876AOC Approachening infinite tard: https://imgur.com/gallery/GOuDu7K Took me the last 25 to make Enjoy…[View]
217244843and how is tawdry USA going with their pathetic little facebook hmm? FACEBOOK - A NETWROK THAT DESTR…[View]
217242829Y'know, poltards, for always saying 'survival of the fittest' you seem suprisingly upset that t…[View]
217242647SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE...: So, first Muslim congress woman banged her brother... Wasn't this statis…[View]
217244329White Zionists: Why are the white Koch Brothers Zionists?[View]
217241888America is a disease: There's no way out of it. I will never take part in this shit. They may k…[View]
217244679No wall, no arrests, Donald you only have one option left to salvage 2020, the delegates, hand them …[View]
217244593Iv'e managed to semi-redpill a conservative figure called 'Thats The Point' Brandon Holy shit[View]
217206448Mandatory abortions for brits: >A British judge ordered Friday that an abortion be performed on a…[View]
217242215The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217244465/HFG/ HUMA: Feet general. All mods fucking suck a dick[View]
217229996>my body my choice actually, the baby shares only half of its DNA with you, the other half is the…[View]
217243847White supremacy: Those beaners can’t even bother to learn our language. They don’t belong here.…[View]
217243511Do you know what jury nullification means?[View]
217243228Communists and socialists are hypocrites. Never forget that /pol/[View]
217243941Why are liberals anti-superman? >white man saving planet >constantly getting harassed by lex s…[View]
217234138What should I say next?: So, I'm sitting in Church this morning, and my phone starts vibrating.…[View]
217237960Why do the GOP hate diversity?[View]
217244128So there is ebola again and you know what that means. More inmigrants.[View]
217244055Silas Duane Boston has 6 ex wives: These days, post-feminism, you just don’t see poor lames like thi…[View]
217244099Why are right wingers so obstinate?: Take for example cycling infrastructure. They complain about t…[View]
217243808Throwback to Sargon of AppleBee's[View]
217236146Anyone else old enough to remember when this was quoted often by liberals? What happened?[View]
217240399Trips decided what I respond with[View]
217241191I started working at a bakery and it's full of international students on work visas, so if they…[View]
217227180The Glownigger problem: What do we do about the glownigger problem /pol/? Been noticing many posts r…[View]
217234019It's wrong[View]
217216237So how white are you anons?[View]
217209753Stop the Growing Trend of Germanophobia on /pol/ NOW.: You think that you smug little shits can come…[View]
217243828/pol/ finally has it's own award ceremony.[View]
217243430why is /pol/ so useless?: all you turboniggerkikefaggots ever do is call one another faggots, kikes,…[View]
217243380We try to figure out why that swede hates Iranians so much.: Discuss[View]
217242920Serious Question:: Why doesn't the FBI/CIA just kill the admins of propaganda pages like these?…[View]
217242415Can anyone: Honestly tell me why dance dance revolution wasnt fucking banned for helping serial murd…[View]
217241022If I post gay porn in Muslim threads em I damming them to eternal hellfire ?[View]
217242064WHITE PEOPLE: McDonald's employees catch woman dropping child off so she could go gambling with…[View]
217211559What will you do once the Grand Solar Minimum hits?: I'm not prepping, or hoarding. It's p…[View]
217242039Pol is a pro Israeli subchan: Remainder that anti Israeli and antisemitic posts are made from sandni…[View]
217237944Israel thread: Jews did it again[View]
217242890>the green new deal means getting rid of airpl.... No so fast sweetie.[View]
217241488The State Of This Country smh: Everyday I grow more ashamed to call myself a leaf Trudeau look what…[View]
217230796The White Half of Chicago: this area of chicago is one of the largest concentrations of white people…[View]
217241445Jew bad: >'Jew bad' jew control bank jew bad jew has money i jealous jew bad jew smarter than me …[View]
217243294High Fantasy and Huwhites: Is this the most aryan/white game ever created? Is LOTR deeply redpilled?…[View]
217226377Can America be fixed?[View]
217228909Mars colonization. Is there anyone who believes this will happen as long as capitalism rules supreme…[View]
217242131Why aren't: The chapo trap house guys being investigated by the fbi? Unless they fucking glow l…[View]
217243168I can't fight it anymore! It feels good to live in a jew dominated world! I fricking LOVE jew…[View]
217235344what would you do if your family got you admitted into a mental hospital for schizophrenia after see…[View]
217237801RELIGION OF JUDAS: JUDAISM IS THE RELIGION OF JUDAS Traitors, Backstabbers, Liars Jews are the fathe…[View]
217238060Sane person: *makes legitimate criticism of Trump Trumper: “tRuMp dEraNgMenT sYnDroMe! gEt oVeR iT, …[View]
217242944Trump gets #Metoo'd again.: can Trump survive this latest onslaught of hatred and bile from the…[View]
217240174Help my girl friend is going full red pill!!!!: Girlfriend with master degree got passed over for ty…[View]
217241542Why were the early founding fathers so redpilled on Jews? Full quote here. https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
217240181You find an exploit that allows you to post one image to Trump's Twitter. What do you post?[View]
217241849Pizzagate is fake: It was fucking debunked ok guys? Jeez im sick of you bums spreading such a stupid…[View]
217234742>b-but they're good boys![View]
217222042'Going To Pride Has Made Me Wish I Was Straight': >Going to Pride was depressing. I was so excite…[View]
217206184His audience has almost completely turned on him: The comments are amazing. People are waking up to …[View]
217238398POLICE HATE AND BRUTALITY THREAD: Why are you still bootlicking loser? You know you have rights?…[View]
217240584Shill general: kikes are subverting /.pol/ with constant threads 24 hours a day and jannies arent do…[View]
217238936Mass Effect Proves Black Men were Galactic Rulers: What do you get when you mix Reddit Intelligence …[View]
217237202Mutt Hate Thread: Let's shit on them amerimutts lads[View]
217231384A new elite: We can observe a new power elite emerging, generally young people equipped with adminst…[View]
217241203Florida Man at it again. Its protein, it’s good for you![View]
217242426what's going on goys?[View]
217238269*marries her brother in your path*[View]
217231933OPERATION FIRESTORM: ALRIGHT ANONS I got a plan to accelerate the current stance on the Oregon issue…[View]
217242103Why do white men do this for the black man?[View]
217238906EU is going to fall. Prove me wrong[View]
217241942The weird state of blacks vs whites in our current political society: The interaction goes as such; …[View]
217237978WW3 CONFIRMED!!!: https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/us-government-blocks-league-in-syria…[View]
217240601who is this weeks /brit/ shit weasel of the week? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6WQi2HKDUk[View]
217240841What would the USA be like if it had been 100% white since 1865?[View]
217234238Trump's tax increase is causing millions of Californian and New Yorkers to move to red states: …[View]
217239007The shit they have to lie about to keep their story intact...: Today I learned that the octopus even…[View]
217241461What happened to him ?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEgbGo59fQO0EDZ22PDvDBw/videos[View]
217241129Daily reminder this is the future[View]
217235890If trump did not collude with russia, why doesn't he release his tax returns?: Trump won't…[View]
217228798Hitler was a man of honor: Some select quotes from this book I am reading >I am a German National…[View]
217228708Kike hate thread[View]
217241969Why dont women: Trust men to represent their interests in congress? >do they trust their dads?…[View]
217241878Redpill me on German Occultist architecture: I had a strange dream in which I saw a book that talked…[View]
217238601HIGHT T BASED BLACK BRO SLAMMIN LIBERAL KEKS IN PUBLIC https://youtu.be/t7kV3xmuBdU[View]
217232301Women gan do any job just as good as m...[View]
217241729USA: Pics on the left - From a small city in Central Russia (Outskirts) Pics on the Right - From Dow…[View]
217234997Why do niggers love prison so much?: Is it because they're all secretly gay and enjoy the anal …[View]
217241545Assad is a terrorist: Bashar killed the Prime Minister of Lebanon. He's a terrorist.[View]
217235561Friend sent me this pic from Western Massachusetts. What type of people are these? Trump base?[View]
217237860Too many Americans have lost all understanding and value of morality.[View]
217236440How do white people feed their kids in Summer?: Trick question, they don't have any. Look at Mi…[View]
217233241JEW RULES[View]
217234034Ayys: allowed in the ethno-state?[View]
217241416>Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being 'fake 90s kids', t…[View]
217241106Wtf is Neo reaction: /pol/ could you fill me in about the neo reactionary movement ?[View]
217240223/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217237564Why do conservatives in America LOVE war so much?[View]
217239765White ethnostate: What if I were to start a white ethnostate and base my entire economy on heroine? …[View]
217241302Drumpf is finished.: It's literally over.[View]
217236904Remember?: Where are you now compared to when you did it last time?[View]
217236985We sided with the emu birds now.[View]
217241238miscellaneous paleolibish memes: Here there be Easter eggs. 1 is visual, the rest textual.[View]
217235037America's best president was a black man: PAnd that says alot. White Christians who have occupi…[View]
217237626A.I in a simulated subreddit are talking about Fluoride in water. Singularity approaching?: https://…[View]
217239992You could have a completely homogenous community of middle class wh*Tes. A nice town with almost no …[View]
217235294'Everybody was saying I'm a warmonger and now they say I'm a dove, and I think I'm ne…[View]
217237344Guise ... I just some some crazy shit: So it just now started raining and I walk to the back of the …[View]
217232178How can American (((farmers))) even compete?[View]
217240280TRUMP HIRING FOREIGNERS FOR MAR A LAGO!: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago asks to hire 61 additional foreign worke…[View]
217232035Name a better current leader than Vladimir Putin.[View]
217215301Is this one of the best pieces of journalism of recent times? https://youtu.be/-c0jMsspE7Y[View]
217240411>be woman >whore yourself out on the internet for attention >get paid huge amounts of money…[View]
217238216As a Muslim; My food is my Business My Dress is my Business My Faith is my Business My Marriage is…[View]
217235743The Good Goy Problem: >Jews at first shame, and then reward goyim who promote anti-white sentimen…[View]
217236484>'HALT! Ihre Papiere bitte.' This man asks you for your ID. >White = Der Führer (take over the…[View]
217240474Declining American inflect: So with all the chemicals the Jews dump in Americans, is the rise of the…[View]
217227358Are white incels really this retarded?[View]
217235829Why are white people fleeing California, Illinois and the North East?[View]
217222577It's FUCKING OVER You have 30 years left incels Congratulations, YOU BLEW IT[View]
217231636/Christianity General/: Do you pray Anon? How do you pray? Why do you pray?[View]
217216730>he chooses to be poor if you are not making $100k in trump's economy you only got yourself …[View]
217238439MUH STOLEN LAND!!!!!!!: Why do natives always complain about whites stealing their land when it was …[View]
217239961>tfw you realize ecelebs, youtubers, podcasts, and 'alternative media' are just vulture capitalis…[View]
217235023typical christian girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efqj_Je_LSs[View]
217239033Friendly reminder to stop supporting businesses who primarily hire Communists and SJWs, especially o…[View]
217239895Parler - is it any good? What do they mean by 'verification'?: Do they want my real life identity so…[View]
217235790Want to increase birth rates?: This is how you increase birth rates in the West. Include women in th…[View]
217235855And people ask, why do you support Russia?: >Siege of Leningrad - 900 days long ordeal during whi…[View]
217231673>Can I count on your vote, anon?[View]
217239741Do anons know about Peter ralston? The book of not knowing? It’s like the Pill which kills both red …[View]
217235767hey big bro, lemme zuck ya dick.[View]
217227934Is the tech bubble about to burst?[View]
217237275Freedom: Is not having children a consequence of freedom? How about dieing infrastructure and produc…[View]
217239350Corporations are sufficating the proletariat with social justice lecturing and spying. Same with the…[View]
217232747Portland here. So this is the 'militia' we're supposed to be afraid of? Lol ok.[View]
217239234Your Typical Boomer-Hater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmgnO8Q4x6M https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
217236487Isnt it about time to: legislate Russian style ANTI GAY PROPAGANDA laws in western countries too? I …[View]
217230839I'll just leave this here...: I fucking hate pedos.[View]
217231223A civil war is imminent in America? Pic related, armed police forcing people to vote for a Democrat…[View]
217231089In this day and age, what ISN'T cucked by jews?[View]
217193651Anti gay pride Azov led parade in Kiev.: https://mobile.twitter.com/arisroussinos[View]
217238957if i take ''the black pill'' as you like to call it, do i have to fully commit t…[View]
217155145Oregon governor sends out state police to find GOP lawmakers skipping climate vote: >when the onl…[View]
217212823Turns out smoking pot lowers IQ for life! https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbradberry/2015/02/10/ne…[View]
217235937Iran war will happen regardless or trump will be assassinated.: The reason why Russia helped trump i…[View]
217236418Alex Jones is a Complete Fraud: >Alex Jones Disrupts Pro Gun Rally https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
217238770Looking for a meme: Fat neckbeard natsoc and faggy SJW basedboy are hurling insults at eachother, wh…[View]
217236693What did Yahweh mean by this?[View]
217238728California and Texas have different visions for America’s future: http://archive.is/xeoWX the outcom…[View]
217238141muslim loving faggots[View]
217234990Why do Finnish people hate Mannerheim so much?[View]
217237814It is clear that some countries are developmentally backwards when it comes to Western modern ideas.…[View]
217235859Am I a Jew? How can I tell if I am?[View]
217238453Posting on /pol is a waste of time designed to advantage (((them))): >Inb4 no shit /pol has alway…[View]
217237604anybody else think homosexuality is just a fetish? I used to think I was gay for a good 3 years, bu…[View]
217238221NoFap General: Post your best reasons, images, and other content on why NoFap should be practiced by…[View]
217236825The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217237580damn, are we next?[View]
217238115Be me. Eating at brooks bbq, restaurant outside cooperstown NY. If you have the chance, go there. No…[View]
217221094brit/pol/ - fuck the council edition: goml sconners[View]
217235246What has started the devolution of the human species? Was it democracy? Religion? Industrial revolut…[View]
217228636WHY IS BRAZIL SO DEGENERATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQZ2_stvLOI[View]
217233755What is /pol/'s opinion on boomers? Did they ruin our society by creating degenerates and the h…[View]
217237319Whats going on here?: I thought CNN was on his side. He's being grilled to the max on tv.…[View]
217235948Daily reminder you cant be racist against whites[View]
217216503Oldfags what was 9/11 like?[View]
217237958Not an edgy teenager: Guys powers out at my house is this the coup, remembering all the larps shitti…[View]
217237491LETS HELP ARREST GOVERNOR KATE BROWN: ALRIGHT ANONS We got a plan to accelerate the current stance o…[View]
217227865Racists: 'black people do worse than white people because they stoopid lmao. it has nothing to do wi…[View]
217236573Dear anons, What do you guys know of George Gurdjieff ? Does anyone know him?[View]
217232710Its funny how STUPID all the Hitler supporters here are.: islam was quite possibly Hitlers biggest a…[View]
217234343Can US Universities be saved?: Lillian Gish, star of the 1915 'Birth of a Nation' is having her name…[View]
217235062MGTOW: Before I start my story, if any of you femanons are wondering why it's getting harder fo…[View]
217237074Whatever happened to the Fashtag?: I only saw it run for about half a week[View]
217228575Sweden hate thread[View]
217234146Hey anons I need some help with this survey you can answer however: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/…[View]
217235000Which are the most anti white states in the US?[View]
217236431Only people from this area are allowed to post in this thread. We're the true master race. Hit…[View]
217237054Your daily catpill: Sunken cost edition >Are you sad of being a lonely virgin >Do you think w…[View]
217236300NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOOD BYE (to G*rmans and to the wh*te race in general)[View]
217233740God will remember your sins: Not only will the world remember what you have done and punish you in d…[View]
217228523Senior Housing will suck Millennials and Zoomers dry: >Be 80+ >Get dementia >Sell your home…[View]
217236960Counterintuitive Predictions Thread: >/pol/ will meme John Bolton into the presidency in 2024. We…[View]
217231822BASED: Also, AOC thread[View]
217236213Based Ben,strikes again... But TDS pills.... the Daly stormer? Is Ben revealing his power Level???[View]
217235362THIS. Sessions was a racist who oppressed undocumented migrants.[View]
217236844Stage 1 of civilisation: Humanity is 60% masculinity and 40% parasiticial femininity. But even the …[View]
217234058Why is US so successful.: The US was never ruled by a monarch, US citizens and founding fathers neve…[View]
217216035Stop watching porn: Pornhub rep does AMA on Reddit and says it's antisemetic out of the blue to…[View]
217222097Is Mormonism the most based religion?[View]
217208516The waifu is into crafts and crocheting. She got this wonderful message this morning. new terms of s…[View]
217234196Police shooting in South Bend Indiana: Does anyone have the video of this shooting? Apparently black…[View]
217230648Why is this subchan so hateful?: I'm getting sick of this stupid website. 4chan is cool but the…[View]
217233033Who was our last great president?[View]
217233500Staged alien landing is going to occur soon: Remember that these things are not 'extraterrestrials' …[View]
217236626Wagie wagie get back in the cagie[View]
217235509Gospel Reading and Reflection for June 23 - Second Sunday after Pentecost: GOSPEL - Matthew 4:18-23 …[View]
217225646This is how Russia has progressed: Top picture: Russia before Putin. Bottom picture: Russia after Pu…[View]
217236510when did this wilfred brimley nigga get in the white house?[View]
217209307How do you cope with postmodern degeneracy without becoming defeatist /pol/?[View]
217230894WAR WITH IRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: >Bolton during his meeting with #Israeli PM Netanyahu: '#Iran wa…[View]
217229405Why Do Jews Support Mass Immigration?: What exactly is ((their)) plan??[View]
217236396Life Quest: Easy mode: >be woman >be pretty >everyone is nice to you >have an e-thot bus…[View]
217233771(((Kagan))) Seethes As High Court Conservatives Deliver Property Rights Win: https://dailycaller.com…[View]
217235398Styxhexenhammer666 fooled each and every one of you into donating gargantuan sums of money so he can…[View]
217236256Is there a theoretical financial system better than both capitalism and socialism?[View]
217233112Our greatest ally and mister Bolton are working together to make America great again! NPR: In Jerusa…[View]
217235857Look how they massacred my drone. Call Donald, we need him now. I want names, I want lists, I want t…[View]
217231869Is Greenwald right-wing??: Look at what he has written 'The reality of Latin American reaction to Bu…[View]
217233225*Stares in multiculturalism*[View]
217233213Rainbows and hashtags: How are the new hate symbols coming along? Got recognition of your dog whistl…[View]
217234979shit he's right[View]
217235968Redpill time: (If you have an account) Go to aipac's twitter, facebook, or instagram and simply…[View]
217235266If america went to war in europe: And your squad leader was black and ordered you to detain and or k…[View]
217234669Imagine Britcucks thinking that they're free: >Walk dog in Londonistan >accidentally walk…[View]
217229518Does high iq lead to mental illness?: Studies show that having a high iq correlates with mental illn…[View]
217234313Can I get a Rote pille on Austria, please?: I'm there now and this place is weird as fuck. I…[View]
217222508I figured it out. Darkness is the enemy.: I pledge to the fair haired God of my Aryan ancestors, Óði…[View]
217231847White skin really doesn't matter. >B-But what if my child has a low IQ? Raise them properly …[View]
217234286Any other pol-sters love to travel?: I love travel[View]
217235649We should go to war with Iran so Israel will be destroyed. Change my mind.[View]
217175000Who cares what they do in the privacy of their bedroom, it's not like they are going after kids…[View]
217225613Could someone explain to me why, primarily grown white men, love playing pretend with painted little…[View]
217230285Why do the blacks constantly talk about race and say that anything is racist if it doesn’t favor the…[View]
217232202I was right.[View]
217235305Ontario Politics General /OPG/: >Canadians only, no Amerifats aloud ITT we discuss Ontario politi…[View]
217230630What the fuck is wrong with your president? Are the lies just part and parcel now?[View]
217219640Communist Hate Thread: Who agrees?[View]
217234253Any suggestions: How do we raid Israel?[View]
217232487Since December 2018, DHS has released nearly 205,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the int…[View]
217235014What to call what is effectively Nazism with an insane feminist slant?: Picture this, if you will. I…[View]
2172310990:00 / 5:05 Did President Donald Trump secretly convert to Judaism in 2017?: b-but you told me trump…[View]
217234872Are we doing enough for Israel? By not going to war against Iran, Trump is proving he is an antisemi…[View]
217225695HAPPENING: SEX CULT LEADER FOUND GUILTY AS CHARGED: >>217164632 Polygraphed testimony implicat…[View]
217231750What makes niggers want to come to 4chan?: I wouldn't be happy being a nigger on 4chan. I would…[View]
217232901Trump wearing colors of warning in Iran statement: why is trump wearig black and yellow? I have nev…[View]
217232617What did she mean by this?[View]
217207969END THE FED NESARA NOW!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1142806204898582528[View]
217231457This is what happens when the white man sets foot in Iran.[View]
217233705What makes a stupid question?: Sup /pol/ what makes a question liquidate your IQ and or whats the st…[View]
217230235There is imperical evidence to support recreational bullying. It stiffens the chump up, gets them pr…[View]
217234277But guys: Did we go to the moon though? How will all this play out? Will Julian Assange get to the U…[View]
217225932How is Trump winning?: Please, Trump supporters, convince me how Trump is winning on anything, liter…[View]
217222818Are there any scientists here? I have a question.: Why are blacks so much stronger than whites? Look…[View]
217233386Conquest through superior tactics: Stop shooting up mosques and synagogues. Start becoming virologis…[View]
217234177Congress Hides Child Trafficking: Congress still maintains a slush fund to protect each other when t…[View]
217234143Reparations for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?: Are they ever going to be paid?[View]
2172320461930s: Polishness is equal to subhumanity (Goebbels) 2010s: Poland is a pure ethnostate of superior …[View]
217225148/bptg/ Ban Republishits and Redditors - The Percentage is Too Damn High Edition: The percentage of r…[View]
217228834Well /pol/ what's your excuse now?: > U.S. women’s soccer team outscored the opposition a co…[View]
217228064Jews in Their Own Words: Give articles from Jewish media that says things that we do in their own wo…[View]
217233376NEOCON DON: >'We're not going to have Iran have a nuclear weapon,' Trump told reporters outs…[View]
217226731GET OFF OF POL: > you've been redpilled > you are aware there are legions that agree with…[View]
217231780(((Passive income))): What do you think of the scroungers of humankind that make a living cheating u…[View]
217233221Why is this austrian politician from the 1930s associated with modern edgelord culture?[View]
217222358HAPPENING IN GEORGIA: Georgian millionaire putting together Orthodox legion which will 'hunt down' l…[View]
217223766BRAVO RUSSIAN SCIENCE: Frostbitten Russian cat first to get four TITANIUM prosthetic paws (VIDEO). A…[View]
217231882>tfw you innocently go into a changing room with a billionaire you just met to try on lingerie an…[View]
217231461The Thread This Board Fucking Needs.: National Socialist General. o/ (Fuck the shill threads edition…[View]
217232041Czechia, what are you up to?: Is this a Soros color revolution Czechia bros? >https://www.bbc.com…[View]
217216442Trump CANCELS ICE raids.: The bait and switch Jewish puppet has blatantly lied once again as illegal…[View]
217230144How do you hire the homeless? Ive been entertaining the idea of employing the homeless to tend to my…[View]
217233164The funny thing about politics is that when you know about history you can't stop cringing at p…[View]
217233157>black girl who was several grades above me in middle school >the only person who talked to m…[View]
217231071The most obvious victim of the Jews, is the Jews themselves. The Rothschilds act as puppets for the…[View]
217228115Alternate explanation for the 9/11 psyop and invasion into the middle east: Could it be, that it was…[View]
217233173I bet he knows what's on Anthony Weiner's laptop.[View]
217229802Which one is more redpilled?[View]
217223695We can colonize the Moon, but can't fix Africa. How is it possible?[View]
217197034IT'S NOT FAIR.: Whites live 30 years longer then niggers in Chimpcago.[View]
217217228>invaded 0 countries in the last 20 years[View]
217228746Facts everyone knows but for some reason society will not accept. >We are not all equal >Homos…[View]
217231916He makes a good point. Why can't we have 7 days a week of socialism?[View]
217232620when did you realize that global warming was good?[View]
217228175The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217231352You've had your fun. Trump won in 2016, and he will probably win again in 2020, but after that,…[View]
217232715sargn currently huffing his own farts along with some literal whos right now https://www.youtube.com…[View]
217232709>Slavs >50 IQ, Africa-Tier Countries >Nordics >Biggest cucks on earth, yearly import mil…[View]
217197482Kraut/pol/ & Rainer General - 'Der Beck' Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 201…[View]
217231630>tell shitposter to fuck off >get banned Why is the mod such a retarded lazy nigger?…[View]
217228588Redemption: Hey filthy humans , since I wanted to kill every 7 billion fucker on this pathethic plan…[View]
217232238Daily reminder that money runs the world. Yes thats right,if you arent trying to increase your wealt…[View]
217226495Is there any reason why we shouldn't? Canada SHOULD join the US! And then we can form our own '…[View]
217228774Éire/pol/ uncle Gadaffi edition: shills who fail every night to derail the eire/pol/ threads along w…[View]
217230074Redpill General /RPG/ - Crowngate Edition: >The Greatest Criminal Conspiracy in U.S. History >…[View]
217232139In 100-200 years The only 'WHITE' passing people will be from rural areas of Asia, North Middle East…[View]
217230873Ukraine WTF: What is going on in the Ukraine?[View]
217222886Rep Matt Gaetz is an awesome Congressman.: https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/1142852985799815168…[View]
217225777What would you have done: https://youtu.be/6sCioKnpHdY What would you have done had you got this clo…[View]
217229472How to fix the vaginal jew problem? obviously, deportation/genocide can't be applied in this ca…[View]
217228975When did you realize that police literally exist to make sure that this world remains hell?[View]
217226973Confessions of former leftists: admit it You were all about social justice and equality a decade ago…[View]
217231907Change National Anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RkSEjWmuic along with reparations…[View]
217231898''Google should have the right to terrorize their monopolic platform'' Why are t…[View]
217231727Democracy seems to have lost appeal in the past years compared to some more totalitarian designs. So…[View]
217230760Calmly explain how filling the country with Mexican bastards makes America great again.[View]
217231031just stop being degenerate: How does it come the alt-rights claim the Blacks doen't work and li…[View]
217223986Why are they nazi ?: They are not german, they are not blond, they dont have blue eyes. Some of them…[View]
217224942I feel the burden of my sins pressing down on me; but I am not a Catholic & have no intention to…[View]
217227896I’m a Syrian refugee in Istanbul: AMA[View]
217231083Wagie wagie get back in the cagie[View]
217225766Democracy is necessary for my country, prove me wrong: I used to think democracy is just wasting of …[View]
217228827I fucking hate people who make threads using soft core porn as their OP picture. It has nothing to d…[View]
217227202Boomers and Animals: >boomer buys health insurance for dog >forgets about health insurance for…[View]
217228594> this is the family of the future[View]
217231140nothing to see here, just white piggies chimping out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4YwDSUDAh0…[View]
217230003I hate my black and arab neighbors so fucking god damn much, they are always so loud, mostly during …[View]
217206131If the USA disappeared overnight and all of its influence with it the world would be a better place.…[View]
217223029Hes running for Alabama senate again....: Can he win?[View]
217230974Pride Month: https://youtu.be/YwgKFH7QwK4 Anyone got anymore pride month content like this?[View]
217227368>pol is unironically pro porn why[View]
217230692EBONY MAGAZINE BTFO: >Members of Ebony magazine's digital team say they've been fired a…[View]
217228549Manuel Noriega: Thoughts on him? The general consensus is that he was a corrupt dictator overthrown …[View]
217230034https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxdvOLdG_34 0:20 first thing that comes out of the kids mouth is 'i …[View]
217222057wow this is really creative and stunning: we are so creative dont forget to subscribe to /r/theright…[View]
217220750>several decades of political experience, eight years as high as Vice President >doesn't …[View]
217221573Why is the right losing the culture war?: We had all the momentum, but we're losing all over th…[View]
217228518‘Conservative, ‘alt-right’ America BTFO. The hypocrisy of the right when it comes to ‘family values’…[View]
217209637raids across Germany, 'Day X' preppers the target: This is a warning to those prepping for 'Day X'. …[View]
217226300Am I white?: Are slavs white? I generally don't care about race, but I am pretty confused about…[View]
217225273Trump better hurry up because Texas can’t hold on forever: It’s just a matter of time until Texas tu…[View]
217227424Generation Blame: NEW BEN GARRISON ('s wife) CARTOON, FUCKERS! I hate to say it but Millennials…[View]
217230152If whites hate us so bad....: Why did they kill each other by the millions for us? Also, why did the…[View]
217230297Should it be considered a crime for a man to not punish his wife...: ...on a regular basis?[View]
217230291There's no fucking point: White birth rates are too low, what's left of whites are a shell…[View]
217223430How is it that a Woman was the greatest leader the west has ever seen?[View]
217226092This is your daily reminder that by the year 2030, 50% of western women are statistically predicted …[View]
217220564Migrating Dindus from Africa get to Mexico towards the US: Americans: 'Mexicans are so bad, they are…[View]
217197495He Did Nothing Wrong - they are lying: Sentencing looms in Charlottesville attack; man seeks mercy h…[View]
217228907will /pol/ join a militia when the shit does hit the fan.[View]
217215840on a fuck up scale from 0 to iraq, how much a clusterfuck would a US-Iran war be?[View]
217229231Honest question for Israelis on /pol/: If you were a mid-to-high level Mossad member and you stumble…[View]
217229183>liberals in california vote for policies that destroy their state >flee to texas to escape th…[View]
217219769Opinion on taking the gold and silver pill in this economic recession?[View]
217229767You redditor civnat /zioptg/s can't face reality: Pic related is what America will look like in…[View]
217229823London hate thread[View]
217228717Reddit is now introducing tipping to mods: No right wing subs left, interesting[View]
217227814Realistically speaking, just how will Trump fare in the 2020 election? Does he stand any chance of s…[View]
217229633what kind of person keeps photos of kids looking at leather daddies?[View]
217229786How Did the Jews Gain Controll Of The Media?: How'd they do it pol?[View]
217229674Here's a plan for right-wing content creators and their fans to beat youtube censorship >ma…[View]
217229622Would you replace: your countries leader(s) with this man? The problem with many european nations is…[View]
217225539Is Belarus the last hope for white race?[View]
217218741Jews did 9/11 to induce wars against the enemies of Israel.[View]
217228555>He cute: >He smart >He does maths >He'll pay Vote for Andrew Yang or else I'm…[View]
217222650The Dark Forest: Political State Of The Universe: Hello Anons, >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rem…[View]
217228072What’s going on? Why are there so many Democrat candidates?[View]
217226098For me it's Heinz Guderian[View]
217225561Toy Story 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmiIUN-7qhE The main character is the spork. The spork …[View]
217226181DON'T ACT STUPID AMERICA: WATCH Russia’s newest Mi-28 helicopter test-firing secretive anti-tan…[View]
217222396Any Eastern Europeans (or Western Europeans for that matter) invested in MGTOW, manosphere and other…[View]
217209808Senators briefed on UFO's NEW BREAD: Somebody doesn't want us discussing this Kek Blueligh…[View]
217226099Sponsors of the gay parade in Kiev.: Thats all.[View]
217223030ITT: post redpills to drop to my gf![View]
217227992>Work at Big 4 >Partners earn £500k-£2 million a year. >Come in at 10am leave at 4pm >E…[View]
217220275What was going through his head at this moment in time[View]
217226617Why are they called slaves? Who enslaved whom?[View]
217227028>Tel Aviv is known as the vegan capital of the world Gee i wonder who could be behind Veganism…[View]
217219320Spain and Portugal: When will Spain and Portugal take responsibility for their mongrel children?…[View]
217226476What does average American look like? I'm tired of le 56% memes and want to hear some facts. Wh…[View]
217228766>this is literally a political topic for ricecels explain to me again why we accept asians as ho…[View]
217228551redditfag accepts the mentally ill: Go assault this faggot.[View]
217216745humor thread: extra points for memes about muslims,jews and mutts[View]
217226627Whitepill/anti blackpill thread: I heard someone call YouTube JewTube the other day.[View]
217222802WHERE HAVE ALL GOOD MEN GONE: Dating opportunities: >dark-skinned hispanic who likes the same shi…[View]
217228248Dr. Trans-Jordan Baal Pederstein: Do you respect him?[View]
217228316Trump delays ICE raids for two weeks after pressure from Dems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2fuO…[View]
217226594Modern politics, you can't even waive if you disagree with someone, he's not even using th…[View]
217192616DISCLOSURE SOON: Actual happening >Be chief of DIA >Your job is to protect classified projects…[View]
217226528Is the gaming console a placenta? LET'S FIND OUT! https://streamable.com/h1fti Why do people fa…[View]
217223572Sources say Trump is sending John Kerry to the noose.: People familiar with Trumps thinking said he …[View]
217227788>see /sg/ posting this guys comics for years >turns out he's an unironic cuckold Lmao, Is…[View]
217219142Do you feel it? I feel it. The end of the world is coming.[View]
217227780In one state shitty YouTuber makes a video of cops jokingly offering people Cheetos to determine if …[View]
217227582Concubine: Even though the state has made 'marriage' a joke by destroying the man's authority, …[View]
217227575Tear Down Globo Homo: Previously, POL btfo'd college campuses with our It's Okay To Be Whi…[View]
217223888Is this another scam? Hey look <aliens;Iran; (internetland)> -- meanwhile .: Do we need it? WT…[View]
217226521What can we expect from the first democratic debate for the 2020 election in 3 days?[View]
217227185anyone else encountered this libtard commie flag nerd/seen his thread must be a tumblr queer in some…[View]
217220896>even more proof that egyptians were actually white I'm fucking wheezing…[View]
217225887Newspapers: I live in a conservative state and everytime I look at the boomer newspaper I see shitty…[View]
217148507Trump officially has lost 2020 hasn't he?: It wasn't the only thing he has cucked on but i…[View]
217227163So... Mueller ?: After 2 years of investigation, what was the conclusion ? Up to 2-3 months ago, th…[View]
217223221>I voted for Trump to get revenge on Chad. Lol the joke's on you. A Republican government is…[View]
217226643Australopithecus Africanus on Trial for Burglary Throws Feces at Judge, Misses: https://www.breitbar…[View]
217226498What did he mean by this?[View]
217221776State Of Canada: I'm starting to think Canada need to join the United States Of America.[View]
217224972etika gone missing??: what are your thoughts on etika fellas[View]
217220592so has the quality of women in the western world declined throughout the years or have they always b…[View]
217226915> twitter antifascists[View]
217226814How can Gen z be conservative when half of them are shitski[View]
217226854Question to britts: Are your private schools still the same barracks where children are trained to s…[View]
217226335How come nobody can seem to prove that anthropogenic climate change exists? Surely there are some li…[View]
217223009What's worse... trumpniggers or christcucks?[View]
217220163I'm so glad I get free charging at my office for my Tesla: guess flyoverfags will pay for Trump…[View]
217212453The Christian revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.[View]
217226640>eats a bullet like a coward when his people need him the most Is Adolf Hitler the ULTIMATE cuck?…[View]
217226559Niggers. Why are they so disgusting?[View]
217221020Donald trump here, AMA[View]
217222603Austro-Hungarian Reunification: Saw some people the other day discussing the concept of Austria and …[View]
21722612024 deaths, 92 wounded, 259 days.: What were Obama's numbers? What were Bush's numbers? Wha…[View]
217226113Why hasn't the left oranized armed raids on the detention centers?: Seriously though. The left …[View]
217225612Is Alabama /pol/‘s Israel?[View]
217209873>This is the future president of Turkey Erdogan is losing votes by the million. This Kemalist pro…[View]
217216388Has there ever been a single photo of Stalin and Hitler in the same frame? Did they ever meet person…[View]
217224334In what way would a crisis in China affect the rest of the world?[View]
217224818saving the planet: What are good reasons for saving the planet if not for children? My theory is tha…[View]
217224089Stupid poltard STOP RACISM[View]
217225986Why not shill the fuck out of Desmond. This shit is redpilling normies faster than anything. Create …[View]
217223048Hey Americans, can you do us leafs a favor and just fucking annex us? We're tired of being rape…[View]
217225649VAT: >everytime you buy something, the state gets some of your money Litteraly why?…[View]
217226038Drumpf is finished.: Seriously: when VDare is tweeting potato Trump, it's over. https://twitter…[View]
217222733Christcucks at it again...: Why are Christians so afraid of naming the Jew? It is as if you cannot e…[View]
217226026Whats the name of the flag all the way to the left? Canadians?? Looking up the vexillology[View]
217205290>a highly homogeneous nation >skeptical of immigration >not Christian It's like poetr…[View]
217225935Tom Hanks & Pedo Code: Can anyone name the pedophile symbols that Tom Hanks is using? Instagram:…[View]
217225921I need clarification on slavery /pol/: Specifically the main perpetrator of the slave trade, and own…[View]
217222754Czech PM: What /pol/acks from Czechia think about Andrej Babis? He is old commie and fraud or good g…[View]
217225874Did Omar Marry Her Brother?: And more importantly, did they consummate the union?[View]
217225746gas gas gas: What is your opinion on mosque/synagogue burning? Do you think it's beneficial to …[View]
217225506The West can be saved by flipping welfare on its head: For anyone to qualify for welfare, they must …[View]
217224260Fuck snickers Fuck Twix Fuck mike and Ike’s White crunch pride worldwide[View]
217223823- Day X, the day German military and police forces commit a coup d'etat. - The 'X' in…[View]
217225610Should the US be allied with Saudia Arabia and dem Zionists pigs?[View]
217224155Wagie wagie get back in the cagie[View]
217223998ITS OVER: ITS OVER[View]
217223848DRUMPF: ORANGE MAN IS HITLER!!!!! 1!1!1!1!11!!!1!1!1[View]
217224765You guys wanna get into Knitting?: Lets turn this knitting forum into /pol 2.0[View]
217222468The more you know: Yearly reminder that Michael Joseph Jackson was repilled and knew about (((hollyw…[View]
217218515Yeah i guess I'll just be a fag[View]
217221012BRAZILIAN LGBT SODOMY PARADE LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzGN5Ol6KXI https://www.youtube.c…[View]
217225152at this point hating trump is anti-semitic and thus basedboys are unironically based and redpilled c…[View]
217211955OH NONONONONONONO: https://www.timesofisrael.com/brazils-bolsonaro-lands-in-israel-professes-love-fo…[View]
217224458Looked out the window and saw a white guy mowing the lawn of a Hatian family: This is clown world in…[View]
217223822when we will take to the streets and start our own revolution we could kill all all cucks and shills…[View]
217222762Protect trans kids[View]
217222971Sessions or Holder? Who was the better Attorney General?[View]
217225161Hello, adoption agency?: My husband and I would like to adopt another blonde boy...no older than thr…[View]
217224584Post pics that cause Yankee cucks to lose their minds[View]
217224538Is sex out of wedlock a sin?: I am working on cutting porn out of my life but am not sure if I shoul…[View]
217223261Is life getting difficult for white straight men?: Well /pol/? Is it? https://www.reddit.com/r/unpo…[View]
217219751What are our options?: Vote? Wait? Fight? Pray? What are our possibilities to resist the current sta…[View]
217224968Ilhan Omar's Husband Is A Cuck: >In 2002 she became engaged to Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi (né Ade…[View]
217216049The perfect world doesn't exi-: This is the what a perfect world would look like. Prove me wron…[View]
217224934So, are we going to get to deport a US congresswoman? http://strib.mn/2xb2Ol4[View]
217219047>Be me >24 >Kissless virgin >Ascetic by choice >Daily exercise and taking care of mys…[View]
217223656Its been too long without baiting the media. What should we take next?[View]
217224552Porn and birth control are pushed to pit men and women against each other[View]
217223567Why don't we capitalize from this trend by accusing Germany of going back to its Nazi roots?[View]
217209373This is the new Democrat Governor of my state: Say something nice about her[View]
217221760Will anything change after Trump wins reelection?[View]
217215012CANADA: Fight between Christians and LGBT: https://twitter.com/DewsNewz/status/1140666715224846336…[View]
217224755>b-but NAFTA took out jobs >p-please help us with your tariffs that disproportionately hurt th…[View]
217203667Code Red: Attack imminent https://www.dw.com/en/george-soros-to-target-far-right-in-eastern-germany/…[View]
217214888European Heat Wave June 2019: How did you prepare for the hell that will be unleashed next week?…[View]
217224125Ghost in the machine?: Ever felt like an alien was messing with your radio? Or perhaps a glow nigger…[View]
217224633Will the klan ever ride again?: Also my GF is white and hates niggers. She is also hot AF. Am I wron…[View]
217222369/SIG/: May we rise and Improve in this day we've been gifted[View]
217223576daily reminder: this place is already full of these 'catholics' do not listen to them[View]
217220362WW3 or CW2: Alright pol, which do you think we're getting first? WW3 or American Civil War 2…[View]
217223929/SIG/ Self Improvement General: Don’t delete mods. This is political and almost everyone thinks that…[View]
217212520(((romeo and juliet))) was literally 16th century race mixing propaganda.[View]
217217302Civilization collapse: >mfw it's at least 30 more years until civilization collapses. Just d…[View]
217220547How can one man be so based?: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1142847732593258496[View]
217224265Bolton Calls For Forceful Iranian Response To Continuing U.S. Aggression: >WASHINGTON—Demanding t…[View]
217222821Dad's google history!: Mmmmm, did I hear someone say they wanted to hear... my Dad's Googl…[View]
217212333But /pol/, you told me that it was the left that loved violence and threats against free speech.[View]
217216865Why academia has become leftist?[View]
217219480this is the last straw[View]
217223671>All humans are created equal. Minorities, men, children, the elderly, the disabled, and women ar…[View]
217222722The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Discussions: >Redpill comments >…[View]
217221476If you are outraged by a dressed up, singing child but think it is just fine to keep kids in cages w…[View]
217188634WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO US?: The Cultural Marxism we see pushed daily wraps itself in many disguises.…[View]
217217238Why is it so: Hard for recent college graduates to find meaningful employment?[View]
217219391Sub human trump faggot goes into protest, acts like a gangster and trying to fight people for youtub…[View]
217220909Chinese and Muslim: the least honest: >The table below is the result of a research done in severa…[View]
217222769>Be an albanian >Live in kosovo >Check the flag…[View]
217220015Why don't Russians just nuke this shithole? What's the point?[View]
217222648Which one of you guys in Boston did this? kek[View]
217223207SuperPower in 7 months: No more street shitting No more bullying No more mutant babies No more cring…[View]
217213488Finnish government to reintroduce stricter Mandatory Swedish for older students: The newly formed Fi…[View]
217223338Faggots in croatia: Why are kurvatian zoomers so gay?Pic related.In serbia zoomers throw bricks at f…[View]
217223324It seems like: Democrats are more likely to dehumanize a race of people to award them victim status.…[View]
217219993Can you guess - What life will be like in a Muslim majority EU?: Europe's Growing Muslim Popula…[View]
217222584Do you think the reason why there are so many fatherless black babies because black babies are so ug…[View]
217215302If there are any lefties on /pol/, what is your reason for visiting this place? Are you a data minin…[View]
217203115Hungary and Romania: Why can’t they be friends? Both countries have a beautiful culture and rich his…[View]
217214660Are slavs white or not?[View]
217210679Trump eyes the US Public Debt, finally: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/11428062048985825…[View]
217207187'Going To Pride Has Made Me Wish I Was Straight': >Going to Pride was depressing. I was so excite…[View]
217221858America will fall eventually with the climate change. It's amazing how no one can see it now.[View]
217221252ITT: Cringe liberal memes[View]
217222815Help: >tried watching white lesbos getting it on no erection. Switched to black lesbos and starte…[View]
217210478Uprising: German establishment is scared shitless. People don't believe the media anymore. More…[View]
217207430Prague Protests: The biggest protests since the fall of communism are currently ongoing in Prague, w…[View]
217217462Is Boeing a criminal enterprise?[View]
217222064What flag is this? it was on the US Canadian Border. Trying to find the wiki for the vexillology[View]
217222590>Iran is the bad gu-[View]
217222621/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
217222029Scottish Student Stands Strong on Two Genders, Teacher Trips Up in Inconsistencies: https://www.yout…[View]
217212048even politicians agree, the government is corrupt and must be stopped[View]
217220586Describe a better way to sit in a chair. You simply can't beat the comfort of crossing one leg…[View]
217209498I will never give them a dime. If they want to pay reparations with my money, they'll have to t…[View]
217222015/ . /: they are about to shut down the chan get ready[View]
217220777How do you keep up to date with current politics/events, /pol/?: I feel like just getting informatio…[View]
217212481Is this map correct? Why don't Europeans create ethnostate from the red area?[View]
217220043What is your Y chromosomal haplogroup and political ideology, /pol/? I've always been intereste…[View]
217221530RED ALERT: We are under attack a thread from earlier was raided by anti Trump discord tranny shills …[View]
217216441Genderqueer phenomena becomes a plague in Israel: New bill might send people who address genderqueer…[View]
217222120TSA bashed.: Based nigger attacks sexual perverts. https://www.bitchute.com/video/QnUWrWzqIvM1/…[View]
217218862It was good while it lasted: Seriously, what is up with /pol/? Full of glowniggers and slidethreads.…[View]
217222091Drumpf MUST be impeached: NO ONE is above the law![View]
217222076Prayer for Euro/pol/: Father God, We come before you today, to confess our sin and to plead for our …[View]
217221190New Jersey and New York should merge: into New Jerk. They're exactly the same people and asinin…[View]
217221866How do we make the Holodomor mainstream? We shouldnt public out (((who))) was responsible for it as …[View]
217219240Grifting: Why does the right wing attract so many grifters like pic related? Does the left have a gr…[View]
217217055MATH THREAD: Is math real? Is it some illusion?[View]
217217703get fit: Go to the gym, do barbell strength training, do some cardio even and clean up your diet. If…[View]
217219179Who would win?[View]
217202339BRIT/POL/ - FUCK THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA EDITION: >Boris Johnson row 'should not be distraction…[View]
217220571Why do eastern europeans hate gays?: Why do eastern and western europeans have such different opinio…[View]
217209848/pol/ humor thread: post your bestestes[View]
217218089Why do Frenchies turn a blind eye to the Muslims that are burning their country down? What is their …[View]
217219558People gave this shapeshifting nigger hundreds of millions: Whites, you gave a nigger gorillions bec…[View]
217211104I did it boyies, I fixed Evrope. AMA.[View]
217220428Why aren't we raiding porn industries for demoralising our the West?[View]
217221429How common are crypto Jews?[View]
217221498Based Videogames: But no videogames can be ba- Shut the fuck up. We all know you at least played vid…[View]
217217895YouTube Brazil promoting degeneracy: This shit is on the top of the Brazilian YouTube homepage. Comm…[View]
217215259Canada: Family Sues School Over Gender Brainwashing: https://www.breitbart.com/education/2019/06/22/…[View]
217221563Can someone redpill me on this guy? I’m an American visiting Mexico despite my flag and I’m curious …[View]
217215463Facebook, Google, Microsoft Mass-Recruiting Execs from Israeli Military Intelligence: https://www.mi…[View]
217213236This is the Creator of Drag Queen Story Hour: Michelle Tea / Tomasik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M…[View]
217219552>Be my dad >Wife watches HGTV and decides your bonus from work is going to be spent remodeling…[View]
217213786James fields is jewish: Hahaahhahahahahahha American alt right is a JOKE. Antifa has more Aryans tha…[View]
217182652do whites realize that we're the niggers of China/Korea/Japan?[View]
217221037Who was in the right here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoDPM0kzniM[View]
217221283/PAGAN/ GENERAL: ᛏᛏᛏ HAIL THE GODS, HAIL VICTORY ᛏᛏᛏ This is a thread for the discussion of Paganism…[View]
217220774Let's Play A Game: “I never called the strike against Iran “BACK,” as people are incorrectly re…[View]
217216448can someone please explain about this? Israel is in the middle east, surrounded by arabs and muslims…[View]
217220981Behold, Mark Zuckerberg's stunning and brave drag queen costume for Pride 2019[View]
217221000FALSE FLAG: How many innocents will die due to Drump's false flag?[View]
217220980A video about Canada's Collapse /cic/: $10 for Fruit Loops. $9 for Celery.Vegetables prices and…[View]
217202632Ok...which one of you did this?: https://www.wsj.com/articles/oregon-capitol-closed-after-threats-fr…[View]
217219247This is your daily reminder that by the year 2030, 50% of western women are statistically predicted …[View]
217220856If Trump is a Zionist why does Ben Shapiro the most out spoken Zionist in The US hate Trump so much?[View]
217215295Lazar went on Rogan’s show and he made me a skeptic. If government really did have an alien craft w…[View]
217210439Why did Hitler not attack Dunkirk?[View]
217220814Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
217220802>2k19 >You still aren't an SSPX seminarian What are you doing with your life, anon? https…[View]
217220799celeb worship: Get this shit out of here. Why is it even here? I could understand if people got paye…[View]
217220667Pieczenik named ((them)): I know a lot of ya’ll appreciat this sort of thing, so I thought I’d share…[View]
217209042Remember Draw Muhammad Day?[View]
217212181the greatest genocide in human history is happening before your eyes[View]
217211011What’s going to happen when the Middle East goes full Liberal? It’s already starting in some places[View]
217210513How do you think it is possible to spread nationalist ideas among women?[View]
217219345>live in a democracy >vote for leaders who screw you over for minorities either by race,gender…[View]
217219663Kevin McAleenan: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/officials-accuse-dhs-chief-kevin-mcaleenan-…[View]
217217266California is not American: There is absolutely nothing 'American' about the state of California. So…[View]
217197231Iranians then[View]
217216909Trump diversion: Is Trump the elites attempt to condition the public to not see politics as legitima…[View]
217218238Is 'cool' a Jewish invention?[View]
217219548Bibi Netanyahu doesn't seem to happy to see Bolton this time around.[View]
217204384192 days until superpower[View]
217216211It's probably too late now: but all countries should have blocked all american media if they wa…[View]
217214986What A Joke: 'I never called the strike against Iran “BACK,” as people are incorrectly reporting, I …[View]
217204007Strategy: Saving Demographics: It seems that there is a strong correlation between internet access a…[View]
217202417Is it time to BAN alchohol?: Jane Evans, 36, drove her car off the road in the crash last year, seri…[View]
217219852based and redpilled documentary about the ancient romans?[View]
217211852/ptg/ President Trump General - Blood Moon Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whit…[View]
217203872Was Isaac Kappy Murdered?: After accusing many Hollywood celebrities of cannibalism, human trafficki…[View]
217212339Was he right, /pol/?: >They hold one principle on which they depend and in which they trust so mu…[View]
217219577What are the Koch brothers up to lately?: Haven’t seen anything in the news about them for a while.…[View]
217214733President of Israel just invited Putin to Poland without asking Polish government for permission or …[View]
217217113Ayy nigga, got some juice brah? I need to get muh hans on sum roidz.[View]
217217372Why are the: Only real threats of countries the US would go to war with are the only ones without a …[View]
217218916coincidence?: i think NOT[View]
217202638Americans and knives: Why are mutts so scared of knives yet love to get shot? Is it they are scared …[View]
2172194031. USA&Israel bombing monkey countries 2. Refujizz move to Europe and destroying it. 3. USA is s…[View]
217219385PolitiScales Test results: Alright anons, let's take a look at our PolitiScales test results. L…[View]
217219377does fapping make you go blind /pol/? are there sources for this or is it a myth[View]
217218641here's your hunterxhunter bro https://twitter.com/CristinaVee/status/1142513015947816960?s=19…[View]
217213718Clown World General: Give best examples of clown world.[View]
217219064Shower line too long: >be jew >room sharing with friends >still waiting in line for shower …[View]
217219283The Failure of Free Speech: Why is /pol/ an (((echo))) chamber? I thought free speech would allow us…[View]
217218885what's going on in Houston? even the police is pro lgbtqzxbvzfg?[View]
217218615Old photo: On the left: a jewish policeman with two arrested jews and my grandfather in uniform duri…[View]
217219169Is the Iran/US escalation a diversion from the real happening?[View]
217217218Why do women do this?[View]
217216320Pizzagate and Paedophile elites: How do I know for a fact that pizzagate happened and that elites co…[View]
217218313Prove Me Wrong: Parenting is too big of a responsibility to leave up to individuals. The state needs…[View]
217202900>Universities are becoming overwhelmingly leftist. The reason is pretty obvious... Facts and rea…[View]
217214691Why do you hate pride?: Toronto's pride parade is the biggest, most inclusive in the world. The…[View]
217216490Boris Johnson KAPUTT!: HELP!!!!!!!! Who will SAVE BRITAIN?????? Alice and Beatrice can't do it …[View]
217203661There is a Catholic cabal currently infiltrating right wing movements and attempting to deradicalize…[View]
217218194A dozen of slide threads remain while this goes dark what are they hidding[View]
217216771Flyover state rednecks and Norfs: Flyover state rednecks in the US and Norfs in the UK. Is there pol…[View]
217215399is it just me or: are nigger hate threads being closed n deleted recently?[View]
217218846>Oh no sweetie, you are NOT wearing that Infowars t-shirt out in public. A simple plain black t-s…[View]
217216140Culture war: So ive noticed bunch of articles proclaiming that left won the culture war https://www…[View]
217205190Where does /pol/ stand on this?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18208611 Is /pol/ Team USA or Team Iran?…[View]
217215166America's best president was a black man: And that says alot. White Christians who have occupie…[View]
217216121homework time, goyim.: manufacturing consent https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=manufacturi…[View]
217210966Islam truths: Could someone tell us the real deal with Islam? No broscience and violent stuff if you…[View]
217209623pisslam hate thread: make fun of these inbred shitskins[View]
217217724>hey, I am here to discuss some of your politi- WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS! WHOSE STREETS? OUR ST…[View]
217210511The real threat: What is with all the identity politics, wars etc.? This just seems like D&C aga…[View]
217213951Pick one.[View]
217214035The men of ancient Greece were gayer than you think: Just shut up and come to terms with it, and by …[View]
217208451If you could get to choose when and where to be born which era and place would you choose to spend y…[View]
217217942I guess pizzagate: Was real but it doesnt matter the people in charge will always be in charge…[View]
217210936John Paul 2 allowed pedophilia in the Catholic Church, so he was turned into an egg as an punishment…[View]
217218292Terrorism: Bashar killed 5 politicians, journalists and clerics in 2005. Two of them Christian. Does…[View]
217216609Well /pol/?[View]
217218016Devin Nunes says Trump-Russia conspiracy peddlers are 'possessed': https://www.washingtone…[View]
217214795>tfw made it to week 2 of no fap[View]
217217555Catholic Volcel here: Is there any signs of truly traditional women out there? All the 'tradgirls' I…[View]
217216724Canada's health care system is red pilled: You're blue pilled if you think America's …[View]
217217940Racial Justice and LGBTQ Equality Are The Same Fight. It’s A Jewish Fight.: https://twitter.com/jdfo…[View]
217215779Eric Striker quit the movement: What do you guys think? This feels like another Caleb Cain or Katie …[View]
217212480FUCK YIDS AND ALL THEIR PETS!: When you post picks of yids. They are like a mimic evolved creature t…[View]
217213106>Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan for being 'fake 90s kids', t…[View]
217215697>Israel + Trump = BFFs >Jews pushing anti-Trump 2020 shit: Come on[View]
217216277laugh at roach general: >local elections don't go your way >claim fraud and hold new elec…[View]
217217283Healthcare under joe biden !: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2015/07/23/vice-president-joe-biden-…[View]
217211513Redpill: Guys, I seriously want to be redpilled. The propaganda of the mainstream media and brainwas…[View]
217205721We can't talk about Tom Hanks?: I genuinely thought Sarah R.A. was cointelpro without further e…[View]
217217683Ukraine has been lost to Jews[View]
217205834SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE: What did he mean by this?[View]
217202041/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
217204431Itt: Forbidden knowledge[View]
217203458This is the opening day of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Notice anything?[View]
217210190Why would anyone here support Nazism when they believed that anyone who has ancestry outside of thes…[View]
217191164Why isnt /pol/ all over social media trying to enflame the situation in Oregon?: Credit to literal b…[View]
217212546*Stares in multiculturalism*[View]
217214562Shouldnt pol be leftist?[View]
217210351DHS Sabotages ICE Raid: Can you fucking believe this? How is tipping off the Washington Post about i…[View]
217216571Best English translation of Mein Kampf? I want to read it but don't want a version that has bee…[View]
217213878When did you realize that you or us have lost?[View]
217217291Are German Americans the same power-hungry, sadistic and warmongering psychopaths as European German…[View]
217217240What would be different today if the alt right started gaining ground in the 80s?[View]
217216536>wake up >drink coffee, browse internet >go to gym >have small pain in hamstring which s…[View]
217210149They're afraid of deepfakes because...: Anons will be able to news anchor vlog the truth withou…[View]
217217169Communists: Why are Communists so stupid?[View]
217212659>One of Europe's largest mosques opens in Moscow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqQcZwf-i4A…[View]
217217136Will the day of the rope ever happen?[View]
217215966You are all getting jewed: So recently pol have been getting bombed with threads such as: > Chris…[View]
217215785Why do females hate White Western males?: Why do females find it easy to tolerate things like Slavs,…[View]
217214101How much better off would we be if he won?[View]
217210201Toll Paid 2.0: You can delete my thread all you want Jannie it is not going to stop your kid from be…[View]
217208781The Implications of Elite Satanism: It's fairly obvious that certain governmental elites are me…[View]
217216686Why didn’t you bomb them?: Think about our children, shvarts goyim![View]
217208266Why do you hate LGBTQ ppl?: You need to calm down.[View]
217216923So what do you fags make of this[View]
217215582I think there's no getting around the fact that many people on this board already support Ethan…[View]
217199427Spain, we're coming back to install Sharia.: You have fallen into degeneracy, even your Christi…[View]
217201067THEY WUZ ARYAN N SHITT: the aryans were nordic peope who lived in iran[View]
217215777SCHOOL: Just got a perfect score on my submission to my COM101 class.: Are you guys going to school?…[View]
217212134Oregon democrats tweet out Wanted dead or alive poster of republicans. https://twitter.com/ORDems/st…[View]
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217214706Tell me, does anyone see any actual intelligence in this face other than the standard bug hive mind?[