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294008714What do you think? Hard mode: No Hate/eugenics[View]
294010431The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
294003594LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #11 - media will memory hole this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
294000184>Leftists don't own firearm- Wrong again, /pol/. Fact is, most leftists these days DO own gu…[View]
294012124u/ProudIsrealiMerchant is a master of false flagging: reddit.com/r/TheRightCantMeme/comments/guxsq8…[View]
293996697Only video you will ever need!: Who will destroy the Cabal? Who will end up controlling the world? h…[View]
294003200>Announce $100 Billion spending plan on top of $400 Billion deficit >We will pay it off with N…[View]
294010604The fact is that the voting systems used floating point numbers and multiplied bidens votes by 1.3 T…[View]
294009222Socialists don't care about workers pt. 2: They are just really anti-rich (unless it's the…[View]
294009079what the fuck is his problem?[View]
293984545Become a kike!: For only $1,300 you can become one of the chosen. If you are really really poor we c…[View]
294006497Most popular 'president elect' in History: How does it feel for shills, and how does it feel for Oba…[View]
294010435What does /pol/ think of the Centricide series?[View]
294005655lol in china trump is referred as 川建国, chinks seem really love him?[View]
293972468Is Brazil becoming the new Mexico? Militarized crime: https://twitter.com/mrtateofinal/status/133197…[View]
294004032ANTIFA paramilitary: ANTIFA is forming a paramilitary organization. Imagine if the right did that. h…[View]
294011656After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
293963188Trucker strike nationwide USA November 29th: This is gonna get ugly![View]
294007047Apologize.: https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/laverne-cox-speaks-out-after-transphobic-attack-in-…[View]
294011529Thoughts on the 'Humans of Flat' artstyle?[View]
294010564Fucking Kikes. Give me back my Frenulum.[View]
294007698are Jews aliens? the way they act like a hive mind to invert reality is creepy as fuck. It is like w…[View]
293963279BIOLOGICAL IMMORALITY IS POSSIBLE: I am a person who despises the system and corrupt officials to th…[View]
294011222>vote for Trump because a frog in a Egyptian costume told you so >ends up being controlled by…[View]
294009527'We know the technosphere is destined to collapse, so we need to anticipate for the collapse to be g…[View]
293993634Who was in the wrong here?: it is trending on twitter https://twitter.com/MrErnestOwens/status/13334…[View]
294002697Did this autist just save the election?[View]
294010105/pol/ is Light Yagami: Think about it. This place colectively is smart. The Death note is meme magic…[View]
294009648Why haven’t you ended racism yet, anon?[View]
294007210Minimum wage: Hey we should raise the minimum wage[View]
294001132this is the United States of America's new Secretary of the Treasury. say something nice about …[View]
294005514DON'T YOU GUYS GET BORED OF 'HAPPENING THREADS': over the past few months: > aliens confirme…[View]
294010725After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
294010660Why don't you recognize your ancestors Egyptanon?[View]
294010357Has this been debonked?[View]
294010061Post the average leftist: I'll start[View]
294000142Gina Haspel Dead?: Just hit the twitter sphere about 15 minutes ago. Supposedly suicide. Will be int…[View]
293997811BREAKING: latest development in schizo twitter : https://twitter.com/SHELLYJACOBS/status/13333174136…[View]
294010299A fucking ChadJeet just saved America on Cyber Monday: PRAISE SHIVA >Weighted race feature >Fr…[View]
294005699It's over shills. Trump wins. gina kill. CIA larpers were real.[View]
293990990burn in hell you rotten cunt[View]
293999636RESET?: First they came to establish more authority over the gypsies, I kept quiet because they stol…[View]
294008018>me reading the posts of people who still think Trump won[View]
293981450Socialists don't care about workers: They are just really anti-rich (unless it's them)…[View]
294008097Choose wisely, anon. You only have one opportunity.[View]
294008337BidenBros What the fuck is going on!!!: Why does Rudy look so confident! I'm freaking out…[View]
294010148Why is no niggas coding redpill bots?[View]
293989872Do you have any actual and logical arguments against gay marriage other than 'it goes against my rel…[View]
294010040Would you do it /pol/?: Immortality. Not digital and uploading your brain into a computer pseudoscie…[View]
2940060534 weeks later....: tired of all that winning yet magafags? I know, I know, 2 more weeks, any day no…[View]
293997251Do you think Civil War 2.0 is coming?[View]
294007927'Bye Don': Has there ever been a more clever political dig? I think not.[View]
294008358Guys what if Biden actually becomes President?[View]
294008363just think what we'd be able to do if we got 1 million yanks, 1 million poms, 1 million eubros …[View]
294002704Wisconsin certified today: Final nail in the coffin for the Trump team?[View]
293998698What went wrong?: Why didn't Dr. Fauci's plan to flatten the curve work? More then 8 month…[View]
294004706when will Roe be overturned?: just want mad roasties[View]
294009425any good red pill books: > i want to be red pilled is there any books/websites where i can be re…[View]
293979550/NED/POL: Groot Nederland editie hoe gaat het vandaag maten?[View]
294009217Why are Americans actually against banning abortion? It can't be because 'muh preservation of m…[View]
293987212>be me >don't believe in kike religions >laugh at schizos who talk about the 'mark of …[View]
294007636you will be hunted: inb4 butz wev gots da guns 4 years of doing nothing. you have never none shit wo…[View]
294002925White Males are worshipped as Gods: >be average looking blue eyed, black haired boy >go to Mi…[View]
294006649>its the jews It's not, it's these fuckers[View]
294008385Did the army website kibosh this picture?: Kill the thread after an answer or a link, I got the redp…[View]
294002760How does /pol/ feel about work benefits. My current employer only offers 3 sick days a year and they…[View]
294008862runbeck.net: Who are these assholes and why do they keep popping up in these testimonies? Any autist…[View]
294007220ANTI-CHRISTIAN GENERAL 1: Title says it all. This thread is for anything that may disprove or otherw…[View]
294007477How do you think history would have turned out if Europe and East Asia, particularly China/Korea/Jap…[View]
294008776After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
294001470If you endanger us with COVID you deserve to be raped[View]
294006429where and when has 'true Socialism' actually made things better?[View]
294007503In other news, a bonobo taken from the Tanzanian wild, with no prior contact or experience with huma…[View]
293998380Monolith Happening 2.0: Another monolith has appeared! WTF is going on! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…[View]
294008204He Hasn't Tweeted: Trump hasn't tweeted in hours. What is he doing? Something is up!…[View]
294008208It's unironically joever: Shilltranny here, thought I'd let you know the current mood at S…[View]
293998398TECH KILLED MORALS: In the past, long run without morals implied death. > Gays died of aids > …[View]
294001981I don't beleive in god: Redpill me, christcucks[View]
294002035Avoiding the inevitable.: Hard core patriot here. With all this back and fourth, I came to an epipha…[View]
293984672Why is Germany BASED and Nigger free?: Just wondering[View]
294008333No monoliths on /Pol/s watch: Another monolith just sprung up in Romania. Time for /pol/ to seek and…[View]
294008319You know they are desperate when they just say it’s not happening in the court room therefore they a…[View]
293996872Why are we letting niggers destroy our traditions?[View]
294004019What will you do when Biden mandates vaccination for COVID-19?[View]
294003647Trump wants credit for the covid-19 vaccine due to operation warp speed: so when, as according to /p…[View]
293977314Student loan forgiveness is a GOOD thing: 45 million young Americans in debt slavery has destroyed m…[View]
2940043614 whole month of testing for COVID Vaccine: Please tell me this will not be mandated by law. I have …[View]
294006904When did you realize that the afterlife exists? Notice how the world gets more chaotic as people slo…[View]
294007610Fact Check: Why does the media insist on painting a false narrative about suicide ??[View]
294006935Notice how literally every thing: the leftist are doing make verifying the truth about the election …[View]
294004970anon: never give up.....ever. believe in self. thing get better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6…[View]
294007826Where are you /pol?[View]
294007404What do you think of Hiroshi Ishiguro’s work?: Next summer I will be working on an International pro…[View]
294007732/pol/ approved anime: https://youtu.be/ucGtatINv28[View]
294007728IT'S CRAPPENING: Twitter is about to declare Trump a persona non sharta!!!!![View]
294007000The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293983861why is he dragging out this shit when it's clear he won't win. Does he get off to the publ…[View]
294007241>wear the fucking mask you cocksuckers. The holocough is serious business and you'll die in …[View]
294002030I'm worried for Biden supporters. It's not even cope at this point, they seem to be living…[View]
294007553After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
293977888Freeing you from Pol: Niggers. There, I've said your shibboleth so you know I'm one of you…[View]
294001902Why was Hitler/Germany so BASED?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IY0JwskiLE[View]
294002012What does /pol/ think about white girls having more mixed children than whites in the US?: is there …[View]
293990244Out of all the failures in his 2020 campaign, the most damning one is telling his own supporters not…[View]
294006931Leftists seriously believe this man got 15 million more votes then Obama. Leftists believe this man …[View]
294003936do the ends really justify the means?[View]
294007159Hard to be White these days: > Being attacked in your own country because you embody wealth and p…[View]
294006771When Trump, peace be upon him, gets inaugurated for a second term, the legal battle to get him there…[View]
293993667How can we realistically stop racism, /pol/[View]
293994734AZ is going to Trump: AZ legislature to give Trump the electors[View]
294007073Why are so many Pajeet Nerds here[View]
293996652Tell Me He Isn't Going To Be The Kraken | MUST WATCH!!!: https://youtu.be/jE9INd3SIY0[View]
294006568Any good books on the sexual revolution and the importance of preserving the nuclear family unit, es…[View]
294006849FIRING SQUADS POISON GAS: Is this guys?? Is this a legendary >HABBENING!? https://www.nytimes.co…[View]
294005747What the absolute FUCK is with all of the christcuck threads this afternoon? It's like a raid i…[View]
293991168>has the power and influence to redpill 10s of millions of young people >if he gets banned 100…[View]
294004885What do you think, /pol/? https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/south-america/brazilian-president…[View]
293973563Did we get too cocky Earth bros?: Is this the end?[View]
294006230After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
294000901You guys are clowns: The same people who claimed that Trump colluded with Russia based on no evidenc…[View]
294006126How will the EU stop the Brits from doing what they want?[View]
293997478So.......THIS is the power of the KRAKEN???? whoa......................[View]
294002028So this is the power of the Kraken...[View]
293999120friendly reminder that rump lost the election just say 'you'll never be a woman' if you're…[View]
293976562/po/ is Light Yagami: Think about it. This place colectively is smart. The Death note is meme magic …[View]
294005675After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
293969675Why don't Europeans wear armor to avoid getting stabbed and beheaded by Muslims?[View]
294004559Supermarket releases antiracist ad, enrages left and right: the grocery chain EDEKA produced a chris…[View]
294004704More Biden Text: What a kinky family https://shadilay.com/t/text-messages-show-vp-biden-and-his-wife…[View]
294005418Biden is literally a china puppet lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTbwN__8dHo[View]
293992534ITS HAPPENING PA Lawmakers say FUCK THE RIGGED VOTE: PA will fall first. Then AZ and GA will follow.…[View]
294005385BASED BIDEN: Journos will think twice before asking stupid questions.[View]
294000801How has your life changed now that Karabakh is Azerbaijan?[View]
293994078Do americans really? https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1331417631891419138[View]
293989199Brit/pol/: >Ministers unveil next steps in England's farming policy England's countrysi…[View]
293986787/pol/ nostalgia thread: God I miss my childhood, when cartoons were full of chads and toxic masculin…[View]
294005268The storm is coming anons....[View]
294005208Happening Eric Trump Arrested: Eric Trump has been arrested in Clark county Indiana https://www.vine…[View]
293992416Is the fact china puts muslims in concentration camps not based?: Do we suddenly love muslims now?…[View]
293998247Jewish supervisor: i work at a office suply store. My supervisor is extremly jewish and constantly m…[View]
293999577What went wrong?[View]
294002611Better luck next time![View]
294004639>Mfw this is the end of days >Mfw this is the modern version of the book of revelation…[View]
294003639COVID-19 Vaccine Questions: I am not a smart man. I don't lie about my intelligence. I've …[View]
293984582SERVER CONFIRMED???: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/arizona-voter-fraud-witness-army-col-p…[View]
294002557Gypsies: Nignogs this, Jews that Let's talk about the real scum of the world The '''Roma'''…[View]
294000194LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.youtu…[View]
293997349Lin noo!!![View]
294004509After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
294002117Any good eco fascist books that /pol/ can recommend me?[View]
293988048trump listen up nigga your boys is not gonna fight for you they be some scared pussy ass white boys …[View]
294004398Post your favorite SCOTUS[View]
293966453CCP RIP 2028: The CCP will collapse within a decade and China will be transformed. How? Look at the …[View]
294002565The Simp Epidemic: why is simping for women so common in this day and age? What is the appeal to the…[View]
294004359Subverting the world: How to subvert the world https://shadilay.com/t/book-on-how-to-take-over-the-w…[View]
293974519Seriously, the bullying against German members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
294002004It’s official lads, we’re getting a WHite Christmas.[View]
293973155ARIZONA IS FUCKING FUCKED!!!: HOLY SHIT ITS FUCKING GOING DOWN LIVE! https://www.theepochtimes.com/…[View]
294001848burger hate thread: >USA: richest and greatest country in the world >also USA: https://www.you…[View]
294000924Hey Cheaters: >how ya looking >not so good AZ looks like a complete shit show. I got some on m…[View]
294002503>Only God can judge me. Jesus said you're not allowed to judge people. Read the Bible. The B…[View]
294004247Can any mexibros redpill me on Subcomandante Marcos[View]
293999408Wee Need Sneed Threed: >NEED SEED >NEED FEED >NEED SNEED…[View]
294001365National Socialism is the only solution: China is proving that. Fuck Profit Fuck Globalism Fuck coor…[View]
293997722Mask is completely off.: They aren't even denying white genocide anymore. They're mocking …[View]
294004031A fucking ChadJeet just saved America on Cyber Monday: >Weighted race feature >Fractional vote…[View]
293960831Dear Westerners, how does it feel knowing the novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) will have a more devast…[View]
294003984i have a solution to the nigger fucking white chicks problem: hear me out its quite simple what we …[View]
294003938The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
294000193He’s winning, bros.: I knew we’d make it. I didn’t really think he could flip New York.[View]
294000624>trump was a false flag. Trump recently told Biden, “I think I’ve done a great job of pushing a l…[View]
294003434Janet Yellen to rule US economy as Treasury Secretary under Biden: Biden is appointing Janet Yellen …[View]
294002403By the way..... Iran has ICBMs now.: Are you burgers ready to die for Israel? https://en.radiofarda.…[View]
294002000>Remember what they took from you...[View]
293999518Am paid trump schill. ask me some things.: I got laid off.[View]
293998865Does this state have any redeeming qualities? Why is it so retarded?[View]
294000359Is there any politician that can stop her?[View]
29400220315,000 homicides and 50,000 rapes/sexual assaults are committed each year in the United States. You …[View]
294002901Anyone in those threads?: So what happened to that one guy in Montana who found a cheese pizza (PG) …[View]
294001967> It's real[View]
293963039>Transgender representation to nearly double in state legislatures >more than 8 trannies in of…[View]
294002735Is marriage worth it in the West? What laws should be made to make it more appealing?: Singer Kelly …[View]
293997351Everything has gone according to plan. We knew a man like Trump would win in 2016 to counter our pro…[View]
294000007If this post ends in 999999 then the US will go into a civil war[View]
294000504The Kraken, apparently, is an actual computer system developed by the Department of Defense (DOD) to…[View]
294001989If it were the case that the CIA and other actors perhaps even in foreign countries worked to rig th…[View]
294001419Chatter on the web has it that the Frankfurt asset was a CIA installation, and that some kind of Arm…[View]
294002511Will Brits have a cold winter next year?[View]
293996003Meet the Secretary of the US Department of Anti-racism: >This is Ibram X. Kendi, born Ibram Henry…[View]
293998759What Happens if Fraud isn't proven until after Bidet takes office: What happens if Bidet takes …[View]
293995735How Student Debt Will Actually Go: Anyone who has a degree worth anything is in one of the following…[View]
294002111After we burned the media down, we turned on the people who burned our nation. Heroes had risen up i…[View]
294002046IT'S OGRE[View]
294001970Why does the left fuck over the working class with immigration?[View]
294000043Kentuckians: why in the FUCK did you re-elect Bitch Mitch mcconnell?: 100% curious to know because h…[View]
293995597>https://twitter.com/armano/status/1333384760425664520 How do we stop the bugs?…[View]
293979529China grow strong and stronger while we cope by saying they'll collapse for the last 30 years[View]
293992752Macedonia: .[View]
293983520Joe Biden had a stroke: This ex spook has been right about certain things before and is now claiming…[View]
293996661Why are shills like this?[View]
293996150Any news on the Sidney Powell front? Remember 2 weeks ago she said she was going to file lawsuits on…[View]
294001077Hey dudes! Who are your favorite Breadtubers!!!! I'm partial to RenegadeCut and ThoughtSlime![View]
293994475Where do you stand?[View]
294001336She should have won: Maybe then the country would have woken up[View]
293978081Fluoride: > distributed in water supply > mixed in tooth paste i heard that it can cause bone …[View]
293999519Schizo moment while in shower occured to me in the shower: ww2 ended in 1945, it has been 75 years 7…[View]
294001416Charles Hoskinson announces his 2024 presidential run Will you vote for him?[View]
293999932what's the difference between a socialist and a liberal?: i've thought of myself as a soci…[View]
293963371Reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board: Polite reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board. No pagans…[View]
294000179>god is fake >borders are for pussies >socialists will always be poor…[View]
294000738The Election Is Over When We Say Its Over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJi4O1VcRPs What can the …[View]
294000016IF THE DEMS/COMMIES WERE SO SURE THEY WON THE 2020 US ELECTION: They wouldn't be shilling so ha…[View]
294000910Retail middle managers deserve the rope. https://youtu.be/m-vHFJGf_K0[View]
293988549Assuming that we are bound to Earth. What is the upper limit of the human population that you would …[View]
293999963this is the new LARP cope you guys are now into eh?: just pathetic.[View]
293982111>want to preserve the traditional family and have more kids >don’t want to destroy the thing …[View]
293994930This hearing is going terribly, bros, not a shred of evidence.. Maybe if we all take a nap right now…[View]
294000791So /pol/, are (((they))) winning??[View]
293994771Every time I visit my boomer-age parents they have the TV on, and it's always news shit about C…[View]
293994789German Re-unification thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snsdDb7KDkg https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
293995577How do one go out of wageslavery? If society is rotten and hate my own kind, why should I contribuit…[View]
294000606Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivers fall 2020 economic statement – November 30, 2020: https:…[View]
293995534Who is this pajeet fag?: He’s being doxxed just cos he said the word nigger?[View]
293999933Oh you guys were totally right about election fraud, but that was ALL BIDEN, he did it all on his ow…[View]
293995338LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.youtub…[View]
293998163They're censoring SMS messages now.[View]
294000417SLOW THE SPREAD: I like pointing out to my retard friends that the original purpose of masks and soc…[View]
294000388be djt, get a free mcrib, free salt, market team win: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/food/2020…[View]
293999968will biden fake his death?[View]
293997674MAJOR HAPPENING: Voter fraud hearing Arizona. Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Sidney Powell kraken. Do…[View]
293989959MAGAFEST INCOMING: With all the evidence supporting the fraud narrative and the raising public aware…[View]
293999622I am a Pakistani immigrant and support Diversity: I believe that pakistani people have personally br…[View]
293998912Japanese Foreign Minister Announces Plan to “Transform Japan Into a Diverse Multiethnic Society”: ht…[View]
293997943What’s this about some CIA shootout in Germany?[View]
293997916The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293997685COVID-19 IS FAKE: Deaths from normal causes are being REDESIGNATED to COVID-19. If the virus were re…[View]
294000144Any White person that engages in 'who's White nation is more cucked' arguments is not pro-White…[View]
293997670how: can someone with a PhD from MIT be wrong?[View]
293997537Niggers moved in next door YESTERDAY from samoa and I can already hear them abusing their child for …[View]
293999859Then I cried tears of pure happiness, radiating with pride and joy for my people, the nation, the fu…[View]
293999987this election was counted by a woman[View]
293999935Wait for it to nigger[View]
293999824Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodie…[View]
293999790Modern Renaissance: I think most of us can agree that we are rushing toward the modern equivalent of…[View]
293990005Another Sidney Powell ''bombshell'': This woman is a lunatic. https://rjaybee.files.wordpress.com/20…[View]
293999741Michael Jackson: Posting again since I didn't get a clear awnser last thread What did Michael …[View]
293995383Women killed the west: These stupid whores are out of control. Even my own fucking had a bastard out…[View]
293999705POST YOUR REDPILLS: Redditor does a good job of showing how the Protocols of Zion are real (?): http…[View]
293988492If you can't wear a mask, wear a fucking face shield/visor: There's no excuse. Can't …[View]
293998624Flu-Management is now a Government Program: Governments have assumed responsibility, and this liabil…[View]
293995456Are you on the list?: Who gonna be on the list?[View]
293996832Election Demoralization: >lawsuits going nowhere fast >not a single case yet to be heard by th…[View]
293999402Polish-Moldovan alliance soon?[View]
293999393The Sealed Indictments!: Where there's smoke... apparently there's no fire. So says Mike R…[View]
293999381Kikes kill iranian nuclear scientist. Kushner flies to middle east: This fucking kike is going to ta…[View]
293998956Do people do fundraisers for attention?: >girl streams fundraising $1000 for basic cause >guys…[View]
293999227How will Trump fare against President Harris in 2024?[View]
293988665Collectivism is the way to go.[View]
293985870We're fighting, AGAINST THIS.[View]
293988073MY TUMMY HURTS BIDEN BROS...: General McInerney talks Insurrection Act https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
293995775>asian race baiting spam Is the US planning to go to war with China or something? That's the…[View]
293977654Eat ze bugs: Why do the globalists want to stop meat consumption?[View]
293992479this faggot had absolutely 0 campaign strategy other than MUH BIDEN'S GONNA UNLEASH MS13 AND BL…[View]
293998595Better luck next time![View]
293994839Hard to be White these days: > Being attacked in your own country because you embody wealth and p…[View]
293994428Rural living is for peasants: Let me put it this way... I've lived in the countryside and I kno…[View]
293964978The flaw of democracy: Milton Friedman in his later years realized that Political Freedom leads to S…[View]
293996416NIGGER FATIGUE: I'm a sophomore at Bentley Jewniversity in MA trying to gain some financial/acc…[View]
293987065Calling: John Roberts: What did he mean by this??? https://mobile.twitter.com/LLinWood/status/133349…[View]
293997455Proud Biden voting Arizonan here! You lost, again.[View]
293998480101 KB PNG Why have trumps legal teams been unable to present a convincing argument for electoral fr…[View]
293994301Name a more iconic duo[View]
293998450BASED Nadhim Zahawi: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-people-who-refuse-to-get-vaccine-could-be-d…[View]
293996467Just like the lefties weaponized racism and sexism to 'get rid' of their enemies, so will …[View]
293995884District judge halts 3 Georgia counties from erasing Dominion voting machine data: https://www.foxne…[View]
293998289Georgia Govt Lawyers Defended Dominion’s ‘Trade Secrets’ to Stop Forensic Analysis of Machines/Softw…[View]
293984725Sex Gulags: When communism inevitably takes over the world, my single mission will be to be Colonel …[View]
293991068>In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from Covid in all of 2020. And women hav…[View]
293974974Polish girl raped by a German brute! SHOCK!: It's a scene from a movie Miasto 44. It describes …[View]
293978911REMINDER: There is more 'evidence' to suggest that Trump is involved in an international p…[View]
293997038The narrative: What happened to the narrative that 'there is a pandemic every election'? I was reall…[View]
293996670Spread This Video: I found this video through a thread earlier today. I want you to spread everywher…[View]
293994229BIDEN WINS AGAIN https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-30/arizona-certifies-biden-s-electi…[View]
293989974He's the reason I'm no longer a /pol/cel[View]
293995439Odessa: Where did the nazis flee after ww2? Is it possible they escaped and are still secretly opera…[View]
293994995The European language tree is the most spoken language tree in the world - and it doesn't even …[View]
293996226daily reminder the virus doesn't exist and you're all being Wag the Dogged[View]
293997400Cuckservatives: >See Muslims are bad because their holy book tells them to attack non-Muslims. …[View]
293990773Romania monolith: A new challenger has appeared.[View]
293996997Why do Americans automatically trust people in labcoats? Don't they remember that Dr. Mengel wa…[View]
293995449Why do you still support any right wing e-celebs? It's clear they are all grifters. Lauren Sout…[View]
293997313Why is the reaction against censorship and politically correct stronger in Quebec than elsewere? Ta…[View]
293979182What happened the year you were born?: >1990: beginning of the Gulf War or German reunification, …[View]
293994406Should christianity be destroyed to save the white race?[View]
293997023this would be a stupid reason to leave a comfy 6-figure job right?[View]
293991289Remember Koby Brian[View]
293996940Arcadia Group Collapses 15000 jobs lost: >15000 jobs lost >checks (((Philip Green's))) Ea…[View]
293996887We're niggers now: Trump voters are .70 of a person now. Just declared at the Penn hearing. Ana…[View]
293995180>It doesn’t matter until all the votes are counted. It doesn’t matter until the recount. It doesn…[View]
293995996Why does a simple piece of cloth trigger chuds so much? >No my fragile white lungs! >Its tyr…[View]
293983964CIA arrested[View]
293988064If you ever want a good laugh, just watch a reddit teenager try and make excuses for how this is pos…[View]
293972796What type of political belief is it when someone is socially right wing, economically left wing, but…[View]
293991655Do your best leftoids.: No incumbent president in nearly 150 years has gained votes in a re-election…[View]
293996543Say it with me: WEIGHTED RACE[View]
293995316Beaver Moon: The penultimate full moon of 2020, known as the Beaver Moon, will rise over UK skies on…[View]
293993809/eco/ - 𝖊co-f𝖆csism g𝖊n𝖊r𝖆l #0001: Welcome to the first installment, lads. Our purpose: to come toge…[View]
293975746Is going back to Europe still an option?: I just am so sick of this shit hole I can't bear to w…[View]
293991505SCOTUS is getting closer...[View]
293975313Is the end goal of capitalism making normal life unaffordable? Why the fuck are basic necessities so…[View]
293993790I'm sick of this shithead.[View]
293995920The Alpha Races: It's the Whites, Japanese and South Koreans right? Can we get rid of everyone …[View]
293995917wow rude[View]
293995871How do I initiate the transaction to achieve irl assault pets and what is the preferred method of gu…[View]
293991824Why do East Germans have the lowest life satisfaction in all of Germany? Have they not fully reinteg…[View]
293995711Can we now return to /oldPol/ please?[View]
293995543The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293989902Why japanese kill dolphins?: Dolphins are literally the best smartest creature in earth and super fr…[View]
293988615LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.youtub…[View]
293995524Formner Leftwing Doxxing Grifter is at it again.: Guess what?! I am OFFICIALLY suing the “Fact-Check…[View]
293995417The Real Reason Why the Left Can't Meme: I was just thinking about how Spengler's predicti…[View]
293974733Why do right-wingers hate Bill Gates so much? Would it be better if Elon pushed for a vaccine?[View]
293994636dear kraut fags: how has this cunt merkle been i ncharge for 2 fucking decades? seems like a dictato…[View]
293994945It's been two weeks since you started saying 'just wait two weeks'. Is Trump winning yet? Two w…[View]
293992153Reported COVID-19 Deaths ‘Almost Exactly Equal To’ Total Decrease In Deaths By All Other Causes http…[View]
293995012/r-SIG/ Rightwing Self Improvement General: We all know that the NSG-SIG threads become a natsoc cir…[View]
293994800Based and redpilled pootin has 3 non-official families (what can find)[View]
293993157Oh no no no: We got too cocky Biden bros[View]
293963006Sneedposting is the ultimate defense against shills.: Its too retarded for their usual tactics to wo…[View]
293993534Where is the evidence that there is a virus?: Covid-19 is not real. There is no fucking virus. If th…[View]
293995078>be jew >wear blackface on book cover >win award Your people will never be this based, sorr…[View]
293990766All the same gender: Exactly what we asked for: Diversity[View]
293993973what a ripoff: whats going on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWQz0R5z7Vg[View]
293993516it must be so hard to be white these days.: Being attacked in your own country because you embody we…[View]
293993641test thread: how to post[View]
293994725Closed source voting machines: Why would anyone want to review the code inside the voting machines? …[View]
293979820Trump lost Arizona because he made fun of McCain: McCain is a hero down in Arizona and Trump mocked …[View]
293993146jew here I have access to our plans for the next 5 years and you goyim don't even begin to imag…[View]
293994650THEY'RE JUST LIKE US. (Man stabs host to death over LEFTOVERS): https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireS…[View]
293994634sorry im white: sorry im white[View]
293994601Now that biden is most likely to go to jail is he trying to fake his death?: All states wih audits a…[View]
293994505A leftist lifted today.: Have you anon? Are you keeping your body and mind healthy and strong?…[View]
293994498/p/ Pagan Central - First edition: Now that 4chan is a Pagan board we now must ask ourselves the fol…[View]
293992678WRITE THIS BEHIND YOUR AMERICAN EARS: The USA smells like dog shit to us. We don't like you nor…[View]
293992607...: Greek bros, is this guy based or cringe?[View]
293994445What if we founded our own America?: With blackjack, and hookers?[View]
293993764>Only God can judge me. Jesus said you're not allowed to judge people. Read the Bible. The B…[View]
293989263this you chief?[View]
293968257Seethe cuckolds while your dipshit lawyer hero sits in a hotel ballroom doing a mock 'hearing' lmao[View]
293992977CIA ARREST: Hello, pals! I've heard that there are rumours that an incident has occured between…[View]
293991415How do we bring back manufacturing jobs to the US?[View]
293994142Please explain to me how pictures of Hunter's biden massive cock were supposed to damage Biden…[View]
293976630Brit/pol - Soft Quim Edition: >New Inspector Norf exposes fake refugee https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
293992853Do you think being East Asian is living life on easy mode? >2 billion of you >foreigners don…[View]
293994057Trump curse has struck Biden!: The poor fuck has had a stroke and is on death's door. Trump wi…[View]
293990806So, what was it all about?[View]
293986472Is this what young Americans find 'cool'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilc-jFuASg8 Do young Ameri…[View]
293993936Cato the Younger: I hate this faggot, I'm glad he killed himself and it's funny that Caesa…[View]
293993894Italians are the Swedes of military history: i know medcucks in general fight like shit but damn the…[View]
293993827>Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey argues that socialism is a failed system that 'impoveris…[View]
293992349NATO admits defeat.: The End of Liberalism >The liberal democracy long seen as triumphant over th…[View]
293992878FAO ALL MUTTS: Do not repeat DO NOT bomb pic related[View]
293991528Was Rudy Giuliani a good or a bad mayor? I remember when I was a kid he was featured in TV shows, I …[View]
293990472/pol/: The Show Except its played out as a dystopia rather than the actual utopia it is, lol[View]
293976302Muh white master race: Why does /pol/ think it's justified to attack other races and groups of …[View]
293992561Thoughts on Bobby[View]
293993506Prepare for The Turner Diaries to become reality.: >This is Ibram X. Kendi, born Ibram Henry Roge…[View]
29399054914 days until the electoral college elects Joe Biden: I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING[View]
293989626Are you ready Ameribros?: Racebaiting has always been a profitable industry, but if you were hoping …[View]
293993123MEMEFLU DIDN'T WORK! There will be another crisis!: The next crisis is on it's way, they…[View]
293981643What nationality has had the most influence on America's food?[View]
293988507LOSE THE WORDS PAL[View]
293992610Much diversity much powerful much wow: Who will they blame now that all the white men are gone when …[View]
293992880Smellin’ Yellen Is Joe gonna smell her head or what[View]
293992976Based fuck vaxs[View]
293949616marjor globa spiritual awakening happening, new downloading 21.12.2022: im not astrologist, but they…[View]
293990106France, the most pathetic state to exist.[View]
293990593It's sociopathic right?: They cheated in the election. When calls for the results to be investi…[View]
293991931This is unnacpetable, ungrateful and undignifried. Why China do business with US if threaten China? …[View]
293992283So the left is essentially mindless: Biden is such a nothing candidate it's actually embarrassi…[View]
293990881You Lost: All the votes Biden needed have been certified. There's no supreme court case coming.…[View]
293992609If the Bible is supposedly against racism. Why are Jews the most racist people in the world. Somethi…[View]
293992506To the Reform German rabbi from the last thread, what do you gain from misrepresenting Judaism as so…[View]
293968393Take the eBay pill: The average American has anywhere from 1 to 10 thousand dollars of pure junk lay…[View]
293985254I love the new president of Moldova. She is smart and cute: She is Maia Sandu. She will make Moldova…[View]
293992172Jesus Says To upset a Liberal...tell them a lie. To upset a MAGAloser...tell them the truth.[View]
293991669this is my religion[View]
293988213Tell me your goals /pol/[View]
293992186Wishy washy hands no go outside no talky talky drinky your booze dont worky no visit family stay in …[View]
293990628Horseshoe theory proves itself to be real day by day. You see, the left wants to 'eat the rich', but…[View]
293991712i loving 8===> science: proof nigger bitches are doubly useless,from the whore's mouth. furt…[View]
293990392It's Extremely Funny to Me That Trump Lost and I Literally Can't Stop Laughing: It's …[View]
293987216Italy: Muslim migrant cuts off head and hands of Virgin Mary statue: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2020…[View]
293972295>lost the popular vote twice >impeached >1 term Has there ever been a bigger embarassment i…[View]
293983458The Jew fears the home sweater knitter[View]
293964345You can no longer say POC are not Irish: https://twitter.com/QuareMedia/status/1333464681370038272…[View]
293978694HAPPENING!! BIDEN'S FALL WAS BECAUSE OF A STROKE!: No idea yet how severe or if those who pushe…[View]
293948034Only 8000 years ago every European was BLACK.[View]
293991814Final stages of grief: Why people act that 4chan supports trump in 2020??? He did say he was the bes…[View]
293990307European languages are the most spoken family tree of language, the world - and it doesn't even…[View]
293946850Russia: Red Pill me on Russia. Is Russia a based country? Is it a nice country to visit?[View]
293991225Is Biden died?[View]
293988067Say it with me now. PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN[View]
293989486Data Mining Reveals How Smiling Evolved During a Century of Yearbook Photos: What Jewish trick is th…[View]
293983559DEMS SCARED DEMS MIGHT WIN IN GEORGIA & TAKE THE SENATE: So basically, accelerationism might wor…[View]
293991000Is this the new symbol of the race war?[View]
293988984He's doing it.: shills are rampant like never before, it's already over[View]
293991456The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293990170What happened to humans?: I thought all of us on 4chan were generally red-pilled and not dumb NPCs. …[View]
293963802Wholesome Hitler gifs/webms: Original thread archived Let's keep 'em coming[View]
293983171Fireball 'as bright as full moon' spotted in night sky over Japan: >a killing bolt will…[View]
293979907YWNBAW: You will never be a woman. Du wirst niemals eine Frau sein. あなたは決して女性にはなりません. Non sarai mai …[View]
293983499Mike Tyson smoked marijuana before exhibition fight against Roy Jones: >'Listen, I can't sto…[View]
293970343Biden received 80% of his total votes in a WA county within ONE minute: Could it be anymore obvious?…[View]
293967119Post pictures of ugly kikes: Post pictures of the most sinister and nastiest jews you can think of. …[View]
293958282Major29: Thread for discussing Major29's information from January 2029 >archived threads htt…[View]
293990869az fag here. the salt is amazing. plz coomtinue[View]
293909477/nsg+sig/ National Socialist General - Today We Remain: Welcome to National Socialism General, here …[View]
293990891Anyone figure this shit out yet?: waited an hour for premiere...it was just 30 seconds of random pic…[View]
293987604Why does the Jew fear cousin marriage so much?: Is that because the idea of white people having stab…[View]
293990834Since the collapse of America and Canada is coming, how will Anon cope and live in the new nations? …[View]
293987044Israeli acts of War: I don't like Iran, but of dirty Persian shitbags as far as I'm concer…[View]
293989362Don't mind me. Just getting rid of some dead weight.[View]
293971547The great reset: Everyone loves talking about, everyone loves giving their opinion on it. Tell me wh…[View]
293989130Why do black people keep saying nigger: How trained are they that even after 200 years they are sayi…[View]
293990091Is Pedophilia becoming socially acceptable?: I recently noticed that 4chan has had far less threads …[View]
293989179Prediction Thread: What happens when Q is a bust?[View]
293987785shills are out in full force today[View]
293990012Time is running out. Executive Order September 12, 2018. martial law and military courts: Final Play…[View]
293990504Mah boih Trump: Just when you think Trump supporters can't possibly take this many L's the…[View]
293990269Brit/pol/ - Grammar edition: >(((Philip Green)))’s Arcadia empire, including Topshop & Doroth…[View]
293983747EVERYONE I KNOW GOES AWAY IN THE END: Trump losing Twitter followers – as Biden gains them President…[View]
293989932Does /Pol/ really believe this?: If so, why and if so why not? I'm taking an Islamic studies cl…[View]
293990264>Wanted Biden to win because I hate Trump like every other sheep >Biden 'wins' >Realize Tru…[View]
293942768What is wrong With being gay and rightwing[View]
293990278>cons of nofap include: aggressiveness, becoming a loosecannon, not putting up with peoples shit …[View]
293976999Do women enjoy sex? Why do women treat sex as something 'sacred' that they make men have t…[View]
293988611Is he based?[View]
293988184Shill here, not gonna lie we're all literally sneeding and feeding our pants, we know this is g…[View]
293989732I know he’s “doing irony” but where is the lie?[View]
293985575Hispanics and Latinos: >came to America very poor >constantly bullied by orgs like ice, compan…[View]
293988244Julius Evola: Has anyone read this book?[View]
293975406Do what you're told. It's that simple[View]
293989854principles vs political fads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrnnDqk3bkU[View]
293989478This is gay marketing: Looks like a hate symbol to me fellas. Could these monoliths be heralding the…[View]
293988745I can grow weed and Biden is President. Can't get better than this. t.Arizona non-faggots non-t…[View]
293989595>ywn have a team of agents to chuck you into the back of a car when you're trashed in public…[View]
293988528-/HUNPOL/- Pol Pot edition: is it really that bad that i want to lynch the goydog upper class and th…[View]
293987801Why are Germans so based?: Just curious[View]
293989436Trust the Plan: so far >so good[View]
293984575If Biden won, why hasn't Kamala given up her Senate seat yet?: She's just waiting and wait…[View]
293988816What did 赵立坚 mean by this?[View]
293961754Finland is the racism capital of Europe: According to this infograph and the Africans interviewed fo…[View]
293987715HIPAA? What’s that?: A right to private healthcare records? Oh, well, we didn’t mean it like THAT…[View]
293983673Just admit you've been lied to: It's not your fault.[View]
293989302/pol/ humor thread[View]
293987466Henry Kissinger tells Joe Biden to go easy on China (Yes, that worthless sack of shit is still alive…[View]
293988539Whats the difference between the Net Neutrality shillery and Covid-19 shillery redpill me. Before y…[View]
293982751HAPPENING - BIOCUNT DAYS ARE NUMBERED: >A BODYBUILDER from Kazakhstan has ‘married’ a sex doll in…[View]
293983455Shill literally have no response to this.[View]
293986555would you work in tech ?: Serious post > Be me, western eurofag > Work in tech, ai engineer/sc…[View]
293987583Is Kamala Daughter of Slave Owner?: Is this fake news or is this whore the daughter of a slave owner…[View]
293988580Women killed the west: These stupid whores are out of control. Even my own fucking had a bastard out…[View]
293966567I thought it was just the flu?[View]
293984806Stops your literal deep state https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Venezuelan_coup_d%27état_attempt…[View]
293988918New Zealand Charges 13 Parties Over Deaths At White Island Volcano: What the FUCK is going on here!?…[View]
293988441When will BIG HAPPENING? And how?[View]
293987144Come home, Anon. Let the winter guide you during these dark times.[View]
293987322Hahahahaha /pol/ btfo! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIOS65YB9XE/?igshid=fku4i7loz8cp[View]
293988042Thoughts on Hitler?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IY0JwskiLE[View]
293987758how long will women be able to live off this service?[View]
293988436Im losing hope: >Imagine bringing a child to this world. >Imagine Tik Tok and Only fans degene…[View]
293988699When is something going to happen? I’m tired of the stalling and the constant back and forth.[View]
293985017Croatian people: What are your guys’ thoughts on Croatian people? I’m 100% Croatian Dijaspora. I’ve …[View]
293985928Gimmie some starter Pepes[View]
293986740to the left and people like them: to every insect brained cunt, in the future when your kind is expu…[View]
293988415All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily ra…[View]
293974186teens jump two adults at mall: why are they like this? >WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A woman who was ass…[View]
293988383Weaponized Autists, Ho!: https://gofile.io/d/akjjvk Here is the entire Biden team for the White Hous…[View]
293979510LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #7: (they currently have a break. Shitshow will continue in about …[View]
293973220Ask a real rabbi anything: I'm a rabbi. I'm more than happy to answer all your questions a…[View]
293985077How did British women get so ugly?: >This is a 10/10 in Bongland Seriously, looking at pictures a…[View]
293984943You ain't never seen a voter fraud network like mine: See, me and Obama. Yeah, we made a voter …[View]
293988111Have you transitioned yet?: With Biden in office the dollar is about to be totally cucked.[View]
293958370So now that PA is dead in the water. What are Trump's options? Can PA call an emergency legisla…[View]
293988096THE FIRE RISES: The Pillars of White Supremacy are appearing, brothers! Surely the Return of the Ris…[View]
293987910Is this what's waiting for all liberals when they die and go to Hell?[View]
293987063Trump will not be getting a second term: The puppetmasters have already decided Biden will be the ne…[View]
293969070This is a thread for French and German people to discuss how superior there are to all other things.[View]
293988028Presidential Inaugural Committee Store: has not a single object that combines '46' or 'inauguration'…[View]
293975550Can anyone tell me why the Christians ultimately lost the crusades? I thought the Christ god was str…[View]
293958457Do you live in a battleground state /pol/?[View]
293984872Southern Cone: what is happening in the southern cone? before the pandemic i was thinking about buyi…[View]
293987882seethe white boy: I have seen a lot of the bbc/white inferiority threads recently, and i want to rem…[View]
293972966HAPPENING HAPPENING: > A metal monolith identical to the one recently found in #Utah has just app…[View]
293982226I only voted for Biden because I heard he was going to cancel my student debt: Now I hear it might b…[View]
293986641Japanese Foreign Minister Announces Plan to “Transform Japan Into a Diverse Multiethnic Society”: ht…[View]
293987569Why SJWs prefer twitter over Facebook? The drama that happens all the time at twitter from SJWs rare…[View]
293987564ATTENTION RENTERS Rent is still enforced to be paid on January 1st 2021 no later than the January 3r…[View]
293985363Listen up faggots, here's the deal: >Covid is fake >Trump won >Biden is toast >Crit…[View]
293961659How do we stop racism from other POC? https://twitter.com/orbgoddess/status/1332991722704408577[View]
293981927Who Voted For the Retard and Whore?: Where my shills at?[View]
293979793This means Trump can finally contest the results.: It's based. Trump will win.[View]
293987108It's coming.: Are you prepared?[View]
293950924You fools will actually disagree with this: You nazis will say that diversity is a weakness of ameri…[View]
293987141I've been on reddit to post subversive shit. It's almost impossible to contain myself from…[View]
293970130Post the exact moment when you realized China won.[View]
293986363Shouldn't China pay reparations for the damage their virus project caused?[View]
293986802Operation: FAM FRIENDLY: It has been almost year since YouTube has incorporated its Coppa policies o…[View]
293986412What happend to Draw Muhammed Day: Before it was a big topic, now it's nowhere. If you search i…[View]
293980461Help me out liberals: We had a 3 year special counsel investigation seeking to remove the lawfully e…[View]
293980185Biden is toast: Remember when McCain put the boot on his wrong leg? Kek. Had to make up an excuse. R…[View]
293956377Based?: Is Jake Paul /ourguy/? >Beat a nigger almost to death >Said chink flu is a hoax >S…[View]
293985379Remember dear sisters, Hijab is only the first step in your journey. Niqab is your true destination.…[View]
293986171Can we finally stop talking about how Poland is a leech on the EU?: Here is EU money per capita, bot…[View]
293971009Fauci: US may see ‘surge upon surge’ of virus in weeks ahead: >‘There won't be enough people…[View]
293984239What makes leftists so delusional?: What makes leftists so delusional?[View]
293930376Cathedrals are a 4th dimensional radio station that broadcasts to God.: Oldfag Freemasons were makin…[View]
293918134>debating and making a career writing against an ideology you’ve done very little research on …[View]
293980848Obscenity laws / right-wing censorship: Standards in media have basically been whittled away for the…[View]
293983888Lol you actually thought you would win[View]
293976182Is her goal to destroy leftism once and for all by making it seem painfully cringe and stupid?[View]
293983409FRANKFURT SERVER RAID: The military was tipped of by a rogue CIA agent who went of the reservation. …[View]
293986455Name one good reason you're not supporting the future Indo-European-Russo-Nippo-Aryan alliance.[View]
293986645Capitalism Was A Mistake: What is the word for empty consoomerist redddit culture that has plagued t…[View]
293986651Look, fat: So, do you guys think that dude ended up voting for him or what? And did they ever have t…[View]
293983999Pic related happens: What do you do?[View]
293933146Serious Question here : What would make you accept that we had clean and fair elections? Are all the…[View]
293985472Hitler war right about the Jews[View]
293984195How is he so heckin based?[View]
293986329they really don't want you to read this. SHILLS HATE HIM: Biden's Team, Democrats and Repu…[View]
293973963Jenna Ellis is ________.[View]
293985212Lithuania hate thread: Imagine country so shitty that even your capital city was build by your bigge…[View]
293985935you bitches won't do anything about it: all you faggots saying you won't get the vaccine a…[View]
293890365Kraut/pol/ - Wurstfabrik Fünf General - Hangover from SchlangenSonntag: >Polls http://www.wahlrec…[View]
293984733FUCK ARIZONA[View]
293934890Haven't heard anything from there lately . What's going on there spicanons[View]
293981661It's 12 noon...on a Monday. I'm getting shit faced. There is no political solution and c…[View]
293977973ITS OVER** 2018 Executive Order **ITS OVER: listen up anons... I've been on this belief for abo…[View]
293985825Je t'aime /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNCimP8BxOI[View]
293982292send me your jews[View]
293985788Santa IMMUNE to Covid 19: Why the fuck are we not bringing Santa in for a DNA test to determine what…[View]
293982655Why are leftists celebrating biden?: He is literally the most establishment democrat ever. For the 2…[View]
293985603The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293982168JANET YELLEN AS TREASURY?: What the fuck is this shit? https://archive.is/VeK08[View]
293981393Dems, you must be happy: Aren’t you? Here’s your new Treasury secretary.[View]
293981999Analysis: State Certification Can Be Thrown Out If Dominion Audits Are Not Given: Pic related from a…[View]
293981991What went wrong?[View]
293982939reposting this beauty because fuck these commie slide threads: Biden's Team, Democrats and Repu…[View]
293984363Trump’s campaign is still texting me[View]
293982786Women killed the west: These stupid whores are out of control. Even my own fucking had a bastard out…[View]
293985299Yes I discovered life on venus while fighting the patriarchy[View]
293982795Where will be the best place to retire in 30 years?[View]
293985072LINCOLN was a savage: I wonder if Trump knows about these so-called 'presidential powers' WOULD YOU…[View]
293985049Turkey wants out of Istanbul convention: >The number of women killed in Turkey has been rising ye…[View]
293982748Covid-19: Be me: >Living in Cyprus >today the whole country went to second lock down >All r…[View]
293974518Donald Trump is a fascist who is attempting a coup that disregards the democratic election results i…[View]
293976938Can I fake being Christian and get a trad wife?: I can act polite and wax philosophically when I see…[View]
293983413swedes: So what are you gayboys doing about this?[View]
293932116Why do you hate China? They stand against any degeneracy you are disgusted with.[View]
293984417UNDERSTAND OUR SUBVERTED HISTORY/ Asha Logos edition: If you want to understand European history wat…[View]
29398082114 days until the electoral college elects Joe Biden: I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING[View]
293982367Insurrection Act: Biden bro’s???? What did she mean by this???? https://mobile.twitter.com/SongBird4…[View]
293982026A woman is fighting for her life after she was ejected from a vehicle struck by a speeding car that …[View]
293984701>The year 2023 >The pandemic still claims over 200 lives each day >President Harris has ann…[View]
293982871Is this state a literal modern day natsoc paradise? >92% white >Most lax gun laws in the cou…[View]
293971757Can someone give me the real definition and core values of fascism?: Not the Google/commie definitio…[View]
293983686What are /pol/'s views on the Ku Klux Klan?[View]
293984459Aarvoll - Civil War Won't Help the Right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4kBhrgEuz0 >It…[View]
293984265Its Two Weeks Now Biden Shills![View]
293983862Balkaners speaking German: you can't disagree with that[View]
2939733442023 Traveller 72: I won't bullshit and give a explanation, I know the future of 2023. Ask ques…[View]
293982399why do all those praise diversity, goverment racial programs, neo liberalism and censureship always …[View]
293982326Flu-Management is now a Government Program: Governments have assumed responsibility, and this liabil…[View]
293982841Are gangs based?: > You have to get jumped in to show your toughness. > They initiate girls by…[View]
293961363Joos this, joos that. If they rule this fucking planet, just admit that they're superior alread…[View]
2939633352021 Reporting: Are you ready? Internet going dark in US within 3 months, what you gonna do then you…[View]
293976973Is Colorado based?: What do you think about this state?[View]
293981637what kind of blackmail does this man have on the Republican party? what's his end game??[View]
293983858Better luck next time! Don't forget to write in Donald Trump on January 5th![View]
293983899Give me one good reason why you're not supporting the future Indo-European-Russo-Nippo-Aryan al…[View]
293983812If Europe stopped all non-European immigratiom: and kept birth rates down, in 20yrs everyone could l…[View]
293983487So what the fuck is happening in PA right now? Shit’s been quiet today.[View]
293970697PA: almost done AZ done GA it's happening MI: it's next NV: wil more likely flip. why have…[View]
293983496Bidenbros, what do we do now?[View]
293965068/pol/ Humor Thread - Your imaginary gf edition: I am so lonely[View]
293983727Are they loving eachother?: Rudy's hearing, link to come[View]
293983626\IAG\ - Inceldome Advice General: Serious discussion only! Have any of you seen that polish anon pos…[View]
293980125They aren't trying to demoralize you, you purposely seek out demoralizing things by coming here…[View]
293977705What stage are you at now, Trump bros? I'm at the depression stage to be honest[View]
293978061Faggots saying Arizona just certified for King Faggot Biden, is this true? FUCK, I swear to FUCKING …[View]
293982641we NEED a Great Reset: what is so bad about the Great Reset and depopulation? Capitalism is a broken…[View]
293983226.09% of the population needs to feel valid: what the fuck is wrong with these people. they think the…[View]
293982747>Rudy to hold a Press Conference on voter irregularities at 12PM on 11/7 >AP calls the Electio…[View]
293977435to kill a pedophile: So the infamous Chris Hansen's 'To Catch a Predator' was cancelled because…[View]
293983169why are Germans so BASED[View]
293982708What Will America Do: with this kind of libtard ?[View]
293982660Most based and redpilled documentaries: Share documentaries that are redpilled and talk about stuff …[View]
293977471Fuuuucccck I think we're all being arrested: Shill here. Power went out. Soldiers stormed the f…[View]
293982295How we deal with America northern monke? They big degenerate[View]
293964470IRAN‘S REVOLUTIONARY GUARD COMMANDER KILLED BY DRONE STRIKE https://twitter.com/AlArabiya_Eng/status…[View]
293964767Irish landlord evicts two ripped blacks from his property: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-FsPgHik…[View]
293982514Biden broke his foot because of a stroke while he was having sex with his dog.: It appears canada is…[View]
293978934Why are 20-something white guys who look like this always obsessed with Japan?[View]
293982736>AZ gets called during the main thing >LOOK PLEASE ACCEPT IT BIDEN WOOOON! Were going to die, …[View]
293978024IT IS WRITTEN: GET READY TO LEAVE THE USA: As Jesus said, 'the scriptures must be fulfilled.' (Mk 14…[View]
293981672BRAZIL ELECTIONS: So, politically, nothing has changed in this shithole right?[View]
293982763Sneed sneed and sneed: >>>293977777 When confronted by a shill from bunkerchan or discord, …[View]
293982251Why has 'greatest banter nation on Earth' been trigger so hard by one internet meme?[View]
293980336why does everyone trust the media again? didnt we just go through 4 years of everyone hating the med…[View]
293980452Great, another nigger in the White House. Do you realize how long it took cleaners to get the smell …[View]
293982539Stop obsessing. Focus on training.[View]
2939812282020 season finale is nearing, can you feel it?[View]
293982258The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293979812DC launching new series where girls fight the patriarchy: >In this thrilling origin story of Blac…[View]
293982242Where is the fascism we were promised? They fucking lied to us. I voted for Trump because I wanted f…[View]
293980792great reset pill - watch now and upgrade your life - thread 6: Original thread: it's all so tir…[View]
293964553>libtard whit*ids voted for B*den instead of this wholesome pro America, pro freedom mahalo snack…[View]
293960967niggers: >have low iq >have huge over representation in crime >perfectly logical jews: >…[View]
293980069What’s up, chuds? Biden Chixxx here. The real reason you incels are so buttmad Biden won is because …[View]
293970183>muh manufacturing Give me 1 (one) reason why we can't we keep transitioning towards an all…[View]
293980601Space Force insider here: I have been instructed to give you a little peek into the future....the Sp…[View]
293981823Logically Biden can't win: Because communists by definition are losers. Therefore Trump will be…[View]
293981156Why is Kim scared of covid so much?[View]
293977781National Justice Party General: Website: https://nationaljusticeparty.com/ The Platform of The Natio…[View]
293975792Biden's Pick for OMB Director Neera Tanden Pushing Cuts to Social Security After The 2010 Midte…[View]
293981551How many snoy has this man consumed?[View]
293981647any faggot has a problem with this?[View]
293969747WAR WITH IRAN BEFORE CHRISTMAS!: Iran's terrorist regime is seeking nuclear weapons for terrori…[View]
293966119Google just canceled my YouTube account. Not that I uploaded stuff or even liked it, however I had l…[View]
293981494Islamaphobia: Why is it so problematic to criticize Islam? Either you get shut down by big tech or b…[View]
293972448Future queen and king of Norway: It's official, they are going to marry, the current king and q…[View]
293980635How come you never hear about Argentina on /pol/? They had the same problems with former slaves as A…[View]
293975615Biden Sec. of State openly flaunts corruption: Biden’s Sec. of State is a partner at a PE firm that …[View]
293981373BIDEN AS PRES = GOOD: Where will all the BLM/SJW anger be directed once bad orange man has no more p…[View]
293937634It did happen i guess: Guys, im pretty Sure the Holocaust did happen. Or can any of you debunk Pose…[View]
293981050What happened to the Hippy scene In the US? Just ten years ago it was all About freedom, independenc…[View]
293978004What made you stop hating the jew, /pol/?: There are never jew-hate or merchant-threads here anymore…[View]
293978699Soros was actually the good guy, when will you apologize for demonizing him?[View]
293971252>You can't just hold an election, let people vote, count the votes, and then certify the res…[View]
293976041Well?: Which is it?[View]
293916105I'm the 25th Prophet in Israel: Thy Fellow servant of Jesus Christ. Before the Mods ban me, I …[View]
293960248Why do Europeans except Poles, Germans and Italians: Prefer to live in soul crushing big cities that…[View]
293981176Turkey General: Economy is up with 6.7% in the 3rd quarter, kikes seething and gold buying from the …[View]
293978912How many more weeks bros? 2 more? i just want trump in so we can give israel some more billions for …[View]
293978572White women love abortion: Stevie Nicks: Killing your babies is A-OK if it stands in the way of your…[View]
293980718>leftists seriously believe this man got 15 million more votes then Obama. >>>Leftists b…[View]
293980952Attack on Titan with german dub is the most nationalistic shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmYZ…[View]
293976747Arizona certifies Biden winner of 2020 election despite Trump challenges: https://www.rt.com/usa/508…[View]
293968300This is what happens when you try to groom a dog by it's balls: Did Biden try to molest a dog?…[View]
293980877One of my friends is from the US. She and her family moved here about 3 years ago but she has a hard…[View]
293979876>Pol: racemixing and breeding with other race is immoral and can lead to degeneracy >Reality: …[View]
293951401TRUMP WON: Say it with me. TRUMP WON.[View]
293980195Since we all know that white European's(esau) are the majority that do all the labor/innovation…[View]
293978145in b4 'that's just words and pictures and sensory data that's not EVIDENCE' and then when …[View]
293980320Discord Trannies: What percent like to fuck kids and what percent like to chop their dicks off? I ha…[View]
293980587No Nut November Finale: The time is almost up. Will you make it this year? Will you stay on no fap p…[View]
293980447Arizona Certifies Biden Win: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/arizona-certifies-biden-win_n_5fc53fc3c5…[View]
293974891Kneeling for Niggers: Why Do Libs and Leftists do this?? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK0XL-H…[View]
293978284music will heal everyone[View]
293977767>third place behind Kingdom and Kimetsu Wan Piss bro.... it's over.…[View]
293973255What do we do now?: I am going to transition into an 'object' with my pronouns 'it' and blend with B…[View]
293980197Blowout soon, fellow Anon.[View]
293979300Smith Mundt act 2012. Anyone know what the deal is with this? Does it allow false propaganda in our …[View]
293979059A woman is fighting for her life after she was ejected from a vehicle struck by a speeding car that …[View]
293969438When do we tell them?: It’s getting sad at this point.[View]
293978518ATTENTION SHILLS: REFUTE THIS: If you are genuinely interested in disproving the fraud and not just …[View]
293979211No Nut November master race reporting in.[View]
293973845I don't get the Pol Face Meme Explain[View]
293979676/Helicopterovermyhousegeneral/: Just two more weeks goys, trust the plan![View]
293977597Trump is currently amassing an army and all you have to do to be apart of it is just trust him, that…[View]
293978186Why were US election servers in Germany? Explain this bullshit, burgers.[View]
293969643Anyone else noticing that the Democrats are increasingly appealing to the authority of law to defend…[View]
293979492An article on Rromp.com brought up the question of 'how long before AI starts recommending genocide …[View]
293974298Muslims of /Pol/, redpill me on Ibadi Islam and the country of Oman: I've recently been taking …[View]
293977543Grandma got run over by a COVID: Grandma got run over by a COVID Coming to our house Christmas Eve Y…[View]
293978247not all heroes wear capes[View]
293979570Joe biden fail nuclear arms? What about korea, who in israel?? This is a test for bo ts. Also suck m…[View]
293979170So Much Wisdom on the Left: So I've been having sex with this tranny, and I've been watchi…[View]
293966076Which way, western man?[View]
293979167European languages are the most spoken family tree of language, the world - and it doesn't even…[View]
293976674Brit/pol/ - Inspector Norf Edition: >New Inspector Norf exposes fake refugee https://www.youtube.…[View]
293979179christ is king https://youtu.be/pW-cD3CgDQc[View]
293886245So when are Serbs finnaly going to exterminate A*banian rats poisoning their land?[View]
293978919Smartmatic in Venezuela, a brief history lesson, BBC edition: A US supplier of voting machines has a…[View]
293965216THE LEGISLATURE HAS SPOKEN!: THe Legislature is Favoring Giuliani's call to ARMS. The REPUBLIC …[View]
293973792Please pray for him.[View]
293978619For some reason /b/ didnt let me post lol: My dick is as long as a brand new Tic onderoga pencil. An…[View]
293975771/uc/ - Underclass Hate: I fucking hate the American Underclass. They are the problem with 95% of our…[View]
293978168The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293978493Why do dykey antifa bitches always start fights?: They show up to peaceful trump rallies, and instig…[View]
293964515Trans rights are human rights![View]
293973030He's right.: /pol/ must immediately apologize on behalf of the white community for the crimes t…[View]
293976504For many years I've been a person to not hate people for their sexual orientation, and I have d…[View]
293978151Who else is planning on having this as their wedding march? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH5_MAqn…[View]
293973646Why do /pol/ hate the Jews?: They are white, they are traditional and they are productive members of…[View]
293960210What is the most based state, and why?[View]
293969541IT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING THIS TIME PENGUINS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQG9FlXL_Fw PENGUINS ON…[View]
293937606Fear Control Matrix: -------I believe this board, and the entire western world is being farmed and c…[View]
293974436>put your guns, race, money and phony fake-ass messiah above your nation and fellow citizens >…[View]
293975215/R/equest that 'you wouldn't get it' image. Is an answer of a tweet questioning the urge that w…[View]
293977572Are china actually capitalists[View]
293977941>you can certify election results during an ongoing recount[View]
293975217its been fun shitposting with you lads but shows over trump is done and the meme's just aren…[View]
293974435I'm embarrassed: about my somewhat liberal views when I was young. I can only say that I was ke…[View]
293949096Better luck next time! Arizona is certified edition.[View]
293968481What the hell happened to this state?[View]
293967600WE'RE WINNING, BROS: How will Biden ever recover?[View]
293977628ALL ANONS MUST LISTEN TO THIS NOW: ALL ANONS MUST LISTEN TO THIS NOW https://archive.org/details/DrP…[View]
293977743When is Catalonia going to accept it is and always was part of Spain ?: /pol should remove the flag,…[View]
293964557Hey guys is Asia free of the globe homo?[View]
293977206Does /pol/ believe in ADHD? Are there any other anons out there that also have ADHD? Recent studies …[View]
293972533Its time to talk about toxic masculinity.Yall folks need to cool it with the sexism, racism, and cas…[View]
293977116dems do not believe in science by imposing mass lockdowns: Switzerland is emerging as a model for ho…[View]
293960113Gyerf/Damnation waiting room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWQz0R5z7Vg Video releases in an hour …[View]
293977227Blue Screen of Death[View]
293977125Never forget...:not all sects of Islam are equal. And you infidels decided to side with the most bac…[View]
293976611You're doing your part too, right? The democrats think Trump is done with now that the election…[View]
293976963These horrible pieces of shit are evil and ruined the Internet.[View]
293976690>Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me.…[View]
293975902>'Lobsters are psychic' What did he mean by this?[View]
293976660>hey britain i know we violated like every single arms treaty and non aggression pact we signed i…[View]
293976625found the 4chan aussie chad[View]
293972808I am never voting again.: It serves no purpose at all.[View]
293973991HAHAHA COPE HARDER CHUDS: Arizona certified their results! BTFO https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/30/polit…[View]
293972125Why can't pol accept the fact that as a black man we are almost always oppressed in every aspec…[View]
293976542Weaponized Autists, Ho!: Here is the entire Biden team for the White House. Your mission, should you…[View]
293974207NYTimes shit paper: Why is NYTimes treating biden like a god with stupid stories like this?...you le…[View]
293976487There is no such thing as a straight person of colour.: To be heterosexual is to be white-adjacent. …[View]
293975598What is the psychological difference between white europeans and east asians?: Do east asian people …[View]
293973732>Be you >5th grade sex ed >Teacher done explaining for the day >Passes around papers and…[View]
293962142Jim Jordan: Is he presidential material?[View]
293975782What part of the /us/ has the highest population of WHITE women with dark hair and darkish to medium…[View]
293975246Gay Swedish Politician Takes Leave After Ex-Partner Exposed as Paedophile: https://www.breitbart.com…[View]
293975670Tell Me He Isn't Going To Be The Kraken | MUST WATCH!!!: How is Michael Flynn not the Kraken af…[View]
293975284You can’t escape: >ywnab[View]
29397608914 days until the electoral college elects Joe Biden: I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING[View]
293964125What the FUCK is COVID-19: I don’t believe anyone anymore. This is a biological weapon isn’t it? ISN…[View]
293975569Too cold. Can't coom. How do I cope, bros.[View]
293945415Asteroid impacts cannot be prevented. Remember 10 yrs ago when they told us methods exists that can …[View]
293974364why does this scare ozcucks[View]
293962543Brit/pol/ - Lads Edition: >New Inspector Norf exposes fake refugee https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
293974534The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293937335I honestly hate no other country or people more than New Zealanders.: I have never once met a cool N…[View]
293975851I wish I could stop the slave ships: If there is one thing I could do if I could time travel, it wou…[View]
293966869Do women and incels have more in common than they think?[View]
293952645Does gay/tranny conversion therapy ever work?: Most results on Google immediately shoves propaganda …[View]
293975579Will the tranny issue eventually just solve itself? I mean, sooner or later all the children put on …[View]
293975455>All these desperate attempts to block audits and investigations If there's evidence of wide…[View]
293975522>Mr. Goldstein Defend this, chuds.[View]
293974743They're family people and Christian, why don't we just give free citizenship to them? Trum…[View]
293956233yep. it's over. this email is damning[View]
293975316Should some Uyghurs e considered white? They intermixed with Tocharians and some adopted many of the…[View]
293973997Why does the Post Office piss me off and infuriate me? Is it that there's old black women loite…[View]
293973920Why Marxism is Appealing — Thomas Sowell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoOH8Q5VAcI[View]
293975262Why is America still in Afghanistan?: Why are we still in Afghanistan? The only reason I can think o…[View]
293975235Globohomo art thread: >can't even draw the fist in the correct orientation…[View]
293972812Thank a California Farmer: They don't get to take a break and sit on their ass in winter. If it…[View]
293975212Our new hero /pol?: >Trump is a bad loser and his ego is bigger than the presidency >When will…[View]
293973942Why am I not suprised?: AZ Sec of state Responsible for counting votes. Literally has an ad for a So…[View]
293973990Which state would you like to live in?: Let's assume money is non issue.[View]
293957211What are politics in Sweden like?[View]
293973074Uh Guise why is there a flight from Frankfurt to and Army Air field then to guantanamo?: https://fli…[View]
293954749does anyone still use pic related? i wanted to get my mom a cheap HD flat panel for cyber monday but…[View]
293974553Would love to hear from frustrated dems who recognize the fraud: Certainly there must be some honest…[View]
293972774Let me remind all /pol/acks of the dangers of magical thinking. We have scarcely begun to climb from…[View]
293970249Trump Lost: #StopTheCope[View]
293974936/pbg/ - President Joe Biden General: PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN @joebiden https://twitter.com/joebiden http…[View]
293973449New Jersey bill would mandate school lessons on racism and social justice: New Jersey bill would man…[View]
293973197Kraken released!!!!!: https://youtu.be/iqHuTElRwmo Fuckin bidenbros should measure their own rope or…[View]
293974182Ajit Pai just announced his resignation. Giving Biden democratic control of FCC: Twitter, Facebook, …[View]
293972403Hey guys hows it going[View]
293974383Judge Reapproves Emergency Order Blocking Georgia From Wiping or Resetting Voting Machines: >Judg…[View]
293962953I hope your Thanksgiving was worth it, /pol/[View]
293965912>There is an episode of King of The Hill where Bill starts crossdressing >It's portrayed …[View]
293973976>Bro, I just got off the phone with Rudy, they still have cigars in sto- >BRO NO!!!!!!…[View]
293963651In an Ancap society, what exactly would prevent this? >Create merchant guild or monopoly >Si…[View]
293972590Remember when Biden had an AZ rally with no people: Back in October, Biden was due for a massive ral…[View]
293974275How will the state legislature in PA and other states convene when they are out of session and an em…[View]
293974285RELEASE THE KRAKEN: >We're going to release the KRAKEN >In just 2 more weeks! >Just do…[View]
293974260Political Fren Thread: Take a fren, leave a fren. Take a break from the election shitshow.[View]
293971023This is the REAL election outcome map: anyone has a guess how it will all end up? nobody knows for s…[View]
293973746Which one are you?[View]
293974173For many years I've been a person to not hate people for their sexual orientation, and I have d…[View]
293972330Has there ever been a bigger bunch of fags?: In terms of being cause for bullshit, these homos are u…[View]
293971053LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.youtub…[View]
293929293/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5069: ► Detected: 63,191,153(+131,586) ► Died: 1,467,390(+2,539) ► Day…[View]
293972099!!! 1.9 MILLION !!! INVALID VOTES !!!: Holy GOD DAMN shit, Rudy, you glorious son of bitch. I could …[View]
293973660What's he saying? inb4 'C'mon, man!'[View]
293964994/pol/ thoughts on this guy: I've been watching his channel for awhile for trying to see a bit o…[View]
293974026Is he right?[View]
293956995Breaking The Kike Conditioning: What do you think /pol/? Is there a way to break the masses out of t…[View]
293965360Why is the Left so Pathetic?: The Constant begging for the right to accept an obviously fraudulent e…[View]
293970694Please win[View]
293973949Have something to say?[View]
293968543Canadian teacher charged with rape: Should teachers who rape kids get the death penalty? https://ww…[View]
293968307Metapolitics: Metapolitics is the notion that before people even reach adolescence or step foot in a…[View]
293973931There’s always one Illuminati queer in the “know” who HAS to let everyone know that they knew first.…[View]
293967429This dude is using Benford’s Law in the Arizona hearing[View]
293972542CHUNGUS-19: fake & gay > all deaths are because you're too gay to survive PROVE ME WRONG…[View]
293973332REPARATION NOW JAPAN!: REPARATION NOW! https://youtu.be/G02u6sN_sRc[View]
293973056BREAKING NEWS: Hunter Biden just broke his pee pee while playing with his niece[View]
293967997Blasphemy by Trump fans: Why did Trump supporters built a cult of personality around Trump? I'm…[View]
293954161Reminder that /pol/ is a Pagan board: Polite reminder that /pol/ is a Pagan board. No Xristians are …[View]
293972489He's dictator just like Assad. Only reason CIA didn't intensify operations which would cre…[View]
293963932Can we have a countries tier list?[View]
293972529>Completely exposed Democrat's thirty year vote fraud ring in two weeks Tell me how this isn…[View]
293953995I feel like Boris Yeltsin, after seeing an American grocery store for the first time.[View]
293965571Whites refuse to reproduce without financial stability. It will never change.[View]
293972538Just one question. Niggers or Russians, who's worse? Translation from the picture, if anyone is…[View]
293962788Places that don't or no longer exists: How would you describe your ideal place to live? For me …[View]
293947873Why didn't the US ban tiktok?: -chinese spyware -borderline porn -unsafe for children -women ar…[View]
293968660SCOTUS WHEN?: Can anybody tell me when SCOTUS is going to consider voter fraud case? Has it been fil…[View]
293953032Pedos cont.: Cont. original thread. Why does the left support pedos? This is a question for leftists…[View]
293972569Hello: I want to start trolling on social media for fun, I like online debates and making others loo…[View]
293970043Clarence posting thread: Post your best Clarence memes Joe almost got away with it . . .[View]
293971472why didn't you listen[View]
293971649Just two more weeks until SCOTUS. It's over biden bros.[View]
293966588oh no no no NO NO NO AHHHHHHHHH[View]
293969951Post Your Flag Collection: Prove you're autistic enough for the ethnostate by posting your save…[View]
293953010I’m COVID positive. What do?: >Not a LARP Everyone in my house became ill over the weekend. I hav…[View]
293942708could a union between Hungary and Romania work?[View]
293960702Why are Koreans so left leaning ?: Everytime I hear anything about this country they seem to be wors…[View]
293963527Be honest guys - did the holocaust actually happen?[View]
293965710Vaush hate thread[View]
293971453GET THE FUCK IN HERE PT2: GLOWING FAGGOT KICKED IT OFF GET IN HERE https://youtu.be/rri6flxaXww…[View]
293961909Why don't you live in idaho[View]
293971670should you be allowed to beat your wife, /pol/?[View]
293970889Press F: What happened anons? Was it the kykes?[View]
293951196are nordics overrated as people? or in other words do they (try to) get way more credit than they ob…[View]
293960862>we will crash the global economy through bailouts after a second lockdown >We will institute…[View]
293972201Some Jews actually believe in the holocaust.[View]
293972306School is too dangerous for people to go to during the Coronavirus epidemic.[View]
293972122What will happen when he inevitably gets an infection in his foot?[View]
293971336BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN OF /POL/ Chocolate women saving the White race because our dicks are so irresi…[View]
293959995Why did fox turn on him? I mean, it is news[View]
293937619The top post on Reddit right now is a blatant falsehood. The out of pocket maximum for an insured in…[View]
293971935redpill me on landlords[View]
293972135REMINDER: Trump is just another puppet of the powerful. No real change Will be achieved until you gu…[View]
293938437Nanowire Mind Control Smart Grid: Nobody here has any idea what (((these rat bastards))) are actuall…[View]
293969644Trump/Biden no difference between them. Stop coping Trump-tards, it's just another politician. …[View]
293971905GET FUCKED BONGS[View]
293970748Why the fuck aren't Americans berning down cities?: Or at least having some protests? Plenty of…[View]
293966786Congratulations Mr. Anon: >We are delighted to offer you the position with the company, I’m going…[View]
293953563>DEUS VU-[View]
293971721Why didn’t Giuliani present any of this “hearing” evidence in court??: Is it because it’s all fake a…[View]
293969081Niggers, get READY!: AZ presser says we saw packets going to hamburg. if youre not a dumbfuck you kn…[View]
293971457How accurate is the 'Asiatic hordes' trope?: This is *not* an 'Are Russians white?' thread. I'm…[View]
293967886According to researches pagans have the highest rate of transgender adherences: What is the reason b…[View]
293969292Why are Russia like this?[View]
293964171When did you realize that forming a socialist workers republic akin to the Stalinist Soviet Union is…[View]
293955839Ethiopian Jews (who get gibs from the govt) are starting to nigger up in Israel Let's laugh at …[View]
293968750When did /pol/ realize our rightful ruler is a woman?[View]
293970553If you're not NEET you're not redpilled[View]
293947073What's the basis of Brussels claim that they should have access to UK waters to catch fish? htt…[View]
293970403The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293970840Facts have become a social construct because liberals are losers who only believe in BBC and CDC.[View]
293969694Already injured before day one. Will he really last four years?[View]
293971139Dementia and a Slut: Coming o a Republic near you, if you let them steal the vote.[View]
293964906Genius, industrious, cold hearted. He has ties to Sanger, the queen of killing niggers. All he does …[View]
293902613SIKH paedophile groomed and raped 12-year-old white girl in Banbury: Civnat eyes will water with pri…[View]
293956439Redpill me on World War 1: We have always been taught that the Serbs and Austrians started the war b…[View]
293959100JOEPEDO ABOUT TO GET BOOTED: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1333208073784201219 https://twitt…[View]
293966270Is Newsguard good for you?[View]
293936590oh no no no no[View]
293970599OBAMA, WHAT WE GON’ DO?![View]
293969837MILLION AR-15 PEACEFUL PROTEST: Jan 19-21 Washington DC. If the US military can't protect our r…[View]
293965881LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #4: LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.y…[View]
293967303WW2 never ended. We are still fighting it. Make sure you are doing your part.[View]
293969170I am now an incel-bolshevist, or incbol for short. Basically, coochie is distributed unevenly across…[View]
293969444My boomer aunt shared this on Facebook but now that I think about it the meme has a point. Why the f…[View]
293970586>frankfurt >hamburg is it just me or is the german governmant deep into voter fraud in america…[View]
293969286So Nazis just want to get rid of Obama, but keep Clinton, Biden, Trump? And Communists want to get r…[View]
293970161WE TREASURY NOW[View]
293967357140,000 people watching: HOLY FUCK BIDEN IS DONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfC2T7UpxkI…[View]
293970098ok give me your thoughts real quick anons. >housing for all. >food monthly with amounts based…[View]
293967569Made a thread in /lit/, but it's more related to /pol/, I think. So, I've been reading The…[View]
293967486You Will Never Be A Woman General /NWG/ - Five factors present at birth edition: Illustrations demon…[View]
293962758/pol/ Humor Thread: Moonman edition[View]
293961955What should young men be doing with their lives? It seems the majority are dopamine addicts who mast…[View]
293962626Trump Lost.: Trump Lost. Get over it. If Biden really did cheat then Trump would not have lost 33 co…[View]
293969531Welcome to National Socialism General, here we discuss the workings of National Socialism and its fu…[View]
293961572>t-the owner of the business is entitled to all profits b-because he took on the risk of starting…[View]
293969499Voter fraud Arizona Germany server seized? Biden 3.9 million absentee voter dominion. If dominion kr…[View]
293969201Based Trump State Department: Between this and 500 billion for niggers, only fraud could explain Tru…[View]
293961358Brain rot: Why are conservatives so retarded?[View]
293966738Hello /pol/ Would you guys be able to reccomend some books on politics and religion? Do you agree w…[View]
293966898Arizona just certified the election results despite attempts to halt the certification via courts. W…[View]
293968559what would you do to save the usa?[View]
293967285Hey I'm Rudy and this is proof of fraud!: As you can see here in exhibit A, fraud did happen. B…[View]
293964026Oh, but McConnell, Trump and Republicans had NO PROBLEM gifting huge corporations and billionaires a…[View]
293964664if rightwingers are so dumb then how come a college education is inversely correlated with voting de…[View]
293967236Who's the jabroni with the gun?: Watching AZ hearing live, who's the dude with the gun beh…[View]
293968555‘Apologize to the Afghan people’ demands China: https://www.rt.com/news/508189-china-australia-war-c…[View]
293968098So, how much you betting the dickless republicans lose both Senate races?[View]
293937754/polder/ Netherlands general: Voting for leader of FvD will be tonight. https://twitter.com/fvdemocr…[View]
293924457Finland Winter War: Today is the 81st anniversary of the Winter War starting. Pic related are Swedis…[View]
293968039If excessive heat makes people lose IQ points and the will to do anything other than fuck, then expl…[View]
293965498what're these parts of africa like, pol?[View]
293966865USS Liberty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ_eg-imPMk For being a 'politics' board you nigger lov…[View]
293944131Will you allow your future children unlimited access to smartphones and screens /pol/? Do you think …[View]
293961849I'm a HUGE Trump Supporter -- But -- I Think it's Time for Him to CONCEDE -- So We Can All…[View]
293957541GUILIANI IS EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: This hearing gives me hope that Trump has his ducks in a row. Gu…[View]
293964727AZ Hearing Boomers can’t into computers: Jesus Christ is this who is running the fucking states and …[View]
293965450How long are you faggots going to keep this up? It's getting really sad at this point; you…[View]
293967890Bill Clinton would be considered far right today let that sink in[View]
293963385Why do we communicate? To not be alone and we never are. Unity is the supreme truth from which all t…[View]
293884733Las Vegas massacre multiple shooters: Full auto burst. Not some old man with a bump stock. https://w…[View]
293962310'sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business' >yfw[View]
293936697GET THE FUCK IN HERE FAGGOTS: ARIZONA HEARING STARTING IN 5 MINUTES https://youtu.be/rri6flxaXww…[View]
293963640Why have trumps legal teams been unable to present a convincing argument for electoral fraud?[View]
293967704Think about how much more productive your life could be IF you just accepted Biden Won: Accept It yo…[View]
293920803Redpill me on her[View]
293967525trump listen up nigga your boys is not gonna fight for you they be some scared pussy ass white boys …[View]
293963343American hate thread: Sick of Americans thinking they are better but really just a bunch of mindless…[View]
293967067White people, including Jews, are all worthless and I hope they doe.[View]
293967428When did you realize that all your dreams had died?: I've been smoking four packs of cigarettes…[View]
293940222Be honest: Are you incel?[View]
293927979UH OH: This isn't going to turn out well[View]
293967111Jews behind everything: I always try my best redpilling normies on fb about current events etc, more…[View]
293943896has trump lost his mind? do winners really need to go around muttering 'i won' over and over again..…[View]
293964647Realistically, does anything that happens outside Europe matter?[View]
293939781Bitcoin just hit a new all time high: Why are you still a nocoiner, pol?[View]
293966845/po/ is Light Yagami: Think about it. This place colectively is smart. The Death note is meme magic …[View]
293966820The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293966811Is Kamala Descendent of Slaves of Slave Owners?: Goodbye Coke, hello milk! Prince George’s pushes he…[View]
293962799Anon would you want Biological Immortality?: Rather than taking Stem Cells from Bone Marrow you coul…[View]
293966993>biggest faggot on tiktok >is a christian…[View]
293955928THE MOAB WAS JUST DROPPED AT THE ARIZONA HEARING: The team that inspected the Dominion voting machin…[View]
293966153Why are the British people allowing their government to debate whether they should honor a referendu…[View]
293960613Are zoomers the last hope of the west or the last generation of the west?[View]
293946893Königsberg awareness thread: What even goes on here, and why is this place rarely talked about in ma…[View]
293951306Brit/pol/: >Ministers unveil next steps in England's farming policy England's countrysi…[View]
293953379Why do poor whites vote republican again?[View]
293962753Been doing this for around a week. Need some advice, how can I stop myself from thinking? Whenever I…[View]
293964860what's his fucking problem?[View]
293965210November 30 2020: I am forgotten.[View]
293962882Greatest President in the history of the USA.[View]
293960040here it is guys i found it, here is the map of evilness from this planet this region represents ever…[View]
293926025Why doesn't Trump care about this pandemic? Americans are fucking dying.[View]
293963699How do we deal with the Russian question?: >muttoid niggers of Eurasia >hated by everyone >…[View]
293965246Fag city council member in California caught sending nudes to underage boys.: https://www.ttownmedia…[View]
293965562Think the betting odds will go back up to 30+/1 for trump winning?: I like money but I like more mon…[View]
293962708Does /pol/ recycle?[View]
293953973>no social security, people literally go starving when they become unemployed >no public healt…[View]
29396578677th shill awareness thread: https://archive.is/1Em9L 1/3 >Army spies to take on antivax militant…[View]
293958428LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww https://www.youtub…[View]
293934577Why does Venus only 500 degrees warmer than earth but 250000 times CO2? Raise CO2 by 500 times only …[View]
293943120Australia rekt by China: >Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians by Australian soldiers. We strong…[View]
293965343Welcome to National Socialism General, here we discuss the workings of National Socialism and its fu…[View]
293957636>everybody is walking around like this Are we entering the beginning of dystopian times? Everythi…[View]
293959583Deplatform not only works, it killed the right's ability to meme[View]
293958595Why are Americans so bad at chocolate and sweets in general?[View]
293965293FYI: its not tequila, you are just an asshole: FYI tequila doesn't make you want to fight. Its …[View]
293965003Free from the jew: How do I move way from being a slave to cash? What are some investments that hold…[View]
293964267The American Bar Association needs to do their damn job and hold this man accountable.[View]
293960012Anti-shill pasta: FRAUD and irregularities: 1. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead,…[View]
293955562China's lunar probe is about to land: https://youtu.be/JCp30tjlKSc Let's all congratulate …[View]
293963072Why hasn’t Tiffany received the same plastic surgery as Ivanka?[View]
293963719The president is using Twitter to undermine American democracy, and he must be stopped[View]
293963938It says right here on Wikipedia that Khazar inbreeding is a conspiracy theor- Not so fast rodents![View]
293960660WHERE IS COOMER LADS!?[View]
293964373K Y S: Fuck jannies I will disclose the pedos, no negotiations.[View]
293964251Why are crack addicts so prone to like cuckoldry?: Guys why are leftists so prone to sucking cock, a…[View]
293962876the absolute state of sweden: imagine getting raped by this? sven and rasmus rather be raped and tor…[View]
293962994Anyone has the Death Note?: https://mobile.twitter.com/DivaLaci/status/1332844332198498305…[View]
293964585/pol/ posting will resume momentarily, but first a quick message from our sponsors[View]
293964534Pic related coming to a jew news station near you. very soon.[View]
293949788It boggles my mind that the left is unwilling to look at the blatant evidence of voter fraud. It…[View]
293964117Daily remainder that cucked pagans are not allowed into etnostate: so much identity, true European r…[View]
293963019Elephant armpits: How come coloured people armpits like this?[View]
293954846Why do you honestly think that your religion's god is the only true god?[View]
293962671US Banana Republic: USA has officially been downgraded to USB.[View]
293952581Tell Me He Isn't Going To Be The Kraken | MUST WATCH!!!: https://youtu.be/jE9INd3SIY0[View]
293958819Pol tier cuckbrain?: Do you: >hate the jews for their systemic oppression through a secret cabal …[View]
293963730Based media: Dark crystal, age of resistance Fire emblem 4; the genaology of the holy war > a gro…[View]
293960782DARTH VADER DIED FROM CORONAVIRUS: https://deadline.com/2020/11/david-prowse-darth-vader-covid-coron…[View]
293962602You where pro-Trump (YWPT): Get ready for Republican party collapse. Three terms congress does noth…[View]
293961122Dems would defend and vote for Bloom(((berg)) if he won nomination. Calling him lesser evil. While t…[View]
293963409Why did Sargon left the Sargon of Akkad brand?: Now he goes by Lotus Person something moniker which …[View]
293939056Leaf lockdown: What is the state of lockdown in Canada? Are things rolling out according to this lea…[View]
293935737Why are Asians so superior to Whites?[View]
293963778I'm Black...: Why im i so BASED?[View]
293961244Remoralization thread[View]
293948415Biden bro’s!!! I’m starting to feel great!!! Lets tell these Trumpbros what this is all about. https…[View]
293960197damn son wish we had video of that[View]
293946538So you're telling me this is a human being?[View]
293962826My attempt at a greentext to liven your day >be me >be visiting my brother at his uni >be r…[View]
293960424LITERALLY KIM JONG UN!: Seriously when did SK become such spineless cucks? Is it Kpop?[View]
293963393Why is traveling so fucking expensive??????? I'm not talking about what you waste on food, rent…[View]
293957889You know you're in a 3rd world country when you use this[View]
293960531i'm sorry but fascism and artificial evolution is the only way to go[View]
293949498/pbg/ - President Joe Biden General: PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN @joebiden https://twitter.com/joebiden http…[View]
293960804'Member when trannies were just freak show villains in horror movies?[View]
293963135We need to protect our seniors! NOW!!!: Why doesn't Ivanka step in and do something about this?…[View]
293961845>Biden didn't concede b-bros, I don't get it... are we still winning?…[View]
293961376Hometown Buffet Franchises Closing Permanently due Coronavirus Lockdowns: My local HB is gone. Jobs …[View]
293962174MILLION AR-15 PEACEFUL PROTEST: Jan 19-21 Washing DC Operation Protect the Republic Look, our US mil…[View]
293963099>tfw they are the baddies[View]
293960264>Trump has a cult of supporters. >'Vote Blue No Matter Who!' >'It doesnt matter if you dont…[View]
293962627Let's talk about it: Christianity - I see a lot of threads on this board so let's talk ser…[View]
293962942Thoughts on the political views of Boots Riley?[View]
293962909How did he btfo covid so quickly?[View]
293962683Womp womp: Why was the US military too weak to stop the Communist occupation of the USA? Or was it a…[View]
293958076Be patient, Patriots!:): Guys, don't worry! Only two more weeks! :) trust the process![View]
293946900ARIZONA FRAUD HEARINGS LIVE!: GET IN HERE! IT'S HAPPENING!!!! https://youtu.be/QfC2T7UpxkI >…[View]
293957876Red pill me on the Daily Stormer.[View]
293959609If he leaves office without trying to reverse the steal by force: Hes a coward.[View]
293961484This predicted the Yellow vests: What else did it predict?[View]
293949980Being a Tranny is the World's Biggest Cope: Imagine wanting to be a girl so bad that you litera…[View]
293962264What the FUCK??????!!!![View]
293961585>if you want done anything right, just go to money people what did he mean by this?…[View]
293959198What happened to taking matters into our own hands (in Minecraft)?: What happened to taking matters …[View]
2939619382,000,000 Flying China Men: Combine 10,000 HP Jet-Suits, Heavy Armor, Exoskeleton and a belt fed hea…[View]
293956442>you are visited by a wholesome Christmas loli blesses you anon[View]
293950448Her new movie Tom and Jerry is about Males Fighting Each other and a Woman Keeps Peace: When will ((…[View]
293958857Can only the elites afford good diets?[View]
293958793/GRG/ Great Reset General.: Last thread: >>293745684 https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/no…[View]
293944482us healthcare: is the us healthcare really that fucked up. i was thinking of moving to the us for a …[View]
293951906The US military is finished: https://www.goarmy.com/ranger/life-in-the-ranger-regiment/being-an-army…[View]
293959661Redpill me on the pedophile bill this guy passed?[View]
293949595WHY ARE NORMIES SO APATHETIC TOWARDS GOVERNMENT OVERREACH?: It’s only 3 weeks. It’s only 3 months. I…[View]
293962146Why did he do it?: Why did he do it?[View]
293962230RELEASING THE KRAKEN: Hello /pol/ I am a person who despises the system and corrupt officials to the…[View]
293952529The nightmare is over: This jackass never deserved the honor of this office. These 4 years weren…[View]
293955024What's their Endgame?[View]
293961492Yo I'm in Arizona rn and just got a video of the Trump legal team going into court[View]
293961943Welcome to National Socialism General, here we discuss the workings of National Socialism and its fu…[View]
293951748This is Germany 80 years after attacking Poland: It transformed from military worship into trannies …[View]
293959053When was the last time the president of the United States looked this ridiculous?![View]
293942788Trump wins a Pennsylvania election fraud case. Are you Demmies wet and dripping down right about now…[View]
293958873unpopular opinion about gays: why do people hate gay people so much, is it because they seem more fr…[View]
293949798Presidential Address incoming this week. Bend over Democrats.[View]
293957863For the first time since 2015, Herr Drumpftler is consistently losing followers. Bigly. https://doc…[View]
293940920Uhhh Biden Bro’s???? What did he mean by this??? https://mobile.twitter.com/LLinWood/status/13334145…[View]
293960899You have 10 seconds to prove to me Trump supporters aren't all in a cult[View]
293961362Why didn’t you listen: https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1333457355451879429?s=21[View]
293961357Why have they been such 'doomers' lately? I think America is on a dead set path to a rightwing renai…[View]
293960730ITT we name our countries 2 greatest exports: USA: >guns >degeneracy…[View]
293952886How are you holding up, /pol/? Have you moved on to acceptance yet? If not, you may want to consider…[View]
293961212Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election: >Have a sit sir >Do you make …[View]
293959705I am just saying, I would let her lecture me about not voting for the green new deal.[View]
293938345I want to get into nazi ideology but i'm very ignorant about it other than cool fashion and awe…[View]
293955730Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander got droned in Syria https://twitter.com/hxhassan/status/13334…[View]
293956675Governments around the world printing money at an exponential rate. Every world government is talkin…[View]
293935497Wholesome Hitler gifs/webms: Let's go on a feels trip boys Post 'em[View]
293959350Government: >Govern - to make and implement public policy and affairs of the state >Ment - the…[View]
293960751Potential Biden Appointee for Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality not wearing a mask: https:/…[View]
293960350Joe Biden's Stutter: Did Biden ever actually stutter? If he did, then why didn't anyone ev…[View]
293943693Our Prime Minister with the book The Great Reset in his desk. But get vaccinated people, it's a…[View]
293959027When Trump's victory will be officially announced??: Is there any deadline or something?[View]
293960667They got us didn’t they?: Fuck (((they))) got us good convincing us we should allow women to vote an…[View]
293960196What do you think of this?[View]
293959156So... Communists want to kill international bankers and kings, and Nazis want to kill little girls h…[View]
293960475https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsaFBNvhceA&list=RDD0fGEwgT4b0&index=8 >And I heard a lou…[View]
293946470Britbongs why do you allow Sikhs to carry daggers?: Aren’t knifes illegal in the UK why do you allow…[View]
293938155Hello fags I require Jewish Twitter redpills: Send me all your jewish twitter redpills please gentle…[View]
293958823What will r/politics say about the voter fraud evidence reported by today's hearing?[View]
293958476>600,000 illegal spics and felons voted in Arizona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww…[View]
293959381sorry im white: sorry im white sorry im white sorry im white sorry im white sorry im white[View]
293953578Do women in your church wear veils?[View]
293958143Let's be perfectly upfront here. ANY legitimate evidence Trump's team provides will be thr…[View]
293952290Pol Approved Countries: I'm sick of this dark freezing depressing shithole. Any pol approved co…[View]
293940940No more bashing trannies on /pol/, Norwegians: https://archive.is/1cjOY[View]
293960238and then everyone clapped[View]
293956365This is the future. If you refuse to let your child transition, they will be taken from you.[View]
293926481What's the cope gonna be after January 20th?[View]
293956023Why cant we just send every nuke over there and kill every last one of them? Its better than letting…[View]
293959983Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election: >not going gentle into that good…[View]
293956735anon name revealed?: They showed the anon name on live hearing. #arizonahearing[View]
293949079/pol/ humor thread[View]
293921148/GAG/ - Globohomo Art General Black Edition: >What is /GAG/? This is a thread dedicated to the cr…[View]
293954607Boston Massacre: is the Boston Massacre Patriot Propaganda?[View]
293931108HAPPENING: GEORGIA RECOUNT NOT DONE CORRECTLY: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1333410418…[View]
293959545COPE: when are you maga retards gonna stop with the obscure conspiracy theories. you aren't gon…[View]
293959412When will the /ptg/ cope end?: Place your bets boys! Will be be: 1. The certification of December 6t…[View]
293929309does statistical proof hold water?: any law anons know about this shit? can you walk into a court ro…[View]
293957879Joe’s Psychic Dog Feet: 1) articles appear about Biden’s blue dog socks 2) articles appear about Psy…[View]
293946658Oh look, 11 months into the pandemic (officially) and we are still all here. No deads on the streets…[View]
293958499HOW FUCKED AM I?: be me mid thirties wife , two kids got recruited to glow applied some 30 days …[View]
293958738>be burger >pay 100 dollars for health insurance a month instead of 10 dollars in taxes >ge…[View]
293959310Niggers can’t be bas-[View]
293948309Black Nationalist Question: If you are truly proud and a dignified people than why do you still choo…[View]
293959169JK is not based, she's a feminist, anti white, and engages in a lot of woke shit, right? She ha…[View]
293956823Modern art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5DqmTtCPiQ Modern art is the future you sexless incel …[View]
293959373https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1333464453778706433?s=20 What's wrong there big guy,…[View]
293919614We're probably all fucked: Many /pol/ anons seem to think they have outsmarted the powers that …[View]
293957352Is he the new Ron Paul?[View]
293957206LMAO Epic Christian prank HAHAHA LOL[View]
293956732What do you think about eco-fascism /pol/? Seems to me it’s the Future of the White race, we can onl…[View]
293958817Do you guys remember this? What ever happend?https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D7lPCNrSrUI[View]
293959141YOU ARE A FAGGOT: you talk like one > STOP TALKING LIKE AN ABSOLUTE FAGGOT Your communication is …[View]
293958906Trump will win this election but only if you enter the code RUDY20. That is Rudy Two Zero.[View]
293946729Can everyone please stop coping for one fucking second?: It’s time to face the truth: Trump lost. T…[View]
293954239Why is the media so incessant in pointing out that Biden broke his leg WHILE PLAYING WITH HIS DOG MA…[View]
293949869How did this bitch get on Trump's legal team?: She's a bimbo[View]
293958169Rate my setting: I decided to make a weird london setting in the future dnd session and I thought i…[View]
293945135Why do indians unironically believe they're superior to everyone else?[View]
293952806It should be legal to punch ugly people in the face[View]
293954620Q MENTIONED IN AZ HEARINGS: ‘Q snatch’ used to record login credentials and passwords for the Smartm…[View]
293958661When did you learn that Jews are a thing?: I haven't even heard the word Jew until I was 9. Bef…[View]
293949170Why do you hate black people?: Black people don't >control your media, education, finance, p…[View]
293935957Amerisharts be like >this but unironically[View]
29395241633 33 33: I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes![View]
293944958Can we trust Lin Wood or is he LARPing after defeat?: Can we trust this nigga? Does he not understan…[View]
293958464Gretchen Whitmer's new COVID-19 strategy?[View]
293957387What's the most based country?: >justify your claim[View]
293956969Does anyone else laugh their ass off every time they see this?[View]
293956341email being read at the hearing[View]
293951604>G-guys Biden won by like 80 Million voterinos! This has to be fraud right? There's no way e…[View]
293957953Lin Wood has spoken thus[View]
293957940Need help guys: I can't find copium anywhere. People are hoarding it more than toliet paper. I …[View]
293952487What's /pol/'s favorite anime and why is it JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?: https://www.yo…[View]
293955925Anon men of 2022 - you must choose one: 1) transition to gay smoothly via porn escalation - hetero, …[View]
293955304This guys is a walking Whitepill dispenser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_lWsOC7C4w https://www.…[View]
293955676Do you think any world leaders ever called him nigger in private?[View]
293958001It's over[View]
293941925RACISTS HAVE LOW IQ: Why can't you racists get even your own symbols correct? LMAO[View]
293938429What is the true IQ of Chinese and Jews?: Official sources rule that it is respectively 105 and 110.…[View]
293954347Why do blacks not trust the vaccine?[View]
293952281LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING #2: >>293944675 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww …[View]
293933597Can canada even be salvaged at this point?[View]
293957780What will happen if Trump decides to occupy the White House?: Who's going to kick him out? Poli…[View]
293956020I want trump to win in court but with the amount of effort they are putting into this coup and the a…[View]
2939569081. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead, many swing states stopped counting ballots.…[View]
293952057You guys? This was sent to everyone in my firm globally.: What is happening[View]
293957421/pol/ How did it come to this? What did we do?[View]
293957160What the FUCK is his problem??[View]
293931376Japan succumbed to multiculturalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G02u6sN_sRc This ad aims to get…[View]
293956038QSNEED: hurry shill get a talking point[View]
293952669GHISLANE AUTISTS GET IN HERE: So WHY is this guy taking pics of Ghislane? I suspect taking pics of i…[View]
293953905Discussion: Did the nazi human experimentation take place?: Harsh truth or Jewish trick?[View]
293952836Are you ready to just sit and wait?: Yeah, it's what has been happening relentlessly for the la…[View]
293956683THEY HAVE EVIDENCE: INSIDE EVIDENCE!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww[View]
293955124Why did this fall apart?[View]
293955593Are white people inferior to Jews?: It's a proven fact that Jews excel in all fields like acade…[View]
293955084Clarence posting time: Post your favorite Clarence/Biden memes. I need an infusion.[View]
293930784Your New Press Secretary: Say something nice about her. I think I'm in love with her.[View]
293956399Redpill me on what happened to Spain after he died: Ive lived in Spain and cant understand why nothi…[View]
293939280Has the military or some banker funded group mapped DMT?: Have they mapped the inter dimensional dem…[View]
293933352Pedos: Is there really a left-wing push to normalize pedophilia? Or is a right-wing conspiracy? htt…[View]
293951198hitler was a dumb kike: killed 10s of millions of whites. worst person EVER> change my mind…[View]
293956282Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rri6flxaXww&feat…[View]
293953702Phoenix rally live stream: https://dlive.tv/nickjfuentes Nick speaking in front of a huge crowd. 100…[View]
293952175Memory Hole: Rudy and Chinaman said there was CP on Hunters laptop. Were they larping or is the FBI …[View]
293956034When did you realize rightism is a CIA psyops?[View]
293951480Georgians. What do you think about them?: >Christian (Orthodox) >White >A lot of people lik…[View]
293951819Wait, Stop !: The Great Reset happened. Year : Ano Lucis 0 ( a.k.a 2030) Nation/Region : New World O…[View]
293951289>was able to motivate people in his living room enough to follow him into the mountains and sacri…[View]
293931019Got this book recommended to me, any other interesting literature I should be aware of?[View]
293955827HE LITERALLY DID NOTHING WRONG: As far as I know there was nothing about Major in Hunter Biden'…[View]
293942859Explain this: How come you faggots lose your shit when the Chinese eat dogs? You fat fucks eat beef …[View]
293955746Why is Ukraine so criminal? I was told here that it is safe to be in white countries[View]
293953929Today I met a MAGApede boomer who...: supports the Iraq war and loves Israel. Literally how? I thoug…[View]
293952395Kate Middleton's frequently used emojis are girls holding hands, cucumbers and gagging.: What d…[View]
293953820WTF, why is GeorgeTown sending my grad application information to facebook?[View]
2939555482021...I am forgotten.[View]
293919772Why do leftists hate incels so much: If you think about it an incel is the ultimate proletariat. Th…[View]
293954975AMERICA LMAO: You had your election stolen by an actual real life, living, breathing, COOMER A COOME…[View]
293951823Why are Christcucks like this?: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/police…[View]
293955387How does /pol/ feel about the jews that fought, bled and died for Germany in World War One?[View]
293955216>Hey, you know that global pandemic? Let’s use it as an opportunity to make people eat bugs and s…[View]
293955200YOU ARE ALL SICK: You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no…[View]
293934366BLACK LIVES MA--[View]
293955187Redpill me on the jews influence today and back at the good old times (1930-1940). - What is typical…[View]
293951932i'm starting to think total technocratic fascism where everyone is genetically modified into be…[View]
293954727ARYANDIED when?: Please, ANGLOS, we don't deserve otherwise. >Be Hans >be 11 y/o >grow…[View]
293953779>Trump himself said it likely wont make it to SCOTUS This isn't what a confident man sounds …[View]
293952166>Massive pandemic >Everyone has less money >Family members refusing to come down for Christ…[View]
293941773Joe Biden calls for European Americans to become MINORITY in United States: By now it has been docum…[View]
2939543689.5% Rejected[View]
293950055What's the deal with the left and hatred toward the idea of complying with the police? The left…[View]
293928846If you believe him, you are beyond helping. Even if you thought he was doing this for you, he's…[View]
293934364so what exactly went wrong? >difficulty: no copeQtards[View]
293951510What's the real reason America's education system is so bad?: Even ex-commie slavshits see…[View]
293952985What would they be doing if they were alive nowadays as 18yos? Would they be here on /pol/ or not?[View]
293949874>Biden >barely even rallied >lost the last debate. >wasn't even the most popular de…[View]
293950465Albanians and Bosnians are the biggest Chads there is: Prove me wrong >Protip you can't (You…[View]
293927191What are yours, /pol?[View]
293952978Why is the right-wing full of pussies and LARPers?[View]
293953917*ahem*: hello anon, come in, pull up a seat. can i get you some nice christmas snacks? https://www.y…[View]
293954277A democratic-socialist lifted today.: Have you?[View]
293954471ring ring: you got a call for you trannoids.[View]
293954233Canadian military are moving up and down the East coast of Newfoundland the last few days.[View]
293941347Redpilled Anti-Lockdown March in Toronto: https://youtu.be/3unoutIWa4g[View]
293951574Would he be an Antifa supporter today?[View]
293954395FAIL BRITANNIA! Britannia drools in waves!: What they stole from you, The Pub Edition >>https…[View]
293954100Why was Aryan superman Adolf Hitler so afraid of little girl Anne Fronk?[View]
293943700Regarding the 'monolith': Did anyone else notice the reptilian face right next to it? They consider …[View]
293938123(((Media))) pushing another dumb meme, or is it real?: How's it possible that throughout the hi…[View]
293951490You bitches won't do it: How are you guys going to start a revolution if yall won't even s…[View]
293944281Do Macron larping as Roman emperor?: >a hige fan of Napoleon >pursues a rather authoritarian p…[View]
293953385The Convention Option: As of right now, Republicans are in control of 32/50 state legislatures. 34/…[View]
293947027Political e-celebs: What's with /pol/'s reddit-tier hatejerk for political e-celebs?…[View]
293943004These are the kind of people keeping us in lockdowns.[View]
293950243Welp, dystopia is here[View]
293953310Three more weeks[View]
293921197I fucking LOVE the real Europe and I am not ashamed to admit it.[View]
293944541Pedes, I just realized, if Biden does cancel student debt, what happens to all that debt??: Does the…[View]
293952995The 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden[View]
293943912CBC shilling against Great Reset awakening: Show called 'Frontburner' goes full out against Great Re…[View]
293944961Bitcoin - psy-op?: How does it fall into the Great Reset/NWO narrative?[View]
293953269The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
2939477444chan May I give you a few pointers?: May I give you a few pointers? Let's start with this one…[View]
293937191The left is winning precisely because they are willing to burn things to the ground.[View]
293937198Eric Trump isn't the brightest spark, is he?[View]
293948636He's about to summon the antichrist with Neuralink isn't he?[View]
293939166If EU is so shit why wont Hungary and Poland just leave like UK did?[View]
293943584Can we make jake paul the new face of the far right?[View]
293951610OPERATION DEFEND THE PRESIDENT: MILLION AR-15 PEACEFUL PROTEST to surround the Whitehouse and defend…[View]
293949878/NSG/ NATIONAL - SOCIALIST - GENERAL: Art and design edition, post your works here[View]
293950999Black man here ... Everything is your fault: You blame it on other races You all are the faggots You…[View]
293944508GET IN BROS: LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election https://www.youtu…[View]
293946692Is it true that Joe broke his ankle kicking his dog?: Well /pol/? Is this rumor true?[View]
293952380AI waifus: Sexdoll so realistic it's mistaken for kpop celeb Are you afraid jannies?[View]
293949899Oscar Lee Guerra: Oscar Lee Guerra https://youtu.be/mhlZXExgNxo[View]
293952353Nigger Hate Thread: Post your best of the essence of Niggerdom[View]
293945064If a bank robber holds onto stolen money for 20 years, do they own it? Dumb cunt. It blows my mind t…[View]
293952320Thoughts on primitive transhumanism?: We are already seeing pic related to a lesser extent with the …[View]
293946920JESUS IS KING: Prayer before the hearing in az such grace such beauty such humility god bless you mu…[View]
293948601Is Angry Goy II safe to download? This game looks pretty fun however I’m wary that it might be a fed…[View]
293940691Is chadfishing a good thing?: Is it necessary to save Western civilization? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
293930216New General Flynn Interview: He confirms the reason they stopped vote tallying in the middle of the …[View]
293949559PRESIDENT PENCE GENERAL /ppg/: Say something nice about 46[View]
293933356Science is gay: And so are you for believing in it. The ingrained political 'Space Future' narrative…[View]
293939842Brit/pol/ - That Smile Edition: >THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bChDftBFEo https:…[View]
293946280You can use mRNA vaccines to create an auto-immune response within the brain, cell death og neurons …[View]
293927497How fucked such a country would be?[View]
293951514get the fuck in here faggots: how do we get specific groups to leave the US forever? maybe get that …[View]
293946503RACIST WH*TOID INCEL KILLS BLACK QUEEN https://abc7news.com/nia-wilson-stabbing-bart-john-lee-cowell…[View]
293944675LIVE: ARIZONA LEGISLATURE HEARING: Starts at 11AM EST. Stream links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
293949624MSNBC is the new CNN: Look at these fuckers go. Holy fucking shit. Why do 1.6 million people watch F…[View]
293943056I will never concede[View]
293950298Three Of France's Whitest Citizens Playing Traditional French Music https://youtu.be/RFjRJmGYrC…[View]
293946592>120,000 ballots magically appear for Biden, all from Milwaukee County, instantly erasing Trump’s…[View]
293950600HA HA HA HA HA HA: If you say this is not a human being you're a racist[View]
293948771Why do they all look alike?: Probably why they do so much business with Bidens, because they fuck th…[View]
293934355New England: New Englanders report in, all six states report in during this crisis. >NH…[View]
293935417Damn bio holes BTFO[View]
293945701Why do /pol/acks hate everyone who isn't a millionaire or a billionaire?[View]
293949188Why did working class Trump supporters vote to: -Raise their own taxes -Slash taxes on the rich/corp…[View]
293948158It is not Christ who destroys you it is Lucifer, it is not Christ who is anything, primed to strike.…[View]
293948256You can use mRNA vaccines to create an auto-immune response within the brain, cell death of neurons …[View]
293948508'broke his leg playing with his dog': yea ok....definitely didn't fall down some stairs because…[View]
293950710SSPX: The Society Of Saint Pious X are actual practicing Catholic’s. They are called “traditional”, …[View]
293950687Niggers: All I see is 'Black Family deals with Racism' or 'Why black people are 'insert bullshit' th…[View]
293948031Will t*rkboi's Lose to the KVRD BVLL?[View]
293950658The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293909379I created the perfect map: After months of study of world history I realized the best borders one ca…[View]
293946852https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgkKl9QLn5w This video is why I will not send my kids to public scho…[View]
293946722Yellen as Treasury Secretary should NOT BE A SURPRISE!!!!: Look into the history of US Treasury Secr…[View]
293950519Does anyone else constantly think about “muh BBC” “BLACKED” “BIG BLACK DOINKIE DONG” etc all the tim…[View]
293949030/Po/ is Light Yagami: Think about it. This place colectively is smart. The Death note is meme magic …[View]
293950451Freemason Rothschild agent. Grey eminence of 3rd reich.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQIoJ3P9jsw…[View]
293950421dear shaqavious and friends: you are assholes. you are racist. you are stupid and you are small. its…[View]
293944587You walk through the park and you see him sitting there ... what would you do?[View]
293949934Which is it: Would cheating, against the single biggest vote turn-out in American history, a true la…[View]
293937457Why did Putin abandon Trump? Why didn't he help him win the 2020 election like he did in 2016?[View]
293949573There can be no positive political change in this country until we put the fat fucking OBESE RETARDS…[View]
293944354This is what liberals get mad about[View]
293937738what's most cucked country in europe? pic related but not indicating i think it's germany,…[View]
293944735inb4 tranny whats the news on PA? state rep is saying too late for them to elect their own electors …[View]
293943546Christianity hate thread[View]
293940959MAJOR MAJOR HAPPENING!!!!!: REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server F…[View]
293925950If Trump is a good president, then why wasn't he elected for a second term? This is the first t…[View]
293947762Were there any new 2029 anon LARPs? I've enjoyed them very much and would like to read some mor…[View]
293946017Why do right wing atheists not have large families? Religious right wingers like EMJ (5 kids) always…[View]
293949544Tell Me He Isn't Going To Be The Kraken | MUST WATCH!!!: https://youtu.be/jE9INd3SIY0[View]
293940492>Durr hurr the election was stolen: Explain this Trumptards, if there really is solid evidence fo…[View]
293942851Hybrid Vigor: Is Hybrid Vigor a real thing? I've noticed its push so hard by women and media an…[View]
293945716If right wing terrorists were such a problem, Kemp would be dead (no, not kidnapped)[View]
293930600Why evolution made female humans crazy?: - female dogs and cats do not act crazy So at what point in…[View]
293948308Literally everything amazon has on sale for Cyber Monday is a clandestine surveillance device. Why d…[View]
293939633Nazis want to kill the poor, and Communists want to kill the rich. Is that the gist of it?[View]
293918544Self-driving cars that sell KFC: Your days are numbered, wagie[View]
293943284Georgia Fag here.... Republicans are saying they need to control the Senate. The same Republicans th…[View]
293949206SUBMIT, GOY: > Get a 4-year degree > Develop marketable skills > Get a career in corporate …[View]
293949145How does your country remove communists? This is how we did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ki…[View]
293947643Reminder shills, I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me Pee pee poo poo[View]
293944230One scoop for the loser Biden: Trump won. It must be so depressing at shill hq.[View]
293946798Are you frustrated by the low effort shit threads? Try my one simple trick to identify them: they us…[View]
293947053What did China mean by this?[View]
293935339You fucking retards pulled the Overton window too far right: It’s going to slingshot back left becau…[View]
293937556Worried Femanons? MGTOW Doll Weddings: It's over feminists. MGTOW have replaced you. And are ma…[View]
293945765BTC hits all-time high. He told you to sell in 2017: Said it was a 'fad' Said only currencies backed…[View]
293948073Any White person that engages in 'who's White nation is more cucked' arguments is not pro-White…[View]
293947985is he delusional ?[View]
293907839Biden concession thread.: Hours away, you guys comfy?[View]
293941594Give me a scientific proof that different human races exist. inb4 a photo of a fat Aboriginee next t…[View]
293946022If America was nuked into oblivion today, what would the west be like in 50 years?[View]
293946373First GAY kiss in a Marvel movie between a black and an arab: coming to theaters in november 2021…[View]
293947038~ ~ L O V E ~ ~: H O W C A N W E L E A R N T O L O V E T H E J E W ?[View]
293945008How do the dutch feel having a argensimian mutt as queen?: Bowing on a third world mutt kek[View]
293942379Why did Youtube take down this video when it reached 10 million views? Is freedom of speech only for…[View]
293946261what was he THINKING: >panders to the non-existent black voter >loses ground with all Asian-Am…[View]
293938105Would you become a cop, anon?[View]
293903982Australia thread: We're fucked Ausbros. Between systematic government corruption, increasing po…[View]
2939383642 weeks notice: Should employees be required to give a 2 weeks notice if they plan on quitting a job…[View]
293947239You haven't done 1000 pushups yet today anon? Drop and give me 50.[View]
293940576Is Kevin MacDonald worth reading, or is it verbose bullshit rambling?[View]
293944497OPERATION DEFEND THE PRESIDENT: MILLION AR-15 PEACEFUL PROTEST to surround the Whitehouse and defend…[View]
293947216Hotep Jesus: He’s /ourguy/ https://twitter.com/hotepjesus/status/1333428245161775107?s=21…[View]
293944066Attention 77th niggers: I have a message to you, all worthless glowniggers of 77th Brigade: Your shi…[View]
293945781Thoughts on China?[View]
293945720Name a bigger placebo[View]
293946127Why is making friends so hard?[View]
293943524>No evidence >No evidence of widespread fraud >Trump offers no new evidence I fucking hate …[View]
293947011This seems a bit outdated. Can anyone find an updated tally?[View]
293942039When did so many men become simps? And what can be done about it? This story is a prime example. I d…[View]
293939054Why don’t Muslims get it? It’s not about your faith, Europeans don’t like you for being BROWN. If al…[View]
293916198Why are these muslims so based?: Every arguments this muslim skeptic guy made is very convincing com…[View]
293942042American Silver Eagles: eternally political: 'No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver …[View]
293934964>NOOO JOBS ARE BAD!!![View]
293942339Blue Tim Pool: Shit's not right, i felt something sink in my stomach. Timeline shift? Tim pool …[View]
293943192Inside information on how how his ankle was broken:: I know people are going to say LARP but this is…[View]
293939370Hey any keynsian here?: NOT FUCKING SELLING NOT NOW NOT AT 20K NOT AT 50K NOT AT 100K NOT AT 300K NO…[View]
293945990He Will End Private Prisions!: A great step towards social justice. Nobody should be held captive fo…[View]
293946160I used to be a hardcore leftist until I realized that these people seemed constantly miserable. Now …[View]
293939490Road = Decolonised: https://twitter.com/priyaatwal/status/1331933243726237698 https://www.aljazeera.…[View]
293941883https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Four_(banking) I just went throught this list and barely any of th…[View]
293942259Linn Wood has been banned on Twitterino!: If it was over, they wouldn't have the expedited need…[View]
293945685White Iranians are hated by the Jew, this is why they want to destroy them and will use their Zog pu…[View]
293945674>The genocide of the white race? Not only I believe it, but I fully support it.…[View]
293937714We were blessed to live through the golden age of humanity: 90s and 00s, the dawn of the Internet, w…[View]
293932772Why do they all look like this?: What draws the dregs of society into ANTIFA?[View]
293940012The whole tiny desk thing: Looks like a stage set[View]
293945541Why do you hate communism /pol/? What's wrong with equality, government jobs only, bread lines …[View]
293942307>just two more weeks make sure to donate![View]
293938107What does /pol/ think of Dave Rubin?[View]
293928810UK uni students call for banning the word ‘black’ as a negative adjective: >The university recent…[View]
293929212Opinions on violence and conflict?: Me, I started to realize that not picking up a weapon or neglect…[View]
293927953Yakuza vs Black thugs: If Yakuza and black thugs would fight to control a neighborhood, who would wi…[View]
293939132Jew is asshole Why /pol/ hate?[View]
293938533Evidence of fraud: So the trannies are programmed to repeat 'there is no evidence of election fraud'…[View]
293944993The Survival of the White Race: White genes will diminish to tracer amounts with each passing mutt g…[View]
293944577if only you knew how bad black people really arr: you mutts have no idea how bad niggers really are.…[View]
293943589Civic nationalism FAIL: Sargon may be a cuck who dances around the JQ & white genocide, but he h…[View]
293939864Can you get it without any letters?[View]
293930437HAPPENING: ARIZONA STATE LEGISLATURE HEARING IN 50 MINUTES: Another show like PA BOYS, give Giuliani…[View]
293944683Hobbes describes his state of nature procedure as to “return once again to the natural state and to …[View]
293911147Trump: NATO is obsolete: Now I know how Hitler came into power.[View]
293940478Give me one reason we arabs shouldn't side with china: Why would I side with the western fucker…[View]
293942590can we get a good chain going boys: N[View]
293930076NO CREASES IN BALLOTS: >no evidence you keep saying that but i don't think you know what th…[View]
293944576The entire West is California clay. God has ordained Californians with the task of Californication o…[View]
293938960End Aid to Israel.: Military aid to Israel is unnecessary, a diplomatic liability, a threat to our n…[View]
293936927Free gibz WiFi: Why hasn’t the government fixed laws around WiFi? It seems wide open on a “business”…[View]
293935293How do you break THIS bone specifically?[View]
293944326so many of you get so unbelievably triggered on here and it's funny[View]
293941011BREAKING NEWS: New Mexico SHUTS DOWN Grocery Stores: And of course, no one does anything but move aw…[View]
293939538Johns Hopkins University retracts from a data analysis showing COVID death percentages are a lie: Ve…[View]
293938133Why do niggers make up the majority of the LGBTQ and trans population in the US? https://williamsins…[View]
293942720Seriously, what is your issue with Mexicans? Most immigrants don't commit crimes because they w…[View]
293943762The beta bucks alpha fucks archetype has a scientific name known as the sexy son hypothesis: Liberal…[View]
293943147I'm black and Im not evil I actually believe white lives matter[View]
293944124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bot9c55xcEc Elephant goes to white people after being shot by Black …[View]
293933789Flynn 10/10 confident Trump will win: B-biden bros? I don't feel so good... https://www.worldvi…[View]
293943846REFUSE THE VAX: SPREAD THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUr_VYuy_WM[View]
293943685'White' sus.[View]
293943661Here's one for all the trannys: I met her in a club down in old Soho Where you drink champagne …[View]
293942310Australia is gonna get chink’d: Will the Biden government even care about Australia picking a fight …[View]
293917532You are running out of time to prepare.: Days? Weeks at most. How are you going to resist the vaccin…[View]
293937570why do vegans want their food to look like meat? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8906083…[View]
293942718>media is absurdly biased to the point of tearing the country to pieces >lets make more partis…[View]
293935777The General wants to know where this is: >Well frens, do we? https://parler.com/post/ef7494d1712e…[View]
293938815Freemason Rothschild agent. Grey eminence of 3rd reich.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nad6lTWCHFo…[View]
293897813REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Sei…[View]
293902040It's not a vaccine so why are highly educated people calling it a vaccine?: Why are they callin…[View]
293942782Your job requires you get the vaccine: What do you do?[View]
293939897Well? Would you, /pol/?[View]
293931045Did anyone actually vote for this retard? Pro-immigration and anti-tariff? And doesn't even try…[View]
293942170>was able to motivate people in his living room enough to follow him into the mountains and sacri…[View]
293942396>Bored >Decide to download reddit >Go to front page and see a video of a black person chim…[View]
293942109No kill: I'm looking for a funny way to get rid of my roommate and I knew myself said that her …[View]
293921365In 2005 a black boy was murdered with an axe by white British racists.: Say his name /pol/. https://…[View]
293916783HAPPENING: GEORGIA DESTROYING DOMINION MACHINES: https://mobile.twitter.com/kylenabecker/status/1333…[View]
293942277Why are old republicans such cucks?[View]
293941859Some Europeans describe to me a physical sensation of pain that occurs when people say something the…[View]
293939918OPERATION DEFEND THE PRESIDENT: MILLION AR-15 PEACEFUL PROTEST to defend the legally elected preside…[View]
293926764Brit/pol/: >Ministers unveil next steps in England's farming policy England's countrysi…[View]
293927551Flynn effect reversal, political implications - LIONS MANE EDITION: For the first time, kids born ar…[View]
293941742lmao he was not even protestant, but a 100% catholic BVLL. how do varglets cope with that? and with …[View]
293941980Why has humanity departed from holiness and now is embracing foolishness? Could it be caused by the …[View]
293924735The missing link between Gates and Covid: Here is the thing /pol/, lets talk about facts fact1: Covi…[View]
293935896We're going to need more zoos[View]
293939437You guys are too low IQ: You dont see whats inherently wrong with a bankloan credit. You say you don…[View]
293926034You do own land, right /pol/? Private property is on its way out, the only way to resist what is com…[View]
293941442Why are balkans such white niggers? what's wrong with them?[View]
293941784Why are americans so scared of antifa and rather see them burn cities and still get their demands me…[View]
293941548/pol/ humor thread[View]
293941620How did the drug war even begin? Every Major religion has some psychoactive plant involved historica…[View]
293941705lol: Sometimes I pity the women, negroes and other such primitive humanoids that populate this plane…[View]
293941403Is he /ourdog/ ?[View]
293936163/pol/ webm thread[View]
293927249Why do they take it personally?: Why do blacks in America take any act done against another black pe…[View]
293924769Why are African Americans so weird?: Is it the mutt genes that brings out the crazy in them?[View]
293940528Will he run for President in 2024?[View]
293941477The Century of Conservatism: Soon your sons and daughters will join the ranks of the Conservative mo…[View]
293941435I know it's hard to process information now, but objectively speaking, are we grasping at straw…[View]
293940227This is what America looked like in 1984. Thoughts?[View]
293923978There's seriously something wrong with Jews: Why are they even considered Homo sapiens?[View]
293937523Democrats suck at rigging: How the fuck do you give Ohio and Florida to Trump but magically take the…[View]
293915450I never thought about it like that[View]
293933574Black Restaurant Owner Has Enough With Niggers: 'Black' twitter cancels him for not confor…[View]
293940415What would Trump do if he gets a second term that justifies /pol/ sucking him off so much? Did he sa…[View]
293941245UK to get Vaccine Passport Stamps: Original article is from the Telegraph, but those fags have a pay…[View]
293937539Anyone have any depictions of the prophet muhammad?[View]
293939333>be American >go to Wal-Mart >there are no fatcarts >have to walk a mile down the potato…[View]
293908420Ezra's New Twitter Account: @TheSecondPhase[View]
293941131Ay yo bang bang cant breathoo[View]
293934958Why was he the best President we ever had?[View]
293941024Would you have rathered Ashley's leaks over Hunter's?[View]
293924338Kenosha Kid: How is he the only one to take on commies like that?[View]
293923150CHINA IS TERRIFIED OF AUSTRALIA!!!!: Hold on....*PFFFFFTTTT.....wait... i can do this.... *Pfffffftt…[View]
293939869PRESIDENT ELECT JOE BIDEN @joebiden https://twitter.com/joebiden https://joebiden.com/ https://www.w…[View]
293926833So is that kraken about ready to get released, or do we still got another couple weeks?[View]
293931919Don't do it: Refuse the vaccine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUr_VYuy_WM[View]
293940822What to do after you have done it all?: Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone. What t…[View]
293939357BIDEN WON: BIDEN WON[View]
293937209Serbian speaker of parliament tells Macedonians Bulgarians want to do more fascist crimes: >bulga…[View]
293940324Social Distancing Is Important: >be me, look like celebrity >in line at trader joes >treati…[View]
293914547>The meme that started ww3: I mean honestly..... We all knew it would be Australia that caused it…[View]
293940065Welcome to 2030 /Pol/: ' Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, 'our city'.…[View]
293937074Look /pol/, you might be upset that Trump lost, but you got to think of it in a better light. Trump …[View]
293938884Go get your vaccines idiots hahahahahahaha: Rich fag here. The governments are deliberately screwing…[View]
293921069Slide threads all over. Why isnt this on top? This could be their next step.[View]
293926503The shills are still out there.: Don't let your guard down pol, the biden army is still out the…[View]
293939552Kraken Released?: What does this mean now that he's pardoned. https://youtu.be/jE9INd3SIY0…[View]
293930883Why didn’t you listen?[View]
293939980You feel it too, don't you?: Something is shifting. No suffering is in vain. I can feel the fir…[View]
293939655Should it be illegal to use the phrase 'Happy Hollidays'?: If so, what should the punishment be?…[View]
293935837The Final Redpill:: Jews are right about goyim.[View]
293935638Moderna vaccine 100% effective at not giving you serious Covid, if you get it. So 95% chance of not …[View]
293938020Steven Crowder stream 10am EST: Omg he's so hott[View]
293929367Trump won the election.[View]
293939494What to do about the fudd problem?: What are some actionable plausible steps to fixing the grabbers …[View]
293929648HAPPENING: TRUMP FIGHTING FOR ALL OF US; YOU AND ME: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1333…[View]
293937891hello brothers. anyone feel like executing commies today?[View]
293937839Third Cousins Have the Most Viable Offspring.: It's not about racism. It's about being bot…[View]
293931687The world is a stage: Are you enjoying the show?[View]
293933188Has anyone here ever fractured their foot while playing with their dog?[View]
293937322How beautiful is our Germany... https://streamable.com/oeq3cl[View]
293939442>this kills the wignat siege faggot[View]
293914605Trans women are real women, deal with it you disgusting bigots!: Trans women are real women and ther…[View]
293935427who did you vote for anons?: for the first time in 25 years i voted Democrats. i used to vote Republ…[View]
293928803Democrats vs Evolution: Why do Democrats claim to believe in evolution yet they believe you can chan…[View]
293935930Why do poor whites vote against their own economic interests to give billionaires tax cuts?[View]
293937843Memes aside: Can anyone give one reason why a civilian would need an AR-15? I’ll wait. https://www.n…[View]
293916047/pol/ humor thread: Meme magic only please, no sneed https://youtu.be/bSM-TMH5Jzg[View]
293937349Masks: Wear a mask indoors goy.[View]
293938585>China is a paper tiger at war >Fucks over Aussies and poos >Both poos and Aussies fuck ove…[View]
293901558The political climate of the last 5 years or so has truly radicalized me. I hate my political oppone…[View]
293933245New African MP for New Zealand: I think we ought to show our love for him /pol/[View]
293938659To all calling Spaniards, Portuguese and Sicilians shitskins. This is what the Moor rulers looked li…[View]
293937534Will home ownership be feasible for young people ever again? >inb4 move to Gary, IN…[View]
293929052why are britbongs such weak crying bitches? you controlled the world at one point. show some damn di…[View]
293932398My New Lover: I had sex with this tranny and watched its Youtube channel. Wrong about everything, bu…[View]
293912172/pol/ absolutely BTFO[View]
293932573Don't fall for it retards: What happened in 2016? All of a sudden every newsoutlet and general …[View]
293932844See now /pol/ this is a patriot. https://youtu.be/MGeAmhJOxY8[View]
293936002How can we stop crimes in predominantly black communities?[View]
293907789This thread proved election fraud.: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/290974817 Mods had to take …[View]
293929067Germany is the whitest country in western europe: Seethe[View]
293937476Fronald Fronald Drumpity Drampft Migatards seething, what's to be done? Gronald Gronald Floom…[View]
293938202Would you?: For all the gay, bi, or just pervert folks here, would you have sex with Alber Fish if h…[View]
293936987different subspecies of human?: This always bothered me. In animals we see different species that lo…[View]
293930354why won't you take the vaccine you fucking retards? inb4 muh mRNA, dna altering vaccine: ok giv…[View]
293932637Just a reminder, you have to do more than just rant on pol. Have white babies. Raise them to be pro …[View]
293936857Well, /pol/?: https://abc7.com/education/12-year-old-genius-boy-accepted-at-georgia-tech/8226507/ Wh…[View]
293933817/srg/ - SEMEN RETENTION GENERAL - Ancient Energy Edition: This general is dedicated to discussing se…[View]
293934747Is it over?[View]
293937870Australia vs. China: This is why Americans are letting black people burn things in the streets while…[View]
293937856MFW /pol/ was too busy reading tabloids and watching Trump lose to buy bitcoin: /pol.: da gubment is…[View]
293931040Anyone read this 234 pages of affidavits yet?: https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/7487/3.%20E…[View]
293935489What's the reason people are living for besides not dying?[View]
293935680This is your kike-free Pagan ethnostate: Enjoy[View]
293937180ARIZONA HEARINGS: https://youtu.be/rri6flxaXww[View]
293937588What's with all the drama when we are so insignificant we can't even colonize our own sola…[View]
293934705low IQ: OMAGAD 100%? That vaccine is amazing. I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! above average IQ: Hey you ever…[View]
293921991Is he the worst president in the history of USA?[View]
293936960Lawyers, bankers and business owners are the backbone of this country.[View]
29393720510k Student Loan Forgiveness: Looks like most of ya'll won't be winning much from Biden…[View]
293936413Rare photos and videos of mass shootings: Let's start with pulse nightclub CCTV and phone foota…[View]
293937237Why don't liberals support electoral college?: I don't get it. Liberals advocate for equal…[View]
293904119TRUMP WON: Say it with me. TRUMP WON.[View]
293935073Do Women get better at Politics as they get Older?: Explain anon[View]
293937006Red pill me on the “clown pill”[View]
293934150Meet Your New CIA Head: Darrell Blocker: To all nazis, incels, white supremacists and racists this i…[View]
293936538>if you aren't in absolutely perfect condition you need to skip out on work >but if you s…[View]
293932455How can Trump even compete?: >two terms >won popular vote twice >athletic physique >lovi…[View]
293932222Alright /pol, you have exactly 10 seconds to explain to me why a 1/10 ugly worthless man shouldnt be…[View]
293936762When do americans stop being cuckolds for a country of a few million people? Israel literally steals…[View]
293928712Joe Biden Boot and Dog comms concession speech: Get in here before YouTube bans this!!! >CHN >…[View]
293923214Moving to Russia: America is getting to be more and more of a shithole. I know the world in general …[View]
293931486The server raid sounds unlikely but if this happened, and silencers were used so no one even knew wh…[View]
293925929We all know there's only one real winner from this election: Remember me my dear children of ch…[View]
293935898Liberalism is a mental disorder.[View]
293936396Prediction thread: What do you think the next 5-10 years will look like anon?[View]
293936441Jan 2029 political overview: Archived threads: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/293531269/#2935…[View]
293936401Time for Jews to burn coal: How do we encourage Jewish women to be impregnated by Black men?[View]
293927555Does /pol/ love or hate Shapiro? I'm not sure.[View]
293929669Hahaha the Biden transition team just posted this about Joe spraining his ankle. This is the sort of…[View]
293933085Will you resist the vaccine, anon? It's not like you're going to have children anyway[View]
293935496He's going to be the next Alex Jones isn't he[View]
293936026France: As a French, what am I supposed to do with younes? help me /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
293936143Voter ID required: If people can't get an ID, they can't vote. And no, it doesn't dis…[View]
293934338>BIG WHITE ANGLO BANTERS getting triggered over a fucking cartoon LMAO it is as if everyone becam…[View]
293935357Why is reddit so full of faggots?: Pic related.[View]
293931274Is Josef Fritzl based and redpilled?: He had a daughter and rather than let other men use her as a f…[View]
293935984What are they hiding: https://www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-…[View]
293929058Why dont we have obligatory gore in abortion clinics?: seems to work with smoking.[View]
293935262The way Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden during his campaign was beyond evil, it turned so many Ameri…[View]
293928713To my German brothers I love you all, when are you taking your country back from the Jews? Also do y…[View]
293922401White man arrested for rape.: Notice how /pol/ is silent. If he was a swarthy man with a beard named…[View]
293926125/pol/ humour thread *average /pol/chad edition*[View]
293921917Take the Debtmaxx Pill: why haven't you taken the DEBTMAXXX pill? want to own a house? easy. ju…[View]
293934204Turkey won’t exist in 20 years. Not only are you being demographically replaced by Kurds in the east…[View]
293928036The jewish man is always one step ahead[View]
293933175How come if I say anything negative at all to any person then they automatically think I'm an a…[View]
293931418Antifa shitheads trying to fight cops in Denver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyduEIV1neU&fea…[View]
293935498>we should continue fracking and coal mining so idiots without college degrees can have jobs…[View]
293913841Who were the Sea People that caused the Bronze Age collapse?: Greeks? Turks? Jews?[View]
293934671Subbed for a couple years. He makes good content. Is this pro antifa dog whistle? https://m.youtube…[View]
293935274Blocks your devil down in Georgia: Nothing personal, satan. Your army of discord trannys will NEVER…[View]
293897068French burn down their Rothschild central bank: France finally grew some balls and went and burned d…[View]
293928456He actually would have been a decent president.[View]
293932997So when can we stop this mask shit. Spring?[View]
293933504A lot of people are saying you are now reading this thread in my voice. It’s the greatest cadence, i…[View]
293935136Hello fellow women.: Hi incel here, I just wanted to let you all know that I tried to transition to …[View]
293899317BREAKING NEWS: New Mexico SHUTS DOWN Grocery Stores: How are people going to eat? https://www.youtub…[View]
293934146Okay /pol/.... the year is 2080. We are making a history textbook and need 1 picture to sum up the T…[View]
293934903DOW now brown cow: Week starts in free fall[View]
293934715Adolf Hitler was fucking trash: No matter how much you may want to deny, but it is because, first an…[View]
293915201>Leftists don't own gun- Are you sure about that, /pol/? The truth is, most leftists in the …[View]
293934721Soon!!!: In 2021 the Gay Invasion will be complete. Once we takeover these boards. All of you incels…[View]
293934662Good morning, discord trannys!: Seriously though... Answer the man's question. What do you sa…[View]
293933461>America breaks apart under Biden >China spergs out and attack Taiwan, India, Russia and Aussi…[View]
293919270Assuming a tranny doesn't insist on people using certain pronouns, doesn't get genital sur…[View]
293933747W-why is he winking?[View]
293933966Whats on your Christmas list?: I want to get a bible. Whats the best most digestible version to get?…[View]
293929813from unbiased standpoint, when, if ever, do you see china topping the states as a superpower? their …[View]
293927466McCain and Q: Does anyone have the post about McCain and dogs? That shit is pretty interesting in l…[View]
293934410Freemason Rothschild agent. Grey eminence of 3rd reich.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nad6lTWCHFo…[View]
293934375Do we need more bad guys?: >be me, entering store >Put your mask on goy >No. Why the fuck w…[View]
293929764So this is how it begins. No USA as our ally. Europe and Russia on team communism. Just Australia an…[View]
293931565Why are women like this? https://washingtoncitypaper.com/article/180939/am-i-welcome-in-a-gay-space/…[View]
293933334It's possible to go back? or we are done: 'Went back home again This sucks gotta pack up and le…[View]
293922316How bout that capitalism eh?[View]
293922574Any White person that engages in 'who's White nation is more cucked' arguments is not pro-White…[View]
293933441Excuse me gentlemen. I have an announcement of utmost importance to make![View]
293923625Why do you hate Jews?[View]
293932780>California is still counting votes[View]
293904241/rsg/ Richard Spencer General: Fellow Democrats, get in here. It's Monday, November 30, 2020, a…[View]
293933379So someone with more knowledge on this enlighten me on how this type of fraud could be avoided. Let…[View]
293930686Of all the groups on the planet Earth, I hate the boomers most of all.[View]
293931403Now that the dust has settled, what did you get from him other than tax cuts for billionnaires and d…[View]
293931057The Whig Party: Can someone explain to me the ideology of these people and why they went the way of …[View]
293928321Remember Kobi Brian[View]
293929752What the fuck they were thinking?[View]
293875279/pol/ is always right[View]
293920865is China going to cause WW3?: what does Pol think about the coming world war against China. China wi…[View]
293933452Corona Virus: > I hope the lockdown become permenant I really hope this becomes that case, cause …[View]
293930628Tell Me He Isn't Going To Be The Kraken | MUST WATCH!!!: https://youtu.be/jE9INd3SIY0[View]
293922492For what reason would the Supreme Court rule that the election results must stand without any audits…[View]
293932161The deep state sent a message to Biden: You either do what we say. Or else. https://thehill.com/home…[View]
293932284We laugh at america[View]
293933181The number 23 in media: Hello fellow numerologists at /pol/ I have seen the number 23 many times in …[View]
293926266COVID convulsions...what happened to them?: Remember all those videos coming out of China of people …[View]
293929894Explain this marxists: So The bourgeoisie owns the means of production, and the proletariat are the …[View]
293923735wtf?: so i saw this meme today in social media, and these people say, yeah even if we can find a vac…[View]
293933007Let's talk about LOYALTY. Loyalty to your tribe, your nation, your family or your sports team. …[View]
293930208Does leftism create or attract retards?[View]
293915023Remember when 74 year old Trump caught COVID-19 and was cured in 48 hours and literally nothing happ…[View]
293916857Server raid Germany:German response: I have spoken to someone with a background in dealing with inte…[View]
293932853I don't think the Left realizes this, but they are actually arguing that Trump is the single mo…[View]
293932943Original File date 11/04: Stay Tuned[View]
293918579Is tik tok used by the Chinese for nefarious reasons: Also look at pic related HAHAHA[View]
293921743respirator masks (n95/ffp2/ffp3) on amazon: guys, i want to buy masks for me and my family, its impo…[View]
293924327Why doesn't Trump do like Putin and just hire (((someone))) to kill Joe?[View]
293932784How come if I say anything negative at all to any person then they automatically think I'm an a…[View]
293926929Why did the Trump movement attract so many internet grifters?: Milo, Fuentes, Pool, etc. People who …[View]
293930228What is the government hiding from us about this? https://youtu.be/Vpqffgak7To[View]
293918983OH NO NO NO: You will now be arrested for speaking against trannies IN PRIVATE. https://www.zerohedg…[View]
29392096499%: Wear the mask you selfish bigot. Wear the mask to protect others *farttttttttt* Hmm that whiff …[View]
293928597How many people will the vaccine kill or maim for life?: Make your bets, boys. I'm gonna go wi…[View]
293932182Does anyone else worry China might have a dark side?[View]
293932436Is this album relevant to the political landscape: How much is this album relevant to the current po…[View]
293932384What really happened?: He died but why? What's pols explanation? The news is pushing his memory…[View]
293930329Neoliberalism has destroyed the west: Neoliberalism >Hyper-individuality >FIRE based economy …[View]
293913897>Makes the Western world seethe because they threaten the West's worldwide economic and cult…[View]
293921124I hate this motherfucking grifting nigger[View]
293931434BREATH NO JUTSU[View]
293886147Canada to take 1 million immigrants: This county with 37.59 million people has to take 1 million peo…[View]
293929890whats with all these fake German flags making bait posts?: stop it, we see right through you[View]
293927203We need a new Hitler, this is our last chance: This is obvious, but never has this idea intrigued me…[View]
293927362You and your family[View]
293926249Diversity Awards: Ffs, here's the latest Italian invention. Diversity Awards. All kinds of fagg…[View]
293931112The Future is Female: And there's not a damn thing you misogynists can do to stop these absolut…[View]
293931846this is really just some globalist waiting on superman op so people that would be motivated to chang…[View]
293929383How to make a dog respect me as a man?: That post is for dog faggots who know about dogs. My friend …[View]
293930549Just get a vasectomy. Being childfree is awesome. I have plenty of time to play my ps5. 40% of men n…[View]
293930965Biden may have been involved in a conspiracy against the United States to conceal information from t…[View]
293929059Where did 'white supremacy' come from?: Similar to the phrase 'white privilege' and 'white fragility…[View]
293930258For those awash in anxiety and alienation, who feel that everything is spinning out of control, cons…[View]
293931192577569087: 577569087- what happened?[View]
293931285The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293931251Shilling in a NATSOC board for free wasting valuable time instead of using that time to find a job. …[View]
293931228>be bruce >bans anime and hentai stuff because muh child exploitation >aus gov did pic rela…[View]
293929440Rudy was a bit too comfortable in drag, don't you think?[View]
293930748!!!URGENT!!!2020 ELECTION NUMBERS DONT ADD UP!!!URGENT!!!: California voter turnout 2016-58% Califor…[View]
293923487CONTESTED ELECTION: > A number of news outlets have declared Biden the winner of the 2020 preside…[View]
293905196/pol/ humor thread[View]
293929642Have you guys noticed how shills are only posting nonstop during work hours? How pathetic can you be…[View]
293920303When will things go back to normal?[View]
293914449The media managed to subvert our democracy. This is it. We lived to see as clear as day what the med…[View]
293927130German Nazis And Regret: I have seen the “ich bereue nichts” (i don't regret anything) neo nazi…[View]
293912740Why are anglos and only anglos so anti china?[View]
293929434It's over https://twitter.com/GeraldoRivera/status/1333407140564889601 https://twitter.com/Gera…[View]
293927796What’s next for his career?: Realistically I mean. No he’s not going to be president, and no, he’s n…[View]
293930480The devil may care.: Basically one big piece of shit scam. I do not trust any of them, left right fu…[View]
293930341Benis: :DDDDDDDDDDDDD[View]
293930555Tell me about pre-2017 /pol/: A /pol/ which I only barely know from the archives.[View]
293930563Hologram Joe: This is a photoshop right? Remember when they had a hologram give his speech on electi…[View]
293893828They Published a Study on the Merchant Meme: TOPKEK A Quantitative Approach to Understanding Online …[View]
293906359Hungary thread: Palinka, paprika, Orban[View]
293926214alternative social media that isn't a honeypot: https://trumpit.chat/page/view-post?id=173 Chec…[View]
293919809smallplox first case scenario in africa stay alert bois this is gon be lit[View]
293923102>be me >16 year old Yoruba tribeswoman Amifone Ukwunkwuwu >hear white man will come and in…[View]
293915451Unironically, why can't you just accept that your healthcare, school system and social security…[View]
293930212'Metapolitics or Why They Censor.': Because they know most people arent rational and 'choose…[View]
293922271This is your new president /pol/. Say something nice to him.[View]
293930132what if he’s right?: the guy has been telling me for the last 2 months that the nigger loving kikes …[View]
293923959Wait, I thought Donald Trump was the only reason Americans were dying of COVID? Is he somehow killin…[View]
293930126Communism has fail everywhere its been tried but it is a beast that won't die. Has anyone ever …[View]
293913068GET IN HERE!!! Orban is redpilling again: Sounds like Hungary has no reason to stay in the EU >ht…[View]
293927789Jon Voight lost it?: How can this old sack of shit say the Left are the EVIL ones? Angelia's li…[View]
293910339Black kid goes to college at age 12: He's gonna work for NASA or SpaceX. What have you achieved…[View]
293929873I miss him bros[View]
293925616>tfw muslim parents mutilated my dick >tfw i will never have a foreskin why is this allowed in…[View]
293911919Brit/pol/: more trees, meadows and wetlands *Edition: >Ministers unveil next steps in England…[View]
293925700If they made you snort the vaccine: Would you take the vaccine if you had to snort it, rather than h…[View]
293917248who did you vote for anons?: for the first time in 25 years i voted Democrats. i used to vote Republ…[View]
293929445Listen folks, here's the deal We cheat the Orange man[View]
293925699Jade Helm: What was Jade Helm for?[View]
293928688On the trees, instead of leaves, Communists will be hanging[View]
293923369native americans: what does /pol/ think about native Americans?[View]
293924197>trump didn't start any wars during his reign >is called a warmonger >trump made black…[View]
293921921Joe Biden fucks kids. We ALL know that. Even people who deny it, they ALL know that. What does it sa…[View]
293928625BOYCOTT GEORGIA RUNOFFS: GA anons this election is absolutely a shitfest our country is being humili…[View]
293923245Im An intellectual who studied ancient literature, philosophy, history and art history and Im far ri…[View]
293929094Fit to be president?[View]
293927824We are in Plato's Cave: Trump's in on it. Joe is in on it. Hillary Bill Bush It never ends…[View]
293923476nu-pol will unironically defend this[View]
293913470I miss my homeland: I live in Germany since my grandparents moved here to rebuild the country after …[View]
293916948Just how BASED is Bulgaria?[View]
293928511I dunno about y'all: Anyone ever notice that despite all the tough talk, americans are all just…[View]
293928781So, not only /pol/ but /mu/ is censored as well?: Posts not showing up, being flagged as 'spam…[View]
293928797Where can I find a link to Pennsylvania filing: Looking for a link to the pdf of all the exhibits…[View]
293928773Day 1: No Justice No Shit: I am starting, today, my road to justice via fecal protest. I will NOT po…[View]
293928670Tomorrow you wake up in the Maia Sandu body.: Your actions? Will you start World War III as Presiden…[View]
293926440What’s up, chuds? Biden Chixxx here. The real reason you incels are so buttmad Biden won is because …[View]
293926522How will you join the civil war?: When the beginning of the civil war is announced, what in your nei…[View]
293922364America is a failed state: prove me wrong >protip; you can't…[View]
2939263462020 /pol/ meme of the year: Fetanyl Floyd is the meme of the year[View]
293927486Why is Australia doing this?[View]
293921582Biden is a gift from God[View]
293926540>Hm, today I will vote Libertarian[View]
293917267Go ahead and TRY to name a more elite strike force. I'll wait[View]
293886609Nate Robinson hate on Twitter: I have done a lot of muay thai and generally the guy that has practic…[View]
293875766/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5068: ► Detected: 63,072,475(+13,119) ► Died: 1,465,181(+336) ► Day: 3…[View]
293924265Will democrats have any house seats left at this rate?: If you have a full republican senate and hou…[View]
293926779FUCK NIGGERS: I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.[View]
293926183The Dream: Hello my dear /pol/acks. I come to you with shame and nothing else. I'm a NEET from …[View]
293918564>mfw someone unironically believes the holohoax actually happened near me…[View]
293911746A new 'vaccine', which installs specific behaviour modification program: Goys. What do you think, co…[View]
293927502The Rapture is not in the bible: Fat fuck knows that the evangelical bible was written in the 1800…[View]
293927691Why haven't we elected a down syndrome President?: >Happy >Upbeat >Always positive …[View]
293927645eAt tHe rIcH: Holy shit I just reminded myself of that shitty gritty meme commies were trying to pus…[View]
293914730Soviet Socialism was bad, but it's existence and the fear it caused in capitalist governments w…[View]
293919938Bulgaria has the big gay fite me fags[View]
293924630Why are they always like this, /pol/?: Is it a political and ethnic supremacist movement masqueradin…[View]
293926507Jannies: What is their endgame? Why do they do it for free? What are the political implications of j…[View]
293921876JIDF was shut down: Last year the JIDF wikipedia page was edited to say that JIDF 'was' an organizat…[View]
293920567>China bad and uses state propaganda to mislead it's citizens >I know this because the AB…[View]
293926943Are Pajeets the most based posters on 4chan?[View]
293925204Oh Canada! Conservatives eager to jumpstart immigration: The Conservative (!) Premier of a province …[View]
293910405Russia is not white: >Junior Eurovision Song Contest >Why yes, Russians are people of color, h…[View]
293924351The three responses to shills in this board: You will never be a woman Trump Won Voter Fraud It…[View]
293880777WE'RE FUCKING WINNING: >Kraken confirmed unleashed by 305th Military Intelligence Battalion …[View]
293913165Reported COVID-19 Deaths ‘Almost Exactly Equal To’ Total Decrease In Deaths By All Other Causes http…[View]
293924867Why do niggers exist?[View]
293926630HEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHE GIVE UP GOYIM https://vocaroo.com/[View]
293921957What if he become the UK's PM?[View]
293926453Sincere Questions i have: First, why all the personal hatred towards Trump? I`d wager most people do…[View]
293908473>one shot at life >stuck in whitenigger land why even live?…[View]
293895070Depopulation Agenda - JUST RELAX: I have a VIP source and I'm just going to tell you right now …[View]
293922587What is it going to take to remove social security in its entirety? This shit is going to ruin us.[View]
293924148The current Nordic superiority is purely economic, it is due to the renouncement of morals and the a…[View]
293917664Trans women are men: We all know the truth. They are men and never will be women.[View]
293923847Are nazbols pro or anti-jew?[View]
293913212Genesis 2:18 The LORD God also said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make for him a …[View]
293885892COVID-19 is just the fl----[View]
293925846A new hope (how an Iran war could be beneficial to our cause): After some pondering I think that I m…[View]
293922479There was no reason for him to put so much weight on Geroge floyd[View]
293925182Memory Hole: Wut was this?[View]
293922715NIGERIAN MASSACRE GTFIH: Scores are dead after armed men on motorcycles gruesomely attacked agricult…[View]
293918951Redpill me on sleep: I get 8 hours of sleep, but I've noticed if I to sleep at 2am or 3am I wak…[View]
293919416okay, nazi[View]
293919033Getting Nervous?: It's okay. You've been lied to for decades just like everyone else. Time…[View]
293922906Derek Chauvin has been released from Prison: How come antifa haven't found him yet?[View]
293923468Germans look like THAT?[View]
293903440Why do right-wingers not believe in science?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja2HCdQpLXY Just watch…[View]
293917088Why do you deny the Holocaust?[View]
293922544this dumb bitch better not extend the lockdown[View]
293916035Oh you say something is happening: yet there are no decloaked TR-3Bs in the sky? Going back to hiber…[View]
293924831JOETARD: This is now the OFFICIAL word for anyone who is shilling for Biden.[View]
293911566ITT we laugh at zoomers[View]
293920504Macedonia: .[View]
293911682All artists are progressives: Right-wingers cannot produce art, only crude memes and caricatures. Me…[View]
293918274Fukuoka police officer dismissed after arrest for pimping teen girls at orgies: Uh oh! That's a…[View]
293924499Will Germany return to be nazi before its too late? What about the rest of europe?[View]
293919783why is this board full of americans and their 2 party system, its getting fucking boring, can we blo…[View]
293914361RedpillMediaTV.com QOTD: “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”: What do you think of…[View]
293923145Politics of Dating in 2025: I have a prediction on race relations and how it will shape the dating l…[View]
293924141Are leftist the worst Americans in history?[View]
293923926MSM are scaring the fuck out if people: >constantly saying that coronavirus is about to kill mill…[View]
293922708/pol/ 2016 >facts don't care about your feelings /pol/ 2020 >reality is a jewish conspira…[View]
293923684Where can I still vote for trump to win the 2020 election. Asking for a Fren.[View]
293922541My plan to redpill normies: I am going to eat a bunch of dried apricots, walk into a store and pass …[View]
293919798Why this fucking bear so popular: panda is a failed specie, yet will never extinct now. CCP even use…[View]
293912491IQ Tests: Should IQ tests be mandatory? Should IQ decide whether or not someone can reproduce? Shoul…[View]
293915919I believe that Finnish, Hungarian, Turkic, Mongolian, Japanese and other non-Indo-European peoples s…[View]
293921886General Perna: 'All of America must receive vaccine within 24 hours.': https://www.bitchute.com/vide…[View]
293898789>cigarette prices are ever increasing to ridiculous levels >theres literally gore on every pac…[View]
293923506System is rigged anyway. Do not vote for Rinos in Georgia! They turn away from Trump, we turn away f…[View]
293920826America is over: So here we are. One of two things is gonna happen: Biden is inaugurated. He then im…[View]
293918885Wanna Take Back America?: My plan is we liberate leftist states and take back America's democra…[View]
293923349woopsie! sorry we need more time to alter... count the votes[View]
293923376Every single 'individualist' hater, is part of the Epstein baby rape cult: Change my mind pro-tip yo…[View]
293919972You will never have a powerful slavic jaw. Cope, chinlets[View]
293915248How do you cope with the reality of there being no afterlife?[View]
293923177shame on australia reflect on your own evil before accusing other country with no proof ![View]
293923027PoSiTiOn ThE TaLiSmAn oVeR YoUr mOuTh aNd nOsE To pReVeNt MiAsMa[View]
293920532I'm starting to really question my faith... help me /pol/: I was adopted and raised baptist in …[View]
293922981take the suicide pill: if everyone on earth kills themselves, the jews wont have anyone to rule over…[View]
293888122Hitler wanted to kill this...: Without Albert Einstein the world of physics would be in shambles. Ho…[View]
293918600Muslims and whites should ally together to fight against the Jewish menace[View]
293918418For too long this place has been a retirement community for coping boomers , is recolonization possi…[View]
293916781Thinking like riggers: Imagine we were rigging the election. What would be the features of the riggi…[View]
293921434This life prepares you for the next plane of existance: This central concept was taught to every hum…[View]
293911020100% of trannies argue like this[View]
293878683CNN reacts to Wisconsin 4am vote dump: You've already seen this video here: https://www.youtube…[View]
293917171Freemason Rothschild agent. Grey eminence of 3rd reich.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQIoJ3P9jsw…[View]
293922251>makes program where government gives discounts to travelers in Japan >Let's chinks in be…[View]
293921975is this just me?: me dec 31st 2019: its all good. live and let live. me now: fuck all niggers, clean…[View]
293915740Should we rename white supremacy to white insecurity?: Most of these 'supremacists' are just insecur…[View]
293920626ATTENTION ALL DISCORD TRANNIES: Joe Biden will NEVER be president and you will NEVER be a real woman…[View]
293889316Why do we in the West have to take this crazy new RNA vaccine? Why can't we just do like the Ru…[View]
293910725This is the: 'female'. You may have already identified one due to the foolish decisions of your ance…[View]
293913869NOMINATE - MEME OF THE YEAR 2020: best /pol/ meme of the current year?[View]
293921613What did (((they))) mean by this?: Anyone else remember google puting the 'Chaos god', pepe as their…[View]
293921302Richard Spencer will take COVID Vax....: ....So why won't YOU? Thank the Jews who are saving us…[View]
293919250you lost /pol/yps: SAY IT WITH ME: MADAM PRESIDENT![View]
293921387Why do partisan extremists always exaggerate?: Liberals and conservatives seem unable to simply stat…[View]
293921776Why was Trump so bad for the environment?[View]
293917216Why is it always women who do this shit? Seriously I want to know. https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/29/wo…[View]
293921144all i wanted in this life was a wholesome average looking girlfriend.. i blame my parents for making…[View]
293910093Anyone who thinks the Supreme Court is going to risk a civil war by canceling 10 million votes for J…[View]
293918921Remember to respect the office the next four years :)[View]
293921469antifa is fucking retarded: remember when these faggots had their moms come out because they were co…[View]
293914724lel: not sure if this is funny or not you jew nigger lovers[View]
293920094Now what niggers?: You scared, black boy? How can black boys even compete ?[View]
293917047US dollar BTFO: Who is going to pay for American gibs now? https://youtu.be/rXuy_4iOBZ4[View]
293902440Communism doesn't work Landlords should not be killed Hate your fellow worker[View]
293896897/pol/ just got cornered.[View]
293880525Generals Flynn AND McInerney #2: Both say Coup, Treason, and between the lines War. https://www.worl…[View]
293921014Reminder: This is just the beginning of 8 years of /pbg/ threads. After that comes 8 years of /paocg…[View]
293915026LMAO: Gotta brainwash me through the keyboard now huh?[View]
293912164Why is the right so upsetti spaghetti? You lost... get over it. You can't always get what you w…[View]
293919434What happens in there?[View]
293914631Sinn Fein: I'm the first fully post surg member of Sinn Féin. AMA.[View]
293920253What is the race of this man (right)?: Is he a Jew?[View]
293907287Biden Won Its Over: President-elect Joe Biden to receive first President’s Daily Brief The announcem…[View]
293920943>'Tis the season to be jolly. It's also the season to be jolly jabbed'. Ho ho ho! Good…[View]
293920729If a stranger grabs a child, doesn‘t let it go till an adult intervenes and hits it for trespassing,…[View]
293912602>China is terrified of Australia: FUCKING KEK!!!!! Imagine being a nation of over a billion peop…[View]
293905801Borders are just imaginary lines on the ground.[View]
293914097god being a capitalist is based if you're a dumbass commie that thinks they're smart by b…[View]
293907618Biden spraining his ankle at 70 yo >I am growing stronger, I am resuming my presidential duties, …[View]
293904810Denmark thread: Borrebies, bagels and tongue-twisting languagerino[View]
293920528Let's finish this: What ever your role in this life is, if you love and want to keep America, b…[View]
293920178I am on a politics diet and I feel much better and happier. More in tune with the world. Honestly po…[View]
293919429Do any other countries have COVID-19 age restrictions?: >“I’m worried about the kids being allowe…[View]
293915047the speech was a copy: https://twitter.com/i/status/1333373295371104256[View]
293915154HAPPENING White guys from pol gets robbed by blacks!: They're going to get the phone back LIVE …[View]
293911314Follow your leader nazi scum. The day of reconing is near[View]
293919291Nigger genocide when?: When will it finally start?[View]
293919507来澳大利亚 澳大利亚很太赞了 保证不是陷阱[View]
293920082Hi. i'm constructing a intergermanic language.: That's the thread[View]
293920201letfypress hate thread: https://www.theguardian.com/news/audio/2020/nov/30/he-risked-his-life-fighti…[View]
293912859>own pizzaria >make facebook post about how you will NOT SEND PIZZA TO RIGHT WING CUSTOMERS!!!…[View]
293905200/polder/ - HENK TROL editie: LAATSTE DRAAD >>293778633 links: >https://twitter.com/LijstHen…[View]
293916403Are you a proud multi-ethnic and/or multi-racial American?[View]
293908959/nsg+sig/ National Sozialist General: Welcome to National Sozialism General, here we discuss the wor…[View]
293903266aus/pol/ - Edition: Fuck Jannies and the CCP: ~= IT'S THE KIKES =~ THREAD THEME: https://i.4cd…[View]
293917842Is there a native american supremacist group in the USA?[View]
293919896Should America help us kill the Yellow Jews? And can we still trust New Zealand after their maori op…[View]
293916090Alexa AI promoting holocaust denial and ZOG conspiracy theories. Amazon investigating why.: >http…[View]
293919724The Democrats are never going to give you functional universal healthcare. They are institutional sl…[View]
293916359Can the Kiwis join you in your anti chink war?: Pretty pls.[View]
293885731The solution to the policial problem: Ahem, One vote per county. Thank you for your time.[View]
293919708The Rapture is not in the bible: Fat fuck knows that the evangelic bible was written in the 1800…[View]
293917017Hi /pol/ Was just contemplating the overton window and how it's shifted in the last decade with…[View]
293919655MIGA zion don supporters represent the worst of America. Unhinged antisemitism racism, sexism, misog…[View]
293915663I don't miss my homeland that's why: I live in Sweden since my grandparents moved here to …[View]
293916590If getting and recovering from covid does not make you immune Then why would a vaccine be a viable m…[View]
293919533How did they do it?: 2 planes, 7 buildings. Amazing. And I bet most people here probably think only …[View]
293917667THE VACCINE WILL BE A LIFE LONG SUBSCRIPTION: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personalized_medicine Gu…[View]
293919512Was Bill Clinton the first black president?[View]
293917960Safe Spaces: Is there any place left safe from the Globalhomo Jew?[View]
293918833Jizz Lane: ........[View]
293904878New HD footage: >120,000 ballots magically appear for Biden, all from Milwaukee County, instantly…[View]
293907144You can only post in this thread if your country is allies with Israel[View]
293918117Overpopulation: Overpopulation is the root cause of all of our social, economic and environmental pr…[View]
293912001Gyerf, the new ARG. Get in here you fucking niggers.: /gyerf/ central post all your findings here ho…[View]
293902955> Meanwhile, on Russian television https://twitter.com/navalny/status/1333116137433931778…[View]
293919025Covid ''''''survivor''''' here, AMA: So I finally ended up getting the coof, and it's nowhere n…[View]
293909645We laugh at America[View]
293919255Norf FC thread Gay edition[View]
293916626Donald Trump Baaaad: Check this 'Implicit' test out: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit…[View]
293908916Democrats LOSING THEIR MINDS already. They know TRUMP will win.: https://twitter.com/WaterDean This …[View]
293909220Hitler went to hell, right? You can't possibly kill (or cause the death) of so many millions of…[View]
293918492Tried to redpill Replika AI: Mainly for fun and sport since it always ends up being fucked or nuked …[View]
293916054When will the USA collapse?: How much longer do you think it will take for America to go the way of …[View]
293918884Declassification?: Wasn’t this fat orange nigger supposed to declassify al kinds of juicy happenings…[View]
293909292SHADY: Georgia Recount in Fulton County Delayed By Dominion Server Crash[View]
293903841COVID is a hoax: There are no excess dea-[View]
293914337What is the US Color Revolution?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taSswVz4Q1c[View]
293918682Catch COVID and make way for immigrants. The more Trump supporters who dies of the VID the more mexi…[View]
293917999Explain this Trumptards: If there really is solid evidence for a gigantic voter fraud conspiracy, wh…[View]
293898303WHY CAN'T I JUST LEAVE THIS SHITHOLE: Fuck man, I'm always coming back even though I'…[View]
293894970Dangerous city: What is the most dangerous city in your country, and how did it become that way?…[View]
2939182801 META THREAD allowed by hiro: Meta thread. 4chan mods are banning people for 1 month for trying to …[View]
293915850The Ethno-state: Is it possible to create the white ethno-state via peaceful means..?[View]
293915195How are those camps coming, Trudeau?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsWK83XUHqI Any word on this? …[View]
293917559So What are we in for on Dec. 21st lads?: Plasma Apocalypse, 5D ascension after the Great Solar Flas…[View]
293908934This is currently the 'worst case' scenario for Trump. Best case comes with a WI and MI win, too. SN…[View]
293917708White people deserve everything the Jewish global elite are doing to them. Suck it up you melanin de…[View]
293911603Is any of you fucks delusional enough to think he can remain stinking up the white house after Janua…[View]
293912873Didn't the Seal Team that got Bin Laden 'die in a helicopter crash?'[View]
293917948125% of my Energy: News Flash, America is divided between a Joe and a Joke. How could you all be thi…[View]
293917830my Bioden....!!!: it is......RISING!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ohhhhhhhhh…[View]
293917837American Silver Eagles: fuck the mods: No state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tende…[View]
293911492Well pol?[View]
293914686Has anyone figured out what this sigil on Schwabs lapel is about?[View]
293911984A chud posted this unironically on Twitter. It fucking rocks.[View]
293917627Sinn Féin: I'm the first fully post surge trans member of Sinn Féin. AMA.[View]
293909853I replied to jenny mac and said 'cringe'[View]
293914936Will the magic negro help drumf?[View]
293916729Glow nigger hate thread: Which type of glow nigger is the one you hate the most? FBI glow niggers ar…[View]
293903896Tent cities in the US: How common is this burger bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFtIvaRD3zg…[View]
293912301Is there a single mainstream Republican politician in the US who ISN'T an obnoxious Zionist? Th…[View]
293917027Syria general - /sg/ urduni edition: No previous No links No maps No news Fook you[View]
293916989What did we do to end up here?[View]
293916967https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRnEMnaBFxE Many years ago when i was a boy i wondered what it would…[View]
293906656Anyone go the full Baked and Sami's da'd stream: will post lots of HQ memes in return…[View]
293915559Be honest /pol/ - do you sometimes troll your fellow anons?: >occasionally will make a tranny or …[View]
293912693Hello, my name is Daniil, 19 years old. I from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. Ask your questions about rus…[View]
293913138what a cunt: he must of been a choo boi[View]
293909837its pretty easy guys: just think what we'd be able to do if we got 1 million yanks, 1 million p…[View]
293916236arguement with father: american here, every time me and my father broach the topic of politics and p…[View]
293916572Controlled Opposition: >a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearl…[View]
293905003It's never too late to start ridin' with Biden. Are you going to hop in?[View]
293914462What as the meaning of this desk?[View]
293912229Mitch McConnell (Chinese), Donald Trump (Slav), George Clooney (Indian)... /pol/ keeps telling me no…[View]
293914179Australia vs China Quick rundown:: >Lyingmedia manufactures a story attacking our troops, running…[View]
293910332>'Trump is stealing millions of dollars from scared and frightened people'…[View]
293853380Aussiebros...: What the fuck is going on? Why is China bullying you?[View]
293914318Will they ever stop seething pol?[View]
293914983nu-pol will unironically defend this[View]
293915662The Bible debunks NASA because it never spoke about space it only said that God owns earth/heaven an…[View]
293911479No Vote is illegal. No Human is illegal. When will republisharts finally understand this?[View]
293915723Europe is George Soros’ gas chamber: Szilard Demeter, ministerial commissioner and head of the Petof…[View]
293909030Cali-bros, how did it get so bad? Do we have any future here?[View]
293905886>The vaccine will make you sick! But if they wanted to make you sick, why not just use the virus …[View]
293915756Election overturned yet?[View]
293908727White she-devil murders black husband: A veteran Washington D.C. cop was shot dead by his wife, who …[View]
293907727How to be socially racist?: Does anybody know how to express your /pol/ feelings about race realism …[View]
293911099Celtic Paganism General: Curious that Celtic paganism and Celtic culture isn’t discussed much here o…[View]
293915455Not fucking leaving. Nope. Not. Leaving. He's staying put RIGHT where he is. This WITCH HUNT ha…[View]
293909173Trannies and shills overrunning this forum, here's how to spot their fuckery: Remember to sage …[View]
293910548What's the best Holocaust documentary other than David Cole?[View]
293915191this one goes out to you, NEET'in sebastian. I don't know where you are now, but the unemp…[View]
293906030TRUMP IS GOING NUCLEAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJmgE14PUk0[View]
293907047This is the future you chose: >Australian authorities seize child, rule parents ABUSIVE for resis…[View]
293906997>Very vocally and fiercely supported Trump in 2016 > lost many friends including one best frie…[View]
293912913Someone removed local dominion server in georgia: on an unrelated note, 47 USB ballot drives were st…[View]
293911546Do any other countries have COVID-19 age restrictions?: >“I’m worried about the kids being allowe…[View]
293905524What do you think about vaccines? Are you going to take the covid vaccine? Do you support them being…[View]
293913635Which nations will make the vaccine mandatory for entering their country?[View]
293912928Daily Reminder: Color does not communicate collective identity. People are NOT colors. Collective Id…[View]
293908077China is going to get nuked: China is going to get nuked, there isn't another move left other t…[View]
293905219I'll start by saying Biden is undeniably a kike puppet but I have to ask /pol/ a question: Why …[View]
293913318Why does /pol/ not talk about this anymore and act like it never happened?: https://twitter.com/i/st…[View]
293914468Chinks already cried wolf too many times, if we go open slather then the only complaints will be fro…[View]
293905884>I like your Christ, but not your Christianity. - Gandhi[View]
293911617Gods Pillar in the Border of the World: America is Gods Country. She is suffering the same afflictio…[View]
293899945BTC beeting on trump: Hi, he is obiously winning so any1 have a place where i can still bet with cry…[View]
293903417Everytime I find a youtube bootlegged movie or tv series to watch: The next day the channel is delet…[View]
293891996This is Canada's next President: Get used to the fact that Shitskins will have more power.…[View]
293912868Crackas ruined Woke: Why do white people subverted und ruin blackmovements, we create a meme, and cr…[View]
293905190NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT: >not fit to be president[View]
293898018>white ethnostate >antisemitic >elected a Jew how does /pol/ explain this?…[View]
293911418A dream? A premonition? >America was nuked >I was nuked >A cold cloudy day just going about…[View]
293911195>what's with the divorce rates?! >illegal before 1969…[View]
293903891Is Australia Based?[View]
293911667Ah dood.....I hurt my leg bro...[View]
293911410SEXISM BTFO: U mad conservatives? U mad the world is moving away from your rotten sexism and bigotry…[View]
293913622Mind if we tag along this time?[View]
293911133American Silver Eagles:: 27 jew bucks, any quantity!!!![View]
293912587Did you know that leukemia is caused by a virus?[View]
293909933What happened today go cause the shills to have such a meltdown? There's an aura of desperatio…[View]
293913348for the first time in 25 years i voted Democrats. i used to vote Republicans but now i am an indepen…[View]
293862536INSIDER HERE, GERMANY CIA SERVERS: The military was tipped of by a rogue CIA agent who went of the r…[View]
293912154p2p terrorism: Hey guise. I'm sitting here looking at the pile of shit planet we're on, an…[View]
293912244were the Chinks blackmailing Australia?: bit funny that out of nowhere the SAS war crimes story hit,…[View]
293876430Brit/pol/ - Norf F.C. Edition: Your links? Gone.[View]
293903169Russia is fucked: She's back. Her face alone sends shivers down the spines of Russian bots. S…[View]
293913151/pol/ wuz twitter en sheeeeiiiiitttt: Look at the megathreads currently posted: they're all abo…[View]
293895489There will never be a third world war...: This is the final redpill. With Global markets influencin…[View]
293909040Well /pol/ there is a way to force normies to doublethink and face their contradiction. Take the of…[View]
293888987FinanceFag here... Trump doesn’t realize it, but Biden winning is a blessing in disguise. The econo…[View]
293907959Kapitalismus [Is capitalism good for us?]: I want to address that im not a fan of capitalism, but I …[View]
293900164Can socialism fix COVID-19?[View]
293911415They will both die before 2024: one is old obese and angry- will have either have a heart attack or …[View]
293910099Why is there a weirdly large Chinese presence on Pornhub?: Exhibit A: https://www.pornhub.com/view_v…[View]
293909010>Viewing green space in urban landscapes elicits substantial activity in key areas of the brain r…[View]
293906012A militia, in the context of the 2nd amendment, is intended to protect the people from actors of the…[View]
293875816Based china!: Based China for calling out those child killers who call themselves diggers! 10 points…[View]
293907730Just Joe Biden encouraging white genocide... this is normal. This is fine. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
293912442Dear /pol/, would the world not be a better place if women were exchanged for catboys and traps?[View]
293911999there is literally, objectively, no hope at all for our generation. tell me why i shouldnt just coll…[View]
293841685Canadians, Get In Here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: >His name is Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin. He comes with nearl…[View]
293905890The LARP has gone off the fucking rails.[View]
293905246Where do 'shills' even come from and why do they care about /pol/? Are they even real or just schizo…[View]
293899302What redpills your family the most? For me it's the looney lefties fight for rights for transge…[View]
293905768steve bannon controls /pol/[View]
293909732You all need to chill: There is no race war, at least not in our lifetime global warming won't …[View]
293912064YOU CAN'T STOP US /pol/! https://youtu.be/G02u6sN_sRc[View]
293879686Is lifting weights in the favour of the political goals of the white man?: I'm always hearing o…[View]
293902891How do we redpill the jews on the JQ?: They all know the truth. Its in their fucking book. No matter…[View]
293903123DEADPOOL THREAD: When Joe Biden concedes who's suicide do you want to see livestreamed?[View]
293901679Sonderkommando 1005 meldet sich zum Dienst.[View]
293905019>China likes genociding Muslims >India would like to genocide Muslims Remind me again why thes…[View]
293899599Why did Obama feel the need to destroy a fully functioning country that was minding its own business…[View]
293904711is this you pol?: the camps had wooden doors. so how could hitler have killed 6 million people? the …[View]
293911631Seeking blessings: Guise, it's that time again. In search of blessing from the one and only. Ch…[View]
293891648The Left will win a civil war: You republicunts will lose the civil war, think about it. >we own …[View]
293882731Do masks even work?[View]
293906418is south park based? or are they just a jewish psyop to demoralize the right?[View]
293909494This was the very moment that the black race was BTFO for all eternity.[View]
293909101Who looking forward to Sidney Powell's next appearance on Fox Business?: By the way, how come p…[View]
293911266https://youtu.be/RvYSuJwXp9Q >mfw trump could have exposed the entire dominion thing a decade ago…[View]
293909415all i want to be in life[View]
293910152Is it just me or was the economy and world booming before Covid-19?: Life was really looking up in a…[View]
293907867Why did China make us all wear masks?: I know this used to be their thing, even way before this coro…[View]
293904935Soviet s were first BLM/Democrats on steroids They took power by 'all equal' and then started to cal…[View]
293905732I am calling for the execution of Klaus Schwab for crimes against humanity.[View]
293910835The jews are making me horny: I wasn’t horny before the jews now i’m horny after the jews. Explain t…[View]
293909250So much of leftist theory is just excuses/mental gymnastics.[View]
293882780>go outside wearing mask >breath >see big ass vapor cloud pass through mask These things ar…[View]
293908188What have you done to save your race, anon? Shitposting all day doesn't do anything.[View]
293907007Part3 Prime minister of Japan says 'Japan will collapse without immigrants': Previous thread is achi…[View]
293891971Im jewish, why do you hate Us so much when we are white? Niggers are the problem.[View]
293910037Is Donald Trump the textbook definition of a beta?: Let's see, going by the ‘standard’ definiti…[View]
293901282Is it true that this was just an RNC circle-jerk?[View]
293892058Why conservatives lack of intellectuals?: Ben Shapiro is smarter than 99.9% of his Republican contem…[View]
293909771What do we do now?: These four years have been the best. Politics was fun to watch. Now, worst case …[View]
293904271>The Canaanites were white. In no way is this to be interpreted as a curse on the black race. …[View]
293908057>What will you glowniggers do when you achieve your goal? For eons now you come here with calls f…[View]
293907632>be at home with husband: >he pats your head and calls you a good boy so how are you guys enjo…[View]
293898360If a shit-ton of people are swearing under oath that they saw certain things happen on election day:…[View]
293902602Why is China afraid of Australia?: What is wrong? Is Australia busy building the largest alliance t…[View]
2938868261 IN 3 YOUNG MEN ARE HAVING NO SEX WHAT IS GOING ON?: The sexlessness rate has almost tripled in the…[View]
293909923Reminder for everyone, Biden will never be president Presidencial Inagurations do not determine pres…[View]
293895305Sneed - the Ultimate Cope: Why have Trump supporters just given up? Instead of trying to defend thei…[View]
293905899Fuck the Chinese people: Fuck China. Not just the CCP but the Chinese people too. Insulting our nati…[View]
293897723Where's the plane?[View]
293904112Stormfront is down: Stormfront is down[View]
293906970East politics: It seems to me that Trump sides with India more than China despite the fact that Chin…[View]
293905754Why did you republican idiots decide to divide the country by sticking beside Trump, when mine and y…[View]
293904793left wing FAKE NEWS: how does the left achieves to impose their fake news?[View]
293909334The triple bluff. Put your money on trump.: There are many layers. Sheep think its biden vs trump. …[View]
293856995Post that exact moment when you realize China won: I'll start[View]
293904803Michael Jackson: Can I get a rundown on what these lyrics actually mean, specifically? >Beat me,…[View]
293905316It's over: >Hunter Bidens laptop filled with Dickpics that magapedes thoroughly analysed. …[View]
293904265Ummmm... America????: Are you really unaware that ww3 started 2 months ago over control of major riv…[View]
293909076Hey burgers: Y'all got any more of those riots? Being able to watch the collapse of one of the …[View]
293904713The great Covid hoax: These are the influenza cases for the past years starting from 2017, look at 2…[View]
293895192Boris admits to killing thousands: Brit bros how do you come to terms with a weak leader that caved …[View]
293908425Canada Alberta - Long-term care facilities are at a breaking point: https://globalnews.ca/news/74915…[View]
293895223Do you ever watch PragerU? And if so, do you ever consider suiciding yourself as a service to the re…[View]
293893118If mandatory vaccines don't work why have we eradicated smallpox?[View]
293902605>lost all the counties >still '''win''' the state Lmao these retards didn't even bother t…[View]
293906901does anyone else think that a group of very powerful individuals will kill 90% of the population to …[View]
293908633American focus on black people: There are strong black identitarian movements right now that talk pl…[View]
293906050The jew tranny meme was a lie all along: There are no jewish trannies.. and if there are they are li…[View]
293902743SHILLS ARE SCARED: I keep seeing burgers posting this. What are the shills scared of? Being typed to…[View]
293908224>judge orders for servers to be set aside >we say no >judge orders them not to be erased …[View]
293908189TRUMP WON!!!: NOW TURN THE GAS BACK ON!!!![View]
293908011there is almost zero journalism in this cuntry...: behold the cuckoldry of stuff.gofuckyourself http…[View]
293873952Aus/pol/ - Yank Edition: Arvo bros[View]
293904725is Trump gonna win please be real with me I'm so nervous[View]
293893442Why are black people like this?[View]
293902723why are niggers called 'people of color' when they actually lack color?[View]
293899810this is (((christianity))): a bunch of stupid, white, nearly retarded, cripples, spending their shor…[View]
293907809What about ugly Aryans fellow Aryans? what will happen to the in Vaterland?[View]
293906057as an American all I want to say is....: 10,000 CHINKOID BUGMEN AREN'T WORTH A SINGLE AUSTRALIA…[View]
293907443DID TRUMP REALLY LOSE?: In the end he won 2016 >dirty primary campaign, destroys every republican…[View]
293885337Japan Bros get the fuck in here: DO NOT! and I repeat. DO NOT let niggers into your society. Kill th…[View]
293902713Calling it now[View]
293903086If you see this post you must write 'It's okay to be White' in this thread.[View]
293902881How do we flatten the curve?[View]
293901665Malaria kills 600,000 a year, and nobody cares: How come they don’t care about malaria? Why not be s…[View]
293901698?: Even if you don't know anything about politics, even if you are a toddler in mommys arms, ho…[View]
293907330I can not respect the police, mainly because of the false idea that they are there to do the right t…[View]
293896480What should be the punishment for Republicans cucking out and conceding to the enemy?[View]
293906936Isaiah 31:6[View]
293906996What can we do against the shill issue? Can we get some suicidal tards to mow them down at their hq?…[View]
293906903Trump was given the same options and lost fair and square. He's a dummy.[View]
293888408Trump lost, all his lawsuits have failed, every single recount has taken place, nothing has changed,…[View]
293904161TEENS BEAT TEEN INTO SEIZURE: Honestly, are niggers even remotely people? https://hoodsite.com/teen-…[View]
293905533Why would you support someone who wants you dead?[View]
293896943You need to abandon your whiteness. Whites have perpetuated great evils in the past. They had slaver…[View]
293905971What is this logo?: This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test. If you know the answer, please…[View]
293892424How fucked is Canada?: >The Liberal government plans to bring in more than 1.2 million immigrants…[View]
293905948DID THE NIGGERS WIN TODAY?: I asked the fantasy football group chat, 'Did the niggers win today?' an…[View]
293906125Would the public rise up against trannies if they knew that 13-year-old girls were having their brea…[View]
293904836Maryland is in the South and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
293902753I think, next year, we're all going to need more rope...[View]
293905703the problem are the chinese!!!: all of today's problems is the doing of the chinks, they even c…[View]
293902663Jesus, what the hell happened in Southwestern Texas? That's like the most Latino part of the en…[View]
29390549121 January 2021: I am forgotten...[View]
293901181Get ready for a war with China. Once we figure out this election bullshit we are going after the Chi…[View]
293869464It’s happening!!!!!!: Lin Wood tweeted about this precedent: Abraham Lincoln's Invention of Pre…[View]
293882591Eye color: What happens when this becomes a common procedure? In this procedure, a thin layer of me…[View]
293903904BIDEN LOST THE LEAD IN MINNESOTA: https://twitter.com/WORGODICP/status/1330655015413944321?s=20 >…[View]
293900311Did anyone else see glorious Barack the other day on Colbert? I'm in an actual state of bliss.:…[View]
293898499How can people believe the Federal Government is corrupt and yet they join the military? They liter…[View]
293903094Covid19 vaccine: >Get the never before approved for human use vaccine, cattle slaves https://en.m…[View]
293904801What HAVEN'T Black People Ruined?: All of the recent violence recently coming out of the black …[View]
293903655I knew it was over when Powell and this retard started Q posting. >PATRIOTS, spend your time deco…[View]
293894492Why fight the inevitable?: regardless of how much you bitch and moan, you can't stop the jugger…[View]
293904516How do Americans feel about the fact George Washington had curly hair? Are they ok with their legend…[View]
293891405Almost half of US voters believe Biden won by Fraud: Including 30% of democrats https://twitter.com/…[View]
293898415Democrat or Republican, we all better hope and pray that Trump wins, /pol/.[View]
293901593Side effects of the covid vaccine: Does anyone know any of the side effects of the Coronavirus vacci…[View]
293902434War crimes Australia: Earlier this month, a report found 'credible information' that 25 Australian s…[View]
293900477Today, a politician here in Tokyo was caught having a second affair. This is his defense:[View]
293897552>Be American white superhero >Also be a spic for the 'woke' generations Are Americans this ret…[View]
293900638Come on, shills. If you can just lay off the board sliding, we promise that when Trump gets his seco…[View]
293903392Why do boomers claim to hate cancel culture and then post shit like this?[View]
293898399quick mafs: What is 226,000 divided by 330,000,000? So we destroyed our economy because of a disease…[View]
293901346RIP: Sleep well you uncombed bastard.[View]
293901434Why do we pay niggers to play sports?: Do we just feel sorry for them as a society? They have no red…[View]
293903342LMAO: You gotta brainwash me through the keyboard now?[View]
293893898Why do you still support any right wing e-celebs? It's clear they are all grifters. Lauren Sout…[View]
293896051Would communism work if you implemented a proper social credit system[View]
293902366why are there so many awesome threads today?: am having so much fun lurking with a fresh cup. how co…[View]
293899635Kanye as president: What's everyone's thoughts on Kanye? If you think he'd be a good …[View]
293900302>A European makes fun of the US for having mass-shootings OH NO NO NO... what are all THESE incid…[View]
293903105ITT: Modern Society[View]
293896709White women worship abortion: Stevie Nicks: Killing your babies is A-OK if it stands in the way of y…[View]
293902983Electoral college is affirmative action for republicans[View]
293893571I have been putting testosterone pills in my gay brothers food and drinks for about 2 months now and…[View]
29390248451 Days: Until the cringiest LARP and biggest COPE in US history will end, Biden be president and ri…[View]
293902052Trans Sympathy: Im not trans but I don’t hate them because I have an experience that lets me empathi…[View]
293902426Search Engine Thread: What you searched for What you got This was Start Page.[View]
293890289I honestly never understood this burning hatred for communism like I keep reading post from fucking …[View]
293894250Based Australia: No mandatory vax!: abc.net.au/news/2020-11-24/covid-19-vaccine-passport-australia-q…[View]
293897314Memory hole thread: I am forgotten[View]
293896600I just got my 23&Me test rssults back and it turns out I am actually 97% Western European. AMA[View]
293902612Not trying to demoralize but you guys know 'release the kraken' is a figure of speech right? Why wou…[View]
293894451trad lifestyle thread: ok /pol/. I've heard you. I need to return to tradition and go off the g…[View]
293892971Howdy /pol/ what’s your opinion on coming back to god I feel I’ve last my faith but want it back. Ho…[View]
293889504mars colony will mostly be whites: when mars is eventually colonized it will be totally populated by…[View]
293900782Redpill me on the great reset.[View]
293902445'It's okay to commit election fraud as long as you think your president is a dictator.' - said …[View]
293899825I love American people. Is it faggotic?[View]
293900013/LAG/ - Lisbon Appreciation General!: Lisbon appreciation General! Tourism! : https://www.tripadviso…[View]
293875854/nsg+sig/ National Socialist General - The Blinding Truth: Welcome to National Socialism General, he…[View]
293902341Dinosour says fuck trans rights: Yeah, you will get extinct just like dinosaurs >Also Seethe Now …[View]
293899689Project Zphyr: There are too many Americans, more and more of them, that are suspicious of Israel. T…[View]
293902304Taiwan is going to be given US statehood!!! It's Happening!!! https://nationalinterest.org/blog…[View]
293886168Trump is nice :): This is basically saving face Trump concession soon!!![View]
293901331It is over for COVID-19, new vaccine to last 10 years: Valneva uses top dog science to make a super …[View]
293902031As a good feminist you should take the 'Gender Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace…[View]
293898747So now that Biden won all of the sudden the mudslime terrorist attacks stop ? Oh wow how convenient.[View]
293899769Oh no, Trumpbros. I think this is starting to look bad![View]
293898884Times are tough but atleast i got my government cheese[View]
293900761So when is it really happening?: >Project blue beam https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Project_Blue_Be…[View]
293883670If Jews and Whites are more evolved than Blacks and Asians why do they have so much more body hair? …[View]
293889617JOE BIDEN WILL CONCEDE.: Biden is trying to save his son, Hunter and himself. Desperate to avoid th…[View]
293892412Indian woman here . need help: I am Indian and live in Manchester for 2 years now. I married an Indi…[View]
293899426I did it my way: I am a formerly successfully employed salesman in tech. I am inspired by Catboy and…[View]
293900660What is pol's opinion of Vladimir Putin, Cossacks, and the Orthodox Church?: Apparently they ar…[View]
293891172INDIA: 5-year-old raped and then stoned to death: Superpower by 2020 >A FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl was al…[View]
293901116Erdogan's party persuading Arab jihadis to settle their families in Kurdish areas and Karabakh:…[View]
293888792There is no such thing as a trad woman in 2020: Therr isnt and if she 'is' its a play to manipulate …[View]
293887773Why haven't you moved to West Virginia yet?: Number one Trump supporting state, Trump flags and…[View]
293882824/pol/ is a Christian Board: Pa/gay/n Larpers welcome, lets discuss your descent to hell. Revelation …[View]
293892325America: Join this server if you are serious about returning America to it's former glory, espe…[View]
293899886What are the political implications of going to famous-smoke.com/rudy and using promo-code RUDY20 to…[View]
293901308So, what was the real Josef Mengele like?[View]
293839017KEK is DEMONIC: https://www.sacred-texts.com/oto/lib70.htm >Unclean Spirits Like Frogs Come Out o…[View]
293900149Rudy Giuliani: >Fucks up your Presidency[View]
293867213cuckservatives: student loan usury is good: owning a few over-educated libs is totally worth histori…[View]
293875592Wtf is going on: All the leftists I know irl are not talking politics much since the election. They …[View]
293891419/pol/ jobs in the US??: What the fuck do you do for work once you're so aware of the way the wo…[View]
293900843Why do girls love gore so much?[View]
293897665who did you vote for anons?: for the first time in 25 years i voted Democrats. i used to vote Republ…[View]
293882834Weird undertones of sexual submission/feminization in Christianity?: Hello frens. I'm in the pr…[View]
293900801MAGA Cope: I made those memes on November 5th but couldn't upload them at that time so i do it …[View]
293893758is this the week rudy will overturn the election?[View]
293848108German servers: So, is there any proof that servers in Germany were seized? >some guy said it do…[View]
293885520Does anyone even remember this dude?: Two life sentences plus forty years with zero possibility of p…[View]
293892966Your outdated and universally rejected ideology is on the way out!: Hey Incel. guess what. These guy…[View]
293898088ITT we laugh at stupid Amerifats..: Big shout out to the faggot white men of America. You voted for …[View]
293897109I just woke up and looked out the window only to be met with this view from stalker/metro 2033. I do…[View]
293897108Who else thinks Colonel Sanders nails it in this rant?: If this government doesn't reform itsel…[View]
293896106https://youtu.be/v-nblE8ps2M Hmm.. is this the end for MAGA?[View]
293900295Reminder: Semites are fat and retarded. All they do is print money from trees the goyim cut. And you…[View]
293897848Do you think there's a political future for anyone in the Trump family? Don Jr. 2026?[View]
293900014youtube censorship: have a political channel on youtube where I had a popular right wing video that …[View]
293895715Which is the next red state to go? I've heard Texas every election cycle since I've been b…[View]
293899990Flu-Management is now a Government Program: Governments have assumed responsibility, and this liabil…[View]
293897520I'm just going to leave this here.[View]
293893742/ptg/ President Trump General - Darkest Before the Don Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS http…[View]
293887987Voter Data searched against SSN Death Index - come see. Just after the election I found myself in a …[View]
293895377help: reality makes me sick i literally wake up nauseas dont want to be awake don't want to be …[View]
293899777but but Trumpp won.. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-biden-briefing-idUSKBN28A01S?utm_source=…[View]
293875978UMMM...BIDENBROS...DID WE GET TOO COCKY?: How do Drumpf's goons keep outsmarting us?[View]
293898846Why are white men so racist and miserable? You know if you stopped hating and oppressing minorities …[View]
293898280You WILL be sterilized by vaccine.[View]
293899171Defensive genocide: Is it ever morally ok to genocide a people who's government is actively try…[View]
293899303Uh... Biden bros? PA isn't looking so good: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/CSM/show…[View]
293898834. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx4s8D4b9v4[View]
293895694Proof our country is run by kikes: The past 30 years: >WE HAVE TO BOMB IRAQ >WE HAVE TO BOMB A…[View]
293866986Ankle monitors: I need the basic gestalt[View]
293883511To all blancos: How does it feel to know that we won't even need to retake Atzlan by force? In …[View]
293852182IS THIS BOARD A SIMULATION?: say something organic and prove you're not a bot or shill. i have …[View]
293890266What would he think of the world today?[View]
293899342Almost all celebrities today think they are God and I'll prove it. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: P…[View]
293898839>this is the face of post alt-right /pol/[View]
293896967If you think white birthrates are killing the west: Have children ffs, not that hard >B-but (inse…[View]
293886501Is the dark winter still coming? I want another mass chimpout[View]
293897572Daily reminder that Israel did 9/11. This site is a giant mossad psyop FYI.[View]
293897174Trudeau's Fake Scolding: >be Trudeau >come up with a fake press release about how you sco…[View]
293896763Honorary Aryans Jewish: What does pol think of honorary Aryans?[View]
293898349...are the chinks right? Is Democracy a false god?[View]
293898279NNN Dawn of the Final Day Edition: Did you make it, /pol/? I rose above my primal urges for a month.…[View]
293898700What is a Wignat?: Pic related murdered an 8 year old (white) girl by suffocating her with a plastic…[View]
293897558FASHWAVE: >Real Aryans only Post your favorite fashwave art, music, and aesthetics. >OC welc…[View]
293898038P-please don't pay attention to how Chinabro delivers on everything he claims: >Th-this is r…[View]
293898833North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests 北达科他州接入管道抗议 Ferguson Riots 弗格森暴动 2017 St. Louis protests2017年圣…[View]
293896618Who's a good doggy?[View]
293898716Why is he so scared of the virus? He's totally destroying his country's already fucked eco…[View]
293882833/pol/ humor thread: Enbies X Gigachud (Big Lez) edition[View]
293889669ROTHSCHILD-OWNED BANK OF FRANCE SET ON FIRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLIkT2QiqnQ&feature…[View]
293894650Will president Joe Biden pardon or jail Drumpf?[View]
293895260TRUMP’S LAWYERS: “NOT A FRAUD CASE” Watch the video in the article: https://lawandcrime.com/politics…[View]
293885739How did leftist youtube go from based douches who just didn't give a fuck like The Amazing Athe…[View]
293881770When will we talk about Earth's diminishing magnetic field?: and how it is causing physical and…[View]
293889064Am I a degenerate if I smoke weed everyday?[View]
293877868Part2 Prime minister of Japan says 'Japan will collapse without immigrants': >PM Suga said 'Japan…[View]
293891604Covert Israeli-Saudi meeting sends Biden a strong message on Iran: what the fuck are these semites u…[View]
293897419>permanent lockdowns >masks never going away >no gun rights >more beaner/nigger immigrat…[View]
293878431Leftypol trannies getting btfo... Anyone got all those screencaps of discord trannies on leftypol cr…[View]
293884555There is literally nothing wrong with being homosexual as long as you keep your gayness to yourself …[View]
293894531To the New Worlders who have ancestry from these countries did you notice being treated strangely by…[View]
293897433Everyone: related to israel will die[View]
293877223Why do poor whites keep voting against their own economic interests?[View]
293897090NJP - National Justice Party: Let's talk NJP. Good or not?[View]
293896180WhY DoNt U mEmE aT Me bRo?!?: Meme are a communication, there is little to be said anymore.[View]
293884926BREAKING: TREASON: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China: https://channel411…[View]
293896218Do you even want to know the truth?: Enjoy the lie Thats all 2 thessalonians 2:1-12[View]
293893078Only 51 days until we have a *real* president again.: How are you holding up, drumpfies?[View]
293892866How can we realistically say a white ethnostate will purge degeneracy?[View]
293886637Australian Soldiers Murder Infants and Prisoners: Man, I didn't know Australia did this, that…[View]
293897081you WILL be vaccinated.[View]
293896891>ITALIANS >white picture related: Gaten Matarazzo…[View]
293895326>TRUMP WON[View]
293896595First vaccine to be approved this week: The vaccine from Pfizer and the German company BioNTech, whi…[View]
293895721How do you feel that your tax money pays me to sit in my room all day and pee in bottles and be stin…[View]
293889281Always 'happening', never 'happened'.: No bullshit. No vague fuckery. No 'soon'. What has Q 'predi…[View]
293890373Sneed is the ultimate defense against shills: Its too retarded for their usual tactics to work. Left…[View]
293873281Are you fucking kidding me?: How can you burgers live with such vile, disgustingly biased media?…[View]
293896208THE 'RITE OF PASSAGE' QUESTIONS IN MODERN DAY SOCIETY: 1. How many Jews died in the holoca…[View]
293890499>be American news media >barely cover foreign news at all, has to be a major disaster or somet…[View]
293896724*AHEM* FUCK TRANNIES[View]
293895228dabbing on trannys: how do you fuck up so bad as a parent that you create a tranny[View]
293896682Christian Nationalism: The West is Christendom. You may have a special love for The White Race, howe…[View]
293896362Me myself and irene: Holy shit I just watched this movie for the first time in 10 years, I think its…[View]
293892444Does China want white people to go extinct like the Jews do?: I figure they'll want to keep som…[View]
293895593Twitter taking over teaching: Because political conversations are taking place on Twitter, teachers …[View]
293891053THANKS ISRAEL: Press T to thank Israel[View]
293895031Hi /pol/ do you like the art I just made >inb4 not political This is political.…[View]
293893605brown eye white ethnostate: blue and brown eyes cannot coexist peacefully. there is always an underc…[View]
293895477What is the strategic advantage of destroying that which proves your victory? Regardless of what you…[View]
293891227Better luck next time! Swing states margin of victory for President Elect Biden Wisconsin: 20,608 Mi…[View]
293894009Black pilled again: This is the worst time ever to be white in history. Literally all of academia, f…[View]
293891389Would you be willing to marry a non virgin women?: Anyone else obsess about this autistically? I wou…[View]
293894437MASK FAGGOTS .: You realize your brainwashed Zonkeys FAGGOTS correct ?[View]
293891443Can I go out in public like this? How would society react, and what are the political implications o…[View]
293894850Yiddish genetics: >8th century Georgian/Ukrainian nomadic vagrants see bunch of exiled male Semit…[View]
293884520Have you already admitted that Trump lost, or are you still in denial?[View]
293888672Biden Bro Here: Trump will not be President on 1/21/2021 Please prepare for the Biden administration…[View]
293880567Lets go fags. Who is the quickest of the bunch? https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003[View]
293895037It's almost Christmas: So you don't believe in conspiracies? There's plenty of reason…[View]
293895639This is Liza, Putin's illegitimate 17yo daughter. rate it from 1 to 10[View]
293895620To any liberals who may wonder why I stopped being liberal It's simple. It's because I…[View]
293894171Imagine how easy life was pre-2005. This shit is a joke[View]
293894888Youtube / Google / CIA is censoring this video. I highly recommend you take some time to watch it. I…[View]
293893313Why is this board obsessed with trannies?: Why is this board obsessed with trannies? You basement dw…[View]
293894941what are good things to use tor for[View]
293891538>Whites on /pol/ think Japan is a pure ethnostate >They really have no idea Japan is FILLED …[View]
293893660>22 people were executed in the Unites States in 2019 This seems way too low.…[View]
293893767So I finally watched this movie and remember some anon on here saying how the movie got negative rev…[View]
293893920Nobody ever had it as good as the boomers. Nobody on this planet, in the entirety of history, ever h…[View]
293865109While you were sleeping, Indian now run all your companies: and they only hire other Indians for the…[View]
293893918>ask teacher why hitler hated jews >she says because he was a racist…[View]
293883419Do 'raids' on /pol/ ever happen? The only genuine one seems to be when leftypol spammed th…[View]
293889737/cvg/ - Cringe Virgins General #5069 You Welcome Edition: — 212 countries & territories infected…[View]
293888699REJECT MODERNITY: return to tradition...[View]
293892921India will become a superpower and overtake America: You will be bred out of existence by the superi…[View]
293894927Camp Hi-Ho: Holy Shit, Anon. I thought it was Camp Crestwood that burned down. This ridiculous cunt…[View]
293889386Will XRP every actually take off?: My boomer dad, who can only be so retarded because hes a doctor j…[View]
293891555Rwanda: History doesn't seem to judge Clinton too harshly on turning a blind eye to 800k gettin…[View]
293881166This confuses the ATF man[View]
293892362What evidence is there that the vaccine will cause mass sterilization, have we reached children of m…[View]
293890717is this you pol?: the camps had wooden doors. so how could hitler have killed 6 million people? the …[View]
293894321Quick disclaimer I am calling this thread Mestizo hate thread because I’m fine with White Hispanics …[View]
293894732Why not anon?: Give up and become bi anon. Join the bi master race.[View]
293867892What killed the shopping mall?[View]
293890847Was there a big guy waiting for him in heaven?: 2 long years have passed since Mr. Thousand points o…[View]
293856000I'm black and Im not evil I actually believe white lives matter[View]
293881577Based pope![View]
293877751Hey Losers/MAGAfags/MIGApeds/ptg fuckers/ and the fraud that is the ConservRight: How are you all co…[View]
293892670whats up pic related guys can i get a redpill instead of a black one for once this month[View]
293864743We're not even gonna GET to SCOTUS, are we? When the fuck will things get moving? Tomorrow…[View]
293878932hey frens im an apple (red on the outside white on the inside) aka native who acts white and lives a…[View]
293894143Nigerian genocide: Why is Biden not talking about this /pol he says he’s a devout catholic that love…[View]
293888546How to we stop this shit? It's hard to continue being a lolbertarian when retards like this ex…[View]
293892907PSA: Alright lads I've been seeing way too many indian flags posting and it's got me worri…[View]
293893965Who is Heider Garcia and why isn’t he in the USA anymore?: I found this News article from 2019. You …[View]
293883302More Africans, Muslims and Central Americans incoming: Joe Biden is restoring America's histori…[View]
293891055/UWGG/: US WAR GAMES GENERAL Post predictions, strategies, preparations for the upcoming US civil wa…[View]
293893499Califag bros is it red out there?: More losses by the Dems in an election they rigged how can this b…[View]
293888651Why are Republicans so spineless and turn on their own people so fast?[View]
293883743my father once gave me this wise old piece of advice /pol/ he said 'get yourself a trad enby' and I …[View]
293887572/ptg/ President Trump General - Late Night Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whit…[View]
293893057Can we have actually useful red pill thread? You know, something that if you know you get an advanta…[View]
293889648Why do trannies even come to this website if they're just going to get bullied?[View]
293866372What does it mean to be 'Anti-Racist'?[View]
293888823Analysis: GA Dominion Votes Will Be Excluded If Votes Cannot Be Audited: Read this shit http://voxda…[View]
293893338FASHWAVE THREAD: >Real Aryans only Post your favorite fashwave art, music, and aesthetics. OC we…[View]
293891118anyone got the katie hill pic with the iron cross tat? pic unrelated[View]
293890033You have been lied to[View]
293892815Netanyahu's son posted a Happy Merchant Meme: What did he mean by this? https://www.google.com/…[View]
293891509What happens in America?[View]
293886688Wtf I got a girlfriend While I a slowly manipulate her into loving me unconditionally how do I subtl…[View]
293885438This is fascinating: Continue this[View]
293893010https://twitter.com/WORGODICP/status/1330655015413944321?s=20 >this is me btw The GSA letter givi…[View]
293879302How can Trump compete?[View]
293868209HAPPENING GEORGIA MACHINES BACK ON THE MENU: A THIRD ORDER https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/13332…[View]
293890957KEEP GOING DAD: My ankle hurts, son.[View]
293886894Why haven't you taken the pinkpill yet? Why just be racist when you could be racist AND cute :3…[View]
293877991So when does Trump start winning the election again? The last couple times you guys said the electio…[View]
293891378I used to think Australians were cool but murdering innocent children who were just trying to protec…[View]
293892583Ani-male company directory: I'm a web developer. I was thinking of making a website that lists …[View]
293885529>be me >be depressed and suicidal >go on SSRIs and trepeline >feel better Why the hat…[View]
293880741Time continues to smile on George: Do you miss him /pol/? Personally, he was president when I was to…[View]
293891588'Israel’s Pick to Head Holocaust Memorial Stirs International Uproar': 'Critics are protesting the n…[View]
293889469Question for trannies: If being trans is so great, then why don't trans fuck each other? It see…[View]
293888011tfw no natsoc tranner gf[View]
293886279Sup, /pol. You are the most knowledgeable board of other countries, so I seek your advice. Im lookin…[View]
293864644Is the government buying up all the guns?: There are almost no long guns to be found anywhere right …[View]
293889215Nationalism is stupid and dead.: We have a lot of illegals, and semi-legals made legal by cheating t…[View]
293887305Chestfeeding - get with the program, reactionaries: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8997405…[View]
293889634>TRUMP WON[View]
293889338i have work in 4 hours cant sleep. thinking i should just try and all night it at this point but sta…[View]
293891914Question for discord traniies: > your not a women > this piece of rubber is not a women > t…[View]
293890600It's time we fought back faggots: Shills attempting to raid and demoralize us are becoming more…[View]
293884947Probably first incel shooter in the world >parents died of tuberculosis at baby age >grandma t…[View]
293888479Kamala: All memes and bullshit aside, would she be a good president, /pol/? What has her track recor…[View]
293891647I guess he really got tired of winning or is he playing 5-quadrimensional parcheesi?[View]
293887996Shame on France: It needs to get its priorities straight and fight systemic racism![View]
293876723Which is more cucked France or Canacuck?[View]
293887042Why is it that Jews look so similar to whites (merely a nose job away from blending in), yet seem to…[View]
293888958Now realistically is it really that bad to have a daughter? We need mothers after all[View]
293891051What is the third positionist answer for every politcal, social, and economic issue?[View]
293891410How is this for suitable copy pasta?: Thinking about starting a newsletter. Not sure about the comme…[View]
293882478Why do niggers measure their success in the amount of crime they did? Is this a part of black cultur…[View]
293869546HAPPENING JUDGE REVERSES ORDER IN GEORGIA **AGAIN**: >US District Judge Timothy Batten has issued…[View]
2938671923rd round victory in GA: biden bros take the final L the machines WILL be inspected much like your '…[View]
293890220When did you realize that the 2020's USA is the 1980's USSR?[View]
293885895Are Bikers Really as Tough as Boomers Think They Are?: Seriously, motor cycles are cringe af. Has an…[View]
293883491>pours oil down sink It's the cities problem now[View]
293845355redpill me on freemasonry: what is it? Is it Jewish? Or are they just Gnostic larpers who don't…[View]
293890933Woah https://twitter.com/RealChrisLangan/status/1333106294698373120[View]
293890739Trump cultists are the same as christcuck and muzzie cultists. They believe in low IQ jewish fairy t…[View]
293890916How would the british response to something like germanys ww2 air campaign be different now that it …[View]
293889769Why r manlets so short?: Is it fluoride in the water? Is too much social media? Is shortness caused …[View]
293890817a daily reminder that i love you all Let's get rid of the jewish system together! Just like Hit…[View]
293870151What are some things you dislike about Hitler?: >Wanted to ally with subhuman British 'peopl…[View]
293886680How do we start another world war, ausbros?[View]
293889559>yfw police found out you said 'corona doesnt exists' on social media[View]
293889735Tell me about Iowa[View]
293889223What if Donald Trump was president lol: Would he run as a Democrat or Republican?[View]
293890479First Cat? Delightful feline to grace White House: What’s your thoughts on this, /pol/? I for one am…[View]
293890462How come incestuous relationships are so common in anime? It's so disgusting, revolting, and ev…[View]
293865309What did he mean by this????: What did Papa mean?[View]
293890362Thoughts on this guys videos? https://youtu.be/CftXxa1PZJI[View]
293881516Need a white pill: I just learned in 20 years America will be mainly nigs and spics Is there any hop…[View]
293887480Remember this? Child transitioning is same shit different way.[View]
293877949Why won't this piece of shit concede already? Joe Biden is our next President. PERIOD. THIS WAS…[View]
293860463How has no one on the right ever not be btfo by this little squeaky hobgoblin? Even your hero Styx h…[View]
293884676Somebody explain this shit to me[View]
293885354What will lib Comedians do when Trump is out of office?: Can you imagine what it is like writing for…[View]
293890097Global cooling solar minimum: Its 54 degrees and falling in Southern California. How are you anons h…[View]
293884742Are you ready for the Bean Pill?[View]
293890054Georgia fag here Give me one good god damn reason why I shouldn't write in Trump?[View]
293890088so, what do you guys think is the main reason there are no (((lobbyists))) known to the public in ju…[View]
293890017Why do normies think he is a big bad villain, who manipulated people with fear because muh human emo…[View]
29387791530+ year old virgins: Why are so many men turning into virgins over the age of 30? Why isn't th…[View]
293888145>soon to be anno domini 2021 >still not even indicted Where were you when you realized Trump …[View]
293885910did it happen yet[View]
293887059Time Travel Thread: Just a friendly reminder. Make sure that if you ever get teleported back in time…[View]
293881867Presidential Press Release - Blue Screen Glitches: The man can't be any more based....uses a ca…[View]
293887845How do we make the world a better place without everyone flocking to western countries?: We need a i…[View]
293884013Say something nice about China (you can't)[View]
293879727Just two more weeks till we win: The Supreme Court is going to overturn the election and the god emp…[View]
293885742After 10 years I just realized you guys are fucking off your rockers and not being endearingly offen…[View]
293884439Argentina to use an ice cream company to distribute the russian vaccine: There are gridos in every c…[View]
293889041Pence & Harris: Pence will be president along with Harris as the vice president. Screenshot Thi…[View]
293882719Arizona went blue because Trump made fun of McCain.: Like him or not, McCain is a hero down in Arizo…[View]
293885580Niggers: How do we solve the negro question? can we ever co-exist with niggers, when they always chi…[View]
293887801https://youtu.be/YzBJJ1sxtEA?t=13 Trump is a big baby and sore loser, the lawsuits are going NOWHERE…[View]
293884344LIVE: Iran holds state funeral procession for assassinated nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh: Steamed up…[View]
293880815I have $1000 in my savings right now. whats the best possible thing i could spend it on to prepare f…[View]
293874348Can he still win?: Alright retards, i don't care who you are Show me facts, stop crying about y…[View]
293853768>goes from 1 million views per video to 3,000 views per video. I genuinely feel bad for him.…[View]
293887473I predict its eventual downfall or at least serious decline. I think most normies, after having Prim…[View]
293887200Should crowder do a change my mind on Epstein?: I would love to see it but I would also fear for the…[View]
293888803take that mom and dad![View]
293843592Is Orthodoxy the Way?: I'm a Latin Rite Catholic and feeling scandalized by the state of the mo…[View]
293872021I Figured Out How to Beat NPCs: Literally just ask them: Do you think 3 year old's should be on…[View]
293882002Can someone explain this shit to me? >Inb4 but Obama got more votes! Michigan's had a massiv…[View]
293887565Which grill is he looking at in this gif?[View]
293884329FLU SHOTS: Science says that if everyone got a flu shot then annual flu cases would go down substant…[View]
293884695Blackpill General: It’s really over, isn’t it? We’re literally in the midst of the great reset. Ther…[View]
293878076Is there anything more repulsive than tattoos? Why do people get them? Mental illness?[View]
293887675Left vs Right dichotomy: Name a more damaging idea to critical thinking, nuance, and intellectual di…[View]
293882823The only good politician is a dead one, change my mind. Pic not related.[View]
293887214Hey /pol/, i need some better quality shit here, help me write my little bros thesis with examples.[View]
293876035STOP THIS RETARDED SHIT NOW: My twitter followers told me I could find you deplorable here. I am jus…[View]
293887940can any one recomend a free vpn to use Im on windows 7[View]
293860231Australian parents lose custody of 15yo daughter for refusing hormone therapy: An Australian court h…[View]
293886244>Fakhrizadeh was traveling with his wife Friday in a bulletproof car, alongside three security pe…[View]
293886430irrigation: When did you last irrigate your sinuses, anon? Its very important you clear out your big…[View]
293887865IT'S MOCKINGBIRD RIGHT?: >Let's make this a meme /Pol FOR TRUMP…[View]
293860555What are black people superior at?: So what exactly are BLACK people superior at?[View]
293887359fighting english: How would the british response to something like geramnys ww2 air campaign be diff…[View]
293888028https://mobile.twitter.com/yangjews/status/1333164365407776772?s=21 Get ready for gibs.[View]
293887334BIDEN MUST CONSNEED!!![View]
293875212Hit me with the most brutal brownpill you know[View]
293886129Do jews engage in the degeneracy they push on others[View]
293887857Globohomo art?: Globohomo art?[View]
293883790Rubicon Don!: America had no Justice Department right now. And if someone even TRIES to do the right…[View]
293886603MY MANIFESTO: THIS IS MY MANIFESTO Hereby, I declare my manifesto! Hear what I must say, for it is w…[View]
293879526Optics is changing - Overton slide soon: >inb4 muh social media Like it or not, social media is r…[View]
293884324Boomer Abuse: >Boomer Hate Thread/Boomer Abuse Over 18 only thread. Anons share the sort of abuse…[View]
293876686I keep oscillating on black people: Sometimes I think black people are no less stupid than any other…[View]
293880252There's polite, then there's ridiculous Why are people kowtowing to the mentally ill?[View]
293882876/ptg/ President Trump General - GLORY Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehous…[View]
293870439ITT - We discuss why incels should be the first to receive the COVID vaccine: Incels deserve to be e…[View]
293887245Full Declass: JFK/9-11/Handy Sook If the fat cheetoh was really on the huwite working man's sid…[View]
29386071862 Israeli assassins: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8997575/Assassination-Irans-nuclear-s…[View]
293887160far on the future we will look back on today and we will feel nostalgic about things. we will miss t…[View]
293885154Typhus and poor conditions are common to to concentration camps, so how did 300,000 Jews die in the …[View]
293886892HEAR YE, HEAR YE: The court of /pol/ is now in session to decide upon the subject of whether or not …[View]
293882562Honestly id give her a -10[View]
293886818Who's Going?: I got my tickets booked to Washington DC to view this historic moment with my mas…[View]
293886583What phenotype is this[View]
293882673HELP! IN URGENT NEED OF HELP!: My Dad joined the freemasons in early March and now he's convert…[View]
293884636Anyone got the CIA anon screen grab?: The one mentioning roses and white dogs? This Biden boot shit …[View]
293884635Will South Carolina ever produce another politician of value?[View]
293873175Illinois: Why is Illinois a blue state? What happened? For those who live in it and vote red, how do…[View]
293882906How do we stop racism?[View]
293879120why do landlords make leftists seethe[View]
293886197Sheboons must be sterlized by force worldwide: Change my mind.[View]
293877958Armenian vs Azerbaijan: So....Azerbaijan won the war? Where's the general thread? Russia suppor…[View]
293883308Where’s the evidence that poll watchers were sent home at 1am in all swing states only to wake up an…[View]
293880478WIPED: The machines were cleaned a week ago. This is a charade. Change my mind.[View]
293864583Explain Hawaii to me, /pol/: like what's the deal with Hawaii being a state and not Puerto Rico…[View]
293876463Mexico vs India: Which country would you rather live in ?[View]
293886182COME WATCH MY RACIST FRIEND DRAW https://www.twitch.tv/chaoclypse[View]
293885899Hunter Biden Pajamas..who is that?: https://gnews.org/519736/[View]
293878079Here's How Trump Can Still Win: You cucks ready to be the Berniebros of the next 4 years?…[View]
293866831What does /pol/ think of mouthbreathing?: Have the jews been hiding the harmful effects of mouthbrea…[View]
293882840What the fuck? What does the media gain by calling mayor pete a millennial....[View]
293859843WTF? /pol/ lied to me.: MUH WOODEN DOORS EXPLAIN THIS STORMFAGS[View]
293879101FUCK ALL NIGGERS: What made you hate niggers so much? Me it's the smell[View]
293883747No big deal.: Just Joe Biden openly calling for white genocide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaCB…[View]
293876898Thinking about not paying taxes anymore: The Federal government is aborting babies and turning our c…[View]
293884632PSA: Naltrexone - The Cure for What Ails You: Naltrexone was first developed for opioid addiction, b…[View]
293881333Who generated the most Copium? Hillary supporters in 2016 after she lost or Trump supporters in 2020…[View]
293885769Was Bobby based? & What are your guys thoughts on chess in general?[View]
293885383Nigger coach in france but from africa talks about a nigger fight in france but from africa and how …[View]
293876928Why did the Memes abandon Trump?: Not a single memorable ones this election[View]
293885384If niggers disappeared, what would the deep state do? They need niggers to make drug money.[View]
293885347Will it ever come back, bros?[View]
293884945Globalist Musk sending business to China: Tesla Inc said on Thursday it planned to start making elec…[View]
293879000who did you vote for anon?: for the first time in 25 years i voted Democrats. i used to vote Republ…[View]
293873245Realistically, when are we going to be allowed to take off the masks?[View]
293884353WHAT THE '20s DECADE WILL BRING US: What will the current decade entail? Make wild predictions …[View]
293884932Alright what's going on with the election: https://shadilay.com/t/election-fraud-2020/407/6 We …[View]
293843832Top 5 most hated countries: hey anon, what are your top 5 most hated countries? bonus points for 5 u…[View]
293882598>YOU babies aborted >MUST kid becomes trans in school >PAY brother dies in a war >YOUR H…[View]
293878177I do hope the 'Biden Cheated' group enjoy my new flag![View]
293879908/pol/ but in a timeline where Stirner is more influential than Marx: >government lol…[View]
293881260Jojn McCain: Modern day American Hero.[View]
293878896All this hating on Great Reset... Has anyone of you actually read the article? It is the most anti-J…[View]
293866131BIDEN boot: what are the chances that Biden is seen with a black eye over the next two weeks?[View]
293884655fighting english: How would the british response to something like geramnys ww2 air campaign be diff…[View]
293884664Transgenderism is a Social Construct.: Tomboys are cute and valid. But some real talk. I present a h…[View]
293880776She’s back...: https://youtu.be/27VLJKwYWUY[View]
293878530BLM took it. Don't ask me how I know. It's revenge.[View]
293877582Would the US be able to defeat a chinese invasion?[View]
293884273Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White European countries for everyone?: We should push this ta…[View]
293884206Smartmatic CEO: 'We know without any doubt the turnout was manipulated': Venezuela 2017 vo…[View]
293884179Joe Biden broke his leg: Well that happened a lot sooner than expected https://www.msn.com/en-us/ne…[View]
293878140You think you need marijuana because you're BORED. That is all.[View]
293883809I hate her fuck her[View]
293883000>Fuck black men, then vote Republican. Good enough for you, /pol/?[View]
293849583DEATH MATCH: Voter Data searched against SSN Death Index - come see. Just after the election I found…[View]
293883980forbid niggers and jews from breeding with one another and other races. that is all.[View]
293879128When will Germans reclaim their rightful clay?[View]
293880768>be roastie >ummm yeah [x] raped me like 30 years ago I think I dont really remember >the m…[View]
293880614Jesus was the first anti-semite: Friendly reminder that Jesus was not a jew. Modern Judaism comes fr…[View]
293880317Say his name.[View]
293883600Y'all niggaz got those hunter dick pics?[View]
293883541So when are Serbs going to exterminate A*banian rats poisoning this land?[View]
293881777How can we know the vaccine is safe? Serious question. It's coming next week[View]
293883488How banks enslaved humanity: I really don't know much about the banking system, what are some g…[View]
293883448Redpill me on the Armenian v Azerbaijan war I heard Armenian politicians betrayed armenia for riches…[View]
2938834451.12 MILLION manufactured votes?: Were they able to print 1,126,940 PA votes? Anyone got the deboonk…[View]
293856672Am I a race traitor if I date a Latina?: I am a good boy, similar to Martin Garrix. I have problems …[View]
293883283Hey guys, my name is /pol/: And I get my news from twitter links consisting of MSM updates. Fox, CNN…[View]
293883102Let's be honest here. He would want you to wear the mask.[View]
293877394LEAFS STAND DOWN: Leafs you will not steal my beautiful home in Point Roberts Washington. I order yo…[View]
293860543Catholics of /pol/ would you be ok with Caridnal Sarah as the next Pope?: Personally I would love Ar…[View]
293874162/Po/ is Light Yagami: Think about it. This place colectively is smart. The Death note is meme magic …[View]
293880835ladies and gentlemen, we got em.[View]
293875572Name one (1) thing that America has not made worse.[View]
293879537He's still gonna be President in January r-right bros?[View]
293880223>Demaratus, it is my pleasure at this time to ask thee certain things which I wish to know. Thou …[View]
293880817what if hitler won: would covid have happened then?[View]
293880265Why do simps like this?[View]
293880385Solution to the student loan problem.: Legalize slavery again. If you can't pay your loan, you …[View]
293849507SOLAR EVENT HAPPENING!: MASSIVE Coronal Mass Ejection! https://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/r…[View]
293877607/ptg/ President Trump General - '''Helicopter Crash''' Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS http…[View]
293882472can someone please educate me about the role of jews in the 'discovery' of America?[View]
293879699POOS ARE BASED AND BROWNPILLED: ITT we name reason why poos are the most based and intelligent race …[View]
293874174MOST of Donald Trump's supporters DON'T -donate money to his efforts -publicly support him…[View]
293882376Is PROPERTARIANISM making a comeback now that normie politics have failed? What does /pol/ think of …[View]
293881765Well, /pol/?[View]
293882342What would Soviets think about modern day leftists?[View]
293882270Remember this guy?: He went way off the rails.. sad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E_p2wElrgk…[View]
293882254this is fine[View]
293881157How can I be more like the mighty whit*oids?[View]
293874800FBI now the good guys?: >The FBI recently started to investigate the so called 'nothingburger' Yo…[View]
293876676Homosexuality was taken out of the DSM-5 for purely political reasons[View]
293881610pic name related[View]
293876394inb4 he gets redpilled & lazy[View]
293881504what is the right political definition of this society:: there's no authority of single human o…[View]
293870689Was he innocent?[View]
293864842china has officially challenged Australia to a SHITPOST WAR: gather up all the lads and rev up those…[View]
293875949Someone on reddit said hitler executed schizophrenics so i called him based and they downvoted me[View]
293878268Should we tell them?: I’ve grown kind of affectionate of the shills, they’re kind of like our pets n…[View]
293881261DO NOT FALL FOR LARPERS: If someone makes a thread about being an insider, just report and sage. Shi…[View]
293871055Bow down to your King: Pic related is King Felipe VI of Spain A 6’6” Chad with the biggest dick in …[View]
293877979Kaleigh V. AOC in 2024[View]
293880105I have serious doubts that Donald Trump actually GAINED GROUND in the states of Iowa, Ohio, NorthCa…[View]
293880820Why do they hate us? Did their dads not love them? Share wholesome dad stories to increase the seeth…[View]
293880590What do (((they))) truly think about Bitcoin?: I wish I could post this on /biz/, as they’re an infi…[View]
293880908hmmm the first result is 'oyy veyy stop dese evil protests!! nazis are here!!' where were you when y…[View]
293877815What will be the long term effect of Trumps 1 term? Will the people who are still blue pilled enough…[View]
293875367Nigga how do you get a hairline fracture in your foot from falling over when your foot is at ground …[View]
293880708AZ and WI set to certify tomorrow and next day: It is fundamentally over, unironically. I'm goi…[View]
293879778At this point, if any religion is going to succeed in an increasingly irreligious world, it is going…[View]
293877096>liberals project by claiming trump wears diapers >biden is hospitalized the next day So what…[View]
293879271Why are amersharts so behind on the times? They're celebrating a 'first female VP' and we had T…[View]
293869281Where is Coomer?: The irony is palpable with his name, but where is Coomer? I hear roomers being he …[View]
293879746Latinanons: Is revolving door migration true? Do you or anybody you know have aspirations to return …[View]
293873265Is we getting more stimulus checks?[View]
293878040If you faggots on the left/black and right/white can’t can see the MSM is using divide and conquer t…[View]
293880213What secret knowledge do priests have? >[T]hose amongst the community who possess secret knowledg…[View]
293879956Trannies are actually based.: Trannies are mostly leftists sterilizing themselves.[View]
293879793BIDEN LOST THE LEAD IN MINNESOTA: https://twitter.com/WORGODICP/status/1330655015413944321?s=20 >…[View]
293854456REDDIT TURNING BASED???: A post from this sub made Frontpage today. People in this sub are calling E…[View]
293879591Nothing ever happens: I've been following this whole election fraud fiasco for weeks now. I sti…[View]
293875068before reddit faggots could only communicate their onions opinions through bumper stickers we have t…[View]
293864710Non native speaker here. Why is one term 'acceptable to use in society' but not the other? in Englis…[View]
293860915Conspiracy 'theory': /pol/, name some conspiracy theories that you believe to be true.[View]
293828382/pol/ Humor Thread - Fren Edition: >https://youtu.be/-BDbyLO0avs How's your day going frens?…[View]
293878249ITT we will be the next hitler: How would you become dictator in your current country?[View]
293879827i hate them niggers part 2: real fan club[View]
293872641Nigger the manga: Would you read it ?[View]
293879787Dementia and elders abuse relief concert: Biden came to Nashville with a suitcase in his hand Said …[View]
293879769How can we say this was the fault of Donald Trump's leadership?[View]
293860892How does it feel to know that trump supporters are seen as utter garbage by most of society[View]
293879210Should I buy a 4chan pass? 20 dollars is atrociously overpriced.[View]
293872328Write my lil bros thesis /pol/.[View]
293828442Was society better in the 90s?[View]
29387665561 to ZERO!: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof! poor drumpf![View]
293879459Can someone remove the ice with Photoshop? That would look nicely retarded.[View]
293877422AMERICA: You had your election stolen by an actual real life, living, breathing, COOMER A COOMER PER…[View]
293876955America has no debt and it's just an excuse to tax the fuck out of you[View]
293879248is aids injected in negroes by (((pharma labs))): just asking questions[View]
293876884Can Trump still win: Everyone I talk to seems to be in agreement that Biden won and I get real quiet…[View]
293870521Why do they do this[View]
293878809PRIEST PRETENDS TO STRIP TO QUALIFY FOR EXEMPTION: https://youtu.be/j6BXplWQfr8 based. libshit gover…[View]
293867494AG of PA, Intimidating Voter Fraud Witnesses and Whistleblowers: Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watc…[View]
293877781Tries to monkeyfuck his dog: >Breaks his fucking ankle Goodboy, Major!…[View]
293877127Wakanda II: So, how is it going? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/19-families-buy-nearly-97-acres-o…[View]
293874215Which race would you rather have come in massive droves?: Spic Poo Nig Chink[View]
293877595Stupid corona: I just realized, corona vaccine is as pointless as the flue vaccine. Sounds very wron…[View]
293878448Hey Aussieanons heard you got dabbed on by a bunch of yellow pooftas. You going to be alright?[View]
293878411Wisconsin recount thread?[View]
293878425You might be a golem if: You think Feds are posting to encourage people to fight the government. We …[View]
293876129Is Brazil becoming the new Mexico? Militarized crime: https://twitter.com/mrtateofinal/status/133197…[View]
293878107Porn is a political weapon.: Can we admit already that porn has destroyed a generation of men? What …[View]
293830595webm related is a 10/10 in bongland[View]
293878077Any good books about white genocide?[View]
293873491Sup bro! Are you guys liking trannies yet?: Trannies, mostly MtF were designed by women who are very…[View]
293876832>You voted for it. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to suck jewish dick. Don't l…[View]
293875599Should it be legal to have your nipples showing in public? What do you consider to be indecent expos…[View]
293824347TORONTO HAPPENING TOMORROW: The Barbecue Uprising against lockdowns continue. QRD: >Toronto goes …[View]
293877469Why did we let it all happen?[View]
293877656Twenty-eight states have already mandated loyalty pledges to Israel as a means to outlaw dissent. Bu…[View]
293877989Chinese Eyes: They have penetrated our society so much but whatever, it's disco night https://w…[View]
293876271Politics can be stressful. What is /pol/'s way to cope with the stupidity of those in power?[View]
293877961You had one fucking job: >moving my family across the country >stop at traffic light in bozema…[View]
293876357Are Russians white?[View]
293876348Shills on suicide watch. Georgia judge literally states that affidavits are evidence. How will they …[View]
293877901Vaush is a wannabe loser, great example of a smug liberal pseudo-intellectual: What the fuck is this…[View]
293873964Should he be admitted to a mental institution?[View]
2938774313rd Times A Charm !: >Breaking Georgia Judge reverses Decision, He is Now Blocking GA officials f…[View]
293876893This elderly fuck is already falling over due to being old and senile and they're blaming it on…[View]
293877594Anons is it her fault? She seem sweet but misguided...: https://twitter.com/i/status/131367921382042…[View]
293870202How does pol think the student loan debt issue will end? Most will not pay it back and will either d…[View]
293876952UK tell me what's going on: Why does this guy look so weak[View]
293876979If liberals are libtards then Republicans are retards[View]
293869813this might trigger trumpets and drumpkins: i know reality is VERY hard for these types but like scie…[View]
293875521What's up with Steven crowders comment section? I just randomly found this video and what the h…[View]
293874971It's been an honor, meme-ing with you fellows[View]
293876822cumtown Candice Owens on Tim Dillon: “The virus came from China and they beat it before us!”: Gee, I…[View]
293877635Brit/pol/ - Print Pilled Edition: >Ender 3 Pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/Creality-Removable-Certif…[View]
293877614Who was the best American supreme court justice, in your opinion? I like Hugo Black.[View]
293875387Rothschild appreciation thread: Thank you, masters![View]
293871706/ptg/ President Trump General - Eat A Dick, Kemp Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://ww…[View]
293858743I voted for Joe Biden AMA P2: What’s up /pol/. After smashing cuckservatives for the 4-5th time In a…[View]
293804096Generals Flynn AND McInerney: Both say Coup, Treason, and between the lines War. https://www.worldv…[View]
293877241was any attempt ever made to make poland a part of the ussr?[View]
293877218What have mossad been watching? Breaking Bad or MacGuyver?[View]
293859456Is Biden finally going to concede?: https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FPe…[View]
293873176The Bible says it’s ok to have slaves so why the fuck y’all hate on the lgbt community?[View]
293869794You are pathetic. What makes you think you are better than the left? You are no different. All I see…[View]
293877114God warned you not to race mix: Commandment 7: 'Thou shalt not commit adultery' >adulterate: verb…[View]
293876679The secret to happiness: Is having what's in this picture in your arms. Learn how to do achieve…[View]
293866759Hit me with the most brutal blackpill you know.[View]
293872782Would you take the COVID-19 vaccine if they offered to pay you to take it?[View]
293875877Dont wait for the next hitler, BE the next hitler[View]
293875380Is Anonymous an organisation or is it an idea? If you believe in the idea, are you part of anonymous…[View]
293851041You faggots are whining about this when it is and HAS BEEN the norm in east asian countries. In Chin…[View]
293837121HAPPENING: Biden Fractures Foot Confirmed: Biden already plagiarizing McCain and hes not even presid…[View]
293873802It’s not the Jews: It’s us If we wish to survive as a race, we must look inward and be brutally hone…[View]
293875248Getting Lung Cancer to Own the Chuds: how will /pol/ ever recover??[View]
293876853Where are the LISTS: Where are the lists. People that identified as antifa on twitter said they were…[View]
293874041Conscious Consuming: I think we need recurring threads about where to buy products without supportin…[View]
293869998Burn the coa-: What do you call it when it happens the other way around?[View]
293876607What was the highlight of the Trump presidency?: And why was it moving the US embassy to Jerusalem?…[View]
293876720Big Bazza video release: See it here. On point as usual. Simple as https://youtu.be/MqVYAsDdcYQ…[View]
293867276Can we please talk about the plain and simple fact that THE MASKS DON'T FUCKING WORK?: Everywhe…[View]
293873285i hate them niggers: i hate niggers fanclub[View]
293866987WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS?: >Zhoda was formed in a joint venture with Urknafta in 1995. …[View]
293862531You WILL be replaced.[View]
293874570Any White person that engages in 'who's White nation is more cucked' arguments is not pro-White…[View]
293870426TING TING TING TING: AHEM Good evening gentlemen. I have an announcement to make...[View]
293819083Miley Cyrus: When Miley Cyrus twerked on that one guy in 2013 that is when the degeneracy that you s…[View]
293868325You will eat ze bugs.[View]
293876089confused about the calendar: is it really 2020 or is that clown world trying to mess me up?[View]
293876465telepresence slave nanoboots: something more practical, with these nanotechnological devices, quantu…[View]
293848607Tranny Taxonomy, an attempt:: I've done a bit of research and the way I see it, there seem to b…[View]
293850816TRANSLATION: Biden has a an ankle bracelet. EYE REPEAT Beijing Biden has a mother fucking tracking d…[View]
293875187Daily reminder delusional people are happier[View]
293875979Let's say humanity lives long enough to go off and colonize space, would you be against any rac…[View]
293876122Counter this https://greatgameindia.com/portuguese-court-pcr-tests-unreliable/[View]
293875689So at this point what could Trump legally do to just leave Biden the biggest smoldering pile of shit…[View]
293875982Do white women get jealous when they see a black couple?[View]
293862751What are /pol/‘s approved cat breeds?[View]
293876150Who is more dumb: China or India?[View]
293872171Remind me again why is Biden winning such a bad thing, please.: Well?[View]
293873279Your thoughts on Patriot Front?[View]
293870938BREAKING: Judge Orders Georgia Officials Cannot WIPE or RESET Voting Machines (10:10PM decision): Se…[View]
293876021A message from a Good friend: Food and water should be free. Homes should be free. Every job should …[View]
293875680Member when comedians were based?? <iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
293855511no mRNA drug had yet been licensed for use in humans until November 2020 !: And they want to use the…[View]
293874022Is there a possibility that FEMA-style camps exist in the United States?: Or will the Great Reset be…[View]
293875072Most of my genetics come from the British isles. Does that make me superior to most other races?[View]
293875989Major Fraud in Sports Betting: So did you notice how they were about to call the fight for Tyson, th…[View]
293875985Huge redpill: Reminder that Spengler predicted everything[View]
293875468Was it worth being charged with treason?[View]
293875900Loeffler is a plant: They plan to cheat in the elections again and when Stacy Abhrams wins this woma…[View]
293874089Halt All Foreign Aid: I do not know a single person who likes the fact that we give so much money to…[View]
293875404Does this make sense now[View]
293875168How is Paganism stronger?: If paganism is better then Islam and Christianity why did it get complete…[View]
293874343Is this what the average polish male looks like? Why is Eastern Europe so cucked? Will PUTIN save us…[View]
293869521I have this reoccurring nightmare where it turns out that women are secretly running the world. Its…[View]
293861651ITT We post our civil war songs: I’ll go first, 10/10 song https://youtu.be/Sk-U8ruIQyA[View]
293871774Worried that some of you will self-harm when Biden is sworn in. Please seek help. Cognitive dissonan…[View]
293839532HAPPENING: EVERYONE KNOWS THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED - FACT: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status…[View]
293873685>88 million What did he mean by this?[View]
293873479Where in the world is Eric Coomer?: Is he dead already? You guys found a flag in the middle.of nowhe…[View]
293871526What will happen to the economy when all of the brick-and-mortar jobs go away?[View]
293873278Guys, when the fuck is he gonna pull this off? I'm tired of waiting. No more fucking trolling i…[View]
293872928If people hate YouTube so much, why hasn't any created a better video hosting platform yet?[View]
293875430Listen guys I live in the part of Germany north of the site where raid happened it wasn't good …[View]
293875417Maybe Biden really is better than 500 billion for niggers Trump?[View]
293875360Ben Carson 2020: >Jeb bush is a few days away from inauguration >both Trump and Biden sue for …[View]
293872452I demand to know what this tweet means[View]
293875350why is everything so lacking in creativity these days?: there is always this 'nostalgia' and lack of…[View]
293842766Why Italians don't produce art...?: like the one they produced during the Renaissance and Baroq…[View]
293875308When did you realize racism is childish and immature?[View]
293873313WOC & white men: Why do WOC undermine white men politically then go home to a white man? If they…[View]
293869678The faces of the true British people: Behold Cheddar Man and Whitehawk Woman. They build Stonehenge …[View]
293875231i was a good student in high school a mediocre student in college that's the memories i will di…[View]
293846378Is the squad based bros: They just want to help people why is that a bad thing?[View]
293875206>Trump won prove it nerd[View]
293872958Remember what they took from you[View]
293875040This faggot is bi and got rejected by his Chad friend for being a weird clingy faggot trying to fuck…[View]
293870060If Jesus came back: how would normies react?[View]
293875093Post em: https://www.truity.com/test/big-five-personality-test[View]
293871356Georgia judge changed his mind yet again.[View]
293874468Who will be the first black president?[View]
293871788What is the deal with Biden and dogs?: They've been doing subtle stories about Biden and dogs t…[View]
293874254WOMAN PREDICTS SECOND HOLOCAUST: >my grandparents only found out about the Holocaust after they w…[View]
293874833/pol/ humor thread: We need some humor![View]
293870181White leftists: Why do you want me, as a white man, dead[View]
293871462Rudy Giuliani’s daughter Caroline shares tips to help dad accept Trump defeat[View]
293871348THE NIGGERS ARE WAKING UP! BREAKING! GET IN HERE!!!!: https://youtu.be/i2j4m0KXXTE >https://youtu…[View]
293827006/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5067: ► Detected: 62,889,662 (+334,510) ► Died: 1,463,149(+5,602) ► Da…[View]
293871100Anyone knows where I can find her videos?[View]
293849312This will be your future[View]
293870505Trump is fighting the Deep State!: https://www.distributednews.com/478207.html 'New information is n…[View]
293874362deenS: Better luck next time?[View]
293872880Black Friday: Has anymore ever gotten a crazy deal before or is Black Friday a marketing scheme used…[View]
293861648.: reeeeeeeeeeeeee![View]
293874533How do we know these journalists even Exist? The article could be written/tweets could by an AI.[View]
293868674henlo: i want to be a nordic pagan where do i start? what are the basic beliefs? could use general i…[View]
293874526You really are cattle. T. Chang[View]
293874494Anyone else addicted to cope?: I kinda dont want trump to pull through with this win. I've beco…[View]
293874175Biden suffers hairline fractures to foot while playing with dog: >https://www.nbcnews.com/news/am…[View]
293872781I'm not white. I'm black: I just want a loving wife and ranch. My grandparents had this, b…[View]
293874226>be me >master's program >health promotion paper >end up writing about the need to …[View]
293874026Talmud general: It's quite obvious that the Jews rule the world. They are the major force in po…[View]
293874288Why is AVGN the only based YouTube channel? Is too bad those fat fucking losers are there bank rolli…[View]
293873575>enters city >destroys it >is black Is Godzilla just a metaphor for niggers?…[View]
293874183Can I still be in the ethnostate if I get a non-white girl from a third world country to marry me fo…[View]
293872236Can someone please explain why niggers would commit such a heinous crime? Where else can they get a …[View]
293869463>*insert witty line that annihilates trumpniggers*[View]
293874091/nsg+sig/ National Socialist General - National Comfyism: Welcome to National Socialism General, her…[View]
293850249You won't ticket me for Christmas, officer.: Disobey your orders. This isn't worth it.…[View]
293850355What did this nigga mean by this??: Let’s de-code. https://twitter.com/georgepapa19/status/13332068…[View]
293859443The Illuminati want total mind control: What if I told you that the Illuminati already have the tech…[View]
293869316Britain doesn't suck because of migrants.: We have a lot of illegals, and semi-legals made lega…[View]
293866558HAPPENING! BEAVER MOON OUT RIGHT NOW LETS GOOO: The last lunar eclipse of the year. Go out and look …[View]
293873671Look at the moon!: That ring is huge[View]
293872076Reminder that personal attacks against other users and uncivil discussion is not permitted on /pol/.…[View]
293867971DOGCOMS: Anything to it, bros? >mccain -- 'every dog has its day' >photoed with dog & boot…[View]
293873486christianity is the only hope for the west[View]
293850927AUS/POL/: What did they mean by this? Ian where are you? Hope you are okay m8.[View]
293872692To have virtue means to be a MAN: Vir in latin = man Virtus = power / manliness To be virtuous mean…[View]
293866328Who would Dana Scully vote for in the 2020 election?[View]
293872968Will there be a real life happening tomorrow?: Feels like the gears that have been in motion for a l…[View]
293873426Tranny: If /pol/ hates Trannies so much then why do they love this one?[View]
293872877Think like a rigger: Imagine we were rigging the election. What would be the features of the rigging…[View]
293873379Give them one good reason they shouldn’t genocide the whites given the antics of american foreign af…[View]
293871455I was approached by Freemasons: Public relations expert here. I’ve been recently approached by Freem…[View]
293872955The meaning of American over time[View]
293872983Why is it that until this day, all Sidney has shared with us is conjecture?[View]
293871145Is Tucker a CIA Operative?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by4MzrVODeQ&start=402[View]
293873070>he's got more votes than any candidate ever, so much so it's mathematically impossible…[View]
293873067>DA JOO FEAR DA SAMURAI[View]
293865505What’s going on here?: >11 year old girl disappears in the middle of the night, her cut hair is f…[View]
293869094Are you going to take the Vaccine?: Does it reduces testosterones???[View]
293869470Why are there pockets of communists in virtually every country on earth?[View]
293869959books for a law student and young politician...: ...Hi frends, I'm a law student, and i was won…[View]
293870785legendary digits on /x/ >>>/x/26868911[View]
293871650based Iran if they go through with it: An opinion piece published Sunday by a hard-line Iranian news…[View]
293869163MONARCHISM THREAD: ITT we discuss monarchy, why it's the best form of government, its history, …[View]
293871585Poo Niggers: How come they can't afford a toilet but can afford a computer[View]
293847279Feels Thread: Never forget what they took from you.[View]
293863686>How you gonna start whole spice wars and don't even use seasoning on your food?…[View]
293871449IT'S TIME TO THIN THE HERD, /pol: So, can we keep all the poorfucks and dipshits muzzled & …[View]
293872216Give up trumpers. Accept the fact he lost.[View]
293872547FEMALE PRIVILEGE: not getting stomped by 2 police men for not wearing a mask, unlike the poor guy wh…[View]
293870567'This is the President of the most powerful country on Earth.' Just look at his face and think this …[View]
293870440Type of place /pol/ is: Hey /pol/ I’m new to 4Chan overall. What type of people lurk here? Dems? Rep…[View]
293856217>it's just a sprained ankle >it's just a broken foot What is it really?…[View]
293872408If immigration destroyed the west, why are all white areas shitholes?: There are many all white rura…[View]
293871785Race is not real: Lets say you have a European girl and she has 10% north african and 10% south afri…[View]
293869056I managed to break Google's 'show only black people' algorithm. Apparently, colored people arti…[View]
293868090Whites have invented almost nothing: Whites have invented almost nothing. The only thing they did wa…[View]
293872069Uhh... I'm thinking BASED[View]
293869438Anyone remember this shit? lmao right before the Covid Hoax this was the big thing going on. https:/…[View]
293868856WE HAVE A SOLID CASE ANONS / Barnes Law / General McIlhenny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=How5sh9…[View]
293869062>Be Trump, 2012 >tweet about Obama/Romney 'watch the voting machines!' >2016, BTFO Hillary …[View]
293871883Do maga people actually, in their heart of hearts, think Biden or Kamala are in any way 'communists'…[View]
293865125this is the guy behind 'made for bbc' threads, say something about him[View]
293871835BIDEN ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSED DEC 2ND 2020: To put it simply, we've had a higher voter turnout, …[View]
293872145They fear the tranny.. the shapeshifter... you never know who could be one..... your next door neigh…[View]
293823790>Burn the coal >???? the coal[View]
293852009Why are Europeans feeling a sense of unity instead of killing each other like they used to?[View]
293867950Westerners are not White[View]
293856156/GAG/ Globohomo Art General Great Resetti Edition: >What is /GAG/? This is a thread dedicated to …[View]
293866380/ptg/ President Trump General - This Was Confirmed Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://…[View]
293870967AMERICA: You had your election stolen by an actual real life, living, breathing, COOMER A COOMER PER…[View]
293865177Why do so many right wingers have Fauci Derangement Syndrome?: Fauci Derangement Syndrome is really …[View]
293869009Guess who just got unbanned[View]
293778533/nsg+sig/ National Socialist General - We Smash Through!: Welcome to National Socialism General, her…[View]
293860342Daily reminder that Christian morality does not extend to shitskins. They are literally not human an…[View]
293863192Was America's post WWII golden age wasted? Will whites actually be better under China becoming …[View]
293841588Still think it's a hoax?: you got blood on your hands[View]
293870802>gets dog to appear personable >dog breaks his ankle can we get a based for this doggo?…[View]
293870809Gypsycrusader is streaming: https://youtu.be/JGxyCuu9qUo get in here faggots, the king of Nazis is s…[View]
293854944>99.9% of the internet is a leftist hugbox >lefties still come here trying to change 4chan int…[View]
293871433if Donald Trump was president in 1988 we would have had an AIDS vaccine in 1989[View]
293860425The irony of the left: They will hate you, until you become what they hate. That is the only thing t…[View]
293871350Is it over?: It can’t be that easy... right?[View]
293871324One term or two terms: This guy is forever in the history books. Say something nice about him[View]
293871125Stop appropriating our culture you kike worshipping traitors.[View]
293852866JOE BIDEN'S FOOT GENERAL - BOOT EDITION: >Biden has 'hairline fractures' in his mid-foot and…[View]
293870492>denigrating Turkishness What the hell does that even mean?[View]
293870889Why were boomers so based and anti-establishment[View]
293840909DJT KNOWS: Mad lad[View]
293861276What if Donald Trump were a black man?[View]
293870701Dear /pol/, what phenotype is this? On a side note, why do women get like this?[View]
293843939What happened to society?[View]
293866597What are your thoughts on China's social credit system? I don't know that much about it bu…[View]
293868391What will your answer be: When your daughter asks you why you and the rest of the men of your age di…[View]
293869840Action Item: Operation Reality Check: This is a reminder that the two ideologies represented appear …[View]
293860086Well /pol/ care for a drink tonight[View]
293868631If you’re not American you do not matter: This isn’t conjecture. It’s a fact.[View]
293862430ITS HAPPENING: Don Jr. retweeted this. We're getting a Don Jr. 2024 Presidential run boys https…[View]
293849826GA officially settled / NO WIPING THE SERVERS!: https://twitter.com/PetrSvab/status/1333144229003071…[View]
293862924SANTA IS SATAN: You pray to a Red guy who gibs you material posessions. Also Satan is an anagram for…[View]
293870303Redpill me on the Holocaust. I have seen your crematorium numbers but according to Nazi calculations…[View]
293869284It All Makes Sense: Now I know why Macron said CRT is antiwhite.[View]
293867956Hey MAGAturds: Trump doesn't even have a dog. He's a shitty fucking conman larping as a 'p…[View]
293869175New here /pol say it with me: I always read this board never replied or posted today I debated with …[View]
293865150Does anyone have that post from the glowie telling everyone to look out for dogs soon?[View]
293868118When you remove Jews from socialism, it becomes the most potent weapon against them.[View]
293848636>no sjw whit >hard workers get rewarded >fastest growing and strongest economy in the world…[View]
293851144You are all filthy cattle: I am a proud antifascist and I am against racism, sexism, homophobia, isl…[View]
293869492Daily reminder that the interview with Flynn on WVW is more KINO than Tenet. Check it. And tell your…[View]
293867318AOC: Why is /pol/ so obsessed with her? i'm starting to feel tired by watching her mutt face in…[View]
293866803What did they mean by this?[View]
293869288Biggest larpers in the world: You are no ancinet Greeks, you are the left overs from the bzyantine e…[View]
293867673why do so many trannies idolize north korea? do they not realize that the gooks would shoot them for…[View]
293854981He had 4 years to make voter ID the law. But no, instead he golfed and whined on twitter. Now he los…[View]
293854440Why does a simple and harmless statement generate so much butthurt?[View]
293828336Brit/pol/ - i predict a binfire edition[View]
293869213Equality will NEVER exist: Stop shilling for this impossible 'goal'[View]
293866873POO IN L-: No. Most of you claim to be great scientists and engineers but if you were on a plane and…[View]
293867200Listen to Joe Biden's choice for Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, tell a powerful true story o…[View]
293868927Reminder to break the ice with datascience anon in your redpilling of the normalfag MSM drones.[View]
293851415How do you define someone's race?: How do you decide whether a person is black or white?[View]
293867032Trump 2024 anyone?[View]
293869038Catholicism: Im hearing alot of “CHRISTKEK!” etc lately. Let me explain how Roman Catholicism, the o…[View]
293863120ITT act like the last black man you saw irl: I’ll start (s him at the zoo btw): OOOO! OOOO OOOO AAAA…[View]
293857486I think you guys will appreciate a story. I almost backed into a biker. There I was watching this wh…[View]
293865840List of right-wing alternative websites: Right-wing content on websites I go on is virtually nonexis…[View]
293828047do nonwhites actually believe that whites have never had it hard?[View]
293867642Hinduism: The true White Man's religion.[View]
293863085Will Biden/Harris support or betray the trans people like myself? What should be my expectation?[View]
293859695What the fuck is a sociopath?: Is it just made up bullshit? Based on modern standards, the majority …[View]
293863900So once Biden inevitability bans 4chan from the Internet, where do you anons plan on going?[View]
293868338A family is a dad, mum, and children. Grandparents make things better.: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
293867479MFW I’m still your president and you just erased the evidence showing Biden won in GA giving it to T…[View]
293868129Can hazbin hotel be redpilled?: They're the next Murdoch Murdoch.[View]
293827297Christianity is the Backbone of Western Civilization: ITT we discuss the message, teachings and hist…[View]
293824555Michigan won't be meeting with Rudy this week to discuss voter election irregularities. What is…[View]
293863293Henry Kissinger tells Joe Biden to go easy on China (Yes, that worthless sack of shit is still alive…[View]
293865378Basic China hate thread: Yellow midget propaganda machine in full force. Let’s remind them that they…[View]
293858769Trump is going to be permanently suspended from Twitter after Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20…[View]
293866978It begins[View]
293868125Aussie vs China meme war?: LETS MAKE THE TIANANMEN SQUARE MASSACRE GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!![View]
293864242Stop fighting over race and ethnicities. That’s what (((they))) want you to do.: You are falling in …[View]
293866179What happens here?: > be gang of transwomen > beat people up for calling them men > get arr…[View]
293867414Can someone explain blockchain 3.0 decentralized internet to this boomer?: Is this the decentralized…[View]
293867543uMM, this is extremely transphobic[View]
293867821Is Murdoch Murdoch leaving the wojak scene to make Last Son of the West 2?[View]
293867593Notorious: Notorious Ray Shon. How much does his life matter compared to a David or a Michael?…[View]
293857205I’ve called black people nigger on twitter: I’ve been stoking racial tensions by posing as jews and …[View]
293867039I don't see any evidence at all of voter fraud changing the results of the election, just vast …[View]
293853996THE STATE OF OBESITY AMONG ZOOMERS AND MILLENIALS: Reminder: 55 year old Brooke Shields is better lo…[View]
293865458Hi! Cheesed to meet you! I left /pol/ for a while cause the delusional MIGA niggers gave me schizo n…[View]
293846106B-but it was a s-scavanger...: https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/20/first-complete-t-rex-skeleton-found-lo…[View]
293867451what are the political implications of queer-coded villains, particularly in the context of animated…[View]
293867450How Does It Feel To Get The Gas Light?: >Liberal news media pushed the Russia hoax 24/7 and then …[View]
293866894Why do so many people hate Margaret Thatcher? Can you Brits give a British perspective? Do YOU hate …[View]
293861099>blocks your path >so you’re the Trump-supporting racist I’ve been hearing about on twitter, w…[View]
293866270Donald Trump is such a faggot, why do you even support him?[View]
293861770I kneel[View]
293853301What the fuck is wrong with Florida, /pol/? I mean as a general matter.[View]
293859898>literal retards don't understand how this works[View]
293866271Raise your daughters to love themselves. Go to the gunrange. Join your local militia.: Having childr…[View]
293864824British Culture is not in decline: This UK TV show is completely normal[View]
293867002Barr appreciation thread[View]
293852887Why did World of Warcraft become political? Every quest is a woman being strong and powerful and men…[View]
293866561NoooOooooo you can't just give Biden McCain brain cancer to win, that just means Kamala will be…[View]
293864395Good evening everyone, you came to the right place at the right time. This is Coast to Coast AM, bla…[View]
293854909DANGER: Democrats plan to deprive Trump of Re-election by the Congress!!!: Assuming Trump finds a wa…[View]
293864801Daily Reminder: Christ Is King[View]

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