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189601899Would you say this is accurate?[View]
189605565We support Faith Goldy for Toronto mayor[View]
189593414Discerning Between NPCs and PCs: Weeding out NPCs on the political front is, not surprisingly, very …[View]
189603350In seven months Gavin Mccinnes and three of his followers will be shot and killed by Antifa terroris…[View]
189601397Le Royal Quadroon: I am most pleased and delighted with the wonderful news that the next Duke of Sus…[View]
189595493Anyone has Warren 1/2020 memes..: Facebook and Google already are banning Warren's memes..…[View]
189604591Name me a bigger cuck country then the US: >trick question, you can't…[View]
189604948there you have it /pol/ race, ethnicity and country of origin have less to do with migrants committi…[View]
189604236You can't control me[View]
189591415Just saw this on b, is he right? In the same way npcs in games are programmed to behave in a certain…[View]
189602610Why is this dude so popular?: Seriously, this guy unironically turns me more left wing. Every time I…[View]
189605225Oh Voy: Why are whites race so diveded against ourselves? Asains,Latinos,blacks vote 60%+ with there…[View]
189602195Explain this to me: I'm not into politics much but it's pretty much unavoidable in today…[View]
189604961what if the deep state isnt real and trump really is the most powerful person in the world[View]
189604345When will they release the genophage?[View]
189603534Trump Derangement Syndrome is just normies' first foray into politics: I'm 30 and I clearl…[View]
189558550JUST NOW ON ELIZABETH WARREN'S NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE: Just now on Elizabeth Warren's Na…[View]
189600343wow BASED TRUMP: >*cops siding with antifa* CAN >*millions of dollars sent to Israel while the…[View]
189595648Why do Republicans have to engage in voter suppression if they're serving the interests of the …[View]
189594094OK that was fast...: Who is the next one to fail?[View]
189602766Attention leafs: Sign the e petition against more gun bans https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petit…[View]
189604460is every australian that opts for travelling to the United States for a holiday instead of europe an…[View]
189560451Why do so many Millennials live with their parents?: Are they living at home due to immaturity or du…[View]
189591727(((White Identity Rising?))): I think that a lot of White people, even Gen Z younglings are still us…[View]
189602758'Trump Looked Like He Was Thinking Racist Thoughts While Talking To Kanye West': Between this and th…[View]
189591407My gf is ditching her 'dream' in animation for something a little less glamorous and I can already s…[View]
189594453We are all NPCs.: Everyone on 4chan is an NPC. people with agency have better things to do than post…[View]
189603351How can people disagree with this and say that this speech does not hold true about every western co…[View]
189604410Post a better Greek Ideal[View]
189601168Liberal at UCF Rapes girl and after Anti-Rape protest: https://youtu.be/B8aNhjSvgzk[View]
189604333would this make a good poster to hang up in places?: 1/2 so basically any homogeneous population wil…[View]
189603113Sitting Eagle: This video had actually been restricted by YT Nazis upon release but since been resto…[View]
189588383Redpill me on this state. I know Milwaukee is a cesspool. Any other areas I should avoid?[View]
189600358/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Comfy Storms Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
189601570So now that Pocahontas went and torpedoed any possible chance of a successful campaign, who exactly …[View]
189596833why americans care so much about race?[View]
189593896t-thats a p-political s-song right, p-pol?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_ijc7A5oAc Did i miss s…[View]
189602843THE CLOWN IS BACK FAGGOTS: why are we not talking about this and the banking cartel. u wanna maga th…[View]
189603952Q identified: After all this time the little fucker finally gives us the final clue.[View]
189571745CRISPR kits are now available for $150: what are the sociopolitical ramifications? also the inventor…[View]
189598399Venezuela: The Calm Before the Storm: anons we need to get to work. What is 'The Calm Before the Sto…[View]
189600804white lefty females BTFO: Ford and Warren two lefty NPC females go down in flames. Relish the though…[View]
189598092Tucker actually got destroyed here. His only response was MUH RUSSIA!!!!!!! There is levels to the p…[View]
189589831Democrat Missouri Fuck UP: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-15/veritas-undercover-exposes-mo-s…[View]
189596803ITT only your most aggressively pozzed friends.[View]
189601204/pol/ why do both liberals and republicans disregard basic facts, why do people think opinion and fa…[View]
189603443Economic Crash: Behold of the black horse /pol/.[View]
189595927Absolutely sweetie[View]
189601101I'm going to meet Jordan Peterstein next week.: I have VIP-tickets for his show next week in Os…[View]
189603264Can the mighty pol figure this out: I can't figure this code out maybe Pol can cause Pol can do…[View]
189602887Dominicans and Puerto Rican’s are really the ones who pull the strings in Hollywood to make everybod…[View]
189600019>he killed millions[View]
189563006MELANIA LAUGHS at ELIZABETH WARREN: How do I get a based wife like Melania? How is Trump so chad at …[View]
189600766asians are racially superior so its beneficial for us to mix with them.[View]
189586227Fat People shouldn't go to heaven, they are Glutinous Pigs that take resources that could be be…[View]
189602371Our Western Poverty: We are rich, are we not? At any point prior in our species history have we ever…[View]
189575101JF GOES FULL LOLCOW: JF attacks on stream /ourguy/ Owen Benjamin over (((evolution))). Anyone still …[View]
189599040You fuckers are REALLY slacking off with this shit.[View]
189602741Was the Habsburg jaw simply whitewashed negro prognathism passed off as inbreeding?: The hands aren…[View]
189596322The internet is trash. There is no wisdom to be found on the internet. It was invent as a communicat…[View]
189594313Hey /pol/ so I recently found out some of my ancestors were Italian, what's the most painless w…[View]
189594128Why did they lose?: And how much different would America be today if they'd won?[View]
189602354Liberals-The only reason global warming is a thing is because the Jews one the war: Jews controlled …[View]
189599250itt: npc memes about big tech censoring npc memes[View]
189602270he served millions[View]
189602232OTHER (and why all statistics stopped in 2012): you're letting them get away with it 24/7. they…[View]
189601828Toxic Tay Tay kek. https://dcdirtylaundry.com/after-taylor-swift-endorsement-phil-bredesen-d-falls-t…[View]
189600207Senate Race: Arizona, Texas and Missouri: Probably the main races to focus on: Martha McSally (R) vs…[View]
189601621Fucking Christ so many salt mines for this shit. get responses to the Cherokee nation response http:…[View]
189584546/SIG/ - Self-Improvement General: >Make Yourself Great Again Discussion on purging ourselves of d…[View]
189602024The final redpill on the Jews: In the year 65 b.c. the Roman armies under General Pompey captured Je…[View]
189601506Found this while looking at old timey pictures of segregation. Thought I'd share here.[View]
189601839>Another good goy right /pol?[View]
189594876Right now this man is literally sitting in his home thinking of any reason not to run while the Demo…[View]
189597350black guy here: redpill me on wh*te people[View]
189597347What are your experiences with women in STEM?[View]
189599251The intellectual dark web convenes: What are they planning? Should we worry? I'm scared. The co…[View]
189595484Addicted to /pol/: Starting the week of Kavanaugh, I haven't gone an hour without checking in h…[View]
189599516Any chance of the divorce laws being shifted to be more male friendly with the new SC (ie no forced …[View]
189601482Three Possibilities: First Poss >1 family controls everything (Rothschilds) Second Poss >Multi…[View]
189601064When you don't tow the party line you no longer get lip service and are subhuman garbage[View]
189569775How fucking scared is she right now /pol/? She kept going after Trump today and fanning the flames, …[View]
189598176I had a heartbreaking realization a while ago with my dad, he gave up. >He had five children with…[View]
189592699>Keep attacking the soulless leftist and make them cry like a baby goy[View]
189601155Hunting Controversy: A cartoon character had to resign from Nickelodeon after he posted a hunting ph…[View]
189598234I would never: A lot of women feel scared or at least suspicious of men. I think we should start a m…[View]
189599940News: What are the least biased news sources?[View]
189590015'Hyperalarming' study shows massive insect loss: It's the Quickening that I warned yo…[View]
189599110It's been almost 2 years since the 2016 elections /pol/. As the midterm elections arrive in a f…[View]
189594269If there is any anti whites on here I want you to convince me that aryans aren’t superior. Look at t…[View]
189592732The Sahel: This is low-key the most badass place in the world. You can get anything from drugs to sl…[View]
189592517How do we get rid of all the hatred in America without killing everyone? I feel like liberals are op…[View]
189594765US Debt: 21 Trillion Debt to GDP: 105% Mex Debt: 500 Billion Debt to GDP: 46%[View]
189597257What Trump wanted instead.[View]
189590732he killed thousands[View]
189594307I miss her /pol/: This NPC shit is really tiresome. Emma Thread.[View]
189600411Should we go full Ancient Rome?: Trump as Emporer Tyrant the Benevolent and then we revert back to d…[View]
189592710Is whiteness a curse from God?: Are we a race of clean nigger lepers?[View]
189600131Neo Nazis are cancerous and will anchor any white nationalist movement. Hitler was a reaction to cru…[View]
189600504Based Pauline: How the fuck is Pauline going to be PM? it needs to happen.[View]
189587789can soi be cured or is it a permanent condition?[View]
189589469WOW: Pol completely BTFO... pol absolutely cannot recover from this one...[View]
189596953/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Six More Years Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
189600117Did you know that in Australia it's NOT okay to be white? You lost, bigots. Get over it.[View]
189589600/flg/ FLORIDA GENERAL: AYY YO WHO WE FINNA VOTE FOR??? Judges: >Alan Lawson for Supreme Court Whi…[View]
189592821Presumption of Innocence: A lot of people are saying Kavanaugh was mistreated in his interviews. Sho…[View]
189599272if africa was rich with oil, what do you think would happen to african countries? would it be like u…[View]
189573808why does far right fails to attract women?: do you guys hate your own women?[View]
189591030/hue/volution - FLAG edition: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thread the…[View]
189599519The left is coming even stronger, anon. We need to prepare for this shitstorm.[View]
189599824Homo Africanus Thread: As you all know, the delusion that niggers belong to the same species as any …[View]
189599465>tfw want to move to parent's country of birth after paying off loans and saving up some mon…[View]
189599667So amurcans, what makes your country so different than North Korea you use to make fun of and hate? …[View]
189593278Former NeoNazi removes face tattoos: Ex-skinhead gets extensive surgery to remove racist face tattoo…[View]
189596523Why was this man trumpeted as the biggest threat to the world?[View]
189595108Strong Fathers Save Nations: According to now deceased pyschologist Joesph Nicolosi, homosexualality…[View]
189561529Sexual Revolution thread 3: Welcome to sexual revolution thread (hopefully soon to be /srg/) Key not…[View]
189599328The red pill the Wachowski Bros were talking about...[View]
189595661What did the like to dislike ratio mean by this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdb66mPZu0o[View]
189599140/pol/, I require your help: Two days ago I made a post about how it could be fun to turn Minions-- t…[View]
189598450What are we really fighting for? The white man today is a sad shadow of what his great ancestors we…[View]
189599015Is America white again?: What did he mean by this?[View]
189597540Hold Fast You Sons of Albion!: By 2050, White native British will be a minority. https://www.bitchut…[View]
189595719The racist stigma surrounding cuckolding.: It's OK to be a cuck Stage 1: Anger >spends all h…[View]
189598965DOG SHAPIRO follows LIBERAL KEK into bathroom to WATCH HIM PEE[View]
189577153Name a more sniveling group of gutless bootlickers than these dipshits. Hard mode, no leftists.[View]
189578332Green Anarchy/Anarcho Primitivism General: Read Industrial Society and Its Future (ASAIF) http://edi…[View]
189597086HATCHDADDY: Top fucking kek[View]
189598822I like that theses NPC threads have programming in them. As someone who rarely ventures out of /g/ e…[View]
189596489Democrats BTFO. How can they ever recover?[View]
189591448When does a man reach his breaking point? I saw a woman clothed in a burka for the first time ever t…[View]
189596571Why are leftists so afraid of virgins?[View]
189598261NPC GOING INTO THE FILTER: Fuck you faggots with this endless shit. Just like the MGTOW, 56%, and IN…[View]
189598359/pol/ opinion Man In the High Castle: What is /pol/'s thoughts on Man in the High Castle? How …[View]
189593675Divide & Conquer: The idea is to bring Hillary back into the 2020 election by convincing her tha…[View]
189597443America is a 1st world countr- >An unvaccinated child in Florida has died from the flu, becoming …[View]
189596492Hegelian Dialectic: Modern history is rife with examples of certain (((actors))) operating along tra…[View]
189548159prove you arent a mindless follower: name 2 left wing positions you agree with and 2 right wing posi…[View]
189595597>be me >work at lowes >poor as fuck >3 years programming experience >3 years experien…[View]
189590769I've been telling you guys this for weeks: You keep calling me a fucking shill but now you cant…[View]
189594492Why isn't white supremacy taken seriously anymore?[View]
189593210What is the percentage of heritage before it matters: What percentage does it take to make a differe…[View]
189592695I just saw the trailer for this movie, I'm wondering which one is supposed to be the bad guy?[View]
189594549Today, I am 30. Say something nice to me /pol/ocks[View]
189596315Kars 4 (((Kids))): Donate your kar today. >In CharityWatch’s view, the Kars4Kids ads deceive pote…[View]
189576342>Americans men[View]
189597494Q predicted this[View]
189584005Millennials blamed for killing American cheese: https://nypost.com/2018/10/11/millennials-blamed-for…[View]
189597558my family and I have fallen on hard times and we're moving to a ghetto how do I survive?[View]
189577894Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft dead at 65: Press F to pay respects[View]
189595628HOLY FUCK THIS DAMAGE CONTROL: Read this FUCKING ARTICLE!!!! AAAAHAHAHAHA This is honestly the most …[View]
189593840Are the Anglo-Saxons the most degenerate ethnic group?[View]
189587162How one man can be so based? Khabib is surely /ourguy >traditional conservative >Tells people …[View]
189596909AVENATTI'S RECORD: I found a copy of Michael Avenatti's record. It's not that good, t…[View]
189597458i want to know /pol/ 's opinion on this may against gay frogs[View]
189597428Are they red-pilled or have they..?: With the creation of one of the most important films of our tim…[View]
189597281Tick-tock trumptards: Blue wave coming[View]
189597299Trumps theme when he accepts he walks up to the podium to accept his second term. Ill go first https…[View]
189595450Gentle reminder to resist and ignore all the glownigger yellow fever racemixing hapa white genocide …[View]
189594829**ALERT** 1984 IS HERE Twitter is censoring the fuck out of NPC. gigatweeter.com >pic related is…[View]
189593143How do you think the left will react if their 'blue wave' doesn't happen in November? They…[View]
189596896Have you ever flashed a security camera or CCTV?[View]
189593466You guys have made me paranoid: Umm[View]
189594250Meghan Markle pregnant: WE https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a23397552/meghan-markle…[View]
189595438illuminati owns /pol/: illuminati vs /pol/ it's on[View]
189594267why are Asians so cool: why ?[View]
189578121It's NOT okay to be white: Why does Australia hate white people?[View]
189593151>Here’s what the baby of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could look like >PRINCE Harry and Megh…[View]
189596786Owned: >Be 1860's politician >Be hanging out with Abraham Lincoln and his wife >'Yah k…[View]
189553310ITT we honor Mr. Davis,: the smartest programmer that ever lived. The fucking glow niggers got him.…[View]
189593335https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk2AkJmt6GQ Why is nasa doing this?[View]
189595019US currency: ITT: we discuss why new money looks fake and gay and old money is far superior.[View]
189589723How are my fellow zoomers doing? Are you enjoying Twitter today?[View]
189558383Trump voters turning on Trump in the midterms!: This interviews shows some former Trump supporters w…[View]
189596096I don't even believe it's her DNA.: The test could be anybodies spit. She needs to fucking…[View]
189574551How come women only have empathy for people when it means nations will be destroyed? i.e. their love…[View]
189595594>wah wah its da jooz >does nothing to stop it…[View]
189594605Can we actually make this happen: We need to somehow, through tucker carlson or that old blonde wome…[View]
189593622Rip my nigga combo Never forget[View]
189595109Is horseshoe theory real?[View]
189595737Alex Jones Connection to Jamal Khashoggi Assasination: Alex Jones Connection to Jamal Khashoggi Assa…[View]
189594950Why were the nazi's such hilarious and embarrassing failures, /pol/?[View]
189587008NUDISTS: Give me a basic gestalt on nudists. What's their major malfunction?[View]
189591947White masculinity in decline.: Women, especially right-wing ones, value strength and masculinity in …[View]
189588287• ᠌ ᠌ • ⎳ ▬ TWO SCOOPS! ᠌•⎝ ⎠• ᠌⎳ ▬[View]
189594881trumps going to go full fucking jew and replace the dollar with xrp: https://ethereumworldnews.com/x…[View]
189594482I, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS, do solemnly declare: that Elizabeth Warren's ances…[View]
189590916what is citizens united and my is my moms boyfriend always so mad about it?[View]
189578158After losing in court, Michael Avenatti is on the war path.: Trump better watch out. He's serio…[View]
189582144The £50 note: The bank of England are letting the public nominate who gets put on the new £50 note. …[View]
189595281>1488 brother >what you can't say that about Hitler…[View]
189592143/Pol/ Pot Appreciation: Childhood is admiring the Unabomber. Adulthood is admiring /Pol/ Pot. All th…[View]
189555289Blacks built America: Daily reminder. We ARE owed. >built the capitol >built the eastern railr…[View]
189594156He saved millions[View]
189594254US Senator Elizabeth Warren DNA Test: So some news outlets are reporting 'Strong Evidence' where as …[View]
189595233Where were you when you realized 'Russian bot' is just a C_A/Israeli codeword for goyim?[View]
189595198How to convince people to cut foreign aid to Africa? It doesn't help. They're just depende…[View]
189595186Fuck the Jews: Jew hate thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCoA_Kz9GtQ Post your jew memes…[View]
189594720>google 'Elizabeth Warren' Wow look at all these unbiased media sources amazing! Thanks google I…[View]
189591011Why you shouldn't get into guns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caMHdcRNEkc :^)[View]
189594203Niggers in USA murder people at random. Who gave them guns? They shouldn't have guns. https://a…[View]
189585690ITT: Post YFW when Avenatti appeals to the SUPREME COURT: I'm sure Kav will be delighted to see…[View]
189594393When did you realize no one can be trusted with power?[View]
189593339Americans worship over the cult if the military is infantile: Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
189582216Nazis BTFO: Heh, and you drumpfettes said homosexuality isn't natural[View]
189527730Is this a meme or not?: If not, then why do bitch be acting this way?[View]
189594696Why does /pol/ constantly kvetch, hand-wring, and explain-away Jewish superiority?[View]
189552645If I was a Democrat right now I'd beg Warren to stop this shitshow immediately.[View]
189581825Peter Dirtyoldmansbridge: https://twitter.com/petermansbridge/likes https://twitter.com/petermansbri…[View]
189579415VIET-CONG INFESTING AUSTRALIA: >NGUYEN has overtaken Smith this year as the most popular surname …[View]
189593883Will Western society collapse soon?[View]
189593112Of all the degenerate piece of shit groups that make up our society, there is, with the exception of…[View]
189591289Pol/'s negrophilia explained.: Mental health and neuro-psychological assessment of the typical …[View]
189591637REPENT SINNER[View]
189584496DUDE: It's totally *coughs* medicinal bro! *wheezes* Don't let Big Pharma *retches* f…[View]
189589467Twitter Bios: Why are twitter bios so awful? Post the cringiest.[View]
189594381Is this happening? https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1052036614569041920?s=19[View]
189594230Why do /pol/ posters hate muslim but respect Islam?[View]
189591612Daily reminder that monarchy > democracy[View]
189594310Cans for Chugs: Now that Blumfphf is BTFOUT we should start a go fund me to raise the $1,000,000/102…[View]
189579636Universal Basic Income: It would solve most of our problems. Why don't we just do it?[View]
189594261Arizona Senate Race -- Sinema: Is there anyway we can meme this bitch with problem glasses? She is t…[View]
189592240Was this Peak Diversity: This used to represent the diversity in America. All different, but could a…[View]
1895749482 types of people in this world. I'll start with type number 1. >Religious These type of pe…[View]
189585676HE MUST PAY[View]
189581758What happened to the investigation?[View]
189593041At what point did you realize you got NeoConned™?[View]
189564758Every NPC thread was just 404'd. >BAN EVERYTHING NO ONE WILL NOTICE I have never seen the me…[View]
189590333WHITER THAN YOU MUTT: So, it turns out that ms. Elisabeth is whiter than the average white american.…[View]
189593718Dating app for pro-Trump singles leaks data on first day: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/da…[View]
189593659What are some pol approved movies and music I should listen/watch?[View]
189568040Pizzagate isnt real: Snopes debunked it. So stop talking about it ok? Laura silsby is a fucking larp…[View]
189592014What's the best ideology?: And why is it Anarcho Fascism?[View]
189575297I rejected a Jewess, and she tried to have kicked out of school.: These are quotes. 'You're an …[View]
189586676Economic problems in the US: Can anyone provide some source or give example to support this person’s…[View]
189593462Happening or nah? https://www.insideedition.com/investigative/21784-how-reliable-are-home-dna-ancest…[View]
189591119Thoughts on the D.A.R.E. program? Study I saw from '10 i think said it didn't do anything …[View]
189586759The left can't me-[View]
189593332TRUMP WILL COMPLETE THE SYSTEM OF GERMAN IDEALISM: You know it's only a matter of time.[View]
189574085>Enslave and attack race >Expect them not to be pissed off…[View]
189585998>I'm proud of my jew heritage Lots of talk about DNA, let's see those 23andme's.…[View]
189554758Yellen: Trump's Fed attacks threaten central bank, financial stability: THE MADMAN IS DOING IT …[View]
189591910Orthodox Church Schism: Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Constantinople https://www.msn.com/e…[View]
189591014Is this the face of evil?[View]
189591366Let's have one of these https://www.strawpoll.me/16655700 >inb4 data minning No, also shills…[View]
189592811Someone needs to let her know...: IT'S OK TO BE WHITE![View]
189588878>Pocahontas AKA Elizabeth Warren >Chief of the Democrat Tribe Tribe Characteristics >Form…[View]
189565107Why?: Why are the mods pruning/deleting all the NPC threads before they even slid down to the bottom…[View]
189556408Kraut/pol/&AfD General - 12 am Headpats Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 201…[View]
189589780#MeSioux GG[View]
189592627for l in 'trumpjoke ': : print l,[View]
189592962Why do countries that allow the traffic of infants to?: How can you degrade the dignity of a kid tre…[View]
189556063Why russians steal every technology from the Europeans and never invent anything of their own?[View]
189588503>you’re not going anywhere with that snickers bar, buddy[View]
189591813Daily Reminder: NordVPN data-mines for its parent company 'Luminati Networks' of Israel: (((Allegati…[View]
1895927284chan has been consumed by the nothing[View]
189592485Have you spoken up for Free Masonry recently?[View]
189590804THE LEFT BELIEVES IN NPCs MORE THAN THE RIGHT: Think about it. >concern for 'narratives' >decr…[View]
189584332Asatru Folk Assembly: Does anyone here have experience with these groups? As a white separatist, I…[View]
189591444Drumpf curse strikes again: It's getting a little suspicious that Drumpf's opposition conv…[View]
189591635>be american >get shot[View]
189586574Anyone else getting tired of the Stormfags on /pol/? Post quality has decreased since Charlottesvill…[View]
189582945>Hooker unironically has to pay Trump I can’t take it anymore[View]
189591996dear racist white people: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/newsfeature/woman-fired-after-video-sh…[View]
189577146Anyone got Pizzagate pics/infographics? Please post. Let's get this thing started up again. htt…[View]
189589312Faith goldy just tweeted this NPC Pic: Are we... dare I say it /controllingTheNarrative/?[View]
189586483Honduran caravan incoming: What are the odds these sub-beaners are let in when they show up at the b…[View]
189584994Dateline: Why did they kill his show, /pol/? I saw him catch a bunch of rabbi during it, and maybe t…[View]
189589187This war IS much older than we realize: Do you guys remember the timing of Obama’s announcement of O…[View]
189582394KENYANS CRYING CHINESE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEM: >RUIRU, Kenya — Before last year, Richard Och…[View]
189592075KICK THEM WHILE THEY ARE DOWN: This bluster is going to redpille Native Americans on the dems. Use t…[View]
189589397I, for one, support the organic and fresh N P C theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utyDw4rvli8…[View]
189587211Hi: Is this where I come to get my talking points?[View]
189590826It's all downhill from here.[View]
189570747Australian Government RAPED by 4Chinz: You glorious bastards. IOTBW BTFO of Aussie gubbermint. Gover…[View]
189587484Is this the face of the right?: This guy's shirt literally says 'I hunt antifa for crowbars.' I…[View]
189591756Why did you allow this white man?: There was a time when it was funny, like, 'Oh look at that stupid…[View]
189591672White liberal teachers in black schools: Is this the only way to red pill the degenerate SJW women w…[View]
189591131What did he mean by this?[View]
189582283>Ana On Rising Fascism >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGVzg3b0c2I…[View]
189591609Can somebody get her a blanket....[View]
189591542Feminist Psychology Professor: My psychology professor had us watch this at the beginning of class s…[View]
189591529Based Australian Senator tells anti-whites to get fucked: What a guy[View]
189559860A young boy showed up in a #Hitler costume at a trunk-or-treat event: >in Boulder City over the w…[View]
189580142How does /pol/ feel about goths?: I've always been curious but a leery to ask. Most of us are b…[View]
189590323Proof the Earth is Stationary.: In 1927 Charles Lindbergh Flew in a single engine aircraft from Long…[View]
189584773>wake up >you become dictator Who’s on your purge list?…[View]
189583270Elizabeth Warren is using White Supremacist Propaganda: Today Warren showed she is a white supremaci…[View]
189590210Does anyone have irrefutable evidence of the Trump curse?: For me the big one is the fact that Hilar…[View]
189590416Can you be racist to a strong white woman of color?: >Harvard Law School hired its first woman of…[View]
189589166Take decision: What do we do with reddit? The elephant in the room must be finally addressed, we can…[View]
189585918Benedict Donald[View]
189579974Can /pol/ explain to me why does this picture trigger people ?[View]
189591165>'Take back our homelands from the invaders raping our women and stealing what belongs to us!' …[View]
189581670Are Dems in full self-destruct mode?: Warren literally going to war against actual Indians. How are …[View]
189589715Ask someone who's black anything.[View]
189588495The Age gives us credit for our dank memes amidst Hanson turmoil. Also, /ausfag edition/ I guess.[View]
189589355The Culture War Continues[View]
189587641>p-please restart GamerGate for me...[View]
189590075Why are there no mass casualty attacks in the west?: has multiculturalism won?[View]
189590397Bible Reading Thread: 16 “God wen get so plenny love an aloha fo da peopo inside da world, dat he we…[View]
189574914Is he /ourguy/ ?: Its almost Halloween /po/,is Michael Myers our /pol/ approved based slasher? Can w…[View]
189571906Am I white?[View]
189589566so why didn't twitter shut down the 'russian bot' meme, isn't that dehumanizing too?[View]
189587491does he know something we don't ?[View]
189590403Is facism not allowed?: Do Democrats allow facism?[View]
189590372Hигaдa aниüви нигeгyдaлынa aлe yнитлoï yнaдeхнa дyюгaды гecыи. Гeцинeлa yнaдaнытeди aлe yнoтлиcaди a…[View]
189582710The MA voters are going to re-elect her: This retard will still get re-elected to another Senate ter…[View]
189575787Michael Jackson was overdosing on redpills[View]
189586316Apologise /pol/[View]
189587268Are we David Foster Wallance's new sincerity? 'The next real literary “rebels” in this country…[View]
189585962HAPPENING: https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/15/carter-page-sue-dnc-dossier/[View]
189589913is it true that nearly all countries hate the USA? if so AMERIMUTT hate thread >ib4 behave yourse…[View]
189588800My sides[View]
189582661/hue/volution - TIOZÃO edition: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thread t…[View]
189589917Are any anons taking advantage of the 'better' economy since Trump? Or did all the profits stay up t…[View]
189585345global warming: here's something you people do not understand. the solution to this shit is clo…[View]
189589740Kanye West just explained why he didn't vote for Hillary Clinton—and it's sexist AF: This …[View]
189589650By the Warren standard of race, this man is the first black president.[View]
189589698Remember a few year ago when scrawny edgelords were calling themselves Libertarians? Now they call t…[View]
189589668ANTIFA: > Be me, 20+ Year old College Student > Work in Computer Store, sell computers n stuff…[View]
189589064Are goblins muslims or niggers?[View]
189589604why isn't pol helping to keep the dems out of the house: /pol has turned into a shitshow what t…[View]
189589243When will the truth be accepted?[View]
189563808Twitter LOCKED: WHAT DO!? Every single time I start posting about anything 'controversial' with Cana…[View]
189580275Brazil is 20% white and is about to elect a far-right white supremacist: What's your excuse?…[View]
189567358be honest: is russia doing psyops here to cause social upheaval in usa: i strongly think they are. t…[View]
189589474'Jewish girls are ugl...': The only 4chan thread I have ever seen (noticed) taken down. Wow[View]
189589378YEEZY 2024?: He got your vote that easy huh? https://youtu.be/dtIvZ1yLL2A[View]
189589376>The /pol/fag is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, shitposte…[View]
189589051Are most millenials as widely stupid as it seems?: Everyone around me says my generation is fucked, …[View]
189579939You all know what to do.[View]
189589226tick tock Japan, brownies want your culture[View]
189588754Trump 60 Minutes Interview: Why? It was like watching some dumb wife prod her husband with shit test…[View]
189588649/POL/ CANADA IS LEGALIING WEED IN 2 DAYS !!!: Is investing in Weed Companies like Aurora Cannabis In…[View]
189589009Hot take: other than breaking his marriage vows, Bill Clinton did nothing wrong when he had sex with…[View]
189589136Cid Gomes appreciation thread: He's the brother of guy who finished in 3th place and was suppos…[View]
189589094Virginia: Fellow Virginians, what's the deal with the two constitutional amendments on the ball…[View]
189577600Idk why but this shit infuriated me[View]
189586614Australian PM adressing 4chan memes: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-16/morrison-regrets-senators…[View]
189587776what font is this?[View]
189588705Inspiration for all of /pol for making our world a better place.: Hans Zimmer and Superman cut with …[View]
189588340Real talk: Is this meme company finally done for?[View]
189587177NPCs hate racism because 'you shouldn't judge a whole people for what a few do.' There is liter…[View]
189588604last refuges in california: looking for a warm place to live in for a couple of years after completi…[View]
189569760Stormy btfo: Can she recover?[View]
189579666Discuss possible False Flags (and how they can be prevented), False flag history, and the political …[View]
189588634Reminder that 90% of currency you touch has traces of cocaine on it. Call your politicians and tell …[View]
189588756Orthodox Church in Schism!: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45870939 >The Russian Orthodox …[View]
189585963EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.: I can’t escape this nightmare for even 1 second to read about something as car…[View]
189569305Why were the 90s such a peaceful decade?[View]
189587862Any Norwegians here?[View]
189580771777: I need satanic pepes, gimme all you got[View]
189586750Does Hezbollah really protect Christians in Lebanon? I want a real answer from a Lebanese[View]
189588531Kekstan has begun it's invasion on Brazil[View]
189579781Reminder this retarded ideology is already mainstream and it's called neoliberalism.[View]
189585013zoomers unite[View]
189556933>random ancestor dating back 500 years ago from Ireland >HEY GUYS I'M 1/20 IRISH Why do …[View]
189584260how mass genocide is done: reminder that 'sexy' appearance is just evolutionary visual cues for good…[View]
189548219OH NO NO NO NO[View]
189586716A.I. will improve memes!!!: Researchers at MIT have developed Semantic Soft Segmentation, which is a…[View]
189588072Anyone else hate having a name that got co-opted by Jews? Usually it's a Germanic or Slavic nam…[View]
189586575>smart enough to develop advanced tank warfare >not smart enough to develop long range bombers…[View]
189581775>be fat greasy omega white male >wage slaving at the bowling alley >tell mob of giga nigger…[View]
189587960i can't believe my state produces so much trash[View]
189587835Cherokee Nation to Warren: 'Quit it!': >A Cherokee Nation official says Sen. Elizabeth Warren “is…[View]
189584613What are your honest predictions of how the midterm elections are going to go? >Democrats take bo…[View]
189585689Nate Griffin is Peter Griffin's great-great-great-great grandfather. Peter Griffin is more bla…[View]
189587763Prop 8 Commiefornia: Yeah yeah ik, living in commiefornia but i got a decent job here. Anyways, can …[View]
189585263Australia may move embassy to israel: looks like aussies voted (((them))) in https://twitter.com/BBC…[View]
189586285Leftists want to overthrow 'Evil Old White Men' from office..: >Chooses Old white man as frontrun…[View]
189584583NPC meme potentially the best: >Use all kinds of racial slurs >Everyone laughs it off >Post…[View]
189587708Drumpf: I think I have found the most hilariously obvious case of lack of self awareness I have ever…[View]
189587643I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
189587599Trump should take a DNA test: It's guaranteed that he has more native American ancestry than 1/…[View]
189579937Scientists warn that we have 12 years to fend off the effects of global warming. What are you curren…[View]
189587444Countries with coastal access.: Only countries with ocean access actually matter. Dispute this…[View]
189587410she's right, you know[View]
189587332Get BTFO'ed Dump: How will bad orange man ever recover?[View]
189586414Are bethesda /ourguys/?: They are making a game with literally no NPC's allowed to play.[View]
189582105it's postmodern identity destruction so normies love it it isn't actually a meme save for …[View]
189587161Lmao CPL is fucking delusional: >Losing means winning Drumpf[View]
189587207Organic Portals are NPCs: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_organicportals06.htm…[View]
189587163The only reason the culture and SJWs are trying to censor nationalism is because white people approp…[View]
189586047>American 'Men'[View]
189587100How do we cure the NPC virus and stop it from spreading?[View]
189581046Who is the bigger threat to Western civilization: Jews or Muslims?[View]
189582162Trump Dating Site Honeypot: /pol/ was right again[View]
189583341>be Jesus >fully man >git ded lol >go to hell in exchange for billions of people >bi…[View]
189576497Biker scum in Toronto destroys Faith Goldy sign: Now... I know that this might not be out most hardc…[View]
189586620Gavin McInnes has really good chemistry with that sidekick of his. He's like Not Gay Jared but …[View]
189586911https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/1051967698375196672: JUST IN: A judge has dismissed a defamation …[View]
189586235How can people possibly defend this man?: His ex wife took half of his assets and made him feel like…[View]
189583355Defend this[View]
189586729What should be the punishment? Is death good enough?: What should be the punishment for the selfish …[View]
18958351599.99999% White: Say hi to our Aryan Queen[View]
189586633South African Black-pill: https://youtu.be/S1rL5DQzh2Y[View]
189585751Are you in the NPC great war? You need to use hashtags!: Using hashtags is how people find you. The …[View]
189575097Has any other group, either indirectly or directly, killed Americans with as much impunity as the Ho…[View]
189572964Why don't you go be a productive member of society and get a job?[View]
189581160Why do southerners and Texans in the US worship Israel and Jews so much? How did they become the ult…[View]
189557689The Year 700 AD in the Isles of Britain.: >One of the first Human Rights laws is promulgated, the…[View]
189586551Holy shit Twitter logo is literally a right faced NPC[View]
189586546New idea, trick everyone whos gullible enough to believe it into believing that DNA tests prove that…[View]
189585934how the fuck does he keep winning? the dems have nothing left to put against him and after november,…[View]
189586528>Be American Man >Be Woman[View]
189586315TDS is making so-called pastors to wish death on Trump[View]
189569609Historical redpills: Post them[View]
189582172Wait, are they laughing with me or at me?[View]
189570736How many burgers would actually be allowed to enter the ethnostate if it happened? I'm thinkin…[View]
189561970BLACKED: Harry and Markle expecting a baby this spring: The royal mutt will be seventh in line to th…[View]
189585431Elizabeth Warren's family history. She shows her tits at 1:19. Isn't that illegal.: This w…[View]
189584451I just saw a webm of some Chink cutting off a live dogs legs as it struggled to get away. I believe …[View]
189586034based nips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNhELGAa_a0[View]
189582867Blond men RISE UP: This happen to any other No*dic phenotypes in shitlib areas, or just generally no…[View]
189583019NPC Meme thread: Post your best npc meme Anons[View]
189585081Where is Jayme Closs?: https://www.weau.com/content/news/2-adults-found-dead-in-Barron-teenage-girl-…[View]
189585892Ron Paul: NAFTA 2.0 = even more government: https://mises.org/power-market/nafta-20-free-trade-or-ce…[View]
189584840If you are not sober 24/7, then you will never save the White race. Turn off your screens too.[View]
189585811NPC, Warren, Cherokee Nation, drumpf: NPC response to the Cherokee Nation condemning Elizabeth Warre…[View]
189585760Who likes angel beats NPC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn1qgNOjAVk[View]
189585723How many of yall folks are going to have kids with a woman you thought was a man? #winningbitch #yaa…[View]
189585579You just can't write a better storyline here guys. No leftist shitbag can own up to this. BTFO.[View]
189582062WOMP WOMP[View]
189581259What's his Endgame?[View]
189585095>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect[View]
189581841Be honest. If the vast majority of reddit were conservatives, would you be liberals instead?[View]
189559836Join the fight comrade: I'm doing my part... Are you?[View]
189583509Real person vs npc you know which one is which[View]
189583831>Tfw: >Your presidential aspirations go up in Smoke Signals.[View]
189577814Forget me taking this seriously What kind of threads and topics would you have to make and discuss t…[View]
189585121If you are not a Christian then you are a dumb goy.[View]
189582279>Damn, these niggas got me >I hate niggas more than the Nazis What did he mean by this?…[View]
189584320Democrat Leader at University of Central Florida Rapes a Girl: Democrat Leader at University of Cent…[View]
189581508What ever happened to him anons? I haven’t seen him in a while?[View]
189584372Poltards:: Should pocahontas be forced to pay back all her tuition to Harvard? Should she face legal…[View]
189584817midterms are a meme: wow i sure do love democracy and all the choices i get to make. hmmm should i v…[View]
189583672ITT: Post YFW Trump issues a legal bill of exactly $130,000: Post YFW Trump issues a lawyer's i…[View]
189518161Antifags using pigs' heads and calling for war: https://twitter.com/RedGuardsLA/status/10503634…[View]
189581171TOLD YOU IT WAS A PSY OP[View]
189584373Hello Vox employees: > scroll through Jewtube > Liberal hacks Vox are trending > noticed …[View]
189584138Meanwhile: at Galactic Senate /pol/....[View]
189572470Be like Hitler and not like Stalin...[View]
189584144Illuminati: deez niggas be trippin bruh https://youtu.be/ipnNIL_tyYo https://youtu.be/t-Z1TMFfVUI…[View]
189566318Are Black and Mexican people genetically cucked?: Was sitting on the toilet a few minutes ago when s…[View]
189583106Redpill me on Rhodesia, /pol/.[View]
189583022US citizen murdered in US. Muh! Saudi citizen murdered... Outrage!!!: Outrage across the Anglo-spher…[View]
189580480Would you be in favor of immigration if only females below the age of 25 were allowed in?[View]
189583798Secret Democrat strategy to defeat republicans: > give us 3 shekels and we will definitely win Is…[View]
189582165prove me wrong[View]
189583483Tick Tock Drumpfkins[View]
189580079President Trump comes out as an environmentalist: 'When you talk about environmental, I am truly an …[View]
189569039Hey /pol/, can you remind me why we actually hate Muslims?: I'm curious if there are any legiti…[View]
189582831Trump Tops $100 Million in Fundraising For His Own Re-election: > Trump has topped $100 million i…[View]
189580896Posts pics that motivates /pol/: Starting with a classic[View]
189580900Whiter than you fuckers: All hail the new Queen of /pol/! >better get used to Arby's for lun…[View]
189583878>stop injecting your religion into politics >NOT VERY CHRISTIAN OF YOU TO VOTE LIKE THAT HUH i…[View]
189582264What happened to defending Western values?: Why won't Trump condemn the Saudis for murdering jo…[View]
189580809Anyone tired of winning yet? Today has been fun[View]
189580965Young Elizabeth Warren: https://youtu.be/vcD1VZ4mXnY[View]
189577311University of Central Florida Democrat Leader that stands against rape goes and rapes a girl: https:…[View]
189576899Did blacks rule Europe?: Was the Habsburg jaw simply whitewashed negro prognathism written off as in…[View]
189577974We Did It /pol/!!!: keep it up anons. this is our Spartacus moment.[View]
189558036Does she have a chance leaves?[View]
189583442PARIS JACKSON WITCH HATES TRUMP: sucks on Sony welfare too.[View]
189570951Stop NPC memes #Bluewave: You Nazi scum you are just trying to prevent the inevitable blue wave . An…[View]
189577622OY VEY! IM GOING TO ISRAEL: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1052005762531233793[View]
189564062My almonds are definitely activated https://twitter.com/jdforward/status/1051858488958349318[View]
189578654WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE HAPPENINGS? The last real happening was vegas a year ago, what gives?[View]
189582780ITT: We thank Michael Avenatti.[View]
189576843>the world is controlled by a secret cabal of communists >meanwhile we are living under capita…[View]
189581062Make it Stop: This is what 2018 looks like[View]
189541591WAKE ME UP (Part 2): The Dems are fucked[View]
189568173HAPPENING: Massive amount of spics heading for US: https://www.foxnews.com/us/over-1000-hondurans-he…[View]
189547065BANNON VS THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE!: Why the fuck is Bannon no longer in the white house? He's on…[View]
189582747Warren muh heritage circus: >3% or less makes me 'x' race! >Left says this is valid >Most w…[View]
189581066Cuck face: dump your best cuck face/ nu-male smiles[View]
189576187>A judge on Monday ruled that Stephanie Clifford must pay President Trump’s legal fees in a defam…[View]
189581563ROASTIES BTFO: Mean cheeto makes brave woman pay for her own failed defamation suit. /Pol/ will defe…[View]
189582622Let's ID this child who attacked the 11th hottest politician.: MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rep. Sarah …[View]
189576896Why does he strike such fear into the hearts and minds of the left? He’s not even a nazi or white su…[View]
189578535ROSENSTEIN TO HEAD TRANSNATIONAL CRIME TASK FORCE: DOJ press conference https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
189580565I'm getting a weird, but familiar feeling. Is she the 2nd coming of Jeb? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
189582502>save /pol /pol needs drop drumf and retaliate against megapedes.[View]
189582317Millennials are all overly sensitive snowfla...[View]
189580855TFW you realize the NPC meme is real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewsGmhAjjjI[View]
189582395Name My New Band /Pol/[View]
189580441how come there's no degenerate left-wing youtube political commentators?[View]
189575868/hue/volution - NEW COMMITTEE OPENS TOMORROW IN FORTALEZA: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://yo…[View]
189579401Slavery from the perspective of African leaders.: In selling off people they didn't like, did t…[View]
189582210The Blue Wave will not materialize:: No chance Dems take the Senate, doubtful they take the House ba…[View]
189577212LOOK AT THIS SHIT[View]
189582153Hey so i think were fucked as a society >be me >at school >talking with friends >solid q…[View]
189578584RELIGION: Isn't it time we got rid of this shit? Pedophile prophet Zombie saviour Slicing kid…[View]
189580292Fucking Avenatti isn't having a great time lately hahahaha[View]
189581942Despite the realistic and horrifying depiction of rape that this show displays as purely negative, t…[View]
189578921College /pol/: Anyone looking for a buddy on campus? ITT we post our colleges and ideas of how to me…[View]
189581927Stormy Judge Is Bush Appointee: Avenatti will easily appeal this partisan activist judge's ruli…[View]
189580957So this is the power of drumpfonomy...[View]
189581858Share knowledge: I will tell you what I know both weakness of east and west without memes or joke fo…[View]
189581690Bigmouth: New article from The Forward. http://archive.is/vMKXJ[View]
189576895There's a black guy at my door trying to sell my girlfriend magazine subscriptions. What do I d…[View]
189572624>Go to an ER >Mexcians everywhere >Go to a GP's office >No Mexicans >Go to a spe…[View]
189581756Ok so, lets imagine that Donald Trump doesn't exist, but all his policies still do. A republica…[View]
189580534Muslim LGBT: What is Islam's position on pedophilia and homosexuality?[View]
189581659Democrats BTFO: Avenatti loses, Stormy has to pay Trump's legal fees, and Liz Warren gets schoo…[View]
189578626The Queen Betrayed Us: what are we to do?[View]
189581444Hey /pol/, I feel like taking a break at 4chan, but there are no mods in /v/ right now, only janitor…[View]
189567007How do we solve africa's overpopulation problem?[View]
189578740Lmao can we just accept the fact that all of the American alt right are just a bunch of mutts and ni…[View]
189580853>jews control america >jews hate america and want to destroy it…[View]
189574869>judge throws out the stormy Daniels case >he now has to pay Trumps legal fees as well JUST…[View]
189581332Guys I'm sammi but look 100% white (tall blue eyed blonde hair red beard) anyway can i scam the…[View]
189580624Are gays more prone to pedophilia than normal people?[View]
189579038The Lie we Live: >antigravity free energy was discovered by Nikola Tesla 100 years ago >5 of t…[View]
189577500Help me /pol/ I'm having an existential crisis. Am I a NPC?[View]
189577978d-dutchbros, are you guys okay?[View]
189580996>White supremacists: 1 drop of nigger blood is enough to taint the genes. >Modern Democrat: 1 …[View]
189579001Jewtropolis: Is New York that good of a tourist destination or is it a literal shithole like San Fra…[View]
189580999James O'keefe About To BTFO Claire McCaskill: Maybe she should just drop out of the race.…[View]
189568865T-minus 38 hours till toilet stroke. Over.[View]
189564962Announcing the Apple iNPC 12: For just $10000, you can get the latest and greatest in group behaviou…[View]
189580909No individuals on this picture were conservative How come the right only have average to below avera…[View]
189572817We ARE in End Times: Guyz, it just struck me. What if NPC's really are soul-less.. > ..becau…[View]
189577119What makes Jews so superior to whites that they can easily control them?[View]
189580775How do we answer the Morpheus question? He needs to be stopped. https://news.gallup.com/poll/203198/…[View]
189573768The village in Turkey where Cenk Uygur (of The Young Turks) was born has been featured on 60 minutes…[View]
189580487>assfucks your sons butt > It felt really good anon, I took the time to blast him with my syph…[View]
189579524Chuck Wendig liberal soy fired: >only fake people and bots are mean to me and out to ruin my life…[View]
189576730The most-Googled health problems by state: 1. Alabama — pneumonia 2. Alaska — UTI 3. Arizona — Hashi…[View]
189580216Elizabeth warren: She wasn’t even a fucken indian https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnj-RoETnAU…[View]
189575965BIG FAMILIES BTFO BY MACRON: Women don't want a lot of kids. https://twitter.com/CatholicVote/s…[View]
189573691Why pol/ can't stop talking about blacks: Mental health and neuro-psychological assessment of t…[View]
189579862NPC Evidence: With the resurgence of NPC memes, now seems like a good time to post this thread. Asid…[View]
189577484Daily reminder: Women CANNOT be conservative: ...or actually care about freedom. They always undermi…[View]
189580277Senator Warren BTFO: HE DID THIS[View]
189580188>Speechwriter for President Trump >CNN finds out he was at a conference one time with some 'co…[View]
189580141Toronto Mayoral Race: Why hasn't anyone talked about Kris yet? He's Based and Redpilled, y…[View]
189580147Lincoln Pays The Toll: Lincoln Statue in black Chicago neighbourhood has been getting vandalized con…[View]
189553716Alienation and capitalism: Fuck lads, how the fuck is the average Joe suppose to support capitalism?…[View]
189579757Did you see the latest Trump interview, fellow patriot? It made me have a positive reaction to [pres…[View]
189571374The story of Jack Johnson: Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. >…[View]
189579894Which group of Zionists & Jews are creating these NPC accounts on Twitter? Fucking Globalists an…[View]
189568479alright /pol/ time to look to the future and prove you're not a NPC it's clear that you…[View]
189579866Games Selling FOIP Biometrics: Amazon Lumberyard is now used in Star Citizen Star Citizen just relea…[View]
189579874Newest NPC political leader in the Netherlands: >Rob Arnoldus Adrianus Jetten (born 25 March 1987…[View]
189579129What are y’all opinions on antifa?: “What are y’all opinions on antifa?” >Like I feel that, no on…[View]
189575241why won't he wake up and DO HIS FUCKING JOB?[View]
189563354Well the synagogue found the exploit we were using and the mobs are aggroing properly now. I hope no…[View]
189573129Anybody got that NSDAP vs modern day equivalence chart? its a bar graph of elections with the nsdap …[View]
189579785TrumpWave: Its High Energy Time! Post your best TrumpWave -MAGA https://youtu.be/as8GLbGI_kE https:/…[View]
189577947What the hell is going on with this meme: Even Vox is using the NPC meme now[View]
189575855based fatass beats negress and old whore, the bitch struck first http://theync.com/man-beats-down-w…[View]
189579615>be me >16 >in theater class >like everything about the class except for the acting >…[View]
189578808Voter suppression: How to avoid voter suppression and gerrymandering. Register as a Republican and v…[View]
189579144(((Entertainment))) and NPCs: Let's remind NPCs about their obsession with juvenile forms of p̶…[View]
189578663It's voting time fags. Discuss ballots and who or what to vote for. AZfag reminding fellow best…[View]
189579000What went wrong /pol/[View]
189577987They Wuz Gud Boyz dey DinduNuffin: https://outline.com/4MyKwL[View]
1895781141. do you believe that racial inequality is inherently just? 2. can you name and identify all three …[View]
189537585Las Vegas shooting New Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6eTghzuwLA&pbjreload=10…[View]
189576945>Current year >Still believing the holodohoax…[View]
189579005I think the Jews are pushing too far and the Military should step in and SHUT IT DOWN.[View]
189577230Do white supremacists have independent thoughts or are they a more angry version of NPCs?[View]
189578520your ethnicity is not determined by your “blood” or by dna that’s something nazis made up the idea t…[View]
189563748Are white americans related to thier founders?: Or is it a massive larping 'we wuz' fest? I ask beca…[View]
189578815Trust Google: Take the Cyber Checkup, guys.[View]
189578775Who is the anarchist that assaulted one of the top 5 hottest politicians?: The idjit is actually wea…[View]
189576762>“A storm’s a-comin’, baby”[View]
189577769Does the instability in the US justify a military coup?[View]
189577791how do I hang my german empire flag vertically? black,white,red, or red,black,white?[View]
189577760Hello, /pol/ Just wanted to share my newest project, the Yotsuba Report. It is a shitpost time capsu…[View]
189578498Democratic Senator McCaskill lying to votors: See this piece of shit? She's lying to her consti…[View]
189578496Does anyone take this professional boomer meme guy seriously?[View]
189578443Pol we need to stop communism in Chile! Vote Now: Vote for Kast/Flores they are destroying the commu…[View]
189578417was it for such men's sake.. for such men's sake the we were born? was it for such men as …[View]
189576043Reminder that any shooting that the entire media reports on is a FALSE FLAG[View]
189578353Apologize: This is a picture of Elizabeth Warren’s mother. Apologize you fucking racists.[View]
189570511Post the best of black culture....[View]
189575841(((they))) are turning against Hillary. NBC tore her a new asshole over Bills sexual assaults. https…[View]
189578197Question: Did trump ever finish that wall fellow based pedes ?[View]
189576184How do we know who was screaming 'help' in the background?[View]
189575966Richest 1,409 taxpayers pay more tax than bottom 70 MILLION: Explain yourself America >https://w…[View]
189567269Khashoggi: Trump and the Saudi's are getting their stories straight, working out which lie will…[View]
189572793being a leftwinger is fucking boring: >always get called sexist or racist by these blue check mar…[View]
189578102INCEL,MGTOW,56%, and now NPC: It gets very annoying seeing 4773 threads a fucking day using the same…[View]
189575103>First-time mothers are older in big cities and on the coasts, and younger in rural areas and in …[View]
189577632Gimme some Bolsomemes hue bros[View]
189574401New Atheist Movement: What happened to it?[View]
189577279Let's Talks Business About Bernie: Hey guys, Was Trump a mistake should we have taken the side …[View]
189573938Atheist Help Hotline w/Darth Dawkins and mrbatman - LIVE: Come debate us you fucking retarded dumb f…[View]
189575301'We're allowed to murder critics with impunity and there's nothing you can do about it goy…[View]
189577931Any other bronons got kicked out of the military? Just got sent home from Parris Island with an RE-3…[View]
189577808white nationalist = supremacist black nationalist = egalitarian explain this wikipedia[View]
189555222What the fuck is cultural marxism?: Explain it to me Pol im a New Fag[View]
189571850So erm, have you guys come across this yet? Absolute goldmine. http://npcsimulator.com/[View]
189576654>Feinstein has no Republican competitor for the Senate Who do I vote for? The devil I know, or th…[View]
189577619What the fuck are you shits doing? Sitting on your fucking chairs, browsing your fucking threads, al…[View]
189570866Hmmm...: Still not a single thread actually arguing against her policies.[View]
189552087Saudi Arabia Funds ISIS: Outrage towards Saudi Arabia is at an all time high due to the alleged murd…[View]
189577238Is it true these 2 Women are Incels?[View]
189572943https://www.cherokee.org/News/Stories/20181015_Cherokee-Nation-responds-to-Senator-Warrens-DNA-test …[View]
189576866OC request thread /ocr/ - America edition: Someone edit this to 'No Country for White Men' with the …[View]
189576880They only hate me because I'm a strong Native American Woman.[View]
189574693>I’m writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in which I’ll be vot…[View]
189573226what the fuck happens here?[View]
189568982What does pol think of Hannibal Barca?: He was a nigger who was about to destroy Rome before white p…[View]
189577242https://phys.org/news/2018-10-males-greater-reproductive-success-kids.html yes... go to work, goy. w…[View]
189575341>Somewhere between 1/64th - 1/1024th native American She did not claim Native American Ancestry a…[View]
189576778Seriously, Illinois needs new blood. It's time for the next generation to step up. Vote![View]
189576967Why is the incel community so pissy about Jews?[View]
189577148move over taylor. the alt-right has a new queen[View]
189574439Asians lack empath-[View]
189574715ITT: Smiles you chose to protect.[View]
189576052>Tfw you alienate half your voterbase >Syria Attacks >Fire Gorka >Fire McMaster >'Kno…[View]
189569371Saudi's admit to killing journalist: What now?[View]
189576914The Senate: Affirmative Action for White People: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/14/opinion/dc-puert…[View]
189574661Why doesn't /pol/ ever address the growing problem of white race degeneration? Because the lack…[View]
189573181>tfw you can torture and kill any visiting American you want because you know the pussies in Wash…[View]
189574629WE WUZ NATIVES AND SHIT: https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1051972287438585856[View]
189575190Trying to make Memes: The antifa poor attempt at Memes[View]
189576523>a fucking mutt Which one of you faggots did this? https://www.etonline.com/what-could-meghan-mar…[View]
189569684/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/4VgLkk_drx…[View]
189576655<<bolsonaro>>: so are <<they>> behind him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e…[View]
189573878>In a dystopian future, people across America are required to sign “The Patriot’s Oath”, a contro…[View]
189569055OPERATION WHITE GUILT - This will break the NPC: Step 1) Flood social media with this story Step 2) …[View]
189575408Did sandy hook: Actually happen >how do u die then get injured?[View]
189576683Stormy Daniels and Fauxcahantas BTFO in one day: Two wins by Trump in one day...he's surely fin…[View]
189575176PARKLAND WAS REAL: Conspiracy theorists btfo >look its Hogg in CLASS >with his CLASSMATES…[View]
189576037i voted today: >subjected to mail in ballot >vote no on everything >yes, everything >fuc…[View]
189576288Reddit's bluescreen is breaking: Just look at the front page about Warren. There's a new s…[View]
1895754281 drop rule: Is memebership in ethno state off the table /pol/?[View]
189569669what's the best place to get a DNA test? 23andMe? Ancestry? My father comes from 100% German li…[View]
189576447why do trans males claim they're lesbians? how do lesbians feel about this?[View]
189576002Nice try shareblue but we all know the russia investigation is a hoax.[View]
189576430reminder that historicism is the only redpilled philosophy[View]
189575748Is Twitter doomed? Their stocks are dropping, their userbase is dwindling Are they done for?[View]
189573846What is it that you hope to protect, /pol/?: Or who, rather.[View]
189575014Tfw you thought: This young man with godlike ddr ability gunned down 6million children in cold blood…[View]
189572025Japan's low birth rate: What is the true cause of Japan's low birth rate? Is it sexual deg…[View]
189571583How powerful would Italy be today if the north hadn't destroyed the south's economy?[View]
18957247822 days until November 6. tick tock, shills. tick tock.[View]
189572244Diversity is our greatest strength[View]
189576047I was doing fine without ya[View]
189576026I've either got a bot or a roastie (probably a bot) on from tinder -> kik. >profile pic f…[View]
189576010What are your hopes for this november and beyond /pol/? Kek will hear our prayers, praise be his nam…[View]
189575872Infowars becomes relevant again: >New NPC Memes Crash SJW Programming, Strikes Fear in Libs https…[View]
189575137Canadian gun ban, your chance to help: Hey pol, I'm back for a 4th time, response has been grea…[View]
189548028When was the last time you saw a blue eyed blonde hair, tall person with a secure income and does no…[View]
189575613• ᠌ ᠌ • ⎳ ▬[View]
189565100Brazil has changed...: >Which school would rather enroll your children in? >Black Girl with a…[View]
189559543Do Japanese people use makeup to look white ?: it's impossible that Japanese have white skin in…[View]
189575571Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Trump, Orders to Pay His Legal Fees https://www.media…[View]
189575564This belongs here[View]
189561229Just realized that nearly all the main characters on Seinfeld are JEWS[View]
189572851>this is a medium drink in literal burger land [spoiler]And I love every bit of it. Go fuck yours…[View]
189565669>not one thread discussing this Good job, /pol/.[View]
189571523Yes yes yes, just let it happen! Trump, you magnificent bastard.[View]
189569604/HUE/VOLUTION - PITÚ OPS EDITION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thread…[View]
189560338Trump 2024: This guy is more of a shitposters than his dad is. Non-stop bantz If he’s elected.…[View]
189554349>Grrr Jesus rejected racism. You better not be doing any racisms. Is this guy a bigger fag than …[View]
189575255How The Idea Behind 'Anonymous' Was Conceived: Take a look at this documentary at the point I paused…[View]
189574150Will the USA ever stop submitting to Israel?[View]
189575186>The results are in and it turns out trans women are men How do you react to this pol?…[View]
189572535What do you do to not feel anger and hate against leftists and about the state of society in general…[View]
189572985Opinions on 1791l?: Been watching them for a while and their production quality is great! Its rare t…[View]
189521464How big of a deal was Sears in the 1900s?[View]
189574468>win the culture war >lose yourself what does it mean to be american /pol/?…[View]
189573902they keep winning: they keep winning and its destroying me. the guy who wrote the fucking patriot ac…[View]
189573276Kashoggi was a top MB operative: Just heard on FOX nightly news. Why isnt this part of the story get…[View]
189574891McSmelly vs Skinema: Watch two kikes, swamp creature McSmelly do battle with communist Skinema. >…[View]
189574550Do you subscribe to the daylight savings time meme?[View]
189574855redpill me on the uighurs[View]
189567995What does /pol/ listen to?: Books music anything goes ITT >nb4 shill slide thread I made this pos…[View]
189574837If Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024 Native, then between 2018 and 1800, assuming 9 generations with an avg…[View]
189573175Why am I in the same timeline as jews[View]
189574664>Prime example of a Twitter NPC in action How are people this far gone? I'm seriously scared…[View]
189574651Do libtard men actually believe sucking AIDS infected nigger cock makes them intelligent?[View]
189559316Why does this guy love China so much? More importantly, why hasn't he been kicked out yet?[View]
189570172POWERFUL: /pol/ BTFO[View]
189562258Pan-Gallic: There are Pan-Celtic, Pan-Germanic, Pan-Med, Pan-Nordic, Pan-Slavic, Pan-Arabic and even…[View]
189573796Is anyone else dissapointed that the basis of our culture is a middle eastern death cult?[View]
189572642why shouldn't I join Patriot Front?[View]
189564897Who did it /pol/? Where is she?[View]
189574390>Be white >Refuse (or in /pol/s case, fail) to reproduce. >Be surprised when your numbers d…[View]
189562936Post bugman memes.[View]
189571047Tranny breast feeding baby: What in the ever loving fuck is wrong with this world, i just want it to…[View]
189573019redditors getting/being redpilled on migrant scum: https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/9odcey/e…[View]
189569358How mad are libs at this photo[View]
189569348DOES THE WINNING EVER STOP??: I swear this man is bulletproof. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/10/15/po…[View]
189559672Brit/pol/ - Wonderlic intelligence test edition: Brit/pol/ IQ test: 50 questions in 12 minutes (no c…[View]
189570283This girl is making Israel look really bad. Say something nice.[View]
189574025Daniels defamation suit against Trump thrown out: Creepy porn lawyer on suicide watch. https://www.…[View]
189574051Realistically, when can we expect a real ww3/US Civil War/economic collapse? 2 years? 5 years? 20?[View]
189571457I FUCKING LOVE THIS TIME LINE: Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. TAHLEQUAH, Okla. …[View]
189573752Is Berlin a good place to visit to learn about western culture?[View]
189571694What are these unhinged people going to do when Trump wins 2020?[View]
189560200HOLY FUK PAUL ALLEN IS DEAD: is that a rain coat?[View]
189573871KEK is our God, Our Beloved God,: He who controls the MEMEs controls the Universe! https://www.bitch…[View]
189573266what is poll opinion on turning point usa?[View]
189565447How are you enjoying Twitter fellow NPCs?[View]
189569287Is antivax a redpill? Give me the facts on vaccines and why politicians want to make them compulsory…[View]
189569152when did the GOP figure out how to meme[View]
189573535Pocahontus: hey guys something really sticks out to me about what trump said with the code talkers. …[View]
189554933CHEROKEE TRIBE TO WARREN: GTFO: How is a Harvard professor THIS dumb?[View]
189570731H I S T O R Y R E P E A T S I T S E L F[View]
189573494Were you looking at me?: Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?[View]
189573225OPERATION INDIAN GIVER: >Setup a gofundme >Identify an impoverished tribe or whatever >Clai…[View]
189566519TOSSED: A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from adult film actress Stormy Daniels that cl…[View]
189565739'so you think you have what it takes to become a young turk?'[View]
189572976Have you seen this? https://www.bellingcat.com/news/americas/2018/10/11/memes-infowars-75-fascist-ac…[View]
189571706Hey /pol/ so I have a really liberal professor for my cultural anthropology class and the other day …[View]
189520297>perfect Balkans don't exist[View]
189573151Black Confederate first lady.: Why did the president of the confederacy have a black wife?[View]
189543253Antifa Faggots BTFO: https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1051916229454323720?s=21[View]
189573202Elizabeth Warren wants your support: Please show Senator, Pocahontas, I mean Warren your support by …[View]
189571858Oh yeah, you think this 'NPC' Meme thing is new kiddo? Yeah well boomers had this meme all the way b…[View]
189564867You can't be racist and Christian[View]
189572006This is how you rehabilitate[View]
189571541https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/woman-who-refused-to-let-black-neighbour-into-building-fired-1.4134556 …[View]
189569267Calling on a “Coalition of Normals”: >Liberals and conservatives should now have a unifying cause…[View]
189553061I think /pol/ is far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Not only is it clear that we i…[View]
189571210'Wow I can't believe pol is idolizing a black man. We've truly become as blacked as reddit…[View]
189572932You Stupid Antisemitic Backwards Fucks: What the fuck is wrong with Jews? Especially Israel? Would y…[View]
189572917America’s future: Donald Trump is bring American business and production home........ For it to even…[View]
189567821ITT pictures that make pol sad[View]
189572299>Israel is BASED >Iran is ARE ENEMY[View]
189569224How will Trump ever recover: From this sick burn[View]
189572820Post your screenshots[View]
189571146It take a real Indian to beat a fake Indian: Real Indian’ Challenging Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Sena…[View]
189531903ITT: We discuss the emerging conflict in Transcarpathia: Quick rundown: >New language law prevent…[View]
189572773Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Trump, Orders to Pay His Legal Fees https://www.media…[View]
189565311Did it occur to you fags maybe we shouldn’t meme and interfere with high stakes elections? Maybe if …[View]
189543071Eire/pol/ Justin for President edition: no links[View]
189560498Someone is trying to genocide whites Who? List of existential threats to whites and white civilizati…[View]
189571586Let me tell you Russian hackers something right now. I daily open-carry two loaded weapons: My right…[View]
189563054You people think you have it all figured out.: You detest refugees, you call them sandniggers and ra…[View]
189570131Look out! Warren is on the warpath![View]
189568746White masculinity under siege: Women, especially right-wing ones, value strength and masculinity in …[View]
189570218What's the diference between white supremacism and Zionism? Both groups belive in their superio…[View]
189570473if you had to choose one: which would you choose? also bonus: >absolute madlad >segregation vi…[View]
189569547Trump's not going to win in the long run.: Enjoy your little victory today. This world needs wa…[View]
189568974Google Luvs Censoriship!: And the day came when not only would Americans turned a blind eye to censo…[View]
189571874NPCs dont stop talking.: I get it now. I've always been rather reserved and quiet because i was…[View]
189571872Why?: Why do they do it, /pol/? Do they not realize that they can only thrive thanks to the West? Su…[View]
189550445éire/pol/ fat fry edition: go ahead captcha are gay had remake thread twice[View]
189571834Political Compass thread?[View]
189571358anti-trump moron posts anti semetic shit,could prob ruin his career: posts 'IMPORTANT LIFE UPDATE: S…[View]
189568105A political weapon used to destroy the west and the white man.: We need to curb our indulgence on th…[View]
189568352Australian Government recognises that it's okay to be white: https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/ok-…[View]
189567077Faction leader NPC Joe Program: This man commands a vast NPC army. Is this a neutral faction /pol/?…[View]
189567776Farmers are turning to socialism in America: They’re sick of working 14 hours a day with nothing to …[View]
189567851You either die an hero.....[View]
189571546SJW bullshit or troll pretending to be an SJW to bullshit people: https://endsteptember.weebly.com/…[View]
189571421How holding up /pol/?: Life treating you alright? I'm having a couple brewskis and listening to…[View]
189565415whats your most important issue anon? what is your most central and researched political position?[View]
189569575Elizabeth Warren: Alright /pol show me your best meme about her and her native american heritage…[View]
189568708SHOTS FIRED! Ron is going directly after the ADL now http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-the-adl…[View]
189568680He's right, you know: Reject the rationalist internationalist globohomo 'climate change' agenda…[View]
189571227im so sorry: >conservative who wants to start threads with lots of discussion >any thread i st…[View]
189565103Hannah Hays Is STD Free & Hooking Now: What were you saying about porn, again?[View]
189566771Miss Holocaust Survivor 2018 Crowned!: Post your tribute to Israel's new Miss Holocaust Survivo…[View]
189569821New video shows that Antifa started the fight with Proud Boys in New York by lying in wait and throw…[View]
189571019What happens when AI dolls start using virtual reality?[View]
189569893Thelema Homo IXXI (911 119): You know I was thinking about how they question how could you get a peo…[View]
189570985daily reminder that all niggers are hedonistic apes pic unrelated[View]
189564505Pocahontas is having a MELTDOWN! https://twitter.com/elizabethforma[View]
189565984Skip to 1:25. The next few seconds you should see 2 things that enrage you. Let's educate these…[View]
1895613741984 FOR REAL: WHAT.THE.FUCK. I just opened 4chan.org/pol/ on my phone using the Firefox browser (us…[View]
189569737Faith is Based: Interrupting Mayoral Debates because she wasn't invited.[View]
189556961Is Portland a failure of capitalism? Consider - in the past, Portland was poorer, more insular, and …[View]
189569387Stormy 'Square Boobs' Daniels BTFO[View]
189570513What happened to the Awan scandal? How many people has Jeff Sessions prosecuted so far?[View]
189566945Eating a kebab at 0133h after not going out of house for the entire week How do I cope up with life…[View]
189533901>Student kidnapped, gang-raped and murdered by South Africa gang who crushed her skull with rock …[View]
189567285Highest Deficit since Obummer’s 2012 year: Can I get a basic red pill on how this is good for Trump …[View]
189570302Trump must end some days belly laughing.[View]
189560644What in the fuck was she thinking?: > in what way did she think this was a positive for her publi…[View]
189565567How do we stop Amazon?[View]
189566584Democrats Caught in Voter Fraud Ring Targeting Seniors in Fort Worth >all spics liveleak.com/view…[View]
189569984Creepy Porn Lawyer BTFO: Mueller hurry!!! Trump can't get away with dickin' some bimbo bef…[View]
189563760Once the boomers die off, will the majority of white people realize we fought the wrong enemy?[View]
189569702why is leafland such a faggot nation? is there any nation in the world that is more cucked LMAO ? S…[View]
189569167based neegro rips on pocahontas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L60VDNiAzS4 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
189559802tick tock tick tock white boi Say the N-Word as much as you want, while you still can. We won't…[View]
189568575Hadn't seen the npc receive the aesthetic treatment yet so here you go. Hope you enjoy![View]
189557298Wow, she really makes a good point guys[View]
189569477Starting in Left Field[View]
189569656COME OUT AS GRAY NOW!: Actual leftie accounts with thousands of followers are retweeting my shit. Th…[View]
189566904OH FUG :DDDD Orthodox Church just split: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45870939[View]
189569513>He broke me[View]
189565815More evidence of Hollywood pedophilia.: '8th grade' is a movie that feels like you are spying on an …[View]
189563374... and no one bat and eye https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/hostage-situation-underway-cologne-tra…[View]
189559979>this was voted on in Australian senate kek[View]
189566840pol Is A Zoomer Board: why do old fags come to pol and try and shill against Trump we do not care ab…[View]
189569176Oh look a photoshopped i: image of pizzagate being true >do better shills Pizzagate it fake. I …[View]
189569102Belgium is killing the Internet: Belgium shouldn’t exist, prove me wrong[View]
189568485Read wave general: 22 Days till election day, we need to plan how we are going to get out the vote.…[View]
189565898[Spoken] Fitter, happier, more productive Comfortable Not drinking too much Regular exercise at the …[View]
189568916Dusk of the Western Civilization: But you ask, why on earth are these politicians allowing, nay orde…[View]
189550789From roastie thread to Oxytocin to ethnonationalism: The links are all there for the bare eyes to se…[View]
189568902Kek: The reason the npc meme took off as well as it did is because people are easily manipulated.. i…[View]
189566278You’re contributing to securing the white race, right anon?[View]
189568302Warren and /Pol/ BTFO: hahahagagagagahhahahahahgahahahahaha https://twitter.com/senorrinhatch/status…[View]
189564986the state of the modern male: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eKW76gljNxA 'le mario maker proposal xD'…[View]
189568551Realistically speaking, what would've happened if she actually won?[View]
189568698Predictive programming??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caCvDB9ivOE[View]
189564607You must obey the Taiwan Civil Government![View]
189568807The literal state of the left: 'Love their hate' oooookay.[View]
189550447I wonder what Stephen King did to Drew Barrymore?[View]
189568774question:: is this how this game works?[View]
189568725Google is finally starting to get it[View]
189562572OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/1051967698375196672[View]
189564822I just found out my dad might have been jewish and looking back it makes a lot of sense What do /pol…[View]
189562260/HUE/VOLUTION - USTRA EDITION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thread th…[View]
189567126Is a larger brain synonymous with greater intelligence?[View]
189560345wtf happened to britain, they're even worse than /pol/ memes at this point[View]
189568597Who is next on Trump's 2020 hit-list?[View]
189562988why can't the far left accept this?: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/large-ma…[View]
189566351CHEROKEE NATION: ELIZABETH WARREN HAS CLAIMED TO BE CHEROKEE: https://twitter.com/CherokeeNation/sta…[View]
189568445When did white men stop being men: Seriously, every time I'm on the subway or walking down the …[View]
189563360Can this timeline get any better?[View]
189565402I thought Antifa were a terrorist organisation now? How are they allowed to get away with this /pol/…[View]
189562542>Actually, I support direct democracy of the Athenian description.[View]
189568389the sun fleet alien/ufos: i need to know more about what an anon posted about a few days back.. he w…[View]
189568370Guys come on: Comet ping pong doensnt even have a basement >Stop being autistic losers >the c…[View]
189570280being right wing in social media sucks ass: >twitter is leftie >facebook memes are cancer and …[View]
189565285/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - GREAT DAY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
189562981Democratcs are in panic mode: Blue wave isnt coming Attack Independent voters for not conforming Cal…[View]
189567571Well, bigots?: Is it?[View]
189565539She is Native American You Bigots: I think it's awful what is being done to Elizabeth Warren. S…[View]
189563219yfw this painting is actually hanging in the white house.[View]
189550356Pocahontas strikes back: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6277475/Elizabeth-Warrens-DNA-show…[View]
189565180The Welsh are not Native Europeans, they are Arabic-Spaniards who migrated to Wales (google silures)…[View]
189563212They really didn't think this through. https://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/cherokee-nation-iss…[View]
189567933Do you support gene editing?: Here's why I'm fully for it. >Marry minority. >Gene e…[View]
189561477Is Trump screwed in 2020?: Trump only won Pennsylvania by 0.72% in 2016 while currently in 2018 the …[View]
189567737Will you correct your mistake in 2024, /pol/?: Repent now and accept Jeb as your savior before it…[View]
189566710Federal judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against Trump: 2 wins in one day? ht…[View]
189495129>Hi Son, I know we haven't talked in 7 years and you completely cut me out of you life, and …[View]
189564709It's Okay to be White: I go to a pretty large diverse diverse Jew York Highschool. I'm pos…[View]
189567644SJW MEEM: White people and their... *shuffles deck* ...ice chewing[View]
189562769Why are democrats shitting on Native Americans?[View]
189564907Are women really worth protecting?: I don't feel as though a man should ever be willing to sacr…[View]
189566499Fags should be executed: all countries in the americas should do the same shit they do at the middle…[View]
189564639Why are westerners allowin China to colonize Africa? Why the fuck is Europe letting in Africans to E…[View]
189558235Is anyone planning on voting Libertarian this election?[View]
189557136BREAKING: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is dead at 65, a statement from his family says.[View]
189565718Are white woman the natural ally of the brown and black man?: What say you /pol/?[View]
189562472How long until this kino is released?[View]
189563733What was her position inside the system of the GDR?[View]
189562792>white genocide >libtards >jews >false flags >trannies >gender neutral bathro…[View]
189562308Fascism: Redpill me on fascism[View]
189550021/pol/ humor thread: I need that one image of three nazis surrounding a jewish girl sitting on a couc…[View]
189545956ITT: Powerful protest photos[View]
189565131Why everytime I talk to anons that I can't make real friendship with people here because colomb…[View]
189566822THANKS OBAMA just another TAX AND SPEND LIBERAL baka[View]
189541294DIXIE THREAD[View]
189558605What players don't understand: You don't learn through victories. Wisdom is gathered throu…[View]
189563563You know who's responsible for astro turf right?[View]
189566300Apparently Elizabeth Warren is Native American because of some g g g g grandmother being a quarter o…[View]
189562694Your guide map of good medias, political parties, groups in Québec. Taken from montreal-antifasciste…[View]
189564063We Wuz Chieftains[View]
189558610How can circumcision be performed on assumed-male gender babys when no one has asked the baby which …[View]
189562926Vote For The Green Party: Just Do It!!!!![View]
189563964Fuck muslims: Everytime i encounter one, something bad happens. Let me tell you something... I was p…[View]
189518446Warren reminds Trump he offered $1 million if she proved her Native American heritage: >In a seri…[View]
189566626Daily reminder it was (((them))) that went to 'space' first and said there was no God.[View]
189552912Name a better military than the Canadian army: Pro tip: ya can't! >Highest paid soldiers in …[View]
189565464Diversity in The U.S.: > There were about 40 million people between the ages of 10 and 19 in the …[View]
189566460>mutt canadian jew has convinced America that he's a nigger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
189556658Is whiteness a regressive genetic mutation?[View]
189564595Muh lawsuit[View]
189529469>the left finally figured out how to meme APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW[View]
189558293Fixed Europe Thread: r8 and add your own also >gold in anatolia: kurdistan >gray: syria >pa…[View]
189566020TSwift Must Pay For Her Betrayal: Is there anyone down to pay TSwift back for her betrayal? Either s…[View]
189558098MAJOR HAPPENING: Paul Allen Founder of Microsoft is Dead at 65 Press F Paul Allen, co-founder of Mi…[View]
189550187*blocks your coward punch*[View]
189561590Was the Soviet occupation ultimately better or worse for Eastern Europe? Did it ruin its economy or …[View]
189555206Pro race-mixing/pedo Brazilian music clip from the 80s: Anyone remembers this shit here https://www.…[View]
189565880Say hello to the next mayor of Vancouver!: Leafs will defend this.. https://vancouver.ca/your-govern…[View]
189565389Gen Z have a more fluid, less binary approach to gender: >Gen Z have a more fluid, less binary ap…[View]
189535866Elizabeth Warren actually WHITER than expected: The absolute state of Elizabeth Warren, she's e…[View]
189565789I’m a human pup and my husband is my trainer: >Throw this couple a bone. Tony McGinn, aka “Tony B…[View]
189549034There is something very evil happening in California that no one is talking about.: In California we…[View]
189564592How do we aave women from their own idiocy?[View]
189560853If Kek gave you super powers: How would you use them to help the world? Also bow before your Potato …[View]
189565321I am just going to leave this here.[View]
189565317#elizabethwarrenisfullofshit: If I weigh 160 lbs and don’t poop for like a week and poop a 4 lb load…[View]
189564964Met with my local college Republican MAGApedes and need some memes to send to the group chat. Nothi…[View]
189562297Anglo defiles Bandera's Grave: https://twitter.com/GrahamWP_UK/status/1051742963162861568 Fucki…[View]
189560600Paul Allen dead at 65: Press F for respects[View]
189565054Now that the dust is clear..: >What did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/stjM2q3D8I4…[View]
189564816What will happen to the Muller probe moving forward? Will they conclude it or find more shit?[View]
189564981In the future, blue checkmarks will be the leading authority on news credibility.[View]
189561887What is Pocahantes's Haplogroup?: No where in this mental gymnastics of a report does it state …[View]
189564360Mass migration of spics heading to US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZNoceNTmQE Hopefully a spico…[View]
189564476>apemericans vehemently defend their right to of others to own deathmachines so they can kill oth…[View]
189564863>i only agree with a dictatorship if i am the dictator Everyone should think like this.…[View]
189564813fight whitegenocide: https://www.minds.com/media/898620943659200512[View]
189564792No coming back: How can anyone recover from a self BTFO like that, and then have the Cherokee Nation…[View]
189564783The central banks and the oligarchs: Is there any essential /pol/ reading/viewing that goes into dep…[View]
189562606Ben Shapiro criticized Israel today on his show.[View]
189564308What to add?[View]
189564567World Jewish Congress: What do we know about it?[View]
189562838>DON'T TOUCH THE CENTRAL BANKS YOU NAZI This is next. Mark my words.…[View]
189559282>once in a while, a white woman fucks a black guy OMG, THE WHITE RACE IS DYING, HOW CAN WHITE MEN…[View]
189557788Paul Allen Dead at 65: Press S to spit.[View]
189559433Dove: I've been sitting here for too long just to watch you guys being idiots. All of you wan…[View]
189559462STORMY DANIELS: >A single roastie BTFO the leader of the free world. Are Amerimutts doomed?…[View]
189561189Cherokee Nation Declares Warren Fauxcahontas: I never could have imagined that basic math and North …[View]
189562209STORMY DANIELS LAWSUIT AGAINST TRUMP DISMISSED: https://twitter.com/chrisgeidner/status/105196498510…[View]
189564196/cic/ Canada is Collapsing: Asylum seeker not eligible to vote receives voter registration card http…[View]
189542545DNA Thread: Now that Fauxcohontas stupidly decided to prove that she was lying, I got inspired to ma…[View]
189562089Can this country get any more KIKED?[View]
189562001Liberals still as dumb as the day is long: pocahontas just proved that she's one of the whitest…[View]
189564039How do we REEE them out of existence?: The beast has attacked us recently and we should not stand id…[View]
189563997SCOTUS: How do you rank your favorite Supreme Court justices? I will omit Kavanaugh because we need …[View]
189558092>Due to a math error, a story about Elizabeth Warren misstated the ancestry percentage of a poten…[View]
189559368oops i stopped malaria & ebola now africans are gonna collapse the planet lol[View]
189556307Dems admit defeat in Texas: (As if they ever had a chance) >Representative Beto O’Rourke’s block…[View]
189561959Sharing perfect meme: Heres a beautiful meme for you boys. It's too good to keep all to myself.…[View]
189562371Daily Reminder: We are slaves to the Federal Reserve: What the hell is the Federal Reserve you ask? …[View]
189543868THEY'RE NOT EVEN HIDING IT ANYMORE: These fucks want to control the population so bad they…[View]
189561354What will happen to her?[View]
189511442First Moorish invader becomes mayor of one of the largest Belgian cities.: After Rotterdam and Londo…[View]
189560584BEARDED GUY INTERVIEWS MARXIST PROFESSOR: >Marxist professor thinks a fellow commie is interviewi…[View]
189561704JUST: Oh no no no no...[View]
189560789/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SPOOPY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
189561835Is the mutt meme dead?: Or not?[View]
189556755The James Joyce Political Conspiracy - Joyce At Midnight: Every political leader in the world has a …[View]
189563215Can any slavbros old enough tell me what it was like witnessing the collapse of the Soviet Union, ho…[View]
189547189>meanwhile on 18th century /pol/[View]
189552081Does anyone else hate skeptic/alt-lite losers way more than regular lefties? Normal lefties are gene…[View]
189562775Breaking Federal judge dismisses Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against President Trump: More sa…[View]
189562113LOCAL MAN KILLS BUSINESS MAN: https://twitter.com/PaulGAllen/status/1051958128885940226[View]
189562088Please /pol/ Inspire: /pol/ This is an inspiration thread. Wagner. Hitler. Dirlewanger.[View]
189562494And, uh, Paul Allen. I killed Paul Allen with an axe in the face, his body is dissolving in a bathtu…[View]
189562503HWNDU stream still up why is no one here? I'm really disapoint.[View]
189562270Mary MacLeod Trump dies at 88: Mary MacLeod Trump, a philanthropist who supported charities near her…[View]
189561731CPL loses defamation case Stormy vs Trump: Daniel Stormy porn star is liable for all of trumps attor…[View]
189558920Is being a Liberalist Based ?[View]
189551229>controls all 3 branches >still cant get anything done I'm done with you faggots. voting …[View]
189555773If you don’t like white women but you like the white race you’re kinda fucked m8.[View]
189561289>meditation is nothing more than the intentional silencing of one’s own internal monologue Holy F…[View]
189540794If you hate white females and aren't willing to date them then you are part of the anti-white J…[View]
189561128Why do americans discriminate hispanics/latinos when the original Aryans were literally mestizos jus…[View]
189535985What are your guys opinion on the People's Party? Is it truly over for Andrew scheer and the cu…[View]
189560062you arent a mindless partisan, are you anon?: surely you can name atleast 3 things you disagree with…[View]
189559819Ladies and gentlemen ... the President of the United States[View]
189557420Homeschooling General: So a few years ago I pulled my son out of primary school and began homeschool…[View]
189562050TSwizzle Must Pay For Her Betrayal: Is there anyone down to pay TSwift back for her betrayal? Either…[View]
189561993Vegan Agenda: Left wing media is now openly pushing for veganism Eat your onions, goy[View]
189561847>*clinks spoon on glass repeatedly to slice through the sounds of cacophonous conversation* Good …[View]
189561933Flag edit thread: Alright anons, I want to see if you can make edits of the German flag that have th…[View]
189560029That was fast...: Not even on twitter for 5 minutes[View]
189561685this warren BS is actually really good 4 us: pic very much related. post your fav. data[View]
189554815/hue/volution - Bolsonette Edition: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thr…[View]
189549244What is happening to modern men? They have got to be putting something in the water[View]
189550766When is WWIII?: When do you think ww3 will start? Who's on who's side? Do you believe in t…[View]
189553175Meanwhile, in the reality where Hillary won...[View]
189552950do black people really rape more than average: or do they just sensationalize it[View]
189561782>The debt keeps exploding (up 1 trillion just this year), >the de-dollarization has picked up …[View]
189561681Why don’t you believe women /pol/?[View]
189555701Should Breivik's compendium be obligatory reading in Scandinavian schools?[View]
189559722Did you talk to any normies about the Warren thing today?: I can't wrap my head around the idea…[View]
189544669Ex-Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: King Salman Told Me Israel Was Behind 9/11: TRUMP IS GOING TO REVEAL …[View]
189561557Bump if you agree that Jews should NEVER be killed.[View]
189561473The final pill is the taiwan civil government pill.[View]
189555861If there were no pit bulls, would fatal attacks of rottweilers surge?[View]
189561433Paul Allen: 'I’ve begun treatment & my doctors are optimistic that I will see a good result.': t…[View]
189556205The Original ANTIFA: They must be rolling in their graves nowadays, knowing that Nazis are marching …[View]
189547503Lefties are saying she never claimed to be Native American: Why can't the just admit that she…[View]
189554856Am I the only one who is noticing this inaccuracy being reported? Trump never said he would give Eli…[View]
189560187Mass Migration from Honduras to US: Fuck off we're full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZNoceN…[View]
189554754Does anyone have the webm of the guy blocking the punch from some guy at a protest? Pic related[View]
189549943If race mixing is unnatural then why do people feel attracted to other races?[View]
189552893Looks like pol are the npcs after all.[View]
189539845Saudi Arabia Admits To Killing Journalist: ITS HAPPENING!! Saudi Arabia Admits To Killing Journalist…[View]
189561119OR-5 R+23: >New poll from Gravis shows a plus 23 point lead in deep blue congressional district …[View]
189559936Hitler knew the greatest redpill[View]
189558498What did the injuns mean by this?: Hmmmmmm?[View]
189560790What should we call constantly outraged whiney right wingers? SJW doesn't quite work.[View]
189557888Today there are no Blacks left to accuse Turks and Arabs of their crimes because Turks and Arabs cas…[View]
189546960So what is it bros? One drop rule when it suits you? And >1/16 rule also when it suits you?[View]
189554609OH NO NO NO NO[View]
189559517What did she say, /pol/?: >inb4 a thread died for this Says here there was a 1/3rd chance of it b…[View]
189557721#metoo Tranny: Tranny wants your lunch too![View]
189553439CIVIL WAR Coming soon?: Y/N? Thoughts.... https://youtu.be/2A9bg4A_Hk4 Imo it will be wasps getting …[View]
189539386We wuz south american kangz: This is an olmec statue. When the spaniards arrived the olmec where alr…[View]
189560707Ebola-Chan Just Wants to Play?: Should [YOUR NATION] Force Quarantine on these Effected Areas? No fl…[View]
189548960Deep State leaving codes messages on r/all about limo 'accident'.: What do we know about Patrick?…[View]
189559429what countries will offer political asylum to an australian /pol/? which one is the best option? (i …[View]
189558671Brazil: What does /pol/ think of Brazil now?[View]
189548616Brit/pol/ - Wonderlic intelligence test edition: Brit/pol/ IQ test: 50 questions in 12 minutes (no c…[View]
189554148>Marijuana tears families apart Here is a photo of a father and son bonding over weed where it ha…[View]
189555419Okay this is epic: Okay this is epic[View]
189536737I Need to be black pilled on the holocaust HELP!!: Me and my girlfriend are having the hardest time …[View]
189558627This is a Social Democrat REEEEEEEEEE: Not a Democratic Socialist![View]
189528398TRANS SEXUAL PEOPLE ARE JUST THAT, PEOPLE: Trans sexuals are under attack from bullies and trolls an…[View]
189559348Why are Asians and Mexicans allowed to say Nigger?[View]
189543194>women don't want to 14 words with you because you're too 88[View]
189560106>It is considered makruh for the kuffar, especially the Amriki infidels, to question the Amir Al …[View]
189556108Ok /pol/, prove to me it's the jews, I'll wait. protip: >you can't…[View]
189552951Hermann Goering: Thoughts on him?[View]
189553286Friendly reminder not to fall for Russian tricks.[View]
189559943Shitposter in chief strikes again[View]
189541569Syria General /sg/ - CHADliban Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
189559084Just guess.: https://www.newsweek.com/northampton-township-pennsylvania-lawrence-weinstein-superviso…[View]
189558341>Notable liberal presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, Ba…[View]
189558790Are East Asians basically INTP: the race?[View]
189546759First time I witness so many angry indians https://twitter.com/i/events/1051860828889047040[View]
189558937https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-10-15-developers-drag-rockstar-over-100-hour-work-weeks …[View]
189557883'Trump Looked Like He Was Thinking Racist Thoughts While Talking To Kanye West': >'Let's tak…[View]
189559728Datamining thread: datamining thread, I'm here to find out the consensus on /pol/'s ideolo…[View]
189554295Australia YES!: PM considering moving Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem https://www.sbs.…[View]
189552256Pay debtns: Time to pay Drumpf.[View]
189555956I was born in the 1970s. Overton Window shift to the right is pure gold.: 1976...I was born. 6th Gen…[View]
189556618Warren IS Native American: >WASHINGTON - Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that pr…[View]
189558320Political System Moral Alignment Charts: I’ll start: >Neutral Evil—Communism >Chaotic Evil—An…[View]
189557347Ben Shapiro DOMINATES Milos asshole: I have seen a trend of people becoming 'Jews' after watching en…[View]
189537606Russian Church apostacy thread pruned or deleted? Its news and its relevant. Who mods /pol? Ruskies?[View]
189556840Pocohontas Hernandez is Peruvian.: >reveals results of DNA test >1/64 arrownigger at most >…[View]
189559279Hello North Korea, I am only writing this to look out for your interests. Please do not trust this s…[View]
189557187Brit/pol/ UKIP edition: This manifesto is pretty fucking solid. https://www.ukip.org/ukip-manifesto.…[View]
189552476>mom found the manifesto[View]
189555548Ben Shapiro is kosher approved cultural gate keeper for the Republicuck party of ZOG worshipers and …[View]
189555685Are these guys even trying to pretend they're not NPCs at this point?[View]
189545839Is IQ pseudoscience?: Okay, before you call me a kike faggot hear me out. I believe niggers are dumb…[View]
189558657stock: > stock goes up > rich assholes profit > stock goes down > lose my job what the f…[View]
189541674Is Dylann Roof the Mesiah of our times?[View]
189558560JUST TWO WEEKS AGO!: Let your loved ones know how you feel about them. https://twitter.com/PaulGAlle…[View]
189558829POLL: Wide Partisan Differences on Priorities: Biggest takeaway is, and I'm not memeing, Right-…[View]
189557691I want them all gone: I want all the non-whites out and the borders shut.[View]
189555771Spotted this furry mask in a Walmart. They are taking over. Address is 745 US-287, Lafayette, CO 80…[View]
189558578Would you trust a doctor if he is left-wing? Can a left-wing person make good judgment?[View]
18954079820 minutes into the first episode and there's already an edgy lesbian character that acts like …[View]
189551314What percentage white is this?[View]
189552882Is Twitter doomed?[View]
189558322Fauxcahontas Wiki: Any wiki regulars out there? Liz is getting an extremely favorable treatment on t…[View]
189557964Explain Slavs How do they fit into this world?[View]
189555499What did Trump mean by this?[View]
189547030Left Wing Can’t Meme?: oof[View]
189558410Say hello to a legal USA migrant!: Hello I'm Ramjeet, me and my family will be joining the Unit…[View]
189532479I am a rich Jew and can get anything I want just by asking my father for it. AMA[View]
189551948Plot twist: What if the Saudis were framed by CIA or Mossad?: This comes right after some tension be…[View]
189556333What should have been done with this little war criminal?[View]
189554044Why blacks win: I've been tinking of what would be the best way to judge which race is actually…[View]
189555057Just chillin'[View]
189514619Sexual Revolution thread 2: Welcome to sexual revolution thread (hopefully soon to be /srg/ Key note…[View]
189545172>kills less people than cigarettes >kills less people than fast food >kill less people tha…[View]
189540746Fire in the Hole!: NPC meme triggered them enough to unmask themselves. They are who we thought they…[View]
189557666Trying to Redpill people: I am trying to redpill friends on thanksgiving. Can you all post some vide…[View]
189557390Daily Reminder...!: Despots, Degenerates, Demon-Worshipers, Satanists...[View]
189552932Brazilian 'NEO-NAZIS': This girl was attacked by 'NEO-NAZIS' who supposedly support Jair Bolsonaro. …[View]
189556314Rate my leftist comic[View]
189553402We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children: Everyone against the 14 …[View]
189552428ITT: We discuss how to politically or economically subvert America: I'll start. I would flood b…[View]
189557469>take ancestry (((DNA))) test >find out I'm less than 1 percent Mongolian >mfw I'…[View]
189557393Let me tell you about the Republican VS. Democrat false dichotomy.[View]
189554263WE DINDU NUFFIN[View]
189546076'The Resistance' has found out about the NPC meme. And they. Are. Not. Happy.[View]
189554134What did he mean by this?[View]
189551367Well Played C I A: Suqami's passport survived the crash and landed in the street below. Soaked …[View]
18955425511/9 9/11 XIIX same backwards and forwards did you ever look into that?: 11/9 9/11 XIIX same backwar…[View]
189556808retardedness: pol wont let me post. saying i need to reformat. this is retarded[View]
189556806Reporter dead in Saudi Arabia: Apparently that American reporter that was killed in Saudi Arabia was…[View]
189554165SPENCER BTFO!: Elizabeth Warren is the new Queen of the White Ethnostate > how can Spencerfags ev…[View]
189505600Should women be allowed to serve in the military?: If yes, should it be restricted to certain roles?…[View]
189548182Why do some many right wingers love this coalburner?[View]
189552320You don't even realize what a golden opportunity we have. We, as Amerimutts, are usually 1-5% b…[View]
189551713We have entered the age of the Advert Meme, or AdMeme if you like. Boomer Wojack was the first and i…[View]
189549274/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- WORLD DESTRUCTION EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/4VgLkk_drx4 Hey you!…[View]
189555100There's no such thing as a 'good Jew': Did you think Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy R…[View]
189556574American Freedom: Painting based on real life events In Abu Gharaib prison in Baghdad By Champion of…[View]
189556487proposition 112: >will kill millions of jobs and children >will kill schools >will cause eb…[View]
189555945Havard Law's First Woman of Color: Lmao I can't quit goddamn laughing about this shit. Has…[View]
189543870I am convinced CNN is being used to steer the herd.: And shadowy figures are propping them up financ…[View]
189555853How do animals which lack self awareness know to seek their own species for mating while humans who …[View]
189545504With Germany increasing its military spending to 2% of GDP: should it also start its own nuclear wea…[View]
189555359most important news just dropped: nothing bigger since Trump won, know what it is? pic related…[View]
189555188WE: What's going on? Blacks think they're Egyptian White Woman think they're Native A…[View]
189554690Press S to Spit. S[View]
189555663'Born in the wrong generation' Zoomer fag hear just tell you Boomers that while you're old asse…[View]
189552303Trump has truly mindbroken Warren: 1/1024 indian? Really? That's 0.001% Trump honestly probably…[View]
189554248Has God already punished England, or not? It's hard to tell[View]
189554684Skip to 1:25. The next few seconds you should see 2 things that enrage you. Let's educate these…[View]
189553368Now that Taylor Swift is an admitted slimy democrat. I'd like to suggest a non-degenerate alter…[View]
189549417How do you feel towards Georgia, /pol/? Do you like this fine land?[View]
18955392448 hours: You know what to do[View]
189551018How will the bongs recover?: >tfw your head of state will a family of inbred hollywood mutts in a…[View]
189554000Pocahontas would not be considered native even by the standards of the Racial Integrity Act of 1924:…[View]
189555496>nacionalismo >neoliberalismo Pique um https://youtu.be/gYwcXy7yeYg…[View]
189555550How many retweets would we need to show this is also an issue?: Internet person was surprised that h…[View]
1895550151776 Pt. 2 they can't enforce it if we all do it: >>>/k/39440086 https://www.reddit.co…[View]
189533806Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Polacken Raus Edition: Happening stream: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
189552091OK POL.....WTF IS UP WITH THIS GUY????: He looks focused...He looks like he was juuuuust ready to hi…[View]
189547283Redpill on the Saudi Arabia Events: > be Crown-Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) > dad is king …[View]
189545884Is Serbia the best country in Eastern Europe?: >centuries of kebab removal history >strongly o…[View]
189541708How do we fix the Selfie problem?: https://twitter.com/Losherb/status/1051281183298875393…[View]
189530320UN Global compact for migration - a suicide pact for the white man: December 10th 2018 is a day that…[View]
189555094Are we going to start a hastag to blow this up in their faces? Something like #DiversityGreatAndSmal…[View]
189555350THE JEWISH END GAME: WHITES AS SLAVES: Look, I hold fast to the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. …[View]
189548731Hey considering the current civil war, lets make a new version of Dixie![View]
189554801Hi POL. OP here . Can you guys let me know how YOU feel memes are going to impact the midterms? I me…[View]
189554420I was born a Black nationalist, I'm a black nationalist and i'll always be a Black nationa…[View]
189554599Back on the menu just in time for Halloween, boys![View]
189555287'Ummmm Why don't Drumf release his taxes!': People who say this are goddamn idiots. Today, you …[View]
189542883The Curse strikes again.[View]
189555080Based Black Man says Codeine made him Successful so is the secret to making Good Blacks is Codeine ?[View]
189539116The Green Pill: It wasn't easy but I've come to terms with it: I am a muslim, and most of …[View]
189552870The Fire Rises: https://vote.gov/ register to vote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ZuffBrloo…[View]
189546957Emanuel Macuckron: Macron is a failed beta. I mean they guy is named after a delicassy biscuit. They…[View]
189554341I AM WHITEOKEE NATION!!!: >How before my BIG RED COCK >BRC…[View]
189554770Dems literally cannot stop losing: >TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck H…[View]
189554661Youtuber: There is an easly angered, easly goaded youtuber from the bible reloaded jake His twitter …[View]
189529140>Your real life political views >What you larp as on /pol/ go…[View]
189518376Anyone here unironically a Centrist?[View]
189554484Would you trust a doctor if he is left-wing? Can a left-wing person make good judgment?[View]
189549407UCF Democrat Leader Against Rape goes and Rapes an Unconscious Girl: Hypocrital Democrat who protest…[View]
189554074>BASED & REDPILLED. When is /pol/ going to admit that redditfags are superior beings?…[View]
189546627/hue/volution - Drinking PITU Edition: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc …[View]
189553387Another Hostile Army Marches on USA: https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/15/migrant-caravan-honduras-us-…[View]
189552368Why does it seem lately that SNL is trying to make America look weaker or seem weaker? Before they u…[View]
189552129Quantum Physics is Transgenderism: >don't you understand bigot? >Quantum Physics is ever…[View]
189553888How strong is patriotic communism in your country?[View]
189544972NATIONAL DEBT: reminder that nothing matters since the debt will inevitably cause a deflationary spi…[View]
189552369Japan: 20% now 70 or older: >The 70-and-over segment of the population grew to an estimated 26.18…[View]
189553727“In order to be able to think, you must risk being offensive.” Is this why sheltered left-wing NPCs …[View]
189532659Fucking savage. Which one of you did this?[View]
189552661Its time to pay up /pol/ and denounce your racist ways[View]
189553884Is Elizabeth Warren guilty of stolen valor?: By claiming she is Native American because she has some…[View]
189553675Looking for Redpills on Ron Paul[View]
189553605so i recently met this lefty guy online and we started to debate, i was somehow unable to name trump…[View]
189543561Fatal police shootings more frequent in U.S. states with high household gun ownership: >b-but mor…[View]
189546199I’m just sitting here with my latte laughing at you racists! Blue Wave is Coming!!! Trump is not my …[View]
189550252Does this prove the Amerimutt meme?[View]
189553191i am concerned[View]
189551963are we on rigging the polls to put stefan karl on the 50 pound note?[View]
189551403Democrats Lead Continues To Slip: Looks like the Blue Wave is looking more like Blue Tide as the GOP…[View]
189527383These men believed they were genetically superior to most of you.[View]
189552335the eternal aussie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GlNQzjii1c[View]
189553455what is the significance of the temptation of Christ?[View]
189553105Girls are NOT humans[View]
189527339Sex before marriage: Why are you against sex before marriage if you're not religious? The studi…[View]
189551957Locked up for six years with a cat....neglects it. Report: Ecuador tells Assange to curb speech, loo…[View]
189553205Reminder that according to t_d, ptg and neo-pol: if you criticize Israel, UR A JEW! if you criticize…[View]
189552575When did securing concubines become degenerate? Having a go-to mistress sounds pretty damn appealing…[View]
189543590Distributism: >What is Distributism? Distributism is the economic ideology that most of the world…[View]
189548974Americans: Why is it that there are Irish Americans, Jewish Americans, Italian Americans, African Am…[View]
189552200HAPPENING: The Alpha White Males talk about the Indian and Evil White Beta Male Trump[View]
189548036If You’re Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be: https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion…[View]
189552909Hampstead children resurfaced: Do you really not remember Alisa and Gabriel, /pol/? Why hasn't …[View]
189552755The End of the Republic: Surely, the United States if reaching that critical juncture that most demo…[View]
189540286ITT: things Trump said he didn't say: >and we will say: I will give you a million dollars to…[View]
189552778Mexianons, is it true that the majority of Mexicans in the United States are what you guys would con…[View]
189552728best frens[View]
189552711GOYM COME HERE: The NPC State of /pol: Pol one month ago: TRUMP WILL OUT ISRAEL ABOUT 9/11 Pol one w…[View]
189552674Grey fucking faces everywhere: Why are the Bogs pumping so much into NPC memes at the moment? Is thi…[View]
189552551how do i convince my mother to stop feeling bad for homeless people who have gibs and could easily g…[View]
189537491MEXICAN MAN DIES IN THE DESERT TRYING TO RETURN TO HIS FAMILY: I know you faggot ass poltards will f…[View]
189552479a.jones: damn pc´s[View]
189549950I'm offended: I'm offended if you don't believe EVERYONE who is right handed![View]
189538987D'Souza KILLS the lie that the 'alt-right' is on the right: The white supremacist movement is d…[View]
189552355>Elizabeth Warren[View]
189552345What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this guy really deserves to be on the sexual offender r…[View]
189541711NPC MEME DUMP: Bonus points for the one discussing Trump[View]
189520365Ok, now it's not funny anymore.[View]
189552220What's better /pol/, nation state or empire?[View]
189552199Any actual Jewish people here? At what age do you get indoctrinated into world domination scheme or …[View]
189549105Based trudeau is actively recruiting ISIS fighters to come to Canada. Very tolerant https://globaln…[View]
189550411How do we defeat the demons on the left?[View]
189547036Whoopi Goldberg gets backlash for saying actresses fucked old men to get roles and awards: Liberals …[View]
189552088what are some characteristic differences among white genotypes, i know there are larger differences …[View]
189541096Why haven't you converted to Islam yet?[View]
189527572Stop using 'soy' as an insult[View]
189541687What does /pol think of this man?[View]
189551979Brit/pol/ - United Feeldom Edition: They Shall Not Grow Old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHYRfukH…[View]
189551573It has come to my attention that many claiming to save the white race are actually betraying it.: Ma…[View]
189551919Libcucks complaining and making up all those fake news stories about Russian meddling into our elect…[View]
189548787>All Races and Cultures are equal, /pol/. What do you not understand about that? :^|…[View]
189532096Breaking: BRACE FOR IMPACT DEEP FAKE COVER: They are prepping the cover story to avoid the fallout o…[View]
189546225Why are Native Americans suffering so much :'([View]
189546871Why do so many people hate being employed?[View]
189534728Gun control; it just works: Let's face it, the United States needs strict gun control. Every si…[View]
189547577Reminder: Anglos and Russians are subhumans[View]
189545459Grüetzi: Switzerland worked for 43 years on the study and aquirement of a nuclear bomb during the co…[View]
189551711Hitler Invented Doner Kebab: I found this on the Wikipedia page about gyros. This is the first known…[View]
189551710Another Conservative Dating site coming soon: These Right wing dating site will attract gold diggers…[View]
189539373Winners of the Women's Cycling World Championship: NOTHING UNUSUAL HERE In the middle is Rachel…[View]
189544157Happening!: Killing of journalist was a false flag to destabilize peace plan with Saudi Arabia. Who …[View]
189548969Did white people win today :) ?[View]
189551546What's Google hiding?[View]
189551539Florida Elections: Hurricane Micheal is turning out to be a worst-case scenario for the FL-GOP. A hi…[View]
189542486Fascist or Libertarian?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16653265/[View]
189550757Where are these reparations supposed to come from? The white farmers they keep killing?[View]
189550666>Official government website: This shit looks like it was made in 2002,i feel kind of bad for the…[View]
189532569White women can't be trusted. Just give up /pol/, having aryan babies is just not in the cards …[View]
189542373MAJOR HAPPENING YOU FAGGOT: Senate intelligence staffer who dated New York’s Times reporter pleads g…[View]
189549952TDS?: Why do so many want Trump to fail? It's like wanting a pilot to crash with the whole coun…[View]
189542452>tfw you see con-men and virtue signallers where everyone else sees just virtue >tfw you…[View]
189549122Kneelger B T F O: —— https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1051935412200112129[View]
189528036Putin should declare Kaliningrad to be a white ethnostate: And open the city region to all ethnic Ge…[View]
189551207Should anyone who intentionally lives the childless carefree lifestyle pass a certain age should jus…[View]
189518240STERILIZED and TRASHUMANIZED: .....It's happenning!!! https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitivewor…[View]
189551162@resistbot and @votepledges are tweeting out muh resistance pledges. They don't sanitize input.…[View]
189551121culture of critique video 2018 וידאו: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irz14QWUW-8&t=8s הוא >ה…[View]
189534943Why does he lie so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9gj2ZL63W4#t=02m47s >'I will give you a…[View]
189535325Greetings from CNN[View]
189550029How the fed works: Get in here /pol/ and red pill normies on this shit http://esotericawakening.com/…[View]
189547227Is Joe Biden the sexiest politician in Burger?[View]
189550783They Shall Not Grow Old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHYRfukHToc I'll be watching this at B…[View]
189547659Ethnos needs Logos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XDo1SHVWnY&t=12s Race worshippers are low I…[View]
189548666Remember to report, hide, and sage the following types of threads: >'these types of people aren…[View]
189545392JewTube in Shut-It-Down mode: Johnny Gat's latest videos just got taken down for copyright and …[View]
189527878Portugal Appreciation Thread: Inês (Mathgurl) Edition. I love Portugal. They even make Portuguese so…[View]
189546715Is the Daily Stormer controlled opposition?: Andrew Anglin admitted that he’s either 1/3 or 1/4 jewi…[View]
189547941How to destroy affirmative action using Sen. Warren: She's been bragging all over the news, Red…[View]
189550529How can the rest of the world compete???: Trump is actually following through! He is making America …[View]
189543250It's ok to be a white woman flyers: the timing is correct. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018…[View]
189550488NPC Twitter Account: Just got started and wanted to know how I'm doing so far. Any tips? I know…[View]
189550383REMINDER: Neo-Paganism is bullshit: You can't just follow a religion which does not exist. You …[View]
189542965>Be me >Browse left-leaning news website > Elizabeth Warren is Native American despite bein…[View]
189550216I love fiat currency![View]
189547278'Suspicious letter' at Sen. Susan Collins' Maine home prompts investigation: https://…[View]
189526346NEIL YOUNG BTFOS TRUMP: >“I am a Canadian, and I love America. There’s nothing here that needs to…[View]
189546088Decriminalize blackness[View]
189549701Left-wing call for violence / criminal speech: Yet another criminal call for violence from The left-…[View]
189547191Join us England... Become the 51st.[View]
189550004/twitter/ general: post all of your twitter screen shots in here, and that means you can delete all …[View]
189546414Descendant of Robert E. Lee criticizes Trump comments: >'Robert Lee IV, a North Carolina pastor w…[View]
189545069Damn.... this made me believe in meme magic.[View]
189544822He understood everything, and if you haven't read his work then you're an NPC.[View]
189549922Fiat Money is a product, that's why everyone uses USD.: >muh petrodollar They use it volunta…[View]
189536093Redpilled European cities: Hey /pol/ What European cities that are based & redpilled can you rec…[View]
189549642Does the west prop up the Taliban?[View]
189549552>be me >turkish atheist antitheist >get bullied through school for being a gavur atheist …[View]
189498443How did the Holocaust make you feel?[View]
189521304James Fricken Woods el oh el[View]
189548297>it doesn't matter, we won B.A.S.E.D[View]
189549345help me find this chad: bois wheres the video with sound[View]
189546764why do jews hate white people having functional families? what is it to them?[View]
189541785I’m home and sick in bed pls send best MEMRI[View]
189549486Solving African Poverty: Is she right?[View]
189548625LOLbertarian thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZITP93pqtdQ[View]
189525942He's done it, /pol. He's finally gone full retard: That's right, Trump - and no one e…[View]
189547236The Democratic Party will punish you for standing for the flag.[View]
189544633A 93-year-old woman who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II was crowned “M…[View]
189543540Venezuela is doing fine: Just got back home from my trip to Venezuela and its kind of like spanish c…[View]
189540572How: How does one get rid of this shit. It fucking hurts[View]
189549148Broke: seperate human ethnostates based on color, Woke: Mankind united as an ethnostate since we as …[View]
189545610Why does Drumpf have so many racist thoughts?[View]
189548880The Compact on Migration (Marrakesh Declaration) will severely censor all parts of society in discus…[View]
189548792https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/how-the-cia-made-google-e836451a959e What does /pol/ think o…[View]
189545717Balkan THREAD!!!!: >Bosnia and Herzegovina is the biggest shit-hole Prove me wrong tip u cant.…[View]
189546219Why Brits gave 'Holy Land' to their Jewish Masters ?: immigration and replacing others isn't go…[View]
189546594Americans can't name a single country on a map (even their own)): Why are you so retarded? http…[View]
189521374Is Sweden the most CUCKED country in Europe?[View]
189548530There's Always A Bigger Fish: Western society is going the same way as the injuns. The Injuns w…[View]
189546855>Be in the United Nations Human Rights Council: >Commit hundreds of human rights violations li…[View]
189548403https://archive.org/details/ProjectForANewAmericanCenturyRebuildingAmericasDefenses/page/n61 Just s…[View]
189512657What's the problem with becoming a mixed race country like Brazil? The people are good looking,…[View]
189540166Operation Milk Snatcher: Sup fags. Behold a new campaign for /pol/acks to engage with to piss off le…[View]
189543697How will you be celebrating legalization, /pol/? :)[View]
189547970Red pill me on A.I systems become right wing.[View]
189548104>I hate big corporations that hire immigrants for cheap who end up taking my job and diving down …[View]
189543286What do you think of this?: I think I sorted out who is a NPC and who isn't in this chart. I th…[View]
189544408Pro-gun Political Cartoons: This thread is dedicated to Pro-gun Political Cartoons. I got kicked out…[View]
189548045>muh 6 gorillian >muh shekels >muh ethnostate >muh holocaust…[View]
189548029Voting is for NPC'S: >let's all get together and elect some people to do stuff we can…[View]
189544439Saudi Arabia admits to killing journalist: mullah bbq when?[View]
189545726Why long-nose tribe flood villages with sheep-hair tribe?! Long nose tribe supposed to be Grug tribe…[View]
189531780Saudi 'journalist' is way more than that: - His grandfather was the personal doctor of King Al Saud,…[View]
189540301NPC HOLOCAUST HAPPENING!!: The reason they are mass banning the NPC accounts is because it fucks wit…[View]
189545453Let me introduce you to Poo Jeff Goldbloom: Hey, guys.[View]
189545095Ænglisc/pol/ Rihtwuldriende Ċiriċe Edition.: Þe Rihtwuldriende /pol/. Eall þæt is Rihtwuldriende.…[View]
189543907Trump should be impeached for this! #EndRacism #NotMyPresident[View]
189546324Damn... /pol/ btfo[View]
189532284>a-a-acshually the best way to get rid of megacorporations is to let them do whatever they want L…[View]
189547411So now that it's come out that Warren is 1/1024 American Indian (Of any kind, including the pos…[View]
189547376>implying they’re not already doing this[View]
189545860With studies coming out like this, how is it that corporations can still justify placating SJWs? Obv…[View]
189547262Today a HAZMAT team had to be dispatched after a threatening letter was sent to the Senator's h…[View]
189546671Eh buddy, did you just queef in my face guy[View]
189541649JEWRATSLUM: >dumb bogans to follow moronic mutts' propitiation to Malek >bogan goyim also…[View]
189537179Brit/pol/ - Wonderlic intelligence test edition: Brit/pol/ IQ test: 50 questions in 12 minutes (no c…[View]
189542123If cut russians off in 6 times, would the GDP ppp be higher in 6 times?[View]
189516439Post Redpills that you Learned this Week[View]
189536132Pizzagate - true?: Are the Stories about Pizzagate true? Eating Kids and shit wtf is wrong with the …[View]
189546453DirecTV remote and Starbursts! DRUMP IS EVIL![View]
189533940I know this is old but look at this fucker's long neck[View]
189547413GOBLINS: Is Goblin Slayer our show[View]
189545927Don't Rickroll the left, send them to the true meaning of boofing: Shoreline Mafia - Boof'…[View]
189521424George Carlin was not funny at all, all he ever did was say fuck and talk about how bad America is. …[View]
189546421We will win against the sexist and racist Donald Trump! SJW are not scared of you fascist geeks! Tw…[View]
189545350im an online marketers, here why we mix races: i work as a marketing consultant for a major auto ins…[View]
189546545wow, he's right[View]
189545431What's wrong with British people?[View]
189546436mfw im forced by my country to help occupy a smaller nation it colonized and bomb schools and hospit…[View]
189546180#metooNPC (code=menBad error:): Why are metoo whores such a turn off(politically)? These harpies and…[View]
189537980Getting Kinda a Creepy Police State vibe from Canada These days- Cont: It's also sort of a Kafk…[View]
189529629Why do japanese people accept to be treated like a whore by the american goverment? They've bee…[View]
189546413What do republican voters actually believe?: Not the politicians or other important republican figur…[View]
189544890UK yes!!: Airplaneful of Brits stop the deportation of a gangrapist Somali terrorist. https://www.da…[View]
189542827the draft is retarded: daily reminder that war is senseless violence and deteriorates the human soul…[View]
189536783Monster Energy: Hey /pol/, whats your problem with this drink? (besides the 666 jew conspiracy)…[View]
189515277>be indian on /pol/ >think of a clever reply for them (you) >read twice before posting for …[View]
189530468Just got this in the mail: Happy Smoke is on the way[View]
189545889gun control btfo: well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXFtH3v2epI >has southern accent >has …[View]
189546080NPC: Sometimes I wish I were an NPC. Isn’t it easier?[View]
189545141Oh noes!: I just found out I'm 1024th Mexican.[View]
189544385why doesn't socialism work? what caused the 30s USSR famine?[View]
189542318Perfect Europe map: I've tried giving every single ethno-linguistic group and sizeable indepenc…[View]
189536454Deus. . . Vult?[View]
189543992Deprogramming from Mocking Bird Media: When deprogramming the population it is best to remember that…[View]
189535928I am being missized: >I NEED YOUR HELP : Like most of the /pol/users, I am a successful and good-…[View]
189545774How much of a hypocritical tool do you have to be to unironically think 'everyone who doesn't t…[View]
189542099Israel appreciation thread: Lets go GOYS[View]
189544426Are you going, /pol/-chan? I would but I'm not a Euro.[View]
189542349Why is Northern Ireland such a big issue for Brits?: Isn’t it a poor land with lazy people and Engla…[View]
189541519Why does /pol/ get so butthurt that Jerusalem doesn't belong to Muzzies anymore?[View]
189537128DAILY NICE:ARKANSAS TEACHER GOES SWINGING IN THE PARK WITH STUDENT: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news…[View]
189534820How do we get christniggers to stop worshiping a kike?: Are they the ultimate bluepilled NPC /pol/? …[View]
189532107Trump BTFO: Trump says he will donate $1,000,000 if Pocahontas takes a DNA test proving she is India…[View]
189545070What are some /pol/ approved vidyas?[View]
189507733If all politicians, bankers, investors and corporate owners died simultaneously and no new ones came…[View]
189534898/hue/volution - MORE REINFORCEMENTS IN THE NORTHEAST: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.b…[View]
189545117Did you know George Washington depended on a Jew to win the Revolutionary War? Well of course he did…[View]
189535270Jamal Khashoggi Assasination Exposes Alex Jones and Donald Trump as KIKE shills: Alex Jones Connecti…[View]
189524904The ROF was told at gunpoint by the national guard 'We don't want help from Nazis'[View]
189541793They finally do it...[View]
189543983CARTOONGATE: THIS GAY SHIT NEEDS TO STOP: /pol/ cartoons when?[View]
189542869Antifa strikes again[View]
189539456what happened when the american broke his arm? he went broke.[View]
189520845Hurry, kids! into the freedom bunker![View]
189534360Why do Europeans on /pol/ like the EU?: I thought everyone was a nationalist here or at least libert…[View]
189537426Is he our guy pol, bleaching black women[View]
189543600companionship and empathy is why we will win: The left eats their own and casts people out in a puri…[View]
189517252There is no way this ends good for Trump: I have no idea why it matters but its obviously bad.…[View]
189544600Does the meme magic ever end?: >In the 16th century the Spanish (globalist) empire of Philips II …[View]
189544578'Wacky Jacky Rosen' is now down 7 points in Nevada. Press F to pay respects.[View]
189544571OFFICIAL WALL PETITION SANCTIONED BY TRUMP: https://action.donaldjtrump.com/tell-senate-build-the-wa…[View]
189544516Tacohontas!: >Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! >Tacohontas! >Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! >Tacohonta…[View]
189511139Why is the consumption of alcohol forbidden in public space in the U.S.?: America always pretends to…[View]
189544336yea?: hey pol do you think the NPC syndrom has something to do with vaccines ? maybe they have limit…[View]
189544320This is what peak whiteness looks like. And that's a good thing.: https://youtu.be/YfdLh0MHqKw …[View]
189544059I made an npc twitter account. Kindly follow it my fellow npcs. https://twitter.com/npc8597236272[View]
189541442Is Madam seriously going to run in 2020 guys?: I pray to Kek every day for a Bernie, Warren, Biden, …[View]
189538830>only white people are ped- >only white people fuck their senpai- http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/1…[View]
189538283OY VEY[View]
189540247Can I get a digits thread: Can I get some fucking happenings you absolute fucking niggers. I want ha…[View]
189543973the blue checks are ass shattered: a hypothetical droid with advanced AI and the ability to do simpl…[View]
189542051Is wife spanking redpilled?[View]
189531315Britain will be 75% mixed-race by 2150: Some university Jew called Eric Kaufmann has just written a …[View]
189543826Kavanaugh was in on it all along: >High-level mason >'you need to go through this initiation r…[View]
189533435why are you against socialism exactly? more often than not, people are against it because of dumb mi…[View]
189537238Isn't it ironic, aren't you an NPC if you like and post this meme since everyone who does …[View]
189538746Magapedes get the rope too[View]
189533884And the next Senator from Texas is...[View]
189542129This is the water you drink at Kroger.[View]
189540253I must get myself to Europe, and take advantage of brainwashed white women. It’ll be like an all you…[View]
189540959More propaganda from the liar in chief: https://www.nbcnews.com/video/trump-says-his-border-wall-is-…[View]
189538907Meanwhile, in childrens cartoons......[View]
189539879When did you relealized that technology won't make you happy?: Or fill the void ? Worst, that t…[View]
189542786November 1st, 2018: There's a guy on youtube who has posted hundreds of videos about the date 1…[View]
189542295is violence inevitable /pol/? is love, peace and chicken grease not possible anymore? i just want to…[View]
189541309>250,000 people show up for anti-right rally >alt-right gets psyched if 250 people show up for…[View]
189541131https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT6ZjGxpEGs Why is Liberal 'Comedy' even allowed to exist at this …[View]
189542537What is /pol/'s take on adoption/legal guardianship? Mind you I'm not doing this to be a '…[View]
189540604tax the rich, solve poverty: it really is that simple[View]
189543035/pol/ I saw a woman in a burka for the first time ever today. I didn't know what to think at fi…[View]
189542237The Nazis were NPCs. Prove me wrong[View]
189541862Scientology and jews: What's the relationship between Scientology and Jews? Are any Jews Scient…[View]
189542702White masculinity in decline.: Women, especially right-wing ones, value strength and masculinity in …[View]
189537083STEVEN SEAGAL STORMS OUT OF BBC INTERVIEW: >The Under Siege star - who was appointed by Russia in…[View]
189542564What happens here?: I’ve heard it’s pretty racist, but the people always vote overwhelmingly for dem…[View]
189542002Carlos Bustamante: So this is the basedentist that BTFO Donald Trump and proved Senator Elizabeth Wa…[View]
189542775Hitler Was Right: Prove me wrong[View]
189538131PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SOON EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
189538947Shit Reddit Says: 1. go to r/politics to see stupid people perform mental gymnastics on Elizabeth Wa…[View]
189542644Senate 2018: What happened /pol/? When did everything go wrong?[View]
189542392Redpills for free: Do you have questions about this society? I can answer them. I have about an hour…[View]
189541727The Jew is to the White as the White is to the Black how accurate is this statement?[View]
189540951Absolutely powerful![View]
189541790Dixie Thread: Howdy all, this here's a Dixie thread. ITT we stand for our flag and kneel before…[View]
189542467The Movement Hall of Shame: So you intend to do NOTHING ... Got it. Sell it as Courage or what not b…[View]
189534864TUCKER VS CENK AT POLITICON §§§: Who will win? Discuss[View]
189541740anyone notice this creepy emergence of demoralization threads late at night?: that 'muh right wing s…[View]
189542429Why are white people so ugly[View]
189535627Stephen Harper Presentaion A Reminder Of What It Was Like Having A PM Who Could Think.: This is a go…[View]
189541556how did Australia got away with this?: seriously, this is nazi tier propaganda. https://www.youtube.…[View]
189536239What if he becomes King?[View]
189526613What's the secret of their longevity?[View]
189542034lefties strike again: >>...What each group shares is a fear of the future, an atomized life sp…[View]
189529845Seriously guys, we need to let this meme die.[View]
189541936How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human …[View]
189542095If you don't like fucking minoritites: >you're a racist >But in their study, researc…[View]
189537099Why does Trump love sucking Saudi dick so much?: What do they have on him?[View]
189542007My issue with the trans movement isn't that I disagree with it, though to be clear I do disagre…[View]
189536573/pol/ humor thread[View]
189540405Any rally's coming up in need of a sockpuppet?: >Racially ambiguous boy I blend in well with…[View]
189541636Anti-anonymity leftists own urban dictionary now.[View]
189538800This is the meme which secured 2020. Use it wisely.[View]
189538552Reminder that Meds DON'T CARE about being white or not. We have a massive amount of historical …[View]
189537395Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?[View]
189539813ABSOLUTELY BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtvrlmbF-CY[View]
189534626How many of you are women /pol/[View]
189534881Is whiteness a recessive genetic component?[View]
189541571what went wrong ?[View]
189540549SAUDIS ADMIT KILLING REPORTER: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/cnn-saudis-preparing-report-ad…[View]
189539799Nazis were christcucks What a pity meme[View]
189537353Need your help guys: Would a brave soul sacrifice his cellphone number so i can keep doing some fine…[View]
189527033Coal burner pays the full toll in South Africa: The straight-A student was dragged into bushes raped…[View]
189523771Napoleon was a retard, if he just allied Spain instead of betray us American independence wouldn…[View]
189539618IS SHE /OURQUEEN/?: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2018/10/15/oh-my-elizabeth-warren-rol…[View]
189538935Is Coca-Cola secretly red pilled? Look at this commercial, from 2010! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
189536745Elizabeth Warrens truth...HALITOSIS from Hell: I have close friends who have worked with Elizabeth W…[View]
189508745Gotta love Victor Stinner basedboy programmer removing terms master and slave from terminology in py…[View]
189541288ॐ: 108 is the numerical equivalent of OM , in sync with the rhythms of time and space and represents…[View]
189533957Why do some people say that scientific racism wrong? I mean that I don't understand the argumen…[View]
189538624When will Bill Gate become totally blackpilled on Africa?: >One of the biggest problems the world…[View]
189541077How's it going, my fellow kekerinos? Topkek. Have you joined Gamergate 2.0 yet to dunk on those…[View]
189512534The results are in and Warren is 1/1,024 Native America. /pol/ BTFO. Chieftain Warren 2020![View]
189529147ideal society: what is your idea of a utopian society, and justify it im interested your opinions, i…[View]
189539623Bring back the grand raids: Good People of /pol/, I have uncovered a New forum in need of a Reality …[View]
189539885Why cant the left into Comedy?: They can't even take a joke. I tell one black joke, and all the…[View]
189537682Remind me again /pol/ why you vote cuckservative?: >“On Israel, he has the most anti-Israel recor…[View]
189539477So what's his inner dialogue?: How does he feel all the time? Is he ever anxious or admitting h…[View]
189479417Syria General /sg/ - SAAnime Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
189525850Is this the most Chad Painting of all time? Why does it drive liberals insane? https://twitter.com/s…[View]
189536462Magic: the Gathering[View]
189538638FUCK AROUND FIND OUT: They always get their asses kicked, so why does antifa continue attack Patriot…[View]
189537341Request for Hack/Attack on Insta: Requesting an attack on @Renfamous Bust open her DMs, and post the…[View]
189540534Why haven't you accepted this man as your savior yet? Probably the most black pilled man of all…[View]
189538871Nazi Greeks: White Power 1488 ! Sieg Heil ! stop immigration and destroying our white countries we m…[View]
189538604ANTIFA IS RETARDED...: >Antifa Website Promotes HOME ABORTION CLASSES to ‘Dismantle White Suprema…[View]
189539425what are their odds of even coming close to being able to defeat Trump in 2020?[View]
189529425What does the rest of the world think of this man?[View]
189531948Balkan: Green: Whites Orange: Honorary whites Red: Non-whites Black: Niggers of Balkans Discuss.…[View]
189524712>Rich people earned their wealth How is this not Just World Fallacy?[View]
189539493do unions actually improve the quality of the product and the happiness of workers?[View]
189531224Megapedes will get the rope too[View]
189536491What happens when we lose in November? Are we going to overthrow Donald Trump for real? Nobody can s…[View]
189539780Thank you 4chan: Thank you for telling the world that this hand symbol means racism- I know a couple…[View]
189535447Why hasn't Trump obliterated the fed yet?[View]
189515237Coming out to your parents: Have you told your parents about your political views? How did they reac…[View]
189524810#highcheekbones: The media just opened the door for most white Americans to claim minority status. Y…[View]
189534487Do Russian trolls get paid in Rubles or USD?[View]
189519653Brit pol: The state of the UK- Source- https://www.rt.com/uk/441278-choudary-prison-release-cost/…[View]
189539615Does the eu serve a purpose anymore? Did it ever have any?[View]
189539261I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS VILE FILTH ANYMORE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!: The sheer depravity of a red-blooded…[View]
189537388>St. Louis woman checks to make sure the man who slipped through apartment building front door ac…[View]
189537951Why do NPCs blame the 'joos' for everything?[View]
189539496https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR8jhyvOPDw WTF NETFLIX, how dare you put such racist, islamophobic,…[View]
189529502Don't these DNA tests have a margin of error? If it comes up as 1/1,000 then it's possible…[View]
189537272It's over: It's over https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1051892151938887680?s=19…[View]
189536071GOYIM NO!: Oy vey, I wonder what our (((greatest ally))) thinks about Trump saying shit like this? D…[View]
189535743Why do faggots and trans fags try so hard to fit in with us?[View]
189535781What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this guy really deserves to be on the sexual offender r…[View]
189539140What are we waiting for?: Why haven't we nuked South America and Africa entirely yet? What are …[View]
189539129POST YOUR CREEPY BIDEN MEMES!!!!!: Biden being creepy[View]
189535164redpill me on freud: Why are Sigmund Freud's works problematic? (apart from him being a jew) Wh…[View]
189534152reason for declining fertility rates in the west: 12 year olds dude jerking off with shampoo[View]
189538974Reminder to register to vote: It's easy as fuck, it takes literally 2 minutes. Google your cit…[View]
189540486Just a reminder: Real life people are being called 'Cringey' By shitposters who probably live in th…[View]
189537134who is behind pic related?[View]
189536311Reddit Cringe/Repill Thread: Post 'em if you got 'em.[View]
189531912Israel gets culturally enriched by african immigrants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmVEqDaftcE A…[View]
189537877Central Virginia Election: Who are you voting for? Abby or Dave?[View]
189536357>Centrist >Agnostic >Believe voting age should be over 23 and you should have to take a com…[View]
189505075White woman Sings about living in a black neighbourhood: Poor woman must live in Englewood, Chicago …[View]
189531321Jewish dementia: https://www.timesofisrael.com/93-year-old-crowned-israels-new-miss-holocaust-surviv…[View]
189531109Americans are so full of themselves that's why everyone hates you[View]
189536125What Starburst do you like anon? https://www.myrecipes.com/extracrispy/trump-starburst-habit[View]
189527574Trump voter: 'I'm afraid of dictator in the whitehouse': Well pol? https://youtu.be/V32tuSxwv2…[View]
189536192You guys really are pussies. We live in one of the safest periods of history, and you still complain…[View]
189529485Hostage Situation in Germany. He apparently wanted to be flown to Syria and a terrorist buddy of him…[View]
189538202How red pilled does /pol/ think The 1975's new music video is? https://youtu.be/1Wl1B7DPegc[View]
189533773Do you people have anything to live for beyond memes? You all seem profoundly miserable. Well societ…[View]
189534049I just found out my closest friend was being cheated on by his ex with a nig. The only reason he was…[View]
189528891Why is it hard for people to believe that someone can be anti-capitalism but also anti-communism?[View]
189521202You really don't care about unborn children's life.: You don't care about fetus, you …[View]
189537762Here's how to fix the roastie problem.: You have to punish muh dick niggers. Women aren't …[View]
189523716Brit/pol/: __________news_ >Man shot from less than two metres away https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk…[View]
189519403Surely this song backfire on Elizabeth Warren... Pic related, she is gloating on Twitter Source: htt…[View]
189537336'I swear to God that was not set up' says the kike as he unknowingly gets caught lying: Lying and de…[View]
189527452G-guys the BLUEWAVE is coming: Look at how she talks, look at the confidence. They know it's co…[View]
189532525Without boring you with the details, I just found out that my fiancé cheated on me with his ex-girlf…[View]
189537513Russians will defend this[View]
189537430E-bay business awards 2017: Do you really not remember Alisa and Gabriel, /pol/? Why hasn't an…[View]
189525354DonaldDaters: Dating app for Trump supporters.: Will you try it, /pol/? https://www.washingtonexamin…[View]
189533357This guy: What is the worst most racist thing hitler ever said that was recorded? Seems like most ba…[View]
189534292>Be FBI >tweet about cyber security and online safety >don't even know how to rotate p…[View]
189534999Do you trust our allies the Turks to tell us the truth? After all they're the only ones who hav…[View]
189537175Meet the new UN secretary[View]
189537149I don't think the line between PC and NPC is clear. Most of us still lead pretty much NPC lives…[View]
189533511Nov 6: This is your friendly reminder to go out and vote these midterms on Nov 6. Not only that, but…[View]
189531736ITT: master race[View]
189535939Just admit it, /pol/tards. If he went to your school, you’d either want to kick his ass or someone e…[View]
189532279Are women little more than property?: They clearly lack the ability to reason and consider the conse…[View]
189531772>/ptg/ and T_D are sucking Saudi cocks yet again[View]
189536422>The debt keeps exploding (up 1 trillion just this year), >the de-dollarization has picked up …[View]
189534221WARRENGATE COME IN HERE GOYS: https://twitter.com/RealSaavedra/status/1051898824766021633 Get a look…[View]
189526458If the left choose this hill to die on, then they've effectively admitted we've achieved a…[View]
189536304did he or did he not work for Rothschilds?[View]
189491402Big Mouth: I finished Big Mouth tonight, and they have reached PEAK DEGENERACY in western animation.…[View]
189530591Wow, Trump btfo.[View]
189536387Jewish plot uncovered!: Historical evidence the BBC myth was conceived by Jews to destroy the white …[View]
189534339Hi Pol! OP here! Are you guys all registered to vote? If so, lets talk about what party and what sta…[View]
189531471patriots ARE the good guys: When you look at all of the political violence all of the pro america pe…[View]
189522948Ireland: Seriously though, why didn’t they accomplish anything in their entire history? Hell, St. Pa…[View]
189535651Lying news caught in the act in Brazil: This link from a major magazine stayed online for almost 8 y…[View]
189536031Full investigation: The libs demanded that all accusations are fully investigated, so when's th…[View]
189533636Everyone will Choose White Genetics when Designing Humans 2.0: Just Because Intelligence and Key Gen…[View]
189512793When challenged NPCs are incapable of answering even the simplest of questions.[View]
189529419WAKE ME UP[View]
189535714Why ares many beta male expats attracted to Shenzhen and China in general?[View]
189526303Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
189535778Peaceful privatization of government: Why are you against peaceful privatization of all government? …[View]
189528975HAPPENING NOW: Turkish police storm Saudi consulate in Instanbul: GET IN HERE FAGGOTS. https://youtu…[View]
189523863HAPPENING!!!: LIVE: TURKEY POLICE RAIDING SAUDI CONSULATE https://www.rt.com/on-air/441284-istanbul-…[View]
189535840Degenerate show is jewish, says MSM outlet: https://forward.com/culture/412008/netflixs-big-mouth-is…[View]
189534415How can the white race be saved when so many are racemixing: Whether it be white men with yellow fev…[View]
189535257Hillary 2: Electric Boogaloo: They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice…[View]
189531692AIPAC The Value of Bipartisanship: Why don't people listen when the Jews themselves straight up…[View]
189490807Twitter deleting evidence: What up famalam??? So late Thursday I got some twitter DMs with intel abo…[View]
189535614>Hitler killed approx 6 mill jews >There's only approx 8 mill left on earth Well pol...wh…[View]
189535611NEW QUEEN OF /POL/: Say hello to your new queen, scientifically proven to be the whitest woman in Am…[View]
189533782>white woman gets mad at nigger for sitting in his seat >white woman assaults the nigger and k…[View]
189531570/pol/ eternally BTFO. Drumpf is done there's no coming back from this. Goodnight alt right!!!! …[View]
189534934How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled”: Millions of people have been exposed to ironic racism an…[View]
189528824I want to wear political clothing on my college campus as a agitprop psychological warfare operation…[View]
189531113Please nuke this shithole.[View]
189525290GamerGate is back! GamerGate 1488! Gamers rise up! I think we can all agree. Video games need more s…[View]
189520268Slab City: This place is one of the few Anarcho-Communist places out there. Because there are no law…[View]
189534746Can we have a thread on healthcare. Namely supporting evidence for single payer vs free market alter…[View]
189516477Slut shaming: I got into an argument with a girl at work about slut shaming. Her main point was that…[View]
189533362you do know that she's going to win in Novermber... right? Don't tell me that you're …[View]
189529758What are pol's thoughts on Jair Bolsonaro?[View]
189534692What happened to /pol/?[View]
189526114/hue/volution - NORTHEASTERN UPRISING EDITION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIP…[View]
189532145saw this on twatter 'moments' I have to Powerful.... I could only imagine what this stro…[View]
189531463What will happen when the average millenial women start to hit the wall in five years and realizes t…[View]
189534611A WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH A WAH: Did Pocahontas just legit post one of the funniest political vids ever?…[View]
189534608Big nose beat down: https://abc7ny.com/amp/police-livery-driver-beat-man-walking-to-brooklyn-synagog…[View]
189497857>h-h-hurricanes would destroy concrete b-buildings too >w-wood is a fine material to build out…[View]
189534470https://youtu.be/1m7-AF9sMdc this is fucked up[View]
189531715Why are there so many Jews from this shithole[View]
189534387ITT: things only NPCs do: - record vertical videos[View]
189534330Ethno Communities A Way to the Ethno State -: The best way to have safe rallies is to control the ma…[View]
189534282>click 1 video showing me how to do a kind yoga position by some skinny dude 3 days ago >youtu…[View]
189528812Why do normies feel the need to virtue signal 24/7?[View]
189531070Who's the hottest politician that you want to have a threesome with? I'll start. Hillary C…[View]
189534072Big up REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE booyah.[View]
189534009Is there such a thing as a 's o y-fist'?[View]
189533886well?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMIOCj7a3tI[View]
189533245Be me: >sit down for dinner >wyfe makes delicious risotto w/gravy >tiramisu for dessert …[View]
189531972White Identity Hate General #1 /WIHG/ -- White trash get the bullet too edition: White Identity Is R…[View]
189517709These are the only countries the United States should get its immigrants from[View]
189530923SHITTING BULL[View]
189523488Evolution is a lie. If you believe in evolutionary theory as taught in mainstream science, you need …[View]
189525786I'm getting an asian virgin mail order bride and there's nothing you can do to stop me.[View]
189533152The Alt-Right and /pol/ are degenerates, unlike the original fascists and traditionalists of yestery…[View]
189531708Obvious grounds to impeach Elizabeth Warren. 'She regularly bragged about her heritage and listed he…[View]
189529657your fight is pointless, future is global differences of human race will be irrelevant in the next f…[View]
189522468Why Don’t ‘Good Men’ Believe Women?: >'himpathy' >'masculinity is deemed more important than w…[View]
189533618>be uni student >Walk past humanities faculty every morning >Group of students having their…[View]
189533209Why yes but of course ideology that resulted in death of millions of European people is the best cou…[View]
189532804Hooker thinks hookers are saving marriages and fighting sexism. Is this the absolute state of the we…[View]
189531174If Mattis leaves, Trump becomes Bush 2.0 and a complete puppet to the neocons and AIPAC. Who do we m…[View]
189533311Go out and get a white women to date and kiss and marry. There is a jewish incel psyop going on to d…[View]
189530618Have Jews infiltrated everything?[View]
189515408When did you realise the demographic: That there is no white genocide or coordinated plan by deh Jew…[View]
189527562why do liberals support inmigration from places that are much more conservative? imagine if muslims …[View]
189533391RAW VIDEO FOOTAGE NEEDED (Cologne): anyone has video footage ? would like to know if this a false fl…[View]
189530266Virginia Democrats worried Generation Z voters can't figure out how to use stamps: >Democrat…[View]
189531485Not Passing Captcha[View]
189532000Patasas... that's a nice white aryan surname[View]
189528740/pmc/ Political Meme Center: Been like two days since there has been a good one. Let's start…[View]
189532058You have 10 seconds to explain why you disapprove of two consenting adults in love being legally uni…[View]
189533212Bourgeois scum. You realize that you're all just pawns of the rich men at the top right?[View]
189516626CALLING ALL NPCS!!!: /Pol/ seriously I need to know....Is there any (((news organizations))) that ar…[View]
189533154MidTerm Election | Two Parties One Money Bag | Same Results: Folks the American left, and right, are…[View]
189532910They took this from you.[View]
189530282Islam vs. Secularism: Will Islam prevail over the west? Or will it be pozzed and absorbed by secular…[View]
189524765Richard Wagner is still banned in Israel: Is that ok? What has Wagner ever done to Israel? And if he…[View]
189532986Hes just Rand Paul but with Trump-tier bant KEK[View]
189518881>IQ in the 98th percentile APOLOGIZE[View]
189532212the reddest of pills: daily reminder to hunt ((((((them))))) down[View]
189532934>being racist to gooks in a gook forum[View]
189527285Let’s meme her into the White House: Say it with me: “Madame President”[View]
189528243Could the Germans have won the war if they didn't persecute and expel jews and dismiss 'jewish …[View]
189532723Kein Mensch ist Illegal[View]
189509333Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Cologne happening Edition: Happening stream: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
189524109Daily reminder that Jews were the slave owners everyone today so widely hates.[View]
189477335what went wrong? why didn't this stop Brett Kavanaugh?[View]
189507072>'Stop complaining about immigration, stupid ungrateful goyim!'[View]
189526383Everytime I look into alt right stuff on the Internet, you say that women actually have privilege in…[View]
189532568Getting a job and becoming a normie: Well, I finally have to enter society and attempt to become a s…[View]
189529527Why was Qaddafi such a cuck? Despite having total backing of the worlds 2nd superpower and the best …[View]
189522391I dont get it, why even follow sjw agenda?: >EA stock down 24% after battlefield V >Facebook s…[View]
189532463daily: reminder[View]
189528040why are you like this[View]
189532074What the fuck happened? It actually got (((shut down)))? Jesus fucking Christ[View]
189526357Google Luvs Censoriship!: And the day came when not only would Americans turned a blind eye to censo…[View]
189515282Ben Garrison needs to dial it back a bit..[View]
189532209To bring a change.: White, Black or Hispanic, We all do not have the worth to call the Godly Entity …[View]
189531149To the Red Guards of Austin[View]
189529596HITLER WAS A KIKE: >Start a war killing 6-7 million Germans >Do a failed execution experiment …[View]
189516552non printed character: >Leftist derivative meme with virtually no original content, even uses the…[View]
189527038What's his next move?[View]
189529357Standard Oil: What the hell was their problem? No one company should have all that power.[View]
189530053IT'S NOT OK TO BE WHITE: ---- Australian government[View]
189515332KANYE MEETS PRESIDENT OF UGANDA: Is it possible that he'll get even more red pilled from meetin…[View]
189531960Who is a racist -: This article is from 1969. The Liberals have not changed their playbook.[View]
189531739The Dems are dead. Long live the Republic[View]
189531637Is such white family allowed into the ethno state?[View]
189531863>https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/10/181011143115.htm How long until we see a start-up …[View]
189530581/Our Leaf?: He put himself in a cage and wants other to do the same? Will he start the day of the ra…[View]
189529094Come visit Portland Oregon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGxUnc1-H3I[View]
189531289What does this faggot do all day?: Why does Trump let this incompetent faggot stay as AG? >inb4 …[View]
189514332AMA: >14 yo kid was killed for looking 'gayish' Ahmed, nicknamed hamodi, a teenager was killed fo…[View]
189525683BIOLOGICAL MALE WINS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN WOMEN’S CYCLING: Is this the start of male athletes who c…[View]
189529284WTF IS THIS?: >Project Zorgo >Doomsday November 3, 2018 Does anyone know wtf this is about?? h…[View]
189526918How Fucked Am I?: AM I THE NEXT PRESIDENT???[View]
189531119> “Harvard’s brazenness is astonishing,” SFFA said in an Oct. 1 statement to Judge Burroughs, who…[View]
189528272The Fed is about to crash the World economy: Have you prepared accordingly?[View]
189531131The future of the Aryan: Given what nigger-loving whores white women have become, does the future of…[View]
189530181Which one of you did this?: Obviously this is one of you Faggots. Come on, hands up.... https://news…[View]
189518314>Assad is based >Assad has a big right wing fanbase >Assad is hated by the left >Assad i…[View]
189515114Why are Latin American countries are so inferior to European nations? Aren't Latino basically w…[View]
189530172Can We Talk Political Stats for a Moment?[View]
189528171From woke to joke. How did the tables turn?: SJWs are in a bad spot. Now they're trying to kill…[View]
189530016Is there anything really wrong with being a centrist?[View]
189531193Ever watched Europa: the last battle?[View]
189526152Communism Appreciation Thread: Can we all take a moment to appreciate communism? Post your commie me…[View]
189531068Hi /pol/ Britfag here, we in the UK have the Labour Party to fuck up our Government, for all you Non…[View]
189528603How did we go from lynching niggers to this?: Even worse to think what the future holds.[View]
189519714She's whiter than most of /pol/[View]
189529841Official Dead Game Thread (World of Warcraft): https://twitter.com/WeakAuras/status/1051812677578838…[View]
189530286Why do leftist need “geek media” to explain their ideology?[View]
189530086For over 50 years the Democrats have bent over backwards to take care of Kenya West’s people and he …[View]
189530284Remember why we fight: 14 words.[View]
189530658I think we need to stop posting BMWF racemixing propaganda when the real truth is that only fat and …[View]
189508467Elizabeth Warren is a native American: What now, bigots? https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2…[View]
189529313Two-way street: Some /pol/acks can't take a joke from the other side, it seems.[View]
189527825We don't get rocket launcher attacks in America because rocket launchers are banned. I mean, wh…[View]
189529840You are NOT a fucking woman.: You are a fag that plays dress up.[View]
189521778Today On: 'You've Been Culturally Enriched!': https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1051499959…[View]
189527173WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!: Time to pull a Snowden Trumptards - It's only going to get worse. P…[View]
189530443No agenda here. https://diverseeducation.com/?emerging-scholar=the-genetics-genius > Bustamante h…[View]
189530431Vegas: new info. Posobiec interviews former CIA. https://youtu.be/-6eTghzuwLA[View]
189530424>I became a Nazi because muh ebil s jay dubya women were messing with my bideo games Is this phra…[View]
189524055How much native blood does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have? She looks more Aztec than most Puerto Rica…[View]
189503880Okay, this is epic: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1051801524857384960?s=19[View]
189523162I think it's sane to think that jews are the source of the problem. But I think it's insan…[View]
189527247We are Native Americans boys now: My DNA test came back more Native American than Senator Elizabeth …[View]
189501733This is the life that liberals want to live. This is what you’re fighting to stop. https://youtu.be…[View]
189528070Kek wills it[View]
189526107Köln attacker ISIS confirmed: >https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/10/15/cologne-hostage-taken-…[View]
189529724DRUDGE HIDES POWERLVL: >Over 9000! >How does he keep getting away with it???!?!?!…[View]
189529474Well?: Prove me wrong.[View]
189529592TRUMP TIME TRAVEL: Start at 51:33 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD-eSW69DvI [Embed] >It's …[View]
189524652>They don't realize NPCs aren't exclusively leftist How do I make my far right friends …[View]
189526709'Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist': Sanders Introduces Bill to Break Up Largest Wall Stre…[View]
189494785Christian General - /cg/: >You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish wh…[View]
189526811Why do slavs kill so many of their own children? This is vile.[View]
189529244Something you might now know: I've been told that this is the infrared pill: Jews are literal v…[View]
189529238Need an album of JQ redpills for normies. Post 'em so I can batch download[View]
189528981FAG MODS: Delete a thread about news, keep 99 threads up about some spear chucking senator. /pol/ is…[View]
189528675Okay, which one of you did this. https://gab.ai/groups/89c0528a-37ae-48c1-ba6d-7e4177664666[View]
1895281871/1024: >La 0.000003% face[View]
189524238>buttfucks your sons ass >what did you say anon? >I have political immunity, what are you g…[View]
189523159Miss me yet?[View]
189528098Did Jews create the BBC myth to destroy humanity?[View]
189529017Taylor SWIFT & Karlie KLOSS: Friendly reminder that they broke up because they joined rival sect…[View]
189518716Was he a Muslim convert? Did he even fire a single shot? Did the Saudis do the Vegas shooting?[View]
189524969John James vs Debbie Stabenow Michigan U.S. Senate Debate: Get in here lads. James gonna dab on Stab…[View]
189528941Native American Genocide is Real: With the new information about Elizabeth Warrens DNA, it has been …[View]
189524353Horror movie culture is degenerate. Men who liked heavy metal and horror movies were the final unhea…[View]
189528869Trying to redpill people with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching: Brandon Straka mentioned in an…[View]
189523170So now that it's been proven that she's 99.99% white, will she receive an endorsement from…[View]
189527606Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Luke 9:18-22 Now it happened that as he was praying alone th…[View]
189528469/pol/, obviously there's plenty of anti-semitism in the world today. But nobody seems to be ask…[View]
189528644Blackpilled: The cops are good goys and the shitskin situation keeps getting worse. Electing Trump d…[View]
189528570What inspired the LA's PodShare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdNkbEC1Zxw https://www.youtub…[View]
189528550NEW NPC GAMEPLAN: Since Twitter is on top of the NPC thing, let's try a new angle. Let's c…[View]
189523171Stop being poor lmao. If you can't use your REDPILLED knowledge to achieve far better financial…[View]
189528486Shadilay: Shadilay, shadilay, la mia libertà Shadilay, shadilay, oh no... Shadilay, shadilay, oh sog…[View]
189524148Elizabeth confirmed APA: Time to pay, Trumpkins![View]
189527028Why would this person do this? Is this the same as doing a handstand in front of the gates of Auschw…[View]
189499871there is nothing wrong in being a jew. jew respect thread.[View]
189528031Gay Magic: My Grandfather is starting to do some gay magic again. I am worried that he is going to h…[View]
189526122Florida Vote By Mail Update: As of this morning current returned ballots are: R: 152,191 (1,010,639 …[View]
189528265What does pol think about this guy?[View]
189527948FARCs in France's forests: https://fr.euronews.com/2018/10/15/des-ex-guerilleros-des-farc-dans-…[View]
189515613subliminal propaganda against middle easterners: you fuckers whine about 'anti white' mainstream med…[View]
189503920Whats wrong with circumcision?[View]
189527671There is nothing more despicable than a white male progressive, democrat, leftist or communist. Desp…[View]
189524516I may be a slowpoke, but aren't most jews plans, the stuff that pol complains, just, all relate…[View]
189527876.0001% is the new standard now? Affirmative Action Rest in Peace: That means everyone can claim anyt…[View]
189527902who, if anyone, are alt lefties? do they exist in a meaningful way?[View]
189525193Believe White Womyn[View]
189527099Patriots In Portland Forced To Put Down Rabid Masked Leftists: Patriots in Portland Forced To Put Do…[View]
189525648wtf was germany's problem?[View]
189526842How do you rate Japan? Is it not bad country or need reform for better nation?[View]
189527494Is Democracy doomed?: One of the most basic and fundamental requirements for a democracy to function…[View]
189527520HAPPENING: Russia does a schism: https://on.rt.com/9giz[View]
189519851This triggers the libtard[View]
189524065What makes the Jew so superior to the white to the point where they can easily outsmart, control, an…[View]
189527724Explain to me again, if Aryans are the master race, why did they lose to Slavs, Jews, and Amerimutts…[View]
189527434SKIBIDI - Russian PSY OP?: Recently I was browsing Youtube for Russian Hardbass and i stumbled acros…[View]
189523589You can roll with Trump or you can suck my dick![View]
189527270When America ends, who will go down as its Greatest President?[View]
189524192Were did the Khazars go?[View]
189527592Fuck Russia Fuck China: What’s up my nigs I really need everyone to dumb any memes that are great to…[View]
189508451Who eats Pork?: Guys, let's be real here. Most of our population in the USA are big consumers o…[View]
189527290That's an awfully hot coffee pot[View]
189527090Elin has started the fire.: Now, the fire rises. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6273199/So…[View]
189527387Average day in the Middle Ea- i mean Mexico.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDt14sycRE0 'Third sho…[View]
189527250How do coup d'etats even work? How do you just assassinate all politicians and take over a coun…[View]
189516684your days are numbered nazis[View]
189527188Police advertisements in my part of the country[View]
189523762Spanish people race and origins: Would American people accept Spanish immigrants in USA ? or there a…[View]
189522375>he fell for the church girl meme[View]
189527168The BeatPill: Why is beating women bad? Smashing a cunt upside the head is honestly the only way to…[View]
189527110lol legit this is the shit jewtube shows when u search 'smart things trump has said' thoughts /pol/…[View]
189516145Hey. About to read The Trivium. Any of you faggots read books or are you just spewing out what the p…[View]
189507709Brit/pol/ - Goy Fawkes Night Edition: Remember to be safe with fireworks! Last thread: >>18948…[View]
189514335how is this ok? I don't understand? how can a leader vote against protecting his own people? I …[View]
189495378Have we hit 'peak media'?: This is quite possibly the worst BBC article I've ever seen so far. …[View]
189527065Is he, as they say, an Indian giver?[View]
189526404remember that one time you believed trump was against 'the elites'?[View]
189527016I think we are about done here. Reality is being funnier than us.[View]
189508242There is a tranny running for governor in Vermont? Is he going to win?[View]
189520903Black Monday?: >Woke up on the West coast looking for carnage >Turn on internet machine. Warre…[View]
189526712MAJOR HAPPENING: White Men enter the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul https://youtu.be/5cQfSjubvD0[View]
189519023Why do whites love claiming Native American ancestry?[View]
189522269>Statue of Pagan >Tall and strong true European phenotype >Manly mustache >Looking up at…[View]
189519210My parents are selling home.: Can't tell you how painful it is to me. I am a cold person, cyni…[View]
189499773Hand grenade amnesty in Sweden: As of today and until January 11, 2019, anyone owning explosives suc…[View]
189513163How does the 3 language situation work in Switzerland?[View]
189513526Is the Polish anon's campaign against Canadian grocery prices on /pol/ over? In the archives th…[View]
189524203why does amazon allow this filth: jeff bezos hates trump so much he lets people write erotica about …[View]
189526158Samuel Hydestein: Will he ever return?[View]
189525981Guys give up, CNN just said we're all 56% mutts. Everyone has brown eyes you racists https://am…[View]
189526168White Population 2010 revised: >Fixed Milwaukee County and Ozaukee County Wisconsin >Fixed the…[View]
189507173/ALBERTA/GENERAL - Secede and Sink Canada Edition: Alright faggots, you've probably seen this s…[View]
189518440/HUE/VOLUTION - SAMURAI EDITION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV https://youtu.be/acHIPvWwSbc Thread …[View]
189516817CEG - Canadian Election General (Part 1): We’re starting this one early bois. Canada is collapsing. …[View]
189525964Anyone got the normal speed clip of Huma and Graham: At McCains funeral? All the YouTube vids are su…[View]
189520957Hitler in the Pedophile Epidemic: Did he know? Did he know about all the Talmudic, neo-Canaanite rit…[View]
189525772It's already over, don't you see? http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/06/23/its-offi…[View]
189513483Jared Taylor on Jews: Jared Taylor thinks Jews of European descent should be included in the white r…[View]
189521723As much as you mock Russians-: -you'll never hear their women say this.[View]
189525504Johnny Gat?!: Anyone else notice that Johnny Gat's videos are getting taken down for copyright?…[View]
189523316Post your deepest fantasies[View]
189523233Post your best bertstrips[View]
189523452>According to investigators, the teacher allegedly sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy at Da Vin…[View]
189516129California...: Why is the richest, most powerful, most important, most advanced, most educated and m…[View]
189494409Half of Germany wants to immigrate because they're poor: awww geez, so the recent report that a…[View]
189521864Good morning sir, Who do you plan on voting for in the next election.[View]
189521890Is Germany more cucked than Sweden?[View]
189525114Why have Jews been expelled from many countries over the years?: What's the deal with that?…[View]
189515699Hitler about LARPagans: >I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound conte…[View]
189525080HE DID IT[View]
189525245>The one million dollars, Donald. My people need it.[View]
189519553Can holohoax believers convince me that the laws about holocaust denial are legitimate and not absol…[View]
189521803ITT : A neo-con establishment Republican won the election[View]
189522835Phase 2: Ok based and redpilled anons. It’s time to initiate the second phase of our PsyOp on leftis…[View]
18952080051 years old: yikes[View]
189516769Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
189525303Finally!: At long last. How did we live without this information?[View]
189498718/iotbw/: https://twitter.com/ABCthedrum/status/1051712186223972352 with this latest news we NEED to …[View]
189524503Is there even a 1/1,024 chance that Kashoggi wasn’t CIA?[View]
189522820So, how long are we gonna pretend that this nigger is a woman?[View]
189523858MetooSTEM triggering: Just wanted to let you know that metoo in stem is now a thing. Let's trig…[View]
189525042>In case that's not enough to kill the popcorn action vibe, the conspiracy plot features som…[View]
189524513Reminder that Palestinians belong to the land of Palestine while Jews belong in the oven.: Fuck Jews…[View]
189522921If you want to avoid triggering an NPC call them a 'Person of the Land' That is what they are called…[View]
189523737/pol/ mutts BTFO: Elizabeth Warren 1/1024D chess confirmed.[View]
189522441Pocahontas releases video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHzbdZuVyAM This is the sadest attempt at…[View]
189519769Can playing games be a negative activity for people? Are games related to a trend of grown men being…[View]
189523244Can we all agree that reactors get the bullet first?[View]
189524619NPC rants about Drumpf on a post that has literally nothing to do with Drumpf: https://www.reddit.co…[View]
189521958styxhexenhammer: do occult video 201 on NPCs I promise it will be a new landmark, I am pretty sure t…[View]
189522382>/pol/ becomes far-left when it comes about foreign policy: i-is that true guys?[View]
189522057>liberals scream their lungs out when jimmy fallon interviews 'muhhhh druuuuumbf' >have no pro…[View]
189482888NPC is the inverse Pepe: Pepe is a consciousness creating meme. When you see it little smile or frow…[View]
189524459is space research inherently filled with toxic masculinity? Why don’t we have a drive to diversify a…[View]
189523745Is drug use degenerate?[View]
189516197/pol/ BTFO[View]
189524324>ben shapiro DESTROYS libtard KEKS with STATISTICS >ben shapiro ANNIHILATES shELTerd SJW SNOWF…[View]
189524242Don't you want a Utopia?: Just imagine /pol/ what a great world we could live in[View]
189481524The Jewish Question: Why does anyone doubt that jews are the enemy when they open brag about wanting…[View]
189520153Why haven’t white indo Europeans gone back to their Indian roots?[View]
189517800Michael Jackson was repilled.: He knew many things about the evils and lies perpetuated by TPTB…[View]
189523944what happens after u die /pol/?: and if the answer is nothing, then do politics really matter?…[View]
189521832I wonder how many are on /pol/?: The left is degenerating so rapidly, look at these WHITE SUPREMACIS…[View]
189521450Dem forced out because he stands for the flag: The absolute state of the party of tolerance. >A c…[View]
189523892A reminder about communism: They all need to die. If you believe yourself to be a communist, you sho…[View]
189519676>It’s better to be born rich than gifted >The least-gifted children of high-income parents gra…[View]
189523225>I like Ben Shapiro, he uses facts instead of relying on emotion. >Jordan Peterson is so cool!…[View]
189516767Are we misunderstanding something?[View]
189523080Why do lefties hate sexually abused Native American women?: He only donated $20, can we convince him…[View]
189523495Leftist economics and right wing culture: Why do communists insist on pushing their economic ideolog…[View]
189523606I got a job offer as a cottonnigger in a HDD/Server factory in the (Ch)kek republic. I'll star…[View]
189523548>Sporting/Hunting Northern European master race >Working/Herding Central European peasant stoc…[View]
189522989It's okay not to have an opinion: My co-worker (she/her) is a bit insecure, like most women, an…[View]
189521675She claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee!!!: The test results show she is 1/1024 and they can't even say…[View]
189498912Ok /pol/ christcucks. Convince me that Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism don’t engage in idolatr…[View]
189504337Aus/Pol/ - It's not okay to be white edition: it's official, it's NOT okay to be whit…[View]
189507002South America thread. Because why not.[View]
189523076>is woke >finds funny NPC meme >the lib-cucks say this stuff >hacks out intestines with …[View]
189517988Why Trumps children race mixed with banker jews? Baron is the only pure blooded Germanic left of his…[View]
189510305Miss Holocaust Survivor: kinda feels like they are milking it now desu[View]
189522547How do you hedge yourself against total economical collapse?: >inb4 f off to /biz/ economics is p…[View]
189522459Can nazi larping reach higher heights?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X5rWvSj9d-U[View]
189519740Where did it go wrong?: Relations between Serbia and the United States of America during World War I…[View]
189517423Whats the deal with people who get EXTREMELY FUCKING MAD when you talk shit about pitbulls? Also ant…[View]
189493142so no one is going to talk about this >population:620.029 >montenegrin 44,69% they have presi…[View]
189522898Are christcucks really worse than Jews?: At least Jews are doing what they think is the best for the…[View]
189521149What kind of idiot marries a non virgin woman? Why would anyone accept a used worn good? The vast ma…[View]
189522827Save African Orphans: 147millionorphans org I am part of 147 million orphans organization. I am rece…[View]
1895224632018 MIDTERMS MEME THREAD- Mike Braun addition: Get the fuck in here faggots Why the fuck are we no…[View]
189516265Boston Globe botches math in big Warren scoop on Native American ancestry: https://www.washingtonexa…[View]
189518718>tfw Trump is more Native American than Elizabeth Warren: BTFO Link to study: https://geneticlite…[View]
189515776SHE CAN STILL WIN: Yassas, Madam![View]
189520255Is this ideology acceptable?: Ted favored this ideology. /pol/ favored ted. Therefore /pol/ favors t…[View]
189503947NASA: Why can't NASA be seen as 'cool' again? What happened?[View]
189522440Warren is 1/1032 Native American. She is less Native American than the average European-American: PO…[View]
189514757TDS354: Need link please to Friday's show. I searched the archive and the link there doesn…[View]
189522412How is christcuckery working out for you Turkish anons?[View]
189521734Ok, now THIS is epic[View]
189510451why are jews pushing for incest so hard these days? literally go on any porn site and i guarantee 'M…[View]
189520533Can any gringo here tell me if there's any real diference (noticeable) between the IQ/intellige…[View]
189518236Panama should give the Panama Canal back to the United States: Jimmy Carter made a stupid decision a…[View]
189522231Is this the new anthem of The Left?: https://twitter.com/londonyellowhi/status/1051778121559617536 Y…[View]
189510638In the future will asking women out irl be considered taboo?[View]
189520395Does Niagara Falls belong to the US or Canada?[View]
189516826Polio backing a come break: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna919576 This is…[View]
189521128Trump's Worst Nightmare[View]
189520883Good for them; they can haz a little ginger-nigger baby.: fuck off stormfags.[View]
189516612It is %CurrentYear why are women still being paid less than men?[View]
189520606have you seen it? thoughts?[View]
189524472NPC = those 'people' who autonomously follow group think and trends.[View]
189512964CARTOONGATE: FAGGOTS BRAINWASHING KIDS THROUGH THE TV: this guy became a born again christian so (((…[View]
189520276Nova Era Thread: How will Brazil look like after Bolsonaro leaves office in 2026?[View]
189496498Ultimate red pill thread: Gimme the ultimate redpill you know. If you don't want to throw pearl…[View]
189521613CT GENERAL. GOVENOR RACE EDITION: > RCP gives ned lamont an 8 point lead https://www.realclearpol…[View]
189505219New Murdoch Murdoch episode out! - 'Change That Matters': https://youtu.be/Q96mTTC7jm4[View]
189521567British government wants to ban people from the internet for 'trolling' MPs: > People who persist…[View]
189516789Anyone else openly anti-semetic in social life and people like you even more for it because you are …[View]
189521497Hai /pol/ Why here in Spain the media can judge you day by day until you kill yourself like pic rela…[View]
189516061I highly suggest you all watch this, otherwise you will be forever ignorant https://www.nytimes.com/…[View]
189500715Chinese racism in Kenya lmao: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/world/africa/kenya-china-racism.htm…[View]
189519338>For my next trick, I shall make the Constitution... DISAPPEAR! What did he mean by this?…[View]
189516740why does antifa beg for mercy while crying like a little bitch in a corner?: Portland, Oct 13[View]
189520314It’s Cyber Security Month. Stay safer online with a quick Security Checkup: Have you all made sure t…[View]
189521259I'm going to cast my first vote for a Libertarian in November. I live in Virginia, where Tim Ka…[View]
189520093Melania Trump is alright: Why is everyone suddenly anti Melania? I get why people don't like Tr…[View]
189515792Is the number about 15 million right about how many Jews there are or is this some Jewish lie to mak…[View]
189510245What's his problem?[View]
189509624what's your opinion on Bolsonaro?[View]
189517117Appropriating Jewish Culture: I think us memelords should start appropriating Jewish things. Having …[View]
189500909Alright, give me the nitty-gritty about Styx. Is he our guy?[View]
189520726Prove this statement wrong: >China is like the US In some ways, simply the polar opposite, but st…[View]
189515616DRUMPF BTFO: Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that provides “strong evidence’’ she h…[View]
189501759What does /pol/ think about Jeremy corbyn: What do you think[View]
189518634Based Dilbert man break up thread.: Scott Adams bot thot breaks up with him live on twitter. What w…[View]
189510060Carl of Swindon aka Sargon of Akkad: >Loses debate against Spencer >Destroys Kek and Kekistan …[View]
189517674ZOG bought another one! Jews hate conservatives, why do Kosherservatives pander so hard to a kike ba…[View]
189520246What did he say?: I recognised just 2 words: ..suck my..[View]
189520393Donk Contest: Looks like THAT Deykon is back and is trying to invite Elon Musk to the Donk Contest.…[View]
189518494No Deal consequences?: What exactly is the catastrophe that both EU & German Industrial Associat…[View]
189516287How's the other /pol/ doing?: Somewhere in an alternative universe in the quantum timeline, Hil…[View]
189520010Name one bad thing in last 100 years that isn't jews fault Try it[View]
189520214Have you read SIEGE today?[View]
189519691Facebook & Twitter Purge Left-Leaning Alt-Media Sites: These sites are lefty and antiestablishme…[View]
189519449Damn, Russians are this cute?[View]
189520235American cuisine: How come “American” isn’t a respectable section of food? Pic related: my Amerilard…[View]
189520774Hey, you. Yeah, you. Look at your electric socket right now. If it doesn't look like lie the F …[View]
189520763>the average 'white' amerishit Pathetic[View]
189520708Why don't you play video games anon ?[View]
189520918Putting politics aside, we all agree the world is a beautiful place? I love it. I'm grateful I …[View]
189521057How long you guys think it'll be before the inevitable happens and gook moot pulls a word filte…[View]
189521126Who npc chad here ?[View]
189521384Landed Sideways! 40 knot winds!: https://twitter.com/_youhadonejob1/status/1051821755449401345…[View]
189517568Redpill me with all you have!: /pol/, i need answers, and so do you! what is KEK? why are the primor…[View]
189518117NPC General - Save 4chan edition: Friendly reminder that this meme will continue to shit up /pol/ an…[View]
189519541the new Brown Shirts: >how these retards cannot see how they are literally copying fascists tacti…[View]
189517346THE REAL PROBLEM: If you ask a liberal if an abortion hurts anyone they answer 'NO!', ask a liberal …[View]
189519634Is Mueller out of material for his bread and circuses[View]
189508407How are you white pigs preparing for the asian century?[View]
189514242IT WAS IRAN: IT WAS IRAN[View]
189512214'It was her turn' 'I stand with her' The election between Clinton and Obama was important because ei…[View]
189518658Is multiculturalism the true red pill?: I mean think about it, germany and america have achieved sub…[View]
189511539>mfw Reddit is going to ban the_donald It was the only chance we had at redpilling normies…[View]
189505462Can Nazi larping reach even higher heights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5rWvSj9d-U[View]
189513373Is Italy going to crash the EU? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpoVunbENhI[View]
189517777The SVR Gig is Up!: Pursuant to Order 3915-2017 Special Counsel is storyboarding the origins of curr…[View]
189516360PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 1/1024 EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
189517000ITT: Moments when /pol/ died: After this stint everyone here suddenly becomes ironic racists and say…[View]
189519113Alex Jones Connection to Jamal Khashoggi Assasination: The (((Washington Post))) Journalist was the …[View]
189510012IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!![View]
189509212NPC OFFICAL TWITTER?: https://twitter.com/npcinstitute/status/1051808362474680320?s=21[View]
189515417/SEQ/ - Southern “European” Question: How can we deal with those racially impure ugly subhumans? The…[View]
189513245ITT you post your face when you are a white Aussie.: It is not ok to be white in Australia[View]
189518685libtard btfo! How are you libs gonna rebuttal what he said? Kanye is literally the most equally fair…[View]
189518012What is the extent of Chinese domination of Africa right now?: Are the controlling Nigerian oil supp…[View]
189514532Will Congress Sanction Israel?: (((Rogue Agents))) killed Kashoggi[View]
189514510Is Imam Tawhidi /pol/ approved? He’s a right wing Imam who travels the world speaking out against Is…[View]
189518443TFW 1/1024: Pay me.[View]
189468212Is transgenderism a virus? How the fuck has this shit exploded into the mainstream the past few year…[View]
189517448The meme is real[View]
189511871Why Whiteys fear Arabs in streets ?: 1 Moroccan vs 6 White Dutch , kick all their asses https://www.…[View]
189518302Tony Robbins: I think this guy is full of shit. Why do people keep falling for these meme gurus? Why…[View]
189515152How do we solve this problem?[View]
189517661Why are women so susceptible to cultural marxism?: Sign says feminist education for 8-18 year olds i…[View]
189505054Why is he s secret?: Why is he afraid to show his face and reveal his name? What is he hiding? He ha…[View]
189518227Elizabeth Warren's Political Suicide: MATH doesn’t add up! It gets WORSE for Elizabeth Warren a…[View]
189517028Hope for northeast: Football is full of politics nowadays but Nothing makes me happier than seeing s…[View]
189507720/HUE/VOLUTION - LAURINHA EDITION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV (Oct 15th) https://youtu.be/acHIPvW…[View]
189513054White males who own guns should be categorized as terrorists: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxne…[View]
189518019Twitter NPCs: Imagine thinking twitter was TOO pro-free-speech, and had a “right-wing bias.” Unless …[View]
189515945Is pan-Arab unity possible?[View]
189517401how to save the world 4ever in 1 easy step: ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE BALDIE NO MATTER WHAT[View]
189517242hey guys my mom made a jewish apple cake and it looks delicious but im a little nervous I'll be…[View]
189515249>Top murder cities per capita >Pretty much correlates directly with the percentage of black po…[View]
189517727https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTf-t81D0_E In the animal kingdom the biggest and strongest rule, wh…[View]
189517658Moon is back fighting blacks: Where can I find moon man music I wanna jam out but since jewtube purg…[View]
189502409>We need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump >[cheers]…[View]
189517594YLYL Post your dankest memes: Save one post one. Let's laugh together /pol/[View]
189517549howdy /pol/ Just wondering if there are any actual communists out here. Marxist thread, I guess. Rea…[View]
189514844Diversity is our strength for sure: > countless (sand)niggers flood into country > get whateve…[View]
189515477beta wh*te boi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
189516786I am a French white guy and more and more, I see that white women do not want to have children, pref…[View]
189503610Are we ever going to do anything about the shit we hate or should I get this party started myself?[View]
189517207>mfw we are being jewed into believing the jew-meme >mfw the final red-pill is blue >mfw it…[View]
189491555BREAKING : Royal Baby Mutt: Hahahhhaa[View]
189515258This NPC thing is hilarious. All the alt-lite on reddit are latching onto it and mindlessly repeatin…[View]
189514062Mormonism isn't Christian at all....[View]
189513840Two flavors?!: Last night's CBS News interview of President Trump revealed he keeps a jar of St…[View]
189517170Have we found a rare specimen of npc My boys or is it garden-variety npc?[View]
189517124IT'S OVER[View]
189517784black guy here: redpill me on wh*te people[View]
189516864Americans really do that?[View]
189510649>wait till theres a major news story on Reddit >Accuse redditors of being an NPC >they get …[View]
189516975Southerners have deeper voices: After moving back south after 6 years in NE.. pretty sure I'm r…[View]
189511437Israel crowns Miss Holocaust Survivor in beauty pageant: This is proof that the Holocaust is real.…[View]
189517047https://www.rt.com/news/439571-conrad-music-video-kill-whites/ >'I go into creches and kill white…[View]
189516909Chief of USA Elizabeth Warren 2020: >>POL AND TRUMP BTFO/10 >>WE SWEAR ITS NOT FAKE NEWS…[View]
189517025What if the real Jews were niggers all along?: How fucked would we be?[View]
189516368gen z is the most redpilled generation: do you believe this to be true[View]
189514590>current year >there are people who STILL unironically support pic related Like, what the fuck…[View]
189508725Whitey Warren: Let the left eat her: The left has given us a stick to beat them with. I think no on…[View]
189516812https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/world/africa/kenya-china-racism.html Kenya get yo shit together s…[View]
189516751Margaret Thatcher for the Face of the New £50 Note www.change.org/p/bank-of-england-margaret-thatche…[View]
189516472Anoda woman don die afta 'Brazilian bum-bum' to add extra ikebe: How can we stop degenerac…[View]
189506989the more you know: >HIV superinfection (also called HIV reinfection) is a condition in which a pe…[View]
189490104Whats it going to take to we get white women to stop being feminists and respect us again?[View]
189500070Record number of ex-CIA members running for congress as Democrats: In all, 57 individuals running fo…[View]
189516042It's ok to be white law nearly passes !!!: Every day western governments are getting more and m…[View]
189513622Life in predominantly black places: ITT we compare and contrast life in predominantly black places w…[View]
189493744Goy pods: Is /pol/ ready for pod living? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ILu-R-Nz8[View]
18951603575% of Canada's soldiers are fat, 25% falling into 'obese' category: The absolute state, maybe …[View]
189515824Happy Birthday, Nietzsche: On this day 174 ag a truly /our/guy and a PC - philosopher was born, show…[View]
189516452You know what to do pol[View]
189484731How does this happen? Are Scotcucks all brainlets or just betas?: A question on national identity wa…[View]
189509381it's not okay to be white: Prove me wrong[View]
189512915Here's a long one: https://theintercept.com/2018/10/10/donald-trump-inherited-wealth/ Let'…[View]
189512610/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Enforcing the Laws Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
189515365Why does Dragon Energy scare the overlords and their NPCs?[View]
189509265Taxation is theft: Period.[View]
189516057OH NO NO NO[View]
189515480Why the fuck are arabs considered superior in Islam? They are inbred, disgusting pieces of shit. Why…[View]
189516292Oy vey!: https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-york-city-jewish-man-claims-attacker-yelled-allah-and-israel…[View]
189516264So which Democrat is going to win in 2020/2024? The world all knows that you guys will flip back at …[View]
189493544Welcome to Germany. Is europe beyond recoverable?[View]
189496270I bought a pack of luncheon meat and it's sweet! It has sugar added to it! Fuck! I demand ban o…[View]
189516037When did men stop being men?: How bad will it get lads?[View]
189515021Why do politically left wing people get so upset over a joke?[View]
189516013Is this guy the only based boomer musician in the world?[View]
189514248Dr. Shashi Tharoor- British MP who insults the culture of the country who adopted him: This is what …[View]
189500233>ESP32 (Arduino-like WiFi module) >Powerbank / USB Charger >Set SSID to 'It's Okay to …[View]
189499604The Full Interview: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-interview-60-minutes-full-transcript-l…[View]
189513621So I've been hearing than Poland fares wealth and ii the most vibrant country in Europe economi…[View]
189501073REEEEE Stop infecting our people with your “””culture””” you consumerist degenerate WESTERN Kuffar[View]
189515741Old fag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGNbnudzAuY This guy knows it all before /pol/ even existed…[View]
189502549Stopping school shootings: We have armed guards outside jewelry stores, but not elementary schools, …[View]
189515628Ironically, Kanye really is the most creative person of this generation.[View]
189501823Ready to say hello to the (((new royal))), brits? What do you think he'll be named? Something e…[View]
189511862PRESIDENT LIZ WARREN 2020: Take a look at your next president anons wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_War…[View]
189514050We should curb the Hinduism & Islam menace out of the world. Prove me wrong.[View]
1895132421/512th Native American![View]
189515146whats up with all the shitposting ayy's lately?[View]
189511455Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA: The God-Emperor's power... undeniable. http://archive.today/eLiX…[View]
189514001First Moorish invader becomes mayor of one of the largest Belgian cities...: After Rotterdam and Lon…[View]
189514070I have proof. Help me get more? CNN lying about 'trump supporters' who are voting against him: I was…[View]
18951519110 generations a savage.[View]
189500401Long time ago life wasn't so good for people, you could be a peasant who spent all his life on …[View]
189514853http://jewtube.com/ Ummmm, did you guys know this exists?[View]
189511043Warren is a proven Native American: HAHA .001% Native American, take that Drumpf!!!!! She is complet…[View]
189514917Oh hello sir >leaves eurasian steppes oh but pardon me, please, I >invents bow and mead and al…[View]
189514982americans 2 fat for freedom: https://www.nrk.no/urix/amerikanske-ungdommer-er-for-overvektige-for-mi…[View]
189514429is Wikipedia err wiccanism /ourthing: It's totally democratic now[View]
189508633>Bottom line: he was a black person who went against 'their' narrative. So he, and all of his goo…[View]
189513574So western countries, mainly the anglo ones, now have obesity rates that are just absurd. In the US,…[View]
189491019You ready for The Mutt King?: BREAKING: Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant, Kensingto…[View]
189512737Man wins women's cycling championship: This ... person Rachel McKinnon just won the Women'…[View]
189507476/HUE/volution /pol/ Heroes. Identify yourselves.[View]
189511635Attention: Israel is the United States greatest ally. I see American chicks trying to suck Euro cock…[View]
189489753/nsg/ - Natsoc General: ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ ϟϟ Thread for discu…[View]
189514718NPC meme dump 3.0: Not even gonna pretend to memecode cause I can't. Mods deleted the first one…[View]
189514546It's 10:38 AM in Washington DC, how many sausages has he sucked by now, today?[View]
189514706need meme help: can someone please shoop me up a punished elizabeth warren image in honor of her rel…[View]
189510761w-what's happening? you ruined this man too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cJ_lyeH7Os[View]
189507450Finally, comics speak against this evil president!!![View]
189511743Ready For More Refugees Goy?[View]
189512905Who remmember 2 years ago when two subhumans (brits and russians) met in a football match in France …[View]
189500277Why are you white men always pedophiles?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4uJxyZqWos https://en.wik…[View]
189513062Americans on this board, will you be voting for Kanye in 2024?[View]
189514533SVR Provacateur: Special Counsel storyboarding origins of current Russian Campaign. When will Republ…[View]
189505705Sorry for bad english. I am a guest on your forum. I live in Russia. I wonder how you feel about the…[View]
189510511>Warren's Native American ancestor between six and 10 generations ago Will she give back all…[View]
189514334ITS HAPPENING: Trump, Alex Jones and Mossad arms dealer Khashoggi: https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/20…[View]
189501240THE DNA TEST RESULTS ARE IN.: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA /pol/ #BTFO >Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is…[View]
189512357America’s obesity is threatening national security: Washington, D.C. >A freshly published study, …[View]
189484992Who invented the AIDS virus?[View]
189494947What’s the deal with Bolsonaro?: To be completely honest I had never heard of him until I started co…[View]
189509969Girl kills herself before being arrested for victimless crime: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2…[View]
189513507>see a black person Immediatly thinks 'nignog', 'niglet' or 'typical dindu' >see a tattooed gi…[View]
189513752Nov 6 This is your daily reminder to go out and vote for what might be the most important midterms i…[View]
189513297African Civilization: Good morning you racist Nazis, I just learned this morning in my humanities cl…[View]
189510266>be German >get shot >get stabbed >get run over >get raped Now let’s add get taken ho…[View]
189513480Feminists attack White women: So since all white men have been demonized by Feminists, they doubled …[View]
189504440Why don't you care?[View]
189509932OY VEY! NOT A FALSE FLAG: Believe me, goyim. —— https://twitter.com/jdforward/status/105182766208218…[View]
189513273Hillary Clinton says Trump’s debates with her ‘filled with sexism’: >In an interview with CBS’ “S…[View]
189509855Climate Refugees are Coming: Climate change will create a refugee crisis. There will be mass migrati…[View]
189512798Poor Whites: Hey /pol/ why is Uruguay a shithole? It's a +90% White country with an average IQ …[View]
189513172I heard you guys have some nice things, so me and my crew will pay you a visit. https://www.washingt…[View]
189510463Jewish Labour is collecting people's experiences of antisemitism in the UK Labour Party. YOU N…[View]
189469886is there a greater Political thinker alive today?: >BTFOs Sargon >BTFOs Metokur >BTFOs Vega…[View]
189510843>Here's the math of it. The Democratic presidential candidates, everyone who runs, needs to …[View]
189512933To the lefty shills on here: Why do you want to destroy white society? You cry about what happened …[View]
189506891Plane: Anti-Deportation Lefties: Can someone find out who these people on the plane are, who are sav…[View]
189512895Top FBI lawyer's explosive deposition was 'cut short': https://www.washingtonexaminer…[View]
189481279Save Our Souls - Canada Thread #2 = IMPEACH TRUDEAU: OKAY CANADA!! Let's rally together and spr…[View]
189498416'This is Baltimore' 1960's video when Baltimore was more populated: Watching the film was like …[View]
189509170Today I woke up at 10 am and ate the chocolate bar from yesterday's binge. I plan to go jogging…[View]
189507536Racial thinking in Russia: A reply to >>189490084 from the now archived thread>>18947894…[View]
189511120LIBERALS HAVE FILED NOTICE OF INTENT in a letter to Desarea Morin. >inb4source…[View]
1895011982 days left faggots[View]
189508811/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Arabian Nights Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
189488131(((who))) is behind blavatsky theosophy bahai babism: anyone knows anything more about it?[View]
189508664Can you feel it, /pol/? Can you feel the stock markets are about to explode? Can you feel that we ar…[View]
189504421Eastern Europe: Give your honest opinions about these countries[View]
189499822Jews in israel rage against black immigrants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPxv4Aff3IA Not sure i…[View]
189511985Senator Warren was right: Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test with 'strong evidence' of Nat…[View]
189505807How didnt Wikileaks ever find photos of his dead ass?[View]
189506419Pedo hunting: lets have our daily dose of good karma by helping to hunt down the pedos. Europol is …[View]
189504370Elizabeth Warren may have had an Indian ancestor in like 1800: Did the math from the article that’s …[View]
189495230BLACKED: Markle and Harry Expecting A Baby This Spring: THE ROYAL MUTT WILL BE SEVENTH IN LINE TO TH…[View]
189502969Australia says it's not okay to be white[View]
189511789What goes on here?: What's their situation regarding immigration and nationalism?[View]
189498449Have you ever danced like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfBIEWChWZM[View]
189508859“I don’t make the unjust laws, I just enforce them sir. I don’t wanna do it.. it’s just my job to ru…[View]
189507743Why did al-Andalus rename itself Spain?: Did they want to hide the fact that they’re really Moors?…[View]
189506138Find a more American picture.[View]
189498349Progressive Activists are only 8% of the American population: When will these screaming Leftist chil…[View]
189476329they fall on it so use it.: https://kotaku.com/how-the-npc-meme-tries-to-dehumanize-sjws-1829552261…[View]
189506242>be me >live in EU >wake up at 6 am because of protesters in the streets that don't li…[View]
189511725'I do not want to believe it although it is palpable: the great majority of people lacks an intellec…[View]
189511692Why the Fuck Rhénanie is not French Already?: I mean, why the fuck this territory is even German. Th…[View]
189511162CNN: 'Elizabeth Warren is #1 in our new 2020 rankings'[View]
189509099https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/15/middleeast/saudi-us-khashoggi-turkey-intl/index.html >US Presi…[View]
189508858What is the origin of Ethiopian Jews? Why are they black and not semitic?[View]
189511051New World Order: Economy Hemp For Victory Billions in revenue from cannabis based economy Minimum wa…[View]
189508373Would you date a slut?[View]
189509551Everything Sexual is DEGENERATE and a form of control !: It's part of the Bread&Circus&…[View]
189509685[KEK, HUE, NUT, QUEER] The Ogdoad war against cucks: Kek rised to save America. Hue rised to save Br…[View]
189510167why are vikings so loved and adored?: when they were just savages who didn't contribute much to…[View]
189510846You don't get it.: The NPC meme is being spread by those who are actually 'not' NPC's. It…[View]
189511477Why do people declare the “consciousness” and “self awareness” as one of the greatest indicators of …[View]
189511804NPC meme dump 2.0: IF fagmods='delet this again' { print 'post em here again NigGeRs' } >inb4 yo…[View]
189511902How do we combat the Zoomerist NIGHTMARE?[View]
189512023Meanwhile in Russia[View]
189513962First time poster. Idk like I just wanna say, how like 4chan has weaponized memes and autism. Why do…[View]
189501099Traitor of a nation problem: How do we solve growing traitor problem among our own nation? I'm …[View]
189458391Sexual Revolution thread: Welcome to sexual revolution thread (hopefully soon to be /srg/ Key notes …[View]
189510548Republican surges to 7-point lead in Nevada Senate race: Blue wav- OH NO NO... https://twitter.com/E…[View]
189507138Ænglisc/pol/ Offa edition.: Þe betest /pol/. Eall þæt is Ænglisc.[View]
189503622Based. James Wood is our /actor/ fuck Mel Gibson[View]
189503269>conservatism is not the new punk ro-[View]
189510283MISS HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: They are really fucking with us here. Now THIS is shitposting.[View]
189508959Where do the Jews live? The ones that control us all like you all say, where/who are they?[View]
189508845>Us negotiating with taliban >they're going to pull out their forces >drumpf still say…[View]
1895106994CC /Pol/ needs your high energy!: in 5 days, the Autumn Babby will commence, get gets and curse the…[View]
189507834Do you like Dick?[View]
189509489Why are pickaninnies so materialistic? https://youtu.be/qrpMtlTEDUk[View]
189507433Why are the jew so powerful ? Are they a superior race ?[View]
189509482Oi mate you got a loicense for that pledge?[View]
189501988HABBEDING IN COLOGNE: https://twitter.com/ELINTNews/status/1051796938381758464 Shots fired in Cologn…[View]
189507891only unevolved people love their parents[View]
189508217Hillary: Bill's affair with Lewinsky wasn't an abuse of power: cant really argue with that…[View]
189509216Why exactly is he such a punching bag? The jokes were cute and funny at first. But at this point, th…[View]
189506556Wouldn't this be a better meme for Halloween: Instead of rehashing 'its ok to be white?' I do …[View]
189504117Enjoy your new chinese overlords: hahahahaahh https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/world/africa/kenya-…[View]
189508889>go to St. Petersburg >asiatic looking sand nigs everywhere running shawerma places and workin…[View]
189496613'white man's whore' meme: Anyone seen this? It's a meme that started after a mulatto actre…[View]
189496583Let's settle this once and for all: Catholism or Protestantism?[View]
189507525BLACKED: Oh fucking hell! :( He had one job & he failed to do it, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.…[View]
18950489750% due in spring: Meghan is due in spring biggots, it's 2018 bow down to your queen! Wakanda f…[View]
189491530I can't stop watching 'Todes,' the SJW television series from Argentina. There's something…[View]
189495262We own the memes of production now, you white niggers![View]
189507696'That flaming pile of dog crap will be smeared across the face of Conservatism for a generation.': -…[View]
189494276Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Brüder Grimm Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 …[View]
189509016How long until the left loses the latino vote?: I say about 10-15 years. One recent poll stated 41% …[View]
189509205Patriot Prayer: Redpill me on these guys What's their deal, is it kind of like RAM for r/the_Do…[View]
189503692How do I reconcile these differences?: I hate the Jews, miscegenation, women's rights, gays, li…[View]
189502842/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Lock Her Up Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
189508485Bernie and socialists BTFO: https://www.bloombergquint.com/global-economics/top-3-of-u-s-taxpayers-p…[View]
189508358https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfoWars >'InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theories and…[View]
189491900Belgian seperation imminent: The north has voted center right to extreme night. The south is growing…[View]
189506969>Nazies Germany has run out of fule! German engineer Friedrich has proposed to use jews as fuel. …[View]
189499786There is no difference between arabs and south europeans.[View]
189508612Is this the primary most recent example of what happens when an NPC's conditioning breaks? I su…[View]
189501529>Be English >Go to France >Get mistaken for a literal animal and shot But seriously; who is…[View]
189432846Anyone got a QRD on what happened in Portland yesterday?: Who won?[View]
189502481ABSOLUTE HAPPENING: Cologne, train station: A hostage situation with shots fired. Rolling for new Ge…[View]
189505070Do your part and procreate, /pol/: >A guy who liked the president who was on a third date with a …[View]
189504491>Trump is the false Prophet I know Trump used Dank ass Pepe Memes and talked about how he dislik…[View]
189505985National day of Prayer: Why does America have this unconstitutional celebration enforced by the gove…[View]
189506103How powerful is his brain to evade cianigger control?[View]
189502529Is it morally acceptable to hit women under any circumstances? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo0d1…[View]
189491898Redpill me on the solidarity movement.[View]
189507290'Deadpool 2' was faggot shit: I didn't find the humor funny but it did convey the degraded mind…[View]
189508301Why is this even a debate?[View]
189507218Will Trump keep Pence when running in 2020, or is it traditional to switch your deputy president the…[View]
189501004>I believe in God, also he isn't Jewish because the bible says so[View]
189504163Yikes: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/watch-don-lemon-and-chris-cuomo-exchange-hilarious-impressions-of…[View]
189505329Should we northwestern europeans consider the balkans as 'white'?[View]
189502336Hey /pol/ Meme this out ![View]
189507738/dg/ Doomer general- Monday morning edition: Where were you when you realized civilization has initi…[View]
189507079you say christianity, we say ásatrú you say heavy knive, we say þungur hnífur you say spices and fre…[View]
189481928/hue/volution - Bolsonaro-sama Edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk Bolsonaro's …[View]
189505286Is this what Coal Burners deserve?: I'd support it.[View]
189500028Mörder Kinderschänder freigelassen: Achtung Leute: In Berlin hat sich 2016 eine schreckliche Tat ere…[View]
189484088It's true, I make 350k and I feel poor as shit[View]
189502083/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189506424did King Sol just get Christine_Forded?[View]
189498162What would be the best way to balkanise Germany[View]
189501263Why isn't there a world government?: We are on the verge of cataloging millions of exoplanets o…[View]
189502163Guys, I have the perfect plan to trigger SJW Harry Potter fan NPCs. There's this Harry Potter p…[View]
189500852Emanuel Macuckron: Macron is a failed beta. I mean they guy is named after a delicassy biscuit. They…[View]
189507016Brooklyn: Arab vs Jew, round 1 https://www.silive.com/crime/2018/10/watch-beatdown-at-brooklyn-inter…[View]
189501068well /pol/? is it ok to be white?[View]
189500927Where does Jesus go on the political compass? Keep in mind he was an immigrant that believed in help…[View]
189506116Well /pol/ is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p60xhdii8F4[View]
189491273COLONISED https://twitter.com/SkyNewsBreak/status/1051740172218499075[View]
189506817Why does HE talk like THIS?: Also is he /ourguy/? I mean he calls out all forms of degeneracy despit…[View]
189506708>we're not mentally ill[View]
189492415Is this the ultimate redpill?: The core tenet of both religions is STRICT monotheism. Are Jews and A…[View]
189487008Brit/pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV6rRNqTEfE[View]
189503965The Islam Game - #QuoteIslam: I've invented a game to play that may have a positive effect on t…[View]
189505016Christine Blasey Ford: Will we ever hear from her again? Or like previous women who became celebriti…[View]
189491460Prove you're not an NPC: Give one reason why the white race should be saved, and another why it…[View]
189494106Why is the western right anti-education?: It's one of the core tenets of both conservatism and …[View]
189491709Accuse your enemy of what you're doing. Accelerate the dialectic.[View]
189506687Trump endorses Ben Shapiro in a tweet: Just hand over your country goyim.[View]
189501617>be American >enter my tax-funded high school >in home room, the pledge of allegiance comes…[View]
189505405There will be very long lines at the polls this year. Just keep and eye out for it -Queue[View]
189505896Why is the Dinaric masterrace the most powerful race in Europe? How can tiny Serbia of 8M win 3 cham…[View]
189494564Can someone explain to me why Trump is so bad? I think hes done a lot for America and I hope one day…[View]
189499507Operation Figure out Who the {Jewish} People Actually Are: It's obvious that the Western Jewish…[View]
189430165'She's gonna eat it': Now that taytay has abandoned us, is Kaitlin Bennett /ourgirl/? https://t…[View]
189446964Trump Curse Strikes Again: Why do they keep doing it to themselves?[View]
189501600Prove that around 50% of (((Drumpftards))) are retarded: Ok, you want to know my argument? First, we…[View]
189463371BREAKING NEWS!!!. BOYCOT McDonald's WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN. Fucking Greedy Corporation: McDonald’s …[View]
189502085What's the most based western country?[View]
189502271why do normalfags think they look smart when they desperately shit all over controversial or dislike…[View]
189505925The race mix agenda doesnt exi...: http://archive.is/tMHBO >their own racial biases while searchi…[View]
189495327Nazis = NPCs: Greetings, antisemites! How does it feel knowing the NPC meme applies to you just as i…[View]
189499552Did this fucking retard seriously attempt to recruit 4chan and Trump for a gamergate 2.0? What in th…[View]
189495690Wasn't aktion T4 a bit cruel even for nazi standards?[View]
189475264Creationism is holding back the West.: Creationism was invented by ancient people who didn't kn…[View]
189499104How long until the anxiety ends and dam breaks?: Honest estimates. How much longer do we have to LAR…[View]
189499184Who else is pro segregation ? race should live separate and never mix.[View]
189502652Uh, guys. I think Rossanne just named the Jew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9QQMPUBCUQ[View]
189496988I think I just stumbled upon a merchant: My Jew-radar isn’t the best. But oy vey, could this be one …[View]
189498112The dragon is rising /pol/. Are you ready?[View]
189491382How much would male population need to drop for genders to become functionally reversed? at which po…[View]
189497874Monday Night QANDA.: Get in here Ausfags! It's time for bingo! Watch with us: >http://www.ab…[View]
189504929What will European transiberia be like? Once we cleanse the continent of the kraut and the Slav. Ang…[View]
189504786Wow I just watched Beto's new ad. I'm totally excited to vote for him. He's just like…[View]
189501178It has begun: Let it be know: That while there was no single beginning to the coming of the Second …[View]
189466580What happened to rock music? It's basically completely gone after decades of being one of the m…[View]
189502863>2018 >he cares about democratic politics >he votes red or blue >he feels personally inv…[View]
189503667What is Trump doing at this very moment, at this very second, as we speak?[View]
189487245IT'S TIME TO GET RID OF THE SHILLS AND NORMIES!!! POST REDPILL'S: This fucking board has g…[View]
189499832The royal conspiracy: OMG! Fucking SHEEPLE focussing on the royal baby when there is REAL news going…[View]
189484556its hard fellas. my empathy, my drive, my compassion is all challenged by things i see on this board…[View]
189503191Anonymous: 'Brexit has many downsides but I think it will be nice for the Irish to watch a British f…[View]
189500891>jews use (((football))) to try and push the myth on normies that nigs are stronger than whites …[View]
189503190Did you sell the qadiya?[View]
189495051your thought on late-night 'comedians': what do you think about john oliver, stephen colbert, jimmie…[View]
189494754Why couldn't the Germanics and the Slavics team up to kill shitskins? Why do they always have t…[View]
189492119NPC meme: My first attempt. Am I doing it right?[View]
189501111Why /pol/ only cares about Jews? Jews aren't the only problem. AI Machines are way more dangero…[View]
189500735Impressive. Good to see he isn't letting the critics keep him down[View]
189497017/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Monday Morning News Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
189502290More news at 6[View]
189493643It's NOT OK to be white Australian Government said so[View]
189497889Listen up Swedcucks! I need information about this place. My friend is going there for the first ti…[View]
189502157Should anyone who intentionally lives the childless carefree life pass a certain age should just mig…[View]
189495216O-oy vey: Holy shitkek, fucking based. > 'In its entirety, the bill called for the Australian Sen…[View]
189502282What's up with the retarded social rejects on here claiming they are going to breed a god race:…[View]
189496146STRAYA CUNTS: EXPLAIN YOURSELVES: I just heard that your parliament decided that it's not okay …[View]
189488341Do incels really exist? Or is this a kike lead psychop to ruin white peoples lives? This anti-white …[View]
189498496A girl that I went to school with was recently murdered by a nog and a mud shark. Truly sickening ht…[View]
189506819Serious post : I need your help: https://twitter.com/OregonJOBS2/status/1051123983804903425 'This is…[View]
189506926You can live control and TTS in the RasPi robot: You can live control and TTS this real fucking mova…[View]
189506918Who the hell was behind this monstrosity?[View]
189506774Apparently Elon is on 4chan: >iFunny watermark Elon made it clear today he has noticed this websi…[View]
189496977Why do all leftist cucks play games? Seriosuly, grow the fuck up libtards. Children play games. Men …[View]
189500160I have an idea of how to drive NPC's(°>°) mad.: This will be the lefts version of 'They Live…[View]
189506091I need some redpilled western movies to watch before RDR2 is released: Help a brother out, list the …[View]
189502356Pepperidge Farm remembers.: Remember when this man, who set up strategies to ensure that Australia w…[View]
189502338Lets destroy nazis and facism together!! #notoracism Hate speech not allowed! LGBTQ+ community ISLAM…[View]
189499435the left can't me...[View]
189497353No Agenda Episode 1077 - 'Bone Saw': >Direct link to the show https://mp3s.nashownotes.com/NA-107…[View]
189498986Is anyone still anti-BLM after watching 13th?: Have always been very anti pc but I kept switching ba…[View]
189490589Are women human? The main difference between humans and animals is culture and civilization. Since i…[View]
189501781since it's typically agreed upon that jews are the programmers of npcs. does that mean any jews…[View]
189471004Abolish The US Armed Forces: A Standing Army Is Unconstitutional: The US Constitution does not call …[View]
189499628Hungary-Ukraine conflict: Part 2. Serious edition. Previous thread: >>189404204 Further update…[View]
189497040Oyyyy VEy!!!: Good goyim Trump! “Against Anti-Semitism” Are Trump fags BTFO? US deports 95 year old …[View]
189499744>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that unironically drinks their city's tap water (n…[View]
189488741Denver is legalizing shrooms: How does that make you feel? https://decriminalizedenver.org/[View]
189476141One of the originators of punk rock, the bedrock of leftist idols. Wears MAGA. BTFO: Literally, the …[View]
189501131What are we gonna do about the sun shooting CME's at the Earth and destroying all electricity?[View]
189491100>2/3 Asian Australian women have a 'no dating Asians' policy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-…[View]
189500919BREXIT talks have nothing to do with Germany or France at this stage: This is now a fight between No…[View]
189500419San Francisco's Clarion Alley murals defaced with MAGA hats: >At least seven murals in San F…[View]
189497427If you had a day as president and all of your decisions were permanent, what changes would you imple…[View]
189453320Nearly half of Japanese under-40s are virgins: >Almost half of young Japanese people are virgins …[View]
189465154Why don't you have a gun yet? Leftists are promoting anarchy in the streets, attacking conserva…[View]
189495437Sears files for Chapter 11 amid plunging sales, massive debt: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/se…[View]
189500669I don't use social media,can anyone with Facebook/Twitter/IG tell me what was the reaction when…[View]
189490804Canadian man tells beggar to 'get the fuck out of our country': Video - https://www.liveleak.com/vie…[View]
189493002Do you think the Visegrád Group countries will be the safe haven of Europe?[View]
189478959Twitter Bans: Can’t create NPC accounts anymore. I’ll start creating NPC accounts with names of famo…[View]
189470172Patriots In Portland Rock ANTIFA....literally: Patriots In Portland Rock ANTIFA....literally Related…[View]
189500649Palestine and Israel: What's the deal? Is it really all just some sort of conspiracy to reclaim…[View]
189500377respond you cucks: something something buckets of white paint in front of government buildings…[View]
189500594Redpill me on charles manson /pol/ I've heard alot about him, but i'm guessing there'…[View]
189491838TOKEN BLACK FOLLOWERS: /POL/ BTFO This is what your African American followers sound like. They soun…[View]
189500365so if democrats win the midterms does that mean hillary will become president?[View]
189499046Nazi cake: Show me your most funny nazi pictures[View]
189494701Polls Polls Polls: Thats a cute poll you got there shame if anything would happen to it https://twit…[View]
189497443Climate change discussion thread: Climate change discussion thread, try to make your point bladibla.…[View]
189490777Why are white men now at the bottom of the dating pile?: How did this happen? Both white and non whi…[View]
189499670You faggots actually have an 'inner' voice?: Yeah that's called schizophrenia.[View]
189497937My country is a joke...[View]
189498291How do I avoid the onslaught of retarded, hiveminded NPCs in daily life?[View]
189499209Do you hate Mulatto, Quadroons, and other part-Black mixed-race Coloreds? Do you see them as 1000000…[View]
189492093Explain Saudi Arabia for me. I dont trust this man[View]
189500099Ignore the NPC: This is the type of tumor we destroy by ignoring them , don't acknowledge them.…[View]
189494495post your memris[View]
189491710Quadroon KANG is on the way. Prepare for weeks if not months, if not years of race mixing propaganda…[View]
189498624I've got a book for you /pol/.: Will you read it? I think it suits most of you.[View]
189491201Here's a real red pill and read my words. Scientists have done studies on rats and selectively …[View]
189499711How the mighty have fallen: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ Such a great movement. Thoughts? Pic Unr…[View]
189496942wakie wakie, wagie.: you wouldnt want to be late for work would you? I enjoy drinking my coffee whil…[View]
189490646What is the most alpha race?[View]
189479748ITS HAPPENING US AND RUSSIAN NUCLEAR TREATIES UNDER THREAT: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/103…[View]
189498787How does Don Lemon still have a job? Don Lemon Laughs Hysterically As CNN Panelists Mock Kanye, Call…[View]
189486016Trump, Alex Jones and Mossad arms dealer Khashoggi: The (((Washington Post))) Journalist was the son…[View]
189498234Hey Israelis, is Israel a White or Western country? Or maybe both?[View]
189497403CANADA YES! NPC = dehumanizing, but humanizing ISIS terrorists is fine: >‘I just want to go back’…[View]
189486576AUS/POL CYBERBULLYING EDITION: How are we lads? >>Family's outrage after young woman is k…[View]
189498380>tortures + kills + dismembers, mafia style, a journalist slightly critical of him, ON FOREIGN SO…[View]
189489605Why the Ginger hate ?: Is the meme that Hitler considered gingers subhumans true ? If so, literally …[View]
189496611ISRAELI ART: WTF IS THIS SHIT... In the name of god! We are so deep in the white rabbit's lair.…[View]
189494721OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
189496195Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a ser…[View]
189496848Pol: Be me Be bored at close to 3:00AM. Post a bunch of Mia Khalifa Straight porn on the LGBT page.…[View]
189493046judaism should be treated like nazism[View]
189497239Why does fighting to be with our Race feel like a court case to get our kids back? If we get back to…[View]
189495682Oh goy a new taxpayer burden: So it appears Prince Harry has tainted the royal bloodline...[View]
1894967262018 Midterms Predictions: What's it going to be /pol/?[View]
189497547How are you saving the white race?[View]
189493091>tfw lots of venture capitalists and silicon valley investors really believe she was just a victi…[View]
189490254why do blacks love pitbulls: https://youtu.be/NuSZWMh8GH8 judge judy fucking smashes blacks in court…[View]
189497212An alliance once existed between Muslims and NatSocs. Long ago we fought and died together. We come …[View]
189497002This was written by 'ninja media', a well known left wing journal here This tweet basically says: '…[View]
189496820Why do scammers target Australians so much?[View]
189476195How does this end?: These people have already attacked motorists and kicked their cars for not follo…[View]
189493137It's been coming a long time now: It's clear that this board is divided among many ideolog…[View]
189492430What's up with the cops with the beards? Are they Muslims? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fos…[View]
189491326MEGHAN PREGNANT. BRITKEKS SAY HELLO TO OUR NEW KING https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6276715…[View]
189495261redpill me on what was going on here?[View]
189494568America is about freedom right?: Time to unite under a sound money = bitcoin = freedom like the worl…[View]
189493672daily remenber that jews did the 11s[View]
189482009At what point do you simply give up and let it go?: This is all so tiring, /pol/.[View]
189487682German-British marriages struggling with Brexit: We need to stop Brexit, there are interracial coupl…[View]
189494251>all you NPCs attacking Soros with wild conspiracy theories accusations If you had any common sen…[View]
189479731being redpilled ruined me: is there a way to take it back, there has to be a way to make these anxie…[View]
189486043(((THEY))) ARE IN FULL SHUT IT DOWN MODE ABOUT MUELLER: Cuz he's not finished and he's /ou…[View]
189495763Should we invade Iran and destory the nation? They are evil and trying to destory western civilizati…[View]
189494351Women should not be allowed to vote[View]
189480584Winter is coming.: The long winter is coming and it will be much worse the pic related. It will be m…[View]
189490977oh no no no no no[View]
189491106/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Real Late Hours Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
189483740In b4 trumpfags[View]
189494823Rare Merchants: I was sitting on my porch enjoying a nice AZ sunset and though it’s not the best, I …[View]
189487054what was /pol/ like when obama was the president of US?[View]
189496239Imagine a world without Charlottesville: If Charlottesville had never happened, how would the politi…[View]
189490362My husband and I sent in our absentee ballot from halfway across the world. Sent it in a nice securi…[View]
189495084TFW you're a blue hair or basedboi coding or designing because of some pinko quota instead of m…[View]
189485665/pol/ is lost forever: >make nsg thread >only 2 replies are you fucking kidding me? what the f…[View]
189496495New MM Halloween edition: It's that time of year again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf0BPE3…[View]
189494234Immigration: Can germans explain this? https://youtu.be/lYxIi-PQiIg[View]
189496680Announcement: Listen you fucking autists, Normie here who hasn't;'t been on pol since 2016…[View]
189496591IMAGINE A LITERAL AFRICA-AMERICA: https://twitter.com/partsunknowncnn/status/1043309399740231681?lan…[View]
189489163'it's okay to be white' motion defeated in Australian senate: What did they mean by this ? http…[View]
189493375>16 >old enough to drive and be responsible for the lives and safety of other people you share…[View]
189478945If the communists are s*yboys then how did they take over russia?[View]
189494790Bolsanaro is a kike puppet: Don't fall for it again. He's not a nationalist, he wants to t…[View]
189493175Sorry faggotturds. Being a conservacuck just isn't edgy enough any more for me. I'm going…[View]
189468846Has anything ever topped the NPC meme to date? I have never seen libtards seething this much over a …[View]
189437741She has 72 hours to live: How will she die?[View]
189471523Why is Iran the only middle eastern: Country thats not a shithole?[View]
189495154Does anyone else find this shit fucking hilarious? Their version of the red pill is literally them b…[View]
189466371being a right winger in modern culture sucks ass: >every comedian makes fun of conservatives in s…[View]
189493809MI5 are a bunch of racists: >be in the 1960’s >not hiring Jews or PoC >SJW overload https:/…[View]
189495932What is behind the recent boomer crime wave?[View]
189492202What do you think of this bloke: name is friendlyjordies on youtube. hardcore australian labor suppo…[View]
189494706How do we stop Christians from destroying White America[View]
189491701Women suck: Let me tell you a story anon, about one of my step sisters. August 23, its my blood sis…[View]
189492171/pol/ ylyl thread: post em[View]
189489434Is christianity the most NPC religion of them all?[View]
189495554Why the fuck can't most people admit to being wrong? It's not just these fucking libs, it…[View]
189495328>Varg stooped this from happening in Norway[View]
189492156Is there any archive from the /pol/ discord from the 2016 election? Other user brought it up from a …[View]
189494630ban cotton socks: i bet my brother that i could not get cotton socks band at his university during b…[View]
189495142J: Damm those jews[View]
189489616Fuck cuckbook: Zuck is full of shit, data is on deepweb / Dream Market. Hope Irish Data Protection f…[View]
189492081Paid the toll: https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/family-of-man-charged-in-brutal-murder-of-gi…[View]
189484583Have you ever met a conservative NPC?: What was interacting with them like?[View]
189491619Halloween thread >Did you know anyone who wasn't allowed trick or treating growing up? >I…[View]
189491602LITERALLY A KING KILLS COAL BURNER: https://www.wytv.com/news/local-news/youngstown-man-who-shot-gir…[View]
189441776Kraut/pol/&AfD General - 12 am Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 #ltwhe …[View]
189488650I don't understand Japan: They are by far the most degenerate nation of the world, yet most of …[View]
189491821>monotheism is bad, polytheism is the fu- Where were you when you realised that there is only one…[View]
189485524When The Left Loses In November: Who will you blame?[View]
189493401NPC Meme Dump: Dump your NPC memes here. All of them.[View]
189493552Love: why do you guys have so much hate? immigrants are people... PEOPLE you should love people…[View]
189488255Hans Hermann Hoppe: Thoughts /pol/?[View]
189493856Bye bye America: >Increase of atheism >Increase of non-whites >Increase in liberalism This …[View]
189493537>But General Mattis is a good guy. We get along very well. He may leave. I mean, at some point, e…[View]
189493462shitposter /general/: Come home White man[View]
189490896>Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the spring, it is announced, as the royal couple begin …[View]
189493730A youtuber calls out the jew: A youtuber calls out the billionaires who have donated millions of dol…[View]
189488365/bank/ we probably can find out who he is: big thread on /b/ lots of progress made. however, we need…[View]
189489228Trump Jew: General /tj/: Discuss Red-Pills related to Trump being kike controlled I'll start. P…[View]
189493596Britbongs, get ready for your first 56% royal child. Part black, part Jewish, and part white.[View]
189486758How do we make Scandinavians pagans again?[View]
189490370The Time for Arguments has Passed: Only AFTER the vile, hateful and violent Democrats have been emba…[View]
189485888How is this okay /pol/ ?[View]
189491893>be shit god >demand sacrifices >don't care for you anyway >be true God >'You c…[View]
189491442Kanye West: Is he dare i say, ' our guy?[View]
189492284Car Video Request: /pol/acks, does anyone have the long montage of the cars drifting through packs o…[View]
189487439Stormy Daniels: Trump’s Penis Looks Like Toad From Mario Kart: Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com…[View]
189469446The only place to find trad wife material is in church. Start going to Bible Study groups and turn y…[View]
189489281Canada's weed legalization day coming up: Will there be a massive chaos? Will Canadians even go…[View]
189489731For all the people who shit on Trump he brought peace instead of war. Checkmate[View]
189490875Been having this nightmare for the last week that the weird kid at our school is going to shoot up t…[View]
189490737Should centimetres be divided by their own religion or should they be mixed like they are now meanin…[View]
189492986There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
189484624Daily reminder that MAGApedes who ever eat at Del Taco or Chipotle are hypocrites contributing to Me…[View]
189479193DON'T FORGET ABOUT THIS!!! THE KIKES ARE PLANNING SOMETHING: The new forced meme is the narrati…[View]
189492193How easy is it to trick people into thinking that something usually mundane is a hate symbol?[View]
189480813Liberals rekt thread: Liberals rekt thread. Post shitlibs getting rekt in any way or form[View]
189490384Nofap General: How you guys holding up? Day 3 here.[View]
189485698First way gay rights, now it's trans rights. What is the next frontier for the left once they w…[View]
189486685god i miss him so much[View]
189490018The NPC meme Will be used for the next masshooting false flag, se need to prepare for This data /Pol…[View]
189479276Which does pol agree with more? No sex until love or no sex until marriage? One is more plausible, b…[View]
189492043'B-But the NPC meme is dehumanizing...'[View]
189489022Leftists Aren't Violent: Antifa is one step from JFK.[View]
189476547Judaism General Thread /jgt/ - Stop goysplaining edition: It's time we start calling goysplaine…[View]
189489013US Midterms elections - participation rate by race: Given the low participation rates among 'Asians'…[View]
189491924wtf im a capitalist now[View]
189485310Is it time for an EVERLASTING REICH?[View]
189487515>tfw NPC is getting banned on twitter Did we hit a nerve, /pol/? For the leftist SJW at twitter t…[View]
189488029Perhaps the hypocricy of the 'peaceful' left is over once again.: https://www.wsj.com/articles/you-c…[View]
189491112I'm in Malta for two weeks. Give me some must-see Templar shit. I'm about to go full Deus …[View]
189487813Post your most interesting theories about the Jews: Do you have any good links to information or the…[View]
189491514you cry you lose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orL-w2QBiN8[View]
189491032NPC Inferno: How are we supposed to evolve in a world full of NPC ? I got to know one of them and I …[View]
189479232“Boring.” That was Donald Trump’s instant verdict on the New York Times’s blockbuster investigation …[View]
189486940The Fall of the White Women.: I was looking at my friends pics in Flickr and the suggested photos we…[View]
189486989How does it feel to share a board with #drumpfvoters whomst look like: >pic related…[View]
189487812Zoomers get the rope too.[View]
189489597Don't let these anti jew Megapede distract you from the fact that there are people who thinks t…[View]
189490228Why is that black guy who got rejected by white women.: Shit posting so hard here tonight?[View]
189477023The Proletariat will prevail: Can't believe another fascist is on the supreme court. You fucke…[View]
189486612/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Doing Well w/ Women Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
189491045We need to talk about the K word: Offensive vs Derogatory Thread theme. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
189489702This Shit: Fucking Natzi's fight me cunt[View]
189490839What’s the status on HWNDU? http://www.hewillnotdivide.us[View]
189486073Isn't the left using the NPC meme against the right just a giant 'no u'[View]
189489301was it for such men's sake.. for such men's sake the we were born? was it for such men as …[View]
189486536/pol/‘s influence: Do y’all think he would’ve been here had he not died 16 years ago? I mean he was …[View]
189490795Germans greens: *just fuck up my state*[View]
189488197Go Ahead. EAT SHIT AMERICA. Because Russians have much smarter President than you do: Give non-GMO a…[View]
189485267Edgy Nazi Phase (I'm Über it): When did you get out of your edgy 'Heil Hitler gas the kikes' ph…[View]
189482187The future is bleak[View]
189483929Holy shit Coast to Coast AM is now fucking unlistenable: This Jimmy Church guy is fucking cringe! Wh…[View]
189487906Reminder: Kikewood is retardedly promoting pedofaggotry.: CNN june 2025: Texa Bakery under fire for …[View]
189481302Psychopolitics, Information Technology, and (((you))): Continued from: >>189420091 (http://arc…[View]
189481162>You walk into the public bathroom and see this What do you do?[View]
189489224If he were on his meds, do you think he'd still like trump?[View]
189487715Gay ass vatican: >be me >at St. Peter Trips decide what i do…[View]
189462948are there actually mexican nazis? wtf /pol/[View]
189489748Saw this in an RT comment section[View]
189485598Portland Proud Boys: how many of them are actually white nationalists that hide there power level? w…[View]
189470004Reminder: Be upstanding and Classy: The left's biggest wish it to turn rightwing people in Amer…[View]
189486628>funny right-wing comedians don't exi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeADqoMlxXI&t=298…[View]
189477946>'I'm proud of the achievements of my ancestors.'[View]
189489318Aus/pol/ general - anon is away addition: >US and Saudi Arabia tensions could push Aussie petrol …[View]
189489893Is Portland a failure of capitalism? Think about it - in the past, Portland was poorer, more insular…[View]
189487091Why did the recent twitter findings a month or two get absolutely memory holed?: dafuq[View]
189484124ITT We Post the Aryan Queen Like Nothing Ever Happened: Put all TayTay pictures here.[View]
189489895It's basically over for Britain: Brexit is chaos. Brits are over.[View]
189473455What's the final verdict on this man? I think he might have been one of the most based presiden…[View]
189486389America is a shithole because of the fact that its politics lean right[View]
189488747LET'S TAKE A VOTE HOW BIG COWARD IS TRUMP WHEN COMES TO SAUDIS: Like a crack head nigger he got…[View]
189487638honestly obama seemed like a nice guy and i miss him but trump just generally seems pretty mean[View]
189488944America Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries: America with Trump is now one of the 10 most dangerous coun…[View]
189485506give me any proof that independent climate researchers' results about climate change are being …[View]
189489589Red Pill Fantasy books: The 'Spell Monger' Series is red pilled Genocidal protagonist Impregnates t…[View]
189488488wyd if you see this[View]
189486909Khashoggi IS MOSSAD: Khashoggi IS MOSSAD Khashoggi IS MOSSAD Khashoggi IS MOSSAD Khashoggi IS MOSSAD…[View]
189488392Perhaps we spend so much time thinking about the goals, we have forgotten to stop and think about th…[View]
189487534What’s the best thing /POL/ has learned from this book ?[View]
189486659Info dump for the NPC: With every other thread being about NPCs and the wave of NPCs coming here I t…[View]
189462761Do you even Portland? Is there an actual war going on?[View]
189489345What if I told you that there was a group of people; they are fully grown adults, in perfect mental …[View]
189479917ITT: We predict the next major happening: and random LARPing anons pretend like they're in the …[View]
189483024Abortion: What were the American Founding Fathers view on abortion?[View]
1894846824chan Indian Division flag[View]
189489146Holocaust Facts: a website idea: Google trends shows spikes in 'holocaust' searches two times a year…[View]
189489023He can't keep getting away with it.[View]
189480859Why is /pol/ against daughters?: Why don't you want to have a daughter?[View]
189485662Trump ruined 4chan: Oldfag here. I miss the days when the swastikas on this site were just ironic an…[View]
189488910Thinker: Really make you think..... Mmm shootings[View]
189489098Do you think homosexuality is a subconscious inhibitor of viral sexual transmission?[View]
189482385Kekistanis Never Die: >Here's the story of Kekistan >A land both fair and great >Since…[View]
189486980>The Jews are God's chosen people! Weeeeee! so much fun! >I'm a saved Christian I de…[View]
189488784Tell me what will happen in Idlib, Syria: How can Assad hold back if jihadists do not withdraw to Tu…[View]
189473846BASED DAVE[View]
189488935RED WAVE 2018: Just examined the data over at the New York Times Live Polls. Republicans are leading…[View]
189485242Are Turks NPCs?[View]
189485753Why are so many people NPCs? I can literally predict exactly everything they say and do. I just had …[View]
189488864Based Zoomer gets knocked up at 14: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ir4jUCpysw0[View]
189477744What did Jack Dorsey of Twitter mean by this?: Twitter will win on November 6th[View]
189485354IOTBW - It's Okay To Be White: You know the drill. >On October 31 post 'It's Okay …[View]
189488778can you give your most offensive meme 4 survive please ?[View]
189479595Why does holocaust denial fall apart under even the littlest bit of scrutiny?[View]
189488703Honestly, how cucked is Sweden: Will Swedes go extinct? I don't want non whites adopting Swedis…[View]
189478689Thinking of creating a new app. I’d be able to design and develop it myself. Here me out. Just a rou…[View]
189488042How do I promote the Jewish agenda? Israel's? They're clearly superior. A people who can s…[View]
189485106How do you feel about this politically? & ~>you know what to do ;)[View]
189488560I'm prepared to become the Canadian Adolf: 2033. Night of the long leafs. You'll see me in…[View]
189486027A5 censored: pol is under massive attack. >NPC meme shilled with 10+ similar threads >Reddit …[View]
189478198anyone else feel their soul energy being taken away?: i deleted reddit, i got off twitter, i stopped…[View]
189488013Ever wonder what political shifts would have to hapen for america and russia to merge and conquer re…[View]
189465869Blackwashing History[View]
189485378stop double posting: you're too transparent.[View]
189454364>remove American flags from the film >All engineers at NASA are black >All interviews and m…[View]
189465962cartoongate: cartoon gate basically a cabal of sjws pushing homosexuality in western cartoons http…[View]
189487790WTF MAN, FIRST THE ORC KID NOW THIS.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH_NEGnHqzo WE NEED TO PUT A S…[View]
189414453Wealthy will create ‘superhuman race’: Stephen Hawking essays reveal dark prediction: >A collecti…[View]
189487887Trump, Alex Jones, Khashoggi. KIKE SHILLS: https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/the-growing-com…[View]
189480124Well guys that’s that I guess fucking the slut intern on the whitehouse desk was nothing[View]
189459442>Gamer >Anti-globo corp >Anti-Israel >Gorgeous. 2024 can't come soon enough.…[View]
189486899Daily reminder: Trump is controlled oposition just like all amerimutt presidents before him[View]
189487868mcloving it: pls love[View]
189477854Any frenchies wanna explain the in the fuck is happening over Saint-Pol De Leon? >webcam opera…[View]
189487339What would you need to dress up as a NPC? I may go as a NPC for Halloween.[View]
189480025Virtue Signaling Liberals: These dumb basic white girls keep posting these on their pages and blogs.…[View]
189482522FUCKING HAPPENING: Sears officially files for bankruptcy it’s over Trumps economy got BTFO https://w…[View]
189483269Unknown Flags: I've noticed an increase in the amount of unknown flags recently, have you? Are …[View]
189460407Probably the funniest 60 minutes interview I have ever seen in my life. When will the madness end?[View]
189482429For the sake of argument, let us say that NPCs exist. My question to the board is 'Are Humans Comput…[View]
189478000Police officer in London proposing to his boyfriend who is also an officer at Pride Parade[View]
189486446The NPC meme is a threat because it attacks the very seat of liberal soft power: the general PC cult…[View]
189482336What is /pol/'s most visited boards?: Aside from /pol/, what 3 other boards do you visit the mo…[View]
189471704The new religion of /pol/: The National Socialists tried to establish a new religion that has the Vo…[View]
189475027American '''men''': >Be fish and game official from Idaho >Go over to niggerville >boast ab…[View]
189481732He kinda defeated you guys Still has a high paying job , still makes the tv news circuit, huge twitt…[View]
189455662Why do Brazilian celebrities feel comfortable supporting a fascist like Bolsonaro? At least in the U…[View]
189486434Social media is for NPCs.: There is no reason to use social media in 2018. We have open source peer …[View]
189484522*betrays western civilization* YASS QUEEN[View]
189480587Lanyards on 4chan: Why the fuck are there so many normies and libtards on this site now what the fuc…[View]
189484769Why does Trump love this shithole country so much again? I know Bush and Obama both sold weapons to …[View]
189444994New York State Thread: >Andrew Cuomo leads Marc Molinaro by 20 points in the polls What is wrong …[View]
189478834Oldfags where are you?: Have all the old fags jumped ship already? Nu/pol/ is just getting worse. I …[View]
189486808Jared Taylor At the Race War Premiere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtY96AYq1r4 So Jared Taylor w…[View]
189464522So today the Commie Pope canonized the most famous Commie Priest of all time: If you still think the…[View]
189486506npc memes worked: https://twitter.com/DavidFutrelle/status/1051407621637459970 it worked they are tr…[View]
189482023California Election: How should a Trump fan vote in California?[View]
189483614/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Answer the Call Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
189478697What if the Anglos are the real Jews and descendants of Christ ?[View]
189466761Minnesota senate seats: Not only is Minnesota 2 flipping red, but Klobuchar is possibly losing her s…[View]
189464721White nationalist gets assaulted & almost robbed, police do nothing: https://youtu.be/8Yo0xya4RT…[View]
189473924ISRAEL IS OUR ALLY!!: We must protect israel as our ally! You shills an anti-semites are evil people…[View]
189486470Why people think we are advanced?: Behold this 1950s, some South American country was like Fallout, …[View]
189481406How fucked are deomcrats?: This house seat was once the most heavily democratic in the country. Also…[View]
189463783Why are white nationalist leaders so embarrassing?[View]
189480135Fucking Jews: Just a reminder that Jews are the worst thing you can ever experience. They're th…[View]
189477676Help me shill on r/Alberta: https://www.reddit.com/r/alberta/comments/9o9bw7/daily_reminder_that_thi…[View]
189486096Why are Americans so stupid?[View]
189477660Please America the old and sick will thank you vote blue[View]
189486142Rand Paul is the only one NOT bought off and comprised. Let's show him our respect.[View]
189486136Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
189486112Do Democrats have a /pol meeting: I see red pill only Do Democrats have a /pol #bluepillclub[View]
189483765>Turned my German trad wife SUPER racist >She points out when niggers are acting niggardly and…[View]
189458804Do you feel like you are living in a society engineered by the Jew, for the Jew?: and what are the s…[View]
189482326What's this nigga's ultimate end goal?[View]
189474374Global Warmunism: Here is an interesting, and long over due,expose on the amazingly poor state of on…[View]
189484107Should there be a law preventing laws from becoming 4,000 pages? Aside from masking what they want t…[View]
189480763TRAPS ARE THE FINAL RED PILL: https://www.buggzodiac.com/before-european-christians-14-10/ Why hasn…[View]
189480927Hitler was an aryans tupac.[View]
189477324Is the White Women the bigger threat to the White Race then the Black Man ?[View]
189485502Obama Judges, the new Super Legislative Power.: This guy...Mr.Chen blocked DHS from ending the TPS, …[View]
189467464Some absolute madman put this fucking billboard up near my house[View]
189480637refute this /pol/[View]
189469313You name the color of this pill: They control all people in the world. ALL. They control the product…[View]
189482857Hey /pol/. remember the 'Awan scandal'? That was 14 months ago. Remember when you said that pic rela…[View]
189485232OMG! No wonder he is so butthurt! He has a tattoo of CUNTRESS on his arm![View]
189484988Y'all are the most intellectually inferior bluepilled retarded community I have ever laid my ey…[View]
189483294How Can I Speed Up Israeli World Government?: How can I become Pro New World Order? Want World Gover…[View]
189468570Why are white women so good-hearted, genuine, naive, nice and caring?[View]
189473667When was the last time you saw a blonde hair blued eyed person non degenerate with a secured income?…[View]
189485125HWNDU Season X he will not divide us: have I become a normie or is there a reason why the camera on …[View]
189485020It’s in Hahahaha: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-hangs-tacky-fantasy-painting-of-himself-with-g…[View]
189484557Based Japs are creating a wrestling faction filled with Trump supporters When will Vince McMahon ste…[View]
189481868Hitler: Did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong. Protip you can't[View]
189484433Holocaust Denial: Why is holocaust denial a crime? Why would an absolute truth need to be reinforced…[View]
189484965Someone crowdfund GANTZ anime in a Westernized movie.: Plot. Alien Sphere kidnaps people who died by…[View]
189435916Do you dumb yourself down when speaking with women?: I have noticed that I tend to dumb down my talk…[View]
189483289How many things can /pol/ stop following because there happens to be a Jew involved in it?[View]
189484740Was it 4D chess?: This makes sense: >Let Kushner and Saudi Arabia have their way >This makes t…[View]
189483749It's Almost November!: Three more weeks, skinheads! Who's got the lube? Because millions u…[View]
189479589Dog: the companion of the White man: No one takes the time to think about how sacred dogs are to the…[View]
189482079End of Affirmative action?: Is it gonna finally happen? Will Affirmative action finally be killed?…[View]
189420091Psychopolitics, Information Technology, and (((you))): The modern political faction has adopted the …[View]
189481025NEW TRUMP THEORY: Here's what I'm betting.I think Trump is going to do a mass information/…[View]
189480787By any standard gay or straight how the fuck is this not child abuse!?[View]
189484463Kebab cost 15 dolla. Fucking 15 dolla. What FUCK????? (╬゚◥益◤゚) I tell Lady find me Kebab Not so Fuck…[View]
189460965Hey /pol/, I have a few questions for you, they are all related to the book SIEGE (which I plan on r…[View]
189481147Important question /pol/. If it was announced that Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump were going to hav…[View]
189484442i can't wait until we take that sweet texas soil out of your hands. bigly.[View]
189481628If only someone could wake people up... Someone who would be a good shepherd for the flock who are n…[View]
189467679KAEPERNICK BTFO BY GINSBURG: http://archive.is/ytrUm >Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, never shy to w…[View]
189481990Fiat Money is a product, that's why everyone uses USD.: >muh petrodollar They use it volunta…[View]
189478047When the fuck did this happen? https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/tabl…[View]
189483087HAPPENING!: Pastor Andrew Brunson suspended on Twitter 2 days after release from Turkey https:/twitt…[View]
189483309why do pol hate spics when most of the time they align as white allies and generally are friendly to…[View]
189443110Just how fucking retarded are leftists, /pol/?: I made this Twitter account three days ago. In less …[View]
189428142There's a difference between a black person and a n***er. Why doesn't /pol/ understand thi…[View]
189484046Casey Mocks Barletta's Grandson: Bob Casey just released an insensitive and personal attack ad …[View]
189483153this is nice but... I could only imagine they'd end up accused of rape by some hambeast whom tr…[View]
189481476Its been 2 years and TRUMP HASNT DONE ANYTHING: >he didn't build the wall >he didn't…[View]
189480394LOVE conquers all: http://www.redproductioncompany.com/shows/butterfly/[View]
189479217How much longer before they introduce zombies with dicks and tits. And by the end of tonight, trash …[View]
189483801Animal Jam: Raid animal jam with bad stuff it’s full of really young kids that don’t know shit…[View]
189482141What are you going as for halloween /pol/?[View]
189483607>The whole point of Kekistan is taking back Pepe from you douche-nozzles trying to, like, meme yo…[View]
189482383Jews don't force feed degeneracy,: they cater to demand. >but they are merchants Merchants r…[View]
189467071Why is being like this socially acceptable?[View]
189479412Why can't we just have a national government controlled job website where you go and the websit…[View]
189480116If Saudi Intelligence forces killed and dismembered Sean Hannity during a vacation to Israel what wo…[View]
189471588Should women be allowed to serve in the military?: If yes, should it be restricted to certain roles?…[View]
189482824wrote this for english course not very good thought you guys might like it tho Any good Christian sh…[View]
189480170Message received comrade!: I found these on my cars and property. It links to Alex Jones interdenomi…[View]
189460605Why do so many leftists keep saying that both parties switched platforms?[View]
189481618The Return of Kraut and Tea: Kraut and Tea is back and he BTFO of racist and holocaust deniers. How …[View]
189450954CANADA INVASION VERSION: By signing this, Canada will agree to fight their own Press, and their own …[View]
189476852NPC Revolution: Are you doing your part, Anon? ITT post usernames and spread the power of the Nation…[View]
189481738V from V for Vendetta is Far Right: So many people believe V is a socialist and somehow is against b…[View]
189482100So /pol/ here it is. 4 weeks aka a whole month now since I began using Trump as my inner-voice. Like…[View]
189481379Transhumanism is the end goal of the PC/Globalist/SJW movement. The reason the elites are pushing fo…[View]
189473241Daily Reminder: Weed makes you schizophrenic and gay, if you have to spend 10 seconds processing eac…[View]
189479832Any of you autists have that 'California then and now' video? the first half was nostalgic 60s foota…[View]
189455753She’s winning. You’re losing.: Intelligent. Empowered. Winning. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Blue wave im…[View]
189482571ree: REEEEE[View]
189468814Why is it that the LGBT+ community keeps trying to push their damn agenda on media such as cartoons …[View]
189481915Stepping up the NPC game with a proper flag. Back to the Twitterverse pedes![View]
189482538leaf life: breaking news: Vancouver is completely cucked and a suburb of hong kong. Is there any pu…[View]
189481065Kavanaugh making some waves in SC circles I'm one of those shitty paralegals that get no attent…[View]
189476003/pol/, once again, btfo[View]
189452553>yfw the second coming of Christ is the coming of socialism The Wedding at Cana is a socialist tr…[View]
189470790She hasn't actually won anything yet she she speaks as if she won the seat already now that all…[View]
189477088Something unusual is going on /pol/: Are we being suppressed? This was 404’d in seconds. Also got a …[View]
189481926NPC.exe malfunctions[View]
189482267>be me >start job tomorrow at top US law firm >interned elsewhere, know one at this one …[View]
189475694Convince me there's a chance the GOP retains the house otherwise I'm not voting[View]
189482091Intellectual Property is VALID: Property is that which exists my one's labour. >but stealing…[View]
189481642I LOVE AMERICA: but leftists are not Americans, fuck them, revoke their citizenships[View]
189457258Is it private?: (((They))) are escalating the censorship This will slide https://web.archive.org/we…[View]
189480247Mods don't ban me this time? Ein Heller und ein Batzen: https://d.coka.la/UFzlBA.webm Graf Zep…[View]
189477469Rick Scott: Why's he blowing it lads? The polls are worse than a month ago. This is huge race f…[View]
189424896Trump is an Israeli Puppet: Pay attention to who Trump fires and when... Rex Tillerson: https://www.…[View]
189478784Do Jews rule the world? If so, what is their plan for Islam?[View]
189469366The White Man talks about the Jesus his Ancestros believed In[View]
189481832Deregulate industry, solve poverty: This is a response to >>189417090, in which anons agreed t…[View]
189468398what evidence is there that fox news is controlled opposition? and if it is, just how controlled is …[View]
189475776Quick! Name three Kanye songs.[View]
189471507I Think Everyone Misses One Point: Israel is a distraction for the world and I don't think that…[View]
189481136>you need to vote, its a key to our democracy that everyone has their own voice heard. >WTF WH…[View]
189481130NPC quest: So, has anyone started going around to blue checkmark Twitter accounts and using MUD text…[View]
189479694Corey Anton's theory on the doctrine of the life eternal vs the doctrine of the immortality of …[View]
189479973Why are whites committing so much more crime than other races within the US? https://ucr.fbi.gov/cri…[View]
189472363America to impose international embargo on Iranian oil starting November 5: Eurocucks BTFO - France …[View]
189476599What did he mean by this?[View]
189475193MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-hangs-tacky-fantasy-painting-of-himself-wi…[View]
189479652What is this #tromagate i keep hearing about?: Can someone give me a rundown?[View]
189481020What do you think?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK-3hUsqfMk[View]
189449019Let's all move to Manchester NH: The libertarians tried to meme NH into an individualists utopi…[View]
189479531Zoomers are pretty based and red pilled. Believe me.[View]
189480244Justin had the balls to stand up to Saudi thuggery and threats. What about Trump? p.s. before you sa…[View]
189480881There’s no white genocide you knobs: It’s a white suicide, and white women across the west are pulli…[View]
189480851Why is the ideology of cuckolding trying to pass a judgement based on looks, sex and popularity[View]
189477177Has anyone noticed that Jews look like shaved star-nosed moles: Just sayin.[View]
189480600Socialist angry after GOP Sen. David Perdue 'nationalizes' his phone and take it from him:…[View]
189475424ok yanks i have a plan to help in the mid terms but its gonna need team work: 1.)share this meme lik…[View]
189480588>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syMhJMmGEIc >Poland is based country!…[View]
189470348W T F[View]
189474756Politics and Art Round 2: Banksy is one of the most influential artists to the NPCs and SJWs, he mak…[View]
189474958Jew's: Theory: All 'Innocent' people in Assassins Creed are jews. Explanation: When you throw a…[View]
189474370Epic trolls expose leftist academia.: >we rewrote a section of Mein Kampf as intersectional femin…[View]
189474500tfw the 40,000 sealed indictments are for American /pol/acks[View]
189478913Florida/Ben & Jerry's is trying to let convicted felons vote again: What do you think, /pol…[View]
189470590>(((Phezzan))) Can terrorism destroy nations?[View]
189471822Will you vote for based artist Kanye West?[View]
189480068Mid Term Election: Have a brilliant idea to ensure republican success in medterms but need the help …[View]
189479786Pitballs certainly are good pets.[View]
189478428Why do Ugandas like chicken and goat memes?[View]
189476569Identitiy 'Evropa: Prove to me that these fucks are not just larping/Feds and creating a huge ass ho…[View]
189467129I don't want to enter 2019 in Turkey lads.: whats the country with the easiest immigration laws…[View]
189478819why do italians hate homosexuals so much?: do they not realize its 2018[View]
189477376Because he supports Donald Trump. This man should be executed for trying to damage our #BlueWave![View]
189479813what will it take for libertarians to finally understand that some races simply have a greater genet…[View]
189479801This skibidy video is the most NPC thing. Why are normie loving this?[View]
189478369What are you autists doing?: You guys are starting to annoy Josh Russel who is obviously God of who …[View]
189465115The Parkland shooter obviously posted on /pol/. What did you do to him? >CNN reported that Cruz w…[View]
189471814/hue/volution - Vitorioso Edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk Bolsonaro's new …[View]
189479710Time to vote, faggots.[View]
189473791>250,000 people show up for anti-right rally >alt-right gets psyched if 250 people show up for…[View]
189464276In Berlin, 250,000 people gathered to manifest for openness, tolerance and solidarity, and against h…[View]
189451383Operation: Red Heifer: The End of the World cannot happen until the second coming of Christ, and the…[View]
189477562>3 weeks until the midterms >democrats sweep the house >unleash waves of investigations int…[View]
189479320fake twitter: so im jumping on board the plan to make a fake SJW twitter account, be very radical, t…[View]
189479338is life simpler as an NPC?: is becoming an NPC the true path to being happy and content with the sta…[View]
189474606Voting restrictions: I’ve been thinking about voting restrictions lately. Obviously being 18 and ha…[View]
189460357White Lives Matter: >18 unarmed whites killed by cops >13 unarmed blacks killed by cops >4 …[View]
189474414Hey guys we should have irl /pol/ meetups and start organizing, what do you think?[View]
189477649>we need migrant workers to clean our toilets for below minimum wage and Chinese factories to cra…[View]
189476654Excuse me: but have tv advertisers banned white males are something. Today I watch some tv for most…[View]
189467903WAR DECLARED[View]
189474869Elin has started a revolution.: this will keep happening. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…[View]
189452216Why won't you buy a house fucking millennials!!!: here's essentially 3 layers of suburbs. …[View]
189469785I don't normally come on this board, but I'm taking a statistics class and IQ came up, and…[View]
189478138TRUMP CURSE STRIKES AGAIN: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2018/10/14/ariana-grande-pete-…[View]
189476834Hello fellow humans.[View]
189474441if the democrats don't win at least the house, they are gonna go absolutely ape shit. and every…[View]
189476837What is so bad about the jews? I don’t understand, can someone explain? Trump is racist....[View]
189478128You’re the bot. Not the leftist.: >• ᠌ ᠌ • ᠌> ⎳ ᠌᠌> ᠌ ▬[View]
189473396What went wrong?[View]
189477048W T F: What is wrong with Ukrainians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw29EYz2HAs[View]
189473360> text a white girl on your phone > ask about what they'll do bc of the Taylor Swift inst…[View]
189458684>woman wants the baby, man doesn't want the baby - woman gets to have the baby and man has n…[View]
189474336Russia elected Trump!: Open your eyes you racists! Liberals will win! #BLUEWAVE[View]
189473543>Tesla played a central roll in alternating current, X-rays, radio, robotics, lasers and wireless…[View]
189478598Openly racist thread[View]
189477764She makes everything about her. God, she makes me want to puke almost as much as Ivanka. Fuck this w…[View]
189477961here's some redpills for newfags. White people racemix less than the other races, you see so mu…[View]
189477558Because they can't win without cheating! Cheated 2016 and now doing it again 2018. I am ashamed…[View]
189477483This seems to be the new Republican way. Intimidate, threaten, and hurt. Violence and hate.[View]
189478346on 9/11/2018 the world was blessed with a fact that i think is objectively true, i mean the jews run…[View]
189475732Help me out here /pol/ I want to be anti Israel but I can't ignore their contributions to scien…[View]
189453998How has 4chan fallen so low? I don't understand how /pol/ ended up the way it is. We're so…[View]
189474035Is this the order God intends for the world? It always seems to happen if you just allow nature to t…[View]
189478214Let the world see And end it[View]
189469692The White Man mocks the Black Man for chimping out in the White House I thought liberals were tolera…[View]
189477921Asian Superiority Thread: General discussion about the Golden Race and the coming status of China as…[View]
189474858Based Movies: Is this one of the most red pilled movie series ever made? About mans fight against ev…[View]
189444903I just learned that most of America has never seen a Moose. are there Moose in Europe outside of Rus…[View]
189477878Okay serious question, which one of you are the NPCs?[View]
189465156Peak Civnat Hours: Proud Boy Arrested In Antifa Brawl Was Jewish Tranny: >Though NYPD statements …[View]
189432735Syria General /sg/ - Blade of Arabia Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
189476972Is it time we wage war on the (((consumerist)))? Catch the wave /pol/[View]
189477319I have found a extremist subreddit: So,today i was browsing reddit and i found this goldmine https:/…[View]
189476988why is iran's average iq 84 if they are whitest out of all other non-white groups?: Most people…[View]
189434598John Brennan can't STFU - He is a traitor and deserves the ultimate punishment..: John Brennan …[View]
189473937>While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses a…[View]
189458635>right wingers say we need Trump to keep from becoming Brazil >Brazil elects Trump 2.0. So is …[View]
189472308Why do the jews push the voting meme so hard?: How does it benefit them? They don't seem to car…[View]
189470630What was so special about the 2016 elections?: Why everyone and their mother seem to remember them a…[View]
189476744Anyone else came to the realization that the long night is nearly over, and that the neonationalist …[View]
189471209>petty >angry >jealous >loves israel >chose the jews over all other people why do we …[View]
189474625Daily reminder: The GAIA hypothesis states >the theory, put forward by James Lovelock, that livin…[View]
189472666/pol/s hypocrisy on race: https://twitter.com/ejacqui/status/1051117688590876673?s=19[View]
189471840So... She's not going to get any sanctions?[View]
189454163Fat antifa member unmasked and crying on video: The proud boys unmasked a fat antifa communist he cr…[View]
189464754Does anyone know if this is true? Saw this at x so probably a LARP.: 'Transmissions, probably encryp…[View]
189461886How would a libertarian society handle incest? Surely they wouldn’t deny these consenting adults the…[View]
189472778No one was forcefully converted to Islam: So /pol/ I was reading through my state regulated AP World…[View]
189447127Fuck unions: >Be me >Work for Kroger >Get sent a letter about who I should vote for in midt…[View]
189462147Why are the elderly are no longer considered wise and full of knowledge? Is it because the way of li…[View]
189476568>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=470nkJzmT9w ...you're gonna pitch in right /pol/…[View]
189475891Lefist Meltdown: What will happen if in November the GOP gains house and Senate seats? The left is a…[View]
189467160damn...: pol's worst nightmare...[View]
189471385Canadian gun ban, your chance to help: 3rd edition. Wanted to say first of all you ameribros are abs…[View]
189447568God's hand?[View]
189472064check out my professor he is /ourguy: I know you're here Julius. I know https://www.youtube.com…[View]
189463319The Truth about the Talmud: For Anons who want to learn the truth about jewish hatred of us. The Tru…[View]
189472069When did you realize the outcome of an election depends on who votes? Registration and voting booth …[View]
189474969>Jair Bolsonaro is known for his strong opposition to left-wing policies. Most notably, he has be…[View]
189468777LATIN AMERICAN / POL/ THREAD: How is your country doing?[View]
189420706Why are you not looking forward to the end of (((antibiotics)))?[View]
189465839What makes right wing memes so funny?: What is the lightning in a bottle key to success that right w…[View]
189466493Michael Avenatti gets 1 percent support in poll for 2020 Democrats: https://www.washingtonexaminer.c…[View]
189467644They're switching tactics and think enough poc people are pro Trump that they need to find out …[View]
189465827Jews cannot claim criticism is antisemitism: All laws pertaining to antisemitism does not cover jews…[View]
189473210What did he mean by this?[View]
189474753Your Vote Means Nothing: I've seen a lot of threads lately talking about NPCs. Seems the diverg…[View]
189469064Woman jailed for falsely accusing teenager of raping her in public toilets: Woman jailed for falsely…[View]
189474249The original Anti-Zionist were Jewish.: Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (1863-1944) Shimloyer Rav '[I…[View]
189475281What degrees are actually worth going to a Marxist Debt Camp?[View]
189473511#RESIST: Trump is a nazi[View]
189473084Hey /pol/ why was this swept under the rug? How were the Saudis involved? I remember reading somethi…[View]
189469636>Trying to unfuck myself after years of whitewashing >after parents told me to 'hang out with …[View]
189472655Post yfw when we get another scotus pick before midterms[View]
189475016Do you consider it wrong for a mulatto to bleach his blood?: I saw this pic of a man holding his qua…[View]
189475004Going to college is beta. Intellectualism is inherently beta. “Thinking” is beta. The first philosop…[View]
189471341Possible Cause for Concern: Hey, anon. I was just scrolling through Hillary Clinton’s Twitter page, …[View]
189467650Will liberals be allowed in space?: >Be you >Riding the S.S. America ETA 2 zorgnops till landi…[View]
189473724How can /pol keep niggers and spics from voting this election?: IOKTOBW is all fun and games, but wh…[View]
189469512The Fall of Civilizations: What are the constants across history that leads to it?[View]
189467778What does /pol/ think of Matt Christiansen? I've been watching him for a while now but only rec…[View]
189474612Elons Revenge: https://www.rt.com/usa/441242-musk-anime-mecha-robot/[View]
189469688'It doesn't matter because we win' GET IN HERE BOYS: https://youtu.be/wFt6HURbdfk[View]
189468104CERNOVICH PURGE: Check his twitter account, looks like @cernovich is getting deleted off of Twitter.…[View]
189448059Portuguese Americans: Redpill me on Portuguese-Americans /Pol/,i want to read on how my countryman b…[View]
1894664301. do you believe in race 'science' (the bell curve, FBI crime stats, MAOA genes, etc) 2. what are y…[View]
189468536Cyberpunk 2077: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cXTuYl43uI /pol/ Is Cyberpunk an accurate depicti…[View]
189471641Sweden's biggest newspaper calls out Nintendo for Peach's sexist moves: So, as the release…[View]
189474283What did he mean by this?[View]
189468158Is it really the Jews, /pol/?: What if the Jews aren't really behind everything? What if some g…[View]
189462173Republicans cheat. It's the only way they can win.[View]
189466196Oy vey[View]
189468520Is anti-semitism the most irrational form of hatred there is?[View]
189473778Is it true? Where's the proof at?[View]
189453046I love Beto! A man of the people. It was so hilarious when he dabbed on us! Lol[View]
189461528If capitalism is so great, then why does the U.S. regulate the price of wheat?: Almost as if no one …[View]
189470481WTF India: expect many things from you but I could never imagine this https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
189470298Midterms 2018: When does Trump drop the tactical FISA nuke to secure the House? I'm thinking a …[View]
189459682Why didnt you tell me?: https://youtu.be/JpEsbOXdrdQ dudes they are a fucking satanic cult and they …[View]
189466307Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret: >Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skid…[View]
189465683After Kavanaugh's swearing in ceremony Trump and Justice Kennedy were caught on video having th…[View]
189450898Super humans: Professor Stephen Hawking feared a new race of ‘superhumans’ could destroy the rest of…[View]
189472181Trump calls Mattis 'sort of a Democrat' and says he 'may leave': >https://www…[View]
189453661Alpho O'Rourke Skateboards into Rally: This sure takes the fuel out of those Cruzmissiles. Cool…[View]
189472632I believe people’s intellectual attributes and inclinations are a result of DNA and not culture at a…[View]
189461825The NPC meme crackdown continues. I've been shitposting on this account for a LONG LONG time, a…[View]
189415901First transgender world champion...ever: Women just need to up their game instead of complaining htt…[View]
189475159I got a bad feeling, /pol/: Tomorrow, the year is one. Don't you feel it?[View]
189475291How exactly is someone supposed to have a social life without being a 'degenerate' to some degree? I…[View]
189475846So, remember when naggers became roody poos? Now apparently Some One Yells is now replaced with 'oni…[View]
189476080why are you not muslim yet? >inb4 cherrypicked statements without backed up evidence against Isla…[View]
189465849How should the west handle its obesity problem?: In Japan, most people are slim and have little fat …[View]
189469418Children are an investment, so collect your ROI.: Male children should be apprenticing by age 6, suc…[View]
189455380Jim Stream: Get in here lads!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPq2RyppqG0[View]
189470011this is what happens when you poltards grow brave enough to step outside: the streets will never be …[View]
189467298Fresh meme: Flipped the AMZN ad to make a rune flag. Original before crop and flip available.[View]
189468322Kim Refuses to Provide Lists of Nuclear Sites to US: https://sputniknews.com/asia/201810151068888022…[View]
189469069What was the height of human cultural, artistic, philosophical, and scientific achivement? I.e when …[View]
189468111“That which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist fro…[View]
189470922What's the deal with Ann Coulter? Is she a jew pawn? She was for trump, then he got elected and…[View]
189469911Axis countries have higher IQs than Allies.[View]
189448102Are you still happy with Trump?: He has turned out worse than expected. I will not be voting for him…[View]
189467273Sears bankruptcy: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/14/sears-ready-to-file-bankruptcy-later-tonight-in-fi…[View]
189466367Stop eating food.[View]
189471203Wikipedia faggots now doing a Wiki-newspaper: Google is now linking to 'wikitribune.com' - News med…[View]
189469462FRONTIERS: Daily reminder that men cannot truly be men without being explorers. How can you recaptu…[View]
189468314>here's your world police, bro[View]
189469405>tfw in my country 'dog food' is either dinner for your date or a redundant phrase How do we fix …[View]
189432695Fucking kids these days are so DEGENERATE. Back in my day, we believed in peace and love, my generat…[View]
189470571How do we stop women from hosting parasites?: That look nothing like them?[View]
189470700How badly are those witches trying to curse Kavanaugh get BTFO when their ritual backfires? They hav…[View]
189464119>you're a what anon? A fascist! I didn't spend 3 years fighting nazis across two contin…[View]
189470386Lula da Silva: What's this guy's deal? I know he's the former Brazilian president who…[View]
189469447What are you poltards going to do when you realize that you're already 50 years old and accompl…[View]
189461365Oklahoma Installs bulletproof shelters for shelter in place protocols. >be me >robots trigger …[View]
189469142He was right.: He warned you about the towelhead Saudis. Just a bunch of inbred barbarian sandnagger…[View]
189455085anyone got good examples of uk loicenses[View]
189463071What did they mean by this?[View]
189461762The AI Threat: See this book? A lot of famous people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have read it…[View]
189462534I reckon we can get Donald Trump to defend Gamergate[View]
189464710GFC HAPPENING: IS IT HAPPENING BOYS? https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2018/oct/11/european-…[View]
189435872What's up pol, this 'pastor' doxes members of his church who disagrees with him.[View]
189468914Former Disney World Lifeguard Gets More Than 14 Years For Distributing Child Porn: https://breaking9…[View]
189467925Charmed 2018 GOES FULL RETARD #METOO AND #TIMESUP: My little sister was texting why 'they' ruing eve…[View]
189469172Rage and Liberals pretending to be your countrymen: Does it fill anyone else with absolute rage when…[View]
189447455Maybe us whites deserve to be wiped out, did you ever think of that: We have been the most evil peop…[View]
189473962How did a tatar beat a red hair blue eyed arian? I thought whites are superior[View]
189468548SARGOY: Look, this fat faggot tries to take over and destroy /pol/ memes again.[View]
189469558>there are (((Americans))) who defend colleges charging outrageous tuitions because the governmen…[View]
189469488What do we do about the Russians, /pol/? You don't really believe that Russia didn't inter…[View]
189463235Need a discussion group: Need some fashy natsoc british groups that arent a LARPing circlejerk of be…[View]
189473820Zoomers need to know their place.[View]
189456211White gentile women racemix the least: The data from okcupid shows that most white women doesn'…[View]
189469384Trump will lose the next election[View]
189469234Muh national anthem: We never REALLY gave a shit did we.... https://youtu.be/pxN-CogMZns Just a reas…[View]
189444728Canada is lost: 1/4 billion by 2030.. Thing are about to get very bleak, VERY fast.. It is going to …[View]
189473088Why does the npc meme have such power? I have a theory. The left is more inclined to psychedelic dru…[View]
189473028England HATE thread: Oi! Save the queen but don't forget yar loicense![View]
189472335Food around the world: Post your regular lunch and it's price. R$ 32.71 = USD 8.65 The one thi…[View]
189470664Brazil is an example to the world of how to treat trannies with love and respect. Our formula should…[View]
189472544Why do some people end up like this? What goes wrong? Like what is going through their mind?[View]
189472546Archeology redpills: I'm doing a presentation in my anthropology class tomorrow anyone got any …[View]
189467191Is this making a political statement?[View]
189431535/pol/ humor thread?[View]
189472592YLYL: YLYL Swordfighting with my brothers edition Hitting hard for training so is pol related for th…[View]
189469080Washington State - November Voting General: General thread for all information regarding upcoming me…[View]
189465434Goddamn this is powerful[View]
189467513How do we stop Trump supporter's fascists attack on our journalist institutions?[View]
189470577British women are notorious coalburner jewish cattle slags. Just look at British reality shows. All …[View]
189470741based: >go out >walk into club >within 5 minutes the HOTTEST slut is already massaging my c…[View]
189471349/ourguy/ confirmed >kills hoards of greedy rapist (((goblins))) >disregards the advances of ev…[View]
189471002ENPEESEE: >be 4chan incel, no job, spend all day on your ass on some forum filled with NEETs like…[View]
189471812Anti-Ego = NPC: Ego is self reflection. Anti-Ego cults create NPCs[View]
189471735PizzaGate: What was it /pol/ give me the rundown. Im trying to explain to a friend but I need the wh…[View]
189466875/hue/volution - Punished Bolso edition.: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk [Embed] [Embed] …[View]
189464086This is the second in command of Nazi Germany. This is the man who thought he was genetically superi…[View]
189463659Why is a middleman the richest guy in the world?: Why is capitalism so broken that Jeff Bezos became…[View]
189466541How cringe can one be?[View]
189460404/bw/ Blue Wave General - BETO SLAYS TED EDITION: If Democrats won Texas, they win everything!!! Woo …[View]
189463782'Hollywood is uncool' movement. It's time.: It's been about almost a century for this piec…[View]
189467732The era of an openly occupied America is over: and with these three little we reify white identity a…[View]
189468711Right now, as we speak, brazilians are mowing down the rainforest, the richest ecosystem in the worl…[View]
189465742>Their face when the NPC meme is too effective so they start banning it.…[View]
189464521Are you a Right-wing NPC?: Do you? What’s your MBTI?[View]
189465155>Henry Ford names the jew articulately and clearly explains why they are a threat to the west and…[View]
189468649You all have seen this sign, right? But did you know that it was enforced as the 'peace and green' m…[View]
189464584Is Italy the only way for europe?: Is Italy the only way for europeans? The glorious europe is being…[View]
189466186Is he still /ourguy/?[View]
189463195>researching potential democrat presidential nominees for the next election cycle >discover th…[View]
189454950This is the second in command of Nazi Germany. This is the man who thought he was genetically superi…[View]
189462716>Monopolies are the most efficient form of capitalism. >communism is a state run monopoly. …[View]
189459176Whats his endgame?[View]
189468510Are Kibbutzim basically socially acceptable nat-soc havens for Jews? Seems like they started out tha…[View]
189454512Are there any women alive today that historians will discuss in 500 years?[View]
189468465Was TayTay secretly ourgirl all along? Her curse hit this race like a semi truck hauling lead. …[View]
189467420How much longer until they file for bankruptcy?[View]
189465474You're not gonna have a 'trad girl' or some larping pagan shieldmaiden(unironic pagans dont exi…[View]
189465388Why is this spineless Cuck still working as AG? Isn’t the AG supposed to pursue justice and fuck peo…[View]
189467518Housing market and boomer prices on houses. How long are the Boomer house prices going to continue o…[View]
189465173AROUND BLACKS NEVER RELAX https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1051554231432474625[View]
189460566ITT post politically satisfying images gifs and webms[View]
189451043This ENRAGES the entitled Western 'white' woman.[View]
189466534Beat google at thier own game: Here's how >Google is supposed to be progressive >Google …[View]
189467886AIDS AS A WEAPON OF WAR: If the white race is to truly wage war against niggers and Jews we should d…[View]
189452305Give me one good reason not to support a full bore transition to electric vehicles when it will crip…[View]
189445197Anyone else notice the dems have lost 12 tossups in just the last 10 days???: WTF are these guys gon…[View]
189467689How bad do you think our 401Ks will be hit...: with whats happening in the house of Saud and chink l…[View]
189469546British Women: Just British things >tally ho gentlemen[View]
189469567Meme in need. Belp!: Anons. I am not a fan of black people or anything they do. None the less, I nee…[View]
189464066Where did morals and family values go?[View]
189467511Why this area of the world deserves to be self-governed? Do any of you have the arguments for that? …[View]
189454576COMMUNISM: Help me create a potion to make all schools communist based. email above[View]
189459096Redpill: Ethnos Needs Logos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XDo1SHVWnY 38m40s >'God does not wa…[View]
189467514Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
189467455Alt Right Thoughts: My thoughts on several things. Good thing I have this platform to talk to myself…[View]
189463990Race and society: Ethical and cultural groups that improve society? The experience in my country are…[View]
189467376This is ancient, but still relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dbfXp8_qjo[View]
189463657Civil war when?: Seriously... It feels like we’re being primed for one... https://youtu.be/2A9bg4A_H…[View]
189463208>https://nypost.com/2018/10/12/brooklyn-witches-are-planning-to-put-a-curse-on-brett-kavanaugh/ O…[View]
189447757ALL BULLSHIT ASIDE, CAN CALI GO RED?: I legitimately think we have a chance this time. People here a…[View]
189464291When lefties hide behind your ethnic group to seem tough.[View]
189460759/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
189467025America becomes the Third World: Third World Countries Use Police and Street Gangs to Silence Opposi…[View]
189466996herf derf[View]
189453335Kanye, what the fuck are you doing talking about feelings on twitter like they matter more than thou…[View]
189462257Why do Jews hate Christianity so much even though they created it? And don't try to say 'Jesus …[View]
189466823Rural WHITE HOPE: It is in the Rural almost 100% White areas that Alt Right will find the WHITE peop…[View]
189463318sustainable fishing is a myth. The oceans going extinct is a part of the NWO plan[View]
189457559Increasing white immigration: Instead of trying to eliminate most of immigration to stop the Hispani…[View]
189463069It’s important to remember that the founder of Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, dildo’ed his ass to own th…[View]
189417982100,000+ MARCH AGAINST THE RIGHT IN GERMANY: Are we on the wrong side of history? They all seem to b…[View]
189468471Fievel: I am asian but he's american will I have change to make him love me ?[View]
189442950Blue Texas: What do ya’ll think the chances of Texas going blue are? As a young voter (23) on a most…[View]
189468578Quebec is the best place on Earth[View]
189460409Anyone else find the Kennedy's extremely captivating? The youth, wealth, beauty, power. Truly t…[View]
189465576Politiscales Thread: Post 'em[View]
189450497Why do post modern boys feel the need to throw away their virginity?: >being peer pressured by th…[View]
189463414What does /pol/ think about stephen Bannon: What do you think?[View]
189429902Hard Brexit actually happening: Hard Brexit actually happening https://twitter.com/SkyNewsBreak/stat…[View]
189417524WHITE BABIES: In order to secure the white race we must produce. I am an 68 yr. old man and I have a…[View]
189464801Palestine doesn't exist[View]
189466056Did the progressive newmale exist before 2008? I don't remember them being a thing in the 90s. …[View]
189459894Progressives are starting to talk up modern monetary theory, what's pol got to say?: https://ww…[View]
189454925The vaccine debate is over, the pro vaxxers forfeit.: part 1 https://youtu.be/v9bVeEwyxXk part 2 htt…[View]
189458706Was Hitler changed with a body double at some point? He looks more 'aryan' when he was younger.[View]
189448625Trump and Kanye save the west: UPDATE ITS HAPPENING PRISON REFORM IS REAL LIBS BTFO PRESS D TO DAB h…[View]
189463284Who the fuck wants to live in a society where you have to worry about ups and downs like that? The s…[View]
189465806I don't fuckin get it, why not declas before the mid terms?[View]
189453987'women should be able to demand vasectomy from boyfriends before dumping them': Are they right /pol/…[View]
189461613JEW REDPILL THREAD: Testing to see if compromised mods are compromised. Jew threads being taken down…[View]
189452456They've kind of got you there /pol/: No?[View]
189459650Infrequent /pol/ster here. Why the fuck did nobody tell me about this guy and why the fuck is there …[View]
189468188I've found a real life self admitted NPC! Oh! There is also a scientific term for it too. APHAN…[View]
189455826Fucking usless: This clown dick is the poster child for beta cuck anonymous encourge people to block…[View]
189464934OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
189457612(((THEY))) ARENT EVEN HIDING IT ANYMORE: https://archive.fo/YDC8Q[View]
189445661French people: Why do French people think they're whiter than Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese a…[View]
189462908What causes the disease known as Negrophilia and how can it be cured?[View]
189460173/HUE/VOLUTION - DRUNK ON PITÚ EDITION: I?AM DRUNKKK Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk [Embe…[View]
189447895What does /pol/ think of Secular talk? unironically think he's pretty based[View]
189464948''Verbal self defence guide for feminists'': This is beyond words.. Sad day for …[View]
189467840Early Millennials: did the rise of the internet hurt or help you?: Seeing as you guys were the first…[View]
189467557#BelieveAllRightHandedPeople: Can we get it trending tho?[View]
189455070>Austria, Poland and Denmark may soon join Hungary and the United States in withdrawing from a pi…[View]
189463127Just did these on the back of some note cards Sorry for the aspergers handwriting[View]
189450203Why are blacks in such a shit state today. You have 10 minutes to provide a correct answer before on…[View]
189467590Didn't ask for any of this: How do you deal with the isolation? Before I came here, I was a nor…[View]
189457747Invading the United States: >niggers >spics >fat people >no resources >dumb rednecks …[View]
189458163Deepfakes: What's with all the establishment uniparty shitbags 'warning us' about this? First O…[View]
189442411Why are Americans so poor? Even in the Midwest 15/hr is still not a lot. In before Boomer shit like…[View]
189460199Hey Kentucky anons....: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM https://youtu.be/3Zr8X-2JTpo Why do you allow …[View]
189464154Bavaria Election: I've heard that the results of the election in Bavaria will have significant …[View]
189463169When people neck deep in indoctrination can’t wrap their heads around a generation who appears to se…[View]
189458192Just as a reminder, the Blue Wave WILL happen and you SHOULD be afraid. Once we take back power and …[View]
189462956This is peak late stage capitalism material.[View]
189463994It's already over, don't you see? http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/06/23/its-offi…[View]
189462267SWEDEN STRONK!: KEK Swedish genes STRONK! https://www.theguardian.com/film/shortcuts/2015/jun/02/emm…[View]
189463694Ein Heller und ein Batzen: https://d.coka.la/UFzlBA.webm Graf Zeppelin Marsch: https://d.coka.la/ma…[View]
189467366post your best vapor wave wallpaper: Looking for your best. Manly,trump, right wing, warrior type va…[View]
189462836So now that the storm has settled, was he a good president?[View]
189463467Why is the incel epidemic exclusive to the far-right? Why is it never anywhere else?[View]
189460331How to OPEN UP A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS On The Left: So there's this topic I've been thinking ab…[View]
189456163If you can't make your point without bringing up slavery, the Holocaust, Fascism, Communism, ge…[View]
189466592Yuo aer all spurdo sheeb :DDD: Why cnat yuo brainwashed fugheds see thad we are all beinh gontroled …[View]
189466670Autism: Please send the most autistic thing you can find[View]
189466873NPC thread: Post NPCs[View]
189461564Kanye West 2024: A vote for Kanye is a vote for chaos. Remember what 4chan is all about. Check the d…[View]
189461479Right wing health squad: >fluoride in the water >mercury in the vaccines >GMO food >ch…[View]
189455135Whiteboy Supremacists Hating Kanye West: >A single man does more than just about all the pale ner…[View]
189463256Will /pol/ ever get over this? Its been 50 years....[View]
189440799brit/pol/ - clinging desperately to the last few hours of Sunday edition: No links because I'm …[View]
189427017Hungary/ Ukraine General- /hug/ Cigany Edition: Quick rundown: >New language law prevents minorit…[View]
189466402Why is this getting shilled so hard on all the normal right leaning stuff I consume? Both by audienc…[View]
189461836if you could, would you cause the death of all humans in the whole world, causing the human extincti…[View]
189461535Why do people still believe that civic nationalism will help save America?[View]
189449955I've spent some time reading Leftist reactions to the NPC meme. There are a few reasons why thi…[View]
189466178WTF: What is wrong with Ukrainians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xa6OPREanw[View]
189460305Both idiots that need each other? right? or nah?[View]
189459417The USA is the greatest country on earth: For all the shit we've done, and everything we'v…[View]
189456376Henry Kissinger Can't Find One Nice Thing to Say About Jared Kushner: Henry Kissinger Can'…[View]
189439159What did Wizards of the Coast mean by this?[View]
189449427I hate white male leftists most of all: Big confession time /pol/, I hate these cunts more than anyo…[View]
189460550Do politics even matter or is it all just a live act show by the Jews?[View]
189427545>Socialism is bad for busine....[View]
189462300why dont we ask for ethics in western animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJMHDGT629c discuss…[View]
189462222Word of the day: Kavanaughed: Kavanaughed - (verb) to be falsely accused of sexual assault or rape f…[View]
189462350Spics are not natural conservatives. If you're a spic who is saying this you need to wake the f…[View]
189431533Why do some people consider Antifa a Terrorist group?: They do so much like freeing immigrants illeg…[View]
189439509What are you guys rocking for potential civil war?: We must protect ourselves, this is my loadout i …[View]
189454904RBG workout calendar[View]
189451387can we try to repeal the NFA act?[View]
189461777What did Walt Disney mean by this?[View]
189457306/pol/'s new hero is a literal race traitor to his own people Let that sink in[View]
189453669First we take Congress, then impeaches 'n cream, then Madam President Clinton: You faggots mad?…[View]
189455297Antifa call for violence: Saying it is legal to shout proud boys. This is a dog whistle in there wor…[View]
189448377(repost, #11) MOST OF YOU WILL DENY YOU EVER SUPPORTED TRUMP. Trust me ... you will. I promised it b…[View]
189435331So what are we gonna do about the Gritty cancer?: Anyone else fascinated by the 'Dirtbag-Left's…[View]
189465282Isn't Del Toro's Shape of Water basically a pro-cuckold movie? This is the ultimate femini…[View]
189465112Opinions on those who 'speak in tongues.' Are these concerned people? Mentally unstable people? Men…[View]
189464761Why do Liberals Suddenly Hate This Anime?: Can someone update me on this? Why do liberals suddenly h…[View]
189464996They took this from you.[View]
189464911If we shut down whatever controls the NPC will they all switch off like pic related?[View]
189461311Kike hate: Let's shit on the Jew shall we?[View]
189460364October Surprise Warning: The happening turnaround is normally every day now. This weekend was too q…[View]
189460767How come republicans dont want to save the environment?[View]
189464485Now that the dust has settled a bit, who was actually in the wrong here? https://m.youtube.com/watch…[View]
189464498Proof that NPCs are not even human: Here’s the thing about NPCs Nothing in the universe is infinite…[View]
189460058W-W-WHAT DID TRUMP MEAN BY THIS??!?!?: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/411366-trump-puti…[View]
189461139United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: >Grandmother is sick >I don't want …[View]
189463737Why you guys are arguing?: What is the point of arguing? Especially on a fucking internet? You never…[View]
189463884Let's see some good Pumpkin/Halloween themed NPCs[View]
189454551this is politcally incorrect: I have never seen them try to censor/derail/gaslight etc. a meme like …[View]
189448754No More Liberal or SJW Included: Finally PC Babies can go fuck themselves. Battlefront take notes.…[View]
189454214Political Discussion: Ruth Horwoz is reporting an attempt from foreign agents to mess with the elect…[View]
189455518/Rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- SEARS CLOSING EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you! Yes…[View]
189455527Why would Women Oppose Capitalism?: Makes no sense since they like to shop and buy starbucks.[View]
189460035>beep boop >finished generating news headline >press any key to upload >bloop blip…[View]
189450334why is this so important to the establishment?[View]
189431058When did the Left become so anti-white? Didn't they used to be for the working class once? Isn…[View]
189459697Russias are the fucking problem. What does Russia, what is Russia? A huge country full of nothing! R…[View]
189460259What are they up to?: https://www.yahoo.com/news/jared-kushner-mohammed-bin-salman-190150797.html…[View]
189449513NPC Meme Next Phase: The anonymous Thoth-mind is smarter than I, so run with this fags. Kryptonite t…[View]
189457285/pol/'s biggest fantasy... DESTROYED: >lol amish are so based >Amish are pure white >*…[View]
189454699What the media aren’t telling you about Jamal Khashoggi: https://spectator.us/2018/10/jamal-khashogg…[View]
189448578DON'T FUCKING CARE.[View]
189457693LIberal hero’s lack inner dialogue: Liberals hero’s are all sub humans. Marx, Obama, Che, mao. All s…[View]
189463465Happenings electrical surge: I was just sitting in my bedroom when all of a sudden I heard a deep so…[View]
189435421Who do I vote for to defund Israel?[View]
189458871he would wipe the floor with any other world leader in a debate.: And in hand to hand combat, he wou…[View]
189456240WHy are you Alt-Right White Supremacist Nazis wearing Skeletons on Halloween?: Well? Which of you fo…[View]
189457327RONALD REAGAN IGNORING DISEASES GENERAL: Do you know what Septicemia is? You don't. That's…[View]
189456930When will the starvation meme die? >inb4 the Holodomor[View]
189449062Charlottesville Making a Murderer: 'Guilt by 4chan Meme': The indictment of Fields make it clear: He…[View]
189448217IOTBW 2: I've seen a few threads about it, but is anyone actually going to hang fliers this Hal…[View]
189453554Are Holograms of Celebrities disrespectful/unethical?: Whats /pol/'s opinion of holographic pre…[View]
189458829This is America.[View]
189453714Art and it's political message: You lads want to pull off something worthy of the old days? I’m…[View]
189459120Is there a more perfect ideology? >Anti banks and usury >Anti crony capitalism >Pro entrepr…[View]
189456583Was there any change that Trump would have said Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.[View]
189460012OY VEY+ SHOAH IN THE WORKS... NOTHING TO SEE HERE GOYIM: Rev up those account boys and girls, this o…[View]
189443846POWERFUL: Thank You Taylor Swift #BlueWave[View]
189463094Sports fans are the epitome of NPCs. Televised sport are only about 70 years old. How did this shit …[View]
189457598>stepdad is off the Trump train[View]
189433236Éire/pol/ - Ye'd One Fucking Job: Well done, it's been two hours and it still wasn't …[View]
189446588>You need 2 years experience minimum for this entry level job that pays peanuts >Kids these da…[View]
189459730SouthAfrica #Communist #SAGenocide #Boers: #SAGenocide #SouthAfricaGenocide #Boers #Afrikaner #Afrik…[View]
189459658>b-b-but muh niggers commit more crime Okay then, /pol/. In that case, would you mind explaining …[View]
189462992It all makes sense now: Let’s see your NPCs Note: Mods, NPC is explicitly political[View]
189462923Truth Of Israel: Genesis is redacted. Antediluvian world was Atlantis/Frisland. Biblical history is …[View]
189462715Can we get a redpilled tv and movie thread going? Post the most based /pol/ related shows, movies or…[View]
189462678Any of you guys from Saint-Pol de Léon? Supposedly this is in your sky:: This is the live webcam: ht…[View]
189462639SIEG HEIL JUDEN![View]
189462530Are Chechens white?[View]
189450238Looking for the Most Accurate News Sources - Suggestions?: (pic not related)[View]
189455710PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - UNEXIT EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
189452213SJWism run amok on college campuses: My friend just sent me this photo that they took in their colle…[View]
189450950Help: My father, I believe, is just a normal guy. He literally repeats what he hears on Fox and the …[View]
189457388I'm sure some of you won't be able to understand this but for those of you that can, what …[View]
189458692When do countries start leaving the UN?: Has the UN successfully solved any international problem du…[View]
189450055Is Michael Avenatti the biggest joke for the dems?[View]
189462359The censorship and sjw takeover of r34 (the site): The final days are upon us.. THE rule 34 (.xxx), …[View]
189462432Why are most white women soulless NPCs?[View]
189451020/hue/volution - Physical Removal edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk >2nd round p…[View]
189455402There is a difference between black men and niggers. Niggers promote white genocide by race-mixing.[View]
189452995My Eyes have seen the glory of #EthnoState!: A Nationalist Dream of Tomorrow Once I was dreaming – a…[View]
189462162Heres the proof. I have the missing hillary clinton emai1s. Selling to highest bidder. Currebt bid: …[View]
189457255Tommy appreciation thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=22&v=Y9UKdsjGfx8[View]
189456744The left has reached a new low with this video, now not even dead family members are safe. How much …[View]
1894539619/11 Conspiracies are antisemetic lies: Okay, I get the ironic racism on this board but can we fucki…[View]
189434779This is why we need the FLAT TAX: I'm sick and tired of paying for you NEETs[View]
189446172/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189458430Our society.: This tree represents our society. What do we do with it, anon? We rot at the root, we …[View]
189447703Just curious, why do Russian diplomats and officials keep dying after Trump was elected?[View]
189448093Trump Curse Strikes Again: Our favorite political SNL member who dropped 100K engagement ring just g…[View]
189458115#HimToo: Look like men's voices are finally being heard. https://www.yahoo.com/news/men-real-vi…[View]
189457683how long until FISA declas?[View]
189454870Attn: Amerimutts - You are being cucked by fags: TL:DR a tranny Jew was the most recent person to be…[View]
189457807Can he be justified?[View]
189450629Reminder: Q - Zionist Alex Jones - Zionist Jerome Corsi - Zionist Roger Stone - Zionist PJW - Zionis…[View]
189457567white American confronts Mexicans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N3PXUuOysk&t=106s[View]
189452293Draw the world after the Diversity Apocalpse: Alright /pol/, I've been pondering for a while no…[View]
189460822Why are white women the most beautiful?: >black women look obese >asian women look like sticks…[View]
189460590NPC purge from 4chan and Twitter signals mossad is: getting ready for the false flag and want to con…[View]
189460668When did you realize ....: that Ninja is an NPC? When he was on MSNPC?[View]
189460729Nonono! Every celebrity couple I love is breaking up!: Fuck you Drumpft, stop dividing us![View]
189460750Hello, I am here for the job interview but before we start I need starting pay of 50,000 dollars a y…[View]
189460861Post your best[View]
189455179Would Hitler be ashamed of you if he knew you support this Jewish puppet?[View]
189454334how in the fuck is this problem to be solved? is it even possible anymore?[View]
189446042What went wrong?[View]
189429164Why won’t /pol/ address the spic question?: Spics are a bigger problem for the US than niggers becau…[View]
189454042demoralized, its all over: surely i'm not the only white nationalist who feels this way right? …[View]
189456276CNN anchor claims Trumps said white men have a lot to fear right now: https://www.washingtonexaminer…[View]
189449491Ron Unz: How long until They shut him down?[View]
189456924Neo-Spartans will soon rise. We will stand for America!: I SHALL RAISE THREE SONS. - Leonidas - Al…[View]
189456831Why is it illegal murder someone if they aren't part of your nation?: I am born in the United S…[View]
189448443iran: if any one got in a war with iran they whould get fucked change my mind[View]
189451845Any conservative should be behind this man, he may give us the edge to take all of America if we win…[View]
189453137If you were to start a genocide, which race would you eradicate first and why?[View]
189456481Who else here follows American politics just for the entertainment value?: You keep being you Americ…[View]
189454961What's with the Mattis news?: Is his shit gettin fucked up or what? Why is every (((media outle…[View]
189459727Happening in France. Something is in the Sky and it's being live streamed. https://www.youtub…[View]
189452953ITT Patton wasn't assassinated: What is the alternative timeline like?[View]
189456330If I want more I have to do more, or do different things in order to get them: If I don't do sh…[View]
189460049New Political Game - Human or Not Human: Bill Gates Human or Not Human?[View]
189454338Why hasn't China taken over yet? Chinese geopolitics seem weirdly timid given how much power th…[View]
189447222Ever been so mad you built your own tank ?: Last night I stumbled upon this story. This guy is the m…[View]
189442397Is /pol/ ready for pod living? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ILu-R-Nz8[View]
189433608There are 4 theories on AI: 1. God hypothesis: We can never create true AI, only God can 2. Soul hyp…[View]
189452690Why do Jews love money so much? I wish i could see making money as the meaning of life, i might actu…[View]
189450429Environmental Realism: Instead of countering climate change and environmental activists saying it is…[View]
189455956Why the Fuck Rhénanie is not French Already?: I mean, why the fuck this territory is even German. Th…[View]
189455982What are your True Colors?: LINE 1; Demographic Graphics: Fun Visual Aids for the NPC's in your…[View]
189446891What about this is so difficult for you fuckers to comprehend? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbei…[View]
189418488Elon Musk[View]
189453920The Red Elephants: Conservatives are catching on with your memes rather quickly 4chan is teaching th…[View]
189451991Fucking bouncy castles: For college aged men and women. Why is the modern liberal a perpetual child?…[View]
189455589Three Little Words /tlw/: We are winning on many fronts but now is the time for the great push. The …[View]
189446364China has installed spy chips on all the hardware in the world.: https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/…[View]
189433635Tomorrow Sears is going to declare bankruptcy. Over the next couple of months they are going to clos…[View]
189459240So I just got back from a date with a married woman /pol/. She had blue hair but wasn't your ty…[View]
189449926Got Shots: >vaccine only for adolescents >not enough taking it >now vaccine is for people …[View]
189454762Heroes of /POL/: I'll start with the obvious, Ernst Zündel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eet…[View]
189452759Apparently, Hagrid is a Commie: Found the hammer and Dickie in his cottage.[View]
189451094IGN Ban Everyone with Anti PC Comments: Oh, they are not happy...[View]
189458555Are women the original NPCs? Is there any hope of redeeming them?[View]
189458890>all these memes about NPCs >finally remember something from persona 5's plot guys, what …[View]
189455007What are your True Colors?: LINE 1; Demographic Graphics: Fun Visual Aids for the NPC's in your…[View]
189454943What Do You Guys Think?: I Know Its Q U I T E Cringy But Its Still Gets The Point Across https://you…[View]
189413773Why do protestants reject the Trinity?[View]
189428468Who is Trudeau's best replacement, Canada?[View]
189454717Bald Eagle: The beautiful bald eagle, slowing being strangled by feminists and broken-ass or corrupt…[View]
189454415So male abortion is murder: and female abortion is fine?[View]
189450014Where can I find a livestream of Trump's 60 minutes interview?[View]
189451844Dylan Klebold and Eric harris.: These fuckers would have been Antifa had they made it to the current…[View]
189452184Would people parade Merkel like this?[View]
189456004POLITICAL HABBENING: why are the mods deleting EVERY thread about the ongoing n**p**c purge on twitt…[View]
189457773You're wrong. The meme itself is the political context because it's the truth that oversha…[View]
189456604Knowledge Bomb. [Trafficking Networks]: 1) [Secret Compartments in Vehicles/Ships/Aircraft & Typ…[View]
189452700Who is the connection between the creator of Big Mouth and Kroll Associates and 9/11?: I've hea…[View]
189454438anyone know what happened to rwdeathsquads, been a while but decided to buy something today an reali…[View]
189453416Fellow Comrades, oldfags as just as well newfags. I was looking on reddit a few days back and am as…[View]
189453860b-but I thought Trump was bringing back coal... https://www.wymt.com/content/news/Large-West-Virgini…[View]
189454308Saudi's, explain yourselves: https://mobile.twitter.com/harryelsocio/status/1046668193039876096…[View]
189452266Something is very wrong. I can't put my finger on it yet, the media is being very cushy on trum…[View]
189454087BIDEN 2020: Will Biden be the next US president /pol/?[View]
189431450Daily reminder that LA metro is now estimated to have 7 MILLION Mexicans: SoCal anons - when are you…[View]
189443233This ends the abortion debate: It's really very simple: All those who are against abortion are …[View]
189452198The importance of the JQ: I know its optics cucking ,but if the alt right focused more on race reali…[View]
189454081What are your True Colors?: LINE 1; Demographic Graphics: Fun Visual Aids for the NPC's in your…[View]
189450271Voting is a meme[View]
189453519>optics When did this shitty Twitter buzzword take off? Isn't this just a rebranding of 'con…[View]
189451835CIA or NPC Agency: are all intelligence agencies NPC?[View]
189453901Ultrasounds for NASA: Tards in NASA get ultrasound machines before pregnant women. Next time you wan…[View]
189453797Why no comments?: This is a major liberal paper in the UK, screengrab taken seconds ago. They pride …[View]
189453016Why aren't you working on a Republican midterm campaign right now?[View]
189454449Mods are killing NPC threads - I've just seen 2 go down in 15 minutes. We're really fuckin…[View]
189449732It’s starting to feel like it’s time to finally get out and take to the streets, it’s time to finall…[View]
189453440BROOKLYN NO!: >https://www.rt.com/usa/441241-brooklyn-orthodox-jew-beaten/ Oy vey. Which one of y…[View]
189439343HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA: Is this the BEST they can do? Joe fucking Biden?[View]
189453351VR Vaccines: 'Good goy, close your eyes while we poison your inferior race'[View]
189405568What the fuck.[View]
189453200Trad fam tradition cringes: Do you have any family traditions anon? My family can only meet up every…[View]
1894529848yo Black boy redpilled on the JQ -- Accepting questions: >Acknowledged Jews control the media …[View]
189449259Imagine being a fuckin’ mob boss. The power, the respect. Pol knows power & respect are everyt…[View]
189451606Are we the baddies /pol/?: Are we?[View]
189452255CIVIL WAR DEATH TOLL: How many this time? My guess is at least a few MILLION on both sides... https:…[View]
189446329>Women's place is in the home Please don't tell me there's still people that uniro…[View]
189445126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQPWI7cEJGs >the left can't _____…[View]
189452463Imagine a World Free of PC!: We seek a world free of pc, multicult, diversity and tolerance. We WANT…[View]
189449067Why are people obsessed with this Nigger?[View]
189452822Where my hard earned sheckels go[View]
189452807Falklands War: bongs BADASSES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBJ99bIhAVk >Argentina monkeys mad…[View]
189452774Let's settle this once and for all: Catholism or Protestantism?[View]
189436717britfags, how bad really is it in the UK? (if you don't have a UK flag your opinion doesn…[View]
189450206Theory of Nothing and Everything: OI~[View]
189452381What's your opinion on this guy /pol/acks?: Videos are interesting but he's a dirty hereti…[View]
189450397This is all what judaism is about[View]
189446419Explain this???: This 0/10 white guy reeking of Down's syndrome and autism can still land plent…[View]
189443857is he right?[View]
1894522092018 Midterms Thread -- 22 DAYS AWAY: Hey you! Yes, you. Sickened by what the Left did to Judge Kava…[View]
189451340What does it take to make liberals think that trump isnt racist?: Even after pic related, a perfect …[View]
189441788What is happening here?: I thought Michael Moore said Trump was a False Flag puller?[View]
189451479Can America be considered a white country? Has it ever been considered a white country?[View]
189441107CALIFORNIA MIDTERMS THREAD: if you dont vote newsome ur literally voting for the accelerated debt an…[View]
189450121Prediction. Screenshot this: Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton will run in 2020. Obama/Clinton will…[View]
189451792This could be a pivotal time for the African American community. Do not blow this shit off![View]
189451602Fixed garrison cartoon. Zyklon ben thread?[View]
189450752Left pol can't into may-m...: >Be me. >Spend hours on pol erry day, to hone my hatred for…[View]
189426690Why do you idiots keep supporting the wealthy?: I noticed this pattern in a lot of them. People like…[View]
189443219You stupid faggots are shitposting all over towns in NJ now? Can you pussies just please shut the fu…[View]
189446697What is happiness?: Why can't I be happy and content /pol? This past year I've had a ton …[View]
189451072What's the purpose of this board other than trolling and baiting its one digit IQ users? Do you…[View]
189447879>be future socialist world republic after 21st century revolution >all people are “equal” …[View]
189449529You know somedays, Synthetics are going to ask what are their purpose and does this unit have a soul…[View]
189446037OH NO NO NO: HAHAHAHAHAHA BETA BTFO http://archive.is/EJoeH >Representative Beto O’Rourke’s block…[View]
189451252I think some white nationalist group near me has been trying to redpill my blue county and its being…[View]
189439907Why did white people give all the rest of the world their inventions (cars, planes, electricity etc.…[View]
189449357Democrats will win Kentucky confirmed, we win https://archive.is/y4bdx[View]
189451239Secession: A friend sent me this photo with a message that is as follows: >'The US has gotten too…[View]
189451107What does /pol/ think about secret societies?: Do secret societies have a place in modern politics? …[View]
189450292Why are there so many fucking Pajeets on Quora?: And why is Google ok with this?[View]
189405740THE BLUE DREAM IS DYING!!![View]
189445987Vice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSGFt6w0wok[View]
189414663Red Ice TV: You gents seen this chick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZkumsoVrvk https://www.youtu…[View]
189430554mini happening: Tommy Robinson has got his hands on a secret recording of higher-ups in the British …[View]
189429238NEW POLL SHOWS TRUMP LOSING 2020 RACE: HAHAHAAHA BLUE WAVE https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/14/politics/c…[View]
189453286NOT OKAY!: twitter is banning all the n*p*c parody accounts and the /pol/ mods are deleting threads …[View]
189447580BASEDSHAMAN: What's his end game? Why is he so based? Why is this board so cucked?[View]
189438071/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- SOMEDAY EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you! Yes, you.…[View]
189450236Scam: College is a scam in modern American society. Change my mind[View]
189450708Betting on its failure. -5% 09/30/18[View]
189434462Reddit is full of NPC snowflakes: So, I was on Reddit, and when I stated I had conservative views, I…[View]
189450789BECOMING GREAT: I need to be in shape, making money, and gathering influence as a person instead of …[View]
189439760Why are Americans so jealous of Europeans?: Before you start to get angry just hear me out.We can se…[View]
189450892Reject Hollywood Nazi Nonsense: #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState Source: Ethno-Nationalism Needs Adults |…[View]
189446923Street Preacher Physically Assaulted in the Street: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS3LcCNR3nk Is t…[View]
189445684/anarchy/: Any other anarchists here? Feel free to discuss anarchism here (or do whatever you want t…[View]
189448239/POL/ ART: Inspire your peers, you faggots![View]
189450541Whats your take /pol/: I know that this should go in /asp/ but since its full on political shit now.…[View]
189449681>be a german explorer in the 1800's >have a sip or two of brandy >tell niggers how to …[View]
189447971Npc rights.: In most gay relationships I've ever seen there's always an npc that is comple…[View]
189436500>the left is now using witchcraft against their enemies They have seriously gone this unhinged …[View]
18944836959 year anniversary: Press F to pay respect to a hero.[View]
189444868these have to be bot posts[View]
189444665How soon until they start complaining about being lonely and ignored?[View]
189446695US Debt to GDP = 105% How much Longer Guise?[View]
189442075Why is this guy going insane?: > Randomly rambles > 'Muh can't believe everyone thinks a…[View]
189418366Lets Unite: True Marxist here to enlighten you and push red pills up your sphincter. >jews contro…[View]
189439727Did he do it?: Well, did he? Or were the jews punishing him for turning his skin white?[View]
189449818Redpills on Bismarck[View]
189435782I tried pretending I was an NPC today to see if they act differently around each other. I set myself…[View]
189449530It's time for vengeance, time for war! We ain't gonna take it no more! Our warriors are on…[View]
189447326Anon, what's the end game for Colin kap? I don't care that he's kneeling for the nati…[View]
189446391White people let's talk: be logical just for one day in your life and answer this question , wh…[View]
189447952Debate me: I present pic related argument unironically. Refute my point. Hardmode: no 'kill yourself…[View]
189449294Are Slovaks essentially Polish-Hungarian rape babies?[View]
189449358If you believe in the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest then why do you cry about the intell…[View]
189437058this guy could beat any right winger in combat and in debate: you guys are lucky arguments arent fis…[View]
189442750/HUE/VOLUTION - CUCA EDITION: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/y4YLN0ZQdyk >2nd round polls: BOLSON…[View]
189449179The most important qualifier for parenthood is empathy, antinatalism is founded on empathy. If you…[View]
189446528WEEKEND KIKESHILLS BREKING THE RULES AS USUAL: >>189445697 >>189444754 >>189444939…[View]
189448971Was it the Trump Curse?[View]
189446141Abolish The US Armed Forces: A Standing Army Is Unconstitutional: The US Constitution does not call …[View]
189448171/pol/ is the most pro-semitic bard on this site: >Why are we anti-Jew banker but don’t support co…[View]
189446453Anyone else sick of Antifa empty threats?: When are you faggot communists going to wage this revolut…[View]
189439834I am Kanye West: Ask me anything[View]
189442934>go to transkids(dot)biz >see that they're selling dildos to little children >mfw the …[View]
189446821Time to Crush Canada: We have a problem. Canada is going to allow 100s of millions of mud hoards in.…[View]
189448495redpillring.com So /pol/, which ring is your favorite?[View]
189448597A Scary Time on Jimmy Kimmel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN-3F8T4t5w Lynzi Lab's Scary Tim…[View]
189448576It doesn't make any sense to have a high income if you have to pay more for everything includin…[View]
189445986https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RA2Zy_IZfQ Is understanding hypnosis the key to understanding the N…[View]
189429142UK Schools: Why is UK education such shit? I'm studying abroad here for a semester and almost e…[View]
189448055Anyone here work in politics?[View]
189442476WAR DECLARED[View]
189447700Lets talk about the American race: I just witnessed a conversation between two Americans in a lift a…[View]
189442395ITT: WE FIGHT RAPE CULTURE !!!: MY FELLOW FEMINISTIS, we cannot let the allies of rapists win!!!! Fi…[View]
189447067What's with the_Donald and loving identity politics?: 'OY VEH IM AN ORTHODOX KIKE AND I LOVE TR…[View]
189447361/pol/ JOKES: What are some good /pol/ jokes I can tell at my next Rotary Club meeting? Last week som…[View]
189443479Ben Shapiro can be quite hypocritical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v6PSV3xyQA Ben Shapiro says …[View]
189440307Childfree, Conservative & Happy for LIFE!: I have it all. Why ruin it with children? Beautiful w…[View]
189447408This is how we defeat Zionism and hyper-Liberalism, the controlled Right and Left.[View]
189433778New Sweden: Hi can i stop people who are incapable of handling jokes/banter, thoughts from running m…[View]
189440336Religious people are Npc's prove me wrong![View]
189433831There is no Jewish conspiracy. Blacks are not less intelligent. Refugees and immigrants are not inva…[View]
189445212So /pol/ what are your thoughts?[View]
189446295twitter had enough: >Twitter is banning npc parody accounts.[View]
189434578The dreyfus case: Hi, I would like to discuss with you about the Dreyfus case. Does anyone know what…[View]
189446757Fuck Unions: >Be me >work for Kroger >get sent a letter about who I should vote for in mid…[View]
189443038Are you a virgin? If so, how do you justify contributing to White genocide?[View]
189446044Meme magic is real - Winter Chan predicts Grand Solar Minimum: Title. The Grand Solar Minimum is hap…[View]
189445873>su57 status: CANCELLED >t14 status: CANCELLED >armata status: CANCELLED russia doesnt have…[View]
189433141China Love Thread Let's take a moment to appreciate the multicultural heritage of the Chinese p…[View]
189445842How come it's forbidden to depict Mohamed? Was he that ugly?[View]
189446629Ask a nationalistic socialist anything.[View]
189446947why do you think rollingstone took down the larry wachowski story? the mystery of larry wachowski ww…[View]
189446831Can we actually revive the Democratic-Republican party already, since Reps and Dems are such failure…[View]
189434846What's /pol/s opinion on tucker carlson?[View]
189444390Alex Jones Source Zaq on Show Now: Alex Jones source Zaq (Zachari Lee Klawonn) is on show now. Says …[View]
189446768Friendly reminder that we Jews are Chosen people and you gentiles are subhuman cattle[View]
189438908Seriously though why is Canada so liberal?[View]
189435107KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT: I need footage of Antifa getting BTFO, please.[View]
189444595Moldy On the NPC Screen: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2562146/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_5 >Judy…[View]
189402216Polish local elections 2018: Local elections in Poland. Sopot. The Polish riviera. Run by a liberal …[View]
189437055Is social media bad for society?[View]
189446443Ethnically Ambiguous People Take A DNA Test Don't you want to discover your ancestry, /pol/? ht…[View]
189446448>be future socialist world republic after 21st century revolution >all people are “equal” …[View]
189438011> mfw people believe in chem trails and flouride shit > mfw it was the state working with oil …[View]
189443069Georgia European or Asian country?: What's /pol/ opinion on Georgia personally I know a lot of …[View]
189444883Why is it problems for Jews if whites control our own countries?[View]
189443662Bully hunters groups puts man in cage?: I've done all of the research on this that I can. I nee…[View]
189443685Twitter Phone #s: all numbers used on the 2 sites I use, which only update daily. Sites or how to ge…[View]
189443216Communist Billboards: Spotted so far in Indiana, Colorado, and New York. Looks like these are poppin…[View]
189446069Jesus Christ, these people are absolutely retarded[View]
189445072How did homosexuality become such an issue?: Seriously, first of all despite what leftists want you …[View]
189428003FUCKING OIL BASED: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-theres-no-debate-that-fossil-fuel-…[View]
189437904Tucker Carlson is not to be attacked here: Daily reminder you are NOT allowed to criticize Tucker Ca…[View]
189445934defend this[View]
189436859Is everything lost?: This country can't be saved, can it?[View]
189445885The holocaust is just Exodus part two: Interesting/startling realization. >Egypt controlled the C…[View]
189444136NY Midterm Elections: Which of the current candidates is most /pol/ approved and why[View]
189422345How can there be a father without a mother?[View]
189443847Also fetuses are precious but fuck the toddlers torn from their parents and thrown in cages[View]
189435743OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
189435161Ask a nazi anything.[View]
189445600It is going to be Michelle 2020: It is time to formulate a strategy to stop this in its tracks. She …[View]
189445020Political Commentators: Who are your favorite Political Commentators and why do you listen to them? …[View]
189443485END THE FED: The FED is (((Rothschild))) faggotry. Any of you autist fags know how to get access to …[View]
189443446That would be Trump's new Government. Better vote Blue in November and take OUR country back.[View]
189434455If I were to date a (passable) mtf transsexual and be called gay for it, what would that matter? Is …[View]
189445397I shouldn't have to be afraid just because of the colour of my skin. These God damn coloureds d…[View]
189434159Daily reminder that anti-abortion = anti-white: Black women are only 7% of the population but accoun…[View]
189442712Is he based & redpilled?[View]
189445357Bad fathers = Atheist sons: >'Nothing is more common than a young man losing his belief in God th…[View]
189432737RBG: Can we put aside the fact that she's going to be dead soon and say a few nice things about…[View]
189444870Cucks/Feminists on insta: Y’all, insta is full of blue dyed monkeys flinging shit covered multicultu…[View]
189445010Children are an investment, so collect your ROI.: Male children should be apprenticing by age 6, suc…[View]
189444530Still drinking the Wall Street koolaid?: It’s coming. bigly. They call it a market “correction”. But…[View]
189424247Christians.....isn't lucifer the good guy?: God created us to be his own personal wind-up toy. …[View]
189430954Anyone else sick of these literal criminals in the White House?[View]
189444561Brexit Seasonal Labour Solved !: Seeing as Brexit will end seasonal labour migration. An easy soluti…[View]
189444413This shit is cancer: Bahá'í Faith is what the (((globalists))) are pushing for. 10 years from n…[View]
189398881OpenDNS just blocked 4chan in Europe: Enjoy your last days posting without pass and VPN. Something b…[View]
189440952So I just got this. It's a 24 hour posting ban.[View]
189439725>'Gender fluidity is perfectly natural' they said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pxx…[View]
189441957Brit/pol/ Tommy Robinson: Faggot UK Army Major caught on secret recording threatening and intimidati…[View]
189435551as a (((modern society))), who do we fight for /pol/?: Was unkle Adolf the greatest feminist? Even i…[View]
189444359Friends, you do not know it yet. But Satan himself has returned. 4chan will be even the more fun now…[View]
189410246why the fuck: do men get married? why risk losing more half your shit and kids and dignity when divo…[View]
189441176Does Alt Right even exist outside YouTube?[View]
189444010Postwar Japan and postwar Western Europe were both occupied and heavily influenced by the US and Ame…[View]
189437483Are there any working class Jews?[View]
189443612Well Libtards don't know why this is happening, /pol/ please explain this to the idiots. Pic Re…[View]
189443908/TJG/ Tranny Janny General - BTFO Edition: >yfw tranny janny >one fuck the (((mods))) thread, …[View]
189441490What does /pol/ think of this dude?[View]
189443983Ridiculous, right?? She should walk a mile in Michelle's shoes for once!! See how she likes tha…[View]
189441765OH NO NO NO: First Man flops at the box office after writing out the flag planting scene[View]
189441002i hate you guys: >literally getting ethnically replaced >lel better post the npc meme because …[View]
189443704I just turned 23 and I like Taylor Swift. She recently asked us to register and vote Blue. I’ll do s…[View]
189434300Is this the future?[View]
189443575Ok folks, I’m angry too- which is why we have to vote and get others to vote. If Democrats get just …[View]
189443536Kali Linux Yuga: Thanks for joining us Kali Linux Yuga[View]
189396416About Serbia: Honest opinion on our country and people. Miss me with the jew shit nigga. Lets keep a…[View]
189442598I cannot get a job better than flipping burgers because I am physically weak, can't afford coll…[View]
189420079Imagine having this guy to internationally represent your country[View]
189443409Can pol link me some TERF videos?[View]
189443363guys stop it's gone too fat https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=soDp9_1539537822 whoever did this t…[View]
189442472'so listen, right? You think you have what it takes to be a young turk?'[View]
189441906west civilisation: Orestes he's was last roman to save roman empire try bring it back to glory …[View]
189440621Read Siege, FAGGOT.[View]
189441117OPINIONS WANTED: Peter Zeihan: What does /pol/ think about Peter Zeihan? Neocon idiot or wise futuri…[View]
189435612TRANS SEXUALS ARE THE SAME AS YOU HUMAN: Transsexuals deserve to be under attack from bullies and tr…[View]
189412433SHOCKING: Jewish Man Brutally Assaulted In Boro Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHpdqFufQ4s ht…[View]
189443142TDS thread? Post your best examples![View]
189442341im assembling a team[View]
189442861>https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/12/10/business/media/pizzagate.html i think reading thi…[View]
189429299Hubble Telescope, Kepler Telescope, and Sunspot observatory shut down all around the same time: http…[View]
189442413Ænglisc/pol/ Helm Edition.: Þe betest /pol/. Eall þæt is Ænglisc.[View]
189436406Refrigerator Wants Gun Control: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/9o6efb/refrigerator_pus…[View]
189441974Interracial relationships don't matter Gay marriage doesn't matter Trannies don't mat…[View]
189438004Mexicans are infinitely better than niggers, prove me wrong.[View]
189421526You should be afraid.: This is what happens to fascists that are unfortunate enough to meet the Resi…[View]
189418625the South European Question 'SEQ': what is the solution for those non-european people now ? why shou…[View]
189442506Do we want more muslims in the western world?[View]
189442481White women are tricked into doing porn: >Some of the porn industry’s biggest resources are naive…[View]
189436223Why did he do it? Was he a poster on /pol/? Why did you influence him to do such a thing?[View]
189437241Girl's March: >Follow Her >Girl Power >Next President Be Good Even kids have figured i…[View]
189442168Is the anime you're watching this season feminist-approved, /pol/? https://www.animefeminist.co…[View]
189439846>Muh secund amendmenthhh!!![View]
189441288So I have to read this book for class. It's first person and it's basically just rambling …[View]
189440199Partition thread: Some areas aren't worth saving it Full of immigrants Full of leftist Full of …[View]
189436391Why is America the most progressive Western country? >Plowing and harvesting were backbreaking to…[View]
189439067Italians: Are Italians white? And if they aren’t are they atleast half white or don’t contain any wh…[View]
189442012So explain to me how Trump is going to recover: Seems to me it's over for the orange monster…[View]
189441978How much is left of chan? /b/ porn without end, /pol/ all da jews fault... you are annihilating this…[View]
189431483>Trump will never play guitar >Trump will never hang out with Willie Nelson >Trump will nev…[View]
189441385Does this make you upset?[View]
189441903Anti-Weeb: we must protect our proud aryan race from this filthy jap propaganda we must educate othe…[View]
189441734Belgian Election: How did it go? Are /ourguys/ in power?[View]
189440575ITT: Unsung Heroes of the modern world. People who don't get anywhere near the recognition they…[View]
189438579now that alex jones is gone: theres no one standing between him and the remaining Armenians. you get…[View]
189426784Kraut/pol/&AfD General - FROM THE ASHES WE SHALL RISE Edition: >upcoming state elections Hess…[View]
189441438Best SCOTUS Justice: Who was/is the best SCOTUS justice and why was it Scalia?[View]
189440468What if we helped Muslims get the upper hand against the Jews? Not much to lose at this point.: Kike…[View]
189441366OI: White pride fuckers! This insanity here hasn't been correct and controlled in a while. It I…[View]
189439162/nsg/ natsoc general: /nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General Thread for discussion of National Sociali…[View]
189436597Why doesn't Poland support our pro-refugee policy? Poland suffered a lot from nazism. Is Polaan…[View]
189436874We should have listened![View]
189409389Portugal /pol/ - Sunday edition: Break News: Hurricane Leslie causes widespread damage in Portugal …[View]
189441005GLR-Man In the High Castle: D-did they honestly just turn GLR into a cocaine-snorting, Latina-fuckin…[View]
189431765Isn't it relieving when you learn that the Illuminati/NWO Jews are to blame: When I first round…[View]
189438678Which one of you fuckers did this? Folha de São Paulo (big newspaper here) reported someone waving a…[View]
189432285So we're not alone. Wat do?: >HURR DURR Q SAID MOON LANDINGS WERE REAL Yeah, he also said we…[View]
189439217Does anyone have the Kanye West AMA larp archive link: ??????[View]
189401946Rapper T.I. posts video of fake Melania stripping for him in Oval Office: https://twitter.com/Tip/st…[View]
189439033White Genocide: Is White Genocide even real? Sure, (((they))) are sponsoring all immigrants and refu…[View]
189435019Why are cuckservatives so afraid to debate this man at Politicon? >Ann Ghoulter agrees to debate …[View]
189433434Western Canadian Secession: Why aren't you leafs pushing for this more? Why isn't /pol/ ta…[View]
189438485Stop being antisemetic[View]
189438515You are Trump's trusted advisor. He asks you what to do about pic related. >Keep in mind, an…[View]
189440615Which is the least pozzed nordic country?[View]
189440375Potential trolling: Any ideas?[View]
189425407The Great Schism 2.0: The head of global Orthodox Christianity has decided to grant Ukraine its own …[View]
1894277371950s: how did we fall from grace?[View]
189440464Explain to me how come a collapse of western civilization isn't the best thing that can happen …[View]
189439615Was Stalin a good leader?[View]
189438786It's official, Russian boots are hacking the midterm elections: Way to go faggots.[View]
189440382How does Michael Moore walk up stairs /pol/?: He is very fat[View]
189440303WHEN WILL TRUMP MINT THE TRILLION DOLLAR COIN?: and put the fed out of business[View]
189435666Do the Rothschild's own all banks and governments?[View]
189439093Whoa: Did Wikileaks write the codes in the sky for all to see? https://twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/1…[View]
189418330Realistically, how concerned should we be?: They keep telling me about these polls. But I fell for t…[View]
189438140I wish we would all seriously shut up about Biden and hope the Democrats are stupid enough to 'vote'…[View]
189423015Was he a commie?[View]
189439780Redpilling, how does it even happen anymore: Honestly pol, how do we still get people redpilled? Jus…[View]
189422329Canada is doomed: Ahmed Hussen and Justin Castro are engineering the death of Canada. For what? I do…[View]
189427614Would you rather see a powerful Jew rot in prison or see feminists freak out when a disgusting pig w…[View]
189439789https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2kansJztXg Only non cucked nations can post on this thread where pe…[View]
189439778Forget the jewish question, what about the women question? >Feminism >Biggest supporters of im…[View]
189412072Who’s worse?: Jews? Muslims? Niggers? Or Spics?[View]
189439523this guy is gonna get the nomination for 2020 isnt he?: he's gonna roll over the democucks like…[View]
189434016Why can't we just get the civil war on with already? The worst part is i know deep down it…[View]
189435647I need help my brother is a literal npc and thinks silicon valley is good place for tech and crap li…[View]
189437428How many of you watch Fox News?[View]
189424180Has anybody read this?: I just made it to chapter 12 and its all making enough sense. Why did my lit…[View]
189434673So, why should I prefer shit-tier white wageslaves who can only wörk shit jobs to educated, non-whit…[View]
189437638if islam pledges to kill every jew off the face of the earth: they will win everything. they will wi…[View]
189439238Okay, /pol/. I've had a deep, deep hatred for the CNN anchor Don Lemon for a very long time. …[View]
189431165Why didn't this lead to race wars? >In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimate…[View]
189436989What is your opinion of classical liberals?[View]
189422781No Battle of Portland Thread?: Antifa BTFO again last night. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/ind…[View]
189439113Richard 'based and redpilled' Spencer: Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?[View]
189439106Your ideal society: A society that isn’t a wall. A conduit that promotes wholehearted competition an…[View]
189434401What is difference between France and Southern Europe ?: why a lot of people think French people are…[View]
189410830THE NEW ERA OF BRAZIL: >flag >Do you live in the NEW ERA? BRAZIL É UMA NOVA ERA!…[View]
189438846/pol/ made goblin rape to trend: Did /pol/ used the new Goblin Slayer anime to expose NPCs about the…[View]
189413838Brit/pol/: Start learning about Celts edition.[View]
189438623Crank that Soldier Boy: youuuUU[View]
189438480NPC to Real Boy: The Blue Fairy from the story of Pinocchio Always let your conscience be your guide…[View]
189438426A biological male has won the womens world cycling championship. She's even a doctor of philoso…[View]
189436612Opinions on Max Stirner?[View]
189438397The Cummy: XD[View]
189426364outrage: best game ever right?[View]
189438377admit it /pol/: he would destroy you in a debate and hes going to destroy tucker carlson at politico…[View]
189412162Why do Europeans hate Americans universally: I noticed, between Bush, Trump, and the people on this …[View]
189438305George Lincoln Rockwell: You would assume that in a country of 300 million non whites and whites ali…[View]
189430975White Immigration: So .... Germans , French , Brits , Sweds , Belgs why aren't you immigrating …[View]
189436210>when the Saudi prince points at you and five armed guards begin approaching…[View]
189432028What pill is Big Boss? Using charisma and faking excuses to trick his soldiers to steal nukes and oi…[View]
189436052BELGIAN ELECTIONS YES!: Literally every party is claiming live on TV that they have the biggest hist…[View]
189432297Most popular names in europe + plus their origin: >UK Kek[View]
189438054Remind me again why /pol/ hates coalburners: The fact is that 99.9% of the women who burn coal are g…[View]
189437553Silly Sausage: ugh[View]
189437859What Happened to my Brother's Robux?: 'As expected of country grown vegatables!' cuckcukcukckcu…[View]
189436626OPERATION WATERMARK: /pol/'s hottest new psyop is ... Operation Watermark. Every new piece of i…[View]
189437833why isn't the media reporting why the USA is complicit in starving millions of dirt poor yemeni…[View]
189437827COME HOME WHITE MAN[View]
189430148>keep getting ads and reccomendations for a bull chosen by god to save a white man's life an…[View]
189437691Do niggers act like chimps because of genetics or the juden?: What explains degenerate nigger monkey…[View]
189437657On the Normie and NPC relationship: Are all normies NPCs? Are all NPCs necessarily normies >inb4…[View]
189433300Jewish supremacy: the final red pill: >Jews have the highest IQs on earth >Jews have the lowes…[View]
189437369Would USA be a better nation if its citizens speak german instead of english?[View]
189437136meanwhile in brazil[View]
189436261Neets of /pol/ thread: Describe your neetness. >be me >be a neet >be born in the 90's …[View]
189432876based Steve King 'spends all his time with fascists and neo-Nazis': >Despite his 16 year of contr…[View]
189436765we can't let t series win we need to do something[View]
189436296I knew this bitch wasn't redpilled. Just because she sings country-pop doesn't mean she…[View]
189437214Who does /pol/ view as the greatest world leader in history?: (not limited to only modern history)…[View]
189436454What's up, n-words?[View]
189435200Why is it that America can't have affordable health insurance like Japan and the rest of the wo…[View]
189436990>Be white >Be living in first world country, along with all its benefits and downfalls >Get…[View]
189428542Look guys. Hillary has that McCain brace on her leg. McCain had it last november, first on one leg, …[View]
189417091do you agree with this? what's your general view of the homeless?[View]
189422520Does anyone else feel sick and repulsed by modern societies absolutely indiscriminate, frivolous and…[View]
189435689Russia BTFO!!: > AMERICAAA, FUCCK YEEEAAAAHHH!! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/24/world/middleea…[View]
189436685https://youtu.be/UXbH76ZTfBk University employee shuts down a pro-life event by pushing students and…[View]
189433283PMC's: >I wuv my countwy so much, I don't mind making 100k over five years to fight for…[View]
189436551Chads and stacys: Law and order discusses chads and stacys, image boards and incels and it's hi…[View]
189431073Are islanders allowed in the white ethnostate? They're bros[View]
189435705The Left Is Pooping Its Collective Pants: Noticed the uptick of shilling? The left is slowly realizi…[View]
189430436Anyone else who just gave up on their country and took the Varg pill? I spent most of this summer in…[View]
189415786Millennials dropping out of society: I keep seeing stories about this but I want to know this: If on…[View]
189428691How does this make you feel /pol boi?[View]
189436387/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189436321Have you gotten you daily dose of the intellectual dark web, /pol/? https://youtu.be/_z6qpUfjkqE[View]
189432307If Obama made the mass shootings,like sandy hook, about mental health instead of gun control, he wou…[View]
189429540US wants 'regime change' in Iran: MAGA! I am really so happy that someone is standing STRONG against…[View]
189436201kek and islam?????: https://pastebin.com/pzH6md6f >>>/mu/83385991 >>>/mu/83385991 …[View]
189424716Luxembourgish Election Thread: *VIVE DEN HENG* Big day today for the small Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg…[View]
189434885blacks are more likely to be criminals: I got bored and did some low-effort research. I searched for…[View]
189435417'As a white person,'[View]
189426921Daily Reminder: STUPID POLAKS HELP PAKISTAN TO ESTABLISH Paki Air Force: Stupid Polaks contributed t…[View]
189435434Will Europe ever reclaim the world power/ influence status it once held or will it forever be known …[View]
189431949Homothread: How to convince m left wing classmates that promoting homosexuality isn't usefull i…[View]
189433762Why is it that blacks commit the majority of violent crimes, yet represent a minority of the populat…[View]
189426985Robert E Lee's relative condemns Donald Trump's praise of the pro-slavery general: Pol abs…[View]
189427038STAR WARS IS ANTICHRIST LUCIFERIAN PROPAGANDA: The main enemies are called the Sith which is a mocke…[View]
189435268Post /ouryoutubers/: Richard. Fucking. Bruce. >redpilled on hitler >Bible literalist >gang…[View]
1894235872A SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED: Why haven't you bought an AR-15 yet anon? Too much responsibility? …[View]
189435040OH NO NO NO: (((Patrick little))) BTFO[View]
189431011What the hell is wrong with Portland?[View]
189433738The Hoax Of The 'NPC': https://voat.co/v/milliondollarextreme/2737003 It's no secret that the a…[View]
189427043/HUE/VOLUTION: Bolsonaro's new ad for TV (redpill about socialism in south america) http://yout…[View]
189435296So NPCs are actually real? I thought it was just a /pol/ meme: What is going on here? Has twitter be…[View]
189413104What is the cure for thottery?[View]
189426887So over the last two weeks >The US (((msm))) for the first time is calling out Saudi jews. >Tu…[View]
189435122>tfw Socialist Libertarian Humanist[View]
189435315Can we meme social media natalism into reality?[View]
189391154Name one reason why WoW isn't a scheduled A substance. It's just as addictive and while le…[View]
189431194There is nothing more despicable than a white male progressive, democrat, leftist or communist. Desp…[View]
189435366Getting Kinda a Creepy Police State vibe from Canada These days: It's also sort of a Kafkaesque…[View]
189434218Why is there no political movement for the lower class and the poor even though these are the most n…[View]
189427345Africa Will Be A Super Power By 2024: Things Right Wingers Will Never Admit. https://www.forbes.com/…[View]
189434895RAND PAULEON: You know if Rand Paul is ever president he will invade Russia in the winter right?…[View]
189432893https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ttbPyKnRuA: Does anyone know what this means? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
189411079It just snowed in the middle of fucking October. I dare you to tell me global cooling doesnt exist[View]
189433088MGTOW RINGS AAAAAAHHHHHHHH: https://www.redpillring.com/ MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP AS IF IT COULDNT …[View]
189432603Richard didnt stand a chance[View]
189423439WW3: can a single journalist cause WW3?[View]
189371489I don't get one thing. Why are you denying the Holocaust? Isn't it actually a pretty aweso…[View]
189429193I'm a libertarian, but I often see other Libertarians, when in debate about the role of governm…[View]
189406923Fucking based.[View]
189395887>be 6/10 trad britbong , ready to settle down >Holiday in Executive suite in Denmark >Turn …[View]
189434795Elon Musk Mars Project: In 2008 the LHC of CERN was switched on Jack Parsons discusses in 2008 that …[View]
189434788Amiri King - People on the right who make us look bad: Quick run down on Amiri King for those who do…[View]
189434338Why is this considered a great film?[View]
189430766Texans, what the fuck?: I hate to say it, but you guys are quickly becoming America's new Flori…[View]
189428549/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- FEAR AND LOATHING EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you!…[View]
189430777As a native English speaker who doesn't live in the American southwest and doesn't have a …[View]
189420389I have come to warn you, {{{goyim}}}: my people are planing to lunch the final revenge very soon. it…[View]
189427609How do we defeat the Clinton Foundation?: With Julian Assange dead and most proof of the Clintons be…[View]
189426616CALL OUT ANTIFA for their Antics: This is the kinda sh*t going on NYC right now. Call out ANTIFA. An…[View]
189433871What do you think about the movie Death of a Nation?[View]
189411937Trump: '[Mattis] is sort of a Democrat.': >President Donald Trump said he is unsure whether Defen…[View]
189431973What are your thought's on freedom of speech? Tommy Robinson?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
189433241china is going full communist again: https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/China-state-groups-gobble-up-st…[View]
189423387I am addicted to Coca Cola and it has ruined my health: I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, don’t …[View]
189432878Fucking Ann arbor[View]
189433742So is there a chance Republicans will go full 'Progressive' and start busting trusts again? I mean, …[View]
189429529Fox News: bool answer = (foxNews == 'Propadanda') ? true : false; if (answer) { cout << 'http…[View]
189433683Does the UK even have something like the 1st Amendment? What the fuck is in your constitution anyway…[View]
189432252SMOKE IT FOR ME GENTILE!: > constantly talking about how they're going to get high later …[View]
189424607Why can't Americans spell?: This isn't a shitpost--it's an observation. American post…[View]
189433452America is Fucked: Given that she has an Economics degree from Boston University and graduated in th…[View]
189433727/pol/ YLYL thread NPC edition[View]
189406311The most empathetic and skilled people in tech are laid off: FUCK YOU POL[View]
189428028Why are groceries so overpriced in parts of the world?: Hey everyone,recently we have seen the canad…[View]
189431428Redpill me on the Bahá'í Faith. Is it a blue pilled or red pilled religion?[View]
189429528Twitter CEO Praises Kanye: WTF IS GOING ON https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1051554621422878720…[View]
189407263What foreign language should I teach myself? Tired of being a stereotypical American and only knowin…[View]
189433302time.com reporting about witches who want to curse Kavanaugh: >the absolute state of modern journ…[View]
189432693Honest Question: If the /pol/ thinks the holocaust was a hoax made up by Jews, why does /pol/ have s…[View]
189431046what happened to her that made her into such a psycho bluepilled misandrist feminist globalist?[View]
189392871This photo just was just voted as the best war correspondent photo. Caption it![View]
189433112Zoomers, great generation or GREATEST generation?[View]
189407286Nineteen dead as lorry carrying migrants plunges off motorway in Turkey: OH NO THAT SUCKS https://ww…[View]
189430138/GWG/ GANG WEED GENERAL: This is a thread for the discussion of how to rise up against the governmen…[View]
189433079is rolling stone mag a meme?: >I bet Letterman didn't have a lord of the rings blanket on HI…[View]
189425879Celebrities who most likely have been taped saying 'nigger'.[View]
189431630>NPC meme is the most powerful meme created to date >But it just got more powerful >M ->…[View]
189417090Tax billionaires more, solve poverty: Jeff Bezos is worth $150 billion That's $500 for every ma…[View]
189432661Trump Impeachment Petition: Anons, I require your help. I want to stop Tom Steyer, a liberal cuck…[View]
189426817Do Jews suffer from mental illnesses due to having their penises mutilated and from inbreeding?[View]
189413643I have come here to chew bubble gun and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubble gum.[View]
189432613Hey /leftpol were planning something big I know that most of you on /leftpol likely won't do an…[View]
189432596>Trump can’t readily cheer the nation in moments of triumph (championship sports teams boycott hi…[View]
189428975How probable is a stable and strong Afghanistan in the future?[View]
189428705Reading recommendations: Pic not related.Books, blogs, audiobooks. You knowthe drill.what books woul…[View]
189429219It was a good idea. Why didn't we finish it?[View]
189426705My wife is pregnant and she said she will abort if its a boy because she doesn't want the possi…[View]
189432375What do we do about the Swiss menace and the terrorism they spread around the world?[View]
189432083I always feel like shit after browsing pol. It's not really the issues themselves but the peopl…[View]
189428748hey jannies heard you got your pay doubled. Too bad 2 times of zero is still zero[View]
189432257Congratulations San Francisco!: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6261073/San-Francisco-decla…[View]
189370384Syria General /sg/ - Motherland hears, motherland knows Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >…[View]
189427507when did you realize that transcending capitalism, communism and socialism was necessary and that an…[View]
189406253Freemason Thread: IF YOU ARE A FREEMASON, STATE YOUR: >Rite >Rank >God >Any side-affilia…[View]
189424865White privilege is real /Pol/: The fact that you're straight white males makes your life so muc…[View]
189430417British Army is afraid of Free Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3MxFubVXG8&t=0s[View]
189431419Trump is going to get rid of Mattis, isn’t he?[View]
189430744Dear /pol/ I have been with you longer than most of you have even known of 4 chan. I have lived in t…[View]
189431658Reminder: memeflags only benefit shills. Don't use one.[View]
189425385When Jews leave, nation cries[View]
189431627Everything in Canada is Expensive. We're being nickle and dimed to death: Its everything, we ha…[View]
189426996>Canada couldn't singlehandedly-destroy USA in a week: TOP KEK AMERILARD PIG SHIT!!! Oh beli…[View]
189426059CNN's @brianstelter: The President has been chatty lately, holding pressers and interviews on A…[View]
189426646Redpills on Woodrow Wilson[View]
189405268Why do they larp as white nationalists?: Why do non-whites do this? They even feel need to keep regu…[View]
189397792>/POL/ BTFO >TED CRUZ BTFO >GOP BTFO Beto O'Rourke is going to turn Texas blue!!! http…[View]
189431160stupid pro-choice narratives: Just passing along some information for you all: it's a popular v…[View]
189430529This is what most of the latinos look like.: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp8_kc192zA…[View]
189419806I have a dumb question. So I saw the KKK/Nazi scene in Wolfenstein 2, and it got me thinking. Not ab…[View]
189429972Is the USMCA trade deal really gonna benefit Mexico?[View]
18942076225 year old woman dies after falling into meat processor at chicken plant https://www.sachem.ca/news…[View]
189430936Why does /pol/ think fapping is bad?: It feel so fucking good, it is fun, it trains your prostate, e…[View]
189430862Why is the far-right so violent?[View]
189425939Christian Zionism has been existed long before Jewish Zionism.[View]
189420961Man made climate change is real: Change my mind >inb4 bait Nah just drop some red pills on both s…[View]
189415133>Street View random location in Cebu >see this What is the girl thinking?…[View]
189430288Can someone explain this shit? Npcs commenting xx years old lolol. Where does it come from what pupr…[View]
189427851RIGHT WING HICKS BTFO https://twitter.com/sadkxit/status/1050968808305975296[View]
189430490>communism is bad >capitalism is good[View]
189430452Enemy of my enemy...: It is time for the revolutionary economic cults to unite, at least for the tim…[View]
189426679The French girl in my gym doesn’t shave her moustache Wtf I thought the hair meme was only Internet…[View]
189414974Let’s make this happen.: Make Europe great again.[View]
189430127Anyone got any inside info on what happened to khashoggi, or got any leads? Nothing solid yet so far…[View]
189430208'Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture': http://archive.is/G4P4w > tfw when White liberal have al…[View]
189428218Absolute unit.[View]
189430136Want to know who is Jewing who?: Time and time again we are divided and thrown into confusion by shi…[View]
189430074Was he one of the good ones?[View]
189425647Why do women ruin everything? Are they that desperate to be noticed by men?[View]
189424766El aterrorizante de los Estados Unidos...[View]
189417633why are conservatives so scared?[View]
189418829There is nothing as precious on this earth as white women, you need to date them and build relations…[View]
189425463/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - *CLICK* EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
189425249Whenever liberals discuss Trump they inevitably refer to the following words: >Racist >Homopho…[View]
189429738Let's have a discussion about this man and his beautiful library.[View]
189417231(((CAPITALISM))) BTFO[View]
189411244BAVARIA YES! A victory against bigotry, hate and racism. >your avarage bavarian couple in 2020…[View]
189410364Ruth Death: Bader Death thread First up, god help us. Also Supreme Court General[View]
189425875The Media Lies.: All the newspapers have painted Jair Bolsonaro as an potencial dictator, you now wh…[View]
189407276How did a man with so much love in his heart become so hated: Hitler loved us, he was our real Jesus…[View]
189422893Look at these Proud Romans don’t ever say Italians are not white faggot[View]
189405138Homeschooling General: So a few years ago I pulled my son out of primary school and began homeschool…[View]
189428906Redpills on Herbert Hoover[View]
189423046ANNOUNCEMENT RE: ETHNOSTATE: I have consulted with the council of /pol/, and we have decided that, i…[View]
189423419Do not justify your Asian women fetish with the 'degeneracy' of white women[View]
189428751The Privilege And Peril Of Being A White Jew In Today’s America: This makes me angry https://archive…[View]
189425009I’m writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in which I’ll be voting …[View]
189372781Trump and Kanye just literally saved the west: HAPPENING: TRUMP TO INTRODUCE PRISON REFORM, WILL KEK…[View]
189406688>This tacos plate litearlly cost 1500yen($15)in Japan Why don't we accept Mexican immigrants…[View]
189421487Who does /pol/ support - the Patriarchate of Constantinople (which is controlled by Turkey) or the M…[View]
189425977American blacks > African blacks[View]
189416287Why did America decide to fight for the wrong side in WW2?[View]
189424708Reminder that trans women can do anything[View]
189424108Why worship the jewish god when you can worship the machine god?[View]
189418229Should Canada build the wall???[View]
189427420What Are The Most Based And Red Pilled Sports?: If football isn't the most based and redpilled …[View]
189427005/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189423882Taylor SWIFT & Karlie KLOSS: Friendly reminder that they broke up because they joined rival sect…[View]
189426466>Thumbs up if you are watching in CURRENT YEAR >nice video funny! >( . )( . ) >jajajaja …[View]
189426088Have any of you read mans search for meaning? I thought it was going to help me find meaning not dep…[View]
189427736Help Me: Anyone else really want to fuck her? I don't know why, but I can only think about her …[View]
189425163Why did Americans loot the National Museum of Iraq when they invaded in 2003?[View]
189414393BREXIT - showdown 101 - talks collapse after deal already reached: In a dramatic showdown, a Brexit …[View]
189424356I think Brazil just broke a world record: The largest human shield ever? https://youtu.be/elZvUjvLTS…[View]
189425850Are these the biggest NPCs of all?[View]
189427786When did you realize that voting is a meme?[View]
189420246F, Kavanaugh can't repeal roe v wade soon enough, so that even rich sluts need to suffer.[View]
189424062How does Israel have right to exist?[View]
189427004Wisconsin AG admits Trump won state because of voter ID law: Top Republican Official Says Trump Won …[View]
189407530Music Industry: What's up with the left wing bias in the music industry? Songs like 'Imagine' b…[View]
189427517The problem with Multiculturalism: There's this belief, mainly among liberals and progressives,…[View]
189419448> The left can't me.....[View]
189427450Why are people on the alt right so into girls with dicks? I've met a bunch over the past few ye…[View]
189427414Still looking for arguments for homosexuality/gay marriage.: >remember that trans mtf brains show…[View]
189427378A dindu of a different color: I believe this video can offer some interesting insight: https://www.y…[View]
189425870Explain yourself /pol: The New Nazis: How the meme-rich world of the internet is a threat in Austral…[View]
189396981Volunteering: With 2 Hurricanes across the southern US this season (so far) and the damages from Hur…[View]
189427251The deranged anti-trumper kind of has a point here[View]
189427243I want to impregnate all witches: something elses insight[View]
189426408New book talking about the displacement of Europeans by brown hordes: It's written by a Jew cal…[View]
189422022I can't do this anymore. You all are a bunch of faggots. 'Muuuuhhh based nigger muhhhhh based …[View]
189423820Redpills on George Soros[View]
189422640Christianity: Friendly reminder. As we draw closer to exposing the jewish parasite they'll cont…[View]
189425614Is Kanye crazy or what?: Personally, i think its great that Kanye is promoting and supporting Trump …[View]
189426094Extrapolation: This is where the world is heading: >Borders will fade as international cooperatio…[View]
189414933OOPSIE WOOPSIE!!![View]
189414898Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Muselfreie Zone: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 #ltwh…[View]
189426717Childhood is admiring the Unabomber. Adulthood is admiring /Pol/ Pot. All the Unabomber managed to d…[View]
189404899Quotes by America's Founders: 'For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to …[View]
189426079Trump accomplishment thread.: Economic Growth 4.2 percent growth in the second quarter of 2018. For …[View]
189416603/HUE/VOLUTION - ROTORS EDITION: >Bolsonaro's new ad for TV (redpill about socialism in south…[View]
189426488i don´t know: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ wtf is this?[View]
189426442Basque Country: http://m.deia.eus/2018/10/13/opinion/cartas-al-director/la-etnia-vasca…[View]
189397620Why do Jews hate Christianity so much?[View]
189425904Doing an MA about arts and science (no SJW bullshit). Shit subject I must pass: Art and Gender. I ha…[View]
189424620>Canadians get to pay over 5 dollars a gallon as we experience freezing temperatures We are gonna…[View]
189425112Did you go to Church today?: /pol is a Christian board.[View]
189348746Reminder that Louis-Ferdinand Céline had it all figured out 80 years ago. PART 1 « All the Marxist s…[View]
189421577Beto: You sure this guy from Texas? No John Kerry's love child.: This dude skateboarded into a …[View]
189407766The Daily Program: >I have very strong political opinions that I am unable to explain. Stop aski…[View]
189412374why dont you guys move to a wahhabist country if you hate jews and gays and degeneracy so much?: bon…[View]
189406828Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/? https://twitter.com/Ocasio2018/status/1051291913272389633 >play…[View]
189419434Faggot calling for violence and murder: Twitter (It's locked now): https://archive.is/Nio3w…[View]
189422811Dubya: Remember how the mainstream media made fun of and criticized bush? His name was like synonimo…[View]
189422324Gf: Hey guys so I’ve been dating this girl for the last 2 months and I think she’s wifey material. A…[View]
189421314hey guys: do y'all know any redpilled fictional books stories movies etc or just anything where…[View]
189373214Should there be government mandated relationship programs?: A study conducted with 1210 British part…[View]
189421749'We need to mobilize' https://www.mediaite.com/tv/bernie-sanders-declines-to-condemn-protesters-conf…[View]
189425051Attention all /pol/iticians, it is crucial that you few this video and send it to all of your woke f…[View]
189423593The STATE of western animation.: https://youtu.be/GJMHDGT629c Turns out it isn't the corporatio…[View]
189425408Why doesn't Trump care about working class white people? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/12/us/…[View]
189388817Beto O‘Rourke: The German magazine Der Spiegel shills for a „white Obama“ named Beto O‘Rourke from T…[View]
189425310>Department of Justice unironically makes a press release about the murder of a 'gender-fluid' pe…[View]
189425066CHINA:: take that, capitalist pig[View]
189418959Why can you open carry a assault rifle in the public but not drink a harmless beer in the public wit…[View]
189422506Rap thread.: Do you believe in coincidences, /pol/? Why are all these (((german rappers))) on the ri…[View]
189425222>Bratwursts accept Holocaust >Burgers accept Internment >Bonzai’s accept Machiura And ye…[View]
189415873Women Destroy Society - Video From 1979: t.this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djkmna0paVE…[View]
189425198The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock is secretly redpilled on Race Tensions and Migrant Crisis: Don't …[View]
189424713Ancient Greeks were not wh*te: From Xenophon's Anabasis: The people of the friendly towns to wh…[View]
189423675Why is every self-described socialist and/or communist also a racial egalitarian?: I have never unde…[View]
189415641How do we fix Chicago's gang problem?[View]
189425095Redpill Playlist: ITT we compile videos that are great for redpilling people. https://m.youtube.com/…[View]
189424818I just overheard a conversation between a family member and a former Bernie Sanders deputy Campaign …[View]
18942262440: What does /pol/ think about Ronald Reagan?[View]
189424935How to fix Canada (No Canadians allowed): Our election is next year, Justin Trudeau is most likely g…[View]
189421689What are we going to do about the NORF menace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXBFQ_LE4GU[View]
189416108Europeans are literally mixed race. How can you be against race mixing, when you are a product of it…[View]
189420308Incoming Blue Wave of liberal tears[View]
189424924>maga >yeah fuck the jews >have you seen greatest story never told yet?…[View]
189414044Afgans look whiter than Americans..[View]
189415787/balk/: >Let's have borders they said. It will be fun they said.…[View]
189424776/rg/ RED STORM GENERAL- REVOLUTION EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you! Yes, yo…[View]
189424675The leftist double standard: say 'bad things' about the indians: a big indenization. Run over a whit…[View]
189424719The mark of the beast: > 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bon…[View]
189424551>this kills the non-evangelical[View]
189424696>be immigrant >citizens pay my salary because I work in the public sector…[View]
189411875HE’S BACK: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
189423994Pill that is hard to swallow.: Conservatism is dead in America, liberal and conservatives it's …[View]
189417072I no longer blindly support jews. /pol, make your case. Why should I support jews? Why should I hate…[View]
189422683https://academic.oup.com/humupd/article-abstract/23/6/646/4035689?redirectedFrom=fulltext https://ww…[View]
189420555>not being Lutheran[View]
189417552I think Contrapoints makes a better right-wing than a left.[View]
189385382What side do you lean politically and why?[View]
189419463What's the point of learning history? All of it is skewed and twisted by the current ruling est…[View]
189423951Hál Hitler.[View]
189423984HWNDU is back up! http://www.hewillnotdivide.us[View]
189421235Where are they?: USED DROPPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glEEWjNntHU[View]
189423721/pol/ doesn't stand for politically incorrect it's for the politically impotent[View]
189414067Norway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftlvreFtA2A&t=8s Why dont you move to Norway /pol/ ? We …[View]
189422599GUESS THE RACE[View]
189414706It all starts with gay rights.[View]
189420214Meta Thread: /pol/ is now plebbit's /r9k/ with a bunch of kikes and trannies thrown in for poor…[View]
189421064Check and mate: Kikes in the oven Niggers on the rope Muslims on the cross Women in the kitchen Left…[View]
189423471I've got a fever! And the only prescription is to REMIND THEM.: 'You never have to default beca…[View]
189419384a-are we the bad guys??[View]
189420258>more people are being converted to Socialism from the far right How do we defeat this, /pol/ bro…[View]
189423348Beto General: Election Day is November 13 fellow Democrats of Texas. We can do this!!!! https://www.…[View]
189421861Why do Americans spend $500,000 and travel halfway across the country to attend college? Why do Amer…[View]
189417888Daily reminder Donald Trump is owned by the tribe[View]
189422578If only hitler didn't attack the soviet union....[View]
189415555Just got convicted mates: My gf had an abortion and I just got sentenced to 10 years in jail I liter…[View]
189422619I was thinking about how unbelievably cucked we are nowadays and can it be said with assurance that …[View]
189409428Why are Americans so bigoted?[View]
189418494What does /pol/ think of Mary Magdalene?[View]
189419193YOU'RE WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING: There is no Jewish conspiracy. Blacks are not less intelligent. …[View]
189413812DEATH TO SMELLY PAKISTAN !!!: BREAKING NEWS: Pakistanis rally to demand death for Christian woman f…[View]
189412292The Parkland shooter obviously posted on /pol/. What did you do to him? >CNN reported that Cruz w…[View]
189420222America gonna get spic'd: Another caravan: 1300+ Hondurans Begin Organized Trek to U.S. Border …[View]
189416818Leftists can't me-[View]
189413850>calls Kanye west an uncle tom. >married a white man. >gets sodomized by a white man. The a…[View]
189420330What will YOU do when they come for your guns, /pol/?[View]
189422525post the most /pol/ incoherent stage rants that could never happen in today's virtue signalling…[View]
189418109Beyond race realism: Hey guys, I've just been doing some research on human genetics and had som…[View]
189415466Did they realize that everybody in the school was an NPC, so they went to play Doom in real life?[View]
189416183129 years old? How is this even possible? Is she lying?[View]
189414555Balkanization of the US: Why is this a bad thing? >americna whites will finally get their own et…[View]
189419728amendment to ban faggot marriage when[View]
189408329What does /pol/ have to say about this?: >Where is the fine line between abortion and murder, if …[View]
189422196ok gentleman we're hated by both 'based' nations and kike loving libtards. any suggestions?[View]
189389092Pedogate in the UK, Brian Harvey (90s popstar east17) getting silenced and vindicated by the media: …[View]
189416154Only communists are NPCs: Alpha alt-right golden boys like Ted Cruz don't have an army of NPCs.…[View]
189419154aren’t boomers actually really right wing?: So why does /pol/ hate them?[View]
189373912Do leftists actually hate white men?: Is it just a meme invented by conservatards so they can play v…[View]
189404537Still looking for some good arguments against homosexuality/gay marriage.: INB4: >muh religion …[View]
189410073Sexual assault of Macron on a little baby: https://twitter.com/Qofficiel/status/1048268348767789056…[View]
189419472what is: more devastating to men than divorce?[View]
189410023Are you ready to volunteer in next inevitable Bosnian war?[View]
189416639Why are (((commies))) shilling her so hard. Last week they were posting picks of her calling her 'ba…[View]
189411732Its not fun when this happens at your doors, ha Joos? https://www.dw.com/en/israeli-right-condemns-a…[View]
189421374Why is everything about sexual assault in America?: Just watched this Youtube show “Impulse” because…[View]
189419508WTF is this!?: The Hispanic College Quiz is being broadcast on WABC New York. Are you fucking kiddin…[View]
189420451Memesauce thread: Post memesauce[View]
189418700>tfw WW3 will never happen[View]
189410663Circumcision: My wife wants our son circumcised and I am wholeheartedly against this. She is insisti…[View]
189420042#wetheLGBTQ is trending. Is it time to break out the rainbow flag memes?[View]
189396106Teach me about Southern culture, I bought a confederate flag, but I am a Northerner who prefers the …[View]
189415941when is this asshole gonna get fired. he's been obstructing Trump since day fucking 1. proof in…[View]
189395742Every single Western country will be non-white in a few generations: 100%. Demographics, birth rates…[View]
189419832A beginners guide to /pol/: /pol/ is a forum on an anime fan website where children pretend to talk …[View]
189417174>you hear that? I’m talking to you, snowflake. I want you to be mad. Move out of mommy’s basement…[View]
189418559Is this accurate? Or is Bob Woodward lying[View]
189418994Bavarian Elections to give major blow to Merkel?: So, anyone's bets that Merkel and PC culture …[View]
189414490Why are Republicans so hypocritical?: Can any of you losers refute this? What about the hundreds of …[View]
189420819>Calls others snowflakes >Needs untermensch to feel like snowflakes themselves whyareweattacki…[View]
189415476We Don't Need Saudi Arabia For Anything!: S.Res.610 - A Resolution Urging the Release of Inform…[View]
189411221What happens when a Persian and Mexican need to fix a leak? Watch this?: https://youtu.be/OP30okjpCk…[View]
189420459I thought we were going to be shut down. what happened, why is reddit always wrong?[View]
189420442Where the fuck is the declas[View]
189400940Why are there so many aggressive and low I.Q people in the U.S military? There's also a large a…[View]
189418774Should adultery be a crime?[View]
189418292Trump: Was the Space Shuttle Program a mistake?[View]
189416443Imagine being so unliked you’re exiled from most nations and have to create laws against people open…[View]
189418279Why is the UK flag so ugly: >rule britannia your flag looks like shit i'd be ashamed to fly …[View]
189418574RACE MIXING FOR INCELS: Should race mixing be allowed for incels and betas/omegas? Racial purity mak…[View]
189418065/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- REMEMBER HUNTER EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you! Y…[View]
189404403Luxembourgish Elections - Stop voting Green Party ffs Edition Big day today for the small Grand-Duch…[View]
189414094why does no one talk about the deep state anymore?[View]
189398782ANTIFA CRIES FOR HELP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQipMA8mbeo Look at this blubbering excuse fo…[View]
189418462only 1/4 americans owns a gun 3% of gun owners (middle age white men) hoard half the amount of guns …[View]
189419176Why did Charles Manson choose women to do his dirty work?[View]
189405009Hitler was forced to defend Germany from Polish aggression. Facts: >Poland wanted the war to get …[View]
189417781Is it really over? Is the blue wave real?: I thought we had it easy after the kavanaugh hearings, bu…[View]
189418115>WW1 ends >Wilson begs allies to be nice to poor Germany, American investment rushes in to reb…[View]
189419603Let's have a 'Draw the Jew' thread...: Here is my effort, I hope to see 6 gorillion times bette…[View]
189403510Is Trump a demagogue?: Hey /pol/, So for my propaganda course I'm taking for fun, I have to rep…[View]
189419535Declassification of the FISA warrants used against Carter Page. President Trump issued the order on …[View]
189419367How's that little ethnostate coming along? Have you worked out the details yet? Have you decide…[View]
189416324Checkmate white nationalists. The national anthem was wrote by a slave owner and I don’t fux wit it.…[View]
189417688What’s /pol/‘s opinion on the recent celebrity-meetup thing Donald Trump had with Kanye west? I’m re…[View]
189399643Liberals don't actually want any of the things they pretend to endorse.: This will blast straig…[View]
189417082Cleansing the non whites?: If all white countries joined together to cleanse the world of all non-wh…[View]
189419084Who were these people: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/10/14/us/texas-birthday-par…[View]
189418773Boomers are literal trash but soviet boomers are the worst ones[View]
189413282/polfit/: Daily reminder that your body is a weapon against 'them'-you must keep it sharp …[View]
189394709Plane mutiny kept a gang rapist in the UK: I hate these do-gooders who infest my country.[View]
189417267I want to deconstruct an anarcho communists ideology and then hug them when they get pouty![View]
189418604SJWs in Japan: Redpill me on SJWs in Japan. Just to settle the score if they are immune to it or not…[View]
189391638Why didn't you attend church this morning anon?[View]
189418407A German punk in quotes came into the cafe. She announced herself with a clumsy bang of the door and…[View]
189416326>be American >go to 1 year old’s birthday party >get shot https://globalnews.ca/news/454…[View]
189413545Hey guys, just wanted to ask about your thoughts on FtM involvement in the creation of an ethnostate…[View]
189418301st.mattis a democrat??: Nooooooo not maddog mattis[View]
189418038This Somali bastard gang raped a child. Look at the beta twat in the vid ( https://twitter.com/Leave…[View]
189413817Why does america think it's ok to mutilate baby boys?[View]
189417644here we go[View]
189417973Supreme Court Justices: >How critical is their role in forming policy? >What are your predict…[View]
189417259What's this really mean?: I ask that you go and listen to how kanye starts his conversation. He…[View]
189417614Where were you when Wisconsin gave SCOTUS a layup to overturn Roe v. Wade? https://www.washingtonpos…[View]
189411366Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Not amused Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 #l…[View]
189372220Boomer Financial Holocaust #2: >gen x already have their homes, kids are already grown, will not …[View]
189415496how do we start the rapture?: it seems like i have to do it. ive had a lot of things on my mind and …[View]
189382420The left want to start shooting Proud boys: The left are preparing to retaliate with gunfire.[View]
189417451This is why society is fucked. The more it increases the more fcuked we become.[View]
189414984Went to Church this morning. Praise Yehoshua!!: Did you /pol/?[View]
189416802LEAVE MANLANIA ALONE: Manlania says he is the most bullied person in the world. https://www.theguard…[View]
189417067Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense.[View]
189416303Truth thread: 1. Niggers are scum, they trespass everywhere, and have no concept of private property…[View]
189410567Which is the most cucked nation in the world?: And why is it Germany?[View]
189417069Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
189416907Extrapolation: This is where the world is heading: >Borders will fade as international cooperatio…[View]
189412596Is Hillary Clinton really satanic?: 'Hillary Clinton goes into demonic possession' 'People say that…[View]
189416175I see a lot of blackpilling here lately, so I want to ask you all a question - What is wrong with ke…[View]
189385240>already forgotten about[View]
189416660Why's there a high number of Jewmerican trump shills and a bunch of israelis as well as democra…[View]
189404351Lmao man gets attempted murder for trying to abort his babby https://www.postcrescent.com/story/news…[View]
189406496/hue/volution: Situation: Pedro Rezente, PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science exposed our voting …[View]
189416228This board needs more gets. Let me show you the way.[View]
189416264coincidence??: Hmmmm.[View]
189413263/pol/, I don't want to start a discussion on social class and have it devolve into socialism, b…[View]
189404204Hungary-Ukraine conflict: Quick rundown: >New language law prevents minorities in Ukraine learnin…[View]
189411167NO AGENDA SHOW: No Agenda Show is Live Right Now. This show is Based and Redpilled AF. *NOT FOR NPC…[View]
189416035Hi /pol/, Vote for me to be president this november!: And I promise a $20 million per hour work wage…[View]
189391379What's with all the middle class white women i know strongarming their husbands into getting va…[View]
189416034Sunday of Commemoration of the Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council: GOSPEL - John 17:1-13 At t…[View]
189414220>I blame the Jews for this[View]
189412697Shit what do we do /pol/?[View]
189415838Fuck the tolerant left thread: I have a cousin I hang out with from time to time. He's a wuss; …[View]
189413746Anyone else wants WW3 to start so everyone can be as miserable as you.[View]
189414454okay /pol explain this to me >6 gorillion joos didnt happen, nazis didnt have time. >but commu…[View]
189415354How based are /pol/'s parents?: My dad is a basic boomer cuck but my mum literally hates muslim…[View]
189416001What happend to Memri TV?: Have they shut it don again?[View]
189415581>he doesn't work in the public sector leeching off the tax payers dime…[View]
189401579what's wrong with: raising a family with a girlfriend? why do you need to marry the bitch and r…[View]
189415942Will they ever reveal what happened to Seth Rich?[View]
189397722Why can’t you drink at 18 but you could join the military and die before legally allowed to drink in…[View]
189396141We are Russian bots again guys....: I always thought this meme was stupid because it will degenerate…[View]
189411247why does donald trump talk about severe punishement? doesnt he know that we are the RICHEST and POWE…[View]
189412690If you shill for Israel or their policies you are a complete cuck, end of story: International Jewry…[View]
189415157https://youtu.be/UXbH76ZTfBk University employee shuts down a pro-life event by pushing students and…[View]
189355725Churchill: What does /pol/ think about Winston Churchill?[View]
189415617What's this guy Peter Thiel all about? I've only been following him since the Gawker lawsu…[View]
189413542/cfg/ CLINTON FOUNDATION GENERAL - Who are Hillary's researchers?: >We're getting the b…[View]
189415569Good News All Around Lately: >GAZA – Mohammed Nimnim carries the water for his family. On a scorc…[View]
189415504Remembering Arnaud Beltrame: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/10/french-hero-who-sacrificed-himself-to…[View]
189412121Does anyone have the archive link for the Kanye AMA larp?[View]
189414556Kanye and Trump thread: /pol/, I want you to take a good look at this. This is the same man who is “…[View]
189414515Christine Foed: Email Chain: Palo Alto Mayor, Others Discussed Giving Blasey-Ford Special Protection…[View]
189406983HAPPENING - Brexit is over!: They got a fucking deal! Vive la France! Es lebe Germania! Au revoir Br…[View]
189414569>Bloom Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.[View]
189415386CNN: does anyone agree that Trump is the reason why CNN is still relavent[View]
189409313Is this the perfect blue checkmark tweet?[View]
189413117Why are landlord so much smarter than renters?[View]
189414207whats his endgame?[View]
189414922/pol/: The Musical: I hate those dark skinned and ghetto people, who live in my home town, because t…[View]
189415316don't just #walkaway #walkawaywiththeflag[View]
189372402Why is Romania so cucked compared to the rest of Eastern Europeans? They're a post soviet state…[View]
189413081Can Trump win a re-election?: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/14/politics/cnn-poll-trump-biden-bernie-sa…[View]
189406900argentina is on the brink of COLLAPSE: >biggest jew diaspora outside US >10 million illegal (a…[View]
1894151297: 7[View]
189389061Anglo saxons are a bunch of ignorant cunts, for 90 % of them. Particularly US obese brainless pigs, …[View]
189379728BELGIAN ELECTIONS: Today we celebrate democracy in Belgium. Despite munching several red pills, I st…[View]
189414603niggas iffy uh: Is it degenerate to enjoy rap like 'blicky got the stiffy uh'? How can I reconcile m…[View]
189413591Can anyone explain what's causing the collapse without blaming degeneracy (that seems more like…[View]
189411416Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - VOTE THE FUCK GREEN edition: >upcoming state elections Bavaria: Oc…[View]
189406922*sips tea* try to refute this /pol/ why is making the workplace representative of the population de…[View]
189412168कलियुग: What would be doing right now if they won?[View]
189409305Isn't this Australian flag much nicer then the current one?[View]
189362554HAPPENING: >President Donald Trump has one campaign yet to fulfill and WikiLeaks founder, Julian …[View]
189404894Anyone else voting dem midterms?: Hey everyone. Anyone else sick of the Republican establishment and…[View]
189413345German superman ironman champion on Hawaii wins triathlon: in record time... then gets down on one k…[View]
189407412A Mystery to Solve!: Lindsey Coleman, the finance director for the campaign of Rep. Tom O’Halleran (…[View]
189414607They wrote another NPC article.: They REALLY are SEETHING. http://archive.is/UkYtz[View]
189407288Antifa General: Why don't you join the right side of history? We outnumber you. We have the mor…[View]
189414542Why is she so hot /pol/? Hnnnnnng. >Smart move to get away from politics and into education too. …[View]
189410934What’s his end game ?[View]
189414443Not Surprising at All!: Looks like Don Lemon had a conflict it's a journalistic violation you l…[View]
189410471HAPPENING; 6 DOLLAR PER GALLON GAS INCOMING.: Trump Warns of 'Severe Consequences' If Saudi's M…[View]
189371112You know what to do boys! https://twitter.com/siano2020/status/1051239931119570944[View]
189412741My GF is an NPC: >be me >ask qt3.14 gf about her inner voice >'what's an inner voice O…[View]
189413079Murdoch murdoch: these guys maybe cringy in some ways But they are sure as hell more based than 90% …[View]
189411537Are Women retarded?: https://youtu.be/C73c13RfibY[View]
189406949Wtf I love the UN Now: Is the UN right?[View]
189413082Bolsonaro: What does /pol/ think about Jair Bolsonaro?[View]
189413938/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- BARRY LYNDON EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/Cj8JrQ9w5jY Hey you! Yes,…[View]
189409674Germans are ready to dust-off those ovens[View]
189398491Men have nothing to gain: From marrying a stupid bitch. This stupid bitch that I like has been livin…[View]
189413843Any of you faggots remember this feb debate? omg they are so retarded against trump. look at jeb and…[View]
189406780You just hate Jews because you are jealous of their success[View]
189409778Black Families: Black /pol/ I gotta ask, what the fuck happened to black families? I know Jews wreck…[View]
189412967Will we ever be able to stop the spread of Islam?[View]
189411381pol: we are alll going to be goyims[View]
189413606So let's go there Let's make our escape Come on, let's go there Let's ask can we…[View]
189413609Are there leftists in Israel? The ones who ask to take refugees, support socialism and shit?[View]
189405905Well /pol/?[View]
189399955Just an idea: Hey guys, I was thinking about how mainstream and big some of the other sites have got…[View]
189406371Npc /General/: The Npc can't control it's sexual urges.[View]
189411179Is Sundar Pichai Against Whites?: Pic not related[View]
189413509Today I will remind them. If you are an atheist you are a Jewish programmed NPC.[View]
189402264>get attacked by saudis >invade afghanistan >and iraq >and libya >and try to overthro…[View]
189406757/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Next Justice When? Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
189413470Can Ya'll dump your nazi/sjw meme pics. I need them for some fuckery. >promises to deliver …[View]
189412010THE MUTT-ISH QUESTION: What does it mean to be a mutt? I am 100% white but made of multiple ethnic …[View]
189407557CANADA YES!: H-1B: As immigration furor roils Silicon Valley, Canada smooths way for techies https:/…[View]
189412969Democrats struggle to get Latinos to the polls in key races: >Morales group was looking forward t…[View]
189411878But but Pitbulls make great pets and are perfectly safe https://youtu.be/lGjohGvjDEU Pic unrelated[View]
189406481Has anyone seen Poo Jeff Goldbloom?: Oh here he is. Pic related. Also, Poo Jeff Goldbloom thread…[View]
189388096Redpilling mutts: Is it even worth it? Or is it just inflicting suffering on someone who has no capa…[View]
189396828Extrapolation: This is where the world is heading: >Borders will fade as international cooperatio…[View]
189388628Change my mind: >this is David >David was born in England by his parents who are english citiz…[View]
189413020What is the story behind the outbreeding idea ?: crazy idea, don't you know that 50 years from …[View]
189373626When /pol/ releases all the ip addresses that come here with threads, responses & the names of p…[View]
189412930Did the LA Jefferson Parish anon who posted this thread deliver? >>189276848[View]
189404690What is NASA hiding?: Why do they use CGI, why is footage of the ISS never 24 hours long, why is it …[View]
189406404“Troll” an MP and be barred from Public Office and banned from Social Media: >Online trolls who a…[View]
189404387So what actually happened to her?[View]
189397776>France couldn't singlehandedly-destroy UK in a week TOP KEK BRITISH PIG SHIT!!! Oh believe …[View]
189409560Market Correction: Do you think there will be a correction in pic related market? How can i profit f…[View]
189391326are you ready for your children to rised by pedos and the body positivity movement NO you dont have …[View]
189412578Is White Shariah still the dominant philosophy of /pol/?: Or has it evolved again? Haven't been…[View]
189400472Why do Trump supporters love Saudi Arabia so much?[View]
189411723Im a Dutch Arab FvD party member!: We need to talk about what we are going to do to the jews! Pic re…[View]
189392116The most cancerous nation on earth: Imagine being literally 56% white, in other words the most cucke…[View]
189394803Is a Military Coup d'état in Britain theoretically possible: All you read about in the newspape…[View]
189405134Can some of you Jewish conspiracy types clear up a few contradictions I see in your logic? Things li…[View]
189412283>the most limpwristed, passive, anti-violent state in the US is still the most powerful How did i…[View]
189404226Hindu/Buddhist memeflags request: Don't know where to post this but since memeflags are only on…[View]
189412161Spaniards: Why do some Iberians look like this?[View]
189412154Houthis: Are these niggers winning or losing? What they fighting for? Is there even the slightest ch…[View]
189409777I was raised Mormon until I broke away at 15. Mormons will put on a face to show to non-members, but…[View]
189411805How based is this /pol??? THE DEEP STATE!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz5CcZt9Jlg Can Trump a…[View]
189408484What do you think about the Italians?[View]
189412060Joe Biden & Joe Donnelly LOW ENERGY: These are pictures from the JOE BIDEN and JOE DONNELLY rall…[View]
189407147NPCs: This NPC has very advanced programming. It managed to imply that African Americans are idiots,…[View]
189410518Voting is Futile Republicans - Blue Wave Will Drown Your Party: Stay hope and save yourself the emba…[View]
189410041Jewish Question: Alright, so the Holocaust thing didn't work. Can we breed Jews out of existenc…[View]
189403080Why are boomers such bad parents /pol/? >get born to boomer parents in commifornia >gen z, pa…[View]
189410930As Christians we need to be sweeter and more tolerant: “Not that which entereth into the mouth defil…[View]
189409493SHIA STRIKES BACK: alright /pol/ i don't know if you all realized but the favorite reality show…[View]
189411572>goy boys[View]
189410459how important are animal rights to people in your country, and you specifically? what do you think …[View]
189408560Americans are not white.[View]
189411279BTFO bigots[View]
18939144826-year-old Nigerian highest paid robotics engineer in the world: What would you be doing at age 26?…[View]
189392990So let me get this straight. Celebrities should stay out of politics unless they suck Trump's d…[View]
189411627The English teacher is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a loser, parasite, sexpat, dr…[View]
189407995Why is Trump moving so slow on deportations?[View]
189408126https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0eC1P3C4YQ I really wish these weak cucks would leave the country.…[View]
189410686The KKK is basically 200 white guys living in trailers. Why do people act like they're responsi…[View]
189411248Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
189408618Would you bow to a black king?[View]
189409229How will the history books remember his presidency?[View]
189387177Cuckboy strikes again: Heart of French language is in Congo, French language doesn’t belong to the F…[View]
189392939Why do trad thots think it's OK to be UNWED mothers? That is the worst way to raise a child. St…[View]
189411198CA Governor's Race: Why are we not talking about this more? John Cox seems like he actually has…[View]
1894101334 simple questions.: -Where did we go wrong -Is there a way to fix things? -What should we do now? -…[View]
189410216Please help unblock an NPC account. @npc182796 Nothing the account posted was offensive. One can rev…[View]
189408459Beto is going to win Texas by 5% Screenshot this[View]
189410656Has anyone here googled white couple and looked at the image results it’s pretty Red Pilling[View]
189392624Brit/pol/ - Sutton Hoo Party Hats Edition: Hope you're all having a lovely day[View]
189410618Oh no guys the Saudis might sanction us: >Saudi Arabia rejects political and economic 'threats' o…[View]
189406998Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Bavaria Has Fallen Edition: >upcoming state elections Bavaria: Oct…[View]
189408868>tfw you finally realised that the purpose of women in this world is to inspire men to do great t…[View]
189410745I was born in January 1997. Am I a millennial or zoomer?[View]
189410719What do you think society will be like in the next decade if this shit continues?[View]
189395343Coffee is a poisonous boomer drink It causes headaches. If you quit drinking coffee for one day you …[View]
189410010Mob -> NPC: Daily redpill[View]
189401721There are no Frenchmen on /pol/ because France is leftwing: They invented socialism and elected Macr…[View]
189408573/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- DAILY SONG REQUEST EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/LHcP4MWABGY Hey you…[View]
189409234Do you like more pro-Trump Kanye of a traitor Taylor Swift?: The time has came.Is /pol/ on Kanye…[View]
189388938He tried to warn us!: https://youtu.be/LikxFZZO2sk[View]
189408269Why niggers hate us so much ?[View]
189409730Castizofuturism: Should Castizo men focus on bagging themselves a pale conservative white woman?…[View]
189409227Why doesn't Trump care about working class white people? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/12/us/…[View]
189388931I feel bad living in Russia. Every day I think about how to get out of here. I think to make a porn …[View]
189406041Why does Football always promote this pedofihile shit with kids and sidenote YES portugués people ar…[View]
189406568NOVEMBER 11 MOVEMENT THREAD: daily reminder about most based party in Poland. >only anticommunist…[View]
189407922if international diplomacy was done via UFC would africa be the world leader?[View]
189403630Freemasons origins ?: Were they always kiked or were they actually good at one point?[View]
189405846Why don't you vote for dem?: Why don't you vote for democrats? If socialism is a bad as yo…[View]
189404618INDIA WILL BE THE BEST: The birth of civilisation. The birth of thought. The birth of culture. We in…[View]
189390906NEW MEMES? October 12, 2018: What new meme will the shills push next? -First it was Groypers (rememb…[View]
189407238Rare WW2 era German society/German aesthetic thread. Also link GOOD videos or complimations of Adolf…[View]
189409516How does Europeans cope with commiblocks ?: Give me a house or give me death[View]
189406287ATTENTION LIBS: we're tired of waiting and we're going to lobby for the wall to be built. …[View]
189389771Are Asians just a race of down syndrome white people: Think about it, we whites call people who are …[View]
189407781>we What are the chances for the first latina woman to win in 2020[View]
189404450Improve your reasoning skills: debate this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvskMHn0sqQ[View]
189398620So, where do we go from here? https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Police-investigating-threats-against…[View]
189395353do your worst[View]
189400462Yes good goy. Drink bleach disinfected water when there is nothing else to drink. >This is real…[View]
189403964/b/ has gone to shit. its fucking dead. i dont even like politics but i post here becsuse its the mo…[View]
189405687if you don't want us on pol then create zionist pol to contain us and make it impossible for je…[View]
189408909German comrades, so Bavaria is officially the second most awful German state now: Greens at 18.5 per…[View]
189405445ITT: We say Hello to Cenk, and call him a loser and a shill. Him and Alex Jones are perfect for each…[View]
189405843Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense.[View]
189405384Not even trying to hide it anymore: https://youtu.be/S7voPx_U5EM Remember that physical fitness and …[View]
189407747Ah yes...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylfto5YnOww Look at his virgin walk.[View]
189408257Is it possible that Jews are biologically predisposed to rule over Whites? I mean look at what is go…[View]
189406416Eddie Bravo disinfo shill?[View]
189401256/pol/, I think I might be gay, what do?: >Apologies for posting this here instead of /b/, but tha…[View]
189407411Redpill me on Bavarian people. Are they more cuck or less than the rest of Germans?[View]
189401444POTENTIAL ANIMATIONGATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJMHDGT629c Just wondering and have been loo…[View]
189403163>4 dead, 1 injured in shooting at toddler's birthday party >An altercation between two fa…[View]
189403255Is worshiping the devil the final red pill?: Face it /pol/ you guys have more in common with Lucifer…[View]
189399876Elizabeth Warrens truth...HALITOSIS from Hell: I have close friends who have worked with Elizabeth W…[View]
189388635NO DEAL BREXIT: >breaking >3 hours old Yeah I know but still, what're we doing about NI? …[View]
189389511Which side do you support more /pol/?: I personally stand with Israel in this one[View]
189407086Is anybody else unironically jealous of Muslims? >only religion that actively calls out the Jew …[View]
189404110What’s the deal with Jews? Why can’t they just leave us alone?[View]
189402968WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT THIS GUY AGAIN?: Noticed lately politicians and even President Trump seem to be…[View]
189407382Japan loves animals: wtf is wrong with Japan?[View]
189383903Christianity general: The Holy Bible frobids: >faggotry and other degeneracy >being a whore …[View]
189407791i thought it was a meme but white girls in europe are into niggers and arabs lol, im talking about t…[View]
189407440SLAY QWEEN: RBG will defend Democracy from the Evil Hordes of Trump! Git HYPE![View]
189404141A person should be judged by the decisions they make and by the merit that they personally display. …[View]
189407489Kraut hate thread[View]
189403657What did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1051389235406598144[View]
189402599what is your opinion on Monarchism ?[View]
189402106They're coming. Can Trump stop this? https://www.foxnews.com/us/over-1000-hondurans-head-for-us…[View]
189403095Not My President.. Not my President.[View]
189406341October Surprise?: Less than 3 weeks to go and still nothing from either party. What is the hold up?…[View]
189392091Since we're all redpilled here we know Marijuana isn't as safe as the liberal media tries …[View]
189349655Why do women think they are so sly for being easy to get? Just look at them. They think they are so …[View]
189403725Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Hope and Faith Edition: >upcoming state elections Bavaria: Oct. 14…[View]
189405921Monsters on tour --- Clinton Cash Grab: I so desperately want to move on to other things, two other …[View]
189406438Real NPC face bill Maher give $1 Million to the democrats midterms: Steven Spielberg donated $549,00…[View]
189401298Now, how will he convince Brazilians to vote for Haddad ? >Corruption charges >Tax-related cha…[View]
189406679This faggot Bredesen: Looks to me like an alien species from science fiction. I think it's his …[View]
189400666/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Emerald Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
189405946Is anybody else unironically jealous of Jewish people? >deep appreciation for their shared histor…[View]
189399339Why do Americans think that mutilating newborn baby body is alright?[View]
189403343Beto for senate?: Ok guys from Texas here, what are the chances that Beto cuck thats running for sen…[View]
189406523Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour's landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.: Kosov…[View]
189398447/hue/volution - THE FRAUD IS HAPPENING WITH THE HELP OF THE IRANIAN GOV'T: Situation: Pedro Rez…[View]
189394225The Omega Uprising! TV Incels = Organized Dark Web Rape Gang: Incels btfo by SVU. I just thought the…[View]
189394199why does /pol/ hate soros?[View]
189403741Jews BTFO: Return of Cat gods to defeat jewish snakes when?[View]
189389361Why are young white men having such a hard time fitting in to modern society?[View]
189399790How did 'Creepy uncle' Joe Biden get away with groping children in front of the media? Wha…[View]
189391078Spending hours larping as a lib to own the libs[View]
189403794I hate this sand nigger as much as the next goy... but what in the fuck is his motive for ordering a…[View]
189400909Have you bought Trumpy Bear yet, freedumbfats? If you haven't, you hate America.[View]
189396897Why does obesity exist?: What’s the real reason? Is it lack of self-discipline? Is it capitalism? Is…[View]
189402419Why are Americans so dumb?[View]
189404930Is swearing in public places common in your country?: Whenever I dare to go outside without my headp…[View]
189402539China teaches Western viewers how to talk in proud black bulls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxIUy…[View]
189396193“Honey I found the perfect lot to build our dream home, what’s the worst that could happen?”[View]
189402911I am pretty convinced that /pol/ is a meme, ever since I started smoking Marijuana I've been ab…[View]
189403685Going to Church, anon?: Set aside your differences and go to your local church, regardless of what s…[View]
189405346Just reminding you, fellow people, that Memel is ours[View]
189404711Environmental fascism is humanity's last hope. If ecofash does not occur, worldwide, humanity i…[View]
189380295Baptist Church vs Orthodox Church: How can you guys even compete ? Do you like praying in an empty r…[View]
189405328Explain yourself: >2018 >not supporting based donald trump the savior of the white race and we…[View]
189405325Just how fucked is the dating game? I just don’t see how even Chad thundercock can compete when you …[View]
189401269Hmm, I wonder why they'd be making a database of that? http://archive.is/DVbsN[View]
189394650europeans,: why isn't spain as green as germany, uk and france?[View]
189404924bavarian election: BAHHAHAH this is it boys. AfD 11%. Greenparty 19%. Das rite boi normies vote gree…[View]
189407462I never completed high school is there anyway I can fake it?[View]
189405052Your queen is gone /pol/: > Taylor Swift breaks silence on politics, supports Democrats in Tennes…[View]
189403886I went to mormon church today (for 3 hours)[View]
189402976why do white women do this?[View]
189387143Is France Finished?: A large minority of the population of France is black, and the President is lik…[View]
189404037Absolutely happening - Tone making first trade of the year[View]
189404942/cpg/ christian /pol/ general: So how was church today anon? Did you like the pastor’s sermon?…[