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203794347How come Jews get a pass?: Make it viral: asians get deducted points on ivy league. Blacks get them …[View]
203800315So where is: This alleged sex tape with Huma Abedin? > inb4 gross man why WELL MAYBE I WANNA SEE …[View]
203797771The MSM keeps making fun of Bernie for being old. I thought Liberals were inclusive?[View]
203783402THE JEWS ARE COMING FOR YOUR 1ST AMENDMENT: Videos Related https://www.bitchute.com/video/oBZxTHyMPR…[View]
203795590College student (20 y.o) interested in politics. What books do I have to read to further my knowledg…[View]
203799531But why there are so many chinks?[View]
2037983832020 ELECTION: REAL 2020 NOMINATION THREAD 1. Go to thispersondoesnotexist.com where an AI-generated…[View]
203794194>at airport >military get to board early >'thank you for your service' >pilot thanks mil…[View]
203796118Crisprr to engineer a disease that kills coloureds?: There is a possibility somebody could create a …[View]
203765766What in God's name is he doing?[View]
203798605Jewish cementeries vandalized in Poland: >This event is known propaganda, displayed for awareness…[View]
203798225ITT, we study the nature of the Jew. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1t1Tr32WHomM/[View]
203798133Guest who’s running for President?[View]
203800157Daily Reminder to GAS THE KIKES[View]
203796347I just realized Q was real... but what was the purpose? It’s not like him posting on this board real…[View]
203791655serbia is pretty fucked desu: please help me living in serbia has become unbearable for one simple …[View]
203799913>Trump cares more about shitskins, trannies, gays and kikes more than he does for whites Why eve…[View]
203794846is this whole Q thing for real: is this whole Q thing for real is there any evidence its not a huge …[View]
203799240So my DNA heritage results are ready. As expected from known family tree, I am mostly Iberian, combi…[View]
203796024BIDEN DUMP FOR UPCOMING PRESIDENTIAL BID: They started scrubbing him a few months ago to give room t…[View]
203798748It is about time.: Stop the homo's[View]
203797226Why are Germans and Scandinavians so supportive in the establishment of the islamic caliphate?: Woul…[View]
203797263Qanon is a psy-op by the trump adminstration to make sure boomers don’t question his constant betray…[View]
203798380https://youtu.be/A_MjCqQoLLA?t=240 just fucking look at this look at these englishman all so full of…[View]
203799373'COAL BURNER': Stop using it as an insult, there is absolutely nothing wrong with burning coal. The …[View]
203798952YES MUMMY[View]
203780979Is flat Earth (((subversive))) I'll admit at one point I thought it was glow niggers pushing st…[View]
203799142Here is your immigrant work force bro.: >I have refuesi What the fuck is that even supposed to m…[View]
203797175MORE SPLITTERS: This is the start of a coherent anti-Brexit movement in parliament.[View]
203793478You thought obliterating us from the ME and suffering the Samson Option was enough?: >In the 21st…[View]
203792088Who was in the wrong here?: Rundown: A Boomer donor to a university was doxxed from a 1980 yearbook …[View]
203796893Bid Data has become too efficient: Do big companies have too much information? Now they can search t…[View]
203775801*mic drop*: Only losers חeed there assault rifles they caחt fight with out it[View]
203768688im pretty sure we're all doomed[View]
203773693>visiting America >This is the price of chicken drumsticks How the fuck ? No wonder you fucker…[View]
203794481Ultimate Conclusion of Intersectionality: Greetings, my fellow intersectionalist comrades. As someon…[View]
203797363Post yfw we've been betrayed once again by a kike puppet[View]
203797704Boomers Destroying Marriage; Millennials Saving It: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-…[View]
203782873Brit/pol/ - Paki Eviction Edition: >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednesday ht…[View]
203794363The new natural order: Will you play this 'new natural order' promoting game anon?[View]
203789487Anyone regret voting for Trump?: And why do I get this feeling that Bernie's going to be /ourgu…[View]
203798654Be sodomized by gays. Believe they can only do it with same-sex.[View]
203796197Apple anti-LGBT emoji: based apple[View]
203798573It makes one think[View]
203797601DAILY REMINDER THAT BERNIE BETRAYED HIS VOTERS IN 2016: First they rigged the debate questions: http…[View]
203797269How wrong was he?[View]
203794943FUCKING WHEN[View]
203798000#Metoo: I have a bit of an idea on how we can fuck the #metoo movement. 1 in 10 males are raped and …[View]
203797332Former far-right Dutch MP politician who branded Quran ‘poison’ CONVERTS TO ISLAM: https://www.expre…[View]
203795786/pol/ Practical Clothing: For everyday clothing in each slot - Where are you buying your clothes the…[View]
203797713Hey /Pol/ I’m pretty sure that shit head hitting his drum was confirmed never being a vet and has be…[View]
203795901Can you imagine, banging colonail women and raping native sluts. Burning churchs full of children an…[View]
203794980> The gubment totally concocted this nefarious plan to stage & fake an attack using hundreds …[View]
203789115https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2012/10/04/five-minutes-with-guy-verhofstadt-daniel-cohn-bendit/ …[View]
203797833Kidnapped Girl: What would be the likelyhood that a girl kidnapped by a pimp years ago would still b…[View]
203797087What happened to her?: What happened to the young innocent Hillary? Why did she choose Satan?[View]
203797405Muh rights!: muh rights!!![View]
203797231In australia the leftist want to set a minimum price on the milk (price fixing) to 'help the drought…[View]
203794358phobiaphobe: we need lexicon to overcome the x-phobia eg your a homo, trans, or whatever phobe. Mayb…[View]
203792586in 50 years from now youre going to remember the time you did nothing to save the white race. fact y…[View]
203790208464-0 the anti-semetism law passes during a shutdown Congress that it is now against the law to say …[View]
203789875I think Venezuelan military just told TRUMP to eat sh*t: Venezuelan military rejects Trump threats, …[View]
203793406Why haven't you taken the mathematical red pill yet? If you aren't studying mathematics or…[View]
203793990Loli: Do you autists really think loli isn't legal cp for pedo? God you're stupid[View]
203793195why is this board so full of statist bootlickers?[View]
203785481About the 'ethnostate': There's not going to be any ethnostate if you faggots are too scared to…[View]
203797236Why did retarded democracies take over the world?: That constantly parent adults around and act like…[View]
203796266White trash: >we're here to apply for entry to the ethnostate what do we do about the white…[View]
203792173What is your opinion on Brazil and Brazilians?[View]
203793719So you found this cute little girl that abstains from sex before marriage? Good luck, /pol/[View]
203769576BREATHABLE MARS IN 10 YEARS: debate me /pol/... 4 vesta or 2 pallas can be collided into Jupiter res…[View]
203790025Yazidi woman recognizes ISIS captor and rapist on London Ont., Canada bus: He is a powerful voice fo…[View]
203791590Are thing really so bad?: I think echo chambers like /pol/ can make the world seem worse than it rea…[View]
203795166Seriously does anyone even believe this shit?[View]
203795714Trump has become a gay icon (no bait): https://twitter.com/ScottPresler/status/1097993465537970176 '…[View]
203788888Tucker after previously attacking Abarams, now defends him: Why do we get people shilling this obvio…[View]
203759788Anyone notice vaccine shilling recently?: I havent really done as much research as i probably should…[View]
203770414I want to join: I want to join so I can better understand the world and the experiences of great men…[View]
203788453Day 20 of no weed: Life is great. No more “toking” everyday before going to sleep. Dreams are the re…[View]
203795085ask a Mexican anything[View]
203793143Could someone explain to me why a no deal is so bad? It's just the EU telling you to fock off. …[View]
203795850Kek OC Roll Thread: Let us remember the power of summoning and ancient diety frog God to meme a pres…[View]
203783499This speech is 100% correct I’ve watched this time and time again and this speech is amazing You c…[View]
203784921/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Real Comfy Hours: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
203793224Why are they falling?[View]
203788307which genes are more dangerous (in terms of looks) which has the more dominate genes? asians or blac…[View]
203796016Hikikomori being lured out of their bedrooms: Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of t…[View]
203793204Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203795028What was his end goal?[View]
203780519Who here owns a gun? I love my gun. Sometimes i wish someone would try to break into my house so i …[View]
203795966Which one are you?: Treatment of Gentiles Not to intermarry with gentiles (Deut. 7:3) (CCN19). See …[View]
203782363BREAKING: TRUMP IS IN BIG PILE OF POO NOW !!!!!!!!!!: Trump accused of seeking to sell US nuclear ‘s…[View]
203793806Sustainability class 101: I just pisset off a bunch of enivormental activists. >be me >be for…[View]
203795862SJWs got their priorities Straight: That most be the only decision by apple I actually fully endorse…[View]
203795851Interracial violence: Post your opinions on interracial violence as well as videos of fights etc. Fo…[View]
203794161Was Shamima Begum a violent terrorist?: I've seen this picture doing the rounds. I mean it coul…[View]
203793749Why has Trump been given so many jew awards?[View]
203789285>get a Christian virgin wife >she starts working as a refugee helper in the parish >bring h…[View]
203795374Fuck the centrists and liberalists.: Wad up all the Jordan Petersons and Sargons with toilet paper a…[View]
203792487USA Hate Thread : Why jews choosed the mongrel to become his main puppet, he is retarded, low iq, on…[View]
203794272Abusive colored Troopers/police officers: Why is it when black police officers use excessive force, …[View]
203793401He's the only candidate that cares about white men and giving us our much needed neet bucks.[View]
203795610Why do Americans still support Trump when he'a literally one step away from giving trannies equ…[View]
203788008Why won’t Spain grant them independence?[View]
203795207Lord give me the strength to put through this hardship, give me the strength to stay positive. Lord …[View]
203795508Are Bayou Niggers white?: I've been learning how to cook gumbo, and in the process I learned ab…[View]
203794253Freemasony: How has anyone not figured it out yet? Our country and our systems are rigged, it's…[View]
203795382Sorry about the whole ruining European Nationalism forever thing My bad guys[View]
203790797Can someone explain to me why Europe sucks so hard compared to the USA? Europe has no Apple, no Mic…[View]
203795014Daily reminder for Burgers on /pol/ that Day of Gun Grabbing is coming soon, thank you for your atte…[View]
203793054AMA: I'm an abortionist I offer my services 100% of no cost to woman of colour.[View]
203790224fractional reserve: Could anyone point me into the direction of some simple banking regulations? I c…[View]
203795069ITS HAPPENING: HOLY SHIT, TRUMP IS BUILDING THE WALL. Here’s the livestream btw https://youtu.be/C2…[View]
203786972Trump should be arrested for treason. https://www.rt.com/news/451879-trump-transfer-nuclear-tech-sau…[View]
203788203If you don't invest in VTSAX you are a Jewish thrall.: ____WTF is VTSAX?____ The vanguard total…[View]
203792968Would you betray your country for a night with her? The NRA and top Republican officials did.[View]
203787340By how much will white Americans be reduced?: I would say at least to some 33%. That's because …[View]
203792267>pol was shilling he had gone insane >he's obviously not insane >/pol/ confirmed mossa…[View]
203794694Roastie Joins ISIS, Wants to Come Back Now: >Hoda Muthana, 24, joined ISIS at the age of 18 >M…[View]
203792171Can you say 'stand-in': https://guardianlv.com/2019/02/ruth-bader-ginsburg-the-notorious-r…[View]
203778991This board is rapidly losing faith in trump, what happened? Oh i know, he totaly flipfloped on key i…[View]
203789327Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense.[View]
203792597Why US media still suck chink dick despite US is in trade war with them?[View]
203790583What became of this skank? Where is the dude she accused. Ameribros pls respond.[View]
203767326Chase is closing conservatives accounts: NO MAN SHALL BUY OR SELL..... they also closed down a joe b…[View]
203780418LIST YOUR TOP YOUTUBERS: 1. Styxhexendoodle6969 2. Mark (((DICE))) 3. Nick fueÑtes[View]
203794254Who else gave up here ?: I've never really had a goal growing up so I kinda let myself flow wit…[View]
203792437What makes this book important?: Old Testament (((Tora))) >jewish propaganda >unoriginal >b…[View]
203789907/idpg/ Italian Dogs and Politics General.: Thread about Italian Dogs and Politics, all Gratissimum.…[View]
203794080Vaccines: Why is it so hard to get actual official numbers on how many deaths are caused by vaccines…[View]
203784219Just look at the glee on this idiot's face. She thinks NYC saved $3 billion.: https://www.youtu…[View]
203794068>When you lose to drunk slavs and no lebensraum so you have to pay exuberant prices for a tiny sh…[View]
203784591Reminder that Ann Coulter is never wrong.[View]
203793888DNC Grey Propaganda Attack Dog: The Democrat have an attack dog named Shireen Mitchell, who's j…[View]
203790785Ideal /pol/ country: >letteraly surounded by wall >no muslims, jews or christcucks > No wes…[View]
203788962Trump is a foreign agent, and here is proof: I’m a libtard, sure. I don’t particularly like you, sur…[View]
203793937Drug laws need to be completely re-thought: Discuss[View]
203784658I shouldn't care because i live in Russia, but when i see such a display i start seething uncon…[View]
203789610This is what your grandkids education will be like.[View]
203793795Trump to Nominate Jeff Rosen as Deputy Attorney General: Yet another kike in Trump's cabal http…[View]
203769612/RMH/ REAL MEN HOURS -- BAD GOYZ ONLY EDITION: We all know what (((they))) are doing to all of us. W…[View]
203790724NO CHARGES: Breaking: Police will not pursue charges on Smollet.[View]
203793491Breitbart going neocon: Just look at this >Iranian- and Russian-backed dictator Bashar al-Assad o…[View]
203793690What is your profession /pol/? I'm a landlord.[View]
203792594Art thread. Post arts you like. Rate arts people post. No degenerate arts allowed. >Bust of the v…[View]
203788976Name my band /pol/[View]
203792392Will the west return to it's former glory? Is there really any hope?[View]
203792701IM GETTING GOOD.: I have a jewish 'friend' at university and i repeatedly fart near him and burn him…[View]
203793571>Super Bernie Bros 2020 BWUMFIES BTFO[View]
203792299That's what happens when you turn your back to god: Repent![View]
203793536*blackmails your party*[View]
2037935204D Politics... Ok I Get it, but: Trump is playing 4D Politics, but were the fuck is our Wall? Govern…[View]
203793338Why are South American hispanics so based?: Why are they so different than Mexicans and Central Amer…[View]
203790385Is it true ?[View]
203739488United Nations to Ban Lolis: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/02/u-n-proposes-initiative-to-ban-lo…[View]
203793407Now that everyone is running for president, including my mom. I will vote for her. Who will the peop…[View]
203776762How are the alt-right/white nationalists any different to Afrocentrists?: From an outsider (a normal…[View]
203790036anti-Trump shill thread: discord trannies share your shills on how Trump betrayed his base.[View]
203779643AUS/POL BURULI VIRUS EDITION.: Hey lads, how are we? Labor pledges $300m to students with disabiliti…[View]
203785732What God did 'Gott mint us' refereed to? I doubt it was the (((Abrahamic))) God? Because that seems …[View]
203791394Hitler Youth: >Watching an old school decent documentary on amazon prime about the HJ >They we…[View]
203793168Operation hit a woman: Hit a woman this week /pol/. Smack her right in the mouth and say 'you watch …[View]
203793158SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203793121Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203786703Who the fuck would want to impregnate this? It's worse than fucking a goat.[View]
203793076Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: Jody Wilson-Raybould is persecuting Trudeau…[View]
203792610Pay for my 2nd lake house, goyim.[View]
203792958All those who rule, program their people. The powers that be are responsible for everything. How do …[View]
203793055Why arabs say they share similar culture with southern europe when everything is different? Let…[View]
203773331Has russia ever improved since the Soviet Union collapsed?[View]
203792191It’s time to repent /pol/: How have you sinned? What do you do to hurt your God, Race, country, and …[View]
203771553Holy shit this hashtag is pathetic.[View]
203789863Why is being a boy about being a male being a leader but being an adult male is suddenly about being…[View]
203759175As far as mainstream culture (music, tv, movies etc), Im getting really tired of the nigger shit, an…[View]
203788444TRUMP FOR 2020 SLAM ON THE BERNIE THREAD: let us band together brothers the day trump reigns again …[View]
203766910Daily reminder that depression is not the state of feeling 'sad'. It's the complete absence of …[View]
203792596New 9/11 Investigation: With irrefutable evidence for controlled demolition, the first grand jury in…[View]
203767908Today I was on the verge of suicide: I was in a really ugly a bad blackpilled mood, and I already ma…[View]
203787607OPEN MIC: say your piece[View]
203791466What’s the redpill on Allen Dulles?[View]
203790665>Westerners really think Japan is good first world country come on I guess over 50% nip want to m…[View]
203782348Fuck history, fuck all of history: So let me get this straight, 12000 years ago when humans were acc…[View]
203791414So apparently there a glitch that allows you to make anti lgbt emojis. Thoughts? https://www.youtube…[View]
203786771>h-hey man you seem like a nice guy, I’m really broke and I’ve been driving for hours to see my d…[View]
203783482Three words: Bend. The. Knee.[View]
203782022If Intersex Exists, Why Can't Non-Binary Exist?: I know an intersex person who dresses androgyn…[View]
203792025Nuclear war has started: >sleeping >suddenly wake up >hear strange noise like a siren >w…[View]
203791595Whats wrong with diversity/immigration? Not sure why most people here are anti-immigrantion. It’s go…[View]
203792263post your antifa-tard database[View]
203791052How would the media react If the maga kid won his trial and donated it all to Native American charit…[View]
203791641Stop failing Niggers, Raycist Professor: Universities should be punished for giving black students l…[View]
203786139Come here to apologize: STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW![View]
203790809It’s OK to be white Israel is anti white ———————— Ergo, Israel is not OK[View]
203792154We've been making memes this whole time: When we should have been making hot chocolate stands. …[View]
203787278Alabama editor who called for lynchings by Klan should quit, senators say: https://news.yahoo.com/al…[View]
203792108The Jews will be destroyed if we don’t stop “Cultural Marxism”. If anyone overrides it with force, i…[View]
203791808>Russia and China will nuke JEWSA down to ashes in your lifetime Feels good man…[View]
203791982Poofters on TV: Whose idea was it to make US Television a showcase for men to suck each others cock …[View]
203790964Women, I'd like you to imagine a western world where women's suffrage didn't happen. …[View]
203782070Look at this dude square in the face and tell me you can't smell his slimy progressive agenda f…[View]
2037617012020 Predictions Thread: What are your predictions for the 2020 presidential race? 2016 was such a m…[View]
203788648'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: When will people learn to never be…[View]
203791799/SIG/ Self Improvement General[View]
203791504Idea for redpilling the masses: Do you think there are facts that will immediately redpill someone a…[View]
203790888state enforced homosexuality: Military enforced homosexuality is peak-neocon boomer mindset hey libt…[View]
203773193GAME OVER BURGERS.Behave properly or you will see...nothing: Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce …[View]
203791281Just snapped this in downtown Copenhagen. People are wanring up.[View]
203784811some hippy posted this on Faceberg. It makes no sense and it's cringe.[View]
203790159Obama pushed for Muslim Brotherhood puppet dictators after he orchestrated the “Arab spring,” so his…[View]
203791357ITT: fringe, patrician conspiracy theories >jfk shot himself >john nash created bitcoin >al…[View]
203791288Haha: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-concerns-w…[View]
203791306Just imagine if the race/gender was reversed[View]
203791263Jews think they’re “gods chosen race”. I think it’s time we end it.[View]
203791184Trump shouldn't bother building a wall at the mexican border. He should build it around all the…[View]
203791108YAAAS TRUMP SLAY: Broke: Beating the democrats Woke: Becoming the democrats Face it bigots! State en…[View]
2037909902020 election opinion: People of pol do you think Elizabeth Warren has any cahnce of winning the 202…[View]
203791072How come he wasn't allowed free speech?: Why do Americans claim to be pro free speech then bomb…[View]
203788740Are Chinks losing the Trader War?[View]
203783390Fellow leafs, are you tired of the globalists holding you down? Why not join ID Canada? Break the sh…[View]
203791017Most people think everyone is equal: Average people don’t know about IQ differences among races. The…[View]
203788231National Socialism is for the People: Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of research into why …[View]
203790284Since 2013, almost 6000 Western Europeans left to join ISIS. Now the hundreds who are left are going…[View]
203783394Why are there no right wing politicians in the world who aren't corporate whores? Why is there …[View]
203789398Best opinion ever: Children should be taught about pedophilia in kindergarten and elementary school …[View]
203790850Good job: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-concer…[View]
203788589Them only thing that the 1% fears is that identity politics will stop working and that the people th…[View]
203790690Now that the coup in Venezuela has failed and opposition protests have disappeared, is a US invasion…[View]
203790391what is the most PC thing your school has ever taught you? mine taught me that racism towards indige…[View]
203790433Guess Kamala has daddy issues now: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/19/kamala-harris-ja…[View]
203789224lets say christianity was the true religion and all else were wrong: what would that mean if the all…[View]
203789057>Not being Non Denominational It doesn't matter what kind of Christian you are, as long as …[View]
203780272I have done research and I'm convinced that Wisconsin is the greatest state in the union. Prove…[View]
203790342gender idenetity: My gender identiy is banksexual and my pronouns are 'bank' 'banker' or 'banksy' Is…[View]
203784937Is socialism the answer to the jewish question?[View]
203768116/pol/ humor thread: There hasn’t been one today at all. Lighten up, fuckers![View]
203787851Why is this... man not being sued? He lied, and did so very publicly.[View]
203789544Maga nigs: >walk into a club >these guys slap your girlfriend on the ass What do?…[View]
203787179Trying to start a troll group on YouTube: Just trying to start a troll group on YouTube. I'm si…[View]
203786408Why are the DNC shilling Kamala Harris so hard? Are they trying to lose?[View]
203790093Which one is /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA-YetL__5Q Well?[View]
203790061Can anyone tell me more about the documents and manuals OP is talking about in pic related? Nothing …[View]
203790057is zucker a nigger hater or lover?: apparently there has been controverdy in the past arguing both s…[View]
203783821Why did it take a literal fucking paki to stand up and do the right thing for once? Why are white po…[View]
203789878The spectacle: Is the spectacle an actual thing? Is their really a material living metaphysic that t…[View]
203786985You haven’t taken the red pill...: ...if you think Trump is going to save America and is still worki…[View]
203786567oooooh ya open borders yall. prepare for some D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y[View]
203787046Which one of you: did this? https://www.rt.com/news/451867-massive-swastika-kiev-mall/[View]
203782786Look at this, look at this and honestly tell me that we deserve guns. Guns are literally made to kil…[View]
203789775>2019 >His country still uses the first past the post voting system…[View]
203779249Lonely Pills: Will you get a prescription when it's available? https://www.theguardian.com/us-…[View]
203784574V.P.: What keeps him from killing the president and then pardoning himself?[View]
203789546Did this actually happen?[View]
203789640Wisconsin needs Puerto Rican Teachers!: Well, Scott Walker screwed over all the school teachers in W…[View]
203786749Russia bans military from using smartphones: I tought this shit was standard practice in most of mil…[View]
203785917What is your favorite law?[View]
203786346Does Anyone Even Care That Dems Just Passed Legislation With A Fake Hate Crime?: The Senate on Thurs…[View]
203781663Why do people like Stephen Colbert support Bernie Sanders?: Why do people like Stephen Colbert and o…[View]
203782141how do racists explain how Tealc is black but also honorable and smart[View]
203782885Nigerian 2channel: https://www.nairaland.com >/r/4chan/[View]
203784792Was the anti-lynching bill pushed by Israel?: I really gotta know.[View]
203785989Can anyone redpill me on Hitler? I hear a lot of people saying he's a bad guy, but they say the…[View]
203788297The eternal “CO2 lie”: Who benefits from telling Americans and Europeans that their CO2 emissions ar…[View]
203786114Who's this Q fellow I keep hearing about all the time?: Really who is he?[View]
203785262Here's a replicable plan to have lots of beautiful white babies and an awesome life. 1.)Avoid c…[View]
203782209Why were the Frankfurt School philosophies / ideas adopted by so many in the West?[View]
203769953OFFICIAL BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT 2020 THREAD: Get the fuck in here Bernbros Posting this every…[View]
203788950Q predicted this: He did actually https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-grows-frustrated-wi…[View]
203785142Where did all the BIG BRAIN threads go?: Man not too long ago you could find one or two threads that…[View]
203785823Why can’t this guy stop fucking retarded women? Is it a French thing?[View]
203786939Nobody outside /pol/ expected this place to have such a huge impact in the 2016 elections. They…[View]
203783954Is Jared Kushner unironically the anti-christ[View]
203788099Help: Leftist white male here. How do i avoid being called a racist, homophobic, sexist bigot for si…[View]
203777051TARIQ NASHEED REDEMPTION ARC 2019: https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1098091434882752513…[View]
203782832/RPG/ Redpill General: bump so newfags could see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p…[View]
203783948No refunds.[View]
203787861Just jihad it[View]
203784551I miss the higher international presence. A lot.: Being able to talk to people around the world to s…[View]
203783221MFW brexit and Trump didnt do anything other than make people more hostile to right wing politics.[View]
203786884Unlike you, I get my news from a reliable source! Where do you get most of your news from?[View]
203745679Skribbl /pol/ #4: Welcome, good goys and gals, to the fourth nightly session of /pol/ skribbl. Had …[View]
203788311/PRG/ Pet Revolution General: The pets are currently biting the hand that feeds them, but it is not …[View]
203787944Are the Dems united as a group or are they tearing each other apart? I can't tell anymore.[View]
203781701Funny isnt it: >yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every …[View]
203784910Should we invade Iran to liberate gays?[View]
203788254Is this us /pol/: https://youtu.be/IencOy9OeHQ[View]
203783266Based Burnouts is making Bank: The madmans at it again! How much money does he need to overthrow T D…[View]
203774856People that should run in 2024: And who you would want to win it all.[View]
203787950THEY ARE LOSING CONTROL OF REDDIT: The fire rises, brothers.[View]
203788075Amerimutts have to die in Iran so that sodomites may be safe and prosper: Hahahhahahahahahahahahahah…[View]
203784600Red-pill thread!!: Red-pill me on the Bosnian genocide[View]
203780107Donald Trump has conducted FIVE completely private meetings and conferences with Putin, and has gone…[View]
203785059Doubters BTFO: Shills BTFO![View]
203788023White people have no cultur-: https://twitter.com/missmalindakat/status/1072175332969582599…[View]
203788018I salute you George. A real hero.: The Unconditional Surrender statue in Sarasota, Florida — depicti…[View]
203787815>Be batshit insane leftist retard >Even politifact won't cover for your bs CUT MY LIFE IN…[View]
203783517Roger Stone, told you so...: The internet seems to think Stone isn't one, but I've thought…[View]
203787929Who is your favorite 2hu, and why do you hate the jews?[View]
203783827what's his fucking problem?[View]
203787712Can /pol/ prove that black people are not targeted by police and get harsher punishments in court be…[View]
203787684civil war 2: do you ever feelbad that we lost the war? if we won, we would still have slaves today t…[View]
203786585Anyone miss America in the early 2000s?: >America was still great >Patriotism was at an all ti…[View]
203787708Follow for follow https://twitter.com/coffeentrees?lang=en im a newbie and would love the support…[View]
203784929Why do you not like K.I.N.G. OBAMA?: Greatest president of all time, got golden grills where his tee…[View]
203787640Supporting radical socialism like Bernie and Warren is the best 4-D chess move we can play atm. The …[View]
203763946Is it me or are we having a ton of shills trying to undermine President Trump? I never seen so many …[View]
2037798034chan is the most tolerant place on internet: I know it sounds like a lowkey bait, but: > You are…[View]
203786309Well how does it end /pol/? what would happen if there were 100 Dylann Roof attacks in a month?[View]
203784836A reminder: You are safe here hiding behind your computers and phones, but keep it here. Take that s…[View]
203771256/PRG/ Prayer Request General: Need prayer in Christ Jesus name? Our Prayers move mountains. >Lo…[View]
203783072HAPPENING!!!!: Happening!!!! Get this: This is the allowed meta-/pol/ thread. Can we vote to ban th…[View]
203785649NatSoc Economics: How is Democratic Socialism different from National Socialism other than one being…[View]
203777834Black Budget #01: Hey, /stormfront/ tonight I am sharing with you the first issue of my independent …[View]
203785378lol, weren't the nazis fucking weirdos guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cQYFcu5NiU[View]
203773473How the fuck those people don't have an ID card?[View]
203775409fashwave general[View]
203785318What was she thinking in this moment?[View]
203784972Why do most /pol/ users base their political positions on personal anecdotes instead of peer reviewe…[View]
203785894'The higher the education level, the more likely they are to vote Democratic.' Hmm... interesting. R…[View]
203783347Goodboy neckbeard greentext: >be me >be at dollar store grabbing some shit >wearing MAGA ha…[View]
203787001Every time I see commies on this board I can't believe they're not being ironic. It's…[View]
203775007Kamala Harris's family were SLAVEOWNERS: Das rite niggas. According to her father's autobi…[View]
203775176>A New York Times poll asking 10000 Americans what European countries they'd like to visit o…[View]
203785882Who do we get to primary Trump in 2020?[View]
203785477Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203785612Would Jew look at that. What did he mean by this?[View]
203759581/BWG/: Bioweapons General: This general is for discussing and researching biological weapons (and th…[View]
203776847I Still Laugh at How...: Hillary cheated Bernie out of his rightful nomination then they beat his as…[View]
203785562Now that Trump has 10bn fortge wall from NEA, will a continuous wall be constructed?: When Trump exi…[View]
203780723What did jesus mean by this?: titus 1 (kjv): 10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and decei…[View]
203786697Are people with autism allowed in the ethno state (coming from a white guy): Are people with autism …[View]
203786672It happened!: My first thread that was getting traction got pruned. I am the hacker 4chan[View]
203778879I know you guys hate mexican immigrants but... What is good point about Mexican and Mexico?[View]
203766069Apex Legends has on its front cover: >Non-Binary Tranny? (Left) >Lesbian (Middle) >Fag (Ri…[View]
203786562>But we can't all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadersh…[View]
203786554Ameri/pol/ - half-Americans edition: You're witnessing some of the first few editions of Ameri/…[View]
203786545ITT: Abortion: Drop red pills and discus abortion here. LWC new abortion vid:https://www.youtube.co…[View]
203786542/pol/ un-earths criminal ring: Hey /pol/, report EVERY channel in this list. Look at their playlists…[View]
203786070Attorney for Covington Catholic High School student sues Washington Post for $250 million: YES YES Y…[View]
203784900>be in 10th grade english class >teacher assigns research essay on wealth inequality >'th…[View]
203786371'hate crimes': most “hate crimes” in the last 40 years are perpetrated upon boys of pale complexion …[View]
203785664What happens when whites learn to jew?[View]
203786087Why do liberals make trash like this famous?[View]
203785702Why are Escort Sites Still up After FOSTA-SESTA: Trump signed the FOSTA-SESTA act to curb traffickin…[View]
203785359>mfw the whole MAGA movement was a Zionist Neocon psyop Jew me once, shame on Jew. There won’t b…[View]
203784466who are the good guys? who are the bad guys?[View]
203779082Where were you the day Bernie Sanders, the 45th president of the United States, announced his campai…[View]
203742327Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home: https://www.foxnews.com/science/teen-bui…[View]
203785748> 'The very word Jew is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently a…[View]
203785425What is going on with all the Israeli flags: So I noticed that they are not hiding anymore. There…[View]
203785466Accelerationism is the path forward. Burn it all down so we can rebuild from the ashes. Kamala Harri…[View]
203785202Why doesn't Japan have an identitarian movement?[View]
203785551SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203783368WARNING: If we had a perfect political system would anyone on this board have a problem with it?…[View]
203782123I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
203773032My 600-lb Life' star Sean Milliken dead at 29: F foxnews.com/entertainment/my-600-lb-life-star-…[View]
203782747PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ @realDonaldTrump …[View]
203785337Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: is persecuting Trudeau for having imagined s…[View]
203783019INDIA HAS BETRAYED US: Why is Trump still giving the poos H1B visas?[View]
203785063I wish we could send them all back to Africa where they belong.[View]
203785268Transnormalization Memes: Memes that represent your fragile masculinity and how triggered you are by…[View]
203764890Daily reminder that if you were born poor in a third world country, your life is already wasted. Eve…[View]
203785136Is Marie Kendo secretly our girl?[View]
203779130Who will be kicked out of ethnostate first, pajeets or beaners?[View]
203785086where does this work?[View]
203781310/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Late Night Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
203783041post more drumpf[View]
203784886Jordan Peterson: When I see Jordan Peterson my bullshit detector starts ringing. He only positions h…[View]
203781865Why did so many transgendered serve in the Wehrmacht?[View]
203784931You can only pick three(3) of major gods pictured to help you fight the kikes. Which ones do you pic…[View]
203781628Proof or strong evidence that humans are causing extreme weather events?: I am trying to, with an op…[View]
203778759Where's our leader?: Where is he? Or is it not quite time yet?[View]
203784797Who stole my bike?: https://youtu.be/-uvgUzccFFw[View]
203784844Cory Booker - First Gay College Football Player: Prove me wrong[View]
203784744They wouldn't be here shilling against white ethnostates this hard if they weren't terrifi…[View]
203760736Imagine being liberal in 2019: >still believing all the races are equal >still virtue signalin…[View]
203782665Daily Reminder That Self Improvement Doesn't Work: Your genes determine your life potential, no…[View]
203784242Yo Dis Eureethra, Yall Cracka Ass Be Wilin Out: Yall craka tripin[View]
203777048He's back to save us. Don't fuck this up. He has all the pros you guys like about trump, w…[View]
203784076Will this day ever come?[View]
203779914Should porn be legally required to be censored in Japan?[View]
203782988I hope he runs in 2020 for one reason only: to put pressure on trump to do something about this fuck…[View]
203783056Dear god tell me someone here feels the same.: Does anyone else feel a deep sense of being completel…[View]
203782118We need a wall: Right fucking now. The Mexicans CANNOT take over my country. Our Founding Fathers ar…[View]
203783114/pol/, You're not getting any richer, therefore, I'm proposing an opportunity for you to g…[View]
203762040>in america the person on the left is considered 100 percent black and the one on the left white …[View]
203784128How deep is his prison wallet?[View]
203771556Is it illegal to mail gay porn to random addresses in Saudi Arabia and Iran?[View]
203783568Why do we continue to tolerate such blatant racism in journalism: ?[View]
203773057Any Remote Viewers Out There?: What's the deal with Russell Targ, remote viewing, and SSRI? The…[View]
203776871Trump to spread the queer agenda worldwide: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump…[View]
203780288How will trump’s homosexual worldwide legalization campaign work? Does this mean sanctions on countr…[View]
203782930The DA offered to wear a wire and he asked the FBI lawyers about it?: Why is he on this book tour ad…[View]
203767399CIA IN VENEZUELA: BOOTS IN THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: WTF …[View]
203778456Illegal Immigration Debate: >be me >in political discord >arguing that democrats have eithe…[View]
203782399Pic unrelated: Should I, as an Arab, revert to worshipping my ancestor’s gods? Why/why not[View]
203734618>Be 50 year old millionaire comedian >Date 27 year old model >Get insulted and hated on Why…[View]
203780671She Read It: Did You?[View]
203782711Maajid Nawaz The Zionist Globalist Gets Smashed: Happy days my friends, this piece of trash zionist …[View]
203782241I fucking hate the Queen of England.: >be me >fucking hate the queen of england >mfw…[View]
203783561the hidden YT CNN epidemic: heres a thing to try >search for any relevant national news headline …[View]
203769555Femanon here: C-can i bring bf into the ethnostate?[View]
203782664Why did the pope kiss a Muslim?[View]
203783504Why is Russian Propaganda on /pol/?: The only reason /pol/ likes snow niggers is because of pic rela…[View]
203783256*indirectly gets your guns banned*[View]
203770359Millenials: Why aren’t Millenials buying houses and having kids? We have record LOW unemployment and…[View]
203781394holy fuck ITS OVER https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/19/politics/andrew-mccabe-trump-law-enforcement/inde…[View]
203783178Smollet: Did anyone notice how jussie emphasized cumming for trump?[View]
203781114>Trump: Pressures the world to de-criminalize homosexuality >Faggots: Thats racist!!! And colo…[View]
203780448MD gonna ban all the guns: List of bullshit in various bills that are being pushed soon >all 80% …[View]
203781830What’s The Worst Law Your Country Has Passed?[View]
203783135I support Bernie Sanders because he triggers nu/pol/. Remember when /pol/ was about memes? Now it…[View]
203783216Fuckwit tries to Redpill Boomers.: This faggot is trying to Redpill boomer cons on Zionist scumbags,…[View]
203783119>macron is not jew pupp-[View]
203780658GUYS, CNN IS /ourchannel/ NOW! https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a26415538/cnn-hire-rep…[View]
203783149H*moids like to think they're hotshit but we all know that bacteria are the ones who really run…[View]
203772505Trump signed amnesty and banned the wall. Why did he do it anons?[View]
203781900Who is your favorite political commentator? Mine is Lara Logan.[View]
203782646Pathetic Subhumans[View]
203769890Why do white women do this so much? At least much more than women from other races it seems.[View]
203781046Is Christianity really the right religion when you go to hell forever just for worshipping idols?[View]
203782764What do?[View]
203782645It’s over for Trump.: *BLocks your path*[View]
203782660/pol/ glitch, kek[View]
203777147This man has paid more in taxes in the past year than most of you will pay in your lives. What can y…[View]
203780335I didn't know The Golden One was a faggot: https://www.bitchute.com/video/V6yG3FHjEldc/…[View]
2037770035G Thread: Haven't seen one in a while. >What is 5G? The 5th Generation in wireless communi…[View]
203781149Degeneracy: Any people near Denver CO that can boycott this place and kick some degenerate asses? Th…[View]
2037809336IXBUZZ: Fellow Canadian dwellers, what are your thoughts on '6ixbuzztv'[View]
203778921The Absolute State of Reddit: this image is only the tip of the cancer ht tps://www.re dd it.c om/r…[View]
203781311Is Darth Vader /ourguy/?: Damn...[View]
203771286I bet /pol/ can‘t guess the meaning behind this map: .[View]
203782013Why is the far-right so easily offended? Seems like every kids movie with a black guy in it gets the…[View]
203767582>The left can't me-[View]
203780279Venezuela Ackshully Helped Haiti: Gave oil and gas at 1% interest to Haiti amounting to $2 billion. …[View]
203780814Blue Lives Matter, but Do They Care About White Lives? Lets find out: https://www.bitchute.com/video…[View]
203781957>Black women are beaut-[View]
203778875The Progress Party: Canada's new left/populist federal party: >Why haven't I heard of i…[View]
203779626Here's something /pol/.: 40,000 years of evolution, the New Guinea Singing Dog becomes a New Su…[View]
203778273Would you vote for this creepy guy?[View]
203781589Is it strange how many absolute disasters the dems are having as of late? what is next? Mueller bei…[View]
203767116So what excuse will zogbots give?[View]
203769820Vans Employees 'Fuck You' MAGA hat kid!: I know it is a faggot favorite for shoes, but in case any r…[View]
203759395How did this happen bros?[View]
203781877>uralic language >conquered and bred by Mongols Are Finns white?…[View]
203780098>more and more millenials are moving back in with their parents, facing student loan debt, and pu…[View]
203777314Guns are goo-[View]
203781375Election fraud is very real: Just not from the left wing[View]
203781754What are /pol/'s thoughts on the incel epidemic? Why does it only affect the alt/far-right?[View]
203781674Should Arabs revert back to their worshipping ancestral Gods?[View]
203780771SWAZILAND AIDS: Swaziland has an AIDS rate of over 27%. Imagine 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 of the people aroun…[View]
203781620France is jewed to death.: It's really sad in france right now. I'm in Quebec and read th…[View]
203779438ITT we send Trump our energy: Discord Trannies are not welcome[View]
203780123who else fell for the shitablican meme? gonna give them a big fuck you in 2020[View]
203772659Jonestown, thoughts?: >Communist >San Francisco >Cult >Majority Niggers What does /pol/ …[View]
203778073How did he do it?: Here are the time stamps for the Q posts and Trump tweets written out. First two …[View]
203763399The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, J…[View]
203776643Help! We’re being genocided!!![View]
203775933the perfect britain: time for the celts to take our country back from the sax, you cant debate me on…[View]
203781282how do we end Feminism[View]
203776757/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || You're Fired! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
203779703>1990 >turn's out it wasn't germans murdering poles, it was germans murdering jews a…[View]
203777924Does France have an anti-semitism prob?: serious replies only[View]
203781038oh no[View]
203780773Illegal Alien Accused of Repeatedly Raping 15-Year-Old Girl in Kentucky Illegal alien Andres Villarr…[View]
203779055>Every country that does socialism gets destroyed by MURICA >Murica then says socialism doesn…[View]
203780955Alternate Reality: Look how far it's gone in the last 2 years. These normie publications and th…[View]
203780252How do we kill Captain Marvel, /pol/? Or at least more than Larson is already.[View]
203780826It's fucking over. Fascism will not prevail in America. Get fucked Trumpfags[View]
203779807WE NEED THE WALL: PLEASE, BURGER BROS, build that fucking wall, i don't want that shit in my al…[View]
203777591Apple, Google pressured to drop Saudi app that lets men track and control women: Insallah! http://ar…[View]
203775082Bernie Supporter Admits to 3 Felonies! gets ZERO jail time!: This disgusting roastie drug addict sel…[View]
203777944hello /pol/ i have started to get annoyed with edgy nazi wannabes talking shit about subhumans yet n…[View]
203776940Commie general: Get in here comrades.[View]
203780460What can you guys tell me about Hitler BEFORE he became fuhrer (or at least before the war)[View]
203777825>Trump literally makes niggers lunch themselves[View]
203778406Friendly reminder to all neo-nazis and neo-fascists that Hitler submitted to the Slavs in April 1945…[View]
203780525MD Gun Ban - Secession Edition: Original thread: >>203761671 List of bullshit >all 80% lowe…[View]
203761671MD to ban ALL guns: List of bullshit >all 80% lowers banned , no grandfathers >all ar15s inclu…[View]
203769649Who are the legit 2020 contenders?: I wanna know who /pol thinks are the REAL contenders for 2020? I…[View]
203780481How to stop White genocide?[View]
203777191Why is Bernie such a threat to ptgfags?[View]
203777013Amish People: What are your thoughts on the amish?[View]
203771494Trump cancels California’s train to nowhere: Why is nobody talking about this? Rekt[View]
203772447Message to shills: Reminder that only stormspregs and leftists are against Trump. /pol will always s…[View]
203780067What was this guy thinking?[View]
203780232UNCENSORED TRANNY SURGERY: Tbh... I’d bang this trap. How about you Pol? https://periclesjacks.wixsi…[View]
203780224Did we just get ZOG'ed?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gnEcPRKfRpXZ/[View]
203761462KAMALA HARRIS IS FUCKED!!!!!: https://twitter.com/chicagotribune/status/1098040323752804354 https://…[View]
203779877Democracy is very fragile because at any times ignorant majority can mislead country and plunge it i…[View]
203779723Help us damnit: Oh my oh my oh my let's eat a PIE https://github.community/t5/Project-Developme…[View]
203777972Today I realized PTG and r_donald are paid shills. How the fuck did we come to this?[View]
203756630I was blacklisted after working at the Sunspot observatory the FBI raided: I worked at the observato…[View]
203772515/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Most Oppressive Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
203779426Huh: So where’s the global warming Thanks Obama[View]
203777752>Trump declares emergency >Shills start working 24/7 in full panic mode Are we getting a secre…[View]
203779872We had to create retarded shit like milk and OK signs in the past to trigger leftists. We no longer …[View]
203779837The Endless Zionist Wars Saga -The Playlist- From 9/11 to Current Day: Have some anti-zionist politi…[View]
203779767Laws: Laws are basically instructions that describe how to use force. If nothing triggers that force…[View]
203779751>Imagine growing up in an all-white community >Imagine never having to ever fully interact wit…[View]
203758115Joe '______' Biden[View]
203779615Will it happen?: Will he go on WWE? Surely its his only hope for victory in 2020. Is he really fit e…[View]
203776310Twitter is fucked: I literally made an account and was nice as possible to people talking pure shit …[View]
203779668>'Bro, why are you so anti-Israel? Why yes, I support Israel. How could you tell?'…[View]
203774444Why has the last 3 years been so good to us: honestly /pol/..... it began in 2015-2016...and it…[View]
203769579Why haven't the jews been able to gain control in China? Have they even tried?[View]
203778790The Horror.: Mayor tells everyone to panic as a Huge cyclone is about to destroy everything, over 4 …[View]
203779486>Ana Navarro is a Republican what[View]
203779565kill the evil pepples: Help guys need help yes we I yes Nazi help me damnit green gas Bose Einstein …[View]
203775562Daily reminder buy a silencer or mill one before these things become illegal like MGs in 86.[View]
203778764Oh Flower of Scotland: When will we see your likes again? That fought and died for Your wee bit hill…[View]
203776651Should Jeb run as Bernie's VP?[View]
203779435So...uh...now that the media is entirely controlled by commies...academia is entirely controlled by …[View]
203768003Notice the Qs?[View]
203775248wtf: incels are now forming dark cults that have their own music: https://soundcloud.com/evilcelmusi…[View]
203774367It just does not make any sense.: How can people look at men in a dress, right after they had a quac…[View]
203777594The Endless Zionist Wars Part 8 - Banned From Jewtube Edition: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oBZxTH…[View]
203778672Are we pro-enlightenment or anti-enlightenment? Libertè, Egalitè?[View]
203776225This is the redpill right-wing faggots refuse to swallow. Trump and his neocon buddies love open boa…[View]
203772365Alright, /pol/ red pill me on Tulsi Gabbard. Why should this sand nig have my vote?[View]
203779253Honk Honk IT IS RAEL: >WE KNOW WHAT MUST BE DONE https://www.mynbc5.com/article/bernie-sanders-su…[View]
203776616what is X ?[View]
203777164Sanders, Gabbard and Yang are the new faces of /pol/. Support a real candidate this time, not a zion…[View]
203773674Washingtonian fascism: George Washington is the founder of this nation. We should build our nation a…[View]
203774523Why are incels voting against their own interest?[View]
203775984>Survived for thousands of years >Survived people's attempts at destroying them (Roman Em…[View]
203778283What's the best meme site to submit memes without getting into trouble? Pic related, Know Your …[View]
203769355the white question: I get the jew question but why is it that you guys continuously ignore the white…[View]
203777097MIGA! Our next great hope: So guise I know you're a little dissapointed with Trump being a pupp…[View]
203776951https://youtu.be/AZS5cgybKcI >evil abusive pibble owner is a white guy >asian male black femal…[View]
203757332A quick dose of reality for you all: If the Democrats actually choose him he’ll win. He has a very …[View]
203764237Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203775812What's /Pol/'s official theme song? I'm presuming this but I'm open to suggestio…[View]
203766485Explicit FOOTAGE TRANNY SURGERY!: WTF Pol. How is this degeneracy normalized!? https://periclesjacks…[View]
203750354GLOWNIGGER SPILLS BEANS ON TRUMP, Q, KUSHNER, AND MORE: Part 2, previous thread hit bump limit >…[View]
203778418What's the point of paying people for content anymore when machines can generate an infinite am…[View]
203775911Do you think he's getting into the race solely to fuck the Democratic Party which so badly fuck…[View]
203778183Why couldn't the militarily superior 'classical' civilizations resist the Germanics?[View]
203773196Rich Hate Thread: How can we help Bernie fuck the rich in half for destroying our country?[View]
203766466When did you stop supporting Trump?[View]
203776777'Socialism promises a better future, but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past.' - T…[View]
203777997Gareth Bale Land: How come you never see anybody with one of these flags?[View]
203774549POWERFUL: Explain yourself white man[View]
203777408>2019 >people in the west care more about fucking dogs suffering than human children getting s…[View]
203775568Why do the jews want to replace white people? What do they gain by replacing us with idiots who can’…[View]
203743263>H-hey Mr. Sanders, nice car. Looks pretty expensive. >Wow, h-how much? >Yeah mine isn…[View]
203778013No, you're not white, close the damn mouth fucking Mexican: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beh…[View]
203777984Is this what true feminism looks like?[View]
203777971The frog paradigm is a very hilarious one. They are very elitist and have an over-inflated sense of …[View]
203775768JewTube Shutting Down the Goy: Every single time I put tripple parenthesis in a comment on the googl…[View]
203777676Huawei founder & ceo: US can't defeat us: Otherwise, you know, the guy whose daughter you y…[View]
2037749422016 2 Electric Boogaloo: >he didn't HODL his 2016 bernie vs trump memes >everyone sold t…[View]
203770029Today I visited my gran in the nursing home: It seems that her, as well at all of the other boomer o…[View]
203777720SAVE US KEK: CHECK EM[View]
203777231Can someone redpill me on Net Neutrality? 3 years ago everyone was at each others throats saying if …[View]
203777614These Skidmarks.....Too Accurate For Sandpeople: This one time I had to blast the neighboors gazeebo…[View]
203766288Many countries around the world voted fir a more right leaning government. Even in neighbouring coun…[View]
203757044In 2024, the GOP will be a dead party.: The democrats have transformed into the socialist party. Wha…[View]
203768452You're not fooling us you facists. We oppose your bullshit racist nazi schemes. https://www.out…[View]
203771005Why did he betray us?[View]
203777379Finally, a Useful Book on Identitarianism https://www.amren.com/commentary/2019/02/finally-a-useful-…[View]
203777144>homosexuality helps control the population >most countries that ban it are are 3rd world shit…[View]
203777359Why do rightwingers consistently get triggered over literally nothing?[View]
203773512That was quick.: I typed in “Money for nothing” and was banned literally within 1 second.[View]
203777288so did trump give the sauidis nuclear weapons? GENIUS![View]
203750893Why do muslims love dying so much? WTF is it about these goat fuckers that makes them so fearless?[View]
203772404The west is beta pussy whipped cucks. Islam is the future. Debate me[View]
203766569>20 >underage nice laws you got there ameritards…[View]
203762020Bern's spending that campaign money wisely on shills: Notice how every single internet image bo…[View]
203776681Open borders: Why do we want a wall and enforced border protection. I say open all borders and let a…[View]
203777015Vaccines: When will you guys understand that anti-vax people don't actually believe what they…[View]
203772714ITT: Historical figures that would browse /pol/: Starting with the best one.[View]
203776938>let's inject our kids with a potent cocktail of unknown chemicals and heavy metals for dise…[View]
203774860Black navyfag here. I support Trump and white power movements due to me also supporting black power …[View]
203773602Are they losing the Trade War? If that is the case, then would they simply wait until Trump is out o…[View]
203776603Was this not the greatest Shitpost in 2019 so far ? How will Jacob (((Wohl))) ever recover ?[View]
203765015JQ Exposed - THIS Utterly Destroys Peterson: JQ totally confirmed Very well academically researched …[View]
203776670/pol/ has made me less racist: I know it's counter-intuitive considering how racist people act …[View]
203760628When will /pol/ accept LGBT?: Some of us gays are pretty based. Despite being an anti-capitalist, An…[View]
203775294The White New Deal: >How to make this a thing?[View]
203770932Thank you pol: Just want to say that I'm a teacher who works with near-special education studen…[View]
203753055>there are more UIDs in a single /qresearch/ thread than all of 4/pol/ >most of 4/pol/ is shil…[View]
203769052MSM IS ISIS?[View]
203771473How many of you are to this point?: Is anyone else feeling like this? >be me >realize politica…[View]
203776008911 Facts and Info: Post what you got[View]
2037682787 Months? 8 Months? After Birth?: It was not a slippery slope at all, but an avalanche of degeneracy…[View]
203776309'Free Speech Activist' postd nudes of Mike Cernovich. Since deleted. https://twitter.com/Timcast/st…[View]
203771763Find as many Jew + Muslim organizations you can, and meme them. This is how we redpill boomers. It…[View]
203776249>Aging population![View]
203776237'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: I love seeing these bitches squirm…[View]
203776216Doesn't this guy just wanna go to jail to have homosex[View]
203775612MUTTS ASSEMBLE - AMERIMUTT THREAD, EUROFAGS BTFO: Good evening mutts, ITT, say one good thing about…[View]
203773257Imagine being a shill actually thinking they're changing a single vote[View]
203774056How absolutely Jewish https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-administration-launch…[View]
203774412Nooses are now offensive: So now we can’t tie nooses because some SJW, shrill, or nigger can’t see a…[View]
203775654It's good that Jussie wasn't really attacked. If you're sane like me, you don't …[View]
203768810Am I a Jew?: >big nose >above average iq >argumentative >radical left views >tranny …[View]
203775974anyone on /pol/ watch married at first sight? is ines /ourgirl/?[View]
203774138Anyone else feel nigger fatigue from nothing else but a single tweet? This is from the past half hou…[View]
203770075Here's what I don't understand; Let's say that 99% of the earth's scientists are…[View]
203772534What the fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXX9IJu_4pg&feature=youtu.be[View]
203764500pol never debunked the mainstream view of the eastern front: Why is it that on this board debunked n…[View]
203772715Have you ever mansplained something, /Pol?[View]
203772133WHERE WE GO ONE: WE GO ALL[View]
203775193never forget[View]
203766096No home for white man[View]
203771600/tg/ - Tulsi General: /tg/ - Tulsi General Tulsi Gabbard wants to end the fed and end AIPAC. When di…[View]
203772675Listen to me, white people.: Your government no longer represents you. They applaud your demographic…[View]
203775403How will drumpf deal with this?: 2020 will be the first voting year that Millenials outnumber Babybo…[View]
203769942>whites are the master race! >b-but jews control the world! why don't whites control the …[View]
203751546Brit/pol/ - most noble of men edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjD3EVC1-zU …[View]
203772881Is It Time To Accept Transgenders?: https://twitter.com/saraTonin79er/status/1095212603427692544?s=1…[View]
203774108They've gone to far. They are attacking the King; the Duke. Libs are anti-white; anti-American …[View]
203767239>Police: We've got two people in custody, are you happy to press charges? >Smollett: Of c…[View]
203774461This is going to be epic: Cant you feel it? the left is already calling sanders a nazi, a sexist, a …[View]
203770887REGIME CHANGE = GOOD ![View]
203773327Anyone regret voting for Trump?: Is the end of our hopes and dreams bros? When did Trump betray you …[View]
203766392LOL *dunks on the libs*: >gets sodomized by bruce jenner live on stage haha lets watch the libs a…[View]
203769935Redpill me on the East India Company Successful example of capitalism or white colonialist oppressor…[View]
203773456Have you ever thought that we are the subversives that are destroying society? Have you ever thought…[View]
203774306Hey /pol/, so the Reddit sub r/politicalhumor is an absolute toxic mess of berniecrats who get but h…[View]
203769868>Libertarians will spazz out and defend their corporate masters if anyone asks for a 15$ min. wag…[View]
203770895Based niggers on pol: Are there any based niggers here?[View]
203774565Reminder: In ONE week, Trump signed a BILL that maims his own border policy and gives 15 Million kid…[View]
203757250THE BLUE WAVE CONTINIUES: A Muslim Democrat defeated a white Republican in tonight's Virginia H…[View]
203767163Accurate translation: This seemed like the board to go to for this, if I'm wrong please correct…[View]
203764028WHITE GENOCIDE: Friendly reminder that you're all complacent in the White Genocide that is occu…[View]
203773578Halp: Send us some of that global warming Pic related[View]
203773045Birth rates by ethnicity went down: Is there still hope? Immigration is the cause of increasing mino…[View]
203774365is this pedogate?: I am always on the lookout for suspicious things where I live this is somewhere i…[View]
203770355WTF Trump is cool now!![View]
203767983Ask for a raise: What if 'ask your boss for a raise' became a meme? Wages are stagnating. People ar…[View]
203773553A movie about a white girl falling in love with a white boy in 2019???[View]
203772738Amazing!: Amazing![View]
203773819Trans people confronting their elders: Regardless of your beliefs on transgenderism (its a mental di…[View]
203771287Who agrees that once Trump isn't reelected (or even, if the Mueller investigation finds him gui…[View]
203770921Are you with them?[View]
203753541When will you realize that whites are only the larval form of the master race? The true superior rac…[View]
203770601/pol/ literally cannot refute this[View]
203773817How many /pol/acks are manlets?[View]
203772234Re-Upload My Documentary: Why LeBron Got Away With A Hate Crime Hoax*(*Allegedly): https://www.youtu…[View]
203770634How do my fellow burgers deal with pic related. It's eating me up every day and I can't st…[View]
203770095Memri thread: I just caught my wife cheating on me with my best friend and now I'm super depres…[View]
203757012Thoughts /pol/?: seems to be enough for all of us[View]
203760729Most Disgusting City Ever... LA! Typhus Epidemic: Bringing back rat born diseases with the illegal m…[View]
203771487Please make the baby black: For political reasons. I can't do it because I'm retarded and …[View]
203773408Gays redpill thread: I corrupted a few of my folders somehow. Need to rebuild my folder on the homos…[View]
203773387>spend late 20s saving money and working out >finally ready to meet a girl and start a senpai …[View]
203770637The real redpill.: Once /pol/ accepts this redpill, the prophecy can continue.[View]
203773312One Question for Maduro?: Where are all the honeys mate? I need to seed before it's too late.…[View]
203772419HOW DO I CHANGE MY VOTE?[View]
203773176B B but it's only $500 million of your money For the unenlightened, Obama's Personal libra…[View]
203771176anons, how do you deal with failure?: I've always been a cocky motherfucker about my intelligen…[View]
203772850Your opinion on this man?[View]
203729896HAPPENING: FLYNN PLANNED TO GIVE NUKES TO SAUDI ARABIA: Now we know why the judge was so tilted at h…[View]
203772920DNA Test Thread: To everybody who gave their dna to Jews, post your results her to see if you get in…[View]
203752133IT'S HAPPENING: Jews are getting nervous: 'Justice Clarence Thomas Calls for Reconsideration of…[View]
203771981Damn it pol! You faggots made me believe a like!: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.scotusblog.com/20…[View]
203772761Is it possible that, long-term, the UNITED STATES was thought to be a seed of failure, cultivated by…[View]
203771398REMINDER!!!! TRUMP ̶D̶I̶D̶N̶'̶T̶ DID SIGN THE SPENDING BILL!!!!!: https://congress.gov/bill/116…[View]
203762884It's okay to be white but being a fascist is not okay.: Hello, i'm white and that's o…[View]
203768761Defend this, boot lickers. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-rapper-killed-car-was-sho…[View]
203771540This man can not be President: Creepy Uncle Zionist Joe is dead or in prison in virtually every othe…[View]
203772664BASIC /pol/: >highschool, 1980s, radioshack trs-80 to say my BASIC is very rusty would be an unde…[View]
203772649Redpill: Hitler was a narcissist. So if you told him “dont start a war in France or else you’ll be k…[View]
203767534/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Finishing the Wall Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
203772545I need to fill my 'YO LIL DONNIE' folder.[View]
203772474FRESH NEW OC - The Endless Zionist Wars Part 8 - Walk Away From Light: Hello /pol/ This is a continu…[View]
203768741This man is the future president of Argentina Say something about him[View]
203770158Why are so many children growing up without fathers?[View]
203731485Éire/pol/ - Ag Honkáil Edition: Have some OC Nationalist Parties in Ireland: >The National Party.…[View]
203771899YOU CHOSE THIS, ANON: tRump is fully cucked by the Israeli elite and the Mossad. Pic related the abs…[View]
203765392Is leaking nudes pol approved? Aka revenge porn? Seems like a pussy ass move[View]
203772272When did /pol/ get so original?[View]
203769316Why shouldn’t this man become president?[View]
203772209Should the LGBT community kick out the Trans part? Why are they even in it? Its not a sexual orienta…[View]
203772202hot piece of ass.: thoughts on jane sanders?[View]
203762853Take the test post your results I’ll start with myself https://www.politicalcompass.org/test[View]
203769222Drumpf stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourslef![View]
203771919Semen retention has long been practiced by our forebears. Throughout Indo-Aryan tradition and even b…[View]
203771889If Biden gets in these freaky Dems are toast.[View]
203765589are working and middle class white people the new jews? the new scapegoats for the western world…[View]
203759953ITT /pol/ writes our breakup letter to Zion Don one word at a time: Dear[View]
203771648ALWAYS REMEMBER: /pol/ is, and always was a NENE board! Hifumi fags need not apply[View]
203743173I’m in a position to disappear: I make 4.3k a month just for existing for the rest of my life don’t …[View]
203771313is it over yet: it just feels so hopeless are countries being flooded with 3rd worlds I see our race…[View]
203768895Based Bill Exposes Democrats: 10+ years later and now the enemy we used to know is our ally. Were we…[View]
203770314>If you have kids with a black person the kid will look complete 100 percent blac-…[View]
203755983Show me a place that has a better scenery than Europe: Pro tip; you can't....[View]
203769344is there a single country that all of /pol/ would agree is 100% white[View]
203770067I was wondering /pol/. Are there any sports, or games, or anything remotely based in competition whe…[View]
203766486>These two in power at the same time Trumptards on suicide watch[View]
203762217Name 1 (one) thing in your life that would be different right now had she won.[View]
203769378not a Race WAR!: Who wins?[View]
203767595Unfathomable rage: How does one deal with this feeling, it makes me numb and not being able to enjoy…[View]
203771238Honestly whats wrong with a peaceful ethnic cleansing?[View]
203767063Its so cringy seeing americans and canadians LARP as nazis on the internet. American and canadian wh…[View]
203767721late night glow nigger thread: spy frens, let the LARP begin[View]
203766243Kamala Harris' staff is literally working for Twitter and they're banning accounts!: They …[View]
203770427By merit of survival of the fittest, Jews are the Master Race as they rule the Earth discuss[View]
203767258MAGA: - all money to Israel - no wall ever - 424-0 for a bill that goes perfectly along Jewmerican '…[View]
20374352716 States sueing over border wall: WALL BLOCKED[View]
203767750Why did everyone stop talking about this?[View]
203770778>yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every day social drop…[View]
203770797>bernouts still posting bernie 2020 threads[View]
203770879Looky Heya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeqR9B_cwVU This nigga finna bout to get prosecuted for …[View]
203769836RIDDLE ME THIS: 1) If cuckservitudes want less gov't controls, then why do they support totalit…[View]
203768316Boy called 'Little Hitler' for using hot chocolate stand to raise money for border wall.: …[View]
203769951#YangGang: >What's to give me $1,000 a month for the rest of my life >Wants to save the w…[View]
203768894can someone give me a link to a mein kampf pdf. or some sort of fascist or natsoc literature, maybe …[View]
203768485Hello everyone, I've recently joined the NEET crowd and loving it: I just wanted to share my jo…[View]
203765424I have been to several other first world nations. Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Ireland. And whene…[View]
203767426Remember Trump? He’s back! In ZOG form![View]
203770570Why do nazis hate Christians so much?: Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hitler Al…[View]
203770581Oy Vey Gas Chambers Were Disinfectent Chambers: Sh-sh-shut it downnn!!!! the goyim know!!! The Gas C…[View]
203757003HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA: >According to aides, Zion Don is not only looking to sow dis…[View]
203763452White on white crime: what do you gentlemen think about this particular video? was the biker in the …[View]
203764773What is the solution to Latin America?[View]
203770422You guys seriously haven't fallen for the marriage meme, right /pol/ You are smarter than the a…[View]
203769604I'm 37, I've never voted once in my life, but in 2020 I'll be voting for Howard Schul…[View]
203754843What is good industry/career to do these days? Preferably something that is not going to be automate…[View]
203765489Will homosexuality be legal in the Reich? It's not like they're hurting anyone...[View]
203763385Hmm. Not bad. Nice shape[View]
203747711The fuck???: Read the Breitbart article. The cope is strong as fuck. >Hur hur, as long as they k…[View]
203770265All that $ went to Hillary remember?[View]
203769299Will Hilldawg go for round 2 in 2020?[View]
203767540Anyone regret voting for Trump?: And why is Bernie turning into /ourguy/ where Trump has failed?…[View]
203757570Why are there so many white girls who date interracially in Canada[View]
203762089Do you think Bernie will sell out again?[View]
203769949based big dick ted has a better chance at building a wall than trump ted will win in 2020 and will m…[View]
203769887Mainstream media always makes withdrawing money from a bank look like a bad thing https://youtu.be/S…[View]
203755872Millennials: Why aren’t Millenials buying houses and having kids? We have record LOW unemployment an…[View]
203767025IT'S HAPPENING[View]
203763893End Dual Citizenship in Congress: Just wanted to say you're either an American or you are not. …[View]
203769475Is it possible to have a nation with libertarian ideals, but still have strong national security? Wi…[View]
203769400Bernie 2020 yall!: Imagine donating to a politician[View]
203769329My fucking god. How cognitive dissidents do you have to be to buy this shit?! Like, its not even a p…[View]
203759367How come certain people always call everything a kike plot? Like every time something good happens o…[View]
203739838Why and when did you start posting on /pol/?[View]
203768871Israel evicts Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Old City and replaces them with settlers.: https://m…[View]
203763739Race WAR!: Who wins? Blacks Whites Asians Retarded People Mexicans ..... I'm going with white…[View]
203767366Dont forget[View]
203768561Bug spray rabbit strings.: >“Sorry Bernie. I'd love to vote for you but it's time we st…[View]
203764229The UN wants to ban anime: https://youtu.be/FtC7yOnasf4 Did the UN just go redpilled? Now this isn…[View]
203769484What the absolute fuck is going on with the Spanish far-right?: And aren't they vehemently Zion…[View]
203768702a talk about policy: https://youtu.be/oBIxScJ5rlY 'its not that we dont care, we just know that the …[View]
203752976hey /pol/, is this a good book? I want to more about the federal reserve and banks and why its bad e…[View]
203759899Friendly reminder to all neo-nazis and neo-fascists that Hitler submitted to the Slavs in April 1945…[View]
203769315Are you ready for 2020 Trumpfags?: It’s over for you. Bernie can still win. ;)[View]
203767854I would be willing to believe chem trails are real if someone can explain to me one thing: Why woul…[View]
203746560He will win and has good optics: Bernie has this next election in the palm of his hand. He captivate…[View]
203769026What was he doing?[View]
203769290Look what happens when you look up Daniel Carver: OH MY[View]
203764840Opening of trade to china and WTO: Was watching a republican debate from 1999 and it went full retar…[View]
203751470FUCK IT REDPILL ME: Former bluepilled NPC cuck here ready to open my eyes to the Jewish threat. Redp…[View]
203768256Why do jannies delete threads if you point out the fact that Cortez has a cock nose? Pic related[View]
203769246Hillfags BTFO[View]
203765330Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not b…[View]
203769226>>203764571 yes[View]
203751591Anyone else pissed about this?: Just saw it in Fox, first saddened, then angered. The sailor passed …[View]
203757901>Unlimited immigration There are people on this board who will defend this.…[View]
203758024Is it possible for women to go back?: Do you guys think there’s any possibility we could revert to s…[View]
203766037/nsg/ natsoc general: /nsg/ - Natsoc General ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ …[View]
203768626>be me >be redditfag >finallymycakeday.jpg >make OC for the special day >get no upvot…[View]
203768082The germans are glorified losers.[View]
203768861New Trier video yearbook 1995-1996: My high school. Look how normal everyone is! Girls dressed in no…[View]
203768839Reminder that the Democrats still don't have a platform to offer voters for 2020. They still ar…[View]
203747592should prostitution be legal?[View]
203755026How do we stop elites from becoming transhuman and exterminating all of us plebs?[View]
203764945This isnt real right? How could they enforce this?[View]
203768700What did she mean by this?[View]
203764148Don't be a bootlicker: Just remember, we actually have the right to travel freely without the u…[View]
203760876IGNORE THE 'HES A JEW' JEWS: >Thread on a topic with agreement >Thread next day on topic being…[View]
203762471NO REFUNDS: Is it just me or is there a huge influx of socialist jew loving faggots on /pol/ today?…[View]
203754315Forgotten Midterm Promises: With all the talk focusing only on the wall, let us not forget that this…[View]
203762079Why are far-right individuals always low class, low education background. Why are they never the int…[View]
203758879It’s really pathetic when you guys do stuff like this.[View]
203765159will trump be impeached?: MSM has been telling me for the last 26 months that trump will be impeache…[View]
203766600Why are jews the far superior race?: You can't prove me wrong. Why are the Jews always right? A…[View]
203752935Take the Bluegrasspill: >American folk music >Developed by English, Irish and Scottish immigr…[View]
203752938Nick Sandmann’s lawyers file $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post.: https://www.wlwt.com/art…[View]
203765279Anti-Abortion advocates are basically Anti-Vaxers. >My Body My Choice. Yeah, my body, my choice..…[View]
203761856Jesus fuck why do Canadians have to bitch and whine about everything Trump on /pol/ and twitter? Is …[View]
203762992New Peter Zeihan talk Pretty much the same stuff, but updated to February. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
203768025Ethnostate: Will the seceding of Alberta coincide with white Americans winning liberation from this …[View]
203768013Teenager who joined IS group in Syria to lose UK citizenship.: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mi…[View]
203766961Gay conversion therapy: Hey /pol/ Think of all the left wing causes that were wrong: >Global Warm…[View]
203764204Feel the BERN IN HELL: I see why he’s so appealing to millennials and my generation Gen Z but when y…[View]
203734538>a generation of single, unmarried men in insecure low-wage jobs unable to afford their own homes…[View]
203765771Chase closed another account. Won't be long until we see a full-spread coordinated social ostra…[View]
203767953Kike Memes: Post your best kike memes below[View]
203755223That's because all of these Trump supporters don't even know what socialism is.[View]
203766041Close the gate! It's the media![View]
203765569Kek....: >> “That is an effort to use the levers of power of the government for a corrupt purp…[View]
203743224American Logic 101: > Americans support the freedom to guns > Americans don't support the…[View]
203766828CNN 'accidently' labels governor caught in blackface/klansman pictures a republican[View]
203766147'Our socialist state will be based on the Swedish model': You blithering simpletons.....when Sweden …[View]
203766200Night guys![View]
203766117Why are so many white nationalists not even fucking white? Pic related: Kai Murros, a finn(golian)[View]
203762623Twitter censoring anti-Kamala Harris posts: Kamala Harris' staff is literally working for Twitt…[View]
203744052Leaf/PPC General?: Hey fellow leafs, Ontarian here. What are your thoughts on the current state of o…[View]
203767383This is for for anyone who is confused about why we need to address economic factors that effect peo…[View]
203767639No shills or faggots you can fuck right off. I want to see outlined a 5/10 step plan, your opinion. …[View]
203762743/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Making America Great Again Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
203767375It was all going fine, until joe took it too far..: My reaction says everything...[View]
203756995Generation Z is da best generation broo: yo dude. Generation Z is da best bros. fuck boomers, fuck g…[View]
203767402Why did they look so good and why are today's Germans so ugly?[View]
203762203Why do Wh*Te women have less children with Wh*Te males,: when we know that they are able to have mor…[View]
203753185>Introduction to Nordicism Nordicism is the continuation of both Scientific Racism and Racial Bio…[View]
203764707>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing. How true is this? if true, what i…[View]
203752145Make the word CIRCLE Hate speech: Start calling them circles Kike is derived from the hebrew word f…[View]
203763652>board is called /pol/ politically incorrect >99% bootlicking normalfag conservatives >say …[View]
203767089Make America Venezuela: He actually said this. How is this forgivable?[View]
203767080Anarcho-Capitalism: Redpill me on Anarcho-Capitalism[View]
203761376How redpilled is he /pol/?[View]
203762346War when[View]
203766505Sometimes I wish I was born asian: Sometimes I wish I was born asian, the whole world is nothing but…[View]
203766216Robert Mitchum named the kikes before it was cool. Way back in 1983. >That Championship Season ma…[View]
203766067Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Mark 14:10-42 Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve…[View]
203764581Ralph Norton for President: Hello, Ralph Norton here and I am running for President. I hate niggers …[View]
203766477Wouldn't the death of /b/ be equal to the birth of Slaanesh and the fall of the Aelderi empire?…[View]
203747761Fuck Montana: What do you think?[View]
203764357What the fuck is wrong with White people? https://www.12newsnow.com/article/news/crime/mugshot-relea…[View]
203766572At what point did you realize that YOU were the newfag?: Feels bad, man.[View]
203766414Why are Europeans such bootlickers?: I moved to Quebec Quebec, and the people here are pretty much l…[View]
203758859IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!: Andrew Yang is going head to head with Donald Trump in the poll. PLEASE V…[View]
203766481This is a request... I’m trying to find the music from pic related. Band name: Pile of Dead Jews. Al…[View]
203766312Why is /pol/ okay with giving tax cuts to jews?: Why is /pol/ okay with giving tax cuts to jews?…[View]
203754282>low COL >based gun laws >some of the topped ranked cities in the country >all the dindu…[View]
203766271Same Day Citizenship Now: Do Democrats have a argument against this policy?[View]
203748153They’re coming for you: They’re not fucking around anymore. You either turn in your guns or they are…[View]
203756636Why did he go to Subway to casually enjoy a sandwich immediately after commiting a serious felony? W…[View]
203763149A Very Simple Question: Do you hold yourself to the same standard that you hold the people around yo…[View]
203760447how's it feel to know that we're winning?[View]
203764033https://youtu.be/jDDwXhcPDUU It doesn't get more based and redpilled than this.[View]
203764777Jordan Peterson - Carpet Salesman: BUY MY RUG[View]
203761261Rub a lamp three times.: If you had three wishes what would you do?[View]
203762109>Mega kids unironically think they can take down Bezo's baby Lol. Good luck.…[View]
203755987Is Nickelodeon a front for pedophiles?[View]
203765991Fake Hate Montage Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nW04o-IGy8[View]
203762722My body is ready[View]
203759789>Trump curse isn't rea- https://www.kron4.com/news/california/experts-say-rare-mega-storm-to…[View]
203765889You fucking idiots better meme Bernie Sanders into the White House on 2020.[View]
203765916When will /pol/ get over this? Its been 50 years already.[View]
203765900Oy vey jew gay couple going to take your shekels: ((()))[View]
203765886YouTube sucks: This is a video advertising some product for sex (or something) and of course, it…[View]
203763298FUCK Am*rica and FUCK Isr*el[View]
203764850Were the Jews the real winners of world war 2?[View]
203764426>pfft Bernie...h-heh yeah...like he has a chance. >wtf nobody is posting in my /ptg/? better m…[View]
203765831Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: is persecuting Trudeau for having imagined s…[View]
203764571Is the answer Elitism?: Specifically, is the answer to the degrading of the modern world a small, cl…[View]
203765172I want to save white women: How to find a girl who is a good candidate for teaching race realism, ge…[View]
203764570Can Jussie get a coding job?: https://imgflip.com/i/2u4dqf[View]
203765573The Koch network’s favorite piggy bank DonorsTrust and its sister organization Donors Capital Fund d…[View]
203752894Donald Trump rushing to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/02/…[View]
203762754Pajeetisim: Is Pajeetism the next big thing coming in the ideologies field? How do we protect our yo…[View]
203762491Africans/blacks will never go away face it.: That's the real redpill is no matter what pol shil…[View]
203763588Why do Democrats hate Bernie so much? As an Australian he just comes off as like legitimately the on…[View]
203763780Amazero: I hate Niggers. I hate Jews. Pro Free Market and Personal Choice. But even I bat an eye whe…[View]
203738001The God Emperor has spoken /pol/. It's time to help regime change Venezeula for freedom and Dem…[View]
203736972>be Christianity: >btfo pagays >btfo atheists >btfo muslims >btfo satanists >btfo …[View]
203759220Anything but a hard brexit is a fucking travesty. The short term pain to create one of the biggest c…[View]
203759373Surrounded: Face it, if it wasn't for arabs, jews would be out of control.[View]
203763625$250 Million Lawsuit Against Retarded WaPo!: Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann and his pa…[View]
203765138Guess the ethnicity: Guess the ethnicity of the abortionist in Crowder’s new video /pol/ https://you…[View]
203765092Lefty shills trying to leak the conservative vote by shilling this knob. This idiot started his part…[View]
203765070Stop watching porn Start lifting weights Start training MMA[View]
203765064What does pol think of tranny rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utgM5Cmq060[View]
203764586>muh based poland >muh trad eastern europe >muh huwhite basically more white = more degener…[View]
203764685What does /pol/ think about mary the 1: Well?[View]
203760452Fuck the shills hating on Trump, he’s my president and I don’t care if he isn’t redpilled about muh …[View]
203758638Can you give me infos on the economic prosperity of the Third Reich?: The only info I have is this g…[View]
203762634Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Trump?: >“We have nominated him of course for the positive devel…[View]
203764769anyone else cringe at their trump meme folder since he's proven himself a total cuck this past …[View]
203723154Q is a LAR..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKR7Srh3uJI Oh[View]
203744855Apex Legends: Not sure if this has been posted here, and I dont play these flavor of the month shit …[View]
203756433Why is Trump fighting this battle?: “The Trump administration has decided to combat discrimination a…[View]
203759683Jussie Smolett Memes Thread!: Send your best kikes![View]
203755948Trump just got btfo[View]
203762951USA = terrorist[View]
203757762Why Communism Will Win: Prove to me why communism is not the best system in a modern and forward thi…[View]
203754436We are the choosen one the children of the sun: Proto aryans domesticating the horse and mixing with…[View]
203764407ww3 roster: ok pol, we all know world war 3 is slowly creeping up, so i want to see your team sheets…[View]
203763873why are there so many americans who are abandoning usa?[View]
203760890A Gay Police Officer Might Get Jussie Smollet life: When the case opened for Jussie the officers tha…[View]
203763750This brightened my day: Hopefully it brightens yours too https://twitter.com/mikaylasburns/status/10…[View]
203753515Best state flag?[View]
203762804Over 100 countries, you say?[View]
203761204Classic kike: Oh look..the globalist kike faggot named Trump is of course retardedly decriminalizing…[View]
203761757Warren is attempting to go all in for 2020[View]
203764016HAPPENING!!! Chicago State Att. just RECUSED because of 'familiarity with potential witness': Kim Fo…[View]
203764069Prove you are not a discord tranny[View]
203764127Based Apple and Unicode?: Some guy found out if you do on apple or chrome before Windows 8, you get …[View]
203758267Steps in and saves your country from a fat fuck orange Russian asset.[View]
203759332Anybody else having issues with the captcha?: I literally answer them all correctly but they just ke…[View]
203761799Trump treats his supporters like Dems have treated blacks.: Trump treats his supporters like Democra…[View]
203760963>Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and other social media sites are facing a pedophile probl…[View]
203763765>mum had me 6 days before her 40th birthday[View]
203763675Who the fuck still watches this shit?: it's been the same headline for the last 2 years.[View]
203761293>take the moment to browse reddit for the first time “Women are supposed to make men compassionat…[View]
203763646Somebody fucked up the emojis.[View]
203763192Tourist hate thread: >be me >get part-time job at major tourist attraction while finishing uni…[View]
203733345Redpill me on big pharma and the opioid epidemic[View]
203763201We need a wall to keep the Mexican bullshit out.. https://nypost.com/2019/02/19/womans-head-found-wi…[View]
203761353What do you guys Do & Think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS4UT_t73b0[View]
203755036it is like listening to an intelligent person and a toddler.[View]
203740847Shamima Begum: IS teenager to lose UK citizenship: >Whitehall sources said it was possible to str…[View]
203763142what is story on this picture: https://i.imgur.com/TH7mbV5.png[View]
203742489GO NEET / BOOMER HATE THREAD: >be millenial >get job >can’t afford to move out >boomers …[View]
203762842Just a heads up yall: Fuck the baste redpill eurofags who shill RIGHT WING BUT ALDSO SOCIGIALIST!! j…[View]
203760448is Google’s near total control over information distribution the greatest threat to humanity?[View]
203763205>have you ever heard of the british union of fascists?[View]
203760816Actual whites are less than 10% of the US population currently. This is a crisis.: I feel like Ameri…[View]
203756174He’s right.[View]
203760288I am still so extremely happy with the result of the 2016 election, I am not some MAGApede faggot bu…[View]
203728894ITT /pol/ users we recognize when we see them: I'll start. That Pole who uses the EU memeflag a…[View]
203761425Can one be Muslim and Natsoc at the same time?: Not a shill I swear, honest to god genuine question…[View]
203759031Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO8BLRP_5cs This is the sermon that eve…[View]
203762888Socialism is the superior. Why haven't we adopted it? Why do we still use the unfair and outdat…[View]
203762838Politically Fucking Nuts: show me the curvatureToday at 8:57 AM Weve been speaking for months now wh…[View]
203758855/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Gulliver's President Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
203759840How come Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxemborg are the only few countries in Europe that manufacture a…[View]
203761199Colonialism has to be studied by Western thinkers so it can be done better, change my mind.[View]
203761083>All of the vidya I play are created by whites and online play is maintained by white communities…[View]
203761029What if Hillary losing to Bernie but then making it look like she stole the nomination only to lose …[View]
203757978Why do people think whites are not the smartest people on earth? We are the only group with out trib…[View]
203759177Teleports behind Trump 'Nothing person, kid.' Makes him a one-term president.[View]
203760356'Revolutions do not happen overnight.' BASED.[View]
203752356Who's going to win the democratic primary?[View]
203759067Meet the most blackpilled man in the world: This is unironically the most blackpilled human being in…[View]
203760449> He listens to 'music' made after 1750, and calls himself white.[View]
203757686Isnt it funny: >yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every …[View]
203759725>everything is meaningless >I play video games all day long >any kind of work is futile …[View]
203753122((They)) are pushing Hillary already for 2020; comments sections are redpilled: https://www.independ…[View]
203760818you know what's an odd dynamic? Jewish women can marry whoever they want and not betray their r…[View]
203761012What's going on here? Why the arabs turn this place into a shithole?[View]
203759473Why the holocaust never happened college essay and need some sources to prove it never happened.[View]
203760309Hop on board.: Please come help slaughter these retards on Twatter. They're asking for it. #ImT…[View]
203755421Hey trump , those terrorists standing in your rallies who sent pipe bombs to your political opponent…[View]
203746556>29 years old >Work 9am-8pm in finance >Eat lunch at desk >Eat dinner at desk >No fri…[View]
203755997Bernie bros report in: Will the redemption arc be the best plot line?[View]
203760392>dude accelerationism lmao >wait, not like that! the billionaires are gonna leave, dude!…[View]
203761053Colonialism was a mistake: All around me all I see are people in a place they dont belong, or souls …[View]
203751354I know when Civil war will begin: So I heard /POL/ wants to know when civil war will begin, this is …[View]
203753914Trump is being fucked over in the next election by Far-Left!!: So what do I mean by this, well here …[View]
203760555>we must preserve our aryan white gen[View]
203752954Why do white women love black men so much?[View]
203755078*ahem* FUCK MEXICO[View]
203758783Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
203753720NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: You were supposed to take her back DDDDDDDD:[View]
203760980What causes this variety in body language reaction?[View]
203755817As an observer from across your northern border I see America in a high level of distrust, fearmonge…[View]
203759140the absolute state of britbongland[View]
203755328If empires last 250 years does that mean America will collapse in 2026?: Pioneers = Setting up Colon…[View]
203759427vote for bernie: even though pol likes to shit on him cause he's lefty, Bernie is unironically …[View]
203761573When did you finally take the based neoconpill, /pol/?[View]
203757825Is New York lost?[View]
203738815Why is European scenery so pretty? There is no beautiful nature like this in America or other shitho…[View]
203757771Euro anons of /pol/ who escaped to the US....: I know y'all exist Tell us the story of your gre…[View]
203757741THIS FU*KIN' GUY:: What's his end game? Also anyone capable of doing a decent morph/merge …[View]
203760598PEDOTUBE 3.0: uhh, youtube has some explaining to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0…[View]
203759203YANG is the only candidate that can take him on[View]
203751534'What 2 consenting adults do in the bedroom is none of your business.' What's a good argument …[View]
203759335Anyone regret voting for Trump?: How did we ever recover from this betrayal bros?[View]
203760498Chicago State Attorney Recusal - Kamala Harris Link?: Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx just annou…[View]
203730178your daily black pill: man up, my brothers. own your shit.[View]
203760173Why are people so shallow /pol/[View]
203757066How much easy is to knockout someone with a diaphragm punch: How much easy is to knockout someone wi…[View]
203759694Arab-Israeli racemixing when?: https://youtu.be/76J66qzJS5A Jews and Muslims love to hide the fact t…[View]
203749266Bernie is FINISHED: Bernie is against open borders, it's over already. He will never win his pa…[View]
203756736Have to decide on two tenure track offers. I like research. Not married. Want big family and big hou…[View]
203752489Are whites supposed to die out?: inb4 kike Maybe white people are supposed to die out. Why else woul…[View]
203759193Daily reminder that Twitter ruined /pol/.[View]
203737778based and redpilled pajeet here, ask me anything[View]
203760384That lady who chopped her sleeping husband's dick off is retroactively a #MeToo moment: https:/…[View]
203754723Why is the US so shit at infrastructure?[View]
203756615How do you actually define 'redpilled'?: Is it just as simple as thinking that the Jews and blacks a…[View]
203760543Why are whites so racist?[View]
203750352'Well Mr Mueller, do you expect me to talk?'[View]
203759482FUCKING BASED DRUMPH AMIRIGHT?! :DDDD: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-admi…[View]
203759499I want to be an American Why does Trump block me to be Murikan? At least I have mathmatical knowledg…[View]
203760130Taylor Swift - Shake it off EVERY CLOSE UP IS A BLACK PERSON Fucking subliminal agenda[View]
203746743Hi im an intern: At cbs news and i was hoping you guys could help me out with a story im researching…[View]
203760249Epic emoji: I wonder why this one didn’t make an appearance in the emoji movie[View]
203737960Ellen Page: She is an important advocate for feminism and lgbtq+ rights, she is the future and a str…[View]
203739977Andrew Yang: How dies it make you feel that the only presidential candidate to ever mention white ge…[View]
203759401What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
203746319Right wing cringe thread[View]
203759848This guy was just arrested last week and charged with a double murder of his two friends who were al…[View]
203756389Leftist comic thread: Post them lads, let's have a laugh[View]
203758737Why dont these people believe in freedom of speech? Its like they read 1984 and though it was a pret…[View]
203742672Ex-Trump lover. What the fuck. $7,000 swing in my taxes! And set aside the whole legality of tax an…[View]
203758696Faggot Plane Discovered in Florida: 28.563210, -80.941176[View]
203754873Is masculinity dead?[View]
203742435I cast a seal on Israel: https://www.docdroid.net/AEFnVY7/dossier0032.pdf[View]
203754628These Are Democrats: >wealthy sodomite >has a fetish for injecting black people with drugs …[View]
203759282What do we do about the shill + useless mod problem, /pol/?[View]
203759189>make alt on reddit >encourage bernie retards to donate their life savings to his campaign …[View]
203759449https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0 This has been going on for years now, and the normies st…[View]
20375457988% of Sweden Support Gay Marriage: SWEDEN YES[View]
203754168How come this nerd doesn't have a dog?[View]
203752813So his presidency is halfway done. At this point it's crystal clear that he won't get a se…[View]
203754383The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Civil War Rising: Hello /pol/ This is my latest video in my politi…[View]
203755562Question for americans. When you think of Canadians, do you think of french people, or british peopl…[View]
203759043How will the Tinder sexual economy rebalance itself? Will there be a correction or crash? What natur…[View]
203754642Old white men that all need to be replaced. They were elected by Russian interference. We need peopl…[View]
203759169The Aryan qt I liked is now with a Jew[View]
203759151Guess what event Obama delivered a eulogy for? A) Black man kills eight white people at Hartford Dis…[View]
203758342> 'The very word Jew is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently a…[View]
203758179ITS OVER FOR BERNIE - AIPAC WILL NOT LET HIM WIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BjGGOGPGwk…[View]
203753074HELP A NEWFAG NIGGA OUT: what is a glow nigger? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT[View]
203758894Wassup Dank Niggas[View]
203755287/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || You're Not the Boss of Me Now Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUM…[View]
203755760Who the fuck is Pete Buttigieg? How does he compare to Based Tulsi?[View]
203757454She's an honorary white right?: She's allowed in the ethnostate? https://www.dailymail.co.…[View]
203757761HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!: This is it guys. This is our chance to meme an Asian QT into the white house. pi…[View]
203757830fuck cops. fuck taxes. fuck all the corrupt politicians. fuck muh roads.[View]
203756438Did America have more potential to save the White Race than Germany?: What I'm surprised is tha…[View]
203749444Seriously, what can be done about the oneitis problem?: Is it time to throw the Disney Channel idea …[View]
203747325Socialism doesn't wor-: Not so fast Trumpshits The history of socialist construction Prior to t…[View]
203736390Why is pol so obessed with niggers?: We get it >le 50% crime stats >Burn the coal whatever Wha…[View]
203758517Britain's now so BROWN muzzies have to go to the middle east to get BLEACHED.[View]
203755787Trump really may be the worst negotiator in the history of American presidents.[View]
203757717>yfw Bernie makes 4chan far-left again[View]
203758423Why are almost all guerrilla movements either Marxist or Islamic? Do you think the emphasis these id…[View]
203753674/sig/ - self improvement general: A woman is inherently valuable. just by the virtue of having a wom…[View]
203758341Yang and Tulsi are unironically the best candidates but the establishment democrats won’t have it[View]
203757341>Identity politics is bad, you guys. Let's all just get along. Don't defend yourselves,…[View]
203758330OVEN BENJAMIN ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES: Those sneaky little rats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
203758163IMA - Invade Mexico Again: >end the drug trafficking >end the corruption >all beaners now c…[View]
203753371U.S. seeks return of $2.5 billion California high-speed rail funds, California refuses.: https://www…[View]
203721323BRITAIN NO! https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-…[View]
203747562https://www.foxnews.com/us/sell-montana-to-canada-for-1t-ease-national-debt-petition-says Should we …[View]
203758089The FBI's Elite Hostage Rescue Team murdered more people on a single day in Waco than they…[View]
203757156anti-vax advertisement comparing vaccination to polish death camps: Lmao, I'd remove their cust…[View]
203757544jjg: suck dink[View]
203754173Was he based?[View]
203752658Can black men be learn to be civilized?: Or is it a lost cause?[View]
203757895A BIG reason bongs are hated is..: They lecture our country that we should let spixicans in but refu…[View]
203756390Do Democrats Concede That Light Skins Are Superior?: Woke progressives argue that economic disparity…[View]
203757245So one of the politicians of the CDU recently tweeted that he's getting a lot of mails against …[View]
203757756The fact that we are building a wall to keep hordes of blue voting shitskins out of america has thes…[View]
203757422suddenly. showed up The fourth son of Donald Trump - John Trump. writer, publicist, white[View]
203757714Red pill me on Pam and Wilbur Gaston. Was there daughter stolen by dhs and sold into slavery?[View]
203755470Why can't people recognize he just sucks shit?[View]
203757538fucking kikes and niggers: Why do we allow niggers, shit skins, and Jews unbridled reign in the inte…[View]
203757494How come pro-jew people call trump a kike?So often I see people calling others anti-Semites and Nazi…[View]
203755618That is the face of a guy that takes his job very seriously. And the other guy is ordering an omelet…[View]
203750129Would you UNIRONICALLY actively and openly support political leader who's main objective was to…[View]
203755976Seriously, why do boomers suck zionist cock so much? Israel literally built its nuclear program by s…[View]
203752710Well, /pol/?[View]
203751822Fuck this shit: I fucking hate being a mutt man. I’m not even part non-white, I’m of full European b…[View]
203757292The absolute MAD LAD - Tuck Time edition: Tucker's guest mentions both the Alt-Right and the SP…[View]
203751426FUCKING WHY??? Why is he running for 2020!!![View]
203754908islamaphobia, racism, hate and bigotry won today.[View]
203756867Capitol of Russia should be changed to St. Petersburg, change my mind >Port City >Great histor…[View]
203746033Jussie Smollett Previously Convinced For Providing Law Enforcement False Info: He has priors for lyi…[View]
203757083Brexit Delay?: My name is Ivor I'm an engine driver I know him well I know why you feel blue Ju…[View]
203757050'The supreme myth of having power over the whole universe. The first God Emperor Trump. A huge …[View]
203757033test, please ignore post.[View]
203756949I wanna cause some havoc on tumblr or some fuckers like them, hot any ideas?[View]
203756799Does /pol/ Love Crypto?: PICTURE RELATED[View]
203755121Thoughts on white nationalist leaders?[View]
203755353DO WE LOVE OUR PLOW DRIVERS OR WHAT, FOLKS?: Massachusetts plow driver is accused of deliberately sp…[View]
203753486Does the average white woman in America, hate white men irl as they do online?: /pol/? Is it all mem…[View]
203732224OWEN BENJAMIN THROWS ELBOW AT DOGGO (Animal Abuse?): The bear faggots have gone too far this time po…[View]
203742025Reminder to the rural retards in the Midwest. In the next 50 years, there WILL be a water pipeline f…[View]
203754746The Bloodline: So the Rothschilds (Established and still largest shareholders in the Central bankin…[View]
203756228Why are black Americans like this? Why do they put so little value on human life?[View]
203742791Who did this: Alright you bastards, which one of you did this? >Ian Hammond, the petition creator…[View]
203756486RANT: How do you deal with people, especially family members, that are so anti gun or just clueless …[View]
203753640Is the event know as Gamer Gate of any significance?[View]
203756605hi guys George here, are you entertained?[View]
203749477motherfucking this, you can't refute it[View]
203755764Kardashians, Goyim!: Why are you not talking about Kardashians on pol? They are 5 of the top 10 twit…[View]
203753307The honk meme must go: I’m over the honking clown Pepe meme. It’s tiresome.[View]
203754093Is this an outlier or the start of a major trend?: Will the DNC beat itself bloody in the primaries?…[View]
203750061DERANGED LEFTIST STRANGLES MAGA BOOMER: https://nypost.com/2018/01/21/protester-charged-in-trump-sup…[View]
203747803How can /pol/ get marijuana decriminalized?[View]
203749252Holocaust: Redpill me on the Holocaust. Real or fake?[View]
203755847STRAW POLL: TRUMP VS YANG PART 4: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Andr…[View]
203747366Just as it was predicted the 'NO WALL - ABANDON TRUMP' posts have completely disappeared.: It's…[View]
203755234Why have whites been expelled from so many countries?[View]
203755907What the fuck happened to you, /pol/?: /pol/ 2015-2017 >CHAOS >ANARCHY >President is a meme…[View]
203753182the racial quality of our people has deteriorated to a disgusting degree.: I don't even recogni…[View]
203753611Would you vote for Violent J?[View]
203747323BREAKING : Nick Sandmann Sues Washington Post For $250 Million: 'This Is Only The Beginning. https:/…[View]
203755558Didn't see any threads on this. Sorry if it's old news. >Kim Jung un declares anti-corr…[View]
203754729Why do Croatians hate us muriccans? Even the Serbs, Germans and the French seem to not hate us as mu…[View]
203755022Many people make the argument that God should save starving baby Africans and if he doesn't it …[View]
203749213What was the political motive of the Falklands War?[View]
203755253Have you already donated to Bernie /pol/?[View]
203750353Thoughts on this? >true bigotry[View]
203754263chicken finger platter: The chicken-finger platter that has just been placed before Justin Bieber is…[View]
203749302/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Enter Sandmann Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
203755275Can patriots stop Trump's treason?: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-wh…[View]
203754667Give me money at /r/SandersForPresident: give me money bros, I can defeat Trump.[View]
203724882Why has everybody abandoned Alex?: He did nothing wrong.[View]
203735760The eternal Anglo must be destroyed[View]
203753402Why is it that we will never have a voting system where in order to vote a person has to have passed…[View]
203740274Q just called out the Luciferian's: Got you[View]
203755056Who was most in the wrong here? > JFK and RFK for repeatedly raping their sister Rosemary? >…[View]
203753063Help me find a video of the Holohoax: The 1h long video of that burger jew (iirc) going to Auschwitz…[View]
203753904Must all fucking niggers fucking hang?[View]
203754493Why did they do it?: I can't believe these guys dressed in whiteface and wore MAGA hats. Anyone…[View]
203754952Rot in Syria: >Whitehall sources said it was possible to strip the 19-year-old of British nationa…[View]
203754864Smollett Wrote The Letter: Now that the story is wide open, the local news channels in Chicago are n…[View]
203740138Brian Selter, where is the dirt on this faggot?: Where is the dirt on Brian Seltzer? There's go…[View]
203688433WHY ARE POLES SUCH UNGRATEFUL FAGGOTS?: >Hitler comes to clean your countries off the jew's …[View]
203747321BREAKING: JEW SUES WASHINGTON POST: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1098004626056593410…[View]
203754656Macho ma'am Tranny Savage BTFO pol: https://youtu.be/utgM5Cmq060[View]
203753244this might be a bigger problem than others we harp on coupled with social credit might be the devil …[View]
203753834Funny how that works: So we've got three places >places that throw people in prison for deny…[View]
203754422Deplatforming/free speech: What is the actual argument against Twitter banning people over 'hate spe…[View]
203754613Hello I am Ocasio-Lose25KJOBS-Cortez and I endorse Bernie Sanders!: I love Bernie Sanders and Tranni…[View]
203754738It's way past due. IMPEACH! He is mentally unfit to serve this country![View]
203754699Washington Post BTFO[View]
203751884She is the only Democrat who can beat Trump at this point change my mind.[View]
203746918Ariana Grande is a Succubus: >Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succ…[View]
203754487I'll never forget when trump said in front of the world that he asked Putin if he interfered wi…[View]
203754550IT'S OVER: IT'S FUCKING OVER!!!![View]
203754257What the fuck is this $27 dollar donation to burn meme about?? It's all over Twitter and YouTub…[View]
203750388You should have listened.[View]
203752829Destiny: Why do people take this midget seriously? How does he have a single fan? Why do people give…[View]
203752033Were people as mentally ill back in the days before computers or even the industrial revolution? I s…[View]
203754414MGTOW: I'm new to MGTOW but heres the thing: all of the problems in MGTOW is solved if someone …[View]
203754311how the fuck did all these socialists get into our government!?[View]
203754141How Mike Flynn is tied to Awans: https://youtu.be/w--xQrF8fUY?t=10[View]
203752781APOLOGISE!: https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-…[View]
203754019>Liberals can't meme: Well time to pack it up, /pol/ and /redpol/ has been BTFO again!…[View]
203751532POST A FUCKING MAP: How would Sanders/Gabbard fare against Trump/Pence in 2020? Sanders and Gabbard …[View]
203753386Miss me yet?[View]
203746035Too much estrogen?: Girls who start their periods before turning 14 are 51% more likely to have unde…[View]
203749963Polish women turn to arthritis medication for abortions: Opening a pack of medicine for joint-pain, …[View]
203750083Anyone regret voting for Trump?: He keeps looking like the worst choice possible...[View]
203750487How do you go from this...[View]
203753537How do native Brits defend themselves: Are you guys practicing martial arts or are hands considered …[View]
203753804Manlets BTFO: >Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will n…[View]
203746441Can I get /pol/ opinion on Jussie Smollett orchestrating a fake attack about Trump supporters?[View]
203750984controlled opposition, caught redhanded, jews bribing brit politicians: https://twitter.com/Warmonge…[View]
203752260Don't forget, if you're white this inbred pedokike hates you.: 'When you’re white, you don…[View]
203751724TFW You are a NEET and taxpayers pay for your iPhone X: How does it feel Anon? Feels comy here.…[View]
203753672The nigger faggot tried to fake a hate crime sending this shit to himself: >“When the letter didn…[View]
203745396The OTHER 14 words: And to my death, in despair and high spirits, I shall fight for Israel.[View]
203753622Is Congress only tech Incompetent old people and paid shills: The bias on youtube Facebook Google is…[View]
203704230ITT: we laugh at Brexshiters. They gave themselves a weak pound and worse standard of living, becaus…[View]
203753506Nasty Food: African Swine Fever Found in Chinese Dumplings; Sanquan Food Slumps.: https://www.porkbu…[View]
203750060Why are you fuckboys still supporting this man and his team?[View]
203735269/pol/ humor thread.[View]
203751055>be me >work as online english teacher for chinks >live in the philippines >work only 2 …[View]
203753241>White Russians live in the European part of Russia, and Siberia is Asian Every time. Why America…[View]
203749195Thoughts 'n' Prayers: Anyone who offers their 'thoughts and prayers' is just an a-hole too…[View]
203751473MUH BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP EO: During the midterms Trump promised to sign an executive order ending …[View]
203753211Classes staring soon: Are you going to sign up for classes at /pol/ Tech this spring? You could get …[View]
203747478Seattle Feminist thread: Man hating feminist living in Seattle. Thinks men committing suicide is fu…[View]
203750679>Trump is homophobi- How long until every narrative yarn is unwoven? https://www.nbcnews.com/poli…[View]
203752555I am an aryan superhuman: Hello /pol/, I am 100% white, nordic, aryan, norseman and there is no infe…[View]
203744858Redpill me on the Federal Reserve.: Working on a paper wherein I'm trying to prove the Federal …[View]
203748259THEY ARE FUCKING LYING ABOUT RBG: Yesterday. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/video-tmz-cat…[View]
203753036Anons, I just broke up with my girlfriend because she told me her fantasy is a black guy. I said tha…[View]
203749492TRUMP’S WAR PLAN!: Here’s the plan boyz...this is what’s going on. Trump’s interest in Venezuela is …[View]
203739999Bernie 2020: Bernie 2020 After 2 years of the orange retard, I am proud to throw my support behind s…[View]
203724711How do we get Christians to stop supporting Israel just because MUH REVELATIONS[View]
203752835Nancy, come out and plaaay![View]
203752945daily reminder: Trump wants you dead: The scourge of antisemitism cannot be ignored, cannot be toler…[View]
203737081Why do Jews get so fucking pissed and offended simply if you can tell that they are Jewish?[View]
203752376Hillary didn't rob Bernie. Bernie is not a Democrat; he is an Independent. Can't legally C…[View]
203752794>you're not white[View]
203751417Alt-right age of rage: About to subject myselfnto some of (((their))) propaganda. Anyone watch it on…[View]
203741408BASED:Alabama newspaper editor calls for Ku Klux Klan to return and ‘clean out DC’: >An Alabama n…[View]
203750086Americans Pay 1.3 Billion/day in INTEREST ON THE DEBT: Americans paid $523 Billion on Interest on th…[View]
203696423Kraut/pol/&AfD General - White Pill Edition: We are all going to make it >Polls http://www.wa…[View]
203750465German BTFO: Spencer owns eurotard https://youtu.be/H4WJeF2JS-8[View]
203746045The Truth About Jussie Smollett from Empire: !!! https://youtu.be/D8Oh6kUHmzM[View]
203746895At least we aren't speaking German :)[View]
203752271What happened to that executive order ending birthright citizenship we were promised during the midt…[View]
203752527U.S: Petition aims to reduce national debt by selling Montana to Canada.: Who the fuck...? https://w…[View]
203752534Nigger told he's not British: by Richard Spencer https://youtu.be/puJ-arJgkZU[View]
203752519After the fall of the Brazillian Empire there were some racial whitening programs made by the Brazil…[View]
203730073Biden leading early, kamala not doing so well[View]
203729559NOT A SINGLE FUCKING THREAD ABOUT THIS IN THE CATALOG: You faggots disgust me. A few days ago a disg…[View]
203749254And you're saying there's no God...[View]
203749111I have never been to the USA so please forgive me for this question but.... Why is it that every sin…[View]
203748427Burberry 'apologizes' for noose theme'd hoodie: Burberry sent a model down the runway with a no…[View]
203752256Universe glitching one year: If trump loses on November 8th next year what are doing?[View]
203749134>But you know what, now I do want to take your guns away. Why do you need them? I want to take th…[View]
203749931Goyim: You goyim are meant to serve Jews, we are gods chosen people you are all nothing![View]
203749465how come no other board talks about niggers more than /pol/[View]
203749848I want to have children with some who is half filipino and half white: Any pics of 1/4 filipino and …[View]
203751890White Genocide - NONWHITES GTFIH: So as of 2019 non-whites make up around 90% of the world's po…[View]
203750158This is Drumpfs fault: F[View]
203719216Jussie Smollett Prediction: How likely is it really that this guy planned everything out all alone i…[View]
203751997Bangladesh outlaws porn and an ISIS bride is refused her British citizenship. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MOR…[View]
203744940Do you remember your first red pill? Your tipping point? Do you still struggle with accepting it or …[View]
203751540Riddle me this /pol/...: Why were these two political videos put into limited state? Hmm, I wonder..…[View]
203750781Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor: Which story got the most positive media coverage? The te…[View]
203737250Imperial Japan was 100x worse than Nazis: Watch this video. It is an amazing recount of the horrific…[View]
203746040What presidents do you think are in hell?[View]
203751889R.I.P Rabbi Eckstein: Press F to pay respects........who will feed the Russian Jews now?[View]
203750716BERNIE IS BASED HOLY SHIT: The kikes are seething[View]
203750248FED??????: Is Curt Doolittle an alphabet glow nigger? Some of his ideas on propertarianism seem pret…[View]
203742260Brit/pol/ - Vote UKUP edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjD3EVC1-zU >Brex…[View]
203751709Ding-dong the Jewess is not dead.: /pol/ what was with all the 'RBG is dead' threads? Why is the Dis…[View]
203750485/pkg/ PRESIDENT KUSHNER GENERAL - Suck It Goyim Edition: Venezuelan Invasion! MAGA! https://www.expr…[View]
203749182Does anyone seriously think someone this weak and easily bullied by 2 fat black bitches with 75 IQs …[View]
203745099Send me your anti-Islam memes.[View]
203750926Falkland islands: Who does it belong to?[View]
203750404When are these two frens going to kiss and make up?: I miss the two frens.[View]
203751513I am Elvis Presley. My pronoun is, the King.[View]
203750547Hoda Muthana is trying to come back into the USA. She is originally from Alabama. Big fat NO![View]
203751449Daily reminder that SARGON WON and you /pol virgins lost.[View]
203750924Are you ready to fight an oil war in Venezuela and die for Israel?[View]
203750490>Oh. Greetings, Comrade. >Whadya think of my new car? Pretty plush, eh? >V10 is pumping out…[View]
203742736>Buy the new FarCry anon, you're not racist are you?[View]
203751375>most restrictive gun control ever >doesn't allow fireworks Is there a more 'No Fun Allo…[View]
203749273>Niggers can't deal with anything they don't like and have to destroy everything…[View]
203750543daily reminder: only retards hate memeflags, memeflags are to show your political ideology[View]
203751330Not profiting off the forth industrial revolution.: Be /pol/ >The government is run by the Jews …[View]
203751292/pol/ cry babies: What is with all the cry babies on /pol/ tonight complaining about their tax retur…[View]
203750433What is the point of Trump?: Illegal and legal immigration out of control, opiod epidemic at record …[View]
203750550SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203733999She's right you know. You've been indoctrinated by Western institutions into believing wha…[View]
203750885Tax Season: >tfw campaigns/donates hard for Trump in 2016 >turn 18 in 2018 >get a job in th…[View]
203750215Do you hate whores and minorities? Heck ye then join our server for a comfy mainbase where you can d…[View]
203750982Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203748782>AMLO in Mexico: >Sanders in USA COMMUNIST NORTH AMERICA CONFIRMED…[View]
203750628Bernie 2020 General-Do You Hear the People Sing Edition: Do you hear the people sing Singing the son…[View]
203749653Kikes run the Canadian education system. You will lose marks in english class if you refer to them a…[View]
203747611Toll Paid: https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Brooke-is-very-loved-Family-of-Suamico-victim-releases-…[View]
203749997Am I the only one not terrified of meat?: >be me >25 year old doomer with gf >cooking lovel…[View]
203750743>the country is over Is she right, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTYbTTlthCw…[View]
203747959Get yelled at by injun... get a $250 million dollars: The convington student who was attacked by med…[View]
203750680Roastie Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and pro…[View]
203749753It puzzles me: Why do white women in the West constantly vote against their and their children'…[View]
203735808Take the glorious pill Stop watching porn Start lifting weights Start training MMA[View]
203748874Why is the right so bad at memes know: It's all shitty rehashes of Pepe and wojack.[View]
203750482Opinions on Glowin Goyer?[View]
203748090thank fucking god i honestly thought she was coming back in.[View]
203748404Interectionality Calculator: How privileged is /pol/? I am 93% privileged. https://intersectionality…[View]
203749956What the hell is /pol/ gonna do once AI is released into the general public?: What are some differen…[View]
203750337Is it okay to be white?[View]
203745025First Jussie Smollett and now this? When will you white racists stop?[View]
203745222-- DAILY REMINDER --: Daily reminder to marry and impregnate an Aryan beauty. Do not, I repeat, do N…[View]
203727819Drop all your redpills on Sandy Hook[View]
203749451Joe Rogan: BLACK PEOPLE ARE APES: Alex Jones might have just killed Joe 'Jack Lemme suck your dick' …[View]
203749534>current year >no wall How do americans explain this?…[View]
203748273A dog shoots a man with a rifle: > https://abcnews.go.com/Weird/wireStory/dog-shoots-man-german-c…[View]
203749602SO: So, When is that WALL going to be BUILT?[View]
203750040All these languages have masculine and feminine nouns. Why haven't these languages been banned …[View]
203749425Friend told me that an free market is impossible. Thoughts?[View]
203744429>2019 >Not being a educated urbanite Flyovers, what the FUCK is wrong with you?…[View]
203746902I have an idea for a disinformation campaign, maybe a bit similar to #DraftOurDaughters. Basically, …[View]
203747728A general reminder about race mixing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2_K5koFGRY This video provide…[View]
203746038Whats the earliest known psyop in history?[View]
203748870UK isn't as cucked as prior thought. APOLOGISE /POL/[View]
203748265>It is easier for those still loyal to Trump on here to believe there are “discord trannies” bein…[View]
203749822Bolshie Ethos: 1 Man, 1 Problem 0 Man, 0 Problem[View]
203738904Would you prefer to wife a black woman with traditional European values, or a white drunk chick from…[View]
203747886General Bernie #2020 Edition: Bernie supporters unite. We must meme him into office.[View]
203747577and it's gone: white house deputy press secretary resigns[View]
203748179Anyone else here think it's morally wrong to have children? Especially since it contributes tow…[View]
203739858Polish girls summed up in two words: >Ooooh Rodrigo :hearteyes:[View]
203745779Should milo have stuck to his guns about europes age of consent?: I don't know why he rescinded…[View]
203741239So Amazon is paying $0 in taxes literally because of Donald Trump. How do you feel about this?[View]
203742432marx's grave vandalized again: u mad communiggers? u sound mad[View]
203745803https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/19/my-600-lb-life-star-sean-milliken-dead-at-29/ WHAT made this possible…[View]
203741345More and more everyday, I'm starting to think I should move to Russia. https://archive.is/MX2nF[View]
203749172Open Coup against the President.: https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/17/autopsy-of-a-dead-coup/ How is …[View]
203747479Be the woman whacking the Nazi with the handbag! 'Furious at the sight of fascists marching through …[View]
20374843046th President of the United States of America[View]
203749175Scientology: What should be done about it?[View]
203749308DON’T FORGET: Never forget that [[[their]]] ultimate goal is to divide us. Division by race, by gend…[View]
203744493crime and demographics: I hear alot of centrists and shit libs site the fact that japan having no gu…[View]
203746886State tiers - discuss below: Here are the official /pol/ approved state ranking tiers.[View]
203744475/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Suing the Lawsuit King Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
203747742Hollywood movies are getting BETTER, according to researchers: /pol/ utterly BTFO - it turns out tha…[View]
203747777https://youtu.be/v9EKV2nSU8w This shit is literal children brainwaahing , the next generation is goi…[View]
203732776Can you count?[View]
203745856IT'S OVER: Schitt used to diddle little boys in the Big Brother program.[View]
203745171CRISPR Technology Thread: As the other thread was archived in just 30 minutes while pro-nigger threa…[View]
203742312Happy Nagger History Month Frens! Have you been culturally enriched by our Longnose Tribe Occupied G…[View]
203748055Virginity until marriage: The Redpill: I wish I waited until marriage. Who else here was /retard/ an…[View]
203743889West Slavs vs East 'Slavs': Learn the difference[View]
203748669Trump Signs Directive to Create a Military Space Force: Is this the next step to the world evolution…[View]
203736524Are Bernie bros really that scary?: What did she mean by this?[View]
203748861Shadow Government: Weiss[View]
203748586Every day until he is President[View]
203745750What did he mean by this?: Interesting choice of words.[View]
203745192The god of old testament was Satan. if you are a Christian you worship a Phoenician volcano demon. P…[View]
203746257Why shouldn’t non-whites unite to take back what you stole from them?[View]
203744889Why did Poles kill 6 million Jews?[View]
203746126Is anyone else here a nonwhite white nationalist? I support white peoples right to exist and put up …[View]
203748547Got any?: Redpill me on this guy[View]
203746587Commercial Flight landing at Nellis: They're saying it was because of low fuel due to weather r…[View]
203748687The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Civil War Rising: This is a music video I made as a tribute to all…[View]
203747115Paganism Is Better Than Christianity: Paganism is better than Christianity, Prove me wrong![View]
203743922>Two years ago he was one of the most redpilled Youtubers out there. Dropping stats about black c…[View]
203744540UK: Israel caught trying to bribe MPs into undermining CORBYN: https://twitter.com/WarmongerHodges/s…[View]
203748485How would I go about contacting a member from the old real IRA? Is there an offshoot of the old IRA …[View]
203744017Reminder to /pol/ that being right-wing is no longer counter-culture or cool and edgy.[View]
203747020Would you vote for him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMbfqcolhUw Well, /pol/? Will you be voting…[View]
203744998>Israel isn't bas-[View]
203746032Reminder: Masturbating makes you a limp-wristed cuck[View]
203748429how the fuck are these subhumans nuclear power?[View]
203722899WW2 Statue Vandalized: So, /pol/, who did it? They are still searching for the culprit. https://www…[View]
203748170BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNha3nabZeI[View]
203745139The Racemixing question: Is it truly racemixing if you breed with a fellow Indo-European (like an In…[View]
203746563I SUPPORT THE EXTERMINATION OF ALL CONSERVATIVES. That's right. I said it. Not a very 'liberal'…[View]
203744146We need to replace Trump: Are there any anti-censorship politicians that aren't going to throw …[View]
203742896You guys noticing this push too?: >At first they were all like: 'Let in the poor refugees!' >N…[View]
203747854TRUTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP96roY1sI4&feature=youtu.be&t=35580[View]
203748105US higher education is fucked: I'm taking a womens and gender studies course this semester beca…[View]
203735019THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Finally some one said it.[View]
203747954Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on foreign policy[View]
203747584red pill me on the jesuits[View]
203745583RWDSG - Abandon the Colonies Edition: The future is mountains of disease-ridden death and stupidity.…[View]
203747930Greatest Nation Contributors to Comedy?: Do the Leafs have a strong argument? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
203746995Trump's Veneswala Coup is for Exxon Mobile: PROVE ME WRONG. This will harm veneswalans but bene…[View]
203747410'Geeze Grandpa what fast car you have': The faster I can collect your taxes my sheep![View]
203703655Syria General /sg/ - Cossacks Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
203747616Some historical lynchings were faked.: You can see the guy wires holding the 'victims' up. Some peop…[View]
203747753Are we all finally in agreement that this guy was a shill all along?[View]
203747729To all the ancaps out there, explain your beliefs. Tell me why you think you’re right and why I shou…[View]
203747659Do you hate women and minorities? Heck ye then join our server for a comfy safespace where you can d…[View]
203747111Young Labour endorse Bernie Sanders: https://mobile.twitter.com/YoungLabourUK?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle…[View]
203746311Why are white women like this?[View]
203747555오늘도: 광주는 총기를 들고 일어난 하나의 폭동이야[View]
203746708Common Sense Fart Control NOW!!!!!!!: Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough[View]
203747476Why Is Prostitution Legal in Amsterdam and Germany?: Why doesn't the EU or Trump or the U.N or …[View]
203713743Husband would rather have his wife beheaded than pay ransom: Only in Mexico >A Mexican businesswo…[View]
203722810Why do incels believe fucking 10000 Chads will turn a woman's vag into roast beef but fucking o…[View]
203747327man the left are fucking lazy at memeing[View]
203746481AW FUCK, I TOOK TOO MANY REDPILLS: what is gonna happen to me? what are the symptoms of this kind of…[View]
203746832JOE ROGAN IS A RACIST: Alex Jones just exposed Twitters cum bucket, Joe Rogan, as a closet racist. T…[View]
203742409Should he be trusted? Is he a plant?[View]
203743622DESMOND IS AMAZING AT A FASHION SHOW FOR...: child trafficking awareness? this has got to be some so…[View]
203742982The Jew will always tell you what happened to him but never tell you why. https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203745293Paedophiles on discord: Brothers, shit posters and weaponized autists alike. There is a discord serv…[View]
203747023>when you literally try to give nukes to the country that committed 9-11, but it's okay beca…[View]
203747034What is the psychology behind Holocaust truthers and anti-vaxxers? >I'll trust infographs, …[View]
203745468Hello, my name is Arjana: I am from Africa and I am here to find my white knight. Would anyone of yo…[View]
203742735What if she does it?: What would the media narrative even be?[View]
203745355BERNIE SANDERS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: >https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/19/us/politics/bernie-sand…[View]
203733861How is it white genocide when nobody is killing you or preventing you from fucking?[View]
203738238Submissions for Space Force uniform being considerd[View]
203743274If you’re a White and out of shape, lazy and fat you’re helping contribute to the white race dying. …[View]
203746619Is she running?[View]
203738022>communism is bad >muh 100 gorillion imagine being this much of an npc…[View]
203746531Learn this phrase, 'Who Whom'. It's your past, present and future.: 'Who Whom' is the answer to…[View]
203746512Labour Party celebrates as another jewish MP leaves the party[View]
203746501What our ancestors left us: This book named the eternal Semite (as Phoenicians, sailing merchants, g…[View]
203746467Welcome to cbs news: Where all the boomer memes are repeated until you believe them. >srsly do t…[View]
203733748How do we solve the thot problem?[View]
203745604Can we get the link: To the Huma abedin hillary clinton sex tape?[View]
203746290How to win a Libtard v. Conservicuck war: Make battle plans on Photoshop or MS paint and explain how…[View]
203744127>be Palm Springs >elect all lgbtqaiaa666wb city council >get called racist The left is n…[View]
203744425BERNIER BTFO: Just look at the shitskins in he picture. The judge is going to decide in their favour…[View]
203739341Why did Hitler let so many young whites die?: Why did he start a pointless war that led to millions …[View]
203745983Thread died before I could contribute. What do you think of free speech blogging sites /pol/? Do the…[View]
203745226What the health: After watching what the health what am I supposed to think about food. This faggot …[View]
203736646France: Jewish graves desecrated with Swastikas near Strasbourg.: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-eur…[View]
203745618happy black history month to all you black anons out there[View]
203743849>http://archive.is/V6rNT Is the 9th Circuit the biggest joke in this country?…[View]
203745566A C C E L E R A T I O N: I just registered Democrat the other day and switched from the Republican P…[View]
203745568https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLNdSnSdlPc A group of Russian witches have gathered to hold a “Circ…[View]
203745691Why is the EU so good as a war deterrent?[View]
203745102why are christcucks so stupid?[View]
203745846Been off the internet for 3 days....: Hi /pol/, Just got back from a great family weekend trip, fir…[View]
203743277So at what point are Russians going to build canals inside tunnels and btfo America by closing the g…[View]
203738199Friendly Reminder: Even though Trump is a Zionist puppet, the best move is to vote for him instead o…[View]
203745795Seriously, how do we solve the beta orbitor problem?: How do we tell betas that crushing on someone …[View]
203742146anti-Semitism: is trending on Twitter. You know what needs to be done.[View]
203745757When did you realize that Aryan Ann is the only hope to save this country?[View]
20374575616yo overdosed on weed: 16-yr-old cannabis addict stabs mother, severs genitals in UK >it's …[View]
203745516Media freaking the fuck out right now on /ourguy/ They're terrified.[View]
203709411Sam Hyde Suicide?: >last communication on 4 February >friends have been unable to contact him…[View]
203745695White Privilege: This thread isn't about the existence of white privilege, which is an unproduc…[View]
203743355THEY AREN'T HIDING ANYMORE: >Beware of Using Young People's Blood to Halt Aging, FDA Sa…[View]
203740375Press T to Thank him.: For unintentionally red-pilling a bunch of normie blacks? For inadvertently w…[View]
203742918anyone have the bernie sanders video jacob nobles made in april? i think it was called are you feeli…[View]
203745503At 2:04 Mr. President discusses the space force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX5us0Xe2O4&fea…[View]
203745527Uh Cory?[View]
203724849Pro trump thread: We are being raided by shills. Let’s have a pro trump thread to repel them a bit.…[View]
203742695spacethread: Most anarchist discussion on space travel I've seen so far tends to sound like 'hu…[View]
203744866Do blacks and browns not also long for a deep state of traditional ethnic tranquility and peace?[View]
203729240Why do we keep falling for it?[View]
203745407How will the Tinder sexual economy rebalance itself? Will there be a correction or crash? What natur…[View]
203737788Was it a mistake for trump the make the wall his biggest campaign promise?[View]
203744206The absolute state of /pol/[View]
203740131How accurate is pic related about Finnish-Swedish relations?[View]
203742685Did this really pass?: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/41/text if yes,…[View]
203743055We didn't vote for this nigger. He has to go.[View]
203744113HBOs True Detectives & Pizzagate: Season 3 of True Detectives directly references the Franklin S…[View]
203745283Why all the income inequality threads?: Hmmm, Bernie announces he’s running and then all the sudden …[View]
203745053Not going to lie. I voted for Trump and all we got was a Zion Don the kike puppet, tax cuts for bill…[View]
203743471What would they think?: What would a family from the 1930s think of US society today, if we could sh…[View]
203745272You can’t be Christian and Republican.[View]
203743958Why do americans love larping as nazis?[View]
203741769'White people are what's wrong with America.' 'White people have given the world nothing but su…[View]
203725413Anyone regret voting for Trump?: He's showing himself to be the wrong choice every single day..…[View]
203742467i oppose homosexuality but i like to shove dildos up my ass the average conservative[View]
203745049What's going on with the denver airport? Buried buildings, apocolyptic murals, organizations th…[View]
203736339how is the brexit going for you britfaggots? still hurting?[View]
203734169STRAW POLL: TRUMP VS YANG: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Andrew Yang…[View]
203744911>maps that make u think[View]
203719071$324 fine: That'll teach her! https://www.foxnews.com/world/swedish-student-who-tried-to-stop-m…[View]
203719880Supreme Court ruling clears way for more Mueller grand jury info: http://archive.fo/NkgEo >The Su…[View]
203743202Wtf I love Trump now https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-administration-launche…[View]
203738743Britsh hate thread: I hate looking at these lazy low iq downie looking rotten teeth britiod monkeys …[View]
203744086/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || /ptg/ EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
203744569The end is coming.: A Democrat is going to be president, the Democrats will control the house, the D…[View]
203737283/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Extintion Event Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
203741171we /pol/ now[View]
203744225WTF: Bernie Sanders a WHITE MALE dared to challenge /ourqueen/ Kamala Harris??? Just what the hell i…[View]
203728445Lynchings were commonly faked.: Interestingly the guy wires used to hold up the faux victims were ca…[View]
203742927American hoe raped like a bitch, muthafucka: >Woodside, Queens, NY >Friday night >Woman (20…[View]
203744358After the Venezuelan uprising removes the commies in power, will the US and other western nations do…[View]
203744315Can the Sabres do it?: Will the buffalo sabres be able to get past this rough stretch and make the p…[View]
203743709Super gonorrhoea is start of drug-resistant STI boom: >'SUPER' gonorrhoea may sound dramatic, but…[View]
203743656...Uranium one...: >Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Concerns about White House Transferring Sensiti…[View]
203738825Condensed Truth: This is going to be long, but I thought I might put into context whats actually goi…[View]
203741703dose being next to nig nogs incress your test?[View]
203743918Bernie 2020, you magaturds bout to get crushed: Ready to feel the bern?[View]
203741685Full exchange: PM Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer on Butts' resignation: Trudeau is floundering. …[View]
203744140Assange talks about GSM data powered bugs: https://youtu.be/zYDaSLSs9uM?t=13[View]
203732431Every day, it keeps getting better.[View]
203741138poor tim pool is fighting the redpills,just swallow it tim: Ive never seen a guy so close to fully s…[View]
203743333Are black jews ok? One of my good friends is a black jew. He just seems like a normal black guy thou…[View]
203743988>would unironically lose to a woman how can trump ever recover? https://www.strawpoll.me/17457751…[View]
203742932Post your reaction women when Ocasio-Ortez gets elected and signs in a decree that the most faithful…[View]
203743837Is /pol/ full of manlets?: We all know you're dumb but manlets too? https://www.theguardian.co…[View]
203737882ONE META THREAD ALLOWED PER BOARD: Hi /pol/, disregard the following because I suck cocks: I'm …[View]
203735024Have I betrayed my race?: /pol/, I have a wife and two children with my wife, and we all have blonde…[View]
203732819Brit/pol/ - rare signs edition: __News__ >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednes…[View]
203738755I think my daughter is becoming a roastie whore: I think my daughter is becoming a roastie whore. Sh…[View]
203740645The new Golden Rule for American /pol/ posters: Don't ever take sides against your fellow count…[View]
203743074Just making a thread because I haven't made one in a while. INB4 spam, like there's anythi…[View]
203732336It's time to take the Vitamin D pill. I've been feeling tired as fuck and low energy for y…[View]
203743442How do you Anons guide your keklets?: Boomer here working on child #1 with the wife. When I was goin…[View]
203741836It's garbage but let's be honest, it's gonna make a ton of money right?: I hope it bo…[View]
203742966Plan to Kill White Americans Going Just as Planned: https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health…[View]
203743474how long does he have left until he croaks?[View]
203721039This is okay in america: THIS IS NOT OKAY! AS if 1 gun wasn't bad enough, citizen mutts have 10…[View]
203737455The age of men is over: The age of men is over. All of your belongings, all of your women and livest…[View]
203742383roads n shiet: Hey /pol/ fags, what do you think of diverting funds to the federal government can fi…[View]
203742470Britain will be a huge tax haven offshore from Europe. I really love Brexit now, I always wanted to …[View]
203740736Feelings on Euro ethnic groups: Americans, post you feelings on European ethnic groups based on your…[View]
203743226Women adore BBC: irrefutable proof: Look how happy she is. Being in the presence of BBC not only ma…[View]
203743221Braap: My kinda network.[View]
203737200*blocks your path*[View]
203743162TRS fans going to prison: Anyone who has ever visited The Right Stuff, or even worse, has or has had…[View]
203743103At least he hasnt gotten us into any new War: 2 years later >Threatens to invade Venezuela and a …[View]
203740620it's over drumpfkins[View]
203738149>Smollett >Smol lett Must be very very small. In any case someone is going to the slammer. …[View]
203738100Pic related is the number one problem for Russia. Prove me wrong pro tip you can't.[View]
203740324Can Bernie beat Trump? Where would Bernie be most competitive?[View]
203740456Idi Amin Dada: Was Idi Amin based and redpilled or just crazy? Redpill me on Idi Amin. https://youtu…[View]
203740960People are questioning if charcoal face masks are like ‘blacking up’: Life imitates art? >People …[View]
203742888Daily reminder that a woman deserves your job more than you.: Sure they work fewer hours and are les…[View]
203740414BERNIE 2020: Ex Berniefag here. I joined the trump train to smash the establishment. Now I’m changi…[View]
203738249I think anyone should be able to blog freely without being silenced by tech giants. So there is an e…[View]
203742853So we all know that black men are superior to white 'men'. Black men have >stronger bodies >be…[View]
203741045I haven't watch adult swim in a while so today I thought I'd watch an episode of robot chi…[View]
203725254If you are any of these people you are allowed in the future ethnostate. If not than fuck off[View]
203741759/pol/ cognitive dissonance: >African countries are messed up because of colonization and other re…[View]
203739372lets have a Communism hate thread going[View]
203727509LOW WAGES ARE (((THEIR))) FAULT: You faggot bootlickers keep blaming immigration it's not ITS T…[View]
203739135>hotel booking company advertising >two white women approaching BBC to have a “threeday” >…[View]
203742718Hamima Begum (the Islamic brat) has had her UK citizenship revoked... Doesn't seem like the lit…[View]
203737804> Signs a bill that cancels out his emergency plans for the wall > Not only does he tolerate r…[View]
203741625Floridanons, is there any truth to the 'Trump can't win Florida in 2020 because of the felons' …[View]
203742615Against the power of Zion there can be no victory. We must join with him, /pol/. We must join with t…[View]
203737144ok so lets say the EU lets poland take control over night: on day 1 what would happen then explain o…[View]
203740099We don't have an extradition treaty with Vietnam: I am officially here on /pol/ to predict that…[View]
203742080this is how gen z will be when they wake up to the truth[View]
203742133Do you thot patrol female members of your own family?: It's the first duty of any non cuck man,…[View]
203738073My old white girlfriend would never wear what I wanted her to. But now my new Asian gf is excited to…[View]
203711260RBG spotted at airport by TMZ: But she is wearing the same clothes from the last TMZ video in 2018. …[View]
203742199Is it temporarily legal to call Smollett a stupid ni$$er?: Think it should be allowed for one week t…[View]
203742238Can any one else be more cucked than Sanders? Writing this shit in Spanish as if this is a shithole …[View]
203742173We need more white women like this.[View]
203742185WHATS HIS CHANCES? HE DOES NOT SOUND RETARDED.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuOYA6Dhjb8…[View]
203741790Now that Bernie is back when will JEB! announce his comeback?: Also general Jebheads thread.[View]
203742100How comes Anglos are good in Civilization but don't produce any relevant or aesthetically pleas…[View]
203742278Post content regarding >anti-nazism >conspiracy theories <extra points for ridiculing holoc…[View]
203741806>Secret Service >SS OY VEY HOW THE FUCK DID THEY SLIP THIS PAST US…[View]
203742068Trumpfags and a dumbass wall: Are you seriously thinking that a stupid wall can stop a mexican carte…[View]
203714433>be millenial >get job >can’t afford to move out >boomers at work say you’ll never retir…[View]
203742160Andrew Yang running as a Democrat who wants UBI is the only politician saying that White Genocide ma…[View]
203736728Why the jews will lose: The irony of Europeans being displaced in their own homelands is that jews w…[View]
203740545yeah im gonna vote for him[View]
203742008>turn all cash into digital money (Bitcoin) >massive supposed EMP attack >all records are g…[View]
203735356Can you survive in a zombie apocalypse?: >Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a disease that has imp…[View]
203741705WTF is wrong with Mexico?: How retarded does one country have to be to think that building a city on…[View]
203721120Brexit I'm in Love.....: Got banned for two weeks because of her.... I still love her.... BREXI…[View]
203741911Uhhh, guys? https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-conc…[View]
203741852Bernie 2020 Official - / Pol is Red today: > Donate 27dollars today... > This is OUR Revolutio…[View]
203741650what are some more words that mean anti-sjw: theres chads gamergirls repilled idk of any other…[View]
203741257oh no... grand jury: prison time?[View]
2037392907 times greater Israel in Argentina: >In the 21st century, benefitting from the advantages offere…[View]
203740175/RPG/ Redpill General: bump for newfags to see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p1Y…[View]
203741455Cloning and Selective Breeding Thread: So far they've cloned: - Sheep - Dogs - Horses - Monkeys…[View]
203740512Need the source/image that proves Asian illegal immigrants are around 20% as violent as Mexican ille…[View]
203741660Any reason Brits can’t into the natural effect of Brexit?: It’s not like it is a freaking secret.…[View]
203741601Agent Orange, Pink etc.: Why is Agent Orange never discussed? Whole array of Rainbow Herbicides used…[View]
203741646Thoughts on Taiwan? I’d imagine this country to be based, Given that they are the successors of the…[View]
203738566I believe him.[View]
203738638March is White History Month: In March, let's celebrate all the great things white people have …[View]
203741479Will the US and Russia ever be friends? I wish we could at least be allies. we were so fucking based…[View]
203741399Simpsons knew Hitler didn't die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hke7xQFXa30 Buenas noches mein…[View]
203741385Make a case for your race: Don't make a case for your religion or anything like the picture I…[View]
203729541WWII kisser - legend dies: Was he a rapist or sexual predator /pol/?[View]
203741349German police admit they are hiding the truth about crimes being committed. How it must feel to be p…[View]
203738445So I made a rough estimation and it takes between 12% to 15% of Muslims residing in a European count…[View]
203741290Humanities are more important in the long run than STEM. This board has such a fetishization with re…[View]
203741253What was really going on in Benghazi?[View]
203741252I seriously think it's over this time.: I don't think he recovers from this. https://www.m…[View]
203736114Anti-Refugee False Flag in Canada?: 7 Syrian refugees died in a house fire in Halifax NS. A friend i…[View]
203741225Pol btfo by /v/: Why haven't you joined the winning side yet? >CDPR Twitter guy that made to…[View]
203738846Who was in the wrong here?[View]
203739910Frankly, it is far past time that we discuss what is perhaps the most pressing inequality of our tim…[View]
203737610I went to School with Alexandria. Huge bitch btw. Yes. Her nipples are pierced. She'd get in ar…[View]
203739860Centrism is objectively the best choice and you cant prove me wrong[View]
203738373REMINDER!!!! TRUMP ̶D̶I̶D̶N̶'̶T̶ DID SIGN THE SPENDING BILL!!!!!: https://congress.gov/bill/116…[View]
203739371Who's side a they on?: So what's the rundown on freemasons? Are they /ourguys/, a bunch of…[View]
203741011What’s life like in these states?: How segregated are these states since I know how extremely divers…[View]
203736468Not even 10 years ago, you would have expected the exact opposite: RIP in peace Black France[View]
203729099Can we terraform Venus?: And if we can, why don’t we? Why are politicians talking about walls and fe…[View]
203740852But everything in this is true[View]
203739114'oh but why are you racist?' 'oh but why you dislike black people?' 'oh but why you don't trust…[View]
203737429Smashing some goals: Apple tries to sell Watch to pedophiles![View]
203705943GAME OVER FUCKERS. GET READY TO BE WASTED and DON'T FUCK WITH RUSSIA: New Russian light machine…[View]
203739071Victim: Hate crime[View]
203737747whats his fucking deal? what kind of man goes around incessantly whining to the media like this?[View]
203740072Boomer hate thread[View]
203718714Are white men to non white women, what black men are to white women? Are we niggas now?[View]
203740462USA guilty of worst human expirimentation: Yes in my country we have a long history of it. Lobotomy’…[View]
203738117Meta: We need more than 10 pages, there is literally no point in making a new thread unless it'…[View]
203740371WTF I thought Tom Arnold hated Trump, why is he hanging out with his Russian hacker George Papadopou…[View]
203739206True Detective Season 3 dropping pedophile redpills: In episode 7 they blatantly showed and pointed …[View]
203740357Anyone else here brought up by liberal parents, and was a liberal as a youth but have since realized…[View]
203737682Why are 'Palesitnians' so fat? /pol/ is always crying that they're starving[View]
203728169what happened to all the bugs (and birds)? >inb4 it's winter I'm in Florida and bugs a…[View]
203740314Matter is pure evil. This is the reason why evil people are always on the top. It didn't start …[View]
203740272Pol & PizzaGate Bleeding into Reality: True Dectives all seasons were pretty much about child tr…[View]
203739312Let’s save the white race and go back to honor and wisdom. Help me do it.: Guys. I am opening up a t…[View]
203736476I've got a theory. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all a different God. Does that make sen…[View]
203726329Thoughts on Tito?: Thoughts on Tito?[View]
203728374What are some good conservative podcasts? Bongino is my favorite.[View]
203713235How do we convince Americans to stop buying processed foods and develop cancers because of it? It…[View]
203739966Thoughts on Abuse of Capitalism: In your (((standard))) capitalistic society that you see today in m…[View]
203736379What do you think their dindu story is gonna be? https://www.wnem.com/three--year-olds-one--year-old…[View]
203733666Reminder that Sweden is cucked.[View]
203735707New anti-LGBTBBQ emoji: Okay fellas, fess up, which one of you did this? https://www.out.com/tech/20…[View]
203739886Build your bukers: Politics comes in increments. You can't expect a single leader to come into …[View]
203737928Discord Trannies Conned Trump into it: Can you believe how far these shills will go? >Declaring G…[View]
203736757Why did he carry out the Las Vegas attacks /pol/[View]
203737754Do you think there actually are paid shills on /pol/? If there are, they don't seem to be doing…[View]
203696163>OII!!! OI!! >Don't be a blight! >Bin that white! Police are not on board with saying …[View]
203739334Have Boomers Crashed the Job Market: I'm a senior in high school set to go to tech school to st…[View]
203735713>get arrested for being a pederass and fucking with teenagers >NYPD finds your laptop with 650…[View]
203737995Bernie Sanders hires anti-Israel campaing manager: http://archive.is/51fJg http://archive.is/xJT90 A…[View]
203739237Champion of the poor people?: Champion of utter shit.[View]
203724807Trump goes on warpath defending homosexuals: America Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!1111 https://www.zerohedge.c…[View]
203736595When will women finally be given equal workplace treatment /pol?[View]
2037386352020 is going to be an EXACT COPY of 2016. >Bernie fires up the soigoys and raises lots of money…[View]
203737232ARE YOU FEELING IT, /pol/?[View]
203735743Does anyone have any red pill statistics on race that I can send my friend. Basically he is confused…[View]
203738253BiBi when he was just 28. You'll never compete against this.[View]
203739181WELL?: why dose /pol/ refer to mixed children as 'mutts' and 'goblins'? when studies consistently sh…[View]
203739133Give me your nuke codes right now America. Or do you want another 9/11?[View]
203728651Anti-Trump threads were sparse until roughly 30 minutes ago when an organized shill raid began and s…[View]
203739166Why do middle class white men always blame brown people for their failures?[View]
203738934How do we deal with the (((Capitalism))) problem???: >no jobs >can't afford a house >c…[View]
203737758/Anti-shill/ general: How many other minorities voting for Trump in 2020? Fags and Trans, niggers an…[View]
203727171You feel You lose: eldergod mode[View]
203738441/RVA/ happenings: >Yesterday, Richmond, VA. >Protest against Northam by antifa-tier cucks >…[View]
203739015Should we advocate for International fascism or a Fascistic EU instead of nationalistic fascism? If …[View]
203739031wait...did he drain the swamp yet?[View]
203738964Why are bisexual people so hated by both the left and the right?[View]
203737503Men without a Purpose: When men have nothing to work towards or goals to strive towards(for some it’…[View]
203735659What are your honest opinions on how to fix this world on a maglev train to hell with no breaks?[View]
203738558>He’s just a kid... no older than my wife’s son What did Raimi mean by this?…[View]
203738721'Donald Trump Trump the most dangerous president in modern times.': Drumphtards get BTFO by independ…[View]
203738712Trump Shlls for fags: >Trump admin to launch worldwide campaign to legalize sexual degeneracy …[View]
203736079I love Trump but...: Can somebody redpill me on why we are giving the shitskin sand niggers nuclear …[View]
203737842On White Nationalism and Sexual Degeneracy: Why does the white nationalist community have a problem …[View]
203738424What does /pol/ think about metacapitalists such as Elon Musk?[View]
2037110131. Your cunt. 2. Would you prefer that Germany won the war or the americans?[View]
203738507What does /pol/ think of this graph?[View]
203738447Daily reminder that pol is zionist: Despite the anti shills, pol's general policy is to 1) sup…[View]
203733638Yellow Vest Thread Anudda Shoah addition: Alright which one of you frogs did it?[View]
203735823Redpill me on Milorad Ulemek and Zeljko Raznatovic,are they our guys also should Milorad be freed fr…[View]
203723002Ahem! Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Fuck Ontarians, fuck Canadians, and most of all, lo…[View]
203737810ALL COUNTER CULTURE IS KIKERY: Pic related is how a school girl should dress. Counter culture exist …[View]
203732692Should the government issue men state mandated GFs to combat the rising incel epidemic /pol/?[View]
203738207The shadows aren't dark enough...Q: The shadows aren't dark enough...Q #thebelltolls, #QAn…[View]
203737218Why did Trump congratulate Obama in this tweet? I don't get it.[View]
203735461Hey Janny: I have reviewed your ban and have decided to reject it.[View]
203737715So what's the deal with Turkey? Aside from >muh roaches what's going on there political…[View]
203734841Okay, which one of you crazy bastards did it?[View]
203738081Why do you think it is that the 'poor and stupid' are the ones always complaining about Jews? It…[View]
203738034Tarmac woes?...Q: Tarmac woes?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas, #lynch @…[View]
203736012Do native english speakers normally type with this cadence and strange syntax? I mean, it's tec…[View]
203737169KEK Bernouts already giving money they don't have to the DNC![View]
203737405Green New Deal = Probable War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix9dhgawPLI If the Green New Deal, or…[View]
203737891government works for me, why should it work for you nigger?[View]
203698511I’m building a time machine: Hi guys i’m building a time machine. I’m serious about this. I feel lik…[View]
203733088Why do Americans hate America and constantly shit on it but defend it to their dying breath if it…[View]
203737183Moving to NYC soon: What should I know? Where do /pol/ acks live in Manhattan? Budget will be around…[View]
203737820Fashion Police: Watch what you wear in the land of the free, After all haven't you heard this i…[View]
203730922Why are school teachers so overwhelmingly leftist? https://youtu.be/lAe8mxvV1fU[View]
203736868Why did this cuck refuse to prosecute violent leftist rioters? Why did his Department of Justice att…[View]
203732512alright, which one of you did this?[View]
203724313Why aren't you guys Neopagans? >pure from judaism and judaism's evil child, christianit…[View]
203737620Is it over /pol/? First it was Tucker Carlson who called out Trump for cucking out on us. Now it’s A…[View]
203737534Beauty is only skin deep...Q: Beauty is only skin deep...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, …[View]
203735176Tulsi will win the primaries. Having said that, who will you vote for?[View]
203737581>reincarnation exists and you are a bad person Such people reincarnate as flies, mosquitoes or am…[View]
203726474WHY IS ROGER STONE SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT?: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/02/roger-stone-lashes-federa…[View]
203737479When did you came into the realization that he was a controlled opposition?[View]
203737472UH OH! BERNIER BTFO: I'm glad he split from the cons, he took all the kooks away from Conservat…[View]
203734018could we influence the democratic nominee?: are there any plans/ways we could influence the democrat…[View]
203719521This is the last straw for me. Trump isn’t even hiding it anymore. He’s a kike puppet.[View]
203736975Why are leftists such incredible hypocrites? >hung out with leftie friend last weekend >we…[View]
203730295Why is drug use so common among whites?: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db273.htm…[View]
203736851socialism rules![View]
203737317Confirmation bias and bad pattern recognition: Why are you such a dumb dumb? Do you retards enjoy tr…[View]
203734298It interesting how the pecking order for women is based on looks while for men its based on success …[View]
203735390You may soon have to give your DNA to the state and pay $250 for the privilege: Arizona could soon b…[View]
203736058Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon's Mommy Edition): Do you guys think it's weird that a guy wit…[View]
203732999What's the deal with Freemasonry? Are they Jews? How are they linked to the Illuminati?: Also w…[View]
203737235Is the world going to stay boring, in slow decline, or is some major event going to take place that …[View]
203737180Why do whites and American Indians kill themselves so much?[View]
203735062Are you still voting for amnesty Don in 2020?: ?[View]
203703976What is your profession, /pol/?[View]
203730040WTF I love John Wayne now https://www.inquisitr.com/5304622/john-wayne-outed-as-white-supremacist-af…[View]
203736521Anyone else kinda feel bad for this kike? Watching the train wreck he caused over the past week has …[View]
203736878Free Everything!: For everybody who isn't white.[View]
203732872stop watching porn[View]
203737073turks are stupid goatfucker: Turks want to get rid of the Kurds in Turkey, and if we demand the same…[View]
203737011Video shows Jewish thought process - fundamentally unable to comprehend doing something not for prof…[View]
203727815MISSING : Don Lemon from CNN hasn't Tweeted in a week: /pol/, you folks seem to have your finge…[View]
203735007Is it immoral to make someone cheat with you? Is it degenerate if you're not cheating? I am of…[View]
203736620Fuck Bernie. Fuck Tulsi. Fuck Kamala.: I hope Hillary fucking announces late and steals the nominati…[View]
203736962for the race war: would be with asians and be partners adn be masters over the new black slaves OR …[View]
203728911The cost to buy you off?: The price, for men, I think is pussy. As a young man, I thought getting ah…[View]
203718515Provided that her father finds a suitable husband, at what age is it appropriate for a young girl to…[View]
203724169UN wants to ban lolis! Again!: > fuck you, because 'think of the children' https://www.oneangryga…[View]
203736744Really gets your noggin' joggin'.: Did you know that even adjusted for the jewish iq meme …[View]
203735296How to offend people of different orientations and genders?: I feel heterossexual male have a comple…[View]
203736841CIA gangstalkers, yes, but what about CIA single stalkers?: Always this talk about gangstalkers, but…[View]
203736559Laws of nature: 1) Inbreeding is bad 2) The more genetic diversity the better You know what that mea…[View]
203727110/MEGA/ - Make España Great Again - The Trial Continues Edition: >Junqueras loves Spain >Turull…[View]
203736721Islam today: What made islam go the way it did? What made it go from having a golden age in mathemat…[View]
203736745Why do Western women like Africa so much? If Africa isn't a shithole, why don't they just …[View]
203710586I already have an insider at the Fed. The Left will win.[View]
203726135You still doubt who owns France?: 3 minor antisemitic false flags talked 24/7 for 2 weeks now. (Shit…[View]
203731277Who's the best fictionnal US president in any media ?[View]
203736161Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality /pol will defend…[View]
203725288These women look better then white women: As much as I want to continue the white race, I don’t find…[View]
203734592Queer Theory and Gender Performativity: Hey /pol/ I came across this lecture JewTube. It's from…[View]
203727309Knowing the next generation will support reddit: Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside /pol/[View]
203736587based bernie sanders thread: >abortion pro choice >reduce defence spending yes >campaign fi…[View]
203736588Wanna buy a painting?...Q: Wanna buy a painting?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap,…[View]
203731454We're turning /pol/ into a socialist anti-cheeto board and there's nothing you pissbabies …[View]
203731930the future of the white race and the Western world: feeling especially black pilled today goys. Ther…[View]
203733578FEEL THE BERN: Kek has chosen Bernie as his new champion. TRUMP IS NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. He’s a pawn o…[View]
203736471Not so fast and furious now are ya?...Q: Not so fast and furious now are ya?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAn…[View]
203733967YAAASSS QUEEN SLAYYY Why are men like this /pol/? Using stupid ass big words and shit. And why do th…[View]
203710252What did (((Jon Perlyman))) mean by this?: What can we do to help our friend on twitter Mr Hurlymann…[View]
203736451this is the red pill the Europe needs to take.[View]
203735964Wales: Boys banned from playing netball at Urdd sports festival.: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-…[View]
203736419Can we get a class action law suit against Smolett for falsely making us all out to be racist homoph…[View]
203736411WTF I love Apple now[View]
203728485Javanka delivers NUKES to Saudi.Arabia: The only way nuked should be sent to the middle east is to g…[View]
203736361We are being brainwashed by machines?: What does /pol/ think about this picture? Are the right'…[View]
203736218Does Bernie Sanders want us to give him our money so he can give it to black people or is that a mem…[View]
203736332Karma's a bitch....Q: Karma's a bitch....Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap,…[View]
203733305Who would the United States support in case of war between India and Pakistan?[View]
203735602Trump's right.: And always has been.[View]
203728497Rank the women: Trump has the best looking women ever in the history of politics. Rank them in the o…[View]
203736203Dependence on government gibs will destroy the western way of life: Prove me wrong. Pro-tip: You can…[View]
203711376Post your country's national heroes, I'll start[View]
203735164BERNIE 2020.: Now that Hillary’s out of the way, it’s over for Trump.[View]
203735122Why is the media so downbeat about ISIS being defeated?: The media (when they do decide to talk abou…[View]
203736144WHY DON'T YOU OWN A GUN?: A man without a firearm is 'ardly a man at all![View]
203736141Feeling a bit sick Komrad?....Q: Feeling a bit sick Komrad?....Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #g…[View]
203732561A question for the oldfags: For those of you who were in their 20s during the 1980s, did young peopl…[View]
203730698(((Far Cry: New Dawn))) trailer: I WONDER (((WHO))) COULD BE BEHIND THIS https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203734887WHITE STEM SLAVERS: whites have been tricked into the stem slavery meme. why? because they were told…[View]
203735675Hey pol could you guys use your autism to find out if this document is real or not. Some Ukrainian d…[View]
203733717Why yes, I do think that childhood is idolising Kennedy, but being an adult means realising Nixon ma…[View]
203731863Why were they so based? I mean look at them and then look at today's men. Fuck[View]
203735812Press S[View]
203713068If whites are superior......: Then how come the US, which historically has had a substantial black p…[View]
203688877He's right - Japan must open her borders.[View]
203733701All drugs should be legalized. If you think otherwise you are retarded.[View]
203732584so which one of you did this?[View]
203723093Lara Logan admits 85% of the media is run by Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7JMo0BCio…[View]
203734791Assange is on team Bernie...prepare to get fucked Trumptards... https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status…[View]
203735723Lies, lies and more lies...Q: Lies, lies and more lies...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, …[View]
203732410I hate to say it. That's why I'm saying it here. She's not a bad person, but she…[View]
203724652Holy shit !! Francs is rising !!!: > Vandals desecrate 90 Jewish graves in east France ahead of m…[View]
203722681Three 14-year-old boys (Wimer Ramos [left], Nile Campbell [center], Philip Worrell [right]) and one …[View]
203735252BASED! MAGA 2020[View]
203713578How do you argue against this to the youth who are refusing to work and turning to socialism? Is Tru…[View]
203698473Ask a Muslim, who is knowledgeable about Islam, who is now practicing Hinduist anything.[View]
203734750Are you Persianpilled?[View]
203732711>MAGA is the best campaign slogan ev-[View]
203734871Psychological Intimidation For Self Defense / Psychological Warfare: How to became psychologically i…[View]
203713075Was capitalism a mistake?: Egghead 17 year old making the playing field even harder[View]
203734415Trolls are people too!: The most oppressed minority in existence. We are openly spat on in public fo…[View]
203730337Natalia Poklonskaya in the program 'For three' (TV channel RTVI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC…[View]
203718825>Normies hate him >Republicans hate him >Alt right hates him Serious question: Is he going …[View]
203734726India as the Center of Hyperborean Civilization: Just got back from a trip to India and I have to sa…[View]
203734714>when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be poor…[View]
203734824YouTube changed its policy, you can no longer say victims are actors, presumably to fight off people…[View]
203735094So I found this forum on raddle (like reddit but worse) and I thought you might be interested. This …[View]
203731894Trump will win Michigan!: They still support him, watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
203733337Soo, guys, who's gonna pay the wall?[View]
203725839China friendship thread: Just watched a movie called Wandering Earth. Guys. China is an amazing coun…[View]
203732945LOCATION OF THE FUTURE ETHNOSTATE: I propose the UP of Michigan. It has everything we need: metallic…[View]
203729736ITT: Celebrate all things American: I'll start: >gun violence >obesity >Zionism…[View]
203718518>people unironically follow a former death metal degenerate who killed someone but 'found the rig…[View]
203732804A real redpill for all to hear: The red pill is that the Earths doom didn’t occur when Hitler died. …[View]
203723161ZION DON MY ASS. U.S. Palestinian mission to merge with Israel embassy in March: http://archive.fo/0…[View]
203734891ATTENTION YELLOWPRESS APPARATCHIKS: He's coming for ya![View]
203732733TULSI 2020: Have you donated yet, /pol/?[View]
203723049the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost[View]
203733970China-Reddit Hates Saudi Arabia: Look at this shit hole. Plus, why doesn't Israel reveal the fa…[View]
203734350Boomer poltard white female gets BTFO by her own race when shes goes /pol/ irl. LOL![View]
203708152he's running: Wat pol think?[View]
203733876Trump, the deep state, the wall, the alignment of forces.: Trump, the deep state, the wall, the alig…[View]
203731090What was Mengele's endgame in creating a twin-infested German city in Brazil? https://www.youtu…[View]
203732348what the FUCK is Ben Shapiro's problem?[View]
203730106>Trump signed the bill https://congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-joint-resolution/31/…[View]
203731607>hate niggers' >like the new JoJo Bizarre Adventure's ending song WHY AM I SO CONFLI…[View]
203732180Is Louisiana the only good state with >%20 niggers?: This was the only state where black lives ma…[View]
203732567the absolute state of the west: >1. aslong they will leave after some time >2. aslong they ass…[View]
203722400APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW: >ISIS Briton Shamima Begum to have UK citizenship revoked YOU FUCKING SCUM,…[View]
203731944Blacks Are Attacking Jews in New York: Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in N…[View]
203733410How do we overcome this blatant white privilege?[View]
203730974What the FUCK uk?![View]
203733032*saps your taxpayer money*[View]
203733055/pol/ knows everything or do they?: Hey sell outs, keep doubting.[View]
203731381So what's gonna happen now with the wall and Trump?: I see all kind of shit everywhere about a …[View]
203730023Former Iraqi PM names the Zionist Jews as being behind ISIS.[View]
203733460New York State Suing to Stop the Wall?: I didn't vote for this shit. The Attorney General can j…[View]
203733434H.R.672: Woke up from behind a rock to find this law. Oy vey ... did they shut it down or what ? Exp…[View]
203710014/pol/ Humour Thread: slow day today. post'em faggots.[View]
203731359Accelerationism: Now that /pol/ has started to realize that Trump is a kike puppet and just there to…[View]
203733233Andrew Yang a.k.a. the UBI guy: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
203732370Did we win?[View]
203727472Independence when?[View]
203731350Americans think they are financially worse off than they actually are: RIch people think they middle…[View]
203715261GUN CONTROL IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE: Firearm prohibition disarms only those least likely to cause h…[View]
203723322Why don't European men get affected by the cold winters? I see white guys walking around in fre…[View]
203721684Brit/pol/: __News__ >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednesday https://www.bbc.c…[View]
203720015Lefty memes are better than righty memes now: Right wing memes have seriously gone down in quality W…[View]
203732294how did south park get away with this?[View]
203732387https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3LAlhmbb_ww Just LOL at Catholics[View]
203728276Welcome to Kiev fucking jews: A facsimile of the Nazi flag with a giant swastika in the middle was p…[View]
203720884How can we make the Electoral College better?: It seems to me a good solution would be to make ever …[View]
203730758Press F[View]
203711364BREAKING NEWS! WAR IT IS!: YOU'RE GOING TO WAR S O YBOYS! >inb4source…[View]
203730607Does watching porn make you gay? I've noticed that if the guys in the porn I watch have ugly/sh…[View]
203731144FINALLY, the US sided with Poland against Israel https://www.timesofisrael.com/siding-with-poland-us…[View]
203732405Antifa Brazil: Anyone willing to organize against the recently founded antifa in Brazil? They are st…[View]
203731379Éire/pol/ - anti corruption edition: This thread is for general discussion on News, Happenings, and …[View]
203730467ITT: r/zionism Come join us around the tisch to talk good things about israel.[View]
203732202The meeting that saved England[View]
203730828How do we force Ann Coulter to primary Zion Don?[View]
203725681Personally I think Israel can be our greatest ally in the creation of white ethnostate (Arya). Why? …[View]
203726327You can steal us as much land as you want - we will still dominate you with work ethic, engineering …[View]
203729098Friendly reminder:: Bernie Sanders is the savior of white race and will be much tougher on immigrati…[View]
203730542ITT: unattributed quotes by Jews that /pol/ would agree with[View]
203722022DENIED: https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-gove…[View]
203705860Why do whites vote Democrat?[View]
203727716John Wayne is trending on twatter: He's been dead for over 40 years, but someone dug up one of …[View]
203728041Weekend at Bernie2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DRwz0cAt0 Straight out the gate, within the…[View]
203712625/ERG/ European Religions General: Reincarnation Edition: >Is Christianity European? No. It is a J…[View]
203729983Gun Control is Misogynistic! Fuck the Patriarchy!: You cannot exlain to violent criminals why they s…[View]
203728978Check out the #Iamtheradicalleft hashtag for lulz: Can't screencap with this keyboard. INB4 OP …[View]
203731602Jussie Smollett: Someone needs to photoshop Jussie into this[View]
203731105daily reminder: transhumanism is the end goal of the elites, the final destination of the eugenics p…[View]
203728935For me, personally, it's Tulsi. Based Mommy even defends Wikilinks https://www.washingtontimes.…[View]
203731500American Jew: The nose knows. AMA[View]
203730388If Jews are so smart, why did they relocate to hostile territory instead of Madagascar? Checkmate.[View]
203724804Ive got a chance to teach tomorrows history lesson, the topic i have to talk about is Operation Barb…[View]
203729769Bernie as Gandalf and TheElite Bankers as Bolrog of Morgoth ... originall artist John Howe[View]
203728308Why do American homeless people have such nice clothing? I don't understand. https://www.youtub…[View]
203731384Cabal Comms: JoeM , intheMatrixxx, & fellow Anons HistoryLoversClub uses symbolic 'photo …[View]
203728979Ottoman gay poem about a Serbian boy: The Serbian Boy 'I saw a Serbian boy in the local hamam for th…[View]
203728290Eli the Computer Guy: Get in here /pol/ Eli's live tearing Linus a new one https://youtu.be/sJ1…[View]
203729611Gun Control is Anti-Semitic! Wont Happen Again!: Our people will not be victimized again. We learned…[View]
203730125Why reasoning with left is pointless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YytyM3vQNmY Holy shit this vid…[View]
203729561It pisses me off how nice Trump is to Bernie yet Bernie is a huge virtue signaling faggot when talki…[View]
203728288So this is the kind of Jewish bullshit that Google news shows on their news feed.: https://www.themi…[View]
203727522when you see it[View]
203726326Why Racism?: Much of what is posted here itches my rage boner, but what's with the heavy racism…[View]
203731214Democrats Unite!: It’s time to stick together to beat Trump!![View]
203708185Why don't Zoomers have any culture of their own?[View]
203729298The White Man welcomes back the White Women Justice Ginsburg back to the Supreme Court[View]
203731134#FarRight Threatens #Democracy: several minutes about how the 'Demos' IE the People of the West …[View]
203728518Blak Nashonalism General /BNG/: dis a tread for blak folks of /pol/ 2 discus about our history and c…[View]
203728238Last thread got pruned. This video was deleted 5 hours after it being posted. Why would YouTube cens…[View]
203730850OUR BASED SLAV TAKE ON THE STREETS TO DUNK ON ANTIFA FAGGOTS: Yeet on dem Söyboys https://www.youtub…[View]
203730489Comrade - The Proletariat Must Be Armed!: Never let them disarm the working class! Bourgeois pigs ar…[View]
203718492Me likey[View]
203721339Why is this fact so controversial to 4channers? Why 4channers, especially Americans, fear the NSA/CI…[View]
203729485>2011: Obama publicly opposes gay marriage, cites Christian faith >2011: Internet goes wild ov…[View]
203728358Scare the normies: A psyop meme for normie socmed[View]
203728454What happens to children taught to be a tranny?[View]
203728334Join the SS Join Subscribestar: just watched the last iconoclast video and his last sentence inspire…[View]
203729499Faggots and degenerates BTFO[View]
203728648I'm a single issue voter: Israel: If a politician gets that wrong they're dead to me. This…[View]
203715650Mexico border wall: US states sue over emergency declaration: sorry fellas it ain't happening h…[View]
203726169You're losing time. The world must unify if it has any chance of defeating the intergalactic ho…[View]
203723564Reminder that the left no longer get triggered but watch alt righters for entertainment: We've …[View]
203730385Why do (((They))) fear them[View]
203730263Politically Correct Bankers VS National Peoples Credit Unions: We had a very lazy person suggest tha…[View]
203726482Jussie Smollett Poker Tell: Guys, nobody is talking about this but right at 41 seconds into the inte…[View]
203728240where is the proof that congressmen and senators have Israeli citizenships? I’m not talking about a …[View]
203725584HE TRIED TO WARN YOU BUT YOU DIDN'T LISTEN: NOW HE'S DEAD!!! https://www.theguardian.com/s…[View]
203729319Why do middle class white men always blame brown people for their failures?[View]
203729911the only thing obama did right was bomb sandniggers think about it[View]
203727257The only reason Germany has the biggest economy is because it sits on top of huge amount of coals th…[View]
203729869Now that the zog blinders have been removed from the goyim cattle trump supporters when the fuck do …[View]
203728364What happens after 500 years??[View]
203729836>turn TV on for the first time in years >a nigress teaching two local blonde lesbians how to c…[View]
203711269Read it. Believe it.[View]
203727618Why can't the commies beat Jesse in a debate?: It's absolutely AMAZIN to me.[View]
203727179Post things you can’t post in China[View]
203729555bump so newfags could see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p1YB2Wrz >The great r…[View]
203726304Why are there so many poop skinned 5'0 subhuman spics on this board? We literally elected a pre…[View]
203729597Was it the death penalty that destroyed the White race?: Any White who rebelled against the law was …[View]
203729590on one hand we have >The Midyear Exam and on the other hand we have >CROSSFIRE HURRICANE…[View]
203726442I won't quit you like Bernie did.: Bernie Sanders is a socialist political hitman. Don't t…[View]
203705467What Bible verse would you use to convert a Muslim instantly?[View]
203727191Trump endorses Bernie Sanders: https://twitter.com/CHueyBurns/status/1097946752647344128[View]
203726995How are you guys preparing for 2020?: What should we be doing in preparation for the next election i…[View]
203729166The Savior is coming back to save us from the communist and leftist: GUYS I HAVE THE STIGMATA IN THE…[View]
203729197The media faked Jussie attack: Jussie didn't do it as much as the media[View]
203728909OH NO NO NO NO NO SOUTH AFRICA ABOUT TO GET MACHETE'D >Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s…[View]
203729105Gun Control is Racist! Don't Fall For It!: This is targeting poor POC who live in dangerous nei…[View]
203728208BASED: BASED[View]
203728215What happens after 500 years?[View]
203719988What’s (((their))) goal?[View]
203725756Okay so why would a Bangladeshi girl fight in Syria for? Would a Syrian fight in Bangladesh? Why are…[View]
203728539now that Trump has completely failed: and the Republicans have been exposed as useless pawns or wors…[View]
203723641guillotine yourself: how do you feel about the administration selling nukes to saudi arabia? https:/…[View]
203728806Social Justice Demon: http://socialjusticedemon.com @sj_demon The fucking epitome of social justice.…[View]
203728779Hero of America. Based Jew God.[View]
203722001Gas the kikes, race war now[View]
203724608Gun rights are pretty c(u)cked in the USA. The following states have 'magazine round restriction law…[View]
203726153JFK had Prostitutes: https://allthatsinteresting.com/jfk-homemade-pornography If this became common …[View]
203712777Even if he lied, does he really deserve to have his career destroyed?[View]
203723745PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MATCH ME EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
203728095Pollack 40 years before it was cool: https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/news/2019/02/read-john-w…[View]
203727620The 2020 primaries for the Democrats are going to be a huge shitshow. It's just going to split …[View]
203715619>Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality https://www.…[View]
203723953In 1000 years how will historians look at the US? Will it be just a heavily militaristic footnote?[View]
203725290Is there a movie that encapsulates Gen X better than Office Space?: The attitude of Gen X, they…[View]
203725549W-Wow it really makes you think huh?[View]
203728293Bezos/ Amazon/ Whole Foods promote Lorena Bobbitt as #MeToo champion: >Some new Amazon documentar…[View]
203705429Muslim teen joins ISIS and now wants to return to Alabama: What do you guys think is proper punishme…[View]
203723326i did it anons--i finally got laid today. now no one can call me an incel anymore. hahahaha, so long…[View]
203726371Guys, I know Trump didnt fulfill his most important promises, but he got tax cuts for billiinaires a…[View]
203726403Reminder that Trump could legalize white genocide while also calling for the homes owned by whites t…[View]
203728112Not going to lie. I voted for Trump and all we got was a Zion Don the kike puppet, tax cuts for bill…[View]
203708781Jussie Smollett wanted to send two innocent white men to prison for his fake assault. https://twitte…[View]
203677808yellow vests prepare for war: yellow vests preparing for week 15 are receiving reinforcements and su…[View]
203727913Now that Trump betrayed whites, I think it’s time for americans of european ancestry to form their o…[View]
203724994>endless wars in the Middle East >bullying other countries into paying reparations to Israel …[View]
203720089Theres literally nothing wrong with being Gay or Transgender.[View]
203727229Zion Don: Israel First: So I felt kind of sick to my stomach, but wasn't able to throw up, and …[View]
203706291JUSSIE BTFO: *deep breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA http://archive.is/50u9U[View]
203727107This sets a precedent.: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/shamima-begum-british-citize…[View]
203722731>Christianity is bas-: Christcucks will defend this[View]
203720916What are some philosophers who talk about fascism? Are there any good books out there that can help …[View]
203724367How do I explain white nationalism to my family without sounding like a nigga?[View]
203725978Sam Tripoli destroys Owen Benjamin with Facts and Logic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffq2oIgG330…[View]
203724753>be Trump, win presidency >first day in the job, two men in black enter the oval office >'l…[View]
203725548This is a hand of an average /pol/tard. This is a hand that hasn't been in this world longer th…[View]
203727586Man in Turku does sex crime: Turku’s Court of appeals confirmed yesterday the sentence given by Pirk…[View]
203726770OPERATION: SAVE PEWDIEPIE: Pewdiepie is less than 20k away from losing #1: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
203725130Guess who else is running in 2020?: Watch out Bernie![View]
203726374Foreign Language Majors: Hey /pol/ I was wondering if a major or minor in another language is helpin…[View]
203727424The only regime: Back to the start[View]
203727414free yourself from wrongthink: We have to free ourselves from Jews and from all non-Europeans as wel…[View]
203727406YES! One More Season Of Nazi's!: https://www.imdb.com/news/ni62383868?pf_rd_m=A2FGELUUNOQJNL…[View]
203726819Am I reading this wrong, but is this a long way of him saying he dont want to have to get a job?[View]
203726187The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Civil War Rising: To all the lives who are taken from us every day…[View]
203727215>The 1% are evil and should not be sympathized with >>Okay, but don't you know that th…[View]
203718408How do we stop racism?[View]
203724953SAY HIS NAME[View]
203723983Race is irrelevant in the long run: Gene editing will make it easy for people to create designer bab…[View]
203726407SPACEFORCE: Trump creates his own military. Global domination engaged.[View]
203727017She will live to 105: RBG goes from ACLU nation wrecking to Supreme Court nation undermining. How do…[View]
203726961Predictions on When Trudeau Will Resign?: I'm giving him a month until he steps down.[View]
203714745/RPG/ Redpill General: bump this so newfags could see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.…[View]
203709471MD to ban ALL guns: HB 0095 and HB 0096 List of bullshit >all 80% lowers banned , no grandfathers…[View]
203726852How do we behave these sub humans ?: They can't seem to act right in my homeland which angers m…[View]
203726124What was green slime: And why was there so much on nickelodian and every where in the 90s? >is i…[View]
203719433US Aid To Israel Funds Moon Mission: Israel has money to spend on sending a rocket to an empty rock …[View]
203726800so some man hating, ultra liberal, feminazi witnessed a hit and run at night, and got their license …[View]
203723473Black Dude Next To Me: Black guy next to me in cafe keeps asking if there’s a toilet. Noticed that h…[View]
203724101honestly ive given up on politics and wishing for any kind of stability or changes that would actual…[View]
203694591>imagine being a capitalist bootlicker >imagine never actually reading any marxist literature …[View]
203722986Meghan Markle pregnant: and it’s beautiful. How long until the entire royal family is blacked[View]
203724197HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ENJOY THE DESERT YOU DIRTY TERRORIST https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47299907…[View]
203725281Could Sajid Javid be /OurGuy/: Stripped Shamina Begum of her UK citizenship, BTFOs terrorists daily,…[View]
203722833/pol/ will start supporting Bernie Sanders[View]
203711759Its clear that most women have a irrational hatred of men, because of me too movement, because they …[View]
203726477Medicare for all, free college, end the wars, legalize marijuana, regulate wall street, take money o…[View]
203720236Is Trump the most pro-LGBTQP+ president so far?[View]
203723444This Boston Antifa group is truly woke Invite: gCguNN[View]
203717374ITT: Faked Hate Crimes: This thread is a file dump for photos/links of faked hate crimes since 2016.…[View]
203726229Serbs won’t exist in 100 years. Deal with it.: What is /pol/ going to do when Serbia is overrun by A…[View]
203722503so tell me again, /pol/, why i shouldn’t support AOC to burn this shithole to the ground?[View]
203725903>left can't mem-[View]
203726120What was great about the NSDAP is that they ran straight through an empty place. A place with nothin…[View]
203715139The Travel Meme: Hy /pol/ red pill me on the travel meme. I'm a young 20-something year old fag…[View]
203726060We should sell our prisoners in the international market: Imagine how much money we would save, and …[View]
203717465White women btfo: C'mon white man, don't you want to raise this lady's goblin spawn? …[View]
203725997Was this the: Beginning of the end?[View]
203725996Why haven't you accepted the fact that the TURANIC RACE is superior to all else?[View]
203724865how do we fixed humanity[View]
203724203Bernie's Back Baby!: Dam right![View]
203725135Rate my map, /pol[View]
203725415So now this board is getting rid of pointless MAGAtardism, what can we expect? The decline of right …[View]
203723400America’s racist baby bust: What caused this?[View]
203721971Is LOTR Zionist?: >short >bearded, big noses, red hair >love gold coins >love gems and d…[View]
203724348https://youtu.be/pXz5QT7ecFk How terrified are you balts and polish?[View]
203718309LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!: Never forget, Clinton's should be in jail.[View]
203710337Power level thread: This is the power level thread, where we discuss methods and stories of power le…[View]
203725558What's your opinion on 'skinheads' and there gay ass ska music?[View]
203725501I posted this on my alt-right Facebook page and got blocked for 3 days. Do you think it was a fair d…[View]
203692135She has a point. Having children really is fascism.: Hungary summoned Sweden's ambassador to th…[View]
203724779Since American demographics shifted from 85% majority North Western European to 56% and decreasing '…[View]
203717056THE UNITED NATIONS AT IT AGAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtC7yOnasf4&t=190s[View]
203702892Mars made breathable in 10 years...: debate me /pol/... 4 vesta or 2 pallas can be collided into Jup…[View]
203725253TRUMP IS SCARED. BERNIE 2020: >Sky-high tax rates FOR THE RICH. Bill Gates even said AOC's 7…[View]
203722251This progressive comic needed a bit of help, so: Btw, I'm black. All of us are not quite as stu…[View]
203722547Unifag dilemma: Computer networking fag here, theres a girl in my high level programming class thats…[View]
203719628Is there a particular reason why boomers keep trying to destroy the world?[View]
203722056Why does /pol/ prefer Kurds to Turks? Never quite understood[View]
203718859Shit gets real..[View]
203721848Telegram /pol/ thread: Since the discord trannies are daily trying to kill /pol/ here I've list…[View]
203725034Social conditioning: Does it make you made that ((they)), the globalists, the elite, have conditione…[View]
203719277Do people in Spain and Portugal normally look this moorish or is it usually just the footballers?[View]
203720084Oh christcucks, when will you learn? Jesus fucking hates you. https://www.faithwire.com/2019/02/12/u…[View]
203724973why does he wear the hat?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxdn56_Wq5A[View]
203724926so, my state is investigating against pic related https://www.unzensuriert.at/content/0029002-Wiener…[View]
203716773White Bernie shills are unironically worse than niggers.[View]
203719203Some credible guy explains in the mainstream Poland's radiostation that CIA spy warned him alre…[View]
203718624Deporting illegals = genocide[View]
203718174Lads I can no longer put up with racism, and refuse to engage in any conversation which is racist in…[View]
203724793Richard Dawkins on infidelity: https://web.archive.org/web/20071201133456/https://www.richarddawkins…[View]
203708777Ummm: You do realize that Sanders is actually the best candidate by far, right? >m-uh socialism H…[View]
203720937REMINDER: These people have the same voting power as you https://youtu.be/MoziALuwbtg[View]
203724619why are all lefties mentally handicapped?[View]
203724579India BTFO!!: Hopefully (((Superpower by 2020)))'s illegal H1B jeets in America wont sit back a…[View]
203719483What are /int/ opinions on Bolsonaro?: I've been wondering this for a while, and decided that I…[View]
203721563Now i support invoking the 25th and make Pence the President[View]
203724434Can /pol/ get this movie the 88% rating it deserves?[View]
203702463>calls person incel in response to legitimate criticism >wins argument…[View]
203718321What comes to mind when you look at this face?[View]
203724319First there was Pizzagate, then QAnon, then 'RBG is secretly dead!'... all debunked. What's thi…[View]
203724317'The only national emergency is that our President is an idiot' -Ann Coulter[View]
203724202Concave earth thread: Why was the concave earth thread deleted? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/threa…[View]
203717680Is Russia a kike puppet? If so, how do you explain Russian involvement in Syria that's pretty c…[View]
203713791BRING HER HOME[View]
203724192Islam is the real enemy: I don't think you understand what's currently going on in the wor…[View]
203724163Vote Bernie 2020: Trump is willing to go to war to save the fucking faggots. How do you incels feel …[View]
203722909Y O L I L D O N N I E ! ![View]
203693553/pol/'s thoughts on India: With India vs Pakistan war being inevitable at this point what does …[View]
203723264tfw no Canadian gf[View]
203721462>We need to intervene in Venezuela. Innocent people are dying. Human rights!…[View]
203719862Shalom goyim. Today we're gonna learn something about jewish soul. https://youtu.be/8b82YQJlDm0[View]
203724028Top sales guy: The Closer: Hoping to pick up some great sales training at Trump University[View]
203717502Is it ok to go no contact with your parents molyneux style? mine verbally abuse and belittle me.[View]
203720932Italian antivaxxers. https://www.ildolomiti.it/societa/2019/i-vaccini-paragonati-allolocausto-il-man…[View]
203723977Look at this big fat babon: Isnt it a cute species? Now move along[View]
203723037ban memeflags all ancap flags are crypto-kikes that spout subversive propaganda for hours on end all…[View]
203723862Conservatives What Are You Conserving?: True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR People survive, to e…[View]
203716074100% of oats in north america contaminated with high levels of glyphosate: And some having twice the…[View]
203723858Happening: 3 Found Dead in Porter Ranch: Let's discuss, /pol/... Tuesday, February 19, 2019 12:…[View]
203723856Genocide isnt a bad thing and shouldnt be considered extreme or taboo. Sometimes it is just neccesar…[View]
203709789Sioux Falls, SD: The wife and I are really considering moving our young family to Sioux Falls, SD. C…[View]
203723809Antifa cucks are cancer: > Protesting against the protestors Antifa's Anti-Yellow vest prot…[View]
203715947Who are the top 5 best/worst Presidents of the United States, and why? Take into account the preside…[View]
203723765America is an oppresive regime: It simply doesn't feel that way because it is the most powerful…[View]
203723761U1 was pprojection: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-gr…[View]
203723311Merkel vs. Thunberg: Greta Thunberg's weekly friday school strike for the climate has inspired …[View]
203720248So basically everyone will be a Russian rape baby?: >Africans have invented the wheel in the 1800…[View]
203722603>Christianity is bad for the white ra-[View]
203722516HE'S BAAAAAACK: KING JEW 2020[View]
203722522truth: >The Auschwitz Files https://pastebin.com/1AuLgrn7[View]
203723455Did Koresh sleep with underage girls or is it just propaganda?[View]
203723411Media Lost the Script: several minutes about how the Media would say the sky is Green if Trump said …[View]
203722343lol @ the root. This is their top headline right now.[View]
203717911/pol/ I'm gonna wear my hat to the bank and for my grocery shopping today,wish me luck! I'…[View]
203722586I prayed to Hitler, and I think my skin just got a little whiter.[View]
203723106What's Happening in South Africa?: https://www.news24.com/Green/News/sa-will-have-to-produce-50…[View]
203714852He started an important conversation[View]
203721675Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States of America 2021 - 2029.[View]
203715878Wtf is gay body language: It's not just feminine it's like something else, but they all do…[View]
203721135Legendary Designer = Dead: Why do fashion designers have the worst fashion and wear the ugliest, ret…[View]
203719224I'm from the future. Sanders has won the 2020 election. This is the only post I will make, I ha…[View]
203723023Paul Joseph Watson: PJW loves /pol/, but what does /pol/ think of him?[View]
203717845Trump signed the Bill. How do you (((Magepedes))) and /ptg/ vermin feel about your Kike President si…[View]
203722889Kek: Burberry has apologized for showcasing a hoodie that featured a noose around the neck during it…[View]
203720294I miss Jeb: As the 2020 race begins, Anons, I realised I miss Jeb. I miss watching him get literally…[View]
203722804The Good Guys, The Bad Guys! Spread this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBiHJxGxz1g[View]
203722685Howdy partner![View]
203708979Paternity Fraud: A scourge on modern civilization. We need to discuss paternity fraud. There are fe…[View]
203715933Trump is a pussy[View]
203717325Global warming hoax: It’s literally a blizzard in Arizona Global warming is bullshit[View]
203722385Really though, what's with all the anti-Trump shills on /pol/? It's kind of funny. It…[View]
203716366US launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality: > The Trump administration is …[View]
203722483Consumerism is the new religion: Forget God, forget happiness, forget family. Be a good goy and work…[View]
203696744Nazi-Furs: Furiend? Or Foe?[View]
203721732Former ISIS bride has been DENIED entry to the UK. >The 19-year-old's family was told the ne…[View]
203720572>'23 years old' >looks like a 45 year old with 5 different plastic surgeries wowwww…[View]
203663361Guys AOC just figured out how to fund her Green New Deal and it is absolutely genius. > Raise tax…[View]
203717722What if the Church reunited into one instead of being scattered? We could form a society of Christia…[View]
203694210Foodstamp Abuse: >me/wife/kid >spend ~$200/month on groceries >buy fruits vegetables meat d…[View]
203721787He started an Important conversation.[View]
203722241Are you tired of winning yet?[View]
203720753Will jussie attempt suicide now for sympathy? Pops a few pills “friend” just happens to get there in…[View]
203722163Top 5 Reasons Sanders Can't Win: 1. Got preemptively #Metoo'd by neoliberals 2. Hated by C…[View]
203720969>Alex Jones banned on twitter Private company >Sargon axed on Patreon Private company! >Dan…[View]
203717162Trump launches (((global effort))) to end anti-gay laws: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-s…[View]
203718226Éire /pol/ early house edition4: links in 30 minutes[View]
203703195Brit/pol/: __News__ >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednesday https://www.bbc.c…[View]
203718541Daily reminder that we are being raided by anti Trump shills. Sage goes in all fields[View]
203721616What is your problem with the Jews?: By definition, the Jews are #based and #redpilled; they even ha…[View]
203720982Should all politicians drive bicycles?[View]
203720488Muslims in the Netherlands: I just spent one week in the Netherlands and noted that young muslims dr…[View]
203721871Why does 4chan change to 4channel and hide/drop pol every time I try to switch imageboard rooms? Pol…[View]
203719824Why is this site so autistic?: I visited Twitch for the first time recently, I thought reddit was pr…[View]
203701935Canada -Who Will Be The Next To Resign?: This isn't the silly trumped-up shit like 'Gropegate' …[View]
203721726Are the Afrocentrists,WE WUZ KANGZ AND Israelites to Niggers: What Varg Vikernes is to whites? https…[View]
203720728Karl@800: What's /pol/'s stance on Charlemagne?[View]
203721663Reminder Capitalism is the best system on the face of the earth and its not even close. The problem…[View]
203716570The opiod epedemic has revealed whites weakness.: To defeat whites all you have to do is offer them …[View]
203714547I can't get over how amazing Asians are, the mongoloid race is in my mind 24/7. I wish i was an…[View]
203718769Born Muslim here. I had some thoughts. What if the illuminati/luciferians are right after all, what …[View]
203720264HERE IS HOW TO STOP THE RICH: the rich cannot be allowed to outsource jobs, import shitskins and pay…[View]
203721393ANTIFA on Kikebook: Sup true believers we need some help. On kikebook there is a small ANTIFA chapte…[View]
203712196Bernie Sanders is the only candidate since FDR who can build a grassroots movement in the USA to fig…[View]
203720643*sips tea*[View]
203712312I'm For The Poor, Vote For Me GOY!!!!: Vote Fore ME!!!!! I own a $2,500,000 beech house, £1,80…[View]
203719287Traitor Supporters ?: >/pol/ and far right are aware that USA is zombified by zionists jews . …[View]
203715627What's the real red pill on Hitler?: What's the real red pill on Hitler?[View]
203715301Honestly what the fuck is Trump even doing[View]
203718261Why do whites like to honor treasonous enemies of america?: Do they hate the US? We need to erase an…[View]
203721194OK, Which one of you did this?: http://orthochristian.com/119412.html[View]
203720741Respect for Veterans thread: This type of behavior towards our veterans us unacceptable. Let's …[View]
203721053Why arent you at war with Iran yet[View]
203701623You guys think Ellen Page is self aware enough to feel anything but extreme embarrassment right now?[View]
203720928#meninists have small penisises[View]
203718119When are the catholic church and the orthodox church going to reunite at last, you all know that thi…[View]
203720537/co/ mods are gay. Kelly does it again![View]
203704927Do Koreans have a culture? If you don't count their pussywhipped feminist governmental system, …[View]
203714331Why does Trump still have support after signing an amnesty bill?[View]
203720759bernie/HILLARY 2020: Here is how Hillary wins the 2020 Democrat nomination. Hillary uses her man at …[View]
203716432DURRRRR HE DIDNT SIGN THE BILL HURRRR What's the excuse now jared shills?[View]
203706004Wow, this board is rapidly losing faith in trump. Is the trump meme over?[View]
203718345Why does a LARP speak so much truth to power?: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/08/usa.ira…[View]
203720549Next Generation of WHITE Children - conditioned to vote for Blacks: While we're busy debating t…[View]
203720341He started an important conversation[View]
203715256>no major happenings since 2016 What went wrong?[View]
203716930Imagine being born in the early 1500s, in Spain or England. The world is still a mystery, more is un…[View]
203717371Did Hitler actually flee to Argentina instead of killing himself, or is it just a meme?[View]
203720333Total act...this is their PLAN C: Don't let Andrew McCabe fool you, he's saying what he ha…[View]
203719360SOCIALISM JEW 2:ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DRwz0cAt0 Lmao this old cook is…[View]
203718486New Pixar short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZS5cgybKcI >Muh gentle and precious Shitbull …[View]
203717885Twitter- How are you still on?: I am not allowed on Twitter anymore without putting a phone number i…[View]
203719794Look @ this old, disgusting cunt: Trump absolutely destroyed her, she's near death and aged so …[View]
203719899What are some /pol/ approved vidya?[View]
203719385I love the new youtube[View]
203688224Magacucks totally BTFO by Trump: Hahahahahaabahahahahaahahahahaha *breathes in* Hahaahahahahahahaaha…[View]
203712248Have we been lied to about Venezuela?: Widespread home ownership. Guaranteed health care. Caracas is…[View]
203715821>Clean race >Clean uniform >Clean European buildings in the back This picture is peak white…[View]
203718411Is this the new PJW meme[View]
203719752Serious Question[View]
203714444How do you deal with being surrounded by NPCs on a daily basis?I'm in college right now and whe…[View]
203715965It's official! Hillary is running again.: Bermie's going to be pissed she's stealing …[View]
203715025That's it I'm done with Trump. Voting for Bernie.: Arming the Saudis with nukes to own the…[View]
203713379Trump signed the bill. It's over for America.[View]
203719119Aristotle Is the family unit less important than the city? Without the city the family unit is not …[View]
203716326MKultra general thread. This board is part of it.[View]
203717378Fundamentalist Mormons(the polygamist ones): The USA biggest domestic problem in both women's r…[View]
203717387>Finland is better than Swe-[View]
203717904Trump signed spending bill: Does anyone else remember all of the MAGA fags over the weekend that kep…[View]
203718935Are mad scientists creating human hybrids? If so will we accept them as humans?[View]
203717395Start the path to peace: Arguing with people over race, politics, and other nonsense that doesn…[View]
203714084Latest cartoon by Ben Hitlerson: You know what to do with it /pol/ Improve it![View]
203718766Black Women: I never jerked off to a black woman. How do you do it?[View]
203716904This is who you're calling Turk A pure ethnic Bulgarian Aryan 100% pure South Slavic phenotype[View]
203718783IT'S TRULY OVER.: We're doomed, /pol/. America is doomed. I've figured it out. Leader…[View]
203713594Is it me or does this feel like a false flag?[View]
203716556Muslim on death row is denied an Imam, executed while Imam watches.: BASED Alabama! >A Muslim man…[View]
203718784Letting Muslims into your country is a bad ide-[View]
203716594Not going to lie. I voted for Trump and all we got was a Zion Don the kike puppet, tax cuts for bill…[View]
203718770Snake, listen up. It all went down five hours ago. Armed soldiers occupied Shadow Moses Island, a re…[View]
203716777Just finished reading SIEGE: Quite frankly, I don’t know why it gets pushed so hard.. It’s literally…[View]
203716526How is she doing?: Still no credible sightings. I'm concerned[View]
203715354Cenk now claims he was skeptical from day 1[View]
203714758Christianity is the epitome of nationalism: Being a Christian doesnt mean you have to stop loving yo…[View]
203716098First woman with autism is now an attorney in Flordia: To fap or not to fap, is fapping to her autis…[View]
203708859BERNIE 2020!!!!!!: Trump BETRAYED us All. Stop being Cucks for billionaires and stand up for the wor…[View]
203718500>woke up >had a bit of junk food, coffee, mindlessly browsed internet >found out my NEETbux…[View]
203717252/pol/ mind expanding memes[View]
203713126Guy who kissed girl when WWII ended died: Did this guy rape this women? Or sexually harass her? That…[View]
203716783Smollet! The best a man can get.[View]
203713832Trump wants to establish Space Force into Air Force... but makes no sense: Picture related. What I d…[View]
203695073Not trolling, genuine discussion, i prefer Bernie over Trump at this point: What exactly has trump a…[View]
203717641>The Union starts making noise about abolishing slavery >The 1% of wealthy Southerners that ac…[View]
203695638African history and culture appreciation thread: In this thread we both dispel racist myths on Afric…[View]
203717036Trump derangment syndrome - the more trump cucks out the more his supporters think he is based.[View]
203717921Daily reminder that Israel needs more African Jews so that every Israeli girl can date an Ethiopian …[View]
203718183>I was attacked, they drew a swastika on my head, and called me a jew >I am a higher victim st…[View]
203711280Roger Stone is going to JAIL for INSTAGRAM post: >Former Trump adviser Stone ordered to appear in…[View]
203718125Have you ever been in love, /pol/? How did it end up for up you. I'm getting married to a Scott…[View]
203707605Illinois may tax private retirement funds to pay public worker pensions: it begins. you're reti…[View]
203709328Do you guys like wikipedia?: It has the good information[View]
203717763Amnesty is debunked. Wall is getting built. My taxes are lower. Economy is great. Shills on suicide …[View]
203717948Any French anons could explain me the anti-semitism thing going on in France?: So here in The Nether…[View]
203717977anyone else recently have their adoration of adolf hitler turn sexual?: i'm trying to figure ou…[View]
203716281The Communist Control Act of 1954 is still law.: Something has to be done. They're open now. Th…[View]
203715155Is there undeniable evidence that Jews control the media, government, and businesses?[View]
203715156>'In addition to destroying all nonwhites, we should exterminate 99% of whites'…[View]
203717681New Mythos - Νέος Μύθος: The chance of salvaging the entire West is slim and every great civilisatio…[View]
203661138Is race mixing still wrong if both parents have very high iq?: what's wrong with a white man ha…[View]
203704751Now that the dust has settled....: what's your opinion on the Trayvon Martin case?[View]
203717753OP Lives up to his name[View]
203708319This single image triggers the yuuropoor[View]
203715349DAILY NICE: MISSOURI TEACHER TAKES A BONE RIDE: https://www.joplinglobe.com/news/sarcoxie-teacher-ar…[View]
203714068global warmin-[View]
20370823870-80 graves vandalised at Jewish cemetery in France: OK /pol/. Who of you did this? 70-80 graves va…[View]
203717322What should I do anons my brother is a liberal and won't listen to calls too have kids, honestl…[View]
203715072>12 Bernie threads[View]
203714410What does /pol/ think about socalism?: I wanna know what y'all think about the modern nations b…[View]
203714063Thoughts on presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand?[View]
203710484He has a point you know[View]
203716823The United States is basically a Mexican country: United States is another Mexican country lol…[View]
203716979id like to get off now[View]
203716975Can you guys help me out? What did Bernie do with his leftover money after he lost to Hillary? I kno…[View]
203716687Are you white? Are you a virgin? How do you justify the fact that you are directly contributing to W…[View]
203712991Sara Carter amd John Solomon are the only Journalists you should follow: ODNI And NSA Impede Lawmake…[View]
203701309My brother just sent me this photo and it's the best thing that happened today for me. Now real…[View]
203712879Are plastic paddies the worst breed of man[View]
203708131How did these useless shitholes lose a war to Israel in 6 days?[View]
203716769Donald Trump: Donald Trump just signed a law making it illegal to say that Jews are part of a global…[View]
203716614Are we FINALLY ready for Hillary?: We just weren't ready before. Now we are.[View]
203714457Are Anglos subhumans?[View]
203715901Sanders is running: not a good outlook for Trump. Bernie's younger voter support is incredibly …[View]
203712688USS LIBERTY: Daily Reminder that we fucking killed 34 US goyim and wounded 171 for no reason Also we…[View]
203715964let’s be honest here for a second. the only reason this guy won the election is because he was runni…[View]
203713098Do you have a successful Youtube channel?[View]
203715160Trump is launching a gay crusade: Wtf my american friends ? Are you really the great Satan like the …[View]
203662013Female cuckoldry. The new degeneracy: Ngl I was un-ironically for this for a while, but male polyamo…[View]
203714624What's /pol/'s opinion on Naomi Klein? I like her.[View]
203714689Sanders versus Trump: America can now vote in a nationalist as president.[View]
203714210The truth about America: Out of curiosity Id like to know how many of you /pol/ fags actually know a…[View]
203714782Isragay: 25% of Tel Aviv's population identifies as homosexuals[View]
203715909Hillary 2020: Now that Bernie's in, we need to recruit her! We must! The shit show will be hila…[View]
203682960Why can't women draw?: >1997-2007, women in wrestling were treated as sex objects >ratin…[View]
203714971I NEED THIS GIF, pls help famalam[View]
203715586Jews are a genetic disease: Jews are a genetic disease which cripples your DNA makes your nose crook…[View]
203716280>online news source requires subscription why do they do this and do people really subscribe? if …[View]
203715799IT'S HER FUCKING TURN[View]
203716130What is going on there?[View]
203716029What does /pol/ think of Al-Namrood?: >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecJWTcdw9cQ…[View]
203709253Retards have more rights than non-retards: >dont you dare abort your retarded baby, we need more …[View]
203715864Subversion Thread: >What is Subversion: To disrupt, prevent, reverse, or replace the policies an…[View]
203714940What's his fucking problem?[View]
203694464Sum up your country in one image[View]
203712268Blonde people are memeryan race, also /rg/ - Romania General: According to /pol/ blonde people with …[View]
203697215Well /pol/...: how do we meme this video into the mainstream? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRfV6q…[View]
203714150Leftist/Liberal hate thread: These faggots are the strong arm of the Jew. Every Leftist radical or m…[View]
203715804Orthodox Environmentalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_HZczxGfnY[View]
203714374S&V: Wat denken jullie over Schild en Vrienden? Zijn ze een aanwinst? Heeft Dries Van Langenhove…[View]
203713982Can someone give me the /pol/ rundown on Bernard Sanders?[View]
203715729Another leftist talking point debunked: New academic study reveals strict voter ID laws do not suppr…[View]
203712387Online PolSim: Hello /pol/, Power is a online US politics game similar to BLOC (same developer) wher…[View]
203697315What is the solution to this worthless rectangle?: Returned to Spain? Given independence? Given to t…[View]
203715597Bernie will slaughter the stupid Crackers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DRwz0cAt0&feature=y…[View]
203713974What was the East's (Oriental) version of the enlightenment? Or was there no need / have they n…[View]
203715245Israel First. Saudi Second. America Third.[View]
203715543Based and redpilled or kiked and shillpilled? http://archive.is/JLqib[View]
203714022Have any of you ever considered that all out colapse really is for the best?: I see Bernie having a …[View]
203713701Onions $4 Bernie donation $20 Price of watching 4chan Trumptards cry over Bernie. PRICELESS ;0 FEEL …[View]
203715455>saves the white race Atheists BTFO[View]
203714220ARAB WOMEN ARE WHORES: Arab women some how manage to be bigger whores than white women https://www.q…[View]
203715340NPCs, Intersectional Privilege Theory, All Predicted in 1957: Hello Anons, I just finished pic relat…[View]
203713422/AC/ AnCap General - Rand Paul 2020 Edition: Ancaps, Libertarians and Minarchists get in here GENERA…[View]
203711413What odd souls this crop is!: Most of us were born in the last millennia.. the first group of genera…[View]
203709980Why are black people so obsessed with money now?: I mean before the 70s, blacks lived in a humble ho…[View]
203715226>Trump administration plans push to end criminalization of homosexuality worldwide: report https:…[View]
203715212what did he mean by this: it's deleted now inb4 fake[View]
203713635Did he really get cucked by Richard? have there been any updates? has Richard acknowledged this whol…[View]
203705220Seriously! What is stopping us?: >all the racially aware whites form communities in the PNW >f…[View]
203711656How do we tune society in a way that will produce excellent parents?[View]
203715105>Obamas Secret Service code name was 'Renegade' ren·e·gade /ˈrenəˌɡād/ noun noun: reneg…[View]
203707303Bernie vs Kamala has started[View]
203712772only through GOD can we cure feminism...[View]
203715032>the bible is the inherant word of god >it says so right in the bible oh ok…[View]
203714811Why was John Wayne such a racist?[View]
203711308Bro wtf is happening to da WRLD[View]
203714860Let's talk about Boynee Sanduhs...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMHYZCuZ_IU Seriously ^,Is …[View]
203706803Why does RBG have a Secret Service detail?[View]
203713345If the US is a 'white' nation: Then shouldn't african-americans be awarded special protections …[View]
203695720Australia btfo by France: Australian special forced operator according to Ubisoft. Damn Australia di…[View]
203714734Let's talk about real science?[View]
203714486If I kill a whole bunch black peoples is bad that: I am part of the kkk and hate all the black nigge…[View]
203709060Jussie Smollett Domestic Terrorist..Lets Roll /Pol: This goon is domestic terrorist lets get this fu…[View]
203687602The Trust Machine: The Story of Bitcoin: https://youtu.be/ZKwqNgG-Sv4 Overview of how Bitcoin works …[View]
203712101Did the NatSoc's actually mandate that Jews wear that star? Part of me thinks that Jews willing…[View]
203707047Pic related and here is the source >https://dotesports.com/culture/news/french-president-macron-…[View]
203714226i StIlL SuPpOrT zOgNaLd TrUmP[View]
203704894Does government have a hand in social media censorship?: If so - why is only 'alt-right' r…[View]
203714427Bernie vs Trump: This was the fight we were denied in 2016. Two populists, one presidency. The champ…[View]
203714203>Niggers are at the bottom because of genetics >Jews are at the top because of nepotism!…[View]
203694373Is the modern world defined by schizoid personality disorders How many of you find yourself in pic r…[View]
203698410Why does feminism age women so harshly?: This is a 29 year old white woman[View]
203707420Why do the rich trigger liberals so much?[View]
203705977Is Fascism a form of Marxism?: A friend pointed out to me that Fascism was founded by Giovanni Genti…[View]
203709837Sweden: Where has everybody got the idea that Sweden is overrun by muslims from? Sure, we did take i…[View]
203712560Aydin Paladin Thread: Say something nice about her.[View]
203702013Burgerbrains: You’re all stupid for electing this sponge, whether you wanted him or not.[View]
203711586When did you realize you were getting played?[View]
203703667The fact is, nobody gets called an incel for fucking black chicks, latinas, indians, or arabs. The r…[View]
203709578/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MATCH ME! EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
203714154As a person of color, is there a way that feminism can be more inclusive to 'straight white mal…[View]
203710763Fantastic video on the JQ. Its been on YouTube for 24 hours and (((they))) have already restricted i…[View]
203697554Be Sure To Register As Democrat For The Primaries!: Make the DNC Bernie Tulsi's chances! There …[View]
203712410>Americans will defend this[View]
203708856Any good books that deal with crimes committed by communists (soviet union specifically) that cant b…[View]
203700315>American laws[View]
203714079Reddit seems more skeptical this time around. Thoughts?[View]
203713908It's afraid.: Bernie 2020[View]
203710582/siege/ - Siege General - To Hell With the RightWing Edition: PDF - https://archive.org/details/Sieg…[View]
203704538How come we never made Indian women despise and reject Indian men like we did with Asian women?: It …[View]
203696794>Socialism doesn't wo...[View]
203711300Where are all of the coping MIGApedes that said Trump didn't sign the spending bill? https://ww…[View]
203713411Zyklon Ben: anyone have the unedited version? also ben thread[View]
203694262Jean-Francois Gariepy: Psychological Report: It's all here, boys. All I can say is wow. 30:30 i…[View]
203709683The US and Russia are still friends, r-right?[View]
203702644'Equality' Officer: Uni is outright banning white men from taking part in an SU vote. What do /pol/?…[View]
203713749NHL SJW?: I left the NFL fanship since the National Anthem protests and the CTE protections. Basebal…[View]
203711095How do I subvert Israel?[View]
203679626Thoughts on Albanians?[View]
203713143Cock block: >got cock blocked by my 6 year old brother Feelsbadman…[View]
203710872BREAKING | Ex-Sessions Spokeswoman to Join CNN as Political Editor!: https://youtu.be/hacCb2hlOgk?t=…[View]
203707034Space Force - Another cuckout...: Is their anything this man hasn't cuckout on... such a disapp…[View]
203713365>Fucking Trump zog kike I hate him so much >This is why I shall gladly donate to Bernard (((Sa…[View]
203708761example of a modern Christian American: he has: >3 businesses - youtube, clothing printing compan…[View]
203712485>logs onto /pol/ >BERNIE FUR PWESIDENT threads everywhere Are you fucking for real? Great idea…[View]
203709199Stories of red pilling a clueless loved one: I can feel it... I am close to red pilling my wife. I c…[View]
203713297>Germans are hard worker- When will this dumb meme die?[View]
203692255Looks like Bernie's having another crack at it lads. What do you reckon on his chances?[View]
203709397Jimmy Carter: Why nobody remembers Jimmy Carter?I think he was a truly remarkable president.Maybe al…[View]
203711133This is NOT okay in 2019. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47289129[View]
203701897Why are Christian “men” so effeminate?: Is this the reason why the church is dying under weak leader…[View]
203712437Australia's String of Indigenous Youth Suicides Has Been Linked to 'Crushing' Poverty…[View]
203712732Refute this, you can’t. You stand for corporations, billionaires, and the MIC. If you’re not rich,…[View]
203708183Can we unify to destroy (((them)))?: Hi /pol/. I have a question that's been bouncing around in…[View]
203712909>Russian trolls are attacking the socialists in the US because they want to keep all of that good…[View]
203712844Seriously laughing at this cuck right now.[View]
203711900Legalize gay marriage in Japan!!: I am dating a transgender woman(I am not a gay). We decided to mar…[View]
203712199Did Jews kill the dinosaurs?[View]
203712567>Is responsible from the destruction of america because shes convincing daddy to let in more spic…[View]
203712721Care to explain?[View]
203702903Why don't women love kids anymore?[View]
203709173>elect a so-called border hawk >turns out he's the biggest globalist shill alive today Un…[View]
203712583White Genocide South African Farmers: A black man supporting white farmer who fears for her life htt…[View]
203711319Pt2: It's okay to be straight[View]
203705712Are Jews communists or money-grubbing capitalists?: They can't be both, surely?[View]
203712380French online poll about Yellow Jackets demands: https://rmc.bfmtv.com/evenement/votez-pour-elire-vo…[View]
203712029Amazon Math for Liberals: A tax break is a break on the amount of taxes paid. It is justified becaus…[View]
203710785Tumblr was a mistake: How can someone seriously believe this? Holy fucking shit.[View]
203711513Top 10 Anime Betrayals: What in the blazes, Nippon. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-54624…[View]
2037119972pac alt-right in serbia?: Hello fellow autists, are there any people with audio editing experience …[View]
203708833>wants to save his nation’s culture >is visibly uncomfortable around beautiful women Is Jair…[View]
203709353What a fucking stupid bitch this cunt is. Vote her out already, fucking idiot.[View]
203706190Explain why Jews are bad to a normie. >they're a super secret magical cabal that controls t…[View]
203711913You know the left is completely right. We do need socialism to fix the problems of the world...one w…[View]
203711647Armageddon: Hello /pol/. God here. Just a warning to you all that the Rapture will occur on May 26th…[View]
203704439New AG Bill Barr: Today is the new AG's first day on the job. Will anything happen?[View]
203709160https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_qCmuJWiAQ was she /our gal/ ? >wife of U.S. Marine Corps Col. G…[View]
203696739Look at these smug faces, they're talking about how Sweden will increase refugees from north af…[View]
203704553This guy has been destroyed: >multiple Sandy Hook lawsuits >banned from everything >running…[View]
203710514The expulsion of millions of people is certainly hard for us Germans, we were victims of Genocide an…[View]
203696571/pol/ is mostly full of teens and early 20yos now isnt it. Any 30+ old fags still about? Feels nothi…[View]
203710123How can real woman ever compete?: Weve seen trannies dominate in every sport, now in sports entertai…[View]
203701714escape the city [step 1]: >ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till …[View]
203710956ACTBLUE RECEIPTS: Let's see those receipts Bros![View]
203704826Donald Trump: Will he win the 2020 election?[View]
203703986The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Have you read it? How much truth is in it? And the most import…[View]
203697118Reddit is weird: Found on r/PoliticalHumor, the comments are so stupid. https://reddit.com/r/Politi…[View]
203707526Now that trump is totaly discredited at this point, right wing populism is basicaly dead, more and m…[View]
203711600Will the west turn out like China or Brazil?: We all know that the West is undergoing a profound cha…[View]
203711563The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) - 2/19/19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtErG1yXqMc https:/…[View]
2037074571. where do you think you fit on a political compass? 2. what are your favorite cities and countries…[View]
203710145When are the catholic church and the orthodox church going to reunite at last, you all know that thi…[View]
203709679The fuck is this bullshit[View]
203703682CBC Nova Scotia Discovers Segregation, and it works!: CBC Nova Scotia has discovered that niggers ne…[View]
203706067Why do refugees always want to become doctors? In every video they always say 'i want to become a do…[View]
203710954Ancient Egypt: What do you think about this Picture?[View]
203711099Fuck it /pol/, I'm fucking missing times of 2016-2017, when everyone has hope in Trump and whit…[View]
203705155Why did Swedish swine recklessly Murder 7 MILLION GERMANS POL[View]
203703184#JusticeForJussie: Let's get a #JusticeForJussie thread going. What should be done with this tu…[View]
203710867Would you borrow huge student loan for attending a US top school?[View]
203710050Lets just take a step back and see the updated list of democrats already annouced running for 2020: …[View]
203711131>fuck you dad! I want society to collapse because the girl I had a crush on in high school reject…[View]
203709054Humanity Party thread.[View]
203677970Why is George Soros and other actors doing this to us?: I’m scared for our country. What did we do t…[View]
203708006>of course my girlfriend wasn't a virgin when I met her![View]
203704590Now that the dust has settled: Did the yellow shitters achieve anything?[View]
203707531Prove you're not a Hillarydrone: Say something nasty about this woman[View]
203710046Daily reminder redditniggers are absolutely worthless.: Get fucked redditards. Everyone thinks you a…[View]
203709203((Their)) programming of YOUR mind!: Does it make you made that ((they)), the globalists, the elite,…[View]
203710477Fuck your noble red man bullshit.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K84c7NlZzno http://xroads.virgini…[View]
203710450/left/ Democrats! Step In Line!: Time to do right, ya’ll.[View]
203710007On immigration: Bernie>Trump: >Open borders? That's a Koch brothers proposal ABSOLUTELY F…[View]
203703318The electoral college system is superior and is not partial to the Republican party.[View]
203680432Operation Reconquista Mozambique Island: Off the coast off Mozambique in east africa lies a small Is…[View]
203709158BASED India: https://www.google.com/search?q=best+toilet+paper+in+the+world&source=lnms&tbm=…[View]
203704204/RPG/ Redpill General: >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p1YB2Wrz >The great replaceme…[View]
203710360Is Canada Racist: How can Canadians allow such horrible vial disgusting bigoted racist things to be …[View]
203710332Trump has been president for two years. Society still looks exactly the same. Homosexuals, communist…[View]
203709540Midterm Election Turnout: Democrats treated it like a Presidential Election.[View]
203708559More like this?[View]
203708899Weebs hate thread. OwO you re from Japan so kawaiiii fucking hate them.also katanas are the worst sw…[View]
203687234Have you ever told a ((((therapist)))) about your bigoted views? If so what was their reaction[View]
203710068Reminder that Bill is a kike.[View]
203707520Cynthia G is for SEGREGATION!: Is she our girl /pol/? Its ok to be White https://youtu.be/R3XK5zomBr…[View]
203706735Polish nationalism needs to be re-evaluated: Face the reality, instead of aiding Hitler in removing …[View]
203704816Are European zoomers as based as American zoomers: We've reached a point in America where almos…[View]
203707912There's a conspiracy to prevent intelligent men from reproducing. Meanwhile retarded people get…[View]
203706822You have to admit, this was like a 9/11 hoax but attempted by a 70iq primate nigger instead of Jews.[View]
203697075They're attacking The Duke! We can't let this happen: #JohnWayne is trending on twitter in…[View]
203706931Simon Leviev hustle nordic paycows: Simon Leviev aka. Shimon Hayut of Bnei Brak, central Israel. Hus…[View]
203705731/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PIRATE! EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
203703953Dont be a Jew bin the screw >Terrifying moment screwdriver-wielding burglary gang smash open doo…[View]
203704430Blackpill thread.: What are your predictions for the next 20 yrs? The left controls social media, me…[View]
203709661Why Trent Lott Sucking Biden Dick?[View]
203709571How about we stop nominating Septa and Octo generians to lead? Why are we condemned to, be led by a…[View]
203709536https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjtX7jW-DM8 100 Vaginas:Documentary artist Laura Dodsworth photograp…[View]
203706550Greatest Story: Where can I find an unedited video of The greatest story never told?[View]
203700666Okay, how can this kid openly talk about Israel and Jews for hours in all of his videos and 1) /pol/…[View]
203704373Daily Reminder Tim Pool is Controlled Opposition: >not white >le 56% manlet >left wing …[View]
203709193All hope is not lost for White America because there is one thing we possess that the hispanics and …[View]
203708797How's that job search coming along, Brexiters?[View]
203705575Well, we're fucked now. It's law.[View]
203709064What did the Catholic Church mean by this?[View]
203691583Quintessential millennial: Burn it with fire![View]
203696227Will brazil become a white ethnostate?: http://archive.is/B9F8r[View]
203678371I've almost forgo why i hate UK[View]
203705732Jesus came to rescue us. But he is too late.: https://youtu.be/qnSnEgtP6DM[View]
203708913Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense.[View]
203706921The left is going to start a war as soon as they're back in power: Pelosi is already calling fo…[View]
203665499Real talk can we just admit this guy started an important conversation?[View]
203704242Why does normies see Jews as white, like how they refer Amy Winehouse as being 'English' even though…[View]
203701567The French Revolution: Was it based?[View]
203708716Why does this traitorous salty manlet keep voting against The God Emperor's nominees?[View]
203706563If you live in one of these states...: ...You are a cuck and your state is an embarrassment to the U…[View]
203707923is Vox actually right-wing or just more cucked frauds?[View]
203704095Labour MPs quit citing 'systemic antisemitism': >Two Jewish MPs reveal they were told by a party …[View]
203708367ITT: We address the elephants in the room: The 2020 elections are coming up. Regular visitors to thi…[View]
203705840What does /pol/ think of Jonathan Bowden? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXddTvAkQ0[View]
203705183HAHAHAHA Please let Bernie win the nomination. It will be a bigger shitshow than 2020, and completel…[View]
203706713just revealed my full power level to T_D mods: ...and now I'm stuck with you faggots forever. I…[View]
203704883Nationalism: Is it wrong to be proud of your country's great accomplishments? Say if you'r…[View]
203703201Fake veteran Nathan Philips assaults cameraman who asks him about Covington students incident: And r…[View]
203694862GUN CONTROL IS FUTILE: Anyone capable of passing a high school shop class can build an integrally su…[View]
203701377Can someone provide: The link to the hillary Clinton huma Abedin sex tape? I never got to see it…[View]
203681058even though this wasn't a true hate attack, we can still have this conversation and i am glad j…[View]
203707913So say IF the left rises to power and take our guns, does that mean we can keep our swords and duke …[View]
203692932Why aren't you a Libertarian Socialist?[View]
2037003652020?: What are his chances for reelection if the wall won't be build?[View]
203706584What was the catalyst for the legitimizing of trannies?[View]
203707764100% European masterrace: >Think I'm Albanian my whole life >Turns out I am an Anglo and …[View]
203707688Spiritual Ways & Politics: Thoughts On Spiritual & Philosophy::: Do you regularly practice a…[View]
203707685The Real History of the United States: The United States was founded as and always intended to be a …[View]
203700608PRESS F[View]
203681877Old guy asks: 'Why have we got to submit to being exterminated by race-mixing?': https://youtu.be/ER…[View]
203703162Hillary Harris: or Kamela Clinton Does she have brain problems too? What the hell is she looking at?…[View]
203707581I am so glad I am a Republican. The party might disappoint me sometimes but at least I know they wil…[View]
203697387Anyone else notice how the Aurora, IL shooting got instantly memory holed? Here's a picture of …[View]
203707235>pic related so wheres the proof of metokur being a groomer, or trying to take down ED? ppl say H…[View]
203706922'Which tweet? What tweet?'[View]
203707367> Signs a bill that cancels out his emergency plans for the wall > Not only does he tolerate r…[View]
203706490Why would she give up her pretty white skin pol? Do we still treat her like a proper German?[View]
203707330Greek Orthodox Church?: My church just hired a new pastor and he's a fucking liberal cuck. I…[View]
203705660>one chance at life >be born in arg*ntina…[View]
203707277hey faithfags: why have faith in A over B?[View]
203697894What race is this?[View]
203703756As a Brazilian, i'm feeling the Bernie[View]
203706871Have a question about Anime. Have you noticed how it promotes degenerate lifestyles, like being a NE…[View]
203701837https://polandin.com/41379878/swedens-ambassador-summoned-to-polish-foreign-ministry Death to Swedec…[View]
203700324Jewish mysticism in Japanese entertainment: (repost 5) I'm making these threads because a lot o…[View]
203704310oh No No NO: you told me the Notorious RBG was dead, /pol/ >https://twitter.com/jimsciutto/status…[View]
203702982Nigger jokes: Everyone come up with the most offensive jokes about niggers and put it here[View]
203706728Teachers in WV protest against helping bullied students.: Hmmm, why do school shootings happen? They…[View]
203699489He's gonna fucking lose. Bernie is too old, uncharismatic and autistic to win. He doesn't …[View]
203695948Why are most of us retarded fat cuckolds? Too much capitalism? Corporatism? The huge minority popula…[View]
203704328Is this real?: Seems suspicious?[View]
203692252Balt/pol/+Finland: Threads designed to discuss regional politics. Daily reminder that Estonian ellec…[View]
203705633They passed anti-lynching legislation and tried to lynch two random white men: It's actually a …[View]
203705392White Devil Psyop: We really need to make White Devil our Nword. Start calling your white friends 'm…[View]
203693070Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203706452Is it possible to fuck non-animals?[View]
203705312When Trump invades Venezuela, will you vote for him after sending you to die for literally Israel an…[View]
203706235Why are liberals like this?[View]
203705430Progressives and Communists who are white males, and have grown up in affluent Western countries and…[View]
203705852zoomer here: How come boomers let the Jews fuck up our society so much?[View]
203671742Meghan Markle backs campaign to 'decolonise the curriculum': >Meghan Markle backs campa…[View]
203704570How can any rational person not be a doomer? What is the point of even trying to be conservative? We…[View]
203706042Who are the 4 families of California?[View]
203670788Catholic Thread: Let's have a thread for the Catholics of /pol/. Remember to pray the Rosary ev…[View]
203697115TERFs: Well? Here are the laws TERFs would change if they could. What does /pol/ think?[View]
203701893WHERE IS IT!?!: Who do the discord trannies have to blow to get that photo?!?![View]
203705593Whats up with millenial faggots calling their parents Narcissists?: Did the Jews dick rape all these…[View]
203700205Would Merit-based immigration benefit us?: I have to think that the most qualified applicants for im…[View]
203705725Why is Trump our guy if he implements policies that help reduce nig abortions?[View]
203703339>Colorado >Connecticut >Delaware >Hawaii >Illinois >Maine >Maryland >Michiga…[View]
203691569Haiti: Have you all been following the events in Haiti? The niggers are claiming that USA military a…[View]
203702854Why do Western women like Africa so much?[View]
203697091We're at the edge, so sort yourself out: We are the unluckiest and luckiest men. Not many have …[View]
203705619http://www.hewillnotdivide.us Do we even care enough about it to take it down at this point?[View]
203705231I'm sorry /pol/: I promised a retard that I would apologize if trump actually signed the spendi…[View]
203699395hey macacos: What is life in the favelas like?[View]
203702708Raising white kids: Hey /pol/. I have a legitimate question. For the most part, decent white pepole …[View]
203703533Why is cheating accepted in society as no big deal now?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLzL1erfoio…[View]
203696538Daily reminder to train in lifting weights and MMA. Without the ability to physically impose and def…[View]
203692095Giving the corrupt more power and money: only increases corruption. No country in history has succee…[View]
203702286press S to spit on grave[View]
203703915The FBI was a mistake: Should it be broken up and decentralized or abolished?[View]
203704255>yfw the PLA and CCP stood against the Japanese Imperialists >yfw the Japs killed millions of …[View]
203695254Brit/pol: __News__ >Derek Hatton rejoins Labour after 34 years https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-engl…[View]
203703899>Pakiniggers don't belong in Swede-[View]
203704923Wageslavery: Why does /pol/ support it? pic related[View]
203702895Why was this abomination not locked up in an asylum?: Make insane asylums great again. Oh, and this …[View]
203701220NEW ZEALAND IS BENDING OVER TO CHINA: >In a piece published by Chinese state-run People's Da…[View]
203690639Why haven’t you joined AmRen yet?: >mother of all good optics >leader is a chad intellectual …[View]
203701431TTHE GUBMINT SHOULD NOT LOOK AFTER INDIVIDUALS: The government should not be looking after individua…[View]
203701336>more white immigrants from Europe? STOP THIS NOW! >non-whites from Africa? yes, more of them …[View]
203703545Well well well. Look what got signed...: >shshshsh-shillll ahahahahahahahahah *breaths* ahahahaha…[View]
203702216Brit/pol/ - Brexit Cancelled Edition: Links: __News__ >Brexit Cancelled https://www.independent.c…[View]
203703272Fat fuck Walter Shaub storms off Twitter like a fat girl[View]
203699629What are good ways to stop immigration? As you see yourself, countries all over the world become wea…[View]
203696047he wont win, this is the age of rage not humanism. he cant mobilize anger. in a word: he's civi…[View]
203702689/Pol/ SUPPORT 4 BERNIE: Fuck Trump. /pol/ offically support Bernie now. Let’s meme him to the White…[View]
203700458>mfw self hating jew[View]
2036969955 weeks until 'no deal' Brexit.[View]
203704550Can someone explain the dumbass 'donate $27' meme the brain-dead retards on r/sandersforpresident ar…[View]
203703979Is this the real reason why Eastern Europe is behind Western/Nordic Europe?[View]
203704363No Homo[View]
203704158>13 >50[View]
203703088Its become more of a fad lately to organize and declutter. A marked uptick in this with the populari…[View]
203700980Admit it or not but more than half of you desires to be a woman or be treated as such. Imagine being…[View]
203686173Guntards BTFO: We are done talking about this with you. We are taking your guns whether you like it …[View]
203700209ISIS Issues Warnings: >ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the …[View]
203691345Fuck Islam[View]
203702467What's Druze People's endgame?[View]
203682405JBP and the JQ: The original video was put in limited state! We are being DENIED free speech! This i…[View]
203697101Are there even any good guys in Hollywood?[View]
203704115Take out the old guard: before the leftists do. We coup the current heads and take their positions. …[View]
203694307I just want people to know that I fought back. That doesn't diminish people that can't fig…[View]
203704052What can be done about twitter? All this shit is getting out of control. I think its time to see how…[View]
203701699>drumpf making world wide news because of what he said about venezuela i hope you americans are a…[View]
203702063Brit/pol We don't care that you hate us *Edition*: __News__ >Jean-Claude Juncker: Brexit del…[View]
203630135Syria general /sg/ - Global Thermonuclear War Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
203685854Seriously, The Wrong Side Won WW2: Remember growing up, and boomers saying 'We would all be speaking…[View]
203703895FTN Border Bill White Pill: I strongly encourage you all to listen to the first part of the latest F…[View]
203701667>Be Serb >Not white enough for the right wing >Not brown enough for the left wing Why am I …[View]
203703840Irlmaier: Irlmaier. Lurk and enjoy.[View]
203687515The Weimar Republic was full of degeneracy in the 1920s and caused the rise of Nazis. Are we going …[View]
203694028He's got a point, you know. Why cant Trump just take a joke and instead has to throw a tantrum …[View]
203698102What's more likely, a whole natural order being supsended and a virgin birth happening or a jew…[View]
203703671I really am walking the middle path.: I am the yin to almost EVERY yang, inorganic organic it does n…[View]
203702065Admit it /pol/: Youve jerked off to her b4 >mfw the kids r at a sleepover >lavendar candle …[View]
203703582So how is the kike engineered apocalypse going buddies? Are we all comfy for the end of the world? …[View]
203694656BERNIE SANDERS 2020: /pol/ is now officially a pro-Sanders board. Let the meme war begin. #BernieSa…[View]
203703437anglo-celtic diaspora thread: >white australian >not even convict descended >christian bu…[View]
203703250Brain Force contains ONIONS[View]
203701246Kamala 'Blowing Niggers' Harris on Jussie Smollett: UHHHHHHHH IDK LOL: https://youtu.be/Pqmm3t2e7S4 …[View]
203703393Trump and the media: I dont believe the Illuminati or the free masons are behind the bad narrative f…[View]
203698384Serious Question about Jordan Peterson.: Why do people listen to a guy who seems utterly miserable e…[View]
203703155Being called a coon: Why do these liberals not see that it's racist? How do black Liberals not …[View]
203703004Who would win: An axe or the tree of the thunder god[View]
203697283Do niggers automatically go to hell?[View]
203699847The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Human Rights Watch has documented the denial of due legal pro…[View]
203695119Greeks/Italians are not white: >be Greece >look like Turks >central Asian invaders to your…[View]
203680855FUCK A$$AD: i am civil i hate that motherfucker criminal i am christian by the way AMA ح$ر$ي$ة وبس…[View]
203701898Guys this is serious, Sanders is getting covered by MSNBC. Last time he ran they didn't even gi…[View]
203702991SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203702746Operation Disinfo: So, 16 states have said they would sue Trump over either the national emergency o…[View]
203702816Roastie Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and pro…[View]
203692319Why don't they create their own EU?[View]
203702802Trans hate thread: How does America see this as acceptable?[View]
203702027come on /pol/ post the ideal man retro fotos anything a time men where men[View]
203701219Taxation and Minimum Wage: Tell me /pol/ less taxes and reduce the minimum wage or vice versa. I am…[View]
203694146Prove you are not a discord tranny[View]
203697359Well, /pol/?[View]
203702573Anyone else here not neet, just waiting on Space Force? Any eta on open enlistment?[View]
203692581Meetup is raaaayciiist: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-19/us-woman-white-women-yoga-meetup-even…[View]
203694660DAILY REMINDER TO LET WESTERN EUROPE CRASH AND BURN: This is a daily reminder to all my Slav brother…[View]
203693657If God is the son who is Jesus Christ, does that mean God is a kike? Will /pol/ have to wage war on …[View]
203702442After much deliberation, I've decided that a harem of blonde women is how I want to live. >p…[View]
203702066Average: Pol user is a burgerbrain[View]
203700567Why don't you fat fucks stop eating?: It's the best way to lose weight and better than exc…[View]
203698957The Turkroaches raped their way through eastern europe and now thanks to them most of eastern europe…[View]
203702340SWEDEN YES!! Phonecalls to medicalservices stored unprotected public IP: Sweden has had a lot of pro…[View]
203700716What does /pol/ think of vaccines and the anti-vaxxer movement? Do anti-vaxxers have a point or are …[View]
203701894name and shame. (((The ones))) in power and their slaves. Then we out them.[View]
203697888Who's gonna be POTUS 2020?: i start... trump will lose 2020 bigly. its all about 'no trump' in …[View]
203695951Welcome to the insane asylum!: Welcome to the insane asylum![View]
203701483Why is my post-socialist eastern yropean country such bullshit? >earn ~$600/month (~45h/week) …[View]
203682830Malia Obama's secret Facebook leaked and it turns out she a raging Trump hater and does underag…[View]
203686146>debates anyone on any subject >wins how? how do we stop him?…[View]
203700161OY VEY![View]
203700791Sage all Bernie threads there is no point in even discussing it, the dude is 100% toast. >80 >…[View]
203697416Pregnant she-man: expecting baby boy next month >The world's second known 'pregnant man' is …[View]
203701934/RPG/ Redpill General: bump this so newfags could see it >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.co…[View]
203700961What the fuck is wrong with individualist cucks? Are they just autistic or did they actually take Th…[View]
203699803Was mohammed a pedophile?: Guys what the fuck I've been doing some reading and I think mohammed…[View]
203698858G...guy How do we stop him[View]
203694269/pol/ has totally lost: Bernie will win 2020, Brexit will never happen and Britain will rejoin EU, E…[View]
203700184TRUMP’S PLAN FOR WAR!!: Here’s the plan boyz...this is what’s going on. Trump’s interest in Venezuel…[View]
203700614Fake veteran Nathan Philips assaults cameraman who adks him about Covington students incident: Camer…[View]
203689686What’s life like here?: Extremely diverse and very high population density. What’s life like in NJ? …[View]
203701807AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAH >be me >check out kickstarter games for shits and giggles >this is th…[View]
203687840WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IN KOREA: PIC RELATED TL;DR > https banned, VPNs blocked >Currently…[View]
203701773What'll happen in the US elections in 2020?: Will you go full socialist? Dem-tier socialism or …[View]
203688922Disarmament and progessivism; lubing up for alien invasion: An alien galactic empire is coming for p…[View]
203700680NWO: Is is this the depiction of the EU new realiy?[View]
203700175>liberal media[View]
2037015409/11 was a Conspiracy: Bomb the niggers[View]
203697451Prepared to get BTFO Doltards?[View]
203696619can you believe it: Can't find alot of articles on this but Christopher W. Chandler helped buil…[View]
203699633Potlucks of Disinformation: It is my wish to NOT be another person serving up Bullshit through your …[View]
203687462Brit/pol/: __News__ >Derek Hatton rejoins Labour after 34 years https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-eng…[View]
203694066>all talented brits are irish descent Wow really makes me wonder[View]
203661652I beleive i've been gangstalked for over three months and i don't know what to do: I remem…[View]
203701199wait...did he drain the swamp yet?[View]
203700907Daily reminder that Trump was the one who requested the extra $200,000,000 for Israel: It was reques…[View]
203701032Anyone got: Nudes >LOOKING FOR NUDES HERE[View]
203698945Would there be less alcohol abuse,: if the drinking age was lowered to age 18? The Mediterranean cou…[View]
203701020I Hate Jews and Niggers: Fuck these fucking retards. The Jews are greedy faggots. The niggers always…[View]
203700441/BPG/ - Butler Plan General - Tuesday Edition: The Butler Plan is a territorial imperative calling a…[View]
203699541DNC rigging already in full scale: Bernie never stood a chance[View]
203677393Are they the niggers of the white race?[View]
203699795AOC's latest history lesson: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-raises-eyebrows-aft…[View]
203690654Pagan Awakening General - /PAG/ - Get in here, Christians can join the plan!: Everyone on here knows…[View]
203699594Be honest guys: True or false?[View]
203698669Tech stopping Brexit: How do they not see the hypocrisy? The will of the people has spoken. And now …[View]
203700632Why do 1st world leaders do this: while third world leaders[View]
203691419Hurrr sandy hook: Wasnt real durrrrrrrrrrr pizzagate is real hurrrr >youre all retards Sandy hook…[View]
203699012Redpill me on Insurance, Fam.: We all know about banks and the dirty tricks of (((bankers))), but wh…[View]
203700568uh...goys....when did this happen?[View]
203700149Reminder that eating is bad for you: Stop eating[View]
203700516Ben Shapiro:'It is anti-semitic to believe Israel does not have the right to exist' https://youtu.be…[View]
203692755I'm one of the few white healthy men left in this country: I fucking swear that if you don…[View]
203696873Real news: >If you like drumpfh you have a little peepee Truly inspiring and groundbreaking journ…[View]
203698344Mark Dice is a true chad and his videos are hilarious[View]
203694004Did you guys already see this? I think we broke reality guys. Everything we meme about is coming tru…[View]
203698181What does 'no deal Brexit' actually MEAN?[View]
203689432AUTISTIC STUDY OF MASS SHOOTINGS: So I just started a study of mass shootings using the Gun Violence…[View]
203699666>Be a Serbian Aryan artist >Successful career over 70 years >Go to perform in northern Germ…[View]
203660287A C C E L E R A T I O N: I just registered Democrat the other day and switched from the Republican P…[View]
203699944Hahaha you stupid wh*te people honestly think you stand a chance jn the future? The future is colore…[View]
203698895Oy vey goys, freckles are gonna be banned in China: Well, Anons, looks like this is the future... ht…[View]
203696004Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive it seems?: she says she is just fine. I bet my mother £10 that she couldnt…[View]
203699986STOP EATING!!!!!![View]
203651850Who killed JFK, and why?[View]
203697236>629 days until the 2020 US Election >multiple shill threads already shitting up the board…[View]
203698658Yellow vest: The 'police' in the red are real real savages Are they just like rent a cop? They doesn…[View]
203699955Oy vey, let's teach those Goyim!: Apparently, it happened last night. I'd say that there…[View]
203698986has bernie already won? lets face it /pol/ we must admit defeat now to avoid embarrassment[View]
203692034I just donated $200 to Bernie Sander's campaign. Match me /pol/![View]
203699656drolond klompp[View]
203699757Reminder that eating is blue pilled for males: Eating food is bad for males >>Causes weight ga…[View]
203672641Why is Russia so homophobic? https://youtu.be/vxVkt1oaMQg[View]
203694929What is your plan for finding a conservative-minded woman to have children with and preserve the whi…[View]
203697882Why do Democrats enjoy bombing children?: Hey Liberals, whilst you're here spamming up the boar…[View]
203688983Discord trannies: Discord trannies is just a dumb meme that kikes spread so that anons would stop ca…[View]
203697133Was Trump right to trust Russia over (((US intelligence)))?[View]
203677381Russia could be preparing for Global Thermonuclear War. They will be disconnecting the entire Russia…[View]
203693677>immigration doesn't wor-[View]
203690260Getting Published: I've decided to start writing a political book that i think is missing from …[View]
203676407Ok serious question, as an american why should I care about Europe?: What do Europeans do other than…[View]
203688646Why have the germans been expelled from so many countries?[View]
203699232How is it Jewish people's fault that white men invite black men into their bedrooms to have sex…[View]
203699379He who controls the meta data, controls the world.: of internet fags.[View]
203691982After years of heavy meme warfare ive come to the point in life where literally the only thing I wa…[View]
203698266Vaccinations Debate/Redpill: >click catalogue >no vax/antivax debates Whats your take pol? Did…[View]
203698953MATCH ME: When will these people learn their lesson?[View]
203689445CRAZY BERNIE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN https://www.npr.org/2019/02/19/676923000/bernie-sanders-…[View]
203698290fuck the jans: rate my gear /pol/[View]
203696396If your country isn't in blue then you're living in the third world: Countries in blue hav…[View]
203660890HAPPENING: IRAN IS COOPERATING WITH AL-QAEDA: Like it or not, America might have to invade Iran to e…[View]
203692953Why do roasties dress like this? Do they think it’s attractive?[View]
203695675Thoughts on Shoah Goyer?[View]
203657337Favorite Jew?[View]
203698392How long before he endorses Hillary Clinton? Now taking bets![View]
203697297Vehicle to Vehicle/Vehicle to Infra: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/12/26/2018-27785…[View]
203697761Is she unironically the best female director working right now? Her documentary was kino.[View]
20366077016 yo overdosed on weed: 16-yr-old cannabis addict stabs mother, severs genitals in UK >it's…[View]
203698292He doing it again, chums! Let's do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DRwz0cAt0[View]
203695107Who will his running mate be: Who will his running mate be?[View]
203694187>Vote for me Goy! We will build the wall and make mexico pay for it! >Oops! Congress won’t le…[View]
203695292coconut chimpout in melbourne, trump supporter violently attacked: MSM isn't going to cover thi…[View]
203697997Why is Muslim music so good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDk_mEE8_Lg[View]
203697581How do we make Japan a more diverse country?[View]
203695917Is this still real life: >Feminist lesbian on Tucker Carlson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQn…[View]
203693531>it’s been over 3 years with Trump as president >I still don’t have a good paying job You have…[View]
203693742Every country has a lapdog. What is your countries lapdog /pol/?[View]
203689252How long will humanity be stuck in the techno feudalism dark ages /pol/? 100 years? 1000 years? We’v…[View]
203693148We must redpill the Polish Education Minister about (((euroweek))): This is Anna Zelewska, the Polis…[View]
203695634/RPG/ Redpill General: bump this so newfags could see this The great replacement https://pastebin.co…[View]
203694637HE DIDN'T SIGN IT: Shills BTFO oh...wait.....look at pic realted....shit Daily reminder Trump i…[View]
203697397Who should it be?: Yes, that's right. Tulsi Gabbard will win the democratic primary. She will w…[View]
203691605Look how none of the bullets: Actually went thru the screen >why didnt the students just use thes…[View]
203697539why are chinks such faggots[View]
203696200What does /pol think of leftists?[View]
203696427Anglosphere general: Welcome: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Not welc…[View]
203663504Are American schools really like this?[View]
203696230The internet was a mistake and has eroded the minds of an entire generation. >be me >early 30…[View]
203696908Incels say that your genetics like looks determine if you are going to be successful or not, yet Jew…[View]
203695965Always Crazy Casio-Keyboard Economics[View]
203693025>And if you ain't down with Israel, we got two words for ya... ____ ____ !…[View]
203696309Operation Pure White Moon: Operation Pure White Moon: Goal: The ultimate form of 'White Flight', est…[View]
203693697This page is asking people to stop sharing its posts in an attempt to control and skew its poll resu…[View]
203696772Holy shit: It’s real. Check for yourselves /pol/[View]
203697005If the kalergi plan, 9/11, and the fact that it’s always tha jooz is basic shit, what is the doctora…[View]
203696294>/pol/ will defend this[View]
203688893Why are good faith arguments so discouraged on /pol/? Why do so many posters default to inflammatory…[View]
203694698Coincidence Detector: I recently saw a thread about 'Coincidence Detector' and tried installing it t…[View]
203695783Here's how Bernie can still win, guys! https://www.npr.org/2019/02/19/676923000/bernie-sanders-…[View]
203696764Thanks for joining our 2nd revolution! Remember: no refunds. And thanks for the 2nd Audi![View]
203682717At the Free Derry museum in Ireland. Why do movements claim shit that they had nothing to do with as…[View]
203696722>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
203696715>>203693019 Starting a brand new thread just to say thanks, it was the Kansas City experiment.…[View]
203691062This is France. Shame on you France.: Jewish graves desecrated near Strasbourg in eastern France - B…[View]
203690031What’s /pol/‘s opinion on GLR?[View]
203696671/pol/ is officially a Bernie Bro board now: PRESS D to dab on liberal roasties[View]
203693131About Bernie 2020: Bernie Sanders is going to run for President in 2020. Back in 2016 I was a Bernie…[View]
203696419Lol enjoy being cucked by the decline of the west christo-cucks: Judaism is better, these are facts.…[View]
203692430This Is America: Don't let anyone tell you less[View]
203696593“There's an old saying in Burlington — I know it's in Vermont, probably in Burlington — th…[View]
203696587/kondo/ general: Reaction is oriented towards order; creating order requires virtue; virtue is a hab…[View]
203696584Well leafs, is he gonna win in October?[View]
203679189Brexit: how affected is your country, fellow Europeans?: We are sort of affected, but a shitton of c…[View]
203696102Reasons for believing in God: Anon, why are/aren’t you an aethiest[View]
203691565This is an actual British politician[View]
203683862Who (((They))) are...: After a long time down the rabbit hole I've finally uncovered the truth.…[View]
203696381yt is hiding criticism of Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq4T554eNtw[View]
203690401>this is what Mormons believe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UfFMayNaEI…[View]
203690569Why whenever vegetarianiasim is brought up both sides chimp out so fuggen hard? Is it so hard to acc…[View]
203693459Moonman just came out as transgender today, /pol/. How will you congratulate him?[View]
203692119Stop being right about everything /pol/, it's really depressing and spooky to think about[View]
203696157Which are the political implications of just one exorcism being true?: >500.000 requests of exorc…[View]
203695187'White men or terrorist': Sucks white mans dick explain[View]
203676786British National Party: This was probably the most 'redpilled' non-meme party in Western Europe. It …[View]
203695572*SHWOOOOOSH* rätätätätätätätätätä KA-BOOM *bombs Moscow into non-existence* Russians, it is time to …[View]
203695705How long?: >I don't feel so good[View]
203695529You are watching John Oliver's biting social political satire, right?[View]
203625242POLAND will be dry fucked now by both The ISRAEL and The USA: Poles ‘suckle antisemitism with mother…[View]
203695858Jews: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Esther#Historicity[View]
203695850>trump >bernie sanders >patrick little >yang gang will this election be greater than 201…[View]
203689037Is an ice age the only way to save the white race? Niggers and muslims would never survive. I can sw…[View]
203695753Wework and capitalism: WeWork, Welive, WeGrow >The deal comes in the form of a warrant, allowing …[View]
203693166Trudeau 2019: Foreign Detractors and Domestic Friends: While incel Americans hate Canada's sexu…[View]
203695069Remember when people used to start threads with 'Ron Paul *board name*'? What happened to that? Do p…[View]
203687604Jews are behind commu-[View]
203693281ITS OVER. drumpftards BTFO[View]
203693449Why didnt any: Of the podestas go to jail? OH YA THATS RIGHT BECAUSE PIZZAGATE IS FAKE AND NOTHING T…[View]
203680885Buzzfeed's at it again with their anti-white bullshit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/michellerennex/…[View]
203695236To the white men who told me that they “prefer” white women: >I am sorry, but exclusively dating …[View]
203694563>'what's different this time is that it is going to be a grassroots campaign!' You don'…[View]
203683280Sexbots will be bigger than the industrial revolution: Sexbots are coming and they will completely t…[View]
203695328Wow.... Powerful...... Really... Makes you think... Huh?[View]
203690635HE'S BACK: Bernie Sanders officially announces his 2020 election campaign. https://www.npr.org/…[View]
203689595fuck every other nation. leave only slavs alive and kill all other nations[View]
203695221wasn't this guy supposed to be running for president? Why hasn't he announced his candidac…[View]
203691188ITT we fill out my UKIP donation form response cover letter. One word per post. No hyphens or gay Eu…[View]
203694907I'm blackpilled: The videos below show that the balloon boy hoax was not a hoax at all. The pol…[View]
203693813ayn rand's philosophy of rational egoism: when will enlightenment make a comeback?[View]
203693640Does anyone else feel a general decline in creativity? Mainly in art, music, and other creative outl…[View]
203658972THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!!![View]
203694519Trump didn't sign the bi-: OH NO NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH https://congress.gov/bi…[View]
203690702How many Democrats are going to file out of the clown car? I saw a report that maybe forty Democrats…[View]
203673837So, whiles guns do exist in Europe, I feel like we should find a way to flood the market with Americ…[View]
203694308LOL ITS DRUMF: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/jan/30/huge-mouth-and-no-anus-earliest-known…[View]
203694394Hello AnonTex: You said something about giving arms for Texas Independence. The Organization want to…[View]
203693981Was Hitler just an incel and WW2 his beta uprising?[View]
203649912The magical thinking of guys who love logic: Just saw this trending on digg. Still in process of rea…[View]
203693973is bernie sanders a COMMUNIST will you vote for him in 2020 /pol/[View]
203691519American hoe raped like a bitch, muthafucka: >Woodside, Queens, NY >Friday night >Woman (20…[View]
203692206Question for Muslims.: I'm aware keeping dogs for reasons other than hunting isn't permiss…[View]
2036940672020 will be the end of this horrible era since 2014[View]
203691247Tracy Beanz: https://youtu.be/74BNOUCgKRI Does anyone on pol follow Tracy Beanz? Her video of Trumps…[View]
203685493does /pol/ know about this guy?[View]
203691510It's over trumpshits[View]
203692072Has anybody ever seen a grown man bitch this much? It's pathetic.[View]
203694119what did Keanu Reeves mean by this ?: is it rael ?[View]
203692821OY VEY[View]
203691069What is going on in France right now?: Fresh off 13h news (1pm news): >580 (((Antisemitic attacks…[View]
203694075Laura Logan BTFOs the MSM: also she got her tits done and her face is looking more and more like a b…[View]
203691810Western culture is ruining tradition all over the world. Folk costumes, dances, art, food, architect…[View]
203694130Post the oldest file in your Bernie Folder: Get Berned[View]
203672910AUS/POL RENT EDITION.: Rent looms as key election issue as government attacks ‘big new housing tax’ …[View]
20369353419 year old woman overdosed and died at a party while everyone took pics and videos of her body inst…[View]
203680464Rred menace: At what point in history did communism go from building tank factories and space statio…[View]
203689282In a war with America v. Europe who would win?[View]
203692448Are you ready to get BERNed: Red wave is comming/...[View]
203693539How much coke did Donald Trump do in the 80s? Is it degenerate?[View]
203688633MACRON, NO!: Translation: Macron is opposed to a law punishing anti-zionism[View]
203691849How come cnn: Can stage a fucking terrorist attack with impugnity?[View]
203693875Jewish redpills: i need all of the jewish redpills you autismos have. i need to redpill my circle. b…[View]
203686337Roastie Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and pro…[View]
203692447Go out and save yourself and white race from degenaracy![View]
203691402Israel NEEDS immigrants. Unironically. Israel compared to the surrounding nations has a severe popul…[View]
203692539God Hand: Is God Hand the perfect allegory for the Satanic elite that run the world? >Occultism …[View]
203683678Too much estrogen?: Girls who start their periods before turning 14 are 51% more likely to have unde…[View]
203677449AOC.: How can you be this stupid and still breath?[View]
203692605Why will you vote for Bernie?[View]
203677967Why does (((Ivanka Trump))) hate Germany so much: 500 people in a room, 499 view Germany’s explanati…[View]
203691169Oh god no. Not again: I mean, with a bit of luck the presidential will be clinton, aoc and doc brown…[View]
203682624OPERATION: TOO WHITE: OK FAGS IT'S TIME TO GET REVENGE FOR #METOO How this works is that we use…[View]
203688679I really want to know something: what do liberals respond to the fact that blacks commit more than h…[View]
203693303I just donated $27! Match me![View]
203674586Based Imam from Straya could be /our guy/: >In April 2016, Imam Tawhidi said on his Facebook page…[View]
203685402Why do Serbs still hold Gavrilo Princip in such high regard?[View]
203670442Porn: Is it really that bad?[View]
203693240SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203692739Does anyone have the link to that study in the US where a writer details how a state (I think Illino…[View]
203686769Current Year +4 Man Disparaged as NPC: oof, i bet that really soggies his biscuits, ay m8s?[View]
203686174How are non-whites able to build this without the help of the white men in middle ages? Do we undere…[View]
203662162Androo Yang: Yang says he wants to give $1000 a month to all adults in the United States... What is …[View]
203691921CUCKED STAR STATE: Why the fuck aren't Texans mad about the Federal government using eminent do…[View]
203683685I still dont get how people make all this money.: when its already fucking hard to make only a coupl…[View]
203687606Redpill me on the Baltic states.[View]
203692685Bernie sanders: >>heard bernie sanders, aka; the BERNJEW., is running for office. Any takers?…[View]
203690043Would Hitler still be considered terrible if he wasn't racist, anti-semitic, part of violent pr…[View]
203688497/pol/ ETERNALLY BTFO'D[View]
203692382I think I am onto something about 9/11: Do you think it's possible that alladin did 9/11 as he …[View]
203685204World's second pregnant man: expecting baby boy next month >The world's second known 'p…[View]
203692120Smollett: The best a hoax can get: Any cases of the self aggrandizing obnoxious leftist assholes apo…[View]
203692265Let's goo First order of business when he wins is beheading the orange molester in public[View]
203692466What would you do?Where would you go?: Anarchy and martial law might be a thing that happens soon in…[View]
203692457Jews Destroying Christianity: Guess who was just on TV talking about the 'win?' That's right, u…[View]
203691572What is your opinion on Poland?[View]
203681169Pussie Swollen asked for advice on how to create his letter: fucking kek >https://twitter.com/CWB…[View]
203686552Oh Dark Overlord, where are you?: Has the overlord lost their credibility? It's been a month...…[View]
203684395Fellow leafs What do you think Canada will be like in another 30 years? What do you think of our fut…[View]
203692274Umm... guys????[View]
203683561The world we knew actually ended in 2012: Were the Mayans actually correct in their prophecy.[View]
203655406Donald Glover based and redpilled?: Rewatched 'This is America' and noticed some things: >all ins…[View]
203683791If the three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe had a world war, who would win?[View]
203688431Tell me which one of you motherfuckers are to blame for this[View]
203691533How on Earth this literary palindrome of a man is not quoted here on this Gurunsi dry clay collectin…[View]
203692070Very good and hard to find documentary: Hey frens just wanted to drop this off. https://www.moddb.c…[View]
203689107Hillary 2020: Does anyone else think Hillary is sitting in some room browsing her samsung thinking '…[View]
203690435Mental illness in one picture[View]
203688561WE POST THINGS THAT ENRAGE LEFTISTS: We post things that trigger the left & normies in our respe…[View]
203674071Nothing natural is bad. Prove me wrong.[View]
203686966Good speech by Stephen Frost of British Movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKAgIYtaBAE…[View]
203684292Another Hoax??: LBC Radio host 'is battered by signet ring-wearing racist who called him a f***…[View]
203688340Cracks starting to appear in the transfaggot delusion? It must be hard for victims to come out and a…[View]
203682533Are Niggers Human?: Been getting a lot of conflicting opinions on here for some reason, so what…[View]
203690407Why am i so obsessed with the Mongoloid race? Everything they touch turn to gold, from movies to mus…[View]
203685160My ex-girlfriend just texted me that my child will be a girl. She, of course, wants me to help take …[View]
203691700HRC is a criminal!!: LOCK THE BITCH UP![View]
203688865>wanna make a meme >launch Photoshop Express on my phone >see this Is there anything not ta…[View]
203647088What is /pol/ thoughts about Gypsies? I dont know why i never seen a post about them here. What does…[View]
203691438Cultural appropriation thread: Cultural appropriation thread, There is so much bullshit right now a…[View]
203690405Karl 'Gas the kikes' Lagerfeld: our /guy/ just died[View]
203688845As a person of color, is there a way that feminism can be more inclusive to 'straight white mal…[View]
203688495Is there a better country than Poland?[View]
203691567Pharma kike kills four more: (((Mental health))) facilities are the biggest joke foisted on humanity…[View]
203688821Anyone else feel sorry for countries that don't have free health care? At first it was a schade…[View]
203664101You are forced to live in a nonwhite, third world country for the rest of your life.: Which one do y…[View]
203690996Did he do it? Seems like some people are doubting the stories our teachers and history books tell us…[View]
203681595If the Nazis had won, what would have happened to the africans in America?[View]
203675901Who else here is drunk right now and just loves talking politics when hammered?[View]
203690246is he our guy?[View]
203689074Corey Booker and Alexandria Ocasio Cortéz Push The Destruction of US. Massive Local Production: Pres…[View]
203688962Bernie Sanders tell Vermont radio he's seeking 2020 Democratic presidential nomination: https:/…[View]
203687433DAILY REMINDER: Blacked means BEASTIALITY[View]
203690541Alright, who did it?[View]
203685300Pol BTFO eternally: Your climate footprint caused the polar bear invasion![View]
203690888'Modern company a dictatorship': German online newspaper 'Zeit' writes. Why is this tolerable in the…[View]
203686999Ode to Jews: hear my shekels jingle and jangle while your countries I entangle rothschild debt I…[View]
203690385Slavs are retarded: You eastern europeans caring so much about krautniggers is funny. If Hitler had…[View]
203685545whats the excuse gonna be?[View]
203658414>share an office with a lefty snowflake >she's been making fun of me on her twitter >…[View]
203687461Just a friendly reminder[View]
203690688What can be done about the American brain drain?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhxe2exf9JI > t…[View]
203687942Just a picture of Trump saluting a communist: lmao[View]
203679696Why aren't you guys Neopagans? >pure from judaism and judaism's evil child, christianit…[View]
203689178India signs defence pacts with Germany and Sweden: Classified information The agreement will enable …[View]
203690412I bet her pussy is extra warm[View]
203689546So, how does a guy end up becoming a janitor on the politics subforum: Of an African tobbogan[View]
203681643Why is it /pol/ never talks about one of the biggest cancers to the western world, raves and rave cu…[View]
203689543Pauline Hanson is the one in charge of covering up the existence of space Aliens for the Australian …[View]
203687400>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
203689358HEY GUISE: bernie just announced his run for presidency. I just sold everything I own to contribute …[View]
203651167do female NPCs exist? and why do people call people white supremacists if you believe in the facts a…[View]
203690234WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
203690214Holand: Pls be friends of Portugal. 2d chess trying to ruin our relations. Sorry to put more fire i …[View]
203682757Should sex robots be made illegal?[View]
203686156What the fuck is wrong with liberals?: Trump Derangement Syndrome is one thing, but this is utter fu…[View]
203683130Why are Americans so obsessed with NatSoc?[View]
203690062Danish politicians suggest border controls for travelers from SWEDEN: https://archive.fo/TDmDf (tran…[View]
203676234Some states suing Trump over emergency spending: They're mad, /pol/[View]
203686577Why can't blacks assimilate into American culture?[View]
203689929cult shit get the fuck in here: pol, what the fuck is this guy? His name is Bentinho Massaro. If you…[View]
203661528Why the fuck does nothing happen anymore? In 1995 we had Tim Mcveigh (peace be upon him) and that du…[View]
203682122Who do you pick, /pol/?[View]
203688667Ok, which one of you did this?: http://orthochristian.com/119412.html[View]
203689224>there is no such thing as race, racists >but white people need to have a conversation about r…[View]
203688958Interracial violence, muthafucka: >White boy arguing with a black guy at a supermarket parking …[View]
203689156Do a favor to mankind and sign this petition: Share it, make it go viral, let’s kick this trash out …[View]
203683714What say you /pol/?: Let her back in or leave her to rot in the desert? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…[View]
203678861U.S states sue over emergency declaration.: It's started by, you guessed it, California. https:…[View]
203685355Elites owned: What are time in history where the elites have been outmaneuvered and thus unable to g…[View]
203686492Blowhards on /pol/: I’ve returned to /pol/ today for the first time since highschool and I’ve notice…[View]
203687998A roastie talks about her pets reincarnating for like over a half an hour but if you start around 40…[View]
203685553Would you betray your country for a night with her? The NRA and top Republicans did.[View]
203673387what are some good one-liners to yell at socialists protesting in passing?[View]
203688813Why did Drumpf sign off his powers as Commander-in-Chief?[View]
203682992Anyone regret voting for Trump?: Since when did we get fooled into MIGA instead of MAGA?[View]
203682829Red-pilled toys: Toys that are based and or red-pilled, for me it's probably Lego™ >Made in …[View]
203688824With Butts Shitty Exit, It all comes crumbling down: Trudeau and his perople have just cost the libe…[View]
203681469Why is Turkey SO GAY: Their wrestling is about oiling up putting hands down trousers https://www.yo…[View]
203688784Is this the basedest channel ever made?[View]
203686872WOW, this is so gross guys... I'm glad steps are being taken towards the future.[View]
203680876Is Horseshoe theory real?[View]
203682886Macron goes on Twitch: Will this be trolled?[View]
203684489How do you do, fellow... pouncers.: Just sitting over here pouncing, what about you?[View]
203684875Quick rundown of Papua New Guinea?: Meme flag becuase of subject matter. Can anybody give me a quick…[View]
203643261GOD IS NOT REA-[View]
203658143Why are STEMfags, and specially engineers so brutally triggered by the Humanities, and specially by …[View]
203683880The Military Is Retarded: The Military Times found that active duty personnel are over 3x more worri…[View]
203674711Fuck...: I think this image turned me.[View]
203688416/pol/ Essential redpoll reading list: Suggestions for further reading?[View]
203682125How do we solve muslim inbreeding problem?: can we solve it by breeding with white arabs and iranian…[View]
203678070ITS OVER[View]
203671403Ayo Hol Up white boi. We wuz superheroes and shit.: As a black man, I often wonder, how does it feel…[View]
203676905(((Psychology))): >everything is about sexual repression and you want to fuck your mother! 99% of…[View]
203675703Brit/pol/: >Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership https://ww…[View]
203681804Memory Hole Thread - V& Edition: Anyone remember these things? >Los Angeles night time helico…[View]
203680777WE: When someone says 'we' why do you faggots get so butthurt? Why do we give a shit so badly?…[View]
203673338TAX SEASON: Who here done their taxes already? How's the return this year compare to last?…[View]
203681697Why is it that the cultural marxism isn't actually marxist , most if not all liberals want #equ…[View]
203687528Ideas: Be careful with ideas. Ideas can change you world in an instant. And this is an idea! (please…[View]
203685119Henry Ford is a time traveler who was sent from the future to prevent an ice age: As a prophet, Ford…[View]
203634063Kamala Harris Just got CAUGHT: https://youtu.be/D0I0nrXHWEM?t=24 >This is going to be a fun week.…[View]
203686910Pajeet 2030: You know what to do[View]
203670903Will your job survive economic collapse?: Let’s agree, even for the sake of argument, that America a…[View]
203686454Why is Meghan Markle getting political? Historically the royal family has always been Apolitical. …[View]
203675499Why are we importing millions of immigrants...: If in a couple of years, they will be out of work? R…[View]
203686162It's my birthday today and I just want to say that I love you guys[View]
203684028https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-XDxCb92X4 >communism leads to a poor shithole and no one will …[View]
203677105When did you realize Trump was a scam?: What gave it all away you think?[View]
203681203SHILLS ARE OUT IN FORCE AGAIN: Just what the hell do we do at this point ?[View]
203680909TURKS ARE FUCKING MONGOLIANS: Not Greek or what ever other bull shit term they like to brandish them…[View]
203659844What was the end verdict here lads? Glow in the dark fellas?[View]
203681423I am the most red-pilled person on this planet. Ask me anything and I will red-pill you.[View]
203668813Hasn't anyone told her not to feed the trolls?[View]
203659022Americans why?: >This status is unquestioned. According to data shared with me by the market-rese…[View]
203682519I laugh everytime I see Oswal Mosley’s face. That smug face is just something else[View]
203680010Am I a mutt /pol/? If not what can this potato nigger actually do to help the white race?[View]
203686527There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
203682767/pol/ BTFO!!!!: it's over.[View]
203649560Literally an article on how to suck a MANS dick. The whole world has taken crazy pills and I dont kn…[View]
203682186I voted for this man in the election, he has some nice ideas, but I think he is a controlled opposit…[View]
203683385Help redpill the Polish Education Minister about (((euroweek))): This is Anna Zelewska, the Polish M…[View]
203662016Vote Patrick Little 2020: PATRICK LITTLE GENERAL >Of German descent >Publicly and unapologetic…[View]
203671243The Absolute State of the NZ media: >Why New Zealand's obsession with lawns needs to end …[View]
203677115I watch this man on youtube, he has some nice ideas, but I think he is controlled opposition and beh…[View]
203685011Glow People: They meet in caves with the CIA to control the cultural landscape Will the glow people …[View]
203672691Communist cringe thread?: Communist cringe thread.[View]
203683901Red pill copypasta: Can someone please hit me up with that copypasta with all the stats on things li…[View]
203666397tfw 120 IQlet Are we gonna make it bros? Only people above 110 IQ ITT.[View]
203684022The same people conducting foreign offensive cyberwarfare Are the same people who >monitor our in…[View]
203685290French ministers on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/accropolis Seems like there isn't that much fi…[View]
203670468'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: I love seeing these bitches squirm…[View]
203681204Apologize now!: Renegade Broadcasting were the only outfit on the right that saw though Trump's…[View]
203684258Lawful Good /pol/: /pol/ is now a force of Lawful Good. All of the actions and results must be for G…[View]
203684947Who told you that you wanted a Wall?: If you are concerned about a Wall being build on the southern …[View]
203678702>destroys Sargon forever >lets everyone know what a fraud Jordan Petersen is >fucks up Krau…[View]
203685044What in the...: PPC btfo. And this guy has a key position in running a party. Mother of God. https:…[View]
203679394USG Ishimura in real life? Japan's Hayabusa 2 mission will mine an asteroid this week.: http://…[View]
203674220NJ Girl Shot In Puerto Rico: New Jersey waitress shot in the face in Puerto Rico still can’t talk be…[View]
203680746What are /pol/'s thoughts on white nationalist leaders?[View]
203683360Democrats bad! Republicans good! Isn't that right my fellow Migapedes?[View]
203677578What is President Trump’s relationship like with Tiffany?[View]
203681884What nations won't exist 50 years from now?: and why?[View]
203679890How much anti-islam sentiment is caused by Jewish propaganda?: For a long time I have held anti-Musl…[View]
203675546Jussie Smollett: >Planned by several retards in advance >Executed terribly, but social media b…[View]
203684480does any /pol/ack have the link to see (((who))) is connected to an organization?[View]
203683611FBI vault letters re CFR members were(are) communists: >DiD U KnOw… the fbi vault contains a coll…[View]
203681052Don Cheadle praised for wearing 'Protect Trans Kids' t-shirt on SNL: Nation of immigrants,…[View]
203671465Why the fuck are liberals so obsessed with dicks?[View]
203684195I was once asked while posting on /pol/: how does it feel to belong to a nation that is responsable …[View]
203681923multiculturalism failure: Just got banned from all the sub reddit with this story, just waned to sha…[View]
203679632Daily reminder: Nazis was Anti Christian, Nazis hate Jesus because he was a jew!!!![View]
203671798So I found this place via a tweet about men’s rights activists. I heard you hate women. I’m genuinel…[View]
203671856Tommy Robinson is an anti-muslim pawn Zionists funded his freedom from prison Why does this matter? …[View]
203683436>He makes insecure closeted gay men wanna swallow his seed. See how he did it with this one weird…[View]
203679003>Can't cross me[View]
203682369>pick up and read any newspaper >article about gender faggotry >article about climate chang…[View]
203680189They're at it again: First it was the BuzzFeed Cohen story, then the MAGA kids, then Jussie Smo…[View]
203677718pic related[View]
203681869Why do Americans hate this guy?: I'm in Britain and kinda wish we had a Prime Minister like thi…[View]
203681263wait what the fuck?? I thought penn jillette died years ago?[View]
203677033Why are pain meds illegal?[View]
203681816Was she right?: I came across a thirty-six minute vidéo today about how Anita was mercilessly attack…[View]
203681391The Greco Roman Retard: >Lost every colony in the East >Known historically for boy loving sodo…[View]
203670401IS THIS A DRY RUN ???: ‘Shoot the president’: School cancels assassination party game for kids after…[View]
203682389Hello /pol/ Whats the best country to migrate to? I've spent a decade in England, and had enoug…[View]
203662713What exactly is wrong with this person?: He can't be a normal straight White man why? >Drugs…[View]
203682371As-salāmu ʿalaykum my brothers and sisters. Remember, we are all one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
203682073Cold Pizza: This used to be a show on ESPN with non-stop Illuminati promoted guests and Hosts. The m…[View]
203680204Jews are now offering loans at 300% increase per month[View]
203677978How was /pol/ like around the early 2010's?[View]
203681449WATCH OUT EuroFaggots. Trump has new weapon against your hate: This is not a joke !!![View]
203681069Why are gypsies worse than niggers and poos when they are much more caucasoid?[View]
203681685Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense. “Always give you…[View]
203673410who do you offer your seat to /pol/?[View]
203679035Good news everyone, i have received a call from Greece a couple days ago it made me think and convin…[View]
203680689/pol/ humour[View]
203681190reminder to write in Donald Trump on election day[View]
203680935ITT political cartoons[View]
203664568Give me one good reason why the Confederate States shouldn't be their own country. They have a …[View]
203674492ITT: things that didn’t happen[View]
203675874Question to yanks, what will you do if (IF, IF<< don’t sperg out im just asking about the hypo…[View]
203679796Nigerian Brothers Tell Police Jussie Smollett Paid Them to Stage Attack: Reports.: https://www.theep…[View]
203681336>August 15th 1924 >Walk into speakeasy >hears Satanic negro music >picks up reefer …[View]
203679414>women falsely accuse man of rape >man gets 5 years behind bars over something he never did an…[View]
203681295the kamala harris / jussie smollett link: lets go ahead and end the 2020 election how well do these …[View]
203678664Former Islamist Extremist claims to have been assaulted by white man in London: Maajid Nawaz claims …[View]
203650220Remember when Brett Kavanaugh was accused of rape then the people who accused him came out and said …[View]
203679474Beliefs: Hey /pol/ I am a conservative libertarian that thinks that abolishing the government is rid…[View]
203664505Andrew Yang: Yang says he wants to give $1000 a month to all adults in the United States... That mea…[View]
203680725Friendly reminder not to do drugs or he'll show up in your room at 3am[View]
203679813JUSSIE SMOLLETT DINDU NUFFIN FUCK YOU CONSERVATIVES: Cenk's at it again. https://m.youtube.com/…[View]
203677120Let them in!: Innocent migrants Are dying st the border and its ORANGE MAN'S FAULT!!! We need t…[View]
203680825Vikangz: The land of revision and the home of the coons is at it again. According to a new ((('''doc…[View]
203676480Is Australia and Russia the truly last based white nations to lead the eradication of le 56% amirmut…[View]
203674790Seven Deadly Sins and the Modern Era: I need your help /pol/. As the modern world turns a blind eye …[View]
203680904Trump is killing the bees: >The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported last week tha…[View]
203680896Welcome!: Welcome to the forest of death!!! each of you will be given a heaven scroll ( odds) or an …[View]
203680815Why were the Nazi's such cowards, /pol/?: Why did they all surrender instead of resisting their…[View]
203680759lamo get in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LYHn3laNbc[View]
203678663Why would I respect a movement that wants to brainwash my children in school with gender politics? W…[View]
203680642The nazi is not the friend of the Confederate. We live and die free take your socialist flag and nec…[View]
203670271SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203680586Lara Logan Redpilled: >“You say the media is mostly liberal. I agree with you. It’s true. Why can…[View]
203677477Poster OC Thread: There have been many successful designs but there should be more. Get in here, bra…[View]
203677453Political Violence is on the rise, civil war 2.0 incoming!: >It’s easy to imagine that a second c…[View]
203680127>capitalism works. you’ll get rich or retire eventually[View]
203678331The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Tyranny Rising: To all the lives who are taken from us every day d…[View]
203673566Lara Logan turns on the left wing media.: >60 Minutes' Lara Logan slams the 'mostly lib…[View]
203677244Strange, I just saw this thread >>203677052 deleted, any mods or staff care to explain which r…[View]
203680350DID HE SIGN THE FUCKING BILL?: So guys! It's fucking Tuesday! Is the government open or closed?…[View]
203674236Bad at art: Why are you nazis so bad at drawing? Can't even get your own hate symbols right.…[View]
203678860Post /pol/ punchable phaces.[View]
203665273WARNING !!! GAME FUCKING OVER BURGERS!!!: No limits for 'Russian Tomahawks'? What we know …[View]
203672186Slavic Problems?: Are the slavs the problem with everything? Started WWI. Cannot integrate elsewhere…[View]
203673611To my fellow Southern European Brothers We brown people are not your enemies, we are here to liberat…[View]
203674027The Future of the Divided States of America: https://radicalagenda.com/?powerpress_pinw=2312-podcast…[View]
203674476AWNBASC: What do you think of Trump's new slogan? America Will Never Be A Socialist Country!…[View]
203679683i love tucker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue5i_9b7Bm4[View]
203677831Tucker Eviscerates Smollet and Targets Others: I think the most interesting part was when he talked …[View]
203678234What now, Trumpf? We don’t want back your CIA trained islamists. Why don’t you settle them in Florid…[View]
203677790incel here: bout 2 F U C K *yeet skrrt*[View]
203672895What the fuck!: Trump, at his rally, dragged some old cunt on stage to speak spanish for everyone. W…[View]
203678905/int/ will be free!: please help us kick out russian janitor from /int/ he deletes all threads about…[View]
203675506VertigoPolitix: Holy fuck why is this video suddenly trending? How long till they shut down his chan…[View]
203677382Post political heroes and inspirations ITT. I'll start with Ned Kelly.[View]
203663720So this loser literally staged the whole thing? Will anything come of this? >Sources told CNN tha…[View]
203676441You didn't know all lynchings were faked?: Just like the Holocaust, you were taught fake atroci…[View]
203677621Alt-right pointlessness: So I identified as alt-right in 2016 because it seemed like a fun thing wit…[View]
203679598/our game/: https://www.wired.com/2008/06/atheist-game-as/[View]
203679553>hate niggers >like Shane McMahon's theme song WHY AM I CONFLICTED…[View]
203676560Rastaman Chant (No Kill Bob & Pete): Said I hear the words of a higher man say. Babylon throne g…[View]
203678330>progressive academia >rise in faggotry >population replacement >china becoming a superp…[View]
203675238This is the end: >people lost relationships with women for trump >people cut ties with their f…[View]
203668273just got hired in at this dump. can someone give me a quick rundown of the USPS?[View]
203667241We are approaching Bantz levels that shouldn't even be possible...: https://twitter.com/hodgetw…[View]
203677786the 45th is the last president. lookout for the signs on the next aerobics class. follow the instruc…[View]
203677613They love freedom, we love freedom. Is there any better candidate for our 51st state than based Cata…[View]
203674441what the fuck is wrong with gooks?[View]
203671971Black Women Pose in Front of Mona Lisa: Bravely challenging the beauty standards of western society.…[View]
203670498gun ownership should require military service.[View]
203674062WHY are European nations so inferior to USA? and why do they get butthurt when I pointed out it?[View]
203677172We are being prepared for the NPC amongst us meme[View]
203654037Captain Marvel is using her 'powers' to fight Nazis.[View]
203678706How do normal people who believe in what is right stop the radical homosexuals and hateful people of…[View]
203678356So the United Nations is trying to ban Anime. What do you think about this /pol/? https://www.youtub…[View]
203678467Why can't the federal reserve just print like 1 quadrillion dollars, and give it equally to eve…[View]
203646842KAMALA HARRIS IS A STUPID CUNT: https://youtu.be/D0I0nrXHWEM https://twitter.com/BoKnowsNews/status/…[View]
203678697Should I do a social science degree to increase my political awareness?[View]
203677829Only a matter of time: When do we finally revert to a purely matriarchal society?[View]
203676200You feel it too, don't you?: What do we do about the boomer problem?[View]
203672673Is racism a hoax?: Does this photo look real?[View]
203678625Dear, British License Authority. Why don't you start tackling fatties by making anyone who want…[View]
203672807The irony is amazing: Whites kicked brown people out of their land, but EVERYONE in America will be …[View]
203673008This fucking guy[View]
203676830>BANG BANG CRASH That's all it takes for this elite police squad to break into your apartmen…[View]
203673657Is this guy retarded?[View]
203677000Liberals Don't Even See This[View]
203671966Remember when /pol/ was libertarian/ancap and not a bunch of retarded statist fanboys? I miss those …[View]
203643059Spanish warship orders commercial ships to leave British Gibraltar waters: Spanish warship orders co…[View]
203676156Worst gangbang ever...[View]
203672572Does anyone unironically think America WONT collapse before the end of the century?[View]
203675614>Trump is literally going to release ISIS members into the wild yeah I fucking hope he loses 2020…[View]
203676961Are tatars allowed in the ethostate?[View]
203677655The You That Time Forgot: (((They))) are obsessed with suppressing our sense of the possible - one o…[View]
203673349>>>/ic/ keeps deleting my threads so I’ll ask here. I notice when I draw, that Asians and p…[View]
203676543American adults have low (and declining) reading skills: >The reading skills of American adults a…[View]
203672254Liberal roastie gets gang raped by shitskins: and becomes more right wing... Many such cases.[View]
203674364Germany is the best country in the world, thank you.[View]
203677703>He didn't know that Lauren Southern is a Russian Agent: RusMex Alliance will DIVIDE Amerimu…[View]
203677812Redpill people about the jews: I think I got an idea on how we could do it. It's fairly simply …[View]
203674065If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't n…[View]
203677269Are you excited or terrified? Maybe a bit of both?[View]
203675305is Dennis /ourguy/ /pol/?[View]
203677284Just your average normie passing by, wondering how people on /pol/ that don't partake in soilin…[View]
203669949The SNC-Lavalin Issue is Manufactured: While I don't blame Scheer for using the weapon in play …[View]
203677415Clarity: We are being attacked at all angles. The age of social media is pushing us towards numbness…[View]
203677362But a birdcage: Are we destined to never beat them /pol/? What do when they're the ones control…[View]
203669571So why did he do it again?[View]
203677138HARD TRUTHS THREAD (NOT UNPOPULAR OPINIONS ONE): Croatian war was a fucking joke compared to the one…[View]
203669929Why the fuck do niggers love to blast their music so damn loud[View]
203665690What are the political (and personal) implications of pic related? Is it illegal to discriminate aga…[View]
203674194TFW my cousin just had a beautiful little pink baby boy... Now I want my own baby boy...biological d…[View]
203664504Trump can't win 2020. I thought he had good approval ratings?[View]
203673909'Giving All I've Got:' Absolutely shameful: Imagine being so obsessed with niggers that your ow…[View]
203667778/pol/ confessions thread: I'm a black man who loves reading stories of white SJWs being raped b…[View]
203669305Blacked xmen: What does /pol/ think of Black Scott Summers, aka Cyclops?[View]
203676476>There were about 20,000 forced sterilizations in California between 1909 and 1963. Cohen, Elizab…[View]
203674869Reminder that this man was too based in WWII.[View]
203657017WE WUZ VIKANGZ: It is called 'deconstruction' and it is being used to steal the cultural identities …[View]
203674240You CAN do physical labour, can't ya anon?[View]
203664070Friendly reminder that more and more black men are becoming unironically Based. 2020 may see the hig…[View]
203672915I don’t get the big deal with this gay dude. Where is Jussie’s mullet? I keep hearing about it but i…[View]
203674564Between 2000 and 2017 India's population grew by more than the population of the USA (330 milli…[View]
203674882Smugness won't help...Q: Smugness won't help...Q #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas,…[View]
203675151Omniphi Media Whereabouts: What happened to Omniphi? Where did all his great content go?[View]
203673060Wtf ever happened?[View]
203675937Gay for Pay: So I have never heard of this but it makes sense. I guess these people will do whatever…[View]
203669979What's the deal with important topics being slid on /pol/ lately? It has become a very bad pro…[View]
203672963Australia and other first world nations are rich enough to be going out and helping third world coun…[View]
203672428when will it finally happen?[View]
203672475On Jewish Genius: Why are Jews observably smarter than whites? >However, the average IQ score of …[View]
203664231Andrew Yang: According to the national poverty level... anyone making under 12k annually is consider…[View]
203647788Julius Evola: The World's Most Right Wing Thinker: Hey /pol/ I haven't seen Julius Evola o…[View]
203674849JEWS HAVE 3-5% SUB SAHARAN ADMIXTURE: >All jews across the racial spectrum seem to have a consist…[View]
203673920UBI is a good idea that will save the American middle class.[View]
203672229Is the Pizzagate pedophile ring the worst of all redpills? Because if it gets any worse I might cons…[View]
203668570Accountability is coming....Q: Accountability is coming....Q #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #decla…[View]
203667130What guarantees were there that Amazon was going to hire 25,000 people and pay $30 gorillion: in tax…[View]
203674956All insurance is based on risk, higher the risk higher the price. Why don't Homos have to pay m…[View]
203666361GET IN HERE FAGS!!! HAPPENING!: Ok, so Trump retweeted this stupid niggress playing with a ball... l…[View]
203675016Jussie Smollett: Wish I had better Photoshop skills because I'd add a scared Jussie in the back…[View]
203668369Pain is coming....Q: Pain is coming....Q #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas @realdonaldtrump…[View]
203674681So... Our brain hwas WiFi: >Why is this political? Because scientists claim they were able to art…[View]
203673130>hate niggers >like Return of the Mack WHY AM I SO CONFLICTED…[View]
203670422>one chance at life >not born in the united states of freedom america >had to be born in th…[View]
203674678If drugs 'aren't natural' then explain this.[View]
203642125Trump V Coulter: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Ann Coulter? https://…[View]
203670029RACISM IN AMERICA COMES FROM ROYAL BRITISH INCEST: King James and sundry > British-America > B…[View]
203670986Why did Hitler kill himself just a few hours after finally being pressured into marrying a woman?[View]
203659014Why do white supremacists hate Jews?: Most Jews are white. When was the last time you saw a black Je…[View]
203674477The perfect video that exposes the reality of 'hate crimes': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nW04o-…[View]
203673210Majority of 'national socialists' here on 4chan are just angry whiteboys because white women are cho…[View]
203672315Don't lose time on this board. Go outside and live your life. There is nothing good here for yo…[View]
203674150Androo Yang confirmed shilling on /pol/: kek[View]
203673171I, as an individual Leaf, installed Donald Trump as President with a handful of shitposts on Faceboo…[View]
203672735Are you ready to embrace the future, pol?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ottANpOE2Nc[View]
203674077I haven't seen a commercial with a two white people relationship in months. It's always wh…[View]
203661987Experts fear disease turning Michigan deer into 'zombies' could one day spread to humans: …[View]
203673789You're at a party and this guy offers you some cool aid, what do you do?[View]
203673943Why not a redpilled streaming service?: Something like a Netflix or Hulu, but that didn’t virtue-sig…[View]
203669370HAHAHAHAHA we got you bootlickers. The media EXPOSE you and will leave you out to dry in front of th…[View]
203673674can we get some massive volcanoes and earthquakes anything really I'm so bored we must be due f…[View]
203673785Why can't the Turks go back to Mongolia?: All the geopolitical issues in the near East would be…[View]
203673733In my mind.: It was real in my mind!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9P_qUnMaFg[View]
203667904Fuck the Democratic Party: Is there any way to shutdown Occupy Democrats ?[View]
203672780I fixed the demographic problem: and also the middle eastern conflict[View]
203664600Stop shitting on your fellow whites: Hello, /pol/. I’m a tranny. I’m a girl in a boys body. (Or a bo…[View]
203672701Why do I find myself cheering for man[View]
203668853Why americans acts like the USSR is still here ?[View]
203663064Commie general: Get in here comrades.[View]
203666820That Oily Media Report Kid: Tucker is on a rampage tonight bois. RIP Jussie Smollett, Al Sharpton, t…[View]
203665078Grand Canyon museum employees and tourists were exposed to radiation for 18 years: >For nearly tw…[View]
203670582Bill Maher supports regime change in Venezeula: well well well. https://youtu.be/duQ_oxPFIAA[View]
203671575B-b-but Socialism does not work[View]
203673156>this earth will probably end someday >anything that happened will be in vain >it'll b…[View]
203673214Indigenous Peoples Day: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/18/kamala-change-columbus-day-to-…[View]
203669898how did 68,000 white people end up living in Africa?[View]
203673069What's fetishes will be acceptable in the ethostate? Mine is tiny chicks.: >The white suprem…[View]
203654349WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING???: Answers NOW![View]
203669663schizophrenia, the jews, and their projection: I've driving the point home until it leaves a de…[View]
203672868The English to Ghetto Ebonics Translator: Potential use cases: >Social media with FB and Twitter …[View]
203669330https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le9H47KJ2A0 In this first clip (start to around 0:54 , all I've…[View]
203672741MGK will overdose in 2019. Watch this space.[View]
203672488French online poll about Yellow Jackets demands: https://rmc.bfmtv.com/evenement/votez-pour-elire-vo…[View]
203671811Is it over for Whites?[View]
203672331my grandma says mi handsome[View]
203672659All the zombie stares in world aren't gonna help....Q: All the zombie stares in world aren…[View]
203672345Nancy Pelosi likes black dicks/Tyrone tthread: Hello, Nancy here and I am looking for a nigger to fu…[View]
203658507/BWG/: Bioweapons General: This general is for discussing and researching biological weapons (and th…[View]
203672234Howdy /pol/, just your average normie waltzing through. But I've been wondering what are some g…[View]
20367166178 DAYS LEFT - /SAG/ IS COMING[View]
203670130Hitler Was Evil: Rosa Bernile Nienau, a little jewish girl. She shared the same birthday as Hitler. …[View]
203663427are there any actual good youtube alternatives? im sure as hell not using vimeo. also, why hasnt an…[View]
203671572There is no fucking globalist agenda. But there SHOULD be[View]
203671491Based Latvia!: https://eng.lsm.lv/article/economy/economy/sharp-drop-in-number-of-asylum-seekers-reg…[View]
203648424why is Toe Rogan suddenly talking about CIVIL WAR in America ??: Rogan pops up today and starts talk…[View]
203669356>pay thousands of dollars to the irs >OH VEY WE CAN'T GIVE YOU A GRAND A MONTH FOR NOTHIN…[View]
203670533Why does people in the Blessed Seat of the Orthodoxy and the Last Bastion of the White Man kill them…[View]
203671510WHERE DIDD HE GO???[View]
203670334Moving out: What state is the best one to move to? It seems like they're all better than the on…[View]
203664293Can someone explain to me why Americans actually believe socialism is going to come to the west, the…[View]
203672205Paki LBC presenter whacked by Anglo in London: Tweet here; https://mobile.twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/st…[View]
203668686Ooh ah up the 'Ra!: What happens first, an independent Kurdistan or a united Ireland?[View]
203669135So if you were on the moon, you should be able to see alot more stars right? Oh...[View]
203650872Is /pol/ for or against the legalization of marijuana?[View]
203672184EL CHAPO NAMING NAMES: >gave millions to bill clintons wife >gave millions to the DNC >gave…[View]
203671991Impeach Foty Fii ad on JRE: Joe Rogan advertising to impeach Trump. Doesn’t surprise me in the least…[View]
203671837(((Roseanne))): It's Coming Trust Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFi-OCiP-fQ What's s…[View]
203666264I am the sword of Islam: Other Muslims >Ugly >Arab >Terrorists >Want 72 virgins >Hate…[View]
203668493Are they this stupid?: The Daily Show uses TDS as a logo. Idiots. Makes sense.[View]
203670553>google these >they're all wrong why do black people have to lie to come up with contribu…[View]
203664249Offensive Names for Whites: I was discussing the constant changing names which still cause fight res…[View]
203667362Should People w/o a HS diploma be allowed to vote?: You see what statistically stands out, don’t you…[View]
203664805What is wrong with promiscuity? I mean I feel there is something wrong with having sex with lots of …[View]
203671889Where were you went you came to the light of esoteric bowlerism?[View]
203667901He said he loved you just the way you are: Does that include serial killers? Rapists and thugs? Chi…[View]
203671730The redpill /pol/ is currently refusing to swallow vehemently: >Trump turned out to be a fraud. W…[View]
203656390Best ways to defeat the Jew: Post strategies. Try and and make them peaceful.[View]
203668889Where were you when you realised you didn't consent to puberty?: Why did your parents deny you …[View]
203667038Real or nah?: Place your bets.[View]
203666927Black People: Okay, I've had it. I can't handle blacks anymore. Can someone start a petiti…[View]
203668416In twenty or so years the navy is gonna name a ship after Trump. The USS Donald J. Trump. Amazing.[View]
203662101MD to ban ALL guns: HB 0095 and HB 0096 List of bullshit >all 80% lowers banned , no grandfathers…[View]
203662420Drumpf BTFO[View]
203631043Does anybody feel as though /pol/ is slowly expanding everywhere?[View]
203671233Why does she make me rage so much?[View]
203667917Du!: >'HALT! Ihre Papiere bitte.' This man asks you for your ID. >White = Der Führer (take ove…[View]
203671658Why does higher education make people so violent? >http://polling.reuters.com/#!response/TM1562Y1…[View]
203666179Take The Black Pill:: It is pointless to try to create a white ethnostate or make America white agai…[View]
203670923Well this cant be good.: https://nypost.com/2019/02/18/first-private-israeli-mission-to-the-moon-wil…[View]
203668562>I'm actually half-X and half-white >I don't care about my heritage >I care abou…[View]
203653248/pol/ humor thread[View]
203669436How do we mainstream our ideas?[View]
203665423Weimar Republic: Redpill me on the Weimar Republic[View]
203665456Joe 'Shill' Rogan: Notice how Joe Rogan and his posse are doing their best to make Eddie (and conspi…[View]
203670110YRYL Thread[View]
203670336In God We Rust: Who still thinks we can salvage this nation? >Prime subject of a globalist social…[View]
203661348Explaining the Fall of Western Society: Are we going to make it through this Fourth Turning? Or will…[View]
203665649Fuck this stupid nigger.[View]
203670025Roger Stone cucked out!: Hilarious[View]
203659004Putin died in 2010. 'Putin' today is a fake and forgery. See video.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
203668532TEKASHI TO BE RELEASED - CHARGES DROPPED: > BREAKING NEWS: Details of Tekashi 6ix9ine's plea…[View]
203670803Still Wanna Play?....Q: Still Wanna Play?....Q #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas, #schitt @re…[View]
203669247So the guy who wrote this, Shelby Foote is clearly pro-confederate. He is quoted as having said he w…[View]
203670615Anyone up and handy with wikipedia. I read this page...it's total bullshit. So made a few corre…[View]
203669624Why do I hate my own race so much?: I have a visceral hatred of any pro white movement but any other…[View]
203670268When are we gonna play dirty?: The Totalitarianist Whores that call themselves ANTIFA are doxing peo…[View]
203662399/MEGA/ - Make España Great Again - El Caudillo Edition: It's time to wake up, /pol/. We won wit…[View]
203668564Is she our girl?: Based and red pilled South African. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZlVx-phlPk#ac…[View]
203667137My girlfriend is bluepilled and believes she lives in a shitty world where every 5 minutes a white m…[View]
203669650>one day we all will die Why this unironically makes my miserable living worth?…[View]
203669196/pol/ : WHAT IS MY NAME AGAIN ??? I did something a few days ago: /pol/... if you were watching the …[View]
203663066Is anyone else getting a serious Hillary rerun vibe from Kamala? She's a pandering phony who on…[View]
203663585Should we let her back in, /pol/?[View]
203667685I was reading an article explaining the workplace differences between the different generations for …[View]
203670139Hello I have come to warn you that some posts on this board are part of a human experiment, please b…[View]
203670073What liberal talking head does /pol/ hate the most? I personally hate them all. www.strawpoll.me/17…[View]
203670070Christianity hate thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIvXKTY2DDc[View]
203664492Post red pilled movies.[View]
203670014Roastie Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and pro…[View]
203669988The music: was too loud for my pacific islander boi pussi.[View]
203668211United States of America: Can we get a redpill thread about the history of the US and any lesser kno…[View]
203669868General Joe Rogan: >battle likes drawn >16 states vs 34 states Who will enlist under General J…[View]
203668618Why are leftists obsessed with satire and irony?[View]
203659273Exactly how segregated is America?: It’s basically 60% white but at the same time I keep seeing over…[View]
203669872Nigger hate thread: Post all nigger redpills.[View]
203651782Redpilled boy names: I plan to become a rich as fuck entrepreneur and want the middle name of my fir…[View]
203669391Refugees Commit Less Sex Crimes Than Native Germans: /pol/ BTFO. >muh Cologne muh rapeugees Guess…[View]
203666915What is the solution to drug abuse? My city recently implemented safe injection sites and to nobody…[View]
203664264Is David vs Goliath the Manlet wet dream: I'm a short guy too. King of the manlets size. I want…[View]
203668266Mike Piss: >yo, being gay? that's totally weird Also Mike Piss: >I love horse cock…[View]
203668776> AOC: socialism will work this time. the last time wasn’t “real socialism” > /pol/: getting r…[View]
203666514Is he influenced by his Turkish Muslim father?: How does this guy see the female sluts but not reali…[View]
203669350What does /pol/ think of #Tangibles2020?: So the newest hashtag going viral is #Tangibles2020 where …[View]
203669397Angry Chalupa: What do we reckon her beans taste like?[View]
203663544what other celeb hates niggers?[View]
203668227Being repeatedly framed and targeted by a mod: If you're a Christian, please volunteer to bea j…[View]
203668631Jordan Jereb was the original roger stone DESU[View]
203649831Does anyone else like the morals of socialism but understand that in reality it doesnt work, or is t…[View]
203668873Turning Point USA general /TPUSAG/: Turning Point USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded o…[View]
203668662Once a dirt bag, always a dirt bag....Q: Once a dirt bag, always a dirt bag....Q #QAnon, #treason, #…[View]
203666995Honda to shut UK plant: R.I.P. U.K.[View]
203665964Pedovores Have Nothing to Worry About: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-PptkGRJIs&t=207s Ju…[View]
203668916Politics aside; is this a glitch in the matrix? Why do all trump supporters look the same?[View]
203638157JUSSIE AUDITIONED FOR ROLE WHERE HE GOT LYNCHED SAME DAY: >Jussie Smollett auditioned for a role …[View]
203664409Hey /pol/, newfag here, do we actually hate jews and niggers or is it just a meme?[View]
203668856Propertarianism is no joke. Curt Doolittle was on Cantwell today and it was the craziest podcast I…[View]
203663244Why is he so AMAYZIN /pol/?[View]
203668765Slimiest Enabler of Evil....Q: Slimiest Enabler of Evil....Q #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #decla…[View]
203663033TRUMP'S WAR: IT'S COMING[View]
203668674>Britt said that she and other members of the Dowless team collected several unsealed ballots and…[View]
203668426Daily Reminder: Have you remembered that Steven Pinker is a child rapist today?[View]
203666726I love David Wilcock: and don't care what you faggots think[View]
203659299What The Fuck Is This Shit? What is his problem?[View]
203666729Something fishy is going on with these videos: Youtube automatically censors any comments posted on …[View]
203665727Is anyone on 4chan a mainline protestant?: These white liberal churches are going extinct in twenty …[View]
203666983Yaaaasssss Sweden, you where always a nation of niggers! https://archive.is/XIEM5[View]
203644660Why are women more inclined to decorate and ruin minimalist homes like pic related?[View]
203668405Why do people on the right hate freedom of expression through non-verbal methods while simultaneousl…[View]
203667079Halloween 2019 operation (((spooky ghost))): Hey /pol/, due to the 'rise of white supremacy and KKK'…[View]
203653576What happened to black culture?[View]
203653536What happend to milo?[View]
203668225Pay no attention to the Wizards: #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas @realdonaldtrump[View]
203666608Admiral Bonespurs tries to align the military: so he can call any impeachment a 'coup' and suspend h…[View]
203664797Why doesn't /pol/ believe in state created money when for education and infrastructure in Ameri…[View]
203667601Can we thank this idiot? The “white genocide” meme truly ends here. I think this whole situation has…[View]
203667602Is Juncker the most redpilled politician in 21st century?[View]
203665444obama earnings in office: what is this tomfoolery?[View]
203667870Is this guy a boomer?: What's his end game, he loves israel and just talks about how great capi…[View]
203655134I feel bad for Jussie.: Today is the day his phone goes quiet. Today is the day celebrities stop tex…[View]
203656275Brainstorming how to reclaim this nation in 20 years plan: This is a long plan of subverting the Je…[View]
203653795Whats the deal with serial killers? In the 1970s and 80s we had Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayn…[View]
203666979Missouri man chases and shoots dead random white grandma on freeway: What the fuck, Missouri? This i…[View]
203660599This movie was only scary when the democrats had a chance...: Now with Trump as our Supreme leader o…[View]
203660617Nationalism is unironically a cope for losers. t. Big Brained Centrist[View]
203651917YANG vs TRUMP straw poll- Continued: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or A…[View]
203659365Has Trump still got your vote?[View]
203650680When the SJW mob wins: >be Giagantor the Hapa Chad >only want to help community out, become co…[View]
203665277This is my kid, she is a quarter mexican.: Problem, pol?[View]
203661375How is this amazing? I play college soccer Any mid level college soccer player can do this? Are bla…[View]
203667183Shiity trans charity: So did you hear about the recent controversy with Hbomber guy and how he raise…[View]
203663581UN hate thread: UN, the most corrupt, unaccountable, and hypocritical (and thankfully, POWERLESS) or…[View]
203640168RBG live: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks About Her Post-Surgery Condition at Reagan Airport http://m.tmz.…[View]
203609149GUN CONTROL IS IMPOSSIBLE: It is physically impossible to get rid of all firearms. Gun laws disarm o…[View]
203661401Is working in HR (human resources) the ultimate redpill?: >easy work >low barrier of entry …[View]
203666861who run bartertown ?: theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwRPXmcggdY[View]
203664119Remember when conservatives claimed to be against expanding executive authority? What happened?[View]
203661887Confused about German or Jewish surnames: Most German surnames seem to have their roots in more anci…[View]
203663530Clint 'Puddin Pop' Huxtable dindu nuffin: https://newspunch.com/insider-bill-cosby-was-framed-to-pre…[View]
20366279399.8% euro[View]
203659429Why are beautiful white women all over the world trying to look like ugly brown women?[View]
203656167Red pill me on real reason for the border wall: My spidey senses are telling me it has nothing to do…[View]
203666515What do you say to NPCs who explain western involvement in the middle east as only motivated by regi…[View]
203602281Freemasons: ITT we expose the Masons as useful idiots and evil and their secrets just to piss them o…[View]
203666674Take that bitches: When white people have an empire >OMG it's so awful it's so oppressi…[View]
203665474so it's common knowledge that out of all the tax burdens on the USA citizenry, the CRV is the m…[View]
203666576With the rise of fake hate crimes, could we be seeing a new kind of loophole being built? What if we…[View]
203666562What is the final redpill?[View]
203665309''Bad Guys'' vs ''Victims'': >Because of you, my country …[View]
203652421TEHY TOOK OUR GOLD !!!!: >The Bank of England has kept a reported 80 tons of Australian gold for …[View]
203666503Politically speaking, if Schwarzman asked you to sit in his favorite chair would you do the honor?[View]
203660193Opinions on E. Michael Jones: Do tell, faggots. Do ye love him, do ye hate him? Is he a shill or is…[View]
203664649Future of the West: What does the future hold for the west? Civil wars or quiet white genocide?…[View]
203662272Will there will be some societal change once the average millenial women (who's 27-32) start to…[View]
203662216Juden Peterstein and the JQ Part 2: Electric Boogaloo >what did I miss Youtuber uploads hour long…[View]
203663336why do slimy sniveling shekel sniffers on /pol/ prefer to hide behind the confederate flag when meme…[View]
203661622Do you agree with this mutts?: Some anon posted this on here a couple months ago.[View]
203665835Redpill me on Babylon and jews: I'm pretty sure the jews are Mystery Babylon, but I would like …[View]
203655638I'm German/Anglo/Italian/Cherokee: on my mothers side and my father is a descendent of Turkish …[View]
203663647totally not gay at all[View]
203665771CIVIL WAR 2.0 AUTISTIC HELLFIRE: So with the recent news and events how much closer are we to a civi…[View]
203664245whats up with all the kike on stick bullshit?: we need to remember the old gods of our anscters tat …[View]
203656146Post Trumps.[View]
203648269Black History Month is Racist: Think about it, of all the months they pick for us, they pick the sho…[View]
203662175What does /pol/ think of Ilhan Omar?: Asked on Twitter who she thought was paying members of Congres…[View]
203665282If Hitler existed today, would he sell out to become an 'anti-racist': Think about it?[View]
203657857What exactly is the problem with this photo? Plenty of whites and Asians form successful, happy fami…[View]
203654969How to achieve world peace.: Remove ALL restrictions on weapon/ammo sale and possession. No nation w…[View]
203658517Are you all faggots or something? Why do you hate women like me, who is clearly a ma'am?[View]
203663844not only is he cucking his boomber base but himself for reelection: good for you cucksertives[View]
203664716Hitler was gay: Hitler was gay. Hear me out. There's quite a lot of evidence to prove this clai…[View]
203664441I'm a Jewish supremecist: I hate the nations, they will all bow down to the chosen people! You …[View]
203663840What did Donald say to Mittens: As they enjoyed a romantic evening together?[View]
203664142Why do Hasidic jews BTFO of (((them))) harder than natsocs?: What is the explanation for this? Are t…[View]
203664158Daily Nice: OY VEY GOYEM!: https://www.foxnews.com/world/anti-semitic-acts-increase-in-france-as-yel…[View]
203659961/IG/ Islam general: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to discussion of t…[View]
203654591>when someone refuses to take the redpill[View]
203628726I will never learn another language.: I am a proud monolinguist and I adore my Mother tongue above a…[View]
203652129James alefantis: Is just an artisan pizzamaker >COMET PING PONG DOESNT EVEN HAVE A BASEMENT ffs …[View]
203658325Why do republicans not care about the US constitution?[View]
203663556FALSE FAG : Jussie Smollett Hoax: HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX HOAX. Pull this goons: spotify music account y…[View]
203643684Anyone regret voting for Trump?: I'm still trying to figure what the fuck I was thinking voting…[View]
203661130Shills Pushing Jew Narrative: The discord trannys are using /pols hatred of Jews to push an anti cor…[View]
203645479>SWIM has tried xanax, weed, coke, mdma, ice, E, K, you name it >SWIM has never gotten addicte…[View]
203661096>Amerimutts will re-elect trump no matter how much he floods them with shitskins Should americans…[View]
203649004424-0: Death to America. No 'based Americans'. No 'good Americans'. No 'woke' Americans. All of them…[View]
203650273Qanon debunked: Yep, trump is Qanon https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/916089355281862656?ref_s…[View]
203662980Why is American media so antisemitic?: And what can be done about it? Should they hire more Jewish f…[View]
203664242Hey liberals What are ad hominems and red herrings? (•_•) ( •_•)>■-■ (■_■)[View]
203652973Ask a black police officer anything[View]
203657623How do we stop this degeneracy posing as an oppressed class?: This is absolutely disgusting. I want …[View]
203662214New Meme: Cumer: A cumer is someone who cums all the time everywhere. Usually plays walks down that …[View]
203663712Why is it always up to Alabama to say what needs to be said?[View]
203663063Take a moment to fully appreciate this post. Let that sink in.[View]
203659706Is corporate slavery the right wing end game?[View]
203662263Thanks: Thanks you all! You help us with the propagation of a fake conspiracy to make POTUS a POTUS.…[View]
203661383The American Way; The Only Way: >> Pic related...[View]
203662916Save the Jews /pol/: Just saw this shit on TV. I can't believe this isn't an MDE sketch. …[View]
203657516>Create an only-white club in the middle of fucking Africa. >Wonder what went wrong. Stupid wh…[View]
203650280Woke women are hypocrites: I’ve seen a few threads like these the last couple weeks so I decided to …[View]
203663177How come /news/ is so leftypol?[View]
203662999There's something I want to say to all of you...[View]
203658698Some cuck just sent me this on Youtube... I dont know what to say[View]
203663457What does this tell you?: Cmon Anons, the plan is THEY TOLD A BUNCH OF LIES CAUSE NO ONE IN THEIR RI…[View]
203661591Were race relations in the US really getting better before Obama took office or is this just a meme?[View]
203661072Are Faggots and nu-males slowly making up the majority of U.S. Men? Please tell me otherwise.[View]
203650448Brit/pol: __News__ >Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership ht…[View]
203605445Why are white-Asian mixes disproportionately beautiful?[View]
203654756Youtube enabling massive CP ring: What the actual fuck is this shit. They are literally monetizing v…[View]
203663271FEAR MONGREL: Fear Mongrel[View]
203663269GEN X FACT BOMB 3: WHAT NEWS USED TO BE LIKE: Just links, then questions if any one has any. What yo…[View]
203660110>Republicans will put an end to voter frau--: oh[View]
203656766To anyone with a UK flag: don't you dare post any hate speech or I will immediately send a tip …[View]
203660271Is he the last honest lefty?[View]
203657622Anti-Lynching bill silently passing.: The deceptively named 'Justice for Victims of Lynching Act' Wa…[View]
203659020You know lads, I don't want to buy into the whole Jewish conspiracy angle... but. EVERY FUCKING…[View]
203662536>just get a tradcon wife bro[View]
203662658Was she right /pol?: Is a space rock going to hit the earth in 2019? It would make sense and is cons…[View]
203658549#where's Ruth Ginsberg ?: does any one have verifiable information of the condition and locatio…[View]
203662806>if you go against anything /pol/ says you’re a jew tranny discord shill >/pol/ claims it’s n…[View]
203662617hey macacos: What's life like in the favelas?[View]
203656501JOHN MCAFEE HACKED THE US GOVT: I dont know why everybody isn't talking about this video, where…[View]
203645527Yes, goyim, yes. Let's overthrow a duly elected president so we can take their oil f or extra s…[View]
203661656I wanna dom (((Julia Ioffe))): Last night I had a wet dream where I (((Julia Ioffe))) came to my hou…[View]
203645686/pol/-Humor Thread[View]
203657162Conflict in Venezuela: Can someone give me a quick rundown of the Venezuelan Elections and what is g…[View]
203655433Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza Conspiracy: Is this another #pizzagate coverup?[View]
203661577Can he do it?: No way.... right? Who votes on these things anyway? How BTFO would the left be?…[View]
203636345Finland Existence Insult of Taiwan Honor!: >Early morning. After prayer to great leader. Before m…[View]
203661857>tfw I will never be a nazi anthropologist who measure and analize sexy prisioner bodies to formu…[View]
203654095Hate crime hoaxers get Tuck'd: >Calls out Jussie >Calls out niggers and jews that control…[View]
203662153Thoughts on Howard Schultz? He looks like the most likely third party candidate since 2000 to have a…[View]
203662124What does /pol/ think of #Tangibles2020?: So the newest hashtag going viral is #Tangibles2020 where …[View]
203658587I've listened to Bill Cooper before; and sure he talks about whacky alien stuff however he admi…[View]
203660956This image destroys the entire worldview of the left: How did we get to the point that what is shown…[View]
203657107Kikes and their love of the word schizo: To all of you kikes who call everyone a schizo just for dis…[View]
203661870America is the biggest exit scam prank ever: >Be Jew >Be loyal to Israel >Work in every ind…[View]
203661547Chivalry is dead. Honor is dead. Gone are the days where women chose the men who actually deserve it…[View]
203657089Why do Amish people look like Muslims?: .[View]
203661973Where were you when Ron Paul was right again?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj0t7iVBRXw…[View]
203650942Is he doing it with intention ?[View]
203661456No war in Venezuela: If we go to war in Venezuela there will be tons of refugees fleeing into the U.…[View]
203661553A better way...: Pic PSA[View]
203661279The madman[View]
203658946Just filed taxes. not only did 30 less get taken out each week this year, i also got 160 more back t…[View]
203643732LOTR dwarves Zionists?: >short >bearded >love gold coins >seeking to reclaim their land …[View]
203661638(((Rosen))) to replace (((Rosenstein))) Truth is stranger than fiction.[View]
203661766Why are jews bad?: Why are jews bad? I can’t find information. Every video I try to watch is censore…[View]
203648373Realistic solutions: How do we realistically remove the power of the Israel lobby? Could we do it by…[View]
203651062HAPPENING!!!: SHOOTING IN PORTER RANCH GET IN HERE! https://ktla.com/2019/02/18/triple-fatal-shootin…[View]
203657472#SaveGeorge: So now Owen Benjamin has taken to beating his dog on live streams. Totally not losing h…[View]
203657584Remember when people used to start threads with 'Ron Paul *board name*'? What happened to that? Do p…[View]
203661579NPR: Any hour you tune in you might here >Jews >Hate Crime >Remember the Holocaust >LGBT…[View]
203650611Possible pedophile symbol found for organization focused on low-income children: Hi /pol/, I was res…[View]
203661452What is the jew angle?: if jew are behind everything then why are they destroying america and white …[View]
203658779i didn't know prince harry was an albino indian[View]
203655097Castizo futurism- the next evolution of the white man?: We are heading towards a more mixed future w…[View]
203657874Who can we thank for White Genocide?: Js[View]
203661336I for one, am saving myself for a nice Jewish girl. If I am going to marry a gal I might as well be …[View]
203661285When will Trump actually start to do anything?[View]
203658827Phrase ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ deemed ‘degrading' to transfags: The Pride Resource Center at Col…[View]
203660952Beware the Personal Trainer Nigger-Jew: At the gym like a true /sig/ bro when, what to my wondering …[View]
203661243https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G4IhPncF3w Who was in the wrong here? Genuinely[View]
203660509>day trip to certain institute in our nation's former capital >traffic and parking are a…[View]
203657529“But.. but... universal health care is gonna cost 32 trillion” If you /pol/ tards would actually do …[View]
203659557Will Ann Coulter primary Trump in 2020?: Trump fucked us. We have to get rid of him. 2020 is our las…[View]
203659190Are You Good or Evil - /pol/: >Evil can be defined, but it's hard to pin down. Simply put: a…[View]
203660106Humans aren't smarter than us. They're just more tricky and cunning and have no morals. …[View]
203660302The ideal America is 25 percent black/hispanic: Why should white people clean toilets or work cash r…[View]
203658232See you fuckers in 2020.[View]
203658499Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203660863Dear President Trump, did you know you can shut down the media?: A little story for you, sir. /pol/ …[View]
203657092Why exactly doesn't /pol/ like Islam again? >Obedient women >Degenerates get stoned >T…[View]
203657182forget all thee hippie dippy shit there is something real to buddhism unlike the others religions ri…[View]
203660097>a literal manchurian candidate is allowed to run for President[View]
203657770Police stations & whorehouses: If you go to Montera street, in Madrid (Spain), you will see a lo…[View]
203656830/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Treasonous Insurance Policy Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https…[View]
203657696What's the current status of the situation in Syria? Did Trump pull out like he said he was goi…[View]
203657724Reality of dating in Japan: Install Tinder Got a match Say konichiwa The end[View]
203659541Which country is the nigger state of the Balkans? Why?[View]
203658171We need more gollywogs and roasties in tech jobs.: t. Kike[View]
203636539Should I read the Bible for the historical context even if I'm not a Christian and will never b…[View]
203652560HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THIS BITCH: AOC compares the southern border wall to the Berlin wall. Who elec…[View]
203659268These people don't even want to be happy.[View]
203655437ITT we make inappropriate comments and memes about this 19 year old woman who overdosed and died at …[View]
203647807Explain the No flights over South Oceans Round Earth NASA shill tards: Could it possibly be because …[View]
203658797Roger Stone: it such a traitor to our country....he serves rich cronys and enemy foreign governments…[View]
203660292HG Hunger Games Thread. WNS Lizardmen will never rule. https://youtu.be/6J8xf3nuCtw[View]
203649655Did Pete Davidson have a Mental Breakdown after discovering Ariana Grande was a Tranny?: I wonder wh…[View]
203652249Does Valerie Jarret pull the strings?[View]
203557772Spread this video: You guys are gonna call me out for shilling or whatever but I'm being 100% h…[View]
203651937Ed Snowden was: Fake >he wasnt real Why do you think he got a movie? Do you remember anything he …[View]
203660180THIS KILLS THE JUDE: >the only fun we can have is taking down the (((people))) who wrecked our co…[View]
203616457JAMES WOODS RETWEETING TARIQ NASHEED KAMALA REDPILLS: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1097…[View]
203657478Why is calling someone a 'boomer' seen as the ultimate BTFO by dumbfuck marxists?[View]
203636544Trump's tweeting like he thinks someone else is the President. Says he wants crimes investigate…[View]
203658054Mike and Sven were in a bad car accident today that's why there was no show. I'm not sure …[View]
203659716NOSTALGIA evoking content: https://youtu.be/lzXE4DkMrTk That's nice, you got gold on your neck,…[View]
203659539What happened to his 16 dimensional chess expertise?[View]
203652890Could an Asian woman ever become president of America?[View]
203658595ITT: we pinpoint the exact day the EU will disintegrate[View]
203659301TRUMP BROKE KRASSENSTEIN!!!!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1097692456911626243…[View]
203659480Is water our friend? We have to drink it and it's fun to play in but it can drown people and it…[View]
203657474Is global warming a myth?[View]
203655380Are there any good books about hitler's struggle with his gay identity?[View]
203657386This is the most /pol/ video I have ever seen in my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH7bG4o1o0…[View]
203659226is Biden /ourguy/?[View]
203657971Good Jews: Any others, besides Moses Horwitz, Jerome Horwitz and Louis Feinberg?[View]
203656899David Icke: So is this guy based or am I wasting my time? Was gong to try to locate a copy of Human …[View]
203659075Donald Jew Trump, chillin with the Jew Terrorist Child Rape Ring Operator Jeffrey Epstein of the Isr…[View]
203658369What does /pol/ think about Abraham lincoln: Well?[View]
203657967IT'S OVER[View]
203656590Dumb Science?: Are these the two dumbest scientists of all time? Shocks/symbols to coercion and fuck…[View]
203627431Why do people exploit retards like this? Is there anything more sickening than women who disingenuou…[View]
203645390>yfw amerifats cant boycott israel products[View]
203658226White Genocide: It's what the Kikes want.[View]
203646603Just a reminder: /pol/ is an American board[View]
203657178I've been duped. We've all been duped. I can't believe I fell for the meme. Zion Don …[View]
203658212CNN TOWN HALL - Amy Klobuchar Thread: Get ready for the cringe.[View]
203658257A mouse has visited, and he is FUCKING BASED: Squeak squeak! (Thats mouse for Fuck Jannies, Fuck kik…[View]
203658835On Righteous Anger: https://archive.fo/oq6LW[View]
203652862There is literally a 10% chance you haven’t been conquered by Britain at one point: I would say I fe…[View]
203653340Libtard Defects From Sheeple NPC Matrix Factory: It begins... >Libtarded journalist >Admit med…[View]
203653089Browning of America: There are 4 different instances of black and white couples in this show and tha…[View]
203658308DO NOT USE A MEMEFLAG YOU ARE HELPING KIKES: I generally never respond to memeflags because I know t…[View]
203658402We gonna talk about juice https://www.bitchute.com/video/8Fuv3OqRezd3/[View]
203658047If the earth is flat and there is a massive wall of ice, then how come we aren't mining that ma…[View]
20365815479 DAYS LEFT[View]
203638743I am a Canadian of Irish ancestry and I support the cause. Fuck the Br*tish.[View]
203656782Rosenstein out in a month: Why wasn't he removed back in '17 anyway? https://twitter.com/B…[View]
203656772the Absolute State of /pol/: newfags ever-whurrr >>203650963[View]
203656507Would Varg's head explode if he went inside say a McDonalds in America?[View]
203649937Nigger Hate Thread: I lost my nigger hate folder and need help to refill it[View]
203646575nigger whore in japan claims she was sexually harrassed and says that all japanese men are rapists. …[View]
203655569How do we make the Gigantic meteor narrowly missing the earth in 2029 hit Israel?[View]
203655743Daily reminder universal healthcare is a requirement for a country to be considered developed.[View]
203657690Why have the germans been expelled from so many countries?[View]
203654448If you consider yourself a virtuous agent, why do you support the meat industry by buying meat - esp…[View]
203654611What is the appeal in living in a city/suburb? I see plenty of threads on /pol/ asking about which c…[View]
203656520Looks like reddit really btfo /pol/[View]
203645443Madame president: Whats currently going on in the killary timeline?[View]
203655161Why is communism so bad? I get they killed a lot of people but didn't Hitler do that too? Is th…[View]
203657494>ISIS supporters have posted...messages warning of the countdown “till the zero hour” http://engl…[View]
203640693Who is in the wrong here?[View]
203641201madebyjimbob webcomics: Found this guy madebyjimbob https://www.instagram.com/madebyjimbob/ His inst…[View]
203644245>crowd cheering Bolton's name Jesus what have we done[View]
203656177Autists, I need help researching this 'movement': The Five Percent Nation. A black islamic movement …[View]
203655672What happened to your prophet now?[View]
203657184This bullshit is so damn cyclical: I saw this trump quote and couldn't believe how much it soun…[View]
203654950Hillary 2020.: This is your president next year America.[View]
203657179Steven Anderson is a false prophet: As much as I am entertained by Steven's social commentary, …[View]
203621182Where are the fathers preventing their daughters from being degenerate coal burners? What kind of a …[View]
203649820Wow: I’m speechless.[View]
203657120>(((Rosen))) to replace (((Rosenstein))) Truth is stranger than fiction.…[View]
203657068Over 3 years I've supported this president. This faux 'national emergency' ends it. TONIGHT.: I…[View]
203651146Absolute state of canadian TV[View]
203656891He set us back 40 years.[View]
203652137https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/21/sunday-review/women-ceos-glass-ceiling.html TLDR: It's men…[View]
203651278Merchan Thread: Post your favorite merchants![View]
203653886China news: Hello anonymous friend, the Chinese central government is working hard to cure cancer. W…[View]
203656474GOODBYE JEW: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1097685271062167552[View]
203653194Here's a long list of goy nations that almost became another occupied Palestine.: The full list…[View]
203652333Why are you allowed to be racist on twitter?[View]
203656426someone explain to me what this happening means[View]
203655434/pol BTFO: He's right. Boomers got bamboozled.[View]
203653556Far-right Version of Moving to Canada: With some countries in Europe having a strong right wing, I m…[View]
203655004I fucking hate liberals so much[View]
203656524Israel the 51st State: Will Trump conquer Israel making it our 51st state or is Trump an antisemite?…[View]
203648478The Navy Seal era ENDS (pic related): Navy Seal is dead Long live Navy Seal >All /pol/ hail the n…[View]
203656153The Ukraine Situation: https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Ukraine-mall-displays-Nazi-swastika-on-stairca…[View]
203651448Why aren't they reporting on who actually was awarded the prize?[View]
203655549Mass Shootings ARE a problem in America: Look at the way this guy texted his wife, as if a mass shoo…[View]
203655688read this book and stop masturbating to japanese cartoons you degenerate manchildren[View]
203643982Remember when the GOP train hit the 'Time Disposal' trash truck?: >https://www.usatoday.com/story…[View]
203649725CAN'T CUCK THE TUCK[View]
203656158hard mode: /pol/ can you make a list of historical/scientific nigger achievements[View]
203654903KAMALA HARRIS EXPOSED: >Kamala spent her time in San Francisco in the circle of wealthy white wom…[View]
203655996https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjwDjHSAkNE Why do Jews hate this?[View]
203656042'There are lots of teenage pregnancies, no doubt is due to them not understanding about contraceptiv…[View]
203647520Should it be made legal to kill Nazis?[View]
203651217Has being “redpilled” or drifting to the right politically changed your life in any way? For me, I l…[View]
203634674YO DONNIE[View]
203650981ONE DROP FFS: 'bros im 88% european am i white??' no, you're a revolting mongrel, not white YOU…[View]
203637561Why are so few people getting married these days?[View]
203649741Just a reminder[View]
203655572hi guys do you catch your gf and or wife throwing away plan b boxes in the garage on the reg?[View]
203650761opinions on salvini fiancè[View]
203645580>Ohio teen celebrates 18th birthday with 'all the vaccines' What's with the massive influx o…[View]
203655384>be me >go to the license office and pay the twenty bucks to get them to switch my gender offi…[View]
203653890Where did Frame Game Radio go? the guy seemed to be covering jewish activities better than most but …[View]
203650136/pol/ movie night: What are some /pol/-approved films to watch with one’s significant other to top o…[View]
203655135The following Dallas City Council members voted to remove the Confederate memorial: >Mike Rawling…[View]
203638811ITT: we write a letter to Jussie: One word at a time: Dear[View]
203628011Are nigger even really human? How stupid do you have to be to even entertain this notion (and then e…[View]
203653567Any Bay Area /pol/aks looking to join a punk band? We've been working on this idea of a right …[View]
203643832Redpill me on Single payer healthcare: Are countries with universal healthcare the utopian societies…[View]
203655429THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY BITCH!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoCyiQeHfZg SHIET[View]
203655398Why don't white people just demand that their taxes be spent on their own wants and needs, and …[View]
203655312I don’t usually agree with this bitch, but she’s right this time. “Trump’s America” is not a real th…[View]
203628437GEN X FACT BOMB 1: WTF IS GOING ON: It's time to drop a fact bomb on you faggots. I witnessed s…[View]
203655255tay religion: We're creating a religion centered around the second coming of our lord and maste…[View]
203655177What does /pol think of this book[View]
203654018Dionysis Arvanitakis, Greek baker who distributed bread for free to refugees in his native island Ko…[View]
203653550Help a brother out and eggsblain Holohoax: Can someone redpill me on the holocaust? Some say the wer…[View]
203654666(Jewish Psyops): /pol/ I need a favor. I have a presentation on isreal tomorrow and I need all known…[View]
203652451A longtime Republican operative just admitted that she and the campaign she was working for illegall…[View]
203655109Scary: That I exist?[View]
203654952Whats /pol's/ progressive realization towards a worthy ideal regarding the white plight? You be…[View]
203651610What will children's TV be like in the white ethnostate?: In the ethnostate, shows aimed at boy…[View]
203654639drudge completely buries jussie smollet story: what did he mean by this?[View]
203652976Video games were a mistake. Britshits are a mistake.: https://wccftech.com/the-occupation-run-4k-ps4…[View]
203651634Does he post on /r9k/? Is the reason he's been single for so long because he's an incel?[View]
203652422Far Cry New Dawn: I was told there's some subtle subtext to the imagery here but I can't q…[View]
203654077Do people still like trump?[View]
203647094>there is a difference between niggers and blacks[View]
203654658OY VEY, BAD GOYIM![View]
203651733When will the ZOG puppets start posting about how disgusted they are at the ugly prejudice and bigot…[View]
203646220>pink(girls) costs more than blue(boys) >black(negros) costs even more than both Why does /pol…[View]
203654512Discord trannies: is a device kikes use to get heat off of them.[View]
203654509'Common Sense': What is common sense to a Liberal? Is it allowing pedophiles to groom kids without r…[View]
203653107Just saw this shit in Kike Mounth: The kikes knows about this. Makes my blood boil just to think of …[View]
203654378We Wuz Vikangz N Shiiiiet: https://sputniknews.com/viral/201902181072533012-sweden-documentary-dark-…[View]
203652221>retards on /pol/ think race matters in the age of genetic engineering[View]
203649702The biggest danger to white America is the Irish: There are A LOT of 5th column Ir*sh Cathol*cs. The…[View]
203653548Cure my biggest blackpill- White People: The majority of white people I see are happy to be overweig…[View]
203649627GETTING HIGH IN ICELAND: Today I learned that on average, more Icelanders smoke weed than Jamaicans.…[View]
203645026It appears to me, That women will continue to degrade themselves more and more as long as they do no…[View]
203651570This guy looks Mexican how the fuck would someone beat him up for being a paki Why is everyone faki…[View]
203653883Getting pretty depressed: I'm feeling really alienated. Every time I reveal my politics people …[View]
203648847The Irish fought alongside blacks in the Civil War because they both hate whites: You know it’s true…[View]
203638517RON PAUL DESTROYS TRUMP!: Ron Paul is going hard on the neocon traitor admin right now. Trump backtr…[View]
203651158AOC Winning: I just killed 25,000 jobs. WINNING 1 TOP THAT /pol/[View]
203652652>I prefer to be surrounded by Europeans--I think they look better than black people, brown people…[View]
203627998M5S voters help Salvini: Salvini got prosecuted for 'kidnapping' african migrants when he did not al…[View]
203639051childish men, childless women: So what can be causing this issue? Isn't it a man's duty to…[View]
203647062true LGBT culture[View]
203652723>national emergency will be a bad precedent. How is this a media/pleb talking point? There's…[View]
203644691POL USER BEATEN UP AHAHAHAHHA: >its a pol goes outside episode YIKES https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
203650081Liberals all hate this guy but he will be easily re-elected this year: What will you do about it?…[View]
203651905Jordan Peterson is a prophet in contact with God, speaks on His behalf, and acts as an intermediary …[View]
203652417Nazis are antifa of the right. They wear leather costumes, condone abortion, have an unrealistic uto…[View]
203648283>And if you ain't down with Israel, we got two words for ya... ____ ____ !…[View]
203641797This is completely unacceptable. Why should some jackass likely sexist foreman be making more than a…[View]
203652241why do jews do this?[View]
203648093Has Asia surpassed the West: They have built so many mega cities which are becoming cultural and tec…[View]
203652141So is Trump going to demand hearings into the FBI coup attempt? I really hope he goes full Saddam in…[View]
203648012uhm guys, joe rogan just said something about the guy that ran over the girl in charlotesville, but.…[View]
203653001Party 51/Parti 51: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29OWxAg04pw[View]
203640492Does anyone here still play WoW? The gameplay is autistic as fuck but it's pretty based. I want…[View]
203650601Isn't neo-nazism the ultimate 'we wuz kangz'?[View]
203626270>Thinks Mexicans still hold a grudge over the Mexican-American war and see Alta California and Te…[View]
203652382somebody redpill me on why every thread i make, regardless of how many posts are in it.. 0+ .. it is…[View]
203651838Should you study with your mates?[View]
203645001You do realise that statisticly the overall iq of earth will rise from this right?[View]
203650976Attention Fellow White Men: My Fellow White Men, We have been robbed and mistreated for quite some …[View]
203652706Thanks for setting us back 60 years J(p)ussie.: Thanks for being the NWO pawn of the week. The hidde…[View]
203651381Should I get a degree in social science as a form of political research?[View]
203652119is The Republic worth reading?: I'm about to spend a few hours reasing bcuz guess what is dont …[View]
203651954communism thread, seize the memes of production edition.[View]
203651125sabo- LIVE!!! JUSSIE POSTERS & LA RALLY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG3iJXjLaa4[View]
203636601Fuck white racists. This was all recorded.: Fuck them seriously. If you know anything about Majid Na…[View]
203645057This fucking bitch uses news of the hoax to tout her outlawing lynching: https://youtu.be/CJQnmne4wm…[View]
203652531Operation Flying Boners: So i remembered of this episode of south park where they tied a sex doll in…[View]
203652230What’s a better philosophy? Individualism or collectivism[View]
203652132THE FUCK?! NYT Calls Out ANTI-Trump Fake Crimes!: Has it become.../pol/'s newspaper? https://ww…[View]
203650027Antisemite Of The Year Award launched, features top 10 of world's Jew-haters: http://archive.is…[View]
203650175I'm rich: Just made some big bucks on the stock market, I'm rich, filty rich. Never have t…[View]
203652276Be nazbol if only to subvert the left/right meme. https://youtu.be/L9yvYtb45lg[View]
203652090When you hear 'anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise': It's cause all of this Jew's bom…[View]
203644643The new FarCry game arming negresses to attack white males.: Are we losing the race? Light-skinded n…[View]
203642583When will the notion that blacks are oppressed in this country go away?[View]
203650818Milei The ANCAP General in Otaku Meeting: Hi, I´m the general ANCAP.I´m fron Liberland, A land creat…[View]
203647946Whites will go extinct: Whites gain no benefit from interracial relationships involving white women …[View]
203652048where do niggers and spics get off using: this[View]
203641423Why did Trump ban bump stocks? Obama never did anything like that.[View]
203650570Would you colonize a MENA qt?[View]
203626529r/the_dreidal: >This evil antisemitic attack is an assault on all of us, it’s an assault on human…[View]
203651957Since Miller–Urey experiment and others proved that we can produce amino acids, sugars, fats and vit…[View]
203647569Skribbl TIME #3: Get in here niggers link: https://skribbl.io/?W0UWOdFntz[View]
203644703How Will the DNC Ruin Her?: >Wants to audit the Fed >Against all regime change >Not a Zioni…[View]
203644920ASHTONBIRDIE: Not /ourgirl/. >anti-abortion But >pro-homosexuality I know she wants more vie…[View]
203632731Malia Obongo has a secret facebook where she shits on trump. also spotted underage drinking and smok…[View]
203646531how long would a black kingdom survive?[View]
203651716The transition is nearly complete. If only these degenerate sheep knew their ancestors were turning …[View]
203650963>be me >be 22 >live in run down college dorm >roommate is a colossal faggot slob neckbe…[View]
203643888On the Discord Trannies and their lies.: I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has wit…[View]
203609534Éire /pol/ ELECTION STRATEGY BREAD: right lads we need take over the local councils and the EU NOTHI…[View]
203650166Why won't Varg respond to my emails?[View]
203636344Has he ever been wrong?[View]
203650577Name 1 good argument about being anti-circumcision. I had it done to me by my dad and I did it to my…[View]
203649335Nazis aren't weirdos?: >Abortion should be legal if interracial -doesn't recognize immo…[View]
203647040That feel when you remember we actually won the great meme war of 2016 and we are currently living i…[View]
203640273What happened to white people?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV8yuXKtPvY[View]
203653401xray thread?: > NEED THIS xrayed? >>thx /b/…[View]
203648608Any 2020 predictions yoy wanna share, /pol/?[View]
203651031You can say...Time’s Up for her? Heh heh.[View]
203650935oh no.: i-is Huma okay?[View]
203650483Why isn't white nationalism taken seriously anymore?[View]
203650928beat my roommate again,this placed filled me with anger and rage, any way to reverse it? at this poi…[View]
203650172Is Liev Schreiber the most blantant hollywood pedo?: https://youtu.be/hzsiIi_DPEc?t=244 https://yout…[View]
203648950Canada and Australia are the best examples of NPC States.: Prove me wrong.[View]
203648329Hey /pol/ redpill me on Romanians are they white or even Albanian type of ''European'…[View]
203649705We Live! Get In Here Goyim!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l90m0K1u_iM[View]
203650710Irish American here: I’m extreemly proud that my Irish anssestors defeated the Skotts for their inde…[View]
203650642Soka Gakkai aka SGI: Was a member for a bit, came from a fucked up family so was very gullible as a …[View]
203650706What are /pol/'s thoughts of leaders of the White Nationalist Movement?[View]
203646699Funny how /pol/ never cited this one. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/03/19/upshot/race-cla…[View]
203648458Whitepill Thread: Give me a reason to keep going.[View]
203641392Thoughts on tragedy of the commons? I think that people should own their own land. I think Libertari…[View]
203650546Based Pajeets: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47279252 >Never knew they knew about TP. Googl…[View]
203644005> Half Indian/ Half Jamaican > Went to school in Canada > Moves back to the most liberal st…[View]
203650328>literally every cause /pol/ hates is supported enthusiastically by the Irish and wider Catholic …[View]
203645921THE RBG TMZ VID IS A DEEPFAKE: No way she’s rocking the EXACT outfit as Sundance last year.[View]
203635296What went wrong?[View]
203638979Was John Wayne, Our Guy?: https://twitter.com/pixelpreaching/status/1097358363715952641[View]
203639633I'm sick of it. All of these lies, injustice and brainwashing. We could easily work towards an …[View]
203640566Tell me the truth about the South in the US Civil War: Britain was close to joining the South at one…[View]
203649431GEOPOLITICS WITH ANIME: Geopolitical analysis by an Anime Character How America Lost Afghanistan htt…[View]
203648726how hard would it be to reimplement slavery in america today? >round up the niggers, jews, fags, …[View]
203640890What were the factors that led to the downfall of the American Dream?[View]
203608016The Premade Sandwich Theory of Degeneracy: Okay /pol/ follow along please because this is important.…[View]
203648132Communism ruins everything.: All of it. Also enjoy some of my shitty OC from 2010.[View]
203649849Honestly whats the point in voting for Trump if hes a Israeli boomer[View]
203647101our world went to hell, everything went out of control, Monarch shit, Illuminati, sex slaves, child …[View]
203619336Reminder that Italy would win a decisive victory against France in open battle. >superior navy …[View]
203650084minorities in the BSA: when you realize there is not a single mexican in any of the georgia troops…[View]
203650032it's 2019, I think it's time for you magepedes to grow up and embrace humanity, stop being…[View]
203647703Andrew Anglin Exposed: Thanks to the anon who provided the screenshot.[View]
203649786Patrick Little media that makes you zozzle the hardest: post em[View]
203641691How does it feel to know that you’re hated white boy zoomers?: How does it feel to grow up in a gene…[View]
203649945Why does /pol/ believe that questioning the Holocaust is illegal in Europe when Holocaust scholars q…[View]
203649981Shine On You Crazy Diamond: Daily reminder that MSM, the Kikes, & Elite Pedos are eternally BTFO…[View]
203616367I got every single one of these wrong, I guess eventually I am going to end up on the sex offenders …[View]
203644014/ayg/ Andrew Yang General - Future CEO of America Edition: >https://www.yang2020.com/ Trump VS Ya…[View]
203643367Why do gays get special privileges?: Clearly this gay dude is harrasing this guy and holding a camer…[View]
203649856Not much going on, eh? Rare Pepe and Wojack thread, pls[View]
203647702so are the ira bunch of degenerates? >catholic >soulless gingers >culture completely assimi…[View]
203647876no, no, no, no... why are we making my new waifu unhappy! I no like this face ;_; please vote for wh…[View]
203642982Hoax Alert: >was attacked from behind >was alone >at night >while bending down to grab h…[View]
203649566/SG/ Strategy General - Thread for how to deal with the leftist problem: Anons, it’s time to outline…[View]
203648875Gays in the military: Hear me out boys So if we let gays in the military we could make all homo brig…[View]
203646976pol is nothing but straight up mental illness now.[View]
203641564Men were indeed much better before: >Sailing the North Sea by 21 >Cross Greenland on sky'…[View]
203644021Is Republican base gullible simpletons?[View]
203648189Will the WBC be allowed in the ethnostate?: They seem pretty based /pol/[View]
203641897Brit/pol/: __News__ >Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership h…[View]
203649442The stock bear market is already over, bears are getting BTFO as usual, you should have bought the d…[View]
203640281If You Want to Date 16-Year-Olds...: You deserve to die. Sorry. >muh youth and fertility Fuck you…[View]
203647220Need help blowing up this pol from the our 'chosen' enemy... https://twitter.com/BillKristol/status/…[View]
203639516Who truly is America's greatest ally?[View]
203649328Doogie Houser: Was he softpilling people back in the day? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq1tSvYP5G…[View]
203647441Why are natsoc men so effeminate? Is their belief system meant to compensate for their unusually hig…[View]
203633734She has a point, you know[View]
203649239czechs: How germanic are czechs? its a semi based country and it might be a good place to move…[View]
203648782I am here to save the whales: Join me[View]
203645371'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: I love seeing these bitches squirm…[View]
203648802actual true love or just after the money and attention? what do you think?[View]
203645137Facts Thread: >Donald Trump has nothing to do with NS >his daughter literally converted to Jud…[View]
203649098Elected US Tech Chamber: With the advent of the Singularity upon us, and our lives dominated by tech…[View]
203645343say what you want /pol/ but the chinks are so far beyond whites now it's not even funny anymore[View]
203637935Alright no bullshit, where do you REALLY go to get a debt free virgin wife with no tattoos?[View]
203644163Transpersons Politics Norway: Hey i am writing about transpolitics and how life as a transperson is.…[View]
203642600Dear Qallunaat (white people): Why are Canadians such racist nazis? How can we right the wrongs of t…[View]
203645260Roger Stone Shares a Photo of Judge With Crosshairs Near Her Head: A reverse image search of the pho…[View]
203647573Israel is lying about its IQ so that it doesn't stand out. Jews are 1 standard deviation higher…[View]
203646838the moment you are btfo: whigger btfo of course he runs away https://youtu.be/9JciUN3B4lQ[View]
203625305Get rekt traitor: >An American woman who fled her home in Alabama to join ISIS in Syria now admit…[View]
203644904What do /pol/?[View]
203647822How do I stop sinning? How to stop masturbating? How to become christian?[View]
203641582Why is the left so focused on identity politics and cultural marxism?: The left used to be all about…[View]
203648658Under Mike Pompeo the CIA was drugging unwitting civilians. I was one of those civilians. It wasn…[View]
203645230How do we stop (((white nationalism))) and(((European populism)))?[View]
203645770>Why yes...I'm a semite and native to the holy land, how could you tell?…[View]
203647162this kills the kushnerbot[View]
203622987What is the difference between Jews and Kikes ???: /pol/ is using term kike addressing Jewish people…[View]
203642194Fuck UPS: I'm a pro-union guy, but fuck UPS. What the fuck can be done about these pieces of sh…[View]
203618880HABBENING JUSTIN TRUDEAUS GOING TO JAIL: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/ethics-commissioner-…[View]
203646644This is what true 'white genocide' looks like. But obviously I'm just a kike, right?[View]
203648321Getting banned from false accusations: I got a ban that pointed to a post I didn't make. I have…[View]
203648246Video game were a mistake, Britshits are a mistake: https://wccftech.com/the-occupation-run-4k-ps4pr…[View]
203647908What did they mean by this?[View]
203594499If the holohoax, kalergi plan, and pizzagate are redpill 101 - what are the doctorates of redpills?[View]
203640003She’s toast. https://twitter.com/timrunshismouth/status/1097605227082076164?s=21[View]
203647929How did you celebrate President's Day 2019, /pol/?[View]
203648099Fighting Anarcho-Tyranny: GREETINGS MEN I have a new mission for us, if you will have it I'm cr…[View]
203640837Is this real?[View]
203644119Anons I found a goldmine: Ok so I found out on reddit that posts uploaded to their site allows embed…[View]
203647942Do you support the Great White Hope?: Or are you a BAYTAAAAA?[View]
203647889Which way white man?[View]
203641764Are we being misled?: The media loves to push the narrative that the majority of mass shootings are …[View]
203644646He would have lied about 2 innocent white people committing the crime: Why aren't more people t…[View]
203647762Is Kamala Harris even black? Her father is white-Indian from Jamaica and her mother is Tamil-Indian.…[View]
203647711Politics and debate díscord group Disccord gg ZvwhxR[View]
203646701OH NO NO NO: >I don't know what she said... but I think I know what she said >*dead silen…[View]
203640280The Civil War: Was the Civil War really about slavery?[View]
203644681SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Source: https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/18/ruth-bader-ginsburg-rbg…[View]
203646995Why Americans talks like the USSR is still alive when it is dead and buried ?[View]
203647322https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-6UwDP23s4 >tfw you will never be the leader of aryan union and …[View]
203645374It's incredible what having a nationalist feeling can do: It started around 1 month and a half …[View]
203634442Both: American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress criticized Israel for insulting Poland and …[View]
203646614What are some good books on the decline of morality in the western world?[View]
203645994Once america goes full brown do you think they'll have nuremberg style trials for white nationa…[View]
203642509Honestly, what is his fucking problem?[View]
203647124Sorry for being retarded or whatever: Can we all start a thing about tinder being racist on twitter …[View]
2036471362020 will be our year![View]
203646730choice punch: >abortion is murder >most abortions are from black mothers >abortion is women…[View]
203640656Forcibly Stop Daylight Savings: That's it /pol/, enough is enough. We need to push a new moveme…[View]
203647045everything is monetized: Its become more of a fad lately to organize and declutter. A marked uptick …[View]
203645651She's Off Scott Free: Only had to pay $300. Elin Ersson, 21, guilty of breaking aviation law an…[View]
203624314Bill Gates: Stop cow farts to help slow climate change: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6z8BqsHQl0…[View]
203629365Israel is going to war. You're so fucked.[View]
203640520Nothing helps the global spread of Islam more than Israel.: Kikes on /pol/ constantly shill Israel a…[View]
203646649Asian shooter: The somewhat rare Asian gunman Nam Le https://scallywagandvagabond.com/2019/02/nam-le…[View]
203640771Kent State gun girl feeling real shitty today: Apparently there’s a reason why her favorite amendmen…[View]
203646410Why are women so melodramatic? God damn bitch. You ain't going to get shot, no matter how much …[View]
203646556Kamala running scared![View]
203641867Glory to the Islamic empire: You want to get rid of SJWs? Jews? Cucks? Islam is the way to your goal…[View]
203641294Eurocucks blown the fuck out: Wood is the superior ecological choice[View]
203646347bow before your new Aryan Queen https://www.strawpoll.me/17457751[View]
203644949Thanks (((Twitter))) for promoting this bullshit story[View]
203645810>/pol/ - Politically incorrect >Formerly /new/…[View]
203645687So is he going to jail /pol?[View]
203646267Reminding benjamin netanyahu what his people did: Just reminding the PM of Israel so he can apologiz…[View]
203646038Toll Paid in Fall: We need to get the message out there that adopting a nigger for a boyfriend is un…[View]
203646129Fuck it Let's liberate a commie country like old times. I'm with Trump on this one.[View]
203619385Why do people think it's okay to incite violence toward journalists?[View]
203643931Where in the world is Jussie?: Cops cant track atm/credit use? Phone location? No public sightings? …[View]
203632511STRAW POLL: TRUMP VS YANG: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Andrew Yang…[View]
203645993Is ELLE satire? This cannot be real. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elle.com/culture/career-politi…[View]
203645971Senator Joe Manchin is a COMMUNIST: He votes with Trump 60% of the time. But the other 40% when he v…[View]
203645510Maybe it was for the best that Germany got destroyed Maybe it was for the best that the British Empi…[View]
203645172New person testing: ok is this red? > ok is this green? > be me > be new to 4chan > real…[View]
203640371Venezuela: What are your thoughts on Venezuela my dudes? How do you think all of this will end? A fa…[View]
203640756Is anyone else a bit scared for what this bad boi could be going to do with legal immunity?[View]
203598700CNN today: The Jussie Smollett case warranted skepticism from the very start: https://edition.cnn.co…[View]
203641100Anyone else enjoying how BTFO the MSM have been lately? The only sad part is that they will not apol…[View]
203639773Can someone explain to me what's wrong with britbongs? >fucked teeth despite free dentistry …[View]
203639725What is the solution to this worthless rectangle?: It offers NOTHING. Literally nothing. I am willin…[View]
203639645Is this dude in front of a green screen?[View]
203639626In this thread we laugh at Christcucks[View]
203645346Maybe she regrets becoming a Man Hater Feminist: It was Weinstein who took advantage of her young mi…[View]
203643129new to 4chan. what do?[View]
203639273>yfw you realize there is only one superpower in the world and it's Israel, Russia and China…[View]
203644648Is he a political prisoner?[View]
203645292Is there anything more disgusting than a R*public?[View]
203620544EU bosses shut down all hopes for post Brexit trade: European Commission bosses stepped up their pla…[View]
203643923President Dindu J. Nuffin: Russia Witches Indicted So Far: George Papadopoulos - Indicted 10/05/17 …[View]
203645105Imagine a world without women. ahahahaha men are so pathetic...men truly are nothing more than sex c…[View]
203641312u go Martina!!: /ourgirl/ dick-to-miniclitdick bump.[View]
203644685Jihadi May be Coming to Ireland: Alright, my fellow potatonigger cunts. This Jihadi fuck is set to b…[View]
203644113Any of you fags check out Anarchapulco?: https://youtu.be/9qGsNCWgvTg Ive been looking for David Ick…[View]
203639768Capitalism Kills: Found a Fb page full of college kids praising Communism. Have at![View]
203644711YouTube still monetizing videos aimed towards pedophiles: 'Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facili…[View]
203644965I always thought it was really inconsistent that shitlibs were anti white. I mean isn't it a pa…[View]
203640785Trump Venezuela: >Trump isn't a neo-[View]
203644921YouTube is a pedophile website, what can we do to stop it?: https://youtu.be/O13G5A5w5P0 We need to …[View]
203639478>you cant fix wo-[View]
203643400Is she white enough? https://www.strawpoll.me/17457831[View]
203641610Do u think we're living in the last years of the bible?[View]
203642565The teeth. Lmao[View]
203638130This retard did it again..https://hotair.com/archives/2019/02/18/ocasio-cortez-trumps-border-wall-re…[View]
203642084MEME RECON 2020 MAGA: Vote Trump 2020[View]
203639064Lads, I took the 23andMe test and it turns out I’m 88% British. 95% North Western European. 100% Eur…[View]
203618004Is he right? Is minimalism a blight upon architecture?[View]
203640897Trump stood on a stage in Helsinki and said he trusted Vladimir Putin over his own US Intelligence. …[View]
203642984How can we increase the level of redpill of the masses? Are we making sure everyone on /pol/ is redp…[View]
203642640Trump is 'fighting antisemitism' to cripple the globalists' control of culture in the US: And b…[View]
203644154/PRG/ Prayer Request General: Need prayer in Christ Jesus name? Our Prayers move mountains. >Lo…[View]
203635690Countries you hate but admire at the same time: Bong here. I have respect for France because they ar…[View]
203641974Is being part Jewish redpilled? >treated like goy by full blooded Jews >used as shield for wh…[View]
203630912Why is it wrong to criticize USA supporting Israel?: Why is it 'anti-semetic' to suggest that mabye …[View]
203639330DO NOT ENTER: STAY AWAY FROM THIS TREAD, DO NOT REPLY You can only post here if your country has a n…[View]
203620168you Polish always bragging how you hate communists and all that, why dont you give back the eastern …[View]
203643202[Expletive's] GAMERGATE #JussieSmolletHoax: Jussie Smollett angered and devastated that no one …[View]
203642135>let me read you a quote by cornelia codreaneau the leader of the iron guard in romania…[View]
203643428Fuck Jew York: I hate Jew York, other than coming here to visit family, fuck this smelly ass place. …[View]
203644016Time for a Civil War Pol: White men are being pushed around constantly in our modern society, and we…[View]
203642364Definition of progress: (Entry 1 of 2) 1a(1) : a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) : a st…[View]
203643894Miss her yet, Canada?: Any chance that Kimmy will return to politics and pull off a redemption arc f…[View]
203643826Cunt mods deleted a good thread: https://umw.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eQhX2WbyqVzF3Lf So this fat c…[View]
203640651Redpills even /pol/ won't swallow: >Jews would have no power if white people didn't hav…[View]
203643846Political Art: What does /pol/ think of Political Arts? Picture related[View]
203641158reading: pick something for me to read in my American lit class /pol/ my teacher is a cuck and sugge…[View]
203626640IT'S ALL OGRE: MOTIVE REVEALED IN JIZZY OMELETTE CASE!: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-…[View]
203643654trickle down is fake news - debate me[View]
203642871White women be like. https://youtu.be/HDacjzm3Lhg?t=1200[View]
203643567holy shit Lil Marco confirmed President in 2024 did you see the well and natural he sounded when he …[View]
203632760Is this the best anthem ever?: https://youtu.be/P1CyPjQQTAM[View]
203625722>Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Meme Collections https://postimg.cc/gallery/nhhpfo06…[View]
203641777This song is unironically red-pilled and based AF! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtSpk2pMZrs 'I…[View]
203643170/pole/ anon appreciation thread: I only hang out here because you dicks are smarter than me. Pic rel…[View]
203641987Why can't Medcucks fight?: They haven't won a war against a real opponent in two hundred y…[View]
203642598Nice Lobbying here: >Pic not related In /pol/ you can glorify nazi, make racist post would make 1…[View]
203642673Did Trump sign the bill or not?: https://congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-joint-resolution/31/…[View]
203640519Is there anything more cringe than the white guy who moves to Japan or South Korea, settles down wit…[View]
203632140Ladies and gents, behold, the power of Christcucks[View]
203635670Homos: Why do gays tend to date people that look alike? Are they in love with themselves?[View]
2036431544chan grills wanna smash?: >4chan grills wanna smash?[View]
203643324Videos of Hitler's Speeches?: I'm looking for a particular segment on his views on 'Democr…[View]
203643286>Get to the top of your class >Win countless championships >A man in a dress beats you…[View]
203636201KEK Appraisal thread: 'The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Gre…[View]
203639700Curt DooLittle is Siege Posting on Radical Agenda Get in here goys https://christophercantwell.com/[View]
203642866Daily reminder that if you are from the capital city of your country, you are not a member of that n…[View]
203642747SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203642774Why are Millennials so smug? They literally think they know everything...[View]
203637711Jussie Smollett is now being mocked in racist movie posters: https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/18/jussie-s…[View]
203638674Whatever happened to this guy?[View]
203642996where's the flag pol?: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
203622274/pol/humor thread: I just had my worst bday so far Please cheer me up fellow /pol/aks[View]
203642906(((Trump))): Is there anything worse than the absolute Boomer faggots that are now infesting the boa…[View]
203635328Shoots laptop: >screen doesnt bleed >somehow stays on the desk >skreen still upright Hmm…[View]
203642030'Im not an ISIS poster girl' - Well you aint a fucking victoria secret's poster girl either: fi…[View]
203638250DISCORD TRANNIES & SLIDE THREADS: Who do they think they're fooling?[View]
203640741/Pol/ Skribbl night #2: Good evening friends I put together a wordlist for skribbl.io with over 250 …[View]
203641282Books are for homos.: A while ago I was talking to some liberal hipster faggot who was reading a boo…[View]
203642613Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203642256A candidate for true gamers to believe in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMbfqcolhUw[View]
203636096Meanwhile, in the United States...[View]
203641616The jews are pagans trying to convert the White Israelites away from their ancestral religion: >O…[View]
203636954Why the left support abortions if 99% of abortions are basically future leftiest, faggots, liberals,…[View]
203618825/MEGA/ - Make España Great Again - Siesta Is Over Edition: >Get off your asses, the time has come…[View]
203642332Pornhub 2018 cucked index showed 5 shitty eyes are absolute shithole proved me wrong pro tip you can…[View]
203641608What would American National Socialism look like?[View]
203609332These roma gentlemen approach you and ask you to borrow your cellphone for a quick call. How do you …[View]
203635819Give me one good reason every Abrahamic religion shouldn't be wiped off the Earth.[View]
203616388Roofism: Roofism is the political theory that all niggers must die. Discuss if you agree with this t…[View]
203633336Brit/pol/: the jews *Edition: __News__ >Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn…[View]
203638720https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVNPCITU08 Lets say he gets in whats your plan? for me? >go on …[View]
203610698Is the ant-vax movement is psyop, like AIDS & cancer, to help stem the population growth? We all…[View]
203640928We did it reddit! We made this 18 year old basedboy get vaccinated[View]
203635288Moving To Israel: I have finally accepted that Jews are the Master Race and want to move to Israel. …[View]
203636572Macron is tired of old momies and got himself a loli, here's our new First Lady. All hail. More…[View]
203634923What is your nation’s most celebrated victory?: Our is Waterloo and Trafalgar. Taking out the French…[View]
203641316/pol/ BTFO[View]
203636782Conservatives - you no longer know who you truly are. You have no tribe, you only shill for Israel…[View]
203641367super power by 2020[View]
203639145Just because I haven't posted a thread in a while now. INB4 spam, like there's anything el…[View]
203637429israel: if the Jews hold much of the world's power and they truly believe in the religion that …[View]
203629772What’s /pol/‘s opinion of the bundy standoff back in 2014?[View]
203636342INFLUENCE CAMPAIGN IN SWEDEN AND YES SOROS IS OF COURSE INVOLVED: Hello friends, I am writing to you…[View]
203638195Trump's cancelled, let's get behind Ann Coulter. She said she didn't want to run for …[View]
203638244are tranny monsters, degenerates, nu-males, faggots and lesbians, all just subconsciously trying to …[View]
203638927Homosexual: Why are blacks and Hispanics more likely to engage in homosexual acts, and be a queer th…[View]
203639809how true is this[View]
203641159The Official Anthem of the Day of the Rope: This is a tribute to the innocents who have died due to …[View]
203640949Subversion Thread: >What is Subversion: To disrupt, prevent, reverse, or replace the policies a…[View]
203635720He's right you know[View]
203639938EAT THE RICH - SOCIALISM IS THE ONLY WAY: Bill Gates literally went on television and said tax us mo…[View]
203641032asians: >high iq >large numbers >more insect like, less likely to chimp out you guys say th…[View]
203640070Why isn’t Austria relevant anymore?: Behind every war there was a mountain Kraut[View]
203640112Museum of Tolerance: So did anyone ever notice how in the South Park episode 'Death Camp of Tol…[View]
203639221Dispute between Morocco and Saudi Scum: dispute is about Palestine Quds . the moroccan king has a po…[View]
203636088TRUMP LOST HIS MIND and is GOING RABID: ‘You’ll lose everything!’ Trump issues ultimatum to Venezuel…[View]
203640830Does any one: Remember tom posting? What other dumb tactics did the glow in the darks use and fail?…[View]
203638192People are listening to the Culture of Critique[View]
203624929>Germany and Poland should merge into one nation Discuss.[View]
203640409I don't know what to think...: At the same time, I hate US involvement in foreign affairs but I…[View]
203636968How does one get a degree in economics from Boston College and end up working at Starbucks?[View]
203640609ITT: People who deserve to burn for desecrating the 'Murkkan flag https://twitter.com/PowerFuc…[View]
203640005>The earth is warming... Okay let's invest in developing technolog... >WE NEED THE GOVERN…[View]
203640176what do loser white male incels like me do?[View]
203640121would it ever have worked?[View]
203640479Comfiness is redpilled: Soon winter will end, and spring with all its flowers will grace us. Spring …[View]
203640448If a guy has sex with a woman and never produces a child with her, he is a biological failure. Eithe…[View]
203638868Have we reached peak Hate Crime Hoax? https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1097020092791934976[View]
203635276>Pixar starts making small-team animated shorts >Dudes make a short about robots >Whamen ma…[View]
203640101Female oppression worldwide: >Saudi Arabia >women stoned to death if they forget to wear their…[View]
203633499Any euros wish they were american? Guns, actual freedom of speech, a lot of christians with nice chr…[View]
203638458The West is doomed: All I have to do is log into twitter in the morning to be reminded of how fucked…[View]
203635012Why does everyone both Holocaust Deniers and Shills alike focus on Auschwitz Birkenau? There are six…[View]
203639251It's amazing how much asspain this man causes. Especially to shills on this board. Say hello to…[View]
203614553White Privilege at its best: Critics call out Billy Ray Cyrus's weed photo: 'Every single …[View]
203636060Pic related is one of the many reasons not to vote Democrat. Pic related is what liberalism celebrat…[View]
203639042Jewish hate-thread: Post whatever material you have >expose the rats…[View]
203637549The cold war between Germany and the US just turned hot: Merkel finds it terrifying Already Merkel c…[View]
203637162Germano-Roman civilization and alliance: How can we creat a perfect alliance between latins and germ…[View]
203638908Whats the story behind the image? Were they killed? Did they live? Google says it was during Bloody …[View]
203638814What does /pol/ think of a reconquista of Detroit?[View]
203639265A REMINDER OF THE FRIENDLIEST QUALITY.: Good day my fellow Americans, This day, the eighteenth of Fe…[View]
203635896Good news for almost all of Europe guys: Almost... I hope it goes to -100% Everywhere[View]
203637997OK faggots prove me wrong. Why should anyone not vote for the ones that promise the most gibs and m…[View]
203636447Trump tweets in Hebrew: Translation: >I am threatening you. Do as my Jewish masters and I want, o…[View]
203636893Will Jew loving Trump be followed by a National Socialist Democrat?: https://www.vox.com/the-big-ide…[View]
203635844'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: I love seeing these bitches squirm…[View]
203638480George Mendonsa, the sailor in pic related, died today. Press F lads[View]
203630570Do NPC humans really exist? Or is it a kike-led psychop to D&C whites?[View]
203627742>we cannot compete with German cars, so lets tax them! Why are Americans such crybabies? Tried ma…[View]
203629074We're replacing you and you can't do anything about it than cry on the Internet[View]
203632496>wake up one morning and look at yourself in the mirror. >see pic related staring back What wo…[View]
203635468Don't let the shilling get to you, /pol/.: This is still a haven for rational discussion. And w…[View]
203639011Everyone needs to die: It's not in a spirit of hatred or malice or avarice I say this, but I re…[View]
203634627UK coal burner literally burned up.: Karen Peter had a flannel cloth shoved down her throat for more…[View]
203635889My Operation Autism Storm Experience,July 6th 2017: Tis was an other day of warfare. The CNN Meme Wa…[View]
203638840Why do millenials hate boomers?: >both generations literally worship jew >gen x were too degen…[View]
203630042Why are chinks investing in Africa so much? What's their plan?[View]
203638431Is this really how asians look at us blacks? This really makes me depressed. How could they do this?[View]
203638169>What do you mean only one term ahah[View]
203637153You're being replaced, white man[View]
203638111Democrats have missing brain matter: LOL So what's the democratic plan???... apart from making …[View]
203590960Post em'[View]
203633618HAPPENING! DEER ARE TURNING INTO ZOMBIES. MIGATARDS BTFO: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/deer-in-…[View]
203630470I've been duped. We've all been duped. I can't believe I fell for the meme. Zion Don …[View]
203637486This is the map and future of Europe Prove me wrong >Pro tip You can't…[View]
203633392What goes on here?[View]
203638614Halt !: Gutentag, or is family day in Canada, Have you affirmed your commitment to family, which is …[View]
203605480he jew'd us all[View]
203636884Oy vey[View]
203636925What will happen to the race traitors in the future?: Treacherous whites who are making America unli…[View]
203623117Do You Clowns Actually Think 'White' is a Race?: White is a color, not a race. Populations that clus…[View]
203636800Rest in peace, Andrew![View]
203633885Pissearth 2025: ““If much in the world were mystery the limits of that world were not, for it was wi…[View]
203638361Trump who loves his Jewish daughter and will protect her above everything...: ...will somehow fight …[View]
203634158>Paki whacked in London Tweet here; https://mobile.twitter.com/MaajidNawaz/status/109760246163908…[View]
203613778Blonde hair and colored eyed ethnostate: There's 70 million blondes in America (highest in the …[View]
203635732democrats bad! republicans good! isn't that right my fellow migapedes?[View]
203638139When are we going to stand up for the fact that having large families with multiple children is actu…[View]
203633316The 3rd World: Will Africa ever accomplish anything by itself?[View]
203627169ITT: we solve the woman problem: let's discuss ways to get women to be productive and leave deg…[View]
203626765Stages of the redpill: In what level are you guys?[View]
203637379ITT God-tier Muslim I'll start Zheng He >discovered the American continent >bad ass explo…[View]
203635152Colombia: Tinder date gone wrong: 32yo Belgian expat got abducted, robbed and locked up for 3 days …[View]
203627879What happened to La Goblina? Was she thrown to the bin? Will the same occur to Ocasio-Cortez?[View]
203635718Miss me yet?[View]
203637124Name a better solution for todays problems[View]
203637572Dynamics.: Can one political party provide for a more realistic demographic? Or would this require …[View]
203632971>2019 >being libertarian or civic nationalist Yikes…[View]
203637448Is it still 4D chess to threaten a Federal Judge?[View]
203637442Robert Mueller: Hello my name is Andy McCabe and I am here to answer any questions you have about th…[View]
203637422Subversive red-pilling: I got recommended a youtube video about 4chan thanks to jewgles data mining …[View]
203633939Why did the Democrats shift their rhetoric regarding illegal immigration? I recently watched old cl…[View]
203637393Intention policy of White erasure[View]
203637333Pol is globalist and Jewish: Pol is globalist: all of you, from the tall to the small; from the nord…[View]
203635582Americans are dung beetles of humanity: They feed on shit, literally and otherwise. All of the worst…[View]
203629302Good men cannot find suitable women - the end of society: The Daily Mail ran a story today which sho…[View]
203637262Religion of the blood: https://youtube.com/watch?v=2PsD7hpEr4I[View]
203632730Do you take hope in the fact that audiences rejected this?: This discrepancy literally reflects West…[View]
203636614Will the Jussie Smollett thing be a mass redpilling moment? Is he ironically based?[View]
203636671Your land is being settled by foreign colonizers[View]
203634892Every day we stray further from God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnbxO7P7Xnk[View]
203636935Another case of TDS...Employee fired.: So a 14 year old child walks into a Vans store in a Kansas on…[View]
203633947Today is family day in Canada. Just look at this racial propaganda[View]
203636763/pol/ WebM thread: Post your degeneracy WebM's, or whatever you have.[View]
203636880Learn what will save you[View]
203636006Jewgle is now censoring the video exposing YouTube pedophile rings.: They've made it so it cann…[View]
203606235Remember to not even bother applying for a job, Drumpftards...[View]
203629409Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203635974/tg/ - Tulsi General >autist asks Tulsi if she wants to audit the fed >she says yes WE RON PAU…[View]
203627406Have you fags noticed there's alot of Muslims on /pol/ now than before. I think it just proves …[View]
203632346Would you support this new law? Interesting idea[View]
203626392Brit/pol/ - Brainlet pogrom edition: https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/VIQT/ https://openpsychomet…[View]
203627656Why does Trump tweet like someone else is the President? He's tweeting again about how somethin…[View]
203634422What do the Yellow Vest protesters want?[View]
203636500Hello cuckolds of /pol/, Will you LEFT me fuck your wife?... Better not, surely that thot has AIDS.[View]
203636392God is dead: YouTube pedo ring exposed.: https://youtu.be/O13G5A5w5P0 The old thread died out but as…[View]
203636069How did I do guys: >be me >not know how to use 4chan >discord monger >have a lesbian gir…[View]
203636241>another tranny thread on /pol/[View]
203634175Fake news downfall!: Want to give MSM a massive blow while it's weak? Start planting a lot of f…[View]
203634989BRING HER HOME: <Clap>BRING<Clap>HER<Clap>HOME<Clap> hashtag wink thumbs upp…[View]
203634139What's Huma been up to lately. You don't hear much about her unfortunately.[View]
203636043I also spat my coffee when I saw this: They're not even hiding it anymore.[View]
203614976College makes young people 330% more likely to support political violence (Reuters): Is there any cl…[View]
203632700Imagine being so retarded that you blindly believe some magical sky daddy created the whole Universe…[View]
203635853pro-tip: don't mess with the lead monkey's boyfriend /pol/ if you do, best fly striaght![View]
203630747What did she mean by this?: Swiping through my Zuckbook account and ran across a posting from a fema…[View]
203635352Daily reminder that pol is Zionist: Daily reminder that pol is Zionist and overwhelmingly supports t…[View]
203635538I’m sorry.: To those who are still here looking for debate. Looking for a feud. Looking for “god” ho…[View]
203606322Art thread.[View]
203635636https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVNPCITU08 Lets say he gets in whats your plan? for me? >go on t…[View]
203631462why do asians HATE blacks? it seems like they're way more racist towards arabs and blacks than …[View]
2036355582019 Chinese year of the Pig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKgNWJWgnm8#t=16s >2019 year of the…[View]
203635058Why was she the only recent president's daughter to turn out well?: Trump's daughter - pro…[View]
203634445PIZZAGATE - PEWDIEPIE: There is a hidden message in the message. Shane Dawnson made this video to mo…[View]
203633179How do Christians justify the Sicut Judaeis?: >C-christianity is based >P-p-pagans are the REE…[View]
203634082Is there anything those Russian bots cannot do?: >Russian trolls blamed for spreading anti-vaccin…[View]
203632285holy shit this is a real post retribution? lil' donnie is salty over satire, won't be sati…[View]
203624304What does /pol/ read?[View]
203634013Elliott Abrams: Is this the face of a war criminal?[View]
203626649Do you believe the 'out of Africa' theory?[View]
203579248>Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, 22, 'might have to go into witness protection... How?…[View]
203628340Why don't you own one of these and fill it with a white family?[View]
203635068Is it possible to create a money sinkhole for jewtoob?[View]
203635189elsagate: bros wtf happened to elsagate? did everyone just forget about it? i happened to remember i…[View]
203619956BREAKING NEWS. DNA proves that original SWEDES were dark skinned: Documentary about dark-skinned ‘fi…[View]
203634965When did you realize that: Pizzagate was fucking fake news and has been this whole time. You had us …[View]
203633762Would Hitler really have left the British Empire alone?: He broke a lot of promises to other Europea…[View]
203635090Thoughts on Hardcaseownsyou/Fakesagan/TheSmoothTerrorist/Christopher Anderson? I liked his last 2-pa…[View]
203630007Stonetoss thread: Part 2[View]
203626569It's still february: February is Black History Month, so Let's Acknowledge their Contribut…[View]
203633496Reminder that if your whole political stance is built on 'triggering the libs/conservacucks lol', yo…[View]
203634658Trump: Death pentalty for anti-semitism: I told you this would happen, /pol/ >For the record anyt…[View]
20363079716yo Romanian girl gets booted off shitty singing show by the PC police: Probably the most exploitab…[View]
203634780>nigger talks about being tricked into being a jiggalo in japan[View]
203629145French schools remove the words mother and father: >France’s National Assembly has passed a law t…[View]
203634719Hey im not anti: Vaxx or anything but i dont wanna have nanobots put in my blood or whatever https:…[View]
203635918Should degenerate fashion be banned or regulated by state?[View]
203634373>2019 >still worshipping a Jew >still supporting Zionist Trump >still believing in a pol…[View]
203631674Can you be a globalist in the US Air Force? I'll uphold the US constitution and any necessary a…[View]
203630743AnimeGate General - /agg/: Time to bolster our ranks with new recruits, lads. >Stop Vic Mignona…[View]
203634103Oi vey, why aren’t kids buying our sun dials![View]
203633107>what happens when you mix Turks with Gypsies[View]
203634286When did you discover that Cantonese dialect Chinese, a language spoken only in Hong Kong, is Christ…[View]
203633309Why is it legal to marry your cousin in North America? Is it because of muh freedoms? Don't yo…[View]
203613478So I joined an antifa discord: So I joined an Antifa (Boston) Discord and after pouring through thei…[View]
203632444I FUCKING GET IT NOW: Jesus was trying to warn the good White Israelites about the evil Edomite jews…[View]
203634275>Canada is toast, I'm moving to usa >USA is literally ten times more cucked, even with tr…[View]
203606021Can someone redpill me on the 1054 AD split?: And why is the Catholic Church at fault?[View]
203634138Is it possible to have a cis straight white etc male as SO and be progressive?[View]
203632020why are left wing woman so cute and smart while the right only has blonde thots lookig for patreon s…[View]
203634150/RPG/ Redpill General: The great replacement https://pastebin.com/uSRnph6T Diversity https://pastebi…[View]
203634090HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY GOYIM !!!: Trumps (((DONORS))) https://www.bitchute.com/video/FUvrDpg18svT/…[View]
203634025Isn't automation more of a danger to white collar jobs than blue collar ones? At some point, th…[View]
203633850ITT /pol solves the Addiction Crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KsaWpeCj98[View]
203631763How early should a fetus be considered a living thing? Post proof/reasons.[View]
203628764Scare the normies: A psyop meme for normie socmed[View]
203629467Why do other races yearn for white supremacy?: >be successful black man >make more than enough…[View]
203632922Madame President.[View]
203633757Yang will bang your wife: Say hello to the 46th president.[View]
203624717how do we fix the unequal gender wage gap?[View]
203629686Morality, Not Money, Is Behind U.S. Support for Israel: >America’s long support for Israel—often …[View]
203628412While I sympathize with the reasoning behind the 'White Genocide' term, I (and it seems others) beli…[View]
203613028Capitalism is evil change my mind: Why the fuck do I spend more time with co workers I hate than the…[View]
203622054Cern controls the matrix: The internet was created so scientists could share data. It is hooked up t…[View]
203633437Devil worshipers are just as bad as Christians. If you have any belief in “good” or “evil”, your nat…[View]
203602020Freedom of Association is RAYCISSSS!!!: https://youtu.be/qaPQN0aW47I All hands on deck[View]
203628563Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Late Night Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Mem…[View]
203633092So what do you fags make of this: Malia Obama had a secret facebook page which a bunch of #Resistanc…[View]
203631746Should religious people be euthanized? The planet is overpopulated and obviously we want whoever rem…[View]
203630606>Christians are so bluepi-[View]
203620655HAPPENING: Pope lifts suspensions against a commie priest: Pope Francis lift a suspension of Saint a…[View]
203631193it's starting, /pol/....: I am being forced to accept this agreement to visit 4chan. This is ju…[View]
203633054WHITE FEMINISTS[View]
203630653WEST VIRGINA MAN SHOOTS COP ACROSS THE STATE LINE IN VIRGINIA: >West Virginia is a white ethnosta…[View]
203633317Live: Trump talking about Venezuela in FL: Nobody talking about Trump shitting on socialism in Miami…[View]
2036329207 dirty words you cant say on tv: >shit >piss >fuck >cunt >cocksucker >motherfuc…[View]
203631057Scandal free presidents only ITT: Miss me yet?[View]
203624780/tg/ - Tulsi General: /tg/ - Tulsi General >autist asks Tulsi if she wants to audit the fed >s…[View]
2036270701 of 5 men aren't the father of their spouses child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BsCHS60Vk…[View]
203622671Why does this keep happening?[View]
203628736BTFO: Right-wing street artist Sabo is taking aim at Jussie Smollett in an impressive new poster cam…[View]
203632917>I would rather live in a world filled with outright racist MAGA nazis than believe that a libera…[View]
203632524FLOURIDES: what are the newest developments on the /pol/ fluoride research front? should I throw my …[View]
203631560If whites are superior: If whites are superior then why are Jew and Asians the most successful relig…[View]
203630064Is the Last Bastion of Nazism held within South America? I assume some Fascist leaders in South Amer…[View]
203632767mandela effect: is the mandela effect the ultimate red pill?[View]
203627558SEPERATIST GANG: /sepratist/ gang where you at?[View]
203632677ITT: How we can hasten the implosion of fake news?: Covington and Smollett are gifts to sane people …[View]
203621846Dog shit work ethic is taking ANOTHER federal holiday as a day off? There isnt a federal holiday tha…[View]
203632597Africa 4 Norway: whats the message here? Fuck Norway? I agree, fuck those reindeerfuckers. https://w…[View]
203627292So does this confirm that Muslims are right-wing and actually make people woke on the Jews?: Imagine…[View]
203631727What the fuck did I just watch... Directed by Adam (((Bernstein))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f…[View]
203632080good goy build the wall devide the people legitimize israels settlements[View]
203624700just teen things: >be me >am a femoid schoolgirl >muslim life in UK >see ISIS succed …[View]
203625870Say it with me: One term president: http://emersonpolling.com/2019/02/16/majority-of-americans-disag…[View]
203627347Seven MPs have quit the party citing the leadership's handling of anti-Semitism in the party, a…[View]
203632051Imagine being so hostile to the folk and integrity of your host nation you think this clip reflects …[View]
203630170>he calls himself conservative when he has never read the bible I seriously hope you don't d…[View]
203630103moonman serb: is he a serbian ?[View]
203580262BIG EMAILS DROPS COMING SOON MOTHERFUCKERS: So many slide threads because of the happening.. =======…[View]
203632039Hey liberals What are ad hominems and red herrings? (•_•) ( •_•)>■-■ (■_■)[View]
203628148Should we Eastern Europeans accept future refugees from Western Europe? How to make sure they won’t …[View]
203628478fascism is for dummies: Why be given a sense of purpose when you can find your own sense of purpose?…[View]
203628116>https://twitter.com/Noahpinion/status/1097409401973964800 Can the media get anything right anymo…[View]
203631063Defend THIS Donnie dong suckers!: ProTip: you can’t[View]
203625452The Holocaust happened and 6 million Jews died, goy: Another excerpt from my anthropology textbook. …[View]
203624766btfo nazis![View]
203621686Time to man up, /pol/[View]
203629647Multiculturalism is creating a strong united white race: People fear that the modern liberal push fo…[View]
203631192The AI future: Advanced AI will inevitably take over all jobs that humans can do. First the high pay…[View]
203603876Is Eastern Europe as conservative as we like to think?[View]
203628848What do Jewish people think about blacks?[View]
203621534/real-christian/ general: >what do you mean by real Christians? Non-denominational and those who …[View]
203630636Can pol tell me how much of a man my great great grand father was? Ie rank, and branch of service? I…[View]
203627747If you still unironically support this zionist neocon you need to kill yourself.[View]
203629969Is it true the government created Lyme disease? >'It's really scary': Woman, 31, w…[View]
203631152Comrade Corbyn will restore the British Empire as a Stalinist state. Hope you're ready Eurocuck…[View]
203621020>be American >tweak back on deadlifts >left to die unless a family member buys you the Gift…[View]
203627621Nigger and race iq redpill thread: Post your redpills on niggers, race and Intelligence here[View]
203631185HWNDU He Will Not Divide Us! Calling ALL Frenchfags to take down the flag for the cause! New Info!: …[View]
203631091Toxic Feminism: TOXIC FEMINISM Why is this not a thing yet? Men are inundated daily with how hated t…[View]
203627326New York City aims to stop hairstyle discrimination: >'Hair is a part of you. Race discrimination…[View]
203628072Why do trumptards behave like muslims? You can’t insult the prophet or criticize him or they will in…[View]
203628097>hurr 5G is the elite trying to kill us all Then explain to me how 'elite' will magically evade e…[View]
203622245I was at McDonald's today and: All I saw were immigrants and 1 tranny. What is america coming t…[View]
203629764I just figured out Obama is his last name and not his first name. Wtf is this some Mandela effect?[View]
203630691Just a Regular Government Post: Yup...just a regular ol' post about government. Yes sir...yup…[View]
203625076Yugoslav Wars: Redbull me on the Yugoslav Wars, /pol/ I'm not satisfied with what the locals wo…