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182576456Time to empty your pockets /pol/, are you a true man of the west or an onions slurping child?[View]
182573349What is wrong with this new generation of kids?: Are kids just getting dumber and weirder looking? h…[View]
182575928Why is /pol/, the noble anti-pedo crusader board, so silent on this?[View]
182560767Sadiq Khan wants to ban vehicles in certain areas of London: https://www.politico.eu/article/london-…[View]
182573039Say what you want about pagan larpers: But they are correct in saying that christianity somehow got …[View]
182575819when will we reconquer Byzantium /pol/[View]
182572810and when did the final solution of gassing the mudslimes become apparent to you /pol/[View]
182575316Why do Americans love the military so much now? Opposition to standing armies used to be a huge aspe…[View]
182573670>live in a small town where there is generally very low crime rate >as an example, there have …[View]
182575231Portuguese locals, slowly bur surely losing their own country ?: Portugal is finally in fashion, but…[View]
182575169GLENN BECK: >always takes every opportunity to punch right >starts off okay condemning google …[View]
182574961What would the world be like if Jews never existed?[View]
182545113What is wrong with democratic socialism?: Help me /pol/. I've been watching Abby Martin and I t…[View]
182575510ok fuck this: get on twitter if ur armed #newmexico these SANDNIGGERS took OUR kids and they are go…[View]
182565596YU ES EY: You have life threatening disease goy? Well you are out of sick days so we'll fire yo…[View]
182558995Richard Spencer Caught in a Threesome With Greg Conte's Girlfriend?: Luke Ford says that Conte …[View]
182570553Tuscongate thread?: Id like to know more about this glow in the dark CIA nigger spooky shit. Watched…[View]
18257536570 years: You are going to war soon, right guys?[View]
182563865Why do Australians dislike Melbourne/Sydney?[View]
182572522America was never great! The world agrees: I just dont get it Americans when were you great or bette…[View]
182573636Finally Norway gets F22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH7ydV0XDss[View]
182572761/pol/ Mount Rushmore: I’ll start with these two.[View]
182575204>he fell for the jew meme You fags are probably not even aware that liberal American jews hate Is…[View]
182567764Even the sun reject you from israel: Jewish cancer 2 highest in the world Go back to russia false je…[View]
182575186Mexico Bans Hot Women.: Mexico Yes! Who wouldn't want to further destroy Tourism industry in Me…[View]
182575184Hate House is dead. Long live Love Street! https://cdn.zencast.fm/download/media/2809/dc0fe7f4-a1bb-…[View]
182575170in ya go mudslimes[View]
182569288Gloating kike media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwmr2QMLuWY >the Alt Right was an internet m…[View]
182570732Is this Slavshit on our side?[View]
182574827wtf is this shit? and normies love that. kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_DBN1_e58g[View]
182572817Political Blackpill Motivation: How to find motivation after taking the blackpill? Really dunno what…[View]
182574811ITS HAPPENING!!! 14 year old boy randomly stabs a girl 7 times on the first day of school. Says (((t…[View]
182574945Why don't you invest in Turkey?[View]
182569720Forbidden history of the white race: We are cosmic god children of the Vril-ya, divine ethereal ange…[View]
182570397What did /our guy/ Corbyn mean by this?[View]
182569600Gassad: https://youtu.be/P2X84JZINcI What does /pol/ have to say against this video. The evidence lo…[View]
182572341POWERFUL & BRAVE!: SVIIIDEN YES! http://www.friatider.se/g-teborg-tar-ner-prideflaggor-f-r-att-i…[View]
182574234Part and Parcel: Four children stabbed in south London with one boy being ‘disembowelled’[View]
182569445>Jordanian Spy in Germany uncovers IS activities in Germany >german government arrests said sp…[View]
182555628When the race war begins, who do you stand with /pol/[View]
182567688Von Braun's tombstone: Why, in the grave of the father of rocker science, there is mentioning o…[View]
182573248What happens here, /pol/?[View]
182558650jennifer lawrence is looking to start her career in politics: would you vote for her?[View]
182572582jason kessler yelled at by dad during stream 'get out of my room': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9…[View]
182570917Why am I constantly seeing Chinese wearing clothing bearing this logo, less the swastika?[View]
182567248What the fuck is the white obsession with helping African niggers?: The African population will be 4…[View]
182566217Papal Infallibility: i get that the Pope is the heir to St.Peter, but why is he 'infallible'? So thi…[View]
182572779Why does the white race insist on self-destruction?[View]
182574002>turkified armenian genocides christian armenians Psychological warfare is a fascinating one. It …[View]
182564940What is /pol/'s opinion of video games ?: Like, seriously? Are they... >Awesome > Great b…[View]
182554057What does fashwave music sound like, or would sound like? Any examples?[View]
182569571I'm not wrong: I don't think the deal Scheer cut with the Dairy farmers is in keeping with…[View]
182570444tfw too old for space force[View]
182571917DRumpF: 'I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can ad…[View]
182551378Well, /pol/?[View]
182558345/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182569204>America was never that great The biggest redpill ever given by a liberal , yet /pol/ will ignor…[View]
182571781What do you guys think about this faggot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLDrb29vOO4&t=1s[View]
182570243Tax liberal stupidity, not carbon.: Wildfires are one of nature's ways to maintain a healthy fo…[View]
182564168Why does not every country abolish the military?: If abolish the military. We can increase the budge…[View]
182567269prove me wrong[View]
182569878Is white genocide actually a thing...Or are you guys just placing blame for your own problems onto a…[View]
182570888I haven’t fapped in a month and I’m incredibly bored. What do I do?[View]
182569822Why are Americans afraid to stand up to the eternal wanderer?: What are they so afraid of? The Unite…[View]
182572944This is the future of Chile: Will the people react or they will acept they future as a new (((more d…[View]
182569016Listen up gun nuts: I grew up around guns. I am a gun owner and a die hard second amendment supporte…[View]
182572351>roosia saviour of the white race ....no sweetie[View]
182571523Forestery: Anyone else work in the Forestry sector, either as a technician or a professional foreste…[View]
182572745Theory on /pol/ The whole 4chan community sort of is, although what you need to keep in mind is that…[View]
182571935Youtube takes down all the based Dane videos right before Swedish election due to (((copyright)) Wha…[View]
182570149CANADA GENERAL: Feed The Starving Kids Edition: Why are you leafe letting your people starve while y…[View]
182570939Don't go this way: This is a warning against suicide. As you can see this beautiful woman kille…[View]
182538231China: Proving to the world that socialism done correctly beats capitalism.[View]
182572228STOP worshiping lame semitic demons anon![View]
182564100Remember that school shooter training compound in new mexico ?: This is him now. Feel old yet? https…[View]
182572560Thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1kWhFvMMts[View]
182571231https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/16/politics/2020-democrats-biden/index.html Is CNN right? Is being white…[View]
182570539what is there endgame?[View]
182554162Americans read the RT tomorrow. There will be very important news about International affairs: Be re…[View]
182571086President Trump at 37% with black Americans...: Democrats are doomed.[View]
182533892Polyamory: Is it a viable, sustainable lifestyle? Should it be discouraged, or ignored? Seems to me …[View]
182571153Japan's low birth rate planned: Hear me out Imagine if the low birth rate was actually a govern…[View]
182564348cluster of cells: It's HER body and you have no right over it anon, so it's HER choice, oh…[View]
182558473south africa: we all know that based MALEMA is going to purge the boer from the african continent bu…[View]
182570872If a white person is “gluten allergic”, than are they really white?[View]
182571874Let in the 3rd world, become the 3rd world...: Just another day in Londonistan... Where does the bla…[View]
182565435When the Nazis came to power in 1933, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, various cultural minorit…[View]
182571581Why are people suddenly obsess with talking about incels on youtube?[View]
182570517>Be Canadian/American/Mexican >Support Palestine >Dont support the Natives that their land …[View]
182545369This is where half a million iraqis will live[View]
182568335Sweden YES!!!: >STOCKHOLM — A Muslim woman in Sweden who said she was discriminated against in a …[View]
182571432Impeach Donny Trump: This clown is disgracing all of America. You may not care, but we are a global …[View]
182568836What do we do about minorities who look 100% white? Pic related. He’s a full blood Mexican.[View]
182539842Syria General /sg/ -Action men edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
182568278hey /pol/: stop eating food[View]
182571427Stop owning land.[View]
182568163You guys don't like degeneracy? Well here's a party for you...[View]
182568884What happens when Europe's police give up?: In France cops kill themselves http://www.dailymail…[View]
182567971E...ebola chan...is that you? >Hazmat suit-wearing medics are continuing their desperate bid to c…[View]
182567729JORDAN PETERSON WIPES THE FLOOR WITH KOCH-SHILL CROWDER Is he slowly regaining his official /ourguy/…[View]
182571149SOYFACE THREAD: Post em. Every bugman[View]
182570153THE SIMSPONS PREDICTED THIS: The Simpsons really do hold some kind of mysterious powers after all...…[View]
182569303MEDDL LEUDE: what did they mean by that?[View]
182566519Jews and the abolition of white race: It is deeply offending that jews are given a free rein to post…[View]
182567595So is he dead?: What was he kicked off twitter for?[View]
182557184Australian professor says National Socialism is a branch of Socialism: Is this peak performance shit…[View]
182570353Is 'black face' pragmatically different from 'transgender'?: I was thinking about this issue. I…[View]
182563797On Facebook and their lies: What is it with normie humor? How can they keep tagging their friends in…[View]
182567133Will you live to the fullest today, /pol/?: Where do you stand in the 'Responsibility vs Living The …[View]
182562521Why do mods ban words that right wingers use 'c u c k', 'basedboy' but don't ban words the left…[View]
182567863Game of Thrones is Alt-Right Propaganda: Hundreds of years ago, the Targ)))aryan(((s, light-skinned,…[View]
182551335Fake news: Currently talking about fake news in my scientific working class. Give me all your redpil…[View]
182556994Some days I wonder what we're fighting for.[View]
182555068AUS/POL/ CHING CHONG EDITION: Evening boys. >Opt Out of MHR https://www.myhealthrecord.gov.au/fo…[View]
182569063Niggers BTFO: If whites have no culture, then why do blacks have to repurpose a word used by whites …[View]
182570124Let's say that tomorrow Gab becomes more or just as popular as Twitter. A website that's c…[View]
182570464What is wrong with Asian girls?: This is monstrous >In the video, captured in Hengyang City in so…[View]
182567206>board has huge national socialist influence/membership >shits on business regulations and ma…[View]
182570135What percentage of the population browses on /pol/?[View]
182569228Francis de Groot: Never forget that the Sydney Harbour Bridge opening ribbon was cut by sword ahead …[View]
182561149What do you think about Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia?[View]
182561918White vegan feminist murders rapper in broad daylight with a samurai sword for 'sexist lyrics', joke…[View]
182557565'We archived over 100 of you': It's nice to have competent people on your side.[View]
182570222The state of the_Donald: >'I suck the dicks of big strong American men. MAGA.' BASED. >'Breaki…[View]
182563849What was Germany's Vietnam war equivalent?[View]
182569770Will /pol/ ever get over this?[View]
182569940You feeling the brainwashing /pol/?: DESMOND IS AMAZING ESMOND IS AMAZING SMOND IS AMAZING MOND I…[View]
182544650Why are white youth captivated by white nationalism?[View]
182570170hand it over: >The security clearance, Jahn.......[View]
182570145This triggers the commie.[View]
182565771So what does /pol/ think of this thick Nubian goddes who will bring Trump down?[View]
182569818What does /pol/ think about white people interested in Jewish culture?: I have the Talmud, enjoy Jew…[View]
182567557Why not help all those poor African refugees? Many of them are women and children and they are only …[View]
182558882I visited a concentration camp in Poland recently: I'll post some interesting pics I took Feedb…[View]
182569544Open borders they said sanctualry state they said Cultural enrichment they said Wow these cholos sur…[View]
182563712Knife Crimes UK:Enough is enough!: Another four youths in South London, stabbed, perhaps fatally. En…[View]
182568074Still makes me mad that this fuck didn't get the punishment he deserved.[View]
182525469GET IN HERE: For those of you that don't know, an Australian senator said that Australia should…[View]
182567942I made this meme: We also need to push the google facebook twitter and YouTube users into new outlet…[View]
182558744Why aren't you an anarchist yet, /pol/? It's punk as fuck.[View]
182565499ANTI CHRISTIANITY GENERAL: Christianity, a political movement invented by jews in the 1st century in…[View]
182566967Why are leftist jews still supporting Israel?: Leftist jews are against Trump and his movement. But …[View]
182569180Praise be to Kek Good morning my brothers. Today I wish to rejoice, for we are in the midst of Kek…[View]
182566774net neutrality redditards eternally BTFO: >US Internet Speed Has Gone From 12th To 6th Fastest Si…[View]
182558872Has Sowell ANYWAYS been this based?[View]
182501855I’m sorry pol.....[View]
182565569Hey guys, Pepe's creator and PROUD socialist democrat Zionist, Matt Furrie here. The fact you u…[View]
182555756Laugh at america /thread/: Let's all laugh at how pathetic and stupid the USA is. Their 'justi…[View]
182568648STOP BEING A GOY especially the shabbos goy[View]
182564690What is the future of CivNats after Trump? Nicky Haley? Kanye West?[View]
182568417Poles are Poling again: https://youtu.be/pSibwXTy_a0[View]
182565657/pol/lit/ We're not all nazis-edition[View]
182560872Kekistan?: as you know,one piece of our sacred land is unclaimed by the greedy world!This is our opo…[View]
182557735You are Now Entering A leftist Controlled City: >when you suddenly notice a large, and very promi…[View]
1825667902020 Elections.: Which one /pol/?[View]
182550904Australia's going to have a new PM soon: https://www.9news.com.au/videos/cjkwziu7y00210snv3nix9…[View]
182565331the Final truth.: Prostates aren't real men just enjoy boipucci more because they enjoy everyth…[View]
182567664Are we supposed to not notice how long the list is? Are we supposed to not wonder about how much lon…[View]
182567052>tfw Donald Trump will normalize the word nigger again in your lifetime…[View]
182568008When did you realize the healthcare is a meme?: And it's all genetics?[View]
182523096A message to the Muslims of /pol/:: Fuck off. Stop trying to preach your fucking shistkin cult here.…[View]
182567965Is this guy ever gonna come back?[View]
182561133So lira is losing value again after one week break Could an turkey economic crisis lead to an global…[View]
182563316Buy more slaves.[View]
182567758Thank You: Just wanted to thank all the international lads who helped us get over the line. You know…[View]
182564504Why do people in real life love Canada, while /pol/ hates them? Everytime I travel to Europe, Austra…[View]
182535960thoughts on VoxDay calling Varg Vikernes a low IQ dipshit????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYfqz…[View]
182567687Can you please dump any and all satanic government info, pics and links. Gotta enlighten the masses …[View]
182567650Israel kept a piece of the Twin Towers as a trophy: This statues is in Israel. It's made of a s…[View]
182537556Canadians have to spend $70 for a single watermelon now.[View]
182566085Manafort script betting pool: If he's innocent, its proof russia investigation is a hoax. If he…[View]
182565866Try And Guess Who I Am: I will give you five clues. 1) I don't know how to play the guitar, but…[View]
182557515If you were to ask Trump one question, what would it be?[View]
182562234'Russian police break up Gay Pride protest in St Petersburg': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_KKuy…[View]
182566508Trump 2020 or *wild 2020 candidate appears, wild 2020 candidate used charm, it's super effectiv…[View]
182566921Trump hires the best people: >58% turnover Trump is done[View]
182567275How we exterminated the dasas?: They only deserve one thing extermination Lets think how we can end …[View]
182566159Why do they lie about this ?: Tommy confronts journalist who’s been photographing his family while o…[View]
182564906What is /pol/'s opinion on Norm McDonald, he seems like a pretty cool dude who I hope the folks…[View]
182557333How is this image in any way wrong? Treat people the way you want to be treated, and they'll be…[View]
182535963DONATION DRIVE: For those of you that don't know, an Australian senator said that Australia sho…[View]
182538857Hi, I'm a Karaite Jew, are we able to be friends /pol/?: More so, what specific groups within, …[View]
182564716why are muslums always so pissed off?: it seems that no matter what you do, you will always get a mu…[View]
182563417Owen Benjamin: On YouTube you can watch the disintegration of a man's mind in real time. >Ev…[View]
182565781People have generally good nature, it's the societal inequalities, oppression and poverty that …[View]
182566152the red fever: China is the real threat >no free speech >no morals / ethics >they steal eve…[View]
182566651Drumpf just can't catch a break.[View]
182565282Burgers BTFO.: Untouchables, people who literally poo in streets, get health care while American don…[View]
182566392lmao, state very bad: Why do people believe that anarchy would lead into freedom and liberty? We wou…[View]
182562242Do you guys act differently on different boards?: For example, I'm an avid user of this board b…[View]
182563844Don't usually post on /pol/ but I was wondering about age ranges, political beliefs and if they…[View]
182563555Proof all Jewish Rabbis are Mossad!!a: Why are we fighting a Jews war bc a bunch of Jews killed a bu…[View]
182566493>I love President Trump because he stands up to da joos OH NO NO NO NO[View]
182559391What's the real story behind the Bali nightclub bombings? Was the goal actually just to blow up…[View]
182562014For fucks sake Germany: Genuine Yazidi refugee woman flees Syria where she was sold as a sex slave, …[View]
182546330Where my inverted yield curve bros at?[View]
182566378>What do I do lord >Destroy the child >Corrupt them all…[View]
182559761leftists are gloating over this poll: https://twitter.com/senatormcdaniel/status/1030208178804457472…[View]
182532964Nigger philosophy: How likely is this scenario? That all black and brown people unite against whites…[View]
182552807WOMAN RAPES 5 YEAR OLD BOY, POSTS VIDEO ON LINE.: https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/08/15/woman-c…[View]
182566265Can I get a list of red pill documentaries regarding globalism and all the things wrong with the wor…[View]
182565219Why should I hate Jews if I've never even met a Jew?[View]
182563932Human trafficking Los Angeles edition: Just saw this pop up on the ol social medya does anyone else …[View]
182553180Is it true that Scandinavians are the most oppressed race in human history?: > Clearly forced int…[View]
182542103HAPPENING 9000%: ARCHIVE THIS TWITTER BEFORE THEY DELETE IT! This woman, Hujrah Wahhaj, seen in pic …[View]
182564076Jördn Pörtersn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU1LhcEh8Ms really cool channel you fags wont accep …[View]
182563005The Jew is the eyes and ears of the Mossad.. each rabbi is Mossad spies !!!: lets face it .. Mexican…[View]
182565638Imagine this being you and your child. Genes and heritage = 404[View]
182563195Has anyone on here read this autobiography written by Mussolini?: Thinking about getting this book. …[View]
182563705Turks are pure breed of Mongolian steppe warriors. It's true millions of Arabs and Persians and…[View]
182564610THEY ARE TAKING OUR OIL: Walmart Mexico announces plans to open gas stations >MEXICO CITY (Reuter…[View]
182562700Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has been kicked off Patreon, who were forced to do so by Mastercard fo…[View]
182565779Member when Social Justice was about standing up against abusive companies and not about minorities …[View]
182564798i know he is stupid but is he really as based as he seems?[View]
182561901FGM: How do we fix FGM /pol/? You have 3 choices: 1. Compulsory dehooding for white roastie sluts wh…[View]
182555400David Duke is a hero. Spike Lee is a lying faggot.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9OSvEuAQGM…[View]
182561287We need to redpill the masses on how racist blacks are: If the most obscure and irrelevant republica…[View]
182565534So many normies are going crazy about this 'Q' stuff, when what they really need to do is research t…[View]
182565525> thinks his race is superior to all others[View]
182562618Japan should be new US state: Japan should be new US state[View]
182554389Is the electric car revolutionizing society?: Who are the people paying 60k or 70k for a Toyota size…[View]
182565276Neo-Marxism: This is the core belief upon which modern leftist ideology rests. They want to liberate…[View]
182537468>tfw just beat a federal special prosecutor[View]
182550090What the fuck did Elon do to piss the kikes off?: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/16/tesla-ex-security-…[View]
182557577Give me one reason I shouldn't convert to Islam right now /pol/[View]
182565109How based is the salt of the earth American?[View]
182564875how hard or easy is it to play the same game on them that they are playing on us: in a complex or ea…[View]
182552736Your daily reminder that the Russians kicked the shit out of the Nazis in WWII.[View]
182564183What makes white women hate low status men with such a burning fervor?[View]
182563821We're not crazy, right?: Hey /pol/ do you think we're the crazy ones? I'm just wonder…[View]
182559077Reason for the EU: Just Germany? Royal backfire?: Was the bloc created so Germany would stop fucking…[View]
182550806Pain Epidemic Red Pill: I accidentally red pilled myself on pain management. I have been aware of ho…[View]
182549795>Trump is /ourguy/ >Alex Jones believes in what he peddles >infowars getting shut down is a…[View]
182559388Hitler was a soyboy: Nazis even renamed the basedbean the 'Nazi bean' and recommended in official ma…[View]
182561873We should find or create a 'national' Anthem for /pol/: Your propositions ? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182558735How does one be conservative and lesbian if the bible is against homos?[View]
182564403New Zealend un-JUST: >ٱلْـحَـمْـدُ للهِ Only locals can buy it's properties In my ((((EU))))…[View]
182561658question for black/pol/: ok so black women are god awful in every way so you guys chase the white wo…[View]
182559757Hey guys I'm a Russian bot, AMA[View]
182564272Satanic Inversions: So being aware of talmudic schizophrenic millennia long endeavors to destroy the…[View]
182558147>Literal shithole >Still has a better train infrastructure than the US This is embarassing. We…[View]
182556124>tfw even if you have a kid most of his teachers will be gay, most of the kids in his class will …[View]
182563892Tards for jesus: Can we have a dumb guys for jesus thread? Im honnest enough to admit Im not that sm…[View]
182563987Trump needs to help us.: The big tech companies that are funded by subsidies are censoring speech an…[View]
182559801>culling the population of 'acceptable' right wingers by branding people as degenerates…[View]
182565176Name my startup: Tribs decide the name of my ai - crypto company ROLL!![View]
182546932We need to have an Adult conversation about the Holocaust: Hello friend, Wayne here. I'm perple…[View]
182563859Home Office CRIMINALS, push AGENDA21: Criminally REFUSING to DEPORT is GOVT TYRANNY![View]
182563022The Meme War in France: So what is is going on in France Currently? Im not a clue what is going on a…[View]
182563835North Korean Bank Heist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usu9z0feHug[View]
182563824>only one sentence saying he's a white supremacist >chose literally the one picture of h…[View]
182555679Listen up /pol/: We're under attack by Reddit, summerfags, Shareblue, JIDF, CIA niggers and but…[View]
182531215Why are Blacks over represented in the prison population? Records him self committing a felony then …[View]
182561362Does anyone know this location?: Does anyone know this location?[View]
182560067SJW's vs Nazi's: Yesterday, while trying to explain what the extreme left, and SJW's …[View]
182560032>Female circumcision = FGM, incredibly immoral, violates human rights to bodily autonomy, etc. …[View]
182562162Why are there so many (((Albanians))) in American pop music?: and why are they all dressed like whor…[View]
182562579Prove you're white by posting the name of a book you've invested one hour into in the last…[View]
182553008TIME LEAP: Anybody else feel something...else In the last few hours?????[View]
182563278worldwide out of control terrorism. we know where it is coming from. yet we continue to play this g…[View]
182563187'The world will be freed by our liberty, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness. And wha…[View]
182560080Evolution isnt' r- >https://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(18)30827-3…[View]
182563013Reminder that Far-Right politicans are willing to throw all their beliefs and voters away for some y…[View]
182561428>Be Nick >At pub for a while.jpg >Notices its happy hour >Bronte tries to hold him back …[View]
182562439Why isn't divorce legal for jews and muslims?[View]
182561793Characters that defines your country.: I'll start. Literally a national treasure.[View]
182559866Hey /pol/ redpill me on why college keeps rising in cost and why student loans are harder to dischar…[View]
182556929What does it look like for Romans finally across Hadrian's wall?: What does Little Italy look l…[View]
182562554What BLM doesn't realize: ...is that blacks go to jail more often, and get shot fighting police…[View]
182559926Will we ever win? Will we be vindicated someday?: Please tell me all of this isn't in vain…[View]
182561572Do they actually thinking before they act?[View]
182533429Why would Twitter ban Gavin McInnes and not Richard Spencer or David Duke?: Why ban Gavin and not th…[View]
182546162I fucking hate atheists so much. It's not just their smug pseudo intelligent vibe that annoys m…[View]
182558319whiteoids: >be whiteoid >kicked around and bullied all through out history >finally after m…[View]
182561400Black man bad. White man good.[View]
182560911We are transitioning to a cashless society. Even the homeless do not require money! It's clear …[View]
182535112OH NO NO NO NO: >US Internet Speed Has Gone From 12th To 6th Fastest Since End Of Net Neutrality …[View]
182544289Nigerian Population Projections: >currently 191 million >will be 398 million by 2050 >750 M…[View]
182553765I had no idea that bongs where so based! NA i'm kidding its all the sandniggers they flooded t…[View]
182556952How come people give Trump shit for doing the same things Obama did[View]
182517249Libertarianism is the supreme ideology: Prove me wrong /pol/[View]
182559665Is Jeff Bezos /our/ monarch?[View]
182561220>Labour backing down, ready to accept (((full))) definition of antisemitism Yes good goy remember…[View]
182561836Einstein: Why was the brain of Albert Einstein so different? Or was he a descendant of the Neanderta…[View]
182559739Redpill me on Ross Perot[View]
182561780Baltimore Police Oversight Board member chimps out over simple traffic stop: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
182556088Evil is just a make believe concept: >get slaughtered by isis lol literally only a white couple w…[View]
182554689Who's pumped for Civil War Part Two?![View]
182559596Are Pol's Meme Magic Abilities Real or Overhyped?: Long story short, I came here because I thin…[View]
182545739What does it take to become a good parent in today's society?[View]
182560953Which side of the Jewish good cop/bad cop routine do you support? The good cop or the bad cop?[View]
182560805Anyone else ever genuinely shocked when they see an all White, happy family in advertisements? Pic r…[View]
182558861Okay /pol/. Let's talk.: I've never liked you guys. I've never cared much for your po…[View]
182561053Ann Coulter: Names Jason Kessler; Cheers /pol/ Bikelock Guy Research: This might be the first time I…[View]
182561321A Call To Down Facebook: So Meme Magic is real, right? Then how come anons are sitting back and just…[View]
182526745Are faggots born faggots ? I keep hearing conflicting arguments and I can't tell which to belie…[View]
182560085How to stop American sliding in to Weimer Republic's hell: US is sliding in to Weimer Republic …[View]
182558162How do we restore White immigration to the US instead of importing third world niggers?[View]
182548150Which nationality is the biggest cancer on this board right now, anon?[View]
182550937So how hard are you Trumplets working on your mental gymnastics to find ways to criticize this guy a…[View]
182559029I really hope there is a tape of Trump saying 'nigger.' It's the final boss of political correc…[View]
182553759How did we end up in a world where speaking up against this is considered a hate crime? Sometimes I …[View]
182552870How do we improve race relations in the US?[View]
182530814Lauren Southern quits YouTube: Goodbye /ourgil/, we won't forget (you) https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182552972Why has the EU turned from a free trade block to a lefty dystopic bureaucracy?: When did this change…[View]
182558393Is OTTO, dare I say, our company? do they browse 4chan?: I don't even know where this guy is co…[View]
182557945Women are pack animals: Any time there is a dispute involving a man and a woman, and there are multi…[View]
182559965https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KarSz7MLq8k tHIS GUY IS YOUTUBE STREAMING IN his shower. theres alre…[View]
182559909https://youtu.be/1prQoTOxFCw Democracks: 'we defend freedom of speech' >SILENCES PEOPLE FOR DISBE…[View]
182559871Explain this shit, americlaps? Was this the moment the jews won??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jud…[View]
182558827God I hate niggers[View]
182559629Why are atheists so much more intellectually superior than christians?[View]
182541442Perverter of Individualism: Individualism: 1. controlling oneself, but not others 2. being self re…[View]
182517114ITS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-16/emus-take-over-broken-hill/10122430?sf…[View]
182554257The left will eat itself: change my mind[View]
182555765Kanye approval of BLACKED: I don't know if you noticed but Kanye West just marketed BLACKED on …[View]
182554230is neo-con a negative term? + what is the positive equivalent?: Recently, thanks to wikipedia, i dis…[View]
182550306/pol/ hates pedos. /pol/ loves christianity.: what's that smell? a little...... BTFO, perhaps?!…[View]
182556682Holy shit when can we just purge these fucking parasites, what is it going to take?[View]
182511348Sacha Baron Cohen Tells US City It's Getting New Mosque: https://youtu.be/KHJlZyFxp88[View]
182558342Losing touch: Decided to open YouTube for the first time in a month or two and saw this: https://m.y…[View]
182554649Why isn't the national income evenly distributed between every individual in society? For examp…[View]
182542441/ourguy/ We must support him.[View]
182531131Jews are the original Aryans and Indo-Europeans: Look at this DNA reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-E…[View]
182550930When the white men first ventured to explored the african continent, he discovered many new beasts o…[View]
182558833THE BLUE WAVE is going to wash the stink of DRUMPF away!: First we get the senate then we get the ho…[View]
182558790>Wake Up: >Iran won and now the US its a Christian Theocracy under a Rouhani-tier Leader. Wat …[View]
182532796Oh NO NO NO NO...[View]
182557919Is there a Christian revival going on in Europe?: >Europe Is Undergoing a Conservative Christian …[View]
182525769Uganda Anon Part 3: Final thread. will probably not answer most questions on this thread. will answe…[View]
182552047Aye Wh*teboiz: We comin for ur hoes dont care if dey old, fat or handicap muh dick gonna smash dat p…[View]
182553622https://mobile.twitter.com/redpillchick?lang=de >I'm like really light olive. >I exfoliat…[View]
182558274HAPPENING!: Dems about to retake control of the house. 75% chance. How about that, bigots?[View]
182557819(((Krassenstein))) Speaks: What are your thoughts goys? >https://twitter.com/krassenstein/status/…[View]
182535506Military: Thinking about joining the military when I get out of college. I took an ASVAB and now the…[View]
182557163How are you preparing for the Chinese century?[View]
182538849Why do trannies kill themselves in such a high rate? Please redpill me on it[View]
182558456TRE45ON: Say it with me. Impeach 45[View]
182557526I want to be able to stop coming here but I can't, when are we getting shut down?[View]
182558370Side by Side.: Am I delusional /pol/? Is it worth holding the line?[View]
182554943>Light Yagami is a some kind of neo-fascist who decides he will make the world a better place by …[View]
182553987I think Israel is going to fall while Trump is in office. I can see the rest of the sand niggers tur…[View]
182557121Oh shit who is he talking about?[View]
182550835I'm so lost. Is the Unite the Right only for white people? I'm not white but I support it.…[View]
182546569BlAcK pEoPlE cAn’T bE rAcIsT[View]
182547405> Be Modi > Openly allow killing of 6/7k muslims during his state governed tenure > Compare…[View]
182537133It's actually happening https://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/national/article216821…[View]
182557135Do you think: ...the candidates for the 2020 are gonna use Twitter the same way Trump is doing to wi…[View]
182552000Why is the Murdoch-owned mainstream media going full throttle trying to 24/7 paint Corbyn as an 'ant…[View]
182554056Why is fertility naturally trending towards just below 2 percent?: Even in Africa, fertility is head…[View]
182552975Why not?: >the most socially acceptable race to hate in 2018 is white people >don't like …[View]
182557961Praise the gender studies, feminism and niggerology!: The 100 years process (in which jews took cent…[View]
182554256America died on September 11, 2001. Why does this statement trigger boomers so much?[View]
182545866why does trump hate the US army/cia/etc[View]
182556191Would you sacrifice everything in order to return?: Only whites, europe, monarchy and Christianity.…[View]
182557847Womp Womp: Lesbian Carpet Muncher Down: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6070119/Diabetic-bri…[View]
182555914Nazis and commies fail the American (Enlightenment) 'show me' test. Decade after decade after decade…[View]
182554293Getting pretty fucking blackpilled here: It's become clear that the elites are really playing t…[View]
182554859Now that the dust has settled ... Why'd he really do it, lads?[View]
182545477Are you ready for the BLUE WAVE MEGAPEDES?[View]
182548341Toll Status: Paid: https://www.wfla.com/news/hillsborough-county/former-plant-high-football-player-c…[View]
182549523ITT We Predict The Leadup To The Midterms: I'm predicting that Trump declassifies some bombshel…[View]
182554492(((Voiceanything.com))) or /oursite Voiceanything.com: Can name the Jew Almost finished with an app…[View]
182555852So much winning.: How will right wingers ever recover from this?. https://youtu.be/OSnc07IxrfY…[View]
182555572This is what panic and pure desperation of a brain damaged crook looks like[View]
182556987Quick question, if someone's first name is Israel, would you consider them a jew right then and…[View]
182536467Deep thought thread: Post your philosophies in here, or try to prove how worthless life on earth is,…[View]
182557354I wonder what his life was like.: He looks like a happy fella'[View]
182556805>has a Downie that he has to pretend to love and take to Nationals games though deep down inside …[View]
182556063What is going to happen if global capitalism continues to grow? Will we reach a state of automated p…[View]
182545911Antarctica: What would it take to start building illegal self sufficient settlements on Antarctica .…[View]
182557235Strean discussing satanism but won't address the Jews: Got booted from guys chat for bring up J…[View]
182551186Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World's Largest: >https://news.nationalgeographic.com/20…[View]
182557090Space War Begins: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-likely-training-pilots-to-target-us-pen…[View]
182550582Is there no end to the sexual depravity of the common filth? I used to think there were still some v…[View]
182553190You really showed them on Saturday.[View]
182551081asking for advice, /pol/. I joined my company's 'Diversity Committee' for kicks and to change t…[View]
182554835Infowars is down again: feels bad man how am i gonna get muh doomporn[View]
182555732trooth: I've posted this once before and will post it one more time after. Take it or leave it.…[View]
182551793That moment when I realised that my favorite comedy movie of all time was made by a jew. I have fors…[View]
182554171Who wins?[View]
182552336How does it feel: To know the king of pop hated his own race so much he got a operation to become wh…[View]
182556648Why does the EU export more to the US than vice versa?[View]
182556490Is this racist?[View]
182552344Name me one bad thing that whites did.: One bad thing that white people did. Whites can't be al…[View]
182552577When will civil war break up in Great Britain?: They are ready to be destroyed from inside.[View]
182554462What does Irani dispora in your country look like?[View]
182549948Im a latter day saint, AMA Ill try to answer what I can[View]
182527149Candace Owens was a liberal blogger before Trump won, It's soul crushing to know every social m…[View]
182540340thoughts on subcultures?: Are they just another plot by (((them))) to divide the white race? Ever no…[View]
182551694Is the white race the most violent race in the world?[View]
182547814Should Plato’s Republic be emulated? If not, what’s your disagreement?[View]
182553950Maxime Bernier is the most based Canadian politician currently serving in office. >https://twitt…[View]
182553893What is our symbol?: The two things I find frustratingly lacking in the growing pro-white political …[View]
182549456Why should I get married and have children?: I'm picky, pragmatic, and don't want to be st…[View]
182552572how would you rank women and their attractiveness by country pol?[View]
182553253How fucked am I /pol/? I booked a hotel in New York City, and driving from Toronto. I spilt fucking …[View]
182553489why are most people here pathetic cucks who see themselves as victim?: they think everything wrong i…[View]
182533360Australia is Racist: >Do NOT Immigrate here Yes, we hate you. All of you. Niggers, spics, chinks,…[View]
182552147Just realized something... If the jews in power are Ashkenazi and Israel is only 35% Ashekazi than t…[View]
182502788Jordan Peterson: 'Take your pills goy, it will make you a better individual': Is Jordan Peterson our…[View]
182551701What did they mean by this?[View]
182553313Britain NO!: Oh no nooo. But I'm curious tho. How 'antisemitic' is Britain? Can'…[View]
182545548Ask a colombian anything: i'm kinda free tonight, what do you wanna know about my country?…[View]
182537029Twitter Subpoena - ITS HAPPENING: Source: House panel considers subpoena for Twitter CEO >Staff o…[View]
1825351735G Is Going To Kill Us: 5G network is going to be one hell of a friend to cancer. Literally incredib…[View]
182552035ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
182554373There are 23 women in the senate and 84 in the house: we're fucked, lads[View]
182554834New MF DOOM music video shows Kanye getting shot and Trump laughing at his death report https://yout…[View]
182543050After the Day of Reckoning, what should be the lawful punishment for moneylending?[View]
182550103Admit it already drumpfy conspiritards. For all your doomsday prepping, you don't have nearly e…[View]
182528788Do you hate niggers? Do you see them as humans?[View]
182551275HEY KID.......: wanna buy some drugs? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-16/second-tesla-whistle…[View]
182520409Brit/pol/ : Drum and Bass edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BETNgSbLBn0 feeling a way…[View]
182554637Soyim, This is the easiest way to Red pill someone?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned…[View]
182554449Annnnd he is a democrat. What a surprise.: What a fucking shock isn’t it![View]
182554354Reminder that Filpino Americans are the master mutts[View]
182553368Now I feel for you people. ETHNOSTATE is the only answer >live near university >heaps of exch…[View]
182552034There is no left or right: Economic systems provide the axioms for how social structures flourish. L…[View]
182554250Hey /pol/.: Is gundam /ouranime/? >Forced segregationism (forcing people to live on colonies beca…[View]
182553172Gotta Love me a Cup of Liberal Hypocrisy: >To all those supposed constitutional conservatives out…[View]
182532299WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT: its ok lads were all gonna make it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1b…[View]
182550821Help me define two newspeak internet political cliches, anons: What is the difference between the fo…[View]
182553782What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
182554063>Guatamalans and Costa Ricans need to seek asylum from their countries that aren't in a refu…[View]
182520004This is the state of the American military Convince me you aren't going to be annihilated when …[View]
182552835Are Americans terrorists?: They bomb school buses filled with children. They bomb hospitals. They bo…[View]
182553938Khator MUST spend the rest of his life in JAIL!: SKY NEWS are TRAITOR-BASTARDS, trying to get Khator…[View]
182541340What do: > dating girl for three months > finally let her know I'm a trump supporter. …[View]
182548163what does /pol/ think of the 27 (twenty seven) million dollar bicycle bridge in melbournes northern …[View]
182546147What facts do you have there is Jewish Conspiracy against whites? It's as ridiculous as saying …[View]
182553774Khator MUST be EXECUTED!!: TRAITOR Sky News try to INSINUATE that KHATOR is INNOCENT!???? He is NOT …[View]
182548846Yoooooooooooooo. This is dope. Gets dopest around 52 minute mark. Moly-fucking-neux. https://youtu.b…[View]
182551881Just gonna leave this here for all Ausbros to peruse. Know your enemy.[View]
182531500/nsg/ ᛉ - Natsoc General: Late Night Edition: Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Fascism, …[View]
182549282Why is he popping up everywhere? Which one of you nasty niggers is John Doe 40? Is this a pizza gat…[View]
182537660$hapeShifter$ general: /pol/'s best conspiracy videos? Shapeshifting PROSTITUTE in Freemason Lo…[View]
182534494The SEAL who killed Bin Laden is fucking pissed on Twitter right now: Libs are trying to take credit…[View]
18255119936% is pretty surprising, even if you correct for an assumed apparent bias on Rasmussen's part.…[View]
182541690German Military: The German military from 1807 to 1949 was the best military we have seen in all of …[View]
182548606BASED NERDY VAMPIRE NEWS LADY DOES IT AGAIN!: They tanned her skin a bit since I posted the last one…[View]
182547782Texas independent when?[View]
182550527What does pol think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is h…[View]
182537560Jess and Jayoh: Any friends wanna share?[View]
182552125USSR makes outrageous claims about germans genociding people >Gee I don't know, this all sou…[View]
182552242Report: Saudi-UAE coalition 'cut deals' with al-Qaeda in Yemen: https://www.google.com/amp…[View]
182542639Brazil Elections: prediction thread: Lula's trial to be an eligible candidate is tomorrow. What…[View]
182545423For every racism you post, one wealthy White girl gets sent to a gulag and worked to death >think…[View]
182539310Why are you not eating organic?[View]
182550490how can we disrupt sino-russian relationship?[View]
182546135Why does the average American support the police so much? They even call them 'heroes' and stuff. Yo…[View]
182547032>Senate has to defend the media: imagine my shock.[View]
182550529political kino[View]
182552162did you really think she has a drop of subsaharan blood? she literally looks 100% arab. the british …[View]
182552331The floodgates have been opened: No story more convoluted and perverse than attempting to discern hi…[View]
182549318ALEX JONES: We Need to bring Alex Jones and infowars back bigger and better than ever, any suggestio…[View]
182547803WTF? I HATE TRUMP NOW!!!: As a racist, I disavow Trump. I cant believe he used to date Urethra. Anyo…[View]
182547941World without whites?: When whites finally push ourselves into extinction what will be the effects o…[View]
182550724Meme War Sweden: Sweden election is in 23 day and the Sweden Democrats are equal 1st with open borde…[View]
182548002Why do a lot of people here hate the gays? Is it just irony or do people genuinely get pissed off ab…[View]
182541530why orange man bad: why is ORANGE MAN BAD? i would like one (1) well-reasoned argument as to why tru…[View]
182551543>White people are civiliz- You have some explaining to do, /pol/. Because this is just ridiculous…[View]
182526113Minnesota elects Somali immigrant who married brother: How the hell are people like this getting sup…[View]
182551583Let's just rid of all the niggers and people who aren't at least 90% white.[View]
182549995(((They))) are going after /ourguy/ Jack Phillips again: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/jack-phil…[View]
182549120>USA is blacker than north africa OHNONONONONONO[View]
182549778We literally live in a Mafia State.[View]
182551146https://thoughtcatalog.com/jeremy-king/2013/11/i-will-never-love-my-girlfriends-autistic-son/ friend…[View]
182551619Why don't we just ally with the Israelis like Hitler did? They literally have a racist fascist …[View]
182539305The state of Sweden: A Swedish Muslim woman has won compensation after her job interview was ended w…[View]
182520025Musk is a fucking drug dealer!: Holy shit!!! Dudes done..... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-…[View]
182526972Why are you faggots so sensitive? Genuine question.[View]
182532774Women are evil - please advise?: Well, I feel like a tool for asking /pol/ for advice. But I'm …[View]
182546008Right wing waifu being targeted by leftist: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/…[View]
182548732Does anyone have that gif where is written '/pol/ .... reach..'?[View]
182548941As a Republican running for State Rep, just wanted to say, I love you guys. Red rivers are rising, a…[View]
182549620Pagan & Christian Europeans: We are united by blood, not by creed. Stop arguing amongst yoursel…[View]
182551299>muh huwh*Te skin Call me a kike but there is no such thing as a line between races only a gradia…[View]
182516451defend this.[View]
182544282Do Jews believe their own propaganda?[View]
182551220Minnesota General Elections: Minnesotafags get the fuck in here right fucking now. Let's discus…[View]
182545534I don't know how things are working out in other countries (I know about Alex Jones), but in Br…[View]
182543631Scumfuck boomers: Goddamn do I hate this fucking generation Boomer hate thread please Never in my e…[View]
182542636The man who killed Osama bin Laden says Trump is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime.[View]
182542813Can we get an Alex Jones post again?: Why is his website under attack again? why won't they let…[View]
182533233Inheritance tax should be 100% because every person on the planet should succeed or fail based off t…[View]
182535603What is /pol/ going to be like during the upcoming Assange hearings in the Senate?[View]
182548345What does everyone think of the Pearl Jam Poster?: Being Canadian. I dont care. Thoughts?[View]
182530128Redpill me about Freemasonry, what I know is that it was founded by Jews, but where do they act, How…[View]
182537032>The Satanic Temple of Arkansas has erected a statue to protest the The Ten Commandments that are…[View]
182545879Daily reminder: the people who overdose on drugs deserve to die.: Why, you ask? Because the retarded…[View]
182541199Right Wing Artists: Are there any right wing artists/song writers/singers/musicians out there on fiv…[View]
182539001David Bautista: Is David Bautista going to be more screwed than his coworkers for deliberately chall…[View]
182550389/pol/ humor thread: Last one died. New /pol/ humor thread. Starting with some OC, fresh off the pres…[View]
182543742Do all Muslims hate us?: So, if all Muslims hate us and want us dead, how come Indonesia isn't …[View]
182546244As a sandnigger in university, whenever I try to point out the achievements that whites have brought…[View]
182550264Russia makes me hopeful and is showing the United States of ZOG can be outplayed and outmaneuvered[View]
182550202You guys can't possibly attribute problems in the world to differences between blacks and white…[View]
182546462What are some good redpill vids/pics/weebums to redpill normies? I personally like this one.[View]
182546286Reminder that this asshole tried to turn the FBI and the IRS into the attack dogs of the Democratic …[View]
182549988Remember that time we got our friends to meddle in the US Election[View]
182541127>he wants a stay at home wife >he wants someone to literally sit at home for him instead of co…[View]
182549103https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fx5hMwC6Zc When will /pol/ free her?[View]
182548175Borat proved trump dick suckers really are just rural retards: prove me wrong pro tip you can't…[View]
182545790When the EU becomes an Islamo-fascist empire (and it will) which side will you be on, for or against…[View]
182540449Parade CANCELLED.: Mattis just canceled Trump’s military parade. That’s the biggest, surest sign tha…[View]
182541311Degenerate Americocka has money for LGBT gay parades but no money for military parade. LMAO: Trump’s…[View]
182549770He Will Not Divide Us -- Take it down boys: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ the livestream has retur…[View]
182549689In first world countries, in the CURRENT YEAR, straight white males are the least privileged people.…[View]
182547080Boys Beware!: Were the 60's more based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5VNe9NTOxA[View]
182545519Abortion: >when /pol/ tells you to vote Republican they're literally telling you to vote for…[View]
182549557Is George Soros the Crassus of our time?[View]
182547589Well have you cashed in, yet?[View]
182544645Say, 'thank you Jesus': The Christian God gave us hydrocarbons.[View]
182544436Except he literally WASN'T inciting violence.[View]
182537734A Massive 240 Cubic Miles Of Magma Was Just Discovered Beneath California's Supervolcano: >O…[View]
182527601A common argument of the globalists is that wealthier countries should share a portion of their weal…[View]
182546562All Niggers Will Always Be Slaves: Whether they are washing our dicks like in Egypt, picking cotton …[View]
182545371Does /pol/ study Roman history?: I see a lot of parallels between modern day western civilization an…[View]
182532881Why is Sargon so bad you guys?: Why is Sargon of akkad so hated here?[View]
182544940Why don't english men do anything about the state of London?[View]
182542808Brit /Pol - M.I.C.W Briefing: If the techleft commies think we're just going to sit back and wa…[View]
182545354Name one thing wrong with neoliberalism. >free trade >globalism >individualism >open bo…[View]
182541989Louis Le Vau: what does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
182546005Communism and Capitalism are bourgeois ideologies: Two sides of the same coin. Wake up goy.[View]
182548327This is how niggers mourn their dead[View]
182546973Anyone else listen to this Based Blackman? He is unironically one of the best advocates for white ri…[View]
182545088If (((they))) planned the browning of the US, (((they))) must've expected a rise in white supre…[View]
182548375What if the simulation is really going to end soon and we're approaching the good end or bad en…[View]
182540908/OurGuy/ Based anime characters thread[View]
182543848Can you tell someone's intelligence just by looking at their facial features?: Mainly the eye s…[View]
182535811'Oh nooo, no no no noooo': The absolute state of women. Overly emotional reaction is why it was a mi…[View]
182548131Redpill me on the Israel-Palestine conflict: I know the history just never seen anything obscure or …[View]
182545882if you wait for this faggot to fix your problems for you, then you're gonna lose so hardcore. (…[View]
182546742I remember: So sad that the new guy cant stop sucking Putin's cock[View]
182546653Meanwhile in bong land: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=GIwi_1534364055[View]
182545719if Israel is destroyed by the arabs, will millions of jews flood europe and the americas as refugees…[View]
182548369ALT-RIGHT NAZIS BTFO We did no nuffin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0g0BDEid8M[View]
182516894Sandy Hook Cliff Notes?: Can someone redpill me on Sandy Hook? What is the most compelling evidence?…[View]
182543364Global liberal movement: In order to truly destroy a rebellion, you must change or solve the cause. …[View]
182548006We will save the white race: As soon as white males stop killing their own families. https://www.den…[View]
182546982Good Language To Learn?: Which language would be the most useful to learn, and what's the best …[View]
182544016Trump says border wall construction has begun, but uh, that's not true at ALL: Why is he lying …[View]
182547327When did you realize that AI is our salvation?[View]
182542033Why are so many white men getting yellow pilled?: Is the yellow pill a subset of the redpill or the …[View]
182526022Italy has AWAKENED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3Nzk1EnN0w[View]
182543019God I hate Canada: https://youtu.be/tV-wgZBGfCo[View]
182543202Possible Happening Manhattan Gas Attack: GET IN HERE! LATE NIGHT HAPPENING! REPORTS OF DOZENS AFFECT…[View]
182531673Mitt doesn't look so bad compared to Trump now, does he?[View]
182547449Trudeau got cucked again.: 2 Nationalists Presidents 1 Globalist Prime Minister[View]
182547821Literally all Trump has to do to win the mid terms is get the Republicans to start getting vocal abo…[View]
182541432Why do you hate on people who kneel before the flag and anthem? They are just honoring the country i…[View]
182545783What would the world be like if George Wallace.: What would it be like.[View]
182546730Danish public radio is exposing 4 chan: It's over now. Your time's up.[View]
182546575Raise minimum wage: What's stopping the US from raising its minimum wages? pic unrelated[View]
182507854Redpill me on being a construction worker. This generation has seen a drop in people in the constru…[View]
182546981New: Hi, I'm new to /pol/. Aren't I suppose to talk about jews or something or do I have t…[View]
182546392>tfw your hat is no longer worth wearing.[View]
182536473How many of you like myself were a hardcore liberal 5-10 years ago and what made you switch sides? F…[View]
182533684Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin story https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=97sB1Xjvkok[View]
182547130>'As soon as we beat England we shall make an end of you Englishmen once and for all. Able-bodied…[View]
182547100LF Decent APUSH Shitpost (SFW): Any of you got a good shitpost that I can use as a binder cover for …[View]
182546755Eight (8) years of being President with ZERO (0) scandals[View]
182546202Discussion: Pride is how they reproduce.[View]
182546905What did they mean by this?[View]
182541557Who is behind the Opioid epidemics 72000 deaths 2017: Purdue Pharma L.P. is a privately held pharmac…[View]
182546669Total myth! Witch hunt![View]
182546120What is his endgame?[View]
182536381Ummm guys...was Alex Jones right all along?[View]
182544681Why the fuck does religon still exist? We have sufficient proof to say that there is no god yet tons…[View]
182546423In first world countries, in the CURRENT YEAR, straight white males are the least privileged people.…[View]
182530760One year in church, did not convert: I wish Jesus and the gospels were real, my life would be better…[View]
182521458So a vegan and a vegetarian walk into an Islamic State...: Stop me if you've heard this one bef…[View]
182543368Every day I become more and more like him: Anyone else feel the same way?[View]
182545712Reminder that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea currently has more institutional politi…[View]
182544564woman: quality white woman are few and far between these days. what are some of the mosed based coun…[View]
182543787Redpill reminders: The system is already collapsing on it's own. Nobody listens when America te…[View]
182541464Why do only white European women have a roastie complex? The brown ones such as Romanians and Slavic…[View]
182542224On the left is a painting of Julius Evola, author of Revolt Against The Modern World. I-Is that revi…[View]
182545522Why are you destroying our only home?[View]
182545450The journey of Saint Anon: There are many faithful here who are likely on the path to sainthood. Tho…[View]
182545468London Bank pedophile cement !: Was watching the usual - taking the rounds and lo and behold that pe…[View]
18254499175% Probably of Dems gaining control of the house.: Even though I voted for Trump and hate dems, I c…[View]
182491893Yazidi girl in Germany sees former ISIS captor, forced to flee Germany for Iraq: This girl was a for…[View]
182544188How do we stop white males from murdering there children?[View]
182545290Truth: Sad to say that I know this to be the true from personal experiences. There's actually a…[View]
182542438Philosophy: Statement: >Killing is wrong If I kill you it's wrong and I go to jail. If a gov…[View]
182539493BLUUUUUU WAVVEEEEE: Ready to get dabbed on Blumpfkins?[View]
182543094Slow night...can we get a nigger hate thread goin?[View]
182544393lol fucking white people[View]
182532358Why is stefan molynuex bad?: Why is he bad.[View]
182539978Why do the Russians and Republicans get so mad when you bring up: Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort…[View]
182543988we now almost everybody fears us and no one dares attacks us now[View]
182539919BREAK THE Torie PARTY: do boomers actually think we are going to vote for this little Twit ? muh sh…[View]
182538010Based California State Senate Passes Law Recognizing Anti-Gay Conversion Therapy as Consumer Fraud: …[View]
182531438so i stopped following alt-right politics like 5 months back, around when cuck box broke. Can someon…[View]
182544381North Korea, a communist country, is the least degenerate nation on Earth. Homosexuality is not acce…[View]
182519682CREATURE TERRIFIES NIGGERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjORDilasd8 >Residents of West Pokot …[View]
182540272California Hate thread: Burning the bear flag edition: Post what you got from the biggest shithole i…[View]
182531421Donald fucking trump: hahahaha holy shit[View]
182541807Why do you enjoy watching fake news?[View]
182536993Symptoms of a ????: Sensitivity to sound, color, and taste. Skin burns with certain sounds. What PSY…[View]
182541976What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
182543257I am a massive homo looking for some videos that argue against Homosexuality so I can get a more com…[View]
182532070What really happened???[View]
182542419Vermont primary 2018: What in the FUCK is up with this Christine Hallquist character??[View]
182543944>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182540442Upcoming US elections: Hey US cucks. Recently your media has gone to the full charge mode. Democrat…[View]
182539442my family has fallen on hard times and we're moving to a ghetto do you have any advice for livi…[View]
182541249You might not like it, but this is what peak Western Civilization looks like.[View]
182543556Can I red-pill you on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?[View]
182543795Wisdom.: https://youtu.be/ypW2K7iLQm4[View]
182543768Secondly reminder: That you will never succeed in nofap without Christ. Why is that? Because it was …[View]
182542090Jew Here: I would just like to say one thing. >Everything this board thinks about Jews is correct…[View]
182543646Globalists admitting their plains since the 1960s: “progressive controlled disarmament and continuou…[View]
182540572EU: Could the EU be an organization made to discredit the bible in Europe with things such as global…[View]
182520436All I asked was where in Africa are you from[View]
182543161Value Judgement: All Jews will disappear but the trade off is all white people become inoculated wit…[View]
182521542SJW's Solve the Who's White Question.: Turns out our spics here are white. THANKS SJW…[View]
182534286YOU GUYS: I just had possibly the greatest idea ever , what if pol baited ANTIFA to counter protest …[View]
182543337https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-45190746/how-a-paedophile-s-hands-led-to-his-conviction BBC an…[View]
182538106Tomorrow is the start of a shitlib self-shoah on Twitter. So which one of you bastards set this in m…[View]
18251153860% of all plastic waste in the ocean comes from India: FUCK PAJEETS[View]
182522899Daily reminder that race doesn't even exist: It's literally a tool of oppression used by w…[View]
182524649John Brennan: Why was revoking his security clearance a good thing? I have not followed this close b…[View]
182538134Oi mate! You got a loicense for that flamethrower:: Popular YouTube star gets visit from Manchester …[View]
182542187>Becomes the 47th President of the United States[View]
182535521Is Cruz really gonna lose to this glue sniffing faggot?[View]
182516676BLUEWAVE2018: All of the data points to the Democrats winning back the House. What will you Republic…[View]
182542754Which one of you started this?[View]
182537433daily reminder that if you aren't sending money to japan, you don't belong here.[View]
182542662If you don't support the breaking of psychiatric privacy oath for diagnosed psychopaths regardi…[View]
182517905Help flip this poll: We gotta work hard boys, keep this thread bumped. https://twitter.com/4yrstoday…[View]
182537231So this is the power of Free Trade.[View]
182542054Going by this logic, doesn't that mean Jews, Turks, Iranians, Cypriots, Armenians, Georgians, a…[View]
182538201A. Wyatt Mann comics: Post those classics[View]
182538663Paying blacks money so they can eat isn’t the cause of the demise of scientific discovery. It’s that…[View]
182538233Imagine living in a society that forces citizens to 'borrow' money to live comfortably then charges …[View]
182533851God is a dirty jew, he lets white genocide happen and he lets jews fuck us over by protecting his 'c…[View]
182534637Every libshit article >And it's beautiful >And that's a good thing…[View]
182541622https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JkIs37a2JE >And now every mother, can choose the color >Of he…[View]
182541515RUSS FAGG: What do you think of this guy?[View]
182527357Can Spain become a great power again?: I have been thinking a lot lately about Why the Spanish empir…[View]
182541490things that make you go hmmmmmmmm: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[View]
182538982China vs India: Who does /pol/ support?: I personally support India because they are closer to us ge…[View]
182541342Muh free speech: -not on someone else's private property -not outside of your own country How h…[View]
182537728CRTV is pretty based for sticking by Gavin and having his back. All the other hosts are much more co…[View]
182541212>Free Speech is my God given right: Leave it to a mutt to require sanction to speak. Slave morali…[View]
182530491How can we get twitter to ban Trump?: Imagine the shitshow[View]
182532893>unemployment 3.8%(lowest in recorded human history) >300,000 jobs created every month >un…[View]
182540207If you could push a button that would make all populations of Africa and Asia vanish, would you?: Wh…[View]
182537455>my house? >oh yeah it’s cool dude, me and my twelve other roommates all share a California ki…[View]
182534083Who else here didn't start listening to Alex Jones until he got banned?: I never used to take h…[View]
182541046Remember how energized everyone felt back in 2015-2016, and how the entire movement has grinded to a…[View]
182534587Is it happening?: I’m waiting[View]
182540890look well right now i am afraid humanity is officially beyond repair look what can we do to at least…[View]
182540618remember that time when two navy seals murdered a green beret? https://theintercept.com/2018/02/07/…[View]
182536425if you could press a restart buttion and make all of humanity be hunter gather’s and rebuild would y…[View]
182535950Pol is this our guy? He says some interesting things that I agree with. But he never tells us who…[View]
182538296Stop the censorship: We need to start taking down liberal candidate's fundraising websites, and…[View]
182537100What is some /pol/ approved anime?[View]
182526231Why are liberals smarter?: Why do you guys think scientist are not conservative? Why do liberals hav…[View]
182539122redraw the borders of europe[View]
182533164How true is this?[View]
182538047Nig kills nig: >Leon Armstrong (R) tries breaking into the bathroom stall of 16 year old >Turn…[View]
182515134Redpilled and Alt-Media: Who are some of your favorites, /pol/? Between YouTube, podcasts, and radio…[View]
182528369What happened?: remember when this board was a place you could talk about beliefs without getting ca…[View]
182540324When the Lady leaves the mountain you'll know it's near. Stay in pairs. Do not trust what …[View]
182540040Well with the world being in a hell hole and probably beyond repair how should we handle this[View]
182537989>worship a jew on a stick: >be surprised your priests worship the devil and rape children! ITT…[View]
182539399Hey you jerks: I’m an Apache attack helicopter and am sick to death of you ignorant bastards. For st…[View]
182519681/pol/ humor thread: fresh content edition[View]
182535433Bobby Fischer: never forget. https://www.bitchute.com/video/r2PGEzinEibF/[View]
182535751Taos Compound AMA: I live in Taos and know some of the people involved in this news story. You guys …[View]
182523001The military loves Drumpf...: SEAL commander and decorated hero BTFO five deferment bone spurs. Also…[View]
182521712White nationalists are basement dwellers: https://nypost.com/2018/08/15/unite-the-right-organizer-ad…[View]
182505220Syria General /sg/ - 'Ooops, Sorry, I Dropped This' Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syri…[View]
182525392oh shi...: >Don't vote for that ching-chong[View]
182537804Greatness: Lol communism is the best thing ever!! Lol fags you are a bunch of nazi loving fags that …[View]
182529047Nigga here, I just got back from a trip to Ethiopia. >all regions have beautiful women >food …[View]
182537892BETAROCK is the new “DISCO SUCKS” movement to destroy today's bluepilled shit music.: #BETAROCK…[View]
182538490Is she /our girl/: Based democrat[View]
182539461Discuss: psyop or cultural appropriation? or maybe something Asia is truly the cultural future?…[View]
182538522Black eyed 'humans' and Socialism: The eyes are commonly held to be the very windows into our human …[View]
182535328Why does everyone hate white men?[View]
182538270Libs in the CA legislature are eagerly passing anti-police bills and pro-criminal bills: There are t…[View]
182528004Admiral McRaven joins the resistance against Trump: I suspect there are lot more leftist military of…[View]
182538516To people who claim that 'Christianity built civilization', how do justify the fact that Ancient Rom…[View]
182523962Free on bail - cops bulldoze crime site before trial: So, let me get this straight - we're free…[View]
182501964God bye and thanx for the ride: This board will get nuked in less than 2 hours as part of the free s…[View]
182524923I made a post saying, 'I'm going to go to Texas to get a steak with that faggot Ted Cruz' in re…[View]
182539249Only together side by side can we defeat the new world order we may not belong in the same house tog…[View]
182538291ITT you post far-right artists and writers: Bonus if the artist is still active.[View]
182539146How did only 5 shots: Kill 28 ppl? Howbdoes one kill themselves with a shotgun locke in their trunk?…[View]
182537757FOX NEWS GETS DESTROYED BY DENMARK: THIS IS what rednecks watch and believe ahahah how pathetic http…[View]
182539109Mexico is ran by Zogged Politicians and Drug Cartels.[View]
182482503What does /pol/ think about these China vlogers?[View]
182539072The abyss is a magnificent end to a beautiful problem and the abyss is the abyss of creation[View]
182531845Is it possible to try too hard at work? I notice my co workers are much slower than me at completing…[View]
182533974Why do atheists who reject Judeo-Christian values take Western civilization for granted?: Western ci…[View]
182537390How can Republicans get negroes to vote for them? Why have all the efforts so far failed?[View]
182535035What happened /pol/?: I have been listening to a lot of the “Earth Wind and Fire” station while driv…[View]
182537219Why don't people get this?: >ALL ASIANS LOOK ALIKE! >ALL BLACKS LOOK ALIKE! >ALL WHITE…[View]
182531497When was the last time you prayed /pol/? https://youtu.be/ok4OauvHeMs[View]
182532511Did YouTube Drive Nasim Aghdam To Her Death?: How many more people will these big monopoly corporati…[View]
182538506Him and his cult would have loved Trump if he hadn't died :( RIP Harold Camping, he MAGA'd…[View]
182517191Changing Times: An excerpt from Industrial Society and its Future (1995) by Ted Kaczynski: 'The cons…[View]
182537884Why do journalists and media figures despise average people and think they're stupid?[View]
182538408When do men replace (((women))) with artificial wombs and 11/10 sex robots?: Who will start the firs…[View]
182534931Evil Red Shoes: What's the deal with the red shoes, why do I see hollywood actors wearing them.…[View]
182530104excuse my ignorance but what is a dog whistle? is this the new liberal buzzword?[View]
182534223>mfw my best friend sacrifices everything for me so I fuck his girlfriend RICHARD SPENCUH…[View]
182538066LIBERAL HYPOCRISY KNOWS NO BOUNDS: Google is just another blatant liberal shitshow displaying their …[View]
182535855>2018 >still hasn’t ditched FB for Minds they have a decent app and the migration has already …[View]
182534204Kekistan needs your support: Pol help on this https://chn.ge/2MucU9J[View]
182537517Important!: Gab.ai doesn’t make money from ads, but Big Tech does. So every minute you spend on Big …[View]
182536564https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzQZ_NDEzVo [Embed] Where were you when liberals were absolutely BTF…[View]
182537873Responding about Zen: >>182537105 And you're just a faggot who prefers memes over thoroug…[View]
182524719Why is /pol/ so fucking boring of late? Where's the Antarctica, Nazi UFO, ancient mysteries thr…[View]
182536890To Muslims:: Why did you follow your religion in the first place?[View]
182528689Why Does She Trigger trumptards So Much[View]
182532666Flashing sky: Why did the mods delete the thread the German guy made of the flashing sky? Makes me c…[View]
182528471Why do Americans talk all retarded? >My car was running badly but I took it in for a tune up and …[View]
182536754If the Catholic Church had an uncucked pope who was a rock in terms of his will, would the Catholic …[View]
182536851What are /pol/'s thoughts on echo chambers?: Is /pol/ an echo chamber?[View]
182524938New Scandinavia: what if all of Scandinavia 'brexited' from the EU at once, into a new nation, 'Scan…[View]
182535238Why is it so difficult for whites to take their own side? They will find every excuse to avoid it, a…[View]
182521258Why are we not talking about this: The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal …[View]
182536567Why don't zoomers read books?[View]
182536823DIXIE THREAD: We'll fight again this time we'll win[View]
182535201North Dakota set to Legalize: Weed. Voting on it November, Polls are indicating a 70% margin of vict…[View]
182534227Have leftists attempted to purge white police officers and instead fill their positions with the bro…[View]
182536680How often do you think the God Emporer smokes marijuana? I went to a rally two weeks ago and I could…[View]
182533932imagine watch fox news lmao https://tvline.com/2018/08/16/fox-news-aretha-franklin-patti-labelle-pho…[View]
182532468It's almost as if... maybe, just maybe... he really is a terrible president, regardless of how …[View]
182533029NEW NAFTA DEAL WITH SPICS!: Will it include a wall?[View]
182533600/pol/ does Mueller have credibility?: https://twitter.com/4YrsToday/status/1030240008291201024 they …[View]
182535635Trump second term: How will liberals react when trump wins a second term?[View]
182535349ITT: Controlled Opposition: One thing I’ve never saw a thread on is controlled opposition. This is …[View]
182536254How Does Censorship Work Again for Google: Actively censors information that does not conform to the…[View]
182536001Multiculturalism creates dysfunctional kids.: When foreign ethnic and cultural groups become large a…[View]
182519960NZ foreign house ban: I guess it worked https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/106342139/chinese-investors…[View]
182529756When does the storm begin?: Well pol?[View]
182536150Infowars Aftermath: Verity Baptist Church Removed: https://youtu.be/clpqS1Xhfjk California Pastor an…[View]
182531333why are young men told to do this? who is to blame for this?[View]
182535725/pol/ Self-Perfection General: You, and every human, and this society, are capable of Self-Perfectio…[View]
182535413Reminder that Filpino Americans are the master mutts[View]
182529882Did Putin turn Trump into his puppet? What are your honest thoughts?[View]
182518515Female NYU Professor Suspended For Sexually Harassing Male Student: >A celebrated female professo…[View]
182533529Fraser Anning leaked audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzAE2hH3Z7E& He's still /ourgoy…[View]
182525144Eight (8) years being President with ZERO (0) scandals[View]
182526948Thoughts On Ben Shapiro?: I'm curious to know what the /pol/ community thinks of Ben Shapiro. C…[View]
182530232WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY[View]
182534034Not interested in arguing whether Christianity is white or jewish but how do whites who believe Chri…[View]
182526038BANNED BOOKMARKS: Are there any sites that are KEEPING TRACK of the people that are being SHITCANNED…[View]
182510847Where do all the religious posters come from? It seems like they left for a couple of weeks but now …[View]
182532563There is no escape from Big Brother simple user https://twitter.com/AP/status/1030183586681552896…[View]
182535620Happy 1 year anniversary Charlottesville: Let’s start a redpill thread about what really happened at…[View]
182532073why should this be part of france?[View]
182535208Why are you brainless idiots winching about Blacks being racist to Whites in South Africa? Blacks ar…[View]
182531447/nsg/: remember to start shilling for AfS (Alternative For Sweden) from now on.[View]
182523810Why are they shilling her death so hard on ALL the news stations? I dont remember them doing this fo…[View]
182526565>your IQ >who you voted for 60 Trump[View]
182531511Aug 17th #DEACTIDAY: Tomorrow i the big day boys! We left wingers are deleting out Twitter accounts …[View]
182532486political related nightsky thread - trump edition[View]
182531074Dear America, this filthy beaner weeps for you. How did you let this happen? how can this be fixed? …[View]
182534351https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/16/politics/2020-democrats-biden/index.html Is CNN right? Is being white…[View]
182533162I just noticed one of my best friends has a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker. How do I save him? Is…[View]
182531140Catholicism is the one, TRUE faith, anons Return to the universal light of Christus In nomine Patris…[View]
182530764Pagan larping cannot save Western civilization: Vox Day destroys atheist apes larping as pagans. ht…[View]
182532791Did you ever lived on a town controlled by narcos?: Mostly for my compatriots, since i have a middle…[View]
182534799Mexico needs a wall to stop poo in loos http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-indian-immigrants-2…[View]
182534790Sweeden, fuck yeah\\\\\\\\\\\\\\: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErWulaENbJU[View]
182511415Who does people in your country view fishing as a job? Is it a low end job? Low income? Low status?[View]
182512869Buddhism is a slave religion: Buddhism is the ultimate slave morality Press S to spit on this fuckin…[View]
182534287>tfw le 56% white Amerimutts will never have a real white nationalist leader as in pic related.…[View]
182506535Feds destroy negro Muslim training ground.: >black Muslim and his harem live in remote desert of …[View]
182528355Why are there so many white subhumand in Oregon?: Despite being almost 80% white, Oregon has the thi…[View]
182530414PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - LOSER EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
182524768I don’t get it, how is it harder for them?[View]
182521169Name me a bigger American hero than Patrick Little alive right now: Hard mode: not Trump[View]
182532876What's her endgame?[View]
18253337753% of Koreans are Anti-Semitic & That's a Problem: >There is a remarkable amount of ant…[View]
182534105In honor of the absolute butt-hurt coming from the Media this week, how's about a good fake new…[View]
182531529really makes you think: How to Bongs feel now that we know for a certainty that Brexit is dead and w…[View]
182531953Fashwave Thread: Post fashwave music. Eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YItUjrGdkh8[View]
182503014What is /pol/‘s long term plan for dealing with this and it’s secondary societal and ecological effe…[View]
182502265Police Use Taser on Woman, 87, Who Family Says Was Cutting Dandelions: https://web.archive.org/web/2…[View]
182532153Don't die for the jew, learn a trade.[View]
182528106Wtf is wrong with white people: >be me >Live in Miami >Visit America >They play a game c…[View]
182525235Anyone else sometimes surprised at how much /pol/ and the alt-right have changed in just two years?[View]
182528172ITT WE REDPILL: It's quite remarkable what the Jew can achieve in only a few decades. Watch the…[View]
182526920Redpill: whites are responsible for their poverty.: When whites got here they stole land from native…[View]
182515036ok /pol/ which one of you fags started the far gay movement....fess up https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182532075Why do leftists always attack poor/working whites with such condescension?[View]
182532519Turkish hate thread. -Post Turkroach memes -Flame and then hide Turkish posts[View]
182531263Is offing yourself morally wrong?: Well, is it? I feel inclined to do so myself, but I am big fat pu…[View]
182528491He is right you know[View]
182533490Black muslim children are starving...in America: Just when I thought I couldn’t be more ashamed of m…[View]
182527957which pill is it when you realize this planet is overpopulated with stupid people, and that being in…[View]
182527081Do you still support Trump?: Well...do you, anon?[View]
182530642I want to have a serious, objective discussion on Q. I am going to operate under the assumption that…[View]
182533546White Hitler interviews a KANG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuTYwlsRJC4 Anyone seen this yet?…[View]
182533516Dem Poll: Philip Levine edges ahead of Gwen Graham for lead: https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politi…[View]
182521042Up to 100k for charity now btw.. apparently socialist really don't care about the poor and dise…[View]
182490904Here's the funny thing about Q: https://www.afr.com/news/world/north-america/the-4chan-conspira…[View]
182529840Are Nazis socialist?: If the Nazis 'where socialist' because their name was national socialists I gu…[View]
182520705/pol/ CHALLENGE: Take a break from the latest nigger hate thread and try this new challenge: Say som…[View]
182527432Why does the left disrespect women? http://archive.fo/LnG2b[View]
182524392Nigger APPRECIATION Thread: Time to flip the script, /pol/. Let's talk about some positive and …[View]
182511652Moving to UK: Looking at moving to UK (mainly england). How is it right now? The city im mainly look…[View]
182532961Peaceful and reasonable bleaching: Even muttier nations like Italy, Greece, and US have fair skinned…[View]
182529993Omarosa going for the kill: She really has Trump by the balls now. https://slate.com/news-and-politi…[View]
182532930Oh Indians are so based! Not! > home owning white man > fat dark creepy Indian man neighbor …[View]
182530383FUCK YOU ADMINS. FUCK YOU JANITORS. FUCK YOU HIRO. Everytime theres a good thread fostering qualit…[View]
182523265>I'm here for the interview Your response?[View]
182532209What is wrong with Zionism? My ancestors did basically the same thing to NZ and only shitskins are b…[View]
182527591Shanann watts and kids murdered by hubby: he deleted a whole white family. ((facebook)) scrubbed the…[View]
182532078evolved people hate their parents[View]
182529543Why is he so unbeatable? can you ever prove him wrong?[View]
182532186Unicorns: Reason why no Unicorn survived the great flood according to a Conservative: 1. They were n…[View]
182532434Hurrrrr durrrrr[View]
182532369>literal MKULTRA tier brainwashing dungeon where abducted children are indoctrinated into committ…[View]
182532313https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzQZ_NDEzVo [Embed] Where were you when liberals were absolutely BTF…[View]
182532252NPR reports Alex's Jones 'flagship' station taken down: https://www.npr.org/2018/08/1…[View]
182511177How do the Jews plan on dealing with China?: Why are they so hell-bent on eradicating/weakening thei…[View]
182525181Evangelical Churches are about to be exposed for horrific child sex abuse scandels: There are also r…[View]
182531722What's your take on Daryl Davis? I think he's breaking racial barriers where a blackman ca…[View]
182525142Evil is a made up concept: >“You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a bi…[View]
182528135Race Realism: How can anyone debate this?[View]
182531936Fuck The Workers!: There I said it. Honestly, the workers deserve to stay fucking poor. As a busine…[View]
182531773The ARMY is for trash, the unemployable, and dumb loser brown peoples[View]
182531873Real ID: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2018/08/13/new-kentucky-drivers-license-real-id-…[View]
182531859>Pentagon says Trump's military parade postpon until 2019 amid reports costs jumped 666% …[View]
182487212Why does Russia keep invading its neighbors and making tiny fake countries? I'm confused what b…[View]
182531528I can't be the only one who thinks this way. There was just something else about 2016, somethin…[View]
182520604Woah, this guy is such a good man, he's raising someone else's autistic son. Kudos![View]
182531687What will happen when America is less than 50% white? Is that the point of no return and US will jus…[View]
182531180Philippine Thread: Thread for questions and opinions related to the Philippines[View]
182531494Thucydides’ Trap and War with China: “It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this instilled in …[View]
182531565Never join the military: Blood and Soil not Drugs and Oil. Don't die for jews.[View]
182531483What happens here, /pol/?[View]
182526554PARADE DELAYED: Might as well be cancelled[View]
182531314Elon Musk's mystery Tesla buyout funder is Saudi Arabia[View]
182531399You guys really want this Genetic funfest to turn me into hitler 2.0, dont you? Why should I attack …[View]
182527347How has spending so much time on /pol/ affected you?: Sometimes I spontaneously start dancing around…[View]
182531340Diversity is our strength: http://archive.is/zuCXO[View]
182528828We should tax liberal stupidity: Wildfires are one of nature's ways to maintain a healthy fores…[View]
182529576Manufactured Review Website Acting Predictably: Anyone else see this obvious bias?[View]
182528931Does the Sweden-Minnesota-Somalia conundrum prove that cuckoldry is genetic?[View]
182531102Black White Supremacy: What is behind the rise of 'Black white supremacy'? Can we meme it?[View]
182531099As far as free speech goes what’s the deal with this mastodon thing?: Are we really going to have to…[View]
182526561Why are Trump supporters such low IQ brainlets?: https://youtu.be/3dGVXmuLmEM https://youtu.be/9rjYo…[View]
182531049Looks like I made a woopsy poopsy with dems. I'm getting the hat regardless.[View]
182522688Is the Catholic Church nothing more than a global pedophelia cult?[View]
182525052strzok: wat dis mean?[View]
182525668Child remains in New Mexico child shooter camp confirmed to be Georgia boy.: yet let's release …[View]
182530443Patrick Little Married?: How long do you think it will take for Patrick Little to get divorced? Wome…[View]
182530084BREAKING AUS NEWS: Dutton being urged to challenge Turnbull for PM https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dutto…[View]
182494510Left Wing Comics: ITT: Left wing cringe comics and the alike[View]
182498562/nsg/ ᛉ - Natsoc General: Kill All The Moderates and Cowards Edition: Thread for discussion of Natio…[View]
182521796PRIEST PEDO SCANDAL: What is ACTUALLY going on /pol/? How many more shoes are yet to drop?[View]
182518173Liberal Self-Eugenics: In the past centuries, feminist women and LGBT people were forced to act thei…[View]
182529741Are there demons guiding and navigating the jews? Is that the source of their power?[View]
182525888why are boomers so hated when we are the only thing keeping this country majority white?[View]
182530446https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW4CvC5IaFI&app=desktop Trump is owned by Zionists, and Q is a M…[View]
182528207Next False Flag - When?: Democrats are obviously losing credibility, the MSM is pumping out articles…[View]
182520085Is anyone else not a white nationalist?: Is anybody else here not racist? Am I the only one interest…[View]
182529177Can’t stop mamacita socialista!: AOC is gonna dance all over the GOP in November. I mad, pol?[View]
182525453Why is Lonerism so rampant among White People?[View]
182524067which on of you faggots did this, also lets hang out lol[View]
182527779Keith Ellison is getting sabotaged by the Clinton Machine. There's going to be a purge from the…[View]
182530154Alberta confirmed the most redpilled Canadian province[View]
182530146Is this the Queen of Pol?: I know how you faggots despise hard working blue collar poor people, and …[View]
182528362Trump just revoked ex-cia directors security clearance: Bill Clinton had the ex-cia director Bill Co…[View]
182524577Nordics built these[View]
182527327USA, I warn you from Turkey: Do not mess with the Black bull.[View]
182502352Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott on Asian opponent: 'Don't vote for the ching-chong!': …[View]
182525234Atlantropa: >Lebensraum >free electricity >turning the Sahara into fertile land >blockin…[View]
182528215Let's talk about $oy: Got to $oy them up early.[View]
182529641Justin Trudeau is based & redpilled[View]
182498911What are your completely honest views on the United States?[View]
182525949Here is the redpill you can't handle. Communism protected the eastern part of Europe from degen…[View]
182529734https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz1XORmNP2M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8ANhBGw22w https://www.…[View]
182520574Brazil, its now or never: So here is the deal, Brazil is clearly on a right wing renascence or at le…[View]
182527803Communism 2: ITS HERE[View]
182528567>YOU GUYS NEED TO MAN UP! The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Tereza Burki, a 47-year-old div…[View]
182526794why was he right about everything and why did we let them take this from us[View]
182528642How do we stop this?[View]
182525396Dropping out of high School.: Is dropping out of high school the most based thing you can do??? >…[View]
182529489WOMP WOMP ABC: ABC Brisbane and ABC facebook pages both put out polls to gather the public response …[View]
182529046Liberals are going on a digital book burning tour. What is your plan?[View]
182525310Guess what: I'm a Jew: Guess what: I'm a Jew I've been using 4chan for 18 years now. …[View]
182525718Anyone notice how cloudy DC is?: It’s weird, the clouds always seem to come out when I turn CNN on. …[View]
182528154Americans think they are white: yet only earn like 4k more per year than hawians in their own countr…[View]
182528028Race War Preview: > Spoiler alert: whites get dominated https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhy6hqjXWOk…[View]
182496866Éire/pol/ - Tit For Tat Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/qrTFymFo5qg National…[View]
182527312AUSTRIA 5-0 GERMANY: Been working with Austrians and Germans for 4 years now. Austrians: best people…[View]
182481088Why is Russia allowed to have all of this land? Their population size and growth rate does not justi…[View]
182463598/SWEG/ Sweden election general - We made the news: Ok /pol/ the official election campaign has now b…[View]
182528641Redpill me on Dennis Prager and PragerU.[View]
182524971FBI knocks down mkultra indoctrination center in new mexico: Really made me (((think)))[View]
182528197Barack Hussein Obama II: Worst President in American History.[View]
182514200Is this 5d chess?: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/310920601231568896[View]
182528376So what is this guy's legacy in India? What do Indians think of him?[View]
182528235If you don't support reenacting Glass–Steagall Law you are a traitor and a ((nose)) sucker.: wh…[View]
182517212Satanic Monument: Satanists are literally putting up a demonic statue outside the Arkansas capital.…[View]
182527555I have a lot of really cool things that I can do other than run for president[View]
182526220Where were you during the blackout on August 14, 2003?[View]
182501471What the fuck is wrong with them?: I work in tourism. I have/had never had more problem with people…[View]
182526076Mike Pence's website: Whoever did this, you are awesome. http://www.officialmikepence.com/…[View]
182527022offensive memes: Listen up soldiers, I need you to give me the most offensive memes you've got.…[View]
182527949Safety: I would like to ask (you) all, particularly fellow Americans, about how safe we are, at any …[View]
182527938Have you seen this shit yet? Lmfao. I feel a new era starting to brew. Okay, so you all know John Br…[View]
182526275https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzQZ_NDEzVo Where were you when liberals were absolutely BTFO'd…[View]
182527076Was it really necessary?[View]
1825132703 Year Old With 171 IQ. Is She /OurAutist/?: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/embed/p06hkfxl/45195807 Wat…[View]
182525067Did something happen to make the shills go into overdrive today?[View]
182525001The US of A are the greatest country in the world, therefore i will pollute its air and water so it …[View]
182506427OH NO NO NO[View]
182525117Barron timeline: What’s going on in the Barron timeline aka the best timeline?[View]
182522860Michael Moore Coca-Cola Deal: Why the fuck is nobody talking about this? >be michael moore >wa…[View]
182525284Capitalism, everybody: http://archive.is/PDDuf >Silicon Valley executives are getting $8,000 BLOO…[View]
182527098Cucked Brits: How long until the brit bois wake up and realize their country is quite literally fall…[View]
182527075Our Future: Anons, what can we do to provide success and stability for not only ourselves but also o…[View]
182504763Everything /pol/ aspires to be is provided in Islam: >alpha God fearing toxic masculine religion …[View]
182512786ONE.........NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!!!: What a fucking shitshow lol[View]
182479991Guess who just got verified on twitter this morning?[View]
182515255Die Judenfrage: Schönen Tag! Ich bin Herr Hilter. Ich würde gerne über Politik diskutieren. Wie löse…[View]
182522972PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THE TUCKING: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://w…[View]
182526552Nat Rothschild the New Shell of Remphan: Why do drumpftards call her based again?[View]
182524530How do I escape debt-slavery? I'm american. If I revoke my citizenship (and pay their extortion…[View]
182525877Fox News: What’s the point watching these puppets give their shit opinions anymore?[View]
182524218Constitutional precedent to fight FAAGS bans: last night on the John Batchelor show there was n inte…[View]
182521932New England states: >white >vote democratic why? do they want to become a minority so much? wo…[View]
182509331Anons I need help for an article im writing for a bluepilled normie cousin of mine: I need all condi…[View]
182520992>it's that time of the night when the NatSoc Euros go to sleep and the MAGA neocon qanon boo…[View]
182523725Is Trump an imposter?: The president is clearly a different person to the tycoon was saw during the …[View]
182522982>Liberal are part of a massive child sex slave ring! Too bad it is actually the Catholic Church…[View]
182499818Do you guys really have to hate every Jew? A lot of us just want to practice our religion and be in …[View]
182524813Is victor Davis Hanson dare i say, our guy?[View]
182521576/POL/estinians BTFO[View]
182526101L.A.fag here Should I register to vote or is it a lost cause? Everyone here is a democrat. During 20…[View]
182511257HAPPENING: NEW CLINTON CLASSIFIED EMAILS RELEASED https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-rel…[View]
182525869I have two personalities: nicest guy you'll ever meet and twisted FUCKING psychopath[View]
182524424Toxic masculinity doesn’t exi-[View]
182523424give me your pills on Enron\ Pops says it was a gov't Takedown for political reasons. These fol…[View]
182525679Found this on Reddit guys... what do you guys think??? :DDD[View]
1825062822019 Ukraine elections: The 2019 Ukrainian elections will, without much doubt, bring a pro-Kremlin c…[View]
182521836Become the jew: How about this: Since jack and his faggot squad at twatter seem to enjoy censoring a…[View]
182518191China wants to industrialize Africa by 2050: Africa would be a powerhouse thanks to its 3-4 billion …[View]
182525849WTF why aren't you browsing /pol/ on TempleOS don't you know that CIA niggers are spying o…[View]
182524171So what is a meme, really? What gives it magic and makes it so powerful. Well faggots, if memes are …[View]
182522362If black people are inherently violent then why are most black-on-black killings and crime in the Mi…[View]
182521730kys: My understanding of boomer are those born after soldiers returned from WWII and everyone starte…[View]
182524833Do not hate black people. They are as much victims as the white race. They simply aren't design…[View]
182492189>Germany lost the wa- Thanks for facilitating your own downfall while handing us Europe on a silv…[View]
182523566So what's the deal with this game? This is very similar to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World…[View]
182500695why do you hate Socialism so much? why do you defend Capitalism so passionately? why do you claim So…[View]
182511572Reminder that blacks and whites working together is the elites greatest nightmare. The inner city pl…[View]
182525278THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF NOFAP thread: Is NoFap degeneracy? This guy’s name is literally FatGay[View]
182525567>Be an uppity 42 year old nigger woman in the 1950's >Eating last leg of chicken while ta…[View]
182514823Well /pol/? What ARE you going to do?[View]
182518595Dear white people.. https://youtu.be/1YEatC1v8Rs[View]
182521886How epic is this man? A 7? An 8? A 9? A solid 10, dare we dream?[View]
182521289Why do white people whine about reverse racism so much?[View]
182517041Current state of the Michigan Dems. https://m.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2018/08/16/detroit-r…[View]
182525210to the guy who wanted todays Fash the Nation https://my.mixtape.moe/hpriwb.mp3[View]
182521786Aretha: Wait..... So /pol/ is just gonna ignore that fact that big mama Aretha Franklin passed away.…[View]
182517608Why are Arabs so dumb compared to other caucasian races? They don't seem to be capable of doing…[View]
182517588>CNN is fucking retarded. How did Russia meddle in the election? They didn't, they just hack…[View]
182525115First of all you all suck, I suck, you suck, we all do but today its our time to suck less- Alright …[View]
182513378Why do people in real life love Canada, while /pol/ hates them? Everytime I travel to Europe, Austra…[View]
182522278NEVER FORGET THE 6 GORILLION!!!1!: What do we do about the lack of proper education in the United St…[View]
182521547The darkness is too strong Hope is fading[View]
182522827Why is state government and federal government so frequently convoluted into one thing, anons? It ob…[View]
182525008BASED.: Why do pol and the magapedes sperg out so hysterically when Acosta and the Chad News Network…[View]
182515290Testing: Project: project #fuck white people: OK here's the idea. Hitler was a reactionary prod…[View]
182523719Millennial Couple Bikes Near ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed: http://archi…[View]
182512594Jews got me fired today: So I got called into my bosses office >'anon, some of your co workers ha…[View]
182520584Medal of Honor: Why is the Air Force Medal of Honor such shit? The Army and Navy have designs rooted…[View]
182524605Was the execution of Julius Streicher, the publisher of the Der Stürmer tabloid, unjust? Why did he…[View]
182507677the globalists have won, /pol/ >or have they?[View]
182519635Why do Libertarians try to claim classical liberalism and Jeffersonian?: The real classical liberals…[View]
182524455Why are most (90%+) men identify and are categorized as 'liberal'? Why are straight conservative men…[View]
182490099Who is the most redpilled and based baltic state?[View]
182524356>Freedom of speech is a core American value https://twitter.com/Fahmi1155/status/1029985824400584…[View]
182508772/50k check general/ What did you guys do with your 50k from your grandparents? >bought new house …[View]
182506527The Conservative Party of Canada is gonna split soon. Maxime Bernier has had enough of their shit[View]
182521433I’m putting together a team[View]
182524509Crime rate in Sweden and Germany: Swedes and Germans, being the laughing stocks of /pol/, can you de…[View]
182521734Millennials are LAZY and ENTITLED BITCHES, but its not their fault: Is he right? Did your parents fu…[View]
182511809The US ready to get hit with millions of Mexicans?: Pic related is Lake Mead in Nevada which supplie…[View]
182523130Is it pretentious or good?[View]
182520608Looks like someone is having another poll on our lovely President. I sure hope the Russian bots don…[View]
182520728Serious question: Do any of you seriously believe Nazi/white supremacy stuff or do you just shitpost…[View]
182523759R_theDonald was right: The democrats are the real racists[View]
182523843Montreal designer criticized for photo shoot at Holocaust memorial: Who was in the wrong here? https…[View]
182520964Shilling Myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNnwIpcbPhQ[View]
182517083That moment when you realize that @realDonaldTrump could very well be impeached by a Congress featur…[View]
182523740Was reason of baltic german baron ruler-ship in czarist Russia the reason why Estonia is considered …[View]
182518388What does he really want?[View]
182522611Why beige pants and white shirts?[View]
182469284“When we die there are two things we can leave behind us: genes and memes. We were built as gene mac…[View]
182479960DON'T ACT STUPID AMERICA or YOU WILL REGRET IT BIG TIME: Fast, modern & ‘hyper-armed’: Russ…[View]
182523444Andrew Kauders: Is this Kauders and his son?[View]
182498693Traditionalism among Millenials?: Pretty good article on the rise of Traditionalism among millenials…[View]
182516439If you don't have white skin you aren't white: Leviticus 4:20 And blessed are those with t…[View]
182508597In memory of Hannah Foster. Never trust Sikhs around our women: A 17-year-old girl who was raped and…[View]
182516911>high IQ groups (chinks, Japs, Jews) are least religious >low IQ groups (niggers, Arabs, tree …[View]
182523128Isn't 2018 great?[View]
182522567Greece.: Why are Greek's Europe's most delusional retards. Why even make a deal with them …[View]
182522056Pic related[View]
182522978California hate thread: give me your best anti califag memes[View]
182522969Raewu Magnus: Have you guys seen this channel? It's pretty redpilled. I've even downloaded…[View]
182522960Butthurt Fake News: Post your best screens CNN Gets Bonus!!![View]
182522946Omarosa did 9/11 its been confirmed.[View]
182519167How bad will Californias homeless encampments get?[View]
182522798Capitalism: How is Capitalism not the greatest system ever conceived by man? It is a proper replacem…[View]
182522785Q stantds for Quck , who loves Drumpf and joos and niggers prove me wrong[View]
182522704Apologize faggots.[View]
182520750Why does /pol/ hate boomers?: Boomers elected Trump and Reagan. The two greatest presidents of the l…[View]
182512979They called them 'unauthorized migrants' today: public broadcasting ((( ))) this might actually be m…[View]
182512959What was their last words?[View]
182521005>guys North Korea is a brutal repressive dictatorship! they wasted a shitload of resources to mak…[View]
182521883Rudy Giuliani: 'We'll fight a Mueller subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court': Sounds like t…[View]
182518124Seems like Scientology is the answer: But I know I'll get a bunch of hate about it. Why are the…[View]
182519104Advice on Revenge: I got a little story for you guys. So, I was in high school in south Texas a few …[View]
182515896>Um, actually sweetie, that contract offer to Kaepernick was not in good faith :)…[View]
182509518Please say a Happy Birthday to the future president of the United States: Maxine Waters.[View]
182488003Brazilian Elections: Why haven't you realized how important is the Brazilian Elections in Octob…[View]
182504899Uganda Anon AMA part 2: Didnt get a chance to answer most questions so ill try answering them here…[View]
182522273How does this shit even happen?[View]
182507955https://youtu.be/2f96hKqkY_Y Are we ready to embrace African Americans as our brother in arms to fig…[View]
182516685'Muh based Western civilization!' Christcucks will defend this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-…[View]
182507206Operation Barbarossa.: What went wrong? https://youtu.be/LQdDnbXXn20[View]
182522213Feminists were on our side all along. Apologize![View]
182520811Anti trump rant in media: Argie's news is in a full anti trump rant. Did something happend? Any…[View]
182521432I cannot prove Pizzagate is real, BUT..: I can prove, without a doubt, that everyone who doesn'…[View]
182503135/pol/ thinks this is a civilization of insectoids: https://youtu.be/jFdLkgDS-QE[View]
182521204So what was the point of this video?: https://youtu.be/5dLeI2JInf0 I honestly dont get what they…[View]
182521147Hey goys, I'm making a meme. Does anyone have the pic of every recent president touching the W…[View]
182521233Let's all give thanks to the Lord for another day /pol/.[View]
182518568FTN episode hasn't been posted in the other archives, Payfriends plz pay: :3[View]
182521753First of all you all suck, I suck, you suck, we all do but today its our time to suck less- Alright …[View]
182498258Why does Israel have nukes?: Isn't this the biggest redpill that you have to be blind not to se…[View]
182492900Moving to Finland.: Is Finland relativity safe from SJW bullshit and 'refugees'? I am thinking of ad…[View]
182521674Social Media Monitoring: Who pays for companies contracts to monitor social media? Appen is one and …[View]
182508244The fuck is wrong with you EU lovers: News coverage of nigger and mudslime invasion to Europe stops …[View]
182514302Daily reminder: >Freedom is allocated by those with power, its not a birthright. Might makes righ…[View]
182517580Robert E Lee was a hero: You know what to do. https://twitter.com/senatormcdaniel/status/1030208178…[View]
182519068What happened to the 'Contract With America'?: Did it work? Did it fail? What exactly happened in US…[View]
182521115Post funny Asian memes[View]
182518209fukin wypipo and their...: PRICE MATCHING GROCERIES[View]
182520404Wtf are finno-ugric people? Only Finns, Estonians, Sami, Hungarians and literal who's in Russia…[View]
182515513>God isn't rea-[View]
182518892Honorary WHites: Post 'em.[View]
182470254Old farmer Charged 1st Degree Murder for Self Defense: >Two niggers fucking around out in country…[View]
182520628A Rabbi Reading der Sturmer: An old Jewish joke: Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a c…[View]
182510153Does the right wing actually WANT to lose?: We have no Hollywood. No silicon valley. No actual MSM. …[View]
182519307What did he mean by this?[View]
182520000Conclusion: >She got verified by Twitter >Still employed in New York Times At least l hope a …[View]
182480742Pizzagate: Eyes Wide Open /EWO/: ITT we expose the pedophilic elite. Pic related is the screen of Vi…[View]
182513490why is this still a privately owned image?[View]
182502814German university study suggests drugging population with oxytocin to accept migrants: https://freew…[View]
182520261Progenate concerns: Okay Reddit, how does a based weeb like me avoid the Jap Trap and persue actual …[View]
182517956Powerful Thank you US Senate http://archive.is/rIiIl[View]
182520391What happens here, /pol/?[View]
182513207Why are leftists so deranged?[View]
182512251this is macon, georgia??[View]
182515179The Admiral who led the operation to kill Osama in Pakistan had this to say > Therefore, I would …[View]
182518795What's the point of having children at this point if there future is completely fucked.[View]
182514276Raising a Son a /pol/ how to: Evening /pol/ I need infographics, advice, copypasta anything that co…[View]
182513144Anon why are you still on social media?: Social media is rotting your fucking brain. Nobody gives a …[View]
182519320I have seen the light. Hitler was right all along. Trump is literally the second coming of the Fuhre…[View]
182517946if you have tattoos then your not white cause your skins not white its diffrent colas[View]
182517652blacks are less intelligen-[View]
182491703Shalom goy, i am a self hating kike who wants to help you guys fuck up the Jews because i am fed up …[View]
182505399dont vote for the ching chong: >vote oooga-booga instead how proud are you, american bros, of you…[View]
182519350>Vox Why don’t they get enough hate? Especially this FAGGOT holy shit https://youtu.be/7TJOjAKL7Q…[View]
182519006Gab.ai is down: Did Torba get shoah'd[View]
182514087'TRUMP IS A FRIEND OF ZION': Is this true \pol\? Is Trump a friend of Zion, if so why aren't yo…[View]
182515413/pol is wrong again| Iraq had WMDs | Saudi kike's 9/11: Boom, there was a war. T. Bliar is a ki…[View]
182519701>current year >Not walking in to court room with your pants on your head while smoking meth at…[View]
182470622What the fuck is wrong with Europeans. Even niggers don't do shit like this.[View]
182516200Hillary and Huma at Comet Ping Pong?: Why arent there threads on this? Cmon 4chan do the thing…[View]
182509027When did you grow out of believing fairytales?[View]
182505019>immigrant from muslim-majority country >absolutely based individual How does /pol/ explain th…[View]
182519427ooga booga communism rulez dude middle-classwyte pll r da problem all wyte pll r rayciss sexiss cis …[View]
182515296What are brit bongs going to ban next?[View]
182518140/ysg/ - Yard Sign General: Post your yard signs Just got mine today[View]
182517821why are social media catering companies exempt from civil rights laws when it comes to real American…[View]
182481209Why do liberals tend to be atheists and conservatives tend to be religious?[View]
182518350How do the people take back the country’s wealth from the 1%?[View]
182515023Why did whites allow Jews to take over the Western world?[View]
182512799(((Why))) did the stock market crash so hard in 1929?: And could America have been even greater than…[View]
182504715>Bill McRaven, retired US Navy admiral who oversaw operation that killed Osama bin Laden, writes …[View]
182507017We are definitely headed for a civil war. Something bad is coming. Anyone who denies it is a dumb fa…[View]
182515479Can we talk about the goat fuckers in Sweden that the restarted femanazi in office don’t wants to ad…[View]
182512340Voters Don’t Like ‘Antifa’ Protesters, Say They’re Looking for Trouble: OH NO NO NO >The latest R…[View]
182514417Twitter Moments: Does anyone else think this is one of the most degenerate pushing thing out now Tw…[View]
182516320'We support the Palestinians.'[View]
182512433How are Croatia and Serbia going? Are you friends yet?[View]
182518717First of all you all suck, I suck, you suck, we all do but today its our time to suck less- Alright …[View]
182516750The biggest Red Pill is...: Google knows who each one of /us/ is thanks to the recaptcha on this sit…[View]
182514615Do we just have to sit back and let the Jews kill themselves off?[View]
182518010European languages worth learning?: Learn a new European language, anon. Especially if you live in A…[View]
182517405Britain is not a country: It's a simple fact that Britain is a fake country. Anyone who claims …[View]
182517963ISIS vs Drug Cartels: Who wins?[View]
182518234The deals we made to shake things up And the rights that they abuse Might just fuck us over But the …[View]
182518220>1.4% of Californians fell for this Jewish PSYOP Is California getting smarter or dumber?…[View]
182504580How does /pol/ feel about Chile & chilean people?[View]
182518152Which of /our girls/ are the most red-pilled, specifically on the JQ?[View]
182510728Who they hell actually run the 'jewish nwo'?: Everyone days 'rothschilds' but idk they seem ways to …[View]
182518036>Day of the Rope coming soon! >4 years later It's not going to happen, is it?…[View]
182517450Stoicism: Is this the most redpilled way of living? Look at depression levels in current society. St…[View]
182512497Which president is responsible for the economic success of the 1990s?[View]
182513528Sudanese AMA, moved to burger town recently.: Hey /pol/ I'm a Sudanese that moved here about 2 …[View]
182510186RUH ROH: Looks like they can't even agree on what reasonable doubt means. Am I right in thinkin…[View]
182498696Nate Silver predicts Democrats will take the house Republitards BTFO!!!! https://projects.fivethirty…[View]
182510713The Jew York Times is at it again: >Article by (((Steve Almond))) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08…[View]
182515385SJW president Welcome to the real world[View]
182515073>Pssssst hey kid. Modern day conservatives are actually just 90's democrats.…[View]
182499772What is Justice?[View]
182512744THIS. SO MUCH THIS[View]
18251458550 years from now this man will be in the history books with the same level of respect and admiratio…[View]
182513583Fucking based Aussie’s[View]
182516695They stole punk rock from us: I'm a shock trooper in a stupor Yes I am. I'm a Nazi schatze…[View]
182488398So apparently the new leftists self-delusion tactic is that Trump supporters are a minority and vast…[View]
182516344Q anon: I'm a normie fag Can someone help me understand this advanced autism[View]
182515243What do?: So I tried to redpill a friend about the jew topic and how they want western civilization …[View]
182516396>Trump gives a heartfelt statement on the passing of an old friend >libshits worked into a fre…[View]
182514191Reminder: if you hate Israel, you hate Trump[View]
182516338Liberals Found Their Silver Bullet: No hope...it’s Overt[View]
182515671I wonder how many of us are just regular dudes and the rest shills. Honestly if you are a shill how …[View]
182510547What Happened?: Why did the West go from a culture of conquest to one of placation? As a whole, it s…[View]
182514899Some questions: What is the purpose of bullying in human nature? Why are kids naturally inclined to …[View]
182506956What if it's all true?: Imagine for a second a scenario where all Trump's fears come to li…[View]
182516292Daily reminder DOW over 25K WINNING!!! With all this collusion going on, Russia must love a strong …[View]
182502385faux news: Ahahahaha *sips cum*, really makes you think doesn't it? Trumpanzees are fucking ret…[View]
182515645I have had a long think: And i have come to the conclusion that do we as whites even deserve to exis…[View]
182514419Just got banned off counter.social after 10 glorious minutes of shitposting: Is there any good place…[View]
182515983we know who you are now.[View]
182508816White nationalist leader humiliated after his dad orders him to ‘get out of my room’: You people are…[View]
182513760what do you think the percentage of actual white yanks is: i mean really actually white i would imag…[View]
182511338When trade war ends and west collapses I'm going to laugh at this board[View]
182512015How easy is it to get find a Muslim gf?: I've been considering converting to Islam just so I ca…[View]
182510578Whites must diversify or be left behind: >Eversource Energy's office here has had similar pr…[View]
182503418>South Africa under apartheid was base- A South African just got murdered because he exposed apar…[View]
182488213SAS sniper ace kills ISIS boss from ONE MILE away with single shot: AN SAS sniper killed an ISIS bos…[View]
182506270Omarosa will be our saviour saint mother...Hail Omarosa !!![View]
182494238Is building a wall over Mexico the biggest meme of all time?[View]
182515130First of all you all suck, I suck, you suck, we all do but today its our time to suck less Alright /…[View]
182515027How will the jews force the Italians to kneel down? Do they allow it?[View]
182510198Are hapas the most disgusting race in the world? Spics are basically hapas and they are smelly savag…[View]
182508006Cornish birthday teen girl plied with alcohol and raped by Ahmed: A man has been convicted of raping…[View]
182514854When will Trump formally take out the ragheads?[View]
182514436Is Sao Paulo first world and safe? How does it look like this if most Brazilians are brown mutts?[View]
182505981Hi ALL, I'm A JEW and we FUCKING HATE YOU: It's in our revered Talmud that each any every …[View]
182513916Racemixing is not bad.: Why are some people still bothered by it?[View]
182509571Press F to pay R-E-S-P-E-C-T: We can stop LARPing as Nazis for two seconds to bid /ournegress/ a far…[View]
182512051Anyone still have some of these?: how can /pol/ meme Iraq into a thriving economy?[View]
182503206Can you imagine... there are people in this day in age that deny the holocaust. Look at these images…[View]
182512699Is /Pol politically biased?[View]
182514216>Rethugs are going to lose bigly in the midterms >'nuh...nuh-uh'…[View]
182509384When the fuck is the tape of Trump calling someone a nigger gonna come out so he can be raped in the…[View]
182514070Okay so heres a thought. I debate... with my mom on politics. I post it on Youtube and maybe it gets…[View]
182511531This is the easiest way to Red pill someone?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corpor…[View]
182512623Are Mexicans to be Forever be Seen as Bandidos?: >Aztecs raided tribes for profit and sacrifice …[View]
182514021How I Removed the HOLLYWOOD Jew: >No network TV for 7 years >Won't watch most movies unle…[View]
182511266Adoption of Eldar Paths in Western Society?: Would the adoption of the concept of Eldar Paths be ben…[View]
182499185Tasmania: What happens here? Are there abbos or could they not figure out how to get here? Is this t…[View]
182510899Alex Jones was a degenerate and im glad that he was nuked from the internet[View]
182472894STOP BEING XENOPHOBOC: >'There’s no need for New Zealand-style xenophobia to curb UK house prices…[View]
182491631Jesus Christ: The lessons taught by Jesus Christ were a counter revolution against the corruption of…[View]
182502031Kosovo War: Why did we ever help these gypsy fucks? Bombing Yugoslavia was not necessary and giving …[View]
182511197Explain: You tell me what the fuck happens here.[View]
182504194Should we tax liberal stupidity?: >Liberal greenies in California forbid the disturbance of natur…[View]
182499363Yugoslavia: what was it like /pol/?[View]
182507015talking politics with dad, i told him I'm a pedes and he broke my upper palate. i haven't …[View]
182513435Hi honny, pls send just on pic off bob or vegana pls.[View]
182511647Do you feel guilty for being white yet?: Liberals are in meltdown mode. Now attacking their own hall…[View]
182504809I'm a literal Akhmed living in Sweden Should I vote AfS? Are they going to deport me despite th…[View]
182502435Brit/pol/ : Nicola Sturgeon Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyCSGWVpOuE[View]
182513155What is ZeroNet and why is it good?: https://zeronet.io/ https://zeronet.io/ https://zeronet.io/…[View]
182512208Oh no lock your doors[View]
182512970They Are Actual Faggots: >Guardian >den of tumblrinas with tummys full of cum >Rothschild f…[View]
182496889OH NO NO NO NO[View]
182511165Where nigger meets sand nigger[View]
182512665Why are liberar cucktards everywhere: what tf is happening, /pol/? I took a hiatus of off this board…[View]
182512640Would you go to this party? What would you wear?[View]
182511120when did the American dream become the American MEME[View]
182500379BLACK NIGGER BITCH HARASS WHITE TOURIST IN BROOKLYN: WTF! https://twitter.com/JDOLLA417/status/10294…[View]
182512383How's everyone's day going?[View]
182508764>mfw the Republicans get a super majority[View]
182511921Welcome to England Or what’s left of it[View]
182505703I really hope there is a tape of Trump saying 'nigger.' It's the final boss of political correc…[View]
182507490Why is R*ddit so obsessed with net neutrality?[View]
182511537Why are socialist always so full of shit and bad at math?[View]
182510589The Upcoming American False Flag: The Banning of Alex Jones. 350+ opposition controlled papers write…[View]
182511414What does abortion have to do with religion?: >Taking a human's life is murder >Murder is…[View]
182512065Religionfags BTFO: >the happiest countries on earth have the highest atheist or agnostic populati…[View]
182507342Dont blame the dog blame the master: There is no denying that Omarosa is a dog. Why did Trump hire h…[View]
182490070We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children: SIEG HEIL[View]
182510532Stop Judaism[View]
182508154What did the BBC mean by this?[View]
182507443I’m starting to think maybe higher had a point: Between openly pedo lgbt movements and Hollywood sex…[View]
182491876Since 1953 Ukraine was a ruling state in soviet union. Why did Ukrainians gave up control over USSR …[View]
182510727When are whites going to wake up and realize that greedy, pathologically selfish individualism is de…[View]
182507095Why haven't you tried /OURGAME/: FarCry5 has a MAP EDITOR w/ 7 GAMES worth of Assets & a pr…[View]
182507173Hey /pol/, you're probably focusing too hard on the Jews. So much so that if a non-Jew does som…[View]
182505294Athiests of /pol/: I come not here to argue. I come here to present the one truth, as clearly as pos…[View]
182511125I redpilled my little brother on jews My parents are pissed. I am probably fine but I am a low T bet…[View]
182510194Why'd they sell it to China?: I recently returned to the San Francisco peninsula after a 2 year…[View]
182508223What did they MEAN by this?: Washington Post: Republicans allow attacks on dissent at their own peri…[View]
182498719Yet again, just to make it clear He was christcuck, .. and socialist He wasn't /our/ guy![View]
182508374TWITTER EXPOSED[View]
182507700How retarded and evil do you have to be to not be a Zionest?: Zionism is the pinnacle of human cultu…[View]
182509231If this wasn’t one of ours, it damn well should have been.[View]
182506307why are the fucking jews using so much bandwidth? seriously. like having all the money wasn't e…[View]
182509682I remember times when I thought that americans being stupid is just another stereotype. Reading amer…[View]
182509657Oh no, please don't do that[View]
182510543hey /pol/ would you have a problem sharing the restroom with a transgender person? https://twitter.c…[View]
182509376The New World: The Chinese parts of the Internet are growing. I assume this is because their governm…[View]
182507815One of these 4 companies were responsible for outsourcing your job to third world pajeets and chinks…[View]
182504440There are 1.8 billion muslims in the world. Even if we largely overestimate the number of 'radical' …[View]
182507310Iranian illegal attempted to meet 12-year-old English girl 'Amber' for sex: AN Iranian teenager who …[View]
182505084What would he think if he came back and saw today's world run by the Jews? First they killed hi…[View]
182509739land in minnesota pretty cheap, should I buy it and start my own city? Whites only city. Lets discus…[View]
182509617Why is the incel community made up entirely of members of the alt-right? What factors are at play he…[View]
182507987How did you get redpilled?[View]
182509793What would you do in terms of political reforms to end the man child problem in today's society…[View]
182506921Quebec Anon, AMA.: I'm bored, AMA.[View]
182508294(((youtube))) coming out with more degenerate interracial shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IF6…[View]
182506298Why Jews look like this? Do they Inbreed?: I live in a Jewish populated area. As you drive down the …[View]
182505700Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Grand Mal Edition: MAY TRIGGER SEIZURES!!! >Polls http://www.wahlr…[View]
182509972BUILD A WALL: We gotta get a wall between the US and Canada already. Your dumb niggers are smuggling…[View]
182506507UN: Structural Racism 'lies at the core' of Canadian institutions today: DEMANDS CANADA PAY BLACKS R…[View]
182509934https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKV-ps1QQvE Americans BTFO!!!![View]
182508755Facts don't care about your feelings, gang.: Why won't /pol/ accept Ben Shapiro as lord go…[View]
182503252Why do whites claim to have invented everything when most of 'their' inventions were jewish inventio…[View]
182504067pol music: anybody have the link for the parody thing for Congratulations by post malone? i think rw…[View]
182506003https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/214072 Why arent you all talking about this?[View]
182506635Donald Trump is a traitor and if you support him, so are you.: William H. McRaven, a retired Navy ad…[View]
182497537Why pol/ users tend to put everything south of texas in the shitskin category? Are you guys telling …[View]
182509418Antifa = espionage?: Facts : Recruiters for secret organizations have been set in College and Univer…[View]
182505041WIKILEAKS BTFO[View]
182504728It's official: Russia has hacked the U.S. legal system.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinion…[View]
182504457White demographics look catastrophically bleak: At current rate and projections of white birth rates…[View]
182494565So Vicious: I would hate working for ICE. They are equivalent to a Nazi Death-squad in progressive…[View]
182508421ITT: We laugh at Liberals: Enough with the temper tantrums you petulant children. It's over, yo…[View]
182504337Is Justin Trudeau Based & Redpilled?: https://globalnews.ca/news/4392057/fredericton-widow-justi…[View]
182508158Why do most parents in Ann Arbor send their children to psyche wards / why are most kids in their la…[View]
182509022FINAL RED PILL THREAD: Post the ultimate red pills before this site is shut down forever. Two hours …[View]
182509002The only thing, historically, that's curbed inequality is revolutionary violence. Karl Marx was…[View]
182497541Are the Irish the only genuine nationalists?: https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-flags-burned-by-…[View]
182507036Any reason why it becomes really easy to be a man around 25+? Like if you are slim+good career life …[View]
182499160What was his end game?: What is wrong with white men?[View]
182503382Whitepride: > be the quintessential white man in bongland > Surrounded by pakis and Poos > …[View]
182507162LOOOL Facebook is pathetic[View]
182508313These men are heroes: They've refugee welcomed so much that former Yazidi sex slaves can now go…[View]
182508492Why doesn't Venezuela pay its debts? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-bonds/payment…[View]
182496787Paul Manafort![View]
182481668scared yet, Trumpies? it'll be over very soon.[View]
182497048Just found out I'm a kike. Where do I go from here?[View]
182502422Michael Moore Cola Deal - Book Printed Under Caps: Why the fuck is nobody talking about this? >be…[View]
182504985Dindu Nuffin: https://kdvr.com/2018/08/15/body-cam-video-released-of-denver-mayors-son-threatening-c…[View]
182505869Moralfags: >Ey yo, how many layers of Darwinism are you on? Like, maybe 5, or 6 right now my dude…[View]
182508301Racism in Greece: https://youtu.be/C96KLM7bMyc?t=3m13s Greece invented racism deal with it.…[View]
182503104Why don't you choose the path of truth and morality? There is already an optimal system of gove…[View]
182506658The endless kvetching on this board is disgusting. Christianity is an alien religion of jewish orig…[View]
182500830The Press is not the enemy, you bigots: >JUST IN: US Senate passes resolution with unanimous cons…[View]
182501499China is holding over 1 million Muslims in concentration camps: until they denounce Islam. But thank…[View]
182498771Women in their 30s and 40s are expected to date men with lower education, why?: https://www.evanmarc…[View]
182482757IT. WAS. HER. TURN.[View]
182503238Beer in Ontario just got more a-FORD-able: http://www.iheartradio.ca/610cktb/news/local/1.5715969 …[View]
182506586*blocks your Iran war* Heh, nothing personal, neocons.[View]
182503375HAPPENING! South Africa doing a full Pinochet!: Communists being tossed from helicopters as we speak…[View]
182504590Revoke my security clearance too, Mr president.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/terms-of-sale-for-pr…[View]
182506960Inspirational Music Thread: https://youtu.be/WOs3uIEyHaY[View]
182506453Socialism is inevitable even in the US[View]
182503330All memes aside, would he have won if he got the nomination?[View]
182499187Democrat here: Proud Democrat, proud Socialist, proud ethnic Jew and veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq…[View]
182491275sam hyde was right[View]
182506162What Is The Most Red-Pilled Video You've Seen?: This unironically mine's https://youtu.be/…[View]
182507654State of France: Tourist bus gets plundered while still driving. Damn France, what's going on? …[View]
182507583Interesting Fact: Paganism and the origin of all religion can be traced back to astrology. As above…[View]
182505638Jewish “Art” agenda: From the Frankfurt school to children’s books why has the Jewish agenda always …[View]
182506674Why does every straight white male today just want to rape everything in sight from little girls to …[View]
182507297Why are liberals the most disrespectful people on the planet? She's been dead not 10 hours and …[View]
182501674Important Reminder: TLDNR: Germans are (legally) the twitter master-race and we need to use it. So p…[View]
182506840Leftists communists arrested in Norway for planning attacks against anti-immigration organizations (…[View]
182506805White boy raped in Billericay, Essex: An efit has been released after a teenage boy was sexually ass…[View]
182503855Why do we allow immigrants who don't speak english? Some spic who didnt speak a word of english…[View]
182497539Drug tests: >'alright just gonna need you to piss in this cup and you can blame the Democratic pa…[View]
182498011Alex Jones is an actor. He doesn't believe a word of this shit he says. He's taken the par…[View]
182483835Fivethirtyeight's House forecast released: Democrats have 3 in 4 chance to takeover House of Re…[View]
182502930Why do men and women have equal rights? Men and women do not want the same things in life, if anythi…[View]
182498573https://youtu.be/qJ_Nql0p8UA Is this faggot the new cuck and tea? Pseudo intellectual creating 20+ m…[View]
182506180Why is black society only focused on social acceptance even when they're wrong? These are peopl…[View]
182501890Senator Kennedy - 'HE'S A BUTTHEAD': lol[View]
182506655Mexican Trump a.k.a Juan Trump is already showing his authoritarian tendencies.: >The president-e…[View]
182506642Anti vax movement is not a big deal: Why does you care if non-vaccinated children from anti-vaxers g…[View]
182479682When are we going to just glass the entire region?[View]
182500726Happening!: Oh shit[View]
182505304>SJWs have now moved to asian culture to score social justice points I had no idea I was such a p…[View]
182505484Record-warm water temperatures in Southern California attract unusual creatures: Climate change is r…[View]
182506460Eugenic rainbow state: Imagine a state that brought about the fantasy of racial equality through del…[View]
182505345Gimme the link for the Russian /pol/: I'm ready for the final red pill. I've heard murmurs…[View]
182486526You can't name a more based author: >Authors many books on kikes and their kikery >Wrote …[View]
182499672Where did these crazy neo-nazi, white supremacist, KKK, fascist, racist white men get the idea that …[View]
182497265So Much Progress So Much Diversity: I'm so excited for the future, thanks Leftists and Obama. h…[View]
182494026Merchant thread bonus tendies for rare merchants[View]
182505468Egyptian AMA: hello /pol/, Egyptian here. this an AMA thread. you can ask questions about politics i…[View]
182465986Your first redpill: What piece of media started your redpill journey? Mine was pic related, aunt gav…[View]
182504674King Leopold II: Thoughts on King Leopold II of Belgium, /pol/? Was he based?[View]
182505619thoughts on mango mussolini?[View]
182504607https://breaking911.com/breaking-argument-over-aretha-franklin-leads-to-shooting-in-virginia/ They w…[View]
182506070Praise be to Kek 'And may Kek's praise be onto us' Fret not brothers, for in the darkest of tim…[View]
182503031US creates Iran Action Group to ‘change regime’s behavior’: HERE WE FUCKING GO AGAIN https://www.rt.…[View]
182500588Please help us: Please help us anon’s, our country is being colonised by China and Parjeets are loot…[View]
182498559Slavs are the lowest form of life. At least Blacks, Pakistanis or Indians can adapt to western lifes…[View]
1824958631984: Friends, I just found this book that predicted what is happening, would you agree? My friends …[View]
182505021How good is Stratfor in its forecasts as far as global geopolitics are concerned? And are they biase…[View]
182498918Sikh paedophile groomed underage white girls: Get the word out that Sikhs are not our friends, they …[View]
182500454>be spain >once the most powerful state in the world >empire crumbles >have 30% unemploy…[View]
182493094Do you disagree with anything he says or does?[View]
182479027Why didn't the USSR annex Poland? Wasn't Poland part of the old Russian Empire?[View]
182485134Russia's end draws near[View]
182500672Are you also looking forward to the fact that Turkey goes down on the weekend?: Trump will totally d…[View]
182505431i'll just leave this here...[View]
182504535new omaroastie tapes: Wasn’t that sheboon supposed to release a “bombshell” tape at 1 EST? What happ…[View]
182498065Lee Harvey Oswald is a crisis actor: Joe Kennedy did not die in 1944 in France. He was the first cri…[View]
182503229We need to help Ross! Only Drumpf can get him out now.[View]
182503320Why do jews have so big noses? Is it because they always lie?[View]
182470408Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Vae Victis Edition: >Kaufempfehlung https://www.kanirope.de/hanfse…[View]
182467073Syria General /sg/ - Too BasedEdition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
182499297There may be tapes[View]
182482726I fucking love the real Europe and I am not ashamed to admit it.[View]
182504864Knowledge is suffering: >be me >ignorant young man, playing with things I knew nothing about …[View]
182487847What’s /pol/ currently reading?: >Mfw people don’t know what it is >Mfw people are genuinely i…[View]
182502368AirBnb Host: Hi guys, I just rented to a fucking dirtback sandnigger shitskin muslim, because I like…[View]
182504508Remember when we were liberal?[View]
182500693Times /pol/ was right thread: My s,o,y, addicted friend doesn't believe that /pol/ figures thin…[View]
182496416Trump is spending $92 million on a parade but we don't have money to give Flint clean drinking …[View]
182496655Why is this bitch still working?: ABC is Owned by Disney. Disney hates whites?[View]
182501946Keith Ellison Saluting Our Boy: Looks like Keith Ellison is a 'antisemite'.[View]
182501168Wouldn't the well-being of children increase by magnitudes if we abolished schooling? Why does …[View]
182502210Rightfull Russian Clay: it will come home[View]
182501927Woman sentenced to 25 years in prison for stealing $7 million from a nonprofit helping the disabled:…[View]
182503659Why are the pro-media so agressive on this board?: I read /Pol time to time and, of course, I by no …[View]
182504525Predict Religion of Next Mass Killer in the US: Come on /pol/ put your money where your bias is: htt…[View]
182504465The inevitability of constant provocation: Kikes are endlessly shilling the board attempting to caus…[View]
182503910representation: >white men are heroes in pretty much 99% of media >over the past few years it …[View]
182457513Why do white people lack empathy?[View]
182502834Racist Democrats throw rocks at Black family at lake for wearing Maga hat.: Okay so we were boating …[View]
182499430Rebranding Motherhood: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/10/well/rebranding-motherhood.html The poo-in…[View]
182502664Anyone that thinks that Finns, Estonians and Hungarians aren't white unironically thinks that a…[View]
182497704FUCKING KIKES: >calls seth rogen a kike >gets all your accounts suspended >gets banned from…[View]
182503514K-poop: Would you..?[View]
182497715Tfw everyone's so confused ? Politic is a distraction, all that matters is to keep the debt mon…[View]
182498768Was he a hero or a villain, /pol/?[View]
182499814/pol/ completely BTFO, Germany only has 924,000 “refugees” on gibmees: What now, racists? You always…[View]
182503919Trump will get his absurd military parade — thanks to Republicans who indulge his egomania: https://…[View]
182493063>Eight (8) years >Zero (0) Scandals >One (1) great president…[View]
182495720Bomb in Italy: Not a single fucking thread? You niggers have been subverted. https://www.zerohedge.c…[View]
182503745http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-16/emus-take-over-broken-hill/10122430?sf195647191=1 >Mobs of …[View]
182489103ITT we post countries which fought the eternal ANGLO Germany France Ireland South Africa Rhodesia M…[View]
182503702What is the big deal about race purity anyway? Segregation within a single country just leads to a c…[View]
1824930594chan consecrated to heart of Christ tyvm.: I want to inform you that 4chan has been consecrated to …[View]
18250351565th anniversary of Operation Ajax and toppling of Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq[View]
182502138Are you guys for real? You'd have to be quite paranoid to believe that all jews are linked via …[View]
182497347IQ is a highly accurate and correlative indicator of one's intellige-: How does it feel to be a…[View]
182501314How is it possible to respect communist supporters when they have little to no experience in partici…[View]
182495369Does /pol/ think National Bolshevism could work or would it turn out like every other commie state? …[View]
182497004Is 4chan not taken seriously by msm because they think we are bunch of weebs?: I think that image tr…[View]
182478715Feminism eternally BTFO: Some things never change : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pi…[View]
182500524TURKey is sacrificing their country to destroy the white race for good. How can one country be so b…[View]
182496547Which countries do you hate/love: You know the drill.[View]
182502901Tommorow, i'm going to uzbekistan and i don't know don't know anything about the coun…[View]
182501821Swedish elections: https://gyazo.com/452d2df9eb105374d2082cb16c9a9a39 Any Swedes here that can predi…[View]
182496635/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182497656KEK: https://www.pluralist.com/posts/1824-millennial-couple-bikes-near-isis-territory-to-prove-human…[View]
182466803Why Antifa is Winning: After Charlottesville: >AltRight: 'We cannot win. We must hide and work on…[View]
182500007Führer Kasselstrand has spoken. If you are from any of these countries you have to go home[View]
182497882Because of the Hapa problem Asian genes will slowly spread to every white American and European and …[View]
182497885The 50s brought anti-communism, traditional families, drive-ins etc. The 60s brought hippies, the se…[View]
182502764Post your opinions you virgins[View]
182495412UK YES!!! 'Vile' racist jailed for 16 months: >A 'vile' racist who claimed Hitler was b…[View]
182502645Explain yourself bongs: Do you really need a license to have a television in England?[View]
182502196When are we going to admit that the war on drugs is the cause of so much violence in the world? >…[View]
182489809Genetic Determinism in Politics - the Woman Problem: Men want to conquer foreigners. They want to ra…[View]
182458313Nudity (Soft Porn and erotic content) sought to be banned from /pol/: They disrupt discussion and de…[View]
182502528Uhm we're actually like, decent people, unlike neanderthals like you. ISIS pocs are decent peop…[View]
182502465ISREAL DID 9/11: I always though it was the Saudi's,assisted by cia niggers . Please inform me…[View]
182500296Pack it up It’s all over The blue wave is here[View]
182499881This shit: At least it wasn't rape.[View]
182498676Democrat Voter Fraud 2018: The Democrat’s last chance to stop Trump is the 2018 elections. They’ll b…[View]
182495593Hungary NO: According to the Twitter of the Canadian Ambassador to Hungary, some shitskin faggot was…[View]
182462555Elon Musk BTFO.[View]
182502153Eu invasion: Gonna pull a q and say mother Europa will engulf in a civil/world war, and that Israel …[View]
182497987We'll collude to tell Trump we aren't colluding!: It's a bold plan. Let's see ho…[View]
182502238>Capitalism cap·i·tal·ism noun an economic and political system in which a country's trade a…[View]
182471622Is ADHD hate a schizotypal behaviour?: >ADHD meds are made by jews to destroy the goy >Jew pha…[View]
182500204CNN just said that Joe Biden's main flaws are being an old, white, male. How can a mainstream n…[View]
182501834How many genders does it take two screw in a lightbulb?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5xSNSIw5yA…[View]
182495699Detroit Bridge is Down.: I just wanted to make a thread to show some RESPECT towards the greatest so…[View]
182501249This was just posted by an anon who claims to be a Trump insider: Real or fake? What do you think?…[View]
182490198Reddit Lefty experiment: I am going to make a fake Reddit lefty account and post the most outlandish…[View]
182501648Propaganda thread: Post best propaganda pictures you have. I would prefer anti-kike propaganda . Als…[View]
182485089White Socialism for America: /Our Jew/ Paul Krugman calls for White Socialism for the United States …[View]
182500070Baptism of Blood: 'A fatal skin disease forces a beautiful actress to retire from the screen. She pu…[View]
182501327>tfw Donald Trump will normalize the word nigger again in our lifetime[View]
182494099Uganda Anon AMA: Hi im a lurker from Uganda(East Africa) . Been lurking mostly and offering my opini…[View]
182494825https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBLdQ1a4-JI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkX2NAKFM5Q[View]
182498044Trump sure got triggered. That isn’t very Alpha.[View]
182496963>tfw liberals and SJW don't have kids or abort them wow, nice ideology retards.…[View]
182498584Yeah,... I'm thinking she's back[View]
182495299Fact Sweden has dominated every nation in europe they were the inventors of spaceships pyramids and …[View]
182481472Can someone please explain to me why the fuck we give Israel money?[View]
182496772The pic states Hezbollah currently is stronger than Israeli army. Your thoughts regarding this?[View]
182500521Romania YES!!: Swastika + anti-communist slang Which one of you fags did this?[View]
182498405/pol/itical debate: How do we debate politics with the normies on their own territory? In normieland…[View]
182500431Europe: Why did we gave up our beautiful ancient flags for those minimalist modern 2/3 stripes?…[View]
182495782AUS/POL Fraser Anning vote THREAD#4 - Taking Back The Night Edition: Previous threads #1 >>182…[View]
182493156Jewish Appreciation General /JAG/: THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeLE_hNoHa8 >Sup…[View]
182490932/msg/ Mediterranean Supremacy General - The Path To Wisdom Edition: >tfw you realize that Nordfag…[View]
182500066Redpill me on chinese mass population control, i.e. spying, interferrence, censorship etc. Their sys…[View]
182495560is /pol/ ready for more of this in 2020?[View]
182496596PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - HATS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
182500077Kenyan Israeli wins European Championships[View]
182497377nigger bitch with ghetto name denied: check this sheeit out niggress applies to job gets called out …[View]
182500074AMERICLAPS BTFO!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX5C2KGURcE[View]
182491210'Whites are the greediest of the races' says study: How does /pol/ reconcile with the fact that the …[View]
182499075Alright, so I made a post on r/eli5 asking about why false rape allegations tend to go through so mu…[View]
182491466Brit/pol/ : Pict/pol/: >Pictish coppersmith's 1,000-year-old handprint found in Orkney https…[View]
182496464rate this country: what does /pol/ think of brazil ?[View]
182490743Black woman burns white baby on Louisiana traintracks: Why do we allow blacks in our communities aga…[View]
182479021Fash The Nation 140: Paycucks please gibs because paywall is kill https://therightstuff.biz/2018/08/…[View]
182495936Some things just never change...: Can someone explain to me why whites are racist and anti semitic a…[View]
182498020Jew wrote the piece: We all knew this. Save the pic, bump the thread to keep it going. Share good in…[View]
182499227Why kikes always overreact for anything?: Anything is a excuse to pull the 6 gorillion card.[View]
182497314Liberalism has killed psychology. It has become a major problem in psychology that tests can't …[View]
182497934will we get more stupid security regs because of this wack job.[View]
182484815Do Canadians even have a redpilled alternative?: Or is every Canadian politician just like this fagg…[View]
182498414Daily reminder that anyone that thinks Trump is limiting free speech, needs to really think about ho…[View]
182498909Why the republican party don't become the official party of spics by catering to them? latinos …[View]
182497387800 Black Isarelites march in Memphis: That's right WHITE Jewish devil, the real BLACK Jewish k…[View]
182472091Wtf I love Facebook now: Insider footage of InfoWars being banned at Facebook. Employees colluding. …[View]
182494314People are always saying that they're 'Socially liberal but economically conservative.' But wha…[View]
182495544IQ 171: Age: 3. >https://archive.fo/Zcvc6 Dumbasses.[View]
182484270Swedish election: Redddit We made it. We are on frontpage of state media in Denmark :-) sauce: https…[View]
182492609Are non-English language parts of the internet less cucked?: It seems to me that the younger generat…[View]
182493623UK is basically Saudi Arabia... HOLY FUCK Reckful is live in London on twitch now.[View]
182498355Q was RIGHT!!: IT is bigger than anyone could believe![View]
182498523It's time to recall how the military conflict between Russia and NATO will unfold. It all begin…[View]
182498698Looks like Proclamation 1081 is back on the menu boys[View]
182486362/SLAV-POL/ GENERAL: Felt like slavs on this board need a cozy place to hang around. Feel free to dis…[View]
182497471Pennsylvania priests sexually abusing over 300 children: >Be republican >Actually believe reli…[View]
182496897RSBN: Why aren't you supporting RSBN? Alyssa is super QT. Go to Right Side Broadcast Network on…[View]
182498289THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RELAX AROUND NIGGERS: Trump relaxed....Now he's paying the price…[View]
182474721Senator Rand Paul Thinks Julian Assange Should Be Granted Immunity for Testimony: https://www.thegat…[View]
182498228Social Progress Index[View]
182494079The Jew is using jewbook to influence your electoral processes: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into…[View]
182497912Alt tech general deleted edition: THIS IS POLITICAL MODS. THE REASON FOR LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVE TOO…[View]
182497100I fucking love this place: I love you guys I thought i knew a lot before i came here, i learned more…[View]
182497479/cg/ - Catholic General: The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for general Catholic discu…[View]
182496573i propose a new name for them- people of brown. or POB for short[View]
182497768MGS WAS RIGHT: https://youtu.be/b_W4EV-ikJY https://youtu.be/NS9sWYop2UE https://youtu.be/XP3D1sUSuz…[View]
182459569Europe: Europe should unite into a single state to stay relevant and powerfull, Europe will not be c…[View]
182495811Australia is absolutely cucked: Australian nurses need to acknowledge their white privilege and apol…[View]
182486805/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Daily reminder! To join your local HARE KRI…[View]
182496892Why cant I just take the money I am paying into social security and give it directly to my grandfath…[View]
182491595give up youre guns idiot: Seriously why does anybody need to own a automatic assault weapon in 2018?…[View]
182483498So everything about this nigger is true then?[View]
182496983Isn't it rather illiberal that we Englishmen love to stereotype eachother but don't extend…[View]
182496965Why do the Dems virtue signal like this: But ignore every major issue that actually impacts our dail…[View]
182492946How do we get this hate-spewing, transphobic, islamophobic white supremacist banned off of YT?: His …[View]
182496457Why do conservatives hate gays, but also it happens to be that all of the states where sex with an a…[View]
182496139JOSE TAFEAL CARRERA TUCRIOS ??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL1unCu65WI&t=12s WATCH THE VIDE…[View]
182496838evolved people hate their parents[View]
182488268Was Omarosa poisoning President Trump?: Was she working for Trump when he made that political policy…[View]
182493902/NCIRG/ - New Caledonia Independence Referendum General: This is the first ever thread dedicated on …[View]
182494794Why do the Spanish want to ruin the only thing making them money? https://www.euroweeklynews.com/new…[View]
182496808What would be the most shocking thing to have happen? Not talking mass shooting, Muslim attack, Trum…[View]
182496788Paths to Segregation: According to the U.S. Mint, there are currently 147.3 million ounces of gold i…[View]
182494433>lightly banter a white male on the internet >loses his shit, starts spouting nazi ideology an…[View]
182496519Dumb Turkroaches destroy their own phones to spite USA over sanctions: How can a people be so dumb? …[View]
182485740White professors get a diversity mentor who monitores their behaviour: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/e…[View]
182491313What makes a population “middle eastern”: Everything under Turkey, including Turkey and Turkic count…[View]
182496520(((Media))) Attempt #8764: Corbyn is literally Hitler guys[View]
182467949'Almost 350 news outlets to publish editorials denouncing Trump's 'dirty war' on pres…[View]
182495428Are twitter polls actually an unbiased source on people's opinions?[View]
182496371((())) This’s slid thread goys don’t mind him.[View]
182495975Will we ever get our money back?[View]
182493907>yfw Captain Planet told white people not to breed https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x551v6l Ski…[View]
182464537They're right you know[View]
182496272Nowhere in America is a white ethno sta...: Wow, how long until the diversity police ship in some 3r…[View]
182479029Thoughts on this /pol/?[View]
182495545People who collect Nazi memorabillia: Do you also purchase non-German WW2 items to serve as a red he…[View]
182496228/pol/, could you recommend me something to learn about the transition between the Roman Empire and t…[View]
182496070Millennial Couple Bikes Through ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed: https://w…[View]
182494035Is this real?[View]
182490615Why is the right wing so weak and submissive?[View]
182495815Majority of white women in the world are over 45 years... no more kids for them.[View]
182492563Being an area of major geostrategic importance to NATO, I'm not sure why this island is not und…[View]
182464674Poland Warsaw 2018.08.16 based[View]
182495637How are schoolchildren posting in the middle of the day?: Has school not yet started back for everyo…[View]
182495780Qanon is the most retarded shit that has ever come out of this board and is an obvious kike ploy to …[View]
182495781Redpill me on Boomers How much did they really fuck up the world/economy?[View]
182492832Satan is real.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2ck48f4tfk[View]
1824957542020: Can he pull it off?[View]
182486465You faggots made the news in Denmark: What bullshit shall we make them report on this time?[View]
182478186Sikh paedophile groomer interrogated by hunters: Get the word out that Sikhs are not our friends htt…[View]
182495700The state of our news sources.: Amazing. The Washington Post joins CLICK-BAIT mentality. Hey Editor:…[View]
182490948>Black people have been systematically cheated by the education system and have received sub-par …[View]
182494298What is the source of this ?[View]
182494669How were the founding fathers so absolutely based? Will we ever get Men like them again?[View]
182494886So this is the power of antifa...[View]
182491851The N Word, Explored: Nigger. What exactly about the word makes it such a horrible insult that if a …[View]
182481775I no longer take this as a joke: As they invade our lands, our culture, our people, our very home I …[View]
182486371On the Sky King’s Stoicism: We judge people. Even when people express sincere suicidal feelings, we …[View]
182492748Did SJWs make anybody else realize you were like them just with different interest groups and became…[View]
182489929John Brennan: On June 25, 1996, Saudi terrorists attacked Coalition forces attached to Operation Sou…[View]
182488805You do not have to follow any hierarchy. You do not need anybody’s permission to free yourself. Good…[View]
182484574>'omg north korea is awful everyone is starving there and enslaved! they only have one tv channel…[View]
182490188Congratulations, My Fellow Americans: We have successfully subverted Europe and have driven them to …[View]
182495089>m-muh free speech! you're c-censoring me! Wrong.[View]
182494898I want those delegates back: I miss the spring of 2016. What a time to be alive.[View]
182493647Does nobody here 'believe' in anything?: Seriously now. I've been coming here for so long, and …[View]
182493798This place is dead[View]
182494021How to cheat the system - incels passing good genes.: >find qt, who has been poured over with aci…[View]
182493892Majority of white women in the world are over 45 years... no more kids for them.[View]
182489413>'We have the second amendment to fight against government tyranny.' >no one uses the second a…[View]
182476357What the fuck was this guys problem?: and why do I learn about him every year in school?[View]
182494815hmmmm: >he was LEFT behind >he was RIGHT…[View]
182494780Letters of Marque: Why don't these ever get used nowadays? Seems like a simple way to cheapen a…[View]
182489428Reminder: yellowfevered hapa praisers are actually the worst of the worst: It is truly the most evil…[View]
182494763Wow those left nuts even hate their own music[View]
182487534Let's review some of the shit that Western media is trying to make us believe about North Korea…[View]
182494559/Éire/pol - Occupied Six edition: Man at the shop gave me Amber Leaf when I asked for Gold Leaf toda…[View]
182493922BREAKING NEWS! Orange fatty getting ass kicked by black woman!: Part One: Omarosa claims she has tap…[View]
182468838BASED: I already liked Social Distortion but now I fucking LOVE them. Best punk band around today. h…[View]
182491646Remember that time (((Josh Rogin))) spied on the American Secretary of State for Israel? >Ten yea…[View]
182494196Indian elephant boy: A huge talent https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kQoB_1533296311[View]
182485706Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand: http://archive.today…[View]
182494302Do you hate niggers? Do you see niggers as humans?[View]
182477172As /pol/ is bragging so much about white culture, what exactly are your personal cultural achievemen…[View]
182482947Which country will be the first legal ethnostate for europeans?: I'm not talking about Hungary …[View]
182492771Indian wedding reception https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=klqPz_1533490672[View]
182492886Roblox even promotes race mixing: Its everywhere[View]
182493511Go ahead and defend this Drumpf cucks.[View]
182475584Why are them destroying the world? What is it their endgame? Are they bringing destruction just to f…[View]
182493751JAPAN HAS FALLEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvWcjG0HWyI[View]
182488742>2018 >nuclear war still not happening[View]
182487572Alt general: Hello welcome to alt general this thread should provide websites, apps , and programs t…[View]
182483675Name a better trio: Pro-tip: YOU CAN'T[View]
182493508Dont forget to get your absentee ballots!: Anons friendly reminder to anyone who wont be in your cou…[View]
182488318Nigger hate thread: lets do it i dont have anything, you post[View]
182459842Krauts, get in here: Call to duty. The trending #menaretrash is a great opportunity to improve your …[View]
182482370'WE'RE NOT THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!': >“News reporters and editors are human, and make mis…[View]
182488994“Diversity is So IN” ...: https://youtu.be/5dLeI2JInf0 is it humor? Is it satire? Is it blatant prop…[View]
182493366Daily reminder: >a slave born in your house, as well as one purchased with money, must be circumc…[View]
182487703I hate this world: God /pol/ think for a second, one fucking second, about the freedoms you had back…[View]
182490823QUEEN OF SOUL WAS A TRUMP FAN: This needs to get out. Threads keep being archived. Alamy stock photo…[View]
182492047Even boomers get the rope. F[View]
182492138How retarded is he?: This fucking idiot is actually throwing fits in the White House demanding Omaro…[View]
182493222Why can't we have this is the USA?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAB6rCFh_KQ Also videos of …[View]
182488874Having children: Is there anypoint anymore? You will die and everything you will ever do or accompli…[View]
182489208>House bought outright before 25 years old >Free College >1 main breadwinner and a middle c…[View]
182493195Majority of white women in the world are over 45 years... no more kids for them.[View]
182486681Anyone feeling better and better about things now the obama era has ended and things like nihilism a…[View]
182492879/LRG/ BRENNAN TAKES A FREE HELICOPTER RIDE EDITION: This thread is for discussion of property rights…[View]
182491860Give me one (1) good reason why I shouldn't trust this guy[View]
182473209DAILY REMINDER: Eric Clanton got away with attempted MURDER: Anons, I can't let this go. Eric C…[View]
182492823ape out in London: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6068339/Four-men-taken-hospital-quadruple…[View]
182490456TRUMP IS LOSING: Well Magapedes? Why are you letting terrorists win?[View]
182492734An analysis of Omarosa's behavior by a lawyer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuAWFN73MkQ Trum…[View]
182489504Majority of white women in the world are over 45 years... no more kids for them.[View]
182492207Quake : Italian Edition: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us1000gaq7#executive…[View]
182492601Really makes me think...[View]
182491817What should we do about the fempedo problem?[View]
182485399SWEDEN YES: Sweden Muslim woman who refused handshake at job interview wins case https://www.bbc.co.…[View]
182489555>white nationalism[View]
182483335Why were family’s so large in the 70 80s. My dad had 12 kids his mother had 14. How the fuck did it …[View]
182491587Thoughts on the future of climate change? >inb4 'it's a hoax' I think we'll ultimately …[View]
182490881Omarosa Breaking News: top fucking lel[View]
182491591not guilty[View]
182486289Why are Dominicans so Haitiphobic?: I don’t understand why the Dominican Republic doesn’t accept, em…[View]
182486903Air Conditioners Kill Earth: Trump's been a lot of fun but I'm bored now. Why don't w…[View]
182482360REMINDER: 4 DAYS LEFT for the beginning of plagues. Godspeed[View]
182490202who will win the cuck races of post trump /pol/? The leafs or the Svens? its getting close[View]
182492007Conservatism Worldwide: Hey I was just thinking about how to better take the right worldwide. Especi…[View]
182491967Stop being snowflakes, you're not special if you're a snowflake. Snowflakes melt, and quic…[View]
182489636If Trump has nothing to fear, why doesn't he just do an interview with Mueller without any pre-…[View]
182490058what is the jews endgame: will they be able to survive once white people go extinct?[View]
182483100>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182491478what is /pol/'s opinion on UNKLE adams?[View]
182484450Top Intelligence Agencies in the World: You can only post itt if your country makes the cut. Bonus r…[View]
182491721Was he /our gay/? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/30/man-behind-machete-attack-plan-at-…[View]
182490063Venezuela cuts water: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/venezuelas-capital-running-out-w…[View]
182488247How do taliban have such good intelligence? Their lead spokesman might not even be a real person. Wt…[View]
182491589Drumpf creates 'fake news' survey to retaliate against journalist editorial protest: It's showi…[View]
182491581>be 'Anglo' >Germans invade and make rape babies >French invade and make rape babies >Vi…[View]
182487729So let me get this straight. You willingly elect a president who hates the media and loves big busin…[View]
182489062satyAYO LEMME GET THAT BACONATOR >you mean big mac? Quarter pounder? >YEA DAT 1 >which one …[View]
182488668Based few Jews: ITT we post based Jews, preferably Jews who rail against Israel and Judaism. Ben Sha…[View]
182491472RIP russia colusion: https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/16/author-of-infamous-russia-e…[View]
182489401This enrages the shill >b-but muslims are worse than jews >but jews are white hahahaha your da…[View]
182483773What the fug: Wisconsin Anon here, any others here that felt that explosion that just happened? The …[View]
182490786This girl is having an absolute meltdown right now.: This brave young PoC is having an absolute melt…[View]
182470814Brit/pol/: Whitest Place in England and Wales edition: >Boris Johnson prepares to make a comeback…[View]
182489545This is a rough genetic gradient of the world population. Notice how Australia and Africa are so iso…[View]
182489589>be english >tfw your woken up at 4am by the fucking mosque >tfw your local school looks li…[View]
182477173How are neocon boomers so gullible?[View]
182458543FUCK white people[View]
182488583Remember anons, nothing must come before God. God has to be first, ahead of your family, your nation…[View]
182485945CITIZENS OF HAWAII: WARNING! If the hurricane is projected to direct hit within a couple days leave …[View]
182490910ITT: post the most popular show in your country and fellow /pol/acks decide whether its the jews doi…[View]
182490511What are your favorite Boomer memes? >life isn't fair >basically just saying 'we like thi…[View]
182488774thankyou brothers in /pol/ for helping us in our fight for jerusalem!! may we push the dirty dogs in…[View]
182489290The 'War on Christmas'?: Well, it's that time of year again /pol/, so let's settle this on…[View]
182490628NIGGA HATE THREAD[View]
182489643*Blocks your Abrahamic theistic worldview* When will /pol/ drop the adult security blanket that is r…[View]
182467958Men Must Never Force Women to get Implants: Chloe says her body her right...[View]
182490381Worst Presidents no one knows about?[View]
182488198Trump says n word tape: Calls blacks corrupt nigers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YVjnZg5FIcU It…[View]
182489266What reason is there to join the US military aside from camaraderie and a sense of family within the…[View]
182482589GERMANY JA: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-third-gender-male-female-interse…[View]
182470935Whos secretely a black man but wont admit it here?: I don't like the way my brothas act, and I …[View]
182487376The absolute state of white men. Why bother saving the white race when it's clearly trying to k…[View]
182489516this is the best song and performance of a song in the history of mankind https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
182422914How the fuck is pic related even real? That simpsons episode aired in the early 90s. Sometimes I sw…[View]
182483073Idiocy: Can some one tell me why White Liberal girls are so damn stupid.[View]
182490308>Jewish people run the world >They have the most privilege >They believe in white privilege…[View]
182490301RED ICE: Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVoQVKXItMg[View]
182486331Why is Europe killing itself?: Europe is going down the drain because of mass immigration, but why? …[View]
182483739You may not like it but this is what peak boomer performance looks like: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
182488735What is your honest opinion about Lauren Simonsen's critique of Canadian liberalism: Will she b…[View]
182484116Are you ready for the communist revolution?[View]
182487435Why is Disney the only company with balls? >Disney Stands Firm on James Gunn Not Returning to ‘Gu…[View]
182487904There is no 'white genocide' Whites are dying off for the same reason Japanese are, the men of their…[View]
182481810With all the recent politically motivated bans on major websites, what is your excuse for not moving…[View]
182489898So who else here used to be red pilled and then took the blue pill? Also fuck dems, liberals, and id…[View]
182468622SPAIN IS THE BEST COUNTRY: USA is the WORST country EVER. You have TO PAY when you are SICK You hav…[View]
182483450[NY Times] What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused?: >Nimrod Reitman accused his fo…[View]
182486794Lads whats the redpill on different bible versions? I've picked myself up a King James version,…[View]
182462223>create fictional jewish character to fight Nazis >make him a perfect archetype of the germani…[View]
182484927Why hasn't America had a Jewish president or Nominee?: You'd think after having 50 whites …[View]
182489628DAILY REMINDER - BAN MONGREL-THEISM: Theology Of Satan...![View]
182489591Project Veritas is the new Wikileaks https://www.projectveritas.com/2018/08/16/veritas-leaks/[View]
182489037Trump's presidency so far: SCANDAL TWEETS SCANDAL TWEETS SCANDAL TWEETS[View]
182489357The Jew is influencing your electoral process: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into the US is not th…[View]
182469304Poland is not what you think it is: >Hurr durr muh based christian nation. >Poles hate muslims…[View]
182483671Decline of Cities: I live in NYC, and I've been taking public transportation since I was around…[View]
182483019How to we get shitskins to eat more mercury?[View]
182488630GOD IS A COBRA: >2018 >Still Believe that god is humanoid you still hold on to the retarded be…[View]
182487933He literally predicted this: >be Q >say you have xbox/ps4 chat logs of deep state members >…[View]
182487798Hillary Shills, answer this.. I'll wait...: And your precious HRC also paid Fusion GPS for the …[View]
182472003Match my donation, guise!: Ol' (((Bernard))) is up to his tricks again, except he is NOW runnin…[View]
182486250you guys know you are the isis of white people right? you guys do know countless terrorist attacks h…[View]
182487019Is Boston going to be a happening this weekend?[View]
182489109Ready your asses, Americans. Russia is coming for you.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=…[View]
182487375Why have things only gotten worse under Trump? Race relations, social media, the rise of antifa, hel…[View]
182481894The main reason for birth numbes dropping in the west is that one income isn't enough to suppor…[View]
182487527Internet Political E-Celeb Dialectics: This guy says Sam Harris type E-celebs are gateway philosophe…[View]
182487462So let me get this straight,: To trick an American into doing whatever I want, all I have to do is d…[View]
182488612Who's got the the new midweek FTN?: Lets spread the good word around boys. Especially now that …[View]
182480597who keeps shitting the streets of frisco?[View]
182488464Describe the current state of the white race in one image.[View]
182488439'Male privilege'[View]
182488359Keep watching porn and taking meds Goy: When are we going to stop being cowards and fight? I see all…[View]
182484531I hate boomers so god damn much: My friend and I were finishing our run today at the local park and …[View]
182465162>Be slave. Master gives you enough shelter and food to live. >Be wage slave. Master gives you …[View]
182479817Mega Jew Here: I would just like to say one thing. >Everything this board thinks about Jews is co…[View]
182488158This poem was written in 1899. Do you think it is applicable today?[View]
182485519How can we fix Canada?[View]
182480123Everybody know what he is.....: .... but google wants to hide it. What do you guys think was he behi…[View]
182485509Well I’m convinced.: Q confirmed authentic. I guess these Q-boomers who don’t have a lot to show for…[View]
182487553/pol/ btfo? the left btfo? Who's this btfoing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=900bLSMuA4A[View]
182481914First NYT and now CNN openly employing racists: Not much to say, he made his twatter private and ppl…[View]
182468764How many mudslimes would you slay to protect this Aryan qt?[View]
182486557His presidency is brought down by someone from his stupid reality show: Is this supposed to be poeti…[View]
182487487Friendly reminder that you are the media you consume and you have far less control over your own min…[View]
182481884The deals we made to shake things up And the rights that they abuse Might just fuck us over But the …[View]
182486124the power of the master race[View]
182487400Peter Turchin Has It All Figured Out: The US is going bad, and here is why: http://peterturchin.com/…[View]
182486164What did Richard Lynn mean when his date discovered that Jews have the highest average IQs in the wo…[View]
182481989Nukes are not real: I absolutely believe that Nuclear weapons are a hoax. It took only THREE WEEKS …[View]
182485969Tell me about the American education system[View]
182480851Attention Fake News Apparatchiks: Word on the street is that something big is about to drop in canad…[View]
182486687The Queen of soul was a Trump fan: Make sure to let your hateful virtue signalling leftist garbage f…[View]
182487169Kevin Metcalf is a very deranged leaf: Leaf 'journalist' threatens Toronto Star and opinion writer R…[View]
182472768Germany is Now Officially Worse than Iraq: This is it folks. Germany is officially worse than Iraq. …[View]
182483982Why does twitter allow such blatant racism?[View]
182486227>tfw Donald Trump will normalize saying nigger again in your lifetime[View]
182487094>All nations borders are formed by conquest/war >Israel's borders are illegitimate even t…[View]
182486042People acting strange this summer: Anyone else notice this? It doesn't matter where I go, it ca…[View]
182477891How will we spread memes during civil war?: Are mesh networks a possibility? HAM is good but will b…[View]
182477002They're begging for money online now. The niggers have evolved![View]
182483055Daily reminder that all wars are bank wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4 Rothschild o…[View]
182481120What does /pol/ actually think of National Socialism?[View]
182473158Two bombs targeting a Lega office in northern Italy: Two homemade bombs were found and detonated saf…[View]
182486778Nuke North Korea[View]
182424265'I Hate White People': I was wondering if anyone on here could explain to me the growing trend of ce…[View]
182486489flat earth niggers will defend this[View]
182482074Women seriously cannot find good men these days: This is not a drill, lads. There are women out ther…[View]
182482936Do you actually believe Trump is the red pilled president: A conservative businessman shilling for I…[View]
182481303Your hypocrisy on shooters: >When it's a black person See? They're all violent gangster…[View]
182483348A REMINDER: I have seen a great influx of defeatist and pessimistic blackpilled bullshit lately, as …[View]
182482445The Parkland shooting was a line in the sand. It was GenZ's Colombine. 17 people murdered in 6 …[View]
182486480Drudge report down?: I've noticed drudge report has been taking forever loading. Anyone else ha…[View]
182482756ARE WH*TOIDS EVEN TRYING?!: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/15/india-conduct-manned-space…[View]
182485914Thank god the (((alt-right))) finally died, AnCap marches when? To be extreme in pursuit of Liberty …[View]
182486367Panama papers: tell me everything you know[View]
182486363The Omarosa Tapes Are Here! - Drumpf is finished 1,000,000th edition: Part 1 https://clyp.it/rueqecg…[View]
182486120Brazilian Elections Assabiyah sheet: Some days ago I asked for someone to make a compendium about th…[View]
182486300BREAKING CHINA BUYS MEXICAN RADIO STATION THE COLD WAR NEVER ENDED: https://freebeacon.com/national-…[View]
182477170Friend's Ridiculous Theory About The Alt-Right: So I was just talking to a friend of mine who…[View]
182481928Was he right?[View]
182480671Race war: Hey /pol/, how do you think the 'race war' would go down? Based off of the recent 'Unite t…[View]
182464869>DURR THE' POOR' ARE ENTITLED TO MIDDLE CLASS LIFESTYLES why are westerners so entitled?…[View]
182483662Omorosa has an audio piss tape!: It's the sound of pissing. MSNBC will be convening an elite pa…[View]
182485005>quit jobs to bike through ISIS territory to show how peaceful they are >'Evil is a make-belie…[View]
1824859111016 genes of intelligence discovered: they have used insecure amerimutts 23 and me database and woa…[View]
182485892>1. Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. >2. As people moved eastward, th…[View]
182483290The only Europe that should exist: The time is coming[View]
182484018Thrive Movement - What on earth will it take?: Thrive Movement - What on earth will it take? Anyone …[View]
182484554The Iraq War!: What are your memories of the Iraq war? How did you feel about it at the time and tha…[View]
182483523How can lolbertarians oppose censorship on big tech platforms?: Is this ultimate proof that it just …[View]
182483968Burnaby prints rainbow sidewalk vandalism story: Removes reference to (((cloud))) but doesn't s…[View]
182483406Can we team up with the far left?: There's an obvious rising undercurrent of far leftism, paral…[View]
182485589Why can't we just start a rumor about Beyonce or some other popular figure on the left? They ke…[View]
182485475Is California the Canada of the US?: Why do they oppose everything Trump does? This isn't even …[View]
182479080Why haven't you joined the Coast Guard yet anon? Do you like migrants and drugs or something?[View]
182475826Was he right all along?[View]
182485390How to assimilate immigrants: Yo listen up racists, if you want to assimilate immigrants and make th…[View]
182482656Is the negro full human?: https://youtu.be/1X2JB9TYEfY Throughout history every other race that came…[View]
182484494Lets Politically discuss what happens to Rabbi Waxman cont in next replies[View]
182453797Hey /pol/ let’s bankrupt her[View]
182466216This is consider Successful in America: What now?[View]
182476410Where can I watch infowars today? The website isn't playing David Knight live now, its a rerun.…[View]
182454278/pol/, two weeks ago: >PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE SACRED! /pol/, now: >WTF WHY DO PRIVATE COM…[View]
182484479when did you finally take the graypill and became a centrist?[View]
182475242>be a man in a happy monogamous relationship with Aryan woman >thing are great >see a hot…[View]
182484999Abandon (((civilization))). Take back our birthright. Take back our heaven.[View]
182484593He literally predicted this: >be Q >say you have xbox/ps4 chat logs of deep state members >…[View]
182481960Ben Stiller anti white propaganda. >claims hedge funds and the finance industry is run by white …[View]
182479806Is a freedom based society a good or a bad thing?: Freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedo…[View]
182484315Then in the 90s, it wasn't acceptable at the time.: Source: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E…[View]
182479710Vaporwave: If you still think that in 2018, vaporwave is a 'postmodern critique of hauntology and ca…[View]
182483155>eating lunch at froedtert medical hospital >manager comes over and asks if I can help hailey …[View]
182474112le 56: Amerimutt: China has 56 ethnicities, take that Europoors you filthy Europoor[View]
182482068Who gets indicted first?: Who will be the first one taken away in handcuffs? Comey? McCabe? Strzok? …[View]
182484298ONE THOUSAND CHILDREN: just in penselvania alone. Wtf. Fuck the mudslimes , niggas and Jews. THIS.…[View]
182481685post your brainlet filters when discussing politics with humans ill start >atheist…[View]
182484327‘Energy in him was in full swing’: Putin’s teacher opens up about her famous pupil: Russian Presiden…[View]
182476496FTN140: Timeshare Ntionalism: C'mon paycucks post so I can be hate educated in traffic before I…[View]
182478909>collusion tape >pee tape >N-word tape…[View]
182483604Sheboon Hatred: Reminder that the dead negress Aretha Franklin supported communist murderers. Press …[View]
182482338Antifa: The typical faces of Antifa.[View]
182477026Why aren’t you a radical centrist yet?[View]
182469317What does it feel like to live in the US? All I ever hear about is the school shootings. Enlighten m…[View]
182483748If the 'fake news media is the opposition party', and they are all owned primarily by people of Jewi…[View]
182475651This dense Mother fucker and his dumb followers are so fucking stupid. How do we tackle them /pol/?[View]
182483078Do they really think it will work?[View]
182482972redpill me on net neutrality, people are chimping out about it again[View]
182483759These two walk in the club and tank the one chance to save your race and nation at just the right mo…[View]
182482541The Long March Through the Institutions: After learning that a guy who marched in Charlottesville, A…[View]
182465396Apologise: No one would have ever known that this beautiful womyn was trans[View]
182483582Is this black faggot the worst thing about the black panther movie? Encouraging monkeys to bark at w…[View]
182480108how did she manage to stay in power for more then a decade and what is her agenda?[View]
182476035If a single fulltime job(8hrs/day, 5 days a week) doesn't pay enough to lead a modest, independ…[View]
182460840My new tattoo to commemorate graduating from /pol/: I've left toxic collectivism behind and emb…[View]
182475280Post pictures proving human and organ trafficking in Israel. Trying to redpill normals.[View]
182476633Pauly Shore syndrome: If the (((pop culture))) that pushed manlet-ness on 3 generations in the US wa…[View]
182483294Typical American Family[View]
182481222should pitbulls be illegal?[View]
182480724Countries outsourcing the printing of their own national currencies to China.: https://www.scmp.com/…[View]
182477792Argentina is experiencing economic troubles (again): Argentina is the only White Western country wit…[View]
182474888I feel like I am out of place in central Ontario: >be me at Canadas wonderland getting season pas…[View]
182465521celebrating gun ownership: Let’s get a thread going to clebrate gun ownership. >getting youth in…[View]
182480668Do Jews benefit more under democracy? Should democracy be removed so they cannot exploit the system …[View]
182481541Based Buzzfeed[View]
182478828Witnessing brainwashing: It's only two days into the semester and already two of my professors …[View]
182481953>tweets that didn't age well[View]
182479432Remember how energized everyone felt back in 2015-2016, and how the entire movement has grinded to a…[View]
182483030Sweden Mass Car Arson Update!: https://youtu.be/yltekfd26Y8[View]
182476146You need to leave your bedroom and see the real world. Then you'd realise most liberals are nor…[View]
182482803Whites are superio-[View]
182476699AMAZON ALEXA BUILT INTO EVERY DORM ROOM: Saint Louis University leads the way. Bezos in your bedroom…[View]
182480737We Were Right Again! We Were Right Again! We Were Right Again!: What a fucking surprise! >The Dep…[View]
182482252/pol/, will they come out white or brown?[View]
182482113If I cannot open a feels bar: What the fuck are we supposed to do on this board? >Everything is …[View]
182481478Alright, /pol, we need to settle this once and for all; Who among us are white - and why is it only …[View]
182477808Obama era 2008-2016: There needs to be a classification of everything 2008-2016 and a bit onwards. A…[View]
182457330Malaysian prime minister defends his right to be anti-Semitic: >“Anti-Semitic is a term that is i…[View]
182479703What did the feminists mean by this?[View]
182480278https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPNWEY44NY Why is this video flagged on YouTube?[View]
182473205Is Bannon more effective inside or outside the White House?: Right now he is venturing and on a Euro…[View]
182479969How does Russia hold supremacy in chess?: We need another Bodby Fisher to fight the Chinese[View]
182475933Daily Reminder: Modern day Greeks, Italians and Spanish people are descendants of ancient Greeks and…[View]
182458757RP me on MERKEL: What dirt do we have on Merkel? Is she just stupid or this there any actual evidenc…[View]
182482019EXCUSE ME? >aborts fetus HOW DARE YOU? >protects pedophile jews and Muslims HOW ABSOLUTELY DAR…[View]
182481281Are startups a force of good or evil?[View]
182457243If USA and Germany wouldnt ruin Yugoslavia, we would be a superpower by now, right after Russia and …[View]
182477384Berlin Wall: Redpill me on the Berlin Wall /pol/[View]
182480049Stable Libya key to ending migration to Europe: Niger: Is this the first sign of intelligence from N…[View]
182478156ISIS Killer Caught in Sacramento: >An Iraqi national who entered the U.S. as a refugee was arrest…[View]
182481382If businesses don’t exploit workers then how do they make profits? >add $300 of value to a compan…[View]
182481642Accelerationism >In political and social theory, accelerationism is the idea that either the prev…[View]
182480163>Against Israel >Against corporate welfare >Wants to break up the big banks >Raise taxes…[View]
182474526If Russia is third world tier, then why aren't they pumping out babies at record numbers?[View]
182475491>20 something >Already look and feel boomer >yell at teenagers, drink decaf cofee, have gre…[View]
182481428Racism: here is a topic for discussion. some of you may have heard of the formula diversity + proxim…[View]
182480976Hmmm... really makes me think. Why does this man have this information almost 3 weeks before the pre…[View]
182481389What happened between now and 2022? Is this website accurate?[View]
182481077The two-party system is a bad joke on the American people; when it comes to Republicans and Democrat…[View]
182481204TFW Richard Spencer is fucking your wife and forcing you to watch: White Nationalists really are nat…[View]
182481326Are methadone clinics the best thing since planned parenthood?: Methadone induces testosterone suppr…[View]
182472880Wew lad[View]
182478933Hey /pol/ have you ever met a redpilled celebrity? My family met tay tay ther other day she was pret…[View]
182479568Swedish Muslim woman was not hired - company gets sued: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005793227…[View]
182463388GET IN HERE AND VOTE ANONS: For those of you that don't know, an Australian senator said that A…[View]
182480430hellish catch 22: >mgtow is faggy >roasts are cunty what do?…[View]
182473287Why has James Homes (Dark Knight shooter) never been interviewed?: He's the only infamous mass …[View]
182459328Northern Shitalians insult Southern Shitalians 24/7, but Northern Shitalians can't build bridge…[View]
182480769here is george bush calling for a new world order - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byxeOG_pZ1o <…[View]
182469938Libertarian hate /thread/[View]
182480607Bernard Sanders: 'Lets not keep putting poor people in jail and disproportionately punishing blacks'…[View]
182480690Daily reminder Dow Jones over 25,500 Winning! Is a strong economy part of the Russian collusion? Put…[View]
182475703Nazi bullies innocent jounalist!!: Tommy Robinson is out of control!! watc him berate this poor jour…[View]
182478618Muslim niggers in my hypermarket: Fuck, no country is safe, nowhere is clean. We need to purge Europ…[View]
182470538(((Adam Schiff)))[View]
182480337MEDIA SUPPORTS CONCERT TRUMP SUPPORTER BEATING: This was literally written on a decently popular mus…[View]
182479850/pol/ BTFO: >muh jewish media control literally only 1 jew in CNN leadership. what do you have to…[View]
182480371Meanwhile...On Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/97s800/at_10_am_est_ajit_pai_will_appe…[View]
182480254https://youtu.be/AELVRfZR71g Are reaction videos the sign of a dead society? I challenge anyone to w…[View]
182462195Be Consistent, Please: If you're going to rail against international jewry and (((subversion)))…[View]
182480093Fun /pol/ Design: Built a small patch with my fav memes. Maybe my colleague ink it on me in the near…[View]
182476887Say something nice about her.[View]
182453517InkFags are Pussies: In the words of Dick Couch—former US Navy SEAL: > There were two things I di…[View]
182465021My wings are clipped, I’ll never fly No, I’ll not soar that ashen sky That sky beyond my reach, no I…[View]
182472504I miss obama: Anyone else? >coolest president >droned many infedils >gay rights >sand…[View]
182473327/pol/ humor thread[View]
182470016Do you ever get the feeling people all around you are lying to you? Recently got into some shady ric…[View]
182471593Germany WHY?!: Offenburg, Germany >'Man' enters Dotctors office at 08:45 without an appointment a…[View]
182472548When was America great?: As an ignorant Brit who agrees with Trump's rhetoric and policies (mos…[View]
182470247Do you believe in a Elite-Transgender-Consipracy?: Lately I stumbled across YouTube channels about '…[View]
182463863thoughts on this fat fuck?[View]
182479536>people who have never had a real job is allowed to become a politician >politicians are allow…[View]
182473591So, are you telling me that you think stealing is bad and after this you are not a christian?![View]
182473952Guys I'm working on: A political project in school and i need rare Huma abedin pictures. Can yo…[View]
182477716How are you fighting heavy metal buildup? You do know it's the reason we die right?[View]
182475058How big of an economic threat to the west is China, really?[View]
182475014Hypothetical thread. If you Americousins were to have a monarchy to hit the reset back to the origin…[View]
182471464Why shouldn't I call myself 'alt-right'? It sounds way better than 'white nationalist' yet acco…[View]
182477080How does this happen? It was announced less than an hour ago[View]
182470040Thank you, White people.[View]
182475448>poland had a rally of 60,000 nazi attendees and nationalists >be Poland >occupied by the N…[View]
182479403Some bright morning when this life is over I'll fly away To that home on God's celestial s…[View]
182478748Hey stupid Nazis' and sympathizers. This is ANTIFA your DADDY: You nazis lost big time you and …[View]
182463840All I want to do is sell steroids to responsible adults, but that could land me in gaol for 10 years…[View]
182477510Best Books on Economics?[View]
182478786You know the West is declining. You know it doesn't give a shit about you. You know it just wan…[View]
182461985Truth about USA: America is the only nation in history which, miraculously, has gone directly from b…[View]
182478514What did Alex mean by this?[View]
182478032Aretha Franklin, the ‘Queen of Soul,’ Dies at 76: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-452132…[View]
182478597Why are feminists so fucking retarded? Why don’t they just choke on a cock instead of playing politi…[View]
182478124>This is the people that represents '''National socialism''' Kek, no wonder it failed. Why you pe…[View]
182461920Belarus: what do you know about my country?[View]
182476015Do the Freemasons still exist? I have learned that the United States of America was devised as a pur…[View]
182478398Why did Spotify remove this song?: https://youtu.be/u_4Ok35HEJQ[View]
182474665Jew Trollhunter: >In Carrie Goldberg’s career as a victims’ rights lawyer, she goes after four di…[View]
182470409What the fuck is wrong with w*ite men[View]
182476964¡Hola gringos! Do you plan on learning Español anytime soon so that you'll be able to remain ga…[View]
182478329National socialism: Under national socialism.. How will you change society[View]
182477281Anyone got the new FTN?: Sven's latest assholery makes it impossible to actually give them mone…[View]
182478757This guy went to HWNDU: This guy went to HWNDU and started talking about how Jews sick little infant…[View]
182471969Which race have the worst human rights record?: And why is it white people?[View]
182479425Was he the original skyking?[View]
182477349Are Jesus and Odin the same person?: >inb4 he’s painted brown so He’s a shitskin…[View]
182463535What are your views on Noam Chomsky?[View]
182476417SWEDEN YES AGAIN: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45207086[View]
182471875Sam Hyde: The purge continues now the got Sam Hyde. >suspended from twitter >Youtube channel…[View]
182476475We're Coming After The Jews: It ends this Sunday.[View]
182474606>tfw fapping 15 times a day: >tfw fapping 15 times a day anyone here managed to quit fapping?…[View]
182477351Absolute state of Sweden[View]
182478063What would Hitler say about Ocasio Cortez?: Generally speaking a man should not publicly take part i…[View]
182466240SD is not based and will not save Sweden: > no numbers for how many immigrants they want to accep…[View]
182475074Colluding yellow media BTFO: >be crappy paper >conspire with over 350 other papers to publish …[View]
182477920at last, the left can meme![View]
182479930Feel bar is open: Come in faggots. No shills allowed. How is your day anon?[View]
182475241the eternal G*rmanics[View]
182466047is PJW going to turn on Alex Jones?: PJW has said before that he’s stopped being busy with “conspira…[View]
182466483Who control jews?[View]
182474196I just learned that winnie the pooh is banned in China and any user found sharing any image online g…[View]
182473940What is the redpill on NoFap?: Is porn really that evil? I want to quit but sexualization is everywh…[View]
182469442Do you really believe Trump loves America or is he in it for himself and realized the turning of the…[View]
182477635Stop Fapping. Now.: All that energy that causes you to fap that wells up in you. Is energy in total.…[View]
182472654Why do leftist hate borders so much?: Every leftist I know end saying something like 'borders should…[View]
182467839Hey Babe, Bike Ride?: 'Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexit…[View]
182470953Whatcha doin Rabbi: Brazil Version: 'White Power' https://oglobo.globo.com/cultura/biblioteca-da-uni…[View]
182474013(((Noel Ignatiev))): Noel Ignatiev, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia, was raised in Philadel…[View]
182472904Will he win /pol/?[View]
182468577Missouri Republican who said 'Hitler was right' wins primary race: >“Looking back in history, unf…[View]
182449480Anyone got the new FTN?[View]
182471339KEEP IT PUSHING! AUS/POL Fraser Anning vote THREAD#3: Last threads is approaching bump limit, here…[View]
182476419Thoughts so far on 'Rest in Power: the Trayvon Martin story' miniseries?: fav moment: >the SPLC e…[View]
182477027State of Jefferson: Who proud boys here? When the time comes will you be ready to reclaim what is ri…[View]
182475834Should I move to Vermont from Southern Ontario? I want a rural life, but don’t want to be surrounded…[View]
182460955What do you guys think about the Nietzsche's Madman? Reading it again after all these years it …[View]
182470901Manafort BTFO: This is what real journalism looks like.[View]
182476851'They' Are Pushing THIS REALLY HARD!: >Yesterday’s primary elections were important in …[View]
182468033Who Would Have Thought: >TAOS, N.M. (Reuters) - A New Mexico judge received death threats and Isl…[View]
182470091What languages are the people of /pol/ studying?[View]
182476233Plz Be Respectful.: STOP SAYING MEAN THINGS TO EACH OTHER!! enjoy your intelligent discussions :D…[View]
182473664Fellow Jews: I know I'm speaking for many of my fellow Jewish people, perhaps the silent majori…[View]
182473985New Face of the DNC: https://www.yahoo.com/news/christine-hallquist-scores-historic-win-011738006.ht…[View]
182471499Christfags are Satan worshippers just like Jews: Daily reminder the Eucharist or jesus sacrament is …[View]
182475614Why haven't you watched Hypernormalisation, anon?: https://youtu.be/-fny99f8amM[View]
182476362>In a series of tweets, Bernier said promoting too much diversity could have the effect of dividi…[View]
182473806Old woman said it’s not truly polite to not give up your chair I said I am God Was I right?[View]
182476225/pol/ humor thread: Starting with a classic[View]
182473121Tell me, USA, how come small bakery can not deny to bake a cake for gay/trans since it would be cons…[View]
182475777why do jews want to destroy the west?: Theres not a single reason let alone a strong enough motive t…[View]
182472369F FOR RESPECTS :(: RIP ARETHA FRANKLIN F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diwF1-xJwZM[View]
182475475The secret power pol tapped in to: Every time we write a story or come up with one, it comes into ex…[View]
182471683Rip in peace Urethra Franklin, you are a beautiful woman who will be missed. Heil Hitler[View]
182471224R-E-S-P-E-C-T goodnight, sweet sheboon[View]
182475927Polyamory with Asians: >2018 >You don’t have a polyamorus relationship with two southeast Asi…[View]
182478255>tfw no jewish gf[View]
182473171Father about to throw me out: >be me >no job 'cause I am not dark like the night or isis …[View]
182473991>Wah wah wah! Trump is a fascist and the government is a 1984 style totalitarian dystopia that pl…[View]
182475924How long until the left decides that things such as reason & evidence, along with science and re…[View]
182475686don't you get tired of discussing the same shit all the time? my head starts to hurt after brow…[View]
182475048we arab memes now[View]
182465174ITT: Political Cringe Comics[View]
182470618I need red pilling content proving more dicks = shittier women for my cuck leftist friend, share you…[View]
182446875American teens are obsessed with juuling. Bad for our country or boomers making a mountain out of a …[View]
182472657Why do big companies support diversity and multiculturalism? Don't they understand that if Amer…[View]
182469944Lithuania: Why is Lithuania the best country in Europe?[View]
182472187Possibly the greatest man of all time: The man literally created a country from the ashes[View]
182474028>be we[View]
182473953/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Your daily Aryan workshop how to love God !…[View]
182475313handkerchief: Who is babyalcatraz?[View]
182475267Kessler and little; two losers: Kessler live with his dad and little rent his boat (his house) to ma…[View]
182464576why is there a 27 million dollar bicycle bridge in melbournes northern suburbs? this is in an extrem…[View]
182468834Remember /pol/. every time you don't subscribe a gay baby turns straight. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
182471636It's not white people that are superior, it's white Americans that are. Yuropoors are just…[View]
182473396Polish Minister calls LGBT March a 'parade of sodomites': Bolan, please don't ever change. htt…[View]
182474478Can't make this shit up, thoughts?: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/washington-dc-couple-american-…[View]
182474368The Accomplices of Fascism: leftist openly admit why they hate Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.…[View]
182464506Really stimulates the frontal lobe....[View]
182472624So here's my problem: With the whole pizzagate conspiracy theory >literally how could huma …[View]
182473869IMPEACHMENT: No hope[View]
182473355So how do you prove that you're a history buff/fanatic? I mean like what do history buffs have …[View]
182474202new Mr. Bond niggas https://youtu.be/nJ3X1BQvVRQ[View]
182469715MLM Marketer is murdered by husband: Father killed his pregnant with and three children? What are th…[View]
182465254Let's forget about the potential causes of climate change for a moment. Wouldn't it be pre…[View]
182464977I'm visiting South Korea and on the tv it's literally nonstop ads about sending aid and mo…[View]
182473131What if /pol/ revolts?[View]
182428037Remember when Trump looked like he'd seen a fucking ghost shortly after becoming President? Wha…[View]
182471577You have one week to fix Villawood, that means release. There is a guy who heavily believes in his r…[View]
182469207Apparently hungarians are very proud of their turkic origin and blood. Why do we consider them white…[View]
182473847> cozy job teaching guitar lessons to kids > WORKERS RIGHTS NO LONGER WILL YOU EXPLOIT ME…[View]
182463948Is there anything more cringy than centrists?[View]
182432018How much longer until Big Tech shuts down PewDiePie?[View]
182472922Trump says words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Leuiv5sdM8 CNN can say it, but Trump cant?…[View]
182471390He’s right you know. Fiction was a mistake[View]
182473586Behold, THE face of God: aaaaaaaaaand he looks like an Arab.[View]
182471016(You) know and I know. What y’all think gonna habben?[View]
182471137Do democrats own corporations now?: Republicans used to be the party of corporations. Now it seems t…[View]
182473043where is he?[View]
182467413We Must Learn to Forgive: Cast your anger aside and show Liberalism we are a civilized. >Part of …[View]
182472980Post political waifus: I'll go first HUMA BONERZONER ABEDIN >I call dibs guys >tfw she…[View]
182469778WHat do you think are 3 most hated and 3 most loved countries on /pol/?[View]
18244256830 Pakistanis charged with sexual exploitation of girls: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-606…[View]
182472730What percentage of /pol/ are permavirgins? Does staying virgin for an improbably long time affect th…[View]
182469406Remember the Colorado baker who was sued for refusing to bake a gay marriage cake ... and won?: He…[View]
182471541Did she know too much? Did (((they))) put her down like the dog she was?? The world lost a truly red…[View]
182473079Wypipo are going extinct and you are a world minority. All you can do is LARP and theorize about how…[View]
182473055>woke up at 9 am >binged again on junk food and coffee, including birthday cake flavour Ben an…[View]
182451439Millennial couple say 'Evil is a make-believe concept' but get killed by ISIS: Pic related > pro…[View]
182454614Horrific betrayal of 1000 children: Why do catholic rapes so much, /pol/ ?[View]
182468770Turkey - Apple boycott: Why are people so stupid? Don't they understand that they have already …[View]
182460565/pol/ consists of 100 members led by a bong: According to this article posted today on the state-fun…[View]
182472803Leaving /Pol/andia on a Diplomatic Mission: First of all this is political. With the current censors…[View]
182468688How do we make Europe great again, /pol/?[View]
182472612Is this /pol/ approved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEct5O36xSY >killing addicts Is this how …[View]
182471399Sweden: Ihave a swedish passport, but i dont live there so i have no idea what to vote in the next e…[View]
182465082Right Wing people are losers and evil: All Right Wing people are either evil or losers. Or both. DE…[View]
182472177The only reason Robert Mueller's Special Counsel is continuing the Russian investigation into T…[View]
182472474Alex Jones on local Radio: Post your local station that plays Alex Jones show. He’s being sensored o…[View]
182455986>wants to save western civilization >still watches porn https://www.youtube.com./watch?v=wSF82…[View]
182472402/bpg/- Black Pill General: No Hope edition http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/04/27/10-demog…[View]
182467842how do you feel about latinx people using the n word examples: 6ix9ine, Cardi B, Lil Pump I mean, th…[View]
182459710Are American women ugly or is Hollywood forcing y'all to settle for aged ugly actresses?: Pic r…[View]
182468253A 12 year old tranny keeps staring at your actual daughter in the bathroom. wat do?: Link to local n…[View]
182472068>can't stand niggers and spics >won't let anyone enter their land >gun nuts >d…[View]
18244254470 'overdose' within hours of each other in a park: Could this have been some kind of an a…[View]
182471910how do we remove the taint from our society?[View]
182470135http://docdro [.] id/xO8cbyn https://www.docdroid [.] net/xO8cbyn/adrenochrome-adrenolutin-effect-an…[View]
182471814>turkroaches will be kicked out of NATO and will go bankrupt Are we living in the best timeline?…[View]
182462969Healthcare: Should healthcare be private or public? If it was public, should certain groups be exclu…[View]
182455941Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans: …[View]
182470076The man slouches back on his seat. He moans about how gynocentric society is and everything is stack…[View]
182466493Durr durr durr[View]
182471031More censorship when does it end: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/08/15/mastercard-forces-patreo…[View]
182462172/pol/ community: I have bought thousands of acres in queensland from my life savings working in the …[View]
182470351Hate hate thread: You may not be beautiful, or the smartest, or the best at anything. But you are st…[View]
182470828Was Johnny Cash /ourguy/ ? https://youtu.be/DQTCS6aWRSc Redpill me on JC, anons.[View]
182462497Daily reminder: Heaven does not have a single homosexual in it.[View]
182468671Was it sexual harassment, /pol/? https://twitter.com/najihahnizam_/status/1029554510547439617 full v…[View]
182461404RIP: good night sweet prince[View]
182470867Brit/pol/ - Water Edition: >Comfy Rain https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1004049/UK-weather-…[View]
182458314AUS/POL/ MAKE AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN EDITION #2: Evening boys. >Opt Out of MHR https://www.myhealth…[View]
182471093The Democrats are Racist: This was their plan all along, why isnt this publicized?[View]
182470723Trump could try to revoke Robert Mueller's security clearance next, top Democrat warns: >'I …[View]
182467000https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-45195807 millennials are raising best children, your time is ov…[View]
182470666Relying on Private Industry Gibs: Perhaps we have been doing things the wrong way. The government h…[View]
182470906Redpill me about Russian influence in Europe: Map related.[View]
182469029Is he the zodiac killer?[View]
182470877Nazi america: How come (((they))) let such a comfy looking place on tv? No niggers, jews, shitskins,…[View]
182467329How come in my previous thread >>182430823 the truth was not disproved that there was a real a…[View]
182469860Hey pol, what are you reading?: Hey pol, what are you reading? Any good philosophy or political book…[View]
182448994Explain to me why invading foreign countries is wrong.: Every great power in history went to war to …[View]
182463345WHITE PEOPLE ONLY: WHERE ARE AND WHEN WILL THESE Wealthy White chad alpha males start building a whi…[View]
182466223How fucked is France?: >pic related[View]
182470677Jew Appreciation Thread: >she and Soros gave isn't Trump[View]
182468336/pol/ can't understand this.[View]
182470629HE WILL NEVER STOP: HRC/Obama paid Fusion GPS to set up the Trump Jr meeting and to funnel money to …[View]
182467800Jews are to whites what whites are to blacks is this the ultimate racial realist redpill?[View]
182470607Is Italy's government really far-josué?: Most people seem to agree the League is crypto-fash, b…[View]
182470098Rollerblading Israeli woman dies when truck runs her over in freak accident[View]
182469656wtf is wrong with america[View]
182469686National socialism: Under national socialism What will happen to the kardashians And degenerate jew…[View]
182417980CharlieBo313: Has /pol/ heard of CharlieBo313? This guy drives into the most ghetto of the ghettos, …[View]
182441067Tomorrow is the Newspaper Day of REEEE!: Tomorrow 350 newspapers and news stations are going all hav…[View]
182468034Why are so many Jews fleeing Europe now? Is anti-Semitism really as bad as they say?[View]
182470522Why does the rest of 4chan hate /pol/ so much?[View]
182463239Al Qaeda returns? UN panel warns of new bin Laden threat: >http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/0…[View]
182469831So is the Bombardier Q-seires (Formerly McDonnell Douglas Dash 8) turboprop the official plane of /p…[View]
182442135Brit/pol/ - Did someone say Firearms? Edition: >Comfy Rain https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather…[View]
182454061Is Neofok 'our' Music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5qAEbxI2PM[View]
182466982You need to figure out your religion, and quick Believe in something, even Islam. You might get a se…[View]
182467056What if the west can't save itself?[View]
182464113If non-whites are stupid savages how do you explain Japan that has lower crime rate and is more adva…[View]
182469816You may erase 1 (one) redpill from your mind, never again to be swallowed.[View]
182463958Parkland judge tells papers sshe'll tell them word for word what they can print: http://www.sun…[View]
182464441We all know American students shoot up schools I guess we have to start worrying about Trump-loving …[View]
182469847After poo-in-loo invasion, Paris installs open-air street urinals: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pari…[View]
182468820The G7 world alliance. >Great Britain The greatest empire that ever was and ever will be. Gave th…[View]
182469380lol >Sunday’s pathetic white supremacist rally cost D.C. $2.6 million >Each attendee cost the …[View]
182460288>be me >Reformed centrist >All of a sudden dubbed racist >Start to question beliefs.mov …[View]
182465685>dude its the jews Are Jews responsible for you being an incel loser too?…[View]
182468521Red pill kino thread: How much does this resonate for Whites today? To think zoomers missed out on t…[View]
182469516Current hate relationships: What set of two countries have a reciprical relationships of hate toward…[View]
182469496With college starting soon and a bunch of liberals ready and frothing at the mouth. Lets start this …[View]
182464554reminder if you don't support polygamy where the man can have multiple women you are a fucking …[View]
182467466Diversity really is a strength when you think about it. It's one of the biggest reasons Canada …[View]
182453399Who is behind/funding deep state false flags operations: It's that Time of night again, when th…[View]
182469250RIVERS OF BLOOD SPEECH: Every british citizen must watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix_7p1q…[View]
182464751Just a reminder that Alex Jones is still Bill Hicks[View]
182461191Chug The Jug Fatboi: In Canada, All politicians who want real political power must bend the knee to …[View]
182466756Is national socialism the most redpilled political movement?[View]
182466167Question that don't deserve their own thread: Why do both sides politicize race all the time?…[View]
182463349/ptg/ - President Trump General - Snidely Whiplash Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
182456499What's /pol/'s opinion about Friedrich Nietzsche?[View]
182458772MASTERCARD STOPS PAYING JIHAD WATCH FOUNDER DUE TO ISLAMOPHOBIA: Holy shiiiiet... how will whitey ev…[View]
182468027POL USERS: Tell me pol.. you all spent YEARS making terrible, racist, and extremely abrasive posts o…[View]
182465573Pornstars, adult models, Black Africa: I was searching models with freeones. And I remarked somethin…[View]
182467979new liberal/democratic agenda, get in here fags: hi guys, i'm going to remain anon obviously, b…[View]
182467692“See, my lord, from this room—from this room I govern not only Paris, but China: not only China, but…[View]
182467711Why do americans like to LARP as Europeans? requestin the image of that american LARPing as a German…[View]
182463081Why won't the President de-classify all the memos Congress is asking for?[View]
182468971Why does the male version of this involve heavy reactionary views and extreme socialalienation?[View]
182466419>> the soviet's literally coined the term 'facist' to mean anti-soviet >>…[View]
182468016***MAJOR REDPILL BOMB***: Jews are NOT God's chosen people. The Torah became obsolete after the…[View]
182468887What does /pol/ think about courting vs dating? Are relationships that do not have a marriage goal d…[View]
182455854Why won’t any news channel or newspaper talk about this tweet? You would think they’d accuse him of …[View]
182457286Should overfeeding pets be considered animal abuse?[View]
182460136Remember when CNN threatened to dox a minor because of an animated gif?: I’m going to go shit up the…[View]
182462909Reminder that if you eat anything that comes from non-whites aka outside of Europe you are a race tr…[View]
182462120Another anti-white SJW exposed for having a white fiance. Even though they hate us, they still want…[View]
182455055why is there so few american socialist?what are you afraid of? could it get worse(better)?[View]
182468748Do yall niggas think ppb has turned alt-right like all of milos other friends? I bet he has an anon …[View]
182458144How do wagecucks do it?: unironically how do wagecucks do it? Day in day out for 40 years. Having to…[View]
182467033ALEX JONES' RADIO SHOW SHUT DOWN: So they shut him down from every social media, remove him fro…[View]
182466275Traditional masculinity: Is it true that traditional masculinity involves not having friends and not…[View]
182466294liberals will not defend this: Where my liberal cucks why do they not care about it? You racist?…[View]
182467719Why isn't white nationalism taken seriously IRL? Why are we mocked and ostracized so?[View]
182463545>/pol/ in one picture[View]
182465055Does /pol/ like Steven Crowder? I think he’s a good mix of redpills with more palatable ideas for no…[View]
182456915Support White Genocide: White genocide is coming. They're openly talking about it on social med…[View]
182463367'I Hate White People' is PROPAGANDA: How can we stop this fucking shit? IT IS TURNING WHITE PEOPLE M…[View]
182455978South African cucks who deserve everything that's coming: Instead of the normal circle jerk, ho…[View]
182468504The NSCLRP predicted this over a year ago. The People of this Nation need to come to grips with the …[View]
182468135What can I do in my local community to fight against the kind of racist hatred embedding itself in t…[View]
182466609/Brit/: Are Corbz[View]
182468385German population of Argentina: How many Germans are still living in Argentina and how is life over …[View]
182468326Israeli Jews: explain yourselves, why do you have a such hardon for this very ANTI-SEMITIC = POLISH …[View]
182467215>trumpist galaxy minds will defend this[View]
182468048how we solve the problem of excessive alcohol in our Society, especially among young people and wome…[View]
182458127UK: Despite their shitty tourists the British are my favorites northern Europeans, the Germans and o…[View]
182467664Screencap thread: Post the best screencaps that you have saved. Let's start with the beaver pos…[View]
182463199Last Knight's Cross with Oak leaves recipient dies: Hauptmann Heinz Rökker of the Luftwaffe and…[View]
182466500Now Jay Dyer has been taken down!: Who's next? This guy isn't even mainstream fringe like …[View]
182459472>Your own government is spying on you >HANG HIM! TRAITOR! LOCK HIM UP! Amerifarts are cattle…[View]
182435294>this is unironically the last bastion of free speech and relatively civil political discourse on…[View]
182464217TERFs vs Trannies, who do you support?[View]
182465717Dear Abbos... /Australia/-Thread: How redpilled is your country? Refugees don't take the route …[View]
182467769Have you been going to church anon? It's good for your soul you know. I hope you don't jus…[View]
182467376Is it illegal to talk about taking back your country from immigrants?[View]
182467070FCC took down Alex Jones' radio station. (((They))) either planned this, or big tech and the de…[View]
182463064fuck drumpf. fuck wyte peepole two.[View]
182467706CALLING ALL SPICS, WHAT CASTE ARE YOU?: Politically speaking, in the majority of latinX countries, t…[View]
182460298What is the Best Caliber Rifle for Jew Hunting?[View]
182466524Okay, this is epic.[View]
182459632Give me one good reason why beastiality shouldn't be legal: >Dog is my property >Fleshlig…[View]
182465614What does /pol/ think about bump stock bans? Is the NFA good or bad? How about repealing the Hughes …[View]
182445379Dollar inferior to the mighty TÜrkISH LIRA: 1 usd = 5.8 try Dollar crashing lol, praise allah white …[View]
182465919Oscars create category for goyim movies: Where were you when The Academy of Motion Picture Arts …[View]
182467355Any kiwicunts around: mediawhores.co.nz Just found this shit, whats going on here?[View]
182465645>bridge in Italy equivalent to the Golden Gate in SF collapses >LOL eurocucks can't build…[View]
182465457Are you guys for real? You'd have to be quite paranoid to believe that all jews are linked via …[View]
182463839Does every lesser tier of humanity use ancient Egypt for their self-esteem?[View]
182463731The absolute state of sweden.... https://youtu.be/vXfgUln-YX4[View]
182424995Syria General /sg/ - Late LATE Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
182465004All you had to do was pick your own cotton....[View]
182462836Jason Kessler confirmed NEET: >livestreaming from his parents bedroom >dad walks in and starts…[View]
182464533Is Sweden right to deport its terror victims so they aren't a burden on the state? If you think…[View]
182466461Leftyfags BTFO: Trump is getting another 4 years. Get ready. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canad…[View]
182466996I love my country[View]
182466955President Donald Trump and US military: I've read time and time again that US military personne…[View]
182466108Would you get a face transpant if the owner was black? Should face donation be restricted to recipie…[View]
182466908What did Corbyn mean by this? I thought he was based?[View]
182446438If we wake up tomorrow and 4chan is kill for good, how will we identify one another out in the field…[View]
182466593what would happen if 4chan ruled the government?: if 4chan ruled the world, would the world have pea…[View]
182462253Somebody give me a quick rundown on this skyking shit. did he really run a groyper fan account? http…[View]
182466017Old people: You ok big guy?: Seriously what's wrong with you old people? You have really fucked…[View]
182460275Finally! About Fucking Time!: >On Tuesday night, Christine Hallquist made national herstory (sorr…[View]
182465056>peak scientific breakthroughs under capitalism[View]
182466206I feel powerful: Fanaticism is the best weapon you can have in this world. If you want to feel what …[View]
182466227Happening! Alex Jones Pirate Radio Shut Down!: Race war now!!! REEEEEE http://amp.timeinc.net/time/5…[View]
182464304I love my fucking country: Good bless Australia to be this blessed[View]
182449712This is why white nationalism is false: I know I'm going to get called a 'faggot' and 'nigger' …[View]
182456093What is your honest opinion on the wh*te genocide happening in South Africa: Redpill me about '…[View]
182465079f How ID laws can put trans people in danger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=900bLSMuA4A[View]
182454330/pol/ humor thread[View]
182449008I'm a genius.: Do you think liberals could fall would fall for this? >November 8 lol >Imp…[View]
182461297>meanwhile on 1970s /pol/[View]
182464764why did the jesuits what him dead /pol/[View]
182465808https://youtu.be/2HS4EzVaImc Press the (You) button if you miss the Daily Show[View]
182461958How much damage will this book do to the right's effectiveness?: Is it over?[View]
182461926How do we dwell in the subconscious pol[View]
182434616Did the holocaust happen or not?[View]
182456053Swedish PM reveals power levels. Doesn't want shitskin children in his election film: Jokes asi…[View]
182454375>USA is a dying empire Meanwhile, in the real world... Just admit it, Europe is the dying power, …[View]
182465468Twitter Purges: Heads up on the attack against conservative opposition on Twitter. In the process of…[View]
182461607>Wake up >want meat >grab spear and head out to forest >take deer >arrested for hunti…[View]
182463990Why are Swedish soldiers so weak?: >march in into devastated poland fighting russia and ottomans …[View]
182464611I have a dream: what is yours /pol/[View]
182458059How do you feel about this guy?[View]
182459819I'm invincable smh: it's a trap bros, your too dumb to realize that your being farmed.. It…[View]
182459997What happened to western man?[View]
182459879A moment of silence for our craving chink friends.[View]
182438489Book Thread.: Recommend some reading material.[View]
182465006Does anyone have that gif where is written '/pol/ .... reach..'[View]
182461116He's right you know.[View]
182462110When you think about it, these roasties are used up and going to kill themselves by their 30's …[View]
182462648Twitter Poll: Is it over? Will resist win. Will you let them win?[View]
182461487Vaccine Resources: My wife and I are expecting a baby soon and I want to be informed about the subje…[View]
182463280>yfw the Eternal Anglo was the greatest hero the world ever knew >yfw they broke him; as they …[View]
182464566should women be allowed in the same workplaces as men, with all the 'sexual misconduct' sc…[View]
182459695Take your 'medicine' goy: We're here to help you, just let us inject miscellaneous ingredients …[View]
182464485What do you think of weed? Should it be legalised? Is it for degenerates? Can productive adults en…[View]
182460520Is it too late to save this one? Can we try to work some magic? He needs our help. https://twitter.…[View]
182437347The no.1 weapon against the Jews: cheeseburgers: Hear me out /pol/: Jews are prohibited from eating …[View]
182454316Is society run by an old prehistoric cult of Saturn/Satan?: Is ancient pagan sacrifice related to th…[View]
182461620The state of ROBLOX: Shit-hole''''game'''''platform htt…[View]
182464829Are Shitalians white?[View]
182463455let's see if i understand this shit >create wikileaks >sweden says you raped some chick …[View]
182464318Shields up, anons: If you truly believe in the devil's and demons plaguing this world you shoul…[View]
182463786Guys! You need to help us Australians swing this poll. This based pollie just said that we should re…[View]
182464231China is cracking down on pollution like never before, with new green policies so hard-hitting and e…[View]
182447035> /pol/ gets a tat[View]
182464161Why doesn't the IMF hire any economists?: https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/08/15/imf-spain…[View]
182437128Poor Germany. These large government posters in Germany read “Typical German”. Imagine posters like …[View]
1824580364chan vs Twitter: Who uses the Twitter account shown in the picture?[View]
182453926I'm going to drop a massive redpill. The nukes of Isreal are those of the US. USA and Israel ar…[View]
182463972Trump should abolish tip system: Hi. I am a traveler in US. I suggest Americans to make america grea…[View]
182457164>tell everyone to go vegan >spray the fuck out of all fresh produce So glad I stopped eating o…[View]
182461738Make fun of Islam or Muhammad[View]
182463765Quadrotriticale: What's Trump's answer to the Quadrotriticale dilemma? Russia and N. Korea…[View]
182461909Are you good with God yet /pol ?: It's not too late[View]
182463825The real reason Mass Media hates Trump: image related[View]
182454029>Let's donate an indefinitely increasing amount of money for an FBI agent's legal fees.…[View]
182463681Books about Ethnostate: What books can you recommend me so I can understand about ethnostates and wh…[View]
182415771Far Right Martyr SkyKing: Do you guys realise what SkyKing actually did for our cause? The Media has…[View]
182461465Waitress Body Slams Groper: YAASSS QUEEN SLAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzQ8OubNp1g…[View]
182465570Why no flat Earth bread?? Since many psyops have been run about it, it is undeniably a political/cur…[View]
182464756Math class: >ugh why am I studying this shit? >it's so fucking boring >I just want to …[View]
182453929>the next governor of Vermont Agent 47 sure makes a pretty woman no?[View]
1824570514chan vs Twitter[View]
182463479Watch Ceebeebies kids! It's F R E E (upon payment of your license fee) https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182455637Angry Turkish man smashing iPhones with sledgehammer to protest of #USA & Trump: https://twitter…[View]
182462123>This is the person /pol/ shills wtf![View]
182456246/ptg/ - President Trump General - Theodora Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
182456586/pol/ the successor: It feels like 4chan and especially /pol/ are the spiritual successors to the ge…[View]
182463241Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
182459608New here: Can you help me integrate in your culture? Give me any information, praise, insults, slurs…[View]
182457091GET IN HERE!: For those of you that don't know, an Australian senator said that Australia shoul…[View]
182459535What the fuck happened to Tom Dupre of Generation Identity UK? First he resigns / gets kicked out, t…[View]
182461628it's hard to pull the trigger with your toes[View]
182463087>BLACKED DOT COM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca30mO_8NDY#t=1h48m8s…[View]
182451128If a white ethnostate is created in America, where do the African Americans go? Sending them all bac…[View]
182456574Why are trannies allowed to mutilate themselves instead of getting therapy to be more comfortable wi…[View]
182462990palos community hospital stick innocent civilians with needles with biological warfare agents agains…[View]
182457893http://docdro [.] id/xO8cbyn https://www.docdroid [.] net/xO8cbyn/adrenochrome-adrenolutin-effect-an…[View]
182456828How sweet: >he stayed after my acid attack Is this what you bongs have to go through to manage a …[View]
182461437You are slowly being censored and there is nothing you can do about it. Mods won’t delete because th…[View]
182462719Tommy not enjoying his vacation: Tommy Robinson confronted this journalist taking pictures of him wh…[View]
182456631Donald Trump: Which Roman Emperor closely resembles Donald Trump?[View]
182460153Was John Fortnite Kennedy the most based man of all time?: >found out about israel's nuclear…[View]
182453017> be me > White Aryan britfag > Be travelling Germany > Meet qt3.14 > She's Amer…[View]
182462632Eastern Values: the west could learn a lesson or two from the east, seeing that it has denigrated to…[View]
182459038What do you think about how blacks are perceived by media culture?[View]
182462408What's your excuse white boi?[View]
182450416Based AF: This guy must be the most based badass in Europe right now. What do you think anons. htt…[View]
182437741What’s the solution for Mexico’s cartel problem?[View]
182461665Why: I removed all my social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the works. I just end up back he…[View]
182441452The Catholic church is the Synaguoge of Satan. Perhaps they once represented God's word on Eart…[View]
182458484the end of (((copyright))): Let's imagine the US grows common sense and the EU grows balls by s…[View]
182461165is he really playing a role?[View]
182460730Uganda has been helping out our UK brothers since the 70s: We are a kind and benevolent people. we h…[View]
182462394LAS VEGAS SHOOTING - ALREADY 1 YEAR: Press F to pay respect[View]
182454470When are Burgers going to pay back the 21 trillion dollar debt?[View]
1824619454chan has admins catering to Israeli tech lobbies, and work closely with US 'intelligence' for vario…[View]
182461556How can we convince the Labour Party to drop even more redpills about the Jew?[View]
182459781Back on the scene Crispy and clean Swastika logo make the shitlibs scream Round up all the kikes, fa…[View]
182440633The ethnostate dilemma: There is a major problem with /pol/ politics, and this needs to be resolved …[View]
182454306Why do so many Millennial suffer from Gender Dysphoria? Back in the day if you were born a man you w…[View]
182459459Could ancient rome conquer africa today?: If europe went back in time 2000 years to the time of juli…[View]
182455996MMMM GOYJUICE: The final redpill, sips for israel.[View]
182462019'Where's the money gonna come from'?: >Don't tell me you've fallen for this meme? …[View]
182460369When did you realize that /pol/ at it's core, is just white-dumb-man complex?: Ashkenazi Jewish…[View]
182447773No Age of Consent in France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx_60Wz9euE Can anyone confirm this? Yo…[View]
182456694Solving the homeless problem: Shouldnt we just deep fry the hobos and eat them? I feel like that is …[View]
182459865Jordan Peterson is a Koch Kronie: https://mobile.twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/9686339247242567…[View]
182460703Kike Mods banned me for posting Q pizza threads: The world is run by Jewish Pedophiles. The Kike fag…[View]
182459226The Dark Enlightenment EXPOSED: I first heard about the Dark Enlightenment (aka “Neo-Reaction” or ju…[View]
182461306Millennial Couple Bikes Through ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed: https://w…[View]
182452033What would the world be like today is the Nazis had won?[View]
182462202Dear 4chan, It's us, Anonymous, once again. Except this time it's the leader speaking. We …[View]
182460571can someone from Bhutan give me a quick rundown on their king, he looks pretty young and seems very …[View]
182461363>It might sound like a cliché, but it would appear that some angry men on the Internet do actuall…[View]
182426008Australia: Does Melbourne and Sydney deserve the hate that they get?[View]
182458943Obama: Now that the dust has settled, did you really hate him that much? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
182461170Alex Jones needs to make a BitChute channel, or at least some /pol/ack should upload his videos ther…[View]
182460666NIG-HOP: Nig-Hop, why are amerimutts so obsessed with shitty chimp music. where the only thing that …[View]
182461200Robert Spencer dropped from Patreon.: S.[View]
182448577Today is the last of days /pol/: They unleash the cracken today. Get comfy. Bring a towel.[View]
182419314Why do Americans worship money so much? I understand a certain amount to live is necessary, but ever…[View]
182455083Now that shes gone full Zionist Stooge, is it all over for her?[View]
182460211Don't forget goy, space is real: 'Earth has 'minimoons,' and they may solve asteroid …[View]
182460966I as a NEET with FEET NEED to READ: Fellow NEETs, students and wageslaves, I'm starting a journ…[View]
182458538Censorship in Germany: After seeing it in Person, today came out a newspaper article. Refugee Area i…[View]
182460767Why are American soldiers so weak?: This is your average American pussy soldiers. They are unironica…[View]
182455745Father CRASHES White Nationalist Son's Super Important Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
182453131>The President is a Republican >The Senate has a Republican majority >The Congress has a Re…[View]
182446234Best State: What are the best states in America?[View]
182460608U know what to do: Get them the info they are looking for. (Charlie Brown, Kermit the frog, big bird…[View]
182460595Dahnald. The Zyklon Dahnald. I have it.[View]
182450527Gun control works.: Let's face it, the United States has a gun problem and the time has come fo…[View]
182459647ok i swear now that the mods are boomer kikes: when ever there is a boomer thread,, the mods remove …[View]
182460503The Unter Society: I came up with a anonymous fascist society idea. 'Unter' meaning under …[View]
182458829Innocent Palestinian Children >YEAH KILLEM USS Liberty Sailors >YEAH SINKEM Uncircumcised Chil…[View]
182454859>makes a laughing stock of America yet again[View]
182460253HILARY FAGS BTFO: How Hilaryfags can even recover ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=95…[View]
182460190https://youtu.be/1prQoTOxFCw Democrats are trying to censor the internet. again. >OOOOOOHHHH SCAA…[View]
182456793Russian satellite does funky things.: So whats this all then? Russian space weapons? What are they u…[View]
182435535Finally HAPPY NEWS !!!: Judge who bailed New Mexico desert camp suspects receives threats to have ‘t…[View]
182447638how does /pol/ reconcile national socialism and Christianity?: how does /pol/ support being Nazis bu…[View]
182459966dammit pic related[View]
182448891Huddersfield rape crisis: Bongs, explain yourself. Why is this news burried under the local news? h…[View]
182453644Sweden YES!: >Muslim woman refused to shake hands with a man - gets 40,000 crowns >Published …[View]
182459119Why is /pol/ the BIG anti-pedo crusader board, so silent about it being verifiably exposed that lite…[View]
182449398Consequences will never be the same: Press S to spit on his security clearance.[View]
182456175>Remember back in the good ole day when people didn't have their heads in their phones all d…[View]
182461578WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT THAT, KIKEBOI?: U MAD, KIKEBOY? Khazar milkers are DROOLING over big, uncut g…[View]
182455826Good morning /pol/ Canuk at work here it's like 5 30 in the morning and I'm still drunk. A…[View]
182449396Try To Guess Who I Am: I will give you five fascinating facts about me. 1) I don't know how to …[View]
182455327Have you read this book yet /pol/? It's pretty entry level, but covers your need-to-know bases.[View]
182459686think turkey will win this one?[View]
182456045(((Mastercard))) FORCED Patreon to BAN People: https://youtu.be/jtAMTeo_GJw >they will now use th…[View]
182455654how do we stop the burgermen?: they grow more powerful by the day[View]
182459310show me proof that there were jews that did the holocaust on their own people[View]
182457966This is the easiest way to Red pill someone?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corpor…[View]
182443117What happens here ? Is it just a den of bicycle thieves & druggie degenerates or is there anythi…[View]
182454681Marriage in the western world: How can a well informed man even consider it? Without employing some …[View]
182455860It's over.: Trump didnt send African Americans back to Africa. And for that, his approval ratin…[View]
182449104Realistically, what are the chances of a crude terrorist made nuclear weapon ever being built and us…[View]
182448569Niggers are subhum-[View]
182455236An America free from Niggers: We here non stop from niggers about whites dying out but do the stupid…[View]
182456435What are the kikes sliding today?: I opened the board and see a lot of nigger-related threads like '…[View]
182459480Stop worshipping 'logic' as your God: According to these so called logical people, I shoul…[View]
182453950global climate change is causing violence: there is a well-documented link between warmer weather an…[View]
182458605How the fuck is a game that came out in 2012 alt right?[View]
182455129Make Mexico Great Again: Why don't we (and by that I mean Mexicans and Mexican Americans) begin…[View]
182458133Why would he even be racist in the first place? That I don't get.[View]
182456058Why do young people in the 21st century feel no shame whatsoever?: It's like their only reason …[View]
182456662Zionist Jew or /ourjew/?: What do you guys think of Ben Shapiro? I watched a bunch of his videos and…[View]
182453445you know what's their plan, right to have a planet full of mulattos that only care about new iP…[View]
182459220>Rabbi Meir Kahane appreciation thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXnyPkj54yo I am an Americ…[View]
182454965Remember when funny people frequented this site? I do. Then this place got powerful and attracted th…[View]
182417737Was it different before everyone had a Smartphone?[View]
182455817Since the change, the graduation rate has improved from 53 percent to 90.5 % in 2017. https://www.ao…[View]
182449935Why are shopping malls dying?: And big box stores?[View]
182456501How Dem let this happen? Are they fully fucked up?[View]
182458928the word/country 'Britain' is just a meme isn't it?: it's just cover for the crimes of the…[View]
182458528>bridge collapse in italy >40 dead >bridge collapse in sudan >4000 dead >terrorist at…[View]
182454111Yet another (((hollywood))) feminist propaganda.: Dislike it as much as you can https://youtu.be/Heo…[View]
182458091Why can't holocaust denial ever stand up on its own legs IRL? It seems it always gets btfo…[View]
182456299Do you welcome the chinkification of Hollywood?[View]
182445550Are humans still evolving? In ways other than racemixing and artificial genetic modification. Do yo…[View]
182456598The only thing, historically, that's curbed inequality is revolutionary violence. Karl Marx was…[View]
182457636French Revolution/ Reign of Terror: Not well versed on this portion of history and would like to lea…[View]
182453374what do you guys think of #walkaway? for all the hate towards 'niggers' on this board these people a…[View]
182458473>2018 >become a journalist >immediately run out of news-worthy ideas >oh shit wait a sec…[View]
182458429Why do you hate laws that outlaw illegal opinions?: Austrian man gets sentenced by court to 2 months…[View]
182454089The globalist will fail: The only thing that they will achieve is to destroy the west vessel to conf…[View]
182449101AUS/POL/ MAKE AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN EDITION: Evening boys. >Opt Out of MHR https://www.myhealthre…[View]
182453090#BoobsOutForKalia: Hear me out /pol/, this could benefit us both. I propose we start a 'challenge', …[View]
182454807Capitalism: How is Capitalism not the greatest system ever conceived by man? It is a proper replacem…[View]
182448902Pic related, video is 'comedy'. My question is how many of his 11 million followers are real users? …[View]
182458241Animal Poll: There is a poll going in my area (a big deal for some reason) and everyone is getting b…[View]
182430823How come nazi apologists and lovers on pol have never over the course of 3+ years have managed to de…[View]
182455470It's officially on: The Brazilian election season officially starts today. See all the candidat…[View]
182457005The alt-right is comparable to cmmie larpers and are delusional about their shitty ethnostate and th…[View]
182457614Iceland should annex Norway immediately. Icelandic should replace bokmål as the second official Norw…[View]
182457969HWNDU taken down: Why did they take HWNDU stream suddenly?[View]
182455510Kikes pushing heat on cathlicucks.: >(((elites))), fbi, politicians and a general mish mash of ab…[View]
182457792What are we going to do about the sound cloud rappers pol? everyday or week we hear about these dege…[View]
182453351FOX News got owned for fake news about Denmark: Why are murican dumbfags so stupid? I've never …[View]
182454410youtube, facebook and twitter all have a right to remove infowars from their privately-owned platfor…[View]
182457900Leftists = left-hand path magicians = satanists[View]
182451099Europe hates American cultur...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkM71JPHfjk[View]
182457335This is how the DEVIL works Just BE NICE bro dont ever punish anybody ALWAYS love EVERYBODY never HU…[View]
182457116Why does /pol/ always shill this fictional country?[View]
182437969New Zealand bans foreigners from buying property: When are we following suit? http://www.abc.net.au/…[View]
182457042Is Donald Trump the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini: Died:April 28, 1945, *Took a break to create …[View]
182454696Allah made everything: https://youtu.be/klZJcX9YtnQ[View]
182456734>Right-wing ideas aren’t just a bit of flag-waving and baiting a few Muslims. Right-wing ideas ar…[View]
182457603Puzzle: Oh? What is it? A mystery? A door, with the key, hidden in the keyhole? What could it be, a …[View]
182456469Why did none of you guys show up for the Unite the Right Rally? Only 30 of these creatures showed up…[View]
182456224What Can We Do About The Radicalization Of White Males?: They've taken our TV shows, books, mov…[View]
182453800Nudity discussion: Your thoughts on nudity in public(completely bare naked) should it be allowed, ev…[View]
182456850Hey lads Senator Fraser's speech was epic Total meltdown by leftists Fraser is not going to apo…[View]
182452975Are White Latinos born in America considered gringos: Let's say this White Mexican (picture) wa…[View]
182453411>the four French victims in the Genoa bridge collapse were going to a rave in Sicily And nothing …[View]
182457126Why is Europe so much more superior to America in any given way?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx…[View]
182454398Why are eugenics frowned upon? Aren't they good for society?[View]
1824568081488 Fraser Anning polls - can you help pls /pol/ ?: FB: /abcnews.au/posts/10158877162129988 FB: /ab…[View]
182452979How could you possibly hate the Jews? They make less than 0.2% of the world population[View]
182453508NEW CAMPAIGN: Please can this be meme’d in to existence!? ‘Operation Human Love’ were an online move…[View]
182456958Sam Hyde Thread: Does anybody else remember that old blog Sam Hyde had? It was very obscure, and he …[View]
182450456Be honest /pol/ Is a white ethnostate even possible? Seems like a pipedream.[View]
182456830why is this song so good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTZ7iX4vTQ[View]
182444876Turks of /pol/ Have you realised that putting your entire government into the hands of one person ma…[View]
182454117>t-thanks for c-coming to the B-Black Student Union m-meeting anon :3[View]
182421912Cheerios Give You Cancer: Honey Nut Cheerios used to be my favorite cereal, but ever since that ad w…[View]
182449950Fuck muslims: What should we do with all of these 'refugees' in Europe that are filling our cities w…[View]
182451219What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
182443812Dems Only Chance at 2020: Is so fragile that he can't even travel. Trumps out here fucking bei…[View]
182452319>have jewish wife and jew producer >support israel and the jewish people in strongest terms …[View]
182442541Canada Politics: What the fuck is Scheer doing? Why the fuck don't our politicians represent th…[View]
182457048Comey and Brennan are the same person: The wife also matches The son also matches Look John Brennan …[View]
182456312Niggers can say the N word but white people cant, isn't that's racist?: Being a white man …[View]
182450851Is this how communism works?: >No ads means no money. >No money means no capitalism. >No ca…[View]
182450115/ptg/ - President Trump General - Inexorable Conquest Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
182410348Comfy Aryan cities: What are the best, safest cities in North America? Preferably with nice, non-obe…[View]
182451625ben ShapirO fanboYs: Presented without comment.[View]
182443835Google Hosted 'White Fragility' Struggle Session Today: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/07/19/go…[View]
182440065Virtue signalling millenials BTFO: Millenial couple bikes through isis territory > to prove trump…[View]
182425591TOTAL MELTDOWN: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1029908960265027585[View]
182449859What Bible translation should /pol/ be reading? https://www.strawpoll.me/16273082[View]
182434093What the Fuck is Wrong with Boomers: Why do Boomers speak so loud whenever you put two of them toget…[View]
182452537'I'm not Google. I don't censor anyone.': Seven simple words. This should be Trump's …[View]
182445825Number one: In 1945 corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 percent. Num…[View]
182454814Am i the only one who thinks abos deserved to be conquered?: Think of it from the european perspecti…[View]
182438592I want the entire world to be Japan. What political ideology is this?[View]
182455732Rothschild worried about new world economic order: >Jacob Rothschild has voiced concern about the…[View]
182455710Reading local news is like reading the plot to some generic mafia film. From the size, the actions, …[View]
182455514¿ʞɔnɔ lɐɹǝʇil ɐ ʇsnɾ ǝɥ si ɹO ¿ʎnƃɹno puɐ pǝsɐq ǝɥ si ǝuoʇs ɹǝƃoɹ ɟo ʞuiɥʇ lod sǝop ʇɐɥM :¿ʎnƃ siɥʇ …[View]
182453466This guy offers you free Krav-maga lessons at his private gym: what do you do?[View]
182453881>vermont might have a tranny fag as governor god no[View]
182455601Is he finished?[View]
182448970Are we going to meme Shapiro into oblivion?: I’ve been seeing some SPICY Shapiro memes lately. I don…[View]
182453130King Nigger gave asylum to an ISIS fighter: The arrested man was a member of ISIS who applied for as…[View]
182442980Whats wrong with liberals?: Why do liberals think treacherous things like this is funny? Hes the pre…[View]
182455140Daily reminder: Every dollar spent on education is a dollar not spent on creating genetically engine…[View]
182452957>Be while male >Once in a lifetime act out violence >I am mentally ill >Be nigger >Ch…[View]
182453408Jewish double standard 'I'm not anti-semetic, I give 38 billions $ a year' edition[View]
182439200Secret Societies and the Internet: so we all know that the world is run by secret societies of jews,…[View]
182454874Young refugee is not GAY enough to get asylum in Austria: >No asylum for 18-year-old boy from Afg…[View]
182454733Shitpost: whos in here shitpost in /lgbt/ before? what happened? anyone here pick a fight with them?…[View]
182449802This guy in a hijacked F-22 vs the entire Chinese Air Force. Who wins?[View]
182454143>Media reports what's going on >Low viewers. Less money. Dies out. >Media reports imag…[View]
182450183Jesus was palestinian.[View]
182449138Obama Never Attacked Journalis----: How convenient that the MSM never brings it up?[View]
182454075We're in the news again, /pol/. >Internet trolls try to influence the Swedish election with …[View]
182454166remind me again, why does /pol/ enshrine and admire the greeks and their warrior culture? they were …[View]
182451552Remember anons, nothing must come before God. God has to be first, ahead of your family, your nation…[View]
182454321Google NO: Wow google, they are all white. i am impressed.[View]
182448996cosmic abandonment issues: this planet only wishes the lizards would come back to give it the dickin…[View]
182431326Canada flag: Before i start, i like canada. It would be my second choice of a country. That being sa…[View]
182451984Hitler was pro-white: Shills said Hitler was 'anti-white', but I found this. Why did Hitler care abo…[View]
182449470What would a world without Europeans look like?[View]
182448130I am bored. How can we make niggers riot more: I want more of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J…[View]
182433720SF forming Poop Patrol to keep sidewalks clean: San Francisco once again puts a band aid over a leg …[View]
182408886Save the white race: The only way to save the white race at this point is to marry a Muslim women, h…[View]
182449580ITT: We turn Tekashi 6ix 9ine Alt Right: Ben Garrison was the first, Pepe was second, and moonman wa…[View]
182453232Will Europe fall due to nuslims? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OV8lxrNj4yY[View]
182403691Neil Young Slams Trump over Immigration: Neil Young, the most talented man in America, has BTFO Trum…[View]
182452883Can the white man trust asian people? Are they able to help spread awareness and fight for white val…[View]
182453818What Happens Here?: Should I just become a red-pilled Mormon?[View]
182453766America finds solution to mass school shootings: Bulletproof vests for kids[View]
182451939Mastercard: So, I have a lot of fun with the anti jew jokes, and anti black jokes, and memes and suc…[View]
182449224You have to see THIS! What was just posted on 8 ch!: Could this really be it? Could IT have finally …[View]
182450521All your anger, memes, and shitposting will be for naught. Western civilization will continue to go …[View]
182444544When did you guys first hear Millennial? It seems most people think it didn't exist until 2013 …[View]
182450343Eric Clanton: I had found a place to turn to… From that day until this, I have never failed to pray …[View]
182417380White Genocide Smoking Gun: Sperm Count in West down 60% in 40 years: In White countries and ONLY in…[View]
182450711He'd be severely disappointed in you.[View]
182447641THIS GUY IS GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED: The first rule of coup d'états is this: DON'T MIS…[View]
182443485Behold: The death of the Western world summed up in ONE photo[View]
182449704I am a travelar in US I noticed that americans are all fats. they keep eating everyday. Why this hap…[View]
182440122YouTube will now collapse: Censoring Alex Jones was the beginning of the end for YouTube. It may ta…[View]
182450906HAVE A LAUGH FUCKERS: Never underestimate older players: Man schools youngsters in basketball (VIDEO…[View]
182452163Plzzagate is Real: Prove me wrong.[View]
182452479say something political about this[View]
182439737Buckle up buckaroos: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1029920861128720385[View]
182449390I caught a case of the Gay: How many of y'all have gotten much more homo and fem since trump fi…[View]
182452159Is trump a boomer?[View]
182439414How would you react if your sin came out as gay?[View]
182452508I can't believe you stupid kafir are so ignorant and bigoted that you think Islamic terrorism i…[View]
182449051Why do normans think machiavelli's ideas were so evil?: Are the normies really this delusional …[View]
182446331Why aren't human races considered to be different subspecies?[View]
182451243cant we all love each other brothers?: instead of constant hating?[View]
182448479Why do women vote for gun control but are perfectly ok with heavily armed police?[View]
182451960Not all terrorists .....: 'Not all terrorists are Muslims But all Muslims are Terrorists' https://ww…[View]
182447365Book of Jude: just came across this the other night. anyone care to compare thoughts? >7 Even as …[View]
182451724/nsg/ - Natsoc General - Kalki Edition: ϟϟ Natsocs get in here, defend your banner ϟϟ Thread for d…[View]
182431541I've been seeing a couple of threads on here about anti censorship technology and what can be d…[View]
182451589When did it go wrong?[View]
182442797Post your OC.[View]
182449988It’s Official All of Australia are Cunts and Niggers to the Abbos: Australians are now required to a…[View]
182451351Okay, now this is epic.[View]
182440054Why did she do it?: 18 years is still a fucking long time in jail. She didn't just wake up one …[View]
182441180Imagine if a 140 iq black man existed[View]
182451371Seeing we're all Russian bots: Lets dump some glorious slav propaganda. Here's a movie on …[View]
182451321PROJECT FALL >> GET THE FUCK IN HERE <<: This fucking nigger commie is part of a group a…[View]
182444600http://docdro [.] id/xO8cbyn https://www.docdroid [.] net/xO8cbyn/adrenochrome-adrenolutin-effect-an…[View]
182451064Shitlib couple bikes through ISIS territory and immediately gets murdered lol: The guy said 'evil is…[View]
182451977ask a Mexican anything[View]
182438581Daily reminder to not fall for the fermented jew anon![View]
182430428The /switch/: How many of you were led 'here' by one single event? The /pol/ army has so many ex-lef…[View]
182447851>Thread exposes pedophiles grooming kids on YouTube. >Anons find numerous linked pedo channels…[View]
182451780why do americans live like a cattle?[View]
182447785just fucking wait guys: let political correctness slide, why? >the left pushing political correct…[View]
182448478>Against corporate welfare >Wants to break up the big banks >Raise taxes on the rich >In…[View]
182450356I'm a liberal you nazi fucks: Trump is going is going to get impeached and there's nothing…[View]
182446774I think Rumenia is Hungary: We should like unite and stuff and make Hungry great again![View]
182444686Black People: Are black people really >dumber >more violent >more ill-mannered >less re…[View]
182435399Why should we?: why shouldnt we go on a nation wide strike?[View]
182448032How can we as individuals accelerate the redpilling of the masses?[View]
182450675Why does /pol/ hate poor people?: >be me >earn a meager 30k a year which allows me to live a d…[View]
182445924Should we reintroduce slavery?[View]
182446189How will sex dolls shape society and the future of humanity? Pic related is one i owned for 2 days u…[View]
182440931African Exchange Student in Japan Punches Basketball Referee: An African high school exchange studen…[View]
182450686http://dusiznies.blogspot.com/2016/04/vicious-frum-anti-semite-yaakov-shapiro.html Just look at thes…[View]
182448208How do you feel about this: Many people claim white people have the most power in the world but is i…[View]
182450513Aussies why the hell did you allow abbos to continue exsisting? Why are you allowing feral human bei…[View]
182446938What pecentage of incels are white racists?: Could their rage at being incel be what draws them to t…[View]
182440416What the fuck is taking this asshole so long?[View]
182449763Dr. Sebi: Did he actually cure people with AIDS, Leukemia, etc? Tell me the truth, /pol/.[View]
182444184It's Fucking Happening! For real this Time!: ARE WE DEAD? IT'S HAPPENING! WHAT THE FUCK!!!…[View]
182444065If The English were the master race, and England has since been largely evacuated and become a refug…[View]
182438464How do you combat liberal buzzwords?[View]
182448669Trying to keep the fight on from parent's basement.[View]
182444047Unity CONSENSUS grown Love waves inbound tune your radios in dolls: We love you very much.[View]
182399036WESTERN CIVILIZATION WILL FALL: Do you faggots even realize that it is too late? The U.S.A. are fuck…[View]
182427356Jay Dyer: What are /pol/'s thoughts on Jay Dyer? He's a critic of modern degenerate cultur…[View]
182446274Can Commies and Nazis agree on the necessity of curb stomping the Lolbertarians?[View]
182445499/ptg/ - President Trump General - Manhandling Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
182447861This is a sad story.[View]
182449031Diversity works: Here we have a Vietnamese, North African, English, Indian, and a Tibetan girl. I d…[View]
182449329WHAT DID MORPHY MEAN BY THIS?: seriously, his schizophrenia is off the limits, his fatty problems ar…[View]
182446640Fatal Force: 640 people have been shot and killed by police in 2018: Wow, the Washington Post sure h…[View]
182449301Why are millenials so retarded? >wear helmet to protect skull from bumps >go bike riding in is…[View]
182393276to win against the jew you first need to defeat the jew within you[View]
182419086Fox is basically repeating white nationalist talking points now https://twitter.com/bad_takes/status…[View]
182449449WILL SEX ROBOTS HAVE ANY SUBSTANTIAL EFFECT ON SOCIETY.....: and the dating dynamics between males a…[View]
182449448Is Kevin o Leary our guy?[View]
182449611are you going to fight: or lay back https://streamable.com/n6zrx do what you have to do pussy[View]
182436335Explain this to me, /pol/!: >physical businesses open to the public should be free to decline ser…[View]
182438332What's the most important news story to be following right now?[View]
182449518Hiw did reddit become so based and redpilled. Do we start the fire? If politics is down stream from …[View]
182436183Stop Saying Red Pilled: Here's a POWERFUL red pill for you /pol/... Stop saying red pilled, it …[View]
182437160Let's create a Utopia /pol/.: Hello. Since the dawn of agriculture to the heights of industry t…[View]
182422646Operation Strike Back: Are we just going to relax and sit back and take it up the ass while we'…[View]
182424278So I've been brought up on the NIV and am a practicing Christian. Convince me there's any …[View]
182446857FacebookZoo. BREAKING !!!: Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant…[View]
182443321>global warming isn't re--: uh... try again, sweetie! https://www.9news.com.au/2018/08/16/14…[View]
182441156China is about to breed a new generation of superhumans: Meanwhile the west is trying hard to destro…[View]
182448899Kennedys: good or evil?: Are the descendants of RFK and JFK evil manipulative greedy power hungry li…[View]
182445786> voting against your own economic interests[View]
182446888So the dust has settled, and after nearly two years we can safely state that Trump doesn’t give a sh…[View]
182447996Hey goyim, wanna job?: Looking For Work? A Tattoo Could Help You, Study Suggests http://archive.is/T…[View]
182447194THERE ARE NO WHITE CHRISTIANS ON /pol/: Any white posters who claim to be Christian only pretend to …[View]
182440413Israel asks Mexico to move its embassy to Jerusalem: >The government of Jerusalem asked Mexico to…[View]
182433640Women hate thread - comfy edition: Dumping my folder[View]
182448547Without universal health care its only logical to make euthanasia legal. Like, some dude going to be…[View]
182446783Rick is one of those writers who can make you snort your coffee out as you are guffawing over a clas…[View]
182444945Why are blacks more based than /pol/? https://youtu.be/VIFWbebjAp8[View]
182448936Time to Get SCARED: Why are more white Republicans not scared shitless into voting? Democrat turnout…[View]
182447787Do Indians control the Internet?[View]
182440373Are astronauts satan worshippers?[View]
182448752The Danish version of BBC - DR (Danish radio), has released an absolute atrocity of an article. The…[View]
182445896Why did Paris Hilton’s sister marry a Rothschild? She already has money. Her Anglo genes are now tai…[View]
182447749truth is brainwashing: >stop listening to people who make sense https://twitter.com/cpicciolini/s…[View]
182447723WakandaCon 2018: Are you white devils ready for some real culture ? https://wakandacon2018.com/ Don…[View]
182429087Redpill infographs: I lost my folder of redpill infographics when I got a new computer. Can you guys…[View]
182442383ESOTERIC TALMUDISM: Get in here to convert to Talmudic Judaism. It's unbelievably redpilled. Th…[View]
182437274Joining the military under Trump - redpill or noob?: I am currently a teacher and babysitting minos …[View]
182445939Battle for Free Speech: How do we fight back against the technoJews?[View]
182447990Uhhh..Korea?: www.bbc.com/news/stories-45201725 How the hell did this even happen?[View]
182438869Apparitions: Are they real? What actually is Mary?[View]
182445988Ordination of Women: Would this be a terrible idea for the Church?[View]
182448123>this is what morphy actually believes.[View]
182445140How the fuck does he keep winning? Anyone that actually pays attention sees how successful Trump has…[View]
182421343Most used terms on /pol/[View]
182442564maximum kek! antifa fag got the rope, my sides are in orbit! https://www(.)liveleak(.)com/view?i=e2…[View]
182446847You haven't stopped us yet.: Ashkenazi Jew here. Just dropping by to remind you guys that we ha…[View]
182443856Jesus couldn't have been whi-[View]
182441983Stalin is still Russia’s greatest historical figure.[View]
182441151SkyKing was more alive than you will ever be. RIP.[View]
182436900How do you get your mind off masturbation? I'm currently a week into nofap and the urges are st…[View]
182441718Prepare yourself. They’re running deep af.[View]
182445828GMOs. What are they doing to our food?: Is what we're eating the reason why so many people are …[View]
182444922Why would they ban a x tier snake oil sales man for boomer retards that gives bad optics to our caus…[View]
182437100Wait...I just read that people think John Brennan is a Muslim Communist? What's the story with …[View]
182447633Daily reminder Iran is cool and Israel sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4ngbyot3F4…[View]
182445589Other than Israel, is this the most evil location in the world?[View]
182440599What can be done to save the internet from socialist censorship?[View]
182435521Christian Picciolini: What's y'all s opinions on Christian Picciolini? I think he may be a…[View]
182442284>be born >spend the next 18 years of your life, using the most capable shape your body will ev…[View]
182430030How does /pol/ feel about Vladimir Putin? Is he based? Or is he just another Jew puppet?[View]
182447377/pol/, what have you done to other boards?: You...You redpilled them? How dare you ![View]
182446312Mollie Tibbetts - still missing? dead?: are they calling it a day?[View]
182437825Trump Tweet Nukes: He's on fire tonight. >best of times[View]
182425754Praise Jesus: Hows it feel to have a 2,000 year old caveman religion. The same folks that brought yo…[View]
182439840THOT: TWITTER SHOULD BE BANNED it has done more harm than good[View]
182409590So, youtube is now putting up fact-check signs about sandy hook, and Alex Jones removed at the same …[View]
182434034New England > Southern Failures: I can trace my family back to 1600's colonists from Britain…[View]
182440458Somebody post red pill gender reassignment surgery pics plz.: Please my brother wants to be a fake f…[View]
182436982Do you agree with the purge of Alex Jones: I personaly do not. And I also believe there is a politic…[View]
182445381Conservatives need to create their own online media venue like Foxnews: Maybe some rich conservative…[View]
182427752/RE/ - Real Estate Thread: Thread to discuss all things real estate. Zoning laws, regulations, subsi…[View]
182439191Comfy video about Russia.: This is what all russian cities look like. Judge for yourself anon. https…[View]
182442971The greatest Mainstream Media circlejerk of all time is gonna happen tomorrow. Are you ready for the…[View]
182445897Pizzagate Debunked: This author has written an excellent article debunking the 'pizzagate' phenomeno…[View]
182441383Woah CNN what are you implying here? Have they been secretly based this whole time? https://twitter.…[View]
182441109White Nationalist Careers: I'm wondering what /pol/ thinks would be a good career path to help …[View]
182439818hey guys ur my only real friends i've been reading pol for many years recently my folks made me…[View]
182432990Sheboon blames witchcraft for her murdering 3 of her niglets: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl…[View]
182439476hi /pol/ sorry if this breaks any rules but I don't normally post here. This might actually bel…[View]
182446099ANTIFA's New Trench weapons: https://youtu.be/Q7QDLPeDaXU Since assault and battery with a chun…[View]
182446089Uninstalled this sjw crap you can’t have a cross but you can have this? No thanks. Factions are CIA …[View]
182445932Why doesn't Trump just appoint a new FCC chairman?: The current one, Amit Pai, is an Obama hold…[View]
182445820https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/14/style/white-guilt-privilege.html Archive.is is down, but why is t…[View]
182444202Faith Goldy for Mayor of Toronto: Can Pol meme her into the mayorship of Toronto like you guys did w…[View]
182429998Candace dares Ocasio-Cortez to a debate - offers $100,000 to charity of her choice: Cortez runs and …[View]
182444130We were spying on Trump to protect him.[View]
182437086How do we defeat the trans devils?[View]
182428558Bleak New Estimates in Drug Epidemic: A Record 72,000 Overdose Deaths in 2017: https://www.nytimes.c…[View]
182424820Prove to me huwhites are Israelites: The only whites I've been able to ancestrally trace to the…[View]
182427137Why do millenials love censorship so much?[View]
182439530Was the Tea Party correct, /pol/? Was 2011 really 'the year of the black conservative'?[View]
182433773Missouri Republican who said 'Hitler was right' wins primary race: >“Looking back in history, unf…[View]
182444180like all the beautifull people has the same look...: has the inteligence people a common look too in…[View]
182437506https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/15/upshot/opioids-overdose-deaths-rising-fentanyl.html >Americans…[View]
182441821PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - GET READY EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
182441142Anti Trans Anti woman Toxic masculinity Pro alt right Pro drugs Why is he still around again?[View]
182442463Alfred Litho?: Have you heard of this gentleman by the name Alfred Litho? Supposedly he was a scient…[View]
182440382August 16 2018: A reminder that, today, the media will team up and attempt to destroy Trump. Will th…[View]
182440871Do any anons remember these really spoopy /pol/ posts?: Back in February/March '17 an anon came…[View]
182441897they hate themselves and want to bring us down the jew hates all that they can not be or become our …[View]
182443406>spend 15 years tirelessly researching the Illuminati, secret societies, the occult, government c…[View]
182441534Are you 'LEARNED'?: Have you read these books? Are you a LARPer or an actual scholar?[View]
182423945You young bucks remember the most redpilled show on comedy central?: It's a shame the kikes exe…[View]
182444487The blame game: I failed my a levels, can I blame the Jews for this?[View]
182438856Why: Why is Jordan B Peterson so popular among young men?[View]
182444313Why are Imperials such statist boot-licking cucks?[View]
182442758>According to The Washingtonian, Jason Kessler’s sparsely-attended “Unite the Right 2” rally cost…[View]
182439919Literally who or what the fuck is the orangetard on about now?[View]
182435299Christine Hallquist: Say something nice about the democratic candidate for Vermont Governor. Isn’t s…[View]
182440526Why do so many fascists tend to like paganism? What’s the appeal? pic unrelated[View]
182439748which states/cities/counties are most americans moving to?[View]
182438573/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, EXPLAIN ! go Varnashrama Dharma @ The Secon…[View]
182443472Preserving Civilization from Jews: Among all the things to prioritize in maintaining a healthy socie…[View]
182443759HWNDU Poland live: Hey, I will talk about 'Culture of Critique' on HWNDU livestream in 5 minutes…[View]
182438197/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- BASED MORRISEY EDITION: https://youtu.be/TjPhzgxe3L0 Daily song:https://you…[View]
182443380Holocaust: Please redpill me on Holocaust. Was it really that destructive and if not how many did di…[View]
182441810Murder: Once Alex chose to end his own life things changed. A martyr was born of its own environment…[View]
182443371We can all feel it can't we? Another learning laced with leads. Can this time we turn tides wi…[View]
182442864>should be married with kids >plays video games all night after work every How do we stop vid…[View]
182437999How is that wall coming along muttos? Moneygram is yet to tax me for the WALL lol.[View]
182443029POL X GOOGLE / FACEBOOK / SHIA LABEOUF: Could Pol beat these two in a war? Are we going to let them …[View]
182440502Things that the Jews run, according to /pol/: >le media >big pharma >Hollywood >the s.o.…[View]
182417934Google Hosted About 'White Fragility' Today After Silencing Employees Who Dissented: https://www.bre…[View]
182442789I'm about to disprove Evolution. Ok, If evolution is correct, why in Minecraft do you spawn as …[View]
182430133be me: >on the way home from work today, have an encounter with a cyclist >up ahead, see him s…[View]
182435734post fake news.[View]
182442346Is this song about Fascism?: https://youtu.be/LpDnPMaiT0E >'individuals don't matter, son. I…[View]
182442334I am ready God[View]
182432835What would have happened if during WW2, Doomguy was on the Axis side?[View]
182439336Twitter Shadowbans: Dems find a way to stop Nancy Pelosi from embarrassing the Party.[View]
182435128who likes ma;lcome turnball: who likes julia bishop a waste of space they are whats pol think do the…[View]
182442227What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
182440689Frailty of fault: Power outage at D.C. airport John Brennan security clearance revoked Stuff happen…[View]
182441570Why do Mestizos and Castizos pass as native American in the US?[View]
182440580We are in the last Katun. 2012 wasn't the end, it was the beginning of the last Katun, a 20 ye…[View]
182439281Can't Corner The Dorner[View]
182429009Lost kid? This be Hilldawg County.[View]
182431273Where did your fighting spirit go, /pol/?: https://youtu.be/QIsvKpy8x2Y We haven't made an impa…[View]
182432621What will collapse first, USD or EUR?[View]
182436022George Conway: Is this man completely cucked? Or does she fully have yellow fever?[View]
182435969IQ has been dropping since WW2, I wonder ((((who)))) could be behind this?: any ideas anons?[View]
182439572>shares Qanon posts on Facebook Yup, that’ll show these libtards that I’m in the know. Best get r…[View]
182433494Seriously. What's the best way to worship God..Catholicism/Orthodoxy or Protestantism? I was ra…[View]
182434999What is wrong with young white men?: I live in a all white town (some would call it a 'compound'). W…[View]
182438433Lmao: Guys come look at the fucking comments on this https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/fc…[View]
182428721HAPPENING DC AIRPORT POWER OUTAGE!: It's happening?[View]
182441222OH NO NO NO AHHH HAHAHAHA: >Bernie Sanders: I'm Declining Dem Nomination and Running as an I…[View]
182435228His net worth is over $200b. He assassinates enemies in foreign lands. He controls the executive bra…[View]
1824378314chan last on the Hitlist: The tech-Jews will come for us next. How do we defend free speech?[View]
182432670Seth Meyers DESTROYS Trump in new segment: https://www.mediaite.com/online/seth-meyers-destroys-trum…[View]
182440157Let thine into thy body: > The U.S. church has said more than 17,000 people have reported having …[View]
182441054The Pentagon’s Wars: The US Army is having trouble recruiting from a pool of people who are overweig…[View]
182436764The Libtards finally won.[View]
182432707Middle class america is in its death throes People are overdosing left and right, and people are nec…[View]
182431916What is /pol/'s stance on Pimps: I've seen misyogonists. And I've seen Ancaps. But I…[View]
182440937Any micronations lists out there?: And if so let's talk about our nations[View]
182437903Christian Cakes with Jack 'Fag Destroyer' Phillips getting sued again this time by trannies: Jack 'F…[View]
182440750CA to secede: >get raped by pedowood >catch HIV >grow up addicted to meth >kicked out of…[View]
182436677Giant of Kandahar/Dyatlov Pass: >be special forces in Trashcanistan >super secret recovery mis…[View]
182428199Who cares if Trump wants to fuck Ivanka?: Is there really anything wrong with it? She’s a 11/10 and …[View]
182436909Nervous: >hello sporgs I have an irrational fear that one of these days Ill say Arnold schwarzes…[View]
182440569Any political yourubers worth watching?: I was just browsing varg vikernes’ channel, he’s one of the…[View]
182437518Why are libtards still so buttblasted about Trump? He hasn't really succeeded at any of the thi…[View]
182406936Beto: Any other Texans getting a little worried? I'm seeing a lot of beto signs and bumper stic…[View]
182419865Why do conservatives suck at comedy?: Every great comedian has been either left-leaning or an outrig…[View]
182435802Cancer and fast food.: Can we have a discussion on the topic and how they might be correlated?…[View]
182437701How in TF did Carter Page get chummy with Victor Pinchuk?: Bloomberg, and about 15 other sites, have…[View]
182440207>boomer hires illegal for menial task >other boomers follow suit >illegals flooding into US…[View]
182433035Big Tech protests are stupid. All these companies are privately owned.: These companies can ban you …[View]
182438747Are you from Britain and don't want any of your descendants to be brown?: If you remain in the …[View]
182440091Gas the kikes race war now: do it pussy Hitler was right[View]
182440062We need to work on our futureselves looking as alpha as patrick seriously you can't get more wh…[View]
182439904I don't like using this word as it's been so abused of late. But it cannot be overstated. …[View]
182438282Pepe Maxine Waters: I fuck with hue in photoshop and Maxine Waters is Pepe[View]
182439958Why Do Niggers Love Setting People on Fire': 7-year old severely injured after allegedly being set o…[View]
182426311So why do people support capitalism?[View]
182437445>tfw trump goes to the infirmary to have his asshole sewn back together after he was raped by a S…[View]
182432604Hello i just wanted to tell you i hope your life makes you really happy and i hope your problems fix…[View]
182439176Whats it like being white in Mexico?[View]
182438285You can't justify a rape with another rape: just because they got away with it just because you…[View]
182426482Anyone here have super liberal families? How do you deal with them? Do you even bother talking to th…[View]
182411486how the FUCK is no one talking about this Siraj Wahhaj and the four other adults arrested at a filth…[View]
182439632Based or Not? The Rabbi Shapiro question.: http://dusiznies.blogspot.com/2016/04/vicious-frum-anti-s…[View]
182439234>I just wanted to have kids and make paintings >Now the race war is the only thing I have I J…[View]
182432205Ask a dying bloodline anything. Quick backgroound: Granddad, part of the parsi community( fled persi…[View]
182428100It's Fucking Happening!: ARE WE DEAD? IT'S HAPPENING! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! JONES WAS RIG…[View]
182439542>be American >get shot >get rushed to hospital for emergency surgery >get debts >hosp…[View]
182439397Indians are White: /pol/ btfo[View]
182435154Alex Jones spent the last 17 years deliberately diverting people away from the (((tribe))) who’s bee…[View]
182437495commies BTFO: Greek athlete and nationalist Voula Papachristou wins the gold medal in triple jump in…[View]
182438072Ever notice that every false flag shooting (Sandy Hook, Vegas, Parkland) is always portrayed in a gr…[View]
182436947Can we get SJWs trending this on twitter under pro racemixing tags. Would be hilarious.[View]
182439225How many more shitty leftists cities can we bankrupt? >According to The Washingtonian, Jason Kes…[View]
182436467Normies are better than you.: So, you’re redpilled. Or maybe just larping. You’re all you’re doing i…[View]
182437452What's /pol/ stance on the european union? Should right wing parties take over and reformulate …[View]
182436666Venezuela False Flag - Explosion August 4th: This video appears to show the military officer(general…[View]
182438327Is this unconstitutional?[View]
182422763Stop touching children[View]
182438866Why don't white people start a media conglomerate?: Niggers, you're losing the culture war…[View]
182426797Brit/pol/ - Brownshirt Edition: >BREXIT LIVE: May 'to SELL OUT UK' with SHOCK watered d…[View]
182403605Am I the only one who is LOVING the lesson Saudi Arabia is giving to Canada? Liberals and soibois th…[View]
182437492https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOfsqb1_3dE white nationalists blown the fuck off lol they are all…[View]
182436995He did nothing wrong[View]
182434316Zoomer here to tell all boomers and millenials that you will suck our dicks clean to our superiority[View]
182438227CONSERVATIVE SHAPIRO to debate SOCIALIST BRUENIG: How will the CONSERVATIVE Movement survive SOCIALI…[View]
182429961Where were you when James Woods named the Jewgle?[View]
182415604'Whites are the greediest of the races' says study: How does /pol/ reconcile with the fact that the …[View]
182420850So why do people support socialism?[View]
182357613History of Everything and more: ITT we unkike our history, and discover our ancient knowledge. Accor…[View]
182437858I miss this baby boy[View]
182435179>Brennan's comments lately >Trump's comments lately When will they start calling for…[View]
182437696https://youtu.be/u9mw9lwaX3o >Mark Levin is a cunt hair away from calling for public executions o…[View]
182427085The US don't have cultu-[View]
182416475Have you taken the Nimrod pill yet /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rNJHg4cm6I I'll con…[View]
182431993This must stop: Someone else thinks that this is turning into a big piece of shit with its 'new rule…[View]
182435640Remember: white Europeans and white americans are old. Majority of their women are middle-aged and c…[View]
182436295What does /pol/ think about courting vs dating? Are relationships that do not have a marriage goal d…[View]
182437886Just want to figure out: When will the US be condemned for all their crimes? Native American genoci…[View]
182433573:): Sometimes it helps to reflect where we really are with things.[View]
182417373why should I have kids, /pol/?: I hate kids, I'll more than likely get divorced and have to giv…[View]
182367928Seriously, memes aside, what the fuck is wrong with these people? Why is this being pushed constantl…[View]
182437636Hey /pol/ :: Stop voting against your own economic interests[View]
182437422Paul Manafort: ITT: We ask Kek what is going to happen to this guy tomorrow. Personally, I think he …[View]
182434626Western white women: Western white women are a lost cause, completely fucked being the most degenera…[View]
182431901WTF HUNGARY NO!!!!: How could they possibly do this /pol/!??!?[View]
182429235hey /pol/: pay more taxes[View]
182432407Niggers are happiest when they are subjugated, in chains, and under control of the white man. With m…[View]
182437525why haven't we arrested these fucks: >posts threat against shitposter-in-chief >doesn…[View]
182435761What did this Faggot know???: I don't give a fuck what you think about Alex...if he wasn't…[View]
182418925ITS HAPPENING PART 2: Previous one was deleted[View]
182433714Sit down /POL/ I have to tell you a story... I feel ambiguous and guilty about benefiting from my wh…[View]
182435741Who killed Osama Bin Laden: Who actually killed Osama Bin Laden. I see a guy named, 'Robert O'N…[View]
182436898Charlottesville: Does anyone know how many people attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally? I've…[View]
1824357913572463677: Am i right guys, isn't that just quacking crazy?[View]
182406183RICHARD CUCKS GREG CONTE: CONTE RESIGNS!: Nucleus of the AltRight imploding due to Richard literally…[View]
182434890was the holodomor as bad as the holocaust?[View]
182431508Based Kiwis: http://archive.is/7rYUz[View]
182433601Anyone know much about Dolph Hemler? I heard he pioneered somethings in the nuclear weapons field bu…[View]
182436063MUH RUSSIA TROLLS: operation merkel: from now on when ever you seen someone post something leftist, …[View]
182436673>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182413045Why do Wh*te People hate the poor?: Study: telling white people they’ll be outnumbered makes them ha…[View]
182436842tfw you realize Hitler looked like Fred Armison without a mustache[View]
182429757Why Don't Lone Wolf Shooters and School Shooters Make it Count and Take out Soros or a Rockefel…[View]
182433438Is marvel jewish?: I noticed that every episode I've seen has an interracial scene or two. What…[View]
182433062How Long Until The Civil War?: And how will it play out? Please don't post in here if you'…[View]
182424273*sips tea* checkmate[View]
182433610When will this meme company die? There was no funding secured and he made the whole thing up. Who…[View]
182431180Vermont appreciation thread. Northeast USA is best USA, you're wrong for disagreeing[View]
182433645Americans we need confirmation.: Is memri right or not?[View]
182436500Mexicans always do the jobs Americans won't do[View]
182436544https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=g-M7yjlAe6k Where were you when India became a superpower?[View]
182431749BREAKING: Possible Happening MAJOR POWER OUTAGE AT DC AIRPORT: Unconfirmed reports of gunfire DEVELO…[View]
182434287So /pol/, who is the whore of babylon? nb4 catholic church (protip: it’s not)[View]
182433570Why do white nationalists call Israel an ethno-state? Israel is a melting pot full of Ashkenazi, Sep…[View]
182432718What will happen if white nationalists win?[View]
182434661Why aren't you buying silver and gold right now?: Silver is at 14.50 Gold under 1200 Buy buy bu…[View]
182407176Nordic: Us nordics are most aryan Europeans in Existance, feels good to be nordic vikang, mwf so nor…[View]
182431552What did Alex Jones say that made the Jew go full retard and try to completely de-platform him? I do…[View]
182436259I first heard about this nigger penis god from you, /pol/ Now I discover he is the origin of the Jew…[View]
182435112TRUMP Will Win in 2020: Hi /pol/[View]
182424499Why don't you support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, millennials? She'll forgive our student lo…[View]
182432132Nigger day at WA College: Niggers capture and discipline their professors for being White: https://w…[View]
182427964Wearing one of these caps doesn't make you tough[View]
182434730Millennial Slirping the Stupid Juice: Was on Jewbook and witnessed some idiocy on there. This girl s…[View]
182417080Anglosphere thread: How you doing this fine day, lads? Things good?[View]
182436080I never thought i'd see the day where i'd look at this, see how shitty it is, then try not…[View]
182429210>Muh CIA honeypot Get BTFO you idiotic faggots.[View]
182423928In the event of a nuclear attack how does /pol/ survive?[View]
182428363Being socialist should be a bannable offense on /pol/. Who's with me?[View]
182435565>The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. In…[View]
182432426Why are so many white men in their 20's balding? What the fuck is going on?[View]
182427837Stop voting against your own economic interests[View]
182432745>m-muh free speech! c-censorship! Wrong.[View]
182435497Socialism dosen't wor. >Not real socialism![View]
182435420NEET Nationalism: So Heimbach gave in to his trailer park impulses, Conte and Spencer are beefing, N…[View]
182414941All female SWAT team: Explain this, poos. Literally why? Are identity politics worth it when peoples…[View]
182435415White american[View]
182435111OC thread: Rate my new subgenre of fashwave. I call it juche wave.[View]
182429712What do we do about the WHITE PROBLEM plaguing America?: Any and all ideas welcome.[View]
182415872In the following days Alex Jones will suffer either a stroke or heart attack depending on what'…[View]
182422929Are we the baddies /pol/?: Are we the bad guys and the left are the good guys.[View]
182435104Based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_deCnzeEnkQ He's one of the good ones. Are you prepared…[View]
182431846It's her turn.: A red-pilled modern White Nationalist is not insecure. He is not beta. He is no…[View]
182433602Can any oldfags explain what happened in US politics between 1994 and 1996? 1994 was a huge 'red wav…[View]
182432004why doesnt one of you lawfags call up a muslim bakery and demand a cake portraying the picture of mo…[View]
182428609PewDiePie Is Poised To Becoming A Political Leader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhUmgy8ToUQ >…[View]
182432479Can we make this an official hate group?: The Ayran Defense League (ADL) is now recruiting members. …[View]
182431455Ghetto nigs: Why do niggers take pride in living in ghetto ass cities infested with drugs and crime…[View]
182434163Am I the only one who has come to pitty leftists: >clicks for muh Russia revenge porn >constan…[View]
182429402HURRICANE LANE TO HIT HAWAII AS A CAT 4: Calling it now.[View]
182432499What happens when low-skill workers outnumber low-skill jobs?[View]
182415113How do we stop antifa nazis?[View]
182431730The endless kvetching on this board is disgusting. Christianity is an alien religion of jewish origi…[View]
182433968Ours gets slapped on barrels of oil we send to you yanks[View]
182422292How did YOU survive the 2008 mega recession? And how are YOU preparing for the 2019 economic hyperco…[View]
182434395ENRICHMENT: >be depressed >decide to text my good friend who moved from Adelaide to Melbourne …[View]
182426516The 3 most based ethnic groups[View]
182418510I fucking hate white people and they all deserve to die in the hands of non whites for what they did…[View]
182433230Are food challenge/review channel degenerate?: https://youtu.be/sNGdOaZLwxM[View]
182430623Greece will surely pay its de-: Should we just invade them at this point?[View]
182433734What's with all of the millennial memes and people saying its so hard these days? >Be 24 …[View]
182416827The 46th President of the United States of America[View]
182425023I will win for the West![View]
182432121Interracial emojis coming soon!: Seems like the Unicode Consortium has finally caught up with the ti…[View]
182433675>As Erdogan sought to cushion the impact of the crisis on Turkey’s economy, he reached out to Ger…[View]
182425661Gibs me muh ethnostate.: Yup. Should have expected as much. Create a problem then blame it on someon…[View]
182425480Lgbt+ joe arpaio: https://youtu.be/bHvjHbL2utk[View]
182431222My friend just told me he was a tranny fucker. What should I do?[View]
182425719What is the conservative equivalent of protesting the flag?[View]
182391727/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: City Investigations: This general is for identifying, discussing, ma…[View]
182433574Explanation of Whites: There are astronomical seasons, subjecting the earth to an ice age about ever…[View]
182406089I’m pro trump I’m also pro abortion Why are you idiots so anti abortion? No religious nutfags speec…[View]
182429188Why are you fuckers incapable of not taking bait? Literally all someone has to do to get 150+ (You)s…[View]
182433195Faggots: Should all all faggots be gassed and removed from an optimal society? https://www.youtube.…[View]
182430430Is he based, fellow MAGApedes?[View]
182432953Triple Murder Sentence Slashed: She drove her 3 kids into a damn and let them die, now her sentence …[View]
182427372ITT; WE MAKE SPACE FORCE LOGOS TO SEND TO TRUMP.: Trump wants us to vote and pick from a series of l…[View]
182424989Dont mind me, just waging a war on words[View]
182425212Lets develop the Vinegar Challenge: The idea is to get lefties to say the word vinegar. the clip can…[View]
182427543Atheism General /Ag/: Stop baby sitting subhumans and explore the universe[View]
182410511Before I listen to anything you have to say: Prove to be you aren't completely biased and brain…[View]
182433134If we never had to suffer from desegregation do you think white people would have space colonies by …[View]
182432958Tick tock, Trumpfags[View]
182427807Government False Flag in Venezuela Explosion??: This video appears to show the military officer(gene…[View]
182428615“Your picture has been removed for sexually explicit or pornographic content.”[View]
182397885China technologically superior to the west: Why is it that we can't compete with them in high t…[View]
182431353Chad: why aint chu chad yet? why be the zero when u can be the hero https://youtu.be/ryvHj2z-0BM…[View]
182421743Why are all these liberal people gay?[View]
182432904Sheeboon Makes Wakanda Real: Pic related defrauded Social Security to make her dream of Wakanda a re…[View]
182432858Try harder putin We all know the real elite are royals. Keep using rads on people in park benches …[View]
182426642Debate me. I dare you. I fucking double dare you![View]
182432686Debate; The gathering: Online debate is a game >trawl Internet for history and statistics =addin…[View]
182430946how do we solve the Democrat Question once and for all?[View]
182432506What is a Man supposed to do?: Fellow /pol/lacks, With everything that's been going on in gover…[View]
182432429ummm guys..: WHAT IS HAPPENNING?? http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fshoma…[View]
182416265>be me >visit dads after news that grandma got cancer >step mom doesnt like me >shes coo…[View]
182425543Disney worker dies after falling into a pit of oil: http://archive.li/adJFV Ouch kek[View]
182429410>Same noun cases >Same grammatical genders >Same tenses and methods of conjugation >Bori…[View]
182431742Network: Is this movie redpilled? How accurately does it reflect mainstream media today?[View]
182431585Fucking Mexican government: >be me >project manager for aviation company >setting up Mexico…[View]
182432237>your country >do you trust manlets?[View]
182429890Hal Turner: Hey, was going up and down the HF band. Came across a decent signal. Political talk show…[View]
182416831The most subversive tactic of our time: ...is the continual use of 'short hand' and/or texting langu…[View]
182431565List 5 Reasons...: What would be the positives to having One World Government?[View]
182429383https://www.ventusky.com/?p=38.6;-95.4;3&l=temperature-2m&t=20180823/06 So next Thursday, th…[View]
182427447How did whites create mesmotopia and egypt?: Doing some research into ancient history at the moment …[View]
182416356Say something nice about her.[View]
182414236/ourbakery/ is at it again Tranny wanted a tranny cake He said fuck off[View]
182416985A fat boomer who is balding and fat with a vape stick and a snapback barely on his head just shook m…[View]
182428848DRUMPF IS FINISHED - 1,000,000th EDITION: This time it's for real! This is the head of the DNC.…[View]
182424330America, you have a problem.[View]
182420038Does he know about the Jews? he is Redpill about this?[View]
182427895is he a genius: can we claim him as white[View]
182419207So wait, if we get rid of guns people won't get killed by guns - why is there a debate again? D…[View]
182431352Daily reminder that non whites in white countries that are 'happy' are happy because of the hardwork…[View]
182426324Nick Fuentes will defend this.: The Catholic church should be dismantled and the Vatican should be t…[View]
182431345Paul Kagame: What do people think about him Was he responsible for atrocities in the Congo and the c…[View]
182390502Former hardcore leftist who used to work for a refugee resettlement agency, now a far right schizo. …[View]
182426296What would you do if this person told you to rape a child?[View]
182427169TYT POLL: Trump has used the N-word: What’s your argument?[View]
182426964Is border patrol worth it? The pay is great and you get to repel foreign invaders but you have to le…[View]
182431147Africans BTFO: The image speaks by itself.[View]
182430638Well?: Why are you still a member of the democratic voting party? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL…[View]
182430068What did he mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTZ-CpINiqg >Carlin on Boomers Did Boo…[View]
182430973OFFICIAL DCA RADAR THREAD: Blackout at DCA, someone is possibly being escorted. Radar link: https://…[View]
182430718What do west germans think of east germans?[View]
182417970Meet the Indiana dad who hunts Russian trolls: >Bloomington, Indiana (CNN)When it comes to hobbie…[View]
182430905Well this is it /Pol. For years they threatened your constitutional rights but now they're acti…[View]
182418874Refute this in 4 words or fewer[View]
182428999Do you remember election night 2016, /pol/?: Where were you when you learned Trump won the presidenc…[View]
182424248/pol/ challenge: Can /pol/ name one White Nationalist leader/spokesperson who isn't either Jewi…[View]
182430534When is it going to pop?[View]
182425518Is he /ourpajeet/?: https://www.thedailybeast.com/silicon-valley-ceo-called-employees-the-n-word-and…[View]
182429533Atheistfags of pol, refute this or forever shut the fuck up: >inb4 kike on a stick et al. The tru…[View]
182426713YouTube now Fascist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CKniE7PGuw[View]
182402157THE NEXT FALSE FLAG: There will be a mass shooting at CNN studios within the year. This will be use…[View]
182430140Australian parliament is a bunch of traitors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1FADUfqUvs…[View]
182422252Am I the only one who still cares that John Podesta authorized the assassination of Seth Rich?[View]
182424926I AM NOT A LEAF: This is the true flag of Canada. Down with jewish psyops![View]
182429661Jews Being Jews: If Reality was a sitcom..... What song would play every time a jew does some jew sh…[View]
182418139Why arent Mudslimes blamed for Circumcision?: Why are jews blamed for the spread of circumcision whe…[View]
182430052what did they mean by this?[View]
182430173Still hope for hitler the avatar of SHIVA[View]
182386537Mike Ness punches Trump supporter at show.: >Tim Hildebrand said that he suffered a bloody lip, t…[View]
182428228Will she be the first female Prez ??: Imagine the power of Kanye and the GOP getting fully behind he…[View]
182429982https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mII9NZ8MMVM Any other anons see this vid? The tldr of it is it names t…[View]
182425500It is what it is: The absolute state of the American black community in one picture. They are given …[View]
182429310where is the lie?[View]
182407467BAKE <clapping hand emoji> THE <clapping hand emoji> FUCKING <clapping hand emoji>…[View]
182429780>U-6 unemployment The real unemployment rate[View]
182426621Is the Trump N-word tape the first 'meta-scandal'?: A scandal over the theoretical implications of s…[View]
182429422Reading is important: You’ll never grow as a person if you don’t read, anon. Everyone on /pol/ shoul…[View]
182429638NEW WHITE HOUSE SCANDAL: The Pentagon's chief spokeswoman is under investigation for abuse of p…[View]
182426555be me: >be me >looking for job >psychologist says i wanna do election experiment want contr…[View]
182422729When I found out our MEDAL OF HONOR is an inverted pentagram: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mko5Y8…[View]
182429259Does anyone have any actual scholarship on the Synagogue of Satan from Revelation, aka the false Jew…[View]
182427853MISSOURI NO!: /ourguy/ wins Missouri Salt: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/13/white-collar-nazi-wins-…[View]
182427207?: What did they mean by this?[View]
182429250When Weeboos Strike Back (KPOP) and Why it Matters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKbWGhV0QbE You …[View]
182421619Civ Collapse Documentation: If the fall of Rome was as well documented as the fall of Western Civili…[View]
182422971Sweden: Imagine how awesome Sweden used to be in the 70s. >Little blonde hotties walking around …[View]
182425240Was alexander the great white enough for the ethno state?[View]
182426357Yeah....... It's Over: https://people.com/politics/trump-howard-stern-apprentice-blacks-against…[View]
182428986It's officially over: It's over[View]
182426756this is what the average woman will look like in 2050: and its beautiful[View]
182418315How do Drumpf supporters rationally defend Trumps cock sucking & submissiveness to Putin?[View]
182427870Ok anons, I happen to own the domain hitleryklanton.com I don't have it hosted because I'm…[View]
182425278hi pol i'm kinda confused: well i'll admit that i'm a newfag and i've been think…[View]
182429038SAY IT WITH ME: PRESIDENT JAMES COMEY https://twitter.com/Comey/status/1029893474269777920…[View]
182426416Ralph Nader = True American Nationalism[View]
182426733Amerimutts are on 4chan! Its 10PM in (((ZOG_USA)))!!!!: Are you ready for 99% shill threads and cuck…[View]
182423619Does /pol/ support organizations that advocate violence against blacks and jews?[View]
182422429>he still uses toothpaste So how do you like your calcified pineal gland? Since switching from to…[View]
182423397>humans did not evolve from ap...[View]
182422582Why is the right so pro-Israel?[View]
182426335Are these countries inherently provintial and minimalist?: It seems like life in those countries rev…[View]
182424646Gradually, I learned to hate them...[View]
182420477MSM MELTDOWN BINGO!: Drink every match Ahoy, the Storm, she blows!!![View]
182415285>I'm a tradwife >No I don't work, I fold towels >You have to pay for me >I wan…[View]
182406405I met Mohamed coming out of the tube at Canary Wharf this morning. He came to the UK as a child refu…[View]
182418442How did this country go from a land of masculine warriors to a daycare for effeminate man-children?[View]
182427615There's a difference between a black person and a nigger. If you think the word nigger automati…[View]
182427965juggle the axe, pay the tax[View]
182428072NY Governor Cuomo: 'America Was Never That Great': Sorry I can't hear you over the deafening so…[View]
182423054the lols: https://www.pluralist.com/posts/1824-millennial-couple-bikes-through-isis-territory-to-pro…[View]
182428053Questions: I'm curious /pol/, do you really hate non-whites so much aside from complaining abou…[View]
182427843Trump is done with the 3D moves he is going for the check mate.: From today to the next days you wil…[View]
182427999Who /alreadymaking2020memes/ here?[View]
182427908Nigger day at WA College: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCZlyKLVZuY >students decide to have a …[View]
182425826femenism: Aight, so I found this kid's youtube channel and it's fucking cringy. Y'all…[View]
182427825'Revolution Theatre'[View]
182426422Twitter Censored Tweets: Trump vindicated! Recently discovered pic proves who really killed Kathy Gr…[View]
182398198Germans re-electing Merkel: Just why the Devil do Krautcucks keep on voting Merkel in? I know there …[View]
182412133Refugee tries to buy BMW with Monopoly money, chimps out when it doesn't work: On 12.08 he vand…[View]
182427341/420/ THREAD: Where were you when you realized Corona investing 4 billion into Canadian Cannabis mea…[View]
182427527> I don't stand by anything What do you stand by?[View]
182424777New Zealand bans greedy foreigners from buying homes: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-…[View]
182421943Denver antifa training: watch out /pol/ these guys have been training[View]
182427504What does this mean pol?: What does this mean about my voting district? https://www.voterfocus.com/…[View]
182425788Are there any Trump voters out there that voted for Clinton in the 90s? I’m genuinely curious. I was…[View]
182425489Does anyone else think that a court room judge is typically a very intelligent person? I have stood …[View]
182426742The absolute state of Jason Kessler and Patrick Little lives right now: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
182422242Minnesota: Best state thread. >North-Eastern Minnesota - Actually affordable - Too cold for nogs …[View]
182423063Post people who are awake on the JQ![View]
182427348The White House Was NOT built by Slaves: The White House has been built 3 times, starting in 1792, 1…[View]
182427342Capitalism doesn't wo-: So we are rapidly approaching the age wherein 'government' becomes a su…[View]
182412781Isn't it obvious to everyone at this point that the media just plays us for fools? Where is the…[View]
182401816I have a question for australians how common are kangaroos down there? are they mostly in the outbac…[View]
182410058I'm in Canada right now from the USA and wtf not a single person here looks Canadian wtf, and a…[View]
182423962Why is the white American underclass disintegrating? From overdoses to unemployment, it isn't d…[View]
182426628Explain to me why it is repilled to have kids early rather than later? Economically it makes sense t…[View]
182419063Pedo Rings in the US Goverment: 1. Blackmail and secret societies belong to politics so please don…[View]
182426966What would you do if you found out your SO had dated a minority (mudslime) before you? Asking for a …[View]
182426982Tfw the Timeline Shifts bleed into the normies POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDCIgCDqvMU…[View]
182423720No Place for NORMAL Republicans???: So, yesterday, Tim Pawlenty lost to a literal who. A beloved, sa…[View]
182416228DAILY REMINDER: Eric Clanton got away with attempted murder: Can we meme the shit out of this guys n…[View]
182422768Is the far-right too sensitive and easily offended? Seems like you guys are always getting triggered…[View]
182426401What the fuck is their problem?[View]
182410019The absolute STATE of the white race[View]
182423625War is coming to America. Will history judge you to be on the right side?[View]
182426159These hours at /pol/ we do not get back.: They're gone 4ever. The world is complex, its elites …[View]
182424185MGTOW GENERAL /mg/: Rise up against the Roasties and take back your civilization[View]
182424774I wish nigga/nigger word tape from trump exist desu.[View]
182420931Patrick Little assaulted for holding a “Jews Rape Kids” sign: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcVWR…[View]
182404136Remember When Hillary...: Remember when Hillary tried to steal $200k in China dinnerware & gifts…[View]
182418213Reminder: people like this will outvote you :)[View]
182417929The Final Understanding[View]
182423731Why can't we all just admit that IQ discrepancy is why jews win and nogs lose? Is that really s…[View]
182404809Brit/pol/ - Citzens advice edition: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ >BREXIT LIVE: May 'to…[View]
182415301I am a blood relative of Adolph Hitler: >Family hate themselves >Taught to hate myself >Bec…[View]
182422378So who do you mongoloids worship more: Dylan Roof or Elliot Rodger?[View]
182367984If you're Christian, you should probably just kill yourself. https://apnews.com/f4fc4983019045c…[View]
182418418Is there too much sexual freedom in our society?: How is a civilization's normalization of sexu…[View]
182424414Why did he still have security clearance if he isn’t working for the government anymore?[View]
182423361The left can't me...[View]
182389560If The Holocaust Never Happened: Why hasn't Germany ever disputed it? And what happened to thos…[View]
182425119What does he have to lose/hide?: Why does he give a shit? He's retired and has benefits us mort…[View]
182421894>capitalism destroys traditions and values in favor of rampant consumerism, Jews are able to subv…[View]
182426210>poll comes out: Trumps popularity with black americans has doubled >media's story for th…[View]
182425015Zuck Love-Thread: Would you vote for this nice man if he ran in 2020?[View]
182417109This character has exposed every American on /pol/. It’s hilarious.[View]
182425648Why Are Liberals Ignorant?: Is there a way to convince more of them to travel to no go death zones t…[View]
182425956Sam Hyde Recent Dump: There was an archive link dump of recent events of Sam Hyde what happened with…[View]
182420699Ameri/pol/ - Eagle Edition: You're witnessing some of the first few editions of Ameri/pol/ or w…[View]
182424974Trump, as always: Havent seen much outrage or proper Trump news recently. Or im just out of the loop…[View]
182425431Prediction. Left loses mid terms even after censorship: Left SJWs lose minds try to over throw banki…[View]
182425532>she is 15 years old, she is just an innocent child and unable to decide, you're a sick pedo…[View]
182403308BRIDGE COLLAPSED IN ITALY: the guy on the right, holding a picture of the dramatic collapse of a nat…[View]
182405370Fact Sweden has dominated every nation in europe they were the inventors of spaceships pyramids and …[View]
182425125Dun dun dun... Another one bites the dust: Soon you sister fucking Nazis won't have anywhere to…[View]
182414702It's really over for Trump this time https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/1029841149631102976…[View]
182417639>eric clanton gets off scotfree for attemted murder >muslim rape compound gang gets released …[View]
182422360The Unite the Right 2 rally was a pathetic joke. What comes next won't be. You've been war…[View]
182422325Vaccines linked to Autism: Inviting discussion on Aluminum and its prevalence in people with Autism.…[View]
182422013Was the New World a mistake?: I genuinely think the world would be better off if we never discovered…[View]
182407182What if North Korea is actually a utopia: I was watching some videos of North Korea https://www.yout…[View]
182406227Jews are being anti degeneracy: WHAT TIMELINE IS THIS >tfw jews just made one of the best looking…[View]
182424638The country with the most Muslims is India (180 million).[View]
182415746Texas General: All Texans welcomed especially white Texans. Here to discuss the up coming elections …[View]
182420050/pol/'s favorite two world leaders who do you like more?[View]
182423852Orgasmatron: If life is really about the pursuit of happiness, why aren't we focusing our energ…[View]
182420389Apparently, Mastercard was able to boot Robert Spencer off of Patreon with no real explanation. >…[View]
182399507Syria General /sg/ - Late night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
182407995Leaf thread: >Inspired by >>182403605 We need to make sure cuckdeau doesn't get anothe…[View]
182407385You have to create white babies goy, you don't want your race to disappear do you?[View]
182424316White woman dies in Genoa bridge collapse. What are we going to do? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/wor…[View]
182409758wtf is going on, they're dropping like flies: More than 47 people overdosed on what’s believed …[View]
182420251I’ve heard stories about single roasties with niglets who start going to churches and the pastors wi…[View]
182414454This is an independent call for action for lone operatives. Global corporate and banking interests a…[View]
182423185Why were Scythians important?[View]
182420609GET IN HERE FAGGOTS THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Mastercard instructed Patreon to drop Robert Spencer (the J…[View]
182397354New Anti-Fascist song out now: Take a look at this cringey shit. https://youtu.be/ApmzKshXJDs[View]
182406274Whats your opinion on this goy? Is he a shill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm5AllR9RGs[View]
182402137what is your opinion on Hungary and Hungarians?[View]
182423664If you have an italian with blonde hair and blue eyes that can't tan being from the same area a…[View]
182401667A question to civic nationalists since i know there are here. If you are perfectly willling to rejec…[View]
182418165Why do people dislike addicts so much? They have a disease. It’s like hating someone for being left …[View]
182420236was the industrial revolution a goos thing or a jewish trick[View]
182417233Lauren Southern: Is she /our girl/?[View]
182421083Man, if only there were a white ethnostate with virtually no immigration, where everyone was the sam…[View]
182414985It's fucking happening, get in here[View]
182409597Turkey hate thread: thanks for wrecking the global economy and making our stock portfolios go red yo…[View]
182418835Post em. I feel this test puts too much weight on particular questions. i.e. abortion and sex[View]
182420568AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT POL AND YOU KNOW IT: Trump has ran this country further into the ground espe…[View]
182419273Antifa are pro-gun now.[View]
182398311>LE BOOMERS HAVE IT EASY >WAAH IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT Actual Boomer here- we've been f…[View]
182422436Wahabbi Non-White Immigrant beaten up by White Christian German Youth: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182402590Why haven't you started prepping for the coming racewar/catastrophe? Would you even survive a w…[View]
182420388Was Adolf Hitler a virgin his whole life? When and with whom did he lose his virginity? I want proof[View]
182422540>America isn't a racist countr- So how the HELL do you explain this story, /pol/? >Negro …[View]
182419138>/pol/ says AIPAC controls the gov >Not even in the top spending lists of Lobbyist groups http…[View]
1824103114chan chooses pic i will upload on a can: In norway a company is doing a promotional ad where you ca…[View]
182420611Where are we at?: I might give it up in the next next 10 years. My country, my land and soil, Our c…[View]
182422283An Old Man Groped me Today: I (20, M) was at work carrying a 60kg(140lb) piece of wood up a hill and…[View]
182422247Okay, now THIS is epic >If you haven’t watched “Nanette,” Hannah Gadsby’s fearless comedy special…[View]
182419489Why do boomers love jews: Pic related[View]
182422048Stephen Miller: HE CUTE[View]
182416413What's your excuse for not reading this yet? You DO want to save the white race, don't you…[View]
182420939No revolution was won with fat neckbeards. Go work out fags The revolution is nearing[View]
182404538Holy fuck she's cute. https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1029848514526818304[View]
182420729What does /pol/ think about the proud boys?: Thinking about joining as an antidote to my degeneracy …[View]
182419512Narrative: Why is every article in the media about this the exact same?[View]
182382134Unite the Artistic Right: Cheers /pol/, I propose we start an Artistic Unite the Right movement. A s…[View]
182421444Whola Faggots... ! Vote For Me...!: Or get Butt-Raped by Immigrants... Free Everything - For Everybo…[View]
182421424Who is this Guy? And why people hate him? What does he say that does / Pol / be against him?[View]
182420636Why aren't we allowed to create Alek Bones threads? Is 4chin being c*nsored?[View]
182422967Alex Jones threads being censored: Is it true Alex Jones is being censored even here on 4Chan? Who w…[View]
182409326Whats so difficult about vaccinating your kids that parents don't understand? https://twitter.c…[View]
182420553Herbert “the pervert” Sandler - Jew: >'I think you should give notice when changing strategies wh…[View]
182418940America is a despicable low IQ mutted hellscape and when you watch this video you will realise that …[View]
182373899So manafort didn't flip. Mueller is finished isn't he? I keep seeing the investigation is …[View]
182415388Patrick Little - Does he fight for white interests?: We all know Little primary MO is about naming t…[View]
182418258Doesn't this disprove God? Just want a realistic discussion seeing that we humans can create li…[View]
182420993Hey I’ve got an idea. So we are all aware of the (((my fellow whites))) behavior of these Jews. Why …[View]
182417142Is Black Propaganda dying?: market to welfare niggers for decades achieved nothing but higher crime …[View]
182419748QUICK REMINDER Q IS A FUCKING LARP: this Q retard started off and got big with his predictions that …[View]
182409106The 49th Vice President of the United States of America[View]
182419368Explain to me why it is repilled to have kids early rather than later? Economically it makes sense t…[View]
182420972>A monologue from a movie made by an unironic nigger fetishist who got the idea for that dialogue…[View]
182416613Consciousness: https://pastebin.com/xuN8w7kW[View]
182408733Pray for turkey... if they collapse were going to war...[View]
182412160>dude they’re just corporations they can ban and censor anyone they want…[View]
182412380The Thirteenth Tribe Discussion Thread: So, the Jews come from Khazaria in the Caucasus area, where …[View]
182419888Civilized discussion: Leftwing and Rightwing welcome: First of all, say something about your princip…[View]
182398178Science on abortion: The argument of abortion basically boils down to if you consider a fetus a huma…[View]
182414861HISTORIC! Donald Trump Approval Ratings with Blacks Hits 31%: >The president’s approval is up 13 …[View]
182409460lets play quiplash - /pol/ edition https://www.twitch.tv/big_anime_tiddys/[View]
182415930Why is /pol/ the anti-pedo crusader board that was convinced there was a child sex dungeon under a p…[View]
182408283>it’s another niggers don’t understand economics episode[View]
182416355since Net Neutrality has gone out of effect, and literally nothing has happened. Reddit & shill…[View]
182417987When did you realize that you had the capacity to hate?: >Have gf of a few months >Gf works in…[View]
182417826REMINDER: Siraj Wahhaj, the man involved in the NM compound is the same man in this documentary. htt…[View]
182419842Putting children in school is cruel. You're taking away twelve years of their childhood and you…[View]
182409011Trump is a Literal Rothschild Agent: Donald Trump reminds me of Winston Churchill. >Both men are …[View]
182414843Why is Vermont the greatest state in USA?[View]
182419607Cuomo talking shit: Get a load of this kike. Every fucking (((time))).[View]
182407828Are there any subclasses of the 'blue pill'? Feel free to fill in if you figure.[View]
182419952Is he unstoppable?: Seriously, it's like a drug lord, ordering his cocaine addicted minions wha…[View]
182414331Canada wrongthink: Bernier steps up to defend what’s left of our nation. Chimp out starts. >'Whil…[View]
182418753Are there Jews in YOUR national media?: Are there subversive Jews operating in your country? We alwa…[View]
182419774How low can Jason Kessler go?: Did everyone see this clip of Jason Kessler talking white separatist …[View]
182417285If it wasn't for America, the world today would be one big Soviet Union. Thank you America for …[View]
182416469What has this Jew done for you lately?[View]
182412644BIBLICAL GIANTS/TITANS WILL RETURN: The Holy Bible talks about The Nephilim/Annunaki/Titans which we…[View]
182419626MAGAMAGAMAGAMCBOOMER >b-but muh working cla- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1mlCPMYtPk…[View]
182412311>tfw Americans are so dumb that if the Republican nomination came down to Jeb vs Rand, Jeb would …[View]
182382091>Police put Nike truck in the ghetto >Black people break in trying to steal shoes >Get arre…[View]
182418064I cant believe whiteoids built these. We really are the superior race[View]
182391523Pools closed due to AIDS.[View]
182418185Corrupting culture? Nah.: If jews are evil, then why are the music, the films and the books they pro…[View]
182409749Is it true that average American IQ level is around 103,6?[View]
182415630Human Resources..: We are losing the culture war, but i got a solution. Our friends the indian, yes …[View]
182419278White people ought to be celebrated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PYt2HlBuy https://www.youtube.…[View]
182419096we should fill our cars with nike shoboxes and park in the hood to support the cpd[View]
182419077Irregular tactics to create an ethnostate: 1. Go on tinder, craigslist missed connections, whatever …[View]
182415095It's 1991 goy, I know it must hurt looking in the mirror and seeing that tire around your belly…[View]
182416317Russia what is your explanation for this[View]
182418774is there a listing of these censored videos ?[View]
182418757The left is a pedophile cancer: Since they archived the other thread of this and all other threads c…[View]
182391834When The Jew Names Itself: Hahaha https://mobile.twitter.com/MarkSchultzy/status/1029608548731244544…[View]
182415934Why is the United States Syria/Africa tier?[View]
182415559Freemasons founded America: The United States was founded by Freemasons. This is a historical fact. …[View]
182417608Descendant of Genghis Khan: Found out that I come from Khan's bloodline. Time to finish the job…[View]
182412888I just finished watching, 'The Greatest Story Never Told' and I hate to admit it, but I cried at aro…[View]
182413447are aesthetics all we need to justify castrating all blacks? i mean just look at them Hideous hair H…[View]
182411791Did Aum Shinrikyo set off a nuke in the Australian outback?: Doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo made intern…[View]
182416452Is President Trump on amphetamines or coke? His energy and movements seem 'odd.'[View]
182416600Does America Realize it will become Communist after 2020: The Judeo-Bolshevik destination was always…[View]
182415765Why is anti-semitism exclusively seen amongst the low, uneducated, and 'trashy' classes?[View]
182416572Even Hitler wouldn't do this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx4qr8YfeOs&feature=youtu.be…[View]
182399885Why did decriminalizing drugs in Portugal lead to lower rates of usage?[View]
182416653Your move flat earthers: Social media was a mistake[View]
182416900Stop dividing us.[View]
182404608How is China 'exploiting' Africa compared to the utter RAPE that Europeans inflicted on the continen…[View]
182415773THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF TEXAS ((cont)): Texasfags get in here. This is a continuation of the previous …[View]
18238215320 years ago today 14 kids were killed by the IRA using this car: I still cannot get my head around …[View]
182415221Learn to be Civilized and Use a Bidet, Savages!: This ad will save America from our disgusting behav…[View]
182417428>/pol/ loves nazis Yet if you went back in time and met a nazi, he'd probably be so unnerved…[View]
182408599What do you think about Andrew Cuomo (governor/NY) saying today that America was never great?[View]
182409729What if Trump is using Omarosa to keep 'TAPES' on peoples' minds: Too bad! So sad![View]
182411269What do you have to say for yourselves, /pol/?[View]
182410029your perfect world: ITT: what is your personal ideal state/government? how would it function, what l…[View]
182413810Do you call your father 'cucked' /pol/?[View]
182383768Would you agree to socialism if your living standard increased significantly?: Let's assume you…[View]
182408187Who Was the Son of God?: Who exactly was Jesus Christ? Was he a physical mortal that had a direct co…[View]
182415141Where is Adolf when you need him.. https://m.dw.com/en/german-cabinet-approves-third-gender-identity…[View]
182417277ATTENTION: Does anyone have any more information regarding pic related?[View]
182412427Don’t be right wing misogynist /pol/ support women’s rights! Woman aborts twins and smiles for pictu…[View]
182413373The AVN porn awards is too white[View]
182407854China is Socialist: >Only muh capitalism can support high GDP How can anyone claim China is capit…[View]
182413727The USA's next theater of war: Tell me, /pol/, where will it be and why will the USA and its al…[View]
182396993USA BTFO: We are going to blast America from outer space. >US raises questions over 'abnorma…[View]
182414537What did they mean by this?: https://youtu.be/QevByBz1cLY[View]
182416438>There's nothing more American than punching Nazis, sweetie >My grandpa fought Nazis, so …[View]
182415977> party of “family values”[View]
182416672Okay, so just HOW finished is Rumpf right now? Why does he keep getting away with it?[View]
182415094The hell, Mexico? When are you people going to turn into a civilized country? I mean, I dislike a l…[View]
182406528Pædos strike again: TOP. FUCKING. KEK. http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-pa-pittsburgh-dioce…[View]
182410349What went wrong here? How did it wind up even worse than most African shitholes?[View]
182395126About the Jews: Just thought I'd give you a heads-up about everything you're all getting w…[View]
182416605Cyprus: Why the frick do the cockroaches control the northern half[View]
182395063>meanwhile on Wild West /pol/[View]
182416505What did you think?[View]
182414450Streamers are not patrician: Streamers sit in front of a camera all day Sometimes they pretend to be…[View]
182413709pop general: >Be British >'America!? how do we pop it??'…[View]
182413881HELP ME /POL/[View]
182414850(((America's sanctions))) will push Russia to War.[View]
182414765BRITISH NAZIS WATCH OUT!!!: Looks like Soros wants to diversify his brand and see of he can generate…[View]
182414959Ban All Circumcised Men From The Net: I have just solved everything. You're welcome[View]
182415904I keep hearing about all sorts of stuff about “the banks” and the federal reserve bringing down Amer…[View]
182416047This is part of Patrick Little's campaign platform. About how many niggers are we talking about…[View]
182415494Stop owning land.[View]
182402529The USA Medal Of Honor is the highest military decoration in the modern world.: If you disagree you …[View]
182415839Texas General: Last thread was archived.[View]
182388074Why do black people say they built America when all they did was pick cotton an put it into sacks[View]
182386163The ancient Egyptians were Nordic, scientists say: https://www.svd.se/arets-fynd-fyra-antika-barngra…[View]
182414112Real Deep State Battle?: Check it out autists https://www.statesman.com/business/austin-pirate-radio…[View]
182414922What If its the christcucks all the way and they are just using kikes as a scapegoat to start apocal…[View]
182415314What the fuck does good ole' Joe Biden think when he sees what his political party is made up o…[View]
182400793She’s dancing, pol’s sweating.: Ocasio-Cortez. Progressive. Socialist. And just BTFO cringy alt-righ…[View]
182410410How did a bunch of working class yobs become so redpilled when it comes to Jews and immigration in p…[View]
182415097Is the United States destined to just be the best?[View]
182412767Joe McCarthy did nothing wrong: I want to believe, but where's the evidence? Pic unrelated…[View]
182377150Why did Providence chose Celts and Germanics, and left out Slavs?: Why is history created mainly by …[View]
182415159Barely Informed with Elad: Hello fellow 4channers! I went to an ICE protest and totally owned the li…[View]
182415018Would liberals agree to socialism if their living standards decreased significantly?: Let's ass…[View]
182406453>They're censoring Alex Jones! They're censoring me! Wrong.[View]
182410366To further our movement and convert more people to our side how were you redpilled? share stories.[View]
182411295Hey boys, its me again, anon with a new leftist roomate. So it's not often I get a chance to ta…[View]
182396056So we are same as Reddit: We have the same censorship Reddit has but here, it's not so obvious.…[View]
182404477PewDiePie on Alex Jones Purge: He finally adressed it. https://youtu.be/rv8UnA_1Os8[View]
182408601Afro American here: Ama.[View]
182387982Seriously how the fuck did Spain conquered Latin American Empires with millions of inhabitants by a …[View]
182414380>pol >hates gibs going to people >silent when gibs go to business >Muh free market Fucki…[View]
182413152It’s true the anti-fascists are the real fascists: I was going to march on Sunday, but those Antifa …[View]
182394008Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Austronoia / Anschluss me! Edition: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! …[View]
182414363tfw your child grows up to be a white nationalist https://twitter.com/FlyingOverTr0ut/status/1029383…[View]
182413377Abortion: Why are right-wingers against abortion and eugenics in general when they help improve the …[View]
182376804We are definitely headed for a civil war. Something bad is coming. Anyone who denies it is a dumb fa…[View]
182401616What is your view on universal basic income and why? Doug Ford (premier of ontario) just shut down t…[View]
182414886We are so powerless: https://pastebin.com/xuN8w7kW[View]
182414818DO NOT LET NIGGERS OR JEHOVAS WITNESSES NEAR YOUR FAMILY: >be my aunt >date nigger >nigger …[View]
182410568Same Shit Everyday: >Media makes Trump look Bad >Nobody gets fired >Liberals protest >Ho…[View]
182414592it is happening!!!!!!!!!!!! Jonathon Hills shot live on stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B727…[View]
182404515PATRICK LITTLE IS A COP: Can't you alt-retards see what's happening here? You're alwa…[View]
182408845Why don't you support Bernie Sanders?: >GDP per capita Norway: $70,590 USA: $59,495 >Pove…[View]
182410791guys is this a message?: >be me >in church >no water and hadn't eaten in some 5 hours …[View]
182414404PRESS S TO SPIT ON GRAVE: BRENNAN SECURITY CLEARANCE REVOKED! >President Trump has revoked the se…[View]
182414227> Black people never invented anyth.........[View]
182409161When did /pol/ realise that the Nordics were the creators of all forms of civilisation?[View]
182414595How do we make sure this cuck doesn't get elected again, fellow Wisconsinites?[View]
182414574Beverly Hills Antifa: Which one of you is this? This is shit-tier satirism right here...I hate the f…[View]
182414347Where were you radicalized?: Me? I was at the zoo.[View]
182409748Daaaaad! Schtawwwwwp! Im live-streaming!!!!![View]
182412194How much longer until the left destroys itself[View]
182391559I have never, ever seen a country cuck this much in my lifetime. Will any country ever be humiliated…[View]
182390138What in God's name is happening in Minnesota? I didn't know you guys even had Somalis.[View]
182406995Blacks are the worst race ever to exist. prove me wrong pol[View]
182409908Stop harassing pedophiles, you biggots![View]
182413770PROOF : All Word Leaders Are Cucks !!: ill go first[View]
182412601New Zealots BTFO: LOL The man is eating meat and they are all mad!!![View]
182412453Malaysian PM FUCKING BASED: Wew. >/ourshitskin/ https://www.jta.org/2018/08/15/top-headlines/mal…[View]
182414047How based is Burundi?[View]
182408620Hey mods, so you enjoy raping children? Why can't this be discussed?[View]
182413544Am I aggressively filtering or is to down play what is happening?[View]
182409606Based Bernier: So tell me leafs, what are the chances of this man becoming leader of the Conservativ…[View]
182413515How can Trump into does more like the wall? Is the congress such as doing into to do this not allowe…[View]
182412384In order to win the centrists, democrats must become the radical left.[View]
182411209Would you agree?: Would you agree?[View]
182413609Seeing the way this board is now being ruined by lack of political content which of these boards can…[View]
182413076>pitbulls can only enrich our Golden civilization.[View]
182412145Your soul is now property of the party. Seek salvation in reciting communist manifesto.[View]
182384173Hahahahah BRENNAN BTFO[View]
182409744/pol/ humor: Humble meme farmer looking for Nazi Pooh memes. Also, this is a /pol/ humor thread.…[View]
182407994Skinny Shaming Is Not the Same as Fat Phobia: >Skinny Shaming Is Not the Same as Fat Phobia >L…[View]
182408093Why do Jews fear the samurai?: Explain[View]
182413462What are some reasons to be an Anarchist? Convert me[View]
182413421Demo-KKK-Rats: The blacks are finally started to get red pilled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjOU…[View]
182375575THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF TEXAS: Texasfag here. Im getting concerned about all the shitskins and liberal…[View]
182397273Russia: >Be conscripted into Russian army >Get hazed and humiliated by all the minority groups…[View]
182413403Italian Fashwave and ita general: Made these italian fashwave images after the Genova bridge. What d…[View]
182413342UNITED DIDDLERS OF ZIONISM: >1,000 kiddies diddled for (((God)))'s titillation and pleasure …[View]
182365320Do you consider Japan a first world country? Do you consider it on the same level as the west?[View]
182380405Maddow - Exculpatory Evidence Papadopoulos: Dan Bongno: https://omny.fm/shows/the-dan-bongino-show/e…[View]
182372537FRANCE YES!!!: Just rename Paris to Piss![View]
182401499Awright, which one of you clowns did this?: NYT: http://archive.is/AEQLQ >Dear Sugars, I’m riddle…[View]
182409737why do they do this?[View]
182360686ITALY 2018[View]
182411180/POL/ V. CLINTON:: Can we dig up specific charges for Killary that would be prosecutable in court? I…[View]
182409954http://docdro [.] id/xO8cbyn https://www.docdroid [.] net/xO8cbyn/adrenochrome-adrenolutin-effect-an…[View]
182412851When Turkish President Erdogan announces the boycott of American electronic devices.[View]
182403593Lauren Southern quits YouTube: Goodbye /ourgil/, we won't forget (you) https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182411943Conservatives are holding a rally for (((free speech))) August 17th in San Francisco. https://www.t…[View]
182412519>If your genitals aren't pink, you're not white. Sorry Behold the Aryan race at its pea…[View]
182412516Why doesnt France or Quebec sue Medieval Times ?: Quebecker here, No wonder they dont have a Medieva…[View]
182412423At the current, how long can western civilization last?[View]
182409510why aren't you fags talking about this? http://www.officialmikepence.com/[View]
182412184Greatest BlackFrog of Our Time?: https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1029848514526818304 Am I mi…[View]
182411680Real Cause of Autism: Those crazy woman playing with cat shit blaming autismo on vaccines ITT Toxopl…[View]
182405135What are we going to turn into a hate symbol next?[View]
182408019>friend took a DNA test >37% south Asian Drop some red pills about pajeets that I can bully h…[View]
182395949https://mixer.com/le56percentface XGNE is the code[View]
182394615Steph's YouTube is Done: Steph's post on Gab. Comments were mostly, 'should have named the…[View]
182403397/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182403247The progressive agenda seems more and more genuinely SATANIC.: I think I start to believe in metaphy…[View]
182399093CIA NIGGER BTFO: Now let's commence the libshit whining on Twitter[View]
182411352drumpf btfo[View]
182408173Stop supporting Izrahell, christcuck[View]
182402112BOLO: FloridaMan deliberately runs over protected tortoise.: https://youtu.be/XirgJe73scg[View]
182411462master card shutting down patrionwha: What are we gonna do about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
182410052UK gov. buildings under SHARIA LAWS: 'The historic Admiralty House and four other Whitehall building…[View]
182407659ANTIFA BTFO: Are they going to jail now or what? Could we use these techs to our advantage?[View]
182409989>reach conclusion >'It's important that I keep an open mind, surely it can't always …[View]
182411191Will there ever be a change?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK1QbwKJZ0A[View]
182409221Turns out this guys gf is a jewess lmao: Gentlemen I've just returned from a few lighthearted p…[View]
182407914Illinois manufacturer closing doors, moving to Mexico over Trump tariffs: http://thehill.com/policy/…[View]
182362812American role models...[View]
182406833Canada to declare new statutory holiday to remind whites that they 'genocided' Natives and put them …[View]
182394919Sandy Hook: What really happened there, /pol/? Adam Lanza? False flag? Cover-up?[View]
182373106Was SkyKing shot down?: >The controller is then heard directing the two F-15 fighter jets to inte…[View]
182409984Are you British and don't want brown grandkids? Read this: If you remain in the UK you WILL hav…[View]
182405844AMA: Traditional Anarchist anon here, actually working to make the world a better place. AMA![View]
182409083Female Comedians: I don't get it. Is she supposed to be funny?[View]
182410755Best political propaganda shows: Hello /polfags I am becoming a little obsessed with political propa…[View]
182408809AMA: Hello. Richest, most best person in the world with the most friends here. Ask me anything about…[View]
182403435anti degeneracy belt: Why aren't you wearing one of these yet, /pol/?. I ordered pic bad boy fr…[View]
182406929Nathan Larson: /ourguy/?: I recently was informed that a guy named Nathan Larson dropped out of a US…[View]
182373016Will Putin save Europe?[View]
182394645I'm moving to America: I'm so excited! I have seen the movies and I just can't wait t…[View]
182409490The Madman did it!: He agrees with cryin' Chuck Schumer. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonald…[View]
182402666How do we finish the map?[View]
182407610Bobby Fischer & NS: There must be a logic reason why most inteligent and creative people on eart…[View]
182406008We were the FIRST EUROPEAN NAVAL BASED EMPIRE outside the Mediterranean WE LITERALLY CREATED MODERN …[View]
182407372SAUDI ARABIA = SATAN: > The (Prophet) said: 'O Allah! Bless our Sham (Levant) and our Yemen.' The…[View]
182396282why aren't you attending Nazi rally in Warsaw?[View]
182409655John Cornyn: The fuck is this guy's problem? He's entirely invisible in this senate race, …[View]
182403546HURRICANE LANE GENERAL /hlg/: PREPARE YOUR ANUS HAWAII EDITION: Quick Rundown: >Tropical Storm La…[View]
182395698Why do poles brag about having no immigrants?: Which fucking immigrant even wants to go to Poland lm…[View]
182409094This is John Brennan. He was Obama's director of the CIA and his security clearance just got re…[View]
182401942Hi /pol/ I'm Tracy Beanz: I've been caught seeding the Q Anon conspiracy since the beginni…[View]
182409670Are we as Patriots prepared to do the unthinkable? 5a -10b -15c Clean and swift. Note false flags. W…[View]
182369254Canada is collapsing PART 109 Rice is a Luxury edition: 1 lbs cheese in canada is $10 (probably more…[View]
182409709Hey guys I'm moving to south africa what city is best for aryans?[View]
182408487F-ing CC companies now?: Disturbing news in the wake of recent strongarm tactics by social media shi…[View]
182381687South Africa Civil Fucking War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOlr8NFMrS4 It's all coming dow…[View]
182398407How do we make España great again?[View]
182405257Rand Paul tweets about Brennan: Look who the first reply is. Who is Krassenstein? Does he have prewr…[View]
182407461The counter to the Nigger problem is so incredibly easy: 1) - Kick kikes out 2) - Stop gibs 3) - All…[View]
182409291Neets make politicians lose their minds: There's nothing a politician hates more than a despond…[View]
182403419Women in Positions of Power: Would it really be so bad if women ran things for a while?[View]
182404306Stalin: So I think grown up and realized Koba did nothing wrong, was democratically elected and the …[View]
182402314>'White people if you don’t do better you might start to get a reputation as a greedy racist colo…[View]
182409323>Global warming doesnt exi-[View]
182409149>democratic majority[View]
182391297Justify why your country is the legitimate successor to the roman empire: >Western Rome fell >…[View]
182403541WARSAW, Poland: Poland’s right-wing defense minister has used the term “sodomites” to describe those…[View]
182393811If I don't want to live under the heel of the government or the bankers, forced into wage slave…[View]
182409068Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction: What does /pol/ think of this, and is Noam Chomsky righ…[View]
182396952CONNECTICUT: Fuck yeah we did it guys, hope you guys voted with me yesterday to get Stefanowski in a…[View]
182405843Why are the Jews trying to bring down the Catholic Church?: We all know this is a non-issue compared…[View]
182406790Why do atheists literally only care about faggotry and abortion. Their entire moral judgement on eve…[View]
182400954I want to visit somewhere in Europe but dont want to see more Pajeets than Jean-Pierres, where shoul…[View]
182404798Deport the Jew spy insider 2018 ..: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into the US is not the problem..…[View]
182406077It's time for a fucking crusade.: Google, just stop. Just please, stop.[View]
182408693The absolute state of europe: >in america rappers cosplay gangsters >in europe rappers cosplay…[View]
182406741What’s /pol/s opinion on the Puritans?[View]
182408610US politics in the current year is literally hot fuzz >trump as sgt.angle >/pol/ as Danny …[View]
182407158> First Prime Minister > Created Canada > Served 19 years > Have statue removed in city …[View]
182408565Why should vojvodina be Hungary?: Why is pol so butthurt that vojvodina is Serbian? Hungarians have…[View]
182408475Divided States of America!: ITT we discus how we would divide up the US along political and social l…[View]
182404338Kenan Thompson, reluctant star of Saturday Night Live: Was he abused?[View]
182404970https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF-fmvYNB_c Why do Africans welcome the chinese economic colonizatio…[View]
182401629Why is Mormonism the most redpilled religion?[View]
182372186White women: Why so much hate for white women on this board? You seem to describe them as cock hungr…[View]
182407998how accurate is this?[View]
182398109Sexists BTFO! https://edition.cnn.com/2018/08/15/asia/india-all-women-swat-intl/index.html[View]
182408022How come Alt-Right turned into such a boogeyman word? A few years ago it used to just be a descripto…[View]
182407666Why are the black std rates so high?[View]
182408011Who was the best US president and why was it Dwight Eisenhower?[View]
182406337I would like to start a campaign of contrasting degenerate leftist ideals vs white nationalist ideal…[View]
182405414White Arab Thread: Some Arabs are fine, too, faggot. They're not purely white, but they fit in …[View]
182407783The religious redpill pack /pol/ will never swallow: >Christianity is the beast feasible religion…[View]
182402442Attempted Acid Attacker Beaten: Brits need poles to protect them, kek. >A group of men foiled a s…[View]
182377240this is an opportunity /pol/, maek swimcap not wet, be billionaire: Noelle Singleton challenges any …[View]
182407207Why do my farts smell like liberal tears?: Ive been passing gas as usual with my high bean diet. Lon…[View]
182407750>Local authorities say 51 people - including 40 children - were killed in the air strike on a bus…[View]
182385076Slavic hate thread: What a bunch of cucked satellite countries, they really are the biggest pussies …[View]
182406024Melania Trump is going to divorce this year[View]
182403466Yo i saw a thread about some anon sperging a out 2 Apache helicopters flying over his house in ohio.…[View]
182405073Survey: Haredi Jerusalem Mayoral Candidate to Lead in First Round: A survey published Monday night b…[View]
182405186Why?: Why do Americans not know that they pay compounding interest to the FED's private cartel …[View]
182405826Canada YES !!! - one upping the Jews edition: Ottawa to declare federal holiday to mark legacy of re…[View]
182407281I think it's time we start the revolution. #funwithblacks, get it trending on twitter, basicall…[View]
182395014How did Merkel manage to already be 13 years the head of Germany? And what is her agenda, she seems …[View]
182400358lol conspiracy nuts cant even figure out that: >Richard 'Beebo' Russell was on 4chan 2+ months ag…[View]
182402939why is greece such a shit country? pic related.[View]
182406509Canada is 150 years old. Look at all the land we have lmao second biggest country in the world. That…[View]
182405876I can describe (((the))) (((devil))): https://youtu.be/4LWPcEo2gV0[View]
182399550>doesn't smoke/use weed >thinks weed should be legalized Pick one, /pol/…[View]
182380327FASCISTS & COMMIES: Why do (((fascists))) and (((commies))) always fuck it up for the rest of us…[View]
182389518Can someone explain to me why Trump found it necessary to import a degenerate woman from Europe to b…[View]
182403469Is it really going to be /ourguy/ in 2020? >groomed by the most redpilled dad out there >has f…[View]
182406739We were the FIRST EUROPEAN NAVAL BASED EMPIRE outside the Mediterranean WE LITERALLY CREATED MODERN …[View]
182406573>When you can't find a singe thread on pol which isn't shit to post in…[View]
182398601Honest thoughts on the browning of London?[View]
182382763based Atlanta mall cop: Anyone see this guys channel? Based mall cop kicks the riff-raff out of his …[View]
182400286What's wrong with modern art?[View]
182406550https://twitter.com/Journo_Christal/status/1028783385857216512 Why do niggers act out like this? Are…[View]
182401881>quantum physics states that matter, the very fabric of reality, is solelely made of emptiness an…[View]
182400144Well /pol/?: Can you name that country?[View]
182405277I feel bad for the poor Americanos. They're 21 trillion dollars in debt and they have to live o…[View]
182395459post concepts leftists can't grasp I'll start >most, not all[View]
182405935HUE: Brazilian worker spray paints dog red: https://youtu.be/GWXBog2p698 Just another example of the…[View]
182404198This is the easiest way to Red pill someone?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corpor…[View]
182401511Based alt-righters not even hiding it anymore[View]
182405850Global warming: Jews in Poland are accustomed to high temperatures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y…[View]
182404230Imagine beeing an American[View]
182388818Why is it that school shootings only seem to happen in America? Sure, there are more guns but its fa…[View]
182399647Trump tower meeting meeting was a setup by Hillary Clinton!: http://archive.is/I2Bqc >“Why would …[View]
182405919Boston free speech: Free speech rally August 18 Back to Boston bring your kekistan flags.[View]
182405041The scenario is Refuge and immigration from a country, in this case Syria. Where does the line betwe…[View]
182405565>/pol/ believes that Romans looked more like the right than the left[View]
182403979Nu/pol/ unironically sucks: >a lot of shady shit happened in 2009 >2010 >2011 >2012 unde…[View]
182403125MEASELS VS HEROIN : Who will kill more in 2018?: https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/15/health/new-haven-ove…[View]
182404258Holocaust memes thread[View]
182373855Why does pol support Trump so much?: He's the most Zionist, Israel-firster we ever had in offic…[View]
182400583I saw this on the back of a Metro bus on my way to work this morning in Los Angeles. It's a sig…[View]
182405034All countries should be broken up based on cultures, change my mind.[View]
182403217>the left can't meme suck me up like a dang UFO, /pol/[View]
182397739Aquarius, packed with pregnant women and desperate kids, lands in Malta: Thank God Europe has finall…[View]
182398289If it's non-whites and not guns that causes our incredibly high murder rate, why does New Hamps…[View]
182404031Let's be honest here, is race a social construct? It seems to me that white people are trying t…[View]
182404864FUCK HUMANS[View]
182400427The U.S. is now 80% a nazi-like propaganda democracy, ultra-republican edition.: Media like Fox News…[View]
182404694/ourgirl/ talks about Nihilism in Nietzsche and Evola[View]
182401567why is it that nazis always end up being huge pussies IRL?[View]
182398359Trump isn't a Zionist puppe-: WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump signed an omnibus defense …[View]
182404887a high-flow of cringeness: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/mbkgy8/why-college-campuses-can-be-mi…[View]
182402380ELON MUSK: >Get rich making PayPal >Become Tesla CEO >Everyone loves you >Liberals wors…[View]
182403011Debunk this /pol - Pro Tip - YOU CANT: He's got the eyes of a Demoncrat and the teeth of a Repu…[View]
182402833Omarosa: So anyone want to talk about her leaked tapes on the White House? Any full links to them?…[View]
182403263What do you think of targeting an enemy country's civilian population to end the war sooner?[View]
182388535We were the FIRST EUROPEAN NAVAL BASED EMPIRE outside the Mediterranean WE LITERALLY CREATED MODERN …[View]
182401828Thoughts on how to:: >Expose twitter and SJWs >IOTBW in 2018 >Red pill even more people ch…[View]
182403536Leftists derangement: When leftists started losing everything in 2016, how come they just doubled do…[View]
182402516black superiority-- the final redpill: let's get this straight wh*te bois >most famous scien…[View]
182399623>huge segment on why mods are gay and all the dumb reasons the hosts have gotten banned from plac…[View]
182404375Yemen bus attack by Saudi Arabia - 51 dead including 40 children.: >Local authorities say 51 peop…[View]
182400768Deport the Jew , follow erdogens example of firing the Jews and sending the spies home to Israel: le…[View]
182404302Post your best or most PC-incorrect burner/spam account btw >use e-mail for google related stuff …[View]
182389880Are Gen Z white girls really redpilled?[View]
182398964/Éire/pol---Ailtirí na hAiséirghe edition[View]
182403094They win again. Stefan Molyneux just got banned from Youtube. >censor alt-media >midterms come…[View]
182392194'Abolish White People' -CNN: Why does the press hate us so much? https://twitter.com/meme_america/st…[View]
182336167Qanon.: Hi. I've heard about this Qanon guy and I personally know someone who believes in him l…[View]
182404152WHY isn't this: Fucking Canadian misandrist in Canada? >didn't she promise to move if t…[View]
182401931Hilarious bigotry: Here in the US people say 'thank you for your service' to people in the military …[View]
182403371Literally the most alpha thing anyone has ever said in a stolen plane. It is better to live one day …[View]
182403185Gavin McInnes deplatformed: Twitter shutdown gavin shutting down of freedom of speech has been start…[View]
182403930what's the endgame of the crazy libs we see today? because their 'masters' ' goals are …[View]
182403532(((Media))) doing to Corbyn the same thing they've done to Trump: http://archive.is/BCdnf They…[View]
182395451How do we kill progressivism?: I am a classical musician, and progressivism is the DEFAULT worldview…[View]
182400388PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - CLASSIC EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
182396733Notice much of a difference?[View]
182399764Republicans and Democrats can we set our differences aside and save mayonnaise?: Because millennials…[View]
182401814>Why hasn't Hitler invaded Switzerland? >How do the Swiss managed to stay so genuinely fr…[View]
182394111Will he be the End of Starbucks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZRG9rYbIXc[View]
182388290Why are Israelis upset about Brennan's security clearance?: >>182385906[View]
182397319Does anyone feel like a CIA false flag is due? Especially since Brennan the CIA nigger commie got hi…[View]
182393006What will the world be like once the New World Order is complete? Syria, Iran, China, Russia and any…[View]
182402239AHHH POL I THINK IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING Tucson AZ rn I think every jet at Davis monthan is in t…[View]
182398461Jordanian immigrant sentenced to death for Houston, Texas 'honor killings': The bastard got what he …[View]
182403023wtf is happening in Venezuela? are they commies or what? https://cointelegraph.com/news/venezuela-to…[View]
182402995Generalized counter for Jew-like creatures: What are your counters to Jew-like creatures, that share…[View]
182394211Can we start a black on white crime thread?[View]
182402754Reminder to always choose one wrong captcha box so self Google driving cars will kill more people by…[View]
182401122What do you guys think of my list? Any corrections? >Good guys America (Republicans), Israel, Rus…[View]
182399716OI MATE! DO YOU HAVE A HOARDING LICENSE FOR THAT?!: https://archive.fo/WjxSf >https://news.sky.co…[View]
182397181PETER FUCKING STRZOK: >be corrupt FBI agent >secretly CIA nigger >attempt to overthrow demo…[View]
182402876/our bloke/ is going to save Australia: https://youtu.be/ZnqVM8xxZtA How about the entire meltdown o…[View]
182399021Vermont tranny a shoo-in to lose: Literally every forecaster has the Vermont gubernatorial race as a…[View]
182402667https://twitter.com/FlyingOverTr0ut/status/1029383063036473344 Why are Nazis like this?[View]
182402806Vancouver in 2018: Vancouver in 2038 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFLlqhc-riQ (just replace hong-…[View]
182402756UNCONSCIOUS: You're really fucking unconscious to not kill the 3 most primitive human races on …[View]
182361273HAPPENING: RICHARD CUCKS GREG CONTE: CONTE RESIGNS: Nucleus of the AltRight imploding due to Richard…[View]
182402404Have you guys heard of Vuukle? It's like Disqus, but your comment gets scanned and rated for 't…[View]
182400423Am I damned?: >entertained spirits and visions >not perfectly straight >more edgy and reac…[View]
182399412Jews didn't kill Jesus the Roman's did. The Romans run the world not the Jews.[View]
182401319>literally all American Japs rounded up in concentration camps following attack on pearl harbor …[View]
182380995>Sweden has the most restricted press in whole western world >Sweden is a disaster https://yo…[View]
182400523I HAVE A PROPHECY: 2016 summer : Beginning of the 7 years of plenty 2023 summer: Birth pains begin, …[View]
182392368This book literally tells you how Trump operates. liberals still havent figured it out. They could u…[View]
182392237can the /pol/ autism be useful in this case ? https://twitter.com/Europol/status/102898271771367014…[View]
182399686North West Front but in Missouri: Best way to move to Missouri STAT. Best towns (no diversity). Jobs…[View]
182402306They aren't hiding it anymore. Don't hide your owm beliefs this is endtimes[View]
182384634KOSOVO WAR 2018: No doubt, there will be war, the only question is when. eu and nato will 100% milit…[View]
182372571Brit/pol/ - Thank Beep Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0ogODyzUNM >BREXIT LIVE: May …[View]
182399388How to fix The Hollywood problem?: This place has been run by subversive elite (((usurpers))) togeth…[View]
182400637So: So is he alive or maybe only his brains?[View]
182399618Gay people infographic: I have searched the archives over and give up. On one of those shitty red p…[View]
182383025Norwegian 'anti-immigration'- minister falls in love with much younger Iranian girlfriend …[View]
182390747Odds are you're dumber than your father.: Is society getting dumber? Research suggests yes; and…[View]
182401494Is it too late: I have this gut feeling that no matter what happens, no matter how many elections we…[View]
182401723This is also THE White Man's Dog politically speaking.: No one can prove me wrong. Fuck the mod…[View]
182401190/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Daily reminder to join your local HARE KRIS…[View]
182400009New World Order explained in a mainstream article: >Global capitalism is the fourth and current e…[View]
182395179PROOF THAT PAGANISM IS NOT EUROPEAN: The oldest Nordic pagans believe that the Nordics migrated from…[View]
182397734#notalldemons: #demonswelcome #nodemonisillegal Also, what is the difference between demons and la…[View]
182400154Explain me in what seizing the means of production is wrong. Knowing that : >The richest 1% save …[View]
182395681What is AMSAD?: Arm. Mask. Stand-down. Assault. Drop. Antifa and the deep state go hand-in-hand. One…[View]
182379647Today at military parade in Poland kek wonder how many people consider this as version of swastika[View]
182400439Kanye2020: If, Kanye West, participates in the election. He can beat Hillary to death since he is a …[View]
182392202I began a discussion in my office and suddenly everyone was against me. Do you think personal privac…[View]
182391968Is it the best way to mark out the first the second and the third world? >Pic from 2015…[View]
182388503Elon Musk, Space x, and Nasa, BTFO all together by India.[View]
182398378Count Dankula states the truth: this is THE redpill on alex jones getting banned watch from 10:40 to…[View]
182385488THIS IS THE MOST SALIENT TWEET OF 2018: People used to use a physical public square to exercise thei…[View]
182399046/pol/, i present to you: rogel francis sorioso[View]
182396925What's the most virtuous way to ride the tiger, folks? Finding a sinecure, living in the countr…[View]
182399753What if the natural course of evolution is degeneracy?: I mean in a way if you look it nature... it …[View]
182400525Cataloging trumpgen information, American politics information: The central cataloging and migration…[View]
182400515Dead Nigger Storage: I want to ask you a question... when you came pulling in here, did you notice a…[View]
182396883I am unironically a liberal fascist. That means I think values such as gender equality, minority rig…[View]
182396318What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
182393284Polish people to be demilitirazed even more: https://wiadomosci.wp.pl/mswia-planuje-utrudnic-dostep-…[View]
182392355How do we deal with the Pedo problem? It's seriously an epidemic. 1 in 5 girls get molest, and …[View]
182400129Newfoundland will be the last bastion of White North Americans: Prove me wrong.[View]
182391393Why was it ok for the US constantly breacking Soviet Union airspace?: In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the U…[View]
182395642This Saudi Arabia squabble was a brief moment when most Canadians, regardless of political affiliati…[View]
182384499IS THIS A HAPPENING?: Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US A mysterious Rus…[View]
182388244MEMEs aside, what's the deal with Merkel?: Krauts, help me understand her mind. I really don…[View]
182399851Race war radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfP0QV2xlr8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTSPhxaK…[View]
182389622Does investing in schools in poor/minority neighbourhoods help stop crime?[View]
182397159>when a shit load of right wing people rally and scare people it's a fake jewish psyop becau…[View]
182393706Evolution thread: Let us discuss human evolution, by race.Are we all originating from Africa? Are mo…[View]
182397055Nothing Ever Happens: This is just your daily reminder that nothing ever happens. The Deep State is …[View]
182369246How the fuck does anyone justify the United States military budget?: At the very least we should spe…[View]
182394879anyone else have a mancrush on richard spencer?[View]
182398157The huffington post cries about right-wingers still having crowdfunding platforms: Fuck the (Jenkem)…[View]
182360332Syria General /sg/ - Friendship ENDED with America Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syria…[View]
182397866Some fb drama. Who was right here?[View]
182398739WAKE UP: This man is speaking the truth, wake the fuck up https://youtu.be/GGEsN1v9cZA[View]
182399276Ellison is done: >The report states “CLR RPTG SHE WAS ASLT’D BY ELLISON/KEITH/BLACK MALE/41/WEARI…[View]
182398829https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1kWhFvMMts Is he /ourguy/?[View]
182397506Lace totto ink with sterilization compounds[View]
182398046Max Bernier, savior of Canada, speaks out again. >Canada under extreme Liberal multiculturalism: …[View]
182399302Got a new PC can you drop your red pill pictures?[View]
182394113infowars got banned for tweeting too similarly to alex jones: this is some fucking bullshit[View]
182396422Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO8BLRP_5cs This is the sermon that eve…[View]
182390085Donald Trump: Friend or Foe?: Is Trump really our guy or have we been fooled. He seems to really be …[View]
182392843>tfw we still didn't pay debts Feelsgoodman[View]
182399107Are all Trump supporters this retarded ?: Please tell me not all trump supporters are this retarded …[View]
182381009Africa: Why did whites conquer and settle masses in the Americas, and even Australia, but not Africa…[View]
182398923Nation Wide Rally's: I was listening to an FTN episode where Jazzhands was discussing the study…[View]
182396006Food Stamps, SNAP, EBT: When I'm in the checkout line and someone uses food stamps ahead of me,…[View]
182398859Deuteronomy 28: >15 However, if you do not obey theLordyour God and do not carefully follow all h…[View]
182392639America BFTO by based NY governor.[View]
182395756>be me >20 years old, white, privileged, alt right male >live in big house with my parents…[View]
182381164Is this true?[View]
182388734They've gone too far now Press F for Turkey[View]
182393156[Redpills] Philosopher exposes Chompsky as a Gatekeeper on Facebook: Looking at the bigger picture, …[View]
182396715What will it take for a new social media site that actually values free speech to go mainstream like…[View]
182390513Where were you during the 2003 North American Blackout?[View]
182393932I can’t believe I fell for the Trump meme. His callous, flippant use of the N-word (by far the worst…[View]
182398398Do you agree that the Future is Female?: Females are the majority in America. Their votes will decid…[View]
182389273No-fap Lies and Propaganda: Testosterone is a signal hormone to produce more sperm. Storing sperm be…[View]
182382294Washington Monument: Why is the Washington Monument an Egyptian Obelisk? Why wouldn't it be a …[View]
182396259Montreal wants Ottawa to ban assault rifles and handguns: Let it be known that Quebec will be the re…[View]
182398064Why do black guys in America dress like this, now? It wasn't even cool when white people did it…[View]
182398251IOWANS HOW THE FUCK DO WE GET RID OF THIS ASSHOlE?: He is literally worse than Hitler and is a embar…[View]
182394643Red Pill Thread: I know (((who))) controls everything- (from who owned all the Slave ships during sl…[View]
182387854HURRICANE LANE GENERAL - /hlg/: Here we fucking go. >Tropical Storm Lane, currently forecasted to…[View]
182398006Here are 2 videos that I watched that actually gave me a sliver of hope for our future. I'm not…[View]
182397972Don’t like abortion? Become a vegetarian.[View]
182391148DINDU NUFFINS of Europe[View]
182397844Cuomo says US was never great.: >Then Cuomo was stung by his own comments when he said, 'We’re no…[View]
182375595Rare trump thread[View]
182345780RIP STEM Meme - Ethnic & Gender studies profs making more than Math and Science profs: >A new…[View]
182397786Illuminati: Just had new guy I work with start talking about the Illuminati and Tom Hanks and pedoph…[View]
182382372Why aren't you an anarcho-capitalist? Why would you want politicians and police officers to con…[View]
182351452What would Jesus post on 4Chan[View]
182395943this nigga...[View]
182395085Google's next victm. He will become a nonperson is just a matter of time. >inb4 not an argu…[View]
182393770Leftist lunatic thread: post 'em, I'll start with a few[View]
182390116What is the cutoff point for whiteness?: Let's continue here. I hope that Swede jew doesn'…[View]
1823705872018 is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE: I need emergency white pills, /pol/. Tell me some good things in curren…[View]
182392269Are you British and don't want your great-grandkids to be brown?: If you remain in the UK you W…[View]
182394496Literally Hitler at this point.[View]
182372400You guys realize that if these results are literally anywhere near accurate, within like a 50% margi…[View]
182393677Richard Russell: Millenial Everyman: What's fascinating about Richard Russell is how little he …[View]
182394541But what if the bridge was held together by actual pasta all along?[View]
182389048he will have his domain removed, youtube banned, and twitter banned within next 12 hours, and media …[View]
182395401MOTHERFUCKING COMMON SENSE: >real men don't play g... It's time to talk some motherfuck…[View]
182387801Hell is not forever. Jesus saves all.: 1 Timothy 4:9-11 (NIV) 9 This is a trustworthy saying that de…[View]
182385472Poooooooooopower by 2050!: Nation name: Name ideas: Sindhu, India, United Indus Republic/ States, Th…[View]
182391847JUST: >Get arrested for plotting the worst terror attack since 9/11 >get released on $20,000 w…[View]
182395040Canada YES!: Montreal expected to push Ottawa to ban handguns countrywide | CBC News http://www.cbc.…[View]
182393618Is Canada the incels of the world stage?[View]
182396271How do I advertise my national Chan for the autistics childs of my country? They are being brainwash…[View]
182396315Let in the Hypebeast Refugee: Check out the Emperor's new clothes! Seriously though, how fucked…[View]
182394779It is possible to be pro-white without being anti-non white. It is possible to be pro-white without …[View]
182396253And That's A Good Thing[View]
182395794Deport all jew spie insider trading likes back to israel: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into the U…[View]
182390892Loyalty: To Race or Ideology?: hey everyone. I'm a palestinian catholic (we exist mostly as dia…[View]
182386817is there any actual evidence of Trump being racist besides liberals saying he is?: I have yet to fin…[View]
182395843It has now gotten to the point where I am not sure if this is real or a parody of the left. https://…[View]
182373883Daily reminder the the Amish >have a high gun ownership rate but almost nonexistent murder rate …[View]
182395725Marine Le Pen banned from the Web Summit in Portugal: https://www.tsf.pt/sociedade/interior/marine-l…[View]
182394649Post decent redpills: Like the ones you can bring up during an argument. The redpill needs to be eas…[View]
182382074Diary of a (somewhat competent) working woman: Be me. Born, raised and educated in Cuckada. Groomed…[View]
182394652>American minister to Romania, Franklin Mott Gunther, toured the meat-packing plant where the Jew…[View]
182395882Fake news Hollywood pedos CIA + Media = Butt Buddies Safe to say USA sees through it all now and the…[View]
182395836Burqa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEtAX48ylG8 Leave your opinions. Sorry if everyones fed up wi…[View]
182393236A fat boomer who is balding and fat with a vape stick and a snapback barely on his head just shook m…[View]
182385160What do you guys think of Identity Evropa?[View]
182395095Do the proud boys actually fight antifa or are they just a bunch of larping virgin fags?[View]
182395297Why is Sweden so dumb and also gay?[View]
182381885Netflix might be the most obvious example of cultural manipulation.: I'm a sucker for travel do…[View]
182385953Philosopher, Bard, Father, Husband, Landlord, Farmer, Warrior, Mechanic and Shaman you name it. Is h…[View]
182374792/pol/ redpilled memes/humour thread[View]
182395156follow the MONEYYYYY For decades, Donald Trump has relied on Russian money to bail him out after rep…[View]
182375040UK.: What's with the meme to ban everything[View]
182394114>Republican party is allowing jewish bakers screw over veterans. I thought republicans were suppo…[View]
182394970richard spencer is my daddy[View]
182394967Caucasians: What is the plan behind the European whites being given the title of Caucasian? >cauc…[View]
182394696Kanye won’t help Trump’s numbers among bla-: Over 1/3 of blacks now support Trump. wtf[View]
182391470SHOULD NON-WHITES HAVE ACCESS TO WHITE SPERM?: should non-whites be allowed access to white sperm? h…[View]
182390987BAKE THE CAKE!: This new wedding cake case isn't going anywhere for a number of reasons. 1. He …[View]
182394777What has lefties salty today? Post present day salt[View]
182394756i want to suck dick's dick[View]
182387419Trump's approval rating = DOG SHIT: https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/08/theres_no_goo…[View]
182394650SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN: For months I've been exposing the social media stars as memb…[View]
182393877>tfw the press will start calling comparing Trump to Hitler again but the American people end up …[View]
182393381Looking at this seriously, is being deceptive and sneaky an evolutionary advantage?[View]
182388819What did she mean by this?[View]
182381469Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump: https://apnews.com/8f6c754ff73443c5b539a…[View]
182393524This pretentious smug faggot is finally done. >on the verge of total deletion Keep it up, make t…[View]
182393074A another clue: This album “Moldy Peaches” by Moldy Peaches was released on September 9, 2001 with a…[View]
182390333DEEP STATE: The commie John Brennan just had his top security clearance revoked. Claims of Trump bei…[View]
182393402Fuck E*rope: >'hurrr you dumb burgers dont have to put up with all the muslims, you have it so go…[View]
182384777How do you guys feel about this place? Pol specifically?[View]
182393004>tfw i redpilled my GF to vote right-wing nationalist party instead of some centrist agrarianist …[View]
182391302Democrats want to censor you: https://archive.fo/NNl8c https://youtu.be/1prQoTOxFCw Silence will lea…[View]
182384747http://docdro [.] id/xO8cbyn https://www.docdroid [.] net/xO8cbyn/adrenochrome-adrenolutin-effect-an…[View]
182393767why didnt these cocksmokers ever grow up? https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/pearl-jam-ki…[View]
182393764Is Katherine Ryan the next Prime Minister of Great Britain?[View]
182393213can you handle this redpill to end all redpills? hitler was a kike[View]
182393621I beg your help /pol/: I am compiling a list of Kosher or pro-LGBTQRSTUV245628 or just generally shi…[View]
182393709Lithuanian /pol/itics General: Discord: 5cYf33 Uncucked news sources: http://www.propatria.lt http:/…[View]
182393707The Best Moonman Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUQHKQ2KdqE[View]
182393254>Be strong independent muslum womyn >In Sweden, going on a job interview >Interviewer greet…[View]
182389401Paganism is anti-european: Pic related is antonius. Emperor hadrians gay lover.[View]
182377336/OUR GUY SHOT/: 6ix 9ine is down! Treyway bloods where you at?! >https://mobile.twitter.com/Break…[View]
182391376UNCONSCIOUS: You're really fucking unconscious to not kill the 3 most primitive beings on plane…[View]
182390763Strike and Mike 29: Strike and Mike 29 is out. Some payslut needs to pony up the show NOW![View]
182391066I'm disappointed in you pol: Why are all of you so virulently racist and violent? What is wrong…[View]
182367823It´s time to communism 2[View]
182393407literally Hitler, concentrating power to himself, and ruling underlings by provoking rivalries, and …[View]
182386707Based: WTF I love chem trails now[View]
182392889Why do /pol/acks watch anime?: Anime is literally the most retarded type of media you can consume. N…[View]
182393233>everybody gets deplatformed or threatened to get deplatformed >everybody is scared and walk o…[View]
182393283bringing immigration to an halt was the worst thing shitalians could have done, bridges will keep co…[View]
182390940Steve Pieczenik: erdogan and Xi in trouble PATRIOTS IN CHINA AND TURKEY RISE UP![View]
182390284Peeps getting so weak and sick....: >Be me in 2012 >Can't get a job because Boomers and t…[View]
182389500>Ugh if only my cucked western country was like white and based Russia, which is based and white …[View]
182375436/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Your daily Aryan workshop how to love God !…[View]
182387497Chuck Schumer confirmed /ourguy/ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1029798446650277888[View]
182390033>be italian >be lazy >be corrupt >fuck up badly >blame someone else…[View]
182392907'[When the] city dies, the nation – deprived of the young life-blood of new generations – is now mad…[View]
182371844Molymeme is next...: CNN and Democrat NGOs have launched an all-out assault on anti-establishment vo…[View]
182391205BLACK ON BLACK CRIME THREAD: Why does /pol/ want to kill niggers so bad? Just let them kill themselv…[View]
182380338Mobile Phones damaging your health.: > there was an apparent correlation between “brain tumours o…[View]
182392275i'm not hiring you dumbshit and nobody else ever will[View]
182390761SOOO MUCH TALK about jew's being the cause of the problem of white society. In my opinion whit…[View]
182389896They took this from you[View]
182390481Help me /pol/ big secrets!: >be me >part of the pussy riot in Canterburry England >Watching…[View]
182387679Is this even a thing?[View]
182391271Name one right wing and mainstream politican in the West who is even slightly critical of Israel: Go…[View]
182375691SAVE YOUR RACE NOW: Do it faggots https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/prevent-genocide-grant-w…[View]
182392286/POL/ BTFO MASHRALLAH![View]
182385166If you're genetically confused I feel bad for you son: You know 99 genders, but socialism ain…[View]
182378292Somali-American nears new historic mark with primary win: How does this make you feel? >MINNEAPOL…[View]
182392075Evolution is a lie: Here is why: We know that evolution states that we lost our fur at some point bc…[View]
182379966The Net Neutrality Aftermath: Thoughts on this? >US speed december 2017: https://web.archive.org/…[View]
182386252I am a 20 year old wage slave. I work for 300€ a month. Should i just commit suicide?[View]
182391895Expropriating land in South Africa without compensation against whites is just a cover for free mini…[View]
182391630Why are Latinos so underrepresented on the Young Turks when Los Angeles is 48 percent Latino? Is it …[View]
182384112How long till the US turns into the UK this is how mussies get power in a western country. And once …[View]
182388981>Trump isn't like Hitl--[View]
1823893006 out of 10 /pol/ poster want to kill 6.000.000 Jews.... and that's a good thing.[View]
182383965The pastor Andrew Johnson is still in the Turkish jail. Another defeat for your goyim US President.[View]
182391321Alright /pol/, it's sharing time. What's your political ideology and what drew you to it?[View]
182385599Why do women from the balkans have such terrible tempers? I dated a Bosnian girl once and she went p…[View]
182390986Who /agnostic/ here? Who wants to be associated with kiddy diddling religions anyway?[View]
182387968>Israel to receive 3.8 Billion $ a year for the next 10 years Is Trump the best goy yet?…[View]
182391130Amazing Atheist vs Ben (((Shapiro))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zatoGqc46fQ Guys...Lil' B…[View]
182390021ITT: people who have corrupted the minds of the youth[View]
182387595What should be done about the Western obesity problem?[View]
182388903Memes: Hello, I'm a meme connoisseur, I've traveled here to view the memes on this site. I…[View]
182381455Less than 10% of those who are neo-nazis at 18 are still neo-nazis at 40: There were neo-nazis in th…[View]
182382292These are the only countries that should be allowed to immigrate to the United States[View]
182390317DRUMPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not over.[View]
182364499How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human …[View]
182382234Family Politics: >be the first of 4 children >perfect childhood, tight family unit >Dad is …[View]
182388120>protected classes include race, gender, religion, handicap, nationality, etc* >*does not incl…[View]
182387204https://youtu.be/fbPzsREhrUA Police: Hello Ma'am Black: Yes? Police: How are you doing? Black: …[View]
182390722Why do the faggot mods keep deleting strike and mike beg threads?[View]
182387393Would you go and get a taste of Black Chicago?[View]
182390704>Be British >Get sporked[View]
182388276Why is it that it's now legal for children and adults to be prescribed with hormones yet there …[View]
182383958Journalism is dead[View]
182386716White people can't be victims of racism: Is he right? Is this the universally accepted definiti…[View]
182389529Turkey to form Turkish-Russian Empire: Good job Trump, you alienated our most powerful NATO ally rig…[View]
182387056Alex Jones: People listening think you're an asshole[View]
182389247How will Germany fuck over the western world next?[View]
182390063Response to the nuclear weapons are not real thread: Just to follow up on this thread >>182365…[View]
182387307There was never a 'Mongolian Empire' IT WAS ALWAYS THE RUSSIANS The 'Mongolian Empire…[View]
182389520Is this good optics?[View]
182390199So did she actually went ahead and go for the whole bottom surgery or not? This is a cryptic tweet.[View]
182363467(((NUKE))) LIES?: So I keep hearing from some fellows NatSocs that the Sampson Option (the plan for …[View]
182374335Why are capitalists ok with this but always bring up muh 9 gorillion?[View]
182376064Why is this so hard to understand?: Racism is Prejudice plus Power[View]
182378637Goyim no: http://archive.is/JkXcS > A Michigan Democrat who is all but certain to become a congre…[View]
182386483Reality: 1. An impeachment isn't a conviction. It's merely the initiation of a trial in th…[View]
182385632How do we cleanse ourselves of toxic masculinity?[View]
182387044CNN: CNN is owned by Turnerbroadcasting system, which is owned by warner media, which is finally own…[View]
182383593Is it true /pol/ Did drumpf say nigger?[View]
182385793Should adultery be made a punishable offence again? I'm not talking some barbaric stoning death…[View]
182389550Remember to take your 'medicine' goy: Don't worry, we just want to inject various miscellaneous…[View]
182386103Was it justice?[View]
182387655Hollywood's Satan: Why in every movie by Hollywood (or other) Satan is depicted as an equal to …[View]
182378557Real talk: If you`re a pole and still hating Germany to this day, then you a) clearly haven`t lurke…[View]
182389468Why do non-white countries have laws against foreign ownership? Isn't that a little.... racist?…[View]
182386168Want less immigrants Europe? Give Ceuta and Mellila to us its that fucking easy.[View]
182383732can we PLEEEEAASE castrate all non nords seriously they are so ugly i'd rather look at gore tha…[View]
182389384Wi-fi could be used to detect weapons and bombs: Oi laddie! Yes gotta loiscence fer dat priv-acy? ht…[View]
182389343ITT: Conspiracy theories you believe. %30 of me believes the 911 attacks were set up by the governme…[View]
182367117Just dropped my kid off for his first day of school ever. personally I am an athiest, but grew up in…[View]
182376137Should policewomen be allowed to be in the frontline against criminals? Case in point, a policewoman…[View]
182381172>Genoa bridge collapse victim Are italians white?[View]
182385298Meet Jake[View]
1823885022016 Election: The Documentary: >interviews 3 obvious liberal kikes on election day, one 'indepen…[View]
182384220Is climate change real??: I'm I the only one whos recently been bombarded by the main stream me…[View]
182372312Melania Trump ‘counting every minute’ til she can divorce Donald White House staffer says: She wants…[View]
182387364Hungary bans gender studies: Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzU9ParGUfU guy has articles in h…[View]
182388895Stop using Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter: Why do you still use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Whats…[View]
182387921Trump pulls security clearance of ex-CIA director Brennan: The White House on Wednesday revoked form…[View]
182349918Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Eichhörnchen Edition: >Very important news!!! :DDD https://www.mir…[View]
182385924They're coming after him next.[View]
182384367Liberals working hard to get the vote out in November. >Alex Jones level thinking. >Border l…[View]
182375397This is how we win: https://youtu.be/0385fWEpgE0 We need to develop a POSITIVE MYTH in order to guid…[View]
182387800Good: >White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read a statement on behalf of the president duri…[View]
182383659How did the white man go from ruling the planet to the very bottom rung of the social ladder?[View]
182383746What does /pol/ think of Kassy Dillon?[View]
182386719Too much yappin' not enough action: I'm assigning you one of two missions. You choose. Mi…[View]
182383943Fucking pajeets pooper troopers killed my plum tree[View]
182382473My Memory of Us: New Polish videogame about the Holocaust. Patrick Stewart gave his voice for the pr…[View]
182384425How were you politically triggered today /pol/? >volunteer at GOP call center in CA >basic sur…[View]
182388080What happened to 'The Daily Shoah', its now TDS? I cant see how this re-brand will help them win mor…[View]
182386409Bullshit like this is why the right can't unite against the leftist hordes[View]
182382365is satan real?[View]
182386211Now that the truth is out should we start chucking garlic at synagogues?[View]
182387865Euro/pol/: Thread for discussing European politics.[View]
182387490Why are normies so bad at debate?: I spent 2 hours trying to explain why this journalist fag's …[View]
182372133Can any boomers tell me some stories from the good old days? Pic related[View]
182384575Race change scenario: Ok. Lets say you had to change to a different race from your own. What race wo…[View]
182381847The definitive economic argument against immigration: For a long time the economic narrative on immi…[View]
182378395How often did you see people totally disregarding their EGO and just ask for help? How many people t…[View]
182387410Be Irish Get stabbed >by an American[View]
182385182Did we really support hitler or is just a meme?[View]
182360688Give me one good reason: Why you need to own this baby killing fully auto assault rifle? There is li…[View]
182357242Thank McCain for his service.: A true American war hero.[View]
182385335BRENNAN BTFO[View]
182386950a post-fiat world is closer than you think: i know people like to shit on crypto here (muh fake mone…[View]
182383077well well well: >AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/black-americans-arent-…[View]
182379943David Hogg BTFO pol: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXondcmCksk David Hogg is a hero pol stands no …[View]
182385860Why do some people have orgasms at the thought of mass immigration when can't tell it apart fro…[View]
182358500What is the cutoff point for whiteness?: 'White' can't be determined just by skin colour, facia…[View]
182386869Where are the tapes of Brennan saying nigger?![View]
182383997The cucks are getting mad: >'I get pissed off for real,' Prime Minister Stefan Löfven hit out in …[View]
182362390Which European countries are the safest for white women right now?[View]
182364192Is Trump nigga/nigger word tape actually exist or just false flag? I bet if it exists medias would s…[View]
182380328Are you ready for yet another European century?[View]
182386646CONFIRMATION THAT TRUMP IS Q?????: This looks like the real deal boys[View]
182383230Video game trailers are now quoting ted kaczynski. https://youtu.be/Gh-lBwDbM30[View]
182383203We Need To Talk About Barron, or: What Putin Has On Trump.: Omarosa distraction is being pushed ever…[View]
182383498Micronation: This is a micronation thread https:// discord. gg/jdpgx7z Sorry about link format it w…[View]
182381225Anyone who thinks Trump can beat the deep state is truly a naive brainlet who does not understand th…[View]
182365657When did you realize nukes are a meme: Seriously.... They don’t exist... Hollywood Jew bombs aren’t …[View]
182379062BAKE THAT GENDER TRANSITION BIRTHDAY CAKE. BIGOT: A transgender woman is suing Colorado bakery 'Mast…[View]
182386023If Putin retreats, will Russia become a pro-Western country?[View]
182385100I can say the weight of an object with a precision of -+2 grams just by looking at it. Whats your pe…[View]
182376164NOW why he did that?: Utah man flies plane into home[View]
182382632Are you following the midterms? Red wave on the horizon?[View]
182360617German here, with a message for you Germanophobic people. The allies created this mess. It was you w…[View]
182383687Wow, Aristotle was pretty fucking racist WTF???[View]
182384638This man cucks the West.: Seriously it's like a drug lord, ordering his drug addicted minions w…[View]
182384353Womp womp >john brennan's top secret access has been revoked. His security access is revoked…[View]
182385192Literally /ourguy/[View]
182352243he did it[View]
182385465>go to r/PoliticalHumor >bring back a souvenir…[View]
182385633This shit is great: To do list: Raid this cunt with offensive shit questions. the reactions are grea…[View]
182383288America is at least 75% WHITE: >muh 56%[View]
182358796/pol/ What is your country's greatest military victory and its worst military defeat?[View]
182384533Canada is not collapsing: Everything is fine. Everyone is fine. No one cares about saudi arabia you …[View]
182385454Did you guys get your Skyking shirt yet? https://www.ebitbrah.com/products/the-q400[View]
182379411Peterson's message: Now that the dust has settled, was he at least right? Should the collective…[View]
182385051Why have children?: My future wife wants to have children, I don't What's the point? Give …[View]
182378412Sky king was special: Lads, pilotnewfag here. Can you link me to good video of sky king flight? I be…[View]
182385277What did he mean by this?[View]
182382203PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - JOE IS JOE EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
182384170Allowing chimps to chimp: You're really fucking unconscious to not kill the 3 most primitive be…[View]
182384723Get out.: >'Don't be so mean anon, it's just part of their culture.'…[View]
182382152Watched blackkklansman last night. It was truly inspirational - the ending especially. I decided to …[View]
182352574300 PA Priests molested up to 1,000 children: How come /pol/, the big anti-pedo crusader board, is s…[View]
182376156When did you grow out of failed meme ideologies and become a centrist?[View]
182384984Zio Mali War: How do we stop westerners from occupying Mali ressources, and create an independent Tu…[View]
182381385The soldiers of the national socialist movement: Every country has a great man but now instead of sh…[View]
182381489What is and shall be: Every jackass on the internet is trying to make up bullshit stories about what…[View]
182382656Any updates from that mayhem the other day? Who involved and what the police and media saying? The s…[View]
182372480I love America: Best country in the world.[View]
182384276Would /pol/ personally vandalize a monument honoring the conqueror of your people if there is one in…[View]
182381317Trump's going to pardon him, right? He isn't just gonna let the deep state do this to him?[View]
182362366Why can't Americans realize that disliking Nazis and Hitler because of historical reasons doesn…[View]
182366273They're getting bolder.[View]
182383919Mr. Freeman: So... I was watching Youtube videos last night, and an ad play featuring this cartoon c…[View]
182377388Yeah........ It's Over[View]
182383887Reminder that Poland is not based.: https://youtu.be/ZVoIUVX7lxM Extremely Judaic faggot race of bar…[View]
182347964What is it Like in Hungary today: What is it Like in Hungary today? Anyone living there can give me …[View]
182382456Is Trump gonna do anything to help Jones?[View]
182374259Please stop trying to hide the fact that you're a Nazi. It's painfully obvious and cringe-…[View]
182382379/pol/ historical objective: We create a positive Myth for the West: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
182352143Mixed cucks need no apply: Why is it always half African “Mediterranean” subhumans resident in OUR n…[View]
182384323why aren't you having kids /pol/?: START HAVING KIDS[View]
182384303What did he mean by this?[View]
182378391What happened to 'The Daily Shoah', its now TDS? I cant see how this re-brand will help them win mor…[View]
182376061WHICH ONE OF YOU: IS THIS[View]
182383319The Stranger within my gate, He may be true or kind, But he does not talk my talk -- I cannot fee…[View]
182383113What did he mean by this?: 'Hey Method Man, This is Donald Trump, I'm in Palm Beach and we…[View]
182375123Muslims and trannies and lots of women...thats our future.: Well fuck this country, honestly. Sooo m…[View]
182368233STOP DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT....: Dan Bongino’s podcast on Monday the 13th identified the biggest Troja…[View]
182361736is she ok?[View]
182380368Was he a socialist?: yes[View]
182383822You're calling me the Jew?: Look in the mirror, sir, and you will see that it is YOU that are t…[View]
182377233What does /pol/ think?[View]
182381917Hell is not forever. Jesus saves all.: >>182361736 1 Timothy 4:9-11 (NIV) 9 This is a trustwor…[View]
182383686Holocaust survivor: Kek le evil nazi doctor that sawed twins together omg. https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
182382223Spic niggs or muzz: Choose one for the ovens and why.[View]
182383461I heard about QAnon in the New York Times' podcast this morning and this place was mentioned. C…[View]
182383282Grayling is a FILTHY, TORY PARASITE!: Tories say hard-pressed commuters must PAY MORE, for a truly S…[View]
182383488Jihadist CUNT, must DIE!: Filthy CUNT, imported by our TRAITOR TORY GOVT!! CUNTS! He should be EXECU…[View]
182378736There was a 'huge' white supremacist rally happening in D.C. this weekend. The local news stations h…[View]
182365524A-are we a containment board for retards?[View]
182380206300 deaths by drowning in Germany this summer as racist lakes and rivers strike again: Swimming in l…[View]
182383137Why does the future US president remind me of Quantum Leap?[View]
182375975Why was Obama a bad president /pol/? page 10 points to the hypocrisy of this board[View]
182381271We named a park Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah park and are tearing down a statue of the founder o…[View]
182381510Fun vs Stability: I just started at the universtity again, here it is customary that we have a one w…[View]
182378129Should we help Canada make some frens?[View]
182382177What's the most politically incorrect movie ever made on this planet? Beside triumph of will. …[View]
182380570Why does Christianity promote child molestation?[View]
182376735DIS NIGGAS DYING!!! LMAO https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/15/politics/joe-biden-cancels-illinois-event/in…[View]
182381206Why are we losing so badly to the left on the immigration debate? They're fighting us tooth and…[View]
182380788Trump deported shitskin gave Peter Szcotk $1,000: Are all his donations from people deported?[View]
182382641why the fuck did this slide again?[View]
182380808How do we become less toxic, anons?[View]
182382088HYUNDAI WILL INVEST $1 BILLION IN TURKEY: Remember a couple days ago when everyone thought Turkey wa…[View]
182382586Video game trailers are now quoting ted kaczynski. https://youtu.be/Gh-lBwDbM30[View]
182380050Angela Merkel went to a meet up in Jena, Thuringen. She's retarded: How is it possible that she…[View]
182354890I was just watching Blade 2: Great movie. And its amazing how little identity politics there were th…[View]
182365157Based Black Father: Poor Melvin Harris is currently facing charges of murder for beating shit out of…[View]
182373591David Duke just asked Jared Taylor for a debate. Who will win?[View]
182354250Is this the defining moral conflict of the right wing?[View]
182382232I wonder if supporting a bill mandating brain cancer for all politicians. voters, and law enforcemen…[View]
182381249Last Knight's Cross with Oak leaves recipient dies: Hauptmann Heinz Rökker of the Luftwaffe and…[View]
182382063Noticing a trend: Germany, 1939 >we're going to be saving europe >just hand over your fre…[View]
182382027Racism in York: Which one of you did this?? https://www.wgal.com/article/meeting-to-be-held-on-issue…[View]
182362322He's one of the good guys: I did my duty as a patriot, will you?[View]
182381715Elvis, Buddy Holly, Beatles, Stones, etc took primitive black music and created timeless art. Now yo…[View]
182380694If white people hate us so much....: Why did they kill each other by the millions for us?[View]
182381637How do Vaginas Smell?: So YouTube allows this but targets every conservative white male. https://www…[View]
182379257White terrorism: Would you support white terrorism. Or do you think the movement has to be always as…[View]
182379310Robots were a mistake.[View]
182379892Based Vienna https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/aug/14/vienna-named-worlds-most-liveab…[View]
182355529Army Instructor court martialed for making female 'soldier' cry: Why the fuck are women allowed in t…[View]
182380896Republicans Following Cuckold Playbook On The Economy: Here we see the Economy as the Republican Par…[View]
182381192I wanna be brainwashed[View]
182375325Multi billion dollar aeronautics industry can't figure out how to add this to a plane.[View]
182381059Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad during livestream: ahahahaha this guy lives at home with mom…[View]
182381438Sandusky's genealogy: Anyone know if anyones ever tracked the geneology of Sandusky. I want to …[View]
182377226>He Fell for the Russian Hacker Meme: Nope. It was the Zoomers all along. >https://www.thegate…[View]
182381386Liberia: Why did America sabotage, then abandon it's only African colony. We need to do better …[View]
182379473Is she?: Steve Job's biological dad was a Syrian Muslim, what about his mother? Is she a Jew? N…[View]
182367060>Be Med master race >Create western civilisation >Be called 'not white' by people whose anc…[View]
182381292Feeling bad? Just remember who the president is.: Sometimes when I'm feeling low I remember tha…[View]
182381288Expert warns British roasties may loose ability to effectively roast in Europe: Ohh mmmyyy God! Look…[View]
182379826Would you support a union among the successful english-speaking countries?: I honestly feel a specia…[View]
182380337Architecture Is White Supremacy: https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/social-media/2018/08/how-…[View]
182380817Direct Action: I recently discovered from an acquaintance in my uni's admissions department tha…[View]
182379722Viva Mexico!: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45195184[View]
182381067Just a reminder that Holocaust revisionists are being imprisoned in Germany: Canadians Alfred and Mo…[View]
182377239>deleting the wolfman Nice try, mods.[View]
182375936Nigger question: What is the solution you propose to get rid of the 50 million coacroaches on this c…[View]
182378996Trans is not a mental disorder and it will never be. LGBT is here to stay.[View]
182353806White Pill Theory: Let me run a white pill theory by you guys real quick: I see lots of headlines an…[View]
182379765We The People Patriots Soap Box needs: Wishing there was an app or way to listen to the soap box w/o…[View]
182372056Question for all the bongs here. Did he really improve your school dinners or did they become worse.…[View]
182376850i literally get one for free every 6 years: why are americans so afraid of voter id?[View]
182379889France has mastered the crow. Well done France. I was waiting for someone to put them to work. Don…[View]
182374331Taoism is the most repdilled religion/philosophy there is. >Let nature run its course The current…[View]
182378972Men and Women Are (((they))) trying to destroy our magical relationship?: Lets all be honest here, W…[View]
182371408BRAVO CRIMEA. BRAVO RUSSIA. Russia is outsmarting US: Crimea ditches Visa & MasterCard in favor …[View]
182377699Good job America.: You have now bullied Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, and Pakistan, and their …[View]
182380713Was he singing about (((Them)))??? https://youtu.be/YsmQhbd1KWE[View]
182380700>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182379519Where will our generation's Gavrillo Princip come from?[View]
182380665M A D A M: Say it with me, /pol/[View]
182379258Thank McCain for his service.: It's more than your treasonous Drumpf ever did.[View]
182367314Here are 2 videos that I watched that actually gave me a sliver of hope for our future. I'm not…[View]
182375519Women want to be men: All of feminism and women's rights can be summoned up with that simple se…[View]
182373068Pol, help me red pill my liberal mom on climate change[View]
182380378Why do non-whites like incest so much?: And why do non-whites always say 'go fuck your sister / or c…[View]
182380281brazilian pinochet[View]
182367957Happy Birthday: What did he mean by this[View]
182355812Canada under extreme Liberal multiculturalism: Is Maxime Bernier the most based politician in Canada…[View]
182379689Pic rel is one of the 'Antifacists' who tried to block our nationalist march Notice anything? Pictur…[View]
182378493do Japanese people are the white Asians?: And the Thailandese are the Asian niggers? Probably the Ch…[View]
182376798What did Patrick Little mean by this? How much money are we talking about?[View]
182378777This Syrian refugee just saved the life of this baby >toddler walked around dangerously on a roo…[View]
182376889>mfw Proud Boys will never have camaraderie like this Why haven’t you taken the antifa pill yet a…[View]
182368511Omarosa is living proof that niggers are genetically retarded. She believes that releasing a tape wi…[View]
182375472Meanwhile in Yemen: This school child can thank Donald Trump and Mohammad bin Salman for killing all…[View]
182379863>>182373317 >anno domini 2016+2 >still trusting media kikes…[View]
182379178What's up with Ketron Island?: Something like 17 residents there, yet it has 4 daily ferry runs…[View]
182374707When did you take the Pink Pill and realize that men are inferior and deformed version of women. Men…[View]
182369498DAILY REMINDER: This is the video YouTube doesn't want you to see, and scrubs instantly every t…[View]
18237695997% of scientists say 6 million jews got killed prove them wrong (protip: you cant)[View]
182360160Nazi lie #42574: A nazitard argument: >If we wuz so bad, then why did we have some (token) blacks…[View]
182379585Why Europe is better than America: Within the last Month: USA >3 mass shootings perpetrated by wh…[View]
182367656Is canada really this fucked?: Besides the niggers and mudslimes, is it really that expensive? A fri…[View]
182375744xennial General /xeg/: Do you remember bootleg casettes? Master System, 10p mix having 10 sweets, Ro…[View]
182379436Remember /pol/ in the 90s?: Things haven't changed one bit haven't they? https://www.yout…[View]
182370291Watching Attack on Titan and see this, will t h e y shut it down?[View]
182353764To all brits against migration: One of the earliest ancestors or people living in Britain was a dark…[View]
182377607My child is being abducted by UK social services because his mum has gone crazy. Do I commit suicid…[View]
182366095I feel sorry for this guy He is an eccentric, highly intelligent person who just wants to explore th…[View]
182375770College is a scam, I make more money than you and my face is covered in tattoos https://youtu.be/23b…[View]
182377783Is there a hit out on this ugly excuse for a human?[View]
182369416St. Louis area women say they were denied job because of 'ghetto' name: https://amp.kmov.c…[View]
182374006>Kills your drone[View]
1823791569/11 truth: dustification edition: most people know by now who was involved. in this thread we look …[View]
182379128African Art Appreciation: How can africans produce such fine art yet starve to death and make rhinos…[View]
182377188Did you know that the first American ever was actually an immigrant from a British Colony? Krumpitum…[View]
182372837How do we fix the American voting system?[View]
182379046Anti-fascists fighting 'fascists' like fascists again.: > https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/loc…[View]
182368912Huddersfield child sex inquiry: Thirty-one people charged: Banaras Hussain 37, of Shipley, charged w…[View]
182378998Niggers are winning: Jews have gotten white men addicted to fapping so their dicks shrink into littl…[View]
182374832Let's make one thing clear: UK didn't vote for Brexit because of Polish migrants or the wa…[View]
182374738PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MEL TRUMP EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
182378839Vladmir Vladmirovitch Putin just announced he will visit Austria’s foreign minister’s wedding: That …[View]
182375882Anonymous (ID: AV5TZNZ6) 08/15/18(Wed)08:11:35 No.182367636▶>>182368018 >>182368066 >…[View]
182377763The Absolute State Of The Alt-Right: Fucking loser incels. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-ro…[View]
182340876Fraser Anning’s Maiden Speech: How could one bloke be so based? https://youtu.be/gHMR6l66DW4[View]
182374179bozgors forever BTFO[View]
182372505So let me get this straight: French faggots will publicly shame women for sleeping with Aryans, but …[View]
182378556ShareBlue Mission Complete: Well boys after all these years looks like old George finally did it! He…[View]
182376377https://youtu.be/-SSArY4aOf4 You don't have to be Muslim to care for Palestinians you just have…[View]
182378480BR presidential: NWO, masons and illuminati will try to kill me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr7…[View]
182377307What's the deal with Vermont?: I have never even heard of this State before that old faggot cuc…[View]
182375417So which is it /pol/?[View]
182376129Freedom is responsibility. To claim your responsibility is to live free. To act on your responsibili…[View]
182375534Something even more depressing than /pol/ >when you join fathers for justice support groups on Fa…[View]
182353920What Has Just Landed at Schiphol Airport?: >All radio frequencies down in entire #Dutch #airspace…[View]
182376322The low IQ population: Are the groups in red even considered human, /pol/ ? How can we realistically…[View]
182378064why doesnt alex jones start a new Youtube that isn't run by butthurt fascists?: it's not l…[View]
182377743Borders crisis solutions: Lets arm drones with pepper ball guns and shoot Mexicans who are trying to…[View]
182371641FACT: dogs and cats are yummy: Swiss agrees.[View]
182377170Trump: Now that Trump has fully sold all you idiots out, didn't do anything he said he would do…[View]
182341913What’s pols opinion on Alex Jones?[View]
182359719Brit/pol/ - Scottish People Edition: >‘Near certainty’ lynx will be released into wild https://w…[View]
182364065Italians are white: This meme of italian people being shitskins is annoying, I feel people don'…[View]
182373953Why is the alt-right full of drama queens?[View]
182359617tfw: >tfw you're responsible for awakening the sleeping giant of european ethnocentrism.…[View]
182371403>tfw you realize the whole reddit hate on 4chan and 4chan hate on reddit is just another divide a…[View]
182373191Quotes: Post quotes you find inspirational, moving or simply of quality related to either your count…[View]
182377273How to take down Reddit ? The shit is getting bigger and bigger, is in the top 20 websites worldwide…[View]
182374749Do Christians know that they are fucked? Unless ofc Lord Savior will return.[View]
182369126White hypocrisy: White people spend trillions on war and then wonder why PoC need to flee to europe.…[View]
182376460https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2018/08/restored-republic-via-gcr-update-as-of_15.html How…[View]
182370363Why are white Americans repeating the same mistake of conquistadores did 400 years ago? You know, br…[View]
182367377Why is Trump taking credit for Obama's job black employment numbers?[View]
182361044AUS/POL/ AUSTRALIAN GENERAL RETURN TO THE WAP EDITION #3: >Opt Out of MHR https://www.myhealthrec…[View]
182374992Help!!!!!: I totally forgot the guys name. He's the one that was making an documentary about th…[View]
182376887>american education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqE5O1ef1wY&list=PLUl4u3cNGP62ihmDWYj4LM…[View]
182350921How housing has divided the young: >'This picture of rising house prices has led to a steep decli…[View]
182371924VIETNAM De'ja vu. AMERICANS LOSING AGAIN. LMAO: US losing in Afghanistan: Like Viet Cong, Talib…[View]
182372565Just how important are the midterm elections and 2020 electron?: Very very vewy important you lazy i…[View]
182376559How do the Japs keep getting away with it?[View]
182368386MEDS BTFO HAHAHAHAHA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhGQ1IbvPNw BASED VARG[View]
182374872CIVIC NATS BTFO: Ethnonationalism always wins when you think hard enough! We must secure the existen…[View]
1823724592 F22's land in Norway for the first time. To train with Norwegian F35's. WE PART OF THE E…[View]
182348216LITERALLY A VIDEO GAME OUT OF THE SMUGGIES: >https://nichegamer.com/2018/08/13/anons-react-to-jok…[View]
182375598Other than jew brainwashing, why are these guys bad?[View]
182376043Communists are hypocrites: Answer me this /pol/ Why do tankies pride themselves on having the moral …[View]
182373614Will Trump break the internet if he tweets this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR6UwAez8Ko[View]
182372011If Bush really wanted to get rid of the Taliban he would have done the following:: * Invaded Afghani…[View]
182365067>burgers, leafs, aussies, neo-zelanders Why don't you feel european?…[View]
182373541>when you release Muslims who were training kids to commit terror attacks and were found to have …[View]
182371210Why are trump supporters so fucking stupid[View]
182375601Is neonatal circumcision social engineering?: Is this done in order to make americans submissive and…[View]
182333506alt right vs SJW in Japan: P.C. cancer is spreading!! HELP US[View]
182373574He is going to walk.[View]
182365375I am thinking about trashing the Montreal pride parade: Hey pedes, I am thinking about going downtow…[View]
182375234fuck twitter: just saw this shit trending on my twitter profile... wtf is wrong with these landwhale…[View]
182333520Was Hitchens our guy?: What are your thoughts on Hitchens?[View]
182373165Hungmutt thread: This thread is dedicated to the muttest nation in whole Europe. This nation is filt…[View]
182374907President uses N word, so unprecedented: So, while many in media on the Left are flipping out over a…[View]
182371266NOI: What do my muslim brethren think of this American sect of Islam?[View]
182375034Stop Racially Profiling Dogs!: Is no one going to address the injustice going on right in our own ho…[View]
182373971Lol. This is an actual snopes 'fact check'. Rated as half true. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tr…[View]
182374980Why can't you just get used to it?: Professor: Native Dutch Need To Get Used To Being a Minorit…[View]
182367753>this slavnigger got ANGLO'D Maybe subhuman Poles should learn how to integrate into civiliz…[View]
182373992Europe crime statistics: Can someone post statistic charts that show how much crime refugees commit …[View]
182374093If America was devised into separate ethnostates it would look like this. Germanic America would tak…[View]
182374816Balt/pol/+Finland: Weekly thread for discussing Baltic and Finnish politics. 1.Post Baltic and finni…[View]
182373074Seeing as White Americans saved these fuckers from extinction. How is it possible that they still ha…[View]
182374692who /levantine nationalist/ here?: >tfw levantine nationalism is on the rise >tfw the s*nnioid…[View]
182374698This actually real you guys. But to be honest, I can understand why niggers do this. If your people …[View]
182374647There those hippies go. Destroying history.... /s[View]
182374595We sum up the current situation in Yemen with one pic.[View]
182371518'the kiwi strikes deep in the night while the chink sleeps'[View]
182370846>Women and men are equ... https://youtube.com/watch?v=HBjcmIe0taU[View]
182354922PetroDolar exchanged with PetroYuan: What will happen with US Economy after there will be a new majo…[View]
182373867NatSoc pill against weakness: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ointb2ppd_4 >As direc…[View]
182373774The hatred for black men is so intense: It caused the west to essentially commit suicide. >Black …[View]
182371852https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/netanyahu-absolves-hitler-of-guilt-1.5411578 Uh[View]
182372671US - Australia tomodachi connection: How many of you are planning on moving to Australia if the US b…[View]
182374368You hate the Trump-Kim bonhomie? Well, India doesn’t: https://medium.com/@Anuraag_Saxena/you-hate-th…[View]
182373264alrighty, this board is more shill than not at the moment: sorry but this is way too fucking weird …[View]
182361673White People has gone too far to be saved. They are moet degenerate People ever.[View]
182373012America is a fucking joke: Explain this amerilards, land of the '''''''''''free''''''''''''.[View]
182371839Daily reminder to support Israel goys: Act.IL is a first of its kind app, crowdsourcing pro-Israeli …[View]
182374034So these were the most asked questions on Google during Election Day. What are your toughts on the U…[View]
182373025Where is the South Africa happening?: Isn’t everything supposed to have gone to shot by now? They we…[View]
182358727Been feeling increasingly shitty recently fellas, and then the Skyking incident really struck a chor…[View]
182373820you guys are fighting the war in the wrong places, the war is taking place on facebook comment secti…[View]
182372223What happens once millenial women start reaching the age where they're old and past their looks…[View]
182373810ISRAEL IS GONE PARTY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkKZrOTpX50[View]
182367381Sociology question: Greetings! I am from Belarus, currently am researching western postmodernism cul…[View]
182362350The punch heard round the world[View]
182370201Why can't this man stop winning?[View]
182370562Vermont Democrats nominate tranny for governor: Christine Hallquist, first transgender nominee, will…[View]
182373667I dare you to release the 'tape' go-ahead and do it you fucking losers! I fear nothing, i am three s…[View]
182373573This is how you campaign: Hi /Pol/ shall we discuss the glorious new leader Mike Pence http://www.of…[View]
182373379ITT: we identify who the REAL fascists are[View]
182352269Why are Europeans accepting Muslims instead of Far eastern people?: Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Viet…[View]
182372034Trump is a shill for Israel and wont make any meaningful or lasting change.: Trump is a blue-pilled,…[View]
182373416Brit/pol/: >More muzzie rape gangs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-45193514 >Black…[View]
182372209(((white)))= Globalist retard.: The label is a form of globalism in disguise. If you think you have …[View]
182372291buenos dias /pol/ how are you today?[View]
182369726Monarchy thread.: Are you a monarchist /pol/? Why/Why not? Republicuck nations need not apply.…[View]
182373356NEVER FORGET MUH 6 MILLION INFOWARRIORS!!!!!!!: so yeah the great digital shoah of 2018 has occurred…[View]
182363122Parenthood: How can we idealize and possibly incentivize parenthood in the west again? I see lacking…[View]
182373313Welcome to England.[View]
182373307DEATH TO ISRAEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkKZrOTpX50[View]
182369517I am then Q Ask me[View]
182373252>The orchids decking the bridal car manifested another Rothschild habit: impatience with imperfec…[View]
182366136Australia doesn't need your nuclear waste. Store it in your own shitty country, Invest in Thori…[View]
182365336Huddersfield gang: >Thirty men and one woman have been charged with offences linked to child sexu…[View]
182372876Daily reminder how to avoid rape in Europe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WIp2mae6Zo[View]
18237280014 words: Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth. This generati…[View]
182372945#walkaway: Story?[View]
182362255So much for the 'violent left'[View]
182370826Globalism blackpill: Is the real blackpill to embrace globalism and join the cabal in achieving huma…[View]
182367777MAKEDONIA: MAKEDONIA IS GREEK LAND Not only do we demand those slavenigger cease from using our righ…[View]
182372861need resources on leaf history: My goal here is to destroy any sense of moral superiority that normi…[View]
182364081Im just gonna leave this here: Discuss - my opinion - this is fucking vile and confuses children!!! …[View]
182372753ITT: /pol approved music gay edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGU1P6lBW6Q[View]
182370691Did Russia just weaponize space?: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-45194333[View]
182372664Was communism really that bad?[View]
182370249Foul language: Dear /pol/ I write to you today with a sincere mind to suggest that we good Anons sto…[View]
182372054Deadass: This is me AF[View]
182367414What´s wrong with varg fanboys? Why do they suck his dick 24/7 defending all his hypocricy and shitt…[View]
182371462Was obama: A lame duck president? >you can still be the world's coolest president and still …[View]
182370623Fuck SJWs. Hail to all the Incels, the Nazis, the enlightenment liberals. What we want is different,…[View]
182368554billion dollar movie>million dollar extreme[View]
182370065COMPED: COMPED[View]
182358633Are Boomers really as bad as people say they are or is it just a stereotype? Did they really destroy…[View]
182367159Would you have less respect for Donald Trump if you hear him on tape using the Nigger?: Would you?…[View]
182361755Post pictures that make you feel prepared[View]
182366252I told you everything was gonna be alt-right.. err, alright[View]
182368029What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
182367612Tell me about the good old days pol[View]
182369935she has a point y'kno...[View]
182366464Why do people even believe the whole refugee shit?: At this point, I've seen about 9+ different…[View]
182370653DEATH TO ISRAEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkKZrOTpX50[View]
182370834Gold medal: Did more in three minutes than any of these alt right movements have done in 3 years…[View]
182371981Is the Cuck News Network finished? http://dailycaller.com/2018/08/14/cnn-history-channel-ratings/…[View]
182369471I have a feeling they have created a video of Trump saying something bad. There are many programs th…[View]
182363374Ameri/pol/: You're witnessing some of the first few editions of Ameri/pol/. Consider changing …[View]
182368129Zionist infilitration of white nationalist movements: Why do (((they))) infiltitrate and finance far…[View]
182362150Stop attacking the Jewish Community, /pol/[View]
182371772tfw green party: any plant-bro's here?[View]
182371148Why do whites in America stay here, if they can't stand black people?: Why does suggesting this…[View]
182365131At face value, all conspiracy theories might as well be defamation. So... will they all be deplatfor…[View]
182341628/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182366576Why do only Americans get to have cool guns? I want guns aswell other than just hunting rifles and s…[View]
182370243>be a communist >make a silly joke >get arrested and judged >instantly redpilled >the…[View]
182338823Why are homosexuals tolerated in society when they're THIS dangerous?[View]
182351013What does war truly look like?: There's an abundance of WW2 film yet none of it shows casualtie…[View]
182370791What is the world going to look like in 2038? I want to hear your predictions.[View]
182368880the state of britan: you can get arrested for carrying a potato peeler but this is ok please nuke u…[View]
182363360Why does America produce so many serial killers?[View]
182364736Amazon, SAIC, SIS, fake aliens and the T.I. Program: The whistleblower in this interview: https://ww…[View]
182370780Is this a real person?: Like, is this a real thing? Did this really happen? If so, what makes this '…[View]
182371506Why don't men have periods? Why does God hate women?[