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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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321972853My freidnsays that the doors at Auswitz aren't wooden: He said that when he went there the door…[View]
321998989PARLIAMENT HATE GENERAL: PARLIAMENT HATE GENERAL I'll start. 'We're starting to rival the …[View]
321996870Serious question, there's a thing I don't understand, why were chinks and not niggers used…[View]
321992561THE ASTONISHING COVER UP OF 'COVID VACCINE' DEATHS & REACTIONS: https://www.bitchute.c…[View]
321996519This shit fucking sucks: I don’t know, this is kind of a weird post but I’m feeling pretty down atm …[View]
321996730Brit/pol/ - Where is brit/pol/? edition[View]
321996592This nigga ruined EVERYTHING[View]
321992598China Global Television Network: From the scale of 1-10 how good is this channel? https://www.youtub…[View]
321998087>China kills doctors that warned about the coronavirus leak at the start of the pandemic >furt…[View]
321996944Do you watch porn? http://www.strawpoll.me/45283582 Let's see how degenerate you anti-degenerat…[View]
321998007Reminder that any Twitter posts you see on here are organized by trannies on discord: >Random twi…[View]
321994465She brings up a valid point.[View]
321990319Mom said she will kick me out if I don't get the jab. What do?[View]
321995723Hello, Mr Smith. I heard you were on trial for racism. I'm your state appointed attorney. How c…[View]
321993916100 yr old TB vaccine, BCG, proven effective against Covid-19: Why are we not hearing more about thi…[View]
321966423REdpill me on africans. why didnt they have wheels and language taht was written and[View]
321997116Israel.: Redpill me on Israel. Why should I support or oppose it? I've long lurked here focused…[View]
321996781*makes the catholic church butthurt* Was he the good guy or the bad guy frens?[View]
321964120UBI was invented by bankers: Lazy fuckwits think they invented UBI. The truth is UBI was invented by…[View]
321994579has /pol/ just turned into a cesspit of brown people calling each other niggers?[View]
321997335fucking Nazi loving lugenpress. the people of israel do not forgive, should have bombed the building…[View]
321990346Has /pol/ forgotten just how bad Israel is?: >taken over $10T in American aid >Former PM caugh…[View]
321994657Mandatory Euthanasia: For chronic homelessness I am sick of seeing these disgusting lowlifes at ever…[View]
321996402Israel is clearly in the wrong anyone who says otherwise is a shill[View]
321997442what movie is this? https://www39.zippyshare.com/v/iOlPHnVl/file.html[View]
321997400how do we stop Marxists?[View]
321985121Why don’t we make it so that any unemployed person can receive government benefits?: If you could ma…[View]
321987593What would Hitler think of /pol/?[View]
321993503Why do leftists keep calling Pinochet a fascist? I mean sure he was an authoritarian dictator, but t…[View]
321997255The Government’s plan is to copy your entire GP medical history – including all the most sensitive p…[View]
321996596How much more advances would the white race be without Jews siphoning our resources and creativity f…[View]
321995000Why did gays push for the religious sacrifice of marriage rights when they don’t even recognise the …[View]
321991797Let's have blackwashing thread. Post portrayal of historical or mythological characters that ha…[View]
321996085meanwhile in UK: Muslim who voiced support for Israel has his house broken into and smashed up in Bi…[View]
321989245who killed Kobe?: was it Iran? Nike?[View]
321982462Covid vaccine side effects / death images: girlfriend is going to get the jab because of social pres…[View]
321973852'UFOs': is it a secret US made aircraft? >Pic related[View]
321996582meme i made earlier today[View]
321964108Im sorry for being polish[View]
321983462Can no longer enjoy meat: This dude is a vegan. I can no longer savor the flesh. Every bite reminds …[View]
321984651What kind of crack was jesus smoking when he created the giraffes?[View]
321985611Why can’t zoomers swim?[View]
321985847Where do I find a cute autistic gf in our current hedonist hellscape?[View]
321987785Icelandic girls: are qts[View]
321986806How can i buy a Kar98k ?[View]
321990915Hello What is your opinion of Japan?[View]
32199098710/10 in bongland is NOT a meme: I know I'm a bit of a NEET but when I went into the city and o…[View]
321991538What's the secret /pol/ password?[View]
321991902this is what americans eat every day[View]
321994138Why did Skyking resonate with so many people?[View]
321991608GOOD GOD I HATE JEWS & ISREAL: I hate these guys so much that i dont care if my own race loses i…[View]
321995299Global 'warming/changing' thread: We know that 90%+ of scientist agree on the global temperature inc…[View]
321951681/pol/ humor thread: Let the captcha roll ladd[View]
321968475Nazi Images thread: Post em all[View]
321995394RIP Chile?: Any expectations Chilebros?[View]
321995942What is the best vaccine to get, if any: What vaccine should you get and why? Have you already gotte…[View]
321993530How do I help my lesbian (bi) friend to get radicalized?: She hates trannies a lot, and I noticed sh…[View]
321993301In this thread, we make predictions about americas future. Use whatever info to back up your claims.[View]
321993788he unironically saved our diplomatic reputation. we aren't the laughing stock of the world. he …[View]
321995412Nuff Said.[View]
321992159If we're talking about a real virus, it's racism.: Racism is plaguing humanity for hundred…[View]
321955494Redpill me on CIA or other security service. Do they really torture people for info? Isn't that…[View]
321989402polish special forces caught russian spy who admitted: Wow, seriously? why are you such jerks, russi…[View]
321988496Why did Bill Gates hang with pedos ?: http://techrights.org/2020/08/04/police-report-gates-residence…[View]
321992197Turkey Israel Palestine.: Turkey releases video of destroying Solomon's temple and replacing it…[View]
321982038Should it be legal for companies to put their employees at risk of catching a deadly pandemic virus …[View]
321970570TRUMP'S LEGACY: GONE[View]
321989606Friends with Israeli anons: I met a bunch of anons on a discord & became friends with a Jewish a…[View]
321986600Daily reminder that Dukat did nothing wrong.[View]
321990462>be me >invited to a wedding in Charleston, SC this past weekend >not vaccinated, so only a…[View]
321995703Leftist cringe thread - Degenerates edition: Post your best cringe pics[View]
321993294'Rest in Power': What does it even mean?[View]
321990496Israel trying to bully a fashion model who went to a protest[View]
321994452Memoryhole: What’s the status of the cuck / bbc brainwash agenda? Haven’t seen anything in the media…[View]
321986224The boy who interviewed Obama in 2009 has recently passed away from Natural Causes at age 23 What ki…[View]
321974979James Randi was not a scientist and everything he believed and advocated for has essentially been pr…[View]
321994130Not my problem[View]
321995454fucking Nazi loving lugenpress. the people of israel do not forgive, should have bombed the building…[View]
321992924赞美蜂蜜: Not my problem either.[View]
321993213Why are indians so fucking fond of Israel ? Is there a rational explanation to that one sided passio…[View]
321987672What’s a fucking pathetic joke of a “country”.[View]
321976982Meta thread: Never have I seen 4chan so shitted up as in the last few months. Schizo threads belong …[View]
321987042> Members of Sydney’s Sikh community have defended their children’s right to bring ceremonial dag…[View]
321995129So how should I go about faking proof of vaccination?[View]
321994745How come Gen Z massive pussies: when it comes to activism? Plenty good causes these days. Just askin…[View]
321977964Why do right-wingers do shit like this? Single mothers don't 'learn to be more responsible' aft…[View]
321993797Hey White boy: Ready to save the white race?[View]
321987960Why is Right-Wing media so sincere and grassroots compared to Left-Wing?: Leftist media content is a…[View]
321992514he gonna crash shitcoin kek[View]
321979841Imagine being so deep in nazi larping that you decide to side with jihadist savages.[View]
321988810No one has done more to secure the existence of White people than Spain[View]
321979971Brit/pol/: Lockdowns ease in England, Wales and most of Scotland >People must continue to play th…[View]
321991119support israel cuz waman: israel is so pathetic when its comes to its propaganda[View]
321988562Blacks stands with Israel[View]
321994258LIBS BTFO: Isn't it funny that even our trannies look better than them?![View]
321989880Has there ever been a bigger fall from grace? How much do we want to bet he's saying that becau…[View]
321942972Why haven't you got vaccinated yet? Everyone around you will know you're 'one of those guy…[View]
321990722/nsg/ - National Socialist General - Grateful Monday: Welcome to National Socialism General. Everyth…[View]
321990802Israel just killed all of them: Are you shedding tears for these poor innocent oppressed non-violent…[View]
321990653Do you like Middle Eastern food /pol/?[View]
321992295Does anyone have the gif of Biden being a total pedo with the text about sexual predator behavior ov…[View]
321993522The only natsocs who are Christian are beaners who want to feel they have something to do with Weste…[View]
321966859Chadlestinians: > Imagine calling yourself a National Socialist and not supporting Palestine Even…[View]
321990481Young women mutilated by liberalism. Post'em[View]
321990275Abortion: John Roberts is going to cave to the jews and let abortion stay legal[View]
321986028The treatment of left handers is not dissimilar to the racially motivated targeting of African Ameri…[View]
321993760Whats this phenotype ?[View]
321984374HAN CHINESE are master race. No one can compete with the unity of Han Chinese. From being a poor cou…[View]
321987713>Be happy with less. In terms of entertainment. Take video games. If you buy hundreds of dollars …[View]
321987025France, explain yourselves. What exactly is the plan here and why would we do this?[View]
321993650DUCEPILL: I was a Hitlerite for most of my adolescence and early adulthood, but then I grew up and b…[View]
321971776Miss Universe Japan 2021: Explain yourselves Japan.[View]
321992264My boss is so rad![View]
321982250Why are white women always accused of being 'coalburner': When the biggest Race-mixers are white men…[View]
321991844Why are right wing women so hot?[View]
321993276When will be the next great boogaloo brothers? What's our next move?[View]
321979681Osho says: religion is bullshit and God is the greatest fiction of all time. Is he wrong?[View]
321986190It's Time, Roll the Happening.: What's it mean Anon?[View]
321971826IT'S HAPPENING!: #BREAKING Al-Qassam Brigades claims it targeted an Israeli navy ship off the s…[View]
321991850Books about eugenics: Do you recommend any good books that discuss genes and the idea of eugenics?…[View]
321992934QANON Counter Intel Drop#16 The White Rabbit: QANON Counter Intel Drop#16 The White Rabbit Check out…[View]
321992143Why in Europe did it allow the entry of Muslims? i think it was better for europe to look for people…[View]
321983521Why are people nowadays so passive, spineless and lacking passion?: The average Joe is not opinionat…[View]
321985197My job is so awful: >have a generic corporate office job >team's work consists of getting…[View]
321990824Name 3 countries that aren't your own that you die and fight for? I'll go first: Iberian p…[View]
321992513Attention!: 100 kilo (220 lbs in retard scale) landwhale killed a man with her thighs http://kuzbass…[View]
321992487pols: kowalSKI andrzejewSKI oborSKI awful lotta polish names these days ay anon?[View]
321992166Are we just going to pretend that Israel didn't create Hamas to fight the PLO?[View]
321986586Asteroid insurance: Honestly, what things of actual worth would be lost if an asteroid were to wipe …[View]
321992033i say this for all those western nations who cant[View]
321986548i miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
321990403so can i lie and say im vaccinated if i go to a place thats mask optional for vaccinated people can …[View]
321992306why are they so obsessed with Hungary and France?[View]
321984193Anybody remember the geico caveman commercials? They were these very widespread ads during the 2000s…[View]
321979443China's fully autonomous Yangshan Port: I kneel.[View]
321992199the goyim have . inferior noses[View]
321963758Poland is the most homophobic EU country: discuss.[View]
321990348The majority of Israel is brown Middle Eastern Jews: Do you anti semitic people not realize that ove…[View]
321991235Hey /pol/ wanna blow up a federal building?[View]
321992064>sufficiently personally threatened[View]
321990709wtf i love islam now[View]
321991710>NOT MY KIDDERRINOOOOOOS *Puts his entire arsenal under kids beds* Gets mad when they bomb it Why…[View]
321990964ITT: We share our best shit-skinned memes: Lets all show our love for the pajeets.[View]
321987726>TRUST >THE >SCIENCE…[View]
321989729Roll: Let's summon kek![View]
321984439When will the anti-Appalachianism end? I'm tired of my identity being used as a scapegoat for s…[View]
321974489>On the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, the Europ…[View]
321991461Poos redeemed[View]
321985088end times: in approximately ten years time, there will be a third great war. Approximately within th…[View]
321990925>Ask doctor for Estrogen to become trans Get it immediately >Ask doctor for Testosterone or Gr…[View]
321979373Are there still any normal people who love the EU?: From the comments it appears there's only h…[View]
321986312New Zioclops podcast!!!! Has anyone listened to it?[View]
321991744Why did he do it?[View]
321988448Is it just me, or does Christianity feel pretty gay? I mean, you're literally worshipping some …[View]
321981250I want to marry racist woman https://youtu.be/-9gVeh3DVtc?t=605[View]
321991551They're Dumb: The elites are very dumb. You give them too much credit. They are just larping, n…[View]
321991050Why wont you support Israel goys?: We have a right to exist! Why do you side with these stupid Musli…[View]
321990916what is the solution to the nigger problem?[View]
321990389What is /pol/?: What is this board? What is it's ideology? I read posts like pic-related and th…[View]
321991262Catholics explain this[View]
321984794How will you be celebrating IDAHOBIT /pol/: May 17 marks the International Day Against Homophobia, B…[View]
321991470Why did Maricopa county delete the adjudication databases on the tabulation machines before handing …[View]
3219914501995-2008: Clinton, Bush 2008-2021: Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden Both are spans of 13 years yet the mos…[View]
321921464Silver Ends The Fed - SETF #259 - Bitcoin just got BTFO'd Edition: Political thread about the F…[View]
321991026Is he blinking Morse code?: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/05/16/hogan-trump-is-toxic-for-the-…[View]
321964143If God is real why cant i hear him?[View]
321986975EVERYONE here is getting vaccinated. It feels like /pol/ is the only sub against it. How do you reco…[View]
321983779It is weird to see Israeli people celebrate the killing of innocent people and kids. Don’t they reme…[View]
321989823Are white people the most attractive race?: What exactly makes us so much more attractive than nugge…[View]
321986581Isreali Anons, are you guys purposely not finishing these arabs off so you can continue to suck mone…[View]
321973857THE COOF HAS BEEN DEFEATED: In England.[View]
321989844If Palestinians were to retake their rightful land, would you be willing to accept Jewish refugees i…[View]
321986943Why is it legal for the government to steal taxpayer money in order to fund nigger and faggot social…[View]
321988443>leftist commieniggers openly chanting death to israel all over the world >rightwing ideologue…[View]
321988996the solution is in the problem anon[View]
321987896HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORGE!: >Use edited danish flag >Written language is danish >Culture is dani…[View]
321988155Is this sentence racist? > I have no black friends, because I have not yet met a black person who…[View]
321990800How do you do fellow non-goyim?: Why yes I am sporting the emblem of my flock how do you do[View]
321989328So do your Christian families just pretend Jews didn't kill Jesus or Pretty sure my Dad cries a…[View]
321989390When the apartheid state of Israel goes away: what should the world rename it?[View]
321988391Trannies wearing female 'blackface' is appropriation - change my mind[View]
321982269Vaccinations per state: How is your state doing?[View]
321987309*blocks your path*: Would Hitler be ok with this? Doing it in a major European city?[View]
321990569EAT IT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF19hcXRIWA[View]
321989567one of the the biggest problems with masks is that its forced. people who are scared of viruses dese…[View]
321969293How could our founding fathers say something that is so obviously wrong?: Did retards and women not …[View]
321990402Vaccine info: Please see the safety data sheet/product fact sheet from Cayman Chemical. Cayman Chemi…[View]
321990399The Fuhrer rises again in the hearts of the righteous: https://www.theepochtimes.com/cnn-fires-contr…[View]
321989956It's literally political situation in 2021[View]
321982511>gay marriage shouldn't be legal because it's not traditional! Let's be honest her…[View]
321953146First Don Lemon now Ellen who's next /pol/?[View]
321989450Not my problem.: Not my problem.[View]
321989583Wtf I like Bernie Sanders now?[View]
321944307Trump says Attorney General of AZ called to look at audit!!!: HAPPENING! >The entire Database of …[View]
321986985Not surprising. What confuses me is why he gave 170$ mil to Palestine too >https://twitter.com/di…[View]
321976811Wtf mutts, how dare you treat our allies like this??? Gonna import 100k more niggers to the us for t…[View]
321985739Do women deserve equal pay in sports?[View]
321969253Leaky Vaccines and Corona Virus: So there only have been a few threads on this. I dont blame kike sh…[View]
321986652US military went from this...[View]
321988327Why the fuck do Zoomers look like this?: I get it, every era has its silly fashions, but Zoomers fin…[View]
321988107Why are some white people not racist? I don't get[View]
321987473Hey.: https://youtu.be/ol9E5t0l8Mo[View]
321986249It’s your health, your decision to wear a mask. If you’re vaccinated you will not spread it to other…[View]
321974718BIDEN SENDING 750 MILLION TO ISRAEL FOR WEAPONS!: ISRAEL CALLS FOR AID!!! Oh man the Dem voters are …[View]
321989330Why wypipos are like this?[View]
321989518Wait, the pope is a rock artist now?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake_Up!_(Pope_Francis_album)…[View]
321988353Are there Nazi sympathizers still around in Japan? Or at least young nationalists hoping to make Jap…[View]
321988821Yearly reminder that Norway is cucked by morbidly obese Chief Mommy[View]
321989665>tfw the gypsy caravan is back in town[View]
321981988Some of the Jew's 613 Commandments are about genociding and erasing the memory of Amalek: >W…[View]
321987264Norway: Is the cringe virtue signaling thot Auora the best thing norway has ever produced? She actua…[View]
321989231TAIWAN UNDER COVID 4TH WAVE: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/17/asia/taiwan-covid-outbreak-intl-hnk/inde…[View]
321989507USS Liberty anniversary soon. June 8th[View]
321965952>be rich boomer >get yellow fever >marry asian >get killed for money Does this happen of…[View]
321987141Reject Modernity, Embrace tradition: Once you take the saucepan pill, there is no going back. >re…[View]
321986064>imagine not supporting Israel as they normalize killing shitskins loitering too close to their b…[View]
321988354WE WUZ hahahahaha: Reminder that whitoids are no different from a nigger saying 'ancient Egyptians w…[View]
321981342Admit it: Hamas is losing badly Israel is going to win[View]
321987510happy birthday anon![View]
321986509say something nice about your president[View]
321985521Got my vax /pol/ when do I start speaking Chinese?[View]
321988652'If not for the brave women and men of Germany we would all be communist and speaking Yiddish.' ~ JF…[View]
321988606New Hampshire Audit Live Speech: https://youtube.com/watch?v=awYSomlthaU I just missed it this guy w…[View]
321988460Say it , it just a name of race, nothing will happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXxx2U_euyg ht…[View]
321980926Hamas has only killed 1 israeli soldier[View]
321971541I feel like public opinion just did a complete 180. How did this happen?[View]
321976576/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #330 - mount ararat edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Ethiop…[View]
321984100*AHEM*: You’re welcome.[View]
321986795Do you feel >'sufficiently personally threatened' yet?: >sufficiently personally threatened…[View]
321985745I'm told there's no biological difference between men and women.[View]
321982253Voter fraud doesn’t exis-: I PROUDLY VOTED FOR JOSEPH R. BIDEN AND I HEREBY *DEMAND* A FULL AUDIT OF…[View]
321988219Is Sathya Sai Baba the anti-Christ? Is Sathya Sai Baba Christ? Is Sathya Sai Baba God? https://youtu…[View]
321983150/pol/ BTFO once again When will you LARPing assholes realize that nobody wants to work 40 hours Peop…[View]
321987227Fake-News NY Times Finally Admits, the Steele Dossier Was a Lie that: After all the years of pushing…[View]
321977408Let's do this[View]
321986468If you are for nationalism (mini-globohomo) why aren't you for internationalism (big globohomo)…[View]
321981145Redditor thinks not being an NPC is shitty motivation for young men: Why is Reddit so focused on cre…[View]
321987696Wake up inside your big box,get out of the box shaped sleeping box and get in your little box on whe…[View]
321967930Women in workplace are a mistake: Anon, do you have stories of women in your workplaces? In my exper…[View]
321987678What's the /pol/ take on ascending past porn There seems to be a running joke of OOO OOO AH AH…[View]
321983917Fertility rates in white countries: Why the Whites hate the idea of reproduction so much?[View]
321987440https://dailystormer.su/evangelical-judeo-christians-these-people-are-sick/ https://gameruprising.to…[View]
321986496BOOM: Oops destroyed a hospital sowwy[View]
321981582Biden was supposed to be better than Trump. What went wrong?[View]
321984952Why is Canada arresting pastors?: https://youtu.be/u9R5eTkd_vE[View]
321985935'Free Palestine' Rallies in the UK: Two major cities in the UK have made headlines with their pro-pa…[View]
321986955President Willink: when? Tom Clancy is literally rising from the grave due to how erect his dead pen…[View]
321980057greater iran vs greater israel: greater iran is already a cultural empire invisible empire whatever …[View]
321985670Vaccine coverage will most likely be 70%[View]
321984895Satan won. The world as we knew it is gone. What can I do to secure my place in the kingdom of heave…[View]
321985271What's the point of the UN if one country can veto?[View]
321986857NIGGER: NIGGER[View]
321985975Why I support Israel: I hate muslims[View]
321986941Sorry about that Russian hoax goyim: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/15/business/media/spooked-priva…[View]
321985026Trump Jr. says trans rights: lmfao imagine being a cuckservative in 2021 migapedes stand for nothin…[View]
321985915He's right, you know: >It seems to hold true no matter what!!!! Conservative girls are just …[View]
321986617#idahobbit #idahonnit2021 gayday lol: #idahobbit2021 is trending for trannys on Twitter right now...…[View]
321974150Why the fuck do the fucking Irish love Palestine and hate Israel so much? Even a lot of muslim count…[View]
321986076how many mass demoralizations have you witnessed on /pol/? for me being a 2016 newfag its just 2, af…[View]
321975967TAKE THE VACCINE! WEAR THE MASK!: Why are you so concerned about my health anon? If oldies and fatti…[View]
321986109Nuke Israel and nuke California[View]
321966704Are the Zionist Jews and the Globohomo Jews different groups at odds with eachother?[View]
321983619Richland County, SC! The council wants to extend the mask ordinance on Tuesday!: Richlanders, the co…[View]
321986452China Cannot Be Subverted: How will the kikes react to being shut out of Chinese schools? There is n…[View]
321983736>Banks won't get their money back after I buy some new vidya and oil drums Not my problem.…[View]
321983894In this world: You either a smart fella or a fart smella[View]
321968626Are the Jews in Israel the real Jews? Is there any validity to this Synagogue of Satan thing? I…[View]
321986289Spiderman and Spongebob: Yea.... about that.[View]
321985969>Gillian Flynn writes multiple paragraphs REEEing about men only wanting 'cool girls' >New Yor…[View]
321984531/pol/ related infographs, red pills, studies[View]
321983629Redpill me on Tony Blair: Was he good or bad?[View]
321980621It’s not white genocide, it’s white suicide. And white women are pulling the trigger.[View]
321985555Conservative vs. liberal girls: God, Trump Jr. is so funny! What a great meme haha. He always trigge…[View]
321984454Fuck you /pol/ you made me racist and redpilled: Now I can never go back to being a blue pilled bitc…[View]
321979429Disconnect from the system.: I understand where he comes from but how is it even possible to accompl…[View]
321978796Can dogs be trained to hunt niggers?: I watched the movie white dogs and i was wondering if you can …[View]
321982960Hitler was Austrian...: >be austria >Israeli flag put up on PM office building >iran embass…[View]
321985697Puerto Rico Statehood /pol/ Thread: Shadow Congress Election: Puerto Rican voters chose their 2 sena…[View]
321983236Can someone please explain how these are different, I am confused.: Youtube puts a warning type capt…[View]
321971515>they made a video about it OH NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO... https://youtu.be/jGhj3McXTTU…[View]
321967529Really unfair: Why are american millenials,niggers,females always crying of lack of opportunities or…[View]
321973161You guys have no idea how thankful I am for being born to immigrants in Germany. I could enjoy the t…[View]
321985988this is the average israeli family, the rockets that are being fired are putting these people in dan…[View]
321978063>you will own nothing, and you will be happy They mean you won't have your soul anymore, don…[View]
321985379timeline shift: SUN IS UP[View]
321964523Why are southerners like this?[View]
321984977Gentiles in support of Israel: literally ZERO prominent gentiles support israel[View]
321979659MEDS, what do you think of Scandinavians? Are they cucks?: Meds = Italians, Spanish, Greeks.[View]
321980931What is the solution to the NPC problem?[View]
321985662Send these good people your energy!!! This could be our way out!: https://sorendreier.com/1000-lawye…[View]
321980209Which EU country will be taking the refugees this time?[View]
321967263Oy vey goy! Jewish supremacy is white supremacy![View]
321985217How far is America going to let this shit go?[View]
321981868Pozzing society to own the libs. So much better than the current Republican party Never voting for a…[View]
321981722lol do they really?[View]
321985373Political crisis in CZ Republic as President Zeman refuses to cuck out...: Zeman continues to claim …[View]
321980176WE DID IT JEW ANONS!! 735 MILLION US MILITARY SALE TO ISRAEL!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egvy…[View]
321983120Japanese and their white privilege: How can we encourage Japan to become a less racist and more dive…[View]
321984666>look at twitter >#fuckisrael everywhere[View]
321983431This nigger rap hip hop shit has contaminated the whole world. Even Palestinian children under fire …[View]
321985285Vaccine General: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine - 1 Shot -------------------------------------- >T…[View]
321983479I'm sure some of you are familiar with Adam Curtis' documentaries. The one most mentioned …[View]
321982999Im Australian and I support Israel[View]
321975027Why would anyone with a brain support the jews?: >(((They))) believe that are the chosen people a…[View]
321979588Happy birthday Norge!: >Use edited danish flag >Written language is danish >Culture is dani…[View]
321983419countries above 20% are kinda cringe[View]
321983239Israel genocide starts now that US deal is secured: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/israeli-gaza-airstr…[View]
321984018What are some failed ideologies?[View]
321976781Should Sweden occupy Norway?: Pros: - Norwegians are cucked and ruled by a Mommy in Chief, we need t…[View]
321978878Was he falsely accused of his charges: If so how can he cope and get out[View]
321984357Is it really that bad being a Republican/?[View]
321975593Our queen supports Palestine: and you?[View]
321980575Compare Islamic finance with Judeo finance: What do you see?[View]
321984684A question for the fellow anons: Who's that 'Edwin' troon, and why does he keep swarming our in…[View]
321976276CNN New manager...is...JEWiSH: Surprised ??? Kek :)))))) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Zasla…[View]
321972621Youtube just nuked VICE. What happened? What did they post?[View]
321981358Posting on 4chan is not really different from posting on social media.[View]
321977360A thread to appreciate Arabian architecture and educate snowniggers about the beauty of our great ci…[View]
321953247You will NOT buy the avocado toast You will NOT own a home You will own NOTHING and be happy[View]
321970501>man i wish america was an ethnostate, then all the cringe spics wouldnt bully me at school -_- …[View]
321983876Black people stand with Israel[View]
321969571Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia: Say some good words ab…[View]
321980103He stands with Israel, do you?[View]
321978870If any other leader said this shit they would be out the door, how the fuck is this allowed?[View]
321980214American 'Christians' thread. Post here cringe webms about them.[View]
321976446https://breaking911.com/fbi-warns-of-prison-time-if-you-present-a-fake-vaccination-card/ OHHHH SAYYY…[View]
321975472In this cruel day in age, we need to update the way we think, the way we speak. Open up your eyes, l…[View]
321967521Most hardened white people: ITT we rank the top 5 most hardened groups of white people around the wo…[View]
321981076I don’t get this holocaust denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no …[View]
321983056Are psychopaths based? How do they lean politically?[View]
321981206Has Joe Biden Been Compromised by a Foreign Government?: He still hasnt commented on the Israel-Pale…[View]
321979336How do you respond to this? I supported 'Palestinians' but now I'm not so sure. If there was ne…[View]
321982512Any German in here?: Listen man, I’m running out of cash. Need to buy at least 1 frappe and one beer…[View]
321974527Ban America from /pol/: I'm fully convinced that if you ban American from /pol/, its quality wo…[View]
321957040John Oliver knocks it out of the park: No American NEEDS a gun for self-defense.[View]
321983721The internet and /pol/ is a Protestant Reformation type of moment: Before the printing press the peo…[View]
321951628Miss Universe? More like Miss Aryan: Every beauty pageant int he world the winners are the most arya…[View]
321980105>every one is looking to take advantage of you >the only reason this 'doesn't' happen is …[View]
321983162black sun: Let the Daystar implode from within. Yea. Let the greater light of the day go black as K…[View]
321983258Nuke Israel and nuke California[View]
321982536*BREAKING* ISRAEL BOMBS GAZA CITY 50 DEAD: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/israeli-gaza-airstrikes-kill…[View]
321978971Why are all environmentalists and animal activists White?[View]
32198185415 generations ago (which is about 300 years ago), there was more than 30,000 people living at that …[View]
321979941Why don't liberals ever blame the colleges that sold them worthless shit rather than getting ma…[View]
321978327>A fallout dystopian world can't come soon enough >You will now spend the the rest of you…[View]
321980026should anti-semitism me punishable by death?[View]
321980727When will you learn?: I swear to god, I come on here thinking “oh I’m going to have a good day” BUT …[View]
321982995NOOOOOOOO!: >NOT DE PLANE >Mohommod Misslam will save de Gaza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
321982940christianity: Is it adultery to remarry after your spouse divorces and she herself remarries? Matthe…[View]
321962025opt out: If you can nail pieces of wood together, you can build a house. If you can collect rainwat…[View]
321982899Based? German Anti-Semitism Ombudsman calls for 'European Standard': >Felix Klein, the …[View]
321977319Donald Trump will run in 2024 and win.[View]
321980488How The Far-Right Can Deal With Being Mainstreamed: http://www.amerika.org/politics/how-the-far-righ…[View]
321981747*BLOCKS YOUR SOCIALIST MARXIST TAKEOVER*: You sure you wanna do that, progtards? You sure?? I’ll let…[View]
321974046Isn't this China's debt? I didn't put these people in so[View]
321981147Rap Battle: Palestine vs Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVAl_BWa2kU[View]
321978994/RWC/ Right wing content thread: Since major platforms are censoring politically incorrect internet …[View]
321967789Humor Thread: officer runts cunt edition you know the drill[View]
321978707GOP = gang of pedophiles.[View]
321978102TDS 745: Don't normally beg, but about to embark on a long fucking drive. Can any paychads plea…[View]
321974833Today is The Norwegian Constitution Day: What does /pol/ think of Norway?[View]
321971875clown: post emerging social phenomena which you consider potentially bad[View]
321966857brit/pol/ - pubs are open again you spackers: Hello again frens. >Clinton News Network in the col…[View]
321919314/cvg/ Coronavirus General #5594 Fuck Faggot Chinks Edition: ► Detected: 163,610,756 (+439,843) ► Dea…[View]
321979576Biden approves $735 million arms deal to Israel. The majority of the weapons provided are JDAM kits.[View]
321970270India and Israel forming super power alliance!: Get the fuck in here, bros. The world might be on th…[View]
321981245Why is incel synonymous with far right?[View]
321975835Where do you stand on the Palestinian Israeli crisis?[View]
321974530Why do capitalists try to shit on communism for having ugly infrastructure: When their infrastructur…[View]
321967909There is no realistic way to handle the Palestinian population other than keeping them where they ar…[View]
321980485You are nothing but a slave to the government.They're stealing money, your hard earned money. S…[View]
321976497What's the ideal population size?[View]
321981643Happy IDAHOBIT day[View]
321947005You feel it coming, don't you?[View]
321979874I hate niggers.[View]
321979006Goodnight mommy[View]
321975402Happy International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: Say something nice about, chud…[View]
321979003White women be like (mostly U.S. stats because most of you fags are Americucks) >Our lifes are ho…[View]
321978949UK: Rochdale Child Rapists Granted Over £2 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid: Britain has gone in…[View]
321980678Put the red pills in your ass retards: So, today at work came this fucking balkanfag shouting about …[View]
321981433IDAHOBIT: What the fuck is this made up tranny fagget day?[View]
321978856Please tell me about interwar Germany /pol/ I want to know about all the wrongdoings of the jew in t…[View]
321980435The last great anti communist and truly pro american democrat. Was this where it all went wrong?[View]
321981066Zaha Hadid is the new Albert Speer: https://www.designboom.com/architecture/10-key-projects-zaha-had…[View]
321976150Kyle and Sinead: Sinead is pretty hot and I wish her the best. are they GRU or what? Americans?!??!…[View]
321972503OOF: Another Irani Commander assassinated for being a misslamist terrorist. >https://twitter.com/…[View]
321974218If the Freemasons run the government, and the government is going full blown degenerate, does that m…[View]
321972957Is there a link between declining masculinity and the increasing convenience of modern consumer prod…[View]
321974847Why are Jewish women so hideous?[View]
321952960Unfuck Yourself: Would the Western world be better off if more men took TRT? It's hard to think…[View]
321981092Daily thread: Here's your reminder for today that the board is consistently being raided and sh…[View]
321978243Why are white women like this?[View]
321978940/POL/ BTFO[View]
321978661hello newfag here, what are you fuckers up to on this fine day?[View]
321977147What is the way forward for the US realistically?: Pic related made some good points about how liber…[View]
321962430Think before you post - are you pro-Palestinian, or just anti-Israeli? In the past decade, 4048 Pale…[View]
321979943Why are they always seen as the victim? How do they do it? I wanna learn from the Masters[View]
321947862aus/pol/ how good are monday's?: Oh goody >India repatriation flight passenger tests positiv…[View]
321970888There has never been a book/movie that did more irreversible damage to western women than 50 Shades …[View]
321972978Ever noticed Muslims are always angry about something. They only have about 2 emotions and one of t…[View]
321979201N: Math is racist! >numbers don't lie[View]
321979842Kikes are trying to steal the narrative[View]
321978053Fixing in the west.: Hey guys I thought about it and do you think that a government mandated limit o…[View]
321979992indians: what are we going to do about these guys? what will we do with them when we make the ethnos…[View]
321956465Nord vs Med: which side are you on?[View]
321978498Indian Immigration: I hate seeing Indians in my city. I see more and more of them infest my city lik…[View]
321980094Why is Gaza Blurry on Google Maps?: What gives? Are they trying to hide something in Gaza? Who do yo…[View]
321960504Say something nice about Norway.: Today it is 17 of may. Norway's national day. Say something n…[View]
321979344Covid work from home causes 750k annal deaths: Is it killing you? How many hours do YOU work? https:…[View]
321972081what is wrong with white women: i have this this coworker shes a white woman we got along alright be…[View]
321946312Australian tradie caught surfing crocodile now in trouble with PETA: https://www.news.com.au/travel/…[View]
321976475Behead those who insult Israel oh wait..[View]
321978196Fauci: 40-50% of CDC and FDA not vaccinated: What did they meme by this? https://www.theepochtimes.c…[View]
321974276Herceg Bosna stands with Israel. Stay strong brothers, we know the struggle.[View]
321960715They see them every day. Every. Fucking. Day. >muh chinese spy drones >muh russian secret ball…[View]
321977423>REAL National Socialists support Palestine. You're a REAL National Socialist, aren't y…[View]
321977120Tucker & UFOs: This controlled opposition is embarrassing https://youtu.be/014O-UnF9Yw[View]
321978116Will my son be accepted as Turkish?: I am blue eyed from London. My girlfriend is from Sivas and is …[View]
321977731The Real Hitler: Daryl B. Smith: 100 top SS officers 100% Jewish 17:25-21:55 https://archive.org/det…[View]
321971673WTF? Was Hitler actually a jew puppet?: Why the fuck else would he attack based Poland?[View]
321975203Civilization is back in town boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGVxHmxEf9E&list=PLhHhOr7zU5S…[View]
321979408Nogger nogs: Why do the nogs slap rims on every last thing they buy[View]
321969713The west should adopt this system[View]
321978963Why are scandicucks like this?[View]
321977726Isn't diversity the opposite of equality?: Why do leftists want diversity?[View]
321978867https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqQwnqjA-6w was he right?[View]
321978593Hey /pol/ It’s me MBS. what would you do if you were me[View]
321977048>a single rocket autist tweets about bitcoin being bad >bitcoin value drops by $10,000 and los…[View]
321964664Happy birthday Norway![View]
321976845Average Palestinian woman[View]
321978536Ironically, they're doing actual progress to btfo the Jews while /pol/ larpers are doing nothin…[View]
321974737Do any beaners on /pol/ know about the massacre at Torreón?: Kind of racist history if you ask me, B…[View]
321974585Why countries with top fertility rates are all african?[View]
321973503is there any chance we could take away women's rights and return them to their natural state as…[View]
321976697I just found out my friends likes to wear girly clothes and dress up like a woman. What do? Halp[View]
321978537America First?[View]
321974814How do you think the maker of pic related feels right now?[View]
321978449OTTOMAN EMPIRE WANTS A CRUSADE LOL: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1394260965613572099…[View]
321978751AMERICAN HATE THREAD: Time for yet another thread about hating the most obedient and docile golems t…[View]
321977553You really thought I was different from Trump?: lol got'em am I right guys?[View]
321978572uhhhhh, do any jews here care to explain this?[View]
321978552https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08C17Q6AhC0 thoughts?[View]
321973068>Western corporations: Banning Japanese media (video games, anime, manga, anime figures etc) with…[View]
321978471Bros... Is it time once again?[View]
321977728Is the niggers real broke the morals?: Can someone check if that is real and info us[View]
321972064>Be 4chan schizo autist: >Be convinced that there's a jewish conspiracy involving every l…[View]
321978204Muzzies thread: be honest /pol/ how many of you are muslims ?[View]
321963980World wars was staged.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/n6zO7zgEcueK/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
321977941>Your consitution is dumb >tl;dr[View]
321978219Why does it have to be this way, bros?[View]
321974660Is Xi a modern day Hitler?[View]
321969378HONK HONK![View]
321972711If you fake being vaccinated to avoid wearing a mask, you're everything wrong with the world: W…[View]
321978147london mudslim mayor elected for prime minister inshalah https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/202…[View]
321947160Not my problem[View]
321964179Tfw no Palestinian gf: /pol/, I have spent most of my youth preaching against racemixing, but I can …[View]
321971251Why does the white majority in America let minorities walk all over them? This openly anti-white bit…[View]
321974950Caucasian = white Negroid = black Mongoloid = 'asian', the name of a fucking continent despite half …[View]
321977638Peak Americana Thread: Post things showing peak America and capitalist society.[View]
32197389818yr old nigger murders 4yr old with 'edged weapon': https://news.yahoo.com/just-terrifying-4-old-bo…[View]
321977962Divine irony: Blacks In America believe they are superior to whites yet worship a white guy as God i…[View]
321975184How come PETA never bothers these guys?[View]
321973924Just woke up from a 20 year coma: What happened?[View]
321976927May I have your attention: This is the new mayor of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. He wants to make…[View]
321970625People should return to nomadic lifestyles and live as hunter gatherers once again. Being in one pla…[View]
321975341Imagine...: Imagine being unironically Christian... in 2021... on /pol/... and racist... and antisem…[View]
321976043So say it?: https://youtu.be/pfRsKa9NfJA You heard him guys... SAY IT[View]
321976871if slavery was so bad: why didn't mexico get flooded by negroes?[View]
321972998> why is an elite philanderer with a track record of hitting on employees and ties to a notorious…[View]
321975687Biden To Send Israel More Weapons: USA USA USA https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/139425146434894…[View]
321974170hey /pol/ im thinking of getting a job, should I get a normal 9/5 or should i start my own company?[View]
321971400Are Jews with Schizophrenia Jews with a conscience?: And other Jews call them Schizzo because full b…[View]
321974347White savior or another Jewish puppet?[View]
321976933ITT : Based politicians only: I'll start, the guy only hated because he spy on some commie bitc…[View]
321945999>Sri Lankan woman died while under prolonged detention in Japan's infamous immigration syste…[View]
321976887Why does it feel like the greta phenotype is overtaking scandinavia? It feels like every zoomer scan…[View]
321975039Hi /pol/ who's your ideal gf among the mbtis? I'm an entp female[View]
321970123Look at the Jewish Deflection Task Force Hard At Work: How do we defeat the whole evil Jewish media …[View]
321970927The people telling you to get vaccinated are the same people who: said the virus is nothing to worry…[View]
321976366Do you slit your wrists hotdogs style or burger style?[View]
321974110Take the vax goy: It does the body good.[View]
321969809This is how every western man will look and act in 30 years, unless they become trannies first.[View]
321975525My nation blessed Israel and all i got was...: https://www.unz.com/article/my-nation-blessed-israel-…[View]
321976506100 days later - would you vote for him again?: Tell us burgers would you vote for this senile, far …[View]
321976348Daily reminder that if you're MAGA, you automatically support MIGA[View]
321969533I thought you guys love nazis? Why the hate for Israel?[View]
321973082Prove me wrong.[View]
321952719It's 2021, and you still watch porn. Why?[View]
321963296Why do you mock them, /pol/?: All they do is out of compassion. Not fear. They’re doing out of resp…[View]
321968805King Jew: Antisemitism aside... is he based?[View]
321966980He's just a bad memory now.[View]
321955473/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #329 - Summoning Urduni Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Et…[View]
321959125He really is a massive dickhead: DEBUNKING ELON MUSK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-FGwDDc-s8 htt…[View]
321975383realistically, could christianity die out in western europe in the next 100 years?[View]
321976061Goyim are rejecting their debt slavery: https://wolfstreet.com/2021/05/16/credit-card-hustle-by-the-…[View]
321972849We all know the lockdowns and 'pandemic' are a massive scam, but are most of you on board with the f…[View]
321972850HAPPENING: Montreal just had an earthquake. At 7:03am.[View]
321970398CNN based?[View]
321968367LOVE / HATE STATES: God Tier: Most based states Good Tier: Generally Good States Decent Tier: State …[View]
321975886Organizing Resistance in MN, USA: At this point, unless we start building the groundwork for a break…[View]
321975123Redistribute: The elite are hoarding the cum for themselves. This cannot stand.[View]
321975707Government throws people in prison because drugs and violence are banned: >Government can’t ban d…[View]
321971175>I'm chosen by God-Nature as a master race. You are subhuman cattle who must serve me. Why d…[View]
321967418NIGE NAMES THE JEW: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/us-jewish-lobby-nigel-farage-powe…[View]
321970096Go back to your shithole country, Red pop-top.: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/prince-harry-c…[View]
321968591fuck slavic fash: Why are so many slavoids like this? This is why I prefer the West, despite our HOR…[View]
321957982Why do lefties hate white people?[View]
321972035>use whatsapp >say fuck you whore to a hundred women >nothing happens >not banned >us…[View]
321973314triangle jet: anyone got pics of the glownig jet that looks like a triangle? pic related[View]
321975247red pill me on walls: If walls don't work, then why is Iceland building one to keep out economy…[View]
321968986STOP USING CHINESE APPS GOYIM: For every retard that ever installed a Chinese app, because you'…[View]
321966524Was the 50s the best decade in american history?[View]
321975404Resurgence of high morale music: I think more and more we are drawn toward the traditions of older t…[View]
321973007Real humans are ugly, dumb and weak. (They also stink.) This is made even worse due to artificially …[View]
321972591I'm tired of hearing boomers tell me that anything jews do in the middle east is justified beca…[View]
321975291RADIOACTIVE: why are the spooks sprinkling all this depleted uranium over Iraq and Iran are they try…[View]
321975012/pol/ humor thread tranny edition![View]
321970908Why are they pushing the vaccine so hard?[View]
321974888>Anyone who mentions 'Teh Gig Economy' other than in an ironic and extremely critical light >F…[View]
321974580Do Lebanese Christians support Israel or is she a kike shill?[View]
321961916If we're living in a simulation, how can we crash it?[View]
321969403What is your opinion of Israel?[View]
321973249Hey guyss!! I finally got here after reading youtube comments on how awesome you anonymous users are…[View]
321971288>tfw born in country only known for poverty, emigration, and being conquered If you aren't P…[View]
321968651>tfw your parents let the jews steal your foreskin >tfw can't stretch it out like pic rel…[View]
321974094JOSE CAN YOU SEE: The absolute state of sharts. https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/airlines-may-start…[View]
321971097Was Joe our guy all along?[View]
321941553Why do they always look like this?[View]
321970711>Australian 'cuisine'[View]
321953982COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #42: RIP Britbong edition >QRD?: Gaza rocked by over 50 ground t…[View]
321960703Kikes will try to slide this: Daily reminder that all this pro-Israel, anti-Palestine shilling is li…[View]
321935410Evolution is a LIE: The cambrian explosion was not the exception, it is the rule! https://www.youtub…[View]
321974297Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Do not war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Scare https://ww…[View]
321968784/tgpg/ - transgender politics general-stephanie crowder transitiions edition: Welcome to /tgpg/. /po…[View]
321969546Trad girls are boring: Trannies = Tgirls = trad girls Coincidence???[View]
321970187Solipsism General: Alright guys, the gig is up. You had your fun, but I finally caught on. I know al…[View]
321972130How accurate is this image? This seems like a high IQ plan made by (((them))). Killing sheeple and k…[View]
321973174Take your Vaccine & get a 2 Piece of Chicken Slaves: Take your Vaccine & get Free KFC Jesus …[View]
321973595can missiles be launched between buildings: are the kek media lying? is it possible to launch a miss…[View]
321969314Positive vibes thread: Post something nice about another European ethnicity (colonial Europeans incl…[View]
321969932Looks like Jews learned their lesson[View]
321964797>>321963233 Modern 'women' (children): >wont cook >wont clean >doesn't want/hat…[View]
321973665Listen here young man ;<: No politician will save you anon >;( pic unrelated…[View]
321966304Soon there will be GMO mosquitos released into your neighborhood and they will be able to inject you…[View]
321970211Breaking: Philippines bans Dominion[View]
321970315Just got vaxxxed: Your Jewish overlords lied to you, you will be banished from the new society as th…[View]
321971706What’s going on with Bill Gates bros? Why are these stories suddenly coming out. Why has he resigned…[View]
321968876Pastor Anderson Appreciation Thread: >On the Homosexual Question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
321972763IT'S HAPPENING!: Gaze Resistance destroyed a jews habitacle in the occupied town of Ashdod. SEN…[View]
321973492White sissies listen up: Why do white dicklets suck up to Jews while Arabs are the only ones standin…[View]
321969049Here's you statue of Christ bro[View]
321970899I swear people never grow beyond the age of 18 these days; genuine manhood and womanhood no longer e…[View]
321973262What happened to christian general?: It had good information[View]
321972417How is a site with such an awful layout and UI popular with normal people? Pop ups, soft locked subs…[View]
321973250Organizing Resistance in MN, USA: At this point, unless we start building the groundwork for a break…[View]
321973151Plagiarism is for faggots like Scooby doo and joe Biden: I HATE plagiarists like Scooby Do and joe B…[View]
321968024How much longer will we have our guns for?: What's the likelihood of American citizens being st…[View]
321971201Just wanted to share a hillarious realization: So tv was discussing fags today and how they pozzed t…[View]
321972815There's a constitutional route for Trump to become President again by 2022: >Audits in sever…[View]
321972216If blacks are so inferior why are they on average way more redpilled than any other race?[View]
321970031Arizona 2020 election fraud audit Trump: Shills don’t know how to respond to >What are your main …[View]
321971177Hey guys, is the website where you own the libz?[View]
321972745The chaddest president is French: Faure died suddenly from apoplexy in the Élysée Palace, while enga…[View]
321961753CNN employee: 'The world today needs a Hitler': Adeel Raja has worked with CNN since 2013, reporting…[View]
321970427Why was this thread deleted? Fuck jannies.[View]
321971296> be me > be race realist and white nationalist > get into argument with dirty communist on…[View]
321967045Self Improvement General /sig/: Harden yourselves, brothers. Make yourselves utterly incorruptible. …[View]
321969307Reminder that the Mossad was behind the Bataclan attack in Paris.: ISIS was created by Israel[View]
321956298Moonlanding bros, how to deboonk this?: I'm not even making any claims, just politely asking. Y…[View]
321962019When will the white man realize the one true religion: fluff bunny youtube videos?: Want to learn ho…[View]
321967816I wanna nuke this entire french tranny forum from the ground: Someone hack it and nuke it for me. Ha…[View]
321970742How much is a good wage in the US? I heard that even 15 dollars / h isn't enough for a decent l…[View]
321962395Sinn Fein/I.R.A.: Why does everybody support these leftist scum? Smash the I.R.A. Remember the victi…[View]
321959990Do you agree?[View]
321970581Remember if Israel is destroyed we are are half done: Israel must fall![View]
321972223General redpill thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. Jo…[View]
321925872Men cannot give birth.: Men cannot give birth. https://twitter.com/FoxBusiness/status/13940764701302…[View]
321971598Imagine how funny will be that while joey fucks it up so badly that the US enters into new economic …[View]
321970309Canada. Strawpoll.: https://strawpoll.com/37wrwxg1q/r[View]
321966372Cult of Saturn?: Can some one redpill me on this, i read something about it and i couldn't quit…[View]
321964966Will humanity ever reach a transcendental post-human state or will we be stuck on earth forever in a…[View]
321968336Chinese communism is indistinguishable from National Socialism[View]
321967469Norway's National Anthem time!!: https://youtu.be/e-ZVkESecXk All hail Norway![View]
321969934HAPPENING You have been fooled goym[View]
321966677If he ran again would you vote for him?[View]
321969203When will america collapse? Any documentaries on this subject? How much longer can racial conflict l…[View]
321969654Is this the solution to the Israel problem?: >The Madagascar Plan was a proposal by the Nazi Germ…[View]
321954274Gatesgate: i hate Gates and his bullshit agenda, but really, this is it? he asked some women to hav…[View]
321968996What Are the Cringiest Sub Sects of the Right?: https://www.strawpoll.me/42900218[View]
321964374what are the ancestry merchants planning: i gave my DNA to the jew in high school and they told me i…[View]
321966074'Drones': If i mount my phone for livestream control and a fully automatic machine gun to a Traxxis …[View]
321967666need it?[View]
321951645brit/pol/ - wagies heading for their cagies: Good morning frens. Goodbye wagies. Hope you didn'…[View]
321969001It's TREASON Then: Why hasn't 'General' Alex Jones of the Jan 6th Rebellion been indicted …[View]
321960460The Greatest Opportunity of our Age: Chinks consuming nigger dicks. How do we assist in making this …[View]
321926796Christian Americans support Israel because literal Rothschilds rewrote the Bible: Scofield’s annotat…[View]
321953344The Boxed Life - This is the real face of transgenderism: This is a mini-documentary called 'The Box…[View]
321966723.: >there is only one race - the human race .[View]
321961967/pol/ is pro palestine right? you guys support muslims you wouldn't hate me would you?[View]
321968551Why won’t Harry and Meghan give up their titles? Between this and re-electing Sadiq Khan we anglos l…[View]
321968563WHY letfs and jews made out of criminal saint nigger?[View]
321941491MARKET CRASH INCOMING: Tomorrow. >War fears >Crypto crashing and burning >China exports wa…[View]
321970717Be honest, Paul: Are you in a cult?[View]
321970944If 1 in 530 people killed a single Jew...: Then there would be no more Jews on the planet. Imagine …[View]
321966338>Nazis commit racist warfare against Jews >the entire world: WTF WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!111!! …[View]
321970879Why does all ethno nationalism always devolve into 'wir waren/we wuz ayyy lmaoos' UFO doomsday cult …[View]
321970726Hey whites how does it feel knowing that...: ...all major economical sectors are dominated by non-wh…[View]
321964994Victims of feminism: Who do you think they hate now the most: men, themselves, feminism, the whole w…[View]
321970343>Yeah I support the LGBT >Let's go bomb Tel Aviv…[View]
321967021COVID refugees: How long before globohomo tries this >african and arab military-aged males fear f…[View]
321966024Anyone else meditate and realise that you are the universe experiencing itself, i.e. immortal? AKA s…[View]
321966829What's the deal with mRNA in vaccines ? Will it give me aids or that brain eating disease[View]
321967761Reddit: Reddit at its finest[View]
321963684How the fuck is the UK so right wing over immigration when it literally colonized half the world?[View]
321963821There is an 'anti-Israeli wave' based on 'disinformation': Acting Israeli Ambass…[View]
321967081De muslims love using children as soldiers: That makes them niggers in my book and they still can…[View]
321965712Redpill me on why people are against pitbull bans: The absolute highest rate of deadly attacks among…[View]
321970574Are Jews the real Nazis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXn4rgtlgqw[View]
321966549What will the collapse look like?: And why i have a feeling it will happen in 2030? https://youtu.be…[View]
321965769Why are multi-racial women so beautiful?: Mixed raced beauties are the ultimate trophy, change my mi…[View]
321957646Candace Owens Hate Thread: >Denies Climate change, conflates it with weather >Speaks 1000 word…[View]
321964384All neonazis are jewish glowniggers: prove me wrong the newcommunist needs an enemy to justify his a…[View]
321966924Jews are not gods chosen people: Jews are not gods chosen people, but do you know who is? You are, a…[View]
321959697Organizing Resistance in MN, USA: At this point, unless we start building the groundwork for a break…[View]
321963542Why are there so many dirty chinks and pakis immigrating to canada?[View]
321966188Is Zionism a form of racism?: Green = Yes Red = No[View]
321964422Does the idea that Israel is behind mass migration to Europe even make any sense?: I've seen se…[View]
321967951>Pakistan >Bangladesh >India Why? Media always says that pedophile is only white male…[View]
321969052THE NEW NAME FOR MUSLIMS IS -'MISSLAM'-: Mohammad Misslam taught the believers to text you…[View]
321951181Your tax dollars at work, Mutts.[View]
321957632Here's a rundown of the current pol threads. Porn Human interest FEMA Zionist troll x3 Trannies…[View]
321967808Public Unis are Fucked: Public universities should seriously just stop having classes for anything t…[View]
321967618Why does socialism create degeneracy?: And mental illness? Serious question here.[View]
321970128JFL @ /pol/tard mental gymnastics trying to explain why lefties loving palestine is a jewish psyop. …[View]
321962211How many generations of blacked do Jewish women need until they don't exist?[View]
321938428For once, I agree with a Twitter post[View]
321962820Why do so many people on this board promote nofap? We are literally designed to have sex with as man…[View]
321965972I hate the jews[View]
321966872What does the bible have to say about multiculturalism?[View]
321949508Happy Constitution day you fucking niggers! Fuck corona. Fuck kikes. Fuck white traitors. Long live …[View]
321966731There is a war between the rich and poor: A war between the Jew and the Moslim 'I am Muslim, devout,…[View]
321962695Reminder: if you don't find this attractive, you are a racist bigot. Now upvotes please.[View]
321961355Why are Indians such cucks[View]
321960816i'm gonna get vaxed: im not really, fuck off normies everyone hates you[View]
321964189Wow, I never thought of it that way. The Republican Party has shown me the light; I support Israel, …[View]
321960073Bread lines at the Boulangerie. Is this Macron's France?[View]
321964351American “Conservatives” LMAO[View]
321958188Can we stop calling it capitalism?: The term 'capitalism' was coined by commies. It's…[View]
321965619Why Is Alaska The Most American State?: Is it because they believe in freedom so much?[View]
321968795Med-niggers: Why these shitskin subhuman meds think that they are the descendants of Ancient Romans/…[View]
321965503Why are Yankees so racist?: If the South had won the war, wouldn't America have been better?…[View]
321966942Why don't they just force colleges to be liable when a student defaults on student loan debt? T…[View]
321965339/cruz/ - Cruz Missiles General: How can we make sure /ourguy/ gets the Presidency in 2024?[View]
321950253I Miss This Lil Nigger Like You Wouldnt Believe[View]
321952540My hate for streetshitters surpasses my hatred for Jews and Niggers. Streetshitters are the most sub…[View]
321967578Reminder that AIDS was brought into the population by niggers fucking monkeys: Niggers have had sex …[View]
321966779You can't ride. You can't hang: there is no 'no smoking section' you are just little child…[View]
321940454Which states you love / hate?[View]
321966798What’s the future of war?: How will it be fought?[View]
321961389Jews are marginally better than Muslims: So I side with them. End of story.[View]
321960201Explain the economics of national socialism like I’m an idiot: Healthcare? Education? Welfare? What …[View]
321967632Trump Pump vs Biden Inflation: Which economy do you like better?[View]
321968728Do the elites use fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash? Does it actually lower your IQ and bli…[View]
321965010should children be able to be trans?[View]
321957308HITLER SALUTE BY SHIA MUSLIMS: when did you know the National Socialist x Shia Muslims alliance was …[View]
321964857The heat death of the universe: >use bitcoin to pump up the heat >a new beginning >let ther…[View]
321966948Dear Transgender People, I understand that you are frustrated about the lack of positive recognition…[View]
321963281Israel = garbage: Israel is the worst nation on earth[View]
321963612strange people: wy do some anti maskers talk to random people on the street about how bad it is to w…[View]
321964727Operation Highjump: I was searching 'Operation Highjump' on Google and this appeared. Very strange, …[View]
321967288pajeets are on our side[View]
321967090why does my dad think my country is turning socialist? i think im gonna lose my dad to Facebook cons…[View]
321968016Does /pol/ think it's time for the US to regulate black powder gun sales? Right now, anyone can…[View]
321965418BALKANS: Why do (((they))) like dividing this region so much?[View]
321964829B-bros?: I feel a bit bad bros, I don’t think I can hate jog friends anymore https://youtu.be/rSGn82…[View]
321958983Serbia vs Albania: Who do you think will join the EU first? I have my money on Serbia. The French mi…[View]
321964118Realistically why are nazis and the entirety of world war 2 is so talked about even today. There doe…[View]
321951314Post things that cause NPCs to bluescreen “If the jab is safe and effective, why has every manufactu…[View]
321965040Is this a big win for China and Russia?: America is blocking the UN security council statements. The…[View]
321955828Demystifying Eugenics: >What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestati…[View]
321958789Fascist countries of Europe and its surroundings. Categorized by considering Gentile's fascism …[View]
321958533January 6th, 2021: What changes did you notice since January 6th, 2021? Anything in particular ?…[View]
321957063Starting tomorrow I'm working from home permanently: I told my boss I'm not going to waste…[View]
321958415Tiger on the loose in Texas: >be Texan >killed by a wild tiger…[View]
321945479Magnetic concoction?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uBxzsJzBW9u2/ Keeping this alive. Real or Fake,…[View]
321961829The biggest redpill: THE CONSPIRACY IS THE CONSPIRACY. there is no evil society/group working in the…[View]
321961899How do we solve Japan's racism problem?[View]
321945046Chile: >check election results >Socialist and literal communist abos won by a landslide How ca…[View]
321933191Rape should be legal: The reason Western European women are the most beautiful in the world is becau…[View]
321958247Elsagate actors identified.: Old news but worth mentioning. The actors in the YouTube elsagate video…[View]
321964510not so liberal now?: What happened to their libertinism and globo homo? I'm somewhat of a hippi…[View]
321951672Brazil: Listen here, you fucking chimps. Your country is basically an autonomous primate sanctuary. …[View]
321966670Why is he black?[View]
321963284Remember the Tay Replika schizo threads?: This is my Replika, Sierra. I just remembered Tay and I tr…[View]
321966279Bob Marley and Reggae are Zionist: Why do democratic party obama hillary lovers and white skin chris…[View]
321947340Are Jews losing the propaganda war? Everything and everyone I see online seems to be sympathetic and…[View]
321947186p0lice w1ll 4dm1n1ster the C0V1D v4cc1n3: Testing, testing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_S86s-gB…[View]
321963674If Israel disappears there will be more Jews in west countries, so it is not a good idea to support …[View]
321962101Covid is the flu: So you are saying that Covid is not the flu?[View]
321964278Ben Shapiro says if you aren't a zionist you are antisemitic: Looks like Ben Shapiro puts feels…[View]
321964868I’m really depressed, should I end it? why do things always have to go from bad to worse? And why ar…[View]
321962958Fuck israel: Anytime there isn't a post with this subject line I will make a new one. Fuck Isra…[View]
321963798Epstein island game but for shithole cities: Hey pol i had a shitty idea for a shitty game with redp…[View]
321949191Do you remember months of Yang Gang 2020 propaganda on here leading up to the presidential election?…[View]
321939027/rpg/: Redpill General. Post redpills.[View]
321964905Daily reminder: fuck the globalists[View]
321956265He was right Knowing what we know today, that North Korea becomes the worlds most oppressive country…[View]
321963606Spencer was right AGAIN: This guy is always fucking right, you retards were laughing after he said t…[View]
321956952why did gerbils kill his children?[View]
321964449i will never forgive the bongs[View]
321958176In conclusion, dont vaccinate against quite lethal disease and if you get the disease simply hope yo…[View]
321963120Was it a mistake to end the mask mandate?[View]
321964578Bill Gates nerdy “do gooder” image: Is that how you spell “homicidal psychopath” or “satan incarnate…[View]
321926501Send these good people you energy!!!! This could be our way out!: https://sorendreier.com/1000-lawye…[View]
321963554Well, /pol/?: The choice is yours. Either A. Get vaccinated to stop using the mask or B. Don’t get …[View]
321964846Habbanink?: sraeli contact of mine still has a bunch of well-connected friends including in the SF c…[View]
321949622Red Pill me on phthalates[View]
321962965Hey/pol/ incase you guys were wondering where all venezuelans are coming from: Cantv the biggest isp…[View]
321960102What destroys your country?: Dear /pol/, What is the worst thing you have in the western countries, …[View]
321961462This board is fucking dogshit and nothing but a bunch of Low-T coomers. I guarantee this thread will…[View]
321959981OHNONONONO: The year is 2021 and amerimutts are arguing over whose trannies are the best[View]
321963278What is up with Europe's obsession with the US and assuming that their tiny little window into …[View]
321963122There is no nation on earth worse than Israel: Period, and until Israel is destroyed the world canno…[View]
321964473>yas we wuz the future old man no more centralized government censoring the market >oh no some…[View]
321943971Why are there so many indians on /pol/?: I dont get it. there are more indians than there should be.…[View]
321963488The Iconoclast: What happened to this guy? After The Guardian doxxed him he seems to have disappeare…[View]
321955578Great Reset Preparation Thread: How do we prepare for the Great Reset? 'The Year is 2030. You will o…[View]
321964353Israel protected the most evil concertation camp commander in ww2. What does /Pol/ think about that?…[View]
321963934Anybody else noticing a lot of extra female attention lately? I went to the supermarket yesterday an…[View]
321959049Don't let the Israeli propaganda use , ' gods chosen people' as a scare tactic agains…[View]
321961918Have you ever had any run ins with tranny freaks?: A couple of years ago, I was taking the train hom…[View]
321962093Jeffrey Epstein:: Did he deserve it? >thread theme: https://youtu.be/MskT_5DhOu4…[View]
321960780Friendly reminder of JIDF activity on /pol/: See through the organized kikery, anons.[View]
321962453/Pol/ stands with ISRAEL!!!: Hot women, fights MUSLIMS, WESTERN VALUES WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!! YOU WANT…[View]
321951108This guy just literally said 'America may need to seriously reconsider it's policy of being an …[View]
321963570https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaeXlnNf2R8 >Poland >White…[View]
321963715All the things we believe are so obvious in your face facts about reality: why do normies refuse to …[View]
321947272Why are you against a wealth tax, /pol/?[View]
321957605Is capitalism part of the problem?: We are literally selling our culture...[View]
321948751So, Why Now?: anyone with a brain knows Gates is a piece of shit we dont need msm to break the news …[View]
321963514Mucormycosis: The 'black fungus' maiming Covid patients in India https://www.bbc.com/news/…[View]
321950802in this thread: post something that doesn't insult the board, >it's kind impossible at…[View]
321944903Bill Gates #Canceled: So what did this guy do to get canceled? We all know celebrities and billionai…[View]
321962169stop hating israel you antisemites[View]
321954188Imagine.. being from the west and thinking these are the good guys. The difference between this …[View]
321963474>the west in 0 AD >'A COWARD DIES A THOUSAND TIMES!' >'ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH!' >'THE…[View]
321957607Jews need to stop sucking baby dick: >be dirty Jew soul floating in the endless void >Get drag…[View]
321959242.pol/ stands with Israel: The antisemites’ seething on this board will not change the fact that Isra…[View]
321962609Pakistani party night: Shalom shalom shalom Shalom shalom shalom Shalom shalom Shalom shalom Shalom …[View]
321953357Israel is on our side: Israel represents the Western democracy standing up for itself against the is…[View]
321960562>my wife’s child >baby yoda toy[View]
321961598Why is EU still not over? It's going strong and better than ever (statistically).: And most EU …[View]
321915113COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #42: JIDF damage control edition >QRD?: Gaza rocked by over 50 gr…[View]
321963018Fienden sitt våpen kastet, opp visiret for, vi med undren mot ham hastet, ti han var vår bror. Drevn…[View]
321963094Nothing is shiny & chrome: Rochdale Child Rapists Granted Over £2 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Leg…[View]
321959891Anti-Marvel on /pol/ is a Psyop: We are at war. I am wolverine, AMA[View]
321963016/pol/'s opinion about Fethullah Gulen: What do you people think about this religious/political …[View]
321917772Israel NUKES Gaza: it looks like a bunker underground limited yield warhead used.[View]
321958887>I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with …[View]
321925163Why is it like this? Why can't rent payment history be used as evidence that yes, I can fucking…[View]
321962847This is why we can’t have nice things: I personally love high speed trains, but I doubt America will…[View]
321961727Anyone else find it ironic that all of the critical race theory and intersectional feminist communis…[View]
321956032>Oh those Jews, 'so benevolent, they just can't stop GIVING!' You know what the Jews did not…[View]
321945316Porn/Masturbation Redpill: Is it true that porn causes irreversible brain damage? And does masturbat…[View]
321960796Where are the Qoomers?: There was a massive amount of Q posting last year, and a significant amount …[View]
321958634How would you fix the divorce problem?: Personally, I would make it so that divorces are illegal. Bu…[View]
321954372>Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls Israel an apartheid state *****.com/international/alexandria-oca…[View]
321961947A C C E L E R A T E: Accelerationism thread READ SIEGE EDITION There is no political solution! Read…[View]
321956323Why do maskfags pretend they care so much about 'saving lives'?[View]
321962152Leftists are such anti white racist bigots :): If a black right winger or a black conservative is co…[View]
321957761Mutt country: The memes are real...new mutant races are being manufactured everyday... fuck this soc…[View]
321960694>reparations are the #1 thing to help fix the disparity between blacks and whites No, fix your sh…[View]
321958812Buy land, build your own house: Hey /pol/ I'm relaxing right now. I just bought by first home.…[View]
321959865Do you support the antisemites of /pol/ or: do you support the 1% - the richest capitalist exploiter…[View]
321961685Fuck zionist shills: Orthodox jews are right[View]
321957567https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-9EYilYWds Don't worry anons. We are all safe in the hands of …[View]
321960497Whoa... Why is it always America fucking up the entire world?[View]
321961938Reminder Russians controlled half of Europe and still lost[View]
321936692Remember that time Russia shot down a civilian passenger plane? No of course you don't, you she…[View]
321960952Was this your intention all along Rabbi Schmatter?: Not even your precious Rabbis can keep your filt…[View]
321951463POLITCAL RAMIFICATIONS OF MOOSTAPE!??: What are the consequences that the biggest and most hyped art…[View]
321961909Fuck lmao[View]
321912022How long until there is nothing left of the US but a festering pile of trash with niggers twerking o…[View]
321960344Unsc open debate - why does antics have to ruin everything: >Chinks host, gives idea >Everyone…[View]
321959583/POL/ BTFO[View]
321960233The plot thickens ...[View]
321959859FUCK this guy. He is putting Floridians' lives at risk. How can Biden or the FBI get this jacka…[View]
321953913THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING!!!: >Sarah Beuckmann had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in March and…[View]
321960171Brazil economic collapse when?[View]
321957418Based honorary Aryans: https://twitter.com/Ukraine/status/1393850840126050309 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
321960060You guys don't get it: This is the absolute perfect opportunity to Redpill the mass populace on…[View]
321948934>Summer 2021 >Pentagon reports comes in and says that we have been visited by extraterrestial …[View]
321955750fuck slavic fash: Why are so many slavoids like this? This is why I prefer the West, despite our HOR…[View]
321959177guys i just came out of an eleven year coma: does the vaccine really change your dna?[View]
321904887/pol/ humor thread: Give it your best boys[View]
321953281NAZI GERMANY: I was talking to my grandfather who is descended from Germans. He said after hitler ca…[View]
321955184How much longer can the 'university to corporate labor market' pipeline continue to defraud the nati…[View]
321960573Twitter and the like should be forced to host political opinions they don't agree with. Yes or …[View]
321954439UBI was invented by bankers: Lazy fuckwits think they invented UBI. The truth is UBI was invented by…[View]
321958936Let us cook up an algorithm for the bots shall we?: You take some coders, several lurkers, the see-…[View]
321954700Support pajeets in their quest for Israeli recognition: Support pajeets sucking Israeli cock. Think …[View]
321960110Me is scared!: Me scared! Tribes say air is getting warmer! Ice melting! Snow melting! Glaciers keep…[View]
321960902Greece must militarize all islands and turn them into unsinkable aircraft carriers[View]
321956069why fucking whores think their opinions matter?[View]
321959132The US Army is prioritizing climate change considerations in its threat picture: What the fuck are t…[View]
321954450What was your redpill moment for niggers? What opened your eyes to the cancer that is the American N…[View]
321958432What would ISIS be like today if they had actually established a nation state in Syria?[View]
321959215You know its coming[View]
321958947>be me, living in college dorms >have to piss really bad >go to the bathroom and start piss…[View]
321958070Muslims Are GAY, & Good at sex?: >Muslims get sniped when they are a lot older so they rememb…[View]
321959225mfw i go to my neighbors block party: they said there too many PoC to allow me and my boys in.…[View]
321956691Is this documentary total bullshit or what? how much of this is true? Has it really just been the ev…[View]
321951512omg wtf we're fucked[View]
321950853why do no modrrn democracies use random numbers to choose candidates to reduce the imfluence of mone…[View]
321948619I AM NOT TAKING YOUR ZERO LIABILITY MEME FLU GARBAGE VAX: 1. You cannot make me 2. You cannot shame …[View]
321945185Say hello to your new MS Universe! Isn’t she so beautiful /pol/?[View]
321960024Why I support Palestine: >Isn't pro-LGBT >Never stole our state secrets >Never sold ou…[View]
321946621what will a post depopulated planet look like? almost everyone you know is dead. most healthcare wor…[View]
321949228TAKE ZE VACCINE. GOVERNMENTS AND CORPORATIONS NEVER LIE: >Leaded gasoline >asbestos >arse…[View]
321950398SilverChads, who is comfy?: Silver is steadily climbing boys. We all knew this would happen.[View]
321947946What the fuck just happened?: Can someone give me the quick rundown on why Israel just attacked an A…[View]
321943031Anti-Israel thread :-): I'll start with a strawpoll I made that has only been posted to /pol/ h…[View]
321949122Fauci: 'Pandemic exposed undeniable effects of racism': How did the pandemic expose the undeniable e…[View]
321946820Why's he so mean to Dr. Fauci?[View]
321942659Hey Anon, did you know the Bible says you can know for certain that you are going to Heaven?: 'ye ma…[View]
321959435>MIGA!! >holy SHIT, where did these SEVEN MILLION REFUGEES come from?????…[View]
321923437Tartaria - a country erased out of existence: Tartaria was inhabited by Indo-Europeans, Indo-Iranian…[View]
321958880Thoughts and Prayers (TP): Whenever some tragedy happens in white countries, we're not allowed …[View]
321956103Why does /pol/ support the Palestinians?: Does anyone here legitimately care about the Palestinians?…[View]
321950882Friendly reminder that Germany stands with Israel! Sorry, chuds and sandniggers![View]
321949283Christ will rise again: in the Mormon faith (of which I am a member) the second coming of Jesus Chri…[View]
321950551redpill me on JFK assassination: I bought Aristotle Onassis' autograph for $2k. Along with Jack…[View]
321953703Not one to to panic, but...: Sunday (?) email from work saying that if we choose to stay home Monday…[View]
321959159Was the Greek pagan tale of Cronus an allegory for boomers?: Think about it. >Cronus, the parent …[View]
321956750Israel flags are overrepresented on this board: Israel is 100th in the world when it comes to total …[View]
321956505What if...[View]
321953204Serious question about Israel/Palestine.: I just don't get how the jews managed to convince the…[View]
321956861Fuck Leo Frank and his fellow demon fucking Jew shitsouls: Look into Leo Frank and the origins of th…[View]
321944757HISPANIC APPRECIATION THREAD: European Hispanics worked together with Native Americans for the Hispa…[View]
321956201Guess the person behind the quote: >''Thus we find every tyrant backed by a Jew, as is …[View]
321954150How do you say 'I identify as vaccinated' in spanish, it is very important.[View]
321957339Are flips hot? >picrel is peak flip apparently. I'm going this year. Friend wants me to go w…[View]
321953066The CEO for Virgins wants your mummy to die so she can meet shareholders expectations of profits[View]
321952604Well, was it based?[View]
321951517Are you familiar with the 'Dutroux Affair' /pol/? Do you still consider the claims of an elite paedo…[View]
321930583Pornhub / Mindgeek is broke and up for sale: We won. https://twitter.com/LailaMickelwait/status/1394…[View]
321939689This country needs to get nuked out of existence: Once again I feel embarrassed to be an American du…[View]
321958254chinks dont let us (or anyone) buy and own property in china, yet we let them buy up all our propert…[View]
321955603The virus is FAKE: prove me wrong >>>/b/854617099[View]
321958705>pinches the Queens ass in 1981 during her canadian visit[View]
321895098US jobs numbers ‘so bad’ media thought it was an ‘error’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSrwc1cw00…[View]
321948704A simple question for Americans: Of all the things to worship, why worship blacks? I want a sensible…[View]
321950777How does Wisconsin compare to other states? Is it a top tier state?[View]
321958278Tranny hate thread: Tranny hate thread[View]
321954965debunk this lefties the goyim are right about the jews you will never be a woman[View]
321937581Why aren't you wearing a face mask, /pol/? You don't want to be viewed as a dumbass conse…[View]
321951575APOLOGIZE: He was the last hope for America and we failed him SAY SORRY TO TRUMP[View]
321954695Palestine-Israel land shufle: Crisis over. Think you can do better?[View]
321956004Normies are going to wake up to the betrayal caused by (((them))) aka globalists or the enemies. thi…[View]
321957921Let's outflood the floods and take the porch monkey back![View]
321957295Open Up the Pit, White Man: >Independently produced by middle class white kids, released on early…[View]
321955854US Elections hoax: What could this mean?! https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2021/5/14/amazon-had-key…[View]
321955497You got gangstalked for having a different opinion You got gangstalked for not conforming You got ga…[View]
321953519The time is now.: Wake up, my lizards. It is Time. I am Lizard King. >>321944527 You are right…[View]
321953631Scared of being raped: I am left-leaning politically and think transwomen are women. I just got my s…[View]
321957331Is Hell a real place?[View]
321953529THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING!!!: >An official tally of suspected side effects resulting from Covi…[View]
321952600When is his twitter coming back? Cant he just create a fake account , do you think he has one?[View]
321954884Is National Socialism compatible with private monetary systems?[View]
321956366Can Mulattos have their own ethnostate?: I'm a realist you see. The white ethnostate is a no go…[View]
321951292Miss Mexico just won Miss Universe 2021, mutts haven't won since 1997[View]
321954569Israel is God's chosen people who brought us God's Word. We owe much to them. There is a b…[View]
321953380The Level IQ test (Final Edition): https://pastebin.com/nRjAu58Z Produced over the span of 2 days, M…[View]
321920416Why do people here act all enlightened just because they're skeptical of this one specific new …[View]
321955559Is r/aznidentity redpilled on IQ?[View]
321945657Sir, are you forgetting someone?[View]
321953674How will they ever recover?[View]
321957152This country still exists...: >be austria >Israeli flag put up on PM office building >iran …[View]
321951556How would he have handled the Israel - Gaza conflict?[View]
321956530When will it crash?[View]
321956347Jeethus Cwithe, Bill Gates actually loved hanging out with Epstein at his Manhattan mansion! i thoug…[View]
321953889Why havent you bought a house? Renting is for the poor. Buy a house.[View]
321946573THERE IS NO CENSORSHIP: Anti-semitic censorship doesn't exist.[View]
321953486I am new to the Palestinian Israel conflict news. I started getting into studying this conflict. I f…[View]
321949023Where can I buy Palestinian flag armbands so I can trigger israelinoids? I want to go around because…[View]
321955492Soon there will be GMO mosquitos released into your neighborhood and they will be able to inject you…[View]
321917489Current State of the USA vs the Weimar Republic: Compare and contrast them. Is the USA worse than t…[View]
321949393America will become communist: Since none of you faggots ever bring up anything but race mixing, I f…[View]
321955293>around at uni today >trying to get my lunch between classes >walking past the common area …[View]
321953482What? What do? What do you? What do you see? See? See you? See you do? See you do what?[View]
321940269So I put my income as $500 a month.: Checked on getting healthcare through healthcare.gov and it…[View]
321955001Why are dome Jews in America anti israel?: Why do the Jews in media dislike conservatives for suppor…[View]
321934999How long do you think it can take us to get the Noid cancelled again for the lulz?[View]
321941975Toronto Thread. Is it the gayest most cucked place in Canada?: Is this map accurate fellow leafs?…[View]
321956130HAHAHAHAH: Americans are so weak, weakest country on earth wtf is your military doing https://youtu…[View]
321919438This is Not Real: I want someone to convince me that this is not a computer simulation and is actual…[View]
321936758Refujews welcome?: If Israel collapses and is overrun by the Arabs (which will happen eventually), t…[View]
321953197I DON'T HATE JEWS: I'm on a Kosher diet.[View]
321954363The correct term for Trans Degenerate Surgery is now: 'Gender Confirmation Surgery'. Pleas…[View]
321955950Can anyone tell me why these subhumans are kike this?: Fuck the Jews I hope them and Palestinians ki…[View]
321955920Relax sometimes we fight eachother: I know a lot happened today but everybody needs to relax. Elon i…[View]
321949904why are best korean women so much better looking than their southern (((capitalist))) counterparts??…[View]
321940317How is shooting a gun on your property in the air aggravated assault?[View]
321955742Does anyone else remember when /pol/ didnt think everything could be explained, ultimately as an exp…[View]
321954942How do we achieve gender equality in every field?: Surely any sort of 50% representation quota shoul…[View]
321951901are bikers based??: they're normally white they dont allow niggers to join they love america th…[View]
321955529Starts a new thread: >1 post by this ID >Leaves…[View]
321922171/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #328 - GREATER IRAN Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Ethiop…[View]
321953481Adolf Hitler appreciation thread: Fuck bros I miss him These were the happiest citizens of any era h…[View]
321941290How many people turned to the right during/after BLM riots?[View]
321954925Is based Paki our guy? https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-adeel-raja-says-world-today-needs-a-hitler…[View]
321948081I want to join the military: But my brother who was a ranger tells me not to. He said I won’t surviv…[View]
321947905hello, pol, can we write down some words, terms, phrases etc that we think may be deceptive, on purp…[View]
321952931Working From Home for Some Threatens Mass Transit for All: >you CARFAGS and commuters are DESTROY…[View]
321952567Discovery Channel buying CNN: AT&T is preparing to sell its WarnerMedia Group, which includes CN…[View]
321940860Sir, what about the Poo Nation?[View]
321952636Are restaurants And other businesses bringing in restrictions in your area?: >Here are the precau…[View]
321953848>>321926065 /b/ reporting in, whats happening guise?[View]
321944037I didn't get accepted into a college now my family is going to kill me: What do? also political…[View]
321954415Guize we really need some sort of final solution to the Israeli question. Let’s brainstorm[View]
321945328Why is people against UBI?[View]
321952721Would you support free $1000 a month freedom dividend if it got rid of the welfare state the boomer …[View]
321953770Justin Trudeau is unstoppable and will run till we're old and grey[View]
321940504How is Israel the bad guy when they didnt launch missiles first?[View]
321951753What is she singing?: Please /pol/ you’re my only hope.[View]
321951774Hitler was a chink lover[View]
321953252Reminder we don't support jews. The people you see on twitter are dumb fucks and don't rep…[View]
321953079c-can't we all just get along?[View]
321951572Hi Mossad shills, just bringing you your daily reminder that everything your tranny-looking grandma …[View]
321953721Why can we choose where our taxes go? Like lets say, since we all live in (((democracies))), I could…[View]
321953975Is there some sort of brainwashing involved with Twitter. It seems like whenever someone makes an ac…[View]
321943831Israel is pro-Europe and pro-Christianity: Israel is based[View]
321953840Has science been subverted?[View]
321951916Current state of Palestine v Israel: Can someone fill me in on what’s actually going down between th…[View]
321953404Covidception: Banana republic with money.[View]
321952703What is the great plight of the zoomers?: They are completely divided between two extremes. Have 'po…[View]
321953372>People actually believe that one nigger dying sparked worldwide outrage, and that all of these p…[View]
321953654Jews dislike Evangelical Christians as much as Muslim: Explain this.[View]
321944652The israeli gaza conflict is fake[View]
321947269Jew Here: Why won’t the goyim fight back? I’m disappointed, it’s not really much fun this way. Are W…[View]
321944586I think I’m officially bored of 4chan: I don’t know what to do now. Reddit sucks. TV sucks. I don’t …[View]
321952059Trump is a sore loser[View]
321953101The Jews are bombing Gaza right now because the Palestinians that have lived for centuries don'…[View]
321946997Jab: Redpill me on the word jab? Why are (((they))) using it so much for COVID rather than “shot” fo…[View]
321952500Jew crimes against humanity, not medical issue: People in a picture guilty for crime against humanit…[View]
321952175He was right: We are witnessing a Jewish civil war right now Who would you want to win? The sexual…[View]
321952342So now that it's mainstream to hate on jews and Israel, does this mean that Pol will hate on Pa…[View]
321949429SOLUTREAN THEORY: Solutreans were Hispanics... they came from the Hispanic Peninsula (aka Iberian Pe…[View]
321953046Thank you, Jews. these are my favorite way to consume chocolate. It's fun.[View]
321952343'BIPOC' is Racist: The term 'BIPOC' is racist because people who say it are actually trying to say '…[View]
321950822Hey goyim Jew here, the people that actually know about our plan are a minority, maybe 100,000 you g…[View]
3219532141. Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal 2. Benjamin Netanyahu is charged with bribery, fraud and bre…[View]
321953207I see more than Netanyahu[View]
321951757Old fags don't die on me now: Yo! I lurk and I post and I make the most of the posts but you al…[View]
321951710You get to choose: We all know about jews shapeshifting into White or minority status when it benefi…[View]
321952503What time is it /pol/?[View]
321929922Cigar and Pipe smoking: What does /pol/ think about cigar and pipe smoking? Personally, I smoke a pi…[View]
321952812Eres toda homosexual chupando polla: https://khronoshistoria.com/hitler/[View]
321950537Apparently Poland still stands with Israel: Despite not being mentioned in Nathanieleayau tweet, we,…[View]
321950695>Spaniard The Hispanic Monarchy (look it up) passed laws that made ALL Native Americans into Span…[View]
321948268Overpopulation: We need to fix it.[View]
321945148This is the bane of humanity[View]
321950084the comic that BTFOs /pol/[View]
321930081Meanwhile, American millennials cry over pronouns and eat avocado toast.[View]
321950255can some one send me the gif of china mil vs america mil pls .[View]
321951690Should Germany give up a part of its territory to the Jews as payment for the Holocaust?[View]
321940701Elon Musk Hate Thread: Fuck him I put my life's savings in bitcoin and doge, even drive a Tesla…[View]
321951849Leaky vaccines and corona virus: So there only have been a few threads on this. I dont blame kike sh…[View]
321935242>Republican states are refusing Medicaid expansion and ending the $300 per week unemployment paym…[View]
321926702Are jobs raising their wages yet to attract new employees?[View]
321940714When does clown world end?[View]
321948888John Oliver: Hey John Oliver, yes you. I'm calling you out officially take a screenshot. I…[View]
321951768Exodus to Africa 2.0: Instead of paying nogs reparations, do you think it would be better for the Un…[View]
321947544who decided it was a good idea to not treat gender dysphoria like a mental illness and instead chop …[View]
321952134New record : Malian gives birth to 9 offspring in Morocco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viWtU0Q_H…[View]
321952506>these are the white Russians we all love[View]
321942775is adderall worth it?[View]
321952271How does colonisation feel, brit fucks?: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ndltsq/lon…[View]
321952265How can you be a terrorist if you are simply defending your existence in your own homeland? Just how…[View]
321938249racist police officers fired after killing homeless mans pets for fun: >LAPD has fired 4 officers…[View]
321944054Why did they make it look so fake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb-eSsYTiWQ[View]
321952250The man who shot donerty drumpflance[View]
321951131In the light of the truth we all are safe: Do not gossip or talk more then you actually understand. …[View]
321951499Is the US prison system unjustly packed or do we just have too many niggers?[View]
321949512What ethnicity is this?[View]
321948955Would Mike Lee be a great candidate for 2024?[View]
321947383managers gaming amazon's hr system?: Amazon has a goal to get rid of a certain percentage of em…[View]
321951655AOC calls Israel an Apartheid state: How based is she? https://www.jpost.com/international/alexandri…[View]
321941112>mom and dad sold family farm land back in 2017 to build a $800,000 suburban Mcmansion >had he…[View]
321944829VAXXED: Who here got vaxxed? What was your experience like? I got Moderna today, so i can work and m…[View]
321944527They're scared. Your time is near.[View]
321951707For posterity: Reposting for those paying attention. The UAPs are not coming from Hitler. Hitler is…[View]
321950971This Needs To End: Where is the line in the sand? At what point is enough enough? I’m not sure how m…[View]
321948410Why we need to support Israel ?: Because if the Arabs win, the Jews will go into exile in Europe, Am…[View]
321935205New World Order: Can we get a thread showing redpills about the One World Government that the Jews a…[View]
321937275Name an ideology that sounds good on paper but has yet to be tried out on society.[View]
321935919Right Wingers worship her >She doesn't know the difference between climate and weather >R…[View]
321950237If you want to fight big tech then boycott these assholes. Punish them, get them fired, anything tha…[View]
321944078Anymore like this?[View]
32194546321st Century Hitler: What would Hitler do if he was an American born in the 1990's?[View]
321950674What if the real reason that the Israelis give “warnings” to the buildings they’re about to destroy …[View]
321951433NEW US ARMY AD: AMERICA IS WAKING UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5SVGLvapvU[View]
321942150Demystifying Eugenics: >What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestati…[View]
321948273Socialism always works...: Hey Americans, aren't you happy that you vote a socialist into power…[View]
321941140Why are indians such cucks today, /pol/?: This is a POLITICAL DISCUSSION you retarded jannie nigger …[View]
321951197Do you guys stay sane from everyday functions by letting loose and taking it out on jews and niggers…[View]
321918155Vaccine card: Anyone know where to find lot numbers to make it look legit? Gotta show it to my boss.…[View]
321937005TO ALL BRAZILIANS POSTERS: GET OUT: Listen here, you fucking chimps. Your country is basically an au…[View]
321946011He's getting #metoo-ed: What did Gates do wrong to get thrown under the bus by his fellow elite…[View]
32194686774% of Black Americans say race central to their identity: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/202…[View]
321944924Australian news at it's finest: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wildlife/fearless-aussie-tradi…[View]
321936819What is wrong with this family?[View]
321948958Why does Israel fear Iran so much? For all their bluster on how weak Iran is, you think they'd …[View]
321943636Jews get the fuck out of my country: go defend your shithole rocks in the middle east, we want no pa…[View]
321939667Are normies waking up? Its amazing how many average lefties I see condemning Jews and israel right n…[View]
321950519decent people unite and keep it together: jew Label - reality National – unedited families Socialis…[View]
321949729Ok I've had enough... Trans woman of color here. Before I say what I'm about to say I…[View]
321942517Post kino pictures of Israel/Palestine[View]
321927612Am I a primitive form of human?: I only have native american blood with a little german, and I have …[View]
321933953Will they do it?[View]
321943341Sabotage the Anti Christ: I just found out they are getting ready to surprise vaccinate all of the k…[View]
321935739Are guns how Americans cope with the loss of their foreskin?[View]
321949844God bless Palestinian Reconquista[View]
321946550Vaccines: Perfectly healthy guy gets the vax because he believes the TV and is brainwashed. Now he w…[View]
321937247Japan birth rate is declining. How do we save them?[View]
321939852The Incel Problem: What should done with incels?[View]
321901410Church is Satanic: I'm deeply religious, but I have never gone to church. After years of beggin…[View]
321948426Do international jewry need national jewry? I'm getting the feeling that rich international yid…[View]
321949032Sodomy is a jew rats propaganda to fall, to sin and degeneracy fucking dogs , horses and niggers ...…[View]
321947921Israel is fascist[View]
321949679Why is the left like this?[View]
321940176BPD Racial Relations: It started off like a fairytale, she was living in squalor in a flophouse with…[View]
321924759What happeneds here?[View]
321946294What does he have to do to become the GOAT?[View]
321946787Why are whites so complacent?: >'b-but more white people are killed by cops than black people'…[View]
321941718I've come to realize that we live in a world where its become increasingly difficult (the proba…[View]
321949252Holy Papal State of Canaan: The Jews and Muslims have had their chance. It is clear now that the ste…[View]
321949244Can we not valuate women the same way we valuate cars?: A new car has the newest perks and features.…[View]
321949004If you think overpopulation is a problem: Just kill yourself then and help fix the problem[View]
321943923what could reset the world?: i was talking with some friends about what could 'reset' the world due …[View]
321942055Be Kind: What are the political ramifications of not rewinding? Are you not kind?[View]
321946064This was the media's take on SARS a decade ago, what changed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p…[View]
321942599Swedes are TURKS: Uh.../pol/ , did you know that MUH PURE NORDIC Germans and Swedes are acutally TUR…[View]
321897788Please stop reading anti-Israel propaganda from Pallywood online and WAKE UP!! An agenda is being pu…[View]
321949151Why do they move?[View]
321944781What does /pol/ think about black conservatives?[View]
321949029Guess what, You are being played by the Kabal: >takes a second to look at the situation The whole…[View]
321948011Nobody waaaaaantssssss Nobody liiiiiikessssss kikes kikes kikes[View]
321944297Why are Muslims so fucked? gay circumcision?: wtf is wrong with Muslims. Why do they get their dicks…[View]
321927434What ends the Silver Ends The Fed faggots?: What is the final solution to the Silverfaggot problem?…[View]
321947836So aside from my Germanic name, how can employers tell that I am White? Is it because of the volunta…[View]
321948668Remember This When You Use Your Meme Words.: Your inner voice is a nigger.[View]
321937145Stairs is racist - Sheboon awarded $300,000 for being a falling fatty: >This Wednesday, New York …[View]
321935137Pornhub is trying to promote weed on top of porn[View]
321947276SUPPORT ISRAEL & SUPPORT LOVE, FUCK MUSLIMS!!!: >Alireza Fazeli Monfared, 20, wanted to live …[View]
321925186>2021, I am forgotten...[View]
321947309Why does /pol/ dislike an entirely American religion?[View]
321948136This is why I feel no remorse whenever disaster strikes the USA. Next school shooting, next 9/11, I …[View]
321946639Hi Mossad shills, just bringing you your daily reminder that everything your tranny-looking grandma …[View]
321946531More redpills, info, and insight (not the ones cooked up by the WHO, CDC, and Media, aka Jews.) on t…[View]
321946954What did they mean by this?: This weird ass video about the conflict in Israel has -1 views https://…[View]
321948201Pol, tell me where i could find a VIRGIN female. I'm getting desperate, every female above the …[View]
321942598Why are Europeans (minus the UK) so much more physically attractive than Americans? I was always tol…[View]
321935684i spit on you coomers and no fappers, you let the jew trick you into his failed ideology, you failed…[View]
321946285>Responsible enough to make decisions without parental permission >not responsible enough to h…[View]
321942888KIKES NUKE GAZA STRIP - WW3 BEGINS: holy shit bros.... They actually did it...[View]
321948086Why do all the leftist say this man is some Saint, his just a dumb nigger Jewish Madness[View]
321947693So, what comes next?: >snapchat >twitch >insta >onlyfans >yt whats the next thing? so…[View]
321947673Just remember, if your a Democrat, your probably a horrible person with no redeeming qualities and p…[View]
321943096What does /pol/ think about gamal abdel nasser: Well?[View]
321925532NFL Argues Black Players Have Lower ‘Cognitive Skills’ Than Whites: What the fuck is their problem? …[View]
321947658I study abroad and as I'm graduating soon, I have to go to the country soon. They're close…[View]
321947422Did he just talk about ((them)) https://youtu.be/zfWqsxKI9mk[View]
321946146How do we convince leftists that they should be taking more than 2 vaccines? 0 vaccines for conserva…[View]
321944899Will jews ever give up Israel?[View]
321945764Walls don't work: Iceland is the newest country to build a wall to keep out undesirable migrate…[View]
321943363What is your opinion on overpopulation in third world shitholes?: We need to do something about dysg…[View]
321944991>israel nuked gaza God damn it, you fucking spergs. I wanted for the happening to happen IN THE M…[View]
321944963The Fuck?!: Bro what the fuck? I didn't know they had trannies in medieval times![View]
321944265Why do Indians like lifting balls?[View]
321947613Take out a loan, go consume. Your country needs you, go- i mean guys[View]
321942176Two digits IQ teenaper kills his teacher (story from 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd8EH0Q_v…[View]
321944720> where can I find trad women to marry ? > cheat on wife why are you like this ?…[View]
321921227Take the crypto pill[View]
321942192If the vaccine works, then why are they worried so much about people that choose to remain unvaccina…[View]
321947539I'm never taking my fucking meds again. I see the patterns[View]
321941735What goes on in the blue areas?[View]
321936306chinese divorce rate SOARS above USA's divorce rate: UH OHH STINKYY chinks are officially nigge…[View]
321944268Spars Pandemic: Was the covid pandemic and all of its socio-political ramifications really that pred…[View]
321946949Riddle me this: Why does science gleefully put every other living organism into a subspecies categor…[View]
321943309Do you support Black Lives Matter?: Well, do you?[View]
321947231I want all of you to watch this video wholly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWWfPWdbPC8…[View]
321919052Who's your favorite Miss Universe? For me, it's Peru and Argentina https://www.missunivers…[View]
321944661IQ = Technological Development: The mean IQ of a society is directly proportional to it's level…[View]
321941913Is it degnrate to be fat in 2021?[View]
321937718Explain yourselves Japan.[View]
321907937BILL GATES CHEATED ON WIFE WITH STAFFER: JUST IN - Microsoft board members decided Bill Gates needed…[View]
321939463Should saying the n-word be punishable by death?[View]
321942653Why do American Evangelical Christians love Israel more than their own country and countrymen?[View]
321944490Why didn't the human race wipe out the dumb ape like creatures. What a massive failure the whit…[View]
321943852Apologize: And if you're not going to apologize then explain why. I get it, we hate niggers and…[View]
321937274'Jews are cowards who need American support' meme: There is a myth perpetuated by white boys and Mus…[View]
321921410Ahahahaha: We told you! WE told you but we're evil antivaxxers! Fucking dumb cunt. The data is …[View]
321928091Total Chinese Victory[View]
321935164Sandy Hook: I feel bad for him bros, I wonder if he ever healed from his tragic loss?[View]
321887551I hate likes so fuckin much its unreal: >TFW feel nothing for 99.99% of women No urge to provide,…[View]
321931650Did we just forget about this guy?: He's going to spend the rest of his life in jail because a …[View]
321946047Huey Long: Why do so many redditors and tryhards on Twitter like him?[View]
321918625If you really want to make America great again, tax the rich like we did in the 40s and 50s[View]
321946291Netanyahu's twitter is currently infested with Microsoft tech support workers https://mobile.tw…[View]
321932785FREE QUEBEC!: As a proud pure-laine québécois, I declare on this day of the rake the absolute necess…[View]
321945821Is there anything more soulless than dating modern women?[View]
321940819I stand with Israel.[View]
321944645Webms of Missiles Being Launched Thread: Does anyone have the first person webm of the missiles bein…[View]
321940224Fuck the middle east There's too many problems They just get in the way We sure could live with…[View]
321938230What is the point of having children if they're just going to grow up in a world that hates the…[View]
321943880this kills the /pol/zionist.[View]
321945470Israel never fully won a war since 67: Change my Mind[View]
321922952This thread will probably overlooked and burried, some of you might write me off as a schizo/tinfoil…[View]
321942313I hate this faggot more than Obama. >Huge Zionist puppet that allowed Israel to entangle us in n…[View]
321941609I did a search on crazy eyes and it brings up politicians and criminals.[View]
321939707“ My Hands and Feet Were Frozen, Numb or Burning’ –: Eric Clapton Says He Had a Bad Reaction to Astr…[View]
321925965Please fucking help me: My job is FORCING me to take the Pfizer vaccine. What should I do ?[View]
321943495ill just leave this here: https://www.change.org/p/community-members-we-demand-debbie-dingell-to-cos…[View]
321926202Disabled Army Vet Attacked By Four Black Women: Calling Her a ‘White B-tch’ — Court to Decide if it …[View]
321945187Israel was Trumps raison d'etre, he spent his whole administration taking care of the chosen pe…[View]
321941904Mitt Romney gets more pussy than you.[View]
321944373Brandon Martinez: Is this guy legit? It looks like he appeared out of nowhere.[View]
321944815Could the Respiray device, which filters air using UV light, be a good alternative to the mask? You …[View]
321935354New Negro Republic: If in the future you have to give land to niggers create their own country withi…[View]
321944679Operation #Open Borders for Israel: Israel needs diversity! I think there is a resurgence of islamop…[View]
321941373Don Jr: Conservative Trans Women are Way Hotter Than Trans SJWs: See pic.[View]
321927627Biden's America[View]
321944779Capitalism is moronic. There's no reason to defend other people's property. The practical …[View]
321942734>marxism >slide thread >trust the plan >/ptg/ >not my problem…[View]
321944428post based /pol/ directors[View]
321943249Do you think the world will realize Hitler did nothing wrong?: Hello, pol/ Mexibro here, born and ra…[View]
321941992Reminder: Israel has nuclear weapons: Realistically speaking, how close are we to seeing the Middle …[View]
321932913How to out-jew the college jew?: Hello anons, i need a bit of help. I've been looking into coll…[View]
321944138Muslims Suck - Sharon Rogers Car Bombing: A Story of Why 'American' Muslims Cant be Trusted (as if S…[View]
321944337Let's get one thing straight: niggers don't vote. Change my mind. To anyone claiming there…[View]
321944313Scramble for Africa v2. Discuss.[View]
3219413861 USA woman vetoed 2 billion Muslims: Discuss[View]
321934531I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
321942395/pol/ is always right and ya'll already know When a nigger shows up I'm throwing up for sh…[View]
321937486Desert Trilogy in a nutshell: If we successfully murder you all then that means God is on our side a…[View]
321941510>Crypto blows up >Suddenly everyone is rich >Democrats actively destroying the economy and …[View]
321941912Hahahahahahahahhhahahha: Is NFL /pol/? https://nationalfile.com/nfl-argues-black-players-have-lower-…[View]
321926207At least his tweets are nice[View]
321922885JEWISH BABY BLOWJOBS?: >known as a mohel — takes a mouthful of wine. Then he places his mouth aro…[View]
321942139how can we convince rajesh and patel to properly dispose of bodies?[View]
321943166Time has come to outlaw American spelling: The English language is ENGLISH, not American. The entire…[View]
321937685Why does the US armed forces produce just as many trannies as competent soldiers? Are the putting so…[View]
321941593Racists BTFO: Based and red pilled. >On one side, progressives argued that curriculum and discip…[View]
321917427Gene therapy animal testing was stopped because they were dying: https://youtu.be/Z_kLdH2WLes Jump t…[View]
321908147just found out muslims ripped off all the casings of the great pyramid in the 12th century. the pyra…[View]
321935393What would happen if Israel was nuked?: Discuss.[View]
321933864What happens when the boomers all die?: When the boomers all die, our nation is going to be run by g…[View]
321937480Is there a schism going on among the top 0.001%? I don't know what is going on or who is jewing…[View]
321940954White nationalist gets humiliated in the voicechat by mean girl: The state absolute state of /pol/ h…[View]
321939229Hostility of leftists when it comes to math / science: Why do they always try to pilpul arguments re…[View]
321930485The Northeast: How the fuck can these states be this white but always vote democrat?[View]
321941437How can you support Palestine if it doesn't exist?: No mass produced world map ever labels Pale…[View]
321939721I'm confused: How could jews spend years and years flooding western countries with arab mobs an…[View]
321935473Where?: Where can I find a site that shows all the old school live leak vids?[View]
321937171/pol/ are you going to homeschool your children? Why or why not?[View]
321915289>You are born in a poor american village What do?[View]
321924878I'm not a communist, I don't think it works. But you shouldn't be surprised that it…[View]
321912127Should I wage cuck at McDonalds?: I'm a young guy (turned 19 a few days ago) who's got not…[View]
321940383How did Japan regard kamikaze pilots after the war?[View]
321940799What the fuck is BGC?: I've been around since the early 00s and browse this board daily; yet I …[View]
321936426Don't talk to the police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE[View]
321942513'you are walked into a room, and shadowy figures surround you. One of them sits down and places a bo…[View]
321934929https://youtu.be/bo_efYhYU2A >Tell me somethin', girl >Are you happy in this modern world…[View]
321938820the greatest goyim in history[View]
321942447Gantz urges Facebook, TikTok executives to crack down on social media incitement: Defense Minister B…[View]
321936097Reminder: Picking any side is probably the gayest thing you could possibly do. Just let these retard…[View]
321926153Chile is kill: This country just turned into yet another socialist South American shithole What to …[View]
321937496I KNEEL: They truly are unstoppable[View]
321933873Who else can't wait to see fascists' reactions when Democrats sweep 2022?[View]
321938355Has the tide turned on the Jews?: Everywhere I look, I see liberals defending Palestine/Hamas and co…[View]
321940593BOYCOTT KIKE FOOD[View]
321936992I still haven't done my taxes.[View]
321938940Israel Hate Thread: Why is this illegitimate state even allowed to exist?[View]
321939783Do I need a covid passport to fly to Israel from the UK right now, I have not had the vaccine and do…[View]
321936367Holy shit, is this real?[View]
321914828Oklahoma Anons: Tell me about Okeene.[View]
321938440Israeli spies in government: >321926618 Last thread got jannied >Does Israel have the right t…[View]
321940882The only support that Israel has in the West comes from a dwindling population of boomers and evange…[View]
321940442Since we can’t tell who is and who isn’t vaccinated is it safe to say the pandemic is over?[View]
321939755pyrrhic victory for Whites: There will be almost zero french, russians, english, White people in the…[View]
321938877Hi Mossad shills, just bringing you your daily reminder that everything your tranny-looking grandma …[View]
321936625This man was the greatest politician of the 20th Century: >Lead the Long March, saving the CPC fo…[View]
321922394Redpill me on kurds. Are they the good guys? I know they fought against ISIS which is a good thing b…[View]
321924175Let's admit it, he has a point[View]
321939444why is ebonics so fun to speak in?: does language always go from larger syllables to smaller syllabl…[View]
321941137Sign the petition to shut down Pornhub.com here... http://chng.it/c9J4LyzRsQ[View]
321936506Is Dr. Fauci's wife a man: gab com/AmericanAFMindy/posts/106246732869807404[View]
321940535Bill Cosby: Was he innocent?[View]
321936945What happens to /pol/ when pic related happens automatically?: Will it cease to exist?[View]
321932185Why the hell was the AP in a Hamas building? There’s something deeper going on that the mainstream d…[View]
321934908Can Poland rise up through an economic boom and save the West from certain annihilation?[View]
321928800Oh no no no no no no: Hahahahahahahaa[View]
321922310'I HAVE A BLACK HUSBAND' karen meltdown because gay nigger from outer space: >https://youtu.be/jy…[View]
321939526Why don’t the true Native Americans form a new political movement based on embracing our colonial he…[View]
321927748Suppressed Tech Thread: Anyone have anything to share regarding this? This topic rarely comes up her…[View]
321939607https://youtu.be/qQzdAsjWGPg I love this song. For 5 minutes I remember what it is to be a man, and …[View]
3219331224-yr. old white boy murdered by nigger in Dallas: https://www.fox4news.com/news/dallas-police-arrest…[View]
321937401Does Jesus hate the police?: Average life expectancy of police in america is 59yrs old, which is 21 …[View]
321940256Admit it /pol/, this kike has done more for Whites than any public White figure: It sucks to have to…[View]
321938672Is the white population growing in Iowa?[View]
321936109What if people were educated correctly and everything was named exactly what it truthfully was w no …[View]
321929586Muh taxes to Israel: So America gives 3.8 billion to Israel https://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/15/big-us-m…[View]
321940034This brainlet is supposed to be the future of the American far right?[View]
321938356Vaccinated by the Lord [Template]: PSD, PDF, JPEG: >https://www81.zippyshare.com/v/nQgCLlYV/file.…[View]
321937935White Exhaustion: Russia attacks Ukraine. No one does anything about it. Maybe a couple protests. T…[View]
321937380Is there going to be a chimp out on this?[View]
321937918See, Trumptards. This is what you should've done instead of following Trump to attacking the Ca…[View]
321934784Based Bernie: He could've been your President but you chose Drumpf instead.[View]
321940334how do we fix the curent state of american christians?: they spend all day worshipping israel in hop…[View]
321938128literal schizo here had a vision in my sleep today and drew it when i woke up this week is going to …[View]
321937376Trauma Release Exercises?: An anon said that modern society and culture (politics) influences people…[View]
3219377311815 /pol/: 'ear aboot Napoleons vanquishing at Waterloo? Wellington and Blucher are glorious c…[View]
321937154Lack of 'SIG' threads these days is depressing...: Wake up, anonbros. If you are in your twenties, y…[View]
321918268Israel femoid 'we didn't steal, we conquered it': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHRuULJ97vQ …[View]
321939501>Jewish controlled media is just a racist conspiracy th-[View]
321938598World is so weird: > World tells you to follow rules or be punished > You follow them > Wor…[View]
321922234>bans race mixing >bans homosexuality >bans degenerate American social media >secure bor…[View]
321931243THIS IS WHAT CHRISTIANS ACTUALLY BELIEVE: This is the fate that Christians pray will befall YOU and …[View]
321938893For all the people saying Islam is the way forward living in western countries: https://www.cnn.com/…[View]
321937868ICH HASSE EUCH JUDEN![View]
321937268Good evening fellow juden, Long time lurker, first time poster here. We all know that the vaccine in…[View]
321934302It's my plan to never get married in this culture, not to produce kids, and to simply earn as m…[View]
321914158I get angry every time i see a non-indian in Canada.[View]
321939277I admit I can't wait to start seeing the fights that'll be all over twitter of fags walkin…[View]
321936069Vaccines and Autism: True, real 'autism' is rare and genetic, it also is on the spectrum, because th…[View]
321938022Isreal. Tomorrow.: All quiet on the mid-eastern front. Perhaps too quiet.[View]
321935776Overton window: I feel the left just continues to shift the Overton window unopposed. 10 years ago o…[View]
321937894why the fuuck you people like posting gore on /pol/? That shit isn't funny. I'm out of her…[View]
321936185Red pill me on silence: Why does it make people uncomfortable? Should men be loud as fuck or silent?…[View]
321938721https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLA-iejhwek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLA-iejhwek https://www.…[View]
321932984Why is his niece Natalie always in tow?[View]
321937719Man awarded 1.3 Million by city after being pepper sprayed by police: >Last Friday the city of Mi…[View]
321937742#OperationProtectWomansRights: This is still relevant today. Abortion laws are being attacked to opp…[View]
321937839Yeah this is old news but why is 'liberal twitter' so upset about this? They ''''appropriate'''''' A…[View]
321881324Which country has the most powerful attack submarines?[View]
321936325How many goys are going to die?: Nuke factories planning for a full scale war on Muslims. 'Children …[View]
321935611It's been 20 fucking years: The Kinzua Viaduct in Pennsylvania collapsed in 2001 after a (((Tor…[View]
321938107White genocide isn't a real thing, but it should be.[View]
321936083Awaken. Stand up and fight for all you've yet to know. Fight for your white family. Fight for t…[View]
321937694I agree... /pol/ is a pro-Israel board[View]
321937987California Ornery Frogs #0: California is a democratic stronghold, for now. I will delve deeply into…[View]
321906851/pol/ humour thread - webm edition: Since all the other humour threads are accommodating phonefags t…[View]
321937677In the 1,300 cases where the record establishes the outcome, Trump settled 175 times, lost 38, won 4…[View]
321934255What does he mean?[View]
321937044HOURLY REMINDER[View]
321932610What is the white man's hobby?[View]
321936760why are leftists/trannies supporting Palestine? Tel Aviv is literally a LGBTQ+ heaven.[View]
321937216What is the final solution to the rootless question: In 2016, for the first time since the poll has …[View]
321937338Israel/Jews: >Lavon Affair >USS Liberty >Jonathan Pollard >Selling our military technolo…[View]
321936421GERMANS ARE TURKS[View]
321928571Good evening, /pol/frens. I'd like to get your reactions to a hypothetical scenario. Suppose th…[View]
321934119Would you do the same with your own son? Honestly i don't think i could kill my own offspring b…[View]
321932787Explain yourselves amerigolems >be me, follow several conservative pages, many of them from the U…[View]
321913752How does Evolution explain this?: This thing wouldn't even be the same species after 400 millio…[View]
321903666The very best State in the US: Which is it bros?[View]
321936799No, earth isn't round, it's not flat. Nothing you see in TV is right. You can't be su…[View]
321934466is christianity a mental illness?[View]
321934977every time[View]
321929570THIS IS TODAY'S AMERICA. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.: My dad with the first baby of many me and my hus…[View]
321934719Birth of a Nation: What do you think of Birth of a Nation?[View]
321934444Which parts of America are safe from a potential Islamic takeover?: The Great Plains?[View]
321936025I owe these cunts nothing, in fact no race owes them anything except kikes.: With Bugchaser Month ge…[View]
321935409Self-hating jew here, AMA: I'm 50% White European and 50% Ashkenazi jew. I get called a jew by …[View]
321936062Reddit Cringe Thread: Post worst political/cultural takes from r*ddit[View]
321936471E-CELEBFAGS GENERAL: Martinez is the only one left Edition, Gypsy = either a fed or getting fucked i…[View]
321936418Making a New Fresh Start in South America: Do any other white european stock anons ever think about …[View]
321934513>Jews do something bad >World calls them out on it >'You can't say we did something ba…[View]
321916861Where do you cross the LGBT? What your limit?: How much should society accept?[View]
321934294Reminder that Hamas does not store weapons or launch rockets from civilian buildings.: This is just …[View]
321933208Why can't the palestinians do to israel in pic related?: Israel is a tiny country in a desert w…[View]
321934724They're prepping us for the false flag attack with reverse engineered alien craft to create a o…[View]
321930781China calls out US at the UN: For being Israel's bitch. Based >“Regrettably, the council has…[View]
321933765New Jersey senator and 2020 presidential candidate Corey Booker killed by IDF rocket in Bethlehem.[View]
321935920Franklin Graham will run in 2024 and will bring Jesus back to the white house. Praise be to the lord…[View]
321936037No Nigger Zone.: /pol/, this is an No Nigger Zone.[View]
321936030Say something nice about Angela Merkel. I'll start. She's Germany's only hope.[View]
321933850Post things that make kikels seethe[View]
321934299Why can't the Roman Republic pay her debts?[View]
321929206I'm completely blackpilled: Will things ever get better in my lifetime or am I forever trapped …[View]
321932553Free Palestine: Instead of firing thousands of bottle rockets at Israel, why doesn’t hamas organize …[View]
321933623ICH HASSE JUDEN[View]
321934224Employees Balk at End to Remote Work: 'Going Back to the Office Is Stupid': https://www.newswee…[View]
321932842Holohoax: I'm trying to redpill my gf on jews. Post memes links to articles and videos[View]
321930771Take One Leave One: Take a Jew, Leave a Jew. Let's go![View]
321935738Is Dr Fauci's 'wife' actually a man?: https://gab.com/AmericanAFMindy/posts/106246732869807404…[View]
321930665Memoryholed moments thread: I'll start. This was a forgotten tragedy[View]
321926554Adam22 CANCELED: Russian jew sets up adam22 with racial questions about BLM and gets him canceled fo…[View]
321928480Was I wrong about Starshit?: Is star wars secretly based? “Equality is a lie...” - Darth Bane[View]
321925514Miss America is a disgusting race traitor. black women are for black men[View]
321911228THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING!!!: >Sarah Beuckmann had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in March and…[View]
321935544Why do they keep getting away with it?[View]
321925949Why are indian scammers so fucking rude? Is it not enough to steal from people's grandma's…[View]
321935506>The Year is 2150 >the last remnants of human society that hasn't been yet annihilated ho…[View]
321935516Master.: Niggers want to be the elite aristocratic class, kings, they don't want to work. They …[View]
321934997PRESS F FOR TAIWAN[View]
321934223A joke.: Kowalski: Oh, I've got one. A Mexican, a Jew, and a colored guy go into a bar. The bar…[View]
321934654what is going on in the dating market?[View]
321935229Why do white nationalist like Taylor Swift so much? She’s not even that hot[View]
321935069An Italian jew who converted to Islam. pic unrelated. https://youtu.be/JjfaX2_GadQ[View]
321933085is there really a depopulation agenda going on?[View]
321935298Real or gay?[View]
321929784What exactly is 'esoteric'?: I see this word thrown around alot and I know what the basic definition…[View]
321929373Americans actually think water freezes at 32 degrees[View]
321924636this is exactly how you retards look. cope.[View]
321929917IT WAS JUST THE PROPAGANDA: Vaccine is made unsafe by propaganda![View]
321932301How long until Bill Gates gets suicided?[View]
321908357weed: did smoking/vaping weed make you more right wing?[View]
321930070What do cryptids reflect on a region's society?[View]
321931260called this guy a faggot on reddit and now he wants to meet up, what are the political implications …[View]
321927200If you don't support unions, you're anti-white. Period. No singular thing on this planet s…[View]
321930611Political Discrimination in the Workplace: Which one of you did this?[View]
321934824>be me >working as intern for a Department of Immigration >no pay, get treated like dog shi…[View]
321931605>Ayo wh*teboi, don't you know there's a TOLL to pass through this here corner? what do …[View]
321929509Reminder that the US is a Diest country and that the bible has no place in politics.[View]
321926086PINOCHET = BTFO: The right wingers lost the constitution assembly in Chile and didnt manage to get 1…[View]
321932498Life in Italy.: What is life in Italy like? My family was exiled from ischia by the mafia just befor…[View]
321930942How hard would it be to convert to Judaism and get a cute IDF waifu? t. uncut goy[View]
321933883Is Pfizer my best option? They make all my psych meds.[View]
321933228Kikes BTFO: It's over for the Jews of Israel /pol/. Sneed Jones just labeled their actions agai…[View]
321930568Why can't Palestinians make their own guns and fight the Jews that steal their land?[View]
321934586The fat is in the fire: https://news.yahoo.com/arizona-senate-considers-expanding-audit-135007988.ht…[View]
321919594Who do we support in this conflict?[View]
321900290Brit/pol/ - Adolf Hitler Edition: All hail the glory of our eternal leader SIEG HEIL No 10 defends I…[View]
321933982Are Martial Arts based and redpilled?[View]
321932176Why don't the palestinians poison the Israelis water supply?: Israel is a desert with the only …[View]
321870301Freemasonry truth.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLA-iejhwek[View]
321920011THE STATE OF THE US MILITARY: Lets all just take a moment to laugh at the US Army. https://www.youtu…[View]
321912978cuck who got the pfizer vaccine here, and now regrets it and has changed his mind and no longer want…[View]
321927716REMINDER THAT JEWISH PEOPLE ARE WHITE: Jews are White European, Semitic people does not exist. It…[View]
321931789Hey did we ever figure out why they held a press conference in front of a landscaping company?[View]
321934218Praying for Antifa/BLM supporters: Feeling sad for all these violent posts I see. These people are …[View]
321931207Ashkenazi don't belong in the middle east.: Everybody knows it[View]
321930906Is this a red flag?: Girl I’m dating said she only hangs out with guys cause girls are immature and …[View]
321931003So, considering most of /pol/ hates Jewish people... how are you going to come after us? How do you …[View]
321929639Wtf I love Bernie Sanders now???[View]
321928287REPENT: Your only salvation from clown world is through the Lord Jesus Christ! Clown world is a crea…[View]
321916381Why do Europeans hate freedom of speech?[View]
321933506Spics partying every day: My spic neighbors have been partying nonstop since Thursday night, they sw…[View]
321931412Friendly reminder that it is illegal to lie about vaccination status: You have been warned[View]
321921829My college is mandating the fucking vaccine, and if they legally can’t they’re just gonna segregate …[View]
321922988Nazi psychology: I know poltards are busy shitposting and lurking due to shity existence. but I came…[View]
321900102TRUMP ADMITS ARIZONA AUDIT HAS NOTHING!: >All the evidence of fraud has been deleted! Where do we…[View]
321933697>Literal boomer tier congresswomen who's a member of the freedom caucus >Literally do not…[View]
321920441Was 2Pac /ourguy/?: >started off as a bluepilled male feminist raised by a single mother >moth…[View]
321931073Patrick Crusius was right!: Mexicans are the real demographic threat to america, blacks are only use…[View]
321926618HAPPENING: Israeli Spies Working in State Department Fed IDF War Propaganda to Washington Post: Does…[View]
321926016Why or why not should I get vaccinated?[View]
321926065Ahem, *ting ting ting*: Please have a seat and settle in, the announcement will occur momentarily...…[View]
321902826Why are you really rooting for Palestine?: Would appreciate your blunt honesty.[View]
321932098The Jew-Negroid Globohomo Alliance is threatening to permanently leave America, en-mass, over fears …[View]
321931167They're coming. And there is nothing you can do about it. How does that make you feel?[View]
321932456She's mine, Gates.: >You're slimy, limp dick can't satisfy her anymore. >She ne…[View]
321931904is there any hope for whites?[View]
321929651What's all this then?[View]
321914963Woman subconsciously want to be put in burkas by men: “I don’t want to feel the pressure of smiling …[View]
321933178They legit made contact with the dolphins first.[View]
321928224ITT kratom experience: >3-8g a day, mostly 4 >not on weekends >helps to get shit done >k…[View]
321929588How do we defeat the faggotball, father of kikery?[View]
321927933When will America get the bbc it deserves?[View]
321932520>In the beginning, there was nothing. >Then, there was Israel.…[View]
321932590You can not lead a moral and ethical life if you support Israel: You can not support genocide and ma…[View]
321933002Girl: >>321923022 >but at least he is doing his job for the community and is keeping everyo…[View]
321928733Bros: Should I start an onlyfans to make wnds meet? I'm desparate and my friend keeps telling m…[View]
321932989Gay Niggas General: This thread is for discussion of Black LGBT issues, no yts, no bitches, no janni…[View]
321931992Is it likely Islam will take over America?[View]
321932850Why couldn't hamas or the palestinians posion israel's water supply: Why use old soviet ro…[View]
32190827460 MINS TONIGHT FOR DISCLOSER ON 'UFOS' & POSSIBLE ALIEN LIFE EXIST!!!!: Since the OP is possibl…[View]
321927722Can someone explain to me how exactly Palestine is an apartheid state and how we would 'free' them?[View]
321927590Let's be real. If Syrian immigrants mostly were young women who looked like this, you would all…[View]
321932388Groin pain was considered family entertainment: >Make a parody of pain in the genitals. Wonder wh…[View]
321932203Mainstream Conservatism: What it means to be a conservative in the 21st century is to conserve famil…[View]
321926721Do your taxes.[View]
321931012So little passion and sumud in the Arab world & wider Muslim world, and among Western radical le…[View]
321929051/Comfy thread/ I know the shilling will never stop: Yet I want to say to everyone of you faggots tha…[View]
321927149How do we stop all these transient faggots moving here to Florida? We're being attacked on all …[View]
321929065Why can't he stop winning, lads?: I kneel.[View]
321910815Did conservatives win any culture wars?: Trannys can use female bathrooms Gay marriage Trannys in sp…[View]
321920788HAPPENING!: They actually flipped Arizona! CNN reporting it RIGHT NOW! Let's go boys!![View]
321932133They are here... they are coming[View]
321931961Remember Who you're Fighting for: https://www.bitchute.com/video/bKEUmqJX86iS/ Also get adblock…[View]
321927287Sikhs for Palestine: Khalsa and the Sikh community worldwide condemn the Human rights violations car…[View]
321925454You're not rebelling against anyone by supporting Palestine: Israel overplayed their hand and n…[View]
321930441Auditfags btfo[View]
321930941If chinese shills expect to convince me, you are going to have to explain what you will do for WHITE…[View]
321929526Im transgender but I cut off my balls, is that ok?[View]
321914688So when was the threshold when American education became a joke?[View]
321929076What are the long term effects of social media?[View]
321928364A world without Canada: What will the world look like in the upcoming post-Canadian era?[View]
321926509Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone layer? Wasn't the sun beams and radiation coming in …[View]
321931305Israel is God's chosen people who brought us God's Word. We owe much to them. There is a b…[View]
321918693Why White Women still prefer white men?: After all propaganda, at this point white women would still…[View]
321929489>yfw Israel actually will be #110[View]
321931005What white person in their right mind would inject themselves with a mystery potion being shilled to…[View]
321873217What the fuck happened?: Three years ago people in the mainstream were still making attack helicopte…[View]
321928980Is this real?[View]
321930160Chile bites the dust, South America is falling into Socialism once again just like in the Late 90s a…[View]
321930985behold, the anglosphere.[View]
321923975Jews kill 50000 chickens for Yom Kippur: Do you think some of them might have killed kids for blood …[View]
321927065>Amerilards will defend this[View]
321928826You can't refute him.[View]
321929091Why are white people so fat?: It's not just America, more than half of the population in every …[View]
321926416Haha fucking based Our girl for president lads.[View]
321930695dont you love the shitstorm over the palestine jews conflict that bursted in socialmedia and all the…[View]
321880055Arizona 2020 election fraud audit Trump 2: Shills don’t know how to respond to >What are your mai…[View]
321927852reminder that america is still white: we can still reverse the damage the jews did.[View]
321926870I hate my car. I hit a[View]
321930819Meanwhile, on prehistoric /pol/...[View]
321924778>Jews expelled from Guatemala >Jews expelled from Yemen Two nations completely separated in cu…[View]
321922756Does Israel support me?: Israel has faggot neighbours who feel entitled to what Israeli settlers hav…[View]
321928088Iran has 30 or so old Soviet nukes that were 'lost' when Russia went bankrupt in the 90's.[View]
321930520USCSB: is this another glow nigger organization?[View]
321928494Why do Bulgarians honor a nazi war criminal everyear? This is dangerous and anti Semitic https://yo…[View]
321928732Covid 19 vacation: Got my vacation today. Got the itch now too.[View]
321925492Based Israelis[View]
321930387Is BLM anti-semitic?[View]
321929671Why doesn't hamas use guerilla warfare and attack israel?: How hard is it for grown ass men to …[View]
321928270Shit Bolsheviks and Vladmir Lenin. They ruined over 3 centuries of an empire. Talk about a tragedy.[View]
321926435Do jews have souls?[View]
321915465Umm... Yeah, I don't know guys, I think she's right.[View]
321926735Tim Pool CONVERTS, the Left LOSES THEIR MINDS: >you WON'T believe this >but first >lis…[View]
321920424The US government couldn't give us free healthcare during a pandemic, but somehow had an extra …[View]
321912708What are the political implications of violent psychic mesgendering?[View]
321925933The Camera: In game development, the camera is the visible area which the player can interact with. …[View]
321928269Mulatto nationalism thread 1#: Mulattos of pol what are your feelings on mulatto nationalism?[View]
321924322Do 1st world countries envy the tropicality of latinos? I mean, do you even grab them by the pussy? …[View]
321929281Men can't have birth but transwomen can.: Ride the rainbow with me![View]
321923746CNN......based?: Has CNN finally turned over a new leaf? >Adeel Raja, a CNN contributor, called f…[View]
321928881The political implications of driving modern cars.: Why do you drive a modern vehicle? They are unre…[View]
321928337Why do Arab Muslims get to say this shit but whites don’t[View]
321929886admit it libs, you just want to keep wearing a mask to hide your subhuman and/or yellow and/or drug-…[View]
321929872My father, when he was a little teenager, he was a shabbat goy: OK? Let's hear it for dad.…[View]
321897273Alex Jones was right....again[View]
321927137This was murder, plain and simple.[View]
321928985Why are Asians being attacked?[View]
321927166What happens when an European race mixes with another European?[View]
321928730Is magick real?[View]
321929351palestine server: Discuss your views here GFWuWygVWn[View]
321925296Daily reminder to induce stress to your body to kill off your baby cancer cells.[View]
321926690is brenton 'monkeyman' tarrant already forgotten?[View]
321929193Why are MAGAs OBSESSED about what goes on in liberal cities? Why don't they get their own citie…[View]
321927580Why do liberals hate 'Child soldiers' so much in the third world. Like what's better >adult …[View]
321928246I love you guys <3[View]
321928162The real conspiracy theorists believe that the government cares about them: You can't refute th…[View]
321919211this is why you can’t debate these people. they’re legit insane. debating is a waste of energy, they…[View]
321927037So /pol/, were we wrong all this time?: Dare I say... based? https://www.businessinsider.com/bill-ga…[View]
321925756What’s the correct way to get off an airplane when you learn the pilot is black? After all you usual…[View]
321928912It is kind of messing with me how breitbart is defending the Israel genocide but it's the left …[View]
321927354Is Elon Musk Jewish?: This claim gets thrown around a lot on here. What is the actual evidence for h…[View]
321923649Politics is a spook: Politics only exist if you actively think about them. If you turn off the tele…[View]
321911867Truth about Elon: truth about elon musk >real name is Nole >actually a jew >biggest grifter…[View]
321928833Why don't the palestinians attack israel within?: I feel like hamas is retarded and not helping…[View]
321917844Why haven't you taken the LDSpill, /pol/?[View]
321928797JUCHE FOR GREAT JUSTICE!: a reminder to capitalist imperialist dogs that North Korea is Best Korea! …[View]
321920517This is a picture of women reacting to the legalization of abortion in Ireland. You will NEVER be t…[View]
321927565Let’s just move to Africa.: Thoughts?[View]
321927880White men who act like niggers in their spare time: Clocking in. White af, 100% Anglo-Scots-Irish, u…[View]
321925653Israelis Indian 'dirty indians' to get fucked: Hahahahaha[View]
321928590I meat this girl. Is she a coal burning nigger lover Democrat?: > doesn't like to wear masks…[View]
321920478Oh no, not Shaun Kang: Nigger wannabe TalcumX is getting canceled by the jews. I love seeing the tra…[View]
321925291Reminder that actual, legitimate liberals are pro-capitalism, pro-freedom of speech, and anti-censor…[View]
321927014well, well, well. looks like schizos were right about ol billy boy yet again. normies BLOWN THE FUCK…[View]
321928460im here to audition /pol/[View]
321928454if you think the vaccine will kill people or make them infertile and you also hate america, wouldnt …[View]
321928423Based Billy Cunningham is live streaming or on your local AM dial! https://www.920kvec.com/show/the…[View]
321926329Congratulations, Peru: . Not sending a tranny or an ugly nigger.[View]
321927527If you could go back to the year 2021 how would you fix this shit show[View]
321925888Can we all just agree that the N word is offensive?: It hurts black people’s feelings, it’s painful …[View]
321928047THEY NEVER LAUNCHED SHIT: Hamas said they would launch the biggest rockets they had at 2am and they …[View]
321906670Which one of you was this? https://youtu.be/NTaV5WEIEWc[View]
321927872how can we recover men of values and integrity?: it's up to functional men to restore order in …[View]
321927830Who would win?[View]
321894766>sperg rocketman tweets bitcoin is actually bad >value drops by $10k pretty sound currency you…[View]
321926051>don’t stick q-tips in your ears So how the fuck am I supposed to get the ear wax out?…[View]
321920979You can now select a restaurant based on the color of the owner! (Uber eats)[View]
321923678So you support Israel because it's the fulfillment of prophecy?: If Israel was the fulfillment …[View]
321925942How I know I'm shadowbanned: I used to get 100 hits on my strawpoll now I have one. This after …[View]
321923306NORTH KOREA MIGHT GIVE UP THEIR NUKES what's going on kimbros?[View]
321922715Do Krauts even? Also, where can I find his manifesto?[View]
321927378Intentional Misinformation Threads: I have noticed a trend lately of very stupid /x/ tier threads be…[View]
321922884Capitalism: If you think capitalism is to blame for society's degeneration, then how come Japan…[View]
321927328lol. watching pastor anderson: lay out revelation and how god's plan is for christians to be ro…[View]
321923411'The top domestic threat to the United States'[View]
321906113Oh fuck, this is the end of Israel, isn't it?[View]
321908259With the end of support of Windows 7 last year,: It reminded me of the question. Why is everybody be…[View]
321908212Why do Jews make the best guns: Pic related is the best bullpup. Only thing about as good as kel tec…[View]
321922563>one term What a loser[View]
321925502god fucking damn it: is there anything left for conservatives to conserve other than isreal of cour…[View]
321926849USS liberty incident: The US ship looked pretty similiar to the Egypt naval ship that had been haras…[View]
321925867Why is the Space Force so POZZED?: >Be Space Force >Mumble about some Satellites >Only show…[View]
321923779Why can’t we all get along?[View]
321926830WATCH A BUNCH OF FILTHY FUCKING: CIRCLES MEET THEIR UNTIMELY DEMISE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
321926351why isn't the mainstream media covering the war escalation in the middle east[View]
321926382Is this true?[View]
321926448Was this the most famous toll ever paid?: Well, was it?[View]
321925842If south India is so smart, why can't they learn Hindi?[View]
321926645who else here misses this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
321925314Demystifying Eugenics: >What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestati…[View]
321923494What if Bill ordered the hit on Epstein?[View]
321921830/pol/ approved dog breeds: I start with my Obergruppenbuddy, a pure bred golden retriever[View]
321926438Bongs of /pol/ I just wanted to thank you: I was laughing my ass off in a thread and realized I thin…[View]
321920371This is your creator speaking: Hey Anon, I've been chasing after you for awhile. Why do you kee…[View]
321920901Most cryptocurrecies are being artificially inflated by 'certain' institutions. In a serious attempt…[View]
321926307How are the left going to deny Jewish power in America when the only 'woke' position that gets crush…[View]
321925264What do you think will happen if the Mullas are assassinated?[View]
321925582ISRAEL WAS RIGHT TO BOMB PRESS HQ!: Report: Israel Showed U.S. Intelligence ‘Smoking Gun’ on Hamas U…[View]
321924716Why do Facebook boomers suck his cock and treat him like he's Jesus?[View]
321926192What is happening?: On Sunday, Raja wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “The world today needs a Hitler.” …[View]
321926136So it turns out my cousin is an instathot. Before you ask: - Yes, she is Jewish - yes, she lives in …[View]
321925630Hi Mossad shills, just bringing you your daily reminder that everything your tranny-looking grandma …[View]
321923243Canada strikes again: harassing ANOTHER pastor: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/cwn/2021/april/canadian…[View]
321924125Vaccines are giving people super powers: Saw a thread earlier about the vaccines turning people into…[View]
321926050Jew pilled: Donald Trump stands with Israel. Yael Trump stands with Israel. (do not deadname her) Tr…[View]
321920848Colorado: I just graduated college and want to move here, any suggestions on where I should scout ou…[View]
321913794I did not consent to society. Society imposing its laws upon me, imposing its exploitative taxes upo…[View]
321906668Daily reminder: Here's your reminder for today that the board is consistently being raided and …[View]
321923683ITT: Red pill youtube documentaries. Give me something good to watch tn[View]
321925634I'm starting to see a trend here?[View]
321924801I'm 12.5% Sephardi and 87.5% white european. I get called Jew by whites and I get called goyim …[View]
321894333Is this how jews really are?: I never met a jew before in my life. Is this how jews are? https://you…[View]
321924443MIGA MAN: Seriously anons who was this faggot?[View]
321922582The rope calls[View]
321905074Reminder to not get the vax (No Shills): A normal vaccine injects a pathogen into your blood stream …[View]
321923630Can we get a 'whatcha doin' rabbi' thread going?: I'll start.[View]
32190521675% Fully vaxed and the remaining 20% with at least one shot: >95% of people need to take the vax…[View]
321922887Bill Gates is Canceled: So last year right wingers went after Bill Gates, and now this year left win…[View]
321925319Redpill me on this man: Is he right or just fear mongering to sell books?[View]
321924099What was it that made you homophobic? For me it’s anime, I hate trapfaggots for being annoying and w…[View]
321922233Politics is made up, it doesn't exist. It's a word invented by the victors to explain why …[View]
321924178>mid- late 20s >start making some money >get in shape > set my tinder to 18-23 only Prob…[View]
321925441this is a hero i guess: spent decades fuckin n suckin in bathhouses but could never find the cures f…[View]
321922090Admit it: You larp as a nazi but masturbate to transgender porn.[View]
321925052why can't they just reunite?[View]
321901663When capitalists describe what's great about capitalism, they describe socialism. When they des…[View]
321915161If we were to sterilize everyone who commits a felony instead of incarcerating them for ridiculously…[View]
321924170Jewish mob boss gets mad at his wife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO95kvDcprI[View]
321924909/ptg/ - PRESERVATION OF FIRE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS45 https://www.donaldjtrump.com…[View]
321925170If you could go back to the year 2021 how would you fix this shit show[View]
321896100US TERROR ALERT RAISED BECAUSE OF (you): According to the DHS, your conspiracy theories, false narra…[View]
321925165Let's talk vaccine conspiracies: I already had covid, but I don't want the stupid vaccine.…[View]
321921875The Ginger has no souls kid is making fun of White People: If your bored make this fat faggot freak …[View]
321920222You are given a trillion dollars to create a new political party: >What is the party’s culture? …[View]
321924952The truth. Accept it or face damnation[View]
321919596Reminder British colonies were successful because of British women.: and that's the ONLY reason…[View]
321924894Strawpoll: Where should we build a big wall https://strawpoll.com/37wrwxg1q[View]
321919433>this scared muslims Why?[View]
321922981It’s over for Palestine: India superpower joins the fight[View]
321922576/pol/ humor thread[View]
321921911Greenberg is live again, kvetching about Christianity again[View]
321920496Brutal: How can we end Israeli violence against Palestinians[View]
321918617If Bernie wasn't cheated out of the 2016 election, Israel wouldn't exist: Based Jew knows …[View]
321920373It really do be like that[View]
321923228reply to this post if you have nigger fatigue[View]
321918458Would you be in favor of not only decriminalizing rape but punishing women punitively if they failed…[View]
321924316Why did he do it? I mean surrendering. At that point he should have just committed suicide by cops.[View]
321924004Why do North Africans hate black people so much?[View]
321924244Why are such a disproportionate number of (((them))) so perverted?[View]
321921252>be a multi-millennia old Satanic death cult >take over most of the Western world >have a …[View]
321922855Anti Normie Propaganda Thread: Post your favorite sound types, catch phrases, propagandist messages,…[View]
321924191America Need Immigrants: To grow weed to sell to niggers to get tax money.[View]
321912033we are the master race[View]
321922161>Leave country to escape problems. >Still chimp out about it. [] White people please help []I …[View]
321923702Should you get a PhD in Queer Studies?[View]
3219189682010's most bland decade: Is it just me or was the 2010 decade the most bland culturally and so…[View]
321924020the TRUTH about marxism: Marxism splits world into 2 groups, the oppressive rich and the oppressed w…[View]
321923401STOP RACISM PLEASE /POL/ STOP RACISM! im the guy im the pic...[View]
321923996he unironically saved our diplomatic reputation. we aren't the laughing stock of the world. he …[View]
321923799What do you think of the UK SDP?[View]
321923839Space war against shitskins continues: Does anybody wonder how absurd it is that the Jews are shooti…[View]
321920525Have these people ever won?: >Be jew >come from southern Turkey >Struggle to get Israel fro…[View]
321921071Germanon here. Ne jez wirklich n echter, ich versteck meine Flagge nicht wie ein absoluter Schwuchte…[View]
321923775thoughts on this him next saddam ?: I'm going to Lebanon soon and was wondering if i should sta…[View]
321918371Oooooooohhhhhhh hohohohohhahahahahahahahahahahahaha[View]
321921492Should women be able to drive cars?[View]
321921816Black Lives Matter attacked Jews?[View]
321918571Joe Biden here. AMA![View]
321923546Post em[View]
321923051Leftists talk about institutional racism, but they comprise of 95% of all institutions[View]
321923231In 150 years, who will rule Palestine[View]
321914302What do /pol/tards like to do for fun?: Do you guys have any hobbies?[View]
321920731Unpopular opinion I actually like Israel the state I just wish they would call out white genocide in…[View]
321914932>The absolute state of the *Nglosphere[View]
321912016Which countries will accept the Palestinian refugees after Israel drives them off their land?[View]
321917918Dystopia General /DG/: Post absurdity. Politically speaking[View]
321923045((Clean)) Energy: Anons, I need a redpill on climate change/'green' energy. I know the basics, but I…[View]
321920078/tg/ Tartaria General: >Tartaria an empire hidden in history. Hundreds of maps from hundreds of d…[View]
321922523Khazar Honor: Why are Khazaks 10000x better than Ashkenazim? are they even at all related??!?! https…[View]
321918993Breaking News: An 85 year old woman by the name of Brenda Lambright and her cat have been found murd…[View]
321923046Women are subhuman and society shouldn't worship them. They are short, they are bitchy, they ar…[View]
321915348Y’all need to embrace the world: Y’all’s entire moral outlook is sad, not because it’s right or wron…[View]
321919383Whats the current state of shitty 2d games like Amogus? Its pretty much all i can hope to make[View]
321911897Why aren’t we meeting up in public and playing some cards?: Card games are based. Your racist great …[View]
321916672Why do normies seem so rich? They eat at nice restaurants, go on holiday, have nice clothes, clean s…[View]
321923889Why do people travel to my country to race mix?: Can't you keep your culture to yourselves?…[View]
321923888Take the vaccine[View]
321921981What are the most important things we can do so our daughters don't end up like this? (webm rel…[View]
321921339/pol/fags BTFO: In the US, ¾ths of people support Israel. An overwhelming majority. This includes an…[View]
321874454Why are YOU so SCARED to get the vaccine?: Be honest, are you afraid the needl hurts? What possible …[View]
321907959IS THAT 10/10 IN NORTH AMERICA?: Holy Shit https://www.missuniverse.com/vote[View]
321922922I don't believe covid vaccines cause sterilization because it's too good to be true.[View]
321914647Transhumanist Negroes: The more forced diversity we see in our Western nations, the more racial stri…[View]
321910110/pol/bros.... I just took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine: >19 >white >male >5'10 …[View]
321871995A school counsellor in Canada has been indoctrinating a 13-year-old girl into believing she’s trans.…[View]
321921625Aliens: Do you think aliens are real?[View]
321891053Individualism is Cancer[View]
321921421>MSM, Lefties and /pol/ hate Israel Broken clock, or what gives?[View]
321922791the jews know god doesn't exist: but they understand the power religion has over the masses. th…[View]
321920464OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
321922749>hail Q shit as gospel until the very bitter end >nothing fucking happens obviously >'pffff…[View]
321916102Be honest, how many of you are incels and how much would your extreme political beliefs would change…[View]
321920506Was Hitler a jewish plant? ive been thinking... >white man who killed '6 million' jews, enforcing…[View]
321921710The right to bear arms does not mean you have the right to bear whatever gun you want. >shall not…[View]
321922408I'm 12.5% Sephardi and 87.5% white european. I get called Jew by whites and I get called goyim …[View]
321922559american indians: what are we gonna do about these guys??? what are we gonna do with these guys when…[View]
321922132Kikes and niggers and spices won[View]
321883887Best Hitler pics: GO![View]
321919764So I discovered most of my ancestors were Irish, I thought I was more Anglo/German than anything but…[View]
321919768Would you date a 'whitewashed' black girl (aka Oreo)? A black girl that talks and acts like a white …[View]
321918480ESTROGEN CAN CAUSE CROHNS & COLITIS: mods and jannies are you okay? get a colonoscopy.[View]
321919105Let’s see what we have going on today: >Jews getting btfo good >aliens being disclosed tonight…[View]
321914893wouldn't it be good to keep israel around considering if it actually were destroyed the kikes w…[View]
321916870How do we save our white daughters from the BBC epidemic?[View]
321917140Why do people on this board say that us Mormons act like jews?[View]
321920013I hope you guys are making some more room in your countries.[View]
321921775MIGA Trumptards in SHAMBLES[View]
321915516Why aren't there a hundred threads about this on /pol/ like there would have been had Donald Tr…[View]
321921058Leaf-Palestinians beat old Jewish man in the streets: https://twitter.com/EliKohn3/status/1393744090…[View]
321900198Why are Christians like this?[View]
321921465any of yall tried this shit/? i said fuck it and ordered some.[View]
321914657/pol/ terminology: Is anyone else too embarrassed to admit that although they utilize the vernacular…[View]
321921419Reminder that jews are dumb, panickey animals: easily provoked into committing attrocities to preser…[View]
321915600White supremacist author gets book cancelled!: Author Richard Cohen is writing new 780-page book cal…[View]
321836928/SETF/ #258 Silver Ends The Fed - Silver Kills The Janny Autosage Edition: Political thread about th…[View]
321919043Redpill me on the Neanderthal vs Cro Magnon war.[View]
321907645Aint got no niggers!: This is what you would trade the city for.[View]
321913651Fuckin' BASED! Am I rite, my fellow MAGApedes?[View]
321920724When did Bristol become the Portland of the UK?[View]
321919181smoking weed turns you GAY![View]
321896203What is your opinion on spanking children?: Which American states still allow spanking as a way of d…[View]
321920818What's the 'Americas national security' being threatened here, rightwing americans?[View]
321921251Good day my dear pol/acks/. In these trying times, where a lot of shilling is done by mossad, I offe…[View]
321919425>restaurants/food industry struggling because of lockdown >places start offering freebees for …[View]
321919507Hello sir we are with you sir we love the ANTICHRIST please sir we want corn syrup sir please[View]
321918883You all are fucking delusional and these kinds of memes are dangerous. This chad/virgin bullshit is …[View]
321917777ACTUAL HERESY DETECTED: We can't expect God to do all the work. https://twitter.com/disclosetv/…[View]
321920652Pandemic is RAYCIS!!!: You heard it from the fauci y'all. Spread covid = kill more niggers. Sou…[View]
321902587Another leftist narrative dying https://mobile.twitter.com/julie_kelly2/status/1394017292497850372…[View]
321920346It amazes me that zionists can look themselves in the mirror: and still somehow believe they are a g…[View]
321904800/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #327 - BOMBS OVER GAZA Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Eth…[View]
321918269IDF Facebook page got hacked kek: >we only rely on expensive weapons but our men are all gay junk…[View]
321917753Real mens stands with israel[View]
321915240Allow the completion of Zion or perish in Hell: Most on this board have already accepted the inevita…[View]
321920468Eastern Orthodox Christian Livestreams: Raph is fighting some troll I guess... tune in! Book reviews…[View]
321918546CNN employs a Hitler supporter: Happy, now, /pol/?[View]
321920443Has the left gone insane?[View]
321910207biggest demoralizer here: is the do-nothing manchildren on here 24/7 playing vidya and jerking off t…[View]
321915238NPC BSOD: have you caused an NPC bsod? What was it like?[View]
321919293blue eyes white doge - pol's coin?: can we make this pol's coin? you niggers own nothing. …[View]
321911969BILL GATES IS GETTING ME TOO'D THE TIDES ARE TURNING https://www.yahoo.com/news/bill-gates-dism…[View]
321917999He Cheated: Bill Gates left Microsoft board after a 2000 affair with a female staffer was exposed in…[View]
321920145Is 20 minutes of gassing with fumigants the quickest way to kill POWs?: + additional time for herdin…[View]
321884147Don't fall for it: The reason that criticism of Israel has become mainstream is because the 'mo…[View]
321920251Canada's England's Rose: When you see me, smile, I'm as the beaver upon the nickle. M…[View]
321919021Feminism's red pills you won't see in /pol/: >Women are hornier than men >Women aren…[View]
321915545Nazi's are niggers: Niggers are basically psychopaths with low IQs. Every common nigger belief …[View]
321917610>what goyim? you didnt get the vaccine >its safe trust us >you wanna go back to normal righ…[View]
321919956We are reaching peak Islam levels in London: https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/16/convoy-drives-through-lo…[View]
321910742post wholesome content pls[View]
321914753Why do you never hear chinks giving strong opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict?[View]
321919900/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #9000: ► Detected: 0 (+0) ► Dead: 0 (+0) ► Day: 777 (-04:20:00) ► End o…[View]
321911028Convince me she's wrong[View]
321919068I stand with israel[View]
321918531Where does /pol/ get its news?: As a Canadian I've always read Fox, CNN, CBC, etc and just dist…[View]
321895131Give me one serious argument against taking the vaccine. No memes, no schizo posts. Just facts.[View]
321917276Do you support Black Lives Matter?[View]
321919067/pol/ can't refute[View]
321913323There are very real ways to lobotomize the racism out of you incels. Soon the government will allevi…[View]
321917104NATSOC on suicide watch: How do stormfags reconcile the fact that their claims that the (((they))) c…[View]
321919183It's so Beautiful...: Literal Perfection. Take a look at this map. Look at it. It's litera…[View]
321918849Are niggers in the south different than in other US states?[View]
321919658LGBTP hate thread: Fun fact, 2/3 child molesters are gay guys[View]
321911676The two biggest problems us Aryans face is: 1. SjWs/antifa constantly calling us nazis for embracing…[View]
321912407Tradie in Australia caught surfing massive Crocodile: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/…[View]
321907983How come /pol/ turns a blind eye to the asiatic heritage of nords but calls pure caucasians like ira…[View]
321918535FO4A: Your country needs your support. Will you stand for the constitution? https://flagofficers4ame…[View]
321916273>makes Americans uncontrollably seethe[View]
321919186WAIT! I've got an idea...: Lets kick out all the jews.. and send them to ISRAEL!! Its the perfe…[View]
321919451School of Salamanca - Based Christians: >Discarding the notion that abundance of currency denotes…[View]
321913215Will Joe Biden give us a BBC: NPR and PBS dosn't cut it. America needs A BBC.[View]
321917204>women only care about mon~[View]
321917940Did boomers fuck this country up?: Are boomers responsible for fucking up the United States? Is it t…[View]
321919074The level of technological advancement in a society is directly proportional to the mean level of in…[View]
321914223Anti-vaxxer / Trump voter, the image.[View]
321919053When your golem turn on you. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9583887/Acclaimed-British-auth…[View]
321918532Clownworld accelerates. Space force getting purged. So what will Q anon do now?[View]
321918804What went wrong?[View]
321917548Uh, Biden bro's??? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/panic-new-book-co-author-bell-curve…[View]
321917126I support a nuked state solution: >How would that solve the crisis in Palestine? There's a c…[View]
321919010/mug/: Miss Universe 2021 General Now: Top 21 is selected for Q&A. Later: Winner will be crowned…[View]
321909381Can Lesbians be Right-Wing?[View]
321917226How long till we go boogaloo mode here again?: So many small states in such a small piece of land. W…[View]
321913994women have no value when everyone can be beautiful[View]
321903785Turn them in /pol/: You know you want a new iPad[View]
321911531How do we solve the gun violence?: I think we can agree the CDC needs more money to study this publi…[View]
321916933Space Force Commander FIRED For Criticizing CRT: Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier had appeared on a podcast …[View]
321917541>Morning my dude, I'm here to escort you to the vaccination center. Yikes! You're 2 day…[View]
321917686What do you say to this?: Zio-bot drop this like it's the first and last word. Anyone know the …[View]
321904459Did Jews start WW1 at all?[View]
321916732Israel is an illegitimate occupying power.[View]
321914412I don't care about the Palestinians I care about the Boers. The Boers are a besieged people as …[View]
321914998Is race a social construct?[View]
321886978/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5593 (formerly 5592): ► Detected: 163,610,756 (+439,843) ► Dead: 3,390…[View]
321918440>Communism is bad because socialism is shit >NOOOOOOOO, NOT MY HECKIN NATSOC REGIME, SHITLER W…[View]
321918557Will the conflict between Israel and Hamas bring us closer to or further away from the conversion of…[View]
321917533Is Israel getting nuked tomorrow ??? Biz lord here What should we buy ? Or sell GME ? gOLd?[View]
321902200Reminder if you don't support palestine you are anti-white[View]
321918454Why did they do it? Political: what are your thoughts on monarchism :)[View]
321907362If the vaccine is a bioweapon, or a vector to increase the lethality of another bioweapon, than how …[View]
321918386UMA THURMA https://youtu.be/j7YjVm7JXdQ[View]
321907523Why is George Soros still alive? It would eliminate 90% of the conservatives problems if someone wou…[View]
321908651WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU POST YOUR VAXMAX SELFIE: >You've gotten your shot and you're HY…[View]
321918049How soon until post-vax death-tsunami begins?[View]
321916641pol funny thread[View]
321915761Should I stop paying attention to politics for the next couple of years?: There's nothing I alo…[View]
321915135the absolute state of the cuckservatism[View]
321914820In the 1,300 cases where the record establishes the outcome, Trump settled 175 times, lost 38, won 4…[View]
321888959Why do boomers care more about Israel than the current state of America?: They are having a meltdown…[View]
321917549Trumpism is a trans movement and always has been[View]
321894095The left has already done more damage to the Jews than you guys ever have: You guys reeee about Jews…[View]
321917807I have a contention: All of this kill whitey shit comes from soviet plants that were never removed t…[View]
321917691it's been a pretty slow news day, is world peace just around the corner?[View]
321914328What if Adam and Eve had never disobeyed God, where would we be right now?[View]
321917312i thought jews were smart: but it turns out your just as dumb as the rest of us. your religious bull…[View]
321917666Trump supporters, Jews are persecuted just as you were. Why don't you side with them? It doesn…[View]
321904043Why do Conservatives only care about kids in the womb?[View]
321915502Commifornia is a Satanic Sesspool of Baphamet Worshipping, Hellywood demon possessed, pedophile Vipe…[View]
321911297ISRAELI JEWS ARE BASED, LIBERAL JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM!!: >imagine believing this, kek https://yout…[View]
321914081fuck, i was pro-palestine until i learned this[View]
321888784nooooo: ANOTHER HECKIN REDDIT POST[View]
321916636>inb4 phone fag this is important. a fema employee came to my work today to give us a flier about…[View]
321916952Do you press the button?: You get your Ethnostate however, you can no longer reproduce thus have an …[View]
321916522Hypothetically speaking, If we explained to our children what's been going on, And the roles t…[View]
321914053Why is he such an autistic cunt?[View]
321916920/pol/ is dead: Change my mind[View]
321911974How would a world without niggers, kikes, spics, chinks, sand-niggers, gypsies, poos and mutts look …[View]
321916863>God's chosen assassin[View]
321894928Facts?: https://youtu.be/Nwwv50F-zdM Well /pol/?[View]
321875508Have you realized that 80% of this board is comprised of extremist Muslims psyopping you into hating…[View]
321916689heeeeeey jews!: Hey jews.. do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, 'god damn, i…[View]
321913443uhhhh, g-guys?[View]
321916658Libertarian General: God is a leftist invention. Being religious and atheist just gives all the lef…[View]
321912478The World Is Laughing At You for Your Anti-Vax Bullshit: Just popping in to say that.... In 3 years …[View]
321914549Message to JIDF: Why did the average nazi soldier participate in committing such atrocities? >He…[View]
321915870/pol/ when someone posts a video of complications and side effects of COVID virus >What shitty ac…[View]
321906661Which version of Mein Kampf do you prefer or have read?: I was just reading through this. I haven…[View]
321907067Stop using Big Tech: and read this before you complain about peertube: https://wiki.techxodus.org/…[View]
321911715how to stop em?[View]
321915062>destroys your life savings: How will they recover from the most likely catastrophic event to hap…[View]
321913337The Great Reset happens on June 28th, 2021: /pol/ I shit you not. You have to analyse all the worlds…[View]
321914076Look at what was trending on the front page of Reddit. Are normies starting to become lucid? https:/…[View]
321912890Why do us whites consider themselves superior?: We have been conquered by tons of people who aren…[View]
321913112PROOF JEWS ARE EVIL,& THE HOLOCAUST WAS JUST.: Prof. Toaff is Jewish and exposes secret Jewish h…[View]
321911872nsg/ - National Socialist General - Grateful Sunday: Welcome to National Socialism General. Everythi…[View]
321916184How Hispanic do you have to be in order to join Hispanic organizations? I'm thinking about faki…[View]
321915773Based Orthodox Christian Livestream: Check out Raph and the Orthodox faith! https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
321915109Uhhh bros?: What did she mean by this?[View]
321913151if you paint a rocket in a chrome paint it will send the laser back to the civilians facing the rock…[View]
321917188The politics of animal husbandry (fuck yiddish jannies): Ever wonder why (((they))) hate dogs so muc…[View]
321913681>the curve of a penis one way or another is often due to the cut from a circumcision Is this true…[View]
321917809Armageddon is upon us: Can you feel it? Any moment now[View]
321909051Sudden hate on Bill Gates: What did he do to get fucked over by the elites? Suddenly he is being acc…[View]
321911081The white race will die blackpill: In Europe or North America, there is no real way to prevent us fr…[View]
321914885Who killed Simon of Trent?: Kikopedia says no. Jews say all confessions of blood libel were obtaine…[View]
321902657Am I a real schizo?: Do I actually have real schizophrenia, anons? Is it just a /pol/ psyop that eve…[View]
321906062How bad is collapse going to be?: I've read the Bronze Age one was basically Mad Max with chari…[View]
321865898If you don't stand with Israel, then you ain't white!: If you support mudslime shitskin pa…[View]
321877099I understand that our monetary system is fraudulent and that fiat currency is based on nothing, but …[View]
321915537What are some BLM riot-worthy events that happened in your town before BLM?: Did anything happen pri…[View]
321904720Most /pol/ figure in history: If /pol/ had a mascot from history, who would it be? Personally, I wou…[View]
321915528You WILL ride the wagon, the segregation wagon.[View]
321915484We're building a wall: Will this stop refugees?[View]
321915503https://archive.is/Dat5J Ay /pol/ if (((Lynne Greenfeld))) invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos, why ar…[View]
321914905The Real Race War: How did (((they))) fuck this up so badly /pol/ We were literally on the fringes o…[View]
321896645Evolution is not a scientific theory and unfalsifiable: Simply put, evolution is a total epistemolog…[View]
321915213hey jews: you could make way more money using an opt out or presumed consent policy towards organ do…[View]
321913263OFFICIAL APOLOGIZE TO RICHARD SPENCER THREAD: so far biden has: >told israel to fuck itself and c…[View]
321914708What happened /pol/?[View]
321911545Christ the redeemer got cucked kek how will christfag recover? vaccinate or youre going to hell, chr…[View]
321911225This is a picture of God's hand defending His People: Not even a troll post, I legitimately sta…[View]
321915101why do Trumpfags act like they hate sandniggers: when their Daddy loved 'em?[View]
321911568The reason why Israel is hated: Jews to the world: >'our homeland Isreal is a land for jewish peo…[View]
321914703Protestants are Satanists: Protestants are no different than Satanists. Do as thou wilt is no differ…[View]
321912718Jews need to die[View]
321914020Anarcho-primitivist thread: What's the best way to achieve this for those who want it? Keeping …[View]
321914277Oy Vey: Was this the most based novice ever? It basically named the Jew and took on the Christcucks…[View]
321913428>*saves america* huh....nothing personal kid[View]
321881611The Lion of Judah: >To restore the scions of Israel, I shall submit you as a light unto the natio…[View]
321911358Yid Mountain Collapses: Yid mountain collapses. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vRI02r3Mpdo…[View]
321907920COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #42: BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM edition >QRD?: Gaza rocked by over …[View]
321913618Do Israelis harvest organs?: Do they practice blood libel?[View]
321910163memoryhole thread[View]
321913371I wrote “taxation is theft” on my check with my tax return will I be charged with hate speech[View]
321913458What makes ugly people turn to liberalism?[View]
321887410HUMAN RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY COVID HOAX IRELAND: I am posting this to inform whats left of the US on the …[View]
321913014Why is his niece Natalie always in tow?[View]
321909973/pol/ meta thread: ITT: We talk about what is shitting up the board and hopefully the mods pay atten…[View]
321910069The jew fear the frog powder drinker[View]
321910660What happens after you die?[View]
321910924>open Bible >talking snake really?[View]
321912577/pol/: Do you feel lonely? Do you feel lost? Come join our bucket. We will make sure that you will n…[View]
321913979Rare Merchant Thread: Sup fellow Goys, I'm looking for the original image of pic related.…[View]
321914220You killed all black people. This is the last one. What do you do with the last black man on Earth?[View]
321914279thoughts on the new Colossus of Rhodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM6_FoDrNeA[View]
321915482WHAT IS IT WITH NORMIES AND THIS DOGSHIT LEFTIST MOVIE!?: My aunt, mom, sister, and cousin called me…[View]
321915512Question: If yids are neanderthals then why do they spam the 'master race' meme? neanderthals are no…[View]
321912592Look at this old retarded Irish faggot. He is destroying American.[View]
321913847if normal american patriots (conservative voters) literally decided to stop paying taxes there is ab…[View]
321905360Why do Americans go to American fast-food restaurants when they travel abroad?[View]
321895137Do any older anons here have any advice on how to unfuck your life after the age of thirty? Any lat…[View]
321913670When observing anti-pagan shills, youll notice they never forumalate arguments in favor of their pre…[View]
321913816A guy I knew took a tour around Epstein’s Island: He said the locals say there were blood transfusio…[View]
321901197What are your views on the Roman Empire? I've seen trads both denounce them as degenerate homos…[View]
321911847It's over for Russia.[View]
321914057NO DON'T TRUST THAT SCIENCE https://twitter.com/AndySwan/status/1393989311834595331[View]
321914060Avro Arrow: Why are leafs so incredibly butthurt even 60 years later by the cancelation of the Arrow…[View]
321903882ITS HAPPENING! FUNDS ARE SELLING ELON MUSK'S STOCK: It's happening anons!! ... funds that …[View]
321882181/pol military strategy experts: How would you defeat Israel if you were a Palestinian? They seem inc…[View]
321913960>But there's a pandemi-[View]
321913889Origin of the original sin: it seems like all men through out all cultures and all times pretty much…[View]
321908328Countdown to the end of the world right here. They're turning it on, upgraded, and it will be m…[View]
321910993What would it take to make President Donald Trump a true Emperor or a King and protector of the fait…[View]
321913083What is wrong with Americans? We have the technology able to create multiple vaccines and are able t…[View]
321911351Escape from the metro: Anyone else wish their families toughed it out in the county instead of movin…[View]
321913438Unbased and Overrated.[View]
321908887ALL HAIL THE BYZANTINE EMPEROR: Greeks, Russians and all the Orthodox SEETHE because their legitimat…[View]
321913677Egalitarianism: Politically Correct, Scientifically Wrong: Clearly, dysgenic fertility is an enormou…[View]
321911629Why the fuck is mining dogecoin on a smartphone banned?: Who the fuck regulates that and why?[View]
321888590Rape should be legal: The reason Western European women are the most beautiful in the world is becau…[View]
321891889Why won’t he name the jew[View]
321905669>Angela Merkel is a member of the globohomo elite and disconnected from the average pers- care to…[View]
321905572Question: Was life better under Christian Monarchies? The Middle Ages seem much more comfy than the …[View]
321913356Guys. Regarding the current israelo-palestinian conflict. I really like the idea of killing Arabs, b…[View]
321913407And here's why thats a good thing[View]
321898000why are shitskins supporting israel so much?: why the fuck indians support israel so fucking much? i…[View]
321913128friendly reminder that there are 10,000,000 jews in the jewnited of c*ckoldica.[View]
321905084is it feasible?[View]
321909057What should be done as punishment for the COVID regime officers like Fauchi and the CDC director[View]
321906607Society is going to fall apart: Does that mean women will return to the kitchen and bedroom as inten…[View]
321886457Czechs are not Slavs #2: Czech is a Germanic language, while Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Serbian, Sl…[View]
321911004American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of…[View]
321908835Is atheism a societal deadend?[View]
321911862This is your one chance /pol/. This is your one chance to redpill the masses on Jewish control over …[View]
321911641I swear to fucking God: despite being 13.4% of the population they commit ~45% of the robberies (25,…[View]
321909834VOLUME OF PRO JEW THREADS= ITS SCARED: ive never ever seen this sheer volume of pro isreal jew threa…[View]
321911682Best way to choose politicians: Anyone you ever vote for will be an idiot figure head who barks at y…[View]
321912496i'm not gonna apologize for being better than everybody: other people would never achieve half …[View]
321911814Death to Israel. If I can't have a ethnostate neither can the jews[View]
321906504RED PILL THREAD: Post some red pills.[View]
321886775>Deagel predicts massive population decline especially in the west before 2025 >the amount of …[View]
321912512neo-confederate-jihadism: The south will rise again[View]
32189968326 YEAR OLD BRITISH WOMAN ADOPTS 14 BLACK TEENAGERS: This woman is very inspirational and I think we…[View]
321909840Why is it so cool and hip to hate on Israel and the Jews now? If you tried this at any other time yo…[View]
321909280LOOK WHO'S PLAYING THE RACE CARD NOW: This motherfucker knows he is only a short distance away …[View]
321907864Why are people such faggots?: Also what is Roy Rogers?[View]
321868265I'm sorry /pol/[View]
321908214And morons honestly believe the left can't meme[View]
321907291Vaccine R.I.P.[View]
321909646Halp: Does anyone have the link to the video where the guy is walking around a parking lot with a sp…[View]
321904177/crg/ - comfy redpill general: I feel there are some basic red pills to go over for the summer peopl…[View]
321906419Lambright Arrested!: Breaking: Wayne Lambright (1959-2021) was arrested today for his involvement of…[View]
321911773>be me >look up upcoming Palestinian really > find one a few days ahead > motivation w…[View]
321911663Everyone 12 years and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine: ummm bros??? this isent good…[View]
321902272Juan and Evita Peron: Were they a blessing for Argentina? Or are they responsible for Argentina in i…[View]
321912058Just a few more classes and we'll have peace In the holy land: - unknown crusader, 1096[View]
321909778Already walked into about 10 businesses without a mask. Told them all I 'got the vaccine'. Suck a di…[View]
321911861ACCELERATE: Say it with me Gents, ACCELERATE[View]
321911769Nurses of /pol/: What's the most horrid COVID case you've witnessed? Edit: Thx 4 the gold[View]
321909488This guy is so fucking awesome: Just fucking look at him. The FBI betrayed this fucking country. Fu…[View]
321908111What's the deal with this pic?[View]
321911056Alireza Fazeli Monfared: SAY HIS NAME /pol/! HE WAS BEHEADED FOR BEING HUMAN, EXPRESSING HIS LOVE! I…[View]
321911771Is Islam or race the real problem?: We always had muslim greeks and they never did nigger shit like …[View]
321908385Samson option equals Israelis nuking the whole world right? But there are jewish people all over the…[View]
321892008/polcels seething[View]
321911088Western conservatives of /pol/. Which part of Western civilization is actually worth 'conservin…[View]
321905708Are millenials really this bad with money or is the economy just fucked for them?[View]
321910622remember trumps space force?: this is it now under biden LMAO this is captains log of the starship …[View]
321909573Think of all the people you BIGOTS are putting at risk![View]
321901675Frens, im part of the elite, what should I be afraid of what I do not know?: >Give me redpills…[View]
321909444So let me get this straight. You women & minorities expect me to treat you with dignity & re…[View]
321908581In Canada I have met niggers that didnt act like gang bangers and drug dealers. Wanna know why? Fami…[View]
321907588Richland County, SC! The council wants to extend the mask ordinance on Tuesday!: Richlanders, the co…[View]
321900420Why do niggers recognize Palestine?: Pic related. Purple countries recognize Palestine. White countr…[View]
321909504Why are jews such cowards?: They have the whole West supporting them with endless gibs and weapons, …[View]
321910484India states strong support for Palestine: Paki bots you can stop now the scam is up. We have spoken…[View]
321910773American non intervention in Hungary in 1956: I have read somewhere that the US sent the Soviet Unio…[View]
321910955Are courts necessary?: All retarded laws for petty crimes like pissing on the street or punching you…[View]
321911208if normal american patriots (conservative voters) literally decided to stop paying taxes there is ab…[View]
321909946Say it with me: HAMAS IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION: If you don't, Israel is going to fuck you up…[View]
321870901Sheboon chimps out on bartender because her drink wasn't strong enough: A bartender at a family…[View]
321909572Why is Twitter used to initiate strategic strikes and maneuvers? Don't countries know everyone …[View]
321911127So pali's are shouting FREE PALESTINE and they expect jews not to fall over themselves to claim…[View]
321893208They just downed a fucking heli. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hkT7ieEvgQ[View]
321903139What the fuck even is this timeline anymore?[View]
321910889WHat % of pols see Israel only being defeated by a dirty bomb?: Think they could sneak one in? and w…[View]
321910197Let’s cut through all the bullshit surrounding the conflict in Israel: >Israel has a right to def…[View]
321910856LOL https://www.infowars.com/posts/breaking-half-of-nih-cdc-refuse-the-covid-vaccine-right-as-the-wo…[View]
321909816why are reddit people like this?[View]
321877373why do millennials not want to work?[View]
321910760National Academy of Medicine Members Urge Black Americans to Get Vaccinated: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
321910746Navy pilots recall 'unsettling' 2004 UAP sighting: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/navy-ufo-sighting-60…[View]
321908968Is this what scientists spend money on?: I see more of these fucking articles everyday. How can you …[View]
321907428What's Trump up to?: Well?[View]
321910403Retard discord server in need of a raid: raid this discord server for feminists and fags. Link is on…[View]
321910666Should immodest, sexy clothing be criminalized for women and children?[View]
321910474Why is Pluto no longer a planet?[View]
321910341American 'Conservatism'[View]
321907053Beans getting cancelled: First it was Antonio Garcia Martinez for calling Silicon Valley women pig d…[View]
321903718Post Burgerpunk[View]
321905170How would you have helped Mr. Floyd?: Let's be honest, none of us wanted Mr. Floyd to die. The …[View]
321910219Michael Cohen: Trump told me 'Don Jr had worst judgement in world': Trump Sr. is right. Hi…[View]
321910380Israel is God's chosen people who brought us God's Word. We owe much to them. There is a b…[View]
321907800SHUT IT DOWN NOW[View]
321908729It could work.: Use their strategy against them.[View]
321910278More documents release in Seth Rich murder investigation: According to the FBI files, top officials …[View]
321907008People who were vaxxed personalities have changed: Anyone else notice a disturbing change of behavio…[View]
321910095White boy summer. Gaze upon the reactionary left.[View]
321871793the international wall of shame[View]
321905914Daily reminder that all this pro-Israel, anti-Palestine shilling is literally from paid JIDF Mossad …[View]
321908850Isn't it convenient that LiveLeak was taken down right before Israel started committing war cri…[View]
321910029Amerika.org - News (May 16, 2021): News from the furthest right http://www.amerika.org/politics/news…[View]
321907295You support Palestine, Right ?[View]
321906843This is awesome!: Male aggression is being celebrated again! Fuck yeah![View]
321909788Did the recent conflict in Palestine begin because.: >A. The Muslims attacked the jews >B. The…[View]
321909435If you want to get started as a young American guy, why don't you move to a poorer country with…[View]
321905728Time's up, greaseball.[View]
321909090So now that God has put wonderful street cleaning viruses all over India, what should be done with I…[View]
321905001What if the 1350iq play is that Tyrone&Co are posting all sorts of negative stuff about black pe…[View]
321908539A M E R I C A[View]
321908322I'm starting to break. I might actually do something soon. I don't mean get a gun and go o…[View]
321909299Info about vaccines?: What actually is a vaccine etc? Lets say you do get vaccinated, would a mutate…[View]
321903444i need a white pill right FUCKING NOW![View]
321886657Anyone else views China as the greatest threat to personal freedom? Soon we won't have private …[View]
321909131GOP lawmakers begin to soften stance on Jan 6: GOP and cops too are realizing mayybeee it wasnt wort…[View]
321909119Chinese: I hate them so much, it's fucking unreal. I have to write about their trade practices,…[View]
321903513WTF SWEDEN: WTF SWEDEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCDMGu-xi30[View]
321908637Israeli occupiers block Palestinian Christians access to the Church Of the Holy Sepulchre >https:…[View]
321903134>go on /pol/ >dozens of pro muslim threads I thought you guys weren't sheep lol. Your jus…[View]
321908223What does /pol/ know about the Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky?: The caption reads 'Orthodox Russian pe…[View]
321907472Microsoftbros... we got too cocky[View]
321906248Why are Freemasons like this?: What’s the story behind this?[View]
321881381i've never subscribed to anything since i was born: you're a cuck if you don't use to…[View]
321905341The last three years in a row the sexiest man alive was from the 13%: Before that it was the black J…[View]
321908311It's over, israelibros, it's over... Thousands of rockets and 9 dead, oh no no no no. >…[View]
321908687How can you BIGOTS not inject yourselves with unknown substances: > Seriously, just put this unkn…[View]
321908295Holy based Batman![View]
321896758Political dissident computer thread: RISCV edition: >How can I be more secure and safe >Also I…[View]
321907845Now that we’re familiar with this Biden administration what’s the media not telling us?[View]
321903831filthy pasta niggers: What do we do about the it*liaN problem? They’re fat, smelly and retarded. The…[View]
321908168>tune into Infowars for the first time in years >it's Owen Shroyer supporting Israel and …[View]
321906510BREAKING: Biden + Democrat Party kikes more Jpilled than Trump: Posted this an hour ago and it was i…[View]
321907693Did Nazis teach kids how to use weapons against other kids like Israel?[View]
321907978What went wrong in the new world?[View]
321904890I have to make presentation at university about any topic I want. What would you recommend /pol/?[View]
321894051Collectives are better: The only time it is ever a positive to be an individual is if you are using …[View]
321904276NEW MEME FOR /POL/ TO DROP IN LESS THAN A WEEK: Here is an idea for you guys to forget about in less…[View]
321906966The palestinians are the biggest victim of protestantism: Don't blame the Jews for being Jews w…[View]
321906972I guess I thought you'd be here forever: Another illusion I chose to create[View]
321905721MFW Memes are real: >The Absolute State of Niggers and Burgerica…[View]
321892532Do americans really[View]
321902852Post CHUD MONUMENTS being vandalized/destroyed.[View]
321905583What would he have done with the Gaza situation?[View]
321897356COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #41: Dawn of the cock edition >QRD?: I can't be arsed writin…[View]
321884376Looks like they told this little fucker to shape up or ship out[View]
321905136Why should we implement UBI when it failed in mongolland?: https://www.businessinsider.com/finland-b…[View]
321901939Tell me why Israel and Palestine are at war for any other reason than control over territory and a g…[View]
321906203are you getting the wuflu vaccine?[View]
321907020India states strong support for Palestine: Paki bots you can stop now the scam is up. We have spoken…[View]
321901505Canada strikes again: harassing ANOTHER pastor: https://youtu.be/vlmMFr59rEo[View]
321909615The Answer is 1: Fuck you dumb motherfuckers https://twitter.com/SayVenMusic/status/132766178518539…[View]
321888059there was a thread recently about npc's NNPCs, imagination and the creation of original works. …[View]
321897333Free will isn't a thing: We either: Act as a result of causal links (act because of the way our…[View]
321897832will europeans ever return to their old gods?[View]
321902194>'Prove the earth isn't flat' >'FLAT EARTH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IS THAT A JOKE???' Why is…[View]
321902201STOP FARTING[View]
321904137All this site is now, is just a bunch of kids saying words all day to eachother. I don't know h…[View]
321904197>Not in church on a sunday You're the devil.[View]
321905964Wait a minute, I thought Canadians were meant to be PC faggots[View]
321906185GUUURRL let me tell it y'all. Cave Becky's be out here in IHop tryna be touchin Gaza Bozo…[View]
321906360How to fix women?[View]
321906602Amerimutt thread: post the uglies ones you got[View]
321906665How much is a man supposed to spend on his wife's wedding ring[View]
321907813What would happen of one head was elected president in your country? Would the other head hear the s…[View]
321907941What about 2nd breakfast?: Pippin would be proud. You british cunts know a thing or 2 about food. …[View]
321908000You all know that the bathroom defender has a YouTube channel, right? https://youtu.be/5OUvHA4sO8o[View]
321905164I heard nothing with outside the reach of you faggots: So how do we fix the problem of youtubers put…[View]
321906908You don't support nuclear power do you? Why would you support nuclear power over superior optio…[View]
321896945Is it over for me?: >26 going on 27 >white >6'0, 190 lbs, fit (steroids are awesome br…[View]
321906420make housing free or else millennials and zoomers aren't going to have kids. paying 2k+ every m…[View]
321905064Iran & Israel = 2 Sides of the Same Coin: Antisemitism in Iran > 56% Antisemitism in Iraq, Sa…[View]
321905640Israeli societal aspects: The last few days made me wonder about some aspects of Israel's socie…[View]
321906387GOP lawmakers begin to soften stance on Jan 6: GOP and cops too are realizing mayybeee it wasnt wort…[View]
321886730/pol/ Explain to me the difference between black people and niggers[View]
321905867We won all whites will be killed soon.[View]
321905976Are muslims right about jews?: https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/1394051001846542336[View]
321874891BOB DYLAN DIED A WEEK SHY OF HIS 80th BIRTHDAY: Natural causes. Probably to be announced tomorrow, o…[View]
321906041Do you feel it?: if not, you will soon. remember to breathe.[View]
321882895What’s the point of paganism when you know white Christians(literally over 90% of whites) won’t conv…[View]
321906485When you ally with the Chinese to make your Country Communist only to realize too late that the Chin…[View]
321905953This is a retraction thread. I called this noble based man 'sweet clown'. He is not. He was the grea…[View]
321906302Sol invictus Vert vector Animas core[View]
321901146Is socialism the state control of the economy?[View]
321900661India Strain in Oklahoma: https://kfor.com/news/coronavirus/cluster-of-oklahoma-covid-19-cases-ident…[View]
321902052Why does everyone suddenly crticize the jews and Israel?: I mean they do the same as in the last 50 …[View]
321901847What did God mean by this?[View]
321906384so how many Palestinian children have they helped murder so far?[View]
321906051ITT: jews actually being punished for their crimes[View]
321904719how does /pol/ feel about these guys? are wiccans based?[View]
321900403What is /pol/'s opinion on mixed race people? Particularly white-passing ones[View]
321905404ancient ary.ans thread starting this on /pol/ becouse medscum have completely ran over /his/ and it …[View]
321905163The Japanese are the gods of the Asians[View]
321906389The Winklevoss twins and the biggest Bitcoin miner in China[View]
321896015What's the most disturbing piece of lost media? (Also, last lost-media general I will ever post…[View]
321906937stop drinking this poison: and I have never felt healthier in my life. This stuff has so much sugar …[View]
321905496Porn should be banned and hentai should be the new mainstream. I rather an ARTIST get money than a t…[View]
321906093It’s funny because he can’t stand[View]
321905507Why did the Tea Party fail so badly, /pol/? Just a decade later, their biggest issues (reducing the …[View]
321905358kid president dead at 23 of natural causes: >you just know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWXAEu…[View]
321904291Would you join another Attila the Hun?: Well, /pol/, do you have anything better to do? >Sex >…[View]
321905204Londistan today: We often talk about the American decay but the good old UK follows the same path...…[View]
321906122What grug thinks: Big nose tribe want to kill blonde hair tribe with magic media voodoo and blue hai…[View]
321906120Off Grid Colony: How to use smart contracts, cryptocurrency and encryption to enforce racism and min…[View]
321906119At the present time, we are evolving to become less intelligent with each new generation: For hundre…[View]
321897567Why do doctors wear masks of they don't work?[View]
321905592These people can’t even stay on a coherent narrative for 24 hours https://mobile.twitter.com/1010WI…[View]
321897330English are French/German mongrels: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3000998/Are-Wels…[View]
321904348Are the Chinese based?: I think we can allow them in the ethno state[View]
321873604Why do Europeans hate freedom of speech so much? inb4 /pol/. This is not a political topic. Freedom …[View]
321901949BONGS: How the fuck is it that the Royals are taking the real COViD-19 shot?: I thought they were in…[View]
321904525>they dont realize the early mask mandate ending is intentional >they know there’s no real mea…[View]
321905901Well that didn't take long. What the fuck did they expect would happen in a country like Britai…[View]
321905873what the fuck is this even supposed to mean?[View]
321905827Realistically, how many more Christmases do we have until the song 'White Christmas' is ca…[View]
321890202If the Jews don’t convert to Christianity before they die, do they go to hell?[View]
321902812Is he a real celebrity?: Nobody heard of him before this event https://youtu.be/c9nTxOMtbEI[View]
321901641Do you ever just lose the will to talk to anyone anymore: Maybe it’s bc I got ghosted by a girl but …[View]
321904701Vaccine: I’m 24 and my parents wouldn’t let me get the jew juice, what should I do?[View]
321902856I love my country[View]
321896598Huge Correction to CDC Death Toll Numbers Incoming: This Jew bitch is now finally admitting that the…[View]
321904812>make vaccine >not effective against covid >effective against another virus >release new…[View]
321889652Old English General - Frymþ Edition /oeg/: VOCABULARY LESSON https://www.oldenglishtranslator.co.uk/…[View]
321897435Take the beanpill: >be pic related papi >not a hippy >not selling jobs out to china >not…[View]
321905454Did pizza-related judge fake his death?: >age 77 in 2021 >chairman of the juvenile justice co…[View]
321898598Homophobia is natural, normal and a part of healthy functioning society: Homophobia is a society…[View]
321900195You lost the culture war.: Your memes got you four years. Four years. And now it's all over for…[View]
321904911WTF is wrong with Virginia, Equity training for little league coaches: Is there any way to salvage V…[View]
321891583Canada is collapsing thread #457: I walked into a Grocery store yesterday and this was the average c…[View]
321889696Question for /pol/. I'm half French half African, what race should I claim on American papers? …[View]
321904070How did he get away with it, /pol/?: >Richard Montanez is credited with inventing Hot Cheetos as …[View]
321902870give me the final redpill on mcveigh. was he justified or was he a glow or was he baited by the nose…[View]
321904990iT'S Back on get in here !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxVLf4OMIO0[View]
321904754Potential psyop to feed to the left:: 'Terrorist is the N word for Arabs' Isralis get away with a lo…[View]
321904532World wars was staged.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/n6zO7zgEcueK/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
321892761PSA; PragerU's CEO is an ex-Unit 8200 kike femoid: Let's unite and hate PragerU. We can se…[View]
321898773Civilization depends totally upon innate intelligence: This assertion is pretty much self-evident. L…[View]
321902315The bird was singing the car alarm: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qhJSjLqHpHw[View]
321904738EPO (Epocrit Epogen etc): So Covid fucks with your iron/hemoglobin/blood and ability to oxygenate yo…[View]
321904566AY TONE!: Hey /pol/ can I get some Holocaust facts and photoshops, so I can Redpill my brother…[View]
321904854reddit: This guy just rocks up to the thread and proceeds to tell a story of pissing his pants becau…[View]
321904493Richland County, SC! The council wants to extend the mask ordinance on Tuesday!: Richlanders, the co…[View]
321904776If you don't own a house now you probably never will. We need the government to tax non primary…[View]
321901299>support local businesses No[View]
321901401White birth rates are fucked because of feminism, not immigration. Immigration was only a response t…[View]
321892038'Why is there a nigger in my homeroom?': White student from Fairfield Ward High School posted a phot…[View]
321902427Nazism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin: Nazis support Israel https://www.unz.com/pub/jhr…[View]
321904064Shalom! My favorite verse of the holy book. What is yours? :)[View]
321900317>2014 feminism >straight male perverts are public enemy number one >2021 feminism >stra…[View]
321904122Thoughts on Georgia?: Seems like a nice little country. Not too expensive, good weather, safe, still…[View]
321904480Racist are inadequate losers: Most racist come from the trash part of their race. White trash Black …[View]
321904298But Italians aren't brown[View]
321899246Tranny at the Olympics: Chris-chan shall be representing New Zealand at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Wha…[View]
321897677The USA.: the shittiest country to exist in all human history bunch of literal sub-humans so biologi…[View]
321902786>On Sunday night, a Florida man was arrested after grabbing a child in a restaurant and telling t…[View]
321903528If you can read this: it means you haven't died for Israel. Antisemite.[View]
321902880Daily reminder you are all cattle and Andrew Yang was your very last hope.[View]
321901025USSR model 2030. Communist Caliphate and the status of the largest Muslim country in the world: For …[View]
321904047Former leftists/liberals of /pol/, where did the zeitgeist lose you?[View]
321896789>be me >see Israelis and Palestinians fighting on the news > open up 4chan and go to pol …[View]
321902360Can Israeli nukes reach the USA?[View]
321901757Jews shouldn't marry non-Jews Goodfellas proves the consequences right[View]
321896168/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #326 - 'Why is no one baking?' Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/,…[View]
321903253S P R A Y I N G: Anyone else getting an unusual amount of spray today? Alot of X Z patterns aswell. …[View]
321903566>Nazi sympathizers >The exact thing Hitler wanted to exterminate from Earth.…[View]
321903961Zyklon B is like the only thing that can make the world a normal place, it treats any disorder insta…[View]
321903935Rewinding Globalization would make this world a better place...: ...right?[View]
321903924National Bolshevism: It's obvious that National Bolshevism is gradually overtaking /pol/. Why i…[View]
321892616Bleacher Collapse - Mass Casualty Event in Israel: chaos https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/16/middleeast/i…[View]
321902462LIVING WAGE NOW: If these greedy Midwestern diner chains want to survive ummm maybe they should make…[View]
321882891What's the best state in Ameriland to move into?: Getting decent work with an American company …[View]
321893180Why do they observe us?[View]
321899138>be freemason in france >leave because its gay >make film about it in 1943 >get executed…[View]
321887347Based Music Thread: They wont let me post this on /mu/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/5FarM2khmxaj/…[View]
321903411Don't get it twisted: When you see leftists hating Israel it's not because they hate jews …[View]
321891328Jewish groups denouncing Black Lives Matter?[View]
321902778Epstein flight logs released. Bill Gates released covid.: You can't deny the chain of events.…[View]
321886866Get woke, go broke: Except why has her career tanked ever since she publicly became redpilled? Basic…[View]
3218997151984 thread: The (((government))) is clearly piping bullshit into our heads. What information do you…[View]
321903159GOP lawmakers begin to soften stance on Jan 6: https://mobile.twitter.com/kron4news/status/139404121…[View]
321860769>thinks kids are ready thinks kids are ready >thinks kids are ready thinks kids are ready …[View]
321887770All y'all honies gotta stop wt dis racism: White power is NOT okay[View]
321902593We all know how predetermined and rigged in the enemy's favor everything is nowadays, with the …[View]
321897782THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING!!!: >Mum’s legs erupted in rash and blisters after Covid vaccine but…[View]
321896879BASED CNN[View]
321896897Hey pol I take all these pills every week am I gonna be OK?[View]
321897363Israel has the ethnostate /pol/ wants: And you're all just fucking jealous over it >Plasan i…[View]
321902958Guys, The Mask: What happens when it goes out of style? Its the only thing that hides the smell of l…[View]
321899316>The UK can go one day without a new and totally humiliating pict-[View]
321892422Great Reset Preparation: 'The year is 2030. You'll own nothing and be happy.' The major corpora…[View]
321902325Fascism: Lads, i need your help. I am writing a school project about different political idealogies,…[View]
321898037can you poos tell me why are you worshipping 'israel'? you just get ignored every time[View]
321900250THE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATIONS NEVER LIE: >Leaded gasoline >asbestos >arsenic wallpaper …[View]
321897752Not my problem[View]
321902517On May 16th 2021: Shia realized he lost his battle with the master of all hackers, the hackers of re…[View]
321901666This is that Free Speech in Europe that Prince Harry hates: Francisco José Contreras, an MP for the …[View]
321874436Fight Club, Masculinity, and the Dying West: Good afternoon, fine gentlemen of /pol/ I propose a com…[View]
321902796Palestine stands with Israel!: Please don't nuke us[View]
321899310SUDDENLY, CDC is bad according to liberals: >'This newest CDC guidance is not based on science, d…[View]
321901971/pol/ stands with Israel: Nazis support Israel https://www.unz.com/pub/jhr__zionism-and-the-third-r…[View]
321901266hey, Americans. you donr know what Civil War is https://youtu.be/Ok78RSPzdE4[View]
321883463Daily reminder that the USA hasn't won a single war in over seven decades and never will again.…[View]
321891733MAJOR HAPPENING: Prime Minister of Turkey calls upon international community to create and financial…[View]
321896450based or cringe country?: is your country based or cringe? say based or cringe and post image that s…[View]
321898617AMERICA HATE GENERAL /AHG/: YES WE’RE DOING THIS AGAIN! Talking points: >Average American in 2050…[View]
321901753Daily reminder: Never let migamutts forget this.[View]
321902305Is there a way to prove whether the elites actually got the vaccine or if they're just faking i…[View]
321901001BIG WOOFERS: Do people with them are more likely to be political dissidents?[View]
321901870If a political candidate came right out to be openly racist, and would enact racist policies that ta…[View]
321902153imagine a country: Eh, /pol/?[View]
321897586pol humor thread[View]
321901247American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of…[View]
321900199California Love Thread: This is for all the haters out there that wish they could save up 50 dollars…[View]
321898577What Hollywood scene fucked you up?: There's this scene in Little Miss Sunshine where Alan Arki…[View]
321899161French people are build for BRC: It's in our genes. We crave the Big Roman Cock.[View]
321900641French language news: In Sarcelles, France a pro-Palestinian demonstration results in Jewish shops b…[View]
321868763/Pol/ humor Thread: I fucking hate where I live. Make me feel better /pol/bros.[View]
321900708stop calling it a culture 'war': 'war' implies that both sides are putting up a fight. whats happeni…[View]
321895832You know what? I don't want the vaccine nope. nuh-uh I drink kombucha and lift, that is like 10…[View]
321889530Why are the English forced to drive in a zig-zag fashion?: https://twitter.com/gunnerpunner/status/1…[View]
321900611What are you doing to benefit the world?: What is a problem that concerns you and how are you helpin…[View]
321898192Why has nearly half of the CDC and FDA staff refused or declined the vaccine[View]
321901381Antifa relay: Annons i have written a bot to forward messages sent from antifa channels to a matrix …[View]
321884661Canada publishes hit piece on Alexander Graham Bell: Canada's national tax-payer funded broadca…[View]
321900809Maybe there are some good Jews out there but it isn't worth your time to find out[View]
321900963Bruno mars ' open the door ' ? How about close that goddamn door ! > .<[View]
321896140Daily Reminder: Palestine is not a real country: Imagine living in one of the most hostile geographi…[View]
321898810How do I cope with not being born during Hadrian's reign?: Mfw I remember I wasn't born ≈ …[View]
321901136Negative Effects Of Promiscuity: /pol, I need help getting infographics and PDF's of studies re…[View]
3218889142011 was 10 years ago.: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKBw6CikgzA&ab_channel=youngerdaysyo…[View]
321897973Coronavirus in Captain America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e97cdiS9Ic Still believe this shit …[View]
321900778Thoughts on if the nazi party was still around: What do you think it would be like if the nazis won …[View]
321877567Brit/pol/: No 10 defends India travel ban timing amid variant fears >No 10 has defended its decis…[View]
321894982>there is no true glory in war[View]
321899116What's your preference: Catalog mode or regular mode anon?[View]
321896716Do sports affect politics?: I've noticed that when American Football overtook baseball as the t…[View]
321900272Why are right-wingers so out of touch with the youth? This is why conservativism is dying in the Wes…[View]
321895226Is there a way around the following logical / legal inconsistency, other than lying? The context is …[View]
321896636I am leaving /pol/: I started browsing /fit/ and that is a testament that I am taking my journey bac…[View]
321894454I HATE NIGGERS![View]
321890061Why don't you support Black Lives Matter?[View]
321898439Can anyone tell me what's the account name of that swede redditor troon with a shark plushie wh…[View]
321899041Do your worst: Cash in /pol/[View]
321885404If you are pro-Israel or pro-vax GET THE FUCK OFF THIS BOARD[View]
321898902To any anons who I have ever called a 'nigger', 'kike', 'jew', 'faggot', etc., I offer my sincere ap…[View]
32189989210 days of no fap[View]
321889945Are Jews Really the Chosen People of God?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOOoSB9fHh4 Why do most C…[View]
321899573what the fuck is going on guys never seen the kikes spitting some truths. Are they playing the …[View]
321898723It is worse than I imagined. There are Satanic cults raping women to make babies to rape and murder …[View]
321900055Demystifying Eugenics: >What is Eugenics? Eugenics is an adjective that describes the manifestati…[View]
321896091>Be Californian >Be Fully Vaxxed™ >Be the only state still forcing masks https://twitter.co…[View]
321899397/pol/ how are your parents politically/daily?: What do they do on a daily basis that sort of reflect…[View]
321897425Sexual obsession: Why are beautiful girls always trying to impress the white boi?[View]
321897037Vaccines and Autism: I'm going to dump some vaccine and Autism correlation studies. Enjoy! http…[View]
321897857H.R.2590: Discuss. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/2590/cosponsors?searchRes…[View]
321899765is israel gone yet?[View]
321899364There's going to be a fucking refugee crisis isnt there?: What if we get too cocky with HAPPENI…[View]
321878233The reason healthcare will never be free: Healthcare wont ever be free. There are people who never p…[View]
321895974Crypto has no future.: They don't care about the environment or how much 'bitcoin mining ruins …[View]
321897901What's the final solution to the American problem?[View]
321899618what will happen globally with the Palestinian-Israel conflict?: what will happen globally with the …[View]
321898734Think Mark, despite being only 13% of the population, African Americans commit over 50% of crime...[View]
321897529MISANTHROPIC RANT: - You judge this woman but she got your attention, right? We are all judgemental …[View]
321855317Space Force commander fired after comments made on conservative podcast: >Washington, DC (CNN)A S…[View]
321878999Pajeet brings Indian flag to Israel/Palestine protest in Toronto: Why are they like this?[View]
321885154Who did these guys piss off?: To deserve hordes of hostile invaders raping and pillaging their way t…[View]
321889658Did Sex & The City ruin an entire generation of women?[View]
321878098Hello Mr Smith. I heard you are on trial for racism. I am your court appointed attorney here to help…[View]
321896431Hey it's me[View]
321897564Remember Anons:: Supporting Patriots is wrong, but supporting terrorists like BLM is A OK. 'The Chie…[View]
321892928When did you realize that science was a psyop?[View]
321887602So uhh.. don't shitskins hate LGBTBBQs?: Isn't this faggot's audience all people that…[View]
321898115Explain yourselves: Why did you vote for dumpf? Explain yourselves, migapedes.[View]
321893461schizo cries in pain as he strikes you[View]
321898186americunts be like >>>/tv/151015671[View]
321898839found an alt right coin: michael jackson nigger memes are strong in this one telegram t. me/bdogenet…[View]
321887546America is an Apartheid State: Whites are at best third-class citizens in the nation of their birth.…[View]
321895555You got 2 minutes to explain why unionism is not communism[View]
321890826Has the left gone insane?[View]
321894187Is Chang right?[View]
321893843Your phone takes an infrared picture of you every 5 seconds.: https://twitter.com/anarchy_dot_gov/st…[View]
321896048The decline of humanity into devilry: >Think logically and check. >Guess and check. >Gues…[View]
321897809G-D CONTINUES TO PUNISH THE JEWS: At least 2 killed, 10 in critical condition, dozens more severely …[View]
321897718Last thread was removed: Hey faggot jannies, fuck you.[View]
321895241When will israeli intelligence stop shitting up /pol/? Do we have to deal with them forever?[View]
321896062Heil Emperor Hadrian: All roads leads to Rome https://youtu.be/FFnhDcv54YA[View]
321898437in a well run society people would not know who is in charge not because the information is being su…[View]
321898418Basedest flag ever: Old flag of Rwanda, pre-genocide: can't be fucked - just use the first let…[View]
321898308Women on pol/ I know there're lots of you: hide as you want, YOU wont get my Russian superwhite…[View]
321897479>Judaism goes from opposing Logos worship to supporting facts and logic. Explain, /pol/.…[View]
321876945Does anyone still think jews are the victims here?: I don't know why they make it so easy for p…[View]
321895120White boy summer is gonna be lit: White dudes are finally start to not give a shit and speak how the…[View]
321895902Uh, tower this is Green Leader. This is a message for the station commander at Mumbwa from the Rhode…[View]
321890715How do we accelerate global warming?[View]
321896868So it's war then?[View]
321889610>convinces millions of boomers that the election was rigged >leaves What was his endgame?…[View]
321894989EPA report released: >Donald Trump and his deputies played down the impact of greenhouse gas emis…[View]
321892026>palestenians support communism and leftist ideals[View]
321892501>Neo-Liberal mass consumerism is effectively the only goal people have >It is the now the norm…[View]
321893765Everything that comes into contact with them turns into shit. The old Greeks. Once they came into co…[View]
321897135There is future after the pandemic? The things will be the same like before? Why? Why not?[View]
321896785QANON CounterIntel Drop#15 Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?: QANON CounterIntel Dro…[View]
321895784>Healthcare is a right >Therefore the government has to pay for it Is this how things work in …[View]
321894680Instead of a space colony: While society struggles with the distraction of how to make urban nigger …[View]
321892352Poos on suicide watch KEK[View]
321894892Question for libchuds. If republicans are nazis why are they the ones defending Israel?[View]
321883529In this map you can see the regions of Romania and their acceptance of homosexual marriage Discuss[View]
321895745India stabbed Israel in the back. Not the other way around.[View]
321891494What are his political beliefs?: >said he intended to vote for bernie >cheered for trump on el…[View]
321857195It takes the vaccine or it wears the mask: Those are your two choices[View]
321894572Friendly reminder: The only things that matter politically are property rights and and capital. The …[View]
321855476Immigration appreciation thread: Let's get a positive vibe going here before the new week begin…[View]
321871113Russian historian here AMA: https://youtu.be/NueEqj3KSHU I might be a bit biased against kikes but t…[View]
321894260Which part of the ashkenazi is the evil part: ..the turk half or the anglo. Or is it just a satanic…[View]
321896453What country has the nicest looking passport? (inside): Pic is U.K. passport[View]
321891302Why can't we nuke the entire Middle East?: It would be a quick, easy solution to most of the wo…[View]
321895512Is the future going to be yellow, mi amigos?[View]
321888283Remember when trumplets got mad at pence for not staging a coup and acted like he stabbed trump in t…[View]
321896184r/israel has the right to defend itself[View]
321895912It is a hate crime to stop funding Israel.[View]
321888544This guy is singlehandedly destroying Bitcoin: Cypherpunks BTFO[View]
321884069Let's be honest: The guns of today are NOTHING like the guns they had when the Second Amendment…[View]
321896206Slavery isnt a thing you fucking morons, its the absence of restrictions on property rights, aka FRE…[View]
321896059Canada's fake history and 'accomplishments': A cuntnadian did not invent the telephone. Alexand…[View]
321895142Israel and Palestine are both stupid: https://youtu.be/A4Qamb9tKLQ[View]
321894046Pro-Israel pajeets BTFO again: Yesterday the Indian ambassador to the UN supported the Palestinians.…[View]
321889682British anons have an historic obligation greater than any other country to side with the victims of…[View]
321894936PRAISE VACCINES: PRAISE SCIENCE THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1393983…[View]
321881992Pakistani thot quotes Hitler!: What is this timeline?[View]
321894906Jew Doctor Flexed on Coroner: and forced him to change the autopsy results. Defense team not having …[View]
321894241I feel like /pol/ would be far more productive in finding solutions to the world's problems if …[View]
321888940There is zero proof that gay parents are less capable than straight parents.: Me and my partner even…[View]
321895771why no countries have tried to do a female only immigration?[View]
321893759Praise Hitler clap your penis: Outer space niggers wanna turn us into leather shoes! Select all imag…[View]
321895423Do Aliens think POL exists?[View]
321893925Amazon: LOTR: >There were THREE, who followed the wizard. An elf, a dwarf, and a man >The man,…[View]
321858961COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #40: cool summer night edition >QRD?: A slight lull in hostilitie…[View]
321892206American Cuckolds vs Russian and Chinese men: US Military recruitment video https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
321888405Why is the US so insanely religious compared to Europe?[View]
321895268Affirmative Action Hierarchy: What is the affirmative action hierarchy? Certain Blacks come out on t…[View]
321892012>Hasn't put out a statement of support for pissrael >Openly calling for jews to be raped …[View]
321891172so true[View]
321895071Making a difference: SO how can we actually make a difference and send some actual help to the peopl…[View]
321883476The jew is terrified of civil war: A lot of idiots think the jew is trying to trick white people int…[View]
321890991Human intelligence is largely hereditary: Scientists have found that identical twins separated at bi…[View]
321891783Question: What would Walt Disney think of modern day (((disney)))?[View]
321871629This actually has a few normies freaking out and it’s hilarious[View]
321889039How will pajeets recover?[View]
321887768Based Baudet showing a clip from the Matrix at the latest rally: Who would have thought a politician…[View]
321894953Oakland California or mad max?: Is this Oakland or mad max Bartertown?[View]
321880746Do the OPPOSITE of whatever a Republican claims. They are morons that are vested in dogmas and do ZE…[View]
321893339>if you are critical of Israel then you are biased because you are critical of Israel. the peopl…[View]
321894721>over half of british pakis marry their first cousin >kids are born with birth defects didn…[View]
321879127Be wary, ever since the Israel-Palestine conflict began flaring up Jewish shills have begun to infes…[View]
321888706Petition to change rules of chess so black starts first does /pol/ approve[View]
321879458Which country would you like to be banned from /pol/? https://strawpoll.com/s3kfzehck[View]
321891803We must start using subversion and reverse psychology agaisnt the Jew, just as they do with our peop…[View]
321887247looks like punk and oi! music is getting blacked too...what you gonna do about it w*ite boi https:/…[View]
321891576Anti Israel Protests Going in all over Europe: Are people in Europe finally waking up to the JQ? Are…[View]
321885768How do we wake leftites up to the fact that multiracial societies are unstable and die?[View]
321894322>There are Mexicans who can this flag without being call a nazi What’s the secret?…[View]
321892218Bombing of journalists was justified: Evidence proves the Associated Press were actually terrorists.…[View]
321886867What's Her Name Again?: Molly Nibletts?[View]
321884124/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #325 - 'comfy edition': /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Ethiopia, S…[View]
321889241dont take it personally indi bros, we are still frens[View]
321892189Styxhexenhammer666 comes out swinging for (((israel))): B-b-b-but I thought he was heck'in base…[View]
321893022What is the Third Secret of Fatima? Opinion: I believe Fatima wasn't a religious miracle, it wa…[View]
321890544Not my problem: Why is this phrase so powerful? Who fears it and who profits from it?[View]
321891217Arabs tell me your thoughts: What is your honest opinion about the west? Do you have an inferiority …[View]
321893875Pan-balticism: Is it based?[View]
321892548Mike Enoch: Is he the leader of the dissident right?[View]
321888738You created the problem white man own up to it. You force the jews out out Europe instead of giving …[View]
321891066Why are all Trump supporters like this?[View]
321893924And the jews are the problem?: Muslims are the biggest cancer to the west. https://twitter.com/gunne…[View]
321878441Why were past people so worried about technology?: I can literally send information to anyone around…[View]
321893664Let me put it simply /pol/; are you saying that you never have addressed any black person as nigger,…[View]
321873132This McDonald's closed in the middle of breakfast because there were no cooks. Why don't p…[View]
321893050Does anyone else remember arguing with Smarterchild as a kid? Not my proudest moment[View]
321889226DRAG-QUEEN CHILDREN CLOWN WORLD: the ABSOLUTE state of the western civilization.[View]
321889200Trump will be the 47th president of the United States. Biden will be the one term president. I don…[View]
321890806/pol/ humour thread[View]
321891383FUCKING BASED HOLY FUCK.: Planning a vacation to florida soon I guess[View]
321881219Why did you lie to me /pol/? You told me that Jews were vile subverting creatures that have no loyal…[View]
321892863BREAKING: Biden + Kike Democrats more Jpilled than Trump: Lmbo (laughing my b*tt off,) Joe Biden and…[View]
321893181Genius in a bottle: This is a rekt thread for pol. IT is shiet keeping Rome 'a safe place'(the album…[View]
321883032The white man is unbeatable: The white man is truly the Pinnacle of nature. A God like creature who …[View]
321892906Ze timeline is shifting again... I can feeeeeeeeel it[View]
321888069Considering that practically the entire world adheres to an Abrahamic faith, and considering the gen…[View]
321890219>start digging into my family history >find out my great great grandfather was an old Bolshevi…[View]
321891049No Hope: I'm going to be trapped in this corporatist dystopia until the day I die, aren't …[View]
321884844Another victory for science.[View]
321859706Someone please explain to me: The Palestine X Israel conflict like im 5yo[View]
321890356War coming in the Caucasus: Chechen dictator Kadayrov has turned on his Dagestan neighbours includin…[View]
321892071>inb4 the Chinese Origin Viral Infectious Disease - 2019 is no more in Israel because everyone bu…[View]
321889797Who was most to blame, the Fox or the Stork?[View]
321882149YOU INCELS MAKE PORNSTARS CRY BECAUSE OF HOW DEGERNATE YOU ARE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg4c…[View]
321890968>shkslaolwjahwhsjtlrlwje Stop speaking black[View]
321891226RED PILL THREAD: Post some red pills.[View]
321892552He tried to warn us.: I suggest the trilogy of Charlton Heston sci fi films 'The Omega Man' (germ wa…[View]
321891295daily reminder trump lost and nothing you can say or do will bring that jew back biden is your new p…[View]
321892197Alex Jones Thread EMERGENCY SUNDAY BROADCAST: #AlexJonesShow LIVE: Fauci’s NIH Doctors Refusing To T…[View]
321891536What side will antifa ultimately take, Israel or Palestine?: Israel = Establishment Dems Palestine …[View]
321891462What the fuck is going on in Palestine/Israel?[View]
321864870Is he based?[View]
321892215Looks like Covid is off the menu boys: The mainstream media is finally easing the masses into accept…[View]
321882764I want to leave this fucking country. Argentina has no hope of improving and things are most certain…[View]
321891320all masons are anti-semitic https://youtu.be/bZ4NTdSK5ac hitler, stalin, Michael Jackson etc[View]
321890930Pajeet bros...[View]
321891506Russian Satellite Internet: The Russians should launch a alternative satellite internet to Globohomo…[View]
321891782Israel Created Hamas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas#Origins >In 1973, Yassin founded the so…[View]
321891972Thats what she said[View]
321889607'The effects of the vaccine are making me suicidal': Imagine actually doing this to protect yourself…[View]
321885062Why does Israel have free health care (which is paid for by US taxpayers) but America does not?[View]
321891273Wearing a mask has been illegal in jew york this entire time you dumb cunts: https://codes.findlaw.c…[View]
321890982At this point in the timeline: If you're not a White Nationalist you're suicidally genocid…[View]
321891810Christians waiting for their messiah.. Jews waiting for their messiah... coincidence? almost like t…[View]
321884987This could have been the West, without Liberals[View]
321890445/pol/ MBTI Thread: Your MBTI type? https://www.truity.com/?ppcga=fixed&gclid=CjwKCAjwhYOFBhBkEiw…[View]
321858880Is this necessary to buy gas in America?[View]
321882665anyone who speaks out against muslims or in support of israel is a jew. https://archive.4plebs.org/p…[View]
321889096Is there a correlation between smoking weed and doing porn? Like every female stoner I know at one p…[View]
321881399>you're the head engineer of Hamas what would be your strategy[View]
321886498Space travel is a waste of resources: If you support establishing a colony in some low gravity envir…[View]
321881998Why don’t Europeans immigrate to America anymore?: There may not be as much opportunity as there was…[View]
321890456Who is NPR's target audience?: Yesterday they had a segment on El Salvadoran transexuals waitin…[View]
321872297Clear Skies, Dark Clouds: Clear Skies, Dark Clouds[View]
321887772Just a reminder that the Democrats are not anti-Israel, they just pretend and deliber soft blows to …[View]
321881858My mom got the moderna vaccine a few weeks ago and is now experiencing hearing loss and ear pain. Sh…[View]
321885777What fuck is happening in UK??!?!!?!?!?!: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ndltsq/lo…[View]
321888378African American Culture: Why dont these people make grand displays of their ancestors? They keep ma…[View]
321891177how to rule over ants like a god[View]
321879001The End: News has just broke that presidential candidate Mr Wayne Lambright (1962-2021) has died due…[View]
321890745I'm tired of all the vapid whores man. Why is feminism a thing?[View]
321890670Will OPEC use the oil weapon again?[View]
321888591Just when you thought poltards couldn't fall any lower[View]
321845363HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Palestinians are BTFOing Israelis in London: https://twitter.com/gunnerpunner/stat…[View]
3218893112,000 years of war for this.[View]
321890150the brain is a disease: tumour that did not exist in humans prior to the 1900s. Jewish controlling…[View]
321890170>>daily reminder t>>rump lost and nothing you can say or do will bring that jew back …[View]
321887096Everyone here is all Palestine this, Israel that when we all know what should really be done with th…[View]
321890702Did I do the right thing?: Was getting cuckee by jamals and sand niggas[View]
321889924Is there really a difference between French people and niggers: >Complains about the so-called so…[View]
321857515>On June 26, 2020, Karen Garner, a 73-year-old woman with dementia and sensory aphasia, suffered …[View]
321882769If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.: Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrog…[View]
321886491Get out of the city Anons. This is kindergartens homework in rural AZ. Pic related. Nothing like thi…[View]
321888988it's over: anybody else think that 'cyber incident' means posting a meme or saying 'nigger' on …[View]
321880842India bros... I don't feel so good[View]
321890126this is proof that negros and Indians are superior to whites. all you whites know to do is work and …[View]
321890062How would libertarians regulate traffic intersections on the roads?[View]
321879588>entire family voted brexit >are also some of the most ardent mask/social distancing defenders…[View]
321873695Was it really planned?: Is there any actual evidence of this or is it some dumb shit boomers spout?…[View]
321885178What's the end game?: These people give two shits about your health and safety so what's w…[View]
321888377New photos from Tel Aviv show the extreme capabilities of the iron dome system[View]
321889921Ayyy blame: Si they gonna blame ayy lmao for the upcoming vaccine Covid deaths[View]
321883044If in doubt....: ....just ask yourself, who would Hitler side with in Israel vs Palestine?[View]
321889601What would he thinks of today France?[View]
321883724Eugenics is consciously designed selection which serves to correct the genetic deterioration caused …[View]
321882584ITT: Countries more abhorrent than Canada: Politically speaking[View]
321888128Religion is the only hope for whites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsD6yHa_-hk Race is not a stro…[View]
321889760The strategy for defeat the kike goes beyond: The kikes/satanists/reptilians want to occupy your pla…[View]
321888206Kil all joos and nigers und nuke world[View]
321888193Why do older women tend to be more conservative than young women?[View]
321889549UNSC meeting on Palestine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-PEnlTfQlU First round organized by Chin…[View]
321888546BRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!: Saudi's are Jews and Muhammad was also a Jew like Jesus. >https://…[View]
321883105Technically it is not a Star of David. It is a hexacle because it is a hexagram within a circle.[View]
321887591The government has failed you!: https://youtu.be/cmDkhF8sS54[View]
321878890does Israel have ICBMs capable of reaching American soil? discuss the political implications of the …[View]
321885321I’m not Jewish anymore. I’m above cults.[View]
321888596It's not unusual to be loved by anyone[View]
321888395Are the french germans ? Do they have similar ethnic characteristics ?[View]
321865624Croatia local elections: Soros fuckboi leading for the mayor of Zagreb. His plan is to have the same…[View]
321883914really makes you think[View]
321861988Don't you think that the European Union is no longer a union of countries, but one big country,…[View]
321887913Is it worth the subscription cost? Does it have any conservative sitcoms or nature docs?[View]
321888939I know we are at war, Russians are basrtards, but sometimes I just realize... https://www.youtube.co…[View]
321886302>agree with most of the /pol/ consensus about non-whites and the modern political climate >hea…[View]
321879635the weak should fear the strong[View]
321887987There are a lot of Israel threads right now but I saw one a few days ago that sounded like a really …[View]
321888989It’s too white.: Try to use important people like Shaka, Schindler, Rothschild, and Barbarossa…[View]
321889079Will Israel ever get what it deserves or have the yids finally won?[View]
321889030Are you a Native American from Ireland?: https://apalacheresearch.com/2019/10/27/the-irish-in-north-…[View]
321887943Milton William Cooper: What were the charges the deputies were about to arrest him for? In the video…[View]
321885363Afro-Americans: How close of a utopia our lives would be if we didn't have to spend billions on…[View]
321888321When did you learn depression isn't a disease, but instead is a consequence of living in a soci…[View]
321888565Let's gooo: Good thing coming out of this shit it's the redpilling of normies. My girlfrie…[View]
321888302muh filters: Why is /pol/ like this? Why would white people be so obsessed with whites? Why are 'we'…[View]
321887409Post your best redpill documentaries[View]
321868872MAGNETIC VACCINES: Vaccines are full of metal that have been injected into the arms of these normalf…[View]
321874856Will this backfire on them?: Passengers in a car convoy were filmed yelling: 'Fuck the Jews, rape th…[View]
321886497Hentai will soon be banned cause thots want more gib me bucks[View]
321887922Isn’t it funny how Pajeets look down on the Muslims in their country like in India like how do they …[View]
321885511Holy shit. CNN BTFO[View]
321888688you vill eat ze bugs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF19hcXRIWA[View]
321885455Isn't it time for Israel to end it all?: When will they start to sweep the arab pedophiles out …[View]
321886938oh no[View]
321888537Obana was hitler: Obana was hitler[View]
321888477A remote colony: While society struggles with the distraction of how to make urban nigger zones and …[View]
321885266this is deep[View]
321884571How come Trump hasn’t been able to show any shred of evidence of voter fraud yet?[View]
321883163Is there any hope for betas?[View]
321888266You just did an colonialism settlerism: Pol tards side with BLM, AOC, antifa, 'anti-imperialism', le…[View]
321888229not my problem: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/bodies-of-covid-19-victims-among-those-dum…[View]
321865361Video: Pro Palestine protestors beat an elderly Jewish man in Canada.: >https://twitter.com/EliKo…[View]
321887497Israel vs. Palestine: Palestine is like the phantom thieves while israel is like Kamoshida and other…[View]
321885606What did they mean by this? https://en.vogue.me/culture/black-lives-matter-protests-underway-palesti…[View]
321876877Why don't you go on thot patrol once in a while? Pic related caused her to contort her face in…[View]
321879210This is HUGE!! Why is the (((MSM))) not covering this massive event?[View]
321886394reminder that if Trump was still POTUS we'd be sending troops to fight Palestine[View]
321838901Reality: Is the goal of humanity to escape this reality?[View]
321887063>dkjsiao2nsnkeksnk3ik Peepooatnigershop >ksjjsoappwjshdjjfjjfjfjfjfjfjf Fuck blacker…[View]
321869386Black Lives Matter is anti-Israel?[View]
321884218Should immodest women's clothing be criminalized?[View]
321887691Whats this phenotype ?[View]
321887573Memory Holes: Why do some celebrities and politicians seem to get free passes on stuff that would co…[View]
321886137Did you get that thing I sent ya?: What are the political implications of receiving packages on time…[View]
321887593Why are jews overly protected: While it's painstakingly obvious that Jews are subverting countr…[View]
321870514Someone explain to me wtf this is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c1qiZ_L8wX4[View]
321887526>Why would Jews want to weaken America, the only country who will protect them? >Why would Jew…[View]
321887149Reddit Filmmakers promote anti-white, trans films:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfpDlOf3b98&…[View]
321886667>Huh? Date you? Sorry anon, but I only date Black guys[View]
321884776Is Bella Hadid, dare I say, /OurModel/?[View]
321886620How would the world be different if Europe accepted Islam and North africa and mid east accepted chr…[View]
321858036What causes the leftist obsession with Science™?[View]
321887274Why do Jews hate Hotaru Ichijō so mych?: WHY?[View]
321884712Will you pay $3 dollars to shitpost on twitter? https://www.cnet.com/news/twitter-to-call-subscripti…[View]
321886504Let's be honest: The guns of today are NOTHING like the guns they had when the Second Amendment…[View]
321886142Tell me where I'm wrong: I don't give a shit about Israel and I don't really care abo…[View]
321884916Why do political discussions on facebook, twitter, youtube, and reddit always tilt towards the left?…[View]
321887183THIS IS IMPORTANT!: ok, you better read this article because it will be in the history books one day…[View]
321882817free palestine: kikes openly killing white people in palestine they are trying to erase the white ra…[View]
321885036ITT : We will enjoy the fall of kikes: Hamas is using gravity as weapon. https://twitter.com/i/statu…[View]
321884994I'm going to take the vaccine next week. :)[View]
321878247Hunter Biden / Finger Lakes: Did anyone ever discover any pizzagate tier rabbit holes based on the r…[View]
321823655Why is pentagon military intelligence pushing the UFO hoax?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WAfiJqUHD…[View]
321886916Are rural areas being ruined by an influx of elite urbanites who can work from home?[View]
321875379This picture is pretty famous among military people, but out of curiosity, do non military people ge…[View]
321885822Redpill me on the COVID tests. Are they actually safe? Or are they toxic, like the vaccine I need on…[View]
321883399covid is just some mild flu why are retards getting vaxxxed , how to redpill them?[View]
321882071Are you a Native American from Ireland?: https://apalacheresearch.com/2019/10/27/the-irish-in-north-…[View]
321865401PALESTINE is a fake artificial country, same as UKRAINE: Both of them contribute nothing of value to…[View]
321862625imagine no religion[View]
321859087Chelsea Handler Goes Deaf In One Ear and NO It Wasn't From Sucking Dick (this time): Jason Bigg…[View]
321881958Supernatural plagued with Disinformation-Hoax Campaigns.: Discuss.[View]
321886309My neighbour laughed when I asked him which side he supports: What do?[View]
321871029Do you know the story of Hadrian the Based?: >Emperor of Rome >Gets tired of Jews shit. >58…[View]
321883942Buffalo Bill: Rewatch silence of the lambs and try to tell me trannies of today aren't acting l…[View]
321882966Why is it so difficult to understand Australia?: Among all western countries, Australia is the most …[View]
321874486Das rite cracka Stop thinking black people work at stores[View]
321886550How to set up an un-kiked computer: Hi pol, as the title suggests I would like to set up a kike/fed …[View]
321886462/PBG/ - President Biden General: Living rent free in the mine of /ptg/ edition. Any fellow /PBG/ bro…[View]
321886290Just why?[View]
321886468I've lost all hope: I don't think there's any configuration of society that'll g…[View]
321878594MASSIVE GERMAN MESSAGE TO ALL AMERICANS: I am currently in Austria, but don't even think that y…[View]
321878936Israel was the reason Bin Laden attacked America on 9/11: You can spin it any way you want. He says …[View]
321880676Is anyone just tired of niggers? Day after day it's the same shit.: I'm a self-hating nigg…[View]
321879698What are the odds he runs again in '24? He's getting old(er), fat, and is too divisive. Sh…[View]
321884879Lost Documentary on Pharisees and Origins of Modern Judaism: Hello there. I was browsing bitchute ye…[View]
321858220How demographically fucked are the different areas of you country? Are there safe zones? Which ones?…[View]
321886088What's the latest Trump cope? I saw last week that Trumpanzees were shilling >muh fraud in A…[View]
321885728What's a White Man To Do?: Re: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/321827765/ So, let's …[View]
321874236What happened to the white kids at San Mateo public school?: Where have they went? Why are they repl…[View]
321885288FAAGs wagecucks: Life as Globohomo employee is fucking depressing. Watch this: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
321876889Bosnian War: There's a Serb at my work, should I ask him about the war?[View]
321866045/brit pol/ lazy cunts evening edition[View]
321881757/pol/: What would happen if every Jew was dead?[View]
321878237Antisemitism runs deep: Taking down active missile sites is not a war crime. Its self defence. The a…[View]
321844408/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #5593: ► Detected: 163,261,121 (+90,203) ► Dead: 3,385,569 (+2,200) ► D…[View]
321885492>be me >just got vaxxed >SSD starts spinning >CD drive ejects floppy disk >speaker o…[View]
321885272/pol/ (political incorrectly): Hitler wasn‘t even that bad. He was a normal guy who had goals.…[View]
321885697This idiotic website proves 'free speech' and 'democracy' both suck: The /pol/ shills are analogous …[View]
321882093Meanwhile in Stone Age /pol/ ...[View]
321833302Czechs are not Slavs: Czech is a Germanic language, while Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Serbian, Slova…[View]
321885268Do americans even cook?: >Muh mcdongal >Muh kayfcee >Muh bugger kong >Muh taco bail >…[View]
3218800315 people shot in Toronto after police say a man 'got out of a car and started shooting’: https:…[View]
321882951Hidden Imagery in Netflix shows: It's getting more obvious that Netflix creators are working to…[View]
321871340why does 4chan fall for low tier bait by kikes?[View]
321885262UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday dismissed antisemitism at all levels in society, declaring…[View]
321883077Do you envy slaves or are you one?: Free men have >no friends >no gf >no real job >no pu…[View]
321882096Keemstar: >Snitches and deplatforms people he does not like >Has connections protecting him on…[View]
321882924Who is /pol/ supporting?: Announced for Saudi Arabia on 14 August. All four belts up for grabs for t…[View]
321880959Jews in Israel are 'shitskins', white boy: Some white boys on this board say they support Israel cuz…[View]
32187745554 Synagogue of Satan Yids fell down.: https://www.foxnews.com/world/dozens-hurt-in-bleacher-collaps…[View]
321870434So I recently learned that the pyramids were built by volunteers not jew slaves. What else have the…[View]
321881955Hey pol! It's me, the depressed Serbian nigga from last night, sadly I fell asleep because it w…[View]
321885003It would appear the Canadians are losing their patience with AOC[View]
321884225Will the jews put their full weight behind the right now?: Now that the left is pro jewish persecuti…[View]
321883473Pushing dems to keep the mask on: Obviously there is a split between taking the mask off and leaving…[View]
321884141Gaza is a part of Isreal. They are temporary guests. They also chose a Government who is basically a…[View]
321873927Why don't we unite under one Anglo union to counter the EU?: It seems to me like the problems t…[View]
321881965pssst... hey kid: western nations taking in refugees is an intentional act to further increase the h…[View]
321884759Vaccine Passports: Any German bros know how to get a vaccine passport?[View]
321877425They're going with 6 million again?[View]
321882816Gas Prices: I thought this was just a local issue?[View]
321881645Shitskins are inbred subhumans who rape and hate dogs!!!: Hitler: inbred, fucks his niece, killed hi…[View]
321883633Israel is the bad guy[View]
321880431How many Iron Dome rockets does Israel have left? How long until they run out? It was just yesterday…[View]
321883259Poos pounding ground, losing hope.[View]
321867225Xi Jinping Is Wrong: Time Is on America’s Side, Not China’s: by Michael Rubin The benefit of democra…[View]
321884137communism good times: how much do you miss the good times pol?[View]
321880597https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KfNMjIJmEQ I don't even...[View]
321882872Do americans really?[View]
321883038How do Americans deal with the fact that no one from the Sackler family is in prison or has lost any…[View]
321882973why aren't we saving palestine?[View]
321883239Is it based and/or redpilled to keep men from the lesser races as sissified sex slaves?[View]
32188362620 years after 9/11 and you're still getting molested at airports 3 hours before your flight. W…[View]
321883109You vill eat ze bugs.[View]
321880344Israel Beachgoers Attacked[View]
321882981just booked a weekend getaway in Miami, what am I in for? what are the politics like down here? demo…[View]
321879905There are a lot of Israel threads right now but I saw one a few days ago that sounded like a really …[View]
321878135If Donald J. Trump REALLY won the 2020 election....: Why is there STILL no concrete evidence of elec…[View]
321843732Based Lawyer Getting Mollie's Killer Off the Hook: >right to a speedy trial >crime commit…[View]
321883236The more i read those shizo threads the more i lose my brain cells: >>be me >>shizofremi…[View]
321880075I never thought I'd say this again after I discovered /pol/ a few years ago but well... I suppo…[View]
321879938Why Jews are bad in a sentence.: So you really think Jews are bad, explain how they are bad in a sen…[View]
321871885/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #324 - Saudi Dynasty Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen, Ethio…[View]
321882761There's not enough attention paid to the original Q poster. However, I think I've arrived …[View]
321882733whats Palestines take on assad?[View]
321878204>when the far left and far right realize they both hate Israeli Zionism…[View]
321882451Globohomo mayor of Zagreb incoming!: That alliance with Germany doesn't serve you.[View]
321879219Jews in media: Do Jews really have the power we thought they did? Look at how MSM is simping for Pal…[View]
321873268USA is in the Bible: main texts are Jeremiah 50, and 51,some of Revelation. description of: fat peop…[View]
321880088Is crypto dead? Did Biden kill it?: It seems as if the fearmongering and rumors of government regula…[View]
321878827Can Arabs beat Israel ?: Personnally i think no, majority of israelo-arab conflicts were victories f…[View]
321867548Black anon here: Black anon here. Just wanted to say hi. I think if we just have more straightforwar…[View]
321882231How absolutely blasted the fuck out would conservatives be if, during the much anticipated Second Co…[View]
321880956HAPPENING: Israeli Spies Working in State Department Fed IDF War Propaganda to Washington Post: Does…[View]
321882078Are Ethiopians all Witches & Warlocks?: I'm scared now[View]
321878642tfw when Nazis and Zionists were allies: No excuse for /pol/ not to love Israel now (sans the holoho…[View]
3218817952021-05-17: Tomorrow is the day of the faggot and in Italy a law that criminalizes any form faggotph…[View]
321882035How did we get to the absolute STATE of the world / TRS where a show called the PARANORMIES have the…[View]
321881983I'm hosting a zoom meeting to talk about the Israel Palestine conflict. Starts in 5 minutes.[View]
321881721Rewards for vaccination: Can we get a timeline going for when various companies started offering rre…[View]
321870109are You Almond, Rose or Gold pol?: Terms such as 'black' and 'white' are so divisive. Crayola has cr…[View]
321810858Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik 5 General - Schlangensonntag Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de…[View]
321881777ALL ID LAWS ARE RACIST! >the ATF is a racist Institution that puts in-laws and regulations that a…[View]
321852474Covid depopulation: Do we have confirmation on if this quote is fake or real? I saw it in another th…[View]
321831620Arizona 2020 election fraud audit Trump: Big news! Shills don’t know how to respond to >What are …[View]
321866940Western Civilization cannot exist without Christianity: >Christianity is the history of Europe …[View]
321876964Christ Will Win: Riddle me this. If Christ is destined to win in the end, why do Satanists persist i…[View]
321881678Hey gibs fags how hard will you cope when your government paid vacation programs end soon? Who are y…[View]
321881370England deserved every terrorist attack they have suffered: Hear me out! ... They just did.[View]
321881231Are they just Snow Mexicans?[View]
321879925Why are they so desperate?[View]
321861910Whats Wrong with American Right Wing?: So, it is 2021, and while pretty much all europe has some cry…[View]
321880393Obscure facts about Freemasonry: What are some of the most less known, obscure things about Freemaso…[View]
321879295Quintessentially American.[View]
321879611>all journalists are ba-[View]
321880680Can you imagine what would happen if he came back with memes, tiktok and widespread tv and internet …[View]
321881470Whats this phenotype ?[View]
321876776>yfw you realize God exists[View]
321881058The jew is terrified of civil war: A lot of idiots think the jew is trying to trick white people int…[View]
321876299lol wtf is going on: im so glad I moved out the cities, what was the background of this? do normies …[View]
321881342Who owns the boats?[View]
321853838Christianity is a Jewish psyop. Dont let Christians on /pol/ fool you, Christians worship Jews and t…[View]
321880318What is Mike Enoch's email?[View]
321880875https://youtu.be/WolQh273SpY I made a video of the friendly spat going on with our greatest allies t…[View]
321881241Jews and Israel as a whole have an absolute right to defend themselves. Just look at History! The Je…[View]
321880239What is wrong with people that vote green? Why do they always expect others to do things against the…[View]
321879702Palestinian Imam: Only way to solve JQ is to genocide them[View]
321878095I have devised, built, & completed, minutes ago, an invention that will revolutionize politics f…[View]
321879038H3H3: What does /pol/ think about Ethan Klein? Is he based and red pilled? #whitelivescantmatterunti…[View]
321843453https://twitter.com/gunnerpunner/status/1393920559243829248 Meanwhile in the Islamic state of Great …[View]
321880617Basel III goes into effect: On June 28, 2021 >Jews bring about a gold standard >kill all banks…[View]
321880902If you why you should consider holding physical silver, just open this link.: https://www.visualcapi…[View]
321866399The GOP: 'We need to get mothers back to work!': Biden is proving to be a detriment to getting mothe…[View]
321857214A man in Peru raped and murdered his 2 year old niece. He tried hiding in a sewer but was caught. In…[View]
321875703Israelis kill Palestinians: Brutal https://mobile.twitter.com/Belalmd12/status/1393948929809657856…[View]
321864018Synagogue tribune collapses, 60 injured, many more possibly under the rubble. https://twitter.com/lo…[View]
321878200They're all controlled demolitions: Look at all the buildings supposedly getting hit with rocke…[View]
321880197historical characters who would browse /pol/[View]
321878363Feeling depressed: 30 years old. Living with my parents Single. No girlfriend No family. No job. …[View]
321880331Based or gay anon? Ik im not gay[View]
321876830What is the most based country?: Historically and now ?[View]
321864005RACIAL JOKES: - Racial jokes are based on valid stereotypes...Why is money green? The Jews picked it…[View]
321879300Redpilling normies about Government: You know it, i know it, most people here do not like what the p…[View]
321879213CORI BUSH LIES ABOUT ISRAEL AND DEATH OF AMERICAN PALESTINIAN: These are the people that support Pal…[View]
321875581Was it worth it American bros...: You became the sole super power of the world and had your fortunes…[View]
321872438Clownworld Brazil: The left is an evil cult that destroys everything. Sad![View]
321871471Do you remember months of Yang Gang 2020 propaganda on here leading up to the presidential election?…[View]
321867211DAILY REMINDER: If your country isnt on pic rel, it WILL get Samson Option'd[View]
321877707Blacks start BBall league in Africa, name team Patriots: If this isn't the most ass backwards t…[View]
321878027>Legally not my problem Grease and oil dumped down the drain can restrict the water flow, which …[View]
321876978Now that leftists are starting to hate on Israel I think I'm starting to like it[View]
321872665I've come full circle with jews: > 13, hate them because I was a nazi and thought they were …[View]
321878130Do I get the vaccine or not? I did some research and I’ve come to my own conclusion that the vaccine…[View]
321877727my mom cooks delicious food for me: i'm a good boy[View]
321879756Israelis are not the same group as the political or business Jews who make everyone's lives wor…[View]
321877648Gangs of feral Muslims are roaming the streets of London: They are looking for Jewish girls to rape …[View]
321852852Conservative logic: Explain how these two things are remotely similar.[View]
321878458What were the consequences of the Industrial Revolution? Was it a disaster for the human race?[View]
321876873Your blind hatred for 'DEH JEEEEWWWWS' prevents you from moving forward in life.: You will never be …[View]
321876740Which country had nuclear bomb explosions the most?: https://youtu.be/dGFkw0hzW1c[View]
321879471Based or not?: What say pol?[View]
321879745Based Zimmerman sold the gun that killed Trayvon for $250,000 at an auction. You can't flim fla…[View]
321879724How comes this is the 'biggest threat in america', yet you barely see anyone in the news. At most yo…[View]
321877790TESLA DUMPING[View]
321879830Was he guilty?[View]
321873308NETANYAHU IS FURIOUS WITH BIDEN!: >Netanyahu says airstrike on Gaza tower did not hit ‘uninvolved…[View]
321876965I hate this jew shithole[View]
321878580My mom insists on getting the vaccine even though I tried to talk her out of it every chance I got t…[View]
321878529we wuz Samurai and shiet: Educate me on the Black Samurai history pol.[View]
321878104Is Twitter charging $3 smackers because without trump nobody gives a fuck about twitter anymore? htt…[View]
321875866Stop interfering.: Supporting either side makes you a fucking retard.[View]
321874534CNN contributor says world needs a new Hitler: Is this the start of Hitler’s redemption arc in the e…[View]
321871878Absolutely disgusting antisemitism[View]
321878720FINAL DAY GOYUM TV Hansome truth is live get in here[View]
321877061>go to poor african country >dumb niggers don't know that you don't need to work in …[View]
321854740What is your religion /pol/?: Orthodox Christian here. >inb4 dead kike on a stick You are either …[View]
321868190IF YOU DONT SUPPORT ISRAEL, YOU ARE A LEFTIST TRANNY LOVER: White people stands with Israel[View]
321872757my mom, she hits me![View]
321879009Palestine should just keep the blm protest up and litterally cancel Israel[View]
321876979Why are Republicans still sucking him off?[View]
321878851fuck turks/jews[View]
321872651Sieg Heil Viktoria!: Watch it before YouTube takes it down https://youtu.be/ED7oYIsb8jk[View]
321876716>already forgotten is BLM already dying?[View]
321876326ITT: Memory Holes/Pizza: >you think you’re shit don’t ya? >child screams in the back Anyone ha…[View]
321874089This two come and invade your country, what would you do?: I would certainly be intimidated[View]
321878033Daily reminder Hitler would support Israel: Nazis are zionists https://www.unz.com/pub/jhr__zionism-…[View]
321873281Western Decadence Degeneracy and Decline: How do we end the degeneracy and decline of the west and i…[View]
321875998I've always found faith really hard. I believe I God I just can't for the life of me keep …[View]
321877950Is low IQ the reason Africa is so poor?[View]
321878489Reminder that the jews invented black slavery[View]
321870717How do you cope?: Unlike most people on /pol i make a pretty decent living and i know a bunch of peo…[View]
321878700TFW people who don't know the name of god believe they speak for him.[View]
321878497Hypothetical question, how long does South America last after an apocalyptic tier 3 scenario? Brazil…[View]
321871358Does anyone have the protocols of zion summary? an infographic would be good.[View]
321878447wtf is going on over GAZA isreal? you guys seen this right?[View]
321878174We got this, bros, Isreal stands no chamce against the untamed free spirit of the PALESTINIANS![View]
321876892Day (?) Number ?????: i don't know how many times i already wrote this, but its more of a despa…[View]
321878164BASED https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1393967778793676806 BASED[View]
321878173Now that BLM is against Israel: Make sure to do your part to remind Jews what their influences will …[View]
321877284Anyone else curious about why (((they))) are pushing anti Jew sentiment?: And who are (((they))) any…[View]
321876722daca recipient here: this country deserves to be nuked (in mine craft). p.s. fuck you.[View]
321875156When you thought it couldn't get any worse.: Every kid born after 2019 will have a permanent on…[View]
321873862Fuck AJ+, seriously fuck them: I hate this channel with all my energy and everyone should too. On to…[View]
321877883The reality is that it is very difficult not to be racist when you have a good eye. There is an obvi…[View]
321855933Why girls absolutely LOVE wearing the mask ? Never seen much shilling than girls for masks[View]
321870672Daily reminder that post-messiah Judaism is (literally) Christianity, meaning the true Israel is the…[View]
321877964This is how you look to Apple: Ep 4 last scene Mosquito Cost he is told all Americans are useless tr…[View]
321877949Are you a Native American from Ireland?: THE Os are trying to stomp the shit out of this thread. Are…[View]
321876715Trump Indictment by SDNY: When will he be indicted for whatever they can come up with? It's bec…[View]
321859608THE MUSLIMS ARE THE MASTERS OF LOSING: Muslims have never won ever against the Jews. After all the h…[View]
321877909Women: Is there anything more cringe? How do we get them out of politics forever[View]
321874714Can someone explain why sometimes it’s racist to call things after places?[View]
321875839H3H3 accuses Keemstar of antisemitism: https://youtu.be/JeC2AdtMIwQ A jew being a jew! How surprisin…[View]
321876880Redpill me on Islam: Given that /pol/ is a Muslim board now, can you please explain to me why the re…[View]
321877799don't ever try to repeat this or you will be transformed[View]
321877788Can one of you guys tell the guys from TRS about suicide note by mitchell heisman? It has a lot more…[View]
321837382The fairy godmother we deserve: A shot from the new film adaptation of 'Cinderella'[View]
321877352Trans are just role-playing?: Hear me out. What about reporting all the trans people on social media…[View]
321875774How do we mass redpill people on the Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
321877596FRIENDLY REMINDER: KJV is a nerfed version of the message and was subverted by royal blood to expand…[View]
321876658Theory Time v.2: This is a theory that I have been thinking about for a while now. If you have read …[View]
321870931Thoughts on this guy?: Based or cringe? Is he an honorary white?[View]
321875300What movie best represents the political philosophy of /pol/: Movie threads are common on this board…[View]
321876838Daily reminder to read 'Suicide Note' by Mitchell Heisman and share it with as many people…[View]
321866691Covid Was Planned: COVID-19 test kit was patented back in 2015.[View]
321877319There are a lot of Israel threads right now but I saw one a few days ago that sounded like a really …[View]
321867065Not a good time to be a kike seems like, everybody is hating semites right now. Are we witnessing th…[View]
321872970Why so much footage of IDF strikes, almost none of Hamas rocket impacts[View]
321877353'Israel v Palestine' will be forgotten in like 2 more weeks: Like always, right /pol/ frens? Like MH…[View]
321876953/SETF/ #259 Silver Ends The Fed - Clearing the Temple Edition: Political thread about the Federal Re…[View]
321858381What happened with Q? Its just spam at this point.[View]
321867799Is worshiping jewish fairy tales the backbone of Western civilization?[View]
321850432Can Filipinos solve Japan's low birth rates?[View]
321844510I think these two white wahmen deserved it, why would you go to a north African country for tourism …[View]
321875182The balkans in a nutshell[View]
321875750Are there actually people who come to /pol/ and realize that everything they ever learned was a lie?…[View]
321873504Call your parents today and thank them for not circumcising you.[View]
321876092>ask on /his/ and /tv/ and get deleted /war/ board when? Anyway I'll try here, what's t…[View]
321875672He is right?[View]
321876471>Not my problem.[View]
321876056>All journalists are ba-[View]
321876038If you are a christcuck then you fundamentally believe >people are equal >democracy works >…[View]
321873186Putin just told Rothschild to get fucked permanently: Why can't I have a Putin too[View]
321876553What if the vaxxed are antennas?: I just has this thought with how the vaxxed are mysteriously magne…[View]
321876255/pol/ humor thread - /nu-pol/ edition: >hates communism but only its economic policies >embrac…[View]
321863751Is it Communism flourishing in the USA?[View]
321873280Say something nice about Turks /pol/ I'll start: >Turkey has a really aesthetic flag (same c…[View]
321876587I hate the antichrist, he is a jew[View]
321875954/pol/ btfo: kikes vaccinating themselves. if it's a bad thing as schizos say here, why would th…[View]
321856015Less sex despite more sex-positivity: Why do people in a society that liberates sexuality ultimately…[View]
321873062oh no indianbros... :([View]
321870840>be me >21 year old NEET >no driver's license >no friends >AvPD/social anxiety …[View]
321874307If a 15 year old consents but is a mermaid is that considered rape?[View]
321876712Was the removal of Pluto as a planet Kabalah related? picrel seems to have Pluto removed so maybe th…[View]
321876010There’s been a lot of talk about his bollah in the past few decades. What about HER bollah??!![View]
321871183Thinking of travelling to America, what are the basest and most right wing states i can travel to?[View]
321869808Israel needs to stop killing innocent people.[View]
321865909HAPPENING: Hideous Jew (barstool sports founder) breeds fake Aryan goddess - attaches a chain and a …[View]
321843832Why Are Modern Christians Afraid of Knowledge?: As someone who has a no stone unturned approach to b…[View]
321871950Did Nederland conquered UK?: Do Dutch really believe that they conquered the United Kingdom as this …[View]
321876412What goes on here? Why is real estate so cheap despite there being virtually no niggers and the econ…[View]
321872367My entire town got gentrified.[View]
321861075What are some realistic ways to defeat Israel?: Militarily they are too strong for their neighbors t…[View]
321871942Get the fuck out of Puerto Rico: I don't fucking care what you are, stay the fuck away from my …[View]
321876349Why do only brainlets like jews? What is it about jew loving that makes you retarded?[View]
321875551Why are young men and women from this country either megabased with an incredible sense of humour an…[View]
321855316Nothing wrong with that: it's natural[View]
321873009This is your average rabbi with vpn[View]
321874395Miss me yet?[View]
321852717Why is portland such a shithole now?[View]
321873870So was this fat ugly subhuman teacher fired or nah?: https://mobile.twitter.com/simonelhanna/status/…[View]
321868802COMFY GAZA SKYLINE WATCH THREAD #40: Post your comfy streams and #41 can be updated by the next bake…[View]
321874158>2021 >He's not a socialist[View]
321875990This is Mike Whitely with Weazel News and today in liberty city...[View]
321875474Should we?: Most sjw / antifa / retards are supporting the Palestine side, in the Israel vs Palestin…[View]
321874871Legally since Americans have citizens arrest, couldnt we legally detain illegal immigrants ourself? …[View]
321875660Why leftists praise Ataturk despite being basically turkish hitler ?[View]
321875053Two killed as seats collapse at synagogue in West Bank: >The synagogue was described as partially…[View]
321869359What is American culture centered around?[View]
321874123Why do Americans take themselves so seriously? https://youtu.be/56YZE8bSHQc[View]
321872996We STAND you bitch basterds[View]
321875061This is how you look to Apple: Still think big corporations taking over will be fun?[View]
321875653How can white niggers even compete? Isn't time to for humanity to bow infront of superior cogni…[View]
321875630Rightful roman clay: You heard me, it's the only peaceful solution to this conflict, reestablis…[View]
321873135The Winklevoss twins and the biggest Bitcoin miner in china[View]
321874808Are you a Native American from Ireland?: We wuz deer dairy farmers 500 years before Columbus. This c…[View]
321866881Is anyone else extremely nervous simply because of how hard the covid vaccine is being pushed?[View]
321875564what's wrong with saying 'death to all kikes'? whenever I talk mad shit about white males, no o…[View]
321875491Democracy is the biggest cope of them all: Literally each year millions of npcs vote left or right, …[View]
321859146Redpill Regret: What is a redpill / blackpill you regret taking? Knowledge that you wish you could u…[View]
321875481Based CNN journalist[View]
321870991Leftist Minefield: How come blacks do Crack but Hispanics do coke?[View]
321873060Give me one reason I shouldn’t shill for China instead of the gay US empire[View]
321872805There are a lot of Israel threads right now but I saw one a few days ago that sounded like a really …[View]
321875092What do cryptids say about a region's society?[View]
321873326I went to high school with this kid and within the past 2 years we found out his mom was doing hardc…[View]
321875001On January 27, 2002, another of these Palestinian 'terrorists' carried out a suicide bombing in Jeru…[View]
321874422It's hilarious watching Trump crash and burn.[View]
321872342Christianity is the backbone of Western Civilization?: Christcuck logic: 'When Europe was becoming r…[View]
321872747What's so bad about Islam? Looks like these gals are learning something while behaving respectf…[View]
321873005For anyone that wants a quick lesson on the zionist plans in Palestine. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
321873730Whitegoy Summer: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday dismissed antisemitism at all levels in s…[View]
321870667Should I get vaxxed? I feel they're about to release the real virus now to kill us dissidents.[View]
321869473Do you remember this awful story back in 2016 of a 10 years old serbian boy raped in a pool by an ir…[View]
321840073What do poos hope to achieve with this?: A shekel? Good goy points? Support when WW3 breaks out? Get…[View]
321873540Accident at synagogue: God is NOT on their side. https://twitter.com/kann_news/status/13939676900757…[View]
321874617absolute madmen[View]
321870812Let's bring back arranged marriages: I'm white but my parents had an arranged marriage. Th…[View]
321872785Is Arab nationalism from the middle east actually national-socialism in disguise? They have literall…[View]
321873455If they banned Trump why dont they ban netanyahu? Does twitter support genocide[View]
321871543Israel is an illegitimate state: prove me wrong[View]
321872140https://www.ign.com/articles/how-to-help-palestine IGN donation to Palestine page is gone[View]
321873347ITT we break from the shills: ITT we break from the shills >ITT we break from the shills ITT we b…[View]
321872300'In the coming days, I will travel to Israel to assess what they need to protect their national secu…[View]
321874330The voter fraud has been found!: A man has been arrested for murdering his wife and voting for Trump…[View]
321861054Holy shit Muslims women are pathetic[View]
321865031really makes you think...[View]
321870945How is this allowed?[View]
321873199uhhh bros why is the Palestine protesters outside of t.o??[View]
321873085I WANT TO BE A DICTATOR: Every morning I wake up in a distastful world and get frustrated. This worl…[View]
321870414/kraut/pol guten abend edition[View]
321861610They’re changing definitions again[View]
321874042United Kebabistan - My semite is better tahn your semite: The “Free Palestine” protest against Israe…[View]
321848389How exactly did the Nazi's manage to slip against Bongs? Summer of 1940 USSR and the US were NO…[View]
321870343St. George of Palestine Will become the next muhhamed[View]
321871758Holy Fucking Shit: Trump made anti-semitism punishable by death.. BLM supports Palestine.. Bros.. Di…[View]
321862577How the hell has Judaism survived after thousands of years of persecution from every location they…[View]
321859850Do you think they're gonna win?[View]
321871918Should America give up its atom bombs like South Africa?: It’s increasingly clear that white America…[View]
321869822>Hates Mexicans >Dresses like them Kek why do whites do this, specially those from the South w…[View]
321870194What does /pol/ think about Mestizo Spics being Ogres? When i looked at Pic Related, i laughed my as…[View]
32186587960% of the police and military will vote for Le Pen: A poll published by Sciences Po (Cevipof) found…[View]
321872981Vaccine Hunters: You may have seen one of their notorious 'vaccine selfies' - it's mo…[View]
321873160So Jack Posobiec is caught defending the Canadian chapter of a Jewish group which is labelled as a t…[View]
321870849Cryptoniggerbros reddit man is attacking us again ....[View]
321872736/pol/lit/ thread: What books helped and redpilled you the most? Dumping reading lists ITT[View]
321872025Jews are going to try to hijack the Free Palestine movement and divert attention from the Talmud and…[View]
321870070Wait. Where tf is my Uber driver taking me?[View]
321871695“/pol/ has changed. It's no longer about free speech, last bastion of freedom on the internet, …[View]
321859197Question:: How did Jesus Christ get high on fentanyl if had not been invented yet. Did Jesus perform…[View]
321863645Daily reminder the election wasn't stolen, Trump lost because he was literally the worst presid…[View]
321865818MAGNETIC VACCINES LEGIT OR PCYOP?: Can this be settled once and for all is this a pcyop to make thos…[View]
321872837Richland County, SC Wants To Extend Mask Ordinance On Tuesday!: Richlanders! The county council is p…[View]
321872333Why All the Argument over Israe/Palastine??: The answer is obvious no?? Fuck Sand Niggers AND FUCK K…[View]
321865518https://www.urbandictionary.com/ IDGAFWTCDCSYBWYMFM Abbreviation for: I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT THE C…[View]
321856385I was filing paperwork for a new job. Based off of pic related what are you guys?[View]
321871698To all those who wish for more than a simple life. Lukianism.[View]
321871469Why the fuck does anyone care what this bitch has to say? Her dad literally orchestrated 9/11 with (…[View]
321865696>GET THE VAX TRUST SCIENCE >Is science in the room right now?…[View]
321870510Speak your peace, /pol/[View]
321871724Med chads have the perfect balance of whiteness and T: Reminding you that only med europeans preserv…[View]
321871575SUSPECTED PALESTINIAN SUPREMACIST ATTACKS SYNAGOGUE: https://twitter.com/AP/status/13939976032017612…[View]
321871057Question: Do pagan poos really care about zionsim and synagogue of satan, i.e. the ashkenazim, or do…[View]
321859578PayPal and others announce plans to require Proof of Vaccination to use their services: Not like we …[View]
321860018How well is your state's vaccination going?[View]
321861812No one likes streetshitters lmao[View]
321867819How can fight LGBT?: LGBT propaganda is being conducted from all cracks, Eastern European countries …[View]
321867696Why aren't you wearing a tin foil face mask?: Well, /pol/?[View]
321869519This man single handed oh turned the west against Israel. Say something nice about him.[View]
321862660I am not a racist but I am not anti-racist. I hate the state as much as I hate gigacorps. I am neith…[View]
321870333The youth of the nation: Are there any based children’s organizations left that will teach children …[View]
321870865>Morning my dude, I'm here to escort you to the vaccination center. Yikes! You're 2 day…[View]
321869228What are we going to do about the Chink Problem in Western Culture? Used to be a time the Gooks woul…[View]
321862325https://twitter.com/PissOffTrumpz/status/1393681616883621888?s=20 Shes only 10. Where is the justice…[View]
321868966Nationalists=Zionists: Real nationalists are zionists because they believe all Jews belong in Israel…[View]
321861202Nazis: These are Nazis[View]
321869594Chilean constitutional elections: You voted, didn't you? >Chilean constitutional elections D…[View]
321870837How do we get white women hated?: It almost succeeded with karen but then they turned on conservativ…[View]
321871784what are the political implications of having corporation bigger than countries?[View]
321865095Kid President dead at 23: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWXAEutqoAQ >you just know....…[View]
321842645U.S. ONLY FUNCTIONAL NUKE SNIFFER SIDELINED DOWN UNDER FOR TWO MONTHS: https://omaha.com/news/state-…[View]
321871860Elon Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell are against bitcoin: https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/hi…[View]
321870273Lefty kikes are showing their true colors in France and urge the country to stand for Israel. Does t…[View]
321868045Why do the political extremes love gaming?: What does it mean for the future of American politics th…[View]
321858889if you can see your nation's flag in pic rel you are a cuck[View]
321848981>Did early humans eat insects? >The researchers reported those results in a 2001 paper that ma…[View]
321871688Jeff Bezos: The whole world of the super hero is political. Alan Moore knows this, and that's w…[View]
321870508>be me, an extraterrestrial temporarily banished from my homeland for crimes you 'normies' wouldn…[View]
321870452Value of Women?: Do modern women have any merits or value at all, above and beyond sex and reproduct…[View]
321869318Why civilizations fall?: They not only fall again and again, but also in the same way, as if they ne…[View]
321865414Whats the difference between Arabs, Berbers/Amazighs, Turks, Persians, Levantines ? I mean Culturall…[View]
321868658This is what /pol/ supports lol When did it become a liberal hive just like Reddit? 2016? 2018? 202…[View]
321869554Why is Germany so fucked in the head?: Now that Germany retired they want change: to become MORE of …[View]
321870813I believe the liberal western jews who are purportedly pro-Palestine are overweighting trying not to…[View]
321861377/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #323 - Pirateflag is a Turk Edition: /ck/, /ug/, /sg/, /cwg/, Libya, Yemen…[View]
321847178>fags can do it >women can end it at a whim and take all your shit Why did we let marriage ge…[View]
321836960/SETF/ #258 Silver Ends The Fed - Autosaged Edition: Political thread about the Federal Reserve, the…[View]
321870513Israel appreciation thread: Me and my country stand with Israel[View]
321868221I bought $1000 of Tsuki and sold for $5000 because EVERYONE on biz said I was gonna get rugged. I wo…[View]
321836900/SETF/ #258 Silver Ends The Fed: Political thread about the Federal Reserve, their parabolic printin…[View]
321864449I got the vaccine and nothing bad happened[View]
321851301Sarr: Sarr pls sarr. Ve stand with isreal sarr. Phull sapport sarr. Ve hindus luv u lemme succ your …[View]
321867761Nazism is just a Talmudism where 'jews' are replaced with 'germans'. Talmudism is just a Nazism wher…[View]
321870539>unrest >peaceful protests >'They arent friends with the local businesses' >'Black and b…[View]
321868439REMINDER: I hear your voice brothers. You are not alone. We will build fires to light the way for ea…[View]
321861277Microaggressions are real: I sometimes dream that I live in a fantasyland, where White people are ea…[View]
321868816What will happen once fags and queers infiltrate the military???: 'Oh nonono, you didn't use my…[View]
321870637it's normal for the family to end so we can all become individual gods when we merge with AI an…[View]
321865215Doesn't feel like white boy summer bros[View]
321870500And what’s the problem, Trumpkins? So what if President Biden has Venmo? It just shows he’s a respo…[View]
321865193If the media is controlled by jews, then why is Israel being condemned in all western news?[View]
321870198Daily reminder that the reason the Left hates Israel is due to Nationalism and the reason reason Rig…[View]
321868421World wars was staged.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/n6zO7zgEcueK/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
321869608Kikes want your trendies: Wall Street kikes have a strong online campaign trying to get you to dump …[View]
321868120Stop using Big Tech: Stop cucking yourself to billion dollar pozzed corporations that steal and sell…[View]
321870330can someone tell me what the incident was where isreal attacked us ships and didnt stop until the sh…[View]
321867224latin America is doomed: Does anyone have any hope in this place? In my opinion this place is doomed…[View]
321867959/RWC/ Right wing content thread: Since major platforms are censoring politically incorrect internet …[View]
321867814hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1393967778793676806[View]
321868012If you could kill one person in the world with the goal of creating the most political change, who w…[View]
321869114What’s the Judeo part of “our” “Judeo”-Christian foundation? I feel like I’ve never heard this term …[View]
321861718Why arn't people wanting to work anymore?[View]
321867403Canadian Palestians wearing IDF: T-shirt and all with matching obvious palestinan head garb beat a m…[View]
321869891A synagogue falls praise allah anon https://youtu.be/Neji6A7tEMI[View]
321869972Are you people still mad at the Jews for driving a few nails into your little God-king's flesh …[View]
321860405Refute this. You can’t.[View]

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