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118416537Political situation in Russia: Continue from >>118399672[View]
118438438>Facebook censored, Twitter censored, everything else censored. Are we Europeans supposed to go o…[View]
118441002More like Marx of the beast, amirite /pol/???[View]
118440759Globalists On The Run: We only have so much patience for your evil bullshit[View]
118434735Nigger nightclub shooting: Daily reminder that all non-Whites must be removed from American soil htt…[View]
118430663Flat Earth Redpill: We'll have plenty of normies here tonight if the rumors are true. Why not r…[View]
118437903Do you think your country spends too much or too little money and resources on making things accessi…[View]
118440711A /pol song.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lZ7ib3xzeo Crisis feeds the lunacy All fear the new …[View]
118440708>Continues to spew baseless claims about nothing but bullshit[View]
118440622Weiner General: Is Weiner the US Democratic party's Jeb!? Post all things Weiner https://www.i…[View]
118440477So /pol/ we need to start thinking propaganda , if we want to spread ideologies we can't expect…[View]
118440590Why are rightist ideals unable to stand up to others without resorting to regressive censorship? Bri…[View]
118440295redpill reddit: why dont we make a thread and then buy like 50k upvotes?[View]
118440541Sadistic Khan, Caliph of London: Now to really get those noggin almonds activating... Since terror a…[View]
1184382776D Chess, my lad. You wouldn't even understand.[View]
1184387150 (ZERO) muslim attacks since 1 A.D: apologize[View]
118432385What will happen to American cities with declining populations like Detroit, Pittsburgh and St Louis…[View]
118420561Is the alt-right dead? >Milo: exposed >Alex Jones: exposed >Spencer: exposed >Cernovich:…[View]
118440041Right now (((their))) main goal is gaining autonomy over the coming generation. By highlighting the …[View]
118436806Friendly reminder that the Alt-Right doesn't exist.[View]
118439912What does /pol/ think of etch a sketches[View]
118439928Steve harvey makes trump his bitch by making him hold his pocket[View]
118436635Hello: You nazis will be defeated. -Boston Antifa[View]
118438981How is this going to be stopped?: whites are drying because your greedy jews used Mexico as a cheap …[View]
118426163Exposed. Average /pol/tard cant even name five African countries: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHHA…[View]
118439741Say hello to the new russian emperor and his wife: Its over vlad, i cri evrytim[View]
118428715Crumpet niggers aren't inbre-[View]
118438469THIS IS NOT A DRILL THE MEME MARKET IS LIVE http://www.lolzzz.net/[View]
118432666George Soros regain 13 billion after Trump rally loss: Holy shit. Is Geroge Soros master of deal or …[View]
118437801>Egyprians were Norse and Caucasian >Blacks confirmed not Kangs https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
118439631You're a filthy apostate if you don't submit to the authority of the pope who sits on magi…[View]
118439425http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4271606/FBI-planned-PAY-British-ex-spy-wrote-dossier.html Th…[View]
118439606>try to debunk Flat Earthers >become Flat Earther fug, anyone else?…[View]
118439551>Women's March leader and convicted terrorist agrees to be deported after lying on her citiz…[View]
118426600Antifa recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw&feature=youtu.be What does…[View]
118430868Thoughts on MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way?[View]
118439339Was he our guy ?: >“You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from…[View]
118435331That atheists cite pic related like they're saying something intelligent is embarrassing: It is…[View]
118405091Trump is a GWB neocon[View]
118407744bulgarian election: official results soon[View]
11843559360 MINUTES: WILL KEKE SURVIVE? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! http://www.stream2watch.cc/live-television/unite…[View]
118425684Why aren't we exploring space?: The moon landing was almost 60 years ago. Shouldn't we alr…[View]
118437383How do we stop the purring Jew?[View]
118439218Tehran is safer than Paris: http://realiran.org/tehran-or-paris-which-is-more-safer/ Yet we have a P…[View]
118436345Normie red pills: Attention normies please take the time to watch any of the documentaries Educate y…[View]
118433586Why is degeneracy still rampant on /pol/ after all that's been accomplished?: >bbc threads e…[View]
118439040Pizzagate, Missing DC Girls Connection: http://www.inquisitr.com/4092382/pizzagate-missing-d-c-girls…[View]
118428969What did the president mean by this?[View]
118438993Can we please nuke Canada already? Leafland is clearly beyond saving.[View]
118438730I am trying to find out where political and skeptical YouTubers land on the political compass but I…[View]
118438811is Maine the best state: yes it is[View]
118435060So i've heard i still have supporters here... is that true?[View]
118435022What happened exactly that caused this nu-male epidemic?[View]
118435042OFFICIAL NORMIE HUG BOX: /hugbox/ general if ur feelings are hurt or you just want to talk to other …[View]
11843817860 Minutes is coming. Let's give them the best we've got. Also memeball general.[View]
118430464DON'T LET THIS DIE.: Copied from previous thread >>118377869 Remember this? http://www.fr…[View]
118428076SWEDEN Y-... NO?: is this the end of the world?[View]
118436908KEK WILL PREVAIL: http://comfy .zone/ Streaming 60 mins, I know there is like 4 fuckign threads but …[View]
11843252460 MINUTES Starts now: Get in here faggots CBS Live stream http://www.stream2watch.cc/live-televisio…[View]
118435513when will you guys accept that civic nationalism is the only way? most of /pol/ is clearly larping s…[View]
118438534anybody else here listen to Chapo Trap House? Best political podcast, imo[View]
118379855CANADA YES! Cuckdeau's Soros-funded White Genocide Program REVEALED!!!: Alright. Major Red Pill…[View]
118425697Australia is not real. It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their crimin…[View]
118433911AYO >*bangs shield* HOL UP *chucks throwing axe* AYOOOOOOOO >*drinks from your skull* YOU BE S…[View]
118435411can any army on earth beat black warriors?[View]
118435726Would you look at that. The things government gets involved in get more expensive and the things the…[View]
118438384HAPPENING: OSU ABOUT TO GET BTFO (LITERALLY): https://twitter.com/OSU_EMFP/status/846144733315547137…[View]
118434468Explain this /pol/. Why is she paying 25k if not use the best equipment. Why should she have to use …[View]
118437702Destiny's Skype chat was leaked showing he has cheese pizza on his phone / hard drives from a 1…[View]
118436768What race?: Well, /pol/? http://www.strawpoll.me/12615353/r[View]
118432856German politics: Hey, any germans here? I am finally going to be able to vote this year but I am not…[View]
11843491260 Minutes Segment is up!!!!: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-fake-news-find-your-social-media-feeds…[View]
118437118Dumb liberal fuck mistakes German Imperial flag at Trump rally for Nazi Flag. Why are liberals so re…[View]
11843682760 MINUTES Starts now: Get in here faggots CBS Live stream http://www.stream2watch.cc/live-televisio…[View]
118435146ITT: we cure folks of the dreaded Yellow Fever.[View]
118436721/pol/ BTFO: 'James Alefantis: It went from a few people buzzing about something online or inside of …[View]
118437956I'm gonna need a quick rundown[View]
118437952Why are so many Communists also Jews?[View]
118437422why do canadians abuse their natives? we give ours actual land and infinite money. i read that some …[View]
118435232So, I thought no-fault divorces were causing the low birth rates in the USA, but to the contrary, th…[View]
118432428In need of advice: My friend bought this. Social Marxism has claimed another one. What to do, /pol/?…[View]
118437372How has /pol/ helped you?: Everyone I talk to says that the past year has been the craziest of their…[View]
118437441National Capitalism thread: He may be a socialist, be hitler didn't do nothing wrong edition.…[View]
118417698>'I don't smoke marijuana, but I think it should be legalized.' Said no one, EVER.…[View]
118437540Fake: 60 Minutes: your organization is fake news. Lefties btfo[View]
118434488Holodohoax: It's abundantly clear that the Neoliberals and Jews want a war with Russia over Ukr…[View]
118437385Blocks your path[View]
118437327WILL KEK KILL RICK NO DICK WILSON: http://taima.tv/r/ezaeza password: penis[View]
118432955'a well proper bantz, innit': What's the difference between the US type of 'bustin somone'…[View]
11843271260 MINUTES GENERAL: NEW THREAD LIVE STREAM: http://www.stream2watch.cc/live-television/united-states…[View]
118437133>tfw you beat an anti-Trump protestor with your MAGA flag[View]
118437144Amy Poehler's comedy theater forced to apologizes for using the word Woke after racial shitstor…[View]
118429519If you're new: LEAVE and NEVER Return: For the sake of your mental health. DO NOT make this pla…[View]
118434249ISIS running out of ideas?: Post ideas for the next ISIS video ITT[View]
118437011What is his endgame, /pol/?[View]
118412660R9K trying to sabotage pol: > Hmmm.. I wonder what r9k is up to...…[View]
118435584Why do I get immeasurably angry when I hear about the JEWS in the Holocaust? Whenever it's ment…[View]
118414159You don't really support fascism, do you /pol/?[View]
118433313>Trump and GOP run on repealing Obamacare for 7 years now >have full control of government …[View]
118413106Why is it wrong for a man to beat women?[View]
118429168Be honest, does anyone here consider blacks to be human..? And if yes, do I have to treat them with …[View]
118436600nigger memes thread[View]
118425920Praise Kek 2: Electric Boogaloo: Fucking Praise Him!![View]
118436541BRITISH POLICE STUMPED AS TO MOTIVE OF TERROR ATTACK: golly gee should we help them out guys? should…[View]
118434049YOU ARE BEING PLAYED: This raid will only cause attention towards 60 minutes. More attention = highe…[View]
118436127Full service?[View]
11843637260 MINUTES: prepare gentlemen. they are coming now[View]
118434855Is this movie any good or is it just niggerloving bullshit?[View]
118433650Stop being racist. Love your brother.[View]
118436030Whites commit crimes against black peo-[View]
118427676If pizzagate was real, where are the victims?: The Catholic abuse scandal had real victims. Jerry Sa…[View]
1184359331 MONTH FROM TODAY: are you ready for this year's block buster you fucking bigots? you alt-righ…[View]
118436148What is this gay shit.: https://www.rabb.it/Danielpic[View]
118436124Merkel BTFO thread: Go lads go[View]
118435591North Carolina apehoop saved by a white man. Despite threats of forced transgender bathroom integrat…[View]
118435292https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlcJB4k6Jfg Vigilantism > Police discuss.[View]
118436052As Republicans proved they can't repeal and replace Obamacare: As Republicans proved they can…[View]
118435721So did that pedo shit actually finish this fag off? Haven't heard shit about him since then. Re…[View]
118433329You're going to love this. Trust me. What you're seeing now is my normal state.[View]
118430141Really fires my synapses[View]
118435761Within 17 days of the Steele dossier reaching the FBI's hands, the chief source of the informat…[View]
118435391>((((THESE PEOPLE))))[View]
118422065Date niggers or you're racist, goyim! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5nKwiPJSsJg[View]
118435647Why are hapa men so mentally ill?[View]
118434745Giving CBS extra ratings.[View]
118435493Groom Africans to Christianity to be cannon fodder in the upcoming war against Islam: Evangelist Who…[View]
118435489Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men' >http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/female…[View]
118430494Vladimir Putin: Good or Bad?: A ton of times I have come across instances of putin hate, specificall…[View]
118435450Red pill me on autists. We they really bred to be weaponized?[View]
118433779Dear boomer from 60 minutes: Stop living off your children and die[View]
118434918Blocks your path[View]
118431084Why is the alt-right: Waking up to this man?[View]
118425167/pol/ Help: At normie party full of liberals >One has a 'Future is female' shirt >Urge to redp…[View]
118433750So true. Why isn't islam banned completely?[View]
118429734I propose that kek's official symbol should be the Gankylin, for a couple of reasons. Chaos ha…[View]
118434267LIVE THREAD: 60 MINUITES - IS /POL? GONNA GET BTFO?: https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007…[View]
118435077Escalator malfunctions in China leaving many people injured https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/8459…[View]
118435065Wtf is this sjw femminst bullshit doing in transformers movies now. What the actual fuck guys Skip t…[View]
118433501Shareblues: Can someone black pill me on what shareblues are?[View]
118434989what do you think ghost thinks about his rival being on 60 minutes?[View]
118414499Merkel's party wins German state vote by large margin: In the Saarland state vote being held si…[View]
118429006The Patriotic Alliance: Has /pol/ seen/heard much about top UKIP donor Arron Banks's new 'right…[View]
118413730/pol/, post the best nationalistic/patriotic songs you've got[View]
118420655European/Western Art #2 last thread >>118400527[View]
118431985Chelsea Clinton is a fucking idiot[View]
118393592What sort of music does /pol/ listen too?[View]
118417926I am a Kosovo war veteran, AMA: Ask me anything.[View]
118434493Until when are we gonna allow muricans and leafs to steal our niobium? The niobium is ours.[View]
118434699PRESIDENT TRUMP - CHAOS Edition: Nothing 'general' No dozens of useless links No anime shit-posting …[View]
118433128How do we save the planet /pol/?[View]
118434705RICK WILSON APPROVED MEMES: Rick 'My son will take piss on your Miss'' Wilson is trying to…[View]
118434638Mediterranean's are the true master race. There are literally no doubt about this.[View]
118434536Rando question to the redpills, why not refer to non-cis genders as 'mutants' or 'muties'? They clai…[View]
118433942redpill me on the alliance between /pol/ and /lgbt/. I've heard it's an alliance so ingrai…[View]
118432866Is there anything in the world more retarded than Hoppean 'libertarians'? Most of them never read a …[View]
118406309RISK USA EDITION: RISK THREAD Balkanized USA edition[View]
118430655Let's Have Discourse: I don't like gay people because they are promiscuous and they are va…[View]
118428674Merida Initiative and Mexican Violence: What's the most popular/relevant point of view have rep…[View]
118434328I have a question for you, and this doubt is under my skin now, making me paranoid. I come here occa…[View]
118408905WTF is this about: http://dailyeb.com/index.php/2017/03/15/vatican-hold-islamic-prayers-first-time-h…[View]
11843401260 minutes newfags coming: REV UP THOSE REDPILLS[View]
118433982New NY 'I Voted' Sticker Design: Sup /pol/ http://www.nyccfb.info/stickers?utm_source=NYC+Campaign+F…[View]
118433974Living Next To Mexico >Be me (19M) never had a gf >live next to the Mexican Boarder >match …[View]
118433968Woww.. really put my brain into pain.[View]
118433027How does /pol/ defend this shit?: You've known Trump was controlled by the kikes since he first…[View]
118419605why do americans look old as fuck?: why do americans look fucking old? you guys start balding in hi…[View]
118428870You Drumpfkins still support this clown???: >the travel ban failed twice >healthcare bill fail…[View]
118431823ALT-KNIGHTS. in order to protect the common people we need more alt-knights. We could quite literall…[View]
118431020Tonight on 60 minutes: Good news, everyone! Tonight on 60 Minutes, they will be discussing Kek. Prep…[View]
1184336303 reasons why donald trump is not white number 2 will shock you: So shilling is been pretty good now…[View]
118427451Pennsylvania has offended Türkiye! Pennsylvania is DOOMED[View]
118433561>off-topic threads 24/7 on /v/ >people constantly making racist remarks against white people …[View]
118433560what should the the punishment for assaulting and crippling someone when you are not on their proper…[View]
118433512So looks like the NCAA Game is running long. I hope the 60min chan peice doesnt even get to air.[View]
118431471LETS ATTACK 60 MINUTES BEFORE THEY EVEN START: https://twitter.com/60Minutes/status/8460974523945656…[View]
118433493H3H3 trying to ruin our operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfvkbZ1tLOM >OY VEY HOW CAN TH…[View]
118433384Christianity Thread: This is a thread to discuss the politics of The Lord and His message. All viewp…[View]
118432400Strategy: So, what's the strategy? rickrolling? or simple nazism?[View]
118426345what does having a doctorate in physical chemistry have to do with being a good political leader?[View]
118433253What's the play CIA Jones?: All the AJ threads are what normies will see when they come after (…[View]
118419781Brit/pol/ - Corbyn, the new emperor edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyftaa…[View]
118424475>Spain and Portugal are responsible for most of the major exploration and discovery of the New Wo…[View]
118414119SD = controlled opposition (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen 2018): >tfw the only popular 'nationalist'…[View]
118421492Where is the 'alt-right' politically?[View]
118433040Why are we still here?: Just to suffer?[View]
118429726Amnesty is a good id-: Why are the republicucks suicidal?[View]
118415143>the USSR and Mao's China wasn't real communism, that's why it failed How are you …[View]
118428939Racemixing Question: I'm a (mostly) black man. My paternal grandmother was black with natural b…[View]
118432317Kentucky passes 'religious freedom' bill: Why can't they just admit they hate gays? This will n…[View]
118430731WHAT THE FUCK, /POL/, I THOUGHT HE WAS ON OUR SIDE?! Why did we support this cuck again?[View]
118432863Reminder that Pizzagate is fake and if you say otherwise you're probably a shareblue shill.[View]
118432835I still can't believe this exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMj-ebuSoGc[View]
118432708How do we solve entitlement dependency in America? Time and time again people vote for people that w…[View]
118424260The State of Jefferson is a proposed US state on the Pacific Coast. Originally a movement from the 1…[View]
118432652Hello 60 Minutes viewers. Most of /pol/ will go into a spastic rage from seeing images like this. It…[View]
118428235So the Kalergi plan is beneficial...: Okay /pol, we have to talk. What is going on with Styx? His la…[View]
118432620Oh, Blumpfkin, honey... only weak people see the President of the United States as 'strong' and 'pow…[View]
118409446Something important, mind you.[View]
118431928Female athletes crushed by 'women who were once men' >http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/female…[View]
118432569Trump's foreign policy is no different from Obama/Bush. If you say otherwise you are a fucking …[View]
118428621Hey /pol/. I've been reading /pol/ and frogtwitter material for about 2 years and a half now. I…[View]
118430453Question for you, /pol/: If drumpf can't even pass an Obamacare repeal, how the fuck is he goin…[View]
118432437If you drink milk, you may be a neo-Nazi racist. No joke. This week, in the Daily49er, California St…[View]
118432418Skinheads vs. White Nationalists: Did the skinhead movement predominantly come out of hooligan / pri…[View]
118432230Isn't this the retard that fell for the infamous piss dossier which started as a joke, here? Is…[View]
118419064Lauren Southern confirmed closet Nat-Soc: She's come a long way from 'Libertarian' posting deus…[View]
118432244Why women shouldn't vote: If any country on earth followed the original constitution they would…[View]
118432200Why are hapa men so mentally ill?[View]
118431462http://iiicitadel.com/about.html /pol/ should do something like this. But in Missouri, New Hampshire…[View]
118429775>Milo Gone >Steph Under attack >Peterson Under attack >Bannon Under attack >Everyone …[View]
118432079Well, leafs?: >Muslim woman called “Nazi scum” by leftists in Canada. >A young Canadian woman …[View]
118420722Facebook: I deleted my account 5 years ago because I realized it was a useless site for me. I was ma…[View]
118426879Sweden uncucks itself: Sweden may finally be swallowing something besides cum, you guys think it…[View]
118411570MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN: We can't make the same mistake as the Netherlands, they did NOT praise…[View]
118419249Why is the alt-right so afraid of strong women?[View]
118416821What the fuck is wrong with CNN?: How does this not break some kind of discrimination law?[View]
118431874FRIENDLY REMINDER TO ALL BURGERS: That our founding fathers tried to warn us[View]
118426845Civil war: Would the US have won the civil war without blacks?[View]
118427945Ivanka Trump should not be anywhere near politics. Donald Trump shouldn't be either, but let…[View]
118431785Get your tendies ready 60 Minutes: CBS Stream http://www.stream2watch.cc/live-television/united-stat…[View]
118430949Im back, what did alex jones say? Fill me in[View]
118419494Any Sandniggers/Muslims on /pol/?[View]
11841603660 minutes general: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/s62msrPjSVY 60 minutes producers: William Harwoo…[View]
118423542Lol Trump: Lost the election by 3 million votes Lost the approval polls Lost on his Muslims ban Lost…[View]
118401794What even is canada anymore. Fucking liberal scum taking away my freedom of speech. I mean, JUST LOO…[View]
118391033No no no... Why is he blaming the good guys? This was clearly Paul Ryan's fault.[View]
118431439Is he /our guy/?[View]
118428459Anybody disagree fucking fight me.[View]
118431400Anyone here who trusts the mainstream media? Explain this please. How do you justify this? This is j…[View]
118431336What won't Rick Wilson lie about?: Does America really trust grown a man who will lie about his…[View]
118430171>hates nonwhites >preference for blond hair >preference for strong aryan brow and jawline …[View]
118418714I know what you're thinking: Islam is based, but it isn't white. Well, you're wrong. …[View]
118407722ROBERT MERCER: The Billionare behind Trump: Why is nobody talking about the guy pulling the strings …[View]
118430163Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting: >Gunman shoots 15, only kills 1 >No suspect will ever be found …[View]
118429781How do we eradicate islam in first world countries?[View]
118430955After the revolution, should SJW's be quietly gassed and disposed of? Or should they be hung fr…[View]
118430920images that start the cognitive process.[View]
118422816What your 60 Minutes comfy food?: Pic related[View]
118430875How do we replicate this: How can we make this happen across the US.[View]
118405687Are fraternities the pinnacle of western civilization?[View]
118428756Can we admit the NYT's went out of business?: Its time to admit most of our publications went o…[View]
118430640The Jordan B Peterson Appreciation thread!: Because his image is like a sponge for autism...It absor…[View]
118429971Hey Losers, My name is Don, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lif…[View]
118419201Behave for 60 minutes /pol/. Tonight has massive potential for us but with this opportunity comes an…[View]
118430581>Barack-Obama-The-Stupid-Nigger-Care took over 1 year to pass >Took 8 years to fully go into e…[View]
11841906060 Minutes: Redpill the normies thread!: Post your best normie redpills and really make 'em thi…[View]
118430476the only democrat I like[View]
118412877CNN reporter eats human brain then poo in loo throws poo at him: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art…[View]
118429686I know it's early, but fuck it. We won.[View]
118408983Westminster attack: Muslims don't condemn terror atta- http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/26/women-gath…[View]
118427885Send Israel $25 Emergency Food Box: HOLY SHIT I was just watching Fox News and this advert came up: …[View]
118430168>British '''''''''''''''''''''''''values''''''''''''''''''''''''' How can I into quintessential B…[View]
118387926German regional election RESULT: The Saarland voted its regional parliament today. >CDU (conserva…[View]
118429414LETS PLAY A GAME: Be quick[View]
118428052Lets build some Bridges lads[View]
118429811Were were you when this guy destroyed half of his fan base in less than a few days[View]
118429780For all the newbies, welcome!: Pls invite all your friends while you at at it. THSI place is dying a…[View]
118419923Goldman Sachs Intern AMA: Ask someone interning at Goldman Sachs this summer anything[View]
118429741>>Sign Up for AntiDrumpf Protest Propaganda >>Get alert everytime protest is 'NearMe' …[View]
118424140Did you guys elect an autistic president on purpose?[View]
118429275Daily Reminder: That you cannot beat the jew without holding massive amounts of Crypto Pic Related -…[View]
118429665If slavery becomes legal again how will you dress your pet nigger(s)?[View]
118425865Show them what the news actually looks like tonight, /pol/. Here's a start: https://www.youtub…[View]
118429329When did you become redpilled to the Germ-an menace?[View]
118407506Daily reminder:: Ireland Belongs to the Irish people.[View]
118429601This triggers the leftist[View]
118429397So now that the M-103 motion has passed, Trudeau isn't even trying to hide it anymore. Canada i…[View]
118428155Mt. Rainier: What is the significance of this spoon /pol/ and why does it have the swastika. What ar…[View]
118429513Anyone running a rightwing website? NEED ADS?: I'm looking to advertise some products with righ…[View]
118429474Libertarian Hate General - /lhg/ MUH AUTISMS! edition: Why do so many libertarians contract autism? …[View]
118429154The end of internet privacy: What does /pol/ think about the right wing unanimously voting to sell o…[View]
118423262No matter what we won't prevent this[View]
118429449RIP ALEX JONES: Died from two self inflicted bullet wounds to the back of the head >U will be mi…[View]
118429370Anyone else getting tired of reddit front page posts on 4chan?[View]
118401236Fascist thugs attack anti-Trump protesters!: Peaceful protesters protesting against a Trump-rally in…[View]
118428335Serious question, why don't we sterilize all the people who have hereditary problems like Down …[View]
118429323Is he /ourjew/?[View]
118424221Whites suck at bask-: Rich white kids use privilege to win Ohio D1 state championship. Pol will def…[View]
118428160So when are the normalfags gonna start coming in?[View]
118429183How's everyone feeling about HWNDU season 4 being in the land of tea and crumpets? >pic not …[View]
118427906Help me here pol: Socialism - Capitalism = Communism Capitalism - Socialism = Facism? If this is tru…[View]
118429144>biggest revelation EVER >take over an hour extra to come on air, here watch 27 advertisements…[View]
118420445White women, lose some weight. You're forcing us to create a bunch of hapas[View]
118416802Is diversity a Jewish meme?[View]
118425604Why is Mein Kampf forbidden in most countries, but the Quran is not?[View]
118428649You idiots think 60 Minutes will amount to shit.[View]
118425558Do you agree that this man is needed now more than ever to speak on modern leftism?[View]
118417505Why isn't there some sort of law on limiting how fat a person can be in America? Just imagine h…[View]
118427008Realistically, what would happen if Russia got rid of Putin and installed a pro-EU government? What …[View]
118428832Do you guys bash anarcho capitalism because it makes your ideas seem dumber?[View]
118420135So, We were the kings all along?[View]
118407568Why don't they teach this in (((America)))[View]
118428663The 'Epicurean paradox' against God refuted; pic related: The implicit premises made explicit and re…[View]
118426846Fuck Russia.[View]
1184283554chan gonna be on 60 Minutes tongiht..: Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave..[View]
118420032Today We are gommies!: Hi guys, lets be SJW gommies today. Lets show them we are true Marxists. /Pol…[View]
118382178/Jordan B Peterson General/: 'Denial of the heroic promotes decadence, equally – absolute rejection …[View]
118426749>Beyonce >Punk LITERALLY HOW?! She's the textbook definition of normie music. http://www.…[View]
118428382Strategic logistics YouTube channel South Front: https://www.youtube.com/user/crimeanfront/videos Pr…[View]
118427750does /pol/ approve[View]
118427445/nhg/ Nihilism general making imaginary friends edition 'A nihilist is a man who judges of the world…[View]
118406824/POL/ - COMMUNISM GENERAL: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, t…[View]
118428211These guys pull up to your Capitalist Society and slap your Phoenix, AZ's ass. What do you do?[View]
118427279>Person overcomes their crippling drug addiction after massive amounts of interpersonal support a…[View]
118427583praise kek[View]
118427159Is Trump... vaporwave?[View]
118409759So crime rates are 100% racial: >Asian Americans commit violent crime at the same rate as Asian c…[View]
118427979Donald Trump Invoices Geramny Over NATO Bill: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/325847-dona…[View]
118427452David Seaman is the new Alex Jones: He's the new tip of the spear. The last tip we had got dull…[View]
118427930RISK - CIVIL WAR EDITION: The south, north, commies, towel heads, any social group you can think of …[View]
118423363Alright, LISTEN HERE scum!: All of you are BEYOND retarded! Being far right is a proven mental illne…[View]
118427266Why did the British start WWII?[View]
118427706Is this what Trump General looks like IRL, /pol/?[View]
118427745Im just going to leave this here... taken from r/de[View]
118427456>health care bill fails Why can't Retardicans do anything right?[View]
118424769Why don't Europoors pay their fair share?[View]
118427357Do you think we could fix most of of the West's issues with the reintroduction of Corporal Puni…[View]
118414939China thread: We haven't had a China thread in a while. Let's have a China thread. Yeah, w…[View]
118427372Attention CIA is playing bilateral beats in Alex Jones show in order to do some kind of MK ultra res…[View]
118420843What can we do to stop porn? How do we explain to people that its detrimental to society and harmful…[View]
118426832Why is America so bad at Architecture?[View]
118424236National Socialism video thread Post those videos where they mix Hitler speeches with video footage,…[View]
118427027Watch out Italy[View]
118426126What does /pol/ think about JonTron and the Yooka-Laylee fiasco?[View]
118422966Taylor Swift and them[View]
118427076Old Conan bit about Martha Stewart looks like a Hillary meme. Would this count as meme magic or not …[View]
118416817Popular vote: What does /pol/ think about the popular vote? I was for Trump and all, and I think he …[View]
118426928What is this Degeneracy? GET IN HERE!: >Satantards think they can summon the dead >Put up a li…[View]
118423910>chasing the delegates[View]
118423246What good did the Boomers do?: As a group I mean.[View]
118426852Alex Jones apologized and said Pizzagate isn't real in any way shape or form. Now that this is …[View]
118426838Why are Yemenis racist and xenophobic?[View]
11842679560 Minutes is Watching Apologize that you were WRONG about this poor woman.[View]
118425708Feminists sisters expose sexism in Mario video game with this cool duet: What do you think of this? …[View]
118420788Buy land.[View]
118425652what actually happened to john f kennedy: This Picture was taken moments before the assassination on…[View]
118424244How do we make classical music lessons compulsory for all school children?: Teaching white children …[View]
118408532So American lefties love guns now? Whatever happened to 'muh gun control'?[View]
118426599I'm gonna need a quick rundown on this lads[View]
118421319Who /regret/ here? Drumpf cant even make a single deal - so sad that our movement is already falling…[View]
118423658Will we ever see improvements in the Healthcare industry? Will we ever cure several serious diseases…[View]
118426332HWNDU Series 5 will take place UNDERGROUND with NO SOUND. Heard this from the inside, can't tel…[View]
1184253711E 22 2F 6A 00 2F 3D 39 6A 2E 23 2E 6A 04 23 24 2F 6A 0F 26 2F 3C 2F 24 64[View]
118426271Trumpkins think they have redpills. You tards are straight anus cancer. Fuck off back to the_donald.[View]
118421555>be unapologetic a about your nation's past in any country except Germany >applauded as a…[View]
118412600/ptg/ President Trump General - Anglo Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
118425763I have prepared a new meme for you /pol/ (for when kek dies). He is called Car Man.[View]
118400628/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: AnarchoKek edition.: This thread is for Discussion of Libertarianis…[View]
118412912Le pen BTFO: Le pen n'a aucune chance parce que je me sucer tous les soirs dans le pantalon et …[View]
118425085ALEX NOW A CONFIRMED SHILL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_oEeubGus DISLIKE[View]
118423073Pro-EU marches: 'Pulse of Europe' is organizing marches in support of the EU: >The aim of Pulse o…[View]
118401563United Airlines committing genocide against women: Quick rundown: Three young women were disallowed …[View]
118425783what does /pol/ make of Jim Goad? The Redneck Manifesto is essential reading[View]
118418104is /pol/ unironic[View]
118421020do these people even hear themselves?[View]
118422470Are Jews really trying to destroy Europe?[View]
118425796Infowars Memorial thread: Press S to spit on grave[View]
118425750Could this have worked eventually, if the Serbs didn't ruin Yugoslavia?[View]
118421378Doubt: What would be a suitable replacement for the mob rule of democracy?[View]
118393708WATCH: Crying Man Records Brother Being Arrested By Immigration Officers: “You Trump Supporters Happ…[View]
118425683Did he really die of heart related issues?[View]
118424886You Drumpfkins still support this clown???: >the travel ban failed twice >healthcare bill fail…[View]
118425642ITS HAPPENING German protestors chant ‘HEIL MERKEL’ as they march against chancellor’s visit to Hall…[View]
118425501The 'Epicurean paradox' against God isn't a paradox at all: The implicit premises made explicit…[View]
118425483Kill Christians[View]
118425419Autism: >poles >white https://youtu.be/2nPEIsqJZ5c They v are autistics like the rest of you n…[View]
118425380Just a reminder[View]
118423761Communicating with SJW's?: Is it possible to talk about important topics with an SJW without th…[View]
118418325Why do you guys see trans as a mental illness but not the inability to get and keep friends? Our soc…[View]
118425197/pol/ got owned: *gets popcorn ready for mental gymnastics*[View]
118424649Pajeet here. I'm moving my tech company to America to create jobs there. Why should I hire only…[View]
118420006Why do we shill for AfD and not the NPD, isn't the latter the most suited for our interests?[View]
118425225sex: sex for everyone[View]
118425071Possible intel on Shia's HWNDU.xyz [SERIOUS]: Does this look correct? If so, we are going to ne…[View]
118420780The Irony of Kek: /pol/ consists of mostly white nationalists, alt-right etc. >praise a represent…[View]
118425012Religion: I would like to introduce you to my religion. What's yours?[View]
118416862>Have job >Can't even afford to live What's even the point? And don't give me t…[View]
118422437Someone needs to fund a war against Israel right fucking now before It grows. Right now Israel may b…[View]
118411193Huma Trying Getting Back Together With Weiner: https://nypost.com/2017/03/25/huma-abedin-is-giving-m…[View]
118406840How much does /pol/ drink? Because of escapism, depression, sociability, happiness, you name it. OP…[View]
118424670he fucking sold out: Alex jones is a (((controlled opposition shill))) He's a fucking sell out …[View]
118423038American Jews are dividing themselves from Israelis. This has got to be a good thing right? https://…[View]
118424617When does the winning start?: Looks like the austic cockgoblin Trumpkins are in a bit of a pickle. Y…[View]
118424454/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: Regulation is for cucks: Discussion of Libertarianism, Capitalism, …[View]
118424604ALEX JONES LIVE NOW RESPONDING TO PIZZAGATE APOLOGY CONTROVERSY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_…[View]
118424578WATER FILTER SALESMAN LIVE!!!: Says pizzagate is a fabricated controversy from the real pedophiles.…[View]
118420541>of Hispanic decent >like white girls >find out they all have had black encounters >why…[View]
118424557Why is religion so infectious? To be more specific, why would people like blacks devoutly believe in…[View]
118386957FUCK ISLAM: We'll free the persian land from those filthy arabs I promise[View]
118421023INFOWAR . CO M: It's been 15 minutes past 4:30, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE PIZZAGATE TALK AT? Hope …[View]
118424535Geordie appreciation thread: For those of you planning or considering a trip to the U.K., I strongly…[View]
118415511Why does this delusional fuck believe EVERY conspiracy theory he hears EXCEPT Pizzagate?[View]
118424075This is why you shouldn't adopt kids of another race. They are only grateful for what you prov…[View]
118424237Check out this NAZI, WHITE SUPREMACIST, ETHNO-NATIONALIST streamer. twitch tv osmurr[View]
118423970Is being effay redpilled ?[View]
118424119As an eastern European final year student in London... I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE! IT'S A SHITH…[View]
118423940The Water Filter Salesman Is going to Respond to His Pizza Gate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118423489Whats Going On with Women /pol/: Is there a pill that's more powerful than the blue pill that i…[View]
118422819What can we do about the nepotism problem in right wing politics? >be right winger trust fund bab…[View]
118421842Has there ever been a time in human history in which males were as emasculated as in ours?[View]
118424040Was Foucault a redpilled guy?[View]
118377869CRITICAL HAPPENING: Remember this? http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/freedom-watch-march-21-letter-to-c…[View]
118412191what happens here?[View]
118418510In 1930 there was already the idea of creating an European Union that was forgotten when Hitler took…[View]
118423578PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ DAILY SCHEDULE (WH…[View]
118423786Hoppean vs. Agorists: Support Black Market vs. Physical Removal. I want to see fucking blood here.…[View]
118423763Are blacks mocking whites because they're mad that we whites know our dads and they don't?[View]
118423753When alex jones spills the beans on pizza gate who do you think will get arrested first? Podesta?[View]
118403128WHAT. THE.FUCK.WILL.HE.REVEAL---- PIZZA PIZZA: I will release the biggest #pizzagate revelations eve…[View]
118406220Is Mad Max Our saviour?: Is Mad Max Bernier the man to uncuck Canada? I believe so[View]
118405097SWEDEN YES[View]
118418203/ptg/ President Trump General - HealthCare Trouble Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
118401849/tfg/ - Trump Failure General: Freedom Caucus Edition[View]
118423149John Money: >theorized that gender was a social construct made up entirely by childhood upbringin…[View]
1183906234 days left, Hans: Tick tock...[View]
118423387> CHIP HAPPENS[View]
118421826Step by step instructions for you Drumpkins[View]
118415356Protip: The FBI is working with the Jews planting cp on /pol/ to shut it down. So if u live int he U…[View]
118423033Communist Donuts: They're selling commie donuts at my school, what do /pol/?[View]
118417424Monopolies: Are monopolies an anti-capitalist meme? If they aren't, how do you avoid them?…[View]
118422155Islam: Why is the left pushing Islam down our throat. don't they see it hurts them also?[View]
118411565Friggin southerners: If hicks are against tyrannical governments like they say, why do they say 'wut…[View]
118422693How do we fix Britain?[View]
118422377Rare Trump Photos: Post rare Trump photos[View]
118419829When migration will stop into europe?[View]
118422809I recently found out about an organisation called Tell MAMA. Or measuring anti-muslim attacks. It c…[View]
118411617Tumblr girl here I just want to let you all know I love you, and I hope one day you all stop being s…[View]
118419772>the best cities in the world are in the US of A or some Scandianiavian hellhole but that's …[View]
118411837reminder Christianity is the ultimate red pill and the one that seems like the least. do not be fool…[View]
118422714>republicans coming together to get the job done >failed to repeal This is not a meme anymore…[View]
118419811CLEVELAND HAPPENING!: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/846113428867629056 Religion of peace Ci…[View]
118420829Is christianophobia even a word?: Have you ever heard the word christianophobia in public or on the …[View]
118422556Everybody knows Trump is Hitler. So when is he going to gas the Jews?[View]
118422524Time 100: http://time.com/4706623/2017-time-100-poll/ Have you voted yet /pol/? I know I have. >d…[View]
118422518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVtviNDrDS8 based metokur at it again[View]
118421890>brouses /pol/ >doesn't listen to mein kampf in the background Get educated, lads. http…[View]
118422479I am fiscally liberal and socially conservative. Debate me. MSPaint isn't an argument btw[View]
118419451Joe Biden says he would have been President, blames dead son for intervening.: http://archive.is/VTm…[View]
118414084The Alex Jones Show - Responding To National Pizzagate Controversy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
118422080There's literally nothing wrong with Islam.[View]
118420859The 'Epicurean paradox' against God isn't a paradox at all: 1st 2 lines are equivalent to: >…[View]
118421970mfw there are Americans here that hate America[View]
118394468He's right you know...[View]
118419359Why did conservatives of all people support the disastrous neocon Iraq war? Were they retarded at th…[View]
118421888Is Civic Virtue Dead?: >James Cassidy didn’t need the director of the FBI to tell him Barack Obam…[View]
118421522Normie Invasion: What will happen to /pol/ and all of the other boards when the normies invade? Will…[View]
118421879Info CopyPasta: I need that good ol' copy pasta to dump tonight. Post your pasta boys.[View]
118419075Feminism: How can you seriously argue against feminism? It literally just means equality for both me…[View]
118416773Where is the country or state to buy land and why?[View]
118421768>Be Zim Zam >Killed a stupid nigger who tried to attack and nearly kill you >Police detain …[View]
118421423The media: What do we do About the media monopolies[View]
118421750Why should I become an Orthodox Christian?[View]
118421262>H-hey dad >I wanna talk to you about something real quick :3…[View]
118415510Thank you Anglos for taking our bydło from us. Have fun with them after Brexit happens. We are not t…[View]
118419455>protesters have never been arrested in a western country[View]
118421166Stop smoking fun of Indians. We poop in toilet, just like American people[View]
118417006.: >morality >race >nationality >religion lmao nice spooks nerd…[View]
118421534Having kids= ignorant fool: Is there any point in having children /pol/ seems to me it is cruel and …[View]
118421377Lore of meme war(s): Can I be caught up on what happened with the meme war and has one started…[View]
118421176plebbit r/WallStreetBets faggotry: Hey /pol/ Just wanted to take the time to say that this plebbit s…[View]
118420158Hijab or burka: Why does a majority of western women use the burka as a symbol for freedom or equali…[View]
118420174Why do jews hate non-jews so much?[View]
118416645r/Athiesm is fucking retarded: I post a video titled 'How to Burn a Holy Book' featured here: www.yo…[View]
118419668Whom shall Anubis feed to Ammit next? Soros? Takei?[View]
118414850Will this stop terrorism?[View]
118419850/pol/ what ever happened to all those hundreds of women that said Trump raped them?[View]
118418545Trump: 'We need to cut off trade with China!'[View]
118417435Why are only Jews allowed ethnonationalism: and why do these same Jews push civic nationalism on the…[View]
118418737HERETIC!: >Rick Wilson: Kek dies tonight on 60 Minutes YOU FOOL! HOW DARE YOU THREATEN KEK, YOU M…[View]
118417690Dem yummy tears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCP21hAccXI Let us rejoice that another taconigger …[View]
118419011MEMEBALL THREAD: Show 'em anons[View]
118419306Why are you so racist? Did you never have any black friends?[View]
118420676Prepare to rage >“We didn’t know” was a kind of mantra for her on the long walks we took when I v…[View]
118418382Single most influential meme of the century?[View]
118420095Favorite Kebab removal Music?: Show me your favorite Kebab Removal music. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
118399674Indian hate thread: The Pajeets are asleep. Indian hate thread![View]
118400527ITT We post European/Western Art[View]
118420123SHILLS ARE REAL[View]
118420383Worst ig account thread[View]
118419938https://youtube.com/watch?v=NU_oL9E-FaQ What does it feel like to get cucked on kiss cam?[View]
118403360Syria General /sg/ - The Greater Free Syria Tribute Edition: Everything you need to know https://syr…[View]
118417807What the fuck is wrong with CNN: How does anyone take them seriously anymore?[View]
11841654660 Minuets Welcome Thread: In this thread we peaceful liberal /pol/ participants will welcome 60 Min…[View]
118420213FBI Director States Russia Not Source of Podesta Emails released by WL: This begs the question, who …[View]
118420033http://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-could-lead-to-czexit-tomas-prouza/ What happened to Czexit? Cz…[View]
118416398>no AIPAC thread You goys ready to celebrate and reaffirm our commitment to defend our Greatesy A…[View]
118419946HealthCare Fails: Kill Yourself Trump[View]
118411514Ask a Croatian anything[View]
118419293>[country] >white Also, general [country] hate thread.…[View]
118419341WHITE SUPREMACY ORIGIN STORIES ITT: >be me, blonde blue eyes white boy living in LA >be in kin…[View]
118411681This is literally retarded: Burgers, apologize for this shit. We are your greatest allies after Isra…[View]
118414221Australia is not real. It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their crimin…[View]
118419519http://steamcommunity.com/app/360830/discussions/0/ Ok which of you are doing all of this? I suspect…[View]
118414393Remember, everyone. 60 Minutes viewers will be here tonight. Make sure you make every conservacuck r…[View]
118418043Americoons: The US would not have won the civil war without blacks. Also the first us martyr was bla…[View]
118418908Why is it that every time I go on twitter to have a direct feed from the president's mouth abou…[View]
118412498Would shutting down all post-secondary Humanities cause a drastic reduction in the percentage of tra…[View]
118405016I am a descendant of Aryans who lived in Europe and America. Indians are bro tier. It's Pakis t…[View]
118417232Let's all pray to Kek that Tabqa dam bursts. #makeSyriaAtlantisagain[View]
118419267Ive been telling you whites it's not all about muh intellect and muh IQ. There's more to l…[View]
118418173/ptg/ President Trump General - DEUS VULT Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
118419256Is this what /pol is?: The Dark Order Witnesses of the Eight[View]
118419222The son of a dictator is another dictator: what's her name /pol/?[View]
118418631Where the fuck did he go?: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/house-intel-head-nunes-took-mysterious-de…[View]
118408466RED PILL THREAD - PREPARE FOR BATTLE: This thread is dedicated to dumping any and all redpilling mat…[View]
118418904CODE RED: NORMIES ARE COMING: >Welcome to our humble community normies! >Here are some redpill…[View]
118377406Is British rudeness common?: >be me >sent over to U.K. for 3 weeks for work >staying outsid…[View]
118418793Donny comes through with the jokes[View]
118418759Eastern vs western PoCs: How are they similar? How are they different? Who is the best?[View]
118386053Aborigines: Honestly, why are these fuckers considered human?[View]
118410335When did you guys realize that the only true red pill is communism?[View]
118418704This is textbook facism: You will all die like the Nazis did before you you racist misogynists Fuck …[View]
118393978CUCKOLD MAN KILLS KEK: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801835008 THE THREAT…[View]
118416519/x/ is useless: Am i the only one that thinks paranormal is just paranoid? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
118413038/ptg/ President Trump General - The Art Of Deal With It Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
118416988germany: pay your debts[View]
118418139>i wish i spent more time shitposting about jews on that Mongolian fly swatter website but for re…[View]
118415701>failed to counter trump in any way >want to try and take down /pol/ > still complaining ab…[View]
118415460So, /pol/, at what point did you realise you're a national socialist? https://youtu.be/FaCHBmG…[View]
118415053The English invented rap music? This film from 1936 says so..at 20:20 mark. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
118418368Moors: Should eastern whites fear the moors.[View]
118416058Becoming a normie: Dear fellow anons, After being part of this weird niche community for some time..…[View]
118416606Is she /ourgirl/ ?[View]
118401103Brit/pol/ - UKUP Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOMvs_1UFCk >Thread Sp…[View]
118418260STOP: Ok /pol/, who of you did this? I thought we had a deal and we all stopped watching porn? The g…[View]
118418236is he /ourguy/[View]
118417511Only thing worse than niggers are white trash: >fucking brainwashed degenerate hippies >fuckin…[View]
118418148It's over drumpflings, Kek is finished![View]
118415764New from Metokur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVtviNDrDS8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVtviN…[View]
118417748On Shills: It is news to no one that we have seen a massive uptick in shills here on our most holy b…[View]
118417322TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!: LOVE SEEING OUR GUYS FIGHT BACK FINALLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIKZ…[View]
118417972Over Regulation- Federal General Discus: I keep hearing from mostly those on the right that there ar…[View]
118352211Will she win the second round?: Frenchies, what are the chances that she'll actually win the se…[View]
118413978ALEX JONES ABOUT TO DROP SOME SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_oEeubGus https://twitter.com/R…[View]
118417889Why dont he leglized weed yet?[View]
118415152Oh my: What is wrong with these alt-right kiddos... do they not understand they are just being groom…[View]
1184172091st 2 lines are equivalent to: >1. If God exists, He is omnipotent. >2. It is impossible for a…[View]
118413614She prefers to stay with them instead of you.[View]
118417736You guys know we wont pay, right?[View]
118417437Why can't we all live together in peace and Harmony on planet earth ? is it really that hard ?[View]
118416737>tfw you realise the germans got their 4th reich after all The krauts just keep outsmarting us, h…[View]
118412416What the heck did you just say about me, you little honey bun? iI’ll have you know I graduated top o…[View]
118400421/lrg/ - Libertarian Right General: 'New Hoppewave Videos' Edition: This thread is for Discussion of …[View]
118416958THIS IS IT, FOLKS! MARTIAL LAW IS COMING!: He said in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014…[View]
118412667Some madman at my school is posting the Vanguard flyers that some of you made, and now they are hunt…[View]
118377648Brazil is forever commie: >mfw in the middle of an American Rock Festilval people started to shou…[View]
118416922Hey /pol/ you want the ultimate red pill on homosexuality? Here it is. It doesn't exist. It…[View]
118405409wh*Tes are sperm skinned neanderthal genocidal maniacs that pollute our world with their existance. …[View]
118403034Why are men so inherently violent? Why is female victimization so high?[View]
118414818How do we get more white children interested in classical music?: Teaching white children how to pla…[View]
118413164What is your opinion on ethnic cleansing?[View]
118415234hello /pol/ and CIA and FBI, i am looking to start a group to kill lefties and dumb white women. My …[View]
118416880Two points she makes that I disagree with:: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/byblackscom/black-in-albert…[View]
11841686716 minutes shut your hole and leave kek alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhafYQCkzMc[View]
118415506https://discord.gg/PckkVRG: >Friend tries helping these niggers >They turn on him GET 'EM…[View]
118405807>4 hours[View]
118397788ask latvian anything thread[View]
118414552We need to eliminate vaccines[View]
118414254What time is 60 Minutes on?: and where is a live stream?[View]
118416588New Thread: Ritual Abuse Across a Network of CIA-funded New Age Groups: An anons own abuse led to th…[View]
118406917Is american dream still alive? I wanna be rich in US[View]
118416467Is there something more cringe than indians in social network?[View]
118410953Trump's Partly Black Child: Hey Drumpfkins! Are you aware that Donald Trump has a partly-Black …[View]
118368276Why do Muslims view domestic pets as vermin?[View]
118416247Wow, it would be so good!!![View]
118416292Do you remember where you were when Jeb! BTFO euros and everyone else not living in the greatest cou…[View]
118404271>I'M GOING TO A COLLEGE DEBATE AND BTFO THOSE SNOWFLAKES ... but pls bring security for me…[View]
118411739Thoughts on Law of Jante?: >You're not to think you are anything special. >You're no…[View]
118415531I'm upset about Trini being revealed as gay, but not because it ruins my childhood or whatever.…[View]
118409178Third Reich book discussion: I'm sure many of you have read at least one book that discusses th…[View]
118416096why the fuck?: The UK was a great country until it started to import Islamist scum bags, just to sit…[View]
118415969What don't we do something like /b/ did during that /b/I polar shit? We can make pol look like…[View]
118415914Who else has been /LARPingasALiberalRedditor/?: If only you guys could see some of the insane shit t…[View]
118415911Incest: Let us get a discussion on the niggehloadein program... what is it? The Loud House?[View]
11841441060 minutes: This thread is for discussion about how the 60 minute report on /pol/ will affect us. Ob…[View]
118407530apparently you can't say NIGGER if you are white: >be 20 >taking a digital art course …[View]
118381334Russia should join NATO[View]
118389289What does /pol/ think about inheritance tax?[View]
118413201I would actually self-harm if Trump got impeached[View]
118412360tfw people will never be able to coexist[View]
118412963Why do /pol/ deny Holocaust? Isn't it literally the single best thing done by Germany?[View]
118415430The fucking madman just can't keep it in his pants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAm27OdSplU…[View]
118415402Here is how Shia could have defeated /pol/: Just saying, if Shia is reading this, here is what you n…[View]
118415042So /r9k/ is mad because /pol/ is full of normies and chads: How do we get them back on board?[View]
118409143How do we turn the blacks gay? That would be the ultimate way to lower their birthrates[View]
118415269need the original image, I know you got it /pol/.[View]
118415231Checkmate poltards, euro-skeptics, brexiters[View]
1184151443 HOURS LEFT: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/s62msrPjSVY 60 minutes producers: William Harwood Ian…[View]
118398109Alex Jones backing down?: Guys I'm trippin. Why would he do this? Is this 3-D chess? Did they t…[View]
118415116Leaf-anons, have you seen this movie?: It's my favorite horror movie and it's set in Ontar…[View]
118413792Why did the 1960s and 70s ruin everything?[View]
118409309This IMMIGRANT is making BILLIONS off YOGURT while WINNING THE CULTURE WAR Meanwhile you WASTE AWAY …[View]
118414692>straight people[View]
118411530Reminder: that pic related will be the only Republican politician to make it out of these miserable …[View]
118412627ITT: Make one suggestion that would help fix the Democratic/Republican party (your choice) Democrats…[View]
118382029Conspiracy Theories: What posseses people to believe 100% in conspiracy theories that do not have sm…[View]
118406782Is there a bigger virgin than this guy? All he does is reply to trump and twitter promotes his anti …[View]
118414847Calling all Christians and those raised in the Western Tradition: Word on the street is, we are abou…[View]
118414413>apple fights against unlocking the encrypted phone used by san bernadino attackers so hard it go…[View]
11840492360 minutes.: /pol/ will be debuting on 60 minutes tonight; in preparation for the influx of people w…[View]
118414831Ok, can we return to this?: Your thoughts and opinions.[View]
118414754What are /pol/'s thoughts on the 00s? Everyone talks about 90s cartoons, and everyone talks abo…[View]
118414375Why is this fat fuck trying to spread this message out there? Fuck you Jones https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118414666Will Trump get a populist Papal counterpart after Francis dies?[View]
118414615Hey /pol/ wage cuck here. I work in a sweet shop and after about a year here I've noticed that …[View]
118414609>girls are equal[View]
118414592Post funny shit[View]
118411362This morning, some anon said: >I swear to god (irony xd) if someone comes up with a counterargume…[View]
118407322Honest view on Trump's first 2 months: Cons: Muslim ban Healthcare repeal Pros: Budget Funds fo…[View]
118411431Sheeple hate thread: Post ITT experiences you had with sheeple that made you want to lose your shit.…[View]
118411236Twitter is a honeypot: >According to the complaint, the Dallas Police Department submitted a sear…[View]
118413858We like to use the term 'JIDF' so loosely, but are (((they))) really there anymore? Sure there'…[View]
118383494White boy pours acid over his gf and sets her on fire: >The shocking attack reportedly happened a…[View]
118407144THOUSANDS OF NORMIES INCOMING: Tonight thousands will flood /pol/ What do?[View]
118414262Anyone have a shekel shoah folder they can dump: I need my Shekel shoah folder back The images have …[View]
118414315Alex Jones: Biggest #pizzagate revelations ever: Livestream starting in 1 minute after this post. ht…[View]
118414097>Hurr hurr autistic leftards are so stupid >You cucks are so retarded! KEK *sips tea*…[View]
118414236IT ALL GOES DOWN TONIGHT!!!: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_oEeubGus…[View]
118409514Have you ever realized that we're way smarter than the Jews/Liberals/Normies in general now? …[View]
118384485Why are Americans ok with a large divide between the poor and the rich?: Even people who work full t…[View]
118413524Why do they do this?: And why does it work[View]
118414138Should we count on Gen Z to be the saviors of Western society?[View]
118413927PROJECT CONTAINMENT- The TOP SECRET FBI Plan To Unleash Muslim Gunmen Terrorists In The Cities: PROJ…[View]
118413802Will we be on 60 Minutes?: I'm looking at the description of tonight's episode, and I can …[View]
118412370Reminder that the Left considers Merkel leader of a whole continent. This is why the EU needs broken…[View]
118411291Rick wilson dies tonight in his sleep Praise kek[View]
118414102PAY DEBNTS GERMANY http://archive.is/BB64X[View]
118414085ALEX JONES TO SPILL EVERYTHING THREAD #2: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones/status/84608049438731878…[View]
118411525Bernie needs your help, /pol/[View]
118413920Hullo mods: Due to tonight's fun, mods are we allowed to be extra shit(e.g. Almost start a new …[View]
118413847are they death camps then?[View]
118412495Does Maxime have a chance of winning the nomination?[View]
118413770Will corrective rape fix SJW women?[View]
118412879Why do people hate Alex Jones so much? He is our only voice in the mainstream.[View]
118413618Queen-tier based black woman: Sorry if I'm sliding anything, but I just watched this video and …[View]
118408644Slate defends censorship: >The longtime best-selling book of Christian apologetics—C.S. Lewis’ Me…[View]
118399672Protests in Russia: MOSCOW – Police detained anticorruption activist Aleksei Navalny as hundreds wer…[View]
118405892/ptg/ President Trump General - March Surprise Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
118413434Conservacucks want to imprison the Deep Throats rather than catch the Nixons. Why do conservatives s…[View]
118377568What the fuck is going on here? http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ Right around 14241kHz. Might be n…[View]
118413308SJW self extermination guide: Time to get all of those ANTIFA faggots arrested and charged once and …[View]
118413298weev: So what's the deal with this guy? Kike or not??[View]
118382275'Eastern Europe is ugly' meme: Hello /pol/ I just returned from a two months holiday from Eastern Eu…[View]
118405972What's your opinion of height lengthening surgery - is it degenerate?[View]
118380045RISK: British Isles: British Isles Risk. You all probably know the rules. Post as follows: Name Col…[View]
118413199Apologize. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-chicago-shootings-violence-20170325-…[View]
118406618رح اذبح كل اليهود[View]
118373973What is the best place to live in the USA?: I am considering migrating to the USA, what are the best…[View]
118412672They are proud of themselves http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-malibu-sanctuary-city-20170…[View]
118412955Fake swedish historian picks a quote from a drama movie: 0:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz3TT0…[View]
118412674Made the embedded video. Thoughts /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGs6UyUBj9I >see other …[View]
118409643Any reason why people are against a Core EU structure?: We could have a Core EU, that is countries w…[View]
118412584Let's help liberals understand who exactly is killing all these trannies: I made this infograph…[View]
118410050How to make the liberal white upper middle class get affected by immigration? So that they chimp out…[View]
118406056What is the best place to live in America and why is it Oklahoma? >Not a single blue county >N…[View]
118397832Pedo tied to Esalen, Tavi - the real Pedogate: Posting this anew https://steemit.com/news/@whitedee…[View]
118408602Muslims are superior, it's time to accept it /pol/fags: >The Pope is in the payroll of Jew E…[View]
118412823Thank you Germany for letting me enjoy this great game.[View]
118412215Yellowstone: When will it explode pol? Do we have a plan?[View]
118412610https://itsgoingdown.org/revolutionary-solidarity-rojava-international-struggle/: Rojava and its con…[View]
118412562Shit just found out Trump is a jew puppet: /pol/ will stop support him now right???![View]
118412260If Jihad is the only path to forgiveness is it really a peaceful religion?: Is it really a religion …[View]
118411737Universal Basic Income: For all you people who think UBI is a great idea, I have a better idea. How …[View]
118411684What's your political compass /pol/ Test is vote 1 app[View]
118409482/pol/ on 60 Minutes - March 26th is now Spectrum Sunday: In celebration of us spreading our autism o…[View]
118412181C U C K: Where did cucking start? Why is it bad? If the wife is going to cheat why not have it be on…[View]
118412139Varg and styx declare war on youtube: They both are leaving for vidme https://vid.me/ https://www.yo…[View]
118410620Conservative Kids: Kids born since the year 2000< are said to be the most conservative generation…[View]
118410839why do women have 1 to 999 ratio as scientists if we are equal n shiet?[View]
118409501http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz Your move /pol/[View]
118407243The man who will save Europe[View]
118403624Something strange is happening in /r/the_Donald more and more explicitly pro-white stuff is cropping…[View]
118411820Western Europeans are ri-[View]
118411797CEO of a Fortune 500 company here. Donald Trump is what we in the biz like to call a 'big fat orange…[View]
118408118Opinion mining. What does /pol/ think of Kyle Kucklinski?[View]
118411754Is Gender Studies a real thing or just a Meme: gender studies is not a real thing, is it?[View]
118411713Swiflie app: >Anonymous >No character limit >No Censorship >Gifs and Images allowed in c…[View]
118410729Rain down some kek: I don't think so pal. https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801…[View]
118403288ALEX JONES TO SPILL EVERYTHING: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones/status/846080494387318786…[View]
118401788Daily reminder that race and culture are inextricably related. The more nonwhites you have in your c…[View]
118411229Sta(L)in: Was Stalin a manlet? Does being less than 6 foot make you a shitty communist dictator?…[View]
118386773White women qua white women don't owe you their pussy. What are you, 10?: >earn money >wo…[View]
11841159660 Minutes: >mfw jews are going to be a bigger threat to society then before >afw it's to…[View]
118403824It might be time to stop using that word /pol/...[View]
118400916You can only post in this thread if far-right makes more than 10% in your polls.: Not so fast German…[View]
118409450Favourite /pol/ tier propaganda video: Post em before YouTube shoahs next week. https://www.youtube…[View]
118411421The birds, the bees and the fake news fairies: When is a good age to have the Fake News conversation…[View]
118365717Time to post 'em[View]
1184114062nd Tumblr Raid: We all want another war/crusade with Tumblr so why not do it, but this time we leav…[View]
118408706NBC REPORTING STATE DEPT COVERED FOR PEDOS!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HadGh0LcXxs /pol/ Ge…[View]
118402684Why are hapa men so mentally ill?[View]
118410830>mfw the majority of this board doesn't know what 'Western Hemisphere' means…[View]
118411162There's is still mummy of the commie kike laying in the center of Russian capital. Is there any…[View]
118410112What did he mean by this?[View]
118408949She's got a brain, face and body that are all working together. /pol/ Why is it so hard to fin…[View]
118408179who /misogynist/ here: The western woman is the most privileged entity to have ever existed on the p…[View]
118410850Press F to pay respects.[View]
118410891Are the white helmets just funding terrorists?[View]
118410517Am I white, pol?: >race isn't a social constru-[View]
118381425NEW THREAD: MKUltra is Still Alive and Well - CIA-Funded Global New Age Apparatus: Latest Developmen…[View]
118409106Whats his name again?[View]
118397914Why were there No Niggers in Saving Private Ryan? This was Americas War against Germany. Why was it…[View]
118410787These two pieces of shit deserve a swift death penalty. Do you agree that these Mexishits should be…[View]
118409801Where do I find a Tara /pol/?[View]
118407615>search 'racist' on twitter >go to 'people' told you he was racist, /pol/…[View]
118399410/pol/mobile: Just for you. >be at a demolition derby >you can spraypaint the cars however you …[View]
118404071How do you still unironically like trump?[View]
118410445What did he mean by this?[View]
118408427Why is the west full of double morals? Just imagine this scene with a young girl and a white male.[View]
118389391/MEGA/ - Gottkanzler general: pray for gottkanzler success /pol/ victory over Merkel is assured #SP…[View]
118410494INCOMING INFLUX OF NORMIES/NEWFAGS: Well /pol/, let's brainstorm on how we can give them a warm…[View]
118402420Why do we hate abortion again?[View]
118409631What's wrong with McCarthyism? He wasn't wrong, you know. The Soviet operation in America …[View]
118401728HAPPENING: Russia arresting jewish and liberal 'activists': http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKB…[View]
118397728DAILY BEST FINLAND THREAD SUOMI PERKELE :D :D :------D This is a thread for everything Finland. Mun…[View]
118410327Libertarian Hate Thread: Why do so many libertarians get autism? Is it really that cancerous an ideo…[View]
118404423A Message To The Trump Supporters: Your degeneracy is really starting to reeeeeeek up this board... …[View]
118374911White KANGZ: Why are white people always appropriating Italian culture and achievements?[View]
118410229MONTGOMERY REVELATIONS: CRITICAL REVELATIONS, ALL EYES ON DECK. 30 minutes to Alex Jones dump. Get y…[View]
118410085Is kicking refugees redpilled? https://youtu.be/QdUVE49lDvs[View]
118385121THE HOAX IS THE HOAX: The modern Protocols of zion was written 1888-1889 by Asher Ginsberg The ”Prot…[View]
118407456bolsonaro is the king of brazil ?[View]
118409921SOON MY BROTHERS, (Il est seulement une question de temps)[View]
118379450Ethnic nationalism: How does one reconcile the belief races should not mingle and that race-mixing i…[View]
118408610Who is this guy?: Who the fuck is this guy?[View]
118409946OH FUCK, MY BOY, IT'S HABBENIN! 60 antifa are going to attack you in thirty minutes and there…[View]
118407965Fixing whites: How do we fix whites?[View]
118405910Why is treason against the President considered 'funny' now?: It hasn't always been that way, a…[View]
118409788>Wake up >Trump is still president feels good…[View]
118409742>Be Muhammad >Recently arrived in Europe >Get a job in a trucking company >First night o…[View]
118409154/pol/ ball meme thing.: Can we get one of these threads going?[View]
118405893Israel VS America and Russia: Israel VS America and Russia Israel cant use the 9000 Atomic bombs the…[View]
118407009thoughts pol?[View]
118407367when you remember that 8 MILLION more people voted for Hillary[View]
118409249Explain, useful idiot Democrat shills[View]
118408111Give me some redpills about womanizing. How degenerate is it? Should I just stick to one woman?[View]
118403459Why don't liberals breed? Is it a death cult?: So after looking at stats on Liberalism I'v…[View]
118408614ALEX JONES TO REVEAL PIZZA GATE REVELATIONS TONIGHT: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones/status/846080…[View]
118409008Is this the highest power level?[View]
118401063Meanwhile...at the White House.[View]
118408053How do you predict the next 15 years will play out for the world? Just look at how much shit the wo…[View]
118401369Is meditation the ultimate redpill?[View]
118404230Why are men choosing to fuck around instead of marrying?[View]
118406290Hey /pol/, I just had a revelation while reading through an old D&D book: there is a god called …[View]
118387269Germany...PAY DEBT!!!! http://archive.is/BB64X[View]
118408343Alt. Right waifu thread[View]
118357120Can we just get this clear (and my fellow christ-cucks might need to back me up here): ALL drugs are…[View]
118387090Do good Jews exist?[View]
118404344>Eat healthy >Exercise regularly >Learn new skills >Train your body and your mind >Re…[View]
118408740Patagonia General - /PatPol/ I am not giving up edition: Help Patagonia to become a separate nation,…[View]
118402987This quote has never been more relevant.[View]
118407659What a bitchy little bitchy bitch.[View]
118398830Euros vs Arabs: Who will win the impending race war between the Arabs and white Europeans?[View]
118405031Are you content with how Donald Trump is doing his job as a president so far?[View]
118371020Will the world be a better place when white people are extinct?[View]
118406192FUCK FACEBOOK: Fuck facebook....... they have been crossing the line of violating my freedom of spee…[View]
118407862Critically Missing People: What's going on[View]
118406486Romaaanz and sheeeit.: Why don't whites have any culture?[View]
118407885When you search on 'racist' on Twitter...: Now they're not even trying ...[View]
118406285Uh... guys?[View]
118407259Women and people of color make up the majority of the Trump coalition https://medium.com/@MattBrueni…[View]
118406460SWEDEN YES: Everything is fine, right? https://twitter.com/PeterSweden7/status/846084510018097153 ht…[View]
118406626What did Alex Jones mean by this?[View]
118387809Why did he do it?[View]
118380494Say something nice about Ana 'genocide my Armenian pussy' Kasparian[View]
118399715Uh, ...guys? https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801835008[View]
118403675>Empire formed by a muslim named Osman >Let's call them Ottomans Why can't Anglos na…[View]
118404801'Gurl gamer' going SJW for female characters in a ww2 shooter.: Well /pol/? I explained in a harsh …[View]
118404520France elect le pen. DONT BE SWEDEN: France you need to elect le pen. I dont want america to storm t…[View]
118405244How are you enjoying Trump's utter humiliation?[View]
118405711Guten Tag[View]
118406434After doing nothing but fail all week long, guess where Trump is again this weekend? Maybe if he spe…[View]
118403013Assuming the holocaust is a lie or blown way out of proportion (namely due to disease), what really …[View]
118401955this is what $40,000,000 and a development team full of gamer gurls and shitskins buys you[View]
118386993Is this what happens in pro-choice places?[View]
118406085Transspeciesism is next: It's happening. Autistic transpecies penguin trapped in a boy's b…[View]
118407426American colleges are so cucked these days that even the frat parties are ruined. Check out this ema…[View]
118401950FUCKING HAPPENING: ALEX JONES + PIZZA: T minus 90 minutes[View]
118407169if it wasn't for encryption Pc Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran and Leslie Rhodes would …[View]
118406979So this guy is a faggot right?[View]
118398768Fuck... this is powerful. You guys are telling me that isn't a beautiful women? https://www.yo…[View]
118401689/ptg/ President Trump General - Divide And Conquer Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
118401083>he doesn't think Türkiye can DESTROY the USA[View]
118406630Is anyone solving this ?[View]
118406841Memetic Principality of Kek General - We're serious on this edition: >To find these generals…[View]
118406859Who is this Jew?[View]
118405846/POL/ UTTERLY BTFO[View]
118390517C-Section is white genocide: WHO recommend a 10% to 15% ratio of cesarean section. However, the US h…[View]
118406691Mountaineers are the most powerful race in the world.: For a long time now, our beloved Mountain Sta…[View]
118402405Transgender people ARE trapped in the wrong body: Read a dictionary, YOU IDIOTIC MORONS! https://m.y…[View]
118405515Why is the News only propaganda now?: Why would 60 minutes have a know lobbyist on to attack 4chan? …[View]
118403226What did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801835008[View]
118404955SWEDEN YES: Burning trucks edition: Like I said, nothing h-[View]
118406314Fuck old people they're oppressing us.[View]
118405087Affleck said it best: I dont understand how /pol/ can be so gross and racist on the topic of Islam. …[View]
118401870Rage against the machine: “When you live in a capitalistic society, the currency of the disseminatio…[View]
118406286Why are the podesta's into this kind of art[View]
118403746What went wrong?[View]
118405100GOD WILLING YOU WILL REMEMBER ME: APRIL 3rd HABENING >4/3/17 JULY 17th HABENING >7/17/17 (seve…[View]
118404845The U.S. Constitution: Hey /pol/ serious question, what is your view on interpreting the constitutio…[View]
118403692>Tonight on 60 minutes[View]
118395535> WHAT WENT WRONG? Its over /pol/ Your meme has runs its course. Wake up.…[View]
118404404Why are feminists so against feminine clothing? Why do they 'appropriate' male fashion. I understand…[View]
118397093Hey guys, when is the last time you went to your local mall? What was it like? I just went to one ye…[View]
118405858He did nothing wrong[View]
1184054733 days remaining... until the UK enshrines all EU law into UK law: FOREVER. /// High quality global…[View]
118397476ATTENTION POL: Thousands of people from the 60 Minutes audience will be visiting /pol/ tonight after…[View]
118401748The End: Did Trump really see the failure of his presidency before it even started? >Muslim Ban 1…[View]
118404460FUNNY! Tommy Robinson asks anti-Brexit marchers easy questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VsZ…[View]
118402844So /pol/ are trying to get this retards killed in mass? I feel like I should say something >BAD /…[View]
118400132omg, I hope you all feel good for yourselves[View]
118405587Tax refund: Got $1200, should I put it in a Roth IRA? Get a console(PS4 or switch?), go on a vacatio…[View]
118405539Offical Oklahoma Thread: THREAD THEME : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbrnXl2gO_k KOCO5 : http://w…[View]
118400844Who else here #votedfortrumpbecausetheyknewhisterribleideaswouldbeopposedanddefeatedatnearlyeverytur…[View]
118399139Daily reminder that Jews are sub-human filth and need to be eradicated.[View]
118405292>Reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight So the senate *cough* kikes *cou…[View]
118405033Will 60 Minutes and BASED Rick Wilson and Mike 'Gorilla Man' Cernobitch finally take down the RACIST…[View]
118401401Who is this man and why doe Finnish people always post pictures of him?[View]
118393797No pictures of Pulse or Sandy Hook bodies: Both false flags. Staged. Did not happen. Columbine has p…[View]
118405052HWNDU: Any news about season 5?[View]
118403261Hey pol...: Thanks for paying my medical bills you degenerate losers. I'm going to be more fit …[View]
118399950Why is Russia so poor?: >More than half of Russians can’t afford to buy anything other than the b…[View]
118403558If America was to rejoin the British Commonwealth, would they be able to prosecute Americans for tre…[View]
118400004Degenerates for Trump: How does /pol/ feel about girls of degenerate races supporting Trump or suppo…[View]
118399977Why are they so perfect /pol/?: /OUR OTP/[View]
118404834Be white, learn maths.: Mathematics are the aloof of european's ingeniosity. Be proud of your h…[View]
11839250085% of Hollywood movies are majority-white with white leads, but some black/asian guy gets a support…[View]
118404764Holy FUCKING shit /pol/ is this true? The answer and solution to it all is within the cube at Mecca?[View]
118395582Now that the dust has settled: R8 Trump's first two months in office. I give it unmitigated dis…[View]
118394065Did Flynn turn on Trump?[View]
118403912>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
118378797Iraq Combat Jump; 14 Year anniversery of Kirkuk BTFO; itt we discuss killing shitskins: 14 years ago…[View]
118404098>Nezahualcoyotl, a 15th-century Acolhuan ruler of Texcoco, a member of the Aztec Triple Alliance,…[View]
118404559>be british >get run over >be british >speak out against islam >go to jail >be bri…[View]
118390245/beg/ Bulgarian Elections General - tri moreta eddition: Previous thread: >>118378468 4732 can…[View]
118402104Just donated $1,000 to Planned Parenthood. What did you do for the world today /pol/?[View]
118404401>Tonight on 60 minutes Allah Akbar Edition[View]
118399368What happened to 'release missing 9/11 pages and rek Saudi Arabia'?[View]
118386252How many mass shootings and dead children does it take to realize the 2nd amendment is outdated, and…[View]
118403590I need your opinion on something, /pol/? The western world is slowly forming more and more into left…[View]
118403296Shills: Are they even trying anymore? How can we put an end to them on all platforms?[View]
118404348>the only (((glitchy))) captcha is that has no stop signs what is their end goal?…[View]
118404330What are some books that /pol/ approves?[View]
118404307HangAyazNizami: Ayaz Nizami Atheist Blogger living in Pakistan Says something blasphemous Gets Arres…[View]
118403873How mixed is South America. I get varying results when i look up their demographics. Apparently Arge…[View]
118401277What's the worst European country?[View]
118400697Alright /pol/ we have a perfect opportunity There's a hashtag going on called #HangAyazNizami.…[View]
118400752ITT: We post city's we have lost to the Saracen Hordes in our country. London Luton Birmingham …[View]
118386392Collapse in 30 years, here's why :: Hi poll, here's why we won't be around in 30 year…[View]
118399765You can't argue with this.[View]
118401924What did he mean by this?: https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801835008 PREPARE FOR N…[View]
118403998Hilton Hotels is using illegals for maids: Anyone know how to report this? None of the women spoke A…[View]
118402539What's your morality?: Hey /pol/ let's talk about equality versus equity. What's your…[View]
118400585What would the world look like if hitler won World War 2 and controlled most of Europe?[View]
118403195>Tonight on 60 minutes Women are dumb[View]
118403741hey goyim wanna see something cool?[View]
118402278I've been thinking /pol/ The western world is slowly forming more and more into left-wing libt…[View]
118403704Germany hate thread[View]
118403654Stop Supporting jews: Stop supporting the jews /pol/ Stop voting for pro-Isrseli candidates Stop bu…[View]
118400105T - 4 hours[View]
118403615How the hell do you deal it when you doesn't like where your country is going? I'm thinkin…[View]
118403420Is bongland the most cucked country in Europe?[View]
118403582Lift The Veil / #pizzagate #pedogate: Wtf is going on in this video where he gets bombarded by those…[View]
118393497Trump supporter husband is being deported.: Sad! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/…[View]
118393890/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Fascism, National…[View]
118381683/pol/ posters that you recognize: >That greek guy who hates Gays with a passion >Those guys fr…[View]
118403445Go learn English, goys: You need to improve your English knowledge and life skill in order to compet…[View]
118402962United States Funding Soros in Macedonia to Interfere with government: http://dailycaller.com/2017/0…[View]
118403151Grab all the videos that you can because the great cull is on its way. Like it or not, YouTube'…[View]
118383522Will medical marijuana take hold as an opioid alternative in conservative states?: http://www.sfchro…[View]
118403001>2020 > President Trump is being sworn in for a second presidency >A new book has been adde…[View]
118392850which language is /pol/ approved?: Hello /pol/ I wanna learn 3rd language. I speak Japan as native, …[View]
118394239If this was 4D chess, why did he promise 'immediately'?[View]
118402907Rick Wilson here, getting last minute digits for my work. If digits Kek is dead.[View]
118401947>there are people on Medicaid who voted for Trump Does it get any funnier than this? Is this peak…[View]
118396477How do we help poor Whites in America?: Why is it socially acceptable to shit on poor Whites and ign…[View]
118402630Women and people of color make up the majority of the Trump coalition https://medium.com/@MattBrueni…[View]
118401167What is this movie trying to tell us: This movie is about kids who take a standardized test in a wor…[View]
118388376Is it true that Vlad stole somewhere between $40-60 billion from the Russian people? And that's…[View]
118397578Customer punch card with images of Republican leaders meant to look like bullet holes: I-is this leg…[View]
118402446HMPH: You call yourself a trump supporter? Where is your inaugural coin? Silly /pol/acks This will b…[View]
118401234Daily reminder that Bernie Sanders is the president America wanted, and would have won in the genera…[View]
118396977/ptg/ President Trump General - Who Controls Your Mind? Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
118402383Discord chat: 4chan discord chat to just do some political talks but also about other topics whateve…[View]
118402370How to spot a liberal: What the swamp means to liberals vs Conservatives[View]
118381858Syria General /sg/ - Paws of War Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
118397008>'B...but /pol/ told me latinas age like shit'[View]
118402232Serbia cucked us in 2001,you fucking NEET's were too busy with (((democracy))) that you forgot …[View]
118402226Trump fanatics are violent anti-American meatheads with a confirmed IQ lower than niggers who physic…[View]
118401534The greatest lie ever told, and believed, was that the late-20th century drop in fertility rates in …[View]
118401891Is he our guy?[View]
118402042How would europe react to a terror attack with weapons of mass destruction: Let's say that tomo…[View]
118401946How come the only ones who seem to be white supremacists these days are non whites? https://www.yout…[View]
118400978What the fuck is this guy's problem? Why is he upset they're they're adding an autist…[View]
118399717MI6 has their bots running overtime today.[View]
118401663Who doesn't love a trainwreck: New Internet Aristocrat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRNDnR9…[View]
118394247Is Trump going to start putting Mexicans and Muslims into camps?[View]
118398891http://toddlerskill.org/#toddler-amnestry Toddlers in the US kill more Americans than Terrorists. H…[View]
118390735Wtf is going on in Russia right now[View]
118396891The Art of the Deal: What did he mean by this?[View]
118400979which one of you sick cunts did this? I cant my sides... https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/84…[View]
118396170Why is it the Democrats are incapable of finding an honest candidate? Is it that Democrats are by na…[View]
118400787PAY FOR HER COLLEGE[View]
118399187HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THIS ???: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-joint-resolution/34…[View]
118399265Why do we hate these countries again?[View]
118398874USA vs Russia: It's America vs Russia in the grand final of the biggest hearthstone tourney of …[View]
118385783Giants: Facts vs Fanscience: What do we know about giants? I found some skeleton pix. Heres one. Wha…[View]
118401331Moors: How come moors have always historically dominated whites?[View]
118398216New Anti-Rape System[View]
118401249Rick Wilson about kek: What will he do tonight, /pol/?[View]
118360651You may only post in this thread if your country has culture. Not so fast, Germany![View]
118400666Welcome to the 21st century /pol/[View]
118368861Black people don't achieve anything in li- http://archive.is/prkPY[View]
118396213>Christianity is a European relig-[View]
118370924Identitarian youth summer camps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36cfUbDXUbg How can burgers even co…[View]
118396707Is Drumpf actually religious or is he a fraud?[View]
118400618Oh hey remember about all the No votes Trump bragged he'd already turned into Yes's?[View]
118399095If you ain't blue, you ain't right[View]
118390103SJW video game: At first I was thinking about getting Mass Effect Andromeda, but now I am have secon…[View]
118398539YOUTUBE PROPAGANDA MACHINE: 'Influencers' are funneling people into the 'making' role. GOTTA KEEP TH…[View]
118400350Pikey or Mudslime: Which would you rather overrun your town? Honest question.[View]
118379552*blocks your path*[View]
118400649Copypasta thread[View]
118394159MSM is dead: Does anyone under 70 actually believe a single word the mainstream news prints? I'…[View]
118386968Should we form an alliance with Browns and Blacks against the following? >Feminism >Jews >L…[View]
118399900Pol right again: >Liberals still playing checkers http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-26/trump-…[View]
118400208I, for one, welcome our new African overlords[View]
118400521>be me >autistic NEET, no gf >spend a lot of time thinking how to make money easily, no app…[View]
118398673Fellow Americans, most minorities (minus asians) are not our friends. They are easily minipulated an…[View]
118400427Deism and accepting nature: How does one accept the laws of nature their outcomes understanding that…[View]
118400422Libertarian Garrison best cartoon[View]
118400419Trump Time Traveler Theory: I've been coming across some interesting articles and YouTubes on t…[View]
118399714Just made for the gf what does everyone think?[View]
118400385I wonder if Satya wakes up in the morning and sees this waste hours. Also fuck designers or pms that…[View]
118400279Crazy woman claims she is Wiki leaks cofounder: Exposed- this woman Melissa Dawn Lirette goes by the…[View]
118398888Cincinatti Night Club Shooting: the dankest memes[View]
118398385Beaner In Texas Cries Over Illegal Alien Brother Being Arrested By ICE: 'You Trump Supporters Happy?…[View]
118400232Germany cucked again: The fucking mad man Now watch as liberals are mad about the lack of defense s…[View]
118399141>americans >white[View]
118396359Is ideology more important than race?: Isn't it more important to be a black conservative than …[View]
118400077Civil Rights Laws: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: civil rights laws end with forcing you…[View]
118400041Here's How Mexico Pays For The Wall: https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/Pay_for_the_Wall.pdf >I…[View]
118400044will bernie makes america TRULY great again after trump gets done ruining it by 2020?[View]
118400043Hello, did you come to /pol/ from the show 60 minutes? If so i have some things to ask you. 1- Why d…[View]
118398145Creepy Clowns: If this continues, what are the chances that anti-clown laws will be passed?[View]
118376553Krautchan, biggest German imageboard, raided and taken down by police.: http://www.dw.com/en/far-rig…[View]
118382638Trump uses K-Cups: Can we discuss this issue?[View]
118399941American Marrying Foreign Men: So, /pol/, I live in a White working class town. I'd say the pop…[View]
118398198Oswald Mosley: Why couldn't this man seize power in Britain. If he had won a general election t…[View]
118398290/pol/ Why does mr. no hair hate us so much?[View]
118399849Americana thread.: Despite being so young America has easily the worlds most interesting and aesthet…[View]
118399778Russian police beat up liberals and jews: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39398305[View]
118395164So, lately, I was thinking, how westerners as a whole feel about Russia: The easiest answer probably…[View]
118393287Why are mexicans so brown and gay?[View]
118397978We should worship our savior in the last few hours of this timeline so get/kek worship thread[View]
118398503I wonder if Putin is disappointed that his little cuckpawn is such a failure? I mean, who wouldn…[View]
118398139Comrade Sanders: What should I do with this sign I printed? All suggestions are welcome[View]
118398642What's her power level?[View]
118378908>his 'country' doesn't have snowy mountains, beautiful national parks, great beaches, enormo…[View]
118397339How long before Europe/California ban MMA teachings on grounds of 'Assault Techniques'? How would li…[View]
118399118>people actually think like this[View]
118398272Why did polytheism go out of style?[View]
118399262Religion of peace. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hZGgpW4PO9k[View]
118395555>tfw my beloved, beautiful France Merely thinking about this country gives me a pit in my stomach…[View]
118391255There are no women on /pol/: Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.[View]
118388991Daily reminder that dogs are white mans best friend. No other race domesticated wolves to serve side…[View]
118391260Making America White Again: What can be done to make America white again? Mainly, the mexicans are a…[View]
118398945Usa unit or face extinction(s): We fight for what we believe in, just like /pol. We refuse to let th…[View]
118398639Cincinnati club shooting: Was it Islam? Haven't seen much on this.[View]
118377446Ripped audio confirming surveillance of Donald Trump for years.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thY…[View]
118398850/ourguy/: Very old video but it's such a fucking classic. As a teen, the first time I saw this …[View]
118395491https://youtu.be/7-puEZ-PFc4 >The video that saved the DNC[View]
118397637Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118395366Natives: What does /pol/ think of them[View]
118398738Why are Americans so FAT? How will Obamacare pay for this?: According to the Centers for Disease Con…[View]
118381312It's time to APOLOGIZE /POL/ you altrighters have been very rude to this poor lady. She is a vi…[View]
118385854newspeak: post newspeak terms >diversity[View]
118398443Are we seriously going to let them get away with pizzagate without rising up? Toleration makes you j…[View]
118397487Is ideology more important than race?: Isn't it more important to be a black conservative than …[View]
118393312THE WORD CUCK: I feel like the word cuck is losing its edge because of over usage. What should our n…[View]
118397204I'm releasing my Youtube favorites list: enjoy it niggers https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…[View]
118362916You know why he so desperately wishes for 'global collapse'? Because in 5 years his kids will be tee…[View]
118389677Why are the South Americans invading Southeastern US?: I don't think any of you guys realize ho…[View]
118398441Onch onch panachay 18-25 forums jeuxvideo.com invasion hahaha how ruquier otes condom? prouting joke[View]
118395814smacks lips profusely SO HOL UP HOL UP steals SO U BE SAYIN gets jiggy wit it SO HOL UP U BE SAYIN e…[View]
118363284This is Poland's first daughter. She's is 1/4 Jewish Makes you think[View]
118397316Question: Does raping qualify as seizing the means of production from private owners?[View]
118396736Which easy book to read next to redpill harder?: Guys, I've lost the habit of reading and want …[View]
118397850Mass Effect's new white guilt development team has something very much in common[View]
118391739Andrew Jackson, wealthy slave owner and notorious killer of native peoples, is considered one of the…[View]
118396735Melania Trump is doing a speech in France: What is she trying to achieve? She is a gold digger that…[View]
118388340>Be christian >Worship king of jews >but also hate jews Explain this cognitive dissonance t…[View]
118397800'BACK TO BERKELEY 4/15 High Noon - A personal Invite From Based Stickman: 'BACK TO BERKELEY 4/15 Hig…[View]
118394782redpill: hey /pol/, redpill me on jews[View]
118397718HWNDU Season 5: Is HWNDU gone for good or has Shia announced a new location for season 5?[View]
118396833Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
118390663/ptg/ President Trump General - Lifetime of Shame Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
118390774What did he mean by this?[View]
118397693We need to FILTER OUT the SHILLS who post PASTA like this! > Democrats are smiling in DC that the…[View]
118395763Redpill me on China Based or Gommies?[View]
118397059i know this sounds crazy,but I JUST FUCKING HACKED ABC NEWS!!!: watch the video if you think im lyin…[View]
118392947Remember that german worker unions keep lists of people they suspect to have 'right wing' oppinions.…[View]
118397434OBAMA STATE DEPT LOYALISTS STILL COMMITTING CRIMINAL ACTS: Obama loyalists replaced “radical Islamic…[View]
118396730WTF is happening to /pol/: So we all know by now that the entire 4chan staff has been mobbed up by g…[View]
118395359What are some good reddit subs or chan boards or tumblr profiles to keep an eye on for some counter…[View]
118386350Redefining pedophilia with pedophiles’ help: https://archive.is/7DvNf /pol/ is always right >'Min…[View]
118384764HAPPENING. KEK OVERLOAD: So, is anyone gonna discuss this? TL;DR - remember when Trump talked about …[View]
118393261He wasn't a succesful soldier, he DIDN'T win any wars, he was getting very frusturated whe…[View]
118396107ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS: They all have to go. Most of the congress needs to be cleaned out. We nee…[View]
118389242*Blocks your path* Where do you think you're going comrade?[View]
118397075> Democrats are smiling in DC that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Herit…[View]
118391134Seriously /pol/ did you ever won an argument against a lefty? Don't be ashamed, you can admit y…[View]
118392480war: What is it about human nature that leads to conflict and war.[View]
118394407>only white people have blonde hair Is /pol/ ever right?[View]
118360932/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: This thread is for Discussion of Libertarianism, Capitalism, Anarch…[View]
118395806Movies thread: How influential are movies on politics? Why does America dominate when it comes to mo…[View]
118396542Why do so many americans consider bernie sanders white? Could he pass off as a white supremacist?[View]
118396794Francois Asselineau is a french presidential candidate and he just celebrated the tenth year anniver…[View]
118395911There are more than 76 genders: Please red pill me on debunking modern gender theory. Studies on neu…[View]
118396722Does /pol/ even know how to fucking speak? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LeSfCZbAr0[View]
118396278If you defeat your enemies, they win.: Have memes been infiltrating reality more frequently than nor…[View]
118396716You had memetic elections, we will have memetic civil war soon[View]
118389022Do fallacies be real?: Is the slippery slope fallacy actually a fallacy? Is it human nature to try a…[View]
118392941Is he really a fascist?[View]
118396638Trump was paying the guy that fucked his 2nd wife: Kek How many cucks actually pay the bill? His bod…[View]
118395820Do you love Mongolia? [spoiler] do Chinese like big boobs? [/spoiler][View]
118396582THEY'RE COMING[View]
118395795s Trump nigger scum? Think about it >5 kids from 3 different women >loud >vulgar >treats…[View]
118388048Demonstrations in Russia and Belarus: I heard from news abbout huge demonstrations against coroption…[View]
118391061why does this island send pol into a fit of rage?[View]
118396242CODE RED CODE RED MAJOR EMERGENCY RED ALERT: Haim Saban (guy who owns and is behind Power Rangers) i…[View]
118396517Donald Trump printed out a fake bill for $300billion: ...and handed it to Merkel during her visit BA…[View]
118392379Is this antifa satire? I can't tell anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw[View]
118396401pewds shows his power level again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAm27OdSplU watch the 6:40 point.…[View]
118395549this image triggers russians[View]
118395300Schulz and his party BTFO: Tis EU kike fucking lost by 10% in the regional election today. His fake …[View]
118369498/mlp/ MARINE LE PEN GENERAL - RIP KRAUTCHAN EDITION: >Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/m…[View]
118392783>/pol/ and the followers of kek are allowed to have their own country called Kekistan Where would…[View]
118396209Guys, what's going to happen to Kek tonight?[View]
118392294Hourly reminder non-whites are second class citizens because of your genetics. You genetically have …[View]
118395193Will there be a 2024 election?: What do you guys think? Do you think humanity will make it through t…[View]
118378128Brit/pol/: Free Speech is a Dangerous Thing edition: >Man plows into crowd, jumps out with knives…[View]
118381099Anthony Weiner will commit 'suicide' within a month: I've been following the Abedin/Weiner scan…[View]
118395991AMERICAS WEIGHT PROMBLEM STATS INCOMING: >inb4 not politics related This is politics related con…[View]
118377984((( They ))) still have full control: >A fucking judge can overcome the president's will whe…[View]
118394548North Korea strike again: Congratulation for winning Earth Hour 2017[View]
118395949Trump has been a let-down. It's true he is enforcing immigration laws and implemented the trave…[View]
118389488What does /pol/ think about peruviANS?[View]
118387468I want to portray both Islam and Christianity as bad. What images and videos do I need to show them?…[View]
118395782right-wing '''''''intellectuals'''''''''[View]
118392462How do we stop the cyberbullying epidemic?[View]
118392897New plan for stopping the shills: Okay, next time any SHILL makes fun of the PERFECT DEALMAKER, let…[View]
118383467hey goyim wanna see something cool?[View]
118395722Whats the latest news on Shia Flag? (Pic not related)[View]
118393227Ask a democratic socialist anything[View]
118394829If only present-day, somewhat demented Trump had listened to his wiser past self.[View]
118391614British Gypsies: What makes British Gypsies so different to Slavic Gypsies? I don't mean pikeys…[View]
118377182Russia now has a Drone Tank army: How fucked is the EU now?[View]
118383761Post pol porn[View]
118394717How I feel as a Trump supporter[View]
118395309Open message to Britain: You are done. Like, what's your plan after Brexit? What the hell did y…[View]
118393506>The USA is a first world nat-[View]
118391211>tfw Styxhexenhammer666 knows about (((them))) https://youtu.be/0NE2rCKKtOc?t=1m43s…[View]
118393289I made this because I thought it was funny.: I have nothing against Jews. Or trolls. They both have …[View]
118394073Do you agree, /pol/? Fast Trial - Death Penalty[View]
11838571233rd degree freemason and shriner here. Ask me anything[View]
118394419New in theaters: Get Out: Hollywood is going full force in the propaganda department. Has anyone see…[View]
118391508New Zyklon Ben cartoon: Discuss. Also the more I think about it, the more I think ol' Ben could…[View]
118375140Risk(new one since old op left): You guys know the rules if new to risk read below and other posts …[View]
118393555He Will Not Divide Us: Attention /pol/ What do if Shia puts flag in bank vault for live stream?…[View]
118389902ANTIFA KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhFuB6KaWEg YOU CANT RUN YOU CANT HIDE…[View]
118387698Now that we're all seeing what kind of person Trump really is, answer this question for me: Do …[View]
118394562Antifa is a capitalist funded terrorist operation: Does anyone REALLY see them any differently? They…[View]
118391248Stop watching porn.[View]
118394357Tsunami in Iran https://youtu.be/po9PZ52oUs4 Fire shuts down 3 coolant systems in Turkey https://you…[View]
118385710Why is it mostly whites that go for weird body modification?[View]
118390618Islam - Islam General Islamic: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to disc…[View]
118377373Say nice things about Muslims[View]
118392228United States Funding Soros in Macedonia to Interfere with government: http://dailycaller.com/2017/0…[View]
118394248Moving to Spain. How about the Religion of peace?: Moving out of Belgium, since the country is a Isl…[View]
118393827>TFW Hitler lost.[View]
118394102Stop supporting that damn hedgehog Join the Anti Fastest league[View]
118389700>Be out with gf. (I am white, mostly french and german. She is Asian, her family moved here when …[View]
118391897Russia will conquer the United States without firing a shot. Donald Trump will continue to encourage…[View]
118391531Who here is at University/College and how liberal and cucked is yours?[View]
118393781Liberals are incapable of civil debate: Why can't Liberals ever actually have a conversation ab…[View]
118392937Wat CALIFORNIA err... NO!!![View]
118392240Colonial America general: So /pol/, do you think we would be better off if the US lost the revolutio…[View]
118391276British Gov Wanting to Change Encryption Laws After London Attack: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2…[View]
118393457hmmm really cortexed my vortex[View]
118385821The Ultimate Redpill: When will you ignorant, insolent humans open your eyes? Undeserving of the lif…[View]
118383142Can /pol/ ever come back from this one?[View]
118393532We own Obamacare. You own this.[View]
118393134ACLU: Could some real amerikans explain the ACLU to me? Are they like a 100% left wing organization …[View]
118391995Are Russians seriously considered white?[View]
118389100FIRE UP YOUR MEME MACHINES: Fire up your meme machines WE NEED TO TAKE DOWN PAUL RYAN!!!!!! WE NEED …[View]
118379889HOURS LEFT: Are (((YOU))) Ready???!!!?? >I didn't think they'd release this on Sunday …[View]
118389850Why did hostage taking and plane hijacking suddenly become so unpopular among terrorists?[View]
118392533/pol/, what is your ideal America? What's it's economy like? What political system rules i…[View]
118390165>Russia is a third world shi-[View]
118393209why the hell is he doing fox news advertising for them[View]
118393153REFUGEE CRISIS - JUST A GEAR IN THE MACHINE: >http://ihr.org/books/kaufman/perish.shtml >The H…[View]
118393104He kept his promise.[View]
118392428I think Canada has the whole trans thing figured out and here's why: In Canada you're all…[View]
118380398Statesman: Say what you want about Paul Ryan, but the guy at least proved that he's a statesman…[View]
118382231I'm a Jew: I support Trump and Kek. I have rare Pepes. Not all Jews are blind... Just the ones …[View]
118381602Russia Chimp Out General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGIQVbuOXVA Will this spark civil war?…[View]
118376687>Infinite pronouns I thought this type of thing was satire? I walked through 3 hallways in my sch…[View]
118383721Will it happen? Should it happen?[View]
118384881>>118376161 Such a blessed thread, so let's recap/ >Big Happening in Europe >UK …[View]
118389545What did he mean by this?[View]
118392811Name a more handsome head of state than Justin Burgundian Trudeau I'll wait[View]
118377673Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products: http://archive.is/1Px…[View]
118374898Feminists complain about Wonder Woman's Lack of Armpit Hair: http://archive.is/0Pt6D >With p…[View]
118392752America: Did public executions harden people back in the day? Why don't we bring it back since …[View]
118389810> Nuke Africa > Nuke Middle East > Nuke Pakistan and Afghanistan ISLAM PROBLEM SOLVED ISRAE…[View]
118391946Brother Nathanael doesnt like amazons book ban.: Dare I utter the dreaded words? Is he /ourguy/ or c…[View]
118392634Polygamy general: >mfw there's a shitton of non-white women, many of them on /pol/ right now…[View]
118389556Why are there so many lies spread around Adolf?[View]
118391216DOOMSDAY GET THREAD Anybody here from that GET thread that started around 9am PST that predicted som…[View]
118392336You Frenchies better be voting for her and getting out to convince your family and friends to do the…[View]
118391234Immigration and Economy: I figured out why the exploiters/jews/elites want immigration to amass in t…[View]
118390242Why is this still a thing?[View]
118391026Father Issues: We all know how Daddy issues manifest themselves in women, but how do they manifest t…[View]
118388854Why do baby boomers have such a hard time accepting that they're getting old? Every time I…[View]
118387343Can we have a good old /pol/ was right again thread to redpill the newfags that migrated illegally?.…[View]
118384654Why haven't we doxxed local antifa groups? Facebook groups, local meetups, websites where discu…[View]
118391399>can't consent to sex until 18 >can be charged for crimes as adults at age 12 Yeah, land …[View]
118350057CATCH 22 OF THE CENTURY: >if we say being transgender is a mental illness our insurance companies…[View]
118390212Thats one snake you're free to tread on[View]
118383480>be black and American >Visit Argentina >Been in Beunos Aries for 3 days and i haven't…[View]
118391926/pol/derdraad ?: /pol/derdraad !!! Interview with Kim Holland - From Jehovah's Witness tot porn…[View]
118378468Bulgarian Elections General /beg/ Alphabet eddition: Last thread >>118368240[View]
118386891Donald Trump: >Lost the election by 3 million+ votes >Lost the approval polls (worst approval …[View]
118384899Is rape wrong when it's done by white men against a white woman?[View]
118391791Infowars' Alex Jones apologizes for pushing 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory: nice fake …[View]
118374349THE REDDIT SITUATION: How much more influence does Reddit have than /pol/ when it comes to public po…[View]
118391669WHAT IN REVOLUTION: >wonders why antifa doesn't use tactics employed by previous, successful…[View]
118391589Just a regular russian weekend no politics, i guarantee that https://coub.com/view/sxsv2[View]
118391570When Did You Realize Commies Were Your Greatest Allies?[View]
118391516Rick Wilson Attempts to Kill KEK: https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/846007636801835008…[View]
118391068Why the fuck aren't we protesting against no fault divorce and alimony laws? A woman should not…[View]
118389884Some idiots put up at least a thousand posters all over Toronto. Probably the most liberal city in t…[View]
118390269I have a Socialist atheist Jew friend but I am Kekistani: What do I do?[View]
118391354Explain this to me: Ok /pol/ lets talk about das joos. While it's a fairly widely accepted fact…[View]
118361970Why did they do it?[View]
118363245'Japan is embracing diversity ': >Go of facey B >See suggested video >Japan wants diversit…[View]
118391162Testing out a program that is suppose to block DDOS attacks, hit me with whatever you got. 68.133.30…[View]
118385331Why is New Zealand having multiculturalism shoved down its throat? Since when did this small, irrela…[View]
118391087/pol/ youtubers fight: robinhoodukip called another red pill youtuber a faggot on one of his vids fo…[View]
118391073Alright /pol/ I've thought this through for a while and I've decided we should support Isl…[View]
118389067conflict of interest? what conflict? we have the same interests! I have 218 million in Exxon stock, …[View]
118391059LF uncucked translators?[View]
118387365/polder/ general #1: Hallo luitjes The general polder[View]
118383346>Former Vice President Joe Bidem says he would have been able to beat Donald Trump He's righ…[View]
118390606I am losing hope in Trump, to be honest. Even the normie memers are mocking his failed attempts to s…[View]
118390039/pol/lacks goes serious with all the non race mix stuff? What's the future of America then?: Lo…[View]
118389409Islamic colonization: Why does the west get the blame for colonization when the Umayyads pretty much…[View]
118390693so now that y'all Trump is Prez, y'all feel like you can microagress again, huh? then as y…[View]
118384472#PulseOfEurope: These demonstrations are popping up out of nowhere everywhere in Germany/Europe, att…[View]
118390651so what's the deal with the TTIP?: why everyone here hates it? any redpill about it?[View]
118384442Daily reminder that this is ALL part of the plan Who's gonna replace Ryan, bros?[View]
118374963muslims chimping out on twitter with hashtag #HangAyazNizami https://twitter.com/hashtag/hangayazni…[View]
118390344What did he mean by this?[View]
118390328Daddy issues: daddy[View]
118390210Saarland federal state elections: Saarland federal state elections So far: higher participation 61%…[View]
118389752Libertarians are degenerate chucks who need to be gassed[View]
118387714Nukes: You know the drill, roll in reply to the thread, place your earned nuclear detonation whereve…[View]
118389240>SOME MUSLIMS[View]
118389785>'just an economic thing' How did this man single-handedly destroy all other definitions of commu…[View]
118377640BREAKING: Germany Invades Poland: At 4:45 a.m., some 1.5 million German troops invade Poland all alo…[View]
118386909If whites are so strong how come they cannot compete with other races? >inb4 we can If you could,…[View]
118388808*blocks your path* Have you been watching porn?![View]
118389558This can't be coincidental. Is Crest, dare I say, /ourtoothpaste/?[View]
118389555Nightly Isra/pol/: Remember to post in English so that the Goyim know and we'll have to shut it…[View]
118386396HAPPENING AGAIN[View]
118389016less and less Trump threads: >a-are the shills winning?[View]
118388005WTF I thought he was literally Hitler.[View]
118389324With a signature: She can change your life forever. Start caring about things of substance again, /p…[View]
118385387Republicans roll back Internet privacy protections: https://youtu.be/a-toibkstFs >The U.S. Senate…[View]
118372193Islam in the U.K.: I am constantly seeing videos recently of Muslim marches and anti police videos a…[View]
118382626Say something nice about Afghanistan anons.[View]
118389238Mohammad Ali was redpilled as fuck: https://youtu.be/S1Y693cSF7E >White countries for white peopl…[View]
1183732579/11: How did you remember 9/11? Did you ever visit the towers? In what way do you think the terrori…[View]
118387156Be Prepare: 7 HOURS[View]
118381451How will Antifa respond to this argument?[View]
118389098Legal ways to ruin lives of antifa: Brainstorm legal ways to destroy lives of antifa or black block.…[View]
118387177What was his biggest win as president so far?[View]
118382283Adult children still living with their parents: Lots of young people these days leave home to go to …[View]
118388961What is the greatest country on earth ? the most successful in all topics ? The one that has the mo…[View]
118388907HWNDU season 5: Confirmed season 5 of HWNDU will be at Kiasma in Helsinki http://www.kiasma.fi/en/ex…[View]
118388834Quote thread: Let's post some based /pol/ quotes. >The often quoted 'Love your enemies' (Mat…[View]
118378174ITT: we say nice things about other countries but as soon as someone rolls doubles all hell breaks l…[View]
118388702Commie cucks lick negros butts[View]
118388699>go to Mexico >cover self in petrol >set on fire >mfw I'm a person of calor…[View]
118383758Just stop: Come on pol. You've had your fun but enough is enough. No more 'happy merchant…[View]
118388661discord server: https://discord.gg/MUmxfrx join for raids and other /pol/ shit[View]
118385667Benefit: Which political ideology benefits a ''gamer'' the most?[View]
118388281Aut- right btfo again[View]
118388600dare dare dare: Dare you to watch what is she doing http://sendvid.com/17acta84[View]
118382203Zyklon Ben at it again: New cartoon! This one talks about the swamp and how Trump will drain it. Tho…[View]
118374545Is Trump going to keep on winning the way he did on Friday?[View]
118388082What podcasts do you listen to? I feel there is so much stuff on that site I'm paralysed. I li…[View]
118386383Will we be hearing about Russia 24/7 under Trump's presidency? Is this what you guys voted for?[View]
118388257For a fictional right wing govern.[View]
118388130Venezuelan Currency Replaced by Rare Pepes: PRAISE http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/venezuelan-curr…[View]
118386372The death of Fidel Castro Ruz, an outstanding leader of the Cuban revolution, is a great loss to not…[View]
118388083The mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers: What do you guys think? Conspiracy theorist …[View]
118388208I just thought of something: With all these Sandniggers driving trucks around jolly old England and …[View]
118388149Oh ye autists: Have little faith >shills are quick to sage >don't fall for their lies …[View]
118387131SIX AND A HALF HOURS: R u ready??[View]
118388049Why don't you use this, /g/?[View]
118386471So is he a Quebec nationalist, Muslim convert or Jewish stooge? Also dat Wikipedia edit[View]
118388013Alex Jones appologizes for PIZZAGATE: I guess it was all fake you guys. all that time we spent resea…[View]
118382417How fucked is Mattis?[View]
118387870Think about it - have you ever heard it explained why Tillerson was appointed or whose idea it was? …[View]
118387201H-h-he's just visiting his golf courses, right? H-h-h-e's not golfing, r-r-r-r-right? GUYS[View]
118386478Are leggings haram in America?[View]
118380941femminists are right: looking at the /pol/ i see why white males must die[View]
118384486Is Kek, actually God?: /pol/ is the last website on earth that doesn't promote degeneracy. Wher…[View]
118365352deutsch/pol/ - Saarland Election Part 1: State elections today in the Saarland Saarland is tradition…[View]
118387676Get this sick fuck fired: He literally commits malpractice on those who express opinions different t…[View]
118387672Dutch Guy Travels Through 60 Countries, Finds His Soulmate and Embraces Islam http://www.worldofbuzz…[View]
118387656MFW You Realize Trump's Approval Rating is 0 since Only Trolls Like Him: No one actually likes …[View]
118386975This excuse of a man turned on his own kind, built a career based on the suffering of others and hap…[View]
118387583Did austria make america what it is today by starting the first world war and sending adolf to germa…[View]
118387577How was today's sermon, /pol/? You do go to church every sunday, right? Would be pretty hypocri…[View]
118371465The Cuckening of Canada: https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=fd8_1490306478 School board orders that untra…[View]
118374261Niggers have been sagging their pants for decades now.. Seems like it will never go away. Is there …[View]
118383618I visited Greece and holy shit, they are seriously delusional. They look more brown than Arabs and t…[View]
118382879How do capitalists defend their beliefs given all the inside knowledge trading going on in wall stre…[View]
118380013Brocks Heartattack Prophecy: So lets talk about pic related. Here the link to show its no photoshop …[View]
118387304Doing Stoff: If we know the media is controlling the masses, and we can't redpill enough people…[View]
118387287GERMANY YES!: German store owner faces possible prison time after killing illegal immigrant burglar …[View]
118377385'It's going to be so easy.' Why are you letting this sleazy jew businessman lie to you?[View]
118387176disciplining kids: is it okay to beat children in this day and age? what are your experiences if any…[View]
118382146It's not even a human. Let alone an organism that can survive independently. Why force people t…[View]
118381467Help a newfag: Tell me all the rules and maymays you /pol/luted beautiful bastards.[View]
118384775Press EFF to repect the Ahmed-Hans: A pioneer of Germanistan, he knew stuff about Germany long befor…[View]
118387032Reminder to never forget who the real enemy of Europe is It is and will always be nonwhites and musl…[View]
118384344how to stop white guilty? pic related:famous brazilian actor[View]
118383051I am a Believer, and there is why: Ok so now we know that Macron's poll (centrist) are rigged a…[View]
118384443What has become of /pol/? You can't have different opinions without being called a shill. /pol/…[View]
118358980So how long are we going to pretend he's just playing 10D waterpolo? The healthcare bill was sh…[View]
118386121My dreams are fading fast. 'This is just temporary! I will go back to university and succeed! I won…[View]
118381526Dress like a white man[View]
118384462Useless President: >Muslim ban. FAILED (twice) >Destroy ISIS in 30 days. FAILED >Abolish Ob…[View]
118380410Happening in Berlin: BREAKING; A car has ploughed into a group of cyclists in #Berlin, #Germany. Mor…[View]
118376151Shitty Countries: Why is every country below the line a piece of shit? From culture to government th…[View]
118349202/polder/ zondagochtend editie: PVV / FvD voters are allies DON’T FIGHT >/OurGuys/ FvD PVV >Coa…[View]
118375950Seriously, the bullying against German members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
118368115Did Trump want Paul Ryan gone all along, or only after the healthcare bill failed? This seems to be …[View]
118386336FUTURE OF THE WORLD: So now that the white faction has been utterly destroyed and successfully elimi…[View]
118378557really activates the old neuron sponge[View]
118383921any white people here?[View]
118386162/pol/ humor IRL: >out after work having a drink with friends >about 2 hours into the night …[View]
118379067CEO of a Fortune 500 company here. Donald Trump is what we in the biz like to call a 'big fat orange…[View]
118379858Based Black German leads Nationalist Revolution: >The head of the AfD party in Kiel deems multicu…[View]
118386090TFW the priest was dropping redpill bombs in Church today.: Went to Church today. Priest was talking…[View]
118382066What are some good, red-pilling documentaries? Got some time to kill and need something to reinforce…[View]
118383491RUSSIA IS: Cult of a strong hand Cult of hypocrisy and obscurantism Militarism Nepotism Corruption M…[View]
118384929PUNCH A NA-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrGFNaR1Aek I wish there was Antifa in Eastern Europe. …[View]
118384725Hey /pol/ In april i am going to visit a friend in Sweden in Malmo.Tell me some places i should visi…[View]
118364020Why does antifa always attract the beta males?[View]
118385860You realize bannon is a wolf in sheep's clothing. https://youtu.be/HelSaMSy8HY[View]
118385797Here's How Mexico Pays For The Wall: https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/Pay_for_the_Wall.pdf >I…[View]
118378863Pro-Ukrainian Thread: Post your pro Ukrainian images here[View]
118384757How do we reform the Republican Party?[View]
118385693Is being 2-3% African the key to high IQs?: >Ashkenazi - 3.2% African 115 IQ >Italians - 2% Af…[View]
118378634Should we pay for fat peoples medical bills?[View]
118367691>since Trump won, /pol/ became pro-gov >since Trump won, /pol/ became shills. Bravo Trump, you…[View]
118383726CAN'T STOP WINNING: >https://heatst.com/culture-wars/ex-terrorist-who-led-womens-march-will-…[View]
118374690White Texas teen who claimed she was gang raped by 3 blacks men admits to hoax: http://abcnews.go.co…[View]
118380748why are serbians so autistic?[View]
118377915When refugees steal your phone and almost steal your passport. Just another day in Germany...[View]
118382886war: Is war inevitable? is conflict between nations guaranteed? what factors are preventiing world p…[View]
118384658DRUMFQT deporting illegals :(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3D6ULE6E5o[View]
118381795Alright I'm going on a birthright trip: Okay Jew lurkers what can I expect from going on a birt…[View]
118385105I've only got one thing to say to you traitorous Trump dissenters HAIL TRUMP! HAIL VICTORY! HAI…[View]
118385040>'look I'm wearing a trump mask! This is what we're gonna do to him! Drumpf btfo'…[View]
118344410BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118379056I miss him.[View]
118384827>Tired of seeing my neighbourhood teeming with Muslims and other shitskins >French speaker th…[View]
118384636Notice there hasn't been any big marches against Trump lately???: Here's why. Hundreds of …[View]
118384817Why didn't you listen?[View]
118384909Everything is so painfully obvious but others are so unaware..... A happening in our lifetime like n…[View]
118381368reminder that this guy was legit pedo.[View]
118378774Be honest, have you ever felt guilty for saying the n word? Seriously, its kinda hard for me to even…[View]
118373010/pol/ = beta male POL BTFO: >/pol/ constantly talks about being alpha and constantly calling peop…[View]
118382497If you could replace all non-whites in your country with degenerate stoners, would you?[View]
118359370i command all of you to convert to islam right now at this moment give me one reason not to and i w…[View]
118377196What if socialism is a good thing?: Think of socialism implemented like this: >> anyone making…[View]
118382430Iceland=Brownland: Based Pajeet reveals the truth about Iceland; it is legit Indian clay. Iceland wa…[View]
118383897Racism towards niggers[View]
118379594What's pol's opinion on this[View]
118384522TRUMFP BTFO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=35T9jC_MASQ BILL MAIHR 1 Nazis 0[View]
118383301why can't liberals handle entertainers with different opinions?[View]
118384085>when your university's 'conservative' club is merely a neocon/libertarian circle …[View]
118383882HAPPENING Erdoroach has tried to pilot the Bulgarian election: http://sofiaglobe.com/2017/03/23/bulg…[View]
118372080Club Shooting: So what do you think pol mudslime or cis white male? Or neither? http://www.foxnews.c…[View]
118384232Berlin cyclists BTFO: https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/846036747880464385[View]
118379276Say nice things about Jews[View]
118352539APOLOGIZE NOW she's the REAL victim and you islamophobic racists are hurting her fee fees[View]
118383966Doctor Abuses Profession on people with opposing opinions, let's get the fuck fired.: this is a…[View]
11837925899.8% Awesome!: One more RedPill from PewDiePie >99.8% Awesome https://youtu.be/VAm27OdSplU?t=6m…[View]
118374036No. He. Didn't.: THE FUCKING MAN MAN[View]
118383707Nighclub shot up in Cincinatti. (((They))) say it isn't terror related, and I haven't seen…[View]
118360807Clusterfuck discussion: >>118353398 >>118346335 Continue discussion and derailing in con…[View]
118383852Molloy college meme oppression: The thread died to I took another picture as proof of me being there…[View]
118383400ITT: People who overdosed on blue pills. Pic related.[View]
118378717Islam- Cancer of the brain. How do we purge this disease?: I have a good friend that I've known…[View]
118383685ISIS DUCK: Everyone make isis pictures with their heads replaced with rubber duck heads[View]
118379692He's right you know, hurting millions of muslims is insane. Killing a few western assholes is f…[View]
118383643We need to destroy tumblr: >>99999999 remember what it meant. We need to declare a full scale …[View]
118383632Antifa vs Trump Supporters: COP LAUNCHES BIKE AT ANTI-TRUMP TERRORIST In Philadelphia, As Masked Ant…[View]
118381667MAGA: How will Trump get the control he desires? Seriously /pol/ it scares me of much power the sena…[View]
118383543SEVEN HOURS: Approaching fast >I'm excited haha WEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW ConteXt: >>11837616…[View]
118380363/sat/ South Africa Thread: http://sunray22b.net/anc.htm#Jews%20Founded%20The%20ANC >In 1963 a gro…[View]
118383451Politics in a nuttshell: Someone asks you to do something. You don't do it. You stick to your g…[View]
118383337K. Lets have some fun guys https://discord.gg/sV5QJ[View]
118383299Can we get a gook-hating thread going?: by gook I didn't mean best koreans or vietnamese, I mea…[View]
118383005Impotence: >When you say you are gonna destroy ISIS in 30 days.[View]
118383262One of the clearest moments I realized I was a republican, not a conservative was when the first TAR…[View]
118352302Jews wanted to genocide Germany: In 1941, Theodore Newman Kaufman proposed to genocide Germany by st…[View]
118372694What the fuck are Indians?[View]
118378180>tfw you're whiter than 99.9% of /pol/ Feels good[View]
118375947How can you even call yourself: americans, and let this shit get by, http://www.sentinel-echo.com/n…[View]
118377295honestly, what do you feel when you look at this picture?[View]
118382256Why did the British end up so weird looking?[View]
118380486Muslims shouting Heil Hitler in Germany: Oy vey! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpXPbz_5Zwk…[View]
118379595The myth of German dominance is just that -- a myth. In fact, it's the other way around: we are…[View]
118378038Political compass memes: Political compass meme thread, this one is an OC I did[View]
118380764the new right[View]
118381833Why is Chinese subversion in American colleges such a taboo topic? The amount of Chinese spooks in t…[View]
118381352whats going in russia ? I heard there's a lot shit going on there like people are marching agai…[View]
118382562*BLOCKS YE PATH*[View]
118382442Join https://discordapp.com/channels/295594508941524993 we're gonna be messing with really bad …[View]
118379264SAD!: Germany will never learn[View]
118382236>Jews controlled the NSDAP from the start >The rich and powerful Jews escaped the holocaust. …[View]
118382233The Irish were honorary aryans. Brits out.[View]
118381062Why does china shit on everything?: What's with China and crapping everywhere? You guys invente…[View]
118381622is it me or are turks more roachy than the rest of roachistan because they try to play themselves of…[View]
118382166when the boot of the state tramples your throat it doesn't matter if it's the right or the…[View]
118380797*eagle flies by*[View]
118382107What do you call a nigger who wants to start a race war with whites? A proBLM.[View]
118379912Nazis and blacks?: How did the nazis really feel about niggers, apparently they were conflicted.…[View]
118382034what are your thoughts on this app, /pol/?[View]
118380095shia labeouf: it's happened again his little protest was canceled due to alt-right trolling \(*…[View]
118381520How long until the Monarchy is BLACKED?[View]
118379613Why are Asians and Asian countries naturally more feminine than Western countries?[View]
118376828Should the MAN cook the food?[View]
118379941The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for …[View]
118381591>Russia is our friend >we should normalize relations >there's literally no reason why …[View]
118376161T-minus 8 hours: FUCK YESSSSSS FINALLY I N A L L Y[View]
118370567>americans have no cultu-[View]
118379741Leftists are stupid: this is scary to see people cheering for Angela Merkel.[View]
118381461Here's How Mexico Pays For The Wall: https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/Pay_for_the_Wall.pdf >I…[View]
118376986Daily reminder that liberals are not the cucks. You are.[View]
118379205Europa in the 90's: There are not fat people and blacks in 1997 rave party! What happened? http…[View]
118381415>drumpf supporters right about now[View]
118367376Alex jones said: Pizzagate was fake >so pizzagate is fake >theyre not diddling kiddies >…[View]
118374056Serious Talk: Why are you so racist /pol/? Is it satire? Irony? Hatred?[View]
118332923ANCIENT EGYPTIANS WERE ASIAN. NOT BLACK. NOT WHITE.: >There's also the fact that ancient Egy…[View]
118381266>'Back in my day in 1955 it was shameful for us ladies to chase after guys' >Literally chased …[View]
118369400I'm redipilling a friend about muslims/islam and he is refusing to accept the truth, can you gi…[View]
118380931Republishits like to say 'Democrats need to own Obamacare.' That's fine, I'm happy to own…[View]
118376353Where's the wall?[View]
118379480Italy, you are so fucked[View]
118358449Syria General /sg/ - DELET rebels Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
118365663Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118380876Which cunt has the weirder obsession with testicles, Spain or Japan?[View]
118379859Most important part of Comey Testimony: Comey confirmed that the DNC refused to allow the FBI to do …[View]
118380983Serbian election thread: You know, there are at least two studies that show the average IQ of Serbia…[View]
118373044Flynn, Manafort, Miller, Bannon, Drumpf Why are alt-righters generally so ugly and/or awkward lookin…[View]
118325903Political Compass thread, post them and r8, lads.[View]
118380536Why he wasnt arrested?: >‘Grabher’ License Plate Called ‘Socially Unacceptable’ In Nova Scotia …[View]
118376755HAPPENING - Ohio Nightclub Shooting: Shooting at Cincinnati Nightclub in Ohio. At least one person d…[View]
118377570So I can see why being trans and a pedofile is considered degenerate. I would agree with good/pol/ o…[View]
118380395Wtf is John McCain thinking?[View]
118375380ALL ISP INTERNET DATA NOW LEGALLY PUBLIC FOR SALE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzz6gx09zLM Enjoy…[View]
118362704The Great Canadian Honeypot: I always have love Canadians, they have so much potential. Such big hea…[View]
118371466Sir, a message from Antifa Boston to all fucking white males. What should we do? https://m.youtube.c…[View]
118380330If Vietnam was started by a democrat and ended by a republican, why did all hippies turn out to be d…[View]
118374031How many of you agree with this, especially those who are conservative? Is traps exclusively for Rep…[View]
118380458Dahnald, it's not too late. The delegates, Dahnald, hand them over. Let a true Constitutional C…[View]
118360787>Please be Muslim Please be Muslim Please be Muslim Please be Muslim Please be Muslim Please be M…[View]
118378748How have we not taken this down?[View]
118380344How long till our redpill factory gets shut down?: The Donald is teetering very close to the edge of…[View]
118345711This is a million dollar house in Europe.[View]
118379880ITT/Pol Is this movie Redpilled?: This is Mainly a question for my christian bros out there but if y…[View]
118372504What's a redpilled car to drive around in?[View]
118379800New hate crime false flags pending.[View]
118380121Redpill: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d'état https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
118368250Why is Trump so unsuccessful in the beginning of his presidency? lol[View]
118373077/sprrg/ (((Revolution))) in Russia General - Old Thread Hit Bumplimit Edition: Aleksey Navalny start…[View]
118376515How can a white person not care that they're race will become the minority?: I have had many de…[View]
118377366How do we solve the overpopulation problem?: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_B._Calhoun#Mouse…[View]
118377043happening?: /American civil war/ when?[View]
118379160Is he right /pol/? (Watch the whole video before writing 'cockroach' please) https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118368240Bulgarian elections general. Borissov 3 all but confirmed. Info for foreigners: >GERB = commies w…[View]
118378999>1 billion views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHSFpGBFGHY please explain…[View]
118379698>using poo in loo numbers Ill stick to my white numbers thanks. You fucking half caste cucks can…[View]
118360640Meanwhile in…: Meanwhile on Moscow. 'Show where the sun is' aka 'based aquaman'. Show me your loca…[View]
118377338Someone red pill me on pizzagate[View]
118348933Think about that? Think about what? That college age students go into gender studies degrees, volunt…[View]
118377832Why would anyone even get a non-engineering degree at this point? Are you stupid?[View]
118373559How do we fight the shills?: Everyone knows Trump is a WINNER, but they're acting like he someh…[View]
118376852no matter how hard you try to mock him, smear his name and blame him for your own faults, Donald Tru…[View]
118373798Styx suggests an alliance between all content creators in the effort to save YouTube from the money …[View]
118377785People in my area are milking this for all it's worth because they finally get to live the drea…[View]
118373964>My parents want to covert to Islam and wants me to join them. Help.[View]
118374845When Trump inevitably goes after encryption, will you still defend him?[View]
118376488Antifa BTFO[View]
118379043/polder/: Klaar om te polderen? Keep it English please so it doesn't get deleted, Dutchfags and…[View]
118362957Meta thread: Since we're allowed a meta thread, put ideas here. Flags should be removed to cut …[View]
118378933POP QUIZ! POP QUIZ! Who's ready for POP QUIZ?!?! what was Muhammad's (pbuh) skin color? h…[View]
118378924Reposting for educational/discussion purposes: this is fucking huge guys. the interview is over an h…[View]
118375526cincinnati thread: didn't see a cinci habbening thread soooo.... http://www.wlwt.com/article/po…[View]
118378856Germany is forever cucked: people actually think angela merkel is the leader of the free world and i…[View]
118378568Questions to ask Muslims: This Wednesday there's going to be an 'understanding islam'…[View]
118357486So how did you found out about /pol/? Had to make a ppt about the nazi, and an old friend told me ab…[View]
118376511Brazil is forever communist: >mfw in the middle of American Rock Festilval people started to shou…[View]
1183783552 DAYS LEFT: Only 2 days left to join the CPC and vote for /ourguy/ in May: https://maximebernier.na…[View]
118375978>For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs b…[View]
118378731Wtf Is Wrong With Nips?: Watching Samurai Gourmet. Are Japs really this formal yet overly dramatic? …[View]
118378365In my country there was a rumor during and after the socialist government of Salvador Allende which …[View]
118373229Why aren't we engineering smart humans?: I don't give a shit about bio engineering 'lite' …[View]
118371572HAPPENING >WikiLeaks: Full doc: The ground zero of modern mass surveillance (US President's …[View]
118364043Brit/pol/: Hate Speech = Terrorism, Therefore, Censor the Internet edition: >Man plows into crowd…[View]
118372753Dear Lefties and Right Wingers: Why fight each other when we can join with each other? I refer to tr…[View]
118366055The 4 step process of becoming a caliphate.: Pic related.[View]
118358001Wow really makes you think?[View]
118377050Whomst else is here because krautchan is down and he has no where to go?[View]
118377765how do we integrate Caucasian culture into the rest of the world: >Caucasian people... not white.…[View]
118375179burgers losing their women to beans: american posters need to stop with this canada = cucks nonsense…[View]
118355763Car plows into 7 'wankers.' Stabbing injuries. 2 attackets with knives were arrested. Twitter report…[View]
118341118/pol/ is Albania responsible for saving Christianity & Europe???: pic related of German SS Divis…[View]
118377909CALL THE FLOOD: If /pol/ was shut down it would be a wonderful thing for white nationalism. This boa…[View]
118365137God's paradox: Come up with an actual argument that kills the meaning of this quote. I swear to…[View]
118377851Is Shia divided for the last time: Shia's HWNDU flag was captured in little over 20 hours of it…[View]
118377220The frontier between AI and us: If the notion of artificial intelligence exists, so does the notion …[View]
118363891Can any foreigner adopt me? No homosex please[View]
118376704What will you guys do when they turn your favorite insult into a compliment[View]
118377802Bay Area tech executives indicted for H-1B human trafficking http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/03/25/…[View]
118370688Uhhh guys, what are we going to do when we run out of oil?[View]
118375667What do you think about that /pol/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUVtY0rjs5c[View]
118376580>travels through space killing robot monkeys >Is a toad Dare I say it? Is he /our/ guy?…[View]
118377668Next-generation leftist courses: What's next? I'm thinking pornography studies is a legit …[View]
118350051Holy shit /pol/ was right[View]
118377657Found a HWNDU supporter stream.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdQZMr6YA18[View]
118367738PIZZAGATE ISNT REAL: It was all a dream. Mandela effect >Mandela effect Alex jones wouldn'…[View]
118377233So you've never had a girlfriend and you call yourself HOW redpilled?![View]
118377614Show your creativity, /pol/[View]
118377419>German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party outpaces center-left rival in Saarland state el…[View]
118375564>The alt-right 'anti-establishment' '''revolution'''[View]
118377556Now that Trump is President: Are you a winner yet?[View]
118376246Facsism: Why do the left call the right fascists even though it is the left whom practise it, in a a…[View]
118377477/Jordan B Peterson General/: 'Denial of the heroic promotes decadence, equally – absolute rejection …[View]
118377358Styxhexenhammer666 and his Predictions for Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ovn43o1V00…[View]
118375124UKek: This is a video from a UK makeup contest, not to mention that this MAKEUP CONTEST is full of d…[View]
118377353Brit Bongs are Cuck tier.: Ok Bongs how will you defend your house from the Sperglar without any wea…[View]
118365247Scott Adams - Trump and Healthcare: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/158812654486/trump-and-healthcare t…[View]
118369344Does Sikhs and Hindus hate Muslims ?[View]
118371670Just a reminder no one here really believes in god. No one who comes to 4chan is even CAPABLE of bel…[View]
118377131>google future of America >apocalypse images >google future of Europe >migrants and EU c…[View]
118377232When did /pol/ Realize California had the ubersmech conservatives. http://www.latimes.com/local/lano…[View]
118374705How can you take this guy seriously? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUIcCyPOA30[View]
118362011Liberal Thread: Thread for the liberals of /pol/. Question for the ameribros: how is the impeachment…[View]
118377159>swedes are cucks >le estonia is based Why is /pol/ so retarded?…[View]
118372902Trump and Alex Jones are there to encourage you to play 'the bad guy.' You are meant to loose in the…[View]
118377011HMM Fresh from a reddit world news thread. Really makes my cogs turn[View]
118363273>/pol/ wants to deport this Syrian woman Explain.[View]
118376981Hugh Mungus for City Council: heatst com/culture-wars/internet-legend-hugh-mungus-is-running-for-sea…[View]
118376947>be american >get shot[View]
118366768>be me, living in north Italy >hardly see any non white shitskin around >get on a train to …[View]
118371934i see this popping up now here and there. followed by retards who think they belong to the good guys…[View]
118344358〜Axis thread〜: come here former-Axis powers not welcome:Allies cucks[View]
118374618New Thread: Ritual Abuse Across a Network of CIA-funded New Age Groups: An anons own abuse led to th…[View]
118353535How hard would it be for a group of memesters to redpill a whole website full of cuckolds?[View]
118356994Post your honest opinion about Western countries: USA - loud and spunky, our most successful son Can…[View]
118372418Why is the country not chanting in the streets about the CIA spying on US citizens?[View]
118376713>Anonymous >No character limit >No Censorship >Gifs and Images allowed in comments/posts…[View]
118376622What is the best ideology?: redpill me chaps[View]
118376277Why are all the mass shooters and terrorists always a millennial?[View]
118368948Repeal and Replace: So that's it? Are they really giving up? After 7 years they're just go…[View]
118352662**Slavic People**: Can we consider Slavs as European niggers?[View]
118368099>Be Tunisia. >Start the Arab Spring. >End up being only liberal democracy in the MENA regio…[View]
118376425The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
118371220Germany: Black is the new Hitler?: >The head of the AfD party in Kiel deems multiculturalism a fa…[View]
118376357Want to know why the West is so wealthy?: They don't have price competition and (((free market)…[View]
118374927/pol/'s love story: Let's talk about something close to heart, /pol/ - that is, love, fami…[View]
118357851NORTH AMERICA RISK: Let's have a game of Risk. You probably know most of the rules already but …[View]
118374519What happens here /pol/?[View]
118370826Molloy College meme suppression: Molloy colledge in Long Island New York is hosting a meme party, bu…[View]
118375866Are you ready for diversity, /pol/?[View]
118350276This 12 year old refugee moved to the UK, learnt fluent English in 3 years and became a scientist. S…[View]
118375865OPERATION: JEWISH TACTICS: Background: >guy makes prank video about kissing fake Muslim girls …[View]
118340841I have noticed with the influx of Normies that we are having more and more bluepilled faggotry show …[View]
118376052Cops like confiscating tramps blankets. So if we give tramps burkhas to sleep in, the tramps would b…[View]
118374083Conservatives are starting families and having babies. Liberals are getting abortions and buying cat…[View]
118375546What did they mean by this /pol?[View]
118374583Twin Cities, Minnesota Yes![View]
118374006Vaccination. I know that the US has a Nigger problem. But could the government maybe add some substa…[View]
118375790DEMOCRATS LOVE SOCIALISM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=536&v=TZuoFceml4w Really g…[View]
118375840Transhumanism: Thoughts?[View]
118375816I genuinely feel bad: For shills, ppl in media and regressive leftists >I know what's comin…[View]
118375679Me on still on the Trump Train like[View]
118373453Varg Vikernes[View]
118375792HWNDU: Dump your HWNDU folders Any season[View]
118351064Why Indians hate Turks?[View]
118346210daily reminder that whites are mentally deficient sociopaths and that their inherently insecure dick…[View]
118367200Current state of /pol/: Anyone want to discuss current development on /pol/? I ran quick search and …[View]
118375597What is most redpilled alphabet/script?: In my opinion its latin[View]
118366218Say hello to Patch.[View]
118375557Political compass OC: Share, rate and discuss political compass OC. Pic related.[View]
118373745Women want non-white men. It's why Europe and America is being flooded with immigrants. Women v…[View]
118375411Obummer: How does it make Europeans feel that they got dicked by an American nigger?[View]
118375475Did holocaust actually happen /pol/?[View]
118351273What's your opinion on Abortion? Be honest lads.[View]
118368794WE HAVE FINALLY ACHIEVED SOCIALSM: /socialism/ general[View]
118375320wew lad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35T9jC_MASQ[View]
118366069>Canada man's last name ruled too 'misogynistic' for license plate by DOT >Too …[View]
118371122>white women why are they so shit?[View]
118369746Poland is a shithole: Poland is in a terrible situation right now. The government wanted to stop wom…[View]
118375148Really though. Why is Turkey a corrupt shithole? Why is an overtly theocratic Islamic fascist state …[View]
118374792Thread for libertarians/ancaps Open borders vs. closed borders[View]
118364239>be Norwegian >live in a shithole, basically mudhut tier >'muh vikings' >our only accomp…[View]
118374486>>118371122 many say it is the Jews fault, but I believe that white people have had it too goo…[View]
118368108How much money does Russian Putin have?[View]
118374599What does /pol/ do for a living?: (((Reddit))) claims that /pol/ is a bunch of basement dwelling mou…[View]
118368318Do you have a role model?[View]
118371884Mingling at normie parties without giving away: I'm proud to have gotten shitfaced last night w…[View]
118368791This is /pol/ in a nutshell. You're soooo in love with 'free speech' you embrace Intenet Tough …[View]
118369879USA YES!!![View]
118374537Hanz thread: Hanz thread[View]
118370894>murderer >arsonist >pseudohistorian >leaves his country >lives of welfare in a forge…[View]
118363269Why does /pol/ hate china again? It's literally the embodiment of everything polacks want for t…[View]
118355285Gostariam de me fazer alguma pergunta sobre os eua?[View]
118365041I've been to France, Britain, Italy, Sweden and Germany and Germany was the only one that didn…[View]
118361149Prove god exists: Hey guys I want to believe, got any proof? The whole having faith thing is a bit …[View]
118372275Hindu vs Mudslime: http://archive.is/FCPE2 Based Hindus. >Regrettably, he says, there are “many” …[View]
118374350>you're not allowed to kiss in public >but you're allowed to poop in public >INDI…[View]
118374386I'm going to start a grand campaign of cuckoldry in the USA the idea will be to make sure that …[View]
118374345Daily reminder that most terrorist attacks are staged to take away our internet freedom[View]
118361695>I hope you get raped By a Pack of Niggers What did he mean by this?[View]
118373814https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR221JueZO4 This unfunny dogshit video has 9k upvotes on reddit...Th…[View]
118374202woops, looks like you left some classified data on your server. i'll just be taking that and fl…[View]
118369549wtf POL I thout u said californians are cucks POL did u lie to me again POL??[View]
118372621Anyone else regrets voting for Trump? I thought he's going to lift sanctions!! Wtf he's do…[View]
118374091THIS SONG IS SO POLITICALLY INCORRECT! AHAH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWUwxCJVgDw&lc=z23a…[View]
118369736transgender in sports: want to know if any feel like have a conversion on this?[View]
118373254What's the problem with the spics?: So racial stuff says that niggers lack neanthertal genes an…[View]
118373988The domestic canine is truly humanity's best friend. From hunting with their masters in freezin…[View]
118371982Why wasn't there: a subwaygate?[View]
118373873The Space Face, Sept. 23 and Aug. 21: Redpill me on those dates. What is supposed to happen? What is…[View]
118372125Why aren't you as alpha as these men, /pol/?[View]
118359857life after death: Aren't we all just afraid of death? Isn't the meaning of every living pe…[View]
118373768Is there a more redpilled method of execution than the firing squad? Should criminals be allowed to …[View]
118373758Theories only you believe: ITT: We discuss theories that only you believe. Pic not related. Dot post…[View]
118373754>meme a meme candidate into office >he becomes an international joke Really makes you think.…[View]
118371398Prove me wrong inb4 you can't: Nupol is objectively the most pleb, blue-pilled, cucked, gay, de…[View]
118373737The irony.[View]
118367444Hey White man... Just what is it gonna take to get you to fight back?[View]
118344191Philippine President Duterte leads Times poll of most influential person: Absolute madman has to win…[View]
118373657Transgender people ARE trapped in the wrong body: Read a dictionary, you IDIOTIC MORONS! https://m.y…[View]
118358644What happens here?: This is in antartica. Also 'Nazis escaped' & Thule/Vril society thread…[View]
118368614What's happening pol did we break him[View]
118373546Niggers: Niggers are the scum of the earth. What is the easiest way to rid the world of there vile s…[View]
118373398>the mainstream media media is so untrustworthy that more people get their news from INFOWARS.COM…[View]
118354664What ideologies include Ethnic Nationalism?: I know fascism and Nazism includes ethnic nationalism b…[View]
118371775>tfw the only cities not filled with shitskins are in Asia[View]
118371689>college is a waste of mo Defend this[View]
118371769Dippin dots are NOT the ice cream of the future[View]
118372972I'm an Anarcho Capitalist looking for both sides of the single payer health system. From what I…[View]
118370778Shut down (((CNN))) Israeli Propaganda: How can Americans live with this constant stream of kike pro…[View]
118367515/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Bannon Did Nothing Wrong' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
118366016Religion: Unapologetic truth[View]
118373033FUCK THIS NIGGER https://www.indy100.com/article/donald-trump-golfing-president-barack-obama-trump-n…[View]
118365827Do you know anyone in real life who uses this phrase unironically?[View]
118371400I don't think New Zealand has a single non-liberal news source Pretty depressing desu[View]
118368228>Redpill the Boy: >Save the Females >Mallette(Biebs Mom), was reluctant because of Braun’s …[View]
118369098Is UK leaving Pookistan?: Is Britain trying to be friends with us again? >UK Parliament attack: I…[View]
118359059can/pol/ we must fight: can/pol/ Well can/pol/ we have confirmation that the Canadian government is …[View]
118370929>For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs b…[View]
118372716Britbong here With UK going to shit, what places are best to move to in regards to quality of living…[View]
118371560What's with the weird aggressive tug Trump does during a handshake? Does anyone know what he…[View]
118331195Oh, look at Russia today!: Rallies in 100 regions of the country[View]
118369643ITT pictures that: Ruin the narrative 'PIZZAGATE isn't real'[View]
118371752>tfw you realize that bernie being in opposition is just making him more powerful…[View]
118367365Why don't they make movies like this anymore? So much replay value.[View]
118367661Fashwave Pics: I want to enlarge my fashwave collection, please dump if you have any.[View]
118372278How is that wall coming , drumpf drones?![View]
118350201FRENCH ELECTIONS JUST GOT TRUMPED: >huge support of the MSM >support of the banks >uncondi…[View]
118372329Anyone else like this?: Every time someone objects to religion, it's the Christcucks that lose …[View]
118371636what are the odds that one of the ancestors of any given person was conceived by a rape? i mean, it …[View]
118372159What's going to be the pushing point for you Anon? Or were you planning to be pushed around by …[View]
118368833Patagonia General - /PatPol/: Help Patagonia to become a separate nation, a white ethnostate. Patago…[View]
118359621Imagine this little child's skin is penetrated by a needle 50 times, injecting her some of the …[View]
118372130Should the government regulate video games and anime as millennials are addicted to them? Maybe put …[View]
118372284Antigunfags btfo: >this kills the argument forever[View]
118372046Jews are over. It's time Christians take back Jerusalem.[View]
118342703BREAKING NEWS; At least 8 reported injured after a shooting at a Cincinnati nightclub: >14 injure…[View]
118367051serious question: Why is the whole blame for WW2 put on Germany when Italy, Poland and France were a…[View]
118366743Advices for Rally/Protest/March: ITT we share advices for people wanting to participate in a rally/m…[View]
118371609I've seen that the recent events in Russia have sparked discussion Don't worry goyim, noth…[View]
118369867SWEDEN YES!: How many people in EU countries would feel uncomfortable with a transsexual leader? htt…[View]
118325099'Antifa wins aga-'[View]
118371722Why are the majority of Communists Jews? Also, why do Jews brag about this fact, but gentile Commies…[View]
118371736I have an old friend coming over to get redpilled on the jews. I have some material ready but dump y…[View]
118366203The Case for the Traditional Family: Long story short, I'm building an essay on traditional gen…[View]
118367911Is plastic surgery to fix generic defects redpilled?[View]
118371584>reading ANY newspaper >reading ANY news source they already control the media, goyim, we…[View]
118367867>Republicucks will defend this: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-i…[View]
118371514CrowdStrike reported last year that Ukrainian artillery base was hacked. This was proven false on Tu…[View]
118369355You know what to do...: Let's make this picture a little more interesting shall we?[View]
118364176Is buying American 100% worth it?[View]
118371431The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
118366093>tfw nobody likes us anymore How do we fix this guys?[View]
118364053What the fuck is wrong with these people[View]
118369402>tfw australia is the only hope for the white race I can only imagine the shitshow that would res…[View]
118364036>Kurt Ludecke (Berlin, 5 February 1890 – Prien am Chiemsee, 1960) was an ardent German nationalis…[View]
118370973Is there anything more bluepilled than buying into ideology?[View]
118357933Revolution in Russia live!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGIQVbuOXVA[View]
118371105How many of you own property? Do you rent? paying for your landlords holidays? Do you have a mortgag…[View]
118370979/denial/ general: Trump is actually winning! They really did put a wire tapp on him! There's no…[View]
118370813Was he right?: http://cyber.eserver.org/unabom.txt[View]
118370777redpill me time saving[View]
118370749Alex jones , the cowardly lion: Is this faggot a pedogate shill or what ? What does /pol/ think ?…[View]
118369283>tfw 198cm aryan born into a modestly wealthy family in the first world vacationing in the alps f…[View]
118370626Racial Crime Surveys: I am looking for surveys asking about criminal past, race, and arrests. We pos…[View]
118367098Hey /pol/. As you can see by my flair, I live in Belgium. And Belgium is a relatively cucked country…[View]
118370100>ITT: food you stopped eating when Drumpf won[View]
118365232>MUDSLIMES ARE SO BACKWARDS HAHA >they still conquer developed nations of the West Well, what…[View]
118370124ques: was muhammad a pedo rape clown, or a nigger?[View]
118370395Greatest man that has ever lived: I'd say Cyrus II or Hitler, what ya say /pol?[View]
118367529Trump Revenge: >Romney SOS BTFO >Ryan Speaker BTFO What's Trump got planned for McConnell…[View]
118368162Miscegeny: Remember that we are just a bunch of paranoids[View]
118370303Tell me about the identarian movement We had a chapter in the US but it was shut down[View]
118366464look what happens to be trending on facebook. trended on youtube too. it's like there's a…[View]
118364958Yellowpill me on the idea that ISPs should be able to sell everyone's browsing history to anyon…[View]
118369626Well /pol/? When is Trump going to take responsibility for his failures?[View]
118365872ANOTHER HAPPENING: >be american >have shootings instead of terror attacks >have this happen…[View]
118352492Why do so many left-leaning men prefer cats over dogs? The answer is simple: Dogs are pack animals. …[View]
118359140Tired of winning: >2 Muslim bans overturned in district courts >Couldn't get healthcare r…[View]
118366207Why is this allowed?[View]
118348273Ohio Nightclub shooting: has anybody herd any more news on the Ohio Nightclub shooting yet? All I…[View]
118366654>Nazi dad who named his son Adolf and daughter Eva Braun changes his own last name to Hitler >…[View]
118363386Political conversations in the UK: >visit the U.K. on a pleasure trip >meet some nice people i…[View]
118368432So these are your mighty white aryan warriors who are going to fight all those NFL and NBA black ath…[View]
118367343Was Industrialisation a mistake?: It led to a great labour efficiency, it allowed nations to gather …[View]
118367414How does germany control the eu?[View]
118356434Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Apologizes For Promoting 'Pizzagate' http://archive.is/OeGk…[View]
118367555Who here Ecofacist?[View]
118368271Really makes you think[View]
118360909Imperial/pol/ Thread: Anglos, Frogs, Portubros, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Dutch, Danes, Russians…[View]
118369494>two months into the presidency with a Republican controlled House and Senate >no National Re…[View]
118365196Is your state / province / national beauty queen redpilled or bluepilled? Post proof. Miss Florida p…[View]
118366375ONE NAME......MONTGOMERY: MONTGOMERY..... MONTGOMERY... KNOW THE NAME.... this is fucking huge guys.…[View]
118369390>manlets http://www.makemetaller.org/index.php/topic,7057.msg92292.html#msg92292…[View]
118365076Why is there no return to the Victorian era?[View]
118330217Boston Antifa's Latest Video: Prepare for a couple minutes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
118369292So have you come to terms with Macron becoming President of France along with Gottkanzler Schulz of …[View]
118368726what do you call a Scottish German!? KILTERHOSEN![View]
118368355>n-n-nazi punks f-f-uck off .....pls ;_;[View]
118357611Black on Black Crime Is A Myth: FACT: you racist fucks only bring up black on black crime to try and…[View]
118363815What went wrong?: Members of a Christian group have taken up arms in a bid to stop the Philippines b…[View]
118368121Good guy Geert Wilders added 2 asylum seekers in his home. Snoetje and pluisje (Nosey and Fluffy).[View]
118369104Kraut/pol/ Saarland Election Edition: The German election marathon starts today with little Saarland…[View]
118367890Bloomberg: This man is behind many of today social and political problems. fake news, anti-trump eff…[View]
118368749Young Refugees want a GF: https://www.derwesten.de/staedte/essen/junge-fluechtlinge-in-essen-besuche…[View]
118368460Jesus Christ[View]
118366852miss me yet?[View]
118360045TOP KEK, did anyone just catch the baneposting caller live on C-SPAN? (Can't post photo because…[View]
118368586Finding Jesus on (((CNN))): Fact, faith, (((forgery))): What the fuck did Jews mean by this?[View]
118368171Hey Australians, can I move to your country?[View]
118365401AMERICAS WEIGHT PROMBLEM STATS INCOMING: >inb4 not politics related This is politics related con…[View]
118368775>Trudeau passes anti-Islamophobia motion >Conservatives take the lead in the polls for the fir…[View]
118351580TABQA DAM GENERAL - /tdg/: LARGEST DAM IN SYRIA ABOUT TO COLLAPSE! Tabqa dam is the largest dam in …[View]
118359375Lefties are outclassing us...: >see this at MAGA rally What do? https://www.kikebook.com/SilverVa…[View]
118364314Explain yourself your Korean cunts: >visit Korea to take in the sights >surprised at the numbe…[View]
118357583Why do nerds always ignore the human factor and try to introduce new products that simply don’t fit …[View]
118368118Wow it's not like we haven't done this for the last century CNN lmao only CNN can battle a…[View]
118368519PIZZAGATE ISNT REAL: Listen pizzagate was fun but it was never ever ever ever real. K so just believ…[View]
118363848Decent leftist forums: Are there any leftist forums that have some level of common-sence.I like expo…[View]
118351131The United Kingdom of the States of America: >AK, HI and UK not to scale How likely is this anyti…[View]
118340437Photos Reveal More Than 200 Bright Blue Arctic Lakes Have Started Bubbling With Methane Gas: How do …[View]
118367730/itanons needed: Translation?[View]
118366712Why do Pakis speak so disgusting, even the ones who were born here speak like complete retards. For …[View]
118361996Anyone else here feel like the SJW 'movement' and Antifa are just attempts to legitimise acting on t…[View]
118360109Bulgarian national elections thread. Info for foreigners: >GERB = commies who suck Merkels dick …[View]
118366558Is 'They' a singular pronoun: For the first time, the Associated Press is allowing journalists to us…[View]
118341904World's first human head transplant to be conducted in 2017: Has science gone too far /pol/? ht…[View]
118368021Which world leaders/politicians are /ourguys/: >Assad >Farage >Trump >Putin >Le Pen …[View]
118367953Zyklon Ben: We have all seen the edits... But have we finally and fully converted him to being /ourg…[View]
118358293How Dutch people think they see themselves. In reality they are the most cucked nation on earth.[View]
118367291Hi Christ-cucks, how's losing to Islam going for you[View]
118367770Daily reminder the american education system is one of the worst in the first world This man is 32 y…[View]
118367742> blacks are not human > blacks are all hideous Pol BTFO.…[View]
118358638Krautchan is dead, seriously: http://www.dw.com/en/far-right-websites-raided-arrests-/a-19464609uu …[View]
118362616Did russia create or help isis?[View]
118352014Why is this?[View]
118353635I swear to Allah,the only true god, Europe will be muslim.Allah will help the Mujahideen against the…[View]
118367560GORSUCH confirmation: GORSUCH is going to be confirmed, because even Democrats (some of them) know t…[View]
118367464Transphobic David Chapelle thread[View]
118367492I N T E R S E C T I O N A L I S M[View]
118367483HWNDU Season 5: Rönkkö's Modern Life: Shadilay everyone. Word is going around that HWNDU Season…[View]
118351322The Art of Jumping Timelines: 7 pic related[View]
118366504Wow, Drumpy really is shaping up to be WOAT POTUS isn't he?[View]
118362481Israelis, /pol/tards, join against George Soros?: I spoke with zionist Jews online which hate George…[View]
118366523Growing up he was one of my favorite characters on tv. Many years later I wonder was he a cuck?[View]
118363300Average Serb is redpilled beyond beliefe according to /pol/: Here are my thoughts, everything that /…[View]
118366758is it possible to be more jew than the jews?: because i think i am[View]
118367021Red pill me on foreigner owned property in the USA: Why is it allowed, when most countries don'…[View]
118365613CEO of a Fortune 500 company here. Donald Trump is what we in the biz like to call a 'big fat orange…[View]
118366517US states now encouraging tge poor to breed: States Give New Parents Baby Boxes Copying finland, but…[View]
118366921Find a Flaw: *Hint: you are the flaw[View]
118362989>be me 10 mins ago >watching a le pen rally >someone screams 'PEPE' >mfw…[View]
118366706>Anarcho-capitalism always works better than regulated market. Then why does US have one of the s…[View]
118362934What's the definition of politics?: Is it something directly concerning governance and the stat…[View]
118363146what is it with jews and putting under aged girls on tv to eventually sell sex to the public? this i…[View]
118324150I am back on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQOHZEYrXxQ Or just search Constitutional And …[View]
118359735Nordic resistance movement: Hey /pol/ Can you tell me about the Nordic resistance movement Who are t…[View]
118361187Memewar Divisions Thread: Sharing my collection of memewar division badges. Feel free to share your …[View]
118359394/POL/ BTFO[View]
118354030Brit/pol/ - Führer Farage edition: >Labour will vote against Brexit deal if EU terms not matched,…[View]
118366381>'everything is handed to you bc you're a CIS WHITE MALE' >'ultra PRIVILEGED SCUM' >'t…[View]
118344525Daily reminder that if you have 1/2 or more of your bloodline coming from the areas in brown, you…[View]
118363113how does /pol/ feel about hunting for sport?[View]
118366350What's his problem?: Seriously, why does Martin act like such a dick? And I am not talking abou…[View]
118365063These were the 'good guys': Hellstorm - The real genocide of Nazi Germany[View]
118358068/pol/ philosophy: Text the most cucked person you know 'You don't have the right to be weak.' A…[View]
118364346Is this true?[View]
118364218Cincinnati nightclub shooting: At least 1 dead, 15 people shot at venue: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2…[View]
118346403Why is everyone so racist and homophobic on here but not in person? I want to see you guys giving s…[View]
118356992riots in Moscow against the Government of the Russian Federation[View]
118360316is poppy cucked: >presumably reptile. >all she does is make monarch vids. >eats candy cerea…[View]
118347479is this man the single best thing thats ever happened to /pol/? never has one man embolded our cause…[View]
118365920Oppidum bunker: Have you prepared? Built a bunker for yourself? Happening is coming. How to access t…[View]
118355513Why has democracy failed us?[View]
118345667NASA: Why do burgers pay 19.5 billion dollars of their own money every year maintaining this useless…[View]
118360559And how to hide them: Hello /pol/ I am studying to become a cute(male) nurse. Long story short: I …[View]
118363772/isis/: http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-woman-pictured-ignoring-the-westminster-attack-speaks-out-…[View]
118364550What do people in your country think about bilinguals?[View]
118364615Nazis got Mein Kampf /pol/ gets The Art of the Deal Discuss...[View]
118347379Whats your opinion on Russia?: i want brutal honesty[View]
118365555Americans are retarded: Proof.[View]
118338081AUS /POL/ THREAD: Actually horrifying shit. Greetings cunts, as i'm sure many of you are aware …[View]
118346526It's true we are we don't deserve this planet.[View]
118365321Hey /pol/. As you can see by my flair, I live in Belgium. And Belgium is a relatively cucked country…[View]
118365399Is it possible for women to be cucks?[View]
118365394the more i look at it the less it resembles a human do we have some dormant power that can recognize…[View]
118359077how come blackies in our country become nationalists but in europe and america they form ghettos and…[View]
118365008Is degeneracy spreading to non-white countries a good thing or a bad thing?[View]
118365211COUGHING FIT[View]
118358515Edward Snowden: Is the NSA's Tulpa. FYI https://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2013_07_04/225636…[View]
118365272what do you call a scottish German!? KILTERHOSEN![View]
118359277Subtle Solutions to the Homosexual Problem: Is Gay marriage secretly the best way to get rid of homo…[View]
118353514Is France gonna make it in the next 20 years? As an Italian I am deeply concerned about my future we…[View]
118362571MAKE ARGENTINA WHIIIIIIIITTTTEEEE!: Realistically, can Europeans properly foment themselves in south…[View]
118365102>dad watching the 'power of putin' CNN special >explain to him that it'll be on paar with…[View]
118365097HWNDU vs /pol/: alright folks due to some personal shit i've been gone a while. can someone fil…[View]
118361247Starting a religion: So /pol/ whats stopping me from starting a new religion claiming that my house …[View]
118361010the reason we have sjws and reds: the reason is quite symple. We stopped burning satanists at the st…[View]
118307406Sad news for leafs: China Wants Total Access To Canada, May Seek To Import Its Own Workers http://ww…[View]
118364992Soros: Even zionist Jews hate this scumbag[View]
118362294/pol/ how can these 2 be the same species? Discrimination shouldn't be based on race but on aes…[View]
118364889OY VEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=914DvVBm0dY Is He our goy what does /pol/ think ?…[View]
118364921hwndu: ??[View]
118364888sjw are right: hey you racist/nazi cunts. by your behavior you show why white males should be extinc…[View]
118363604>this is what /pol/ actually believes[View]
118361009Kek Is Real[View]
118364754Good guy Wilders has 2 new cats. Pluisje and Snoetje. (Fluffy and uhm nosy like a cats nose dunno th…[View]
118364553THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD: >'Vladimir Putin...' >'Did he rig the American election?' …[View]
118364684Banning guns will stop terro-[View]
118359739CNN is promoting scientology: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/us/believer-what-is-scientology/index.ht…[View]
118359707So is it finally acceptable without being called a shill here, to say this fat orange buffoon was a …[View]
118359033http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/protesters-nazi-death-camp-auschwitz-10093961 Nearly a doze…[View]
118364448How do we achieve further gun rights for ourselves and for the Western World? in particular, I was w…[View]
118361415Why do you hate men who only follow what God wills?[View]
118364305What (((globalist))) Bull shit is this[View]
118351092Is this a parody?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw They're literally telling their …[View]
118355690>The Syrian leadership has sent messages to Israel warning that any further strikes by the IDF on…[View]
118358025Italian Heroes: apologize for dishonoring the brave men that fought bravely for Italy in WW2[View]
118363147Why are American airports to shit?: >decide to go on holiday in America >plane lands at JFK ai…[View]
118363750tfw Englishmen hanged a monkey because they thought that's what French people looked like https…[View]
118364079You don't just skip on taking anything seriously, right Anon?[View]
118361921Found this stamp: Found this in the yard of the military base i work at. WTF is this?[View]
118354482https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC6qiloojfs daily reminder that poles are twice as bad as muslims, y…[View]
118363893'Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men': >God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he jud…[View]
118361893lol: http://nypost.com/2017/03/26/high-school-principal-accused-of-keeping-catholic-school-kids-off-…[View]
118344927SWEDEN NOOOOOOOOOOO!: Anti-immigrant party takes first place in Sweden, poll shows Its support is at…[View]
118342263Anti-Trump General - /ATG/ - Impeachment Soon Edition: This is a general thread for all people who a…[View]
118363509Why can't we all live together in peace and Harmony on planet earth ? is it really that hard ?[View]
118363498o cha cha cha another cuck episode: >mexican beans. >need I type moar? >eat mexican beans. …[View]
118361655we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children[View]
118357389KILL ALL REFUGEES: Seriously Europe are you suicidal? You need Hitler more than ever.[View]
118363348I'm more Jew than the Jews: and 4chan /pol/ is mostly annoying as hell uncivilized stupid 13 ye…[View]
118363073Man Child At It Again: What the fuck is he doing? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/u…[View]
118357016why do you hate Trump? state a reason or two.[View]
118361612>Muslim here, with a message for you Islamophobic people. >The West created this mess. >It …[View]
118357588The 4th Political Theory of Alexander Dugin. https://www.google.com/amp/bigthink.com/paul-ratner/th…[View]
118363075DESTINY FOR AUTISM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0uv_VEfIv0&t=2s OK /pol/ how do we get Dest…[View]
118359418Is 23andme worth it? I want to know wether my ancestors were arabs or spanish But I don't want …[View]
118359519>So you voted for Drumpf, did you boy? >Dumbass!…[View]
1183619742 DAYS LEFT: Only 2 days left to join the CPC and vote for /ourguy/ in May: https://maximebernier.na…[View]
118361000Is he telling the truth /pol/?[View]
118358620Syria General /sg/ - The Pirates of the Desert: Red Raqqa Treasure Edition: Everything you need to k…[View]
118362665Is it as bad as they make it out to be? Surely there's some decent places, maybe Northern Calif…[View]
118353530Daily reminder that communism works[View]
118362308Tendency of the rate of profit to fall: Was Marx right all along? Is socialism inevitable? How do yo…[View]
118362608Tomorrow georgia gets access to the schengen zones of everywhere in europe other than ireland and th…[View]
118362549found another cuck ;MUST READ 420 BOX OPENANG: >wears glasses. >gay mafia. >probably a rept…[View]
118359794A lot of the #PIZZAGATE hs been pushed on the left..I would like to submit some evidence that maybe …[View]
118362459Final solution to the leaf problem: Can someone please write a firefox extension that filters out al…[View]
118357058>pol/ tries to cuck muslims by advertising a white male making out with muzzie chicks >'white …[View]
118353172who would win /pol/[View]
118361816What do you guys think about punk movement back in 70's and 80's and what do you think of …[View]
118361977Jeb Bush: GOP Must ‘Lose The Primary To Win The General’: From 2014 >“I don’t know if I’d be a go…[View]
118353599Guys..you have to read this shit[View]
118362083HWNDU thread: Ok so I saw recently on internet some powerful lasers that could set on fire small rop…[View]
118358149Britbongs have no right to insult Scandinavia: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/i-want-viking-ba…[View]
118360703>tfw you wake up and Trump is still in the office[View]
118361899Ban Alcohol: Why is this shit still legal ? >causes addiction and dozen of deadly effects on the …[View]
118349148France + USA = best bros: Daily reminder that there is no greater friendship than the US-France one.…[View]
118358461Illegalize Child Mutilation: This should be a no-brainer. So why is this still allowed in the West? …[View]
118361768this one is self explanitory: >be jew kids cuck dog. >could ve killed all the people. >gets…[View]
118361734>Trump didn't do X >Trump didn't do Y >Trump BTFO >why doesn't Trump do …[View]
118355622FIRST AID = NATIONALISM: When was the last time you took a first aid class /pol/? It is your DUTY a…[View]
118343455When did you finally grow out of atheism, /pol/?[View]
118350868Jewish Literature.: >Be a Jew. >5 B.C. >Stronk roman pagans destroy muh temple. >Oy vey …[View]
118361008The London attacks: Just look at this shit. http://www.aftenposten.no/verden/Politiet-Masood-var-al…[View]
118361451The real Palestinians: Why do arabs claim to be Palestinians? They know damn well we came up with th…[View]
118361361Anyone seen this guy?: Taj Tarik Bey. He is good for some keks. But seriously how many people actual…[View]
118360494Бългapия: Eкзит пoл към 15 ч (пpeизчиcлeни бeз 'He пoдкpeпям никoгo' и пpи aктивнocт 34,2%) ГEPБ 3…[View]
118339803/pol/ Christianity Thread: For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in th…[View]
118344306Name a more based man:: pro-tip: you can't[View]
118361190What made you wake up and realise woman are cancer /pol/: Let's hear em stories.[View]
118319028Esalen Pedogate C't'd: David Werner, a self admitted pedofile who worked with the United n…[View]
118355685I am a white man. How do I help my black brothers and sisters who continue to cause their own povert…[View]
118361078dimentio the cuck ; in cuckroom kingdom: dimentio is def c u c k e d. >couldve sat and waited for…[View]
118353448Supporters of Navalny hold rally against Medvedev and Putin: https://youtu.be/I2FhmpoHMiQ[View]
118360992HFC Blood Oath Details That Doomed AHCA: https://secure.politico.com/story/2017/03/trump-freedom-cau…[View]
118346793So which promises has trump actually kept?: HILLARY in prison? NOPE the wall? NOPE Obamacare repeale…[View]
118343039/pol, avoid vaccination at all costs! It becomes harder and harder for the pharmaceutical industry t…[View]
118360867Where will he strike next?[View]
118359997H-hey anon, y-you don't actually believe anything you read on /pol/ do you? You know it's…[View]
118360639HWNDU - Added animation and sound: Added animation and sound last night: https://kirkins.github.io/H…[View]
118347941Just a friendly reminder that these are your 'blue eyed blonde aryans' on pol[View]
118358128Which song summarises your country's culture and mentality? Khe Sanh for me as an Aussie.[View]
118360578>yfw Trump unironically used to criticize Obama for spending too much time golfing[View]
118357059Ancaps are not real anarchists They just want to trade one power structure for another As long as th…[View]
118360180I'm not even completely white. But I get his message, and this makes me sad. I wish he won lads…[View]
118350183Why is England the best country on the planet?[View]
118316394Huntington Beach Smackdown: So this happened today in Huntington Beach, CA. These Antifa commie scum…[View]
118356821What the fuck is wrong with Burgerland?: Antifa to wear niqabs in order to charge Trump supporters w…[View]
118360034will she win?[View]
118359800The twitter account 'The democrats' just posted an image of protesters accompanied by a tweet saying…[View]
118347228Biracial marriages in Germany more than trippling in the past 55 years: https://magazin.spiegel.de/S…[View]
118358927Lets come together to protect the Democracy that the Greeks and Romans built for us !: We must save …[View]
118359715is bill a beta cuck.: >fails against a weak force field. >a baby, >dream demon. >trillio…[View]
118345992POL ANTIFA THREAD: YOU GUYS CANT EVEN SHOW UP TO YOUR OWN BOSTON MARCH https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118348727How long until the inevitable takeover of Siberia by the Chinks?: Besides all-out nuke warfare, does…[View]
118359710How do we solve the Boomer/Millennial Problem??: Boomer >Greedy as fuck >Entitled >Had it r…[View]
118355063Communist Russia: Was Communism in Russia funded by Jews so they can have an opposition force agains…[View]
118359676Why are we brainwashed into hating Shiites?: All I'm seeing is a harmless cult. Also, those but…[View]
118358548Is racism killing black babies?: Overall, recent figures continue to show a disparity between the ra…[View]
118356708>Dude, white genocide is such a big problem! Wanna yiff?[View]
118356148Ask a foreign student who was sexually dominated in bed by a feminist anything[View]
118356425Why are terrorists willing to blow themselves up?: Help me understand their thinking[View]
118357061Is Edward Snowden real?: Or is he just a computer program? http://govtslaves.info/edward-snowden-doe…[View]
118358436Why are Buddhists so based desu? >http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2047276/a…[View]
118350454/pol/ ylyl[View]
118358931Raising a family: How do I know if a woman is wife material? How do I raise our children to be lovin…[View]
118357191Drumpf confirmed brainlet?[View]
118359339Germany take notes from us, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQafn6tCdPk&ab_channel=YoutubeKanal…[View]
118358831Australian Refugee Activist Marries 31 Year Old Asylum Seeker: Australia needs more refugees. Old pe…[View]
118359299Tfw when none: Of your false flags worked so you have to go to Tahiti[View]
118352257Бългapия: Boyko fucked communists again[View]
118351236Land shouldn't be a commodity to be bought and sold.[View]
118357943What should we do about Trumpbots from r/thedonald?[View]
118357768How did this one little country - in just a few short years - become the LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD?!…[View]
118356836World domination: ITT we take over the world ok /pol/ heres a thought.... just what if, what if. We …[View]
1183528071 A common claim is that the average American woman working a full time job earns 0.78 dollars for e…[View]
118359100can this be fixed?[View]
118353398Russia happening: Continue discussion from this thread >>118346335[View]
118356106'It's going to be so easy.' Tax reform failure next.[View]
118358689the cuckening 4 (back to cuck time): is flame princess the most cucked out of all the princesses. …[View]
118357855Why females are always get their wish: Is there a reason why females always get their wish, they are…[View]
118356963>the misses is interested in blacks what do?[View]
118351907How do capitalists defend their beliefs given all the inside knowledge trading going on in wall stre…[View]
118355756how we fix youtube?boycott?[View]
118357097Just wow... really put my brain into pain.[View]
118358523>when American men talk about their BWC Pathetic[View]
118356545Emmanuel Macron Thread: Thoughts on Macron?[View]
118355361This can't be true: They are only something like 2% of the total population. How the fuck are j…[View]
118353483Gen Y: What went wrong here and why?[View]
118358239Australia, a province of China.: Australia’s extradition treaty with China a done deal http://www.th…[View]
118352237modniggers will probably 404 this one like they did all the others...: another pedo-ring 'exposed' (…[View]
118340396Syria General /sg/ - Sunday Morning Gainz Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
118327870Indian Hate Thread /IHT/ general: If you live in Fremont, ever visited a UPS store in SoCal where th…[View]
118341651Shitpost Wars: US vs. Canada Edition[View]
118357925TRUMP'S GOING TO MAKE OBAMACARE KILL US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcRblIPdP7g…[View]
118357882Why didn't Andrew Breitbart want anyone exposing his Culture Industry? https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
118357828Post your Jar-Jar Binks[View]
118357493Ethno-nationalism is fucking stupid. It's like saying whites are warriors, niggers are rogues a…[View]
118352391>germany still voting for eu shills >ramping up military spending >triggered by nations le…[View]
118357566Was Hitler born to lose?: 'When we look at people like Stalin and Hitler - they're after world …[View]
118346873Mods not doing their job: Today has been a persistent stream of, for lack of a better word degenerac…[View]
118344577Israel/Palestine conflict: Can you redpill me on Israel and Palestine? From what I've read (ev…[View]
118355905An american hero.[View]
118357149did he really died?[View]
118347715Daily reminder.[View]
118344695Overpopulation: Save the planet. Kill yourself[View]
118346816What have these potato niggers contributed to the world to earn their own major holiday? This piece …[View]
118354743why do aryan women age like wine?[View]
118344856punch a naz-[View]
118345738>We're only wasting a little bit of money.[View]
118353613Prove Your Shitty State is Better than Mine: >virtually no Jews, nogs, or spi- >guns >freew…[View]
118357140Who is Francois Fillon ?[View]
118351798>Stop right there you The Enemy of The People, you've been convinced in anti-soviet activiti…[View]
118350862>Argentina isn't whi-[View]
118355750reminder that islam is the root of all evil in the world: god how i fucking hate this religion and i…[View]
118348594One of the most politically incorrect politician: This is Vittorio Sgarbi, an italian politician (fr…[View]
118353927When you suck at your job but can't quit...: ...because you will never live it down HAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
118356080How is this not Satire?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw[View]
118355780You're all a bunch of: Losers. -George stephanopolis on the hacker 4chan recorded 3/25/2017…[View]
118355961Come watch degenerates get arrested with us! https://www.rabb.it/Terafirma https://www.rabb.it/Teraf…[View]
118356553Bolshevism = Pure Judaism: Why do Commies deny the disproportionate role of Jews in Communism, but J…[View]
118354122Reagan: This pudding-brained retard literally sent weapons to ISLAMIC JIHADIS of all people - why do…[View]
118354886Duterte Thread: Discuss about Duterte. Thoughts?[View]
118356325Who is this libjib cuck?: How about we just don't translate into arabic?[View]
118354368were they really innocent?[View]
118352647Russian anti-Putin nationalist resource is called 'a main threat for NATO' by NATO's main advis…[View]
118346911Stop being Christian.[View]
118354419Isn't race mixing (trying to make everyone the same) just communism repackaged?[View]
118352310State Department coverup? - Sexual misconduct including pedophilia during Clinton post: https://www.…[View]
118353466What would it take to launch a successful political third party in the US? I can't believe ther…[View]
118355444Just a reminder that the guy in the video where hes making out with a bunch of 'muslim' girls is chr…[View]
118346962/POL/ - COMMUNISM GENERAL: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, t…[View]
118355998Canadian Mosque criticized over wanting to kill Jews In the video, the imam recites in Arabic the v…[View]
118351925Is this shilling 101: The 75-year-old said the election of US President Donald Trump was one in a st…[View]
118355892You can only post ITT if a standing member of politics in your country has spoken up about the JQ …[View]
118353218Tolerance: Today, I was walking down the food market in my town, where I tend to go quite often. I w…[View]
118349715Trump-Chan Page 1[View]
118348522HDI - only proper measure of how 'white' is some country: Relying on GDP per capita alone is retarde…[View]
118344829This lesbian thinks that men are the cause of all the world's problems. >>>/lgbt/79888…[View]
118353944What are some valid ways in which to protest against political viewpoints and are there any lines th…[View]
1183541441 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRTOB8JPwa8 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV9UeKENOXw 3 https:…[View]
118352150CIA leaker Montgomery connection interviewed and discusses Brennan, Clapper, and Obama crimes!!!: Th…[View]
118348739What's pol opinion on muslim women? Are they beautiful or ugly? Easy to get or difficult? Do yo…[View]
118348156Why you so against banking?: Why is POL so against something that's so vital to the modern econ…[View]
118349020Tell me and I will forget: Has /pol/ seen this documentary? Shit is insane there how can South Afric…[View]
118355110How the EU screws me up.: I live in Luxembourg and I'm currently studying for my finals, I…[View]
118355020Marx: Guys I have a exam about Marx and dialectical materialism and economic determinism tomorrow, w…[View]
118350122>Drumpfcare failed >no wall >no lock her up >no ''muslim ban'' >israel is our greates…[View]
118317668What /pol/ think of toxoplasma gondii.: For those who don't know, it's a parasite very pec…[View]
118354897hong kong election for the presidente: FML[View]
118354665implying it is even a conspiracy anymore: >Assad fights the rebels and takes over their land >…[View]
118354731Why does /pol hate niggers so much?: I mean look at how developed the majority of Africa is.[View]
118353756Belarus to Tax people who dont work: In a 'novel' idea , the Belarus Government is going to Tax peop…[View]
118345495Moonlight: What did /pol/ think of this movie?[View]
118338366Feminists complain about Wonder Woman's Lack of Armpit Hair: http://archive.is/0Pt6D >With p…[View]
118344642Where do I fall politically if I'm libertarian but I don't want open borders and don'…[View]
118346576Brexit: This is why leaving the EU is a great thing![View]
118343878Brit/pol/ - All You Had To Do Was Listen edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Br…[View]
118353336What are we going to do when gen z comes for us?[View]
118352740yfw socialism will never free you from the boundaries of arbitrary family and kin classes, so you ca…[View]
118354291>two white men go to Zambia and install solar pannels so there would be electricity and light …[View]
118341117hey just wondering is it true that Islam says it's okay to rape a 10 year old white non-muslim …[View]
118346672Hating Israel is Retarded: >Lebanon could've been the only prosperous Christian nation in th…[View]
118354257Who is Boris (((Epshteyn))) and why is trending.[View]
118354210stop pretending that slavs are white. They are not. if you call them white then you could aswell cal…[View]
118334279Kekistani Island Purchase: Kek has granted us a place for the Kekistani people to thrive. It is know…[View]
118341675sup /pol/, what video games are you guys playing right now? Personally I'm playing some CK2, it…[View]
118353972William Cooper 'Behold A Pale Horse': Just want to know your thoughts on this book if you've re…[View]
118334690What board do people graduate to after /pol/ ?[View]
118336826Porn addiction causes your brain to shrink: http://www.livescience.com/46006-can-porn-shrink-brain.h…[View]
118345949Thanks to yesterday thread on Gnosticism I started reading The Forbidden Religion. It was truly inte…[View]
118350795GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE: Why haven't you joined your local Right Wing Death Squad anon?[View]
118349582>CHRISTIANITY Obviously religion is fucking stupid.. BUT Should I consider becoming a Christian i…[View]
118334745Why do Americans hate free healthcare so much? Sucking insurance company cock has to be tiresome aft…[View]
118353706Have you seen this? This cunt forces his liberal agenda upon his young and impressionable fanbase kn…[View]
118353697What happened with obamacare? Just get it away.[View]
118353603What's the point: What's the point of knowing how fucked the world is even more, day by da…[View]
118353430There's a reason non-whites hate us and want to tear us down. We're better than them and t…[View]
118353090Sargon is our gu...ATHEIST SCUM!: >Sargon doesn't believe in god >Does not provide proof …[View]
118333036Have white people become minorities on this board?: There's like shitload of race mixing, black…[View]
118353529>this is how many haters there are on Trump's twitter He should start blocking these shills.…[View]
118345964tumblr trolling: so I made a tumblr account called 'yougenderisamentalillness' and I've been di…[View]
118352212trump loves to make his old critics like ryan eat shit in public, that is more rewarding to him than…[View]
118341551What did she mean by this?[View]
118353207Here's what's gonna happen unless Trump is stopped very soon: Some Republican/Trump ally w…[View]
118349667Can someone please explain this garbled tweet? >'The irony is that the Freedom Caucus, which is v…[View]
118342813Krautchan, biggest German imageboard, raided and taken down by police.: Krautchan, biggest German im…[View]
118349204Why won't Trump get rid of this globalist shill?[View]
118345498Guy resisting by the Lincoln Memorial.: #resist[View]
118352397peaceful times breed weak people weak people breed war war breeds strong people strong people breed …[View]
118344468Mom buys white girls black dolls. They start crying.: lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv1K9roa4c…[View]
118349076I know it was meme'd but I am honestly worried about Trump and the nuke codes. What would it ta…[View]
118352809Someone just used the damn daniel meme unironically in my school.[View]
118345641Be honest...: Is /pol/'s obsession with white people being superior a meme or are you fucks ser…[View]
118351176The Russians are interfering in our /pol/itics: I think we're being invaded by 2ch[View]
118352796>San Bernardino shooting - American-born US citizen of Pakistani descent >Orlando nightclub sh…[View]
118343713>s-sieg h-heil...!! why does /pol/ idolize a defeatist cuck AND also deny his mass jew killing ac…[View]
118336525The EU is more democratic than the UK: Not even a contest. Brexit is antidemocratic[View]
118346987Who would win a total war between Japan and Worst Korea?[View]
118351782EU cucks desecrate flowers for Galen police officer: I fucking hate these fucking faggots so much. F…[View]
118352268WTF. This Macron guy is a literal devil, and his wife an old witch. Holy shit, how cuckced is France…[View]
118346335Protests in Russia: There are protests against corruption in more than 100 cities across the coutnry…[View]
118309538/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Questi…[View]
118349185Why does mass immigration not work?[View]
118350776Years 2007 / 2008: What happened here? Why was the world so much worse afterwards?[View]
118351302Guess my name: >Alright youtube >lamestream media >trump >bubba bill >vermont >par…[View]
118344897ITT: your biggest fears[View]
118335808Did you vote? Redpilled and allowed by /pol/ parties: BSP, United Patriots, Vazrazhdane. Nu-male tie…[View]
118351514Antifacts caption competition[View]
118351351Who Will Be Sent to a Fema Camp: Bad goyim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwDGQTCWA4I[View]
118349648This pisses me off to no end, this school isnt even diverse, its all pakis, no joke, I go past it ev…[View]
118351341>soros ree Dumbfies are so afraid of this[View]
118349897Hmm, I wonder why was Trumpcare such a failure[View]
118344077Why is it that only white guys turn into nu males? Has anyone ever seen a hispanic or black guy nu m…[View]
118351069Caption This[View]
118342485What are your thoughts on Styx? He seems to be on point of most of things and is very articulate how…[View]
118350475a boor, an oaf, a buffoon, a lecher, and a bully to boot, the complete package for a banana republic[View]
118349893Wasn't bailing out wall street after the great recession socialism for the rich? why republican…[View]
118321718New research identifies a ‘sea of despair’ among white, working-class Americans: http://www.msn.com/…[View]
118341350Who funds them and convinced these people what they're doing is good?[View]
118342691>pol: the wall is going to stop illegal immigration >me: tunnels BAZINGA…[View]
118348305/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
118335772Yet another risk thread.: Alright you fags, its time for a short risk thread.[View]
118346847Can't wait until she gets BTFO.[View]
118350335>that hand gesture really makes you think....[View]
118348958Redpill me on Obamacare: Is Trump a hero or failure for trying to repeal Obamacare?[View]
118349165Anti-Putin Meeting in Russia. People are pissed off at Putin and Medvedev. Everyone is tired of the…[View]
118349776WHAT'S WITH THE SLIDE THREADS?: What are they trying to slide? The Jew Goldberg story? PizzaGat…[View]
118350148Guten Tag: problem?[View]
118312846ITS OVER NIGGERS THE JEWS WON: When you read this, you'll be wishing this was fake news! Micro …[View]
118347499>this clown can't even pass the healthcare bill great president you've got there /pol/…[View]
118349888/polder/ Dutch politics - FvD grows to 3 seats in the polls Edition: Dutch political parties ranking…[View]
118337254Christcucks: explain yourself: >mfw people actually believe a magical man in the sky judges all h…[View]
118348342Brexit in 3 days bois, but UK seems to be dong great[View]
118338476Anyone else here kinda concerned that it looks like the left in this country is gearing up for war?[View]
118346898You knew the Republicans were full of hot air. They haven’t had to pass anything in a long time, and…[View]
118348186What would /pol/ be like if Shillary won?[View]
118349490Alien Landing: >Aliens land all over the planet. >They want YOU to explain them what is Christ…[View]
118347889**Blocks your path**[View]
118324273If you don't own at least one you're not fucking free.: The right and responsibility to de…[View]
118345729First time on Reddit, make a post, got banned: Why this useless website still in business? Holy fuck…[View]
118349416Since the old media is dying, it stands to reason that in the new digital world we'll have new …[View]
118349218YEH BULL-PREPPIN'[View]
118346662you can't hide in the tropics forever Obama[View]
118349420WEAPON MARKET LUCERN: All Swiss should arm themselves EDITION: LUZERN - In Lucerne this weekend the …[View]
118346443Meet one of my favourite political scientists: John Joseph Mearsheimer proposed the theory of offens…[View]
118338595Daily Isra/pol/ thread - everybody is probably at work edition: let's talk about Israeli issues…[View]
118349100GAS THE KIKES[View]
118346661Why does she just keep smiling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KgUR23w8qM[View]
118336586Simple Risk Thread (CLOSED): MUPDATE #51: New Thread Edition >Krauts finally catch a break >US…[View]
118349175HWNDU Home Version: Guys? Lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdQZMr6YA18[View]
118349104/nsg/: Enjoy, faggots https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-caiFcphf-LMEo1aXY5cHF6Wlk Also, /nsg/…[View]
118341583Don't take the Old Testament too seriously: Christfags who like affect a reasonable persona lik…[View]
118340261Black anon here, what IMDBs are most white girls?[View]
118348927Cry, my soul, always weep. Through this consolation will come to you. You will not have time to cry,…[View]
118348673You are so mad right now[View]
118347619Why is rape more controversial than murder?[View]
118321703>Liberals want to stop this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_A2TTwZNu4 >h-hey, let's kil…[View]
118346519>Catalog >Ctrl+F Mandela >No results You guys disappoint me. Here is a recap of every event…[View]
118348372POO: Why are Aussies so jealous of the Poos? I know Aussies are born shitposters, but when it comes …[View]
118344553Why aren't you a Hindu yet /pol/ ?: >oldest religion alive >god tier spirituality >go…[View]
118346869daily reminder western culture wouldn't be subverted by this shit if america never had slaves g…[View]
118347315If I have a child: >Above average IQ, so I would help against the decreasing intellegence of huma…[View]
118347119Can I trust these people to change the world ?: There is this Global Challenges Foundation in ... Sw…[View]
118319163what country do you have the least respect for? Pic related.[View]
118347339Isn't Israel islamophobic?: They got a wall between them and the muslims in Palestine. Those po…[View]
118347934you can't stump the tr---[View]
118342163Is white population destined to go extinct?: The situation of white men is similar to situation of t…[View]
118346789Do Graham Crackers really stop you from masturbating? I haven't had an urge to jerk it once sin…[View]
118347634Having no more penis: Bash the stunningly brave hero.[View]
118299807>/pol/ on the left[View]
118347301>durr i saved 500,000,000 lives >also stop driving your car cause you're creating climat…[View]
118345800r8 my rig, /v/[View]
118347856Guys can we still meme this guy into presidency somehow? Current timeline is turning into another sh…[View]
118326850Come watch this alt-right white supremacist aryan stream. twitch tv osmurr[View]
118345728Apologise http://archive.is/mkjdZ[View]
118345357/pg/ - Paganism General: European Paganism is growing so it's about time we discussed it as a s…[View]
118326573World population will hit 7.5 billion today. Reminder that in 2000 it was 6 billion. In 15 years the…[View]
118333584OPERATION REMOVE HIJAB : THE PROPAGANDA WAR MACHINE: Previous threads: >>118322254 >>118…[View]
118340097Is the 'awwww culture' of fawning and drooling over cute small animals degenerate? It's really …[View]
118347522Daily reminder to btfo RIDF: Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow. Everything that is sou…[View]
118347552Some good news in Malta: Regarding this piece of shit's attempt to impose a gender quota in Par…[View]
118347052manifa blocks your path.[View]
118346194So can someone explain to me again how brexit and secure borders are supposed to be racist?[View]
118335144GET IN HERE FAGGOTS WE HAVE A MYSTERY TO SOLVE: The Encoded Crusader Sword: Can You Solve the Crypti…[View]
118344444Did you march from Trump[View]
118343668DEMOCRACY: >democracy >a harvard educated lawyer turned politican and a ceo of america corp. a…[View]
118342363Hold up are you the guys who stole shia's flag? I saw that on the news and i come here to see m…[View]
118345166Dugin: does he really have Putins ear? his wikipedia would seem to go against that claim, but then i…[View]
11832332624 Hours.: This will be our last leak ever. We are going to change the world this time, I promise. B…[View]
118334615Is he dare I say it, our guy?! He just walks into a room full of liberals and makes fun of gays, tra…[View]
118347139What did he mean by this? >I'm talking about the hat >69…[View]
118342055Trips decides the religion of the shooter.[View]
118339546Why are the elites trying to Islamify Europe?[View]
118342936Is mass deportation of all muslims the only way to stop terrorism once and for all?[View]
118333041>1 chance at life >born a 198cm tall aryan in one of the best and richest countries available …[View]
118345360Was Dragon Quarter actually bad or do people just not like it because it wasn't as good as BoF …[View]
118346809Are you happy /pol/ at the inevitable destruction of your planet?: >still sitting in basement bla…[View]
118341115at this point it should be common knowledge but it should be mentioned. the cia and the fbi regularl…[View]
118338561Mupdate 13 :Ops hand going numb from recoloring edition[View]
118345518Nazi: Hitler saved Germany his actions alone saved his country from falling to powers unjustly if he…[View]
118344513How do I redpill my younger brothers?: They are ages 19, 17, 14, 11.. What approaches to take, how f…[View]
118346573We have gone to far..... nopw[View]
118346174Is being in love with Adolf Hitler degenerate?[View]
118346391Everyones a little bit racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RovF1zsDoeM thoughts on the message o…[View]
118346353Just proovin a point[View]
118339957Biden regrets not running: 'I could have won': >Thinks Hildabeast/Wasserman Schultz wou…[View]
118323430ITT: /pol/ users you recognize: >the viet gook who spams 'sink the chinks' in every thread >th…[View]
118338910Is the FLOTUS a tranny!?: Is Melania Trump really a woman? She looks rather mannish compared to Mich…[View]
118336308Feminist: Men like 'rough and tumble' women: Why is she wrong, /pol/?[View]
118344772Come Home White Man[View]
118339266is this troll account? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw[View]
118340753SOS send memes: Hello /pol/ I am from an alternate timeline where Hillary won the election. Upon win…[View]
118344820POLITICS: Just came to /pol/ Every thread was a 'why the fuck is this on /pol/' Fuck all that shit L…[View]
118328762well.... polll???[View]
118345970Sugar license?: I spent a while in jail (possession of an offensive weapon with intent to use) and w…[View]
118344780Name a more based man:: pro-tip: you can't[View]
118343306NA vs SA: North America: Prosperous 1st world South America: crime ridden hell on earth + communist…[View]
118345822https://youtu.be/KpLEQOIURro this ypu have to know![View]
118345249Muh Wh*te supremacy: Kek. Post-White America is here /pol/ https://newrepublic.com/article/120370/fi…[View]
118330675>/pol/ will defend this[View]
118335703Too Intelligent: Ok /pol/ why are there no happenings and why haven't we done anything great in…[View]
118344652Post Election Stress Disorder Becoming Serious Issue For Anti-Trump Womanchildren: https://www.youtu…[View]
118335168The Donald: So I just went over to reddit to see the home of what's fucking this board up. My G…[View]
118343175Ok /pol. I have a plan on how we can help our poor uninformed women. There is this geografical app …[View]
118344275Are Shia Muslims the most red-pilled people on earth?[View]
118340674What would be the best place in the USA: I'm considering migrating to the USA, give me the best…[View]
118337447Did White People Colonizing African Fuck Up Africans?: Did White People Colonizing African Fuck Up A…[View]
118341540Alt Right Flag[View]
118345197DEUS VULT, a need crusade is needed to destroy the muslims[View]
118345322Keep 'em gaslighted and ignorant.[View]
118342238Happening Right Now! Get in here Faggots!: PIc unrelated don't hate happening meme on this comp…[View]
118341212I know that's a shitty thread, but I would like to know /pol/ ideological position with this si…[View]
118320433Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products: http://archive.is/1Px…[View]
118336588Fuck it. National Capitalism thread #1. Let's make it a thing boys.[View]
118344137Media newspeak: Newspeak in the works. (((Media and the politics))) will do everything to erase term…[View]
118343111Feldmann... Feldmann! Wake up! Did you hear? Our boys are marching toward the front lines! Not just …[View]
118345025#HWNDU Replaced with #MAGA, Shia LaBeouf on Suicide Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_hA2sE5…[View]
118325880>300 muslims killed by american airstrike >no one gives a fuck >5 cumskins killed in a isol…[View]
118344420Whatcha goyims think about antifaggots arming themselves?: Found this with the tag 'It's going …[View]
118344783Fuck (((Ivanka))). No seriously, bitch needs to GTFO: Via lamecherry, who sums it best: Speaking for…[View]
118344805what do /pol/..brown boys take our best women how can whitey even compete[View]
118340834Cincinnati nightclub shooting thread http://www.wlwt.com/article/police-at-least-15-shot-1-dead-at-c…[View]
118343917Americans Will Become #1 Shitposter: I will grant America's place as #1 shit poster! By talking…[View]
118339541guys why did i believe the Jewish lies, you're always right and will always be right i ask for …[View]
118344787ITT: We Make Fun Of Canada: >I wipe my ass on the leaf of your flag after I take a shit while cam…[View]
118329370The Shill Solution: #1 Remain calm/indifferent to obvious baits. #2 Never try and reason with them, …[View]
118343080They told you so: Why didn't you listen?[View]
118344606Antifa BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIKZ_E0QvYA[View]
118339509FUCK UP THE RATING OF A SHITTY BLM COFFEE HOUSE: Some shit coffee house near Pittsburgh made some tr…[View]
118344569Time Capsule #1: #BLM Protesters Ran Over and Shot by Mexican Gangsters: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
118341452Are you kidding me?: So, literal cuckoldry is being promoted right now on 9gag and some of the top c…[View]
118344426How will Trump use the momentum from his health care victory? How will he use his superhuman dealmak…[View]
118343389Why won't you take the biggest red pill of them all?[View]
118344353A military coup pls https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2…[View]
118344264Liberal Lunatics Call Portland Mayor (Dem) a 'F*cking Capitalist Pig': https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118342125The year is 2017: We count years based on when Jesus.was born. Let that sink in for moment. Oh but h…[View]
118343416Does this image make anyone else extremely uncomfortable ?[View]
118330860Surviving corporate america: work in a F500 firm. Literally everything I do is triggering and wrong …[View]
118344190So close now[View]
118339633>an average algerian women next to a famous showbusiness french movie star and glamour model…[View]
118338180WTF, Frenchies, why do you want to vote for THIS First Lady???: This dude married an infertile old w…[View]
118336511What's he up to?[View]
118335644Why does /pol/ think africans are sub-human?: Why does /pol/ think africans are sub-human? They were…[View]
118337118Test: Testing DLP xxxx xxxx xxxx 6575 05/18 xx6[View]
118341894Why does /pol/ hate Jews?: When the worst parts of Jews can be found just as much if not more so in …[View]
118343056What is the stance of your country's police on immigratuion?[View]
118340218/pol/s thoughts on the RE series?[View]
118322101Brit/pol/ - Houses of Worship Edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be rev…[View]
118326775I can't be the only one still watching Best Korean TV right? There's a comfy show on right…[View]
118332271The New Race: Face it, hapas are just a shitty meme. Asian girls (Korean at least) are a viable opti…[View]
118342553R8 my cake /pol/[View]
118343275Uninformed perceptions of Religious Traditions thread Protestantism - The individuals direct relatio…[View]
118342905i'm starting to like it recently anyone else ancap?[View]
118341508What does pol think of this guy?[View]
118338831>god's 'chosen' people >hated by everyone >invented communism >got shoa'd expl…[View]
118341025I had stopped going to /pol/ for a while and holy shit can't you guys just fucking ignore retar…[View]
118339401HAPPENING!!!: GET IN HERE IT'S HAPPENING BOIZ! Australia just won the 1981 ODI series against N…[View]
118325864Alex Jones suddenly backs down????: What the fuck happened..... I understand there is laws against s…[View]
118336266From reddit http://www.sciencealert.com/photos-reveal-more-than-200-bright-blue-arctic-lakes-have-st…[View]
118335834>when pol realizes firearms are illegal in Japan[View]
118336014Nuking the middle east and most of Africa: What are the pros and cons? Moralfaggotry need not apply…[View]
118342554When will the people of kekistan be free?: When can we claim victory? Why are we hated so?[View]
118342550waddap /poland how are you doing today?[View]
118340478Which European country has the best-looking women, and why is it Bulgaria?[View]
118329627Syria Will Fire Scuds at Israel in Response to Airstrikes: The Syrian government has announced that …[View]
118340033WTF Trump is doing????? Is he trying to get impeached???? Is he really that stupid??? This is not wh…[View]
118327862When did you first start to hate Anglos? >Be Australian >Read history book >Realize my gr…[View]
118341173https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=914DvVBm0dY Anyone email Amazon bitching about the banning of Holoca…[View]
118342316Time for /pol/ to work it's magic.: There is a petition right now to get the president to decla…[View]
118320275The New Hitler? Black anti-immigrant far-right politician the face of hate in Germany: >The head …[View]
118338999Just finished reading this[View]
118336570>Tfw face when i fell for the Trump meme. Now this country is FUCKED for 8 years partially becaus…[View]
118338114Can you guess which one is the before Trump presidency?[View]
118318576What sort of a ride are the Chinese in for with their own attempt at colonizing Africa? Do you think…[View]
118341749New flag of the Alt Right[View]
118330735Anyone else regret voting Drumpf he said we'd win and get tired of winning but he hasn't w…[View]
118341832This is how bad things have gotten in palestine, where people are detained and imprisoned for merely…[View]
118324781SJWs ruin everything: >tfw your favorite series gets killed by a white hating SJW and diversity h…[View]
118317227WHO IS THIS FAG?: He's always the top comments (negative) on President Trump's Twitter fee…[View]
118341382>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, THE REPUBLICANS ARE CUTTING FUNDING FOR [thing I like] You can donate your …[View]
118339129The living stereotype of every/pol/tard ever: >Muh White supremacy…[View]
118340004when did you realize america isn't a real country and that it's just a colony to extract r…[View]
118338845Soooo... do you guys think that we should kill all black people (in Europe, the US and Africa)? Or s…[View]
118341536Is Trump just a pawn to this man?[View]
118332615Why do people of Irish descent think they're white?[View]
118325589GOVERNMENT SHOULD SUPPLY BIDETS FOR HYGIENE: When my husband first suggested getting a bidet, my imm…[View]
118313283Why is it vast majority white people that created and are obsessed with metal. Basically the only ge…[View]
118338171So... Why won't Trump... Release his tax returns?[View]
118341404New political system: Democracy of Moses: Need feedback PLEASE!!![View]
118335985Why is the young generation in France so based?[View]
118336922BREAKING NEWS; At least 8 reported injured after a shooting at a #Cincinnati nightclub: https://twit…[View]
118334774Why are asian males such faggots?[View]
118331270State Patriotism: Is it weird that I'm more patriotic about my state than I am about my country…[View]
118325484Was Hitler a Christian or an atheist?[View]
118338525Meet me at the other side /pol/: sin(0.00146x) * 1000[View]
118340965As stupid as niggers are, they might have developed tge jew thinking. What if they invented black li…[View]
118336544What does it mean to be a white male in 2017?[View]
118340694The Alt-Right Needs A Flag?[View]
118340789Anons be ready. Happening soon 01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 001011…[View]
118340751Why doesn't Trump just end the world? It's never going to get better. He has the nuclear c…[View]
118330803Need something cleared up: /pol/ believes Jews run the world. The media (which Jews supposedly contr…[View]
118340727ShariaBlue BTFO. >ShariaBlue literally cannot come up with an argument against this.…[View]
118340407Why do black men love incarceration?[View]
11832432014: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.[View]
118339845How do capitalists defend their beliefs given all the inside knowledge trading going on in wall stre…[View]
118340581Check these magic digits! >Shadilay![View]
118337306The African American Community Was Fucked Up By White People: The African American Community Was Fuc…[View]
118340519trump dies in a fire: why didnt anyone save him[View]
118340463Apologise http://archive.is/mkjdZ[View]
118339701http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz Your thoughts /pol/[View]
118328486/auspol/ Is he /ourguy/: local man delivers quality bantz. /thread theme https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
118340337>“When I speak of quality I have in mind, I think, something that is quite different from what is…[View]
118334785making California red again: >go incredibly liberal school >being conservative/right winged f…[View]
118340241https://vimeo.com/210107462 White supremacist steals cop car >Straya[View]
118333572Go over to Fastistball IV on youtube and sub, he puts out good fascist music from all over the world…[View]
118336062Is Japan about to be culturally enriched? Muslim prayer room accommodations in Japan, vid related. h…[View]
118335499/kodakblack/ tunnel vision: > select all images with mountains how are we going to win the race w…[View]
118335706Meme War Thread: What's our Next Meme Campaign? How can we make America High Energy Again?…[View]
118340007Can someone tell me about Michael Tracey who is he is he a liberal turned nationalist what are his p…[View]
118335656Slavs are not white They are lazy untermensch. Just like lazy rhum drinking caribbean niggers, russ…[View]
118338248when did you realise that u.s.a. was never meant to be a country for white people[View]
118339824Alright youtube lamestream media trump bubba bill vermont paradigm shift pretty funny actually *spoo…[View]
118332870Merchant Thread: Post em[View]
118339564Thin blue line flags, are they cringe or patriotism?[View]
118327935TASMANIAN TIGER SIGHTINGS SPARK MAN HUNT: Tasmanian tiger: 'Sightings' of extinct animal s…[View]
118329710GOYIM:: Is This The Jewish Endgame?[View]
118338970Come on now... this is getting a little silly, don't you think? Love him or hate him this is si…[View]
118338780ShariaBlue General /SBG/: It's over Drumpfkins! You go low and we go high. Don't you wish…[View]
118329002He will not divide us[View]
118339552What can we do for preventing Macron (aka banks & investment funds puppet) from being elected ?[View]
118328556Just went to a Muslim-interfaith wedding: Ask me anything[View]
118334664Has it ever occurred to you that there might be some female anons sitting back and laughing at all o…[View]
1183325934chan has been weird ever since we drifted from libertarian/humanist Doug Stanhope to monkey brained…[View]
118336199:/: When you realize liberals don't talk about black kids being shot by cops anymore because it…[View]
118322368OPERATION REMOVE HIJAB #DicksOutForHaramBabes: Background: >guy does prank video about kissing Mu…[View]
118335526Cease All Motor Functions[View]
118332966Condom Commercials: I have a thirteen year old child and we were watching a show about Pearl Harbor …[View]
118336248Fill it in, /pol/[View]
118297973Is abstaining from sex in a sex-obsessed culture really worth it? Is there a net-positive effect for…[View]
118324261Is anyone else here unironically in favor of the Russians taking control of USA?: >Faggotry/SJWis…[View]
118333315OK. All jokes aside, how do we realistically save the white race?[View]
118339176RED PILL TIME BISHES: if you think tesla actually had the potential to create free energy for all, y…[View]
118338872Whould this be considered political incorrect these days? Ameribros, do you fell offended by this? h…[View]
118333066How does it feel knowing that the women of your country will never be as good as our women, and that…[View]
118335410>American white supremacists[View]
118301842Let's pretend 50-100 pollacks moved out of their PC, faggy countries and went to Chile. -Poole…[View]
118337581Chat leaks from /r/FULLCOMMUNISM discord: Why do left wingers always turn out to be pasty, maladapti…[View]
118325674Risk Thread - USA Edition: Risk Thread - USA Edition Read the bottom left image to get the rules, tr…[View]
118335100Who are they?[View]
118334581What is wrong with Drumpf supporters, lads? Are the like being punched? LMAO[View]
118338319Bingo: Just made a couple of these Bingo boards. One is for the next time you come across a Black Su…[View]
118334897Explain yourselves, Trumptards.[View]
118337362Welsh independence: A yw'n anochel?[View]
118317527pol, should fat people pay more for airplane tickets and like things?: Why or why not? https://www.y…[View]
118319269legit happening: insider interviewed about epic CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery: this is fucking…[View]
118333182So Drumpf has no chance of winning a second term, right?[View]
118334431Who can stop this man?[View]
118335915What happens if nationalism does take in every industrialized nation, but due to mass communication …[View]
118328323Me and my brother are completely set up in the case of a chimp out. I have a commando and he has tw…[View]
118337568Local priests misdeeds: So a local scandal broke out in the parish. The new, young, dynamic, enthusi…[View]
118332008Is suicide redpilled? Should a citizen be allowed to an hero if he wants to?[View]
118327477If Antifa are 'weak' why do they always win?: You brag about fascists being 'strong' and Antifa beig…[View]
11831062390% German 10% Irish/Scottish Am I Aryan /pol/?[View]
118331741/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Point and Laugh' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
118336711Is posting threads about niggers the new CTR tactic?: The catalog is jam packed full of bait that id…[View]
118320289Being a young Black man in Amerikkka: >33% graduation rate from college >64% unemployment …[View]
118321789I always wondered why women dress slutty as fuck and then complain when they are mistaken for sluts.[View]
118334360Does the military support Trump?: I want them on our side if civil war breaks out. Any active duty h…[View]
118337131perfect wedding couple: These newly weds are perfect! save for her hairy arm, but other than that no…[View]
118333548World War 3 has started! 1. Describe your country's role in the war. 2. Which nations does your…[View]
118334291So when Deus vults, do we kick jews out of jerusalem or do we kick muslims out and give it to jews? …[View]
118336960Islam: How to Beat Your Wife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Tw7WhH_aQ Does pol think this is rea…[View]
118332157I think we're looking at a one term president folks he has just broken too many promises alread…[View]
118336297Why is this allowed?[View]
118319162Furries and Jews: Is there are a connection?[View]
118323739What's pol's opinion on Catholicism, having a discussion of if left wingers are more relig…[View]
118336050Satanic Tranny spits on Donald Trump star, 'assualts' camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3vHDm…[View]
118331425There is no more mainstream media because no media outlet is mainstream, it's all the wild west…[View]
118335317wtf? sanctions were supposed to be lifted, not introduced[View]
118315751I'm a Non-Racist Race Realist: I believe different races and cultures exist, and this leads to …[View]
118336197http://slatestarcodex.com/2017/03/24/guided-by-the-beauty-of-our-weapons/ >The problem is that th…[View]
118318235Jontron Removed From Yooka-Laylee as VA Over 'Racist Remarks': Is he /ourguy/? We are approaching le…[View]
118334018>tfw the foreshadowing was strong in this one[View]
118325160/pol/ Christianity Thread: REMINDER: THIS IS A CHRISTIAN BOARD I won't tell anyone else to leav…[View]
118333911Australia is not real. It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their crimin…[View]
118335738Wannabe Cowboys Niggers Ride Horses through Walmart in Texas: #HorseLivesMatter >http://dailywest…[View]
118329967why did he do it pol? What was his reason? What would convince him to shoot up a black church?[View]
118327941Is this shit new? Apparently its live right now, on tv. looks promising.[View]
118333857Im tired of all these fucking foreigners (not just mexicans) who come over here (who I swear have an…[View]
118329930They're not even hiding their agenda anymore http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4348586/An…[View]
118326055Richard Spencer: Why does this guy trigger nu-/pol/ so much?[View]
118334147>tfw you voted for trump >all he does is play golf and his whore wife doesn't even live i…[View]
118331875Seriously what the fuck europe: I just discovered that central and Eastern Europeans unironically se…[View]
118324531Legalize drugs: All drugs should be legalized. Every one of them. It is none of the government'…[View]
118335227Deal with it, Sharia Blue.[View]
118335350Sourced from Sky News DON'T WE ALL KNOW ALREADY WHAT THE MOTIVE WAS. MSM trying very hard to h…[View]
118320920MUPDATE #34: OP has all night edition >Germans still holding a +3 bonus >Puppy Back being deva…[View]
118331744Is pizzagate real /pol/?[View]
118334290The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
118327232Trump Takes 12th Golfing trip: Each of these trips costs $3 million why should the taxpayer fund his…[View]
118335202What did kek mean by this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWQ3-hI0KsU[View]
118333788The Face of American Nationalism: Do you ever just look at yourself and feel embarrassed? Cause that…[View]
118327221I Have a Message for 4chan Alt-Right Trolls: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9CGOP2epSSY Probably the b…[View]
118334022Guys I just solved the war on terror >muslims stone each other to death for defacing the quran …[View]
118326143Kek, am I?[View]
118325956>go to American theater >as I enter a siren goes off, police strip-search me for weapons as I…[View]
118334481Don't tell me Trump is seriously going to change the climate policy: Coal power plants in citie…[View]
118287211HEY, WANNA SEE SOME ANTIFA FAGGOTS GETTING BTFO BY BASED COPS?: Check this shit out... Watch these a…[View]
118333280The Journey of the Normie: I made this flowchart to show the estimated path from Normie to Enlighten…[View]
118334616Safe Schools: Australian Children are being indoctrinated by the safe schools program. I have linked…[View]
118334579Mainstream Pakistanis calling for the death of an atheist shitposter: #HangAyazNizami was the #1 tre…[View]
11832507290% chance he gets impeached and Alex Jones goes to jail by the end of the year. What will you do Dr…[View]
118334519why is the soil in britain filled with disgusting rats? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2Pyu-Cj0gg…[View]
118334491Niggers: Nigggggggers[View]
118328854Goyim I have a question: >white people should only advance and aid other white people to importan…[View]
118313915If your town was impacted by migrants, tell us your story.[View]
118324295I've noticed something strange. I get many more matches on dating apps (tinder and bumble) whe…[View]
118330980How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history /pol/? Just because Trump is President doesn…[View]
118333738How to cuck like the Swedes: According to this, nationalism is a gateway drug to being a shitbag. In…[View]
118325964-IGNORE IF YOU ARE NOT AUTISTIC- 4Craft - V11 - Normie boogaloo we've started an unironic Minec…[View]
118334128He will not divide us live chat #HWNDU: some people in here Live https://youtu.be/pXpfKe-veF8[View]
118313177Comfy plates thread: Which state has the best plates? Canadians welcomed as probationary posters; we…[View]
118333676The story of your enrapement[View]
118330919>white >niggers have intruded my senpai >want to burn all niggers help, someone…[View]
118320526Teenagers nowadays: These kids are the biggest assholes of any previous generation. Who here is deal…[View]
118333425how to get over an existential crisis due to taking the red pill?[View]
118333732As Jordan Peterson once said, 'Only the court jester is allowed to tell the truth, because he is ben…[View]
118333719HWNDU: America is no longer safe for artists: See pic related. How does it make you feel that you l…[View]
118329979Why does /pol/ worship rich people so much?[View]
118332539Lads Enough of the Spam.: Let's stop being baited by the chosenforsacrifice people. Real polit…[View]
118333351NO MORE SHILL THREADS, LETS FALSE FLAG THE JEW: Idea is simple, post these around your favorite publ…[View]
118332787Syrian Muslims cut puppy's tail off: Why can't we use this as propaganda against Syrian re…[View]
118331756>mfw no evidence yet provided for wiretapping claim >mfw drumpfcare is an epic failure Do you …[View]
118333486Is the white race finished?: Tell me the truth...I need to know. These assholes aren't doing an…[View]
118333474https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WMebV5qt3s wtf[View]
118322929Western civilization BTFO: This skyline is from Singapore.. SingaPOOR.... > WTF are we doing in …[View]
118332745when did you start to believe in meme magic?[View]
118325943can trump even drive? this is NOT how normal people look when they drive...[View]
118332382The domestic canine is truly humanity's best friend. From hunting animals with their masters to…[View]
118333316buttt muh welfare: http://bloggingheads.tv/videos/45481 Joblessness has NOTHING to do with *VIOLENT…[View]
118322757What happened at MAGA marches today? Did philly really abandon their march? Anything else? I was at …[View]
118331801How did Drumpf fail again he said we'd get tired of winning yet his healthcare plan sucks even …[View]
118329824Why is he such a hypocrite he is the biggest fucking loser president of them all his healthcare plan…[View]
118332375Anyone on /pol/ regretting voting Trump I'm having second no third thoughts here I thought afte…[View]
118328079Why shouldn't the minimum wage be a living wage?[View]
118330415Breaking badly: Is this a new kind of terrorism?[View]
118331751>sudden rise of anti-anime on pol recently are we being invaded by 'alt righters' or r.eddit agai…[View]
118332163Which ideology is /pol/?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12609901[View]
118322728I think /pol/ has been overrun[View]
118326954Dude, it's really making me think Every time I call a liberal a cuck, I'm actually complim…[View]
118325014Both India and Central America share relatively similar environmental conditions. Plenty of resource…[View]
118332405>this is nu-/pol/[View]
118332406MURDOCH MURDOCH: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey-D7IKMrqs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9_HBdG5280o…[View]
118316707Elon Musk, a self-made man, thinks it's a good idea: >not supporting Basic Income when it…[View]
118332370Stupid Gay Nazis: Fascism is for submissives looking for a strong man father figure. Those who follo…[View]
118331004/pol/ 1:1000 Earth minecraft server: polandcraft.keko.net Discuss your political views, build a fact…[View]
118322254OPERATION REMOVE HIJAB : THE PROPAGANDA WAR MACHINE: to make propaganda sandniggers could understand…[View]
118306912>Be Black >Read history book >Realize my Black ancestors was enslaved,abused and humiliate…[View]
118330610What is the motivation for acting 'street'? I used to think maybe it was a way to pretend to be toug…[View]
118331919Daily reminder that this man did nothing wrong: It is necessary that I should die for my people; but…[View]
118330075'Winning' is so fun![View]
118331437Starcraft Remastered: massive shilling/rally for HD remaster of Starcraft today in Korea, with engli…[View]
118332042>Be working part time at Jimmy John's as a delivery driver >working overnight on a Saturd…[View]
118329353LIL SOFCOR: Remember to spam #MuslimFeminists let's make the campaign real[View]
118332028We are the Jews and the Germans from Jerusalem and Germania. We are the Jeru and the Jerumen from Je…[View]
118327573The Zzzz Pill: You are VERY tired: Ready for a real redpill? It's called getting 8-10 hours of …[View]
118301192/pol/ makes these people seem completely subhuman. Is there video of an intelligent abo?[View]
118326033Really gets the cranium debatium[View]
118329721Are Indonesians /ourguys/?: /leftypol/ wont recover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky7Z4-UjaJI…[View]
118327397Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
118326605Right Wing Safety Squads: Safety Squad Manual Protect -Λ- Promote -Λ- Provoke 10 Rules for Demonstra…[View]
118331202Battle of Bolsa Chica general /bobcg/: Who was fighting antifa at Bolsa Chica State Beach today? Con…[View]
118330048America: What happened?[View]
118331490>alt right isn't a bunch of reddi-[View]
118324307Why won't you fucking learn. Trump wanted this to happen![View]
118313389When you realize that every single black stereotype ('lazy' 'simple-minded' 'watermelons' 'fried chi…[View]
118331373Why do young white men spend thousands of dollars on soft pillowtop mattresses that give them bad po…[View]
118331361Pizzagate was Alex Jone's ticket to mainstream acceptance and success.: Pizzagate was Alex Jone…[View]
118323133>ywn uncover the secrets of WW2 Who knows what the Allies and Axis have covered up.…[View]
118328245Trump is afraid of stairs :(: SAD[View]
118327381Is 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' a hoax, /pol/? I always thought that it was a proven hoax, but …[View]
118330898Give up: This is the future.[View]
118312242Charles Darwin liked big nigger asses: From the wikipedia article on the Khoisan people in southern …[View]
118331129MAGA Healthcare: Liberals love other people's money! I don't give a dripping damn about yo…[View]
118330665Fascist Style: Fascists have a fashion problem. Old SS and BUF uniforms (and logos too) were tidy as…[View]
118313750Is this the most alpha stance you've ever seen?: Cop is 200% alpha[View]
118330993so some felon anti-trump '''protestor''' shitstain brings a gun to a trump rally and no one gives a …[View]
118331034'Everyone saw you crying on TV'[View]
118329860Would America be better off if he won?[View]
118324471BOSTON NAZI's BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw[View]
118329116Tomorrow 5 EST. Be prepared.[View]
118325937It's over, drumpfkins are finished.[View]
118330819is this live ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpxghQ0ZWW0[View]
118324710Is Trump a literal cuck?: There have never been two people who are more clearly not fucking each oth…[View]
118324306name my band, /pol/[View]
118327068PIZZAGATE DEBUNKED!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OO_06K31Xc .....according to RT.…[View]
118326597Hey /pol/locks, whats your opinion on weed?[View]
1183299195 EST. Mon.[View]
118324344Trump is done.: I, for one, welcome President Ryan.[View]
118329667is this book this generations mein kampf?[View]
118330287How long does a culture shift change how long till we don't have to put up with retarded leftis…[View]
118325632If Islam was the 'white' religion, I feel like you guys would think it was the best thing ever. It s…[View]
118327567Rate this level of degeneracy: has science gone too far? one autist shows how you can be 80 genders …[View]
118330465>i helped protect obamacare from replacement[View]
118330366When is the next divide us flag going up?[View]
118328660What is the greatest country in the world and why is it America?[View]
118323172>Divorce rate up to 50% in the Western world >Custody laws favour the female >Alimony laws …[View]
118326560Serious question guys: What would have honestly happened here if Trump lost? I mean I remember brief…[View]
118329255Was Jim Jones secretly /rguy/? >get hundreds of leftists and blacks in one place >convince the…[View]
118327214'Anon, why are you shitposting on an anime-themed politics board instead of making babies with me?'[View]
118319602This angers the bernie sanders supproters and the kikes and liberals. They hate seeing a beautiful f…[View]
118329038Reminder that your life is yours. You have the right to die and there's no shame in it. The on…[View]
118322668I don't see anything wrong with being left-wing. Right-wingers are nothing but hateful bigots. …[View]
118325673Factually speaking Hitler never killed any jews[View]
118329884Look at the blocks. They were the same in multiple frames. Is this subliminal messaging for the goy?[View]
118329838Why are blacks girls so rude?[View]
118326575What does your arsenal look like? I have an RPK, and AUG, a stoner63, and FN FAL and a makarov.[View]
118329706will he lead us from slavery?[View]
118282932Syria General /sg/ - Diversity Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
118324355Pizzagaters BTFO: You know /pol/ is pretty fucked up when its primary conspiracy pizzagate is denied…[View]
118326147Philly Maga March Recap: Yo Y'all we didn't get all the way but triggered a fuck ton of pe…[View]
118328422Allahu Akbar[View]
118327092BioWare is racist, transphobic and homophobic: After watching Mass Effect: Andromeda game play, I…[View]
118326826Guys wat do. Some super bluepill acquaintances of mine invited me to the following function. Not sur…[View]
118329329Guess who is probably doing a nickel? > Each count carries a maximum statutory penalty of 10 year…[View]
118327987Every leaf on here is on the Bernier Bus by now right? fb.me/MadMaxMemeMarket[View]
118327874Can we racewar yet? Whats taking so long?[View]
118329205The future is bright. Lambright.[View]
118323344https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZGgpW4PO9k What's the point of wearing the hijab to protect th…[View]
118320763HAPPENING: Trump wants Ryan to quit! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jeanine-pirro-paul-ryan-ste…[View]
118329114have trump recognize kekistan: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/formally-recognize-nation-k…[View]
118329157Let's go meta - Philosophy: First, an excerpt of Jordan Peterson's 'Strengthen the Individ…[View]
118326799Obamacare vote cancelled: Trump must've planned this to show Ryan in a bad light to get him rep…[View]
118327406BENGALI HAPPENING! RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN!: Hi /pol/, I know that this isn't the norma…[View]
118326362Resisting Trump?: What sort of mental gymnastics do you have to do to think this is resisting Trump?…[View]
118321941Alex Jones apologizes for covering Pizza Gate?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgE2rbrqQoI I don…[View]
118327686Why is /pol/ so triggered by the advancement of the human race and the mixing of genes, so many fagg…[View]
118326066Whitey eternally BTFO[View]
118327688Blacked America Is Coming: In 100 years every single white person in America will be bred out, kicke…[View]
118321755Do you think being raised by a gay couple (particularly a male raised by two men) increases the odds…[View]
118325713>There was a rally today >Didn't even know about it WTF? Organize better trumpfags. Do I …[View]
118323219GOP Meltdown General: Do you think Paul Ryan will get the boot?[View]
118326250Why is Brazil such a massive fucking failure?[View]
118326218Redpilled Clothing: ITT Redpilled clothing items which upset the liberals, pic related :^)[View]
118328432Dont ferget 2 by my viatmans 2 fite the fantis: I am sorry Mr. James pls dont hurt me[View]
118328418YOU BOYS READY FOR HWNDU SEASON 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdQZMr6YA18[View]
118327411Trump will be impeached soon: >yfw Trump is trying to get Paul Ryan outsted because he knows he…[View]
118315483/pol/ does your gf follow your political ideology. If no why not[View]
118299524Wow racist white people how dare you be upset that illegals raped a white girl[View]
118328062Fueled by gas[View]
118317887How does the mainstream media survive financially if no nobody watches,reads and subscribes to them …[View]
118325559I just looked up the definition of conservative, and now I'm wondering where does one draw the …[View]
118325608what did the left mean by this?[View]
118325631redpill me on the identitarian movement: what are the core principles of the movement? does the move…[View]
118323969Artificial Intelligence is going to link you all to every post you ever made: When advanced AI comes…[View]
118326804portugal is whi...[View]
118325313Hitler: Jews[View]
118318912What is our greatest strength and why is it diversity?[View]
118324933Why is it that I, as a Pole, am considered whit, yet I have pretty much the same skin pigmentation a…[View]
118320056Post the most degenerate image you can find.[View]
118327054Why is antifa wearing new balance?: I thought lefties hate them now[View]
118327650The Bunkers, Stalin[View]
118326417Interracial children are ug-[View]
118319137AnCap V NatSoc thread: In this thread we present arguments for and against the most popular ideologi…[View]
118326177Are these /ourguys/?[View]
118325237>ywn have a qt latina gf who teases you for being a white supremacist Feels fucking bad man just…[View]
118323595FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK >Shia keeps us all occupied with capture the flag >Trumpcar…[View]
118325533TFW Hortler can't be hailed[View]
118320885*blocks your path*[View]
118326323What to do?[View]
118327004stop.: stop worshiping false idols you disgusting light keeper house hold ayys. you disgusting wretc…[View]
118326999What are your thoughts on the US allowing ISPs to sell your information to advertisers? Specifically…[View]
118315976Every 80-85 years, America goes through a huge catastrophe that results in bloodshed and changes its…[View]
118292742Pizza Gate/Sex Trafficking Ring Victim on Dr Phil?: A few days ago a woman who claimed to be the vic…[View]
118326123>Armenia >true white Caucasians from CAUCUS mountains >first Christian Nation >cucked by…[View]
118304901Why do millennials refuse to grow up and take responsibility like adults? >living at home >not…[View]
118321011Can we expect Killary to run again in 2020?[View]
118326758anyone else /suicidal/ here after we /pol/ got BTFO so hard? Drumpf is literally hitler and a fascis…[View]
118324565Stop posting my image on an anonymous Malaysian basket-weaving imageboard[View]
118321406I know it's a weird to say but ever since pizzagate became a thing i'm pretty sure i can…[View]
118321390>FUCKING WHITE MALE HERE We deserve everything that is happening to us, our women have betrayed u…[View]
118320265has the meme magic gone too far: A socialist economy will become the first in the world to become a …[View]
118292462Dear 'Broke' Men: Don't Punish A Woman for Not Wanting to Date You: http://www.ebony.…[View]
118322386Pizza anyone?[View]
118309408Elite globalists and pedophilia: the next stage of human evolution: Sexual preferences obey a class/…[View]
118324567>British ''''''''''''''''''''food''''''''''''''''''''[View]
118320190Why do you guys like facsism and NatSoc? I never understood this. I get it democracy is barely what …[View]
118326106AMERICA NO: >YOU CANT RUN >YOU CANT HIDE >YOU GET HELICOPTER RIDE the right is angry.All le…[View]
118324276What race is this guy?[View]
118325142HAPPENING- LEAKED AUDIO OF SHERIFF JOE AND CIA LEAKER: https://soundcloud.com/stephenlemons/fruit-of…[View]
118324819We're finally fighting back.[View]
118324436>be Austrian >convince world Hitler was German and Mozart was Austrian. how can any other nat…[View]
118321656New Jersey has fallen! The Jihadists have a firm foothold with their forward bomb factories of opera…[View]
118326080Black America Is Coming: In 100 years every single white person in America will be bred out, kicked …[View]
118325829red pill me on guns[View]
118325764https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqp_IJJnrk8&list=PLA772E6EC29C47B8D Why does nu/pol/ hate Classi…[View]
118324413A man drew your 'waifu'[View]
118325788does Trump believe the world was created 6000 years ago too?[View]
118325603Men's Hair Highlights: What does /pol/ think about men getting natural streak highlights? (Like…[View]
118319496Conservatives stealing liberal Jobs: Pictured is where half of the work in the USA gets done. Look f…[View]
118325042Save my white culture[View]
118325596I think minarchism is the solution to get rid of subhumans. Free market capitalism is the natural or…[View]
118300055I'm coming to get you motherfuckers. What should I expect? Is America great already? What shoul…[View]
118325555(-) (-)[View]
118288812MAKE MEXICO GREAT: Saludos Carnales. This is an effort to gather >mexican intellectuals to try to…[View]
118308927Gen X vs Millenials: Gen X is considered the generation after the boomers. Millenials are usually r…[View]
118324566BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118325404Any 605 Pollack's?[View]
118315541What is up with pajeets?: >Can build nukes and build and launch spacecraft >Can't poo in …[View]
118322787How does /pol/ feel about geo-engineering and chemtrails?[View]
118318210FUCKING KEK[View]
118301399Memeball thread? Memeball thread.[View]
118322566Boston Antifa has got to be satire right? Are they secretly /ourguys/? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118295316Albanians? What do you think about them?[View]
118318945ITT: We create our own political ideologies and rate them. >National Libertarian Capitalism Prov…[View]
118316983>The city of Seattle, Washington[View]
118318265find a flaw[View]
118285611Hello: We win again Nazis. -Boston Antifa[View]
118296755Weekly Reminder: >The CIA, Mossad, CISA, M16, ISIS, The FBI, The ATF, The KGB and every other kno…[View]
118325011It is late in my present geographical location as is it in yours. Our eyes are falling shut, we are …[View]
118320611Really makes you think huh...[View]
118325076#HWNDU Replaced with #MAGA, Shia LaBeouf on Suicide Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_hA2sE5…[View]
118320224Top notch Poe's Law: >tfw you realize the Boston Antifa channel on YouTube is an elaborate t…[View]
118300161JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP: So i woke up this morning and went to roll a smoke, couldn't find them an…[View]
118310666What are the tactics of antifa on the street, anyway? We should collect all the data we can on their…[View]
118323322Black cop shoots black kid: >police shooting in Warsaw VA last night >black cop shot black kid…[View]
118317075/pol/ always wonders how we can fix society, women, immigration, and it took me a while but I finall…[View]
118320503based stick man: There is a new Rally coming up April 15th at 2151 MLK JR WAY in Berkeley CA for FRE…[View]
118324112What should we do with politicians that lie? For instance, if a politician came out and said that an…[View]
118319623If you can see this message.. YOU are the resistance!: Don't forget to support the tip of the s…[View]
118323662What's their endgame?[View]
118319366Why Californian rallies always end up in Violence?: Why rallies in California always end up in Viole…[View]
118324689The big corporate nation states are aggressively pushing us back to the fiefdom ages of old. Carve o…[View]
118323536Does this look familiar /pol/: Are we in for a 1930's style NatSoc or other type of white revol…[View]
118323223OFFICIAL CNN ANNOUNCEMENT: How will drumpfys ever survive?[View]
118323999Stop eating food.[View]
118324629'They're going to decide what the Emperor does and who the Emperor is.' Yes, Obama was spying o…[View]
118324267Australia Thread Current opinions on the state of the country? Bris rep. If the economy stays decent…[View]
118324335Christian Superhero?: I really don't know where to post this. /fit/ /pol/ /x/ here, also /chris…[View]
118313448>mfw there are less white people in California proportionally than Brazil I don't see a big …[View]
118296432Should Trump get a Nobel peace prize?: Remember when yall said Trump was the peace candidate to Hill…[View]
118317186The Earth's population: Honestly, I don't know why people are so crazy to have babies. Loo…[View]
118323523>record scratch >freeze frame >'Soooo, yeah. I bet right now you're probably wondering…[View]
118304005What is her endgame, /pol/? http://nypost.com/2017/03/25/huma-abedin-is-giving-marriage-with-anthon…[View]
118324337>he doesn't own a gun Explain yourself, /pol/[View]
118323890besides being a sin, is there anything wrong with being gay? I bet you can't give me one logic…[View]
118322271>mfw morons don't realize government made america great Conservadumbs lust for 1950's a…[View]
118319919WARNING! FBI uses Nazis as sting bait: FBI is known for setting up fake Nazis to draw people into il…[View]
118309929I'm fucking tired: Hello! daily reminder that: >Argentina isn't white >we have a lot…[View]
118316755All you fucking Autists voted for Trump, what the fuck. Like everyone on Reddit including myself HAT…[View]
118324127Rustled Jimmies - Origin Theory: Rustling Jimmies Rustling means to agitate or to stir up. In this c…[View]
118323323The Nixon administration stole documents, spied on Democrats, and reported fake news to smear and di…[View]
118313428HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >anti Trump threads >anti America threads >porn/hot girl/sex distr…[View]
118323626Anitfa guy in Huntington Beach: AntiFa, please[View]
118319256Okay i know asians hate black people that's cool but...: Just how racist are they? I come to yo…[View]
118312085Draw Mohammed contest[View]
118322588/pol/ btfo[View]
118323708Pmurt will never recover from this: Oh no, Chris Chan said things about Pmurt. How will Pmurt ever r…[View]
118322500Was he in the wrong?[View]
118321208Why does America still teach that the stab in the back was a myth? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ger…[View]
118322658>For all the hate you have against Jews..... This kike is ok? kek kys faggots zeig heil…[View]
118322699The Left Loves Socialism, Reporter Travels to Venezuela: In case you have missed it /pol Here is th…[View]
118321730Charleston HAPPENING: Any Yankanons know what's going on with the weather? Happening?[View]
11832120442 cops BEHEADED as central Congo slides toward civil war: What should be done, /pol/? Ten mass-grav…[View]
118323491>tfw your country is full of idiots and fat people Fuck, I hate being American so much.…[View]
118277289Putin: Why do we hate him again? Any ruskis in here to red pill me?[View]
118321458>this triggered /pol/fags[View]
118318144I see MGTOW being pushed here a lot. What about your legacy?[View]
118323208Are you willing to condemn Hamas right here and now?[View]
118321677USA BTFO'd: >Tillerson, 2017: [The] US-China relationship [began] now over 40 years ago with…[View]
118317977Liberal Lunatics Call Portland Mayor (Dem) a 'F*cking Capitalist Pig': https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118323115Why do they feel the need to SJW the fuck out of movie remakes?[View]
118312191'communism has failed in every aspect in human history' ok retards explain china ?????[View]
118323051>pol actually listens to this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjh0Ukuzc3o&t=187s…[View]
118322017What does /pol/ think of Hannah Arendt?[View]
118323047hewillnotdivideus.xyz is back, kek[View]
118322681> These people think they are genetically and intellectually superior... Really makes the cranium…[View]
118322916/sci/ getting butthurt by /pol/: >>8777939 tfw2intelligent to be intelligent[View]
118322485>go to the DMV >Mfw[View]
118321512why are people garbage?: people really really suck. why?[View]
118320492I am a proud civic national socialist: You guys are fools for thinking you need the state to raciall…[View]
118313498Elizabeth Warren confirmed for /ourgal/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-mLx30BYt4[View]
118322602Would this man make a good king of France?[View]
118321964Is it true that antifa dared war in /pol/? What ever will we do?[View]
118305956Brit/pol/ - Virgin Hours Edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reversed…[View]
118316179/hkg/ - Hong Kong General: Counting has begun in the Hong Kongese Chief Executive Election: http://…[View]
118319313If this was 1942 and we're at war with the Nazis who's side would you be on?: From my unde…[View]
118322435This is America: This is a thread for non-americans to vent about how much it has fucked up the worl…[View]
118312249How the fuck do we fix the healthcare system of this country? Pic unrelated[View]
118320415So when is Trump going to start following through on his promises?[View]
118301541I really wanted to go to the cinema and watch new 'Power Rangers' and then I read: >This is the f…[View]
118318767>more and more gaijins are coming to Japan REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GET OUT This isn't your hom…[View]
118281120It's all going to come crashing down soon, Trumpanzees. Who wants to bet that Trump will die in…[View]
118322245MAGA Healthcare: Liberals love other people's money! I don't give a dripping damn about yo…[View]
118316884White people are bad people. Prove me otherwise[View]
118321442>Oh man look at these muslims getting cucked my white men hahahaha muslim women are such whores a…[View]
118322006Aborigines of Australia: How the fuck did aborigines get to Australia in the first place? Like did …[View]
118321725False flag?: Or should we apologize? http://archive.is/VEXp0[View]
118298227Democracy vs Monarchy: So, what's better?[View]
118314840Why does /pol/ think America is a terrible place to live?: We have: >world class healthcare, peop…[View]
118316246What does pol think about Appalachia?[View]
118301576How is America gonna fix its ever growing national debt? If you don't act quickly inflation is …[View]
118317882The Übermensch: I have decided I want to embark on a physical and psychological journey in order to …[View]
118312393Blue Pill Me: Please. I can't take it anymore. I can't have fun anymore now that I look at…[View]
118318085What makes him so popular? Is it because he panders to the left? Or is it because hes good looking?[View]
118311600ARKANSAS - GET IN HERE: If you're over 21 and don't have a felony conviction, the state is…[View]
118320727Is this true or is it just damage control?[View]
118313141OPERATION REMOVE HIJAB: Background: >guy does prank video about kissing Muslim girls >mass tri…[View]
118311096Stop drinking alcohol[View]
1183123131950s America: Why are the 1950s considered America's golden age? Why, really, were things so m…[View]
118317432How do we deal with the beta male epidemic?[View]
118313636Give me one reason why we shouldn't abolish the DEA. Drug addiction should be treated as a medi…[View]
118317031OPERATION PILL BOMB: ALRIGHT SCRUBS IT'S ENOUGH SITTING AROUND. You have 48 hours to attempt to…[View]
118321469Prophet Mohummad was White. >inb4 no he not[View]
118307687Can /pol/ give solid reasons why ancap is/isn' a great idea?: Im writing a paper.[View]
118319325Alexander Gordon Jahans thread: What does /pol/ think of this absolute madman?[View]
118317852There are multiple threads today about conservatards getting their rocks off to seeing antifa gettin…[View]
118320750Holy fugg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1eZqenaDw[View]
118317548When does the winning start?[View]
1183119714Craft: -IGNORE IF YOU ARE NOT AUTISTIC- 4Craft - V11 - Normie boogaloo We are starting an unironic …[View]
118321535Operation Save the Children: Theese kids have escaped Their countries and now they need your help to…[View]
118319504Not at all what I was expecting from judge Jeanine pirro. She's starting to make no sense, SAD …[View]
118307935Sum up the 2016 election in one image![View]
118319541Alright guys I am dropping some truth bombs that MUST be followed if you want to escape the Jewish e…[View]
118320051>there are people who still think communism is a good thing in 2017 For what purpose?!…[View]
118319667/Pol/ will defend this.: American woman feeding starving kids with hennesy. I just found this pictur…[View]
118320975AntiFa pluh-ease[View]
118320917If we get our shit together in time, will he be recognized for his role in saving Western Civilizati…[View]
118317397/fsg/ - Free Speech General: Our Highest Value Edition: >We must defend our ability to express an…[View]
118318587Dear White People: What does everyone have against this film? Isn't it satire?[View]
118297604Logan: I'm dating a girl who just told me she seen the movie Logan and cried. How do I break it…[View]
118314382>EU BTFO[View]
118320823Red Pill me on Mexicans.[View]
118320815/hwndu/: HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US What has been happening in the /hwndu/ saga lately? Last I heard we t…[View]
118320169nu/pol/ would be nothing without reddit bashing: >LE LEDDIT FUCK OFF >YOU HAVE TO GO BACK seri…[View]
118320718How we saw it VS how the media sees it: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2017/03/25…[View]
118295325Without Obamacare, Boogie won't be able to get health insurance: How can anybody defend this? S…[View]
118307362Why do Australians hate Emus so much? Was it really a nuclear 'test'?[View]
118320703tfw you realize the reason trump cut funding for pbs/hbo for sesame street was because they had an e…[View]
118317998we're going blue in 2020[View]
118297473OP's gotta go for about 45 minutes to an hour Lurk here if you want the game to continue when I…[View]
118318244Trump makes Ryan eat shit on prime time national TV, revenge is sweet! Trump probably taped it and f…[View]
118316627How can non-protestants even compete?[View]
118320508In 24 States, 50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid; New Mexico Leads Nation With 72%: http://www.c…[View]
118312788Was 4chan always right wing?[View]
118319621>If you eat pork, you literally become a pig >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wowqPNMYmOI Why …[View]
118288850Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118292862What does /pol/ think of hookers/escorts?: I always love these threads. I like seeing the difference…[View]
118316789Hahaha: GUMPF UNEQUIVOCALLY BTFO!![View]
118319397Alex jones viva la vida: Can some Anon out there please make a viva la vida video for Alex jones and…[View]
118320094BEWARE THE IDES OF MARS: The blue-shift or Spring Sunrise is basically where all complexity in the u…[View]
118320305Getting the Axe: Republicans BTFO!!! But seriously, is Ryan done for?[View]
118317688What did he mean by this /pol/?[View]
118320206California is the most powerful state in the country. Who here hails from this glorious state? Deat…[View]
118320168Black people on this board get woke! The jews involvement in the slave trade: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
118283558FALL OF ROME RISK: IMPORTANT! Before you pick a faction, look at its information here! http://pasteb…[View]
118319971Lets nuke Detroit: Lets start a petitonto nuke Detroit. Imagin how many niggers we would get rid of …[View]
118313563Someone found a way to cost Soros money on the weekends: This hit #1 on r/all. If my math is right i…[View]
118319022Japans black samurai: A movie about Japans first black samurai is in production by hollywood http://…[View]
118313910Is this legal? What did she say?[View]
118283712Americans have no cultu-[View]
118319632Argentinian thread, i'm suffering inside edition[View]
118302932Auschwitz Closed As Nude Protesters Slaughter Sheep http://forward.com/news/world/367044/auschwitz-c…[View]
118317739Michael Flynn: Couple interesting reports about him, one saying he made deals with Erdogan to illega…[View]
118319136>having a woman lead your country What could possibly go wrong?[View]
118319387What's your personal idea for a health insurance solution? Mine: Make health insurance like car…[View]
118318050Looks like California still has a chance.[View]
118308621what's going to stop tunneling under the wall: Non shill here don't get angry with me for …[View]
118316026Post Election Stress Disorder Becoming Serious Issue For Anti-Trump Womanchildren: https://www.youtu…[View]
118311848>tfw just watched Rocky 4 Was there anything better than being an American after WW2? I wish I kn…[View]
118303385Sweden: convicted of raping a 13-year-old, sentenced to 40 hours of community service: >Sweden: c…[View]
118319077Identify ARCblog writers.: I know all you folks here love a good challenge. Try and identify the an…[View]
118304109Need Help Redpilling My Fam: So I was having a discussion about crime with my parents and I stated t…[View]
118310905>tfw celebrities are selling redpills to normies en masse now How long until all the liberals are…[View]
118316035I've got something to say which I'm sure most of you would disagree with, but hear me out …[View]
118310933Are Asians our ally?[View]
118312958How does /pol/ suggest handling the modern medicine problem? So many people with inferior genetics a…[View]
118302760>You can't run, you can't hide, you get a helicopter ride Holy fucking shit my sides An…[View]
118311167What does this even mean? Why is high school getting demonized[View]
118311388What will it take for you to finally realize that communism is inevitable and will eventually annihi…[View]
118318568Reminder if you are not a business owner you will never be truly redpilled or free.: You are still a…[View]
118312869>Trump will get rid of Obama Care Why is he such a fuck up?[View]
118314653>Create slide threads every day >Waiting for trump to fuck up >Trump's health care fai…[View]
118318422>Pro Socialist Healthcare >Pro gay >Pro abortion How's he anything but just a racist D…[View]
118318257When will all of you abandon this life of repetitive media scandals, online life crumbling entertain…[View]
118318382healthcare wait times: Hey /pol/ I'm trying to show this guy that places with single payer heal…[View]
118309888Scandinavian Socialism: Countries like Sweden and Norway are hailed as socialist paradises. How true…[View]
118318036>he fell for the overpopulation meme Sort yourselves out[View]
118306015Why is it wrong that Japanese hate own nation despite most of /pol/ hate their countries...? I don…[View]
118313216This picture convinces me that /pol/ is diverse, but I'm very curious to how diverse /pol/ real…[View]
118318184HAPPENING UK: http://news.sky.com/story/building-collapses-after-gas-explosion-on-wirral-in-merseysi…[View]
118318181How long before he goes 1488? https://youtu.be/T-p984iqQIs Notice he sees a problem with the march i…[View]
118318142When will the racial cleansing begin?: These Niggers and Mudslimes are corrupting our people, East-A…[View]
118307440Pocahontas got the 'Hitler did nothing wrong' treatement: I'm just seeing this shit now. I…[View]
118318007/pol/ = alt-right? So /pol/ = cancer?[View]
118318116Reminder that bleaching Asian women is the best way to humiliate Asian men. The alt-right needs to m…[View]
118316521Bibi's Israhell funding jewish racial purity and church-burning: https://archive.is/h1Gix >A…[View]
118310864ITT: we give thanks for being born in a civilised nation and not having mutilated genitals: Thanks.…[View]
118317976Countries names and its geopolitical effect.: If your countries name starts or ends in the letter A.…[View]
118317872In all the excitement today, did anyone notice Nebraska Democrats giving out voter registration form…[View]
1183151022 missing girls found stabbed to death in NC: A North Carolina man was arrested on murder charges af…[View]
118279708/pp/ — Portuguese Politics: 'Portugal Beats Hungary' Edition: Time for another /pp/ thread, maninhos…[View]
118317839Trump kept saying Judge Curicel was Mexican and emphasized that fact. His team and all other support…[View]
118300380HAPPENING IN LONDON?: Why the hell is no one posting about the Islington car incident? Met is saying…[View]
118317807Knights of Malta: http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/02/03/knights_of_malta_vow_to_continue_humani…[View]
118273826California appreciation thread (Jefferson is a meme edition): CALanons, get in here! Let's appr…[View]
118315752HAPPENING IN UK: ANOTHER VEHICLE ATTACK: http://newsthissecond.co.uk/2017/03/25/car-hits-several-peo…[View]
118313241>says sweden is having trouble with migrants >gets attacked for it >migrant riots happen th…[View]
118316061Did she deserve what she got?: >Artist >social activist critical of violence against women …[View]
118314094Racism needs to stop.: It's pointless. It's baseless. At the most, it is supported by cher…[View]
118316790Who here /Insane asylum/ Ive been labelled insane just because I tried to spread Hitlers truth Keep …[View]
118298006>Abortion is wrong because human life is valuable! >Well if you can't pay for healthcare …[View]
118310774>this is australia now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3S1t57hF2k…[View]
118317494Philly March: Was anyone here at the philly march today? How did it go? http://www.phillyvoice.com/…[View]
118317483Tell me and I will forget: So I just saw this movie and holy shit had no clue it was this bad. Has a…[View]
118313255>woke up this morning >Trump is still President Anyone still find this to be surreal? What is …[View]
118317462Is this you guys? Mods have literally given up trying to moderate their steam forums. You know becau…[View]
118317004This is a reminder that an American's right to bear arms shall not be infringed[View]
118309121Operation DICKS OUT FOR HARAM BABES: Original thread and link to video: >>118278938 https://ww…[View]
118313154Naked people slaughter sheep at Auschwitz death camp: Naked people slaughter sheep at Auschwitz deat…[View]
118312765How fucked is Italy's government? Is the place livable?[View]
118316853“Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!' ― …[View]
118315058>that violates the NAP! Sorry, but when exactly did I sign up for the NAP? Why am I expected to f…[View]
118314671Cucks, Faggots, LGBTQ etc: Hey /pol/ I would like your input on this question. What do you think ab…[View]
118316290I made this meme Please share[View]
118312904>da goyim know This isn't real i-is it /pol/? If it is... the glorious fucking madman…[View]
118310552What does /pol/ think of Mel Brooks?[View]
118314835Post ITT if your country has net neutrality Not so fast USA[View]
118316205Life, Death and Rebirth of a Bill: hey /pol/iticals. Just a question I've always had... If a bi…[View]
118310130Why did only rural and suburban retards vote for Bernie? City people all voted for Hillary.[View]
118315876Time Capsule #1: #BLM Protesters Ran Over and Shot by Mexican Gangsters: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
118315749AHCA: This guy is awesome.[View]
118315945He will not divide us live chat #HWNDU: some peeps in here https://youtu.be/GpxghQ0ZWW0[View]
118315931>this is an acceptable banner on a Donald Drumpf discussion board Umm...I didn't know this w…[View]
118308605Did He Have a Point Pol?: I personally find it hard to defend Trump from the vision that the foundin…[View]
118308738South Sudan: >Violent >Famine stricken >Diseased >No hope at all >Allowed create the…[View]
11830807018 year old girl lied about kidnapping, rape: >Later that night, she walked into a church wearing…[View]
118315217'Mistakes': Tfw the sports club in that country actually support this cunt.[View]
118315490'l'diversity': Angela Merkel, a 14 year old bearded Arab and a swedish newborn baby w…[View]
118315209MUH MUH MECHANIZATION: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-tech-crash-idUSKBN16W0UZ AHAHAHAHAHA R…[View]
118315466BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
118306943Admit it: The only reason you hate feminism is because you want to fuck underaged girls.[View]
118305085Is diversity really our strength?: I always thought that this was just a meme by the left but it…[View]
118314418Venezuela fucked: Hey /pol is Venezuela really as fucked as we see on the media?? I really want to k…[View]
118310193>Norway gets free college and healthcare >America gets free war and free for-profit prisons…[View]
118314996Can this young Officer Candidate redeem his sin?: https://www.serviceacademyforums.com/index.php?thr…[View]
118307743Communism General: Welcome Comrades[View]
118310381Are you really delusional enough to believe you are superior?How pathetic lol: Okay so picture this …[View]
118307300>figuring out your last name means collector of taxes >figure out your family heritage is cryp…[View]
118307731Are there any people who follow Judaism on /pol/? What kind do you follow? I follow the sect known a…[View]
118300885Arrests after scuffle breaks out at California Trump rally: >Three people are arrested after Trum…[View]
118312675* Blocks your path * > Hey Drumpftard. You ready to get pepper sprayed? What do?…[View]
118305456Why is divorce so rampant in Christian nations?[View]
118314157In Development: What features do you look for in sockpuppet management software? So far, for each pe…[View]
118314132>Jamie, google why liberals think the European genocide of native Americans is intolerable but do…[View]
118311953Can we even prevent the collapse at this point?: >Mass migration into US >Vote to exponentiall…[View]
118313827http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/ Change to: He will cum inside us[View]
118290842Éire/pol/ - Club Orange edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/6dU8mGjrjJk National Party:http://w…[View]
118313713What really makes the Muslims mad? Muhammad Cartoons What is worst than parody cartoons? Rule Thirty…[View]
118308431Tucson mayor Jonathan ROTHSCHILD is trafficking children via Casa de los Ninos. Search for the old N…[View]
118313693Leftists have shit mem...... BTFO by superior leftist humor once again pol[View]
118306055'Give us Barabbas!' What can we learn from this story?: We're all aware of the occurrence of th…[View]
118312532Former Trump voter here, I regret voting for this man everyday. The whole world is laughing at us no…[View]
118311739Make MLS Great Again: San Diego is having a poll on what their potential MLS team may be named. One …[View]
118296649Trump and Student Loan Debt: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2017/03/17/trump-adm…[View]
118313319Trump will be impeached within 6 months[View]
118300396Today, Anti-Trump protesters welcomed in Orange County, California: JUST[View]
118313010List your top 5 god-tier car combos (based on value) I'll start: >Ford F-150 >Mercedes Un…[View]
118312176\pol\ will defend this.[View]
118312827and we are going to make China pay for our healthcare: President Donald J. Trump here, We are going…[View]
118312328punch nazis (and libertarians that want to talk about free speech): pol b.t.f.o.!!!!!!!!!! how can p…[View]
118312365Not ShareBlue: Lets write a letter to reddit faggots, spics, niggers and the jews using only one wor…[View]
118312271>>118310687 > mfw trump grabs pussy > mfw trump wins > mfw trump shits himself repeat…[View]
118310268I thought Bannon said the GOP health pan betrayed the rural suburban base?: lol what a fucking cuck,…[View]
118300786O THREE TWENTY SIX: False flag incoming.[View]
118306728what is with you guys and israel hate? Its everything you could want in a nation > Murders Sandni…[View]
118308580>tfw watching Moly BTFO Fritz again It never gets old. Also, Molymeme general.…[View]
118311663Name this Anti-Fa![View]
118312541What an absolute dud of a Presidency.[View]
118308336https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/ahca-house-whip-count/?utm_term=.a05b923d73b0 When …[View]
118312077b-but muh helicopter rides: /pol/ btfo how can you recover from this[View]
118309951Press F to pay respects[View]
118286764Many muslims are inbred: Apparently there is a big inbreeding problem in Islam because the quaran al…[View]
118305783How is public education in your cunt?[View]
118312142'The Diverse': Angela Merkel, a 14 year old bearded Arab and a swedish newborn baby walk into Al Jew…[View]
118310357Antifaschiste work as baristas. George Soros owns them, they never study STEM. they're weak and…[View]
118305188Knowledge Bomb. Break free from The Singularity: In 1884, meridian time personnel met in Washington …[View]
118309391Huma Abedin is back ‘working hard’ on marriage with Anthony Weiner: Hillary Clinton’s right hand wom…[View]
118297486Cuckold stands by wife after she has sex with 14-year-old: >A married mother in Michigan who auth…[View]
118309579Don't stop watching porn.[View]
118303521HOLY SHIT!!! NBC JUST BTFO CLINTON!!!!: Are The Tides Turning??? Do they Know shits about to hit the…[View]
118312021It's a trump style setup.: So someone called this a week or so ago I definitely saw it in a thr…[View]
118311637>tfw just became the most incompetent and irrelevant president in history…[View]
118311516Who is more philosophically pure? Varg or Molyneux?[View]
118286187EXPLOSION IN LIVERPOOL: http://www.5-tv.ru/news/118003/ https://twitter.com/YogaMatt79/status/845755…[View]
118310135Monday March 28: Comey gets questioned again by Congress. Will Nunes pursue the line of questioning …[View]
118306923Do americans regrect voting for Trump? pic related.[View]
118311578/pol/ has been reduced to teen aged edge lords and trolling immigrants: Its been going on for two ye…[View]
118310108>Pot doesn't ki-[View]
118280844Can we just agree Melania should move into the white house to stop her wasting millions of tax payer…[View]
118311327Find the reich girl and start a family[View]
118311179Drop some red pills about Jews in this thread. https://youtu.be/_0V_xf3OQgM[View]
118309470Can a book make you trans/gay?: When will all gay males feel comfortable enough to come out? http://…[View]
118307127Meanwhile, in Ohio.[View]
118311390Arranged marriages are superior and should come into acceptance in western white culture. Reasons ar…[View]
118300994Can /pol/ even rebut this?[View]
118311326(Your instructions are to post the following message at >> at your convenience. $0.30 will be …[View]
118311360Nintendo in a shellnut: >Meanwhile in Nintendo headquarters https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ULeDlx…[View]
118311135Who is giving them accounts of in-person meetings? Flynn?[View]
118311160Philadelphia antifa cheering after successfully stopping pro Trump rally https://youtu.be/4kS1Ilovky…[View]
118309229there are too many males in antifa and they need to be put in their place https://youtu.be/oJ1eZqen…[View]
118311045North Africa is part of EU now: EU, UNHCR and IOM is now drafting a mandate to secure the border of …[View]
118307188Best Translation of Mein Kampf: Any recommendations?[View]
118310533Polygamy: >mfw there's a shitton of non-white women, many of them on /pol/ right now that ar…[View]
118302772Antifaggots get rekt in Canada: Antifa show up at 18 minutes https://www.periscope.tv/BarbieBee63/1v…[View]
118290374If we managed to turn Ukraine and Belarus against Russia, it would be around 60 mln of cannon fodder…[View]
118308502Meme Magic is real: Daily Reminder that we won! We won and they LOST. They lost the Presidency, the…[View]
118310678>go to twatter >search 'racist', ' Hitler', or 'fascist' >see this…[View]
118304225Here in Brazil the situation is very complicated also, in 2018 will have election, and the main cand…[View]
118310798why are threads being deleted instead of listed as archived? it's feeling mighty spooky in here…[View]
118310469Could KEK be any more clear?: Thoughts?[View]
118308983Activism an' Sheeeeit: This organization hands out $15,000 checks to (((activists))): https://w…[View]
118310429BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118308154I'm seeing too many shill threads lads. Dump all your Red Pill's, let's take back our…[View]
118306183Brit/pol/- tfw rejected on a simulator too edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand …[View]
118310282Flat Earth: Did Terry Pratchett know something?[View]
118310149Dahnald: Dahnald, it's me again. It seems that my job is not yet finished. Moloch and his dark …[View]
118309521'Motive may never be known' hahahahahahahah Are this people serious? Or is The Guardian turning int…[View]
118295558Help Patagonia to become a separate nation, a white ethnostate. Patagonia is the southern region of …[View]
118305082Is there any way to make universal healthcare/single payer work in the united states?[View]
118296051Blocks your path[View]
118306630women: how do you tune out women and their constant need to open their fucking mouths?[View]
118310087HWNDU Season 5: FINLAND EBIN PRANKSTERS: So, is this shit gonna happen or what? I saw some rumors of…[View]
118302000Is climate change real?[View]
118310013So I feel kind of bad sharing this with /pol/ bc it's inevitably going to be used for evil but …[View]
118308926Flynn statement CNN fake news BTFO LIBS: Just gonna leave this here for the libtards that love ridin…[View]
118272382That Poppy opposes Degeneracy - Alt Right Nazi Girl: Here is a song against progressive '''values'''…[View]
118307325>9/11 terrorist hijacked planes with 70+ people using cardboard box cutters and plastic knives. H…[View]
118309673What's the best country on Earth, and why is it Chile?[View]
118309623American-Israeli Public Affairs (AIPAC) Policy Conference: This Sunday-Tuesday is the annual AIPAC p…[View]
118270891PAY FOR HER COLLEGE[View]
118302208Who civic nationalist here.[View]
118306132What are your thoughts on muslim women? I'll they be purged in the event of a racewar or will t…[View]
118299274bigger dicks less intelligence: so more blood to the brain leads to more intelligence bigger dicks n…[View]
1183091801488: New Balance Shoes.....Taylor Swift playing in the car. Literally /POL/ as the First Kid. /ourg…[View]
118301497Personality Differences: >These personality differences were even reflected in the bedroom belong…[View]
118303395Australian with an Automatic: I have an old M1 my father gave me from before the buyback AMA[View]
118290285what happens here??[View]
118309291Paranoid... linkedin view from this company: >Randomly log into LinkedIn after a year >View pr…[View]
118304484redpill me on pope Francis is he even a real pope?[View]
118303533(((BEASTIE BOYS))): >Implying the (((Beastie Boys))) weren't New York Jews attempt at ghetto…[View]
118307626Are stereotypes accurate? https://aeon.co/essays/truth-lies-and-stereotypes-when-scientists-ignore-e…[View]
118307435Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your country >mentally handicapped and arrogant pe…[View]
118301814SHAME MUSLIM SLUTS: Operation ISIS: irreparably shame islamic sluts Come up with a better acronym or…[View]
118305889>milk is racis-[View]
118304353R.epeating in.tegers and Trump dies a slow, painful death within the week.[View]
118308932Whitewashing controversy over casting of Sophia Boutella in The Mummy 2017: The comments section is …[View]
118292050Victoria 2: In this game, 'Ashkenazi' is part of the same culture group as 'North German' and 'South…[View]
118308181Hitler best comedian: Am i the only one who thinks the holocaust was hilarious?[View]
118306608Education: What is better for posterity, obedience or free thought? This question has been bugging m…[View]
118307693'There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey where you have large Arab popu…[View]
118294523Religion: What is the best religion for Whites? >pic related[View]
118301841SWEDEN UNCUCKED: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/anti-immigrant-sweden-democrats-youg…[View]
118307409Why can't we ban muslim countries from pol? They're niggers anyways[View]
118308169Limmys show: Does anyone still get a laugh out of the limmy show?[View]
118304501Pizzagate: Well /pol/? Care to explain yourselves? https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/34798259/pizza-…[View]
118304870/pol/: Polish youtuber murdered his 2yo daughter throwing her into a door because of a rage attack w…[View]
118307816Trump is officially the most ineffective president ever. There's never been a president in the …[View]
118299940Next evalion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpUHx54NEX0[View]
118308008WTF /POL: People love givin me shit for being sexually submissive. I get that it's funny how th…[View]
118307420Movies: What are some good movies free of a particular (((influence)))?[View]
118300657Bring your arguments, kuffar.[View]
118280782Redpill me on weed: Why is cannabis bad? Aside from being promoted by (((hollywood))) (((bet))) and …[View]
118307227should republicans ditch the 'christian, moral' approach to governing and go full trump? >pic unr…[View]
118285656Jesus Christ Disney...: So apparently Disney put a Donald Trump looking character in the upcoming St…[View]
118294801Confirmed, witches are gathering tonight. The god emperor needs your meme magic to flip it back on t…[View]
118281100do you honestly hate jews /pol/?: I mean sure white genocide dindus pyramid scheme communism cuck je…[View]
118304007Can we please talk about the Kiwis?: So I was speaking to a kiwi last night, and he was saying that …[View]
118303219Are MGTOWs just closet homosexuals? Is this 'movement' a Jewish tool to make men gay and believe wo…[View]
118304631Listen Dahnald, it's still not too late Just hand them over Dahnald[View]
1182645156.1 billion Africans by 2100: How the fuck do we fix this?[View]
118305860Whats going on with Sam Hyde? He hasn't posted a new video in over 2 months and all he does is …[View]
118307322Reggressive Left General: >UW North Berkley >Students demand free tuition >Based Gov.Walke…[View]
118287687Why do some Italians look like this? >Caracciolo is from Brampton, Ontario where she attended Car…[View]
118307305Chimp out Cleveland: Niggers Chimp out at IX indoor amusement park. 'Flash mobs'...because you have …[View]
118307252So there was a terror attack in london?: I didn't even know and i don't even feel surprise…[View]
118307043Rural and suburban retards that voted Drumpf are richer, on average, than educated and cultured city…[View]
118307150Negro appreciation thread? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uPTm-8YqJfw[View]
118288845Marriage: Would men or women on this board tell me why I, as a man, should ever get married? There…[View]
118293769Was Dylan Roof a nigger?[View]
118302114Mainstream Propoganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34LGPIXvU5M Can we even trust the media anymo…[View]
118305933>2013-2016: Everything is because of the patriarchy! >2016-2017: Everything is because of the …[View]
118303506How do we bring world peace, pol?[View]
118306867How can spic media be so redpilled that it recognizes Jewish influence amongst their ranks?[View]
118305263Did anyone get the name of the Trump qt in glasses?[View]
118304904Huey Long: What is /pol/'s opinion of the populist Louisiana Senator?[View]
118306355What went wrong?[View]
118305204can Canada be saved at this point? http://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/gba-acs/approach-approche-en.html[View]
118302334/Jordan B Peterson General/: 'Denial of the heroic promotes decadence, equally – absolute rejection …[View]
118306111Fox News show promoted by Trump starts with call for Paul Ryan to step down: Fox News show promoted …[View]
118306689Definitely not ShareBlue: I am getting so tired of the shill slide threads about blue eyes and racia…[View]
118301775HOW WILL /POL/ RECOVER[View]
118304544>future of the white race[View]
118305332Did you graduate from college /pol/?[View]
118306525Nigger Hate Thread: Boy do I fucking hate niggers. Why are niggers so bloody degenerate? Where did t…[View]
118302079In retrospect, how bad was the New Deal for the US 70+ years later?[View]
118306451Mike Pence Adventures: Are they dead now ? Any new Materials ? Are Mike Pence Adventures over ?…[View]
118265710Transgenders think Republicans are going around lynching trans people What the fuck is wrong with th…[View]
118304898Trying to red pill a libertarian friend: Help me out /pol/. He's close. But I need more ammo.…[View]
118306325OK /pol I don't even have the pic, but I had a dream about this one chick people always post he…[View]
118304714I made my pilgrimage from all the way from California today. The wall was truly a sight to behold. …[View]
118304478Paul Joseph Watson appreciation thread.[View]
118306261FUTURE OF THE WORLD: So now that the white faction has been utterly destroyed and successfully elimi…[View]
118300828Remember to filter the bait anons!: Makes the board so much better.[View]
118276631It's not CTR shills that have swamped /pol/ since Trump won, its Reddit. All of the anti-Trump …[View]
118305981So let's say america starts manufacturing clothes again. What would become of the ones in third…[View]
118305954I hate you cuckservatives and libcucks alike. libcucks should be pro gun, cuckservatives should be p…[View]
118305609>the reason for increased number of actual cuckolds. Basically boys and young men are being intro…[View]
118302768Why does /pol/ worship these two liberal arts loving manlets?[View]
118304598EU supreme: rekt NA cucks[View]
118304606I've been busy lately trying to do something productive with my life, unlike most of you. So wh…[View]
118305701Hi, I’m Donald J Trump, President of the United States. Ask me anything. I’ll be taking your questio…[View]
118302447What does /pol/ think of the Celts?[View]
118298656>*knocks at your door* >Selamun aleykum infidels, our Sultan needs your sons for his janissar…[View]
118305472>For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs b…[View]
118305364>watching neighbors 2 with friends >every other joke is SJW horseshit >half way thru movie …[View]
118292318>11 million Germans surrender in WW2 >2/3 of entire Wehrmacht/SS >More than every other Eur…[View]
118302073Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil: https://…[View]
118304868>not being a vegetarian: pleb tier tbqh[View]
118303345not long until your youtube safespace is over blumpfkins.[View]
118298567STOP LARPING NIGGERS: Orthodox here. I'm asking all the converts here to Orthodoxy to stop fuck…[View]
118295454Brit/pol/ - York Minster Edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reversed…[View]
118302979Daily Reminder that it's your ancestor's fault: If White people had just stayed in Europe:…[View]
118301380Based leaf defending /pol/ from shill attacks: Press F to pay respects[View]
118304151not to brag, but i've seen a lot of pornography, both of the vintage, amateur and modern sort. …[View]
118295439Social justice activist found bound and stabbed to death in DC: >White woman kidnapped, tortured,…[View]
118302026Steps in your way...: 'Join my army'[View]
118286977Mike Flynn needs a security escort and protection duty. If he's really flipping on Trump then h…[View]
118276755Best of WE WUZ KANGZ: Hi, anons! give me the best of WE WUZ KANGZ[View]
118304801Really hikes m'kikes.[View]
118303897How do we eliminate Pakistan?[View]
118304357Germany's economy: How has Germany been able to avoid mass offshoring of its industries, unlike…[View]
118302420Who is kek?[View]
118304290Meme Ball Thread: Show us what you got![View]
118302910Argentina: We all have to move here and establish an ethnostate. Start learning Spanish, amigos.…[View]
118279031Where were you when the wh*te menace invaded?[View]
118304469How come the FBI never investigates our conspiracies, bros?[View]
118289902honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
118304437https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE98t-l2zPI How is CNN even allowed to keep airing? Jesus christ.…[View]
118303987ITT: Post your honest opinins on each major race: >Blacks: Danger to society. >Whites: Extrem…[View]
118304288They're doubling down on ignorance. It's always anything but Islam.[View]
118303591Our anons need us: Our anon's are calling ppl on stream we need to support them for Kekistan fo…[View]
118302511How do you go from this...[View]
118301374The Dalai Lama is Retarded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D03-0XVuFz0 - The Dalai Lama asserted al…[View]
118289691What did Sweden ever do that they became cucked in the first place? I don't even think they had…[View]
118304035I wonder if the healthcare fail was just Trump's way of looking like hes trying while not fucki…[View]
118294894>Don't worry, >Obamacare will fail >we'll make sure it fails >and when it does…[View]
118298261how does it feel Muhammad?[View]
118303667The Case for Being a Cuck: http://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-being-a-cuck >If you are totally …[View]
118303958what role did the NEA play in say.. The Battle of Fallujah?[View]
118297939>you can lie to your consumers and then refuse to refund them Free markets were a mistake…[View]
118303857Isn't it weird how good the early 2000s look now? When all we had to worry about was Afghanista…[View]
118292792We Need an Alternate Name for Jews: It's basically taboo to criticize the Jews in any context. …[View]
118301431Why does North Korea have the beat military? Look how decorated these military officers are They are…[View]
118303441Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Muslim board and no amount of r/atheism and r/christianity invasions …[View]
118303764Hahaha Blumpfkins: GUMPF BTFO!![View]
118303650Why does Putin blame all Russian self-created problems on The U.S. and Europe?? Are Russians really …[View]
118303210This was only level one. They have fooled everyone into sacrificing their souls to various demons, p…[View]
118282752How are there so many famous people browsing this board? Why are all the 4chan /pol/ pages on normie…[View]
118297831Nostalgia Thread: Drumpf can't possibly win, the voters aren't that dumb. He is corrupt to…[View]
118302808Daily Reminder: /pol/ is a Christian board.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U9lVjZg-Kg[View]
118303313>JUST LET ME POLICE ADULTS HOLY SHIT! pic related, it's you[View]
118302865BEST TIMELINE EVER: Its Happening. .-::::-.` `---.` `+yhyyyyyyhy+:shhhhhhy/` `yhyyyyyyhhyyydyyy…[View]
118303209Congrats, your old fart republicans did this. http://www.consumerreports.org/privacy/senate-moves-pe…[View]
118300730BRAVE Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com…[View]
118286990Antifa training compound: So, Antifa is asking for donations for their training compound. What would…[View]
118299092Swiflie app: >Anonymous >No character limit >No Censorship >Gifs and Images allowed in c…[View]
118292048When did white street criminals begin to die out?[View]
118299141Trump is looking to be more and more of a 'business as usual' president. I always suspecte…[View]
118266917Why are women so much weaker than men? If they were stronger, they could prevent being raped. Some s…[View]
118288360Self Defense in America: Sup Ameribros What self defense precautions do you take when you're ou…[View]
118283068>full communism is impossible and would never wor-[View]
118302639Shit posters needed: We need pols most elite shit posters to make negative reviews and general shit …[View]
118302708Did they work out those pesky glitches already?[View]
118287481Why do so many left-leaning men seem to love cats more than dogs? The answer is simple: Dogs are pac…[View]
118302359Liberals: 'Private citizens shouldn't be allowed to own firearms. They're too dangerous in…[View]
118299355The term 'white' is extremely racist and I find it offensive. We're American/British/French/Ita…[View]
118302575trump is a JEW PUPPET: WAKE THE FUCK UP SHEEPLE[View]
118291375why did u guys ruined our ottoman empire[View]
118300824What prevents rape in a Libertarian society? Since denying someone the right to sexual satisfaction …[View]
118302382Should university education be >Entirely self-funded with no special state-driven loans >Entir…[View]
118287720Antifags Getting Their Shit Kicked In: >be me >be califag >also be trump supporter >go t…[View]
118302339What happened to me /pol/?: Been moving rightward even since I graduated from uni and got a job. Pla…[View]
118299815Bill Nye 2020: Can we just get a campaign going to make bill nye 2020 a thing? I just want to see a …[View]
118293431Signs your country is a shithole: >people brag about their country's nature that's noth…[View]
118297892>thinks racemixing is degenerate >posts on a board where interracial pornography is posted hou…[View]
1183013053 DAYS LEFT: 3 days left to join the Conservatives and vote for /ourguy/: https://maximebernier.nati…[View]
118277972Why do I never see white men socialize with Muslim women at college? Have you ever talked one? What …[View]
118283466Favourite Nazi?: Who is your favourite Nazi? Mine is Herrman Göring. Great sense of humour, taste in…[View]
118299077Anarcho-Capitalism: Okay so what do y'all think of Anarcho-Capitalism, and would any of you rat…[View]
118297126The Holocaust Visits Israel: and lectures them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flfUvPyLVZI&t=4s…[View]
118300464Will this mean revenge?: I wonder if we will see a ramping up on terrorist attacks now that the lead…[View]
118301706DRUMPF BTFO BY GORILLA: Drumpf the orangutan just got BTFO by a FEMALE BLACK gorilla https://www.you…[View]
118301883TFW want to investigate pizzagate but too tired[View]
118301282http://shareblue.com/former-bush-ethics-lawyer-fbi-uncovering-evidence-of-treason/ Could Donald Trum…[View]
118294648/pol/ i give you guys 2 days to get rid of the reddit invaders before me and and a couple others sta…[View]
118285809So how fixed is the West going to get?[View]
118276800BLACK PILL THREAD: Post your best black pills. I'll start: >'White genocide' is not only rea…[View]
118301673RIGHT WING DEATHSQUADS!!!: Trump supporters chanted 'you can't run, you can't hide, you ge…[View]
118301659College Diversity Council posts fake racist posters: But are they wrong, /pol/? http://amp.nationalr…[View]
118301653offtopicdagain: post some esti beauties esti bros[View]
118298523Is there such a thing as redpilled food?[View]
118301647Spics for Muzzies: Australia are trading their sub-human off shore Muslims for some of America'…[View]
118300853Post Election Stress Disorder Becoming Serious Issue For Anti-Trump Womanchildren: https://www.youtu…[View]
118300777Resist: Resist Drumpf[View]
118300228How do we fix 'fat acceptance'?[View]
118296362How do we get China and Russia to hate each other? How can we get the Russians to exterminate the Ch…[View]
118294891Why do you not openly broadcast your white supremacist beliefs IRL? Are you some kind of coward?[View]
118301439Amber Alert: If you have seen Shia from hwndu, or know his where-abouts. contact this discord https:…[View]
118300995Time Capsule #1: #BLM Protesters Ran Over and Shot by Mexican Gangsters: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
118299862let's discuss the real problem with the west.: Western men are to afraid to stand up for anythi…[View]
118301363ITT: Retarded ''Political'' lists: http://listovative.com/top-15-greatest-history-leaders-of-all-tim…[View]
118299060How pathetic are modern day white men that they have to rely on half Iranian-half white men to come …[View]
118300147Risk Thread: NEW RISK THREAD GET IN HERE Game starts with 6 people[View]
118293008It's over, Flynn will tell the world about Trumps Russian ties. Say it with me: PRESIDENT RYAN.[View]
118298998The good lord emperor Trump's name has been besmirched right in front of you by a liberal shits…[View]
118301227#HWNDU Replaced with #MAGA, Shia LaBeouf on Suicide Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_hA2sE5…[View]
118290826Molymeme: What did he mean by this?[View]
118297635>white supremacy >anime >autism >lack of sexual intercourse What's the connection?!…[View]
118300793>be me >at club >this girl starts grinding on me >this Indian dude is '''dancing''' with…[View]
118296957What is the race of Mexicans and Central Americans. I've heard you all call them Mestizos but a…[View]
118292260is homeschooling your children enough to avoid the jew brainwashing them?[View]
118300621Trump still connected to family business: http://shareblue.com/eric-trump-accidentally-admits-his-da…[View]
118301009Where is Shia: does anyone know where he is? contact https://discord.gg/PNqqnpu[View]
118278938The muslims in the comment section of this muslim kissing prank video think its real: and aren'…[View]
118294542The War on Terrorism. More specifically, on Iraq. Hefty topic, isn't it? Should we have gone in…[View]
118296706Calling Shia's manager: they're doing Craigslist pranks now but shia's manager will b…[View]
118300544splooply: yall just gonna forget about this or nah[View]
118300513(((Feminism))): reminder that feminism is objectively cancer. >Parents live longer http://www.mi…[View]
118298266MUH RUSSIAN HACKRS: So how did the Russians hack the election. How do Liberals even think it went do…[View]
118300542>tweeting someone a gif is now a crime in the 'Land of the Free'[View]
118300849post yfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTzBZuPx1lQ[View]
118300599I've seen this 'statistic' used by a lot of dindus, along with the idea the that white people a…[View]
118299217What went wrong?: Lets have a legit discussion about this. Is TrumpCare really that bad? Is the Re…[View]
118300231>be white American male >watch NCAA tournament >cheer for athletic black males >every t…[View]
118297591This is the nail in the coffin, boys. This isn't how you respond if you aren't keeping a s…[View]
118298572Why do people oppose Market Socialism when Tito proved it could work while he lead Yugoslavia?[View]
118300097Fuck Shia: Anyone know about his where-a-bouts? help us find him. https://discord.gg/PNqqnpu[View]
118300502Grrrl Power Clothes: Are shirts printed with girl power slogans a way to encourage our daughters to …[View]
118286155Is this true for anybody else?[View]
118297445Do we have to deport all Latinas? https://mobile.twitter.com/fajitas69/status/845523054373457920/vid…[View]
118298276>haha I made an acronym calling Trump a cunt When did leftists become so fucking stupid? They can…[View]
118288734>tfw the biggest reason you want to move is to get away from muslims is this normal? I hate them …[View]
118295457Does race really matters or culture is more important?[View]
118299900MFW Trump is President <3[View]
118298518Are you winning yet drumpftards?[View]
118298847Redpilled Authors: ITT: post/discuss redpilled authors. I'll start with Michel Houellebecq.…[View]
118300002The white race WILL prevail once again. Mark my words /pol/.[View]
118298477' immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare ' so much for god emperor[View]
118297931The worst part about knowing the holocaust didn't happen is everyone thinks you're the cra…[View]
11828898110 D.C MISSING GIRLS: Police Chief Says The Missing D.C. Girls Are Runaways Not Crime Victims! https…[View]
118299883HWNDU Website: Alright /pol/ I don't know what the current situation with the HWNDU website is …[View]
118291465Which one of you did this!? Apologize!!: Ok, it's obvious one of you Nazis spray painted the ph…[View]
118293936African men: Germany's development minister explaining African men and their attitude towards m…[View]
118299578SO Paul Watson got btfo'd on jewtube, says hes done making videos. Milo already got shut down. …[View]
118297648How did Communists in America and the West(i.e. Michael Moore) react to the collapse of the Soviet U…[View]
118299609What does /pol/ think of this movie?[View]
118274527Are Europoors indoctrinated to hate Russia as badly as Americans are? Because I've been seeing …[View]
118277164Meanwhile in the UK...[View]
118295399RED PILL ME ON HEALTHCARE: Redpill me on healthcare[View]
118298375GET IN HERE!: Trump told you all to tune into Judge Jeanine tonight at 9pm to watching breaking news…[View]
118298521Anti-Islam hate facts: I was disappointed with how out-of-date charts and statistics on Islamic terr…[View]
118299175How do we solve the Soros problem?[View]
118297555Why do white nationalists flock to places where no one wants them?[View]
118298580So do we know why Comey was at the White House yesterday? Is something happening?[View]
118297850Why are these the best countries?[View]
118299128/pol/ propoganda: I'm not sure if anyone remembers my previous post but I'm the guy with t…[View]
118289701>tweets he's been wiretapped >people ask for proof >says he heard it on a news show…[View]
118299044>tfw still not tired of winning[View]
118299027How 'Brave New World' is South Korea? Memes tell me it's a feminist paradise. I'd like to …[View]
118299015Confidentfags need to stfu: >kek God Emper0r Drumpf is just playin 1488D chess, Dems will suffer …[View]
118285250Racism doesn't exist. It is merely pattern recognition: Pattern recognition is a learned behavi…[View]
118281082more than 24,000 people have signed a petition calling for 'Fearless Girl' to become a permanent.: …[View]
118298449Really rumbles my numbles[View]
118298840So there's a website with meme's from the leaked CIA database on it. It lets you vote on y…[View]
118298815/Jordan B Peterson General/: 'Denial of the heroic promotes decadence, equally – absolute rejection …[View]
118295527I really think that a lot of America's problems come from our food supply chain. It all comes f…[View]
118298707Do you believe in the New World Order?: How much time do we have left until we are subjugated 100%?…[View]
118282287Why do so many /pol/ have unhealthy relationships with their family? Seems extremely bluepilled to m…[View]
118288861/pol/ BTFO FOR GOOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s3yOxVDXaU[View]
118298638Realtalk: Lets say Putin sent Trump advanced notices of the leaks and DNC strategies because he didn…[View]
118298428MFW people from mud nations think jews give a shit about them[View]
118298251Can non-whites be white supremacists?[View]
118296494Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ovn43o1V00[View]
118297262Michael Flynn may have ripped Trump apart: Mike Pence to become Mr. 46 by end of the year probably…[View]
118287443Vietnam war: How did an advanced country like America lose/withdraw/capitulate to north Vietnam in t…[View]
118288713Well established rappers are now tweeting about the missing kids in D.C.: Our efforts seem to have w…[View]
118278105Kansas - pronounced Kansas Arkansas - pronounced Are can saw Explain yourselves Burgers.[View]
118298427Trump still not stumped: Okay, so just to make things clear, Trump might have had more difficulty …[View]
118298309fat people should be charged twice as much for public transportation i'm actually tolerant of f…[View]
118298400so FBI director James Comey wants to play j Edgar Hoover against the god emperor. can someone put hi…[View]
118298281Civic Nationalism is for whites. Ethno Nationalism is only for jews. We need Israel to protect us, …[View]
118298229Kikes of /pol/, all hate aside, how was your military service like? I know Israel is one of the few …[View]
118297358What does /pol/ think of abo traps? >How can other countries even compete? http://www.abc.net.au…[View]
118298307Bumper stickers: Anyone know of some good bumper stickers (or sites to find them) that are triggerin…[View]
118298094Proof that Jesus did not die on the cross: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Goz6hfUWA[View]
118286139Prove you're not a blind follower and name 1 (one) criticism you have of Trump: I'll start…[View]
118298195Why does /pol/ claim to hate the media, but hasnt woken up about sports/ESPN yet? We should complete…[View]
118298095Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn. But…[View]
118295252I found the funnies tweet. It perfectly shows how this militarized industrialized shaming that radic…[View]
118297505I'm a 'useful idiot of the left', but you're wrong. *smiles* Because you have to![View]
118267869>thousands of years of history >ancient empire >cucked neighboring ethnicities and made the…[View]
118297811Focusing on the important issues.: >I know that a muslim mowed down all those people but can we t…[View]
118297946>And when they did go to the public latrines, one of the things they used to wipe themselves was …[View]
118297871Orthodoxy that doesn't lead to orthopraxy is just larping my dudes.[View]
118292835Yugoslavia was a paradise. Deal with it.[View]
118295157Why do millennials refer to Trump as 'the big fat orange cunt' with impunity?[View]
118286924I'm sorry, what were you saying Mr. Peterson? 'So anyways, long before we were practising scien…[View]
118294295Did Hitler and Goebbels have a homosexual relationship?: Things to think about 1.) Both were known t…[View]
118290341Whats his name again?[View]
118285303Melbourne is fucking finished. >used to be the safest most liveable city in the world >fat sjw…[View]
118297394Meanwhile in the US...[View]
118297068who is a better POLITICAIN Farage or Trump[View]
1182953132016 ELECTION THREAD: Get in here and post everything from the great meme war to honor all the lost …[View]
118288658German turk here, convince me to vote for AfD tomorrow and not for FDP in the Saarland state electio…[View]
118274130Simple Risk Thread - Part 1: Hey, RISK OP here from a couple days ago, I improved the map a little b…[View]
118280232True Capitalist Radio-Ghost TROLL SHOW-I am not G edition: Do YouTubers actually have any talent? Or…[View]
118292071daily reminder that the closest thing America has to a princess is married to a JEW[View]
118295130'It's going to be so easy.'[View]
118297391Global Kekistani day?: At what date can I fly the flag high for the oppressed, marginalized and (alm…[View]
118296914Prepare yourself Italy[View]
118297284WE WUZ[View]
118297235God boy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6xh9qlQtXPWJi1SGLW3VTA[View]
118297228After living in england for 3 years (1 year in London 2 years in Tonbridge) I have to ask: Why is en…[View]
118291323I have given up on my own race: I have tirelessly tried for so long to get black people to open ther…[View]
118293196let's discuss the real problem with the west.: Western men are to afraid to stand up for anythi…[View]
118296012US Imposes Sanctions Against 8 Russian Companies – US State Department: https://sputniknews.com/worl…[View]
118296991>Based Master P Most red pilled rapper you ever heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S359fWNmfm…[View]
118295482Why does Amerifats hate Universal Healthcare?[View]
118296950In the obituary for a local teenager who committed suicide, one of the things it mentions is that he…[View]
118293119KEK IN POPULAR CULTURE: The Cult of Kek is older than you think - we have only recently been initiat…[View]
118296352http://www.pollshare.com/poll/3791 Hey /pol/ would you vote for Trump again, I know I sure would. Yo…[View]
118296456/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Ques…[View]
118296814HITLERS SON TAKES POWER: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/25/politics/hitlers-son-takes-power-in-easte…[View]
118293263Who should I have kids with?[View]
118291508Is this nigger right?[View]
118295064Congress passes privacy affecting law: Hey guys this is my first time ive posted here but this is to…[View]
118296791Christian parents in a nutshell: Hello fellow anons. Let me just jump to my point and not waste your…[View]
118268957BREAKING: FLYNN FLIPS ON TRUMP: https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/845719948018302977 BREAKING:…[View]
118296576Why are Aussies so based?: It's a traditional love story: >A boy. >A girl. >Ten cups o…[View]
118296496>gf is younger than me >smarter too, accepted to multiple ivys >good looking idk maybe 7-7.…[View]
118294358Why didn't they go?: Why have none of the celebrities moved? Why is anti-fag still here? Why is…[View]
118295427>tfw you live in a third world shithole and could never EVER vote for Trump…[View]
118296291The Chesapeake trade is pretty lukratif.[View]
118295333If you're learning English. Stop. If you're planning on living in New Zealand. Don't.…[View]
118240820Who is the most famous Criminal in your Country?: /pol/ Who is the most famous Criminal/bandit in yo…[View]
118295383Your tax dollars hard at work. Spicer said yesterday that he'd be in DC 'working through the we…[View]
118290755How did she lose?[View]
118293361http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4349694/Four-pedestrians-left-injured-man-drives-them.html h…[View]
118296028What do you think about Tayyip Erdoğan? Is he /ourguy/?[View]
118296131Claudius: so Emperor Cladius was the first roman emperor to not be a faggot. Haha no seriously thoug…[View]
118296070Death note: I'm not much for anime but this new Death note trailer is really building my hype! …[View]
118296067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_B1H-1opys Why are you not pro-israel when western media wants you …[View]
118295992Can we meme this into reality?: >Rich faggy creeps with colored makeup and hair control the entir…[View]
118281957> sit on the porch of your farmhouse with a corn pipe in your mouth > drink moonshine and pick…[View]
118289988Deutscher Faden[View]
118292179Redpill me on jewish science !: Why so many jewish (mainly the Ashkenazim / european ones) made so m…[View]
118271247Ex-Yugo General: Why are Serbs, Bosnians, Macedonians and Montenegrins uneducated and stupid?: The s…[View]
118295678Your president sucks /pol/. He couldn't even repeal and replace with full GOP control. Obama wa…[View]
118295103How does this make you feel?[View]
118294035Let's rock and roll Lads![View]
118287285how will muslims ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZGgpW4PO9k[View]
118288137International American Hate Thread.: Why do you hate America anons? I personally hate them because t…[View]
118282097FBI has uncovered 'evidence of treason' among /pol/: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/wor…[View]
118253134Why is /pol/ Christian when Gnosticism is the ultimate religion: As a Christian, you believe in the …[View]
118256979How much of this board would you say honesty believes in pizzagate?[View]
118287081Brit/pol/ - Royal edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reversed http:/…[View]
118291248/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - /ANGLO/ EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
118294404*blocks your path*[View]
118295019I know it's a big joke about Turks and arabs in Germany hehe.. but seriously I've found 3 …[View]
118291604How stupid are you on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being trump voter?[View]
118293190NATIONALISM = BULLSHIT: Guesss what mother fuckers - Nationalism WAS INVENTED just before ww1. It…[View]
118294924When Mr. Rothschild died recently I felt a kind of disturbance in reality. I felt ill in the stomach…[View]
118294885is he the goat? Inb4 bill hicks/alex jones[View]
118290128A new mom flew to Miami to get a ‘Brazilian butt lift.’ She didn’t survive the surgery.: White men n…[View]
118294244Why is Scotland so shit: /pol/ why is Scotland so fucking shit? Fuck Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP cuc…[View]
118294849What happens here? Is it the staging ground for the Chicano Reconquista?[View]
118294457(insert bait here)[View]
118291529Too young to vote, old enough to care: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPm0_X3MGhc 'Too young t…[View]
118294767Alt-right girl calls black guy 'nigger': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpkggcZCbb8 Is the alt-righ…[View]
118293666NORWAY IN CRISIS MODE: We Will Abandon The Geneva Convention If Sweden Collapses: http://100percentf…[View]
118293646Your loyalty should not be with your race but with local sports ball team, goyim.[View]
118293338Happening now?: Is /pol/ being trolled by Muslims for pointing out their women get paid on sites lik…[View]
118285086ANTIFA and COMMIES BTFO: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1vAGRgWeLOVJl people arguing https://www.perisco…[View]
118294266>the average Civic Nationalist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBZg3kdyWlg&feature=youtu.be…[View]
118294363how do we get Bernie to pay his 'fair share'?: can we start a campaign to get bernie to pay his taxe…[View]
118269719Trump's Heathcare Plan: For a few days /pol/ has been flooded with idiot shills about how they …[View]
118293995CTF: if season 6 is in South Africa, you can count on me to take it down[View]
118294161IS IT HAPPENING?: I just saw a report on my twitter feed that a truck just ran into a crowd in Engla…[View]
118294274Search Engine Cuckery: Why is pic related the thumbnail if you Google '45th president?' Even George …[View]
118288235what is the political stance of the average chad?[View]
118288913NAMESDAY YAY!: Today's my names day /pol/, which is also Greek Independence day, and i'm a…[View]
118293841What are /pol/ thoughts on Freemasonry?[View]
118294198Cancel or rename popular days.: Easter should be cancelled or renamed because it offends the notions…[View]
118290855Emojis are racist and heteronormative: APOLOGIZE /POL/! In this brilliant strike against the patriar…[View]
118293985/rpg/ Redpill General:da joos edition: >The Greatest Story Ever Told https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
118293947What paper or news agency will break the ultimate story that finishes Trump,and who will play them i…[View]
118290097UGH! YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP?! I can't believe I let you cum in my ass! Haven't you seen how b…[View]
118293403>'White Americans, what? Nothing better to do? Why don't you kick yourself out. You're …[View]
118293510Why are Americans so bad at constructing buildings?[View]
118293766Hypocrite Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5wTpnH1QfA[View]
118293822Is there any truth to this?: http://www.inquisitr.com/4090747/donald-trump-impeachment-michael-flynn…[View]
118293757Religion of peace: Some atheist name Ayaz Nizami was arrested in Pakistan for blasphemy and now this…[View]
118285489I am so sick of feminist bitches who think they get to talk about OUR video games. She isn't ev…[View]
118293522Why are black people so fat?[View]
118293679Hey Rabbi whatcha doing. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/03/23/israeli-american-teen-…[View]
118292140Are /pol/ posters too easily offended? I see you guys freaking out over kids movies, cartoons, video…[View]
118291307video nasties: Was the UK always this strict and fascist with banning shit like this? I was taking a…[View]
118290159CANADA YES!: Canada gonna get flooded[View]
118293500Rene girad: What is /pol/'s thoughts on Rene Girad?[View]
118293474Holy shit /p/ollacks, Red Pill - the movie - is going to be a thing. How did Hollywood let this happ…[View]
118291205Thoughts on current ideological schisms: I've been thinking, /pol/. I wanted to gather a consen…[View]
118284118Are credit cards a jewish scam? Reminder that americans have racked up over a trillion dollars in cr…[View]
118292513What will Florida man do next /pol/?[View]
118293230TANGO UP[View]
118293225Proof : Norway rocks, USA sucks!: USA is BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s3yOxVDXaU…[View]
118293200Are there any documentation proving that Hitler's regime killed 6,000,000 jews? Been doing som…[View]
118276583EUROPEAN RISK: REVENGE EDITION: Thread was closed so come in here faggots[View]
118293075Out of the Portland Mercury. Someone please nuke this shit hole.[View]
118291862PAY MY MEDICAL BILLS !!!!!!!!!![View]
118289094I am pretty disappointed with Trump so far. Nothing really happens. I shilled pretty hard for him ev…[View]
118291322Is any failure of White people actually their own fault or is it all someone else?[View]
118291586gimme all your flags: i start[View]
118274987Fall of the West.: Hello there /pol/. Since a few years i sense that the west is on the verge of col…[View]
118292591/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Questi…[View]
118292144Why don't free export free vidya and 2d women to Africa and South Asia and watch the birth rate…[View]
118291731>German 'humor' Why is this allowed?[View]
118292024How anti-islamic is Spain? They've probably wrangled with the bastards more than any other coun…[View]
118292378SHEKELSTEIN JIDF BOMBER FALSE FLAGGING: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/us-jews-wrestle-with-arrest…[View]
118274518Memri Tv: can somebody give me the rundown on this channel called Memri TV. wow i never knew that ar…[View]
118291890Look like he's back: Got to get back Back on track Get off 'a my back No worries, fellow a…[View]
118285254Is hockey the most white sport?: >Mostly all players are white >Is played in colder environmen…[View]
118286159Western society is founded on fascist blood. We shot the shit out of them on the battlefields then …[View]
118291054Be honest...what is 1 (won) criticism you have of Trump?[View]
118291877Why does the right always defeat the left on a truly neutral playing field?: The left relies on bull…[View]
118284306Jewish Children Gather to Sing 'I'm Not White, I'm Jewish.': https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118291109Anyone have any suggestions for crazy/ overdose redpill docs on youtube. Just got done watching this…[View]
118290114Alcohol: The REAL DRUG of Degenerates: Stop shitting on weed retards. If you drink alcohol you'…[View]
118284287Jew is subhuma...[View]
118291263On a scale from 1 to Sweden how fucked is western civilization?: Is there any decent country left?…[View]
118278988Why are the right dominating YouTube but not much else?[View]
118291933Is there definitive proof regarding zionists motive? Is the protocols indeed just a Russian fake?[View]
118288220Hey, I'm a reasonable person, I'd like to think. And I think that you fuckers aren't …[View]
118291078White America: Look /pol/, it's your superior white race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXiBe…[View]
118291829RedPill General /rpg/ (Post Redpills): Post redpills for newfags and redditors who don't know t…[View]
118291795I find it amusing how people here are so confident in saying 'nigger', when in real life they won…[View]
118291486Reminder that /pol/ is now a zionist board[View]
118291670Gommunism General: Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ide…[View]
118290999If a woman fucks a dog, and they both like it - is that really a crime?[View]
118276434Sacramento Rally General: MAGA rally in Sacramento today. Maken America Free Again. There are still…[View]
118286600Hey /pol/, what's it like knowing you'll always be inferior to the Irish master race?[View]
118283807Why are Americans so weird ?: This is not a America hate thread, really. I've discovered /pol/ …[View]
118291612my online english course requires us to participate in weekly discussions about whatever topic the p…[View]
118291436Fuck Antifa and these pussy as fags![View]
118290983Went to a 50/45/5% White/Muslim/Black and then a 90% muslim sixth form (last 2 years of high school …[View]
118291326What's better on a white guy? Fair skin, or darker skin[View]
118268788SCANDINAVIAN SUPERIORITY: Calling all scandinavians! Link is a typical scandinavian from 1000 years …[View]
118290305NatSoc: Just a reminder that /pol/ is a Christian-focused NatSoc board against the Islamic/Jewish al…[View]
118291461Thanks to /r/eddit, my sister is convinced that canadian healthcare is more effective than anything …[View]
118275066ADULT IQ to political ideology: >explain this Protip: you cannot without assuming that the majori…[View]
118291414After reading about the Strauss-Howee generational theory, it really seems likely were headed toward…[View]
118291352He Will not divide us: Hey /pol/, just wondering if you guys can point me towards the full stories o…[View]
118291309'We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare – and nobody can do that like me. We will save $…[View]
118291300/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - UWOTM8 edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
118290857Shias flag/strea, will reside in Finland: http://www.kiasma.fi/nayttelyt-ja-ohjelmisto/ars-17/ars17-…[View]
118289667Will Trump deport all the Negroes and Mestizo back to their original lands?[View]
118288935Please follow the party line. Please no free-think. If you are not a member of the party, please si…[View]
118291178Why are Asian women so beautiful? They have amazing white girl bodies, but with a different face. It…[View]
118285538Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump's Presidency Effectively Over After Repeal Failure: It…[View]
118291013Libs Shitty with Dave: I've heard Chapelles back with a special on Netflix and it's got SJ…[View]
118289422My first actual homofob and sexist: story time pol >be me be 18 playing rainbow six siege >joi…[View]
118283479Hungary: Can we have a Hungary appreciation thread?[View]
118290732Antifa Cucks Rally; Trumpies BTFO: Heard your rally in Philly got cucked today by antifa LMAO trump …[View]
118286046It hit me today just how hard the jews have us all. >went to Disney for an obligatory lunch >h…[View]
118290219are you american literally insane? what's the point of fucking water being so high in toilet bo…[View]
118290694Redpill me on 9/11: I'm looking for people from either side of the 9/11 debate to tell me why t…[View]
118264670Éire/pol/ - Night before mass edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/6dU8mGjrjJk National Party:ht…[View]
118287898Is light eyes + dark hair the master race of whites?[View]
118290399Cuckservatives: > TFW you bitch about Obamacare for 7 years, then get a chance to replace it, and…[View]
118290575/pol/ BTFO HOW CAN THEY EVER RECOVER?[View]
118290557Oh honey...[View]
118286077Why are Republicans having such a hard time getting rid of Obamacare? Could it be some of them have…[View]
118287042>taking the bullet for Trumpcare Was he the good guy all along[View]
118290116APOLOGIZE /POL/[View]
118283212How do we get rid of the shills?[View]
118287950Allies get[View]
118290421What if liberals went to middle east?: Do you think that they would treat them good?[View]
118290205Which is better to be, gay, but a Nazi (like Ernst Röhm)... or Straight, but a communist (like Chair…[View]
118276092Death Note is one of the few anime shows that I enjoyed from start to finish. L was my favourite ch…[View]
118266930Race war between Blacks and Hispanics in US prison. What race will dominate in the long-term? https:…[View]
118290015Redpill me on women /pol/. I'm getting sick and tired of the ones I know refusing to learn any …[View]
118269803>Drumpfies btfo[View]
118289893http://vistriai.com/kinseyscaletest/ Prove your not a faggot, take the test. Anything greater than a…[View]
118289453Maryland Rape Case - Who is Paying for the Lawyer?: The lawyer for the DACA illegal immigrant teens …[View]
118288005Impeachment: Is Trump getting impeached? What's all this about flynn? Ffs, we need to know.…[View]
118289868Only 2^-10% of women work physically dangerous or otherwise physically demanding and dirty jobs. Wom…[View]
118290071https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RQA9GZprqM What was Jonbro trying to say? It felt like he was havin…[View]
118290110This board has become so powerful that we can do pretty much anything so why haven't we dealt w…[View]
118288039why you aren't a russophile: i like that russia trolls our gay gangster government, but I don…[View]
118286294Why is antifa mostly comprised of skinny manlets?[View]
118289910Freedom of religion vs. State Law vs. Federal Law vs. Sharia Law The gate has been opened. This will…[View]
118289452Why is trump golfing at mar a lago?[View]
118282520/pol/ approved protest techniques?[View]
118288222Red Pill on Jews: Red Pill me on the Jews /pol/. I understand the Jews are over represented in liber…[View]
118277095Now that (((They))) went after Alex Jones and have made him stop talking about it, where does this l…[View]
118288966BAN CARS THEY CAUSE PEOPLE IN LONDON TO GET RUN OVER https://twitter.com/V_of_Europe/status/84577989…[View]
118287134Freedom is a lie: In all systems, you have obligations no matter who you are. If you live in an Auth…[View]
118285111Guess who's eating at Comet Ping Pong?[View]
118285503Look at this BASED black guy in a maga hat!!!!111[View]
118289774Some 'Red Pills' are Actually 'Blue Pills' — PizzaGate is FAKE NEWS: Why do peop…[View]
118284766Visegrad 4: Whats pol's toughts on the visegrad Group.[View]
118259897>A huge chimpout starts in your town. >The thing closest to you that can be considered a conve…[View]
118287026'you can keep your doctor' ---> 'LIAR!!' 'i'm going to immediately repeal and replace obamac…[View]
118277895SOON!: HAPPENING! >ignore shill threads HAPPENING SOON! Interviews with Montgomery's Lawy…[View]
118289542So this is the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club. They're a bunch of leftists that are armed, and cle…[View]
118259410Realistic Sexdolls are now available for as little as $800 dollars, how does society change /pol/?[View]
118289425What is there to be done about libtard cancer in schools? >>> https://twitter.com/paperwarb…[View]
118289479Traditionalism: discussion on traditionalism and post sources/books about traditionalism[View]
118281858Im a leaf but i want to get involved in fighting back against liberalism and PC: Anyone else in the …[View]
118287041How possible is pic related?[View]
118288623Why does Brazil have the richest models and not United States?[View]
118287104RWDS When? I can't wait to start putting Antifa leftists into the ground.[View]
118289170Accurate Map of Kekistan: Dear, My beloved /POL I have plans to make a video related to Kekistan and…[View]
118287205Doctor from Neofag admits to harming Trump supporters at his job What the fuck is this shit[View]
118288772I'm dropping this here because you'll remember: This has huge political implications if I …[View]
118288376Civic National Socialism General: Lets talk about Civic National Socialism.[View]
118289127So #HWNDU was pulled because one sided Capture the Flag is pretty boring. Let's get this made a…[View]
118285468Redpill me on life /pol/ I've been feeling down lately.[View]
118288763Is he right, /pol/?[View]
118253819Subversion general-Bezmenovs pill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
118288978THEY GOT TO HIM Bildergergers and Globalists couldn't do it. The Bohemian Grove and Moloch coul…[View]
118276818Elon Musk gets cucked in this video:: >women will respect me if I become a billionaire https://ww…[View]
118288957If Persians should return to Zorastrianism, why shouldn't Europeans return to Paganism?[View]
118286238Veganism - Nature/Culture: What is /pol/'s opinion on the matter of veganism? What are we, as h…[View]
118286536Why do so many anarcho-capitalists become statist reactionaries over time?[View]
118288878Major Western subcultures: AKA enough of this rap shit. Major Western subcultures, organized by the…[View]
118288863White European death rate plummets, while skyrocketing in America: Explain this, 'Muricans.…[View]
118288852Religion: Redpill me on the religion /po/ what is the role of the religion for u ? the spirituality …[View]
118262037why was he so hot he's literally fucking daddy <3 n-no homo tho[View]
118288785What went wrong???[View]
118288781What the fuck is happening in South Afrika?: Seriously, there's some serious Zimbabwe shit goin…[View]
118271760Boston ANTIFA says STOP IT!!! You hear that guys? we better stop trolling them.[View]
118288708How and when did you first become redpilled?[View]
118288255have conservatives won the popular culture war?: 2/3 of governors, house, senate, presidency....have…[View]
118288441Really makes you think..[View]
118285663is capitalism naturally anti-male?[View]
118262632Realistically: What do we do about school shootings? How do we prevent them from happening?[View]
118276891MEET THE RACE SCALE: Red: Mediterranean Orange: Anglo-Saxon Yellow: Scandinavian Green: Slavic Blue:…[View]
118284404We are god. Does anybody else have that feeling?[View]
118288131Is this the face of an Ashkenazi Jew?[View]
118284291SO WHEN DOES THE WINNING START?!?!?!: WHEN, babydicks? When every fucking bill he passes turns into …[View]
118286913Soviets were fucking barbarians. Western Germany pumped 2 trillion dollar into Eastern Germany after…[View]
118287959*blocks your path* Where are you going kuffar?[View]
118224736Shia in Alaska[View]
118277104>alt-right now more popular than ever >now don't want to be a part of it anymore because …[View]
118281852Is Islam trying to save the West?: >against fags >against feminism >against Jews >agains…[View]
118282065School kid almost chokes to death: Black people are 100% useless. There's a reason why they don…[View]
118288237>more people getting WOKE >ANTIFA getting BTFO constantly now >liberals can't stop cry…[View]
118288077White rich Latin Americans what's your opinion on the nigger faggots of your country?[View]
118269043PIG MASK SHOOTER SURROUNDED: LIVE FEED: http://news3lv.com/live[View]
118271522I was at the PizzaGate/PedoGate protest. AMA: This was near the White House. https://www.washingtonp…[View]
118288102Stupid gay nazis: Are gays a vital part of fascist consciousness, as this book claims? Yes, I'm…[View]
118277119Just spent a half hour arguing with people over nuclear energy. Basically the only argument the othe…[View]
118286284I love that Paul Ryan has masterminded America in such a way that Trump will be so politically damag…[View]
118284132Compatibility: Are Christianity and White Nationalism compatible?[View]
118287736This movie seemed more anti alt-right and anti r9k than anti Muslim. >weed smokers >porn addic…[View]
118281634No porn, two weeks in. How are you guys doing? When does it get better?[View]
118287380what the fuck is wrong with America rewarding some 13yo degenerate slut?[View]
118286357National bird: Should Sweden use the ostrich as the new national bird? What would it take to get tha…[View]
118267375ANTIFA GETS FUCKING REKT And this tard is trying to claim Trump supporters started it https://twitte…[View]
118284560Donald Trump's presidency is effectively OVER Today.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbSNnHeV_…[View]
118287525Oh boy: Jay Zis teaming up with the Weinstein Company to produce a film and docuseries about the sto…[View]
118287512AYO We wuz KROGANS and scheiiit![View]
118280192Hey... ...why couldn't Trump... ...repeal Obamacare?[View]
118287449Can't dodge the Rodge: Do you agree with what he thought about women and other races?[View]
118264093Deutsch/pol/ continuation Bongspeak edition: Original thread >>118236482 Hitler says: Engrish …[View]
118287439I can't wait to see this faggot son of a pig get betrayed by that traitor whore of Ivanka. I ha…[View]
118275496I thought /pol/ hated trust fund babies and all alike.[View]
118285645So is it safe to say the London terrorist attacks changed absolutely nothing?[View]
118246776How do we make these things illegal again /pol/? How do we stop the rampant degeneracy in this gener…[View]
118284719>There is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired …[View]
118284228Putin bans U.S. adoption of Russian orphans due to pedophile epidemic: http://mirrorspectrum.com/inf…[View]
118287074Police - Kill by Car!: When is the last time you ran liberals and killed them? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
118284596INSIDER INFO - READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON: Let me start with the backstory, >It…[View]
118285014Lesbianism - causes and solutions?[View]
118283091I find it disgusting and annoying when I see girls on social media posting have naked and sexually p…[View]
118285383A building just exploded in Wirral, just south of Liverpool. Religion of peace strikes again! https:…[View]
118284648Are white women still salvageable? http://nypost.com/2017/03/20/man-stands-by-wife-after-her-affair…[View]
118282753Is it over for the Trump administration after this latest debacle?[View]
118286321Hundreds of Iraqi civilians have been killed by US air strike: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/…[View]
118276190Why do you hate blacks?[View]
118280708I'm a divorce lawyer AMA: Family lawyer checking in. Practice in flag related but have knowledg…[View]
118279133Reminder that Stormfags will lie to you just to get you to support them. Just like Muslims.[View]
118284929We are winning my brothers: The Jew is getting afraid. VERY afraid. How do I know this? Because of t…[View]
118286316Brexit BTFO: Brexiteers completely BTFO by wise remainers at the March for Europe. https://www.youtu…[View]
118286264General Filteries Thread: Post results on ideal government role >rate http://filteries.com/politi…[View]
118276127SWEDEN YES!!!![View]
118286241Which country/ideology has the world's best legal system? And do you think that reforming the l…[View]
118278582HEAVEN - Head Transplant Surgery: Let's take a break from the shitposting and eceleb trash and …[View]
118282885White women are traitors, beyond redemp-[View]
118285890Anti-Trump Faggotry Solution: #1 Don't give in. #2 Remember that we won, and they lost. #3 Keep…[View]
118283529FROM NOW ON WE START USING THE TROLLFACE AGAIN: the trollface is now raycus[View]
118285995Can mods seriously make 'BTFO' threads a bannable offense. They make this site even more cancerous t…[View]
118279062Black pill thread 2: For those who want to continue the discussions and stuff from previous thread …[View]
118274404Leaders: >be me >after 2 years unemplyed, finally left neet life, decided to stop being a dege…[View]
118277760Brit/pol/ - Nigel Farage Was Sent By Christ To Fulfill Bible Prophecy edition: Credit goes to >…[View]
118284038Is the Black Lodge, dare I say it, /ourlodge/?: GUYS Why are not turning Twin Peaks into the next sy…[View]
118283293Steve Bannon: Is he bro tier?[View]
118284026>you will never have the right to bare arms[View]
118268514Why is no one talking about the healthcare failure?[View]
118285923FREEDOM WINS: Just want to thank the FREEDOM CAUCUS for defending MY FREEDOMS yesterday and protecti…[View]
118285756Why is everyone blaming Paul Ryan for the healthcare bill failing? Do you know why he left Paul Ryan…[View]
118248985Prostitution should be legalized: Imagine if prostitution was legalized and made commonplace all acr…[View]
118285864>be american >water falls out of the sky >collect it >go to jail JUST U S T >land of …[View]
118285296What's the solution to the Jewish question?: There is no solution. There is no hope. Jews will …[View]
118285811Who is Christph Rehage and why is he always knocking Trump?: His Tweets appear in an endless stream …[View]
118278287Has 'Shill' become our 'Racist'? I don't see any debate going on anymore. Everyone here just ca…[View]
118285629how would /pol/ to kill themselves? I would shoot myself if only I could get a gun in germany[View]
1182856191488 GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW[View]
118279944>ITT: political fantasies The situation in Sweden gets so bad, especially for children that Trump…[View]
118276153ANTIFACUCKS: https://www.periscope.tv/Nothiefsallowed/1LyGBjAVoRYGN Trump supporters arguing with an…[View]
118285500>barbed wire aint enough, i will put landmines along our borders to protect from anyone who would…[View]
118266041Why don't you dress like a proper white man?[View]
118261870Why are Irish called 'the blacks of Europe'? They look pretty white to me[View]
118283711Give me proofs that proves that Hitler and the Nazism was a Socialist Movement and approves Gun Cont…[View]
118285378Season 5 of HWNDU will be in Finland, the cradle of weaponized autism This will be his BIGGEST mista…[View]
118278521Redpill me on mormons /pol/ Are they based or just a cult?[View]
118284907>tfw hideki is redpilled >feelsgoodman Post unexpectedly redpilled celebrities/internet figure…[View]
118284757Sup /pol/: Just came back from the MAGA Philly march. Some seriously great men and woman for TRUMP s…[View]
118284337Rate my ideal society[View]
118261931Authoritarian Music: Looking for a certain type of music, a kind that feels very /pol/ (that isn…[View]
118283664New Marxist propaganda: Handmaidens tale >white blonde girl >black husband >religious group…[View]
118285133How do we stop her from getting more powerful? She is ruining our lives!![View]
118281007Let's talk about The Netherlands: What does /pol/ think about The Netherlands.[View]
118243303Surplus Chinese males are a demographic weapon: Numerous articles have been authored claiming China…[View]
118282872/Pol/ you're the worst of the worst by what you did to Shia was fucking classic. Thank you[View]
118279330Is America beyond saving?[View]
118284274What is there to be done about libtard cancer in schools? >>> https://twitter.com/paperwarb…[View]
118261690Ebony and Ivory: Can somebody give me rundown on these two ladies? I heard they're both from Ca…[View]
118283989DailyStormers doesn't make any fucking sense. Leafs are right in the most in /pol/. They know t…[View]
118284859How can a black man be president?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyTg3CQGK8A[View]
118284184Brother Nathanael: Oy Vey! Has /pol/ come across this Gentile before? He use to be one of (((them))…[View]
118283653Help me figure out my ethnic origin pol. I have blue eyes, curly reddish brown hair, pale skin. My a…[View]
118279891Drumpf takes 12th golf trip since becoming President nine weeks ago: Our tax dollars hard at work. h…[View]
118281823The fuck is their problem?: Do they even look at themselves?[View]
118283845Japanese TV Obama: A few years back I saw some parodies of the Obamas on Japanese TV. Does anyone ha…[View]
118283772https://youtu.be/VIDhyhHOkoo Check this guy out[View]
118278250Next liberal cocksucker to touch my Trump flag is gonna make me fear for my life.[View]
118281550Should supporting elderly parents be mandatory?: Thoughts on laws mandating people to spend certain …[View]
118278866The problem with civic nationalism is spics are better then blacks in everyway. Its easier for me to…[View]
118282677So redpillers try to whine that they aren't submissive misogynistic fat fucks who women can…[View]
118281732Who did he vote for?[View]
118274866>tfw liberals think nigger speak is a different 'dialect'[View]
118281349Why does /pol/ get so triggered when anyone makes fun of Trump? Even if you like all his policies yo…[View]
118282118Is this Anne Frank?: Check this documentary (happens at -6:36 min respectibly 2:46 min): https://vid…[View]
118282828Happening !!!: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/huge-explosion-flattens-buildings-in-w…[View]
118284122Does anyone else feel a child learns better civic virtues in baseball as opposed to football? Baseba…[View]
118283422ENOUGH - SOUTH CONE IS WHITE THREAD: Uruguay is so white that they do HEMA in prison https://www.liv…[View]
118281953#missingDCgirls has pol heard about all the missing black girls?: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news…[View]
118280554Is he going to snitch on trump bros?[View]
118258191what is the most powerful nation on earth and why is it america?[View]
118258578What is realistically to be done about this?[View]
118277981Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Muslim board and no amount of r/atheism and r/christianity invasions …[View]
118283894Jared Taylor vs. Rapper n on Diversity: Who do you think won the debate? i think they both made good…[View]
118283401Who consider converting to Islam here?[View]
118281861Was it justified pol?: Considering all the hideous atrocities the USA committed in the past, was it …[View]
118273670Where will 4chan be in the eyes of the News/Media and general populace in 10 years time?[View]
118282793How come American males dress like this in public?[View]
118282240Redpill me on the Dinduism religion[View]
118283459So did Obama wiretap Trump or not[View]
118283435Right women vs left women: Which side has the hotter women[View]
118273590'GREAT AGAIN': Name one thing that has improved in your personal life and is directly caused by Trum…[View]
118281828Explosion in UK http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/massive-gas-explosion-decimates-least-10099763 …[View]
118282870SETH RICH!!!!! Finally some Answers!!!: Atty for whistleblower Montgomery has already offered to rep…[View]
118283018Just Because Someone Creates a Term: for an idea, doesn't make it a legitimate concept that sho…[View]
118282671Why are the toothniggers so butthurt over the prospect of Scottish independence?[View]
118280457How does capitalism, which involves the voluntary exchange of goods and services, create an environm…[View]
118283150He continually promised this and is now not being held accountable for failing. He has no leadership…[View]
118278405Trump has done everything possible to repeal Obamacare including 5 visits to Mar-a-lago, 9 trips to …[View]
118283098Halp: I need help. Can someone please create a Social Justice league comic. I know some of you guys …[View]
118282289Downfall of western civilization live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKrDfGoHlD4[View]
118281936HUGE Turkish Rotterdam Protest: De Facto Invasion!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9YEKexy7C4 - Tu…[View]
118279854post great moments in political history where the person completely fails to follow up on what they …[View]
118281870LGBT: At my school they had a LGBT bake sale so I decided to have some fun I went up to the sand whe…[View]
118283005On the 'Intellectual Left': Anyone else sick of the pseudo-intellectualism that leftists pride thems…[View]
118281438ITT: we pretend like it's the revolutinary war i'll start >be me >be simple farmer …[View]
118280385So /pol/ Got in an argument about the Muslim problem the other day. So many numbers and facts that s…[View]
118281709Need help, what websites is this? I would like to take the test[View]
118265979What is the relationship between cute anime girls and far right-wing politics?[View]
118282801I Am Shadilay: Wanna have major keks? www.iammajor.me Post image of Trump with the phrase: 'I am Pre…[View]
118280840I have a gay black christian friend from Nigeria. This guy hates promiscuity and never had sex befo…[View]
118278545Race Mixing: What is the view of /pol/ on race mixing? if this continues, eventually the white race …[View]
118279752>pro black cartoon >We wuz anime and sheeeit >We wuz kangs Where does it end…[View]
118278821Is this story the final red pill?: I mean,how can we realistically make the world great?[View]
118261586So we can all agree that this Russia-Trump narrative is bullshit being pushed by the Democrats, esta…[View]
118280745>there were people here who actually thought Trump would be a good president You elected a clown …[View]
118282533The Regressive Left: This should be the 2020 campaign slogan for the Democrats.[View]
118281577>someone says something >gets fired >company gets criticized and loses money >'Freedom o…[View]
118282485Make your choice, niggers: >Blue pill Be happy with your family, friends, your biddy Have healthy…[View]
118280115200 mainly woman and children civilians died: It's official Trump a no good war criminal now ju…[View]
118281582>Antifa wants to punch this Why do people support them, again?[View]
118261205Dennis Montgomery associate debriefs MCSO Cold Case Unit: this is fucking huge guys. the interview i…[View]
118281713>Be Alefantis >Sue Alex Jones >Alex Jones, being the good man he is cleans up his act is c…[View]
118281395#BLM Protesters on Road Get Plowed Over by Vehicle and Shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRIHK0K…[View]
118279053It's literally impossible to avoid this issue any longer. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/t…[View]
118278178Brazil/pol/ - Best Ally Edtion: Try to keep the discussion in english. >https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
118278638>post yfw Crooked Hillary actually gets arrested I'm keeping my faith in trump- shills BTFO-…[View]
118281736So are people on /pol/ actively defending this, or is it just enjoyable to do MAGA-LARPing and 'watc…[View]
118265837Syria General /sg/ - Hama will resist the jihadist horde: Everything you need to know https://syriag…[View]
118280492Thoughts on MRA's? What's your take on their various beefs with the feminist community?[View]
118280541The bogdanoffs close ancestral ties to the Mark vandelli should have your attention >both have ti…[View]
118278068NORMIES IMMUNE TO REDPILLING: I used to be a stupid liberal until I got redpilled many years ago. Af…[View]
118282022Phoenix antifa & illegals showed up brandishing ak's ar's and shotguns in a formation …[View]
118282019Quick Bogdown on Tealeaves: The 'Recursion Desired' (RD) flag sent by the client in the DNS request …[View]
118281496Has anyone thought aboit infiltrating the antifags and possibly destroying them from the inside out?[View]
118281206>debate for.an hour >expresses his retarded alt-right.views >'y-y-ou keep trying to trap me…[View]
118275561Ok for the last time, did the United States put men on the moon in 1969 or not?[View]
118278108RICHARD SPENCER BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr5BQS79H7g Your idol was destroyed, what will…[View]
118281890Trump Lied About Stopping Saudi Arabia funding ISIS: Trump Lied About Stopping Saudi Arabia funding …[View]
118281797Just for the sake of discussion, what would a society run by angry black women look like?[View]
118281456Massive explosion on Merseyside: Gas leak or terrorism?[View]
118281740The Dalai Lama is Retarded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D03-0XVuFz0 - The Dalai Lama asserted al…[View]
118281720Ku Klux Klan thread: Stand up and be counted, show the world that you're a man Stand up and be …[View]
118280681Accept Varg as your Herre and Frelser. Or face dire consequences.[View]
118281635Post ITT if your country has net neutrality Not so fast USA[View]
118280909>tfw voted for Hillary >tfw no regrets[View]
118281599>Are not on welfare, usually work construction or as mechanics >Fight and kill niggers >Act…[View]
118281569Post Election Stress Disorder Becoming Serious Issue For Anti-Trump Womanchildren: https://www.youtu…[View]
118281508You know guys, living with other races and cultures probably wouldn't be that bad as long as th…[View]
118281483where will they go?: >be a sjw >islam has reached the no turning back point in my country >…[View]
118281449Transhumanism after we died: It's a talk about transhumanism and how we died in 2012. https://…[View]
118280436Noticed something..: Was watching some TV while cuddling the dog at like 3am, looked over at my wife…[View]
118268025The State of Jefferson is a proposed US state on the Pacific Coast. Originally a movement from the 1…[View]
118280585Why does Merkel want to fill our continent with non-white, genetically inferior, Arab/Afro, Islamo-f…[View]
118280475Antifa starts fight with Trump supporters: Antifa BFTO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in0ouEUdh1w…[View]
118281193Redpill me on the templars.[View]
118277669which are the best states to live in at the moment and why?[View]
118281173Political Simulator: Adjust the simulatior to what you believe to be the ideal government. http://fi…[View]
118277336What do you call somebody who despises blacks but doesn't have any problem with any other race?…[View]
118278909How do I prepare for what's coming?: >We won the war and put Trump in the White house. >J…[View]
118279339>/pol/ says 'Leftists are all hiveminded' >can't go two sentences without using 'cuck' …[View]
118280322Thoughts on this man?[View]
118280620This guy would annihilate any /pol/tard in a debate.[View]
118280055I voted for Trump and now I regret it.[View]
118277782Surveillance: Do you think visiting 4chan puts us on a list? (pic unrelated)[View]
118280802Le Pen: Can she win?: She wss getting better in the polls, but now everything stagnated and she isnt…[View]
118279029Did we fuck up? Trump promised up winning, but it's been nothing but losing >no muslim ban …[View]
118279679>be Amerifat rural and suburban retard >spend decades shitting on liberals and calling them cu…[View]
118277570It should be illegal to prescribe adderall to children. Prove me wrong (you can't).[View]
118242960Brexit and Trump were the best things that could happen for Europe: Finally Germany takes charge of …[View]
118273649What has changed with /pol/ since the election?[View]
118277745White Race: Is the white race doomed /pol/? We refuse to have children, and are being swarmed by peo…[View]
118279740Has pol ever considered a career the entertainment industry?: do we have /guys in hollywood? should …[View]
118275070Pol said Asians are based!: Explain this then? Why does pol always say Asians are great and based? …[View]
118238941CANADA YES! Cuckdeau's White Genodice Program REVEALED!!!: I fucking found it! It's called…[View]
118279074/pol/ak stories thread: I'll start: In comprehensive (highschool), a white male friend of mine …[View]
118280424Libertarians are autistic: http://reason.com/blog/2011/07/20/being-libertarian-may-cause-au http://w…[View]
118261287Be honest, /pol/: Did we fuck up? Trump promised up winning, but it's been nothing but losing …[View]
118280163Your wife and children gets raped, now what?: I found the next paragraph a time ago and it made me t…[View]
118280243Muslim Ban Tax Cuts Obamacare Repeal Border Wall Who else is tired of all the winning?[View]
118272682>what the fuck did you just call us a niggers?? oh you're so fucked white boi..…[View]
118280337>Muh red pill It's called wisdom, plebs.[View]
118277411Ask a Liberal Strategist anything[View]
118280196I'm confused here a little, I was always under the impression words like 'cuck' and 'snowflake'…[View]
118277054For real, though. He's making us look like fucking idiots. I'm ashamed to be American.[View]
118272564/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Ques…[View]
118280128Why don't we retool our racist rhetoric to force them to admit they hate whites? >This count…[View]
118279442'Useful idiots of the left' talking points >no, you're wrong[View]
118275036Trump: memeing this clown into the white house might be the best 4chan achievement ever.[View]
118277691What would Muslims do if The Ayyys came?: How long would it take before we are all vaporized by alie…[View]
118280017here's your fucking rundown you goyim faggots: the bogdanoffs are essentially /pol/'s fing…[View]
118273652Praising our natsoc/fascist leaders: Share the great things they did.[View]
118279996*blocks your path* Oi mate, surrender that der knoif ya little white bugguh[View]
118275913What were your highschool social studies textbooks like /pol/? What were you taught in your school? …[View]
118279636I'm planning on taking up free land in Russia to start my own homestead. Someone tell me how th…[View]
118279820Can't believe /pol/ hates trump already, I know they said you guys were contrarian but I didn…[View]
118276456It's time for an Eternal Portuguese Thread, right after defeating the Hunnic Hordes. You know w…[View]
118272578I don't recognize this place anymore. All I see is Drumpf BTFO, nigger cock and plebbit threads…[View]
118275569>Retard breeding grounds[View]
118279222Black men Kidnap, gang-rape, and feed white girl to Alligator: > The FBI have searched a remote r…[View]
118235128How come blonde men are so superior to feces haired men?[View]
118270398HAPPENING: YOUTUBE NOW AUTO-DETECTS AND BANS SWASTICAS: >Breaking news: Youtube autodetects swast…[View]
118276443>o-obamacare will collapse any day now!: Is this what Drumpfkins ACTUALLY believe? >i-it was t…[View]
118279533Nicholas Fedorov /ouranimator/: Nicholas Fedorov just posted this unironically on his youtube channe…[View]
118276812Be honest murri-/pol/ Did you vote Trump because you hate liberals or because you actually thought h…[View]
118277405Trump's Presidency Is Over: The first bill of any president is his most important. It's th…[View]
118279494HWNDU: Does anybody know where I can find HWNDU season 1 in its entirety? It's a classic at thi…[View]
118279492Is there a feminist anthem?: I just listened to 'Girls just wanna have Fun' on the radio and asked m…[View]
118279471Do you fellow /pol/aks enjoy my shrine to Kek?[View]
118261358Why are Indian people so brave?[View]
118251577/mlp/ MARINE LE PEN GENERAL - JOAN OF ARC EDITION: >Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/mlp…[View]
118276333Rules to live by: What are the best rules to live by? Trying to think of ways to continually self-im…[View]
118279331>MN state high school basketball finals tonight >every player is somalian I graduated 10 years…[View]
118278911rare pepe currency: http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/23/venezuelan-currency-slowly-getting-replaced-by…[View]
118275708biggest bamboozle of all time: What if we had a giant flag that said HE WILL UNITE US flown on the W…[View]
118278831>Literally ahead of his time... >Did nothing wrong...…[View]
118276223Donald J. Trump BTFO: https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/845422234869018625 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA…[View]
118273269(((Alex Jones))) cucks on pizzagate: It's time that /pol/ learned the truth about this clown...…[View]
118269249Whats wrong with feminism?[View]
118278887Board ▼ Settings Home /his/ - History & Humanities Return Catalog Bottom Update Auto Post a Repl…[View]
118278884Happening gear thread Also from today's rallies; https://twitter.com/hectorarzula/status/845724…[View]
118278773Who is the Biggest Shill?: I've seen many shills before but today I actually traced a larpers o…[View]
118277798What's wrong with civic nationalism?[View]
118278786And you dare to call me a terrorist While you look down your gun When I think of all the deeds tha…[View]
118278784It is time: It is time to abandon ship my fellow bros, we are under attack and the internet is no lo…[View]
118278473ITT: Examples of virtue signaling in politics[View]
118278299Neanderfag Here: >be neanderfag >getting tight neanderpussy >long nose tribe say we should …[View]
118278703Post broken promises: >You've all heard my speeches,” he said. “I never said ‘repeal it and …[View]
118269078Words of encouragement to new /pol/ users: We've all been where you are now, feeling what you…[View]
118276447Skinhead degeneracy: What do you guys think about the idiot 'nazi' skinheads that think they are nat…[View]
118251026Turns out Pizzag@te was bullshit, nobody checked to make sure that red pill wasn't actually a b…[View]
118278140We h8 Jews bc we love them. >we want a society away from other religions >we want military s…[View]
118278398Healthiest President Ever!: 'If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthies…[View]
118269998The Truth About Porn and forced 'cuck' meme: >the reason for increased number of actual cuckolds.…[View]
118265112Post things Jews have done to try to and exterminate whites[View]
118277328Advertising dollars as excuse to censor content: Has anyone else noticed an increase lately in the '…[View]
118269048Brit/pol/ - Kathrine Ryan edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reverse…[View]
118278145We lose the hour an /Mothers day Brit Blokes: Heads up .. Take care :)[View]
118278123Are white women the biggest traitors in history?: Where else do you see women openly hating on their…[View]
118270680was he white?[View]
118277958Stalled travel ban. Wire-tap lie revealed. Investigation on Russia ties. Health-care debacle. Trump …[View]
118277182What are they teaching our kids in school: Anyone have a recent History book for us to look at I hav…[View]
118277867Any /pol/ discord server decent?: Im looking for some discord server of /pol/ The last one get delet…[View]
118275857Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118270498Islam - Islam General Islamic: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to disc…[View]
118277771Have the Jews gone roo far?[View]
118248826What went wrong?[View]
118277749Remember shills, Pepe is ours[View]
118276934>'kek leftists are all hiveminded' >all of you post like this >all of you have anime/pepe a…[View]
118254496/syo general/ Sort Yourself Out: Scully edition: Itt we post about Jordan B Peterson, general self i…[View]
118277550>Trump takes 12th golfing weekend since becoming president NOOOOOOOO! IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO …[View]
118259543Thread #4 -- 'Y-you're a r-racist' edition -- pro-Trump vs. antifa march in Philly: Last thread…[View]
118277353Emus vs Australia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gcrOPFX8qE Why are Australians terrified of Emus…[View]
118276799Who's side is Comey on?[View]
118276496God damnit pol, I can't trust anything anymore because of you: Fuk[View]
118274315Oops, I didn't drain the swamp. Oops, I didn't prosecute Hillary. Oops, I accidentally the…[View]
118269549What will be Trump's next 4D chess move?[View]
118277064How do we combat the pressure and censorship ((((they)))) are starting to put on youtube and other s…[View]
118277033We all love the President, but does anybody else think of him as a religious figure? He's done …[View]
118273114The muslim population is 1.6 billion. Let's assume that there are 10 million muslims willing to…[View]
118275795>Japan has low crime rates >Japan is a perfect country with no blacks! >M-Muh honorary Arya…[View]
118276304If Hitler wasn't a jew, how could he afford the silver bullets to kill 6 octillion jews?[View]
118276836Does Kek guard the trump star?[View]
118248247Black pill thread: ITT drop black pills. What is a black pill? It's like a red pill but so hars…[View]
118276753What did he mean by this /pol?[View]
118276545https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQglZPVmoo8 What's wrong with manspreading?[View]
118265669*sips crumpet* *munches tea* Zir's right, you know[View]
118243907I am going to change your lives right now: Some of you sad sacks of old milk make me sick You sit ar…[View]
118269697I love seeing how hard drumpfkins try to defend their inept 'president' from the Russia scandals. Yo…[View]
118276671BTFO Peterson: Well /pol/ ?[View]
118276643https://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/03/it-actually-really-really-sucks-that-tvs-iron-fist-is-white/ So ba…[View]
118276634You know how hwndu season 1 and 2 had the live thing and anons met and had fun, why dont we do the s…[View]
118276402>tfw /pol/ thinks its smarter than the prophet of kek[View]
118275948LAS VEGAS ROBBERY STANDOFF LIVE: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1LyxBjAzYnjxN?mode=couch[View]
118268062I come From Reddit As an Ambassador: I Come From /R Politics and i've been here for quite some …[View]
118270927You will vote for me, right ?[View]
118252678SARAH SILVERMAN: WE DON'T NEED OIL https://youtu.be/YOphvN3NotA[View]
118276450ANTIFA UNMASKED -- HWNDU END BOSS: Not much to go on to help the cops, but we've pulled off mir…[View]
118276372Are leaf hearts as nice as they say they are?: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/03/human-hear…[View]
118276119It's happening! Black Women redpill themselves about niggerdom: black =/= nigger black = dark s…[View]
118270608To the anons that were curious about the effects of legalization of marijuana in Colorado, in that d…[View]
118275962/pol/ guy, spotted today in London's Chinatown: Guy in his 20's, wearing an unzipped leath…[View]
118258925>people actually believe the 'white race' is in danger explain what the 'white rac…[View]
118240505How long until they implement Sharia Law?[View]
118273698Can I get some examples of actual neo-Nazi hate crimes? They have to exist.[View]
118236398Why is western civilisation collapsing?[View]
118272838Pepe needs rebranding i feel[View]
118275013Is drudge compromised?[View]
118273888Jews in a nutshel: they're everywhere[View]
118274692tfw canada is first country undergoing white genocide...[View]
118272316Is this story the final red pill?: I mean,how else can we realistically make the world great?[View]
118274224AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM GENERAL - /AEG/ - Holding the gate of the West edition: >What we believe:…[View]
118272543He is right, Brits: I have seen it with Greece. Both sides, the UK and the EU, are too retarded to a…[View]
118275007Christianity is another enemy of Europe: The only way for Europe to be saved is to reject all tha cu…[View]
118274678Is PizzaGate kill?[View]
118265361Go away, racist assholes. /pol/ is a libertarian board[View]
118273736Can we please meme Michael Moore dead? I'm just so fucking sick of this smug blob.[View]
118274595India and Pakistan Nukes is a Meme?: What would you say if I told you neither have nuclear launch ca…[View]
118275709What are some cool webms where ISIS scum gets BTFO?[View]
118275696Were do normies get their news? I've heard they get it from Facebook and other social media, bu…[View]
118275471WEST=SAVED?: >'Company introduces 'snowflake test' to weed out 'whiny, entitled…[View]
118263541The caravan pill: who /caravanfag/ here? How many of you have taken the caravan-pill? Good goyim, ta…[View]
118274267When is the next major European war starting?: We are long overdue and I want to read the /pol/ happ…[View]
118273697Why did they use Africans as slaves when they could simply bring people from Latin America?[View]
118274720Israeli Jews begging for Shekels... You wouldn't want poor Shlomo to starve would you?: https:/…[View]
118273222What did The President mean by this?[View]
118263829POO IN L-[View]
118275209fuck alt right-dditors: alt right is a cancer that is actively invading pol and spreading their shit…[View]
118273487Has This Fucking Moron Done A Single Thing Right?[View]
118275317Butthurt: Haha. Dipshits.[View]
118275312DEAL MAKER[View]
118243142Stop sinning[View]
118274759Why don't we retool our racist rhetoric to force them to admit they hate whites? >This count…[View]
118261506Commiefornia Trump March: Seems much larger than the Philadelphia one https://www.periscope.tv/w/1Y…[View]
118265107Why didn't he have kids??[View]
118274910I know personal army requests are aids but...: My school is super SJW I want to skew a poll http://s…[View]
118275025Antifa Violence: Why not take the violence to antifa? They're all obsessed with a dead genre of…[View]
118272924>Average approval rating 47% How is this possible, that's lower than Bush and Nixon. I tho…[View]
118274975Antifa: Antifa fag in Huntington Beach California. Unmasked, he wasn't happy[View]
118273681Dont reply to anti-trump baiut threads: It just fuels the trolls, don't do it.[View]
118265718>this is an american school lunch why burgers feed their kids like this…[View]
118273508Wow...I hadn't considered this before[View]
118273218Discord Raid On History Channel: Guys, this History Channel with Politics and stuff has an open disc…[View]
118274798Was Hitler right after all?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Revolution_of_1918%E2%80%9319…[View]
118271520Name a more based European leader. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
118274174After WW3 Europe will turn into a nuclear wasteland[View]
118274530Ghostbusters 2s Evil Entity: Kek the Tranny Frog God. This is similar to the character sketches my f…[View]
118272059Someone can't handle the meme magic: https://tellmamauk.org/the-truth-behind-the-photo-of-the-m…[View]
118269152Hey Eurocucks, are you going to rise up or what?: This is thread is for any European who wants to co…[View]
118274512Dahnald... maybe giving you the delegates was a mistake[View]
118256975Why support Marine?: She is anti America, anti NATO, and is literally a Russian puppet funded by sol…[View]
118268315NAZIS PUNCH BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AhGYo9TExU&t ACROSS AMERICA JEWISH MINIONS AR…[View]
118274144Antifa Dipshits: Why aren't they smart enough to know to go after Soros? They just happy to tak…[View]
118274110Hi Ahmed here, im sick n tired of this infidels i have had enough! Im gonna blow but where in Sweden…[View]
118274258What did he mean by this?[View]
118274410>Working in norther alberta >Getting that oilfield money >Couple of bros sitting at a lunch…[View]
118267235Conservative news anchors have no class[View]
118274246Is the ancient Egyptian wisdom-teachings the ultimate redpill?: > If you search for the laws of h…[View]
118268268TRex and humans: Is it possible that the humans lived alongside dinosaurs at some point of our histo…[View]
118274218original 13 colonies assemble if your state doesn't have a star and a stripe your life is wort…[View]
118271580Saviors of Europe: Do you think she got Vladimir'd after the meeting /pol/?[View]
118274193SHOOTING IN VEGAS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4349384/Las-Vegas-Cosmopolitan-hotel-evac…[View]
118272764On the first day I'll do some stuff, cause I'm a wheeler dealer.[View]
118273969This is important, /pol/ (((They))) want to subjugate us. (((They))) plan to attack not our physical…[View]
118273966*blocks your Republic*[View]
118273165*Bushes rustle*: How to avoid going Black Pill/ Ful /VargVikernes/ I am really close now[View]
118273993Thoughts on Klumpf's latest weekly address?: He's shilling hard for NASA and the (((moon l…[View]
118250713How fucking TRIGGERED were you Faggots when you found out about this?[View]
118260555Trump is the best kebab remover.[View]
118273874Islam: Will the West uncuck itself from Islam? With Trump and possibly Le Penn in power I'd say…[View]
118271879Porn Sounds blasted on call to prayer speakers in Turkish City: >Police investigating after HARDC…[View]
118273666Why the fuck I had to be born in this shitty country[View]
118273811wow....really makes you think...huh ...[View]
118252636this guy is a total embarrassment. he's like a giant kid. I don't even give a shit if he…[View]
118267109WOW AMERICA: >Man in Joker mask arrested by US police > a felony that could see him jailed for…[View]
118272644>Be american >get shot[View]
118257476RISK EUROPE: NOT AUTISTIC EDITION Last thread was deleted so come here. Starting at 5[View]
118273704It's time to define terms so that we all understand eachother and tolerate differences in sexua…[View]
118273294> immigration is a surplus to our country ! I would gladly allow 50 million hard working immigran…[View]
118270162Syrian Refugees: Is there anyone else on this board that unironically supports Syrian refugees? I ho…[View]
118271586How will /pol/ defend Trump when he is tried for treason after the Russian ties come out? Will they …[View]
118271160Things jews do: alright /pol/, i can see i bit of light peaking through the roof but it's not e…[View]
118273592He continually promised this and is now not being held accountable for failing. He has no leadership…[View]
118271289Why doesn´t communism work? would it work if every singe country was communist? why?[View]
118272191Inbreeding: So in muslim majority countries, arranged marriages between cousins is commonplace. In o…[View]
118270975Wtf I'm /with her/ now[View]
118273424Anyone tried self-authoring?: Hey /pol/ anyone here tried Jordan Peterson's authoring programs?…[View]
118272873#1776 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGh0pmdPPM4[View]
118273235Jehovah's witness: Can someone please redpill me on these people? Their doctrine seems somewhat…[View]
118273025>tfw living in a bizarre alternate timeline where trump actually became president What's goi…[View]
118273056*drops mic* reminder that >ad homs >appeal to hypocrisy are non-argument responses.…[View]
118273445Trump is actually a /pol/ enemy: 'Donald Trump Will Be A Disaster For Autistic People' https://www.f…[View]
118246491Why shouldn't America go to war with China? >It will improve the manliness of the younger ge…[View]
118273375how brain washed are the masses?: >at work >just now co worker says 'yeaaaa bro how about that…[View]
118272976He flipped: Trump btfo[View]
118269457>MUH WHITE GENOCIDE[View]
118273201Do you think that retard libs will eventually get their self awareness back? Irony seems to be compl…[View]
118273192So you are telling me that Donald Trump, the president of our country cant fucking get rid of Obamac…[View]
118271200>obama has no legacy! XD Remember when /pol/ actually believed this?[View]
118262804Prussian language: Okay i knew that Prussian was baltic language but i didn't know it was so si…[View]
118233627Russia Banning Power Rangers and Beauty&The Beast..: Why Russia is so homophobe? Is Russia Musl…[View]
118272940What would you have done if you had been me? I was confused[View]
118269568Do you think they fugged?[View]
118269213Things are moving too fast /pol...: >We won the war and put Trump in the White house. >Jews ha…[View]
118250889Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118272828NEW ZEALAND YOU CUNTS, WHAT DO?!: So I was speaking to a kiwi last night, and he was saying that the…[View]
118272822Is the Alt-Right Meme Brigade still alive?[View]
118270224I DARE you to refute this, Meninists. BTFO!: Just fucking admit you despise sex workers because they…[View]
118240726Let's talk about weed, one of the most degenerate habits out there. Usually coincides with othe…[View]
118272283>you will never be this asian[View]
118269413Asian-Americans: Why do Asian-Americans voting against their interests?[View]
118272464What did they mean by this?[View]
118267453Hey /pol/, im gonna be going out next month and filming videos dressed up as a liberal british cuck …[View]
118254966How will trump address these threats? >Russians, Chinese, Saudis They all threaten the US, how d…[View]
118268299Let's see if /pol/ is truly redpilled. Answer these questions: Are you Christian? How many time…[View]
118268572IIT: we write a note to /leftypol/ 1 word per post: IIT: we write a note to /leftypol/ 1 word per po…[View]
118271818Mexicans: is it true that all Mexicans love Top Cat and the movie Selena?[View]
118268134Imigration Crisis in your area: How does you country resond to the Imigration Crisis? and whats your…[View]
118272170Sheeple hate thread: Post ITT the most annoying and irritating experiences you had with sheeple >…[View]
118271168Trump Failure General: >I will build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it Actually, l…[View]
118262641This board is slid by shills: Okay look at the catalog, earlier today they removed half of the image…[View]
118271979Flynn Documents Requested: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/house-oversigh-requests-flynn-docum…[View]
118269850>everyone who still supports Trump, the post[View]
118271810We all died in 2012: We all died in 2012 in a mass extinction event. Do they know we are dead and ou…[View]
118263288Trudeau BTFO[View]
118270843Lemme explain, /pol/. >Muslims like to see themselves as puritanical >Jews saw Christians act…[View]
118271707NAZIS WATCH OUT.[View]
118271280MODS CAN YOU STOP B / HERE ?: Its awful an I will take it further if you Lazy MODs dont do Your job …[View]
118270936The Senate just voted to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers and literally nobody…[View]
118270438Was Nihilism & Atheism a Mistake?[View]
118265967So when Drumpf gets impeached does Mike Pence automatically become President?[View]
118271329What did FEMEN mean by this?[View]
118265195/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BOTUS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
118271406Lo, there do I see my Kek. 'Lo, there do I see... My Kek, and my Kek, and my Keks. Lo, there do…[View]
118271020How did Drumpf turn this around?[View]
118265973>Civic nationalism doesn-[View]
118269609>be a deviant minority >have sex in each other's rectums >unleash a third-world plague…[View]
118270865>A Florida woman is being told to take down her Blue Lives Matter flag that's been flying fo…[View]
118269974How can you be racist in current year? Lol unironically racist in 2017? I seriously hope you guys do…[View]
118263622Who was is the right here?[View]
118267052ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: FUCKING IMMIGRANTS NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
118268773>Chemtrails aren't real https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/mar/24/us-scientists-la…[View]
118268319Kellyanne Conway got hapa bred: Do you think Trump took it hard when he found out his right hand wom…[View]
118267402/cuck/ BTFO: How will you ever recover?[View]
118270876Hmmmm interesting[View]
118271083Why can't non-white men shave?: What is culturally wrong with them that they cannot dress well …[View]
118259274Why is Christianity so comfy bros? >Tfw you know Jesus loves you and you love him too…[View]
118270479>this is the apex of Asian art daily reminder that chinks, nips, gooks, jungle gooks, or any othe…[View]
118264424>start a political party >get menacing letters from the Intelligence Services threatening my f…[View]
118270729SHOOTING IN VEGAS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4349384/Las-Vegas-Cosmopolitan-hotel-evac…[View]
118270140>Daddy, why you let them take my turtleneck? How many victims of the eternal foreskin pirate do w…[View]
118270171why don't we export free vidya and waifu hentai to Africa and South Asia and watch their birth …[View]
118268835Is KEK finally bringing its saving grace to our world of dismay?[View]
118261523Huntington Beach Trump Rally: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1YqxoWjqPzlxv[View]
118257996Arctic Methane: There is a subject which demands your immediate attention, /pol/. I believe in your …[View]
118270263ITT: vaguely describe a country, anons try to guess it. >import two million time bombs in the hop…[View]
118270003hey /pol/ any one got some movie recommendations? preferably something action or serious[View]
118270231If you can't beat them (with logic), join them: So I was 'debating' progressives when suddenly-…[View]
118242412>Filthy westeners making fun of Indians for unclean hygiene >Fail to see the irony…[View]
118269394White Pill thread: What is the white pill? It's basically becoming so present in the moment tha…[View]
118268940Last night I had a dream. Trump was driving the car and in the back sat Rand Paul, with a solemn loo…[View]
118268813So are you still unironically supporting this marshmellow? He obviously has no idea what the fuck he…[View]
118269993Marrying a non virgin is degenerate: Only cucks will defend it. Reject damaged goods.[View]
118268630I am a black Trump supporter. Any racists here?[View]
118270018Oy Vey! Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque: http://www.cbc.ca/news/cana…[View]
118262867>this Jew is the mayor of France Frenchies explain yourselves.[View]
118260510AMERICA YES!: >be muslim >get bleached How does it feel shit skins?…[View]
118269036When Obama formally accused Russia of hacking the election shortly before leaving office, he was car…[View]
118261759CantStockTheBrock: David Brock Appreciation Thread for surviving his assassination attempt by shilla…[View]
118269818Discord Server: Hey guys come hang out No non whites though[View]
118266071Potential Happening In Las Vegas: Hostage situation on a bus in the Strip. The Strip is under lockdo…[View]
118226355Were niggers really the kangs of egypt? How could niggers build the pyramids if they failed to thriv…[View]
118267929Zynga founder operates biggest pedo community on the planet: The early social network tribe.net has …[View]
118264934>be me >bluepilled >live with Jewish roommate >be of 100% swedish blood, grandparents m…[View]
118269546/pol/ 1:1000 Earth minecraft server: polandcraft.keko.net Discuss your political views, build a fact…[View]
118267125North Korea ready to go nuclear: >SEOUL, March 24 (Yonhap) -- North Korea seems to have finished …[View]
118267569Canada passing M-103: Well the Canadian government is becoming even more insane. maybe it's tim…[View]
118260732Why are good arguments ignored here?: Shitposting threads stay on the front page or close for days, …[View]
118268340admit it /pol/ admit your fucking privileges you cis white scum that is the only way we can prevent …[View]
118266631Shield Design Thread: With the increase in antifa activity at trump rallys and in honor of the alt k…[View]
118252115Across the board legalization: Where does /pol/ stand on across the board legalization of all drugs …[View]
118253591Brit/pol/ - Radical Force edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reverse…[View]
118269222hey /pol/: witness the debunked jewish lies.[View]
118268173Why do we hate muslims if they hate jews, kill gays, keep their women in their kitchen, pray to God …[View]
118234723Obamacare is here to stay: I'm honestly disgusted at how little knowledge people here have on t…[View]
118265763Trump (absolute) Failure General: >I will build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it …[View]
118265618Why don't you have a bug out property yet? I'm not rich (& im not a doomsday prepper) …[View]
118259195I'm being real right now: Ok you fucking fags What do you and your cretan overlords have agains…[View]
118259121What do you think about people who justify punching Nazis?: I'm noticing a lot of justification…[View]
118268973shills: how deeply is pol comprimised by shills right now? During the election it was messy, but no…[View]
118268900Can /pol/ take action?: Prankinvasion recently uploaded vid where he fondles muslims and tongue punc…[View]
118263010fuck newfags: hitler is truth[View]
118268099What do you guys think of the special olympics? Is it redpilled?[View]
118268793What is all this Trump-Russia stuff the Democrats are spering over? From what I've read, there…[View]
118268776How many times has he mentioned/referenced us? Unless I imagined it happening I'm pretty sure I…[View]
118268624All 4chan users, not only on the boards most heavily affected but in every board on this site are ri…[View]
118267238Reminder that anime is degenerate.[View]
118268145Watch some COPS with us fags: https://www.rabb.it/MichaelKeneson184[View]
118268265Leftist LOGIC 101: > ~10 blacks questionably killed the past four years. > All cops must be ra…[View]
118264293Equality: Why aren't there any women writing poetry for dudes? Some bitch should write this fag…[View]
118267911Anyone else regret voting for trump? Im voting democrat in 2020[View]
118268303Why Trudeau's mother was/is such a whore?: Really /pol/, why? I don't remember any 'first …[View]
118268254Here's what we know so far: >Romanovs bow to Valuev >In contact with aliens >Possess p…[View]
118264863Trump unhappy Jared Kushner took a powder on the ski slopes as health care bill floundered: >Mean…[View]
118267987JUST ADMIT IT, WE GOT CONNED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35T9jC_MASQ[View]
118267922DAILY BEST FINLAND THREAD SUOMI PERKELE :D :D :------D This is a thread for everything Finland. Mun…[View]
118250669The shilling is kind of getting boring really.: > A bill nobody likes fails to pass > Shills p…[View]
118264508Elon Musk warns of the risks of a population Implosion in developed countries: https://m.youtube.com…[View]
118259045Man look like a fuckin' homeless. Disheveled .[View]
118261871>Hillary isn't in office[View]
118263988>Europoors complain about arabs banging euro women >There's still no porn of it >There…[View]
118260358>Multi-ethnic societies will never wor-[View]
118267669Guten Tag[View]
118267478Is he, i dare say it /ourguy/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZGgpW4PO9k[View]
118259174Make Slavery Great Again. With today's scientific and technological advances, shouldn't w…[View]
118264566Five years to the day when Emperor Theodosius divided the Empire between his two sons, Flavius Honor…[View]
118236289Hey look its a bunch of schizophrenics marching about pizzagate LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
118252565My English teacher is teaching us 1984 in a public high school. (It's my senior year, yes I am …[View]
118266100Syria General /sg/ - Diversity Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
118229765I am A Real Life Israeli Jew AMA: I heard you dont like jews but Trust Me i hate sjws and faggots as…[View]
118230165Is society finally starting to realize shunning white males for being white and male and or virgin i…[View]
118267498When is this insanity going to end?[View]
118266906BASED ICE A S E D I C E http://ktla.com/2017/03/23/source-ice-is-targeting-sanctuary-cities-with-rai…[View]
118267463Make re-edits as necessary[View]
118266828Guys Trump is really going to be impeached? Please say no. I want these sanctions lifted.[View]
118266091Another day another muslim atack in France.: Oh my, France! Why my countrymen's must protect yo…[View]
118267431i...i...is this us?[View]
118265256Wow this really made me think I guess this means we should open our boarders since white men are so …[View]
118263023someone doesn't like our memes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=267w2rSnB-Y looks like Olly has…[View]
118267212If the west BTFO the middle east then the middle east will BTFO of the west[View]
118265202How do you deal with sjw liberals?: Everytime I read their useless shit I'm closer to jumping o…[View]
118265939Why should the age of consent be so high when 13 year olds clearly seek out sex with adults?[View]
118266745Red pill me on Paul Ryan's conspiracy against Donald Trump[View]
118266545Pence Memes: Let's bring some meme magic to the Vice President[View]
118257369Boston Antifa guy agreed to debate me tomorrow wat do?[View]
118266962Assault paint: Thank god the boys in blue are always vigilant. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-…[View]
118264948Teach me: Guys help me , I want to steal photos from ihpone through laptop , her iphone is conected …[View]
118266937Redpill me on Sweden, what exactly is going down there? Why do Swedes pimp their women to blacks on …[View]
118266839Why are people's political ego so fragile these days?[View]
118266861Portuguese politics thread Estado novo edition thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTfPYsX…[View]
118266809are you brainwashed: Turn on your local newscast. You have a few minutes of blue-collar crime, hardl…[View]
118263495Russbros, what is it like living in Russia? I need to know, it's important.[View]
118266759So to speak,: ' In addition, the anarchistic upshot of the libertarian doctrine appealed to the coun…[View]
118266729HWNDU in Funland: bergele :DDDDDDDDDDDDD http://www.kiasma.fi/nayttelyt-ja-ohjelmisto/ars-17/ars17-t…[View]
118266705Help Red Pill your family and friends save the west: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4obeqaxhRs Sav…[View]
118265184>drumpftards will defend building a 20 billion dollar wall when Mexicans will just tunnel under i…[View]
118266695Dakota Access Pipeline: Why do people oppose this pipeline? There are already 2 pipelines that follo…[View]
118266667Jay z is making a trayvon Martin movie. How accurate will it be? Will George Lopez get the role of G…[View]
118266621https://youtu.be/pADfIcctaGQ?t=73 Wow, Europeans didn't even have the idea for numbers until it…[View]
118266617'Do not think you can take Bosnia and Hercegovina, maybe the Muslim population will go extinct' http…[View]
118258145Find a flaw. >Hint: You can't.[View]
118266498ITT: Failed Countries: JUST[View]
118266429>According to Crypto Insider, Venezuelan developers have been selling 'rare pepes' -- trading car…[View]
118258977Pv = nrT is the only proof one needs that global warming is real. How am I wrong /pol/? T = nR/Pv,…[View]
118264214Teach yourself philosophy, debate and martial arts at the same time.: You heard me, queer. Put that …[View]
118266296Anyone have arguments against climate change that don't boil down to NASA and the IPCC are part…[View]
118266258mind control: get ready One of the most common examples of mind control in our so-called free and c…[View]
118257187How redpilled was John Lennon?: I know that /pol/ likes to discredit Lennon for being a degenerate h…[View]
118266231obama is fucking done: they spied on everyone and the proof is in sheriff joe arpaio's hands. y…[View]
118266214YLYL pol edition[View]
118259826Daily reminder that the ACA is here to stay.[View]
118265468So I'm going to delve into some personal stuff. I am a depressive, I became of depressive quite…[View]
118250112Why is inheritance tax a thing? I don't want the government taking 50% of my wealth to pay for …[View]
118265451WWIII: If, theoretically, tomorrow someone discovers a way to remove any nuclear threat, will the wo…[View]
118265802Is conservatism obsolete?: In today's modern, progressive world, holding conservative views is …[View]
118264637Is racism covered by free speech?[View]
118265753Christianity made Europe great or Europe made Christianity great?: The answer 'both' isnt nearly acc…[View]
118265936/pol/ users you recognise due to their posting habits and their style. >that one Latvian who alwa…[View]
118265800After the Redpill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVTW53Oxw7U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGq…[View]
118262245>Obamacare doesn't get repealed and is here to stay >Hillary is not in prison or being tr…[View]
118255459What caused the heart attack and how do we make sure the next is fatal?[View]
118263138Why Trump Is The Most Evil Man Since Hitler: I will list reasons why Trump is a very sick and very e…[View]
118262557Muslim Prank Happening: So these Prank invasion cancerous fags just made a Muslim edition kissing pr…[View]
118262048>be me >go back to home city from college >mum was somehow angry. >asked why so mad. …[View]
118265560So anon, a quick question Why doesn't Feminist cry about having 50-50 alimony after divorce. …[View]
118248026Belarus activists arrested before planned protest: Authorities banned the demonstration planned for …[View]
118265065Are the businessperson and the manufacturer more important than the writer and the artist?[View]
118262136You have ten seconds to name one thing this guy has accomplished since taking office. >Spoiler: Y…[View]
118262602Libertardians need to fucking go. Free market is cause of world problems. Globalism and immigration …[View]
118253516So, there are rumors of season 5 taking place in finland. Any confirmation on that?[View]
118264008Calling All Available Weaponized Austists to Action: Black Forge Coffee House are trying to one up o…[View]
118259809Japan: What happened?[View]
118250359/Hillary/ General: Where my Hilldawgs at?[View]
118250808Erdogan says Turkey may hold referendum on EU accession bid: Turkey may hold a referendum on continu…[View]
118258890What's going here?[View]
118262677Descendants of Nazi Perpetrators Singing the Hatikvah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T885WA_PGJI C…[View]
118265232So, to the other Atheists on this board, I have a question: Have we really outgrown the church? Sure…[View]
118251826Why is /pol/ so assblasted about weed, a substance less harmful than alcohol? Have you ever even tri…[View]
118260601Ayy Rome!: 'F*** EU' Protesters descend on Rome to protest European Union treaty’s 60th an…[View]
118251933>be me >be atheist >show power level to muslim uncle >teleports behind me >nothing pe…[View]
118265011>His wife doesn't let him take the big television and surround sound set into the cuckshed …[View]
118264956Destiny vs. Maddox: Another one bites the dust https://youtube.com/watch?v=OBUO_k4xDkI[View]
118264496Why do Millennials choose to be Children forever?[View]
118250027HAPPENING: NYPD are pussies. They have the CP from Anthony weiners laptop and wont come forward.: FU…[View]
118264901Tfw drumpf only tweets at night so I never get to see live updates[View]
118237804Face it racist, you all have more in common with the average Shitskins than civilised whites.: Studi…[View]
118264674>/pol/ is now a Christian board Okay, please tell me how I can force myself to believe in magic s…[View]
118263807Joining a marxist union: Would there be a point in joining my local Marxist student federation branc…[View]
118239853Syria General /sg/ -: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com/ >YouTube h…[View]
118264436New Turks: 4 million Syrians to be granted Turkish citizenship if ‘yes’ votes emerge in charter refe…[View]
118262665Howard University opens a new campus at the Googleplex: https://archive.fo/3FEGN[View]
118259853What if...[View]
118261431Pol bloodtype poll: Just curious to see how many rh negs we have floating around these parts. I myse…[View]
118253870How does /pol/ feel about Gypsies?[View]
118264595Did he do nothing wrong?[View]
118264528Did they get refunds from Hillary? Who's the jew now?[View]
118264246Is there any Marvel or DC superhero that support some alt right views: Or we are just the evil guys …[View]
118264482how are we going to stop this?[View]
118252544What is the most based state and why is it wyoming? >no niggers >no libs hits >guns…[View]
118200584The European Union's Kalergi plan and the refugee crisis: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/…[View]
118257949Are the Irish our true enemy?[View]
118261807Why haven't you gotten your Trump tattoo yet?[View]
118264103All I really wanna say is (((THEY))) don't really care about us http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/…[View]
118254737>suddenly retracts absolutely everything Pizzagate related >even fires the people who reported…[View]
118247838Asian students and 'chaos cheating': >The kids who know of it tell me some variation of this: the…[View]
118264131Never come down: hey, just to remind you guys. For the record they don't support trump[View]
118261492DRUMPF BTFO[View]
118261001Weekly Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGt6lkLApuo[View]
118263610Feldmann... Feldmann... Feldmann! Wake up, wake up! Did you hear? Our boys are moving up toward the …[View]
118263696ATTENTION-- people who use 'btfo' should be shot like the rodent they are. end.[View]
118248973>Trump's new weekly address >speech ends at 4:35 >video continues on for 9 more second…[View]
118264021Why girls want relationships while guys want sex? Also, how can I get only sex from them and avoid t…[View]
118263995Holy shit Scott Adams has called it all. Trump is going to win big.[View]
118262119What is the best country? non biased edition: posting your own flag is not allowed and explain why y…[View]
118263958I need to redpill a frend. Redpill infographic thread[View]
118260847Why don't whites just all mass migrate as 'refugees' from other shitskin 'refugees' to the Midd…[View]
118263896mankind requires an enemy to survive without an enemy, we create enemies within our ingroup which de…[View]
118260636Antifa here!! You'll never stop us! Get a life you virgin nerds! Get laid, get a girlfriend, ge…[View]
118259030Immigration.: how do i immigrate to the UK?[View]
118246410We number each square on the political compass from best to worst. >2 4 3 1 literally can not dis…[View]
118256312Rand killed Ryan's bill Using the Art of the Deal: >Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said he was st…[View]
118259825>European nazifags hate Gypsies >Same European nazifags call themselves Aryan >Fail to see …[View]
118263426retard shills: the shills are so dumb they dont even realize we tricked them into coming here so we …[View]
118263235The religion of peace: One of those 'Moderate' Muslims posted this comment on a video abou…[View]
118262818How hard would be to make a rpg about hitler life in rpg maker xp and how much do I need to read to …[View]
118263333Trump pic thread, let's stock up[View]
118242245It's time to make a stand!: Either you're with Alex Jones or you're with the globalis…[View]
118236482Es ist Deutsch/pol/ hier - Alles wird gut edition: Fortsetzung von >118218630[View]
118263007http://archive.is/FiKO4 Thoughts, /pol/ ? Because this seems ripe for exploitation. 'We’ve stressed…[View]
118251346I'm a Conservative, but I also think climate change deniers are vehemently retarded. What does…[View]
118263228Breitbart is the Buzzfeed of the alt-right[View]
118260273Legacy = Secured Better luck next time, Chumpers.[View]
118247982What has he accomplished so far?[View]
118262923What went wrong?[View]
118261476How do *WE* stop Islam?: Again, *WE.* Not your government, not your neighbors, not your friends, fam…[View]
118262028Universal Basic Income (UBI): >A UBI is not nee- http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hawaiis-homeless-pro…[View]
118259241>This speech is real LMAO[View]
118262314>watch Beauty and the Beast >every third actor is a nigger >le Fou is fucking gay >liter…[View]
118262826Why don't we create our own bank?: Why doesn't /pol/ work together to create a /pol/ bank?…[View]
118250419Hummus and Kebabs: You bigots do realize that without Muslims you wouldn't have your hummus rig…[View]
118262806Muslims are organizing in mass numbers. It has become apparent that our government will not protect …[View]
118262770Are you a judgmental person? Which people do you really look down upon? http://www.strawpoll.me/126…[View]
118259355should niggers be allowed to keep dogs?[View]
118256419Is Islamophobia wrong?: whats bad about being an islamophobe? The Quran is shit as far as i know.…[View]
118262717Thoughts on Trump's environmental policy?[View]
118262056Desperately need advice: >Go on dating site to see if I can get a gf >Stumble upon a foreigner…[View]
118262167MAGA March Huntington beach California periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1djGXvpjmkyxZ?q=maga Re…[View]
118251825Brit/pol/ Million Cuck March edition: >Tens of thousands take to streets to demand Brexit be reve…[View]
118262521Is Milo eternally BTFO? Will he ever recover? Stay down, nazi supremacist, stay down...[View]
118248250Hey: You realize you make fun of shareblue for getting paid .02 cents a post, while you blindly foll…[View]
118261940ITT: favorite memes of the 2016 election[View]
118252791Why do 70% of /pol/ want another great war so badly?[View]
118259281So what was wrong with Ryancare, from /pol/'s perspective?[View]
118257223Brit/feel/:Bring us your huddled unwashed virgins edition: This is a thread for the discussion of so…[View]
118261758The State of Jefferson is a proposed US state on the Pacific Coast. Originally a movement from the 1…[View]
118261641What do all these communist LARPers have to say to the people who actually lived under communism and…[View]
118262079What a fascinating question.[View]
118259284Cat meat a delicacy?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_meat http://catdefender.blogspot.ca/2008/08/…[View]
118262027DNA results: what do you guys think?[View]
118261562Why won’t Asian women just admit that Asian men are unattractive?: When pressed enough, 9/10 times A…[View]
118255593Is This The Greatest that proves whites are superior war?: 1.It shows how the whites are extremely s…[View]
118260706Defend this Americlaps: >inb4 muh freedom[View]
118250293How do we deal with rapist Conservashit White trash?: Pic related[View]
118261738How do we push the Hitler Muslim Connection?[View]
118260117missing kids in D.C: why does mr podest need so many black kids?[View]
118261236Are we moving towards Chinese level internet censorship? What alternatives are there to YouTube?: ht…[View]
118246656Can men be raped?: Is male rape by females a legitimate problem? How can we fix it? Women are now ki…[View]
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118261178What does /pol/ think about improvements to the ACA? Do did you support the house Republican leader…[View]
118261495Political Vocaroo Thread.: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Kkcm0GDbHT[View]
118260288People actually get triggered by Pepe: I have pic related tiled as the desktop background of my lapt…[View]
118261457Will shitlibs ever get tired of the 'dumb Drumpf is Russian puppet' narrative? They've been mem…[View]
118259659I can't believe I even voted for that fraud.[View]
118261409How Do We Solve the Problem of Niggers Destroying Western Civilization?: >inb4 civic nationalism …[View]
118261362Chimp Out General: Does anyone else miss chimp outs? they made black people look so fucking dumb. Im…[View]
118261341Why don't brits just brush their teeth?[View]
118258394Anyone else getting sick of pretending to give a fuck about healthcare? >Southern border is getti…[View]
118251491WE: /pol/ going to go see the film about Japan's First Black Samurai?[View]
118260637Country trigger: Got lots of replies last time.[View]
118228029Happy 60 years of EU to all my fellow european brothers: For many more years to come, the future is …[View]
118258056TRUMP MARCH PARIS?: Watching the philly thing atm. Anyone want to show up to a Donald support thing …[View]
118261049Post em: Also memes are welcome.[View]
118258855Alright fags , I have to write an essay on multiculturalism and why it's good for society , Giv…[View]
118257491Society is being conditioned to accept cuckolding. The world, exponentially progressing in technolog…[View]
118260805>'B-b-but Latinas age like shit!'[View]
118260780Periscope from Antifa perspective. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1jMJgYvVgoyKL?q=maga[View]
118255136Brace yourself Italy[View]
118260768What if mandela,not kill[View]
118260756Metro Police arrest nigger in robbery and fatal shooting: Daily Reminder that niggers are not capabl…[View]
118258159Shills and pizzagate: More than half the posts on pol today are shill posts because of todays washin…[View]
118248563every thing if moving according to plan slowly but moving you bastards have no chance[View]
118250206I own a car for the sole reason of avoiding taking public transportation. I used to live in LA, and …[View]
118256453Can we turn mountains into an alt-right symbol?: Just all mountains. Notice how the white part is at…[View]
118260471How did the autists of /pol/ even discover this?[View]
118257970Do you have a role model? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPOvePioFF0[View]
118251568HAPPENING!!!: GOP is going to dump Paul Ryan and replace him with Trey Gowdy. Holy fuck... Can anyon…[View]
118254447/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Make America Nice Again' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
118255782New party: It's going to a difficult stretch, but just realize that the rise of a new Republica…[View]
118258477Welp, Putin killed another critic https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/world/2017/0…[View]
118247622someone explain to me why communism is bad, kinda new to this[View]
118256881Are the Japanese really honourary?[View]
118241418Who is worse Eastern Europeans or black people?: I find Eastern Europeans are as intelligent and as …[View]
118255977Is there any scientific research on the Darwinian fitness of a mixed Aryan? I am not talking about A…[View]
118258062It's disgusting what the Germans did to the Jews.[View]
118256584Have you contributed to the Earth Hour /pol/?[View]
118259913>watch that ethan and eela video >american ISPs are apparently allowed to sell their logs (you…[View]
118250514I've despised Islam for a long time and then I realized it's the best solution for these o…[View]
118244785Why did we help kill Gaddafi?[View]
118259441Dear white people, why can't you see that we are smarter and we have achieved success DESPITE y…[View]