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210474208qanon is fake and gay: 'this is it. this is the end of my presidency. im fucked'. that right there d…[View]
210479372Look at this guy. Awesome enough to kill 50 faggots, too retarded to kill 100+.[View]
210477888Would you guys ever vote for a Christian who literally is gay and sucks dick?[View]
210479594Why do Christcucks worship blacks.[View]
210479537Run, run you faggot.[View]
210476995Why is /pol/ listening to this retard?[View]
210474275Kursk.: What do you think happened?[View]
210479567Circumcision is bullshit: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47292307 >In the email to his mot…[View]
210471618This is a biological male: Thoughts?[View]
210478682Are all redpilled bisexuals destined to date men?: As a redpilled bi guy; I feel like a huge part of…[View]
210467824Pleass get me out of this clown world Is the gas mask the thinking man’s choice Embrace the suicide …[View]
210477141Chinese 'sperm-collecting' machine goes viral online: https://youtube.com/watch?v=QAZfHHi5…[View]
210477002>church in France mysteriously burns down >all media cover goes to that and not Assange arrest…[View]
210475748>15$ for stream access AYYYYYYYY LMAO[View]
210461304is it true only white people are lactose tolerant?[View]
210479055https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mPazYL5Nks I'm glad to see a video that tackles four sides wit…[View]
210474147ITT: People who outsmarted /pol/: I'll start Michael Ian Black Still has a career after the mos…[View]
210472593g-guys.... https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/P790011-1247_e.html[View]
210475848NOT QUITE DEAD: “It only took three days from the start of the war for Daesh to launch their first a…[View]
210478883Make sure you are ready to go: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://s…[View]
210474975wtf, this is what a 29 year old girl looks like on our islands. >New IRA 'are likely to be the on…[View]
210445077Was it parody?: I refuse to believe a grown man can get this emotional over a movie trailer.[View]
210473949The most iconic German film of the past 25yrs: features a German GDR hipster who fakes to his coma a…[View]
210456671Why the fuck did the fucking idiots in DC get this guy killed again? They destabilized the entire no…[View]
210463776So did Trump obstruct or not?: >Spend two years and $30 mil investigating the man with unlimited …[View]
210470123Do y'all millennials really want nothing from your parents?[View]
210478632>vote for something >doesn't follow the result of the vote Explain this Britcucks…[View]
210466716Interracial Dating Let's discuss why interracial dating is a good thing. We need diversity. …[View]
210474958what did James Woods mean by this?: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1119129884515651585…[View]
210468179Disabled people.: How to deal with less fortunate people, physically and mentally ones?[View]
210478422>Poland is bas- >1/4 polish women in UK have children with black/paki fathers Polokens are by …[View]
210476298Drunk History-How accurate is this shit?: Ok, so I need knoow, how accurate is this shit show called…[View]
210470171IDK if you guys know what is really going on and how your support of communism and leftism is being …[View]
210477181China and India are brothers: Why the fuck do wh*Toids, especially Amerimutt subhumans, try to make …[View]
210476671Tfw, nobody burns down churches in Poland and then sending us millions of dollars to rebuild them...…[View]
210477404Do you think the democratic party could fracture as they keep moving further to the left?[View]
210471696why are americans so eager to see europe die?[View]
210454859The Verification Check Mark is a Hate Symbol: Ok faggots, I've been thinking. As we know in thi…[View]
210470307US DEBT IN 2023 WILL BE 28.3 TRILLION $: Deficit will be -2.2 TRILLION $ for that fiscal year alone.…[View]
210478269Thottie-roastie hate thread: Western promiscuous roasties are one of the main problems facing our su…[View]
210477713What Is /pol/s thoughts on this guy is he based is he a trust worth source of news I find his argume…[View]
210477688The Future: >European confederation, 2042 >British caliphate has succesfully left the european…[View]
210476436Incel Rage: I'm around 20 years old and before 3 months ago had never kissed a girl I was angr…[View]
210469400Operation Roast Beef Genocide: Truths: Niggers obviously cannot run Africa Chinks will soon take ove…[View]
210442194Flag Acquisition General - /FAG/: Welcome to /FAG/ (original: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/210…[View]
210471082BIG RUSSIAN COCK IS DRY FUCKING POOR DYING UKRAINE. LOL: Russia strikes back at Ukrainian sanctions …[View]
210476528New Mexico county declares state of emergency due to border crisis: Wow, Trump has sure done great o…[View]
210477756We knew ICE was racist...: But apparently they are also anti-Semitic. https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora…[View]
210477786Unpopular opinion: this is how Bohemia should look like and Austria should get back all German lands…[View]
210474438How do we fix the Lyingmedia?[View]
210475742Get out of my pure white board you cia mossad lefty /pol/ soros shill!!!![View]
210477142Real NEETs don't support UBI: The whole point of NEETbux is for the wagies to give us their tax…[View]
210475689He died for us.: Never forget this day.[View]
210455290IT'S FUCKING OVER[View]
210477601https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Po4EbMkgwY Keep painting in Heaven ;.;7[View]
210476524Rare pictures of Hitler emerge from glass photo negatives, like parts of a puzzle: https://www.washi…[View]
210474718Redpill me on the enigma that is women[View]
210470150Jew here Did it feel good?[View]
210476815my old friend posted this on fb. what does /polyamory/Chan think?[View]
210441532>28yo, never held a job >Just spends his time traveling abroad >Stays for two years in Paki…[View]
210468028TRUMP TO RAISE VAPING AGE: >American ''''''''freedom''''''''' https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/18/…[View]
210477402Quality Moderation: If you don't want to do the job then give it to someone that does.[View]
210477452We all need to fly drones over crowds of liberals and niggers. and play racist music and propaganda.…[View]
210475756I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about i…[View]
210471076Radicalization: Something I’ve been wondering for a while is do you guys feel as though pol has gott…[View]
210469878Was allowing gays to get married a mistake?[View]
210476062What the fuck is his problem?[View]
210475080You are in end times, /pol/: > Read Rev 8:10-11 10 The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a gre…[View]
210475001You looked at this post because of the tits. Not for her personality or character, just tits. Have y…[View]
210477051What does /pol/ think of genetic modification and crispr babies? Is it the future of humanity? Eugen…[View]
210476929A MAN'S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: end when he has sex with a woman. Your say in whether you have a c…[View]
210465094What happened to all the footage of the Syrian civil war on YouTube and LiveLeak? Did the government…[View]
210476778ANONYMOUS: Do you think any journalists ever accidentally red pill themselves when they start invest…[View]
210473944>Be half Serbian >For the first time in my life, heard younger sister playing Serbian folk / p…[View]
210476924Kate Smith’s 'God Bless America' out at Yankee Stadium over racist songs: https://www.foxn…[View]
210477033Humor Thread: Post em[View]
210472750What do we do about the assault rifle problem?[View]
210463184Why do we still use pepe: If the Illuminati card game had a card saying Frog God and it clearly rese…[View]
210467928Why do all white supremacists come from low class and low education backgrounds? Where are there no …[View]
210474895The Jewish Question: After all we have learnt about the Jewish Question and their roll in the absolu…[View]
210474711Did the Obamas Know...?: Why was she just coincidentally there with a river view?[View]
210468758Israel needs more diversity: >Diversity is Israel’s greatest strength. >Israel will not surviv…[View]
210461284ive noticed that spic/asian/black zoomers are really into abusing things like cough syrup and xanax …[View]
210450221>be me >14yo edgelord supreme >christcuck boomer dad always screaming about being saved and…[View]
210472710>Iran labels all US troops in the Middle East “terrorists”: https://www.vox.com/2019/4/16/1841064…[View]
210469648What's with Jews?: https://www.cbc.ca/documentarychannel/m/docs/whats-with-the-jews1 'The story…[View]
210472720Why cant you all be like him /pol/?: >“I’ve lived my life at the borders between cultures, betwee…[View]
210424861on a scale 1/10: real nigga hour - no bs pls How fucked are we as a country? I'm getting danger…[View]
210476650GET YOUR BOOTS ON ANONS! https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/04/trump-state-department-r…[View]
210475807Bring Back The Caste System: I propose that the caste system be brought back, whereby those of the p…[View]
210461929Ok....I'm attracted to her now[View]
210463177Do you guys really hate Africans so much?: I don't get how you guys can look down on people bec…[View]
210476140Leaf Politicians and Bureaucrats begin public appearances by: acknowledging the Indian tribe who own…[View]
210467049NPR - Termeinally Ill Liberals Hanged on to Life to Read Mueller Report: Apparently, the last of the…[View]
210468702thoughts: I've always wanted to burn the Quran to piss off the islamists invading europe, any s…[View]
210474609Why is this green guy putting on a warhammer 40k hat?[View]
210466930He did this for you anon: Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior[View]
210466850>'Due to warming temperatures, what was once a passion-locked mating ritual that lasted hours has…[View]
210474334Why do so many american women dye their hair blonde?: Jesus Christ anons. I’m golden platinum blond …[View]
210475902>mfw America's 'disloyal' opposition, the Democrats, undermined and hobbled the legitimately…[View]
210474021*salts your wound*[View]
210476227Looks like Americans aren't that stupid.: U.S. Team Takes First in International Mathematical O…[View]
210464555Reality shifts Clown World and Hell: Berenstain bears / Mandela effect isn't what you think. Wh…[View]
210473376Fix incels with polyamory duh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7vArjs9bwA So 30% of men 18-29 aren…[View]
210456085What's the appeal of Rap?: Rap has gradually expanded from something that used to be popular wi…[View]
210467658Japan needs immigrants... right?[View]
210473117Where in the world: is Jewth gaschamber Jewberg? anyone seen her?[View]
210465705Creating new hate symbols following the rainbow flag: Lads, the enthusiam shown for creating new hat…[View]
210474305White vs Whitish: I propose a new Ethnostate caste system, much like our ancient Aryan ancestors est…[View]
210473300Capitalist horror stories: Well someone just told me they wanted to kill themseleves right outside m…[View]
210470923This alone makes her much better than Trump. Prove me wrong.[View]
210459099You do realize that you guys are it, right?: Yes, I am drunk, BUT: All future discourse relies on al…[View]
210470676Can anyone explain to me..: How the man who delivered uranium to the Russian's gets put in char…[View]
210475050You Tube putting anything with Notre Dame in it in (((Limited State))) We don't even know what …[View]
210469451Are you in love with her, Anon?[View]
210469971Will China ever have the balls to take Taiwan back?[View]
210471751Aus fag here, finally 4chan got unblocked. What did I miss bros?[View]
210473911>Shooting journalists Tell me again how Republicans are innocent.[View]
210468143Why don't we learn from her?: All these right wingers and Pelosi criticize her legitimacy becau…[View]
210470857How should health care work in the US?[View]
210471379OBAMA HOMELAND GETTING BEANED: >Tacos. Tequila. Telenovelas. Nairobi Embraces Its Mexican Soul. …[View]
210465741Why are White 'people' so stupid? When will you stop worshipping a dead Jew on a stick and follow Hi…[View]
210472881>tfw you benefit the most from clown world as a nigga >have a variety of countries to move to…[View]
210474905white genocide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T92sQGZ06Wk[View]
210472156Why are all the soys act so surprised that Trump won & wont stop trying to get him impeached for…[View]
210472568When the full callapse happen are there any militias that will accept conservative Blacks? I know my…[View]
210474722What is the best way to live? European life of course, forget about the American orcs.[View]
210462272SLAVERY: worst mistake of all time? why didn't we just try harder to invent a tractor before b…[View]
210471056Liberals are celebrating the report. They say it proves Trump’s guilty and impeachment is no longer …[View]
210471958Is he right /pol/?: Is this wise Latino correct?[View]
210471192Massive civil war is coming: MASSIVE civil war is coming soon, across the Western world. Diversity h…[View]
210474510Leaf Politicians and Bureaucrats begin public appearances by: acknowledging the Indian tribe who own…[View]
210470685Democrats absolutely blown the fuck out.: As a Democrat, what are some things I can do to survive th…[View]
210474267How do we get the BLACKPILL trend on TWITTER?: Thanos going to holocaust most people next Friday... …[View]
210467694Social Nationalism: With 4/20 approaching it's time to rebrand into Social Nationalism. /natsoc…[View]
210474027>24/7 christian shilling The shabbos goyim are waking up, kikes. Your golems are waking up no mat…[View]
210470672Do you support the Hutu or the Tutsi?: Whom do you support in Rwanda, the Hutu or the Tutsi? The Hut…[View]
210473374This is going to be the most exciting times ever. The next gov is going to: Subject the court to the…[View]
210473872Because everything's in ruins, everything's been degraded, but I could say that they'…[View]
210474068Status quo. lol.[View]
210471784Who was in the wrong?[View]
210474010Israel - the largest threat to humanity: >Israel rebuilds the world into a totalitarian technocra…[View]
210469924Why are people shilling for Sargon recently? He hates nationalism and is a liberalist.[View]
210473454Why does /pol/ worship AI so much?[View]
210472125What did they mean by this?[View]
210471635Is this our chance too be nice pol?: >This girl has built her identity on being black >She is …[View]
210456285Christian Identity was once the default Christian position: Every Medieval White Christian nation cl…[View]
210473683Why are Gayreeks here always so butthurt about their past?: It's ok to be a Turkish rapebaby. W…[View]
210471503Bring back. Kill all the men and women, and keep only the virgins as servants. End their blood lines…[View]
210471017Why are yuropoor cops so PATHETIC[View]
210470195ITT we recreate Mueller's redactions one word at a time. I'll start: Putin[View]
210471111Meet the next president of Guatemala: Mama Alvarez[View]
210472646How many people in the past who history has written off as mentally ill were actually memesters IRL …[View]
210469942What are good news website?: title[View]
210472668RBG has biweekly workouts: > conspiracy theorists on /pol/ blown the FUG out…[View]
210473247Where's the faggot that promised dirt to come out on Comey yesterday? I'd like to give him…[View]
210473327Sanctuary City Savagery: I know the belief on /pol/ about Donald trump is that he’s a Zionist Jew lo…[View]
210472781what do you think of this meme[View]
210460029thoughts on abe?[View]
210473020dang it: i might be late to the honker, but i just wanted to suggest a nice honk song that might go …[View]
210472290The only real hope for white people is genetic Engineering. Other races love how white people look, …[View]
210464376What group of people started the Notre Dame fire? My guess is some Islamic bastard but yours is as g…[View]
210473320Thumbs up anon. 14 words.[View]
210470545Name another state that kicks all it's neighbors asses and has made the most powerful nation it…[View]
210472651How do you cope with knowing (((they))) control everything and there's nothing we can do? I…[View]
210473180Full stache hitler[View]
210467325history of kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4c0P5xhYcM[View]
210473045Mediaite is down. First time I've ever seen it down in the last decade.: The cope must be overw…[View]
210472928If you have to dog whistle your views and you can't state your opinions openly in public spaces…[View]
210461761Unethics at ASU: ASU is denying claims that it purposely failed students in its economics department…[View]
210472985#HangThemAll James Woods wants a Day of the Rope[View]
210469682If you're a white nationalist and you believe that Trump actually cares about white people you …[View]
210472901TheGreatToryBrexitSwindle: Treacherous conspiring, progressive alliance will PAY!!! MP's who RE…[View]
210472866Antifa system Allies: #Antifa #Border #BorderSecurity Antifa Anarchists always the systems Allies S…[View]
210456260Toss It: Its time to TOSS IT toss the hate toss the bigotry toss your racism in the bin https://www.…[View]
210452357I hate Christianity: I've been a Protestant Christian my whole life. I have been so sick of the…[View]
210441544Name one thing wrong with black people. >inb4 muh 13% and 50[View]
210472729do you goyim consider banking inherently bad?: or only when you're really stingy about it…[View]
210467757Given the daily acts of violence/terrorism being done by incels, should white males be barred from p…[View]
210468403Wtf is wrong with yanks?: Visiting america for a while and ive noticed that American men are massive…[View]
210471905>King Arthur >Britain's greatest hero, a character all British boys admire to be >was …[View]
210472525Zionist faggots: Anyone else think every Zionist in congress should get dragged out in public and hu…[View]
210472108Why do you reject the righteous path of love for this collective mind of hate, this warmongering and…[View]
210472018front page of reddit: oof[View]
210472451Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is…[View]
210472430Anon5=based desu?: Based Knowledge Bombs >http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/subject/knowledge%…[View]
210470584>Americans will unironically defend this[View]
210470372Funniest part of the Mueller report: Trump is a fucking child[View]
210470677>America is fucked: >Europe is fucked >Oceania? fucked WHITE MAN TAKING AFRICA AND THIS TIM…[View]
210467255Is he saying Trump is Jesus Christ?[View]
210471975are women incapable of sexual loyality to their culture/ethnic group?[View]
210465278I had heard there’s a video circulating of Charlie Kirk getting called out for being a Zionist and h…[View]
210469148Abrahamic Religions are so original..[View]
210455647AUS/POL/ GAY PRIDE EDITION: AUS/POL/ GAY PRIDE EDITION https://www.baka.com.au/business/companies/at…[View]
210471835How do you obstruct an investigation into a crime that never happened?[View]
210470180Times100's most influential leaders in 2019: Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump Greta Thunberg Andrés Ma…[View]
210471854The forerunner from halo were Eco Fascist: change my mind[View]
210471916Civil ASSet Forfeiture: For the uninitiated, it means the cops can accuse your shit (car, money, hou…[View]
21046808028-A Spain elections: Polls are being manipulated by all (leftish) media. Vox could to have a big re…[View]
210470358HONK THREAD: Time to HONK it up anons[View]
210471391End Times: /pol/, what would you say to convince someone that we are indeed living in the End Times …[View]
210459197Words of someone with a clear conscience[View]
210471515JIMBO BAZOOBI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVT75kQ2Q3o this is the most based and redpilled man …[View]
210470806based: based[View]
210470497Anyone have a the official leftist suicide count yet?[View]
210469636Trump wins 2020.: How did he do it? The elections haven't even begun and he already won.[View]
210471277pol is kike board: Not enough people care about Assange? Sticky MUH CATHEDRAL I NEVER GAVE FUCK ABOU…[View]
210459497most based prez of all time[View]
210470808Can anyone tell me the actual difference between fascism and communism? Is the only difference that …[View]
210466303How did Trump get so many low IQ people to support him?[View]
210466505How do we fix the Lyingmedia?[View]
210470471Why are Americans so prone to being religious? Why are they so fat and stupid?[View]
210470375Jewish cabal: As I research Into Jewish influence over the media/gov./economy I keep on coming acros…[View]
210468346How is this any different than the Kathy Griffin photo that caused so much controversy (and even fri…[View]
210466513Pol caption this.: Mayor Pete has been pushing this hate hoax along the lines of Jussie Smollett for…[View]
210455873They died for fucking nothing.[View]
210457716Cash stuff: Capitalism>Communism Because IPhone lines>Bread lines[View]
210444985Liberty State General /LSG/: >East Side LEAVING >West Side SEETHING >Seattle BARELY BREATHI…[View]
210469278Why are Greeks the only normal whites?[View]
210470855Q IS LEGIT: doubters btfo in one proof pic[View]
210470799George Lincoln Rockwell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvlElfQFbDw Is there a more BASED American?…[View]
210467470Get me out this shit ideology: Could you guys try to convince me out of anarchism? I am aware of its…[View]
210468460There’s nothing cool about being racist[View]
210470007Anyone else reached that point where you post porn on here and report your own post to deliberately …[View]
210463294Why are people liberal or democrat: This always fucks with my head so bad, I can’t figure it out. Th…[View]
210470004Christkike General: You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their tribal volcano demon Yahw…[View]
210469602Sandnigger hate thread: Muslims are just as worse as niggers. Post some sandnigger videos and redpil…[View]
210466996Oy vey! Man your battlestations!: >https://twitter.com/PantheonNew/status/1119105965280743431 Yo …[View]
210414337‘I Don’t Give a Damn About Notre Dame’ Amren Podcast: https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2019/04/i-dont-…[View]
210469374Imagine being unable to drink milk, eat cheese, or enjoy ice cream. Imagine dairy causes your body t…[View]
210470529Growing up I always thought the word 'right wing' referred to people who want a Christian police sta…[View]
210448080Lost History/Tech Part Deux: Last thread ended There was a good discussion going >>210439926 L…[View]
210466826Brexit, why do EU leaders want to keep Brits around?: They are unpleasant people and don’t believe i…[View]
210470415Hypothetically if we defeat the the deep state, the Fed, and mass migration- is this all that stands…[View]
210470371Message for TRUMP from North Korea. FAT PIG POMPEO MUST GO SAID Kim Jong Un: breaking news !!! Repla…[View]
210465816Don't you think that the fall of the USSR was a great thing? I mean, we can all agree that it w…[View]
210467810The electoral collage needs to go: President Trump was right back in 2012, the electoral collage is …[View]
210468017She'll try to run. But will fail.: How will she end it /pol/?[View]
210458584The Yanging: Whether it's in 2020 or 2050 UBI is going to happen because increased productivity…[View]
210470098The Turkish economy is collapsing and the Turks become more radical. I think we are heading towards …[View]
210458187Why the fuck don’t a few hundred /pol/acks buy a bunch of land in rural Montana?: Build some cheap h…[View]
210469973'Q: Trust the plan' starter pack[View]
210463679Oof: I'm getting tired of hearing the word 'oof' spew out of every Norman and high schooler now…[View]
210467106>wages are being suppressed and lowered thanks to trump's L E G A L immigration policy >c…[View]
210466150Oldfag Ameribros, I think it's time to resurrect an old meme, and turn it on its head.: So I gr…[View]
210469851Leaf Politicians and Bureaucrats begin public appearances by: acknowledging the Indian tribe who own…[View]
210465335WHO FUCKING KILLED SETH RICH?: The answer will cause the collapse of our political system.[View]
210465365Is it possible?[View]
210437751GAME OVER KING NIGGER: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1119019875203153921[View]
210456262How long before Lefties call for the destruction of Mount Rushmore?[View]
210469502you haven't forgotten him have you?[View]
210468180why are the Irish chimping out again[View]
210439615why the fuck can't the IRS just send me an itemized bill of what i owe in taxes?[View]
210457324HAHA, the Wignats Are Fighting: Little vs everyone, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFTv6nC0B6c…[View]
210458303Jim Jefferies Talks About Wife's BBC Boyfriend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMJ-s8_NKtA…[View]
210465457How do pigskins cope with the fact that Indians BTFO'D you? Inferior racists.[View]
210469549INDIA /POL/ Space Force Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210427998/HTG/: HUNTING TRAFFICKERS GENERAL: NK BORDER INVESTIGATIONS: This general is for identifying, discu…[View]
210468924Far-Left & Far-Right alliance against Grumpft when?[View]
210452483If meme magic is real, can it help Lisa?[View]
210462468Yang2020: >Legalized Heroin >Legalized Weed >Against Circumcision (the child does not conse…[View]
210469261How do you identify other pollack's? It seems that Everytime I think I found one it turns out t…[View]
210457818(F): Isn’t diversity grand?[View]
210467446Over 2 million Americans die every year: Death on massive scales is the literally the most serious i…[View]
210469247Notre Dame fire: Any one got pics, vids or conspiracys about the Notre Dame fire everywhere is suppr…[View]
210458583Wiggers: I seriously cannot stand wiggers. They literally ruin everything and are worse then niggers…[View]
210446429Liberals want you to die.: They straight up want you to perish for the crime of having a different o…[View]
210468943\pol\ Eternally Destroyed and BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mPazYL5Nks[View]
210453850Let’s just go all the way and make the rainbow a symbol of white supremacy just to see what happens …[View]
210464631What do you think?: https://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Will-Trump-be-first-president-to-sup…[View]
210469092original content donut steel I propose the goose as the mascot of /pol/ >aggressive >full of h…[View]
210462293If Trump truely believes that the Democrats spied on his campaign, why doesn't he do something …[View]
210465077North Korea: Keep Mike Pompeo Out Of Future Talks: https://news.antiwar.com/2019/04/18/north-korea-k…[View]
210465331Ha ha ha: Estoy usando el internet[View]
210467839RNC Poll: List your top 5 issues in order of importance. 4 of my 5 top issues aren’t even mentioned.…[View]
210464887>tfw ur gonna die in prison[View]
210459958HELP NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING: >“These systems that maybe were protecting us before are no longer g…[View]
210466759Has there been a more based muzzie than this Ahmed?: Absolutely fucking based.[View]
210443871Brit/pol/ - Skinheads vs Me edition: Cope[View]
210463465INDIA /POL/ Cultural Heritage Dharmic Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210438602Countering Modern Hypergamy: Could dating sites like tinder be used as a way to advertise memes to w…[View]
210464044Lmao at all the double-digit IQ retards & brainsoup boomers who fell for the Seth Rich hoax that…[View]
210462437Message to all whitoids from a middle easterner: Just saw a thread on the african population boom an…[View]
210452172Daily thread: race-mixing is wrong and should be punished with capital punishment.: Race mixing cont…[View]
210455800What made you hate the LGBT community?[View]
210466263Daily Reminder: /pol/ is only for white christian people[View]
210462069At what point did you realize it's all a joke?[View]
210465137Can the jews rig the election?: The Jews have a lot of power, there’s probably a way they could. But…[View]
210467450You are looking at the last white nation.[View]
210465619hoe dumb do u have to be to think mob rule is ethical: i hate the peple who think just cuz the masse…[View]
210467889Well, there you have it /pol/ >leftist unfit s o y b o y >conservative /fit/ megachad pic rel…[View]
210467647>'The Jews put fluoride in the water to poison your pineal gland make you easier to subvert!' …[View]
210463049are you considered having autism if you are an angry white man? Should we need classes to learn how …[View]
210461244Can somebody explain this? I thought the workers weren't present during the time of Cathedral f…[View]
210467835Chicago Police Scanner Thread: 2k viewers on this lovely friday night. A true accomplishment. https:…[View]
210467611Why haven't you taken the God pill again?: Are you ready for the new diversity hire architects …[View]
210445343Congressman Swalwell will jail anyone who does not turn over semi-automatic rifles: https://www.zero…[View]
210463788Eternal Boomer Mass Flagged and Channel Removed: The boomer was not bullied off the internet or doxx…[View]
210467682When is /pol/ going to stop caring about their precious burgerstinians? Maybe they shouldn't ha…[View]
210463915Are the Atlas Mountains european clay?[View]
210462442Did Ramstein predict the Notre Dame fire?: I think they tipped their hand in the Ramstein video. At …[View]
210467277>Be UK >2014 >See wanking license meme >have a good chuckle >2019 >have to go to n…[View]
210466067Messianic Judaism = Christianity Discuss[View]
210464760How is Trump going to win 2020?: Aren't the dems just going to cheat like they did for 2018 mid…[View]
210466142They are even busing white women into male prisons now: The brainwashing is very effective in the ab…[View]
210464788We need that shit in the US[View]
210466717Sup fellow Nazbol. After being plugged in to Sionista-land for too long, I have finally awoken and t…[View]
210463962Ello Lads! Please send me your most BASED muslim memes! I hate Muslims with a passion, and Islam sh…[View]
210444958610,000 middle-aged people living as hikikomori in Japan (: Recently a new government survey reveals…[View]
210438891Will Sargon Be The Greatest Living Politician?: >calls feminist 'bitch' on air, doesn…[View]
210465983At what point did normal people start becoming faces of the alt-right? Was it the fault of their ina…[View]
210459084Not My President[View]
210463263Late zoomers are lost: Why the fuck is every post-2003 zoomer is a wigger? How did this happened?…[View]
210439895These men are going wipe the floor with that 'zizek' character.[View]
210466363Redpill me on the Irish menace.[View]
210465205Europe To Resist US Sanctions On Firms That Do Business With Cuba: https://news.antiwar.com/2019/04/…[View]
210456281Anyone else here, who isn't a NEET and has to rent their entire live, because they can't b…[View]
210460993Welp, that was fun while it lasted. So who are we voting in this time around now that Trump will be …[View]
210439438ANTI-CHRISTCUCK GENERAL (CONTINUED): You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their tribal v…[View]
210465156Christianity and the origins of white ethnomasochism: Where and why did it start /pol/? Was it when …[View]
210465665Teenager charged with murder of Brisbane doctor Luping Zeng in garage: >A 17-year-old boy has bee…[View]
210463936God damned japs: Why didnt hitler approach roosevelt? We should have been allies.[View]
210465714Based Ecuadorians: People are rioting in Ecuador fighting the police saying their president Moreno i…[View]
210463444Did we actually find WMDs in Iraq?[View]
210465659Who is the best Fox host?: Tucker Carlson gets a lot of love but imo Hannity is better.[View]
210464597make dindu official /mdo/: >Sleepless at 7am and autism just kicked in /pol/ What if we spread th…[View]
210465618'Ah well, I have stood by many injustices, as well you know *harumfh* you see the thing is ...' Said…[View]
210462045Fraser Anning: Is this guy the real deal or a zionist shill? I'd still profer him has prime min…[View]
210463098Scary White People: Why are white people so scary. Anytime some poc or semites see happy white peopl…[View]
210458574Redpill me on East Germany and Ostalgie.[View]
210461205Why is it that nobody is talking about the causes of the fire: All I see in the news is how they…[View]
210464835There are children being bled for passover matzahs at this moment. What can we do to outlaw the prac…[View]
210451239What about Mayor Pete? He's a combat vet, speaks a bunch of jibberish languages, understands h…[View]
210461787Yang food: Pic related is what he eats. Food of champs or loser diet?[View]
210465146US, Russia Derail UN Call For Libya Ceasefire: https://news.antiwar.com/2019/04/18/us-russia-derail-…[View]
210463756He is Risen[View]
210461807I understand now why Nietzche ran outside his apartment to hug the whipped horse. Inside of you and …[View]
210465051Why are Conservashits so dumb?[View]
210446910Well pol you lost: And no they won't be a chink genocide[View]
210462115Bad goy, why you no believe in the hall of costs? Don't you know that 6 gorilion (((them))) wer…[View]
210464192They aren’t going to ever give up the Russia meme are they?[View]
210445819Zoomer and millennial white males. How do you deal with the fact your entire generation of girls hav…[View]
210464924North Irelandic terror case leaves one person dead: https://www.ess.fi/uutiset/ulkomaat/art2535159 O…[View]
210461444view of /pol on PATRICK LITTLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd7ZyhuiXbw He has 18% of the polls …[View]
210464875Justice Dept Keeping Details Of Assange Case Secret: https://news.antiwar.com/2019/04/18/justice-dep…[View]
210464656Trump MIGA general[View]
210461911Guys I can't take this shit anymore. I'm tired of the anti-white jew agenda. I'm sick…[View]
210463680Go Home Niggers!!!!: To that continent that has the rest of your kind. Fucking monkeys in my country…[View]
210464758What did he mean by this?: >why do people push pounds and powder? >why did bush knock down the…[View]
210461568Insane Jew up to 428 tweets kvetching about mueller[View]
210457320/MOTW/ Music of the World thread.: Welcome to Music of the World: What is your favorite National ant…[View]
210464684Your best clown world memes... Post 'em[View]
210462413https://youtu.be/dKd1V2NgAi4 hahahaha[View]
210460841When did transexuality start becoming accepted in military's? Was it during WW2 with the trans …[View]
210464651Why did the leftists and Muslims burn Notre Dame?[View]
2104591372046, End of civilization via sun nova/Ice age. Who can prove this wrong? https://youtu.be/bMr-5HHnA…[View]
210461989Y do you h8 Israel? They pwn sandniggers like you always wanted Also almost all degeneracy is done b…[View]
210464583This is how antifa see themselves: Let that sink in.[View]
210464553>the commie far-left and the nazi far-right wanted trump impeached[View]
210462551We will unite then march an army to storm Canberra while riding on vicious man eating emus: Who…[View]
210454076Ann Coulter says she feels the Bern: >'I'd vote for him, I might work for him. I don't …[View]
210455458Styxhexenhammer666, does he speak for /pol/ in America: A fellow I work with said this young man wil…[View]
210460870You may not realize it..: ..but these are some of the most desirable females you've ever seen. …[View]
210464513Politics is a bunch of bullshit.: Prove me wrong. Pro tip: you're a faggot.[View]
210457774So much land wasted[View]
210457108When did this whole SJW/Woke/Tranny-Clownworld really become mainstream? I don't remember it be…[View]
210464352>yfw not a leftist: >wanted trump impeached[View]
210463623ITTA: Let's laugh at pathetic redditors and their terrible website.[View]
210459033Is this guy Jewish or based?[View]
210464209The far left is starting to advocate for colonialism: This is a good thing.[View]
210455774Trudeau's 2019 re-election has self-imposed problems:: Not only is Trudeau's government im…[View]
210463573Welcome to Leith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxmBSGtPKYc[View]
210459651This is it bros. This is it. The big one. The REAL happening. Sargon of Akkad is 10x as edgy as Dona…[View]
210463959The burning of Notre Dame is absolutely meaningless. We will be in the middle of a final global war …[View]
210463843New Ethnostate Thread: >Come live in the New Ethnostate, in the georgeous West of North America. …[View]
210461196White liberals from the west coast and northeast don't know what they're missing.[View]
210458552>The German soldier has astonished the world; the Italian Bersagliere has astonished the German s…[View]
210461855Mutts: where do you think you're going ?[View]
210463781INDIA /POL/ Space Force Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210462118>32yo with no real skill other than fixing homes >Forced to get college degree >Objectively…[View]
210454693How would the founding fathers react if they knew what the country would become?[View]
210463004Hail Putin! Hail a foreign people! Hail defeat!: Putin is smirking at us right now with his smug Rus…[View]
210440456How do we restore Christianity into society?[View]
210463118Is this real?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wPqTUBXdeRM are normies really getting rfid? why the fu…[View]
210463435This man has been forgotten...: This man. Rudolf Steiner is to my knowledge the only indoctrinated m…[View]
210460743These two IDIOTS have guaranteed communism will win: Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn will win next …[View]
210459155I just realized as a black man that minorities hate blacks ten times more than whites lol.[View]
210460856Neocon Pill: Is anyone here >Based and Neocon Pilled? /pol/ needs a NATO flag…[View]
210457520What happened to the Barr's report?[View]
210459221No Collision no obstuction.: Its like 2016 all over again. Post lib salt. Also, these actors never …[View]
210462537The Chinese dont have Christian guilt hanging over them.: and thus they have no problem genociding t…[View]
210462957What's the deal with chapoTraphouse: Who are they and what s the 'revolution' they keep shittin…[View]
210448920/pol/ humor: go to hell discord trannies edition: Let the memeflag fuck ip some other thread[View]
210458001Wtf why doesn’t this have more upvotes. This is amazing[View]
210462680>communism is why my country is poor! Why do posters from former communist countries parrot this …[View]
210459128Lol is was Israeli collusion all along[View]
210461744This is the most advanced level journalism know to man: >Actually when you think about it Norte D…[View]
210459296Maxime <3: Other than the fact that he's not going to win, why would you not vote for this m…[View]
210461721It think its about time we play our TRUMP card: Do it.[View]
210452626Become a sperm donor. Make those white babies /pol/[View]
210462698Myth of the 20th Century guys release a book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lxKQ_aKWco…[View]
210459821Freemasons Obey Kikes like dumbass cocksuckers: Why do all freemasons and satanists suddenly impleme…[View]
210462019Stereotyping of Christians: All Christians are seen of as retarded an unable of extrapolative though…[View]
210457360Zion Dump: This is a dump on Trump the sick Mossad asset egomaniac. Read all about it. If there…[View]
210460649Can someone please give me a QRD on the mueller report? Both sides are making it confusing[View]
210458553Is it worth it to destroy your homeland if it means that your enemies can no longer occupy it and gl…[View]
210462488Well, the truth is that the Jews, and the elites (because Jews actually don't represent all of …[View]
210461839Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ Out at Yankee Stadium: “Someone had to pick the cotton, Someone had…[View]
210462288Liberals are literally pushing for civil war at this point: Don't let them fool you. It's …[View]
210461525Everything is a jew psyop: Even Christianity. Just remember everything they tell you is bad is proba…[View]
210450155HE CAN NEVER LEAVE OFFICE...: Do you faggots even realize the fucking implications of today?? Muelle…[View]
210460459Incels & Society: I've noticed society has had enough of incels/alt-right/whatever. The dai…[View]
210461877Why haven't you taken the Farmpill, /pol/?[View]
210461161>demand $20 bil for wall >Don't get it >Ask for $5 bil for wall >Don't get it.…[View]
210457563What is Fact and what is Fiction in regards to what we are told about Hitler and the Nazis.: I belie…[View]
210461493>pol goes out in public[View]
210461988>My grandpa is a racist >not white supremacist, more like the old school kind of racist >a…[View]
210456483Question for Europeans: How are Muslims in your country? Where I live, I think ive only seen a handf…[View]
210461885ITT lets discuss what went right: MFW I remember when we stopped SOPA back in 2012. https://en.wiki…[View]
210459662/mg/ - Memorial General: ITT: discuss how we’re preparing for the memorial and which Jehovah witness…[View]
210444173/pol/ humor thread[View]
210461804Why is slavery considered bad? Do people really think that a modern slave would live a worse life th…[View]
210447377Remind me again why eugenics is a bad thing?[View]
210445344Today, I will remind them...: Daily reminder that there was a literal cardgame released in the 80…[View]
210433948Help me understand /pol/s retarded logic please So Israel is defending itself against islamic invade…[View]
210459786I don't get what the whole fuss over circumcision is about desu. I was circumcised at birth and…[View]
210458677>get a retail job >beautiful black women with shaved and soiboi white men everywhere What give…[View]
210453109Now that Bolsonaro won and we can buy guns more easily, it is safe to say that we are becoming a Lat…[View]
210424515500 dindus run wild in downtown Chicago: Guess what, whities? The apes are out of their southside ca…[View]
210461355Operation: Cuck t-series.: T-series fucking sucks. Lets troll them to death. 1. Get enough Anons to …[View]
210459851Do any of you guys ever consider that maybe we all got into politics because we're broken and s…[View]
210461377Clown World war: Dont get deleted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcTEDWaaz3U&list=RDMMAcTEDW h…[View]
210458752System.out.println('Yang 2020');[View]
210459698How radical are you? Poll: Would you want Africans to use donated asian, or European sperm till Afri…[View]
210460795Lugen press even today.[View]
210459761Why haven't you got yourself a middle-eastern gf yet? They are close enough genetically that yo…[View]
210460885He’s winning, isn’t he?[View]
210459955The Russians blew up a civilian airliner killing 300 people and nobody did anything about it. What t…[View]
210456969How do you get out of false rape accusation without doing time? Should you just take a plea bargain?[View]
210456409John B. Calhoun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOFveSUmh9U Redpill me on this shit[View]
210455809Give me a reason not to beat my kids with a belt. They must learn manners[View]
210459411Friendly reminder that your prayers are useless: God didn’t give a shit about the thousands of Chris…[View]
210458843>be president, elected rightfully by flyover states that Hillary Clinton didn't even conside…[View]
210460928A typical reddit discussion: >https://www.reddit.com/r/chastity/comments/6abvvk/discussion_male_l…[View]
210454995Shieeeet: What did Ireland mean by this?[View]
210438151>report finds nothing >hurr duur IMPEACH ANYWAY What the fuck is wrong with the left?…[View]
210459422Ebola chan: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-18/ebola-outbreak-congo-close-becoming-global-eme…[View]
210457224Argentina: What the fuck went wrong?: Argentina is collapsing (again) and about to elect a retarded …[View]
210436505Will China surpass America?[View]
210459537Lol watch this goooouise. It’s good!! https://youtu.be/Surdizmf_dw[View]
210455961https://www.rt.com/usa/456961-judge-dismisses-antivax-lawsuit-brooklyn/ Reminder that it's ille…[View]
210460223I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
210458570Is the Wild West as portrayed by American media actually statist/anti-libertarian propaganda? The …[View]
210460558are Chinese still /based/ in 2019?[View]
210458266Yang Hate Thread: >Let's give everyone $1000 dollars a month so they can be slaves to the go…[View]
210460534Trump baiting Dems: He’s daring them to impeach. When they don’t, they'll anger/alienate their …[View]
210459476/ABG/ - Alberta General: How do we keep the non whites moving to Vancouver? Alberta should remain tr…[View]
210460323Why does the white nationalist community have a problem with homosexuality and general sexual degene…[View]
210460321Ben Garrison thread. The story arc should not be forgotten. he got kicked off some Kikelberger platf…[View]
210457719I'm so excited for our amazing new president![View]
210447327Is it true that China has always been more prosperous than Europe except for last 2 centuries?: Or i…[View]
210456728Perfect Girls Don't Exi-: kek which one of you femanons did this?[View]
210458494Jews > Muslims: Let's see here. Jews and Muslims hate one another. Jews are really good at p…[View]
210451704**Lisa 'IDKYBILY' Simpson **Legally Changed name to fulfill March 2000 Simpson's prophecy that …[View]
210457140>ATTENTION ALL CHADS! >ATTENTION ALL CHADS! Operation Swoop is now in full effect. What is Op…[View]
210440105Married men of /pol/, especially married men in your twenties: How much pressure did you feel to buy…[View]
210457007Welp they got Beiber too: This one kinda hurt but I should have known better about that nasty indust…[View]
210457271>its the jews >okay the evidence is clear you are indeed correct >:D >HOWEVER >? …[View]
210444866African Runs Over 2 White Children On Purpose in Colorado: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/04/16/se…[View]
210435275Why do white Americans deny their British routes when most of their DNA is British. Pic related is s…[View]
210450804Another man caught trying to burn a church, this time St. Patrick church.[View]
210446737A FAGGOT PRUNED MY THREAD THIS MORNING: Because I would not provide my Covert Source. Not smart. I n…[View]
210455299Swede bros...are any of you still here?: This is a swede bro safe space. We know its rough over ther…[View]
210438198Why does the US allow civilians to possess dangerous weapons again? Especially now that they're…[View]
210428379>libertarians will defend this[View]
210451805UK Faggots are the most cucked goyim in this hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3mi8N_Dj8k >S…[View]
210459492Honkposters BTFO![View]
210459435Nazis at it again: Korean Streamer mocked by drunktards in Berlin https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryRelen…[View]
210455330So if I was born in this shithole of a country and I'm about the minority who's actually a…[View]
210458390Official thottie-roastie hate thread: Western promiscuous roasties are one of the main problems faci…[View]
210456872What's your stance on male genital mutilation?[View]
210452588What's your opinion on Fox News? Trump watches 8 hours of it every day and Hannity phones him …[View]
210458926Keep the faith. Justice will prevail: -Evan McMullen[View]
210454884Why is racism so funny?[View]
210455565Doomers cousin coupmer[View]
210459181Trump reads his twitter responces + Responding on Twitter: Had no idea he was reading comments and r…[View]
210447892It all makes sense now.: Trump is the last President of the American (((Empire))) and the first Pres…[View]
210441886Boomer careers are horseshit: >boomer bitch at my work has title of 'operations manager' >prob…[View]
210459058Just watched this movie. Biggest Jewish propaganda film of all time.: The best part is the Fuhrer (J…[View]
210452200Anyone on scanners in Baltimore?: Police chopper flying like its looking...[View]
210452582I've had a nightmare in that i was a poor third worlder race mixed homosexual pedophile, then i…[View]
210427908what should we do about school shootings?[View]
210445788Why is this guy on Fox News?[View]
210446551This Pig is Feeling a Little Blue: GlendiTEK writes: So, my in-laws live on a ranch in Morgan Hill, …[View]
210445210Armed militia detains over 300 spic illegals on NM border: Are you forming a legal militia to detain…[View]
210452983FUCKING JEWS: The wiki entry on this fucking government program where they fucking don't give o…[View]
210457971Civil War: Is there anything more awful than hundreds of thousands of quality stock white men gettin…[View]
210458683Wikipedia can't figure out the alt-right: Wikipedia can't confidently use buzzwords on the…[View]
210458679You idiots don't even realize this has been planned by a commie hungarian video artist in Toron…[View]
210451513MGTOW: >You're only MGTOW because you are butthurt virgin who can't get laid Traditiona…[View]
210458492If you are not in this circle you are not white[View]
210432999Notre Dame Media Lies: It certainly wasn't an electrical fault https://www.sott.net/article/41…[View]
2104579618CH DELETES MY THREADS: WHITES ARE THE PROBLEM After years of studying this jews versus white gentil…[View]
210454037did I go to far /pol/[View]
210427660Can people explain to a Zoomer why people supported the Iraq war? In retrospect, it seems insanely r…[View]
210422817What’s pol’s opinion on black people not the hood ones I’m talking about the ones who actually contr…[View]
210445115Elon is getting sick of NASA's bullshit: https://twitter.com/worldandscience/status/11190391899…[View]
210457918>There are no perfect gir-[View]
210446871Nortre Dame Fire is Good, Listen: Bill Whittle is an American Republican. Listen to him anyway. http…[View]
210456401>be american >get fat[View]
210457276Should we support ethnonationalism for non whites?: I think it makes sense[View]
210457672Now the report is out, did they actually find anything importsnt? Or is this a bigger disappointment…[View]
210448576/BOOM/ Boomer General: Who here grillin some burgers tonight and watching the Jets game on CBC? Just…[View]
210457781troubles 2: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1116232/Northern-Ireland-news-riot-London-Derry-PSNI-t…[View]
2104545405 Brits Take A DNA Test: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVAPMfP4pog what does /pol/ think of th…[View]
210457283Watch guy explain why Trump is a Jewish cuck: https://dlive.tv/LRN.FM[View]
210457050are the recruiting again??: this channel has more than 1200 code-only videos .. is it cicada? https:…[View]
210457513Political Ideologies: What is the best political ideology and why?[View]
210439068why are whites are so salty?: Why does it trigger /pol/ when we blacks cherish our rich ancestry and…[View]
210450493Blackpill: How do I cope with knowing a young, beautiful women would probably never consent to sex w…[View]
210452049Have I fallen for a meme guys???: I'm a confirmed Catholic and have practiced it all my life; I…[View]
210446383Watching LWC: Is he Jewish? Wiki profile says Atheist ... i am not convinced.[View]
210457281Any good news?: Are there any media outlets running the simple headline: Mueller Report Clears Trump…[View]
210456112how do you raise a white family in this day and age? it doesn't matter if you get the most trad…[View]
210436424Everything you need to know about Christianity in one image[View]
210452226>there's no way the US can afford to give everyone $1000 per month umm, sweetie?…[View]
210456597Cucked Census General /CCG/: > Foreign Policy Edition Please reply…[View]
210454851This entire scene is a metaphor for western civilization:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GErVgGgYK…[View]
210455465>be taken from their homeland and forced to be slaves >instead they turn their master's h…[View]
210454257>jews want quantum computing to help speed up and improve their tricks >quantum computers can …[View]
210451451The last days of CNN: it sure is fun to watch this train wreck going downhill. They keep doubling do…[View]
210444026Did the Media lie...again?: Do you guys think the government and the media are lying about what happ…[View]
210415626What is causing the loneliness epidemic among young men in Western countries? Do you consider yourse…[View]
210455790Marc Lamparello is an Italian-American KIKE: Nuke Israel.[View]
210449429How do I find a non-pozzed church?: There's countless of options advertised locally, especially…[View]
210452364Trotskyite General: >tfw they say someone at some point in history tried to do real Communism cor…[View]
210455913>be britbong >take a piss lmao[View]
210450458How does anyone take this stuff seriously? It's just a bunch of Jews telling Americans what to …[View]
210451966what was the war / battle called where there was like 60 something white south africans versus hundr…[View]
210456210Will most of the world be islamic 100 years from now?[View]
210455254'muslims don't forcibly convert anyone!!!1111!!!' how do these people gloss over the ottoman em…[View]
210417573How is A Christian Europe any different than an Islamic Europe?: Think about it. The Christian invas…[View]
210442514Is there any truth behind incel memes and logic or is it just spastic neckbeard neets with victim me…[View]
210449255Vancouver in the year 2050: White male here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=32&v=7…[View]
210450315>america in a nutshell[View]
210454979Take Back the American Vote: Alright. This was inspired by a youtube comment, so bear with me. This …[View]
210453252What would happen if we ended all social welfare programs overnight?[View]
210454731Why are you severely judged in 2017 for not having any social media ? I noticed most women my age (2…[View]
210426487Paganism is a mental illness[View]
210451732Racism Is Not Cool, Guys: Seriously, though get it through your thick heads already[View]
210443246Serious question, how did she get elected?: I hadn’t even heard of this nobody until she showed up i…[View]
210451466What did he mean by this?[View]
210454029ITT- Say something nice about Mel Gibson: Does he Post here ?[View]
210454120irish hate thread: saint patrick sucks and ireland sucks. post pro-ulster, anti eire stuff here.…[View]
210455724>70 million years from now, Africa will collade with Europe. Forming a super continent. RACISM DE…[View]
210452083Leftist Dems drafting Trump impeachment: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/439633-ocasio-cortez-say…[View]
210452112Basic Right: Capitalism is the freedom to buy and sell goods and services. Truthfully that is what i…[View]
210455825>I've no reason to hate the Zionist shills, I only pity them[View]
210453486Is it true that India has always been more prosperous than Europe except for last 4 centuries?: Or i…[View]
210449500REALISTICALLY, how would you save western civilization?: Assuming that most of you here are not supe…[View]
210452152Lel: >'The left can't me....'[View]
210449536The Democratic Party is in shambles: We have the chance to break the Democratic Party once and for a…[View]
210455704Niggers should have to pay kikes reparations for enslaving them: In ancient Egypt. Niggers want to t…[View]
210453547In the current field, which candidate is most in favor f peace.[View]
210451896A woman changed her name so she could run for president as Lisa Simpson. Wild, right?[View]
210455830The absolute state of the UK: https://youtu.be/W_d-qlgfam4?t=2319 This TV show is all immigrants wit…[View]
210454567the great israel project: https://twitter.com/ramzpaul/status/1118183518666936320[View]
210455621Great job. So glad youtube is looking out for me by taking conspiracy theories off search results an…[View]
210454729How will the tribulation go down, /pol/?[View]
210451431This place is the epitome of a dystopia. Homosexuals, trannies, poor people, niggers, whores, SJWs, …[View]
210455106Can anyone tell me what the best case scenario for Sargon's parliamentary career is? As I under…[View]
210448648Mein Kampf translation: Gonna buy mein kampf but unsure of which translation I should be getting. I …[View]
210441827/pol/ help me out: I'm looking to move to America and I'd like to hear what do you think i…[View]
210455281Surprisingly un-redacted.[View]
210452847How are the glownigger shills in here so racist and full of Jew hate?: Aren't they being superv…[View]
210454586Does Asia or Africa have mass immigration problems?: Do they face the annihilation of their culture?…[View]
210455303>>210444998 >get UBI >get income taxed on your UBI to pay for UBI >get UBI from incom…[View]
210454554Reminder that there are zero actual white people in South Africa: Even the so-called white people in…[View]
210423709would u be a house husband?: consider this anon- a sweet, strong white gf who wants to create a bea…[View]
210454817Trump Must Thread The Needle Between Socialism And Populism: Alright faggots, this is a good comment…[View]
210454939OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: -blog post warning- They’re trying to spin obstruction of justice as a serio…[View]
210454091Mall Nigger born in America, not Somali: https://www.snopes.com/ap/2019/04/17/man-accused-of-throwin…[View]
210449088why are you guys so threatened by POC playing historical european people? it's just representat…[View]
210455000: France | The US Empire | What comes after ZOG?: several minutes about about about France falling i…[View]
210454277Indian Villagers partake in religious festival where they hurl cow feces at each other: https://www.…[View]
210440404Copenhagen Muslim Chimpout: Why is nobody talking about this? In Copenhagen, Denmark, Muslims are c…[View]
210436482Why Does Everyone Hate Journalists?: They're integral to a free and open society.[View]
210451614How does /pol/ feel about polygamy? The chad gets to replenish the white race with his seed while th…[View]
210450684>invest $1M to create bank or lending company >create dummy corporations which have no tangibl…[View]
210453394I didnt give a shit about race mixing: Until now I wouldnt have care about race mixing if it wasnt s…[View]
210450134Georgia: How is this state? Is it still a solid red state? For a fellow southerner that last electio…[View]
210444014Christ is King: It's time for us to be all in for our Lord and savior. Repent and ask for forgi…[View]
210453277Why were the Jew's kicked out so many times?: Is it because of 'antisemitism' or is there valid…[View]
210426680Time to Impeach: Our leader of the democratic party has given her orders. Its time to impeach! IMPEA…[View]
210451162Sword of Truth General /sotg/ - Impeach Trump Edition:: Hi, this is the Sword of Truth, here I am go…[View]
210451676As a male, it is expected for you to work hard and work yourself into an early grave. Agree or disag…[View]
210428090The Georgia Guidestones are right about everything. The only people against them are the wasteful (b…[View]
210415815There is no proof that the so-called Christ came back from the dead, and Yahweh was created by kikes…[View]
210448737Beanie's subverse tries to subvert: So this video was out today on the beanies' subverse c…[View]
210448527Troubles part 2: Electric Boogaloo[View]
210451826KKK?: KKK Hit their peak in the 1924-1925 What happened?[View]
210444740AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT CONTINUES TO ENDANGER INNOCENT PEOPLE: Mobile Telecommunications Site Assessor…[View]
210437563What’s up with this blatant Jewry: Have any of you read this book? Just started and it’s fulfilling …[View]
210448884What was he thinking /pol/?: Rosenstein looked a bit weird today at the Barr press conference. Sweat…[View]
210445072>millennials are facing massive debt >brick and mortar stores are closing down in record numbe…[View]
210451571>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzpfwZPZ4f8 What consequences will happen because of the West be…[View]
210448950Is global warming real?[View]
210453596does having a population of genetic rape babies negatively affect a country's culture?[View]
210443526Are you ready: Only 8 more months untill India becomes a world superpower.[View]
210452783We need to get this prick ut of the white house[View]
210452933Typical /pol/ Poster: >you either look this inbred or you're obese and ugly as hell >you …[View]
210444117Am I a fag for wanting to stop driving myself insane over politics and learn more about art and fash…[View]
210452276Really makes you think.[View]
210446879Here's the Big Race of 2020!: Trump is fucked and will be impeached before he can even run in 2…[View]
210452740>Trump = Voldemort: >There shouldn't be borders, I believe all borders should be abolishe…[View]
210449491How does anyone support this?[View]
210451540YangGang Atomwaffen Meme: I need this fucking meme and I can’t find it anywhere It’s atomwaffen but…[View]
210452559Take The Freedom Pill Newbiese of /pol/: >don't listen to these inbred faggots that call the…[View]
210451522Daily Reminder On These 'Smart Cities': Smart Cities is just another word for 'Mega Cities'.These Me…[View]
210442224Thinking of becoming a Friar. Redpilled enough?[View]
210447291Hey I'm wanting to move to US as I hear you have freedom. Where in the East coast is least cuck…[View]
210441662The journalist cries out in pain as she strikes you: The journalist cries out in pain as she strikes…[View]
210452667Lost History: commie kikes edition: Did you know that the most widely taught and distributed history…[View]
210447090Is Onision a pedophile or just a creep?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0bEP3Z7goM[View]
210450778I am in favor of abortion: I am in favor of abortion. for the following reasons. global overpopulati…[View]
210451418>Nipsey Hustle has a song where he literally just mumbles 'fuck Donald Trump' over and over. How …[View]
210435795Christkikes can never understand.: They focus on their programming, and completely miss what is righ…[View]
210446447ABSOLUTE UNIT: UNIT N T https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1118600979329339393[View]
210438791So who's side is she really on?[View]
210450011“White” South Africans: Can they please provide their DNA tests? Or else just admit how shitty and n…[View]
210452162Current state being what it is, you might as well vote for a cartoon character.[View]
210450219Is it true that whites score lower when forced to attend school with niggers?: I have heard this, bu…[View]
210449243What’s his name again?[View]
210443028Nobody really wants to work. Its just that money and a job is required to lure some vapid whore to y…[View]
210449001You bes pay me an my family reparation wyte boi: It’s the law[View]
210419212Norwegian Prof. Johan Galtung predicting the end of U. S. dominance: >In short, I stand by my pre…[View]
210451273He gave you free will: Friendly reminder that “God” wanted you to be ignorant. He was afraid of you …[View]
210430860How come Eastern Europe never got infected with the mental disease that has infected the Western man…[View]
210393531You guys should all become atheïsts, its the best religion out there!!![View]
210451915Internet Research Agency: Well well well, it looks like Russia has their own internet defense force …[View]
210451682There's no Christianity without Antisemitism[View]
210451681Black people: -Have class with a bunch of black people for a trade program - None of them can do fu…[View]
210451510These are the only leftists that are close to sane: https://platypus1917.org/2017/10/01/millennial-l…[View]
210451481For the single digit IQs saying trump isn't exonerated: The report exonerated Trump of 'co…[View]
210439357Message from a Russian man to Europeans: You hate us. We hate you. There is no compromise between ou…[View]
210450351>Communism is evil because it says all men are created equal. >Anybody can become a millionair…[View]
210450613When your entire worldview is inconsistent, it must seem like everyone else is pivoting wildly. The …[View]
210412564'This is the end of my Presidency. I'm fucked': >'You were supposed to protect me' OH NO NO …[View]
210445395Vice interviews fat feminists and ugly conservatives: Stunning and brave. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
210451097What can I do to stay outside of the Fed's sphere of influence? I can I make my money grow with…[View]
210451243The absolute state of American'ts https://youtu.be/YQVnHsLwRg4 You people are ignorant.[View]
210443460Video of militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue…[View]
210450667how accurate was this?[View]
210450053Hey /pol/acks. Why didn't Mueller follow the money trail, huh? HMMMMMMM? Looks like he didn…[View]
210446099Are Americans equal to blonde Europeans? I think theyre in par with polish.[View]
210445087So Trump's chances of winning re-election in 2020 are up today in the betting markets. Was Muel…[View]
210449987The only way out of this machine is to take control of its levers. The philosophy of the enlightened…[View]
210450736how bad is coal burning in your state?: Here in California, it's as bad as it gets. you cannot …[View]
210448512Can I be catholic if im LGBT or will everybody hate me?[View]
210443527>glass of water[View]
210446190Are Sudanese people white or black?: Just wondering.[View]
210449026>Mueller report lays out 10 possible obstruction of justice cases >drumphies say the report ex…[View]
210406361>https://www.rt.com/news/456943-notre-dame-fire-short-circuit/ >Investigators think electrical…[View]
210446296WAR INCOMING: >Iran's Hassan Rouhani urges regional powers to 'unite against US' h…[View]
210449816He's fucked...[View]
210448975is being fat a choice??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk-QFYJvpa0[View]
210445754MUH FOX NEWS: Fuck this treasonous asshole and fuck the talking heads at FOX for enabling him.…[View]
210450010Communists welcome at Vancouver Island University!!: Komrades!! Great news!! Our Student Union openl…[View]
210449516why don't you guys care about three shitty nigger churches that were probably built with vinyl …[View]
210449682US police using drones to watch you!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkKDpghY-vc And so it begins /…[View]
210447954Would you vote for AOC in 2024?[View]
210412768BRAZIL IS THE FUTURE OF THE WEST: >economic liberalization happening >murder rates BRAZIL WIDE…[View]
210437568Sister been dating a nigger for 3 years. What to do?: I’m first gen italian and this shit is fucking…[View]
210449130I've felt an attachment to A.H. since my early teens, and the more I learn about him, he seems …[View]
210447334Anyone else plan on infiltrating a local Democrat primary rally to troll for lols?[View]
210449178Vermin Supreme: 'Oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked'- No…[View]
210442953>The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated …[View]
210448646HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >Mueller Report Reveals Russia Backed Bernie Sanders, Will CNN Co…[View]
210448536What's her IQ?[View]
210448857Opinion on the cancerous feminist[View]
210447082>atheists unironically worship this guy[View]
210441559>THE MUELLER REPORT WILL PROVE ISRAEL TRIED TO FRAME TRUMP! >Israel not mentioned once Is Kush…[View]
210440488I-is peterstein gonna win, guys?[View]
210446930They mad. They so mad, they want to impeach Barr now. What do?[View]
210448001/Pol/ Pot Appreciation: Childhood is idolizing the Unabomber. Adulthood is idolizing /Pol/ Pot. What…[View]
210432853Is being a teacher viable these days? I can't imagine it being any fun.[View]
210448891Stop blaming women and the Jews for current society (though the Jews will get their reward). Blame y…[View]
210448868THE BIGGEST REDPILL GIVEN!: You Know This Is True /Pol/. >White Population declining. >Men not…[View]
210436519The alt right and Trump failed, what's next?: The answer is right wing or conservative socialis…[View]
210447832Wanna know if Q is real?: >q posts pic >implies it's taken from government aircraft >…[View]
210445319pesach: its seder today /pol/ how are you guys celebrating pesach ?[View]
210443283damn whites and their [looks on scribbled notes on hand] knowledge of agriculture[View]
210448550How're you holding up, /pol/?[View]
210447127>single-handedly and irreparably fractures the new right with one speech now that the dust has se…[View]
210441698ladies and gentleman the bolsonaro of britain[View]
210445301The reason Republicans oppose abortion isn't because they care about human life and the Bible. …[View]
210445669Should your parents be allowed to give all their money to ypu when they die?: I think it is a sacred…[View]
210448437How did tana mongoose get popular?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWtBDnIhSwg[View]
210442898'I've been cheating on my husband for 13yrs+': >Imgaine pouring 100,000's of dollars fo…[View]
210440674How do I collect my reparations?: I am owed money, /pol/. My ancestors were truly screwed over by sl…[View]
210441664Is Israel a country, or not?: this has been my curiosity for so long, and I’ve decided to ask this.…[View]
210446744Why do foreigners care so much about US politics?: For calling us burgers, they sure seem up our ass…[View]
210446645White Genocide: /co/ says white genocide is just a /po/tard conspiracy theory. Is xhe correct? Do yo…[View]
210448134Im seriously considering carrying around an 'N word pass.' Is this a stupid idea?[View]
210448087Payback, it is only fair.: FISA warrants should be taken out immediately on every democrat candidate…[View]
210444326You didnt forget to attend the Holy Thursday mass, right /pol/?[View]
210447913how would /pol/ design a eco fascist nation?: physical layout, infrastructure , architecture, and co…[View]
210447575/pol/ needs to overthrow the Venezuelan government and turn it into an irl Kekistan, the flag, name …[View]
210439011right here right fucking here we can solve this by simply putting two and two together someone knew …[View]
210446017MFW everybody likes The Sopranos,The Godfather and Fascism but still hates Sicilians[View]
210441889Why do europeans pretend that their tiny, resource-starved 'countries' are relevant? You could liter…[View]
210446083How is Macron's head still attached to his body?[View]
210445701is the west fucked?: >demonizes chad >idolizes s_o_y what happened to you america? you used to…[View]
210446518Christians unironically worship this man.[View]
210427140Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: Welcome to /FAG/ (original: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/21025…[View]
210446760Lmao, did Trump actually say this?[View]
210447303Gee another lib propaganda song: This is gonna be a climate change hoax song[View]
210446660Trump said that the Russians failed to influence the election! The Russians supported Clinton?[View]
210447178got dang. my cousin is going tranny and is changing his name to riley ried lastname from ried robert…[View]
210445781The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearm_Owners_Protection_Act just straight up banned you American…[View]
210446908They genocided the country for money and pussy.[View]
210446748why is it called harm reduction: when it actually just enables and promotes harmful behaviour https…[View]
210442490Why did drumpf obstruct justice if he wasn't guilty?[View]
210446536This Movie: What does anon think of this movie? https://youtu.be/syIyjGLwutY[View]
210441655What’s with all the Christian vs Pagan threads lately?: Is there any reason this old spat has flared…[View]
210445600The only way to hold a (((government))) accountable is a voluntary tax system. Discuss.[View]
210446449It's time to do something about robocallers: How do we take them down lads? I'm currently …[View]
210446732What is ethnic studies?: Is it anywhere as bad as womens/gender studies or sociology? Is it like the…[View]
210442897TRUMP OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE: It's over https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/04/mueller-report-…[View]
210445254Majority of Black Dads Are Cucks: Damn. http://jamaica-star.com/article/news/20190418/you-are-not-fa…[View]
210446627I hate Trump but I hate Democrat more: Anyone else feel that way?[View]
210446219How do we fix modern women?[View]
210446543https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccru-QdZzNA good video illustrating change in the west[View]
210445012Other than whites: Does the sheer amount of black media representation make you angry? Do you wish y…[View]
210446469Blacks: The Race That Failed: It is of no question that the black race is one of worthlessness and d…[View]
210429801Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família: What a beautiful church you guys have over there.[View]
210446090WSG - Washington State General: This state is worse than California. Post pictures of homeless encam…[View]
210443823Let’s get this trending #I’mpeachtrump Peaches, peaches for the USA[View]
210444159>Notre Dame burns >anti-christian d&c threads fucking quadruple pure coincidence…[View]
210431607Ayn Rand: Your Opinion on Her[View]
210445464British girls giving birth to El Abarazione .. Happening LOL: I'm dying hahahahahahahahaha SUCH…[View]
210446231Niggers aren't naturally this stupid.: They were genetically engineered to be this stupid by Je…[View]
210445219Average Spaniard DNA: It is 20% North African, 15% Middle Eastern, 5% Sephardic Jewish and 5% sub-Sa…[View]
210445975Is this Based ?: Puerto Rican Nazi Jovi Val wants to Unite the Front will you help Jovi Unite the Fr…[View]
210442162Switzerland isn't a nation: You cannot be a 'Swiss nationalist'. Switzerland is a multilingual,…[View]
210441983> trump says he's 'fucked' bc an investigation means the media can trash talk him for 2 year…[View]
210443617Project veritas: Is project veritas the only remaining true new source? They actually do shit and in…[View]
210440438>Be immigrant in western Europe >Convicted killer in home country >Have lots of kids with E…[View]
210437308Half of the counties in the US are losing population: At least according to the US Census department…[View]
210430741Ivanka Trump Says She Is Concerned Over 'Rise in anti-Semitism': the Jewish daughter of U.…[View]
210444772Remember when the Republican Party was the party of morals? Now its just libertarians who say 'you c…[View]
210444263Pray for America goy[View]
210422615IMPORTANT : Jews admit they did the Notre Dame cathedral burning: Look at what i found on infos-isra…[View]
210441466your most fucked up wojak thread[View]
210444266Will Islam save the West from its degeneracy?[View]
210441506This shits all an act while Huber does the real investigation behind the scenes[View]
210441422Brown Mongoloid Nationalism: Should Pacific Islanders, Amerindians, SE Asians & Mestizos form a …[View]
210442690Dindu nuffins escapes ambulance on its way to the mental hospital: >>A suspect who authorities…[View]
210444497Trump 2020: If he doesn't win Democrats are gonna lock him up with this line from the report as…[View]
210441134What's Jacob doing, /pol/?[View]
210436712Queer for scheer general 1#: Go on pol/ no queer for scheer thread get the fuck in here[View]
210444049So this is the power of NoFap[View]
210440068An Orthodox priest was punched in the face by this mudslime. What drives a person to sucker punch a …[View]
210429103Media Matters are going after Joe Rogan for not featuring enough women on his podcast: Rogan’s guest…[View]
210443512What are the 'political' implications of summoning Hitler on his birthday? > A group of anons fro…[View]
210444564Help with MAC addresses?: Anons i need some help. A friend of mine is asking me to check some number…[View]
210443997Trolling the Trolls: So there is a lot of shill threads trying to convince /pol/ that trump is actua…[View]
210411443WTF: >all americans are immigrants >white americans say “immigrants go back to your country”…[View]
210444851Why so much of y'all in the far righr hate the EU if it could simply be subeverted and used to …[View]
210441359Does anybody else get a real positive vibe from /pol/? 80 years ago our grandparents were slaughteri…[View]
210419763Well? Is this actually hate speech/illegal? Am I actually going to jail (USA)?[View]
210445020The Greatest Of All Time: https://web.archive.org/web/20170113171627/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
210439949FTN 207: Reconstruisez l’original: Literally no one listens to Cope the Nation anymore.[View]
210444547OI YOU WANKA!: YOU GOTS A LOICENCE FOR THAT SHITPOST? >be a candidate for a political party Why …[View]
210440095Political waifu: Who is your waifu in the world of politics? Mine is PM Jacinda Ardern. I realize th…[View]
210431103This place is a literal dystopia. Trannies and faggots everywhere, closeted, extremely rich communit…[View]
210421494Atheists need a special help line to avoid killing themselves. The fucking euphoria, guys.[View]
210441901How did EASTER AGREEMENT GEt RUINED: I fought in 3 major conflicts an seen now as Bad GUY in , where…[View]
210444449America wtf srsl?: .. guys, you're supposed to be the greatest country on earth becoming great …[View]
210433282paris police say 'electrical malfunction' we all know muslims did it...[View]
210442280>All these kikes roleplaying as Pagans to make Christian hate threads[View]
210404138What is even the point? - thread 2: Why even fight, to save the white race as a whole >95% of whi…[View]
210425205Pakistan: What is your honest opinion about Pakistanis? >In August 2014 the Jay report concluded …[View]
210444365He is Risen[View]
210444530Good riddance.[View]
210443693RACIST ADHD STUDY, NO WHITES ALLOWED: I thought there was no difference between races? Link to Study…[View]
210444382#IMPEACHTRUMP is trending on Twitter.[View]
210444487So watching Fox News is his only damage control? Awesome.[View]
210444467Is Logan Paul /ourguy/[View]
210444466inevtiable communism/socialism: why can't people understand why socialism/communism is pure evi…[View]
210443315Why was Hitler Christian instead norse pagan?[View]
210435929Will the traitors hang?: Their treasonous and seditious activities have gone for far too long.…[View]
210428376Indian architecture does not have this problem.[View]
21041542390's /pol/: What would /pol/ have been like in the 90's? Any 40-year-old X-er's care …[View]
210421078You don't need a gun to defend yourself.: He has a point, you know. I live in Chicago and I nev…[View]
210444246let's have one of these..: post your's anon's[View]
210438093FREE ASSANGE: so that dead man's switch was a real nothingburger huh[View]
210435465I want to fuck it all up /pol/. I want to ruin everything. Next fall will start my senior year at US…[View]
210443953Ok this is based.....: pol told chinks are going genocide blacks not help them kill whites in SA…[View]
210442456Was George Washington a good president?: Was he?[View]
210440367Racism vs. anti-semitism: Why does being sceptical about jews is called different than about being s…[View]
210441334Trump will be impeached within 2 months[View]
210439044So who's side is this guy really on? https://www.bitchute.com/video/2lJ3dnOsobik/[View]
210443740???: Why haven't we already tried claiming we're all cultural marxists so that the MSM sta…[View]
210442105escaping slavery is blacks greatest achievement, the rest are just shitty rappers , criminals and an…[View]
210443817Woman shot dead in Northern Ireland: https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/1119033350860226560…[View]
210443796Boomer got BTFO'ed on YouTube by /pol/: haha that faggot deleted his youtube channel https://wo…[View]
210431616>all these retards claiming the Jews set Notre-Dame on fire You idiots realize that there's …[View]
210442644Stick a fork in it. Western culture is done. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jun/9/vatican-m…[View]
210439506Satan > Jehova: >Somehow gained free will despite being created as a slave for God’s amusement…[View]
210441118Fuckin based! Am I right MIGAPEDES?[View]
210437986brit/pol/: begin obtaining firearms >Information On Legally Owning Firearms In The UK https://pa…[View]
210440410Ben Garrison: What did he mean by this?[View]
210430990lol, those normies will never understand that they don't belong here.[View]
210443162>have half Jewish coworker >dad is Yid mom is white Catholic >he's protestant >ask…[View]
210440409Why was NZ pm larping as a tranny again?: It was right after the shooting if I remember correctly an…[View]
210441974Meme commission request: I'm not good enough at making /editing videos myself. But I think it w…[View]
210442244Is the west coast lost? How did this happen? Would you ever live there? It's like another count…[View]
210436353AAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA: how's it feel drumpfkins? MAGA 2020 amirite?[View]
210443219>canada >universities >universities in canada…[View]
210434747Donald Trump is finished. Let me state it again. Donald Trump is FUCKED.[View]
210442478There's no Christianity without Antisemitism: There's no cross without the eagle.[View]
210440181Was Hitler right about entartete kunst (degenerate art)?: Was he right and was Franz Marc, picasso t…[View]
210442769It's 2019 and your STILL some reclusive internet weirdo comaplaining about women, brown people,…[View]
210430210Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Karfreitag Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: May …[View]
210439601FELLOW BLACKS: which one of you autists did this[View]
210442787And the lord said 'Let there be psyops': Today frens I believe it is time to give a long overdue rou…[View]
210411100ITT - Clown Words: >white privilege[View]
210438133Dr. Steve Turley Live: Calls Neo-nazis a bunch of wackos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niyNTvtNcw…[View]
210442250The year is 2098 and /pol/ is now muslim. Post some memes.[View]
210439875Man arrested trying to burn down St.Patrick's Cathedral[View]
210442583NZ GUN BAN: 29 days since ban announced. Average kiwi still has done nothing about it. Why aren…[View]
210441892>White man shoots up school? He's a Jew >Someone opposes my opinion? Jews >Advert is m…[View]
210441013What does /pol/ think about this picture? By the way that's a 10 year old boy in said picture.[View]
210442528Is Canada being uncucked? This bitch in the middle just got ousted for an anti-gay Christian conserv…[View]
210442335Clean up on isle 4, Jordan Peterson KILLS COMMIE WITH FACTS[View]
210435213100 books a day: Wow look at those mudd genes going to work! https://face2faceafrica.com/article/4-…[View]
210433184WE WANT ABOLISHMENT FOR SCHENGEN ZONE: We want free borders and membership in European Union for Rus…[View]
210441639Anti-Christian Jews, Trannies and Cocksuckers on this board RIGHT NOW: I just want to warn everyone …[View]
210417837VPN/encryption/freedom general part 9 /VEF/: > centralized VPNs are not safe anymore, they can be…[View]
210442166>You expect this man to beat the Great Zizek kek[View]
210437412Take back your power and rule: To all young, white men: You are told that you are evil, racist, rap…[View]
210401714Lost History: how did New York City go from this >IN THE 1800s[View]
210442130OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://streamable.com/q7xtc[View]
210442097Common sense on wages.: Common sense on wages. Basically Alt Right says -- Fuck Wall Street ... Beat…[View]
210442074Woman killed by stray bullet in Derry: 29 year old woman killed by stray bullet https://www.bbc.co.…[View]
210439644Why is Christianity more aesthetic than Asatru? I don't think those wooden Odin poles look that…[View]
210424393Africans getting lost! Send them home.: So, why are Africans allowed into Ireland's? I'd s…[View]
210441971>the holocaust did never happened That particular dude would like that narrative.…[View]
210440521Trump knew the Mueller investigation would ruin his presidency according to the report.: So Bar…[View]
210438882ITT: neo-traditional architecture and historical reconstructions That France can't have.[View]
210441820Where do they come from? Hell. Pure Evil: Mental Gymnastics To prove Whites don't exist ... Or …[View]
210416195The Jewish Question: This thread is about the Jewish Question, which has been unanswered for centuri…[View]
210440372Yugoslavia: what i was told in college >croatia and bosnia just wanted to gain independence >s…[View]
210438430Fuck it we'll do it live man with the hot take[View]
210433587RON PAUL DESTROYS TRUMP'S WARMONGERING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOTt5WmMlaU >“We need…[View]
210440013WAIT A FUCKING: HUH[View]
210441514He he he well done you won the presidency, you want to win it again? You've got to be absolutel…[View]
210437503Did anything happen to this faggot after he got doxed[View]
210426966We all know what's next for America's future. You know you need to vote Yang Gang so you w…[View]
210441416FAT CHICKS: Are they salvageable?[View]
210440684you will forever be a wage slave, a 21st century white plantation negro.[View]
210420057France's Nigger problem: What can be done for fuck sake? At least Americans imported them centu…[View]
210438545When did you realize that he was the Second Coming of Christ: And (((they))) crucified him again..…[View]
210440994The logo used for metrication in Canada in the 1970's and 1980's Notice anything? Metric i…[View]
210440215Examples of pic related: Just saw the following commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHmJEGVfn…[View]
210434042Reparations: Greece and Poland demand reparations from Germany. The Greeks demand about 300 million …[View]
210423529Is Russia laughing at us?[View]
210409252Rise of Trad Catholicism: Is it happening bros? https://youtu.be/1UYUFJFQJdo More younger people bec…[View]
210440571How come South Korea fell for the American circumcision meme but Japan didn't?[View]
210431925'NATO is obsolete and a danger', by George Friedman: >here is no general threat to Euro…[View]
210439179MK ULTRA CIA YOUTUBE ADS SUBLIMINIAL MESSAGE: Autism or social anxiety?[View]
210439305Why won't he release his tax returns? What is he trying to hide?[View]
210438140BashtheFash: >be communist student >rent a house for a year with 'no mould, no mice, no proble…[View]
210438560Could somebody pls give me an honest assessment of whether trump is gonna get impeached?: Please and…[View]
210432230I literally, unironically, actually want her to win but i know she won't[View]
210435046Let's not forget the black churches in Louisiana, Drumpf. I thought you were “USA first” Isn’t…[View]
210437081People always talk about Europe. But how the hell is north Africa gonna handle immigration from sub-…[View]
210433482We have a bitch in the Oval Office: how pathetic[View]
210428615INDIAN POSTERS LISTEN UP: Alright, I’ve got to explain this to my Indian bois here. Over the course …[View]
210436200Best book suggestions: Good books that I should be reading? Please post some suggestions, thanks.…[View]
210434076Can someone redpill me on what it's really like to live in Switzerland? I am just genuinely cur…[View]
210440233HAPA Master Race: Does this prove Hapas are the Master Race? He is widely considered to be the best …[View]
210437226why is the US Democratic party so hell bent on gun control. It's obviously a deeply contentious…[View]
210429830Did Che actually say this?[View]
210440087OK: Can we deport beaners now Mr. President?[View]
210418256BOTTOM LINE: The whole thing reads like they are desperate to save face. Page 13 they finally get to…[View]
210418795OPERATION: REVERSE UNO: In wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral having burned down by '''unknown circums…[View]
210436786The ADL has classified the Japanese anime series Rahxephon as promoting Anti-Semitism subconsciously…[View]
210414997/RPG/ Redpill general thread: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/…[View]
210434550Charlize Thereon, listening to a 3-year-old’s gibberish: >Not only is she raising Jackson as a gi…[View]
210434887Commie N00bie: How about we show this Ceausescu fanboy a little love? =) https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
210436924How do we solve the soiboi problem?[View]
210439117Bring the hammer down...: If it keeps on raining Levee's going to break If it keeps on raining …[View]
210439502Libtard tears[View]
210437633We must break containment: Guys, listen. We can't keep going like this, we have to branch out. …[View]
210439471>Tfw there is now a legal definition for troll in official federal court documents How the fuck d…[View]
210436302ok this is it pol, i can't handle this shit anymore, i'm a guy who knows about pol in fuck…[View]
210428502ANTI-CHRISTCUCK GENERAL (CONTINUED): You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their tribal v…[View]
210439026I love how the church itself is subject.[View]
210439330Take the whitepill: Everybody take the whitepill honkpillers are blackpillers but with a degrading s…[View]
210438147why don't we ever hear about wives being fine watching their husbands fuck other women?[View]
210434805Hey you sweaty incel neckbeards, just wanted to drop this image here and watch you all get triggered…[View]
210434793>Ross Andrew Parker, from Peterborough, England, was a 17-year-old White English male murdered in…[View]
210420666I will be voting for Donald Trump in 2020.[View]
2104391042016: Loretta Lynch gets caught having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on a runway days before Hi…[View]
210438119FTN 207: Checked the archives and nothing. Anyone have it for discussion purposes?[View]
210434787Can you be any more of a scum sucking piece of shit?: 'A free press is essential to a healthy democr…[View]
210431896Books: Looking to add to my library. What books do you recommend?[View]
210438718>You aren't allowed to get pissed over an overreaching investigation started based on a susp…[View]
210426619Is your country white? if so...: Will europeans ever make a move and start to cooperate to protect t…[View]
210438714I was raised Lutheran like most other Finns, but i wish i would rather have been raised Catholic or …[View]
210434040Leftist American Media - STATUS: ASS BLASTED[View]
210435598I'm honestly sick of the degeneracy. What can I feasibly do to aid in turning the tide?[View]
210432132why do Western countries pour billions of dollars into african countries? I'm talking straight …[View]
210437411ShareBlue paying that overtime today boys...[View]
210437729I admit that I tried my hardest to defend the jews as I am a very tolerant human being who tries to …[View]
210434102If we swedes managed to turn or politics around, would we get 'saved' by usa like they 'saved' europ…[View]
210394117Why does every issue have to involve race?: When are we finally going to say enough to this bullshit…[View]
210435531ChristChurch victims were actually /ourguys/ confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mAf65S7Xvs…[View]
210422426Where is the anon who made the chrome/firefox extension?: It would be great if he could add the foll…[View]
210427247Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210438126CNN front page: >mueller report is devastating! >trumps response to mueller! >high profile …[View]
210420762You are now the dictator of your own country. Name the first five laws/orders that you will give bas…[View]
210436313Thoughts on my countries new advertisement for youths to join the police force? I personally think i…[View]
210406522Wow whites are more mentally ill than blacks: Pol literally can't counter this.[View]
210430068Can we talk about the Krassenstein brothers? Legit every tweet Trump makes, they're there withi…[View]
210427940Boycott the music industry[View]
210434482For 8 years under President Obama this never happen, because President Obama is scandal free, in 2 y…[View]
210409969Sol Pais: Continuation of >>210380423[View]
210431491Europeans need a religion or a ideology to unite us: Otherwise we are finished. Yust look at the mus…[View]
210437569Hey Brocks buttbabies!!!: Do you think you'll enjoy prison? I wonder what they do to seditious …[View]
210435228AOC, Ilhan and Rashida 100% are Trump plants.: https://twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/111901317346883584…[View]
210429565Literature recommendations: What are some worthwhile books for reading?[View]
210435963thoughts on tampon tax? should it be scrapped?[View]
210429990The wooden door on the gas chambers are a retarded argument as the doors were covered in a waxy subs…[View]
210435404IT'S OVER: What will Muller tell congress?[View]
210437357How do we stop the Zionist terrorist problem?[View]
210434908NXIVM Cult thread: In the early hours of April 18th a thread was created to discuss this cult. it we…[View]
210423504legit or nay? what parts are bs?[View]
210435226Why change symbols of peace to hate?: So I think it's hysterical whenever the media picks up a …[View]
210422280Russia hate thread: Russia is training niggers in military combat and tactics, giving them weapons a…[View]
210423342Just Leave It To The Experts: >Wait a few days, let the grown-ups examine this, >and then giv…[View]
210430228New study about Christians: Barna Study says that Christianity is on the decline among millennials. …[View]
210399562The 'library purges' are starting. > One third of the school's library, including …[View]
210435370Hey /pol/ why do you find the need to say our plans out loud to announce them to the world? Are the …[View]
210432732How does Europe feels now that the West is just America, Brazil and Israel now? Communist stay away …[View]
210425481Jews v Jews?: Can someone explain to me the infighting amongst the jews? Why is it that one side lov…[View]
210434240Just a friendly reminder[View]
210436249All News is FAKE NEWS: Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of …[View]
210416498thoughts on this hispanic faggot?[View]
210433119Why does Russia like the far-left and fat-right so much?[View]
210433773Reporters Journalists whatever the fuck they're called: Check this fucking video. https://twit…[View]
210432777What is the Christian fixation here with the religions of old Europe? I’ve rarely seen them even hat…[View]
210420637Why are people constantly shilling for Sargon recently? He's a liberalist and hates nationalist…[View]
210426080What do we think about this /pol/?[View]
210430569would you feel comfortable confessing to a female priest?[View]
210425549American here. I'm visiting a friend who is on deployment in Germany near the Stuttgart area fo…[View]
210423810When are Americans going to learn morons don't make good presidents?[View]
210436000You've just staged a successful coup d'état in any a country of you're choosing, wher…[View]
210435010/ygmg/ YANG GANG MEMES GENERAL: Show me your best Yang Gang memes Also kill the boomer[View]
210429447When somebody say ,there is no german culture´ what you guys think it was my first pepe meme ?[View]
210435463Israel's Crimes Against the United States of America: Israel basically acts of war on us. It se…[View]
210435780Mueller Report: So basically they're just going to keep insisting they were right all along no …[View]
210430582lol, these normies will never understand that they don't belong here[View]
2104356112020 polls getting way better post-Mueller: Warren[View]
210435759Are you gonna get to kingdom?: Can’t get in to celestial kingdom if don’t have three wives .[View]
210431711A Better Border: 2019, no border wall, how can we fix this?[View]
210435703Mob of hundreds on the mag mile: https://www.google.com/amp/s/patch.com/illinois/chicago/amp/2802760…[View]
210408663Everyone in my life is not human to me anymore.: They talk. They display emotions. But the root of i…[View]
210435534Obstructed Collusion[View]
210435415Do we need congressional hearings about the press?: Back during the fiasco of the 2000 election some…[View]
210434522Reminder /pol If you look for something specific, it inevitably becomes all that you see. Stop looki…[View]
210434061(((Reagenomics))) only worked in the 80s because there were more independent business competing with…[View]
210435458guess what the first result for 'pilpul' is on google?[View]
210432854>be me >be american >internet isnt working >go outside >get shot by FBI agent who tho…[View]
210434507How can you be a Christian if you don't believe in the Biblical account of the Earth and Space?[View]
210435292Gay Pepe, that u?: Which one of you shitlords?[View]
210435142Trump Obstructed Justice: >Special counsel Robert Mueller found ample evidence to convict Preside…[View]
210429684Islamic brotherhood: Why is brotherhood between the muslim guys much stronger than between the white…[View]
210430160IT'S ALL OGRE: >Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump/Russia Conspiracy Theories. H…[View]
210431208Meme thread ?[View]
210432389On a scale from impeachment to hanged for treason, how fucked do you think Trump is?[View]
210432156>be me >able to predict geopolitical trends and events with high accuracy due to reading tons …[View]
210434605Boomer Persecution: Denizens of /pol/, I come before you today in defense of boomers, who I am begin…[View]
210434877Lives are being lost ALL OVER THE WORLD, and people are more focused on rebuilding a church? Buildin…[View]
210434971Dude, if you're reading this: You're not going to get elected. And if that's not your…[View]
210434590All I know that it is very clear now more than ever that we have a traitor Sitting on Pennsylvania A…[View]
210433859Notre Dame: What will the 'investigation' uncover? Will there even be one? They've already stat…[View]
210431558If someone admits they were wrong about Trump Russia collusion and apologizes, would you forgive the…[View]
210428632Are you ready for Trump to give Israel all of our taxpayer dollars again now that the collusion is o…[View]
210428750Pro tip: if we can make the left announce the American flag as racist it would be the biggest redpil…[View]
210434797How much longer will the Syrian war go on for?[View]
210434680Tasukete, Sessions-kun![View]
210426105AOC: What do you think about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? What do you like/dislike about her?[View]
210432166Does Steve suck Ron's dick or does Ron suck Steve's dick?[View]
210426928The Miracle of Notre Dame: Church burns for 15 hours media, go crazy pretending ir was burn down tha…[View]
210405776Remember him: He sacrificed his freedom for you.[View]
210410118Would you live in California?[View]
210432727Are collectivist cultures superior?[View]
210433850Österreich ist ein weißeres Land als Deutschland[View]
210411386More prison time for UK Political Activist: >Convicted of the 'crime' of giving a political speec…[View]
210428183Our Forefathers Would Be Shooting Already: The Dems are simply un-American. Where is their love for …[View]
210434360Hey: Is it safe to spare any jews once we have to come up with a solution once and for all? Until go…[View]
210434224Black Sun: What does it Mean? What is the occult meaning behind it? Are Nazis Satanists? Were Nazis …[View]
210431932How we can beat the Albanians in olive consumption per capita?[View]
210433291OH NO NO NO NO https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/putin-complained-to-oligarchs-that-he-had…[View]
210420291If the Russian collusion never happened why don't Americans apologize for two years of false ac…[View]
210420878Was he Jewish? I thought we hated Jews?[View]
210412806Low IQ Makes People Religious: Interesting correlation... Years ago, this board was about exposing t…[View]
210425244what kind of effect does idubbbz have on politics?: why is he never referenced here? he's the o…[View]
210426092>Be black >Get a job (shocking, I know) that has me often working out in the rural country …[View]
210433931history of kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BQKgE0ckpQ&t=265s[View]
210422424Did your army have great dress sense in WW2? Croatia yes[View]
210433009TRUMP ASKED IVANKA TO RUN THE WORLD BANK!: What the fuck is wrong with him? >Trump told the Assoc…[View]
210430478Why do the Universities teach Keynesian Economics?: It's almost as if they want to overthrow th…[View]
210427672Journalists: Why the sudden rise in the hate upon journalists and reporters?[View]
210412795Jordan Peterson v. Slavoj Zizek: Does anyone know where there's going to be a pirate stream of …[View]
210419403Why aren’t millennials and Zoomers going into trades?[View]
210411038Dr. Michael Brown vs Dr. E. Michael Jones live in 5 minutes: Pious Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Mich…[View]
210408397Behold: The face of the revolution: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChapoTrapHouse/comments/begcfl/you_say_…[View]
210432201What are the odds the report actually wakes normies up? Seems like wishful thinking because people a…[View]
210427591America and Britain: Bongs are some of the finest people I know. Name a finer duo than Burgers and C…[View]
210433127It's white mans fault Notre Dame was built and then went in a blaze: https://www.independent.co…[View]
210428125Only white nationalism can save America, who agrees[View]
210433090An important discussion.: Not one thing is more important than the founding belief that Republicanis…[View]
210421190>Oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked. What did Donald…[View]
210417745Mueller report states trump not exonerated on obstruction: Hear that drumphies? Seems the show isn…[View]
210432977What the fuck is wrong with UKuck: >UK lets ped sex rings rule for decades >asks for ID to vi…[View]
210431724Donald Trump will be the Last President[View]
210432224DEMOCRATS WILL SAVE THE WHITE RACE: You faggots hate on liberals and democrats, but the truth is tha…[View]
210432708Those who place their happiness in pleasure are led by the least worthy of the muses': - Athenaeus t…[View]
210431428Looking for a meme map: I'm looking for a meme map that shows at what times countries on earth …[View]
210425856Oy Vey - Jews want blood: When are they going to stop chasing after these guys? At 92 you’re effecti…[View]
210423458Do you guys ever realized we're actually going nowhere? Most of this board is rejoicing on the …[View]
210423391absolute monarchy is the only viable form of government that assures the long term success of a nati…[View]
210427405How can anyone still support this feckless maggot?: Donald Trump is weak.[View]
210432682How did EASTER AGREEMENT GEt RUINED: I fought in 3 major conflicts an seen now as Bad GUY in , where…[View]
210432479White Optimism / White Mysticism / White Esotericism: We must reject White Genocide and the notion o…[View]
210426812Well /pol/ your right, as usual...: I'm a black person, not a mutt my parents immigrated from t…[View]
210432162It was his turn![View]
210432089GOP to Raise Tobacco Age to 21 Nationwide: This is what you voted for, Kentucky! A pathetic low T cu…[View]
2104269712019 Press Freedom Index: Looks like America is no longer part of the free world.[View]
210413127>'I'm fucked': >'this is the end of my presidency' What did Trump mean by this?…[View]
210432008Are Liberals more likely to divorce: And then turn gay after too many failed relationships?[View]
210431994We need to make sure Trump wins again so we can say 'MALSA TOV'. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *HONK HONK*[View]
210426083The Quebec Option: Quebecois separatists and white nationalists should unite to form and maintain a …[View]
210428177So... Nothing happened? No deadman switch? no big leak? Just... fizzles out?[View]
210431444>Left-wing people >spends their time with friends and family, having fun, pursuing their caree…[View]
210431381Genuine Question: How can you be guilty of obstruction when the crime that you're allegedly obs…[View]
210426580list of things more helpful to whites than beain a /pol/ redpill guy: transcendental logic just flew…[View]
2104121717 Years in a Room: How would you pass the time? Would you smear your shit on the walls? I'd lik…[View]
210430265Spend last month watching media speculate on reporting Mueller report out of context: >mfw the le…[View]
210431424STORMF4GS! RISE UP![View]
210431576What's a better standard for comparing countries; HDI, Nominal GDP, or Per-Capita GDP?: What…[View]
210413632Indias biggest Airline implodes - Indian banks cant afford bailout: >Despite posting mounting los…[View]
210406911Uhhhh...guys?: Were we just btfo? https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1118921324401917953…[View]
210431219What are you expecting from the new generation of politicians?[View]
210431121Mueller found Trump Jr. too stupid to be indicted.[View]
210431177GOTCHA: >mfw I troll every socialist/communist asshole in America by forcing them to admit the in…[View]
210428731India is a shithole and will always be a shithole unless the British colonize us again. Please help…[View]
210430306What's the appropriate punishment for seditious journalism?[View]
21043027060 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuelan oil Supporting Franco and …[View]
210430781Spontaneous Combustion Was A Meme: Until Elon Musk and Samsung came along.[View]
210429108How does he do it lads?: How does his just keep winning?[View]
210424157Why do people say trump is sucking jew and saudi penis? Examples please[View]
210430691He did everything that (((they))) wanted. Why would they throw him in jail? The continuation of this…[View]
210427141Why are NIGGERS so obsessed with white people?[View]
210430480William Dudley Pelley: is this guy anything legit or just a meme? was the Silver Legion of America a…[View]
210430469This board is just sad. How do you plan on changing anything when you cant even decide on which ethn…[View]
210430464What’s life like in New York outside of NYC?: What’s going on in this state outside of the city. I h…[View]
210422713Trumps tries to cute benefits for disabled people who are too happy: https://www.forbes.com/sites/im…[View]
210407657>High street stores and newsagents will also sell separate age-verification cards to adults after…[View]
210427462This thread is about the meeting, not the report itself: What was so important in the Trump Jr.-Russ…[View]
210417083UK: >conquer half the world >get conquered by goatfuckers how did this happen?…[View]
210424571Why can I do not found a wiki page of tarrant in English ? I can find one in French or in German. Do…[View]
210423662666: Explain this religious Trump supporters[View]
210427210Former CFLer charged in murder of 5-year-old in Las Vegas: Cierre Wood and girl's mother also c…[View]
210425545The babyboomer is the peak of genetic fitness in the human race. You will never match the genetic su…[View]
210421186The Newest Alt-Right Flag...: The American flag is secretly based >13 stripes reflect 13% black p…[View]
210421044What is your galactic brain take on this shot?[View]
210423585Just finished reading SIEGE by James Mason. Now I have a taste for more extremist literature. Any r…[View]
210426151Are Swedes the real untermensch? I mean how else can you produce cucks like these?[View]
210429233Have you taken a DNA test? I am thinking about getting one. Will insurance companies fuck me over or…[View]
210426029powerful and true[View]
210429805uzbekistan bad[View]
210427333Lol fucking moors: Look at those shitskins thinking that they are white lol. I'll say it again,…[View]
210429615https://steemit.com/music/@government-snow/capital-steez Capital Steez allegedly jumped from cinemat…[View]
210395007Can we be over this Mueller shit now?: I dont care about it anymore. I care more that Trump turned o…[View]
210428796sure, Mexibros, sure. (wink)[View]
210419412DEAL WITH IT BITCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WdppFVoxzU UKIP = Uncuckening of the UK. This i…[View]
210429268Bring Back Burn It Down Bernie: Billionaire Boathouse Bootstrap Bernie Blows[View]
210423392You actually like this faggot?[View]
210417701Discussion: Race: >Heard this Arab girl doesn't like white people >Ask her: 'You hate whi…[View]
210424348HOLLYWEIRD is losing it!!: https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/04/18/hollywood-mueller-repo…[View]
210427257Jacob Rees-Mogg is going to save Brit-: https://twitter.com/Jacob_Rees_Mogg/status/11189160739387187…[View]
210421146Uhhh... How can Mueller definitively assert that Wikileaks got the DNC emails from the GRU, if the F…[View]
210405895Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210428382The Republican Case for Impeaching Trump Now: I am a Republican. I voted Trump in 2016 and will vote…[View]
210428583Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie[View]
210424412*singlehandedly destroys the SPLC*[View]
210425234Are Russians that sneaky? Really makes you think.[View]
210428692STAY STRONG, BROTHERS.: >For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but aft…[View]
210418854Barcelona school removes 200 sexist children's books: >'Several schools across Barcelona are…[View]
210428682get assange a medal, get ilhan omar a one way ticket back to somalibabawherever but here, and get ya…[View]
210426207>And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment How did one line in Heb…[View]
210424120Hey /pol/, how have you still not found the terrorist that did this?[View]
210427212say it with me: 0 COLLUSION 0 OBSTRUCTION 1 PRESIDENT 2 SCOOPS 2 TERMS[View]
210428110Bohemian grove: So how come no one has tried starting a forest fire to destroy this place. Note this…[View]
210422966Vucicu, you are our God! Translation: 'Zaduzenje' -Nosi barjak SNS; (banner carrier of teh SNS party…[View]
210426676Turkey Has No History Whatsoever Of Committing Genocide: http://shoebat.com/2019/04/16/turkish-forei…[View]
2104283882016 presidential election: What did we do to deserve such political kino? the amount of fucking con…[View]
210397979Does Egyptian civilization was black ?: Is it true or not ? Lot of black people say that[View]
210419715Hey, if anyone should be still interested in this Columbine incident i have compiled some informatio…[View]
210428011I'm Indian and I will fully accept that it's not the White Americans shitting in the stree…[View]
210423637Was George Washington a good president?: Was he?[View]
210424172Anti-Trump shills think we care about Muh Joos. In reality Trump has done so much for this country a…[View]
210424386James Clapper : Mueller report is DEVASTATING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke4QksnUZnc Trump has…[View]
210418229Is this guy a Jew?: What is this guy's ethnicity?[View]
210420310Screaming Jewess on Russian Bus: Psychotic Jew woman threatens to ritually murder her fellow bus pas…[View]
210425145CLIMATEFAGS: It’s my fucking fault for following this chick - but not gonna lie, I was surprised tha…[View]
210425476What is with twitter that attracts basedboys like honey to a bee?[View]
210426023Black and white: In comparison which melatonin creature has the most opportunity to inherit the worl…[View]
210421978Operation Gotchya, damn!: find these people kvetching about white people raising money for their own…[View]
210424725WEW: Imagine unironically wanting to work here. https://mobile.twitter.com/mrfinnsmith/status/11189…[View]
210422539Pol has no counters to this.: >burn black Churches lol 'ahhahahahHhahahHAHHAHAHHA' >White chur…[View]
210427375Arms keep Art free.: Freedom by any road is just as free. Art is symbol of the inner man -- the grou…[View]
210424288White Settlements 1: We must secure the existence of our people. And a future for white children.…[View]
210398265Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: Welcome to /FAG/ (original: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/21025…[View]
210420332Based Maduro: Physically removing Israeli agents as we speak[View]
210390610So I've just been consumming russian media for the last six hours to hear their side of the sto…[View]
210423178WE ARE ON THE FUCKING BRINK OF WORLD WAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffWoM8LfT_k https://www.cn…[View]
210420126The white race is going to survive r...right?!? Please tell me that we've gone though this befo…[View]
210426515Still waiting for Trumps press conference.[View]
210426571RED ALERT GET IN HERE SHILLS ARE RAIDING: >>210414337 >>210414337 >>210414337 >…[View]
210410293DAILY REMINDER: You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their tribal volcano demon Yahweh. …[View]
210426897Anyone know how to join one of these groups?: Are there any in California or is it NM/AZ/TX only?…[View]
210422161SUPEONAS ARE COMING!: Congressional investigations. Muller testimony. Mass supeonas. And all driven …[View]
210422023Should mentally handicapped people be allowed to vote? Only serious answers please[View]
210410325Why did america destroyed the middle east and halted his development into the 21 century?[View]
210426518A new Our Lady for Our Europe. Deal with it cumskins.[View]
210407777THEY'RE FALLING FOR IT HAHAHAHAHA: Should liberals be allowed to vote?[View]
210425252Christianity united Euro—: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years%27_War[View]
210426210What am I /pol/?: I am the biggest lie of the century. How many people actually still believe in thi…[View]
210415947What to expect from Minnesota: I’m gonna work this summer at the Minneapolis area, facing the public…[View]
210426141the Russians...?[View]
210422624Are you a lizard?: You're a lizard you're a lizard you're a lizard your lizard your l…[View]
210417371Now that Brazil is becoming rich, great, white and happy. Can we finally say that it was Portugal f…[View]
210418944ITT: /pol/ makes the next PragerU video[View]
210425218AMERICA IS COLLAPSING.: The imperialist empire is in retreat. Internal divisions ... racial, income,…[View]
210360925Why Haven’t You Joined a Fraternity?[View]
210365079Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Dead Boomer Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: May…[View]
210422111Would you move to China anon?[View]
210422591Are there actually people like pic related? Imagine being this delusional that you thought Trump was…[View]
210424586I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD: >He who follows me must hate his father and give away his possession…[View]
210425118Bernie's Guaranteed Jobs plan forces NEETs to work mundane govermnent jobs. It's true soci…[View]
210422646What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Why…[View]
210423124You must know the supreme leader of the clown world. Horse rider, poet, singer, rapper, author of do…[View]
210412636Is he for real?[View]
210424616So he's pretty much a shoo-in for the next Prime Minister.[View]
210425054HAPPY EASTER POL GUYS: We Dont have the shit tiered urgency to be Liked like that degenerate alt le…[View]
210414792Do the left in your country tries to connect a 300 years old Catholic tradition to the KKK? >Braz…[View]
210414946Senegal will become a first world country before Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.[View]
210420661Kellyanne is waiting for you to say sorry: >all you have to do is say 'I'm sorry' Addressing…[View]
210419287Is it natural for lesser races to blame superior/more successful/higher IQ races for their failures?…[View]
210420810BELGIUM WOMAN FUCK WITH 100 MIGRANTS: She ask for money on facebook. https://democratieparticipative…[View]
210424741>Leftists on suicide watch >Media on suicide watch >”Journalists” on suicide watch Who else…[View]
210424400Christianity is the reason white people are dying off: white guilt is just a natural consequence of …[View]
210416919Who was in the wrong here?[View]
210421578Lmao i found count dankula outside parliament today, he said he was really fucking drunk[View]
210422984Reminder: North America is meant to be one country: The USA needs to get back into the Annexing game…[View]
210424570Sweden stealing white girls and giving them to Muslims.: Here's something you wont read in the …[View]
210424405AOC's definition of diversity Can u spot the problem? Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d…[View]
210412178'Incels' uprising: >friend learning about pic related in uni class >all incels are losers >…[View]
210415069Lol wut[View]
210424091White liberal media: Everyone’s complaining about fake news and talking about - Orange man good or b…[View]
210406041Sargon Calls Reporter a 'Giant Bitch': and says he wouldn't even rape a female labour MP. Is th…[View]
210423884The left will never realize the profound irony of championing impeachment for obstruction of an inve…[View]
210417275Why doesn’t Trump just fire Jared Kushner already? He’s been sabatoging his Presidency.[View]
210418554/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Phoenix Lights EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.…[View]
210423681Agent 1488 Reporting for Assignment: We are hijacking agent 47. Nothing you Hollywood Jews can do ab…[View]
210402253Why was Zimmerman found not guilty?: Pol admit that Zimmerman should have been found not guilty and …[View]
210413672How can someone still support this coward?: He's a baby.[View]
210421200Frivolous Activities and Their Impact on Climate Change: Not on par with the impact Air Travel has o…[View]
210416320Pope Washes Feet of Prisoners at Holy Thursday Service: hahahahah absolute state of catholicucks …[View]
210421736i like the idea of community and fellowship church provides but i don't want to dedicate myself…[View]
210421822If shit should ever get heated between Russia and USA then note that this could lead to the third Wo…[View]
210420853Shariablue on overtime.: How fucking brainwashed are these sheep. Is this Shariablue working overtim…[View]
210422893Moloch has awakened: Holy fuck why does this person have any legitimacy at all? https://twitter.com/…[View]
210423252Need more meme mats: Requests accepted[View]
210421488If Alex Jones can hang with cool kids like Logan Paul, why can't /pol/?[View]
210422974Gender roles: Not that it's any different, but we should drop the terms 'gender roles' for 'bio…[View]
210401605Is roastie meme real?: Recently I watched documentary about natives in south america and noticed tha…[View]
210420823Red Pill Bitterness: Do you also get bitter and defeated and angry when you realize what a clown wor…[View]
210422208Mayor Buttguy BTFO: Hispanic Woman is higher on the victimhood pyramid than white fag, can't wa…[View]
210422340The REAL madman: strikes again. >https://twitter.com/matteosalvinimi/status/1118977347330428929 k…[View]
210421276What does /pol think of her?[View]
210418664GayHomoFaggots BTFO to the edge of the Universe: Aids vessels Eternally BTFO.[View]
210422605Was Steve Bannon placed in the Trump campaign to help frame him as part of spygate?[View]
210416019Redpill me: Redpill me on the Nazi's/Germany's obsession with Native Americans. This is ge…[View]
210421281Why do ancaps love this spic so much?[View]
210422182Progressive liberals Democrats leftists. It's not too late to join the Republican party and the…[View]
210419871Make the flag of Israel a symbol of racism[View]
210417201How it’s like being non-european?[View]
210421418It's like... Ok: So I thought /b/ was great like a dozen years ago. I had fun. Then I grew up.…[View]
210422339Guys, I need your help redpilling my friends. They are right-wing conservatives and anti-immigration…[View]
210422114How’s that press conference coming, Donny?[View]
210415133Sargon BTFOs Journalists: Calls them 'dirty, dirty smear merchants'. Like him or not, it's very…[View]
210421920What did (((they))) mean by this[View]
210415297What did he mean by this?: 'I'm fucked. This is the end of my presidency'[View]
210401279You share this planet with these fucks: They want to take everything you hold dear and destroy it.…[View]
210421863There is nothing wrong with being transgender. However becoming trans is a choice an adult should ma…[View]
210410893Here's the deal: We take care of all the central-south american caravans going to the US, we wi…[View]
210421017Zionists of the world, unite!: Why are (((nationalists))) such enormous ziocucks?[View]
210418379Monogamy is a MEME: Let me explain why never to be in a monogamous relationship with a woman. Women …[View]
210375690Romania importing a million Pakistanis: No threads on this? https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/459246…[View]
210414927What happened to the southern gentleman stereotype? And as an extension of that, why does it seem no…[View]
210389208REMEMBER MUH OAKS: why does neopagans remind me of literal kikes who cry about muuh holocaust every …[View]
210421504Notre Dame wish: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/125168472/#q125168472 I guess he got his wish…[View]
210412363Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour: > There's more to semen than sp…[View]
210418204Orthodox Jews caught measles in Israel and brought the disease back to New York: >Ultra-Orthodox …[View]
210421411>I was bored today so I decided to become a faggot. >I made a parody account of one of the fag…[View]
210421397>Destroy 30,000 emails AFTER being subpoenaed >No Obstruction >Say mean things about a cri…[View]
210421365Trump told his lawyers to fire Mueller and they just ignored his dumb ass. B...but muh God Emperor.[View]
210368204Make Europe Pagan Again.: If Europe wants to survive it needs to adopt a purely European religion an…[View]
210417714'Shot heard around the world': Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the American R…[View]
210409670What happens when the petrodollar collapses?[View]
210419251Does anyone find it interesting that Christianity basically teaches that in the end many christians …[View]
210419590I've noticed society has had enough of incels/alt-right/whatever. The daily acts of violence, t…[View]
210415403hopefully more to fall soon[View]
210415982Remember this every time you wonder if someone is 'based': We are told so often about how it must be…[View]
210417575Just dont understand it: Okey so jews run hollywood okey thats a fact, and they spread thier jewish …[View]
210419163Goddamn it /pol/ you've ruined me[View]
210416689Balkans are not whi-[View]
210409541Colored of south africa have no identity: Why did you do this boer/afrikkans scum. https://youtu.be/…[View]
210408350Atmospheric Beasts: Are our governments hiding evidence of the existence of atmospheric beasts from …[View]
210416292(((Ilhan Omar)))[View]
210419318Why is America so multicultural. Just got back from a trip to Miami and new York. Why did you guys l…[View]
210411965Black Hoteps btfo: How can niggers ever recover??[View]
210419584Why are we so willing to become pet of Artificial Intelligence when research genetics/medicine/bioma…[View]
210418526>eternal hell for limited sin https://youtu.be/8pYwCzTTiG4 Solved and non-Muslims BTFO. How wi…[View]
210420281Google & Microsoft logos use the same color scheme. /Odd[View]
210418183On eugenics: My personal opinion is that once the natural pressure is lifted (by medication, safe so…[View]
210420446How did he manage to not get exiled from Hollywood yet?[View]
210417407To my knowledge, special councils are appointed by the attorney general, who is the head of the depa…[View]
210419889Must be Passover. Keeps your kids close[View]
210418785The passion: Tv show about the story of jesus on dutch tv, watched by millions of people showing cle…[View]
210417516US Army arms soldiers with new 'suicide drones': what are the mutts up to? are they really…[View]
210419313Ignoring the inevitable comments about priests raping boys, why aren’t you a traditional catholic ye…[View]
210410511What makes you sad /pol/?[View]
210415102We did not go to the moon. It's was all a stunt for the Cold War.[View]
210420095What if George Orwell was right?: What if the future of humanity really is just a boot stamping on a…[View]
210410095Robert.E.Lee was fucking based: 'The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even th…[View]
210419828What are ways to imrpove your street credibility?: I've been looking up street credibility and …[View]
2104198251st and 10 at the 40 yarld line: 1st and 10 at the 40 yarld line. Who has the ball? At the opponent…[View]
210419124Leftists can't meme[View]
210414129Anyone got some memes for this? (Stolen from @lordscrump on twitter)[View]
210419729kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ATKGWVd-Is[View]
210418388What is your opinion about Trump ?: All in title[View]
210397403Give me ONE reason why we shouldn't be rooting for White genocide? Why is White people going ex…[View]
210413312Reminder that this report DOES NOT exonerate Trump. Stop acting like you won some kind of victory wh…[View]
210418248The important takeaway of today - the moral of the story, the objective truth is that the DNC commit…[View]
210416762I dont talk to anyone or do anything.: my mother disowned me because she didnt wasnt getting welfare…[View]
210417654There's no going back: How has taking the red pill affected your life? Have you become >ant…[View]
210413983Rabbi Shlomo has spoken!: https://www.timesofisrael.com/radical-rabbi-says-notre-dame-fire-retributi…[View]
210419391White Millennial Men are childless, single, and broke: Why are they having such a hard time competin…[View]
210419381Redpill me on the moschiac and 5G conspiracy.[View]
210408251Boomer Time: What did you guys do to this old defiant boomer? He looks visibly shaken, like he'…[View]
210419269>ah the bullet train from New York to DC it always brings me back.[View]
210418343If these were your only options, who would you vote for?: Sanders, Biden, Warren, Buttgieg, O’Rourke…[View]
210408370/gre/ Gretins general: Are you a worshipper of Greta too? Are they trying to push pedosexuality too …[View]
210418658Mueller Bows Out on Obstruction Call: >In his report, Mueller didn’t resolve the issue. If he had…[View]
210409615Why do we dislike him again?[View]
210417749>Americans on /pol/ so vehemently defend child mutilation because they go to jail if the don…[View]
210416550EU: I'm personally a Eurosceptic but what contentions does /pol/ have with the EU or the Eurocr…[View]
210418231Why is western civilization so beautiful and perfect?[View]
210415170Preserve the white race.: What's wrong saying we want to 'Preserve the white race?' Is there a …[View]
210388655'Man' arrested trying to burn down St. Patrick's Cathedral: https://nypost.com/2019/04/17/man-a…[View]
210417973When did Christians become such faggots? Where did all the Christians go that were behind the Crusad…[View]
210419033OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN: Holy fuck the globalist agenda is eating itself from the ins the diversity agen…[View]
210417001Rod Rosenstein: His thoughts?[View]
210418384>be special council >watching POTUS on twitter >intense flame war between president and lef…[View]
210416309Am I the only one who hates both Russia and the current leftist values embraced by Western countries…[View]
210416549Islam and xtianity are both based on jewish religious books. Why then was xtianity cucked hard by th…[View]
210392795I MADE THE MUELLER REPORT SEARCHABLE: https://files.catbox.moe/m25zjt.pdf https://files.catbox.moe/m…[View]
210417703Quick rundown?[View]
210413869Things that you still like in the world?: Are there things that /pol/acks still like in the world de…[View]
210418663Why does this image make Christkikes seethe so much?[View]
210416233Whites are not niggers of orientals: /pol/ told me chinks see whites as niggers. Its not true becaus…[View]
210418153where do i sign up to get paid in 2020?: i shilled for trump for free where do i sign to check a che…[View]
210418607Why has Trump wasted George W. Bush's victory in Afghanistan? I read today that the Taliban con…[View]
210418364Is Agent 42 a White Supremacist?: >I think he is one of us[View]
210417214Italian bros why aren't you a mammoni?[View]
210418303Be first jewish president Get saved because the goyim refuse to carry out orders. OY VEY > The Pr…[View]
210417123How do I know I'm not an NPC?: How do I know I'm not an NPC? I feel like my views and opin…[View]
210417428Christians should start peaceful protests to take a stand: We Who believe in Christ must reject the …[View]
210417858> b- but it's not socio-economics > niggers, spics and beaners are just genetically more …[View]
210416077why exactly is it bad that whites are becoming a minority in america? there's literally 0 reaso…[View]
210407840Anyone has that anarchist infographic on how to cut the internet/radio/4g of a city in one day with …[View]
210411103Fuck this seditious faggot.[View]
210417595Selfie Death: Backlash to media coverage of death of college girl Sydney Monfries (pictured), who fe…[View]
210415469the Pee-pee tape is real Y'ALL!!: Page 239 'On October 30, 2016, Michael Cohen received a text …[View]
210397225White Settlements: Who is on board to start white only settlements? As a step in a multi-step strate…[View]
210417735HBO is upset about memes[View]
210417339Living Gods, Capitalism, and Communist too!: Your conclusion to this video is stunningly true, and t…[View]
210415300Tribalism is real, why can't the left acknowledge it?: Yea, I can see the contras of excluding …[View]
210415285JUPITER RETURNS ! What does /pol/ think of the return of Jupiter?: Jupiter returns to reclaim his is…[View]
210417408CuckTube: What if we just flooded the videos on YouTube's own channel with 'Inappropriate' comm…[View]
210415123Ethno-Nationalism Needs Adults | Reject Hollywood Nazi Nonsense: We Whites in the #USA need a #Borde…[View]
210411676Isn't the internet itself basically the biggest spreader of multiculturalism around? I mean tha…[View]
210416515Sears sues former CEO Eddie Lampert and others for theft of billions: HAHAHAHAHAHA! >Sears accuse…[View]
210407612Is this Latinos theory correct?: Anons?[View]
210415746Racism is a sin, goy!: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no…[View]
210416813Post Red Pills on Women: >Best M/F relationships are woman’s age, minus 7x2 (so 30yo man with 22 …[View]
210406366Don't fall for jewish shills using divide and conquer tactics. We are winning. Don't fall …[View]
210413303Trump has betrayed us in favor of his rich friends in Israel and virtue signaling to inner city nigg…[View]
210413045Why do most cuckservatives look like this?[View]
210411177Name a more influential duo: Pro tip: you can’t. Give up.[View]
210413639Operation 'Every Girl Has a Price' Thread 2: First one got zonked by the overlords. >What is it? …[View]
210416874Journalists and independent investigators can't come in: ... but they already told it, electric…[View]
210416870What is the greatest news headline of all time?[View]
210416808Honk Honk: Why so serious ?[View]
210416803Soy spotted in Vice HQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G73iRRgoLKg[View]
210411995Why didn’t Brits just leave without a deal?: I still don’t understand. Brexit was decided 3yrs ago, …[View]
210415812What happened to him?[View]
210416318Sup /pol/? https://youtu.be/gnVaTkNxDJU[View]
210415260Bundeswehr to appoint rabbies in their ranks: 'For the first time in a century, the German military …[View]
210396236COLORED PEOPLE CELEBRATE: The world will be better in all ways when White pigskins go extinct. The w…[View]
210405769Brit/pol/ - Based Mosley Edition: >Porn loicenses to be implemented in July https://www.bbc.co.uk…[View]
210366781Why does this board hate Joe Rogan? He's pretty reasonable and level-headed.[View]
210414493What happened to these faggots?[View]
210414666TFW Jesus isn’t real..: Just realized a wasted my entire young life as a christcuck. Dating a Hispan…[View]
210411927Disabled people.: How do we deal with less fortunate people?[View]
210415899taking the matrixpill: yes thats right, take the red pill Neo, the matrix is real. The matrix is the…[View]
210414984WTF I'm pagang now...[View]
210388473875 Churches Vandalized In France Triggers Notre Dame CONSPIRACIES: oh no timmy boy now you crossed …[View]
210387711This board hates centrists Why?[View]
210414156How can ONE boomer be SO FUCKING BASED? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mez1kIAdZj4 /pol/ commie…[View]
210398643MUELLER REPORT OUT: DIGGING SEASON HAS ARRIVED. LET'S GO LADS. >https://www.justice.gov/stor…[View]
210414547So /pol/ I'm faced with a problem. My ginger cousin (who I'm pretty close with) is engaged…[View]
210400712$1000: Are you an American? Are you a citizen? Then you get $1000. No strings attached, $1000 will n…[View]
210410398Are there any other people here who are bored enough to help me start a 'Let's put an end to Na…[View]
210378233MACRON WANTS THE NEW NOTRE DAME TO BE A MULTI FAITH CENTER.: >Macron said Notre Dame will be rebu…[View]
210409183Do Slavs belong as slaves?: Slavs were associated with slavery and racial inferiority even before ni…[View]
210415146Tarrant is a Jew psyop: Why does pol worship tarrant when this guy is the one who did what everyone …[View]
210413741Meme creation thread: >>210362726 This meme needs to be made help me[View]
210413910Why did British authorities let this happen?: >In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an es…[View]
210406201Why did the Anglos invite these people to London and Birmingham?[View]
210404508AHAHAHA: Top thread on r/the_mueller rn >reddit fags SEETHING[View]
210412837Wtf is this shit!?!?!?[View]
210413754Is Trump right?[View]
210415426Disgusting Mudslime rekt: How can this somalian nigger ever recover[View]
210415323Attention Slavs of /pol/: Can you kindly explain what the fuck this building is and why it looks the…[View]
210412845How long will amerifags keep funding israel? The world's getting kinda tired. China is getting …[View]
210415028Trump: Even with the collusion finally being over. I doubt he’s going to complete any of his promise…[View]
210414693Brenton Tarrant fan girls: LOL where are all these fan girls coming from all of a sudden?[View]
210406501There's a gay guy looking like Brenton in front of me.: The state of the western man, he looks …[View]
210388492Is this peak Jew?: How can they surpass this?[View]
210414477Muller Report anime edition: ITT we take screencaps of the Muller Report and put them next to our wa…[View]
210405786All Christians are low iq prove me wrong: There are no high iq Christian on this board or anywhere e…[View]
210413010Why Brazil is becoming white again? How can we stop this?[View]
210411555WTF I like Putin now.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJdxNEgWirM&bpctr=1555615652[View]
210411909Man throws a child from third floor balcony: This nigger threw someone else's child from a balc…[View]
210402793African Runs Over 2 White Children On Purpose in Colorado: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/04/16/se…[View]
210401987GOOD NEWS! >Brazil reports 25% drop in killings in the first two months of the year >The count…[View]
210410676Look at all this tech for a fucking toilet.[View]
210408239It's over: He spoke too much.[View]
210414199Who will lead the new English Empire?: The English are so excited about becoming peasants again, wit…[View]
210414620Literally all they need to open up another special counsel investigation for the rest of his preside…[View]
210414498Well it was a nice run.: Trump will soon be impeached, because of his active efforts to obstruct jus…[View]
210386773Opinions on the UK: I'm curious as to why 4chan (specifically /pol/) seems to view our country …[View]
210413280It's time to end this once and for all: RELEASE THE PEE PEE TAPES!!![View]
210412558The only thing we learned from this report: Donald Trump is a pussy.[View]
210393551What have your experiences with chinese and other asians been? Do you personally know any? How do yo…[View]
210383185The tweet that caused a thousand suicides.[View]
210410433Libs bashing 'smart' Asian stereotype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg1X1KkVxN4 I don't fuck…[View]
210414297Clown world thread: ITT we explain clown world and how that relates to politics[View]
210413805OPERATION: Rising Fire: Leftists/Blue check marks are on suicide watch today, we must 'help' them: #…[View]
210403965WWI /Pol/: Meanwhile in WWI /pol/[View]
210413977>not knowing world leaders treat /pol/ as their personal /adv/ice board…[View]
210411934What did he mean by this?[View]
210407287remain: Is it really worth leaving the EU? I understand the arguments for leave but is it not better…[View]
210413911What if I told you 10% of the population committed 50% of the drinking?! https://onlinelibrary.wiley…[View]
210413762Some of you faggots are alright. Don't go to Gotham tomorrow. So long space robots[View]
210411484How do we deal with the boomer problem /pol/?[View]
210407906more of this[View]
210411567Two Germans Sentenced For Taking Down Greek Flag and Raising German Flag on Crete: >https://greec…[View]
210408655RISE UP MILLENNIALS! /BLOOM/: >I know ur sad >u feel west is gone >no hope But we are going…[View]
210403050Armed militia detains over 300 spic illegals on NM border: Are you forming a legal militia to detain…[View]
210406170Have you bought kosher cola yet, /pol/?[View]
210408042Funny that millionaires can pull together hundreds of millions of dollars in a couple of days to ren…[View]
210377710Notre Dame terrorist: Did they catch this guy yet?[View]
210412001Nothing Ever Happens /pol/ General: Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens (NEH) /pol/ General, a thread to…[View]
210405138When do you think European men will revolt against their governments and invaders?[View]
210412332Hey /pol/ I need some advice: I'm trying to buy somethings from NSM88 Records and they are tell…[View]
210411824WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WEST: What the fuck is happening to the west??? Me and my wife traveled to …[View]
210412925Mueller report is out boys ITS GOSSIP TIME!!!! Is the left really happy with a teen gossip magazine …[View]
210406432BREXIT IS SAVED.[View]
210412767Hey Brits, now that you left the EU on April 12th I wanted to ask you what its like? Do you notice a…[View]
210408023>call healthcare socialism >support for socialism rises that didnt turn out like you thought i…[View]
210410103NADLER COPE CONFERENCE HAPPENING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH8gTPCA1po[View]
210408831Redaction=something to hide: Why the FUCK is this shit redacted so heavily? What are they hiding her…[View]
210393184150 protestant leaders sing a letter in support of abortion: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/04/17/met…[View]
210411727How will the new Notre Dame look like?: >Macron: We will have an international competition to red…[View]
210389775The cross still stands[View]
210411539Promises kept[View]
210412251Impeachment: Trump survived Sexual assault allegations. Trump survived the Grab her by the pu**y tap…[View]
210410920Why can't the left just take an L? Seriously. After nearly 3 years and countless investigations…[View]
210410166Anonymous: South Africans from European descent have declared independence yet I haven't seen a…[View]
210412599Even now I've heard some women talking about how feminism is great how the society likes huntin…[View]
210410557This book was really depressing but redpilling. In your opinion, what are the dynamics of men-women …[View]
210371279hear me out nignogs, I believe wholely that sex with children is not wrong. Why? I had sex with adul…[View]
210393268/BNG/ Black Nationalism General: This thread is for discussion relating to BLACK Nationalism and oth…[View]
210411423Both men & women are attracted to a confident individual with a centered & understood sense …[View]
210391093Seth Rich narrarive was a lie: /pol/ BTFO[View]
210412556When you put your dumb son in charge of collusion and he even fucks that up.[View]
210412285Through out our history there has been plenty of dominant countries and world superpowers, specially…[View]
210395422*blocks your path*[View]
210409951Fogaréu in Brazil: Here in Brazil every year the catholic church makes an event called fogaréu what …[View]
210410456Why do non whites fuck up everything when they come to majority white lands ? Blacks and Mexicans - …[View]
210407501He is literally just like us. Just goes to show that he reacts just like we do. Suck it dems.[View]
210411902The Middle Road: #Freedom by any road is just as free. #Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMa…[View]
210412156Feels good man: It's a welcoming thought to remember that my country has just around 1% of the …[View]
210410159Why do /pol/tards believe being poor is a synonym of laziness when there are wealthy kids who will n…[View]
210412061TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN NO COLLUSION - BUT...: https://youtu.be/Z1rBB59-yQM[View]
210402030INDIA /POL/ Cultural Heritage Dharmic Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210411772>noo you can't enjoy free food + alcohol + free sex with chinese women did you know when chi…[View]
210406904'100% deal with it': Was this based or cringe? The media is rushing to smear him as we speak.[View]
210407157>Why didn't you listen to me? You could've saved America.[View]
210411827>in hs english poetry unit Give me a hs appropriate based poem to destroy my libcuck teacher…[View]
210408810Now that the dust has settled: What went wrong?[View]
210386590>this confuses and enrages the /pol/tard[View]
210410771Why are there so many illiterate retards on our side?: I see it here on /pol/, on facebook - everywh…[View]
210409303Is Universal Basic Income THAT impossible to achieve? They have it in Alaska[View]
210387008Proof that you, yes you! have more affection for your skin color/tribe than God: Dozens of churches,…[View]
210410895could a star trek style society work?: granted that we figure out replicators?[View]
210411535Why are Africans unironically so based?[View]
210407827Trump loses in 2020: The learned elders of Zion have concluded their deliberations, and Bernie Sande…[View]
210410069What does a typical Spanish DNA test look like?: My guess is that it’s 20% North African, 15% Middle…[View]
210411319Serious question black people: do you hate when you see mixed black/white couples or mixed children,…[View]
210394723/Shit/tzerland: Why do you like this left-wing shithole again? Can't wait to move out of this p…[View]
210387750Crossdressing heterosexuals: If we can loosen up about crossdressing, we can stop this sex change in…[View]
210411145Daily reminder not to fall for D&C tactics. Regardless of faith, we are European. We all have an…[View]
210411080The best song i heard in a long time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfEvJek-cS4[View]
210410447Trump was too incompetent to commit obstruction.[View]
210410985SA Bantu History of Violence and Mayhem -: MK launched its first attacks against government installa…[View]
210410445Can you beat my record of 39 downvotes in 1 minute? Are you a bad enough dude? Why is liberalism the…[View]
210410117Why is black face not forbidden in Russia? https://youtu.be/vmFv685dCnc I find this antisemitic.[View]
210410617do u guys have any good argument against Judaism? I'm not talking about the jews as a race, I…[View]
210408586be british...still living in mud huts into the 20th century...looks like you could use a little isla…[View]
210408611Clown World: >Mueller report doesn't mean shit, nothing will happen >democrats are just s…[View]
210409964In case you missed it: Reminder that Guccifer2 was a DNC creation invented to discredit Wikileaks an…[View]
210410722SOL PAIS RABBIT HOLE: >>210380423[View]
210406956The Effects of Negative Male Stereotypes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-eA5Yooa1M[View]
210409237Why do liberals seemingly lack the ability to forgive anyone for anything?[View]
210409327After the Queen makes him the new Lord Commander: and after he moves into Downing Street Number 10 (…[View]
210410658Facebook Bans?? Who are these KIKES to ban us?: #Zuckerburg runs your day -- rat snitch low jew moth…[View]
210400388Why do you worship a Jewish god?[View]
210408569What about China?: They said they will rule the world. How come they can’t even make decent cars or …[View]
210409332HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Py4hVD4vcqs[View]
210408767This guy is absolutely losing it. Go check out his twitter. I’ve never seen delusions this strong be…[View]
210404353>blows shit skins gas stations the fuck out and forces them to go back to India…[View]
210407939Obstruction of justice is a crime? Who knew?: Trump btfo[View]
210401535I don't think we're that bad: yes we mooch american aid dollar and AIPAC got trump to fuck…[View]
210410184>Notre Dame burns down >Videos of the catastrophy get posted on social media >1 thousand “h…[View]
210405430>Imagine creating one mankind's greatest achievements in history only to have some incompete…[View]
210409470How gut-wrenchingly, pitifully, pathetically embarrassing would it be if you found out that the posi…[View]
210408992Has Honker gone to far?: When meme-magic leaks into real-space politics. pic related: austrian alt-r…[View]
210409659Eat the noble way. Race in National Socialism means quality not ethnicity, thus Aryan means Noble. E…[View]
210409889@TheRickWilson and EWS image: G-guys? H-he's just kidding, r-right? Eyes Wide Shut is j-just a …[View]
210409852No Quarter Asked: Frankly 'racism' is more empirical than 'equality' ... we can …[View]
210374957Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210407151>tfw they suspect nothing[View]
210408897are you making yourself great? dont blame women for betraying you when you are a weakling that offer…[View]
210405750A philosophy question: Is punching women who wear (MAGA) nazi hats justified? I mean, they are insin…[View]
210409690Dayum Son, where did you find this: I mean, shit like Q says has happened, but in reverse. So they …[View]
210404814I want her to dominate me. After the act I want to cry and pretend she is my mother[View]
210408471STAY BACK: >STAY >THE >FUCK >BACK *screams like a little vagina while filming himself li…[View]
210409569Beach Balls of Doom: Fore warning -- Bad Language and other adult behavior that might offend. Just s…[View]
210409526Suspicious as fuck. No one I know even knows it happened. I found this in a newspaper just on chance…[View]
210384586New Black District attorney reveals plan to stop prosecuting thefts under $750: https://www.dallasne…[View]
210408247They rape your women, run over your kids, and burn your cathedrals. Why haven't white people wa…[View]
210408157What's happening?[View]
210407214can anyone help? https://twitter.com/elskemccain[View]
210398034Maybe you guys just need a little bit of cuddling and you won't be racist anymore. https://www.…[View]
210371373Shits Going down anons!: The following pics were from an early thread involving the NXIVM CULT and H…[View]
210404056Daily reminder that (((Hitler))) was the original Zionist.[View]
210404920New Wave of Mass Migration is coming to Europe: >April 17, 2019 Steele Archer EU commission warne…[View]
210408600You stupid faggots told me 10+ years ago that it is only a matter of time, I'm beginning to thi…[View]
210397773Chalk up another loss for /pol/ and the Alt-Right You're all being erased from history. None of…[View]
210406545My grandfather shared an interesting story with me the other day about his father. Guy was born in t…[View]
210402731>freedom Hahahaha you guys won the poll but will stay in EU[View]
210402746Drumpf BTFO: Innocent man don't use memes to vindicate themselves.[View]
210402686A quick vizualization of how much was redacted in the report[View]
210402037I hate twitter.[View]
210407746THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF FRANCE: https://youtube.com/watch?v=glxqRFW0g9w[View]
210407013Why man are cucks? Most of woman have nothing to offer. Why they try to seduce shallow woman? Becaus…[View]
210406517you know when the human race had the greatest rate of actual progress? look this man in the eye he q…[View]
210408524So it's over. Surely if this was Obama or Hillary, you fags would be calling for public lynchin…[View]
210403063Watch this video clip of this poopoo-for-brains spic talking about why DRUMPF should be impeached. W…[View]
210406365Why are normies so intimidated by the concept of genetic engineering? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/he…[View]
210408141Are black people knowingly lying?: I see all over black twitter, claims of black pharaohs and a blac…[View]
210402502The Ruby Ridge massacre and William Barr: Do the zoomers of /pol/ even know about this anymore? The…[View]
210401917What does conservatism conserve besides fortunes of the superwealthy?[View]
2104025733 years ago, Grug tribe choose next elder. For millenia, Grug tribe grab pussy and kill animal tribe…[View]
210398568Cultural Revolution: What made the Chinese think that they should destroy their thousands of years o…[View]
210401401This is the President of the United States: Let that sink in.[View]
210406554Millennials: Last hope: I am a millennial, and growing up I was surrounded by other millennials who …[View]
210396211The ‘Italians are non-White’ shilling on /pol/ has worked.: /Pol/ has driven them over the edge, and…[View]
210406962Australian Culture: Daily reminder that /pol/ is an Australian board, where American values are mere…[View]
210406879Tell me /pol/: Where were there 2 beds /pol/?[View]
210407998notre dame damage control: trannies are comparing the burning of the notre dame cathedral to natural…[View]
210404674Memes aside: Are they trying to radicalize society?[View]
210407667How does he do it: How does he keep winning when the news people tell me every night that he is guil…[View]
210406947Operation 302.85: Remember the 13/50 psyop ? Let's start using the actual DSM diagnosis code fo…[View]
210401719>Trump literally doing nothing to help the country >'BUT HE'S OWNING THE DEMOCRATS! MIGA!…[View]
210407579Why do uneducated conservashits obessed over muh western civilization?[View]
210407762Who the big donors want to become the democratic nominee?: http://archive.is/QLq8l[View]
210341130China will fail, unlike their bluffing.: China ain't going to take over the world. They won…[View]
210404825Pee pee tape confirmed: Praise kek pee pee tape is real.[View]
210401147ISIS has published a warning: ‘Wait for the next’: There is no indication that the fire was linked t…[View]
210407681Does socialism/communism *only* work when it immediately switches back to an insanely liberal free m…[View]
210402719Congressman Swalwell will jail anyone who does not turn over semi-automatic rifles: https://www.zero…[View]
210398910Why is everyone here so obsessed with Jews? Under any post, regardless of the topic, you will find a…[View]
210405163REAL HEROS DIE IN DARKNESS: >Since this morning,Seth rich as become another conspiracy theory …[View]
210407105Trust sessions: 'How could you let this happen, Jeff?' Trump continued, telling Sessions something t…[View]
210406695Accurate portrayal of the political spectrum?[View]
210405340Mueller referred 12 separate cases for investigation/prosecution: Surely this was a complete and tot…[View]
210406781What keeps you going through this clown world, /pol/? https://www.chronicle.com/article/The-Students…[View]
210391139This poor boy was thrown off the 3rd floor of the Mall of America by a filthy, worthless, soulless, …[View]
210405211Trump couldn’t even get his own staff to commit obstruction or get Hillarys emails. He’s basically t…[View]
210406961>This is the worst thing to have ever happened to me.™[View]
210402516Punting and Splitting Atoms: Legit armchair attorney here. Mueller has to be a biggest weasel to wor…[View]
210406230>mullcuck full of shit >liberals seething and on suicide watch >left actually blaming jews …[View]
210399995Yes, Yes, Well Done, Trump. HOWEVER: GUILTY[View]
210406985Moos bitch: https://youtu.be/xYATEr_G8QY[View]
210394478>the hacker known as 4chan strikes again attacking 56% duchess[View]
210402173I had no idea how bad things really were.: So, out of curiosity, are you ALL bots? Are you all liber…[View]
210405739I NEED YOUR HELP /POL/: /pol/acks, I'm looking for that video where a couple of priests (I supp…[View]
210400707How to restore patriarchy to the West?: How exactly can patriarchy be revived in the West without th…[View]
210403358What's your opinion on Teddy Roosevelt Anon?[View]
210393070The Mueller report states unequivocally that Seth Rich did not provide Wikileaks with the DNC Data.:…[View]
210303377Syria General /sg/ - Today I will remind them edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
210404687Sex Deprived Woman Tries to Rape Man, Beat Down to Size by Black Knight https://www.bestgore.com/str…[View]
210388834The state of women: > go mgtow > repeatedly get asked out and pursued by women > they still…[View]
2104053119/11 Truth You can smell the fear on them Jew will name the Jew[View]
210403102“Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.” Holy shit it's on …[View]
210404613Don was Zion all along: A five-part series if you have the stomach. Glorious leader lock her up Q dr…[View]
210380423RIP SOL PAIS: >if only you knew how bad really things are https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/ F…[View]
210395189So Trump actually colluded with Israel: Fucking lmao https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/111890931802…[View]
210404385BROS LOOK AT HIS HANDS: What is this supposed to mean? Why would Trump do that? What about MAGA?…[View]
210402433Why is Trump giving Saudis nuclear weapons?[View]
210405277M I G A: ABSOLUTELY BASED[View]
210405457666: Explain this religious Trump supporters[View]
210405848fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck[View]
210405580Impeach the orange baboon before he flings more poo[View]
210402929/ptg/ President Trump General - Finna Bouta Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whi…[View]
210405635What does /pol/ think of the explosion of 'ironically racist' zoomer memes?[View]
210405647the absolute state of UK media[View]
210405561ted kaczynski was right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nByUB5Y5Eqs[View]
210398735Trump is going to give him the chair for this. >Julian Assange’s antisemitic past resurfaces afte…[View]
210399531history teacher appreciation thread.: Thanks for all the history teachers that try to teach their st…[View]
210377688BREAKING: Muslims burned down Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. (from Chinese on twitter): Reading in …[View]
210395371OPERATION: WHITE OUT (UK) Round 2: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” - Rules for ra…[View]
210399621The US doesn't have a race issue, it has a nigger issue.: >Be nigger >Be majority of Afri…[View]
210401407what happened to yanggang[View]
210404906Mueller report: The Mueller report shows that Trump colluded with Israel.[View]
210383146Natsoc and Fascism = bad. WHY?????: I am currently embracing socialism and fascism in my studies. I …[View]
210402841United States and Russia: Can the United States and Russia ever be friends?[View]
210405384The New Nationalism: We just read some Theodore Roosevelt outloud. Save the nonsense about how he wa…[View]
210404522So how do you guys manage to weave together Trump's aggressive attempts to court the American J…[View]
210404981Is this the end for Trump?[View]
210405322Keep the npc meme alive (((They))) hate this meme because it works[View]
210396645Here’s your Notre Dame bro[View]
210405244Third party reporting hate crime maybe /pol should help!: >Police Scotland takes hate crime very …[View]
210403051DMs Open: You know what to do anon.[View]
210403852FTN 207: Reconstruire-loriginal: Fash the Nation Discussion thread. (Please post link paylords)…[View]
210404431/pol/ must be cleansed of all the bread and circus retards: Day of the rope when?[View]
210405109I bet you Adam Schiff and Bannon had direct communincations.[View]
210404947a 440 pound passenger forced stewardess to wipe his bottom as he ‘moaned in pleasure.’: > ‘I told…[View]
210404704Russian Blackface. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmFv685dCnc[View]
210393724/ourgirl/ power levels completely off the charts: >Rep. Tulsi Gabbard hammers Trump for turning U…[View]
210404948absolutely hilarious: >Mueller report exonerates Trump >Democrats: REPORT DOES NOT EXONERATE T…[View]
210401464I...I....I loved him once......[View]
210403164>'Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I'm fucked.' -Trump What di…[View]
210404752How will you pay tribute to the Führer for his birthday?: I'm preparing a drawing.[View]
210404666Why do poojeets keep doing this but then cry when ISI retaliates?[View]
210401366Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel comes out as 9/11 truther on HBO: https://youtu.be/pU-EDZaV4h4…[View]
210390072/pol/ Andrew Yang Hate Thread: Seriously, Fuck Yang! >Let's give everyone $1000 dollars a mo…[View]
210351075Is this the future of wage cuckery?: >12 hours a day, 6 days a week >'If you're not passi…[View]
210400022Jacob Rees Mogg says nobody should criticize Islam: https://twitter.com/Jacob_Rees_Mogg/status/11189…[View]
210404161Kanye (2009): AS STRAIGHT MEN WE NEED TO STEAL THE RAINBOWBACK!!!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?featu…[View]
210400118Apology Time: Apologize[View]
210401566Imagine this guy being president. I'm 99% he's going to run after Donald[View]
210381043What was pre 9/11 America like?[View]
210394079Mueller admits Trump obstructed justice: But said he couldn't do anything about it because he…[View]
210401841It's all just 4D chess[View]
210402115Potato Head Cory Booker: >hires an actress (Rosario Dawson) to act as his gf. Not only is it a r…[View]
210404038>be American ally: >get betrayed Like pottery[View]
210403608The Neanderpill: When will /pol/ finally take the Neanderpill and realize the truth?[View]
210403553based this is the change we need here in matriarchal neolithicland[View]
210404154wtf is going on here?: https://twitter.com/elskemccain[View]
210404135Hey /pol/. found this interesting. any thoughts? Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind Before you b…[View]
210402245Swedecucks explain yourselves[View]
210401758What similarities are there between Bulgaria and Russia?[View]
210403593https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47983489 Rather strange that a completely innocent man who …[View]
210397007Is there any patriarchy movement?: I don't like Christcucks and couldn't care less about t…[View]
210365872Why am I supposed to be afraid of hispanic immigration?: They work hard. They're Christian. The…[View]
210402059Game. Set. Match. Now the question is, can Trump even survive impeachment? Surely after the report, …[View]
210403643Old Town Post: Yeah, I'm gonna take my blacks to the old town post I'm gonna Lynch 't…[View]
210398765'Muslim bad.': >t. Jew This shit is so obvious anymore, why do they even try?…[View]
210401792Why the fuck did America not just put niggers on a boat and send them back to Africa after slavery w…[View]
210400116why is there such a thing as white lebanese people?[View]
210403516Basically i just realized that the female brain is the reason why war exists. Men need sex almost da…[View]
210403433Peruvian anons: do we have bodycam footage?: There hasn't been much since Budd Dwyer Do we have…[View]
210403419treaty of versailles was b&r af[View]
210396381Just gonna leave this here...[View]
210403291LIB/DEM COPE THREAD: Instead of having to read your faggotry across multiple threads over the next 2…[View]
210400166Tulsi: Just in case you missed it: https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1118503155581407232…[View]
210399678LORDY - THERE ARE TAPES[View]
210400459LISTEN TO THIS CUNTS IT'S FUCKING IMPORTANT: Liberals and environmentalists hate Charles becaus…[View]
210387699how do we end atheism?[View]
210402845Japan is over: Make my words.[View]
210401388FUCK BERNIE SANDERS $230 billion in market cap wiped out in the past 48 hours since Bernie made his …[View]
210399947/ptg/ President Trump General - Dense Motherfuckers Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https:/…[View]
210394018I’M FUCKED: So much for the tough guy. He was scared shitless.[View]
210400616SOOOOO TRUE!!!![View]
210401900So (((they))) have ruined the west and white women. Where's the safest place to go and start a …[View]
210385731The Police are not your friend: 20 Minneapolis Cops investigating Somali cop killing of Aussie White…[View]
210402257GAME OVER: GAME OVER[View]
210395947Words of an innocent man...: Page 290: 'According to notes written by Hunt, when Sessions told the P…[View]
210394187BRENTON TARRANT MUSLIM MASSACRE SIMULATOR: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tsrZrcknavdA/[View]
210398942>mfw I realize that the world is coming to an end soon, so the chaos is starting to begin…[View]
210396245Accelerationism is opposition convincing you to vote for them and telling you it'll be good for…[View]
210399391Welcome to lefty-/pol/. How woke are ya?[View]
210401627As young as 14: Are you pizza fags serious? I don't see the big deal.[View]
210401350Is Bannon Jew golem? He's apparently trying to get in with European nationalists in Italy and e…[View]
210400948Why did the Young Turds fire Jimbo?[View]
210400328I have the highest Quantum Influence on this board. Currently taking questions relating to you fragm…[View]
210400853Who would have the authority in a white ethnostate if one existed?[View]
210396745When the Queen dies...: Britanons, I need some info. What is the political, social, and media atmosp…[View]
210396986Impeachment incoming.: It's over. The report clearly states that Trump tried to obstruct justic…[View]
210402063What we know so far: >Russian sponsored IRA spearfished the DNC >Russian Gucxifer 2.0 and DC…[View]
210395804Are they mad that the Mueller report didn't say anything about the Clintons being satanic child…[View]
210400649It's in the air now You can smell the fear on them 9/11 Truth.[View]
210372297He's fucking right.[View]
210400351God Fucking Dammit: i hate this shit >it's like a non-fiction novel but censored out all the…[View]
210395517Trump announces plan to release detained migrants into sanctuary cities: Why do we support this kike…[View]
210395406HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://twitter.com/TheChloeScott/status/11100217865176…[View]
210389938Germans and the EU: Why do Germans love the EU so much?[View]
210401789you realise ukip is now a complete joke: right? A COMPLETE JOKE[View]
210371691Why didn't you protect her smile, /pol/?[View]
210382373YouTube Censors Varg Again: Try watching latest video from ThuleanPerspecive and tell me if it'…[View]
210398217Why have the western powers fought against the interests of Christendom for almost a millennia now ?…[View]
210401684Alberta, Canada's most right-wing province, has just elected an actual FAGGOT as it's lead…[View]
210401195Make America goy[View]
210401426Niggers did it[View]
210401214Is this the most anti-climactic shit ever?: >Q-tards were wrong >Magapedes were wrong >MSM …[View]
210398510Every place we go non europeans came behind us: It doent matter where we go they are eternally glued…[View]
210401301Great and Holy Thursday: READING - Exodus 19:10-19 The Lord said to Moses, “Go to the people and con…[View]
210401476LMAO Russians Supported BERNIE SANDERS: >what a fucking surprise that commie fucker had russians …[View]
210400963This man just won President of the century with zero fucks given: and there's nothing you can d…[View]
210401129We are Laughing at the idiot in the office[View]
210399907https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanhedrin_trial_of_Jesus One (((party))) was involved in both of the…[View]
210398978Which country will start a race war?: So it seems that it will happen sooner or later, everything le…[View]
210400309you know what to do.[View]
210399902Trump colluded with Israel.[View]
21040116925 points /pol/ Doctrine: let's write /pol/ doctrine in 25 points. what should be our guiding p…[View]
210400428A Man & Woman relationship is like a Superhero & Sidekick relationship. A man that does not …[View]
210400112Buttigieg: So if a faggot is elected president and then decides to become a tranny while in office, …[View]
210400871Riddle me this: Does this investigation going up in smoke mean there should be an investigation into…[View]
210392298This is the End of My Presidency. I'm Fucked.: OH NONONONONONO https://www.justice.gov/storage/…[View]
210400995False dichotomies thread: Let's discuss how jews make us believe in confrontation of the ideolo…[View]
210398901How would it fare if it was made and aired in the current 2019?[View]
210400011Zion Don: Mueller report is a massive distraction from upcoming Jewish tricks. Keep an eye out today…[View]
210400290the internet was a mistake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nByUB5Y5Eqs[View]
210400834Why man are cucks? Most of woman have nothing to offer. Why they try to seduce shallow woman? Becaus…[View]
210400600Oy vey![View]
210399320This faggot ruined Trump's presidency.[View]
210400804People’s Liberation Army: They are called the people’s liberation army. Yet they are participating i…[View]
210379470This was a war crime.[View]
210387841British porn license law to take effect on July 15: The funny thing is, British authorities finally …[View]
210385363opinion towards france: What is your opinion regarding France ? Because here we don't really ta…[View]
210386961Is having a single currency (Euro) in entire European Union a good thing? Or is it just a way to con…[View]
210396971What did they mean by this?: Is this it lads? Is Trump finished for sure this time?[View]
210398543Are we really supposed to believe that this is just some coincidence? An accident? I mean, the media…[View]
210400542Tables about to turn: https://youtu.be/sBSH8CwhK7I[View]
210376932Why has american culture deteriorated so badly in such a short span of time? What happened in 2007 t…[View]
210393565Eurotrash Hate Thread: >I don't care if they are 'white' they are still 'Eurotrash' >Noth…[View]
210400292haha you lose. Trump wins again: >Mueller report >nothing lol.…[View]
210399141Spain’s fascist Vox party enlists former generals, calls for banning Marxist parties. https://www.ws…[View]
210400100Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
210399853What went wrong?[View]
210399158INCOMPETENT BUFFOON: Trump repeatedly ordered his staff to commit obstruction and they just ignored …[View]
210394149>President Buttgeek will see you now[View]
210394616What are the implications?[View]
210392701>Muh liberty >Muh free markets >Muh deregulation The stupidest thing the right wing does is…[View]
210395921/ptg/ President Trump General - Beating Fossilized Horses Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS h…[View]
210394508>would you hold my hand if i saw you in heaven?[View]
210399546The Jews of CBC: Every. Fucking. Time. >Can we really not see that thousands of largely white he…[View]
210390418I believe Ashkenazi Jews are the true übermensch, change my mind!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash…[View]
210393283Reminder to /pol/: The Final Soloution is here[View]
210376967muslim here (pic related) are there any christians here that hate muslims but love jews? and if so, …[View]
210399063>Mueller report >muh cuhlooshun >muh peachmint >it's fucking NOTHING haha you lose.…[View]
210397257Harm to ongoing matter[View]
210390042/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210396789But Robert Mueller Was Our G—: To all you morons who kept saying Bob Mueller was “our guy” for the l…[View]
210397581Crenshaw: You know he's going to be the next R President, don't you? He's smart, disc…[View]
210399160Cuckoldry Problem: pic related, How do we encourage white men to stop being cucks and sacrificing th…[View]
210397707It has been a burger and 30 fries since the report has been released. What stuff of interest has bee…[View]
210398442OPERATION WHITE FEMALE PRIVILEGE: HEY YOU! Are you tired of being blamed for slavery? Are you tired …[View]
210399456Alt-Right and 9/11 Truth: From Zion Don to these Clowns of the Alf-Right it has become apparent to m…[View]
210399441meme: be me try 4 chan[View]
210392044The absolute state of my country[View]
210397170So, /pol/?: Greatest redpill of all time: Everything that's happening today doesn't stop y…[View]
210390818So have you taken the Tulsi-pill?: Don’t be distracted by the mueller report. It’s just a ploy to ge…[View]
210376037Vidya: POL approved video games[View]
210399337Why Don't You Little Turd Burglars Stand and Face a REAL Boomer?: You can't hand a Boomer …[View]
210386780How can Greece reverse the past and ongoing diaspora?: One of the ways to revitalize the Greek natio…[View]
210386437Thoughts on Alpha males being lonely in current society. Beta males are getting married and they can…[View]
210399299So many summerfags on every fucking board: Guess global warming does exist, afterall[View]
210396448why do gays like alienating themselves?[View]
210398562what does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
210399209Bill Barr did an oopsie: Page 158: >The President's efforts to influence the investigation …[View]
210396413Special Counsel Uses NYT as Source on Obstruction: This is really shoddy work and is an embarrassmen…[View]
210398615Mueller is compromised: I don't know how the hell you Russian tools did it, but maybe he was on…[View]
210394437Why didn't you tell me there was another Chimpout in Chicago yesterday?!?: https://chicago.cbsl…[View]
210394795Religeon: Why has everyone become so religeous (christian) in 4chan? P.S. Dont get me wrong, I dont …[View]
210368172New video of girls loving Brenton Tarrant: Is this Generation Zyklon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
210394531What are some examples of Muslims being based and redpilled? Asking for a friend[View]
210388634Skin-head Neo-Nazi From Lousiana with Nigress Go Around America In a Nazi Van: >/pol/'s opin…[View]
210388192What does Mueller Report mean for Assange?: “Under applicable law, publication of these types of mat…[View]
210398079haha you lose. Trump wins again.: >muh Mueller report! surely this will be the end of Trump >a…[View]
210394711'HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN, JEFF?': Guys, it's over. Just read Trump's quotes here. He…[View]
210396648Assange is arrested while Hillary and other crooks walk free, this is total proof that America has b…[View]
210391756Its over.[View]
210397742Are we in the Kali Yuga stage?: >Human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga,…[View]
210395056DEMOCRATS: The Jew Box has lied to you for two years straight. Two years of nothing but lies and tw…[View]
210397183What has there not be any new happenings after the christchurch event /pol/? Didn't he say that…[View]
210397600Do you think it was justified that Varg and his black metal friends burned down hundreds of years ol…[View]
210396556It's OVER: Mueller's report concluded that allegations against Carter Page used to justify…[View]
210394081Ban Islam while we can[View]
210394794>be me >sexually active male >get chlamydia >get told to not have sex for 14 days >gi…[View]
210397927Why are so many White Nationalists also interracial fetishists?[View]
210397865GUYS Be sure to have a snack while your reading the report!! This is tiring work[View]
210396816/pol/ is always right.: And so it begins. Say goodbye to your culture. Time for it to be replaced by…[View]
210395900/eeg/ Eastern Europe General - Day out with the comrads edition: No copypasta so... Election is in 3…[View]
210383680MAJOR HAPPENING: The White Man tells Trump Game of Thrones will sue him for Copyright Infringement h…[View]
210397507EAT SHIT LIBS[View]
210381543will russia save europe?[View]
210397706Who gets charged next?[View]
210397630What does a man do, /pol/: A man PROVIDES. Never forget this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWHedf…[View]
210397549remain: Is it really worth leaving the EU? I understand the arguments for leave but is it not better…[View]
210394505Chris Langan - 210 IQ - the Sun that always shines: The West is red The Sun is rising The West gave …[View]
210394806Traitors: How do we stop traitors from invading our governments? What laws, restrictions, salaries, …[View]
210393412If Trump isn't a white supremacist as he so claims, how come he hired Steve Bannon and refused …[View]
210388967NOT EXONERATED Trump is fucked.[View]
210378176Hi i'm a moderate liberal and i was lurking on /pol yesterday, for some reason the debate of th…[View]
210395688French anons does anyone actually care about this?: Catholics I know in the us went over the top abo…[View]
210396925DAILY REMINDER: So, let me remind you that: >nobody gives a shit >/pol/ is an echo chamber …[View]
210390346>american democracy[View]
210396774Greetings, /pol/. This is my first thread here, setting aside my years on /b/ and /bant/. I'll …[View]
210395890Bengali woman burned alive for reporting rape attempt: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/18/1…[View]
210393492wtf happened to Brexit?: What the fuck happened? Where is my brexit!?[View]
210396495Cracker please: I never ever tried to fire Mueller__ oops wait my bad i think i did. Wikileaks__ no…[View]
210364528What does /pol/ think about this upcoming film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27RtJp-rhHk[View]
210389074INDIA /POL/ Space Force Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210385628RIP Windows 7: There is no other MS option other than widnows 7 without spyware watching you, spying…[View]
210391754Why is /pol/ so religious?[View]
210394265Tuberculosis has returned to finland from niggers even though we got rid of the disease a while back…[View]
210394383I just read this and...wow. This might be the single most potent redpill book out there. Who else ha…[View]
210392170Why Doesn't Someone Open the Box?: >seriously tempted to do so…[View]
210393993>What's a Wikileaks?[View]
210395794“And then he stopped tweeting like a little bitch.”[View]
210394083we have a golden chance here to piss off vice fags and NPC niggas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G…[View]
210395661Is there a Europe without Christianity? Most of European history was pretty insignificant before Chr…[View]
210379130Incoming 'Remember the 6 million' space billboards to be displayed over your night skies anon. http…[View]
210390156Mueller Report get the fuck in here!!: Dig https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf[View]
210395932*honking is winning*[View]
210392912Does the tormenting of people in their mid-90s with dementia really get Jews off?: Persecution in Ge…[View]
210392578/ptg/ President Trump General - Quickly Reading 400 Pages Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS h…[View]
210387054>When the great cathedral glows red, so will begin the descent of man. >God eternal, from when…[View]
210393232Hundreds of young people (perhaps thousands) are carrying the cross around the streets of Oslo. We …[View]
210395666Toughts on Notre Dame Fire Thread: Here's a little wallpaper for you. What does /Pol/ thinks ab…[View]
210357744Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: Welcome to /FAG/ (original: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/21025…[View]
210385264https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGF-ApAx8IU How will clownposters ever recover?[View]
210393757Leaf/burger friendship thread: Get in here boys Fuck kikes and niggers[View]
210395312Big Day ~ Much Salt: Big Day in Politics and News. no collision, NXIVM Killary links and more. Do yo…[View]
210388629BREAKING NEWS!!!. FAT PIG POMPEO MUST GO SAID Kim Jong Un: Replace Pompeo with someone ‘more cautiou…[View]
210392691Who else but Israel?: So let me get this straight: >90% of the Middle East hates the west and wan…[View]
210386181Was the first Muslim a Jew?: >Be Arabs >Be badass multibelief society full of horselords and c…[View]
210395383Collages:: I want to see some redpilling Collages, lets redpill some newfags[View]
210394453Now that the report is out, can we all finally agree that andrew yang is /ourguy/[View]
210393257Reminder that the criminalization of child pornography is a violation of the first amendment.[View]
210387482Trumps social media general: When did trump start posting like an edgy teenager?[View]
210395057Qs Mueller Report: Mueller White Hat? Mueller Black Hat? Mueller compromised? How about Brown Hat? Q…[View]
210377031How do we solve the obesity problem?[View]
210389163Victory today, War tomorrow: >The Radical Left, knowing they have no other option, will now push …[View]
210390582>blacks blame everything on whites >whites pass the blame on to jews What makes you white boys…[View]
210394658He better get the death penalty: Somalian Muslim in Minnesota http://m.startribune.com/boy-thrown-ov…[View]
210363698/pol/ are you okay with your daughter dating a black man who. >Works a 9-5 job >Devoted Christ…[View]
210394549History of Notre Dame: What's At Stake: Why's it gotta be every single time /pol/?...…[View]
210392638>someone got normies (inluding trump jr.) to share a quote by a literal Neo-Nazi by attributing i…[View]
210394456The Russian need to pay for selling china spy planes and for hacking our election: ITS TIME WE PUT T…[View]
210392427Would I be allowed in the Ethnostate?: >pic related me[View]
210393141Boomers like to bash millennials because they are jealous they can't get young pussy anymore. A…[View]
210394354He's guilty but we can't do anything: It's over, bros. Pack it up.[View]
210393919Vaccination controversy?: Ok, so, I realize politics in the West is dominated by pushbutton buzzword…[View]
210370907AUS POL >>210361314 >There is a small research reactor in Sydney, but like I said, I think …[View]
210393015Left vs Right: Why are you playing into their game?[View]
210391204Leica is based, chinks BTFO: 30th anniversary of Tiananmen square massacre, absolutely zero fuck giv…[View]
210385618Alawite on Pol, ask anything you want, alawite redpill - far cousin of Assad: Let me give you some i…[View]
210392831This is unacceptable: What is (((Barr))) hiding?[View]
210393771I am watching cnn and msnbc I am witnessing complete denial and the destruction of careers Anyone e…[View]
210393179Incels on this board will ignore this: >pic related[View]
210393954his is the end of drumpf's presidency, said drumpf[View]
210377067/eeg/ Eastern Europe General - Azov poster edition: Alright I caved, Might as well try a thread or t…[View]
210392386trump still being investigated for collusion with wikileaks. how fucked is he?[View]
210384745Holy shit Swedistan are you even trying to preserve your country[View]
210391730#TrumpColluded: The (((narrative))) is being written in real time. This is the biggest hashtag trend…[View]
210390670So... this means Drumpf gets reelected, right?[View]
210393108I need a PR team like that: PR general 2020[View]
210392192(((Journalists))) are enemy combatants and we never should have repealed the Alien and Sedition Acts…[View]
210393689Muller Report: Seth Rich: It's over. Nothing Sauce--move on.[View]
210392696God I want Yang to be my sugar daddy so god damn bad. I FUCKING WANT HIM TO PAY ME $1000 A MONTH TO …[View]
210392033Is this the power of onions and roast beef? https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/18/pinterest-ipo-stock-star…[View]
210393321What did Popadopolus mean by this?[View]
210393537/pol/ thoughts: Ride share edition: Who wants to pay the gas/insurance/car loan Jew anymore when you…[View]
210392458Trump is finished: The report is here and it's not all good as he implied. Tick tick tock tick …[View]
210384571Not fucking one! Not one allied soldier was tried for war crimes.: WWII history lessons are a fuckin…[View]
210391958In today's episode of Jeff Sessions is a southern retard -[View]
210392056another church burner caught: http://nypost.com/2019/04/17/man-arrested-after-walking-into-st-patric…[View]
210388569It’s up: https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf[View]
210391888>trump cucks out to jews 120% >Mueller report lets him off the hook Totaly a coincidence guys…[View]
210393172>The human race was not supposed to breed into billions, it's unsustainable >The amount o…[View]
210393271I've come to terms with having the man as my next PM. Have you?[View]
210383155Orthodox man infected 39 people with Measles: Remember to take your vaccines, this type of thing cou…[View]
210392340They want to fucking end racism with racism... Fuck me the clowns are right! https://www.youtube.com…[View]
210392750NOT EXONERATED![View]
210393026The Barrbarian does not give a fuck about your optics: IT'S OVER. Democrats getting ready to le…[View]
210393014United Cuckdom: Brit here. As much as I like my country, it's an absolute fucking state. Any PC…[View]
210389724Yeah just go fuck yourselves Europeans. Bunch of hypocrite fucks.[View]
210389157Is Mueller a jew? Dudes nose is too jew to be a goy. Cannot find any results about his religion.[View]
210380346are there actually women on this board? What's it like being in a place society says in hell an…[View]
210388694Your not a real man unless you: lets share 1 sentence descriptions about what makes a real man. Your…[View]
210373660I was bored in school so I drew something[View]
210392652I thought trumps were to be happy today. You look pretty salty. That’s a bad diaper.[View]
210379881(((They))) finally blocked Owen's paypal. Was this the straw that broke the camels back? Just r…[View]
210392648Trump Derangement Syndrome in full action[View]
210377316The fire at Notre Dame was a dark occult ritual re-enacting the Isis/Osiris myth, and it’s not finis…[View]
210392122Trump is going to be impeached and there’s nothing you can do about it.[View]
210390682The trannie problem: Why are there so many fucking trannie shills? Where are they coming from?…[View]
210390297/ptg/ President Trump General - Smug Lug Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whiteh…[View]
210390314ex muslim gang where you at: tell me your experiences with islam, if you have left it of course i ca…[View]
210371941'I have been killing Arabs for 20 years': A snow nigger got mad at a mudslime at an AT&T store a…[View]
210389296Notre-Dame fire and why you're wrong: I used to think there was some probability that the fire …[View]
210388426A guy pulling a giant cross down Hwy 25 near Waynesboro: Is it a sign?[View]
210391791Chicago Chimpout: I didn't see any white teens in the video. Police say they respect the teens …[View]
210389851Muller Report: get to work boys https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf https://www.justice.gov/s…[View]
210375406redpill me psychedelics l why are they kept illegal? and for what purpose would doing so.[View]
210374614Now that the dust has settled, 74 years on from World War II, who were the real winners and losers?[View]
210379107Why wasn't this front page news? Is it because it didn't fit the (((narrative)))?[View]
210389952Reminder that Ceausescu did nothing wrong and he was one of the best and based leader that Romania c…[View]
210380792What does he know that we don't?[View]
210385293Trudeau is fucked: There's no way that Justin Trudeau will get re-elected in the Canadian elect…[View]
210364721CBC asks if Conservatism is White Supremacy-: Logically, yes- given that: 1. Conservatism is 90% Whi…[View]
210391947It's OK that the church burned down. Yoda said so.[View]
210369322>/pol/ thinks this is okay[View]
210371886Now that the dust has been settled, are there any follow ups on pizzagate?: Has it been concluded to…[View]
210387421Why does the government keep hiring niggers?: >be me >have to send out an envelope via Priorit…[View]
210388562Mueller Report released: https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf[View]
210377511Has anyone logged on Facebook lately?: >deactivate Facebook 2 years ago >login to retrieve a …[View]
210391245literally colluded with wikileaks: how fucked is he?[View]
210389544Seriously my American brothers, why can't we make immigration rules a states' right issue?…[View]
210387395>UMMMMMMM Can someone explain what is happening in the pic?[View]
210391103White knighting a nog kickball player: A nog kickball player played like shit. The Nog was called a …[View]
210391104Go out and vote in may![View]
210387131Wtf is this bitch crazy? This would literally make it against the law to eat meat.[View]
210390782[Obstruction of Justice]:: Destruction of evidence, bribery to obstruct, delay, or prevent the commu…[View]
210378405Is Ireland the most redpilled nation in Europe?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm0a3HWM_FM…[View]
210390091We're Winning :)[View]
210386957Things are so bad. Things are so, so bad. I Wish I could tell you all the stories of how cucked and …[View]
210390834Justice for poet: Poet is an jamaican who has been recently fired from his job at copa90 for comment…[View]
210390755Why are the French so pathetic? What makes them so weekly and despicable? So willing to bend over to…[View]
210382992What actual threats did she make? Every news source claims she threatened the schools but none of t…[View]
210390822Xi = Pooh Nigger = Tigger[View]
210390819Poll as of today Have you not figured it out? If either Bernie or Biden get the nom this will oblite…[View]
210389824Is humanity even worth saving?: How can we kill off 100% of human life on earth before 2020? Humans …[View]
210390784Guccifer 2.0 wasnt the orginal leaker?: Hey Pedes, watched Barrs conference today. Guccifer 2.0 was …[View]
210388320What are some charities that help refugees without trying to bring them into the West? They do need …[View]
210388686My company hires foreign workers: It pisses me off. That's capitalism for you. In a fascist soc…[View]
210390412The idea of 'orderly hedonism' is a uniquely secular thing in history, right?[View]
210389740make the (((refugies))) wagecucks: Cyprus has 15,000 asylum seekers and as the tourist season is abo…[View]
210387605With rise to the Me Too movement, does this empower females who falsely accuse of rape? I believe re…[View]
210381341Russia designs the notre dame.[View]
210384160JUST A DAILY REMINDER CUNTS: So, let me remind you that: >nobody gives a shit >/pol/ is an ech…[View]
210389527Is Dubai the Whore of Babylon? What city is the Whore of Babylon?[View]
210387308Guys the angry boomer is at it again >repeats ZOG propaganda >muh hard working immigrants Th…[View]
210390065link to Mueller Report PDF: https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf[View]
210389838IT WAS HER TURN[View]
210359491Fir relz tho[View]
210389929Post salt.[View]
210383542The salt........the salt!!!!!!![View]
210383627Red Pill me on Antartica: Why are there large perminant settlements there? McMurry Station close to …[View]
210388344redpill me on the bahá'í faith[View]
210388580So it's safe to say in will be only male genders that get 10 years jail for watching terror rel…[View]
210387490IT IS OVER INDEED: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-18/barr-says-mueller-found-10-cas…[View]
210380216This is why you must accept race mixing.[View]
210389647Send this to every libtard you know: Conclusion: Trump wins[View]
210388146Our Forefathers Would Be Shooting Already: The Dems are simply un-American. Where is their love for …[View]
210384767His mother made him dress like a girl. Are we raising a generation of Charles Mansons? Also, Henry L…[View]
210386114Why do SJWs talk about white privilege but never Jewish privilege? They have 50% of Nobel prizes. Le…[View]
210388085War over Taiwan: if china tries to annex taiwan should trump settle the score once and for all? http…[View]
210389510Become an anarchist today, bring back love and honest work: I cannot think or comprehend of anything…[View]
210385959Breakdown of blue checkmark fags: Post pics of the best mental breakdowns /pol/[View]
210386496Is he legit or just a meme?[View]
210381455Salt mining: BOYS, lets start up the salt mining production. Lots to do today[View]
210377254Why did Japan forgive the US so easily?: We nuked you and put you in internment camps, and now we…[View]
210387551Pics to post around town: Does someone have the honkpilled 'revolt against the modern world' pic, th…[View]
210389364Did anyone else see this reporter get BTFO? https://mobile.twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/11188770972…[View]
210386895Armed militia detains over 300 spic illegals on NM border: Are you forming a militia to detain illeg…[View]
210379598Should those who're born unable to work due to a disability like autism and or down syndrome be…[View]
210388596Westards do you experience all this anti white bullshit offline?: Or it's only an online thing?…[View]
210389159IT'S OUT: https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf[View]
210386711>the mueller report will be the death of the deep state why is schizo-/pol/ always wrong…[View]
210384288Game Over: Game Over Libtards[View]
210389020Why is Poland so based >pic related[View]
210387751STOP THE MACRON SHILLING ALREADY: >daily reminder that macron never said anything about a multifa…[View]
210366308Take the Techno-Futurism Pill: Humanity should colonize the galaxy, create practically unlimited usa…[View]
210385717MSM confirms exonerated. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47698811[View]
210388807CATHEDRAL: Any Anon's got an opinion about it[View]
210387705Why are people of color always so jealous of white people? Its not our fault that your country is in…[View]
210386439The greatest melt of our time[View]
210388621Now that we've all had our nothingburgers can we get back to work[View]
210384575Why haven’t you taken the HIVpill yet? #TakeThatHIV[View]
210381219Boomers - why the hate?: Why does literally everyone hate boomers /pol/? Not only do the far-right l…[View]
210384623What's this guys end game?[View]
210376650Ann Coulter says she feels the Bern: >'I'd vote for him, I might work for him. I don't …[View]
210376704Matthew 10:34: Do not suppose that I came to bring peace to the earth; I did not come to bring peace…[View]
210388511Ten instances of Obstruction.[View]
210383737Facebook bans far-right groups including BNP, EDL and Britain First: Facebook has permanently banned…[View]
210388166Disrespectful crack ass crackkkers p.s. why do niggers hate dogs and other mascots?[View]
210385334No one talking about what happened at St. Patrick's?: 'A man was taken into custody in New York…[View]
210388391I am running for Congress: Can't do political parties. They- combined with the media- have dest…[View]
210378350This is what NPC's care about: Normies and NPC's don't care about those jewish boogey…[View]
210384331ITT we lip read / transcribe the Barr comments that were messed with: https://youtu.be/_X13UvNBBec?t…[View]
210387134Press F for CNN's final broadcast.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4B-wdO2NhE&feature=you…[View]
210379802Sweden doesn't deserve to exist. Greece should take over Sweden by force. I doubt that Swedes w…[View]
210386544I thought this was a joke: Do all of (((them))) show who they are so proudly?[View]
210384140Literally the exact reason Hillary wasn't charged for her emails. Wtf is going on these people …[View]
210372768Jesus didn't care about stained glass.[View]
210380410I can't believe the most famous cathedral of the world burns down accidentally[View]
210386933Here we go.[View]
210383386operation clown nose: >Pic related Clown noses are availible in bulk from Amazon. I purpose that…[View]
210382131What if we convince niggers that Food stamps and other handouts are racist?[View]
210379885Why doesn't the USA annex Canada?: The USA will probably have single payer health care soon. On…[View]
210356218Based Political YouTubers: Guys, I am looking for other based Youtubers like Sargon and Tim Pool. I…[View]
210374668UK & Portugal: Britbong here, did some reading up on the worlds oldest active military accord. O…[View]
210342169How to make your children disciplined and strong?: What are the best activities enroll your sons/dau…[View]
210385454Australian intel confirms Trump campaign was talking to the Russians. Eat a shit Trumptards.[View]
210384003Accusing Trump of colluding with a foreign power is now officially socially unacceptable: oh nooo, t…[View]
210383416Mount And Blade: Warband: All of you people are fucking retarded normies. Mount and Blade Warband i…[View]
210386660>Although Luther began by blaming the Church for alienating the Jews, when the Jews didn’t jump t…[View]
210383114Absolute savage: https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1118876219381026818[View]
210384706Christchurch memes thread[View]
210377108/sae/ The sexes aren't equal thread: Women want to be treated equally to men, yet they still pa…[View]
210379531SLAVSHITS BTFO ROMANIA TO IMPORT 100s of 1000s OF PAKIS: http://business-review.eu/business/pakistan…[View]
210384197notre dame[View]
210381896His presidency would offer weak memes.[View]
210371989argentina hitler: what you guys think about this old news? https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/argentin…[View]
210382013Is this the legitimate flag of China?[View]
210385758help a doomer out and send me some sweet memes[View]
210380161Why do you deny global warming when it's a clear scientific fact? Just say global warming is re…[View]
210358895Nigger Kills another nigger infront of KIDS: Does it ever end with you primates? Do you have any lim…[View]
210384704One more thing...: Will Barr point out that the witch hunt played right into “the Russians” hand and…[View]
210386430When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, …[View]
210386038Hello /pol/ can you do me a favor? Post the info-graphics that refute the race is a social construct…[View]
210383475>be american >play vidya >have to pay playstation tax >'land of the free' >'home of t…[View]
210386641EPFER (each place for each race): Remember, the LGBT flag is horizontal, the EPFER flag should be ve…[View]
210384189Post C O P E[View]
210385107Ann Coulter has officially declared support for her communist jew master hahahhahahahah how many of …[View]
210371371Why do white people do this?[View]
210368451/pol/ humor thread: situational storytelling edition[View]
210384046>'muh trump is dumb': why do lots of eurocucks on this board think this?[View]
2103812333 Bad Mofos[View]
210385570>we're about to reach 2012-2014 levels of comfy UK politics IT'S HAPPENING!…[View]
210386051When will you faggot Serbs finally accept Kosovo belongs to based Albania?[View]
210385498How do I cope with seeing pretty teen white girls with ugly niggers? Knowing they will pay the toll …[View]
210375517What is more degenerate, marrying a pure non-white woman or an 'experienced' white woman? Just wonde…[View]
210368051THE FUCKING KIKES ARE ALREADY AT IT: https://twitter.com/hotairblog/status/1118535205692805121…[View]
210373501/brit/pol Nigel Farage Thread: Let's get a Nigel Farage thread going, post your best in respect…[View]
210382691It would be so great if Amerigay had a gay president. He would obviously be known as Big Gay Pete. I…[View]
210381198Why does Asian culture hate progressives?[View]
210380850He investigated a troll farm.: Are we next?[View]
210383068>complain about immigrants replacing population >have zero children: Why are white nationalist…[View]
210384285Why? https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/18/tech/pinterest-wall-street-debut/index.html[View]
210385794marc lamparello https://heavy.com/news/2019/04/marc-lamparello/ >lamparello It's a jewish su…[View]
210379968'Mary was a 1st-century BC Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth, and the mother of Jesus, according to …[View]
210369182HAPPENING: Barrs press conference is starting exactly 7 minutes before the exact time flight 77 hit …[View]
210378843blizz now suspends people for stating facts[View]
210385583Stop letting people into your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCd6qisIFKo[View]
210385505Based centrist btfos mainstream media, /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35_UTCxKt2c…[View]
210385224NODER DAYM[View]
210362422Greek parliament calls on Germany to pay WW2 reparations >The parliamentary committee in 2016 ass…[View]
210385241How would you feel if by the end of Trump's two terms he does actually accomplish building the …[View]
210383965I always get so anxious when I read the threads here, then I go outside and see people enjoying the …[View]
210385092Well, it's settled. Trump didn't collude with Russia.: How could /pol/ have been this wron…[View]
210384700WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS??!??[View]
210384735My opinion on LGBTQ people is this: The only thing they identify themselves with is how gay they are…[View]
210348666What's the truth about marijuana /pol/? Is it good or bad? It seems like (((they))) are pushing…[View]
210384898About that frantic “reporter’s” question: Imagine being a “journalist” and yet destroying all sembla…[View]
210384299An few ideas for the future: These are my ideas: >Sexual intercourse between living humans is onl…[View]
210380934JUST: Hello Darkness my old freind[View]
210376162Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to face trial on child sex charges: >A member of the House of Lords will …[View]
210375770FAGS BTFO[View]
210384653FRANCE hate thread: You would think that thr Frogs have learned after Paris and Marseille terror att…[View]
210382375Socialism in America: Is the left-wing push for socialism in America a psy-op? We already give our c…[View]
210383949>it's always fucking nothing[View]
210384513Niggers Will Defend This: I'm talking to (You) (((memeflags)))[View]
210384192REDACTED TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF (((PERIPHERAL THIRD PARTIES))): Who are the (((Peripheral Third P…[View]
210384145Trump Troll Compilation: Can we get a best of Trump trolling thread. I know you all are not too thri…[View]
210384367Having kids is cringe[View]
210384284>no news since april 3 Lol what the actual fuck? Is everyone going to pretend this guy isnt real?…[View]
210370508/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210379990Why do they hate us so much?[View]
210384038be american, end up as >registered meat eater[View]
210383777Intelligence Community (MSNBC) Fuming: Honest question, /pol/, how can these things that work at MSN…[View]
210384121Why do Potato Niggers hate Kikes?: What gives? https://twitter.com/Rusalka343/status/111832588085669…[View]
210384074How did the Barr testimony go?: How was it? I was in Sociology class ( the most blue pilled 'science…[View]
210383964>niggers are fake news[View]
210380205Daily Reminder, cunts: So, let me remind you that: >nobody gives a shit >/pol/ is an echo cham…[View]
210367138White nationalism is NOT PERMITTED in the US military:: What the fuck is wrong with US military lead…[View]
210383357>vaccines cause autism >mumps, measles, the flu, and hundreds of other diseases that killed th…[View]
210381444All praise the most known satanist and neo-nazi of Finland! >Thy shall bring me into new morning …[View]
210383648Rolling Stone Celebrates Notre Dame Burning, Says It’s a “Liberation” from Historical Europe: The fi…[View]
210378055I have no sympathy for niggers whatsoever, they should all die off and the world would be better. BU…[View]
210365187>officially launches new party >5 days later tops the EU MEP election polls kek, this lad…[View]
210383372FTN 207 Discussion thread Post link paypigs[View]
210382579notre dame: Within a week of notre dame burning, 12 other catholic churches in france caught fire as…[View]
210373548Wage slavery general[View]
210378645Why are you shifting the blame, you bootlicking cucks?[View]
210381362Are they just throwing a tantrum and intentionally wasting resources at this point? Mueller testifyi…[View]
210382661HOW MANY DEMOCRATS WILL RESIGN NOW?: It's over. Will democrats who peddled this lunacy finally …[View]
210377612>literally 10 Christcuck threads on /pol/ right now Go to work Boomers, holy shit.…[View]
210383180GAME OVER[View]
210382602Romania, YES![View]
210383131Democrats BTFO!: They will never recover.[View]
210382885Middleman Society: Why is the Middleman held up as the highest one can achieve in American society?…[View]
210382313Remember what we are fighting for.[View]
210377155Bro why did you genocide based natives? They were chill dudes but you slaughtered them like cattle a…[View]
210379134The Last Man on Earth (tv series): Why can't american media go one minute without shoving some …[View]
210382996who is this woman in pic related supposed to represent? https://youtu.be/6n_xCI-peq0[View]
210375052What has Mongolia done in the modern era? You never hear anything coming from there. Are they just a…[View]
210372848Who is in the wrong? https://youtu.be/byq9wwBL_EA[View]
210382872anyone have any screenshots of schizo migapedes claiming this was to take down obama and hillary or …[View]
210382870Trump/Mueller video with Chat: https://youtu.be/HYcQspY1RBs[View]
210380076This is going to be the most exciting times ever. The next gov is going to: Subject the court to the…[View]
210380050Best caption of this photo of a dead prisoner in Colombia who was strangled by another prisoner wins…[View]
210381821Why didn't trump put Clinton in jail yet? Is he paying 5D chess again?[View]
210380935Mandatory books any anon must read read before posting on /pol/[View]
210375605Muslim Voters Won’t Forget Which Democrats Had Ilhan Omar’s Back: >Attacks on Omar are perceived …[View]
210375029ITT: We sum up Trump's presidency with one pic[View]
210379021What will become of Mueller now?: He didn't deliver. He's been touted as the hammer of the…[View]
210377597Sees American Youth: 'I'll have what they're having!': Srsly: Who the fuck would defend Am…[View]
210382272>/pol/ doesn't realize by constantly demonizing the jews they're actually showing peopl…[View]
210379408Live Richard Barr: Live Richard Barr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8SagK1_ZcU[View]
210372467So how do we solve the jewish problem? Realistic sullotions preferred[View]
210369257Does anyone seriously think pagan Europe would have stood a chance against the Muslim hordes and Jew…[View]
210378839The IQ Gap Is No Longer a Black and White Issue: http://www.unz.com/article/the-iq-gap-is-no-longer-…[View]
210379284DRUMPF: Russia did it! >release mueller summary Liar! Release the whole report! >whole 400 pag…[View]
210379121Trudeau's 2019 re-election has self-imposed problems:: Not only is Trudeau's government im…[View]
210376288Tarrant last thought before the attack: The final push was witnessing the state of French cities and…[View]
210381661Anonymous: Now that the Communist and Nazi memes got stale, what is the edgiest political position? …[View]
210380635AG William Barr Holds Press Conference About Mueller Report Release: https://www.theepochtimes.com/l…[View]
210380506Are you going to be celebrating Victory in Europe Day? It's only next month on may the 8th.[View]
210379603SIGN IT[View]
210376576Cross was still standing[View]
210373373I dont understand, the United States was founded on the idea that all are equal. Why does /pol/ hate…[View]
210381475U.S. Gib bribes are keeping u.s. states from being totally independent. Is this true, is the jew mon…[View]
210377422Why are most conservatives such corporate shills? They sit there suck off big businesses like they’r…[View]
210381423Thoughts on ephebofilia? Ellaborate why it is acceptable /is not acceptable[View]
210374345Why do some races (black) and societies (africa) refuse to learn and develop new skills and become s…[View]
210379351/pol/ redpille me on faggots[View]
210381291>be russian >be in sauna in a finnish resort >see a finn stealing your car out of the windo…[View]
210373473Cartels vs ISIS Who is more alpha?[View]
210381252How can you have kids knowing the sub human problem isn't going away?: How can you have kids kn…[View]
210373714President Trump General /ptg/ - THE CALM BEFORE: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whiteho…[View]
210381210Let's get this going on twitter: New campaign: Barbarians make us stronger Expropriate Diversit…[View]
210380725Fix the Notre Dame Cathedral by converting its ruins into a Mosque.: Which one of you fuckers made t…[View]
210366973>*SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP* >yep this religion is based and redpilled!…[View]
210381122Good morning America!!!: Bush era reloaded__ take it or leave it[View]
210381101We need to take twitter down.[View]
210380648hi i'm new to this site so please excuse my naivety: what does Black pill mean? thanks in advan…[View]
210381099Why are Germs so prideful and stubborn about the EU? Are they really that dumb?[View]
210381093Who else here converted to Islam so that they will be on the winning side when shit hits the fan?[View]
210379855Gen z is truly based: 44% of people under 25 voted for le pen considering that only 70% are french n…[View]
210374536Berlin sightseeing: Visiting Berlin this weekend with my gf. She's a white woman and I'm a…[View]
210380803European American: What do you think about the term European American? So blacks use the term afric…[View]
210380760>holy shit............I'm going to die in prison[View]
210380669Here we go: Whatchya doin rabb....American Italian catholic ?[View]
210380531What’s the White Man Thinking ?[View]
210378603Outrage as Kuwaiti 'researcher' claims Jews 'slaughter Christian children' and u…[View]
210378073Clown world better and stronger than ever before.[View]
210365415How does capitalism aim to fix this issue?: >Wages will continue to fall due to technological pro…[View]
210380412>women are attracted to mates that offer resources and stability >wages stagnating, cost of li…[View]
210378164Honking season is heating up: Political rally season is heating up, are you willing to represent you…[View]
210379699You heard that on C-SPAN right: 'X Y Z are just a bunch of subversive Jews...'[View]
210378512when will he kill himself?[View]
210379792Krassenstein Final Solution Suggestions: Ok /pol/ any ideas on how to solve the (((Krassenstein))) p…[View]
210364514RIP SOL PAIS: >self-inflicted gunshot with a shotgun >a 18 years old girl…[View]
210378124life: im sad[View]
210376776Who knew our Malkin was a Russian? I certainly didn't, and I'm a Pittsburgher. Guy must ke…[View]
210376440Are your nation's singers and artists also all united to show love to the one and only beloved …[View]
210359722We need a word to call ani-white cucks that hate their own skin and culture that is really dehumanis…[View]
210377650I need your help /pol/: I don't know what to do. In this joke of a world we live in, I have lea…[View]
210373924I can feel it.: Israel will be nuked within a week after the Mueller report release.[View]
210357647I was contacted by Australian police for Memes on 4chan: They came to my house and I wasn't hom…[View]
210379806Why did Nixon get into trouble?: pls give full details[View]
210370324>single mother IQ calculated to be in low 90s: If you were raised by a single mum, my condolences…[View]
210377860/pol/, what is the best state for white christian conservative to immigrate? I searched a bit and fo…[View]
210378209White genocide is the funniest shit I've evet heard: Jon-tron tier neet boomer cunts, all of yo…[View]
210373148He is Risen[View]
210362507ARE NIGE[View]
210373421*Destroys your church*: What now, Christkikes?[View]
210376459Arab zanizbar genocide: 100,000 ruling class,citizen,armed police Arabs where killed (98% of the Ara…[View]
210378406Whats a surefire way to piss off all the Serbian immigrants in my neighborhood? I want them gone.[View]
210379327haha silly believers! am i right guys?[View]
210372281What would you like to say to the NSA who has monitored all your posts and created a profile about y…[View]
210378589>'yes Japan surrender because of only 2 atomic bombs that droppen USA, despite of being bombed me…[View]
210378010White college guy tries to burn St Patrick's Cathedral: https://heavy.com/news/2019/04/marc-lam…[View]
210374221>is vegan >aborts baby Fucking state of millenials.…[View]
210374129Half of Millennials and Generation Z want employers to prioritize diversity over ability: > Just …[View]
210377554'Herro Ferro Right Peepo'[View]
210378827We shouldn't say 'retarded' anymore, instead we should use 'special needs' and make that the ne…[View]
210373384How do cumskins cope with the fact that Indians BTFO'd you at your own game?[View]
210377347Why do french copy muslim architecture?: Pic is a mosque in cyprus called lala mustafa pasha as you …[View]
210376358do other countries get to see ufo? i wonder what russian or chinese combat pilots or high rankin off…[View]
210375495Why do incels exist? Doesn't being redpilled and aware of how whores women are cure being a fag…[View]
210369656Is it true? Are we really psychopaths /pol/?[View]
210376538People on /pol/ are the most cucked people on this board. You are all talk and no action. How many o…[View]
210377268Jewish Weed: Kosher Kush, a stoners greatest ally[View]
210368681This one post....: >Screencap related On the thread (http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/210353912…[View]
210369702What do you think is another White supremacy symbol that the left could fall for?[View]
210378642Part of board culture: Did /mlpol/ get DDOS'ed or shut down?[View]
210378535Don’t worry about juden propaganda This effectiveness has been limited bye The information overloa…[View]
210376045Why haven't you gentrified a city yet?: Right wingers talk about being replaced all the time. M…[View]
210376511Positive Thread: Soon, an Indian woman will be running for president in Amerimutt land. Time is runn…[View]
210376471>>113103394 >The local indigenous people, the Yuin tribe, believed the killer whales to be …[View]
210375313the cuck pill: why wont you let your wife be bread by an alpha black man wile you chill with your sw…[View]
210376731Serbia: Send me best anti serb memes[View]
210367246powerful stuff: impressive[View]
210377094Clown World Order #03: Shut It Down: Don't criticize the media or banks goyim. That's anti…[View]
210373287I can feel the raw hatred toward the jew, but it's still repressed, Nick Fuentes is certainly /…[View]
210375888Breed of peace strikes again[View]
210370676It begins... also, submit your ideas, if you have them[View]
210376121>Hurr durr I love Serbs, Orthodox brothers >Moves to Bulgaria in his vacation apartment Why ar…[View]
210377744Politics aside I came to ask why haven't you joined in yet? Do you think you're above it?…[View]
210375369Tarrant love thread and discurss for the great replacement[View]
210378188Pat Little: 'The Guy in New Zealand Was Most Likely Mossad Connected': H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T. Yeah. He sai…[View]
210350860Clown world[View]
210373471DEMS ON LITERAL SUICIDE WATCH >The Greatest Political Hoax of all time! Crimes were committed by …[View]
210371642>he deleted it https://archive.is/oYGiY[View]
210377704Comfy Comey: No longer comfy after report lease. He will fall on the sword for deepers.[View]
210370762NXIVM DOS Last thread got deleted as soon as I posted this link. NXIVM ring for sale, tells of psyc…[View]
210375684Why are white trash and muslims the only ones who make children these days?[View]
210377788If you kill your enemies, they win!: Oy Vey! Don't fight back! If you don't fight back I…[View]
210377912Gen Z is so based[View]
210375966INDIA /POL/ Cultural Heritage Dharmic Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210377849How do we stop them?: There's a twitter account that gets people fired for hating Islam. Not ju…[View]
210371547Lets make a thread of must visit Cathedrals and christian buildings before they get destroyed by '''…[View]
210374891Askenazi = Nazi: Since the left is so fucking dumb, can we make them believe that Ashkenazi are are …[View]
210368874Are Trump voters sheep?[View]
210369538the original Honker[View]
210365659How do we solve the weak men problem?: With leftist ever encroaching, can we even fight back?[View]
210375906At the end of the day, the reason whites became so successful is because they actually care about th…[View]
210375999Honestly thinking about studying Jewish esotericism or converting to Orthodox Judaism. Jews are woke…[View]
210355096Boomer is replying to /pol/ - Part 2: Boomer is replying to /pol/ - Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
210374543How do we stop the eternal boomer /pol/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPZA4_OE24g[View]
210375646The truth hurts their ears: He is Risen[View]
210377051how would /pol/ design a eco fascist nation?: physical layout and architecture and construction idea…[View]
210375995Typical white woman in the good ol'US of A: This is a white woman in america. The mutt meme is …[View]
210376151/leftypol/ complex: >it's a post colonial white man's world >white men are our oppre…[View]
210373963Sandnigger hate thread: When will they ever fucking learn alot of Muslims hate other cultures. Musli…[View]
210377285Is EU fucked next month or will it be elitist business as usual?[View]
210375692White power is rainbow power: White is the combination of all colors, white people are the rainbow c…[View]
210362247>wow look at this Muslims are LAUGHING at the Notre-Dame fire >meanwhile laugh at memes of peo…[View]
210373647White Pill Thread: Let's get a white pill thread going.[View]
210376715INDIAN COWS (HINDI INEK) FASHION SHOW: You might have heard of KARA BOGA (Black bull), but have you …[View]
210372655Islam hate/memes thread[View]
210374707The History of Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIPxZ8TU8CA when did owen become so based? holy …[View]
210368183Why are White 'people' so retarded? When will you stop worshipping a dead kike on a stick and follow…[View]
210376405I want the United States to be just like Venezuela, where all the wealth and power is concentrated i…[View]
210373030Italian PC: > Vieni avanti Gretina Translate: > Come forward, idiot ITA: Cretino ENG: Idiot Gr…[View]
210371536Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders: >https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47974579 Fa…[View]
210374808He is Risen[View]
210375324Would /Pol exist ?: The scenario: You live in a World where everybody is White(No other race only W…[View]
210376589Stop the Nip Love: Especially Australian flag cunts, it’s cringy and pathetic as fuck. We had to pul…[View]
210375227When/pol/ complain about only settling for a 10/10 teenage virgin who is perfectly loyal, always hor…[View]
210370464Europe must remain in the EU. Youre doomed without it[View]
210365741What does pol think of her?[View]
210371906Based German guy: At Korean TV show Selfish Pakistan Muslim and algerian chick said ' Islam was (?)…[View]
210373328The true master race?: Why is it so that Norwegian girls(male) are so much better than all other peo…[View]
210374034I have become a contrarian that admires everything opposed to liberalism and feels a strong sense of…[View]
210372048Media matters exposes 4chan for...supporting reparations?: >'There is evidence that white suprema…[View]
210374403Man tries to burn down St. Patrick's.: Man caught with 2 gas cans entering St. Patrick's C…[View]
210373896Burned down a chuch to hide a story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-cdpYN06Lc Power of shit posti…[View]
210372237I Love Christ and I pray that /pol/ will do someday too.: Amen.[View]
210374299He is Risen[View]
210368701does bleaching work pic related Halle Berry(who is half white and married a white dude)daughter[View]
210372617Hockey is the last sport for white men. Start watching hockey.[View]
210353427Brit/pol/ - Comfy Morning Edition: Here are the links from the last thread that had them the other d…[View]
210375289There's a website where millions of girls aged 9 to 14 go to watch cute guys stream video of th…[View]
210371329CANADA NO!!!! https://youtu.be/Py1NZT5_NlA You should be welcoming ‘fugees with open arms, not excu…[View]
210363233Hello goyim. Mind debunking this image for me?[View]
210374896Is Budapest culturally enriched? Might be going there. I'm interested in visiting the Jewish di…[View]
210374259Imperial Presidency Wins Again: Trump's Veto Continues Yemen War: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
210364977Well my boy Brenton Tarrant just lost my vote in the 2051 Parliamentary PM runnings.[View]
210353912Arson confirmed / This means WAR: '#Breaking: The company who worked on the restoration on the #Notr…[View]
210360786Are eastern European woman really more attractive than American woman, or has it just become a meme …[View]
210370923He is Risen[View]
210375412Unironically a great metaphorical title considering recent circumstances: All hail our lord and savi…[View]
210357964The Trump regime is illegitimate and a sign that America is a banana Republic 100%. Assange is arres…[View]
210373301Usury: Daily reminder that usury and the banking system is the source of all the problems you see in…[View]
210364730Okay so we're clear on what is degenerate. If you were to define the opposite as Generate, what…[View]
210360511Leah is a 14 year old student from Uganda protesting against Climate Change. Tell me /pol/l what do …[View]
210367309UK P0RN BAN: Oy vey, look (((who's))) behind it. https://youtu.be/qCM6Uq7CAnU answer at (((6:37…[View]
210368890The reason why India is so polluted is because the Jews do not want us Indians to channel our Hindu …[View]
210373717Check out this documentary from 2001 about Neanderthals... Who else could this fucking be? Are Jews …[View]
210365563Let’s see what you’ve got, goys.[View]
210374887Muh Religion advanced science!! Holy shit hahahaha Do you Abrahamic cunts even hear yourselves thin…[View]
210374879https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zKaVwB-yrE stacys are more sad than incels KEK[View]
210372785Free press: Its the notion of 'fake news' in violation of the 1st ammendment? You cant have free pre…[View]
210359564I want to be a commie but I hate gays: How do I tell these faggots that they need to be thrown in a …[View]
210372998Stunning and brave[View]
210374275>WW allied soldiers gave their life so that their sons could eat meat have sex listen to music no…[View]
210364118There seems to be a massive rise in communist not just on pol but in general. Is it just me or is th…[View]
210374148oniichan kirru niggerus[View]
210371188Traitors must burn: Pic related walked into St. Patrick's Cathedral in Jew York last night with…[View]
210365663Ukraine-Russia War!: I know the Ukranians have been saying 'Russia is going to invade us any minute …[View]
210363867Reading Recommendations: Thanks to the constant shilling of anti-Christianity on here I am having a …[View]
210371415This pic is a good metaphor for most of the populist discontent in the West. Because as much as you …[View]
210363661Automation: How is automation going to kill all the jobs if no one is gonna have money to buy any of…[View]
210370514White women let their children get thrown on balconies by male niggers[View]
210369284NOTRE DAME CULPRITS ?: https://twitter.com/AlexLeroy90/status/1118289045954748417[View]
210367240Help a depressed brother out, convince me we’ll take control again.: >feeling like there’s nothin…[View]
210343785You had one job to do....[View]
210370342we must protect the white woman[View]
210370392Turn Notre Dame into a mosque!: Alright guys, I keep posting this and yet no one join in for the fun…[View]
210362356new 'study' find link of bowel cancer to consumption of meat here is the study. https://academic.oup…[View]
210371450Notre Dame wasnt an accident: https://www.foxnews.com/us/st-patricks-cathedral-new-york-city It…[View]
210373302WW II Subwarfare: You have some WW II Submarine warfare footage? Share it![View]
210364963Truer words never spoken, right? So tell me again why you retards want to force this broken, sociopa…[View]
210368665Antarctica as a future /pol/ state?[View]
210373401CHRISTIANITY IS BAS--: >Sicut Judaeis(Latin: 'As the Jews') was a papal bull setting out the offi…[View]
210373025Army forces: Young man, once you turn 18, join the Army, Navy or Air Force. You will be able to clim…[View]
210369193Why does Ukraine want to elect a Jewish comedian?: This makes Ukraine look very bad. They have serio…[View]
210373398European Unapology Thread: It’s time we stop saying sorry to groups of people that will never stop t…[View]
210371730USA slides down on the press freedom index again: Now at rank 48 and in the orange. It’s so embarras…[View]
210370118They're getting smarter[View]
210372413SLAYER: A 2 class society is emerging. The ones concerned with the Old World rules, while the others…[View]
210371058Only robots can stop a mass immigration: Boston Dynamics will save your white asses, guys. Look at t…[View]
210354395How long has IBM been in the Whitehouse?: Since Woodrow Wilson, according to CEO Ginni Rometty when …[View]
210357186OPERATION: WHITE OUT (UK): “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” - Rules for radicals. …[View]
210373104Why do Americucks do this?: >Nigger-mix kills a human >It's a nigger. What did you expect…[View]
210371549Degenerate activities: Anons, Post all degenerate activities you can think of. I will be on social m…[View]
210372724Xi Jinping? Moar like Shit Jinpoop amirite?![View]
210372508This is central to what is destroying western civilisation, why is it still a thing?: Is there any c…[View]
210362879The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages MATRIX: A government department that holds all record…[View]
210372762Russians and Poles are trad-: How did this lie spread?[View]
210371949remember this time? based.[View]
210371511Why is this allowed?: >In a statement, Facebook said: “Individuals and organisations who spread h…[View]
210371041Aversion to Interpersonal Conflict is Killing the West: The West isn't being killed, so much as…[View]
210371224Is being a soldier better than being a wagecuck? I don't want to slave away for the rest of my …[View]
210370242Tfw you won't experience America at that quiet countryside pace ever again[View]
210359467INDIA /POL/ Space Force Edition 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
210370755Baste Russia: >Russia is pro-wh[View]
210371845positive eugenics?: How does /pol/ view positive eugenics can it be used to end shithole nations?…[View]
210365351Why are Dems so pissed about Barr speaking before releasing the report? What difference does it make…[View]
210370009Notre Dame billionaires: Hello fellas, This might have been discussed before, but I dont give a fuck…[View]
210372186LGBT for everyone: You can't stop the LGBT train now /pol/ soon ultrasounds will emits electrom…[View]
210372377Hey: Is it safe to spare any jews once we have to come up with a solution once and for all? Until go…[View]
210372354Jihadist planning Seville attack arrested in Morocco: The arrested for attempting to attempt in Sevi…[View]
210366239Sweden: How does pol really feel about Sweden? What is contemporary Swedish culture like? All I real…[View]
210372293Face it, anon, this be your western values now.[View]
210363465Why was General Patton anti-Semitic?: Ironic since he fought the Nazis. Why? From “The Patton Papers…[View]
210370138Redpills on Christianity: Has Christianity changed from its original form? And if it has was it good…[View]
210370479Well well[View]
210361382if you don't feel uncomfortable while sitting with your legs crossed, you better turn in your m…[View]
210368606IT'S OVER FOR LITTLE BETO: Another one bites the dust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8ivzHcP…[View]
210369050>Did you know it was pressure from Irish American community leaders that led to the establishment…[View]
210366711Sargon and Count Dankula EU PALRIMENT CAMPAIGN Listen up Britbongs, UKIP has Carl Benjamin and Mark …[View]
210369715Does it seem like Liberals are secretly happy about Notre Dame?: Like they enjoy telling people Fran…[View]
210368352Catholicism is litrally white islam Change my mind faggots.[View]
210370323tell Heydrich what you think: WTF? is this legit? https://www.abroadintheyard.com/famous-faces-linke…[View]
210366647TERF forced to pay for Transwomen's Face Surgeries: A University is now forcing their students …[View]
210370953What does pol think of the nazi justice system?: https://youtu.be/aNi5256dhvM[View]
210339062This is just... wow. I'm speechless. It's so incredible, just unreal.[View]
210371842YEET: Some one can edit this photo like vapewave?[View]
210367865It’s all over for Trump today: Today will be the beginning of the end for Trump. Indictments are com…[View]
210369919Christian people tolerated Liberals: Should they have immediately suppressed them when they had the …[View]
210366088Holy fuck, Im a full blown Nazi: After reading up on a few notable figures such as George Rockwell a…[View]
210338580What can I do to help accelerate the fall of Western civilization?[View]
210360831I wonder what was he thinking before he says he can't do it?[View]
210358933The locust horde has taken over Africa.: The Chinese insect army is assassinating farmers to get the…[View]
210371600Can he win bros? I don't want another Liberal government.[View]
210369482Does /pol/ people who wear glasses? I don't. Especially not if they wear novelty glasses, or th…[View]
210360110State financed clowns in Argentina: >Be me >Wake up >Government accused of being utlracapit…[View]
210361424白人: Nothing is more degenerate than white people[View]
210359567OPERATION ONIONS DETOX We need to dislike this faggots video. He's getting support from jewtube…[View]
210358455Attention! Insulting s0yb0ys like this is now only for Nazis. Youre not a Nazi are you?[View]
210371156Consider the following: Crying over the loss of a cathedral when it was going to be burned down by t…[View]
210368674Love conquers everything anons. Redpills destroys lives.[View]
210371258>2019 >people still believe in god Kek[View]
210369008is south turkey the most based place in the world? >traditional >no fags >no dykes >no c…[View]
210363088Dual heritage means dual loyalties If you are marrying any girl but your own ethnicity (ethnicity, n…[View]
210369885Would you colonize a black woman?[View]
210364821Any autisters w/ good taste in music?[View]
210371004Charlie Hebdo is the end result of Atheism: Yet they continue to mock as if it's a virtue.…[View]
210369053>Trump wins US elections >Putin receives a standing ovation in the Duma/parliament Understanda…[View]
210363679I say it was those dirty sand niggers. They say an electrical fault started the fire, like Fucking f…[View]
210368247Anonymous: >hello, I'm here for the job posting[View]
210366875Why are white people such perpetual jouveniles?: You're literally all a bunch of cucks. Even yo…[View]
210369353Wtf is this shit? Hasan Minhaj really? Priyanka Chopra ? kek. isn't she an American now? She sh…[View]
210362630>This is what Americans are listening to in the last 12 months[View]
210368550Romania BEGS Pakistan for up to 6 million Pakis to Europe by NEXT YEAR: https://www.msn.com/en-xl/ne…[View]
210368056North Korea rejects Pompeo for nuclear talks, wants someone 'more careful and mature': KCN…[View]
210369081Will the 2010's be remembered like the 1920's? A degenerate era which inevitably lead to a…[View]
210370042Canucks in the states: I'm in America! I now understand why Americans hate NIGGERS. THERE'…[View]
210369440How long until America has a plurality of Pardos like Brazil?: When will we start seeing exotic beau…[View]
210368372it's true: all of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVGU_ORnnN8[View]
210359379Pompeo ‘setting the stage for war with Iran,’ says Bush-era official: >US Secretary of State Mike…[View]
210355556F-35, AMERICAN FLYING TOILET SOLD TO JAPAN. LMAO: Japan’s crashed F-35 had navigation & cooling …[View]
210370329Npcs: https://twitter.com/mdugan2765/status/1118791626837643264 I refuse to believe that these are r…[View]
210368129What was the USA's contribution in India's independence?: Randomly ran into a conversation…[View]
210362737Legalizing marijuana: How can anybody promote mental illness? Is it ignorance or pure indifference t…[View]
210370115WHOS REALLY to blame ????: Starts with J cmon open up your eyes people[View]
210369940How many south and central Americans does the CIA need to kill before you realize socialism doesn…[View]
210369826Hey libtards, how many south and central Americans does the CIA need to kill before you realize soci…[View]
210369738Where can I form my black ethnostate on N. American soil and get away from whites? Hopefully somewhe…[View]
210369841Prove that large scale liquidations happened in Jasenovac and this man will pay you 10,000,000 kunas…[View]
210338393Christianity is not an ethnoreligion.: Why do Christcucks act like Christianity is their, and that i…[View]
210366522Here's a fun thing to try >draw a flag like pic provided >use colours in the pic provided…[View]
210367395My political compass is fairly similar to Adolf Hitler, does that make me immoral?[View]
210369211Assange smeared faeces in Ecuador embassy,' says president - BBC News: listen... https://youtu.…[View]
210369288Will today end the democrats’ 2 year long temper tantrum over losing the 2016 election, or are they …[View]
210361859Does anyone feel like 4chan is becoming a little bit boring nowadays.[View]
210367148there's too many fucking states[View]
210368072Hatespeech: Hatespeech is not freespeech you racist nazis. Soon it will be a hate crime in every cou…[View]
210368351Romania invites up to a million Pakis to Europe: By NEXT year. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/…[View]
210358327what did they mean by this[View]
210367550>trump supporters aren’t idio-[View]
210369386Notre dame. 1. We repair it and reconstruct it the way it was. 2. We repair and to better reflect th…[View]
210367448Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Guides Flight Drill of Unit 1017 of KPA Air and Anti-Aircraft Force[View]
210364159Grand Mufti Kavazović: >The tragedy of Notre Dame is a loss of our European and civilizational he…[View]
210366368Joseph Stalin's approval rating at record high among Russians https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/wo…[View]
210365921>Just a few hours til Barr's press conference Is a school shooting in bound?…[View]
210368899Good Blacks are a Fluke: Regression to the mean: 1. People have two sets of chromosomes- each carryi…[View]
210368777This is Britain's Next Prime Minister: You know it, I know it, the only ones who don't kno…[View]
210355655cocksucker Fuck your mother. son of a bitch mother son of a bitch. spleen arterial mirkelan fucked b…[View]
210368133>He eats his steak and hamburgers well done And you follow this man?[View]
210362321A girl I want to fuck listens to Sam Harris Please give me a summary of this guy, and a summary of w…[View]
210366416Why is it so hard for Americans to make healthcare affordable?[View]
210368434when does pol do something good?[View]
210363056TIL Romanians aren't all gypsies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_people According to wiki…[View]
210364261the WMAF problem: it's that time again lads, why is this so common despite the lack of propagan…[View]
210366192Greeting my fellow potato anons. I've come with some fun facts about foreigners and faggots. …[View]
210365779Daily reminder that only Anglos and Scandinavians are white.[View]
210360446This kills racism.[View]
210364232William Luther Pierce: What does /pol/ make of this man? I think he is pretty based from what I have…[View]
210362815How did Aum Shinrikyo gain so much success as an organization in such a short amount of time how the…[View]
210366468Have you kiite'd Mestari today?[View]
210361317What's going on with China right now? It's pretty hard to miss, every western outlet is pu…[View]
210364627Communists BTFO'd. Fuck you /pol/.[View]
210368177This opened the way for the first marriages between Blacks (who previously had paired off and mated …[View]
210359266Struggling to realize what my ideology is: I believe in small government, I'm anti-socialist, b…[View]
210366509When a bunch of commies killed Americans: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gunsofcentralia/the-g…[View]
210365200America best country: I think America is best country, what do you think /po/?[View]
210365128How to turn Antifa into your own personal intelligence agency: LISTEN HERE YOU BITCH ASS SHIT ASS AN…[View]
210367829TWITTER WANTS PEOPLE TO DIE: If blacks used donated sperm from Asians to erase African blood, it wou…[View]
210333092#Lügenpresse: Let’s meme it and double down on the salt, they’re already losing their minds[View]
210367101Brexit Party now polling first in EU Parliament voting intentions: Labour and Tories look set to get…[View]
210347849Why can't I be an athiest and still hold traditional values?: And why does it make people so as…[View]
210363136ALL antichristian shilling is done by KIKES: -That is another story that derives from the Apocrypha;…[View]
210354163You all better stop disrespecting China. We will remember and you will literally pay for the privile…[View]
210367483Romania invites half a million Pakis to Europe: Hungary lost two thirds of its territory for this. h…[View]
210366757Notre dame: So guys, what and who do you think caused the church to start burning? Muslims? Jews? Ni…[View]
210362269Are Jews malodorous?: I have never seen one. Case in point: https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Jewish-fa…[View]
210366404>trying to educate myself on no-fap >pro fap side is full of bullshit hokum and clickbait buz…[View]
210351832Mutt actress dead at 16: BBC children's TV star Mya-Lecia Naylor has died suddenly at the age o…[View]
210363916We're not going to make it, are we lads?[View]
210354545WORLD WAR THREE!: >China sends troops to Vuvuzela >Russia does as well >Pompeo: 'God m…[View]
210364105Trump Supporter tries to burn NY Cathedral: A New Jersey White Male has been arrested with petrol ca…[View]
210367196AusPol in the 1960s, how to get into a fight, where are all the foreigners? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
210362610There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
210367169How Hungarians think of Austro-Hungary?: Was it proud history? Or just a another colonized period?…[View]
210326670Why is it getting harder for women to find men to marry?[View]
210364371black hole image nazi symbol: > Use black hole image as avatar in your right-wing profiles > W…[View]
210366320Trump Talks Troops: Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how Trump is talking t…[View]
210363091Bernie Sanders town hall: What happened? How did Bernie win over the Fox News crowd?[View]
210359816Why did they do that?[View]
210366725Would you really deny this cute boy the possibility of showing his beauty in all its perfection beca…[View]
210364035Action: 4chan is gettin' kinda boring, its time for some action again. Its time to raid again, …[View]
210363405'God is make believe so let's go extinct': >be atheist >constantly spout typical anti-the…[View]
210364079Give me suggestions for redpilled music with lyrics. There's lots of martial industrial and neo…[View]
210354465>Centuries of world wars, battles, bloodshed, fighting for survival, revolution after revolution,…[View]
210365913A 37-year-old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, trying to enter with four gallons of gasoline: A …[View]
210360453Mossad-chan wants to take a peek at your browser history. Would you let her?[View]
210362307There's a team of active botters on /b/ every waking minute. But who are they? What do they do?…[View]
210354831Just a good ol'fashion pepe post: Hey newfags, been awhile since ive seen a good pepe meme thre…[View]
210357496Hiding from the deep state: I’m sure many of you guys are activists who are trying to “stick it to t…[View]
210362733We knew ICE was racist...: But apparently they are also antisemites. https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/…[View]
210359168The fake witch hunt ends in hours!: Very soon the bullshit will end and the truth will be revealed!…[View]
210366434/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210363478The US federal government fears millennial's homeschooling their children instead of sending th…[View]
210364626Nice...: Anyone else notice that /pol/ has gotten a lot better recently?[View]
210366328What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Why…[View]
210366096No Quarter Asked or Given: Just an off the cuff non-scripted talk about PC and its death cult antics…[View]
210364592so whats up with the mueller report?: i am out of the loop. can anyone give me a quick rundown on th…[View]
210365531Feminists or gold diggers?: A gold digger will do pretty much anything for a man and stay with him, …[View]
210366050#StopTheCaravan Update | #DACA Dead | #BuildTheWall: Just a middle aged man babbling for several min…[View]
210363712stop blaming all of societies problems on non whites: do you really think that everything would get …[View]
210359688Should we all move to Japan?: America is doomed and the best of us have already moved to Japan. What…[View]
210363638ARE YOU READY FOR REAL ZOMBIES?: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-pigbrains/yale-study-revi…[View]
210363423What was his point? That we live in a society?[View]
210361398Ftn 207: For discussion of show[View]
210365815Rap/Hip-hop is a bad influence to white girls?: I dunno about you guys but rap music is brainwashing…[View]
210364837Whites are net tax payers-: yet FIGHT the movement to incrase their tax benefits... Why are Whites s…[View]
210358156What does /pol/ think of Pete Buttigieg?[View]
210365676LGBT is white supremacy. Support white nationalism and spread faggotry around the world[View]
210362539Reptilians: redpill me on the reptilians[View]
210364537Have you called the cops on a suspocious black person today? And if not, why not? Make those taxes w…[View]
210321473Whats up with the jews feeling pure hatred and disgust on Jesus Christ?[View]
210362970>heheh the left is full of pedophiles >not the right though >it's just the left. the r…[View]
210360021Hungarian irredentism: Is this how Hungary realistically should look like according to the self-dete…[View]
210364383JEWISH BILLIONAIRE: 'Mueller is lying!'[View]
210365380Are we entering the Great Tribulation? Biblical prophecy is interesting, to say the least. Who is th…[View]
210365080Where are all the pedogate breads?: People coming out about their child rape from child rape ring. N…[View]
210359045imagine thinking that castizos are not the master race[View]
210356645American folk music: Since the American nation is relatively young, what kind of music can be consid…[View]
210360654I know why the democrats are so pissed at Barr: Because he is making them wake up early this morning…[View]
210354865It was the (((Cannanites))) all along.: What do you think about this book? It's pretty deep. Co…[View]
210364183Get some rest, anon: Tomorrow’s a big day.[View]
210358888This Is What a Real Cathedral Looks Like: How old were you when you realized atheism was immature an…[View]
210361374Circumcision: Men do this to their boys because it was done onto them.[View]
210363200>go to Brazil >get bitten by Brazilian wandering spider Beaides intense pain, the venom of the…[View]
210364303All I want to know about Mueller’s report: Will there be pizza? What does /pol/ think?[View]
210364835Which one of your Grandparents is this? https://twitter.com/mohamburger/status/1118554711119073280…[View]
210352682who is the woman in this video supposed to represent? https://youtu.be/6n_xCI-peq0[View]
210364817KCS: Kekistani Constitutional Summit 1st amendment Ok we need to sort this shit out. The three strip…[View]
210363976Niggers: Why are black people so black?[View]
210360130Mayor ButtJizz is Beating the Opposition![View]
210364264GENDER LIFE GAP: Can we make this a meme /pol? The matriarchy takes 5 years of your life, just becau…[View]
210358541Anybody oldfags feel like AJ has changed alot. Doesnt seem like the alex jones that broke into bohem…[View]
210362227/pol/, what can i do i've been feeling so blackpilled lately. i just want to raise a family and…[View]
210351683Pushing 50, not sure about this world.: As I age, all I see are walls going up, but most of all the …[View]
210363596Mueller Report: Tomorrow is the day. Thoughts?[View]
210347946Tattoos are degenerate.: 'Your body is a temple. Do not disrespect it.' - God[View]
210361635How many kids got rape in notre dame cathedral before it got burnt down it's like 800 years old…[View]
210362474Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks: Sultan Mehmed IV to the Zaporozhian Cossacks: As the Sultan; son…[View]
210359059The babyboomer is the peak of genetic fitness in the human race. You will never match the genetic su…[View]
210364298I just got so angry at communism that I shit myself. LMAO this sounds like a troll post but it'…[View]
210360184>he doesn’t understand latin[View]
210362424Histories Last Man: >Lo! I show you the Last Man. 'What is love? What is creation? What is longin…[View]
210361743Does /pol/ like this guy. He lurks here.[View]
210354709Why are Jews so OP?: Compared to whites, Jews have: >Higher IQ >Higher GDP per capita >High…[View]
210348257Lust: Dear christfags, please help me. As of recently ive found myself becoming more aware of logos…[View]
210359035Remind me how homosexuals personally affect your day to day life again[View]
210363978I hear you, pol. A lot of what you say seems to make sense. But why do I still feel like you're…[View]
210353099Anyone who has been visiting /pol/ for a long period of time (several years) - would you say it…[View]
210362819>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
210358873Redpilling normies: Create/post your best clown “did you know” memes. Make them redpill stats about …[View]
210363956YLYL - Balkan Edition -[View]
210360121/pol/ BTFO: >'The good news is the condition of my soul is in the hands of God' Well? https://the…[View]
210363463>fwik >tsss >fwoo >blow smoke into your face jews did nothing wrong…[View]
210361775Hes right you know.[View]
210363714Slaveeee: Half camel half white https://youtu.be/6_LPuUEkSQM[View]
210358555How do we fix the Lyingmedia?[View]
210331784Yiddle Me This: If you don't support Universal Basic Income, how do you plan to solve the autom…[View]
210356009LOL: Dems want Barr to cancel Presser: Little pussies are scared. Only they can accuse and frame the…[View]
210362596Let’s Not Rebuild Notre Dame: By Bérengère Viennot. Is she a Jew? >Robert Zaretsky interviews Bér…[View]
210363541https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Z7fLLcqYU >NBC doesn't know the difference between an AR-1…[View]
210362746Place Your Bets: >60 medical professionals, including 31 doctors, in an illegal opioid prescripti…[View]
210361078Hitler just wanted to be an artist and they rejected him. He was good and deserved a career in art a…[View]
210357397>the left can't me--[View]
210363440the Women are to Blame: Is it true, /pol/? Are the women to blame? Or are the women correct, that i…[View]
210358367my girlfriend is straight, but supports gay people. I don't like this. how do I convince her g…[View]
210362090Nigger music: Why does rap and hip hop sound like shit? what are the true motives for making such sh…[View]
210363227Would Americans ever elect a Russian-American president?[View]
210361127/K/um dumpster here: I suggest you all watch this video to get a better understanding of what’s actu…[View]
210361115Boomer calls anons from 4chan stupid: Boomer calls anons from 4chan stupid https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
210330649> capitalism is wor-[View]
210360885Please: For the love of fuck anon's, please end this debate. Pagans and Christians alike can ri…[View]
210363161Reject Hollywood Nazi Nonsense: he 'Nationalism' under discussion is largely but not entir…[View]
210362767I'm going to bed[View]
210359209What happen with her? Where is she?[View]
210362739Fucking kek[View]
210363074Dream of Tomorrow: A Nationalist Dream of Tomorrow Once I was dreaming – and realized I was in a dre…[View]
210360298let's try this again. pol-approved documentaries?[View]
210363008Keep Families Together | Build The Wall | Deport Them All: #KeepFamilesTogether #BuildTheWall #Depor…[View]
210362817LGBT RIGHTS IS WHITE SUPREMACY: Daily reminder that the west's desire to impose sodomy on the r…[View]
210360775This guy is going to be your next president: Brace yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHomETc…[View]
210352664Is it even worth it?: Why even fight, to save the white race as a whole >95% of white “people”are…[View]
210351792Comfy Shitposting in Public: I’m having a couple of slices of artisan pizza and some craft beer befo…[View]
210353062>start a family with a virgin white girl anon >don't be a degenerate anon How is this pos…[View]
210362699Conservative Society and Catholicism: How can a conservative/traditional society handle Catholic foo…[View]
210361801>Man makes the concept of climate >Man makes the metrics of observation >Man makes the obse…[View]
210362125https://youtu.be/IP9s-VEgDWk You're burnt up crackers, just like whitey in the sun. Our beautif…[View]
210356942Ivanka parties in Ethiopia: Thoughts?[View]
210362550Brexit Party Surge! Should I be dumping UKIP?[View]
210352857Boomer Conservatives: A piece of me dies a little each time I hear a boomer conservative talk about …[View]
210356951/pol/ absolutely btfo >inb4 you retards delete this It's a stealth we wuz thread, it's …[View]
210359355What is it like being in a western country now?: It seems to me (from an outsider's point of vi…[View]
210342955B-but pol said measles is harmless[View]
210361060'Democracy': It's all a show! Democracy is just a filler for textbooks. Think about it, do you …[View]
210359694Did you guys order your MAGA yarmulkes yet?[View]
210358652TULSI GABBARD! says Trump is ‘Saudi Arabia’s servant’!: >By vetoing the bill dubbed the War Power…[View]
210362182no homo hubby material thread[View]
210360126im a race realist but not a fascist is there more people like me?[View]
210361277BTFO BY A LEAF.: Most popular and successful white artist of his generation. Swaggy pop culture icon…[View]
210357922Need Your Help: Anon I need your help in finding the right words. We know about slide threads on th…[View]
210361331Take the Post-Racial Pill: >what race are you? >HUMAN! Quit focusing on race so much. Recogniz…[View]
210349600Why do amerimutts feel no remorse for bombing Japan all these years ago.[View]
210361534>2019 >I am... Forgotten Was he based or nah? He did make the LGBBQ fags get cognitive dissona…[View]
210346228What is the Alt Right Part 2: Hello. I'm a third year studying political science at university.…[View]
210360988Loud and fast, Tyler says how they kill whales, Tyler says, to make that perfume that costs more tha…[View]
210362001That's better: Show us your filters[View]
210361915CAP-COM GENERAL: welcome comrades to cap-com general we are a revolutionary-reaction to modern polit…[View]
210360399Hay /pol/ i'm a prod America and I believe that dispirit our flaws America is a for for good. y…[View]
210361870fashwave thread? fashwave thread.[View]
210337973Do you really want the shit skin Palestinians to occupy the holy land, instead of the Israeli's…[View]
210361796Why are Poles so fucking based?: Kurt 'Zyklon-B' Koslowski https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ybj_05DV…[View]
210356774Picture Says a Thousand Words: >INB4 multidimensional Chinese Checkers.…[View]
210356269I regret ever coming here. Fuck you cunts.[View]
210359959China and India are brothers: Why the fuck do wh*Toids, especially amerimutts, try to make us hate e…[View]
210351644>15 year old screencap of 4chan mods discussing /pol/[View]
210350330RETAIL APOCALYPSE: THREE separate chains announce major store closures in one day:: >Trump's…[View]
210359948The Interracial Agenda in Advertising https://youtu.be/5Z6AqhiP8KU[View]
210356872>worshipping a bastard kike, the son of a whore >dEuS vULt >2019…[View]
210350446The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation: http…[View]
210360414I give up: I'm tired of people screeching at me for telling me killing their own children is wr…[View]
210361409Niggers rampaging on Women and Children in the past week: Niggers are to pussy to attack a white man…[View]
210360845Does the Pope have a nigger feet fetish?: Do Cuckstians condone this given that he is the religious …[View]
210361307Faith: @TheNonreligious We're you ever religious? How old were you/ felt when you started to do…[View]
210361276honk honk[View]
210361086How to I reply to this?: I like what Jesus says but some of the things I just can't defend. It …[View]
210359285THE ULTIMATE RED PILL: Don't you faggots realize that expanding the social safety net is the SI…[View]
210355565Jew here, why do you goyim get attached to a piece of land so easily? Why do you fight to protect a …[View]
210349549Women shouldn't be in police officers.: Women are physically inferior. Women have slower reacti…[View]
210357145(((Notre Dame)))[View]
210357520The Finnish ghetto: How quickly is there a ghetto? Turns out you only need about 20 years. Y2K: Suv…[View]
210356670When did /pol/ become a pro Bernie board?: I mean I don’t hate it, I’m just really confused[View]
210343015I'm a babyboomer, and I'm here to tell you that YOUR generation is going to destroy the wo…[View]
210357614Will Barr destroy the Democrats hopes and dreams tomorrow?: Yes or no?[View]
210359643this is a historic picture of some random jews would you really want to have these people live in yo…[View]
210350996Europeans are nothing but a bunch of Atheists: Look at this It's gross But they love this weird…[View]
210355155Proof that some people are completely contained within a simulation: This brave hero fought in World…[View]
210357750Why do uneducated trump supporters vote against their own economic interests?[View]
210356651Real American hero appreciation thread: Post stories, memes, infographs and screenshots. What have y…[View]
210358447The Chad Raptor reigns supreme!: CHINESE MILITARY MIGHT MY ASS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! https://natio…[View]
210352250Does Israel have a vaccination problem?: Get your kids vaxed this instant![View]
210360216>The promised land[View]
210351690Dear Ph.D Economists, Someone explain this vertical hike in subprime lending to me.[View]
210347538Famous French Journalist Slams Pope, Elites & Macron for Notre Dame Fire!: https://bit.tube/play…[View]
210359076Am I worse than trash?: I'm young, I live a great life, I have money, am doing fine in school w…[View]
210354824>this is a white 'male' in the year of our lord 1019[View]
210353824Observe: an Asian '''''''''''male''…[View]
210351594Christcucks eternally btfo[View]
210354918Kanye: “straight men need to take the rainbow back.” (2009!): Inspired by my comment on a recent pos…[View]
210357648Stand up straight with your shoulders back Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helpi…[View]
21035034050% of Americans are expected to have some kind of robotic companion by 2040, are you one of them?[View]
210358241One punch Hitler. https://youtu.be/8686BcOQXNA[View]
210359812Why is ethnic enrichment of some western european countries taking still not happening yet? i.e denm…[View]
210360315Is this woman seriously anti-Semitic now?[View]
210360188sup with this guy?: totally forgot about him but what was pol's criticism of him?[View]
210359539Reminder: just because you have black hair doesn´t mean you are not white dont let /pol distract you…[View]
210333887Buttigieg, Bernie, and Yang: Buttigieg, Bernie, or Yang: Which one is our next president? Compare an…[View]
210359983Talmud Thread: >filled with mental gymnastics WHAT DID WAPO MEAN BY THIS!?!? also Talmud thread, …[View]
210352326The howling getting louder with each day: can you hear it brothers?[View]
210360071>>210329741 People can't afford to own a home. Young people can't get on the housing…[View]
210340793Give it to me straight pol, Is history fake and gay? Was there a world wide catastrophe in the 19th …[View]
210333431Researchers Made 25-Ton Boulders They Can Move by Hand: Giving More Insights Into Ancient Engineerin…[View]
210359565Clown World General: Honk Honk Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHUfMhN7NMQ HONK HONK…[View]
210359435Why do Euros wish they were American? A[View]
210351691Is California the most suicidally liberal state in the Union?: How have people in this state been br…[View]
210354901How did the average /pol/ster go from >fuck the system man, V for Vendetta is redpilled, fuck rel…[View]
210355041>live in ancap society >car gets stuck in a pothole for the 4th time today…[View]
210329741frens who do you watch on YouTube?: I like AIU and Styx but Styx only talks about really safe subjec…[View]
210359524what is the secret ww2 program called Spinning Squirrel?: I think it refers to Operation Spinning Sq…[View]
210357372Outrage over media coverage of death of Sydney Monfries (pictured), who plunged to her death from Fo…[View]
210349303is this /ourguy/?[View]
21035467120th year anniversary: So today i saw 2 white teens take an ar15 airsoft out of their car and start …[View]
210357782Capitalism is a mental illness[View]
210356050HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: ANOTHER ONE https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Police-Pursuit-in-Sout…[View]
210325051Thoughts on this blubbering man-child breakdown?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ug2DOoxJ1g A few …[View]
210352693Who's this God Character?: I've been hearing a lot about this God guy and I don't kno…[View]
210359325Things boomers say >church bells were like the twitter of the old days Pic is based Notre dame be…[View]
210359299Nick Fuenstein Blocked me on Twitter: I called him out for being a commie. His politics is FAR LEFT.…[View]
210358072Look @ these miserable fucks...HA HA HA: Niggers and Jews, the worst scum on earth. Is there a worse…[View]
210333945Christianity is hopelessly dead.: After having been around Christcucks and boomers the last few days…[View]
210354747ABOLISH PROFIT[View]
210356285Jewish Woman Threatens Goyim In Russia: https://youtu.be/0bKpihd3J8k >Goyim! You’re all goyim! …[View]
210355447Teaching women how to read was a mistake[View]
210358962when is the whole world going to realize that all memes are white supremacist symbols except for the…[View]
210347899What the fuck was his problem?[View]
210335998What's the general consensus on this MrMetokur/IA/Jim faggot? I've not been browsing long …[View]
210359140You find yourself in the dumbestof all possible worlds, clowns to the left of you, Re-thug-licans to…[View]
210337445CHICAGO IS CHIMPING OUT: >A browl errupted among a group of approximately 100 “young men” in Mill…[View]
210353503¡¡¡HAPPENING!!! MASS-SHOOTING ON A BUS; MANY DEAD!!!: A bus was stopped by armed attackers on a majo…[View]
210354623White Millennial Men are childless, single, and broke: Why are they having such a hard time competin…[View]
210357825Why are Republicans so autistic abortion?[View]
210325926hows about donating hundreds of millions to finish the Wonder[View]
210337713Arson plot foiled in NYC Cathedral: https://nypost.com/2019/04/17/man-arrested-after-walking-into-st…[View]
210355734>wake up >ride the bus >no black people in sight Lmao @ western europe…[View]
210358949>lays you off just when you work long enough TP rise in pay grade >'there aren't enough …[View]
210353689Oy vey, it's a Reportacaust, shut it down!: Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Elliot Engel, Maxine W…[View]
210357888help a poor nigga out I need a free link to kstv2[View]
210354816Is it natural for lesser races to blame superior/more successful/higher IQ races for their failures?…[View]
210358798Ruh Roh: Approval of President Trump steady since Mueller probe ended: President Trump’s job approva…[View]
210356483>the most powerful man on the planet[View]
210353856life ruined?: what would you do if you end up having a baby with a woman you totally hate, /pol/?…[View]
210358210Been reading Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi recently. Why did they believe that Hitler was an avata…[View]
210356565Sure he was drunk and disorderly so the cops arrested him but how the article is written the media t…[View]
210351173I miss /our jew/: Wtf happened to him? Was he assassinated or something?[View]
210351000Which criminal organization influences global politics the most?[View]
210355299What do you think about this Google Photos sharing graphics, /pol/?[View]
210358425nuff meming around, anon. who do i vote for in 2020? and gimme the issue they're primarily runn…[View]
21035611576 yo Muslim pajeet sexually assaults 17 yo Florida teen girl.: >She had gone to use the restroom…[View]
210344997WSJ: the majority of black college grads don’t even pay a dollar of their student loans. Wtf[View]
210356915So I'm gonna go on a hunger strike against the israeli criminal apartheid & occupation of p…[View]
210317742Are (most) rappers just pawns to the record labels who use them to give blacks in poor areas a unhea…[View]
210354323How can we stop (((Them)))??[View]
210356980Celebrities spewing far right rhetoric.: What the fuck is going on did the Klan just recruit half of…[View]
210358256I think I'll go for a walk outside now...: https://files.catbox.moe/btvfoc.mp3 https://www.yout…[View]
210353184What are your thoughts on Brazil president?[View]
210350970>can you help me with this, daddy? What do /pol/?[View]
210356058He Dindu nuffing Song https://youtu.be/Fe2mhfG63FA[View]
210357507Would you rather: Your country be 20% black (Christian) Or 20% muslim (arab) Both are horrendous but…[View]
210351372Can there be such a thing as a benevolent dictator?[View]
210350963EU Passes Law Requiring ISPs to Censor on Request.: >'A bit of deja vu here. Once again, the EU P…[View]
210357598>The destinies of our nations will not be dictated by foreign powers; they will be shaped by the …[View]
210351975Is Taj Mahal the greatest non-white architectural achievement or an over-glorified mudhut?[View]
210332878Is capitalism really the best economic system?[View]
210357300Solzhenitsyn on Jewry: I've been listening to an audio book on Solzhenitsyn's 200 years to…[View]
210352042What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Why…[View]
210354998Why does a chosen people idea piss so many people off?: Judaism sends /pol/ into a frothing rage. C…[View]
210335065African Runs Over 2 White Children On Purpose in Colorado: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/04/16/se…[View]
210328323Important to remember....[View]
210355697Adam got destroyed by Joe. Especially on trans kids[View]
210344920Dialectics: You don't have to know shit about philosophy to post here. You don't have to k…[View]
210350853Say something nice: Say something nice about Palestine[View]
210354467The future is here and it is dark: The future will never be what you expect. Everyone talks of AI be…[View]
210347919Fraser Anning and the alt right: What is going on in Australia? How can we stop this?[View]
210332685/wsg/ - Washington State general: Get in here, PNW'ers. https://komonews.com/news/local/1-suspe…[View]
210320773NZ GUN BAN: Why aren't people more pissed off about this?[View]
210355500Fahrenheit 451 is coming true: Too much books had been written by straight white males. We need to b…[View]
210356846America deserves all terrorism it can get[View]
210352949The Deep State Wants Nazis: For those of you who can see the current clown and honk show that has be…[View]
210349145Hard truth: People who don't believe in Evolution have the highest birth rates. People who have…[View]
210354470Was Joseph cucked by Mary?[View]
210339428Literally every single fast food company was started by either former military or ashkenazis...: Can…[View]
210355529Hello gomrades ! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolutio…[View]
210352947Destroying historic art to virtue signal to people who hate you. We've reached peak anti-white…[View]
210336215Stupid ZOG thought they could beat Trump. Zionists are fucking losers.[View]
210315941pure evil[View]
210352985rubs hands greedily[View]
210351622Any opinions about Fair Tax?[View]
210348350Rare Hitler Pics Apprecation Thread: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6933315/Rare-pictures-…[View]
210349713Can someone explain this?: All i know about this symbol is that it was used by brenton tarrant in hi…[View]
210355809I Have A Little Poem For You /pol/: >'The poor nigger on the wall. Look at him. >'Lo…[View]
210351156What is Performative Coonery?[View]
210349807A NIGGER STOLE MY SHOES: I recently got redpilled on race IQ differences and the inherent degeneracy…[View]
210352086BASED https://twitter.com/sahluwal/status/1118620809348571136[View]
210350763Ilhan Omar is a jihadist[View]
210352665Did anyone else see this?[View]
210354056Why do Canadian politicians talk about climate change non-stop?: You're a small (population), c…[View]
21034662920 years and still no tapes: It's been 20 years since the columbine shooting, and yet. The poli…[View]
210355804gooks vs niggers: the only thing i hate less than orientals is everything. why are gooks and chinks …[View]
210355351Do retards actually think releasing the report will change anything?: Mueller said there won't …[View]
210342008Whatever, Vote Lambright 2020: Consider voting Lambright. I'll unlock the UFO/Alien drama. And …[View]
210334703Brit/pol/ seething yank edition[View]
210354039Tomorrow, nothing will happen: If you think this report will change anything, you're pants on h…[View]
210351817/pol/ in a nutshell: >posts about killing pedophiles with a newly introduced death sentence >p…[View]
210324898Who here is voting for soldier mommy?[View]
210350542I really hate Varg for supporting the burning of stave churches. Fuck that useless snownigger scum, …[View]
210355309Prime Minister Freeth of Rhodesia[View]
210355231Because vaccines are required and prevent disease: it means they wouldn't also be loaded with p…[View]
210355161This was a warning: Stop being pagans and worshipping a man.[View]
210338877Is it normal to lose intrest in dating?: Family keep trying to get me to date agakn, but Ive just lo…[View]
210354742The absolute state of Western males: Why aren't you able to get this excited over something /po…[View]
210347826Holy shit look at that longsword: I seriously can't wait for him to call the crusade. I'm …[View]
210354715>be /pol/ >think communists aren't human beings and should be killed >support Assad …[View]
210306475/HTG/: HUNTING TRAFFICKERS GENERAL: NK BORDER INVESTIGATIONS: This general is for identifying, discu…[View]
210348492Post your maps pol: Rate mine[View]
210314383I'm legit scared of the race war now[View]
210354979Based William was right, no peace in our time!: I now think William was right all alone, until we un…[View]
210353837Racial world maps: I'm always fascinated by these, and made this one a while back. Lines imply …[View]
210352659Is Mel Gibson still /our guy/?[View]
210354384Mueller Unable to Read Trump's Mind[View]
210354834LGBT stuff needs to be banned or anything Islamic needs to be banned. Or just write articles that sa…[View]
210352480>nobody listens What did they mean by this?[View]
210352940what did she mean by this?[View]
210342061Co-ordinated by Muslims In Retaliation for New Zealand: >A New Jersey man was busted Wednesday ni…[View]
210353638>t-the us is run my je-[View]
210340024>more likes than dislikes YOU HAVE FAILED[View]
210290426tfw you realize: >God sees european people are starting to take the magnificent work of their anc…[View]
210354574Was the Mughal Empire the most aesthetic?[View]
210348783Today is the first day of your retribution, friend.: His name was Seth Rich.[View]
210352978does the o9a have any influence or are they just edgy retards?[View]
210342830Caste System: Does the caste system have relevancy in modern India? Is it just something that used t…[View]
210344835>Are you aware of the 1997 alex gromham and thomas begelish study that proves everything you said…[View]
210352076I want every lesbo dead by sunrise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBl1XJnCFyE >burn them with f…[View]
210347895lol no memes and no porn.[View]
210351274Nubians: /pol/, I'm confused. Are Nubians nigs or not? Their faces definitely don't look l…[View]
210349305Trudeau begs Nigeria for 1,000,000 immigrants: https://cbtvn.com/canadas-prime-minister-begs-nigeria…[View]
210330498Russian processor: Why does /pol/ think of Baikal CPU?[View]
210352779Why don't you just try it already?: >burgerland lost the war against viet cong beetle eating…[View]
210348814Yeah I'm thinking whites are the master race[View]
210354196Post snapshots of those condescending 'and this is why it's a good thing' news articles. Unfor…[View]
210351719how does you define a jewish person’s dna: if it’s a religious cult?[View]
210350722HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyXNdwDTIM4[View]
210348500Charles Bukowski: What's/pol/'s opinion in this man? An asshole, the original blackpill, o…[View]
210353608Hey /b/ros i think its about time for a twitter raid a large majority of the users are white, straig…[View]
210350830What does /pol/ think of this faggot?[View]
210350961I'm all alone now /pol/: And that's ok. I've never known fulfillment like the joy of …[View]
210347192Go ahead /pol/, try to defend this Pro tip: you can’t[View]
210340258I'm not white supremacist. I'm white preservationist. Who's with me?[View]
210352715Do any of you hate black people because of negative personal experiences and not only for political …[View]
210353634Pol will not tolerate Christkike heresy.: Your Jew engineered desert cult is not compatible with our…[View]
210315766Notre Dame. Why not just reconstruct the spire from the original plans?[View]
210328116Holy fuck based JAPS just btfo every roastie on Earth http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/AJ2019041…[View]
210345519Say hi to your local pedophile!: Drop names and addresses of pedophiles that escaped the justice sys…[View]
210351514Meanwhile on reddit, Stefan molyneux is being mocked yet another idiotic thing he has said. Truly pa…[View]
210342608420 BLAZE IT : SANDY HOOK AND THE REST: 4.22 : adam lanza date of birth 12.14.2012 : sandy hook shoo…[View]
210350706The Police problem: I know many of you might say ' oh you are justa criminal that hates cops' but th…[View]
210344896Man caught walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas cans, lighters: >Cops at St. Patrick…[View]
210353016LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: DONALD J. TRUMP FIREFLIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RV_AJrWa9A That is…[View]
210350713it's over for white Americans >The share of U.S. population growth that comes from immigrati…[View]
210347910Does anyone other than Trannys actually think they should be allowed to participate in womens sports…[View]
210352956Why do Democrats constantly complain about our 'Democracy' being under attack when we are …[View]
210351414Tucker Carlson announced his support for Yang: https://youtu.be/T6Oh5LNGM7g[View]
210349627No one talking about the fucker who SET THE NOTRE DAME FIRE: I see lots of fucking slide threads tod…[View]
210351751The Art of the Deal: Thanks Trump[View]
210348370First World Problem: white people edition: My sister wants to remove her garbage disposal because sh…[View]
210345377why do you keep mansplaining?[View]
210352515I just started dating a 1/2 lebanese girl. She is traditional catholic and holy shit she is based. h…[View]
210352286well well well: Some guy just tried to burn down St.Patricks Cathedral in NY. Guess its just a coinc…[View]
210352495War on Terror Patriot Act PRISM Edward Snowden Guantanamo Bay CIA black sites Human Rights NSA mass …[View]
210324751What was he doing: Nothing suspicious about a guy on the roof moments before the fire https://youtu.…[View]
210344078>tfw calm before the storm SOON LADS[View]
210345326/pol/ is pro-mueller now[View]
210349334Honk honk The only words that can describe this Honk honk[View]
210351913Is rampent consumerism the cause of suicide among whites?: FFW to 25:20. Shapiro talks about how gre…[View]
210350786DRUMPF IS FINISHED: PUTIN AND NETANYAHU BTFO https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/17/bill-weld-don…[View]
210343846Aliens for (you): >>210339267 >>210340610 Enough to believe in higher intelligence or cr…[View]
2103519401776 my dudes: Give me a compelling reason why the government should have any more power than the mi…[View]
210351941MAN ARRESTED NYC: Anyone see this yet? https://uproxx.com/news/st-patricks-cathedral-gasoline-cans-l…[View]
210343025Look what the jews did to Amanda Bynes..... absolutely disgusting, we need justice for this fair mai…[View]
210342889There's no Christianity without antisemitism.[View]
210348660WTF EU? https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190417/09595242028/eu-parliament-votes-to-require-intern…[View]
210348624Man in custody after walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with gas , lighters: It has begun... https…[View]
210350809What historical figure would you play in a natsoc vs capitalism vs comunism fighting game?[View]
21034009324 year old white woman murdered in random shooting at mall in Smoky Mountains: 24 year old woman fr…[View]
210349740Catholic crusaders: Based sounding Christian Catholic modern crusading group. Sounds like a priest o…[View]
210351147“Man” arrested for trying to bring gasoline and lighters into St. Patrick’s cathedral: >A 37-year…[View]
210349319I need help: I was ironically watching the late night show with pic related and was trying to be cri…[View]
210343630>i believe in freedom.[View]
210350978Tranny fags: I just watched a video explaining how these hack doctors frankenstein a dick into a mak…[View]
210351341Previously >>210255169 Yesterday I asked if this is a turning point, will details of major eve…[View]
210341000What in the ACTUAL FUCK, why don't Americans have FENCES around their property?????[View]
210346409So you guys are basically endorsing terrorism now, right?: I really question your intelligence if yo…[View]
210351330Who's ready to swallow for Swalwell?[View]
210349523Mind reading and thought manipulation: >be you >at the airport , long line >get to securi…[View]
210351014How does this stupid website work?: What % of their 'users' are fake accounts, meant to pump up mark…[View]
210351144I was thinking about how one day when I’m financially stable I’d like to take a vacation to see the …[View]
210308834OY VEY SHUT HIM DOWN: /ourguy/ EMJ talks about the effect of (((modern))) architecture >https://w…[View]
210350539Ass Blasted Salt Thread: Post em if you got em[View]
210340844>presents himself as a man of logic and reason >literally believes in an invisible sky wizard …[View]
210351061Just a typical (((campus conservative))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tW-PcCk_X0[View]
210341143How did Lebanon BTFO Isr*el so hard in the 2006 war? Kek, I guess Hezbollah is God's chosen peo…[View]
210346257HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/live/channel/kcal9-live-newscasts-and-break…[View]
210350850Stage Builder for Smash Ultimate IS UP! What are you making /pol/bros?[View]
210342657/pol/ Andrew Yang Hate Thread: >Let's give everyone $1000 dollars a month so they can be sla…[View]
210340834What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-cZG81-MP…[View]
210333046How do I find God, Christanons. I'm in a spiritual hole. I can't find any reason to believ…[View]
210344414/pol/ is a Christian board[View]
210346120>CIA/Mossad niggers on suicide watch for Mueller Report: >no clown pepes in catalog big think…[View]
210350345Nicotine age laws changing: So I read about many states raising the nicotine use age from 18 to 21. …[View]
210338212Submit to Christ: >Salvation Comes From The Jews -Yeshua (Jesus)…[View]
210348281EMANCIPATE YOURSELVES!!!: Please stop frequenting this foul place! It is not too late to rejoin soci…[View]
210345670Dang, you mean Yang has an itty bitty wang?: Sorry, I can't support a canddiate that insecure a…[View]
210335592IS SHE A THIEF?: She didn’t just steal the election, pol. But also America’s heart. How is she so po…[View]
210347824Do you feel it?[View]
210349106How do we avoid more 'accidents' like Notre Dame?: How do we avoid more unfortunate 'accidents like …[View]
210348917Sup fags. Came by to see what evidence you all have that Notre Dame wasn’t an accident. ...you do ha…[View]
210349867when did you realize people aren't required to work to survive, but because being a soulless co…[View]
210349453Ignorance is bliss: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?[View]
210349080White unity is a fucking joke: The second you get rid of blacks, jews, spics and middle easterners y…[View]
210349870NOTORIOUS WHITE SUPREMACIST CLEON PETERSON: When are we going to talk about the disgusting white sup…[View]
210348735Brazil is now a dictatorship: >Brazil's Supreme Court drew fire on Tuesday for silencing its…[View]
210348525i will die for israel, so will you![View]
210348846spaceX falconX launch in 6 minutes. one already launched 24 minutes ago https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
210348810It's over: Romania is going to get half a million pakis by 2020, with a population of about 18 …[View]
210344446EU's 'Terrorist Content Regulation' was just approved: U.S WEBSITES MUST REMOVE TERRORIST CONTE…[View]
210347111pedophiles should be publicly executed if you don't agree you're a pedo and should be publ…[View]
210345336How many people browse pol regularly?[View]
210347734POLICE CHASE THREAD #1: LA POLICE CHASE GET IN HERE https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/live/channel/kca…[View]
210348175This guy is a liar: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/01/belmont-university-plays-fck-donald-tr…[View]
210348533I just think its funny how those of us who are fighting hardest for the preservation of our people, …[View]
210348994Anyone have any screen caps of shill comments?[View]
210348314well /pol/?[View]
210345240Unburnt: Built by the ancients who understood nature. Uncucked by the Semitic Cults. Suvives earthqu…[View]
210349420How can white normies look at this and think 'damn, we really are superior aren't we?'. You can…[View]
210349134>the earth, the sky, the heavens above >heavenly bodies >spirits in the heavens >powerfu…[View]
210346638>i stand on the right side of history why the fuck are brainlets always so smug and overly confid…[View]
210351159>mods delete my thread after 6 minutes >have ethot threads that hit 200 posts >allow a bun…[View]
210345668So how did she really die?[View]
210349202Its beginning to feel like 2016 all over again: Can we move that Happening status to IT IS?[View]
210344355Reddit fags: All these fucking reddit fags are making this board so gay. I just wish they would all …[View]
210343146has there ever been a protestant church ever built that was truly beautiful?[View]
210347924hey /pol/ whats your political compass? https://www.politicalcompass.org/test/en[View]
210339847Slavery: America's great sin.: Truly, truly horrible. Not because we enslaved blacks. I don…[View]
210346951>Boyfriend called me gay for taking stress baths after class Are they making me weak and therefor…[View]
210342705This is the 'people' calling you a boomer. When you see someone arguing using the b word, just relax…[View]
210348812Let's do something for once: Tired of all the edgy memelords and polfags on here complaining ab…[View]
210342635>Rave about sex dolls but don't own one >'Can't wait until artificial wombs! ROASTIE…[View]
210348313So what happened to the French yellow-vest movement? Is it still going strong?[View]
210343773Have more white babies within a strong family dynamic to kill the (((SJW movement))) at its core.[View]
210341078Anyone got the new mde episode?[View]
210348274Fedoras don't believe their own shit: Belief in God is a natural part of the human condition. I…[View]
210348742Shills: If there's one thing /pol/ has made me realize is that almost everything I see on socia…[View]
210347350Why do European right-wing groups often visually look no different from antifa?[View]
210348713When is QUEBEC going to leave Canada: It's time! Why do we keep a non-Canadian province in Cana…[View]
210330021>believes in free will *neurotransmitter molecules acting according to cause and effect on brain …[View]
210348615Blacked 2.0: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6933767/Sinister-phone-calls-leave-sick-stomac…[View]
210340519enjoy your new cathedral, goy![View]
210344444reminder: oldfag here, if you take altright seriously and think it is a legitimate political movemen…[View]
210334667Muller Report International Fallout Thread 2: We may soon know how bad it really is.[View]
210346717New racial categories: the chubby races: white, indian, hispanic the fit race: black the intermediat…[View]
210345807When did you come to the realization that America is fucked without a quick genocide? No memes will …[View]
210332761let me redpill you on asparagus: >12% DV of thiamine. Prevents Wernicke-Korsokaff Syndrome (for a…[View]
210345832Europe: Why is European architecture so good?[View]
210340356Socialism always fails: So why does the US have to sabotage it?[View]
210348106Indian elections: >Voting is under way in 95 Lok Sabha seats spread across 11 states and the unio…[View]
210320979Study: On 4chan the number of posts with anti-Muslim slurs spiked on April 15.: Media matters tracke…[View]
210347550Bloody shame about your cathedral, chaps. One phone call was all it took to delay fire rescue, such …[View]
210346664Let's keep the conversation going[View]
210347594Theory: Cory Booker is Jeb Bush in black face. Have they ever been in the same place at the same tim…[View]
210345015What’s wrong with being white?: Seems like anti-whites don’t have any real reasons to hate whites ot…[View]
210345275Are Trump voters sheep?[View]
2103056599:30AM: 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9:30AM 9…[View]
210345916Why do trans people get so much hate?: I just really wanna know why and why this board hates them es…[View]
210340710jews are so shit that not even their god wanted to be with them but instead he preferred to get arou…[View]
210317870She's right you know[View]
210328208Why does /pol/ shill so hard for (((capitalism?))) I’m not a communist but you have to be pretty den…[View]
210339328If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.[View]
210343954I don't watch TV so I had no idea Tucker was this savage. God damn. Great segment. It's 8 …[View]
210342294Will this Jew finally get caught?: Look at how all of the headlines are manipulating and none of the…[View]
210346013Big brother is watching you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9YgBJEnjME[View]
210344520Burning, Michelle Obama.: Michelle Obama on aParis Dinner Cruise during Notre Dame Fire. You can see…[View]
210345429Was he actually killed in Pakistan back in 2011?: If not, what's the real story?[View]
210347051If you hate blacks so much: Embarrasse this black whore tell her you seen her nudes[View]
210335519BREAKING NEWS: Genius (Myself) has theorised the most drought resistant Citrus fruit in existence.: …[View]
210344452Yet another child death from Hollywhoreland: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6933723/C…[View]
210346289Illegals Should Not Be Allowed in School: https://twitter.com/AndrewPollackFL/status/111859291738655…[View]
210333847Got a blood test a few weeks ago and found out I have pretty high testosterone but at the same time …[View]
210340244*sips tea*[View]
210345163watch whitey devour itself: one thing you need to understand about white people is that we all hate …[View]
210341525Why are e-girls like this now?[View]
210325731Redpilled modern wife plan: >Get your shit together. >Have some cardio. >Get your own pla…[View]
210346533Who knew there were so many little groups on the left?: Is there a right wing equivalent of this?…[View]
210345348Nigel Farage and Brexit: What happened to Farage and Brexit? When did it turn into a multicultural s…[View]
210342845Decline of the west: Is she right /pol/?[View]
210341158Has anyone else seen odd 'tour' buses carrying a bunch of Illegal Immigrants in your state?: I went …[View]
210344933Okay so someone tell me what the deal is with flint Michigam, is that even real?[View]
210346775The Hillary Email Server Scandal was put on by Hillary and Comey: You've been watching a wrestl…[View]
210344829I owe the Government of Canada $40. I was gonna pay it in dirty change for a start, but I was thinki…[View]
210346599>Crippling Poverty >Crumbling Infrastructure >Stability approaching 0 >Disturbingly inef…[View]
210344319Do you think Trump cares about whites?: He seems to care more about blacks. Always touting the unemp…[View]
210346313LGBT HATE: I FUCKing hate the fucking rainbow monkeys aka the LGBT and the LIBTARDS AND SJW[View]
210346448Press F to pay respects[View]
210340389TERRY MCAULIFFE DROPS OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES: What's going on here, /pol/? McAuliffe i…[View]
210342759you lied to me /pol/: you made me go against jews again, but you actually like jews Fuck you guys…[View]
210341759Any time there is a shooting, or just the scare of one as just happened here in Denver, people are s…[View]
2103459582 Cans Gasoline, 2 bottles lighter fluid, 2 lighters: Muzzie brings 2 Cans Gasoline, 2 bottles light…[View]
210342219> Rabbi Aviner: It can be said that the burning of Notre Dame is a divine punishment against Chri…[View]
210346034High speed pursuit: Armed carjacking suspect[View]
210346215SWEDEN YES![View]
210333916Show your best Sweden memes.[View]
210343891Why is Dilley attacking someone who has been retweeted numerous times by Trump and his inner circle?…[View]
210346345>Facts have a liberal bias >No one uses rifles in mass shootings The average lefty college stu…[View]
210346362Candida Auris for 2020: Molding a Better America: In this day and age, America needs leaders it can …[View]
210342484There is literally nothing wrong with incest if it's for the sole purpose of pleasure. There…[View]
210343515Let me explain: Let me explain crisis actors so you get a better understanding. When any mass shooti…[View]
210334603I'm a white cis Male: I graduated Harvard in 2008. I worked for a consultation company for 2 ye…[View]
210340614I can't see the stone or brick lines here, how the fuck is this made? Is it a solid stone or so…[View]
210343251NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/04/pig-brains-partially-re…[View]
210344344Has anyone read this yet? Assange was seen holding it as he left the embassy.[View]
210345788yaaah pol, ima head out and eat. what should i get?[View]
210343040We should start posting 'no, you're not' on our fb profiles to trigger traps. Imagine how many …[View]
210345619He only got mad at the jews after they refused his offer to convert to Cuckstianity and took it as a…[View]
210342112this is what white countries will look like in 2050 and it's beautiful![View]
210345835Why do Jews shill so hard for bees?: Wasn't (((Einstein))) who said that if they were to go ext…[View]
210339812Andrew Yang: I'm a programmer and I'm just here to let you know that if you live in the U.…[View]
210345328Was the British empire the most successful empire of all time?[View]
210342817How is US Rep Jerry Nadler a real person? Honestly. Look at this picture and tell me this is a real …[View]
210345004Gaddafi was based: really gets the noggin' joggin'[View]
210345308I am a manchild[View]
210334067Death is not the absolute end, as people think; EVENING /COMFY/ TIME: 1[View]
210343428We supporting Saudis now?: >Trump Saudi loving kike bitch courageously struck down a bill to stop…[View]
210339073Are schools more violent today than before?: It seems like zero tolerance policies and attempts to '…[View]
210344882The power of the honkpill: Look at the date. Reminder that if the honkpill can fulfill such dark pro…[View]
210341245indian tinder cringe: Does anyone have the screenshot of the pajeet messaging some bitch on like tin…[View]
210315413Men BTFO: Men are so fragile[View]
210333952HEY WH*TOID: Explain this to me wh*toids. You can be claimin some random raysist cracks as you ances…[View]
210344696PREEMPTIVE SEETHING: Fuck these people. 2 and a half goddamn years and they can't let this go.…[View]
210344768What’s people’s problem with globalist society?[View]
210344845I’ve seen this picture being shared around a lot recently and I’m kinda fucking confused. The whole …[View]
210344856i give up pol, i think we should try to implement ingsoc irl and constrain language to control peopl…[View]
210344844visit my wordpress site @ kerrande.wordpress.com[View]
210342894Can someone give me a qrd about what's going to be said at the press conference tomorrow. I bas…[View]
210341668NO RUSSIA COLLUSION: Washington Compost >The Justice Department plans to release a lightly redact…[View]
210329735What is the Alt Right: Hello. I'm a third year studying political science at university. I…[View]
210344403Dindu Season is Upon Us: Fellas, weather is warming up, which means one thing: dindus taking to the …[View]
210343199Bill Burr releases Mueller Report: THE RIDE NEVER ENDS![View]
210343590kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-AxffHRi90&t=400s&bpctr=1555559652[View]
210330708tfw you're about to tell everyone: the CIA and Mossad did 9/11 for the British monarchy using m…[View]
210341385The average Jewish person is whiter than the average 'white' American. Is there any wonder they tric…[View]
210336426FAKE NEWS CHART: Do you agree?[View]
210344016Behold: the latest alt-right white nationalist symbol.[View]
210342508was this show based?[View]
210341285Why does society continue to use incels/autists/introverts as scapegoats when they're responsib…[View]
210343803Why do 'woke' colored women who go on and on about 'white supremacy' and 'white males' online end up…[View]
210310709Don't you feel bad for western asian guys pol?: Literally everyone is stealing their dating opi…[View]
210344082Should Capital Punishment Be Intensified?[View]
210341284Let's take /pol/ back to its roots.[View]
210342643Is /pol/ officially anti-Drumpf?: >inb4 '/pol/ isn't a hivemind' I know, but is it safe to s…[View]
210343934Jontron and the Notre Dame Fire. What did he mean by this?: Jontron released a new video on April 15…[View]
210338850it begins: https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1118702668996907015?s=21[View]
210342055This guy definitely has my vote Who else is gonna bite down on the Vermin Pill this coming election?…[View]
210304567Is Climate Change Real?: This is the one issue I don't really understand. Does anyone care to g…[View]
210313705What is REALLY inside the Earth?[View]
210343827/pol/ discord: https:/ /discord. gg/zJXHAd[View]
210343561Girls praise Brenton Tarrant again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQUbtZSrsRQ LOL theres another v…[View]
210339758Adam Cucknover: What a faggot Discuss[View]
210343458Prisons: How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWh9wI1fI-o[View]
210343418BREAKING St Patricks Cathedral Man Arrested: https://nypost.com/2019/04/17/man-arrested-after-walkin…[View]
210343512The state of Washington is going down the tubes: For the second time in just a few weeks, a black ro…[View]
210332457>muh Notre Dame Ahem, feast your eyes on this beauty white pig.[View]
210341726Really Oys My Veys: Listen to younger, fatter, kikier (((Nadler))) and try not to wish Hitler didn’t…[View]
210342979Tomorrow.. Which side will lose?: The Pro-Trumpers or the Anti-Trumpers?[View]
210340137> cosplaying a nigger > politburo not like > social credit down…[View]
210342802What the Hell Was She Thinking?[View]
210315207Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: Alright boys you have done an excellent job creating these memes but…[View]
210342696Hello fellow /pol/ iticians (HaHa I like to have fun) I am seeking a contact point for Atom Waffen. …[View]
210342054Gam Gam says stop jerking off honey[View]
210340948Is it time to buy a house or is the next housing bubble upon us?[View]
210335627Public webcam site shows a lone person making something flash on the roof two hours before the fire …[View]
210341758Buttchug is so obviously a democratic establishment plant masquerading as grassroots progressive '''…[View]
210342861Can health insurance companies buy data from companies that do dna test, myheritage as an example, t…[View]
210328620Legitimate question: do women fear death less than men? I have never seen a woman in an actual exist…[View]
210337526Anyone else here feel like they have impossibly high standards?: How are we supposed to save our rac…[View]
210329914Why are young white American males choosing videos games over having a job and family? How do we sto…[View]
210342168bonked world: Just how *BONKED* are things going to be tomorrow?[View]
210334988Is he an actor?: inb4 you accuse me of being an SJW. No. I'm 1488. I just assume Juden Peterste…[View]
210307981Heroes: Post heroes from your country.[View]
210340131Electoral process: What if we made politicians actually RUN for office?[View]
210337051is the simple solution to saving the west having more white babies?[View]
210341703Let’s get Eastern: Let’s talk Buddhism/Zen/Tao, Eastern Thought, Meditation, and those who meditate …[View]
210340688You guys have to pick a side: Catholicism isn't Islam there isn't a white equivalent of Ar…[View]
210342555Amerimutts to overtake India in street shitting: Interactive poo map here https://www.openthebooks.c…[View]
210318893Great and Holy Wednesday: READING - Exodus 2:11-22 One day, when Moses had grown up, he went out to …[View]
210338480instead of memeing trump in 2020 like we did in 2016 we should meme vermin supreme mass produce some…[View]
210332745George Lincoln Rockwell Grandson is ASIAN: >George Lincoln Rockwell grandson is a HAPA holy shit …[View]
210341204You now remember based Corporal Chad.[View]
210308691>Canada is a liberal shith-[View]
210340278is this the matrix ?[View]
210334582Current state of amerilard culture: >R&B shit >face tats niggers I want to go back…[View]
210339663Incels & Society: I've noticed society has had enough of incels/alt-right/whatever. The dai…[View]
210341922US Monroe Doctrine Policy: Should the US go back to the monroe Doctrine Policy As George Washington …[View]
210339658Is it just me or is there some kind of autistic pagan larper raid going on for the last week?[View]
210340057This is America ?: So is this the everyday in America now ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSkpPaiU…[View]
210333305Riddle me this: How can you have a Jewish surname but not be Jewish?[View]
210341610How is this movie on youtube? How is it legal?[View]
210341831I found the liberals of the animal kingdom.: It's the dodo bird.[View]
210341898Daily reminder that Asian women are 2 faced and will turn on you when it suits them. Never trust a w…[View]
210339021'Big pharma' = socialist smear campaign: Daily reminder that attacks on 'big pharma' are cultural ma…[View]
210339673Yeah yeah, I know, some bullshit article written by some juden discussing bad habits and lack of sle…[View]
210341908Bernie is the only threat to Trump because people are fuckin stupid and will fall for promises of fr…[View]
210333360>the 80's were 40 years ago Where did it all go wrong?[View]
210341364Message to Trump Supporters: I posted this on /r/AskTrumpSupporters but it was taken down, I'm …[View]
210338234Honestly, why don’t billionares just save humanity?: They’d make EVEN MORE money if they did. Are th…[View]
210339384Conservative? What is being conserved?: Conservative? What is being conserved? Nothing. True Conserv…[View]
210338000How would the media react if we would start 'liking' K-Pop, would they say 'K-pop bad'? Is it worth …[View]
210341767>Complains that his babyboomer grandparents had it so much easier than him >Rejects the system…[View]
210341651Joseph Morgan lied: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/02/01/belmont-university-plays-fck-donald-tr…[View]
210340697She's right you know.[View]
210336821Why are Democrats getting dumber?: And why are they more likely to believe conspiracy theories and j…[View]
210341536Can we get a thread of based documentaries going?[View]
210341025Daily Stormer vs Slang dictionary: Submitted for your approval: The editor of “the online slang dict…[View]
210336292The FUturd of America: Datz right Whitey POC is coming to the USA, we is gunna take over the US and …[View]
210340146whats his motive: Why does a chink multibillionaire Democrat care about redneck truck drivers?…[View]
210323374Why is Trump serving the Wall Street elites?[View]
210341447Dam Son[View]
210335701NEVER FORGET![View]
210340709ITT: meme ideologies[View]
210332831This guy thinks he's smart, but gets owned by a knucklehead Joe Rogan. basedboys need to stop t…[View]
210329125Twitter drops SPLC: safety squad btfo https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/17/report-twitter-drops…[View]
210324165/pol/ humor thread: the wrongthink edition[View]
210332638is military service always mandatory under fascism? I think fascism is pretty based but I dont think…[View]
210331119RIP to our gal[View]
210318025Has porn fucked with our minds. Nowadays we dont see sex as a thing lovers do. We see it now as a po…[View]
210340974mY bOdY mY cHoIcE: Does anyone else think that women who claim that men should stay out of dialogs o…[View]
210335135>I want the highest level of illegal immigration ever! - Donald Trump >The United States is pr…[View]
210334929There's a website where millions of girls aged 9 to 14 go to watch cute guys stream video of th…[View]
210339932Owen Benjamin is pretty based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buZcGRcd6UQ[View]
210340884Cathedral General /cg/ - Notre Dame: St. Paddys edition Whats going on? Who would do such a thing? I…[View]
210340727Post your nations greatest cultural or architectural loss[View]
210339355Let’s Make some new MEMES!!!!![View]
210340203Psssssst. Do you know what tomorrow is?[View]
210340298how do we spread fascism to the world i want kekistan I want to see real plans on how to make a fasc…[View]
210335966Sick: It's sickening that elites can muster a billion dollars in three days with no fucks given…[View]
210339981Why won't Japan take in refugees?: Don't you guys think it's a bit racist for them to…[View]
210337085I can't do this anymore /pol/ This goddamn country is literally falling apart around me. Everyo…[View]
210340403Is feminism spreading to islam?: ITT, feminism in Islam. LGBT is also welcome.[View]
210324963He's right you know[View]
210332170A Mischling's Destiny: (Reposted from last week ; I got 0 replies but the thread was archived..…[View]
210340426We know there's a video. When will they release it?[View]
210336888What does /pol/ KNOW about aliens? Part 2[View]
210340542>been off /pol/ for about a year >come back >you faggots are still saying “kek” This neckbe…[View]
210327792Is he saying FBI did 9/11?[View]
210340498Trump will win 2020 because he has an army of rabid Saudi twitter-boomers at his disposal.[View]
210334363They did it again. Wasn't Trump supposed to fix this!!!?!? https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/17/nort…[View]
210336842Should women really be cops?[View]
210340166Ben Garrison banned from Instagram: Post best Garrison cartoons.[View]
210336983God Bless America And fuck yourself if you have a problem with me saying this![View]
210329216a thousand times THIS[View]
210339134In response to Jew Sodomite Minority Outrage: In response to Jew Sodomite Minority Outrage. we have …[View]
210326548Case closed, Nazis.[View]
210336311https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-6rz0SOd1o Why don't white people just move to Eastern Europe …[View]
210339787I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
210308077Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - More Refguees Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: M…[View]
210328688Yang Hype: Where's the Yang gang hype at? We were going to grab that bag remember? We Yang Gang…[View]
210327709What's his problem?: > Varg on Notre-Dame burning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ZgQZmbZu…[View]
210335698Birds and the eventual extiincton of mankind..: HARK! Part 1 of 2 I have had visions of the historic…[View]
210339295Stop The Caravan Invasion: Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how A caravan o…[View]
210339566On Jewish Genius: Why are Jews observably smarter than whites? >However, the average IQ score of …[View]
210338477why are conservatives such fucking cocksuckers?[View]
210339206YESHUA VS PAUL PART DEUX: The Puritans were obsessed with the Bible and came to identify their polit…[View]
210339956The real Catholic church: Francis is a usurper. He is not a legitimate Pope. There are many Catholic…[View]
210338082All right, you autistic fagtards. Let's see you best anti-proggressive memes![View]
210339653The Final Solution: The Final Solution to the Alt Right is to live long lives in tight knit white co…[View]
210337648/pol/ humour: postem[View]
210330074Honk is just a forced meme from right-wing snowflakes to trigger left-wing snowflakes >prove me …[View]
210335237Explain this shit right now, /pol/[View]
210331386zion don was accused for months by the left that he was a russian agent. but the truth based on his …[View]
210336030What does /pol/ think about the IRA?[View]
210339712Goodbye Uncle Tom Movie on YouTube...just read the comments: This movie is so politically incorrect.…[View]
210336187Can someone tell me what the FUCK is this guy's problem?[View]
210339587What is the final solution to the boomer problem?[View]
210331885Why do white people stab each other in the back to their obvious long term detriment?[View]
210339481The Liberal Chickens have come home to Roost -: The liberal chickens are coming home to roost. Who w…[View]
210336866Why are American malls dying?[View]
210338415How accurate is this?[View]
210337659Mayor Bill Peduto Says Detained Migrants Would Be Welcomed To Pittsburgh: WHAT THE FUCK. Pittsburg t…[View]
210339290The time is now: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/…[View]
210335132Rest Easy: The Milky Way will Swallow Andromeda: Till this month scientists assumed Andromeda was mo…[View]
210333085Which one of you did this?: Can you just leave these people alone and let them live their lives how …[View]
210337107Take the plege: don't read the Mueller report: DON'T READ THE MUELLER REPORT Are you man e…[View]
210338331>even the alt right is condemning the harrasment of this basedboy APOLOGIZE…[View]
210337655hearty as pukana blegh[View]
210328584Next Stage Of Human Evolution: Daily reminder that Telethapy and Telekinesis is the next stage of hu…[View]
210338114The only thing keeping the third temple from being built is the misunderstanding that it belongs on …[View]
210317271Reminder that identity politics are for niggers: White people are natural problem solvers, innovator…[View]
210338494>runs a budget deficit >gives more foriegn aid than any other nation Are we fucking retarded o…[View]
210337754Why is the left annoying?: I feel off liberal, AOC and ILHAN?[View]
210330721hypocrites: > be devout christian > have almost the christian equivalent of mecca burn down …[View]
210331686How will history remember her?[View]
210333723Why were Jews trying to blame Muslims for the Notre Dame Cathedral fire?: Obviously the Jews have a …[View]
210321465Last year this man carpetbagged his way to senator in my state. What are your non-meme thoughts on …[View]
210320799Would you rather breed with a neanderthal or an early homosapien?: First off, I dont believe the 'ou…[View]
210332867What is the most redpilled country? I need to get out of the USA, it’s gone to shit and they’re taxi…[View]
210337976Apparently our speech isn’t that free: The ADL is saying fuck you goys, that words now are as bad as…[View]
210312224How do Brits today feel about the British terror bombing of Germany in ww2? Cities leveled to the gr…[View]
210299127Éire /pol/ hack the election edition: Tanks in 30 mins[View]
210338262Notre Dame BTFO[View]
210313331Daily Reminder: Yahweh doesn’t care about the Aryan race, he is a tribal Jewish deity. Rabbi Yeshua …[View]
210338299Terrorist macron strikes again.: man seen on the roof lighting molotov cocktails. https://twitter.co…[View]
210338266Reconquista: Fellow spics of /pol/, I have been inspired by Varg and have decided it’s time for us t…[View]
210338256Middle Tennessee State University: Joseph Morgan recently played 'Fuck Donald Trump' https://www.bre…[View]
210320558Are heebs even heebs?: Read the Old Testament. How come jews today don't actually do any ritual…[View]
210338056You get trolled: > what a dumbass reaction it was acting > look at his stupid face you wish y…[View]
210330601FLDS: when Will this child-abusing cult be disbanded?[View]
210338004Where is he now?[View]
210335621I accidentally ate at a Jewish burger joint in NY but I made sure to piss all over their bathroom. …[View]
210337044Best economic system between capitalism and socialism?: It’s clear that both lead to problems. There…[View]
210334623Worth more than a million Christcucks.: You guys are submissive retards.[View]
210337697ST PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL NYC ALERT: Foiled church fire, would’ve been a Notre Dame 2.0[View]
210337220ITT we discuss what FFlag will be used to deflect from Mueller report.: Taking all bets, Ginsburg 'd…[View]
210336820So this is the power of white nationalism...[View]
210335750Moldova is the White Ethnostate: Gentlemen, we are going to turn Moldova into the Grand Duchy of Rom…[View]
210337595Cuckservatives: Are there any notable conservatives out there, who aren't complete fucking shil…[View]
210335704Germany clears Huawei for 5G build: >Germany has no plans to block Chinese telecommunications gia…[View]
210334711george soros: if you had the money and power george soros has, what would you do with it?[View]
210337396Joseph Morgan lied: Played 'Fuck Donald Trump' song at a university. Fuck Joseph Morgan[View]
210332726Some say it's a forced meme, but I think this has been one big middle finger to all lunacy, deg…[View]
210337209If /pol/ was a country, would it be a shithole?[View]
210336210AI says blacks are more likely to commit crimes: >ON A SPRING AFTERNOON IN 2014, Brisha Borden wa…[View]
210337485VICE = deepstate cokeheads: So uh... VICE News Tonight or whatever did a segment on Barr and Iran Co…[View]
210337456Dont you want your very own war lolis /pol/? He did it for them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQU…[View]
210337452America fir-[View]
210335748Why isnt your police force this progressive, /pol/ ?[View]
210335443Behold, a true leader of men.[View]
210334543He's my new dad[View]
210332529Mueller was our guy all along[View]
210325372socialism is b-[View]
210300125Washington Post seems awfully worried today.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/04/17/bar…[View]
210335267Power: How do we get white men back in power? Look at /pol/. I'd venture to say that at least 9…[View]
210337197/pol/ you should feel bad https://youtu.be/sfLa64_zLrU[View]
210334394MFW: Take almost 200 years to build. Survive 900 years of war and revolution, including WW1 and WW2.…[View]
210332780Merkel's party about to lose 1st place spot in Germany: Greens are continually surging and migh…[View]
210333628How many 'holocausts' have their been?: Give me all of your resources on every 'holocausts' have hap…[View]
210331216Ok, let's finish this once and for all. Citations needed. Holocaust. Real?: The /pol/ humor thr…[View]
210331463I am jewish ask me anything: I am jewish ask me anything.[View]
210336011Is there a place in the world where mdma and lsd are readily available and legal?[View]
210336958Oi /pol/ is there a new site like http://sieni.es/316 I found it again after like 3 year[View]
210334412The exact moment when the Trump presidency lost it's way.[View]
210328893transphobes think trans people have an unfair advantage in sports but won't let them in the mil…[View]
210336144CA&ILBFF!!: Look who has a new best friend.[View]
210334257Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Racially-Motivated Murder of Larnell Bruce: How do we fix the is…[View]
210336467ITT: We post reviews on this website hosting the downloadable format of the Mueller report to be rel…[View]
210336481Ok, which one of you fuckers did this?: Browse through the 'all' category of bitchute for a long eno…[View]
210333701Muslims, go away: and stop ruining our world!![View]
210328229Democrat Primary: How much of a clusterfuck it going to be this election? Will we surpass the hilari…[View]
210336495Ok, let's finish this once and for all. Citations needed. Holocaust. Real?: The /pol/ humor thr…[View]
210298209/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210336678nazi niggas be liek: >identifying with a losing team >imagine being retarded…[View]
210334143Is she, dare I say, based?[View]
210336519And then he said “But what’s a collusion?”[View]
210334097Guys, I think it's time: you all start thinking about the end of America as you know it. What i…[View]
210329624So what will happen tomorrow?[View]
210336599>Be Emmanuel Macron >Everybody in your county hates you >Probably gonna cause a new revolut…[View]
210334135I'm not a Roman Catholic, nor am I French, but i feel deeply saddened by the loss of the Notre …[View]
210333434Be Mutt: >be good patriot >join army >guard opium fields for afghan warlords >guard h…[View]
210334777How do we solve the toxic femininity problem once and for all?[View]
210313251Alan Suicide a hoax?: Peru former president Alan Garcia supposedly commited suicide today to escape …[View]
210317658Syria is currently suffering from a gender imbalance, as many Syrian military aged males either died…[View]
210335649>democracy good >populism bad aren't they the same thing?…[View]
210335769Fuck this shit and fuck the bootstrappers! I've been a wagecuck my entire adult working life. I…[View]
210334358Secret Space Program: Budding sci-fi writers may be interested in this: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
210336010is Fascism just a heavy handed response to unchecked leftism??[View]
210332738I unironically believe Trump is a good President.: I will be voting for him again in 2020[View]
210334597You are a product of your environment: Images on screens trigger the same brain areas as actual real…[View]
210317142YESHUA VS PAUL: Let's discuss the authority of the New Testament. I personally have rejected th…[View]
210336213>US Attorney Richard Donoghue asked a federal judge last month for permission to present a mounta…[View]
210333150Thank God I'm not white look at this bullshit: Being white is cancer you have to deal with bull…[View]
210320907Daily kike hate thread: God, I fucking hate kikes. Post your favorite Jew hate, lads.[View]
210336004(((redditors))): What the fuck is reddit's problem? Today they are mad because Japanese courts …[View]
210335244Are people from New Mexico Mexicans? Should they be deported?[View]
210335965/WRG/ White Replacement General: This thread is to post pictures and most of all gloat about replaci…[View]
210335266Brit/pol/ - Mein Ancient Ancestors... edition: >Porn loicenses to be implemented in July https://…[View]
210335280Is Trumpmania just a bunch of beta dicklets lashing out because they are undesirable to the opposite…[View]
210321980Why do you hate single mothers so much, /pol/?: Where does your extreme hatred towards them come fro…[View]
210335506POO IN THE LOO[View]
210335546Metaphorically speaking : Anarchism = Vegan with no kids libertarian= (beginning of government cont…[View]
210335483What's the final solution to the leaf problem?: How do you red-pill them, or is it a lost cause…[View]
210335464UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS dot COM: I bought Shialaboeuf.zil was it a good investment? Give me a flag. Who…[View]
210335385Old Jew fears young Asian man[View]
210335067Expect the Notre dame to be rebuilt with one of these jew-tumors installed Literally called parasiti…[View]
210294574lets create a thread for our maddest of lads[View]
210334217Shoot yourself in the head: Fuck you if you support a political party. You contribute to the cancer …[View]
210333581What makes a man?: What in society was lost that morphed our men into gaping mouthed goblins like pi…[View]
210332947>signs Omnibus Bill that cucks him out of a promise >vetoes ending the Yemen War that would fu…[View]
210320185Best books for a traditional/conservative girl?: Buddy wants advice on a book for his daughter. I…[View]
210309041Heritage thread.: Post here your heritage and discuss about it.[View]
210332754Can you here it?: Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Get ready 9:30am EST AH HAH AHAH HAHAH…[View]
210328366Don't blame Jews for degeneracy: the degree of degeneracy we're seeing right now is inborn…[View]
210332887If the Democrats were real socialists I'd vote for them. They're not though. Taxing people…[View]
210334674Sand niggers everywhere: Sand niggers didn't earn the right to be here. One mistake from some d…[View]
210330398We need to invade the far left and destroy it from the insodd[View]
210334521This place reminds me of pic related but the difference is the 'dream' in here is nightmarish This p…[View]
210324720Her name was Sol Pais: How could have save her?[View]
210334481Hi, I’m Vox Day. Welcome to the Dark Stream. Welcome to the reprehensibles, unfathomables, the unlis…[View]
210333519Redpill: Is 'redpill' a right-wing term?[View]
210324007Documentary on Ukrainian militant anarchists: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5ZLpFIsMH8 What d…[View]
210331176Take the Judaism-pill: Why not just become Jewish? >rich history >not tied to one land >res…[View]
210325545Wait, what?[View]
210326563Brit/pol/ - Beautiful British countryside editon: >Porn loicenses to be implemented in July https…[View]
210333692Sunni vs Shia: Which is the official sect of /pol/?[View]
210333931instead of memeing trump in 2020 like we did in 2016 we should meme vermin supreme mass produce some…[View]
210333468Friendly reminder that if you're a white man, CLIMATE CHANGE IS GOOD[View]
210303334Clinton x NXIVM: Uh-oh, Looks like those slaves were good for more than one thing... http://archive.…[View]
210331549Cultural Observation - NO FAP is different than Semen Retention: While both interchange they are com…[View]
210332571https://twitter.com/NBCPolitics/status/1118684645145632770 >'Multiple Democratic House cmte. chai…[View]
210319429You litterally can’t refute this[View]
210329456That settles it, he definitely hangs out here[View]
210331151The nasty skank that fucked us all: https://youtu.be/LO8R8HDCsJg It turn out that we're the rap…[View]
210331172/pol/, is prescription medication for mental health a redpill for success or a jewish trick? Wellbut…[View]
210333639Bernie says No means Yes: Bernard belies women want to be gang raped. Yup your mom your sister your …[View]
210333637Honk Honk! Nietzsche was clownpilled[View]
210333605Can someone get the report, will pay.: Washington (CNN) — There will be two versions of the redacted…[View]
210333151Thoughts on incels?: /ourguys/ or not? What do we think?[View]
210333582Anarchism = Vegan with no kids libertarian= (beginning of government controls (Statism)or collectiv…[View]
210311865Nigger Throws Kid 3 Stories Because He Can't Get His Dick Wet: https://nypost.com/2019/04/16/ma…[View]
210318900how far will the okay symbol go.[View]
210330630POSEIDON Is COMMITING SUICIDE LIVE!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr1B5UWHcH0[View]
210327467Frnace announces global competition to design steeple of notre dame: how do we achieve the crescent?…[View]
210308759Be a man fucking faggots !: We will support you to the very end if you does you think we like being …[View]
2103299685G radiation: I’ve recently begun to hear more about 5G and the potential harm from the radiation th…[View]
210332329>unironically calling yourself a 'pagan'[View]
210321218Why can´t Pagans just practice their religion without being butthurt about Christianity all the time…[View]
210332525Imagine even being too fucking stupid to leave the EU.[View]
210332479Assange was rescued from the London Embassy by Trump. He would have been killed in that embassy if h…[View]
210320783the star wars crier is now a political issue, thousands of virtue signalling women and resetera neck…[View]
210320671Where does the south begin and end?: As we know, state lines don’t represent cultural lines. Where d…[View]
210333101Europeans btfo.[View]
210329435Really makes me think[View]
210318187Why are millenials not buying boomer McMansions?[View]
210332593OLD POSSIBLE MEGA REDPILL HERE: https://twitter.com/mcfargey/status/1118310861829918721?s=20 >Ikn…[View]
210330567The absolute state of the Mutt Military[View]
210332210Religion hinders society in every way, shape and form, it needs to be disposed of by any means neces…[View]
210330524Does “doing the deed” on Friday work? Or does it have to be in the anniversary?[View]
210318966ITT Politicians who should be in jail. I’ll start.[View]
210326245How would you rebuild the Notre Dame?[View]
210325745How does this make you feel?[View]
210332653Mueller report tomorrow!: I know shit won't happen as expected, but what would you do if the Mu…[View]
210328204Honk: Have you taken the clown pill yet? https://youtu.be/-N4jf6rtyuw[View]
210325062What does he do atm? Is he getting the whole advanced interrogation techniques program? What’s his s…[View]
210331579Which one of you fucks started this?[View]
210332483WE ARE THE JEWS![View]
210332579why don't you guys believe anything when its bad and it is against your interests? Why is every…[View]
210329305Is the b-ok website done for? I can't get any of the links to work.[View]
210332442IT BEGINS[View]
210331400Sandy Hook Bombshell cont'..: >>210317565 < read additional information: george washin…[View]
210330133Do we really need another church in France?: The ones we have are empty anyway, so why not use this …[View]
210332024Whats the future of jobs? What do you think of Yang?[View]
210331373There’s a website where millions of girls aged 9-14 go to watch cute guys stream video of themselves…[View]
210329528Short DBAG: >Two House committees have stepped up their investigation of Donald Trump’s business …[View]
210329609Holy Bajesus: https://youtu.be/WTeSiKut8zs Has one man ever BTFO /pol/ this hard before?[View]
210330698Next level cuck: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/bizarre/day-laborer-assault-745319?fbclid=Iw…[View]
210332128Give /pol/ your best guess: By the time we in America wake up tomorrow, how many members of Trump…[View]
210326344Why are you faggots so uninformed about Hitler?: He should inspire every white man alive. Never forg…[View]
210331674Will 4chan win again in 2020 https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
210326140Ivorian king 'upset' by Notre-Dame blaze, vows rebuilding contribution: African money comi…[View]
210329627Where is Ruth Bader Gins(((burg))): >post is made in Jan. >post gets spread accross the intern…[View]
210331991How do we fix this?: >inb4 65% are jews Jews are a problem and push more propaganda than anyone e…[View]
210325682Yang Gang: The Math Adds Up: If you can’t math, Yang is not for you.[View]
210321470are there any niggers or rapefugees here?[View]
210331081Found the dangerous one: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/17/pete-buttigieg-enlists-barack-obama-hillary…[View]
210323350What does being 'redpilled' really mean? Does it simply mean youre a dumb racist who lumps people in…[View]
210329273Dan Bongino goes to Video: https://youtu.be/KoVh2Ief2_s Joe is not at all what I thought he would lo…[View]
210318259Circumcizion hate thread: This stupid fucking nigger baby actually got fucking circumcized by his mo…[View]
210323560Who is the most beautiful politician?[View]
210330826Have any of you ever met any /pol/acks in real life? I had two confirmed at my school...one of which…[View]
210313899Reminder that the electoral college has no reason to exist except to give Republicans an advantage t…[View]
210314677APOLOGISE: https://twitter.com/Natsecjeff/status/1118562819283259392[View]
210331532Political Question: MAKE ALBERTA GREAT AGAIN So our newly elected premier, Jason Kenney said he will…[View]
210321816Is fascism nationalist socialism?: Or is it something else? Serious answers please, frens. I want to…[View]
210327748ELSAGATE FUCKING AGAIN: Why is this crap back on pedotube? All these dimitri channels spamming this…[View]
210327775if you can't turn on a red light then you don't live in a free country. checkmate eurofags[View]
210326055Teach kids hypergamy vs. polyamory: Instead of sex Ed. Yes I believe we need more people red pilled …[View]
210331214/ifg/ Internet Freedom General: The internet is getting more popular and powerful, and an increasing…[View]
210328267I'm an atheist, but I have to say Christ was right about the Jews[View]
210326247The case for Reparations: Mara, from Uhuru Solidarity, really broadened my perspective on this subje…[View]
210318587Imagine actually believing this[View]
210308389At what age do women hit the wall on average?[View]
210330713Anybody else watch Beier and Tulsi?: I'm sorry goys, you were right. She's ugly as fuck, s…[View]
210330395>Conservatives think minorities are rapists and murderers trying to conquer them because that…[View]
210323859why americans don't like white american ladies? https://youtu.be/HjSh_esW9W4[View]
210320570What do normies mean by this?: This is not a parody account, this is a real, verified account of a U…[View]
210322272How can Christkikes defend this verse?: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+18%3A2…[View]
210326452Why are black colleges so racist against black people?[View]
210330073>libtards think they are living in this movie now and we weren't when Obama was president I …[View]
210324692/pol/ Humour Thread: Leftist/Magatard cringe edition. post'em[View]
210324175Why are Journalists so entitled?: They claim themselves to be the '4th pillar of democracy' but cons…[View]
210326363Millennial's are lazy pieces of shit. Change my mind with your best facts and logic.[View]
210326894Tax refund general: Last year I paid 22%, this year my effective rate was 18%. Mew laddy[View]
210318590It's Passover: And there are 50% less posters.[View]
210327479The Arab Zanzibar massacre: 97% of the arab population (100,000) where killed by blacks MILTANTs in …[View]
210330356What you are about to see was supposed to be a Galactic Civilization. But when the Kikes killed off…[View]
210328277NEVER FORGET![View]
210318052Transgender people: Since when changing its sex has become progressive ? Isn’t it the most barbaric …[View]
210330019How did the average /pol/ster go from >fuck the system man, V for Vendetta is redpilled, fuck rel…[View]
210330112SJW faggot sci-fi author gets trolled bad enough a documentary is made about it: https://www.youtube…[View]
210318149Teacher Fired for Questioning LGBT Lessons in Sons' School: >A school assistant has been sac…[View]
210330053Check out this podcast on Russia and Putin, from commonwealth club on podbean. Some good perspective…[View]
210329039What did she mean by this?: http://www.nationalreview.com/news/kyrsten-sinema-secure-border-congress…[View]
210328910The USA fought for the wrong side[View]
210318053any classical liberals/libertarians here or is everyone a fascist now?[View]
210323907Redpill a psychoanalist normie.: >NEED HELP FOR THE 2ND DEBATE I´ve been in a debate about racia…[View]
2102997466/4/1989 General: We are approaching the 30th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacure and stud…[View]
210327970Go get your gibs somewhere else water Mexicans: Hey Puerto Ricans, did you know you can go to Spain …[View]
210261590Is all pornography degenerate?: Is all porn degenerate? As a 19 year old white female, I can tell yo…[View]
210327436Polygamy: What’s wrong with it ?[View]
210305360Prosectors in Nxivm case just filed documents that Nxivm illegal bundled money for Hillary: https://…[View]
210312220Jesus tried to subvert Jewish culture and religion.: He tried to destroy the 2000 year old history a…[View]
210298705Why Japan[View]
210328815Will they remember him?: Will he be forgotten when he leaves office or will he always be remembered?…[View]
210323579Need text for this meme[View]
210326031I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm going crazy. Life is hopeless. Shitskins …[View]
210299242If true racial progress is to be made, there are few things that you must accept: -You will not crea…[View]
210284755Why aren't White People more alarmed by their imminent minority status?: Look at this smug cunt…[View]
210323712Teams of JIDF monitor /pol/ under 'Newest Threads': 1st reply: Shameless kike. 2nd reply: American f…[View]
210325849Tucker is destroying Beto!!: It's hilarious!![View]
210327666NORKs have a new NUKE: >SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the testing of …[View]
210320849GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2019!: This is only a matter of time. The markets should have collapsed in …[View]
210324004Predictions for tomorrow. What will happen? Wil it be another dimensional shift? Will trump find the…[View]
210328634Ponasenkov: 'leftists and muslims set fire to notr dam'[View]
210327583I think american history is fucking bland, it’s just intervention after intervention. And y’all euro…[View]
210327354(((THE JEWISH QUESTION)))[View]
210327182Is this a good father? https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/bea21w/dad_of_the_year/[View]
210324777>'Anon! Glad you could make it. As you know, we're putting a team together.'…[View]
210315534Women trying to ban prostitution in Holland: https://abcnews.go.com/International/prostitution-comin…[View]
210316021Why haven't you supported Patrick Little 2020 yet? >Pic related -ex-ZOG soldier figured out …[View]
210321135Why do you guys hate muslims?: Besides not believing that Jesus was the Son of God, their political,…[View]
210326788I'm done /pol/. America is getting worse at a quickening pace, and Europe is past the point of …[View]
210320623Where to find the shooting video: I can't find the video of the christchurch shooting through G…[View]
210328420Oi cunt, ya got'ta loicense for p0rn?: bruh... look at this dude..... uhju uhju wait till you s…[View]
210323286ITS OVER: ITS OVER[View]
210318326A Questio for Europeans: Do your healthcare systems have any flaws?[View]
210293570Italian military intervention in Libya against the haftar troops. ita /pol/[View]
210312188Zognald Blompf hate thread: post'em[View]
210327656>Another fireball spotted streaking across East Coast night sky https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local…[View]
210328133Figure on Notre Dame rootop?: People made fun of him, because he isn't a dragon type.[View]
210316898Illegal Muslim immigrant tries to rape illegal Mexican teenager; illegal Mexican then stabs him: Wel…[View]
210327889Norte Dame will be rebuilt as an international religious center for Islam and 'other religions…[View]
210319078...based BBC?[View]
210325820Intellectual property violates the 1st amendment, prove me wrong.[View]
210317565Sandy Hook Bombshell: An automated attack by mobile internet via social media within a mass media ma…[View]
210298176BRENTON TARRANT PROPAGANDA THREAD: It has been a month since Saint Tarrant carried out his operation…[View]
210320816who is behind these memes these are to complicated to just happen organically[View]
210301436Why do CEOs make 271 times more than their employees? Is there any justification for this? Decades a…[View]
210326912Nigger! LOL: African airforce is a realy threat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD3CC4z7WLw…[View]
210325405i feel blue pilled: you know MGTOW jargon, off of the MGTOW2 subreddit any ways to get me purple/red…[View]
210326415US Holohoax museum gives its highest honor to literally al-Qaeda: https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-h…[View]
210324681Race war when?: Do w have any how to elect a national socialist by 2024?[View]
210313536obligatory reminder that this is the only candidate for president who might not be fake and gay[View]
210325721Reminder that the US is a German colony[View]
210324373So when are we gonna overthrow maduro's regime and replace him with yet another CIA nigger?[View]
210323924Ancestry Canada | “INSEPARABLE” |: The only hope for two young lovers is across the border to the No…[View]
210322258Foreign lobbying bad!: >you cant let a foreign country hire lobbists to influence U.S. politics! …[View]
210321036Oy vey!: https://mobile.twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1117569060420689921[View]
210280708Why did he do it /pol/? He had money, a BMW, aesthetics. He could have lifted weights, and made it.[View]
210324535This honestly made me more sad than people dying.[View]
210326775>happening happens >its a national tragedy >literally everyone sad Why do we like these ag…[View]
210326595Organs for Bernie: How can we get Bernie Bros to sell their kidneys, bone marrow, blood plasma, ect …[View]
210326603Where else but in Poland would kids agree to this crap?: Would teenagers do this in your country? ht…[View]
210326726Buy right, buy White: What are some brands you buy from that are made by whites? Kaweco (Pens) Lamy …[View]
210313426Is it just me, or are the winds of meme magic getting wilder again?[View]
210321875I'M GOING TO SAY THE N WORD![View]
210324642Hitler ordered the destruction of Notre Dame in 1944 but this guy didn't follow through with it…[View]
210326683Figure on Notre Dame rootop?: Remain calm, penguins. You are now under the protection of the North W…[View]
2103224852020 is gonna be gud.[View]
210303542Which group of people does /pol/ hate the most?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17835848 >White democra…[View]
210320732EuroFrens, what's it like to live in a world where everyone, or almost everyone, looks like you…[View]
210321056you white males need to stop with this shit: seriously. i was just trying to browse through some phi…[View]
210325521antivaxxers deserve to be gassed with zyklon-B[View]
210326365Cicadia: The truth will prevail and information spilled. The perfect Christ is coming, awaiting conf…[View]
210323600Ocelot from Metal Gear Was An AnCap: >Hated the deep state and their controls >Owned a private…[View]
210325991Why is the highest percentage of LGBTQ people black? Is there something in the fried chicken and wat…[View]
210326253Not all is lost: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTRjdNwMiA[View]
210323687Andrew yang gets cucked: 23:22 'that's my boy Andrew the cuck right there' LMFAO https://youtu.…[View]
210307703TIPPING: Hey amerifags >be me foreign fag (Poland) >visit USA and senpai >happy time >o…[View]
210323764https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/watch/ Really good documentary that should be mandatory /p…[View]
210324760So when are we gonna overthrow maduro's regime and replace him with yet another CIA nigger, boy…[View]
210317307Your Coumbine fan was a Trannie: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-18/us-teen-infatuated-with-colu…[View]
210313054Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210318798What are you going to do with your $1000?[View]
210325294Jewish Lightning.: The Church is dying and dealing with the pedo priests and is basically out of tou…[View]
210317892Is faggotry and transgenderism the solution to hypergamy and the differences in the male and female …[View]
210319745Based Ethnicities: ITT we post based ethnicities >Sikh Undoubtedly based. Every Sikh I've …[View]
210324222Anon. In matter-of-fact reality terms, you would receive personal growth beyond recognition, if you …[View]
210325386#wiesmannreport thursday: #mullerreport This is a blockbuster video by jack probsebic. Check it out,…[View]
210317931All memes and bullshit aside, can someone explain why Trump/Congress are running gigantic budget def…[View]
210320619Pagan General - No Jews Allowed: Paganism is the obvious answer to these semetic derived religions m…[View]
210302251Russia violates US sanctions and sells Su35 to China: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/04/17/russ…[View]
210323800Soybeans hate thread: The future of American males[View]
210325211Notre Dame fire: Nostradamus Predicted Notre Dame Fire![View]
210324761When will he go “full animal”?: will it be like watching the Gorilla Channel?[View]
210320895>mfw I find out I’m 1% Jewish What the fuck do I do[View]
210293111Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has made a motion comic from the future - what the world will be like after…[View]
210287577Romania keen to import 0.5 mln Pakistani workforce by 2020 part2: ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP):The Minist…[View]
210324292Notre-Dame: The latest restoration proposals are being considered.[View]
210300923Why don't black men get mad when whites fuck black girls, but muslims do when you fuck muslim g…[View]
210322452Slovakia: WTF happens here?[View]
210324755Have you noticed this too? Are americans to far gone. I dont even consider them human with all the d…[View]
210320894((())): What’s this fookin shit about?[View]
210319580>porn company literally saving the human species >meanwhile christcucks donating zillions to r…[View]
210321655Stop playing fair. You dumbasses are playing but the rules while Jews make and break them. Appeal to…[View]
210327681Men hit the wall way sooner than women: It's irrelevant. In the modern world women have higher …[View]
210319398hey since the 2020 election is already a fucking joke lets have some fun this man is Wayne Messam, h…[View]
210323646What should be the punishment for women who wear pants?: FACT: Women who wear pants worship the devi…[View]
210312641ITT: horror: >saw 2 hijabis and niggers this week >saw a negress with a baby stroller…[View]
210320461Now that the dust has settled, should the new Notre Dame reflect our modern society? I mean, the ch…[View]
210322039I have a solution the immigration problem, /pol/. Congress would enact a law that establishes a immi…[View]
210322827What we know >fire wasn't discovered for at least 22 minutes >40 to 50 investigators are …[View]
210319068What the fuck this is real? And you just know it's gonna be some sandnigger will win and everyo…[View]
210320002Question: Would it be legal to restart the Crusades? what if there was no support from the Vatican n…[View]
210322801Thoughts on this pol?[View]
210323778Sanctuary cities: https://cis.org/Map-Sanctuary-Cities-Counties-and-States How close are you to one?…[View]
210322989Immigrant's rant: I fucking hate them, why would you go to an other land that's culturally…[View]
210323671USA needs a Border: We Whites in the #USA need a #Border, in fact #BorderSecurity and a #BorderWall …[View]
210316885Oh look, a wild coincidence![View]
210315061AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ENDANGERS AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS: - allowing Facebook to procure Australian user …[View]
210283611What will happen if we get a female mass shooter? How will the media react?[View]
210317653How does it feel to know that /pol/, after the 2016 election, will never again be able to harness th…[View]
210319598Antoni Gaudi: Was this guy Jewish? Hmm I don’t know but something seems.... OFF about his designs. T…[View]
210318797greek reparations: they want 290 billion euros hahahahha we didnt even start this shit go and ask fu…[View]
210316721Meds are not white, especially Greeks: They are rape victims of savage hordes rampaging through sout…[View]
210322957millenials BTFO: what the fuck happened between boomers and zoomers to create the worst generation…[View]
210322972Former Aircraft Mechanic Who Lives With His Mom Says He Plans On Working In A Marijuana Dispensary: …[View]
210322947They are us[View]
210320650Ya umm... chief: You Missed the mark there https://twitter.com/TRACterrorism/status/1118183993365676…[View]
210311085Moving to Europe: I'm a burger with a compsci degree. Because of ancestry I'm eligible for…[View]
210319615um, guys?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-pxd_Pkk38 How come Metal Gear Solid 2 names the things …[View]
210323240post any kind of webms[View]
210320242What did they mean by this[View]
210322852What was the exact moment that made you think 'ok, society is going to shit and nothing can stop it …[View]
210320331Telegony/chastity General: Telegony appreciation thread. Incels, now is the chance to quit chasing f…[View]
210319312>Jen if you can see this, I win! >Thanks for the gold, kind strangers >6.6K upvoates >Ju…[View]
210315136HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA She's on the cover of TIME[View]
210299665WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR HITLERS BIRTHDAY? >Should Hitler's Birthday (20th at 20:04 German tim…[View]
210312039Gretas speech at the European Parliament: Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, …[View]
210322186Where is Beta uprising?[View]
210302547Post your best salt for tomorrow: When they realize this report flips the script we need to hit them…[View]
210320262Barr, Rosenstein To Hold 9:30AM Press Conference As DOJ Releases Mueller Report. The Justice Departm…[View]
210315236Here is /pol/s general problem: Muslims are today's problem everywhere in the world pretty much…[View]
210289373Why are so many people opposed to the idea of a single world government?: Shouldn't humanity be…[View]
210321256Did globo homo reach the islamic world?: Anyone else here fucked an islamic slut? These whores can a…[View]
210322159Yusuf Akçura on Arabs/Islam: In his letters he wrote while he was in Syria and Palestine, he made im…[View]
210321955you only need to look at the numbers to know the world is falling apart because of all the americans…[View]
210304759Newfag here. Redpill me on the jews.[View]
210321981Xi Jinping? Moar liek Shit Jinpoop amirite?![View]
210318097Can we get a thread of quotes from your famous politicians and historical figures?[View]
210315293NUCLEAR FUSION BREAKTHROUGH!: We achieve manage a breakthrough miniaturization of Nuclear Energy as …[View]
210290642Macron says Notre Dame will be rebuild with a 'IRON roof' and a new Spire design which reflects new …[View]
210315356NORTH KOREA TEST-FIRES TACTICAL WEAPON: it's fucking happening lads https://news.sky.com/story/…[View]
210321888Redpilled or Bluepilled: Angry Birds Movie 2: https://youtu.be/RSKQ-lVsMdg How doe this movie redpil…[View]
210320120It is a distraction: Macron needed something for the French people to rally behind so as to sweep as…[View]
210321866Antichrist Competition - Macron vs Kushner: What say ye /the_pol which one of these bipedal rats cou…[View]
210319293What is their endgame?[View]
210318304Nikita Dragun: Is this «woman» the most degenerate thing ever ?[View]
210315703>see white woman with nonwhite man >rage >see white man with nonwhite woman >slightly le…[View]
210321650ITT things that give you hope: Canada is experiencing a wave of conservative between the coasts. Wha…[View]
210321016How do we end circumcision?: Is it too late?[View]
210321599What’s the best edition/publication of ‘The International Jew’ by Henry Ford?[View]
210309248Islam : The Ultimate Redpill: Look at this .gif I want you to take a good 30 seconds and look at it.…[View]
210308723man who threw child...: This ape is not somali, he literally looks African American and his name is …[View]
210318578Is Orthodox Christianity growing in the USA? It seems like it as a passive bystander just learning (…[View]
210319756what the fuck happened?: how do you go from the colbert report to this in such a short amount of tim…[View]
210320319Pig brains partially revived hours after death: IMMORTALITY CONFIRMED https://www.nationalgeographic…[View]
210319488‘Keep your mouth shut’: Dems erupt over Barr’s Mueller report rollout: https://www.politico.com/stor…[View]
210313563I'm writing an argumentative essay for my high school English class on why homosexuality is a d…[View]
210319860Who else is getting really sick of all the JIDF threads claiming that 'Israeli Jews' are based while…[View]
210320936Why give up /pol/?: Of course nothing is going to happen and save the west. The west and all of its …[View]
210316031i'm surprised there never really was a findom backlash on here, especially against the girls do…[View]
210320775What are they doing to us?: Say what you want about muslims or Americans... but nothing can stop the…[View]
210312792What would you do if Ivanka was your gf?[View]
210313752Pagan Wisemen needed for questions: So i need some answers to some questions i have about norse myth…[View]
210320446This explains it for you Christkike/Muslikike simpletons.: Isn't it obvious? >Judaism >ad…[View]
210317780Why the Israel hate?: Why do you guys hate Israel so much? Is it purely because they are Jews or are…[View]
210306891Are you an old school 4chan troll, anon?[View]
210319310Can we ban South Americans and Puerto Ricans from voting in elections please?[View]
210309026The US will become ‘minority white’ in 2045, Census projects: Based. Good riddance. >New census p…[View]
210318239https://cis.org/Map-Sanctuary-Cities-Counties-and-States How close are you to one? Discuss the impen…[View]
210319392How do we deal with the Hispanic problem lads? They should all get shipped back if you ask me[View]
210319217The ancient middle east wasn't brown: Attention cattle goyim, JEWS always had red hair, this go…[View]
210314130I am afraid.: 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.' This has…[View]
210320056If trump is not grillty then why all the pressers conferences? That’s why.[View]
210320048>School is holding contest for grad. song >Not really that gay, a song that best represents yo…[View]
210320016On some train: >be me, 2015 >britfag 20yr old doomer waiting at train station >don't k…[View]
210319659How do we slave the slavic race from western cuckoldry[View]
210300641Google removes images of ancient Blonde Assyrian fighting lion.: Does anyone have the image of the s…[View]
210310861Literally any time someone proposes spending money for the sake of white people were reminded how mu…[View]
21030309828 Germans just got fucking killed in Portugal[View]
210314999Slavic women are trad-[View]
210319628Our (((elites)))): Our politcal ruling class used to attend the same church as you, shop at the same…[View]
210313038Plz dump/create Barr memes ITT v.OnTheOffense: Tomorrow is the Big Presser. The One we have all been…[View]
210310312How far can one man fall? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/04/17/donaldtrump-vetoes-bill-end-us…[View]
210289585ITT: Who are the Mexicans of your country I’ma start: Germans[View]
210315693Caste system in America?: If we were able to employ the caste system in America, what would that loo…[View]
210315644Wrongthink deprogramming the NPC's edition: Racism isn't real. Being a dick to someone ju…[View]
210319279Reminder that if you have a nose shaped like this you are not welcomed into the ethnostate. Basic br…[View]
210318116>sell stuff >get life in prison Nice freedom, Americans.…[View]
210318458Owari da, Notre Dame-san. Omae wa mou shindeiru. https://twitter.com/AlexandreCHASS6/status/11182380…[View]
210301485NOTRE DAME FIRE: Suspicious Activity on Roof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ8rN0o_lUw https://ww…[View]
210319052Will this guy enter the timeline again?: What do you think /pol/[View]
210318689The Problem with Communism: The Kingdom of Heaven as described by Jesus Christ in the New Testament …[View]
210304940/FAG/: DATA HOSTED WITH BY PASTEBIN.COM - DOWNLOAD RAW - SEE ORIGINAL Welcome to /FAG/, or rather, F…[View]
210315278Why do you not support Black Lives Matter anon?[View]
210313754Truth Thread: ITT: We post the truth and nothing but the truth[View]
210318048You're on vacation in the US, and you break the law.: You end up in prison, and these guys come…[View]
210314419How do you redpill the Christian?: How? There must be some secret to their erodite thinking? https:/…[View]
210318894Alberta's recently elected premiere (Governer, for us): issued a warning to Suzuki and Tides Fo…[View]
210318834I've never seen a video more delusional and fractured from reality than this one. I almost have…[View]
210318535Tump vetoes bill to stop supporting Saudi coalition: so are we pro Saudi Arabia now?[View]
210305535why are there still trump supporters on /pol/?[View]
210318117The FUturd of America: Datz right Whitey POC is coming to the USA, we is gunna take over the US and …[View]
210314103Ok fagots We all know the notredame fire was caused by sand niggers, so we should make some redpill…[View]
210318668Messaging plebbit users with game of thrones spoilers is the most fun you’ll have today: These based…[View]
210315932Light Rail NZ[View]
210300177/pol/ humor thread[View]
210318253Press F for /ourguy/ Nelson Nash: >BTFO of banks since before the rest of us were born >Lover …[View]
210317692Explain this /pol/: >HUR DUR RACE MIXING IS BAD SAVE THE WHITE RACE *dates asians or latinas* Ima…[View]
210304773Niggers before slavery: So as you know the typical nigger blames the wypipo for almost everything in…[View]
210318242Monofail!: Why is this horse faced communist still in power?[View]
210266359BIN THAT BOOB: UK PORN BAN 3 MONTHS TO GO BIN THAT BOOB https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gad…[View]
210318168Colonel Scharoo: Hero or Charlatan? Did his failure at Rotterdam doom European Jewry?[View]
210307967Taqiyya isn't unique to Muslims-: All minorities obey the majority, until they themselves are t…[View]
210315708Beyoncé nigger worship: Apparently this negress has new music available today. I had to turn off NPR…[View]
210311267Australian thread How are y’all doing?[View]
210293893Vice claims ContraPoints is turning Right-Wingers into leftists: What's /pol/ opinion on Contra…[View]
210309810Jews in Israel and the US: Why are Jews in Israel so fucking based, whilst Jews in the US are shit-t…[View]
210315387WW3 is unlikely: WW2 was the last Great War. No country nowadays would start a war due to the nuclea…[View]
210311564Why are you against gay marriage? Just look at this, it's beautiful.[View]
210313697Any other autistic leftists on here? I feel pretty outmatched on actual knowledge of economics and p…[View]
210317833vancouver is amazing: i love liberal cities so i can watch you white fucks all drugged out and die h…[View]
210310794*Blocks your path* What do you do /pol/?[View]
210314160A call to action and tradition: Boys its time. We need to find this poll and vote for it to be retur…[View]
210316109NEW CULTURED THUG ESSAY: Essay on Engelbert Dollfuss, Austrio-Fascist that basically got cucked by N…[View]
210313202Mueller Report Discussion: Be on your guard tomorrow, /pol/. We already know what the media and Dems…[View]
210308334Stop Watching Porn: >Wake up to the coppers banging on the door >oi m8 can we see your porn li…[View]
210317639We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excu…[View]
210315953Should US raise voting age?: Raise voting age? Maybe take a test?[View]
210315994Notre dame was targeted because 777 years ago, France burned every copy of the Talmud they could fin…[View]
210292749Nigel Farage may just become the next EU Commission President: If his party gets 40% of the vote, he…[View]
210313782is the hacker group anonymous still active? it's been a while since i've heard of them.[View]
210307261I am ashamed[View]
210316406>Minimum wage causes inflation Why do people keep repeating this meme when there's no eviden…[View]
210315760Anonymous: well?[View]
210316667Why do jews hate communism so much?[View]
210310019tfw your home went from being known for beautiful scenery and outdoor activities to 'lol weed bro' H…[View]
210314787Is r/all the most astroturfed place on the internet. Literally everything on there is so unnaturally…[View]
210314727What did she know, why did they kill her?: well, foretell of hidden knowledge[View]
210316791And They Shall Not Grow Old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MskPGDlhVIs[View]
210316712America no! Fuck Drumph!!! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/university-of-texas-freshman-says-he-lost-hi…[View]
210316699oh no No No NO NO.: BWAHAHAHAHHA. WHO IS THIS MADLAD? https://twitter.com/ImamNon/status/1118516822…[View]
210310912We wuzn’t kangs...[View]
210313949Depressed Mutt: >be me >white mutt >have no culture to be proud of, my nation was literally…[View]
210315270let's be honest: the only people who still support trump here are reddit migrants[View]
210310122African swine flu is going to cause famine in China: >30% of little piggys are not going to marke…[View]
210314969How can you say Christianity is a way for the Jews to enslave the non-Jews, when Christianity was fo…[View]
210295945How's everyone doing? It seems things are more or less back to normal, mood wise I suppose. Sli…[View]
210315745woman part of DNA: In school it was beaten into us that the woman with Watson and Crick *really* did…[View]
210313791Amerimutts BTFO by based EU: >The EU has proposed tariffs on $20bn (£15bn) of US goods in a long-…[View]
210314829North Korea just fucked trump over with another missile test.[View]
210315575John Rabe: >be John Rabe >affiliate with Nazis >goes to china >1937 rape of Nanking occu…[View]
210314726You nazis went too far this time: https://youtu.be/QcUiyUKfHK0 How dare you harass this brilliant wo…[View]
210314509Instagram must be held accountable for this shit[View]
210312118Why do these morons pretend they love America when they support a dead country that tried to conquer…[View]
210315898Remember Goyim, it's Judeo-Christian values.. That's why us Jews killed Christ. We share…[View]
210310719Are you ready to take the white pill /pol/? >christcuck You are scared, I know, but you need to s…[View]
210313872What causes someone to look like this?: I see people with this exact mug all the time. Is it inbreed…[View]
210313406Pro-Assange protesters clash with cops in Ecuador, calling President Moreno ‘traitor’: 'Traitor…[View]
210287940Archetype Boomer releases another new video: puts /pol/ on full blast: https://youtu.be/S2mx4qw49dQ…[View]
210315231Does /pol now this modern saint? He is the only person alive who can restore our notre dame.[View]
210315458I walked by two german tourists and said 'Sieg Hail'. Now i feel bad, sorry kraut.[View]
210313132What the fuck is the deal with Americans? They're second only to Poos for being the most retard…[View]
210315443A silly nigger story: https://youtu.be/MzciIJU_HHI Silly nigger, thinks he's dick is bigger. T…[View]
210314771Rock man at it again: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/04/17/north-korea-test-fire…[View]
210299323Why haven't they left the EU yet? I thought the deadline was March 29th?[View]
210315269i'm ding-dong diddly seethe after watching this episode of forensic files this coalburner is th…[View]
210300201Good Luck Pol: When I first came to Politically Incorrect i pictured that this is where the talks of…[View]
210313407Post a hero: I start by posting a dutch hero. got rid of a neo-nazi menace and only served 12 years …[View]
210311381Why won't the government force beta manlet losers to marry single mothers? This would create st…[View]
210315122The realization you get when you realize that possession is real, and that it happens on a regular b…[View]
210304490Did you grow up to be the adult that you thought you would be? If not, why not? Where did you go awr…[View]
210307994Your cellphone could be giving people Ebola: >The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republ…[View]
210314215Let's have a good old fashioned stuff-that-would-get-you-banned-from-kikebook thread. Stuff tha…[View]
210312252What did HBO mean by this?[View]
210303621This trigger Muhammud.[View]
210314634What do you meme: Ight what do I say in the q&a[View]
210314698British people are superior.: To them everyone else is inferior.[View]
210305774Reminder that if you support minimum wage, you are no different than any mush-minded Berniebro. You …[View]
210314748Post Day of the Rope: It's time to channel your inner Basedwanger. The scenario is: >The Day…[View]
210312473Do primarily white terrorist organizations actually exist?[View]
210311788The Jews literally went to war with the Brits during WW2?: The Jewish Insurgency in Mandatory Palest…[View]
210314259Brenton Tarrant Archives: Video: https://kohlchan.net/pol/src/1552697139034-0.mp4 Manifesto: https:/…[View]
210314120Islam: >come here en masse under false reason >refuse to assimilate to western society >fol…[View]
210311599>Prove of god in pic This is god in reality, the priest is holding jesus christ, that's what…[View]
210314346pol’s Podcast: Based black man tearing up the left in California https://soundcloud.com/locsandgo/l…[View]
210311987Freewill exists, Now choose with your god given freewill to agree, disagree, post, or not post.[View]
210313802'How did you know I'm from Minneapolis?'[View]
210312709The Kalergi Plan is the alternate Nazi Plan ?: I am looking for the most reliable informations about…[View]
210310166Debating Illegals with shitlibs (my parents): Americans, how would you convince a fellow citizen tha…[View]
210284594MOSSAD FALSE FLAG EVADED: This bitch is not 18 years old. They are trying to distract from Muller re…[View]
210314066Confirmed: Boomer Youtube Guy hates Niggers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVAFsNE0jUw[View]
210312864why do jews call Christians pedophiles? isn't a bit ironic?[View]
210303142Modern Colonialism: When will Russia get rid of its colonialist legacy? It is important especially w…[View]
210313117Rape Culture Needs to Stop! Where Does it Start?: If only we could find a source of rape culture... …[View]
210313834I take the redpill: I am but another newfag here, redpill me on the decline of white culture and you…[View]
210312174Strange_Statistics: Strange_Statistics banned from Eddit after StrangeStatistics was banned supposed…[View]
210310880Weewooweewoo: The brown girl in the upcoming Witcher show fucking died lmao[View]
210309355oof: oof https://twitter.com/Natsecjeff/status/1118562819283259392[View]
210313932Gesta Dei per /pol/: Hey, /pol/. Just imagine you are ahead a national-populist movement in a countr…[View]
210309667Black Church: What’s more important, an 800 year old church that’s had a prominent presence in histo…[View]
210287742Vacation in Jerusalem: Am I doing it right pol?[View]
210291383Somebody actually raped this.[View]
210309883The world without France would be wonderful: 1. The French Revolution. The founding of Modern Degene…[View]
210312026We are defeating ourselves because they tricked us into hating ourselves: The only way out of this c…[View]
210313840N word: Just do it[View]
210313821yeet maybe: >be me >live in Middle East >go outside to get food for village >see funky …[View]
210303880The time of whites is almost over: remember dont breed[View]
210310425How disappointed was the MSM when they found out his killer wasn't white?[View]
210305162Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210313698How does it feel to be a mountain nigger?[View]
210304036Euromutts...: Why are American WASPs called 'Amerimutts' yet Eurofags will defend Mr. Bean's wh…[View]
210313662What did they mean by this?[View]
210313661SOON: Complete with an Islamic prayer room and Holocaust survivor holograms.[View]
210280934Message from an Indian untouchable to /pol/: This is to the White Race. And the Brahmin caste. And a…[View]
210301970You do not have ‘permission’ for war with Iran!: NEOCON DON BTFO BY RAND PAUL https://www.politico.c…[View]
210311487Why´d they put this guy in jail? Was he gona blow the lid off pedogate?[View]
210313571>it's actually fucking happening Are we set for another era of comfy UK politics? It's …[View]
210313556Should all latin america become integralist?[View]
210312844Are these stats accurate? Can someone confirm?[View]
210313512Kabbalah explained: Gonna post the explanation for what the Kabbalah is about here because some braz…[View]
210313298Only death awaits for our people - Time to face the truth: There will be no revolution, the masses a…[View]
210311820Why are you letting this happen, /pol/?: Why aren't you buying, reading, and providing truthful…[View]
210313238Nazbol == Judaism: Friendly reminder that Dugin is a Kabbalah practicing Jew.[View]
210312824Yiddle me this goyman: 'who sages eceleb threads, yet constantly occupies their livestream chatrooms…[View]
210299597Europe must open borders so I can immigrate. Fuck you bigots[View]
210311888Slavery: Redpill me on slavery in general. Is it absolutely bad or it can beneficial ?[View]
210309215Blog Post: My first encounter with a Trans Person.: >Be Me >25 year old failure at life >Wo…[View]
210311272The ***Good*** Fight: Ayyy wyte boi, we finna knocc yo racis lil dick ass out. Brought to you by: CB…[View]
210313001It ain't over yet bitches. Tomorrow is the day Trump folds his tent.[View]
210303800Trump is fucked.[View]
210312423People who work in the food service industry share the same amount of responsibility with their mana…[View]
210312418Heil hitler!!![View]
210308377BASED: One step closer to Greater Israel.[View]
210312654Are women too uppity nowadays?: How do you put women back in their place? Any arabs or muslims wann…[View]
210312722Pro Israel Propaganda Twitter Account Found: Hasbara Mafia information collective. A collective to s…[View]
210311582875 Is the New Neo Nazi Symbol? Is that right?: 875 coincidences...?[View]
210293929Why is Canada rejecting leftist governments?[View]
210312662Do all these people really have the diseases they claim to have, or are they just Hypochondriacs loo…[View]
210312643Pajeet Hate Thread: Drop it[View]
210312410The absolute state of Trumpfags[View]
210310135As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military: Within a decade…[View]
210278480AOC eternally btfo: STOP, STOP, SHE'S ALREADY DEAD! On second thought, keep going.[View]
210310179I've seen a lot of niggers trying to claim ancient Egypt and brag about their past. Even if we …[View]
210299790Why are nearly all hikikomori men? Serious discussion; no meme answer please.[View]
210311185do you feel special? being a part of humanity with none of it left? you took the blue pill. just tak…[View]
210287206Sol Pais IS 18, website just a 90skid larp: >https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/musicpage.html F…[View]
210300045Hey guys my professor is asking us to show some political cartoons for the class. I know it's g…[View]
210301930How rude[View]
210312263Leftists and Corp Dems already going at each other’s throats and election season hasn’t even started…[View]
210310778How did the British become the most servile people in Europe? How does the land of John Locke and Jo…[View]
210299253How do we stop roasties? https://twitter.com/DailyMail/status/1118363941669879812[View]
210306197/pol/ Required reading list.: I think a required reading list is in order for /pol/. I don't kn…[View]
210311214Who is the hottest politician in the world and why is it him?[View]
210311152Nuke the (((Cities))): >https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ Pick a (((city))) and we'll see …[View]
210310735/indpol/ — China in 2020 edition: This is what China will look like in 2020.[View]
210310941Is he a Jew?[View]
210307297Was South Africa better off under apartheid?: Was South Africa REALLY better off under apartheid?…[View]
210311785British Empire was a force for evil. Murdered peaceful protestors at a park. Fucked up India good an…[View]
210306110Andrew Yang or bust: I’m voting Yang, got to. Everyone else is garbage. Prove me wrong.[View]
210309283What happens to our military during balkanization?[View]
210310080Post YWF you learn that you've been indoctrinated and jew'd your entire life: 'Don Bluth, …[View]
210311569Usury - Yay or Nay: Hello /pol/, I'm an 18 year old lad starting his first Job and I have been …[View]
210310749This is what whitey looked like before black people civilized them![View]
210308270Mutt actress dead at 16: >CBBC star Mya-Lecia Naylor, who appeared alongside Emily Atack on Almos…[View]
210311571He will not devide us: Does anyone know what happened to the HWNDU flag? It's obviously ripped,…[View]
210308127Muh Good & Evil: Morals are only best-practises: There is no morality, there are only actions wh…[View]
210310803Women have it easy.: Are there so many men becoming sissys and trans because its much easier being a…[View]
210310812The question has to be asked: are larpagans a psyop? All they do is try to divide and demoralize whi…[View]
210307288Have women failed as a means of reproduction: If so: how do we replace them with artificial (coma) w…[View]
210308119Has he left us?[View]
210310952What's with the heavy pro-muslim presence on this board? These leeches are literally worse then…[View]
210310999DON'T BUY PORK!! DON'T BUY PORK!!: >1 million pounds of pork smuggled from china that i…[View]
210310342The ABSOLUTE STATE of California[View]
210308537>wants Turkey to recognize Armenian genocide >supports formation of Kurdistan >wants to ove…[View]
210308283Full house, to jail house: She is sick of being called a cheater, and is surely sick of the memes. W…[View]
210310557Should the government bring back institutionalization to deal with the mental health crisis? Asking …[View]
210299056Are castizos based and redpilled or the enemy?: Whether or not they are white is besides they point.…[View]
210298787Ask an algerian immigrant living in Paris politicaly incorrect questions Everything burns edition[View]
210308383How do you deal with people in your everyday life knowing about your views and your powerlevel?[View]
210279412Why won't he release his tax returns? What is he trying to hide?[View]
210302811Well pol, is he right? https://youtu.be/Lrd9Q8COF5Y[View]
210308747Why do people keep comparing Xi Jinping to Whinni the Pooh?[View]
210301004100% true - prove him wrong: Pro tip: You can't. https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/11185320691…[View]
210310483Fox News: Fair and Balanced as ever.: This gem came out today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-cZG…[View]
210308028Why hasn't he liberated Venezuela yet?: Not even Obongo would let Russians and China run wild i…[View]
210310437Are lefthanded-'people' truly the most oppressed in human history and can we meme them on top of the…[View]
210306234Prank call culture: >When I was young did we go into telephone boxes making prank calls https://w…[View]
210307576Why are liberals so opposed to guns?[View]
210306052The world without america would be wonderful: 1st : most of europeans were antisemites back to pre-W…[View]
210303595>tfw everyone has an online footprint >we can use this as a record to systematically find Marx…[View]
210280094This is why China will overtake the West in our lifetime: Westerners simply have become too lazy. In…[View]
210307393Isn't the Vatican the richest organization in the world?: Why is everyone and their mother offe…[View]
210295507If you are not a christian,leave this board. (Orthodoxs and Catholics ONLY accepted)[View]
210297779We need to talk about Trump's carbon footprint. Let's do the math. >A cow does on overa…[View]
210308737/tsbg/ Take Shaka Back General /tsbg/: Just like “aloha” means much more than just “hello” or “goodb…[View]
210307553Why do /pol/acks blame the Jews for being greedy even though most of you subhumans would have sold y…[View]
210309130Red pill me on Israel.[View]
210309345Operation Hotbox: As any good /pol/ack knows. 4/20 is Adolf's birthday. So why not make the lef…[View]
210309982The only way the other side is able to thrive is with constant emotional manipulating with music and…[View]
210308305Wtf this isn’t the real Alex jones. WHO IS THIS https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
210305044A person should not be judged by the actions of other people who share an arbitrary and immutable ch…[View]
210306787I Forgive Jews: I forgive you. Thanks for being doctors and lawyers n sheeit.[View]
210306034How to become Born Again? I am damned otherwise.[View]
210308685>Italians are inferio-[View]
210301091>anon, do you like Ben Shapiro? He agrees with you on a lot of stuff! Anyone else sick of this?…[View]
210309658notre dame fire: Those French construction workers and their accidents[View]
210304762fug man: one day we won't be able to make fun of minorities because we will be minorities…[View]
210306318I may be 100% Romanian but... SERBIA STRONG, REMOVE KEBAB[View]
210298932Who do you think is more complicit regarding the obesity problem in America? Is it the food companie…[View]
210307130https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ZgQZmbZuM&ab_channel=ThuleanPerspective [Embed] 'christians cu…[View]
210307273Seriously, what is wrong with Jews ?[View]
210309625EY REQIB HER! https://youtu.be/FrxxC53SuuE[View]
210304692Sargon of Akkad is single handedly causing the collapse of UKIP lmao >Several Ukip MEPs have defe…[View]
210283318You are now the dictator of your own country. Name the first five laws/orders that you will give bas…[View]
210307888What is wrong with southerners, /pol/?: The level of savagery down there seems astonishing at times.…[View]
210307719White guilt doesn't exist- Whites misattribute their distress to guilt,: when the culprit is ex…[View]
210291452What do you think will be in the Mueller report[View]
210306018Despite making up only 48.4% of the population, Men commit a staggering 94% of all violent crime acr…[View]
210298859When will (((it))) end?: Suspected pedophile (and jewish actor) Liev Schreiber publicly crossdressin…[View]
210277411they're becoming aware[View]
210298976Canada has NEVER lost a war in its entire history. >you can only post in this thread if you'…[View]
210298328Why are Men literally better at everything than ((women))?: women BTFO, lmao[View]
210309062JEW OR GOY?: Does this guy trigger your jewdar? rate him from 1-10[View]
210307257The man's name is Butt and he's a faggot.: Do we need this shit?[View]
210299566ITT: we generate random faces until meme magic happens https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/[View]
210308559WW3 thread: Who would win?[View]
210308513Tell me why you don’t support Trump.: .[View]
210306172What is /pol/'a opinion of Jean Thiriart? He was a postwar National Socialist who tried to free…[View]
210305942Was Zimbabwe better off under white rule?: Was Zimbabwe better off under white rule?[View]
210304597More white slaves, 1,1 million, were taken from europe to north africa, than were taken over the Atl…[View]
210296229Julian Assange was a Soros Asset: The amount of asshurt that is going to pummel this place, and the …[View]
210308709Reclaim the Rainbow - rare Honklers edition: It has been a while that Honk Honkler is a thing but se…[View]
210284925Why is this the question on so many people's mind right now?[View]
210307974The Hipster Effect: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zCtuz5GTsV7f/ funny as fuck[View]
210308581Poilievre refutes Liberal's objection that legal matters are unrelated to budget matters.: Libe…[View]
210308553Some ppl play catch with books Islam: *start street war* Truly peacful ppl.[View]
210302320The school system bureaucracy: >be me >In HS, close to graduating >Been a good goy all year…[View]
210308175You know what time it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuoLzx0mcho[View]
210297869Can anyone from a country that switched to euro currency share thieir experience? Will poland become…[View]
210302154What is your opinion of Roger Coudroy? He was a Strasserist who was the first European who died for …[View]
210294287How to stop watching porn: How the fuck can I stop watching porn? I do work 40 hours a week but some…[View]
210308235Alberta's Notley loses 75% of seats: Trudeau next? Let's not forget that after Ontario…[View]
210302112Why does nobody focus anymore on the fact we have ISIS tier Christians fundamentalists who are tryin…[View]
210303479RED ALERT: you tube is being over run by anti Trump cucks and shills like this guy who is paying the…[View]
210307404france is now full of north africans muslims who are celebrating their historical monuments being de…[View]
210300047I have come to terms with having this man as PM: Have you?[View]
210299308Why are Europeans like this?[View]
210304835If you could live anywhere in the world to start a family, where would it be?: And why? Pic unrelate…[View]
210307964ultimate boomer thanks /pol/ aka his 'young haters': https://youtu.be/WTeSiKut8zs tldr of this guy i…[View]
210307900Do you think military governments are better than democratic ones? If you could choose one of your c…[View]
210307830Nostalgia for Tradition is irrational.: Culture and Religion are tools for Survival Morphing culture…[View]
210306941Three UFOs spotted near Notre Dame during the fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWFAnOe7jAk…[View]
210307321Muh White privilege: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PksoJG-U0cw Waiting for the day Ted talks will d…[View]
210305749i find the lack of Quasimodo memes disappointing[View]
210307534What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Why…[View]
210307270Why did pic related elected a better leader than your country?[View]
210305068Pro white music: Listening to nigger music poisons your soul. Post pro white music https://youtu.be/…[View]
210299837How do we solve the degenerate thot movement bros? Only men should be able to initiate courting and …[View]
210307097White's supremacy isn't a valid opinion,: and notice I didn't say 'White Supremacy,' …[View]
210307009Why do women who make dubious claims of rape usually claim to have been raped multiple times? Is thi…[View]
210306873Black nationalism general: 1.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3PaqxblOx0 2.) https://www.youtube.c…[View]
210291708>/pol/ doesn't hate jews anymore What went so horribly wrong?[View]
210302706Notre Dame fire: Groups of people I would be looking at >employees and renovation crew workers P…[View]
210306959Video Game - SSBU: Drinking boy also joins the fights ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=…[View]
210306888This guy just wants beta bux, he doesn't even allow you to participate in the live stream chats…[View]
210306663What’s going on with these too now ?[View]
210278956Why were people so happy in the 90s?[View]
210298355Muslims Reaction to the Notre Dame fire: what does /pol/ think of this?[View]
210306600Euromutts are jealous of WASP American's pure whiteness.: <Proof.[View]
210305813InB4 Tomorrows Release, Partial Leaked Mueller Report. Get in here and let those liberal tears flow.…[View]
210301834How can we get him posthumously convicted for buggery?[View]
210306432fucking base: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/opinion/germany-nazis.html[View]
210305220The absolute state of Trumpfags[View]
210306353TPP: So Chile just ratified the polemic TPP11. Feels so good to be a colony again.[View]
210304350Cyrus the great is called messiah in Isaiah 45. Jews minted a coin with Cyrus and Trump. Git gud and…[View]
210261044why don't you have white children?[View]
210299015This is how the world views Trump and America. On the left is Israel[View]
210286628what bothers you the most about other people? what characteristics of others do you find to be repre…[View]
210304418what do southern italian stormfags think of this?[View]
210303392shilling on /pol/ >'Trump is a kike puppet!' shilling everywhere else on the internet >'Trump…[View]
210302234Sword of Truth General /sotg/ - The Final Pill Edition: Hi, this is the Sword of Truth, here I am go…[View]
210304403Zoroastrians: Are they just proto-mudslimes[View]
210279506Femanon here. What's up with the misogyny?: Why do you hate us /pol/? Be a good and kind person…[View]
210305931Why do white nationalists worship Hitler?: Hitler commited white genocide. In fact, Hitler was the b…[View]
210292095Are waifus the ultimate proof that men want to love, and women want to be loved? In absence of a wom…[View]
210297331My parents are from a Muslim country but they are not religious (like many in my ethnic group) and I…[View]
210302440>if we exterminate jews all other problems will solve themselves on their own do you really belie…[View]
210301195fuck boomers: Will they finally be gone for good if Trump is not re-elected? These colostomy bag-shi…[View]
210303452Twitter degeneracy: Post some the best selfie or post from degenerate twitter[View]
210286469Yang is polling at 3%: He's currently beating Cory Booker and Julian Castro. I think he can act…[View]
210296453Should the government have the right to take law abiding people's guns away just because they…[View]
210255327Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Autism Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: May 26 2…[View]
210304473Hitler was unironically a working class hero[View]
210303288(((Islamist Bots))) in Al Jazeera Comments: Dear /pol/... I noticed nobody is talking about the repe…[View]
210304930Notre Dame represented the old order of patriarchal European Christianity. To guarantee the continu…[View]
210303299Pete Buttigieg: Is the purpose of the Dems propping up 'Pete Buttigieg' to siphon as many delegates …[View]
210305522Let's design the new Notre Dame de Paris: Here's a template. Because the new NDDP will be …[View]
210305105Why do you hate them /pol/?: Explain why you hate the Jews? What have they done to you personally?…[View]
210305028>tfw roasties get their heads chopped off after letting the Muslims and the ooga-boogas into the …[View]
210304846George Galloway wishes igel Farage BREXIT PARTY luck in upcoming elections: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
210295524ITT: We try to design a better symbol for exellerationism Don't discuss exellerationism, just …[View]
210298160International call for architects to design new spire: Notre-Dame fire: International call for archi…[View]
210299880Pagans owned: Pagans gay xDDDDDD[View]
210304608EU goods trade surplus with U.S. grows: >BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union’s trade surplus …[View]
210304521EU Elections Trust-issues: Are the next elections even trustworthy? Won't it end with the [inse…[View]
210305217I actually got a shitload of money back this year in taxes, where I usually get nothing, due to the …[View]
210302633/ourgirl/ Mimi on this week on the alt-right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTKrSnSB9Gk How is it …[View]
210294754Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210305136Why are conservatives quite literally cuckolds? Every one of these white Republican dads want some b…[View]
210276121Boomer CHALLANGES 4chan Again!: https://youtu.be/S2mx4qw49dQ[View]
210303256What if North America was like this currently[View]
210302673Brexit: Wakey wakey part 2.[View]
210299645Sol Pais Dead: https://www.pscp.tv/w/b4d4DDF6dktOcHFucG5aRWV8MWVhSmJ2a3lBbVJKWGup627-DdQ7EbeyBj8CuZm…[View]
210303499META- physics.: The art of the con, you want politically incorrect? How about saying what if we were…[View]
210304863Lost friends: Anyone here ever have a close friend from way back who you had to cut ties with due to…[View]
210303238What will you do /pol/ when the lefties win and come for you? When Bernie wins, when they take the c…[View]
210302172>browsing /pol/ like a normally do >see a random server link >/72eQJmn ] >go to it since…[View]
210304734Can health insurance companies buy data from dna test companies, Myheritage as an example, to choose…[View]
210287519Fml: > at dinner with family > mom starts to talk about how idiotic and evil white people are …[View]
210293942Ours now!!!: Honk Honk![View]
210302447OPERATION: WHITE OUT: Report anti-white tweets from UK citizens as extremist content https://www.rep…[View]
210256814my fucking sides[View]
210298418Britain is LOST: Young Brits are pathetic cuckolds, worse than fucking Swedes[View]
210301477>convicted of murder >goes to a foreign country without him paying directly for his settlement…[View]
210264955Do you believe Afterlife?: Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation, Multi-universe etc... whatever... Or you thi…[View]
210297464Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language: Catholic priest Diego de Landa, destroy…[View]
210304239Laundering and Notre Dame[View]
210302285>Muh poland is pure and will save europe Poland has exactly the same problems as other euro coun…[View]
210304051You know you want to /pol... *Lick Lips[View]
210302274How excited would you be about Patrick Little’s plan?: How excited would you be to have him cut aid …[View]
210294853Cargo Shorts v2: So that tweet with the woman about the undatable Nu-male got me thinking what'…[View]
210287646Some reddit fag decided to post this around the school, had Deans scrambling to find him because the…[View]
210302855What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Wh…[View]
210303027WAR WITH IRAN BEFORE 2020!: >Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that the Tr…[View]
210298278/pol/ BTFO!: >''The good news is the condition of my soul is in the hands of God' https://thehill…[View]
210298179This is your brain on christianity[View]
210297449Based Anning: Abc story attempting to link based Anning to 4 chan and the alt-right. Anything to the…[View]
210299382Are Traps gay?: Traps are gay as hell and one who disagrees is an obvious faggot[View]
210301708She’s right you know: It’s hilarious how the left literally can’t argue with this at all.[View]
210302829Should being gay be against the law?: What if it was just with your dad?[View]
210256407Syria general /sg/ - Ruina Imperii edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
210301659The new design for Notre Dame will be amazing!: Can't wait for the Multicultural prayer room an…[View]
210301989What did they mean by this?: There were two fires?[View]
210301098First Julian Assange, Then Us: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/first-julian-assange-then-us/…[View]
210277945I'm Going To Be President: Hillary's voters will vote for me. The Niggers will vote for me…[View]
210303051Quit spamming this faggot. Leftists are spamming this asshole for his jq video and trying to shut hi…[View]
210302867Daily reminder abortions are sacrifices to Moloch[View]
210279508Should Comics and Star Wars be banned as a whole? This culture isn’t going to stop on its own[View]
210299398Trump already lost 2020 due to demographics change my mind[View]
210301500Can we find out at which ranch the temple institute in Jerusalem keeps the red heifer. They seek to …[View]
210302970When are they gonna reconquista 2: electric boogaloo? https://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2019/0…[View]
210302909Mission 'Alt-Right Secession': Two questions need to be answered to make this happen: 1. What would …[View]
210299203Defend this.[View]
21029838628 tourists dead in bus crash: Was it muslims or the jews? https://www.rt.com/news/456844-dead-in-ma…[View]
210299139Sweden threatens EU States with sanctions: Sweden embraced immigration and is undergoing a rapid cha…[View]
210259240Welcome to /FAG/, or rather, Flag Acquisition General. The task, As I presume you all are aware of, …[View]
210289231/BNG/ Black Nationalism General: This thread is for discussion relating to BLACK Nationalism and oth…[View]
210302647Hear ! Hear!: My lords, I had doubts about speaking here. But after what I've heard, I realiz…[View]
210299596Hi pol black man here.i finally got my ancestry results.: Im Pleased to say i don't have any wh…[View]
210301166GO HOME BURGERS: Japanese officials are imploring their American counterparts to control their soldi…[View]
210290837When did you realize women and nonwhites are detrimental to Western society and will eventually caus…[View]
210301806Labour Council candidate punched while campaigning: >Calls for calm on the election trail have be…[View]
210300838Paludan quran burner: He's streaming dane and norden bros get in here. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
210299949What really happened with Jews in Egypt? Were they simply expelled or did Moses free them with magic…[View]
210296998Is /pol/ mostly evangelical?[View]
210297664Jennifer (((Rubin))) can't handle the 4D chess anymore.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinion…[View]
210276099The greatest scientist of all time: According to the Jewish media[View]
210293202Religion of peace cringe thread[View]
210301441When did you come to the realization that leftists weren't just 'people with chest opinions' bu…[View]
210301205China is already training for Mars colonization: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-space-exploratio…[View]
210301050/pol/lination general: How many white children have you fathered, /pol/? Me 8 so far. 1 is still in …[View]
210301444President Patton: What would a Patton Presidency be like?[View]
210283907This time he has gone too far: What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
210299978zoomers will save the west. as a doomer myself, i can at least cross one thing off my worry list.[View]
210300441>I’m glad Norte dame burned down heyehueheuehe[View]
210300603commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
210294899What is behind the absolute degradation of niggers in America?: I mean, seriously...there is nothing…[View]
210299909Will women ever change from their eternal victim complex which informs them at all times that men ca…[View]
210301295northeastern US politics and news general dominion of new england edition[View]
210300050NOTRE DAME: who do you think burnt the NOTRE DAME DE PARIS[View]
210300685Portuguese fascist regime when?: Portugal has no gasoline over trucker's striking, even public …[View]
210301256It truly is a clown world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOLWBoFsufY[View]
210299432blackpill me on Ruth Bader Ginsburg[View]
210285639/bg/ - Balkans General: Let's have a comfy Balkans thread. Current score: Albania: NATO Bosnia:…[View]
210296425It was a fire fighter you fools[View]
210286774Why indeed?: My first thought was that I dont hang around with degenerates[View]
210300756Right Wing Thoughts: Woman and homosexuals should not be allowed to work or vote. Woman and fags use…[View]
210301036Token black conservative Candice Ownes gets owned by her own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210298390Israel Hails 'Record' Year in Arms Exports, Despite $2 Billion Decrease: https://www.haare…[View]
210298238whose fucking with the lives of people on the internet? advices to wreck your rotator cuff to make g…[View]
210292696Best case scenario: What is the best case scenario for the US? It's obvious immigration and bir…[View]
210299958Is this the master plan?[View]
210300738I found a kekistan flag in this Netflix trailer for a new show called lunitics[View]
210300607You know what to do pol. What would pol do for a Klondike Bar? Honk Honk Green Screen Vid link here:…[View]
210297235Germans work harder, but Poles work smarter[View]
210300350Interesting YT channels: Post /pol/ related YouTube channels lads https://youtu.be/qYA_oSBFjuY Here…[View]
210297084>anons, you have been put on trial after losing the third meme war... How do you plead?…[View]
210300446I hope none of you live in sanctuary cities when Trump unleashes the hoard your representatives aske…[View]
210300404CUTFAG INSTA REGRET: >'Where I once had a sexual organ I have now been left with a numb, botched …[View]
210294619blacks = big dick - no brain whites = average dick - average brain asians = no dick - big brain Is t…[View]
210298289>Basic bitch conservative party gets elected in my province >literally nothing different than …[View]
210297494Fuck everyone on this hoard that is shilling Bernie 'Comrade' Sanders. Fucking hate this old sociali…[View]
210299866Some people are born in the wrong country: If we accept that some people are born in the wrong body,…[View]
210297602Why is there a David star on Palma cathedral?[View]
210297120Reporting an visa overstay in the UK: REPOST, SORRY BUT I NEED SOME BRITISH INPUT > Doing an MSc …[View]
210300103What's the /pol/ opinion on Denis Fahey?: > Catholic Integralist > Against Communism, Fre…[View]
210299360Based. This is your daily reminder that intelligent, educated, and urban people all voted for Hillar…[View]
210291715Mosque gets destroyed: 'We are all Muslims now.' Synagogue gets destroyed: 'Never forget the six gor…[View]
210294740Has anyone noticed a significant decrease in Canadian posters? Have they all starved to death???? Je…[View]
210264055>A photo of 'Muslims laughing' in front of Notre Dame is doctored This photo was shared…[View]
210299825Mossad Faggot Jack Posobiec is shitting himself about the Mueller report.: https://twitter.com/JackP…[View]
210287071Federal Reserve is owned by British royal family. So Dollar is British. Deal with it.[View]
210291220An Irishman & a Jew walk into a bar....: The Irishman says 'Hitler didn't kill enough jews'…[View]
210293546Why does every fascist/Nazi I’ve met have daddy issues?[View]
210298253Why are liberals like this?[View]
210299332Based Varg dunks on christcucks and notre dame once again: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0wQF…[View]
210297914HOW BRAVE: *continues to shitpost all day on twitter and facebook owned instagram*[View]
210299014Hollyjew gender bender child abuse victim: >daughter[View]
210290517Your racist Alt-Right Nazi history is being erased, /pol/. How does that make you incels feel? https…[View]
210267253Leaked text messages from Kim Foxx about Smollet[View]
210298147Would it not make sense for the English speaking countries to unite?: It would make for the ultimate…[View]
210298935Red Flag Laws Are My Red Line: I live in Pennsylvania, home of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Th…[View]
210296584Any memes from Christchuch?: https://youtu.be/HegvMbAln-4[View]
210298777MAKE MONEY[View]
210298372Argentina anons: buy Bitcoin before the rus: Argentina anons should be stacking a bit of Bitcoin for…[View]
210295038Poos are honking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSlrk4SI3Vk[View]
210291225Female columbine suspect found dead: apparent suicide with self-inflected gunshot wound to the head.…[View]
210294001Some people say marriage and having kids is the most important goal for a man: However, it’s very ha…[View]
210298654Daily Redpill - Yugoslavia Edition -: Get redpilled, /pol/ The content of this film is something tha…[View]
210298786Abortion is good.: I think that abortion should be not only 100% legal, but encouraged. It's ba…[View]
210284609The United White Empire! (Republic): Say it with me; The United White Empire! We the white people of…[View]
210293119Why are biblical characters white in Western art?[View]
210273418Estonian parliament just voted in new right wing nationalist goverment. Coalition: EKRE (right conse…[View]
210294657Sow the seeds of doubt: The only way to stop the left is to use their own oppression culture against…[View]
210280877The rift between America and the EU has never been wider: It's true. Electing Trump as presiden…[View]
210296692Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
210280716You know what to do[View]
210295263There is nothing wrong with embracing the modern age.[View]
210289760philosophical jew here whats wrong about islam? obviously these guys are nigger tier but what if a h…[View]
210278613Nothing to see here goyim https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6928937/Michelle-Obama-Paris-crui…[View]
210258334Neanderthal VS Cromagnon war still influencig politics today: 6% of humanity has neanderthal genome,…[View]
210292152Why are libertarians so cocked?[View]
210296556Do it, guys :^))) This would surely get the leftist media fired up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210297895Is this what Middle Eastern people looked like prior to the Mohammedan expansion of the 7th century?[View]
210284171Get ready for the big surprise.[View]
210298054SJW Gets OWNED On Canadian Bill C-16 By B&B #REKT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udh8nXQnmiU…[View]
210297652NOTRE DAME - ONLY ME: Why did he take a picture of his knowledge that Notre Dame would catch on fire…[View]
210297982A few days ago Danish politician Rasmus Paludan held a protest against islam in Norrebro, a part of …[View]
210297916Muslims mourning Notre Dame: https://old.reddit.com/r/islam/comments/bdo7m1/to_portray_muslims_as_th…[View]
210293269Holy shit WHAT Top worldwide news on BBC https://www.bbc.com/news[View]
210296348I don’t understand this boards stance against climate change. Do you realize if climate change isn’t…[View]
210296441The reply that won Beto the presidency[View]
210295489Debanking: >Chase is not involved in any like you know alt-right uhm. Like I said the call is bei…[View]
210297501Kai Murros: Does /pol/ have any insights on Kai 'we will make them pay' Murros? He's never ment…[View]
210297258Do whites have an advantage during outdoor fights if its cold?[View]
210246735Rolling Stone - Notre Dame was WHITE NATIONALIST: www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-... But for s…[View]
210290029I'm voting for Buttgag: This faggot is WOKE. He knows how the world is gonna be in 10 years and…[View]
210286082BOLTON GOT CAUGHT LEAKING TO A JOURNALIST: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-16/did-john-bolton…[View]
210297304>Avengers Engame will the peak of Capeshit fandom >The Last Star Wars movie will end the Saga …[View]
210289777Jesus tried to subvert Jewish culture and religion.: He tried to destroy the 2000 year old history a…[View]
210296027Iranian female boxer faces prison because she wore shorts and a t-shirt: https://www.bbc.com/news/wo…[View]
210290562White vs Black - 6 shots have been fired: GUESS WHO IS THE HERO? https://twitter.com/SRiggsWDRB/stat…[View]
210292894How do we make Mediterranean great again?[View]
210297341Jealous?: A former president of my country became an hero today to escape jail. Another 3 ex preside…[View]
2102651953 Letters: That /pol/ won't touch That /pol/ must embrace That solve /pol/'s problem Wait …[View]
210280534NAFRIs: Rate these from best to worst, which of these shitskins have you interacted with?[View]
210295566YALE SCIENTISTS REANIMATE PIG BRAIN: https://www.healthstatus.com/health_blog/wellness/doctors-reani…[View]
210291799You lookin' at me bro?: Think just cus' I'm 5'6 and fat I don't get MAD pus…[View]
210296356Can you imagine hating brown people so much that you'd refuse paying less with universal health…[View]
210291547America will have his first Jewish president soon, inshallah![View]
210287167END THE FED: END THE FED[View]
210296469Norte-Dam Rebuilt Desgin: >The newly rebuilt Norte-Dam and its beautiful!! In this thread /pol/ …[View]
210287175meme redpill thread: as much as i love infographics, i'd like to have a humorous/meme redpill t…[View]
210293892We will not colonize new worlds get over it[View]
210276333Russell Brand has given his insight on Notre Dame >'We are forced to confront the idea that Franc…[View]
210263263Is Anyone Documenting Traitors?: Are there any websites where we are documenting the traitors to Wes…[View]
210287128Jews create christianity to replace paganism with judaism. They told our ancestors to worship christ…[View]
210292896It never ceases to amaze me how the left can applaud the things it claims to be against when you jus…[View]
210289918Reminder: this is your average Frenchman.: https://youtu.be/FKdn4tV4kzc hon hon hon hon hon hon hon …[View]
210252210French burned 10 Catholic churches with Masonic architecture along with Masonic temples because the …[View]
210296610How would the world react to this?[View]
210296308#BasedJesus: Anyone have anymore redpilled Jesus images?[View]
210295106LOL check this shit out Mods can suck my whole cock[View]
210254554Pornhub isn't even trying to hide it anymore[View]
210223395The differences between right and left wing revolutions: I'm going to try and convince you this…[View]
210282882Why do right-wingers use every major event to peddle their conspiracy theories?[View]
210291099Science BTFO’s Cuckstianity again: There’s absolutely no way to recover retards https://twitter.com/…[View]
210294764The New Notre Dame: This girl has authored a piece about building the Notre Dame to include muds and…[View]
210294103Anyone find it strange how once Beto started going at Bibi for being a racist, once a media darling,…[View]
210289260'Forty Acres and a Mule' - in a third-world country: This resurgence of 'reparations' talk in the me…[View]
210266230Remember what they did[View]
210294568There is literally nothing wrong with drug abuse[View]
210295875is it happening?[View]
210294113Are you ready to take the white pill /pol/? I will do my best to explain it to the non-religous mind…[View]
210285500Gay agenda: What is the gay agenda?[View]
210295668Fyodor Dostoevsky was the original doomer. >Hated communists, openly mocking their neuroticism an…[View]
210294624How many goyim know about the jews at this point?[View]
210285187Brit/pol/: >REMEMBER SELF IMPROVEMENT No matter who you are, you can improve your life. Take con…[View]
210266459France launches global contest to design new Notre-Dame spire: >https://sg.news.yahoo.com/investi…[View]
210293826what chan has a functioning mine so no one can control your site I know ours does We are nein . We c…[View]
210292890So when exactly does the race war start?[View]
210294502Sol pais: Does any anon have a link to her blog?[View]
210289935Well, would you /pol/?[View]
210290349KING PALUDAN LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5XkzIlXk4[View]
210285577ITT: /pol/ submits his proposal for Notre-Dame's futur spire[View]
210294966>already getting memory holed >'we may never know what happened at notre dame,' already becomi…[View]
210294848Pewds is no longer fighting for our cause >makes meme review making fun of the Norte Dame fire …[View]
210290460shouldn't fascism be against the death penalty?: what happened to caring about the tribe and wa…[View]
210285842Drop 10 Nukes: These nukes will kill and destroy anything within a 200 mile radius, plus make anothe…[View]
210268700UCP Majority government elected in Alberta: Last night Albertans voted in a majority UCP government.…[View]
210294501Can we get the Roblox 'oof' sound turned into a white supremacist meme?[View]
210294305>So, how do you feel about same-sex marriage Rees Mogg? >>I'm a supporter for the teac…[View]
210294517Do you think we will see a rise in 'accidental burnings' of historical sites that are linked to whit…[View]
210290805The strong, independent niggers of Africa need the White man to train them and teach them how to fig…[View]
210289698EU will raise tarriffs on consoles and Ketchup: >Tomato ketchup, handbags and video game consoles…[View]
210294413i draw something: i draw something guys[View]
210273015The eternal Swede.: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/04/17/sweden-eu-sanctions-hungary-migratio…[View]
210273810BASED TULSI ups the ante again.: >Trump is the servant of the Saudis >I will not turn our coun…[View]
210292284This describes me in span from 2017-2019[View]
210289916If you're proud to be a German you're a fucking sub-90 IQ moron in terms of intelligence. …[View]
210294130Something just occured to me. It's tremendously easy to find countless videos of videos contain…[View]
210294079Am I the only one who thinks it's BS that the media is complaining about glorifying mass killer…[View]
210292400Why do South Slavs, especially Serbs but excluding Bulgarians hate Brits so much? We have zero histo…[View]
210292675stop making threats to colleges.: You will be reported to the FBI and go to jail.[View]
210291931What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Wh…[View]
210292143Republicans: What do you want to replace Obamacare with?: Republicans always talk about how they wan…[View]
210293897Post yfw you realized ND fire was an Ubisoft marketing ploy: I'm betting Bethesda engineers a n…[View]
210293347$1000: Are you an American? Are you a citizen? Then you get $1000. No strings attached, $1000 will n…[View]
210293813Any happenings on /pol/?: 4chan's being boring rn.[View]
210292566Lets play: Who do you hate most?: Heres a list not in order. Arrange them from top (hate most) to bo…[View]
210291597Americans are neither smart not educated. That is why the have to import so many foreigners. All the…[View]
210292196Have you ever received a visit from the feds?[View]
210288037HAPPENING NY Jews are summoning Kennedy to stop autism vaccines plan from backfiring!: >President…[View]
210292680This clown dystopian timeline... And to think that all it took was just a bunch of filthy kikes buy…[View]
210293122What is the (((plan)))?: If western countries like the U.S defend Israel, why would they want to deg…[View]
210284950Vice claims ContraPoints is turning Right-Wingers into leftists: What's /pol/ opinion on Contra…[View]
210290790White men are puss--: This is a photo of Tiger Woods during his 'I wanna be navy seal, dude' stage. …[View]
210293477Normie sang 'Another One Bites The Dust' each time he shot a victim[View]
210286251how evolution really works: every evolutionary leap happened exactly after 12068 years. https://www.…[View]
210292297It's over for Yang[View]
210292863WTF is wrong with this neocon?: How many wars will Trump start? So pointless. https://www.washingto…[View]
210274989Notre Dame burns down. No deaths. A staggering 600 Million Euros has been donated in the first 24 ho…[View]
210287858What did he do wrong?[View]
210290066Prove you are not a Shill. Post the words God and Jews.[View]
210292561>We call your attention to the case of the Dahm sisters. These young women are strikingly beautif…[View]
2102928954chans: 4chan is just a clump of anons. It is okay to abort it. Stupid clumps. Stupid Anons. Worthle…[View]
210292790Trump Curse Continues: 'Sodom and Gomorrah!' The crowd drowned him out with chants of 'Pete! Pete! P…[View]
210292599Star Wars boy cured my homosexuality: For years I have been addicted to gay porn, sissification, fem…[View]
210281573The absolute state of Trumpfags[View]
210288717Thoughts to ponder: Hmmm[View]
210271123Do non-whites feel inferior when they see European culture?[View]
210288262How many of you faggots still believe in Q?: Shouldn't you be embarrassed?[View]
210290148Question for all the commies. How many of you actually own a business?[View]
210292028Reporting an visa overstay in the UK: > Doing an MSc > Nigerian that literally fits the 85 IQ…[View]
210265689Balt/pol/: 1.Talk about politics and news 2.Don't respond to baits 3.If you are not from the Ba…[View]
210292346You know you wanna /pol... *Licks lips[View]
210291350In this thread we LARP[View]
210289717Pajeetism is the solution to our world problems. Prove me wrong. >pro-tip: you can't…[View]
210288528Help on learning a new language: Is duolingo a good way to learn swedish? I really wanna do somethin…[View]
210278121Do Niggers Get the Joke?: >nigger high school “genius” getting into every ivy league school >O…[View]
210292243LARPy boomer faggot kom youtube: This boomer thinks that after American civil war II we won't b…[View]
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210292137Why don’t us whites work towards establishing a relationship with Americanized Indians? Not the nati…[View]
210290625Best State tax system for socioeconomic mobility?[View]
210257411>La ciudad de España[View]
210283872One in four Norwegian men are childless thanks to feminism: Earlier this spring, new figures from St…[View]
210291796Marxist Arsonism: If you hadn't realized by now, the DESTRUCTION of NOTRE DAME was not PERPETRA…[View]
210289994Why do you care so much about Notre Dame burning? You didn't build it.: Why are people caring a…[View]
210235618(((BBC))) claims Neolithic people were niggers and built Stonehenge: 'The ancestors of the people wh…[View]
210290917SOL PAIS DID NOTHING WRONG: Be careful of wrongthink and posting it online of you have a light skinn…[View]
210291449CHARLS: Take the Charls pill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx5_lQXRRNg[View]
210268340Croats are jews of balkans: >be kurvatia >ww1 ends >italy wants to annex you >pls pls s…[View]
210279968CHRISTKEKS BTFO[View]
210288331How do we prevent more 'accidents' like Notre Dame?: How do we stop more of these unfortunate accide…[View]
210291276Was the Renaissance and the following growing distance to superstition in favor of science the recei…[View]
210290165Notre Dame is shit XDXDXDXDXDXDDDDDDDDDDD: El smegma la hace tener arcadas manda huevos, coño bueno.…[View]
210287253Hurrr muh labour govimint is soo teh wins.: To the obvious muslims wanking all over 'muh Corbyn'. He…[View]
210255169Anyone else think this a turning point? Keeping the public in the dark about major events, withholdi…[View]
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210290103So a friend who has a perpetual hate boner for the US and I argued that Asia will be a superpower in…[View]
210290834Google hiding bernie in polls: Are they afraid of (((him)))?[View]
210266386Peruvian ex-president just fucking an hero!: This happened moments ago, now we have a peruvian Budd …[View]
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210279367You can get a new one?: Have been thinking lately about getting foreskin restoration surgery. I was …[View]
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210256323Anybody else getting tired of Alex Jones? He gets more boomerish by the day.[View]
210290365'mmm, mmm, good!! I declare that this bisphenol-a embedded plastic bottle of sodium fluoride is nour…[View]
210286290Hey anons, what do you think of yuppie journalism?[View]
210290234Hard pill for pol[View]
210289563>literal crybaby antisjw manchild defends onions riddled manchild Pathetic Everyone should unsub…[View]
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210289888*nukes your NRA*[View]
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210290126The truth is that 90% of the people are subhuman trash: White or not[View]
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210283034If violence is never the answer why does it work so well?[View]
210280465I fucking hate capitalism so much[View]
210286182Pic related, it’s me. I am the face of /pol/. Thoughts?[View]
210273218/ourgirl/: Bitch infatuated with Columbine is up to no good.[View]
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210289555Am I back? Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.[View]
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210288736I hate this world: Anons, i fucking hate this world. I don't fucking see any point of living in…[View]
210283468More police brutality in London.: Hundreds of peaceful protesters arrested.[View]
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210286517Will humans ever be immortal?[View]
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210284081Why is the right so afraid of this guy?[View]
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