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224113350America 2019 How do you clean up the West Coast without nuking it?[View]
224115456Trump Curse Continues: Maddox doesn't really see himself as Brad’s son.[View]
224115208STOP LOOKING INTO EPSTEIN'S FRIENDS!: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/07/11/cnn_cu…[View]
224118339Subversion: Every single day I see countless posts arguing about which European country is the pures…[View]
224117240Mommy drink a lot: I want you to panic...[View]
224115318How can you be as hardcore as a meek cute Japanese schoolgirl ?[View]
224115264>child drag shows >8 year old sex changes >fat acceptance >animal rights activists >f…[View]
224120637America Deserved 9/11: Why are you booing him? His right. American shitty foreign intervention in th…[View]
224120474History of Slavery: >'Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites sla…[View]
224117442OH NO NO NO: '[Democrats] want to do a lot of bad things to Israel. In my opinion, you vote for a De…[View]
224095493Why is the international community so stagnant?: Is it because the Jews who control every government…[View]
224116132Wtf is this?: What the hell is this? Why is reddit so cringe?[View]
224099860More migrants for Europe!: The Norwegian owned rescue ship (migration ship) «Ocean Viking» just got …[View]
224118033First, according to data by NASA, 2019 has been an 'average' year when it comes to forest fires http…[View]
224119015Who the fuck is this 'Bronze Age Pervert' and his book the 'bronze age mindset'?…[View]
224115002Why is the mainstream media not talking about this??!!???[View]
224119695Romanian Hate Thread: Why can't Romanians have a more functioning government system like their …[View]
224119818Why were Puritans so based? >no degeneracy >modest women >no race mixing with natives >l…[View]
224117521NESARA was in the Farm Bill Recession talk is fear mongering Financial Reset is incoming.[View]
224116769good riddance: 1 down,1 to go[View]
224114978Europoor has an access to weapons: Your local mosque will have a weapons cache Just go steal it…[View]
224103823>British father is choked to death by Norwegian martial arts expert in 4am row at a hotel in Phuk…[View]
224118669Was Koch in the Pizza Cult?[View]
224110677Based prison guard drives into jews protesting ice: https://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/blackstone-…[View]
224114524Antifa Cringe: Fuck Antifa also /pol/ humor thread[View]
224109439New psyop idea against jews: considering the success of the fake new infiltration, I had an idea for…[View]
224114601Metamaterials - it's Ayys.: This shit is going to propel us into the future! Antigravity Backp…[View]
224119139>Gun ownership world wide increasing >LGBT acceptance declining Somebody stop me! https://ph…[View]
224107523Anyone noticed that terror attacks in the west completely stopped? Considering the west will soon be…[View]
224116265He's right you know.[View]
224113777EARLY /POL/: Oldfags, what did /pol/ look like in its first few years? What was the culture like? Wh…[View]
224117527DOES ANYONE HAVE A FINANCIAL TIMES SUBSCRIPTION?!?!?! Mooch is a NWO shill.: https://archive.is/vpWZ…[View]
224118743'Your Dystopia Is Racist' - Scottish Cucks: Resisting whiteness like it's still 2014 and these …[View]
224114620>We the Europeans should push the EU and our respective governments to put heavy sanctions on Bra…[View]
224117178Hello Ahmed: Hey britcucks, there is a 'GREAT BRITAIN PARTY' in a local supermarket, they do this wi…[View]
224107159European and Arabic operating system problem: My great grand mother just died a few hours ago. She w…[View]
224117120Support President Trump and his efforts to help America grow! Give a gift of $25 or more and we…[View]
224117516Greta is winning as more Swedes than ever are refusing to fly: She's winning, /pol/. The hearts…[View]
224111153Any Ex-Muslims on this board? How do you feel about 'muslimic mass immigration'?[View]
224117655Release her now!!!!: /pol/, jailing the poor girl for so little is just wrong[View]
224115716What's going on with the Amazon thing?: https://www.france24.com/en/20190823-amazon-fires-how-c…[View]
224117454Nothing in America will be owned by goy come 2030: Get fucked whitey, we killed all and absorbed all…[View]
224077695Italianons it’s over. He screwed up: Northern League lost almost 8% in one month since the start of …[View]
224115195Did blacks ruin the internet?: The internet used to be a really nice place. Now not so much. Is it b…[View]
224118045What did Trump mean by this?[View]
224114952Why don't see this jew atempt to take China ? The supporter of the HK protest are so cringe.[View]
224113421How many uncontacted Amazonian tribes just got BTFO by this fire?[View]
224117679An ok country Not the best place in the world and definitely had its past mistakes but far from the …[View]
224117025Deleted YouTube channels: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xT3MvMXQyaw The iconoclast was my favourite …[View]
224117703>What should Christian feminists do with their old “purity” rings, symbols of a patriarchal theol…[View]
224112663Estonia: While you idiots enslave your future generations for laptops and milkshakes, we live within…[View]
224116619Climate change: Why should I follow Leonardo DiCaprio’s advice for environmental sustainability when…[View]
224117405Who was in the wrong here?[View]
224099406Tranny hate thread: Get in here anons, we have gone to long without one of these.[View]
224115099Great.... dumb kids do some IRL shitposting. Some dumb Nazi larping because they think its funny, a…[View]
224117195Globalism won guys, it's over. Nation states will stop existing in this century.[View]
224109592Why did I have to be born a subhuman pajeet: Why couldnt I have been born a superior race like east …[View]
224117429What's /pol/'s opinion onMilton Freidman?[View]
224117437ITS OPEN LINE FRIDAY: With RUSH LIMBAUGH: Anon, welcome to the program, what’s on your mind?[View]
224081499>I love Albanian immigrants >bring them more Said no one ever…[View]
224086582Muslim Family gets free housing, still complains.: 'Living here is very difficult for any type of fa…[View]
224117300Does he realize who he's fucking with now?: 'American companies are hereby ordered to immediate…[View]
224112710Israel blamed for hit on Iran-backed militia depot in Iraq: https://apnews.com/06ef6f4d525e408d953f6…[View]
224115687>america deserved 9/11[View]
224101078The rumors of Germany's demise have been greatly exagerated. American here, visiting Germany f…[View]
224107997wew lad https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164914609180033026 Is he the next JFK?[View]
224116844For my newcomers: This thread is for book suggestions for newcomers here who came to shitpost but ar…[View]
224104865Has /pol/ Forgotten Me?[View]
224116771Does /pol/ know about Roger Morneau?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ird-BKuPRlw Apparently he was …[View]
224112518Scientific proof British are not white: Only 11.5% of Britoids are blonde. For comparison, this perc…[View]
224112728The nightmare is over!: This poor black man no longer has to live in Africa. Look at his tears of jo…[View]
224116449New York Times reporter allegedly solicited $30K donation from Jeffrey Epstein: https://nypost.com/2…[View]
224109864This is a Turkish Muslim: Explain to me one more time why I should hate him over 'Southern European'…[View]
224094622Why do some gullible westerners unironically idolize this place?: >>Caused as much if not more…[View]
224098148What do you think about the Brits? For me they are the most obnoxious, uncivilized and unlikable peo…[View]
224113805>one shot at life >born just in time to be the generation that finally loses it…[View]
224074295Daily reminder that Hong Kong belongs to the Hong Kongers. All PRC shills are deluded. We're fu…[View]
224108019Koch is dead!: David Koch is dead! Now we just need his brother to die too! Press S to spit on his g…[View]
224111622Operation Asgard, Greenland Ethno State: >fuckin what? We are going to make an ethno state for et…[View]
224077673Probably one of his best videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMpjP67MbyA >tradition was top t…[View]
224112251Bar B Cue Killers: So now that the videos will be out soon showing elites dining on human flesh they…[View]
224109690What can go wrong?: Russia, Russia, Russia. https://twitter.com/huffpostuk/status/116488500024157388…[View]
224114871Any kike worshippers?[View]
224103836CALIFORNIA YES![View]
224111775>$13.25 billion + $1 billion yearly to find pic related Please explain to me how humanity benefit…[View]
224107939Chinaman unlucky in love: :([View]
224098218Kekistan: Guys, I have an idea. Imagine, you have a lot of money at your disposal. Like, a few billi…[View]
224077455When did /pol become so unbelievably god damn bad.. I’ve been browsing this board for years. Pol is …[View]
224112558Polygamous NEET.: What does /pol/ think of my idea? I have long dreamed about being a king, I want t…[View]
224114574What Happened To The West?: The west used to be based on the two warring ideals of scientific realis…[View]
224113379Thoughts about him?[View]
224115689Why do (((they))) keep peddling roast beef isn't real?: >Repeated Semen Exposure Promotes Ho…[View]
224113886The 'amazon' is not burning. What is happening is minuslce fires that always happened on the southe…[View]
224115023Breed like goats and create more wagies for your Jew overlords.: Why don't you do it anon?…[View]
224114349Why did koch do it? Epstein?[View]
224101440The Germanic Republic of Ecuador[View]
224113956/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
224105752Muh Amazonas: >check (((news))) Reason #1 it's trump's fault cause muh global warming R…[View]
224115375M∀GA: >Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an altern…[View]
224115269How many cuties do you plan to make, anon?[View]
224108526Just curious, how do the bongs here feel knowing that el atrocidad americano has invaded the royal b…[View]
224112625Trump is a terrorist.[View]
224114798And so it happened /pol/, drinking milk is a sign of patriarchal oppression: >milking cows is sex…[View]
224114994Hey /pol/ would you vote for a pajeet if his slogan was 'get a poo in your loo'?[View]
224109470There hasn't been a President to attack the Bank like this since Andrew Jackson[View]
224114310A very powerful Globalist died today: A proponent of open borders and strong advocate of unfettered …[View]
224110571Why does Pol hate environmentalism?: The original National Socialist movement was founded upon a spi…[View]
224109476BLUE-PILLED VERMONTERS HEADING FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE: First it was the niggers committing crime, now blu…[View]
224114516What is the determinant of moral authority over others in socialist or cummunist society?[View]
224102796So,tell me american anons why won't you vote for Andrew Yang and secure the bag?: He's gon…[View]
224087767Why did Shartmart failed in europe while german markets (like aldi lidl) are exploding in ameriga? A…[View]
224081333Epstein Island Game Project Update: Busy week in general, but I have been working on a lot of backgr…[View]
224114409Okay buddy, calm down there will ya?[View]
224105144What will happen when Africa's population reaches 5 BILLION: Africa's current population i…[View]
224110466You all see it: Q sounds like a conversation between Americas Military Intellegence and You, the Peo…[View]
224096181So what's the deal with the Jesuits? You think their oath is real, or is it just Protestant pro…[View]
224114306Based Asian https://nextshark.com/eric-lin-asian-neo-nazi/amp/[View]
224114286>maneged to scape from poor yellow comunists Celebrate France military defeats. From Waterloo to …[View]
224114284>tfw you have to deal with four retarded women who have become the face of your Democratic party…[View]
224109297/leftypol/ general - /lpg/: Share /leftypol/ humor and memes. No kekistani fags or trump boomers…[View]
224110964It's a SIN to eat meat today: Only fish and seafood are allowed. Can. 1249 The divine law binds…[View]
224111390Oh shit, wtf is he doing now? Are the burgers going bankrupt?[View]
224097180Who is this guy?: All of a sudden everyone starts worshiping this guy who has, for most of his succe…[View]
224111647How can i persuade my fellow brown males to get vasectomies? I just got my vasectomy and I feel reli…[View]
224106497India/Pakistan Unification: >>India and Pakistan shall never fight, even over Kashmir >…[View]
224100660New York Anons: Fellow New York Anons, What can we do to stop this bitch?? She’s fast approaching o…[View]
224112160Philosophical question time, how great is life for the rich today?: Even going back a thousand years…[View]
224110239RE: AAA videogame programmers are scum.: >>224105678 >You idiot, it doesnt matter if you di…[View]
224110753How accurate is this evaluation of the different ethnic groups that make up Britain? https://qr.ae/T…[View]
224106499AUDIT THE FED[View]
224101402So, not a hoax?.....: The naked guy/ teen escaping out the window of Buckingham palace..... https:/…[View]
224106032This white supremacy has to stop: Oh...wait.....none of them are white[View]
224113406Why does every city monopolized by liberals become an ultra gentrified unliveable shithole with 4,00…[View]
224101998>ZOGBY What was he trying to say?[View]
224109519Why aren't you training for a career in well-paying eenvironmental related fields? Water resour…[View]
224111457EERRRR BUDDY THREAD!: >Be native >be female >be 14 years old >get drunk >wear light c…[View]
224110087Autistic Nationalism: hello autists, i have good news the world autism conference was hosted 1 month…[View]
224110672The G7 summit is this weekend. What does /pol/ expect from it?[View]
224111084Internet acting strange for anyone else?: Is anyone have internet issues? I am working from home tod…[View]
224112786The 4th Reich: I will start the Fourth Reich in exchange for one Aryan girl. Show me what you have t…[View]
224113103How to: Cope with being the only sentient being in a 50 mile radius I hate 'humans' aka livestock I …[View]
224113096Jason Reza Jorjani: Alright anons, what's the deal with this guy, he used to be involved in thi…[View]
224112490Albanians are WORSE than NIGGERS #1: The reason everyone hate Albanians is because Albanians destroy…[View]
224110639The benefit to society from the inclusion of transwomen in women's sports outweighs the risk of…[View]
224106171I sincerely give 0 flying fucks that the amazon is burning. I literally couldn't give less of a…[View]
224104913Poland: Why are they so homophobic and backwards? They should be kicked out of the EU[View]
224111852The Single Biggest Chance We Have To Redpill.: Honestly why arent we meming this yet?[View]
2241097914chan was right about grills: https://youtu.be/fW5B6ZrHkCE poem I sent her years ago: I was a child …[View]
224110825I told you today it was over: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/stocks-plunge-after-trump-vo…[View]
224093301You WILL eat the maggot sausage.[View]
224109882It's Mueller Time!: You guys remember when we had to hear about this doddering old faggot and h…[View]
224065872HOUSE STENOGRAPHER DRAGGED OUT OF HOUSE: 'He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. Don’t touch …[View]
224103916Is Michelle Obama a trap?[View]
224110578Macron lies: We don't need the intervention of Europe.[View]
224112641ECO FASH: Seems to me the battle lines aren't even political anymore, but something more. Peopl…[View]
224112331Why don’t whites move en masse to africa, take it over, and replace all niggers? They’re all going t…[View]
224111833Why don't you wanna go to war, goy?[View]
224111459what will be Bernie's go-to phrase now that he can't blame the 'Koch brothers' Koch brothe…[View]
224112450The (((GUMMY))) Smile: Whats with Jews and Gummy Smiles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gummy_smile…[View]
224110918When does it end: I want to wake up from this living nightmare. Anger, hatred and nihilistic humour …[View]
224112177crazy how u can spend ur entire life rich and then the next moment ur dead, nothing. GONE and FINISH…[View]
224106025>be me >some girl shows interest in me >sends me friend request on Facebook >I find out …[View]
224103870Admixture on the left. Purity on the right. Low quality sorry[View]
224112140Dicklets: Should dicklets just kill themselves?[View]
224110928Universal Basic Income: What do you guys think about UBI? Freedom from wage slaving? Or just an excu…[View]
224095864This black man saved your life and you don't know his name[View]
224095978Why do Americans think that public transportation is low class?[View]
224105877Was he right, /pol/?: This is mostly addressing the Americans on here. Do you think America deserved…[View]
224112054Is he really dead?[View]
224112044Brazil is under commies attack: Gorbachev: 'Brazil must delegate part of its rights to the Amazon to…[View]
224100415Londonistan: Diversity is our strength, but filming it will get you arrested: >Man arrested after…[View]
224109372Redpill me on college/university. Is it really worth it? I don't want to be a doctor or a lawye…[View]
224107502Welcome to Londonistan[View]
224102962Islam's history in a nutshell. War Inbreeding Poverty[View]
224095148Are Blacks the victims of opression in USA?: Short answer: Yes Long answer: If you believe that whit…[View]
224111731>there are ancient ruins beneath the amazon of a city that used to host millions of people >li…[View]
224109151ITS OVER BLUMPF IS FINISHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
224052883None of you would have the balls to do this irl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhzMisyaeT0[View]
224111040Remember her mom boozed heavily. Print this off and make sure it gets spread around the climate conf…[View]
224105050NIGbulls strike again: Despite being 13% of the population... Why don’t we forcibly euthanize all Pi…[View]
224084751IT'S OVER: In 800 million years, life on earth will end. >'Carbon dioxide levels fall to the…[View]
224080922Greta Thunberg shitting in a bucket at sea to save the planet: >The yacht is designed for speed r…[View]
224109732Happening Trump Crash THE dollar https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/dollar-tumbles-speculatio…[View]
224102076Friendly reminder that this guy was right and there is literally no way that POL can disagree with h…[View]
224109568Rainforset on fire: I really hope this is the end of the world and we all die. I'm kinda disapp…[View]
224101750Genetics and politics: why are non r1b even considered white?[View]
224103704Britain and Belgium: Do the Brits and Belgians like each other? Honoring a treaty after 75 years see…[View]
224110774Never Again Action: The goyim know, SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN![View]
224110501Wtf, Germany?: Germans, how the fuck is this plaque allowed? This is straight-up some soviet liberat…[View]
224103935Given the constant barrage of both stupidity and arrogance coming from Nordic female political figur…[View]
224087363High trust countries: In germany most farmers have little 'shops' at their street selling potatoes,t…[View]
224103324Is it true? Is he really the chosen one?[View]
224104845Antifa phone number?: Whose number is this?[View]
224089360Why is everything feminine (be it feminine clothing like dresses, or emotions and behaviour) seen as…[View]
224107340How long before they make this a hate symbol?[View]
224108668It's official: TRUMP DUMPS CHINA!: 'US Companies are hereby ORDERED to look for alternatives to…[View]
224097402>haven't gone to school for a year >don't want to work >decide to finish high sch…[View]
224108863NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!: The U.S. Attorney’s Office says it will not seek federal charges in the death…[View]
224109492Why are all russians such liars, thieves and deceivers? Is it a hereditary disease or something?[View]
224102828Really makes you think.[View]
224107357Is Donald Trumpstein the first homosexual president of the United States? Shouldn't this be rec…[View]
224105358What do?[View]
224110100jordan peterson deepfake thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0czINHmB860[View]
224100914I used to think women over exaggerating but now I understand their plight. Most men are fucking reta…[View]
224096003Brit/pol/ - Comfy Edition: >Fire breaks out on balcony of flat block opposite Grenfell Tower as 6…[View]
224101538Do Brazilians realize they're going to lose?[View]
224105065The Germanic Republic of Ecuador v2[View]
224107892Andrew McCabe hired by cnn?: >McCabe was famously fired by the FBI on March 16, 2018, after a Jus…[View]
224092806Jerry Nadler calls out Omar and Tlaib for being anti-semitic: The ‘squad’ is going to be the death o…[View]
224104682David Koch and Jeff Epstein: So, pic related. Is Rand aware of the DS takedown by that alphabet lett…[View]
224109413'The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope' Karl Marx All you fascists to th…[View]
224109254Is he right?[View]
224109281SHUT IT DOWN: Whats the deal with the jewish protest group Never Again Action?[View]
224109270Thoughts on Scott Greer?[View]
224100427What did he mean by this? BoJo places foot on table during talks with Macron.[View]
224105275Imagine living in a tax evasion scheme.[View]
224106142Why Haven't The Navy Seals Raided CNN Studios?: Former top FBI official Andrew McCabe, who spar…[View]
224101798BASED: man kills islamistic chechen in germany by headshot https://www.bild.de/regional/berlin/berli…[View]
224108859SWEET HOME ALABAMA https://youtu.be/K4exrWSaVDc[View]
224107030Wha beliefs do you hold that you are too afraid to admit even to yourself? >segregation now, segr…[View]
224103327How do you cope: With knowing that youre literally better than 99% of so called humans But you were …[View]
224104617He fights for us all: >fed >Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization…[View]
224108798Basically the current state of affairs in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNNtQ_0QVwU…[View]
224100659FASCILITATING CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: ZUCKERBERG. FACEBOOK. But no one bats an eye: ''Police, militar…[View]
224108393I didn't know there were based Arabs out there. This is literally the best solution. No one get…[View]
224100783Apply a White Sharia Law to control western women?[View]
224104240FBI gets Clinton email servers, backup: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/artic…[View]
224102660Redpill me on the Housing crisis, Homeless crisis Drug crisis in US: how bad is it? I see lots of ho…[View]
224107126Evolution has no end. Our species was never meant to be perfect, to be final, contrary to popular op…[View]
224104320>wake up tired >force yourself out of bed >eat >get stuck in traffic >1 hour commu…[View]
224107765Antifa: Violent, hateful... fucking insane scum. Remove their masks and they will scatter like the r…[View]
224059023Are you aware that the Amazon Rainforest is currently burning towards the point of no return?[View]
224108214it is obvious the elites are constantly making us focus on race and gender. But is it to control us …[View]
224093842Trade Puerto Rico for Greenland: What do you think /pol/? Is this a good deal? https://www.businessi…[View]
224101151Shalom goy, that’s a nice golf cart you got there https://twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175…[View]
224106924Are they peak European? Every European country should aspire to be like them. Orderly, civilized, sa…[View]
224106544/pol/ supports zero immigration: fix your shitholes before you move[View]
224105271//POL/DERNAME THE PLANET//: Alright guys >netherlands gets a planet >we can name it >vpn m…[View]
224092455This is our public schools[View]
224107438ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED - EVERLASTING: To those who are not reprobate: Repent and believe before it…[View]
224107235Alternate History: How much different would America be today if Colin Powell was the first black Pre…[View]
224105252Gay Pride Boys™ rebrand as “Anti-Racist Action”: >One of the more complicated aspects of analyzin…[View]
224105623There's no coming back from this. We've lost.[View]
224106304If I were to start referring to pigs as people, as our equals, as people worthy of equal rights and …[View]
224107954>based Putin is an ally and supporter of Peronism and Cristina >Dugin even did conferences at …[View]
224100774/pol/ CITADEL: An intelligent anon, suggested it be built in Detroit. But we need to secure the peri…[View]
224100647Hi /poll what does 776 mean? I'm a Pollack who has been seeing this number all over the town an…[View]
224105193OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: America's sweetheart has finally been B L A C K E D https://www.…[View]
224101153>8ch still down[View]
224105261>brown zoomer does more for the faith than any white Christian in 50 years, including the Pope Wh…[View]
224090015The news is going mental about an economic recession following Brexit. How likely is this?[View]
224103508Capitalists are almost as bad as Commies.: >'AYY HOLD UP' *bumps a blacked thread* 'YO, HOLD RIGH…[View]
224097422David Koch dies: what did he knew?[View]
224104173Why do so many idiots actually believe that Democunts and Republifags aren't the same group of …[View]
224105957MARA: Do it Mr Putin. Make Alaska Russia Again. How much would you accept for this, burgers? A few m…[View]
224106110Explain yourselves UK.: Top 10 UK businessmen are either Jews or Russians.[View]
224105614Why does /pol/ hate me?: am a young white man who is red pilled on race and the JQ, and supports the…[View]
224097432AIDS Thread: Does anyone here have AIDS ? Also why was Reagan blamed for causes the spread of faggot…[View]
224097292Why are women behave like this in our times?: Perhaps we're living in the first society which r…[View]
224106337What happens when trump goes: Look I know you retard jew conspiracy folk don't like trump but t…[View]
224106933>blocks your path The Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV2CE) is the best Bible cu…[View]
224102063Update status on the Trump wall: Zero miles built as of 8/23/2019 Zero miles built since 1/20/2017[View]
224105851PAIN: Judge could name special prosecutor for Jussie Smollett case today: Judge Michael Toomin set a…[View]
224105602The entire system of capitalism is unfair because it is based on theft and exploitation and is undem…[View]
224106006Sweden : Pepper spray sales up by 90%: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-21/sweden-pepper-spray…[View]
224106342Judaism history in a nutshell: >worms way into foreign lands >corrupts nation >causes outra…[View]
224084523political compass thread: post em fagits[View]
224080335Humor bread: Post em[View]
224104600/tsg/ - Threat Self-Assessment General: Glownigger here. Please set your x in the corresponding cel…[View]
224105581Just moved up to Uni. Got my roommates. One is a balding manlet who is a rare disease w/ a 25% morta…[View]
224103546Replace the Fence 2020[View]
224091776What do you think of erdogan's daughters?[View]
224106267Are There any Black People that Hate Jews?[View]
224106236Seems legit... https://twitter.com/LifeofRio/status/1164652080344293376 no upstanding black person w…[View]
224106098Will atechan ever be up again?[View]
224102177Christianity + Pagan teamwork in WN: Why do white nationalists think christians and pagans can work …[View]
224104935You know it's about to HAPPEN...: ...It's absolutely happening. You can see it cant you? T…[View]
224091860/pol/ is like angry white male reddit now: Just watched Greatest Story Never Told again. Why does /p…[View]
224099922Surprised there wasnt a thread about this https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/11641752635104…[View]
224092033Give me one reason why Varg is in the wrong: Pro tip: he isn't. Why should a pure aryan such as…[View]
224104290>In light of Dr. Peterson's response to the technology demonstrated by this site, which you …[View]
224101831The cultural war is already won!: There's a lot of fear about the loss of western culture and h…[View]
224085932Reminder to all IronyBros and Taylor Swift Followers: Reminder to all IronyBros, Nick Fuentes and Ta…[View]
224045999She's right you know[View]
224105081>WWE is going all in with feminist and pro-nigger bullshit >Meanwhile NJPW has a faction of Tr…[View]
224103473Have dogs[View]
224092679ancient Egypt: Why do they try to hide the truth?[View]
224090547but /int/ told me whites are the problem![View]
224098320Doctor who performed brain studies for sex cult Nxivm loses his license: The doctor who performed co…[View]
224099384David Koch died and entered hell: Thank you for running my country you piece of fucking shit.[View]
224103291Fuck Niggers: I’m so tired of fucking niggers, like they just shoot everyplace up and or speak like …[View]
224100838Mommie, What Does Delusional Mean?[View]
224104547Why are there so many overt racists in Orange County? You don’t see this many levels of racism in pl…[View]
224104075European Spirituality: In this thread we will at least attempt to have an honest and open discussion…[View]
224104676Should the Islamic headscarf be banned from school?: So teachers and kids can’t wear it because it r…[View]
224103493Patrick BURN: “August is traditionally a very hot month” - Q Connect the dots[View]
224099519This is a gay couple[View]
224101027David H. Koch Memorial Thread: Only libertarians and ancaps allowed in this thread F[View]
224098794How can Planteaters Justify Themselves: Killing the one thing that gives life to all animals and hum…[View]
224101839Important reminder that anything you read on 4chan is fiction. Don't let the memes eat you aliv…[View]
224083950right-wing brands: Any redpilled clothing brands that promote such ideologies or donate money to nat…[View]
224104365Why do you think Jews fear 'the pathetic incels' that they claim are so harmless and weak? The see t…[View]
224096706What part of the science can’t you accept?: A. CO2 is rising (has risen from around 280ppm pre-indus…[View]
224099755Glowniggers run the world: You fags have it all wrong- the Jews dont run the world.[View]
224100600Seems like we’ve got some new people in here that don’t know what’s going on.: Drop some redpills in…[View]
224103454Where do you belong /pol/?[View]
224101999What is the government hiding from us and why?[View]
224104007Make Isra...I mean AMERICA great again![View]
224089293vegans are right: please logically explain why you eat meat. theres not a single argument for eating…[View]
224103701>tfw the goy know[View]
224099293Meaning of Symbolism is their downfall?: Hey guys, I was wondering what 'Symbolism is their downfall…[View]
224102809>The County Court on Friday heard Yak Dut, 22, had been driving through South Morang with a flat …[View]
224100693>mass murderers >white supremacists >mentally ill retards >alcoholics on youtube Why the…[View]
224090768So. The IRA! It's the people who are terrorist. Exactly how do they expect to fight the UK when…[View]
224101435SPYGATE GENERAL: >Daily reminder POTUS was spied on. Treason?[View]
224102908Trump is a nigger kike traitor who deserves something bad happen to him: Why do people keep voting f…[View]
224102402Morals and Ethics?: Just seems like nods and agreements. Nobody actually stands up or does anything …[View]
224103549Conservative donor David Koch kicked the bucket at 79: Conservative donor David Koch kicked the buck…[View]
224092924Anyone else here excited for the coming EU-US war after the US tries to conquer Greenland? I'm …[View]
224102928>be /pol/ >be promised a wall, lock her up, erase the national debt, get rid of Obamacare etc …[View]
224090655Tariffs are not working: What now trumpites? https://www.rand.org/blog/2019/08/trumps-tariffs-agains…[View]
224103207Never seen a thread on this. How is this humorous to women? What the fuck degeneracy ?[View]
224102666Glasgow Uni to pay £20m in slavery reparations: >Glasgow University has agreed to raise and spend…[View]
224099631Territorial Claims: What are your countries territorial claims? How does the majority of the populat…[View]
224099036Place Your Bets!: >>Chuck Graselly Says He's Got Traction On Hillary Bill Prosecution …[View]
224100375Why are Arabs so bad at fighting: Zanizbar; 500 Ugandan Genocide 60,000 arabs who had armary too. Th…[View]
224098221> 'teehee boys, worked with hope not hate on my BASED documentary about how hard black female ref…[View]
224100048/pol/ book pack...mega.nz: anyone has a copy of it?!?!!??! i didn't download all the books...…[View]
224096879How many percent of Chinese women who travel alone in the West fuck some guy they meet while they…[View]
224102879Leftist watchlist?: I wonder why we don't really have a watchlist for dangerous individuals in …[View]
224100925Turns out: Shitting all over your base Enriching yourself And doing absolutely nothing except protec…[View]
224097805You vote for Justin Trudeau but you hang out on /pol/. Seems kinda fishy.[View]
224091595It's been nice knowing you guys. See you on the other side.[View]
224062524ANOTHER INTERVIEW!: Says person Z is James Comey, under the direction of another person in Obama adm…[View]
224101846With David Koch now dead: Can we shine a light on libertarian globalist Robert Mercer who was Trump…[View]
224100644David Koch is dead: Rest in peace[View]
224083788Bomb Threaths Linköping: any of u guys know whats going on in linköping? over night a bunch of poste…[View]
224102306Good night, sweet prince: Where were you when the world lost an angel? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
224099347Pic related muslims in North Macedonia in 2013, now 2020 is near and with the new census the fifth I…[View]
224102588Pic is Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy. He fought against Jewish Globalism in France, 19th century. He w…[View]
224102031At this point: Anyone who supports trump is a shill Obama was literally better thats how fucking awf…[View]
224090677Need help: Little brother is a communist He is a good kid Doesn't smoke or drink Good student, …[View]
224101853Rest in piss white devil[View]
224087919Twitter doing shady shit: Just created a new tw*tter account, everything was fine until I followed t…[View]
224100668/OFEG/ Operation Fuck Evangelicucks General: 1) Go to boomer pages on social media platforms. 2) Cla…[View]
224095140Pathetic empire: Who was the most pathetic empire ever: A) Spain against farmers in The Netherlands …[View]
224098963DEAD KIKE DEAD KIKE DEAD KIKE: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/david-koch-billionaire-conservat…[View]
224101099Press S to spit on his grave.[View]
224099826TRUMP CURSE! ONE DOWN![View]
224102367Jewed: Are jews killing rich billionares or what.[View]
224087518stop wasting time on social media stop wasting time on youtube start reading books[View]
224101904Hey goyim. ZOG is a Crazy conspiracy. You don’t believe in it do you?[View]
224089516Your opinion on Islam[View]
224096678Need some good red pill material about Anitfa: So I’m about to seriously redpill my parents regardin…[View]
224097315G7 tier ranking: S- A- B- C- D- E- F-[View]
224101911Savages: You know, I know that Disney is pretty cucked (especially these days), but the song 'Savage…[View]
22409748421 to Drink, 18 to buy an AR15. Ah America.[View]
224101170What does /pol/ think of the 'Anglish' movement?: Discovered this wacky language called …[View]
224101775He knew all along there’s something big in Greenland[View]
224099222Cant think of anything more cucked than hiding behind a meme flag: imagine being so embarrassed abou…[View]
224097655Why are Arab TVs allowed to criticize Jews so freely but in America if Israel gets criticized it sta…[View]
224099435is this a bad news or otherwise?[View]
224098220Serious question: Seriously, what is happening in the world that this is now something, some people …[View]
224060246Angel Mom and CPS Whistleblower KATHY HALL CPS goes MISSING on her way to DC: It is being reported b…[View]
224101577>tfw no robot wife to go hunting niggers and roasties with[View]
224100536Somalis: Are they even human?[View]
224099904WW2 with Pol: signs munchen agreement which promises not to invade czechoslovakia >invades it any…[View]
224095228Why are Brexiteers so delusional?: There is no good way to cut off your foot. You can slowly cut it …[View]
224086736Christ: I am confused /pol/. I used to be an atheist just some weeks ago, but then I went slowly ret…[View]
224100718I asked a white man the other day what he thaught about Adolf Hitler He told me he was a 'bad guy t…[View]
224101518Based cameramen[View]
224092401what you think about this picture ?[View]
224099428POWERFUL: And heroic.[View]
224099695How are Asians considered 'people of color'? They look pretty white to me.[View]
224097133I FUCKING HATE IVANKA TRUMP: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=60634 This stupid fucking bitc…[View]
224101290MAGA is the fifth degree in Satanism[View]
224100378from todays march on Bulgaria[View]
224096309Epstein still coming down for breakfast!: More proof pedo and Clinton pal Jeff Epstein is still draw…[View]
224100099Bruh moment: Tfw nigger culture is celebrated over traditional white values[View]
224095305Will humanity ever become space colonizing nation ?: Or we gonna be stucked for eternity like zoo ch…[View]
224099355Germany buy millions of iodine tablets: Just in case of an (((incident))) https://www.cleanenergywir…[View]
224097671>don't inspire the normie viewers to rise up or you'll be banned Rich owners trying to …[View]
224094983He was right bois, America did deserve 9/11.[View]
224095707Change my mind: Global warming is real and man made, but not in the way that you’d expect it to be. …[View]
224096316Assumed there were global elections: Would you vote Moral: best for all by humanity, or Existential…[View]
224099925Wow, psychedelics are so dangerous and alcohol and tobacco should always be part of our society!![View]
224100742>The 2004 Taylor oil spill is an ongoing spill located in the Gulf of Mexico, around 11 miles (18…[View]
224098263when did he truly lost it?[View]
224080962Doesn't feel so good, does it?: https://twitter.com/ameervannstann/status/1164172833510944768…[View]
224095548HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!: To commies and nazis - basically the same, actually. 80th anniversary of the p…[View]
224099653>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93DyyJschs at 0:54: Tim Pool declares his hatered yowards Trump…[View]
224087650Is automation pro-capitalist or pro-socialist?[View]
224100549How long until the economy busts?: Looks like another 2008 ahead of us.[View]
224096766> go to London > Wait at the red light to cross the street > the green light reveals a tran…[View]
224099419Why do muslims hate poos so much: I'm 100% sure you hate them more than nigzq[View]
224097477What's the next stupid thing Trump will say this week?[View]
224057552Muh Defender of 2nd Amendment: TRUST THE PLAN, GOY. >Trump said to turn them in, must be 8D chess…[View]
224071633I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
224090434What does this flag mean to you /pol/?[View]
224091206Should Slavs be treated as civilized and equals to us, Western People of the Western World?[View]
224097970SHUT IT DOWN!: (((They))) are completely oblivious they are living memes. https://twitter.com/NeverA…[View]
224096627Why are ''black people'',Brown people so obsessed with skin color?????[View]
224098245Pess S to Spit[View]
224099861Thats a nice poll you got there: Would be a shame if we corrected it for her https://twitter.com/Pik…[View]
224083090Where are all the Indian memebers of /pol/?: They seem to have entirely. invisible on this board.…[View]
224099249Why did the right never learn to code and make their own youtube in the 80s? Why do they keep hoppin…[View]
224074656Reminder we all came from Africa.[View]
224098473Press S to spit on this dead kikes grave. Good riddance[View]
224088329The NBA logo needs to be updated: How does the new logo look like /pol/ ?[View]
224099470People in The Far-Left and The Far-Right are Nothing but Angry Virgins That Live with Their Parents.…[View]
224098707Just found out Americans legally bought their slaves from Africa and some dumb niggers sold other ni…[View]
224097178why are there never any eco fascsim threads?[View]
224038275/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General The Ride Never EndsEdition: Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SHELL CO…[View]
224083117why do you think germans have a reputation for being good at engineering?[View]
224094415OPERATION: DILATION: It has become common practice for the left to turn on it's self, with the …[View]
224098186What does /pol/ see happening in the next 5 years?[View]
224079712what are your dreams /pol?: quit the save the white race bullshit most of them arent worth saving an…[View]
224095405Agressive, women-hating man is on a rampage in Budapest, kicking, hiting and spiting on random women…[View]
224095165Times up for HK: The Empire is organizing the HK protests through....Falun Gong, the evil cult led b…[View]
224095688Let's settle this /pol/: I notice a Greek gentleman is posting in every thread as the first pos…[View]
224090719A message to the (((globalists))) and their degenerate hoards: No one is threatening you, or implyin…[View]
224098653Nooooo what have you done JFK? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164885387862519808?s=19…[View]
224094507So much for /ourguy/. magatards really think this guy cares about them or this country[View]
224088876>I A M T H E C H O S E N O N E[View]
224091467Where do I find the full thing?[View]
224097527Politicizing the Amazon fire: I keep seeing people blaming the Amazon fire on either Bolsonaro or ca…[View]
224096427David Koch dead at 79: F[View]
224096657>Greek >Human[View]
224063417Australia: Where did it all go so wrong[View]
224098082Traditionalism have to go.: We need ethnic nationalism We need to kick out the brown and the blacks.…[View]
224091785wise up to con threads: There are a lot of threads here that have 1 goal: to get YOU onside for a ri…[View]
224097052Is there any reason as to why Whites appear much more autistic than blacks ? Blacks just seem to be …[View]
224088159Mike Pence BTFO: HOW WILL HE EVER RECOVER?!?[View]
224097223A Peculiar Object: /Pol can anyone tell me what this thing is called? It would be super helpful to k…[View]
224087065DAS RITE WHITEY: Glasgow Uni to PAY 20M Reperations https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-w…[View]
224098699Black people: How are racist black people. And women that go with blacks so delusional they think bl…[View]
224095259The biggest accomplishment of Trump's presidency is acceleration: Yeah...he didn't solve s…[View]
224080440OPERATION: NO HOMO: It has become common practice for the left to turn on it's self, with the '…[View]
224097801Globalist PSYOP to weaken Brazilian national sovereignty over the Amazon basic: Don't you find …[View]
224098183What was the name of the female journalist who was researching occult online forums and mysteriously…[View]
224090847>The French are surrender monke~..... In your dreams pal, 90% of Europe was Napoleon's cock …[View]
224083541If the left is so 'pro Jewish', why do cuckservatives shill so hard for Israel?[View]
224098063((((They)))) strike again: https://youtu.be/-BjZmE2gtdo Anyone got a ticket out of this clown world?…[View]
224097972Would you guys watch Steven universe if it was changed in these respects?: >>no lgbtq shit …[View]
224098102Evolution is not a scientific theory: >we are evolving and adapting into a bright future >turn…[View]
224097935What are /pol/‘s thoughts on Pope John Paul II?[View]
224096672Those were the days, why don't we have more neat diseases descriptions like this today?[View]
224095940Why did the National Socialists were recruited in army niggers, muslims, asians, etc?[View]
224095301Recession Guaranteed Says Economists Only Question is When!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXdm_BG…[View]
224092684I wish to speak to IRA: I am Scottish/Irish Please talk to me so I can help end the bloodshed among …[View]
224097446I don't get why gobal warming is a bad thing. Sure, Most of the species living on the planet wi…[View]
224095157FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 SOLVED: >It's common knowledge, Mossad, CIA behind 9/11 t…[View]
224087181Is Georgia a good country to move to: Seems nice to me, conservative and cheap.[View]
224080175Tell me about Aldi in your country, do you hate it or love it? Aldi North or Aldi South?[View]
224089169Would the whole world be at peace if only East Asians and White people existed? No Jews, Black, Indi…[View]
224090080unemployment: >Graduated from university >business and Economics (no specific major) >deci…[View]
224086896How hard is it to have correct grammar?: Holy fucking shit, ebonics pisses me off to no end. I can u…[View]
224079119Was She Bi/Lesbian?: I always believed Alice Weidel was our fashiest gay gal but I've been read…[View]
224090694BREAKING: JORDAN PETERSON SPEAKS ON THE JQ: If you love Jordan Peterson, then do not listen to his T…[View]
224097162I'm hapa, but: Marxists on FB call me cracker and honky. Am I whiter than most of /pol/?[View]
224096819greenland gold rush: america,australia all these countries are just based out of digging gold and oi…[View]
224096534Epstein's Former Cellmate Tartaglione Begs Judge For Transfer To Other Jail, Guards Threatening…[View]
224062394Why do you nazi incels cry like little boys when NotreDame burns but when the Amazon does, which is …[View]
224090198blog: >be japanese american >no I don't speak it so don't try to quiz me >white …[View]
224065300Portland Police need your help identifying Chloe Eudaly I mean antifa terrorist.: https://www.portla…[View]
224096457Ceasar did nothing wrong: Anons what's the most based way we can use things like fallout or 40k…[View]
224083825What a fucking invasion we are having.: Any you faggots just keep replying to all of these garbage t…[View]
224097183The old white shits are dying off!: The old white shits are dying off![View]
224079802Capture The Flag! /CTF/: You Can't Shut Me Down! Goyim Pride Arise! >>224074721 We Claim …[View]
224093783Is trump the most far right wing president in world history?[View]
224077750What will happen to mudsharks after the day of the rope?: What will become of them? Are they going t…[View]
224098902Hi pol black guy here: Can anyone explain why white men have such low testosterone these days. It…[View]
224096899Prison gaurd drives truck into jew hippes in RI: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/08/15/rhode-island…[View]
224091524AnCap Hate Thread: Reminder that AnCaps want to get young Whites back onto the Jewish plantation by …[View]
224091156Mariana Maxwell: First daughter of Robert Maxwell Marina Abramović (Serbian Cyrillic: Mapинa Aбpaмoв…[View]
224092044Why are jews and niggers allowed to be openly racist on social media?: For them nothing is a bannabl…[View]
224093729Does he have down syndrome or just autism vulgaris?[View]
224093713Y I K E S: (((President Trump))) strikes again![View]
224090804I’ve been doing a lot of traveling the past two years and i’ve noticed there are a lot of these jews…[View]
224062836*sips tea*: refute this.[View]
224091093Racism is a myth: Are niggers discriminated against because they don't know how to behave in a …[View]
224083983How many years for a foot massage?: Is this statutory rape already? When will the British police fin…[View]
224095961How do we prevent this?[View]
224096556>40 years from now >Burned out single women old af and alone >Country overrun by non whites…[View]
224093712Imran Khan exposing India: Kashmir & Indian failures for dummies RSS, Hindu Ideology and Ethnic…[View]
224086218Healthcare: What is objectively the best kind of healthcare system? My friend, a Warren supporter, i…[View]
224088741SIEGE: Is it any good? Anyone without cognitive dissonance knows that most people won't get inv…[View]
224096192is it okay to racemix with slavs?[View]
224091812No Kid Left Behind!: Unless of course someone bigger then them tries to push them around and they fi…[View]
224096043What the hell is wrong with the west coast?[View]
224096060'GIANT FROG' AT EPSTEIN'S RANCH?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RJjkktp-40 16:00 First Roy C…[View]
224095026Why Did Trump EPA Approve Brain Damage Causing Pesticide?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLPgnEFER…[View]
224094383NATO gibs for me.: How much Nato gibs does your country trick the burgers for every year? What do yo…[View]
224086459Mossad evidence: Is there actual evidence of mossad agents involved in mass shootings?[View]
224093007We have a marketing problem /pol/: Let's face it /pol/ whatever we're doing online will st…[View]
224087378Brit/pol/ - Sabotaged Edition: >Criminal gangs responsible for migrant Channel crossings https://…[View]
224079692Why do right-wingers get so triggered over stuff like this?[View]
224085942How does /pol/ feel about socialists that don’t ascribe to Cultural Marxism Pic unrelated[View]
224085699So how far back do those rituals in politics go? Surely Child sacrifice and occult shit must've…[View]
224077916HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: Estimates of overall literacy in the United States thus vary depending on the…[View]
224086865Today is the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism: Anything to say, /pol/…[View]
224094231How does this make you feel?[View]
224093025So uhhhh: When are we reclaiming that Holy Land?[View]
2240944482016 nostalgia: We were winning , we were unstumpable, we destroyed everything the leftists threw ag…[View]
224095470Does anyone have the archive for theis: It got 404.[View]
224095401Before they shut this down: Have you seen this madlad? He goes to Israel to question Jews about the …[View]
224091446Old cunts for Trump: Check out this cattle call in Tampa. Yup team Trump right here. MOOOO Look at t…[View]
224095144Ey Tone, I made a social media yid account this week but ain’t getting reactions: I haven’t got bann…[View]
224092052Oh shit real or false flag?[View]
224095145Maximum B O N G status[View]
224094149What the fuck is wrong with german google street view[View]
224094707Kikebook Privacy: Hoping some anon could help. Some people uploaded photos with my persona on kikebo…[View]
224094948THEY RUINED CANADA - NOW 2005 IS THEIR ONLY HOPE: Not the current year. The Trudeau Liberals should …[View]
224094795>:laughing crying gun to the head emoji: What has happened to the sentiment that America will alw…[View]
224080940AUS/POL VICTORIA EDITION: Sydney Trains chaos continues as commuters queue to enter Central https://…[View]
224093661HeWillNotDivideUs flag torn up: The magnificent flag of our beautiful Shia was torn. I am French and…[View]
224081287Trump Says Jews Disloyal to Israel If They Vote for Democrats: The president's comments have le…[View]
22407876642% of all workers in the United States of America make less than $15 USD (€13.55) per hour.: https:…[View]
224091890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZveA-NAIDI what the fuck is this video?[View]
224086979'Sir, to uphold gay marriage and the interests of Israel, Sir!' Does the West realize how hard it pi…[View]
224090510The marxists hijacked the working class movement; no improvement for the working class only wageslav…[View]
224094414Islam or corporatism, who will come out on top?[View]
224092996Feels: Let me just rip your heart out, pol[View]
224090674Solzhenitsyn = religious fanatic and proto fascist Ayn Rand = rich cunt who hot her mansion taken an…[View]
224088838We need to have a legitimate strategy on countering trannies on the web.: How do we convince them th…[View]
224093862Isnt politics supposed to be about budgets, mayors, schools and all that kind of stuff? All I see he…[View]
224092440>makes nigger culture dominant across the globe >accuses everyone else of being cucks Kek…[View]
224087031James Sears gets one year in prison for promoting Hate. https://archive.is/I3wJB[View]
224089072Antifa suicide coroners report proves we’re right.: “Ms Carroll had been treated by mental health se…[View]
224072278>mind their own fucking business >it invaded zero countries >just want to make money How ca…[View]
224060828brenton tarrant memetic warfare: post your memes frens[View]
224083439F to pay your respects Be careful everyone. It's spooky out there.[View]
224088620HAPPENING >HAPPENING HAPPENING >HAPPENING Greta Thunberg’s Transatlantic Sailing Trip Is Serio…[View]
224089575Honest question for /pol/: Why does it seem that the New Liberal Left is literally an embodiment of …[View]
224078017Keep Boycotting Gillette: Parent company P&G last month took a nearly $12 billion ($US8 billion)…[View]
224087368Man I hate France[View]
224083349How does pol feel about Bitcoin?[View]
224089940The Trump-Russia Dossier was a Diversion: The real dirty secrets of the Russiagate hoax are the inte…[View]
224093417Why are jews so insane they support thier oun distruction?[View]
224083959*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: >'Oy vey! Hand over the golf cart, g*y!' What do, /pol/?…[View]
224091189>Based Poo /ourpajeet/[View]
224075974Jewish villians in movies?: I can't recall ANY identified as such and the last one that was ide…[View]
224091017What if Greenland decides to vote to join the US? As nobody wants to be under the ironclad rule of D…[View]
224092092really makes you think...[View]
224092779Move along GOY... Micro plastics are not an issue for now,: Move along GOY... Micro plastics are not…[View]
224091144Do you hate all black people /pol/?: I started watching this guy and i kinda like him as a person. h…[View]
224089949I can't take the clown world anymore: It can't continue like this much longer, can it? I…[View]
224092445Is capitalism good? Is there a better system?[View]
224072147Strike and Mike 74 discussion thread: This is a thread to discuss the 74th episode of Strike and Mik…[View]
224090319Amazon fire caused by NGO's after Bolsonaro cuts their funding: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/wor…[View]
224091134Amazon forest fire thread. Also general climate change discussion[View]
224089450Face the consequences Amerimutts: Putin orders ‘exhaustive’ response to US missile test, says it sho…[View]
224086001>/pol/ told me its the Jews >The ChiComs are buying up everything and colonizing the world you…[View]
224091018>aurora >glows in the dark Are you ready for another joker shooting?…[View]
224078308Whats the deal with Russian Seductress Maria Butina?: What the heck went on between Overstock CEO, M…[View]
224085073MAN'S BLOOD WAS SO THICK WITH FAT IT TURNED THE COLOR OF MILK: >The case report, published i…[View]
224087889Trump's reelection chance according to https://electionbettingodds.com/ 45.5% down 0.2% from ye…[View]
224087531The coping of these days has gone beyond its own definition. https://www.ilpost.it/2019/08/21/salvin…[View]
224086693Jews and their obvious schemes: This is something I've been pondering: why doesn't Jews ma…[View]
224084229imagine my shock[View]
224090117What the fuck is up with Trump's liked tweets?[View]
224091528Fucking Fuck, these blue pill Fucks Someone needs to terrorize these facebook pages..[View]
224089424This is why I will support Mexican immigration too all countries including Europe: Not only are they…[View]
224080379WORLDWIDE RECESSION?: Germany is about to be reporting falling GDP growth for two consecutive quarte…[View]
224086119Google, Facebook, and Twitter are policing: China, Khazakstan and Lord knows who else governments ac…[View]
224086909Environmentalists are the biggest cucks on the planet. Fuck the forests and your global warming[View]
224090723This is very powerful and makes you think[View]
224083113superpower of 2100: Which country do you think will be the most powerful in the world in the year 21…[View]
224088286is there anything incorrect here?[View]
22408932023 august Romanian historical date celebration thread: >Backstab your ally, Bulagria in the secon…[View]
224089347bring back autist posting: do you guys remember back in 2016 we had this thing we used to do where i…[View]
224090750There's a reason for the racism: We in america, define by race because this guy said it best …[View]
224083034What would you have done in 1914?[View]
224087958takeshi's castle (1940 edition)[View]
224089005Largest prediction market gives Trump only 40% to win next elections (it's on blockchain, so bo…[View]
224087127I love capitalism.: >tfw you put your welfare cheque against your credit card after having some f…[View]
224087792what is wrong with women i tried to avoid this but ive watched them my whole life grew up with 4 sis…[View]
224087924Why should I care about jews?[View]
224090064Bronze Age Pervert in European press: >The most important political book of the past year just mi…[View]
224080506Today I was walking out of the local Wal-Mart when a group of christians approached me and noticed t…[View]
224076980>0.2% ashkenazi jewish >0.3% sub-saharan african so what does this mean exactly do i 0.5% kill…[View]
224087420an akward issue: i am not gay guys I never thought I pefer a dude before I see the face of Ed Sheera…[View]
224089856Time to die FOR ME!: I'm a wealthy business man and CEO that makes money buy producing cheap mo…[View]
224089404How long until the mark of the beast cashless society becomes a reality?[View]
224089695expect incel terroism in the ethnostate retards: Why wouldn't they destroy the ethnostate from …[View]
224088555Today I was walking out of the local Hatzi Hinam when a group of orthodox jews approached me and not…[View]
224088439So nice to see poland finaly decided to join the rest of the developed world and is now ready to die…[View]
224084738What's up with all those famous people sharing old pictures from the Amazon to cause mass hyste…[View]
224088836Erurofags pappy is coming to talk about what your goals in life are. You scared?[View]
224077959Roach Hate Thread: For numerous reasons, 'Turks' of Anatolia are trash > inb4 butthurt Greek/Serb…[View]
224089077Why are Boomers so gulible and dumb?: >boomer dad bragging about a dehumidifier he got for only $…[View]
224070629What am I?: also chart thread[View]
224085375The Jew: Hello /pol, I’ve read a lot of fascinating threads from this board that actually provoke d…[View]
224089171Based milton: Based milton friedman[View]
224082922Adrenochrome Thread: Can someone red pill me in adrenochrome? I keep seeing it brought up and I don…[View]
224088883INTERSTELLAR JUCHE: Interstellar Juche[View]
224087693Is this 'based'?[View]
224088417what did: they mean by this https://raisingbiracialbabies.com/category/single-mom-life/ https://comm…[View]
224088844Co-Opt White Claw for Nazis: It's obvious that White Claw should be the official drink of Nazis…[View]
224084941People of Colour: Is there a bigger COPE than 'People of Colour'? Is being brown really that hard to…[View]
224082700My girlfriend likes bts: How do i peswade her to drop it. and make her understand its degeneracy to …[View]
224085035Do chinese miss the good old days of Chairman Mao? No whores with long hair, no degenerate capitalis…[View]
224079791How many people here unironically support the Jewish borguoise who think you only exist to make thei…[View]
224086318Why is it always Jews? I don't want to irrationally hate anyone but why are Jews making it so h…[View]
224077759Moving to Ireland: What should I expect?[View]
224082803CANADA IS COLLAPSING part 2493 - PEPPERED VPN Edition: Canadian food prices are so bad that outsider…[View]
224044751>tfw you finally realize that Hitler and the Third Reich were unironically a force for good in th…[View]
224087979Why won't nobody spill the spaghetti?[View]
224082850Book thread: Should i read Adios America, /pol/?[View]
224080264>100% pure Aryan, an idol for many white men across the globe >notorious womanizer for most of…[View]
224087565psst hey suggestible newfag, I mean kid: wanna buy some ethnonationalism? we can make your country,…[View]
224085027Is /pol/ overmoderrated?[View]
224085192Judge rules Epstein's former ex-cop cellmate must have better living conditions: Descriptions o…[View]
224083634Are the incels of today the chads of yesterday? Nowadays women go after who can make the snarkiest r…[View]
224081665Incels and patriarchy: Did feminists actually create a real patriarchy by fighting against a fiction…[View]
224088033Europeans are Over.: The Jew has won. Afrika has won. Humanity has won. Get over it, bigots.[View]
224085138How injured she is. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/22/opinion/technology/white-supremacists-4chan-t…[View]
224070273USA IS SAF-[View]
224086906Prayer Circle for the CIA: This is a prayer circle to help heal and forgive the CIA they got in a li…[View]
224088764Is Attack on Titan nationalist?: The Anime 'Attack on Titan' has been repeatedly criticised by left …[View]
224085512America is a paper tiger that's gotten wet. It can see itself losing its place in the world and…[View]
224084379Kikes BTFO: https://twitter.com/AmichaiStein1/status/1164808886848593920?s=19[View]
224084125This IS Donald Trump: In gay makeup with his Jew fag pal.[View]
224084414>imagine being such a brainlet that you trade in motherhood for a heavily taxed paycheck and a ro…[View]
224086702Why would the catholic white supremacist poles take away the land of peaceful Muslim germanistan[View]
224044136Presidential Aide: Im an insider in the Trump administration. Just here to leave a message. The num…[View]
224081054Detecting Jews: It's amazing how easy many americans can't see a jew in front of them. Th…[View]
224086917Alright, here's an idea: 'The trans ideal of femininity is misogynistic, and quite frankly need…[View]
224086604When women act like ladies to shitty boys, they more often then not rise to meet the occasion and ac…[View]
224084449Why dont poor people unite and: whak the royals and elite. We out number them 9 to 1[View]
224083793Check my foil: Holy shit my dudes i am not sure if i ahve something here. i might be a retard stand …[View]
224084596>if we're going to jump on this bandwagon of 'everything belongs to everyone', France, Germa…[View]
224086878>The Epoch Times had shifted its spending on Facebook in the last month, seemingly in an effort t…[View]
224084451GET REKT: >P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarte…[View]
224060966Fictional characters that are /pol/.[View]
224073624Based faggots: My question for /pol/ is, what do you think about gays who are based and not leftist …[View]
224079335Wildfires in Brazil are out of control: The EU army needs to be sent to Brazil to take over and make…[View]
224080523hypothetical meme: If there was an all out race war between: >chosen ones >blacks >muslims…[View]
224083808White men are stupid: Their role model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lo-EavB7k White men have a…[View]
224086190Millennials aren't men.: Millennial men aren't men. They're retards who have porn ind…[View]
224071037Japan vs. South Korea: These two countries are now on very bad relations and tensions. Which country…[View]
224081990I honestly think Donald Trump is finished this time. How can he recover by this amazing clip by the…[View]
224083804/slgbt/: Straight anons,i may not be straight but i still support straight pride.[View]
224082020Who will control this in future?[View]
224081051Ban immigrants from gov jobs.: Give me 1 good reason immigrants shouldn't be permanently banned…[View]
224082799guess we know who was running the AOC twitter account now.[View]
224083954Fash The Nation: Anyone got the latest version on moe/catbox? https://therightstuff.biz/2019/08/22/f…[View]
224081122Why does /pol/ no longer believe the message within this image?[View]
224071339Texas Love Thread[View]
224080895We can’t raise taxes on the rich! If we do, they’ll leave!: Okay, cool. Job done. I’m not seeing the…[View]
224076629Is one drop a meme or am I fucked?: I'm a quarter Jew by blood, but I've been a staunch su…[View]
224078913The Amazonian rain forest produces 20% of the world's oxygen: The Amazonian rain forest produce…[View]
224084307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lX5351fH58 /pol/ why aren't u a parent of 7 kids[View]
224085305WHY DO PEOPLE STILL USE SOCIAL MEDIA?: remember in the 90s how they said not to give away your name …[View]
224062939HAHA Suck it Gillette[View]
224055186Why do right-wing news sites think that transgenderism is 'brainwashing'?[View]
224084778Don't you find it strange how the whole of the mainstream media came together to create a huge …[View]
224084116True Nat-Soc Against Racism: True Nat-Soc against racism. You are not National Socialists. You degen…[View]
224083312Yeah, I'm thinking this is based[View]
224056929'White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity.The scheme, cooked up by 4chan trolls: sought …[View]
224088440veganism general: please logically explain why you eat meat. theres not a single argument for eating…[View]
224080017FRANCE BTFO: nothing funnier than when a bunch of 3rd world jungle niggers think they can actually f…[View]
224084114>tfw black Explain to me why the modern white man is like this?[View]
224079262Slag Advisor is our answer to Prick Advisor.: Slag Advisor is the new Facebook page to shame violent…[View]
224038301Hannibal Barca: Niggers actually think that Hannibal Barca was black. Oh but it’s whites who are “cu…[View]
224076616>Arizona is base-[View]
224083991>The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp th…[View]
224076147Greta Thunberg Tracking – You Shall Not Pass Edition: Looks like the wind, weather and currents are …[View]
224083968D.I.E. for a better world, fellow white people: Fellow white people, imagine a world where evil whit…[View]
224081257Listen to based Patrick Byrne (confirmed to be Q, potentially) shut down a whiney and obnoxoius Jew …[View]
224051011Full Martha MacCallum interview with Patrick Byrne: https://youtu.be/PB4vO_zpQQg[View]
224079436Tell me why I should support sand people over Israel.[View]
224084578Finally. pt 2: Continuation of this thread. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/224055497/…[View]
224081418Well, Brazil did it, Brazil caused the annihilation of the human race: Omedetō Brazil! You did it!, …[View]
224084513Get It Right: All the kike Reddit shills: if you're here to frame /pol/ for the Twitter inciden…[View]
224084175The end of Drumpf.: Serious question: Would you castrate yourself (liters slice your balls off) if i…[View]
224072965/ptg/ President Trump General - Fking Disgusting Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://ww…[View]
224081113aus/pol/ - FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL: Hey you wankers, the rest of the world is completely filled wit…[View]
224079957Jussie Smollett is forgiven by America, have you?: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/empire-ca…[View]
224067454These guys were accused of being an Israeli spy scam before being shut down: What are your thoughts …[View]
224081371REST IN PEACE MY HOMIE DE'VON MARTIN: >wuz turning his life around >graduated high school…[View]
224083262Well pol, why havent you joined AntiRa?[View]
224064100Any other qresearch refugees out there?: Thread #002 The Worth A Try Edition[View]
224058984/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Reddit Stole My Rabbi Edition: We must create a massive movem…[View]
224074938Have any of you tried the impossible burger or the beyond meat burgers, made from jew onions? Thoug…[View]
224083777Censorship: YouTube is censoring right wing content with their algorithm. It suck now. And all the g…[View]
224078831/pol/ Education thread: Okay I'm dumb being a fucking brainlet. I've read seige, mein Kap…[View]
224080093Hey Guys. Tell me what you think about Israel[View]
224081318And yet whites will cower and allow degeneracy to continue in fear of losing what little remains in …[View]
224083556COMMUNIST CHRISTIANITY GENERAL: >Acts 2:44-45 All the believers were together and had everything …[View]
224079249When did you realize that the global plot for mass immigration is a way of ensuring the death of all…[View]
224047109Humor thread?: Non kiked humor thread. None in the catalogue? Let's laugh and activate our almo…[View]
224071379Feel the Byrne: Why did he talk about someone driving hundreds of miles to shoot people up...what do…[View]
224076441What is your preferred system of governance, /pol/? How would you prefer your country to be governed…[View]
224081770Empire of Dust and Sand: A nation of Nomads, Raiders, and Criminals that have forgotten why they sta…[View]
224082100Is This True?: We all know Kikes misrepresented the human condition based on logical fallacies. …[View]
224060674You're chilling in your golf cart when a bunch of acidic jews show up and tell you to hand over…[View]
224076075How much longer can this go on: At what point does this flagrant corruption simply annul the social …[View]
224079948>Libertardians be like:[View]
224079362Is This The Most Cucked Show Ever?: Trying to watch the 13th Dr seasons and every episode has the ev…[View]
224082791This is a now a Strozk thread. Post any information about the Spook that goes by Peter Strzok. Post …[View]
224018308Syria General /sg/ - Final solution Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
224076699Nazis: Imagine the horror if they had won WWII.[View]
224076513?sdraob elpitlum no deloh yromem dna d'404 siht saw yhW[View]
224082212Meets a fellow Trump supporter: Fat guy. A used car salesman type. Starts talking about how he flips…[View]
224082651Brenton Tarrant - Jim Watkins - and doubly channy refugees: Okay - so their programmer 'codemonkey z…[View]
224067137Arrested for Memes on Facebook: Really? Do you all want this to be a nationwide catastrophe? Trump w…[View]
224057343I ate there once when I was in college. I continued going back once every year.... to get one of the…[View]
224082314ITT cancel your subscription(if you haven't already): Brace yourselves for a new wave of slaver…[View]
224082144cringe bread[View]
224074721They are onto us, microwave your phones and SSDs.[View]
224081848Were they heroes?[View]
224081989Why does government regulate porn?: I used to be a porn addict, still am in a sense and i hate it. I…[View]
224081779Operation Anura: I think we should all meditate on/pray to our true selves/God/Kek to make a frog ap…[View]
224078057What have you done lately to go “emissions free”: At Chipotle, I told them to put fewer beans into m…[View]
224080196Purity before marriage in religious laws were probably created by some BC incel[View]
224079890>Check catalog >Crtl+F jew >60 results Do we have an obsession?…[View]
224078241Game over libtard[View]
224079299/pol/ Classics - Must watch: Lets have some classic videos, documentaries and other important materi…[View]
224071773Who is responsible for the French Revolution?[View]
224081005Craziest National Parties: What is your country's most batshit insane party in terms of ideolog…[View]
224077877Universal Symbol: Is it an SS or an 88?[View]
224076761Amazon burning: Folks the Amazon is BURNING. I'm not joking, this is big, serious news. A very …[View]
224076199Is tipping culture what makes America great? Isn't tipping a reflection a society is wealthy, w…[View]
224080645Explain the wordplay Hitler used with ashkenazi jews.: Why do ashkenazi have 'ash' and 'nazi' in the…[View]
224078551etheral trap artist Joji - 'Only a black man can satify: Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
224075332>capitalism and communists are friends: Back up this statement, /pol/. It doesn't make any s…[View]
224079431- What do you want to be when you grow up ? - Chinese: astronaut - American: youtuber - Us: pic rela…[View]
224074038If diversity doesn't work, how does /pol/ explain the incredible economic success of Houston - …[View]
224080024Predictions?: Hey /pol/ what do you Guys think Will happen in the EU inbrte next 10-20 years?[View]
224080241Norwegian Politics: What should i vote for Norwegian-bros? And what are you voting for?[View]
224079330Take up your GUNS! Take Two. You cannot stop this movement.[View]
224074227You have 10 seconds to prove to me you're not a degenerate or you'll be lashed to a cross.…[View]
224080138We're having a baby /pol Want to wait and find out if it's a boy or a girl English and Sca…[View]
224079889Europe is dead: Why do we indoctrionate girls to be boys and vice versa? (https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
224076700Redpills thread[View]
224069790What a fucking kike: ZionDon the ethnic kike declared himself as the King of kikes but he's not…[View]
224074956How great does that boot taste /pol/?[View]
224067406WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!: The former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair allegedly found a SINGLE BULL…[View]
224076794Redpill me on vaccines. I've seen a lot of talk about them, and do find it weird how it's …[View]
224076547When did you realize that you had been had?[View]
224069480FF incoming?[View]
224071023I love this site and this board. Can we take a moment to reflect how great life has treated us? We a…[View]
224074206Is Trump a political Assassin? If Trump hadn't run in 2016, and it was business as usual repub…[View]
224064337Exactly when did men become a bunch of emasculated bitches? Recently saw a buddy of mine who I haven…[View]
224079779POOland is a rich first would country USA is a dying third world shithole :') mad mutt ?[View]
224077859Why there are so many shills,kikes,Mossads,cia-fbi,Jidfs,commie cucks,literal cucks,incel niggers an…[View]
224075149People who oppose tax hikes are the biggest cucks[View]
224073311cCain’s Family, McCain Institute to Start #ActsofCivility Campaign: >The family of the late Sen. …[View]
224070235Why have white people neglected and destroyed Flint to the point that its water and sewage systems a…[View]
224077808>depressed and lonely >jerk off to feel better for a few seconds of post orgasm contentedness…[View]
224079556Migrant refugees arrive in the UK in droves via the channel: Let them in, Brits! They are refugees!…[View]
2240783919/11 turned America fascist[View]
224062148Should people like him be allowed to reproduce freely with white women like that? Or should we do th…[View]
224073626Jewish insider here: Before you go off on me let’s me just say this. Everything you’ve heard is true…[View]
224079054Reminder:: Asian women belong to the white man[View]
224077999Eyes Wide Shut, the most /pol/ movie of the past weeks. Was Kubrick trying to say, besides all the d…[View]
224079416Based Villas Boas, Frenchies BTFO https://twitter.com/Gen_VillasBoas/status/1164719139413536774?s=19…[View]
224074310Sup pol,black guy here: I have an offer for you,which will end racial tensions and will allow you to…[View]
224078291We all agreed that Epstein was murdered, yet it's back to business as usual in Congress. When w…[View]
224078790Nate Thayer Fucks His Dog: (443) 225-1498 heroine addict dog raping anti white journalist Nate Thaye…[View]
224079205imagine literally posting on a board full of nazi fembol trolls[View]
224071035What do pedo's do with young girls? How bad does it get? Daisy's destruction type stuff? S…[View]
224074862The holocoaster isn't re.....: https://www.foxnews.com/world/germany-theme-park-ride-flying-swa…[View]
224062767Eastern Washington Statehood: As a resident of Tri-Cities, I have had enough of the Democrats in Oly…[View]
224075965What's your definition of the racial category, 'White'.[View]
224076631>dramatic music https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1164238234462781441…[View]
224078076>schizo boomers thinking that there's an AI god trying to take over the world >schizo boo…[View]
224077838I love my country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4iY6p0y2Kg[View]
224078895I rarely post here but I have no one else to talk about it with >read about actors I like from ol…[View]
224078737Why don't you elect Paris Jackson as the queen of pol anons?: And forget about Taylor Swift,she…[View]
224078811It's not as big as Greenland, but it's for sale. Trump, pls buy it[View]
224077544Best /pol/ discords?[View]
224078469Delicious Bait I mean why your political choices?: So /pol/ im just wondering in the context of yout…[View]
224069290Seriously though, what went wrong?[View]
224077686Harley Davidson: Everything is fine.[View]
224070922Kill the blue line[View]
224076163>2019 >not a liberal what is wrong with you faggots?…[View]
224077968In Luke 13:35, Jesus says to his fellow Jews, 'you will not see me again until the time comes when y…[View]
224077093Epstein meme thread: We need to get an Epstein meme thread https://www.bitchute.com/video/pIPrYt4lu…[View]
224075330Expert Surveys on Race and IQ by Sean Last: So Sean Last made an article and here is the summary: 'I…[View]
224076170race mixing currently #1 trending in canada[View]
224039671Italy is a fucking fascist country: I have lived in this country for 8 years. everything was fine un…[View]
224078145what do leftists think of the band anal cunt?[View]
224071514Polls: I'm 45. I have voted in 7 General Elections. I am a normal man, married, wife, 2 kids, …[View]
224077269>tfw you realize society does deserve to collapse This is the true pill. Society is not meant to …[View]
224078003Damn: No wonder we can't have a /pol/ queen with all these BBC's around.[View]
224047111https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5J-1rs1LJo HOLY FUCKKKKKKK PETER STRZOK BY ORDER OF COMEY, BRENNAN,…[View]
224077779Anyone notice tumblr still taking potshots?[View]
224071113does anyone have strike and mike 50 & 51[View]
224074593Monopoly socialism salt thread: Twitter is freaking out over this so post'em.[View]
224071302Faggots and Kikes hate Chic Fil A so eat there as often as you can goys: >Political boycotts by (…[View]
224074025Where can I find a white woman that loves america and hates niggers?[View]
224075362Why is Glumpf so out of shape?: Seriously, look at him passed out on the White House lawn Even Biden…[View]
224076436All aboard the downie boat![View]
224052530Black Pigeon Speaks: > What do you think of him? > Do you agree with him? > Is he Based and…[View]
224059237Overstock CEO: You can already see where this is going. He's claiming that Democrats had no han…[View]
224003097SUPER MODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL LINKED TO EPSTEIN: She is one of the pedo cult members.[View]
224077311if the democrats became openly antisemitic like the labour party i would vote for them. no irony.[View]
224075314I'm not actually racist or even that politically extreme. I just pretend to be different ideolo…[View]
224075600What do you think about Reagan /pol/?: I'll never forget where I was when the great patriot Ron…[View]
224075597>Back in 2016 Trump called Mexicans 'rapists'. >Mainstream media, NPC blue checkmarks and ever…[View]
224067609To The Thirties: >>AP/NORC Poll >>AP polls are pretty through >>Collegiate polls m…[View]
224071812What do you think German soldiers would have thought in WW2 if they knew they were dying for a trans…[View]
224044036Reminder to all IronyBros and Taylor Swift Followers: Reminder to all IronyBros, Nick Fuentes and Ta…[View]
224076577okay. The only life project that I see profitable is to ask for charity online. I don't have a …[View]
224048403Imagine being an American[View]
224068111I'm a white student who attends an HBCU AMA if you want[View]
224071403Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
224073470Undeniably proof that that japanese are white.[View]
224070729Hey /pol/: What happened to the cds the FBI found? Why no arrests? I can't find one single news…[View]
224032586What does the Bible say about race?: God does not care what your race is, just if you are saved. Rom…[View]
224020777porn redpills: I'm looking for porn and masturbation redpills. I remember two posts specificall…[View]
224075434WHITES OUT PAKIS IN[View]
224076641Pol btfo forever: For now on I'll only fuck black women[View]
224073951Jan Irvin Blames USS Liberty Crew for Israeli jewTerrorist Anti-White Holocaust Carried out Against …[View]
224076593'Idol Worship' gets the cake for the most Jewy concept ever imagined[View]
224044194Oldest Synagogue in America was built by Black Slaves: SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIII…[View]
224076476What does /pol/ think of Tulsi-chan? www. newsweek. com/tulsi-gabbard-julian-assange-edward-swowden-…[View]
224074598Patrick Byrne: Schizo or Q?: On why he sold 20M worth of stocks. >Apparently, some find it unsett…[View]
224076169Redpilling highschool kids with pamphlet drops: What do you guys think of printing off hundreds of r…[View]
224071173How come there are no female mass shooters?[View]
224074895Hey so this is pretty important for optics. The video of Yang saying whites are dangerous terrorists…[View]
224076073SCHLOMOS BURN THE AMAZON???: what do we do /POL/, glowniggers and hook-nosed degenerates are burning…[View]
224076062>We really gotta just let the chips fall on this one guys, epstein bad! No body hate epstein more…[View]
224074462When I say Tiananmen Square, you say NOTHING HAPPENED: Ready? Tiananmen Square[View]
224070487Incel kidnaps and tortures man (video included): https://twitter.com/CantBeatTheNEET/status/11647516…[View]
224075972Estonia contributes the most to NATO so why are there USA soldiers in Germany and not more in Estoni…[View]
224075949Xi vs Fatass: Sorry pol but I bet on Xi[View]
224072201Netflix Documentary: Burger Factory: This is a /pol/ must watch since it clearly shows what we'…[View]
224075324what is being slid?: Every post is some muh BBC shit. what are they sliding?[View]
224059946OPERATION NO GAYS ALLOWED: It has become common practice for left turn on it's self, The 'more'…[View]
224072298/pol/ got trump elected!: Imagine how goddamn stupid and disconnected from reality you have to be to…[View]
224073105How the government makes up their own 'Red Flag' laws: ive been on antibiotics for a year the doctor…[View]
224071543What did /our gal/ mean by this?[View]
224057090how do you feel about women in power?[View]
224074696Is this greek thing human?: Imagine the smell of this ugly abomination. 95% of Greek granny's …[View]
224042566Well, this may be my final page...: Hi people of the internet. I decided to post here because this i…[View]
224074782In 109 counties, white population share fell below 50% between 2000 and 2018: How the FUCK did this …[View]
224075449UK man jailed for sexual activity with young teenager: Hesketh Watts, 31, was sentenced at Nottingha…[View]
224074046Are you gonna #VoteFBI in 2020? Vote Wayne Lambright Learn more about Wayne's campaign to be t…[View]
224062417Women rule the world: Prove me wrong.[View]
224036236Holy shit, we are absolutely hated now everywhere on the internet, from imgur to reddit to news comm…[View]
224075050Larping as a jew is retarded: Jew get political thanks to local synagogues and local meetings,jews h…[View]
224071149Should we raise capital gains tax back to 39.6%?: Or we continue to wait for it to trickle down?…[View]
224053092Denmark rejected US offer for buying Greenland. Greenland is under the iron grip of Denmark. Shouldn…[View]
224064306The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Alright dumb fucks, listen up. Blackpill incoming, and …[View]
224074949ITT /pol/ happenings that never happened: I’ll start >September 23rd Virgo sign >shemitah mar…[View]
224058234when someone asks what you have against jews, just show them this video https://youtu.be/1EKNCv0DPjg[View]
224074921Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting & Thousand Oaks Hoaxes thoroughly Exposed!: https://www.bitchute.c…[View]
224074909MOLY JUST SHIT TESTED THE JEWS: >It was nice knowing you Stef. You were fun while you lasted. …[View]
224074634Political compass: Post your political compass[View]
224070365Well look at that! Turns out you guys are ALL wrong! He didn't resign because of anything to do…[View]
224060654French identity is jewish: Hello , french Anon here , this guy 'Eric zemmour' want to teach us , nat…[View]
224073247Christchurch full video on Tiblar: https://tiblar.com/post/412266770365/ I found a website that does…[View]
224052198Globalist PSYOP to weaken Brazilian national sovereignty over the Amazon basic: Don't you find …[View]
224063027Why is he naming the Jew all of a sudden?: What made him snap?[View]
224074591Heroes? Name em.: Kevin Richardson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbS3ZDN19vw[View]
224072531could muzzies be the new japanese? like, would like make good allies in WW3?[View]
224066699Who wants to ride the holocoaster? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-22/german-amusement-park-clos…[View]
224074048>This country has gone nuts, and especially for the last year when I realized what I know, every …[View]
224074555This is like the ugliest Kike-jew i've ever seen wtf right?[View]
224074443The Concept of Gun Control must be Abolished: Because it is against the law to want 'Gun Contro…[View]
224074534Didn't Trump's Greenland comments just make everyone agree that regions and countries dese…[View]
224066280WGTOW. When is this happening?[View]
224074487Now that the tea party is long dead, what did you think of it when it existed? What killed it? Was i…[View]
224062464Q is basically just another version of John Titor.[View]
224069857Interracial engagement announced in 1929 newspaper: He would later go on to compete in the 1936 Olym…[View]
224068437OH NO NO NO![View]
224072321Jazz and Jesse 77 discussion thread: We need to discuss the 77th episode of Jazz and Jesse[View]
224066842Is your country good? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Country_Index[View]
224074288>Anon I heard you were making transphobic on that Korean oxen exchange forum >say that shit t…[View]
224067221Memeball thread y'all[View]
224035899Redpill me on programming: Just finished an associates degree in software development at community c…[View]
224053253Everything on this site is controlled opposition: Remember Everything on this site is controlled opp…[View]
224071124How do we deal with the azncel epidemic?[View]
224068491How can we improve interactions between whites and blacks?[View]
224073571blackpills: Post your favourite blackpill.[View]
224074007Did we create SJWs?: What if SJWs turned out like this because the pool was closed for Jew AIDs? :/…[View]
224064003JORDAN PETERSON IS GOING TO MURDER DONALD TRUMP https://vocaroo.com/i/s1VSVzvXRruJ[View]
224072856if you were born in 2000 but grew up on and like Nintendo 64, Star Wars, and 80s music, you're …[View]
224073912Moonman Thread: Post your best of Moonman. Moonman raps about the real political issues.[View]
224073875China and Korea will take over the world, because they deserve it. Because they work 14 hours a day,…[View]
224068727I support reparations, and black people should pay for them.[View]
224073244Why aren't you adolfPilling the blacks.[View]
224061474Why is the j-w incapable of creating true beauty? No meme answers, Id really like to know.[View]
224069266Overstock CEO Reveal today.: A FBI Spook posted this Sunday night. Given what happened today with Th…[View]
224073578poopeepoo: pro white server URgMDJY (discord)[View]
224055717This is what happens if you're caught 'being a nazi' in Canada: The state media is used to hara…[View]
224065997Greta wants you to panic[View]
224072161Any ice agents here How hard is the physical test, and how hard is it to get a job at ICE Seems like…[View]
224051739Fuck the union: I am sick of the gay cucked English south constantly making us all look like patheti…[View]
224072476>2 and a half years in office >no wall[View]
224048771I’m a zoomer that got summoned to jury duty for the first time. I can never show my power level in p…[View]
224072593Do leftists not realize if they had their way the world would turn to rubbish? Assuming the radical …[View]
224072888Is Jordan Peterson a good man?: In many ways he is one of the foremost academics of our time. Jordan…[View]
224065246So after the various threads on this website discussing the topic of satanic worship in the governme…[View]
224072968Asatru Folk Assembly: Reject the religion of the jew and return to the religion of your ancestors. J…[View]
224072595gen Z loves this guy[View]
224072101When shooterchan comes back up, what is going to stop a DDoS from taking it right back down again?[View]
224068328/ptg/ President Trump General - REAL AWOO HOURS Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www…[View]
224065316Denmark is lucky we didn't take Greenland during the Napoleonic Wars.: Greenland is British Com…[View]
224072541Well /pol/, now that my saliva is in the hands of the jews can I be in the ethnostate? 100% european…[View]
224071399the audacity of this book title... astounding...[View]
224066033Is it Anti-Semitic to vote Democrat?: Because if you vote Trump you are Pro Jew and Pro Israel https…[View]
224068929/pol/ sighting on Twatter!: Which one of you did this?[View]
224070884Your local gentry group: Start a community service group called a gentry that gets men together to s…[View]
224072206This feud against christcucks and nazi fedora tippers has been entertaining. But it's about tim…[View]
224071412Men, you have 2 choices >Be a politically incorrect man >Be a feminized clown…[View]
224072705Where’s the Monte Vista anon from earlier: The thread was deleted but there was an anon on here earl…[View]
224071930Are there any good youtube channels/videos on different political philsophy?: Be it an-cap or commun…[View]
224068797>Be American >Can’t even afford to kill yourself…[View]
224069896Except South Korea and Japan, Why is Asia so fucking poor? Why did Asians hate white colonial rule? …[View]
224006229One of the most brave and powerful things I have ever seen: He has to get both hands amputated due t…[View]
224070309Today you learned that 99% of Europeans will never go out on a ski boat and tube, ski, or waterboard[View]
224068139>his wife isn't going to dance and give a show like this on his wedding Lmao, what a fucking…[View]
224041752BARR AND SESSIONS CONFIRMED BASED: >Bill Barr, there's gonna be a sculpture of granite of hi…[View]
224070730Americans, how would you fix our health care?[View]
224067355The left can't me-[View]
224071672Are niggers the jews of coloreds? >remember negrillion slaves >oy v- I mean bix nood gibsmedat…[View]
224071783Mr. poo on shoe: Poo in loooo? Poo on shoe! https://youtu.be/iKJoMO0vJ5c[View]
224069952I'm going to become a Police Officer. Does /pol/ approve?[View]
224057213>when the goyim know[View]
224071269Burger hate thread[View]
224065086>I A M T H E C H O S E N O N E[View]
224071604Why are red state maggots so poor?[View]
224071589spooky esoteric thread: post your videos. No larps only real jew witch vids[View]
224071569when will all of you realise that Q is just a russian chaos agent[View]
224056770/deradicalization/ general: Hey /pol/, former alt-right member here. If you fell down the alt-right …[View]
224070663THERE WILL BE BLOOD[View]
224066149You can buy adrenochrome: https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sigma/a5752?lang=en&regio…[View]
224048590Does anyone else legitimately hate being alive?: My world view does not coincide with main stream vi…[View]
224071226Demons Do Walk among Us: The belief in demons serves as reinforcement toward man of the idea that se…[View]
224066482Is 5-MeO-dmt a glimpse of what life isn’t like after death? Why do advanced meditators say the exper…[View]
224059308I am 36 years old. Born in the United States (New York) I was a victim of sexual abuse by a satanic…[View]
224065077redpilling boomer grandpas: Can I get get some ridiculous propaganda to redpill my grandpa? I have s…[View]
2240635712020: The election is between AOC and Bernie Sanders. Who do you vote for?[View]
224069743Are Americans stupid?[View]
224053911Big Announcement for pic related tommorrow: You heard it here first folks.[View]
224049333Anyone regret voting for Trump?: I'm no longer Team Orange. When did you finally realize his tr…[View]
224065628What’s wrong with being a beta male provider you mgtowfags? Someone has to do that job for society t…[View]
224067729Guns and Gold: You know they have equal value. AMA about my tractor.[View]
224069548Jews control the world: I need reasons for and against this, my teacher wants me to talk about consp…[View]
224059106STOK and McCABE have been put on notice ARCHIVE THIS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5J-1rs1L…[View]
224070830Holy History of Mankind, what did he mean by this?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_History_of_Ma…[View]
224070750What if we fought the USSR in WW2 instead: How different would the world be if we fought the Russian…[View]
224060241Societal collapse general.: I can’t take it anymore. Everywhere I look, everyone is getting blacked.…[View]
224070659Donald 'The Chosen One' Trump: Will Donald Trump be able to defeat Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and …[View]
224061856Tell me everything you know about Huma Abedin.[View]
224066050Does anyone else think its time for some sort of new movement? A community based movement. Something…[View]
224068382Mein Kampf: Did you read his book? What do you think of Mein Kampf? Many people say that it is just …[View]
224070312Why does France get a bad rap on here: The majority of Crusaders were French and they stopped the mo…[View]
224067705But /pol/ said Kikes are pro-negros: Why does /pol/ lie? Pic related[View]
224066003Deus Ex shit going down with W. Buffett protege. Everyone like deer caught in headlights.: Illuminat…[View]
224059853So uh does Trump think he's gonna win reelection talking about Israel and Jews everyday?[View]
224069194How do supporters of trump 2020 rationalize no wall?[View]
224056458What Did He Mean By This?[View]
224065417Why are people so fucking gay?[View]
224065436Todays actual HAPPENING: All the threads about overstock bro are nice... But all you nuggets have mi…[View]
224068510Outside of trump’s end timer Christian base, does trump give a shit about any other Americans? Doesn…[View]
224067582/FEG/ Fuck Evangelicucks General: 1) Go to boomer pages on social media platforms 2) Claim that God …[View]
224063778How long until this guy gets suicided?: Also notice how shills are spamming Tarrant threads. So desp…[View]
224067660EU-MERCOSUR TRADE DEAL: If Europeans truly care about the Amazon why would they sign the EU-Mercosur…[View]
224069619Nature is on our side.: http://jcpa.org/article/neo-paganism-in-the-public-square-and-its-relevance-…[View]
224067767Q is a plot of the cabal itself: This whole thing is just a distraction. The elites have long since …[View]
224065640Is Australia the last hope for the white race? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAW_Re6azEg[View]
224068612Kotaku accused Persona singer of making slur. But in reality she simply mispronounced English words…[View]
224064727Steven MNUCHIN Billionaire Goldman Sachs executive Hollywood Executive producer (Wonder Woman 2017 …[View]
224049892What did Jewish Persecution look like in the Middle Ages?: What were they up to to get kicked out?…[View]
224069142Act like a degenerate, and nature will infect you with diseases: Is nature based and red-pilled?…[View]
224068351Medicare For All ruins retirement plans: Bernie Sanders constantly demonizes health insurance compan…[View]
224068972BONGS BTFO - UK is rightful muslim clay.: Here’s the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth in full: Elizabeth …[View]
224067029>5 hours later I am forgotten[View]
224068551Wow. Just wow.[View]
224067616National socialism is not the answer.: The United States was founded as (and should remain) a Republ…[View]
224068137Using the 'Chosen One': Most effective strategy for outmaneuvering this pea-brain is basic reverse p…[View]
224055342>Irish >White[View]
224056509Now that the dust has settled: Can we all agree that what he did was a cruel and heinous act and he …[View]
224065555I'm reading Freakinomics for the first time, and his conclusions about abortion stopping crime …[View]
224065440Are we seeing the plagues of Egypt coming back? First the blood (red wave) then the frogs (pick rela…[View]
224065529Knights of Columbus: Redpill me on the Knights of Columbus /pol/ They seem slightly based[View]
224068869I weep for what is left of humanity: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_psychogenic_illness Have y…[View]
224059119What has caused the increased homelessness in San Francisco and other west coast cities?[View]
224066856New York's George Washington Bridge closed due to bomb threat: mayor[View]
224064415How am I supposed to respect women?: So I finally found a girl I like but she has a fucking rape fan…[View]
224065762Let’s raid r/sino: These fuckers are a pro-ccp subreddit operating in broad daylight. If any tards h…[View]
224053073Know thy enemy[View]
224062893Should people like him be allowed to reproduce freely with white women like that? Or should we do th…[View]
224057204What was your biggest Pill?: /pol/ tell me what your biggest pill ever taken. Red Blue Black White e…[View]
224065497Are Russian women good marriage matieral?: Will they be loyal and bake me warm bread while I work in…[View]
224065096What does /pol/ think of Kyle Kulinski?[View]
224067565>be canada >be world's first 'post-national state' >immigration minister named Ahmed H…[View]
224066297Is this why he was assassinated? Explain this amerimutts[View]
224068247Bin Laden. What really happened?: Why are there 10,000 bullshit stories about what happened to Bin L…[View]
224065946https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyrTgtPTz3M We have all of this now. The white man just isn't a…[View]
224064401What happened to her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65JHnUA2OhM[View]
224067955Taliban CONFIRM that al-Qaeda didn't do 9/11: The Saudis, Israelis, and American 'intel' agenci…[View]
224066680Are you disappointed that all your dreams of what reality couldve been is utterly hijacked into this…[View]
224067666I saw how mad God got. He snapped and then came back. Like a supernatural Godly snap. The whole worl…[View]
224067766Scientific proof British are not white: Only 11% of Britoids are blonde.[View]
224067042i am not even a shill, but why are white girls into black cocks? i even see it here.[View]
224067080Why is homosexuality something which nearly all civilizations throughout all of human history have i…[View]
224064146Editor of Your Ward News gets 1 year in jail: /pol/ irl[View]
224066153All right, let's sum up. This year we explored the failure of democracy. How our socialists bro…[View]
224065644#letherwin: We should create a #letherwin campaign with the supposed premise of 'just let women/tran…[View]
224064441Degrees of Separation: In any way are the three related?[View]
224067079Trump pushes VA to buy controversial J&J drug; Gilead challenges U.S. patents on HIV pill: https…[View]
224067227Tariffs: Why should Boomers in the Rust Belt be guaranteed their jobs last forever, at the expense o…[View]
224067167Southern retards are the most cringe people in the world[View]
224067145What's his problem?[View]
224059069WHAT THE KIKES PREVENT YOU FROM FINDING OUT: MONEY: it is production that gives value to money. A pi…[View]
224063687Repatriation/ Deportation thread: The Mexican Repatriation was a mass deportation of Mexicans and Me…[View]
224048983Why are conservatards unable to take a joke?[View]
224064636Why is no one talking about how Amerimutts literally nuked Greenland? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
224041634G7 to UNITE against Brazil: >IT'S HAPPENING https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-…[View]
224065006Why does /pol/ hate me?: I am a young white man who is red pilled on race and the JQ, and supports t…[View]
224066631Accelerationism meme opportunity: >>according to Gavin McInnes, antifa has started attacking J…[View]
224062678Meet Lex Luther /pol/: >this man owns the world[View]
224065763The REAL reason why Trump wants Greenland: He wants us to be bigger than Canada[View]
224056121Where do we go from here?: What will next become ours?[View]
224061634Why u guys invading /b/?[View]
224066131You aren't a man if you aren't alone at a point in your life. Being alone, without emotion…[View]
224054344Why do first worlders put so much emphasis on losing your virginity prematurely? Sex i the product o…[View]
224056930>The homeless crisis is growing in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco, despite …[View]
224056413J U S T[View]
224062915What does /pol/ Think of the Spics Being National Socialists? I Feel like the Jews are in The Mexica…[View]
224043762White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity: Apologize. >Staring at the image on my phon…[View]
224065806*Blocks your golfcart*: What do you do? Politically alternative opinions of course. >Kicked from …[View]
224051610This is literally all it takes for Brazil to become a developed nation. Amerimutts knew this and fea…[View]
224062285MIGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/1164371140002930689[View]
224065789based or cringe?[View]
224063275How can we successfully and calming cull niggers into the ocean?[View]
224062917How the US can build intelligence dossiers on private citizens without a warrant: Basically, all dat…[View]
224065655Pol where can I obtain more moonman music like some of his earlier stuff: fuck it, I want it all!! W…[View]
224063383I haven't been here for a while but I have a friend visiting and we got into a discussion about…[View]
224065466you didnt think your government was real, did you?[View]
224058351Memed into being a Nazi. Memed into being a Mass Shooter. Memed into being a Racist. Memed into thin…[View]
224055555Well, /pol/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=lqo1Es3to8A&ebc=ANyPxKqyLgPmlm1…[View]
224057951A first grader found his teacher's gun and pointed it at a classmate in Ohio this week. Yea, te…[View]
224064618anybody have this video: years ago i saw a white supremacy video set to this music https://www.youtu…[View]
224060087>kratom becomes a well-known way of treating opiate (and other) addictions >literal kikes reee…[View]
224065251Daily reminder your wages and quality of living go down, while house prices and other costs go up, a…[View]
224061919What happened to us?[View]
224063086Asians are really raping up the communist propaganda: They are encouraging empathy towards the dirty…[View]
224065071Jeffrey Epstein's List: How would one go about making a believable list and sent it off to like…[View]
224065117letter to stacey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rjwkGW_YO1lOcdRvkyfSI9UkcVGBzqkhLxlbCUGpmO8/ed…[View]
22406483199.9% Chance of Winning: I heard on CNN that the Dems are 99.9% going to win the 2020 election! I gu…[View]
224057822For all you 13/50% racist trolls: Anytime you get the 13/50% racist troll you should point out that …[View]
224055963Was WWII justified?[View]
224065013The Moon is 238,900 miles from the Earth. So how do we see it? Checkmate, Globers. Also don't …[View]
224062935Ignore The Leftist SJW People: 'Those who pay heed to slander will not find rest' is what the book o…[View]
224064695Roasties are so repulsive[View]
224064921Arthur Chu thinks this is good for kids: I used to be pretty OK with the gay shit, but they are now …[View]
224061599Worldwide healthcare is underperfoming: Worldwide healthcare is underperfoming Too much regulation, …[View]
224061566Can you conspiracy nuts just fucking DROP this already?[View]
224062585When will it just fall apart?: The older I get the more I see the world for what it really is. How l…[View]
224058908Real facts y’all be lieing on here about POC inventions: POC played a large role in western society …[View]
224054189Why does he hide the fact that he's a mischling? Scheer should be proud of his 25% ashkenazi je…[View]
224046026She named the Jew!: Ashton Birdie goes full 1488 and names the nose. Dare I say she's /ourcrazy…[View]
224063677Hey feminist shills: I really am interested to know, what exactly do you think women are going to be…[View]
224062779WHat is a good search engine to use: I want to know waht is the most Based search engine that is not…[View]
224050506/pol/ humor thread; This kills the Zoomer edition: Daily reminder: You litle fiddle-farts will never…[View]
224061289Why do (((they))) do this? What's their end goal?[View]
224049870Like clockwork > 9pm EST in the US. > suddenly a clear shift in tone & politics in /pol …[View]
224063812I miss it bros[View]
224049247What are some fake jobs that no one over 18 should ever have? Pic related[View]
224036851FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 SOLVED: >It's common knowledge, Mossad, CIA behind 9/11 t…[View]
224063961White women keep getting fatter and fatter. It's the biggest problem facing the white race in t…[View]
224063312You have been fooled trump's personality cult is to get white people to support white nationali…[View]
224055413/pol/, what are your thoughts on Slavs?[View]
224063270Trump is going to ban bitcoin: Don't get caught on the wrong side of history[View]
224059688Jew hate thread: >reasons why Jews are bad?[View]
224046573Does pornography count as 'free speech'? I've seen this argument used as a defence.[View]
224064155NAFTA EVIL. TRUMP GOOD.: Trump is trying to reverse the evil effects of NAFTA and renegotiate it to …[View]
224060693What do you think of Spain?[View]
224061100shqiptars fuck all of them[View]
224059938Wage Gap Myth: How is it possible people still fall for muh wage gap? Someone commented on this twee…[View]
224061733Where is the Beef?: For two weeks anons been making threads about meat. I abstain but now I’m curiou…[View]
224063085Trump supports Israel, why did you all vote for him?[View]
224063624Admit it you fucking cowards: Grill party is the only way to fix this world[View]
224063163Ego: The historical accomplishments of your race do not speak to your own superiority. You are not s…[View]
224061948Based Burger Mutt here:: And I'm pretty proud of everything we Americans have done. From freein…[View]
224057766Guys, I thought the 21st century was about returning power to the people: How did we end up getting …[View]
224057361Reality is material, not spiritual. Was he right?[View]
224063777Why is apartheid still a thing in Israel in the current year? Why is it completely ignored?[View]
22406324838 Students Accuse Rabbis of Sexual Abuse at Yeshiva University: http://archive.is/d0tvs (NEW YORK) …[View]
224058361Oh no no no: /pol/s “aryan goddess” has been BLACKED. Remember faggots there is no such thing as /ou…[View]
224060118I'm being charged 400$ for a pain relief spray that's costs 8$...[View]
224057573Some new terminology for you to know: According to the San Francisco Chronicle, from now on a convic…[View]
224047930Why is every single European country ruled by a woman?[View]
224062677Imagine falling for this Q larp[View]
224050578indie hapa rapper Joji 'I wish I could satisfy my girl like a black man': Thoughts on this? https://…[View]
224061307Meir Shlomo Extorts 1984-esuqe Holocaust Apology From Random Thai Teenager: >Small-time nineteen …[View]
224063638I'm a rock bro who realized something https://youtu.be/1iFwqXSQn20 https://youtu.be/PVZH7IdHP2…[View]
224060471Name somebody more based[View]
224059730Fuck guys. Shit feels pretty bleak right now. I got layed from my good job because they outsourced i…[View]
224063543Fusion GPS =: Fusion Government Private Sector. Remember Fusion Centers from after 911? On the way o…[View]
224061695fbi treason: can the fbi escape justice for destroying the republic? why doesnt bill bar tell the co…[View]
224063067Who is just starting to get tired of everything and about to move on from Politics? I'm startin…[View]
224063484Hope you guess my name: Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I…[View]
224057200Is everybody in politics just part of the act? Are we all witnessing one big Kabuki theater?[View]
224055980Americans, do you realize it's now or never to go on the streets and revolt ? YOU should be le…[View]
224062837Trump Supporter Fat-Shamed By President: 'I Love The Guy': Trump Supporter Fat-Shamed By P…[View]
224060324Its 2024: Which Republican Candidate does President Trump Endorse?[View]
224057233Eight Years. No Scandals. No Mistresses. No Cronyism. Just Grace And Class Personified.[View]
224034983/OSG/ General Double Standards edition: >Only 9,000 accounts? we'll need about 6.000.000 oy …[View]
224018195Selected Passages from SIEGE: SIEGE is book that has garnered a lot of attention both positive and n…[View]
224034667It is physically impossible for a first world country to collapse.: Prove me wrong.[View]
224062263minion or da bob?: fr doe minion or da bob?[View]
224060678I want to play game..: provide me with a printable poster tonight and I will provide you with fake l…[View]
224061836Anyone find human contact repulsive?[View]
224035635Why is no one talking about DRUMPF pressuring the Fed to cut interest rates? Anyone financially lite…[View]
224062675AOC is more popular in swing districts than both parties' leadership: https://www.dataforprogre…[View]
224057272Joe Walsh: What is /pol/'s opinion on this guy? Paid opposition?[View]
224062403Here’s are my two dates :): Where gonna have a threesome :)[View]
224058047You've got it all wrong: Smoke a big fat fatty for this one.... So I just got done watching Rev…[View]
2240597504th Impeachment Attempt coming at President Trump: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/08/22/al-…[View]
224042330Walks up to you angrily and says...: >IT'S MAM How do you respond…[View]
224054753WAY OF THE WORLD AND THE ICONOCLAST DELETED: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=way%20of%20the%20world%20yout…[View]
224057486Senate. House. Do your job and enact the 25th amendment on Donald Trump. Or else, we will replace y…[View]
224056975Dear pol,: To begin with, I’m not white and I’m not pretending to be one. I just need to say the fol…[View]
224060017Playing with cheaters.: Some say if your not cheating you don't want it enough. I tend to disag…[View]
224062311Make sure you are saved http://www.biblelineministries.org/abouthl.html[View]
224025796This is the man who claims he killed Bin Laden.[View]
224060652Operation grab her by the glacier - all memes and plans for conquering the pole: SIGN THE PETITION!!…[View]
224059298Why do the far-right/incels all have the same phenotype?[View]
224046025Admit it: 'Incel' is probably the most powerful word leftist have made EVER.[View]
224058991Why does /pol/ want to take away women's rights?[View]
224059523Why are slavs not allowed into the ethnostate?: Do you really wanna get fully subverted, the next ti…[View]
224058840What was there endgame?[View]
224061481Hong Kong, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and regime collapse.: The Empire is organizing the HK protests thro…[View]
224061425I'm:: A based and red pilled amerimutt burger honkey cracker. >Unironically. I really am. S…[View]
224061403https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzzzUhknV_o When is it OK to defend yourself against racist whites, …[View]
224047893were the statistics wrong, bros? are white men really the most desired men? honestly, when they make…[View]
224054116What We're Your Biggest Pills?: >Blue >Red >Black >White >etc... Which were the …[View]
224059835USA vs NATO: > Could NATO defeat the United States in a war with no help from non-NATO members, i…[View]
224056394Canada and Mexico: What relationship, if any, do these two have?[View]
224061250Me being the fucking retarded downy cunt that i am fucked up the ip for a friends miecraft server an…[View]
224045025Give me one (1) reason as to why Communism is not a viable system[View]
224061242It’s the Freemasons[View]
224061089Are you ready for the Chinese century?[View]
224061012Redpill me on the Amazon fire: So... it seems that the amazon fire is total fake news. What's g…[View]
224061009Fidel Castro's Crocodile: In 1978, Castro gifted two crocodiles to a Russian cosmonaut. The cos…[View]
224055340Fuck the FBI: The FBI is looking for someone who blew up a fag church monument >On June 19, 2019,…[View]
224059481Why are we supporting the State of Israel and not Felipe VI of Spain's claim as King of Jerusal…[View]
224057035This is the lifecycle of millenials and gen Xers (some boomers) across Canada and large part of the …[View]
224060839Everything is made of cotton[View]
224058397We must give our children at least as much protection as geese! #StopShootingOurChildrenRepublicans…[View]
224058026The King of Israel has spoken.: Well said.[View]
224058516I have a friend I know for over 30 years and I just had to cut him loose for loving this Retard.[View]
224060689Why isn't he proud of his jewish heritage?[View]
224056905YOU NEED TO CALM YOUR BITCH ASS DOWN: > So what if we are trying to brainwash everyone into chopp…[View]
224060408This was honestly surreal to watch >Top left jew absolutely BTFO and called out by Patrick for as…[View]
224055794I'm a Zoomer and I don't understand why all of you oldfags hate us so much. We are the bes…[View]
224060626Hong Kong will prevail: Communism will no longer be her or in the USA[View]
224058417POWER REPUBLICAN PARTY: HELP WANTED: >alone on a saturday night again anon? If you’re bored then …[View]
224060541Journalist hate thread. Post any journalist salt, cringe, or anything that dehumanizes them[View]
224048571Wes Watson is the future of white identity. https://youtu.be/RZmOYVsutbQ[View]
224058925Even ((they)) are admitting the jig is up https://twitter.com/lhsummers/status/1164490342529478656?s…[View]
224060484Wake up /pol/: >Brasilian far lefties blaming Bolsonaro >All world media coordinated blaming B…[View]
224035904Fat tax and fat hate thread: Do you think a proposition to have an obesity tax in the United States …[View]
224041093Antifa: Blocks your path, what do you say or do?[View]
224052818this dumb motherfucker, in a mad panic to do damage control, is now claiming that when he said the m…[View]
224052023Okay what the fuck is going on?[View]
224059232I was just in this thread >>224039873 What does civop mean? Is this just a shitpost?[View]
224045822What US state is though about the absolute least, I'm trying to figure out where I want to move…[View]
224059841imagine being a doctor, and telling a woman that she needs a cesarean section birth. you sedate her,…[View]
224060081why did yellow vest UK fail? I am still part of our local movement but we never drawed masses, we ar…[View]
224052371Was William Luther Pierce a Fed, a Crook?: The following questions (reproduced below) cast aspersion…[View]
224059847The olden redpills: Just stumbled on the below link from 2007, really based shit. Post modern based …[View]
224060068IT'S THE PRESBYTERIANS: It's the Presbyterians more so than the Jews. Jews had a violent i…[View]
224034723Any other qresearch refugees out there?: This site is killing me slowly. I used to skim it for a bit…[View]
224057439>be me, white male > go to new doctor > is a chink > bring him some genuine concerns I m…[View]
224059978Trump Nation: Spics go to hell[View]
224040166What's stopping us from taking the Amazon from Brazil?: Brazilians are obviously too incompeten…[View]
224057924Why is Hollywood so degenerate?[View]
224051277Thread to end all threads: Amazon on Fire: Some stats and facts so /pol/ doesn't join the hyste…[View]
224051194He’s Q, isn’t he??[View]
224051449What is the deal with this place? It’s 99% Jewish, 67% in poverty, 40% on food stamps. You told me…[View]
224052638JUDEN: Is this a big reason why Jews are such cunts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnUbeQYZ9a4…[View]
224043324https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/blog-posts/i-didnt-say-that/ >Wake up. The sanctity of your voice…[View]
224054787Should you teach your children about sex and puberty?[View]
224059339Liberals want the police to ignore real criminals (blacks and Mexicans) and start arresting white pe…[View]
224058206Why israeli jews look like football holligans?[View]
224057124Dear Jewish people, Why did you vote for Donald Trump? From, a concerned Democrat.[View]
224032569This dude makes you guys look like retards https://youtu.be/CaPgDQkmqqM[View]
224058771Deconstructing Anti-racism a mental illness and fanatical power cult: The ideology of Anti-racist is…[View]
224059188Shitbull hate thread: So tired of nigger tier dogs being allowed to maul as they please. Sick of shi…[View]
224058148Liberal propoganda: >18 btw I started college this week in the us, going to big liberal college. …[View]
224059118Hey guys have you gone to the lovers lounge? Apparently they really want us to since it’s been at th…[View]
224055321aoc gone?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZY2yD8oBQU apparently she might actually be a hired actr…[View]
224059010what are some things the kike wont tell you about him? whats his life story? any real historians on?[View]
224058451No one is holding back on (((them))) any longer.: Pic related[View]
224053030Why do negros hate White people so much?[View]
224038073What's up?: If blacks are dumb as you explain Thomas Sowell, one of the greatest economists of …[View]
224037226Brit/pol/ - Drugposters are LARPing Degenerates Edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Faceboo…[View]
224058069This is the reason we call him a con artist! this evil man claims credit for every good thing somebo…[View]
224058718Who do people like this take orders from?: Do the top banking heads, tech heads, judges, politicians…[View]
224050990OPERATION BLOCKCHAN >oh vey they (((deleted))) the thread again Basically, some anon in 3 weeks m…[View]
224039617What are God of Israel Drumpf's latest poll numbers?: Not so good? Maybe he will enforce Noahid…[View]
224058635MURDERED: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9757129/jeffrey-epstein-did-not-commit-suicide-murdered-lawy…[View]
224052241Come home white man.[View]
224053015Homework causes school shootings.[View]
224057005I don't care who controls the world. I don't care if they create a single world Government…[View]
224058218We love all of our friends. That's who we really are not this poor excuse for a human who think…[View]
224055627She’s bi and that’s a good thing.: Trump just signed Sinema’s bill to expand American Legion members…[View]
224054996Why do you white racists complain about being censored? If you are a real masterrace why won't …[View]
224022245Being transgender is not mentally ill: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-48448804 >World Health O…[View]
224050872>everybody this butthurt because of some stupid forest fire Guys, you know that the trees will gr…[View]
224056870What have you done for your country today ?[View]
224055814WELL /POL/ We finally found our guy. Lets do what we do best brothers. INVESTIGATE Inter/pol/ out Pa…[View]
224055009why does he lie so much?[View]
224016912It is now 100% Legal and Safe for Whites to MIGRATE to Greenland: Denmark signed the 'Global Compact…[View]
224056325The coming liquidation of the Chinese race: The Empire is organizing the HK protests through....Falu…[View]
224057896It's just false hope. The Jew is toying with you. The final victory of the Jew over the hapless…[View]
224056620cringe bread[View]
224054952Fucking hell what happened to Men... Especially American men (no offence to those who havent succumb…[View]
224057868The real purpose of money: it is production that gives value to money. A pile of money without corre…[View]
224057771Why hasn’t she ever gone on Chapo? Those seem like her main constituents[View]
224054496Why is deflation a bad thing?[View]
224057023Why does Donald Trump hate the earth so much that he literally set a forest on fire?[View]
224056397Say the three words[View]
224057467Went to dinner party, was seated next to 50-ish Trump hating lady that couldn't explain why the…[View]
224054356Jewish Plot To Kill Stalin: https://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/imagining-stalins-plot-to-ex…[View]
224056875Hey Denmark....: How about we trade you California for Greenland? Think about it: Disneyland, Hollyw…[View]
224054633This always happens. You cannot stop it. Embrace your divine heritage, now, or in the hereafter.[View]
224055242Christfags who actually get it: With a large-scale conflict, balkanization of NA, and a relatively t…[View]
224052374Haha ready for the gulags.?[View]
224057229Trump's budget is a debt-fueled disaster, folks. Remember that America's GDP 'growth' numb…[View]
224057060What went wrong?[View]
224057209Fuck Gillette: Pile On. Death to Liberal Garbage.[View]
224057177Communists: Not even once[View]
224053586Other than funny tweets, what has he accomplished?[View]
224056580What would you do ?: https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/1164175263510487041[View]
224057061You can not stop it I am here. I am there. I am everywhere. Mass Ascension, Mass Awakening, it is al…[View]
224051980Epstein and Groening: I know Groening’s former nanny (she’s married to a podcaster) very well. We we…[View]
224056107Warren Buffett: Is he /ourrabbi/?[View]
224047442Should I join the marines?: I plan to join the marines any thoughts? 20 year old White male Also th…[View]
224056947California General: Go to hell spics![View]
224056073I'm going to post this.[View]
224054353/migag/ make Israel great again general: King of the jews edition[View]
224053809Based Book Club (BBC): Does any fren have a pdf file of harassment architecture.[View]
224054474What should we do with Bill Gate's confiscated billions of dollars?: a thousand a month to all …[View]
224055629Evo Zore evo Dana evo Yure I Bobana Evo Zore evo Dana evo Yure I Bobana[View]
224055194>le day of the rope DONT MAKE ME LAUGH NERD HAHA[View]
224056097Do you like my meme, /pol/?[View]
224056393what do we do with NIMBY scum?[View]
224045493holy shit: /pol/ was right. about literally fucking everything. and this man just proved it. https:/…[View]
224055835I bought into the innocence of females, thought they were all innocent victims. But most women are j…[View]
224053383>IM WHITE >NO IM WHITE >LOOK HOW WHIIITTEEE I AMM When do Americans stop pushing le white m…[View]
224050361Catholic General: Hello anons! if you are interested in leading a good life. Look no further than Ca…[View]
224050994Stefan Molyneux rails against 'nasty' Incel label: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMpjP67MbyA Does …[View]
224056065The Game: The Jews steal our money through their Zionist occupied government and use the black man t…[View]
224056083Even ((they)) are admitting the jig is up Even ((they)) are admitting the jig is up https://twitter.…[View]
22405604938 Students Accuse Rabbis of Sexual Abuse at Yeshiva University: http://archive.is/d0tvs (NEW YORK) …[View]
224056064Ain't nobody prayin' for me: I feel niggas been out of pocket I feel niggas tappin' t…[View]
224047551On the subject of Poland: Why does /pol/ seem to hate Poland so much?[View]
224055337Is this seriously how the left argues? kek[View]
224055920Defunding Planned Parenthood: >If you’re celebrating Adolph Hitler’s suicide as a win for the All…[View]
224055068What are some historic truths that were widely accepted by at the time but since have been lost?[View]
224045934Whites are stuck in the past: I consider myself a national socialist but let's be real the like…[View]
224019933Wtf? Explain this, Americans[View]
224052487Clapper - Spying On Trump 'Was Good Thing': Clapper is FUCKED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p5sU…[View]
224055742Subtle/Cryptic Nationalist Messages...: ...in video or written format: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
224055305/pol/ movies: Share your own to add to the pool![View]
224051409Something rotten in the state of Denmark: They refuse to cede Greenland to us out of pure spite. The…[View]
224048708Are we the world's most hated country now?[View]
224052557I don't hate Christians, but some people's zealotry can be annoying. It's a very trib…[View]
224031944Why are prisons 90% men despite being 50% of the population[View]
224052884What does the LGBT flag stand for /pol/?[View]
224022045Epstein suicide investigation heats up: Breaking[View]
224054511Perception of reality is the only truth: And kikes as storytellers understand this perfectly . Using…[View]
224053002The Bolshevik revolution is by far the most important historical event of the 20th century, and mill…[View]
224045306Hong Kong Cockroaches: How could someone watch this and not think that these kids are just vandals? …[View]
224055116how are you doing, anon?[View]
224054123What the exact fuck did the anti-semite mean by this?[View]
224055222Is Trump making such a big deal out of Greenland to distract us from the wall? Does he want all of …[View]
224050830White people are 28 times more likely to get melanoma than blacks. Melanoma will kill appx. 7300 peo…[View]
224052580DOJ sends VDare post to Immigration Judges: >The Justice Department Sent Immigration Judges A Whi…[View]
224045512Why is the electoral college winner-take-all instead of proportional? If you're a Republican in…[View]
224050150Why do we like politics?[View]
224036200Why did Rich Russel do it?: https://youtu.be/WFMtCdG0jbM was he based or was he a douche for suicidi…[View]
224054256So there I am, in Isreali annexed territory, formerly Palestine, at about 3 o'clock in the morn…[View]
224048282USA, We're right here! (and a petition for an Alberta Flag to Post with): I know the 4d chess p…[View]
224054709Besides maybe some italians why are whites so autistic and unfriendly I took a engineering course m…[View]
224052232Overstock: So what the fuck is going on with the Overstock guys,Patrick M. Byrne's website deep…[View]
224053377TRUMP IS A JEW[View]
224038136Should we convert in paganism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wy-W-pYlds[View]
224054590(((Them))) hate thread: If its good there will be shills why have rules Beyond /Site polices. http:/…[View]
224054378I came to this Age, specifically to this time, in the most crucial hour, to steal your victory. Enjo…[View]
224054318Tai Chi BTFO: So, this Chinese mma fighter beat the shit out of this tai chi faggot in 20 seconds, l…[View]
224051138If shit hit that fan financially what do you do? I know this might sound silly but the solution wou…[View]
224037075White People General: Daily reminder that if you’re white and you don’t plan on having kids you’re C…[View]
224054334New blackpilled video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1774&v=ng9YjgN19to…[View]
224053332How do we fix the modern corruption of the Faggot-Loving, Jew-loving, Muslim-loving Catholic Church?…[View]
224053430Why is national identity almost always created out of a victimhood mentality?[View]
224054226You can not stop it I am here. I am there. I am everywhere. Mass Ascension, Mass Awakening, it is al…[View]
224050539>be on a bus >bus driver driving wildly and stopping sharply >check skin colour >chinese…[View]
224053811Clown World Just Got Honkier: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/faithless-elector-court-rul…[View]
224053670Do Polacks still love Trump? Will he get called a smelly jew when he visits warsaw in 2 weeks?[View]
224053782Little shilling fag commentating on Soph's freedom of speech. >exact 10 min mark >muh she…[View]
224051521//LANXESS// DEUTSCHLAND POISONING OUR WATER: Allow me to introduce LANXESS, formerly Chemtura, forme…[View]
224017586Get ready for Israel to pull some bullshit this weekend. Expect false flags too.: https://twitter.co…[View]
224043619Cenk Uygur and His Nephew Live Addressing 9/11 Comments: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RE1rOat1wWc Cen…[View]
224053331The vote of each one of these people counts as much as yours.[View]
224042235Macron = Fake News: Emmanuel Macron used a picture from 2003, taken in the US, to talk about the Ama…[View]
224051517Cockroaches of Hong Kong: Why is it this term that gets shills so irritated? Why can’t shills form a…[View]
224046950Which modern ethnic group is closest to the ancient Egyptians?: Which modern ethnic group is closest…[View]
224046966>Greeks >Human[View]
224053515'Just cause you're full growed, don't make you a man.' - Black Hand Kelly This applies to …[View]
224045050Operation L/GB/T: It has become common practice for left turn on it's self, The 'more' marginal…[View]
224044093What policies do we need right now to fix white women? I, as a white male, I'm finding it diffi…[View]
224049112When will women finally crack and lose their shit over trannies in sport? Will the 2020 Olympics red…[View]
224052076do you think he was right?[View]
224051767Christianity is a personality cult[View]
224050865Can we get a Climate Change Debunked Thread please?[View]
224048539Manhattan Project top researchers: -Robert Oppenheimer (head researcher) (Jewish) -John von Neumann …[View]
224047070In the grand picture, would Africa been better off without european colonization?[View]
224047826Reminder: Vote democrat if you're disloyal to jewish people and Israel.[View]
224040143When are normies going to shut the fuck up about the amazon being on fire[View]
224041309Wait, so smoking weed actually PREVENTS obesity???: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/21868374/ …[View]
224043843Let's face it, there is really no reason for civilians to have access to assault rifles. When t…[View]
224047069If the government can make money out of nothing, why can't I? If you are not printing your own …[View]
224050020HANNITY: NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE CABAL: “I CANNOT in full confidence tell you that everyone deser…[View]
224047087Can Women be Redpill?: They do have biological clocks.[View]
224050037The Best thing about Judaism: The Prophecy of SIX MILLION DEAD![View]
224049938How can we break the Slavic spirit?[View]
224049967>2019 >I am forgotten How did the moslems get away it?…[View]
224052596This what normies think: So this is the shit normies post on kikebook? Are people out there really s…[View]
224052626Beat this team Dems. Pro tip. You can’t.[View]
224051792I see you I know you Prepare. Many of you will read this and wonder. To those, I tell you kindly and…[View]
224050258Only Trump could crash the Obama economy miracle[View]
224052423Don't give the nazi country of Poland a platform![View]
224051407https://www.rt.com/news/467099-ritual-slaughter-ban-belgium-zizek/ >Humane treatment of slaughter…[View]
224028153We are finished: This is it. Germany is done. I hate this country. Merkels party surged by 6% in the…[View]
224052295The absolute state of the west: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1fFaednYi3/?igshid=5vzkrg5vxtyu…[View]
224052010what did Barr mean by this?[View]
224042050I just ordered my first Bible. I've been a lifelong atheist, but I feel a strong calling. I ord…[View]
224047029Israel: Who really has claim here?[View]
224051755Life is Strange 2: New chapter to the POWERFUL game challenging DRUMFPS racist America! Watch the po…[View]
224046625Should we merge with machines?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfvDScrFpWA[View]
224050631Matt groening symbolism: Simpsons season 6 episode 12. Child love symbol hidden in stonecutters sign…[View]
224051411IT’s HAPPENING!!!!!! Deep state: Overstock CEO resigns over deep state blaming him for revealing sur…[View]
224049581Things that make you go mmmmmmmmmmmm?: What does /pol/ think about this[View]
224049608It's worse than you could know: Press F to respect our fallen sister and our eroded liberties. …[View]
224049981I need the Old Testament name for Jesus: It begins with an 'M' trying to redpill mommy[View]
224045149Trump is ditching the wall from his 2020 platform.: He has already abandoned 'MAGA' and ma…[View]
224021047MASS SHOOTING ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
224051438Himmler’s Bible: Has anyone else read the contents of Oera Linda book. Many believe it to be a fabri…[View]
224046720Nick DiPaolo, a comedian from the right that's actually funny? He doesn't hold back on any…[View]
224051465It's time to rise up: I'm sick and tired of tha faking corporations, we got trump as presi…[View]
224047339Capitalism is doomed to fail?: >Save/horde your money in the market so it grows >if no one is …[View]
224048095At what point does this become slander and could be legally stopped?[View]
224042879Was he the biggest kike in existence?[View]
224051225What is a crime?: Is hate crime a crime in itself or should it be an extension of another crime that…[View]
224045601** THE EUROPEAN NATIVE EXIST, DINDU OWNS NOTHING THERE**: Haplogroup C-V20 probably represents the f…[View]
224051082Pol how do we fix Nancy pelosis beautiful district: Only four families own and run California how do…[View]
224045897Politically Incorrect /Intel/: The moment: Their are many breakaways For those that remember me it i…[View]
224050979Yellow Crusty Toenails: Whats the endgame for The Simpsons? Also imagine the smell.[View]
224050848Trump backs off foreign aid cuts: Can’t cut that aid! How would Israel survive? https://www.politico…[View]
224027037How Cancel-Culture leads to Radicalization.: I've been watching new generation politics on Twit…[View]
224046996FUCK ILHAN OMAR[View]
224046771HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: ALREADY HIT A SPIKE STRIP \ABC 7 https://abc7.com/watch/live/[View]
224040950Big Oil Company Founder Here: So I own my own oil company known as Clampett Oil and we operate up no…[View]
224048192It's Happening?: Patrick Byrne Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5J-1rs1LJo So what hap…[View]
224047678Poll: Youth Acceptance of LGBTs Drops from 63% to 45%[View]
224047634The East pretends niggers don't exist, while the west obsessed with dumb ugly primitive low iq …[View]
224043957You're either with us, or against us.[View]
224020358MILEY CYRUS ROASTIE COPE: >I'm not that girl anymore Hahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
224045395Did we really expect anything different?: Barr says that Epstein’s death “looks like a suicide”. htt…[View]
224048998Reminder: He loves you pol. Even if you are a filthy jew[View]
224039381Is there currently a sense of indifference or malaise towards work? I just have this sense that peop…[View]
224050197How does it feel to know it was the Christians all along /pol/?[View]
224050477The People's Square - Strike and Ahab: Get in here faggots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ies…[View]
224050450Former leader of the KKK ranks the races on an old Howard Stern show. Sorry for the reddit link but…[View]
224050430Spread the word against nomaps and peds[View]
224050043Welp, looks like Epstein was murdered: Why is it so hard to just round up the pedophile rape ring? T…[View]
224048887So... This is what mental illness looks like?[View]
224030332Originally meant as a simulation for 'real world' politics, /pol/andcraft was born thanks to an anon…[View]
224047071Apprantly Somali males are huge incels: Is this true?[View]
224037978Ask a Californian anything about the school system.: Ask a native Californian anything about the sch…[View]
224042173Give a hoot for Satan![View]
224047668I have no idea if this is the right place for this kinda thing but fuck it. So I've been lookin…[View]
224045029THE DUTROUX AFFAIR - HOW DID THEY GET AWAY WITH IT: How did the Luciferians manage to escape this on…[View]
224045707Intersectional Infighting: >House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., called out members of …[View]
224018875circumcising an infant is a human right violation[View]
224039552Redpill me on Juice: I understand there is a group of people pushing their agenda through the media,…[View]
224044107LMAO: Not even a thank you. What a joke. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7385233/Donald-Tru…[View]
224047336Who the hell cares about a stupid frozen wasteland in the middle of nowhere??: Why the hell would Wi…[View]
224045996is getting married cool again?: I feel like ever since gays were allowed to marry the idea of marria…[View]
224049620Trump has a secret plan to end Isis, give healthcare to everyone and stop gun violence. And as a bon…[View]
224043299Trump BTFO by Simpsons!: Haha in your face Nazis!!! https://youtu.be/ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
224046441/pol/ wins the 2020 elections: All the candidates FUCKING suck. Dems are retarded socialists, and T…[View]
224023923WHY ARENT YOU TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY: https://www.foxnews.com/science/yellowstone-supervolcano-erupti…[View]
224048829I'm going to America.[View]
224038337ϟϟ 卐 /NSG/ National Socialism General 卐 ϟϟ: A thread dedicated to the discussion of National Sociali…[View]
224039236Reading Daily Mail is quite horrible. They always add race to the headlines whenever there's so…[View]
224045388/pol/ religion poll: You know the drill. Vote. https://linkto.run/p/Q1WMFAR6[View]
224049154Why can't lolbertarians understand soft power?[View]
224039209Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne explains his resignation -: Was working for FBI on Political Espi…[View]
224037461Take me back: Back in the day society revolved around innocent trends and technological advances. No…[View]
224035925High School Children driven to 14/88 by liberal hate: Liberals oppress whites, threaten minority sta…[View]
224038571This interview is insane...[View]
224004961Female Soldiers: Why are there women in the military? They cannot fulfill combat roles and serve as …[View]
224035369How the fuck do you survive in today's economy? I make $17/hr in northern New England and im ju…[View]
224028942Macron claims the Amazon to himself: >Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - t…[View]
224034635Who are “the Mexicans” of your country your government imports for cheap menial labor? I start >…[View]
224031538Based Politician - Giorgia Meloni: Anon, if you're scrolling down and you're tired of poli…[View]
224045026The fact that they're now using someone as lily white as Taylor Swift for their agenda means it…[View]
224042037People who believe in an international Jewish conspiracy, how does it work? Is it just an elite few,…[View]
224046105Wikipedia is a bunch of faggots: >sex or gender[View]
224040765Why is Michigan so violent, /pol/?: >Six shot, five fatally, at suspected crack house >DETROIT…[View]
224030937Overstock CEO Confirms Involvement in Russia Hoax: Today Overstock.com CEO stepped down after his Au…[View]
224045475I'm so blackpilled I want the world to end, how do we accelerate climate change?[View]
224047298Circumcision: >'Look out for the dogs, look out for the evildoers, look out for those who mutilat…[View]
224044587Whats his problem?: >Literally claims to be king of jews. Why does /pol/ still support this kike…[View]
224046156>the hate bus pulls up outside your house and Commander Rockwell hops out and invites you to join…[View]
224043428Overstock CEO just confirmed that she was spied on as well along with Trump, Rubio and Cruz. They a…[View]
224039191Is proud boy vs antifa a glowdark operation?: Is it just me or does every swing in this clip look te…[View]
224048316Fuck the amazon rainforest: I live in Amazonas and I couldn't care less about the fires in the …[View]
224048262Hero cope or rope[View]
224047729Watch Adam Curtis stoned. You're welcome[View]
224048195The white race is getting BLACKED into extinction: And there is nothing you incels can do about it…[View]
224048018Hero, cope or rope[View]
224042442If you are against the banning of firearms because people will find other means to buy them, why are…[View]
224047412if input=climate change else input=pollution `println:'china and india '[View]
224016139Man on vacation gets surrounded by Orthodox Jews that steal his golfcart: https://mobile.twitter.com…[View]
224046902The Youjo Senki movie: The Blu Ray comes out today How did Japan get away with releasing a movie lik…[View]
224042360Brazilian Manifest Destiny: Why can't Brazil do the same? We face high unemployment and we are …[View]
224045629Can someone explain to me how ethnic jews could be genetically predisposed towards their odd behavio…[View]
224047362As should be the true borders of Italy, in my opinion:: Hello everyone, I would like to share today,…[View]
224047630NEW RUSTY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAILYV4CgZQ&feature=youtu.be[View]
224046551This is Hitler but actually not a dumb faggot. Say something nice about him[View]
224036068Totally reasonable.[View]
224046136Who gets indicted first? My money is on Clapper[View]
224029239imagine showing it to someone from 50s[View]
224047147Corporate lobbyist have destroyed the US[View]
224047108Shitposting tbh: >>Jessie: To protect the world from devastation! >>James: To unite all …[View]
224045598What have you done to combat consumerism today? Oh, you bought a 'I HATE JEWS' mug from that epic al…[View]
224019869ching chong hong kong: What do you guys think about the Hong Kong protests?[View]
224045254The Boston Straight Pride Parade is on August 31.: Make sure to come[View]
224046963Why do...: Trannies Gays Furries (((THEY))) and Black African American Nergos... All work together? …[View]
224046850God Speed Wushkanan!: https://www.theledger.com/news/20190822/lakeland-high-teacher-described-way-to…[View]
224045156Reminder that the biblical kikes looked like Al Qaeda members: The Biblical kikes (including Jewsus)…[View]
224045392Taylor Swift, BLACKED.: >Christmas in August >little girl sees vision of her future through sn…[View]
224046087How do we fix the modern corruption of the Faggot-Loving, Jew-loving, Muslim-loving Catholic Church?[View]
224046453Well I found out who wrecked the internet: >the largest two are Taboola ($160 million in funding)…[View]
224042876What will the west be remembered for?[View]
224031473Strike and Mike 74: It's here, let's discuss![View]
224018424Kraut/pol/+afd general FREEDOM OR DEATH edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #lt…[View]
224044108Name the Jew: The Bolshevik revolution is by far the most important historical event of the 20th cen…[View]
224042960Imagine inviting a million chinks and shitskins into your country[View]
224015583Fucking With Intersectional Professor: Ok boys, I have a treat for you. I go to school in the Bay Ar…[View]
224043907Teach me how to be a good white soyboi!!: Redpill me on white nationalism, white supremacy, race rea…[View]
224030898What is the easiest way one man can destroy the world?[View]
224045861Shill Brazillian big said Manifest Brazillian Destiny: Should the U.S. Manifest its Mutt clock on Br…[View]
224045178Why are americans so retarded?[View]
224044411This is what America looks like? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dWpvg8if-oA Well nothing really diffe…[View]
224045574>2019 >still being a slave to (((white women))) you don't do this, right? you'd have…[View]
224042081NAZI fags burn their medical records at the sex institute of Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
224043654>smartest person ever >jewish what did God mean by this?…[View]
224042630OH NO NO NO NO: 'I think that if you vote for a Democrat you are very, very disloyal to Israel and t…[View]
223999774Self-Improvement General:: Refuse to look at degeneracy, strengthen your body and mind, do good work…[View]
223976206Federal Court Deposition (Today!) on Clinton Emails - Thread #2: The original thread >>2239384…[View]
224045259Confederate History: Should we memorialize men like pic related? I personally think they ought to be…[View]
224030879Hello, I am from iran and have recently discovered this website. It is like a more primitive but unc…[View]
224045413>Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonsh…[View]
224044969>Listen, here's the other main event, it's horrible to even say the initials FBI involv…[View]
224044665It's time to go to war with this pile of shit[View]
224040885DPRK: Why do you think the MSM tries so hard to slander the least degenerate country in the world?…[View]
224033861Anyone who unironically loves police or spouts 'Blues Lives Matter' is a low-IQ piece of trash.[View]
224045349>https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante >8/10 rules start with 'You're not to think…[View]
224036361Do kids from mixed genetic backgrounds have an advantage?: I saw a CBS report that said children of …[View]
224039488The former CEO of Overstock.com was just on Fox Business claiming that deep state FBI niggers worked…[View]
224031072Taylor Swift is promoting interracial dating in her new music video. Don't forget to dislike an…[View]
224045042lack of diversity: wtf /pol/ ???? nigger, nig-nog, eggplant, sambo, coon, spear chugger, jungle bunn…[View]
224041333Niggers need Condoms, Not our money.[View]
224044908America is doomed: This is no drill[View]
224041155Jimmy Savile was a Mossad agent: Jimmy Savile was only exposed in the UK after Jeffrey Epstein gave …[View]
224042734Why are ((( they ))) burning the rainforest?[View]
224041572Why does Epstein have a giant frog next to his desk?: Roy Cohen, another man linked to child traffic…[View]
224042942People Who Are Directly Responsible for the Destruction of America: >post 'em…[View]
224044821Is it inconsistent to decry white supremacy and colonialism while living in a colony made by white s…[View]
224034782Predictably, he called her 'nasty'—his go-to whenever a woman owns and makes him look like a fool.[View]
224043511why are non-whites are paying en masse for the privilege of having the whitest man wank into a cup s…[View]
224044100Every day, for the past three years, all I've seen from the left is them crying about how Trump…[View]
224041541Just further proof the reeeeeeeeddit is dogshit. (((Reddit))) is certainly not trying to tell me som…[View]
224030800Brentan Terrant Memetic Funfare Thread[View]
224040791Coming to a liberal city near you: https://youtu.be/hLrFyjGZ9NU[View]
224001215>better at MATH than drumpf >better at Internet than drumpf when did you realize Yang is the b…[View]
224040318Jewish Operatives in Foreign Nations: I can't exactly remember the term used, and I'm tryi…[View]
224044290/egt/ Epstein General Thread: Post all your docs and theories on who killed Epstein and Why[View]
224035634Race Mixing is Evil: Especially when there are so many gorgeous White women out there. Have sex…[View]
224044149He doesn't live in stone: Well?[View]
224036267Are Germans still anti semitic 75 years later? PS: They should be and were right since the beginning…[View]
224044435Post em.[View]
224044393Living as a psychopath: Is it not truer to nature? Did we start acknowledging hell through developin…[View]
224030071Would you be willing to fight and even die in a war if you knew it meant it would secure the existen…[View]
224037028How to make a sockpuppet?: The suggestion to larp on Twitter as a Jew seems to have great potential …[View]
224042151Is there anyone who could really follow Trump?[View]
224044060Boers in Russia. https://youtu.be/8JvZEffO2RY?t=550[View]
224044298Whew, that secular nationalist anti Jew/Christian/Muslim thread got 404'd fast. The last thing…[View]
224044222Overstock CEO: WOW it’s happening. ThanQ https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6075914613001/#sp=show-clip…[View]
224039576What is the best political ideology and why is it National Socialism? Inb4 >huuurrr duuurrr but …[View]
224044145tptb hate silence[View]
224032288'Immigration doesn't affect wages': But somehow immigrants leaving sees wages rise... https://w…[View]
224040141Brit/pol/ - Seaside edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row https://www.bbc.co.uk/…[View]
224041987I work in a hotel. An old French woman had ended her holidays and was goint to return to France. She…[View]
224043489Who's ready to cringe watch lowder with crowder?[View]
224039779In the past, empires at the height of their cultural influence gifted us with such outstanding examp…[View]
224042223Gay Acceptance: So apparently lgbt acceptance is on the decline among zoomers. Is this because they’…[View]
224040005What do the far right and far left agree on?[View]
224023738Holocaust Meme Thread: Memetic warfare against Jewish Propaganda. Its so fucking bullshit its laugha…[View]
224043595ceo drops red pill: babbening[View]
224038308Quick reminder: There is no democratic or peaceful solution. The only way to save your nations is to…[View]
224042006WHAT HAPPENED WITH AFRICANS?: Serious question anons, what the fuck happened to them? While they wer…[View]
224037664Truer words were never spoken.[View]
224036057Why do americans object to immigration?: America has always been a shelter for refugees and people l…[View]
224040728Humanity: Afro Asiatics are the most superior peoples to have ever walked this earth. We founded the…[View]
224043132what future awaits race traitors in white ethnostate?[View]
224043220Porn Studies: Yeah, this exist. 'Pornography is emphatically part of American culture'. Linda Willia…[View]
224043023anti-zionism is anti-semitism.: Oyyyyyy veeyyy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1VTt_THL4A…[View]
224035135is it really this easy to steal them Asian girls over there? I'm travelling through Asia soon h…[View]
224042664Okay.. now she's gone too far.[View]
224026198It's the JEWS who are flooding Europe with economic 'migrants': https://www.npr.org/2019/08/21/…[View]
224039844Trump will be the last president. Mark my words.[View]
224037168Blacks are inferi...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXwMrBb2x1Q https://vimeo.com/166581864 https:…[View]
224040139BASED HASBRO! FLYING OFF THE SHELVES. I went to the store and they were sold out. I had to buy mine …[View]
224043047What happened to the missing anons on the child-trafficking thing?: Last I heard they were still mis…[View]
224042819Why is literally no one commenting on the last election main presidential candidate just getting arr…[View]
224041230Have you anons noticed a resurge regarding the climate in the news?: Have you anons noticed a resurg…[View]
224026718strike and mike episode 74: discussion thread. time to discuss[View]
224033191All socialism is leftist and based on fantasy.: National Socialism didn't work and will never w…[View]
224042448THE NU FACES OF WHITE SUPREMACY: On Tuesday a man was jailed in Seattle, Washington, after the FBI s…[View]
224040262If SJWs had a cartoon mascot what would it be?[View]
224038461we know what is best for amazon, european cucks[View]
224038115You heard them, whities - STOP helping Africans >An upmarket hotel in Kampala, Uganda’s capital …[View]
224040819>/pol/ wants an ethnostate for this[View]
224038492Jews are stealing 1/3 of your fucking pay: Jews are literally stealing 1/3 of your fucking pay throu…[View]
224035258We need to enact the #25thAmendment. He’s not mentally stable anymore.[View]
224037578In 2019 in the West, if you can't be the best at something, it's not worth the effort: Thi…[View]
224033219This guy has a point: Why dont you guys care about workers? You aren’t the CEO[View]
224039037When did you give up on Trump?[View]
224042273https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CLBANCVHTw I will try to save the rhyme: I'm waiting, don…[View]
224041680How can a rainforest burn? Why are there no current photos of the burnings only previous ones are be…[View]
224040858If man-made climate change is real, why did this new Finnish study conclude otherwise? ------------…[View]
224041955Why are they all like this: Every fucking time. I hope every jew-loving magatard gets their guns tak…[View]
224041292Is America the ultimate destroyer of cultures?[View]
224010903Finland and Russia: Do Finland and Russia get along?[View]
224041873Trump drops bid to slash foreign aid after Congress objects: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-…[View]
224041311majority of American citizens care about isreal why does this upset you so much? USA was founded as …[View]
224034270Boycott Disney: Its time to get serious with these faggots, they have grown far too powerful. The Di…[View]
224030416The Great American Division: I want to have a discussion on the division of the american people. Wit…[View]
224041601This is why somewhat respect uopn US women. Today western men in general are too bata cucks.[View]
224041248FBI = based: The idea of scammers makes me rage.[View]
224041444A mystery wrapped in a riddle inside a enigma: DON'T YOU GET IT? The fucking glow niggers dont…[View]
224038628Antichrist: Following the utter disapointment in seeing that the Antichrist has not yet stepped forw…[View]
224040980If most Anti-White Leftists are White does this mean that /pol/ is mostly nonwhite?: is /pol/ a Kang…[View]
224040620succ my cum: cuckchan /polshithole/ is nothing more than place for disabled shitty retards who fight…[View]
224034605The House and Senate is sleeping on article 25.[View]
224039116What's your opnion on the Russian people of WWII?[View]
224041058is it right to arrest people just for being free with their bodies? should we always cover up and we…[View]
224032218Will you be voting for Trumpstein in 2020?[View]
224038654Trump has Jews politically cornered: Unbelievable, he really was playing the long game all along. Li…[View]
224030976This piece of shit and his entire shitskin family need to be shipped back.[View]
224040385Taylor Swift’s “Lover” Music Video: What did they mean by this?[View]
224035237Is god punishing us bros? What did we do to deserve such betrayal?[View]
224037057Stefan goes all it!: 'Jewish Supremacy is a real issue.' - Stefan Molyneux[View]
224037349White nationalism: How to poor, fat, stupid white people fit into securing the existence of our peop…[View]
224028854Brit/pol/ - Fuck Modern Civilization edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row https…[View]
224016183You can stop trying to pretending to be jews No one believes you We know which accounts are fake We …[View]
224036974Stop searching pizzagate for 2 months, cameback, steemit #pizzagate is close.. where are all investi…[View]
224007875Can someone ACTUALLY explain to me what fascism is and why it’s thrown around so much?[View]
224032096you guys ready for new jobs?[View]
224036133[ADVICE]What are Good Isolated/Night Jobs?: Hey pol, Currently work in sales call center and worked …[View]
224040446ifunny: They're more dangerous than cripplechan.[View]
224039128Take the neckpill[View]
223999803Zoomers BTFO: >Vaping one time — even without nicotine — can damage blood vessels, reduce blood f…[View]
224038081:pol is ruined: all the new posts are too tame, full of shareblue faggots and shills. nothing intere…[View]
224039099Hitler-Ransomware: Is this, dare I say it, /ourmalware/? >Hitler-Ransomware, or Hitler-Ransonware…[View]
224009187There is no hope is there? At this point I just hope that I can plant my brains inside a matrix, ac…[View]
224034512States destroying data of non-citizens who received benefits: In Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf resp…[View]
224038865Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?: Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?[View]
224026159Why Do People Still Believe in the 'Equality' Myth?: Like didnt Darwin kinda disprove this 200 fucki…[View]
224039898>You'll never be able to live in a utopian space colony and cruise through space exploring n…[View]
224039404Black supremacists: Why does no one bat an eye they openly show their hate for the white man? Tell m…[View]
224033164How can you be a catholic if the pope is a raging faggot? No really, if you believed in one traditio…[View]
223998574Game devs have had their lives completely fucked over by sjws: all because they said sjws like to fu…[View]
224038986It's time to ditch kikeflix and throw money at a service that knows how to please the white rac…[View]
224039529Political correctness, feminism: We will conquer israel and the negro polluted midle east with the 1…[View]
224034954>Chads love tattooed roast- OH NO NO NO MILEY!! >Sources said Liam is too traditional for the …[View]
224039300>500k jobs were a lie >yield curve inverted, recession imminent >manufacturing contracting …[View]
224039062Boomer gets Medal of Freedom award - screw Pol: President Trump awards NBA legend Bob Cousy Medal of…[View]
224039170Tucker Carlson misteriously goes on vacation after this report. Fox News has a history of these vaca…[View]
224035727stop falling for larpers: You guys really gotta stop falling for these kinds of posts. Redditors ar…[View]
224024062I wish someone showed me this image when I was in my early 20's. Don't be a fool. Act now.…[View]
224038471starting nonbiased social media sites: it's no surprise that all social media sites have been s…[View]
224030129so now that we know groening is connected to epstein and elites we can confirm that this isn't …[View]
223964642/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General Welcome to LagChan Edition: Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SHELL CO…[View]
224037192Cringe thread . Post cringe / humor[View]
224038335Oh my![View]
224038794why does almost every town in America look the same[View]
224029344Most difficult to swallow blackpill?: For me it is the federal reserve. No matter what we do, they w…[View]
224030358Why aren't you a DhimmicRAT white boi?: Pay your jizya![View]
224038978So there are niggers and kikes demanding the white man kills himself for his sin of doing them dirty…[View]
224038817Wake up tomorrow and this is you: What do?[View]
223998327How accurate is this[View]
223991604Why Americans are called 'mutts' ?: What does it mean 'mutt' ? What are differences between 'mutt' a…[View]
224038932What an ass clown in a clown world.: This guy is a national embarrassment. It’s all been said alread…[View]
224038592Euphemisms for 'white': What does it mean to be 'white'? One word answers please; I'll start: …[View]
224034843Hail to the King: Hail to the King, baby![View]
224036884Justice was finally served!: A wrongfully convicted inmate, who spent more than two decades behind b…[View]
224038800In 2023 there's either going to be an economic boom to end all booms: Or a recession to end all…[View]
224032300if you want greenland then why not simply immigrate their en masse and then revolt against the danis…[View]
224035443Potential Civil War in an independant Hong Kong: Is it possible that if Hong Kong Becomes an indepen…[View]
224032661Do you agree with Ben?: >The majority of Jews don't care about Judaism or Israel. They care …[View]
224038068'Students': Well it wasn't a 'HATE' crime... so you know what that means. ;) “She was screamin…[View]
224035864Let's be honest, women are way better than men at everything. Including being superheroes : )[View]
224033737'Please replace us, I want the white race to go extinct.' This is what we deserve, don't you gu…[View]
224038251wtf jewtube: Well, at least they didnt take everything. Fucking kikes[View]
224034770(((THEY))) have used the AMAZONIA burning: -To promote a vegan diet. (((They))) blame through the me…[View]
224038227who is this guy? supposed 'insider': hes basically spilling the beans about the dpstate on fox news …[View]
224033524Sieg Heil![View]
224021995Out of control PETA: those faggots are going after milk. Where will they stop?[View]
224037821he tried the to be jussie smollett but went ultrafag ? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/richard-quest-…[View]
224036110We Need To Force Stricter Immigration Laws: Just reported a family of illegals to ICE, how are you h…[View]
224020704post some peaceful art in this board of fury.: a 'de la tour' from my local museum in Nant…[View]
224036556Good times[View]
224014168Why aren't you an eco-fascist yet? Ecology is fundamentaly right wing. Man under Natural Law. E…[View]
224038059It’s been nearly two years: And we still have no official news from the “intelligence” agencies. How…[View]
224038092Make sure you are saved https://streamable.com/3j3hc[View]
224032446Is murrika being spammed with catholic missionaries? Was reading how the deep south has more and mor…[View]
224011715FUCK SWEDEN: Swedish cops beating up Iranian monarchist women and men who were protesting against Sw…[View]
224027966What actually happened to this guy[View]
224027755Jordan Peterson DeepFake Audio taken down: https://notjordanpeterson.com/ https://www.jordanbpeterso…[View]
224037844>white liberal posts some racist ass self-hating bullshit >Proflie: Dreamer, Always striving t…[View]
223996682Éire/pol/: Clown country edition: Nationalist and Anti-Globalist Parties in Ireland: >The Nationa…[View]
224037912Killing faggots, trannies, etc is useless. Fact is that most of these people are by rule broken and…[View]
224035859Non-white actress gets cast in Witcher TV show, dies.: Who’s side is god on /pol/?[View]
224032459Why was he right?: Would the world really be a bette replace if Hitler won?[View]
224034546/pol/ music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-d74jEHeVU[View]
224032794I still can't believe he's gone Bros. I was following the case for years, and I was really…[View]
224029775Gabe 'Gas the Jews' Newel Knew: About the Kalergi Plan Pt 2: Electric Bugaloo[View]
224022282Tell me /pol/: Why is Croatia so much better than rest of Europe[View]
224033826Jeffrey Epstein: Who else 'worked' with Epstein and how do we completely expose them?[View]
224037154I admit, I am a Sinner, I am a manipulative sociopath liar, I admit to have had sex with my little c…[View]
224032406Why don't we just invade Brazil and take the Amazon?: HUEs are obviously too low-IQ to keep it.…[View]
224035921Obama is a Porch monkey!!!![View]
224030569Who's going to die first, the mother or the children?[View]
224027648Democracy was a mistake[View]
224009965/OAG/ The idea is basically fuck this shit I'm going to Greenland.: Operation Asgård General Yo…[View]
224021780Post your favourite historical figures: I’ll start.[View]
224010442DEEPFAKE VOICE MAKERS ARE PUBLIC: And Jordan Peterson's very voice has been made available for …[View]
224033321It's not the nigger, or the jew, it's is the roastie the one who has ruined society. This …[View]
224037254/fg/ French General - maman edition: baguettes assemble, thread for the discussion of french politic…[View]
224035324The good guys[View]
224037205Fuck off!: Why won’t these vermin just fuck off?[View]
224036402Thisis how Trump will protect the 2nd Ammendment: See? You shills had nothing to worry about.[View]
224026349POLAND IS AN ILLEGITIMATE COUNTRY: Stole german lands and committed genocide and slavery on innocent…[View]
224024363Why are shitskins so jealous of white people? We didn't even start the slavery thing. Niggers i…[View]
224034103What Diversity/Crime Stats Are the Most Damning?: Everyone knows the whole 15 makes up over 50 thing…[View]
224030816Pitbulls are the niggers of dogs: Why havent pitbulls been banned in your area yet /pol/? You cant s…[View]
223995079Uhhh, guys? Is he saying what I think he's saying?[View]
224036902can you finally stop with that taylor swift shit and put your mind on some better things.[View]
224036560Wife in UAE seeks divorce because husband loves her a lot, doesn't argue with her: 'He even coo…[View]
224034663South Korea stops sharing military intelligence with Japan: South Korea axes pact on sharing militar…[View]
224032636Netanyahu you are doomed. Your mass shootings won't save you.[View]
224036677Jihad: Any related to Isis news[View]
224033760How can we get rid of soi boi 4chan beta male white bois from /pol/?[View]
224031933Kabooom: zdiverscexplaindiz[View]
224034956Is there such a thing as progress or is there only change?[View]
224031861Post weird, but plausible businesses that would pop up in an ancap society >For profit suicide h…[View]
224036280Challenge: Dig on Antonoff: What is his email address? Who is behind the casting of the t swift vide…[View]
224014716lololololol: Congratulations, Eurotrash! After years of pussyfooting around it, you’ve finally becom…[View]
224022893Oh look the amazon is burning! Oh wait that's just a grassy field, I can tell you straight up r…[View]
224026107Genetic tests to figure out your genetic make up are unquestionably the dumbest thing I’ve ever hear…[View]
224036042((( THEY ))) removed certain videos from her channel which throws the rest of her videos out of cont…[View]
224025553How would you go about red pilling your friends and family, if you were forced to?[View]
223993760>putting live animals into keychains with almost no air Why do chinks do this…[View]
224031135The Chosen One[View]
224031161why is 4chan so fucking dead during daytime?[View]
224035029If you don't know who this is on sight, you are not white.: Note the impressive physiognomy and…[View]
224029790Taylor Swift - another traitor degenerate: one of the things I got going for me in life is that none…[View]
224034679Mein Fuhrer respected all respectable life: Recognizing the differences between the races isn't…[View]
224035477Alright pol, so the Amazon rainforest is on fire, so wtf else is going on with the world?[View]
224034310Tattoos on women fuckin' are ugly: Prove me wrong[View]
224034739Greenland Theory (pdf): https://sites.google.com/site/greenlandtheory/ download pdf on site enjoy!…[View]
224033313Great job, (((Brazil))), burn it all to the ground.[View]
224035091Donald Trump is the symbol of the Anti-Christ and you evangelicals walked into that one.[View]
224032778I want to see Germans and Poles stop hating on one another and become frens, dirty jews want you guy…[View]
224034181Since femnazis and libtards dont like the term manhole and want to call it maintenance hole. We shou…[View]
224032007Bigotry will never win: >Christchurch mosque shooting survivor Temel Atacocugu has returned to Ne…[View]
224034006Comfy Soviet Thread: post what you know of the greatest country in the history[View]
224029970Amerimutt memes: Show em I wanna laugh[View]
224028687Political Propaganda at Schools: >Be my friend a few months ago. >Goes to Secondary School/Hig…[View]
224033827Who are you to tell Taylor Swift what to do with her pussy?: It's HER pussy not yours,if she wa…[View]
224034797listen to his prophecy and wait for the end. but also for a new start.[View]
224030862Why are so many people spreading fake pictures about the Amazon Forest fire on social media? Some of…[View]
224027010Metamaterials - Ayy shit?: What is the deal with the Metamaterials that suddenly people started to t…[View]
224033483Black people: Why you hate us black we built empires too but it is not learned in the schools you kn…[View]
224031325Jewish Slave Ships: Can anybody give me a rundown on the Jews that trafficked Africans to the States…[View]
224015845Le free healthcare: If only my tax money could pay a pedo to violate thousands of kids over 30 years…[View]
224034358Fbi peddled russian conspiracy theories for 3 years: Now anybody who believes in the resistance of t…[View]
224031429S&M 74: Discuss the show and ignore the Shills. Post link too goys.[View]
224033557I found the secret to being bluepilled again it takes a sacrifice alot of you will be unwilling to m…[View]
224030887Riddle me this... If aryans are the ubermensch, how come it always seems they are being bested by th…[View]
224033927Who wants to ride the holocoaster? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-22/german-amusement-park-clos…[View]
224029710Get rekt goyim. Eat my candy and give me shekels >post the best candy from your county…[View]
224033896Chicken Little after the sky fell.: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-23/china-anu-hacking/1143910…[View]
224029657Discuss this retard who killed his empire[View]
224033397this man is more based than your hitler, stalin, marx and pinochet compared: do you even know him?…[View]
224033060Anyone got the translations? https://twitter.com/notjellyfam/status/1164516184328421376[View]
224032664Japan doesn't need immigrants: Get your bento boxes. We're going to Japan.[View]
224010551Who exactly is the major funder this trannie?: How much do you think this scumbag makes including th…[View]
224034259HELL IS NOT FOREVER: (PART1) Is hell forever? NO! Lets look at what Jesus says Matthew 5:24-26 King …[View]
224023502>never took DNA test, though based off of familial surnames I am a European mutt genetically >…[View]
224031117Donald Trump was forcibly circumcised by a gaggle of Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox Rabbis in the unseaso…[View]
224029108We're absolutely fucked: We're gonna be spied on EXTRA HARD and we're gonna be full o…[View]
224025246Amazon Deforestation bbc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYlnoxgqEWo why did Brazil do this[View]
224032479Germany in 2019: I am a greek guy in vacation in Berlin for a while and what i see is absolutely rid…[View]
224033338Groovy: Pink Floyd - When the tigers broke free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_5DRKZI1Ow…[View]
224007079Dixie Nationalism: When did you realize Southern Pride/Nationalism was the only hope for all of Amer…[View]
224032798COMMUNIST CHRISTIANITY GENERAL: Hello comrades, this thread is for the discussion of Communistic Chr…[View]
224027586Be Honest: Is there any hope left for humanity or are we goners?[View]
224021407The Chosen One: is he the chosen one?[View]
224033139does putin want to destroy western europe?[View]
224031850I just watched this video of an Asian guy dragging a dog behind his bike and people are just laughin…[View]
224029783Indelible in the hippocampus: Indelible in the hippocampus >Indelible in the hippocampus Indeli…[View]
224032696Since when did the EU give a fuck about Ireland. All of a sudden it's the backstop issue. Why a…[View]
224028848>lawyer is a raging lesbian >cop is gay and adopts a black daughter >only relevant other te…[View]
224029325We're not planning anything this weekend: Just go and have fun while you still can[View]
223985789Italy/pol/ Consultations Day-Two [Quirinale Edition]: >B-but whats happening??? Nationalist-Popul…[View]
224020886So Hasan Piker of The Young Turks literally said 'America deserved 9/11'. How has he not been banned…[View]
224007829holy fucking blackpill[View]
224032823>This is the biggest fantasy of /pol/[View]
224029655>tfw no mosque shooter bf[View]
224028975On the Jews and their Lies: Was Martin Luther right when he said ever fucking kike is a shifty mothe…[View]
224032562Where was /pol/ when the antisemitic politicians were paid for and following a script: More anti sem…[View]
224031999Whites much stick together[View]
224018238Molymeme is now /pol/: Jewish Supremacy is a real Issue[View]
224028932/pol/ i want your thoughts. Been in a relationship with this girl for 4 years. My bloodline is Norse…[View]
224023751college should be affordable or free: If this is the price of survival in the 21st century, then it…[View]
224011048Jesus Christ is the Way: This is it lads, we're in the last years of humanity. I know you can s…[View]
224030148Cenk Uygur of the TYT: is going after the JEWS do democrats becaome /our guys/ republicans are obvio…[View]
224031880How do I send suggestions to Yang? In addition to the thousand dorra ubi, everyone should get food …[View]
224017818He's gone completely insane.[View]
224031447Post your favorite Waffen SS photos: Growing my collection[View]
224031625>500k jobs were a lie >yield curve inverted, recession imminent >manufacturing contracting …[View]
224031577fag: Epstein was a jew, his handler that maxwell chick who allegedly was above epstein in this pedop…[View]
224024190White culture: People on this board love and defend 'White culture' all day, every day. Yet at the …[View]
224030960ATTENTION /pol/ brothers! Some dirty commies are making bait threads today. Do not reply, do not ta…[View]
224029711Do Russians consider themselves part of Europe?: Why doesn't Russia join the EU? Do they consid…[View]
224029493Getting rid of communists: /pol/, when the boogaloo starts what do you think is the most Earth-frien…[View]
224030719Becoming vegan will save the Amazon: I try to believe that there’s hope for the left, and they manag…[View]
224030407OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo[View]
224029943how close are we for aliens to come and REKT our shit for fucking up this planet up?: >But in Jun…[View]
224030315Happy birthday comrades![View]
224030415Slide thread: Do you believe humans will ever figure all of this shit out and live together in peace…[View]
224026176How will republotards even compete?[View]
224029135Take the gritty pill. Embrace the ensuing chaos. Drive the storm to the ones who sow it.[View]
224030725Hey gang! Check out the Canadian Flag Leaf I just invented using based s󠘁oybo󠘁y triangles!! 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 …[View]
224030690Were Jews the original Germans?: Maybe deep inside Germans know Zuckerbergs and Steins were there be…[View]
224002290/pol/ thoughts on climate change?[View]
224006738Trump wants Greenland for the Space Force: Here me out: >All of a sudden it leaks Trump wants Gre…[View]
224030537Wait, why would he...[View]
224029199What things in popular culture are still pretty much uncontaminated by degeneracy? pic related[View]
224018987Posted this on a Commie page: They all flipped out and acted like faggots. -One said Night of Long K…[View]
224023717/leftypol/- Alt-Right Hate Thread: Nazis are self-admitted clowns that aren't worth getting mad…[View]
224029583why hasn't /pol/ taken the real redpill yet?[View]
224030360Is Propertarianism (((our))) ideology?: recently discovered this and have been reading on it. Never …[View]
224028026JUUL C1 can Track the user: The Juul device allows users to pair their smartphones with it. Along wi…[View]
223999256Religion: I'm very confused, i really dont know if i should comeback to christianism or stay as…[View]
224030095JOHNS ARE QUEER NOW: /pol/, won't you help smash the patriarchy by buying hookers?[View]
224029703why are everybody from sweden so cucked? they cant even defend their status[View]
224017700does Q give us the plan in WHITE SQUALL ?: ...does Q give us the plan in WHITE SQUALL ? ....have you…[View]
224025535>come anon.. lets follow me to the light wat do[View]
224028682How much of it is still white?[View]
224024602Recession watch general /rwg/ - Unfunded Liabilities Edition: According to conservative estimates, t…[View]
224024047Only Days Until We Go Home: Killing a bunch of kebabs in a mosque won't change anything. Killi…[View]
224028956The Single Biggest Chance We Have To Redpill.: Honestly why arent we meming this yet?[View]
224024471The Trump wall would go through national parks and natural landscapes: Can someone give me a reason …[View]
224026789The Tale of Defeating a SJW: >be me, a loyal kekistani >Browsing Facebook, careful to keep my…[View]
224022500Oh dear! It looks like the Trumpanzees are going to get TRIGGERED by this one! Bravo, Mr Groening si…[View]
224029409Segregation: Can anyone explain me why this was needed? I don't see the point of it. Maybe sepa…[View]
224019032Sup fags. I heard that BoJo wants some creative new ideas for the Irish border issue. Best answer ma…[View]
224028739Literally a devil country[View]
223969388Congratulations, /pol/, It's A HOLLLLOOOOOWWWKKKOWUUUSASSSSTTTTT[View]
224002418What did Newsweek mean by this? What are (((they))) planning this time? http://archive.is/vbWRP[View]
224029444Medical bias hoax.: > complains doctors ain't poisoning the black race with opiates even fur…[View]
224028452Wich is the best political system and why is monarchy?[View]
224029478This video has aged so well: Even after the abundance of evidence, names being droped and pictures a…[View]
224013380Look who's back https://twitter.com/GandalftheWhi19[View]
224019067As an American, If there was a war in europe.: And you had a black squad leader giving you ordered t…[View]
224029403I'm bored and don't have social media whatsoever. But can we start accusing lefties and no…[View]
224026015Lets face it the last chance we got: >Antarctica nobody really owns it >areas of interest to …[View]
224018805The amount of shills on here lately is astounding. What is going on?[View]
224029236Hands off Amazonia, gringos![View]
224028014Is America Wiemar 2.o?: And if so..... What comes next?[View]
224018276Brit/pol/ Return of the cokeposter Edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row https:/…[View]
2240287793/5 Highest Paid Actors In The World Aren't White: 1 is Indian. lol Is this why /pol/ hates Ind…[View]
224014192I will teach a pornstudies class at FU Berlin this fall!: Twatter profile https://mobile.twitter.com…[View]
224022022>'Yes, I believe that christianity is an European religion. How could you tell?'…[View]
224028961ESOTERIC WEIDELISM: >She said years later that she was glad to be arrested by the British occupat…[View]
224027594Politics: U.K general politics.[View]
224027383Damn boys we need to Stay with Chick-Fil-A: Reasons 1-9 of why we should support them.[View]
224023003Meanwhile in Bizarro world: Vlad the NEET is playing Civilization VI and dreams of being someone who…[View]
224028951Oy Vey! Dov Hikind is losing his mind.[View]
224026202Was the trade-off worth it?: /pol/, do you think the trade was worth it?? :)[View]
223992780Why hasn't any news reported Finland collapsing? I tried looking at 2 weeks back and no-one is …[View]
224028600Northern States: Last Refuge: >Live in Wisconsin >81.2% white >German, Irish and Polish …[View]
224025540Eyes Wide Shut is about people falling in the hands of Sects: Stanley Kubricks own daughter has fall…[View]
224028800Way of the World and The Iconoclast channels were deleted: Two of the last great redpilled channels …[View]
224028448this video should be watched by every american. Joe Bidn is a pedo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?ti…[View]
224025270Individualism: How are you not an individualist?[View]
224026355JAZZ & JESSE LIVE AT FIVE MOUNTAIN TIME!: Your Mountain Time Afternoon Drive at Five Live call-i…[View]
224024086Why are young white men in particular so fucking fragile?[View]
223998296Do you HueHues regret voting for your dipshit president now that he is letting 30% of the world…[View]
224028584The sub humans are destroying America: The Constitution is being raped. This country was founded for…[View]
224028530So Trump declared himself the Moshiach? That means he's the Antichrist. Do Magapedos, with all …[View]
224025362Being Romanian SUCKS: >viewed as an inbred brown subhuman by respectable Western Europeans >vi…[View]
224002677Imagine unironically believing this[View]
224028381Democrats to raise laundered Drug Cartel money in Mexico.: > but Russian interference Look at thi…[View]
224019882Can we stop promoting this idiot already?: Tulsi Gabbard is a very anti-American person. She is a su…[View]
224016796nazis: why did they love muslims so much if muslims are threat to the west?[View]
224025667Kek kek kek: The time has come to summon the Elder God Kek again to destroy the liberals. They are d…[View]
224023712WAIT! I thought Prince Andrew was 'appalled' by Jeffrey Epstein Pervertory: Prince Andrew was seen g…[View]
223992283FTN 241 Discussion Thread: McFeels and Ethnarch highlight the lows fueling Trump's unforced err…[View]
224026644Shit is going down, I can feel it!!!: Shit looks bad, I think its all over for us Anons...[View]
224016284Jew buys Taylor Swift's back catalog: Taylor Swift has said she intends to record new versions …[View]
224028121American Airlines flight 587: What was going on here then? >Plane crashes in New York just a coup…[View]
224027480Trump is chosen 1[View]
224027578It's time to play 'Guess the owner's skin color!' https://apnews.com/e30029aed471446584b45…[View]
224027296Why aren't police better trained to deal with mentally disabled meth fags?[View]
224024399Let’s leave all critical thinking aside for a second and assume all the Jewish conspiracies circulat…[View]
224027446Arizona, what are you doing?: You're supposed to be a Republican state. What's going on he…[View]
224027683Pick one.: Which jew do you hate more? An ultra orthodox jews Or A reformed jew? (Both is not an…[View]
224010992Why are whites like trump so against immigration: When they themselves are immigrants?[View]
224021558Reminder: /pol/ supports the national socialist ethnostate of the People's Republic of China ag…[View]
224000265Riddle me this..: What has Israel ever done for 'its best ally', the US?[View]
224003434STOP POLITICIZING ISRAEL, TRUMP! ITS DANGEROUS FOR ISRAEL!: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/21/opini…[View]
224026938where did it all go so wrong[View]
224026249Let's be real here: Politicking sure is the bees knees but you know what I almost love as much …[View]
224025239/pol/ is infested with soi boi 4chan beta male white bois. How can we get rid of these parasites? E…[View]
224024245National Geographic Determined What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and it's Beautiful[View]
224016907Thnx for everything /pol/. You guys made me realise that nothings matters in the end.[View]
224027165Why didn't Bongs make gun ownership a constitutional law the year before leaving. They could ju…[View]
224025378>be me >want to get tan before winter >stand outside looking for rocks to pass time outsid…[View]
224024745NEW ALT HYPE - The Expertise of Experts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8nk7GrB-zs[View]
224027151Daily Reminder - Mongrel Theist Bigots...: Hell-Holes In America... Garbage, needles, feces, homeles…[View]
223999313MEXICO LEGALIZES COCAINE!: No shit! <<A Mexican judge's decision to allow recreational co…[View]
224025065How do we feel about natos bombing of yugoslavia? How do slavs feel about this do you like nato coun…[View]
224024045Remember how 9/11 was a mass kabbalistic black magick hex on the world?: 9/11 the 2nd will be 8/22 T…[View]
224024447What do you anons think about the Brazilian Monarchist Movement?[View]
224022661The internet is just one person.: You are really all alone. You deserve to know.[View]
224018883Can Trump save Greenland before it is too late ?: He Might Want to Buy Greenland But China Is There …[View]
224026967Shame on you, That purge the 'government assigned girlfriend think experience'. It was one of the le…[View]
224026828Talking with my redpilled dad on immigration and who is driving force behind it, he does not know ab…[View]
224023699Which one of you fuckers did this?: >White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity >The…[View]
224023693The tea has been spilt[View]
224010087Anyone who thinks this image is real, is legitimately retarded. Many of you fail to take into accoun…[View]
224015157Based UK Chavs: Fuck Expats[View]
224021156Andrew Yang: Hopefully he wins the 2020 election. Video games, Popeyes chicken sandwiches and porn s…[View]
224024011Philly cops gunned down by federal informant: From The Appeal: https://theappeal.org/police-shooting…[View]
223974900Humor Thread[View]
224009317COME ON[View]
224023568EVIL JEWS: Why aren't you printing out copies of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion an…[View]
224026628Is this a legit signed copy?[View]
224020645Video Games, Junkfood & Pornography are replacing Religion as Opium for the masses[View]
224017332You cannot be a 'conservative' and support destruction of nature.: Friendly reminder that …[View]
224019946JUST FORGET SELF IMPROVEMENT IT'S A MEME: Well pol? Sounds pretty reasonable. It's okay to…[View]
224019848What the fuck are they feeding this kid?[View]
224026322should we raid pyongyang on google maps and fill it with fake places and reviews? north koreans can…[View]
224026434Can anyone even compete?? Is it time for Aliens to step in and do something about American dominanc…[View]
224023423this one on us /pol/ we men created incels: >be a father >raising his little princess to be s…[View]
224019323European Trade War Surprise: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/22/europe-plan-trump-tech-compan…[View]
224010661BULLYING: Should bullying be banned or could it encourage character and positive growth for young an…[View]
224009171>polish >white[View]
224025892Why is everyone push boys to grow up and become manholes.[View]
224010529>no industry >no recognizable companies >gigantic trade deficit and budget deficit >high…[View]
224018833What the fuck?: Greta Thunberg is sixteen! I thought she was about twelve. What the fuck is up with …[View]
224005781Amazon world ending, war required.: Ok, so the amazon produces 1/5 of the oxygen in the world, so yo…[View]
224024923Fuck Canada.: Why are so many government jobs that involve pushing paper held by middle aged immigra…[View]
224025403Dems Threaten Supreme Court!: Heal or face restructuring? >Alleges Whitehouse filed a brief with…[View]
224013936If your first thought on this wasn't 'cute' then you are the part of the problem.[View]
224025549Assumed you were a citizen of Solar System Earth and general elections were on, would you vote Moral…[View]
224018722Im just: Saying theyd be better off[View]
224019570Prove Me Wrong: Calling it now, DNC robs Yang of nomination, gives it to Biden no matter what, Biden…[View]
224024900why is this sub so fucking cucked? can't they all just move back to china if whites are so raci…[View]
224021887Brood of vipers: https://mobile.twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175263510487041?s=21 Last thr…[View]
224021505Is pol excited for Tay Tay's new music video?[View]
224015663Why are the chapo lads so popular? What’s the appeal?[View]
224020095The mystery orgin of Polish nation finally found WOW[View]
224020553Dahnald, I have good news: *sharp inhale* It's been a long journey, Dahnald. By planting an Ame…[View]
224024861About happenings!: Fuck off faggets, tell me when the next fappening will append, i think in 2 weeks…[View]
224024836Dear Spain and France: Give them independence. That is all.[View]
224009051The Amazon rain forest is burning due to global warming: and celebrities, including singers, actors …[View]
224023216Is there a difference with a mindless racists, and a educated racists? From what I was told mindless…[View]
224018737HAPPENING MAJOR CEOS STEPPING DIWN: CEO of Overstock steps down earlier today because of his 'ties t…[View]
224024697The Expertise of Experts: Do you need to go to college? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8nk7GrB-zs…[View]
224019864White Canadian population is in decline.: Anecdotal evidence we have aside. If you check the census…[View]
223965384What are you going to do when clownflare drops this place too?[View]
224024560Turns out white pride has practical value. Actual tangible practical value. Jordan Peterson might be…[View]
224015730Why the jews made it illegal?[View]
224023152>go to reddit for porn >white men and white women are the most popular on almost every porn su…[View]
224023561Swedish police didn't respond to murder-in-progress call: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/…[View]
224018622ROME: What the FUCK have the Romans ever done for us?[View]
224023098Self-control and discipline: We are those who will defend their heritage. Here are some science-back…[View]
224023381Greenland Ethno State General: >Step 1 We movin there. >Step 2 We getin independence there. …[View]
224018448Why is the anti-white agenda so fucking obvious?[View]
224022774Vegas here, anyone feeling a mild earthquake right now? Is the big one happening in Cali?[View]
224023646Was Ben Shapiro a deep state plant?: A unknown 12 year old from a lower middle class background gets…[View]
224021807How do capitalist explain the rapid growth of China into a superpower under socialism?[View]
223994647HRC hearing TODAY!: Get your front row rickets right here! <<(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch…[View]
224020166This is Trumps world: and you just living in it[View]
224023815We out here doin bad shit nigga[View]
224022310I don't want: I don't want Europe to be turned into Brazil in the name of a secular-Judaic…[View]
224022360Which event was more crucial for the downfall of Western civilization? The European Revolutions of 1…[View]
224005727Friendly reminder that if you pick either one you're subhuman piece of shit.[View]
224017285>mfw very soon telling someone 'God loves you' will be the most offensive you can say to someone…[View]
224023438Anyone else just so very sick and tiered of globalization and immigration and pandering to minoritie…[View]
224014246Every statement made by Leftists is projection.: Note how much Rob Reiner's description of Dona…[View]
224015482fuck greenland just invade cali[View]
224019467We're having a baby /pol Want to wait and find out if it's a boy or a girl English and Sca…[View]
224023317>post YFW you realize climate change isn't an accident but is being deliberately engineered …[View]
224023397Social Welfare and Europe: Europeans of /pol/, how dependent would you say the average European is o…[View]
224018030My school is full of stupid liberals. What to do?[View]
224023307>Burger education[View]
224023273Why is America only taking 10% of people based on work?: 90% is based on family, asylum, diversity l…[View]
224023226I’m right: Fucking a dude (as in a dick having XY chromosome motherfucker) is the most heterosexual …[View]
224016797Faggot who fucked a faggot and tried to pass his faggot boyfriend off as female kills himself like a…[View]
224023092White Slavery Red Pill!: <<Robert M. Grooms, in 'The Johnson Family: African-American Owners o…[View]
224010606Blacks built America: Why does this fact trigger whites so much?[View]
224022975Seen so many news about airplanes malfunctioning etc. I think the next false flag will have planes i…[View]
224017742Hey nigger, you might want to take a look at the race IQ distribution curves. 0.002% of blacks have …[View]
224020509>The number of migrant-background residents in Germany has reached a new all-time high at 25.5 pe…[View]
224015781merchant memes anyone?[View]
22399828362% disapproval[View]
224020652TRUMP IS A JEW. You can pretend like it's not a big deal. But it is and you know it.[View]
224019477Christian Memes And Infographics Thread: We have pol humour threads why not this? I'm looking s…[View]
224008722Should Returning Expats be killed?[View]
224017151Why are only white countries rich?[View]
224017829Trump Ready To Sign Executive Order To Create INTERNET POLICE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDa3…[View]
224022129Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the Solar Eclipse.[View]
224020094Alright. I'm getting pretty fucking pissed off. I'm a white bisexual man living in Ontario…[View]
224020333explain yourself whitey: whites : we are the master race! also whites : we will elect the most pro-J…[View]
224021673RECLAIM THE HOLY LAND OF ISRAEL: Why do we let the Jews have the Holy Land? Most of them do not even…[View]
224020733Within 20 years trannies will be able to pick someone out at random and steal their genitalia, resis…[View]
224018005Wouldn't it be easier to end the drug war and treat drug addiction as a medical issue instead o…[View]
224020338TAYLOR BOGA'D: ayo white boi, you mad? just imagine while you hear on /pol/ your queen is being…[View]
224017589EPSTEIN WEINSTEIN... Lots of STEIN isn't it?: What is the common factor with all these sexual p…[View]
224014190Is /pol/ voting for the King of Israel in 2020?[View]
224020196We all love our based Saudi's don't we? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/25/do…[View]
224019331wtf are blacks doing??: /pol, why chess is dominated by mostly whites and asians?[View]
224021875In Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika picrelated is considered irish-german[View]
224012749Say my name[View]
224001004Empire of Liberty: The power we are dealing with here...is immeasurable.[View]
224020336Its about: Time they left dude. Do it.[View]
224021671Autists, do your work: For clarification, there is kind of a meme in Germany, which says that the ci…[View]
224013356Unpopular opinion. No Native American 'genocide' ever took place. So where did all the Native Americ…[View]
223971635Why do they always look like this?: Why do they always look like this?[View]
224021567## I'm looking for found an anti-bonobo ligue. I'm convinced that the monkey that cannot t…[View]
224014642So i am dreaming of creating a new state out of parts in germany. The state of Bavaria and Baden-Wür…[View]
224017103The decline of Western Civilization began after 1865 when the United States of America started to ba…[View]
224018728EU preparing tariffs on US products: What the fuck The EU elite is owned by Qatar, this is the only …[View]
223977363SuperPower 2020: India will be super power in less then 4 months... Let that sync in.[View]
224020687How come he doesn't kill people like the US and West does? And why do westerners feel like they…[View]
224004563>21 >rich yet lives at home >decent looking yet no gf >based but won't say nigger …[View]
224014650DEEPFAKE META: Dear Boomers, Stop shitting your adult diapers over deepfakes, fuck. The technology i…[View]
224007013Honestly what did he say that was wrong about 9/11? America was behind the deaths of countless Musli…[View]
224010855>be a jew >take pretty white girl and make her an iconic singer or actress >make her as in…[View]
224020956>I'm gonna strike the 14th Admendment with an executive order .[View]
224020457Fuck canada: Quebec should secede[View]
224020316Attention:The Kikes are at it again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo The kikes are at it…[View]
224020640Hewo /pol/ i a 9 moth ol fetus an wen praparing for circumsion i start think about jew. What wrong w…[View]
224014609Asian isn’t a race.: /pol what if I told you that asian isn’t a race. And the people you call asian …[View]
224020505Is there anything more based than owning a pig? No seriously have a dog with it as a friend, but own…[View]
224018311>>one chance at life >born a sandnigger in clown world So why is nobody talking about the a…[View]
224020099Jay Incel has fallen: Press F to pay respects https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/21/politics/jay-inslee…[View]
224003665how did this dude change his voice to become so convincing? not falsetto either, that's some je…[View]
224019953The American Dream: Did this ever exist except for a small percentage of people for a handful of yea…[View]
224017790How is bullying treated in your country? How do we solve this?[View]
224008762Éire/pol/ - Lets try this again Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
224015802>saying you voted for trump openly in public in 2019[View]
224018282Sauce on this?: What video is this from?[View]
224003426Divorce: Have any of you boomers been divorced I can’t imagine such a thing if a woman tried to chea…[View]
224019803HENRY FORD! AMERICAN GENIUS!: <<Although Ford did not invent the automobile or the assembly li…[View]
224009729Reasons to Voite for Trump: Trump[ has fucked us on a lot of fronts lads. We all know that. He'…[View]
224019047FUCK MY COUNTRY!!! I DONT WANT TO LIVE HERE ANYMORE!!!: https://www.20min.ch/schweiz/zuerich/story/A…[View]
224015303>boomer 'millenials are so lazy, why dont they own their own house now and have a family yet?…[View]
224008140So, are we totally fucked? https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/145464/fires-in-brazil[View]
224019163Moldovan Style: I know this isn't /fa/ but check out this Moldovan style kek[View]
223992144Baby boomers stole literally everything from you: Boomers stole houses from you >Home prices hav…[View]
223996932CIA fucks up again!: Overstock CEO Partick Byrne has resigned from the e-commerce company after maki…[View]
224019403Clinton painting model speaks: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/artist-epstein-clinton-painting-162…[View]
224019513Kabuki Theater: Well /pol/ I think its time to tell you all about our current system. Just what is K…[View]
224014553I think Trump knows how stupid his base is...: and that his main motivation isn't to shit on le…[View]
224015578How white are you each of you again?: Don't lie - we already know the answer.[View]
224018342Anyone else disgusted with conservatives these days?: There honestly can't be a more cucked gro…[View]
224011316Just on honest opinion: I'm the only one absolutely excited and relatively happy about the actu…[View]
224019033starting a YouTube channel: Hey /pol/, I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel, I won't be…[View]
224017282Oil the drill: pay the bill[View]
224015591I'm done with tree huggers: You can all fuck off, this is literally just politicians getting th…[View]
224018871Antifa Raid!!!: Here is the link, go bananas https://youtu.be/NBfyibaNs2E[View]
224013333So. How likely is the possibility that Blumpf is the anti-Christ?[View]
224017588So people (subhuman retards) are dropping their benefits because the media told them Trump wants to …[View]
224015331Leftist meme thread! Only post dank memes no kekistanis allowed![View]
224018415Philosophical question time, how great is life for the rich today?: Even going back a thousand years…[View]
224018608Bernies plan: Raise minimum wage to $15 Managers and higher teir workers wage is now the same as the…[View]
224006336Brit/pol/ Tim posters are boring cunts Edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row htt…[View]
223988816Why don't you have a fascist wife yet /pol/?[View]
224012825Ameribux!™: >Be Ameribux™ >Print own money backed by bombs, not gold >Offer Ameribux™ for l…[View]
224010792'LUNG OF THE WORLD BROO': Sorry, uneducated boomers, but this is a MYTH. In the Amazon, the producti…[View]
224016862Why does the left seem so pants on head retarded?[View]
224018461Get your Neuralink before the basedboys suck it all up!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfvDScrF…[View]
224017913Where's your queen now /pol/ Tay Tay has been blacked now.[View]
223996854Syria General /sg/ - Hard Choices Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
224013076A healthy Vegan (or at least Vegetarian) diet from local organic farms, not having kids, electric ca…[View]
224011308I'd like to see any of you pathetic racists build a car that can move on air, land, and sea lik…[View]
224015684What does /pol/ think of the multiple nuclei model? Is it a good model for city layout that fosters …[View]
224016737>In 1950 the Saharan country of Niger, with 2.6 million people, was smaller than Brooklyn. In 205…[View]
224002004Weeaboos should be euthanized: Anyone who watches, likes and jerks off to anime/manga/hentai is a ma…[View]
224014381Builds a wall in Ireland[View]
224015830I want to get a girl of every race pregnant. What does /pol/ think of this? Good idea? Bad idea? I f…[View]
224006889Black Pride: Young black people of /pol - how do we take back Africa and turn it into something bett…[View]
224015599The Bible Wars Against Pagan Isrealites: THIS is why they hate it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W…[View]
224012295Cleveland Police Officer urinates on 12 year old white girl and films it Imagine raising white child…[View]
224002363Why are Orthodox Jews so annoying?[View]
224014913Obama 2020: Thank god we have another black man to vote for in 2020. I hereby present to you Michael…[View]
224017567Fat blowhard AJ got it wrong: The answer to 1984 isnt 1776, its 1492. White flight, in response to a…[View]
224017650Operation Pumpkin: Europeans colonized Africa and Asia in their quest for spices. Because you know, …[View]
224015020>Everyone knows that all western nations will become minority white in a matter of a decade or tw…[View]
223998185Why does the thought of White Genocide turn me on so much? Is it something genetic, because I'm…[View]
223991285Chester Bennington's sister: Chester's sister connecting his suicide to epstein/clinto wat…[View]
224014831OH NO NO NO: CAN'T KEK THE TUCK[View]
224016453who made these comics?: Also who created the merchant?[View]
224015444Six Million Orthodox Teens vs One Golf Cart: https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/116417570954…[View]
224017274Post your white supremacist songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqwqie9Vs7Q[View]
224013087FUCK YOU DALI LAMA: Lefties casually say 'Dali Lama' as often as 'because global warming' or 'since …[View]
224017198Have Miga, Browncels and incels destroyed this board?[View]
224017177SPAM BOT: Hello i want to make a spam bot forum for wikidot can Someone help me lol ?[View]
224017163tolerance is the habitat kikes inhabit.: well, the trick is when you start cutting their heads off, …[View]
224016164Our great leader, our dear comrade, Stalin. The greatest man who ever lived.[View]
224016953HAPPENING!!! Amazon rainforest flew over my house and Donald Trump is flying over with rocket boots …[View]
224013115WTF is this shit?: Why do cuntry wigger neckbeards do this to their trucks? Just when the slammed ri…[View]
224012787Why is totalitarianism a bad thing? A functioning healthy society doesn't care about your feeli…[View]
224016571Why in every 'white' country shitskins can't be racists, even in non-Western countries?[View]
224014824If you're a European and you're not voting for a nationalist party. You're a faggot. …[View]
224016852I've learned how to decode my own subjective interpretation of reality, and you can too!: See i…[View]
224016768>When Pippin was saying how cucked it is to have a daughter, he was talking from experience Damn,…[View]
224015744Is he based?[View]
224005295Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Matthew 24:13-28 The Lord said to his disciples, 'The one wh…[View]
224011944What happened?: >be most powerful country in the world >see nice piece of land that you want …[View]
224016302do you think africa is worth recolonizing id like to live there[View]
223989675Man Accused Of Shooting 6 Philadelphia Police Officers Was Federal Informant: https://theappeal.org/…[View]
223995387>Be american tech giant Youtube >Allow this woman and her channel to exist >Shadowban Nasim…[View]
224016224>we destroyed you in WW2, don't think we wont do it again!! Why does (((antifa))) think they…[View]
224009835Why aren't you a hippie, /pol/?[View]
224012199Assumed you were Russian and general elections were on, would you vote Moral or Existential?[View]
224015863anyone else done with white nationalism now?[View]
223974727Science says that homosexuality is natural. Is /pol/ unscientific?[View]
223971614Kraut/pol/+AfD general Hans Westmar Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb …[View]
224012655“Oh anon you seem to know a lot about what goes on with politics and the govt, where do you get your…[View]
224012632The UK is FUCKING OBSESSED with Trump: Living among these fucking retards is becoming unbearable Tr…[View]
224008780Clean,Family Oriented,Conservative,Work Ethic,Protestant. This is one of the highest manifestation o…[View]
224015925based and redpilled: the CEO[View]
224015575Grand Ra_pidS Mich Igan Pe_doring threads vanished?: Ok, so I’m currently drunk but I’m pretty sure …[View]
224014420Free speech: Is there any other free speech social platforms out there?[View]
224015853So, You Think Trump Will Win?: >>kikes >>puppet-foo >>delusions of grandeur >…[View]
224014932Qanon cultists: Are they the American isis?[View]
224001669What do people think Miss Michigan World 2019 Kathy Zhu and her dethronement?[View]
224007950WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PARTS OF AMERICA??: Everything I’ll tell you is true. My brother came ba…[View]
224015362I'm tired of waiting: Comon just end it all already[View]
224009368The alt-right’s war on nature must end: The Brazilian president who wages war on the Amazon forest m…[View]
224011416Know your enemy - The Cloward-Piven Strategy: >by Frances Fox Piven, Richard A. Cloward >The s…[View]
223970864Preppers Thread: For what should we get prepared ? I'm thinking about economy collapse, should …[View]
223968602Which country should be entrusted with being the dominant power in Europe?[View]
224015018Amazon fires: This is the only way to keep the frogs from turning gay Prove me wrong Protip You can…[View]
224015031Fortnite Fortnite lets go! I play it all night all night lets go![View]
223997429What is your honest view of religion? Religions in general.[View]
224010078>Trump causes an international incident to get a rapper out of jail >Assange? LOL don't c…[View]
223987411Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile in his place: And yet whites will cower and all…[View]
224013052Cloning: Why do you think they had a dentist chair at Epstein Island forcebly removing teeth? [DNA]…[View]
223952644>lock your money for 30 fucking years >get back less than you put in wow this is retarded kike…[View]
224014951What’s the quickest way to remove one of these Neuralink things? https://www.neuralink.com/ >pic …[View]
224014334https://usa.streetsblog.org/2019/08/22/detroit-metro-area-may-finally-get-better-transit/ >The de…[View]
224005541Redpil me on 911: I know its been asked, but I wanna know if there is a fresher information. Thanks!…[View]
224004954Trump: Voting For Democrats Is Disloyal To Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2VZr39rISw How can…[View]
224012221Do you think east asians (Japan and Korea mostly) are also aryans, such as the withe race? Someone t…[View]
224012506Why did he want to genocide slavs? What did they do to him or the german people?[View]
223983412>90% of /pol/ voted for this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL[View]
224006885What ethnicity is this?[View]
223996393WOKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
223991187Why does /pol/ lie so much about Sweden? It's one of the cleanest, richest and friendliest nat…[View]
224009151Why humans are so evil ? :(( Brazil Thread[View]
224012030wwyd 'Beauty queen claims she was dethroned for supporting Trump' ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bFhD…[View]
224008248HONK HONK: I bring you: The son of the future president of Argentina >Based and redpilled Basado …[View]
224011156How do we stop this retarded cunt?[View]
224006217whats the biggest jewtrick nowadays?[View]
224011127something just hit me - the black economy never collapses and when the legal economy falters, the bl…[View]
224011636Dear Amerimutts: Why do you think the world revolves around you? It doesn't. Your homework toda…[View]
224011776Gov Conspiracy to Decelerate Tech Progress?: You can google THOUSANDS of images with 70megapixel or …[View]
2240140244D Chess?: I know we have no alternative, so I'll vote Trump again. But how can anyone deny the…[View]
223991956also remember >it’s all fake >global warming is a myth >these are all coincidences https://…[View]
224008663whats your opinion on acid[View]
224011059Did we choose wrong?[View]
224013663FUCK YOU POPE: It's almost 2020. What's the point of this fagget? Notre Dame burned. God i…[View]
223991562Germany warns of a coming Blackout!: Thanks to Greens and Merkel, our power grid has become so unsta…[View]
223991484K E K Original: https://twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175263510487041?s=21[View]
224007947but he is just a little boy....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=135&v=361ROwkenXU k…[View]
224011309Why do we let Jews: Have the Holy Land? Most of them do not even believe in God. Or they believe in …[View]
224011152What are the odds that Yellowstone or another supervolcano could erupt ending all life on earth?: i …[View]
224009833A simple solution for white people afraid of the Great Replacement: Just embrace it like good little…[View]
223972375hong kongers confusing american NPCs[View]
224000151What is the president's greatest accomplishment thus far?[View]
224013276Why does it take 50 Years for fagets to drop youtube and go to BITCHUTE?? hello retards department, …[View]
224013147Our only hope: “Just because a tail is called a leg does not make it a leg. If Bill C-38 passes, gov…[View]
224008535false flag: I just finished reading NobodyDiedAtSandyHook and now I am convinced it was a staged fal…[View]
224010309what shall we do?[View]
224011356Term Limits NOW!!!: This video is my comment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnwGdl1YrQ8[View]
224013030Is 4chan a NO NIGGER ZONE?: Dey always bee votin dumbokunts.... We let illiterate NIGGERS on 4chan? …[View]
224003863/POL/ BTFO: Diverse school gets one of the best GCSE results in the country https://www.theguardian…[View]
223965681Google fucked up.: HAHAHA it's real[View]
224012027Okay, I can’t figure out how yet, but I’m pretty sure this is Trump’s fault too[View]
224012887It is now 100% Legal and Safe to MIGRATE to Greenland: Denmark signed the 'Global Compact for Migrat…[View]
223980725Why is there so much anti-hong kong videos and comments on youtube? Why don't people support th…[View]
224012777Women hate thread?: Women hate thread.[View]
223986119Britain Shirks From Summer of Gull Violence: After a plague of vicious herring gull attacks across t…[View]
224009534Berlin under communism vs Berlin under capitalism. Powerful.[View]
224009363Ruski here. What useful for America has Trump done?[View]
224011248Mutts are hopeless....: >The dumb bastard Trump tweets that jews voting Democrat are disloyal to …[View]
224011562Porn in the USA: Porn Studies is coming to the FU in Berlin![View]
224009944How can we help Africa to advance Wakanda style?: Are female tech programs the way to go?[View]
224009283Coal burning: Toronto edition.: It seems every black guy in Toronto are with white girls. Why is thi…[View]
224011584America was built on the backs of White slaves!: Think your woke? <<White slaves in the early …[View]
224001797Does the Hispanic Invasion of America Really Matter that much?: People keep acting like the US will …[View]
224002708What the fuck is wrong with aussies? What kind of specimens are they?[View]
224012021It's over!: Trump is the chosen one! How will Dhimmi-cRATS ever recover? > losing house >…[View]
223984802The Northern Ireland Question: What's the answer to the Ulster Question anons? t. a Brit that k…[View]
223976341Occultism, Freemasonry and other satanic Faggotry in the Government: ITT we expose the government as…[View]
224011869> Planet is dying https://grist.org/article/climate-change-great-dying-planets-worst-extinction/…[View]
224011457Support for Israel in conflict with Palestinians lowest years: Gallup: >American support for Isra…[View]
224011521>despises asian males >wants to breed sons with asian women explain…[View]
223989369why isn't testosterone legal in more places: literally no side effects whatsoever, it's a …[View]
224005740>500k jobs were a lie >yield curve inverted, recession imminent >manufacturing contracting …[View]
223994345Why Hasn't Donald Trump Drained the Swamp?: It was his benchmark promise to the American people…[View]
224004644Sikh Hate Thread: Namaste, slamequm and hello everyone. Today I want to talk about a dirty, arrogant…[View]
224011638Wall to wall conspiracy theory/racist mental illness. Seek help.[View]
224008728BOYCOTT BOEING: Do not fly on any Boeing flights. Only fly on Airbus flights. Before booking your ne…[View]
224011311so do you have any pagan communities around the place you live? just curious[View]
223978364Breaking News: Our government just declared the end of the relationship with Japan from now on, ther…[View]
223978294>Yellowstone explodes What would you do?[View]
223994967You have 10 seconds to name a thing the Jews haven't had influence/control/contributed to.[View]
223995887Pakis are gypsies. All the Aryan chads of the Indus Valley Civilisation moved to Central India and f…[View]
224010210The fall of the white race was prophesied more than 2000 years ago: Deuteronomy 28: 15, 30, 32-33 …[View]
224000321WTF?! I LOVE BRAZIL NOW!: This man is a madlad >The Amazon forest is on fire! >Fuck the forest…[View]
224009157The most accurate Euro map: >Grey: First Shitslam Reich >Red: Britannia Pakistanika >Light …[View]
224010524Do you define people by: Race Level of education Wealth Political appartenance ?[View]
224005700What does /pol tink of Jordan B Peterson?: is he a fraud?[View]
224008653https://electrek.co/2019/06/10/us-renewable-capacity-coal/ Where were you when messiaha Trump stoppe…[View]
224006441ive noticed shaming women works. how do you normally shame women without making it look obvious.[View]
224010697Accept Jesus. The Time Draws Near: Friendly reminder that all religious institutions are arms of the…[View]
224010739The two most based currently elected world leaders?: think about it /pol/ >both are populist nati…[View]
224007280Is Dasha Nekrasova the best candidate to lead the fight against the cabal?[View]
223970130Greta needs your help: They want you to chart them the course thru the storm https://twitter.com/bor…[View]
224010601THE NATURE OF /POL/: This man explains it. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20ZvGkLL-V0&t=435…[View]
224010146The real reason why Trump will win 2020: is because everyone on the planet inconsciously wish from h…[View]
224008965this is why you need to count your fingers after you shake hands with a jew XD[View]
224010349Why do people still blame everything on the jews?: Why do people still believe those conspiracy theo…[View]
224010323Do narco thieves deserve sympathy?: theync com/russian-cartel-torturing-the-local-thieves-1.htm Is k…[View]
224009544The state of the internet in 2019. Discuss.[View]
224009627My guess is it'll only take about 50 years until we see the balkanization of the US[View]
224010028Salamalaikum kuffar, your pizza has arrived. That'll be $49.99 + jizya.[View]
224009573Look at my meandering sexuality represented by my rainbow flag. It is disgusting. Wouldn't you …[View]
224009923Trump is for people who binge 24 hours news networks. hes just boomer fodder.[View]
224008662Android dropping dessert names for diversity.: Saw this on /g/ and I thought it was a joke. But nope…[View]
223991627PLEASE MEN, have mercy on our weak, fragile, vulnerable bodies: As a woman, it is hard to fathom tha…[View]
224009549I don't understand this one. Is the guy her father? Ex boyfriend? What's the context? Marr…[View]
224009798Were the holocoasters a myth: or real?[View]
224005225Change My Mind[View]
224007044Uh, is this right?[View]
224009708If currently illicit drugs were decriminalized there would be no drug related violence and they woul…[View]
224009100Just ban them: Let's face it, there is really no reason for civilians to have access to assault…[View]
224003391Operation [needs a name]: Good day /pol/ I would like to take a moment to bring something to your a…[View]
224008619Salvini is Jewish. If you support him you are literally supporting a Jew that hates Italy. I am Ital…[View]
224009039Ching Chong Hong Kong[View]
224006264>calls other 'cucks' >wants an authoritarian government to run his life…[View]
224009330The Messiah: I suppose that Greta is the Antichrist[View]
224009327>people crying near the doctor cause crash or something >I don't give a fuck >if my fa…[View]
224005887How can we stop pathetic losers from ruining great ideologies like nazism and feminism?[View]
224008528China/Communism hate thread. I fucking hate communism and china. I hope I can see this dictatorship …[View]
224008453>be a woman >be in the West >tell native men to be nice guys >men act nice >get disgu…[View]
224006566>vote for Democrats is a vote for antisemitism >be Trump Your move Pol…[View]
224009043Smash or pass: God i want AOC to look at me all angry spit in my mouth and call me a dirty Republica…[View]
224005427every single time: look at this fucking jew bitch, picture very related.[View]
224006199Why are Trump and the GOP so anti-Semitic?[View]
224006755Crash The Parties: >>/pol/ is a group of sensible people being marginalized by the same fucks …[View]
224009086Pol /lit/ AudioBook Edition: Looking for some good audiobooks to listen to. What are some /sig/ appr…[View]
224001039Race is a social construct.: >What the study of complete genomes from different parts of the worl…[View]
224008940Trump's chances of reelection accodring to electionsbettingodds.com - https://electionbettingod…[View]
224007348What Alex Jones should do: Alex Jones should market himself as a private investigator of globalist/B…[View]
224007033Redpill me on Trump's 'Space Force'. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0Nu0ANKFB0 >Americ…[View]
224004248Help: >be me >join this server called copelets >(https://discord >.gg/EMFvMsh ) >fill…[View]
223998201>Poster posts something about Mossad or 'Glowing Niggers' >Can instantly tell it's newfag…[View]
224001426Benefits of going Vegan > Reduced health risks (cardiovascular, diabetes, colon cancer) > Hea…[View]
223997675Kabbalah/gematria/esoteric: Tisha Bav is 9/11 every year on the Jewish calendar. Tisha bav is when J…[View]
223954294/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Absolutely Subversive Edition: We must create a massive movem…[View]
224008601Greenland: Pic related all Trump is doing what Truman tried to do in the early days of the Cold War.…[View]
224006935How come (((they))) can imitate us but we can't imitate (((them)))?[View]
223992756By every measurable stat, Asians are smarter, less irrational, and better problemsolvers than any ot…[View]
223998165He said nothing wrong!: Youtube just took down a sermon by Polish Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski >…[View]
223987469Monopoly triggers liberals: Is hasbro /ourgame/ ? https://twitter.com/nick_kapur/status/116423365679…[View]
224007530Disney: Disney characters that resemble your average pol user post yours[View]
223995849RV Epstein: Someone on /x/ just remote viewed Epstein on the night he died. Shit is scary accurate.…[View]
224008272Expect Denmark finding some oil and in need to introducing Democracy(TM) soon.[View]
224005765You think you fuckyards are immune? It's going to happen probably sooner than you think. They q…[View]
224004203'Transgenderism' is a mental illness: >change my mind[View]
224007367How much carnage could we cause by making it mainstream knowledge that in order to market a film in …[View]
224006407Global Warming has a firey redpill to it: There is only one solution to global warming, as you can s…[View]
224005260Is this what a white supreme looks like? Why would a white man ever fear having to compete with spic…[View]
223977343US anon in Italy. What's going on? What's all the fuss about? Also, I saw the guy in the p…[View]
224006921If Lenin could see us now[View]
224002138we can't let autists have the vote: my 9 months of wageslaving has taught me that spergs only l…[View]
224007106Operation Kraut Control: So Trump tried to buy greenland and that didnt work...but what if someone f…[View]
224007868Was Vichy so Bad at all?: - Paris remained mostly intact - No nigger chimping - Jews deported - Stre…[View]
224007768Don't you forget about me: Will you recognize me? Call my name or walk on by Rain keeps falling…[View]
224007845New Meme: >Be Texan >Be ugly as fuck >Wife borrows clothes from her friend >Drive friend…[View]
224005486Lithuania is hiding something.[View]
224005062Why hasn't there been any terror attacks in Europe?: It seemed like last year there was an Isla…[View]
223984075Legalizing amphetamine based products: Crystal meth, speed and ecstasy all need to be decriminalized…[View]
223980579Operation Anura: I think we should all meditate on/pray to our true selves/God/Kek to make a frog ap…[View]
223997456normie mind control amazon rain forest shit: Why are normies spamming facebook with amazon rain fore…[View]
224007691Galxy Brain Take of the Day > Mossad infiltrates /pol/ > Spare no expense > Use their most …[View]
224007665White power seagulls: Imagine if some one selectively bred seagulls to make them have very testoster…[View]
224007622/pol/ humor thread[View]
224006980>kratom becomes a well-known way of treating opiate (and other) addictions >literal kikes reee…[View]
224004503>imagine being so heartless that you want to genocide this[View]
224005511Afghanistan Great Power: Trump is about to sign a peace deal with the Taliban. 17 years and the US h…[View]
224001503Literally being ridiculed everywhere.[View]
223997495Inner city uppity non-Whites will move further into the suburbs. Have you been preparing for the rac…[View]
223997071So if US gets separated into white, latino, black and asian ethnostates, will traveling among them b…[View]
224002828Whites should eat bugs so blacks can eat blacks: I can’t tell if this is blue or red pulled. Help me…[View]
224007220Which country is best?: And how did it get the name 'America'?[View]
224002746Are you ready for the dystopian future?: The DoD recently put out a video on the 'unavoidable realit…[View]
224000973And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the mor…[View]
224007099What are pol's thoughts on https://vaccinejihad.com/ and other sites that spread fear about vac…[View]
223974231HAPPENING: TITANIC BEING DESTROYED: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/aug/21/titanic-explorer…[View]
224004658Fuck Poopooland. Fucking subhumans all of them. Lmao at their faggot diaspora being butt mad. You sh…[View]
224005450On almost all the videos I watch that are about the government, the news, politics, conspiracies, et…[View]
224006458Rise of China: Do you see the rise of China as a good thing? It will end American lecturing on human…[View]
224006203Way of the World got nuked: and there is no thread about it how do we retaliate?[View]
224006616He’s right, you know.[View]
224006740steals your golfcart: nothing personnel goy[View]
224006696>Open up youtube today and see that I am subscribed to wall street journal >Have never watched…[View]
224006590so how long until the LGBT movement implodes[View]
223995333Brit/pol/ - Shoe Shine edition: >Teen stabbed boy to death after Facebook row https://www.bbc.co.…[View]
224005607(((Haym Salomon))): Come on /pol/, you gotta give it to this jew. He financed the revolutionary war …[View]
223994661THE FUCKING AMAZON RAINFOREST: >ongs funded by **THEM** starts criminal fire in the jungle >OH…[View]
223973522How do we fix the female gender?[View]
224006331'Anti Racists' call on UNESCO to remove historical parade from heritage: https://www.theguardian.com…[View]
224004957Evidence suggests microplastics in water pose ‘minimal health risk’: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/heal…[View]
224006198The power and draw of this site is palpable. We all feel it but what is it? It’s the Knowledge kept …[View]
223988689Why American women are attracted to this disabled guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5…[View]
223986096How do we deal with the 'manchild' plague?: Guys who despite being over the age of 16 cont…[View]
223992811Powerful. Even I started clapping. Is this power of Murican Patriots?[View]
224001050End me: >there are no proper nazi anime girls outside of stupid mobile games what's the poi…[View]
2239987814CHAN IS SO SLOOOOW[View]
224004740What's your opinion on pic related pol?[View]
224005793Is the south less cucked than the north?[View]
224004796Obama's buying expensive property on Vineyard's: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/obamas-o…[View]
224005505/ourgirl/ is taking the BBC!: C'mon guys, let's all express our support for this brave mov…[View]
223994209Boycotting works: Gillette down $12 billion. >Parent company P&G last month took a nearly $12…[View]
223994779Israel Hired Black Cube, Allowing Spy Firm to Operate Out of Military Intel Base: https://www.haaret…[View]
223999036Upcoming Ice Age: How to prep?[View]
223988193Hey /pol/: Think wed be able to turn this old meme into a hate symbol? Kinda like what happened to p…[View]
224002607Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice CONTINUED2: 1. -- BEGIN HERE ----- > >…[View]
223997594ITT: you have one last chance to apologize to the jews: in case the site goes down for good and ever…[View]
223998660Is any news: Real or is it literally all fake?[View]
223997779TaySway: Wow, so this is the queen of /pol/...[View]
224002086I miss my mom Lads Now my family business is in the tubes, no business recently I’m a custom video a…[View]
224003186Drug Leaving Brits Crazed and 'stinking of prawns' Grips UK: https://youtu.be/OxarOHluEj0 …[View]
223997942Cop tried to kidnap 12 year girl: Are they capable of serving and protecting?[View]
224003322Is it worth joining the military? I don't want to slave away 4 years in college and go into deb…[View]
224001422Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joining Fox News as a contributor: The former White House press secretary …[View]
224004802>be asian >offer money for sex >be asian >offer money for vote…[View]
223922553Greta deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: There is no chance evil Trump can get it for his peace confere…[View]
224002146You guys understand the techno-industrial society will destroy humanity (including the jews) right? …[View]
223999956https://www.isidewith.com post em[View]
223989150Hamas Attacks Israel Again: >B-But /pol/ told me Palestine is good and kikeland is bad https://ww…[View]
223990119CNN cyberstalks internet user: The Wikipedia definition of cyberstalking is as follows: >Cybersta…[View]
224003539Returning from vacation, Amsterdam man found his property occupied by 40 migrants: >Salih Ozcan, …[View]
224003088Why don’t Democrats care about women?[View]
223996819Jews are So Fucking Retarted!!! More Retarted Then Burgers!!![View]
224002965Why do idiots on /pol/ think le white race is dying? Back in old days, people of Roman Empire though…[View]
224001875Honestly are there any possible negative consequences to this idea at all? What could go wrong?[View]
223999665Why do Koreans keep asking us for reparations when they never give reparations to people they kill ?[View]
223992555Idiocracy is a documentary +opening scene: if you haven't seen this film its spot on except is …[View]
223993647Who is right in this instance?: >The neocon who justifies middle-eastern intervention >The ro…[View]
223985681>there literally are countries in sub Sahara Africa that have a higher standard of living than Uk…[View]
224001151why cant we just delete all non whites?: Everyone comes to the west to reap the benefits of what wev…[View]
224003887You're walking in the city. You're looking around. Here's a beautiful girl with lovel…[View]
224003767FWEE HELTHCEE[View]
223995712Financially, it's over tomorrow: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-22/larry-summers-comes-…[View]
224000893Nothing can stop what is coming!: <<JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschild’s Federal Reserv…[View]
224002414Wtf, i love Jews now. Shadilom, fellow Pedes![View]
223999811Does CNN think they are fooling anyone?: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1164547798022479873?s=20…[View]
22400041052 massive faggots: NIGGERS and FAGGOTS are /pol/ now. I hope this place gets shut down now. Too man…[View]
224001708Women in science: 'Barré-Sinoussi shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Luc Mon…[View]
223991487Manitoba is the best province in Canada: >Small city with plenty of jobs >90%+ white 20 mins a…[View]
224000065LOOK MEDICUCKS!!!: > HAH GET REKT MEDIKEKS LOOK HO- No, just no. It does not matter if a Swedish …[View]
224003031We’re gonna make things too hot to handle: What did she mean by this? >two shoutings in one day.…[View]
223994678Nigger cunt says black Americans are the true founding fathers: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7xzNyr…[View]
223998858Economic Depression: The current operating system is going to get WIPED out. The current debt based …[View]
223997201Marx literally named the Jew & Hitler was a Marxist: >Marx's on'the Jewish Question' cal…[View]
223989108Homophobia doesn't exist. So called 'homophobes' don't fear faggots. They're repulsed…[View]
224002906wow, can you believe this guy? this is what hes up to?[View]
223995616>boss pays me minimum wage >expects more than minimum effort lmao >'at will' employment in …[View]
224002960<Somebody roast this beta male 4chan white boi and please expose more like this. It's so fun…[View]
223997503Feds: What motivates feds to work against their own people? And by feds im specifically talking abou…[View]
224002707The Chosen One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_wmP750nSY >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_wm…[View]
223999707Is it best to retire from society completely?[View]
223999363What the fuck is wrong with papalist priests?: I'm so glad to be eastern orthodox christian and…[View]
223994310Halfuchan is pozzed and wont discuss jews: Why is halfuchan full of jewish cocksucking faggots You n…[View]
223999324There goes the neighborhood[View]
224002522Are they right to ridicule him?: This is what the papers look like today in Denmark after Trump canc…[View]
224000115I see so many black dudes with white chick here...: It’s really bizarre to me, I thought chinks and …[View]
223990962Was Winston Churchill actually bad?[View]
224002139Are there any alternatives to the ACLU?[View]
223999441We had your back in Afghanistan. We even had your back in Iraq when nobody else would. And now you w…[View]
224002041Attention, attention: 2 days ago my IP was perma banned from all boards for the comment “fuck off” t…[View]
223989624Sweden bombings and explosions up 45% in 2019: Why is this a stat? Bombings in Sweden should sit at …[View]
224000403Nice table: Footabloid's Johnson[View]
223959271What went wrong? If white people are truly superior, how come they couldn't maintain their stat…[View]
224001344Is George W. Bush a fag?[View]
224000425Could someone be kind and look the part of the German law which is about holocaust denial?[View]
223979264To all anon's lurking. I hope you just saw what happened. (((They))) have been reacting in tand…[View]
223968965How old are the pyramids?: How the fuck did they build them, 10000 years ago? Why is my pee coming o…[View]
223999092India has lost Kashmir: Current situation will produce more freedom fighters in the valley. Kashmiri…[View]
223999071Who do they think they're fooling with these Soviet-tier polls?[View]
224000098This is worse optics in Poland than Nazi flags and swastikas were in charlottesville. Thanks for ens…[View]
223992691(((They))) are mocking us.: Right in front of the goyim. Notice how as the the twin towers fall, the…[View]
223999686Why is deflation a bad thing?[View]
223979189Can you imagine how fucking easy a woman's life is? Under a traditional family they're alw…[View]
224000309I'm officially stanning the bernman 2020. show me them aliens. send me your best bernie gang me…[View]
224000649Guys, Bernie Sanders is out there killing it. I have no doubt in my mind he’s on course to be the de…[View]
223979922American healthcare prices: What the fuck is this? Why do they charge so much?[View]
223990389Based Bernie just saved the world: Bernie Sanders Unveils $16 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Plan WASHING…[View]
224000725Why did you quit bro?[View]
224000443You're a vault dweller right? Jews control the world ha!, preposterous. Well im feeling tired …[View]
223997738Where do I move?: What if they whole world is destined to become majority non white.[View]
223997473Does anyone know who’s the faggot who’s backing this ContraPoints fuck on JewTube, and is this backe…[View]
223994069Reminder Zognald replaced his base with drug dealers, murderers, rapists and thieves.[View]
223999655Troll the Climate cuckolds and the Vegans etc..[View]
223998979South Africa outlaws the Real Flag | Will they outlaw the Afrikaans Language next? | Why not?: Today…[View]
223995555Thoughts and prayers?: how are you going to help end toxic masculinity /pol/?[View]
223999375Adolph Hitler was an Avenging Angel: 'Grand Rabbi Schneerson regarded Judaics who abandoned the Talm…[View]
223999136>claim to be fighting an enemy most people hate, but just beat up random people unrelated to thei…[View]
223999571Daily Reminder the Amazon is BRAZILIAN: I don't care how many sob pictures you libs saw on CNN,…[View]
223999558Just going to leave this here: https://www.jewish-singles.de Make of this what you will /pol/[View]
223996624Tay gets blacked in her new MV: What the hell lol[View]
223998232Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
223998196Is Donald Trump the anti christ?[View]
223999879Where are the Supreme gentleman memes?[View]
223999741mfw I fapped to trap porn[View]
223994944Imagine being so fatherless and naive you bought one of these: I guess that's 'free market capi…[View]
223993815If Jews are the problem why are >feminists >trannys >sjws >molesters >liberals Almos…[View]
223999792who's moderating today? Someone Special perhaps?: Well... THAT thread didn't take long to …[View]
223999409Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice CONTINUED: Previous thread archived - >>…[View]
223999437KIKES: Are there any based kikes you wouldn't gas?[View]
223999712Delingpole: Britain Has Been Brainwashed by the: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/08/22/delingp…[View]
223993632This scares the mutt[View]
223997343Richard Spencer :'Everything I say is History!': This was the week after Trump's election, in t…[View]
223999510Recalibrating NPCs with Normie-templates: Make your memes with normie / NPC templates. Their firewal…[View]
223999453Deep Dive Research General: Effort posting, quality sources, coherent narratives, copious facts. Sha…[View]
223998769HONK HONK[View]
223999435Wanna have some fun?[View]
223999425wat: not even atheist fedora cucks can compete with this shit pagancucks are officially the uttermo…[View]
223999264PEDO PRIESTESS NAOMI CAMPBELL IS ILLUMINATI: Watch at 3:31 you can see her Illuminati amulet shine t…[View]
223991665Why do Americans seethe at the fact that they'll never ever get Greenland?[View]
223990187“RELIGION OF PEACE”: https://twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175263510487041?s=21[View]
223998998What the fuck is wrong with zoomers?[View]
223999261Sheriff: Father walked into sheriff's office and confessed to killing his 15-year-old daughter …[View]
223999252based black preacher schools canadacucks on abortion https://youtu.be/7175eJvwbhs[View]
223982386>Fixes your continent: Behold! The perfect European map, circa year 2150AD! >Grey: Fourth Reic…[View]
223977816Greenland is rightful Irish clay, hand it over D*nmark[View]
223998835Would you marry a 100% aryan qt willing to give strong polish children even if she was a shitlib?[View]
223997243<Somebody roast this Whiteboi[View]
223999107Diversity is their strenght: >Look at african continent >places are shit, uncivilized, cruel, …[View]
223998993The reason behind Thailand's traps: When talking about the spread of the whole LGBT thing, it a…[View]
223998870taylor swift has: A music video featuring a diverse cast. You should watch it and comment. Heres th…[View]
223952324Man commits suicide after being mocked for dating a tranny: >Maurice Willoughby committed suicide…[View]
223991280Not only does Israel Deserve to Exist...: But it deserves more land. The historical borders of ancie…[View]
223996351Éire/pol/ - Burn the Burka Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez…[View]
223977957ITT: jews just jaying: I need some examples of shit Jews say on Twitter/social media. I am trying to…[View]
223990786Donald wants to but greenland: I don't know why Donald would want to buy Greenland, what do you…[View]
223998462Is Georgia best state to live for black folks?: >black mayor of Atlanta >black governor of the…[View]
223996723Is everything okay America? Whats going on big guys?[View]
223998453White Nationalism is Self interest: White Nationalism has been stuck in an altruistic mindset trying…[View]
223998449European channers: It seems the European union are bigger kike lovers slaves then the U.S. Right now…[View]
223998380Say it with me: 4 MORE YEARS :^)[View]
223997092Why do you continue to support monogamy when it's been proven over and over again that it'…[View]
223982309Crime statistics: Arguing with my grandma about this. Im trying to teach her that nonwhite people ar…[View]
223984483poland has fallen into (((their))) hands: >compromised by israel >demand reparations >choo…[View]
223989315Radical liberals: I am attending a training course organised by radical liberals, they believe that …[View]
223996683It just went down again: Railgun error[View]
223996581let's talk about white women: Where did it all go wrong? How do we fix this problem? https://w…[View]
223998221Based manlet literally did nothing wrong[View]
223990699Does Andrew Yang realize all his supporters are fucking stupid?[View]
223988623Did you know that 88 out of 100 US senators are jews? Now you know. >“The World Jewish Restitutio…[View]
223998067Shills, bots and JIDF: When we gonna get focused on accelerating the nuclear apocalypse? Everything …[View]
223996334When did vice: Become yamaka hating antisemites?[View]
223997908ELECTION 2019 - ONLY ONE CHOICE - SOMEONE ELSE: Are there seriously any Trudeau Supporters here? Wh…[View]
223988798Why do Burgers like her?[View]
223995261OOOOOOOOOOPS: distraction with greenland is not working!!! quick come up with another distraction…[View]
223993198Reminder: If you get citizenship to a country you are considered the nationality. If I get a citizen…[View]
223997855>born without thighs >married to perfect African Queen >worships him >incels will shit o…[View]
223991175Denmark based as fuck[View]
223997725Denial of service attack finds a whole new way to get through safeguards: Border Guard and Emergency…[View]
223992490This is so powerful[View]
223995207Sex and Character, Otto Weininger: This dude's ideas are third wave feminism in practice. Prove…[View]
223997418We Wuz: In 5,000 years they will we wuz the moon landing. The white man progresses while others we w…[View]
223990621Red pill me on Greenland.: Why would America want a desolate, ice-covered, barren, waste-land filled…[View]
223968060How long: I give it 2 years, tops. Then she gets an easy alimony claim in the UK courts.[View]
223995637So this trap discord group is doing the exact same thing as /r9cute/ and reiko's harem. >The…[View]
223981618BRAZIL PRIVATIZES THE PUBLIC SECTOR: After passing a free market economic reform, government announc…[View]
223981129Declassified UFO Documents/Photographs: Thoughts on these? https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/d…[View]
223983776ladies and gentlemen...[View]
223981471What's happening in the timeline where Hillary won?[View]
223992231Humanity: Afro Asiatics are the most superior peoples to have ever walked this earth. We founded the…[View]
223994125Can we retun to the Internet's Golden Age?: How do we return to the era of speech on the Intern…[View]
223994882Patrolled: Any other caps from based thot patrollers? I'm in that mood.[View]
223994811IF ONLY YOU'D HAVE LISTENED: now we are all going to die[View]
223995137The Nazis forever ruined many ancient symbols. Not only the swastika, but also runes like the 's run…[View]
223991519Eddie Bravo: How do we red pill this boomer on the JQ? I feel like he should be aware but lately whe…[View]
223997053/pol/ TIME MACHINE: ITT: What if /pol/ existed back in 7 December 1941[View]
223995481Someone tells the Albino Gorilla not to...: ..wipe his feet on our coffee tables. Thank you. You…[View]
223994077FBI stonewalling!: Wray is a sleeper. Swamp creature. <<<Wray FBI wants to stall until wel…[View]
223990127Well well well..: This flowchart settles the debate once and for all. Eternal Mutts eternally BTFO…[View]
223922002Syria General /sg/ - Guarding the Skies edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
223987621This comes pretty close, though missing the international jews involvement. But can you proof this f…[View]
223996399Twitter created a “moment” for this guy who spends 20 tweets bitching about how a Socialism-themed m…[View]
223996771National debt: Is national debt overblown? What are the consequences of having so much debt if no on…[View]
223985255Daily Palestine Thread: Daily pro-Palestine thread. Share your best Paly memes and news, support BDS…[View]
223990140Is Podesta the father of Chester Bennington? The resemblance is uncanny[View]
223996615Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice: Old thread from 8pol before the great Shoah. …[View]
223995169If you aren’t in a poly relationship: FUCK YOU[View]
223994561Anyone have a link for the Tarrant shooting?[View]
223996342The Gate Keepers of Illuminati: We know who they are: Powerful dark occultists. We know what they d…[View]
223989435Kashmir Resistance Front - /KRF/ -: Kashmir & Indian failures for dummies India is losing badly…[View]
223995288Daily reminder: NO[View]
223993516Why do Italians have last names like this?: What do they mean by this?[View]
223993894Niggers: If it wasn’t for the white men niggers would have died off long ago.[View]
223995593Trump is Anti Semitic Goy: Nothing to worry about at all, Trump claimed that jews who vote Democrat …[View]
223996071Bernie Sanders’ ‘Green New Deal’: A $16 Trillion Climate Plan: OH NO NO NO https://www.nytimes.com/2…[View]
223994701Varg the fag vikernes: Someone red pill me on why people watch this low IQ babbling self styles guru…[View]
223992966Google storage links: Reminder not to click google storage links. People who do are also likely reta…[View]
223964498Christianity: Is it the greatest Jewish trick or the greatest Jewish contribution to the world?…[View]
223983008Powerful! That will show insecure Drumpf not to mess with girl power![View]
223994643China forcing Hong Kong to merge Amazone indigos win lawsuit, get their forest burnd down Google inf…[View]
223995756Who Was SENT To KNOW About? He Wasn’t Get The Lightest Atom (#1 on the Periodic Chart). Heard & …[View]
223995872ASIO agent's name revealed!: John Pye, Queensland State Manager of ASIO. There you have it.…[View]
223988258You can get a cancer treatment for FREE in shitholes like Mexico or Colombia, subsidized with the lo…[View]
223989846/pol/ Humour: /pol/ humour thread, let's send our nastiest memes lads[View]
223995446What the FUCK Ameirca?[View]
223995565hahahhahahahhahahh: > CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park early yesterday w…[View]
223995569New Language: You know what really pisses me off? This push for universal zero impact language has m…[View]
223995517The Trawler Plan: Right lads, im fed up with the ammount of degeneracy taking over the internet in r…[View]
223994577Feds not looking at powerful people: You FIBEENIGGERS need to get off our asses. We ain't hurti…[View]
223995486Are Americans Children who need to be scolded: Its not often i venture into normie land to see thing…[View]
223992993Hey i got a live: Share blue troll. Anyone want his information? I think hes at work so i have his o…[View]
223989577Ok guys. I cannot find any good data so I will have to find knowledge throughout some anegdotical pr…[View]
223991223Guys find yourself a finish woman. Mine tells me a lot of the girls are redpilled and trying to find…[View]
223994133SanFrancisco is garbage.: 'Crime-ridden San Francisco has introduced new sanitized language for crim…[View]
223995282Why are brown people so tough?: >The post drew attention to the fact that Ramírez won “without a …[View]
223989620Can someone explain this to me?: i don't get it[View]
223991234>can't go to israel >cries kek even the muds are fucked in this country…[View]
223981878Brit/pol/ - Pulled Pork Edition: >TWO police officers attacked in the line of duty were told to w…[View]
223992171Andrew Yang, why? why not?: I've been completely and entirely out of the loop about anything in…[View]
223976635I don’t understand, isn’t the UK already a US vassal state?: I mean, it’s pretty much doing what Tru…[View]
223994192Hilldawg thread: let's show these blompftards how things are done[View]
223993513I've literally been having psychotic dreams, lately I had a dream last night where two guys kep…[View]
223994893OH NO NO NO NO[View]
223974965WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF RESOURCES: The finite resources problem (and we're about to start run…[View]
223982429Yesterday I ordered a pizza and there was a group of guys in the restaurant, probably in their 20s, …[View]
223993497UK niggers chimping out over anti-knife messages inside takeaway chicken boxes: A youth-focused trio…[View]
223992856Incels are the Hottest Summer Trend of 2019: Their low-drama lifestyle and goofy youth-pastor charm …[View]
223991588DOJ confirms invasion: In 2018, 90% of suspects arrested for federal immigration crimes were male. h…[View]
223994594Spoiled children soon to fall Freedom is the lie we live We will wait for tragedy And scatter helple…[View]
223993163Sleeep: So is it getting hot today?[View]
223994534Bolsonaro is a kike puppet, but he didn't throw fire in the Amazon Forest. Obviously. He took …[View]
223952725>Go to Europe for vacation >Frankfurt, Paris, London and Barcelona >Kids constantly making …[View]
223994500When did the Amazon rainforest fire begin? I remember seeing a few threads a couple weeks ago about…[View]
223994473Democrats Push Legalization of Cannibalism to 'Respect South American Culture': https://www.breitbar…[View]
223994397MIT rapist Nicholas Negroponte: 'None of these children has ever met an Israeli': https://www.dailyk…[View]
223994241Whats trumps end game, will he become catholic in the end?[View]
223989752Been a while /pol. Have those filthy Indians cleaned up their street shitting problem? Also. Indian …[View]
223988606Richard Spencer :'Everything I say is History!': This was the week after Trump's election, in t…[View]
223992519Creepy porn lawyer: What’s this cunt up to now /pol/?[View]
223994149Why don't Americans just post the non-hispanic white population statistics?[View]
223993231what's happening guys? This report was about how men can't find love or simply can't[View]
223993547Is Macron /our guy/?[View]
223978793>He hasn't take the apocalypse-pill: >nuclear war, natural disaster or plague happens …[View]
223981720$38 billion in accounting fraud How many fortune 500 companies are cooking their books right now?[View]
223988487No seriously though. Why is everyone who shows up for the right and proud boys all 60+ year old boom…[View]
223993291Strength Through Peace: All we need to do to defeat the left is make ourselves look less insane than…[View]
223986672More fucking degeneracy: Right lads, every time we think they cant get any worse, they do (pic relat…[View]
223986181Britcuck OLYMPICS - UK must burn.: A Golf car advert was withdrawn in the UK, for showing a woman be…[View]
223990826Crowd Control Methods: Weren't German Shepherds more effective at crowd control than contempora…[View]
223993279National Socialist Food Banks: The Heart land is dotted with post industrial heroine filled shithole…[View]
223978788>CIA and NASA teleports you back to 10th of September 2001 What do?How do you stop the attacks?…[View]
223993699I'm diabetic type 2. If I only eat when my bloodsugar isn't too high (in the normal range)…[View]
223993072Swedish tik tok celebrity turns out to be a pedophile. He’s also a migrant. He’s convicted for multi…[View]
223993635What are your thoughts on the recent zoomer invasion of the internet? Do you think it's been fo…[View]
223991820In Netanyahu's hour of need, Trump is nowhere to be seen: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/21/opinio…[View]
223986176Is there a way for the US to crash the world economy while making ours stronger? We used to be 2 tie…[View]
223952303Let's be unironic for a minute: Does the government have contact with aliens?[View]
223989301Pizzagate, Voodoo donuts: Epstein Island. How the fuck do they keep getting away with it?[View]
223992881BURN THE AMAZON: >be german leftist >is literally autistically screeching over some trees thou…[View]
223990153They're watching us.[View]
223992788One Piece is a covert way of naming the jew: The celestial dragons are a metaphor for jews. They use…[View]
223965936why are white people so beautiful?: i am an algerian and live in australia and sometimes it feels li…[View]
223993140Why?: Why will Evropean culture always be superior to american or oriental?[View]
223992032DOLEMITE: > Be White Period piece > Have to have Diversity > Be Black Period Piece > All…[View]
223990696Obama was: Such a fucking pussy dude he had the spine of a jellyfish dude. https://youtu.be/zQ-hPNr…[View]
223971391So this trap discord group is doing the exact same thing as /r9cute/ and reiko's harem. >The…[View]
223992854>operation /shapeshifter/ outs jews playing both sides of the fence >all of a sudden /pol/ is …[View]
223992437Ebony: Why are black woman so sexy? Thick thighs, big booty, toned stomach, big tits, fat lips? How …[View]
223992229Why don't Trump use the Greenland money to build the wall on the America-Mexico border instead?[View]
223992640ultimate red pill?: What if conservatives are literally Hitler? What then of the history?[View]
223983761Umm, could you Nazi fucks kindly stop ruining the beautiful safe city of London with your racist hat…[View]
223992495Secession is the way.: >T-Trump >J-Jews! >C-Communists! >A-Acclerationists! That's …[View]
223986503FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 SOLVED: >It's common knowledge, Mossad, CIA behind 9/11 t…[View]
223979037Why do people doubt Italians are white? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK928kqYUPI[View]
223991890MUSLIM BROTHER: What did Varg Vikernes mean by this?[View]
223967323The 2nd amendment is worded: '...the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringe…[View]
223991578Dindu Serbs got (((beat up with lead pipes and a machete))). https://www.index.hr/vijesti/clanak/vla…[View]
223986001Did they invent a fire department yet?: First the national museum burned down and now the rainforest…[View]
223975467Dis cuss[View]
223985474I heard that the kalergi plan isn't really about destroying the white race, but instead about u…[View]
223979519we should smuggle weapons into hong kong and watch as chaos unfolds. but on a serious note how does …[View]
223992136Time To Shut Down Another: leftist disinfo campaign (or bring attention to it at least) anyone have…[View]
223992120So i made my fanfic about a smuslim society with no incels; All muslims must fight in jihad until th…[View]
223984521Berlin-based Croatian diplomat suspended over ‘pure’ and ‘white Europe’ comments: In another series …[View]
223986183Germanic languages thread: Compare Germanic languages here What do other Germanic languages sound li…[View]
223989156Well at least I can sleep at night knowing Eastern Europe will be safe and the Legend can come back …[View]
223991097Twitter fame: Aye yo gang , anyone got tips/tweet ideas for getting clout on twitter ?[View]
223990676Is pol horde or alliance? Favorite city? Pve or pvp?[View]
223989557/wag/: Weaponized Autism General: Operation Shapeshift is essentially compromised for good. The norm…[View]
223987996Is it normal to be kind of homophobic although I am not religious? (mainly about men and not women) …[View]
223988262Are you going to watch this anon?: >BBC EastEnders Exec. Producer, Jon Sen, has said they’ll “br…[View]
223989888I’d give her the money to fuck off.[View]
223989363Operation Anita: Meme a Frog into the White House: Elaboration by based ausbro: >I think we shoul…[View]
223989728https://youtu.be/di9f3sLG0jo What the fuck is going on pol? What is he doing? Why are his arms out …[View]
223991533You know what would be an ingenious idea for Andrew Yang's campaign? If they did a marketing ad…[View]
223991408OPERATION 13-50: 13 and 50 MUST become meme numbers just like 420 and 69, notice how every zoomer th…[View]
223987685Anglo-Saxon and proud.[View]
223989476I can't even be ironically right wing anymore.[View]
223982048Secret Coves - Epstein Island: The Meaning of it all in images[View]
223986577Sorry Sweden: She didn't make it. The sea is a cruel mistress. I'm sure climate change is …[View]
223986714Fucking clown world: This is becoming ridiculous. go to (((GOOGLE))) image search type 'white wom…[View]
223965581Brenton Tarrant Appreciation Thread: hail brenton![View]
223985624How to immigrate in the world's greatest country ?: Plz tell me. What can I do ? Relevant skill…[View]
223989660watch some niglets beat up sponge bob: Niglets beat up sponge bob for 2.5 minutes (and then the vide…[View]
223990688>Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen![View]
223988440One America News: Is by far the best cable news in America. It isn't close. Can anyone find thi…[View]
223990071I assume you guys found a woman to start family with. I mean, who will stop blackening of Europe aft…[View]
223984047EU HAPPENING///////EU HAPPENING: a swedish minister just said 'WE ARE NOW IN A CONFLICT WITH THE US'…[View]
223990919Asgård General /ag/ - Project Asgård: Does anyone know what the Asgard server discord is? I want to …[View]
223990856Shopping for a home: Have been shopping for a home and my agent gave me some brochures. Spotted this…[View]
223960482DEEPFAKE VOICEMAKERS ARE PUBLIC: And Jordan Peterson's very voice has been made available for a…[View]
223937838She’s coming, burgers[View]
223990737How deep does the Epstein rabbit hole go?: Well exactly how deep pol? https://youtu.be/Ij2vdvL7dx4…[View]
223990663American Orania: Is it possible in burgerland? Private property rights are strong here. Even somethi…[View]
223989231Homosexuality is cureable: No porn. No fapping. Cold showers (purification of body and soul). Absta…[View]
223976670How to get a bunch of Jews to follow you twitter?: I started this account and want some Jewish follo…[View]
223971466DRUMPH IS DONE: It. Is. Ogre.[View]
223988563>go in /ptg/ for the first time in years >it's just people posting boomer memes and awoo …[View]
223961319A black jokes about white babies being ugly. And the racist rats come out of their holes.: I know we…[View]
223989262Canada vs Australia: Who's better?[View]
223988283Are Zoomers rising up?[View]
223988473Dota 2 - The International 2019 in China. No black people. Diversity?: Ti9 is currently taking place…[View]
223987665Um. I just worked it out. Like I hardly smoked any weed sat down and worked it out. If Jews invented…[View]
223984388why did multiple world leaders trust this guy to keep their crimes a secret?[View]
223989963WEAK TURDS - God save the queen: Anyone know what happened to the latest Timmy Tim Tim episode uploa…[View]
223987323This is what 'The Simpsons' will look like in 2030: and you'll be arrested for white …[View]
223985926What the fuck /pol/, you told me Paki women in UK are fully covered jihadi baby incubators who pray …[View]
223982967There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
223988415I'll have what he's having. What are they feeding this kid? He's going to be huge htt…[View]
223989711>post on /pol/ >get targeted ads about how I can become an FBI agent…[View]
223989205Operation Shapeshift / Phase 2 /: Now that they know there are tons of fake jewish profiles, they ar…[View]
223981154>Donald Trump looked to the heavens and declared ‘I am the chosen one’ hours after likening his p…[View]
223984766Double standards thread: >stop objectifying womens butts >they poop from there But also >…[View]
223987143kaliningrad/konigsberg: why doesnt germany want this back? it seems pretty important, historically s…[View]
223988083Smallpox did nothing wrong: >Be Bolivian. >Be ruled by some cocaine-loving indian. >Bastard…[View]
223988590Let me posit this question: What if?[View]
223988868Is this a power level reveal?[View]
223983765I support slave reparations: We should give all niggers a one time, $1500 payment to move to Africa …[View]
223988576We wuz Irish and shit[View]
223983026Incels: I feel sooner later someone will take advantage of the large population of incels like Romul…[View]
223988973Hey everyone, I was debating a friend that homosexuality was a downfall because if you were in a cou…[View]
223989055M.I.T. Media Lab in Crisis After 2 Scholars Vow to Leave Over Epstein Ties: Source: https://www.goog…[View]
223989019Military Recruiter hate thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FAWbz5rKd0&feature=youtu.be…[View]
223979568Glug glug glug... tsahhhh mmmm this is some good water flavored fluoride[View]
223983774This is how the world sees America[View]
223987406Gays and Islam: Why does the alphabet people support Islam like they do? Do they not understand that…[View]
223978289LOL I know this is a silly picture but Beto REALLY looks like Butthead I cannot unsee it i'm so…[View]
223984125Did She Do To 'Hillary' What Hitler Did To 'Adolf'?: I mean, who in their right mind is going to nam…[View]
223987938Help m-: I feel Like sandniggers Are a invasive species, where did they get the idea to travel to ou…[View]
223967989Why are Americans so triggered by the idea of public health care?[View]
223987206Days of Rage: This book should be mandatory reading for anyone who talks about armed struggle in the…[View]
223988529AI data.: If you want to discuss new idea's go out into the real world. All this opinionated at…[View]
223988675Racism is when Demokkkrats demand that you use the word 'white' to describe yourself instead of your…[View]
223984621I don't get it?[View]
223983633Do you live in the first world?: The country painted blue is the first world. Black = Venezuela Gray…[View]
223982172Why every politician on earth doesn't work between 23 and 25 of december?: Even the ones that d…[View]
223985267Justin Trudeau: the rise and fall of a political brand: The guardian is calling out yo Boy JT - And …[View]
223982635Redpill me on suicide Is is a legitimate way to escape clown world?[View]
223986340Baked Alaska: MAGA Anthem (OFFICIAL VIdeo+OFFICIAL Lyrics+OFFICIAL Video): https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
223983784What does /pol/ think of Amin al-Husseini?[View]
223985774SAN FRANCISCO OFFICIALLY BECOMES CLOWNWORLD USA: >The San Francisco board rebrands 'convicte…[View]
223985607Baked Alaska: Trump is my President: OFFICIAL LYRICS: >The liberals are crying, ‘Cuz we never sto…[View]
223980575Why are so few men getting married these days?[View]
223984717Trangender toilets obligatory in schools: Portugal just anounced that in the upcoming school year, a…[View]
223979856What happens here?[View]
223987761Question for Europeans: Do you feel more annoyed at being under America's thumb or more happy t…[View]
223987646Shut the fuck up![View]
223981850Are kurds redpilled?[View]
223977645/CTF/ Capture the Flag General: There are several Pride Parade posters outside of my home set up str…[View]
223985089Any benefits of dying for Israel?: I can only thing of cons, not a single pro. Are there any pros wh…[View]
223974180I'm currently working for the government[View]
223983600We wuzism - North Vs South: Have you ever noticed how it's always northerners who insist on ins…[View]
223985046FBI domestic terror black op?: Why did he do it /pol/? Why was this scrubbed from the collective con…[View]
223974191Bosnians = real Illyrians: Only bosnians have dominant I2 haplogroup.Serbitches you came to our land…[View]
223983380Not bait, just to want to hear your opinion.: Why is communism bad, tell us your opinion.[View]
223985237Why did you not succumb to infection from a scratch on your foot at age 21? Why are you not hungry a…[View]
223978957The Chinese make our electronics, yet we subject them to horrid conditions and their cities are smog…[View]
223984444a man provides for his family[View]
223973019Invader Zim Movie: Is the Invader Zim movie Redpilled Satire? >Parody Apple device meant to enric…[View]
223980887Did boomers get the worst of the media brainwashing? >hey did you see that really funny commracia…[View]
223987204Daily reminder Nilotics from South-Sudan are not Sudanese. There are very little Nilotics in Sudan. …[View]
223985357It's OFFICIAL: JEXIT is a thing.: First it was Brexit, then Candace Owens started Blexit. Now, …[View]
223983191catholics donated 2 billion dollars to restore this shitty old church...: but ignore the 700k+ homel…[View]
223980495Obviously Incels are the problem with our society: I mean obviously. Why won't you knock up a n…[View]
223985752muslim cope thread: muhammad was a gay pedo. how do you muslims even begin to cope? >inb4 taqiya…[View]
223980316Look guys im a moderate: Look guys im a moderate but >FUCK IMMIGRATION >FUCK MEDICARE FOR ALL…[View]
223985027CBS Elementary Implying Google Murders: In the recent series of the Sherlock Holmes series Elementar…[View]
223986399'This is because the media sucks at their job': *forces laughter*[View]
223978762Perfectly fine!: The report states that at least 13.5 million German residents are immigrants and fo…[View]
223986924Oh nonononono[View]
223985875All this time /pol/ thought he was playing chess when actually his aides are trying to stop him from…[View]
223983721Is she right, /pol/? Is Britain more like Pakistan than Pakistan itself? Glad this lady enjoyed her …[View]
223985192Why the fuck are Detroit Proud (lady)Boys protesting for Trump outside of a Holocaust Museum? Go bac…[View]
223981444OMG OMG IS THIS TRUE??: It would explain a LOT.[View]
223983467How does YouTube have videos from people that make videos like these which are intended for kids: ht…[View]
223984619what is wrong with swedish people?[View]
223984866How come: Malingering has become the peak social trend of the obama era? >what a legacy lmaooo…[View]
223984282Matt Groening - Simpsons - Epstein connection: Some might have seen The Simpsons cringy video of 'Th…[View]
223956470Famous Porn Actress found Homeless: 1) Are amerifats this bad with money? She could have saved some …[View]
223984219Jeffrey Epstein tried to justify his sexual abuse of girls by saying it was the same as being gay: h…[View]
223969744CANADA IS COLLAPSING part 2491 - No Remittances, No Remorse: In preparation for the seizure of Chine…[View]
223985987>yfw the left will eventually win For realzies, most right wing retards will be dead or senile in…[View]
223974171Why are incels so triggered by abortion:: Why do you care if Tyrons half nigger bastard song gets sc…[View]
223981589Greetings to all Americans, black and white, right and left. I am Russian and very interested in Woo…[View]
223959198Name someone more Based: Pro tip: you cant[View]
223985904Balkans War Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayRy-0ynQ64[View]
223980099why don't you have white kids?[View]
223985801Baked Alaska: Yang Gang Theme (Official Music Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwOzAaf1vEs…[View]
223985680Baked Alaska: We Love our Cops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiHftejWSvU >We love our cops, …[View]
223966336aus/pol/ - INVADERS MUST DIE edition: Lads, I'm on a pilgramage across Europe. Same as Saint BT…[View]
223972756Why do my boomer conservative parents love Jews so much? It disgusts me. Literally Christian conserv…[View]
223981581Can we just spontaneously make her the new Secretary-General of the United Nations via universal acc…[View]
223982437When did Canada start letting 6 year olds vote?[View]
223977182Guns, Germs, and Steel: Why does this book trigger /pol/ so badly? Why are you only able to post deb…[View]
223980709Praise the God-Emperor of the planet Earth. Amen.[View]
223974453Does someone have the right to take someone elses life? Yes or No. Answer Yes, or No.[View]
223981258How bad is the police abuse in your country?[View]
223981076George 'Joji' Miller - 'I wish I could satisfy my girl like a black man': Thoughts on this? https://…[View]
223982890Whoa... could it truly be that everything 'anti-White' is simply a direct result of shitty life choi…[View]
223953355Can Fox just kill the Simpsons already? This is so embarrassing and bad. https://youtu.be/ErhaWVG0o1…[View]
223980208Fort Shelling rename: The Minnesota Historical Society is asking for public input on the renaming of…[View]
223984939Thoughts on ancient Greco-Roman DNA?: The people who founded Western Civilization don't cluster…[View]
223973545What is so hard to understand about the difference of Gender & Sex? Also: Why do so many of you…[View]
223977812PewDiePie plays Serbia Strong in his new Minecraft video: Why does this edgy, immature racist piece …[View]
223983224Barr and Durham aren't going to do anything are they?[View]
2239779291300 Hong Kong police have been doxxed by protestors Today the Hong Kong police had a press conferen…[View]
223983324Get your shit together: Stop replying to flagless posters Sage bait threads Tell faggots to kys You …[View]
223982636Hello fellow 4channelers! Aren't guns great? Which guns would you use to shoot up your local sc…[View]
223965175Varg is now a Kara Booga poster[View]
223983910Why aren't black men willing to accept responsibility for their offspring? 98% of White women w…[View]
223983392Just a daily reminder that trannys are disgusting[View]
223944992I can't believe some people unironically believe this[View]
223982899Are there any videos depicting the destruction of the Quran in Public? i can't find any on yout…[View]
223983994(Said is the butcher-caterer craftsmen that was missing to your village!)[View]
223981239>yeah I use 5G, how can you tell?[View]
223979188indian poo/hindu hate thread[View]
223983813Andrew Yang: https://streamable.com/c0q00 heartwrenching edition[View]
223981165Already happened btw: Aint nothing fake about it.[View]
223978467Miss me yet?[View]
223979595The new issue of Gazeta Warszawska: Nation-wide edition. Also available in the US - New York, New Je…[View]
223977675Wheelschan down: Is it down or did my provider just block it?[View]
223980491How do we get him back on our side? It's great and all that he's tweeting about being the …[View]
223979935Are black nationalists based? Take Hotep Jesus for example, about 80% of what he says is completely …[View]
223979707Have leftists in America hit rock bottom?: Eating their own[View]
223978902What does /pol/ think of my new ride?: Jealous, faggots?[View]
223983082Don't let the Epstein type Jews bury this story and silence the white victim of Jewish rape[View]
223980849Wake up: Wake up.[View]
223972328Why are the Danes being such dicks about this? Just take the money.[View]
223978963has there ever been movie as BASED as this?: >all white actors >strong white male lead >han…[View]
223983245>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
223978936Sverige Booming: Swedish police say that the number of explosive incidents and bombings in Sweden fr…[View]
223980848How come there: Is a seemingly coordinated agenda to make as many boys gay as possible but women uni…[View]
223982192>on public transit >bus driver driving wildly and stopping suddenly >check their skin colou…[View]
223981278MLK and Malcolm X: What is your opinion on both of them? What is the true red-pill about both of the…[View]
223982507UK Waterways 'Like open sewers': >Dr Andrew Singer, senior scientist at the Centre for …[View]
223982940Jewish plots: After taking some mind expanding mushrooms I figured out a plot the Jews have been usi…[View]
223977425Noteworthy Rabbis to listen to on youtube ITT Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi >https://www.youtube.com/user/…[View]
223982685>DDOS didn't work >BBC spam never works >Trump just keeps WINNING AND WINNING AND WINN…[View]
223980054@ 1:00: Who is contributing more to the fall of Western Civilization: Atheism or Christianity? https…[View]
223967304I awlways defened christianity against these pagan larpers here but why do burger christians need to…[View]
223982204Muh 4d chess!: That was..............awkward. I speak of course of Trump declaring himself 'King of…[View]
223981622Ah yes, come in old friend, the weather is quite tumultuous wouldn't you say. Sit, get comforta…[View]
223975751You can now officially take porn classes at German universities: https://twitter.com/MsOeming/status…[View]
223982082Nazi Germany Movies: Can /pol/ recommend me some good Nazi Germany films from 1933 to 1945 to watch?…[View]
223981015Which one is gonna be the first one to snap.[View]
223971129Are Egyptians some kind of ancient mulattoes ? Every single one i know has this mutt hair and kinda …[View]
223982008GET IN HERE !!! WHAT A HELL ARE THEY UP TO???[View]
223962486Stone Toss: what is up with this cartoon? what are your opinions on this?[View]
223976967National Libertarianism: Can we build National Libertarianism, /pol/? Is it possible to combine Nazi…[View]
223981980Most of the world >derp lets use 3 stripes of different colors for our flag! >quite a few use …[View]
223981904Lads, how do we stop the maghreb BVLL?[View]
223970923Would you vote Moral or Existential?[View]
223976214Time to redraw Europe's borders: How would you fix it?[View]
223977075Which countries are the most nationalistic and why is that so?: From my experience i would say Turks…[View]
223981752Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the United States https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCnKtzQpC…[View]
223980430Ford Motors to change name: Due to pressures from the Jewish community, Ford Motor Corp has announce…[View]
223975787Anons, I'm looking to get into a trade that requires minimum schooling so I don't waste fo…[View]
223979586Wasn't this racist? I did not get the hate towards him. And is also clear that beating Bruce in…[View]
223981150John Lennon Beat his Wife[View]
223982091>source of all terrestrial life >kills wh*Tes What did Sun mean by this?…[View]
223981285We are going, going, going to distant lands ...[View]
223980926/trole/: TROLE R O L E[View]
223950665she's right, you know. you can't refute this[View]
223953624Jordan Peterson's daughter: does he know about his daughter posting thong selfies on insta? can…[View]
223979691Old Democratic Party appreciation thread: In 1868, their motto was this is a white man's countr…[View]
223961900brit/pol/ - we fucking own greenland now you little faggots - edition: >something something PM …[View]
223978804Reminder that woman's rights was a mistake: >Votes for the globalhomo open borders >Creat…[View]
223979827This is /pol/: What image do you associate with your pathetic little safe space, anon?[View]
223980564Shit. They're on to me.: Glowniggers running 4chan.[View]
223981433what will happen to Afghanistan in the future.: any insights.. with the recent discoveries of minera…[View]
223977911There is no such thing as a fake Jew!: Over six trillion fellow 4chan users were kicked off Twitter …[View]
223980001>I ve had sex I'm not an incel like you Hahahaha fucking incel why can't you be like no…[View]
223981313HEY GOY JORDAN PETERSON HERE https://vocaroo.com/i/s1onHoaJbKWO generated on: http://goatse.info/ -G…[View]
223976087FORD CUCKS!: Not /ourguy/. The rabbis got to him. Fuck, I'm blackpilled now. If only he could s…[View]
223981127Cernovich victim intimidation: Cernovich works for Epstein's team?[View]
223967362Why the fuck does this board keep pushing the Meme: That is Shitslam and NatSoc And not based Christ…[View]
223978489is he right?[View]
223977959Thought here... Is Greenland the possible 51st state or for Israel?: Consecutive thoughts all over t…[View]
223980418Just a daily reminder that Donald Trump ordered AG William Barr to kill Epstein. No amount of le ebi…[View]
223980734>yfw you realize india superpower 2020 was a predictive programming meme that aimed to tell you t…[View]
223980993Free Russia: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-rosneft-tenders-euro/exclusive-russias-rosnef…[View]
223973410>AI on the rise >depression and mental disorders at an all time high due to depersonalization …[View]
223980884CLOWN WORLD: https://www.yahoo.com/news/six-people-aged-62-85-083559325.html# So...a group of perver…[View]
223963050Why the fuck are Russians so good at programming? Asians I get since they love grinding STEM but Rus…[View]
223955659Is Alex Jones a fag?: Tranny on his phone[View]
223979106Will Kek will trump back into the white house?[View]
223980742Hey how come: We all forgot pope pius sided with the nazis in world war 2? >hey wait didnt englan…[View]
223939995IT'S HAPPENING!!!!: It's over Denmark! Just spotted off the coast of Greenland.[View]
223978321Breaking !: South Korea finally scraped GSOMIA This would change world order completely[View]
223975504Defend the 2nd Amendment!!!: https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190819/florida-alert-assault-weapons-…[View]
223979709Why do black people get angry when a black person holds right wing views?[View]
223980456Poor leafs are friendzoned: >H-hi a-america kun. You can buy me if if y-youd like. Eh. Dont be w…[View]
223980583glownigger.com: I'm back, the site is yours to fuck with.[View]
223980121that didn’t end well.[View]
223976973Is the rainforest in trouble? Why is the MSM pushing this? They are also blaming Bolsonaro for the f…[View]
223979672Oh shit, >Amazon rainforest burning >Might make climate changes even worst I am already suffe…[View]
223978646The French government blocks 4chan on every TGV train’s Wi-Fi network[View]
223968806CHINK SHILLS: >but...muh...muh russia https://qz.com/1691785/chinas-paying-to-build-its-influence…[View]
223971370What role does fiction play in the ethnostate?[View]
223976567Zion Don is sinking: OHHHH NOOOOOO he's Israel's best President but it's not enough w…[View]
223977033YANG ON THE FRONT PAGE: https://www.politico.com/ https://archive.is/GtD0X >Perhaps you haven’t n…[View]
223979984Was he right /pol/?: Is Bloomphberg going to complete the system of German Idealism? And what will i…[View]
223978063Why are we here, in this world? Is this where we truly are? What we are meant to do? Is this all the…[View]
223979562White men are stupid: Their role model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lo-EavB7k White men have a…[View]
223976920How do we solve the cuck seat problem?: >capitalism is making our lives bett.... >Hop in wagie…[View]
223972860How???: How do you feel to be living on the same big rock as elite pedophiles who can kill people fr…[View]
223968054WW3: When the time comes for the bigest war in history, on whose side will pool be. Will you literla…[View]
223979631ai and whites: Have you noticed that most pics from thispersondoesnotexist.com are white people? Cou…[View]
223979907In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I do not have any involvement with thi…[View]
223979686RUSSIAN READERS AND SPEAKERS: Have you read this book? Can you tell us about it? http://www.knigode…[View]
223979793>sorry, old friend >i'm afraid your time is up…[View]
223973345Is there any reason as to why the worlds best and brightest minds have always been and still are the…[View]
223979739Aside from the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele... Mental Health and Society Edition: Aside from the Nazi d…[View]
223979694tfw you are the chosen one[View]
223979456Chad Hassan Piker: WE DESERVED 9/11: Hassan Piker lifts weights. He's also smart. He got all hi…[View]
223975778Is Donald J. Trump a fag?[View]
223974615Greenland's suicide rate is a cry for intervention: >more people kill themselves in greenlan…[View]
223971871The Great ole Brits: >Be me >living in Britain >begin making breakfast >making biscuits …[View]
223979444Should border be put in the irish sea and say Fuck you to Dup[View]
223976505why do niggers still exist?[View]
223979410The Lisbon Treaty. http://tapnewswire.com/2019/08/2020-lisbon-treaty-comes-into-force/ This is the b…[View]
223975981Reminders that a gay man took down the Nazis in WW2, and all gay people are Liberals in 2019. BTFO, …[View]
223976563/pol/ was right, america is ruled by the jews. Are you still going to vote for king trumpstein, slay…[View]
223978897WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WASPY JEWFAGS ON HERE? All i see is unionjacks talking about Pedos and pretend…[View]
223978914So does THIS qualify as a 'mass-shooting' according to liberals? >Six shot, five fatally, at susp…[View]
223971040The new IKEA catalogue is finally here: guess how many white males it includes? https://onlinecatalo…[View]
223978344>3rd world flags complaining about /pol/ If only you knew how bad things really are…[View]
223979245The Most Successful War Propaganda Ever: A political musical comparison ----------------------------…[View]
223979071YHWH allows child brides. White Men are Stupid.: >>223889592 > >>223888542 > >…[View]
223976346Quick reminder they both quite LITERALLY suck white dick[View]
223973581Putin visit finland: I know that at some moment russia will invade us. But we will fuck them up like…[View]
223971432Evidence suggests microplastics in water pose ‘minimal health risk’: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/heal…[View]
223962678THEY KNOW WE KNOW: >Fake Jewish Profiles Flood Twitter in anti-Semitic Campaign to 'Subvert …[View]
223978974Dumb bitches: A place some of you may like to invade[View]
223978971Elaborate ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta7jUNaaxpE What is he about now ?[View]
223978882So the British consular worker who was grabbed in China had been balling prostitutes in Guangzhou. …[View]
223977457Armenian genocide denier and Leader of The Alt-right, Cenk Uyger, denounces democratic socialism: …[View]
223978869>Brazilians elect Bolsonaro who openly doesn't care about the environment and deforestation …[View]
223974381Why are they so powerful?: >Detroit native attorney Paul Rosenberg has become one of the music in…[View]
223974730>different but equal Why don't you have an innate understanding of this? Are you a manchild …[View]
223964393It kills me inside that some people had to jump This was a horrible tragedy RIP[View]
223974536Does this shit keep happening to anyone else right now? Is /pol/ about to be shut down any second?[View]
223967269Conservatives need to support other conservatives regardless of minor differences.: The sooner that …[View]
223974102I live in Melbourne and Indian guys literally wear tech support headsets on the train and make calls…[View]
223978083GCSE: Any of you Britfags get GCSE results today?[View]
223978259You are only entitled to some of the bill of rights: >Start counting at 1 >When you reach an i…[View]
223971701Varg BTFO /pol/[View]
223975002Hey /pol/. There's a quote by pic related that I've seen circulated in regards to his opin…[View]
223977365The gooks to scrap intelligence-sharing pact with Japan https://www.yahoo.com/news/1-korea-scrap-int…[View]
223967850What do you think about the EU?: Is the EU really beneficial, my country's crime increased by l…[View]
223978064Southern Italians are NOT white.[View]
223977772Yang 2020: When did you realize that Yang is going to win in 2020? What are you going to spend your …[View]
223976480salutaions: Hello there fellow pol users and white nationalists. I was wondering what and when will …[View]
223977047Bogdanoff Involvement in French politics: Redpill me on the phone call that saved Europe[View]
223969328Baked Alaska: Trump is my President (OFFICIAL Lyrics& OFFICIAL Video!): OFFICIAL LYRICS: >The…[View]
223975239so guys?[View]
223977253Stop fighting over religion: Why is that every single day there is 10 thread about 'christian this' …[View]
223975771'Traditionalist' Hypocrites: I see it a lot online. Men who are happy to insult women, blame women f…[View]
223974101Why is veganism such a white thing?[View]
223974956Can someone explain me if I can trust this Qanon retards?: I mean, wtf is wrong with them? DO they R…[View]
223976392What should be the anthem for the upcoming war with Iran, /pol/? >I hear people saying we don…[View]
223976367maybe: you think that we can make racist fortnite to make it disappear ?[View]
223959211Don't use divide and conquer tactics on (((*us*))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5HCDO_pwTo…[View]
223974988The Jews use me: to cause a war between muslims. Jews are to weak to fight with muslems thatswhy the…[View]
223977737Just another day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s3fMaBdWD8[View]
223967446what's going on with Varg? has he completely lost it?[View]
223976390Is the USA beyond saving? I did the math, and assuming there are 22m illegal spics here, we kick out…[View]
223976596Have you benefited from trump's economic policies?[View]
223977660Why is Romania so messed up?: What are the main reasons? Can someone explain? Aren't they white…[View]
223926449Operation Anura: meme a newsworthy frog into the White House: Elaboration by based ausbro: >I thi…[View]
2239686182013 Genetic Study: Ashkenazi Jews are Basically European: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles…[View]
223977383stop worshiping Taylor Swift: Just a quick news alert Dua Lipa is Albanian, and she doesn't in …[View]
223966477why did you force her to live in a prison, /pol/ ?[View]
223957575when did you realize that israeli shills are real?: Was it before or after they started shilling for…[View]
223971240Superpower by 2030[View]
223964647Antisemitic acts are criminal now ?!: when they are so defined by law >(for example, denial of th…[View]
223976234The Browning of America: Why do the majority of Americans think this is positive? Source: https://ww…[View]
223977428Any ethnostate discords or places where I could possibly join? I feel very lonely and want some fren…[View]
223970673Literally Happening: US Army stages secretive warfare 'training' in 21 North Carolina counties to si…[View]
223970942UK baby loses all 4 limbs following horrific sepsis infection, mom claims one leg 'came off in …[View]
223964160EVIL JEWS: Why aren't you printing out the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and placing …[View]
223977084Why do gay black CNN anchors do this?: I'd rather go back to the fun daze of the knock out game…[View]
223966415Racism has ended. Pack your bags.[View]
223971153Why feminists are radical enough to constantly chant 'kill all men' but not radical enough to carryo…[View]
223974678For god's sake someone nuke the shit out of the Nordic countries.[View]
223965902greetings: anyone know of any white nationalist rallies coming up?[View]
223974541Should europes turkey leave the EU? They drag us down and are not very good friends.[View]
223977006New GCSE Test advantages GRILS ?!: Are you proud we are 'closing the gap' /pol/ >In England girls…[View]
223975450>the absolute state of white people https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/21/cheerleader-murdered-newborn-b…[View]
223976078An eye for an eye makes the world blind. What is it that brings you here? What is missing from your …[View]
223971805Why does Catholicism attract more paedophiles than any other religion?: Why is the Catholic church u…[View]
223973928How many incel mass shootings are going to happen after this comes out?[View]
223975835Good or bad?[View]
223975207Drumpf got freakin pwned. This was epic[View]
223976469'Do not believe a thing because another has said it as so. Find our the truth for yourself. That is …[View]
223972388Shills have reached critical mass: I am now confident that at least 20-30% of the posters on this bo…[View]
223971160Well, it's finally here. The first Jewish president in American history. As a fellow Jew, it…[View]
223973245Commander Heimbach: He could pass as a local in almost all of the Arab world: in all of the Levant i…[View]
223975841Make sure you are saved eternally https://streamable.com/3j3hc[View]
223976329'Fear has it's use but cowardice has none' 'I shall not cease to work. I shall inspire men ever…[View]
223974275Absolute State of Politics[View]
223973108August 22, 2019: And I am forgotten...[View]
223976189PHL Senate President says: Got penis? Then go to men’s restroom: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/11564…[View]
223975320Russians send rogue humanoid robot to the ISS: He’s going to malfunction, 100%.[View]
223971922Does he have what it takes to lead? Why or why not?[View]
223973727Shut it down Goy!!!: >HYPERVENTILATION!!!![View]
223970378Why do I often get sick after using german public transportation?: I hardly get sick but I noticed t…[View]
223973183I unironically love Justin Trudeau.[View]
223966891lofi hip hop star Joji - 'I wish I could satisfy my girl like a black men': Thoughts on this? https:…[View]
223969905What does /pol/ think about Ben Shapiro? I already know you probably think low of him because of his…[View]
223974433Idiocracy: When did this movie become our future? What went wrong and when happened that no-way-back…[View]
223971681What’s the point of marriage, if you can just easily file for divorce?: I mean, there are tax advant…[View]
223970024I just want my new waifu to be happy /pol/ and turn that frown upside down. So can we vote socialism…[View]
223962491Uhh, guys....?: not good[View]
223974029Freedom for Papua: Brutal Indonesian regime cracks down on the peaceful protesters asking for the in…[View]
223975409Don't muslimize my country: >German president >Jew gold invests 10b$ >Lots of emmigran…[View]
223975407America is not sending its best to Mexico...: How do Yanks justify this? >Suspect in 2015 Memphis…[View]
223974036Do Jesuits control Jews or Jews control Jesuits?: Hi guys, Some peaople here are saying that Jesuits…[View]
223975336Workplace Discrimination: In a shock to absolutely no one, Trump voters and those with right wing vi…[View]
223975264Why are you guys hating on Varg? Because he is selective over who and what s truly European? This un…[View]
223970380Trump Deports Nazi At Age 95!: As you can see, you cannot support Trump and Nazis. I don't supp…[View]
223971035Jeffery “I’ll make her slime as long as she’s nine” Epstein.[View]
223975197Greta: Fuckin stop with the Greta threads, wtf you shills[View]
223973252why exactly do they do this? brainwashing? arousal? attention?[View]
223974211What the hell is a fake Jews?: This Twitter bullshit has me thinking what the hell is a fake Jew? If…[View]
223975082What should we do about Saint Helena?: Establish Ethnostate there or just leave it alone[View]
223974987Should we consider słaba as powolne equal to White People of Western World?[View]
223968723Daily Redpill Thread: Post your redpills Post your request Post leftist arguments and/or studies use…[View]
223965647Why can't any other country compete with America when it comes to food?: Why does America have …[View]
223975090Suicidal Teen: Uuhm ,why do young men do this msg 16 year old friend on the other side of the world …[View]
223960141Trump praises Henry Ford, twitter goes nuclear: From King of Semite to King of Anti-Semites. Kek, i …[View]
223972540Train got delayed 30 minutes. Must be a sandnigger 'forgot' his luggage on the train[View]
223974824Found /pol/ in the monster manual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5CMf4swXOM Yup. Without question…[View]
223966257POSSIBLE CHILD TRAFFICKING RING: /x/ just found a possible child trafficking ring! GET THE FUCK IN H…[View]
223973593Online Nazis: Howcome these online Nazis back up every kosher sloppy job? It's like they'r…[View]
223954862What kind of world is this?: Will some nice /pol/ person please redpill me on why elites are all ped…[View]
223963041Why do none of you run for office?: What’s stopping you? Why are you complaining on the internet ins…[View]
223961881Reminder; who's watching.: We glow in the dark. To banish the shadows. Fidelity, Bravery, Inte…[View]
223968996How did this ugly group of people become the 2nd largest economy in the world? lol[View]
223974262second vatican council: Can someone explain what changed were made after second vatican council. Als…[View]
223970082Amazon takes on Alibaba: Amazon Creates World's Largest Campus in Hyderabad, India. https://int…[View]
223969199Anyone else OD on blackpills[View]
223974204nigga bike[View]
223967498Why does a British prince socialize with a convicted sex offender?: And the UK police doesn’t even q…[View]
223970827> the year 2072 > anon is 82 years old in KFC regional medical center > only white person i…[View]
223961553>Gets shot >See cop rushing to ask me of whom shot me >Say: Fuck you son >Literally di…[View]
223959506We're not going to make it much longer, are we guys?[View]
223972888Amazon should be in usa care: Brazil has failed it, and the amazon is too important to be taken care…[View]
223960107Really makes you think...: TIL that despite making up less than 0.1% of the prison population, The A…[View]
223972651Alright let’s assume for a second that all the batshit insane Jewish conspiracy theories from Porn t…[View]
223973892Post Soy: I'm assembling a onions folder, post them![View]
223962221Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile in his place: And yet whites will cower and all…[View]
223954656So you're telling me people have to die because you like to dress up in camo and play rambo? An…[View]
223972125Trump: I have done more for Israel than any other president: https://twitter.com/FaceTheNation/statu…[View]
223969773Are Jews white?: Asking, because it seems that Jews are using this as some sort of political tool. I…[View]
223973470Reminder that white men MUST protect black women at all cost[View]
223972602Biblestudies: Sinners Welcome (Cont): ITT we discuss the teachings of Christ and the Bible, and find…[View]
223973492TRUMP BETRAY /POL/ ONCE AGAIN: OH NO NO NO https://youtu.be/7r3qekmwL3E IMAGINE CALLING YOURSELF A W…[View]
223969707The 2020s is going to be a nightmare: >Deepfake >Deepvoice >Pre crime policing >Bot farm…[View]
223969204When are we finally going to get rid of men above 5'10?[View]
223969267apparently race isn't real, its a 'social construct' according to leftist intellectuals, which …[View]
223962093Keep in mind the feds are here. Its not a joke.[View]
223955532Japan BTFOing shitskins: So student visa has been a backdoor to Japan. This year they stopped issuin…[View]
223960110Thanks Trump, I hate technological progress too[View]
223973249>Go MGTOW! White women suck!: >Move to Thailand! >The ladyboys are so much better than whit…[View]
223971590ANYTHING A JEW TOUCHES IS UNCLEAN. the meme starts here. Screen cap this post.[View]
223970261The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a Nigger with a rocket launcher[View]
223968922Let's settle this once and for all How many Jews were murdered in WW2?[View]
223965302/Pol/ BTFO[View]
223971848How can we awaken the normies to the JQ and how can we defeat (((Christianity)))?[View]
223972339The White Man is the degenerated man: Their role model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lo-EavB7k …[View]
223969937Eco-Facism: Redpill me on Eco-Facism[View]
223970807Americans boasting about fighting the wars of other nations will never not amaze me. How much brainw…[View]
223972933No Political Solutions Thread: Just a friendly reminder that the System will never allow whites to e…[View]
223956796POST MEME, GO TO JAIL, NO MORE GUNS FOR YOU!: The cops in America are finding ANY WAY to take your g…[View]
223971526The USA should annex Canada: Here me out, the US should annex Canada and make the provinces into sta…[View]
223940028The Jews are trying to smoke us out of our own homes now wtf[View]
223958128Why so much bootlicking, fellow-amerimutts?: Saw a thread about this video yesterday. Jewtube, so yo…[View]
223963605When /pol/ Falls, Turn to The Daily Stormer: Listen up, lads. It's only a matter of time until …[View]
223969602FurFag loses both his hands: Why are furfags so fucking retarded.[View]
223964405Wow, Trump’s narcissism knows no bounds because he is projecting his insecurities and using his dumb…[View]
223962864How is pointing out dual loyalty antisemitic??: Serious question...[View]
223971445Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Berlin Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwb…[View]
223971799Richard Spencer in 2016: 'Everything I say is HISTORY': This was the week after Trump's electio…[View]
223970578How can Jews be Untermensch when they are the Übermensch with the highest intellect in the whole wor…[View]
223954475Official US Military appreciation thread. We could take all you other limp wristed fuckers on at onc…[View]
223967688Imagine you’re an American who has been in a coma for the past 5 years and, as you’re handed a medic…[View]
223967192Get Radicalized General /GRG/: Effort posting, quality sources, coherent narratives, copious facts. …[View]
223971861What can we do about Hong Kong?: What can we do about Hong Kong? Chinese troops are likely going to …[View]
223960644Capture The Flag! /CTF/: FBI Watching Edition. I hear the sever went down, and has been going slow. …[View]
223972214What do you think the endgame conclusion to the Zionist conflict will be?: Hello anons, You know, w…[View]
223922349MEXICO LEGALIZES COCAINE: https://www.newsweek.com/mexico-cociane-recreational-use-1455400…[View]
223971852Brazil is on fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRPvByc5JMY Should we celebrate, or...is this an …[View]
223972111Why the Heathen hate?: I keep seeing you fags talk about hating heathens. Why? Can we not ally again…[View]
223971580S to spit on this nigger lover.[View]
2239675234chan goes dark for an hour: So I went to looks some explanation on DDoS and CloudFlare and found th…[View]
223963568Be courteous to our guests: Hello, Agents, feel free to talk about your day here in this thread. Whi…[View]
223966178I Need To Know: Is it true? All of it? Any of it? Are things in the World as bad as /pol/ makes it s…[View]
223971093Daily Reminder: Chinks hates you[View]
223971348Harry takes the heat off Uncle Andy: Climate change. It's only your fault if you're poor.…[View]
223971387Germany: aim dat 56%: The number of migrant-background residents in Germany has reached a new all-ti…[View]
223971374...there are some standing here, which shall not taste death, till they see the Son of Man coming in…[View]
223968670THE JEW FEARS THE SAMURAI and as expected they're gonna use their newly created millennial ame…[View]
223968798/pol/ book report... due today!: Okay anons, read this book, available online at the end of this pos…[View]
223971002Putin and Niinistö: I got a job in Suomenlinna where Putin and Niinistö ate sinner yesterday. Like …[View]
223965243why having children is still a good option?: by 2030 everyone will be a shitskin and probably your d…[View]
223969480Fuck FPÖ (idiotic corrupt right wing party) Fuck retarded Neo Nazis who only care about getting drun…[View]
223971092TRUMP LOVES ISRAEL ONLY: HATES USA. Christians know he's a phony, they should stay home don…[View]
223916658Bye bye shill: Where were you when Ben Shapiro killed his career? >that body language >that oc…[View]
223955401What should average person know about Ruby Ridge? What are the redpills associated with it?[View]
223970627How did 1980's conservatism differ from conservatism today? Also, why did it fail? We clearly a…[View]
223963107The Canadian government is going to seize all property owned by Chinese nationals next week![View]
223971067Thanks for your service goy: >H-He's just playing 4D chess i swear mom…[View]
223970911Operation Fag General - /OFG/ - Part 2: ITT we spread this image around the internet to make it seem…[View]
223961579How can we stop the Chinese superman?: Nothing is working, in fact, they are backfiring[View]
223963563EMJ channel thumbnail says it all.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqu-4AY-501xV5iCtt7dMKQ/videos…[View]
223966478Oregon continues to try and erase it's white population and history, Don't forget they wan…[View]
223970802Reminder that Capitalism is our biggest enemy.: You get rid of capitalism and you can do the followi…[View]
223969092someone find out relgious ideological beliefs of the author: that made this degenerate book and pos…[View]
223970636Daily Reminder that you should not take a Shit.: Guys, remember that you are not allowed to take a s…[View]
223970027ITT, celebrities who are spooks or intelligence agency assets.: I'll start...[View]
223970659Reminder that this place wants you contained: (also pic related is what you look like to anyone who …[View]
2239656172020 elections. good bye liberalism: i really dont buy trump will be getting a 2nd term. evidence: …[View]
223970391is she right?[View]
223969422Steve Jobs, by allowing the masses to surf the web comfortably from their phones, did more damage to…[View]
223961094They're trying to bring it down lads. I've been seeing more and more calls for deplatformi…[View]
223967946Cloud Flare thinks its okay to give protections to zoofuckers: I don't get it. Why does cloudfl…[View]
223970287Now that Yang, whose only crime was to show sympathy towards poor white americans, finally cracked u…[View]
223952139>amendment - a minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc. '…[View]
223970231Thanks guys[View]
223966262Commie explains the difference between Nazis and Fascists fa: How did he do /pol/? https://www.youtu…[View]
223970075Change my mind: The enlightenment was not a victory of reason over faith or of science over religion…[View]
223969272Baked Alaska: We Love our Cops! (OFFICIAL Video&OFFICIAL Lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
223969036fuck SOUTHRONS: I've read a lot of blog posts about black American women going to Italy as tour…[View]
223965695This is a message to all newfags who are currently browsing to find incriminating posts to boot 4cha…[View]
223968619Will I be allowed in the white ethnostate on the coast of Greenland?[View]
223969462When will harry potter be played by a black man?[View]
223964581the teen problem: when are we going to address the problem with teens?[View]
223968272reviewbrah eating a corndog![View]
223961273any novus ordo cucks care to defend this? https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/amp/news/jesuit-superio…[View]
223958715Epstein sighted AGAIN: It’s like beating a dead horse only this one is still alive. Another Jeff Eps…[View]
223967871Redpill me on 5G and it's geo-political and control over the masses use.[View]
223969692Atwani fellas RISE UP[View]
223969133Why does this keep happening?: Is it the Jews?[View]
223961826Decided to check out Jodel in London. Lul.[View]
223968884Was the internet a mistake[View]
223967967Which one drops out first?: One will have to drop out for the other to stand a chance against Biden …[View]
223969578Can she stop Trump?: Is it weird for a satanic sorceress to call Trump diabolical? Why is Ross Perot…[View]
223969569>bro it's not a mental ilness bro I swear this is different bro im really a woman bro just d…[View]
223969518Baked Alaska: Yang Gang Theme!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwOzAaf1vEs[View]
223969475What did Coincidence mean by this?[View]
223966334Trump supporter strong dislike thread[View]
223962810New fag here. Been reading up on the shitpost and shills who come off obvious. Feels good to finally…[View]
223967952If 4chan does get shut down, where would this lot go to conglomerate if not on /pol/?[View]
223968981Fridays for Future[View]
223952413卐 National Socialism General 卐 /nsg/ - Comfy Edition: Hitler's economic revival >http://www.…[View]
223967690Is it so hard to just not hire women?[View]
223967998(((NGOs))) are setting the Amazon on fire to cause Brazil problems?: This is what Bolsonaro is sayin…[View]
223945303What's stopping us from taking the Amazon from Brazil?: Brazilians are obviously too incompeten…[View]
223965840MIGA: Why is he so obssessed with Israel?[View]
223960303ANNEXATION: > The Year is 2026 > Donald Trump has been elected president for the 3rd time afte…[View]
223965526I support Cloudflare stopping it’s partnership with 4chan. It harbours MAGA racists who get radicali…[View]
223968377When will (((capitalism))) end in the west?[View]
223968547Daily Reminder: this Board thinks (((Harrison Ford))) is Biracial: Presented without additional comm…[View]
223964465jewish numbers compilation: So in school we have this chat and I want everyone to realize the jewish…[View]
223968468Need help making Minority Report Dan Crenshaw memes, thanks.[View]
223958450And this is how they finally win the gun control war.[View]
223962560etikas suicide: after viewing some of the the.....darker sides to etikas life. it really isn't …[View]
223965123Sharia law is coming to America soon...[View]
223953727>Whites are the master ra-[View]
223925729Yes this is real. Why? I have no clue.[View]
223968131Predictions for ww3: I'll start Axis >Germany >France >Italy >Eastern Europe >Ch…[View]
223949827Remember what it was like to have a president who could read?[View]
223964029BOOMERS: boomer boomer boomer How do we rid ourselves of these relics? Biden has literal fucking dem…[View]
223968046Let’s talk about lobbyist and former politician. Richard H Baker’s policies: And on a side note, thi…[View]
223964957North Korean Takedown: Let's say you had enough political influence, how would you take the com…[View]
223938415Federal Court Orders Deposition Hearing on Clinton Emails for 8/22 (Judicial Watch): https://www.jud…[View]
223967761>Aug. 20: Trump contradicts his aides, confirming to reporters in the Oval Office that he is cons…[View]
223967221Colorado is a blue state now: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/08/21/john-hickenlooper-senate-decisio…[View]
223967336JDS?: Is that short for Jewish Defence Symbiote?[View]
223960736Just so you know: The reason why /pol/ has been lagging is the site is being routed through a US gov…[View]
223966036*ting ting*: >Ahem It didn't take long for 4chan to fall. Our jannies were ruthless. Efficie…[View]
223964238>kratom becomes a well-known way of treating opiate (and other) addictions >literal kikes reee…[View]
223959350WTF HAPPENED: 4chan was down where I'm at for the last 30 minutes. what gives?[View]
223962375OH SAY CAN YOU SEEE[View]
223966073Syria - Idlib campaign: Anyone even heard of this massive win in the Northern offensive?[View]
223964769Random thought: Immigrants usually stay within their own groups of people, while living in our count…[View]
223966244Who genocided Babylon?[View]
223967151We are all in that boat with Greta: Only she can save us all. Row well and live, number 24![View]
223965745Remember goyem if you speak out about the invasion, you'll go to prison. https://archive.is/nI7…[View]
223944944DENMARK IS OFFICIALLY FUCKED: >President Donald Trump declared Danish Prime Minister Mette Freder…[View]
223964490How do we fix American decadence and gluttony?[View]
223955593War in the middle east.: Get your popcorn ladies. Mossad here kick off time Saturday night. We will …[View]
223947664Simpsons idea?: Hypothetically annons, if you were able to suggest something to the Simpsons writers…[View]
223960496I cannot honestly tell the difference between Italians and Jews, wat do?[View]
223964948//LANXESS// GERMANY IS POISONING OUR WATER: Allow me to introduce LANXESS, formerly Chemtura, former…[View]
223964900Republicans are ahead in voting registration in key states:: According to the registration numbers, …[View]
223964368Learn Psychology, Goyim: Why don't more non kikes learn and practice psychology? Learn how the …[View]
223966283Stop Brexit! He’s mad![View]
223963721Jordan PETERSON'S urgent MESSAGE for FUTURE generations: https://vocaroo.com/i/s02hEAVypI9V The…[View]
223965702I'm hoping most of you still remember when a few hours ago, 4chan went down. Shortly after it c…[View]
223962948ZOG leaders will never be this loved[View]
223959176What the fuck?[View]
223966194Google White American Family: WTF???[View]
223943439Molymeme doesnt believe ISRAEL is a Racist state?: OH NO NO NO We've got to red pill him! Lock…[View]
223960980Hillary is going to court tomorrow.: Or is she? What's the scoop on Judicial Watch's gig t…[View]
223963357Alright, can someone get me up to speed on climate change? For the past day or so my feeds have been…[View]
223961389I can't believe you morons are still pushing this nonsense after the autopsy came back. I hate …[View]
223963800From a political standpoint how dangerous is it for agencies to engage / look over political / free …[View]
223965857China & The Second Opium War: >White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, tapped by Trump to ove…[View]
223965913Tenda Spencer is lying to you about black women craving white men: Especially when he uses racist la…[View]
223965833Noone reads this: Something is askew. Between the site going down temporarily, the clearly 'approved…[View]
223965826#Amazon: Amazon on Wednesday launched its biggest campus in the world in the southern Indian city of…[View]
223943318Why did /pol/ suddenly turn against Jordan Peterson? There's very few living philosophers align…[View]
223965215Third Positionism[View]
223964870It's been fun: >mfw all the threads are pre-approved topics since the board stopped being at…[View]
223965041Tonight I’m sending prayers to all of my bros here, no matter what happens next brothers don’t give …[View]
223957109Is the second amendment fucked?: Pic related[View]
223963732If you died today do you know for sure you're going to Heaven?: Here's how you can know fo…[View]
223964373DIRTY CHINA COMMIES: MAKING MONKEY MEN TO DISSECT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCIm1OWL-aE cruelt…[View]
223915908/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General - Shell Companies Edition: Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SHELL COM…[View]
223962239Why is the Chinese Communist Party afraid of yoga?[View]
223965234How to acknowledge/deal with old relative's dark racist past: Long story short, my great-uncle …[View]
223958653Source of your political ideology.: I was wondering what impacts the politics specifically of the al…[View]
223963868Round them all up....: And dump them in the middle of Palo Alto, where all the UBER RICH TECHIES liv…[View]
223965143Third Positionism/National Communism[View]
223964865When are we going to get over racism? Its obvious that people aren't equal and that there are w…[View]
223955884It's Starting: First forgive student debts of disabled veterans. Next forgive student debts of …[View]
223963277Shadilom and Awoooozeltov to you, my fellow redpilled anons.[View]
223959252They already took down 4chan: >every single day the same threads >the same arguments >each …[View]
223963849Third Positionism[View]
223964955'This is because the media sucks at their job'[View]
223964129I unironically love the world.: Which is why I am so against multiculturalism. I love going to Japan…[View]
223953044Army Vet who served two tours deported to Mexico: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/us-army-veteran-migue…[View]
223964725What in the world spawned her[View]
223938384White women dont want their kind to be saved.: They dont give a shit about the white race.They can p…[View]
223947527>Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants...poised to launch a large-scale attack on the American …[View]
223964531start denying conspiracies we want the media to cover.[View]
223963816leftist cringe thread[View]
223951063polls show Trump losing in Texas. republicans are never winning the presidency again LMAO[View]
223942464Can we have a Sandy Hoax thread? Disregard bots Disregard shills They get paid-per-you[View]
223963869Peak modernity: Is this the natural progress of modernity or is technology actually making us dumber…[View]
223944360China Bad: China/Communism hate thread. I fucking hate communism and china. I hope I can see this di…[View]
223961519Prove to me he isn't the mussia.: >Is pro-Israel America fought in WW2 and has been brainwas…[View]
223963950Rly makes u think: Posted from my iPhone.[View]
223964202MADGA! Make Americas Deficit Great Again! 1 billion / year, thanks Trump[View]
223963782Epoch Times: Falun Gong news outlet Epoch Times revealed as the largest pro-Trump spender on Faceboo…[View]
223937140Friendly reminder that Nazism is un-American and if you are an American Nazi you are spitting on the…[View]
223964009Why did Epstein turn himself in?: Did Epstein still have a piece of his conscience somewhere in his …[View]
223962323Be honest, how much clown world did you experience in the past week?[View]
223967528Espanol: Can you speak spanish?[View]
223962227Which Culture has the Best Dance?: What is the Best form of Classical Dance? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
223962868Why wont you bigots date trans people? Answer me, /pol/![View]
223961805>the Army is telling the public not to be alarmed at the suspicious-looking activity. >Heavily…[View]
223945900Ana Kasparian goes after the jew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFkKMTZfM_A[View]
223963780Ke k: Kekslovakia New haha funny meme country.[View]
223963422James Gunn theory: What if his tweets were actually meant to be silent redpills and we recognized to…[View]
223952986Kid Tags Victim Worship Center: >The museum is a hallowed place of history. A revered and respect…[View]
223960675When this website getd shut down you drumpfbabies are done. Good riddance[View]
223963681Are the elites trying to turn kids into gambling addicts? I've noticed that a lot of toys anymo…[View]
223944319Is this country beyond saving bros?: I've seriously begun to lose hope. The children are now so…[View]
223954924Epstein's Plane Flew to Antarctica on 7/23: If I recall correctly the process of being able to …[View]
223961888Are jews doing god's work by ruining entertainment: so we have to face reality?[View]
223962885>inclusion >diversity >rewriting history >being called a racist if you point it out. He…[View]
223961205Why has no one thought of this yet?: Goto Twatter and repaport all niggers for saying nigger nigga n…[View]
223957497Does she have a realistic chance to win? I want muh mommy-in-chief[View]
223963474Niggers of /pol/: Relocate to Hawaii. Thank you.[View]
223960259This is why 4chan went down >>http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/223854338/#223856937…[View]
223952358Prove God is real: No bible allowed. Prove that Jesus and God are actually real. Prove that I should…[View]
223963329was saudi arabia behind 9/11[View]
223956632Religion or Race?: Somebody settle this once and for all: Is Jew a religion or race?[View]
223961277He know he's fucked: hence the distraction attempt with the greenland bullshit[View]
2239591414CHAN UNDER ATTACK!![View]
223959287THIS WAS A WARNING SHOT: I'm scared guys I missed you all what do we do when they take us out…[View]
223930754The Disparity Between Us: What emotional void does far-right ideology fill for you guys?[View]
223949555What was the world like pre-internet[View]
223961650moar attacks coming sauced and archived. GTF in here Now!: nowww!!a! these fucks are behind a cloudf…[View]
223961173Documentary Thread: Recommend your favorite documentaries to fellow anons.[View]
223953378>/pol/ says blacks are subhumans >seeing this post shows that they are the best humans on eart…[View]
223951484What happens here?: I’ve been to Coeur d’Alene, which I loved. But what about the rest?[View]
223952000What did he mean by this?: >Lying on ground motionless >Harms in tortured pose >Tie drawn t…[View]
223962386What did he mean by this???[View]
223962704AYO HOL UP: This is your new king, kikes. Say something nice about him.[View]
223962913How can MAGAs possibly support him anymore? How can you believe he isn't ZOG? Also pls post mer…[View]
223960118/pol/ to be shoahed: What signs should we use to find eachother. Aside from the obvious aspergers…[View]
223961364Lelbourne YES!: https://www.liminalmag.com/blog/open-letter https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-22/m…[View]
223947731The left is turning on Shaun King. You fuckers were right again[View]
223960639What Do We Do?: If 4Chan gets shoah'd for real it'd be a declaration of war. Anybody with …[View]
223962641Is Ramirez /ourguy/ or is he a mud blood[View]
223961589ATTN: shills and glowies: Trump will still win even if you delete 4chan entirely.[View]
223961692Hong Kong Clanking with Umbrellas: Hong Kong Clanking with Umbrellas https://youtu.be/qJjBYCfZBGc?t=…[View]
223960533Decent threads: Is there any decent threads going on now? Or is it all bait/shill/glownigger threads…[View]
223962128Defend this Drumpf fags.[View]
223950277Niggachad vs Gigachad: Who wins?[View]
223960199Woah: You should be ashamed of yourself, Nazis[View]
223962328https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/1164175263510487041 Imagine getting cucked by a group of …[View]
223961943Why did liveleak become so cucked?: This picture was taken down for being racist. WTF lol[View]
223961857Trump’s Pathetic Re-election Strategy: Wow. This really is his re-election strategy. Just endlessly …[View]
223959809Weaponizing Autism ~ Epstein Investigation Wiki: With all the Shill posts flooding in and out of /po…[View]
223913791Meanwhile on 2050 /pol/: >be me >white cis het male >wake up from my Amazon co living caps…[View]
223961048A few months ago there was an image floating around of someone from the ADL or SPLC tracking the dec…[View]
223962080Instagram down - West Coast Edition: What's going on over therre, Kevin?[View]
223959118EPIC EPSTEIN: Epic Epstein went as young as 12. Here I was thinking that he only did 14 year-olds. T…[View]
223953551Wowww: Stefan bending over the kikes, I got banned again on twatter can someone post below the IDF t…[View]
2239591911992 LA riots: https://youtu.be/5gCHS7CsjsE This is my favourite video on jewtube. The black communi…[View]
223961865I asked on facebook why so many gays are against straight people and some even denied heterophobia …[View]
223961090Trump supporters will justify this:[View]
223960272TOXIC CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION IN ONTARIO: http://elmiraadvocate.blogspot.com/2019/08/multiple-sources…[View]
223948478Can we just buy the whole thing ?[View]
223961267Why did he betray Alex Jones?[View]
223961452Shit eating...: @3:33 my fucking sides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fIysYxChKY&list=PLqSq0SX…[View]
223961647STOP! You have been doxxing and harassing and getting niggers fired from twitter for using racist ha…[View]
223961603Let's Make Unite The Right 3 Happen Patriots: Fellow patriots antifa and the left have messed w…[View]
223960814The Trans and Gender problem: How can society stop catering to this mental illness and start accepti…[View]
223961458>>nigger bitch dancing in the living room with my ex gf[View]
223909113IT WAS PHOTOSHOPPED - 100% CONFIRMED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1UF6TQOdlc why are they doing…[View]
223952465KING OF THE JEWS: meme masters you know what to do...[View]
223959978Help my iPhone X isn’t working this is probematic!!!![View]
223955105The New Awakening: The basis of our race is blood and soil. Not matter the political gains, your sac…[View]
223961399White Men are Stupid: Their role model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lo-EavB7k White men have a…[View]
223950643Denmark, please buy the United States please. Get the President out. Give us free health care and b…[View]
223959371You people promised me big happenings this week and nothing is going on. I trusted you, /pol/. When …[View]
223961330Kentucky Gov calls out NEETs: /pol/ btfo[View]
223959209(((They))) want to shut us down: Fight the power /pol/ hey reporters, fuck you[View]
223961091'For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the…[View]
223951654HAPPENING: Denmark's massive armada coming to US east coast (pic): Amerifats are fucked[View]
223961062What’s with the inbreeding?: https://twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175263510487041?s=21…[View]
223961055Liberal cringe thread. YLYL[View]
223961037New Bannon Interview: Spread this video around. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A&t=…[View]
223956038New International Version 'Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen …[View]
223958754RULES OF NATURE: 4CHAN WAS OUT-4CHANNED, IT'S OUR TIME TO STRIKE BACK we fell for a psyop creat…[View]
223959117Tucker carlsons videos edited: Anything controversial involving radical leftist fags like antifa or …[View]
223960783Why is China abandoning their colony New Zealand?[View]
223946847In the ethnostate: Would nonwhite concubines with limited or no rights who can't bear legal hei…[View]
223959214Youtube hipocracy: 'Youtube is family safe' they said Meanwhile, the site is full of xrated xray app…[View]
223942289HAPPENING IN NORTH CAROLINA ON AUGUST 30: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article234211…[View]
223959875BREAKING NEWS: I found the hacker attacking 4chan[View]
223948466Can you smell it in the Air? The Americans are falling behind economically The Asians do not have th…[View]
223951733Transgenderism and NatSoc as Appeal & Submission to Authority: While transgenderism is understoo…[View]
223960692The Normie is like a child: The same as you can't explain fully explain how a child's toy …[View]
223955235Why do Jewish Americans hate him so much?[View]
223958297Where did I go wrong?[View]
223947972America Deserved 9/11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERZ7bUD923w[View]
223953521yeah thats what happens to little punk ass white bitches https://youtu.be/dYX8jx6ZhzQ[View]
223960558There’s no countries anymore countries are fake countries are pretext. There’s companies. You swear …[View]
223960112Saw my whole life flash before my eyes during that hour blackout: Hold me close and whisper ‘it won’…[View]
223951766What’s with all the slide threads? What are the kikes trying to get past us now?[View]
223930685Dear Anti-Immigrant Christians, Why do you love to ignore this section in the Bible? Love, a Athei…[View]
223956008/priv/: ITT: We talk about the many dumb industries that we've been tricked into thinking our s…[View]
223958277Oiiiii mate we are great: Show me what u got mate[View]
223954964When is Enough, Enough?: >Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all … acce…[View]
223959298Well that was scary. Glad everything is ok now, shout out to all my anons on 4plebs that continued t…[View]
223960300Downtrodden, breastfeeding Central American migrant CNN promoted lied: Will CNN ever stop spreading …[View]
223959418Epistein was Clinton's gay lover: Interesting polls on Twitter today. Democrat lies and Republi…[View]
223960257Why would anyone want to get into this field? Seriously...: JOB REQUIREMENTS: All FBI employees mus…[View]
223958197That should be a badge of honor. Congratulations to all of them. They obviously threaten his over in…[View]
223959359Tfw you realize SJWs are more pic related than egalitarians.[View]
223956200Only way to win without blood: This is a easy plan to relatively put the odds in our favor we need t…[View]
223959936Why are western zoomers so cringe? There is no hope for the future.[View]
223958566>be me >shooting my Glock brand Glock at local bullet barn >spray shots all over my target …[View]
223953232Let's trade: Why don't we give Denmark Puerto Rico for Greenland?[View]
223959140West Virginia: Why has it been a joke for so long? I heard stories from my parents that is was a poo…[View]
223959950He was right: ddos can't break our spirits. Fuck you niggers![View]
223952955Should i try to make a modern v1?: With modern avionics like a raspberry pi it could precisely nail …[View]
223959777I'm getting on a 10 hour flight and I need some joutube videos to download. The problem is, pic…[View]
223956936Here on the_pol we're not allowed to talk about Epstein anymore. Remember when Epstein died in …[View]
223955639>uhhhhhh donald trump is uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... gay >me want uhhhhhhhhhhhh jew jew cum…[View]
223945593Never forget: It was their land.[View]
223942237Toronto man who tried to join ISIS released from prison after 4 months: The absolute state of Canada…[View]
223956649Anyone else admire Trump's hubris?: He's basically telling everyone to fuck off non-stop. …[View]
223909007Based Simpsons and the Squad BTFO the Orange Man: Based Matt Groening and the Squad of beautiful gen…[View]
2239576052016 Gun Deaths in America: >dark red is homicide >light red is suicides >the two gray rows…[View]
223959425SAM HYDE KILLED [in minecraft]: https://youtu.be/-DecDCcipoI Sam Hyde, Notorious mass murderer, was …[View]
223959301Can I be the ubersmensh /pol/?[View]
223958933Jeffrey Epstein buried in unmarked tomb in FL: His remains were reportedly transferred to the IJ Mor…[View]
223956373Well.../pol/... is it true?[View]
223958504Greenland as a U.S. State would have way more influence on the world than as whatever the hell it is…[View]
223958827So now that this barren shithole is ours: What do we do first burgerbro?[View]
223948421Does she not care at all? You would think royalty if not any of the complacent human trash of englan…[View]
223937868surveillance general: Did you ever realize that all of your posts are taking longer to update to the…[View]
223954593Spent literally the entire day laughing at /pol/ and Trump voters. AMA[View]
223940447Endurance Test: How long can you sit through this needle-in-dickhole level of cringe? I made it abou…[View]
223959119Im tired: The sun sets and you can hear your children playing. Your wife gives you a nice cold bever…[View]
223944540Hannibal Thoughts: Based or Cuck?: Wondering what /pol/ thinks about Hannibal? Was he based as fuck …[View]
223945289America deserved 9/11: https://www.dailywire.com/news/50893/watch-young-turks-host-mock-dan-crenshaw…[View]
223956912/pol Topics of interst vs slide threads: Alex, Can I call that man a nigger.[View]
223959081https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmwEnfyFTtY Is there any greater rebuttal to the obvious anti-white …[View]
223957407How long before Russia half-asses maintenance on their nuke stockpile and blows themselves up?[View]
223958429If I'm completely honest the longer I go the more I realize that other white people are often t…[View]
223958999Yang: So the other day I saw something in a thread that said Yang had a like 80% chance of winning t…[View]
223954364Redpill me on glowniggers Are they really basically a government sanctioned crime syndicate that do …[View]
223958993No transgender uterine transplant thread? https://obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1471-05…[View]
223954230You wake up tomorrow and see this. What do?[View]
223948172what's this image supposed to mean?[View]
223958972Why do people think that there is insufficient data to claim whether or not climate change is happen…[View]
223955764What if the worlds power struggle really is as simple as diaspora commie Jews vs Zionist nationalist…[View]
223952220Dan Crenshaw: Opinions? I think he's jusct McCain 2.0.[View]
223951551this is not a first world country: just travel and you'll see for yourself. go to any city in e…[View]
223952961Am I the Only One Here That thinks This Is GREAT?: It's Bladerunner time bois. Full vid: https…[View]
223958702>Loses to a single ICBM How effective are these things now? Is it really only useful against 3rd …[View]
223955851/Pol/ Pot Appreciation: Childhood is idolizing the Unabomber. Adulthood is idolizing /Pol/ Pot. What…[View]
223955372brenton terrant appreciation thread: when will YOU stand up against the islamization of the west, an…[View]
223932523You faggots did it: You faggots elected the actual anti-christ[View]
223958607A white ethnostate they said: It was awful.[View]
223958187Should slavery be brought back?: It seems like blacks were kept under control and couldn't caus…[View]
223957642Pregnant Mike: Two kids, cameras were cheap and everywhere in the late 90's, 2000's. Anyon…[View]
223951862Biden and Bernie the only Democrats to beat Trump in new poll: Buy buy MIGAtards. https://www.politi…[View]
223956487you guys realize you can shoot down a plane taking off easily, right?[View]
223956033Fuck! Reddit is going to invade my country to save the Amazon! But really, whats with the eco terror…[View]
223956844He will go down as a hero in American history for standing against Trump as a principled conservativ…[View]
223953840Miss me yet?[View]
223957860Migration out of Africa made the great white man.: Why is anyone against race mixing. Because of our…[View]
223955761Nigga What?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/faithless-elector-a-court-ruling-just-changed-h…[View]
223958271Trump was never elected to 'build a wall'!: Look, chanting 'build the wall' was …[View]
223957884Retarded liberal comic: I found this absolutely pathetic and hilarious comic made by a former Steven…[View]
223958203red herring: “whiteness” is a made up social construct. White people are not a distinct and genetica…[View]
223957113Men argue, nature acts[View]
223951911so why do black people hate western culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSWwWdAw-h8[View]
223953861STOP WATCHING PORN AND PLAYING VIDEOGAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgAu1i6aChs[View]
2239547472020 Election: Is this the kind of shit that is going non stop till the election and if Trump wins w…[View]
223945331NYPD saving lives[View]
223957939Been out of this for a couple years. Opinions on Richard Spencer? Interviewed him for a project my j…[View]
223957913>I'll never let you go to Tel Aviv! Did the Simpsons btfo Zion Don?…[View]
223957068>Why aren't you voting for Trump, anon? Because of his disgusting treatment of Jakiw Palij. …[View]
223955894Fuck you CIA niggers You realize your kike masters will hang you in the end right so why are you hel…[View]
223904582/pol/ Humour thread: Post em up niggerfaggots[View]
223953663Daily Reminder: this website thinks (((Harrison Ford))) is Biracial[View]
223957597Whites need a AI leader: Leadership that wont change its mind and will last longer than a human…[View]
223950935Right Now I'm a Communist. Red Pill Me. So far i'm over tranny faggots, gays, and niggers.…[View]
223956977Generational Butthurt: Is germanic/baltic/nordic disdain for christianity due to genetic butthurt fr…[View]
223954071Hey pol: Is there anything to look forward to politically and in normal life anymore? It's all …[View]
223943541Scottish Heritage: First off, a friend asked me to post. I'm to 1) not fill in the other blanks…[View]
223955149they murdered epstein and got away so now they're acting invincible[View]
223954482Lessons from the Talmud... Goys are inferior edition: Fooled ya faggot...ahahahahahahah Drop your je…[View]
223955957I deserve 15$/h: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmXLqImT1wE[View]
223955963<somebody roast this whiteboi.[View]
223953678change my mind: Everything needed to achieve utopia can be learnt from winning technological victory…[View]
223947431China Refuses to Allow Gay Marriage!: >Western-backed activists dismayed Is dumbOcracy one of the…[View]
223949736My sisters and brothers in Christ, be watchful. I saw him say he was the chosen one.[View]
223956939>be Varg >unleash a tirade of tweets against brown haired/eyed Europeans >outright consider…[View]
223956878When will Air Conditioning be officially labeled as 'White Supremacist Tech' by the ADL, SPLC, and t…[View]
223946805Put on CNN D. Lemon eviscerating Trump[View]
223955058> race mixing is ba- WOAH[View]
223956744King of Israel: This is actually a legit claim. See genealogy. Trump’s ancestry goes back to King Vu…[View]
223939964Chad anti-Zionist Adam Green going live soon, GUARANTEED he's going to absolutely love his mind…[View]
223948240Just wow: I wish I didn't stumble on to this[View]
223956732The memes are real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fssFXlNk6vw[View]
223952787Is he right? Do girls just have to work harder?[View]
223931404Anyone here hate both white nationalists and antifa?[View]
223956058Comrades only. Fuck off Nazis![View]
223956076Based. Put ur phrenology and nose measuring tools away boys, we can just ask now. https://www.wbur.o…[View]
223956523>make /pol/ thread >get called 'English sensei' >life ruined…[View]
223953645Kike journalists are here right now, looking for another (((scoop))): They know they're losing …[View]
223955840Saint Tarrant: Our father from Grafton, Brenton be thy name.[View]
223955150ATTENTION GLOWNIGGERS AND BOOTLICKERS!: >https://youtu.be/jR5gDH4ty9U Tick Tock…[View]
223929587Is it time for USA land grab?: Annex >Canada >Iceland >UK >Aussieland & NZ >All B…[View]
223955688Um why is everyone mad about trump supporting Israel? It is just as important to Christians as it i…[View]
223952503>The FBI and the intelligence agencies are persecuting Trump!!! Do you realize how retarded this …[View]
223954084Does /pol/ hate capitalism?[View]
223956060America is not a serious country[View]
223946320Worst Native: Name the worst “natives.” Hard mode: no Australian Abos.[View]
223946950What makes you think your opinion is more valuable than a scientist who’s devoted their whole life t…[View]
223949947Life is just a Game. Are you playing the game or is the game playing you? Who cares as long as you…[View]
223928882/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Paranoid Edition: We must create a massive movement of fake J…[View]
223955800I want to give sincere congratulations to India.: >Chandrayaan 2 enters lunar orbit. >Manned m…[View]
223952105Who would win?[View]
223952475>One day until the day of the profecy >Everyone awaits for the arival ov quetzalcoatl >Day …[View]
223948779Why do democrat's fail to understand that historical text's mean what they mean when they…[View]
223951153Fuck consumers. Trade is a 2-way street, both the consumer and producer benefiting, but you fucking …[View]
223955655I'd fight and die for this nation[View]
223947583HAPPENING!!! HAPPENING!!! Greta Thunberg's Boat About to be hut by Tropical Storm Chantal.: Pra…[View]
223952889Clark Atlanta University shooting: There was a mass shooting at Clark ATL Uni, not much on the news …[View]
223945286/famine general/ /fg/: >The devastating armyworm pest has already spread to more than 8,500 hecta…[View]
223952423Japan is morally bankrupt[View]
223947021How and why the kikes killed both Kennedys in 13 minutes or less: Its always the j*ws. Always. >h…[View]
223947492CRUSADES MUSIC THREAD: Please. I need more like this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CoagQn1MTjc…[View]
223945438What was his name again pol?[View]
223953827Just listened to Big Boss on JRE, made a lot of reasonable points about the US border etc. Is he /o…[View]
223954232Is there a forum like Iron March nowadays? I used to lurk there sometimes but it got removed. Slavro…[View]
223949949No words to describe how sick this man is and yet no one does a thing. I have seriously dumped frien…[View]
223955351How do we stop them?[View]
223954739Is a global recession around the corner?: The China - America war trade will go on for months if not…[View]
223955242Israel First[View]
223947359Cleveland Police Officer urinates on 12 year old white girl and films it Imagine raising children in…[View]
223955139electric chair every gentile[View]
223947623Hi. I'll be doing your procedure today.[View]
223943830Weed Pride World Wide: Legalize it federally[View]
223950479They only care about the unborn. Once you are born, you are on your own. No help, no love, no emp…[View]
223950268Jack Posobiec raising money for (((Heather Heyer))) who stood with Antifa mobs in Charlottesville: W…[View]
223954913It can't happen this way: If we ever achieved this in the United States Israel would pull a nuc…[View]
223944233This perfectly normal, right /pol/? No degeneracy here: I mean young independent empowered women sho…[View]
223951505what does /pol/ think of hunting?[View]
223952935About dat race war[View]
223954539If given the choice right now: Would you lend full and absolute government powers to Trump starting …[View]
223953821Is orange man really as bad as he is purported to be?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2…[View]
223951162(since there are a few threads on 9/11 right now): You think Trump is 'smart' for 'predicting' 9/11?…[View]
223954365Why? Why? Why? Why did I take the red pill? I could now be married with a brown girl, working at Wal…[View]
223954247/NGG/ Northeast Greenland general: An ethnostate is being made in Greenland, North-East Greenland, a…[View]
223953761Europoors will never: >own a 4wheeler >ride your 4wheeler with your other buds and their 4whee…[View]
223949158Denmark is offficially fucked: >President Donald Trump declared Danish Prime Minister Mette Frede…[View]
223954401What does he want pol?: What is the endgame of charging 25 dollars for a new license plate?[View]
223951178There is No Homelessness Problem in California: According to KTLA and CBS News.[View]
223954341Fucking Glow Faggots on this Board: What the fuck is this CIA Glow Faggot Shit?[View]
223953127Blacks actually want a race war.[View]
223951735Another white terrorist attack foiled: Daily reminder that white terrorism is part and parcel of bei…[View]
223952853Drumpf btfo https://youtu.be/ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
223951090It's time to give up, guys: I know you guys don't wanna hear this, but it needs to be said…[View]
223948140Should furries and other nut jobs be involuntarily institutionalized? Should the state be allowed to…[View]
223945047You guys just cant stay out of the headlines: >referring to them as mere goyem trash.” They had n…[View]
223950581I want to be a liberal again: I want to be naive. I want to think we are all equal. I want to think …[View]
223931499Why does no one here talk about the secret Christian organization 'the family' which is super powerf…[View]
223950095screw the optics: If white nationalists made a popular national party it would give a target for the…[View]
223953606This is what a search for a banned book on Amazon gets you: Have a friendly laffing doggo to soothe …[View]
223941100Do you plan on having white children, /pol/? Will you do your part for the race?[View]
223930441> All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, a…[View]
223950853Here is how homosexuals and degenerates got Jew'd: First of all, scientifically, when males par…[View]
223951873Could we take advantage of the phrase 'browning of America'? Use this phrase whenever discussi…[View]
223935645USA hate thread part 2: Since first one was so popular I think we should continue shitting on this f…[View]
223927537WTF is 'The Third Temple': Does /pol/ believe this shit? Does Trump?: Any Southernfags here? What is…[View]
223952721I frend of mine noticed: A friend of mine has been on other naughty parts of the internet before and…[View]
223953238He ran his fucken mouth on the mic: Shit in his own sandbox. There is nothing that can be done now. …[View]
223916588Will there be an attack like Brevik's in the near future?[View]
223922735subhumans: They ruin everything dont they?[View]
223947582How do we solve the incel question?[View]
223952168I live in Charleston SC. Read the news every day. The crime section literally always shows a Nigger …[View]
223928083HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Germany is so tiny! You think your little EU full of shitty countries is on the same …[View]
223950784<sombodey roast this white boi[View]
223942899Do not support this man or his party. They're are clear Zionists and he is a former Banker. The…[View]
223952405Reminder pic related is considered white in the US, the us is easily 40% face by now[View]
223952923we are the what the left calls the alt right we hate the people with the tiny hats (THE FUCKING KIKE…[View]
223952920consider the following...: Turn their pornographic degenerate tactics against them. Cum on them, not…[View]
223948948The short answer is yes.[View]
223952480The simpsons just released an episode where trump gets assassinated and the democrat party cheers wh…[View]
223952793Base Problem: If you wouldn't trust hardened criminals/prisoners given better reasons and situa…[View]
223945004Centrism hate: Why do people hate centrist so much?[View]
223944026Hippies: Did they degenerate the West?[View]
223942776Trump brought up Henry Ford and Jews are getting triggered.[View]
223941942A fucking leaf: Activist free chickens from slaughter house https://youtu.be/m9ZeXCj5tvE[View]
223950424Why does this faggot seem more like an Israel nationalist than a USA one? You fucking liked to me po…[View]
223951279Died in 2010. Say something nice[View]
223951331>Epstein killed in prison >Biggest happening of the last decade >Both political parties all…[View]
223952446>believe in climate change >don’t care[View]
223949343ZION DON THREAD Post em.[View]
223952563Keep it up: You guys being a bunch of whining, entitled shitlords is actually the biggest thing hurt…[View]
223948762How can one be truely 'red pilled' when these two trannies popularized the term?: We need to talk ab…[View]
223952458are you happy with the timeline we were born on?[View]
223950542This drives the left wild with anger: Every time they see a white women with a white child they star…[View]
223950812How do I move to Estonia?: THIS is the ethnostate.[View]
223951403White guilt doesn't exist- Whites misattribute their distress to guilt,: when the culprit is ex…[View]
223933976Why does public breast feeding/pumping trigger Americans so much? Especially on the right, they clai…[View]
223952033Can't we all agree that fast food should be banned?: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/…[View]
223949006Vegan parents are criminally negligent. https://7news.com.au/news/nsw/vegan-parents-avoid-jail-for-l…[View]
223946522New symbol ideas: ITT we think off and discuss new Fascis symbols.[View]
223948951what the gay fuck[View]
223933994Italian Politics General Thread /IPGT/: Speak only in English,no other language if you don't wa…[View]
223906535What does /pol/ think of Blaire White?[View]
223949755Redpill Me on RFID chips: They are in our passports our drivers licens, credit cards etc cetera and …[View]
223951928(((((CHOSEN ONES))))) prepare to rule with an iron rod: It's time for Act Three. America is Aza…[View]
223951019Black lives don't matter: I know there are some decent black people, but, they are a very, very…[View]
223948838How do the nra get out of this one[View]
223946173Based Bernie for the Workers!: Are you ready for the great class boogaloo pol?[View]
223939083Police officer urinates on girl waiting for the bus: Find a tree and some hemp, gentlemen.[View]
223951438ITT people that can beat Trump in the 2020 election[View]
223947191Reminder That Pol is ZOG: MAGA Chaos Magic Thelma Society 29 Spooks Clowns Of America Anonymoo…[View]
223951028Think about it math·e·mat·i·cal·ly: math n shiet[View]
223951579JQ books: Is this as good as /pol/ shills in to be? Any other books you recommend? Just finished the…[View]
223951572Jewish Inroads General: Dialogue > Discord: Given CREDIBLE contention between Jews and Gentiles, …[View]
223950758how do you feel about redflag laws and allowing the police to arrest children over making edgy comme…[View]
223925822Don't forget what we all fight for.[View]
223949348This is the guy Trump was Quoting: In June 2016, Root described himself as a 'Jew turned Evangelical…[View]
223950044How come they wanna hide this?: >Shingō village is the location of what is purported to be the la…[View]
223937414let's be honest here, you can't justify eating meat >b-but animals eat animals all the …[View]
223949018poland has fallen into (((their))) hands: >compromised by israel >demand reparations >choo…[View]
223943635Ottawa explosions?: Anyone in the Ottawa area hearing this shit? I can hear constant banging noises …[View]
223950732Left hates Israel: Jewish transgender actress, Hari Nef, tweets 'Fuck Israel.'[View]
223950224Waiting for all the US born workers to line up to pick tomatoes by hand in the unrelenting 110 plus …[View]
223941845American Culture: Post American paintings, youtube links to American music and also pictures of beau…[View]
223923214/nsg/ Hitler's economic revival >http://www.ihr.org/other/economyhitler2011.html Hitler…[View]
223951156Does /pol/ have any hobbies?: What are your hobbies other than shitposting? Personally, I enjoy fuck…[View]
223938144A nigger stole my fucking wallet today: I WAS JUST GOING ABOUT MY BUSINESS UNTIL SOME NIGGER MONKEY …[View]
223938623I'm Black AMA: They say we're 13% of the U.S. population but I can assure you, it's m…[View]
223927736Brit/pol/ - RIP Daisy edition: >Police shoot 'Daisy' the cow dead in cul-de-sac after i…[View]
223937241It’s just masks guys.[View]
223950501What's your opinion on killing the drug dealers?[View]
223947868KOPITKE FOR PRES: https://kyle2020.com/[View]
223950908Nobody would even try to stop us if we just took Greenland. It's rightfully ours anyway.: Manif…[View]
223947765Hitler bad. Nationalism bad. Diversity good. Israel good. Democracy good.: Holocaust big bad. Big sc…[View]
223950394The Snake: ...that you let in.[View]
223950323Hey guys. I live in a small rural town in the West in Idaho. Growing up I always was right wing. I a…[View]
223936245So what really matters in ln life, /pol/?: A doctor working with termminally ill kids asked them and…[View]
223950347Domestic abuse against women is always justified[View]
223948301Is zoomer trad-punk the next big thing?: This feels so genuine and dangerous. This is how we win bac…[View]
223950684What does /pol/ think of the 1619 project from The New York Times?[View]
223950000EVERYTHING I LOVE IS GONE. IT USED TO BE BETTER BEFORE: sort of half truth. but for some things, tru…[View]
223950621Bummer: >”It’s happening!”[View]
223949597Most if us have been overwhelmed by the daily barrage of Trump's tweets, lies, gaffes, absurdit…[View]
223950566Hitler: Look at the good side of things.[View]
223947389Mexico: If the immigrants coming from Mexico are supposed to be intelligent, skilled, educated, and …[View]
223950254FBI FAIL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rl_53LQmL8 /pol/ Lets win.[View]
223946155WE HATE HIM: Can we be real for one second? You cucks CANNOT FATHOM how fucking hard we're goin…[View]
223950341Bishop Swan, I thank you for this post. The Obama family took all of this hate and never responded i…[View]
223936707Positive Thread: I have a challenge: let's post some black people / people of color we admire. …[View]
223935388Let's be honest, the guns of today are NOTHING like the guns they had when the Second Amendment…[View]
223940271If Thomas Jefferson were to see America today, what would he say?[View]
223949705How do we solve the 'JQ' (journalist question) How do we bring accountbility and honesty back to new…[View]
223943699Highschool English class was literally Propaganda class: Anyone else? The idea was to teach us Engli…[View]
223937360Hi retarded non native speaker of English: Why did you learn my beautiful royal language? Is your cu…[View]
223946447How soon will mutts take over america?[View]
223950015its time we ramp things up a notch. Time to organize protests for the Danish Consulates and Embassy.…[View]
223949982Anti slide bullshit.: Daily reminder that great minds (aka you users) still now and will always be t…[View]
223941185I used to think the polish government is based but they are acting just like Kikes now.[View]
223948971What is /pol/‘s theme song?[View]
223946560Why is Israel not an ally?[View]
223940680>lock your money for 30 fucking years >get back less than you put in wow this is retarded boom…[View]
223905452Preppers: Seeing as you fags are so pessimistic about the future, who’s actually buying up land and …[View]
223949490Pewdinigger: Pewdipie is promoting faggotry. What is /pol/s opinion ?[View]
223947282Soo is voting just pointless? Zoomer here, I got really hyped up about Trumps election but... I don’…[View]
223924083DRUMPF BTFO https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
223943150Tropical Storm Greta: Oh no no no no no[View]
223949378Regarding Trump and Jews: This could've been for >>>/r/ but I'll try my luck here…[View]
223949391https://i.imgur.com/fqiDXf3.mp4 So our president is retarded[View]
223949061Dear Zoomers, Are you prepared to get drafted and die for Israel when the USA inevitably goes to war…[View]
223949317ITT: 20iq gaytheists SEETHING >bad things happen >blame God for not stopping it >good thing…[View]
223941620Greeks: Daily reminder that Greeks literally are not white[View]
223937745https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqyiMrIgwcw Find me a whiter video than the one above protip. you ca…[View]
223937027Anon insider says a big announcement will be made regarding Brennan, Comey and Ohr: https://mobile.t…[View]
223948504I'm a leftist, but I feel like other leftists -- particularly awful ones like Lena Dunham stati…[View]
2239473392013 Genetic Study: Jews are Basically European: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC380635…[View]
223936986I littarally can't stop bullying them: Ameritard grease tears are amazing[View]
223948841What will all you White Nationalists do.....: When ZOG comes for your guns?[View]
223939825WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO TRUMP IF HE CALLED YOU ?: Anyone can reply . Not just the burgers .[View]
223944813Many Israelis are worried about the state of the U.S. alliance: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation…[View]
223945372Why you should stay away from French women[View]
223930291Eric A. Schopenhauer, white supremacist.[View]
223933886The future is female. With beta men at an all time high, women are now growing into their predatory …[View]
223948352Rihanna’s Diamond Ball Will Honor Activist Shaun King: Why is she honoring a white guy? Pic related.…[View]
223944153America needs a social credit system like China. Jobs and girlfriends should be rewarded based on be…[View]
223943243Finland offers free housing to homeless people, should this be a trend?[View]
223938244How does it feel to know that you have lost. To feel so desperately that you're right. Yet to f…[View]
223948377Incel Nazi vs Chad commie: This is why Communism lasted longer while not being a social taboo up to …[View]
223947185>Finally doing something with immigration >Greenland antics >The JQ is now front and center…[View]
223947693What's /pol/'s opinion on Political Juice?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-ADkrsKmZxu…[View]
223940632Men: A Lost Generation: Today's men: >live with mom and dad until past age 30 >watch anim…[View]
223947151Yes or no.: THINK before you answer.[View]
223946009Identifying mutts: In America (and perhaps one day in Europe) it's not uncommon for some people…[View]
223941497This plus the recession plus he is almost universally hated means Trump will not win the 2020 electi…[View]
223946269Is global warming real?[View]
223946043¡¡¡HAPPENING!!! JAY INSLEE DROPS OUT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Who will he endorse, /pol/? Why did h…[View]
223947670So same Sex Marriage laws were created so Jews could Traffick Children?: >The plaintiff, identifi…[View]
223936251Why did the US media suddenly become obsessed with black people around 2010?[View]
223946312Imagine following an ideology whose symbol is a literal faggot[View]
223941432Reddit: How do you guys feel about Reddit’s censorship? The sites gay, but none of us can deny its c…[View]
223932295If the USA is responsible for the Latin American migrant crisis because of the CIA or whatever, why …[View]
223943074Wanna-be Kaepernick gets punished: This cracker thought he'd be the next Kaepernick. Instead, n…[View]
223929788/pol/ humour thread: postem![View]
223945034Quick rundown on rhodesia: how did the kikes ruin this one again i forget[View]
223936116Why do so few people here care about the economy?[View]
223941802(((Drag Queen Story Hour))) Strikes Again: A Drag Queen in an Austin, TX Public Library has been exp…[View]
223922426Bolsonaro is now blaming foreign NGO's for the Amazon Rainforest fires.[View]
223943765Why don't we use smart AI killer bug drones to wipe out 6.9 billion people? https://www.youtube…[View]
223947554Only ever lived/worked in Hollywood and Silicon Valley: Hello Approaching mid-thirties, bouncing fro…[View]
223943205If Jesus were to return to the Earth this very instant, and he took a good spiritual look into your …[View]
223947520(((Pedos))), (((Loli-kikes))) and all other people who practice Judeo-KiddyDiddking get the the .44 …[View]
223941908Epstein Alive Under New Identity: The signing of the trust confirms that it was a body double killed…[View]
223944558Sorry pol but this is the Zoomers idol: Deal with it. https://youtu.be/1XzY2ij_vL4[View]
223944545New intel: 121 KB JPG 1 Ppl appearing as figures of light on surveillance 2 Epstein is dead...scalpe…[View]
223946010Y'all niggas ain't ready for dis shit cuz mud3r g4n6 fo life bitch ass nigguh[View]
223944921hard drive failed. can you guys post some merchant memes[View]
223947216The war on incels and alt-righters: When a rapper sings about choking prostitutes and drugging them …[View]
223934129That's it, he finally fucking lost it[View]
223940912Are all democrats faggots?[View]
223947041NEVER FORGET: reminder that americans like to pretend this shit isn't happening but america act…[View]
223945124You have to admit it. They wrekt drumpf with this. I would be embarrassed to be him right now[View]
223946961MAGA is the fifth degree in Satanism: He's been sucking the energy from his followers and now h…[View]
223939925Finally a voice of sanity[View]
223943444Wait. If climate change is a hoax, why the fuck does Trump want Greenland? Please advise.[View]
223938407ITT we talk about things niggers can't do.[View]
223940802Owning Greenland would have been awesome. Why couldn't Trump close the deal?[View]
223946597IT'S STILL GOOD! IT'S STILL GOOD!: >t this board right now…[View]
223944825Hello is there any real people left here: Pol is literally just Jews, discord trannys and AI. Does n…[View]
223946626We hate niggers: Niggers, niggers, niggers- I hate niggers. I hate you for no reason except you…[View]
223945751OPERATION SMART MONKEY: Female education is the most effective way to reduce fertility. With this in…[View]
223930727Napoleon knew. So what are we going to do about today's problem with women?[View]
223941978Donald Trump is a crypto Jew[View]
223945284lol, Anon isn't an Ecofascist: Imagine being as cool as this guy was. https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
223946341Pewdiepie RWDS Commander: Pewdiepie little hints ;) (LISTEN TO SONG USED) {'code':200,'data':{'bizTy…[View]
223943792When did you realize Alex Jones was right?[View]
223941853Trump lied again: where did he learned this Jewish trick from?[View]
223943136Belly dancing: Why is this so popular? We didn't come up with this. How do so many Arab countri…[View]
223945890You guys: Claim down. Technically every American president was the king of Israel[View]
223943128Arizona business man is leaking info on Democrats and their relationship with the PRI narco party in…[View]
223945040How do you punish degeneracy? I'll share some of my ways and hopefully you guys will be able to…[View]
223945933<--- Somebody roast this sorry Whiteboi.[View]
223923676What's their biggest achievement?[View]
223943689>Pajeetism rule the world It's full of Pajeet Subhumans and Chink Subhumans in the West.…[View]
223942991Imagine your greatgrandpa being on a countries currency, the declaration of the countries founding b…[View]
223943882Why can't they stop breeding?: Niggers and sandniggers have no self-control and stop themselves…[View]
223929581Why don't right wing retards believe in climate change?[View]
223945704Assyrian key.[View]
223939298HAPPENING: https://breaking911.com/breaking-gunman-opens-fire-at-los-angeles-county-sheriffs-station…[View]
223945665Thomas Jefferson: What do ancaps here think of Thomas Jefferson, politically? Political strengths an…[View]
223944662>supporting the orange Israel cuck instead of based Bernie bro[View]
223940567HRC WILL DIE IN FEDERAL PRISON: The only question now is cause of death.[View]
223924401I fucking HATE this faggot: >Joe: 'Legalize Weed. Here's why x, y, z, etc.' >Faggot: 'LOL…[View]
223915817Daily Reminder: Jesus is the king of Jews[View]
223945531TRUMP = TRAITOR: THIS is how an American President should treat ISRAEL! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
223897565These two are the faces of Generation 'Zyklon'. Say something nice about Zoomers.[View]
223933426faggot kills himself after being bullied for sucking dick[View]
223943693Is this a distraction from Epstein case?: In case you guys don't know there is a giant fire in …[View]
223943356Globo-homo narcissistic blasphemer[View]
223944947Trump is a colossal faggot, but he has a point with this. Shouldn't be jokingly easy to get som…[View]
223931754THIS IS TERRIFYING: This is not a joke you idiots. In less than 24 hours, the President calls himsel…[View]
223943319I made a template for you guys! Play nice with it and have fun buddies.[View]
223937643Whatever happened to her?: Did she ever get fired after all those Tweets resurfaced?[View]
223933400>grow up in a comfy midwestern suburb >turn 20, go on a grand adventure across Europe >Com…[View]
223934367Imagine being a fucking Europoor and not be able to go to the beach on a whim I honestly think that …[View]
223944690Discussing Unity: https://www.aier.org/article/no-society-does-not-need-unity >A fundamental hist…[View]
223903631'''anarchists''': >be vaush >be fat, ugly neckbeard >brag about sex life, even though gf is…[View]
223944293why is Britain so dirty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkD4PQjvtTQ[View]
223939397Why should blue states have to pay for red States? https://www.foxnews.com/media/economist-reacts-to…[View]
223944301Is Reddit more masculine than /pol/?[View]
223944586These new numbers show, for the first time, an absolute decline in the nation’s white population of …[View]
223941104Move to Venezuela and enjoy NOW: Venezuela. Best place on earth[View]
223943865As of August 21st, 2019, /pol/ has unanimously swallowed the blackpill. There's just no winning…[View]
223939099Isn't he hands down the greatest person to rise to power since Kennedy.[View]
223942467does the USA prints money to create jobs?[View]
223941166>Co worker asks what kinds of sports people like >guy to my right says hes not that interested…[View]
223936365Dear FBI and CIA anons: Can you tell me what a fuck are you doing in this autistic manchild shithole…[View]
223942922Within ten years, you will be driving: An electric car. Gasoline is far less efficient than an elec…[View]
223923496Who's /pol/'s favorite super hero?[View]
223941779I always seemingly liked Orsen Welles but after seeing this video: is he the most pathetic virtue si…[View]
223942610MIGA 2020: Israel never had a better friend than Trump. Truly our guy, the chosen one. Thank you all…[View]
223931612/HKG/ Hong Kong General: Fuck Wumao edition, get in here[View]
223924448Trump Has Made It Official: He Is the Greatest anti-Semite of Our Age: It's official pol https:…[View]
223943435Fun thought experiment: Create your own balkanized nation: Here are the rules: >You get to choose…[View]
223925364America deserved 9/11[View]
223939961So this meme is actually happening now. What will be the end game /pol/?[View]
223935008Trump should stepdown as POTUS: If people are resigning from prominent positions due to their connec…[View]
223919892Is Donald Trump the antichrist?[View]
223942703Why the fuck are the Detroit Proud Boys protesting immigration outside of a Holocaust Museum? https:…[View]
223941823Is there really any point to all this white nationalist stuff? The world is fucked and no one cares.…[View]
223935370This move will destroy you Nazis.[View]
223935699Fox News: What is your opinion of them?[View]
223937103INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE OF CLINTON/EPSTEIN CONNECTION: Suck my dick you bitch ass niggas! All you wick…[View]
223924750YouTube has purged nearly all conspiracy vids: For about the last month it’s been almost impossible …[View]
223942894United Airlines Pimping the Red Hen: You may recall the Marxist cunt owner chased Sarah Sanders away…[View]
223941994Jordan Peterson finally speaks on the JQ: Quick anons download this rare clip of Jordan Peterson FIN…[View]
223942702That's so Antifa: 'That's so gay.' Don't be a fucking bigot, shitlord. Be more inclus…[View]
223940721Why would he people of Greenland want to be American?: >>legal weed (though denmark is a retar…[View]
223930956TICK TOCK YOU DUMB MOTHER FUCKERS: “Was President Obama briefed on the fact that they were opening u…[View]
223901849Why don'y you NEETs join the military?: adventures become a man free undergrad or MBA benefit…[View]
223942525What's /pol/'s opinion on Juiceboy?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-ADkrsKmZxuUxDN1wo…[View]
223941273>drive 3 hours to water park >niggers in the water…[View]
223933061Trump did it and now he's gloating a bit.: Want to know why the Jews are so mad at Trump? Becau…[View]
2239419054D chess: It all makes sense now: Trump's outburst of reckless zionism today was his attempt at…[View]
223939988Why does barely anyone under 30 years old bother to vote in democracies?: Honest question, tell me /…[View]
223942259Why is she so smug? What does she know?[View]
223934970ey tone i'm starting to think these jews are up to no good[View]
223940088The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google Now Blacklists Everything Left …[View]
223916191/PA/ General: A thread to discuss all things Pennsylvania. How goes it in your end of the state? Any…[View]
223940280Pol needs to know: This guy posted this on /fit just a few mins ago... He is not a cuck right?…[View]
223942041Jason Haddad is so fucking hilarious[View]
223939208HAPPENING!!!!!!: Literally voting Bernie now. Fuck zion Don![View]
223941973Groups and people of influence: >no influence over the present or future neoconservatives hillary…[View]
223940363Antichrist: It was always him from the beginning wasn’t it?[View]
223931001This is not a joke. Donald Trump has gone insane. It’s time to enact the #25Amendment and #ImpeachHi…[View]
223933906What the fuck is this guy's problem? Is he a skateboarder? Alt-right nationalist? Controlled op…[View]
2239348989/11 humor thread: Post the best ones.[View]
223941861why ?: Fellow white anons of 4chan, why create fake goyim accounts in twiiter ? Are there any funny …[View]
223940832black people in Korea are based[View]
223932033college: >be me >in class >people start talking about the epstein thing >'hey anon, you …[View]
223939398How do we kill the sweatshop meme and bring manufacturing back to our own countries?[View]
223941649Slut patrol thread - Which race patrols sluts effectively?: When slut patrolling happens, which race…[View]
223941027GOOD VS EVIL: >What makes up the majority of earths population in 2019? https://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
223941538Hey there, Denmark: I think we got off on the wrong foot. Your PM is a strong, brave woman. Not many…[View]
223942040666: The number 666 is nothing more than the number of the sun. In Hebrew ThRiun, ie 666. Th = tau =…[View]
223940173A scene this based would not be allowed on television today: https://youtu.be/R7ZHLppS5_w In before …[View]
223930658ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING >Inb4 it's just some nigger https://twitter.com/Breaking911/stat…[View]
223938605Why doesn't Donald Trump believe in UFOs? Is he fucking retarded? https://www.foxnews.com/scien…[View]
223919841And it's all somehow Trump's fault.[View]
223914633Explain to me how the most anti-Semitic Jew hating board on the internet helped elect and currently …[View]
223939557Why does Trump love Israel more than America?[View]
223941248KING OF ISRAEL: wew lad, amerilards defend this right now[View]
223938981Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity To kill every sandnigger you ever wanted. In one mome…[View]
223937783Carmela can you believe dis joke of a president we voted for!?: King of the jews? DA JOOZ? WHAT ABOU…[View]
223940169The lady doth protest too much, methinks.[View]
223940932Colorado fag here, when will winterchan come back to freeze out the illegals in a glorious artic chi…[View]
223938590The jig is up!: You friggen jerks say the Holocust is a big scam but now this guy has photo proof an…[View]
223938337Why is what's popular on chan becoming popular in the world... traps.. cosplay. Memes. Do we in…[View]
223940531Are the balkanfags considered white?[View]
223937383You will never be japanese. You will be at worst a a shitskin or a eurocuck and at best a fat americ…[View]
223940915Dr.: Have you guys heard of DoctorRandomercam? https://youtu.be/br5G7ggmAMo[View]
223934424the guy in the red t shirt: ok so.... apologize me beeing a slowfag. but who the fuck is this guy an…[View]
223940059I was thinking a great way to inject money into our struggling prison systems would be to reinstate …[View]
223940835Trump caught lying again: Lying about doing an EO on anchor babies. He said he'd do it before t…[View]
223940780Spam /pol With Epstein Threads Again: Y’all really just gonna let this shit vanish again? You autist…[View]
223937773So what does /pol/ think of EASTERN Oregon, ie, Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains? Has the Califo…[View]
223940748Fucking when: You idiots here and on the left talk about a apocalyptic civil war. Yet you both still…[View]
223938221Who the FUCK still supports this kike obsessed boomer retard?[View]
223934436The Amerimutt meme stops here.: Europeans, please stop with the Amerimutt memes. We know that Americ…[View]
223931251Can i get a quick rundown on these fellas? I'm from the central kentucky area, I just found out…[View]
223940550Seriously...: What part of none of our business dont they get? Explain to them they are in arrears..…[View]
223938217I can't get rid of the feeling that I have grand destiny to fullfill. I'm reluctant becaus…[View]
223940061Something snapped, I believe TSHtF: pic related. and check donald's twitter he has posted a 4ch…[View]
223923763Why is the 'holocaust' off limits to joke about: I don't know if i'm alone in this but it …[View]
223923602WOW Medniggers BTFO[View]
223938113Testosterone decline redpills: >be my dad >50 >6'1, 195 lbs, 32/34 pants >construct…[View]
223940358Ponderings: I bet they never imagined how stupid things would get in the future. This generation of …[View]
223939623I am so sorry we fucked this up[View]
223927707Matt “crusty toes' Groening: One of Jeffrey Epstein’s public accusers claims she had to give a foot …[View]
223940190Boris Johnson to me seems like kind of a fraud, but Trump doesn't seem as bad? Your opinions?: …[View]
223940254Don't lose heart.[View]
223927283BASED Jordan Peterson: So I was able to attend a private lecture with Jordan Peterson where he was a…[View]
223940160Was he redpilled? Anarcho-individualism?[View]
223932160Let's trade Puerto Rico for Greenland: So maybe instead of trying to buy Greenland we should tr…[View]
223939562>miss nevada 2019 >is un ugly mulato >supports trump wtf…[View]
223938526A lot of the 'recession' talk started from San Francisco... Why? Because they're not just tryin…[View]
223920700Voting age: What is the proper voting age?[View]
223936055HAPPENING --->THE DEEP STATE CONTROLS ATG BARR: Barr Addresses Epstein’s Death, ‘I Have Seen Noth…[View]
223936220SELL GREENLAND!!!![View]
223935226/tag/ - Trump/Antichrist General - first edition: Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? He's really …[View]
223939938MEME THIS RIGHT NOW: Meme this with something you believe, but makes normies think you’re crazy. Exa…[View]
223934412'The Greatest Anti-Semite of Our Age': https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-trump-has-made-it-of…[View]
223891248A strong independent male is by nature rebellious to authority. Thus it would be in the interest for…[View]
223934219Roe vs Wade. Will this get overturned?: Wtf. I love niggers now.[View]
223934584race war now: Seriously, niggers dating our white women has to stop. And we must put an end to this …[View]
223935685Cuck of Duty Edition: Got the new issue of gameinformer from Gamestop boys! Tell me why the bitch li…[View]
223936737Why do leftists hate blacks?[View]
223929418what happened to peak oil?[View]
223937437How do we remove these people from this board?[View]
223935253Why do so few people here care about climate change which is one of the biggest threat to Western ci…[View]
223910046Is 'white fragility' real? Seems like white dudes ARE freaking out over every little innocuous thing…[View]
223938386Denmark's Belligerent Claim to this Peaceful Canadian Island Violates the Monroe Doctrine: 'It …[View]
223939327Is it bigger than we thought?[View]
223931654Memeing Greenland into US ownership: >download maps with Greenalnd >edit them with (U.S.) or (…[View]
223934627EPSTEIN’S CELLMATE TOLD THERE WILL BE A “PRICE TO PAY” IF HE TALKS: Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmat…[View]
223857976éire/pol/ - Whats with Paganism Edition: Nationalist and Anti-Globalist Parties in Ireland: >The …[View]
223939281question: where can i find nicole cevario's journal? cant find it anywhere. i wanna see what th…[View]
223933322Fuck the bbc: Why is everyone ignoring Bernie Sanders???This is fucking disgusting.[View]
223922350You antisemites are going way too far now.: Have some respect and stop posting things like this on s…[View]
223938966Why has no public figure ever said ANYTHING relating to the well being of White people?[View]
223931562The BLOAT Lord is protecting European borders. Do not fear, Europe is safe. Praise the BLOAT Lord an…[View]
223938921Can TERFs meme? What do you think of their movement?[View]
223938920Attack of the Clones: Tonight at 9pm est billionaire Jeffery Petterson and former democratic mega do…[View]
223937636Did you know, you're living in clown world?: Well? Did you?[View]
223915058Global Economy willl crash in 2 months: My friend's mom is an important person in finance in Ho…[View]
223937530So this is pretty neat, right?[View]
223937612Is he okay?[View]
223937332We got you good on this one goys 'America first, now we'll finally stand up to Israel!'[View]
223933414Where are the politically motivated leftist mass shooters? I thought leftism is the violent ideology…[View]
223938086What did Cheetoh Bandito mean with this latest outrageous gesture?[View]
223938495Patriots, A recent document surfaced from ShareBlue on how to “handle” the recent death of Epstein, …[View]
223937204Fascism: So, what do you think about more classical variations of fascism, anons? Guys like Mussolin…[View]
223925224Greenland is a shithole. 1 in 4 people tried to kill themselves, unemployment is high and life is mi…[View]
223935604Empty your balls anons!: Empty your balls there is a magnitude 12 comming! Tell me when the Major on…[View]
223932972Academic Agent's new Political Compass Test: AA is a Laissez Faire Monarchist Classical Liberal…[View]
223877465Data footprints. - The Security Triangle - The End of the Individual. The End of the Enlightenment.:…[View]
223938070Am I too progressive?: Am I a commie, /pol?[View]
223938300Gonna say this again since some may not get it. FUCK ALBANIA[View]
223935333Has there ever been a Jew that’s Jewier than this Jew boy?[View]
223937694Anyone remembers the name of Tim Pool former GF which he chewed out and discarded like a piece of tr…[View]
223937848Conan Thread: >Conan is /pol/ incarnate We're all just like Robert E. Howard. Angry autists …[View]
223920398Afrika: >The wh*Te dogs charge at me >I grab my gun >I start to shoot wh*Te dogs >They a…[View]
223932282Let's unmask some huge shills together: Post their pictures or just tell stories[View]
223937846>‘Luxury beliefs’ are the latest status symbol for rich Americans Really good fucking article des…[View]
223918491Nigger Hate Thread: >search catalog >no nigger hate thread Post 'em…[View]
223927784What other countries can we buy? I want to see Trump buy a country before he leaves office. Where do…[View]
223894424Blacked Italy - Limited Edition: It's open war between Lega and 5SM, a continuous exchange of a…[View]
223936828Picture it for a bit, Prime minister of Denmark tells Trump he cannot buy Greenland. September 21 2…[View]
223937496Red Pilled Sitcoms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvFYBkesqGU Startrek 'Deepspace Nine' is one of …[View]
223936233CIA report in[View]
223935109What happened to post-menopausal women in pre-government societies when their men left them for youn…[View]
223936987Convince me to not help Yang win the Democratic election.: Yang Vs Trump 2020. What could be better?…[View]
223929538Whats the proof that skin realistically makes a difference?: Racists cant provide definitive proof o…[View]
223929624Pulte -- Charlatan or Good Guy?: Don't know what it is, yet, but there's something not rig…[View]
223937219There are no literal Nazis, they died at that time.: Others were captured by the Mossad and some esc…[View]
223936493pol video illegal: is this political incorrect? in 30 countries this video is illegal https://www.y…[View]
223931751HAPPENING: MIKE PENCE BANGED NIKKI HALEY: he dicked her down real good![View]
223936107joos: tell me some jew lies[View]
223923715Ungrateful Muslim: >Be Muslim >Come to the UK from a shithole >Breed like rabbits >Counc…[View]
223935267Be american get shot: When will the US catch up to the rest of the civilized world?[View]
223934520Demark is weak. We are strong.: We'll take what we want.[View]
223932928Iceland when?: How long after taking Greenland until we take Iceland?[View]
223936618France Albert René is the hero white needed: France Albert René, was the dictator of the nigger isla…[View]
223936698The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
223928867Operation: Stop Breast Cancer: Too long has breast cancer killed our women. It is up to us to meme a…[View]
223936252ITS HOPPENING: >riding my bike home last night >enjoying the cooler temperatures because of gr…[View]
223927403How many people will actually show up to the Area-51 thing?: I hope zero. But you know some people a…[View]
223933897There are 20 threads promoting YouTube channels and 15 threads promoting Twitter accounts. BUY A FU…[View]
223932187How do we make sure that zoomers become good Christians instead of degenerate atheists like millenni…[View]
223934397I'd like an apology: Hey Jews you better start towing the line and support white Nationalism be…[View]
223931380>this is what life is like in USA in current year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvGgFzagfI4…[View]
223925654Oh, poor thing, you speak only one language? Sorry, I didn't know you were languagelet.[View]
223935519Terrible Future: Okay I know that this is just a shitty Snapchat ad that’s meant to predict how your…[View]
223922223If Jews are inferior, why do they rule everything?[View]
223935116Oy Vey, what's all this talk of disloyalty my fellow whites?[View]
223926694Fucking... Wow. Defend this now: You’re voting for him in 2020 so defend this https://twitter.com/s…[View]
223935245Pizzagate: Why does Wikipedia so confidently state Pizza-gate as being debunked when it clearly isn…[View]
223933440What's the most based and redpilled job in the world? Something you'd like to do every day…[View]
223933260Was attacked by aliens: Some had a UFO encounter last night, they kept trying to talk to me, they ke…[View]
223933846/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General - Wednesday Sonnenrad Edition: Thread for discussion of Nationa…[View]
223934402Who /blackpilled-NEET-alcoholic/ crew here?[View]
223935854wake up, there's a new kang in town.: what's his first tweet this morning lads?[View]
223930374How the fuck can any of you still defend this guy: This guy is profoundly embarrassing to America in…[View]
223923706Well /pol/. What do you have to say for yourself?[View]
223933168Jordan Peterson text to voice synthesizer: https://www.notjordanpeterson.com/ Have you guys seen thi…[View]
223930405HAPPENING!: LAPD sheriffs department shooter at large. Shooting at cops. livestream - https://abc7.c…[View]
223900214Sorry anti-semites, but we're into you: https://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/11641257216708894…[View]
223934940Defeat Diversity Street: Folks we need to promote based Rob Ford and defeat diversity. https://www.t…[View]
223902820>Hitler >Mussolini >Hideki Tojo >Wang Jingwei >Jorge González von Marées >Huey Lon…[View]
223925608OH NO NO NO[View]
223924993Trump wants to legalize Ketamine: for suicidal vets. Esketamine is the S(+) enantiomer of ketamine, …[View]
223933324>women start having kids at 15 yo >being with your kids all day long >there's no contr…[View]
223921550Is this the end, bros?[View]
223926241Soyboys/Numales/Cucks: How often do you run into these types of people? Were you ever one during a p…[View]
223934626Thoughts on Politifact?[View]
223934918Anti-Germanic Racism: It's time to call out the real racists. Let's make this a thing.…[View]
223896964Redraw the United States: The US had a good run, but it's pretty much over for them. In this th…[View]
223931119It's all so tiring.: Montana Demographics White: 89.01% Native American: 6.49% Two or more r…[View]
223933150How do we control the incel epidemic? Does every /r9k/ and /pol/ poster need to be doxxed by the FBI…[View]
223921556Degeneracy thread: You rage you lose[View]
223932831IF YOU WATCH JRE YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED: Did you know that Joe is actually a shill in bed with th…[View]
223917334USA now belongs to Denmark: COPENHAGEN (The Borowitz Report)—After rebuffing Donald J. Trump’s hypot…[View]
223934370Oh beautiful: Oh sweet Jesus yes /pol/, finally a real president for the yid![View]
223934571VICE is running sob stories on pedophiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGfm5PoYyLo But rest assu…[View]
223934461This shit is getting out of hand. The MIGA meme was right all along.[View]
223924024>one of the oldest civilization in the world >indian qts are literally top tier girls in the w…[View]
223923637So...: Why the fuck are womens hairstyles so fucking ugly? The only styles that look good are lettin…[View]
223926669lol what did you faggots do this time[View]
223930641Nick Fuentes: When’s his book coming out?[View]
223933183Wyte man da deble. This was an ad on (((YouTube)))[View]
223933718WW1...: ...was white genocide. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I w…[View]
223924818SHALL NOT: Are you part of a militia? If so, >how long have you been a part? >how easy was it …[View]
223929186The SLAVIC man is the epitome of masculinity. So glad my dad KEKED British 'men' so I didn't en…[View]
223933678Henry Ford - Founder of the Ford Motor Company: Since he is in the news again, let us remember how h…[View]
223928962IT'S HAPPENING[View]
223931099Why are Republicans so fucking stupid? Human waste is biodegradable. Not plastic![View]
223928013Specifically speaking about the Greenland embarrassment it has crystallised my thoughts on Trump. Tr…[View]
223933721Help save Pepe's family dying in the burning Amazon rainforest!: Please pray! https://m.youtube…[View]
223930048How do we stop the NEET epidemic? Should congress act?[View]
223933155BOW TO THE KING OF ISRAEL, /pol/! MIGA![View]
223931877Non-violent False Flags incoming: Look at all these timely disarmings, in such a tight timeframe. Th…[View]
223923507Trump: 'Antifa is a terrorist organization': Antifa stands for 'anti fascists', so they are by defin…[View]
223916804Nazis: >kills more whites than any historical event in the history of mankind >along with a co…[View]
223927223Kosovo: What are your thoughts on Kosovo,should Serbia take it back since it was unrightfully stolen…[View]
223916385Why hasn’t a single white country tried to top this?: Or at least tried to knock it down? I mean my …[View]
223932581Possible “Learn to Code” crusade pt 2?[View]
223930452HAPPENING, TERRORIST ATTACK AT LGBT PARADE IN CALIFORNIA: >Two bombs struck near the LGBT pride P…[View]
223915507Does /pol/ support class warfare?[View]
223927623Why do people even like this schizo?[View]
223933261The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
223913829Give us Greenland or pay your debts Danetards[View]
223913122What aspect of 1990s culture do you miss? It may be just me being a 90omer, but life in the 1990s se…[View]
223926529Cops are the good gu-: Where's he from/pol/? https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/08/cleveland-…[View]
223929961How can we remove these subhumans ?: I want to remove this capitalism-toy jew invention from my coun…[View]
223930213Do you understand economics? How can you possibly vote on economic policy without understanding econ…[View]
223928613Lol Henry Ford is rolling over in his grave because he's been proven correct at who controls Am…[View]
223928233Why are there so many young women with tattoos nowadays?[View]
223927272Why are the Feds cracking down this hard?[View]
223932699Why do we let them get away with this?[View]
223932694>Be Mark Passio >Tell women its wrong to manipulate men for political reasons >Goes on to t…[View]
223921582Trump has an unhealthy obsession with Israel.: What's his problem anons? At this rate he's…[View]
223923640Is NoFap a problem?: >The problem with NoFap is that some people are not used to dealing with men…[View]
223928110Cant cuck the tuck[View]
223932430>tfw you were born in time to watch the end of the white race[View]
223932154Discord Psyops and 4chan: So this trap discord group is doing the exact same thing as /r9cute/ and r…[View]
223932515Innocent until Proven Guilty: It's impossible to catch all the criminals all the time right? No…[View]
223932076What's with the orange man lately? Seems like he's been doing a lot, and really drastic ch…[View]
223932153>larp as le epic memelord race warrior of kekistani >makes threats against jewish people on th…[View]
223930858We never have money for healthcare, food stamps, children, unemployment, or lowering taxes, but sudd…[View]
223932186Wake up /pol/: https://youtu.be/VHtTvB9do9s[View]
223930644Pepe meme: How do i make pepe memes? Is there an app on google play store?[View]
223901112Louis IX of France: >be Louis IX of France >be the king who literally burned all the talmuds i…[View]
223925641American hate thread[View]
223928765what did he mean by this[View]
223928873Why am I supposed to give a shit about this jew bitch and her kike buddies? Are they running a kid-f…[View]
223929223Photoshop niggers in: can someone shop a nice pepe on this face. I wanna see pepe on the open seas, …[View]
223930220Havent seen anyone talking about this yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8ehSpUKerQ[View]
223930279SLUT, The Play: Experiencing sexual assault and slut shaming | Talks at Google NOW featuring kids! l…[View]
223930911Monarchism vs. Democracy: I think I saw this quote on here, it had something to do with how kings li…[View]
223926871Trump: 'I AM THE CHOSEN ONE': https://youtu.be/Wl08M44mTyI?t=960 (16:00) TRUMP IS THE CHOSEN ONE…[View]
223920991To that Algerian OBSESSED with India: No matter how much you call us 'poo-poo' No matter how much yo…[View]
223931538This guy is full of shit. What kind of idiot believes anything that comes out of this retard's …[View]
223931336>twitter screencaps >lol look what some retard said! wow so this is the power of /pol/...…[View]
223929602Why is black usually used to show dominence and strength, but white is used to show purity and weakn…[View]
223929483Trump scared of Obama, skips Denmark trip: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1168685/donald-trump…[View]
223929886OK. So the Warten campaign is training an NPC army to turn every fucking conversation into why you s…[View]
223929505> 2015 + 4 still a white supremacist Not a R1B supremacist[View]
223931024Why is Zionism not considered a form of white nationalism?[View]
223930957Ted Wheeler the mayor of portland: Hes a loaded turd.[View]
223930880Why are 'conservative' Boomers in the US so OBSESSED with Christian Zionism and Israel? Where did th…[View]
223928335What is the 25th amendment?[View]
223930361Team Sport is a form of Masonic Control: The Football Association was founded by London Freemasons i…[View]
223928142Is it going to be the Indian century /pol/?: Are you scared that you will lose your job in the futur…[View]
223930574It's Already Mine: Why do you once great, counterfeit, or failed states resist?[View]
223930265When I was young and brainwashed I use to make sure my plate was clean cause I always thought of the…[View]
223918643Brit/pol/: boogaloo brit/pol/ boys on a skitsmission about to detonate a 10,000 kg of TNT in luton…[View]
223930395Blocks Trump's Path....[View]
223930373>The earth is just a containment vessel for the ((((parasite)))). >So many people want to be …[View]
223930364Is the Kalergi Plan real? Did Kalergi support the EU? Do any of you support the EU and by extension …[View]
223928071Matthew 5:38-48 Matthew 6:1-4[View]
223929404BAsed /pol/ tubers i start report of the week or reviewbrah as you may call him[View]
223930134>grug >grug let longnose and brownface in grugs cave >tyronegrug fuck grugs wife >grugst…[View]
223929857/RG/ Reparations General: UN estimates 400k/Black American. Post your ideas on how we will fund this…[View]
223929293'Free speech is good' >tries to shut down anything that doesn't match their world view 'Appr…[View]
223930067the best what we lost movie: just watched the 1960 flick where the boys are, basically a pure white …[View]
223920546CANADA #1 CANADA #1 CANADA #1 CANADA #1 CANADA #1[View]
223923654Tik Tock.....Incel Shooters: >>some Glownigger finally entered/search/keyword/Incel/prism/Elli…[View]
223928614This Is What Fascism Looks Like![View]
223922732Dan 'Oathbreaker' Crenshaw: HE IS LITERALLY BURNING THE AMERICAN FLAG[View]
223926915Why is Alex Jones censored so much?: >go to youtube >type Alex Jones >first 20 videos are k…[View]
223929900The “chosen one” has to pay for skank pussy, has potato kids and can’t even score an American wife.[View]
223929790i don't care what anyone says this is totally worth it[View]
223919691If you’re a sub 8/10 man in today’s world then it’s over for you just FYI.[View]
223922693When will Trump whipe out the rest of this shithole: palestine? Fuck greenland, take over palestine …[View]
223929815MANHUNT: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Watch-Live-NBC4-KNBC-News-Live-Stream-301079581.ht…[View]
223929375Qtddtot: Would ICE raid a church that was housing illegal immigrants? Asking for a friend.[View]
223927060He’s playing Trump like a big fat fucking chump.[View]
223919130Why does Tim Pool pretend to still be a liberal?[View]
223921404On the left, the existing fencing built under the Clinton administration. On the right, new fencing …[View]
223929654Faggots, Trannies, Pedos and Incest?: So with homosexuals having achieved their dominance enshrined …[View]
223928199Gabbard Victimized by DNC's Dubious Debate Criteria. Tulsi getting cockblocked by the DNC >h…[View]
223913119Why do people pretend that Poland put up a fight in WW2? they were steamrolled in a month yet people…[View]
223925657Almost 50 threads hidden thanks to the meme flag filter. people who still react to meme flags are su…[View]
223928565The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
223919541Imagine actually supporting these dumb, subhuman goatfuckers[View]
223929370Bros I can't sleep at night until Greenland has an American Flag planted on it. Trump I want Gr…[View]
223928855Is the UK beyond saving?[View]
223925600What percentage of new immigrants in America buy guns?: Do new Americans support the second amendmen…[View]
223928225Overpopulation of the USA: All our population expansion since the 1970s has come from immigration. T…[View]
223920435Were going to need a uniform: Should we let /fa pick a uniform for the new cringe force or Trumpen T…[View]
223927657Are Hispanics too stupid to become Americans?: Can the illegal hispanics coming from the poverty of …[View]
223927439Before I lamented myself for not being 100% white, I was just a half-breed of shit so I was always a…[View]
223915760How has 4chan shaped you politically, considering there is various boards?[View]
223927953American/Anglo Christian General /acg/: Here we discuss the politics associated with the various sec…[View]
223926934Should I join the NZ navy?: Just graduated, got an office job, felt like necking every day so I quit…[View]
223916758Why you Americans hate my country so much, what ? we are not your small shit?[View]
223910691The 2A is useless if you aren’t in a well regulated militia.: This cartoonist is on point. They even…[View]
223915726Allow me to break this down for you retarded Europeans There are TWENTY (yes, 20) US *STATES* with a…[View]
223928661>post on /pol/ >start getting targeted ads about how I can become an FBI agent…[View]
223919724Should you knock out a nazi?: YES. Yes, of course you should!! Every goddamn time!![View]
223919171BOYCOTT BOEING: Do not fly on any Boeing-operated flights. Only fly on Airbus flights. Before bookin…[View]
223928527Ultimate Deal Maker: Can’t get Mexico to pay. Can’t get North Korea chilled. Can’t even buy Greenlan…[View]
223902255This destroys /pol/. Why are you against Positive Masculinity?[View]
223904470Why haven’t you embraced Islam? > traditional values > no degeneracy (gayism) allowed > wo…[View]
223925623It has been decided.: How will this change /pol/? For the better or for the worse?[View]
223900239/HGK/ Hong Kong thread: Last one: >>223877889 Livestreams: https://ncehk2019.github.io/nce-liv…[View]
223927887The internet was a mistake.: Every social problem we have now either exists because of the internet …[View]
223924700If I jerk off to home videos, is that still porn?[View]
223928329OY VEY, SHUT IT DOWN https://slate.com/technology/2019/08/4chan-trolls-impersonated-jewish-twitter-u…[View]
223911029In America we wear shoes in the house: I just got back from a run, now I'm wearing my shoes in …[View]
223925694Why don't faggots look up facts: I know everyone is allowed to have their own opinion(they shou…[View]
223927399What is the /pol/ consensus on Jews?: Is this a pro-Jew pro-Zionism board?[View]
223928209things that trigger /pol/[View]
223927861If the right cant meme... Can the left meme?[View]
223921229Should I convert to Islam?: All the shilling of Islam on /pol/ recently has made me question myself?…[View]
223927860MGGA: Has there been anyone from Greenland, in pictures or media, who have actually expressed suppor…[View]
223926603>Activists of AISA, CPI(M) and other organizations display placards during a protest against the …[View]
223927879He is the chosen one.[View]
223925118Mentoring: Juvenile delinquents shouldn't be put in jails. They should be assigned to a homosex…[View]
223922804>cold weather makes you more intellige- wew lad, nice meme![View]
223925480Medicare For All: Most of this board seems deeply opposed to Medicare for All and similar single-pay…[View]
223891119Greenland: The hilarious thing is that Denmark, an irrelevant country, is getting free press and int…[View]
223888055This has a point: Can anyone refute this?[View]
223922762How fucking accurate is this?[View]
223926382Can you survive off a minimum wage in your country?[View]
223925889You are now aware a cabal of canadians have taken over the 4chan moderation team. This thread won…[View]
223900209Does anyone have an archive of this beauty's videos before she was struck down by Jewtube? Also…[View]
223926545Not JordanPeterson Thread: Make and post your best Not Person records >https://www.notjordanpeter…[View]
223927208Got banned on twitter for calling someone a /pol/ fag. I was just memeing. Anon was posting way wors…[View]
223912235Whats stopping you from taking the christpill anon?: Genuinely curious[View]
223927153Looks like there is still hope for Pewdipie[View]
223918467Sharing Memes – Man Ends Up Red Flagged: “What I understand is that he didn’t make any comments on F…[View]
223914312Can you guess this girls heritage?[View]
223925847OH NO NO NO NO[View]
223914293what does India have to offer other than rape and faeces?[View]
223923179muh salt weapons: >be american >go to gun range >while I fire off .025 rounds per minute wi…[View]
223924990This does bring a smile to my face (pic related)[View]
223926967Recalibrating NPCs with Normie-templates: Make your memes with normie / NPC templates. Their firewal…[View]
223901549Go to 2:25 in pewdiepies new minecraft video. Hes playing remove kebab in the background.[View]
223926113Our race has lost the future.[View]
223913847/pol/ humour thread[View]
223926803Why are liberal women the most mentally ill bunch on the internet? I know twitter is an echo chamber…[View]
223920664If God created us in his own image does that mean he has an asshole and takes a shit sometimes?[View]
223925541Morning nu-/pol/ ignored this. I doubt evening /pol/ will do any better.[View]
223924058is it still bad for me if i fap only to pictures of nudes girls have sent me?[View]
22392585328 year old here. Have politics always been this predominant in life? Or am I just noticing becaus…[View]
223926047GREENLAND NOT FOR SALE: >Suicide in Greenland is a significant national social issue. Greenland h…[View]
223916776We've got a bit of a situation here in Estonia. Our Far-Rightish Estonian party called Estonian…[View]
223926149When is the race war gonna begin predictions: im so ready to beat the jews[View]
223924685Border Patrol: watch those pronouns. that's a non-binary robot https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/…[View]
223924163BIG IF TRUE: Another explosion at the PMF/PMU base in Baghdad, the Iranian-backed PMU blames an Isra…[View]
223925019Disarm the police: Better a thousand dead pigs than one more dead innocent.[View]
223922230Young Turks Promote Antifa: Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/Qn8trVx7s7Q Be sure to give them a di…[View]
223926220I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!: https://youtu.be/SXmk8dbFv_o[View]
223926183The Incelebration: Oct. 4th -- GTKRape War Now[View]
223881968Is it HAPPENING? Is this crazy asshole actually going to do something useful and take on the fed? D…[View]
223924171Trump 'Let's have a recession': Why is this retard calling for a recession? source: https://you…[View]
223926128Trump is at 94%: Trump is at 94%. Nobody can touch him. Is this true? https://youtu.be/Wl08M44mTyI?t…[View]
223918062Racist collectibles anyone?: This is a book I bought in a local thrift store. Does anyone have any e…[View]
223925577You listen to TrueAnon, don't you anon?[View]
223923639Modern Rome mania: Is it so wrong to want the people in charge of this great experiment to stop sell…[View]
223925810band releases song about singer being cucked: Rock band Highly Suspect released a new single '1…[View]
223910680immigrant labour: I worked as a lineman for about 4 years. Full of tough ass white boys and maybe 10…[View]
223925778Sharing Boomer Naivety: Ok anons it time to share to the world the pathetic naivety of boomers from …[View]
223922793Friendly reminder that Donald Trump is a goddamn idiot and so is his base[View]
223916286'Extremist Content and Young Boys' Article by BBC News: Though the article is roughly two days old, …[View]
223925697Crawl towards me on your toes with your shoulders crossed, do it backwards![View]
223919434Real estate: Why do /pol/tards think real estate is the be all and end all of making it to financial…[View]
223921580Netflix Subversion - American Factory: What did Netkikes mean by this? Are they trying to normalize …[View]
223922221Why the fuck is it so difficult to get a job these days? I have applied for so many jobs and receive…[View]
223904043Somebody throw philosophy questions at me. I think I know everything, so find something I don't…[View]
223911554/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Shalom, Fellow Jews Edition: We must create a massive movemen…[View]
223908900Hitler said Slavs are subhuman and need to be purged for Labensraum. WOW, what a mistake that would …[View]
223923297meat is genocide eat bugs, goy[View]
223925373Is linux digital communism? Yes, it is, obviously.[View]
223925499Having seen a Tit, you are now obliged to pay attention. Would you rather live in a liberal white et…[View]
223925449What is acceptable censorship /pol/?[View]
223925210The Peoples Square LIVE GTIH >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT_CM4YDZ34…[View]
223925309Little St. James Island: Hey boys anyone know what this weird rock pattern is?[View]
223921278>Yes, I do believe Greenland belongs to the Danes. How could you tell?[View]
223920892Vote Rob Ford: Remember to vote for BASED Rob Ford https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-invol…[View]
223920998UVF: Is the UVW something like the IRA in reverse? Because they are from Northern Ireland and are pr…[View]
223908313You are alone with Greta in boat traversing the ocean for 3 weeks.: How will you cure her liberal re…[View]
223924114the final argument?[View]
223925189we 'elected' a literal nazi as head of EU, is /pol/ happy now?[View]
223915698We can get shit from Trump: but from the stupid Britbongs? That’s not ok. Also, that was a really ba…[View]
223918441Why do leftist use white power hand signals?: Why?[View]
223924351Pizzagate isn't rea-[View]
223918680Styxhexenhammer666 is always dancing around, avoiding, and never saying a direct 'no' to the allegat…[View]
223920739If/when he gets re-elected, how bad will the Trump Derangement Syndrome escalate?[View]
223925000What the fuck is his problem?[View]
223920514How is a tiny country of just 9 million people able to cause so much butthurt?[View]
223920509Influx of reddit-tier retards?: Whats with the increase of libfag redditards in the recent years?…[View]
223918332WISSENSKRIEG: >WHAT ARE WE? We are a new group whos purpose is archiving and protecting any and a…[View]
223892469>'I am the chosen one' What an absolute fucking retard. https://twitter.com/davidmackau/status/11…[View]
223923814Little Donny wants Greenland! Tell that nasty lady to bring me some cheesy bread!![View]
223924628Are the official US jobs numbers fake? How can the official number of jobs suddenly be revised down …[View]
223909287Biblestudies: Sinners Welcome: ITT we discuss the teachings of Christ and the Bible, and find out wh…[View]
223877922CHINESE PROPERTY TO BE NATIONALIZED IN CANADA: In the event of a Chinese invasion of Hong Kong. This…[View]
223908615What did the New York Post mean by this?[View]
223890669>it's legal to sell this to a child[View]
223923665Want to turn your mind to gravy?: Watch this Bill Smith video...thank me later https://www.youtube.c…[View]
223902200What is wrong with Joe Biden? He seems senile.: I found this video: https://twitter.com/BetaODork/st…[View]
223909788TRUMP'S BUDGET IS A TOTAL FUCKING DISASTER, FOLKS: The Congressional Budget Office unleashed it…[View]
223922225Dum da dum da da faa dum da: We made Trump chimp out again.[View]
223922601bros what if the dems win the white house[View]
223921512Hey four eyes, get laid[View]
223914691ITT: People that the jews fear: I'll start with an obvious one[View]
223917918Feudalism: Was it based? It seems we may be heading back to it soon.[View]
223919414White Replacement Theory: How do normies not see it? It's in their faces practically every day.…[View]
223924069Priest accused of stealing $98K from church to pay Grindr hookups: >grindr So Long, Gay Boy. http…[View]
223919683Germany started WWI LMAO: 1/3 America got attacked on 9/11 and around 3000 worthless americans died,…[View]
223923768JORDAN PETERSON DEEPFAKE THREAD: Let's hear em, boys. My humble contribution: https://vocaroo.…[View]
223923939Rare Pepe Deposit: This is the Rare Pepe Deposit! Deposit your Rare Pepes here to impress your fell…[View]
223923121EPSTEIN'S Australian Links - Eyes Wide Open: https://fionabarnettblog.files.wordpress.com/2019/…[View]
223923662What are the red flags of a Dubai whore?[View]
223922900>Rapture when[View]
223923082The power we are dealing with here...is immeasurable.[View]
223920049Daily Redpill Thread: Post your redpills Post your request Post leftist arguments and/or studies use…[View]
223920918*Blocks your path*[View]
223920889You are the cancer killing this site. Thoughts?[View]
223922106Man swings sword over throwaway cart: He followed a jogger home after the pair feuded over who saw t…[View]
223921558Why are reddit fags allowed here: Stop the faggots and jews from taking over pol like they did with …[View]
223922903The edl are less British than immigrants. They can't even speak proper English.[View]
223923419What's /pol/ reading?: These are all the /pol/ related titles ive read in the order i read them…[View]
223920909OMG THE DEMS WANT TO CUT AID TO ISRAEL!!!!: A vote against the GOP is a vote against Israel! We shou…[View]
223923466Nazi Californians: The media getting triggered about california teens jokingly doing nazi salutes an…[View]
223920199Notice how: The elite are intentionally exposing their own crimes because they are so fucking bored …[View]
223923364>Why yes i do believe Iceland is a ethnostate, how could you tell?[View]
223917927The GREEK man is the epitome of masculinity. Let us start with his body. It is strong, muscular, and…[View]
223923081The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
223921767I made /pol/ support a jew: Im the chosen one[View]
223894466Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - CDU surge Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #l…[View]
223915319Donald Trump converted to Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox Judaism in the sweltering New York summer of …[View]
223923159Jews are being forced to admit that Trump is right about the 'Jewish loyalty' thing. https://twitte…[View]
223919045'I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!': What did the King of the Jews mean by this?[View]
223922861Here's proof Muhammad was not only a pedo but a gay one. He diddled little Hasan. How do you Mu…[View]
223922835What is wrong with America? Why are people so easy to manipulate here? >https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
223911415When the technological singularity dawns upon the human kind and the supreme artificial intelligence…[View]
223921960How would /pol/ and alt-right react if Trump lost 2020?: I'm not saying he will lose but in the…[View]
223922882Turkey Ottoman Empire: The Empire Shall Rise Again Erdogan The Caliph is the real deal. India muslim…[View]
223921374Question to all Italy anons If the PD manages to pass the ius soli law, will that mean the end of iu…[View]
223922429From a red pill thread: This book IS garbage. >I went back to school and took some behavioral ps…[View]
223921692How are POC able to bear it, /pol/?[View]
223922696Why the fuck are these old shit mutts shilling so hard for Israel? I understand that the government …[View]
223915283Reminder that racemixers and the 'your not white, no one is white but me!' Fuckers will hang on the …[View]
223905253Powerful countries thread: Only the top 5 most powerful countries may post in this thread[View]
223922514Recession Warning: Yield Inverts Again: >Yield curve inverts a second time. Uh guys, is something…[View]
223922063Who alive today is the greatest threat to freedom, sovereignty, and humanity in general?[View]
223884894The music of /pol: What music do you listen to when browsing /pol or what music sums of the general …[View]
223922385There are retard Reddit niggers here who still don't know how this subhuman board works and tho…[View]
223921919When is the king of jews going to build the wall serious question?[View]
223901131/pol/, Is the UK a utter mockery of what a country should be?[View]
223917887White Genocide Thread: Here we discuss white genocide and how to prevent it. The clock is ticking!…[View]
223922217>be pene pe >we are republicans >corrupt governor gets ousted >constitution given to us …[View]
223909851How does one find a purpose in life? I want to belive, work and die for something bigger than myself…[View]
223919771Why is Denmark so nasty and disrespectful of the United States of America? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
223917189Get in faggot, we’re making America great again[View]
223918983He's been compromised Who listend to this hack[View]
223912650Question: 1.If god is omniscient and knows the future, why does he punish us? We cannot change our a…[View]
223920905Louisiana: What happens here[View]
223913397Glownigger appreciation thread: say something nice about them[View]
223916510The case of Dylann Roof: Hello /pol/. Hello global media. Today I would like to ask for your opinion…[View]
223866742Syria General /sg/ - I tried so hard edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
223921678The amazon rainforest is on fire and you can see it from space apparently. I underestimated the amou…[View]
223918909there are some 20-30 million voters in america that will unconditionally support israel for religiou…[View]
223921802Oh, look. That 'algorithm' accidentally put that fake impersonator account above the account of the …[View]
223920774Make white women less attractive, how can we do this?: It is not ugly or anything but culturally one…[View]
223921597/ygg/ yang gang general: Get in here lads Where to find his policies https://www.yang2020.com…[View]
223919095Russia, USA and Israel together against Iran: Moscow and Washington have agreed that Israel’s strike…[View]
223921154>Why yes I have memorized the Holy Qur'an by heart, how could you tell?…[View]
223920747Blessed music: Post blessed music for these cursed times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=locW-9S00V…[View]
223916802Can we just sell America to Denmark? I want free health care and banned assault weapons.[View]
223920110TYT election night meltdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpyKuzoFW40 Waiting for part 2 TRUMP 202…[View]
223921480The Did you Know Meme...: Entree level normies read these things all the time and its super fucking …[View]
223920266Google Suppresses the best Memes: /pol/ meme dump: It is important to save and organize your favorit…[View]
223910436Is a Monarchy better then a Republic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlnNsLj8-LY[View]
223916771Why do conservatives want to ban things that are useful to society, but they want everyone to have s…[View]
223891771for no reason thread[View]
223896418Who was in the fault here?: Unwashed, unshaved hobo comes to your town. Doesn’t follow the rules, ha…[View]
223920099Who controls country?: Either Trump isn't very subtle or I'm being paranoid. Very little r…[View]
223891925When will American conservatives realize that city living is actually superior?[View]
223916616>2 out of 3 women are overweight or obese >about 2% of women have anorexia or bulemia >Anor…[View]
223896639How much cash money do you have in your pocket right now?: >300 € Are you content with the amount…[View]
223919873This war is not over, and you will not stand in our way. Facism has no place in this wold today, my …[View]