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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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358300111Anyone else very fucking angry right now?: How do you channel this energy? I go out and look everyon…[View]
358300102i know i sundlike a fa990t but, seriously i think all of you twerps are most likely the nicest peopl…[View]
358300040Is this guy famous now?: What are the political implications of anti-workers being huge faggots?…[View]
358299466Ready for your next injection?: What do you think of this? Why are they releasing a injection for s…[View]
358284337Brit/pol/: Sky News: Prince Andrew asks for jury trial as he denies all Virginia Giuffre's sex …[View]
3582840321. Ban debt-based fiat currencies. 2. Ban usury. The silver bullet to the world’s financial problems…[View]
358299135Who is Ray Epps?: Who is this man? What is his history? Work history, criminal history, driving reco…[View]
358299404Was President Hindenburg a basically a boomer?[View]
358299746Furry rights are human rights.[View]
358299691Does truth exist…: and if so, is it real?[View]
358296374Did we Lose?: https://twitter.com/realDailyWire/status/1486414404748906496?t=V2E-P0fdzIqYLivR99Tv1A…[View]
358295289Biden should destroy the evil Russian gas pipeline.[View]
358289214UHHHH... GUYS???[View]
358297319Is this your avg Italian American?[View]
358294523What will the antiwork and the great resignation be movement be remembered for?[View]
358272659FED REFUSES HIKES. HYPERINFLATION CONTINUES: The fed has refused to increase rates Inflation will co…[View]
358299522Apple became China's top phone vendor in Q4: >'ate America >but MUH APPLE Apple has …[View]
358297246China still doesn't recognize Crimea after 8yrs. It's over Russbros.[View]
358290968True Capitalist Radio: whatever happened to ghost?[View]
358297728I’m putting together a team[View]
358297777RIP Michael J. Fox: It's a little early but he would have wanted it that way. Please share your…[View]
358299378Friendly reminder. Jews hate you and want you dead. https://gab.com/Xarver_Bea/posts/107687307197125…[View]
358298136Vaccines DO cause long-covid in some: There is some evidence about how vaccines DO cause long-covid …[View]
358295812Straight from the horses mouth folks: Does anyone on /pol/ know better than someone who worked in th…[View]
358280489at what point do we introduce a wealth cap? surely you cant be defending the likes of bezos and gate…[View]
358297753oh no no no vaxxbros...[View]
358293797Do Tim Pool fans actually think he's a centrist progressive? Are they really that desperate for…[View]
358296437AmeriMutt: Does the average mutt look like this?[View]
358269654I am forgotten[View]
358297647INFLATION 7% JOBLESS CLAIMS THIS MONTH 265000: Biden just made 265000 jobs! WE DID IT Lads we are st…[View]
358298491Pearson: Blacks are More Aggressive: pic related is what they are teaching in university. Published …[View]
358297398You cannot suffer there: If you aren't a druggie and work hard you can easily make 100k per yea…[View]
358295966Imagine being Jesse Watters: >>162940489 >comes from a rich family >gets a useless histo…[View]
358298785Theyre White. /pol/ terminology is wrong.[View]
358289291reminder that every 'jew' you dislike is an atheist JINO. actual jews are conservative, traditional,…[View]
358295104another one falls to big tech: *YOUTUBE PERMANENTLY BANS FOX NEWS HOST DAN BONGINO: AXIOS https://tw…[View]
358297283Can we get this to 41%: Posting this on r/workreform may just do the trick fellas.[View]
358298551just jew my shit up senpai[View]
358292914Would superman be on the governments side or would he be on the side of no mandates?[View]
358296250R/antiwork mod sex predator: Reddit btfo (again)[View]
358296166Reminder that for the longest time New york city was hailed as a wonder of the world made by white a…[View]
358288872Major Internet outages today?: What's been going on with this? >CenturyLink outage >Azure…[View]
358294100Applying on websites does not work: How do you find a job?[View]
358293820what's in her portfolio?[View]
358296081Single greatest moment in history[View]
358296381Canadian housing crisis. Canada is collapsing: >This 'house' sold for $1.8 million in Vaughan …[View]
358286331Stop using derogatory terms to refer to other people.: >Americans are not 'morbidly obese shartin…[View]
358291300What do you think the GOP will do?: It's a 50-50 senate with the tie breaker being Kamala, so t…[View]
358295655was life better under Harper?[View]
358292559Purge pure degeneracy[View]
358292565I don't believe in borders. Borders are a myth created and perpetuated by the powerful publishi…[View]
358292997Why do whites school shoot?[View]
358286518What is his fuking problem?: What is he angry about all of a sudden? This man had all the time and o…[View]
358287913You can't make this shit up, reddit mutts actually think Keanu is Jesus incarnate.[View]
358289460REFUGEE TO ONLYFANS: Remember the Saudi Arabian chick who locked herself in a Thai hotel until she w…[View]
358289459ITS HAPPENING: RUSSIA DEPLOYS COAL BURNING RUST BUCKETS: https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/…[View]
358297082How did the Turks create the longest empire in history? I thought they were roaches[View]
358292015Russia invaded Ukraine already in 2014: Its not like russians are threatening to do something new.…[View]
358297077I can't breathe[View]
358296717How many dots can you spare, /pol/?[View]
358292849Fuck all political parties Fuck antitheists Fuck secularism Follow the Only Lord existing. Amen.[View]
358295922So this is the power...: ...of the ukranian army[View]
358276514we're finally starting to see spinsters materialize in the flesh[View]
358293095Antisemitism ends now: My white brothers, it's time we stopped hating on jewish people. I rese…[View]
358296877Jew'sMedia blackout on Senate '2nd Opinion' on Jew Vaxx hearings.: https://dailystormer.su/most…[View]
358275674Lyme fags report: So I see Lymes threads from time to time and almost none of them reference Berkele…[View]
358294646The First Domino.: Russia will invade Ukraine. I assure you it will go off without a hitch. We will …[View]
358296620>kill someone on the street >sin >kill someone in a far-away land using expensive equipment…[View]
358294169I can watch entire episodes of TV shows, movies, or orchestral symphonies entirely in my head at wha…[View]
358293914Republicans are just liberals from 10 years ago:: Every time shitlibs win and push the culture thres…[View]
358296792Hey boys, just calm down, alright?: We gotchyou https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT0IsmflTxs&lis…[View]
358295924Vaccine Cardio Experiment: Anyone here try swiping on vaxxoids on tinder since they have that option…[View]
358296589Blm/aclu refutation: Hello anons I know most of you heard about blacks being overrepresented in drug…[View]
358296470Whatever happened to 'declas', aka Trump declassifying documents related to the coup attem…[View]
358275138/r/antiwork has been defeated https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork[View]
358272282AMERICAN MUSCLE: CHINKS AND SLAVS BTFO America is the strongest world super power in history. Russia…[View]
358295023If the US destroys Germany's pipeline then Germany should destroy US undersea cables.[View]
358287683Tyrone dates woman who looks and sounds 8 years old: Bros, what the fuck is this? This kind of relat…[View]
358289346It's been over a year pol: Where are the six trillion billion million people dropping dead from…[View]
358296043'45th & 47th' - Trump: CRR-CRRK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wju8ez6kcyQ BOOM! Trump is your …[View]
358290365Your weekly food allowance: >So food is running out we >have established that. >I know some…[View]
358293612Neil Young pro-vaxx VS Joe Rogan anti-vaxx. https://youtu.be/M5hp-5EWO5Y Do anybody listen to Neil Y…[View]
358296063>still no invasion What the hell are they planning?[View]
358230303>I love Jesus but hate religion/church t. Protcuck Reminder that Jesus himself started the Catho…[View]
358295870The promotion of car ownership as the only way to get around in the US is simply a way for the elite…[View]
358290384Was he really involved in Valkyrie?[View]
358287540Imagine Complaining about Capitalism: >Everyone complaining about wages not being high enough whi…[View]
358294711brit/pol - Declaration of Rebellion: >This thread is being saved for future learning and court pr…[View]
358295844WE THE PEOPLE - LETS GO BRANDON !: kid rocks 'new' song that sounds like old song https://www.youtub…[View]
358284533Twitter bans Dan Bongino for disinformation. What do the tech companies even consider disinformation…[View]
358293228Has anyone done the math yet as to what the raw odds would be for 2% of the population to be 100% re…[View]
358293941Looking at current happenings, isn't it obvious that capitalism has failed?[View]
358295739Transgenderism, the Internet and psuedo-reality: Don't you guys find it odd How a huge portion …[View]
358294380Why do we allow india to literally turn the ocean into their personal designated shitting body of wa…[View]
358293392What happened to civilization?[View]
358287489/NOWTW/ No One Wants to Work General - Insufficient Staff edition: /NOWTW/ No One Wants to Work Gene…[View]
358295524I WILL destroy that commie cock sucker Putin: I WILL be demanding solely that niggers, trannys and z…[View]
358288601But WHY does Cthulhu always swim left?: I understand that there is an inevitable shift from democrac…[View]
358291942He isn't based enough to reunite the soviet union. That's why the happening isn't hap…[View]
358295415What should we do?: We make fun of consoomers, we admire Uncle Ted, we hate (((big business))) which…[View]
358294869US Government: not my problem[View]
358290085300,000 Brits to die within 5 years: https://www.thesun.co.uk/health/17435614/300k-brits-living-stea…[View]
358253959Why is this tranny so fucking retarded literally room temperature IQ. >made no mention of people…[View]
358291734Everyone knows she's coming back and she will be the Dem nominee in 2024. Consider the followin…[View]
358294027Skilled Trades: Why haven't you taken the tradesman pill yet anon? $50/hour+ sounds real good t…[View]
358292170Did the Jews play themselves?[View]
358294887Why is the anti work movement still going?: Why haven’t businesses met the market demand for wages y…[View]
358294541A CALL TO ACTION: Jordan Petersen has claimed several times this month that he's talked to seni…[View]
358261837r/antiwork go full Communism: salt mines is looking good[View]
358292816Reminder that if the party you're voting for isn't at least against gay marriage/civil uni…[View]
358281942Sars-CoV-2 spike protein activates human endogenous retroviruses in blood cells: This needs to be se…[View]
358294366Are economics Jewish?[View]
358290767Are niggers even human?: Are niggers even human? Everything I try to look up scientific articles or …[View]
358290182A democracy is a form of government where a European population replaces itself with foreigners. The…[View]
358291476What’s going on my dudes????: It’s your boy… beardson motherfucking beardly Yeah, I’m a big time st…[View]
358293250Will Poland get involved?: Or we will just keep being entertainted by Lukashenko with immigrants on …[View]
358282943They're trying to genocide Europeans through massive unchecked immigration, the solution is sim…[View]
358294581Source?: Guys, I thought you told me only 1 person died at the 1/6 protests and that it was a big no…[View]
358288732Trudeau is going to speak at Parliament happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGehU1zszQs…[View]
358288978>Le 'King James Bible is superior': Douay–Rheims Bible will always be the best. PS: Religion is P…[View]
358292633Liberals freaking out about Nick Fuentes again: Attacking him for being a rebel when he was little. …[View]
358292699I remember Tony said Italians were the Romans. And according to the Holy Bible, 4 Roman soldiers buc…[View]
358283397You're Welcome Europoor's: Australia to the rescue as usual.[View]
358294412Waykiwayki's latest: Always good content, spanning various elite agendas re: 'the rona.…[View]
358285973slav here you Americans just couldn't mind your own business huh? now I'm going to have to…[View]
358291329I hate this fucking smug, arrogant, conceited cunt but I would be lying if I told you I wouldn'…[View]
358291177Introducing the next Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson[View]
358286740Same actors[View]
358293803How will Elsa recover[View]
358293900Cleaning the forest: Where are the bees supposed to live if you remove dead hollow trees?[View]
358291520/ourguy/ Putin wants you to speed up vaccination[View]
358291901Obama would be a good Supreme Court justice[View]
358292432Fuck you Eisenhower, you stole this from us[View]
358288135Will he do it?: Will he do it?[View]
358285339IMF kikes seething that they won’t be able to control El Salvador.[View]
358293969I hope Russia invades Ukraine but the Ukrainians starts guerrilla war. I want to follow the groups o…[View]
358251625BREAKING NEWS: GOYIM KNOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2llTyDlapLQ[View]
358293841When is the best day ever coming for Ukraine?: I can't wait https://youtu.be/98AT52N8w48[View]
358291523Just shoot me: I think that war is inevitable. Civil or regular one but inevitable. Fuck these price…[View]
358291023More military age males found being imported on mass: NEW: Another large group of single adult male …[View]
358291281How do you continue slaving away in this meme-tier dystopia. I'm all out of hopium.[View]
358293679This man is based as fuck: >Ruined his reputation by simply telling a fact(that Jews control bank…[View]
358293037I actually did it /pol: Everyone on /pol talks about how the trades are the future. Well niggers I a…[View]
358293455Boomer ideologies: >you should be grateful you even have a job >once you start working for som…[View]
358293622Y'all ever just think about fucking children? I don't, but just wondering about you guys. …[View]
358290996Redditers turn on r/antiwrok: The downfall has begun[View]
358286596Varg Vikernes: I miss this guy like you wouldn't believe. He predicted that Christianity would …[View]
358287226ONLY 15% OF MALE FINNS AGED 18-24 HAS AN ACTIVE SEX LIFE: https://web.archive.org/web/20171028183101…[View]
358289718This was a glowjob: >antiwork movement is steadily gaining traction >want to improve the lives…[View]
358287779Are there any jobs left where you dont have to sell your soul?: It seems that it is pretty much impo…[View]
358293815Russian thoughts/views on the Chechens?[View]
358255068WOW Xi Jinping is our guy! Low Carbon Emission should not interfere with life!: Low-carbon ambitions…[View]
358288250At what point did you realize there was no real labor shortage and we were just experiencing a new I…[View]
358293020Transgenderism, the Internet and psuedo-reality: Don't you guys find it odd How a huge portion …[View]
358288507Homosexual propaganda is affecting my 10 year old brother: While we were driving to basketball pract…[View]
358284034Dumb American mutt here. Honest question why do Irish people hate it when Scots-Irish Americans iden…[View]
358289833ITT: We post movies that might come true: Neuralink implants, artificial organs, brain computers, AI…[View]
358283530I worked for a fortune 100 company planning and building country scale power and water infrastructur…[View]
358292916Fox News: A day to 2 days ago I said I wanted to get rid of r/antiwork on here. I got made fun of. I…[View]
358280342What does this even mean? A simulation of what?[View]
358292900HE VIPER PATCH IS COMING SOON...: HE VIPER PATCH IS COMING SOON... https://www.bitchute.com/video/IX…[View]
358288131There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish[View]
358289828HAPPENING RENEWED: Ignore Elsa, he will never be a strategist[View]
358292246To all the glowniggers here trying to gauge the mood of so called 'extremists': I'm never going…[View]
358277708This was a setup: >antiwork movement is steadily gaining traction >want to improve the lives a…[View]
358272205Fox news played them like damn fiddle. Its absolutely incredible how they completely forfeited their…[View]
358288673Why would a white man decouple another white man: from the tech world in the most luxurious techtopi…[View]
358292308Why don't they just apologize for what they have done to the world?[View]
358292456Is war withdrawal harder then heroine?: The Afghan pullout was just a 5 months ago, can burgers not …[View]
358291614Is this the Whitest thing a cop could do?: >Arrest door dash driver >Aw shucks, someone might …[View]
358286014HAPPENING: DISCORD IS DOWN WORLDWIDE >fed keeping interest rates high >Breyer retiring >Uk…[View]
358286655How are normies handling this news?[View]
358290532whats this all about?[View]
358290417Degenerate women who do anal develop anti sperm antibodies making them less likely to be fertile or …[View]
358291413At this point the jokes write themselves.[View]
358289450HIV and Spike Protein: Can someone here explain to me: > Why does spike protein look so similar t…[View]
358290153>there are holocaust survivors >covid is another holocaust >some holocaust survivors have d…[View]
358291589>Flights are avoiding eastern ukraine border. Has the fire started?[View]
358292031Will the future group the world as 'Greater Zion' rather than individual countries?: 'The collapse o…[View]
358287506BREAKING: NEW TRUMP INTERVIEW WITH LOU DOBBS!: 'I just did a book — which is very successful, they s…[View]
358258861How to solve the incel problem: I'm going to throw an idea out there. When you were growing up,…[View]
358291092The Greatest lie ever told: THEY want you to focus on the 'fake moon landing', they want you to obse…[View]
358287713Pro-russia thread: >ameritmutt shills who get 5 hours off from work everyday need not apply >i…[View]
358288257Does this mean war? Should I pack my shit?: US Delivers Written Response To Russia's Security C…[View]
358283559I took a Tetanus vaccine for work: I don't feel any different (I almost feel healthier today) I…[View]
358290492>Left politics backed by corporations >Right politics backed by corporations >Implying one …[View]
358238812Freedom Convoy General #26: fuck memeflags: CFCG is compromised by memeflags so here's a repost…[View]
358291605Why Has There Been Only One Brave 'Real Man' With A Match In Vancouver Doing Anything Abou…[View]
358253788White woman's nigger boyfriend chimps out crazily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-mpQr9FDc…[View]
358291250Man Arrested for Feeding Homeless People Soup During Covid-19 Lockdown: Man Arrested for Feeding Hom…[View]
358291291Was Will in the wrong here ?[View]
358276540The new /r/antiwork replacement subreddit is called '/r/workreform' get in here https://reddit.com/r…[View]
358273653It has begun https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6327488[View]
358291251Operation Bunkerbuster #1: Jordan Petersen has claimed several times this month that he's talke…[View]
358287389Best gigachad memes: Please post all you got.[View]
358290248They are making sandniggers harass women on the train to try and make me intervene again.[View]
358291104P O W E R F U L This is what liberals teach our children in school nowadays.[View]
358289684Time: Republicans Can Block Supreme Court Pick: >If all 11 Republican members of the Judiciary Co…[View]
358266619Finally, /pol/ is starting to recognize the value of work: 2022 will be the year when the eternal NE…[View]
358285637Guess Who Is Permanently Barred From the Labour Party?: That filthy Antisemite! Jeremy Corbyn barred…[View]
358287818Would you be receptive to a government mandate to force children to smoke tobacco cigarettes?[View]
358290325How to betray them: Hypothetically when Russia-Ukraine-USA-UK war kicks off How to betray as civilia…[View]
358289969Americans LOVE muslims: when they are dressed as green owls.[View]
358288220did the plandemic made you more individualistic?: it changed me a bit, i just want to be a free indi…[View]
358287855FUCKING BASED SOCIALIST PRO TRANNY POPE!: https://www.ncronline.org/news/vatican/pope-francis-tells-…[View]
358289886WW3 IS HERE!!![View]
358291000Oh no no, (((/pol/ armchair analysts))), got too cocky bros? https://www.thedailybeast.com/ukraines…[View]
358290966Why has Ukraine been such a joke and embarrassment of a country? They had EVERYTHING they needed to …[View]
358289107Is Monarchism the only infallible government?: >The Monarch's only interest is their realm …[View]
358259751Chinese AMA (politics): Ask Me Anything about Chinese politics. I’m Chinese.[View]
358285029honestly i cant even tell anymore what race these are? explain yourselves americans, what is going o…[View]
358285551Russia Ukraine Conflict: ALERT LEVEL: It may be somewhat possible that it's about to happen. Go…[View]
358290633I have no conflict of interest: What a corrupt cunt ![View]
358285535Leftist: Liars or Retards, nothing in between.: Every 'liberal' you've ever met is a Liar or a …[View]
358290546Points regarding the recent Russian aggression: >Every country has the right to ally itself with …[View]
358286096IT'S HAPPENING[View]
358282551The NPC meme blows my mind: Just read about this for the first time. These people might actually be …[View]
358286313Russians are keeping an eye in the sky watching the convoy[View]
358269960Communist thread: Communist thread[View]
358264963Based Vidya: post /pol/ approved games[View]
358273779What is the likelihood of me getting drafted If war with Russia breaks out? I'm a 5'9 lank…[View]
358290062trannies do tuin everything dont they?[View]
358250780Oh well, play stupid games win stupid prizes, hope none of you anti vax scum are expecting sympathy …[View]
358290008isn't always funny when these token 'right wing' Jewish grifters say shit like this implying th…[View]
358290307Save us from Russia private Emma!!!: DO SOMETHING DAMN IT, THEY ARE INVADING UKRAINE!!![View]
358286060Chris Langdan Roasts Little Justin: https://gab.com/ChrisLangan/posts/107690638489955014 Right now, …[View]
358289742The media has given up on Joe Biden. Who will the Democrats try to replace him with in 2024?[View]
358267780I want to go to war for Ukraine: I'm an incel and want to go and do something like that. I woul…[View]
358282965thoughts on her new job?[View]
358287162Russian government member suggests striking nuclear testing site in Nevada.: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
358278123Europe should have only 2 lingua francas: French for Western Europe and Russian for Eastern Europe. …[View]
358284382Why does /pol/ lie about Judaism so much? They don't condone pedophilia you fucking Nazis[View]
358268591Who killed the Trad Wife?: Feminism? Communism? Fascism? French Revolution? Sexual Revolution? Men?…[View]
358283616Has America peaked?[View]
358289911>Leads 2024 race by 60 points >Looks healthier than ever and is even sharper, something no one…[View]
358287308PNA #164: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ibQdnYblzGc/ https://pnnamerica.podbean.com/e/half-of-ever…[View]
358289808I hate blackpill: my brother is somehwat healthy and not ugly at all ut truly believes its impossibl…[View]
358279610EASTERN EUROPE STANDS TOGETHER WITH UKRAINE! Don't let the trolls divide us!!![View]
358289515What if you could break a buck but there’s not enough bucks to break or is there?[View]
358289308Confess my son[View]
358279779>reads the bible >says to forgive the jews this was written by jews wasn't it...…[View]
358280739>Putin in bad because he is umm he just is! Now go to war to fight for Le United States Corporati…[View]
358288195Would /pol/ be able to hold their own against someone from Fox news? https://youtu.be/3yUMIFYBMnc[View]
358289477How did one orange manage to piss off both the vaxed and unvaxed so thoroughly?[View]
358281933WTF IS GOING ON: Pro-Western media in Russia (Radio Freedom, funded by US) shills for vaccine and co…[View]
358289372Will democrats call out niggers for hate crimes against asians?[View]
358289654Fuck Jay & Silent Bob: Fuck them up their stupid asses.[View]
358286128the solution to most incel problem: so anon you are telling me that people are incel and commit mass…[View]
358281900so who here has studied history? what happened to people like us in our position but in the past?[View]
358287896They would only get 4 tests: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/article257519604.html https://time.com/6…[View]
358289203Meet your new SCOTUS nominee, /pol/[View]
358192877The mark of the beast is here. https://archive.is/4TEGJ >Swedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-s…[View]
358283227Sorry chuds, but /r/antiwork isn't gone, they are just cleaning up your little brigade before t…[View]
358276832IMPORTANT Message For Low-IQ Drumpftards: SHE. FUCKING. WON. PERIOD. Why can't Drumpftards get …[View]
358266790Russia would be easy to beat: Russia has a very soft and undefended underbelly. The US can easily sh…[View]
358287693Prediction Markets Up: Bet on which nigger it will be[View]
358286799Two superiors alternatives to (((GAB))), freespeechextremist and minds: After andrew torah sold out …[View]
358283172Poland is more intelligent than Russia and France[View]
358281283It's her turn.: Harris nominated for SC (gets confirmed) HRC becomes VP Biden steps down[View]
358283868Why are people so violent and impulsive these days?: Perhaps i just live in a shit tip but every sin…[View]
358281007Vax card: Well I’m gettin to the point where either I go homeless or fake a vax card (never gunna ge…[View]
358279459The psyop was making you think it was a psyop: I've seen many people go around the web saying '…[View]
358278249Nigger drowns because of 250$ bet: >19 year old nigger can't swim >his 'friends' bet him …[View]
358287756Just let me live damn it.: Quit trying to force black tranny dicks down our throats, please. >pic…[View]
358277645Do Russian citizens enjoy attacking wars?[View]
358282995This might be the most powerful they have been in about two decades. I honestly didn't see them…[View]
358288013Nothing says trust the söyence like trying to hide the safety data for a vaccine that's said to…[View]
358286213US media/celebs covering up Chinese bullshit: Hey pol currently I am in high school and to pass I ne…[View]
358281082>abbos have no concept of a world outside themselves >they view the whole world as part of the…[View]
358283074Anti work Fox Thread: Why does this fag move so much in the interview? I have adhd and don’t move th…[View]
358285078Based zoomers dabbing on Republicants: https://twitter.com/acosta/status/1486364694327791626…[View]
358286228>We DEMAND to see the country's manager![View]
358283050Nancy Pelosi made half a Billion $ thanks to Insider Trading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M4QZJ…[View]
358264930/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #1477 - Grozny 2035 edition: Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Greece, U…[View]
358286375Ukraine Infographic Maps[View]
358286862Olavo de Carvalho killed himself by not taking care of his health.[View]
358282990>hi, my name is Metehan Oğuz Atatürk, my parents named me Abdulrahman Arapoğlu but I'm free …[View]
358284718Squad comes to collect on Biden's SCOTUS promise: Squad: Omg we need a black woman justice yo, …[View]
358281111Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer: This Mr. Burns looking motherfucker is who America gav…[View]
358282414Why does every halfway legitimate political movement end up getting tanked by commies? https://yout…[View]
358279861>CNN ratings collapse >vaxsneed narrative collapse >covid narrative collapse >reddit na…[View]
3582822684.5 MILLION AMERICANS QUIT THEIR JOBS!: Why are youngsters causing a labor shortage instead of manni…[View]
358280886I'd rather speak German: Than live in a world that cuts off part of my dick, tells me it's…[View]
358282355Why are Europeans so servile ?[View]
358284857It's not a matter of IF I become a nihilist: It's a matter of WHEN, for most people. With …[View]
358280341It's Joever[View]
358282909Getting a job without getting the clot shot?: I'm trying to get a job in a business related fie…[View]
358285259That's it, I fucking hate this country Ethnic french like me are fucking retards and, even so c…[View]
358284092Why are americans like this? I've always thought their lack of loyalty and love to their job, t…[View]
358287126What would /pol/ do on Darwin IV?: Well /pol/?[View]
358287239>USA, Europe, Russia, China, Middle East all about to collapse on each other because evil cannot …[View]
358285549Coming Beast System/Great Reset Flag: THIS is the Beast System Flag 666 Carbon Remphan Literally cal…[View]
358286221Reddit deserves to be bullied: Being exploited is Jewish and evil but working isn’t. These people a…[View]
358286146What the hell?[View]
358274213Biden’s SCOTUS pick: I have the inside track with access to information not available in the public …[View]
358270695Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #29: IGNORE SNEEDSIS POSTERS: QRD: Thousands of trucks are he…[View]
358282387Monkey lady a paid crisis actor?: here's a breakdown of this other woman's theory about Mi…[View]
358286972preparation time men. preparation.: World Study Bible Survival PDFs So, some of you who have been he…[View]
358271356How can society deal with the growing suicide rates?[View]
358285210Trap(female): I haven't visited this shithole in a while, can someone give me a quick rundown o…[View]
358286841All you had to do was stop spending money for 2 weeks The system would have collapsed and you would …[View]
358286571China seething at the US over reports of withdrawing diplomatic staff: Guess the diplomatic staff di…[View]
358286666How do we protect our biosecurity from future pandemics and glowniggers?: What steps are we taking t…[View]
358249813Can you imagine?[View]
358284455Has Veganism finally became part of New Sincerity?[View]
358277475this is how the shills look behind ,,chud'' meme[View]
358278386Is this fake: This is fake right? Right?[View]
358271837Jew slave midget: Snow White is racist: He urged the company to rethink the project. 'Take a step ba…[View]
358248716SKYKING GENERAL /skg/ So HUMID, yet so FRIGID Edition: Wide-band Web Receiver >http://websdr.ewi.…[View]
358286187America worships sodomy.[View]
358286381Press F[View]
358285249PRINCE ANDREW DEMANDS JURY TRIAL..: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10445007/Prince-Andrew-…[View]
358281044trans logic: I dont feel like a real man, so instead of doing something to change that, restore my m…[View]
358282957So who is going to win in 2022?[View]
358286148A Change Is Coming: Nobody can win forever. No matter how powerful or technologically advanced, all …[View]
358286156Joe Bidet is risking being removed from power: Giant US corporations issue warning to Biden over Rus…[View]
358286075If you don't make six figures you are now homeless. Boomers will sell their houses to rich chin…[View]
358275973I'm so fucking tired of this shit, #BLM!!!!!: On camera, 25 year old, father of 2, Tyrone James…[View]
358285578Great Depression: I know we're in a great depression. California is basically a Hoovervilles st…[View]
358280168Are you sauerkrauts looking forward to new Alsace holiday homes?[View]
358250875Circle the Wagons Project: Welcome to the Circle the Wagons Project Frens! Where we combined /fit/…[View]
358283176I made a map showcasing the major cultural regions in the future: based on modern drifts and trends.…[View]
358255202letter thread: ITT we write a letter to the Human Brain Cloud admin I'll start Dear[View]
358277641Which UK political party is the least noncey?: Is the UK forever stuck with Jannie and Jogger worshi…[View]
358281511Why are millionaire rappers and executives unable to keep out of trouble?: I don't get it. If y…[View]
358277208HAPPINING: We loosing satellites: Communications with STEREO Behind were lost on October 1, 2014, du…[View]
358285422Please redpill me on the covid tests and how they are trying to give me brain damage. I’m finally in…[View]
358279699Illinois Election Thread: Well fellow Illinoisfags the election is coming up, do we have any chance …[View]
358282992If he had decided to give up on taking land after occupying all of Czechoslovakia. The national soci…[View]
358285478NSG - LGBT Cult / Appeal to the Understanding of Exceptions: I’ve tried making this thread on LGBT b…[View]
358283332New SCOTUS pick will be a black transwoman.: You heard it here first. The left is cancer. @AI_Suck…[View]
358285355Mike Enoch states the vaccine is not poison and there were no employer mandates. https://vocaroo.co…[View]
358280492OH NO NO NO: Gold bros, we got too cocky...[View]
358285242Jews are lice. They cause typhus.: That time Nazis used a pandemic and public health to push anti se…[View]
358277517How dare you to think that there are more groups of people that is more oppressed than us REEEEEEEEE…[View]
358284712Ft. Hood: Hearing a lot of helicopters flying around today. A happening is happening.[View]
358279312So /pol/, when WW3 breaks out where will you be fleeing if you are in the crossfire? Will you be bug…[View]
358281699Why aren’t you Catholic?[View]
358284850https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYZWjS6rM9Q: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYZWjS6rM9Q[View]
358281808What happens if people start doxxing law enforcement?: Hypothetically speaking, if a large number of…[View]
358284418>the adventures of dopey and kikeman[View]
358284890Syria joins the belt and road.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8bFjhiwvnw[View]
358281941Moscow is not satisfied !!!!![View]
358248216Nigger Theodore Edgecoom trial closing arguments: GET IN HERE FOR LULZ https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
358277376HOLY BASED https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10403131/Father-34-attacked-best-friend-sexually…[View]
358281467Why did Americans surrendered so easily?: 21 Shermans against 2 Panthers...[View]
358282954it's time to eat the television, /pol/[View]
358282739US economy will collapse before summer: This is why Russia and China are starting to move against NA…[View]
358284367How can blacks in the US say they are owed: reparations when theyve been doing things like what Chuc…[View]
358280129Waters sama, I kneel[View]
358272214Pope says you must support your children if they are gay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kB6fHWopN…[View]
358281391/pol/ music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AGnsH1ealM[View]
358284410Western essay writing and its effects on discourse: Students in america argue in the same way they a…[View]
358284392It's all a waste of time: It's all predetermined cyclical shit. A people rise by adapting …[View]
358281033I have a genius idea... Let's MANDATE a vaccine that is legally exempt from all liabilities. Wh…[View]
358236663Theres more to this. Please post for the other anons. At first, all camps were marked as death cam…[View]
358283033Can someone explain to me how so many people love capitalism but simultaneously hate big pharma? It …[View]
358271662Brit/pol/: >Sue Gray inquiry report may be redacted for ‘security’ reasons, says Liz Truss. https…[View]
358282261How is 4chin any different from faggit?: Both sites give trannies positions of power just for the sa…[View]
358282397was the old west 'the closest to an ancap society' or its just ancap cope[View]
358274203This is what men looked like 2000... Jews did really get best of us... When I go outside I look arou…[View]
358281758What happened to the 'justice for reddit mods' operation?[View]
358275600HITLER GAME CALLED INACCURATE: Gets testicle count wrong, purchasers upset. https://www.rt.com/pop-c…[View]
358283540Biden approval rating is going down.: How could this be? https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2022/0…[View]
358276399Olavo de Carvalho, one of the most important Far Rightists in Brazil just died 8 days after being di…[View]
358283356I need a count: so far, how many troops have been sent to ukraine by OLD GLORY Ruskevic I need numbe…[View]
358250416Would you rape women?: In a WAR situation, when SHTF and there is no police or law, just everyone ru…[View]
358279021'Insider' topic cont. Who are these people and why should we know them?: Don't care if he was a…[View]
358231598Thomas Malthus was right: Peak fertilizer soon. I hope we die in a nuclear war before we starve to d…[View]
358282843Congratulations shitlibs. You thought the tangerine was a lying corporatist dictator, so you thought…[View]
358275827Real Aryans listen to weezer: Are you a real Aryan anon?[View]
358281932Oy, Sheeeit: https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2022/01/26/adl-discriminates-among-jews-based-on-race-j…[View]
358280431WW3 IN TWO MORE WEEKS: Warmongering faggots https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/nation-world/s…[View]
358272306BREAKING NEWS: /r/antiwork shuts down!! This happened this second! Mods were deleting threads about …[View]
358277959Lmao he's going to walk it back, just wait https://twitter.com/ShannonBream/status/148642408865…[View]
358282911A M E R I C A[View]
358279679fuck fuck fuck did the cyberwar already start? My bank already closed and is only allowing withdrawa…[View]
358281680Has it attempted suicide yet?: Im in a betting pool thing, I need a live update bros. I suspect its …[View]
358265858>1940s to 1990s >Music stores existed >Sells all corporate-made albums, entire income is de…[View]
358280325>BUT MUH MYOCARDITIS: Not an argument. The jabbing of society is still the logical choice[View]
358281716San Francisco police mark 567% increase in anti-Asian hate-crime reports in 2021: Gee I wonder if th…[View]
358278822Ok which of you are on her list... probably moot[View]
358277000Are Latinos/Hispanics based? Every American I talk to on /pol/ tells me they make good neighbours[View]
358280983OH NO NO NO[View]
358281835When are you alt righters gonna drop it already?[View]
358278728Can capitalism still be saved at this point?[View]
358276943OFFICIAL Supreme court betting thread: So what happens if her and ManChin no vote?[View]
358272950Now that the dust has settled what are the exopolitical consequences of the government admitting tha…[View]
358282087The women meme is true. Stood next to my sister as she browses instagram. I had time so i stood ther…[View]
358282073You all need to be aware of something: You are on the wrong side of history. They have quarantined y…[View]
358248330The reason Jews are so vaccinated is that the vaccine is genetically targeted and will not damage Je…[View]
358281592Reddit nonsense: Reddit talks this big game about how well they can track you and make sure they can…[View]
358277307ITT:We depict a world free of browns and blacks: >as you awaken from a nightmare of diversity tak…[View]
358278997war dogs: Now days wars don't last more than a couple of mounts. Why do you think you going to …[View]
358280600Are golems originally buddhist in origins? I read about tulpas and it seems true, do anyone here kno…[View]
358279340Justice Breyer to retire: >packthesupremecourt.exe/run >[FAIL]…[View]
358280633Left wing gamers: Is there a bigger group of faggots than left wing gamers? Pic unrelated[View]
358277557Anti-Work: Is the movement dead ? What's next ?[View]
358257227There is only one strategy remaining to us that may be able to secure the existence of our people an…[View]
358277127White women and antidepressants: What's going on here?[View]
358269036FED ABOUT TO HIKE RATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isF9Ev0MByI STARTS IN 5 MINUTES GET THE FUCK…[View]
358278840I just realized that these past couple years our generation has basically experienced the equivalent…[View]
358281447Pol/der: Politics in the Netherlands Fakkeltocht edition: >This has “occurred” in the Netherlands…[View]
358276614Ulysses 31: Muh feels[View]
358276177Kobe Bryant 2nd death anniversary: how is he remembered and why did the CIA kill him[View]
358281331What are the implications of such high-level treason?: After the jews assassinated JFK in a coup, th…[View]
358281224Obesity crisis: Its like human need natural predators or something.[View]
358281062/sci/ what are your thoughts on the vaxx? I come from a fairly conservative family and my parents in…[View]
358240559China Ba...[View]
358273878Anti-Semitic are often bigger jews than Jews.: Take Henry Ford. >Built company towns and paid the…[View]
358277103>abortion bad even though it makes libtards kill their babies[View]
358280879what dose of ivermectin for covid treatment? Only thing I could find was 0.2-0.4mg/kg but that seems…[View]
358273018/pol/ defends this[View]
358264608it’s not looking good for us anti work sisters..[View]
358280683THIS: This[View]
358280726Two Ferguson, Missouri cops shot[View]
358248152What /pol/ thinks about Morocco?[View]
358278453why does /pol/ hates science so much when science save lives?[View]
358280695Ukraine/Russia War Delayed: We still have some time!!![View]
358261387The face of a movement who is going to bring change and inspire hope to millions.[View]
358280660Zoe Quinn = Zoo Equine: Shows over. Go home.[View]
358260724Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #28: HOW WILL WE EVER ADDRESS THIS?!: QRD: Thousands of truck…[View]
358278699OH NONONONO WW3 Bros, we got too cocky...[View]
358273149ABSOLUTELY ATOMIC HAPPENING: BREAKING NEWS - Larry the Downing Street cat has caught a mouse![View]
358268107r/Antiwork is in full blown self destruction mode right now!: They are banning faster than sonic rig…[View]
358280554/RWC/ Right wing content thread: /RWC/ - Right Wing Content general Since major internet platforms a…[View]
358276969Coomer advertising: Is it degenerate to miss it? Why is television, film, politics, advertising, gam…[View]
358261156Fucking hell, because of the fucking conflict with Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk support suffer not t…[View]
358277032EMERGENCY!!!!: EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-eur…[View]
358269898Is inflation a good asset for Biden's midterms?[View]
358277416Springfield Officer Shoots Suspect Who Stabbed Him in The Face: Police activity bros... https://yout…[View]
358273654Is Hezbollah based?: I mean they successfully defended Lebanon from Israel twice.[View]
358278305I hate America, the corruption, the lying, please.....make it stop....: The US corruption has touche…[View]
358277927Kyle tongues my anus[View]
358279004Guys: We need some gesture to identify ourselves as part of the in-group To let people know that we…[View]
358259261Why does /pol/ think that Occupy Wall Street was based and redpilled?[View]
358277150Beware of a rapid influx of trannies and fags Commie/Troon/Leftie circlejerk platform Discord server…[View]
358269398Why are Americans afraid of salads? > Specifically, just 10 percent of Americans eat enough veget…[View]
358278046NSG - LGBT Cult / Appeal to the Understanding of Exceptions: I’ve tried making this thread on LGBT b…[View]
358273354Why is getting a GF so fucking hard bros[View]
358258001Abortions: >'if you outlaw abortions then women could die from seeking them in unsafe places!' …[View]
358279452Supreme Court nominees: We know it will be stronk black womanz.. who would you like to see nomnomina…[View]
358278325They used the exact same slogans and hashtags on Canada Day, truly is globohomo , same things everyw…[View]
358276574reddit is a fucking fascist ideologue machine: Say ANYTHING opposed to politically correct and you a…[View]
358278460It seems like I got omicron bros. Whilst i do know it's less fucky than those previous variants…[View]
358277094'Hitler should have killed you all!' Woman spits at 8 year old Jew: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
358249097Why raw milk is illegal in USA? Seriously you guys are so much zogged?[View]
358275460Is social conservatism dead? If so why?[View]
358276836Just fly the nukes already[View]
358279571IMF Kikes seething[View]
358274036Ukraine War thread: Well? Whose Jews are better and worth dying worth?[View]
358262147NORTH KOREAN INTERNET TAKEN DOWN BY CYBER ATTACKS: >SEOUL, Jan 26 (Reuters) - North Korea's …[View]
358277382So what are the odds that this boomer NPC’s portfolio manager invest the majority of his money in Ph…[View]
358250677Native American General Thread: You do know we're more based than you can possibly imagine, rig…[View]
358275860why do reddit mods look like the chud meme[View]
358278879So, the whole Russia thing is over already?[View]
358274844Would you support an Islamic far-right nationalist party? Most far-right parties in Europe just want…[View]
358277686I hate racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, flat earthers, space is fakers, moon hoaxers and antivaxxers…[View]
358277328HERE WE GO AGAIN!![View]
358270990Yes, your mother came on your face.: Gentlemen, I have some unfortunate news. When you were a baby y…[View]
358277068Covid Redpill thread: So today I got called a bunch of shit after saying that Covid was leaked by a …[View]
358278558I have a BSc and a BBC! Am I still a worthless negro in your eyes whiteboi?[View]
358277486Anons I don't feel so right. I took 90mg of ambien: https://www.instagram.com/jordan.b.peterson…[View]
358278788Islam: What would happen to Saturn if you blew up the Kaaba to smithereens? then placed a church we’…[View]
358277168Epstein had an egg shaped dick and Trump has an toadstool dicklet. What the hell is wrong with these…[View]
358277516The GLOBO: Ticker: GLBO The entire planet is on a crash course to hyper Inflation Once this all coll…[View]
358255445/nig/ - argentina politics general: thread for discussion of niggertina politics and current events …[View]
358264874IT'S HAPPENING https://twitter.com/Independent/status/1486368845363302400?s=19[View]
358275351Could you beat a communist in a fight?[View]
358277738Why did do this?you: I know the man who took the staff. Who took the world in his grasp If ye do wha…[View]
358271985My trip to Aushwits: Was so sad to go there with the bird and see where the Jews was cooked.[View]
358276980Parents who retrieved soldier son's sperm after he was killed fight to create grandkids: >ht…[View]
358278302Chudbros... not like this...[View]
358274613World War III is getting closer everyday: Shhh millennials, it’ll all be over soon[View]
358274330LOOK WHAT YOU DID: YOU DID THIS https://old.reddit.com/r/antiwork/[View]
358274229This witch face cunt wants you to die so fat women can be CEOs and faggots can suck dick[View]
358266375This is my Prime Minister: Say something nice about her.[View]
358276258Insider here, here’s the play: >have breyer retire >nominate kamala to the supreme court since…[View]
358277657I've seen in some places, even twitter, that this one site did more damage to the current polit…[View]
358276087>cops >feds >patriot protestors…[View]
358266404Why do feds keep giving guns to foreign countries?: No fun guns for us, but glowies can send all the…[View]
358277248Can you connect the dots?: https://youtu.be/gPdiqYOaTGY[View]
358277826Tranny Hate Thread: Bored af over here. Might as well do something productive, and hate on those fuc…[View]
358277369Everything is about comparing it to Vaxx and Covid It is so tiresome.[View]
358277790He's an Example... Of What Not To Do: If his life and his own advice lead him to this, why is a…[View]
358277688CHYNA: Reminder that Green energy=Chinese batteries. CCP owns rare minerals and Jews helped CCP secu…[View]
358275168Putin has (apparently) a Jewish Mother, And there exist Photographs of him being surrounded by Jews,…[View]
358277398Why do niggers have an instinct to steal? Even at birth the father realizes that child support is to…[View]
358249418/pol/ humor thread: /pol/ is a cute boy edition[View]
358276523the us government can put voices in your head: the voices in my head are real people every dead us s…[View]
358272385Brittany Venti is Getting Married: It's over bros, the queen of /pol/ is off the market.[View]
358271958Your new Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson[View]
358276325>i can’t breathe Was it covid, /pol/?[View]
358277182I know ye lads can contribute nicely to this board: >>>/gif/21870850 >>21870591 I don…[View]
358276861Nothing is happening, I can't take this anymore: Why can't Russia just invade? I wanna see…[View]
358276515The face of your enemy. Say something nice to this chap.[View]
358274622Reminded that this is how they win[View]
358259421It's Over: Finished.[View]
358271935Did r/Antiwork just get canned?[View]
358274785Sweaty Demands Trial By Jury: Prince Andrew Will Not settle with Virginia Guiffre https://www.lbc.co…[View]
358271486Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #30: DO NOT RESPOND TO MEMEFLAGS edition: QRD: Thousands of t…[View]
358243540Housing Crash starts Now: I’m being bombarded by property preservation staffing requests for post-fo…[View]
358271879This is the magic your impotent rage cannot touch. You can see it in her eyes. The very moment she c…[View]
358274939Why don't the Arabs build a pipeline from Africa to their cities? >Central Africa is a plat…[View]
358276620Why does Putin want the UK Rain?: He is so dumb, soldiers and tanks can't bring the rain to rus…[View]
358260066Meanwhile in Albania: If the cars in your country aren't at least 90% Mercedes Benz you're…[View]
358276256>send your kid to public school >they brainwash him to become a tranny without your knowledge …[View]
358275102>71% of Americans make less than 50k a year pre taxes >Doesn't cover rent for a 1 bedroo…[View]
358274326Pizza gate is a lie: Its a bunch of photoshopped BS to distract you from the BILLION dollar CPS adop…[View]
358274907i miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
358274158>search for tim pool clip >get h3 videos talking about tim pool instead gee sure must be nice …[View]
358259017>BUILD BACK BETTER[View]
358246339Perfect Opportunity to Conquer Mexico: With Russia itching to take Ukraine and China itching to take…[View]
358249694Is this the largest practical experiment humanity's ever done?[View]
358276105Going out for smokes. I'll be back soon.[View]
358276077pol humor: Chud McPoljak greets his new sunny day in an unusual way by engineering a new aggressive,…[View]
358268380Why do billionaires choose to live in disgusting skyboxes: Pic related is where George Soros lives.…[View]
358274660you think the war thing with russia is a smoke thing to hide the failed vaccines and the protesters …[View]
358276046Just a heads up to the newfags: The kikes here play both sides They are the ones shilling the truck…[View]
358263327This board is constantly circlejerking in its own safespace about the superiority of the right wing.…[View]
358275767>A fair amount of the current craziness in American life is due to black women feeling threatened…[View]
358275053nazibros..: I thought they were based?[View]
358269896why do we work until we are dead?: why do we go along with this life style? we are just letting our …[View]
358273073Late 80s Yugoslavia: >inflation >ethnic tensions >race-baiting media >more productive re…[View]
358256597BIDEN GETS SCOTUS PICK: ITS HAPPENING https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1486382968679587841…[View]
358270741Europeans are being genocided through massive immigration and I think it's straight fucking bul…[View]
358241625Why do niggeroids travel in large packs: Always see large packs of niggeroids roam the streets and s…[View]
358258771German-Polish friendship thread: Daily reminder that what happened 80 years ago between Poland and G…[View]
358274605PCR Test Fraud: I know multiple people who started experiencing covid related symptoms that were in …[View]
358275694Why are normie white so cool with being replaced?[View]
358274706Not for the nazi stuff: I just really don't like blacks.[View]
358271885Redpill me on Zoroaster. The ancient Greeks believed he lived during the neolithic era (6000 b.c.). …[View]
358260234Brit/pol/: The Independent: Sue Gray inquiry report may be redacted for ‘security’ reasons, says Liz…[View]
358275596I hope there is a war draft so thousands of White Men could turn their govt issued weapons against u…[View]
358272371If what they say about Russian preparation for invasion of ukraine is true, then what the flying fuc…[View]
358271371Everything wrong with America: I figured out what the problem is The problem with American society i…[View]
358273784What is it with low IQ/impoverished countries having the best food? What's the correlation? Sur…[View]
358275514The memphis police needs you!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuaWVcv46XQ[View]
358273634Will she block the SCOTUS nom?[View]
358271247How is Biden going to fuck up his SCOTUS pick?: You just know he's going to find a way to fuck …[View]
358275481Blow up Mecca: What’s your end game Muhammad what did Khadija offer you?[View]
358274909Antiwork/NEET fags. . . hear me out: the problem you will face later down the road when what ever re…[View]
358273184Boogie is right, but /pol/ will continue to shit on liberals for no reason as usual.[View]
358274357>https://twitter.com/ramseyboltin/status/1486019346547757064 God fucking dammit, man...…[View]
358272529>You stupid son of a bitch. Was this the worst attack on our Constitutional Republic since Obama …[View]
358269965This mutt Jew nigger is more feminine and talented than any wh*te whore: How do you cope?[View]
358272795Bitch ex thread: So a while back my bitch of an ex wife decided to divorce me. She gets 60% of my in…[View]
358253741America is collapsing[View]
358274483Madame Justice Ketanji: I can't wait for /pol/ to seethe to see a strong, independent black wom…[View]
358275087Admit it, there aren't many more white female singers like this[View]
358275070We got too cocky reality Bros[View]
358243112“Insider” AMA /thread: Who am I? I’m basically a money pusher who moves money into political philant…[View]
358274681I miss him so much, bros. Post high-energy, POSITIVE things about our greatest president, President …[View]
358273080Russia > Jewcraine: I'm rooting for Russia. I'm not fighting for a country that hates m…[View]
358274885>betrays his whole fanbase and refuses to elaborate in your path Wat do?…[View]
358267507The Serb question. What's the answer to it through political means? Can these subhumans be tame…[View]
358269000Keep seeing posts about strokes on reddit: Why is that?[View]
358273515Vaccine and smoking: Getting my Pfizer vaccine in a couple hours, yeah yeah I know sissy gay juice w…[View]
358268100Couple Arrested at Buffalo Bills Game for Fake Vaccine Card (link): Hear that, chuds? Fake a vax car…[View]
358268119A Wyatt Man Comics and More Thread: Post 'em if you got 'em Ben Garrison Merchant Edits we…[View]
358270726How many DICKS can one man suck?: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-young-demands-s…[View]
358266383What did she mean by this[View]
358274583HAPPINING: Wee loosing satelites: Communications with STEREO Behind were lost on October 1, 2014, du…[View]
358262536In da opinion n shit of this court, you’ve been found to be a guilty motherfucker on three counts of…[View]
358272745Spic Arrogance: Feel free to scroll through the archived thread that I've linked, and gaze upon…[View]
358274123Is Hamas based?: I mean they defend innocent Palestinians from kikery.[View]
358274319Belgiumbros pls: I see the riots are increasing in violence. Don't throw random shit. >Try t…[View]
358274201Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #31: FOR GAY ANONS ONLY: ONLY GAY ANONS ARE ALLOWED TO POST I…[View]
358234498High IQ Criticalthinkers: Two years complete and you've dodged the jabs. That's worth cele…[View]
358270016Everyone laugh at Quebec: No vax no Walmart you’re already poor now extra poor from the vax tax. Hop…[View]
358273871will the Austrialians learn anything from Canadian truckers?[View]
358273963>trannies live rentfree in your incel hea-[View]
358273346I'm so tired of ideologues bros. They are the most sub-iq niggers around. Who the fuck would bu…[View]
358273890/nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ: THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL卐 It's that time again! Time …[View]
358272935Holy shit: Felt like SHIT all day non stop suicidal intrusive thoughts, just popped some robo tablet…[View]
358272777Rip: Rip Peter Robbins This world is cruel find peace.[View]
358271304If we listened to this man, there would be peace in the world today.: If it wasn't for Jewish p…[View]
358266725Is Israel the only place in the world where the capital city (Jerusalem in this case) is the worst p…[View]
358270313>gay people, trans people, poc, Asian.......................................... >.......... …[View]
358273166Unvaccination Possible???: If I hypothetically got vaccinated could I just use picrel to undo it and…[View]
358256942I believe that National Socialism based on Islamist values is the best ideology that Arabs and simil…[View]
358268072En avez vous eu assez?[View]
358272203Robert Sapolsky is a dirty jew: Just a quick reminder. Promoted big pharma, has admitted his extreme…[View]
358267957why do mutts think that their country is better demographically than literally any european country?[View]
358273092>walks in >calls you a smelly wal mart person >refuses to elaborate >ends show Based?…[View]
358272241My (triple boosted) monkey died of COVID: My (triple boosted) monkey just passed away from Omicron /…[View]
358226600Italy General: Mafia President: >be politician >be against green pass and/or vaccination >b…[View]
358273005How dear you forget?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD5LvbfMmsQ[View]
358272040Amerimutt goblins can not tell the difference between a gold coin and a water bottle: What are the p…[View]
358270292Browner than you, John[View]
358268664Big Mike: Should unironically be Biden’s pick[View]
358272206National Socialism: https://youtu.be/cDnenjIdnnE Rojava Muammar Gaddafi growing plants and make Oil…[View]
358268571HOLY FUCKING SHIT GET IN HERE!!! VACCINE 2.0 IS AVAILABLE!!!!: >Pfizer Begins Human Trials For Ne…[View]
358272990>Complain for decades about how humanity is destroying the environment and that overpopulation is…[View]
358268679Shills will refute this: Spotify not caving under pressure to censor is admirable and important.…[View]
358271446If there's one thing this pandemic has shown me is that Americans are just too obsessed with 'f…[View]
358273069These NEETS think they're cute: Surely they wont mind us data mining them for a decade then sel…[View]
358272204More people die of AIDS yearly than COVID: We need to send all 'people' with HIV virus to an island …[View]
358268681ahahaha holy shit does anybody take the us seriously nowadays?[View]
358227351hard-to-find /pol/ books: Post here based books and request your copy that you cannot find Provide l…[View]
358269848Can /pol/ refute this?[View]
358269192If sodomy is explicitly mentioned in the Bible as a sin, why do so many heterosexual Christians enga…[View]
358272152Brit/pol - Declaration of Rebellion edition: >This thread is being saved for future learning and …[View]
358270983Purebloods only: Daily vaccinations are cratering. Purebloods, lets get in here and celebrate our vi…[View]
358272797Hey Comrades: You want to know whos behind all the patriot feds and police groups? Its the free maso…[View]
358272746>It's true, bane >We have dna database of 95% >and they all drove in to give it to us …[View]
358272367NW cope: Moving to the northwest will not solve any issues the Jews will oppose you declaring indepe…[View]
358272733The sad truth: Is we won't make it past the great filter because we don't want to. We…[View]
358257416Why do Europeans have such shit genes like me?[View]
358271558The US has no one to blame but itself for putin's rise to power: >be US >fund drunk 24/7 …[View]
358272656Who to vote for?: Would a third party such as Reform UK ever have a chance of winning, more importan…[View]
358268162Identity of the Zodiac Killer: Because I like you homos, I'm going to tell you a secret. Hunter…[View]
358272644So WW3 postponed? Feels good: Would kinda suck if everything was destroyed because some 70 year old …[View]
358272556Free energy we use jew liw we pay for: https://youtu.be/gPdiqYOaTGY[View]
358269109Why do liberals overuse the word 'fuck' and conservatives the word 'cuck'?[View]
358228684He's unhinged[View]
358270534pureblood got covid: im a pureblood and just got tested positive with covid... feelsgoodman.jpeg esp…[View]
358272528I have to write an essay about the holohoax, so i need some informations that are not in line with t…[View]
358271789why do niggers believe conspiracy theories much more than white americans do >inb4 bellcurve meme…[View]
358265718Democrats run economy better.[View]
358271681Boston Brahim Families - 'Insider' AMA Thread: 'Insider' anon started thread: >>358255634 Men…[View]
358268171Britney Spears says… she was forced to wear two pairs of tights, barred from spa: Camel Toe or Smell…[View]
358270443Why is inflation a great asset?[View]
358263878Black Woman Justice Confirmed: will she be as based as Clarence Thomas?[View]
358271134The reason why rich people are evil: Everyone believes it's because of stupid shit like 'they…[View]
358271970Reddit /r/antiwork mods are striking![View]
358244704Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open!: >some military…[View]
358271928Lefty/pol/ BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LdLIqkmMB0[View]
358271711Si el ritmo te lleva a mover la cabeza ya empezamos cómo es...[View]
358260509whats that saying about life and art?[View]
358271555Is NWF feds?: Because these NWF threads have been pushed hard for years now and it's always the…[View]
358271895Meanwhile: Germans[View]
358270224More US troops deploying to Ukraine: Draft soon. It’s fucking over.[View]
358270792Forced lifetime quarantine for HIV patients: We just ruined 8 billion people over a flu virus. Can w…[View]
358270043Time to disband NATO[View]
358269388Vaccine Exemptions: Been unemployed and its time for me to get a job but I'm unvaccinated. 9/10…[View]
358271788AG: Since the US AG war had come to a near standstill and US citizens wanted out of the war a withdr…[View]
358270743>Order them by name >Build them by hand >Surf + Turf >Crunchy Double >Land, Air &…[View]
358271294GUYS GUYS... listen... Giuliani and that one women are going to release the kraken any day now. Glob…[View]
358271098Did You Lose Family o Friends to MFP?: Mass Formation Psychosis is devastating and at thins point I …[View]
3582708565G coverage maps: Look at this maps of coverage. If they are supposed to be used for inernet. Why is…[View]
358271369When you gonna wake up and realize... whitey spun you a tale... black man? When you gonna realize th…[View]
358256959Why is it so hard to conquer Russia?[View]
358270838Why are north Indians so short compared to South Indians? Are dravidians are chadic race compared to…[View]
358271380No rate hikes now: And he didn't even mention a specific timeline for future hikes, like saying…[View]
358270742Meanwhile at the Chinese Factory...: MIGA![View]
358265169I think he may kill himself soon: He is clearly unstable, every time I watch him he cries. Today, I …[View]
358270646You guys ARE practicing the ancient art of digitally civility aren't you?: You like money and f…[View]
358270684Comparison of military strength between UK-Poland-Ukraine alliance(on the left) and Russia alone(on …[View]
358264266Why do leftists love the worst kind of immigrants?: Something got me thinking. Here in Spain, south …[View]
358268398WOMEN HAVE BECOME TRASH: There is no incel problem. There's a stupid, spoiled whore problem. If…[View]
358265778What happens here?[View]
358260170China is based and redpilled: I will prove that China is vastly superior not only to USA but to any …[View]
358270542Average German family: This is a photo of a typical German family in the current day and age. Notice…[View]
358267985OY VEY! https://twitter.com/CTVNews/status/1486341968309506054?t=AJq24neLcCL53vlyYrRyLw&s=19…[View]
3582687256 month old baby gunned down in Atlanta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNWpfZKtqBg[View]
358267512the way of the road the fuckin' way she goes >>358256288 >>358256288 >STICKY IT…[View]
358269976Mean age of death from Covid is 73-79 (US and Europe): Anons, this is a very serious question. Did w…[View]
358271072Scandinavian federation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBs3G1PvyfM[View]
358262606Sugar consumption in Europe: Why are people still addicted to sugar despite being widely known how h…[View]
358270057Italian Parliament call raided by Tifa Lockhart porn: HOLY MOTHERFUCKING KEK https://twitter.com/Fra…[View]
358231395How do we stop black women from humiliating black men online? This is just too brutal[View]
358269034daily reminder for our newly transitioned sisters: you are still required by the us military to regi…[View]
358268633Last Surviving Founder Of Canadian Constitution Sues Trudeau: are leafs finally going to rise up? th…[View]
358258944Meta: Mods. I have a humble request. Would you please sticky the canada convoy? There are currently …[View]
358268610America is the strongest world super power in history. Russia and China and naive for thinking they …[View]
358261084Denmark Ends All COVID Restrictions: Once again Denmark leads Europe in terms of freedom. >All b…[View]
358268536ITS HAPPENING!!! HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS ATTACKING TUCKER CARLSON!: Thats right. Dozens of Holocaust sur…[View]
358267611BREAKING: FROGLOBSTER STRIKES BACK, Canadian Constitutional Crisis: PETERSON HAS HAD ENOUGH https://…[View]
358263128You are all losers: >go to bar A in city B >vaccine required >first time I have actually be…[View]
358236276Any of you anons seek professional help?: I'm considering it. I think I maybe ADHD positive (Do…[View]
358268473OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
358262377GoFundMe freezes $3.7M: LOL. Imagine being so naïve that you try to fund your anti-establishment mov…[View]
358251278Veterans of the 2020-2022 psychic wars: Those who remain unvaccinated salute you![View]
358264148Why can't either of them get it right?[View]
358269696>dozen slide threads about r/antiwork at any given time >multiples of them are the exact same …[View]
358263597The pandemic is over![View]
358268023Oh how the tables turned[View]
358261243If what they say about Russian preparation for invasion of ukraine is true, then what the flying fuc…[View]
358270511When Are Real Men Going To Take Back Control[View]
358270042Please spread my ass cheeks Mr USA, and I'll pay for it![View]
358266763Hypothetical question about attractivness: Is it better to have a partner that is higher tier than y…[View]
358263882Just Keep Saying NO: You guys keep getting all wrapped up in all the awful shit the corporations and…[View]
358268898Powerful.: The image that changed the world.[View]
358270288Americans: Are you prepared for Civil War?[View]
358262205Give me your best book recommendations[View]
358269326How do flatearthers explain volcanoes?: From where do they come?[View]
358267209UH GUYS??????[View]
358269798Apologise: I remember at the start of the scamdemic people made fun of us for not closing down over …[View]
358269051>Quit my job this morning said forever I will hold my head up and high https://youtu.be/QR4LVy72u…[View]
358264235This country needs to be punished. they started corona virus and blamed it on china[View]
358265898What’s the latest Bros? Is it happening?[View]
358268623Pandemic II: Primate Boogaloo: What does this do to the political landscape, especially leading up t…[View]
358269462Is Roe Jogan a government agent?https://streamable.com/8bpydx[View]
358269118AHAHAHAHAH PLEBBIT ANTIWORK COMMIE JANNIE IS LITERALLY A TRANNY These are the people smugly calling …[View]
358268459WOMEN AND PATRIARCHY !!!!: Do you believe women should get education and work ?if so ,what degrees c…[View]
358266189Say hello to your new SCJ: Kamala will be installed as the new justice to replace Breyer. This will …[View]
358269878After the last two picks Trump got, Biden better nominate a literal communist[View]
358269258Surrender your mortality, embrace inner masculinity: Making your life and happiness dependent on the…[View]
358264115this hideous Jewish supremacist kike calls you a 'traitor' because you don't want to go fight a…[View]
358269683Rape and kill women.[View]
358269527DURHAM IS STILL GOING: https://technofog.substack.com/p/durham-dnc-lawyer-marc-elias-has >Today, …[View]
358264420>Fuck you nigger kikes! You can't kvetch anything to me you subverting glowNIGGER scum!…[View]
358269629/nsg/ - ϟϟ National Socialism General ϟϟ: THE GREAT NATSOC GENERAL卐 It's that time again! Time …[View]
358269545US vs Russia: Temporal Weapon Display?: Who would like to see a temporal weapon used blatantly in a …[View]
358269363DESPAIR SINKHOLE: Hey /pol/ I genuinely need your help. I've been a lurker forever and I know …[View]
358269437Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358263608This is the average American male in 2022. What are the geopolitical consequences of this?[View]
358267907You were all wrong, slow the spread worked: Also >15 days to battle the pandemic >Just stay 2 …[View]
358269022>God made people >God gave woman the ability to speak >God is a retard >God isn'…[View]
358266151How COVID-19 kills people and why current treatments do not work: COVID-19 is not what the authoriti…[View]
358257663Why don't all the anti work burnouts just learn to code if they can't find good work?[View]
358266439Thoughts on our new Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Jackson?[View]
358263533Do you guys think the wife got him killed because he was banging the daughter?: Or was it really the…[View]
358254405Santé Québec says Vaxxies have higher risk of catching Covid: I circled the relevant info from picre…[View]
358266523How to stop the MAX SOLAR FLARE: Okay imagine scenario Solar Flare X its about to wipe out all tech …[View]
358268786>criticise the US government >Americans call you a shill…[View]
358268657list of faggot traitors: where the fuck is it, somebody has to have been keeping track[View]
358264091His whole team are griefers: >terrible streamers >constantly begging for superchats >give …[View]
358268642Cabinet member of Comedian President says Russia has small Dick.: Are Ukrainians this stupid? I was …[View]
358268650Is skyrim the most influential piece of popular culture of the last 100 years?: >Hot girl charact…[View]
358265613>Stands up to Trump >Stands up to China >Stands up to Russia Why do you think he will bow d…[View]
358251958Why do Slavs claim to be white? Slavish people are mutts[View]
358252995Why does /pol/ ubiquitously dislike Phil Mason? He has based political and scientific talking points…[View]
358261172>Russian opposition to LGBT triggers American elites more than anti-gay laws and practices elsewh…[View]
358261310Which anon os the most racist, racist on /pol/?[View]
35826285153 year old german anti vaxx protester who got killed by cops: Was a member of the famous band IN EX…[View]
358256288Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #28: [CSIS]SIES CANT STOP SNEEDING: QRD: Thousands of trucks …[View]
358266307Was this the first global psy op?: >>cherry picked instance of police negligence >>happ…[View]
358259981Why do Brits hate Linux?[View]
358266947Imagine the bright future we could have[View]
358266013eurocucks seethe: this guy is the president of croatia and has become the most based modern croatian…[View]
358267791US running psyops via bogus social media login attempts: I was just sent this screenshot. Either its…[View]
358267451Burgers looked drained Will Cuck Putin ever do anything?[View]
358261432I found out thé Secrets of Life. ASK me anything on politice, History, And current News.[View]
358268014Was the Holocaust exaggerated to some degree?[View]
35826345190% of Canadians are against vaccine mandates...Trudeau is fucked LMAO: Bye bye ruling 'elite' class…[View]
358268067Jesus in paganism: Hindus defeated buddhism and islam but they also incorporated the Buddha Gautama …[View]
35826735621ST CENTURY IS THE CHINESE CENTURY: /pol/, have you been sino pilled yet?[View]
358258557>White people aren’t viole-[View]
358266988Healthcare: Why does Israel have Universal Healthcare but America doesn't?[View]
358259058Graphene: What’s pol’s thoughts on graphene the wonder material? >can be made into bullet proof …[View]
358266928Good morning faggots[View]
358264711Do the elites ever consider the idea that making everything they possibly can digital with no physic…[View]
358265934Gypsy crusader Comic/RPG: This man's story must be told. His origin, being a normal person who …[View]
358267469Covid is literally a cold now: If your country has any restrictions its ngmi[View]
358259697A certain recycleflag-bearing gentleman has been forever vindicated by state broadcasting. Where wer…[View]
358265304Women need to shut up: They don't fight wars. They should have no say in geopolitics.[View]
358229907We’re fucked, 4chan[View]
358265163Albania Kosovo Union: Yes or No?[View]
358266457Non-white colonizer appreciation: Dump your white-loving queens.[View]
358260888are you ready for a black kween supreme court justice??[View]
358266478Ivory coast football team is too black: Ivory coast football team is too black, we need to strive fo…[View]
358264714How does JFK have a positive reputation when shit like the Bay of Pigs failure happened?[View]
358264469Isaac Asimov: Athetist Humanist Rationalist ((son of russian jews)) jesus christ is everyone renowne…[View]
358259183Let's meme Maxine Waters to be Biden's Supreme Court Justice pick: It'll be funny…[View]
358262535/Brit/pol Face of Britain Ediiton: >Russia is considering 'nuclear armageddon' as one option for …[View]
358243043I know Ukraine Bros are disappointed Germany hasnt send them weapons. But listen, those that send yo…[View]
358261321IT IS OVER! NO WAR OVER UKRAINE: >USA backed down Russia receives US response to security proposa…[View]
358263336Why is it always the most pathetic losers who are Nazis? Like seriously, all the chad Aryans who yo…[View]
358260053Is truck driving the most /pol/ approved job. Looks so comfy.[View]
358261402Well, she's got you there.[View]
358265601Joseph Goebbels destroys /pol narrative: Goebbel's Diary ~ March 27th, 1942 >The Jews are be…[View]
358262794>dad who's unvaxxed tells me 'I keep forgetting things and now I can barely drive' >asked…[View]
358249315anyone got the interview link: no cap[View]
358266724HONK HONK this board is being occupied until demands for a sticky are met[View]
358257524Black women are ug-[View]
358266126Hypothetically, what would NATO do: If it had no way to oppose Putin? My guess: >talk about “seri…[View]
358264304Is there anything a Jew hates more than knowing coded anti-semitism is how the majority of the world…[View]
358266698Ukraine exports: >seed oils >rapeseed >basedbeans This is why are leaders are so intent on …[View]
358265149Germans be like: 'Noooo it's all joo lies, we are not like that'[View]
358261144Black people: Stop and prove to me that black people aren't systematically targeted by police b…[View]
358264326We should let immigrants assimilate into our cultures: Immigrants are just as equal as you and I and…[View]
358262827Not feeling so good Ottawa bros[View]
358264364Why are you cucks to the energy jew?: >have my own house >clock is installed inside it >ele…[View]
358260626Putin's Goal: 1. Vladimir Putin doesn't really care about Ukraine 2. He isn't upset t…[View]
358264416Thoughts on Ukraine joining EFTA: This is of course after the conflict has been resloved, because le…[View]
358265133Do you live in the best country in the world? Germany YES! :D[View]
358254375BREYER RETIRING[View]
358265151Anti Russian= Pro Globhomo: Russia is NOT anti white and anti gay. That alone is enough to support '…[View]
358266299Pol poll: I married a roastie and had a disgenic child as a result. Im drunk so i'm finally ask…[View]
358264483this country should be severely punished[View]
358266282War is inevitable.: Preventing war with Russia is just pushing the war can down the road. We're…[View]
358243444So, why does russia want to invade Ukraine? i cant even tell if its something historical about the U…[View]
358264553Jews and chinks wouldn’t team up to do this, would they?[View]
358256233How accurate is this?[View]
358260763Klaus 'eat ze bugs' Anal Schwab bragging about infiltrating and controlling national governments Spe…[View]
358263991When will whites become a minority in your country? >Romania >2050…[View]
358265706Neo Gastonist thread: >Women can't read No one's slick as Gaston >Eat a lot of eggs …[View]
358265441which is worse /pol/ rape jokes or holocaust jokes?: which one can we ban and still be free speecher…[View]
358242070Collapse: Reddit confirms something HUGE is about to happen. Absolute happening. Probably two more w…[View]
358265175Post Russia vs NATO war map thread: Post how the map of Europe will look after war is declared and a…[View]
358265810https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok_T-CgQtTc WTF???[View]
358265035Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358263195Is the great reset really upon us. Or is it seethe ?[View]
3582656604chan thinks I'm posting spam so see my next 2 posts: >Dillard's discriminating the unv…[View]
358236783Federal Employees-No Vaccine Mandate: This is it boys. They tried everything in the book. Threats, …[View]
358263589BIDEN'S SC PICK TRIED TO RAPE ME AT A PARTY IN 1987: Fat nigger bitch tried to grab my junk. It…[View]
358262526What the hell were Jews thinking by allowing the world to go along with turning the internet on? Fut…[View]
358265194Anyone have good ideas regarding causing slight inconveniences to health workers? I have already put…[View]
358263328Truthsocial topkek: So you cheered for the red jew so he will now give you his reward. Let me introd…[View]
358264878Write down a racial slur in your native tongue: ...and translate it into English too Dreckige Judens…[View]
358263980Meet your new SC nominee https://mobile.twitter.com/IsaacDovere/status/1486393343164792832[View]
358263498Do you read BAP? Do you believe in Castizo Futurism? Are you a green polo shirt nationalist?[View]
358263656IQ in the Balkans/South Slavs: What’s going on in the Balkans? There’s a clear disparity between Eas…[View]
358255722I DONT CARE: I'm rooting for Russia. I'm not fighting for a country that hates me. I'…[View]
358264892Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so[View]
358262615Paying them back: If only we gave Africans their due, things like this wouldn't happen.[View]
358263899Why I Hate Chinese Men: Your Average Chinese Man (Especially Northerns): >Married to his parents,…[View]
358245829Ireland is more free than America.[View]
358252569Putin is a reasonable Man: As an Indian, I understand how it feels to be surrounded by unreasonable …[View]
358263380Israel and Jews first goys: We Jews are God's chosen people Oy hey goyim. Get to work . The eco…[View]
358260075Would we actually benefit in a socialist system?: I know that most of us aren't actually nazis …[View]
358258404These Redditors from Eglin AFB are the ones calling you a chud.: Say hello to your faggot shills, th…[View]
358265165Imagine being a Ukrainian: >Ukraine is one of the poorest in Europe and is also among the most se…[View]
358261788Here you go hoholbros. We did our part[View]
358258689Russia represents order in 2022..Would Europeans resist if Putin liberated Europe from (((chaos)))?:…[View]
358260865Is the NATO the ultimate cuckold?: NATO: - Largest and most advanced army by far Russia: - 11th econ…[View]
358259368Truckwave: Ontario anon here this truck thing is happening big time. We got 100 km line of trucks ou…[View]
358259953One year from now: What will happen during the next year? Post your predictions >over the spring/…[View]
358264254Biden said he would nominate a black woman to SCOTUS, but we don't have any asians on the Court…[View]
358263603Russia BTFO by Ukraine and NATO: When will Russian fags wake up and stop listening to Mr Putin and d…[View]
358251706I worked for a fortune 100 company planning and building country scale power and water infrastructur…[View]
358248078This has to be a serious question that is answered. Many of us come here day in and day out, for wha…[View]
358259587Daily reminder you'll all retarded.[View]
358255289Happening: weird space object: It feels kinda weird and good but also scary https://tekniikanmaailma…[View]
358260631The Republicans are clearly the accepted and controlled opposition, but still. WHY? Why don't t…[View]
358263805Here’s your Supreme Court Justice: Stupid sons of bitches[View]
358263742open up taiwan to normal travel immediately. no quarantine, no testing no vaxshit goypass. this is a…[View]
358244747/GPG/ GeoPolitics General #1476 - 'Coup and counter coup edition': Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Ira…[View]
358262556Here's your newest burger bro: Yes, this is real. Why do amerifats keep buying this crap?…[View]
358263605Tell us your vision of how this world would be now if the Axis won.[View]
358259526How can this 'upset' the Russians when they have already placed close to 100K military per…[View]
358263995TRUMP 2024 CONFIRMED (LINK): Trump confirms it at Mar a Lago. Listen to the audio: '45th AND 47th...…[View]
358260145Biden promised to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court. Kentanji Brown Jackson is already the…[View]
358263334Hey /pol/, i consider you a bunch of race experts.. would you consider me white or black?[View]
358258933Has a change in your political views affected a change in your favorite movies? For me it hasn'…[View]
358264080why are the 'diverse people' so spread out in the USA, whereas most european countries have their fo…[View]
358243726Leftist cringe thread - Degenerates edition: Only the worst leftist cringe here ![View]
358264026Why hasn't Biden appointed an FDA commissioner? Woodcock is just the acting commissioner, which…[View]
358264015The Power of The Jew: What makes the jew powerful? YOU you going to work, you taking a mortgage, you…[View]
358263931Political solution grift back on the table boys !!!: It’s time to deradicalize again and make sure w…[View]
358262546Bidenbros are we getting squeezed?: First they force us to bring on Kamala as VP now they are forcin…[View]
358256612Here we go[View]
358216942DUDE WEED LMAO: https://time.com/6142360/thailand-decriminalizes-marijuana/ America please nuke us.…[View]
358262613Blaming and holding present-day whites responsible for slavery and Jim Crow, which happened before t…[View]
3582233072 Ukrainianbros: May be we should let Putin pass? Why should we die 4 yankees and NATO? May be we sh…[View]
358261342this is how NYC teachers treat children, this man is also a father[View]
358262913Why do some people still believe in bullshit about the vaccine mass killing people? I'm unvacci…[View]
358258170Powerful.: The image that changed the world.[View]
358258221vaxx fags are true believers, worse than isis they all deserve the clot[View]
358254240X+Y=MALE: OPERTATION /X+Y=MALE/ Ok i've put together another operation/campaign. As in 1984 'he…[View]
358263221Americans, the future is Chicano: My children will fuck german-american women, while feeling the gen…[View]
358250389Brit/pol/: >Extinction Rebellion activist, 37, on trial for scaling a Jubilee Tube train at rush …[View]
358251986We need to organise and take back the world from sycophants. We must do this in such a way as to avo…[View]
358256398Next!: So now that boomer is stepping down to let Biden FUCK the court as hard as he can, which tran…[View]
358262622What are the political implications of not having sex?: Womens standards are crazy nowadays due to f…[View]
358263080LIVE FED RATE HIKE ANNOUNCEMENT WAITING ROOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isF9Ev0MByI…[View]
358262933/nwg/ - Non White Politics general: Thread only for Non-wh*tes to discuss politics related to non wh…[View]
358260393Why do leftists say authoritarian communism isn't REAL communism and anarcho capitalism isn…[View]
358262894twO mOrE wEEks!!! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/huge-breaking-news-wisconsin-assembly-vot…[View]
358239726Remoralization thread: Our demonic rulers are currently working very hard to break our willpower and…[View]
358259217'Em in the 'og[View]
358234707Hitler was a useful idiot.: https://altcensored.com/watch?v=JnL1DUz3U9c https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
358259651+++ Boris Johnson dad +++: Why was the thread deleted about Boris Johnsons dad? https://en.wikipedia…[View]
358260762Someone among you suggested Ozarks. I just finished the first episode and only thing that is in my h…[View]
358262522>a female nigger is going to be sitting as a judge on our country's highest court America ha…[View]
358262611>evil grandma for president[View]
358262558LIVE: SAM SEDER VS JACKSON HINKLE DEBATE ON FRAUD SQUAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A8wW9tdCjo…[View]
358262547Barry will be put onto the SCOTUS: If not Kamala as a means to replace her with Pete Buttboy/HILLDAW…[View]
358261821i told you: i made a thread about this guy either dying or retiring only a couple weeks ago and nobo…[View]
358260111>need heart transplant >get vaccine >get new heart >get myocarditis >need heart trans…[View]
358261850Why are they like this?[View]
358262495World War One: Entente or Central Powers?: We talk about World War Two and the world afterwards a lo…[View]
358261056MGTOW - SIGMAS UNITE: MGTOW thread for all things relating to MGTOW. MGTOW is for men who go their o…[View]
358258647My neighbor thinks I’m a spy: I was having a conversation with my neighbor today about politics and …[View]
358262271Roasted Wagies: >setting TP on fire in Walmart Is this how to dunk on wagies in 2022?…[View]
358248283anti stoners will not be allowed in the white ethnostate[View]
358262151I thought after biden and the globalist policies went bad as they did: the shitleft would see how re…[View]
358231508IT'S HAPPENING: WARSAW PACT 2.0 ANNOUNCED https://twitter.com/ASBMilitary/status/14863058877153…[View]
358252814Jews always Win.[View]
358260767did we get too cocky /pol/ ?: >Members of the kagome metal family are composed of layers of atoms…[View]
358247523Vaccinated against my will ?: I'm in Québec and had an appointment for a minor surgery (not est…[View]
358260876To be fair had this guy did get the heart transplant , he'd stop taking the immune suppressant …[View]
358239296Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #26: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358253272F-35 crashes: It could have been a message from Putin himself. Fuck around and find out. The Russian…[View]
358253326Housing prices are rising, college tuition is rising. Companies are earning record high profits. The…[View]
358247403Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #27: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358261677What if the 2024 election is stolen?[View]
358260441They wouldn't dare... would they?[View]
358258833TRUMP IS RUNNING BABY: Listen to the audio '45th AND 47th...' https://twitter.com/rampcapitalllc/sta…[View]
358260967West has no chance agains Russian military in Ukraine: Look at those cunts, they are Defense Ministe…[View]
358261618Oh no! Did we get too cocky, legal gun owners?: They’re taking our guns away! This is going to cause…[View]
358260020Schizophrenic Jews are about to destroy the world.[View]
358248397CNN is Kvetching: Which one of you did this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2llTyDlapLQ[View]
358260939Ponder the orb is an advertisement meme: >Take the Orb, a $229 grapefruit-size ball from Israeli …[View]
358259364It is Polands duty to send every man, woman and child to Ukraine to defend their Slav brothers, most…[View]
358259860The Latinx race will be buck broken like blacks unless they all flee south[View]
358259701QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three different routes with the goal of freeing the…[View]
358251817Why is the vaccine mandate even a thing anymore when so many vaxxed are getting covid? I actually kn…[View]
358257343leftipol will never make it: Let's discuss the fact that no leftist will make it because of the…[View]
358256868am I living in a parallel reality or something? you got this CCP billionaire talking to his share ho…[View]
358226508Women are literally lower than animals.[View]
358254698Are we winning /pol/?[View]
358259081My autism encountering NPC's (redux): Remaking this thread since it went well yesterday Be me I…[View]
358255170Breyer is going to fuck off: Who will replace the Jew?[View]
358257889KETANJI JACKSON BROWN: You’re going to be seeing this name a lot.[View]
358261105Friendly reminder that as an American, Canadian, or Brazilian, it is your duty to bully the Spanish …[View]
358260164Fake meat: Failure: Green Energy: Failure Electric Cars: Failure Virtual Reality: Failure Digital Cu…[View]
358261094Games approved by /pol/: Certainly not the MGS franchise >protag is a mutt >shit genes > be…[View]
358261078George groid mk2: Brit exition: https://news.sky.com/story/carer-who-suffocated-suspected-thief-duri…[View]
358261001> it’s da jooz No. They are all fucking puppets. Meyer Rothschild started as some fucking coin se…[View]
358260587The moment the time machine will be created, I will travel to the 19th century with a couple of nuke…[View]
358256292Ron Johnson's clown panel has been obliterated. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-pol…[View]
358260920I'm happy to use pronouns: for these degenerate freaks. In light of the pagan account of the fi…[View]
358260917Stupid gullible israel loving qtards and trumptards hate thread[View]
358260686I've had my mettle tested by these mandates for years and haven't faltered, not even once.…[View]
358257887Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee: Meet Lakweesha Jackson-El, the trans they/them nominated by Dementia …[View]
358260494The Norwegian 'National Institute of Public Health' (FHI) just stated: >if you have got…[View]
358260647/nsg/ - National Socialism General: Deutschland Erwache! Wehrt Euch! > 卐 - Do not reply to divide…[View]
358258483>do a stem degree to avoid woke non-sense >woke leftists decide to grant themselves the power …[View]
358226400they're totally going to arrest every trucker in Canada when they're in the middle of a su…[View]
358258511Is it a citizen's RIGHT to commit suicide if they choose to?[View]
358259571>all countries are now saying covid is a flu except us why does god hate us so much?…[View]
358226536So the Romans were all right for the whole time?: >Be Roman. >Builds walls, temples, cities, a…[View]
358253289What's the '/pol/ highlights' telegram channel?: It was mentioned by Emily Youcis in the latest…[View]
358257963I demand your assistance: Tell me, /pol/, is this grandpa is /ourguy/? He sounds like he does know w…[View]
358240259IMF advises El Salvador drop Bitcoin: >IMF directorate urged the authorities to narrow the scope …[View]
358257582How do I ensure my son becomes a Chad?[View]
358260088Is there any correlation between an anti work activist and a crypto investor?[View]
358260054White Sharia NOW KILL ALL CHRISTKEKS[View]
358260048Heil Me: Ο Ηλίας είναι νέγρος εβραίος μαρξιστής απ' την Αλβανία https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/16412166…[View]
358259925Sup muttoids, so hows that wall with mexico going?[View]
358254128Washington State survery MANDATORY VAX FOR KIDS TO GO TO SCHOOL: I am literally moving my family out…[View]
358258983Fun fact. There are verses from the Qur'an in the software of Turkish UCAVs. Selçuk Bayraktar s…[View]
358258962Why do niggers fetishize shoes and haircuts so much?[View]
358259724how many nationalist are there in your country?: when it comes to germany i see a nationalist potent…[View]
358255296Why is it grey?: Chemistry professors pose 4 awkward questions to Biontech founder 1) Why is it grey…[View]
358255555I cannot wait for this disaster https://mobile.twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/1486383568364396559…[View]
358256477You Americans have a really weird fetishization of military[View]
358259218Are black people the REAL incels?[View]
358257895>Hungary: Why are these turkic fucks allowed to exist in EVROPA?[View]
358255736When will he come back, bros?[View]
358255893HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING: Breyer retiring[View]
358239104Before COVID I wanted to wake up as many people as possible and save as many as possible. Now I just…[View]
358259673redpill me on the Joachimites[View]
358235997BIDENBROS??? HELP?????????[View]
358255953This is a very white show. Its also very pleasant.[View]
358252443OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2llTyDlapLQ[View]
358257775What hope is there for an 18 year old zoomer currently graduating HS in this system?[View]
358241593>bro you dont EVER push a woman![View]
358258731Reminder that Taiwan province is inalienable constituent territory of the People's Republic of …[View]
358254843BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire - NBC: HAPPENING[View]
3582592741996 Debate on David Irving: I dare you to find a more disgusting and utterly revolting kike than th…[View]
358250203Putin: If Nukes Head Towards Russia We Are Going to Paradise But They Won't Have Time To Repent…[View]
358257530Have the French ever recovered from this indisputable fact?: Napoleone Buonaparte WAS Italian, after…[View]
358258486What's the reason behind this?: >picrel[View]
358258543Pureblood thread: Unvaxxed only post in this thread. Anyone still left with drinkab-- I mean natural…[View]
358245214Why is China doing so much to fight climate change?: Is it something we should compete with ?[View]
358247332FUCK CALIFORNIA: https://news.yahoo.com/san-jose-votes-first-u-104112024.html[View]
358255224Pack the court, Brandon Bidet Biden.: 5 New judges to make it 13, Brandon Bidet Biden. Brandonseph …[View]
358250876Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #26: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358251566It's over capitalist bros: Communism won[View]
358258987Joe Biden needs to appoint an Asian supreme court justice. We are loyal Democrats, only second to Bl…[View]
358255406Is anyone else getting the vibe that the Fed is doing a daily buyback of stock and are about to turn…[View]
358254756Horowitz: Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open: >Some…[View]
358258935American couple narrowly escape gang of machete-wielding bandits: > The couple, who moved to Nair…[View]
358257908Unironically, surrendering to Islam r/n: So, these blokes here want to rampage through our society. …[View]
358258032Internet is satanic[View]
358242898Self Improvement General /SIG/: Self Improvement General /SIG/ Welcome to /SIG/, a classic staple n…[View]
358254436unvaccinated nigga here. got covid by kissing my double vaccinated and infected white gf in the mout…[View]
358258251can we open up travel now? ive been stuck in this godforsaken shithole since 2019[View]
358252288FAKE NEWS ALERT : Canada Truck Convoy False Flag: There is no Convoy !!!! Canada is running out of f…[View]
358239752/pol/ humor thread: have sex INCEL!!! edintion >https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/murdoch/gu…[View]
358252281>this is the person calling you a mutt[View]
358220549Reddit’s done more in a day: Than /pol/ has done since trumps election.[View]
358244935Who benefits from a war between US and Russia?[View]
358255326Why everyone is talking about how we'll fight Russia if they invade Ukraine when we did nothing…[View]
358255192Muttland: It really is over for the mutts, eh? Can't even protect their women[View]
358256180Missing me yet, white people? Enjoying your trannies and niggers?[View]
358256425If whites are superior: Then why did them all embrace cucktianity?[View]
358256669The end of Israels story.: Israel and its cult no longer has any power over anything nor anyone in a…[View]
358242715RUSSIA WILL BECOME A CRYPTO-SUPERPOWER: Russia has a lot of cheap energy. What is cryptocurrency? It…[View]
358245724Why is mankind such an overwhelming force of evil instead of good? Why did God instill these instin…[View]
358256928He said this back in 2010. Was he right?[View]
358247837Was the Internet created from recovered alien technology?: I have been learning about how the intern…[View]
358257179You will KEEP PAYING TAXES GOYIM: You will never shut this down. You are going to pay for your own r…[View]
358254277Alex Jones guilty of TREASON and HERESY?: He just pled the 5th 'over 100 times' before the 1/6 Commi…[View]
358257210Warsaw Pact 2.0: Coming to a MacDonalds near you. Starting to feel some comfy Cold War 2 vibes.[View]
358231515>have one chance at life >born in niger nothing ever happens here, politically speaking we are…[View]
358256787'Dear God, just give me my ice cream, my Depends, and a bunch of little kids to stoke my hairs and I…[View]
358255643The absolute state of...: Little whiney bitches. I have a stay at home wife with a kid. I have an av…[View]
358256175Russia BTFO by Ukraine and NATO: When will Russian fags wake up and stop listening to Mr Putin and d…[View]
358247035This commie is right[View]
358257243The War on Pseudo-Wars: The War on Drugs. The War on Terror. The War on Science. Can we just get a g…[View]
358253710Why do so many American niggers think Egyptians were black? They were living in mud huts and getting…[View]
358256992Local Americans sending care packages to Ukraine!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12HlTHFLpUk REAL …[View]
358255596Wtf is wrong with the ruling class? I understand that they don't care, but I don't underst…[View]
358253630Last resort Ukraine strats: >Completly open borders to all African migrants >Immedietly surren…[View]
358248912Remember, this is who calls you a chud[View]
358255738Here’s you’re new Ginsburg bro[View]
358252145You guys believe in antisemetic lies prove me wrong: >>be me >>see concept that vampiric…[View]
358247246The world's greatest powers are united against communism and have been since the 1800s and you …[View]
358254207JOHN CAMPEA ATTACKS STRAIGHT WHITE MALES. Says they're the most sensitive demographic when it c…[View]
358233392Redpill me on Typhoid Mary: How did they prove that she infected so many people?[View]
358256552Travel: Would it be a bad idea to travel to Switzerland and then Croatia for work in the next few mo…[View]
358256494Love/Hate thread - REVIVAL.[View]
358252949No. Refunds.[View]
358245432What are the political implications of german Incels legally buying Shotguns in Austria: and blowing…[View]
358255855It didn't have to be this way.[View]
358214210How Corrupt is Modern Medicine?: From personal experience, data, scientific study and other sources,…[View]
358256313It’s over, we are down to 19 truck edition: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358255662THERE WILL BE NO WAR: I'm sorry happening fags and bobos there will be no war in ukraine its ju…[View]
358215080>read and sign job contract >several years into your job your employer tells you that you must…[View]
358256419Is leftism a congenital trait, or do you learn it over the years?[View]
358256382Is this woke madness finally starting to hit the end point /pol/? I didn't hear a single democr…[View]
358253278Why do leftists the worst kind of migrants?: Something got me thinking. Here in Spain, south america…[View]
358253918Now that Nick Fuentes has been caught messaging underage boys and soliciting nude pics, what is the …[View]
358255607NATO/US fighting Russia?: Keep fighting guys, the more Russians and NATO destroy each other, the mor…[View]
358250821You took the bait: The corona/vaccine narrative has finally begun to crumble and the shitheads in ch…[View]
358238001NPCs noticing or new psyop incoming?[View]
358206699Dutch /pol/der general: Problem? Edition: >This has “occurred” in the Netherlands: -Horeca (hotel…[View]
358247538Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #27: CSIS CUCKS COMMITING MASS SUICIDE: QRD: Thousands of tru…[View]
358250962Is ancom just a modern version of tribalism?: I'm listening to this audio book called >Trib…[View]
358253718Our democracy is at stake here. Sanctions are not pleasant but necessary.[View]
358255461Qanon is the joke of resistance that libs needed: I wouldnt be surprised if 'Q' is a lib j…[View]
358223123What does /pol/ think of Frank Zappa? I personally consider him to be one of the most based musician…[View]
358254635New Stonetoss What did he in the everloving mind mean with this?[View]
358254681i prepped for nothing[View]
358254602Now everytime I see a photo or watch a video from before 2020 it's weird for my brain to see pe…[View]
358248739What do my top 10 movies say about me: politically speaking[View]
358251103Why Germans are so Degenerate?[View]
358254389So are we really just going to go to war?: Why don’t they just leave ukraine the fuck alone? Do they…[View]
358248733Genuinely, when you fat retards are on your deathbeds at 47 sucking air through an oxygen mask, whil…[View]
358240138I believe in viruses starter pack: >believes in Darwinian evolution >all lifes come from a cel…[View]
358244639>'Ayo, it's ya island bois!' >'Join the military' https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/vir…[View]
358254222Why did European colonists flood the Americas with niggers? They turned two continents of despoiled …[View]
358252948Qanon laptop selling for $460,000: Who will buy it?[View]
358246917>Pops off >melts every copper wire >overloads every transformer >houses all over the wor…[View]
358254919FauxNews: Biden needs to confront Russia more...attack attack attack them, launch the nukes AHHHh: h…[View]
358253379The right's main weakness is the inability to spread information: >Telegram is under surveil…[View]
358254094Theres nothing an individual can do. You are a slave to a system designed to keep you as one[View]
358250603They’re still grifting this https://mobile.twitter.com/ChadPergram/status/1486368577468964869[View]
358249898>4/20/99 never forget[View]
358252088Realistically, what's going to happen with the Trucker Convoy?: Is it a nothingburger? Is it th…[View]
358253986Twitter: Ive been looking into putting in the time/effort to making a twitter '''activism''' account…[View]
358240566>kill someone on the street >sin >kill someone in a far-away land using expensive equipment…[View]
358250553Is soriasis a symptom of the vax?: By dumbass fiance has 3 doses of the death shots. She started get…[View]
358247641Is nihilism the truth?[View]
358249075Did GDP double when women entered the workforce?[View]
358253920>god destroys sodom and Gomorrah because they’re full of degenerate kikes >kikes get pissed of…[View]
358252922I support russian imperialism[View]
358252226Hitler had a pet turtle as a boy: That means turtles are a based animal, right?[View]
358250411Russian Neo Nazis: Why do you support this?[View]
358253979Muslimbros, whites are calling us sandnigger again[View]
358253872Could it be aliums? Or another j/k it’s natural. https://www.the-sun.com/tech/4545551/astronomers-my…[View]
358253265Jew fatigue: It's bad. It's really bad. They're everywhere and they won't fuckin…[View]
358252642What is that?: https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FA/FA3C389E610257B5DD2CC40717112DFD_E…[View]
358245521>imagine no..t deriving your entire sense of morality from ancient jewish folklore…[View]
358254190How waifubots will be used: >be you >year is 2075 >the government prevents your waifubot fr…[View]
358254184Alaska Timeline Shift: b-bros? When did Alaska belong to the US? I confidently remember that russia …[View]
358246265Lefties are insane: Lefty >We must protect nature! We must reduce the human footprint on nature! …[View]
358254114woof woof[View]
358232804Some people actually believe that 2000 years of Christian tradition, careful studying of the Bible b…[View]
358252326Why are bible freaks so violent when they want you to convert to their religion? Why can't they…[View]
358253187Joe Rogan Artist Presale Password: What are the political implications that one of yas knew the pass…[View]
358246914Love/Hate thread, 'Murica edition[View]
358253345If Climate change is real....: If climate change poses the existential threat to humanity that the m…[View]
358245278Nazis are right about antivaxxers[View]
358247609Ukraine War False Flag: What are the chances that the Americans, or the Ukrainians under control of …[View]
358249745Boomer dads, millennial whore daughters: Why did boomer men raise their daughters to be such entitle…[View]
358248274It’s happening: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war…[View]
358231876Who is better: (have to chose one)[View]
358253570I just checked the racial demographics of America. They were projecting the entire time. America is …[View]
358240024it's over /pol/ - GAB has turned to evil: Now that Torba has announced his partnership/sponsors…[View]
358253426Gods real chosen people: I honestly believe the whites who live in these states are gods chosen peop…[View]
358253714vaxx poopings: have you noticed any other vaxx'd individuals needing to defecate more times thr…[View]
358251616HAPPENING: DOZENS OF TRUCKERS: are protesting in Leafland for better roads ehh. against jab..mandate…[View]
358215703>ITT: Whites on suicide watch[View]
358252501Sikhism - is it based or pozzed?: What say ye, /pol/? Redpill me on Sikhism and Sikhs. Especially i…[View]
358237611I am an arab: i'm an arab and i'm depressed about the situation of my people, i have almos…[View]
358250546Olavo de Carvalho: Press F to pay respects https://youtu.be/0G7wQK2TP7A[View]
358249310why did france surrender that much[View]
358248680How would the US handle a black uprising? Would every big city have chaos? Would nigger looting part…[View]
358252742More Rights for Incels: So many special interest groups push for their vested interests, womens grou…[View]
358253000The New Hasbara: The New Hasbara https://www.972mag.com/hasbara-funding-foreign-agents/ >The Isra…[View]
358252115Why did Russians paint Germs like this?: .[View]
358252836American Emperor: We are going to see one, right? America is pretty much following right in the foot…[View]
358225176HOW DO WE DESTROY IT?: My suggestion; The way to collapse the west is for everyone to borrow all the…[View]
358252362Why were the Soviets like this? Tfw you just arrive in a German town: Maybe that's why some ger…[View]
358251640Can Trump beat Biden in 2024?: Given the level of disaster that Biden's presidency has been so …[View]
358235578THE RICH HATE YOU: You will live in the pod and be happy. Also worship the brown people driving hous…[View]
358245656My filter isn't working please show me how to do it correctly[View]
358249167Stop watching TV or you will die of blood clots, chuds https://nypost.com/2022/01/20/binge-watching-…[View]
358248526Posts that could get you killed: What sort of posts could put you on the jew hitlist? Whenever it…[View]
358252780JoS: Satanist from Joy of Satan Ministries here! Debate Me![View]
358228036Questioning Christianity: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10429707/Russian-lawyer-swept-awa…[View]
358248564CAFFEINE CAUSES IQ LOSS: Even something as widespread as caffeine has been proven to cause IQ loss c…[View]
358252705Our best and brightest[View]
358252297Question for Europeans on this board: Why are the euros here so buttblasted about America ? I see 2…[View]
358224871>be antivaxx chud: >get denied a new heart[View]
358219051Why do libtards look like le pol face?: Why do libtards look like le pol face... ( remembers ugly as…[View]
358251733>when u see it: Is it time to genocide the unvaccinated? Gas chambers, trains, attics, invasions …[View]
358252262the reason behind Argentina's decadence: Let's settle this for once. You always ask how co…[View]
358247058US issues major threats to Belarus, threatens with thousands of troops: https://www.rt.com/russia/54…[View]
358252104How to get off this ride...: >see local listing for an arm chair >full price, brand new, wall …[View]
358250150/pol/ is a left wing board: Yo guys simply substitute the 1% with jews... some of them are jews but …[View]
358245744Defeats /pol/[View]
358231839ONLY VAXXED ALLOWED TO BUY BOOZE: LIBERALS: THIS IS WAR https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-liberals-…[View]
358249057Furry working on vaccine: Is this actually real?[View]
358251950Why is this my most replied-to 4chan post of all time? What are the political implications?[View]
358249586Comparisions between the past and today.: Is the elite attempting to reproduce the events of the 19-…[View]
358248143Southern Hate Thread: Overland Campaign >Grant's Army: 124,000 troops >Lee's Army: 6…[View]
358246596will there really be a war in Ukraine? I live 30 minutes from the Ukrainian border and I don't …[View]
358241773A word from our good friends at the CIA. This should be posted at least twice a week.[View]
358248486Biggest Hunter Biden drop is a few hours. Stay tuned. Joe will never get elected after this.[View]
358188756/pol/'s world view: come on anons, keep em postin[View]
358248828I hate people who hate drugs: imagine being such an obedient programmed NPC you never explored reali…[View]
358240730Human Brain Cloud: You know what to do. https://www.humanbraincloud.com/ >>358219492[View]
358244423'Why Biden's 'son of a bitch' moment is nothing like Trump's attacks on reporter…[View]
358251611In the event of an apocalypse or civil war, 'SHTF' type scenario, anons have decided previously to u…[View]
358221237Canadian Stores Banning Unvaxxed: OHHH CANADA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtTqEV5aWWY https://w…[View]
358246980Where did it all go wrong for Britain?[View]
358251394Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358251369Is the Russian invasion just a US/UK psyop?: Most of the invasion talk is coming from the US, UK and…[View]
358250214>go on social media >correct grammar on posts made by black people >watch them seethe…[View]
358248458Will Anything Come of This: The bombshell book Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping Chin…[View]
358246246How to destroy all Jews?: Lets look at the jew A jew never creates, a jew is incapable of producing …[View]
358249814>possible war with Russia Nigga I am not fighting in that shit. These dudes are just as white as …[View]
358251069George groid MK2: Brit edition!: https://news.sky.com/story/carer-who-suffocated-suspected-thief-dur…[View]
358246658ANTI MASK CHUD MELTDOWN: Which one of you was this? https://youtu.be/WIIUcZdBzto[View]
358247235Hi, who is /pol/? Who is in charge?[View]
358238911Europeans have no rights: How does it feel Europoors? You will never own mass amounts of lands and l…[View]
358247298I love God with all my heart[View]
358231270Brit/pol/ Bog Snorkelling Edition: >Russia is considering 'nuclear armageddon' as one option for …[View]
358250332Human Brain Cloud: Nigger faggot kike https://www.humanbraincloud.com/ Previous: >>358239551…[View]
358244221why do east Europeans and Brits hate Russia?[View]
358245783Glowniggers reading /pol/ are probably on the verge of become an hero: Imagine getting into debt for…[View]
358244403Send Help!: >Oi, jewve a loicense to stopdat murdah? https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/01/25/…[View]
358250221/hivemind/ open for autist. No Jews Allowed.[View]
358209209Californians will pay anual fees to own firearms: >S-SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! What now, gunfags?…[View]
358248426https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU3JsHS9Dlg Leftwingers are like the malformed chick in this litter …[View]
358220699Europa love/hate thread[View]
358242225The Canadian Truck Scam: They're literally lying to you now >>358241500 >HURRR DURR TH…[View]
358225449Destroy capitalism. >B-BUT WHAT WILL REPLACE IT???? Destroy capitalism. >We've never live…[View]
358250065When you think of it this way it truly puts into perspective how bad western society has become.[View]
358238602It's over: >mandates all falling through >major goverments and media orgs shifting narrat…[View]
358245354COVID IS OVER: Covid is officially done, whats the next form of mass global psychosis to focus on?…[View]
358234678>every thread about the Canadian trucker convoy is full of kvetching kikes demanding that everyon…[View]
358237755So let me get this straight Financially backed companies like BlackRock are using people's own …[View]
358248305cant wait our great leader marshal Putin to restore soviet union i need poles to clean my toilet in …[View]
358245152Russia why did you do this: Stop punching down, he's an old confused man. What are the politica…[View]
358249852USAF Ukraine: And I say, hey hey hey hey I said hey, what's going on? And I say, hey hey hey he…[View]
358249842Sellouts develop thermometer to guage how much normies need manipulating: Sellouts are developing a …[View]
358248495The power of interest: Lets assume your ancestors put 1 Cent in the bank in the year 0, at an intere…[View]
358239551Human Brain Cloud: Human Brain Cloud https://www.humanbraincloud.com/ Previous: >>358219492…[View]
358232901Over 55% of men are now incels: Holy fucking kek Clown world is real Let's see feminists explai…[View]
358247521Apologize for spreading your dumbass memes to the general public.: I very much doubt Dave browses /p…[View]
358247511If there are trillions of dollars in US currency, then where is it being used and what is it being u…[View]
358222196Leafs being dumb: You folks are walking into a psyop . They will not let you do this without making …[View]
358248914Germany's foreign policy is spot on this time: Fuck globohomo and their wars and fuck all the s…[View]
358226749>GOOD MORNING, SIRS[View]
358245051These are the highest selling books of all time: What does this say about the absolute state of lite…[View]
358241950What if welfare and EBT stopped? Would the US have a black uprising not seen before?[View]
358249248Orangeman glad: Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden…[View]
358247118WHY IS THIS NEWS?: Just went on Reuters and saw this shit. Things about Hebrew gender and stuff. Why…[View]
358248193we need to get these monkeys off our streets[View]
358245501can any russians tell me if this is true? are your news media graphics departments hard at work show…[View]
358238756Finall some good news: VACCINE 2.0 IS AVAILABLE!!!!: >Pfizer Begins Human Trials For New Safe and…[View]
358248580At what point does putting masks on every single object go from being cutesy/funny to psychotic? It…[View]
358247790Quebec PM flash devil sign: What is he doing? Is this some movie prod code i dont know about?? That …[View]
358244205The Great Trucker Psyop: This is a ploy to generate money for soon to be out of work truckers. They …[View]
358248515Strikes fear into the heart of every Bong…: Are they seriously thinking we should take this shit ser…[View]
358248746[DDWWMMYY] of [insert here]: Why did (((they))) begin this 'date of something' shit? Today here is t…[View]
358244067My friends, how can we destroy the Great Satan aka EU?[View]
358246800Post YFW you realized that (YOU)s are literally just another form of Updoots. We are the same.[View]
358245397Why is everyone obsessed with entertainment and fun nowadays? People absolutely need to play games, …[View]
358247119Right-wing 'Intellectuals': >The Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson has been described…[View]
358247338Why pigskins be like this ....[View]
358224548Snow White and the 7...?: What will it be if not dwarves, in the pozzed/woke reboot of this classic?…[View]
358205145/skg/ SKYKING GENERAL: Standby For Judgement Day Edition: Wide-band Web Receiver >http://websdr.e…[View]
358227719Bong gets killed by 'stray bullet' while visiting American gf in Atlanta: >be prestigio…[View]
358247572Why would you work?: The public debt has gone far over 200% of GDP and your productivity is only use…[View]
358236687norhern/skandinavian vs. eastslavic baltic girls, who ages better?[View]
358247936Pelosi need vitamultin!: Pelosi need vitamultin![View]
358248238On some G ass shieet: Nah dough fr, listen up cuhz im only finna say dis shit once. If ya'll ni…[View]
358244415Plant a tree for future generations: Whose shade you will never sit beneath[View]
358240877Why is Europe not a single country?: It's like every member state of the EU is blue balling one…[View]
358246798The straw that broke Boris Johnsons' back?: Oh dear oh dear, they're doing everything to g…[View]
358243898Equallity is literally impossible: How can millions of people believe that the world can live in equ…[View]
358239555Flordia State Senator Lauren Book: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna13492 Something sounds fishy…[View]
358247126>I don't think I can go on a date with you tomorrow >not really feeling it to be honest…[View]
358247198Iran says it will assassinate Trump while he is golfing: https://twitter.com/KianSharifi/status/1481…[View]
358230964Is it possible to rehabilitate a pedophile instead of locking them up and throwing away the keys?[View]
358245511Nearly 1/3 of students think Holocaust 'exaggerated or fabricated': What does this mean bros?[View]
358247860Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358246652I’m a beta male: >on 5 day trip with school >met 5 girls from another school in the hotel >…[View]
358246456Bar's open anons: Started working out with a goal of dense muscles for summer, making myself a …[View]
358246109Joe Rogan is an anagram for Orange OJ: Oh shit Schizo Bros, we got to cocky.[View]
358246866How in the fuck did a bunch of ball-busting feminist man-haters that fought for women for decades le…[View]
358240036Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #26: CSIS GOT A BUDGET INCREASE EDITION: QRD: Thousands of tr…[View]
358247384Only Jingoistic Darwinism can save Africa: This is it, this fucking continent is hopeless: there is …[View]
358247136I ain't going to die for this: Hitler called slavs subhumans but they LARP as Nationalsocialist…[View]
358247016TRUMP RALLY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!: Conroe, TEXAS! TEXAS Sat, January 29, 2022 7:00 pm CST, 8:00 pm ES…[View]
358247331IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S HAPPENING! RIGHT NOW!: Get in here now, because it's happening. …[View]
358242021What's your opinion on this conspiracy theory? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biden%E2%80%93Ukra…[View]
358243572Books about politics and personal development; what are the political implications?: Just post good …[View]
358247090MY PLAN FOR THE WAR:: 1. go to ukraine 2. rape some ukrainian girls 3. defect to NATO side 4. live i…[View]
358247079>How long until Taiwan is invaded by China? 2 more weeks trust[View]
358247129I hate magacucks and their retarded orange messiah[View]
358247195Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358242639US Citizens told to leave Ukraine Immediately!: America is being cowardice once again! HAHAHAAHAHAHA…[View]
358243387Why is Ronald Reagan remembered as this 'based' president when it was under his leadership that all …[View]
358242091poltard gets BTFO: If you dont believe in science and medicine then you shouldnt be entitled to gett…[View]
358243599Dear het-cis-straight whites: why?: With transracialism and transgenderism being the dominant norms,…[View]
358247030Moshiach=AGI. Thoughts?[View]
358232397how old were you when you realized that the US is the real provocateur?[View]
358243954Take the vaccine. Weed is >safer than current COVID vaccines >booster can be taken every morni…[View]
358223334San Jose becomes 1st city to force gun owners to pay for liability insurance + monthly fee: Excerpt:…[View]
358228754Which side do you support?: Ukraine or Russia? https://strawpoll.com/9exs3qxa7 https://strawpoll.co…[View]
358246223The face of the left. When will you kneel to your reddit overlords?[View]
358246137Is thus what trudeau sees in his nightmares?[View]
358240817Which is the bigger psyop, Qanon or this trucker bullshit?: >TRUST THE PLAN! >PATRIOTS ARE SAF…[View]
358239500Lack of nature in Europe: Why does Europe have no uninhabited nature outside regions too cold to inh…[View]
358237058Feels bad.[View]
358221795How does it feel knowing that despite all your shitposting on /pol/, more and more people are becomi…[View]
358246737If sodomy is explicitly mentioned in the Bible as a sin, why do so many heterosexual Christians enga…[View]
358246763TRUMP VS PUTIN ...CHJOOSE A SIDE !: Who would you rather be a wagie slave under...Trump or Putin?…[View]
358243590Vaxxbrains: What was the Covid “vaccine” REALLY designed to do? Let’s look at this from an objective…[View]
358244931Moscow wants the US to impose sanctions on Russia to undermine the US Dollar: Q: Why are NATO-Russia…[View]
358244163Lefty/pol/ BTFO: Trannys BTFO commies BTFO Democraps BTFO[View]
358242391Goyim and Proud: I am a golem for israel I will die for israel I will fight for israel I will secure…[View]
358246511why is jewtin so hell bent on killing millions of white russians and ukranians in a pointless war?[View]
358242480Person gets fire because he is not a normie: >They're firing me. I ask if I am being fired f…[View]
358245274Did more industrialization happen under Nicholas II or Lenin?[View]
358245668Please /pol/ figure this out for me.[View]
358236229Sups wine whilst fining your business during lockdown: No offence peasants.[View]
358220961aus/pol/: late night edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB6K85PuQ_M[View]
358235480And what's the reason you're not joining General Jesus Hitler army ?[View]
358245469Historical racism is a psyop to make you not realize that you are still slaves. True freedom doesn…[View]
358243730oh no no no[View]
358242909Ashkenazim are the superior race. Prove me wrong.[View]
358243909President James Monroe = worst race traitor in history: He was first to announce what would later be…[View]
358245696QUIZ question, for level 99 anons: If whites are the biblical Israelites (or their children, rather)…[View]
358246157Why does China hate cryptocurrency? Americans are trying to adopt crypto currency to get rid of the …[View]
358246133Challenge mode - Lib lurkers, tell me why it's impossible to discuss Joe Biden's failures …[View]
358244754How hard would it be to cover up millions of deaths from the jabs? How hard is it to cover up genoci…[View]
358224303Glowies tried to incite /pol/tards.: https://www.rt.com/news/547347-us-govt-power-grid/ Every now an…[View]
358241795What's Hitler been planning lately?: Any speculation? Seems like if he was gonna make a move, n…[View]
358244714Rfk Jr cucked: He's apologizing for making holocaust comparisons to medical tyranny because the…[View]
358245598I know this is racist chud central, but this man is the best president of my lifetime[View]
358243083Which one would you choose for trad wife? I'd take any of them over a liberal whore, but second…[View]
358243849TIME FOR YOUR FOURTH DOSE GOY https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1485961602532876290[View]
358244341He’s right you know.[View]
358245209Maybe the Jews aren’t as bad as we think?[View]
358244360the new normal[View]
358225497MESSAGE FROM THE TRUCKERS: This is a message from the truckers and it's applicable to everybody…[View]
358244954GET THAT MORAL UP: Seeing how they are working overtime to demoralize us with the Freedom Convoy 202…[View]
358243253>Blackmore said she took the first abortion pill on live television to confront stigma surroundin…[View]
358245667Just realized this board is full of retarded NPCs who make it seem they're intelligent just bec…[View]
358245307Islam is a noble warrior religion, the real reason why /pol/ hates our religion is because we aren…[View]
358245113You pussies ready? I cant wait. Ive done my time. Gonna love taking care of your girl for ya. Basi…[View]
358244679Bidenplomacy has failed and Russia will invade Ukraine soon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VRzrvI…[View]
358235509>women can't be base-[View]
358245479On Serbian Question: hittler called them as Untermensch ( subhuman) my fellow PAGAN EVROPEAN what sh…[View]
358239658the ukraine/russia hostilities have convinced me that more rulers of countries should be women. no m…[View]
358226076HAPPENING - Germany to ship 5000 military helmets to Ukraine amid tensions with Russia, German Defen…[View]
358241034>mom just called it the 'critical of race theory' >laugh for 10 minutes straight…[View]
358244867Food shortage starvation near: Sorry this stuff expired I'm going to forklift it up to the dump…[View]
358242810Edgecomb trial part ?: dis nigga done shot a man in the head edition: https://youtu.be/Mv8FLGHuj0c n…[View]
358241142lol you ANTIVAXXERS make me laugh. Do you seriously think that that convoy is going to do anything?…[View]
358243273Neo-Gastonism thread: Thread rules: >Women can't write >Eat a lot of eggs >Beat the sh…[View]
358244505How do I build discipline in a Western and masculine way? I never follow through on anything, but I …[View]
358235694Cope Seethe & Dilate: >ITS NOT HAPPENING >ITS ALL FAKE >ITS A SCAM >ITS A WHITE NATI…[View]
358239638If Russia Invades Ukraine will this be consider a Failure to Biden?: Well?[View]
358240176>Deny existance of coronavirus >dies of covid >Allow the existance of the virus but be an a…[View]
358240951You know what to do https://www.humanbraincloud.com/[View]
358238802Hey Dima,: back to 2ch (putinbot containment zone)[View]
358220541Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #25: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358244304So tell me anon...: has your child been made to feel guilty for their skin color in school recently?…[View]
358225695/SG/ /GPG/ /UG/ Geopolitics General #1475 - Glorious temple of Levantine Gods edition: Libya, Egypt,…[View]
358240640/pol/ memes: Post /pol/ approved pre-“pandemic” memes that are relevant in today’s reality.[View]
358244113i have heard light skin reptillians have higher rank than dark skin reptillians, and seem to be atta…[View]
358240915Why are there so many pedophiles and transgendered in the modern communist movement? Is this a resul…[View]
358239605When and how did the nords catch up with meds?[View]
358243236Why is /pol/ obsessed with trannies and reddit?[View]
358235447Anti-CRT conservatards BTFO: Critical race theory now means teaching the US history of the civil rig…[View]
358243659CANADA IMMIGRATION: Even Indians on reddit are catching onto the Canada Scam: kek the grocery prices…[View]
358238936Dresden was justified and the opposition is a bunch of Wehraboo LARPers and Depressed Anglos on thei…[View]
3582223012020 was an interesting year...: The 2020 George Floyd riots will go down in history as the year/eve…[View]
358243687Build Back Better: >MEANWHILE, IN CALIFORNIA[View]
358240270are asian women better at being white women than white women?[View]
358234116Spain past its Muslim period failed to produce any relevant philosophers, mathematicians, scientist,…[View]
358239092everyones politically confused til,: they find the light of national socialism[View]
358242998Anti-semitism was used by domestic businessmen to kill competition.: Picrel is Henry Ford. He claime…[View]
358241114How does it feel knowing that despite all your shitposting on /pol/, more and more people that are L…[View]
358240986i remember some Anon mentioning. masonic war: As in There was a war between the traditional british …[View]
35824304126/01 ... I am forgotten[View]
358240653If the Turks attack you guys will come to fight right?[View]
358239971Reddit Moment: > r/antiwork decides to take movement to live tv >chooses Fox News of all outle…[View]
358243005GLOBOHOMO MAXIMA: CHINA EDITION: Welcome to the Chinese Reset. Yes, there are still trannies. China …[View]
358237641>Anti work is bad because... BECAUSE I SAID SO!![View]
358208196>STOP! You're under arrest for transacting in silver and not FEDcoin! How do you respond?…[View]
358238857Whites are losing: I find it funny that: 1)Jews are able to outsmart the 'superior aryan' and your m…[View]
358224230check this shit out: > be me > caught covid > have to isolate for 7 days to get temp vax ex…[View]
358236969Fuck you: Fuck you[View]
358242004Remoralization General:: Anything good happen to you anons?. With the state of clown world, sometime…[View]
358238639Why do whites complain about blacks being lazy and dumb then turn around to complain about Jews?: Wh…[View]
358241634We have to support Ukraine: I do not understand why so many Americans seem to be on the side of Russ…[View]
358238261The Bird iS the Word: https://www.january6thtruth.org/forum/q-drops/novus-ordo-seclorum [B]ird i[S] …[View]
358242512IT'S HAPPENING! IT'S HAPPENING! RIGHT NOW!: Get in here now, because it's happening. …[View]
358241737are there still any unbiased resources on this man? I don't want lies or exaggerations (pro or …[View]
358242279Daily reminder that the Soviet Union under Lenin was an anti-degeneracy soft militaristic ethnostate…[View]
358223107Kraut/pol/ - ...aber based!: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >English language analys…[View]
358242343Trans-Candy.: Babylon Bee hits the mark again... https://youtu.be/uJcpzXAxOoY 'You will never be a s…[View]
358240362WTF did Kamala do?: She went to Nicaragua to talk about the US help for their development and Nicara…[View]
358239548The 'Groypers': Why is everyone in the Groyper movement so gay? And most importantly why are there s…[View]
358241520ooooh!: blackensippen![View]
358239115Why do christians tolerate globohomo so much?: Matthew 25:35 ESV For I was hungry and you gave me fo…[View]
358222546MOST CRINGE PIECE OF ONLINE ART 2022: 2022 and I do not think the CRINGE and LOL of this artwork can…[View]
358241365Why didn't the number of jews decrease?: Jews are overrepresented in elite schools because they…[View]
358241428Breaking happening!: WWIII canceled. The ride is still on.[View]
358241840“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then …[View]
358237206Fortress New Ziland: Help me out here /pol/ She has closed the borders for three years now, dropped …[View]
358241331The govt is not doing its job: US life expectancy continues to decline with last year being the larg…[View]
358215746/pol/ Humor Thread: Post em[View]
358239476The Narrative has officially crumbled!!!: Expect to see BigPharma and BigMed fuckers getting arreste…[View]
358241272Pathetic dispray of power. Flying around in circles.[View]
358240155We can’t have 20 million Chinese starving: It’s essential we ship American jobs there to stop that…[View]
358236641>oh no. facebook, twitter, youtube, amazon, apple, starbucks, paypal, and visa banned me again. t…[View]
358238236The eternal mutt.[View]
358238971>China will take Taiwan in 2 more weeks, filthy mutt! >Trust the plan! >America will collap…[View]
358241197>hey there, shitty shitty fag fag shitty shitty fag fag, how do you do? >hey there, shitty shi…[View]
358234599>have a 4G phone for the last 6 years >never sick once >4g phone finally does >buy 5g …[View]
358241325P A I N: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKfm4rqMd78&t=1s 'Black Lives Matter No shit, modafugga…[View]
358227448>China is NOT globohomo, you stupid MIGA mutt! ok, anon...lol[View]
358237831Let go Brandon, Wall Street Market correction..: Banana Republic alert. This is what Venezuela did w…[View]
358215012The left: Why did the left go off the rails when trump got elected? How will they ever recover?…[View]
358239859If democrats hate Sinema, and republicans hate Cheney, isn't there a way to end their term in g…[View]
358238528What if Justin Trudeau drops a nuke on the protesters and truckers?[View]
358238436New Stonetoss![View]
358240350Pope Francis before becoming pope: 'Jews are shit.': LMAO, too far!!! Between 45:50 - 47:30 https://…[View]
358228478No comment[View]
358235040Ukranian football fans attack black men and kick them out of stadium: >Uefa has charged Dynamo Ki…[View]
358240165An interesting discovery[View]
358238350Idk subject: I want to live in the back rooms rather than here. More cozy[View]
358237805AI isn't real. It is a scam. It actually does nothing.[View]
358240772Who is the biggest grifter in politics?: grifties.com[View]
358231827>Americans have finally discovered Russia's weakness OH N-[View]
358239398I HATE HATE HATE COMMUNISM Ive been reading Marx and I hate it. I am now legit afraid Communism woul…[View]
358234253This little baby cried again on the show. Twice.[View]
358238200American GDP is 20.94 trillion USD a year: Which means Americans can print 20.94 trillion USD a year…[View]
358233216Where is he? He hasn't uploaded any videos since last Friday.[View]
358239793Why do I have to pay import tax for goods not available in my country?[View]
358233276They erased it! Memory holed thread: COVID-19 edition: >ITT: Memory holed pics, documents, false …[View]
358240359real speech: fdr was a communist and loved stalin. his raw new deal fucked the country and shitlib c…[View]
358240205What happens on Saturday when all of Canada's dissidents are all in one city?[View]
358239659Elon musk is a fucking capitalist.: Elon musk is a fucking capitalist. SAGE[View]
358229611Why is bullying Americans on /pol/ so addictive?[View]
358213706Brit/pol Emergency newfag edition: C'mon lads it's gone 9.30, wake up.[View]
358239782Why do americans complains about liberals and yet they claim classic liberal values (libertarians) a…[View]
358232764Unfettered Judaism is out of control. What can be done about it?: They rub it in your face. They wan…[View]
358240067>>358237496 Seems you don't recall what the 'religious differences' were when t…[View]
358234984Neil Young vs Joe Rogan: I hate Neil Youngs trashy music, it's the antithesis of everything I l…[View]
358238266What is my purpose[View]
358238739We did it: The richest man in the world is an African American, this makes racist chuds like you see…[View]
358237335All is right with the world.[View]
358233614Burgerbros.. it is over[View]
358231759HOLY FUCK ANONS GTFIH !!: A while back someone posted this video of a Russian guy explaining how he …[View]
358239037it's finally over: they'll never admit they were ever wrong though.[View]
358236492WW3: After USA and Turkey, Italy has the third strongest conventional armed forces in all of NATO. P…[View]
358233088Chuddies be like 'I will never eat the bu-'[View]
358239406Stop arguing for equality of opportunity: >Equality of outcome bad >Equality of opportunity go…[View]
358239374Israel General: >IT DA JOOOS Israel existed for over half a century before the subhuman migration…[View]
358236566Why does Holywood talk so much about the German-Polish genocide but so little about the genocide rig…[View]
358237027I love Russia and everything it stands for.[View]
358238193>Germany helping ukrain time to shut their gas supply down.[View]
358230940Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #25: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358238280Why did Americans surrendered so easily?: They had 21 Shermans against two Panthers...[View]
358238910LOL you americans won't do anything about it.: https://nypost.com/2022/01/25/video-shows-adult-…[View]
358184846It's an ABBO LOWLIFE thread: Greentext your stories of aboriginal subhuman behaviour:[View]
358239027In poland, we have public healthcare system. And this system is essentislly half-dead. People with s…[View]
358236820Abstain: Is it possible to completely avoid tv, the internet, and all news for a couple of months? …[View]
358235323why are so many on /pol/ against liberalism? everyone should just be as free as possible, and the st…[View]
358236932The price of food keeps going up: With no end in sight[View]
358235926It's funny: And I'm tired of pretending it's not https://kiwifarms.net/data/video/694…[View]
358224173The Canadian Trucker Scam: Hello /pol/, I'm here to expose a SCAM being posted on 4chan >…[View]
358238472Your Golden Age is Cancelled: Justice is the collapse and destruction of this lawless world. Do you …[View]
358238260Good.: Mixed race people somehow look worse than either race separately. Also they retain the same f…[View]
358237281What the fuck was his problem?: Why was he so evil bros?[View]
358227594>the idea that Jews are secretly scheming in the shadows to rule the world and exploit white Chri…[View]
3582354361984 and Brave New World were not warnings: They were instruction manuals: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
358227439Why are (((they))) so desperate to 'DEBOONK' the trucker convoy? I've seen such a bewildering a…[View]
358228718I worked for a fortune 100 company planning and building country scale power and water infrastructur…[View]
358234569RUSSIAN WARSHIPS INVADE THE BALTIC SEA WAR IMMIMINENT: https://www.rt.com/russia/547399-russia-black…[View]
358238148Fed Copypasta: Good job anons. (You) have successfully spooked DHS into shidding itself and arrestin…[View]
358238384Stop the Warmongering in Eastern Europe: A movement championing transnational democracy can only eve…[View]
358232060GAZ ME HARDER DADDY!!![View]
358238294hey, spike spegel here. you ever think its kinda weird how jews are only 0.2% of the world populatio…[View]
358210295Would you let this non binary 30 year old walk your dog /pol/?[View]
358234756What exactly do companies gain from having a 'good' diversity and inclusion score? Surely it's …[View]
358219492Human Brain Cloud: You know what to do. https://www.humanbraincloud.com/[View]
358217193Sandy Hook: Was Sandy Hook a hoax?[View]
358236712Chilean president defended Taylor Swift in the controversy over the authorship of her songs: Who can…[View]
358236557He elected Trump[View]
358234188I know tons of fat and unhealthy people who have taken the jab: Nothing wrong with them. These guys …[View]
358235362You want to be in the middle of your friends and next to your enemies[View]
358237396Never forget what they did to us: These amerimutts rats bombarded, raped and massacred whites for mo…[View]
358234182Let's see those numbers /pol/[View]
358230484Ok which one of you niggers did this?[View]
358214576When will whites wake up: 30 years from now, half of the young people in France will be nonwhite…[View]
358236259How come abbo larpers don't get cancelled like Indian larpers do?: Happy Straya Day /pol/. I…[View]
358235872I really makes me sad to see what France has become. Is there any hope for them?[View]
358237225Are people with mass formation psychosis even lucid anymore? How could they be helped / contained?[View]
358219471The narrative is shifting: French Pr Delfraissy, director of the COVID response who has been shillin…[View]
358231815Vaclav Klaus: Let's start a Ukraine debate: https://www.klaus.cz/clanky/3553 >The state of U…[View]
358229244Why are English people so rude? It's really annoying.: Why are people from England so fucking r…[View]
358229797Russia must be invading soon. All the Russian shills are out in full force.: Tucker might as well na…[View]
358234401Future elections are illegitimate if Democrats dont win them[View]
358231857What's his endgame?[View]
358232613If this child was strong enough to survive it, your child is strong enough to learn about it.[View]
358235458Jesus is a political leader and military conqueror: He will return and be covered in BLOOD. Not his …[View]
358234711identity politics: >identity politics was created by jews to divide and conquer us >that'…[View]
358234770Dear finnish man, don't forget your heritage: Picrel: Alp Arslan, leader of the Seljuk finnish …[View]
358237496Daddy Francisco wants more GAY KIDS for their pedo Priests.: Expected. Catholics are PEDOS. NORMALIZ…[View]
358236146Oh Canada...: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/quarter-toronto-s-taxis-drivers-off-roads-pande…[View]
358234018Is this a bribe? I don’t think giving them DNS is good: I don’t think it’s a good idea to. Should I?…[View]
358237223Holy mother of based!: The narrative has officially crumbled. Senate hearing with over 25 Doctors an…[View]
358217784Can a human be born without emotion?: I was trying to find more information on this but studies on t…[View]
358230194You WILL take you 4th booster AND You WILL install the omicron expansion pack AND You WILL be happy.[View]
358236355Are WestWorld tier sex robots the solution the incel/loneliness problem that is growing? How would t…[View]
358236961FREEDOM PROTEST: (((They))) are terrified right now Anyone else notice a HUGE increase in demoralizi…[View]
358236877Off-topic non politicial posts are the best posts on this board cause at least the thread is not abo…[View]
358220390Russian bros, since ameriniggers are spitting propaganda across the European cuckhold about Ukraine …[View]
358236869Maori hate thread: Fuck these fat brown retarded cunts[View]
358236573Jerome Tyler. The spark that hits the powder keg. Remember this name.[View]
358235960It's not too late to awaken to the truth.[View]
358218204>men becoming women >women become men Why the fuck do we even allow this to happen?…[View]
358233524Do mutts not understand that a NATO-Russian war would quickly turn nuclear?[View]
358236369Reminder that Taiwan province is inalienable constituent territory of the People's Republic of …[View]
358236656Your sacrifice was not in vain. Israel is forever grateful for your service. https://youtu.be/1ugnoJ…[View]
358236633Can you kill someone with your bare hands? Do you have a mannerbund? Sorry that you dweebs will neve…[View]
358231892>It starts with One sneed To seed and feed It doesn't even matter how hard you seethe Keep t…[View]
358227535When each and every one of us dies. God is going to ask us. 'What did you do in your life to spread …[View]
358234426Good Morning America vax propaganda destroyed in comments.: This is absolutely affecting woman'…[View]
358231328How to solve the incel problem: I'm going to throw an idea out there. When you were growing up,…[View]
358217023Reddit anti work subreddit moderator gave the interview to Fox News Holy fucking cringe! https://www…[View]
358194447Playboy 'strongly supports' women accusing Hugh Hefner: >hugh hefner is either getting …[View]
358232586Christian Priest says Jesus was a transgender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdNel57fhz4…[View]
358229757WE HAVE A SACRED OBLIGATION TO UKRAINE: >“I made it clear to President Putin that we have a sacre…[View]
358233053>Minorities are normally whiny left wing shitheads >Give them a badge and they suddenly become…[View]
358233386/pol/ musician collaboration: Any anons want to collaborate on some music? I play guitar, bass, and…[View]
358220124Guy gets cucked by teen that he Helped.: Some dude got cucked by a 19 year old kid that he helped, h…[View]
358233369Is it inherently bad to be black?[View]
3582356352022 AD is the year of the SHEMITA: Are you ready for the crash of a generation? I am expecting WW3 …[View]
358228868Why don’t we use convicted criminals for medical research?: It makes perfect sense to do so. Further…[View]
358232740Any male born after 1993 can't provide, all they know is microwave dinners, play video games, w…[View]
358220546Seriously speaking, would NATO defend Poland in case of Russian invasion?[View]
358232554Why do Indians simp for Israel when Israelis hate them?[View]
358232439Shills Gets The Last Word: >thread is then immediately archived I notice that happens a lot.…[View]
358211638This is what they took from you. Fuck marxist kikes and feminists.[View]
358217695THE CULT OF SATURN: What's the deal with Saturn anyway? I will explain. Saturn is duality. From…[View]
358234730lol looks like a person with its arms raised[View]
358232827Japan has been having a 'population crisis' for like 50 years and liberals have been warning them th…[View]
358227128Why are White men shaving off all their body hair /pol/?[View]
358235057American GDP is 20.94 trillion USD a year: Which means Americans can print 20.94 trillion USD a year…[View]
358190954Croats: Are Croats really that in denial of being Serbs or are they just really racist towards Serbs…[View]
358232442Internet Temperance Movement: Is the only way to save future generations to start an Internet Temper…[View]
358233913>Poles le bad even tho they are good at cleaning toilets[View]
358230486why did hitler hate slavic people?: wasnt hard to understand his dislike for blacks, took a little m…[View]
358234923True Story: >be neocon >cold war >soviet collapse >become irrelevant >war in middle e…[View]
358208247Defund NASA General /dng/: Why are American's still funding this cold war relic? Don't you…[View]
358221643What are your thoughts on Ethan Ralph and his epic political killstream?[View]
358234817Gab controversy regarding Torba sponsoring AFPAC: I don't understand this controversy happening…[View]
358221358...a-are we back austriabua?: https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2022/01/26/Austria-to-lift-lo…[View]
358228111Thoughts on this pic?: Based on cringe?[View]
358233555Double-Red AmCom: I believe the grand solution to liberalism is not conservatism, and not fascism in…[View]
358231255Why can't these two faggots just get along?[View]
358212529Are Chinese youtube channels like Li Ziqi propaganda?: There have been a number of popular youtube c…[View]
358207885Hitler/NSDAP Religion: So can someone settle this or what? Did Hitler passive aggressively loathe Ch…[View]
358230662Trudeau's pets are turning on him: Sikhs are opening their temple to protesters in Ottawa, what…[View]
358234514General redpill thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. …[View]
358224937Why do you attack Muslims for wanting more than one wife?: I've seen it said that Muslims shoul…[View]
358217015How do you look back at the 2000s now?[View]
358224327Jesse Watters: What is the point of this guy on FOX News /pol? What exactly does he bring to the ta…[View]
358226031No Mask Mandates. No vaccine passports. No mandatory vaccines. Literally the freest county in the de…[View]
358166040DURHAM IS STILL GOING: https://technofog.substack.com/p/durham-dnc-lawyer-marc-elias-has >Today, …[View]
358201886Bad goy spreads anti jew propaganda: Which one of you did this? https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/01/26/u…[View]
358219496Daily fucking reminder: Anti-women posts are made by kikes to convince you to not have relationships…[View]
358234158Oh happy day: This video is whitepilling me hard my heart today. I wish you a happy and joyful day a…[View]
358230220#stopasiahate: Always remember, this is the guy calling you a mutt.[View]
358233924Jesus hates illegal immigration[View]
358233297Do you feel it, Lads?: The tide is turning. Christ is King[View]
358234079Operation: Preinstall Kingdom Hearts: Make lots of friends cause your friends are your power. Each g…[View]
358233310Your grandchildren will be like that, bro.[View]
358227485how do I cross the US border without getting caught?[View]
358231014How do we solve the conservative question?[View]
358224625Would society actually collapse if we ended the meritocracy meme and straight up admitted life is ri…[View]
358229894Are you ready for the Turbo Stealth Mega Super Duper Variant?: https://news.yahoo.com/explainer-what…[View]
358233558Have you guys noticed it's always the most pathetic chuds that are Nazis? Meanwhile your avera…[View]
358231288>study primatology: modern (((western))) culture: >female promiscuity is a strategy in a polya…[View]
358230050So are white '''''men''''' actually just going to sit back and do litrerally nothing as white women …[View]
358233334Millions of people are left without electricity after a major power outage affects Kazakhstan, Kyrgy…[View]
358226289>tfw Americans think their army of faggots, trannies and diversity hires could win a war against …[View]
358233113Here's your news bro.[View]
358224244>have bad day >remember im not a jew >have good day…[View]
358232553Triple vaxxed for 5 months now. Still alive. AMA.[View]
358232705If Europeans keep fucking with Russia their restaurants will have to close. Are you prepared to make…[View]
358232810I feel like this fact isn't being stressed enough in the CRT debate[View]
358221318Mutt thread? ITT we post our ancestry results.[View]
358232734Good Morning America vax propaganda destroyed in comments.: This is absolutely affecting woman'…[View]
358205531Girl says 'creepy' man was taking photos of her at the beach, so she films him and posts it on TikTo…[View]
358225818Jan 26 2022. I am forgotten[View]
358224800Podcasts: Are there any truly based podcasts? Even the good history ones seem to fall over themselve…[View]
358212757Why does /pol/ like Asian women so much?: Ok I'm gonna be honest, I'm a ricecel, I won…[View]
358230574Make a personal contribution to the new UK Holocaust Memorial: Inspired by the Jewish custom of leav…[View]
358220311No Germanic pagan temple was ever discovered in Germany.: So why did they LARP as pagan Germanics in…[View]
358232315It's Time: Now that Drumph is out of the way, Jeb has a clear path to victory in 2024. I can al…[View]
358221073Got Vaxxed. Still alive.: Building a house. Can't go to architect, sanitary service, not even …[View]
358177994InfoGraphic Thread: :)[View]
358231469Can you feel it too /pol/? I genuinely sense a seismic shift creating a completely new paradigm for …[View]
358232136I keep seeing on Reddit mentions of stroke: Why is that? >inb4 go back…[View]
358228101The US can easly enter Russia from the 'backdoor'.: 'The US can easly enter Russia from the 'backdoo…[View]
358232093The bugmen have built a giant robotic bug I call it Chinkungus.[View]
358231117>Chime in >Get called an autist I hate society…[View]
358231910What are the political implications of millions of American children being malnourished?: When I was…[View]
358229062Leafs are demoralized: They're so demoralized by the failure of their scam they're now scr…[View]
358231969China Scrambles Fighter Jets Near Taiwan in Wake of U.S. Carrier Exercises: Wow.. That will show the…[View]
358222422is india the only country trying to counter-act the propaganda from hollywood?[View]
358227616The average BAP follower.[View]
358179154US Homeland Security says that extremists will soon target power grid to bring US Gov: https://www.r…[View]
358231295These memes can be funny and all but they're pretty low effort. Why doesn't pol start out…[View]
358231677Map thread: Post'em[View]
358231742day a child has to stay home from school: because some nincompoop got tested and positive for COVID,…[View]
358228952How dare you call us non-white?[View]
358229674Why does Qposts on social media looks like they were written by AIs?: >𓂀 Lift The Veil; Open Your…[View]
358207484I thought /pol/ said only soyboys ate beyond meat?: https://youtu.be/IGpjiKXNWGM[View]
358229764I feel like as I have gotten more redpilled/generally educated I have become a profoundly boring/unf…[View]
358218207The Marriage question: Is it possible to be happy being single your whole life? Is marrying and havi…[View]
358230410Try all you like, incels of /pol/, you wont be able to sage this thread.[View]
358229795What's worst, women or the antichrist?[View]
358229987Do you support Ukraine /pol/?[View]
358224946mfw reading about Israels Samsung option[View]
358230608What the fuck was his problem?: Why did he do it?[View]
358230573Where to go?: I'm going to leave Germany. Which country in Europe offers low taxes, no covid ma…[View]
358216874islam: Questioning as a declaration of war[View]
358222189It's been 30 days since I tested negative for covid and I still feel like shit. I am unvaccinat…[View]
358221710Why are they consistently on the right side of history?[View]
358229455Acquaintance cannabis humorous[View]
358217266if jews really do control everything: if the entire planet's geared to benefit jews and no one …[View]
358230647Calgary Alberta: ~@18:51 Two weeks: Fourteen Days... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JSgwSkyv4Y…[View]
358228607Who should pay his repatriation?[View]
358226225The OK hand sign managed to be converted into a symbol of hate.[View]
358221996Nazis in Ukraine: Russian bots always try to argue Ukraine is full of neo-nazis who treat the Russia…[View]
358217927Everyone Is Retarded. Here Is Proof.: Covid probably accounts for something like 0.01% of health-rel…[View]
358210624Why are women like this?: >Be hollywood roastie >Childless whore riding the cock carousel and …[View]
358227005Cop who shot old guy in a wheelchair is free: https://www.kvoa.com/news/fired-tpd-officer-wants-job-…[View]
358230288You're allowed to break quarantine here the moment you stop having symptoms.[View]
358227130Ukraine Threatens Moscow: IT'S HAPPENING!!!! 'Putin will end up playing to the point that Ukrai…[View]
358230209Fed meets today, what happens?[View]
358229043Tolerance of evil: Tolerance of evil always leads to persecution. The lesson here is never tolerate …[View]
358228160I haved saved over 10K since working from home at start of pandemic: I spend more time with my famil…[View]
358230036Would you buy a whopper if it came with black people meat? It is not cannabalism if you are white ca…[View]
358228865Russia dunking on NATO Sec.[View]
358229283There's literally nothing conservative or traditional about libertarianism (the belief that ind…[View]
358226021Miltia fag here Since lefties have now taken Flecktarn What is /our/ commo pattern ?[View]
358229096At what age did people lose their virginity in the 19th century?[View]
358219594And the real reason manifests itself: The fight for energy dominance is eternal[View]
358227939Women should not get a free pass for the shit they put men through: For you non virgin chads out the…[View]
358227746'D2R will kill LOD bro'[View]
358224962Is it a coincidence that both the planet and /pol/ would improve if all Americans suddenly vanished …[View]
358228200What's up with boomers shilling for Putin? Is it Tucker Carlson?[View]
358225045Artificial meat failed, VR failed: Green energy failed, electric cars failed... Is there anything pr…[View]
358227139Why is America like this?[View]
358216823Most white Brits on this board support him but Americans call him a Zionist shill: It's a funny…[View]
358227072Why are Redditors retarded?: What makes a redditor so fucking retarded?[View]
358223230China’s COVID death numbers…: They officially report under 5,000 deaths from COVID. Can that be poss…[View]
358227909Why are these people so evil? https://www.politico.com/amp/news/magazine/2021/09/03/no-parent-right-…[View]
358216447Pizzagate is fake news: In this thread I debunk pizzagate. There was no basement in Comet. Podesta j…[View]
358215418Homelessness: Everyone realizes that these are not simply good people fallen onto hard times but Ame…[View]
358226636No matter how arrogant you shills act, we can all sense your fear[View]
358227062Canadian Teacher Loses Licence For Teaching About 9/11 And The Holocaust: A Timmins-area teacher who…[View]
358228917simultaneous ukraine/taiwan invasion[View]
358224090Tranny Tinder date chat: I urgently need the Tinder convo between a tranny and a bi guy with tranny …[View]
358228758Mass Marketing and Mass Media failed: They killed themselves. >Be marketing Nigger >Try to cre…[View]
358226122Pepe Finds Jesus: Alex the Comic did a pepe christ cartoon, in case anyone else missed it last Decem…[View]
358221796Some Mystery Meat On British TV Just Used The Term 'Normie': When Describing The Shitskin Character …[View]
358205025Is rock music inherintly degenerate?: >>Formed in the 50s with major influence from southern b…[View]
358199979Neil Young to Spotify: Either remove my music or Joe Rogan podcast: >“I want you to let Spotify k…[View]
358227759Surrender your mortality, embrace inner masculinity: [Surrender your mortality, embrace inner mascul…[View]
358225070>son I'm going to kill myself to own the libs LOL what a dumbass If you can't trust doc…[View]
358226921question for christfags: why didnt jesus teach any1 what sleep and dreams are for? check m8?[View]
358200986IT'S OVER: MANDATORY COVERT MORAL BIOENHANCEMENT...: What is Moral Enhancement (ME) and Moral B…[View]
358227359THE WORLD IS HEALING!: Now covid19 isn't the main cause of deaths; it's heart diseases. P…[View]
358222942I go out on dates with Aussie women but we never clique, the vibe is all off. I have no problems dat…[View]
358214532why do people hate america?[View]
358215501RUSSIA’S RIGHTFUL CLAY Prove me wrong[View]
358227193Open Shitchute. See this. What politics does that website stand for again?[View]
358226255gonna get off line for the next 90 days I think it will be good for me, I spend too much time doing …[View]
358227975Why Were The Nazis So Anti Christianity ? Were They Pagans or Atheists[View]
358226823Man opened fire at Polish border: Nobody died however. But the tensions are rising. Will there be wa…[View]
358223654Oh no! Not my heckin Croaterinos! https://www.rt.com/russia/547307-croatia-withdraw-nato-troops/…[View]
358227402How many gainz will we get from this convoy?[View]
358222946They took this from you.[View]
358212693Is it ever going to end?[View]
358224129>the communist destroyed the family Not the lawyers did for profit >The communist bailed out t…[View]
358227224Ukraine: 2014-2022: >USA gets involved in a key post-Soviet country that has been a Russian ally …[View]
358225195Be a man, not 'alpha male': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRy3zHwoOYE This literally sum…[View]
358226359People who think slavery is wrong are using wealth accumulated by people that believed and acted lik…[View]
358222247a storms a-brewin'...: is it just me or are a bunch of different potential black swan events se…[View]
358221909Wide-band Web Receiver >http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ INSTRUCTIONS >Set Frequency to 4724…[View]
358219204aus/pol/: Praise him edition[View]
358223655Forever COVID-19: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10441297/Mayo-Clinic-Expert-predicts-CO…[View]
358226308Chinas failure is a marketing failure: Chinas economy has been dependent on Boomers being easily inf…[View]
358226590So how long before Deus Ex is right again and we get the mrna vax antidote for sale?[View]
358222216I recently realized why Russian paid trolls are needed. Their job is not to change anyone's min…[View]
358223395Niggers are evolving: First, monkeys started figuring out how to purchase bananas with fake dollar b…[View]
358226376Are you still shilling for the vaccine?[View]
358213709Is the King James Bible based or cringe? If it's bad, then what's the best Bible version t…[View]
358224186Why are Germanic countries so good and popular?: Everybody wants to live there, meanwhile Slav count…[View]
358222994How far would you let it go until you start to defend the rights of the unvaccinated, /pol/? Is the …[View]
358222962To all Jews, and everyone else viewing this: I have made mistakes, and ask for your forgiveness, alt…[View]
358222406Three more weeks: Ukrainian top general predicts Russian invasion after February 20[View]
358218847Pope Francis says that faggotry is mostly okay: Cucktholics strike again: >Pope Francis said on W…[View]
358221529This the first and only time I’m going to post on this board. I would first start off with how inhu…[View]
358208655/UK/ - Ukraine War general? #0: First steps edition Invasion status: Iminent Time it would take for …[View]
358225244Home of the brave: How does it feel Europoors? You will never own mass amounts of lands and live inn…[View]
358225821I am tire of Niggers are taking our women.: Niggers should not be able to mix with whites. They are …[View]
358223469National Socialist Propaganda Thread:: Post em if you've got them.[View]
358212214Cyber Terrorist: Just so I know how to avoid the forbidden knowledge of hacking/cybersecurity/DDOSin…[View]
358218960SOLAR STORM (HAPPINING): THE SHIT broke the satellite: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/ace-real-t…[View]
358220001HOLY SHIT COVID IS AT SIGMA NOW sigma variant includes >body temp of 38C >headache >coughin…[View]
358223443At this point, I hate normalfags a thousand times more than I hate the oligarchs That was the point …[View]
358219941>it’s illegal to eat according California state law https://youtu.be/-AezHatFCCU LMAO why are Ame…[View]
358223593USA internal affairs: Nearly all of todays internal problems with the United States would be fever d…[View]
358221344So no one gonna talk about this[View]
358209662Putin on a nuclear war: Putin: If Nukes Head Towards Russia We Are Going to Paradise But They Won…[View]
358219163China just developed 6G. Whitoids can't even build 5G without help from Huawei. Lol... https://…[View]
358223671Fuck kikes.: You heard me. Get in here.[View]
358223282So how long before rightwingers are indistinguishable from last years antifa riots? Or do they plan …[View]
358223694WTF IS WRONG WITH CNN?: https://1plus1.video/unian-novosti/2022-god/yanvar-2022-cnn-nazvav-harkiv-ro…[View]
358223523Would he have been antivaxx ?: I'm sure he would, he's not afraid of the jews and that…[View]
358225362America is only 61% white now: 61% White and keeps shrinking. America will become new Brazil next de…[View]
358225185>they’re not coming for your ki- >there is no “slippery slo- They are absolutely going to try …[View]
358221394Fėm-öids: ShouId they be aIIowed on the internet?[View]
358223254KHABROMS GTFO. RUSSIAN WAR IMMINENT?: It's all a huge bait I tell you what guys. Putin is aimin…[View]
358225406APOLOGIZE: WHITE MEN killed this tarbaby. This is your fault. Give more money to programs! https://w…[View]
358223424Russia? Heh, leave that to us…[View]
358224099Anons: I don't feel so good... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17436884/putin-war-toys-ukraine-ro…[View]
358215273Freedom Protest: Any predictions for what's gonna happen this Friday in Ottawa?[View]
358223152State Dept on Russia disinformation: The greatest example of projection ever authored http://web.arc…[View]
358219565When did you outgrow your edgy Nazi phase and admit the good guys won WW II?[View]
358224479greta: What is she up to nowadays? I understand climate change is only a hot topic during the summer…[View]
358225197Crazed Seattle woman attacks kid with water bottle, spits on school bus driver & steals keys: Th…[View]
358223806Whats he thinking right now?[View]
358194814Myocarditis LIES EXPOSED: So most of you have seen by now that myocarditis is MUCH MORE COMMON after…[View]
358216255How do we destroy it?[View]
358221781Apparently even the little care career women have for their children hurts their 'productivity' and …[View]
358217002Did anyone else read these books growing up? What are the political ramifications of reading books w…[View]
358224732They’re running covid shot ads in California with Rick and Morty cartons who speak English with a La…[View]
358222091Jump in pureblood[View]
358215981Legalize it It stops covid No excuses[View]
358224407AMERICA IS FINALLY GOING TO COLLAPSE!: in 2 more weeks trust the plan the storm is coming -Chinese Q…[View]
358189614Be honest. This is very likely how /leftypol/ would do in a second Civil War.[View]
358221598What happened to that guy?[View]
358213378why did Joe fight him so hard, and give him so much shit. did his handlers tell him[View]
358221672do you like level 2 autistic people: I am[View]
358220012Will muslims take over western europe?: Or will we get deported?[View]
358219856The Future of fitnesss: Please tell me this is a joke....please....[View]
358220161FUCK RUSSIA: ITT we laugh at Russia Pic related; poo tin[View]
358207584I'm about half way through Mein Kampf and it's very annoying.: Either Hitler loved to hear…[View]
358223860where amogus?[View]
358215126>be American mother >abandon child in postbox…[View]
358219437jannies don't want you to see this video for some reason https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3yUMIFYB…[View]
358224008Bringing blue state policies to red states: California did this, and look how their real estate mark…[View]
358221725Who was in the wrong here[View]
358217731The East is a shithole & I'm tired of pretending it's not.[View]
358223450Why do shills fear this and its sister show? Was it because any furry fandom invariably goes full na…[View]
358223748This is the territory occupied by Ugrofinns in IX century: How did they lose so hard to Slavs and Vi…[View]
358221376Did memes elect Trump?[View]
358220895There comes a point where the ABC needs to be fully defunded.: And that point has come now, the ABC …[View]
358213247No More Read Meat Chuds: >Bill Gates: Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef. You k…[View]
358221726What went wrong?[View]
358223389I was promised a happening.[View]
358221943> what did New Yorker doc say when he was examining a Nigger who died from myocarditis > Oh Ge…[View]
358223011Fuck this shit. No brother wars!Im not fighting against whites in a war ever.: Were fighting nigger/…[View]
358217255Any hawaiifags feel that ground shaking just now?[View]
358222850HAPPENING: RUSSIA ATTACKS SOON: WGN Radio explains the situation perfectly, with no mistakes. QRD is…[View]
358223342why do asian like torture so much ?[View]
358211301They're talking about you[View]
358220271Why did he hate Germans so much?[View]
358221474Will the convoy actually get rid of the mandates?[View]
358221269Last video uploaded 2 months ago: Shoebros... Is it over...?[View]
358217477Use proper technical language: >wire ties IT'S CALLED A ZIP TIE How do I know this is a fagg…[View]
358211172Cancers are returning and killing people and insurance companies are reporting 40% death rate jumps:…[View]
358222749Alright so basically there is a race war. Who will be genocided first: whites or jews?[View]
358192174Get vaccinated, and get boosted. It’s time.: Just do it you stupid incels. https://twitter.com/Justi…[View]
358221434>>but muh jews are disloyal to their host countries!!!!11!!2211!!!! fuck you goyim, we died an…[View]
358220801REMINDER: Greenland Belongs To Canada: It isn’t up for Debate, Denmark your time has come to return …[View]
358220363You have to live around jews or niggers. You have no other choice. Which one /pol/[View]
358222386Why does the state terrorize its own citizens by targeting individuals?[View]
358222934It's impossible to have a 'balanced' approach to degeneracy and decay.: It doesn't work. F…[View]
358214405Communists burn Australian flags on Australia day: What are the political implications of incidents …[View]
358212593Sexual partner count in men VS women: give me some arguments towards why can men have many partners …[View]
358212398Peak oil: Libs, fujairah fell 800k, it fell 30% in one week.[View]
358219961Defeats /pol/[View]
358222277Happy Easter: I am smiling in the dark and crying.[View]
358221772It's not a big deal, move on.: You should be more concerned about Trump's meanie words…[View]
358222609Remember the good times bros[View]
358222429Muslimrape experience-reports collecting thread: Rape within muslim families are common. >[Vergew…[View]
358221382Calling deep fake experts: Is this video really of NZ horse smoking glass pipe? I can't tell I …[View]
358222127Black Pill Thread: Whenever you buy or sell something, you pay or get paid in cash, credit, cheque, …[View]
358222234What one sin is your country guilty of cont..: >>358202000 Pride no doubt, I know you'll …[View]
358218450How can I be a christian when jesus didn't hate niggers? Jesus knew they existed back then. He …[View]
358220901Why do you have to be a satanist tranny lover: in order to be in power? >obama >bezos >klau…[View]
358200378why are the schizos getting everything right?[View]
358217559shine on you crazy diamond: 5 years a fan and never, EVER, have I seen him like this before. Even Jo…[View]
358209228Kraut/pol - WOLLT IHR DEN TOTALEN KOLLAPS Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >E…[View]
358215387real reason for Ukraine war: the khazarian Ashkenazi have been planning a reverse migration back to …[View]
358220512Russian bases are coming: To Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua[View]
358221006What happened here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR6UeVptzRg[View]
358216277its just that erm well i got my 2 jabs over a year ago now and haha well ive had my booster 5 months…[View]
358209985This man declared war on Great Britian and nobody noticed: Queen Elizabeth is likely getting to the …[View]
358220837Lmao isn't always funny when these 'right wing' Jewish grifters say shit like this implying the…[View]
358220448Reminder that /pol/‘s perception of the Jews is literally nothing more than the externalisation/proj…[View]
358188103Why are the Germans so unanimous about exterminating themselves?: You’d think there would be even th…[View]
358187798What did women mean by this: How something feel good but you simultaneously don’t enjoy it? Isn’t th…[View]
358220687Any proof that Jews stabbed Germany in the back in WW1?[View]
358216342BRITBONGS LET HER IN YOU RACISTS !: ISIS bride Shamima Begum begs Boris to bring her back to Britain…[View]
358220383What are we going to do about landlords?[View]
358221566This man is evil. And a neo-liberal fascist.[View]
358217634I am an EVROPEAN first, English second.[View]
358221192Why did blacks have to teach white people to bathe?: Who brainwashed niggers in to thinking they tau…[View]
358220592What is the difference between a clever nigger and a jew?[View]
358216489Zion is saved.[View]
358218106it's over[View]
358220284How and why do females rape men?: I mean, just imagine. You walk down the street and the female mugg…[View]
358220864UBI will happen 4 sure: sooner or later the world will turn on UBI its a matter of time. will take a…[View]
358211295FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 GENERAL: https://youtu.be/gwIyP9jjVCQ 11 convoys so far all converging on ottawa…[View]
358216042I got owned on Facebook: Help me make a comeback response[View]
358220791Valentines Day Ads have started being shown...shouldn't really be surprised now. https://www.yo…[View]
358209632social experiment virus: is it possible for /pol/ to invent a new variant that will go viral in medi…[View]
358220710Mass Marketing is dead: Thank you faggots for making sales even more impossible. The reatardation of…[View]
358220487German police murdered In Extremo musician during a protest against useless government measures. It…[View]
358220643Honorary aryan: Should we give black christians as honorary white ? Because we're one on jesus …[View]
358219670/pol/ NatSoc Trannies: Most left wingers are fascist. Most right wingers are libertarian. Most of th…[View]
358220273Firmwares updates: the new doses are nothing more than firmware updates of the nanocircuits. https:/…[View]
358219401Are all republicans serial killers?[View]
358213204AMERICANS WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS ?: A group of single, adult, male immigrants were released to the fi…[View]
358217091Mutts and Ruskis read this: You fuckers are going to fuck everything up. Please just accept that: 1-…[View]
358214524I worked for a fortune 100 company planning and building country scale power and water infrastructur…[View]
358220122Balkanbros need to up their game[View]
358195876Does Japan really need more immigrants?[View]
358213239whoever came up with the anti so called 'devide and conquer' is a kike himself because we are suppo…[View]
358215443what would be the political implications of whites fleeing to Australia? Australia is home to 25 mil…[View]
358211642Daily reminder that when VR gets better in a few years no one will want to leave their house or part…[View]
358195458The system seems to be getting very very desparate for wagies Where do we go from here?[View]
358205928Why don't chads care about politics?[View]
358218414where muh stats: leaf ontario: no stats update since January 17 for new cases and deaths case-rate …[View]
358214338Trump got vaccinated, why won't you?[View]
358218475>Of all the segments of the population from which we had hoped to draw new members, the 'conserva…[View]
358152432I'm a Jew and I love Hitler: Technically I'm a Mamzer/Mischling/Halbjude, but my mother is…[View]
358214180General redpill thread: Post studies, infograph, memes and videos that can help redpill normies. …[View]
358219595damn i love feminism[View]
358219006man those ukrainians i swear-.................[View]
358196047Don't forget who you were before you came here[View]
358216543Why can’t Germany help itself but be Russia’s lil bitch?[View]
358214472STRANGE CONTRAILS IN THE NIGHT SKY: I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT just got back from walking th…[View]
358212708Explain to me why we are going to have to get drafted to defend some stupid island in Europe?[View]
358205842Candace Owens says Trump is too retarded to be trusted on vaccines: >Anti-vaxxer Candace Owens sa…[View]
358217102I just h8 the left As far as I can tell everything leftists believe is simply inherently deconstruct…[View]
358219324Sirs.... we finally won...[View]
358211590Safe Haven Sacrifices: Safe Haven boxes are a place where women can drop their babies off 'no questi…[View]
358213173Britain will send troops to defend ukraine: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/britain-will-send-t…[View]
358218209I do not understand the situation in Ukraine. The greatest powers in the world are going to arm the …[View]
358216520Peak oil: You will die in 6mo Pol is the most worthless entitled trans board ever, worse then re dd…[View]
358216904Can the rift between European posters and Amerimutts on the Xi and China question ever be solved?[View]
358212280Records reveal Chinese government performed anal swab COVID-19 tests on US diplomatic officials: Hah…[View]
358219183Lately I’ve been noticing Canadians dislike the political decisions being embraced by their governme…[View]
358217733Ukraine is not a real country.: Imagine if the US government collapsed and Florida declared its inde…[View]
358215691The cake is a lie: Throwback meme[View]
358214271i'm a libtard[View]
358216979Are there any charts or graphs showing the number of pedophile incidents year to year? I'd imag…[View]
358215381Serious question: Why do we need countries except Russia, Germany, Italy and France in Europe?…[View]
358217737Leafbros... did we shift into the good timeline?[View]
358204499>would literally take him 5 minutes to capture Ukraine What is he fucking waiting for?…[View]
358215567What do my fellow spics think of latin criminal gangs in the US? I think they're based.[View]
358196413Cover face, bare ass: if this is the NWO, sign me up keep masks requirement PERMANENT[View]
358218116Over a thousand African BBC migrants have just arrived in Spain: What are the political implications…[View]
3582134592022 ADE, day 26:: What went wrong?[View]
3582171610.0001% of the population is trans, yet this train managed to have 3 kids become trains. Really gets…[View]
358213595CDC MONKEYS SPREADING DISEASE: Why was the cdc transporting 100 of his infected relatives? Is this t…[View]
358211572How do I cope with getting fired in 2 months because I'm not getting the jab?[View]
358215663Us vs Them - Does it still Exist?: If it does then who are we and who are they? Choose sides and don…[View]
358210202Are you subscribed to this?: Why do you still support blatant propogana? Why are you so pathetic? Yo…[View]
358217526Guess who will start a new war this Friday?: Its kinda funny it alway's comes from France Macro…[View]
358218053Sup, /pol/. As I look at picrelated, I won’t figure what’s wrong with it.[View]
358216552Why has Taiwan STILL not been invaded? China looks scared to do it...Winnie the Who?[View]
358212957RIP Brave white americans!: A nord's last thoughts should be of home...[View]
358147507The COVID narrative is collapsing. Here's why.: The following links are extremely important to …[View]
358205445We're going to blockade your convoy, racists: You white trash truckers aren't going to get…[View]
358205220>see people listen to a guitar >cry Totally great guy for you to take advice from…[View]
358218178Patriot Front honeypot FBI operation: Just a reminder that Patriot Front is a government glownigger …[View]
358215263Omicron is made up to cover vaccine inefficiency: The narrative of every single variant coming out i…[View]
358217896Leave Hohols to me.[View]
358207562/pol/, help to debunk prion zombie theory pls: >how to debunk prion zombie theory? >any early …[View]
358214898Get out of the city: Even if it’s just for a night. You are being blasted with waves that make you d…[View]
358176311Did Russia-bros get too cocky?: This is what's waiting for them in Ukraine.[View]
358210065The Sars-2-CoV Furin Cleavage Site - more propaganda is being published now: So, let's round th…[View]
358213554Apple CEO harassed by woman: source: Transmission from Mercury -magazine https://www.mercurynews.com…[View]
358214678Spic Fuentes is going to jail[View]
358210818aus/pol/ - Australia day edition: Remember this guy? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5vni2FO2WU…[View]
358216992Anon wake up.. Wake up..: Vaccines? Jews? Trannies? What even are those?! Anon, you were talking in …[View]
358217832>Russia is le hecking bad because it just is okay?[View]
358214926You anti-vaxxers are such hypocrites!: You say you can't wear a mask when you enter shops, yet …[View]
358206915The draft: As a former zogbot it tickles me to see you guys panicking over the draft. Of course the …[View]
358217489>was set to end on January 31st >extended into June >children haven't gotten enough s…[View]
358213596Mamba out: He died right before the covid hysteria took off. What did he know?[View]
358217615Two of the richest men are developing their space program: Why are they so keen on leaving?[View]
358214942>check out the anti-lockdown protests in belgium on social media >hordes of americans calling …[View]
358214833/pol/cels afraid of this[View]
358207032Christianity is literally the only thing stopping you niggas from taking the mark of the beast right…[View]
358214068Styx, I want you to reply: Post examples of free (but responsible) rebel that https://www.youtube.co…[View]
358211312That site where the dot changes color?: Sorry chan, i need the site where that dot changes color bas…[View]
358213911What are the odds of a false flag in Ottawa associated with the convoy?[View]
358214439Do you know who's Nemao: I know him[View]
358210607If Zoomers are drafted into war with Russia does that mean we will have epic Zoomer twitch streams o…[View]
358215731Good Morning: Israel working to defuse diplomatic crisis between US and Russia. https://www.israelna…[View]
358214200Rest easy big guy Press F to pay respects[View]
358216918what will the next thread created on /pol/ be about /pol/?[View]
358200028It's fucking over.[View]
358216360opinion on niggers who know their place in society?[View]
358214841My supplements are called feelgood™[View]
358211579I lost two years of my fucking life, all my friends and the prospect of actually having a wife to a …[View]
358205756Kharkiv is already russian, according to CNN: Kharkiv is already russian, according to CNN[View]
358202008why do brown people constantly say jews are not white? Do they themselves no that jews are 100 times…[View]
358193155NZG - New Zealand General /pol/: We are ranked top country for financial freedom: https://www.nzhera…[View]
358213953Anyone else feel like they are in a video game and completely detached from reality at this point? …[View]
358213551Why is always when a politician gets sacked its some personal shit like a party or a blowjob, never …[View]
358215848Why should I care about the Ukraine?[View]
358215293Homosexuality: .[View]
358211325Ok since we're getting down into real nigga hours we should probably clear this one up, is hors…[View]
358214045Why are Boomer memes like this, /pol/?[View]
358208243How do we take care of our fagan problem?: The Pop Christianity that keeps getting spammed here bu s…[View]
358214422Yo, rate the 2nd and 4th verses of the Australian National Anthem. >When gallant Cook from Albio…[View]
358202802The British are BASED: They're basically training Ukrainian kurwas into becoming sacrificial fo…[View]
358213324It's funny that a guy fat enough to be exhibited as a nationwide freak show in the 1800s wouldn…[View]
358210470What will he say at the protest?[View]
358213410AMERICANS WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS ?: Northwestern professor, 47, gets 53 years for stabbing his hairdr…[View]
358202822Assuming that dear was just wrong about when it was gonna happen...: Is it gonna happen? Maybe the d…[View]
358215331Non-autistic Ukraine thread: >former OSCE observer in Ukraine (2014-16) >Current clusterfuck s…[View]
358192260THE VACCINATED ARE DYING OFF: Another vaxxie died at work today[View]
358215289>Canadian truck drivers about to throw the country into crisis over Jewdeaux vax mandates >Rus…[View]
358215269NOT HAPPENING!!! NOT HAPPENING !!!: Not happening! Get in here right now! It is definitely not happe…[View]
358211343Hi everyone. I have started posting on this site for the first time the past week and legally I am r…[View]
358214835> WE WUZ GIRLS AND SHEEIT[View]
358180307NatSoc economics. How’s it work.: Can someone explain to me NatSoc economics. The NatSocs didn’t cea…[View]
358214561Dunno what's worse: These cunts,abos,blacks or Jews. Ever demanding not understanding ,we do wh…[View]
358214209Morality needs to be forced onto the masses from the top. All media and education should be state-sa…[View]
358209661>Ukraine operates four nuclear power plants with 15 reactors located in Volhynia and South Ukrain…[View]
358210536The Civil War Has Already Begun: The Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle hasn't had Internet or Ph…[View]
358200586are jews turks or italians? If indeed there italians dose that make them fellowwhite people?[View]
358212521Jannies are over-regulating the board again. Just fuck off, you loser. Yeah, I'm talking to you…[View]
358207464Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #24: QRD: Thousands of truckers are hurtling toward Ottawa on…[View]
358206483Only the White right wing cares about hypocrisy: Every time I see someone here point out some double…[View]
358209045This is your future if you fight for america, join russia today[View]
358205156>Cro-Magnon Man was smarter and generally more capable than we are. So why did he go extinct? Pre…[View]
358214283Why are they backtracking with the covid injection? Is this a trick?[View]
358210374Justin Trudeau is the anti-christ[View]
358214424https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlkzKLdEIiE Fuck this video actually made me tear up... wish we had …[View]
3582144162021 worst year for (((them))): Does this mean normies are waking up? https://www.bbc.com/news/av/st…[View]
358213771Why are Protestants so gay?: “Again, I say to you. Unless ye be vaxxed and waxed..ye shall not enter…[View]
358214223stages of a socialist >I want social democracy realize the wealthy won't allow it and maybe …[View]
358207830Russians in denial[View]
358211175The Montreal STM bus drivers are going to join the trucker convoy!!! The reason? STM union employees…[View]
358214108We white men (beta sissies) must seize the means of reproduction (white bitches) from chads (BBC bul…[View]
358214090>What brand of onions would you recommend?[View]
358210431us/pol/ Pecker Maroo Edition: Remember Pecker Maroo? It was a bunch of mad lads praning the gubbermi…[View]
358213198You ARE stocking up on canned foods right now - right, /pol/? Let's consider some facts: >Fo…[View]
358209648I am going to terraform Mercury AMA: Mercury is actually one of the best if not THE best candidate f…[View]
358211503uh oh chuds, they're onto us: No more hiding your white supremacy behind them smart Asian folk…[View]
358201442> be native child > forced into school > die from TB because 1800s > get buried by the s…[View]
358213050Кaк жe зaeбaли ПИHДOCЫ!: Укpaинa, Poccия.. oднa хyйня. Дaвaйтe cтeнкa нa cтeнкy - ктo кoгo. Пyтин - …[View]
358209457He won.[View]
358177815HAPPENING. Violent protests started in Ukraine: WATCH protesters attempt to storm Ukranian parliamen…[View]
358209584Defund NATO General /DNG/: Why are Americans still funding this cold war relic? Don't you know …[View]
358198349AUSTRALIA HATE THREAD: INVASION DAY EDITION: THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxUoh5zQL…[View]
358204435This man has killed more niggers than the KKK.: Say something nice about the kike who invented ghett…[View]
358213312I chose the road less traveled by[View]
358206269Stefan Molyneux: Give me this guy's most ILLEGAL (in europe) stuff. I want his NASTIEST take on…[View]
358195242Snow White and the Seven...?: What will it be if not dwarves, in the pozzed/woke reboot of this clas…[View]
358210653America was explicitly founded as a white-only nation.: An claims to the contrary are historical rev…[View]
358204548/pol/ humor thread: Post memes frens and non frens[View]
358212735Your children will have to get vaxxed now if they want to play mario: Are you really going to say no…[View]
358202565>2022 >Still caring about capeshit You people need to stop bitching about this shit already p…[View]
358181698Is Putin is trapped?: I think he moved 100k troops to the border to get some leverage, and they gave…[View]
358212829Orthodoxy Thread: >The holy Andrew said: I am a slave of the cross of Christ, and I ought rather …[View]
358203377Russia General: Let's talk pros and cons of Russia. Are they decent or terrible or what. The le…[View]
358211993If the Soviet union had won >Each race would be in their own country >Everyone would earn arou…[View]
358211102Were the Ustaše slandered by Yugoslav communist historians in the post-war era, or did they actually…[View]
358212909>Be a sandnigger >Give everyone around you head injuries >Explode yourself for a specific a…[View]
358212894banning guns doesn't work is there any way to shift the anti-gun momentum? it seems like once t…[View]
358211724>'Was emptying the shelves part of your plan?'[View]
358210021thoughts on the ukraine and russia situation?[View]
358212780We can still win: Gays are cancer edition: We can still win. Homos have overstepped with transgender…[View]
358209712What's a 'scientific fact' /pol/: So I was debating a leftist degenerate about gender roles and…[View]
358210828What other political image board forums are there like /pol/?: Jannies keep deleting all the good th…[View]
358211309Save The Baby: Do you think Bill gates philanthropy can better the world and make it come together t…[View]
358212425Why don't young Americans want to defend their country anymore? Have they really lost faith in …[View]
358208884OH NOOOOO: Heidelberg incel shooter had connections to neonazi party 'third way': picunrel >ethni…[View]
358209835there is no computer chips, what now: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/01/25/semicondu…[View]
358211524Based leaf exposes the stupidity of Canadian government. >refuses to show vaccine pass >shows …[View]
358210122Docu: https://odysee.com/@Videos4Truth:4/Questioning-The-Holocaust---Why-We-Believed:4 Almost finish…[View]
358212187nomadism general /ng/: how do we solve every political problem we face nowadays in one fell swoop? I…[View]
358212483covid is over: and no one is talking about it[View]
358210549Give up Ukraine USfags: It belongs to Putin[View]
3582108481. Russia will not start the war first. 2. These troops are needed only to protect the Crimea and Do…[View]
358206642Furious anti-vaxxers are turned away from Trump Grill in NYC: OH NO NO NO 'Trump is a fraud…[View]
358210982POLL: DO YOU SUPPORT RUSSIA OR UKRAINE IN A HYPOTHETICAL WAR?: Let’s settle this once and for all, w…[View]
358204492This is a 'selfie' from Curiosity. It's been exploring Mars for 3368 sols (~3368 days) now. N…[View]
358206949Anti-Woke Jews: https://youtu.be/YTf4JYfMuoI This is Batya. She's against open borders, hates w…[View]
358195178Has this been debunked yet?[View]
358209838What EXACTLY are the truckers demands?[View]
358194394Omicron I had Omicron; the worst part was a sore throat for a day and half, the cough is light O2 le…[View]
358205611I barely remember what I learned from school.: Today I realized that I didn't learn much in sch…[View]
358209974>We’re all just going through the motions until the shooting starts[View]
358204611Fuck this guy Always rapping about his mom his music was never good, only was half way good when he…[View]
358209006you guys are so boring, and yet I can't stop scrolling.[View]
358206768Fuck Truckers[View]
358206184Hey Goys, Safari plays webms now!: Come to 4chinz and use Safari! Check out this link to Asian booba…[View]
358211181I ate a whole bunch of necco wafers and now I don't feel so good bros.[View]
358211268What if red states started implementing demographic controls allowing people to move in and out acco…[View]
358211439Jews are Lice. They cause typhus.: During a typhus pandemic, the Nazis ordered everyone to be delous…[View]
358195056NANCY PELOSI: is running for a re-election. Thank you. The only person who can save America ! House …[View]
358179294Everyone gets covid treatment but you whitey.: Ya hear me whitey! https://twitter.com/_evelynrae/sta…[View]
358206195*bbzzztt* Anyone here alive?[View]
358209459It seems for pretty much all mainline political beliefs (Obviously not all but you get the point) po…[View]
358203881HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY - From India: Live stream of Republic Day parade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
358206552Remember vaxxies, you always had a heart condition, it was just undiagnosed that's all.[View]
358201121Putin won't attack Finland and actually protects Finns and even the phakkot swedes just because…[View]
358209983how does /pol/ always manage to this? it blows my mind[View]
358206956>make a thread about inflation >Deleted >make a thread about labor shortage >Deleted …[View]
358210503You're Not Gonna Let The Woman Fight The Man's War... Right /Pol/: Why haven't you vo…[View]
358208948Hey anons, I have contracted covid yesterday, post studies that show which drugs to tak: Hey anons, …[View]
358210780The Jews have orchestrated another white on white war: You Ukies still want what they are offering y…[View]
358210658reminder that kikes worship satan: indisputable fact that faggots like >>358209461 cannot unde…[View]
358197511Plebbit is raiding 4chan: Many of you may have noticed a rise in incredibly deranged leftists postin…[View]
358208501Game that predicted Ukraine - Empire Earth: In Russian campaign, mission 2 in 2035 fascist Novaya Ru…[View]
358209257I got banned for shit posting about Howard Stern: How Poetic! >the power of Pfizer's Graft e…[View]
358208042Jews 101: Is this image accurate? I haven't been in a synagogue since I was a kid, but glancing…[View]
358210090No Fap - For Women?: What are the benefits and political ramifications of orgasm denial and No Fap f…[View]
358208270USA = THE MOST FUCKING BASED COUNTRY EVER: Be EU. Have cheap gas from Russia. Build new Nord Stream …[View]
358210330Ukraine postponed (probably): Russia started deploying anti-ballistic missile defences on Ukraine’s …[View]
358209104ANY ADVICE USA ANONS?: [Political][View]
358198928Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Australia doesn't need a national identity: Woosh, the mas…[View]
358210045SOLAR STORM: THE SHIT broke the satellite: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/ace-real-time-solar-wi…[View]
358209956How can there be such a huge gap in intellectual accomplishments between two such closely related pe…[View]
358174402Why are these cucks afraid of a plant?: Is this because of money or just a matter of control?[View]
358209929/POL/ HUMOR THREAD?: /POL/ HUMOR THREAD! OC edition! xDD=[View]
358209765Albania: Will a greater Albania happen?[View]
358205460Why didn't Trump fire Fauci?: What was the real reason he kept him around? Was it yet another e…[View]
358202929Have you personally seen folks around you go full redpill??: I went to school with a girl who I alwa…[View]
358209751dudes, mom bought the good shit..[View]
358209725This is Whats the Future liberals want[View]
358206571Canada housing market: leaf bros is it a bad idea to get into the housing market right now? My paren…[View]
358204841Jackson County declines charges against Grandview officers who shot teen: GRANDVIEW, Mo. — The Grand…[View]
358209534Where do Human Rights come from?: Human Rights in the current era come from nothing. If you look up …[View]
358209375American Bedtime Thread: Goodnight sirs.[View]
358206308This is an actual, honest government created “meme.”: There is no way an individual made this. This …[View]
358200392Russiasisters we got this.[View]
358205514Well boys, looks like we're winning.[View]
358184967Tip Your Uber Drivers, CheapFucks: UberEats Driver Here, If you don't tip your UberEats driver,…[View]
358194471White women and Black men, why are you like this?: Why are black men and whtie women so dysfunctiona…[View]
358209204>Shalom goyim, have I got a deal for you! For only 50 sheckels and a box of matzo balls your bibl…[View]
358206891What will he do if China takes Taiwan at the same time?[View]
358202002Ctrl+F humor: No humor thread ay? Lets fix that, post 'Em boys.[View]
358192778Whites are completely and utterly conquered: You pathetic white males will do nothing as your countr…[View]
358207701>/pol/ gets Trump elected >Trump hires Steve Mnuchin as his Treasury Secretary >Mnuchin han…[View]
358209067Umm why did he do this?[View]
358208908How dare you call us non-white?[View]
358208998God damn it feels good to be a White king[View]
358208323Germany: Muslim ‘refugee’ douses three female government workers with gasoline: the fuck, krautbros?…[View]
358208829Hyperinflation: We discuss Hyperinflation and ways to not get affected by it.[View]
358198918Society is collapsing[View]
358208313Test: Test[View]
358208706radical left sisters...[View]
358196519Aus/pol/ - Happy Australia Day To All Whites: If you're not an Anglo Aussie you are worthless…[View]
358202299Moscow children are refused in hospitalization unless it's COVID: Moscow hospitals suspends acc…[View]
358193363What are some redpilled books[View]
358208640Human History by /pol/: Let's write history book with actual /pol/ interpretation of events. 14…[View]
358208603Dios mio...: La pensa por la tipografía, las invención de los Maligno...[View]
358163125Hermain Cain Award: How the fuck did redditors get brutal? They have an entire subreddit devoted tow…[View]
358206971Alright, it took me a while but I cleaned my room, got a job and started exercising. What am I supp…[View]
358206798>Red Dear is now Black Shark[View]
358208080if ur a neet u might not understand the gravity of the situation but in the real world about 40% of …[View]
358205933demons man[View]
358208228and be specific (i.e. no generalizations like 'jooos'!/'joggers'!) https://yout…[View]
358188902The biggest philosophical problem with transgenderism is that they commit to gender essentialism wit…[View]
358190961As a half Persian half white, ill tell u why im a nazi: My faggot persian dad said i reminded him mo…[View]
358208307Can anyone create pseudocode for the woke concepts of transgenderism gender and sex without some cra…[View]
358207748Hey little buddy, it's all gonna be okay. Just put on the helmet, son. You don't have to r…[View]
358206478Redpill me on Zoroaster. The ancient Greeks believed he lived during the neolithic era (6000 b.c.). …[View]
358208044Whats his endgame? How long can he stay in power?[View]
358204443Uhh nazi-bros... Wikipedia says we are wrong?: I don't know what to think anymore, maybe I was …[View]
358200006this picture alone proves that shittalians and MID people arent white but rather swarthy niggers[View]
358193382renting in vancouver is fucked: >be me >about to be homeless in vancouver >try to find plac…[View]
358202823Who actually owns and operates this board?: And what is the purpose of all the targeted AI big date …[View]
358206173Human subjects research is illegal , so is torture by remote capabilities: I AM: Being harassed by s…[View]
358202141Christianity final form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=devaOBl21cA[View]
358207718Germany new school shooting capitol?: Guess America is on its way to losing it's top spot. Some…[View]
3582080644chan's /pol/ is now my property: Fuck the spook[View]
35819875045th and 47th President: Trump will win 2024. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/148620837552011…[View]
358189595The Draft: You pussies ready? I cant wait. Ive done my time. Gonna love taking care of your girl fo…[View]
358187017Why haven't we gone back to the moon?[View]
358204526give our spic brothers your energy: free them[View]
358188743I hate literally all nonwhites. Yes, even the 'good ones'. Why is that? Because they are an enemy tr…[View]
358205178Daily Reminder: Hey /pol/, just wanted to let you know: I AM WOMAN, WÒOO WOOOO WOOOOOOOMANNNN[View]
358190676Tylenol & Autism & Trans Epidemic: Tylenol has always caused eating disorders, ADHD, & t…[View]
358206758NOTHING TO SEE HERE: .[View]
358207390Found a fake news photo from the 1960s…: >Jewish lady in black face >black girls have dressed …[View]
358184104boxxy is our history of the downfall of women: >quirky stupid retard that acts cute as a teenager…[View]
358202472Peak oil: You will all die in 6mo Fujairah data tomorrow[View]
358194845What's this guy's deal? Is he actually peddling skepticism in earnest or just trying to st…[View]
358197247Would America Support a Nigger Holocaust?[View]
358203969National Socialist Homesteading Community: It is clear we are not just going to simply overthrow the…[View]
358204202I hate literally all ((white Americans)). Yes, even the 'good ones'. Why is that? Because they are a…[View]
358198095Uwe Boll: Uwe Boll German film maker. Made a holocaust movie where he himself played the guard who …[View]
358200015Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #23: QRD: Thousands of trucks are headed to Ottawa on three d…[View]
358197177again!: all in shelter![View]
358203083Is there any doctor here?: I want to know if I have herpes pls frens I avoided fucking niggers all m…[View]
358201481Why aren't any GOP politicians openly pushing for white nationalist policies when half the coun…[View]
358203054Is she the (((ANTI-CHRIST))) /POL/????: For real!![View]
358181356WAKE THE FUCK UP MAGA DONALd TRUMP HAS RAPED KIDS: He signed into law 5g He shilled vaccines Our chi…[View]
358206543The British PM was a Conspiracy Theoryist QAnoner[View]
358203536For me it's flat-chested European girls[View]
358181917Why are the jews pushing NFTs so hard? What's their endgame?[View]
358206475I 'understand' niggers: Not the violent behavior and low Iq but i understand the 'thug' culture. The…[View]
358206259You have to go back!: It started Jan 21, 2022 a accident inPennsylvania the infected monkey released…[View]
358205838goyim lives don't matter.[View]
358200987Trucker Rally Truth: Canada can't just fire the truckers, because then the left would blame the…[View]
358182004China passes new guidelines censoring sexy videogame characters: OH NONOONONONONN Chinks confirmed m…[View]
358200738when did music get jewed[View]
358187876White Californians are literally being genocided. Im a spic watching it happen in real time. I remem…[View]
358205848politically speaking, what does it mean when there is a triple bottom forming for us bonds, the us e…[View]
358204769Who has the video of Joe Biden saying the Jews control Hollywood?[View]
358189644One of the biggest voices against the COVID narrative is a kike: How does /pol/ process this?[View]
358196970Do You Hear That?: Tick Tock Drumpfies[View]
358205443please invade Australia[View]
358166602aus/pol/ - Good old Ned Bread: Gidday Cunts, How is your Straya Day? Remember who the enemy is whil…[View]
358175956Zoomer girls on tiktok talking about period abnormalities: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdhkhQSE/ 1.3 mil…[View]
358198293we all know about the moon: viewing the moon as a cosmic inanimate object i’m forced to say fuck you…[View]
358204291He'll do nothing, right?: As thing stand now, I think he will not make the first move. He'…[View]
358204692What are this bitches biggest assets?[View]
358204226Imagine wasting your time/dying/seething over abstract concepts like the white race, nationalism and…[View]
358187120On a serious note: Could America actually win a war against Russia or China nowadays?[View]
358198368is this accurate?[View]
358202259No military response in Ukraine: I will not fight so the White race can be genocided I will not figh…[View]
358201480Are a lot of leftwing Hollywood celebs secretly unvaxxed?: And does that explain the glut of recent …[View]
3581558492nd NYPD officer who was ambushed has died: Officer Mora has died of his injuries after fighting for…[View]
358193587Why does communism always end up absolutely failed, turned into capitalism (China or Cuba) or goes f…[View]
358196205Why racism?: Alright, I have heard about the whole 'niggers do more crime', and 'niggers have lower …[View]
358204534New Meme: Instead of the all lives matter, it’s all cocks matter.[View]
358198136Guy, seriously how the fuck do I get through to NPCs about the vaccines? It's like talking to a…[View]
358205135The time is now to openly push for white nationalist policies anytime CRT is being discussed or risk…[View]
358204736krauts why?[View]
358204161What's the real purpose of this 'telescope'?: Contracted by Northrop Grumman, a compa…[View]
358201888The Biden FDA discounted the monoclonal antibody treatments for literally no reason except to punish…[View]
358202000Which of the seven sins best exemplifies your country?: Try to settle on just one of the following: …[View]
358205154Oh boy , they're wrecking Europe and expect White's to apologize? Its ok to be white , bla…[View]
358181106SKYKING GENERAL /sk/ You Are Now Free To Move About The Thread edition: Wide-band Web Receiver >h…[View]
358205132You motherfuckers lost the plot on me: >>be me >>see concept that vampiric neanderthal j…[View]
358199843Canada Trucker Rally False Flag Psyop: Canada can't fire the truckers, because then the left wo…[View]
358203631All Chinese people should leave western countries. I say this as a Chinese person. It would be win-w…[View]
358198746What's your answer to this moral dilemma[View]
358200725Has anyone here ever hovered their hand half an inch above a fresh young girl's clean white cot…[View]
358184142/pol/ approved actors[View]
358171275Enlighten me on South korea: Tell me about South Korea, are the people like they are portrayed in k-…[View]
358178530When the civil wars start better watch your back /pol/[View]
358202984Redpill Thread: Give me your best redpills, frens[View]
358199276Evolution is false: Do you really believe evolution is real? https://youtube.com/watch?v=1_IoCUNo7F…[View]
358197807Can we start the fucking revolution already? Everyone knows nothing will get better at this point. N…[View]
358203545The earth is flat[View]
358202461Chinese here. I consider myself white. If you don’t agree, kill yourself. I’m white.[View]
358202261Hitler was a useful idiot.: https://altcensored.com/watch?v=JnL1DUz3U9c https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
358187294After F-35 here is another American piece of junk. lmao: Doubts over whether newest US aircraft carr…[View]
358199107How do we save America?[View]
358199992I AM Anne Frank....we are ALL Anne Frank[View]
358202716How do you call a bootlicker that is a bottom for priests instead of cops?[View]
358200537100% confirmed happening: 3 recon aircraft circling crimea: Can't believe yall sleeping on this…[View]
358192346I go out on dates with Aussie women but we never clique, the vibe is all off. I have no problems dat…[View]
358187490Actually not a bad idea to dodge the draft[View]
358202431i'm a colonel in battlefield: i want you fucking dead.[View]
358199848can someone give me a rundown of what exactly happened and is happening with ukraine-russia right no…[View]
358203435Why are there so much more shills than normal: Are they afraid?[View]
358202794you will never be a colonel[View]
358178763scary shit: Ukrainian politician caught acting very weird. Is there any rational explanation? Ukrain…[View]
358198337Are these people white?[View]
358178903Even Ukraine is blaming Biden lmfao: How did mutts manage to be so cringe with their hrt addled neoc…[View]
358203077I'm cold[View]
358181036Florida Sen. Lauren Book Nudes leaked: Someone leaked the photos and vid of this Jewess sucking and …[View]
358203575Democrat admits to murdering associate.: Why are democrats such murderous psychopaths?[View]
358161910Can you feel it bros? They're scared..... haha hahahah HAHAHAHAHAH[View]
358152138Father of three refused heart transplant for not getting vaxxed against COVID: https://nypost.com/20…[View]
358186997DHS warn 'Right-wing extremists' may attack power & electrical grids: WASHINGTON DC --…[View]
358203136>roll on trucker >#Mandate freedom #TruKluxKlan *gets arrested and imprisoned for life for t…[View]
358200837Poor White Immigrants Find New Land Only To Be Rejected By Violent Blacks: https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
358186728Aussie bro's what is this? I assume it's some woke anti-white bullshit.[View]
358191714France bans conversion therapy: > 'There is nothing to cure': Senators back ban on LGBT…[View]
358176743Jerome Powell is about to announce rate hikes tomorrow. Why isn't /pol/ more concerned about th…[View]
358199053Logo of NATO-Russia Council: When was this chosen as a logo and who invented it? What do the stars s…[View]
358201399Where will they strike first?[View]
358203053Well looks like /pol/ is BTFO again,[View]
358201798They are enemies: Because Israel and Zionists said so /pol/ can’t be this cucked[View]
358201690WHOS READY TO RAAAKE!!! Heading to the canadian border to join the leafs: I’m ready bros don’t forge…[View]
358202307the 21st century is the age when those of the hunter gatherers genome perish. And by that I mean whi…[View]
358197954Will America ever have an Italian president?[View]
358198874Enlighten me on the ukraine crisis: What would start this war? A missile? Harsher words? Biden not g…[View]
358196486The US is literally 40 years ahead in military tech. How does the truth feel? Does it hurt?[View]
358198182/pol/ expeditionary force thread: Any news on the New Swabia /pol/ expedition?[View]
358200365>>You went out drinking I prepared for civil war >>You spread your legs for pleasure I p…[View]
358202641Winners: You have survived the greatest psyop in human history. Every single anti-vaxxer deserves a …[View]
358199327I’m really happy with the way things are going actually. >I’ve had some interesting thoughts abo…[View]
358202333Look at the size of the convoy!!!: I took this picture on my way home from work, and I counted 6 mil…[View]
358201992/America/ - General Thread: Help rake the leaf govt edition: It’s happening bros we must band togeth…[View]
358202460African brain drain and its consequences for Africa.: >be me, engineering student >get to volu…[View]
358201746Rates are going up tomorrow? I need to sit down.[View]
358192687/pol/ humor thread[View]
358199882Clown World Thread[View]
358202206le anti work face[View]
358198395Sooo we're pulling for Russia, right?[View]
358197798This entire story glows like shit: >Boxes are apparently transporting live cargo (monkeys) but no…[View]
358199989Alright lads I’m logged in to the battle station: Give me a run down on current world event. I’m gon…[View]
358201612The Yellow Apes have a stranglehold on this earth. Is there a wisp of hope left for humanity? Who ca…[View]
358186959'Anti-vax' Died: Peak clown world https://archive.fo/Sk4SG 'Anti-vax' He literally got the vaccine a…[View]
358200836Wisconsin votes for decertification.: Video of the Wisconsin Assembly vote on bill to Withdraw Its 1…[View]
358200129This game has never been more relevant: If you didn't know the plot, pharmacorporations created…[View]
358181089how did toyota BTFO the big 3 so hard?[View]
358200344>No jab >No job >No worries…[View]
358182392Capitalism is collapsing[View]
358201008>tfw no gf What are the political implications?[View]
358201220What went wrong?[View]
358194143FUCK YOU bri'ish thread: Jannies deleted active comfy bri'ish food thread where we were di…[View]
358200820Reminder that my country is richer and stronger than your country and likely dictates or has major i…[View]
358191315Ottawa is fucked[View]
358194109Analysis of VAERS citation from Wikipedia: This data is literally restricted completely to December …[View]
358199002BIDETS AMERICA: WOODEN BOXES, TONE https://mynorthwest.com/3323419/homes-in-magnolia-area-without-i…[View]
358199649Groypers: Are you srsly?: How are you loyal to this? How do you put this 'first'? I unsarcastically …[View]
358182379africa is shithol-: > but but but !!!!!!! niggers contributed 50 gorillion percent of crime in th…[View]
358199379Dingos, Redpill Me on Hillsong?: Hey there dingos, how are things tomorrow? You should tell me what …[View]
358200747>HURRR YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE ME God I hate this planet. This flat-faced ratperson form sucks. …[View]
358186004Why are Ashkenazic genetic origins so vague? What’s the coverup here? Where’s the lie? Are they jews…[View]
358196249what do we do about the degree problem?: in the past you didnt need a degree to become an engineer o…[View]
358176270Self Improvement General /SIG/: Welcome to /SIG/, a classic staple not only of /pol/, but all of 4ch…[View]
358200518They wear boots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXqMkqeFQwA[View]
358166111SENTENCED for 1/6: Dear Patriots, Yesterday was very hard. I was sentenced, finally, in my lega…[View]
358194223> at least free speech is alive in Japan[View]
358195304What does /pol/ think: >High school athlete 15 years later >Drank roughly .750 ml of black vel…[View]
358199009White basketball players chant 'racist' chant at lone black player: ORANGE COUNTY, CA --- …[View]
358197664Old Politicians Have Nothing to Lose: When it happens, you won't feel or hear a thing. it will …[View]
358185759HAPPENING - BREAKING NEWS: GOD has declared THE DONALD TRUMP president of EARTH https://deadstate.or…[View]
358155675THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO FASCISTS: When the workers revolution happens, should the fascists or th…[View]
358194157Why is it crashing so much ?[View]
358183475Legalize it It stops covid No excuses[View]
358197396UK bans hymen surgery: Roasties? how do we cope? Virginity testing by the hymen is not accurate so i…[View]
358195453Hey so about that whole 'wisconsin recalls their electoral votes' thing...[View]
358198335What are the political implications of the Paranormies surpassing TRS in telegram followers? Mike En…[View]
358159941...bu...bu..but progressives make up all of the STEM graduates: https://www.machinedesign.com/news/a…[View]
358181790Communism Is Perfect.: I love how not even a single person on this board can even provide one genuin…[View]
358199080>yfw you will never be able to have drink and shoot the shit with Mogie Crocker.…[View]
358199057Go ahead.: Say something funny.[View]
358199617Today on when Karens attack: https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1485694028620316673[View]
358199435Does Antifa do anything anymore?[View]
358193260Canadian Freedom Convoy General /CFCG/ #22: Formerly Trucker Convoy Megathread QRD: >500,000+ peo…[View]
358198005How do we have a labor shortage when pre-WW2 most women didn't even work full time?[View]
358198294if the americans invaded us again and turned us into a state would we end up like puerto rico or wil…[View]
358198920Michael Rapaport /ourguy/ now? https://nypost.com/2022/01/25/michael-rapaport-films-alleged-shoplift…[View]
358168694China drinks sewer water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGN4TiZsP-0 I mean, I knew China was disgu…[View]
358180720Do you think some races are predisposed to simpler language syntax? Why else are blacks unable to a…[View]
358197543Do you regret ever being associated with conspiratard MAGAmorons?[View]
358190745In one sentence, sum up the general 'will' of the American nation.[View]
3581892751 year in and its already over: >lower approval rating than Trump even with inflated polls >Di…[View]
358188059Why is Canada so much more liberal and cucked than America, when its way more white?[View]
358197581Wow, no wonder Russia wants Ukraine so bad. Russia is 40% ugly turks, Chechens, Albanians, Indians a…[View]
358193959Is Amazon Prime the new evil?: They will block you if you literally quote Tolkien “Evil cannot creat…[View]
358181383This is the face of r/antiwork: Look familiar?[View]
358194327What wins, the Russian Su-57 or the American Moscovium UAP?[View]
358197840History is fake: It cannot be trusted. What can we trust? Even dinosaurs seem fake. It's writte…[View]
358179138Tell me about your day on 9/11/2001: Good evening /pol/, I'll start. >I was ten years old a…[View]
358195482Black gymnasts bully white girl for singing rap lyrics: >According to team sources, the conflict …[View]
358198560>ITZ DA JOOS >DA JOOOOOOSSS!!!! yes goy, it is the jews so what? what you gonna do goyim? noth…[View]
358196664I really like how the left equaled the word 'anti vaxxer' to 'racist' in a few short months. I also …[View]
358191089Get the vaccine or DIE: You made a poor lifestyle choice and will suffer the consequence if you ever…[View]
358188990Test: delet[View]
358192869STRIKE & MIKE Episode 198: Imperiale-ism discussion thread: STRIKE & MIKE Episode 198: Imper…[View]
358195389Is it just me or is it really funny to see how 'shocked and horrified' normies are by racism? Maybe …[View]
358197310Claus Mouse 2024: Who are you voting for? Please take this hypothetical deathly serious[View]
358192856New slogan needed to fight vaxtard mentality: This is the first time (I know of) in history where th…[View]
358196720Fashion is cancer: Fashion culture is one of the many banes of modern society. Intelligent, well adj…[View]
358196982Why dont asians just get jobs and stop complaining like they tell black people to do?: Changs clog u…[View]
358198016Open a new tab, go to rainymood.com, get yourself your favorite adult beverage and light up a cigar.…[View]
358138256Only 40% of zoomers even know what the Holocaust is.: And only half of those believe it was real. Wh…[View]
358181783>Americans will defend this[View]
358195038Monkey Escape General #6 It's Real Edition: The devs got bored and starting running the storyli…[View]
358170994>Villains motives are difficult to find fault in and arguably better than the heroes.…[View]
358195998Antiwhite Spic: Antiwhite Spic-American bragging about California whites becoming extinct. http://bo…[View]
358197810CHUD ROGAN DEBUNKED: CHUD ROGAN DEBUNKED https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/covid-mi…[View]
358195225Hate America all you want, just remember that when we fall, the entire world is coming down with us.…[View]
358197083WORLD RECORD CONVOY: The Canadian Freedom convoy will be the longest in world history. It hasn'…[View]
358194169Sis what’s going on?: It appears there’s an infiltration habbening. >Last couple days Russia/Ukra…[View]
358198088The political implications of submissive conversations Sad to see Matthew McConaughey cuck like thi…[View]
358197859Russians VS Ukraine: Why you niggas hate eachother, you're going to end up dragging the USA int…[View]
358195524>What do you mean you haven't consumed the latest product from pfizer…[View]
358194280So brave[View]
358191844Hello /adv/ i have a problem My Ashkenazi fiancee is pregnant and it's coercing me to name our …[View]
358196455BIRD BROS REPORT IN: Thank you father ohm and mother azna for destroying every single energy weapon …[View]
358194835Give me the inside scoop ablut whats happening here, anons. Happening imminent, or NWO overexaggerat…[View]
358196357Whitepill thread: Give me some whitepills bros[View]
358185982Not going to say much about this video. Just watch it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/x6wE4l77EYXh/…[View]
358190987Biden is risking WW3 over this Russian land on the other side of the globe. Why?[View]
358193991the best way to prep food is to store THE MOST DISGUSTING food imaginable[View]
358197459ITS NOT THE MONKEY: https://www.klkntv.com/potentially-deadly-rumors-suggest-covid-vaccines-contain-…[View]
358194593who would win?[View]
358166463why should i even pay federal taxes? my govt refuses to stop an invasion into the country, which is …[View]
358176116Assuming China invades Taiwan at the same time Russia invades the Ukraine how fucked are we? Like we…[View]
358194999Why is MLK Blvd always in the shittiest part of town?[View]
358197005amon is the true name of satan >T.glow nigger[View]
358196844GALACTICS AND BLUE AVIANS PLEASE END THIS GENOCIDE: Galactic and bird bros report in Thank you fathe…[View]
358172698ITT we laugh at kikes, freemasons, glowies, tech fags, and their shabbos goys. The great reset faile…[View]
358194520How can we make men not to be afraid of women?[View]
358193061ITS OVER VAXXSISTERS WEVE BEEN DEBOONKED: 4chan anons have used math, and found that the numbers of …[View]
358197052Where's the punch line? It's not even funny, just a wall of text. Also, soulless corporate…[View]
358186123Well, is this a smart strategy /pol/?[View]
358191411Hey libs, If you don't like the Trucker strike why don't you start your own Trucking busin…[View]
358195984opinion thread: would you risk your life for the contingent 'our the proxy war' in ukraine?[View]
358195362I don't get it /pol/: At this point, 2 years in and with vaccines available everywhere, I don…[View]
358196535general reminder that /pol/ is not an adequate tool for understanding reality, and that there's…[View]
358196214War in Europe war in europe war in europe war in europe[View]
358193099Are there any parallels between WW1-2 and now?: I'm more knowledgeable about WW1 but not much a…[View]
3581943531 million tonnes of military stuff: Russia is expected to bring in 200 train car compositions toward…[View]
358189548MY LAST POST: The Aryans were the cattle caring Carelians from Karjala, Finland. THE WHOLE '''''''CO…[View]
358196399European bros, I would like to know more about Man and Wolf: It seems Native Americans get most asso…[View]
358190995>Russian and Syrian planes patrol the Golan Heights • Dr. Ofer Israeli estimates: this is due to …[View]
358192816if the election was actually illegal and stolen why hasnt anyone started an actual resistance yet? t…[View]
358196094I want to go to the protest at Ottawa this Friday and livestream the revolution but I dont have any …[View]
358187056Michelle Fallon: Retard or Opportunist?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10438357/Truck-cra…[View]
358194610What do you know about me, newfags? Tell me who you voted for before you answer. 3@Lrm[View]
358192699The US government is intentionally causing hyperinflation: and no one cares[View]
358195055The Jews who made this movie where rubbing the skin off their hands while they filmed this scene. h…[View]
358191734Ironic threads aren’t working anymore: Haven’t you noticed? That can only mean one thing: the collec…[View]
358187723The father,[View]
358195679Guys, did you know that this evil communist government would definitely not try to come up with a we…[View]
358191594Brit/pol/ 10/10 in bongland edition: >Russia is considering 'nuclear armageddon' as one option fo…[View]
358193782White supremacists don’t actually exist. You’re all just psyop bots made by the Disney corporation t…[View]
358193867Keep calling them diversity hires...because that's exactly what they are lol[View]
358195376I thought this old senile pedophile was writing up orders? Now he pussed out?: Wow that must have be…[View]
358191994TFW you join a “patriotic extremist group” just to dodge the draft[View]
358194403Why do people keep asking questions that could be answered by a quick Google search here?[View]
358194971americans are a disease[View]
358191284Theyre gonna have 10 million dollars by the end of the week Trudeau is shitting his pants hahahah lo…[View]
358194794Niggers: Yucky[View]
358193762Is it worth being a wagie? or should I keep NEETing for at least 3 more years[View]
358193427I am a woman: My name is Tracy and I and tired of you bigots misgendering me every single day, you n…[View]
358192638ITS OVER CHUDBROS WEVE BEEN DEBOONKED: Reddit has used math, and found that the numbers of the convo…[View]
358188887Why are Modern Day White Spaniards so Based ? https://www.instagram.com/p/CZKjg4Fu8Is/?utm_medium=s…[View]
358190588What if the Jews knew we would see them: So they sent their nigger shills like Jordan Peterson and E…[View]
358190107Why can’t they swim[View]
358191108How did they fake this in 1945?!: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x21dfgb[View]
358194361You ready ?: Kikes going full Half Life 1 Time is up, Mr. Freeman https://youtu.be/4c-R_KBuZ2A?lis…[View]
358187522He has a point.: >*antivaxxer being eaten alive* >'ITS OK I HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY NOW'…[View]
358193016Petrol Price What will Russia & NATO: War do to the Price of petrol shit is already so expensive…[View]
358192445It was at that moment that the leaf realized that home wasn't home anymore.[View]
358174566bunkerbros....: we got too cocky[View]
358194035>tiny gene pool It didn’t take long for brits to become inbred. They probably started inbreeding …[View]
358193643When's AF Pac and what do we think the political implications of it will be?[View]
358190295Everytime I come back here my mood is ruined: how do I escape this PSYOP operation run by federal ag…[View]
358187308Wagie hate thread[View]
358164359Why do the Chinese hate Christianity so much? I think they're behind the church burnings in Can…[View]
358193824KNEEL BIGOTS: Your queen is here[View]
358193169https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd0Vo7dPSYk >QRD: 500,000+ people, 50,000+ trucks, headed to otta…[View]
358191842I want to talk about racial IQ, but not in the way people normally do here: I want to put it in term…[View]
358169978>Russia wants to invade Ukraine with THIS how can you defend literally flying propeller powered 1…[View]
358189812Do you think I can make a profit running a website that hosts death footage? Will I make enough mone…[View]
358154998why are so many catholic priests pedophiles and kid diddlers?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kB6f…[View]
358191536Serbia: How is Serbia still a main contender in the balkans? In the last century they’ve been fuckin…[View]
358187696Ukraine: Why the fuck should I give a shit about what happens here? Seriously, convince me why it ma…[View]
358191099I hate children.: They are so useless. So annoying. So stupid. So messy. So untidy. So unthinking. S…[View]
358186033Which asian country wont exist in 50 years?: For me it'll be the Philippines. They have always …[View]
358191725'Stupid son of a bitch': You're all a bunch of stupid sons of bitches. We won. Blue won. Our s…[View]
358192825Masks and oxytocin deficiency: We're living in an era of extreme oxytocin deficiency caused by …[View]
358191986Who is the Anti-Christ?[View]
358188475If you go bankrupt you're allowed to not pay your employees. If you go bankrupt you still have …[View]
358193170CHINA HEADING FOR MAJOR ECONOMIC CRASH!: That's what happens when you don't use the free m…[View]
358173198Why do conservatives still subscribe to biological essentialism? (the notion that a man is a man and…[View]
358190719Tuva: What happens here? What are the natives like? I've heard that they're a lot more agg…[View]
35818855799 niggers: You and me In a little toy shop Robbed by niggers For the money we got[View]
358193060Motorcycle dominance: Are motorcycles only designed for Aryans to operate? The sub-races seem to get…[View]
358192254Redpill me on blacks. Iq, black accomplishments, black genetics. the origins of the black nations.[View]
358190926FUCK LOLICON AND FUCK LOLI LOVERS: https://m.twitch.tv/letwei8988 I don't know what to do hones…[View]
358185366The Church is currently liquidating land that it’s been sitting on for decades: Without getting too …[View]
358182312Lovecraft hated shitskins: How do leftists cope that the great science fiction and horror author was…[View]
358192809>You say, OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? Bill Gates is an expert in …[View]
358183320Trucker Convoy Megathread #21: >QRD: 500,000+ people, 50,000+ trucks, headed to ottawa from 3 dif…[View]
358188986Fixed the Equity Cartoon from Earlier: Pretty accurate. The kid on the right is too fucking stupid t…[View]
358188474Woke Bluepill resources: I realized I've been so far removed from 'left, SJW, bluepill, feminis…[View]
358192296So if we could create artificial wombs and be rid of women I still wanna know how we would deal with…[View]
358189932Did we shift into the good timeline?: It unironically feels like the tides are turning[View]
358187097Why is it wrong to murder criminals? If they don't want to die they should just not be bad peop…[View]
358192585Amerimutt Christian Judea values.: Israel is the only pro dog state in the middle east. The nation o…[View]
358190884You can easily tell if someone is a paid shill by the way they type: They always sound the same. Are…[View]
358180178Was the whole point of the COVID19 epidemic just to demonstrate to the world that vaccines don'…[View]
358192219Can any anons decipher this? the capitalization all over the place tells me its gotta be a cyper or …[View]
358191640Justin Trudeau and his Decepticon shills live on borrowed time. Our victory is assured.[View]
358191944'I really don't like them.': Who are them?[View]
358191470Kid Rock is #14 trending in music: Will they shut it down? We the people in all we do Reserve the ri…[View]
358183448About to go to war: Feeling confident, Biden eats ice cream.[View]
358191793How much longer until it actually happens?[View]
358184561VWOOOOOOOOM - TWAAAANG - ZAAAP!: >You are now transported back into your childhood room, it was a…[View]
358192203Hey /pol/ is Joe Rogan the Secretary of State?: Today I had the lovely encounter of sitting in the l…[View]
358186491Elon musk being sued for genocide and violation of Nuremberg laws: HOW COME NO ONe IS TALKING ABOUT …[View]
358172468MANLETS RISE UP[View]
358180482The ultimate white pill: Why haven’t you taken the Buddhism pill Anon?[View]
358187733The idea of a muslim majority planet scares me, but if nothing happens its inevitable because muslim…[View]
358191169Why is everyone in the 'Groyper' movement so gay?[View]
358189561Pretty people get everything handed to them. So when you see pretty people, should you give them shi…[View]
358161897This plane is 70 years old.[View]
358185825City 17 Simulator extended in BC until June.: What are we gonna do antivaxx bros? Last thread I post…[View]
358190347why is everyone talking about a ukraine invasion?: it's called immigration bigots![View]
358190121Climate Change Is Real: You conspiracy schizo fucks are going to kill is all. If we don't do an…[View]
358188687My fellow russians we must intensify our posting to spread dissent on every digital avenue we have. …[View]
358158772Americans will defend this.[View]
358133935The Real Architects Of The Iraq War: https://youtu.be/w0WBpcB-Cg0 https://odysee.com/@keithwoods:e/t…[View]
358141959The End is Nigh for the Vaxxed: 3 Whistleblower doctors from the CDC have come forward with new data…[View]
358191436Anyone have the full clip? They're saying it was out of context, and with how many jump cuts th…[View]
358165716/RG/ REMORALIZATION GENERAL – (you) are GIFTED AND TALENTED EDITION: YA-GATE: hi frens. let's t…[View]
358188245Media Says Anti-Vaxer Actor Dies of Covid...BUT....He was VACCINATED: Actor dies from Covid complica…[View]
358188979Why is he pulling a starscream on the de facto leader of the republican party[View]
358187754Even Indycar is now gay: >gay pride at the Detroit Grand Prix & Indy 500 queer car Is there n…[View]
358186312China is really doomed: They have trillions (over 38) of dollars in commercial bank deposits of whic…[View]
358190450I can't afford to keep day dreaming pol Like literarily Im looking into either starting or joi…[View]
358189706#FluTruxClan is a pathetic meme: Leftists openly admit that covid is just a flu. Even when they try …[View]
358151538Australian's explosive vest goes off while driving: Drive safe, aussies. Never know when your v…[View]
358190393Daily Fail does it again: Knock knock. UK's Daily Fail conveniently forgets that UK settlers di…[View]
358185049Orange man: still bad[View]
358173840Well fuck, just tested positive: Just tested positive for covid. My Symptoms have been headache, fat…[View]
358189596Even if one person reads this post it will have been worth it. This is how the world really works. …[View]
358185845/pol/ is vindicated: I used to think /pol/ were a bunch of superstitious luddites for spruiking expe…[View]
358188873Ukraine is not just a state . .. it's an idea: Ukraine ain't backing down . Putin is the B…[View]
358183339Trucker Convoy Megathread #21: >QRD: 500,000+ people, 50,000+ trucks, headed to ottawa from 3 dif…[View]
358188898blame your older brother(s): ...for you being gay: >having a greater number of older brothers an…[View]
358188333Truckers are fucking kino. Be careful out there niggers I feel another jan 6 coming on[View]
358189118/SKG/ Skyking General: Cozy WW3 edition: Wide-band Web Receiver >http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:890…[View]
358182645Overpopulation is to rightoids as climate change is to leftoids.[View]
358159809Bros why aren't you paying attention to your lonely middle age moms?: You're practically f…[View]
358176991/NWG/ Northwest American Republic (Dance With Us Edition): /b/rothers and /s/isters, There is only o…[View]
358187833Why do Australians hate Asians so much? in Europe/America Asians work the hardest and commit by far …[View]
358181542good morning sirs i hate american sirs and america[View]
358182639A/B testing media: people are being offered two realities simultaneously. each person chooses which …[View]
358173180Leftists are the chuds: The new face of the Chud turns out to be an 'antiwork' leftist. Turns out, i…[View]
358189790Shitlibs exposed for wanting to bomb brown people: Lmfao these pro migrant shitlibs got violently ma…[View]
358183488It’s over: ITS OVER >its over 2 more copes[View]
358172537/Pol/leafs are veering into dangerous territory[View]
358189562I hate that world powers are aware of and actively astroturfing my chinese basket weaving forum. I g…[View]
358188826Thoughts on pro Russian Ukrainians?[View]
358189545Why do brown and black 'white nationalists' do it? How do you get memed this hard? Can any of you he…[View]
358188888Juda Mikvah: What are the political implications of jews standing in stagnant water and innoculating…[View]
358176149In honour of Invasion Day today, I want to post about pic related. A folk hero in Australia, Indigen…[View]
358186266Canadian Food Price Myth: As has been noted here is a widespread surge of anti Canadian foreign prop…[View]
358186474How do you solve the single mom problem?[View]
358186299Hebrew Storm God.: https://youtu.be/4IxoBuYSxx4[View]
358180499The only race I hate are the chinese, why is this? even in my younger “leftist” days when i believed…[View]
358186578*obliterates you with an anti tank missile*: Nothing personnel chud, I guess your guns didn't w…[View]
358187983How long until economic collapse?[View]
358183920How do I start using my brain?[View]
358179510Peter Doo-Doocy deserved it[View]
358187511can we kick niggers back onto the fields where the farm animals belong? I want to take the street ca…[View]
358188652Carpark vaxtard morgue trailers: New whistleblower says USA hospitals have refrigerated morgue trail…[View]
358179555Non-whites: At some fundamental level, you have to hate yourself to do this right? Why do non-whites…[View]
358184623Yes I’m christian: And yes I prefer a mixed christian world than a purely white or any other race wo…[View]
358188462Average young reproducing couple in the US: What are the political implications of this?[View]
358185330Hey Guise: Did you hear?[View]
358188330Russia BTFO by Ukraine and NATO: When will Russian fags wake up and stop listening to Mr Putin and d…[View]
358184383New Stonetoss: lol[View]
358188415Is the incel really as big of a problem as people say?: Are there really millions of guys out there …[View]
358175089Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Withdraw Its 10 Electors for Joe Biden in 2020 Election: can someone exp…[View]
358185751Vaush calls out anti white racists and self hating white people: https://twitter.com/GodEmpanada/sta…[View]
358181793/pol/ humor thread: No humor thread, let's fix that[View]
358185583CHINA IS A SHITHOLE: 95% of their groundwater is too polluted to clean and half of them earn under $…[View]
358188131What did she mean by this bros?: 32:25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b3UpLjTpyQ >I put my back…[View]
358186298It should be the same![View]
358185967Le antiwork face[View]
358186566>1,2, 3, boom! We are live Thanks for coming on the podcast, Jared. It's exciting to finally…[View]
358187646>brown people are breeding more >the white birth rate dropped by 0.5%…[View]
358169879The Return of the /ourguy/: Wait a minute is this the guy? The Iron Pilled guy that disappeared? Is…[View]
358187973INCINERATE The Separists!!!!!: Board /pol/ - Politically Incorrect [Edit]▼ Settings Mobile Home 4ch…[View]
358183317It's happening!!!!!: GIVE TRUMP ALL OF YOUR ENERGY! 'I really believe it will be 9-0 that they …[View]
358178558Was Heaven's Gate Based?[View]
358187639what would be the political implications of whites fleeing to Australia Australia has only 25 millio…[View]
358187086STOP: if you're still using the boomer moving pictures or the millenial interconnected brain fo…[View]
358181699WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON: Okay, this board has been glowing EXTRA hard these past few weeks and spe…[View]
358182360This has the potential to be either the best and most important or the worst and most useless interv…[View]
358185607I Doubt There Is Going To Be A WW3 Lads: Relax[View]
358186506What an insufferable faggot[View]
358187277If you know, you know: Have you heard? #TheBirdiStheWord[View]
358185163I am taking my mother to a cardiologist in a few hours to check her heart, it's been 2 months s…[View]
358183859FINALLY CRYPTO IS DEAD!: bring it to the final slaughter- nationalism is back baby https://www.youtu…[View]
358174411there are people on this board right now who fell for the alien psyop: imagine surviving the clotsho…[View]
358176360I'm not jew-jabbing my kids: I keep getting bombarded with stupidity with injections on babies …[View]
358179745Unironically Fuck this Gay Earth.: You worshipped niggers because you hated your own kind. Well, you…[View]
358179507We're breaking out![View]
358183062Everyone Is Talking About It -- VAXPASS EDITION: This is the question that is currently on everyone…[View]
358185296This is a random neighborhood in Rabat, Morocco, which I've never even heard of before. Everybo…[View]
358184436Elon Musk is the anti christ: Elon Musk is the anti christ Praised by Christian conservatives while …[View]
358185183Now that Antifa and BLM are actively hunting cops in new york, how long till they'll require co…[View]
358186939Why are so many normie GOP shills suddenly spamming /pol/? /pol/ rejected two-party faggotry a long …[View]
358185840get in here niggers were mixing races[View]
358180584Black Supremacists: During the 2020 riots we saw scattered group of black nationalists, numbering in…[View]
358186422BOGS DIE. CRYPTO COLLAPSES.: uh, guize, i thought it was just a dumb meme.[View]
358185521i wanna make a kike eats his nose while he says 'no goyim' while i fucking break his bones.[View]
358184706Why is soccer so popular?: Soccer sucks. Hockey is better. Why is soccer the most popular sport in a…[View]
358185217Remigration: Why isn't this idea pushed way more? Some movements in Europe (mostly France it s…[View]
358185569Black pill me on Modern Monetary Theory anons: The words being thrown around a lot in parliament in …[View]
358183795ANTIWORK TELEGRAM GET IN HERE: GET IN HERE The reddit r/antiwork subreddit made a telegram to help c…[View]
358162791Leftism General: I know there is a few of you out there. Let's talk and learn together. Tankies…[View]
358185994I have an idea: We should invade Ukraine first, that would be the alpha move[View]
358186348Could the Racist Community be more open to outsiders or do you think we're good enough for now?[View]
358182408BASED JEW? COULD THERE BE SUCH A THING ?: If you want a third world, vote for the Democrats VIDEO : …[View]
358186331Sleep Tight America!: We have the greatest missiles to shoot down their mediocre rockets.[View]
358185242fixing /pol/: well for starters, we should probably acknowledge that many posts have retarded the bo…[View]
358176318At what point did you realize that Russia is not going to invade Ukraine?[View]
358160761Putin is fucked: The US can easly enter Russia from the 'backdoor'. The theatre is not limited to Uk…[View]
358186070Trucks: The truck convoy is cover for the thousands of chinese spies ready to take ottawa abd move i…[View]
358186065based gym: google 'kkk world gym' in Malaysia. insanely based name.[View]
358180458GOOD MORNING SIRS[View]
358184075Is leftism really that bad?[View]
358181426>1890-1970 = massive amount of technological, scientific, and medical discoveries, inventions and…[View]
358162039>get jabbed >literally nothing happens so what now retards?…[View]
358183072Anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies from COVID: ...after taking the vaccine so he could continue to …[View]
358182554Albinism is not a condition. It's a blessing.[View]
358182257Japan's border crackdown leaves students in limbo and economy in a pinch: How do we save Nihon?…[View]
358182844The Hyde Option: The US military secret weapon. He fought in The Great War. When will we send in Mar…[View]
358184966The real plan is about to begin.: >2008 Russia invades Georgia, during summer Olympics (Beijing).…[View]
358185518Did he do nothing wrong?: Or was he the black Jimmy Savile?[View]
358172750Mein Kampf: worth reading? or is it just TLDR: jews bad (which I already know)[View]
358156059HOLY SHIT VACCINE 2.0 IS AVAILABLE!!!!: >Pfizer Begins Human Trials For New Safe and Effective Om…[View]
358185589Let’s see..: Niggers >commit the highest rate of homicide and violent crime per capita >have t…[View]
358184903how do we make boy princess dogs relevant in 2022 /pol/? how do we make it political?[View]
358184764wumao china shills on suicide watch: South China Sea being renamed[View]
358158349Blacks have statistically the highest rates of narcissism: >https://www.sciencedirect.com/science…[View]
358181110WW3 will never happen because nukes don't exist and it will hard to explain why nobody is using…[View]
358180838How confident are you in surviving WW3?: https://www.strawpoll.me/45940269 For me, it's 0-10%…[View]
358185378#FluTruxClan is a pathetic meme: You stupid leftists are admitting Covid is just a flu. You can…[View]
358175676what happened to all the vax shills?[View]
358183926Redpill me on wisconsis: Explain to an IRL schizo (real diagnosed schizophrenic) the thing with wisc…[View]
358181247Do you guys remember Pussy Riot?[View]
358176950Blue states stay cucked: >live in a blue state >recent college grad >unvaccinated >liter…[View]
358184809>Americans import niggers from africa >Americans make niggers build their country >American…[View]
358172469What are we gonna do about these people?: Clearly they are a significant problem. What do?[View]
358185135Hamza is getting redpilled: https://youtu.be/UmWLSlHqBZI He’s literally talking about how (((they)))…[View]
358177060/pol/ webm thread? post rare ones please[View]
358183473Dem. Sen Lauren Book: Alright /pol, who took em?[View]
358180537post pol approved houses: picrel organic sapmi turf hut, cozy af[View]
358179796F: Rest in peace Olavo de Carvalho, brazilian philospher and anticommunist (1947-2022).[View]
358184784Read the gloating comments under this video and burn them into your memory. NEVER FORGET. https://w…[View]
358182008They have to be laughing when they write this shit, right?[View]
358177199Remember...it only will take one, then the last 5-6000 years will be down the shitter.[View]
358182662Uhh ameribros, why does your music consist of softcore nigger porn??? https://youtu.be/R6jzbvIua08[View]
358184300Is pic related true? If not, then why is every single historical documentary written, directed &…[View]
358184248Why is it okay for niggers and kikes to advocate for their raced but when someone of a different rac…[View]
358157604LAKE WORTH POLICE OFFICER RUNS OVER MAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC8mWr5yZHw[View]
358152582I choose China.: What's the political implications of communist China saving the world from Isr…[View]
358184353RED ALERT: Furries Infiltrating Patriot Front: So this guy applied to join Patriot Front, but during…[View]
358182847She’s right you know: Teachers don’t get paid enough. Politicians need to devote more to education,…[View]
358184336Kek what a manlet pussy ass bitch. Russia is already bitching out and blaming Americans for escalati…[View]
358163400Q posting is back >Trump no longer wears a tie after Jan 20th >he is no longer tied 11.3 confi…[View]
358181528Who will Republicans run in 2024?: I am 99% sure it won't be Trump - he is a fraud and totally …[View]
358183765Can you be gay and be racist?: I mean gay people are literally oppressed, so it makes sense they…[View]
358183753Tell me you're a banana republic without telling me you're a banana republic[View]
358177714How do we fox Hollywood?[View]
358180921Xi Biden: Xi Biden gave Hunter $2.5 Trillion to go to China and buy the 'FREE' COVID tests people ar…[View]
358183243Why is everything we've been told a lie[View]
358177586We did it reddit![View]
358181073/hig/ -hyper-inflation general: It should be obvious now to all but the biggest simpletons that sust…[View]
358183953The First America: Neo-Assyria was the first America. A military-commercial cosmopolitan empire cent…[View]
358177701chudbros.....: .............I don't feel so good[View]
358183922Border War: We will see the major world players experiment with localized border wars in the next fe…[View]
358183122Is this redpilled enough?: Hey /biz/, Just redpilled reddit, how can I profit from this... financial…[View]
358183872WHY IS RUSSIA LIKE THIS?: Drunk. Stupid. Violent. And not just the gopniks. It’s the whole society:…[View]
358183209https://www.psychologicalscience.org/observer/beauty-is-in-the-mind-of-the-beholder What you troons …[View]
358166294SUCK AND FUCK: THE TRUCKER KINGS: Here's SUCK and FUCK the Boomer Grift Kings from Canada SUCK …[View]
358175380Biden is putting *Americans* first, not American corporations. This confuses and enrages the MIGAtar…[View]
358174232GREAT MOTHER OF GOD![View]
358183222miss me yet?[View]
358181784I've been telling my dad with absolute certainty about how we're watching WW3 unfold befor…[View]
358178754mfw when i know that i can die at any moment[View]
358183111>Americans don't want to send their trannies fags niggers and spics to go die pointlessly to…[View]
358183310What's with Communism and nigger worship?[View]
358180756Chinese and American were sitting at bar: American claim: > USA is more free than China Chinese i…[View]
358183160Croatia Serbia: Croatians BTFO finding out they are Serbs. LMAO[View]
358181526It’s over, pack it up and go home edition: Trucker Convoy Megathread #21: >QRD: 500,000+ people, …[View]
358175159Feels good knowing I'm on the right side of history: Am Canadian and my vaccinated family is se…[View]
358183183Idaho is becoming more diverse and vibrant. How does /pol/ feel about this?[View]
358183149Fuck this gay simulation. ITT we complain and ask for the refund we DESERVE.: All I wanted was a cut…[View]
358181643How it Started vs How it's Going Thread: I'll Start[View]
358182192How did ‘ideologue’ become a derogatory term? What’s wrong with being principled? I understand that …[View]
358182519What's the point if talking about either one of these? They'll never happen again anyways.[View]
358162207REDDIT DEBOONKS THE CONVOY: USING MATH. Of course you Chuds wouldn't know how to do basic fucki…[View]
358177151state rating: what's your best pics? pic rel is the only reasonable answer for the most part bu…[View]
358158734Why did Americans fall for the neocon propaganda campaign behind the Iraq war? Why did they trust th…[View]
358180042I hate racists and racism.[View]
358180725Which is the britishers's favorite colony? Canada?[View]
358179974If there are 100k Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, are there any live streams of Russians civ…[View]
358181358How bad will midterms be for the Democrats?[View]
358181244Who's in the wrong here?[View]
358180219Name my band.[View]
358180794It’s called democracy, chuds.[View]
358178681I Was Promised WW3!: Nothing ever fucking happens![View]
358175733>President of Ukraine >Early Life[View]
358179571Chinabros!! The ending was different??!!!: https://mobile.twitter.com/business/status/14861561996450…[View]
358171300save a vaxxed retard: list your treatments for the dumbshits who got the vax. they don’t all deserve…[View]
358169107Are you waiting?[View]
358181576I got IP range banned permanently from trying to post an information thread about the Cattle Caring …[View]
358178777Hong Kong to kill all its hamsters after one tests positive for COVID: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/n…[View]
358182308Fail Safe: I would have to guess that the probability of an 'accidental' nuclear my-bad is statistic…[View]
358182289Men are Obsolete.: Just when I thought that it hadn't (or couldn't) penetrate real, techni…[View]
358182256Why is America the only country standing up to globalism?[View]
358178332Wisconsin is NOT recalling electors: I see 3 threads about this shit and everyone falling for it. St…[View]
358181468why do lefties always ask. what is culture like they got me in a corner?: I tell them well in saudi …[View]
358182030President Biden threatens Putin with 'severe consequences': There would be enormous conseq…[View]
358169117Greatest Brazilian Philosopher dies of Covid19 He was anti vaxer and said that covid was a hoax and …[View]
358181900Who you got? My money on the bloods.[View]
358176113The jew and tobacco: Smoking moderately is absolutely based. I just found out americans are complete…[View]
358175921What the fuck is the politically correct way to refer to midgets? Why can't you say midget and …[View]
358173089Snow White and the seven dwarves being reimagined!: https://nypost.com/2022/01/25/peter-dinklage-dis…[View]
358178614As a black man why should I go and fight a war for rich white folks in DC over in the Ukraine? It do…[View]
358151724Ontario Canada preparing to literally triple down: https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ottawa-board-of-…[View]
358179531The bidencope had begun[View]
358181412Uh two week bros… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/huge-breaking-news-wisconsin-assembly-vot…[View]
358178743YOUNG PEOPLE ARE REFUSING TO WORK: Explain >U.S. gains scant 199,000 jobs in December as business…[View]
358181261>durrr if all the different groups of people just mixed and cooperated, we could do so much Nice …[View]
358177696In all seriousness are there any unbiased news sources?: I watch the mainstream news and try to filt…[View]
358177444Wake Up: Increase in UFO sightings and WW3 about to happen CANT YOU SEE WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT TO DO!?…[View]
358175833Trucker Convoy Megathread #20: >QRD: 500,000+ people, 50,000+ trucks, headed to ottawa from 3 dif…[View]
358177400Western Civilization 2022 AD[View]
358180243If you are a REAL American, you should be rooting for Putin. He is a genius statesman, and likely ha…[View]
358174722Google erasing Whites from history: At their height European powers controlled 60% of all land on ea…[View]
358180462Niggafag shit: So I see this on a door in a class building, this is some fuckin unreal shit. Like ev…[View]
358178670serious question. how do I mentally elevate out of this disgusting and putrid basal reality? Deep me…[View]
358179706COVID is population control: The elites realize that overpopulation is a big issue for humanity so t…[View]
358180855Why isn't amisom leaving?[View]
358180695>french media >no one is white why is this always the case in france…[View]
358177387Globalist Dictator: Say if this guy as an example of a dictator, had developed a super weapon that c…[View]
358164376Why are Italians such ding dongs?[View]
358142988Racial extremists planning to take out power grid: DHS: Domestic extremists have been developing pla…[View]
358180207$WACKD: What ever happened to this? Last I remember reading there was McAfee crypto burning which wa…[View]
358179326When the feminists, tranny and onions boys get drafted in ww3, how are my fellow Anons going to spen…[View]
358179845What the actual FUCK?: https://twitter.com/chrissyclark_/status/1486073820045844495 A Dallas-area sc…[View]
358180161Porn is a racket for the Jews: Stop watching porn. Stop whacking off. It's all a Jew plan. htt…[View]
358170535How the hell was he able to change Rwanda?: Rwanda went from one of the shittiest places in Africa t…[View]
358180486To all aryans...: Hitler was controlled opposition - his grandpa bastard was a rothschild who financ…[View]
358178277what would be the political implications of whites fleeing to Australia Australia has only 25 millio…[View]
358178762HALT!: Trump faggots BTFO one more time hahahaha! You cock suckers just don’t get it do you: JOE BID…[View]
358179427Explain it to me: Okay, so what if more states start to decertify biden electoral votes. What change…[View]
358176747Workhouses: Why where they bad again? >Solved homelessness. >Created social mobility. >A fo…[View]
358174837Why is /pol/ so stupid? Whenever I try to explain things about /his story/ and how they've been…[View]
358156838THERMONUCLEAR HAPPENING: https://twitter.com/RALee85/status/1486123102635503616?cxt=HHwWgMC5kdHF4p8p…[View]
358179027Chosen people: What if the Jews truly have a special connection with the lord of the universe? Just …[View]
358178242Canada is so fucked, they’ll watch a convoy drive in a straight line.[View]
358178112I could have prevented all of this.[View]
358180306Jews at CDC releasing diseased monkeys Pennsylvania.: https://www.phillyvoice.com/monkeys-pennsylvan…[View]
358174594Covid pandemic response is about undoing white supremacy and colonialism. (((They))) admit it.[View]
358180233This would be a happening: But you fuckers don't give a shit https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2…[View]
358166880/skg/ SKYKING GENERAL: TOP CUNT EDITION: Boeing NC-135 TOPCT33 has taken off from Lincoln, Nebraska …[View]
358178974Croat kills himself over DNA results: Do Croats feel that they could be Serbs who were converted to …[View]
358180127worth it: dear, US bros, planning to enlist if we do actually go to war with russia. shits looking l…[View]
358131987Turns out the Canadian mass graves of indigenous children story was a total hoax: They burned all th…[View]
358169713Can somebody explain the trucker situation?: What’s going on are they going on strike or something? …[View]
358177160Did we get the good ending?[View]
358178985“The Free Press is the enemy of the people,” — #45[View]
358177519The real virus was seeded in Western Europe over the weekend. Get right with your vaxxed loved ones.[View]
358179877>experts say I’ve never seen an expert why are they saying shit?[View]
358172415i hate being a mixed race mutt: im a fucking tumour on the face of the earth[View]
358178598Why did #45 side with the dictator?[View]
358177093North Carolina vs South Carolina: >picrel hilarious and true[View]
358177061What are the political implications of Europoors being unable to cook? And why do they eat doodoo fo…[View]
358171425How did China lost a trade war with Australia???: Imagine being a world superpower and starting a tr…[View]
358177063This is your future: Hope it was worth it amerifats and eurocucks. All you had to do was make peace …[View]
358167951If the workers or state take over the corporations that make cars, electronics, food, etc... Then wh…[View]
358176512The truth on the catacombes: What is the french govermwnt/elite hiding why are we not allowed to go …[View]
358178610The end of the world order as we know it: old world order bros, I don't feel so good... https:/…[View]
358175091Trolling Redditfags on Herman Cain Awards: There's yet another pozzed shithole subreddit in tha…[View]
358168387The absolute state of Reddit jannies: https://www.boredpanda.com/kamikaze-by-words-insulting-yoursel…[View]
358171203Christians have higher IQ than Jews[View]
358178156>be me >graduate college in spring 2021 >Fall 2021 university enacts a vaccine or test poli…[View]
358179157Pussy: No more words needed[View]
358159840White Christians more pro-white than white nonchristians[View]
358177760What is the ultimate red pill tactic to lure normies into NS? P. S post better quality pic of picrel[View]
358168814Jacinda Ardern's van driven off the road by Freedom Fighters: Footage of the incident, which to…[View]
358177857>Actually you are forcing me to invade by putting NATO on my door stop[View]
358174021why are you guys such snowflakes?: Hello from the real world! Why are you idiots such hypocritical s…[View]
358177915Let’s go you stupid sons of bitches![View]
358178380>Go to le generic popular streaming service >Whole category for ''Black Voices'' everytime wit…[View]
358178855How can I use my Russian heritage to my advantage? (Politically speaking): Ive always viewed myself …[View]
358172071you will never have what they have[View]
358174136There's really nothing they won't take from White people, huh?[View]
358143634novavax: approved in Germany. its not mRNA and has no side effects. so basically you can join societ…[View]
358168475How come Ugrofinns became pushed out or dominated by either Vikings or Slavs?: They had so much terr…[View]
358178690fuck you bots: fuck this fake ass AI generated bot board[View]
358150297I hope they block all the roads around Trudeau so he can't fucking move: >https://ottawa.ctv…[View]
358176945TUSTIN TRUDEAU IS A TERRORIST: By their own definition (which they're tying to use against the …[View]
358174800In under 48 hours we've gone from the main threat being WW3 and a stock market crash to a fucki…[View]
358149168Why do Americans take work so seriously?: Here in Italy, people get away with slacking off, taking r…[View]
358168065>be US citizen >take vacation to mexico >leave all ID behind >sneak across border >be…[View]
358177556The Problem With Race Theory: In the old world, the Europeans went to the many nations and created a…[View]
358175517JUSTin with another L: oof[View]
358177367redpill me on frankism[View]
358175795First Nato Country to pull out of potential Conflict, First Blood to Russia: Demoralisation will set…[View]
358159737Most white Americans are ethnically German.: Most white Americans are German ancestry. Germans built…[View]
358177884why are wh*te people like this?: can you name a single problem you have with brothers that doesn…[View]
358177086Major lack of shills here today: Wtf is going on? Are they in panic mode? There's tons and tons…[View]
358173090Get boosted /pol/: https://twitter.com/JohnsHopkinsSPH/status/1481687506148118529[View]
358178090>he took the vaccine[View]
358156404there is only one correct answer to this question and if you answer otherwise you are a disgusting h…[View]
358178065Leftoids cannot refute this.: >NOOOO not my heckin' supplychainerinos! >if these racist c…[View]
358172183OH GOD.: Dear God, what have I done? Reality has no empathy for mental illness.[View]
358177285I Hate Old Dinosaurs: can these old fucks just die already, they're wasting our time[View]
358176509Biggest pussy in the world if he doesn't invade: Brought the largest most advanced military in …[View]
358175455Do people on here seriously believe that every thread posted is from a genuine human being? You thin…[View]
358161426/pol/ is wrong about almost everything. >The Big Replacement >Mass Vax deaths >Election bei…[View]
358177007Why is this region so messed up? So much rape, murder, homophobia and racism.[View]
358135301pol humor vaxxed fags edition[View]
358177498What if the US government stopped giving out gibsmedat to every nigger in the country? What would be…[View]
358163284is here WW3 happen: or sun gone crazzy? my Geiger counter become bad and power lines on low[View]
35816976430 yrs old: approx another 50 years on this planet what is earth going to be like in 2072[View]
358175953America isnt a free country at all: How'd we go from 'give me liberty or give me death' to 'don…[View]
358169390HAPPENING: It's happening anons, the Feds next false flag is here[View]
358177374/Floppa General/: Post your political flopps >b-b-but floppa isn’t political!! Incorrect.…[View]
358175613PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS45 https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ https://www.thetrumparchive.com/ htt…[View]
358173574Imagine being a jew or nigger.: What are the political implications of being despised by every race …[View]
358166451Could Borat have been released in today's political climate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb…[View]
358165643let them freeze to death or revolt: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-finalizing-plans-to-dive…[View]
358174852Wisconsin takes back 10 electors for Joe Biden: The Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday voted to withdraw …[View]
358169463MCU - What's the deal?: I've seen practically nothing of this content. Why is it so popula…[View]
358157076If you would rather buy a simulacrum/artifice which doesn't even fulfill the same function rath…[View]
358174215GUYS WE DID IT: Holy shit we actually did it[View]
358162528What hope is there for an 18 year old zoomer currently graduating HS in this system?[View]
358168220Society is collapsing[View]
358168857TRUCKER CONVOY MAJOR GENERAL #69: >100,000,000 people >40,000,000,000,000,000 trucks >500k …[View]
358171241Ahem*: Women are inferior to Men and should be treated as property. Simps and feminists deserve to b…[View]
358176525> fashion[View]
358173791This is fauci’s entire argument. Even though he’s either lied, or been wrong, this entire time.[View]
358172439Dollar menu was 69$ for my family: What has the world came to bros I just spent 69$ on a few items …[View]
358175672The US is literally 70 years behind in military tech. How does the truth feel? Does it hurt?[View]
358176864>Big empires and people try to fuck with Jews throughout history >Picrel Are Jews unconquerabl…[View]
358176037Why isn’t /pol/ concerned over the inevitable fascist takeover of the US?[View]
358173207what will we call the new white nation?: Canada. US. Australia. NZ, UK and Europe will be led by one…[View]
358165462well, /pol/??: is he right?[View]
358173588Why the double standards?: As a woman, it bugs me to no end that I don’t get credit for all the work…[View]
358175647if the FDA banned Regeneron for not being effective against COVID, there's no argument against …[View]
358176272What could it be /pol/? https://chadstuemke.com/disclosed-the-lake-superior-anomaly/[View]
358176255British bros...[View]
358174141The real chuds all along: Why does this face look so familiar…it’s like I’ve seen it posted hundreds…[View]
358176536Dispatch we have a 10-15 at my location, send backup. Soccer moms are on scene insisting that there …[View]
358169337I just wanna hate shit: I just wanna hate shit openly without people yelling like damn 3 year olds a…[View]
358174436The chutzpah of these ZOG faggots is over the top: Talk about projection! >Over many years, Russi…[View]
358176330Give me the QRD on Eric Gill[View]
358141940HAPPENING!!! Monkey to human transmission.: Lady that tried to help out the escaped monkey crash is …[View]
358167680Things /pol/ should boycott?: Why hasn't /pol/ boycotted this show yet? This broke ass jew ste…[View]
358164260Satanic Rituals General: Clade X was a day-long pandemic tabletop exercise conducted by the Johns Ho…[View]
358155078Ukrainianbros: May be we should let Putin pass? Why should we fight for yankees and NATO? May be we …[View]
358176009UTE AUSTRALIAN DAY RUN 2022 26 Jan: Check out some of the utes here in Darwin Northern Territory tod…[View]
358170166Trucker Convoy Megathread #19: >QRD: 500,000+ people, 50,000+ trucks, headed to ottawa from 3 dif…[View]
358145734What was it like to watch this on live tv?[View]
358174325What happened with his last year in office? Why was it such a dumpster fire?[View]
358175117>men enrolling less in college >women are all bachelorettes due to suffrage and diversity quot…[View]
358173667Lithuania KNEELS to China: Glory to Emperor Xi[View]
358174597Hey yo...you SNUG? If not, when you gonna get SNUG? https://yousnug.com/#video[View]
358164337I just realised Pfizer is basically Thanos and they're gonna kill 50% of the world population: …[View]
358175780Patriot Front: Post valid proof that these guys are feds. I'm waiting.[View]
358175501The advancement of psyop warfare has been supercharged through the use of mass data collection and o…[View]
358161770Can someone help me debunk this? its for a dumb sociology class I have to take[View]
358165185TRAINS ARE JOINING THE TRUCKS NOW HAPPENING!!: The trains are honking now too! :D HUGE CROWD'S!…[View]
358129898Is Jordan Peterson mentally ill since rehab?: >That’s the bible by the way. . . . . >5 second…[View]
358173081Whatever happened with Raz in the CHAZ? What field office do you think he was assigned to?[View]
358174920We should divide the world into two ideologically opposed totalitarian states and send the soldiers …[View]
358170135This is one of Germanys parliamentarians pushing the vaccine mandates: I want to introduce you to Ri…[View]
358173504Putin is next.[View]
358163075Anglin: The most tragic goy: How do we save Andrew Anglin? He can see every jew hoax except for Chri…[View]
358169869>GUYS WE HONKED A BUNCH OF TRUCK HORNS AND DROVE THEM AROUND!! :DD The right considers this a 'wi…[View]
358170214Hong Kong to kill all its hamsters after one of them catches COVID: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/worl…[View]
358174847God is a rotten kike: we should murder all jews and stop closing the thread before i post it you fuc…[View]
358174384What a stupid son of a bitch: >que estúpido hijo de puta >이 얼마나 멍청한 새끼야 >was für ein dummer…[View]
358171349As an employer, you should fire employees for posting liberal stuff on social media, then say 'actio…[View]
358167526Why is India such a dump shit hole? I wanna visit Asia (especially South Korea and Japan) but I will…[View]
358172550>watch anything even tangentially related to White issues >jewtube starts trying to shove jord…[View]
358169123Youtube #Shorts ? WTF is this garbage[View]
358173884OH N-[View]
358159508War in Ukraine: Bear with me, I have a hunch on something and would like to see if I'm right: W…[View]
358173262Never let Christians in your country.[View]
358173103>someone says you're selfish for not [insert latest COVID measure here] >say 'yep' >th…[View]
358172360a thread to strengthen the weary. reminder to not get the vaxx. but why not? why shouldnt you get th…[View]
358174201>you WILL worship the child-molesting catholic church, and you will worship the AFRICAN SAINT Why…[View]
358156230Brit/pol/ late edition: >Anti-monarchy group Republic say 'all bets are off' after Quee…[View]
358161294The storm has arrived[View]
358133510Strike and Mike 198: Paychads, discuss the political implications of this show[View]
358170748Questions from the crab-bucket: What is your opinion about hard-working people who get a wage-cuck j…[View]
358146193I think I figured out why they just pulled the monoclonal antibody treatments: >FDA pulls back mo…[View]
358170030Justin Trudeau and his Deceptacon shills live on borrowed time. Our victory is assured.[View]
358174114FAKE NEWS ALERT : Canada Truck Convoy False Flag: The supposed Convoy of 50k trucks is a complete li…[View]
358173639Fuck this cunt.[View]
358167072TO THE REPEAT SPAMMER CALLING THE CONVOY FAKE: https://www acebook.com/groups/convoy/permalink/37219…[View]
358172838>be me >at work >liberal business >work with a fatass >discussing lunch >Chinese s…[View]
358167884Canada's now sending top negotiator Chrystia Freeland to the Ukraine.: You heard it here first.…[View]
358157859All canadian highway cameras are turned off so the truckies dont pop up on the weather network[View]
358173883Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong?[View]
358173863Jordan Peterson is trying to turn you gay: He's a Canadian Baby Boomer and he's gay. He…[View]
358159949>want to go to college in the fall so I can not be a poorfag working shit jobs my whole life >…[View]
358157239Uncomfortable truths: Islam is false. Judaism is denial. Paganism is a pathetic cope. Atheism is abs…[View]
358172466Question: Why are they called anti-vaxers shouldn't we just call them the control group? Like h…[View]
358172717What political ideology is eat the bugs live in the pod[View]
358169991Nigger science...is best science.[View]
358164451FUCK RUSSIA.: Fuck you communist pieces of shit. WE'RE COMING FOR YOU RUSSIA.[View]
358171710When was the last time you got genuinely invested in this board?[View]
358169030Trump the Living Son of God: I have awakened. All will hail Donald Trump as Lord and Savior and bend…[View]
358171154How do you do fellow whites, what should we do about the interracial problem?[View]
358144261What are the political implications of FRTs being legal in most states?: >Rare Breed Forced Reset…[View]
358168973This is why you never take psych meds The upregulate and down regulate the parts they treat and you …[View]
358169749We need a new movement.[View]
358166903Nothing is happening: Russia won't invade Ukraine. China won't invade Taiwan. Nothing ever…[View]
358171387East Slavs were literally conquered by Vikings and politically organized by them: How does it feel t…[View]
358169092Niggers are everywhere: The fuck happened? Every commercial, every form of entertainment has niggers…[View]
358169948Kosovo is Albania: Kosovo is Albania.[View]
358172014How is he so ineffably gorgeous?[View]
358171251how do we even the score ?[View]
358167967What can I line my nose with in order to test negative on a nasal test? I am currently popping hot a…[View]
358171663Coup Time - Afro-bros, get in here!: >> “Kabore didn't want to run into any problems with…[View]
358155358USA is a conquered fallen TURD world cunt: Every american town and city has one. FBI hunts down anyo…[View]
358153531Nice try, (((worms))).: >Had a fetish for anal for a while >Never wanted to do it but (lol) lo…[View]
358172514Wat do wit opticsfags?: Fuck all opticsfags. Fuck your (((demagoguery))). Fuck your self-centered 'r…[View]
358169665Reminder that it happened. Just because the media didn't report on it doesn't mean it neve…[View]
358169835Fox News has the best news reading broads[View]
358152434Trump is poor: Will you vote for this poor bum in 2024? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-104…[View]
358160974>first date with girl going welll >having a few drinks vibing >she admits to selling nudes …[View]
358164114YO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: The buzzer is spamming this.[View]
358168338Why did wealthy suburbanites become mostly liberal when they used to vote Republican?[View]
358169173/pbg/ - President Biden General: GET IN HERE BIDENBROS >But Biden hasn't done anything! see …[View]
358162169Russian AMA (politics): I’m Russian. Ask Me Anything about Russian politics.[View]
358172006what would be the political implications of whites fleeing to Australia Australia has only 25 millio…[View]
358171598Why does the British Broadcasting Corporation headquarters have a statue of a nude little boy with a…[View]
358167608why the nazis were so anti christianity ? were they atheists or pagans?[View]
358169572what is up with the white leftist aesthetic? What drives them to all be like this?[View]
358170193When is this bullshit coming to an end? I saw that some countries are beginning to stop mandates and…[View]
358171423Social Media: These companies are solely responsible for accelerating the degradation of society. T…[View]
358149906Where is she? She's ben awfully quiet since the ukrainian crisis.[View]
358171177Leaked video from america shows sickening reality: When american couples see blacks on the street, t…[View]
358151269has anyone seen this?: this is surprisingly the most anit-feminist series i saw for a long time, the…[View]
358170887I'm barely on /pol/ anymore because I'm always on the other boards redpilling them I used …[View]
358170061Nietzsche: Left Wing Liberal or based?[View]
358130084Hospital killing father for refusing clot shot with a blown out heart Peacefully protest it to the g…[View]
358157765The bar was set so low for Biden to have an easy presidency.: Only sends beta cuck messages to Ameri…[View]
358159079SHOTS FIRED IN UKRAINE: https://www.rt.com/russia/547326-shots-fired-ukraine-security/ ITS HAPPPPENI…[View]
358156780How do you find the strength to go on? I have no family, and everyone I know in my life has an attit…[View]
358170867The truckers are obviously an Israeli op: That problem is they are right and the mandates need to go…[View]
358141632why did historians gaslight us into believing Jesus was a pacifist?[View]
358166666Hate-speech doesn't exist: Hate speech is literally just a tool by social media companies to ba…[View]
358159197Anonymity: OP here from the previous thread about anonymity being disastrous... Anyway, of all the p…[View]
358164751how do africans and caribbeans view american blacks?[View]
358170453Q schizo thread - qoomer edition: calling all faceberg boomers and Qoomer schizos. Can you guys give…[View]
358169996Leftist Politicans: >We want to safeguard the election process Also leftist politicans:…[View]
358161699Trucker Convoy Megathread #18: >QRD: 50,000+ people, 500,000+ trucks headed to ottawa from 3 diff…[View]
358161820i'm not wearing a mask for the rest of my life[View]
358162516/tcg/ Tucker Carlson General: >Streams Juju Bot via Youtube https://planetnews.com/live/fox-news.…[View]
358166401Ebil nazi ISIS terrorists are making sex games on steam!: https://trackingterrorism.org/chatter/trac…[View]
358161966America is not a democracy: It's not even a Constitutional Republic anymore. It's a theocr…[View]
358155420>he doesn't want to outlaw porn[View]
358169929SNUG AND SNUGGERS: Howdy /pol/, /k/ here, some nigger faggots have decided to pay us a visit to shil…[View]
358169689Post yfw Biden releases death squads of hot dickgirl marines on subsidized HRT to eradicate chuds wh…[View]
358167489Trump. I will always appreciate that you turned so many normies into having schizophrenic levels of …[View]
358159839Americans, what has been the impact of the Afghan refugees on your local communities?[View]
358162209What is a Silesian?[View]
358158050ACCURATE NUMBER OF TRUCKS: >litterly can't believe /pol/ is not investigating this >clear…[View]
358168614From the bottom of my heart: Thank you vaxbros. Your “unexpected” side effects & deaths are adva…[View]
358162832Why are they such warmongering faggots?: Should we just nuke them?[View]
358169550'shame on you': why does every side shout this? no one has any shame. no one is capable of shame. no…[View]
358164419From now on I propose: That we label any war the US citizens are prodded into 'jews only' wars.…[View]
358169236Is 2022 the start of ww3?[View]
358145101Nvidia is unable to buy ARMs: https://www.techpowerup.com/291303/nvidia-arm-deal-said-to-be-over-acc…[View]
358167850Are you ready for the new pandemic?[View]
358166273LMFAO i know a tiktok girl irl and she just told me she god paid $800 by tiktok to do a video of he…[View]
358162342New coronavirus variant, the BA.2, stealth omicron!: https://komonews.com/news/coronavirus/ba2-newes…[View]
358169054Oh god oh fuck the leaf pile got ahold of the rake THE LEAFS GOT THE RAKE FUCKING RUN MAN[View]
358167215How to solve America's homelessness problem?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10439965…[View]
358159166Can cuckstianity get any more cucked?: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
358165040He’s right.[View]
358164663>'Look who came out of his cave. We made you some ice cream anon please join us' What do?…[View]
3581690691) Reject christianity and all of its postforms like socialism, egalitarianism and shiet 2) Invent n…[View]
358168994anons, remember the days when we put our powers together to troll normies? Remember that stupid ass …[View]
358166682Serbia and Albania: With the Kosovo issue, who is actually in the right? Serbs or Albanians?[View]
358165809Who can run in 2024 that does not suck Jew cocks?: Too many front runners like Trump and Desantis su…[View]
358168161Why is China always lying?: Remember when China tried to hide Australian warcrimes? Weird time to b…[View]
358166892Can't we just drone this guy?[View]
358117517Kraut/pol/ & Wurstfabrik Fünf - Merkwürdige Liebe Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umf…[View]
358162478Black Nationalism General /BNG/: Foxy Edition Our forebears settled the islands of Greece, adorning …[View]
358138812China censors ending to fight club: kek[View]
358152011pizza hut was $100 for my fam: 3 small pizzas, some pasta and wings costed $100 are we collapsing ec…[View]
358126595INNOCENT YOUTH GUNNED DOWN IN AMERICA: Zog blocks your path, what do anons? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
358164513Doug Ford will win another majority: Horvath already came out in support of tighter COVID restrictio…[View]
358160860He Is A Chad: 6'2 in height, handsome face, and smart as fuck. Probably is hung too. Why does n…[View]
358166529>he LARPs as a nazi but isn't a socialist >he LARPs as a nazi but is addicted to porn …[View]
358160820how did jewish people learn to stop hating christians when the talmud was such a central part of jew…[View]
358167888What does /pol/ think of TOR and by extension OS's that use it primarily like tails? Personally…[View]
358152078Convoy: Enjoy the calm catalog will be soon filled with trucks they don't stop their mandates w…[View]
358164793LABOR SHORTAGE AS YOUNG PEOPLE AREN'T GETTING JOBS!: Are they just lazy /pol/? I bet Ronnie Rea…[View]
358160806Oh no no no no: Nice “free speech” platform you got there. MIGAtards will unironically defend this.…[View]
358168006Can someone get the general on the phone? theres no military activity in a place called siberia, we…[View]
358160181Trucker Convoy Megathread #17: >LIVESTREAMS https://dlive.tv/Laura-Lynn https://youtu.be/9T_k_QjA…[View]
358165463Who is dying more? Vaxxed or unvaxxed?[View]
358166642mRNA vaccines: mRNA is incredibly fragile and degrades in few days, but for how long cells keep crea…[View]
358166250USA is an evil country ruled by the demon Astaroth, according to occult grimoires, the area of influ…[View]
358162774Antisemitic flyers appear in Colorado neighborhoods: How many of you fuckers are responsible for thi…[View]
358167404Poland should ally with Russia and divide Ukraine[View]
358167092God I hope I never have to work another day in my life. It would be much easier to blame other peopl…[View]
358167006glowing psyop after glowing psyop after glowing psyop after glowing psyop after glowing psyop after …[View]
358166187sorry spy br0s: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/records-reveal-chinese-government-performed-anal-sw…[View]
358165501Why do MTF trannys dominate at wimuns sports but you never hear about FTM trannys doing the same in …[View]
358162944Brianna Kupfer texted that her killer gave her 'bad vibes': A white girl killed by a nigge…[View]
358138569Truth of the world.: We are brown people. We are Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Turks and many…[View]
358159367One sentence redpills: Yahweh is, obviously, the beast[View]
358138449Is the world ever going to know a politician as good as this man or just slightly close to him? It…[View]
358154069Reddit main board cheers for death of unvacvinated: Just some fucking ragefuel. Redditors Cheering i…[View]
358166320PUREBLOOD THREAD: Ayooo. Where my Purebloods at?? Fuck a Gates, fuck a nurse, fuck muh science, fuck…[View]
358166948America, what the fuck? wake the fuck up: How'd we go from 'give me liberty or give me death' t…[View]
358166174Manchin/Sinema 2024 ticket???: Are Manchin and Sinema setting themselves up for a 2024 run? They are…[View]
358163501Is anybody there?: I often feel like my life is slipping between my fingers like tears in the rain. …[View]
358166618The Middle Ground: Is this the year the polar opposites start moving back to center? Or is it cycle …[View]
358158365aus/pol/ petrol sniffing edition: What are you drinking to celebrate invasion day?[View]
358164033>be morning >go use public pee pee poo poo room >door locked for my safety where do I go pe…[View]
358155024NFTs: Why do people fall for late capitalism scams?[View]
358165421If things dont improve i might have to intervene[View]
358163552NO BURGERS ALLOWED IN CANADA: Look at you faggots trying to come here lmao finally realized we are t…[View]
358165237MOST BASED CITY IN THE NATION, WHITES ONLY BREAD: What are the political implications of this /pol/?…[View]
358164047Jews deny man heart for refusing to get vaxxed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3YWdsGgYb0 How long…[View]
358165611What are the political implications of the new show?[View]
358161942Please never stop worrying about those poor Jews /pol/[View]
358165211I have a question for Americans: Do you have any politicians that are similar to pic related in beli…[View]
358164471TRUMP ATTACKS BIDEN FOR WEAKNESS ON RUSSIA!: >What’s happening with Russia and Ukraine would neve…[View]
358160008Globalist Are Unable To Stop Him: >“The questions were overall pretty reasonable,” Jones said. “A…[View]
358165146Jonas Salk, A Jewish Hero: >Jonas Salk was born in New York City to Daniel and Dora Salk. His par…[View]
358160195I don't hate Ukraine, I think you guys are great. A Ukrainian wrote the second best Christmas C…[View]
358165418Richard Spencer appreciation thread! In the thread, let's talk everything about Richard Spencer…[View]
358161109I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
358164436I can feel the racism coming off will ferrel, does /pol/ feel it too?[View]
358164538>walks in >calls you a smelly wal mart person >refuses to elaborate >ends show Based?…[View]
358149128/skg/ SKYKING GENERAL: NUMBER WHATEVER: Wide-band Web Receiver >http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901…[View]
358154109I don't get it - is it 'vaccine bad, Trump good'? 'Vaccine good, Trump bad'? 'Vaccine bad, Trum…[View]
358163778>Hitler stopped at Czechoslovakia >Putin will stop with Ukraine that’s not how reality works …[View]
358162542The L*af Question: It is evident that the pathetic Canadian government is incapable of doing the bar…[View]
358163547How can we fix the Balkans?[View]
358154416JUST IN! CROATIA SENDS UKRAINE TO FUCK OFF!: Croatian president, Zoran Milanović said that his count…[View]
358159268I'd be shitting my pants right about now if I was you.[View]
358161775Encroaching big tech: can't make an Email address without a phone number now anon. wtf I can…[View]
358130371>we don't have America's economy >we don't have Britain's military history…[View]
358163500Ahem, alright gentlemen I have something to say.[View]
358150108Ok so are these truckers protesting mandates or highway safety[View]
358142219Perfect Balkans[View]
358163977MUH COCKS > 0_o OH NO I HAVE PINK EYE: play with muh cuck ...get fucked I was close to the monkey…[View]
358157130Yes, 100% they took speed. You could not convince me otherwise. The empirical evidence: both of them…[View]
358163761Post redpilled hip hop music: General Gemineye/Conspirituality Banksta Banksta https://m.youtube.com…[View]
358162489Muh mask freaks: >Favorite pastime is telling random people who wear masks that none of the anima…[View]
358139244refugees welcome...in my bed[View]
358164434>HACKS the USA elections installing the puppet, Trump >Invades sovereign countries such as Ukr…[View]
358159476What are the political implications of corporations bending the knee to progressive whims?: Disney b…[View]
358162215Why are there constant LARP threads running for the past few weeks about Canadian truckers? It'…[View]
358161751Russia claims the right to control traffic through the Kerch Strait, gateway to the Azov Sea. Howeve…[View]
358154502Christian Priest says Jesus was a transgender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdNel57fhz4 What are …[View]
358160378Post brutal black pills[View]

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