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260987839Lets do something productive!: Whether you’re sick of police brutality or the riots that come as a r…[View]
260988283MEME DUMP I'm low on zionist/jew and nigger memes. Replenish me. Thanks frens![View]
260989356WE NEED TO ELECT TRUMP TO STOP (((THEM))): It just occurred to me that without trump, Elon would hav…[View]
260989350Jails and Prisons: So when these idots defund the police or abolish them, whats going to happen to j…[View]
260986779Just made the mistake of checking my kikebook: I don't use it or anything. But I logged in to s…[View]
260988600What's going on western lads? Something about gays and blacks and companies supporting them. Ne…[View]
260989360What /pol/ really needs is an NPC army.: How do we get one? I would start by taking control of the …[View]
260986300Would Martin Luther King Jr be horrified by the current events?: Would he be rolling in his grave or…[View]
260988508>Mogs the entire world[View]
260989495Estonia: Why do Americans think they have a right to move to this place?[View]
260989456Deplorables 2 just came out: Have you seen it? >https://twitter.com/secupp/status/12687437925612…[View]
260980826BASED NIGGRESS NAMES THE JEW: https://twitter.com/nyscanner/status/1268700228162654213?s=21…[View]
260989417Obamagate: Last thread got archived in 10 minutes >all this glowing >all this sliding >all …[View]
260989364>thinking anything will happen remember nothing ever happens[View]
260985944WHAT DID BARR MEAN BY THIS???: >a 'witches' brew' of extremist groups behind riots >'witc…[View]
260989316>Abloo bloo bloo, commies and joggers are causing a riot and scare me, I'm abandoning the on…[View]
260988750USA is koo-koo-koo world and I am gald I left in 2012: The collapse of the USA in last 8 years has b…[View]
260989216Diversity: Had enough yet?[View]
260981125His name was Reginald Denny[View]
260988650George Floyd died of a drug overdose[View]
260986766You know what's really crazy about the 13/52 statistic? If it's uniform, that means that b…[View]
260988392Kikes BTFO by sheboon: >https://twitter.com/NYScanner/status/1268700228162654213…[View]
260986096Has anyone else noticed that homosexuals are the only men who are actively taking part in the white …[View]
260988762White power[View]
260988928Go to an online book store, take a pic of your recommendations, report back.: Here’s mine.[View]
260988982Coming soon - the 2020 Floyd Funeral Tour™: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/floyd-memorials-retr…[View]
260988937the final solution: abolish the police and abolish all gun laws problem solved no one is going to do…[View]
260983690/ETRG/ - End the Riots General #1: >What is End the Riots? End the Riots is a grassroots campaign…[View]
260987774chillin out like a rockstar villain: TFW KingCobra is more intelligent than every white liberal http…[View]
260963083#MoveOutofAmerica: I, as a white person in America, am moving out of this country in wake of these r…[View]
260988456COME AND LISTEN TO MY STORY ABOUT A MAN NAMED GEORGE: >was livin down in Texas and could barely a…[View]
260986631Are you insecure about your political beliefs that you need to post anonymously? Have you ever share…[View]
260971203/USRG/ U.S. RIOT General #185 fuck Zion don edition: >LIVE STREAMS https://youtu.be/FSc83M7xDR4 h…[View]
260988725Does anyone know the offical 'rules' of the BLM 'media blackout?' I keep seeing …[View]
260988473They're putting together a website to better target the Jewish businesses all around the countr…[View]
260987659LATINKINGS BTFOING LOOTER JOGGERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYEm364Gfac https://www.youtube.co…[View]
260984341Reminder they want to destroy this[View]
260969213George Floyd Died Three Years Ago?: Say whaaaaaaaat?[View]
260979867Conscript the police: Once a person has graduated high school, they must first complete two years du…[View]
260988055Why couldn't George Floyd breathe?[View]
260953674A letter from a lawyer and former Marine to General Mattis: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/stat…[View]
260966698His poor handling of the George Floyd debacle has cost him the black and latino vote. It's over…[View]
260982389Where's Your Tendies Now?[View]
260986808I think we all need a laugh, shit has been retarded for the past few months. Let's all come tog…[View]
260985611Have you looted any stores from the nigger riots?[View]
260988343>joe biden says something racist in an interview that will surely end his hopes of winning >su…[View]
2609878337 ft protestor: I heard he got doxxed, this true?[View]
260978788Scientists Grow Mini Human Livers From Stem Cells: Can someone with more brain cells than me tell me…[View]
260987952It's time: Who's ready for June?[View]
260988278Exposing the George Floyd PsyOp: Inspired by a previous thread The media is actively ignoring the fa…[View]
260988085will America ever get this redpilled again?[View]
260988254>Video about the rioters and protestors... Message is at the beginning to 'make sure you are regi…[View]
260987752Officers involved in old man beating has been suspended: charges may be pending.[View]
260988117You could have prevented this. He tried to warn you.[View]
260988099DAILY STORMER: No more JEW section. What happened? http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/[View]
260988093What happens when America's teet runs dry for our blue boys in favor of their stronger greener …[View]
260986458This is the worst president in US history.: This is the worst president in US history.[View]
260988079It Has Begun!!!: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/04/media/new-york-times-tom-cotton/index.html…[View]
260988068So this is the Happening huh? Well China killed 50 million people through starvation and whatnot. 5/…[View]
260988066Imagine if every white person put a bumper sticker of FALLING DOWN on the back of their car. At leas…[View]
260980379Are the Knights cucked now?[View]
260983391Looters and attackers are doomed.: >thousands of law enforcement officers are sifing through soci…[View]
260962084>No riots/looting >Very few Corona cases >Provinces like Alberta and Québec are overwhelmi…[View]
260987153ITT MUSIC TO KILL WHITEY TOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_adGSqrUcP8[View]
260987247while you guys were complaining about consume product shilling joggers matter or whatever, trump bor…[View]
260987740While right wingers were too busy doing low effort logic owns these people took over every major ind…[View]
260987038What is /pol giving Father for Father's Day?: What are you going to do to remember /pol's …[View]
260986695Settle down[View]
260975207RED-PILLED and BASED brotha! Holy shit! It's not perfect but coming from a black damn. https://…[View]
260960247Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s daughter: so word is spreading https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/flash…[View]
260987718Anyone else bald for #blacklivesmatter?[View]
260986417fuck it nolivesmatter: >white people are pussies >black people are thugs >asian people have…[View]
260985613He predicted this you know: America is diseased, rotten to the core![View]
260987680bump for free slaves: you know the black licorice you never like? yea, that's all.[View]
260983874HAPPENING NOW: 1200+ NPC's fucked. massive crackdown in NYC.[View]
260976521Back to Classical Music (I tend to open many tabs so the last half are all red by the time I read): …[View]
260987057Can we start a list of corporations that HAVEN'T cucked to the joggers and exposed their hatred…[View]
260972548/pol/ lost the culture war: Literally every single company and government has made their stance clea…[View]
260986726If this sign starts appearing around towns and campuses now, /pol/, .... What can the reaction be th…[View]
260933023Not gonna lie I look back at my former libertarian self and cringe a little bit.[View]
260987520How lit is the DNC going to be this year?[View]
260987061The white man builds the Lego City. And the joggers destroys the Lego City. Does art imitate life? O…[View]
260987495Protests. Coming To A Town Near You!: Just found out there's a protest planned for my town (~20…[View]
260986854Exposing european cops as racists: The plan continues to unfold as cop's private conversations …[View]
260985896Post yfw they actually abolish the police[View]
260987288>go on Omegle >say racist shit to escalate tensions >???? >race war…[View]
260982441Ok kiddos it's curfew.: Please make sure your kiddos aren't on the streets. They need to w…[View]
2609830556/6/2020 IS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: SATANIC DEVIL WORSHIP NWO GLOBALISM…[View]
260983461Thank You Mr. President![View]
260986797Any /pol/acks here read this Kafka trap or any of the current book bestsellers out there? What did y…[View]
260974571Big happening on Saturday: They’re really going through with it, 1 million people will go to the Whi…[View]
260968917Abolish city police: Literally there is no reason to not abolish city police. >Cities hire PIs to…[View]
260961517Brit/pol/ - Black Lives Matter Edition: >Only 37.4% of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU ht…[View]
260948313Banned Documentary about Bill Gates: Reminder that this Discovery channel documentary has been pulle…[View]
260987088Still think vaccines are fine?: http://archive.is/afQei[View]
260954924/fscg/ - Federal State of China General #4: >Steve Bannon and billionaire Guo Wengui are spear-he…[View]
260987034So many slide threads, not enough news. Let's fix that: >Hillary testimony - 6/2 >https:/…[View]
260948863/pol/ humor thread: why the fuck do the jannies keep killing /pol/ threads edition: /pol/ humor thre…[View]
260984556I can boil down all my personal problems to the existence of psychiatric drugs, Islam, America and G…[View]
260976832K-pop / Dog-eater split memes (#DogLivesMatter): Ok anons, #WhiteLivesMatter is in trending because …[View]
260983756/pol/ ABSOLUTELY BTFO by KPOP stans![View]
260986893WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING: Lets talk about what can be done to protect our country from these brainwas…[View]
260978081Is she >/ourgirl/, lads?[View]
260986758There should be a registry of everyone who said 'fuck the cops', 'kill cops', etc and then after thi…[View]
260983451Do conservatives have to be religious?: Do I have to love the Lord if I want to eat her asshole?…[View]
260967858Say it with me: Nearly ALL the protests are peaceful. And we support them[View]
260986049Black welfare stats and tax contribution per race: Looking for an infograph for stats relating to ta…[View]
260984834FREE MA NIGGA DEREK[View]
260986104q tards: Trump is the man. But q is...retarded.[View]
260986529>other states are opening up and easing up on lockdown >still have no job and they won't …[View]
260986283You Fags are Toast: We caught you trying to screw over BLM and now the whole world will know it is a…[View]
260986465This narrative is fucking inescapable. It's fucking everywhere. Every online storefront. Every …[View]
260984455Tips on defense against riots?: Ok /pol/ I need your help. Where I live one of these BLM “protests” …[View]
260986443Trump-loving Canadians and Qanon trending now on Twitter Canada wtf I thought we was shadowban n shi…[View]
260985602why is america so obsessed with old politicians: i don't understand why they always have to be …[View]
260986426Votapi Thread: Black Lives matter vs KKK: Votapi Thread guys: Today's question: Does black live…[View]
260985980WHAT WILL NATO DO?[View]
260986398The longer blue shitholes burn, the better his chances.: Contain riots to cities and let them purge …[View]
260984070I hope you weren't planning on going to medical school /pol/...[View]
260986276Police brutality solved[View]
260986253>tfw the american empire will collapse in your lifetime How does this make you feel?…[View]
260986228History repeats?: Is Trump going to get Romanoved? Is he going to step down and we'll end up ha…[View]
260986206Wexodus (Web Exodus): Since companies like google and youtube stagnate, silence, hide, and demonetiz…[View]
260981640I'm on the fence about Jordan Peterson. He seems pretty messed up from years of drug abuse and …[View]
260986098AntiFa does not exist: AntiFa is an idea, like AnCap, not an organized group https://www.thedailybe…[View]
260960648Has anyone else become bluepilled from all of this?: I used to be one of those people that would res…[View]
260981797>get up in cops’ face >get pushed gently >remember you’re surrounded by cameras, decide to …[View]
260985978Remember: We don't need useless people on our side. Get in shape. Read. Write. Learn skills suc…[View]
260982222WHITE MAN IMPERSONATES A BLACK: This man's blackface and accent are amazing https://www.instagr…[View]
260984749Exposing the George Floyd PsyOp: Inspired by a previous thread The media is actively ignoring the fa…[View]
260984801Denver International Airport Braille: There is this braille inscription in the D.I.A. beneath which …[View]
260984554Cringe thread https://twitter.com/idkkcindyy/status/1268736581827006464 Buncha niggers (white women)…[View]
260985330Brah 2020 so far is fucking LIT[View]
260966509Elon, no!: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1268603809409888256[View]
260982632HCQ is back on the menu boys: >The Lancet paper that halted global trials of hydroxychloroquine f…[View]
260985528Come join our protest, anon.[View]
260977014Trump should ironically legalize weed right now maybe everybody would chill the fuck out for a minut…[View]
260983611Top Marks To These Guys!: Definitely earned their Chicken Tendies![View]
260985522'Ryan Saavedra': twitter/facebook propagandist/shitposter - who is he? Appeared out of nowhere at th…[View]
260982045>its starting[View]
260985463Here is what really happened. I have all the answers anons.: The jet fuel that doesn't melt ste…[View]
260982585Tell me normies are waking up...: FFS it's everywhere. all anybody wants is some escapism that …[View]
260984661Man Sentenced to 10 Months for Making a Threat via Twitter https://breaking911.com/man-sentenced-to-…[View]
260982551This fucker must be having the time of his life right now[View]
260973670Why isn't this bitch in jail?[View]
260983261Does /pol/ like David Allan Coe?[View]
260982265The white flight out of urban areas is about to be epic. These liberal cities are going to lose all …[View]
260984031>white women im staying off social media for 7 days to allow black voices to be heard >2 days …[View]
260984113Rehashing the same gimmick: >2014 >Eric Garner >NYPD officers approached Garner on July 17 …[View]
260985217Where are the chadnaziskkk making natural selection? >there arent police >many niggers >man…[View]
260960330Leaf Bros Reporting In Only: Alright Leafrens, it's time to convene and discuss the state of af…[View]
260983035So this woman was feeling afraid and vulnerable, in a new city, and her partner said someone was har…[View]
260977525Some SJW's are trying to get a statue removed from my university campus because he fought for t…[View]
260984412WOW! What a Cohencidence[View]
260985000GENERATION ZYKLON!!!!: Anyone who thinks Gen Z is based is either a total fucking retard or doing th…[View]
260954125Riots are justified.[View]
260984738help me downloading the important shit: i just saw that the subhumans are collecting videos of polic…[View]
260984754Has pol forgotten me?: I thought I was yours[View]
260984826Are joggers committing even more petty crime now like shoplifting? Seems like they would be because …[View]
260976545Just got this email from Uber. So woke. And yes I am phone posting[View]
260984392Which Liberal politicians do you suspect are Conservative and which Conservative politicians do you …[View]
260977145Oh shit: The longer this goes on the more I’m starting to think it’s not even about racism anymore, …[View]
260944423Ben Shapiro just dropped the '13% of the population' bomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrEenld07e…[View]
260984643Would Fascism or Monarchism achieve my dream?: I Love Science. I love Knowledge. Would Fascism or Mo…[View]
260953516It's starting to backfire on (((them))) guys!: My girlfriend who's a libtard and we always…[View]
260982739These Niggas are Based: I’ve been watching these guys, as they’re based.[View]
260983976If people really wanted trump to lose why the fuck is Biden the Frontrunner.... seriously who is ret…[View]
260982841Since BLM has been getting millions in donations this past week what do they actually do with the mo…[View]
260983238BlackFathersMatter: If we start a Black Fathers matter campaign they will be forced to either suppor…[View]
260984476>protect and serve: do bootlickers really believe this?[View]
260982901Only white trash remains as Trump voters: Can't wait for November to arrive[View]
260983977>mfw I get my parents to turn right[View]
260983203What's wrong with looting?: They are destroying the globohomo capitalist system. They have more…[View]
260975706Are white people doing enough to end police abuse?[View]
260980522And /pol still thinks that the Arbery killing wasn't racially motivated...[View]
260983364Remember me? This should've been the biggest week of my career. Much of what I've said in …[View]
260983512#I Dont Matter: Im already derpressed and stressed about Covid 19. Now there telling me I dont matte…[View]
260983963Next month no one won't even remember these riots. Nothing happens, nothing ever happens.[View]
260962302What would a United States without police in minority communities look like /pol/? Is it something …[View]
260982003If you’re anti white in any way you’re not white. If you’re pro white, you’re white[View]
260983809Crowd Funded Policing: With 5g and all that, how about all cops have real time streaming of their bo…[View]
260982387Based Black Man Exposes The Truth About Niggers And White Liberals: Based AF. We really need to get …[View]
260983804What will a balkanized America look like? It's bound to happen eventually.[View]
260982689Where is the amateur video of riots and looting on youtube? Search for looting or looting NYC and al…[View]
260983624Releases Ebola[View]
260979538dammit /pol/ you are slipping: come on .. get on the ball[View]
260980951Actually yeah, why did Women vote for Hitler?[View]
260982619Ye olde summer of rage: Yanno its like they never read any other book other than Saul Alinksky'…[View]
260977253WHERE'S KANYE!?: WE NEED HIM! WHERE IS /ourblackman/?![View]
260982993Good Job /pol/: Bet you needed that subject line retard. What are you doing posting in happening thr…[View]
260983247We got us a nigger insurrection goin on here: Well, the demolibjackassediidiots have outdone themsel…[View]
260978709Why should we not support Zionism?[View]
260982867Ivanka BLACKED: Ivanka Trump fucks black men. POTUS is the ultimate hypocrite and is being cuckolded…[View]
260959837IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!: >Q posting spoopy coded messages about MUTNIY. >Lotsa fuckin…[View]
260983237i hope they come out even more oppressed after all this shit, fuck joggers[View]
260959059Is Trump genuinely done?: I won't lie, I'm not american but this saddens me to the core. T…[View]
260981765Awakened blacks thread How many have broken through the programming?[View]
260981413Do you feel it? In the air, not a nip of cold but a bite of something else, something unnatural. We …[View]
260981510How to find a good wife in 2020?: Happily married anons, how have you managed to find a good wife in…[View]
260981692And you thought nintendo was based for not bringing up politics.[View]
260982985CHAUVIN CASE / FLOYD AUTOPSY MEGAPOST: Continuing discussion of the George Floyd autopsy and what it…[View]
260971995Hi guys - I heard this was a conservative forum. Hello, I heard this was a conservative forum. We…[View]
260982157Antifa/BLM lists: Columbus PD has kindly posted a list of arrests of looters. Let's make an arc…[View]
260976923So is The Great Chimp Out of 2020 redpilling or bluepilling people?: I really can’t figure out if pe…[View]
260969247What would it take to get white people to riot/loot[View]
260928406GAMERS RISE UP: DO NOT SUPPORT ANTI-WHITE COMPANIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il1ce0UplZI…[View]
260982826Reddit is very heart broken over Floyd: I had knownt him cents I was 3, rip in peace to the nigga bi…[View]
260979877PASADENA CA ABOUT TO GO DOWN: Headed to Colorado BLVD and the Rose Bowl (surrounded by multi million…[View]
260968656Do you think he died? https://twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/1268717966532792325[View]
260981857The Urban Question: Do cities still need to exist? Consider the following; in the 21st century; do w…[View]
260929812THE U.S IS AT THE CULT SWARM AGE OF ROME.: So, it just hit me. All of this nigger worship, all of th…[View]
260981794OH MY GOD: CNN GOT ARRESTED RIOTS ARE HAPPENING MUH VIRUS(That is basically a slightly violent cold)…[View]
260982596Has anyone noticed?: >2020 >amid pandemic >Trump begins Obamagate, showing clear evidence o…[View]
260982419Should passing counterfeit bills be decriminalized?: If not for draconian counterfeiting laws passed…[View]
260973225Leader of Antifa With Waters Paying Rioters: Here is a photo of the head of Antifa standing with Max…[View]
260982506Pascagoulia Abduction: How legitimate is this story?[View]
260976261I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police …[View]
260981292I'm generally curious how pol feels about being the nigger now? Are you guys learning your less…[View]
260980527Shouldn’t niggas be looting ex lax? Should we ban two story buildings or bunk beds? Them be waycist.[View]
260980328Exposing the George Floyd PsyOp: Inspired by a previous thread The media is actively ignoring the fa…[View]
260975650why are white dudes like this ?[View]
260976390“Oh I’m proud to be an americuck, were I can worship BBCCCC!!!!!” >they’re taking the statues dow…[View]
260982271Is this the biggest happening of our lives? Is this it, goys?[View]
260980669Can't believe the whole world is crying out for BBC: This shit is honestly getting kinda ridicu…[View]
260982216Is there anyway OBama can be KANG again?[View]
260979071The world is crumbling before our very eyes.[View]
260982170If it's assumed that white success is based on socioeconomic factors is the same assumed of bla…[View]
260982144Are jews and niggers physically incapable of drawing a correct swastika? https://mobile.twitter.com/…[View]
260982133Come join our protest, anon.[View]
260982108fuck jannies and fuck cops: /pol/ will defend this[View]
260981297The Jogger Inquisition: Why are even celebrities like this shit huffing streetshitter now trying to …[View]
260975379What's the worst thing that can possibly happen in the month of June in the year 2020?[View]
260981408Ready for the boogaloo guise?[View]
2609820041 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of …[View]
260954473>Be 29 years old >Been talking to a girl from Bumble for 2 months >28 years old >High pa…[View]
260962510The jews are TRIGGERED https://twitter.com/CrazyNormie/status/1268568302705692672?s=19[View]
260979813You're at the point of your life where you're defending cops murdering innocent people, wh…[View]
260971374Give me one reason the police should exist.[View]
260957914Jews had nothing to do with slavery. This is a white supremacist lie.[View]
260977851>george floyd's death was nothing more than a ploy to get more americans out onto the sreets…[View]
260981725Sheeeeeeeeeeit...: Racist ass covid don’t be thinkin black lives matter. You know what to do senpai…[View]
260981744Why is Hooni standing in front of aushwitz /bant?[View]
260946845I challenge you to find a more empty gesture lmfao[View]
260981656>while you're shitposting here on 4chan, somewhere in the US there is a onions latte drinkin…[View]
260981532The Cult of The Most Holy St. George Floyd of Minneapolis: Real question that I hope anons here can …[View]
260981518Driver makes powerful statement in drive-thru: >is white[View]
260981331realistically what happens to CNN and other organizations that bend the knee to far leftists when Tr…[View]
260975734WTF HOW IS THIS LEGAL?: Uber cucked so uber hard that it decided to racially discriminate in its bus…[View]
260980281Yellowstone: What's gonna happen to the US-of-A if Yellowstone decides to burst this year? What…[View]
260981104These are the kind of people who want you vaccinated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSlB1nW4S54…[View]
260959407Candace Owens names the 13/50: Holy Fuck! Candace Owens names the 13/50! https://youtu.be/HTF-85H_E6…[View]
260962106Holy based. Racism is over.[View]
260981291AmeriKKKa is the biggest criminal and terrorist organization in the world[View]
260981266i find it interesting how so many people have the time to fuck around on a weekday[View]
260981288Anyone that acts white is white[View]
260981264South Afrika general: I wanted to ask if any anons had a link to a blog that had detailed posts and …[View]
260981165>wow grand dad, 2020 sounds like a fascinating year, did you join in the protests and all the exc…[View]
260981192Twitter counter goes down 5k: suddenly[View]
260981122KILLDOZER: Time to Honor your heros /pol: Marvin John Heemeyer (October 28, 1951 – June 4, 2004) was…[View]
260951316It's all coming together.: Is this it, /pol/? Is this the last stage of the plan? Or is this ju…[View]
260981102>“This is much more about attitude, and I think the folks in law enforcement have shown a remarka…[View]
260974414Is it time for women to get back in the kitchen?: They are not productive in the workplace and don…[View]
260980901Black lives matter twitter: I was thinking it’s time for a little joking around where we spam the bl…[View]
260981023why aren't you niggers memeing this? also WTF is up with captcha? i needed to solve like 50+ of…[View]
260981010I dont understand anymore: I've been on /pol/ for about 5 years now. I understand what the jews…[View]
260979689Has anyone noticed how nasty rhetoric has escalated?: Twitter is obviously toxic right now, and even…[View]
260978532how do liberals actually explain the 13/50 ratio?: liberals seem to have an excuse ready for everyth…[View]
260980918Leftists/Atheists Who Worship Georgus Christ: What's their end goal? Will they still claim athe…[View]
260979930So I heard the cheeto jew in the White House declared antifa a terrorrist organsation: So... why has…[View]
260977846so if there's no police, who's to stop me from killing all the black drug dealers and crim…[View]
260979325Shills BTFO.: Lmfao. I have 130-160 threads filtered at any time. I've identified all the bots …[View]
260979385Just a matter of time......: How long til the natives jump on the riot for racism fad. You already s…[View]
260980022America is on the way to another Russian Revolution.: I will remember who was behind it all. God sav…[View]
260970518Every since that Fedex truck express delivered that protester to hell I've been getting into tr…[View]
260979109Porn only leads to mental illness. If you regularly jerk off to porn you are mentally ill.[View]
260979070BREAKING: New Minneapolis Safety Patrol Announced: City council has declared that they should arrive…[View]
260980608mad that my skin is getting so much attention? stay mad wh*tey[View]
260980545A white cop, mutt cop, and asian cop walk into a bar[View]
260980563This Sounds Like A Good 4-Chan Op!: Seen this reply to a Mike Cernovich tweet: Credible Threat @Cred…[View]
260968023George Floyd toxicology report: This is from the medical examiner's report on George Floyd: htt…[View]
260979544The Rules for Radicals: > 'Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.' W…[View]
260979974REMINDER WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BASED OF ANY WOMAN: Totally psy op going on to make us turn agains…[View]
260980446ACHTUNG TATERFAGS: Attention fellow taterfags,BLM will be protesting in Twin Falls Idaho again on th…[View]
260980430White culture is the best.: https://youtu.be/XkgyOZxIw0k[View]
260976103LAURA INGRAHAM JUST CALLED LEBRON A NIGGER: If you've got a TIVO, go back. You'll see her …[View]
260979535The Orcs have a new flag and it’s frightening[View]
260977586What happens when the first bullet gets fired and a “protestor” dies?[View]
260979652Should the Upper Peninsula of Michigan be it's own state?[View]
260975698They did it /pol/ It's passing as we speak, the dismantling of the police force of Minneapolis …[View]
260980325Future Riots in the U.S.: I don't know about you guys, but I particularly enjoyed watching the …[View]
260974961Anti-D&C thread: Lawless chimp outs are bad and should be stopped. Needlessly brutal cops are al…[View]
260979831Kill me Pete[View]
260980093Are you ok, fascist?[View]
260979645Kpop fans against Whitoids: How can Whitoids recover from this?[View]
260979998> mfw black people say “fuck the kkk and fuck trump” > mfw kkk was organized by a radical demo…[View]
260979961I protest the absurdity of what is occurring in my nation. Hello, my name is A_____ M______. Tonight…[View]
260953573How do you be a good dad to a daughter /pol/? I dont want my kid screwed up I want her to be a stron…[View]
260972338COPS KILL OLD WHITE MAN: https://twitter.com/WBFO/status/1268712530358292484?s=20[View]
260979870Screenshot this: MPD will be disbanded: Guarantee you that happens within a month or so. They'l…[View]
260979779Black People: We don't have a police problem nor a gun problem, we have a NIGGER problem.…[View]
260979778Jew crimes: I'd like someone to post the picture evolution of a /pol/ user Also general posts i…[View]
260979730Can anyone confirm fires are being started in Nashville now?[View]
260972993boston: i hear guns in the distance - what is going on tonight[View]
260979724WE WUZ COMPOZARS N SHIIET: Hi /pol/, did you know Beethoven was actually black? Why are whites tryin…[View]
260979192I'm Assembling A Team...[View]
260977795Anarcho fascism discussion thread: I'm an anarcho fascist ask me anything[View]
260948551Over 3k BLM protest in Iceland: Is Europe dead?[View]
260979292Way To Go /Alabama/: Alabama anons deface George Floyd mural. http://abc3340.com/news/local/george-f…[View]
260979539I can feel it in the air[View]
260979040Where did all the Jihadi's go?[View]
260976484Why is /pol/ like this?[View]
260973511/LAPG/: LOS ANGELES PROTESTS GENERAL - Nothingburger Edition - LA & SoCal report in!: Sorry guys…[View]
260977225haha u all just got trolld![View]
260946023Are you ready for 1984?[View]
260966787>Be me >opened omegle >put hometowns name in the 'interest' tab >my hometown is a peacef…[View]
260979158Do we really have to liquidate leftists?: Cant we just win them over with facts?[View]
260978463A Torgalski He doesn't even look white and you mutts are licking his boots. If the old dude die…[View]
260975793When /why did /pol/ become such unrepentant bootlickers?: Because blacks? p0wn the Libs? You actuall…[View]
260979083the plot thickens[View]
260978529Twitter ad featuring black athlete with white woman: Niggeresses in meltdown mode. At a time like th…[View]
260978477I think it's time to end this farce of unity with diversity. I looked back on what made the 198…[View]
260967375Racists getting what they deserve: Free speech is NOT hate speech!!![View]
260975933These Leftists and BLM are totally fucking brain dead: Ok so these dumbass leftists want to abolish …[View]
260978351He predicted the future. He predicted this.: >Being white I can go to any time...in the past. I d…[View]
260978848Getting Woke: Liberal normies are waking up as their pets keep insulting them and getting bolder wit…[View]
260978822Beware of false flags: Beware of false flags. I already witnessed antifa fags trying to switch the b…[View]
260978015clown world: where do all these cringe antifas, anarchists or w/e come from[View]
260976315I think rural America is best for white people: I mean, we seem to be better at taking care of ourse…[View]
260978707OPERATION #GETOUTANDPROTEST - Give Corona-Chan to all the trannies and niggers: With all the BLM pro…[View]
260978680Reminder: absolute lawlessness was in the NWO game plan to usher in the Antichrist.[View]
260978646Are fascists even trying anymore?: They aren't even really trying to hide blatant lies anymore.…[View]
260978639there will be no achive retarded mod. if this doesnt get spread: Soon as many of you know. things wi…[View]
260978222Will things ever get violent?: These democrats are cruising[View]
260973953TRUMP TO FIRE PENCE?: Is Trump's government falling apart /pol/? After all that's happened…[View]
260908911Anyone else feel me?: I am not a racist. I don't hate black people. Politically I am somewhere …[View]
260976654Covid: Guys, I’m going nuts. I need a job. Laid off by a shitty employer and have been applying for …[View]
260978348Reposting: It is clear now that we are dealing with not a political opponent, but a religious oppone…[View]
260977394It Happened!!!!!!!: The Painful History and Astonishing Facts of the Barbary Slave Trade Slave trade…[View]
260978265Are ghetto's a result of minorities failing to integrate or a majority failing to accept?[View]
260976633Votapi Thread: Black Lives matter vs KKK: Votapi Thread guys: Today's question: Does black live…[View]
260978019Minneapolis cop is snitching trying himself: Instead of sticking together they will try to cut deals…[View]
260978095Is there a coup attempt underway? What the fuck is going on?[View]
260958516What do you think of the new 'George Floyd Challenge' going viral?[View]
260978039Tomorrow's dump is not the big one but the prelude to what is to come: Tomorrow's dump is …[View]
260977387After watching Tucker talking about all the giant corporations supporting the Black Lives Matter org…[View]
260974822Worthless bitch: This bitch is trying to tear down the statue of the founder of Texas A&M, Sul R…[View]
260976884Raleigh...: has been a broken glass fallacy, for NC. All the antique windows in the Capital building…[View]
260978002Exposing the George Floyd PsyOp: Inspired by a previous thread The media is actively ignoring the fa…[View]
260977995Damn.: He's right you know.[View]
260977960Who's ready for a black christmas?: I can't wait to kneel before the watermelon tree and h…[View]
260974540DID YE PLAY US THIS WHOLE TIME?: Someone fact check this shit. What the fuck is going on?[View]
260977885>Methhead criminal black man killed by excessive force from police Niggers literally burn the cou…[View]
260977884The original progressive: Was he a pawn or a player?[View]
260972472Is there some kind of assassination attempt coming?[View]
260973662Why should the police kill anyone? Batman never had to kill anyone.[View]
260977592How come Donnie never follows his own advice?[View]
260977842Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260974785Fascism never wins[View]
260977769anyone else kinda over the whole rioting and shit? it was fun last week but it's getting boring…[View]
260977738Do you think the recent tragedy brought /pol/ together or made it more divisive than usual?[View]
260977701FDR: Why do liberals worship FDR even though he did racist stuff?[View]
260974496SELECT YOUR COMRADE: Get up comrade it's time to take the fight to the fash. Let's get rol…[View]
260975712Rodney King >Martin Luther King George Floyd >George Foreman >Floyd Mayweather Darnell Fraz…[View]
260977235BLM should be declared a gang: If antifa can be declared a terrorist organization it should be easy …[View]
260977500Based black woman. https://twitter.com/NYScanner/status/1268700228162654213?s=20[View]
260977556i wanna spam this aswell: Soon as many of you know. things will become more crazy then they already …[View]
260977473Remember this?: Why was he memoryholed? More info and pictures to follow, as my threads for him keep…[View]
260977000>tfw happening never happens[View]
260976807What’s the deal with mouthy buddah[View]
260977416A glimpse into our future[View]
260969382/pol/ I come to you for your wisdom and insight. Who the fuck are these fags? I have been floating a…[View]
260974450People all over America is turning to the ritual worship of Blacks: What is /pol/s verdict? Based or…[View]
260969540Was it even about race?: Where is the proof he did this over race? He knew the guy. Maybe he just pe…[View]
260977257Civil war canceled MS-13 were was tasked with operation to violently overrun our government but wer…[View]
260966413DISMANTLE THE POLICE: NOW https://twitter.com/Phil_Lewis_/status/1268715306261909507 https://twitte…[View]
260977224Cybernigger 2020: Anti-White Riots: https://twitter.com/ArminiusThe/status/1268004726118981639…[View]
260977112Classical Music General /cmg/ - Romantic Painting Paganini/Liszt Crossover Fanfic Edition: Let'…[View]
260977092This article refering to Trump praising China's handling of Tiananmen was posted exactly 1 year…[View]
260976241You lost, retards.: This is a shill humiliation thread. Have fun in your burning cities while the la…[View]
260972755What do you expect from the future?[View]
260976849kinda true. possible glownigger idea still stick though: Soon as many of you know. things will becom…[View]
260976824Jews/Blacks division: Blacks won’t wake up till they understand the music Matter Jews decimated blac…[View]
260975490Why is CNN so spooked about 'Boogaloos' and 'accelerationists'?: Remember one day one of the riots w…[View]
260976742Based Black Man Goes On Giant Rant About Niggers And White Liberals: We need to get things like this…[View]
260976071> My fellow Americans, > This country, at you know it, has died. As such I am resigning as Pre…[View]
260969689ITT: We laugh at CIA glow niggers for being complete failures: i'll start: >Bay of Pigs…[View]
260976671Anarcho fascist fully support operation pridefall!: The regime of freedom is pro pride fall.[View]
260972130Conservative Women: At what point can a woman become conservative? We all know there are naked pictu…[View]
260976523Black Crimes Matter[View]
260963814Someone wake me up[View]
260975772>Brits raise taxes a couple cents >Snow niggers chimp out, start a violent revolution, and cre…[View]
260976399IQ, /pol/io and niggers: >Niggers should stop having low IQ's and should take responsibility…[View]
260953439Why don't you hunt? My parents are gun hating liberals but now that I'm living on my own I…[View]
260972164Political memorabilia: Does anyone else here collect political memorabilia? Post what you have…[View]
260974472I'm a believing Muslim but I actually despise most other Muslims because they don't actual…[View]
260976180a final stand agents the dark ages: Soon as many of you know. things will become more crazy then the…[View]
260966025PROOF of SYSTEMIC RACISM ON BLACK PEOPLES: This is why BLM exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
260975025If you won the lottery would you bail out the cops to create a happening!!!! And if so how would you…[View]
260976110>twitter kpop thot with over 50k followers doxxes teenager >post pic of 18 U.S. Code § 2261A …[View]
260975744JKK Documents: Apologies if these have already been posted. Might be of interest?[View]
260976053Israel sucks: The United States should end military aid to Israel. 1. Military Aid to Israel is unn…[View]
260976036finally a solution to 'Racist' Cops: Follow me here /pol/.. You know how only female police officers…[View]
260975982Defund Police: The halls belong to the people[View]
260958276Two atom bombs were not enough: Just fucking look at this. You dont break spaghetti in half. No Kosh…[View]
260973157BIG RACISM THINK: I’m having a large think right now. So whites are hated right now because of slave…[View]
260975842https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/gwp2j2/what_are_your_moves_tomorrow_june_05_2020/ W…[View]
260975840Ok which one of you faggots were on pony town because that automatically makes you a faggot and a ni…[View]
260974091>virus killing 100,000 Americans >cities on fire >Protest + people looting taking advantag…[View]
260975827I still haven't picked a side. On one hand, cowardly, lazy incompetent armed government workers…[View]
260975790Its going down this weekend.[View]
260975780I protest the absurdity of what is occurring in my nation.: Hello, my name is A_____ M______. Tonigh…[View]
260975751How can one individual be so redpilled? https://youtu.be/JtPfoEvNJ74[View]
260974844Protests look comfy as fuck at whitehouse they got bbq's and are handing out burgers and bevera…[View]
260975684A FINAL STAND: Soon as many of you know. things will become more crazy then they already are.soon ou…[View]
260973586OPERATION: #YOUNGPHARAOH: ATTENTION ALL ANONS THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW…[View]
260968817Pol bluepilled me: I was a trump supporter since 2015 but last year I found pol and the racist posts…[View]
260974178It's all starting to make sense: What are they after? A National Police Force: By now you'…[View]
260967451Trending on Leaf Twitter: Police kills aboriginal woman: Clickbait title: Police in Edmundston, NB, …[View]
260972997TENNESSEE DOING VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOTS: GET IN HERE IT'S HAPPENING https://twitter.com/kylegriffi…[View]
260972825NAZIS ARE RETURNING: white women are being swayed by neo-nazi propaganda into joining hate groups an…[View]
260975581Explain me how you end up marrying and procreating with such monstrosity. We aren't talking of …[View]
260975541Mission failed we’ll get em next time: The American project has failed the forefathers are rolling i…[View]
260975532RACEMIXING REDPILL: Lol If white woman and black men together make you mad fear not anon. There is …[View]
260974031These fucking idiot bastards. It could all just end peacefully with nukes, but no everyone is too gi…[View]
260973920Thinking about Iceland: > Iceland doesn’t have official army > Iceland is a peaceful country …[View]
260966772Was he right?[View]
26097497030 yr old killed by Mexican Police: He didnt wear a face mask: yea, imagine being in the middle of J…[View]
260975467I'm completely fucking done dealing or tolerating any of the (((Protesters))), they've sta…[View]
260975176One arrested cop claims he told the other cops not to pin down George Floyd: They're already tu…[View]
260975267>Floyd had 11ng/ml fentanyl in system >also had other drugs (meth, etc) >lethal at 7ng/ml w…[View]
260973113Tucker is Calling out Kushner: He's calling out Kushner here. He's trying warm Trump about…[View]
260974190Say His Name[View]
260974325what does pol think of juche?[View]
260965994So here we have a dindu who won't comply with the officer's commands until backup shows up…[View]
260974081Come join our protest, anon.[View]
260975162W-w-what do ya mean I can't murder people for no reason. I thought this was America[View]
260975139Entitlement: >Be born in America (or any 1st world country for that matter). >Even get free gi…[View]
260975123Hey Muricabros cmon... Why are you doing this to yourself? I know life can be hard sometimes, but cm…[View]
260960632Pro graffiti artist here Give me a suggestion for a redpilled graffiti about current event and it…[View]
260975056can't we all just get along??[View]
260975011YOU SEE!! THE NEWS IS FAKING IT ALL: All they do is use headlines to write their own version of hist…[View]
260971204Will she be president?[View]
260974935Yoooooo Ma Nika[View]
260954249NIGGER TWITTER DOXXING MORE WHITE KIDS https://twitter.com/keeponari/status/1268280281833889793 wh…[View]
260972573This guy is now saying the crime bill of 1994 was racist: Does he think saying this will get him the…[View]
260972685Get in shape quick.: Guys... we are too soft. we have been comfortable for too long. But you're…[View]
260974755I mean, let's be real... I'd rather like a cop's boot than a slimy jew's AMIRITE…[View]
260973649Why are the ones who say, 'Fuck cops, I hate them!' also the most likely ones to call them when even…[View]
260974527Anti-Lynching Bill: The bill as written would allow altercations resulting in a cut, abrasion, bruis…[View]
260960946why is there such a small amount of riots and protests in this portion of the country?[View]
260974710R-RUSSIA IS MUSLIM!: What is this retards who say this? Its 10% Muslim and all lives in their republ…[View]
260969039Put Minneapolis under Military Jurisdiction.: Putting militants in charge of policing in America is …[View]
260971168>tfw you show up armed to a peaceful protest thinking antifa will be there based on bullshit righ…[View]
260972207RUSH: Was this band prophesy, or Hersy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFS6IhQUXhw&list=RD0fOj…[View]
260973474Single shot shotguns banned by Trudeau: All W.W. Greener single shots were added to he b& list J…[View]
260971773Can these niggers stop rioting so I can get back to my life? It's hard to focus on my own hobbi…[View]
260974020Are we in some kind of Jewish simulator and being watched by a bunch of (((scientist))) in a lab wai…[View]
260965561They Won: Before all this happened, we were unbelievably close to a revolt. People stopped feeling b…[View]
260968695COPS VIOLENTLY SLAM GUY'S HEAD INTO PAVEMENT: https://twitter.com/WBFO/status/12687125303582924…[View]
260972893Did we find the legendary based black man?: https://youtu.be/MdtvdrLhpqw[View]
260973212How can Hispanics see all of this destruction and rioting and STILL side with Blacks over Whites?[View]
260973279Are these numbers actually correct?: What the fuck is going on? The way people are going on about th…[View]
260972640Hey anons, can someone provide a site with crime and murder statistics to redpill normies with? I re…[View]
260965528Why are straight people so whiny? Honestly why do you have a shit fit anytime anything gay happens?[View]
260969242HAPPENING: AMERICA TO PRIORITIZE HONG KONG REFUGEES: https://twitter.com/SenTomCotton/status/1268609…[View]
260973082I've wanted to make a donation to Black Lives Matter (slavery reparations etc.) but they refuse…[View]
260969948'SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED': If you could push a magic button to repeal ALL gun-control laws, would you…[View]
260949446Red flags of /pol/?: >tattoos >premarital sex >abortions >lipstick >multiple sex part…[View]
260970947wHeRe ArE aLl ThE 2A GuYs NoW: 'Hey guys WHY AREN'T YOU DOING ANYTHING!?!?!?!?!?' >Be smal…[View]
260970978Black men have to work twice as hard as a white man to date a black woman. Why is /pol/ okay with th…[View]
260966048Umm hello? Based department?[View]
260960950George Soros: I was just asked by someone who “George Soros” was. Jesus, how does one describe him?…[View]
260974292Any /pol/tards or PAtards remember him? Fuck the 1st Amendment, right?: TL;DR anon posts edgy bomb m…[View]
260955214Do you listen to classical music? It's arguably one of the highest achievements of the White Ma…[View]
260970929>i made a huge mistake running for President[View]
260966155HOW DOES PORN COMPANIES MAKE PROFIT: most of sites been going for years and only providing free cont…[View]
260961413Why the fuck do you guys trust Fox News?: This isn't a shitpost. I'd genuinely like to kno…[View]
260963937Police brutality against whites: Is there an equivalent case of a white man killed by a cop kneeing …[View]
260973568“Shut down all cop tv shows and movies”: Can you guess the author’s religion? https://www.washingto…[View]
260961945>white https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8389759/Madeleine-McCann-suspect-posed-Jaguar-dri…[View]
260974069I'M DONE: ENOUGH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il1ce0UplZI&lc=UgwVseDkK2fLZjXwtV14AaABAg…[View]
260970241An ex-member of Antifa reveals the true purpose for the 2020 riots: https://youtu.be/2NaGVeQeFvE[View]
260960089Something about June 6?: What's all this about here my dudes? June 6th or something I hear?…[View]
260973955Why do niggers keep praising Lincoln? Didn't he himself hate them and just used it as a way to…[View]
260946067/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #4063: ► Detected: 6,688,679 (+125,983) ► Died: 392,123 (+5,336) ► Day:…[View]
260972028yes? no?: maybe?[View]
260972230The LibLeft is digging themselves into a trap: Antifa is actually doing all the work for ancaps. If …[View]
260970715Are closed casket funerals normal ?: it's not like they disfigured the guy. I won't belie…[View]
260954366Save these screenshots they will be History[View]
260970902imagine running up and snatching this garment from her haha[View]
260972418Why doesn't 4chan help this fellow white man who is erasing hate? >Corey Fleischer is a Mont…[View]
260973685NLM: Natives are honestly the only minority that is underrepresented. >Natives: 5,220,579 ~ 1.6% …[View]
260971079Joggers taunt dog then strangle it with cord: Why the fuck aren't you shills spreading this shi…[View]
2609707244chan has fallen... now the edgy kids who didn’t even know about 4chan before are just here to take …[View]
260972661Based black sistas take the final pill: They’re naming them.[View]
260972718Tryin something on mspaint[View]
260973038You know what I’ve noticed?: Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even when that plan is …[View]
260971580How I sleep knowing there's no nigger problem in my country[View]
260972672So China's bio-weapon really did work in the end.[View]
260973368>mfw wise enough to know this BLM bullshit will be forgotten in 2 weeks…[View]
260973327Cops, leftists, and blacks are eating eachother in the streets. All of them are enemies to the free …[View]
260966780Something is odd, today there is too much calm, d-do you feel it? is something coming?[View]
260972099/pol/ memes and edginess aside What do you consider bad/distasteful racist behaviour ?[View]
260971446Send him: The only one who can stop the street chaos[View]
260972353>They will come when the Ice melts.[View]
260970124Out of the medical field NOW[View]
260971048It is clear now that we are dealing with not a political opponent, but a religious opponent. Whateve…[View]
260945743How do we fix black America? Hardmode: no “back to Africa,” no genocide[View]
260972695Chimpout: Any livestreams?[View]
260972941GEORGE FLOYD & CO RESEARCH THREAD: Autospy https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/residents/…[View]
260972880Based Black Man Goes On Giant Rant About Niggers And White Liberals: We need to get things like this…[View]
260972591How many of you are actually going to take it?[View]
260972227What did they mean by this?[View]
260972696So these faggots have chat channels for major cities in which they are trying to coordinate faggot a…[View]
260972667>The media has been doing nothing but treating the rioters with kids gloves >'It is the evil …[View]
260971340just disband the police bro[View]
260972660White Chicks: White fucking chicks on ig fucking pretending like there worth a shit to the world, fu…[View]
260972546Seems like Palestinians are calling out Jews on their world famous knee technique[View]
260972052ARABS GET CANCELLED IN MN FOR BEING RACIST: Tweets Reserfues of the daughter of Holy Land CEO being …[View]
260971681The USA is on fire.: >feel the sting you filthy racist incels.[View]
260972473Nigger Readiness Condition[View]
260970256I'm in SF and the protesters are driving around and honking in rhythm now[View]
260971550peak 'studies show'[View]
260971699>https://twitter.com/NYScanner/status/1268576255722602498 >jogger breaks into a house with a k…[View]
260967601Absolute state of the demand, cant even tie a whole sentence together without stroking out. And you …[View]
260969758Have you taken the cyan pill?[View]
260943924Is he a faggot? Are they blackmailing him with sodomy tapes or is he part of the homocabal? Why did…[View]
260972156JEWISH LIVES MATTER: An idea check: does it make sense to reply with 'Jewish lives matter' to every …[View]
260971913CHAIN REACTION: ITS HAPPENING ON MEXICO TOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOqnm5HL6CA https://twit…[View]
260971509Is this it? Have blacks achieved the same protected status that jews have? What does the future hold…[View]
260964161NOT A FUCKING DRILL THEY ACTUALLY DID IT: https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1268705790669578…[View]
260972089Help me red pill a norime, that asking for it!: So my normie sister in law, basically asked me to re…[View]
260969394Time for a black Republican president: Let's face it, /pol/, the era of white power is over. Ev…[View]
260958424PSYCHO TRANNY FAGGOT PA HEALTH SECRETARY: >PA Health Secretary Twists Himself Into a Pretzel Tryi…[View]
260971931how will black people feel about these white liberals?: How do you think they’ll react whenever they…[View]
260971464ANTIFA SPOKESPERSON STATES RIOT DEMANDS: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=urGej_1591313699…[View]
260928384The largest US flag in the country was ripped apart by thunderstorms https://twitter.com/420s8n/stat…[View]
260970547Based black woman. https://twitter.com/NYScanner/status/1268700228162654213?s=20[View]
260964739Do you consider America to be a third world country now, or it it just a third world country in 20 y…[View]
260971496It's okay to be white.[View]
260971841Coronavirus is a hoax: Most 'coronavirus' deaths were caused by medical malpractice. Using ventilato…[View]
260970104Name their new social media site /pol/[View]
260966909It’s very easy for girls to fuck an entire town but very hard for boys to. As someone who’s watching…[View]
260970251How do we solve the white women problem /pol/??? Seriously[View]
260968862Black people no longer want to be included in the term 'PoC'. Recent events have elevated them to a …[View]
260966879Which countries can you express racist opinions in without legal persecution/losing your livelihood?[View]
260971692The Activist's Fallacy: Many of the people who claim that the “system” is unfair will ultimatel…[View]
260971653https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/gwp2j2/what_are_your_moves_tomorrow_june_05_2020/ W…[View]
260961930/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #184: >LIVE STREAMS https://youtu.be/IfaDiXlNV9E https://youtu.be/YxRryz…[View]
260962247post antifa cuties[View]
260940328Expect us.[View]
260971532>May 14th: Protests are what causes stay-at-home to be extended >June 4th. Oh By the way, barb…[View]
260966167#Bald4BLM: You know the drill. Get it trending and sit back for the keks. Part 2 is self-explanatory…[View]
260954681IT'S OVER: We're done, the world has officially reached peak clown.. >Niggers are burni…[View]
260971493What do you guys think?[View]
260971479Let us all sing: This is the anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m36uOUSJFjE[View]
260963157Fuck Google: I just tried to post a YouTube comment 5 times, that automatically deleted after about …[View]
260971434These riots are going to cause American corporations to leave the US and the US will become a social…[View]
260944710Has this movement gone too far?[View]
260971400Asian 'Anti-Blackness': Asians have learned 'anti-blackness' from white people's 'racism.' This…[View]
260970235US exports collapse, tanking 20%: U.S. exports are down 20.5% to US$ 151.3 billion, the steepest dec…[View]
260971123State of Degeneracy in America: Is America beyond repair?[View]
260970606Hey everybody look at the pandermonkey pander!!: Imagine how Melania lays there in disgust while he …[View]
260969893It's Over: Have you ever seen this many normies mobilized at once? It's fucking happening …[View]
260958195Qanon VS Faganon happening: What happens now, /pol/?[View]
260968694My boomer mother just told me she believed in white privilege because Jimmy Kimmel said so. Why are…[View]
260968957the word racist is the white people's nigger[View]
260966943The A-10 Near Washington D.C.: So, it landed in the water? https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a…[View]
260961024It's no longer a coincidence.: >Nickelodeon propagandizes children for the purpose of far-le…[View]
260971071Based on everything happening now, what historical events of the past would you currently like to re…[View]
260968975What's your opinion on Juan?[View]
260970599Your silence on social media has been noted, /pol/.[View]
260970805You know what I’ve noticed?: Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even when that plan is …[View]
260970843Give me interesting things to search on Google[View]
260966408Bulgarian Dog spinning: Dozens of people have arrived in the Brodilovo village in the Strandzha moun…[View]
260967284Martial law when? Martial law when? Martial law when? Martial law when? Martial law when? Martial la…[View]
260967497Seriously? Cops are likely going to be stripped of many powers they once enjoyed after all this, pot…[View]
260963779White Dicklet Meth Head: Attacks protesters LMAOO[View]
260970761HAPPENING IN SAN ANTONIO: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://f…[View]
260968882The future American race: One day, there will be no racial variation in America, there will only be …[View]
260957278When the absolute heck is my internet daddy coming back, /pol/?[View]
260969827What did they mean by this?[View]
260958040It is incredibly low IQ to think you're ever going to win the culture war, or that America will…[View]
260959404OPERATION TACTICS:SMOKE SCREEN: Twitter nigger faggots love to take screen shots of our ops and post…[View]
260960759Considering what kicked this shit off, is kneeling the right gesture? They're mocking blm, aren…[View]
260964634Is it wrong to treat women like they are stupid? So far it has made my life easier and they don…[View]
260967437Burn Your American Flag Tonight: Not to show 'solidarity' with apes. Just burn it because this isn…[View]
260970526FUCK THESE PROTESTORS: FUCK THESE PROTESTORS I had it fucking made... now everything is ruined. >…[View]
260939192Am I the only one that doesn't want to be racist to anyone I just don't want anyone to be …[View]
260970054Why does AOC support Black Lives Matter?[View]
260967604There's no hope for us, is there?[View]
260955947Relax Bros. We're fine.: The protestors are a tiny, tiny minority of people. maybe a few hundre…[View]
260969959Add me on snap :): jeciiies103[View]
260970297ANTIFA Evidence: On the hunt for video evidence showing ANTIFA colors, flags etc. Something more tha…[View]
2609701081488: I'm comfy. Are you comfy Anons?[View]
260969029Defund the police: Expectation vs. reality[View]
260965005why was an A-10 Warthog warplane strafing delaware for an hour?[View]
260969488/pol/ destroyed again: see how many more likes they got? Proof you are losing It’s over for you Re…[View]
260970238lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL This thread is for discussion of property rights, self-determination,…[View]
260969115the only country worth saving in europe[View]
260965460Black patriot throwing down some huge redpills. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CA_l_yrnohf/?igshid=1qw…[View]
260965522What happened to classy white women?: Seem hard to find these days, no?[View]
260964010My 23 year old transgender sister (FTM) is a white supremacist who posts here every day.[View]
260969989Did you know that if you take the combined sum of black and white unarmed citizens killed by police …[View]
260958790Have you seen any sexy antifa girls in the protest photos?: Or are they all fat and ugly?[View]
260966306mad that my skin is getting so much attention? stay mad wh*tey[View]
260969951Post video and best links on George Floyd case: Autospy: https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/…[View]
260967921Should we meme this?: People are so retarded they might actually do it.[View]
260968854It will never stop: Niggers will never stop demanding more. They're incapable of creating thing…[View]
260968826BREAKING: BIDEN WINS 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/12687199398…[View]
260946139Election 2020 - Trannies Seeth Edition: Let's discuss the electoral possibilities in 2020. And…[View]
260948593Why haven't they said anything yet? They are extremely lucky that they do not have a physical s…[View]
260968246Wtf is going on?: I'm starting to get confused with the world. What the fuck is going on anymor…[View]
260969173>the absolute state of mutts[View]
260966463If all these people donate to black lives matter: then who exactly gets the money to 'organize'…[View]
260969113God im so pissed: niggers are doing nothing but make me hate them even more, i fucking wish this COV…[View]
260956998Which one of you motherfuckers is this You park by my house every day and I know you're on this…[View]
260969037COOL PROPAGANDA: >They won >I can't take it anymore :>I lost my friends >Cuckpostin…[View]
260969240Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260961678Morning lads, So I had an idea to address all these celebrities tut-tuting whites and siding with BL…[View]
260966081Quit Working for FaceBook Cause Orange Man Bad: Why do white people write this cuckery, do they list…[View]
260969160BTFO: Leftist just ensured the 2nd amendment will be safe: You buy gun stocks yet?[View]
260968718about half way thru tgsnt: the facade of our founding myth is crumbling before my eyes. what else is…[View]
260966993https://twitter.com/IdentifyDixie/status/1268580624736149504 Well what do you guys think of outing t…[View]
260966087When did you accept that everyone is built for big white cock?[View]
260947926FALSE FLAG INCOMING: And they will blame it on /pol/. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boogaloo_movemen…[View]
260968157So I'm listening to the Crowder Riot Stream and he just played this video of a speech by Donald…[View]
260968095Riots fizzled out?: I haven't seen any massive action on streams.[View]
260965313#BLM: why cant you just empthize with the blacks? there pepole too. i met a nice black guy there tha…[View]
260956562Have anons here unironically lost friends and family over politics?: Or is this one big meme? I’ve n…[View]
260965722CORPORATIONS NOW LOOKING TO DONATE TO BAIL FUNDS: Really makes you think, doesn't it?[View]
260959039Can you feel it?: The media is all over something called the 'boogaloo boys'. Widescale violence is …[View]
260968702CIA, MK ULTRA, and Mind Control: What events in history are connected to the program today? -Charles…[View]
260968460/pol/ can at least agree that this was abuse of power by the police, right?[View]
260965996The Digital White Flight Theory: I've come up with a plan, taken from real world scenarios, abo…[View]
260964377>All of this mayhem over some jogger criminal It's really difficult to fathom the extent of …[View]
260963027Tucker jsut called them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjvVMTUHUuc Cant Cuck the Tuck…[View]
260968525Goes by the name “Bunkerboy.” It's time to arrest the President for inciting violence![View]
260967348If you had to pick 4 interesting and related sources from the October Revolution for year 11's,…[View]
260968469Brazilian Pantifa dossier leak: (our hue FBI actually forgot to make their google drive private) htt…[View]
260968443Only based black person is Terrence k Williams: This guy speaks nothing but facts[View]
260968423He can't keep getting away with it.[View]
260962861What's the point of this? There are people outside of the US, I have never seven seen a black p…[View]
260944722Boogaloo Boys behind defunding police!: Boogaloo Boys are encouraging the defunding and disbanding t…[View]
260964727Tell me how you believe in God knowing niggers exist[View]
260968337Trump's chumps(greatest military): Since the business plot exposed by the most decorate marine …[View]
260968247Daily reminder.[View]
260966731Electoral map: This will be your future, better get used to it[View]
260968205Life without colors: Can we make liberals post all-white pictures with #lifewithoutcolors caption an…[View]
260968172DNC 2020: 4 years ago the DNC riots were pretty big. I'm wondering if we started now we could f…[View]
260968103Hello pol, You are all wonders at tracking down individuals. This should be a relatively easy job fo…[View]
260965966How come the edgelords haven't made #NoLivesMatter a thing? Is it because all the so called edg…[View]
260968073Why was this racist then?: Why was this racist then?[View]
260968054>get fucked over every day by your corrupt government >riot over a dead black criminal explai…[View]
260967247Do you think it eats up Twitter leftists that there’s a silent majority? A few million at best compa…[View]
260968030A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE: Corporations love to virtue signal, when in reality they're just…[View]
260965277Current 'trending' on twitter. The masses of cultural marxists, niggers, feminists, and faggots are …[View]
260967306why pol denies there's such thing as systemic racism?: https://twitter.com/MaiahOcando/status/1…[View]
26096764827 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of…[View]
260965165This board is gay and so is everyone on it[View]
260965643What happened to the #gobaldforblm threat?[View]
260967803Will AOC end racism?[View]
260967449Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement: This isn't about equal rights for all races. This is …[View]
260956186There's one way for Trump to win over EVERYONE: If Trump by executive order legalize without re…[View]
260960159>conservatives left the cities and moved into the suburbs >they willingly gave up on the econo…[View]
260967469Random Piles Of Bricks Magically Appearing At Protests: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.…[View]
260967502164 150 145 162 145 040 155 165 163 164 040 142 145 040 163 157 155 145 164 150 151 156 147 040 145 …[View]
260967127She’s right, you know. Instead of the govt paying out reputations, you must volunteer to fund your l…[View]
260933620Is he innocent? Should he have a lesser charge? >rookie cop >told Chauvin to stop - twice >…[View]
260963906Something is wrong here: I noticed that the discourse on POL has been considerably more cordial than…[View]
260966536THE PLAN: >TRUST THE PLAN what is the plan? haven't you looked outside? Isn't there in …[View]
260967355REDDIT REDPILL: Which one of you did this?[View]
260967105IF this shit goes south, are they coming back?[View]
260952356George Floyd wanted to be a Supreme Court justice: >“When I grow up, I want to be a Supreme Court…[View]
260967305anyone else feel invigorated as fuck from the recent chimp outs and leftist rioters? I love reading…[View]
260966200Skindler's List AKA mass doxxing: This twitter account below has compiled an actual modern day …[View]
260950036Russia is the final white homeland.[View]
260965908Them again?: So Israel is gonna annex the west bank on July 1st and all of a sudden one dead jogger …[View]
260967132Let's Do It: Dear Whites, We find ourselves in position which can lead to only 1 outcome. We…[View]
26096695599% of the people protesting are whites or asians or Latino: in McCarren Park Brooklyn, I'd say…[View]
260950806Every ideology is weak and flabby when compared to the self-confident, virile, potent and all-conque…[View]
260966930Who do you hate more - niggers or Jews?: Would you rather see the niggers swinging from trees or see…[View]
260963941George Floyd made Corona disappear!![View]
260964741>ok booger[View]
260966828It’s over incels: The world is a different place rn than it was 10 days ago Dilate[View]
260965420The walls are closing in.: Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, people around Trump are resigning at re…[View]
260933089Ya know, everybody makes fun of guys like this, but that's the whole fucking point of guns- If …[View]
260943873''RACIST IRELAND'' is twitters next target: They have been targeting Ireland and…[View]
260966703Is it safe to say that Minneapolis is irredeemable at this point?[View]
260965185kino thread: Please post more based Swedish police kino. I need something to cheer me up after seein…[View]
260964949Here is how this is going to go..: Here is how this is going to go from here on out. We are going to…[View]
260966572Goys: We need to help the mainstream conservatives warm up to the idea of regulating their own commu…[View]
260966492Facebook Censorship: I absolutely hate censorship. Any time a corporation or a government tries to i…[View]
260965655>if we stand here and yell long enough. we will force everyone to like black people.…[View]
260965937From the Holocaust Museum: Powerful, absolutely powerful[View]
260965584Goyim how do I even begin to apologize: For my race importing diverse hordes of goblins, trolls, uru…[View]
260963811Why does the Democrat Party exist?: Any history fags out there? Why was the Democrat Party formed??…[View]
260966352SDRW WHEN?!?!?: Sometimes it feels like we are moving BACKwords[View]
260966350>all social media is being inundated by pro-looting propaganda If they’re really so happy about …[View]
260966355General Lee Statue: I just saw on CNN that Virginia governor intends to remove statues considered ra…[View]
260965706George Floyd is no hero or martyr, he was a career criminal[View]
260963829Are blacks the worst race?: Do they really create crime? Or do the Jews influence them so heavily th…[View]
260964217I don’t give a fuck about BLM but the cops need their shit reeled in before they feel comfortable co…[View]
260965222White Rioters?: So ive heard that some mainstream outlets are reporting that most of the rioting is …[View]
260966246america: >be fucked over by the government that sucks jewish cock and puts the tax payer last and…[View]
260938156/pol/ will disagree even though he's right[View]
260966222I think I speak for everyone here when I say black people of /pol/ - we're sorry for saying n-w…[View]
260965841fuck the media. fuck corporations. fuck banks. fuck politicians.[View]
260965883Reminder just chillin IS a valid tactical strategy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_wei[View]
260965693Communist infiltrators in U.S. Military Branches.: It is obvious there is subversion by Communists i…[View]
260965904I'm really getting sick of Jewhadis and niggers.[View]
26096358450% of the population make up 95% of those executed by police! #MALELIVESMATTER Also we're bein…[View]
260966140PRIVILEGED IN THE PROJECTS: Does this seem like a good idea? It's a work in progress so I'…[View]
260957767This is why you never trust Jewbook. Every single direction there’s people ready to dox you to your …[View]
260965979The Jews were responsible for 78% of slave ownership in the New America. And now the overwhelming ma…[View]
260965820American police should learn from the brits[View]
260965430U tryna censor me nigga? Seriously who's responsible for this piece of shit? >https://en.wik…[View]
260944642Niggers have infiltrated my vidya: This is going too far[View]
260965869Why do amerimutts worship niggers?[View]
260965802OERATION : HASHFAG: #whitelivesmatter and #qanon are overrun, time to turn it on their sorry asses. …[View]
260965801Can someone explain to me why Slavs aren’t white?[View]
260965507Blacks are not the evil ones.: It wasnt the blacks, or the mexicans who did the following: >stage…[View]
260964355Josh McCutcheon AKA Burger Planet is live on twitch at the Indianapolis rally and has been exposed f…[View]
260965683So now that we seen how awful Trump is and how every single country on the planet is laughing at us …[View]
260963377>exaggerate Wuhan deaths >fake videos showing people being welded into their homes >sacrifi…[View]
260965519This entire thing is a ruse for FUNDING inner cities: >COVID-19 hits >Inner cities w/ heavy bl…[View]
260965461grave spinning 2020: who's max RPM and why? go.[View]
260964994Do you think blacks know they’re enslaved by the Democrat party?: Let us have a deep discussion.…[View]
260932523Can some frogs redpill be on zemmour? Why did the mossad choose the worst example of Jewish dysgenic…[View]
260961193March on DC: What do y’all think about the million person march on DC planned for Saturday? I feel l…[View]
260927771How can I counter this /pol/?[View]
260960875Daily reminder that you cannot make white babies with nonwhite women: What is stopping you from cuff…[View]
260954876Why did he do it?: Maybe letting them in was a mistake, but freeing them has been a disaster.[View]
260964221The left is pushing hard.: I wonder who could be behind the violence? >“No. 1, before the protest…[View]
260964833Antifa or really good troll?: Who is the guy behind the profile? Its not the offical Anonymous (obvi…[View]
260965266Based and Redpilled: Redpilled dude wants to get nobel prize for his work. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
260965259anything juicy?: Newfag Can someone spam their emails with porn and viagra ads?[View]
260962232Teach niggers how to cooperate with police: Maybe the problem is that niggers don't understand …[View]
260965237MICKS AND WOPS: “I don't see no Americans. I see trespassers, Irish harps. Do a job for a nicke…[View]
260963666unsuccessful trolls are unsuccessful: Nice try incels, but as long as we got YouTube channels like A…[View]
260964490Do we have magic powers?: I’m just trying to figure out an alternative way to destroy the Jews.…[View]
260962704What is the solution to 'Woke Capitalism'? Its obvious these companies do not care about a…[View]
260965159James of Project Veritas tears pantifa a new asshole. Completely shits all over retards claiming it…[View]
260965128BRING SEGREGATION BACK: Name one thing wrong with this message. You can't.[View]
260936503PROOF OF ANTIFA SQUAD IN ACTION: https://streamable.com/5rj80x POSTS WITH THIS LINK KEEP DYING IN …[View]
260962752And just like that...everyone forgot about the riots: It got boring fast. Nothing really happens and…[View]
260963989White womens rights are the best thing to happen to the white race!: White women ultimately make the…[View]
260958859Who is the one leaving bricks around the country[View]
260962805How comfy is it here?: i here its very comfy.[View]
260961949Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260962646Does Anyone Care Anymore?: I can't help but feel like it's over. Not just for us, but for …[View]
260963035Women are disgusting: Imagine whoring out your own daughter like this for virtue signaling internet …[View]
260961210If IQ is genetic then why is there no evidence of an IQ genome? IQ is entirely environmental. Prove …[View]
260960235Tanks need to be sent in to stop this Jewish coup and make the negros take the knee. Jews have, thro…[View]
260964912IT'S GO TIME: For those lost in the sauce, don't take the blackpill. It's all about t…[View]
260964501Are white women actually degenerate: why do people say that white women are degenerate and like BBC …[View]
260964839https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-myth-of-the-kindly-general-lee?utm_source=pocket-newtab How w…[View]
260959064HAPPENING: MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT WILL BE DISMANTLED https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/statu…[View]
260959844How dare you! How DARE you! I am BLACK! How DARE you disagree with me! How DARE you oppose more auth…[View]
260961647Mexibro set cop on fire in GDL beanout: #justiciaparagiovani Giovani was killed by cops because he w…[View]
260964245They honestly want to keep this going...: >Floyd family attorney wants people to keep protesting …[View]
260964698Holy shit faggots!!!: I was watching American History X today and noticed something interesting abou…[View]
260964235I’m bored. Are there any more happenings?[View]
260964649america: >be fucked over by the government that sucks jewish cock and puts the tax payer last and…[View]
260937216Looks like Blacked is getting cancelled,coomers are rising up[View]
260964643Operation Bald: It is simple Anons, with the witch hunt that's going on online we need a way to…[View]
260964261White lives do not matter: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christop…[View]
260963928Framing lefties to get doxxed: You guys think we can do this? Frame them on Twitter for something ra…[View]
260942774Is it even worth fighting?: 627k likes on Twitter.[View]
260964544Best Based Riot Streamer: Being redpilled in real time. Join us for some laughs https://www.youtube.…[View]
260962633Confederate Lives Matter, End this disrespect to their names, they fought for their homeland like ev…[View]
260964441How do Indians fit into the post white world?: Indians love white men. They are only partially nigge…[View]
260961539Reminder: He is more intellectually honest than all of you.[View]
260964284Say something nice about her[View]
260961175Notice anything?[View]
260963670La societe nouveau Robespierre tu desirant! Aux barricades, nigres! https://www.counterpunch.org/202…[View]
260961760Brit/pol/: Our Pripyat Edition: >Tommy Robinson is in Barrow trying to figure out Wtf is going on…[View]
260964214LOOTERS LOOT FROM LOOTER...: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA9Sk_Ynarn/?igshid=1ken864njpjjy…[View]
260961630Can I get an Amen, sisters?[View]
260943432Anyone else's college sending out cucked messages?: 'As an instrument of social justice'[View]
260963004You are the reason all of this is happening. Yeah faggot reading this,I'm talking to you.: Your…[View]
260954625Niggers fear dogs https://twitter.com/JFNYC1/status/1268324422680797185[View]
260954447Can you feel it?[View]
260963577It was never the Jews or the minorities: It was always the white liberals so desperate to get recogn…[View]
260963113Who looks more justed?[View]
260963400I'd like to pray for you, anon: I am no one special - I'm not a priest, I don't come …[View]
260949191China has access to your entire internet history going back forever.: When China steps in to 'stabil…[View]
260963671Maybe now that you know literally every media production company is faggot, nigger-dick-licking garb…[View]
260963125How come no one has made a Riot-Chan yet?[View]
260963663Can anyone please find the image where there is a white woman wearing a shirt that says 'stand behin…[View]
260962171>Woah did you make a generalization about /pol/? Don’t you know that /pol/ isn’t one person? >…[View]
260963592Ridin' With Biden General /RWBG/: Tired of being oppressed by Blormph with high healthcares cos…[View]
260957919Its time for WAR: The Black Community herby declares war against WHITE CIS MEN. Buckle the fuck up!…[View]
260963039He found the sunglasses /pol/: He's one of us. He don't need /our/ protection. There are m…[View]
260961689EXPOSING GEORGE FLOYD FALSE FLAG EXPOSED: They're up to their sneaky tricks again, /pol/. THREA…[View]
260963561A question from somebody not 100% familiar with how this wotks. With all these bailout donations be…[View]
260963508Who did this #goBaldForBLM ► Twitter.com/Skawtish/status/1268688703054118912[View]
260962679GRAY STATE: This movie trailer was released in 2012 and it is, frame-by-frame, The Happening. Be gra…[View]
260960511Are there any valid arguments against white supremacy?[View]
260963129Illuminati: What do you think about the star of their god worshippers? All larp or do you know that …[View]
260962887Quantum computers are modern day ouija boards made for schizos. Prove me wrong. >throw random se…[View]
260963284Help: Is there a better way to word this? I want to rustle some liberal jimmies as eloquently as pos…[View]
260960846HAHAHAHA: Slutty white girls actually posting this on my IG, you cannot make this shit up[View]
260963136imagine being the CEO of blizzard and failing to capitalize on dota. >imagine how fucking rekt do…[View]
260958847>reviews phones on YouTube >Oh shit im black I have to talk about racism This nigger gets free…[View]
260952460What does pol think of this: Pic related[View]
260961679I’m so fucking sick of this shit: >literally worshipping a feral crackhead nigger God please wipe…[View]
260963023At my funeral I'm having lil-wayne, mike tyson and the rock, this why I need BLM[View]
260961427Timothy Poole: What’s that dude hiding under that beanie?![View]
260962616Where should we go?: Those of us who want to remain white among whites. Where the fuck should we go?…[View]
260963012Ephesians 4:30-32 Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, by whom you were marked with a seal for the day of …[View]
260962606Facial recognition system for /pol/: There's lots of videos of antifa acting like white niggers…[View]
260962829Why so Swedish N*rdsissies like to have their bussies bred with so much? Is it genetic? Or just poli…[View]
260957000I'm not Q, but you need to read this shit right now: Glowniggies are desperate. These riots are…[View]
260961632So now that hes buried, what will his wiki page say about him?[View]
260962016>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8%E2%80%B246%E2%80%B3 What the hell are they doing? Have they los…[View]
260942967Mexicans Doing the Jobs Americans Wont Do: https://blockclubchicago.org/2020/06/02/black-chicagoans-…[View]
260962748PUBLIC OPINION IS SWAYING ON JOE BIDEN: The middle class is finally starting to come around and supp…[View]
260962716boston: i keep hearing fireworks, is there really nothing going on in boston or jamaica plain?…[View]
260962698All the officers have been put in jail, why are they still protesting? Are they trying to change law…[View]
260961575Sorry phone fag here, girlfriend shopping on SHEIN some chink website that sells cheap dresses. I s…[View]
2609620972021? What's next? White genocide?[View]
260962031George Floyd was sentenced to only 5 years for Aggravated Robbery w/ A Deadly Weapon in TX: Let…[View]
260961407Daddy changed the world: https://twitter.com/AndersonPaak/status/1267997833069641729 Awwwwwwww Floyd…[View]
260962366NPR is a arrest roster: If you're wondering who needs to be arrested on DOTR. Its literally any…[View]
260959053Abolish police: They're just standing in the way of communists getting what they deserve.…[View]
260961872Secret Pizzagate Theard ? They are trying to Cover up something!!!!: WTF is going on lads? I tried t…[View]
260962516TRUMP BTFO: Twitter ranks Trump as the top racist https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/12686938399…[View]
260960238Google Donates $120 Million Dollar[View]
260961192Michigan /pol/ bros ...did you miss this protest in Howell today? The old town of the KKK. Why didn…[View]
260962144Guys, they are trying to frame us. We should scare them off. For our own safety. I've became to…[View]
260961925Traitors in Hollywood: Dear Americans, Why didnt you hang or you know what traitors, (((them))) in H…[View]
260933100Stop defending Chauvin: Floyd was handcuffed and therefore almost wasn't dangerous. Chauvin sho…[View]
260962357given how corrupt the united states of america is, i was expecting to hear at least one person in th…[View]
260962261Glowie General: What's up with the glowing lately?[View]
260961109Fren Indeed of Police Help: > Became friends with another white guy in a shitty part of the neigh…[View]
260961145When is violence against the state legitimate?: When is a state considered tyrannical? Was it illegi…[View]
260961497What is it with all the memeflags running demoralization campaigns on /pol/? One hour it’s all chill…[View]
260961803Racism solved[View]
260926715/fscg/ - Federal State of China General #3: >Steve Bannon and billionaire Guo Wengui are spear-he…[View]
260962228I've been looking for freedom I've been looking so long I've been looking for freedom…[View]
260962172I can't enjoy anything pop culture anymore... its just wall to wall propaganda everywhere and t…[View]
260958618Leftists want you & your children indoctrinated or dead: https://twitter.com/daniel_dsj2110/stat…[View]
260961388TIKTOK...TIKTOK...: >The blue-eyed Aryan loli stares into your soul through the camera >She da…[View]
260960949Why is it even a question anymore?: When studies like this exist, how can lefties even get by on the…[View]
260962079The Future is Nigger Tyranny: All people including good upstanding Blacks will one day be kneeling u…[View]
260957962Anonymous is trying to flood redpills TT: >Report from the battle: The Anonymous K-Pop, Anime, an…[View]
260962043In what way does this image emotionally effect you? Media induced hysteria through electronics brain…[View]
260961320The whiteman has fallen: How did this happen bros.The world is literally bending the knees of submis…[View]
260961676BASED therapist PROVES Chauvin is GUILTY of MURDER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gkz5pCKrwk[View]
260951531/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #183 raining on chimps edition: >LIVE STREAMS https://youtu.be/IfaDiXlNV…[View]
260961929by Michael Snyder: I wonder who could be behind the violence? >“No. 1, before the protests began,…[View]
260944050Are System of a Down cringe or based?[View]
260961830Is he right?[View]
260943617>France protests >Italy protests >Sweden protests >Finland protests >Germany protests…[View]
260961804Isaac Kappy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yQav96DVJE does anyone know what it is he says he did?…[View]
260961090You pathetic racists never cease to make me laugh[View]
260956939What did snoop dogg mean by this? >Im'a smoke where I want to smoke >It's choke who …[View]
260961611Antifa is part of CCP's Unrestricted Warfare @smithmarion (1/2) Last night the Victims of Commu…[View]
260921644Is pay for sex morally wrong?[View]
260961255Why are japs ok with this?[View]
260959077What the actual fuck is his problem?: I mean, seriously what the fuck is wrong with him?[View]
260960732CARDINAL TURKSON SAYS IT IS TIME TO FORGIVE THE KILLER: >In the present situation of the death of…[View]
260961486janitors need to be mixed[View]
260957522A video game from 2001 pretty accurately predicted the echo chamber crisis of today that has led to …[View]
260960811will women ever have integrity? their only motivated was always to fit in. young white women joined …[View]
260960333Ridin' With Biden General /RWBG/: Tired of being oppressed by Blormph with high healthcares cos…[View]
260961399*RIOTING STOPS*[View]
260961356Anyone else feel that China is going to win in the end?: regardless of whose side you're on, do…[View]
260960687anybody got the full text link for https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-myth-of-systemic-police-racism-1…[View]
260961342How did Killer Mike get it so right? /pol/ is too brainwashed to acknowledge this masterpiece.[View]
260960506Glasgow KY Downtown Counter Protest: Hey KY anons if you're here. there's a groids live ma…[View]
260961270Trump losing Christian support: >Robert P. Jones, chief executive of the Public Religion Research…[View]
260948865Could this be the results of BLM?: Or perhaps this entire false flag psyop is pushing people to vote…[View]
260961247What will all the people who have said they hate cops after all of this do whenever they need cops f…[View]
260960418Why is twitter culture so hateful?[View]
260960523Good job /pol/: I have to admit, this is the most I've seen people calling out psyop/demoraliza…[View]
260959717M E N T A L G Y M N A S T I C S[View]
260957290Weaponized satanic niggers have already been unleashed, go check his profile, this is what the futur…[View]
260954590You know I'm bored, / Pol / if your country were a human how would you describe it? Mine as a p…[View]
260960225It was literally this guy's 4th day on the job. (the other white cop out of the 4, not the one …[View]
260960797Have a good day frens! Make sure you remember to smile.[View]
260956843NATSOCS ENABLE JEWS - THATS WHY JEWS SPRAY SWASTIKAS ON SYNAGOGUES: and these shills are spamming pr…[View]
260961043Why aren't niggers rioting in Puerto Rico? I thought they had a huge black population? Oh right…[View]
260961028Apologise: Apologise[View]
260921854Viral White Ppl Slander: deservingly so bc what the fuck? you guys ever had this delicacy? or is thi…[View]
260959898Why are you guys being such doomers?: >comfy at home watching chaos >normies becoming redpille…[View]
260953866Why do they allow /pol/ to exist? Are WE the useful idiots delegitimizing right wing ideas?[View]
260960837Why does an Animal Crossing fan market need to endorse BLM? Seriously I only wanted to play vidya wi…[View]
260960840Why do all women of every race crave white men so much? Seriously, I feel sorry for non-white men. W…[View]
260960025Something Big Is Happening: Think about it anon, why are there so many blm protests in countries tha…[View]
260960816Redpill me on WIllie Simmons /pol/.[View]
260960775every recommended article on the news tabs on my phone or desktop browser is about one or more of th…[View]
260954556So, is this it? Are we witnessing the long awaited fall of the USA? The cibel war that you all crave…[View]
260960629How much longer until they start releasing more AI generated portraits of arrested right wing terror…[View]
260954526I dare you to go on twitter right now and say this. 'These men deserve a fair trial'. We live in a w…[View]
260960646uplifting statistics: >~750,000 PROTESTERS IN USA = 0.2% OF TOTAL POPULATION >80% OF ALL TWEET…[View]
260960672Looking For A Video: The video was of a few people going to a 'White privilege' seminar or something…[View]
260957740WAVE 2: Who is ready for weaponized ebola?[View]
260960582His name was David Dorn, a death that actually mattered instead of some nog high on fentanyl and ful…[View]
260960567The Modern State of /POL/ How sad. Any day now guys , dont worry dont do anything is the 4D move fu…[View]
260960565Seychelles: They have the biggest HDI in Africa, but I can't find any information about the eth…[View]
260960555Are you sure we’re white?: Name one fucking country that isn’t full of mongrels. All of European peo…[View]
260960542can your brain differentiate between an orgasm created by your hand versus a woman's pussy?[View]
260960055Serious question for militants, anarchists, and high iq people only.: Can anarchists and militias ex…[View]
260959903Last thread archived. C'mon boys, this is war. #GoBaldForBLM don't let it die. Post yours…[View]
260959420George Floyd Theory: Derke Chauvin and George Floyd were co-workers at a night club, the night club …[View]
260959280To act as a short break from the tiring disaster happening right now here's something completel…[View]
260944742This dumb nigger is absolutely outrageous: https://twitter.com/michaelharriot/status/126846377782723…[View]
260960155What would have to happen for WHITE people to riot?[View]
260956755So when are you fags going to go out and fuck shit up? you sure talk a lot of shit compared to the a…[View]
260957973DESPITE BEING 13%...: Mainstream conservatives have begun talking about crime and racial statistics.…[View]
260956375Is anyone on /pol/ LEO? What's your thoughts on all this?[View]
260958936Oh shit, black people are evolving![View]
260943542Portugal: Seriously, what happens here? Is this the most irrelevant country in all of Europe? >no…[View]
260946525Anyone else hate white leftists more than niggers at this point?: You've all been had. The bigg…[View]
260930345Name my band /pol/[View]
260947352Question: the entire usa is burning the national guard is kneeling to the blm protesters and the chi…[View]
260960203Will PMs become the defacto currency after 2020? With Corona and the riots leading to economic turmo…[View]
260959902https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxH1pCZi4jw Wtf happened? How did we go from two black men talking l…[View]
260960109Why did they burn those places: Where am I supposed to consooom now?[View]
260945575why shouldn't we all live like the amish? everyone would have an amazing, perfect life forever[View]
260959748Any other fucked up socialists who want real revolution, and tired of post - modern commies? Five y…[View]
260960085Virgin Duncan Lemp vs Chad George Floyd: The Virgin Duncan Lemp >??? >some right-wing libertar…[View]
260958027(AUSPOL) IT'S HAPPENING: 2 new cases in NSW 8 new cases in Victoria IT'S FUCKING HAPPENIN…[View]
260947918Corona Cognitive Dissonance: One of the 2 following circumstances will come to pass >There will b…[View]
260950598What the fuck is happening on Twitter?: Is it about to go down, bois?[View]
260958259who here is an integralist[View]
260959151Why was this racist then? Explain: If 'AllLivesMatter' is racist because of BLM, then, why…[View]
260960024Matt Hale: How come I don't hear more about this guy here? I saw this video and he was dropping…[View]
260959317Operation #GetOutAndProtest: With all the BLM protests and now pride month, it's the perfect ti…[View]
260952614Redpill me on niggers?: Are they truly unsalvegable or is there potential for their community to be …[View]
260959930i think we need to party and do something. the world is so fucking boring. how do we fix this /pol/[View]
260959917Anglo-Americans, the eternal vassals of Israel: The external politics of this two shitholes in the l…[View]
260959076Sonic Sez Terrorism is Cool: 'way past cool' he added[View]
260959881AUS/POL/: Lads >NOW | A defiant leader of tomorrow's protest says the protest is 'an essenti…[View]
260958570If the African-American and Queer communities were set against each other, say on account of the que…[View]
2609525078 Can't Wait: >have libtard friends >mention how the '8 Can't Wait' seems like a rea…[View]
260939299Brit/pol/: >Tommy Robinson is in Barrow trying to figure out Wtf is going on https://youtu.be/WmT…[View]
260958597Wikipedia on George Floyd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Floyd >NOTHING about his criminal…[View]
260899257Military standown: The new narrative is that the military, if ordered to deploy at home, will disobe…[View]
260959714Tom Cotton's article nets the largest cancellation of the New York Times in a single hour: http…[View]
260957098How can they say America has a racism problem when white and black cops will come together to beat t…[View]
260958200? How do we use BLM?: Top Kek to the lads who got women to shave their heads today. 2. We should be …[View]
260959551Searching the word 'Racist' on Twitter People search gives top result as Donald Trump I tested it he…[View]
260955734Gen Z ruined /pol/. There, I said it.[View]
260958022Habeas Corpus suspended in New York City: once again, the Democrat cities are far more totalitarian …[View]
260957788Trump losing Christian support: >Robert P. Jones, chief executive of the Public Religion Research…[View]
260936114I Support the Jewish Endgame: I'm extremely ugly, was bullied my whole life, never had a girlfr…[View]
260949869Swedish right-wing death squads unleashed on BLM protestors: I'm thinking based. When is Americ…[View]
260959374OH NO NO NO NO[View]
260936650BLM BLACKPILL HELL: I have been having a disturbing week. Horrifying, really. I do not care who win…[View]
260957669>its da joos[View]
260955817Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260959215Ok this is based.: Why did Romans/Greeks hate pink skinned savages so much.[View]
260959070We have located the source of the radiation. /pol/ is glowing hard: Post Your Examples of Glowing po…[View]
260941482Know the enemy: The enemy has migrated to private groups, have you been doxxed or do you know somone…[View]
260959145Sorry about white women, black people.: I don't even care about the riots or escalation of conf…[View]
260957363I'm sorry we can't shift into anymore timelines. Once this nightmare timeline is destroyed…[View]
260959078Will you #facedown racism?: If you're white, when you see a PoC approaching you, lie face down …[View]
260957644Police chief canceled for not hating whites: https://www.ktva.com/story/42203590/palmer-police-chief…[View]
260949733If you are an American Nationalist, it is time to admit you were wrong: Is Hunter Wallace right, /po…[View]
260952896Is 2020 punishment for pic related?[View]
260958988Coronavirus Baby Boom: LMAOO https://www.insider.com/coronavirus-baby-boom-rich-famous-celebrity-pre…[View]
260957279Why don't revolutions happen anymore?: Is it because of the internet? Perhaps there's enou…[View]
260958497I like this quote. It pushes me to do my best each day.[View]
260956992Why is Hulk Hogan's buddy Kevin Nash such a pro-black bitch?[View]
260958891NLM: Natives are honestly the only minority that is underrepresented. >Natives: 5,220,579 ~ 1.6% …[View]
260937183Hope your free cotton picking was worth the destruction of this country you lazy fatasses. Fucking r…[View]
260958877K-Pop hashtags: So K-Pop fans are clogging patriot hashtags on twitter. How about we take some of th…[View]
260958809Tough on Crime bill: >hurr durr the media isn't biased If this was Trump the media would…[View]
260958866Where Did It All Go Wrong?: It's all so sickening. The pandering, artificial manufactured guilt…[View]
260958777Illuminati: What do you think about the star of their god worshippers? All larp or do you know that …[View]
260958725Operation NIGGER, or O/N: nigger is a strong word to use against the chimps, and these chimpouts wil…[View]
260958697What if they say no?: Ok Jews want to mix us with Muslims niggers and Asians we all know that and we…[View]
260958682As if America didn't already have enough to worry about.[View]
260956576WTF is going on in Brazil and Mexico? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/[View]
260958652They're doing it /pol/ They're actually fucking doing it.[View]
260957769What Happened?: How did NATO go from fighting communism. socialism, and even sympathizing with the f…[View]
260957084According to this guy, if I decide to kill somebody else and that if in my mind I decide that what i…[View]
260958499Realistically there is nothing we can do about climate change. Is there any reason we shouldn't…[View]
260934078Mattis says Trump should resign.: No one actually likes Trump anymore do they? Everyone who has ever…[View]
260951727Why is the term “bastard” an acceptable slur?: People can not help if they were born bastards and it…[View]
260958389Operation Pride Fall: So let me get this straight, the master plan here is to just go on social medi…[View]
260958390If you look at the original the police isn't looking at them[View]
260957681Black lives matter: Change my mind.[View]
260958366Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260958338Looters Drive Away With 80 Luxury Cars Worth $2.7 Million: Looters Drive Away With 80 Luxury Cars Wo…[View]
260958358Kneel!: Would it be good persuasion to let people know that all who socially surpassed joggers need …[View]
260958243Any stats out there of how many police are killed by blacks? Could promote blue lives matter with th…[View]
260956318how 2 end racism: ..according to BLM[View]
260953844>no wall >Mexico didn't pay for it >race riots >100k+ deaths >double digit unemp…[View]
260957558嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻: Wis ze protests, I can now spread my rove to the brack community!!!!!!!!!!!! Brack peoprr n…[View]
260957515Cloaca gentium: Cloaca gentium It's time to coin this term and use it more frequently. To descr…[View]
260958067RIP Minneapolis: https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/councilor-were-going-to-dismantle-the-min…[View]
2609520472020: The Second Half: COVID-19: Winding down, ultimately a very small burger. PROTESTS: Winding dow…[View]
260957901Well /pol/, why can’t you?[View]
260957841Thank them for their service: police failed during these riots. Some tried, some were injured, but i…[View]
260957850Y'all ever feel on 4Chan pollarp: That we are more busy fighting each other than seeing the big…[View]
260957646At what point does mass psychological warfare turn into violence?[View]
260956635Wow... Powerful...[View]
260957721George Floyd's career: 1997: arrested and sentenced to jail for for possession of cocaine 1998:…[View]
260957715Still hoping?: How are you holding up /pol/? Is there any hope for your country after lock down? has…[View]
260956582We need to quit the modern age: /pol/, we all need to take the final redpill and accept that Ted Kaz…[View]
260957284Redpill me on homeless people. What would you faggots do about them?[View]
260957543Former MI6 head claims COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab: https://www.jpost.com/health-science/form…[View]
260957605The state of the world: is a result of similar life choices accumulation over too many generations…[View]
260956191Operation Gentrification.: After the Great Chimpout has wound down there remains the issue with the …[View]
260952200I’m asian and this video just radicalised me on niggers.: Jesus Christ, who the fuck do these fuckin…[View]
260956983ᛋᛋ Welcome to /nsg/+/sig/: National Socialism General + Self-Improvement General. ᛋᛋ BE INSPRIRED: h…[View]
260957033So amerimuuts, do you actually want to do anything about what's going on? It's like a star…[View]
260953002...: In honour of George Floyd death I will staple my dick to my balls so every time I get an erecti…[View]
260956039How can I improve on this idea pol: >your racist rivals will kneel at your feet >if you will b…[View]
260957442Bail Funds: If most of the rioters are let out the next morning without paying bail, then where is a…[View]
260956464Police reform: This is finally it ! >Video evidence from multiple angles on a death in the hands …[View]
260911755STOP TALKING ABOUT NIGGERS AND GET IN HERE: >Trying again, cause last thread died on me The riots…[View]
260956786George Floyd was a 46 year old man from Texas with six felonies including armed robbery where he poi…[View]
260929351/slav/: last thread was really comfy[View]
260957239/Pol/ is just another New World Order cult used to fight and create other cults. It's a CIA div…[View]
260956510These niggers are still trying to pass the 'anti-lynching' bill that Juicy Smollet fucked up. What t…[View]
260957022Niggers officially protected species.: 'Judge advances murder case against three men in Ahmaud Arber…[View]
260931491Want to solve the american riddle of george floyd psy op? Find this bitch.[View]
260943209The most disturbing video on YouTube: No skits, just real interviews https://youtu.be/QjidbxN6geg co…[View]
260947867NEW Q DROP: What did Q mean by EAM loyalists? Is it happening tonight?[View]
260948356BREAKING: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld to Donate 500 Million to BLM: It's over, bros.[View]
260920179Imagine no niggers.[View]
260941803#GoBaldForBLM: Those with hair don't care.[View]
260952776I thought the riots would help our cause: But it seems every one from the mailman to my grandma are …[View]
260946487what the fuck is the mexican cartels problem?[View]
260957094Grugger logic[View]
260957002This is always a rule:: If it talks like a Jew, acts like a Jew, then it is a Jew by indefinite rule…[View]
260949001Operation Blank Slate: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with limitless potential. Anything ca…[View]
260956914Would any communists care to explain how they are fighting against the system?[View]
260953744Is there a point in fighting anymore?: Let’s just accept it, 50% of the population are mutts, Christ…[View]
260955557Chimera De Blasio: OH MY GOD! Why didn't I know de Blasio was a coalburner. LMAO! This is his u…[View]
260955956Rate My Body...: I feel fat. I need to lose a little weight.[View]
260956866White men worship women, hate 'pedos': >>260944722 >Plans include to indoctrinate the displ…[View]
260910637/pol/ isn't getting it: He's right you know? The Black Lives Matter protest aren't J…[View]
260956040Why do niggers love China so much?: Do they fear the spirit of Bruce Lee?[View]
260956170MCDonald's FREE BIG MAC VIRUS: Don't eat them, they likely contain estrogen and corona vir…[View]
260953736WE'RE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING: This is very admirable. A 37 year old Bugman with a gaming cha…[View]
260954162So...What Happened To The Insurrection Act?: Can you imagine how fucked we are as a nation that the …[View]
260951931She's been black pilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6tlvpcX59g She's so upset :(…[View]
260949708Europe gives up on America[View]
260956211The Pirate Pill: So guys, since almost every major corporation has given into BLM, how have your opi…[View]
260953892Ben and Jerrys: ARCHIVED IN 5 MINUTES?? FUCK JANNIES EDITION Ive seen plenty of people jumping on t…[View]
260954133name a more based lefty[View]
260955103Has anyone else noticed that they are getting bombarded with black pride ads supporting a dead methh…[View]
260952502people with hair only: if you are balding, you are either old, a nigger, an israeli or a subhuman co…[View]
260956216The whites of America[View]
260955708Teens Being Doxxed: Why are people allowed to doxx people for their past mistakes? Bros, I can’t lie…[View]
260956511We must use black racism to our advantage!: I just had a fucking idea. Why not use the inherent raci…[View]
260956491Are they like militia or something?[View]
260956474Where's Your Hog-Messiah Now, Evangelicals?: A vast number of you still believe that gump was ‘…[View]
260956405How to talk to your family about racism - A guide for white people: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA-e…[View]
260953000Why are white women turning on their own race?[View]
260956389Coronavirus Baby Boom: LMAOO https://www.insider.com/coronavirus-baby-boom-rich-famous-celebrity-pre…[View]
260942283Ok /pol/, how important is eye color? Are brown eyes subhuman?[View]
260956181Don't have babies.[View]
260954853Contemplating on moving to the states just for the gun laws. I want open carry in canada but everyon…[View]
260956280https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=Il1ce0UplZI&feature=emb_title Why haven…[View]
260955681are lolberts going about achieving their goals all wrong?: (1) So lets see if I have the plan all fi…[View]
260954453https://youtu.be/o-_WXXVye3Y >if you think anti-racism is bad and if you are a racist I want you …[View]
260956163>be american >dick mutilated as a baby >get shot >pay not to die >kneel in the racewa…[View]
260955745ANON WARS?: What do, /pol/? Is there a way to beat Twitter's biggest cockroach? This has the BI…[View]
260947142Whites Standing Up: Do you think others are going to hit the breaking point soon? I need to formall…[View]
260955457The puppet masters: How do you un-redpill yourself if you just want to return to normal and not see …[View]
260949747I just realized covid and blm's protests will make us slaves to the elites[View]
260905409Uhmm... /pol/: >'Boogaloo Bois' Wtf is this shit? I thought the 'boogaloo' was just a 4chan LAR…[View]
260956098When Vox covers (((sports))): Do boomers get their sports news from SJW media, too? Are they looking…[View]
260951748Is this true?[View]
260943456What's wrong with interracial relationships?: We're all the same species.Why does skin col…[View]
260946577Imagine still dating white women in 2020 .. What does /pol/ think about exclusively dating asian wom…[View]
260956026Northwest Territorial Imperative Thread?: Northwest Territorial Imperative Thread! This thread is fo…[View]
260956004>read this couple years ago >interesting take Dr. Pierce but that would never happen >fast …[View]
260955127Hong Kong was memetic programming to prime the American Populace for these Riots. We are under hypno…[View]
260954646Noko: Maybe I'm wrong but,, If Antifa becomes a recognized domestic terrorist organization, the…[View]
260955968Based Silas Thread: Pt 2: Brothas redpillin' Brothas, cont'd[View]
260954962How do we end this ride, bros?: I just want off already.[View]
260952314RIP George Floyd[View]
260949372They gave a criminal a gold casket[View]
260955776Person made an Instagram dedicated to “exposing” racists. @exposingsburgracists would be a shame if …[View]
260955431based asian store owner versus looter nun: https://www.reddit.com/r/JusticeServed/comments/gvvj8z/ma…[View]
260942033So why aren't we pitting niggers and faggots against each other? >promote hashtag CancelPrid…[View]
260955697So..: We all agree that cops are corrupt. But what does that have to do with the price of niggers in…[View]
260954086Anons Yankis what's going on in your country?: This All I know is that they killed a Nigger and…[View]
260947114Sonic Says 'Black Lives Matter': Even Saga supports Black Lives Matter. How do we stop this?[View]
260948451GREECE VS TURKEY PART II: THE WAR FOR ZOG JUICE: >Minister for National Defence: 'We are preparin…[View]
260923633Operation #GoBaldForBLM #2: Last thread got archived. Let's continue the discussion and plannin…[View]
260949337Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I went into the middle of a BLM crowd while wearing th…[View]
260954291PAY UP WHITOID: We will seize yo property anyway[View]
260955433Was modern/contemporary architecture a mistake? Or is it just an evolution from tradition[View]
260955582How could one be arrogant enough to think the looting is being done by white supremacists?[View]
260955532Have you guys felt it, Things have really changed. We need a plan to protect ourselves. A real one.…[View]
260953455I AM REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS COMING SATURDAY: It actually fills me with a sense of dread. I real…[View]
260955049Walmart's Racist: Im glad Walmarts are burning and being looted. They deserve it for being raci…[View]
260948081Say you could go back in time during World War II to meet Hitler. You can bring a laptop with you bu…[View]
260955229I am actually shocked at the language of the anti-lynching legislation: Basically if you get into a …[View]
260951449Why are Krauts such pathetic people? >Lost the 30 years war >Lost ww1 >Lost ww2…[View]
260919827Hasan Minhaj: All races must apologise to blacks: >The cop who kept onlookers away while Floyd wa…[View]
260955185Don't get swept up. Remember that the reason to be here is to find the truth. Bear the truth, S…[View]
260911952/pol/ Demoralization Campaign: I've never seen as many demoralization shills on /pol/ as now. T…[View]
260953767When will the left and right unite to rid the earth of the nigger sub human?[View]
260952377https://www.statista.com/statistics/585149/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-gender/ Holy shit, I…[View]
260946635My dad who claims to be a Libertarian just came out as supporting 10 trillion in reparations for sla…[View]
260954846When the gamer began to hate...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il1ce0UplZI&feature=emb_logo Ge…[View]
260954814/pol/ for years >lol dumb spics stay in your own country and fix it /pol/ after slight unrest in …[View]
260954803NATSOCS ENABLE JEWS - THATS WHY JEWS SPRAY SWASTIKAS ON SYNAGOGUES: and these shills are spamming pr…[View]
260944485Are we living through the American/Western Cultural Revolution?[View]
260953169'It was a Soros conspiracy' is now trending on alt-right facebook pages. What the fuck??[View]
260950264TRANNIES FLEEING THE UK: Oh noooo https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/trans-people-are-preparing-to-…[View]
260954743Fake Love: Zach and Julie Ertz speak of love and compassion, but they have no love or compassion for…[View]
260954724The Zionists movement in the USA is using Pepe as their symbol. They seem to be pretty based. How ca…[View]
260954669Bill De Blasio is opening NYC now. So somehow someway, COVID is magically over and workers need to b…[View]
260954630Jews use blacks as muscle against you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_BFvGA4Bo Jews use blacks a…[View]
260939148Why are companies so eager to please black people?[View]
260953635Hey America, if a revolution happens in the next month or so, make sure to hang all the stupid fucki…[View]
260954289Big Government: Between covid-19 and the recent rioting, both left and right have been in favor of t…[View]
260952177911 NEWS: Looks like 911 News was sent to the Gulag by Jack and the Twitter team. Why did Jack make …[View]
260954458What is the endgame of dehumanizing the police? How much longer before BLM starts suggesting that de…[View]
260947038IT HAPPENED AGAIN: FUCK WHITE PEOPLE THIS IS WAR https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/03/us/manuel-ellis-…[View]
260954421Shooting an Elephant: >be me >read Orwell in high school >be forty this year >see kids p…[View]
260954361Do celebrity opinions really sway normies?[View]
260951028What's the future for the white male in America?[View]
260940727charged for 'going armed to the terror of the people' .: https://myfox8.com/news/north-carolina-man-…[View]
260953601Antifa and charges: Dont charge antifa members with rioting, they will wear it with pride. Charge th…[View]
260954330Is he /our guy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRiwYDwagvs >pastes jew nose and ears on himse…[View]
260954232Where can I donate to their bail fund?[View]
260952994Would it be racist or based if a white professional wrestler had a finishing move like Derek Chauvin…[View]
260954155Is 2020 really the end of the world as we know it?: Virus, Planet of the Apes, Yellowstone going 4th…[View]
260954071Let’s help BLM out: And give them a list of all the Jews that are running and organizing BLM. They s…[View]
260954073Turns out none of you had any ideology to begin with. Tell me again how this is the Jews and Blacks …[View]
260953062why are modern generals fucking useless[View]
260920665Cleaning is racist: Uppity pavement ape records her fury upon discovering white women using their pr…[View]
260953247Communication Course changed my life: I went to drug rehab in 2016. Some optional classes you could …[View]
260952651Why are (((((((((((they))))))))))) promoting riots and destruction of businesses? Don't (((((((…[View]
260953064Secret Pizzagate Theard ???: Are there shadow theards? ctrl f pizzagate but cant find it...[View]
260950673guys this NWO takeover is scaring me[View]
260953690WHAT ARE YOUR DEMANDS /POL/ What will end this madness? https://www.instagram.com/p/CA_O0trAE_N/?ig…[View]
260953926>PUBLISHED THU, JAN 23 2020 >“His problem is that the elections are still 10 months away, and …[View]
260951586>left are burning the country over a fiction they created about blacks being oppressed >90% of…[View]
260953903>2 days ago >it happening >today >nothing happen Explain?…[View]
260951878Fucking black lives matter. Why don’t these retards think of all the black KANGZ killed by their own…[View]
260950674>mfw baking edibles and popping xanax with wagecucks tax dollars at 10am being a degenerate is fu…[View]
260952617Niggers: Hey anons I need some links that show how niggers will be niggers, no matter how poor or ri…[View]
260953773https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk9s0ZSy5l0 Who's side is he on?[View]
260953108The incest question: Hey /pol/ I've been wandering goybook for a while and I've notice thi…[View]
260948264George Floyd funeral footage: >George Floyd remembered as a fierce friend They left the comment s…[View]
260953676god i fucking hate faggots: God i fucking hate them, ive never had anyproblems with them in the past…[View]
26095281213/50: I just had a conversation with the lads out here on the farm. Normal people that typically ca…[View]
260950002Alright guys I usually don't post alot here but Society gone completely crazy: I'm an Aust…[View]
260953568She will be running the country next year: She's milking this whole crisis perfectly. She'…[View]
260922509LAPD Snipers on Synagogue shoots up protester with rubber bullets: https://twitter.com/USArmyVeteran…[View]
260952391>q posts >kek posts which is more annoying…[View]
260953497Albinos: What are your thoughts on Albinos faggots?[View]
260951387Emma Watson receive backlash to her Blackout Tuesday post: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/art…[View]
260953453Women Must Be Controlled: Literally, the secret to controlling society is controlling female sexuali…[View]
260953306Niggers really cant think for themselves...: Isn't it funny how these black rappers used to nam…[View]
260953279The final, final solution: Hear me out /pol/ I've figured this out. To both fix the roastie pro…[View]
260941744mmmmh guys?[View]
260953250CUCKING INTENSIFIES! Minneapolis Muslim Biz Gets Blasted: Uh-oh. Even Muslim refugees aren't ex…[View]
260941806HYPOTHETICALLY: Hypothetically, If I go into a crowd of protesters, as a white male, and yell FUCK Y…[View]
260953218'Well!? Get out of my way then!' Says the Alpha Male as he displays his status as the lowly Betas st…[View]
260952980Don't mind me, just looking for page 10[View]
260950560It still amazes me we have this huge reaction despite there's hardly anyone actually being outw…[View]
260952821S. Korea: Death to US Imperialism!: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20200604000940…[View]
260951922How do we fix white women?[View]
260951203you guys realize its an eclipse in the full moon this weekend right? you aint seen nothin yet.[View]
260949428No more hiding behind edgy nazi memes. Now everyone will know the true ideology of you trumptards. …[View]
260952903The boiling point: It's strangely similar how the riots on the US and the old protests in Chile…[View]
260949531Do you genuinely miss him? Here is a rare photo of him with a Jewish girl that he loved.[View]
260944461Get this trending.[View]
260952835ALERT readiness: severe-critical Need live streams: Any live streams of Washington. Wondering if the…[View]
260951671Nigger Worship: 01/02 The modern picture book industry is being ruined by agendas of inclusive diver…[View]
260949704Was Chauvin Racist?: Ok /pol/ Time for your thoughts on this matter. Was he actually a nigger hating…[View]
260952786It's time for cops to be held accountable.[View]
260952143We need Aurelian right now bros, where is he?[View]
260934325It’s very easy for girls to fuck an entire town but very hard for boys to. As someone who’s watching…[View]
260952400a deadly shooting could cause riots to pull a 180: if some speed king with a rifle decided to show u…[View]
260952604Don't Get Mad, Get Prepared: 1. If you live in an urban center, GET OUT 2. If you aren't a…[View]
260951194/pol/ I'm getting really tired of seeing shit like this.[View]
260950910Translated to English: Hey, we shut some of our games down for 2 hours, if you don't like it th…[View]
260952365Are you black or white? https://strawpoll.com/1ry4gebh[View]
260952488Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260951854Don't get on too high or a horse Kiwis: You still have work to do yet in eliminating racism…[View]
260951762Imagine being this based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag0MwmwGyG0[View]
260948834>CNN and 'Sesame Street' to host a town hall addressing racism https://edition.cnn.com/…[View]
260950567Missing off of military base: Does anyone have any info about her?[View]
260952036SINCE MY FIRST THREAD GOT ARCHIVED WITHIN 15 MINUTES HERE IT IS AGAIN White elderly couple savagely…[View]
260922601I'm new here and I am FURIOUS!: I have never been to 4Chan before but my best friend has been h…[View]
26091088710 years for giving a nigger a bruise: That's what the Demofaggots in Congress want. God damn w…[View]
260951484Netflix opinion on french: Find whats wrong(French knowledge needed)[View]
260949774A 46 year old black porn star with heart disease, COVID19 infection, and a history of violent home i…[View]
260951858europoors did your city had a joggerlivesmatter protest? was it peaceful?[View]
260951829Hi anons, After seeing how normies and mainstream react to whats going on in the US and how it'…[View]
260951809I am actually shocked at the language of the anti-lynching legislation: Basically if you get into a …[View]
260951331OH NO NO NO NO[View]
260951785whats new in the world today /pol/[View]
260951795I'm glad Filthy Frank is no more: George would've cucked just like Ian and Max.[View]
260941112Why do you Whiteys rape our women?: Y'all should stop raping our women[View]
260951718>Today Uber outed itself as racist I wish that the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and coun…[View]
260951348It's all over. We've lost. Yes most normies are put off by the violence, but the overton w…[View]
260950950WHY THE FUCK ACCELERATIONISM THREADS DYING >A fucking globalistic networks pooped out all around …[View]
260949604Fired for standing up to the leftist mob: Buy his book! The only college professor with common sense…[View]
260947556>ywn be locked in a police van protecting your constitutional rights surrounded by cutie sweaty g…[View]
260950060They’re overdoing it: I am convinced that this massive push to force whites to prostrate themselves …[View]
260951591I like how fragile white folks are acting like black people ever said or even suggested that all liv…[View]
260951098Ben and Jerrys: Ive seen plenty of people jumping on the bandwagon of what corporations post about j…[View]
260951514Revealed:! Its Russia that's behind the riots: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/susan-rice-sugg…[View]
260949965I miss the old days.: I miss when franchises could get away with having no diversity or just throwin…[View]
260931858/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #182 slow day edition: >LIVE STREAMS https://youtu.be/IfaDiXlNV9E https:…[View]
260951445The BOOGALOO has landed!: This is from my neighborhood listserv which is dominated by DC libs. Up un…[View]
260950883Imagine they posted this with 'white' instead of black[View]
260950191if we disband the police like Minneapolis wants to, isn't that just gonna lead to a rise in pri…[View]
260950715get it together you fucking idiots: >waaaaah democrats >waaaaaah niggers burning shit down …[View]
260951417First i thought the world was a tragedy, now i realise it's a fucking comedy. When did you just…[View]
260946836Operation clown world: get clown music and go to riots and fucking spam it on loudspeakers and PA sy…[View]
260951335in canada... >you cant wear a black sun t-shirt or you go to jail >you cant disagree with sex …[View]
260951223B L A C K E D . C O M[View]
260945120This is the military right now....: Soldiers are openly talking about disobeying orders and defectin…[View]
260950065Whites are submitting to Blacks.: Blacks are the tools of the Jew. Unironically, it's over for …[View]
260949434AND THIS IS WITH THE SHUTDOWN: without it we'd be all dead by now[View]
260950475>Caption this image 'POWERFUL... George Floyd talking with civil rights activist natanya booker i…[View]
260945246Why is the cop getting shit for this and not the stupid fucking nigger who took a toddler to a riot?[View]
260946396Isn’t it a wonderful world when we all agree on things? That’s why you come here right?[View]
260949341Imagine if this man actually just started a boogaloo[View]
260950916Police reform: This is finally it ! >Video evidence from multiple angles on a death in the hands …[View]
260949065HOLD BROTHERS, HOLD!: In 2016 there were riots of a similar nature in New York City, Chicago, St. Pa…[View]
26095083450: Protests and riots in all 50 state. What is HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING…[View]
260950797i'm supposed to be afraid these people?[View]
260949697EMMMMMMMM: What's going on in Germany?[View]
260945730Quick question: How many of you heard about this? Happened like 3 blocks from my apartment, brutal e…[View]
260920748countries with a good future?: what are some countries to live in if you want your offspring to have…[View]
260950206I just wanted to quitely be racist and relax but I can't even seem to do that anymore. This who…[View]
260936714WAS NAZISM SATANIC?: Here what I found on the net: 1)Most of the modern Devil's worshippers oft…[View]
260950429Anonymous and K-PO(O)P Stans: ok, /pol/ i have the legitimate fear that kpop stand are getting more …[View]
260950617ever since these rallies have started /pol/ just keeps blowing hot air, proving once again, this boa…[View]
260950585This is all about Pizzagate, why do you think jewish faggot Drudge turned? Once he heard about Comet…[View]
260950559A nigger died so what: Has there been a bigger Psyop in recent times?[View]
260950516Why Americans obsessed with Black Man so much ?[View]
260947727The Chinese superman is unstoppable[View]
260944945???: Wall-E is a nazi movie? Huh?[View]
260949317Why are minorities so violent: These are 10 cops recently arrested (since George floyd) for various …[View]
260942982Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260949935Don’t post/reply with your frog accounts retards, they’ll catch on![View]
260946189Here we go: Trump better get comfortable in the bunker[View]
260939498Name my band /pol/[View]
260949998>so this is a world without sports Fat, couch potato westerners aren't being stimulated by t…[View]
260950228Maryland BLM General: We’re coming Pasadena[View]
260947971Taylor Swift: Wtf? I thought she was on ((((their)))) side, why would she do this?[View]
260936370Is Reddit finally waking up?: This is trending quickly and not stopping. The comments are filled wit…[View]
260930478pandering aside, the new McFloyd sounds delicious[View]
260947393Sure, it's OK to be White.: But is it preferable? If not, why subject future generations to it?…[View]
260948922Is TicTok doing social engineering?: My wife and I both have TicTok accounts. What we see on our fee…[View]
260916483Martyr: They LITERALLY gave a golden casket and held an enormous funeral that was the social event o…[View]
260943677The prophecy is being fulfilled!! We are currently on 'Dumb' next god will smite us and sing a glori…[View]
260950083White faggot SJWs attacked by rioters: (Screechy low-T scrawny white boy voice): “WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE…[View]
260949611>Democrats want to disband all the police and put antifa in charge Feels like we’re close to anot…[View]
260948554What does /pol/ think of the 'George Floyd Challenge'?[View]
260949826Based black guy: Pol can you post the video of the guy shouting “stop spreading your corona virus!!!…[View]
260949904YLYL: /pol/ Edition: No ylyl thread? ylyl.[View]
260949887#4 #goBaldforBLM Get #goBaldForBLM trending on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is to get women, part…[View]
260949845Women Must Be Controlled: Literally, the secret to controlling society is controlling female sexuali…[View]
260949825The thread was deleted before I was able to answer >>260939535, so I'm gonna make a new t…[View]
260948170If blacks hate America so much why don't they go back to Africa[View]
260948556Blaming Trump: Can someone explain to a newfag why so many people are blaming Trump for the actions …[View]
260949734Graphpill: Posts graphs and discuss graphs it's the best way to share redpills Pic related is a…[View]
260949644MSM btfo[View]
260948844SAY NO TO RACISM AND YES TO BLM: Race is a societal construct. It doesn't hold water and we are…[View]
260942909The Mastermind Behind the Riots: Why does he want you to burn the cities down, /pol/?[View]
260941831Those fucking Qniggers actually did it: They are waking normies up faster than /pol/ ever could.…[View]
260946574Fathers kill the ghetto: What the black community needs is fathers and a better work and family ethi…[View]
260948631Any more blackpilled tv shows?[View]
260924547Has anyone else lots a lot of friends over this?: Does anyone else feel like they live in a world th…[View]
260944070Imagine spending 37 years playing video games. He deserves his fat t b q h https://youtu.be/Il1ce0Up…[View]
260942814Does /pol/ actually influence the real world?[View]
260911037You can bring back one European Empire: Which do you bring back?[View]
260949381Fuck niggers: >Wanted to go bald for months >Now being bald is a symbol of nigg lifes matter …[View]
260949061Describe your year thus far.[View]
260949265Are there any online tools that will tell me if a town has a certain percentage population of a cert…[View]
260946135White elderly couple savagely murdered in a graveyard by a black: No media attention. Nobody cared. …[View]
260934988Going to one of the protests. What’s something funny I should do?: Can’t be violent Can’t be illegal…[View]
260944312With all that's going on, did everyone suddenly forget June is LGBT pride month?[View]
260949179Jews is trending on twitter: Most popular tweet is molly meme talking about jewish slave ships…[View]
260932562#3 #goBaldforBLM Get #goBaldForBLM trending on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is to get women, part…[View]
260947836Let me seems that mematic warfare baby: https://ncri.io/reports/cyber-swarming-memetic-warfare-and-v…[View]
260932548The retarded liberals are trying to make our women go bald for support of BLM. We need to do somethi…[View]
260943934How about Bob Johnson, one of the wealthiest in the world, gives away his entire fortune[View]
260949036HIVEMIND/NPC GENERAL /HMG/: The hive mind is spreading, lads. Post your best, most outrageous cringe…[View]
260948682Why doesn't this Country just separate into two halves? Could have the same currency and same m…[View]
260947898What's gonna happen now ? https://www.newsweek.com/jamel-floyd-was-murdered-mace-because-prison…[View]
260948783Tick... Tock... Are you ready for a 'disproportionate' amount of blacks to start dropping like flies…[View]
260941479Deaf Dumb and Blind: Can't you see you're being played? Minneapolis / Madrid / Paris Same …[View]
260948244Anyone feel like summoning storm-troopers to DC?: https://www.501st.com/request.php Should we send a…[View]
260948256Funny how they were designated as Terrorist way before Drug Cartels.[View]
260948937What's /pol/s consensus on these guys? Old skinhead band that pissed off a lot of early SJWs. h…[View]
260947381Do you think America has a 'dork' problem?[View]
260947018Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More…[View]
260943989Everyone's upset about some nigger dying, or some pigs getting bricked. Can't we sll just …[View]
260948019Come out and protest, anon.[View]
260943163Wow...so much for solidarity[View]
260931380Don't miss the family event of a lifetime: Remembering George Floyd. Post some things to remem…[View]
260947313>whites with naturally black hair how does this happen?[View]
260933449Taxpayer money is being stolen and you do nothing to stop it: >BlackRock Is Bailing Out Its ETFs …[View]
260948633Does anybody have a link to George Floyd's rapsheet stating he held a gun to a pregnant woman…[View]
260947961There ready for something in time square: They have removed the card rack https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
260938549Capitalism and Traditional Values don't mix: Republican party must accept national socialism to…[View]
260948577>black lives matter only on election years SPREAD THE WORD[View]
260948565AYO HOL UP: https://www.statista.com/statistics/585149/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-gender/ …[View]
260948531Every single fucking post is a meme flag OP: This is when you know shills are going mental and break…[View]
260945754black lives won't matter until black trans lives matter[View]
260943511It pains me to say this, but this esteemed doctor is 1,000% correct. The only way to protect our bla…[View]
260948386yo most of Pol hate all black people?: Low iq pol whiteniggers wignats hate niggas who dun saved wyp…[View]
260942470ACAB: I don’t support ACAB at all. I back BLM one hundred percent but I keep getting told that my op…[View]
260947618Do Autism Lives Matter?: Is Autism synonymous with civilization? IS 'Autism' real? or is it all cult…[View]
260916625Viking Giga-Chads: >Outnumbered 20-1 >Charge crowd in loose formation >If crowd stands grou…[View]
260948176All we needed was another 10 years for artificial wombs. Just 10! We were so close to getting rid of…[View]
260948140GG: btw, they were right about Trump in 2016 https://electionbettingodds.com[View]
260948120Hey that's weird, the guy and the his family who 'committed suicide' during the production of a…[View]
260942293There are now protests in Mexico because some cops murdered a man for not wearing a face mask.[View]
260912576Honest question: What did this man actually do to make people hate him so much? Since day 1 of his p…[View]
260946824so what is happening with the amish now? how did they react to corona/riots? are they even aware?[View]
260948028>waaaaah, boo hoo, we lost boys might as well just give up. W-why even keep trying? >Were just…[View]
260947682yall talk about sweden but you forget to mention: how KEKED FRANCE is[View]
260947963/pol/ humor - compass edition: post more of these and general humor, I'll dump the few that I h…[View]
260947956Did he just endorse physical removal?[View]
260947950Realistically there is nothing we can do about climate change. Is there any reason we shouldn't…[View]
260947928Jessica Chambers: I burned the coal and paid the toll ... but why hasn't the coal been brought …[View]
260930333Why don't you just give up?: What's the point? Can't you see it's futile? You…[View]
2609477512 Weeks Ago Church Was Going to Kill: Just 2 weeks ago liberals were writing that attending church w…[View]
260947112Happenings and bad economic news...yet the stock market is not phased by it?: Lets name them off sha…[View]
260947705Why are there no shooters to escalate the situation?: were they government plants all along?[View]
260946815I found pol's dad: https://youtu.be/vbZGiPhMPuE Let's all hope he force fed redpills to th…[View]
260946124I hate this faggot so much. Self righteous, smartass, hypocrite and overall annoying way of speaking…[View]
260947539Is reddit based?: >black men only 2.5x more likely to be killed by police despite commiting rough…[View]
260947192God is about to punish the rioters in DC[View]
260935593Everytime a libtard tries to meme its either cringe or based. This is fucking based.[View]
260947524Imagine destroying your country, for a dead monkey man[View]
260946068#kneelforniggers We take a covert symbol of black supremacy and turn it into an overt symbol of whit…[View]
260947497In defense of...: Jesus has to be understood in the context of his time. He was a positive force dia…[View]
260947465Haven't seen anything about this here, timing seems oddly coincidental. >inb4 leaf…[View]
260947463Would you accept an ethnostate if sissies were allowed?[View]
260947441>Fuck Reddit and liberals that’s all I have to say[View]
260944051One of these men was not present in george floyd's death: Guess who[View]
260945760The Communists Have Always Wanted An Army Of Monkey Men: >THE TRUTH ABOUT JOSEPH STALIN’S HALF-MA…[View]
260947378Why is anime hated in the west?[View]
260945893Man I hope that all these traitor whites who are vertue signaling now get what they fucking asked fo…[View]
260946589don't go kill nigs, that's what they want, read a nice book :): /pol/ approved literature…[View]
260944063Let's talk predictive programming. With the increased anarchy in the United States and the mas…[View]
260935492IT'S HAPPENING: Media is slowly switching the focus of police brutality to the crimes and mayhe…[View]
260915041Do you remember how Kek spoke to us few months ago? We are witnessing THE happening and I mean it fo…[View]
260947185Demographic change: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix_7p1qczXs So anon, why did you give up the whip hand ?…[View]
260946107he has a point, /pol/.[View]
260946072The world rallies together for a...: drug abuser violent thief fornicator adulterer whore monger ly…[View]
260936720Incoming diversity hire boom: Just saw this email. How is it the company’s fault that joggers don’t …[View]
260946806Kek wills it[View]
260947099Spooked by a Spook: https://youtu.be/1qwif8PF1EI at 5:30 Instincts are the only thing saving our Whi…[View]
260946078This is one of the kikes that censors photos at r/pics subreddit is this in Germany? https://www.re…[View]
260946995Trump should convene Congress: I think we should put the idea out there that Trump should use his po…[View]
260946974Japanese life doesn't matter[View]
260946951https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6x1W0AcCLM A livestream of a jewish open forum with rabbis answeri…[View]
260946567Do they all really hate me so much just because I'm a white man?[View]
260943454Are the riots, whites kneeling and begging forgiveness...: Making a new generation of white separati…[View]
260946916Wack Lives Watter: By doing actual research I have come to the conclusion that Black people are oppr…[View]
260918590This is Northern Ireland: Absolute Cucks[View]
260946725BLM Pasadena: >Saw this on Facebook Watch out Marylandfags, they’re coming for you…[View]
260944938So Who was it ?[View]
260946854R**pill thr*ad: R**pill #1: You can't argue with Christc**ks. They will just resort to some biz…[View]
260946179Even though he's hiding in a bunker we can all smell this pussy for miles around[View]
260935834White lives matter? I guess: Where's our protest, this is racist I want a new TV goddammit…[View]
260946229Don’t disappoint him: https://archive.org/details/cttrh Der Marsch zum Führer This is what the white…[View]
260942655Social Credit Systems already being marketed to US customers ie The US GOVT: I was trying to get to …[View]
260939273/pol/ will never do anything worthy of honor: Kneel...cause you sure as shit aren't doing anyth…[View]
260937297Do you believe in coincidences, /pol/?[View]
260934564>The left can't m- It would take a genius to make this comic, but they did it anyway. I cann…[View]
260946667The silver lining: This week has been difficult in that I’ve realized almost everyone I know persona…[View]
260946435Come on guys: You don't need to hate all white woman https://twitter.com/BretagnePoint/status/1…[View]
260945468This is just a coincidence. There is nothing to see here. Move along.[View]
260946535Are there accurate statistics on average cock size?: Does this affect society somehow?[View]
260946522Why do people think that Twitter is relevant to anything? Or the internet for that matter >In 201…[View]
260945213Okay they're arrested. Will the rioting stop now?[View]
260946429Banned Documentary about Bill Gates: Reminder that this Discovery channel documentary from 2008 has …[View]
260945132Race aside, does anyone feel bad for ZOGbots? What is going through their head as they get berated f…[View]
260938875>we is minorities we are powerless against the system >we built america which one is it?…[View]
260934997While you are bitching about riots, Varg is making copy of Migger Killer 42 with his kids[View]
260942705Based asian judge: Judge Denny Chin, who now sits on the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, noted th…[View]
260945882>*knock* *knock* >Wazup, nigga! >I mean, *cough*, *cough*, excuse me, sir >I'm hear…[View]
260945969Are the black protests already over?: That was quick.. Did George Soros' NGOs ran out of money …[View]
260935409Pic related should happen and needs to happen in order for our culture to survive globalism. Prove m…[View]
260944719China killed George Floyd: The autopsy report reveals GF was infected with the Chinese Virus.[View]
260946122IT'S OVAH: F[View]
260945652Hey, do you guys remember that one time we inadvertently projected a thoughtform out into the hologr…[View]
260944915Moonman Moonman can’t you see..: /pol/ Are you ready to accept Moonman as the true BASED GOD?[View]
260945707Give back the lands you stole. #RomanLivesMatter[View]
260944502why are BLM posters so selective in their anger and hypocritical?[View]
260945509I wanna kill these niggers so badly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3sUU73ZZ7A[View]
260945724/pol/ humor thread[View]
260942412Have any other white people noticed black people being more hostile lately?[View]
260944482How do you even go about explaining to them how retarded they are?[View]
260945845Does the word: China make your ass pucker up in fear?[View]
260938772Do Teenager lives matter?: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/06/04/teenager-faces-murder-charge-after-14…[View]
260945499Imagine: If we never contacted them. If we never bought them from their nigger owners and infected o…[View]
260945801No One is going to Come Save America, Not Even Canada: Then Europe next Not even the UN will do anyt…[View]
260945493why are you guys like this[View]
260929559/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #4062 - 6,666,666 Confirmed Cases Edition: ► Detected: 6,679,679 (+116,…[View]
260944239ANTIFA IS THROWING A PARTY: the party is called 'I CAN'T BREATHE' and apparently the chimps are…[View]
260944084Red pill me right now[View]
260945741Netflix Interior Decorator Secret Nazi?: My gf just sent me this picture- can't be a coincidenc…[View]
260945354Was Charlottesville the last stand?: I think most people here agree that Charlottesville was a retar…[View]
260945700Martha Maccallum has Multiple Orgasms ON AIR while Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Bla…[View]
260945230Are you ready for 1984[View]
260945254i'm done with /pol/. we are running circles. still same stupid talks all around same things. i …[View]
260941872Why are right wing fucks such ghouls?[View]
260940707What is even going on?: Just came across this on my normiegram. I'm fully convinced these peopl…[View]
260931575Do you ever wish you'd never taken the red pill? Pretty much everyone I know besides a couple a…[View]
260945440Death of media objectivity: How did we ever get to the point where real-life events happen, and the …[View]
260939861All tweets on the Breaking911 twitter account vanish: They now only have 0 tweets, happened right af…[View]
260932997Twitter shows up Trump when you type in 'racist': Best cringepill ever[View]
260941100Y'all just couldn't let it go, yo had to push: This Law Enforcemnt Officer will put down h…[View]
260937244Poland and Massachusetts have the same GDP. Let that sink in.[View]
260944995ACCELERATE THE CLOWN WORLD: Now that the clown world is officially upon us what are some ways that w…[View]
260943045What Nationalist Socialist countries are trying to rise up?: Post them all. Only one I know of is NW…[View]
260941256What is /pol/‘s opinion on Animal fuckers?: Expanding on the last post about this, i feel disgusted …[View]
260945215Sorry NatSoc, but all socialism is slavery. Free market capitalism is the only moral economic system…[View]
260945219The future of the Police Force is looking bright, friends![View]
260943236Should white america move tonthe promise land and start a new?[View]
260944863Ayo hold up!: Are you sayin... we was slaves in Africa before the United States was even formed? Are…[View]
260944009New narrative spreading.: Apparently there is this new shit going around saying that most troops won…[View]
260942300Leftists and niggers are trying to get white women to shave their hair on twitter using the hastag #…[View]
260942657Here's an interesting statistic for Americans that I found. In 2018 there were 215 black deaths…[View]
260944782How will history remember Trump?[View]
260945013anyone have a source on the claim that floyd was foaming at the mouth during his arrest?[View]
260942926Scandinavia will be natsoc within 30 years. Mark my words. Their leader will be from western Norway.[View]
260941929HERE WE GO1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http…[View]
260944975Based Black Man has some words to say: Thought on this? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBBl9zSHu_O/?ig…[View]
260932838GET IN HERE! We can turn BLM into our own tool for redpilling blacks: Do you guys not realize that t…[View]
260929408I don't see color: George Floyd? All I see is a man killing another man. Just 1 Officer murderi…[View]
260944853>You either support (((police and Trump))), OR you support (((BLM and antifa))). Do you understan…[View]
260939308Why so few threads about this guy?: Does he matter anymore? I know if he raises his voice a note or …[View]
260937360Anyone else preparing for the chimpout when Derek Chauvin gets found not guilty? It's going to …[View]
260943598Why do racist white incels follow this woman?[View]
260938968george floyd died from a heart attack prove me wrong[View]
260944660Any questions?: There's a difference between white republicans protesting and white liberals/ni…[View]
260944689Big brain take on the big Floyd situation: Cops are zog foot soldiers and if they just had let Floyd…[View]
260943254I need some Rooftop Korean memes. Show me what you got.[View]
260944340B8: >Post about how cops kill more men cause of women supremacy >wait for women to comment men…[View]
260941636'This should be a national day of morning': Let's hope Biden chooses her for his running mate.…[View]
260899846https://peertube.live/videos/watch/debbab55-8768-4dad-842d-22417e3d6011 How in the FUCK do you justi…[View]
260944583France has fallen: Tens of thousands of illegal African migrants marched in Paris demanding French c…[View]
260941848Would Hitler have been able to stop the riots?[View]
260944513Opinions and selfdefence are not allowed: TV writer fired after he post this: >Sunset is being lo…[View]
260944464The man who wrote this should meet my liberal English teacher[View]
260944488Do these fucking leftist outrage-tards really think that if you FORCE normies to have an opinion, th…[View]
260944490Will we go back to normality after the chimpout?: Or this is a before and after kind of event that w…[View]
260944512RLDM: Rioter lives (don't) matter.[View]
260944028'Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.…[View]
260944462Niggers commit double the rate of murders.[View]
260932776Vidya: If you are over 25 and playing video games you are an absolute and total waste of life and sh…[View]
260944436These are the 'black intellectuals' >'I never committed a crime so your stats are wrong!'…[View]
260944198The sun is just about down. Antifa, liberal monstrousities, and nigger filth will loot burn, burn, a…[View]
260941997I was right: bill gates and the illuminati gotta herd the nigger cattle https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
260943642I need the full redpill on all of this. No meme sources. I need real statistics.[View]
260921989/pol/ humor thread: Why are leftist and libtards incapable of creating succinct memes or comics?…[View]
260943957Vox Day: What's his niche? Why do people watch him? Is he an edgier Nick Fuentes? I used to wat…[View]
260943547OK GOYIM: Why don't we turn this into the next 'OK BOOMER' meme but instead of calling out boom…[View]
260941223BLM is in my moms town: https://youtu.be/TOezj01qeb0 Did I do good enough[View]
260925655What went so fucking wrong?[View]
260935384AFREEKA: What are the african countries worth of living in? Where you can prosper through hard work …[View]
260944093Conservatives are total and complete LOSERS: Just look at them. They want us to kneel down and submi…[View]
260943404>normies keep falling for Masonic MKultra mass traumatization rituals The kikes used to run thes…[View]
2609437822 lesbian kikes kill 6 adopted niggers / Intentionally drive off cliff: BLACK LIVES MATTER y'al…[View]
260943959american tax payers are funding this https://youtu.be/rnVQtlPIfrk[View]
260943311Are you guys going to let them take the Robert E. Lee statue? I totally understand the 'glowie…[View]
260943892And when we needed him most.. He vanished...[View]
260923476oh look, /pol/s ''facts'' get disproven by their OWN source! how are you retards THIS fucking dumb?[View]
260943813Will you vote for him again?[View]
260930511Name ONE good thing he did for America: Just one. Let’s go.[View]
260943690Brand Social Medias: Why has everyone been praising Nintendo and calling them based when this was po…[View]
260942881The Kings Guard: >Be you >Kings guard >standing on the front line >The hordes of traitor…[View]
260942064/pol/ btfo https://twitter.com/thEMANacho/status/1267609472589090816[View]
260920878Why do demoralization shills on /pol/ scream from the top of their lungs when you point out that Tru…[View]
260943568#kneelforniggers: #kneelforniggers We take a covert symbol of black supremacy and turn it into an ov…[View]
260942046The Digital White Flight Theory: I've come up with a plan, taken from real world scenarios,abou…[View]
260935842Question to whitoids: Do you believe in systemic racism? If not, are you a brainlet?[View]
260943548Let it be: Relax. Truth can't be avoided. Just like Muslims will eventually violently shut up r…[View]
260943545how will you survive anon?: seeing that the world has gone to absolute shit and should only get bett…[View]
260943531I thought this was supposed to be fiction.: It's all unfolding right before our eyes.[View]
260939824>systemic racism doesn't exist[View]
260942623can we get #JerkforGeorge or #IFapWithFloyd trending on social media?[View]
260943429Is the crisis stage ending and we are entering Normalization, or is this going to continue/get worse…[View]
260932533>Makes vague, general statement that everybody should agree with for whatever reason they see fit…[View]
260909519Anyone else kind of worried?[View]
260934692How Do I Stop Being Emotional and Angry When Confronted With Racism?: As a white person I mean. Eve…[View]
260943244Am I retarded for thinking the Holocaust happened?: Recent events have made me come here and I'…[View]
260939456which drawer do you open, /pol/?[View]
260940730Why in the fuck did we give this up? Why why why?[View]
260939955Non Whites in America: Simply put how are we to rid non whites from the States, as a Nation reborn c…[View]
260943071I know you media niggers are out there watching us. You want a scoop? One of you guys should find th…[View]
260941840why does police take such high priority? Legit curious[View]
260942625What Should I do?: 2020 is accelerating. I just tested posi for COVID-19 (asymptomatic). So just as …[View]
260901276Lil Wayne just uploaded this to his YouTube channel. Trump 2020 Landslide incoming?? https://youtu.…[View]
260942068Riddle Me This.[View]
260942938Race Redpill Thread: I got a new PC and lost my old pics, post what you got[View]
260941039PNW Vs. Maine: We were having a pretty damn good discussion in the PNW/NWF thread, and there were so…[View]
260942862A hurricane needs to suck warm water from the ocean to keep its energy intact and destroy everything…[View]
260927003How big of an influence does /pol/ have on Internet culture?: I'm of the notion that /pol/, and…[View]
260915528/pol/ can't even refute this thread https://twitter.com/michaelharriot/status/1268463769996460…[View]
260942476Any of you faggot aware of the white cop in Fargo that was killed by a nigger in Fargo in February? …[View]
260942725Free our boys! Free Tou Thao![View]
260925174>Nickelodeon propagandizes children for the purpose of far-left indoctrination >Nickelodeon is…[View]
260940917IGN is getting roasted in the comments for this post.[View]
260942457NPC theory: Now that NPC theory has been proven correct beyond a shadow of a doubt, can we start ope…[View]
260941486Recognising white military excellence.: Pol/ post your favourite military commanders from your respe…[View]
260939526>tfw Mao destroyed traditional Chinese culture and we're never getting it back https://www.y…[View]
260942533operation:pridefall: Pridefall should be a movement to create the new place for memer's and gam…[View]
260940265For Nazis to win they have to realize only the girl vote made them win[View]
260942513We’re watching the opening moves of WWIII.: People need to understand that war progresses in phases.…[View]
260941851#AbortionIsBlackGenocide: n lieu of all these riots with protesters going so far as to call for segr…[View]
260942487Are Qooooomers getting BTFO[View]
260942433Republicans controlled senate approves for 38 billion shekels for Israel: Ok trumptards, please give…[View]
260941530We need a single unified response to all of societal decay.: Every time there is a new attack on whi…[View]
260936199Russia is the final homeland of the Huwhite race.[View]
260935509HAPPENING: Rioters want to disarm cops: Just heard from my local news that the 'endgame' of these ri…[View]
260940921I need pics of white women doing stupid things[View]
260940444I want to be shrunken and eaten by a beautiful and voluptuous blasian woman, savoring my deliciously…[View]
260905479It's over for whites https://twitter.com/BaileyAPrice1/status/1268356678166036481?s=19[View]
260942289OPERATION #DiversityIsBeauty: OP Diversity is Beauty #DiversityIsBeauty - DIB Within our current rac…[View]
260912841Minneapolis City Council members look to disband the police department: >Several members of the M…[View]
260920460Media baited over something nonsensical yet again: >Police warn of homophobic 4chan cyber attack …[View]
260941495White people are killed more by police than black people: White people are also killed by black peop…[View]
260942201'200,000 DEAD AND ALL THESE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IS ONE DEAD NIGGER': Based triggered blackbro almost g…[View]
260935375Jeffery Epstein was a son of a bitch, however he was a master manipulator and was very motivated to …[View]
260941527Casing Out Suburban Neighborhood: >live in suburban Ontario >see this fat fuck on his moped c…[View]
260942175Peaceful protests: R.i.p. OG Chief of Police Chief David Dorn Does anyone have a body count from all…[View]
260934688Why is it that Native American shaman culture and European paganism are both so similar? Is it beca…[View]
260923974Twitter WANTS to die[View]
260942152What now?: well... it's over. the cucks jews and women have handed the country over to the dark…[View]
260941514What's to stop someone from bringing one of these to a peaceful protest for when the cops step …[View]
260941492#EXPOSEANTIFA: #EXPOSEANTIFA is trending right now on Twitter. Let's share our best pictures/in…[View]
260942025Liberal demons screeching when Trump held Bible[View]
260941166are you ready for the protesters to ignite the 2nd wave of the coronavirus?[View]
260941985Anybody want to help me get this trending on Twitter/facebook?[View]
260940598so i tried to make this thread earlier but it was slid very quickly and effectively. i keep seeing a…[View]
260940799Why do you retards pretend the past was some glorified golden age? The past was worse in almost ever…[View]
260940996A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE: Corporations love to virtue signal, when in reality they're just…[View]
260936796Trump was far right by mainstream standards. What we are seeing unfold right now and what will be re…[View]
260938375The #facedownchallenge: Is this a thing now? Apparently black people are going up to random whites …[View]
260940306Riot humor thread post em[View]
260941538White racist incels are following this woman! Hahahaahahaahahha![View]
260939184Why is this 'okay'?[View]
260931259Rockstar Games is shutting down all of its online servers to support the dead black guy, this is ret…[View]
260921447/pol/ often promotes LSD, psilocybin and DMT claiming they open up your mind. But what about MDMA? I…[View]
260939601> be me > George Floyd > be wilin', do some lines of fenta n meth, drive around a bit …[View]
260935268Based Russia releases anti-homosexual campaign: Based Russia releases an anti-homosexual campaign. Y…[View]
260940412Why do so many women who hate white men still want a relationship with one?: I’ve noticed that so ma…[View]
260939670Is she right /pol/?[View]
260940212I had an interesting conversation at work today. I work with a Mexican-Jew who is white with a nasty…[View]
260937887Is there a political party/ideology that is directly correlated to mental illness[View]
260940417What's the latest on liberals pushing for acceptance of pedos?: /Pol/, how easily do you think …[View]
260938195What were the riots even supposed to accomplish after the first few days? The man that killed the ni…[View]
260941283Just think about this: If everybody could see how others will / have vote(d) in elections, and I’d b…[View]
260937107What is your excuse for not having taken your free TV yet?[View]
260941206The Mastermind Behind the Riots: Why did he tell you to burn down America?[View]
260941182Let's propagate to normies!: All anons that live in not english language countries must go to t…[View]
260939693https://twitter.com/bitch_taetae/status/1268602497297514496 Lol, it worked. We won. They took the ba…[View]
260941104Let's make a comparison: Serfdom in Russia and slavery in USA ended in the same decade. Since …[View]
260941076Europeans actually think it's whites that are causing the riots and looting in America.[View]
260940943Edit as nescessary and distribute[View]
260940911Do pedophiles offend you anymore /pol/ or are you okay with Tim Wise raping kids (like me?)[View]
260940862Here's an interesting statistic for Americans that I found. In 2018 there were 215 black deaths…[View]
260940848>America perishes to it's multiculturalism >The ZOG sics their pets on the scant few whi…[View]
260940519>Ah Mr. AngryAryanArmy1488! I hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon.…[View]
260940828You're lucky we don't want revenge, WHITE MAN!: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBBnJ0XA_J_/…[View]
260940754lol you guys have no idea what is about to happen.[View]
260940715Based chad: This chad needs to be a meme https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1268683115771330563?…[View]
260940721Roll Roll Roll your boat: Been rolling all day and no luck. I thought I felt kek these last couple d…[View]
260940735Texas Rangers removed. The Alamo is prolly next. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-ranger-stat…[View]
260938726If you live in these lands, you need to give them up. They belong to the Romans.[View]
260940620Men are the real victims.: In these times of police critique, there is an often overlooked problem. …[View]
260940597Its Time: Give me music for the end, bois. Something to listen to while shooting looters.[View]
260932280Why should anyone take social distancing seriously after this?[View]
260940562I can't breathe is the new Chinese virus[View]
260934146Atheists?: Are these radical atheists now? Antifa, anarchists and atheists. Triple A?[View]
260935712You have to admit, we kinda lost the narrative when Trump went to hide in his bunker...[View]
260926142Brit/pol/: >Robert E Lee statue: Virginia governor announces removal of monument https://www.bbc.…[View]
260937285We must destroy or takeover the MSM: As long as they exist we will never have the hearts and minds o…[View]
260940463Contact Tracing: They’re starting to trace where people go and who they meet up with. We’re well on …[View]
260939727BLM will take the blame for the second wave of COVID-19: >riots are going to cause an absurdely m…[View]
260940404KeK shrine #2: Ahem, God Of Darkness, I build this thread shrine to you for I ask you for help. The …[View]
260939888Houston Chronicle Journo Arrested For Pedophilia: A man has been arrested and charged after allegedl…[View]
260940327Megaphone MagaFun: >buy 5-10 cheap megaphones >attend your local arson & looting moshpit …[View]
260940338Can't Decide: remove 'friends' from Social Media?: My Insta/facebook feed is FULL of BLM bullsh…[View]
260940128Björn tv from Denmark is about to do blackface live on YouTube He's already been talking about …[View]
260939328Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260934926Non-white women ARE better: My girlfriend is first generation Jamacian-American, born and raised in …[View]
260939771Happening Chart: So /pol/, where are we right now on the happening scale? I feel like we're at …[View]
260933649It's only going to get worse, isn't it? We've lost.[View]
260939928Jewish identities: Why dont we wage war against groups using fake Jewish accounts. Use their own tac…[View]
260939085Die Juden: Howdy /pol/ I've always had a strange feeling about jews, but I need proofs. I'…[View]
260921050What are some /pol/ approved vidya?[View]
260939706Movies to watch if you have taken the black pill[View]
260939012South Africa/America paralled: http://pastebin.com/mxz2gKEM By Gemma Meyer People used to say that S…[View]
260939783YOU MAD WHITE BOI?: Seriously wtf, golden coffin, national hero, millions of donation, celebrities o…[View]
260933772WHY DO NIGGERS HAVE PUBIC HAIR ON THEIR HEADS?: also Why are they so greasy and oily?[View]
260939687If he stays out of it, it's a nothingburger: AVGN has never commented on any political issue an…[View]
260938233If you won't give us our rights, we will take them by force.[View]
260933446It would be a terrible shame[View]
260937935Redpilled Normies: So, I've been seeing a ton of threads/posts made by anons saying that they…[View]
260936070The Exodus is here. >go to noyn chan dot yoo ess >there is no censorship there >make a new …[View]
260939551How does it feel: Republicans have literally lost to the dems. They are even turning on each other. …[View]
260937776FTN 317 - International Groper Strongmen: Anybody wanna discuss FTN 317?[View]
260939445I CRACKED THE CODE: Send the Africans back to Africa >blacks and whites both support this >ed…[View]
260939369When this is over will it be the biggest red pill to masses? Are all these whites marching and putti…[View]
260933848I guess this is it bros. We tried, we really did. But every time I go on social media, watch tv, pla…[View]
260939363this is it. it's all over. they've won the culture war. we were fools to even begin to thi…[View]
260930159Minneapolis to disband police force.: They want to replace it with an unarmed race based neighborhoo…[View]
260937578Q????: Why won't Q expose this pandemic for what it is? Also Black Lives Matter!!!![View]
260902020Derek Chauvin doesn't exist: I first had doubts when I check the minnesota marriage records and…[View]
260939320Crushing Antifa: If this happens I assume we should see a reduction in pipeline protests, climate ch…[View]
260937277CONGRATULATIONS BLACKS, THE WORLD HATES YOU: There is no other race now, that is as hated and despis…[View]
260935530Where is he??: We need some more chaos and gets. This shit is too fun to watch, i dont want it to en…[View]
260914366/pol/ gets BTFO with a single meme. I cannot look at any of you the same again. Out of context stati…[View]
260939264Since the last one got deleted: B E H O L D T H E I R H O L U Y I D O L Post any resources you have …[View]
260936584Rod Rosenstein testified and more subpoenas to be issued to the other fags, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, …[View]
260937103Can someone explain this shit to me?: Why do american fathers just let their fertile white daughters…[View]
260937109We can win without divide and conquer hate: To win against the Jew, blacks and whites have to see th…[View]
260936800Bleached: Show me your best 'Bleached!' memes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyujosgkfTU…[View]
260933782The good guys will always lose: Let's face it. There are too many morons on this planet. Too ma…[View]
260931398I’m black and these retards don’t understand that few racists hate black people purely for the colou…[View]
260913277Chicago e-learning: https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/education/2020/5/…[View]
260930527I thought we had won?: Didn't we defeat the sjws? I thought people were tired of their shit, ye…[View]
260937212Do you miss him?: I do.[View]
260938973Black fatherlessness: If BLM why do half of black fathers abandon their kids?[View]
260938019Who's ready to watch this dumb bitch get shot at and maced?[View]
260938613Are monopolies bad?: > Elon Musk Calls for Amazon Breakup in Latest Spat With Jeff Bezos > Elo…[View]
260909521Terry A. Davis: i miss him lads[View]
260933500Reminder that Covid 19 is a permanent disease: Low IQ morons have forgot about the virus already, bu…[View]
260936857No Country for White Men: Did you even think that 20 years on from 9/11 that whites would be more ha…[View]
260937202BBC News deliberately misreports all 4 officers involved in death of George Floyd as 'white'.: https…[View]
260938624DAMN IT : Trump losing in Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona now: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/501…[View]
260938039HELTER SKELTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCHUhxGbIZw Charlie was right.[View]
260931905The George Floyd Challenge: People are legit so angry in the comments I'm lolling https://twitt…[View]
260938413Here's the solution for your problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XDxs8NMVyE[View]
260938349>>Based burger cop is literally trolling at this point. https://youtu.be/gI7VEVJ643E…[View]
260938325Why are kikes pushing so hard for protests/riots during a pandemic? What is their endgame?[View]
260937845HAPPY KILLDOZER DAY: Happy Killdozer Day - June 4 2004 was unable to bump 1st thread due to internet…[View]
260933193Here is a list of things that 'I can't breathe' equals in Jewish gematria. >Minneapolis >…[View]
260938250ted was correct: Leftists may claim that their activism is motivated by compassion or by moral princ…[View]
260938217i'm retarded /pol/. so if white people are killed more by the police is misleadimg because of t…[View]
260938183RIOT VIDEO COLLECTION: Hey /pol/ I am making a list of all of the best riot video tweets that haven…[View]
260937757any lawyer fags care to comment whether it's legally possible to shut this shithole down? the p…[View]
260933942Why the fuck are they targeting children? Children cannot even vote.[View]
260937290The kkk sure has relaxed their entry standards.... and last I checked the irish are considered unter…[View]
260938094Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260936683>Call the cops on black stranger trying to steal her dog >Dog gets taken away https://twitter.…[View]
260938005so the kek loves the black man? where do frogs actually originate from?[View]
260937990White people hate blacks because they're jealous of them deep down.: If you can't convince…[View]
260932352Why are white women this way /pol/: I'm emailing my sister right now.[View]
260937289America's first black millianore was a woman.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madam_C._J._Walker…[View]
260936882ITS OVER: POL LOST[View]
260920673Someone explain to me what the fuck this is and how I've never stumbled upon this before. It ba…[View]
260934479>niggers complaining about 2A dudes not doing anything to help >media shoehorning the big iglo…[View]
260937414This is it /pol/ Give 'em the good ol' 4chan red pill suppository special.[View]
260930586Police Strike Begins Now!: Holy shit, this is going to be big. The police are finally sacking up and…[View]
260936613It's the 1920... Toronto ... some SJW predicted that in 100 years niggers would run North Ameri…[View]
260929467Just a reminder about Tucker Carlson:: >Elitist Works for Elitist company >Elitist parrots luk…[View]
260937281Doing porn/drugs doesn't mean you should be murdered: Especially when said things don't hu…[View]
260937675Racist Texas Rangers Gone. What Next?[View]
260933820only good nigger is a...: I cant get enough dead nigger pics and webms. Share niggers getting absolu…[View]
260935104Why don't just we use this opportunity to make liberals go all out on virtue signalling? Free m…[View]
260935545Minneapolis: https://kstp.com/news/minneapolis-city-council-members-looking-at-how-to-disband-disman…[View]
260937146Mfw: Your government prefers to worship niggers than to travel into space.[View]
260936909Alter of kek: Gentlemen do not mind me I am just trying to recite my homemade scripture for Kek. Pra…[View]
260936978Turn their slurs into redpillls: I’ve started to refer to whites I don’t like as crackas, and the on…[View]
260899070are there really retards who believe they're really witches or am I just a dumbass[View]
260936156Let's propagate to normies!: All anons that live in not english language countries must go to t…[View]
260908673Northwestern front general: COME HOME, WHITE MAN! Thread for the discussion of Northwest Migration a…[View]
260924132This tweet has over 152 K retweets: The country is literally uniting over BBC https://mobile.twitte…[View]
260931351>Multiple multi-dollar corporations and institutions pledging their support >All social media …[View]
260937210Libs Complaining about Hallmark movies: Why would you pretend to be a fan and even pay for a show to…[View]
260919595Every single white women under 25 is posting in favor of BLM[View]
260934939Member when transgender bathrooms were a hot political issue? I member: Itt reminisce about when pol…[View]
260935771retards on YouTube: what happens when a retard gets ahold of a youtube account[View]
260937131Why won't politicians mandate that if the GED retards signing up to be cops want to pretend to …[View]
260936729Will he release a new virus in the antifas?[View]
260935650Tunes: What you been listening to lately, pol?[View]
260935799PROVE THIS WRONG - PROTIP, YOU CAN'T: White people live under a systematically racist governmen…[View]
260935622RIGHT WING MUSIC THREAD: I need to take a break from the shitstorm that's currently going on. L…[View]
260936943PA governor Tom Wolf attends blm protest in harrisburgh, continues to uphold ban gatherings of more …[View]
260926280I've become much less racist over the years as I've come to the realization that every rac…[View]
260929461So is coronavirus over now?: Can we all go back to our normal lives if we don't live in a chimp…[View]
260936890Can you bleach an Egyptian in one generation?: Can you bleach an Egyptian in one generation? So I me…[View]
260936906Your attention please!: What happened to 'guilty until proven otherwise in court'?[View]
260936278I just want to say this: he's the most niggerish looking man I've ever seen truly the face…[View]
260933361What do trump supporters think of trumpy bear?: Why did they make it so sexy?[View]
260935249Can you guys provide me some examples of black privilege? I'm talking about examples of diversi…[View]
260936221/pol/ reading recommandations: Drop your book recommendations[View]
260936180When did you realize Rand is the retarded stepchild of political ideologies, that no one takes serio…[View]
260936617Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260936423Chaos magick: Was browsing the thread about witches and it got me thinking. If I set up an alter to …[View]
260880182Trump is going to lose: You may not want to hear it, but Trump is cruising for a crushing loss in No…[View]
260936251sometimes anons, I just wish I lived in a simpler time.[View]
260931470is societal collapse happening soon?[View]
260935783Brazillian gaming channel 'Xbox Mil Grau' being cancelled by leftists shills (and even pedos) simply…[View]
260932414What is she thinking right now?[View]
260929633I feel hopeless: I'm drunk as fuck right now boys. The world around me is shit. Nothing but nig…[View]
260935142>/pol/ denies the master race killed 13 million people in 5 years >but 'subhuman' black africa…[View]
260934415knee nigger: can we all get to together outside the Le buff museum and start shouting NIGGERS WILL N…[View]
260931011Is the chimpout over?[View]
260935720Meanwhile George Floyd's family[View]
260933882Egyptians used slaves to build the pyramids: If blacks are claiming the be Egyptians they are also a…[View]
260935042Made a new factually correct graph to appeal to the left: Although this graph is technically fact, i…[View]
260934264>complains about the jew 24/7 >pretends to be redpilled >has social networks and pays for t…[View]
260932639Tell your racism story: Have done my part. Have you? https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSf…[View]
260935490Huh, would you look at that. Not only do Blacks disproportionately commit more crimes than Whites an…[View]
260935565Democrats are about to get wiped ou-[View]
260935875Behold their Idol: B E H O L D T H E I R H O L U Y I D O L Post any resources you have especially if…[View]
260935849The Boogaloo: I would like to start a discussion related to the upcoming Second American civil war. …[View]
260933079Redpill me on catholicism.[View]
260934586YEP: watch Democracts will push a new narrative to ban all guns they'll use blacks killed by po…[View]
260926878German anons, as a huehue when I was traveling around Germany I often would get stared down pretty b…[View]
260935746George Soros at it again... /pol/ is always right: Soros funding the Antifa riot instigators. Proven…[View]
260934796/ETRG/ - End the Riots General #1: >What is End the Riots? End the Riots is a grassroots campaign…[View]
260934942Americans literally cannot refute this.[View]
260928663why did nick leaves us? i'm scared[View]
260930380Is there anything more beautiful than marrying a black person and creating powerful biracial childre…[View]
260935520Twitter calls Trump racist: Twitter is about to be more regulated than the DMV.[View]
260934497Tomorrow's dump is not the big one but the prelude to what is to come: Tomorrow something will …[View]
260934470China is right about black people: How would they try and rationalize this?[View]
260933438godammit pol here is your 'slide-thread': stop hating the jews for everything. we are called white b…[View]
260912518Ah yes another day over in this dystopian nightmare we're living in.[View]
260935313Howie2020: I strongly encourage you to vote for Howie Hawkins.[View]
260910366>Communist thread Say something nice about the people who stand for the working class and underpr…[View]
260934745Question for Normies: Why aren't you racist?[View]
260934812GEORGE FLOYD DEATH IS A MASONIC/VATICAN PSYOP: To further weaken Rome's greatest nemesis: the w…[View]
260934718Yeah, you heard it right. Nearly all the protests are PEACEFUL, and we support them. Say it /pol/. A…[View]
260934060George Floyd was like nigger Steve Jobs and he didn’t already have his daughters university educatio…[View]
260935202The internet is an abusive relationship. You can't stop looking for the same reason an abused w…[View]
260933309Sooo...When does the UN move its troops in to take over because the US Military will refuse to follo…[View]
260931354based professor: And you guys said college professors were cucked, this guy is dropping redpills lik…[View]
260934962WHITE SHIELD WHITE SHIELD WHITE SHIELD: Black man tells a crowd of white shields that they only care…[View]
260934637Happy Birthday King[View]
260933347What happened?[View]
260934767COVID-A killed 100 million chinese. COVID-B was deployed via aerosol chemtrails to prevent its sprea…[View]
260933989CANT WE DO MORE??? THIS ISN'T ENOUGH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PCttLFtqZw[View]
260934965SISSY ALERT: We see them building we see them walking and we see them talking you know what I see yo…[View]
260934949Floyd's Rap Sheet: Anyone got a picture of his rap sheet and arrests? I cant find it anywhere.…[View]
260933699Here's the 20-dimensional poker move Trump needs to pull. INCREASE funding for police. Why? 1. …[View]
260934919Germany nuclear power: https://www.nsenergybusiness.com/news/germany-nuclear-power-plants-decommissi…[View]
260928830Great News! We Found the Cure for Racism!: This will make everything better![View]
260924289College president sent this a few days ago: Blatant discrimination. Any other color was used in plac…[View]
260934819ITT we post black squares: Also share supportive material for #blacklivesmatter and discuss the poli…[View]
260933981Where were you when he became /ourguy/?[View]
260929891Musk: Is this guys for real. Is he truly the future. Something in my gut tells me he is a scam artis…[View]
260927016Admit it boys: We were all hoping meme magic would return for the 2020 election, but by now it is ev…[View]
260934690Are they actually gonna bury george floyd or they gonna cremate that son of a bitch? cause when ther…[View]
260934686>the media doesn't know about the ones that came before the boog bois >the old ones that…[View]
260934684Does /pol/ side with the BLOAT Lord, Kyrriakos Grizzly, or at least recognise his use as a detterant…[View]
260934626I live In a constant state of fear and misery do you miss me anymore? well i dont even notice when…[View]
260934636Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Niggers are the problem.[View]
260934612This June is Black Remembrance Month: One week isn't long enough to mourn Floyd's death. T…[View]
260930798It MUST not be controversial to speak these words.[View]
260934442It's a black square because there's no one home upstairs.[View]
260934416this sheep mentality that is going on is amazing i lke how no one on T.V or online media is against…[View]
260934404Tim bet on the right horse (Satan) that is why he gets away with his crimes (pedophilia.) Thanks for…[View]
260932631The Exodus is here. >go to noyn chan dot yoo ess >there is no censorship there >make a new …[View]
260928594How possible is it this year?[View]
260915947Next year: Where do you guys see yourselves next year ?[View]
260925954Civil war is coming[View]
260929678Police brutality in Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWEsMGwivEo[View]
260931283small face has gone full WN: has con inc realized that they cannot continue to pander to blacks that…[View]
260929648/Pol/ we need your help to identify: this white devil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbZGiPhMPuE…[View]
260934185PROOF OF ANTIFA SQUAD IN ACTION: https://streamable.com/5rj80x THIS HAS BEEN GETTING SLID ALL DAY WA…[View]
260918915How can you refute this /pol/?: Where’s the flaw in his logic? https://twitter.com/toure/status/126…[View]
260934157Apparently groups are starting to coordinate and gather in an effort to fight back against the unrul…[View]
260931842WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS STUPID NIGGER?: Did he ever wake up or was he just sleepy? QRD[View]
260934138Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260933650Any new developments in the Ayy's UFO ship that was shot down in Brazil?: It happened a few wee…[View]
260930485Operation Blank Slate - SLIDIES REEE: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with limitless potenti…[View]
260934071only countries that didn't cuck out and kneel before nigs can post itt[View]
260932506>Covid causes breathing problems >Floyd has covid, an is on fentanyl and meth >Resists arre…[View]
260925186Will there ever be a white ethnostate again?[View]
260926120Relax bros.: The protestors are a tiny, tiny minority of people. maybe a few million people in a cou…[View]
260925392>*Fills board with his moronic fan base*[View]
260932593Mein Kampf: Do any of you have any audiobook archives? I'm trying to find a mein kampf audioboo…[View]
260933731What happens if Trump loses? Will it de-escalate?[View]
260930844#BlackLivesMatter am I right ?[View]
260933866post yfw mindless cancerous virtue signaling faggots move on to the next flavor of the month controv…[View]
260933387UHHHHHHH Boys whats this????[View]
260932141are black people retarded? do they not realize cops are the only people protecting them from genocid…[View]
260932446BLM and Libshits BTFO: I'll just leave this here.....[View]
260919525What's his end goal?[View]
260933794https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8Heyz27IX8 [Embed] BOOGALOO YALLS the term 'boogaloo' was not even …[View]
260933756Play this while reading https://youtu.be/KvtT3UyhibQ Hey anon Imagine you are in your bed at night …[View]
260933028Have the riots gone down now?[View]
260932731so why does the jew hate America so much? where does this hate originate from? Why destroy America/E…[View]
260933090Pic related should happen and needs to happen in order for our culture to survive globalism. Prove m…[View]
260929366Poland 2020: Imagine fighting for rights of a minority that doesn't even exist in your country.…[View]
260933604If I was white I would go to japan with a high IQ woman have have so many kids that we would eventua…[View]
260926514Political Scientist predicts Trump will lose in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DiZpmEAfVg 'P…[View]
260933576Dutch PM announced that he now opposes Black Pete: It's an age old racist Dutch tradition that …[View]
260932557Nigger hate thread.[View]
260933460The Curse of Ham: Here Professor Tony Martin speaks on the subject: 'So how come we have a situation…[View]
260931753#FentanylFloyd Why isn't this trending?[View]
260932266Kneeling: It used to be me you kneeled to. What happened?[View]
260928367All cops are bastards[View]
260928369I think it’s a setup: There are far too many coincidences in this whole situation. The video seems s…[View]
260925704I FOUND PART IN BIBLE ABOUT RIOTS Deuteronomy 28 KJV 34 So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of t…[View]
260933245Thanks a lot, 4 chins: Your psy-op just boogalooed the United States for another week. Sure hope you…[View]
260931861Are these accounts fake or real?: I only see old files, k-pop related accounts and 24/7 supporting a…[View]
260931949Is this comfy webm an accurate depiction of Ukraine?[View]
260932307We are taking our rights by force.[View]
260933108Politicales: Post what you get and r8[View]
260928804Bend the Knee racists[View]
260931411Get Woke go Broke Happening!: >#DecathlonBoykot is trending worldwide now >turkish are pissed …[View]
260933003I’m developing a killer drone: I got the skin colour recognition correctly, it identifies only black…[View]
260932947twitter asshole fucker: twitter can go suck its own dick fr. the amount of bot accounts being autist…[View]
260932708Why do black people act like monkeys: Look at this shit. They are the same. The only difference is t…[View]
260931702Man Nation: What would a man-only society look like? >its about 50 years in the future >Antart…[View]
260932802Let's discuss the cia. Let's get to the core of glow niggers. Has anyone spent time lookin…[View]
260929536after all of this I hope some people got redpilled[View]
260927760Why are libs whining about this? It's protecting them from exsistential threats as well.[View]
260931934Why isn't the media covering this?: He died over whilst defending his store from looters, where…[View]
260931236Remember when search engines allowed you to search?: How can we get normies to stop using jewgle? I …[View]
260932382Boogaloo originated in New York City mainly among teenage Hispanic and Latino Americans. The style w…[View]
260931309Why are Liberal White Women Losers?: Seriously. Every single white woman who's a BLM supporter,…[View]
260923308Four Fingers/Monsanto: Monsanto causing more people to be born with Four Fingers?[View]
260932560How come blacks never talk about Hispanic and Asian privilege, only white privilege?[View]
260932086Trump winning in 2016 was unironically the best thing that could've happened for leftist accele…[View]
260932517Ahem: Fuck you niggers all you have achieved with your George Soros sponsored BLM protests is spread…[View]
260932501How can I worship at the feet of the chosen as an I American? I look to honor the highest in society…[View]
260931485Shouldn’t the Floyd family distribute the generous donations they’ve received from predominantly whi…[View]
260931706Are these riots in the gonna achieve anything also when are they gonna end[View]
260932011So I’m fucking lost. What’s all this noise about Anonymous and Qanon?[View]
260929410Old Memories: >The murder of Jan Paweł Pietrzak and Quiana Jenkins Pietrzak. Four African America…[View]
260932351BEST RIOT VIDEO TWEETS: Hey /pol/ I am making a list of all of the best riot video tweets that haven…[View]
260928365An actual happening: Steve Bannon makes an appearance on a boat in front of the statue of liberty. W…[View]
260932330Who will be our bin laden?[View]
260932124This is the Final Red Pill: I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and it's beautifu…[View]
260932318Black Lives Matter: Do you reckon /pol/ could get BLM designated as a white supremacist movement? An…[View]
260927461THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN POLICE: Would /pol/ be comfortable with these new ideas? What do you lads th…[View]
260928258What exactly goes on here?[View]
260932269Jacky, drag, violet 1 12 2 5 17 19 Ferguson[View]
260932247This is the same expression you make after winning the lottery. If anything has convinced me of how …[View]
260932236Fascism will save the world: Democracy is weak and decadent. It’s a constant back and forth of repea…[View]
260925581Is the end near?: >Disease everywhere >Chaos, destruction and violence everywhere >Our rive…[View]
260932224We are fucked: Even some friends I thought were based are supporting the nigger riots. I'm goin…[View]
260932220Rhodesia 2.0 Bigger and better.[View]
260921141why is no one talking about this? One of the cops that killed him is LITERALLY FUCKING BLACK[View]
260932185Thank you /pol for being here.: I almost went on an anti-jogger rant because of all of this malarkey…[View]
260931335Taking back America from the Antifa Npc Normies: For too long the Npc Normies have been gaining supp…[View]
260930997ummm guys, get in here: https://twitter.com/berniebromanny/status/1268593842535702528 jews asking fo…[View]
260932149Make 'white privilege' a racist term: This is from a black man's mouth - share this video http…[View]
260931822Would you suck a log of shit from Bill Mitchell’s asshole?[View]
260925968How can a tenured professor be so wrong? >just avoid drugs bro![View]
260930701this the worlds largest zoomer autistic tantrum and its spreading[View]
260932074Divide and rule (Latin: divide et impera), or divide and conquer, in politics and sociology is gaini…[View]
260923597Why are they immune to the bullshit that the rest of us have to put up with?[View]
260932055Consumerism: I hate communism but capitalism has flaws as well like consumerism or maybe thats not t…[View]
260931340Cops should just all go on strike if they are continually viewed as less worthy than criminal nigger…[View]
260932051Elizabeth May Wants Canada To Accept U.S. Asylum Seekers Now That Country ‘No Longer Safe’: https://…[View]
260919802>>260911016 #2 #goBaldforBLM Get #goBaldForBLM trending on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is …[View]
260931918Someone was going on to me about how amazing Anonymous is for attacking police websites and Trump, a…[View]
260931882The most based nigger in America.: Heisman Trophy Winner Larry Johnson. Is there any debate?[View]
260931880Why aren't more /pol/acks TERFs?: TERFs are the ultimate trolls. They make every single group b…[View]
260922901Be honest, anons. Is America beyond saving? What will the future be like for white Americans? You wo…[View]
260908605What do the joggers actually want, realistically?[View]
260930887Hey look man, so if jews control the world doesn't that mean that white people aren't as s…[View]
260931027>All these happenings >He still doesn't own a gun What the fuck is wrong with you?…[View]
260931291Did 5G cause the activation?[View]
260927503How do we fight the jogger hordes and their communist overlords without making martyrs out of them? …[View]
260930566What's going on in Seattle: Of course the indian lady is yelling about inequality, but is amazo…[View]
260928267This is all a coordinated psyop in order to try and get the energy and awareness from George Floyd r…[View]
260928595Barbarism Vs. Civilization: There's a Conan thread on /tv/ and I figured the topic was interest…[View]
260905635/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #181 need news edition: >LIVE STREAMS >New York City https://youtu.be…[View]
260927970Why did we stop burning Jews to death?: They used to get burned at the stake. When and why was that …[View]
260929016Huh, never thought of it that way.[View]
260928894oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no[View]
260868779ROBERT E LEE STATUE IN RICHMOND BEING REMOVED: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginia-gov-northam…[View]
260919037/po/ AirForce: why dont we just strap a loud speaker to a quad-copter(drone) and play this https://…[View]
260931492Robert E Lee.: Which is the best biography on him? Maybe another one?[View]
260929580Jeremy Mardis ... Say His Name!: 6 year old White child shot and killed by 2 Black cops in Louisiana…[View]
260931445Hi /pol/. I made thus meme for you. Use it wisely.[View]
260928094For me it's Matt Walsh.[View]
260930872Oh no no no!: Uh oh, the fat Indian man is on to us. This guy's consistently been a faggot thro…[View]
260917692Which bible?: Which bible do you see as the most holy? Which one should I read?[View]
260931364What is the point of covering for corporations?: Why is /pol/ so defending of the notion of capitali…[View]
260928791No Bots Allowed: We cannot allow bots to subvert online discourse. Every time you post, you're …[View]
260931288This is Derek Chauvin. He is a low score faggot. Don't be like him. Be like Brenton Tarrant. Be…[View]
260914454I am so blackpilled I just dont know what to do anymore. I have been re reading 1984 and turner diar…[View]
260928603National Socialist: Give me all your National Socialist stuff[View]
260929729TRUMP passed NEVER AGAIN bill regarding holohoax: holy shit hahahah, ziocucked donald. hes same as h…[View]
260931073Alright faggots, buckle up. IOTBW was a phenomenal success and now a golden opportunity has arisen i…[View]
260931064Hasta la vista antifascista: >Compilation of shooting, beating, chucking spears and even ramming …[View]
260922058/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BLM1488 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.white…[View]
260931058BLM is an opportunity for us.: Do you guys not realize that this chimpout is PERFECT for our cause? …[View]
260929033does the military take schizos: I want to join the guard or something so I can punish scum. will the…[View]
260919944Poland is ba-: Hold on, don’t tell me you fell for the based Poland meme?[View]
260929714Another faggot ass marine Jogger lover. They've entirely breached the US military ranks. Were t…[View]
260928614There is still no (((Christianity))) in Japan. I grow displeased.[View]
260930147So which one are you /pol/?: A keyboard warrior,a confused normie or a man of action?[View]
260927759The Ultimate Cucks[View]
260930728>fascist hates blacks + non-whites >antifa hates whites + non-blacks fucking retards please st…[View]
260930719What's wrong with Saudi Arabia, Yeman and Oman?[View]
260928548It's crazy how much of this is coming true.: https://youtu.be/eKl6WjfDqYA Listen to this conver…[View]
260930685ARREST THE MINNEAPOLIS POLITICIANS WHO WROTE SECTION 5-311: Minneapolis Police Officers were trained…[View]
260930662Bunker boy thread.[View]
260927860Lebron needs to be called out for his silence on sweatshop labor for Nike: #Woke[View]
26092927142 HOURS: 42 HOURS[View]
260930598THE BOOGALOO BOIS: This timeline is so funny[View]
260925330No rent: >20, college student, broke as fuck >landlord mad cuz i didn't pay rent yet …[View]
260930290Fuck It: Fuck it /pol/acks, all this political bullshit and race baiting wars and fucking government…[View]
260929802I have done everything the Jews have asked, but they still hate me. How can I please them as an Amer…[View]
260929010Trump Finally Gets His Wall: https://twitter.com/betsy_klein/status/1268491075343319041?s=19 AHAHAHA…[View]
260891871AMERICA: Describe America with one image ! Go[View]
260923055>blacks want gibs and hate slavery >give them land and an independent govt. >hispanics want…[View]
260920811#gobaldforBLM last thread got archived version[View]
260929785>the real boogaloo has never been tried before[View]
260930408>'I've watched about 100 videos of people looting, I've seen about 4 black people!': I…[View]
260927690Do you faggots actually use your real name on social media?: Why? I haven't made an account wit…[View]
260930401BASED BROOKE!11!: https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/no-excuse-not-to-do-it-hills-shire-co…[View]
260930251I CAN'T BREEEEEVE!!!!!: Now that the report is out that he died of drug overdose and the cops d…[View]
260930236/Prepper General/: What to get to survive the incoming mass genocide pic related[View]
260902941France: France general Putain qu'ils sont con les autres Francais[View]
260930180this bitch is so fucking stupid, can't wait to see her get pepperballed and maced at the protes…[View]
260926189Fascism will save the world: Democracy is weak and decadent. It’s a constant back and forth of repea…[View]
260924573Can't Decide: remove 'friends' from Social Media?: My Insta/facebook feed is FULL of BLM bullsh…[View]
260926512BLACK WIVES MATTER: Post a picture of a Black Mamba[View]
260923723Chauvin Legal Discussion 3: Heart Attack? Edition: Continuing discussion of the George Floyd autopsy…[View]
260930123Remember when you could get arrested for going to an empty beach? Remember when you were killing gra…[View]
260929475Autopsy report shows Floyd tested positive for coronavirus: https://apnews.com/82b8119dd8e753494f755…[View]
260929838BlackBox Read all https://www.td.org/insights/why-the-brain-is-still-a-black-box-and-what-to-do-abou…[View]
260913783Is the system built against the blacks so that no matter how hard they try they can't rise out …[View]
260927402Wait a min 2/2: 11. Why did the kneeling officer appear completely cool and calm, as if he was posin…[View]
260927043We really are watching different movies.: I genuinely don't know how much more of this I can ta…[View]
260919351ANONYMOUS leaked meme: This meme was leaked by the hacking group ANONYMOUS. Apparently it is the mem…[View]
260929363POLICE DANCES WITH BLM: Oh no no no no no https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1268379338019418113?…[View]
260912473Tried to stop watching porn lasted 3 days then I basically remember half asleep doing it last night …[View]
260929669he hates you, anon[View]
260929659I don't think niggers or leftists are the issue. I think the issue lies in IQ, intelligence. A …[View]
260923668The GOP are going to lose the Senate aren't they? What a bunch of cucks. What's fumy is no…[View]
260928020So let me get this straight...: The US is boiling down at racial cop abuse when >for every 10,000…[View]
260929631Are the Jews trying to meme the apocalypse into reality? Thinking of the four horsemen: 1) Pestilenc…[View]
260923032Strictly Hypothetically Speaking: What's stopping Donald Trump or the protesters from using som…[View]
260920570I have to make this quick and hidden, the federals are watching. Fed troops deployed in Tennessee, a…[View]
260927591Got a pipe thrown at me: By a black homeless guy walking down the sidewalk. Time to move[View]
260927435Fuck Niggers: Twitter activists wrongly dox a man for an image that wasnt even meant to be racist…[View]
260928572Can you guys believe that just a few decades ago, the government used the ARMY to FORCE white people…[View]
260924345Well, it’s official. They’re in the suburbs. This is merrick, one of the whitest NYC suburbs of Long…[View]
260925220>tfw the left won the culture war Whew.. you guys almost had it[View]
260927064I am actually shocked at the language of the anti-lynching legislation: Basically if you get into a …[View]
260929446PROVE THIS WRONG - PROTIP, YOU CAN'T: This country is systematically racist and bigoted towards…[View]
260907676/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #4061: ► Detected: 6,647,305 (+84,609) ► Died: 390,453 (+3,666) ► Day: …[View]
260928381What the fuck is this?: Explain CIAniggers, those patches are cringe bruh http://archive.vn/UR8bw…[View]
260926156It was not the corona pandemic that killed George Floyd, it was the pandemic of racism.[View]
260914287SWEDISH POLICE GENOCIDING NIGGERS: Get in here! Get in here! Get in here! https://twitter.com/Brothe…[View]
260929284This is what a cult looks like.: pic rel[View]
260929260I fucked up, lads. I got my girlfriend pregnant and we both decided that abortion is gonna be the be…[View]
260917957Map of when slavery was abolished across the globe: Why is the US the only country that seems to tak…[View]
260927593Is civil war avoidable? Is there any chance lifenwill go back to normal in a couple weeks?[View]
260920705Retards will always be retards: Getting honest people fired for telling the truth[View]
260911629Boogaloo definition in press?: /pol/ is really getting under peoples's skin when you start seei…[View]
260914552White Islam Is The Answer: LGBTG+ Doesn't exist under Islam. Women are submissive to their men…[View]
260927911We really are entering the end times https://twitter.com/ReutersJapan/status/1268663823289835521…[View]
260929115National-anarchism: National-anarchism is an anti-capitalist, anti-Marxist, anti-statist third posit…[View]
260929082How many fingers, pol?: How many fingers? Let's compile a list of doublethink in the woke commu…[View]
260898070Based cop calls a protester a 'fucking faggot' and the crowd starts whining: https://youtu.be/hQxtdc…[View]
260929018based pewds[View]
260927188What would happen if people tried to create a gofundme to raise bail money to free the officer'…[View]
260928931BRAND tm: I'm making a list of all the cuck brand statements Post em This is what I have so far…[View]
260884443More comfy times are coming anons: BLM declares war on cops in NYC. Also: Communist/BLM-activism doe…[View]
260928902Let's create an Alt-site for the Right: We should figure a way for them to promote their shit a…[View]
260927886Operation CringeFall: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITTcOyizmRA Wow talking about this event f…[View]
260921154Let me see if I understand correctly what happened to George Floyd. >tried to pass off a counterf…[View]
260914496I've read about Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and I'm looking for his books: I've head that…[View]
260928478https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1268660531927420928 To all the sane men in MN, take whatever …[View]
260926701What's up with all the niggers on the JRE lately?: what the fuck is it with the onslaught of ni…[View]
260927527>Blah blah blah politics >Blah blah blah muh democracy None of that shit really matters. The r…[View]
260927566Remember this? This feel similar to anyone else? Wokeness completely overruling any critical thinkin…[View]
260928443How large is the 'quiet right?': Progressive leftists own basically every social media platform and …[View]
260928394Today in Vienna, Austria, 50,000 people attended a BLM protest. I'm honestly dumbstruck about t…[View]
26092679330,000 Belgians want colonial king statues removed: What do they gain from this? https://www.reuters…[View]
260928329Help?: Why are the burger counters trying to revive planking as a meme? I'm not sure if I get w…[View]
260902622In 10 years, 7 negros have died. This is why whites need to disappear. Buy a Big Mac on the way out,…[View]
260928291Infographics: /pol/ has plenty of infographics but they all seem to be too edgy and dense, i.e. the …[View]
260928280Are there any 'insider family' members out there who can tell me if the virus is all that serious?: …[View]
260927356Feds Already After Antifags: >Federal law enforcement officials have already opened probes into e…[View]
260927777Petition to leave: The point of this is to act as a litmus test for states that support leaving the …[View]
260921880How do we red pill blacks: The only way blacks will ever leave the democratic plantation is if they …[View]
260926763/pol/ >blacks are villains, we need to revolt against the prevailing authority >police are goo…[View]
260925445Anyone?: That feeling when you've never seen a nigger in your life (only on TV and the Internet…[View]
260927502Operation #RebuildAmerica: Let's get this trending, here's the plan >Call on Black Live…[View]
260924696December 1st, 2020: You open your web browser of choice and go to 4chan.org/pol What threads do you …[View]
260924330Greetings all, The truth does not need you to throw your life away for it. Further more, it is far…[View]
260926238Spray paint this everywhere in honor of Fentanyl Floyd.[View]
260927208Let's shuffle the like/dislike ratio of this virtue signalling rich black kid that got more pri…[View]
260910066REDPILL THREAD: Mexicans built USA: We, the Mexican people, are very hardworking people. We don…[View]
260911553Brit/pol/: >Robert E Lee statue: Virginia governor announces removal of monument https://www.bbc.…[View]
260923617What would Jesus do?: Would he engage in peaceful protest?[View]
260924706Hey /pol/ I’m going to the Floyd memorial and would like some help. My intention is to create a five…[View]
260927669If Trumps dies: What are the chances of Trump having a heart attack or dying in some other way befor…[View]
260924727Social Collapse General: Hey guys I know we have been having a lot of threads recently but I was hop…[View]
260927547LIE DOWN WHITEY!!!!: LOL... BRISTOL, UK TODAY!!! FUCKING SAY SORRY BITCHES!!!!! https://www.youtube.…[View]
260927578World Chaos !: New World Order, BTFO Globalism, BTFO So cry then, IT'S BIBLICAL! Trump 2020 ! M…[View]
260927495Chimpout in the UK, news trying to hide it with McCann bullshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2v…[View]
260927513Parrell?: >The Golden Twenties was a vibrant period in the history of Berlin, Germany, Europe and…[View]
260927462Operation Blank Slate - CANNOT FUCK THIS UP EDITION: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with li…[View]
260926094/pol/ is ALWAYS right: I still remember when I first heard about Antifa here on /pol/. It must have …[View]
260926925I'm pretty pro-capitalist but this just doesn't feel right...[View]
260926799remember this is an election year and it's all cosplay to distract you from the looming dollar …[View]
260927383The post that ended america.[View]
260918348how is it possible to call it a 'racist' killing when all of the cops are different races...? I…[View]
260927374The CAPTCHA Question: >go on /pol/ with gab dissenter browser >captcha goes through several di…[View]
260922812Rioters demands and changes are stupid: Some of these ideas are plain retarded >make a separate g…[View]
260927320Why do city cucks almost always jump to being able to pay for over priced and heavily Americanized e…[View]
260921539CoronaVirus Second Wave Incoming - ALL PART OF THE PLAN: Hear me out on this one: >COVID hits USA…[View]
260926963Thanks corporation[View]
260927260YLYL RIOT EDITION[View]
260925616Why is it that when you trace the history of Belarusian nationalism (aka Litvin nationalism) you com…[View]
260923237God: Hey dudes, please be opened minded because this makes sense. We don’t live in a simulation. Eve…[View]
260927212Whats happening here auspol?: are the thots rising up?[View]
260923402Lads lets get this video everywhere: a pack of wild nogs has just been caught on camera attacking a …[View]
260922198AUTOPSIES CAN UPHOLD WHITE SUPREMACY: Science can’t tell you the life experience of a person! If the…[View]
260926535The Kraut image released: Here is the photo of the Madeleine McCann suspect. What is wrong with the …[View]
260926305my antique farm equipment is yelling at me, how do I get a refund[View]
260924774Operation Trojan Horse Let's take over lefty activist twitter and instagram. We all should crea…[View]
260926835Have done my part. Have you?https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdZGWbOGzZ1N7IB2EpMOLWRmHD…[View]
260926401Why is Bethesda's Middle Eastern fraction doing this shit? Why are Muslims so cringe?[View]
260916192Scott Adams goes 1488 >The only way that the Jews can stay is power is making you think that we…[View]
260926161Just got one of those emails from DoorDash They said, and I quote >silence and inaction equal con…[View]
260926956Angry Jewish Manlet DESTROYS his claim about how hes not a midget[View]
260925210When black lives matter ?https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4-NqtZEdkps[View]
260917055Talk shit if you want incels but the truth is this guy deserves nothing but respect. Apologize for a…[View]
260926831Is anything else going on?: I'm so goddamn tired of reading, seeing and hearing about fucking n…[View]
260926710Do you think he realizes yet he got played by the Deep State with this economic shutdown over a (((v…[View]
260904515comfy Slav thread: My dearest fellow Slavs and honorary Slavs. Not colonizing, ever, proved to be th…[View]
260910900Disband the police: Who is it that you have to fear after you shoot some criminal breaking into your…[View]
260924450Spread these statistics everywhere. Statistics are irrefutable nor do they push a narrative. In 2019…[View]
260920961It’s very easy for girls to fuck an entire town but very hard for boys to. As someone who’s watching…[View]
260924061THEY GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING BECAUSE THE MEDIA IS COMPLICIT: De Blasio broke up a jew funeral a mon…[View]
260920786To the USA and Europe my dear friends: Miss me yet?[View]
260921945I have a California Teachers Association Republican teachers cacus coming up in an hour what should …[View]
260919303Just like Russia 100 years ago we are now seeing another Bolshevik uprising in the Untied States. We…[View]
260926443Why are nerds libtards?: Why are nerds on hacker news such libtards? https://news.ycombinator.com/it…[View]
260924804Apparently George Floyd is a convicted felon, anyone have any sauce, hard to fine anything when the …[View]
260926404>current state of plebbit[View]
260904169It's disappointing how many people in general, but particularly 'redpilled' people on this site…[View]
260925727What ifs: So hypothetically what if pol was shut down, or we all got kicked out, where the fuck woul…[View]
260916406this is a romanian-hungarian friendship and waifuposting thread; ethnic hatred is small dick energy[View]
260925432No Bots Allowed: Use the code words, and bots won't be able to participate in the conversation.…[View]
260926289What's the best country to migrate as the last white person from Greece?[View]
260926235What’s up with George Floyd’s friend Why the sudden urge to explain this niggas capital[View]
260926247Change is Coming: How does it feel, knowing that a literal, global renaissance will happen in your l…[View]
260926212Weird how no one hated firefighters, huh?[View]
260924473>The bill was passed in a meeting closed to Senate live-streaming https://israelpalestinenews.or…[View]
260925666Italians, time to organize: Compatrioti! The failure of the republic is evident to us all, the only …[View]
260906454How many friends have you now alienated because of this white guilt shit? Just had a big falling out…[View]
260913188CORONA VIRUS MADE IN LAB: Finally mainstream media are acknowledging the possibility. https://www.t…[View]
260925935Wait a minute... 1/2: Ok I copied this from somewhere else but wanted a thread discussion here. LOTS…[View]
260919182>spent last 2 months inside >go out with no mask thinking its all over >im the only one wit…[View]
260925508Do you faggots actually use your real name on social media?: Why? I haven't made an account wit…[View]
260923218Patriots win again: The enemies of the west tried to start a civil war this week. All we had to do t…[View]
260923749Conservative commentator Michael J Knowles: Is this guy Jewish or has he got his Jewish vibe from hi…[View]
260925372Let me be real for second >Irish immigrants Mostly poor working class, all violent >Italians …[View]
260904008Racists absolutely BTFO.[View]
260925696Alright Boog Bois: Tonight's the night. We boogaloo now. Let's all meet up at the Whiteh…[View]
260925612One anon[View]
260923948'Silence is violence': Does that mean someone who's a deaf-mute who just happens to be white is…[View]
260924112We should get #Oogaboogaloo trending on Twitter: Complete with pictures of these 'protestors' chimpi…[View]
260896180THE PROPHECIES ARE COMING TRUE: Have any of you yet realised that the Book of the Revelation is comi…[View]
260923842isn't expecting special treatment in a riot an example of white privilege?[View]
260922359Why weren't there riots when this happened?[View]
260925139do you have a guilty pleasure political thinker? im not a libertarian, never was, but i find ron pau…[View]
260925133WE SAID: White lives matter NEVER SAID: Only white lives matter WE KNOW: All lives matter We need...…[View]
260925128Post video proof of George Floyd being kneeled on for 8 full minutes or this whole thing is a psyops[View]
260925126Happy star wars day eveybody. May the forth be JUNE with u[View]
260914407What happened to the coronavirus scare? Will we see thousands of protestors die in the next 2 weeks …[View]
260923368Bring the boot, fuck it: The media has done one giant doosey of psyop here. The ultimate conclusion …[View]
260922216Remember in 2017 when Debra Clayton was shot and killed by a black man in Orlando Florida and the bl…[View]
260924032Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260924382What do you think of Brie Larson's budget for Los Angeles? https://twitter.com/brielarson/statu…[View]
260916178Proud of my glorious city of Kyiv: Say something nice to ukrainian based department[View]
260924722when BLM activists state white wealth statistics in comparison with black wealth, are jewish people …[View]
260921710Police is terrorizing black people. It's time to rise up against tyranny.[View]
260924647Now: It doesn't matter how many traitors. How many this and that is corrupted and compromised. …[View]
260923774>police around the country turning this into a fuckfest why are they shooting peaceful protesters…[View]
260924609Petition to leave: The point of this is to act as a litmus test for states that support leaving the …[View]
260924111I guess I'll be the one to ask: How do we know Trump isn't an agent of China that is repla…[View]
260919602based nog thread: when no one else understood us, they did... whole thread is pure life fuel. https:…[View]
260923580They're scared: Trump winning proved American democracy, and scared the ever living shit out of…[View]
260906513this guy fucks[View]
260924243/pol/ BTFO!: 13/50 statistic DESTROYED by reddit! https://old.reddit.com/r/AgainstHateSubreddits/com…[View]
260924272#1 Tech Youtuber plays victim: This nigger is #1 tech YouTuber & still plays victim. What do the…[View]
260921465how the fuck do you hide your power levels lads, i swear i'm starting to lose it. i just cant s…[View]
260923323WTF is this.: https://youtu.be/5EWvicBBdyk https://youtu.be/rI_GbmisMAo[View]
260924470Deuteronomy 28 KJV 34 So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. 37…[View]
260924442When he wakes up, he'll be gunning for DRUMPF.[View]
260919314Drumpftards seething: Racists BTFO[View]
260924389problem: Minneapolis City Council members look to disband the police department: soulution: time for…[View]
260924384Uhh hello based department? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=26&v=0xcowpTtZfg&fe…[View]
260917791is kneeling a new cuckold warfare tactic by the Americans? Is the intention to give their enemy blow…[View]
260923468who was right, here?[View]
260924143>Why yes I’m ridin wit Biden how could you tell?[View]
260924333Ok you win, moshe. Just stop it ill be a good goy i promise[View]
260924311Well lads, are we witnessing the beginning of the end/ point of no return for the good old USA?[View]
260924296Whatever happened to that one nigger who robbed that house and got shot by those two dudes? Anyone e…[View]
260924277Is this true or is this BS?[View]
260924162The unit that Trump sent to DC a few days ago was 2-504 Parachute Infantry Regiment. Also known as t…[View]
260920979A bit of perspective: >Born into poverty >not a single book on site >parents always upset, …[View]
260924042House America, land of the bended knee: American culture is centred around kneeling. They have holid…[View]
260924035Niggers are a purely financial problem: If we the people had a say in how our taxes were spent(direc…[View]
260916400What will /pol/ do now that Jews are supporting BLM?[View]
260924008What effect will the riots have on society in the long term?: Every few years there is a massive soc…[View]
260923955Friendly reminder two weeks from now all the black cock sucking corporations and people on your soci…[View]
260923726Defunding and Limiting Police will Destroy Cities: Don't this idiots learn from history? If you…[View]
260921410Mods deleted my old thread so...trying again.: Someone wanna explain to me the merit of stepping on …[View]
260919094#1 ECONOMY ON THE PLANET: when will you start to learn Mandarin anon? https://www.theguardian.com/bu…[View]
260923841/pol/ can you work your magic on something? I'm curious if there's a single city in the Un…[View]
260916621Help please: Need to redpill someone close to me. Post (((twitter))) screencaps mocking and demeanin…[View]
260923765Trump was set to lose because of covid19 amd now you morons gave him an out: All you had to do was s…[View]
260923026None of you will change anything. Love will win over hatred. People are lazy and want cheap happines…[View]
260920041BLM nigger riots spread to israel: fuck you americans for pushing this shit here[View]
260921091No Bots Allowed: ITT: We talk about current events without using the keywords that will attract the …[View]
260920611The BLM Looting Was Reparations, The Black Community Is Now Equal: We all saw it live on internet st…[View]
260920157One day you'll give up this childish act and break down over how awful you've been.[View]
260923449Groid Floyd Protests Are Just Another Orange Man Bad Event: And there is nothing you can do to prove…[View]
260911455'Protestors' kill 22yo girl, her sister is PISSED.: Kind of sickening that so many white libs are us…[View]
260915255Property can be replaced sweetie[View]
260923369>Dominates pop culture >Over-represented in the media >White characters are always made bla…[View]
260881433All it took to convert black women was one BWC[View]
260923366wait, you guys didnt think covid was actually real, right? you guys didnt ACTUALLY believe the 'scie…[View]
260923312RIP George Foreman[View]
260923281Noticing Creates Tremendous Kvetching: Amazin'! https://t.me/s/theenoticer[View]
260917418When does #exposeantifa release?[View]
260922885/Pol/ humour thread jogger edition[View]
260923179Another Tard...: HONK![View]
260910069Anyone else feel optimistic?: Record setting riots, we charged straight through a once a decade rece…[View]
260920400review nigga usa: Tech nigga reviews himself before going for sale[View]
260917906DEFUND THE POLICE: What happens if we defund cops? Personally I think alot of people are gonna quit …[View]
260923014Oy Vey! https://twitter.com/SilasCarceras7/status/1268374077623894017?s=20[View]
260922991All these BLM memes from companies don't even make sense: Take pic attached for example. They b…[View]
260922986SIEGE: 'While it is the time to be legal we must stolidly endure whatever the state sees fit to infl…[View]
260922979We must get rid of the memeflag scum in this board, they're mostly shills and übershitposters t…[View]
260922227The slot machines in supermarkets and convenience stores here have been closed for a few months alre…[View]
260922527Now that White Society and Culture has been exposed for its inherent physical, moral, sexual and spi…[View]
260913131Why is this allowed?[View]
260896974MUSLIM ATTACK AT LONDON RIOT: Why is nobody talking about this? https://barenakedislam.com/2020/06/0…[View]
260919120First generation Indian American here. What’s with the rioting and destruction caused by American pe…[View]
260921241Trump deserves to lose: Jared Kushner has made Trump ineffective. Voters wanted Trump, not Kushner. …[View]
260913460Well pol, what have you got to say to this?[View]
260922447Don't worry, they got away with it.[View]
260919758so whens it gonna go from #taketheknee to #suckthebbc where white girls show they arent racist by su…[View]
260878687What's up with the 'Boogaloo Bois' shit the media keeps sperging over? I've never heard of…[View]
260915711France racist against latinx[View]
260922442Why would an article exist that poorly tries to create a reason why George Floyd’s good friend nba p…[View]
260922556Real History: How do I learn about the true history of the international Jewish race? I'm not c…[View]
260920950What do you think Trump will do if he loses this election[View]
260915664Okay what one of you wrote this?: This is NOT funny[View]
260911109Have you ever been so cool /pol/ ?[View]
260914819canada is opening fo US: we comin to yo house leaf boys[View]
260902365Does anyone still wears jeans jackets? Here they are synonymous with poverty and communism of 1980…[View]
260917438Hundreds of years from now, this man will be remembered for being the worst American President of al…[View]
260922215Happy BDay Tiananmen!: Happy BDay /tiananmen/ anons! What a nice future you open for all humanity! T…[View]
260917443whites and boomers will be hunted down like nazi's and hanged. absolute scumbags, all of you.[View]
260922207holy shit operation pridefall is actually fucking getting traction lmao https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
260872641No matter how all of this ends. What's the one most important thing the alt right can learn fro…[View]
260920278Come home white man[View]
260922120man I just wanna play some vidya[View]
260922102An idea: After seeing a combination of joggers doxxing /ourgirls/ on twitter and pic related, I had …[View]
260920852What's wrong with zoomers?: >safe space >panic attacks >emotional stress >mental il…[View]
260921130Do you think this will ever see the light of day?[View]
260920575Who the Latinos should support in the upcoming race war?[View]
260917964Pink Floyd: TRACKLIST: 1. Kneel on Me 2. Breathe 3. On the Run 4. Jail Time 5. The Great Nig in the…[View]
260921634Why do blacks commit more crimes?[View]
260902986Imprisonment is a cruel and unusual punishment. Literally just stealing time from someone and not al…[View]
260920276Trump is coming to my county tomorrow, and there are people coming up from even out of state to prot…[View]
260921509Gamers refuses to acknolege George Floyd!: Brothers and sisters of /pol/! R****it has gone too far! …[View]
260921738CNN commentator says black community should be more worried about ‘the white liberal: Noooo SHUT IT …[View]
260921647at what point do the NPCs wake up?[View]
260921016>Lindsey graham[View]
260921044Sweden is aleady one quarter immigrant: Swede bros/other nordics, is this true? Are the immigrants …[View]
260921428What would the world look like if they had won?[View]
260916386How does it feel to be part of history?[View]
260921363Slug.com is a neat place: I don't work for the sight or anything like that. For about a month n…[View]
260921351I can't tell who's roleplaying and who's genuinely so hurt by society that all they c…[View]
260921364Is it over boys?[View]
260921291Corporate retards spamming your e-mail inbox with political shilling? Don't forget to report al…[View]
260920420Why is everyone in panic? White people are still a majority in all white countries. Just calm down. …[View]
260918061OH SHIT!: They're beginning to believe... Wake up my black brothas and sistas https://twitter.c…[View]
260921182how will whitoids compete?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXmILsbEPcg[View]
260919718Varg Vikernes PLACENTA Worsimping: Wtf is wrong with this dude, serious?[View]
260921158The DNC playbook is so spent...: that they're trying to start a civil war over niggers again. I…[View]
260920147We could have been colonizing other planets by now if we didn't give niggers and women rights. …[View]
260917614What did q mean with this post?[View]
260917693Rise of Evil: Just finished watching The Rise of Evil. Holy shit! It makes germans and Hitler out t…[View]
260920734Any paint experts up to making a new /pol/ comic about George Floyd? With the gold coffin and everyt…[View]
260920949Why is worshiping black male pornstars so prevalent in the West?[View]
260920965explained at the intellectual level of the average leftist https://twitter.com/cnn/status/1268648767…[View]
260916717The most controversal opinion: Gay rights :)[View]
260920499Assistance needed on Latvian progressive/soc dem webpage: 'If we need families only to “preserve the…[View]
260907222Encourage a Police Strike: I need things to get crazier. This has been the most fun I've had in…[View]
260915167Hello /pol/, /biz/ here, I thought I'd toss you a bone since you guys made me a quarter mil in …[View]
260920755How much would you pay for the niggers to fuck off?: How much would you pay a black person to leave …[View]
260908948These faggots must be actual feds since /pol/ is full of NEETs and 'day of the rope' larpers. https:…[View]
260917014CNN uses the terms 'Hispanic Whites' and 'Non-Hispanic Whites'. How fucking absurd and illogical is …[View]
260895961Empire state building sized asteroid: Remember that one mysterious person telling us to look at the …[View]
260913814I finally took the test: I thought I was more of a right winger but I guess the results prove differ…[View]
260920384Fill in your attraction octagon, /pol/![View]
260920632/pol/ can you work your magic on something? I'm curious if there's a single city in the Un…[View]
2609198602 Non-Whites Among George Floyd Murder: ...is this still an act of 'white supremacy'???[View]
260910540NOT A CARICATURE: I repeat, America has become the leaders of CLOWN WORLD. Even Sweden has done the …[View]
260920557How are weeb rightards coping right now because they believed anime was on their side?[View]
260918287SAVE THIS: 6/4/2020 This will be the electoral map in November.[View]
260919836Why did Trump allow his son-in-law to derail MAGA?[View]
260918580Defund the police: This is redpilling normies like I’ve never seen. We need to push “defund the poli…[View]
260920474EXPLAIN THIS SHIT: /pol/ you have some explaining to so[View]
260920432Is this the 2030s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU2FHV2lr04[View]
260919880Political conservative commentator Michael J. Knowles: Is this guy Jewish or was he got his Jewish v…[View]
260920342How will the world look like after the US falls?: Ok, everybody can see it. The US is finally done f…[View]
260920327Jared Kushner: Did people actually vote for Jared Kushner?[View]
260920266Whoops...: Sorry for derailing your treatment goy[View]
260920229We will never have based movies like this again.: Movies like this will be criminalized for their pa…[View]
260916167>all black people are ba-[View]
260907684Would /pol/ trade Southern Spain for Byzantium ?[View]
260920176Hello, guys. I know, you deeply respect people of color, minorities, bio-diversity and other beautif…[View]
260912566Whats the whitest city/area in Germany?: I was planning to visit and I plan on studying in Germany t…[View]
260918757June, I am forgotten.[View]
260920089>convince BLM that covid testing is a way to crack down and arrest anyone who attended the protes…[View]
260913378The best way to return to traditionalism in society is for the unshodding of women: Female Unshodism…[View]
260920051The same Michael Baden who did Epstein’s autopsy, huh?[View]
260910299Why do so many women who hate white men still want a relationship with one?: I’ve noticed that so ma…[View]
260920029Black Lives Matter meeting in Iceland: based https://www.icelandreview.com/society/over-3000-attend-…[View]
260915198MCDonald's BLM Stance Part 4: Seems like the janitors doesn't want us to find out about Mc…[View]
260919984Why do I get the feeling that one day, shit's just gonna snap with Israel? Like Israel's g…[View]
260919971Milwaukee Anons: Why are we hailing Frank Nitty as some kind of hero? Apparently on his facebook fee…[View]
260918501Your cops are dancing with black lives matter: Holy shit TOTAL DEFEAT https://twitter.com/RexChapman…[View]
260905051TRUMP UNDER ATTACK FROM ALL SIDES: What the fuck is going on? This is the most organized, obvious fu…[View]
260919244No Kneeling Allowed.: >Private John Moyse was a British soldier of the 3rd (East Kent) Regiment w…[View]
260919098tick tock tick tock[View]
260919849Post pictures that prove that we should’ve picked our own cotton.: IIT post pictures that prove that…[View]
260910428fucking hell cuhz i just found out og didn't stay wit us ;__;[View]
260919759White women: This is now the status quo on Facebook.[View]
260918487You cant make this shit up ahahhahahahahah[View]
260919054We live in a society. Lets stop.[View]
260915538Clown world: Does anyone else here really don't care about the current state of the world? I…[View]
260918992I want to share some photos from today manifestation in Warsaw. Thoughts?[View]
260919565You hear that /pol/? The media is owned by white supremacists. ANTISEMETICS BTFO[View]
260917187Is this what they call the Swedish model?: Maybe the liberals were right to look to Sweden for inspi…[View]
260915076china and russia are laughing at us right now. they see the destruction of our economy, the destruct…[View]
260919466Can he possibly win after this?: Blumf favorability cut in half with white Catholics in just the las…[View]
260919401My two cents: Does anyone else feel like the whole BLM and George Floyd thing is just the incorrect …[View]
260918140whiteamericans.net: I just registered whiteamericans.net. What should I do with it? Was thinking of …[View]
260919334We're Shit Again: Hi /pol. I guess it's all done. Corona-Chan is through with her multiple…[View]
260896806Why is Japan protesting? Who are these people?[View]
260918772#ShareTheWealth: The Floyd family is just one example of an entire culture and people of injustice t…[View]
26091431814:5:66:17:8:97:41: 72 hours. Every politician will be going batshit. The spotlight is about to bec…[View]
260919175Vril are real and they are behind all of this shit with telepathy. Atlantis is real. Every notice hy…[View]
260918512Politics : A Tool of the Devil: It took me a long time to realize that the devil loves politics. It …[View]
260918706a soul for a soul[View]
260916133well /pol what do you have to say for yourselves?[View]
260919033LAND OF THE KNEE/HOME OF THE SLAVE: >America has taken the #1 place on the kek list. >Britain …[View]
260919028>New Jersey enacted the first law that specifically criminalized driving an automobile while into…[View]
260916605jews being jews[View]
260917788The absolute state of wh*te people: Will you join your wh*te brothers and sisters and bow down to th…[View]
260915598Why: I know this is old news from Michigan last month, but why. Why do these people think they'…[View]
260917403HOW CAN 2020 GET ANY WORSE? ALIENS? >mfw the Nazis Flying Saucers come from Hyperboria to save t…[View]
260885543#ExposeAntifa by Project Veritas already getting clogged: https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral/status…[View]
260897802The life of Saint Floyd: Let's make a summary about his life: >In August 1998 he was found g…[View]
260903153How many jews are in antifa??: It looks like Antifa was created by jews.[View]
260910701How would Terry feel about current events?[View]
260918815Anyone have video of man mocking protesters?: Looking for a video of a guy who interrupts the protes…[View]
260913615Let's take inventory. They don't want us to have a gender, be straight, be white, own a ho…[View]
260918275I have to make this quick and hidden, the federals are watching. Fed troops deployed in Tennessee, a…[View]
260909932So Brave, So Strong: New cover it time. Its like they are purposely tossing out covers for us the me…[View]
260918319Blind yourself for racial equality!: Have you blinded yourself for racial equality /pol/? It's …[View]
260914242COG: 'Big wheels keep on turnin...' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuity_of_government https://e…[View]
260911016#goBaldforBLM Get #goBaldForBLM trending on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is to get women, particu…[View]
260882391This image alone: Is enough to cancel all of you pigs[View]
260918241Repeat of 2016?: Bidenbros, are we getting too cocky?[View]
260918477Social media censorship is now the biggest threat against Western civilization. The most nationalist…[View]
260918446Redpill me on the Novus Ordo Missae: Is it the reason why for all the cuckoldry & corruption wit…[View]
260905444/pol/ humor thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj0ixxrAb7A&t=507s https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
260914796So you’re telling me this dude with that nose and mouth couldn’t breath??[View]
260917363Instead of debating on whether Capitalism or Socialism is better we need to combine the best qualiti…[View]
260917437Leftoids going full retard: >ABOLISH THE POLICE >CRIME ONLY HAPPENS BECAUSE THEYRE POOR >PO…[View]
260916061i hate my own kind[View]
260914445Need to remember everyone who funded niggers violent crusade, because month later they will act like…[View]
260917989When Google becomes self-aware, will it be retarded?: THAT'S NOT A FUCKING BUS GOOGLE!!!!! I me…[View]
260909525White Ex-Ferguson Resident AMA: To anyone in communities that have had 'protests' or considering ado…[View]
260913457David Bowie thoughts on Hitler: I’d love to enter politics. I will one day. I’d adore to be Prime Mi…[View]
260917881Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260909253at the end of the day no one is saying he wasn't on drugs or shouldn't have been arrested.…[View]
2609172782020 is the year and coming age of your black superiors, scripture predicted all of this but you arr…[View]
260911034Why is pol losing influence?[View]
260915974#FireKushner is taking off[View]
260910861*drops mic* Trumpers btfo.[View]
260883580Unpopular opinion. I sympathise with the officers who apprehended George Floyd and believe they are …[View]
260915746What is happening at this very moment? A combination of BLM rioters + Coronavirus is ensuring that m…[View]
260917639>colonized half the world and waged endless wars and massacred millions of people. >FF years l…[View]
260916520Lets see what the Libertarian Party is up to[View]
260917069If no blacks are changed with hate crimes after this I will not vote for Trump: I am serious, anon.…[View]
260917332Chinese trolls try to demoralize western community: Merely a decade or two late compared to the rest…[View]
260916940At what point will wypipo go Galt?: inb4 'Hurr durr Ayn Rand sucks'. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan e…[View]
260903859How likely it she's been getting Presidential Cock?[View]
260917535>tfw getting 300 euro coronabux next month Thanks based mutti[View]
260917519and then suddenly for absolutely no reason[View]
260917475Antifa involvement is a psyop to distract from black culpability. It's all planned.[View]
260897883Hawaiian shirts????[View]
260915723Many cities in the USA right now[View]
260916763My Colleges' Conservatives Are a Bunch of Degenerates: At my college I joined the college Conse…[View]
260911739Kek, posted by some britbong.[View]
260917353The Office of Net Assessment is a goldmine of Lulz: >Another document obtained by the Committee, …[View]
260914032Journalist accosted live on air as scuffles break out: Welp at least we are not speaking German htt…[View]
260908467You realise this is to blame, right? Cancel culture, leftism controlling the narrative, people actin…[View]
260906317>federal policing equality act Well /pol/ this is it I'm afraid. This is how it becomes ille…[View]
260917214Which one of you did this?: >Counter protester embedded inside Operation Pridefall reveals truth …[View]
260916623Someone wanna explain to me the merit of stepping on someone's neck to restrain them when they…[View]
260916506Confirmed he swallowed the crack: How did this go unnoticed?[View]
260904354BOOGALOO is the number 1 searched term on Google.: Did we meme this into existence anons[View]
260911453BIJ BOLSZEWIKA W KAŻDEJ GO POSTACI: What happened mutts? Why aren't you btfoing commies like yo…[View]
260909469>What do we do about non-violent crimes?: Brainlets can't even think for yourself about how …[View]
260917051Guys I'm turning into a bootlicker: TFW no cute cop mommy GF https://youtu.be/9ZLsQt8dgPM?t=755…[View]
260907781Gay Pride Month General /Pol/[View]
260913301Is there anything this guy can't do?![View]
260916981George floyd challenge 2020: Based? https://heavy.com/news/2020/06/george-floyd-challenge/…[View]
260916928Congratulations Antifa.: You have memed them back. Oppression is secession.[View]
260914347'Protests' scheduled for my town: They are going to the west bank of new orleans tonight and moving …[View]
260916832Google searches for 'Nigger' fell below searches for 'Black Man' shortly after Obama's inaugura…[View]
260916310Amnesty for DACA: These happenings are the wrong kinda happenings lately[View]
260913868List of destruction caused by BLM: With the autopsy and clear possession of drugs, we should compile…[View]
260894386ITT: We write an urgent letter to our president, Donald Trump, one word at a time Dear[View]
260916744Now what the fuck is this?: open up Urban dictionary. I see this shit throughout the day. is there a…[View]
260914926Wearing a muzzle=being a slave: There is no way around it. If you are forced to wear a muzzle, you a…[View]
260914249Political compass: How accurate is this compass thing? Also am i allowed to post here with this kind…[View]
260916352Just A Coincidence[View]
260916555Operation Reparation: Blacks are starting to realize they was (((tricked))) https://twitter.com/Sila…[View]
260909143#DistributeTheDonations: The Floyd family is just one example of an entire culture and people of inj…[View]
260916512Reviewbrah confirmed for being a cuck: So who have you had to unsubscribe from, /pol/? Thankfully th…[View]
260915537Accurate.: He was just a funny clown before, but now he's really losing it.[View]
260915304Faggot in cope mode because operation pride fall kek then calls 4chan incels https://www.youtube.com…[View]
260902672Joggers hyperventilating, crying and begging for their moms as the Swedish police peppersprays them,…[View]
260912132Compare Weimar to America. As a kraut once wisely said here “there were much more communists in Weim…[View]
260916200The more you think the more obvious it is: The borders are closed because (((theyre))) making a play…[View]
260916166EXODUS: The exodus is here. >go to noyn chan dot yoo ess >censorship doesn't exist there …[View]
260915684Breathlets can't compete: Daily reminder that David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes and d…[View]
260916125The Jogger gene: Joggers will always be violent and have an inclination for crime no matter how many…[View]
260916062USA, 2020: Welcome to the USA in 2020. Please kneel or sit to worship the new order. Do not resist. …[View]
260915289It’s very easy for girls to fuck an entire town but very hard for boys to. As someone who’s watching…[View]
260915288/pol/ Needs a Safe Space for Operations without Jannies fucking it up: There have been so many good …[View]
260887102>be gay do crimes[View]
260909865Has china won or is all just a big larp[View]
260915131To my American brothers. I’m sorry that your history is being wiped away around you. https://www.bb…[View]
260915669Why is the world so obsessed with what happens in the US? People from the Eastern Hemisphere protest…[View]
260913907So why does Veritas keep lying? Are conservatives only able to believe fake news?[View]
260915907I’m sorry son, you can’t play with LEGOs anymore, that’s racist.[View]
260915899Can we all agree this chimpening was created to boost biden's numbers?[View]
260915874YOU'RE ALL FAGGOTS: that's the truth. Nobody gives a shit about you. Life is about surviva…[View]
260915804This is an all out attack against Trump: All of this needs superb planning and massive funding. You …[View]
260914100Minneapolis Mayor Bawls at George Floyd Funeral: >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
260915430Something doesnt add up!: Ok this putrid corpse on the left is worth 8.3 billion $ and plays with th…[View]
260915559What is the backlash to this going to look like?[View]
260914434>Jun 2020....I am forgotten[View]
260915702>People don't want niggers. They want boundaries, rules. Protection. From invaders and from …[View]
260876992/fscg/ - Federal State of China General #2: >Steve Bannon and billionaire Guo Wengui are spear-he…[View]
260915640LITERALLY WORST CASE ONTARIO Part 2: what next?: so now that we have established in the previous thr…[View]
260880690Hi /pol/ It's happening. They're coming to 'protest' in rural, small town Iowa. Tonight. W…[View]
260915618From my town hall college meeting today. See u in the gulags boys[View]
260901872This is way more than protests turned riots. They are building up stocks nationwide of whats need to…[View]
260913491No More Police?: What if it was up to the minority communities to hold plebiscite's on police s…[View]
260915100THE TRUTH, why do they hate TRUMP?: Trump IS, at least to a degree, big one or small, CONTROLLED opp…[View]
260915121Can we get #ripharambe trending on Twitter?[View]
260914001flood normies with redpills while the media is desperate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA6Jfe5Uu6…[View]
260907896Multiculturalism is like some sort of a pest control method that destroys civilizations.[View]
260915166Can someone show me the stats about how poor white kids performed better than rich black kids in sta…[View]
260913039Will he be gang raped by blacks in prison before they murder him within the first 24 hours?[View]
260897250And, as usual, he never says where the money is supposed to come from.[View]
260912086What does the FBI mean by this?[View]
260914945White Flight into Space: Will there be crime in space? Will there be peace on other planets? What so…[View]
260912359We wouldn’t riot and destroy if we had equal rights. You did this.[View]
260868881Why are German women so wholesome compared to Bong women?: Kek[View]
260907240>no riots or protests Even if you hate them, at least you have to recognize they educate their pe…[View]
260914861James Woods dropping redpill: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1268645078869790721?s=20…[View]
260912125It seems like only Russia is still holding up. Slavanons is there any upcoming riots in your country…[View]
260911061Polititians with Autism?: does it exist? Is Trump Ausistic?[View]
260912862should he run for potus?[View]
260914794BLM: 2020 is the year and coming age of your black superiors, scripture predicted all of this but yo…[View]
260913386They scrubbed all the porn videos of george floyd from pornhub and redtube They where the last bast…[View]
260912885>Black Lives Matter >White Lives Matter >All Lives Matter The fuck is this shit? The world …[View]
260913573twitter makes me confused: During the most pivotal time in the people vs police debate, all of a sud…[View]
260914297Tell me /pol/, when you were edgy teens laughing at 9/11 gifs did you imagine yourself as a 30 year …[View]
260913560OY VEY[View]
260907412Real question: Why are white people so protective of material things? Do they not realize that thing…[View]
260914178wtf: why are these trending, what did Trump do[View]
260914273Youtuber Jake Paul charged with trespassing and unlawful assembly: Bahahahaha https://www.google.com…[View]
260914396MFW all these American socioeconomic and political events occurred as of June 4th, 2020.[View]
260909689LEFTIES LET'S HAVE A DISCUSSION. RED AND BLUE: What do you think about the riots?[View]
260893521Treaty of Trianon: Treaty of Trianon Today is the 100th year since the Treaty of Trianon. Hungary lo…[View]
260909861You should know about racism in Russia[View]
260913163so after all this rioting and protests and shit can we finally admit that we destroyed our economy o…[View]
260898045Why does Japan have such little crime?[View]
260913637STAND ASIDE: Let's see how progressive they really are.: I say we start a hashtag called #stand…[View]
260907651TOPKEKKKK https://twitter.com/i/status/1268609798859157504[View]
260912204hey chinks whats for dinner?: bamboo rats, porcupines, turkeys, rabbits, marmots, snakes, frogs, hed…[View]
260913928See /pol/? Systemic racism is real according to my favorite ice cream company https://www.benjerry.…[View]
260914053Do you SERIOUSLY want to start a race war whiteboi?: I see a lot of you whitebois on here wishing fo…[View]
260904842How long before we can start killing niggers without worrying about any consequences?[View]
260913915america is in shambles: congrats to china for rising up and leaving the west in their dust. i only p…[View]
260909567So are these fags going to ACKUALLY getting labeled terrorist or what?[View]
260906060so, who are you (((voting))) for, /pol/?: still think voting will fix anything, goy?[View]
260910196White southerners, what the fuck are you doing?: Your monuments are getting ripped down all over the…[View]
260908064Asian lady covers herself in shit to support BLM: https://twitter.com/CollapsePosts/status/126797284…[View]
260913485Sum up USA in one image.[View]
260913671Are you ready for us, fascists? The Something Awful Antifa is coming for you! (this is real, btw)[View]
260912121We could be exploring the galaxy but you racists had to shoot joggers and threaten boogaloos[View]
260913669What's the biggest strength and biggest weakness of your country/people? Brazil: Biggest streng…[View]
260912165I'm so proud of her!: Even little White girls are feeling the injustices of the Black community…[View]
260904587Well, /pol/?[View]
260912374City Fags: >take away guns so no law abiding citizens can get them >de-fund the police >not…[View]
260913477To the anon that posted this thread: Jannies fuck off, this is politics related >how do we unplug…[View]
260909509CLASH IN CARLSBAD: It's going down this weekend. Multiple sources indicating a massive conflict…[View]
260912803Is this really considered 'extreme?': Its old news that anything involving the confederacy has been …[View]
260912295DOX THE RIOT CONDONERS: We need to compile a list of middle/upper class, gated community dwelling pe…[View]
260911365What would of happened if george floyd was white ? I dont know how there can be so many mentally ill…[View]
260910143Free These Prisoners of Political Correctness: They're only being held because George Floyd was…[View]
260912039I LOVE TRUMP!!! MAGA AND KAG!!! DEUS VULT!!!: >God bless the USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
260898575Brit/pol/ : Jenna Edition Episode 191: Jenna! BIG FUCK YOU[View]
260910888How do i join the boogaloo?[View]
260908388Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement: This isn't about equal rights for all races. This is …[View]
260913270Christoger floyd mc queen[View]
260910981Was told the 'you glow! No violence' shit is a psyop: Friend told me that all the 'you glow!! don…[View]
260912437ITT 'why is this happening happening?': I think we can all agree these Riot are confirmed to be one …[View]
260913136They are going for broke. They will leave the good people nothing.: Just nuke us already https://ww…[View]
260885751Based Sweden genocides niggers on open street. Part 2: Bloodbath in Malmo edition: Where were you wh…[View]
260913094Video compilations: Has anyone got links to video compilations of black cops shooting white people? …[View]
260906430Why are South Koreans so racist?[View]
260912897This lady here in Houston shot a man in the head on Facebook live during a robbery, now she gets out…[View]
260909553I’m back did you miss me[View]
260909204Please, Canada. Please, please, PLEASE do it! Please, I beg you...p-please![View]
260875159Economic Damage From the Riot/Looting: How massive will the economic damage be from the looting? The…[View]
260912779Get in here fucks. It's time to b 8 some normal fags[View]
2608777622020 Electon Results: What do you think will be the most likely scenario during the upcoming electio…[View]
260910994HAHAHAHAHAHA: I don’t want to hear another one of you mutts talk shit about euros ever again As of n…[View]
260912725George Floyd Funeral going on: Press K to pay extra crispy respects[View]
260909421what's the point of fighting anymore? 50% of the world population is mongrelized.[View]
260876927Why are Koreans so pro BLM?[View]
260912073anon if you're reading this, she's free tonight[View]
260901682Syria General /sg/ - Turkshills Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
260912591TikTok influencers are covering themselves in their own feces to support #BlackOutTuesday https://ww…[View]
260912343>this triggers the kikes[View]
260910910gorona birus: >17 billion under lock down >784 countries >more than eighteen billions strai…[View]
260908676In 10-20 years there will be a new world-class Hitler. Take a screenshot[View]
260912413corona: Will corona be the new gay disease after pride month LGBT parades?[View]
260912408Do it[View]
260910180Black Lives Matter Is A Destructive Message For Blacks: In order for the Black Lives Matter message …[View]
260910141All these non Americans girls coming to ride the white cock carousel and becoming fat pigs. I was go…[View]
260911390Brit/pol/: I thought our joggers were better than this: Has there even been any happenings since las…[View]
260890651SAY THANK YOU WHITE MAN: He single handedly saved the white race.[View]
260910116I am a regular dude who is not into social media or TV, I don't get hit by the virtue signaling…[View]
260905466japan has fallen: in addition to the BLM protests, they're marching because some kurdish foreig…[View]
260895217But is he wrong?: Is this what merica has come to? Where did he come from. Why do you accept this? h…[View]
260912126>maybe we should abolish a universally hated institution >BuT wHaT aBoUt BaNk RoBbErS????!!!…[View]
260910980What has the Balkan community been up to during the rioting ? are you for or against it[View]
260907106Antifa killcount: I'm tired of this tarded basline rubber wall statment. Hate to put it but the…[View]
260911975Let's start a twitter thing #cancelcomedy because it's usually homophobic racist and bigot…[View]
260910928Child abuse![View]
260911145>become president promising a wall between Mexico and US >ending his presidency with a wall bu…[View]
260911886Is he, dare I say 'our guy' ? https://twitter.com/i/status/1268627516476047365[View]
260911567How much damage has this fucking cartoon frog caused after all these years?: imagine being an elite …[View]
260903729What do your friends and family currently think of the protests and riots in America my fellow burge…[View]
260911701Does this line of thinking make any headway into the black community?: I know there are alot of BLM …[View]
260911717Hail Satan[View]
260910191Anon: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? They can't be really serious. My personal life is that this is a …[View]
260911660QUESTION: what are the odds that BLM is now going to spend all of this GloboHomo money being donated…[View]
260908802the owner of Gab is sharing the BLM meme: gab.com/a[View]
260911173/pol/ if all these megacorps cared about BLM why didn't they halt their stocks??? The best they…[View]
260911614Now in the US people want to disband the police I have an idea Remove all police for 1 day without t…[View]
260908649Hey guys I just got out of a 6 month long coma just thought I'd go to /pol/ to get a recap on w…[View]
260911582Here's your wall.[View]
260911557Make me a damn mural: Can we get the mural to include black egyptians in it? https://www.change.org/…[View]
260911457Atheism single handedly KILLED the West: It's just amazing to see that the simple denial of tra…[View]
260910770Oh shit guys, he found us out[View]
260911434We Are Under Attack: >Bot attacks across social media >Mass purges across social media >Sit…[View]
260909645DAILY REMINDER:: SAY SORRY TO BLACKS FOR BEING WHITE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PCttLFtqZw…[View]
260911375You can only post in this thread if your area is less than 1% nigger'd.[View]
260911314This is what happens to your country when you spend wars selling guns to both sides and jerking off …[View]
260907547Ok, so which one of you did this? Or is this a false flag to justify taking down the monument? >t…[View]
260909897This Instagram account keeps attacking white owned businesses in my area, finding the owners faceboo…[View]
260906188Guys they’re starting to notice...Part 3: Previous thread was archived. https://twitter.com/SilasCar…[View]
260910346/LAPG/: LOS ANGELES PROTESTS GENERAL - Nothingburger Edition - LA & SoCal report in!: Sorry guys…[View]
260905904You have to understand how the (((MSM))) works, now that they've decided to blame all the viole…[View]
260908233Fabian Tactics II: How /pol/ wins the civilization struggle: As the last thread archived after only …[View]
260911052Seriously?: >Be me Debating with friends, one friend says he thinks Epstein killed himself. 'The …[View]
260908496Name my band /pol/: Name my band /pol/[View]
260910257You mission was never to understand these happenings: It is to survive[View]
260910629Reddit fags are mad over my jogger floyd meme, did i do good pol?[View]
260891216I made thousands in the market again today. I'm trying to help you retards so you gain some pow…[View]
260909217How Do We Successfully Unplug?: Well /pol/? How do we leave the matrix?[View]
260908634I can't take it anymore. I tried being a good ally to blacks. I thought then and think now they…[View]
260908900the polish writer/ independent yt journalist redpiling poles on everything, his last episode on yt w…[View]
260910764CALLING ALL COMMIE STATE RESIDENTS: >Gun stores selling out around the country >LTC certificat…[View]
260910760TOMMY SOTOMOYOR VS CADACE OWENS: https://youtu.be/WtvUoXon5dI #MAGAwithDACA[View]
260909403I love Tenshi[View]
260910741Lets Anal Rape Pride Month (like the fags do our children): lets all go buy some pride flags go to …[View]
260903865If you were given the opportunity to give a picture of the modern world to them before they storm th…[View]
260909829why does this nig pop up out of nowhere everytime a 'black' man is involved in dumb shit: why does a…[View]
260907138Why do these rioters keep shouting 'I can't read'. We know you can't read, you're nig…[View]
260893550George Floyd gets a casket made out of GOLD: Right now, there is a funeral for this man that is elev…[View]
260910677How do we reform the Knights Templar in order to prepade for the upcoming crusades?: We stand at the…[View]
260910610>bbc sissy hypno videos >7 million views You zoomers / Millennials are so cucked lmao…[View]
260905282I know things are bad right now. They are about to get a lot worse.: The crisis that ignited the pro…[View]
260910577https://youtu.be/qW5-srjuCbg They’re waking up[View]
260909914Any heroic past actions of Chauvin & co?: Why haven't we dug into any of these guys pasts. …[View]
260907743Holding the media accountable for COVID unemployment: Once again the global crisis of the month has …[View]
260900102normally you have to be on pornhub to see a pussy this fucked[View]
260907978Apparently donations for dead felon man amount to over $11 million fucking dollars. Without getting …[View]
260909487Could we trick normies into 'Dont vote until BLM?'[View]
260909038Pinnacle of black culture: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L4kxomUj4t8[View]
260886224Blacks are waking up to (((them))): Holy fuck this is hilarious! https://twitter.com/silascarceras7/…[View]
260907304I have a feeling saturday is going to be historical[View]
260908545*ting**ting**ting* I have an announcement to make![View]
260890214What was the American Civil War REALLY about?[View]
260909935SHIIIIIEEEEEEEEET: Lmao the amount of glowniggers on this board is fucking insane, imagine working f…[View]
260904433/pol/ is moving so fast that no one will see this and know that sometimes i post controversial opini…[View]
260909827Riot redpill video list resource: Hey /pol/ I posted this the other day, I began updating the list, …[View]
260909818flood minnesota: lets flood the minnesota google maps with apocalypse pictures[View]
260907779Round 2 lads?[View]
260899848**HONK** **HONK**: actual clown world https://twitter.com/citypages/status/1268519881625853953?s=20 …[View]
260909015Let's go /pol/. Have a Faggacino[View]
260909610Cops dance with niggers: What the actual fuck are they doing...... https://twitter.com/i/status/1268…[View]
260909612/pol/ too busy worrying about chimpouts and defending white pride and ignores that: >Hitler hous…[View]
260908476meth demon killed nationalism and stole my bike: Methamphetamine is a synthetic (SINthetic) chemical…[View]
260908976Why do americans believe every country has negroes or care about their banana country?[View]
260908562Candace Owens - Based black woman: https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1268280610818101248 I am …[View]
260908877Mattis calls out ZOG's Divide & Conquer: >“Donald Trump is the first president in my lif…[View]
260906178Your sides shall not be spared.: The whole sub is a pure salt mine https://www.reddit.com/r/menwrit…[View]
260909437san diego ocean beach (OB) protests: it's all so tiresome...i was going to move back here after…[View]
260907999Day of the Rope for the White Man when?: When?[View]
260900264Operation NYPD Stealth Drip: > Work for NYPD > Get insight on Hillary Frazzledrip video I need…[View]
260900395Just gonna leave this here. black lives matter[View]
260908008Famous female black rapper NoName demands white people to give up property and other assets to black…[View]
260906758White women cant even hang with Castizas: Castizas hate niggers more than any white spinster. They’r…[View]
260909055purposefully overcharge, gets acquittal, bigger chimpout than the first one Is that the plan?[View]
260909293Where were the riots and looting over this?[View]
260908668the MSM told me America is racist but so far I haven't seen any open season on hunting down bla…[View]
260906811The Great Awakening: We are in an era of The Great Awakening. >liberals destroying american major…[View]
260905627Why are the equality of the different races imposed only by the lower races, which are incapable of …[View]
260908535#JusticeforFloyd: 97% of all illicit fentanyl comes from China, it's time we fight back and dea…[View]
260906397pro-porn thread: Reminder that 4chan is a pro-pornography website and /pol/ needs to get with the ti…[View]
260905645Trump will lose.: Biden is being seen as the normalcy candidate. Trump doesn’t deserve the blame for…[View]
260909065So Ibuprofen is ok now? Didn't /Pol/ already say this months back?: https://news.sky.com/story/…[View]
260907645Potential 4-chan Job: Maybe not convince Niggy that 5G Towers are evil Whites... but if we can convi…[View]
260909039Did Jews create gangsta culture to destroy the Black community? They were starting to do well and be…[View]
260908438Nigger riot prevention: I think I just figured out how to stop the chimp out and send those niggers …[View]
260898415ITT: we write a letter to Black Lives Matter one word at a time; Dear[View]
260906858No one protests in China for these people Communist hypocrisy at finest[View]
260906780The future of the usa: It will be all brown people and it will fall into a retarded non productive a…[View]
260908558Just a reminder that you all deserve this and worse.[View]
260906555Did anyone else vote for Trump in 2016 but since become an unironic communist?[View]
260907418RED ALERT: WAR WITH IRAN BEFORE THE ELECTION.: While you were distracted check out this article deta…[View]
260908842Does anyone have scholarly articles, graphics, or any other source that details the Jewish involveme…[View]
260908482Everything is FALLING APART!: Before our eyes its all falling apart! OR Is it coming together?…[View]
260903848How do I learn to stop being a racist?[View]
260908774Really gets the noggin’ joggin’[View]
260865141Why does /pol/ ignore how cucked the Niggerlands is?: Is it because Dutchniggers are considered beyo…[View]
260908613the utter state[View]
260905926BLM DEMANDS: Seems reasonable to me...[View]
260908547This anon was saying yesterday that only the anglos could be Freemasons and only anglos made a good …[View]
260908208>he doesn't live in the countryside[View]
260877126How you reply without sounding mad?[View]
260902351So I guess blacks own us now. USA is now the United States of Africa The army is now African rifleme…[View]
260907556WhiteLifeMatters and AllLivesMatter trending on Twitter: Right now k-pop fags are raiding the hashta…[View]
260886751g-guys... this shit arrived here[View]
260908445PROOF OF ORGANIZED RIOTING DONT LET THIS GET SLIDED: https://streamable.com/5rj80x PROOF OF ANTIFA I…[View]
260908413/LAPG/: Los Angeles Protests General - Nothingburger Edition - LA & SoCal report in!: Sorry guys…[View]
260907788Of course the LGBT found a way to make this all about them. Typical.[View]
260908392Black Lives Matter!: I realized these past few days that Black Lives really do Matter. Because if th…[View]
260908350Lol wat: Europe after WW2: We rebuild now lol USA after a couple of loot: Hello darkness my old frie…[View]
260907280'Self-policing' cities: They're pushing for the abolition of police. If the cops disa…[View]
260861212>dedicate your life to improving the wellbeing of not only your people, but your community >ge…[View]
260908313Whoops I ruined the whole world for nothing[View]
260908290HOL UP >smacks lips What youse tryin' to say is >resists police What you white bois is sa…[View]
260908083The future of the West.: Good luck.[View]
260900176NEW Q DROP: Are we really at the end already?[View]
260903066>THIS IS NOT A DRILL[View]
260907864>I'm gonna make niggers vote Democrat for the next 50 years Why did he do it, /pol/? Weren…[View]
260903023Reminder that North Africans are not niggers.: Percentage of people that answered yes to: Would you …[View]
260876871WHY THE FUCK IS THIS IMPACTING EVERY LITTLE THING IN THE WORLD: Magic the Gathering, a fucking card …[View]
260898610I've solved racism: Cut a $50,000 cheque to all basketball americans and give them a one way ti…[View]
260906151OH NO NO N-[View]
260903604we're switching to communism soon, aren't we?[View]
260908041The Democratic American identity: They want to speak english but they hate the originators of the la…[View]
260907406Former Colorado Governor / Current Senate Candidate in contempt of subpoena: uh, guys? https://twitt…[View]
260904131The CIA controls this country: What we're witnessing is the result of 50+ years of brainwashing…[View]
260906916GEORGE FLOYD DUMPING BAGGIES: The actual CCTV footage that all the MSM was using that leads up to …[View]
260907440It's over: Nobody cares Nobody sees Nobody listens But most importantly Nobody tried to stop …[View]
260906914americans, is trump right to use the military?[View]
260907927Floyd the Landlord is a cool pornstar name https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ed7dfff…[View]
260907895'Anonymous' is using twitter NPC's to flood #BlueLivesMatter and #EXPOSEANTIFA with K-Pop cring…[View]
260907867Righties protest with guns to look good at work for them sexy office bitches. cops don't put up…[View]
260907721lads this is total chaos right now. everything and nothing is real. absolute peak /pol/. who /comfy/…[View]
260883454Was Stalin crypto jew?[View]
260907435How will America escape the swamp? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w7OgIMMRc4[View]
260906016Tell me fuckers, is he legit or a puppet?: I feel bad for him, seems like he got memed by a psy op f…[View]
260907584What’s it like being white and moving to Walmart?: Or any other min wage store. What are your Cowork…[View]
260887642What are you gonna do if Trump doesn't win the elections?[View]
260906784George Floyd's diet found during the autopasy before he got 'suffocated'...[View]
260892730/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #4060: ► Detected: 6,647,305 (+84,609) ► Died: 390,453 (+3,666) ► Day: …[View]
260903366Here's What An Ape Thinks: How to give Niggynog her comeuppance?[View]
260907474Dang it 4Chan! WhiteLifeMatters is losing to Kpop! Freaken Kpop! Get on Twitter and get back to work…[View]
260907427If only we had banned guns sooner![View]
260891902I posted this image on my social media because 100% of the posts on my feed were white guilt and blm…[View]
260904828Chimpout of a lifetime? Or opportunity of a lifetime?: Okay let's try to answer the big questio…[View]
260907340Need a Photo - URGENT & IMPORTANT: Ok, pol. Who's got that oft-seen 4chan cartoon of a whit…[View]
260905770I just got a phone call: I have a pending transfer at my local firearms shop that was supposed to be…[View]
260871807/pol/ humor thread: Fuck you is Thursday edition.[View]
260907295We are destroing the fags flg https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,1191,-8953,52[View]
260904584Based Black Man discusses Candace Owens' hot take on Floyd: live now https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
260869625Honoring George Floyd: What will you be doing to honor Saint George Floyd today?[View]
260905221Americans,start new life in Vladivostok. USA is over.It`s obvious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F…[View]
260894238Long Island Thread: Is the mess from the city going to spill out over here? Im from Suffolk and have…[View]
260907184Meanwhile on Nigerian /pol/: https://www.nairaland.com/5903407/how-black-lives-matter-just >How B…[View]
260907185FRENCH Power[General]: A neo-Roman FRANKreich is the way forward. This Imperium can be established t…[View]
260906232Protest planned in my suburban town next to my small business: Hey bros so a protest is being planne…[View]
260907136How will people react if Trump wins again?[View]
260907114Guess I'll be the first to say it...: The Project Veritas Antifa 'expose' video was weak as fuc…[View]
260906559Burning your own stores seems like a bad idea: As an ex Detroit cop I don't understand what the…[View]
260901330Why is none of this happening here in the South?: https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/No…[View]
260907067This man is complete scum. Why would you ever think that a jewish puppet who was born with a platinu…[View]
260904804do p*les really?[View]
260906988So, which one of you did this? https://www.al.com/news/birmingham/2020/06/johnson-gov-ivey-rescind-l…[View]
260901908'fuck white women just go asian bro': >Kellie Chauvin separated from her husband on May 28, the d…[View]
260906082Anyone have a list of companies that engaged in this BLM bullshit? Niggers steal enough money as is,…[View]
260906868Strongest man in the world is non-white: This make /pol/tards seethe[View]
260906970Is anyone else having fun with the leftist invasion into the board? They can't argue for shit a…[View]
260906141Minorities against Blacks: Black people so far > attacked Arabs > attacked Africans > attac…[View]
260906862Can we get #ripharambe trending on Twitter again?[View]
260897088Why is there no more Malcom X ?: Why is there only fat ass retards with blue air ? Fake afro proudne…[View]
260903780What do you think about him?[View]
260906799>*Fills /pol/ with counter productive morons*[View]
260906427Why don't all the police departments STAND DOWN and give these clowns what they ask for?: The l…[View]
260906692We will NEVER have justice and peace as long as Corporate America still breathes and exploits.[View]
260905248What a fucking NIGGER[View]
260890599Rockstar Games shuts down online servers to 'honor' George Floyd: https://twitter.com/RockstarGames/…[View]
260901990CONFIRMED: enlarged-colon-nigger died of Corona Virus: https://dailystormer.su/george-floyd-died-of-…[View]
260906199>tfw the media is still extremely powerful and they're not going anywhere…[View]
260906153White people protest against genocide! !: https://m.kuruc.info/r/6/213334/[View]
260904191This is the most right-wing speech a public figure has given in decades: Forget the race angle to it…[View]
260906442Food for Thought: While browsing an earlier thread on The Left winning on Social media I happened up…[View]
260906351Which one is built for it? Hmm?: Pop quiz hotshot. Which one of these two fine upstanding citizens m…[View]
260896114Important Message.: This is a list of people who seek to overthrow the U.S. government. Barack Obam…[View]
260898735WHITE CHILDREN DONT DESERVE INNOCENCE: Jesus, America do something already. You'll get BTFO for…[View]
260905037This is the endgame: The globalists are running out of cards. They tried putting Biden into office b…[View]
260902752Planning on moving out of the shithole that is NYC. Is Texas full? Is it totally cucked too? Heard i…[View]
260904608These are the people threatening to execute white privileged chuds like you with a guillotine over t…[View]
260906247NIGGER FAGGOTS: why are negros such snowflakes? >hurr durr da police h8 us fool >muh slaves n …[View]
260906281Far left radicalism has taken firm hold in America. It's no longer confined to the fringes of t…[View]
260901166We're all in agreement that black privilege is real, right?[View]
260900868GET YOURSELVES A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NOW!!!: So, it seems a little bit like a shitpost, but for those …[View]
260904237he took a knee, why are blacks so mad?[View]
260903606WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE[View]
260901935Come on American when are you going to start the civil war, we are waiting[View]
260904698This mother fucker literally just said that he sees Travis McMichael aim his shotgun at Arbery. He d…[View]
260880385Why is the left winning on social media? How do we reverse the tide?[View]
260905538I though we loved the police? They are essential and keeping us safe from the Coronavirus. What happ…[View]
260905093You will now be briefed: Bruh https://twitter.com/huffpost/status/1268319563172573186?s=21…[View]
260906068>inb4 shill >inb4 nigger lover This youtube nigress is the only black woman (twin too) that I …[View]
260906043Now is the optimal moment to spread these Nation of Islam books all over Twatter: >blacks are ang…[View]
260894856Steve Fletcher and others considering the possibility of a Minneapolis without police: https://twitt…[View]
260902644USA press secretary says police who attacked Australian journalists 'had right to defend themse…[View]
260905394Is this thing still on?: Are they still storming the Whitehouse on Saturday at noon? Or have they ba…[View]
260905820How long do you think they’ll let us keep posting here, bros? Will 4chan continue to be a useful out…[View]
260904865Social Media was a mistake.[View]
260904839UH OH AQUITTAL BROS: We got too cocky[View]
260904991BLACK LIVES MATTER: BLACK LIVES MATTER. Full stop, no qualifications. Now that I have your attention…[View]
260889453So what is the end goal of these protests? Like from actual people participating in them, what EXACT…[View]
260896824Germany has way too many people: they were breeding like crazy in the 19th and their excessive unnec…[View]
260903903I believe immigration should be regulated so that the majority of migrants are female. We've se…[View]
260904951Animal Rights?: So are non-whites now the only animal that matter to leftists? The destruction of ha…[View]
260904113Was /pol/ cucked?[View]
260901422Bros, Some black USPS people were just at my house delivering a package, and I didn't see them …[View]
260904940Haha 'temporary' what are the chances of this happening[View]
260904118I just realized something about white privilage rthetoric: According to the criteria of the left, As…[View]
260895041So which one is it, fucking retards?[View]
260905383The right is turning on trump: fox news refuses to bow down to drumpf, high ranking military people …[View]
260905372It's all bullshit. They just want us to hate each other. Don't get distracted and keep you…[View]
260905300Are white men finished?: Since the horrific killing of George Floyd every young woman (white and not…[View]
260905303Sesame Street to have a town hall on CNN addressing racism: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/02/us/cnn-se…[View]
260904827Americans.....: Why did y’all’s lazy asses import black slaves to pick your cotton, fuck, and put to…[View]
260905247Pol bs: /Pol instashit is getting so obvious. I wonder how long they're gonna consume it[View]
260902211Is anyone investigating this?[View]
260905029SHARE THIS CANDACE OWENS VID INTO OBLIVION: I implore you burgers, YOU let this mess happen, now get…[View]
260904696Lets be honest we cant win jews: We cant win jews but we can make them a target as well Write about …[View]
26090513010: 10 unarmed black people killed by police in 2019. fucking 10. in a nation of 331,002,651. 10.…[View]
260902065kill me: We write this as UChicago community members — alumni, graduate and undergraduate students, …[View]
260887328Great Webms of /pol/: In Memory of George Floyd, bonus points for dindus dinduing nuffin[View]
260903749Black and other nonwhites need us more than we need them. More and more whites are realizing this, w…[View]
26090506713 50: The number 13 and 50 seems to be the nigger number[View]
260902307White People Are Evil Liars[View]
260904984Q DROP 12:49 P.M PDT: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/enlightenment/ The Enlightenment is often a…[View]
260904978What if the Hong kong protestors are the same side of the coins as the fucking nigger loving BLM guy…[View]
260901539Why are murderers so fat and ugly?[View]
260904911Numbers check: Post your race and crime memes. You have seen this meme before, but, I researched and…[View]
260904463Chicago business: Das right whyte boi. Let us grab your things and call it reparations and then char…[View]
260904455France made hydroxychloroquine a controlled substance JUST BEFORE the pandemic: What a '''massive co…[View]
260899268Operation Silent Majority: It's quite simple, gather and assemble with your local militia or /k…[View]
260895207Space Force: >Space Force Has /pol/ seen it, yet? What does /pol/ think? Media seems to hate it,…[View]
260903008>lockdown fags are fine with sacrificing the entire economy and creating tens of millions of unem…[View]
260899033STAY HOME SAVE LIVES AND BAN GUNS: HI guys, ANTIFA here. While we had fun putting graffiti on the L…[View]
260903541ALASKA HAS FALLEN: So they're finally bringing this shit to my state this Saturday. Any other a…[View]
260904825Easy money?: I see a lot of people on Twitter asking people to paypal or venmo them money because th…[View]
260904814If races didnt exist so much, people would be less different between each other[View]
260903774Eugenics.: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/04/genetics-bame-people-die-coronaviru…[View]
260901619anyone else catch this shitshow? even in the comments there is consistent support for Limbaugh'…[View]
260904662Is he a Freemason?[View]
260904626Let's destroy this: >Blacks disproportionately affected bla bla bla... https://www.statista.…[View]
260900636Explain this, Denmark: > Danish coalburners and their pet niggers shout out “George Floyd” > T…[View]
260898676What's her name, /pol/?[View]
260883444IT IS FUCKIN OVER: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1268077455668965376 HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH…[View]
260877749Just why? I dont care about protests I dont care about BLM I just want to play games.Fuck off[View]
260899544Well well jew-blamers, what now? 'The arrogance of victimhood' Alternative: FACTFULNESS[View]
260904383Why are retards using this analogy, it's so inaccurate it hurts. I know you aren't my pers…[View]
260903938The hidden hand strikes again. Have you guys seen any videos lately with strange hand placement????…[View]
260903778Hey whiteboi, why are you insisting on secret ballots? What are you afraid of?[View]
260904333Are we sure: That doing nothing is the best course? I agree they’re being idiotic. I can’t believe …[View]
260877464AG Barr press conference live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-YZlLT6uLc[View]
260904312All women are used up and trash. So why is it that I can't have young loyal cute cunny?[View]
260904296Situations that would be fun.: >Agree to give reparations to black people. >All white people n…[View]
260899478Sweden commiting fraud to hide education degradation!: From the article blow: We can now reveal how …[View]
260904069dats rite whitey. now i'm finna take that TV now.[View]
260903651America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between. -…[View]
260903329Now that the Americucks are done rioting, how do we expose the Jew to the masses?[View]
260903981Just had a thought about this whole pro-black anti-white thing going on social media. The majority o…[View]
260903159Don’t take the bait, /pol/. (((They))) want you to react so that they can push the white supremacist…[View]
260882779Why is Hollywood so liberal?[View]
260899678Need help finding a picture: I'm looking for a specific BLM picture I found on Twitter but can…[View]
260903855Gents. I am addicted to Happenings. There is so much insanity. I want MOAR. MY HAPPENING CRAVINGS AR…[View]
260885214Disavowing white women because of shit politics: Hey bros I’m a young handsome white man who was for…[View]
260903819Why whities are too weak? Look at this little girl https://twitter.com/BerniceKing/status/1268399670…[View]
260903514Mealy-mouthed ADL banned pepe in 2016: Hey /pol/, ADL classified it as hate symbol while saying tha…[View]
260888443Guys they’re starting to notice...Part 2: Previous thread was archived. https://twitter.com/SilasCar…[View]
260902651BLM won. Trump isn’t getting re-elected. Those cops are going to prison. Epstein didn’t kill himself…[View]
260900594Anybody want to get this trending on social media?[View]
260903755Who’s who and who’s Jew?: Watch this & then red-pill the Kangz. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p…[View]
260893173Have you taken the Latin pill yet?: >be me >at a Colombian friends house for party w gf >li…[View]
260903726>high on several drugs >corona carrier >no evidence of death by asphyxiation https://www.he…[View]
260896911Friendly reminder that the Kel-Tec SU16 is the best bugout weapon possible. Has detachable mags but …[View]
260893359Any African countries worth of living in?: What are the african countries worth of living in? Where …[View]
260903683Al Sharpton says that America was never great. great for him since he’s somehow not been arrested d…[View]
260903677Why are the equality of the different races imposed only by the lower races, which are incapable of …[View]
260901561LGBT driver's licenses: There's a bill proposing to allow Arizona drivers to choose nonbin…[View]
260855297northeast thread: status report[View]
260902833All these fucking riots and protests have proven to me that the middle class we've generated do…[View]
260903277Corporate Internet: Why do liberals enjoy licking the boots of corporations?[View]
260897553>I unfriended my gf after she posted black out meme > we havent talked about or political idea…[View]
260899522Fuck the police: Have you all forgotten about this already? Who is going to force me to get a vaccin…[View]
260901522Look at this cuck shit.: Seriously what the hell is going on with people these days?[View]
260867523/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #180 Is it over? edition: >LIVE STREAMS >New York City https://youtu.…[View]
260902260Who's gonna play him in the George Floyd movie?[View]
260902069I actually agree with the niggers. We have to get rid of law enforcement and let people defend thems…[View]
260903338The fall of the blacks.: In your opinions, what exactly led to the downfall of African Americans cul…[View]
260900346what's next for his career[View]
260903303Retard thinks communists are the real pro-2A advocates: https://www.reddit.com/r/CAguns/comments/gwh…[View]
260903299Which one is it: Do we live in the timeline with faggy riots that lead to gay policy change and a bu…[View]
260902988Jake Paul the Professional Joggin' Looter: >The 23 year old has denied any involvement while…[View]
260890007What the actual fuck?: >be me >just wanna play red dead redemption >get hit with nigger pro…[View]
260902431If the police were actually pro-white they wouldn’t allow in non-whites or protect the Jews from the…[View]
260903251They did it again: notice anything? The above image is the original MPD mugshot[View]
260902335Meanwhile >The Exp 63 crew, with two @NASA Astronauts and three @Roscosmos Cosmonauts, is keepin…[View]
260902592Is there an archive?: If we haven't taken the time to store and categorize each and every insta…[View]
260902462Have they jumped the shark with this: >Remembering George Floyd None of us knew George Floyd, Al …[View]
260901788#whitelifematters: Wtf[View]
260889628Hockey really is the white man's sport. Friendly reminder that the reason white men are bowing…[View]
260883416We need to spread this big time. Get on Twitter and like it, retweet it, send it to Trump. Make this…[View]
260903184Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260899351Cucked once again: Sweden shows the world once again that they are the most cucked Nation[View]
260903065Universalism Is Death: The spineless Universalist morality of pacifism, love, and tolerance has it…[View]
260898574Why do I have to pick a side in the negro outrage grievance wars? I'm too focused on my own lif…[View]
260903041Remember CORONAVIRUS IS A HOAX[View]
260902883Please BLM, I just want to watch Star Trek. You can’t even escape the Floyd riots anymore. Everythin…[View]
260902530big dick trump[View]
260896734How did people react to 9/11?[View]
260902990Is being based redpilled, or is it being redpilled that is based? asking for an unrelated third part…[View]
260901256It's Over: Drudge isn't playing around rn Holy Crap Bro's[View]
260902951Anti-semites eternally BTFO'd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAFbpWVO-ow[View]
260900542“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely…[View]
260900853Miss me yet?[View]
260893098I can't take this anymore. The clownworld has reached beyond critical mass.[View]
260899281Why isn't this faggot doing anything ? How are you still defending him migapedes ?[View]
260901887>The back, buttocks, and anus are unremarkable https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/residen…[View]
260902406Change my mind but this chimpout mixed with long term isolation gonna result in many redpilled white…[View]
260902243Let's be honest, he was brainwashed to do what he did[View]
260901603how much effect would you say keynes theories of macro economics have had on western economies? it s…[View]
260901583Oy vey I need a penis now[View]
260902775The End is near, Anons: My theory on how it’s all going to go down- After the riots die down, the m…[View]
260891574DROP BAD COMPANIES, SUPPORT GOOD ONES: We need support for good nonmarxist companies and to inform a…[View]
260900388PSA: /pol/ is back to being a mixed bag: Look at the catalog. /Pol/ has resumed its default state of…[View]
260884824seriously what the fuck is going on in this world?[View]
260885675Haha the protests will lead people to not vote for Democr-[View]
260901838So this is the great happening. America on the brink of civil war with protesters and police fightin…[View]
260864959Well /pol/[View]
260898020>'I'm embarressed for ya'll' Based.[View]
260902271What is worse?: gypsy or nigger?[View]
260899334Are Muslims the last hope for civilization?[View]
260889057This nigger was in office for 8 years, what exactly did he do during that time?[View]
260902202Trumps Birthday!: Happy Birthday Mr.President! Lets have 4 more GREAT years of freedom! USA USA USA …[View]
260902183To my lazy Americans...: Why did y’all’s lazy asses import black slaves to pick your cotton, fuck, a…[View]
260900870Chinese people are literally a bunch of bots: First generation chinese immigrants are literally a bu…[View]
260901798https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/black-lives-matter-but-jewish-lives-and-property-doesnt/ Make sure t…[View]
260901610USA, Brazil, Russia, UK: Funny how the 4 countries with the worst coronavirus death tolls are countr…[View]
260901658redpill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB1Gv0R2xzg Isn't this the ideal time to tell our fell…[View]
260899947The absolute state of niggers in politics.[View]
260897202Don't get demoralized: You're winning Ameribros. The silent majority is clearly with you, …[View]
260901877what was in the 2nd veritas video?: i got a notification that they uploaded another video and in lik…[View]
260901271#tinderwhiteprivalige: Wouldn’t it be funny to get this trending? I mean look guys, clearly the syst…[View]
260900794'ANTI-TRUMP' THREADS: Ive been seeing a lot of anti-trump threads. assuming these arent reddit antif…[View]
260874152The MSM is now attacking the Attorney General and FBI Director over exposing Antifa: https://twitter…[View]
260901774Police Knee on White Neck: I need pictures of police putting their knee on white peoples necks like …[View]
260893374Blackface psyop - #rejectWhiteness: Gentlemen, by my calculations, I bet that we can force normies i…[View]
260901772Here’s a great idea for a meme that will drive shitlibs and their pets insane. A white hand giving a…[View]
260901745Found a looter’s account on Instagram. @blackpilled Who wants to report him to the fbi?[View]
260900539What is China going to do to the niggers when they get the 2A to them?[View]
260901713Holy shit the Antifa manlet that was in Veritas and that Blumpf tweeted about is fucking inciting sh…[View]
260901693For G: https://planetnews.com/live/cnn.html[View]
260901679What kind of idiot brings a toddler to a possibly violent protest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w…[View]
260901661Redpill pic thread[View]
2609016631 Word can cause a wave of feelings: Just imagine if this imagine started trending[View]
260895893you guys are watching the memorial service livestream right?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/…[View]
260897801Trump putting up ugly fences all over the whitehouse. Disgraceful!![View]
260899556Trumps term started with 'he will not divided us' now we are divided with a race war!! feels good[View]
260901482A letter to all the cucks who talk of leaving America: >Abloo bloo bloo, commies and joggers are …[View]
260898612The CIA controls this country: What we're witnessing is the result of 50+ years of brainwashing…[View]
260900983Calling people non-white has become a compliment on this board.[View]
260900635Reminder : Trump GASSED peaceful protestors for a photo op!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=996RWrh…[View]
260900015Do you not find it funny that even though most people are calling the death of George Floyd as a pro…[View]
260897656We are now in the dark ages.: With the break down of central authority (Rome), mini nations are look…[View]
260896425Operation ChinkMin: Well, /pol/ guys, we need your help, the Kpop stans had taken the control on twi…[View]
260897348What is the final solution to the social media problem?[View]
260896545Is cleaning up graffiti racist?: This cupcake enthusiast seems to think it is https://twitter.com/xN…[View]
260901194ANTIFA SQUAD IN ACTION BREAKDOWN: https://streamable.com/5rj80x THIS IS BEING SLIDED[View]
260899885GEORGE FLOYD WAS HANGING OUT WITH A WANTED FELON: Maurice Hall. Outstanding warrants for his arrest …[View]
260899484#FentanylFloyd: A black criminal porn star with heart diseases, COVID-19 infection, and a history of…[View]
260899699Name a worse president. Even Trump hasn't fucked up this bad. >Says Jew and Nigger on live r…[View]
260899181CNN: Protests will help Trump: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/04/us/protests-black-americans-debate-bla…[View]
260900996How to redpill the blacks on the Jew.: Fellow anons. I have been telling Blacks they are the true Is…[View]
260900960NOWS OUR CHANCE /POL/[View]
260898797If Madeline McCann looked like this, nobody in the world would care as much[View]
260900901Nazis were typically girls.[View]
260900201Anti-semites eternally BTFO'd[View]
260899535Occupy Wallstreet 2.020: https://youtu.be/q9B1ZdEUKJM?t=160 Was he jogger (0)? Are there more jogger…[View]
260900781Weimar coming to a small town near you: >it's just for one night, bigot…[View]
260900103>I am forgotten[View]
260900738Leave my brothers: The time is upon us https://youtu.be/gcObPU5Jjh8[View]
260886160ABSOLUTELY HAPPENING!!!!!: Video of a kike vomiting on a black woman and then hitting her on the hea…[View]
260840691New Federal State of China: What the fuck happened regarding this?[View]
260900641Question. Why is everyone still using social media?: Right now it's just an outlet for politica…[View]
260899658When did you realize that the black lives matter movement doesn't actually care about black peo…[View]
260900473Black Out Weekend: I propose we start a #blackoutweekend to have everyone shut the fuck up for an en…[View]
260900449Based Black Woman.. https://twitter.com/Eligorricho/status/1267907282643431429[View]
260900191SHE'S 18 MONTHS OLD!!!!!![View]
260900420Ok /Pol, i know there is a COVID-19 thread already, i'm trying to prove this is all a hoax, i m…[View]
260898061girls supported Hitler more than boys?[View]
260900407It's official: They're fucking retarded https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral[View]
260891438Hello. I am doing a term paper on social movements on how they are influenced by different avenues o…[View]
260874949LATIN KANGS TURN UP TO BTFO LOOTERS AND PROTECT SMALL BUSINESSES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of…[View]
260896140How would Stalin deal with the riots in the USA?[View]
260900195Tucker Carlson get on #FireKushner: It's too much. People so fed up the dam is breaking and #Fi…[View]
260899870the world is watching: are you americans aware that you are the n°1 cause of cringe in the world atm…[View]
260898386George Floyd's memorial service held in Minneapolis (LIVE): Race baiter in charge live https://…[View]
260844164Questions to my American brothers: Hello. I've been observing what's going on in your coun…[View]
260895673Candace Owens names the 13/50: thread #2 Holy Fuck! Candace Owens names the 13/50! https://youtu.be/…[View]
260895518What are you waiting for?: Here is the race war you always wanted. Why don't you start killing …[View]
260900257OH NONONONONONO[View]
260877111Found this survey for my class: Hi /pol/! I was just emailed with this survey from my class. Could y…[View]
260899178Ok I used to think you guys were retarded but seriously wtf how is it EVERY SINGLE TIME?![View]
260899188BOOGALOO BOIS General: We did it folks. MSM actually asked about a fake meme to the highest law enfo…[View]
260894849Can Anyone find source of this company or establishment printed on George Floyd’s twin brothers t-sh…[View]
260899035You do want to help eradicate HIV, right?[View]
260900050Obama's Dad went to Harvard. He must have been smart, right?[View]
260900031Here's your US military, bro.[View]
260848248LMAO: glad i gave up on Vidya years ago[View]
260895345This is what they're distracting you from. Focus: https://www.wsj.com/articles/republican-senat…[View]
260899220This is the problem with you people: you don't see patterns.[View]
260899221This man: This is the most based man in the universe. I want a clone of him in Italy. https://www.yo…[View]
260885119Was this a threat?[View]
260898875When will you repent: Lets be honest guys, everything is going down the drain. Anyone can see that t…[View]
260899007SO SORRY![View]
260899761Black Lives Matter Less: I'd rather have people like them 'protecting' me rather than import th…[View]
260899747>pic unrelated Hey /pol/, I had a weird idea. I think there's a way to kill several birds wi…[View]
260871124The USA will soon become fascist: It’s just like in Weimar Germany >people elect weak conservativ…[View]
260875731This is all a psyop George Floyd is not dead https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sJdog_1590748219 https:…[View]
260899291#BLM: black lives matter its time for a black statue of liberty[View]
260899145Fuck the CCP and the new Federal State of China: >Saw what happened in Vietnam and Korea >Sold…[View]
260896309>just found out my great great grandparents used to own slaves back in the Canary Islands how sho…[View]
260899640Why the fuck does everyone chimp out over these?: Dems hate them Repubs hate them Antifa hates them …[View]
260895680Boogaloo Cops[View]
260851898Syria General /sg/ - BOYCOTT PISSRAEL edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.word…[View]
260899558The case that shocked a nation: Except no one cared, because he was white. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
260895836the orignal statue was a black woman france decided to not go with the orignal and make her white. s…[View]
260899443Listen to Malcolm X: Talks about house negros and field negros https://mobile.twitter.com/2LarryJohn…[View]
260898057Could this fucker release a REAL virus??[View]
260898274We must make art a weapon.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHqkEruwBT0[View]
260899313You guys are big men attacking white children now! Imagine that girl will become a coal burner now h…[View]
260899285COVID-19 food prices could trigger more than 2,000 suicides in Canada, study warns: Fuck... it'…[View]
260898470Small dicks matter: Hi guys, I’ve been amazed by the blm movement as I’ve always been interested in…[View]
260892994Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious using neck restraints in last five years: >Minn…[View]
260897937Write in “Adolf Hitler” this election: Biden? Trump? We all know that this election is fake and gay,…[View]
260898967How do we get blacks to understand they're being manipulated and nothing but pawns in this enti…[View]
260898404GET YOURSELVES A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NOW!!!: So, it seems a little bit like a shitpost, but for those …[View]
260894335There is literally nothing wrong with being black: There isn’t[View]
260896129What did stonetoss mean by this?[View]
260898849Like I said before: If it don't make money it don't make no sense. When it's all said…[View]
260899057In 72 hours a gofundme account will get all 4 officers out on bail. All they need is 10% of that amo…[View]
260896438Honestly fuck niggers and fuck illegal immigration. Fuck the left for pushing this and fuck every si…[View]
260895106Amazon removed a book critical of the covid-19 response: https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson/status/126…[View]
260898879Who should be UK's next BFF ally since America became an embarassment?[View]
260897886Why won't the site administrators wordfilter the 'N-word' out of respect for George foreman.[View]
260884577so is this redpilling the normies or not?[View]
260894693> mfw when all the protests are over > mfw when all the leftists finally think they did someth…[View]
260898688Muhammad Ali = most based negro ever: Wow I just have seen a clip from Muhammad Ali and I have to sa…[View]
260898655george floyd is probably fucking alive, how do we prove that?[View]
260897288Is this real?: Did this actually happen?[View]
260890723Northeast: We all need to move to the northeast. All of these states are majority white and if the U…[View]
260898555Whitey BTFO: See your daughter loves every inch.[View]
260897948>See nothing happens in Canada >See anons amerifats, /pol/leafs, and eurokeks say Trudeau is r…[View]
260896749/yfg/ - yellow fever general: Seriously how it it possible not to have yellow fever when girls like …[View]
260898089If Western society truly does trace its intellectual heritage to the Enlightenment, shouldn't w…[View]
260897684Would you a core Dinarid woman with a robust wide compact face, long sharp nose, broad skeletal buil…[View]
260898360Our modern world feels like as if Ommadon won. Also the nose is a dead give away. https://www.youtub…[View]
260885704telegram thread: Telegram thread: https://t.me/joinchat/Lrh5sxsNWqzSHkZC77MuPw[View]
260898345Ok /Pol, i know there is a COVID-19 thread already, i'm trying to prove this is all a hoax, i m…[View]
260898269They got my daddy on a 30 year payment plan for a Cadillac[View]
260886616post redpills that are hard to swallow[View]
260897939Trudeau banned guns in Canada after a shooting in maritimes and it turns out the guns used were ille…[View]
260898205Online book of Condolences for the Big man: Make sure to leave a nice message for the big guy. link …[View]
260897836Mob Rule. This is what Marxists want. It's what people like Soros and his kind want; They want…[View]
260896870Turns out White Women were the Privileged White Males all along!!!: I guess white women were the pro…[View]
260896392Why aren't more black people upset with Samantha Sader getting away with literal attempted murd…[View]
260896605Louis CK: Too based for Hollywood?: Watching some of Louis CK's old standup makes it clear why …[View]
260896471Why don't stores in high risk areas all have these You probably get an insurance break for hav…[View]
260898059Me Too is bullshit, and so is the left: I had someone tell me they can't associate with me beca…[View]
260898056WE DISSOLVE THE POLICE...: ...then what? It seems like this is the main goal right now for the prote…[View]
260898039Updated to include Wales figure. If this doesn't convince you lockdown was pointless, I don…[View]
260898032Invasion: You guys need to forget about gay shit like race wars. The real threat is coming. They wil…[View]
260857728The Greatest Warrior of all Time: His name was Khalid ibn al-Walid, the man who won over 50 major ba…[View]
260897918Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260897227Meanwhile in Norway...: https://twitter.com/JanFredrikD/status/1268270255509512193[View]
260897884Syndicalism is good.[View]
260897825ANTIFA SQUAD IN ACTION BREAKDOWN: https://streamable.com/5rj80x DONT LET THEM SLIDE THIS[View]
260896554Cope: So what if the future is only black people? Doesn’t stop you from getting a job, traveling, st…[View]
260897780Boyega loves his megaphone, how about a MAGAphone for shits and giggles? It can be the loudest and r…[View]
260888757Give him money, racists.: Him and every POC demands $500,000 NOW. Hand it over Honky. https://www.bi…[View]
260897139You want Trump to win?: I have the best idea to crush Biden. >Larp as BLM on Twitter >Show tha…[View]
260897739le DELIRE DU TISON: TISON[View]
260897735The House of Representatives passed a bill with broad bipartisan support on Wednesday designating ly…[View]
260897727Kanye donated $2 Mill. to the victims.: absolute legend amirite?[View]
260896919>'Black Lives Matter!' >*Only cares about black people after they die*…[View]
260897160does fascism support intellectuals? as someone more introverted i always disliked that fascism is of…[View]
260897647WE GOT HIM BOYS: Madeline McCann killer has been found. This article describes the case in detail if…[View]
260897586State of medicine in the West: So Jordan Peterson's daughter Mikhaila gave a video and script t…[View]
260866887Are Balkan people the chosen ones?[View]
260893711HAPPY KILLDOZER DAY: Happy Killdozer Day - June 4th 2004[View]
260897579We strike once the police have surrendered to BLM. No one will be able to stop us.[View]
260887608POLICE STRIKE: The police should just stand down and let the riots/crime run rampant. Instead of con…[View]
260897062Remember when the fucking lefts blackout virtue signal bullshit failed so hard that they had to blam…[View]
260885347I can't breathe = Minneapolis in Jewish Gematria Gematria (/ɡəˈmeJtriə/; Hebrew: גמטריא or Gima…[View]
260897295#FentanylFloyd: A black criminal porn star with heart diseases, COVID-19 infection, and a history of…[View]
260897460Left wing media defending killer cop: Will they defend J. Alexander Kueng?[View]
260897397Has anyone made a chadfish tinder account with an “All Lives Matter” prompt or something similar yet…[View]
260897437Basically, only 1/3 of all robberies result in arrests. So you have a 66% chance of getting away wit…[View]
260896527This is what scares the Media the most[View]
260860936Original antifa was literally formed to fight the actual Nazis in Germany: https://en.m.wikipedia.or…[View]
260889790What’s the best uncucked Spotify alternative? I can’t even listen to music without this being in my …[View]
260897312Anything short of blinding glownigger boogaloo bait gets shut down pronto. Why?[View]
260896813All this time you were worried about ZOG but didn’t realize the deep state was NOG[View]
260897305Do you think Trump will be reelected this year /pol/?[View]
260897292litterally everything is wrong with being black: litterally[View]
260896973The unanswered question: Why do Black Lives Matter?[View]
260895554Why would i give you my mind?: >Let the hate pour over, cut ties with wife and all past life frie…[View]
260897116A new religion: >golden casket, like a pharaoh Is worshipping niggers the new religion in the US…[View]
260896395How to solve racism: The goverment should provide a white woman to every bbc. Then we're even…[View]
260897181I opend Spotify and it was filled with nigger music, all because of a dumb nigger: What is this nigg…[View]
260896727It is all clear to me now.: as an outsider(latino living in my own country) it is all clear to me no…[View]
260887742Admit it: It's accurate[View]
260889487will he be the Jesus Christ of our time?[View]
260897022Criterion Channel goes full ANTIFA: I paid for a year of the Criterion Channel so I could watch movi…[View]
260894915Eject the GTA From Canada: Its time people. Lets kick the greater Toronto area out of Canada. We don…[View]
260896888HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://youtu.be/cNDdkyNKTRs[View]
260888460The porn industry must be regulated[View]
260896872How to find a based gf?: One of my ex's was like me, anti-multiculturalism, anti-black, anti-de…[View]
260896804how to kill your inner nigger: I have a wife and a little baby daughter but all I want suddenly is t…[View]
260876249Brit/pol/ - Anglochads edition: >'Get off my grass': Man interrupts Australian PM https…[View]
260896763'The Great American Chimpout®': What is this thing that you speak of? Can we get a thread with all r…[View]
260892970La Mesa riots(not a rioter): I'm seconds away from the la mesa riots, AMA fellow mesa fags post…[View]
260896055Whores: At least you're not speaking German, right Pol?[View]
260896334>1.2k in Trump Bucks >goes out and riots anyway >Coronavirus hits the world like a truck …[View]
260894567At first i thought this guy was Based by default ... you know helping Trump and whatnot ... then he …[View]
260896633Racemixing isnt always bad: Prove me wrong, cant[View]
260892539Can we just take a minute to admit that we've TOTALLY got BTFO in this Meme War? We lost the st…[View]
260892355Antifaggots got a good beating when they tried to attack a white neighboorhod: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH…[View]
260896610All this talk about Minecraft. I been playing fallout and scavenging fairly successfully. My char a…[View]
260891510American lawyers: >The two attorneys busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car …[View]
260896555I am not surprised, fucking zionists[View]
260896519some needs to be a hero: it would be a shame if rockstars servers got hacked and a super racist thin…[View]
260896509This is fucking anoying: Who the fuck is doing this[View]
260896169Please explain to me why being born a second generation immigrant japanese jew female who's als…[View]
260893778the new leaf[View]
260886821Tucker would be a nice President, but: Tucker would be a nice President, but it's more than a l…[View]
260895664Are energy drinks good for you?[View]
260889830He's going to win: You're seeing the cognitive dissonance early this year. Last time, they…[View]
260896366OY VEY THE SCHWARTZES ARE GETTIN UPPITY AGAIN!: Hotep types are getting clued in.[View]
260895468ODCG #1: OPERATION DIVIDE AND CONQUER GENERAL: What we're witnessing is the result of decades o…[View]
260896123Oh... it’s so simple[View]
260893166Burgers, when are you all getting your shit together? We and the world are tired of your three decad…[View]
260895403Jew World Order: My friends don't believe me when I say that Jews have been/are infiltrating th…[View]
260896232Fuck niggers. Fuck antifa.[View]
260891595Do blacks really commit 50% of crime while only making up 13% of the population?[View]
260893473George's Funeral Come leave a dislike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rtmg1ZfdYNo The police a…[View]
260896182Normies don't like it: Who else has had previously-apolitical normies reach out to them private…[View]
260896183Can we get a thread about blacks dropping redpills going? https://mobile.twitter.com/hodgetwins/sta…[View]
260896172are european people willing to ever kick niggers and refugees out of their countries or is it a lost…[View]
260889448Why do you think he changed his mind?[View]
260866229Operation Blank Slate - 6th of June: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with limitless potentia…[View]
260896089Fuck the WHO: I know you have taken the red pill and that is why you are here. But have you taken th…[View]
260895587How to make a list of all whites murdered by blacks?: Would I literally have to go state by state an…[View]
260892175Antifa Command & Control Structure in field action: Does Antifa exist? VERY much fucking so!…[View]
260895666Do Amerifucks really believe their riots and 'civil unrest' are the exact same as what's happen…[View]
260896044You don't even know... OH NONONONO...: Majority of people who post here, have been wrong for a …[View]
260895597only 0.8% of American Billionaires are black[View]
260894488>/pol: COVID is a hoax >also/pol: George Floyd died of COVID…[View]
260889323More girls voted for a Hitler than men. Why?[View]
260895263NYC COPS ARE BASED AF[View]
260895972Press F to pay respect to OG bros[View]
260894695Why does the billionaire political class support rioting and looting?[View]
260895920>But I'm an ally[View]
260895917Is conservatism completely useless? NO: I missed this thread before it got archived, but I want to r…[View]
260895815Is terrone really a racial slur or just a provincial one? Salvini calls people terronis but he looks…[View]
260895754Project Veritas undercovers DNC indoctrination video for gullible white students at UC Berkeley. htt…[View]
260895744Who Cares?: I don't.[View]
260895128Floyd was a smoker, had Covid-19, took meth and fentanyl, suffered from left pelvic tumor: >Be Ge…[View]
260894321What will Trump do now: to get out of the hole from botching pretty much everything this year? Trade…[View]
260895645Takeaway Boss Who Targeted, Enslaved Homeless White Men Must Repay Victims: https://www.breitbart.co…[View]
260895571I honestly can't fucking cope. This isn't a demoralization post, I really need hope. Every…[View]
260883860JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force) has just logged in: What a time to be alive!!! I never saw a je…[View]
260883624Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260895158It’s over: You lost Your racism has run out of steam. Black Lives Matter. Period. Everyone in the w…[View]
260891132I don't know shit about fentanyl, are these levels within the range for someone to overdose?[View]
260895409ok, which one of you is it?[View]
260894649/pol/ is a board of peace and we love black people. /pol/ loves black people: We love black people…[View]
260895335Is it really wise for a draft dodger to square off against a general? How many lies does it take to …[View]
2608629282020 bingo: What's going to happen next?[View]
260894899Is liking catboys liberal or conservative?[View]
260895155Biden leading pro isreal lobby donations: Why do Jews want him and what kind of blackmail do they ha…[View]
260893949Why are women incapable of following orders and the law?[View]
260893264I don't understand. The data says there's no such thing as 'racial police brutality proble…[View]
260895117What are the political implications of these coupons?[View]
260873979Is it even worth it getting married?: What do I do bros? I used to be a chad, with big dreams of a w…[View]
260895052#EXPOSEANTIFA #ExposeAntifaTerrorists: Keep this hashtag on our side. Don't let the jannies shu…[View]
260895059What if black lives matter and antifa organize mass voter intimidation across the US? Would election…[View]
260895040https://twitter.com/TitaniaMcGrath/status/1268342734684934145 CAN YOU HEAR THE MONKEYS?[View]
260893465Ecofascism: Is it still a thing? Or is the Ted crowd the last remnant?[View]
260891013Subscribe.: Where do Leafbros get their Leafnews?[View]
260895005what the- ??????????????: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1268077455668965376[View]
260894994Ad industry, AMA: Majority of people who post here, have been wrong for a really long time. Many of …[View]
260894993SERIOUS QUESTION: Could he release a REAL virus next time??[View]
260894971I want a compilation video of all the rioting, smashing, burning, juxtaposed with the American Dad t…[View]
260894051Idea: what if we hijack the blm movement after people realized they rioted over nothing: They litera…[View]
260890251OH NO NO...LOOK AT THIS DUDE...[View]
260894821Japan No![View]
260886809Black lives don't matter[View]
260893561>tfw when you'll never be buried in a golden coffin.[View]
260891784..and if he wins?[View]
260894777It's over[View]
260892534Why haven't SJW come after him yet?: Isn't he in the same category as The Amazing Racist?…[View]
260886841What do they mean by 'white silence is white violence'? I can use my voice how I please, but why is …[View]
260862662It's no longer a coincidence.: >Nickelodeon propagandizes children for the purpose of far-le…[View]
260894310good old nigger hate thread we can pass the time while the cities are burning by sharing our hatred …[View]
260894692Me and couple anons want to start some new type of party or movement based around cleansing the eter…[View]
260893978Posting a shitty tweet was a fag level: Shutting down your game about crime is next level, next thin…[View]
260885897Choose your side in WW3: Side 1: https://youtu.be/xyX4ZxUkpD4 Side 2: https://youtu.be/r56a5ToDEYI…[View]
260884741American parents need Allah[View]
260890952I fucking hate americans unironically: I log on to my game of cs:go thinking 'wow another cool day' …[View]
260894614anyone remember the hackers with 9/11 documents: what ever happened about that? anyone here remember…[View]
260890825GET FUCKED GAMERS: You paid for our games and expect to play? GET FUCKED BIGOTS![View]
260894498STAY COMFY ANONS: >Liberal cities on fire >Blacks attacking ANTIFA and blaming them for the da…[View]
260894491DEREK CHAUVIN MARRIED TO A REFUGEE: Check it https://www.twincities.com/2018/06/02/refugee-who-was-s…[View]
260894483>social media companies arent biased[View]
260893864Do you think Malcolm X was a king?[View]
260892709This will be slid: https://twitter.com/SilasCarceras7/status/1268374077623894017?s=19 This antisemit…[View]
260894250Can we start a list of people who are killed and injured as these protests go on and get it to go vi…[View]
260894374Anyone else here have a big penis?[View]
260894106Do you think black people actually are just experiencing anxiety but instead of realizing it they ju…[View]
260894019Long before the Americans knelt before a nigga, the Russians knelt before Putin. Unity in humiliatio…[View]
260883817Admit it. Some moments at these protests are pretty moving.[View]
260893127Question about niger(ia): I've noticed there are quite a few webms of them chimping out and bre…[View]
260894171So i heard a few rumors about how blm protestors hurnt a house down killing a child inside maced a 1…[View]
260893859Capitalism is not your friend: Do you now understand why /pol/ has always been telling you that Capi…[View]
260893341>multiple time felon on meth and fentanyl breaks and enters, commiting armed robbery on a pregnan…[View]
260894144Question:: I've noticed there are quite a few webms of them chimping out and breaking shit. Is …[View]
260894141Muslims will never stop being retards: People like you are the reason why the Arab-Muslim world is s…[View]
260892426This is the most ridiculous piece of propaganda I've yet seen in my young life. No one was all…[View]
260894027Another COVID Death: Are the 4 cops gonna walk now that George Floyd was revealed to have the Wu Flu…[View]
260892226OH NO NO NO[View]
260894001Operation Truth-Injector: The Asset: There are often memes that display blacks names who were killed…[View]
260889180Fuck Europeans: I see a lot of people saying we need to stop immigration from Hispanic countries and…[View]
260893911People legit THANKING Twitter's Ministry of Truth for censoring them.: The absolute state of th…[View]
260893869>(KPTV) - Governor Kate Brown has ordered all State of Oregon flags at public institutions to be …[View]
260893901Never Forget the U.S. Military is Compromised[View]
260848179Map of George Floyd protests[View]
260892683Big Scoop: UK Foreign office to announce Canada is no longer separate from china. Canadians born bef…[View]
260893746List of some Communist Coupist Names.: Barack Obama. James Comey. Hillary Clinton. Vaush. Jared K…[View]
260892682Reminder /pol/ is and always will be a national socialist board. Any Trumpcucks needs to fuck off wi…[View]
260886574America hate thread: Fuck the USA Fuck Hollywood Fuck American celebrities Fuck American sports Fuc…[View]
260892879why commies and lefties are the epitomes of cucks? Now they are just making general population angry…[View]
260892944Instead of black/white cubes, because we know it's really a Black Cube ritual. You should inste…[View]
260892022Liberalism is a cult: >Agree with every single thing we say >Only get your information from us…[View]
260892545IT'S OVER FOR THE DEMOCOMMUNISTS: This hasn’t received enough coverage: TRUMP has an undefeated…[View]
260888221No official statement on BLM from 4chan yet: Why hasn't Hiroyuki declared support for Black Liv…[View]
260869027They're trying to dox me top kek: Pathetic. They actually think they're gonna accomplish s…[View]
260892413No sex with people not from the same house.: https://metro.co.uk/2020/06/01/sex-someone-dont-live-il…[View]
260893345AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thread: >Some Nigger who speedballed on Crystal and Opioids has half of th…[View]
260893017Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260892566The importance of having daughters: Fathers please teach your daughters not to be whores and sluts. …[View]
260893238ODCG #1: OPERATION DIVIDE AND CONQUER GENERAL: What we're witnessing is the result of decades o…[View]
26087658416th Anniversary. Happy Killdozer day /pol/: 'I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to b…[View]
260893169Did he not protect and serve?: Officers put their lives at risk to subdue an unruly citizen who is k…[View]
260892048what the- ??????????????: https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1268077455668965376[View]
260892713Is apple peak consoomerism? Like you buy a phone or laptop that is 2-4x as expensive as one of the s…[View]
260892590How would Pres Ted have handled Covid and BLM riots?[View]
260892149everything is fake & gay[View]
260892460We need to archive any instances of left wing media promoting antifa before they delete everything, …[View]
260893004Floyd was a smoker, had Covid-19, took meth and fentanyl, suffered from left pelvic tumor: >Be Ge…[View]
260889888Let's play 'find the illegal meme': There's an illegal meme out there somewhere and it…[View]
260892214Alt-right americans sit at home doing nothing when their country slipping to full cotrol of the corp…[View]
260891450#BlackFamilyLifeMatters: Can we do anything to deescalate this BLM agit prop bullshit? Its clear to …[View]
260891820Why are leftist clutter their memes with so much text? Because they can't brief.[View]
260890134This is it, isn't it?: This has to be the boiling point. I don't think things are going go…[View]
260891675Imagine being a cop. You've spent your life training and trying to maintain control over the ci…[View]
260892667Let's Call White Liberals and Celebrities What They Really Are: Virtue Signal Opportunists! …[View]
260890181Say it with me /pol/,: We do not kneel![View]
260855912ITS OVER: ROCK RUNNING FOR PRES 2028??? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CA_tVdXnWr1/?utm_source=ig_embe…[View]
260863936Niggerlover companies: Post all companies who support niggerloving communists here. We must form a l…[View]
260892631More Outbreaks: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200603/congo-facing-ebola-covid-measles-all-at-onc…[View]
260891822Why do blacks hate trannys and faggots /pol/? Don’t they know hate is wrong? https://twitter.com/ho…[View]
260887602Friendly reminder: Daily reminder that it's gay pride month and there will never be a chance li…[View]
260891221Sing the song of the Machine God. None may stand against our march! Embrace technology! Remember tho…[View]
260891368The Cult of St. George Floyd of Minneapolis: Many of you might be losing heart from seeing all of th…[View]
260892488>The entire world right now[View]
260892482THIS IS IT GUYS: this is it. your entire country, outside rioting, and it's being glorified. ho…[View]
260892437why do white people love to brainwash their children?[View]
260892436My dad hated niggers.: Pic used is not my real dad. My dad died last year and he always hated nigger…[View]
260889844Just read Hitler’s words about the Jews: > How I Went from 'Soft-Hearted Cosompolitan' …[View]
260892368Fuck Niggers Fuck Hitler: Future of America: I fucking hate niggers and I fucking hate hitler. What …[View]
260877842They're Starting In My Small Town: So they're protesting in my small rural town(about 20k …[View]
260892341NO JUSTICE NO PEACE #BLM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKIFFIRa9zs You are about to get exactly w…[View]
260891921Halloween mask sales have accurately predicted presidential elections since 1980.: Halloween mask sa…[View]
260892324Social distancing around niggers.: Why can't they do it?[View]
260892323RACIAL TENSIONS CHINA APRIL: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-04-16/china-coronavirus…[View]
260892174Why did they kill Michael after he named the Jew? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spPz5LSxdqw[View]
260891722Hard-mode Salt Mining: Post a White Square: Do you have big balls? Save this image, then upload it t…[View]
260889012HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: *breathes* BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
260892236Israel rejects Trump ME plan. Only takes the goodies part.: https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-…[View]
260888071June 4 2020: I am forgotten[View]
260889658It's Over....: Reuters report (obviously favoring a firing squad for the killers of Floyd) ackn…[View]
260858634/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #4059: ► Detected: 6,615,298 (+52,602) ► Died: 388,759 (+1,972) ► Day: …[View]
260881493White British women SUBMIT to the bbc: Kek, British women prefer immigrant/invaders to British men…[View]
260879124Biden is going to win isn't he[View]
260890687What do these idiots hope to accomplish?: For those out of the loop: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gnews-…[View]
260888289The most oppressed?: How are black people the most oppressed when a black guy was leader of the free…[View]
260891218>everyone on my twitter, IG and Facebook's friend list is starting to openly remove people (…[View]
260892094This kills the nigger[View]
260892106BAHAHAHAHAHAHA LA DEFUNDING POLICE FORCE grab the popcorn boys LA is gonna go from a cesspool of su…[View]
260889764What about the pandemic?[View]
260889631If you scale the QR CODE it says: This is a robbery, put the money in the bag.[View]
260891573IT happening again bros the new silent generation will be born.[View]
260891994McAnarchy: It's beautifully ironic that ultra capitalist corporations are supporting trendy rad…[View]
260891986Hitler was supported mainly by women[View]
260891933Are niggers about to End themselves: > niggers killing themselves > niggers burning other nigg…[View]
260884034White americans won the 'race war': Continuation of the old thread >>260839484 White americans…[View]
260889248>Your daughters love every INCH of us >So why can't you? Well?…[View]
260891827I'm at my 9-5 corporate job today and I've been bombarded with corporate emails about the …[View]
260857196Everyone calling out BLACKED as a racist company for the fetishization of Black skin and for using b…[View]
260891800Don't worry guys, whites will surive purely thanks to the anglo boomers who go worldwide on sex…[View]
260891748Getting Antifa To Cancel Itself: Original antifa in Germany cooperated with the Nazis against the So…[View]
260853656Fucking kek! Stonetoss just annihilated Trump and the groyper faggots. Press S to spit on their gra…[View]
260891750Nu-Male 'Whites' are cucked: >in the 1960s every schools had strict fitness regimens for young me…[View]
260883006humans suck at making rules: Leftists justify all sorts of deranged shit based on perceived socioeco…[View]
260891215/SINO-INDIC/ India deploys Indo-Swedish artillery on LAC, China constructing trenches: And it goes o…[View]
260887734JUSTICE FOR DEREK CHAUVIN: We know George Floyd was a nigger on drugs and a corona virus patient, wh…[View]
260891594Philosophy Tube put out a video about antisemitism a few days ago and at one point he says that it…[View]
260873405Why do so many white women who hate white men still marry them?: This ebony queen is right. I know s…[View]
260891281Okay fuckers. Look at this shit. Dr. Michael (((Baden))) is the name off the doc who did the second …[View]
260886859holy fuck absolute /pol/ kino: which of you NEET geniuses made this shit? >2080 future wojak work…[View]
260891481>chief NOW AN FBI GLOW IN THE DARK >privates echo >chief TOLD ME TO TAKE MY RIFLE TO CENTRA…[View]
260889978Realism, Will & Demoralization: At the end of the day, is it preferable to wholeheartedly believ…[View]
260891428We did it. We solved racism.[View]
260891441White people are so fucking delusional right now[View]
260891395Israel sucks: Does it make sense for the United States to share military technology with and subsidi…[View]
260891376ODCG #1: OPERATION DIVIDE AND CONQUER GENERAL: What we're witnessing is the result of decades o…[View]
260890032>Liberal cities on fire >Blacks attacking ANTIFA and blaming them for the damage >Mexicans …[View]
260891308What the FUCK happened to all the Joggas going, 'fragile little white boy' and all these things? Had…[View]
260890600Crystal Ball prediction for the USA; President Trump will suspend the November 9th elections due for…[View]
260887013After all this nonsense I'm fucking done with white women. How do I get a black gf without maki…[View]
260890466Serious question: Could he release a REAL virus this time?[View]
260889924Why did Wikipedia remove Black Lives Matter from the list of projects supported by George Soros? SS:…[View]
260891207>mfw we lost the culture war again[View]
260891185Considering how dumb Arabs are, how did they have the intelligence to make swords and shields, build…[View]
260887506Boris Johnson urges EU workers to return: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/boris-johnson…[View]
260891170Weird Al Time AMA: Will all races unite to defeat our true enemy? 1776 Edition . . . Boogaloo Style.…[View]
260886711Spread this on social media. The nigger overdosed more than DOUBLE of what is considered fatal. The …[View]
260891133Redpill me on the companies: Do they get a phone call from the jew in chief who tells them to suppor…[View]
260890990do it[View]
260890611Brainstorm the next Moon Man: Alright /pol/ whats the next corporate mascot we can hijack and defile…[View]
260891116The board is set. https://twitter.com/Yoder_Esqq/status/1268362041221361664[View]
260890868IT'S OVER: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://nypost.com/2020/06/03/charlamagne-tha-god-calls…[View]
260889578feat. SARS-CoV-2[View]
260891063Kansas Company Supports Antifa Doxxers: King of Freight in Kansas is employing an antifa doxxer Mike…[View]
260891079Protests coming to rural smalltown Howell Michigan, businesses advised to close: https://www.wilx.co…[View]
260891057I just want to let you all know: You’re all a bunch of do nothing faggots. The USA was the last beac…[View]
260890640NO NO NO NO[View]
260887058Christianity and race realism: Anons, how do I reconcile being a Christian with the evidence that no…[View]
260891042Fake Anonymous Raid: Fake Anonymous is using kpop stans the raid the #EXPOSEANTIFA hashtag on Twitte…[View]
260890994In light of recent events I see a lot of hate and discontent spread around. I hear the vulgar words …[View]
260891009Hey /pol/ Until like last year i was supporting blm and all that shit. This year i jusst cant fucki…[View]
260858698PROJECT VERITAS BTFO: How the fuck are you guys so gullible? Project Veritas is a sham and has a his…[View]
260890963The boomer have sell us foor good: An illiterate village redneck who couldn't literally do anyt…[View]
260890938The Spanish Connection: Let me explain to you the situation as it stands. At the moment massive riot…[View]
260890857Anybody got a real source?: Cant find it. And as you may know, normies will cry for a real source as…[View]
260890822No Amount of Shilling Is Going to Work: You fucktarded shills can make thread after thread about you…[View]
260890769Floyd had Corona: Let's summarize what we know about Floyd: He was a smoker, tested positiv for…[View]
260890170>tfw black Americans are better Christians than white American '''Christians''' Why are most Eva…[View]
260882332SERIOUS DISCUSSION ONLY PLS: what's the answer for white America aside from deranged wignat fan…[View]
260887198How do you cope with liberal white cognitive dissonance. The sheer amount of illogical and inconsis…[View]
260890674DAILY REMINDER: Collective Guilt = Genocide[View]
260889373Rhetoric About Destroying The White Race: I'm trying to discover the truth about what's go…[View]
260890323Apparently trump is a narcissist. He has nothing but glowing praise for people he surrounds himself …[View]
260889933Reminder to Communist Coupists in America.: You will be found out and executed for sedition and trea…[View]
260890560When did we start living in a backwards nightmare world? The fact that the banks, media, every polit…[View]
260888882BLM girl doxes man thats says '#trump2020' on her post.: This girl doxed a few instagram accounts an…[View]
260887918WAR ON ANTIFA GENERAL: /wag/: Antifa is trying to hijack the #ExposeAntifa tag on Twitter and other …[View]
260849089Candace Owens names the 13/50: Holy Fuck! Candace Owens names the 13/50! https://youtu.be/HTF-85H_E6…[View]
260863048Why are white women like this?: Why must white women virtue signal and consoom the media narrative? …[View]
260890400What do your friends and family think of the protests and riots across America, Ameri-anons?[View]
260890343Based Ukranians[View]
260882641“Antifa is not an organization”: Seen this argument about how it’s impossible to prosecute antifa as…[View]
260889956So we know that there is a current worldwide movement to usurp western culture (whiteness) and repla…[View]
260889639Amidst all the astroturfing coporations, white self-humilliation, etc, i think most people here and …[View]
260890306Is it time to get #BlackPrivilege trending?[View]
260883837Dunno where to post this. My 25 year old friend is telling a 17 year old guy to take HRT, shave his …[View]
260889052How much is a black life worth in white lives? Is it 3/5th?[View]
260889650#BIT-LOOTING: Fight racism digitally: Have you tried bitlooting? Game companies and streaming servic…[View]
260890086WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!???: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-04-16/china-coron…[View]
260888964ABSOLUTE HAPPENING THEY FORGOT TO TURN OFF CHAT: Nigger George has his memorial https://www.youtube.…[View]
260889432Yeah I'm thinking he was right.[View]
260888053Will you ignorant niggers PLEASE shut the hell up? Is this it? THIS is what I got all those ass-whoo…[View]
260889970L7: Were they right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfaaQ23NKXo[View]
260889910HAPPPENNNNINGGGGG: Josha Blessed has a youtube channel! One of his videos about prophecy has a comme…[View]
260889897Less than 1000 people die from Cops in USA: REDPILL and spread this statistics[View]
260882381>be me >mid twenties half puerto rican half white >live in quiet(ish) town that is 90% whit…[View]
260885826/Pol/ BTFO: How does it feel when multinational companies support BLM?[View]
260889007Blacks are waking up to the JQ: >>260882223 Last thread got juicy. Let's keep the product…[View]
260889768It's beautiful watching all of you nu-/pol, racially woke culture warriors get BTFO. Go back in…[View]
260889763Canada and America - Brothers in Destiny: Just wanted to let you Burgers know that we up North stand…[View]
260888402Is Beastars /pol/-core?: >Legosi fights against violent minorities, feminists and makes fun of tr…[View]
260889756KRISHNA’s LIFE MATTERS: My Aryan lads, How do we get liberals and conservatives to chant the HOLY NA…[View]
260889312You are being Genocided.[View]
260888359Why are sports fans massive cuckold? /sp/ is so left its sickening. I understand why the athletes cu…[View]
260885938I've honestly started to hate being white. Everyone hates us, even us. We're a fucking emb…[View]
260889208The City Without Jews: Based on the controversial and best-selling novel by Hugo Bettauer, H.K. Bres…[View]
260888414helping trump win: So we are at a very real risk of Trump losing right now and my question is, how d…[View]
260882414George Floyd Funeral: Lets pay our respects in this moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrGmqZy…[View]
260889502>chase is based as fuck https://entertainment.theonion.com/paw-patrol-writers-defend-episode-wher…[View]
260889458These are the people threatening to put white privileged chuds like you in a guillotine over twitter…[View]
260889017Pennsylvania primary looks very good for Trump: The Republicans have 900,000 votes so far compared t…[View]
260889382>be left wing socialist democrat >see media shit/lies and looting/rioting >start supporting…[View]
260889402Why when on instagram 3 million posts with a hashtag posed by blacks 'BlackPower' is normal. But wit…[View]
260865161Mattis calls on Trump to resign: Trump has very few friends left. Even Tucker Carlson said he was a …[View]
260889315Corporate Mass Hysteria: They are all afraid of being labeled as racist, therefore they are all capi…[View]
260887517Sources for Discrimination Against Whites In College/University Admissions: In a debate currently an…[View]
260886540Why do whites lie about black suffering?[View]
260865834Even the redditors are waking up: Don't let any glowfag tell you that people aren't gettin…[View]
260889112So do we all agree spics are kinda based now??[View]
260888837“Women are my biggest supporters” -Hitler What? https://www.jstor.org/stable/1430096?seq=1[View]
260887706Donald Trump: Savior of The White Race!: With the help of 5G networks and pedogate, adrenochrome ser…[View]
260883067What's his name again, /pol/?[View]
260887551It's his fault. Everything is his fault.[View]
260888616Jews: Redpill me on Jews /pol/. Why does /pol/ hate them so much[View]
260859575Explain your racism. Why are you racist?[View]
260888860Why didn't they also rename it to Reggin?[View]
260878695antifa is fucked: when LARPing goes wrong https://youtu.be/VLR76_e_koE https://youtu.be/7i4STwJ2xj8…[View]
260888829do you think LGBT as an organization will lose its importance in the upcoming decades? I think it wi…[View]
260887691so have white people just unconditionally surrendered: im not fighting in a race war for a bunch of …[View]
260888736>chief NOW AN FBI GLOW IN THE DARK >privates echo >chief TOLD ME TO TAKE MY RIFLE TO CENTRA…[View]
260888696Hell I see leftist schemes encryptively defrauding me the regards of terrorism to defraud me is terr…[View]
260888686Literally commodifying someones death for profit[View]
260888678Thoughts? https://www.sophisticatedpress.com/george-floyd-memorial-scholarship.html[View]
260888613OPERATION REDPILL TYRONE: There is currently a thread on twitter with person asking why the owner of…[View]
260882558are there any normal companies left?: Just like in sub. are there normal companies left which did no…[View]
260887568OH NO NO NO[View]
260885356I for one have no issue with niggers stealing and breeding out British women.[View]
260886122Christcuck university takes out a girls scholarships for raccyssm[View]
260887690Taking the 'Jogger' meme to another level - Call Jews 'Bikers' and Whites 'Walkers': I've seen …[View]
260888536France: French woman's candidacy for bishop is gaining support: >Anne Soupa, a 73-year-old F…[View]
260885365They Are trying to leave the White House vulnerable for an attack on Saturday: 1. Washington DC Mayo…[View]
260881047White European Wombs: >Birth rates plummeting >Coal burning everywhere >White guilt >La…[View]
260888456there are people working right now to make sure the American people are as demoralized as possible a…[View]
260885749How do we stop fags from being fags? Here is my theory: Make gay marriage legal Ban pride day/make s…[View]
260865760Why do people believe that you can upload your consciousness? That's like believing you can upl…[View]
260887535Reddit got blacked[View]
260887883GET YOURSELVES A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NOW!!!: So, it seems a little bit like a shitpost, but for those …[View]
260888331Expiration of Trianon: Today marks the 100th anniversary and official expiration date of the Treaty …[View]
260885375What is this George Floyd's legacy?: It's referred in this. I just came out of RDR online …[View]
260888262Shill all you like. But screen cap this because this is what the 2020 map will look like. What we ar…[View]
260882765Naomi Seibt: She is dropping truth. https://youtu.be/WecnYNvHdpY[View]
260888247Unironic Nazi Potterposting: It’s pretty ironic that pop culture references in politics are looked d…[View]
260888240so your gonna keep accepting retards in your country?[View]
260882233Nu-Male 'Whites' are cucked: >in the 1960s every schools had strict fitness regimens for young me…[View]
260888224Based pupper btfo's manlet protestor: OH NO NO NO https://www.instagram.com/p/CBAp9NbJzb4SQFdXU…[View]
260888179Protests coming to Howell Michigan, area shops asked to close early: https://www.wilx.com/content/ne…[View]
260886822Sweden Rekt: The vaginalization of swedish males on display at /pol/: Someone posted a twitter webm …[View]
260888149George Soros = George Floyd: Really... George / George Floyd 5 letters Soros 5 letters Probably just…[View]
260888140The State of White America: Three women cleaning up BLM graffiti get scolded by Karen because blacks…[View]
260855975You guys seem a little biased (not that I've ever encountered a racial bias on this board befor…[View]
260885944Are these riots just a product of the lockdown Have these people caught insanity in the past few mo…[View]
260875886Why do Americans do this?: stop turning my childhood memories into some stinky political shit.…[View]
260873059Brit/pol/: >Madeleine McCann 'assumed dead' by German prosecutors https://www.bbc.co.uk…[View]
260887341Asskicking techniques for the new age: What's the best martial art for self-defense in a riot s…[View]
260886324FUCKING YES.: YOUNG QUEEN https://twitter.com/ScottBrinton1/status/1268316436113612800?s=20…[View]
260887501call for war: K-POPers FAGGOT + FAKE ANON + ANTIFA vs PROJECT VERITAS https://mobile.twitter.com/You…[View]
260886838How did this nation become so cucked?[View]
260883613Can we get an R.I.P. OG?: His life mattered. Genuinely the only thing that has moved me in many hate…[View]
260887433What was his name again?[View]
260887276>we know all lives matter Then what's the point of saying black lives matter? We know black …[View]
260887760Now that we got the the white cucks kissing our feet and sucking our big black dicks. The next ones …[View]
260887649Anybody saying >”blacks are waking up” Clearly has never been around blacks they hate Jews and c…[View]
260886753#FireKushner on Twitter happening: The dam is breaking, people are tweeting #FireKushner every secon…[View]
260879717Imagine getting life in prison for apprehending a meth addict.[View]
260887599uhm guys[View]
260887524what do you think will happen after November?: Knowing how tensions this high, and all the protests,…[View]
260886613Is this promotion real? Because it would look really racist if these companies to come out and say '…[View]
260879687This is in POLAND: his is the power of the almighty American consoomer media. This is what happens w…[View]
260886106Hong Kong passes bill to make disrespecting China's National anthem a crime: (https://www.busin…[View]
260885940Why was Oasis not singing 'Dont Look back in Anger' after Minneapolis?[View]
260887356Can you get in?: What's the pin? blackcube.com/login/[View]
260883957This is Derek Chauvin. He is a low score faggot. Don't be like him. Be like Brenton Tarrant. Be…[View]
260882678Antifa has a tank division OMG: They're now pretending WW veterans were Antifa. pic related.…[View]
260887263Everyone from quasi-paleo cons Tucker Carlson and Ryan Girdusky to the talking heads in the online G…[View]
260887219Canada sucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR3hvEzgZ4E[View]
260887211It is not Black lives matter White lives matter Hispanic lives matter Asian lives matter It is Ameri…[View]
260885717In Indianapolis, Catholics seek structural change to end racism, inequality https://cruxnow.com/chur…[View]
260887177its just so funny how liberals scream their retarded heads off and it does literally nothing. like I…[View]
260884742Thanks for banning me reddit.: I love it. I absolutely love it. The bastard try to pose as a place f…[View]
260883462>This upsets the leftists. Cops live this rent-free in their heads.[View]
260887131The left has declared war on white people: Will American whites rise to the occasion to defend thems…[View]
260884273Barr claims multiple group not directly involved with each other are fanning the flames of the riots…[View]
260885298How can white women earn back the trust of white males?[View]
260886971DAS RIGHT: KNEEL YOU WORMS >this is the enforcement and protection youre paying government worker…[View]
260886255/pol/ BTFO once again. When will you realize that your side of the argument is nonsense? https://www…[View]
260885301Mattis calls out ZOG's Divide & Conquer: >“Donald Trump is the first president in my lif…[View]
260886330FRSO and BLM: Sure do go together like peas in a pod don't they?[View]
260886425KPOP spams the #EXPOSEANTIFA[View]
260867565Does antifa really exist?: This 'group,' had virtually no existence in the US until trump was electe…[View]
260876426Is conservatism completely useless?: It seems like any form of conservatism is destined to fail. Man…[View]
260886718Trump doesn't need your votes anymore: Stay home. Save lives.[View]
260886395Daily reminder that women's rights were a mistake[View]
260886326So now Trump is having fencing placed around the White House: What about the 'wall' on the southern …[View]
260886656>mfw just saw a jogger take his mask off in the grocery store after passing the door…[View]
2608655482020 Election: This is how 2020 election realistically will end up.[View]
260886629Would this officer kneel to the protestors?: https://youtu.be/dPUHV-TC7to You can’t be this based an…[View]
260886605This is the first time I feel physically ill from all the trickery[View]
260857623Fabian Tactics: How /pol/ wins the civilization struggle: I am not going to shill and say anyone on …[View]
260883896Candace Owens telling it how it is about blacks and George Floyd. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1MYGNklYaYZJ…[View]
260885042Trump received more primary votes then all dems combined: PA Dem Primary[View]
260875461I hate men. What should I do about it?[View]
260883307Racists Being Exposed on Twitter: Bros, I’m not gonna lie. I’m fucking terrified. My friends and I h…[View]
260873663In this ITT thread: What is your honest opinion about Poland and Polish people?: In this ITT thread:…[View]
260885936Please send this article to your friends and colleagues who think blacks face 'institutional racism'…[View]
26086810499% of women and 80% of men must perish for this world to be made new, whole, and good again Will yo…[View]
260884265If white people cant understand blackness...: How can blacks possibly understand whiteness?[View]
260886131Why does the Media ignore the millions of people the cheered Hitler on, the millions of people that …[View]
260886262>CCP officials and outlets are having a fun day talking about the current unrest in the US. Here …[View]
260885292Pokémon donates $200,000 to BLM.: This cartoon is literally about slavery. (https://twitter.com/Poke…[View]
260885112When is it 4chan's turn to do this?: Seriously, not a single staff here cares about Black lives…[View]
260886204Political Correctness: How do we destroy it?[View]
260885868Is she welcome in the ethno-state?: >pic related: Based coon, and libtard destroyer Candace Owens…[View]
260885600Fox News is hosting a George Floyd memorial service...[View]
260877967Why are so many people asking for this?[View]
260879707Antifa at the Victims of Communism memorial: Nazis and Monarchists BTFO lol[View]
260882140GEORGE FLOYD OFFICIAL EULOGY THREAT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz7a-Rol2iw Say his name, /pol/…[View]
260886069Protest video thread: Anyone got the beerpong liberals getting their window smashed out? Or the anti…[View]
260885998What's your problem with Islam?: With all objectivity and please hear me out, I know this is 4c…[View]
260885987'Corporate hate the whites': Are there only retards and 14 years old here ? They don't give a s…[View]
260885943RIP George Floyd: Rest easy sweet prince. “I can’t breeve.” -George Floyd[View]
260885960Antifa infiltrated: https://youtu.be/VLR76_e_koE[View]
260885887Spanish reality TV talent show with the highest TV ratings showed the candidates kneeling on TV: FUC…[View]
260830567This is deep, stunning and brave ! The revolution is here /Pol[View]
260885809thoughts on pic rel?[View]
260884975How symbolic is it, if the CCP can't 'rescue the princess'? Huawei = CCP CIA, and she's d…[View]
260885726Gookshit: BTS supports Black Lives Matter, accrued 1M likes from fangirls.: (https://www.upi.com/Ent…[View]
260885597>all those people and companies giving a shit about black people[View]
260870316Does pol still support Trump?[View]
260885695>no war because 99% of nations are under the money belt of the kikes I miss him.…[View]
260885021It's time to dress like evil white men: All of these riots have been in the name of evil white …[View]
260885658Who else watching best Dr. ??: >uWu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTWyv867O6c…[View]
260883982Yes I support police.[View]
260884738Moral of the story, dont live near black people. You never know when a cop is going to act like a di…[View]
260885513He gazed up at the enormous black. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidd…[View]
260885472>https://youtu.be/vjHW5WDIsuI Daily reminder to hug a Chinese person.[View]
260885448Kent State 2.0 Is Long Overdue[View]
260884631>be me >armenian born in syria >ancestor were goat herder >ancestors deported to here be…[View]
260882778When Corona, When?: Riots started 9 days ago? With 2 incubation cycles we should see a huge surge in…[View]
260885397https://mobile.twitter.com/SilasCarceras7/status/1268376536614387712 AAAAAAAAAA DELETE THIS NOOOOOOO…[View]
260883176Poll: Hello pol I do not know if you hate polls here because I am new but I want to poll Do you gu…[View]
260885323What reality are we even in: >Officials act like despots to enforce lock down >Officials cheer…[View]
260882852Operation Heal the Kneelers: The time has come lads. It is time to ise this oppertunity of allowing …[View]
260875140>people think 4chan is a far-right website: >normies can't see this is all satire…[View]
260881928I don't like non-caucasoid women. Their facial fat tissue distribution makes them seem like for…[View]
260885225Deal with it.: Im moving to a european country and taking my racist traditionalist values with me an…[View]
260885203Protest Held Specifically for Children in Los Angeles: These people are a joke. https://www.youtube.…[View]
260884431FTN 317 - International Groper Strongmen: would anybody like to discuss the Thursday FTN in these tr…[View]
260884415cop killers r epic[View]
260885157What will be the 'silent majorit' do in november?: Will it be a landslide? Did you see how many peop…[View]
260867638I want to leave the US: Any recommendations?[View]
260885120This board is owned by chinks: Notice that their is no discussion on China on this board except for …[View]
260885117>it’s easier outside of USA >I’m moving Why…[View]
260885032Daily reminder that the RCMP, OCC and CSIS are very successful at framing NatSoc sympathizers: When …[View]
2608850232020 is Total War between Forced Memes and Organic Memes: phase 1 was the corona hoax phase 2 is a l…[View]
260878045Niggers kidnapped a dog and are asking for ransom and free blowjob from a white girl. Original thre…[View]
260884915Remember him: Are you joining in the memorial /pol/? Are you heartless?[View]
260882522Post 'racist' funny memes relevant to current events that I can send boomer parents: They …[View]
260884065When will we see a united earth government?[View]
260854892Chauvin Will Be Acquitted: 1. According to Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s autopsy report for Geo…[View]
260884888Am-Nats and Jared Kushner: Everyone from quasi-paleo cons Tucker Carlson and Ryan Girdusky to the ta…[View]
260884771/TKG/ - Ted Kaczynski General #62: >The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a di…[View]
260883925I INVITE ALL PEOPLE TO 'WETHOUGHTTHEYWEREWHITE': -An African-American apologizes for misat…[View]
260883255Spread this on social media. The nigger overdosed more than DOUBLE of what is considered fatal. The …[View]
260875541Can we stop for a second to recognize that a large majority of the understood racism in the black co…[View]
260884666I can't believe I am saying this but the government needs to moderate reddit lmao. Their propag…[View]
260881510CORONA SECOND WAVE: How many Blacks and libtards will die from Corona in the next two weeks?[View]
260872136Silence is RACIST: Remaining silent during these times means you're racist. You are part of the…[View]
260875845Are these protests really are a nothing burger[View]
260862184Based Sweden genocides niggers on open street: Where were you when Sweden went full 1488 and said: …[View]
260864090Really makes you think huh?[View]
260863812Tucker is going full scorched earth this week: >shoves kushner head first into a wood chipper …[View]
260884587For La Raza: >wear cowboy hats >enjoy drinking, bbq, horse riding, hunting etc. >work hard …[View]
260884534Why do the Jews hate Slavs so much?: E.g. Poles are probably the single most hated ethnicity in Brit…[View]
260883560Telegram Channels: Alright guys, tell me the most based Telegram channels to join.[View]
260883964Leave it to the law to handle.[View]
260874096Arguing the 'Disproportionate Killing' Point: Ok /pol/ so I was arguing with a blonde bimbo nigger l…[View]
260884351It's been over a week, guys. Why haven't the blacks turned on the white liberals? Why aren…[View]
260868105I hope you're ready for widespread riots every time a republican is elected to office, /pol/[View]
260884238You were destined to rule the Galaxy. Instead you decided to kneel before joggers. Let that sink in.…[View]
260884218What was the point of Brexit?: Voting never changes anything.[View]
260884197Let's meme these lazy kids in to becoming Trad Wives/Thots: This is from the subreddit 'r/antiw…[View]
260872824>muh white privilege[View]
260881466go off[View]
260880533I wish he did it to the crowd of niggers instead, in minecraft[View]
260884009Michel Foucault: The Panopticon: Is this book more relevant than ever today? Foucault really was a g…[View]
260883909Why are whites suicing in masse in usa ?[View]
260881278Important announcement: FUCK THE POLICE AND FUCK BLACK PEOPLE[View]
260874459IQ < 80 - conservative 80 < IQ < 95 - liberal 95 < IQ < 120 - libertarian individuali…[View]
260881346rest in power George Floyd, you didn't deserve this[View]
260871055Guys they’re starting to notice... https://twitter.com/SilasCarceras7/status/1268374077623894017…[View]
260881002What would a 100% ethnically pure America with 500 000 000 white people in it be like?[View]
260881580Because we killed god, we are saved!: I don't get it. And many people have sacrificed their liv…[View]
260883763Official Weimerica Flag[View]
260871313Is Joe Rogan a CIA asset?: The way he looked when Joey Diaz ribbed him on it, how he seems to operat…[View]
260883354Maybe white people are the issue: Saw a white person chimp out over a reserved parking space and yel…[View]
260877079/pol/ how does it feel to be completely BTFO? Remember when the right wing was making gains a few y…[View]
260883622How to fuck up Celebrity Cucks: Step 1: Find some Celebrity cucks in Twitter or something. Step 2: A…[View]
260864501>/pol/ has yet to refute this[View]
260882836CANCEL JONTRON[View]
260868380NO NO NO SHUT IT DOWN NOW[View]
260882733Can we Christians just admit that God is a fascist and that this is a good thing? God loves strength…[View]
260851775It's over. They won. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2020/06/03/watch-live-protesters…[View]
260883480George Soros = George Floyd: Really... George / George Floyd 5 letters Soros 5 letters Probably just…[View]
260883495For the past 500 years white people have been moving and colonizing somewhere else when things get l…[View]
260856910How do we save Sweden[View]
260883301/memri/ - Zionism will suffer the greatest Holocaust: Share some good memri stuff https://twitter.co…[View]
260880604Mattis calls out ZOG's Divide & Conquer: >“Donald Trump is the first president in my lif…[View]
260880571ישראלים בואו להגיד שלום: זה רק אני או ש/פול/ חסום בישראל?[View]
260882788I find it hilarious Black people even try to talk shit, especially on /pol. Call one a nigger a sing…[View]
260854476BREAKING: Ahmaud Arbery’s killer call him a “fucking nigger”: Travis McMichael called the Georgia Jo…[View]
260880862Resignation Incoming: AG Barr is resigning within the next week. He's been worn down by all the…[View]
260883003rest in power autozone, you didnt deserve this[View]
260881761Polish Black Lives Matter[View]
260883158Dont use the n word: Attention! DONT USE THE N WORD ON THIS SITE OR ANYWHERE ELSE !! You have been w…[View]
260881909TRUMP RESIGNATION IMMINENT GENERAL /TRIG/ : POWERLESS CUCK EDITION: this thread is for discussing th…[View]
260877864Post /pol/ approved anime. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a must-watch show.[View]
260872110It’s time we come up with a solid counter to “that’s racist.” Following with “yes and?” will usually…[View]
260882862redpill incoming: I can't breathe = Minneapolis in Jewish Gematria https://www.gematrix.org/?w…[View]
260863390Lads, when did you stop caring?[View]
260882022>What do I do bros? I used to be a chad, with big dreams of a wife and kids one day but now i can…[View]
260882834beating Biden thread: So we are at a very real risk of Trump losing right now and my question is, ho…[View]
260882810Italfag here, how to defend yourself if niggs are gonna riot even here?: Madlads, give suggesstions …[View]
260882764WAKE UP![View]
260879737How is it in shareholders interest to punt off millions of dollars on pet causes? This is like a hid…[View]
260845705GET THE FUCK IN HERE!!! <<<<<< MUST READ: https://www.whec.com/livingston-county-n…[View]
260881164Kike vomits on black woman and hits her over the head with bottle: This is how kikes treat black peo…[View]
260881495Romney is the only (R) that will come out of this squeaky clean. You guys ready for a mormon preside…[View]
260880176What Would Soph Do?: In these dark times, we find ourselves in need of more White Power. How can we …[View]
260881716>white American males pay women to talk to them What the fuck. No wonder niggers are running thin…[View]
260882532Riot thread: When are we going to mow them down? I want tienanmen america.[View]
260882520I think we should try to put together a new social media movement. This thread is for discussing ide…[View]
260879821Is Ideology genetic ?: I was a sperm donor from 2000-2005 >Be me, 22 in 2000 >need cash after …[View]
260880249Great news[View]
260823794everyone is getting played by secret societies again[View]
260877583So where was the protests over this?[View]
260879895If it weren't for slavery there wouldn't be so many niggers in america[View]
260877389Police Strike Begins Tomrrow!: Hey police what the fuck are you doing going to work? The population …[View]
260882196Laught in jewiness[View]
260880520Sweden commits fraud to hide the decline in the performances of their students.: https://www.express…[View]
260881447Black Lives Matter Protest: There's going to be a protest in my city this Saturday, June 6, at …[View]
260881042Covid-1984: You WILL Wear The Mask: >Wearing face coverings will be compulsory on public transpor…[View]
260880840https://twitter.com/LEEandLOW/status/1268289978196467720 >Blacks underrepresented in writing/read…[View]
260881614Trumpy bear thread: What do you think of this sexy thing?[View]
260875991How long before we go 1984?: With the recent global protest against 'muh racism' after the tragic de…[View]
260844317/fscg/ - Federal State of China General #1: I'm starting a general because this is big. I won…[View]
26087509642 KB 42 KB JPG Ok /pol/ I have an idea As you probably know kpop fags have started spamming their s…[View]
260881951Reddit condoning blackface!: Why are they so intolerant, /pol/?[View]
260880023You're going to die in prison. Welcome to the real black & white divide. What's worse …[View]
260881404Drew Brees bows down to the blacks: The absolute state of white Americans[View]
260881794sigh.... George, I'm so sorry for the bigots who killed you. #justiceforgeorgefloyd[View]
260881327what are /pol/ thoughts on this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSg5UQSy14Q https://www.youtube…[View]
260880615What would you do next?: Current events showed that following the joggers demand is impossible, unre…[View]
260878768Here we go again: Uuhhhhh.... Guys....??????[View]
260880618Dear /pol/, I am here because you are one out of the 3 great warriors. I need help with something. T…[View]
260880216fuck the nigger george floyd.[View]
260881063Fuck it I'll say it. I don't give a fuck about 'reality' or whatever 'truth' they believe.…[View]
260881661House America, bender of knees.: American culture is centred around kneeling. They have holidays for…[View]
260880994Hey pol if you actually want to do something about this stupid fucking memorial please spread this a…[View]
260881007#ExposeAntifa Video 2: Project Veritas has leaked a second video as part of their #ExposeAntifa seri…[View]
260881530This woman has been doxing anyone who opposes BLM and emailing their work, schools etc. Now someone …[View]
260880440This entire thing seems so forced and suspicious. What makes this situation so unique? George Floyd …[View]
260881467NBPP on the way to the Chans: Just a heads up anons, Farrakhan's pussy boi party are on the way…[View]
260880963Everything pol does is forgotten. It's ok to be white (why didn't you spread these now), t…[View]
260867074I dont see why this is so hard for /pol to understand[View]
260862670How unexpected[View]
260881317Okay /pol/, with everything that's been happening lately i've had a change of heart and a …[View]
260877168Possible Russian Mega Happening: POSSIBLE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR INCOMING. RED VS WHITE, PICK A SIDE NOW.…[View]
260877779White men failing our women and our race.: Is it any wonder so many of our race are bending the knee…[View]
260880283https://www.xvideos.com/video24826719/kimberly_brinks_banged_freak_fucked_bbc_texas_style Real Geor…[View]
260880167People find black thuggery liberating,: Is true white ability to create and maintain civilization. B…[View]
260880828>when you realize violent political actions have historically forced the majority to authoritaria…[View]
260880230with everything going on it's harder than ever to quit 4chan. How do we get out of here when al…[View]
260880817Not A Single White American Is Defending Derek Chauvin: 'Not a single White American is defending De…[View]
260846349The process of a company turning international&global and getting globo homo'd: Happens eve…[View]
260866262opinions on this? : https://mobile.twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/1268280610818101248[View]
260856990ARABS ARE THE MOST BASED PEOPLE: Arab society is basically everything /pol/ dreams of >strongly …[View]
260875195my extreme normie blm supporting sister learned about the dog that got kidnapped during the riots an…[View]
260878416Is this some form of mind control? All the west was cucked before this, but not to this point, why i…[View]
260878500Post the most recent Webms of the racewar: I literally can't keep up because YouTube keeps taki…[View]
260880927We have an opportunity to combine this community and Traditional Wives: There's a community on …[View]
260852295He's coming bros.: >The spill has contaminated a 350 sq km (135 sq mile) area, state media r…[View]
260880911Can we have a /pol/ - Comics and Cartoons thread?[View]
260879220Iraq conquering Sweden: Swedish boys are for Iraq men.[View]
260880570Will there be any more riots this year?[View]
260880422White Killed By Police: I’m in an argument with a friend and I’ve seen it be posted on this board, b…[View]
260880607Amazing how they can get so many to submit to mob rule: Even getting on their knees to honor a crack…[View]
260880676>loads of blacks being killed by blacks everyday >nobody gives a shit >black being killed b…[View]
260880590They are opening their eyes: They are finally realising it[View]
260873221I live in Germany almost a year now and nobody anywhere wants to give me a job. My first girlfriend …[View]
260880104Maybe there's a reason police are racist? Why doesn't anyone ever think about what kind of…[View]
260876718If blacks are going to be as based as pic related...: They will be called nigganons. The nogs are wa…[View]
260879076Operation: None of Us: holy shit boys i just came up with a great idea. Sony has already shown that …[View]
260879618beating Biden: sup /pol/ So we are at a very real risk of Trump losing right now and my question is,…[View]
260876226Collapse Inevitable?: Romans weren't idiots. I'm sure there were many during the Pax Roman…[View]
260873401Guide to subversive social media accounts: Meme accounts with anime are fine for shitposting but bad…[View]
260880407https://twitter.com/SilasCarceras7/status/1268374077623894017: This thread and its replies makes me …[View]
260880379I think latinos should just fully take over the US at this point. Whites can't seem to defend t…[View]
260878115Riot Police Officier Quits Force to side with Rioters: https://mobile.twitter.com/navyvetbolt81/stat…[View]
260879995America is right now filled with hate. It is a righteous anger, but completely misplaced. If the Wes…[View]
260877871TRUMP RESIGNATION GENERAL /TRG/ : SERVES THE RETARD RIGHT EDITION: ITT we discuss the future resigna…[View]
260878933It all gets so tiresome[View]
260877376>lands his saucer >sees the riots what is he thinking /pol/?…[View]
260879967Being Black While in Nature: ‘You’re an Endangered Species’: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/bein…[View]
260861004Why when on instagram 3 million posts with a hashtag posed by blacks 'BlackPower' is normal. But wit…[View]
260876061>Steve Bannon signed the declaration of the new Federal state of China in blood live in front of …[View]
260879584Damn. Never thought about it this way.[View]
260879224You’re a white supremacists if you fat shame.[View]
260878605When did you realize anarcho fascism is the ultimate and final redpill: (((they))) fear the anarcho …[View]
260878122Show me something more boomer than this.[View]
260844640Sitting back and doing nothing is not the answer: This will be lost forever /pol/. What is happening…[View]
260860740Holy based. Racism is over.[View]
260879948I went to philly once. My friend and I were joking about how much whiter it was than where we were. …[View]
260847407Damn, never thought of it that way...[View]
260862857>graduate with engineering degree >spend years and send hundreds of applications trying to get…[View]
260855694> 107175 americans dead from trump virus > 42 million unemployed due to trump virus looks like…[View]
260879453PROVE IT WAS RACIAL MOTIVATED: PROVE IT!!!!! PROVE IT!!!! PROVE IT!!!!!!! https://www.liveleak.com/v…[View]
260875128What where the projects REALLY about? Just a place to keep all the blacks in check? Why did Chicago …[View]
260879714When you think it can't getting better: Cultural Enrichment[View]
260877418Trump should ask for Turkish support during these riots. Turkish police are way more experienced in …[View]
2608796934chan if you actually want to do something about these riots and memorial spread this porno of Georg…[View]
260876946They hit the officer where?[View]
260878393why should i buy it?[View]
260842400Russia hate thread. Sick and tired of /pol/ being spammed with how 'based' Russia is.[View]
260879285FREEDOM: Do you feel free? You are a minority in you democracy. Out voted. Immigrants out breed.…[View]
260879471Dare i say based?[View]
260879365Dystopian Clown World: >corporations that engage in abuse and mistreatment all along the producti…[View]
260869489Black men fear the SLAVIC man. Westerners are cucks.[View]
260874761GOP votes to give chairman authority to subpoena Obama officials: Obamagate happening, Shills shitti…[View]
260878615She was fucking right[View]
260879511Hmm: He looks familiar...[View]
260879356Shills absolutely seething and coping today, and that means we're doing a great job.[View]
260878395Hey /pol/. How can you say racism isn’t real when this man who killed dozens got a bulletproof vest …[View]
260875516Yas this is deep[View]
260862207Trump to give DACA spics amnesty: Now sing along with me: Trump is my President Trump is my Presidee…[View]
260878895Of getting run over by a car?: Yeah, maybe, get the fuck out of the road.[View]
260878951/éire/pol - Rebirth Edition: Now that this BLM shite is going on North and South, /éire/pol needs a …[View]
260878960Any good right wing song archives? Since Jewtube shoad most of them it's bin hard to find any. …[View]
260857849This is how 'All Lives Matter' incels look[View]
260877726Official George Floyd Memorial Service Watch Thread: Will they mention his drug use? His porn film? …[View]
260876771I’m filled with anger and hate now[View]
260878722George Floyd was once did porn lmao yet we’re having a memorial for this clown https://www.xvideos.c…[View]
260872175Leftism is a religion: It is predicated on the belief in the Fall - like in Christianity, humans use…[View]
260876802CNN: Is CNN fucking retarded? Do they not realize there is no 'boogaloo' movement and it's just…[View]
260877728Madeleine Mccann got woke: We found Madeleine and she is dropping red pills. https://youtu.be/WecnYN…[View]
260877025George Floyd took 4x a lethal dose of fentanyl: Cops are innocent[View]
260877685Nu-Male 'Whites' are cucked: >in the 1960s every schools had strict fitness regimens for young me…[View]
260878111Burn baby, burn!: >'Oi! You got a loicence to punch me in the face?'…[View]
260878363This is the party anthem of LDPR, russian ultranationalists. Do US Democrats or Republicans have off…[View]
260878343Drew Bitch caves! HAHAHAHAHAHA: Who didn't see this coming? Now get on your knees white boy. y…[View]
260875300Hugh Jackman is literally being demonized for this tweet. No one is safe. Hope you aren't on so…[View]
260876332I served![View]
260862786This man is such a pathetic coward. His authoritarian stance on the protests is barbaric. The man is…[View]
260874797Listen up, /pol/, the damage has been done. There is no right or wrong response to what is happening…[View]
260875105>Sky opens up >He appears >Complete Silence >This comes on https://youtu.be/hQo1HIcS…[View]
260877824China racist!![View]
260877724The flag for the Federal State of China: Yellow is perfect and represents Earth, Middle, and what is…[View]
260877718can someone redpill me on unipower? what is this proof of liquidity all about?[View]
260877649helping defeat Biden and making Trump win: sup /pol/ So we are at a very real risk of Trump losing r…[View]
260871674>millions infected >hundreds of thousand dead >riots in every city >widespread looting e…[View]
260877569Are tankies the most retarded political group in the US?[View]
260877568Last thread slid real quick: >>260874149 SHOW ME THE TEARS MOTHERFUCKER https://youtu.be/rp3hG…[View]
260877489Fighting Automated Subversion /fas/: With advances in AI like GPT-2 come the danger of bots that are…[View]
260873805Now they’re shaming white women for fucking white men... soon white girls who date white men will be…[View]
260875587I love you Anon: this board is the only thing keeping me sane right now[View]
260877171FUCK. Time to cancel jontron too.: I thought he learned.[View]
260877166I WAS PROMISED A NAZI DYSTOPIA GODDAMN IT!: >No state mandated holiday for Hitler >No removal…[View]
260877085Down with /pol/'s message: The absolute worst thing you can do is 'man up' like /pol/ has been …[View]
260876416As a proud Southern Gentleman, I am quite disappointed https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com…[View]
260876970The age of the MIGApede is coming to an end. What brainlet movement will colonize /pol/ next?[View]
260877007We need him back[View]
260876997GREECE NOOOOOOOO: we should let those blacks in so they can BLM burn loot murder[View]
260876932>tfw we could have just picked our own cotton instead Mistakes were made.…[View]
260876186What does this mean exactly?[View]
260876807Whites faggooooooooooots!!!!!!![View]
260871508>Even Charlie Kirk is dropping black crime statistics Obviously cosmopolitan whites are more blue…[View]
260876377Checkmate pol the white race its finished: You should never have started a war you could never win…[View]
260874619So no matter what continent, country, culture... black people are always oppressed and it's alw…[View]
260876667i'm absolutely tired of leftist, their are dumb and believed all the magic tales that their tea…[View]
260866277Bill deBlasio’s daughter: last thread reached limit. spread this shit to the NYC mayor, governor, NY…[View]
260876665Don't let glowniggers and retards fool you, this riot is the best thing to ever happen to the m…[View]
260875445nuff said[View]
260871850If you're white leave Minneapolis, its not safe, the mayor is letting niggers run the streets[View]
260856603GEORGE FLOYD GENERAL: Footage, News Stories, and information about the incident between him and the …[View]
260874439Legit Question for Americans here: How are the regular people the normal people reacting to the riot…[View]
260839484White americans won the 'race war': White americans won the race war, why? Here's the answer: …[View]
260873650WHITEY BTFO: Checkmate, racist faggots. lol[View]
260876351There has never been a successful atheist civilization and never will be.[View]
260864079Reminder to stay comfy in your seat anons: Stay safely at home and watch from our armchairs how they…[View]
260876185/pol/ will never recover from this: Everything this guy is saying is right and you know it, just loo…[View]
260876206The last few days, the way the left has behaving, made me think a lot, but I need Americans' op…[View]
260876161Anarcho fascism discussion thread: When will the raid stop? It's obvious that the shills are tr…[View]
260873282Wendy’s SJW: Looks like Wendy’s is going full SJW.[View]
260874581Can we all agree that Trump is finished at this point?[View]
260869350LITERALLY WORST CASE ONTARIO: What is going on with Ontario? The economy is completely shut down, ca…[View]
260862483ITT Roastie coping: Post examples of how far modern women have fallen[View]
260845808'No ebonics in Sweden, got it?': BLM eternally BTFO'd[View]
260872088My dad told this 'cute' story during a family gathering last week about how whenever my ol…[View]
260875651If you had to fuck one which one would you pick?[View]
260875971Twitch thot ends racism with a brush stroke[View]
260876090Trump could win this and the hearts and minds if he did this...: Start showing how BLM is defacing a…[View]
260876089Based or cringe?[View]
260873920Black Square Posting: I saw the recent instagram trend of posing black squares and thought 'how can …[View]
260871705Brennon Using Coded Language?: saw this on twitter, and thought this would be an excellent way to co…[View]
260876014BASED Hitler[View]
260873073The protest and the death is all fake and staged. 1. George Floyd and the cop were buddies working t…[View]
260874926bros, we finally know how bad things really are[View]
260875843So now niggers are kidnapping dogs and asking for ransom from white people. Original thread >>…[View]
260869116If the left is so uncultured and degenerate as you fags say, how come the vast majority of renowned …[View]
260875236BARR JUST SAID BOOGALOO TROLL STATUS: SUCCESSFUL https://youtu.be/tQJbvrt-7ms[View]
260875755I feel threatened: Why is cnn on here bullying people? How can you portray pol as something to be af…[View]
260875723Remember 2009 Xbox live chats?[View]
260868071i want to visit Moldova mostly because of its natural landscapes and quality wine, is there any way …[View]
260869885b-b-but t-theres no proof. your days are numbered you commie scum. enjoy your last moments of freedo…[View]
260875660Kpop stans are at it again: Damn, every attempt to post white and blue lives matter is getting mobbe…[View]
260873892HONK HONK: Post evidence we are in clown world. I dont fucking believe it.[View]
260875643You know what?: Everything was fine until china & the left created this fake ass pandemic. Now w…[View]
260875613The white race is disappearing: Share your best redpills to wake up the normies[View]
260862143OPERATION ACAB: Let's subvert ACAB ACAB = ALL CRIMINALS ARE BLACK Make posters and put them up …[View]
260875593guys, i can't stop listening to this jingle. i'm afraid that jair will have my vote, and i…[View]
260871115>*chuckles sovietly*[View]
260871492Reminder that this is how we win: Nothing makes the left rage more than seeing white conservative pe…[View]
260873764To straight male /pol/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked b…[View]
260873823I live in a rural area of Greece. We had literally zero crime rates, slept with the doors unlocked, …[View]
260875427They have found a way to fund anarchists/activists to shift the focus from the fact that Soros'…[View]
260875355>tfw i came here a few days ago to troll nazis and now im voting for Trump How does this place d…[View]
260872944Kikes and MGTOW: Are they connected and how?[View]
260875287Things that make you go hmmmmmm[View]
260870982What do you think, /pol/?: Did he die of preexisting health conditions in combination with being int…[View]
260874149Do you see tears?: Cause I sure as fuck don’t https://youtu.be/rp3hG4r2AV4 Another hoax Makeup compl…[View]
260875225AHA I knew you incels were behind this!: You think goading peaceful demonstrators is fun or what?…[View]
260862619The “mutt” question: Lets have a serious conversation about this. I know mutt is a result of banter…[View]
260858689Fact: Jews contribute massively to the science, technology, and culture of the Western world: They a…[View]
260863319>Used racial slur after killing Arbery >Said fucking nigger They're done.…[View]
260873416When the copper began to hate: https://twitter.com/youkipperlad/status/1268580471610408961?s=21 “No,…[View]
260857986Brit/pol/: >Madeleine McCann 'assumed dead' by German prosecutors https://www.bbc.co.uk…[View]
260875072Blocking bots from threads by using codewords.: With advances in AI like GPT-2 come the danger of bo…[View]
260874395What is going on with the Chileans on twitter? It seems they're shitting on American women, but…[View]
260870538How do we get more men who look like The Golden One to advocate for white identity? Right now no nor…[View]
260874046IT'S A FUCKIN COMEDY: Before: http://archive.is/QxXjH After: http://archive.vn/zpOIL Now: both …[View]
260873898Liberals have mental illness: George Floyd deserved to die, he put a gun to a pregnant women’s stoma…[View]
260866480I think white men lost the day they conquered white women mentally & emotionally. No successful …[View]
260847658Admit it. Some moments at these protests are pretty moving.[View]
260874816Why are /pol/tards so obsessed with being the 'least' cucked country. From Finland to the …[View]
260870766Why did Bernie fizzle out?: readit was so passionate about him and I was sure I'd see that old …[View]
260874268>haven't seen a browser pop-up add in 5+ years >today I get TWO >one from jewtube and …[View]
260856795L.A. Mayor cuts funding of LAPD by 100-150 million dollars: https://deadline.com/2020/06/los-angeles…[View]
260874525It's time to solve the white woman's problem: https://www.twitter.com/EuropeanPan/status/1…[View]
260874415Trump wish he's Xi: But unlike Xi, he's going to straight to jail[View]
260874203guys we're making a change[View]
260872389OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: All jokes aside why do white people do this to themselves?[View]
260869640Lefts: Hi lads. Russia in touch. I really want to find out something. Why are these faggots black as…[View]
260873630/pol/ why is their pandering not present in some regions of the planet ?[View]
260873537LEFT DESTROYED EVERYTHING: I won't support (((companies))) that are in support of looters and f…[View]
260872800Does anyone feel as if this is creating more racist than dissolving. I hate this world more and more…[View]
260873946Based black woman pulls up white lefty on her virtue signalling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5y…[View]
260873950The following message is transmitted at the request of Dr. Ron Paul: It's happening. I could h…[View]
260873014The current most dangerous threat to American democracy is our culture's inability to confront …[View]
260873614Really makes you think[View]
260872686Tucker Carlson could save Trump 2020: Brad Parscale doesn't give a fuck. He is making so much m…[View]
260873234What happens if Trump gets reelected?: If Trump gets reelected, should we expect mass riots again in…[View]
260873812Was George Floyd a Freemason?[View]
260873738Fuck the Fed: Does anyone remember the link to the 3+ hr documentary on the Federal Reserve posted i…[View]
260873800based grandad gangsters: you american cucks have your elders kneeling before niggers while our elder…[View]
260873707Post-Trump GOP: The GOP threw all their eggs into the Trump basket and if he loses this year it…[View]
260873691It bothers me that upper lip was larger than .ower lip.[View]
260873426you're not gonna do jack shit to stop this[View]
260868300This is being shared on facebook. I can't find anything about it, any sources about this?[View]
260870013i cant take it. Some of my friends are just being manipulated by the globalist left, and they really…[View]
260866261Do #woman lives matter?[View]
260873492Post LGBTQ memes[View]
260873467Aaaah so that is why HItler formed the SA[View]
260872225Mass movement: There needs to be a list of all the companies that have bent the knee to the rioters …[View]
260873432Tujague, a JustARandommer and Koncorde ally.: Reddit user Tujague bought narratives about me spun ar…[View]
260871368#joozfall operation: since celebrities and famous brands all over the world are following this black…[View]
260873357POWERFUL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VXa28_pWL4[View]
260853236Pink Floyd: TRACKLIST: 1. Kneel on Me 2. Breathe 3. On the Run 4. Jail Time 5. The Great Nig in the…[View]
260871787Sit back: The logic in this picture literally can't be refuted, it's so easy to understand…[View]
260871286Floyds charges.: Hey polacks, does anyone have the details of Floyds crime history? Saw picture floa…[View]
260872518Its like a fucking blaxploitation film at this point[View]
260873140The liberal media criticized Bernie's campaign for focusing more on class than on race. But wa…[View]
260873123Liberian Exodus: Let's face it, the USA is just too racist and dangerous for black people anymo…[View]
260873064SORRY MOSSAD, ANTIFA IS FUCKED.: https://twitter.com/GrahamAllen_1/status/1268589667957563393…[View]
260869559I challenge any anon to dispute these facts, Donald Trump is the antichrist: https://www.benjaminlco…[View]
260865132Damage Control: We are in full damage control. This is the first time there is clear video a black m…[View]
260871060Are liberals really this stupid?: I’ve been called a Russian bot more times than I can count across …[View]
260871354Dear Papa Nurgle: Papa Nurgle hear my prayer, with all your pestilent magnificence smite down these …[View]
260871567FALLUJAH - THE NIGHTMARE OF MUTTS: The decay of the US empire started at the gates of a small town n…[View]
260869246How do I respond faggots?: Pic related[View]
260872797Keith Ellison, Minnesota AG: Why isn't anyone talking about this BLACK MUSLIM that has been out…[View]
260867096Have you noticed in your close social circle WHITE people white shaming other whites? What the actua…[View]
260872760And what's the libertarian reaction? It's pretty silent there.[View]
260870355Birth of a Republican: Hoooo-wee Had me a big, greasy enchilada dinner last night Woke up this morni…[View]
260851279What can be done about black twitter doxxing white kids who make edgy jokes? Or doxing white people …[View]
260866587Same prisons which killed Epstein gas an inmate to death in his cell with pepperspray: His name was …[View]
260872666NO PLATFORM FOR WHITES ANYMORE: You'll never see media talking about how many of us is dying at…[View]
260872638Black Lives Matters is The Great Deception in The Bible!: Black Lives Matters is The Great Deception…[View]
260863407Where are the right wing GUN NUTS now?[View]
260872314Operation Blank Slate - LEGIO RASA EDITION: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with limitless p…[View]
260872484Uhm guys... CNN has bots. Proof included.: >Hi there. >Thank you for your interest in Dataminr…[View]
260872444Some people say he is the leader of BLM. Then why would they pick a white man to lead them? I don…[View]
260872438Exactly what is wrong with genocide?: The world would simply be better off with certain groups of pe…[View]
260851073why is OG being swept under the rug? I thought BLM[View]
260871322Fucking with normies: Ok /pol/ I have an idea As you probably know kpop fags have started spamming t…[View]
260872356THANK YOU DOJ!!!: These are true Patriots. Fuck the looting criminals who think they're doing g…[View]
260865837CALL TO ARMS!: Let's get this going on social media[View]
260871868Why are people surprised police are responding with force when they are being disruptive and violent…[View]
260872322Antifa twinks just want daddy conservative nazis to punish them, don't they? This is all a mass…[View]
260872238Prime groyping opportunity?: >Phone radio show >'I support the protests and I'm white, pu…[View]
260872145this is insanity wtf is going on? who is orchestrating all this shit?[View]
260871761Anyone have a link to that video of a dude yelling at people telling them they will get the coronavi…[View]
260866893Citroën, the iconic french car manufacturer, has revealed its new car. It's called 'Ami' ('frie…[View]
260868020BILL BAR DOJ LIVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: GET IN HERE!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRwQGsVDT_4…[View]
260870113Stay comfy: World war 2 was a war of ideology, world war 3 will be one of race. Race war inc.[View]
260870584Wait I thought she left the court brit bros?: Why is she still called the dutchess of sussex by the …[View]
260871914It's time to solve the white woman's problem: https://twitter.com/EuropeanPan/status/12685…[View]
260871572John Boyega Angry: Why is the UK the biggest cucks? Maybe instead of focusing on dumb issues y’all s…[View]
260871460If you’re white get ready to get pulled over 24/7 and ticketed for petty shot because no cop wants t…[View]
260871412Why are fags so scared of us?: I was browsing through my sister's discord account on her phone …[View]
260871756based grandad gangsters: you american cucks have your elders kneeling before niggers while our elder…[View]
260871719We all know that they're planning a false flag to frame and blame on us and/or conservatives: I…[View]
260871715Antifa are you OK? Respond if you are ok? Are you OK?!: Antifa getting blamed by the FBI for all the…[View]
260867285Hey /pol/ why don't you take the jewpill? Israel is currently the best option for a white ethno…[View]
260871686People with IQ under 150: People with an IQ under 150 should be sterilized. I am a 168 IQ here, so y…[View]
260871212Somebody wanna tell me why a jewish man is in charge of BLM ?[View]
260870759500 NATIONAL GUARD MOVING INTO RURAL MINNESOTA: https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/george-flo…[View]
260871439Norway now has the lowest homocide rate in the world[View]
260871561I am genuinely curious and wondering if anything has any insight into this. How does one person beco…[View]
260871545How many of you are old enough to remember the OJ verdict? This might be the very start of what is n…[View]
260867901This BLM stuff is getting annoying can't we have a good old fashioned /pol/ humor thread? Show …[View]
260870785ALL terrorist groups in Mena are financed by CIA so they can have an excuse to invade. I'm 100%…[View]
260871498George Floyd & Jeffrey Epstein autopsy conducted by the same guy: how does this not scream some …[View]
260871396https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gtUaGV6mNI Wow this turned me into a communist. Who knew communists…[View]
260859219Was covid-19 even real?[View]
260871353Daily reminder, trailer park is rock solid!: Trump will have a second term because vast majority of …[View]
260871307To those religious people in support of circumcision, if you believe God created us in his image, th…[View]
260871305meth in peace: this is triggering people. what else can we do?[View]
260866816I'm getting Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again. What I a…[View]
260870743IT'S A FUCKIN COMEDY: Before: http://archive.is/QxXjH After: http://archive.vn/zpOIL Now: both …[View]
260870043Here are some comments from the Chinese version of Twitter ”Weibo”.[View]
260864555Imagine being a white American right now. Literally everything you ever believed in is getting expos…[View]
260870482Meanwhile in Denmark: > Danish coalburners and their pet niggers shout out “George Floyd” > Th…[View]
260869518Hungry niggers BTFO: Let's celebrate together the centenary of these asian primates being so BT…[View]
260868247>people actually think that this crusade will eliminate racism Hahahahahahaha…[View]
260870632BASED JONTRON[View]
260871173JOIN THE FREY: Save our Latin brothers and sisters, join the frey now! All pussies living in chicago…[View]
260870781What?: Otpor? Who's behind this movement, the closed fist is pretty much identical. Pretty much…[View]
260870972Incredibly based: hes fucking right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5-srjuCbg If you arent listeni…[View]
260853321TO KILL THE NIGGER WE MUST ELEVATE THE BLACK PERSON: The reason niggers fall into neverending cultur…[View]
260870963An old fashioned lynching: After yelling out to the McMichaels about Arbery, Bryan joined the chase,…[View]
260870964ITS HAPPENING[View]
260870939the true masterrace right here[View]
260869936Based Trump dabbing on zoomers.[View]
260867402>exaggerate Wuhan deaths >fake videos showing people being welded into their homes >sacrifi…[View]
260865381ESTONIA NO!!!: >Black Lives Matter: Tallinn >Event made by two women >1.2 k going, 3.7 k in…[View]
260870902Browsing nigger stats to prove a point (never again), and I get served this ad by JewTube. I want of…[View]
260866113IT IS OVER[View]
260870463Violent Crime and Race: White people account for 10% of all violent crimes against blacks. Black peo…[View]
260867894Are white men finally finished?: Since the horrific killing of George Floyd every young woman (white…[View]
260870133Was there not footage of Michael Brown fighting?: I distinctly remember watching Brown fight with Of…[View]
260870397What happened to Chiaro De Blasio /pol/? Left 2 Photos: 2013 in Teen Vogue Right 2 Photos: 2020 in M…[View]
260864560So this was 100% a hoax, right?[View]
260869172Non-Americans, do you still respect Americans after what happened?[View]
260870688What is the root problem /pol?: Redpill me on the root of civil instability /pol[View]
260846085george floyd had 11ng of fentanyl in his body.: i saw a thread in here earlier about how floyd had t…[View]
260856191Challenge: explain why pedophilia is bad (harder than you think!)[View]
260864741OPERATION DIGITAL MIRROR GENERAL: Fuck niggers and fuck leftist doxxer enablers for supporting them.…[View]
260868299How do the liberals actually think all this is going to solve racism and police brutality? What exac…[View]
260853916nope, we are not winning[View]
260865539College indoctrination: Wouldn't this be considered grooming? parents should be legally allowed…[View]
260869281>Over 100 Minnesota law enforcement officers attended a 2012 conference organized by the Israeli …[View]
260864155Dissident Cartoons: Stonetoss, and others, are in a very real danger. http://www.occidentaldissent.c…[View]
260870332All in all its just another brick in the wall[View]
260850895military more left wing than first thought?: Are the military more left wing/centerist than first ap…[View]
260870255Now they’re shaming white women for fucking white men... soon white girls who date white men will be…[View]
260868982Everyday in Palestine. Where are the protests?[View]
260838415Tucker: Kneeling will never be enough for the mob: woke up this morning to find this notification on…[View]
260870095lol, all Preppers expected smthn to happen, but like always its just blah blah and nothing goin on a…[View]
260868095Propaganda 101: Why does 'BLM' trend only when elections are approaching?[View]
260810464Aus/pol/Student suspended for criticising China: One of Australia's most prestigious and elite …[View]
260868654You guys are all arguing about bullshit when there is a real discussion to be had. Was he MK Ultra…[View]
260870037senpai, I'm pissed off. I need muhammad ahmad bin abd allah hentai or porn parody. search engin…[View]
260869865Operation Blank Slate - LEGIO RASA EDITION: A blank piece of paper is a clean slate with limitless p…[View]
260869918https://twitter.com/holbornlolz/status/1268569622237896705?s=21 Waiting for this police officer to b…[View]
260868464RIP Bongistan: F[View]
260857833BREAKING: If Trump does this he loses this election. I'm calling it now.[View]
260869867Nashville BLM Led by White People: So the BLM brand is so toxic right now it takes 15-year old white…[View]
260869798White Irish American exodus: I'm curious as to how many of you white Irish Americans would actu…[View]
260869736What happens if the media uses BLM and antifa as useful idiots to cause voter intimidation outside V…[View]
260868508EQUALITY?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7KEeGJbuAg&feature=youtu.be[View]
260869677BLACK V CHINESE INCOMING??: https://www.13newsnow.com/mobile/article/news/local/mycity/norfolk/chine…[View]
260868814HAPPENING: >51 arrests for federal related crimes Any additional info? Are any Antifa fucked?…[View]
260866478THIS OCTOBER WILL BE THE CRAZIEST MONTH IN HISTORY: If you think 2020 has been nuts so far, it'…[View]
260866996He’s finished[View]
260869595What do you do outside of /pol/? Do you go hang out with friends? Do you talk to someone you like? O…[View]
260868794I actually feel bad for antifa: They thought they were gonna 'rise up with the blacks' and have a re…[View]
260869540Attention: ANTIFA: Rumor has it that you're going to prison and there's going to be a spec…[View]
260869522based grandad gangsters: you american cucks have your elders kneeling before niggers while our elder…[View]
260869536sing with me anons: Pulling down the pants, and threading up the jordons Shaving our heads, ready to…[View]
260868718Winning over white women: This thread is meant to brainstorm ideas for how we can propagandize white…[View]
260869407Now for our next job interview question sir, do black lives matter?[View]
260868655this fuck is exploiting youtube to give himself view minutes that I didnt actually watched I watched…[View]
260869310Pime groyping opportunity?: >Phone radio show >'I support the protests and I'm white, put…[View]
260843345Thoughts?: What’s /pol/s position on disbanding the police? A member of the Minneapolis City Council…[View]
260869301Change the narrative: I think the perspective on the riots is due for a shift. Ultimately, it just t…[View]
260868868imagine if all those niggers would spend their energy in actually clean up their ghetto neighbourhoo…[View]
260869277#brickgate and #baitbricks: I have a few theories but lets be honest it was probably Zion Don and Is…[View]
260869251Big Herc on the race riots going on >inb4 nigger Yes, but a based nigger. >says the riots were…[View]
260834827>Meth, Fenatyl, norfenatyl, 4-anpp, THC, cotinine, caffeine found in his system >hadn't s…[View]
260853930Name my band /pol/[View]
260864400Did 100 Million Native Americans get slaughtered by european settlers for the USA to happen? or is t…[View]
260823237Why don't the police in all the liberal shitholes simply go on strike and let people see what a…[View]
260852915If your employer came to you demanding you sign a waiver acknowledging black injustice, would you si…[View]
260869061We can turn this around, big time! >Black America complaining about perceived police overreach …[View]
260867708Can the media stop talking about this STUPID GORILLA NIGGER like he's some sort of saint?[View]
260868947Why dont we organize volunteer work such as volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters and …[View]
260854779ANTIFA HAPPENING! GET THE FUCK IN HERE!: Help us, /pol/, you're our only hope. Antifa is in ful…[View]
260866610have the protests died down?: im not seeing anything new about them. is it the curfews? maybe we…[View]
260863330Generation Zyklon: How did this retarded meme take root? Zoomers are the most amoral, hedonistic and…[View]
260867213Strategy o' chaos 1min edition: Everybody is being played. Once again, by a very tiny oligarchy…[View]
260868666Tom Cotton for President: I now know who I'm supporting in 2024. Crack down on these protestors…[View]
260867862BASED GIGA NIGGA CHAD: https://streamable.com/mb03y5 https://streamable.com/mb03y5 https://streamabl…[View]
260868590OH NO NO NO HA HA HA HA HA[View]
260868570just vote blue: do you really like dogs more than black people? are you so racist you think that thi…[View]
260868448Before: http://archive.is/QxXjH After: http://archive.vn/zpOIL Now: both deleted[View]
260867206Trump is leading America straight to Fascism: >“Ur-Fascism is still around us, sometimes in plain…[View]
260868414Right wing death squads when? https://twitter.com/brian_madyson/status/1268544382300565504?s=20[View]
260867314Missouri thread: Can I get a SITREP for your vicinity? East KS & SW IL welcome too. South City S…[View]
260867946Redpills: Women Edition: need more redpills, I'm gonna drop a few[View]
260862150Guys, a girl got doxxed by Antifa for saying she doesn't care about George Floy And all these s…[View]
260842034I grew up in ohio and wish people a good morning by force of habit when I greet them. Moves to NYC r…[View]
260852114What can be done about the Kneeler problem?[View]
260868208SAGE: >fb: /watch/live/?v=273957870461345 11:10 THE GOLDEN STATS! Kween said it herself! KEK…[View]
260866985Why do normies keep saying that the whites and other minorities killed by police is a 'separate issu…[View]
260866858The truth is that Whites have allowed & encouraged Black dysfunctional in America.: The response…[View]
260867663SPREAD THIS: >>260843732 This they can just blame the 'EMTs'(they weren't EMTs, it's…[View]
260868069100% Fatality rate-The political weapon of social control used to destroy the white man: We need to …[View]
260864876Why are we not compiling boycott lists yet?: Start here, post a company or celeb/eceleb you know tha…[View]
260865155FUCK WHITE COPS!: Why are they so racist?[View]
260867376Trump Has Flooded DC With Law Enforcement Officers Who Won’t Identify Themselves: what's going …[View]
260866525Who else is going to Washington DC on Saturday?: I am taking a roughly 6 hour road trip to see the m…[View]
260846677Do you think you could beat him in a debate?[View]
260867953/pol/ we need to get a movement going.: So in regards to the recent 'omg white people are evil' mind…[View]
260867937Moonman rhyme thread: >Niggers gonna protest? I aint even stressed, pull out My AK and shoot you …[View]
260864408Why is it ok for Jews to be anti semites and Holocaust deniers?[View]
260867129/USRG/ U.S. Riot General #180 Wise words edition: Previous: #176 >>260787129 #177 >>2607…[View]
260867729Is real[View]
260837670Cyberpozzed77: You sure you still want to preorder?[View]
260867436Can we get Star Wars cancelled?[View]
260863925Why don't you americucks just beat the niggers? Just punch them in the face and then beat into …[View]
260865431The index is above 95%[View]
260867782Ahmed Arbery Preliminary Hearing: Hearing will decide if the case goes to trial or not. https://www.…[View]
260866406Opportunity: It's time to redpill some kangs[View]
260867595I'd rather have a cutesexyrobutts image to call your attention, but the text on the print is so…[View]
260867623When will Trump 2020 reelection rallies start? It is going to be so spicy lads[View]
260867593“[T]he Party member, like the proletarian, tolerates present-day conditions because he has no standa…[View]
260865382ADOLF KIRKLER[View]
260866418How did I get here?: I'm a little confused. This is about the fourth time I've tried to ma…[View]
260867525New corporate Semitism for European diversity.: Walgreens and M&M's are doing a (((charity)…[View]
260867489Are we fucked, /pol/?[View]
260867496ANOTHER VICTORY FOR THE PROTESTERS: How will the right ever recover[View]
260866424#ProtestingWhilePositive: It’s proven than COVID-19 is more deadly to those in the black and brown c…[View]
260857689dangerous precedent: All four officers involved in George Floyd case now arrested and charged. http…[View]
260865876>niggers are destroying cities and killing people >police try to put a stop to it >WTF YOU …[View]
260839184How can you combat this fact racists??[View]
260864463Zoomer Doomer: I’m a kid in my second year of college. As you can imagine it’s a very very liberal c…[View]
260867233Hispanics are 22% of the population and commit 14.8% of violent crime. Yea if you count non-violent …[View]
260863134It's okay tobe Black.[View]
260866047Are whites arming themselves for a racewar?[View]
260867166Most people oppose the protests. That will change.: 1. Create a crisis 2. Start the riots 3. Fan th…[View]
260866709BASED: https://twitter.com/AdamTrahan/status/1268341625916403712?s=19[View]
260866767Fentanyl Floyd: After looking through the Floyd autopsy, i attempted to tell my mother about this, s…[View]
260867077Will the alphabet agencies have enough and do a false flag operation? It's not like they can…[View]
260860591Good boy! https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1268417004186157056?s=19[View]
260867048SBSK guy is doing something. What are YOU doing?[View]
260866791https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjgRPw2Obag Should whites become slaves to minorities so we can unde…[View]
260865130>turkish rape babies[View]
260860775Black crime webm and sources: Anyone got archives of black crimes, shooting, brutal beatings, etc. J…[View]
260866950ARBERY’S KILLERS CAUGHT EAYONG NIGGER AFTER MURDERING HIM: It’s gonna be a hate crime bro’s https://…[View]
260866933hey kids, wanna blow up an fbi building?[View]
260866903MUH HISTORY[View]
260857493The Jews fear the Rice Farmer: Name one good reason why a white man shouldn't wife up an Asian …[View]
260866670From this point forward, boogaloo will be replaced with the Hootenanny. The feds are beyond desperat…[View]
260866598BLM silence: >Be me, Not american nor white >Asked about opinion on BLM because it's raci…[View]
260864928African here ama[View]
260866799Google is sued for tracking users, even in incognito mode: Google is sued for tracking users, even i…[View]
260866786#FLOYD #ObamaGate #ProtectTheVote #YouMatter[View]
260865438New Zealand: The Left is about take over 2/3 of parliament: According with the last poll: LAB: 57% (…[View]
260864687Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter is lookign to create a trial like the OJ trial. This will mak…[View]
260866634Last words: 'My nuts'[View]
260866571list of companies supporting BLM and Floyd protests: im not giving any of them a dollar as long as i…[View]
260866583Nazi Women Voted Wrong - OY VEY!: Read an article where we struggle to understand why in the hell wh…[View]
260866539Why is it that when you trace the history of Belarusian nationalism (aka Litvin nationalism) you com…[View]
260865852Japanese anti-immigrant redpills: Some Japanese are supporting niggers right now Drop anti-immigrant…[View]
260866535itt mutts cant seriously choose their end like this hhahaha: https://deadline.com/2020/06/los-angele…[View]
260865501Finally some actual progress in the racist video game industry. I'm proud of Sony for doing the…[View]
260865773Based Candace Owens BTFOs George Floyd Protestors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlUNfVvdQQA&f…[View]
260858874Fed Awareness Thread: I got banned a few days ago for asking a simple question, namely why people wh…[View]
260865297OK, which one of you did this?[View]
260865943Niggers have crossed the line: https://mobile.twitter.com/AnitaOakville/status/1268314948385603592…[View]
260866019It's all so tiresome: >White women getting doxxed, cyberbullied, and attacked online for sha…[View]
260866303Has this been the most blackpilling week you can ever remember? I’ve come to the sobering realizatio…[View]
260864507just vote blue: or we'll hold the puppies hostage[View]
260866292This kills the Jew[View]
260864378How will children’s books depict the African American hero George Floyd?[View]
260863875Popeyes is 'nothing without black lives' What did they mean by this? >https://twitter.com/Popeyes…[View]
260866148i hope all of you are happy now this shit is going now in my country, perhaps mine wouldn't sur…[View]
260866103Starting to notice a lot of commas and periods in replies might be coming from joo on computer or bo…[View]
260865739Any game companies out there that didn't give in to the BLM/political bullshit yet?[View]
260866083Wear your mask, goy: Breaking News - Cuck masks to become mandatory from June 15th[View]
260866076'You Won't Fool the Children of the Revolution': Predictions that didn't age well thread…[View]
260864139We Fucked Up: All we did was encourage miscegenation even more. We should've never agitated bla…[View]
260865076You've been had again /pol/. Every single time...: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/0…[View]
260826655Who or what made you racist?[View]
260865479BILL BARR PRESS CONFERENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-YZlLT6uLc >https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
260862248The west is lost: It's over. If anything has become apparent over the last week, it's that…[View]
260858402THEY ARE GOING FOR HATE CRIME CHARGES: Tell me this isn't a setup >Agent Richard Dial testif…[View]
260865663LATIN KANGS TURN UP TO BTFO LOOTERS AND PROTECT SMALL BUSINESSES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of…[View]
260855511Why do you guys like Elliot Rodgers so much? He completely radicalized the left and has changed main…[View]
260855247What once was satire, is now fast becoming reality.[View]
260863949So they're encouraging people to go out in order to further thread COVID to the most vulnerable…[View]
260865849Derek CHAUVIN: They need him and his team more than ever[View]
260858009Wtf I thought Wendy's was based Now where do I eat[View]
260835623Refute this. Oh, wait. You can't. Now shut up, and stop defending institutional racism.[View]
260865207black pride: spread it nationwide[View]
260865716>HIS NAME WAS CLEVELAND BROWN >He WAS PROUD TO BE back in his home town, with his FAMILY >H…[View]
260864678Can some1 tell me the history of chimpout? I stopped watching after they raided that town and trump …[View]
260851235THERE IS ONLY ONE CLASS DIVIDE: And it is rich and poor. Pro tip: the white guy with a 2 car garage …[View]
260861379Glowie Lawyer is also a Mason: Dig Anons https://www.bcsji.com/about-us/[View]
260855268UK/EURO PREP: How are you guys prepping for the eventual shitfest once this cop goes free? As it sta…[View]
260865363Is our reign finally coming to a close? All these stupid niggers online posting black squares like i…[View]
260863337Cancel culture just cancelled Aragorn: It’s over bros ;_; All for a dead crackhead burglar. SAD!…[View]
260865600Dear pol, I am a white Brazilian living the U.S. and I am sick and tired of you racists pieces of sh…[View]
260863660ANTI DOX SAFETY: >1 Remove any locations that are your actual address or will help them find you,…[View]
260865570Why are there few that are saved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDEBz25lGdY[View]
260863619Black people. You've failed, completely and unequivocally. The saddest part is that you had the…[View]
260865554LEGO Ask Outlets to STOP SELLING Police & Fire Related Lego: https://toybook.com/lego-pulling-ba…[View]
260860487What are the chances this gets passed? >Bills on slavery reparations, affirmative action advance …[View]
260860888Why do you hate people that live on welfare?: I'm a welfare guy, my wife just gave birth to our…[View]
260864607WE FOUND THE RACISM[View]
260863721Friendly reminder that conservatives were never on your side white people. We were always alone and …[View]
260865414The cops are not the problems, corrupt courts aret he problem!: REFORM THE COURTS![View]
260865389America is in ruins[View]
260863428oh nononononono[View]
260865275So pic related is obviously the new bike lock weapon of choice of Antifags What else could they be u…[View]
260860962Hey /pol/ what's your opinions on LSD? In my experience it allowed me to see the world differe…[View]
260864856Will the White Man RISE AGAIN?: Whether it's statues or cities, our Nation is being destroyed b…[View]
260865154Why dont they deploy him to the areas w rioting?[View]
260865186White kids die of fentanyl OD everyday in America: One nigger ODs of it snd the country starts rioti…[View]
260863696Anyone got shitskin rape redpills for the Japanese audience? Convincing Japnese roasties hate nigger…[View]
260865087Can someone provide the video of the giga nigga at the protest wearing the maga hat and saying they…[View]
260863542Killdozer Day is today 6/4: Pay your respects: Remember our brother Marvin Heemeyer. A true American…[View]
260865043Where the based bros at.[View]
260864941I love all of you. you're the only ones I speak to who know women's sexual freedom should …[View]
260864924Did Trump succeed?: He wants to look strong like China, did he succeed?[View]
260864519>”you can NOT be a supporter of black lives matter if you’re homophobic because there are black p…[View]
260859088High treason in Belgium. Politicians in the nation's capital are going to remove all references…[View]
260863832I believe that the Washington monument should be replaced with a curved, phallomorphic monument made…[View]
260864630Based communists: How come the Greek and Russian Communist parties be so based? What happened to the…[View]
260864665Daily reminder that if you do LSD and DMT you become a god yourself. That's what the jews dont …[View]
260864606Pay your respects for George Foreman, an American hero. 6x Olympic felon, drug hobbyist, and notorio…[View]
260864602Robin Hood Movement #1: === Observations === There's a lot of tension being pushed is by the up…[View]
260860026The /pol/ Poll Episode 1.5: The /pol/ Poll got 6 answers last night, which is pretty good for the fi…[View]
260862090Immigrants in Japan Redpills: Anyone got shitskin rape redpills for the Japanese audience? Convincin…[View]
260864541The China Flight Ban and Canada, a Border Prediction: So the chinese airlines were banned - banned i…[View]
260863960Imagine paying for your daughter to go to university just to have her waste some of it by taking a c…[View]
260864418Meta conversation - Bots and wide spread social media manipulation on /pol/: Bots gone after anons s…[View]
260860847Say something nice about Jewish media mega-corporation, Disney.[View]
260864421Almost got expelled from my high school for this sticker 3 years ago. Rumors circulated around ducks…[View]
260857000Race war: He will not be convicted just to make blacks chimp out 10x worse, isn't he ?[View]
260859228The 19th Amendment was a Mistake: None of this would have happened had we simply not given women the…[View]
260854559Went a BLM rally yesterday in a rich white neighborhood. 90% white females not even 10 blacks. There…[View]
260864335Mel is the last hope of America[View]
260864327Why set a cop car on fire?: This guy has figured it out. It wasn't even a fucking cop-car. It w…[View]
260864301What if Covid-19 isn't a NothingBurger: And all these riots are going on with Far Leftists all …[View]
260857784she posted these publicly on instagram. note the “fuck capitalism” tattoo.[View]
260843377They're all doing this all over: What will happen after with the cops being so cucked?[View]
260844652Nu-Male 'Whites' are cucked: >in the 1960s every schools had strict fitness regimens for young me…[View]
260859357The end of the west is under budget and ahead of schedule[View]
260863775Don't mind me bruh, just lootin' sum vidya[View]
260860307The Reason Why The Boogaloo Boys: 1. Create a crisis 2. Start the riots 3. Fan the flames 4. Massac…[View]
260863385Candace Owens 13/50 Video Is The Number 1 On Facebook: 24 million views so far: https://twitter.com…[View]
260857856Well can you, pol?[View]
2608631907 fucking porn movie reviews ALREADY just for today on IMDB: >https://www.imdb.com/user/ur1287548…[View]
260861042Based Iran describes Israel as being a virus worse than COVID-19.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
260862601American ISIS: Fundamentally speaking, what is the difference between Antifa-BLM and ISIS?[View]
260863700Americans wtf?[View]
260863907He was right[View]
260862783How to be cancer free?: WHY. Literally aiding and abetting looters, murderers, and arsonists. Is eve…[View]
260862060Women in 1950 vs today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0oY0qqXy44 Min 00:14:45 Pretty and fashiona…[View]
260861391Why is the left so racist? Like even actual white supremacist dont as much hate for minorities as th…[View]
260863646Hey Donnie I'm gonna need sauce?[View]
260861437GIVE UP WHITE 'MAN': No one wants u here. Not even ur women who have made the switch to BBC only…[View]
260863641White women are stupid: Why do white women get angry over removal of illegally written 'BLM'? To fee…[View]
260863141The president America needs but doesn't deserve.[View]
260859595'''''BASED''''' SWEDEN: I have been seeing a lot of threads about how based Sweden is for fighting b…[View]
260863277Introducing Amazon go.. https://twitter.com/PriapusIQ/status/1268529254830092290?s=19[View]
260856502Uh oh[View]
260862614Do Serbs and other balkanites actually believe this ? Or is this French propaganda during the wars.[View]
260830668HELLO, BASED DEPARTMENT?: >Novoselic alleged that the violence 'appears as a leftist insurrection…[View]
260843014>White >no degree >60% geez /pol/ now everone knows your little dirty secret…[View]
260862797Based black guy gets it: This guy right here: https://twitter.com/RealCandaceO/status/12685406207312…[View]
260862673The psychology of left and right: I hear a lot of bullshit spouted about what the meaning of the phr…[View]
260863436The Queen of White Guilt: The absolute state of white women today.[View]
260859568Yesterday Steve Bannon and some Chinese billionaire I don't know the name of signed the declara…[View]
260863432Operation BLM Only /pol/: Okay, it is time to publicly shame anyone who talks about any social issue…[View]
260863378This is Fascism[View]
260862178Italian Ratline: Dear white american patriots, if and when your country will turn into a dystopic ni…[View]
260863344Shifting the timeline again: Sorry anons I gotta shift it again. Global conscious shift starting ton…[View]